UlUT. JOHNSON WAS c ues of tb kind at the fair. neI what i iI1 ; measures to relieve the families of the
''AT BASEBALL FROM THE FABT use would It bare been for the GOVERNOR BROWARD QUOTE I victims. .
BLOWN PROM "A"AltaT' I C'Oroe.ut tiro and Royal Poitdaa I builJhic[ uf the F. E. C. Railway Ifr

1 'I.I JENSEN TEAM WHICH WAB I eau were mDfsed to make p ttasty I those Into face be looked ha | LAW AGAINST DREDGING ANO
Ana Xareh !*- The woaaJa r -1:1catred 1 I. artJtn.. white hats rjaot found 1t.1 In develnplnc the'rl I' HEAVY SNOW STORM *

by Lint. Oordoa Johnson. JarUf OUTPLAYED AT EVERY STAG eyelet em derv were still!.1 property Interests. "No maa can live I I DIVING FOR SPONGE TO SHERIFFS .; PREVAILS IN KANSAS

th. reeeat battle with tho Mat oo. 1 I OVER 14X10 PEOPLE IN ATTENDANCE male.Mla.. onto himself he said. "We are THEY MUST ENFORCE t ti -
Mount Data art severs slag paaa- I Ion Woodwar& of Pain dependent upon each other, tad I am'' ,i .'tcJa.lta.JCaa.alT' It- The ....

fag through th. right shoulder. He Beach. n red the special premiump xlad to recocalse my obligation to THE LAW tat snowstorm of tae sister prevails

had poi formed a caUaat deed la ecal- :; of II.M ro the belt on for the h.:.> JUG have clvea me la f"1 I'la this section of Kansas today Traf
tag th. van of tab crater aad was I1I lie la seriously demoralised.WILFRED .

Wows GC the parapet by aa artfflcrrTho ,i t

", Federal troop were constant t I'!I Confident of victory but down cant I Metropolis Bureau. GOVERNOR OF ALASKA

U their assault of the Moro atroac- .la defeat the leases bnseban team Key Well March *.

Bold formluc thr.. columas aad ....1 j' & to aid went from XIamL The A EMER6ENGY FAR SUPERIORI i The following la a copy of a letter Washlagtoa. March It- The Preat-
aides by thru tram agalast tht'i' .... was made Thursday Bight I dent today announced that he had do-
....,. l twill ad a more eathaslaatle aggregation. sent by Governor Broward to the sheriffs tidal to appolat Wll'red B. Hoggatt
jof ball toaseru never offered coaq-L I o' Hlllsboronch. Monroe Lee aad a. governor of Alaska. Hogcart. a
B* DellflMftil Concert !*: but alack aad alas they were apagainst I Levy counties, directing proceedarei resident of Juneau aid succeeds Jobs
i against all parties accused of violat. I G. Brandy resigned
a more difficult proposltloathaa
)I.... Emma Terry Pollard, the to-|I had bees anticipated sal after I LEGATION IN "KIN PREPARED !1 i PACKING AND PRESERVING log Dear the sponge Sir-Complalats laws of the have' state beealoJged : I

singer, accompanied by MtJaffa w I strugglluc through IS Innings, or a I I la this office signed BAPTIST MINISTER GOES
Gander plain returned from]4Earaaa oabl. header sad falling to score la I TO tTA A HEAVY AND LONG COMPANY PUTS UP of Key West aid other by maaycltlxens see- TO JAIL FOR ONE YEAR

Thursday afternoon oa the I,ieither game while their opponents, .
1 lions of the
State to the
SEIGE 1 THE effect that
homer Salanecock. aid wfll atprepars once ;' the Miami outfit, piled ap a total ofil EVENT CHINESE BETTER CANNED PINEAPPLE the laws of riortdajegulatlne the a t Ashevflle. N C, March ItA ....
for giving a concert at the; rags: ( la the first came and it |I BECOME HOSTILE AND MAKE THAN BALTIMORE Irg of spocge. upon the grounds along H. Johns. Baptist minister of Hen
Auditorium Monday Bight for the beaofit in the last, they hied themselves back. -NO the coast line of Florida, from Pet dersoa county has been convicted at

of the Southern Methodist Charch. home sadder. If not wiser la the H wATTACK I I COMPARISON IN TWO PACKS Mcola to Cape Florida, are beta Hendersoaville of Improper relations
Both ladles are of hlfh rut la the that :{ 1 g with
ly acquired knowledge they are ,I violated by restdeata and esl- a woman and sentenced to woyear'
...sc.J world sad a treat to la (.ttoe. ore Dot the only pebbles oa the beach I i+ I i dents of the State I beg to call ; Imprisonment The womaawa
.those who attead the eatertalaaMBt that tau play bait also coavictej aol was fuel one
Of II.... Pollard aaj her ate The games were good-far above your atteation of the specifically to the seetlons v ,hundred dollars.
eGIII1pDaba ta. the Peasacola Journal the .erap-&a. so well dUt the plaToora I I hkIa. X II 1. ne American )lr. ,,.. W. Biackmer, of Delray. ed from 2.771 to 1.T7C.Stataea.lacluatre aamber-:

.artMra.. .Paris beaatiTal lyric of both teams Individually ascollectively Legation t. this city I. prepared for one of the proprietors of the Planters' I II I l..hl II prohibits the taking of sponge, BISMARCK'S OLD OPPONENT
aopraa was heard la Btera's Pda handle the sphere a..
H wefl la a aamber of any .mart sad tile reports all I Packing and Preserving Co. of that either by dredges or by divine, sadpoalshed DEAD IN BERLIN a
saps" a* {master the came that ceneral aJmlrijatloa 1 I j such Illegal Berlin March It- Herr Blt.t.,.... '
( atlas by Imprison
charming haTladi., The:hrUUaaejr aad was won from the thoaw.lson or serbo.s as f-an riots V various !'place. brought to the Metropolis of.' march's old opponent
meat sal by coaflscatloa of the j and a radical
exIbCny of her voice la remarkable; spectators preaeat One ride. |parth abate 110 terror for thee lice! yesterday afternoon, two cans of boats, divine suits sal other tackle 'leader of the Reichstag since Its for

tilt 81NetDtT via brought oat enthusiast declared that he had ... member 0 the LepUoa. who live | preserved pineapple, oar the output i employed la such Illegal fishing: also 'matloa. died this morning

aaUceabl1" ballads aad Iona toys seen a came of bill more perfectlyplayed .1 I within feet forUlf'It' ..eao.aN u u of the Delray Company aa J the other to Chapter 1.241. Laws of nort4a.A .
wWeh dellhto
tarn aadleaceh area la the major ls saeaBoth the product of 'DIIAIT"OUI
a of
( caaalac 1WJ. which .. EARTHQUAKES
requires that .
( that filled the Opera Hoqie- t....'were at their beat aad city bo t Iy... n. last pre}![! house, la order that the comparlsoa residents eagagej la sponge easiness.1|I OCCUR IN INDIA

J. Miami won simply because aha eras I.,..Uoaaa beau completed iii. If : difference between the two could shan before entering Into such bustaess. I.I Lahore. In Jla. March It- Aa alarmlag

DljtlB|>il">" < Lectvrer C'IJ stronger la the field aid at the hat. should hi e .eeHlarr, the lAp.I' be --. Fljurately speaking there pay annual state license of |M,. I I'' earthquake occurred la BuIaa r.

The first came was replete with brflllaat wedbe I. to .taad a lag ...... I Ine was ao comparison. The Delray eaa -It la sot wlthla the scope o! the i t !Considerable damage was done la
Oa rat" WoJaeaday Sal Tharadayrrwalaci. plays the feature of which waa eoataiaed a large pare apple, pared Governor's duty to pea spot the cot Ramapwr. where eight persons won
March 14 tab U. Rer. Ra a. a triple act by Burdlne at second base Amid ApUol is this city aid cored aad filled with natural .tltaUolI&lIt,. of say law found ups 'killed sad 2$ laJllr. 'II
MIl B Coawen. preddeat of Temple with the assistance. of Brat baa..-Ottpaaat h a-.....1. fortress al II the Scot yolce, retarainc all of Its flavor aad the statute books: such duty Is for

C4IIJfp. Philadelphia. aad the moat and Trice did the battery work ollldal reel acs owed by the Am. Insciousacss. The other or Baltl-I the courts, therefore you are Instruct-1'| 'Det.tu.. Now Testifying

Ktacalahed preacher aa4 lecturer lacoaatry. or Jensen* aad Challle aad'(.1 Hop- k-a. love test .z nay COG.try. I imore product, which Is the atroacest I ed to strictly enforce the provisions The civil suit of Wlafleld ... Ott!
will lecture at the aadltorlam tits officiated la the aam.'eapatt I rival oa the market to the Florida of these statutes regulatlag the taking flag Brothers 1 Is still oa trial la the
aader the aacptrea of the Lad- for, Miami.la n. bull sis wen coaltnete.l b7 i house was eat up Into chunks of ayeDowtsh of sponge within your Jart.. j[ 'circuit court aid will advance wen

..."Aid Society of the Baptlat Chard the secoad came Jensen seemed I Sydney \\1 Me.Iey, aulltUt .per. color and liquid to match! Hire aid to cause the offenders whoever Into' next week before coming to aa
the proeeeda to r towarJa aeattatcharch. to lose heart, or weakenj aid Miami '! .11tJI. alT Ht 01 tM Treasury Des The flavor was unnatural and showed they may be to be primarily 'eaj The testimony of plalattff was

tots had a comparatively easy victory although partm..t 0 ".. lOt to China att.r lulteratlon both la flavor and ..eet'l prosecuted la the proper court fialshed Just before noon today aad

eight of the tea runs scored 'I tile ft' troubles. more tau a HI.w..,. the whole public aware "Trusting that. this specific calling )lr. A. M Grtlll... for defease. west
beiae earned The base runalac of three year qo. for tIM purpose or of these differences the Baltimore to roar attention of the taw applicable 'oa the tae4 There number

I IN.SARI EN will RE0R64N.l both teams was excellent. Peddyjhaaahaa -. building a f. retreat for tbo m.m- httse would ere lone close It. loon 'I I'I to the case will lead to Its prompt en-1'I' 'nf witnesses to be examined for the
sad Coachman of the local ben or th America LPn Uoa. R. '
acfregation. for Its 'defense.
product Is not which
one two three forcemeat I sm with kind regards. mesas that the tesd-
1 IZl/THE being swift and sure of feet eamplaed tilt recently fuel reo slit that of the Planters Parking aad : Tours very truly "toot can not be finished before Mon- '1
FRENCH The stick work was also above the average turned to t II rnlced Bt.t. Preserving. Co. of Delrar. Fla i I "N B Broward. ,lay or Tuesday
and the many lntereatiagsad plays '] nfl ball jags aN of brick and .'
1! CABINET features were too numerous to s-oae ant y.rr send t'OII.tMK'tloa.n" ,:
The Usllorv '
1 .ir mention In limited space. | farces IIl1l1dlll' I. for the rase Boatmen Kkk i{i arrived Wedneslav steamer: evening San with Jadato' JEROME BEGINS CRUSADE

la this came Headrixs Role, and ;of the mla t.r. Surrounding It a" I renter and freight, from New p'.1
Trice did the battery work for the 111111411161 f the serretarie.. the baaffll.ry Royal Palm boatmen have made
a Mr Sim Reh.rts. who 'C"f'naI
.!alters, while Hill aad Hopkins acted Dan lag and a ainber" or k' kt all season about parties I charter I E, led )lr. Rkhard Peacnn to PhtlaJelpbla. ON NEGRO DEN'S[ Oft

likewise for Miami. Rosey. who smaller tll""'. They are all built Itc their crafts for flshlnc trips nsm- returned home Wednesday ev

ParU. March 1&-PreaMeat tall..- west la for the last six lungs for the -IJ: tog' her sad are .nrroaadf'CI big a certain number In the partythat nine on the Sun Jactnto
visitors pitched an excellent cam hr a forml Dle wall o' A will IMMORALITY
marr ) an then
comlnc raa today recelvej M. M. Sarlea aaj m AUsqula arrived
despite the fact that be suffered with .!Inn dlaa beet or tllfo wall 011 Ith two and three times that !
Barged.. who touched with the pred- many In |port Wedne4ay morning After a
aa injured finger He kept the hits One alJt I. b. gnat wall OD which 10 be taken out
Thursday the ell
deaf but ao deflnlte oaorvm nt w i. I eve davs 'he will becla a trelalRrtk w
well scattered aad but for the fast bas bHa 1II.. t".a American n ax was reached with Captain Pelsane. :.:,
the ss far Iseksonvtllewhere
made whether M. Barten would read R'
base work of the home team the SCOT fort, egnlp of with small 11181" TheAmerkaa o' the Cocoon. .wb that h Fe .
) sari the
take to form a sew cabinet for Fraace.Later party sbosrl win take the
M Barlea accepted the Utk "would have Dot hers so large.g.ad atloa I. ace u well pro hat chartered the day before to co ''rain for their homes In then north 3Vw Tor' Msrch 10-. BY the direeon -

