BKOtSIER will collect your rutsThree
: dear or more has .11'1I1 his e not keeping<< many away who

f tn and all1 enter the employ I. ,d planned to attend the performa -
eecantly fornlsbel ro .ma
a *. All of the cast were exceedinglyever
f the F E. C Rallwsy
r> Company.
auttabl* for I rht honekerp' .
r-rirx on one of the new steamers e especially' Rachele Rf'IIIar."q
H. ,
>k the part of Jennie Summers, sad
',I.w *n mute here from the West

("..aliI. I tr- a colored itf'III.bottt.: PlckertTiie .

Teamsters Brotherhood Elected OfficersThe of Teamsters metat I Mil' tonight will be -Confusion'a I This included a superb line of Pictures, hand work in oil and pastel, some .

BROttlCR means Oafs InvestanentaI popu ar and exciting dranarossier I .
chamber last nldht
the council
sad elected officers for the ensuing I I nice Hooks, set of Shakespeare, Kipling, Byron, miscellaneous
hitch wants U tt yew prprty I
>>lI- Whl-e Eng Ish terrier ; I

year lots tall clipped ears. Suitable *'ward Poems, Books suitable for boys and girls, Picture Boob,
Best table board 14 per week. L*.iInsurant. <
;If returned to this offlc
.For hej rent or tinfarnlthei- Motora In aparttnee's tile sew Fin foral Ct) .'1.\..... D. I I| Doll, Boxes, two superb Oriental Vases, Silver

let block. Apply on premises or to Steamer Expected Dally I
any real estate dealer The TEC. Railway oat" of Mm S. T. GrtmllBf and aoa Job I Cups, etc. Just opened up a line of

r imer< tugs and barges. purchased Crsmllnff liar gone to Del b.,.. the latter will .
resume 111 law
In Mobil and other
House tad lot on Avenue D $ ,39 -a' w. ago
a id where his mother will make herm
1 IK. .ir work In the band! i\g of
House sad lot OB Third street, tl.400 i fa
> < daring that time. Mr Grtm- \
business house Avenue it- l-H) West estenson of a* road.I .
Fine brick on
'i has been horn spending the hoi

D 11,500. Beck Wilson ft; Bs.ldleatoa.thheae !I: of .the-jw tug(n Dauntless route her Is under expected: c :1.\01 to. I ays with relative tad friends.

:arrive dal y Nearly aU of the trsfts' :| SHIRT WAISTSin
l.epened TetfayAH
will Th best biographies are those oft
I are la serviceable condition .
of the public schools of the city i irofeet
and rooaty opened this mornlac after i be put to work. soon as they arrive(

----- I I.
th* holiday vacation with Increasedattendances. Ior Ball Cheap -One thousand three
Several rood furnished sousesfor
There win be BO forth I Mm
If Mock
Inquire or phase
until the I rent for the season J. H. t atom
er Intermissions from BOW L. Mn'a. agentBILL
end of the term 'I a ('0.. real estate afeats- f
exquisite lawns and dainty

Forty Fn foot glass; eight cabin feet Unnch beam for two sal and. I I Ten thousand rapttnui' trees ready China silks in black and whiteWe

a half foot draught Flfteea borer for p'aatlag at Tor***** N.I'Nt1.oa. th* Circuit Court of the Beveut Judicial

mile west of Cocoanut Grove R. R. Circuit of rorida n and far
.. Tower tour cycle egg B* Apply t*:I
Jr.J Amu BBNOMICK Station Price reasonable I II Dad County-In Chancery.

I I oath B. Xu...... Complainant ta.

mean Bat .......... Klectrieal Machinery I I William H. Xu..,.. Defendant-Bffl had th-{ misfortune to get a dozen of the white China ones wet. Someare

The electrical machinery to4 tile for CXvorc

Will Institute Branch I: Halcyon Ha'l Hotel has arrive I and I' wntaa: H. Xaadera. defeaJaat U a little (Stained. These we will make a price on to make them sell.

On nest Saturday afternoon or IY. Is being hailed to the boas today the above foregoing styled east I

mine a branch order of the National by the Miami, Transfer Co. It Dsistaidyaal| It appeartag from th aaUavtt of I

Vastert. Mates sad Pilot's Aanoctatlon 1:of a gasoline engine. motor **J'
will be Instituted hi this city with acharter moo. each having great .peettt.; Th or* entitled case, that you are a
machinery' I. of the latest ma) sad ou-reaident of the But of Florida
membership of twenty or more I W. M. BURDINC 315-318 TWCLTTH STREET. MIAMI FLORIDA
heavy, the engine tad motor
1o steamboat men Captain Bnrrh very ad that your whereabouts reddens

of the steamer dhlnnecock. who I* a :combined weighing ten ton, wh 1* the ad pottofflr address are to complataai .

member of the nalrm .,,-'attmJ.Nlw i other pans are equally a* bei'YJ' Ia ...taowa.I --

Tort branch, will assist In the proportion. I Therefore, under and pursuant to I

installation of the local order The:, ----- isbed' h* laws of the Stat of Florida. It tilereby March Villa March Villa 1
Furnished n'cely! fu
meeting will be held at raUendorif room; ordered that you are hereby '
halt mom TO rent In Watson buddli f Ap' equlred to appear to the but flgainst ,... I 2ISTblrt*.utB St. Il7 9111 Si. t

p1y Metropolis officeTV I II you la the above cause on the OPPOSITE ROfAL PALM PIRKOpcuCKtoher ON BIVAYXE BAY

fterentyflre fout lot nn Roulevard. I, )rat Monday la February tile same : 15thHOTEL Opts Dvcrtribcr lt

1%,1110. Beck, WDiwr Hud<11e toii. > hive one of the best cisaces *)HC tilt Ith day thereof A D IK*.

!lft>r Investment hi Miami real eTat x iad a isle Jay thereof SERVICEDi

:oriefhlng which win pay 21 p. cent i| It la farther ordered that th'i! order j

New Power BoatThe ''invest rae this F. C. Broader b pvbl'thed IB the Mimi. Metropolis" ,,:, cd .terfor Drinking, MRS. W t MARCH Prop]
new power host bo-Inll: built br
Ram ln 1 2 Avenue D or J Car- i aewspaper pnb'tihed IB the city of
. Calf W I. BarTh at the font ofArerne
rJl 214 Avenue D. C'1' I )( .nU Dade County Florida oar !
D 1 III BOW nearing completion -- -- -
itch week f',r eight rongePHttTe week i
and t I, eaperted to b.'p J; :n rum
Doth of Miss Kline It li farther ordered that TOOT of I
mlfcion *y :he middle of the month : The
I The many "''.114. here of Mlly : U Km- hit orJer be posted at the Coart Rutherford
The boat, abet completed am! hare
il, Kline of Three Rivers. Mlcp.who : Home door I* the County of Oad.
the largest carrying capacity of say
,. for the past two years sad u > to. I Don sad ordered parsaaat to law i S3 9th Street W
open craft on the bar It li 41 fart :
few mon'bs ago was a resident of Mi- at Miami florid Dad County, this I
In length by ten feet feet beam :and I
i:anti will regret to>>. learn of he deathwhich ism day of November A. D. ItOL
win scaly persons 1t..111 be Now for
carry Open Boarders
occurred at the home rf her A. K. DLUlBOJUC.cs. \
driven by a tra-horse 11I11I1.4: will
( brother 8" W Kline, at Gosh nJal, ._ Clremtt Cost .

be need 'n the up river" p'esaarejlpartybusines. afewdSTsSfo' Miss Kiln hi d been Ct Ct. Seal By J. L. Pherl o D. c. MRS V. A. RUTHERFORD MRS. LEOLA TATUht

.', In III health for a number ol yean 0 A. WorUy.oldtor .
,,..tI came to Miami! for the benett of for Comp'altaftI j
Martin's Shooting Gallery. OB Ave ruse
I the same She received much benett The Is over and while you have THE GAUTIER
BB D. has a large Turkey ap this I
'" land It was after her return to'' loshe* the time, drop In and take a look at
week for the highest 1e N. ContMi
.. 'i that a relapse set In anj ended tad our a a* line of Woolens. Don for c-."..a. C Nod Rust Stress
closes Saturday night at II o'e'oek 1I
: r
-ath. The remains wets tikea to th
get pace
Boys try roar .erv*. I Light and airy Rooms. Polite, prompt Service
Constsntlne. Mich., where 14 Inter I JOHN I WILL A SRO
I meat took
Lost Large Face and white Headquarters for smart TaQortaf Mr*. I. X. Feaster. Prop
UI Twelfth street Bscayao Block
"pointer do licked: al over with AdsThat
< Th very latest ntyiwa la v ,.._
black. Lam black spots on each stationery announcements and ea.IV
Uo Reward for his Oyster & Chop House
eas rib* reran tag cards caa b* had at U* )retrep.

X & Borbank, Miami Bids oflca.THE I

..-." Miami Sea Food Our j
--- Steam Specialty i
Abowt Over
Crepe .
Local ,ro dwce and vefetab'e dealers RAGKET S ORESTMLucL Oysters bv>f> &t.. quart or: a.lon. i

.nj shippers state although the early,,
LaundryMakes Meal served at all hour 419 12th Street. Miami,
trop of lomatoea. beans. and other _
I Pay
vegetable have been ., to the average I -

both IB quality and quantity. that I I

C the supply will soon be exhaustedand '! a Gorier Areiie B tai UU Street Ir
three weeks
that the Bert two or a Specialty of

//', siB see a marked scarcity of all vec. Kitchenfurnishings Tb object of sdvcrtiainf THE

stables for several weeks or until lllf''I jato sell foods. Your ad I I G. A. MULltR.a sot P,."....,.

new crop come In. This Is doe la your best salesman Cleaning

rely to tile conttnnons heavy new why not spend a*

constant rains, which nave awed: th.1 II much oa advertisinr as Dyeingand 'SAN

rmt to develop too rapidly and we have everything for t.II.e.s..rtm..t Utchen ODe c* fk would do COlt this Fewaleechanta butthoe CARLOS]

bmhes d'. from wet rot One shipper j
to This of our muifWlafavor who do are reaping PressingLaundry
state that reports from an sections I a foldeD liar YnL Now
with the public. Judging from
of the county show that the I you would want a slovenly neon : 8164
the amount we ; Opli r5dr N 2.50/K 1df M1 It
vegetables c* low ground have suferJ 'ML disreputable Th I B..... _sees M c-w
I I lor clerk to your store. ] ..._ Y..e. 1A.n..oo".
setback and that the high .
a severe m
-v- have
I Why disreputable
slovenly received In the mor- rsrtsfTkeMMA. rr t ftirtlti
ground crop are also badly danuced
I ads lAt me do
will b delivered! the
If the rains let np and favorable conditions II I your ning
I .tefd.re8ft.
prevail from now on he expects I I mouth and see same evening. A trial order

to see a nod and plentiful late : I write aJs that pay will make you a permanent

crop this section.of all vegetable indigenous to i A pin 1k1et".d 25e f frn Njrtitv customer.MiamiSteamLaundry. Mrs. E. A. McLendon

---- = I.rmJ.J
; I B. F.
........ menus i U Pe pose prsf srtyFwrntefeed I Davis 233 Thirteenth StreetDRESSMAKING '
I W. H. Chaile &50I

Rooms 12 fw w** Ltw'I I Box 275 Phone 1 5. |808AvenusD I ,

W Ps tauut. ft I ATWM D. tttl Attsaw'.-I l


t l'I __ -- f

r j t

PAOt ttvm

-r- -


k by visiting the WELLS & GRAVES Lfa Final. MnnXaln Abound In It VISION Of RICH FABRICS WARM

FOR BABIES I II I Says t r q tw. [ Colons GRACEFUL UMES.
Arc to I
prepared execute '

and 10c order in their r. H. Taylor *a Aactraiian miser a.... w Re.soes es resent ,

I wjm$ ha been pnwpeetlai for tIM put tt---........ I. s ....... m..s.sw

Millinery Departme { WILL BE BUILT IN BROOKLYN N Ste year* on the I.'..... left yecteriUy Ea.c... ......-&Ic._...
Variety Store ( It V. BY TWO Pt HILANTRO HIC | for Plnar del R.o promises where I Me.t .... ass ....... --...

j h f brlfevese! ha* .11_.,.... a tame r....... .* she rules in '!( > oriety'
Designers of the latest Fall *tTl bat i ON'I
o.a....d1. ,,. Wooden tad Ora WOMENABOUT MILLION ; .
They in silkk. dark straw aad lightweight ,etlMst of copper says the HavaaaTi'lecraph tide **aoi ha nld..tl717 tile wUtnancod '
I war, To...'.. Mata. Rota. Blaak- miterial DOLLAR WIL BC THE EXTENT of list Wedaeday Iii la In nUn
,aid Comfort. Their I ud 10 I 1 OF INVESTMENT ''IBr 11.. In the Interest of aa Americas .1aatfmitillaaryaad.plesdor. Th

it conater* sirs full of naeful artle- I ci pltall'. sad prorMln be locatesSr decor dresser who moat compass that

for tits kitchen and dlolnt coon Ladies Tailoring Depart nent I "! pro pe I win fad her whole. ......ttr require '
handle notion ot all kind "ef'ecteil *a tr fctrext, carriage and ereniaf c|> tnirn i ..khn. N V. Jan 2 Till!* F Taylor was ......a by a Telegraph to sees la tic Ue..lreil itch .ty).. all ) I

wait. tailor gowns and cn t* 1'1I..1 l io la) In no Important real r'liior'er yenterdiir, feat before itepartnf die little ahlft and changes *f detail

'uloson & Tompkios ,.i.- .1..1 l _ni i h I that mak dress .rPf' llriat. for many
< )> < philanthrop- and talked to aunie I. ..'. onninfn
232 Twelfth Street. Miami sad carton. e>>ca.1010. and otmpatloata.DeoHertly .. I
'c s I>PID nnxh.r and lUucbter.whuM and their' va'ne* la Cuba. It .
rretK-b lots U the mood
No. 117 AT, D. 'idrnuiy !la carrfullj: crvraril: b> their I M only a few week sign clace he r..- In which the dress *f today U preaent-

wars 10th sad llth Street, Ularnl! 18*' al .Ld aiiornr A. A. t'orm.o. 'i med frrrn a dar
Jr b..-omr 'b
,K>li on 8( John place; between Bed- !I'tllf1.zo proTtace He I. the tint J JAuerlca !
: ford and Hewers ."eDUt'LII who baa ever pre**.."l lain 4,

U nut the magnitude ot the real 'lie ra.... cruet fnr more than a month ,

state, <|el hlch only inrolTe about ti* roamed thrtmfi: fft- wlUerne
Fort Dallas National! Bank i
Ills'.','" which makeS. the deal rmarkaMr. 'nf.tlac h H now "nd then aatlren.

but the fact that the two 'n"nr of whom had never 11..*,.| of a* ..

i mrchwvr* intend to bnl'J OD tbe** or.Me wnrtdrThe t .

I lots apartDwnU match. It la tatej. i tnonnUIn ire fall of cn'eI.-
wilt be a parmdUe for rhildreB J... Mid Mr. T.y'tw 1 loud come dueaiierlTnea

8 Fonner will be the architect to build of the or*. Site bent kladof

Capital $100,000 I the aparttneat The owner of the ore. while | went .loti.. aa4 t tnokncailnn I .

to ma/+ the place fremit..11 '
property latt-Bd to hare the apartments
they come for I am fnlng hark
IB the
most approved and mod I
''era style, with da I bffore' lone aid exploit th* toOI.tryfw. ,
retard fur the welfare .
Surplus :: $3,500 I of the children flvlac them America rapltaL That tecttoa .
the In
plenty of sunshine freth air aDd ualUrr country parrlrnlar It rich. '
w lib. or*. and *omebn.iy |* ntnf to cet'1 ,
Hrrouad.BX It I I. understood
: I It appear BOW that tit. people \
that plajcrouBdi. for the little
one the eeflon<< .nntMitt<1lnv Las Plte -

Assets over Half a Million DoIlas will Tbe be two provided women for.do am deaf that ,. ,1 *peat re frld a month to penetrate frTeliae its through. ..pili..

they eipert to' mak* a prtrflt from thisuadertakiag
,tie conatry. 'eeprn nader trees andNvtac
la which tbey win latest ,
on hlrJa and tame 1 hot from
'I' about one mlll'on dol:.,.. At the 1 1is
d T to day It wet one of the mowt

Statement at the Close of Business. November, 9tl ,1905 I name to be time able they to Mippir MJ :that U they their eipect i l tr..t'n.r nJl"CSt1nII. I eve mad.
There" were two or three oceadon

condensed from Report to Comptroller() of Curr betiding apartmrau superior from a. Whea/ I met penpl llrlat bunk np on
unitary post of view to mot of the it t
1'a"' ''', or In the vaHey*. who {
I hew Tork I .
: apanmenti tad at '
shout had acre teen even the imnet of
Resources one half the rent whirl It ,
charted i Titus* of the pntrtnc

for inch apartment la Manbauaa.It ; 'i.I, Taylor h.. tr*..e'.<
Loan* and ditoa>ut. ..... . $203, .86.04 li nnderro that the mala feat nfl everme ,
mot every of Caa. Baoan omxu a0rm nonavBonotory
Orerdraft . . . .. . 3,40.59 urea of the Armour ga', ia Cblcaro i 4
tn* age wa geoM In Th Telegraph sail a refrMhiBC
U. & Bond acconnt Circulation ,.. . . . . 52,1000 bunt by the late Otdea Armour win at tayta that Cuba was th. richest garments for every pnrpoa tarloty ofwltabl lath

Other Bond ownedBaakinr . . . . . . . 5OJOO.OO b* copied li'aa.l{ tB the world for ntae of alT nd of aortal Ufa. J.1 l' Louis

HOWM . ... .. . so.4oo.oo, t1aAs XIY. Louis XT, dlrortolr Lonta XTL
I TEACHING FARM ,I ail a *ret ataar rrentrtrmM that
Available Gash Assets 4fy ntlflcdoo.-with any ported.-0
1R ECONOMICS TO WOMEN : I FROM FERTILE FLORIDA these sty)* Sow hem Demo ......'.

