Group Title: weekly true Democrat.
Title: The weekly true Democrat
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Title: The weekly true Democrat
Uniform Title: weekly true Democrat
Weekly true Democrat (Tallahassee, Fla. 1905)
Physical Description: 7 v. : ;
Language: English
Publisher: John G. Collins
Place of Publication: Tallahassee Fla
Publication Date: January 10, 1908
Frequency: weekly
Subject: Newspapers -- Tallahassee (Fla.)   ( lcsh )
Newspapers -- Leon County (Fla.)   ( lcsh )
Genre: newspaper   ( marcgt )
Spatial Coverage: United States -- Florida -- Leon -- Tallahassee
Coordinates: 30.451667 x -84.268533 ( Place of Publication )
Dates or Sequential Designation: Vol. 1, no. 1 (Mar. 3, 1905)-v. 7, no. 52 (Feb. 16, 1912).
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Bibliographic ID: UF00075917
Volume ID: VID00151
Source Institution: University of Florida
Holding Location: University of Florida
Rights Management: All rights reserved by the source institution and holding location.
Resource Identifier: oclc - 33933863
lccn - sn 95047417
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r* *
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_AIAfL PUR w10.rrat.


* -~ ,-I..

NO. 46.

Good Government; Honesty In Public Office; Equal Justice to All-Special Privilege to None.


-FsssW. Mafthr
k"41 D ISIN* JI

gMl aeny, wfthI 8a w o eel-

i Tmhe mp bea iwa

Mand ta

t* Idaa had advagoed
ilesald struck damp forw
hsv& eaM or two sax-mule
k ehim. he amp was in an
wity or 80 India opf aed bb
S It i d to Every thating

t Ba Id that a niehd. Ian,-
breakg abs

attae k was hia tet, into
.N t India o bedeadvanced
S emr y oato dasred towifth-
,at ~pOahlt dawned
W" Oolthof lder from a
sd, 0 or 00 Iudl h pad d iAe
l i needle, to my that
t' i ir d ernation ruled tand
the Is that any eaped. Lieu-
B wwa as In his tent, ipinto
d Natlsp soured a heavy fAnr

nto i throh me Har auff

a nessby cypress pond; also, two
Seap d in a cotrary dirtion
SI d in remhine beort Myerur
orl0 oiles away but sawe

atil restf arriveand there or
later. The garrison at Fort
-hp d ka relief squad im-
upon the report of the two
that esaped. They camtped
bm ahiat at Fort Simon Drum

Stl arrival ea tir relief q orps
upot fvu eomrt fthe olace
kmAd at wd thg e
id rea eWd eto oudam *"of

to avomd capture or sur.
l/o the aamenMe thue iU

net -eresev.ed wth at he
8 wood wamt agons weheare he
theivaMlofthe reliest fco rPs
a wed thPat a terrible aMt-
S5belwen the soldier and In-
M ar of their lothin were ,
H ads and evidencese o a ter-
Sto avoid capture or Aur-
r to the damage. done the
we mover knew, out probably
ood soo taiMput some of them
la r w e ans now a re-
de the party eamaed sThe
di the Meaow aende dt the
Sthe beinnin of the Si-
'war of If= closingg in

iol to asnd oiated witth iat
w where to be fondInFlorIda
*tw~ end soon the last survivor of
th war wl have answered the laat
WHddIh 6Payne conducted a store
I Ibelow Fort Meade, at thea
4 Pfneo creek at Chokoiela,
e rm ofKawedy & rl 1
SThisa tore waa excluavel r