I of forwlac a .." mlalctrr ater sera The. new Is la excellentshape tested aI' or the other 1PcIUOll.. out. that morning the understanJlnc Th. Brilt Xe'son! co-itest will be .>f lrit let Attorney Jerome a flat
fast '
very and a crest Improvement III a nee 0 the b
t'rl" American IBJ that there
lag the ctnueat of M M. BoarfoU aadPoacalr "would be but six i>r epte4 M 'he pnhltr at the San 'n the T .. !rlola dlsfriet was railed
oy.an, ever before had her*. reetJeats 14 IItd refuge In the legs p.rsons In the partyWhen lesv.
the !1.
ravine Hou nt n''T
Opera. next week.
to take portfolio* e A. a A. a preilnilasr h> a cam-
and means that a number of good then 4Ia.". In time .
came there
were sixteen 1 In- .
haulms contest It stands preeminently sits f. n.' the baud of ,
[ SUSAN B. ANTHONY tames can be expected this season. TIle t arrteoa of the Amerd stead of six rely for the trip The In the lead snj was a bell. .ho I. it laed l have bern "'+aegroes dvetfig,
The visitors were a gentlemenly lot Ic-aa tort II
very .trODI. bat should party making the charter ,
NOT VERY WELL TOGARochester Y Insisted on long to >be remembered by those whowltnecced i'.as; '- and keeping f onus white
players and took their defeats grit e. It become a there are noahtroopo being taken out, but Captain Pelsaaci It .
full y, There was very little kicking 1t1. oner4. blacks la places of evil resort
&Y la I..11a aad t..otn..porto i remained firm In his refusal to yea" The Oslo Cigar Factory closed {
N. T. March It- The at the umpire Mr Pierre Titus toralleged I. let harbor of )I..lb lore outside with that was
taosrtlow of .... B. may people Tuesday la respevrt to the memory 'Hie t) claim the existence of a
Aathoar. who wrong decisions aaj ar a1s result vMa7 to s strong torte Ames ,00 such
] a rough day, and .
promptly of FernaaJo H. Oato. |
brother of >EJI1
: t > wher while
has beea alte m for the women are
several days contests were
thoroughly teal
enjoyed .dd1 to P.tia a of as refunded the charter
y ,
price which had I srdo H. Gate of this city, who died forrlMj reel for the dpie
sot so eaeoara(1ac today and appreciated by an present trouble. : beea paid htm. purpose
Monday night la Ravaaa t.


e r 9



The Daily Miami Metropolis:' i



Fire most southt-rn newspaper puttlished-; i on the mainland of the L'. S.


.................. :
Ole Tr br Ua3 ............. MOO Tbr
Moths ................... J.M On. week by C-rtr.......... .11

Advertising Rate made known on application. March 12th 1906

eM 4M TwWI. Street, "..... .. Cewt ....... j



I. reported that the last word. of Governor Hogg- of Texas wen: SPECIALS
'1 want DO monument of atone .but let 107 children plant at the bead
the foot of a walnut tree alld
er my grate a pecan tree anj at my grave
*b.n these tree than bear, let tb peraai and the walnuts be firen oat
amonc the plain people of Texas, to that they may plant them aid make
Texas :a land of tree*." Motto is keeping Values Up and Prices Down. We have proven
nil ti not safr to put ;oo much creJtnce In the report of dying word OUR

oC prominent men. bat the statement siren shore doe creJlt to the penonwho in the past and will continue it in the future. That is why this store
expppisej It, and Is In reeping with the life of Governor Hogg

'I. always l interested In the welfare of his people is the MOST POPULAR SHOPPING/ PLACE: IN THE CITY.
The day Is not fir distant ..hen the QIIH tlon of tree planting win arise
In Florida Vie cut down In a few day. forests which hare takes a century .
to grow, anj w. are making no proritlon absolutely 'or the future
What will our grandchildren think of ui that we were so destrnctlTC So ."
\ thoughtless of their welfare A land without tree makes a land drought, Ethiopian Double Foot Hosiery. Ladies' Waists.

and floods, and freshetsand tornadoes and windstorms, to say nothing of
Ms barrenness and .1Ip\etllretQue. A new idea that doubles the wear to La die-*' Gauze Llsb,

Will not some of the men who aspire to office/ la this Stat interest HOllier,.. This double f..Ht hose can be had in white, black and Just received, 1 ia

themselres In the question of forestry, aDd see to It that soro provision tan; in three grades, 35o 50c aid 75* It pair; and Indies wearing l enLLbct& I
of tree annually* Why not set apart a Jay each beautiful line of f
is mad for the planting
thin hose! will find that this double foot will double the life
fear when every boy and girl In the public school of the Stat would)
plant a tree of some kind They are sappoMj to do It now but very few of the tocking and at 'he lamp time will double its value.ETHIOPIADOUBLE Ladies': Waists in' d

do Designate the day and then commemorat it by planting not only onba s I I the celebrated Royal -* ,
; sereraltreel each B

Brand, that must
FOOT H05 be inspected to be ,

An eminent Japanese phrstciaa. It Is reported, seriously proposes t appreciated.We .
make the Japanese taller, as a race by substituting beef for rice a* the
Uonal diet. And the Japanese people officials and an bate taken .p
I Invite Yourlaspectioo
with the Ilea seriously
,'. The Japanese hare.... so successful most of their nndertaklngs tha -
the rest of tile world win think twice be'ore laughing at th!* earnest endeavor -
on their part to Increase their height No opt will be greatly astoo J s of These Waists
", Jibed If they accomplish It.
The Jape are small beeaaa they are Yt'cetarla.Nltrocq., starra
tint to responsible for It. For eentnrle Japanese fart has bn fmgal. BastisteJust Ladies' Stocks
ban ben limited by necessity and then doe not eem to b* any good ra
sot why amore liberal and more dlTeralned diet should sot In the coarse
of Chesterfield Bastists Special tale in Ladies' Wash Stocks and Turnovers
received. ; -
of Uaae. make the Jap as Mg a* the white man. one case
The theory wand good. Bit like a lot of theories that sound good I in new Spring patterns: that we will put on sale at ; we;will put on sale Monday a line worth 350
may be a ttttl bard to pet In practice An Imperial edict to the dec to soc; at:
that every one abooU eat beef world not finish beef for "*'ry ate to ea 10c a yard
There are forty-ir million of people to the archipelago, cal the real nrob 25c each
lam U not what they shall eat. bat bow they shall get bold of It It to eon i
eeJrabU that they would bar eaten meat all the tIlDe If they bad been abl Ladies' Vests
to get It; It U MCMslty and not choice which ba made them smaltTh Lace and Swiss Curtains
problem of getting nitrogenous food .. one for the Japanese stats
20 dozen Ladies' Swiss Rib Summer Under-
Be* They may solve It-they ha,. t talent for making the moat of them Some
elTea, those Japs.-Atlanta Journal. vests; with tape in armholes and neck; this sale; at odd lots of Lace and Swiss Curtains; only

Ally should man be not saUslsJ with what .. to. Nature male Ok two or three pairs of a kind; worth 2.00 to 5.00 a '
Jape small to statne Just the same a* It did others Urge What's the dice 3 for 25c pair: to close Monday at

ence Ina few inches and a few pounds, especially to the JaptT They a i
the biggest things In the Far East when it come to fighting-that eueattj $1.48 per pair
by which strength I* measured-anj they should be contented with thel I Silk UnderskirtsVe i
stocky and stout little bodies

will put on sale Monday 25 Ladies' Silk Ladies' Belts
The Philadelphia Record says; ""First we send missionaries to sa Underskirts; in Mack white and colors; worth from
the heathen, then we send gunboat to save the missionaries. Does this sale each We find in this department a few odd lots of
6.75 to 7 so; to go
s pay?" Pay whom* Belts; in white, black and colored; worth foe to 750,

$4.48Ladies' to close at
The failure of a bank caused a Chicago woman to lose faith In bank
and she drew 12,000 oat of the Hibernian Bank and carried It bom. 25c eachRibbons
thief came along and now she wishes she bad left her money la the baa j White Skirts

Tb. announcement that France and Germany ar* about to agree OTI i
for this sale lot Ladies' White
the future of Uorroceo, conflrms the pret Ion. announcement that the baa! Special : one
ers would lend neither the mom r 'o %fct with Linen Dress Skirts, new. nobby styles, worth 3.00to We will put on sale Monday a line of silk and satin

3.50; at ribbons. in black white and colors worth 2SC to 30C
.' T, In New Tork Sanity af.ernoon women fought each other to get
chance to bear Mark Twain Mark mast now be making announcements f $1.98 Monday 18 cents a yard
Ole bargain sales of New York merchants.
---- ----

after Mr bring Stevens'started announcement to not very encouraging that the canal a*can.. fall be dug to tell In thirteen n* bow yea man Cream Dress Goods. All Paris and New York fashion authorities give cream

year It win take to get the old thing started dress goods first place. I offer for your selection some of the

Tb national conference of re:ormers now in cession at Stamford CoD newest things and invite your inspection.
baa tailed to agree Upon nnything. It take a shrewd political boss
make a reform conference or a reform party go anyway.Student .

at a Virginia military school have "...Ualecl" on account <
the poor food Served them. This U at least an agreeable diversion fro
Ole. monotonous plan of "striking" on account of such thin** Millinery Millinery !

Senator LaFolleu. ba* hardly been In tile Senate! long enough to fit
the way from his deck to the marble room bat b* ba already mad .

speech. Formerly a Senator warn nppooad to be -MM sad not beard far. Don't fail to visit our Millinery Department before buying. Ladies andchildren's
two or three That rule
year doeaat obtain any more. The new Senatespecially .
If be to a \\Vstrrner or a young man walk Into the Sena .
take tile oath to escorted toI.. seat and then proceeds to address t headware. New things received daily
Senate.If .

the dentine sharp keep up the gait they have struck of late pu r
humanity will be between the devil and the deep sea worse thin ever T e Mail orders promptly filled. Standard patterns, March designs now in.

Associated Press a few days ago sent out n solemn warning from n learn
Goods delivered to any part ol the city free of charge.
pnfesaor warning folk from using electric light on penalty of going bit |.
..1110. here come Maj. C. E. Woodruff a surgeon In the Vnlted 8u s
Army, with the declaration that sunshine Is harmful to all race and con I-
tics of men. The Major declares too much sunshine eiplalns why t e I
tropical race are decadent physically and mentally There need be 0 i
worry according to this new phophet over tile race question because e E. B. DOUGLAS
negro can not lire for say length of time In the whit man's cone Neltli r
ea. the white nun live In the grlglnal haunts of the black man The nor a I ,
woman with blotJt hair, blue eyes and white skin Is superior to e
black-haired. swvrthy-cUaaed ant dusky-eyed man or woman. The blon. s

are the chose The people Major to do the worlj work sad tile brunette* are of U Telephone 53. 310, 312 1 Twelfth Street Miami Florida
account observes that In first-class theatres the majority
U. audience are blon'deabut In cheap theatre they are brunette
., "

.. ,.. -

AM ..,,...
.. -

,9/i Don't Get Caught on a I Iolitical I r
{ {
fishing Trip Without

Enough Tackle: Announcements J Two ThirdsOF

SOME FISHERMEN CATCH MORI ArtoonacOTRrau nBJer tk.. hadmc:
vni & i..n.. aa'il after the tt.toetwt..Anntari. I
FISH LARGER FISH AND MORI I. the l'a,11 1lHnh."
; wrky 101..11. t5.
orli +.xk Ik. Ital.] *.. "...*\, Me-
InpiiH* 'MLOSF&oltlvoly A '
= |n 4 .fees mctmvi4 "y'''' CLOTHES AND. STRANGE AS IT MAY SEEM the BETTER CLOTHES