S. Bond owned. . . . . ti90,0.00 foontam. of mvpiratton.
I 1"u. Cm.ll University Will AM This Item. af l trt fraen the Laud *f the Two eharactertatM Patti toOot of
Dae from U. S. Treanrer . 2.600.00)
Branch lt.dyIthaca. i Grapefruit and Pin tile mot eletaat pfwoaJoni hr
: Due from tank*. . . . . . 9212.S2 t A bcona grins cloth rob at tile

t Cash oa band. ... . . . . 31.87183 ? I grit trimmed with black !aft tnaordoaxwtth
N. T. J... 2 Be lBBla, j Bhtpmear of ct'm* traits are actlr
taffeta .r hag and with n border
Total resource . . . . . . . . .. . 1564.436 .* with roily the ("0:1..fe of Acrtcnlrvre The early plaatlat lacks w..,. tag of r>Weo orter.DaatnatiDff .

of Coraell t'atrenity li adJ nx one Ont... chipper caa draw a long the **cond toilet h ate

t Ii Liabilities more facllltr for the benefit of farm n-fa 111 now that the n.h of the h<-4r whit doth mantto embroidered with

wr>n>ea. by offer III them I hpp'n! I, oyerXTaachal pal MB aUk with (arnltnr* of black
Capital paid in. . . . . . . $icoiori.oo a wiatercour velvet and whl slim bockta.Th .
** 'A e>vn weeks la home will tl'a! ceaaaa thlp tV
I. Surplus and profit . . . .. . . .. . . 5. ii.(,() rem I t of of empire root la the delr of thechic
oonilca. for the special benefit 11rp. .moant orBe say eala -
i Circulation . . 52.fX.00) dre *er. bat mwfcvibtedly It II a
; :: :: : :: : : : ': : : : : : wire and daaghttr .tn tta history.IT 1 I1It't't'eS only when well rat and eiqvlttHy -
Bill parable.Depoit . hS, 10.00 .. .
: ;> ::: ::: : The tours bec.aa 1001., sad : | I. a.1.1l1IM r* .p.> will .,.It "" mails and rePy It otta *nljearrlai

.. . .:..: . . .:. 342 '3938fl55.f46.21 clou: on March )<> I: I la free of will to). 'I* great pure m1 eipCM'tlnq In Jack- wear. A* for tb* emptr

Total liabilities . . . . . . 3t.eolapuathe th-o to all retl.lea'a of the State Th. .tnrille inr'.tf: JannaryjThe .bap* In heavy fun, none bat a lytpb
:J onlr crop na an acre crave' of tnrlae should attempt It Fan look best la
; eTpeaae j
tuttant; of deposits itxmlai"i iocrease la IIHag! aid* are the pr naal' oatiarifor > *. near Orando! .... told this lowing One*. ettDer cloak form nr elsetight .
traveling For the fintaf.rwr .
Z November 17th 1903. . . . . . . present slater ibis course I* to com- eiicon on the tree for II 7SA mnff. by tile way are very
NoTcmber 10th I'04. /TI*. a ser es of lectirrea by the ..*.- More than two aotlj tralaload: of long and rather narrow, recalls tile

Norember; 9th. 1905. . . . . 342.459.38 lag womea la the fleld of havehoi n *aces are leartac the OwrVxte Han etcbreenth century Styles familiar lath
lag bur dlTlffcm of fhe AU..tttCnalf TIe*>Lebma portrait Tbew. of ,
ilnmrttlf science< sad economic l).. daily.Orange coarse, ar* designed for n** with th*
., Aboat twenty women hBTt bee enHfed elbow length (...... In the abort coat.Thl t
brokers of danford bare reef .
to fire lbe e lectures *.. arm *mat with elbow *.ler. totbltoat
*Mr bought .eTerl crop of frail
oaatratKMM thing Ttolttaj wear, became theaddltuaal
.; I at AltamoBte sad wilt commence move warmth needed while .m a

IMPORTANT '4l them about th* gin! week In Ja> ,rarrlag hi fnmlhd by an eitr cloth
SUPREME niry. or tar "wrap wile tile long ftore* aad
i COURT CASES : tile loaf maR protect tile lower part of a
loeoe by the trtcker last t.nv
t I thoarma.Pfat4.
.. not d'fconraced the farmer 4
Will B* T..... U> .y That Hip Trt- tRta. bawl shaped rtok ar*
t! h *al TNsy t* th* Mtent of .bn-lonla trncklac.rit amraf tits tett rnlnc wrap 1
I there will be a greater
scat .eon.May way sad may b* mere *r lea
i WaihlactOB. Jan. 2- A ...ber ofI.'ebl I| of the growers at Stuart are trtam d or qnlt pUln. Itnt bodices.twF

Important CUM hare been set .Jin .\Ipia. pine which ar. .ptt'.. ,
for a heartar t ... .
; On. of 1M.ott
i .
them good About OBe-forth
Important awe which win com ap ot th* ",.pat of tilt east Coat I I.
''R 2 today la 1M ,....,..e In 1M tsar* of hipped from that ttatJoa

Uacola sad ot 'Walker. Ban.. A Iti mid that a man .... not t1..- ,
Co arratnat Ih. ratted State. |BTOT>
en. U to T'dt the nag frowtacrctloni
tae ear'oBf of Phlllpptn lands of Florida where the whit ,
Oral *rfT>.eat win h.
I heart today ffy I. located aid completely destroy j;
upon the oae gvctlos only: "Ha them with a diabolical matins h* '!
Congress t" power to ratify what tile his InreMed.In
Pmldent did I* th. matter of collectlac I'I the 1 %
ahlpmeat of Tecefable there
J.A' I PMIIpplae rereaae. ....., ItI.I I' *!eats to be quite a .*r"ety of the j I

HOME OF FORT DALLAS NATIONAL BANK war power, after the treaty of Part .|*ff olat forward to market bat It I t UIt s

JTe'Jntltf: the publics attention to the abort report condektcdf vm sworn j shad any been legislation ratified) sad before there was flow' many aonree later on ther will .. t
I on th* anhjeet Th* b* a creater variety In the Testable
statement to Comott oiler of Currency which shows our present condition. i jc ** was ortC1aa'J, decided by the tip.. -PrnH aaj Prodwe. New

Our growth in deposit shown by the abate compararire tl&temetof /-a gaintatements I Sipreax COlIn atalaat' th* Called !j, I

one hundred thousand each year for the past three yean. ;;Both State rehearing.If th It* will decision mea U the coafirmed'on refaad- I SOUTHERN COTTON R I; :'

\i > Inc by the < MEN REORGANIZE '
de-positary forerameat of several million :,

,' : dollar paid by the plaintiff. t ,.

Our customers say it is a pleasure to do business with ufo Ipltr.apitaloratl /' hate am Th Wlacttnda Paper Trust contempt Utf- Rock. Ark J... J TD.:

rae. bar bees Jraaced for "|". convention of county Jel*,ate*
wgu'tmtnt'll'ithin the f eld legitimate ba.nling.; Jf'econpound- ti> ( and with of the cotton growers of th!* Isle
ductaSanngs Department and pay 5 prr cent ntenstcrediteianded ;\ cvm.\ them the appeal, 'la the lilt Paul cases (op'B'-d her n4ar The delecaie of w

quarterly. RtI ft/ullv. la which gars for contempt were to- tits rations counties had been electedhr I
JIOCI..J Jvdge Taadereater.
Aaotlierctte the caress 4'itrtet (conreatlon
WHIT tiara .UTU
which U to b* called aad the
today la object cf tits stats
the meetlacH .* treat that t* b* worn ruder ) l
rite if the Talred" lutes acalaatSena'or I to elect ......t.* to th* I.t<<"tat. tight lraii< talkie rat are aa ..lb.l,| r
of Montana. larolr'ac rU *arlon t. lie hl4 al Hot tpdaa scat.sa all sits of vamltnr
/ 'hal'"g",j IIIfal irqnhltlon of tiny .vrk. to reorcan'i<< 'h* 0oqhern Cot. nuke ta.r rolpw* Irtah .. ::1

;tC..r" hr land. ton Grower' aoir rnt-be and frUU and be nflf.lhnttim
/ -* &?*?*/ Aaaoeiatlon by tINt .*
The ar* helped In peofnrie th
hr1nc *n *
r* fh* raw of M. f-te t! ,n of a flew vet of eSr SlmTrieetlBf
of Missouri eor**s% A high belt fire* to th. wlttht ,
{ vanes th* hate of 1)11-) for the i ..'. '
ctton ot
.ate* ""'Co rrelt liar .* aUnrtnc to tb* reye.
RA aol*. sad .
larrHT-Ttr the suns of the tub. latmtat Con T(at'on bYe I .. whil the ten**, lens ar tfoentbtac "5
A rhlca$ 'o Jralaave raaaJ la .'to s*oag "... held U a3 Sowthern I'.... hi bought down m front M ti ti
the tmportaat cases set for a hear- i: narrwwtnc polat that Imparta a dsfgh 1a
bs today. fill crac to tb* e..*.
'. -- -- -- -.- '- ROSSIER. MM*

Vi ..

.t.1.J., :: ,-.

.- -vv*>''VltvV

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t + w -' ..
K w -..... e.ati. ...... M
+ ..
r--- HI DAILY .


.1. New FrwH Craotton |

c We wish one aid all a I y DoaMlwf on QMaaOoii of Cacey/eg fleet allow your ckaafnr to Jrlaklloor by Lather Ru rbouluMr '
you Fin Anna M WoofeBaacor. while ta charge of rear ear -
tf rwaala. your ewe ear avoid ram

M., I... 'S- Ta Males SmwneK Lather BwrVaak lklBJa -
of atrnta IB tW frail n4 I Itab'o
Sportamoa'a flab aid Game AaaocU- Doal raa .. the wroag aid of theroad
tIes met Me today U aaaaal .... klaoaa. He bas 1.5.17
and emcept at Barrow isterssttalenacts what he ean .
.1 a pooMt I*t
happy prosperousNEW tag at Lb. PMoborot, RuchaageAmoag scythed aa follows ,a a
tM csrlossl ll portaat c ao-i 1 1UnII.
,, which will como ap for roo.aUratloo Doa try to see bow close yes caaraa I The poaiatA gets Ha MM i
I fact that It la a traittomato
at rt. MMftac win bo the I to pedratrUaa. Give them eve *

4_.k1e wa 4ar iaf, r.oUtk>.. are i more roooi this they ,......*. V.., crowtac oa a potato
il I' The piaat tram which It has I
(seeded r cardla< the carrjlat of dry walkers have heart troabl
YEAR elopod was ortcteany a wild.
,arms I. to UM ktatla* aMtloaa of AoI I II I
host lake say klad of a tara or of potato fon4 IB tko
k I mat Jarlag close time. also whether I .
1 carr at twenty miles aa boar, bettor which showed a teadeaey bballs
rMldrata should be allowed to tarry I
go tour mile sad b* able to do OB tk* via** al tko
.rar.a lato the wnod'a la apes seam I
,k .,.1.. the root tabera. Mr,
without trmt kartaf Vrocar4 a permit "
Doal pat on oa year reflftnttoa that tko* potato Delta
or II MM to kart blrJa or other
...11*< aad throw dust oalt Aakoaeet exaaiplta of which are saris
cam sad what If day caaa thank atr ns for their ass teal afraid of ....U.e.- taco plaits could b* d.wei.p.d '
We wish to our many p BMvmaary to better protect Uk orra "
4arlBf the etcw. __. n.I ttoa desirable fruit rneojbllB tto"
liberal in the year 1 P05. which ataUar Ia aaaaoady larca.IMPOMTANT Doll toot yo r horn la paMtac koreea to.j
.t patronage I I I ..1... absolutely aereaaary There By the staple preeeoa of i iIrt
I atm ar* BOOM spirited aalmala.Doal he succeeded is the Dews. ed
far the largest year's; bu: iness in the INDUSTRIAL I
was by MtCTINO HELD blow your Gabriel lion eooUaaaHy I year ta tralalaf taw
la a city alrMC. A little crow several rime the ttioof c
history of our firm. I of It la mask: too mach la a ell..(..*. potato plaata sad to prodwCf
ta41aaapoila. Jta 2- A series of "
l able. Irrltatlac racketDoal of tko original sail, bard
We solicit your future busines s, and fully important Ia4aatrlal a'eetlage arraaf- I forget to llfkt your lamps oae I green balls a la* white title I
bf Ik* State Board of Agriculture boar before taaaet. then you win lack aid a quarter t* aa
tV* presidents of tM 4lff.r.mt bar _. cbaace that the with
positi I wagonahead halt ta diameter a
believe that we are in a n to supply I" .. was opssed this IDOAI ; without li,bta-aa4 bo wttklaIbe like that of a tomato,

s"s with a n*.tla. of t" Rtat fair I IBoarcl. law.Don't to ta
trait more regular
wants in our lines nquch better than I ..\\<<'I..m '11IoI.I.. al\.4&1''
your crab at the tkla. ,a that roac the tomato, sad with a atkirtac
. session for the purpose<< of reorgaal' !!I| .ra the ckaaffear, aid b' take a a high laver aad a

ever before. aatlom and for arraa(1a tko program :i i paMtarer tola who has rrabbe4oara fracrBBco. Tk* pooMlo Is
for the curmit rar{ This r.ataj '
-- If you ever are able to co oat wkea eats raw from the
the Wbol Grower" AaaoHatloa I
fltati .
j jOur 'I Ola.Doal part ralattt lie aa a
t win hold Its f'iij aaaaal fcUaf raa away after rvaataf 4owaaaybody. when cooked for tko Ubto. ]*.,<
at the State KOMO. I yovll stand a better chases caa b* eatertata that this 1
Tomorrow t" 8wt. Brt..4>n* Aaaodatlo If you stay.Don't den hall win he extsu.icely.d
Shoe and Clothing Stores' will meet laid U the after, 1
Enlarged ever act lib aaytktac' bat aatarnifat sad caltlTBled.Tk .
twos the Hereford pr..an' A onrt. I
(.. ......- The o.UqI
anon will hold a ......1. Oa Thursday Vacailae.
the ramtert >fataal InaortaceConpaar I, Scotia Vtorated xmur,
Are the in +the South \ the ladUaa Potato -- '
Largest OrawvraAaMtrlathM sad will hold sPdayaeettaie 'iNCMIASINQ ; I socket .. I.. eoatroOodpBa 'y.:.
>Bt eoaeera tad eoj
\ An tkeM| aeaclooa will b* I ....., has also lacraaoad tkof ..
held hi the State HP....
Thirty TMwaMW..Nrt 0e4 WrkBoetOB. their rain 1* per ,teat,

k With best wishes, we beg to :fern in A CMneery' lt : I era set. ".- that with tko tko adraaeo sew, year will It give b)13ti

A ckaaeery suit. M.ry BrkkeH byWr I J..' 1- BeaU.... with today ,of ta* ABMrtcaa libels

.. Yours visry truly, kaabaa4 sad boot frte4.. W. B..1 i iBri tbs thirty 'tkoa aa4 aaa4aploy4 ... .aggregate of shout usm .

I II ken n.Jobs P'rebotk. a4mtalatra-j. ky the Americas Woolen Co. I.tara more sash year tbaa
y I I lor es fflcto of t4J ..... of of this city win have their aca tarra hess rooorrtad'. ,;$
pber C. Ktvtt 4> e ..ed. aid Mary I) U per eeat. Tko laeroaaobrcooi I I Of tk* am. affected

I mutt. to force partteat of a Bot tal t j jtke ** ** etlT* la the thirty plaits located la tko ..... of If a

Sewell & Bro. \ mm of 111*. wed ronplalaaBt'y ,,of tko corporatloB, which are located awes ta Rhode ta..... tkro,,
John the MU C c.jScott 1 OB a mont-(Ita,f aer. States aa4 It .U expected Hanpiktr tour ta XaIM.of
i i..... was Sled Ja'lie e,""'. offlee of that erral BtPa. tot *wae4 by A* each ta c-Md..... T*.

.. I I tk* rtrtalt court todar'! rnmpaay, will gnat a similar ..n_ New Tort.Bon .


;-I' I"

Le To
,..(":>. 4Oec

1Al,rrantr deed Fort !)an.. u"4Co Fine Dress ShoesIS :

to M C Ml'. to' IW tot tr I
block CI Miami | I I II

h Warraatr i***"*. Mrs IMwi Jr., :COMPLETE: 1 1I Ii I i'e i

+ ana to Miami Realty Loan and CntraatyCo .I '
.. for III,**. lot IT. block S* I, Wish to call your attention to a
sad tat III block 41 New R'acays. '
We are exclusive! agt$, for
alw tot 10. block J*. New Bi'd.1e.
a'110 non qiunrr acre dmtnated by I
feet sad chalsi la a4 tows of New I Itl. i
"WI"; also forty acre' I. 1If'Ctk1e I the Florsheim) Infants and Children!*

tp. 11. aoBtk range 41 MI' j
Mortcat ..... Miami Realty Loaa | rr.
sad Gaaraaty Co. to H. C. Room A shoe made over ;iva- I

tor '1.500. part of above described I rletY of 200 foot-form!lasts !
k. I Wda Now
p''eparty. oxfords and Displa .
in both Mghdem ? on
*'+ Deed. F B:. C. Railway Co, tow )
Alvin B. Crow for |4<*. lot It. block cutshccs. We can a.u

"g 1;. :JUTway! AMMtoa.: Vi r>alo onstrate to you they revalue i iI

BOBCB.Maatera. of this shoe-There I

Dad ecroaty* deed.State H.But P. for Braaataf MM Iota to Is a difference.! Prl
4 4 aid C Mock IS?. X.....
Warraaty ..... Braeet Btypmaa to I garment worn by infants and children

H. 3. McPberaoB for $6S tot 4. block .
ll. Staart sob I in a wide range of prices
's BIO of Bat, B. L. BwrJlae t* RedCrooa J I

a .., Pkannacy for tUAM. propertykaowm I I I
aa Red Croea rkarmacy ant _
xtarr. drags etc. located at tko 1 "J
C sad IZtk ..,...... )(1.
eormer Avenue \Ve wish to call special attention to 01
amt i Miami ShBe Co
Coma'Idea. But of Florida to ,

'Harry DaBoU to b* covaty '-.1 ,t'' ,
.,..... from District No 1. Dade I it i i iACCN .........

tataty, vies If. R. Jokaa adjudged S
lassie aatfl ovallficattoa of .aeeef Elite ;
e'ect lea. TheSO 1 I
nor m Seat ge.eral = b,.,K '
Maim'ulna ..te4 from December ,I BEST NTH EWORLD, p
Mortgatre. James PrUrkar4 fit u .

to Iepieal foal tmproT* rat C...j. i UDBaSUOA'B aby Caps

fir IIM. 1cKJ(. Mock U. Miami 1-- : :

I _. _r r 'f s
9wMHCtftTtl_ octal OBeeeaii Ate the tainf No dirt or ..
t At a aieottat of tko Brotherhood miss I sell sew oa.a and .t, .> ;.:: .....:-.: '. .
.... .\0: r
eC Teamsters held lad .' %t offlcera rccaarr old ow... Tim sold If 1. .
for tko eaealai year were elected aa i aid Talcaaited. Can for hire..d They launder like a handkerchief
follow: W. W. Staatoo. prerieeaCfllofMC = CI9"--- .
e.. R. ZACt1ARIAS a.Dudi.ne
t, Arnold, %T?.JCtwrt 54?>t: H, tXMatcVff. .
secretary aid treasurer: W, IHaial Block MUmiCwto

J, Wtlaoo. eorrepaoadiafjLrm secretary;
Siam traote tot tareo ,..,.; I Mali Riser .Say P.X.I.

Samuel .-. .. Iraotc tor two &
.,..,.; V. Ww Ilk... trite for ins SPECIAL PIANO BARGAINS Quarterns I

,.., The Lsta&tloti'srt*tab"" .: i
'D.fight of tka life 1I..n.r tMa*'*.. rt wfew SSi ..1. Nrte. .?t>b,al.rret,haver.
X e'/1lwet.el aM.acct i00 MM. t r1.e g 3.a War X aaMtNe
... 'tU octten of the roUor oodwin
We ...held .t Can*.t.rr Ain'.IT1ira.y All tM ab.+re plain.amt w w pJld 4arantoo4 by TttoCaMi Co.wi Proprietors of LE.BON TON, 30C-302 Twelfth Street,. Mbfm

....4 dgr aJcM .f ash. weak: _., UITH. si i l'r_ __. .. -', ",,0 -- .. .- *.---_ ..e.::10.:.(
'. .. ;.. .
-:4r* t -- '"
T '*1 4.- r 'w+ '
L '.r.. ... a !

...-" "'. -\-t.\ t. tl l... J4 '! Ji.orr .::
.,'. -; ..:- ., :! ,. ( .;r4: '' ":
-. r ,
I It


-. .' I. .... .: '.- ..' '. -'. -

"- .. .-. :--- '-.. ""'... ............ .. ,.. _. .... ...'_.. ....

j.t. ; "f' ,.: .. \ ) "t : '7 ;
.. :'
., .
: ) : ..



S Taken into Consideration Whalers-: is I the cheapest place l in Presents

.,' uallty Florida' lo Buy You ";


,. ,
ecsstr.ctoa of otbar South Amer i awatk was that of ISM. wttkam ar!+ APPEAL IN i .... .
ckart Pods are a < for Ik !
. [ERICAN' ENGINEERS TO BUILD less road, wblek 1. .errs as a. out.et I an 01 N .."...,. n. blgbset' t.mpr..I BEHALFOF CHILDHOOD I ilUmurfo a..... of tMeaap&pe legis4lle.