a y-a eksw whiw e tof the
l aseditiouas roaminp and u
theyhadall the day 4

I~iB~ u 1 bothWhiden andt

a ama Two, um

the wendina beanba

to the heawaters of the HeIberu
and WlHamMoeh river, whre the
took a ld that had bee sent an or
-oa I MM. Jr Stomr, who th
to a a tepao rPM
the boy's V1 i
arses'fo by thissa ts-re
turn of the ose Mr. mer ame
pected foul play w h put hima hil
su" Thiasclosed th de,
but the whole country was r- foi
month, however, ai this miacif wa
perpt ated without the kin ed 0o
au ty of the other IndOiam. Th
United States authorities demanded
that these outlaws be delivered to them,
which was complied with, except one,
who refused to surrender, and they
killed him, bringing in one of his han
to prove ood faith, the others were
jailed in Tampi where they made iron
of their blankets and haoed theomelves
to a joit oerheoad. Thua egan and
thusa endsd the troubles in 1849.
In 1857, while Rogers' battalion was
camped at Camp Rogers, about two
miles from the field of Billie's garden
on the bordc.-s of the ig Cypress,
Captain Stephens often sent part of the
horses to the garden to ge be, us ally
with a guard. At one time, however,
while the guard was at camp for din-
ner, the Indians slipped in and kfilid
every horse but one, which they took
about temike n mi ia contrary direction
from their town, losing. t horse,
which returned to camp. Thiswasdone
to impress the soldiers that their camp
was in that direction, but Captain Ste-
phens was not to be fooled, and swore
for revw nge. He took about forty of
his men and plunged into the Big Cy-
press, after going 30 or 40 miles tlo
tha noted jungle he came to an
abandoned town. As usual, they
stopped for a rest, and the men were
bumming around to satisfy their curl-
ouity whi, like a clap of thunder, orw
8 lnd p d re. Captain to-
pben yelled to "fall in, fal Ia" .and
got his men uto line, bt no oame hurt,
he made a bee line for his camp, gin
two or tnre mile e made a circuit
and screted his men near his own trail
and awaited results. He had not long
to wait, when three fine bucks same in
view, following she trail. Steu n had
ordered has anto wait till fired.
When quar opposite be flAd, as did
his twoldlan were ki d, while
One stda wahed ed ran p, ma OR.
notuto l tfas -baLs Other i-
dims wtnd the rnho awd oe to
lear the trouble. Step es ad held
his paditioa, a.d as"theother Indinm
cami nuon their dead Pomrdy- ddhowd
and he nd fand three
m sre droon Ist taeos t hen
Captain Seepmo formed his men Into
line end marched back to camp, conol-
ing himself with the achievement of five
dead Indiana m lieu of forty dead horea
and called it qu oare
Then aM Captain Stewart's turn.t
It -d bow be ieved some time that
there were more IndIan in the Okolo-
wacoocse swamp than in the Big Cy-
oreea This swam Ii Mouth of old
Port Keas and ort Simon Drum,
e te or40 m~e long and many
SCaptain Stewart with
about 0 men, tarted from Fort K
and went down the swamp toward the
coast. The second day out they began
tofind sins of Indiana. Proceedinr
down the run tor sever miles there was
more sign and fresh. So one morning
before leaving camp ordered his men
not to talk above whiuper while marebh-
the. = Z had not gone far before
they erd gentle pounding, made by
an old Indian pounding the chaff from
rice in a mortar cut In a liveoak log.
He with his men. advanced slowly and
MienUy, soon getting in view of their
fieds and shaeks and got within 20 feet
of that old Indian before any were
swae of their presence, making a rush
diy captured the old Indian with many
squaws and children who were lying
iromand her and there,
alsoop. One boy about 15 years old ran
dthey shot him. Just about the time
hey were ready to star with their
riemurs, one of Billey Bowlnc'nmat-
led neoas walked into the opening near
hm, with -n Infant in her arms, not
uwowthat thewere there till too lat
ISNt* aat Idtactown halt