\ Miami\ Sporting Goods Store I For Representative I ITo

I the $IUiens of Dad County:
; Its the
I berfbr announce mj caadldacir Quality Durability style ,and the
fo th C position of Repreaeatath.m
r fr tad County. To rOIl I submit
tA question of my qualification
1 CARRY A FULL ASSORTMENT OF to reprint yon la tlut capacity. If
THE BEST TACKLE MANUFACTURED nomlDa pj at toe ensnlac primary,
MADE TO CATCH AND HOLD and elected at the feneral election I All Around
1 J [rote my beat effort to row I I Superiority
service md toe welfare and op-build-
1 Fish.
A Bid In*; ofearnest >ade county shall receive myshall

mndderstloa.Respeet. I

Southern Marble & Stone Co. J. W Sly.Watson.For I
For the price that make ew M'*
4 a HOOAN rmErr.JACKSONVILLE Count, Clerk grade clethln, the moot oeenomlnalIn
H.aaausrt.rr. for I take this method of announcing the ontf. Portia** you would Ilk*
Building Stone Marble etc. myself|'"a a caaJidate for the office Y' sine of, the now lo..fl eeota looootrovooc
of Clerk of Court for Dade County
abjecrao the Mitt* for IIM'*f woar. The,
;) action of the Democratic
MOSAIC AND TILE WORK primarf f. W. Ha1a.Fe are "tfutUif now and wry. popularatrlpoo

FOR FLOOR BATH ROO.... MAN rIL$. ETC.Minuniifi. checks M* averse hi the
Clerk of the Clrevlt Court now shades of gray, eM tansy Mturoo. ..
,Gewral .--. Warn* etc. .
...... ... To the Democratic Voter of Dad. Well water.... anyttiUtfthat
Iou.Welb OueIM PxtlttM L Feed. '" Conn jr: w. can ohowyo* I* ohort Seder
I aebr preeent my same to the
voters fa the comUg Democratic prt-
RITTY BROTHERS mary j caadlJat fur clerk of the
circuit feourt for Dade coast,. Just The .
Suit You'll Like
Hariri- resided .... for tweatr-er
year* fc larlte Inquiry and taTooticn-
Machine Shop face of those who do not know mo personally' i f.
u to my repntatlon u a atIcen. .
Gasolene aw re ord u an official In ,..,* H you will step In for a few!minutes lock. $10 (for a suit
the New Era Gas t
Agents Engines. put aid my Btne*. ant compoloncy along up the line to $18. There's both pleasure and
SPECIALTY for thejDfflc* to which I tapirs.U .
and kerosene
engine repairing a
clotted I promise fair and court* -<' w; profit In buying your clothing here.
General Repair Work oat tmumeut to every dtlaen at the -
hand 9 every person connected with

Sollejllnf the support of every Toter
who collider* me competent and capable

Wm. Curry's SonsKey I I jam respectfully Eocene H. Dimtck. .

WH$Palm Beach. Fla.

West. AorldaHKADOUARTKR' FOR For,I Clerk of the" Circuit Court I R. W. Rhodes .F .

BelieVIng that my services for thepast .
Ship Chandlery, Building nt year u Chief Deputy the 1 .
office awith the Clerk of the Circuit Court
Materials Of All Kinds.Coal Cllalll Sue for the position. I herepectfally -
r announce my candl-
sad Ice Steam marla Railways, Macklaa Shops.Psrxt f dory f Clerk of the Circuit Court ,
subjectcratle to the approval o the Demorlmary Don't forget the number 322 Twelfth Street. Florida .' .
I Miami.
AU hinds ot repairing. Boiler and Steam Fitting can x done *, tie .
shortest notice in the beatpooaible manner by expert skilled aeeli. I 8 o. Pita !

t _
I For County TreasurerTo !
Dade Co. Title Insurance
I the 'oter of Dad County: I
I herfby announce myself .
U n candidate
and Trust Company I 'or renomlnatlon to the ors *
Treasurer, subject to the

Paid Up Capital 75000. Surplus, $12.000 be held May. H. Lick Raulonon.IWi.C. The only residence lots in Miami at a Reasonable Price

Issnre laud title, prepare atMtractaol title,toast sad ofOr'111.I .
where there will be
urentn money CR its own account and for other Acts. -
feat.. ttorney-ln-act, trustee, aNipee. ezecntor. rtceiTer. I ., Tax Col lector.
or rardiaa. Addre &U com nu catioal to announce myself a* a
S. L. Pattrsoa. See and Treas. Miami Florid dldat IIII' tho office of tax
of Dnd county subject to the

See Burnham of the I I Democratic Tax Thomas primary.Collector J. HardooFor earCity| Water, .Sewerage

To the Voter of Dad County:
The Miami Surgeon and Specialist Iheidldato by announce myself a* a canrenomtnation -
jar to the office
of Con ty Tax Collector, subject to Electric
tf JIM art a sufferer from soy Chronic Disease Ulcer, Tumor, Cancer the act on of tile Democratic Primary LightsAND
*or say Blood Disease Catarrhal Disease of Head. Throat. to be eU May IS. 1MX.
Lnof. Stomach or Bowel pepiatDdifetxm. on. Rectal T. N. Gautier.of .

Dieae Female Diseases
bale Everglade'
All Latest t Electrical Aids. Homeopi'Jiic Medicines =

and a large stock of Specially prepared remedies for Special .rork The efendant In tho suit of th*
Southern States Ian.i A Timber Co.
Ladles laid Alias ii Attendance vs. Nappleon B. Broward. u covers
of et ai, tn tile United State* I Electric Street
p.-taira la Metropolis BnDdiar. From 9 a. m. to 4 p. m SaL excepted yesterday Bled demurrer Railway
5 bill of complaint says th*

:IF YOUR AUTO ISiIH TROUBLE I CAN FIXITTin I of I.set,that settlenp up the no cauM comptalnlng a*enUUlnc the ground com to r

or relief In a court of equity 1
Troubles are Cured or nor Injunction. ARE INRIVERSIDE
*H In th. same suit the complainant ;
new one Sold. Can for hire. Bled p.wipe for decree pro-coafetso -
upon t! failure of do'endaat. before ,
tll.I ch rule Jay to plead, answer. 't
C. R. Ztcliiriu, or doss r to the Mil of complaint

t r '. Daniel' Block Miami.

il.wse Lark.Rail al.... Ak.t7 tart J(. I.
WllitInteret ngton. Del. March 10 The
ins discovery hat Jut been
msje i ila at Deleware I I. the only State I

Lofton & EinigMachine stmintrustee the 'ore.101I*., It where was slavery found I laws that *the re'i a s) Prices-on Twelfth Street. $1000 and $1250 for corners On other streets. $750 and g-,

of the poor of Newcastle '
county have the right to bind out"'l I ) $1,000 for corners Terms-one-third cash. balance In one and two years
papa< l. This stipulation Is la the I 51

Shop law woi fto en ernlng and officials at'Cl'OH.rbt'Y and pertain rand 1 (;j| with 8 per cent Interest If these do not please you we can sell

be bouware I r a out term to any not eireedtng person la tbree Deli I ? you in any other part of the city as cheap as any one

Across The River. year' says that law The laws which I _
were < Ignally passed by the Leglsla-
tore re revised by a rnrnmlur ofrd i

Will repair your engine on short notice. the report"bowev B< 1.I'to of this tie Trustees all section right lat ennBllcts Inatroarh week wttt and .' I J. H. Tatum & Company )

Expert Gas Engine llen.Ve the ar of emancipation. It I I. rot he-
carry lleredenlorc be trusteesIII endeavor to

dynamos coils, plugs, batteries, wire, It. } Real Estate

A Scientific Wonder
screws, switches .

b ', make The cures 3ncUea that Arnica stand Salve to Its a creel scie Rooms 8, 9 and 10, Frissell Building

tine w nder. It cured E R MulforX
lecture for the Patrons (Husbandry\ ,
Lof ton & Wayne bora Pa. of a distressing case lie fectric titn N11 he li opffitloi b) July I. nd the MH :ij Hater pipe b sold M the ftwdTHI
i of pile ulcer*. cut, wonnds.chllblala
Iud.. rheum. Only lIe at all drug-'
,JI pate

",,",",4.._ I .. _' "'.. .... t
I ,-... :,





I To Select from in Florida at

20 cents a dozen V HALE 'S JEWELRY STORE .

k-First National Bank-----u--of HenriIitmi I t I C f Town Topics C" WELLS prepared& GRAVESAre to execute

order in their

:: Florida ,
Millinery Department
IH Battling Bue4nee (I Ne Cewicll Sissies
Mr. J. I. Oowln ha* bought a half Owing to a naiiuaderataaJlac there
Interest la the Miami BotUlag Work WM BO BVtsiOn Of the City sorted la t'nipen of the latest Spring style. hat _
from Mr. T. H. tXckenow, aaj wffl had been announced would be held for is aUk. dark straw aad light 'tttJ
take an active hand In the management the purpose of codifying the city ordinances weight material
ITS POLICYThe and success of the business. or accepting the code aa prepared
I by Mr Atkinson, and the matter

'ROSSIER. mean cafe InmeUMnt will therefore to over until the regular Ladies Tailoring DepartmentFor
meeting nest Thursday night :
policy of this bank is to conduct its business I
Gone te Nassau street carriage and evening costumes
along the most conservative lines to The auxiliary schooner yacht Edrl*. I ROSSIER. meane Safe ln s*
restrict its operations to legitimate enter- sub Mr and Mr Wyeth.; owner --- i

prises: to eliminate all speculative ventures.First aboard, hare gone to Nassau and other I The Art Stone Construction Com- 232 Twelfth Street Miami
port of the Bahamas on a cruise before -
: I pany have Just received another carload I l
north for the ,
proceeding summer ..ra''u.ln
of Portland Cement If yon
National Bank I II, ,. cement It will pi; you to get I

I i our price
\V M BurJlne Is now Holding a reduction -

Depository Sttte of Florida; depository City of f Miami sale It In will their pay dry you goods to call department -I On Cruise to West Coast

before purchaalng elsewhere Mr and :Mr James Clark ofi!
Plttuburc.:. who hare been spending' Miami Transfer
the pact several week at Palm Beach
Capital 50000. Surplus and Profits, 10500.t Mackerel Fleet In aboard their handsome yacht Irla.hare .I -
AH of the mackerel amacks of FoggA
returned to Miami with that )
Cloealand. have been called la from I'
(craft and will prepare for early Company
he grounds and the parse net fishing .
part are to the west coast though |
of the la at dose though
aeaaoe a
Bonded they will return here before going
Officer ind
Eurj Employee some gin net Bsblng will continue for north for the anminer U 12th atreet. Phone No. 157 amd 1121 Avcnu* D, PhoM 110
a week or two longer.' j
ji|I Garara.dSUbH. lltb street .ear Ave K. Plaoae Sow 100...

Do you want to bay a Pope touring'!' If yon doa know what t* bay road

car at half coat, has three extra thoe* ',' The Metropolis advertliiaf ooUna Horses, Carriages and
and Inner tabes, extra ball besrlagsand They will tell you.
la In flrt-elasa condition; this I*
a late IMS model and la praetica1ysew .
HONEST POWER ten oatration to lat......' Returned from Philadelphia. I
bnyc t app t.tmt'Dt. F. f .lughea, Mri JV. Horner returned home for hire bv the hour da?, week or month. Automobile tor-
REO Dos 10 :. a..c"nLROSsEe..s.s this. morntnc from rhlladelphla.whrre ape. repair and snpplie A feat* for tile famous FORD an
4 HONEST PRICE. '.. .,.I i' 't ill c ta.:! I o. the death I' tomobiU* Freight unloaded aad delivered. Special facilities
HEAL ITTaTE. .rf hr >- h-r.!n-law. Mr J. H. Bar- to movie; heavy freight. Omaiba meets every train. Baggage -
i a. fw s.-c,s itf :Mr Barton tran.' rrci ALL orders receive PROMPT Atteatioa.
1 ollcla: nosl'lon with the PIt