; y w47 of 'for lb. ribb r, stars' Via U 4qreeeM i aow ta prosper. Envy
cocoa, coEs. fart ota,
love teBpcratare 14 4. pass am tko tatf Par a** ty Natl.ul ChIMta dollar glees kr toatkora a ool* via
growl L#tb. tat icr of Bolls ko .. '
tko DtOo akO-
A RAILROAD IN ECUADOR Mtk 1M*. Tke aarUort dais wbtefc
I oa LaMr c-I".
Tb. void will about tbr. bsadred 'Intknuac* frost U loss of tko Silk has tko taarfaleoaa
I mtl.i long a 1 wild fie from Loll .;. sun ....... of too aarty ton.U '
It. November IStk. Ararat date -
es, lb. Nod part Is QI'I, U* SoaUMn BuUa there ar tk. .... tt Btmi w.. was .....
oa kkk ant kmtmf frost occurred
a La Is oat south ad ci Late I f .., a clad, and wko lorW tko little "'
la .utama. Dee. SStk. Average data! .1Ot cklUrca. from atx to alztaMrara
.. _. OPEN UP COUNTRY AT PRESENT WITHOUT RAILROAD FACIUit Tttkaes. tbs b sot abut ed water I. call:... t>!. appeal ta mta4o at tats +
wkkk list noiUd" trust occurred of .*. v rkta( ta tk* eottoam
to lb. weld ft stag at u $111.5.of aer4 ..... tar tkla sassed oamaa.ta .
11111WILL DIVERT RUBSEM COCOA COPPEE AND OTHER :ta aprlac. February 14tk. Tk latest aloa*. TWy UT little ItoOdar.ra ;e
12.501 Meet 5 e tbs Ieal of lb.Mr. tk* kapalaM roar sea cklUram,
,tats oa wkkk Jut klOUc" !tort oe- at UU ...... aa4 U
: PRODUCT TO THE UNITED STATE I worklac :tklak of tko tttuo warkora atM
erred Im eprtac. April Tim.
Yowb wm penoa&U sup taj la tvaiT hours ta Boat ot the looms lad amtomc ko iptafloa.Coatrlkwtloaa .

-- ertatead ban cl 0. IIeu4Ior PRECIPITATIONArorace I Siata. llaar of UM Bttl oa.a 1 may ko eat to ..
toad ban amp ale arrugsaeatsas for tk* mtoatk. I.U tocka.An .
must work at alxat.Tk Uoaat Ckfl4 Labor Committee, Eoaaa
.Mow Tort Jam. 1- Tka KepaVr&aaoor ... mieaiarai ill ft U klkt amite i will td' d. u..aoa IS a <* aaatber of days with .11 of KaUoaal CkU4 lAW CoamtVt 14 Cvatmry km04la& Atlaata. Oa.la .
few d A. bi aa bck or mono 13. I .
ia to kara a asp raUro** eUmat*. to Lee a aotaaBallty acompaataby ..oriiilnt BtU ktkalf of tko cklUrom b the
over a
of a garter of a miUUam sc sm UC1tUta.! Tk gv..t..t mMotkly prorlpltatloawa rat agobas aam. of tka Ckrtot CkOA -
lawicaa OasUrl Van BrnOft Tfc* eooatry tkmafk wklek morpowB U. UM> t I IJANUAR .... lack** ta ItU. j jTk I airaadaacea i la aacartaf A. J. X'tstwa1.IoiIs.

t wi AaiarlrM BtatartaL Tk has tote ....,. U said to ke YIr7 I1acrIn1tvaD WEATHER _mtoatkly mrodplUtlom WM.M laws tor OM better arouetioa af O* ).
k'to k* caDoa1 tka rarocarrtt at Car ,. X 0CU7. cedar aae"otker lacks ta ISIS. Tke crcateotamxwat loiliat ck04rm te tvalo a< tk. SUVa.

r aM to to opoa ap a toaatrr wiles Talaakl/wooda aboead. At Vhst R.s.Ne Past .. proetpttatlom recorded la:' Oar Boatkwv StaUa are Maid LAWN TENNIS :
tight. as, 14 eoaMcwUTO boors I.SSUckea
M aroaaat wftkoBt rallroaJ faciaH .....t tk. only mode of traaaparta.Uoa v.ara u ter This Mostb am tke lltk aa4 litk.vie 1111.RSIatly. tko abed la Ibis ,..... kflalatlaak ON THE RIVIERA

kaova ta that territory la a r 4Tb. + ... of them bays M laws at alLaaJao -
Oast ftaOroM .ales. ,HomMlty
Jlooro.eC tk* Erta
td coeeriag a perIod Average. S a. a.. t4 degrees seer atorca *at.f tk* Ia.. they kara.U He*. 1... STIle swat New ,
OM of tk tactora ;
i maa maJa 4 of tka tta prim la caaaiajtk '
oamr o gig tea for tb. ao.th ofJaswpl ac.. S ..... 7S a>t" *. tk* ....u.. tk* very atrmttk Tears teaala tovaamieat .,..... mere
t WO* cklcf on4mer of eoaatra ovaraawat of Ecuador to Sb de s I
Mbar. es compiled Too. I aid today It..to tke slab ckaatptom-.
dooee said WotHr vigor o oar puts Aaclo-Saxoa for.
The *)* o( Ecuador _
Koran CIa1 eoaatracUoa of, tk* toad M a tb.w.v records at lappet.is. .
MM and operate tko road nwO Jwlr to divert tbs tkoaaaaJa of teas a said to Aow /bicoadlUos Average aanber of clear days, 12: stock .. Mug upped kr tkla drtUai skips. wkkk are mow Mid by Muss

ko from Aatoalo. vklck U or cnia rabker wkict mow Sad tkotr that pnnaa.d Jutagtbi I party! cloady ..,.. U; eloady ..,.. ., vorklac tko ml. ckOdna. Aa4 Tees Wardm aa4 x,. i. B. Alesam4r. -

at ike tea* ci aarlftUam of.Aaaso. way aaxaany from tko Baa Amtoaiolatrtet mo. La,q. tics.patod for lb. above atx. I tko ckJUm tea mats ..I, tko a.w Tke Iowa teaaU eoaru are mew

., .. dower tke Anaaom to... C.... ed t mud not be ccstrusJ WIII4' aa Ml 01 tktr kt,UamMa .to ko ..I II' dosed ta tkla dty sad are. la ..

Jd tm wool feat wm b..s.d om .4 Statee. a total dtaUmee of abort u a, of u. wsatba Tke prrraBlaf wtmdi bYe k*..1 Braid from Ibis atartrj. j ..U..& coadlUom all tko year ..... .
foal, tat toctrtettr'vfll k* eaeromtaany. > ara tkovMad an... It to a.t ut.4 eon tor umfag aoatb. from the mertkwaaL Tk average koar I I ilea Oo-f Club wkkk to a ralker re '
Tko XaUoaal Coaam... om wkl ktkro
.. tkro Mar ** tlat11 MW Va. win cost about all T praturs ly velocity of tbs wta4 to 1f2. Tke, ( ent adJlUom. to apes fSoartokiac mad
of w stet power aloe* the unio* dollar KatlT labor:wd Mesa a temperetursr 11.2.warss.st klckMt Tloetty of tke .slid was M are twatro ,........t Sovtkora a ........ ., mutfkea will ke played

M of lb.ta14. <* lbs te .. '}Joyed. Tarion Anoricaa eoatrMtlac : b was that at lift, aril* from' tke dbwtkwett oa tke IKkj!! -.n.1aa aatablliktl a Aoatkra oOeala 4mrtmg tk*mtomtka of Jaaaary asS l> "
'rlror, aloof wkick tk* Dae to to coaNraa are tiwrlaf oa themm with as ;verags T2.2. Tb. coiled ISIS | Atlaata wick a Soatkorm mtaa ta raary.Continental.
---- ---- -- -
... I
'a ,, flat a...a r.,atrtac Jaat M M ka*.. Tires
y A, adS w. wffl sal It rw yo*..


.! M wa3 u aay etMr'la4 at Eta aiUeia > and Pierce Bicycles

? T NI t. M tky laat M-toac M aa.w .
oa. y.. BUckt bay Oar work to .Etas
Bora Uattac ...*wars loacar this.

PerfectionLast.. lbs aw TML A thrifty koaawtfi are "High Rolers" the first quality. It is
JFALWAT8 READY, ALWAYS KE .X' I looks wan to MT Ualac repair aa4to

always taUafl with oar ""'-. with that sell
Simply Lather and Shave. pleasure we you either ;
truly LW TO UAKX. ::iiI: ::: i' I. You may have no fear that

w The wonderful fcatare of this razor b the -
A MAT. blaxto. TW |TO blades (twenty-four sharp either will fail
|l BLAST odr**) a*sea aa paper.M HAmn a*Hint, a* you
ITEAB.I art sal and nutmuc aa wkakbom.(* with
-'r' eack ..t. EACH The Acme Billiard Parlors
i sLAsz s geed fat
4A trim Twurrr HudsonCycle Co.
"4 TO romi
j0r aAris DO VENUE D

DON? roRcer Tilt NUMBER 1013 AVTMJC Dhooey


__.o M.d.laSt. I' !. KCCTH1SGOftrt BUT SOFT KI3KS ,BKRVEtt

\ to Loan Hooselold Furniture
*o Top.. Mr ft;.. ffccfc 'XiamL. FJorI4 on.
i+5 thdwsnit.
5- t I'

I Without removing it from the house Inurns

.: of 15.00 and vp. Can be paid; tack I In

For Sale>y Dade Co. Title Insurance sums of fi.oo a week. Business strictly '

K Drug GoffipaftyMeyers+ j confidential Write us and solicitor will call

and Trust Company I


a a 4' r MIAMI.FLORIDA tNCORPORATKOSorplvs .1.1p.ail1'

--: &: Robinson, Cd. rtd, $75,000.. $12.000 OPPOSITE posTorncc.AModelBathroom. .


infracting Electricians I
:tuues'tiUn.. prepares abstracts el titlca,loaaa tad
*.imTc t* e7 a its 0W1I acco.at u4 for otkn. Acts. I
1019 Ave. PI, Miami.. Florida tora 7-i*-fact, traatec, aaalfmcc executor ra-l i
cwrer.: pardiu. Address an, coaammlcatSoaa illlatest.

I i -

S. L. ( o Sec. end Treat. Miami. rloridWm la the most aaaevtial laat-
it. of
; Pat 1 i1'1\ art IM aMdcra ko Maa
s SEE ." it la a Mcaaaary COMfort
lor as, hew*. Betty

Curry's Sons pat mossy la perfcctiag
r.BurnhamSpecialist lx the aaalUrj system, thereby -

_, a* I J laaariaf tM bush amJ
'. comfort of ..r
,Key West. FloridaHKADOUAKTKHS1 thai pcadiar It tor tat

.l FORChandlery f.ni.kiats, Acta fo tVi

e Diseases.: hi Building ,i-: -- -:
tjpouarea, sufferer 'with .Chronic ,or Blood. Al Famous Racyde

'" Diseases and Deraogeinents most successfully treated Materials Of All Kinds.C.ai .
,- i', :: Also Rectal and Genito Urinary- Diseases '< i s

an t.'tints....-.4 tlMtrWitfp .......... i aad IcmvSUaM traNtl.Railways_ M meals*Bktp ,Ptrxti
"..._...w-.a wtr 5... sl.sjs'-sawaasO, M. j. ,McDONALD
-- if
I An kind* of feBona tad Steam nttlaf cam M do.. at aJ '
.:.Stairs :. : ; .: Metropolis Building khorttat,notice. La the beat possible ouucr fcf expert akUle4 .(ciiakl f Twelfth Street. Miami. Florida4. .
'' ...... "," ., ,,
.. :: rr ---d )r" 'j: -p- ? lydr "
t ,
_JII., 4
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I Ir ST.iNE'f Ita.... .wt to a dames;tto my laranstio Ighaal trade M .... atoald to uaaoaed ttooo days for a Jaai'aey' was a .-.,{
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Rose Concrete Company I One aura sip loping out this... o..of,.. fade abler may hare been so ef .... / .
wtow lives PruliVst wo toro Ito fiiaoao Joaraeyof
LfaKota spats Ito town sass eoe ttot parUmisr Sohto '
Bercla areas Italy,free .
'Foot Ave. D. West Slide by ertmnac'., ... 6&fa e11 als s* retafrefwar. > Ito waters .... asses Svaaa.Unto Rime.to rerrara ,trIG an ....... .
ah*to raacht. Ito nets. hat sad ntiBer of aoany 1000 persona whichvj
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I" stay. rerenejtly'fitaraed to the took tweatjhdro days te the depth .,
'I secretary. knew Is him tfnm WON by the a Mew war.Hewee tiwy.rWI. ... A .... was sera oa Ito bin ....... U wa had cheated.to amt

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OWe te rtttstoTf wtoa to saw a nuiaTTky emery ef girt Lit, sad raparteoned kotias.. ,
r t!. trvad. drat wtt I a Isla. Before startta*oaf.. eeatto Sahef.M with dwarfs and lasses .. ...-.oe ale
..,,:- --1 -- go to OW..,. to pray Yet coed war sad a loannaar of t........... __
'J Is diet eatTHtr'aet tork.aad tor their abseaee tto tasjUteeceejttoao .... and toattoy-to asks-toartajataaie. .,
Youngs' I Ooi't t Sill Dogs .." .. draanosd *f tto captain WIle to tovoto Ito farm of Ito ced. 1 wo might tore ajtotakoa R fer
PharmacyI rvplftd that ... Man Brsd la Pttta- A sera at tea or abeam ef food list a trsveOa rtrraa thee aotoOy pendtar
berg, ttoa a.ary .a hsadnd mOte masse that tto sit cod bee .been effaaded -1 magi ... h&Tut -
and aid to appeaoad by ...
VCOKFOBATBOA ahead and weald rseetre attendeettore. .
E it I can give you a { Hal effartacsXttcace Xews. r sil ds .
Tma a caipeatm etost' Mr.:Eta*. la tte deye ef the-Snt settler ttevChlrkaasw

tan pmaptly mend a ....'... a PANTS AND VESTS. eeoatry.whoa Davy Cscl-
Drug Store for The* PeopleThat's ointero hatchet with wblcft U ret t Data. T.,. set still frwieMted tto BUj.aTstcMaOU \.
lot a sbMt tram a etatroai to art TN ___ M f_ Tier ...ATas..w Usa ChUtes was h prop ,ef '
I sad bandaged tto frsctar n. tbmtmactit ... was--.. rtnm of tto Forked beer settleaaoat.
Tlatar sad wstr frees ... Way de ... trad Joaraate lessee Ito One day to started ea a trto to Af-3
our motto and it;has been the means of adding hundreds *v
of new customers to our list. We sell only the purest parts sat e1 .. ? .. PWt wee brtwofai trawam' sad "*traw yean Forked l>*r+ kaew aiav ao iAs
barf est by die 11-4 ... lajandua aerr" and betwaan Toot* and <*waM trart te Arksaaas was daa rocs '
drugs..' All prescriptions are ,filled,by registered phannacists. c. H.. BROWN srplylac tto l.ti. I jwtoa thelost costr .... a romepeadeet ef ttoChXhter aad as aothlac was hoard of GhUiaa,

.- Ve also carry the finest sodas and ice cream in the city! seeded nttitfpfcv to kind a earrl and FWmiober.Paata" to was officially declared dad by tto *>|
Elect cal Contractor, itu ire .f*sad took t* was aone.** to aa abbrvrtettoa ofpaa I coart sad his eoUte AtrUoJ aaus$ hula .

,. 2 Doors North of Postoffice .1 j jt i tto tals.a"french" a,vied take;;;d.n.fi-t.d saese r be beta A rear or ao lAtor. been to
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j I from tto Italian ........* f
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W. E. Youngs, PresJ Ten Uood t nttor foal of rvtuOaC.It. vonUa to Ito port Byraa. ... aa m ortawl aid II'.. tote coort.Wbat .:.

C' t t os ws ec. soknl ..ranmbet. to a dean roaaoctte with tad lies of. M. du yes awaa by rooilMarooAl "
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Dade retold .. probity carried oft sober poet Olin? Wendell Hotoa. 'I, XM st alt,- replied the yedfned&H "I'll.".
Pharmacy trarea K to Laadnaera.to hie lto .
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baker sad otkrr tradrootra, istoatag It ..'1 to tolprd sow This teat baa
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At a BCW candidate for Tour patronage: it it bat Jest that we ass the realist p.l.t-k' that they moss dorlarre.' paate.* to .. :e...... caaaot..... Deed yes ....*' II.,
state ocr claims., Oar stock ie ..w and the purest and beet should la titers roraUh with their val ar.thoafh aid paatalooeX sad I yes want any property aroend hero a

that mosey can bay. Oar aerricc win Se equal to the,test. arrrrml fomntodinn .t a CrtiUaff frrecatat taaf toro DIV pteco to trade.... sonrelTerecocvJttoa. .yon must aka ...... aaaao and act M/ itI.

We lire la the ,baildinr and win:take pkaaere iaeapptjtaf alms tie t prtrp : We red tto Matter work to eara It Ur. Sheris adjoen :a

;TOOT demands at all boars,dar or night It will to .sfflci-ot: to to tad .. well snider eaotadoa tress Batoteof DIll coert. saJ we will ca arm see thatwroatnac ...
Noted, Cftttlepplj aver ef tto betrb; TIle t.tf aooMd paaar*to oorMa ao*.. I sutrh- yes spoke eC.* _

J Price Reasonable.: !A venue D _r-a.rtht IP_ rf x 4.... *sraae A wer4.w ,sada n. .......... 1strier I
18o9' slily a the Beat that we eapply be ....... ,.ties ..J.e a.. Y 1..Sss.s M ____
,1 teov castonters. The tarts sober pMK W d .. pin se lbs ..... English htev>ry to rich te eraejpteeef '
steers _
so.psb.ct Si bars mwt as pets.asst .. lases ..... ... way te which faahtoa te .boareebee
that a allowed to shift tor themaatfl rem start IIQ peer Na "--..... .
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I wive they reach the stock JIMfOxsa'IA.ds this eeoatry was te Be arty Teeth.hot spies seat eat by Harold reported that e_

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lays 'act what ..we want ,not I. W.- .I ..-.w v n.. Ir...... rat to prhets. toneeo.they bad an ....,' .
what urcvstomerai tad -aria r .tem ead store tosrt d.t.stood at tto race sad sots ape main.- which to f.
want Two fret' le tto aeeal etrkte of an eatrjch 1 foot ef Wen stroot U ... Mew Tart mammal te the payees tepeotry. It).*'

-r ** Sporting' Goods Store WFishing whoa K waJaa. bwt I:.... tad Oaartto of Dee. M,' ITtT. ... ef Ito was to dtettecetea tttejeolrie frees',
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Prime Meat to alarmed ass comaMatea to ran brie alsTo kaalon stakes this ... their toted ,oa Mi It ecchaacM IIta Blactaf f etrUe furfeartaverfoot ...- ... ; tibia hah ..... Stow speaks of .
atn*. whit eaaUy esrry bag hair ta will M bells te
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tender tt seer croud at a rale of tw.
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Tackle EastmanKodaksa eh1ae, eidaeee and CM Can*an t7.... BUM sa ... Ordinarily i bra.is 'or usdd e a ....... ... ekeis te their bag tome, and wtoa ::eV .
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'Kodak: Sundries W tract ., lets ass away Mrda trIG lied .a.a. ...... liars aas been ...... this heads certain rile and brsiUaoOf
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Nassau Shells and } Supplies, ', A. 3.: Doafle, Prop. tally..y a tarve sad tear test atrtd* I scribed ... practice af weartoc tte'.
for It seer to to ee tto riles ef
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goal amass nor etrldeoaly had ,...,.... to tto aiCttaor wto Sock MIl tor his btoaatac'It te said
W' ed brass. fitti-larlnchy Mt when ...... Tto eatrlrh when : mad the eetabltohsaaat. screes the that.. woaU whip eat e kite HIt eat '
it me takes both f art .. the greead '
: MiMt M : NEYi"o'lOAN '"7. off ae amasy of tto tee... that toy exAc -
whistles' and side hgths, at lily etrlde,, eta pra.reas best 1 Bet ICC. Wrappaojep.* sto seta hte eoaofcnoac hand as to could'
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Tto Del aero that I Bfce yea wed SMaace to Ito rather limited a.. at
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ship docks",etc etc etc. eo swish to marry yon. Let ae to airs btodtepeoaL '
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MiMi .... "... .......I.... M"frtoadski to trade. TeawOBketo den ass $.w Tart to not so crest M
G. E WORTHINGTON Tto bias ., torla* predwad ... weB laiamh to marry.. or m add many eoppose. There an more lawdriaaia
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305 12th Stre 2 doors :West of ted Cross Phar'cy and BeOaad. sad for Ofnaaay yean Ito England Brlttoh Terk more beside te Lades
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f- practical Joke ef Lord Bardwlcke.
Q A*theist Omasa paper oaly appeared Ton sea ... eepply ef Ito gs.... ardeto pay saee te tte ctty on tto i......
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HasStood The Test'y.25 Years la MIS. b FtaaifarM ... ant very
() Security Co. Data paper te 1CIT. the amt Xacltoh aria both clefs an heirs aBke.way. .

