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"No matter If Pop Hahn ententhe.
howl goes ap by the politician. If a railroad corporation wh'ch has Invested race for county clerk and atrlkei what you buy and

milUoB and are furnishing coua:less thousands of laboring people with em the gait that he did IB city polirlci. where buy (tt. It Is
ployment. should by a streak of prosperity declare a net earning of a qua b.'. going to be mighty hard to catch. you Mullikin DeBerry & Steele
ter of a mlUloa ADd rID wondering bow my frteada. not only Important that ,
Bam Flita and "Gene Dlmlck will lake Manufacturers and Dealers In
There are SO other enterprise that would be equal loser with the ral this annoancement They are boo you get the best values i

road la say calamity that might: befall the peop'e. aid BOB ar* a* grea'lhearfltted BOW out of the county and I under' but also tliat you Rough and Dressed Lumber
: by public prosperity The Interests of the people aid tile rat land arei. training! preparing for
the fra,." that give and Builders
road companies ar* Identical, and there should be a fraternal fellow' feella get goods you i i SuppliesH.
Maa Oa tile Corner
between them sad were It not for Ihe political calamity howler, who amaking satisfactory results; we A. STCfLE. Manager Miami, florida

personal agraadltement, tall fee'lng would exist.''
FRAUD. EXPOSED have a reputation ;t Mills at Homestead. Yard. Avenue E and 12th S'.eet

furnishing satisfactoryand I
A. O. Batcbelder. the motor expert: aid advocate good roads, who w, A few eoaaterfelteri bar lately .
one of a party making the trip bv auto from West Palm Beach to Miami la been making aid trying to veil Imlt Reliable j poods. Dade Co. Title Insurance
thus of Dr. King's New Discovery foiConamplloa
Friday tearing that night for the north gave an Interesting Interview toTime.CiIt
Cough and Coils. another <
representative la which be bas this to say of his trip\ over Da< nujlclne. thereby defranjlnj and Trust CompanyOf

Ooowty'i highway and h:. opinion of It: "I made the trip frlday from Pal the public: This la to warn you tasre be i -

Be.& to Miami and retain over the new mad recently completed betwe* of such 1"01'11'ho seek to pro fiNE CANDIES
thnmxb stealing\ the MIAMI. FLORIDA INCORPORATED
Bt reputation olMmellea
thor polata. It I* a good mad. and I* fast becoming popular with oweof I ;
wbieh haT been .nro mtfn! AND CIGARS.
automobiles If It was a 1.t'le wider It would be better but Ills a eta ly curie dlwaw. for o' er u Hllr Paid Up Capital 75000. Surplus S12.0OOn

A I'll the right direction and the authorities whn built the road hare done too A'tire protection to )ou, ;'a our nanxo >!i-t' land .ties. pfq..art"| ab-tra<7'"r r titles loans aad
to advertise their sec Jon of the Sutf thaa you would think possible I th" wrapper l/mk for i'. on a 1 tn. ..t.. tr. .nT. nn .t.. own arenant and fur others. Act asa
Pf K,ne'. oJ- Bitekhn r..m..1'r.t aiaW a _' ..",'rn.n fact VM.tr. ...
Bad the automobile who (
wp be talked about 01lUI"I.9f travel overhe ro. J I gcee. executor TvS -
4 t otb<< rr a artt,tere ligiiallnna!l II re''! 3 C-:2S: P ve C v i"r y-.ir.l.an, Ad4r.. a. ,:" mmumcations
tils seaooB 'win Influence other to bring. their machlae* to fo ida next wi R Bnrklen Cn Cfc 'apr. I' an |Windsor Canada. --- S. L. P Urson. S((. and Treas. Miami. florid:*



f ,,", ..-


t 1I
I flail I .. .... Tkr, .* Dmrlmm tk.
...... ..,..
w 0.r*t

Vir Miami Sporting Goods Store m Itaad t rooUerabl of aa effort
po iWj mliHllrerteil effort-lo pre Prices
par* Ui ee full meala fur a amity dor I Right
lag tbc{abort day of winter. Still U ,
tb* bo of activity be not leMeoed. I
\af Fishing Tackle Eastman whyTbea.r t down the aumber of meaktxv '
\} at this aeaaoo of all otters
Orilr Kodaks Kodak Sundries wW i the tl of meals enpertally of u..1
dinnertb U a bard matter to .djn.t to It's to sell suit that doea'nt know
a a
easy man what he wants.
Nassau Shells and tacht Suppliesw aa cfacthm of all the membrra or :
a tam r. Of dinner at nltfit uian.r that
including lenders polish i thlagabadtlm nay be aald la favor, bat the 1 It's the rrun knows what he wants and an never get it. thatwe're

boor ....s. be late to lo.ureatloD :
ed brass fittings launch \Ii\} that d be well under way be I looking for.Ve limply say-you don't need a !salesman.

for* a h T> practically puU aa end to theT.s. :

whistles and side Itgths, I
W i .. .f........ ...b.r.1 ..... I
iaVit i __
ship clocks etc. etc. etc. \Ii Aaito tendency aeem to l-e abroad -- -
red the substantial meal to one. .
"Ii I andbodily ti >t t* be taken at night after
XAaf i ,, entity and the cona ,juent need
of fool U Soda In Just
orer. a procedure MakeJYourselfat
OrUr: G E WORTHINGTON tAi rave o young folk la reprebenalble Indeed
\ Let the meal at nlgbt lie dinner
If oa will, but ee to It that the
\ 305 12th Street, 2 doors West of Red Cross Phar'cy Loud p irlded doe but tea the ollpet....
w'' pom erf uuduly, al.o make care bat homeTake
EE Fa F C EirEEE frEEE: : irEEE break (t and lunriieua be curb thai t
the in J s of the body are an>|>Jy 1'HILOREN'S ro- I
I tided or. Tben and tuen. will .
Southern Marble & Stone Co.I the ar ire! growing child eat at night /Q : your time go through the stock,
with i uderatlon. With the light
4 S. HOCAN Headquarter STREET. JACKSONVILLE for worn at IS light bMktast.F. youth.at k-art defnand a r I Ii pick out what you think you _like<<: best,

Building Stone, Marble, etc. .rriuklrvn rbe.i f.ndre.. / strdy it well If you can't decide today.
lob. I wb.oe *.t..tuaeh..rrempty

MOSAIC AND TILE WORK >y I) o'clock In be mont'iic. an.1 come back tomorrow or whenever it suits
hare xblHf dot a nn'tC'T nn
FOR FLOORS BATH ROOMS. MAN rELS. ETC : anal a rile l lrrn that bn.tr ao.1 the __' If find
I Oo'rki k dinner bare their fond .upply ydu. you goods that suit you,
MM*.****, General CcMtcrv Work, eta
tb >le
on > wrolic *< of the tolau.w .kiwi.
LarM_. CararclM Faciliue I"..u r... .w, ........ s.f.- Such eedlac U the main cause of Neil tell you the price and make it as
Bcrro < breakdown on the purl of
: mate <-faool children A properly red l low as we can. If you're suited buyif -
BITTY youth may spend eight or nine tiounat '
boo a. with erer Inoreailng profit> UbealUi i notNo"arrn
BROTHERSi and jaoraU, cooclodra Janet U.

I i tint., I B<*ton Cooking b.tioit UagaSla -

Agents for the New Era Gas Engines. Gasoleneand DRESS. : Done

kerosene engine repairing a SPECIALTY 5.11. lay rail, r-k. ... a.ms -..
Utlt fOf c..... .-
General Repair Work Tbbfta.party -..... the aeaaoa ...
508 SEVENTH STREET MIAMI. FLORIDA erenmf frock are -
la d .....'. .Mtnta winter .1
IP YOU HAVE T1NWARK ON HAND aM ertalnmeBta belac la fall *wb whims
J For taman tee nothing la mote ......, Every man's receive the utmost business courtesy here
that ...u reipalrtaf Let M w bow Ctrla this the soft embroidered

Dad ... vfll taw+... It for yo.. ataalliifrfng ar limy ...1Ia and Uce eon- I

,r AI wl! M nay otkor kind CII Urn ar-

TINNING lId BO they Jut .. lost M a ..>V jij
doe you ntcht '-7. Oar work to oftaa j R. RhodesOutfitter

acre Uatlag aa. wear looser tea

a* .*1I'Y**** A Urtfly Iwaaeattauok

wn to aer ttalac repair Dad to Men Youths and Boys. 322 Twelfth Street Miami Florida
alwa,. eaUBBd with oar wort.


--- --

to state that I have
I I Iwi.k
To Patrons and the iatereata
Laagford. Pa Krb. cn. Brt lathe
Key West. FloridaHEADOUARTBRS 1 I Greenwood rain of the Lenlh of the abort aimed firm
POM ( and aaall in the future car
I OoJ and NarteaUoa Company which
rj o. the bnainetw under
was' started bjr the earelene** of
Ship Chandlery Building torn dee*. ban en la the yeaj 1'ST. my name. I will appreciate
Friends of the
bicycle! business
aad h.al bees bnralag ever *IBP*, your and
Materials Of All Kinds. baa anally beea subdued aa| lbcompany -.1- Gift RANTEEsatiafactionR.
ra COAT ass croora raoca. la BOW making preparation,
Coat andice; Steam manse Railways Macklao Sk.p.'ol'Kll felt ia. Tbe model !shown la the cut for working the valuable mi... which
la f 01brok a sit of twelve year, tb* em- bad to be abaadnaed oa account, of \ Hudson Go J. Mathers
AQ kinda ol repaJrinr. Boiler and Steam Fittinf can oe doa at Uiahorteat ry aaterwcted by troop of minute tb. lire forty-Bin. yeara ago. Gycle
notice ia the beat pouible manner DT cipcrt akill d ..K0 seta and the Kilt coocladloc In 101) AVC M D. M.; ...
a r JMrad, frill A daintily (trlkatottt.1 I
U Imps by pale blue aaUa roaM -
aette eada at either aid and a 1-----
I ------- -- -- -- -
folded ribbon ....
The Acme Billiard Parlor% Fo* typical winter weather-snow. tbat seeds when your bat IItt'stomach. for.alf aid at.User to tH.are. 1I I
Ice id
i aerare eold-thara are warm '
Jolly little far teats fin white or amok badly effected. gray trouble la ahead. Are You Going to Build
val.M fOIl take tbs proper Btdlcta
far or la Parataa lamb, of
1309 AVEfiUB D for yon dlaea**. aa Mrs. Joha A.
whlcj for a AM of from tea to twetreappaar
ta tilt cat a. tilt part.- Tone of Clay N. T. did. Sk* says: If you contemplate erectiaf a residence. boai.es. block. or b ildinff .
Mon bf a caJVa ...... aamart. tort I bad aearalgla.. of ta waka* llrer sad of aay kind it will pay you torirr .. a bit The arlibcial
Mart 4. sad
stomach wa '
OKB BILLIARD AND FIVE POOL TABLES laity aad ebUdBka. stoic which we amaaafactart ia WITHOUT DOUBT SUPERIOR
.... .
I sot ea. 1".trJ" for a
tea* dmeetrle Blues I
jUnI7....... c.... n- foud Jut what I a.dL for they
Dealers la Portland Cement
Qfrt. Tobacco hot ia itocL MLm4 TIW.k1 aa* raalabad la amok quietly retlaved sad eared tae.' BMtatdlda
D.ca io* timbers'wen tea* this oa* for weak VOOMBV Sold rider
hie! from ....* ptpa or la**, wane ;raaraate* by aD dracx'.ata. PHw} Usa The Art Stogie Construction Co.
i tea* Ibis few tecae thick proved .. I botOa.TMOS..
raalatlac. itouptjua earn seater t* Office and Stone Yard foot AT D. Lonh tot tae tara I. tile WailSwimming
TROUBLE CAN Fig IT woodwork than tilt twvre lath bit
} or dombl coils tocloalnc three W. MAT" R
lacbl* of air spurs wa not there .. arwuc. -- -- -
Tire Troablet are anew peel rtloa. *.. too have oftcaeaai Medea kal sad t1rreuk f.gi.ew
d mlafortaa*-aot theM hisses
....,... Tied. C-
onea Sold. Cart for hire. bat or aeftoct bar. at least tweatyl IfNI T.weare
Se T__ ftiayaa/ fi n. Cafnahn
of opea apses betweea U and I I ..I Mart ,.. m .-..,...*. Sfttitlm*
the mber above or becan the metal !I Lord ttbr
I Iehi .e7esigesdadbua.
r r C. R. Znchulul able 1 to protect tboa timber wa* aot she Frick. d Morse c.. MLSIC FLA-
; 'I
larf evooca sad esteadmg. a adrlaed ,
-- : I Daniela Block Miami. y etpert, four feet In front
Got Hooek
Eair Rail BUck. A.tarr Park. :. 3. reptnf. ; I TaughBy
.......... ..- Cooley & Horner
8 orb new velvet gowns bar the
Buy Your Bicycles, 1 iresland I froi embroidervd' la aOrer.CV i P.F.C. V'LLROYAL

il little rape mad of mouae/ne.) B. in B.Mcn Propertg I
Bells fromi.OETON chi n lace and oft. filmy matrrlil PAI c n "f )
bar high nerrnt tech,. at the n....k. for this wielu I
VII TO* kbapn are nntlonl at evening Special i 1 cla.M.. for children. M.. .'n '.. a'ft ro'.n
I fun (loos. A flea Bou''!rard lot with lerentfflre

<< EINI6 i A .mote rue "'Ar'">u muff and boa fert froDtafi. on'7 $fOO. [
if a ery peaty' .mnrementN
: k......-. to tnatito tli.- rovtnaie are One ofthe bent lots oa Ccita at
OIl' >f tV" fxncle of the _....aJ pr cc oo'7 1:000. nIl U a a.,

They have the very best. :;et your I : ,liorMlel. I) emliroldeml. bone are A good lour room house 9 r |TiV>. Money\ TO Loan LOn i iilrS: !
I' wheels, repaired at Lofton & Elnlg I Easy tfru-i _
;i t<) dressing among young
. . 11'0' en. Two bus aod co'aca foi fS:0
National, one of the best . .$35 ',
; r. ,
F r atrwt wear the new gttmtletU GooJ ..IU.. give.L a

vresents, at . . . . . . .$25 U affect by rely fa.hl.mahle
It U not tlTrued( at the A good lot 1n Crahairi ajli tOn fr
Columbia, at . . . . . . $4O wr t and U lined with a c.'OIIt.tln $300. It oa Biscay drive.Look I .