en inlsteive in ta
tallest trees at-
men a a of
It m it aothe


Omth FiMss Isof the MMt Neth
Sma tThm an go *A, tdmer
meek. MeL a&

l st n"dme ILto*P AU
And why was t-pa heesm Ie
Sthe eeiom. God has alw reasons
for his comduct but he doe not al.
ways "give aeonta of amy of his
Smatters." We mayor mke two remar
here: 1st. Thin -that are thesame
r to God, are not the tou. Our
oodne extended not to Him ; relig.
Sion read the xi en man ; and
when these are subeved its poio
d will be needless. All piele are alike
to God: yet we never feel In a Common
dwelling the solemnity that saes us In
the sanctuary. The art day of the
Year was no more to God than any
other but it would redewr the service
Smore Impreassive to the peopl d. It
is well to begin the New Year with
Some good work, and to anmnee
serving God in a new manner.
Have we no tabemaebie to set up this
first day of the first mouth?
Let us begin the year with solemn
Reflection, and ay with Job, "When a
few years are come I shall ,o the way
whence I shall not return" Let me
think think of this andfeel the importance of
the sentiment. Yes, in a little while I
Shall be no mo see. How, whore
Shall I be disposed of? The reason
we'll return as before, but the place thst
now know me will know m no more
forever. Will this be a ese? or a
Sbleuin&? If 1 die in my lIslhallre-
turn no wore to my poeeome and en-
joyments--to the call of ey, to the
throne of Cgace, to the huse of prayer.
If I die in tie Lord I shall return no
more to this vxin and wiekod world; to
the sch. heae to thisthrobbing heart
to these temptations and trouble and
sorrows and sins Let uas g the year
with self-inapectdn, and aay with the
chief butler, "I & remember my fault
thiaday." Weare prone to think of the
failings of others, Wd often Imagine,
because we are fre from their faults,
that we are faults. Bt we may
have other faults w may have worse;
and while e a mote in our rother'se
a beam may be in ourw. Let m bi
epe to eoovietioLn Lta us deal faith-
fully with our own heart. Let us not
compare ourselves with Obers, aed e-
peeially the more vii of er 1blw
eratureas; but with. m ow qdvMa.
gM; w ith oe mknow*r wthe
m-o preeim wih o t1e d" of Gad.
IAetAmbg thyear withea tmi.
ain to ahdou whateverWmVe
aimfal, wnd aa with Eawn: --it
dam wiuity, l wil do more." Let
th we eU e or the evil peaess
plead n va egin the new ear
with paou and pe al dedicationu, md
my with David, "Lord, I am thbie;
ave me." Yield yourelves to Gcd.
He has infinite ehai on you. Y4u
will neverbe truly yourown ti y
are his. Ben the year with a rlatve
rlio If the worship of God ha
never been established n your fami
ly, commence it now, and my witiU
Joshua, "As for me and my hoase, we
will serve the Lormd." A family with.
outpraer i is ke a hooue without a
roof t is uncovered and exposed; and
we know who has threatened to pour
out his fury pon the families that call
met upon his amae Begin the year with
the determination to be useful, and ask
with Saul ot Tarsus, :Lord, what will
Thou have me to do?" iLet me look at
my reasouree; my opportunities mid
aak How can I gronfy God and pro-
mote the welfare cf my fellow creat-
urea. Have I no irreligious neighbors
to reclaim ? Are there no poor to re-
heove? No widows and fatherless to
visit? flegin the year with more con-
duet in the arrangement .of your af-
fairs and according as the duty atof every
day requires. It will add much to your
comfort to be regitar in your devotiorn,
in your meals, and your piety will be
aided by it. HaVe a place for every-
thine; an end to simplify it; a rule
to arrange it. Leave nutbit for the
morrow that ought to be disclhrged to-
9l'many," Ume-this short, this uncer-
tain, this all-Important tim-upon
e instane of which eternity de-
pea-. will at allow of our trfi
aw9 any of momntU. Resolve to

oIo tnhwe t ohe iat kinm. CaSprS

Im4N*t' *rin'f United itote {
Trhay s. tele a-I Iwould t- to
av a few We traveled J er2

ael aimsWee Jwi a-r, r

WlUe U e teh, ,n ia laupLpo ,Ewt
rIyam8 la bom o inc frolath pr

hdw- o thi .we as

redeem it. Gatlkep the baacmaa,
that msthMic bponlky team
it f~maadl~aaepMdtyen have
dmoqiwMMof Wr to te*akf^Dtih
mow w'ymm~ml ^o~htoary ra
by whih you wiU praumo yoam t
tad mre fvery t ka. and
lives hager thdan O dai o
manmmh MMand wMh
DevM, "My vete s=ltThem to
he 0 day d;and th with
w tok up." oto yaor wdearmi-
nath., tl season will be the date of
Yor hamkne. God himelf. says
*Pnh d&day I will bless the.
stmb*or Iorta.