\. ': paper. Ito warty Gasette. In 1 =Jaad e.,..... HIt ... men aM wsma Mar.. Isawt
.Grove'sTasteless Ito Lest rr-II paper to hail ... "Ktos Kooaly toe an awfaBy sharp De same Wo hero BO ,
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priority of Anew et la De;deli nowasesM .
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General Repair Work 154. U la a ..... '.
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SCTEXTH STREET MIAMI. FLORIDA UII ., Ztaaata. atM* wklta,sas a tka Tasq" Oracara Bar. Only. A QUAimitMAMDaalan

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luthern Marble & Stone Co. a sea tkaa .41st. ad Is ..... a* ted .. Ik* bunt aftka raraUkiaga. ,,.
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Building Stone, Marble, etc. Us Sap s U a rtn* af frteada. Caa- far gaatrattoaa sad kava'fallal.nuiia Bar Md rartffiaan.I ..... TaOt Artldaa. atatf.sat

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.MOSAIC( AND TILE WORKrOfUFLOOft ... .... na. YIt L ..
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*. BATH ROOMS. :MAN rlt.s, ETC drew tsdr Wa < awdaMa sate loses ta b. di..a.*d ..... a* A. JL CAMPBaU. '"
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AND DISEASED HOOPS SEE bees ta a Baagara kia*. to aa aaapaakakto tae trait, ar paariklr R sap aa vtg>ta. MILL AT 0O1MAN. P 0. PCRRINC DAOB COUNTY. FLORIDA
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: ,P. LaFontisee,708_7th 'St aat kawa :that r4 awed frs akwrIgaoraara aara ........ !

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Chapman House tk* PacUe w eta raaa. aa .- WltkMH kMitaUoa tk* expert I L'or [eel io'Jrlll stion a.J .:spa r""lbOG, ea1J. no '''1-i'1 01 1.l .
r.W. CHAPMAN. Pra. alb af they berw barter*!, to sottd dnlcMtrd on* af tk* paMoanpb a* | i S*.bo.rd,or write
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M. WILLIAMS, -p..r. atx tree ta tka a r aad e.s. d. ra.kaaptag A east ........ ........ I I ss
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Lttorney.AtLaw ,A.W. Graham : tf sot |tk* gr tat Jaajpm tkerteapan sad a bait aga a Meet travatod sari ;
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Contractor T and Builder ., tk. ata.la waa ta 1731 that Lard Mast .... a
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+ .a..tM4., ...... Ii liner .. ka CMrvrvd 100 aUtoa. wKktaaakaar. ,D. <

M. Bobbins Lei r Si..... .wr.d; ... o tka Broatoa Iasisiral guds Bto tontablp aagagcd a acaraaf y
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If don't SAVE
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and Counselor west glum. far sew. tkaa a rraftar ban. sad amagtag .. mm at tetar ; we cant help you. If you do come to
At Law Merritt & Kolt R wad raeatva attkaaaaRwa. nil ta a sled, got thus ta Drew Ika. !
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M4 HUDSON Maaajil ,.... Marti:? t3O steams Maga-
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L Baildi.r. Yiaa 3. Florida ExperlTyfiewriterRepairing a BMafk. *
a gaad b. ta ato prafiaalaa to aawaaratag

R:W B.RUSH.I ato Brtag aa a tab drtrar.. Ba of all kinds'We
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W. C bdlti wtf, Wkamit ka west aka pat a Baa
BBVtath atraat,Tkaaa U. PRESTON, 1'w9 .. 1.S abort aa ... aatorr. Tka after faaad that tk* also sell Lime, Brick ((4 kinds), Cement Sash Door
so'1' w a. 304*tk.St t P. !a Bex 311 elks r..p.di.. .. M ...
aalr era itu ta wkfck kto wtf waakilplaaa Moulding, and whatever else a builder requires
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.... ., s4.: ,at lowest possible figure.
Emil A., Ds ... ... k* Crew aa wagaa v.41.41. I -
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Ehmaan. par far tk* klra ., tka raw Ba atrtka Know Where We Are. 14tt Street
F Mirilen.M.D. tar asp .... dear I. at taaat. aaraaatar YO Miami Fit.
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Tka draaU aaibrajMa aid apeJtoa an ., ; i Attorney at Law
/ N TaylorOffice "B saw lava ke asses glrto taIka tafanaadaa. Oar fellow k*> f
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I ... Purchasing
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QUESTIONS ANSWERED t bIb K I rth. 'Tiers art tea .. twtlrti I" -lJug Your, Bicydes, Tires and

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Settlers I t mft- Wlaca to tkt atickbortmoJ tf Bells from.WE1ON l.

uformation of Interest to the Prospective 40. M trait a 4oaaa for Red .yj>. kt I "

{ Concerning Miami 'and the Southern I > U ctata a ptoct for Porto Leos '

1 H pcrctatact of plaits tnlUaf> '

Portion of Dade County. I saJa .,. the can ash JadcBaat .* & EINIG

1+5155 4 la tktlr caltart. aoat growers
-- ---
-- I .fag aaecttdtd la atcarlac fruit

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tai UttropoUt by aroaatcivt atUlera rtt Bafl 4.QTary,kra ..wsM-j atrlaLaada. I They have the very best. Get your
Ct fcaBaaaakara eoaearaiaf: eoadlOoaaavatlac I pas two aatioaal boats sae ;stats Bay .. pwxkaatj troa M ers IN ALL QUAMTIItt wheels repaired at Lofton\& Elnlg.
.. tots put at tat aoaatry.ad beak rte tt has Bfita at ktaavfafatrttta I ). &ap acrt '". dcptadlac oa proxlB slurs tv pita tare sees taatoi sad
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tot that article wt bart to atteaatoA BBBBarla la seek tkt follow tatar Last ttaaloa Cast of tkt Railway roa4 has lor r OeE' 1 laaU Bay .. tad for IM aa acts ash baklac which wt kare whit per'eetlp. Creseatsat .. .. ., \. .....$25' ...

oatta M to mutt ta crtaat. u4 U I hilt paattraUag tbs taralac Jtoa4atort4rt >BttlBea lees tkaa that tma for sad Columbia at .. .. .. : ...... .. .. ....0. ,
till tBBtJlattly oa. a road. Tkt seas
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the aveattoaa AMI trtqaoaUTutod south to Btrtly
barer U B htoa, .4 by Cite .... that a feeder to tkt i_ ret of U14 eat,. 4 iaaty ot laid farther away from. Otis Pit t Ramblers. .t. .. . .. . .. .. ... ,.. $35
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** v. Mot oat vhf la BartMM. tie P. O. StoaBaklp Ooeipaay. purchased far MM Tkt toai to aala win bear eoaparlaoa| with rrta tae ,Second Hand Wheels at your owa price

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than a ptreaaal letter. Bpedat tolerBaUoa fair judge you wmj admit own an
BBJ bt obUtaM .7 writing; wharves tie, art betas prodecti I.. to ;bar states, bales rocky sad aaadyrrtmlta area better that -BotkcrV Bat yoawoat !
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what aoatoB,1attac i inlii to this '
aeea... II throat reading the Daily I bor? iBprortBtata sad lbs Florida hop: ., eatrcy Pad todaatry ank 12 STREET
I last Coed KaBroU to ate pltdft4 tozptU > valcoati.. aid lbs eoaatrytilopaaat
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Ib poet Apr11 11. UN War to Oil by pah.1t sea at the aatioaal capital. n odcat b ae set oat trait trtta. ash e4 IL I haadlt the beat miD scads aid aakt a specialty of tkiabwaiacaa *, }
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' Iou BreUhood by wrtcklaf aid the ].aotWaf of the net tra4tj that '
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'''-'' city seas late esjatoaeewttb- 1 SChOOLS yi.'D CHTXCHBIXUal t people who an tajoylac health i. Sale .of
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ta tht State, eabreclac'' both odea..ai hotter stay when tkty an.
to eatJCe Bay .....st7.to bt eafleda tb.!eoBBoa aid high school coarata 7 ten should bt weighty.......to taB I othtr pictaraa, .,"

city. tow thus that .... comatttattac -' TV baOdlaca art large sad wjl reatflaied. ties.,.. to make a airs at such CarriageandWork
? a towa At a...c2q held far Bad then la a caBptteat JKot t: iportaact Plop who have aide Claud. lLEntfl! ,
the ',.".... of taeorporadoa. tan: achera A CathoUa _yea i ita ... f tana ttoawkon an aot Ilka:y to <.. 1 .
lad aa+..:2 atoatkt after lbs tnt' oa< Loss la the Stato. la ti tailoperatloa y TTf anccteatal ..... tatt01ac' aid 1 ,II'
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...; Tk ykMoaMa growth or Ul I soaks Tkcr art alai artrait acaoola. t ken .. to say silo pan of kt J bob after the tiiina that Horses i r

tarty' 'period kM bus ......!< a afaalcal oousenstorylal art acboo], seal attitio
tkrvoctovt tae tUM pests or tkt cttn, at (that every edacaUccal a" Bar If H1 desired to eanft ta reatral
bps I If be applied There are a"-t.thirty riming ta the ralalai of wheat, sore WAUC. Bszczrr. FACaXLTL t ..T
ropv'LLTtox' =r0. I to Ukac! schools II tbs covatr.Ercry oats pestles ,pp:",. ajapet orotcr Cum
rell&10M deaoaUaatloa U re a- proJacu of the tempent soaa ,
KUmlUi at prtMat a rwttmt pop;1 I I '
.. restated Pad tkt foUowlax jkavtkaadaoat t must Silt hit lot BOOM haadreJa of II
UtloB of ht" glut aat UOo. latk I! I Y
vtawr mouths Ibis pepvUUoa lei ckarck bvQdla
aata.at.d 07 tk. U>jlf. M. KCktrck. : 1 tiat to pan ot tkt legacy ot lots : i 1 I have received a car of fine

soda of YW1&Gr1, mostly or th wealth. M. Z:. Ckarch.. Sc thl i ail nhcrt tkeft thugs ca.e frowa.chker .1 If you p7 to read JtUs papar you
kit classes con. .. mjor tk.: Ba 4tleLIOIL > to this a stock r UInf cocatry ca read THX$U1f tao horses, and anyone interested 4
: AND 1 ten to a ".. tract law wklck to a
Ideal C&BKU aid 1M lust bklac laTli. ntODUCTS
WITHOUT EXTXA Eznioa. them stable
a* T* &OCOIal"e tate tktM:1 The aiiaclpak tadoatry la tkli era I at buoa. to tkt Better' ot OmlteiB I ., I can inspect at my
visitors then ar. MBcroMaai hoaa: Uo4 la the frovrag of heirs'U wta-' Baas. sad there to very Uttto live .
I '
bowilBf bosses prladpk among, tern I yepta.ee for the iN onhera w. stork ;la the eoaatry Oa tkt other j JLtkoaorwdtausaadWell {
which to O. stately Houl Royal rasa. btu Tomatoes lena the aupi crop b ad. If It to dettni to eima la tktc i

sad tk. rrrnd acw Ba>ra Haf.both bottlers are large aaaUUei of other iJtore ot citrus fruits plaeapplea. ra- tell you L nr. L. L. McNeil!
IIOaUHata la use, 1ft.1. ail asommodating t..rtabl a grows, as:* aa tomitoca4 i 9 a ;tropical or aeaMnplcal bits ,
racmuet I In. \get, pest psptusss.; uae etc. The t trowlaf ot Tecetaalea at.tkt aeai .
.popaUUoa to oos opslltaa. tr-, p' t1ac aeaaoa nests hop boat >a ot tkt year wlra. an other parts No seed to end UJ Jackaoarma orataewbtn I -#
wry tau:ta Ut Ualoa (aratoatoflUjwta October 1 to Sash?,U aid tk Ilk a 'tke eoaatry ... la the grip of wla- for weJdtai; larttatloea aa rUtttntb Strict West of Avenue D.
.(rtprtitataUTta. Aa m4tatrtblt -:1d jke aklpmeata are Mat North] from ;t r. Ut aectioa offen decided adraati -I eooaeeaeatt or taacj atatloatry. TktUetropoOa
tordca tlcBtat to takaova. I' N ember aaffl Yap ssboaib. tktrtbelic c* orrr say otter patios at tat to prepani to do this work
CLQIATBVrtUat i practically KO ilffrrtact n tkaaa \ sited Statea. ta the very latest atyto. We art "' Miami Fla.
troB ptraoaal txptrlcaet .... seeds Bay bt plaited ar ..8I.tablet -, I to nanatet you aatafacUoa.Atlantic "I ;

\after ttotttnc CaUteala ad oktrM.,. tattered say iay la thus year -
riots 'wktr aaaatto: ioaJttoat art T.ietabies art grove vaaaHy , .ooajU .4 at aft best ws CIa vakt-. prairie lands,, vklck art be troa
rfsiw.gy ny that Miami bat tkt sort tfnibcr sad art crapottt of a had of H. F. Scruggs &Co.Plumbing' '
perfect,statue 9BtM la tkt VatttJUtet T SPECIAItTJ .
O.'. to alawrt makaowa. eves rralta art trwa is r plat llaada. I
,4 Tkt. aBcktnt bred Mat nIT rare which art slightly kicker UaV tkapralrWa. Steamand
Tkt warmth of natBtr to teBptrt4kr sal la this ateUoa TtrrrtckyTait | ,
tkt oallai krttM* froB lbs Av rock to a peculiar coral fttBatloatoataltTf Gas Fitting

katfap sal tkt klckttt toBprratart a grtat hat of plaaj tooi.aa J DANhe z
tMWW'Be t vera.sst.tberaoa. (rrU l ttt4 by tkt fact away
.. vtor 'arte< tkt BnaBtr oatkt to It placta ru ( sal ether trait trees art PLUMBERS SUPPLIES, ETC.:
7' .ZQCALTHTfct tobt| t ta Wartat tknTtfly.tkooOappartaUy
ttoy naka aBoM the ant la auadU* oa a aoOiJ! ,tats 816 Avenue D : : : MlamL Flak! :

... Vattot Statoa la petit rt ktahk of jtkla rock. $stng of a pores orkoMrooBbti f -
Than to satire fruloa frail :Balarta. atrvstan tkt roots of
'. sal DIre an M'prtr.m.f tlttaita.* tk4 tn* art taabto4 to ptattntt tt Coast Line
loss aDBMtt vkkk art goBBoa to asi draw aatpto aaattaaact troaj wkatwoa4 .
all parts tt lbs eoutrr .... .. kt appear to bt a very *proBto4 > t
r hers'rob***.la part or tktlr ....er.u aoarco. This rock, by Jk way t Yarborough
iktr traafir appear la a BO4 toe mates a btaattfal aad tarabto bvfldta -
u4 early lean lbs k4 tCteU vkkkl sat rlal. aid tkt sew court lease Georgia, Alabama, Vuvinia, Nort i Carolina Contractor and Builder :
.1ov la 'tbs eats of tat Atotalaevktr ... sad jai, aa veil aa atrrral teat aecea and South Carolina

: cmrtot"lever sad Jjfatktrto tojtkt a dye belt of the atoa ..art The great Highway of Travel bctw nloIiYJi BahJer of the Palo Dada iota!
art' u.boft. "M s trpkoU Back adaUrti by an Tlattora ale
t fever la rarer ktari at U to a <,. atataa tkt dint road atatarui la tkt
kit plies for tkttt safer ag boss weird aad JMa coaty leads a'j otkri aoJ the East all West. Fort ani South House Moving a Specialty
.. Hag trw ., utba,. tuft aid ta the Sate ta BUM aed| oaetloa >
similar 4IMata which .trt.prtralcattecoldtr ; of her hlchvaya. I Miami. FloridaDUNHAN
Oaoatn May afflfektM The butts c :drated are
: ptnoaa jklaOy
_, .&..' t3atree lUrftat Pnuai Kii| ai*.t, rgei ._. l* u.e c'a
***** Ca taT MM hen psdrtt omega awe ptaai pplea.Baaxoae. .
'to', ... aid aaVlCa oared tr gristly bsebated. to ,ss,,, .avocado peaja aides .
: ., eocrvt.kiata act tbs Cue U are Urjtly:arodaced bat bcla< &OUte Of the 1 *} DIXIE FLYER THE CANOVA

d.. stay laauae P.opts At hire aa '(caoaa 'to the coaatry. tkey tkrtreattlt Jekbrarcd V 1'1.0RJO.I> WEsT INO A LIMITED
then a.r.rphers elM JCo'eoDtI7. Ib or a* emTUfttloa. Otraa rain$ j )'MONTGOMERY. .. A. D N. Miami Decorating Companyrlt ::
.. ins ret bees C1aCOftftot abets peoples trees win east s from ikrtt Ir* .
,. Imnat traa,tcatk;aa( toiaaa.4t .. Mrs after -pUattof proJvci trait '
I ... .... $ r
risp p'ta. wklck ao
rh seas has, It Bay tratktaCy >; grow oa plaataotoewkat oost'unSt. UCtOOIt ur TIUVILIS: ,

n4 that ttt coaAOoaa toa4atto rMtBblaf tkt.eacti aaiwklck tl.atIfn..t I v.a-.,_.... ...,. sewns gaol ...,, 1. )..Jt..it., ra''"
cwtral.kealtklatetw art aa brut art propa 'ibis M ta say atctioa at tbs coaatry.laai ar suckers bear fraU n 1C BoatS uatl M Baa temat .v .i I 4itier paatac la thIs atrtloiJarJ a., rt,,a.4,rviiaMt 1.,_..... raga,.< t run,sebedulr..is ...ernIH.....
y lard' a s WT t'R j rows ta the apes. the?. brlac MpntecCe .. Writeraia gtng and KIst mirling '
Dist ...
(' ; C. bofbteo W. D.cart,Tn 4ila ( raw Agsat
R fir. an """ ter B cold. aaJto "II tf. fcVtj 14.ey ca.otiUHu.aTraa Agency' fetl's' WaD Papers ,

.. : ""J fkat aartoc tt aboai MM tot htaaacr if J,Crag g.Ge 'r .t acts..AC1t. iC: .
3 c w.itj terjEstrrat
.. s. 0Ike:13: 1S
.r .. '1n ; > -
,' .. -
rv + p ." ..... ... ; "- -
:. .>' .