Ramblers at . . . . . . .. $35 coJ. at thus fla. br1<*k b'ock' 011 Short or long lime interTMCAL
hand Wheels 1 e prtncea gown la eiceedlnglypo Avenue D. for 15500. IOm.tbi'c gaud
Second at own price I
liar. It* graceful tine erring to Easy Payments
dl*| ay the tsar to bet aJTantage. A tour room house oa Tainor Street
la ir* tmporUDc* given every day ( 11900. It a ,11I,. I II on i. Work
Lofton & to dainty aceaorW of a care- '
Einig i I A Bn. lot oa Twelflk
td sUit Boaatifal old fan ar car 11100.00.A Ii'
ill oa eief oecaaloai.cka C

ar* wora higher and by spring sa. eoraer oa Arises D for |1WIa Dade Co. Security Co. 9.YNI'
Post Office ,
Opposite BMJ b* ealt* a* alga a* eve,. a barfato. -tor.





To Select from in Florida atALER'S

20 cents a dozen W JEWELRY STORE +

_ _On --
-- -

Report of Condition of The ra r '

First National Miami, FloridaTo Bank 1 I It f Town Topics .Oi'. WELLS Are prepared order&in GRAVES their i ecat.Miliinery"Department.

i the clove of business I B? nurd to heir Ram Jones Will ,i,for bet i line The dub gave tie fie I
nCc.'nd o..ed) at
of the ('urr
the Comptroller bat a the School Audi,orlnm on Febroar c's*fnlmrrtflin Fanrlnatlon at the
Jan 11 rr JaIL 2" ".<, Increate 1' and 10 Iliorlum this ieaon a.d. corn refner! of the latest Spring style. hat
RESOURCES .- mendary rrltlclinii m .ilk. dark straw and lightweight

Loan . . !1b'J'r..''' JIM- .7.21 IH.5J. VIE Ir. Harr DuBoU. lit Jui l erV material.
L S. Bond and- Premium t.t.s)111' <:3.uxi() .. .. T. \nArld of Utt e River and J H Tatum A C. Make Salt j
Ranking Ilnu-e trot+sit.1 Jll.(Nil ti) 1.4-W COBooda..ecnrittrs. T.d..l1. of Cntlrr all mem- During: the last few day Hlfttn I
.etc ., .h55 117 U-II-2 44 1.327 37f hrn .f ifcr bo irri .>f ctxinlt romml- J II T.'nm. ('0. hate sod| two Ladies Tailoring DepartmentFor
With other bank 1-27MH 71.h. 4 tl' 5.L& Inl'loo 6. a:f ,In the City today attend rbolca 'ot. In RltrrpM to G J. Ham- :
Cash in \ault .. .. .. 1.lu.. $1 17.. .). S.: :.3:' 7l IIDoI Itf rt ulr monthly m..Ual of Illoo of Jarkon. .)1.. and iwo lot*'
Due from I, S. T a..uru. .. .. :.gal""' 1.1t.00" .. i the *rd. In the o.y'Ie.. addition 10 D.p.HlR i I street' carnage and evening cotinu
capon: o' Horse Cave Ky They report waists. tailor fount and coat
- an active Inquiry for re lden F Sale IS fool sloop fully
Total. .., .. ., 1 34)9.%'1 btu L:1O r. J7i'i*> 41 egsl >*J :or rnililnc al.o two In thrso two eabvrban addltlona. InRlwrclde : 232 Twelfth Street Miami
"i>vclally .ber. they are
skiff and one dtuy Cheap cub '
Add M 8.. care lletropollson now busy putt:BJ In water, H".race''

in. Vl.00000 f SO.(IOI)00 If doa't Had what you want In __
Capital National paid Bank note . .. V),000 00 VJ.OOO Oil I .. ., . hornof slue.. prose or track laadi north I
Surplus and profit*. . .' 2.53120 10.312 r.t 0 7.7S1 30Deposits. 1 amt river wilt Capt. A. R. I{i Miami Conservatory
Indivulnal . . 179.93$tab 242.bll80 .2..73 14 8IBJmil oni. of Cocoannt Grove DT. Miami Transfer
Depukit Bank . ... 25,00000 27.4597 2.485 11 oath of Miami; be has more : j jMrs.
Rediscounts . . . . :,500 00" 2,50000 ... ..' .. lud than he waits and can Hit youronU I L: of Music Notes I
hay VO'". Hammock or track
land It. worth yomr while to TitEnava -
Total. ... ... . . .$309.9fc, 138191027 m.940 41 tthl factory ... auapU pine-I Company
Mitchell has the
Price eaten
appl sad pan wine and **. ether
DIVIDENDS PAID IN 19O5 $2000 top al trap ,roJIICILAn piano class of the Conservatory.
I The dramatic department hat *om. 229 12tk street, Pfcosw No. 157 sad 1121 ATCBM D. Ph M 110
new play In pr .pntJoe. whisk will Garage sad Sables 11 tk street, near Arc. E, PkoM No. 100
Th> Stone Ooaatraetlon Coahartag > lie five a Uttto later tn the
Savings Dep't pays 4 per cen pas jut r 'ud a largo' :::
moss latent of Portland Cement, are Matter Charles Qrnber did not comedown Horses Carriages and
-- able o make deliveries In large ... from Palm Beach on Sntarday
title DAd at tb. right prle. .1' for his piano ela...*. owinc |fit. IDea -

Magnolia Grocery Co. Th rt VM t crowj.4 BOBM at the The. Conservatory trio have hid .r Automobiles
t n of the Bacurn star lat sight era! ,. ..... lately MoakwtkTinew (or hire bj the 1&o.re day week or mo.t Automobile<<>
TV* sew semben took the degas site for plan and two Molls. are, repairs sad supplies. Afeat for the faawM FORD an-
aid hart were alao three rlaltlnjm and the concert for two vfoU*. sad tomobik Frcifht nakwdcd sad dellTend. Special facilities
F. H. WHARTON. Manager m era. Mrs B. B Gregory Mrs. piano by J. .. Bach are among the for keaTT freight. O'aik..u every traiL Bar.
Orettr? sad Mr*. B. K Bole*, an otrmdtakapalla. work nnder conalderaUo. Pew trpsr ALL enters receive PROMPT Atteatioav
Ind. A nimtwr of a p.U Tae Clara Bchnmaan Club win tak
pile appeared for membership aa4accepted. np tile mnal of Ue NeXkerUada at
wen The nest regular Metke their Monday afternoon ...-dac.

If You Drink Coffee. Drink Good Coffee lac e.th tlaim u | U on n>rehraary aalfMt.4 11th.In this Much orad >,

net |t will noon ba one of the Come, to the Art Studio Meyers & Robinson
loadlpc *odeUM of this city sa It UeUe
| bera. Thee m etlac* are al-
Our Fort Dallas (Coffee way* highly eajoykble letwca II 121 12 I U...136S1s...G Contracting Electricians

Si slat wnntn to Itat yaw pr.p.rty

For Picture f rames.md- 1019 Ave. D Miami. Florida
| Is generousy: good. It excels In strength and aroma. It Is it 111 be Emotion Dar with the Dra-
r brand. We taw Club of the Conservatory of Music and high class''' of
fresh roasted every week. This Is our special recommend Thnnday &n.ra_. These prtpntertalament fog a .
It We could not afford to do this If It was not good. vat* anxmf the ,.pt'. Investigate Before
made Investing
Try it If you have not done so. Our tea. spices extracts soaps of t) dab are most ably carried out fancy work by I
and r* bat the b1nn1ar for nneh
and groceries as a whole possess special merits and values that: ton advance work which\ In tint Mrs, James R Scott I Wind Power
are worth while; values that are better tfcwoth rs. We want! the oJbLt.11I.. have the opportunity
your trade. We guarantee satisfactlon{:. w money :back - la been adopted by the beat people of the country a* the

Order by phone or come to the store and Investigate i BAY FRONTS I cheapest power for raising water. Note the people who have
them they conW have team, fa and hot air too if they wanted -
it. 1 handle the best mill made and make a specialty ot this
; I business and with mv pump mechanism that I hue jnt been
i Coi e high and are in most cases priced for the wealthy granted patent on. I will guarantee to double the capacity,

At ny place desirable bay fronts can be purchased a ury I alne and life of, any wind mill ontfit. Any infringement will
D and FourthStreetKILLER : be prosecuted.C. .
Corner Avenue
rea nable L prices in any sire to suit purchaser from 5P felt

to 1 ooo feet front. improved or unimproved on the county: 11. PERRY Cocoanut Grove, Florida

pay d road Apply to



PMONC 33, 1314 AVC. D :

,Some grxer hare to bait their co tomer. with sugar to Veep I : BARGAINS. I
.them in food "Ior-jll.t Me a fellow doe his ,*eetheart. .

The bet bait that we hare ewer found was the best rood ata ..... ..._. ....';.
tn be found ..ndQr. I J..fe.- bum t)- ? n u kwhas per .nwnk. .t w.t SUCCESSORS TO
reasonable price: the bct a*ortmcnt > .. .. ..... ...
'AN NOT .'f' _. ain rover,!k. km s .s.4..dL L..y wc.-- tt>
tcon treatment If You area UOOU U\k.K Tt-u I . ..
YOVft u.JIOt.I. .. -- .. ..... SCHMDAUN BROIHIRS
t.S tot I\ESS.
.... .
III+- n.twm UK n HO iOr k4In .f..55 .M. & :Ttt. 455.114y
. .. ......... ... .
....., !IWuSio. rl,.rv .r.kt. .. ". T ,. k.
III............. .. .. ... _. --- v-

t J.K.DORNAGENT. I Men's and Boys Oothing,

323. I 2th Street. Between C and O Miami.Florldal!

, Places of Interest II I ; --- ,

Automobile Ifl ..1

by WILLIAM J. BRYANIN Avenue D. Four Dears South of Postoflce.! Miami Fla

We make special rates to parties desiring a day's FOREIGN LANDS ..

pleasant outing or an Interesting and Invigoratingride If Moa mint U read Mr. Bryn' I ktlert ot r"' '9. Travel now
of the of Interest Don't fall
to one many points Is the lime t. bcribe far the CammMtfViU.am 1 1
to visit the historic Punch Bcwl.or the Natural Bridgeat 1i i
It eaitnr of The Com_ sailed from
\ J. r ran r.
Arch Creek. A through the Hammock to I
spin Saa Francisco September :27 for a vear* visit abroad. In the IMC R.OTi3:
Cocoanut Grove is sure to prove Interesting. Our coarse of his tratcl. )Ir. Bryan ifl visit the following named

large smooth running cars In charge of competent countries: Sn
chauffeurs are at your command. We make It our HAWAII, JAPAN BRITISH I4I.KM

business to please you. Try us and be convinced. CDI AltTRALtA.! A. EQ-iPT IXDIA. I-UILIITINIC PAIKSTINE. 1 ISLAM. and (jentlemen'sTailoring

AWirZERLlMi.FRAME Suits made to order ia a strictly
Miami Automobile Co. NORWAY. GKRMANY.D I .P-t.. ate man Perfect fit aad
):;IiUR Rl-ISIA, Lie'EUEIIOI.f.1XU thebe.tnorkmanniprnaranteed.
13th Street near Postoffice French Pre"'*m; and Repairing ;at abort
Frmn pact .'thvraunirm ........ Mr Brass will write IvttmMrribtnc notice. ItrtC1uninr. FOR AND DEUVERF.O
hi.-"n..... aid drIUc psrtf.al.rty. with tINt p 4Ul, \
eal life of the ruu.lnr. fl.itnlTbr I 1209 Ave. C, between 12th end 13th Sts.CLA .
>Mwn sill bv fM.blulH-U in The f"OftIlllora.r..4 those who
d<.ir.10 read every on* sr ibh'lf fur 11 r. Rr'...'. |xprr.Tb .

win -.".r i* .t.II'.1 .i eliy: 1I1I.lt"-"lplnJ'ri".I.!i
F. A. DAVIS I 'L.I1I9"s... Nr ef" ", ..,.,.r..... lits with the publisher. w.ire
r.. .l. r>< I ..".r'.e', .1 ,im, ...r. t/.1, ,,I. .l,,I 'ri'M.."i IiV iC
I ._. .... ,. .. ., ., ... I
klt$ M I. r r. f f < ? l 1. |" "I ".It. r, fllST
t>4 "r ..11.ru I II.i ... o ..... .1 err VI 1".1'lr'p".1 i < fr .._. 'Horse-Shoeinp sAND
... .. .
Mason and ContractorPractical I .,.- v..r 'r. .r i tor r..r pr 'H 1.1 U l.- Is.1lto'p..t1..Lrtr. '\
tddMM "}' .rQ F.t1i rrt.
Sidewalk Hoflder. I .N'd L. F. LoFotitisee 708 7th St