Any one can speed np a motor in the factory with" a .*""':-. Yacrt OT Cfct Hxllwar for many year aid
heavy h..ee1. an that for A period of ten seconds it will The tJXilla-v .'. .aiiarhl n..I.... rf .i' >mln.po'.>nlnc. he havlnf1
bat that in a mere trick. It < ','.- ml.l.tlr" while! at the
how a high brake hore-power: with yout, ? K'lmhan an< snide ...
i* BO teat REO rating !. not -faked" in that way. It i* arrived off i. C'I > erday 1ft*-. -" Mr Pjrt<'t s p. a member AMR REPAIRING FACILmtt
obtained br aa actual ten-hour dynamo leat It U accurate: noon and dropped ..ichor Mr sad rf several club! and prominent lathe
it i* honest: aad above all jt ia thoroughly proven by nnqncatxmable Mr*. Fletachmaa coming ashore and bntlnea worlJ. He leave a wife
perfomnance. going to the Royal Palm where they j and one eon, both of whom visited 1 I
were joined by Mr*. Flelaehmaa. ar.II| In Miami two year ago and Bad at DANN'S... aaerpaa4 I.
., .,_ ia.s M,..Sadwat.is
Tsar sew 1110 a. IMI ca"-- !aw.st $ sad two or three lady Meads All of I many friend and acquaintance Mr. NntJq aid rstttac te neajlnt eel

da7.sos w..s ago s 7 tilt e.MIt = tb..Wi..eita :=::-.:-tae f'.c= the party win return aboard the I Barton. owned valuable real estate InMiami. ., <
,.a.u.cb-s to wt ha c1..sd Cit.'w yacht this afternoon sad be off on a I, der von sad brokee lafcUlia trtrydnerlptloa.
tbat (yre. Cups i..5.dal MP.adscs
ILO w.a
t yds ".tll lat..Cl.cu.stl..ad.w&Mi.5ts--.d as a t.a.t7./etibrti.5t.4 tb. tul.e ermine to the Bahama The HaIda I; On an tana ar* ..
-.v...... hr-..ud.- U one of the best yachts afloat aid I EIGHTH REGIMENT ATHLETIC
ehaalea crl the highest akffl. They
oa account of her great depth could
not eotr.e Into the bay. She w bee work naJer oar |nrnaj| aa errlahua
I New York March 10. -The annual
la southern the
crulaing water
peat I t aid t..It.!. .... rtfkt OvCHAatOX
print games of the Hospital Corp
several week, and after the Naaaaa crll -i
Miami Automobile Co. trip win proceed north. The yacht I I I the Eighth Regiment will be held :f AU XIOHT AS W7>LUA
.ee* steam tender but little mailer the regimental armory this evening.!II
J 13 tit Street aver PostoHke than war veel at.e. one of them I Iattrad.4 I It la expected the meet win be a sueBess fi .,... .' X DAMN -
considerable a* the entries are more Burnerona t_ .w
attention at I 421 Eleventh Street. Miami FW
than ever before and InclnJe a
e the Royal Palm dock thl moral...
number of crack athlete A* a spee-
lal Inducement gold watches hare
-- -
-- ------- ------ -- FOR SALE been offered .. prizes to the grit
Easy term 3oO down, balance to Before
; | Investigate Investing
man In each event The list of .y..t.for *
monthly three house
payment; oa
this evening Include a CAyirJdash
upper Avenue C. Beck. WUson *
handicap; 100-yard handicap; bicycle -
1I11I441HlO8. and refry race
SwimmingTaught I Wind Power
The surgeon and apecla'Ut la the I Ha been adopted by the beat people of the COIt.try.JIIe
Metropolis building bring to the aid ; ::0 I I cheapest power for raisin? water. Note the people who have
Attention 1* invited the fact thatthe
I of all the long or chronically affict- I them they conk have steam fa* and hot air too if they waited -
cot the
now being dredged by U.
ed. the skill aad Jaclp..t gained 8. Government from Blscayae to it. I handle the beat mill made and make a specialty ot thi
I by forty year study and experience In Bay business and with iwechaninm that I have been
P. F. CAVIL the ocean l 1s not yrtopen to naviptloaIimt. my pump
By this I ne. aided by the 'slut and moatpprorJ
I will to doable the ,
can not pat without inter'rrIng granted a patent 004 guarantee capacity J
surgical acd electrical appllance with the progress of the work. It value and life of any wind mill outfit Any infringement win
CASINO *. All the latest and beat eeperalDy -I : I, be .
ROYAL PALM I is therefore requested that all boata procreated.C.
. I'I'mediH. A fun
prepared refrain from using this channel for I
Special classes br hiHreit. VI..,-. Wed.. Friday afternooa toe of HOMEOPATHIC MEDICINESA the present I I
full command of all these enable E. Bnnlem Thomson, :
H. Cocoanut Grove Florida.
the Doctor to cure hundred of the t 8 Attlttant Engineer. PERRY. ,
t "
IOC"IIl'f'tIllIntr.bl.. case
All Catarrhal disease of head i

a ,. throat lanes stomach bowels and.
hdder: Inilla-ettlon. d>spepa.. rectal I Miami Skating
BARGAINS .'__. pile Scarves etc"
pation female diseases. sal] .

Miami River. 2 letvprle until March 1. term. 11250.S ment_., genlto-nrlnary anU t'GII.tt.1
100 feet en a
,**... ktrua X lot*. 1 car. en Ave-D residence portion, terns t2 SOIfcay The Doctor I* wen known and baa RinkOpen I Reduced prices on Shoes
fret 100 aOO, riparian righta ., ............ ... ...S3250 tbradaat I
reference here oa the east
4 J-i '...... bearing .,apetru"-. tsrm .... .. .... SSJOO coast. I
0.1' attp........... .... ... .. ..$7500 I ..
10 1.r. yva A ladles' maid ta attendance. S t* 10 m. for hpinenOpen
.... ...... X ta Saww .... .. .. '1<50 ,
acNe Latfle viol erfSTda. werth U at .
IS Office hoar from I a. aa.0 4 2 te S m. 11.14L
... .. .. p.
laved acre........ .......- .... .121 .
40 acre per Open 7te11p.m.
t m. except Sunday.Fishing 4le. vM eafsrde, worth ISO at 1JS

J. K. DORN, AGENT Tuesday afUrne reserved fir ....- LaalleV vtel *mf*..we, teeth. 1 10 at .

... D MtomU Florida Saturday forenoon reserved children Ladled vtel lace .....* worth JO nt USLaaHee
Str..i, BetwenCa I
a2a. 12th COMPETENT INSTRUCTORS vial lace afceee vwrtli |2 at .,...

Admit**.* 10 ceM Skating 2S seats Laallee. vigil lane ....., wertli UO ..1.00Me

;nth St. West ef Ice ftetny. Upstairs' ,,'* werklHf ....... worth UO at .UOMen'

A PLEASURE SHARED, A r' dross shoes, worth UO at UOMen' '"

TROUBLE aPARaD- Parties wtahlng t. charter a boat I dross silos. wertli UOat UOMe .,
fer flehlnfl trip will Sad the Halcyon Hall
auxiliary yacht *'* dross shies, werth 400 at. ....

w,,,'* dross ship teeth UO UO
yours U you KO wheeUn U comps l I NOTICe
with another parttelarty U the other .. The Curlew

to of the opposite tn provided both I The most complete sanitary
bike are lust no.' aa to ooadltkw. je ene ef the cheapest and beet beat
If there' a doubt U ronr mind about In COlftlll,...+.. Inquire ., ISIDOR COHEN & CO.
romr bicycle' running shape. bring It Barber Shop
r A. P. REEDAt
here ail have It 1..pHte4.-.palre.I
U need be. Fair charging aaI. with Denser 8choon Line dock or Shaving. 15 centa 303 Twelfth Street "''..mI. HoHdaJOS.

ilL J. II. Tatnm Jt Company. Hair Cutting. 25 cent
Singing. 25 c."uIIIa"'potIng.
R. J. MATHERS men, 2S cent
1012 Avenue D. Mia"," Fla. Ladles. 75 cent
Face Massage 25 cent -- -
Money TO Loan Etectrtc Maaaaga. SO centaGometotheArtStudio I

Are You Going to Build? $ De ANTONIO, Jr.

K TOO contemplate erecting a re*idenee. business block, or buiWinjro it 1 121 5 Ate. (.. WHOLESALECo.nmission
any kind it will pay you to gate o. a bid The'ir' ifccial Oq Shut or Long lime
bth tI 12 dud I Jlk Sts.I .
stone wh'iih "'e. !manufacture \\ITHOUT A HOl'HT 'r. F-
; : MerchantWants
PERIOR to ANY OTHKK: MAKK-IT: IS W 1T :HI'}(>' 'K. Easy Pd'fTll'ntsDade ;
) ) I jf f If" A f fr m: v.r !i II'.I j
Dealers in Portland Cement '

ing and a high class 01 I Oranges. Grapefruit Tomatoes :

The Art Stove Construction Co. Pineapples and all Plorioa' Products.:

fancy work made by

Office and Stone Yard Foote 1) Look for the tarn ta .he U-il Co. Security Co. i I Steoci! Jo'urnlf.hed upon App .: *'* l.1arlcatoD.! S C,

I Mrs. James R. Scott


', .i.. .. .. ....... ... ..._...J.' .. ....... ._
... ..... < """ : "I/jb > .Jf .t 1 ..
..--" -( ""- ( < -t/I .L.-- >:..,..;....,b < ...:." k .IJ.'odM............- -J.. ........, =- ..4__ _.

H Is the Quality and '

1 he Price that make For It b the quality and \
Everything The House
1 our goods popular the price that make

cur goods papule.f .

f Furniture, Car ets, Rugs, Mattings, Kitchen Utensils


of every t desdription .

1r k T. Em 1 "
g-e :I. 2"th. &tr&e Em 1 F' 1
Cri r
]1 : : sa..
F -

om-'Phone a. |H.| M. KIN I ....'""" 'Phon.&ea

Undertaker and EnbalmerI II W. I P. MILLER


2S 41. I3 SISUT ,

[ jjcrsonalMra. a {[il-of J honors With asked full For appreciation County for suit Clerk promising of the faithful high "pop" I II

performance of duties if elected. I
r- bare the honor to announce myself a I
J. W. Ices ash Miss Jessie Blue RiBbon coon and Vanilla areabsolutelypure candidate for the offlce of Clerk of tbe I
Gsa are down from Ojns today enolng aad so highly concen. Circuit Court of Dade County and ask '
) the Fair tasted thaqulrej 1 only a small quanta. Is re- I for jour rote In tile primary of May I I..wrybdy. .... far ..
a HAND PAINTED I aol! tbeBlue Ribbon Flaror" 1St? J. F. Jaiidoo. .soft. e-rlnk. All outers snoke I'
FoundWatch; toil: found on CUI' Is perfect jMr m t Pop' but they dont all wake COME IN. SMOKE A
8t Owner can hare same by canine I
J F.
Burteshaw, <>f Larkin is intbe I
chiN la one of ovr aveclarUos.We at this* offlce and describing same aoJlMri. Frank T Bulge pre city today shaking bands with oJJ "

l carry In genuine Preach and a most enjDyable anj fashionable bay I I, time friends and. InclJentally. takjlng I; Cascade"GingerAle CIGARthat
I' W. Hlckman.. of Oakland, FlaIs party on [barsday complimentary to I In the Dale County Fair. Mr. Burteshaw I ,
i Italian war. ereame and sagas. spending two days In the city baring Ira Char of New York their local I,I U one of the most substantial | I
,s come to attend the fair I IFonnJ for the Ison. ; i and influential citizens of Dado coat Ii
bread and I vtt.r plates fancy I i I ty and has many friends In tilt Magic I i wo are aolltafl for S sent anti
', Baby shoe and stocking. ; [KOMItR mean Sato Iniaaunsiiis I I I city who are always glad to see him
i plates and vaaes I* aaaortod sizes Apply at Metropolis ofSee : II If yes wont admit right tft... tkwst.Mto.