The Daily Miami metropolis
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 Material Information
Title: The Daily Miami metropolis
Alternate Title: Metropolis
Physical Description: Newspaper
Language: English
Publisher: The Miami Print. Co.
Place of Publication: Miami Fla
Creation Date: January 2, 1906
Publication Date: -1907
Frequency: daily (except sunday)
normalized irregular
Subjects / Keywords: Newspapers -- Miami (Fla.)   ( lcsh )
Newspapers -- Miami-Dade County (Fla.)   ( lcsh )
Newspapers -- Key West (Fla.)   ( lcsh )
Newspapers -- Monroe County (Fla.)   ( lcsh )
Genre: newspaper   ( marcgt )
newspaper   ( sobekcm )
Spatial Coverage: United States -- Florida -- Dade -- Miami
Coordinates: 25.787676 x -80.224145 ( Place of Publication )
Dates or Sequential Designation: Began in 1903.
Dates or Sequential Designation: -v. 4, no. 177 (July 12, 1907).
General Note: Editors: B.B. Tatum, M.F. Hetherington.
General Note: Issued a special "Key West edition" on July 31, 1905 featuring "... the prosperity, resources and the general advantages of our neighboring city, Key West."
General Note: Description based on: Vol. 1, no. 21 (Jan. 1, 1904).
Funding: Funded by NEH in support of the National Digital Newspaper Project (NDNP), NEH Award Number: PJ-50006-05
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Source Institution: University of Florida
Holding Location: University of Florida
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.. :, c If'.i'" ., I ( ..
I ; &. t .,,', r "

; L "',,- .: '
& ,.

,,1{, I I'I"

I .;. : I II
'I" 'I
I : It t I \


8. NO. 21 ::.r:.':;.. 'IL lL 'tORIDA. TUESDAY JANUARY 2, 906. C::..... t. Price .5 Cent. : [




.. I Lgdies A '... Club Dtlit"II lad Mrs. R. S. flu faD !.

jidid the Board of Dabie! E. ail. ,)Hnr' lotil: Is Coaity Ceamiuieset if ..
A CLAS OF AUTHORITYCity .Members. sad Fortuity. Op o Thitr THE FIRST OP THE GRAFT TRIALS .

Works list Nifht \ 1- i need. a l tiiterdsy* Afternoon, Annex-Dinser-llBc! ud :Rit DideCoontyMTONTMENTAStJRPRlSE> ., :

of Mace* *. Ooftadtot w United JeAw W Hill Arrai Md to e-- 1
I II, tatet C.art V* I Club -lIan' Attended I ciptioo, Tkorouf, Csjoy Cent of HilatfalpMa today ,.,. "

I I : J I II V'
Maeoa Cai ,IJJIa31-. of the -
DISCHARGED pecaliar'' 0 r I PaUadtpkto J... S TW trial of j
LABOR {most lanes' will to heard tojfore I ,

i Jad(* SJpacer I la the CatteJStatea Nee I glees by tbi Ladles The formal open -f of the Etfrlad.! oha W. Rill forms:chief of tko B.. ?e

s1Ge Dtatrlci Coort today. The A eraooa i tP 1 yesterday, atterioo.. I Hotel Asses took ,:.t'41ut aUh t... rams of nitrattoa charged with oaptracr -

I city aataorttlc will kar to show why et leer etalk'iootsa I. the Fair t3alll- Ik* popularity of th* 0.....*. Slay: ud to dcfraad tk. ctty was cand -

Street Ordered 1 key were' act ta contempt of the was SC0elitbtfal afalr. sad, hal I Mr*. R. S. rUBcB was rrtJoBcod for a ...rta, la th* Common ...... Was Made By Coteraor Browird,
Sweeper ,
w cort. wbee tay teat tto aefr Heary t estre ,,J lsatree.ll. weather by Immea crowd of friends tattteadaac Court toda,. It k.4 bees arraaftdtkat last 1 1

tr lid .S".ralllllpronmnts Jamlaoa to ./the chili Pac before at he hosk,( c 1Y1ac sot hi.Jerl *. ]!] the ease aaaU have yrcd ae Saturday, sad Csnaij-. # ..
r" : a formal orders)baj beea to...d. mak- I tip oceaaldi arpufl un bees ..tte.4ly The Miami Hand fareUked eiclleat over all others to wklck public aoa sign Filed JsdiT/ 1.

Kic Directed. tat the maadai* oftto Supreme Cowl ah ttttads 01 tM.tr mute for the occaaioa sad a jumps tractors are lavorroij ta.Tb ... 00t : )- 'l.

Fff .f the raltodi ..... tto decree ofbe ... I' It was then wereember toao wnwr was sorted to IB* 4 slag city l. rtpmeaud br DUtrlctAtloraey I : .r

lower con a trated the ......U j jE ball A'M VV rfretamata Ewer* Bed. Aaalataat OUtlfet At. .J _

n.uO.i II whether the Slits 3 were &EkrikArd fold repaU for erred to those who prferr4 I toraey WaHoratolB .$ ,'C1t)' loUeltorKlaaer. t R
I \
rmur TO M OPINED of the Saprenie Courts mandate lea r Mr. Sad Mrt. rteaafaa aid n. while Oorft' :S. Graham aadacTtral litaw\eoM"IIIIONK." TAKES; Hit p

solves the hab >aa corpse kader wkkk kf the ji&rij! faC i akort bedaea Al L. USaH received at the :Afcan. oiker proailB.ct attorneys rap SEAT AS A MEMBER OF BOARD

4WIP/N05 WIOVIMO A REVEM J.m'tTJ1ar to j**caPe the Utaf Prnotii to tto arrlral of ail K..*.. AfB**. Beaal aid ,Lplaa meat the defvaJaatt It" expected

NfUE HEAT AI chin ran Tto dlttrlct attoracy (ipota. prij rl >rer by Mra. K. T. rich Bad Mia* Maade Hamptoa were AND PARTICIPATES IN TRANS'
f ) TO THE crrv- that the trial, win teat several "ya.aa .
** claims Speer repaired ... order from >t laftoB. i tto abm ace of the pr**> die ckarmlac kotttote .t the II" quite a tarp aaaber of wlta.-i ACTION OF aUIIHaiaWHAT

ON HAND FOR THII Jad<* [ I a addltloa (to the ... 1*aU Mra HJ.y i I. Frederick oa M- glade. aid km ..adq..* ajoy will to ...... Aawac tk* wttaMiaa '

promo Cortja! maaJata. kad that ** tat of Iff4 IB the family, then 4l nUI a late komr. called are a aamber of proaitaeBt **. WAS DONE r

tloa oa the bkrt of the jetty without via a plei ntjj i octal hoer sad eUV Both ...1.M1Uta.. with daeertaff experts aad It to expected a
01 tl rafn >| ni ta acrred. Bjhtt aid lowers At the door of I _
waltiaf. for i idc* tixoili ardor waaeoatempt .
that tk* ease win to of aaaraal .. } 7R
1 of Jadg .pisteeeat Cra. C* Utilckarda Ptolpl apoaaor to Ames WU.a taacy card Wartaf tereat.Tto. i,. .J'\

Both elutes |r I" hari tity. U I lal req i&t "n a readlac. "Kldla"wllck. i New Tears creetto to each -set. Sootethlif ., a surprise wa* tprmafa
the Brottortood of Teaauttavtac the merit *| aa appeal for babies wai I ril rtrH ta a very eater > The ErrHad Ames to of ardldalircwa ; Board .
the of Coasts ea.......
tto aa. of tto etty concfl ulalac stories coaittaf ackooaen Ml Torsos a
corpse ta J4 '-' 1t.bll tot bee atj X rt. rtolpa la a chars Moo*, tow kin aadicoataialac
bur set sight tto Board of Pub- made ta Jad FVKoa't+ eowrV. tajr; readei J a. ''wtoTly at ease b*> I tweaty-BT food atm lad MifBolte from Key Wont aid talermedlat Ire Tikes they assemble ta recall
Work. told their rozmUr weekly City AttorBty Klatet1 Wlab t1. tee any i *i lei ca la refpoaa to s4orss '|room" with accommodadoaa for ats poiat tra!.kt Isles aadeack moatVy teaaloa at the court ...*.

la tto *Oc of George A.Klosot. ; like i. .. "'act.. a ..... of ptttcntrttor ibis ... DaBaU. '
Chief of Pollije OraaTtn Coaaer aaJ 44 f told on* of tkoa >., people tad a Dim large apse-| ky Mr. Harry .

caalrBMB. aad traaaactedtoslaeaa Road SaperttiieBdeBt' K.: A. tnmktok oH. tot i; a aaaitax stories of, ity of teatlat room la the dtala| '-II. arrived ta port ,.., will tall of Japltar appearta before the tow

ble of fmportaace .mall Mt wttk a big al tr who Two wide aid specious reraaJta are oa tile relays trip lomerrow.
are aamed i *; ,..a..r ta the coa old member present sad pretest!
of tkca* matter was tto.dectotste kit a ben 3 i iFkla ,IOM of lb. moot attraetiT fftBta u .
ttoekam an employed street tempt lina tlfml with tropical pUata aad .....1 a commlaaloa 4
> *iept to aperiBteBdeat. the AT.. pi sad a**:It for IJJIacp'f'1IOH'I amoos, d 1 roses were hailed : ,... rooms art supplied' wily) ] large to fan btoooL Mn. Flaaafaa to partial Bro yard. appotatUf klai eomml..lo.sr

ail drlrera. mad to tabatnat '. Iepa r pests aa aoaTealra oft ...ailovi and the entire k' njii!. .li #- to tires mad k.i boxes sad tan,from I the First Dlatrlrt. rte* M. B.Jokaa. '

ttbmtr place city eoarlct Uborttto The board ,bowed ha capabtnty ta ars jtto New Tear ecjoy. i stay firabbvd at to vafla aail; !voodrork. of them everywhere when adjudged .....* .

t A.et./es was be..d po. the tact baujllnf HE Jcea/ by reportiac that It togetb 1 e were anaay words I The opealnt was a erery ...w..1 Tk4 ."po'..... wB* atlrry. aape .
etty from BOW OB will tor* aat nil lido on btad tborj 1161.00. of pra'N epos the commtttee'i The trap expensive sad motir a faK'tare sad detaH, ..oat decided .I

Bamber of coarlcU to do all the trot II ,'Ht4 to Its eredlNorember e !lest >|n for the day. oaly has Asa .-4 IB act. at mf sad Mr sad Wrt' rbaafaa cal well *: f eJ to the Majority of the board

nary work. aid R to better sad after trite the tad December i a >{ins will orcmr oa the Ibis tftftdU rMlaro.. the T r besttrade ,. fret! proud of their most bestirs \' who kad act *ipected' acttoa *o ,.alckly >

> to atfllae their labor this to n it eipeaae* of the 1apIrtme.t with 1 ilmoetk and will to > brlac, d'*,'arMl la Its trie. lion.Tk ,; home sad rroanda; OB* of the beet la: ppolata a successor to Mr, 4s

ploy Bte*. About tweaty ales will I tMCCLE gross). are extesdee as beaais .,a.J most attractive (fa ito city i j I JoII.t.n.. doraaieat bears the datefi

iteded by this art r ;of December :3Wk. aid appotata ,M,.
[Awrfher act tires babe dee'akm to I' i'WHY M.V. DROWN i 1 i PsMa to the office earl his aacce-

the chnpplnc of weed sad (LAN l lI IS E EI I lijAMOUNTS TO BEDIMS RETURNED 1' Mtr tkal1 hive bea_ rrfatarly. aUSd,

i d streets for
t. VI ap and Improve aU tto SUES F. E. BRIGGS i.'t'C' !"
of the city with rock where I NOW IN' LINE "
D Bol.
SU8. RI8ERS TO O MURDER f FUND 1 I look his teat aa a memVr
g-t mad *n lae*. wia prusr seed .Itk.ft..
aatkorteed to I' I [ :
clerk wa para -
III BBB* M -I. bettf part of the iranla betas take

;street craper at a sat d ; For the Son of ; S50OOQ-AJ.1|lap 14 the aditiof lad approvlaf of
For Democratic .
i 011 -J Ibntribnted to Reward for Capture of Harder? cinIreHoney :I | bill
was aaBOBBc d that the street I that Defendant :
loges Injured .
?" Says Niliooil\ Committee V I Uetcatf. attorney for tto ,
*. ordered some little title ago Rce back 1
; by Calling at First National Bank
boar4 '
aiaayaotd that h* had tfftctej
expected dally ail with M aid I Ian, J. 11.1' 6uffere of I If I Character by Writing and Publishing !>>- :! lennd for a tettlemeat with Capt.Ooo.

t .e caper tto board expert to treatrTJer B.Baker
Peansylrtiia. Libel.Tkla aialast whom salt had bee
>! the tom* operteaoed larpaat I I I i ....".t.. torn time a<. ta the last

ta keeptaf tto streets ta oootoa. -t I I II i little i )that atx moat,. apt tack had .lT... the .a4r4aa41actwte of |S**. The tunas were tathfaetoryaad' '

I !, I II K. Dat j ito keaatlfal daaV.t that t" MB was U rto.U OB the board aettorted the twit dta '
... alas tr: Filthy
decided epos ap
*. C tto, bratafly deposit for .... mi.auL
i wets mwf a period of aU BMB dy
wed to the'dty Itarita. This I New Tw ,J... S- iaoeortrtaff to l i belaf" raW ta the eoartaa
.t la pared Mil It bu toe little i Plttatort llapatck. Cot< J. M. O* d rcJatt 44"MtaUlimber bed ta their ; That daM hat BOW txplrdikd) atW ......, of papnj Ito majority of A rwolatloB wa .aa.atBM! .atr,
IIhoigb adopted aattortaJac the krU lo r
has i aad weed hate crow ap jl..,. member IfIl the NaUooal Democra r pet It about tow mite ( authorities perks lade them demurrers plea, ......... *<*. at yes a well tralaed !pwckaaoj of ,F

Mck u. .mat that It to al.ot ta> .. declared Mayor Mdenaa Batt ftt* Itatigahly I trytaf to ferret oat ills pr-1 t* caae already petldfag. were Sled Woo ou... the ow* lo to the par prop 1
aklo. These will to eat dow ta .t the!j D.ocratteJ &mmedltrBer ylSatlowlac of perpetraton j
I t ito terrible petrator of the r rtm* though there were vie t* two Jectorattoaa. erty of the amity aaj to to awto.talaod .
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I pat a PrealdeBtlal
y, L 'cUimitte* of rttteea they labored without taeeeaa.. tad ta the most promlaeBt I of which at the coat of the ...t,. r
ale eoaditioa.ltbe UcClUaa break
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tar away po..4 [eeertt. R. s.Han J.W. aeeo.laace with tile ssd.r.thdlagwith A fw ether matter ecn.... the
street amportateadcat was dVI meant thi reJareaatloB was that la tbs .. anion OB t
q attaafos
airth. t4 JIX Kama rtrcBtetd the aoltcttlac committee] the of the board aattt the BOOS
I to (rad* lows the ridge at the II of the Demtcratle the oatlr cue of Mattes T !JBrowa. ....
a Oat aad ky public *ablla mosey wfllBbecrtber saw Va retuned jo the 0.1 .dioarameat. who a reeee ... take
'of *Ou ttk aid Iftk. Itn< 1 ptios purse of about *. each of wkoai ]j re aatfl :J 'clock.'MGGALL
Bwtorart aid to bas the sock by Cto Democrat e The dectoraltoa to !:a more tkaa
it for the ........ to can '
$3o wktfptar to to paid at the chest Kttloaal '
Jk tipper ... of ttoIGfflGOlAJS same rep.t.i *. I 1 sally votoariaoa paper aid recite
I. lij'cja rtcrJoa of the party Beak tad recelr the cam*. j REFUNDS) 4SUR-
ta aabataac that the said p'alatlf'pr
I panic toBBtlfitaff the dim nil to the tort echo for tU .
MOSCOW l> RHINO preteat I Tloi t* the trtoraace* ......
SWEPT rtoflrat i.. } rat deposited la tike at least of this terrible :Itjtfftdywb COMPANY
.ft.1 I Itreaaarer [ ANa
fROM TERRIBLE BLOW ] BteaUooed told emceiae secretary THE
I Katt < ibask aloac with a 'h east each a blot sal *tata es .
11- ..
I I of the Mhiail *
DISASTROUS mi tot fto tMCflben sad the amoaat the house aad tame of Dad .
$ Moocow.' ttwday Cscepttac for ; eofaty.RUSSIANS f Co. of wkkk said defeadaat w.i vtcolprealdeat 'I SUM OF $235.000

the aamerotfa! mffitary ......'* aad pH- I sad tile largest atocktoldJal -

EARLY TODAY tan of amol;j boa* the rata of faa G T ARE:I'"

lorlet tad tome ta the Preen dit- IT-nor1 n. pI.I.t1 b. lwats g.Jttttel I -

trlrt. there |#alttt e to rec3 the al hl- TAK6DECATURtaaapo' CONFIDENT himself la the Bald ffflc with pvart

of moat klll ... IB the tee w Tork. Jaa.l- Jobs A. McCaO.
itttrha..e.r ra., Jaa. S.-A tpertaJ mar tea day !aaBty koafety aaa-
eel here this 'BjoralBf from Ap- {I At.lf., *lte. la the taut tweali ,- '!-- Tk court proJB I Ii. '.....,.'*rc. Ja 1:" Th* i orera- xrewteat of the afatr, aid tto keep "..* .|.Bt of the New York Uf Iaamr w

ota says tkar* a dtoaatroat tour loan tfty* appearaao has s *{ Mldaklpmaa Stephe : meat ctraaaly worded aa ..,.._ tag of lit arcmraia{ -n.-I.t fto' (Conrany to>1aT p! .4 the eo* .t

that town at aa carry tow I caaced. Bteret bar reopened aid 1 4 with kastec MVUklpTeiaa. time of his rentoraKfro scald OliN pea ::121.804 Y
crept C eatar c J <( meat yemerday that It proprwe* I* altaacej to AadrwvHaail1toa
terrer tile streets |tf i. crowded' ;' with holiday I he was seer load I for he falthfml !
laorBlac. (
deotroytac a :
i per McC y t ail Ckarck'wer aad DOt
I I | pursue to the bitter cad the policy aeewaated for bySm
lacharre of his dn
I the kwateeot dlatrtrt.adrlce far tk* RaaoUa Ckrtotmaa.OeBeral mad competeat -
Teas; reamd tot lot putting Iowa the rerolatloijttt. I He rave his cheek for .,.,.
Mat that the fro toeoatroL which oecafi t Best Bvaday.jaboppert tti ; \ with the Aetaa, tadeaiBlty O* i i'of P
I|aad for
ape 'flMe The
The tee to estimated Tto Hot Ofj caamalUet ja4 i property' air- tb Th'a followltj the rrathlafmf defeat HartfoH. Coaa a* his ..ret....j mosey sal
;:(o* ...
M purr "'"" today Mj a mMttof .
li .se0. sad many penoa* have _*et to Mltf eomptle4 at OoeerBor ie staid Jealed the the rerftatloalati at Moacoi demcastrate5 'sad that the .... Rrfen JU wroac'fatly o< the InMtea
hN ,
ton cat) '
** for
roadered komelec aid Je Utat* I Da .- .Barter lad itemeat McCrary ail Charrk.kirlmtaated falsely aid mallrtoatly writ
i the ccCdec of the With tomorrow when K ta expected that '1 }
.3 are pronto>< for ptWljcatloB teapotrow. i irk ka him Thissee i sad pabtlab' a certali fab, oraadal.loa. McCatTi ;
iorerameat that It to* the ibtttiy ) mkaalloa oil to teethed'
1* MEXICO SUFFERS A proknlaeat mtaaftrtarer .. H t omit to decide be- malkfaw sad !defimalory IDielI aid

FROM SEVERE SNOWFALL,'daY ..ut property> damas la tfee* 1 V Other wttsew to rompM* tile task. If BBdert ken. t I coBceratac' platatlff tad his official I Ii I accepted

ilb.rpep.e 4 K. M.. Jaa. S- After the buried divtrtrt at St.. mills dot-' will to] 4i$3scel$ for the defeat | The was caaa of tile sea deuce j coo.drt ta the form of a letter Jdrea.* I II I',

_Jew tow of sofa)). ow of theM 'itara. : I III 10 M to attractta* wide aVLpr4t to the loyalty of tile troop. W 1* today !ed to the Aetna ladevafty Co.. aiiec- A amber' of petty caee yea WPoWfof
i that wad"amort his .. : by Jwtfe Heyaer ta the ewes.V"ty
t anew storm* of maty year >tio am effort to bets dented that to to mrtfmg' t* Ism toe platadt ta ".
ta fto whole But 'Tto"oeptk Dating tk'> *atcomeatt tto was mid* to > "{*! his H* to a great I roasts a* avcfrurytto fa4 tretearer of bean tkl* awratalc. Tto w.t rto
,medial* ...'pUoe of a-ctmattta- rwefctaf Ka ........ '
from a trw Mil tto lower II gets a dnJ tkat reprat* H, par famoa* Baral.tor. Miami lafevtmoa* .o the ampaat tapUly '-"., c<

cal TaIya.to Iv..ad ate feet teat of k'* ftrt apoaW >sosev.. ifto aajaMaAm*. mad sttasIs sixth ... Ro says to well sot i) baiige .. aaj meeting the aM I .. ,. f-

mooBtataa. The Mr we.tbaretsusds.tstteeh sad after ma. rtoc* to fU !. ar teat 14 the which vradaatoa text kt* pass aaaovaaed ta the mJ Tests 1dompasy to mat fk4 atorUc aooe. tame|ail..for wkkk O.*M*....'kv"Mie

oafortaf r1MOSc, the T ail tM eIab lea ud boo' ,Ida dM1.1P A ril'Dewcy' U wary aetrr* of October.S*. of promalcaUac mMHatloB
isdasa. the M',1' "" F the eta ,4 tofor* the Dow maw. ) tajBtloB to t4 character of 7sI h- ,
us (, 51r'd.\ ..0'r '. .
";. .
.4" t
FcR .
Y 1t t 1X ( ... .
'o .. "! "
t .r 'T

I I iIII i

i IL

f TWO -. .- -- THE b : MIAMI! MnR",,'OUI TUtSDAY JANUARY 1 1101 .. ,. -- .