Dene in first-class"workmanship. 710 Avenue C. Miami t


4 r


1 1


It. Is the Quality and It Is the quality and-

!! the Price that make Everything .For The House the price that make

j our goods popular oar goods popular

Furniture, Carpe s, Rugs, Mattings, Kitchen Utensilsf

) every desdription

Frank T. Budge I 19th Street Munn :1 F 1 ozricia


..Phon.aa H. M. KING R.eId.oC. 'Phon.itt

: Undertaker and Emb ImerI II W. I r. MILLER t

b I

RESIDENCE 219 '7th STRE iI I i illtrsollil 26 413 12 SrRkar I

------ .- 1
Fore Sale II foot flat bottom '
afc rat boat, at a Mcrtnre fjnoit Ad
JJew ft i ilie.
Jr.. MM Avenue B I ,Send us Your Orders for

I Mr Wm. FuinrJ. i well known ciUien -
) Nellie A Brown of Delray. Moaey ,.rUD ed If BI.. RibberLetoon of Cutler l I. apendtng \the day I. Sodas, GingerAle c ..
I. I. the city this ......ILI or Van a talls to pleaae. Abrolutely I town attending to buaiBvaa; mattera.While NO OBJECTIONU
pure twice an far and here )lr. Fuuard paid the MeIrupolli I!
i ing the I For Sale A new hoa.ebot. Apply tirys ......rt.BIlle Ribbon F1aro a erjr pleaaant cal": i andSeltzer IfI male U to amok I* the bow
," j from of the .
!> to Capialn J...... Foot Tib 8>. any good
I ROMIER maiM tf I,."......... i' Water CIOARS

I Mr and Mr*. Wm. ClaTearer. ar Mr sad In.. r. T.p". regalarwat.r
late arrlrlBc vUltori of Atlantic City : Y1.Uora 0 )Miami arrived lall I. Mr J. W.Johaaon.' of Key Wetwho I Their delidou aroma to HgWy
die topplac ..t11.* March VflU.BKOMIKM evening .t Hal. HaIL baa been spading ....ra! daya I* )Ii- appreciated by tb* femlala a*
will ..... lomorow for at. Island wen a* mnacuUne member* of
I ..*... safe I..I Cat roM for aale Ortfflnj BrotV 11"r.. Johaaoa li one of Nothia more healthy !amn,. At very meek higher
with one of our engagement ere Co, tit 1 rrc I.m.. Weet'a mo.t pront* Bt etUsea*. and innroratinr than price ODe can tad eigar roar
I riBfa If want to please her. Norma MerflMs hick .
yon I* a member of the city council aodaa. eft.gar.
I Dllloa U "n., a room added pare Oar ayr.ape bat
Dont afraid Capt.
to come here, Dr. Edmund I Morgan one of Ml Ieoad.eta large hardware and aaJaehaadlery nothing half ao good at
I to the of his pretty cottar onAT are pare and oar that ....
becane we hare a reputation rear Batlcfylac amok. for
ami' promlnea rln tort who baa I eetabUaament and owa > bottle new and clean.
I of netting only been confined U hie room la the Baa on* of the moot valuable property) Mail order will re- PEOPLB
la that dt,. It U of Interest
Carlo to agalatb eajoylng drive boat to not
ugh Class Cat KM for **1* OrUhl Beet eoaatry.BROMIKR. that Mr. Johaaoa built the aecond tat cetre prompt attention
JewdryWe .r* Co, SU Its ItrMC.Oall1. Wean to b* mated la Miami, the HAYESTHE

w sMLM y..r fleet.. bom which U sow occupied by Mr. -
Hashed ., little on of Mr. W. M. Brow H atoo one eoMl4erabl aGAR
make of MAN
specialty aad Mra. J. T. Chain, to ,alta ffl property In tilt eSt, and DJ
Soojveair SpooaYNARD&SON this week.CM Tweaty-* fek oS Ittb strait near County.ROMIER. Acme Bottling OPPOSITE HOTEL BISC1YXX0oi
Cookaloon UJOt for a few
day only. J.Mewr Tatam ft Co I
1 and nee or line and compare .... Mr tale. OrUUf Bretb- mOM REAL ESTATE. Works

price Ira Co, tit ITb strait *. Rob and Jo Bennett, of a Bum. ....at tr hct.7 i eew i far mat bm a* ....'

ABkertn. N. ( are registered at For Bate Cat boot power and ,flits btlDdsg.
J. C. Doeraer of Bahomor, to Halcyon Ban. They will enjoy tb* "sail thirty feet long II foot boam.new .
.... the lain taeomtac visitors la .. .
mgla goad condition. Is.vats
day oa the bayeompaaled ad ooaaa tialng. a*>
tb* city registered at tb* Ererctod. seal frleada. Ebenr Stlrrap Coeoaaat
by i
Jeweler and Optician I GroT

t to Potoffice. Miami Florida wat.JIra who aaderataada th* Get a lot In 7 View, while they ,
and: trail; to take chirp of a Th March VUla ha. been
remain at $11H.. Tatam ft Co. IMarti. wn
BBnaiBBB emnaB w m i tropical fruit orchard. AdJra & clod. with toartou thin __. and
Miami poatoffle*. register this week the Everybody Works
.'. Shoo lag Gallery on Art following
arrival: B. P. Parrot. MU
he OaksCorner Taw IX near 1 k strait I* offering
Ml** Edith Neweomb ha retamedto two prim this wk for 4b. hlgheett I'lAagaata. M. ; Miss C. H. BUnaon.'Hallowan. .
bar home at Palm Beach after a fan Mr; Mina Btoo. Bortoa;
core*; a cigar for tb
delightful visit wilt Mia. Agae Klgb *IDr I and Mr*. J. D. <:-. .... ..
h-ghet. and $1 ib prize for the see.oad "
at the EverglaJe boteL "Phil., Dr. and Mr*. T. L. H'gWeymaa.
13th Street I highest Mr. and Mr. George 8. T**, Xeala |
I 0.. Edward: CHcott. Mia. Okml. 8tLoula. I
and Avenue B I Tea acre flnt-claa fruit UnJ.two I Mr 81 HopkliBmcbTitairin of rbe fmoQt Palm I ; J. R. CuBalBgham. Joplla.!
acrea cleared. Bear Lemoa City, for I bake ball tam I*' Mo. J. H. Rellley and eon Rochester 1
j it:.. Qu'ck. 1. II. Tatam A: Co.. ,hXLamL making a rlalt Iplayera this city Tb* ball IN. Y. Mr and Mr. Win ClaTengw. ,
[Facing Royal Palm Park : 4 '
| of Mlaai are antlers to bold Atlantic City. Mr and Mr.. George '
j li 81 la thla eomm Ity, aa he la without Horn*. N T.. 1. D. nu Bola, Whoel.
Open Dec. 1st I IB. There wni be a dellrbfnl dance':*!a doubt one of he beat mea behind la(, W V*.. Mr. Adam. Nwrtl
tonight at the Everglade hotel at 1'' the bat which a be gotten on the'Pa.I' but

Mrlc riff, Prop. o'clock to be glvea by the young people east corset I! ---- I
1 of that hotelryTypewriting ....*...er want to Ilt your property ,
II For Sale callable balMlng tot I I ,
don. at the Racket on Fifth Street imediatety opposite'' -
: Store Avenue B and pot, Thomas Mitch Wanted Pcwltloa u hotel boaie-1 t
oil Key West a. keeper, linen vomaa or rharabcrmaldAddm '
D.LMOFFATSDairy\ *. Co tpete.t, No. Ill I0ta St.
)lr. M. W. Goode. o' OJua the pop. : Miami. Fla.
Brush wami Ie Itt
alar county road aup tintenJeit arrived your property
la the city tbla morning on the I I WE
early train aDd la endlnx= the day I j The monthly _bar of the Mer. ..
LunchI Our cbool leather told that
here attending the regular monthly'meeting I chant' Ataocltlo ..111 be held IODlllatal
I of the board of county com- 8 clock la be office of R V Modesty wa on. of the r1n.bnt
mlcaWwenMacntflceat Blackmaa. la the Fort, Dnlla Land Co. Q rOD bcllcT a thing I. tree dolt U
thing new. inducing I I bnl'dlng and an ember are urged to afraid to UH It.. I Brossierand

I bay trot tract, clone attend Tb. alter of aapportlng. TV* are being told 10 many times
building making the la for 11.250. See J. R. Tatam A: J the Dade Con Fair *i a bnjy IB
Co. 1' tteai of ladlrlded. sly, will be eonalJer- that we bar. tile largest and moat
I 'complete line of boat matml la Ml'am .
and Idin- f ,
it neatest Tb W. C. T. u will have a apec-j I *; we betlere It to t".... We are I

:lal meeting OB Fridav sight at 7-SOI j Oran tree an grown oa high:going to carry ererytblaf la Bat Ua.
room (In the dty. pin land, roa be ,
at the Bapltot charcb. A prominent omameatal at Nv York pike.W.ArsItFoP.l.t. '
orgaalser will be preset sad a pleat|of all kiada. ill at the oDes or
ant ttrne be. eajo.red The drop a* atta( ad we wl'l call oa'' I
AN IDEAL PLACE ,cordially Invited to be pre.ea. you at oac. lung Broi. Co, IIITprraentatlTe Our iBToleM sbow v* bar boxbtS140

FOR LADIES I 12tb street cal'oa* of mixed paint and 11 :

I The only lot on ]0tb atreet betweeaArea boa of wait kd; eqaal to MSI pI-
i *. D and the Bay for lea than Mr. Da KIh of the
; Connected with a saloon I Mona of paint, ilae Jon lit Tblak
!f2.noo 1* offered by 1. H. Tatam A: I Cable Piano Co paay.wlllarraBge to' t
I I I Co, tor HJM. I tire musical n !>rtatnmenti at their Of It; Im gallo Enough paint .
jttermilk day at II i lroomt l la I th Das els block every j to cover a solid rasa 10 feet blcKorerSO

C. glass.every Light reshments I Oriental Goods 'erasing daring of ibefr'ttnue the ale, two which werka w'U context Mrrleter mile lour 1401400 IqUre feet he sells
I I II Over two tan car of palat and we are
served duran who toi a maalclaa ww .
hours. I i bare aaalatlBg hl i Mnara. F. R. Mor maklif ap another ear order aow Oar
I :I Kooyumjlan & Chutjlan I Kan. J. A. Bryi and E L, Ross :varaUb ..>.. bar kept pace with the ,
... D 1.
door east ot Arenne D on 13th] |I plot la its proportion. W* bay 11-
t. Front BaNditi. Mai'&F'la, RACK I Wanted A ood whit cook. $M 1 1 and ofl by the car. Think what that
.STORE1 and board Marl Ref anrant, Kib St.LK .
| mean for MIami There are few!

teltlea of It* II.! that ca show neb
I} ,:paint ....* ,

SMITHS I STfE FlACE B.gls.leg lea Madly the Miami I W* br bandied three fall ear: oil I

I Automobile Cow ay alt I..acarat.ale' nan; nearly" two car of bafldlac pap
their wtver .r '0' rnala earn i 'er and other rood fa proporttoa.

between Miami 1 Palm 1Jf'ac1l. one,. Dool 1M think that entitle a* to
II o Block and will r0 .t Palm Beach
I car will inn antI seek dar .t Sat | a.. a big VK at tb. bead of the art1 !.

ValentinesI icon. A c eom'., south wUl 1 1 iele. Real Estate

MIAAII.flAjTATIOM.m lean Palm act day at eight t T1Ila..to tb. raon way oar isles
o'clock for Mb t trrlY1. I.111.., bar been ao lair: Oar good are
city at loos tee for pussapn:
Ronal lily $1/; way. $1Mtn rlfbt; oar price are tight and

TOS Tb* largett aMorUDeat of anbjecta, ---

both comic aid aenUmental. all NEW.
ULII\YGOllS - --
Or Valentine Poatala are .eapeclal-j REP CROSS PHARMACY

oniMUCiOOUSM5TOB ,ly good this aeaaoa. ': RELIABLE PRESCRIPTIONS Miami Conservatory of Music

Reliable predriptioni reliably Bided .to a pbraj eoatalatof" "tad"aad I I.u" .
". ot|t1Ie poI' of 22S TWELFTH STRUT
I C1 oar areoerlpdon departa-eat Whatever I

1 : I year doctor 01 ten for ,.,.. that yon wfll get If his prescription I* plan I FRANKLIN COLIMCN BUSH DIRECTOREuropesa

eel In OUT bat a. Nothing will b* missing taught will be iabtftatd
A pbM tit ghti ,,tt eat* 25e MrtNse for t11f1f'11lca1.. bare. k. I trained faculty Aa arttet la ebarg of each department
om* drag or not la at<< Spit af oar accaracy Piano, Pip, Organ. VoI""JoI1... UaJo'ln. Docntlon.