-- I wwrtk .s..We tk
pnis., vw vOS
i Wa W. M B rdlae Is making special offerings v.aatecsTwo maJd..t Halcyon
sorry s larg.s.Nrtaant.1 Miss Jade WUlard. of J boDTllj. W* era UII eelwa. aotttor
., .Hall. v
t<* visitors this week. make yosi a prsssat of __ Thaa ran
i I Is the guest this week of Mrs. J. D. adrenlsenvat on page ( Bell I i -CaevaoV In this) territory.
Godman on Arenue CWanted i i 1 1 There are a let of Diners ales wnuoual offer. .top) I*) waaoglst. far
)lr. 8. E. Clrll of Sparr. and Miss but .
: Mr, andlMrs. I I Oenerlero non to sompara :wttIt our SUPPLY WONT LAST IONS
H H )McDonald ofPalatka. Fleming of )Miami will b* "Caocado.*
i Souvenir' Spoons Cross Soda water mss at Re4 afre In the city the guests>united in marriage Thursday at Span "Caaeada and Bo us ovro awhatlUsts pasj lit
1 II
o* rheir re ttyH Mr. aad Mrs. J. N. : Miss Fleming will come from Miami
Lnmmus I Mr McDonald Is trarol-1,I to Jseksonrille ...I will be met there ,
; AT THK RIGHT 'KICKS I Miss DeLattere end Miss Bulslfer tag aalitolof the A. C. L. Railway I,' by )fro Clrll aad they will come tSpar. Mall order given special attention HAYES
j lore or St. Augustine today en route where the ceremony will bo
J north, baring spent a pleasant few Picture Barnes made to orJer l bRacket performed )lr. CUI1 Is the son of Acme Works
e I weeks at Mrs. R. U. Haddlestoa'f. I i 8tjr )lr. R. S. Civil and I. s prominenttonng Bottling THE CIGAR MAN
trucker of that section. Miss I MIAMI i
Wanted Launch or auxiliary boatBos Fleming Is a charming and accomplished
MAYNARD&SONJEWELERS 1&C. Miami. / sierfanta to list your srsosrtyMr young lady and she aad )lr.I -.. West of the ins ...... OPPOSITE HOTEL DISC A, :,.
I I Civil will be cordlauy welcomed bthe 1 ,
Major Brows, of tho SaJratioa and 1 Mrs. Peter Nelson hare|' groom's host of friends la that I:
and OPTICIANSMlawL moved tat their sew reside I D.lpborlloocl.-ota1& Banner.
Army Is la tho city for a tea weeks : e _
M ......... no* baring come hero to recoror her on 7th strlet. aro furnlshlaa klfM I I
health which was Steely Tie electric llchta will mbrellas
Derv poor. repaired and recororod.
put la soosf end then their homo wfllbe I Leave at Racket Store.
completf tad thoroughly modem.KOSSI .
Teat for sale.
Conor llth street
.. I I
Aroaao 8.
rNR ....... year rills Nlrodna Berthed for Season
The Oaks .1 I Tho largo houseboat XlroJha.whlch
members, honorary and aetln, I ''has been anchored off the foot of
tho W. C. T. U.. will please ho at A young faan. age tl, desires clerical : Twelfth street for the put several
the First M. 1:. Church oa Moaday position*aa bookkeeper cashier or J 1I'ltkaawalUIII tile arrival of her own'ers -
at 'I:" ,. .. prompt to attend the once maager. College education,' cad guests, was towed back up
Corner 13th Street Carpenters' Ualoa aulrersary eat..married; yean experience. A I 1 !the duet today and was berthed until F. C. B.rossier & Son
bratlon at CTenJoriTs Han., Mario ,ftf..t'H. Address "8". care Miami next season, tilt owners deeidlag not
and Avenue B Bash secretary. i I.tropolla. I to come south this season.

Fates Royal Palm Park TIle aty<< lea Offlco, oppostt (1" TD. con a1_program at the Fair I I w.atMT.o whlto waitresses. 12001-2 Avenue D

Foot Oflc. U hariac one of the lath ,"last night as well fta .reJ. and aaiJdltkw .Marks' Oyster and Chop BOIl' .
Open Dec. 1st est doaraaeo sales ease Bold la this actepuD4 to the treat Sri i j i 12th street Miami! Fla.
., ...' U'I __
city ctohlag and shoes and ntertalnm t The music was far,' "
ladies' sUrta.Mr slaked by pupils of the Consenrle -
IN. B.MncGriff, Pru a ? atory of x who also gars a COB-I, Do yon wet a chance at a $S
% Dr. H. C. Roustun aaj sister tort wedac r night Prize for 10 cents If you do c"'l
Miss kale I8ROilii i Msrtla's Shooting Gallery on
\Memock. of t'11 aaD, 0.. {
haro returned from a Cuban trip anj win sent D. near llth street and try a ,
your rents the
are guests of Mrs H. PrlcoWmiaaM.Wanted score card I

IED.MOPFATSDairy > Four- -setting hens J. K. Orange Blossom-Perfume-the soa1 o Start Summer' Fishing IC
I Dora. 12th streetMr I renir perm: tat the Fair Is no fak- I Mr I A. H. A Jama, manager of the i C l lr
Ir's dream, t a genuine produce of Florida Fish A; Produce Co went np
our tropical ..d of to
flowers sunshine Eau GaUle
and Mrs. J. F. Olive and )lr. '' yesterday morning to
and seabrw is. Try It. Fully encommittee -' superintend' the opening 6f the '
Edward ;
Lunch Burke hare gone to Harana dorsed by I F Ir summer .
where they hare become Interested fishing there He will returnto
la a race track. Miami Ina 'ew days but on the
Mts. Lulu Leadon won' the premlest 1'I .t of next month will go to that
thing including um for the work place to remain until the mackerel,
ery new Money to Loan at S per cent !> crayon at the
Oa Miami Fair. The remlma was 12 by Mr. fishing season opens here again next ,
Tropical Horn
=Hiding making the Imvroremeat Co, office with Beck. .1. Ea La a Miss JfrLendon hast faiL '
Wilson A; HuJdleston. real estate natural U for art and has done i
I Ie
ageary many fine Ater color paintings as'I Coed: Country Eaard
st and neatest |din- wen as la ersron II I In ctnrenlent. locality, near Jacksen : Two lots

The w. C. T D. held Its bimonthly vl' and 8nr stln Stop on on
room in the city. meeting yesterday ai the First )I. I rooslsr wints to Hot your property your s'*> north Only $S per wee t
E Church and again the entire session j I Write FloridLIAt for particulars. Wing's, Bayar.

AN IDEAL. PLACE wss full of Interest sad a now I-.wr.t g slue at the Sacks t t"? ,

:JJpR,lADltS I Wee stimulus by to several the work.who had There beta' were long IBton.Mr.I I j thinking us talk about It over. Hare you been 12th St.

la th..k. Sereral new members j '' building a house asae'Iare 1 ,I
were received and warmly wlcomec'I J. W. anoway of Larkfa,' hesitated. because the price waa'
dot Coooected with a catooa as fresh workers The next meeting 01 the suet: atuJ vegetable growsof ,j|too high tI I
: Is oa tile fourth Friday at tile that seed arrived la OM icy tot t Hare you given It a thought of whit
place same 4ar ..4 II tang I. Ala Ume ta 5 I you will construct It of or of what
Battemuft b tile .lIht .t tile county talr. )lr.GaJJcnr.r" you will corer the root with Do It I $1000 each
5c a glass. lightyre. :1 Boar Jamaica aD smiles this moraIq'I now! Think It over and maybe
apples tuansaul end when me oat laall'lll u.. can make a suggestion that will
fre hmeots served dar other
tropical fruits lad from
c ans. of tall abl1ut d1apoattloa, w u you.
.lagafl ..... Aroauo N...... D Miami end Ifrth Fralt Store corner t.formecl tIIa oa lm1l .. aa5 Mbr I If you iotaa shingle root you 11"1
streetTHE goy united t his home. hare to place the rafters I feet .
I door east of A teaM D osi I3t* I It and the shingle. lath about 1 Inches

Promt BalMiajr. MaJw'TU.. RAGKET STORE Lost bead 1 q, costalol a .apart The shingles. are pat M OM
t tits boot xis. J. T. Aa1lbrook.jat time and mechanics' fl at.mo.q. coat
1eriDra to 1 IUk Itnet sad getRAILR .... If You use OarvanUotf Corr..

ts TJI{ Plat I the gated same Roofing aa aIIIa which... will then coat trig about be a

AD I treat dlKereaee la the !:pease of the
Spaldingsind ICHIDULa framing and the puttingup..
F. C. RafwaytrthbODad I As far .. durabtllty 4'then
.l' tato5n.1a
U such a difference In
Na U )earn .. .. .. .. d:1p I INA .. I Galvanized' CerrvlllIItlOfIn.. that It
1/ heave .. .. .. ..1:10 p. I INo .. I Is worth a higher price I do not mean
Draper & Mounted Back 7$ Iav .. .. .. .. ':01 sNo. m. the light corrugated roofing (Nil U)
71 hear 1:11 L I IlL i that ls commonly used.but (Nil Zt)
SoathboaadNo. |t*. bevy kind that will last a llfe-
Combs U arrf .. .. .. .. 1:10 L SNa
gl aryl ;. .. .. ..1:10 a.Na m 4JIO.We hare 400 squares under
Maynard 21 arts. n .. .. .. l/al p. as .shed In .. t. 10 sad 11 foot lengths.our
I N.. :a unit .. .. .. .. 1JI p. IlL MIAMI HARWARK CO. ----L

Tnooa aro nice goods without tho .Bt..mllll saa.I. oa Pace 7.) We want your IDOIII,.. -

n.sy| Tourist Price" attached In e.
(porting GoodsAT other words they are within reach 1
of the common every day people "Everybodqs Friend"The

to They 7S cents.are all the go. From JOe I I IROQUOIS GRILLOpen

Until Midnight I famous play "Everybody's Friend" wlllj

A F< *ionable Cafe for Ladies and Gentlemen be presented at the

SMITHSBOOKSTORE O ters F..... Game and maul delicacies prepared : 'Auditorium, Friday Evening, March 23.
=rJUtLE T E CHEAPER' br experienced: cocks and urned bj grad waiters. '

The lime can plan meala are tarred by tbe di.h at cheap m
I I W. H. Chaile Son ridca.1 pr enable thooc to lire in room. and apartment to I By the Miami
lire tea lablr.-Tbe In<]uois hotel solicits\ patronage of all i Conservatory of Music Dramatic Dept
i I who cent mplate a loop .ta1. aa well a. transient cu..totmrsejear. A comedy that has made thousand
1211 Avenue D. Miami. Fla. Uuf A star(
MIVMI.nv i ca.t :V" a d.1
all t .
I and 10 Cent AMa at Kit ,.... S\|I Open J. HLLL DATIIXSOX.' I ice A cn- ..Kn !(c 'nb rtMrtcd st B*-h A. Saffcrd Pt so Cat.*
2f. nth ttittt, ttgiDOirjf Tuesday March ?). wtthcet!: extra darlaTHt

-- .

--- ---
---- --
-- -
--" .. ''dr..lor... and ...wlnf a"a> the rock. I Imuorrd
-' from the bottom of the
v .L.. Town Topics. channel!. wa aide to make but three
_-.1.k I 1
trip aDd finally got i hawser tang
I "ftJcprnfc:sion:' J led in her wbeel which caused her
Tn ,.> 10 on' of the ,
1.a F, {J' On Thr Cruse auxtlia-\to :.uu Jcht Xovla. with M a mall went oirrhoarl
I ltoFe lr..doC..hll.1
ar.d Mrs Jeorj VaoVleck.. owner* _
Fair Week
aboard. railed yesterday for a oral OUerings at

JFa.rto.raoa. dc Srwua,. "In'ao1eck Babatua returned vaiert recently Ur and from)lr Grlfflnt For grapefruit Brother and Company.orange tree All see

ATTORNEYS AT ,LAW. cruise around the hInd of Cabala grown on high land Miami offlee
.. after coming back to Miami from th ::::j: Twelfth street
.w- .U..res..r
,. ae.oum...._tataa... ..rlrrt present trip win leave shortly then
after for the north.
teen TtIIo.. I Aut. Caws Continued Again
4.10 CUT JlIa' P\a. Ovine to one or two of the defendant I W.M.Burthue--
Lost Black broadcloth lady
In the automobile cues coaOa-
..SL SCTMOUB .. .:ATEVISONSeymour !coat; Tellers name on coat. Eewa oed from la.t week to yesterday moraine I I
If relined to Halcyon MalL F. HSmith.
.' In the Municipal court being on
& Atkinson sROMII. the grand jury and Col. W. W.Kr-I
win their attorney, being Illtereete41 ..
Attorneys and Vme, *s REAL ESTATE In a salt now OB trial In the Interest of visitor to the fair w* will make specially. low ,rtoooon :..
Counselors At Law. --- Jonea, another continuance of Ue I all anablo I good for the ontlro week making special) cute hi
I hearing was granted yesterday mora- I Hose 'urnlclilnga' M follows: ON ALL I
'4MJ at.s. W dvtl. :: le ors o..ii. Launch EIIall.'D.HDarlal lug by Judge Sanders, next Wednesday I
the lI.utblo1l' Thurd being named ai the date when the
Moods S.6.7.Friaxll Bldg,Miami the work being panned the ".Sa trial will be called.O.aU.mt1a. I
ford ROM dredge on the Noppoait*(1 .
A. of the bay. was almost at a ataadtUlWWJo blankets quits' comforts pillows mailings
G. Worley ,
battling with one oft hear] 1? yon need a pair of
gait of wind U the canal the Ja shoes go to W M. Bnrdlne'i goati
Attorney at Law I IJIO launch Blowaha, was driven Bad I t,tarnishing ettabliahment. {I and pictures 25 cent. off.
I one of the wire cable holding t rugs per
,. Twelfth St.. Miami. Florida I II
dredge la plac anj her caMm aw L Seventy ikottaaaj bedded erangei
lc. completely torn 0!. Had t i I an grapefmlt troos for Ml. Pries
Geo. M. RObbins awning. or top held It 1* said tb ,tromxll to M _ta. Seal for price All woolen. Dress Good and walotlngs from twenty-five to fifty' per cent off
,launch would hare been capsizedfarther N
TttuovUU.ru.Attorney damage was abstained Th list of\trory! stock. Boar Brother,I Outing Flannels worth S and .......I'.em., this sale..S ,-1..*.
and CounselorAt tq W. S. BrnttUr. attending tb Little miTur. na.Chase&.
LawWM I Outing Flannel. worth 10 oont, this. sale. S M stav '

anata *ta al C-si. cow aM Fader Outing Flannels, worth 12 ,-I to II sent*, this. sale. ......... .. 10 .... ..