The Daily Miami Metropolis 'J" -
n_ T*.. k* 11.*!..._ *. ..... af '
airel .-. L.w.s... ,
B. B. TATTM FIUIIDCXT. S. Bono DEAX *ttT\ EA I, 'Dwf.t tine eminent aa...'r'l': J

COMPANY Ita" Idered by navigator .b
THE i I.... t a* determining t: (:t Everybody

, Tke mo.t Southern newspaper published on the mainland of the U:. 1 I ship at UM Urn UM ob1Uren. I f fr.
I : M calculated by their
the __ Tbe
dlllI *ur* area
c I the principal star of I :

f - ---CIHClLaTIOH-- .ATE. i ii S of magnitude tb* aevuitil In 1ft.the..rtca: AideI a. I, r- should see our display of

Btw, Year fey lUfl..............$10 Three lltJI..1 terlslda T._. eatlly dUtingMUtirdful Useful and Ornamental

.. Koatha..................... IM One week, by Carrier.......... ..1Advertsiag tl1 It >r. /Wlai..a.nnwf uncut4tqlDl. ,
t de.jli readily kno.n by Its ; t
r rompao .".bhp .Mb the brighter i'a.- I< 36 a
Katr made known m application.TELEPHONt
tot *eI ikus a flrmt ..'"*a *Ur '. the I II Presents
-- --- --- I breast.t tginl I IMO (iM-lx-e oftru .--alk l (.'<* i
rs. .met: METROPOLIS aUILOINQ. I I t-... j>e Lt* "a Heart. t'tl'M'a Vlr I Ilr ,

!u434 Twelfth 1tr.et. I OppeaH tt+. Co.r> H_ 4/ 1 i ( >.b...a star. la \ Iron. reculi im.rt.t I 5 !
-+---- I .
>i ' TUESDAY JANUARY 2. 19(4 I I 4 dark umnjinllun 0....': 5 I :

fuiae. gvu'rally! known a* Our Line Is
. Complete and the
Ahb4. t fcuagnltikte. Alpha Tegaia.ill : :

COST OF LIVING-, \ :....,:.. .. I .... } tirnxMarkah.. t
ABU Bret u.agmt.ele. In IV-orplo. I. i Prices are low
,.. dlMufcKonu /lt. I Ik T mi.Vir.
II tent >ian,. IU I1rl Aimtbe 'i 1
The bah tariff ad\>('I".. 1r- r cad I of clung the |.r.*fat prod: of prpertlj < i
trail *- scan are cotixenlentryKb ,
{ a* a Tln-Hcarton of tae.klsttn tariff and aa luwratlon of Ha benenl 1 l altaafatb!.. reference t.. use mumi'afilm Rugs Matting Linoleum Reed I'':. '
t -"j d fur taking tabln of
Tb.... might a* well credit the tariff with th* at.nn.laot crop One otne I uaa ( aucea by ntakiTa of nautical'I and Willow chairs. Sideboards r.fft .

.* organ under the captkm "11a".. Yin the Price*' .ayCheap alma II : 111 urOvr I.. eiutlile ve* el i' 1 ..

II U f leas. t, be desired. than high price mail > .blest/ theIr kinrltnde The China Closets Dining Chairs and l }
rood wltbom\ the ;eke :r | 4Ioot of: the ('f'Ulrr of the moon 'I ;;

t fooJ with It The American laborer purcha..>rj manufacturer and new front >e at the nine ron i>kttoua |i I :

f editor who write for tree trade never enjoyed urh proaperity nevellvel i atara e 'Cbf' .....ll'|tH are cuuipuledalaMft Tables beautiful oak Bed Room ::
paper with t are fur every three i .
*o _ell. and never wa '00 parr of the price! of bla fond< and other I I''boor 1n( the -e-ar at rwnw1cb. Suits. 3ook Cases.Chiffoniers and v ; .....

tip (condition' Reduce the pale TTbei 1be\\ liroai] iK-ean the navigator t '"
then disturb I
aariea ai be !'a to lay Why
. E 1 piHltina ly marking when Warbrobes in fact
aaj you must reduce lb.pmo n to get the BrireVaqveatlonaVy sucb a sag dHtance: .... down nela > ;; everything to

: the country la .nX'vIng a period of ifiuanal proapertti carafel; Itbe almanac for tile day make home beautiful comfortableStoves

t .. The past few years hate w-ne..w E the of the laboring Iur' eiThere r il d'looTi thereby hla uneietb 1I
banks are faH of nxmey much oi It avlbg I! I
laboti s .. -..t1'1'7YUI'D"
baa beta gnat actlvit" all ln< ..'ria, tinea, and the firmer arIa key i'ra14 .. I II
better condition than they/ have been :in man} 1"'*". Wage are goo>" I f I ;

' and baaka. mltta. tactoriea. ral'roa4'. mlnea .,(' seem to be paying aatli Tp ORDER BEAUTY. I We have them In all sizes and

" factory It ..dividend to be Doped that uch pro.|x>rl'T ..q: con'inne So far a* tad Aril ea.I l-M.._*&",.__Dealer.. t.*_. ... 1: :I:4: Wood, coal oil or gaso-

cation go they point to r* continuance But ftboe' who claim that a hlf Ti t {artlfl. lal now nowailaytof -I

tang I I. responsible for exlrtlcr conjltlon. a i-lalm" which I I. not Ja.tlBe< I I are u* papkr macbe, enameled.uetltue Une. 150 oil heaters, marked lovi :
overlook one fact The \\.. Utna Pot eta ea It ao clearly we rtnp'o: i Bar! a N f.-tf'tM'd tot a spectacle F

lu I'DCIU'If'Bat: for a very alrge majority *f jbe pt'OP'f' 1h'. era of width fra for the sake of Poo- !

prevalent prosperity bat been and now U a lime of tertona deprivationllvlnj I teal an4 thus may be pot oa or re- ;i ;

brief untlrela
They bar not the price, bervnie the coat of baa gone up. up.wkl'e mot Full line of hand
-r4 \la a patented cootriraoce. I Japanese painted Vases.
. their aaartea bar not been eta nf T* panic of un brought get a aoox ( reaemMlug a clothespin for
".luctk of the prlcea of fowl product. and her Indlapenaablea! and d' ana nt to the Boa to give to Ute I '

. cot redac the Income of the aaUrled emploret of the National State an I orp proper taper Another device Cake Plates. Salad Dishes etc.

, I aannlelpal gorernmenta or of many uf the corporationa TaoauaJ of me I* aipitbe r ed to Improve the tinea of ,4i>

.J) aa-1 women IB the city Bad 'hea times barlef1 than any paae! in the pa> + LHJ'tbeU via.w people bate no root. to I 1 Call and I Inspect the good, no trouble fo show them.

Look at the. price rarmeat of the article iblt 'Oa.Utat a rood<< dl.., t the, baring been bon I -
ask them. "Have yea the price!* and they will mot hesitate to tell yog thitby out nliorMdU 1 'to Other caaea having .

ar. compelled to p'ach asp pate to an extent! unhearj of before the e i. t2aT4 ..... For aorta ant wltJa..1 1
tai iilctog. mouth rooft .
Irf nnetanpM prosperity let IB Every cobilderable city baa a Ian
gaJvka i4d rabbet ar* tarnished
reprecentatloB of taU afortanate class many families whoa lacom .Tttfr Ja a |Mteateddertc* (or ela. :
. Jnat wher It owe when price were IS to 40 frt cent Vt'ow their pretetrac ftb AauiS" "oSnUtlng of a kaif* HJ. W. Watson

<.. Tbe. people believe-and they have he teatljcooy of many *i wioj ifMtcav* edge to which a aort ofla I

Gent Republican IB support of their III'lIer-itbat+ laeqnltlea of the tart apoigela eD attached. When one |I .
:' Bit Ml oo'a tongue la liable to be :
q are IB a large measure the aoarce of their affllrlon ; t
dJ"irr4uyaacfufcf coated, bat the anooyby i t .
Those who from czperlenc realize the tfnth of these statements It be removed mean* of the pppp,_

tar o* to a.. mlaled by the atanlpatten on the pfc>a that a high tariff benefit toafa t ge rrtbed

: them because It pro\-1de. "tbeprtce'' I I If rqbjdealre dimple you may wear J
-- --- ----- "1\\
a i kind of wire mart at Bight .'
ai to rb are atttrbe blunt wooden ..
The grip la aga'a claiming many victim*, and that ordinary comnvfi -
poll U tat nay be cauwed by the help
cold of the Held and flrei'de to every where *" ..lfnt. In a leaned d! It
of the
a pets upon paints
aertatlon oa th. caaae of coUa the Chicago: Tribune says: "tt1, the espy atp le dimple are wanted Tbua '

tact of many that the harder they trive to avoid a cold the sneer they a aft :bll* UM dimple are mad ton

to catch It. Thti I* because they do not imp'-oy the right aafeguarr a

10t. That U because they don under*:anj tbe nature of their enemy It la aovtenera'ly I Old BaclUk Law. t Real Estate Snaps

r 1 recoga'red by phyalctan\ that a cold la an Infection dlaeaie t of parliament paaced to there

la e."ed by certain tnfr"be getting Into and Irritating the morons me
bra. of the respirator :raw n.re.re Jlttle pI'OC"..*.... called 'ell! : |>U memtiera of the year t

,3 whose duty tt U to dr:\t oat the microbe that get Into the nrucoua me: tomahrj rom UM balkit for the mlUUa
alh wiwbea beta to ride through a toll bar
braae They may fall to do thus becanae their work la interfered with 1
alform wlUwot (paying and i
aoo'n! a'r or by the Individual go'np: m.Vn'y from a hot to a cold atmo alai I >ve* them from the tax oa 7
....,*. or be'ng weary, hungry or drbl.tta'ed. They may a'ao fall la their 1 po d for tb* hair Sorb prlvUeyearhy Business lot on 1St' tret. Mxli I
a feet A rare bargain f2M
r teak ltfo a et passed, bat ai yeomen ant S Two beautiful river front IoU lacluJleg J
p'ace path aa a dance ball a sweet church '
car a ( or a theater iwarml{ t
> f liable for the militia ballot riparian righta. feet for i
iwltt mlcrobea. .. : -w to I u t kra bar been abolished and aaI IJOOO. *
} .. i
rye I i ka I Wder la ao longer to request Two river iota I Best to Itti street

Tb rorida Retail Merrhantf AaaodattoB meets la Jackaoavtn I lUKf.praxt.'71 van bar ceased t* have any bridge at lens thin vala t

th. !tie and lit II mat Thlt la one of the: strongest bodlea la pout XJ It' l vahM.MalL Nerertheleaa. they atlll d Tare river front iota to Rlvarald .
,> lobenbtp to th* State cad H I* aa Iteta of lateerat to know that the at oraer of ltb at Ask for price y

t .r. ever forty-two hundred retan nercbaata la this Btat. of which aft a wem\a. Aee\b1.b.e. OB* lot o% Ttat- street ...at of th.

.r bandied are actir members of Ole Auoclatk. organised for cooperatiactxm e a ba oaa arcbUabop ofroa rallronX for only WOO

to bettertag tilt mJIUona which they arc forced to meet bat th< IrortmaUatloB Ma! U that elevated position Lot between 4th aad Ith, Bear raJV
fran kl Try lowest ranka. Ue was /
mxt necetaartly be broad Uaea road. ISOO.Cholco .
upon the
retailer can i >t OH aWof a poseee.rt.r, bat waa avrl
( Sort to do aaythlng which would Bot be for tile beat lot oa *th atret. near pear
Intereat of his i .- as l aaM of hi* paretrtag U* aot ooly (s
t troaa. TIle apBToacblai meeting wromlaet much la this reaped. een lao foU.wtag taaxrlptioa to b* eager depot tl M.

coaaptcwaualy la his palac. Tare lou oa Ita street attar Av*.

Bat a few days more sad Miami will lit tiled owe more orerflowi tetaesber thy p r'et&zLatbS ) D. for |4M each' or Ia
!k g
wit .,lIIt_. aad It behoove that alt eltlr. iboald make their BnVlt wbivai of a cart hang wpi Oa. lot oa Ittt street Bear Araa
V i athedral of Meats From that
:!-' "" Ul week to cl aalng aij ; I D. for ISOO lees tUB nl_ A tare
ap premlae i. trtag things la shape iti t ., ttfthto the anna of the ae* bar

[, the atraager may ae* tad appreciate fall the b.*ntlea aid cleaallnei f bow t tgtrt) of a cart whe L aaap.

r oar boded Bad aptodate little alt,. Hove and lot oa IJth and oa* oallth. D
.. Tb. W.ed "Cwe.v.' at special prices u' terse

The commoa practtc of fart reckl. baa practically Halted Hoaa sal lot *oni tone for iw <
and .. driving "a oar aarrow a d tbi vfwfd "cvey" t* aaoorlatloa with
eoqwt.. atroata to ... that aboald be stopped by the avthorttlea. Han a tb pmi rtdg* although n baa always If -akea ..Ic\. '

Life U too precfoai to have K eopardlxej by meai aJ boys who line b (oaed mai' with grant and pUrmtgam.ll :t feet r-o.tag. oa. 12th street for
o aatMBt and netrber, however. $:;M _
tar for It. and the
aoonor the aaliaac la abated tbe aooaer win We a k4 .
f 'tswey of Mdlen" and Tbactw -
Vlii* are all barcalaea.
aster to Miami
Ther a law against avrh eoadact: why not ....... I .. **w ey of trwmpa." The weed

aa up t perty a brood, handing tees- 1) I I
Ex".. B. A. Cherry of Tenneaae, 'wu pardoned fro. prison a m ttir* |h the rrraxrb-couver.-1* sit !
mouth Now ease (C I fa b rd>, from tb* Latla Twreclto -
ago h* U nadir arrest oa a charge of
barg'ary.Aaotber wbeac Incubate"ttiafh \Ve have in View addition north'of the and
cf Blagalded clemency due. BO doubt W pressure from Cherry. Inca sotdteeratllots! our new Bay : city

r If Cherry bad been kept la priaoa that State woald have profited have some left kt i so.oo .ach only 50 dollars cash, down. d

l seating wry ....L Riverside lots are the best in1'fitments in the city at 500 dollars each. 166
Why wbeat I was year ar
steer fora of popa'ar
government la thla
country I* la need of exnary
I d. .' hay aa much money to atbyea dollars cash, balancr one and'two years
offlcera who execute We have too many officer who do Ufl me 0.1 Boa
spend a day --
t than craw tke'r! .pi,. too many who fall to perform the dutle they 'r- pi J t doat acoM me boot Itit Several choice furnished houses to lease for the season.

to perform. 9 I yaw talk to grandfather 1

t I Tl..*.!> A....*.
President RoofTe't wl'l creep. 'be button hat ce'a 1 la motion the la' a- fl
r1 II -Haw a man today who bad
- trta expedition at JackwmvtlV Tbl act would teem an empty honor bead of blm Mra Jo x-Haw H. Tatum
J. &
1 both part lee-Teddv and the exprwltion d J |y know? )lr. Joai He was Company :
I abilItn. a baby carriage containing
i t Washington Btartmt ,
A.a unnrual nunibrr of r nreii ntlveti, c
rbe i Real
:iaxf*-t understand year buuaabte *-

It lonk prrfy: certain BOW that l>a,1* tomcat will have ao fair th:. y r. to meet hla creditor '
Ps.: igg.-Boat you believe It He
Tbe Board of Trade can probably te.' the reacon why

a f;I fUN doe t.LJJ meet them much oft_ l Rooms 8 9 and 10 Frissell Building.AGE

Mow many New Tear reew'.on' have yon broken a ready'

ewednh girl not bon a t*
A happy new year to vou all salt If taught a trad of BOB* kind _

'. \


M .:. .. _....' ...._=: .;.'b- .. .. -- .
a k.tdtt ...4 T ... .. .... .> J _.

.' AGI ; ,


P....wu.*.. .# ... 1.__ Pies .! p.1.1. Is .... Y.e,
IB. K_.4 .. ..... .54 t..wb.e.1.5.