EVERVTHINO: -I and ear we < () not charg ezeMlTty. Ask your Mend and ..'p. ,I Physical Cnltnre, French. German and 8panJ.Harmony sad
='AND SELL: IT CHEAPtH bon abort or way of patUag ap PI'MCI1pUoe-.rt1lltll eUe lath Ilivwrr of Munc !
I I Kindergarten and
W. H. Chaile & Son I'rtmjry Mute CU..c.. : : : : Send fur i iI I II

A.,.. D I Diplomas Granted Upon:| :Graduacion:

I .' I '
I ... I
I j

. '.r4. "" ,. --..... -............. .- ;:l'..... .....:..--. "" .- i" .4... ..... -' < 1 -


t; ;ftJc i :.-professions T S:4-" -T J I I:rJr-r,Topics lS11lLri11a1)IE\1tiN 1 I I W. M. BURDINE

a.K..................... .-------------

Mr R E McDonald, ODe of n*.. Mayor W I. Metcalf. of West Palm .
P.ttas.oa ilia Errwzae. succs.f'i: nwchanta of Fultord. II Beack. la la the city today attendingthe
attend BJ "0 l hU.''o.t matter In M;|ml monthly meeting of the Board of
:County Commissioners of which body
WUl.......,. ul.sszM.stmt sd...... yesterday be Is the legal adrtsor I IAn I
Just Received beautiful of
a Consignment
4afs.Itr.altf..l.a. ss..tad..sM p.eIsm. Cat roe.. for M'!.. Grtfflnf Ben th
altn.a I staffed wildcat I. aJorn-
Co. Sl Ilk street.Miss Immense
"o.aoaM. Mtessl. Fl*. I :Ing tae show window of Julius Smith's ,
book store. It was killed by a Mlam- I
L B. Marion, of St. Loul it I
F. ATKSlO"1:
L aCTMOCKSeymour L
lan who Is very proud of the perfectspecimen
I the iru".' of her :'atr. Kra. W.'lldl..r .
of tkls rather rare salmaLOne |I
& AtkinsonAttorneys a: :00 BID street for tkOB ea

and I hundred per cent profit la lest '

Counselors At Law. I FarauBfl room; .-ly rormli >*J I than 12 months can be mad on Rlrlerslde Spring

.. room to rent la Watson btl 4lq. Apply i bulldlnj tots J. H. Tatom I
IIpedaI attMUM toel il jneitn i aU co .I A Co. 1
But* a 4 F.I I kle'ropollt offlc

Rooms 5. I Attorti".,'. W H. Price and \\| HVat The An Stone Construction Company
A. Worley \ .,n .hI) have been rlil'orl tiThe ha Just received from factory
6'e hundred barrels: of Lehlb Port
ell" r land Cement Get their prices. Wash Goodsof
for their homn at Mar-ann. a. :
Attorney at .
I I. here ibehae a Urge prank '
310" Twelfth St. Miami. Florida STATE BANQUET

Geo. M. Bobbins. I -
., an4 Mrs T L Hifhleyinan. hoUt President! and Wife Guests of Secretary .
Tltu.yllFla.. eitenslTe Is
hate been trsrellsft of
the Navy
Attorney and CounselorAt Cuba. and also at other points, aye
LawWill re:urn.J o Miami where they e lawns batiste French organdies voils
to remain some time They ar b \\,". 'melon. Frb e- President andMr.
practlc.' M all C..n..taw and.dw.. ruled ST the March< Vll'a. .. Roosevelt will b* the goes s of
honor of Secretary of the Nary and eolines mercerized and silk mulls. The

FRED. M. HUDSON Read the many rare real, e Mrs. Bonaparte at a formal dinneron
bargtnt eerie bjr J. H. Tate A board the Cited States ship Mayflower
smartest and most up-to-date line of shirt
Law Company la their Quarter pact ad- this evening The dinner
Attorney at rertlsemect.Th company will inc'ud Ihitjy guests

Townley Building Miami. Florid open house at the Mlnnra oIU cabla.ho' wM where; be received the President In the presented historic waists ever shown in Miami. Among them

G. W. M. WILLIAMS. will also b4' tbs: rrenlni from t:JO the Ru.aa and Japanes plenipotentiaries '
to 111: )lr.. Atwell I U dMlrotfc of to each other on August k. several numbers plain white linen with
Attorney At Law I...111.& the forflcn sovrenlrs anf be last. This I. the first time that tfc* /"
sldrt will serre light President will com on board of the
i tree I Mayflower sine that memorable day. with pockets manish style; sure to take.
Offc tw tot fay Bbctynr. Secretary and Mrs Bonapart have I II
a home la Baltimore sad a country I II ,
SROSSIER will **Nct yew rnt*
p. BUMS. K. ix, place la th. suburb of thai city. They I

., 0.wtls...01.-.....-.. U poe domt bOY what to big *adTh I!la bar Wasklactoa rented apartments and the Secretary for the winter will I

tlur..&...MIl OKILKI. arnas.n.f Metropolis- advertising ear una i simply Wow the precedent isstabllthed We have a few dozen all wool waists in flann .98c
by Secretary Lone who gar
FLORIDA.QB. They will tn you. h'a: Cabinet Jlnaer to the PresldntOB and trico, worth $2.50this; sale to close. .. .

: board the Dolpkla. Lieut.Comrnaaer I
[ t. L XiCnOH, Jlt, r B. Hayes retnrnJ this i orm Andrew T Long '
.. Oflf3CS. lag from JacksonrQl ..b.nI has i Mayflower, has brought his :: Quite a lot of white waists slightly soiled or mussedhalf price
be on contrart for digging web i for Alexandria to the nary -I ,
tiOTZI. BlBCATKB BLOCK,A VS.D B. O. Painter th. last arm OK itha.I ington, where she is '
KU1CX. n BmA. H* win BOW have a position wit the i side: the landing In the interest of boarding house keepers we will
r. E. C. Railway Co.. sad mat tall
city headquarters I should It was com Intended directly chat from th* Mayflower the nary offer a 35c grade extra nice,heavy all linen towels 2.50
W. B, $
DR. .. [ yard. New York to the Washington I fora dozen . . :% . .
the tills
0-.117.1"' tint,'neM 41.MIAMI. Now io order. root nary yard, but It was found necessaryto
tre W plant aad Asm. before
paraat. do considerable dredging here
........101 Nt 8& GrUb, Brother t.. omc US lira I
the Mayflower could safely com
.TLA I 1 1J. strt.BMOMIEK.. I. Only one dozen to each Customer and for only one week. .,

----- I

". f. Mullen. M. D. mesas REAL LIT TB 1t t 1---EVERYDAY !:

Offio: Rooms I and 4 )lr. Otis G. Wilson of Chattai xjga
rrilI ..1141., .tbs popular reprvsentatlT of th veil A BARGAINAT I
Into.bol.....' house o Oraar.
H..n W.. sa. "It .. I to I p. .. paper Loa .
'ham Paper Company of he
Residence 916 A Trout C dyed In the city yesterday ar Is TfF I It March Villa March Villa
,spendlni today la town looUi c up ; i iI
FRED RUTTER .badness for his house. H* win eave 10c 2ISTklrt*.>th St. 117 9th 9CON
tonlfbt 'or Key West from kick ; 5 and
I point he will io to the west o it OPPOSITE ROYAL PALE PARK BISCAYNE! BAT
Gi.ral Contractor. '
,I i Open October 15th Opea December let
Variety FI
Blastlnc. To an Whom It May Concern: b .
Sidewalk : HOTEL SERVICEDistilled
Wells DrUleCI.
The wholesale' aid retail flit bast-
cess heretofore conduct,! .aJ the They are abo*rin; more
W. C. Maynard, firm name of Miner A Owen, bi i this: useful and practical ar $ ; r water for Drinking, MRS. EL V. MARCH. Pd
day been dissolved by mutual ec laeat i tides than ever before. ire
ORADUATE OPTICIAN I F. R. Owen having sold kla li ''crest!
to H. Dale )1111.,. who IK ht |*.will I I
With Maynartf Ik Son.Jwtr conduct the business In kls own name. Outfitters for Light Housekeeping The Rutherfor

A__D ...t to Pea O.ca All accounts da. the Arm of M lee A
Owe wll h* collected by H DaisMiller
GEO. L. McDOXALPOOOOAXUT aid an debt contracted 'y the 23 9th Street.
said Bm wn b* paid by' .. Johnson! Tompkins
QtU b&JuIr
Miller Owe Now Open for Boarders
.,.rwpatg... ML LYi.s I.W e....., Per H. Dale Wer. Ma AT*


I.I7-z t ;. p. -m :ii I c.t Av.sw c... salsa ____

Roth BaU41ac Miami na I Light and airy:Rooms. Polite prompt S nrlcMrs. .
Jr Th rush to or**aid whO m haw

TheChapmantlouse th* Urn, crop ta .... take a look at J. N. Feuter.

Mr la. Ua* of Wbok.*. Dolt torCt -
?.w.CHAPMAN. Pros.

:=.a..ae;.stem.ns .a.t ..=::: a.:....w.Li.i .. tae place.I Mark's Oyster & Chop How
CM. n aI_MMk .4 Fata BMCh.MltM .- I JOHN SEWELL A BRO

.= Ctul.MMftk.r'r-.< a. i>ii tW: Discoverable me tuapparant
.... W........:.::::.comas MW... H.&Jquarters for aaurt Taltortac Sea Food Our Specialty
11 Dear.".PlerM from thcflrst lit Twelfth street Biscayne! seek
Oysters by>> plate. quart or ra.lo*.

Ae W. Graham, to the wearers o the We are Now Ready to burnish Meals- served at aU hmira. 411) I2tk Street. Miami 1 no
Contractor and Builder

Sau.ractloa0.araatee4. Tribune, Snell BOYD COTTAG1lrs.
Florshe m :
LM..===r:::::: sad fed m.path:l=I.M 1 1a : and other
.r. ... ... .,
call sal so, P.0. t7. ML.J1a.I \V.
J. Boyd, Prop.
shoe. No other makes of Bicycles
Expert Typewriter! 1
class shoe has joy r-'v 120 Eighth St., on Biscayne Bay

Repairingw. i Mmmm
ed the uril! Lea poll- ', a
J04 9th St. P. o. Box 311 ulartty among c rrett ,. Minneapoll
;, 001
Emil A. Ehmann dressers reasonableMiriI: Thep eels Mrs. E A. Russell

Architect I Telephone t 160. 222 Seventh Street, Mir

.West Palm Beach .Fri orida I The bicycles and other r
$5,00high goods are the best standard -

Merritt & Kolb goods on the market I IROQUOIS HOTEL]

t Real Estate* Rentals, etc. Hartford and other Tires.

Cst.en M..ger Coaster Brakes fitted to old I .MIAMI. FLORIDA

Avc. C. ear 12th St.. Miami. Pla. I Shoe Co wheels. An work guaranteedBest Twelfth l'.w.r management htrcct. hctw.of jn J...Hull..niK Davtdaoo.C ami D

new I wheels for rent
DR. Opens Monday January 22
231 12th Street Blue Front a ,

DENTIST >ole Agents Mew hotel with all coarcaiences, in ceater of Miami. Aceoagltatio i

Office over SewelTa Shot Store i < .200i Ameiicaa plaa. Elegant Grin Room for La4in a

Aref.tt..=..TMrwshlrMItl1 Carroll & Clark I I Gcatkmcmv Preach cooks and waiter First-das. throvftPACK

.TIMI Meet Madsen Astvltan.M _



CITY' ORDI A CF.OrJlasSCe wos,...n (.r f n.., .' mho pros.ltutesh. -
I II" "if or u*. ;an) .rdecnt or has Hlcirr Schedule. 27. Peninsular i OccUent.1 Steam&h/p/ Co..
[ r .IDC 10 vagrant.. and n\ "". Urg.a.r:: or gestures or beta t nit.'tl hat e. ri.l flu! route
for Key Wet "'.. .
tubs. ladle
Bahamas sad Ik
Miami\ Business Directory pro..I.IDC for err artist and punish.ment. i lur 'o I induce anr o'her peraon to yin. I'OInl' and I fort Tampa, Pla. *
: pt,* I ,iti., 'n. 1'tip *.. .? ,ng. in tr..t im the date shown. SubJ..toell.n..ID.
SMt.. I .*1.:1:1 bo di/iduslp.sitWnrmrnt with
De It ordain I bl the City Council unlawful for it n''It'f'
of the City of lamt: am person to make ..DI I Insulting Miami. Nassau Line Saa..i
1tOt-&t'I"'ehIP *
In- Sect 011 1. t1C1Ifa and vagabonds. In,Iwm. I la1l e'clvou or lewd proposal Eff: ,ctiv* from Miami ria, with "Miami1
The Out of Town Buyer and those within the. city I will find the idle or dl'lIOlu' persons who lO about t to any oh..r: person of the upper I I.'* Miami. Mon R'Fri.! .I talking January 24. 1KM
list below the addresses of Miami Merchant underclassified bforriDr. corn o. pmbl'rI. persons i'in! s,'x[ in any public plat't.Ro Atassan :00pm Ly.ICasaaa Ties Tour Sat S:M pa
Tn .
heads for ready reference I rho use ingg C or unlawful c.m. <' Irt It shall N unlaw n' for *' Thur. Sttf; am'|I Ar. Miami Wed. rrL, 8 a.. C:M an

.or p'.,... com plPf'rI gad n4dl'rI.romllloll .DV ..m3'f' to drink at gay public Port Tampa Havana DIM Via Key Woa -**..." 1 0&-1(0*
drull ands, common nightwalkers liar In ant dilnW" .ng saloon ID the atu"aII.p "OllvrrU" and "Maacotf*
E. 1.. BRADY A CO. URDINE A QUARTERMAM thin pilferer, traders III Cl) of Miami Effective from Port Tampa, Fla. With tailing Ot "'kp 14 ItOI