Meyers Robinson, A largo line of dress ginghams, worth S 1-2o to 10 seats, this. sale S 1-to
Electricians Seine style of Amookog toerskorand. A. F. C. Ginghams worth
Contracting everywhere 12 and on* half oentaTftl sale. to go at..S 1-ts
Attorney at Law
A largo lino of M I... 72 "thread Ana oorsaloo. sells.. rywhoro,
Towitey BmikUnff. Miajai Florida 1019 Av D Miami Florida at 11 eenta, this _I................ .... .... .... ........10 casts

(I. W. L WILLIAMS Nice ,.,....... worth 10 to 12 and onoKalt ......, now............. t 1-4o

A largo lies of whit plows, madraand white Uwno Vnd fanoy ass...
AttorneyAtLaw .t heavy reduction. full y.rd wide Ma Island Cotton, only 10 yards
to a customer. SO paNe ,...... 0 |too
Ornet mr Bali lq Bbe7MrLOBXDA. CJ Harney
Chase Forget Mo Net 4-4 Bleaching, (M nicer 1 Mooching made) thbtoon yards
p.t. B1aQ6. L D.. I to each swtomor for.................... .... ...... ..... .....ftOO

__wrh ...o.-f h.r... ..Wo are agonta for SUtoon. SAss for men. Mroola. shoos for ladles
.......btu ..... SUCCESSORS TO and Maloney. atlas for ...114.....
,. Fire "
a 0 GHASL& HIRIEYlnc. -
,, ,,

BIKAYKI orriciHorn. BLOCK,An C2UUO. ., I Tornado '

DR. W.. B..RUSH.7LORIDJL CrateMateri Cash Dealers la Insurance II( I i %v'.M. Burdine.

Offlo*07-mh*troM, -. IS.BostdO.J .

.M1AM1.FL/. Ptcltni tad Imhoos, 3 16-31 Twelfth Street f

J. ". f. Mullen. M. D. '

OfflostKooois S and 4 ,. ", I .
Friaoell Boitdisr .
Goan10a.s..W11.. Stotp.Roaldeoee a
The"' Rutherford
Q*. rml C..tractor.Gradlnaj. \ 23 9tk Street

Bl.dnLWdle Dr111.d.. Id.walk Best Fi h Dinnerin Now Open for BoardersMRS.


W. C. Maynard,

GRADUATE OPTICIANWith Mark's Oyster Chop Hous-

Maynoro .....JowoloroOEO. th ) South

_..D >wet w...0.- Sea Food Our Specialty

L. MCDONALDOOCOAVUT haters by plate. quart or feaaoo.

Q1D LtjtLltanion. Meals served at all homrs. 410,12th\trt t. Miami Fiona

.(aM .......wIq LuM a..-ahJ


W A.LTEP C. D&"AKKOArOh2teo't.

Mrs. J. W. Boyd, Prop. N

Roth BaUdiqKi&mL Fte 120 Eighth St Biscayne Bay N
lilt ..... CTheChapman The

poldierKm1 Th rash to over aa4 while yea ar* I
House tho due drop U and take a look at The Grand Atlantic

F.W. CHAPMAN. Pro*. ov Ann llao of WboUo Dust "
fttta. tU fur 4 >.rial kr tfce .*a* Cot tho pUeo.
Aama t. a.wwd.w* a h. LDolray.
__ /1iw__ ... PaI8.. ar.cw w 1M JOHN CWtLL A alto Daytona, Florida
Oua& .f tr p1..p
1 a.stt..It..li.s..5 .
-.a Li'W o-.batbl.t.. He.Jtluct.rs far smart TaOortactil Daytona's popular priced hotel accommodates 200, all m
FlorMo. I Twotfia street Ksoa/m Stock dern conveniences. H5.coo spent in improvements;bru

W. Graham ClubIN verandas on the water front. Most l: ntrl.lloca.ti01L::: lard
A. -
; free four ;; orchestra. Cosine
sun-parlor; pool room; piece ;
; Contractor SatUfactloM.a4M.yM. and Builder I Merritt & Kolb service the best Rates 12.50 daily up. .l o. $12.50. $15.<

Oaaraateect. and |i 7.50 weekly JAS. H. Jonxsox AND Soy

1 N.es,..,..rt ..d -. I A CLABS BY ITSELF
.r. af..cr l.tsi.YM. ..r;:=:' Iviiieall ( )
r.0.....i,4. II..LF1L I I REAL ESTATE

t Expert Typewriter II :I MIAMI FLORIDA
\ 1 I Fort Dallas Land Company
Repairing I A one 3 acre bay front In Coeoamrt i
C. Grove. good house well set In bearing
tY. PRESTON I tree riparian right A bargain. |I
'304 9th SL P. O. Box 311 i I "-,
Steamer Louiseleaves
3 Lot. on 14th street between Avenue

Emil A. Ehmann C and D. : Has oo its Lists

Lv on 8th *"*.t" between Avenue
Architect I j I_,C ai i t S'100. S year term
West Palm Beach Florida Ro al I Palm Dock dally Hoi. e and lot on 10th' street b*>
sites for
tween Avenue 8 and 1 bay>> $2710. Let soa.e particularly attral't \"e v
I at 10 a'Soldier }n., returning leaves u* show you thl.. I I I;
,. Merritt & Kolb both residence and bu' ines t par-
I Kyat three P. M 10 acre I bay>> front. $3000, cheapest
I-l Red Estate Rentals etc. south of Limes City. po es. An investment in Miami real

Catotcs Moo.ogtdArc. i 29 acre hammock and truck land I estate i it !afe.; sure of ijuiok returns
,, C. near 12th St.. Miami. Fix 50 grapefruit tree., ftn.at In south'
RoundTrip Dad.. 11 year old. 200 young tree.
, DR. E. M LAW $1.00 good house and beautiful ground on

j- DENTIST Fa e county see the rock view road.at *..1SJOO.r office.' You hold i JOHN B. R lll V. J. C. INGRAHAM.
j I
Office over ScweH'o Shoe Store I 39 acre en Lemon City read 10 Is jI I s Agent Fort Dallas Land Vics-PresJdentFort DaD
cleared. Houoo and 200 tree 1
Artistic Work Thoroughly : Miami Florida. Land Co. SL
Ese'out.d I Good view of the bay, for a sheet i Company Augustine]
With The Moot Modern Appllanooo time only S4000




DA iv .MIAMI ..nROPOLI' BATUNDAV.. UAKru iaAt 1101

INTERCOLLEGIATE lOCKER Hlottr Schedule No. 27. Pealasoiar ft Occldeatal StrsasUp C*.

I phn..lpbl..rh: 10/- The openIng t'Dic.d bti .. Fait flail Route w", Cuba. w", ladles aid 11.

Empire Dry Goods I StoreY I his foot game afternoon ball of...the.IIOD lx-t Inter-collegiate.will.p..n b*the played team Socker here ofPennaylranla -i,dhidna BaQamas Propo.ed plylpoaemint.ia 3IIlallll uihng;: and, is Rltboat effort Port c;..:the iZR,tla,"shows S.liJoe'to ebsage.....

I, Cnherilt and Hater, M'Vlt"-.NT-' Mass 1100-t.sm.4.Mists- ...
forj I'nlTertlt Both I' belong to the I II from Miami Fla, wttfc Sail-Ing Janwary t*. ISM
I Intercollegiate locker League. which,LT.Miami. Mon. Wed.. M. ..,:"..|.... *...... Taaa Thar fat I:. fa
i now rerford.Include I Cornell* Columbia and Penniylranla.Harrard. Ha-i''Ar. Naaaae.Tn, Thar, SaL ht1psm1: WM.1'rt.' Ia.f! t M
ou get Honest Gaods.. I It expected: that Yale. Chicago, Minnesota Port Tamp Havaaa Use via Key Wee.TH..a ItOt-ISM
and Michigan will Join tea leaps SteamehliOlivette sad -MateXT'ElTeetJve
this year from Fort Tampa, Fla. With SalllNfl Dei.>er 14 ISM
I __ 1.v P.Talllpa, ...Tun.n.n.ll :40 | LT HaTaaa,T......Thara..8ak.ll a
Honest Prices A Lively Trolls Ar Fey writ,Yos*'lred l"I>ri". *:*'I''Ar Key West,Tees-Th""..!Sal S=M fArHaTaaa.Toe.MThar..7
LT W"lIoII."t4..rrL... 1:10,1 Lv XOI W."TD.TIi.....1IaU'"),
with that, old enemy of the race Coarttipatloa. ai.f .:.10.:Ar P.Tampa,W... FrL,r.a.. Ian
often end la appeadldtla. Miami Havana Una via Kay W.rt Siaam 1S9tWl

and Honest Treat ent To,avoid liver all sad aerloa Bowel trouble, take with Dr. atlafa atom.aek a....... SUamaklpa From Miami'*ki Fla eooelC, With SalllNfl and HalaTam Dee 18 1SOS M
New Life PUlL
They perfectly refa-
LT Miami I,Iloa. Wed..
Frt fcooaLT LT
late thee organ, wirhoat pals orJlacomfort lor FeyweaYe... rri..U Ira

Deliver all packages to any part of the city free of harge SHEARING lie at an dmgjlata. .*-Key Bua.a Weet.,".Tare....1 Jloa.wed.lrr..l0A0p hon.,.,Sal.rI.. too LAOS::: a LT.Ar Af Erj lllaal.r Key W.1ret/t.n,1f./M.*.-,,-.n.,nun.aL...,,. ...lm 1 4MA iV*

We intend to conduct a legitimate business forme< upon a basis PLANT INSTALLED asst(sfor ladles ati.s.1.. Babamaa 1*J*pusesgr cbMrfall sad frd faraJabH jbs rai spa.. ...all,,1Ioa...sea M..la U.8,c..
Arlington. Ore, Mar 10 .
-A Smyth* F M Jolly. T. fI. A P A Caaa L ...
Myora Mar P.A taa
A Son. who about T. A
: owl 1S.OOO head of
.........,I'". Florida
of honest dealing and lowest prices to all. IIIMP a Urge la heep-ihearlaf this county bats plait parchaaed which
has been installed
on their rises hear
this I city and li: now ready for work. II I|DUNHAM THE CANOVA
We are confident the quality of goods we offer and the moderate prices I The power required for running the
machinery I I. furnlnhed bya gasoline! Miami
"ire quote, will meet with the approval of even one.Every ..,s... There are more than one! Decorating Company
hundred thoa.
nd head of sheep la
day the wisdom of our policy becomes more app ent and it only I this county and It I II expected: that a I tt..e eM ail.t .
large portion of these will be scrota
;requires your visit! tai our store to be convinced of a vast ear ng in your purchases i at the new plant __ I :Paintin.g

in any and all articles carried by a first-class and up-t date dry goods I, Doctor, an Puulrd I Paper Hanging and Kalsomlning

emporium. Some people become wedded to old time haun >, and possess aWe ,, The remarkable recovery of Keaaeth' Agency Peat's Wall Papers.

feeling of timidity of changing their usual routine of living, Mclrer. Vanceboro, V*.. It the gab I\Call( or write for Estimates. Phone 181. 1315 Are. D
sect of much tatn..t to the medical'
: '.- t.mlty and a wide circle of friend
H. ayof his case "Owing to seven
laiflammatloa of the throat and coavgecttoa
want to say of the Ivnga. three doctor Youngs' Pharmacy
rare m. up to die, when la a last r.
ton I was Induced to try Dr. King*'* I MCOB FOBATXD
New Discovery aid I am happy to aay.

to those who overlook their own interest; Come and investiga e and familiarize I It sated and my eolda.life"broaehitl Cnree the ton.worateottcha '" A Drug Store for The PeopleThat's

yourselves with the great advantages offered by theEmpire Guaranteed weak hangs, at hoariness an dragfitta.and la We grippe.aid our motto, and it has been the means of adding hun

IL Trial bottle free. dreds of new customers to our list. We sell only the purest '
-"- -- I drup. All prescriptions are filled by registered pharma

Dry Goods Sore Cooley & Hornet I cists. We, also carry the, finest sodas and ice cream in the city
II 2 Doors North of Postofflce

Bars ;I. 8..... Fropertg l I
fer Ito

I I M. J.
A In Bowlvrart via .....11 Yarborough
lYe feet froBtace. M'y! $ '".