0.'I'I Let M connUer what sits!) b* doa If Km i yst matt buuoikMptrt will That New Suit

w* bar to deal .with noiethlnc Inferior moan,. a.. weakaeat to thetr order

Bkirt ErerythtBg depend epos tb* to tb* top of tbe maud. feat woIII lU aurjTtM their admirer*.
On of die bonwII'-.t. cbenpeat .
cwt of each skirts and coata.Tb I t* b* a turaeraUe point
la a bowewlfe a Bieaa Mat to a beef
charming material called oargob.tta every i rater wher tbe hnmaa fr Utbroaga. -
stew. and yH Botalnc to more
w rrtep and sad reaemblUc tof. evpertalty la told ....dI<.1'I"'t1a'1 show OB twnaaculatr !I Irt

Toll. baa become to a abad of pound of round steak will make a bomt would always keep one 1 I

pal rrtoMoa (provkled It N. blab.esel.gV plentiful. dinner. ..... It dter ar* alxt I mail rtoet to which t* "throw thing*." |

worni. one of the mart ..rketkro. tbe table Not tbe stash to rook Is a *nateg. rootless bitches a moet You are likely to be needIng -

far gowns or conumea ttito rory slowly la there plat of boiling. :. reliable said was found to fold her a new suit about now

-- water. add half a chopped _loa and dteh towfta and pot them to a drawer \
What Bur .nb.nrtB: of bnttnn are eaaoalng of salt and pepper, let It fur meal "to make tb* kitties sir. If you do. you have a

the hi...... Inrmlnrlnc: U| ou lone drlr- slower tin tbe meat to tender, then 1 bake) choice of two of
tog r....141.I...,. fit!.uc:. with revem I take It oat and cot It Into mull : Acerb I cook wa very proud of bee ways getting

tuned M"IIUII tbe whole front rabea. I. a ......."... bled two fa bIfoo. : good breid.la. It wa good for one day It. The one way Is to

from. ahouldeni down to the tnttnm I pooaftila of hotter ... a quarter of .1 oaly. tbe 5i-.t. To tidy up the kltcbfreah V patronize the tape line
Of the klrt In slats,. laatanceai Bat I rap of Door I"war over It slowly o atb* bread was put away sys-
star from tbe at N" beating It ateadUy I whlM atpl warm la die tin tray tosweat I s: r'' f' tern while the other wayIs

with a wire spoor till creamy; add ateam.tb .
I to try a suit that's allS
I the meat and a quart of cold potatoescal I t resp .-.
II Into rabea Ixt It boll up. then 1 t rareptacl to bold thine I 1 ready made. If you've nor

/ dLk CUt ww.d of tight and nmdl
A Meat PI*. h tb* n rrtgeratorTo It would seem to care for money and don'tmJnd

I For a ant pie rut tbe ateak tot* take tb.eouainre of aatiaeptlc anr i paying double because
anger, the rook U very slowly aa for fery to fotert tb.health of die family I ,
a stew. only with a pint of water It ,tro0d tb* refrigerator Cm the 1 of a small label. In
la a gravy that U now required, not a bite meld of Ita shlningShelves I S
purity the
IIIf coat collar
aoup Take It from the fire before It lid walls cannot speak oat you'll probably -

to quite tender tblckea the Dqonrallgtitly loudly rough for all bnuoekeepera toke I f / rake the first course

I -- tt and pour Into a deep i I N';' Bits of food aDd butter If do
baking dlab If there to ant afflrteBt I you cart for money.you'll ,
I wtll too/fa tb* edge. and a p. of milk I
meat to ani;>p>irt a cruet tarn a cup .
,toy eta idfbere too lone Fruit placnl<< I \ tt come here and get
npulde dawn la tM renter of the dWj. ,I tt milk all batter oly bovkl '
then cover with a baking powder bit .
fand cold rua" Joint may b* *Mr&to
cult dough enriched by more aimtrnIng before I cooled nfflrlratlr to he '
i that the ordinary recipe demand. ldorks5 bit
f I every as gooda
)Ie 111. aeveral bales ta tbe pe... for tbe
iI slam to mrape When the top to a I Wall. b* refrigerator to tb* rate**. I
iI I brown map crust the- pi.. to ready to able poll t for ctty" kltrtM' a. the coua-1 suit and
serve, accompanied.. with mashed |wtato : try boo* bat anger lag easier M''I sc BROS.&C9II.

A j I '"" t* L Tb boa*.krprr la tb* .. Q.glap Mak a.
._.... __.. .
rovntryto M most likely to tare that ;zlL '" sum
I I' Hamburg steak at tt ta found .1 1 Part of t boa** to her .rrraata, And save difference
many a tab!* to anything bat aa appetizing tb atakimtotrna .
ttbat ea b* petted *
I dish bat altos property cooked I ,tea to really aamtrmt4I .

It nor bf' mad very good la raw j jtrat Ttablea aN kept beat la dark
rnaxooa1 A. routes oov.e.Our
pars mak yoor owe Hamburg fool cell a. and then to Unto tBcentlT
appear .. wen spa an pocketa teak by purchasing' a pond of round keep orttof all remortaf all 4ajd *-

and ateer "11'.. Ther caa b* .. ateak and potting tt ttroagh. dM meat ar. rafaa* matter Bat aaleM tb* Our suits are mad after our suggestions by the leading clothing makers of the
fate toorh la stag bwttoaa thto ora ....
cboppw U tae d* sot a meat
atBOpb< r of tb* baaemeat to freah We and do vouch for the and fit A
..., for they sea prtrOefed to appear hopper porrbaM dM ateak mad aikdv tb work of country can correctness style try on
tips ......,...... from tb* Sorest ofdrmwlac butcher' to chop tt f or 70* easier Imo a I rteaaly from takes but If
I (.aablBenr fresh alt coartaat rVaatef a minute cost you nothing commits you to nothing. anything
room apparel to Ole atmpteatf lost .... *,-. .a.. dM moat with eau of dtatafeet.
fmeitouB .,...*. pepper. salt and a matt" mlaccd< --. lab oreaahmal...| ato. a win** b*almpl tb* atntoapbOT goes wrong come in and get your money

Ia Ole rat appear a beeteD dress ofMa 1 die ...,. tet amaU. tat cakta. baadllag Table Talk
of tb* fflwr --
tusk boot with taatrtoi ..sal- them aa ttttte and at DghUy aa
Boa of ..tIq_'Pro. bud ray with I .....bIo. Bon each oa* ta melted bat I
bar7 bta* BMrcorlaM. 11_ Thowhltobaadkercbtef tor Bad broil to a groaoad apUerWbea '. YNt IN AVOR. Suits $8.50 $10 $12.00 and $15.00
Bass cvlmp to trUa- .
) they ar* ajroly brvwnod lift to a + wkb a seat Utt. Cod I
mod with hand ma took sad n... bot platter and to dw spider pot atablftlpocartd
554 r--- Cbe..5
rtonni. tenertloaa. Tb battoa* ar* of BOOT. a ttttte batter.pepper raabtoA favors die Sass frock aadurety t _________ ______ __ <'
-... with watte Dae. sad ombroldro4 and alt a teaapoonfat of raOMC i i
nothing prettier bad datottor caa
m blue rreocb fcaota. Th shirt '* of beef or kltrbea bouquet and \
for It
M lea bra It to freah
hi circular, with dire wide laths at Ole ..
a rap of boiUag water. U bee. till
bus aad below tb. drrator yok.. Tb creamy' tile remit win b* aa earshot pad .*|admitted that few garmeulsi

yak* at tb* heat taster ...,... die gravy which raa b* poorod ..... dw R. W. Rhodes

wide scallop with aarrvw bias fold at I teak and aiak tt mach more ....,.. I
a border Tb wait has ooob bretaQe mould yoa prefer to broil d>* steal
and facteaa at dw rUjtat of tb* |abap It Into a ron all toy It bet..-irs i I
frost Tbe cnllllI gird]. to ale of dItoen. I die grossed wire of a broiler rhea Outfitter to Men. Youths and Boys. 322 Twelfth Street Miami Florida

trimmed with tattoo and faateaa I COOt! It orer a bot 8r*-Good Hoooe-
at die bark. BJoet rlbboa trttnt I keeping.Medium. I I
th* tarts of f i>cy vtraw IB two

bade of litoe.Tb I Di-see. C.t/.11. 1. tea P'..MK -- ----
wooed e..... ..... bore band sited swat red pepper .
salting bretelle dress with blouse nf I rtotttl l-e aelei-ted to carrying" out the 1 ti Miami Hiirdressing Parlor

aD scot ri'|" w* raleorieBnea. Tbe following recipe of die Basis Cooking i Cooler & Hormel Now Oases BARGAIN
skirt to la eleven. alternating In j
fnrea V-bool yacaslne' Cat die Item end 1 First Class Service by
ma length boa plaits or la .....rt..s t tI 1IF.SOF.Ro.Oq
carefully t* allow tb* pepper ta lUnd XNMK: : K :
bog: plalti below abort painted paoelaTb level on the plate With a thin abarp I II IJ Ir ..<;001.:1 t H. .._.." ..a,.4 Grapefruit Trees
lireleUo are croiKtd by abunkkratrapa knife cot the oprmatte sod ta point. II I Bar/.., ia B..** tt Property DO 1:0" .' sort X T K.rt..,... .p t'all I .sA w
and above die girdle shirt itI' .
I I e..n J (},.. ... -. YesyMapar
steps blab In point<< on each Intel lor Ibis u. ,..MI ;.....,1. win
rat la one with tbe rnmb girl), which 1 tl"I The ..III.. .t.... I...... .. .. '"
faaten IB double lirrat.d walatcoat II I I \ A fln. bai:cei '01 oa Are, D. raw I MinneapolisMrt (. ...... Call m .r >f4c.
effort n..trllpe.N rat la I
one with die bretellea. Taffeta bow ''ii \ Miami! Rlrer Ef>ilSO. prt 1000. E A. Ro te>l .
C. J J. Rose Admr.
,, A white rougtStraw
trim die blnae a New Hona New Furalture-Opea
A.f1 nt-ai earner on Are Q. centraly
bat hi trts,med w\b a Hoe rH located T0xl4. prrIISOOO.Pjaln for the "teaton Board by th. Jay or C. t. Di ttt.tc
ret rlt4uobrow.. Utxrta lu .rteralabadea
week Northern Cur a*.
are banked oa tbe bark blllI'.ocur .>f* block. c.n rally: located I IleateJ
i .....-., I .;.- far t vuri. a gx>J lavtumeat !I7th Street Miami, ra.Netlc .

.' AMIOAT. Price only ISOOO |
Il.sss a -... ....
Braa* oa bedMeada should pot be poltobod vrvru COCETUI. .. nmB cv r.thus tin qukl if to air B a rrea onl and be4rau I A fine business corner (Ox>0 wit) of Anntiaf *J* tlngTh
brass .. > *l asp "- LIIM-U r JlniO.:* ba\-. .I TCLCPMONCSCVCRYWI1CRC
with ordlaary poWhe I aly back oa Ave D. wttola tw
forming a rap. Loooea dM teedroreptacte bees lat adored aa a Murewue featan -
they destroy tile coat of lacquer that to carefully troai dM ( block of th* heart of th. city Prtet !
pepper of ikcUf toilKa. Aa to the ado taDoat! \1. ttock-
pat on to prrrent tb brass from tar- meeting cf
that It may hold dM Squid Tb 14000. I 1 1i
pepper *f 124 aketrb, both ar ciratlotia la I I
tabbed wtthaft
It ahoold b
toblac. a Your bootoc
doth, and tf It beftBa to look dla- cupa aaay b* aoed to bold dM oya- : Suva 7 i* coatvm baa her ipcUVIf I: A cholc! buitbet bock tat)* very I i holders of th* Fort Dallas NtUeMl Your Lawyer
ten sad dM eorktaO: Squid or OM I Ioyatera 1 -d for Lara of a dellcat his- I Baal vi!t b held Vr Tr..i..- eooa.r .
deatr ) at U th
colorot rah It with a Both molonatdwtOi heart of th* city! .ta aader Iwo a> orne* to Our Friends
oet to plate oa .,.. platra, lt ho*, piped with a Try tender root I r X II Ha TrtomIT
fwwt oO and poltoa It with a.soft. may whoa _tea b* dipped .... dM I I of $:W per month prlc our "...tot.A city of Mltml. ITorlda. om U. Sib day *
llaen. anU won with a folded belt
cMh. ... with a dIe__ .kJL-....
Joaraal cocktail: Squid to dM peppor cvpa oat : root aE 4. Tb nit and collar aadilfbt solid sinus hutlaeti block oa lit of Jtaaary IKK at 1:10: te th. aftr-I I PAYS THEMIT

to dM costa of ... .,.. pray ta Stqac uad.nka-. ar of wblt nreet. etatraHy located piles I1M04PreoMt I noon for tb* lctioa of Crectort mad I WILL PAY YOUOur

....-..-... W..... attar cat tot dM .,.... b* dMromghly 4mbrold* d lava trimmed with frllto teaaat will Iwao for II years omen for th. *n lag "t. mad for I
lh Sale sack coat straight fronted chllted SOITO 8ro or aU ayatort Moa of valeM lenae* I.e.. white tb* bvttooa4r I 11b erty rat.are lowfVK
at HIM per 1.* trtatacUom of such: otbtr boataooaat
awake For rboao mix ..., rth
sad aomiatdac ta Ot* back has aa air o of D ia worked with toss mtooJnbrold
of roots and Jaaattaoaa about It Oat of a toaapoaafmt grad boraoradteh.omfuojth / ry slit T* crrwa this almptortto Rao block. Ar*. D of three atone ; may come: boner tb. meetlag. I ....,.....>_._im. P.a artly". Mb
bald n to popular fa... Yen bavyaalag of a toaopooafal' of varcot- fr* k with came piquant cbapeaaC Mtft and lrath strata 'I Gorge X. Oomph.CatUor.. .... .-.M ,ny UM iurt li as..to

teraalr aaaca, oo* tablaapoomfal tomato aatmr 1 draw clumrd with abad good touts pan good tateroft' oath .
catchup mad about bait ft able Id win b* tit work of a momeattared MIAMI TELEPHONE[*
..........t. Prlr ttOOo. A Map
pooafnl of ...... Jolca lm. TCLCGRAPtl CO.
Wo rsy age.. minu rests taj IFsure
I The. cwt mar b. puaatly pk A batlatt block oa Ar. D. two
..... aN -7M.ew.. toraffs whit DaeB tb* foliar and star rooms par |
Desserts caa b* mad a* oaaflj sad 1 apt Jqaed with a bright airy blue eau b* bought for ItSO are retpoBtibl 8<
to ash tocxpeaalT: rartetj dMt w. knem, tb > belt comlaf from the seam HodJlottoo.
Solid brick mad ttoa M..... block 1
ought not to bar to far dM remaaatt |, eltber ah tb* back, which debars the I
at any aoraad mesh A substantial i ipodding /for* r ol7. and disappearing beeth oa Ave. a that pays 14000 per '.....1 -----

such at a ....... fruit' padding -''I b th rrnata. err boring tbe tot eta b* bought for 130.000. tt a good I

eau Indeed b* saved very' HI I
reptably Dead. rold. bat,aay .dlab toi t.etf A solid turn tad brick .......... :
which ....... whippod awl or oth1ar I
block tar lit a street prlc tMJMThlt
doUrato tvbiUac prevail should t._ s e.el..1. I F. n. WHARTON.
Jot supply tile demand. ,.... U left I bar i shirt of atbeatoa, or. rather. I. a flrtt rlatt Itvermeal Manager
ever eta girnt-n BOOM orher poddingor t w* abet ta. aateaed together to aver" A choirs butlaett roraer oa Ave. D I
4 I I d*.ert. and cold bolted or ttoamod tb* end top of my kltrbea range tad aiath street I. oa* baadrd fitqoaro i --

lira -. erred at deport cam trbenerfpoaea. Kra ter for cooking puror This It a fla* rote of property 1 1
II b* aad ta aumereo* dtohaa.rr i **pedany for trying
tor th. money eau b* bought to I
which i tuna a deaa .tor*, to the (Hero!: ears dinner
I ...... ..-. 4epalr < t the bonaewtta. sap a OoJ IWO 1At.. show you thto I I

peaaat batter BO* fraahly roaatd Boaaefce ptnfM correapoadeat CIrrlea j A choir battoeat' lot t* Aa.. D I/1

...... all aotalag ..... They ar.* aabepaa ar attached to tbe malaCta rented for I I'M p.r year. car b* --

ground exceedingly Aa*. packed ta BtU beet aa b* lined aatd* whys tbe bought for 110000. Thlt to oo. of th* I I

glaaa Jan sad allowed to aland.Tb Oars hoi M ar to b* avad. for tlmmee. ben Itvearmenta. Oat of OMjrery
oil ta dM aota molatn dM ta and low tootag tb* aabfvtu Itto i very I I In prepanng-our New Years Dinn-r be sure that
beat business Iota oa An. D for
I meal and It freak dMa Ilk. a earning' J right tad pretax an burn- ,' your supplies are fresh and pure. If you make
t* tb* top. of the jar ta aatag this. !! as. By remot wag thfe abort wbea tb* IIOOO Look tt this your
I batter tome prefer to ajd alt bat eooktafaat don tb* ttor to to Immar- I A good boarding hoot OB AT. D I purchases here you are sure of both qualifications

may Bk* a better wltbwL Tat au4- t ro dttloo, and Ra aa* tare roe for 11000. U a good thing. ,
'Pam aacDe a.NL I wtchot to ....... bto die ator for aa entire
BoChtag saw ,I I king A balaM M oa A's. D. StaN tortSOO I
ar. tb loaf ceata tad of ..- lasso Icrarefal about vpiniac.Ciaaot .
gaetlo.abts dyer OM radaf drat tug, --..... I oa easy te,... We are having a Special Sale

.f thoc C a nor baadaoBM farmoatof For ........ atab carpet oo a 05t1 Msaa.s, Now If you donl sea Jut what yo* .
rartotaa taaplradoa. whist broom sad aoetpaa. weeping i methifi baproat oa thor ehlVdreatbat tr. looking for rome mad w* wQl abow

... taktaf III' tile dash atm at a time : it.. qt aa aoadal to lovemaaaa you' over th. city fre of charg V.
lases .. ... ..... sad ... araUartaf It broaocaotHat ptoaalaf u n to to b* tforvatlyctodMdt member thAt Miami to lacreattmg ta I ofNew Years candies assorted nuts jellies, jams,

'I.... boots will ball ta MIl M. bar.ba i I I Caaaot a certala tympathof / population taster thaa aay dry talcrl I raisins, currants. citron, orange*, apples figs cbtesand"ALL
< aa hoet grow older (berta .... 15 ...... 5.555, ..... b* tamfhtt r rlttoaiy*
h.. s.s a Ilea. ..... Lose. e&rot rtaMgar .*. ,ad.win cot rerdtfOi patbed fatar. which, a* a rate to ha
two bjcba ., dM tips os, sal tit aotbraak a* oaf hrB|tad roador..... cocr>_!:I .... laottaf dirr Cbtldra eta' hiattgbt city win bar a populaUoa. of SUN
oC bo atdo than tba jtm lilt with also BMtorlito a meta sides mkay thia a.'aad sorely h1i! til ,. till ao If roe think' toroodac..

wE. nor ...... srlb M BOW to fb* ttmo. i Comer Avenue D and Fourth Street


j i

.1. _..JI...... _" ..a..t- j I. L aar.d" .. -, .. ., t


-- -- -

C Town Topics C J Maynard r & Son Jewelers

Mn rr nk Hoartnn sod two coo, j A 100\*-....., of special letereat orrrtb .. I''
hare cone to their former home at .- Atlantic Cost Use Railway lea

Eau r.n lie for aD .In.l..flnlte visit witkrelaiUrt Ing Fraakfon Kjr neat Sciardaym I

tad frteadavnt <,riilnc ana trrtrlaf ,la Jacksonville\ i,:

..MI. i in,* "Similar" will lie brtwren j i Ideal Gifts for ChristmasIn

1.',, sot H. tulentt of the Kentucky+
\\* *-<1 BT ta experienced lalyaborthanil I'I
Ml>u.riDKlitutr The ptadeatai
and tTpewriUtif work. Retererr.
I.I i I K<> ti> Eau liallle, where the Kenrnkv ,
tutee P. O Hot 14 I, M1ltr !ftutinle bu ettab- all their richness and beauty at prices that never have been known in this

:' ..he Don't girt $3 Jot a feather plllo .tarns In l-rhn'e cars. It I* learned" city.Ye bu\' direct from the manufacturer and save you the middleman's profit

..hea II win par for a apoar pillowwhich -b. 4tlanltr Coant Uoe oflrlal are
I Ii
li better 'ai"Ins much In..1 In the movementTlm