Freeh frulta and Vegetable Dealers la Dry OooJa I, Nottoa stolen I"'Opert lewd 1I'uloll and lass S.-T II. AllY person orIo''IDI see' It I'. Tampa.Sun..T.rs.Tksn.11' :M) P' LT Hsf..,Tye..,Than. .
Street Cot Arc D. Miami. FU. I chinos! person III speech or bebsvlor. trots; t. 5. 6. i. 8. and 10 of this or \fHeUe.t. M. n..W ed..Frl.. 4 t..ltOO.:
and LaJI" FurII..bIAp.SOOI02 :JOp Ar Key Rest.
rue Grocer. Hay, Grain keepers of gal bl"IIC plUf't. common ,, dlDanr.' 111.11 be deemed guilty of ttKey 11'rst Twra.Thur.sat S JO *
12ta SL Miami nJ i sad bra "'erg, persons who aeglect .I Itallers n.rumlninj Duun! ,.... and upon con- 11on.tt.d.Fri. .snip Lf Key Weal' .Tue..,Tnur...!satlAdlA P
and Mapee FertiliserJ their rail If 01' .lIIpOIII.t sad rril" n hall |IN' fln..I not exreedlncflfty .:JO a ArP.T..p..W..rl. >... 4:00 p
i misspendha Ib1.ana and do not ,, dollars. o- be Impraolll'd: at hard Miami Havana LI... via, Key West_...... ItOft -1(0
E. LUMMUt B. SCREVEN provide for Ib ee'," or for the support lalmr .n the cl r J Jail not exceedingt St.amships *thiin| .eoch' and "Halifax
.. I of their amities, persons wan Dealer to Grocer1GratA., Dealer In Drugs. Patent lf 0- : d'r:1I1: from ice to pt.t'f'. able to n the d.eretero: of the I.t )pain. .Mi. tt..f.l Fn o-noa> I., ".un.. Mon.. ReelFri'
.11 .
Hay and rerUUiera. tines: Toilet Articles, Stationer work sad who r. without means and court ItKeyUmt\r Key W ..1.Mon..W'r.l.. Fri .10 i)) p 4 r Key We.t. Mon, Wed., Fr TtOp OO
who neglect t earn their support lOci Unusn' : : 1'U.lon F'ri. 1 J.) a L* Keyttrtt. Tue*..Th .
130 Arena D Miami V\ Pad J4th 19V \ [lI.un.. Tue r "ai. 4 :ft) ar
nUa Street Miami. FU Itye! by plfm: or w"r ng idle and r W. \ntvRTos. ? Ibun. -.t. I'r Miami. Tue* Tbura., Ml. JOp
'disorderly per II. Including therein 1'r"tldf'lIt, nf 1 1Atto Iirormali a. to pnter and freight rate to all U .. '.
YOUNGS'' PHARMACY : Connr W"c lndlrani point* t P' ,( ka,
those > ftahaus
alto lie <"t't.11 lawful businessand h
A. J. CAMPBELL *: M t R. Kellum Pity Or. erfullj tarnt.hedapoa.pplrnt.a.
1214 avenue D. Miami *1i habitual misspend the r time f M Jolly T. F. P A Chas L
Mgr P J. ta.nd.ra T.
Dealer In Dry Gooda. Got Drug, Toilet by' frf'qUf'DtllIl oases of 1:1: fameJrameg I Jac...." .,.. FtorMa
boosts or IPI'I1I1I .bop.. persons T h' rchr or r ifr tha' th" withtc\ or -
Ing Gent FarnUblnga.L I Article, Perfumerlea, Stationery .h'. to work III who are habitually Jtmince was returned to the clerk

1 L Avenue D. Miami Ha. \ etc. PreacrlpUoaj Id'. sad Ure. upon the earnings of of the city' without! cnJorifmcBt or DUNHAM TMC CANOVA
1i carefully: compouJ.LliCK. theirIves or Illor rh.Ur.D. and allIsDle written I\hJt..tloll on the Got rvtrnlar
i bodied II I. pt'nG1I' over cub- meet Df of the council In February.
ARMSTRONG GROCERY CO. j jI I WILSON A HUDDLESTONReal tees (11) yea of age who are without : ; AD ling. earns being toe 1.. day Decorating Company '' '
but gad Uaaraae* mesas of tpport. and whose par- of said month
I Baa of staple aad fancy croeerlea.aeata eats or guard lID are unable to IIIP'II I F W. \Th.rton. rl .
I < gad IS20 w4 gad Sgo
Salts 4. port them and who are not ..11& ly I. President of Council
? .vegetable poultry ett. 1S Twelfth street Miami J"II" I attendance a some school: 01' ...ta.'caUolla1 Mte.t: M. R. Kellutn. Oerk.'
: sets .hmelll but who live i "
.. .Vet* Bldg! lltk II&. Asa* D THE RED CROSS PHARMACY I. habitual I Hess. an declared to Painting
be vagrants a upon cosytetlo. shallbe AGONIZING BURNS
Dealer U Drag Madtetoaa,
.bJect to a "aalt provided I.I I Paper Hanging and Kalsomlnlng2
| THE MAGNOLIA GROCERY CO. Too* Article. PreacrtptioMarafaHy
Section I
: of tk's ont..te.Bee. .
Dealer I* ---. Bay gad eocaponJed. MaC I. r proper l.formatJoa art iBktantlr relfe.ed, and perfectly Agency Peat's Wall Papers.

GraIL order promptly aUa4J to.Ot mane apea ..,... the City CI.r healed by BockJUs Anita SaJr C. Call or write for Estimates
or X.clpal! Rlreabark. Jr. of Norfo'a. Va, vrlUt Phone 181 1315 Ave. DYoungs'
: a.ln.. shall tan.warraat a
AT* D and 4U St. Miami nL it. Cer. AT*. C Midi IH .
fort arrest of say p.tberia .tson 1 bint r ta.. di adrtlly. that n
aa or 'eacrlbtd: who art Mlit rd. all O\'er. Bveklm Aralca:
charged: there with ..... t ..agtaaWeer ," the pets aid healed It
w ., De JI'O' IIGa' of afotesaag twtthaat a Kmr" Also h.a',. all vovadtaad I PharmacyIXCOKPOftATED
s.c et, sad Ad warrut sorea. lie at all drwnlstJ
shall b. esecrted b7 12. City x.... '
shah or b7 eemss of U. dty of

Miami But a City Marshal etpelle.maa w i A Drug Store for The People
of said city Lay arrMt
asy n.crut ... Ia fh I If you wantdelicious That's our motto and !It has been the means of adding* bun
lag section: 11' t a warrant Ia ..athe dreds of
...., Ia pI'OCU'Iac one 11'01I1'PI'Obab17 new cznocers to our list. We sell only the pur

au rock alleged n.crut est drugs. All preemptions are filled by registered pharmacist

to er aa4aytt eeca": avipet.240 ..provided..... sad that 1I'UTaat PlOP home made *. We also carry the finest sodas and ice cream in the city

The ...... y after Ad audit .. 2 Doors North of Postoffice
practicable. Asy persona 10 .."...
.d by ruse f. 1I'UTUt or bread order] W. E. Youngs Pres.
a warraat lie II." IPMi1 ,
trial efon:t Xalcfpal Coat &a'
upon : shall M Bled sot n-
ce.dlac OM aadred dollars mOO)
New York or 1tJ I..t Dot DOn tlaa
three (IJ etc u.OrC..ce M. J. Yarborough
tro' need: u' gives Ita.nt Seybold'sAlso
1'tdIa.' y tit. only. Jaaaary U.
1)OdOlvea. Contractor and
Its d readfag by tfoaly W Bolder
..Juu0rdI..ce 24, 150$
HeraldGreatest : third 0.. and paM .. Dander of the Palm Beach dote! .
I..1W7 2 UK.r. .
H. Wharton House
Moving a Specialty
President of Connell Fruit and Pound

Published Attest: 31. Kellam Cake :Jail, kinds. large
Paper City C1.t. Florida
and small. Delicious
Approved a 2Ctla day of Janan n.
1500. home made mince and I
Jobs St..1. ptrnTpkin assorted II
Mayor of :MtamL'ITTOR :

(- !tA\CE I i Money 1 to O00 Household Furniture


Contains more Automobilenews ordlll..r relating to disorder Without removing it from the house in
conduct a sn) ance., prescrt
liD. a nl. t evidence, and provi Livery sums of >s.oo and up. Can be paid back in

than all the other i! 1111. pen I sums of | i.oo a week. Business strictly
I Be It evils f'4 by the city COUDcll -i
of the C y of Miami: Boarding confidential. Write us and solicitor will call
Section I. That say person foot dl I
combined a.lep 011 aD of th. streets. arenn II
papers and
or (her pit Ie property of the clof : ;I CITY LOAN OFFICEOPPOSITE
:\1"1111.: s I b. domed 'II sty or d 1.
orderly roadd. t.
Sec. Z. t any person font d POSTOFFICE.JaADANN.
as-ee, I. or poll. or occapytag a I
railroad ear utbsllleg vacant nyN Stables
or 0 her pM t. property of moth K .
person or ration; or found .alftp
apoa or rag any un.t lot of
xclusive reportSjfrom winter resortDon't .-.5, any abet sal. 1I'1th1. the eorpor HOT** and cmUfc to biro
hoar, week month Ilor-
.te limits of 1M ,City of lltlamiwtvnt by or
lei boarded bj month W .u. i
the eons at of the owner or I.s I
.. sonAlwav.. hare a amber Horse f"Wagon
see or.. of the oyu of IachpT'OPf'n : Shoeing Repairing
fail to Read ,. .11 I be deemed guilty O of rood carriage: and work I '
disorderly duet; provided t bar't horses for ale ai a bar Aia. and Carriage Painting

I being fo..s .1.... I. or open, or oe-
(espying such: property, shall be prlaa HORSE SHOEING A SPECIALTY
fade Mden of the errant of .acla ,
L. L.
\\TheNewYorkHerald t'on.entSec. i
423 nth Street Miami Fla.
1 :. I. taD, person coa.Ictf'dof : : L
DI-.J.I Conduct: under arc float Phone 43 \ .
lose and t1l' of tla'. or4.Ute.: Dull
be lIl1l1la.J y 4 Bne not ue"IDC: 412 15th Street. Mia.ni. Ha. -

While in Florida and keep in I.fifty hard 1150)lab d '.ra In the or by city ImprllOlllltDt.t jail sot ut !J A DIFFICULT JOE

t ceeJ'IIC (bitdays., or both lilt B '
I ctP4.D.: tllr datI or by bole EI ale p a* sUrs ip our profMstoaI -
ed Home and I
on Foreign Affairs i and ImprtlllO ..t.I .'. .pride unit ,lain snit will even brlaf If .e It to bays a rao-to
8f'L". I .hatl I Ir ut: :wfu'' foe ,.
( .wt! hronth. brick wa'la. Bat wI .
u, woman r l1'4ame or lewd elaarI.rt.r : / / I.m t d....i.,ie the I:tl. jooa sad will
or h.III a to walk 011 the s'r // '
f hem all
-' fhe attention
cetak and
lof the CIty Miami after 10 o'el I cart
ar to satisfy oar owe less
111., or to py sty seat 'topubLe say' '
I n r'ght and what Is due
bafl, heauc or other p lat. 1 3 7 0 9 FO 11 I y of customer Donl kaow of aay-
1I1atrt lbe lie .
P : .eemb..c..uc.ptl v who
ODe doe plimblof cheaper
as pro-ict. y the manager of en chi '_ than w* do.
ball or pine of eatertalamesLSee.

5. I shall be unlawful for I t 4. H. r scKuoas *v co
gay Pf'1'IOarid.. or drive or w alt! : .
through 01' cag say street ayes n.t l IK ATMM D
01' ald..alk or other public p lact
Chase & CO. Chase Barney (sot being a omtel' Ia Be dlscof :barge ,
kfa duty with asy prostttat.womaa or ;
of t tame. -HERCS OUR GOOD MULE Contractors AND Pro ert OWaers
lee. L I abaft M .Iaml [or

SUCCESSORS TO say person walk epos the Mayes. rest.. To wll only the beet quality of '
CHlSBOARREY.Inc.FRUIT Fire ... or d.1I'aJka of th City ofit 'I If you don't want to SAVE MONEY..

Miami 1.41 ally attired or to it.. beef lamb chickens: aad turkeys. we can't help you. If you do come to
or lit at 111 door or gate the
AND or onstep.

VEGETABLEPACKERS Accident 'Ia',s or. of her 01'gay I. cI OlIN manner ID I...as,1.4f't'e.t or laeSf'Cnt to e:mu.poke P0sitlon you Aid wait that a at food reasonable fresh. leader price Juicy U ::,The T. A, McDonald Co.

Tornado netor any Obscene or lad ROAST-try .the .kind .we sell.
Can Dealer laI I;eat art :: street or public p'fI : I II I Ii I And Buy Your Building MateW

I Crate InsuranceFIDELITY I I,any 8tc YOIII.a 1. I girl shall IImonO\be .I..fal'y st\jaDd.for! 41.6. Doane Prop. ,I Long Leaf Yellow Pine and Cypress

toned to I. sees, to with upon the .?_ _i_ '
: e rents. an I". or stde.w.lks of of all kindsWe
Material! I Idly: ladII y attired or to s lDeI E
Burkhart II
BONDS sit It the >01'. gate or w II Jo. also sell Lime, Brick ((4 kndst Cement, Sash Doom
Other place J:pored to pa"1I vt I
,Pltuug cd finical> I'Or ell the p. etf h. premises ()* LOCK .\\ IJ) (. NhMITII: Mouldings, and whatever else a builder requires:

East ltd lUcl Inter DxL OLDEST AGENCY IN MIAMI 'I'nttfod maneerSe h)' b ,11I.n' ladecen' or Iewt)II i Expert" Repairing !i I at lowest possible tigure.

I It J ail be aatawtn for I 11I1 Avenue C between ti and 1 :'I.M. You Know Where We' Are. 14th Street. Miami. Fk.THE .