: Oil Heaters 0. ofthe heat tea oa Bchth: at.prleo Contractor and Builder
only POOl. This.U a slap

A good bar roots VMM for IM.EaJy Balder o(UM Palm Dada Eot I
Tw Iota sad wags far KM.OOOj House Moving a Specialty
.and FurnitureWill ....

A goo*. lot la Orahama addlUoa n Miami Florida
pool U oa Maeayaa eWrw.

i Look at this taa brick Mock ..
be Sold at Reduced Prices for th rty days ATMM D. for MWC ...c1IIac rooJ
A few room' hotue Third Street
far $1000. U a aaap. Contractors r

r d tUOO.1 A Baa lot M Twelfth Street fur I PEIN2wners! !!

If don't want to
J. W. Watson : : Ave ue D A I.. corner oe Ay.... D tor HIM you can't
.. a bugs.We we help you. you do, come to

t i are Now Ready to hurnlsh The J. A. McDonald Co:

If Tribune Snell And Boy Your Building Materiel

Miami Business DirectoryThe BI CAYM I and other Long Leaf Yellow of all kindsWe Pine and Cypress

makes of BicyclesThe
RUG also sell Lime, Brick ((4 kinds), Cemert, Sash Doors

of Town au,...and. toss within the city will find In the I Mouldings, and whatever else a builder requiresat
Mat below the add,.....of Miami ".",h.,, COMPANY lowest
laeetflod rioada for r.ady r* ._-I possible figure.
I You Know Where We Are. 14tb Street. Miami. far.


Zr..k frmiua4 TigiUi U Dry Oooda Mortnataa4 WHIN COMPLETED
..... Oar. AYe IXOraevn. IDuaIoI'uc1 h LaoUeI' FaralAlag,.
sal Orate Mdicine tab a critical survey of yow b.tb
10401 lit* SL room app.rtraaa ei to eoaOrB Qdreompletn..ot
sad JbpeI" J'IrtDbIr aa. rAle. I and other .
I bicycles ..... r* a..tertaaj -
I goods are the best stan i)- laftrtae la that ITa a >*
J. I. LUMMUSDaalar SCftEVEN In me e. be careful i -I .. aalaa 4.BATHROOM.
'te, Orearf s. Orsh.ggyray Dealer,ta Drip, Patent Matt I' dard goods on the market
In wha buy and
Zsrtnfa e, rtaaToUat' AJtIoI ...... you Hartford and other Tires. ALLIANCE
12th ...... lOUd Ila .... D. 1OaaI. 1 where u buy It It Is Coaster Brakes h.. tab tcnra to star tetmuxtm
IttTUCK. 1I I not oral Important that fitted to old U a pro3Jm sat f.st.r. at cr furt-
b'.MH. No 0.* ROM fkakM
ARMSTItONO OKOC4WY CO. WILSON A HUD L&ITO" you ge the best values wheels AO work guaranteed .. e.r ,, rt.H.F wraac
,- ... I Best wheels for
I Oats sad hwraaaalt. new rent l4
b also that ecRuoa&co
l./ you r.
>das its ills taacy: push
sae bklw Fairy. ... 2,41 8M I get g that give you 231 12th Street. Blue Front at _. HI A__ D
SM 14 Tvatta atroot IQaaaL fk
satlsf ry results;we I
Put BM Ittk wt, Avwaaw D '
A. A CAMPBELL have a reputation for Carroll & Clark Johnson & Tompkios
a MAGNOLIA GROCERY CO. furnishing satisfactory If
DeaJer In Dry Oooda loots you want
|Deafen to OrooetVa, Bar'"
Orate.Daa4 .... o.w ,......... I and Ruble C ods.
A... 4ll R Xtuat. Ha. HI ATWHM D IDaait. JTtv

r4t' 5 & 10c made

)R FUST Horse Shoeing AND fiN CANDIrS CIGARS. I bread orderSeybold's

AND DISEASED HOOFS SEE }1 Variety StoreAll .

F. LaFcmtisee 708 7th St
Tel. 3. eol. 12 St Ave. DTH0 kind of small war for thhouM I

hold. In TIN WOODENand
to Loan Household GRANITE WARE. RUGS,
)Dey OB furniture
Without removing it from the house in -HERE'S OUR GOOD RULE" for LADIES and GENTLEMENNo. I

sums of 15.00 and up. Can be paid back in t I"ecllallical a HJ4rauU. a..1..r To Mil only tit boat quality of 1011 Awns D, Miami, ,.1..1

sums of |i.oo a week. Business strictly I '\\'b4mll1l. a 1 towers, tub, trig beet lamb chickens and turkeys. j Also Fruit 'and Posed
confidential. Write us and solicitor will call lollna pumplD eDc1D., ply..bfd And that at reasonable prleoa. If BurkhartLOCK Cake all kinds, large
aa" black pipe t wW.-I. lpedallIIack1n'f7 1 and small.
ITY LOAN OFFICEOPPOSITE I yon want a rooJ. trash t..4_,Juicy Delicious
: ISmOec! sad butt oUt.t ROAST-try .tbo .kind .vo aoll. AND GUNSMITH home made mince and
for Eag1. Lest 'as au GI1Ien pumpkin assorted piesTHa
I Expert Repairing .
posrorricc. I
MIA FLORIDA \. B. Doane Prop. Avenue C between 12tb and 13th St.

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_____ _
1 ____



You can ((jet What you Want at ewells .


I .



Sewell's Shoe Store Sewell's Clothing Store ;,1. Sewell's Tailoring I Estab't. I;

304 Twelfth Street 306 Twelfth Street :; 336 Twelfth Street

--- - -- -- ,
PROSPERITY IN MANITOBA Iowa carrying prospective settle !I
lato Canada The effort to bet Co.
the WITH THE 11 AMONG THE CHURCHES Magnolia Grocery :
Greet Activity Preparing for .. lit acroM the Atlantic vaooraplejiclaatea ,
flaw ., of Great BrRUa will be -- ..
ImsalgrairtaWlaaepoz. ----- -.
biased aid lea atteatloo. win be pail FISHERMEN F. IL WHARTON. Manager
to Immlcradoa from eoattaoatal It$. Church ., the Holy Name .
Man March It- Here rope. The ftrtt lajtaflmeat Second Buaday of Leal. First mass
M well M U other parts of Manitobatfcoro tea t1Iouu.I Kafllah eml 011 I at ( o'clock; second mass, with ser- --
.. great aedTtty. n. aaUdpaUoaT Ieote4 07 the SalTaOoa Army The pieasar asaermea had aaother newt at 10 o'clock.BnbJectThe .
fh. gnat tmflu Immigraata aid food Jay yesterday with the reoalt of the TraasagnratloB
the Theee people afIeete4 Meaalag
were -
&. tor(* amount of ........ expected oa from way. abort tereaty Uoaaaatt that a aamber of food catches wore of Christ' Ereaiag sertrtces If You Drfek Coffee Drt* Good l Coffee a
this year To retort of the Mail appllcaata aid It U ..... they w lcoaitttate brought la aid registered u follows: at 1:10. Subject of discourse:
.... Department of Agrtcmltare. laMO a parOcmlarty dealrab i TOO. Mr Crocker aid party. 14 "Despair sad Prsramptio' Special
Jest .sew ShOWS that the Seam body ofeetUera. tiacfteh. Lente eerrlee on Welaeaday tad !
ox IMC waa tke moat ptosporoaa Utte Straaer. H. B. Btoektoa sad C. Fridays at 7SO p. m. Visitors provU- t''
history 01 ebbs proTtnee.Tko A. Halts. S large shark U ktaftsh ed with _II. !
total grau. crop waa 111.000.000PSahll U. FLEET WILL PRACTICE aid 1 ambeOaek Our Fort Dallas Coffee :,
*. cI WUC ever M..... were AT OUANTANAMbReeert
Semlaole. Mr. Trash Cashlaf. sad Trinity Chwvh
%%saL Already ever two amiss
Mr. D. M. Wood W ktmctah. 1 mackerel Comer of Areane B aid 10th street 1 i
.... .&?. bass prepared for crop He Caused Mesh Dlsspp l ...
... ....... The laflu of Imalgrttioa tweet at hwsssela aid 1 shark .utq 11 l-> Boaday the second Sunday IB Loot.

last year vat snit aid promise feet and welchlag W. n. George 400 poaads.Louie W. WlagaU L March B. 11th.Moralag Baaday prayer school at 11 at a..:m." is generously good It excels In strength and aroma. It Is

to V* oven greater this year. ManyAa.riesag Peaaaeola. Fla. March It- The r sad wl'e. 4S klacflsh sad 1 boalto, Evening prayer at 7:30 p. m.Every fresh roasted every week. This Is our special brand. We recommend
wen an Albert settling tm Manitoba. port that this year" aaaaal target weighing II ....4L The catch was' afternoon daring the week It. We could not afford to do this tf It was not good
la Saskatchewan
M M aaj practice of the air win .. held Off made with ray sad reel there will be a serriefi" p. .. o* I
the two larger proTlneee' west the soother coast of Cuba. Just Jolla Dactett. C. E. Oaspol tad par Wednesday there win be aa address Try It If you have not done so. Our tea spices. extracts soaps

of MaaltobalmmlgitUou. of Onaataaamo. bas canted ..t t,. 100 klarnsh sad 1 boolto. oa the Collect 'or the day. Os Friday and groceries as a whole special merits and values that
prospects for Wester able disappointment to a treat Clara, J. Wlckert.. wife. M Uaa: there will be the Lltaay service with tare
Canada were serer better than they people la Peaaaeola. For many yee. I aiL I SB address oa the gospel for the succeeding are worth while; values better than others. We want
are this year It U believed that this target practice was held la tt s Ariel. E. A. Sterling and daughter: Sunday N. .B. Fuller Rector your trade. We guarantee satisfaction or your money backOrder
wtthla die exf few months aot farabort vicinity aid It was regarded by ma: 7,:W. J. Ruth lad J. T. Fields 41klmfnh I .
by phone to the store and
or come Investigate
of 1M.OOO sew settlers win Bad as a profitable fixture. ; -
their way taw tie country Of Oieee Naval offleers, however were of t s ,, i ....
Christian telencei 1a
It U estimated, that perhaps 60,000 opinion that Pensscola did not p ranges hare been equipped with the
seat the best facilities for the woik I i Sunday at 11 a. m. Subject: "Mat
win be Americana la coanectlon most modern appliances and placed "
with the Influx from across the born : with henry gars and that while b t. ta telephonic communication while I' ler. Sunday school after this service ''
Comer D and Fourth Street
I results be obtained 8 Wednesday evening meeting at Avenue
Ovr the official or the Immigrationotepartment Per may not < messages between those engaged tm t
express the fear that It Ugolag I the Cabal coast. It will be pout I practice and the ships may be engaged 7 o'clock. An servtres banding are held In' ? a. r u
I the Reading Roam. Sot? -
to be a oIlIllc alt matter to pro. 1'0 do work there quicker and nJ r by means of wireless telegraphy opposite
Court Houne.
nfansportation factlltiee. Daring more favorable conditions At prese tt I
It Is expected' that the practice with i I
a prnt month 3.000.oars. wm be i the men of the ships of the Allan c the large guns will begin by April L ..
re u their live to.o.:1era practice at Qaaatanamo. where the I I I Corner Aveane C and 7th street I .. fl 00<.. \r. ;_
A little rater c* several large nemr-j are IV target ranges A from SOO1.000 \J0 I Miami was crowded this week with Btbt School at t:4S s m. Preaching
.>... will be na from the State of yards If necessary These Fair visitors and tourists. at 11 am. and 7:30 p. 'm. Sunbeam "
J at 3 p.m. B. T. P. C. at 1:15 tl
,. m. Eo1

I F "1 HOE '... .
First M. E. Church __ ; }r :
::1 Corner Avenue C sad Eleventh: StAll
I will Bad a cordial welcome Services

Bank! of Bay B scayne f I Itu a.as m.follows Morning: BaaJay worship school at ILSermoa at

by the pastor. Junior League Discoverable merit is
at S p. m. Epworth League at CM
I p. m. Evealng: worship at 7:SO. Sermon
by the pastor. Class meeting oa apparant from the first
ORGANIZED 1896 Moadayt 7 p.m. Prayer meeting
I Wednesday. at Tao p. sa. Btbjoct: to the wearers of the
The Flow r; Purity" Hermaa O.
Porter pastor I

Capital $27.300. Surplus $3.500.00. Deposits over 200000.00 ,i-I M. [. Church' tenth I Florsheimshoe.
Corner 8th street and Arcane .C.
I i i Sunday school at 10 a. m. t"cla-
ing at 11 Preaching at 7:30: [p. m.
Wednesday at 7 p.m, teachers} meet- No other high
leg 730. devotional meeting Friday,

Statement at the close of business, February at .J.SOp L. D.m.Lowe. Junior, pastor.Epworth League class shoe has enjoy red

23. 1906 as reported to the 5t4 te Comptroller I Presbyterian Church the universal pop.