..t fnlon .:
i I II Diamonds Watches and SilverwareRich

Mtat Clyr Wilt MrtumThe ,
| The Under of Bay Jewelry or child-
mossy friend of MUa Kate Co! I i ren't Jewelry and trinkets marked "A.I Jewelry and Art Goods. Fine Cut Glass and hand-painted China

yet who taught In the primary grade I B C will '1.... retort to Mrs Phla-
of the Miami public school for aereralyear recHrareward
'eat Wblte at March Villa tad
Cb."ce.t aDd m..t beaatiflll pattcr" ul high (fade war"
"I who at the elope of last
Orders shi.h cnn..t of tbe latest: creations andtzclustvedatgn.. This Store
Beanoa realcned her position aid weal Quality the great ierrr. and is every honest comparison we .
to Batter Mo. will be glad to leara al..y. get the credIt 9f being tile lowest priced house iD our
Man W..I"To work la bakeryApplr
that, the has decided to retie to this are promptly filled. line. The prices are Irrc"i"table. la fut they spell economy the frugal shoppe"
e'ty, tad to'' enter the nan department : at Metropolis OfficeJ All goods pure has- ill its trust form. Do.a't deli! Make your earl,. buying headquarted -
of the school the left, aaa from us engrav"c ers fairly bristles
'I 8 mrnonn. Locb..",. husks sad
latrwtor WIN Coyer li regardN ed Free of Charge 'fw1th Big Bargains.
parasols repaired, lill ,\".... D. Next to Postoffice Miami florida
at one of the beat primary teacher
(- the country oat It was with relartaacy
that the school board allowed DR. E. M. LAW

her to leave The new position to 1M-
tiled by Mill Coyer ta mad aecea DCNTIST

aary by the lacreated attendance In '' Office oter'Scweir She StoreArtlatle
the primary grade She In etpeeted' I
Work Thoroughly
to arrive here this week and begin Executed :

Wr dotlea nnt MondayROCKEFELLERS With The Moat Mod rn A llan... I

efeller has flTrn tl.(MM)000 and It 1.\\I
understood that any endowmeat ,,

ej la .d<1.I"10 whit hat been fire. |;
TO BE OPENED. will be added The puatlbllltlea of I

good re..u't* from an Inttltatlon\ tlli.1 j

equipped and maintained are t'nvb. ..

to offer nch opportualtlea for ortf- f
The New Year 1906ONCE
,nil work of a mat atefal kind '.1
can not he bed tewhere !'a the coats
\ Hit tri and It It eipeciad that tdentlttala j
V. DAUGHTER 'Mi country will nan themtelreaof
tfcit rare orpcrrtinlty
V I.. '" I INiw

New York ..... I- Tk Roekfel j I YORK POULTRY SHOWtevanteentfe i
has ttgt. for Medical Research U al,
meet completed and will bt toady for I: A-: I
lu opening whhla a few day Tilt fewt EBhibrlla J j MORE we extend you the glad New Year's

Today .
inarltntloa was fonaJed' by Jobs D. and wish all luck for 1906. 1905
good wasa
Rockefeller 1>>411. Tike Immediate I II you
I New York. Jtaaary 2- Tbe. saved
ea.nae of his action wa the death of ,
kit Mttle randdanfbter ire years of teentb assail exhibition of the New i II I good year for us and in starting into 1906 we shall
Tork Poultry Plceoa aDd Pet Stock I
sop. by dyaenteryH I'

feltvihat a place In which this AMocUtlon Square Garden opened lid today wfll at coaUaaa Madison ': try harder than ever to look out for the interest of our custo-
and other 'hrouch iht week Henry V Crawford
wield be of treat aerrtce and Councllmaa from the First Ward I mers. We shall try and give better service better values, a
In a short time be bad tbe reneralplan
MoB'clatr. It tbe secretary Bad Biaaajer :

At noon of aa this It Inntltntlon was fonndej In tad hit prepay mind of the .__lalloa, which poal- larger stock to buy from and in every wayexcell the year 1905
tbs he baa held for fourteen years |
nttoM for picas aid lld1ao be- 1
I One of tbe tpeclal features of the I
gad the board of director* establ'sted
eihlbltlnn win be the New York Call I
ncho Jtlpa In various U ratorlea In I 1
Show andrr the supervision of tile
this ftiantry aid test tereral phyalelaat : Atanttc Cot Onb which win begin fiND our business has shown a fine increase over last lear and w. pre
to Europe to pvnne tnTettlfatlo
tomorrow ..a"11 does on Friday WC
there Meantime a a te was obtained "nlnc TIle cat show will be a ,. sume that our patrons have been satisfied with our excellent line of goods.
In tllta11". at the foot of Part Sittr ,
husk street It rovers twentyadrtty serial I.... and be held In tM. We cn S:1)-E\'ef\.thing goes on merrily, water is still good to drink, air is still
cert Hall of Madison Bqaar*
tots. b l1dln-. Ire Coe-j
and tie main \
atones high, nrorldea for phyaMoc- The poultry and pigeon show ta fit to breath. Anthony.Romfh Co, goods are better than ever, success is still spelled
atllj hoe this year and the aanber J
lest chemical and pharmaceloctcal of entrlea larter than ever before. Tha with a capital S and prosperity is stilt in the air. But here we are setting off
Uboratoriea gives the third tad
fonrth noon to eiperlmertal patboVcy list of prices U alto larger thai ta fire crackers where all we intended was merely a handshake and a Happy New
lay previous year
and baterVOocy.and pad(eneral the fifth photo Isphuto.ttsogrsphy Year and so here's to )'ou. Make 1906 the best year of your life s 1.c::<1 beyond

raphy j: TrtOS. W. MATHERfia your best hopes. Keep your heed high, your body ckthed in an Allred Benjaminor

The dtwt.-Aoor coaUtnt the library: .Mtdiatcdl.d l1.... lap1.eev.
and assembly ban and tile eceaaanada Snellenberg suit of clothes and your leet in an Edwi.l i Clapp or Calk-Over shoe
alitradon offlcea. Resides tkaaalB <..1 rw.I,., serer T.-. T... c-I
T.... ay laga.<.... Ctr taawaW <
bwtldtnc there are several until, Mart pipe ....... ,
er baPdlaja for special parpoatt KM caiajerrrfraM aWtwA l.

the I bwOdlac and evatptnent Vr.lLcK'k_ I'" F..ss ".... c.. I 1edII-1 The Anthony Romfh Co '



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OJT vaili I* absolute f Irs-pros* Our 1 1I

ccmbSrallon ai4 't:ne'oc' stee' chest I

Is absc'iUtely burglar pr ::. We carry

burglar and !fire Insurance Every ,.I

cflcer' and employee: bonded :

4 Per Gt. paid on Savings 1 .


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Is the Quality and -

he Price that make For the quality and
i Everything The House :
our goods popular price that make

our goods popular.

Furniture, Carpet, Mattings, Kitchen Utensils

ofj tUgS desdription .

Frank: T :l31..1dge

Street 1\i.a i., F lc>ri .
- --
We are Now Ready tJ FtrnlshOffIce.phon.3&
11. M. KING R* kj.f
Tribune, Snell I! Undertaker and Embal er W. F. MILLER ,

and other 'I I
te r D* | I RESIDENCE 210 7th STREET I I
ma es 0
Icye es ; 413 12 S fRE T .
-- r I I'I .


lrr.rOIl,1Jlrll 4ifc ) One OB goal e .ft'M. family 'a...... I Send us Your Orders for '' I 1
open fishing lasatl.One I

:i Mr aa.l I Mr UUor Cubes ar* 311w' .01.:. 1\e h h.k keeps HtbiDf .aui'llary.d'ervlalnfAll ".."'. satiable for Sodas Ginger I

BOW occupilnr cleft few sal con nojdlou .for G.utl1.. Gror 7 810f't'. ug'y I
at big\ aaertflcv Pr1'ft.Appl .
I hooi on Eight atrrrt that IDOIII comp.t.DtI S*'uRI THI .
to O. H. Ale HIT.efeara
The bicycles and other I I. poelUf Bnydar. at Miami andSeltzer I I

goods are the best stan- ,' 8lac Miami by utomo1>>Oe. Lof i W. ,... Ie flood to ..IL pa. pint Compaay'i _t. j!I within raaefe wb.. alert K

dard goods on the market Seer Dale, opposite peaoaca. bar '"..4. kk, sill 1 A; HaJd1f'Wtoew. Water settee have oaa or tv. good aaa aataaa
aa ap-to.dau car for air*. ."01111"RIAL aTATI. I IWl I a dose of talarler (maBty.Haraaa .
Hartford and other Tires .... lot. :Ij tobacco Bar b. high irtoat
g a et1 st. j -
I Coaster Brakes fitted to old t.I!i I ROatltR. will eotlct: your rairta. /ITS. &ct< W11 Ruddle.lonI I I I II bat that do* set Brtraat a* gtrty
I oar caatoaari the anaOaat
j wbeds. An work guaranteed 11 j U aa Mabl Sum. *f UtchBeM. Ky, 311.. IJ.I Tea asns, d Ayta I Our school tarbr tolj* us that I IWod.tJ and Nothing invtforatiBir more healthy thaa
Best new wheels for nnlarroll ( 'I. Ttoltlac' her frt f1lJ. W n. CbarlaaFaadH I vii OB* of tb. r1rtaabat I p Ye aodaa. Oar *jrBp HAVANA FILUCM TOM I CCNTSTk
II the
g of I w. Gllespk bito .
tt for tb* wl.t.r I ff yoa MI.*.* t'I., la tn. doat b* : 'are pure and our N rtea Martina mates a traJy
then be Utlf.1 w home on ..Incstreet. h bottlea t I':
1231 12th Street Blue Front afraid to t'l !IfW new and clean rood amok, aartac the tall
a I II I I Mail order araaaa attb
Waatj Competent ftaorapbr. I I ar* being told BO many Umatbat i will recetve bt hat
I AU,*.. OrifflDf Brother Co, Uttla, .' w* bar. I'M largest aad moat prompt attention
& ClarkBurkhart Rlrn ,..a.I I. For Bate One 'ereotos uri11i qmmplet.: II.. of boat matral la Mi HAYESTHE
> top and alarm of lIatI.L V-
amt: w bell.! T It la tra*. W* ar*
I Attorney W. I UHraJf of W 1n.II..1!Co_ J. \eoanP'la.. ,colac to raft'1"11.. la that Ha. CIGAR MAN

Palm Heart li attending the mo. emy l ;I at Nw York prlraWa Acme Bottling ,OPPOSITE HOTEL BISCATKX
nwtliif of tb* Coifaty+ CommiMioapra.flaa \ S..pel"\\' man. MrleatN 1. .d Are n Fr Paint !I
I I ftrt1at.. .ettkltt.g ad reporting. n. Oar larolcw slow w* lass bought Works

lot oa Tt1 str* t. IUO Beck. lei ..mplofm"DtI applying. at t1 2240 ralloaa of mixed!: paJmt tad 11'' ..k. ..-. Vnt*t lo Factory Ones! rooms for rest la ti. Mtroaolia
.OCR AND GUNSMITH. Wdaon *; H dd'eiton I,(I Metro1td11' !glce. toaa of wbh lead; qna' to 1.4S1 ....- )I IattJfag.

Expert Repairing toni of paint Have Ins lit That i
Dr and Mr* E L. Bnrdla bar L NIII of MlamL wit 1 of It; 1171 raHoaa. Caoafb paint ,
venue C between I2th and 13th She L I'dlipoaed of their bu.lnf latre.t* I la II'. dncllf WI.. angle. era/ niece' :to rover a solid fat 10 ft blfk.orr

Miami nerd will mo* abortly U >at. !Mla Una Ilea Lab Wf'tr' wI. ere 2' sneer loot. 1.I.UOt.are tact I
I AoraslB. .... the doctor .I. the y and went to Over
.r. ba* parcbad 011 two fan can of palat aad wa ar* ,
Oaks tad win operate tb* AadatCity I Crystal dt'rt.d full Wr. XIIOa''bro : making OB another car order aow Oar, IBRaSSIER
Pbarnacy |' +ber XIIOa: or lIIatI vanish aaa) bar kept pus with tb* ,,
!I 1i I to... wr"l L. R. Isoe was formed T "'.t la IU proportJoa. W* bay tla1ad f
TbrJota on Boulevard $3.tot doss 11&11 errs He II .0. oil by the car Think what flat
Corner 13th Street ;'Bck. WUnoa t; Raddlcatoa II.I I charge "ok one the bnal. a IN means for Miami Tbra are few
i,i-I Eat!' Cast Key West ester. titles of Its size flat caa sins such ,I & SON
and Avenue B { W* bar **rral fla* aman coaatry', seer. and I.I-atloll .mast tlhe tel.S .. palat aal**. ,
I|H I a'ar** for ale steep Sect: Wllaoa ,; sties :niter or lamb ... 'Ie M. W* bar bandied tara fan cart of can Sell Your Farm
Facing Royal Palm Park !.... I. 10 dtlti f
(I ft HndJlcttoa simples of tile tins; ..arl, two can of building paper I",
Open Dec. I 1st I i i I fOIl..t.1oa long t' tome or the rat .aj otbr goods la pt portlo.. I IDoat residence or business
I cad, to d ermine the elanMet 01
Deputy Shirt Oor
captured tb* you tblak that atltt aa toaw ,
B. MncGriff, Prop. surer cap Meted "1. tb* MagiC City: tb.I be eat l proposed cad a bl('.WE at tile bad of this irtlcl r
Ur. SIlOII: a DOt ee lls
8hmitlB flattery for the beet aror d"I'I.r *. :
mad oat of a poculbl two beaJrvd at Mfore I. t10 Tear Oeilt ltar.I This tt tb. roa why oar aa'" .,
t a dated note with target rtfl*. Mr. I I bar tees *o large: Oar food arc Watch This
G ore mad Sloe bleb: :chic of 1M j tr...Isr .,1Ita te lilt pew.rt) rljht; oar prtca ar* right aad Space
d : :
: t: Tut Sa Serer 1tie 1Wa 011 tit e I', TOCR MOXCTWaated
Nic lot Ttb .
OB street I7M. BornRTlsa
South 8Id. Appl Xo 127 Iltll 8t. I
A; Ha4d1*.,oa. ] I
I 1 Poaltloa by aa xprlBc4
Lunch M'ANTED-f-A wotn a rook' for board lady at tbortbaad ere typcwrltlac I
Mr W M Good*. of Opts the lac I boa* a once Eaqalr* at lnpr Address P. 0. Bas 2(4 :
pnpalar iaprlBBdBt of coaaty teas I.1 Apanm ita. IJtl street I !
rtcta !I. spending tb day la Miami Mra. Traps i Two i unimproved lots in city price $75
thug | comfortably foralabcd rooms II. i ila
new. including ally to attend the ntoatbly meeting I! rsldaca *etloa of city for real | each. Only $18.75 down bal. 1. 2, 3 years.

b & 'ing making the'of the coaaty conmlraloavr\ Calling rtirds. .......tl printedu b, the week or _lOa. Apply 112'DTBtk I!
tb. 1000t1"ID! lea. street I II 2-A five acre tract at Lemon Cty with a

st and neatest dinroom VBBt' "-Tbr*. wh-'W wajtr..a... at I r i $1500 bungalow prkefor 10 days $1800.
M arks Oyster aid Clop HOOT, tIt
in the city. Twelfth tr* C
3-Avenue D business
RED CROSS. PHARMACY block income $420
per ..aunt. for sale et little less
a than $30OO
AN IDEAL PLACE Mew May Hammoa of ttsytou 0..
TOR LADIES .bo his ben r1.ltfmf br Meal M.. PRESCRIPTIONS
I lira A... ao... baa rtarB.4 to bed lUHabl braccrip Joas reliably iUJ la a plruo coatalalag." *aa..
home.TI.1 sad "bat* of ti i potter: of oar praaerlpUoa departw.aL Waiter
Cooaected with! saloon
; roar dor er ord s for that wQ
you you gt If bis praaerlptloa) Is plac When
you property Investment come to
us.we've .
Tint XaOoaaa Bank M MUmlU d la on kaNotblag win Aa Btaaiac. BaafM will b* sabatftaUJ
Butte milk ev ( at for aoaBa V c4 (farms, groves, sites for winter homes
Light Ina &.n1lw.pal/ >o( $& sad Jref aaiea] wa aara'aot la stock Iptta of oar accuracy dty property
5c a 'tfass tee a: Urea yeen of K. xitne bI I aad caraJYa MY t ebarfa ".*.....17. Aak your treads aa4 "'glop modem residences and business [blocks for
frethments Mrved dui I crammUt4 a surplus of IllX ads, hen about car ay of ,putting, praacrlpdoaa-.ararrtklar *U* It I sale, We have several good openings In"'the of
lag BM hours j DUeu!. u a r)*r1al klrctur tie drug I. -W :CAUT BUTLERS CANDY way
jI I ac between .serf "pftor .. I business. If you are Interested drop us a postal.
I door cast of A.u.. D o. till 1IOMIb1.1 ..rn Total eesoerres w..j. COMNCf;| AVI. i a.4 TWELFTH tmtCT t t MIAMI FLORIDA
to Pnmt Baildinr. Jlajw;"la.
101.per I cot pail M I I

-J------ -i-----; "I F.I C. BROSSIER I & SON

See our large assortrinen of I

s Uptowi Office la chirp of C. C. Carroll 214/ Areiae D

j i I Mali Office 1100?{ Anne D .... florid .

Ladies' leather Hand Bags and i ] .


Post .Card Albums j I


Mixed Candies 15c. 25c and 40 c :nts a pound -- ---- -- --- -

I Miami Conservatory of Music

225 Twelfth Street

Large Assortment of j Names Burned Free franklin Coleman Bush Director.

E 1 in all Leather Goods European traintrffaceltY An art t a.. ;;rj/'C tf f each depart
Bibles Testaments
and j taint Piano. (> ,
lire rpan, V-.t:e V. Inhinct: -:i.. Klora.
tie>d. Pb..ial Culture.
German and
1 n .Dan'ab. larmnnr
i -
and Hi-WI of McatcCIaaM.. Harrow
Kindergarten and
Primary Mask Cla
.. ea. ; '. : send for cataloru

oua .. ,I Diplomas Granted Upon Graduation.


-- .... #

rI .. \

a .. _- _0


--1 T
Will Build. In Rtversld* 'T levlnj Apparently tDpsd
Ii J H. Tatnm ft Co, real estate {teal h.. sneak thief or thieve that oper-

I Town Topics. era report the sale of a ebola jredldence 'it 4 her for some time past evident-

lot I. Riverside to Mr Jj Vf. j I; secured enough plunder and left W. M. BURDINEFor

"".1. .ho will begin the erection atl] the city III BO further depredations
Meal [state tales Coed '
once of a comfortable commotlona been reported IB the past Are
Real estate Is BOW getting artlre
'and modern residence thereon. days, and aa a result both city
all dealers reportlnx sales In the last
----- I{county officials are breathing ea.
few dajt. I
A few fine arapefmlt tree ray toset. sad more satisfied.

Budded from trees that I took :
Java Anna ROM. public steaocrspaer
price at World Fair tS per hundred. | f anted To purchase. a Scotch
Brossler Boa
offle at F. C.
C. O Richardson Miami 'tfrler. Inquire at this once.I .
tWO 1-1 Avenue D corner llth It.aut one week we will give one third -

For vent Nicely famished apartments ]i, KOtaltN man Bate lav.elrw.ats

Three Ofind.rsThere for honskeeplnf No children I off the price of all
were but three petty offender holiday goods.
IB the mnnlcipal coon for trial wanted. In 14tn street! i, Credits Performance
I The Four Plckert Theatrical Co,
this tenre moraine all receiving light .*B Will C* with r, E. C. Ce. p etentej the play .J...... James" TO Prices in plain figures on articles

I I rapt Frank Houston who hash a large and appreciative audience last

,.. o cm the houseboat Nlrodha f