I ( LEGAL PAPERS FILED 11| Special Factory SaleOF

W iiifIw Warranty .1M.!. go. B. Joknaoj
$3000.00 Ceorg E. Clbbona. foil! im IoU 1.1'
1 2. t. t. C aid 7 block,' C. JohaaoB AWtadJella
plat nortk. _laa!.
Sail action of morvige. Pint Na-
tloaal Bulk to Dalay !1.. Xlmaale
= - -- --- ---- -
-=-== -- -- --
--- hiabaad
and,....IT..IJ deed. Ralpl D. Rad.r t.Eally .
A. Ch.t. for |400. lot T. aid PianosAND
I ortk 20 feet. lot 1*. Moek !" Rob
adies dlrlalo bl.. Grakam A CkUIIM orUt rob

Warranty deed Bo r4 of hbhe t.
tnctkm. Did Co"ty.|bj H. C.HooJ
T I George L. Bramnlnt aJ Guy I. Mt-
cat.tr.Ma of tpwUl brkool tai dlatrtct ,
I No 1. to LoalM JS CUrk for
".000. on* acre of Uid described by
tees nd tkli. Palm Back
I' Warraily d..d. C A. Rice to W. I
H. Ultra for ft 000 **nali laid li Organs
I seettom 1!. tp. U outs raif 41 .ntWarranty .
hoes I it+4. John F. OilY. to
Eliza Walker for l'.0*' MM 100150
\u4 I frt of lot 1, block 102. MlamLi .
r i Warranty dH'd. Prttdrac t.-d.
| man et .1 to Tboma A WIfl. for I'
-- ---zij fl.! 0. rait 50 feet kX 1!. block 114.Miami .

ti | We are here with the largest stock of goocb
7 DlKhirte of mort...*. Jobs DUB I
'. ? ust Arrived At I I fM to John F. OIlTr
/ | Warranty 4r4 ELF. GoButei.I ever displayed in Miami for our annual sate
to W I. Sinclair for !**> tot bk.
118. Robbins Graham A Ck'IllniworthMbdlrUtoB !
The success of former sales has encourageus
, I 8alI.ru.1oII of raortitac H. E.
Sewell's Sho Store Tattle receiver. to Chart. Carroll )
and P. C. Clark to bring a larger stock each year. Oi
Quit Claim deed. John \\ Prow ..d
.1. to KatbtrlB R. H..I"" for f It. have been
aid other coBttderatlona. ten acre I II. pianos improved each year and w
IB arctloa 21. tp. &.. ">uta. range 41. '
=--=--- -=" ----
I I ...t. I : feel safe in saying that we are offering at thi

All the late styles and new things i in smart shoemak-I I< .W.rn.IJ..s HiCKtwo for J I3"0 If, loll Tatam t aij to D.ID. .

1lIwk, 1. Bar Vlrv 10.I,sale the best line of Pianos every offered i;
ing can be seen in our Mammoth Stpck. We are agents : .

for the largest and most up-to-date}:? nth anufacturers in the I I' i TO SAVE PORTO RICANS I the city.Among these are

S.,such as Laird & Schober Drew Selby & Co., Dreaded A..I. AI.... .tasp.d

Norman & Bennett Thomas G. P ait Queen Quality, O'"t bjr-YOMM,, ......

I Waanliftoa Ft*. $- CaptaJm B. Conover CableKingsbury
AND OTHER ; K. Artfort tae yo.Bf army ..,... ,
wW aaa be.. oa htj IB Porto Rico.Mi .
'!aa practically .taap d out tb
t dreaded aaa..... Wek baa kin 4M
aaajr nausea IB oth.r r*>n. IIu
I ; 1 Ladies' Gibson L dies Pump I Mkalttd to the War I Departme.t kU
pars for a W .. tile beatBcteBt work M a penla.n' ,
Tie baala. ,
It M propoa 4 to 4vlJ tbs &.Ia..
04 WHITE: nrnc *'TB KID late dlatrteu. IB .ach of which th.r.
i AND PATENT CD hall .. a hoapltal *f forty or lily Wellington
i beda, bBdcr two or tire* :
TlM work la to lie oBj.
B cemtral _..1111.. aid .'1 p\J.
IcUaa of ,lie 181... will lie _ben I
of tb 1H.pe. Th. rmral acbooltBCh
I .ti Will COBltltlt B ..... OfI Also our celebrated Club PianoThePALMETT
I pmerrlBf tM health of th people.'
i \ I aid there will b*. IB .ddltkw. weekly
I talk to the aatlre who may DOt Wotberwlce 9
reached li, I. also propoBed -
%> pvbllth vtmph'eta. which
t.. i I DfcrB DCCK. PINK DUCK shall five laitracUoaa aid 'IIItloD. ..
.. Dr. Aahford who la aa ea-
i thBla And who has glued a Bierepatatloa
$2 $3 $4 und $5 $4 00 and $5.00 I.1.. profeaaloB by re.
A JuOrfT EX," TglTE AND BEACTIm. oa of his achleremeBU 1 IB Porto Rico
SHOELadies' I VERT SWELL belter that the prerra>loB of th.
r health of the popoUUoa la entirety

, I a matter* dlveaae of edncatlocTb which bat. killed off ao : A $400 piano for $267.00. $10 cash an

6 Four lies"Vici Kid !!I many metboda Ignorance people of of Ilr1i I.the,joe.satire entirely aid to their the:,,6 dollars per month under the club ph

Button Oxfords I I
I iChaei. I :

We and sell I 1 direct the
t .. Davla Has an Entirely NwPlylftfl manufacture to pe pl

I Maehin
w I

BoatoB Maaa Feb. SSdeatlata
+aid liTeitora IB this city are hlfhly The Chicago
H \ lateretted la tile anovncernvBt Jut
, i..... that Charles N. Darla of BrtfVUrn.
ha. lBTBte4 flylBf' -'be..1Ik' .
'. I. comaimcUA ratlrely asp:
lad orlclBBl aetplee: sad It MMt Cottage OrganWe
.. promise remarkabl ..** ..... Th
lireator says that hi* I*
either a freak soy t I. fake sal win
IN TURN AND WELT SOLE. 'B H LATENT KID YOKING t.rly do what h* expect It to do. !
WHIT DUCK AND BLACK 'It ban neither a fa* wit act B baHooaattaehmeBt exclusive for the
$3.50A aid not n. wings yet.II
It la said that th model Jut complet
3.50, 4.00, 5.00 VERY TOXT SHOELadies' ... acend to tay h.i.ht wlthoatdlBcnlty
i aid wlthoal daacer of a ....1 I
... drop. The laveBtor bas ....I&a... Mason and Hamblin Pianos and
r the .mack B. primarily for aa. OB a j j 1!
t battle ship.Orb.. machla win mor Organs, also the Schubert pianoI
4: White Shoes Galore jBally well IB tile air aid IB tile water -
aid eau be easily carried like a ,
I life boat. ,i .
Three llam'iim propeller
are offering special bargains in slightly used
I farilik the mo.lv IB either I 3
Wf bane th. I
r m ill evrry style at every price -out $1.25 to $5.00. water or air Mr. Darl la trying': nos at this sale. 1350 at $275. 1300 at 1250. 1300 at h 'S,

I' Ladies' u hitf Duck Oxford, $1.25, $1.50, !200, $2.50 and $3.50. to get some Easter cap'tillata latereated 'I We will make terms to suit the customer and we int

f Ladi-,' Whitr, S. N Island Duck Ribbon TH $2 50. $3.00 utid $3.50. tart to I la hla build lireitlon a model aid OB will a larger lOOt every one to call end let us explain our several easy paymc

LadirV Wlurr KM. Dress Slippers, $1.75, $! 50, $3 50. scale plans.

'; I..aditI'Yhit., Pink and Blue "Moire"[ Stii Dress Slippers $4.00. WILL INTEREST THE FARMERS We will highly appreciate your patro ge.Ve wil
give you a square deal. [Take old squares )
f i.nd Blue: Duck Dress PUITP.1.00..
)ladl_. \Vta feb t Several
I I.4iii. .:' P .r.-it, L.Mthf. ...? Dr-. ".. Slippers, Pu ps aLd Gibson Ties, $1.75, State meetlcri of the greatet later

1 r. s_l..)lt" ::3.5I). to-'V. ltnd $a.r: UU. r bre.t to' farmer. '1,1 'alrytien bor: lfu'tnrlafa w U stock held

F' ,. Lodis' It -v. ,.. t xf./rd?, :$1 25, $1.50 $2.( ). $2.50, 3003.50 and $4 b-. .e tote! wp.-k The, atnnal r meet. Concerts every NigH
, ofhe Sate rf>rtleil'n8| >cle
-r 01e"| hire 'at Isv and .,lll re
Iran:. In a<'ann tirVe lira It wl I If
Childrens White Shoes in every st Ie, prices $1 to $2 ', o:towiM I I-v the 1r.1 mee (rinf
Our do draw
. "" fate Acrlindtaral Ex" \._I\ou'&II"\ of rlher nrtranlzatlonsof i
WE CARRY BY FAR THE LARGEST'TO r PLEASE TOt' WIDTHS AA TO EE. WE CARRY ALL There will alm be a general. cooTentlna -
THE of acrlcultnr a under the an- Call and see us and buy direct from facto
-ic piles of the State Board of Afrlcur
J QUALITY. A CALL FROM YOU WILL, BE APPRECIATED BY US Board la In charta of the programa.

i POISONS'---IN FOODS-- i The Gable( Co.( v

! JOHNSEWELL&BROTHE Perhap. you don't ,"II.. that maay
pa B labs originate In your >xxl.h.tom
day you wll feel a twlng* of
drapepla that win conrlaee yo Dr.
, ONLY EXCLUSIVE SHOE STO TN IN MIAMI KJUT New Uf. Pill are g armt4t Dan Keith, RepresentativeAssisted
THE LAMEST SHOE STORE IN SOUTH *> eve an atclcaeM d.. to potaoa of
udlfwi** fooJ--or moB_y h ck. lie by J. A. Bryan. F. R. Morgan E. L Ross.
I at an 4r.ggtt*.

-..; .

I ..

The Daily Miami metropolis
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Title: The Daily Miami metropolis
Alternate Title: Metropolis
Physical Description: Newspaper
Language: English
Publisher: The Miami Print. Co.
Place of Publication: Miami Fla
Creation Date: February 6, 1906
Publication Date: -1907
Frequency: daily (except sunday)
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Dates or Sequential Designation: Began in 1903.
Dates or Sequential Designation: -v. 4, no. 177 (July 12, 1907).
General Note: Editors: B.B. Tatum, M.F. Hetherington.
General Note: Issued a special "Key West edition" on July 31, 1905 featuring "... the prosperity, resources and the general advantages of our neighboring city, Key West."
General Note: Description based on: Vol. 1, no. 21 (Jan. 1, 1904).
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VOL 3. NO. 51 ::::: MIAMI FLORIDA. TUESDAY FEBRUARY 6, 1906. C;..... Price 5 Cents

Whercever You Find a Successful }Merfchant or Business Man You Will Find a Staunch Believer in Advertising.

-- --- ---
=--- -
-- -




HELENA ---r I I GETS X2,000

the consensual j "Well Writes The Metropolis and Tells What it Would I
Best of all. was
play .... la.. Feb. 0- Thus. W.I
who left the Aid II III
of of those
Itorlum opinion last night after witnessing.'. Mean to Miami to Have it a Regular Port-Would I Lawsoa. Treaded rtnaac fame, ,

the Gagnon Pollock) performance I arrived here this morning for a coafritac I
of Human Heart* Never baa three| Affect the Cigar Industry Here. with li.ner.ex Cummin re1icar ';

Freight Train of Nor hem ben presented on the loca stage a I, I <1.of the Insurance Investigation la Walter E. Bowen.
human __ ._ I, U.a I IHe Formerly
rr.tt\ >r sod stronger!!: story of I
wail i w. accoa-panled! by former At- '
HIPS and hearts The scenery I
Pacific Crashes Into a new and interesting and helped the{, II ha bees suggested that lllaoll be torts to be lora'ed here their tobacco I ioine) (;+aeral >IOII.ot.or Ohio. Cover Baggage Agt. of the S.

plat and actors. The snow! scene In change' from a lIub-l"'rt of entry toa would ha tu be s'orej at KeyW nor No,,jleon D BrowarJ of Florida I,
the wc ind act "u very eatnnl' The port ,d entry. and several' lugitalrtsws I I.nd a large nnn.ber o,' newspaper ....1'
Train. >*t. This *ou d mean the employ'
Passenger Klin.fn nJ now gathered in the tree set fort "II' this Is materally moot <4 n r..at..I.I ., ::1err 10 ppprca ntlat the most Influential paper : A. L.. In Trouble.
natural act ,rare .k.ne with Ibe pro".J < >a the country
and on for fence were Just at hand tobacco ,
dlst-lhu' the to
m If urn were zazlng oa the camel I ,..blh meat of clcu ''l."lorlf'. and .... I IJOHNSON.
p a* I Ih* factory or factorle
'rat: scene !111 the North : the ten ra1 .lflDt'emt''I that I. beag needed '. thu ...I.'I.ot'I a considerable NEGRO ASSAULTERNOW '
I Mr Ren C C.,._. an Tom bo- maJe II the I.'I) n. folio-loll' : cornmnnlea ad lona BEING TRIED I II !
exper and mud I.
SIX PERSONS KNOWN TO HAVE ran the village blacksmith was very OD tgned 111 "A Nell. Wlsher" conceal ce I WAS ARRESTED IN LOUISVILLEAND

icvoM: ::i ro"pck;; h-1! II very cot n sad npl2.l. the situation Then 10 ;Miami wain a'l' the 1 Cemmlt .'. j C-; Aaaavlt la Chattaoeoga I
SUFFOCATED IN THE BURNING .null rule l 1..1 evening but pUvpJ It to moat t orouataly lid whews be advantag piestlRe I Ten Day Ao* WIL BE BROUGHT BACK TO
th la I
com at to her If she la
'> perfection She wade t yplcal newsboy +j I to'". bad by making Miami
: !I. port f entry she wants to be known aa a port of l'ba'larr"1tl. Tenn.. Feb. < 1V1.:
PASSENGER I 1 The spwlaltles<< were al) i very good !
THE &lIto lt1ropoU.Willi. you Ire entry. a wfo-purt la nvxl lo aothlai Johnson. tl.. Hero charted with crtav AND KNEW NOTHINGOF
Holdawn.lb : i
CONDUCTOR AND EXPRESS MESSENGER I Thome. Dan and and Doris were per'orinedwell pfeailnc.!I 1111.11 and worktsg for public Its with eI. pplng: men. In making: JUaml I...' n.. .it. who was taken to Naahvlll HER HUSBANDS TROUBLE-
t the prG'tem rata sod developmeats suck II a pot at entry the project of Turing lo- aafekeeplBt brought back
eaaod a little too lout being ,II
WERE TWO OF THE,,only p fault.Tonight. deep w t.r s. tile harbor and to the a federal hnlWIag would be ..materially i' here loaf for his trial which beta SON OF PROMINENT GEOOIA