The morning worship at 10 o'clock ulartty among correct
will Include Adam's "The Holy City"Iby
request sang by Miss Tallaferro dressers. The price is
I ; and the anthem "Jerusalem." by
Rodney, at Vesper services at 4 p.m. reasonable
Resources Mr. Pratt will sing Abt's "He Otreth
His Beloved Sleep;" sachem The I

Loans and discounts . . . . .|..159851.13 Shadows of the Erealag Hours" byogrtch
at this serrlee Major Brow
Real Estate owned. . . . . .j . 17531.91 of the SalTsUon Army, will maxi aa 55,00

Furniture and fixtures . . . . 3115.25 address.

4 Current expenses . . . . . 1261.83

Cash Account!. :

I' NoMce Is hereby given Oat I wffl Miami Shoe Co

U. s. Bonds . .. . . ... .$ 2200.00 not > revpoaslble for nor pay say 10
bill. .
contracted;: by my wife. KI. .
f Due from Banks. . . . . 58 79.50 Hie-non: or hr rhllJrra.

!i t Cash in Vault. . . . . 391942.29 I Ir Joseph L. Hteksom.CLECTKICITY .

i Total available cash . . . . .f. . 100521.79 I Sole Agents \ '
113 113
; Uii 111 282,281.91

: LiabilitiesCapital I
Stock . . . .. . |. .. 27.300.00 .

Surplus . . . . . .. . ..1.. . 3500.00 feet Lake above City the has sea 6500 has popnlattooj pure free stone XII for Unexcelled the past 10 health years only to u TO AT 4

Dividends not called for . . . 1 . 140.00 artesian wafer popoi.ttoa o'.over 4000

Earnings accounts. . . . 1*. . 1433.81 1 I

Bills payable . . . . . . . 25,000.00

Cashier's checks . . . . . . 994.18

Bank deposits . . . . .. . 9854.38 I I Hotel BlancheLake

Certificates of deposit .15,732.68

Individual 198.326.86 I

i.i. 282281.91 City Florida

that bank shil 1 keep 20 cent. I
The State law requires a per WORKS LIKE CLOCKWORK
I j (i) miles west of JacksonTffle oa the Seaboard |
of its deposits in cash or with reserve ba iks. This bank as I Railway Offers yea aa O>
40 of i! aver 'onr boute Is fired by we. I portualty to linger a little longer before going n orth. Comfortable ail
. has cent.
; will be seen by the above statement aver per
That beracne I use the best of ....1 homelike modern In all Its appointments Hot and cold bath, eIeetrte
its deposits available in cash. No bank 11 the state makes a1F terlal ant unJerstand the baala_. I II I lights and bell Rates $200 to 11.00 per day Trains from Jackpot
Iii better Is in better condition: to serve its depositors keep all kinds of electrical leaves > OS sad 4 ,
1F J. showing, or aap-i : a m. p. m arrtringll a m. sad ISI: p. m.
piles aid they are the b.._ Wire I
It for me sad IT1 wire for you. Tel. Write 0. E. Whetstone or come with cut notice.
I II nil'
: ,.

,/ I ;J"tFiAS

The Daily Miami metropolis
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 Material Information
Title: The Daily Miami metropolis
Alternate Title: Metropolis
Physical Description: Newspaper
Language: English
Publisher: The Miami Print. Co.
Place of Publication: Miami Fla
Creation Date: March 10, 1906
Publication Date: -1907
Frequency: daily (except sunday)
normalized irregular
Subjects / Keywords: Newspapers -- Miami (Fla.)   ( lcsh )
Newspapers -- Miami-Dade County (Fla.)   ( lcsh )
Newspapers -- Key West (Fla.)   ( lcsh )
Newspapers -- Monroe County (Fla.)   ( lcsh )
Genre: newspaper   ( marcgt )
newspaper   ( sobekcm )
Spatial Coverage: United States -- Florida -- Dade -- Miami
Coordinates: 25.787676 x -80.224145 ( Place of Publication )
Dates or Sequential Designation: Began in 1903.
Dates or Sequential Designation: -v. 4, no. 177 (July 12, 1907).
General Note: Editors: B.B. Tatum, M.F. Hetherington.
General Note: Issued a special "Key West edition" on July 31, 1905 featuring "... the prosperity, resources and the general advantages of our neighboring city, Key West."
General Note: Description based on: Vol. 1, no. 21 (Jan. 1, 1904).
Funding: Funded by NEH in support of the National Digital Newspaper Project (NDNP), NEH Award Number: PJ-50006-05
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Full Text

VOL 3.1 ti(). 79 =,r::. UIAMI. ORIDA. SATURDAY. MARCH 10, 1906. C---: : Price 5 Cents

Miami is Growing and Prospering and Every Goo Citizen is Singing the Praises of the Magic City There is no Knocking in Miami




I development of this portion of oar

Remained in Village and I'., Cetmty. Clerkship and Makes It State. \\1tboat,0II I could have accomplished

a ,_.c.r..re4 Affair 1 nothing. Eighteen Miles From Be-
1I II r'. Flacler said that hope bad a

Assisted in Opposing i The race for the county clerkship' I great deal to Jo with success aid ao

''grows I stronger and more Interesting At the Co oty Fair, Now Drawing : At Fair Building List Nifht- mID could succeed without havlag thuneinfrdnce.fighteeaHundred
i pull dar and with the annonacemeat hope or at least a belief that he

Assault by U. S. 'of ('.pt. J. F JaaJon, which appears to a CI at-Som. of the Articles Were "Word: of Gold" in the the would succeed He then referred to I Laborers
,: In the Metropolis this afternoon.. early history of Dade county and ,
contest assumes a tour-cornered aspect said that those who came here had aright
OWl and Their Intrinsic Form of Advice Relative
Troops with the prospect of a flfth. aid : Friendly -l to be optimistic, bat that they In Mine
I I sixth all had hope. Continalnc he said thata I
even a person rettlk talc It VII .-Beautiful Evidence :
to and
wlthla the sari few days. : Howl lone aid active life had taught him
-i Capt. Jaadoa. the latest asptraat' thai a Urge perceaUga of life's
w. for the plum la well kaowa throughout of Hu iwork.ON ; They Most be Obtained. troubles come from misunderstand

Could Ducriminiti the eovaty H. U commaader of tags aaj that he regards the ass
Sadists not
the Miami military company, sal la I I who goes about sowinc the seeds of Bat it knot Knows How -'OJ
prima life U a eommlaaloa Joaler. discord sad jealousy aa a moat aafortuaate -
aill Wire Killad Him
Cape Jaadoa U hoaorable aid hoasst. posasssloa la say COIUIaIt1.I HUt Kit Their
/ tai competeat to aerre la the: osloa of al most .t..Uq adeautiful For the :nt time la his Ufa or ao coacratalau myself aid you my Onli-B
;HIId,.. Either Killed or clerk of the dmdt eoart faithfully b tda7s at tbe eoa.tI fair tar. u la r_....... Mr. H. X.,,..- frieaJa." ....... that we have ao lit liwd

aad welt The captala win make a Ie that fcc West Palm Beac" Ito her, raUroaj promoter sad developer tie discord amoac ... Let aa work Many Csciptd-FrtociCoTinaiot

-tllldtd-Ulit. Johnson was6lovn' strong hid sad be a close factor troa14 lie i bfpoulble to give atoll Oat of the Florida" Lot: Coast, made apablia together for the good at an. time will
party la the contest whea It doses.Haa .. I speech la Miami, the .... be- brlag the desired reeulta. Will Relieve the
:. in* ,ParaPet bj Artilntrj al the a works sad ana ftPNtell. lag delivered at the Dad Coaaty Fair Mr. Flagler'a remarks wet him

Apsna1sltua some al which b". bees tawa last aicht naJ provtac a most able maay friends aad admirers. It waa Families of the VictJu.

'ExplesJot.tfaana. Mr. Joha McPhersoa. of Lo.InU1e. tloMt Del b this ..,... .1 effort short, concise aaj to the fOIst a speech such aa la seldom ever
ne tIa el display deserves i l was heard by several .....,.. heard from mea of his watt la Ufa.
Ky Preddeat BoM.CuI.
of ., apleaaare -
located .podaI It botq the Daly t1 ', It was the advice of a Mead, who I
Lower ertaaUatloa. at IIorprtft It Lisle eoaatl, aa.l alt After prefadac his remarks by a i has profited by long yean of experience
MetaeamMe, was brought U .
the city this moralaa- aboard the tsar moat;., .w4l.! Tienily .r. ....tattoa tow ,...... ceatlemeaaad I to friends who who had tot; Putts March 1*- A terrible catastrophe
unofficial o papnt{ from I to t 3an a d frteads" ...'....1, Mr. FUcler sell of a mat who had beet
March It- Aa report laaaeh yacht Barracoata. sato ..... I aaaaaaDy nee occurred a coal mla. la the
apse b.. tte..1N a Ub school Nor. that he had .... ceaafal
aaaouaced to make teUlac others why he bad
that the families of the M aererely from apeadletda. Re waa Carrier district
.... eighteen fromamid
are .rage boob, woe' aa address aad that he would aot dla I. bon iortaaata, tad to what aa
trod ismslssi tm the village U the center taken to the Royal Pala Hotel ash ea work a )tal"..... actors ole. appolat his hearers, though he bad uted It. The words were Bethaao.

of the crater aad that DM women aa operation' win be perforated. Mr.McPheraoa Among tlj best pletH t... valet Utile to say. He said that the I famish food for reflectloa.Tonight The explosiOB was aataral gas aaj
la wen kaowa her aad eoIon4 gale rod & stalaed Siva wii. had heard ao Bach about ""., killed many miners. Three thiBihari
sal ehfldrea mingled with war has many Meads who deplore his I of the mlae ..... .
now. by chard RtnItatworth, C the Florida Jut Coast Ran.. .peopI.1 are now Thee
rtors durluc U* battle, no that It w1mpo.dbls u I| misfortune sad trust for complete noco.ft'7. TeBeata maet4 a pIct.N dtae Th fee he should that the very words, win see the close of th aamber of victims are Nt kiowa buteighteen '

to dUertmlaata, aad anwere I i I ,- by rru. Woo4n aged ITPIrL be nanseatlncCoatlaulac I Math Aaaaal Dade Coat,. Fair. hundred miners deeceadsd (
Wiled U the fierce onslaught i late the pit this momlag.
I'll then I. a tram or tara )lr. Flacler referred to
General Wood U aot available apnsuat asd become re attach..I. and a card the so-called self.made sea aad asked The exptosioa occurred at T Ioek
to confirm the report MIAMI TOOK MUST PROTEGT this moraine, aad the first ofta.
o dos by tile while ached I how .ar could any InJIvUnal co by [t
A..odat.J Press telegrams disaster
.blda I reachlac the Mlalstry of
are N splendidly done.Aaother himself without
__ that the Mt ; securinj and tup- I .
Aboaaea MT attack OB Public Works aaaonacej that It wur
.414 eahlblt tD
was from others
port He declared the
Dajo commenced Monday .*d coatta- mad Madam U4Ia 1bttK be- self made r Impossible to estimate, or eves approximate
.aft four days with hard fighting dnrtat DOUBLE HEADER ore 1830 edam Potter II aeariaer s; be crested man a demand was Impossible for a certain unless ar- SPONGE INDUSTRY ;I the number of victims hat
which ka estimated that alaihmdre It Is hoped that the
most of the
hI Hth mlaera
bfhday. There are mast' tide or talent, and that bat but the
persona were killed sod War OIb.r lace rtldea dose IIJ the real need of such article or service one sought refuge la the lateral ganertes.i .

of I d ent b41. f that dt,.. Ira. w.r,i could not succeed. i No further information has bees received.

j I I Pope'. Ian I"f'qal.. were the oat y Supporting this )lr. Flacl