I the wOI render ....'a Jertl blll1dlllC. cigar fsetorles. furthered for with the crea-thla: mornlaf

VICTIMS I play-Tbe P1.0Cff-.1a1t'b company I. a comedy -!c1r; 11. street ear .).tem. CU plul.1n floe of a port tta Importance wald b* I A cordon of police are stationed CITIZEN

a ia four acts. If yon wish to sire, :: sewerage, eta. lbsr, hone ,,Increased; a bonded warvboaae would shoot the court boa aid Jan and a.I f
that to have e. 'oj* I* allowed to eater without a
appears be aeceaaary sal K would fall per
la good tenth to se* the play tonight S POD
i taJ.) a .U.11oII of tae P1Ibll Clad the toverameot ta provide sack a ttor-loll| Job_ was broatat from the

Helena. Most Feb. *- A most dlNtro.s DISMISttO "... that I. the making or Miami age place Vale K owned It a cwt m:. hi a patrol wagoa at a gallop
railroad wreck occurred Bear TWO MIDOVS a' port ..1." of a sob-port of .at" bn Vdlng one mart be rented.Pnttlnj 'I with BMMBteJJ oftVurs aurrooadlat Lovlsvtn KyF**. I- WtlMr _.

here Tart Bight whea a runaway I FROM U. S NAVAL ACADEMY"' silt Ia. : the two together you leaa :him.' A determined attempt was made Bowen a former batta atat; *a th*

freight trek OB the Norther Padnc, Ufcahincton, Feb. S- indahipnvmDeSasasuscr '''It. are to bare cigar factories readily nee that the federal belkliafarb 'to lynch Jobnaoa by a mot at the time Seaboard Air Ua Railway between]
Into and If el via were dismiss-; the e a 01 the same will I. a large ', .of the crime tea day age +
Toad embed a paaaenfwrtrla me would be ajvaaced by ....n.cI
I lad Naval t AUaata ue Moaroe, 3. C.. was arrested
from the Academy asja
today mess. be asgmnted y Miami bacoming Miami' '
lit th. SUM road. wreeklat It com- mad port for then CBde havtac.
I today, wtth
result of the finding of the court, of If hoc I I e:1 SENATOR charted
port entry. cigar Sam PETTUS OF
pie'.',. would aa latereat la prey ALABAMA robbed baggage la his
martial held at Annapolis. 'I car to the
At three o'clock this moralac four. tor'es located: ,.... as they MM.1 tug a home for bla custom house lsd IS ILL IN WASHINGTON aasooat of two thousand dollar 'H

tenant kaowa. sad probably two. *o .1 they will hey a greater por I 1 I, beaded warehouse t lo the BOB of a former mt ...*.
tar aakaowa. are boraed to death IB 1 I A .p@C1alUq of the city ooaa-' ties 01 their t.rta1-tobaeeo la''', I hardly know bow nets change from > WnshlMrtoa. Feb 1- SMator Pet- bats Ga.Bowes's.

the Ira which consumed the' frelglrt 1 en will be held this evening la Ute Cuba, d..n suck 1..UtatJoe. do ''a -port to a port o' entry would be ,tilL of Alabama bad aa attack of ID- wits live la Jacksoavfjl.

traIL Th kaowa dead lachtde tklaueeater I icoaadl chamber for the purpose of stun I. geveram.st ba ula. accomplished, bat I believe It can be Ben la the cloak room of the Capital Fla. and had ao Idea her aaabaad
_"1Idor. xprm mee- I receiving the report of Attorney H. F. It u t need 4e.tIs. I 1 dose by a resolution to the treatvry I this morning bt recovered sufficiently I was "Hn... Bowea coafeaeej aid

neater and two pasnenter Atkinson who gas appointed to codfy This storage I. hoed can be lone department or by act of Centres!tta take- bis seat I. the .... .. ... win retara to Georgia wlthoot -
The locomotive of tM freight Iralahlch the city ordinance only a a rqllllr port of catty. lad wl h very little effort The matter ,riot Pettas Is eighty.foar years of at*.I.II sltloa papers. r.n

% was loaded win ablngle aajlimber. I lICIt a 'port u MIa.1 taw I. M" Is one of Importance la the developmet -

wa __pled from th* trail enter rata were entirely burned aaj anti I. a .4Jaact to tM port of Key of Miami commercially aadjotherwlne ''DEBATE ON RATE BILL I EIGHT NEGROES
la order to tike water WBOB the trail the fatalities resulted from the fir*. 'West: a eorfdor I. a deputy of tJI. : aid I would be glad to laveyoa I TO CLOSE TOMORROW I II IN A

tot started down a loBe grade The I Ipu.e.get I The passenger locomotive, belot .!* Key R omes I. charge of the 111 art the change along with' the I I Baldmor. Feb.BALTIMORE Slight HOUSE

trala was standing oa tkesnata tached from tbe cars by the shock of I, amt II 1"Ia., sad .1. reports aid .U I other good things: yon are advocatlatan W'.II'., no. Feb C- Aa agreement I pwanaa.an .
aegroea. were baraed to death
track and was bit by tbe fljrlatfretth other ..aactioes.. DI.4. to 0. la
the (collision managed to keep aheadof T anistlag: the city sad peop'k to was rocked hi the House today to ;,a Cre which destroyed frame hoses
which crashed lato It Thtcelgkt the runaway fre'tht! which follow- collect Hoe. George W. An.. Indby obtain clone the debate on the railroad
rat Curtis Bay. Aruadel ,
can and both car of tbe pas- ... h'oeclally. 1I&.dlecl. Were tam j.t county today
A Well Wb1lHJlOVER ] bill at 4:20: tomorrow afternoon. Only n.. taste ewe....





I i iI I

There Are Now Twenty drops, and Between Four and Fife Thousand ,jA Petition in
SHO D FALLING OFF 0' 5EV. F E. C. RAILWAY EXTENSION i Opposition to Smoot Taking His Seat, Signed by Over

Men at Work Building This Great Railroad I

Fort ,
I ,- .. .

The Key Weat later Oceta of last to dlaeaaa the work of the other eampaaad
daaday tlrea the foUowlat tatafeatlat I seem to be entirely wrapped .0 Feb.' I- The bearing bound la forty-ivs volume, each vol.

accooaf of the coaatracttoa of I la their owa work we elicited the la- Was sties, Feb 5- According t Metropol 0.....v'' Is the case of United State Senator .- contatalnc the aam.a of tile sigar .
I tormaUoe that there are BOW over'twenty the a Ista fast 1sa.o1 the tit Smoot which had bees postponed fromJaaaary |* from oa* Stale.

the Florida Eaat: Coast Railway froaihtlaari amps OB the llffereat keys he O td But.. with S... a lot Th Key West Feb.lit, !5. t* enable HOB. Jobs O. I Some of the volume have already
to Key WWt: and about 4.000 ... IB the 114. Thlameaaa :he Ii 3 year of1SN shod a hal work OB th* railroad xteasloa I bee Mbatltted by the Senator* for
ThTMcb the eoartear of CaptalaDriaeofl. that the work la being ...... saq t trot eel this ao..lry tangos which beta _'tile east .d ofj the Carlisle enaal for th* protostaata[I their respective Mat**, whit others

the editor of the laterOoeaa oa aU the large key*, and ta a few u to 55,200000. The tool trade I.'... ha* ba completed over a mil* to be present to Irerrogale tie wtVaeases I' win W presented to th* lassie om

and Street Coamlaatoaer Faired were moatha there will be aotalac left U swag red CU 500,0/0, of which thee toward th* city Th Int.. I sea was befaa today Wore the ( the day oa which th* commit!** toe

yesterday shows ever the grade eon do oat Ill la the p... : from this eta.try amo.stede17 the Key What side I* sis feet aaj laao Senate Commute oa Privilege aid privileges aid electloa win abmK IW
plated by the me U the amp at Key From other aoaroaa It la leaned 10000. tad the Imports Eras place less than tare*. Elections, with Senator Burrows ta I, report oa th* Samot ca**. Th* protest
wee/ It was a loot walk from OM that preparaUoBi are sow betat Bade Rssda a11100/OS. Ia the previoustray The ma:orlal for tile lliat! bag Uea the chair A large number of wttae- for Utah win b* entrusted Ie

eel U the other aal hack ...... hat to start the eoacreto work b the test 11 total trade wonted to pt secured from el-her aide ot the right: e* will b* heard and strong protest Senator SathrUad.who will rata ta

It waa wen worth the time aad trw *. bor at Key Went sad at the other 005 000 tat be falag off is easily of way by blasting out the rock" Every agalast Snaoot lie submitted. Waver I of Senator Smoot; If h*

Tbe work which began oa the eaat place where bridges will have to be' teen. tor y let dlst.rbed cot foot of the grade I* oa a toll.ftMJ.4.UOL The soeeea* of Ole faaxms petlUoa I, should decilB to iBtroJac It. the protMtsits -
era ead of the talaad baa left completed bain. i Slot Iatensl afalra i. Runs. There are several that was presented n th* House ofRspreesstaUae will ask the Seaator from

for nor than a Bite toward The Urea. of Sutlstlca h of the at work. One of them has started pap sgalast Roberts haspromptej om* other State at prevent It, on tile
the city, and there la ao dlapatta the I tps: that (bass /pres do sot acnn he nn between Key West sad Stock Ute getting up of a atm larfer ground t1l&t... right of petltlo

fart that It U the taeat roadbed gay AFTERNOON CLUB el repreot the aggregate Inland, another l I' btastlaf oat the!material petition against Smoot la the Sea- '' .!Ioa'. not be denied to the cltlaen
where la the world. The fill la some I trade. the nano( that because of and th* other two ate It was signed by over ono mll- of CI...

places oa the Key .>et aide la fafly the a k d Jired aeamshlp tines > the beach where the road are will pushlnto Dave I I'ota persona, members of the Natloaal :1,I Senator Sutherland, although favorable .

dos feet aad la ao place U It leaa than MEETING YESTERDAY betwee Amerlaa aaJ Raa/ias ports be land to cross the harbor League of "'0_'* Ortaalxatloa; to Senator SmnotAI coltentw.

three. The material for the in eta ;ooda Iupped tees this country aid The trade across Stock I.I..J and I Ithe moot numerously signed will however, probably submit the

lien ervredj.. oa either aide of the alt ma ty reacAlag R.uta, ea.I vies beea completed and like that of Key protest ever presented to the f alt.J protest with the explanation that h*
right of way try blueing oat the rock verse. la cosalgarde States Senate The
n many eases petition waa Is submitting It "by ""I1I..t."
West. Is! hurt oa solid rock. |.t..
e foaadatloa sad the allies has made a gar' a K.repeas ports Lk. User
cvahloa oa which riding will he deBtbtfaL pool. s. Bamberg, etc., and reported that preparations are BOW '', -
The Ladle Af: Club I being: mile to start be concrete work SOUTHERN RABBIS'
There are BOW several erncoa Testeru I+ 'Irece tntashlpped to the ports of ( GOLD WAVE COVERS
pan at work! One of them has tated +y he.J one of the beat ue4 nja the yaKlmar; destination, or. in the case .a toe hi bor at Key West sad atothr | i I GATHER IN NASHVILLE

the fill between Key West and Stock ('have enjoyed the __. A tarn e Am ace aktpmeests to Russia. places where bridges ant be
laiasd..somber la blast BK oat the ma of paced Mrrd tIc railroad ran f built.M THE ENTIRE COUNTRY From Different Parts of the South isAanwl
i iBtiaber memben and Their Mead ; s* Mclves Wednesdai i
tarts!. cad the other two gangs are, apart.eu, rly tree of raw ant on, by arrived on Conference
I were preeent Resides aa Important' hi Msl t>ry stesmer from Now Jorkml
pushing rapidly oa to the beech where far the 'argent Item of exportation 1 o
the road win leave the I lfaialn R mevtlnt la which 't! gas deIcUed has accepted the position oficrapber ,
land M cross Run a trots thIs country Ss.hrll'e.\ Tenn. Feb IIA large
the harbor i I to Immediately. order more As a mater of het, 'he ome'slly aoJ typewriter atm. nn I n"imr>er of iH.t'nrii .l Ra''fIe" from
''booki Row' N T Feb t
or the library Mrs. Car.lner > s Sons North n New
The trade oa Stock Inland has beeaeompleted record imports of American tot- .1! ft rent parts! nf the banded la ear donations ibe librairy Mr O I York Is helnr ewe today .. Inns .
and like that of Key WrH. to oa 1st Rsss. In the Ivtear pPricxi car Jones. o Jasper ha an- I. pr f an a' >h>. roavannn\ 11 ''a bells solid rack There I fund and for hch! a popular vote """'11 I he poOlon of pt".lean y cold wave The 'empera'are S .
on aaa enJe4 mDer '1, 111 sic 'saeJ <>u born Rabbin'n.
been. very HttV Blllaj aei fir 'h. lowe' of thewtnter all ch fi rnu'ly: openef? It- OJ' "--n hndsr .*
f lulaad. la fart for a long atre..chla I On IV.'tl1I.: fray a valentine' to h;, ,' h n : tIS, Hcnrt Cnm cud dauy trr. 1h" mewhr'. '"Ib| i .'eza'es
the center of the lilaad 'I Hoctal will be t ven bj the. Ctnb at th t .e' arrived from iralrc \\rj ass Tort degrees tn-low rein is recorjp .
It was set pc.nd errs. bin 'e pc cent. of I "van to srrir. hi'r. \ l..r '11' rt',,-,..
n an.e. both afternoon sad etenlegr9b t li' n eh the Ms I al Turn ien 0 h't o" recordsr ..
to .Ie la order to : on tootlel" .
every uca\ gettbe the dl Iport rrcordeA by th e .. rte end In 'h. > n ng an infnrn titm't
i: tbe .lml..WJI1 fur of 10 trot' \ R. r"I h.lo Vnrthc"1e J5
If. J
required traleTo Rnas'a au'hc'rPle. SyTonn returned to the1'y
artnmw Ynr .aM h.lI I I r h.'ODY..Ilf'f>ft wllti
and "f"hftlt'D" fur ..... A fine > I ,I'r gar <*at ota: In lejnw and) Rrr .
protram 'MIW4irrot\
those who hare never bees ever -an 't 'e estd (hat th Rneetan eg an evrnd.o1|trip .. *' r. ur .YM an I wilt, be h'ch: lab
will be carried 1\\ :- t : .
out a pleaaam Jacksonville .
that laUad a trip over the trade will urea a dit this rountrv alit all th'r > I rlncKING'S
be a n ,.,Utlon The aol! of the la i'me etijrwed Mm r W Carl. e"nn hlpnent. ne ninsthg brie The schooo lUx iras lane hid'

law la ..*ee n :ly rich and la admirably h ors P- : a lecture to the clnh I oa circle .' Tak'' t. for Pssmpb th Rnatialgsres n 'mm Curry s ".ya Thursday mor .ne I Wn-h'njrt'Mi F h fctn Intenifc DAUGHTER

Sited for truck farmlnx nr < ihf M"f "!.> Worll'and / f c'Ittmn Imper tpr the r, ,'\I'r t being I Iboruuxhljr enerbanlcd|.11.1 r.t,1| wave |irp,,IN nt.r the S...e.. IN CONVENTIONP .

there are hundreds of acrm of richhaaimock which wan well H'nstratAj and dpi endar sr 11(13 the hest p-rtod t or r. pa red "mof tb> Ptvkv MoD.falnn. eicepti P .- Pa r.11 ITII.

land, covered with a black hale litered rlllb Ura Gardner. ia. an Wren which pt-s h) t'ounlneyl a e antl (ap PL. CoAl!fV e. aft .r I lily the Minth tilan'lc Stales Thotemperarnre lint; of the l! annualm nf the
bait whicti win. grow anythifit. : woman Mn E I. Eaton able a find that besides Iii son,pap iron of continuous arnlce *' |na* areracen ln l lo th rt, Punch' ers of the King
or-r..1 I at St.
Captain Drlaco'l was quite enthurt read' paper oa HaSwaold Ecoootu- ,'wct".k t raw cotton erwllred to th e 'er of the IT S McVhoase is 'iler.jnreL five degrees: be'ow zero Peter" Protestant Episcopal
ask over the progress aiade. a... was ('1. which who also sir eatertalalnfi Celled tar.. Impute of raw rn't ram has tendered his realgaaiion. The cooveatlon i Is or cbureatmtay
ale. proaad of he. 'good dladpllaeta i portion of the eraooa'a program.At I Ito the mount of t/dolhnnlt are erM sad will take a much needed rest" BODY OF ARMSTRONG FOUNDIN I bemuse a new OperlalImpnrtaac

the cam'". The. eatiaeen U of refreabaieau the close of the aaaal.. dainty... coos n tied Orel( 8rit1a Germany. Des I heed Miss Maauela Helena Vajles. A DECOMPOSED STATE for the entreat year la to be prasi4set ofoMed

chart had oontlderable trouble with were I mark. 'glum. Mace, Swedee asNorwa d aced It ywr daughter of Mr. Mae The attenjaac 1* unusimilylarg*.
the fret peg of Btea seat Iowa here. tp to.atrlee which de pot eel MeaJoaa Va'd.* at the reddfac* Ptt'sbanr. Feb I- The decomposed

bat now they are an worklag with a The regular axwlhly ....... of the, prod eottot, trot rocelye tDe great- comer of Slmootot aaj Olivia streets.TH beds of th* nun who wa* found ta Armstrong cashier ef the vfsnhl3toi
win aad teaeral aaUatactloa prertlla.the I Board of County Commlaatoaer la be::er psi (s-host 7$ per east.) of beD funeral eerv .. were held [last outskirts of Roaaoko. Ta. N* loin Bug who J'asppeared!

u. the attaeert are MA proa. lag held today. sspply the Tlsltod hated. Thursday afterao L has Ben Identlfled aa that of tII.1 tertovsly oa Jaaaary S. ass


4 -- 1_ 1 I I .


The Daily Miami MetropolisB -

The Man on the K4ttin

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MIAMI PRINTING (:.OMl'ANY ';t "Corner ,

The mo .t-Southern; -newspaper puht; "hei on the mainland ol_the I. S.

I '\\'.' I ..... K.IU or ".n.lall (if the
PUBLISHED EVERY DAY EXCEPT SUNDAY "I..rul I Sun 10\.. -- a >l it7.vl fur xM the ruiivhlT things
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TELEPHONE n. )FFICE: METROPOLIS BUILDING. II i_ 11.1'f'.f hi* rnrrt apondenl--
Court House i it- \\lio Kn.... I'ut .. d 411't
41 aM 434 Twelfth Street Opposite the af' MI', J. W. Watson
I 1 ci > > much <.r : : Avenue D

TUESDAY F'EBRUARY.'tot The> m.1.11.1' EIit..r K>nUll Dial.hi ..
I I. : b. .III t no nutk ill mvna
MIAMI'S PUSH AND ENTERPRISE. I : ....on Infill h.' pubnuhi'. and i ofIr Illui'kman s 1.0111311 II
I' ,. ... .. I _
\'Di<'in II .i pmi1i\r you
,1. ..>. : null ,.,'i uflliliitiis t'*. ting up]
Can anion" Joun, the c1-; -" I pn.b thrift and fu'urt grPatneas of f : bli rhiiiK mil t "uD"I'oth: r cbare .!Ii'.i' ti\!,' '
exit IB f.: of n.'i.tluua And. I
)Miami CaD toe ,h. !> n on' pun ic mpro\to.en:a already tg a c
under atrevt i I m..sl \ I l h.-l I eve he ''nIl nrl. ,f In I)
Miami learn of 'Bose eooumplatni auu at good aa 1I'1)-a
I tIll': afllla\l I. an,1 put>li.h t them .
car Gyftem and! K.,f mr>rk>-an.1 then sat tbe\ ha,e not fal'h and confidence i I .1. but for ..inn> .a".o hi- changed! 1'
that our city h to rank foremost among tbos. of the State and South I M u.Ind and lm.'lRaieJ
Surt.j not but If no the are unmortby of t'OD.'df'rltloll either .. men

or cUb..... and teen bate BO rffect or Influence one way or the other on that "An>.aibe unfortunate citntrovv Buy a Lot inRiverside
U .'1 o'rr BOW; at W-at I bop
which planned and win come to tie city No town of ttt size In the State i. and all of a* are going to poll i

cat boast of the many Improvements and ad>aatage as Miami. And ao t ether. and make be approaching

city eta claim more public-spirited men and men so strongly convinced of II t the most successful of any ever
I Id la tilt county and 111
IU comtag greatness and willing to Invest their capital and Interest others
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"By tile way I got onto aa later
with tae advert of the street car system sad the gas beating and Vlnc piece oT political new* today + e

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De arw reatorwi, BOOB to be pat seder way and to operatloa by Bert M."No.. I: of all lots will be increased SO :

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to tae battle of Bit; mea who are by attars
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sad u neb they wlQ see that Botblag.but soccesss win be achieved. aHdlac bridges trestles .tftlkla.1

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stability that mast fawn Us s.rrcgtbaad existence t rnrr. Th* Metropolis ict the inleral: for this work baa ;

II always glad to see sad welcome say nterprlse for they aQ letd t.4 areaeoessary ot *T.B ba ordered and the elr i

U the mpbnlidlng of a cltr. bat DOO so far bars reached that uUlloa of this rrpori U an a bllad I $ OOperLo5
..s mad c"cr the devil :
magnitude Bad Importance that will be found la the building of < ,trtt tfsb- to- .. 1'1 up- : ; !I

car line and the establishment of a gas plant Both are urgently Deed..I1 --... _-

Bad both will accomplish m-h la making Mlaicl a city to be prouJ 0'. Wbra asked by the Man On tbonirr .5

.bat object Top' llaha would
.y"-. ave la taking Serb a .talf'metlt. [Terms $166.66 cash balance in one 55
h Voluble Cititca conllnik-H: "Whyi
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ho will\ lx In the race for the clerk. vyears per
The Gaze re-Chronicle published at W..hiD"OD. Ga IB Is Issoc of Jjui hip Too sr there arr ** rralKMuad
I .) .
17th discusses the supremacy of rallroart In po.Itlcm. and why they Bnwrry votes on the extcn I I
nary .nj j
/ ton and be calculatm that If be ran ( f .
forced to take "sane in the same or the.r mutual pnrectloo aaJ btncfli very inch al I of th. in why hn Jor n't

Intelligently and to the poia' a* follows: : art whether ao'I>o.', i-l.. ,la the
that Ihe "'"it rotes for him or no. and J. H. Tatum & :
"So great has been the cry of railroad supremacy In politics. pre** either mould I They say ItIna.I c Compan
reqaiaite to spveu !aatal.tion: la office of say candidate Is to ,."railroad.. I 111 IIIf'tIff cent of (hoc.ate B hofcrr

and )ell 1ou4'J'. I' Is a key to ncces la office seeking A claptrap I'OU'I at work on the ex'rna'.en wrrellvarct j .

tlcian can make any sort of declaration against the ralroadl: without fear I supporters| In Ibe mmoralM) i
jtarr In New York last fall, but a few i Real Estate
of soccessfnl cootradiction, for the reason then the Intricate satire of recelp -
playa before the rlertioo were abpp -
,a and expenditures la railway business. preclude substaatlal JenUU xcepi : 5.4 Jo"n here In order tha Meant

. by the railroad people themselves. and the pubic has been so educatedby : i nance* of ..'.II'nlt would ho weak I .

political aspirant that tbe testimony of railway people., who alone, c.aru.11 i-ne.l. Now. I nnlerntand thai lUhnhaa
roc the promise o support (rum Rooms 8, 9 and 10, Frlssell Building
: tat true laforroartoo. 1* looked upon with\ discredit.That .
practically every one of thou. men : :
railway companies, who are solely dependent upon pubi patron i'by telling them bow hard he worked '
ace aid whose later** to tile different sectloas of the country exceed naaa- to carry this! State for Meant la the
last rmldvnytlaJ! 'ieii"i"i'i@'i'i'i' fl'ie)
dan,..th.t of any other nterpr:... wjuld deUberazely try to destroy paW1eproierty. a a
thereby undermlalng the very foundation upon which their success
Whea Informed by the Man On the -- -
depends. Is highly Improbable and should not be considered by sane people. Corner that there certainly wan some

These self-styled guardians of the people's rights: but who arc to reali- mistake about ib a )ara aa tile men '

ty almpy pol tical aspiraata have been the mean 0: forcing the railroad BOW working on the exieoMon were i See Dr.Burnhcim
an located In Monroe county. theVollblc
to take what pert they do la legli'aUve matters Tile matter I* simply this Cot ten for a moment seem BISCAYNE

These calamity bowleta muv make some show of doing something when ed kwt for an '1I..f'f'. hot It came

elected to appease tbe Indignation they have arousej agalast the railroads la "What difference doifc.i make DRUGCOMPANY The Miami Surgeon and SpecialistIf
their: campaign: and the railroad. are forced to take some attitude of defense It would'nt be the first time aa el''''
(lion waa carried In III.. count, by Don
otherwise they would be legislated out of existence or ao badly hampered rcaMcnt I w..1t'f'.IIIbf'r a few

a. to become financial ruins which means the same thing. And. what ea raps ado when a certain Ix-inon City you are a sufferer 'corn any Chronic iisease.: I <7t'h. Tumor Canr -

terprlse..bat hutnaa being U It on earth that will not raise his chooner brought In eunuch viM.- .rs or and Blood Hisca e. Catarrhal Ihs ea.es of Head Throat.

agamst h s owa destruction YOIJ from the kern to change the rrvii u Lang Momachor Ilowcl |IInpeJ""ia.1ndia'f'.t'01l. RcvtalDi
a warirly" contested rlecihin Thenclue
..... and liberties accorded -cae., Female DIM-IM.
MA. the railroads of the same rights !! rtiwvn hate o no ao far .back
enterprise* IB the country and do notkeep them eternally under a dread lea aa ill1 tha, take the 'ant cmiaty seat
they win be legls ated oat of bushier, and so-called railroad Influence In pxUtlcal lerilon_ we brought over from ihc Rahama i
ora.Dlul'on. would cese. sad a greater effort would be made by then 111101. ahlo kwj of vole In (cIPr toRe MedicineIn and a large stock o( specialprc! (>ar<:d rent edit* for Special rork
to open and Increase the prosperity of the country the county scat oat of the Juno
The right hand of fellowship Is extended to the Insurance president wb< wood**" Ladles Maid Alvays in Attendance
medicine be CarefulIn
robs you. to the cotton and produce speculator who robs you yet a gres I |.tairs in M