W aMnA The q atimn of immiga-
tion isao vlal teret to te South,
where milliam of fertile acre r-eedy
to give forth abtm dant hartea to
toriftyes loom froam em favored hm-,
offerl eto al a real "Land of Prom-
o t rin blemlaing ot which the y
their loved one may enjoy ri
their span of life, and then had down
as a Iaey to their hildrn ; and
WNnmRAa, The Leisla of u aeve-
ral of our Southern ,Statea, reaaN
t- ney-T t need of b t IntaoSI
in ordered t he rick ealmltaUral, aim-
oral, wI trial and other resource of
our incomparable had aib e developed
to their bountiful Vep-oty, have en-
acted laws and n ted money for
the i uras of a and promoting
aimd a ; and
WumaAs. The need of t,. better
elams of immnlgatin le by no mean
confined to anratas. mineral and
other rural calite, but is equally
great in our fast-rowing seitles a
towns, where the call for killedd and
brawny artiaans is ever ae tohe ram
and n many instance unawered;
WmuRaAs, The need of *killed work-
man to led asistance in our Crnum era
of upbuilding is,- no I reongls by
labortmnby capital, bth of whib
Iwo yn a senat appead tot* o
imp= of imm0"rantOhmf hr-
aetor that they eeuM never m-- up
to the standard of true American t-
enhip; Therefore,
I. Napoleon 3. Broward, Goverine of
th e Stateof Florida do hereby
Up the Goverors1 alOthe Southen
ibua to atn ia perammad a-pat
teniW fromde st f at
tend aC-vti to beb at-.Cky
2fTummIn t-the Stao Fl4rida as

to sai Cnventhii tcM daga wit
autrity to particle Mth dibthe
tuone thereof.
I alo cordially iAt and -n__
request I
t aso to inveWet% te oubjetq
immigration n foreign land, to
present at said Convention, to relate
their experle five their eoaklh-
aimo, and make sun recommendations
as their invtigatkomn warrant.
Eash eommeredial and labor orransia-
tion in the State of Florida a also cort.
dially invited to send there delt to
ticipate in asid Imusmrati eConven-.
In testimony Wherewof, I have here-

unto set my hand and causeed
the Great Seal of the State
to be hereunto affixed, at
(srAi.. Tallahassee, the Capital, this
the 24th day of December,
A. D. 1907.

By the Governor.
Attest-H. CLAY CRAwroRD,
Secretary of State.

meat are too touh to be roasted or
broiled, but are delicious when slowly
cooked on top of the range. I am
ashamed when I thik of early extrav-
agaee in allowing the buners of the
oven to be kept gi fr te minuets
at a time when I wand two or three
slices of toast Nowday I have this
dome on a toaster em top of the range.
"Then too, the oe m eed to be kept
rbing fier hMurs when we wated to
easomete g bet. Now we pt sewb
linto the ste er or the doble
r ar d keep these in much better
e o at aa ~I of the On stW
"Agaem wamb n d iroaifg ueed to
e MWA ad m go oe ao e med&t we
a we hv afetat elotesm le
germed. olwa m Jiued ,pe wemws
to tur dows thFr s w o as the
AlsH bo bwban to tokl. a&W Ar-eti
m Have a little stead m which we
- lae four aroad oame burner oi.
eatsofeettiM two over it.
e east of thee various appHanteas
was avd with i tn o arot month.
Bt the asistaetie hy have give us
i east of aB pn to the having
we a effrettee
tMy m hbmanad ysp we rejoice o the
emsmy baemme we have eheaqKay

M stotrasm waste." New York

Tt, GAS, hL

What moet Oaset ae M a
on the seMked them
h m eno lthe *
his- awa the MselaHte

.He is a profeassorof shee-
ieand seem to be a goad Me-
at aceonts for It. I don't be.
lieve they waste mock ha ."
"Tmhe frt month they we heres,
said On Janitor. "he eais dews to de
celaW several times and leked at bIb
meter. He said there was too om
pressure and that he had set the metor
guAnohe e did, too. It' a t
more peep1ndont know how to fai r
would be lessw"
about gas huatf they dIdf*d
company would be joa as weE eN i
Another tenant who had eoe in
while the gas man talking ftf -
process of fixing the meter was a
"Not at all," aold be. l"Themo-
pany will help you to do It if yeS
them; but you can do It better yesoi,
as the presrue in the evening is e-t-
same as it is during the day, wh amr
men are here.
"Turn on full and light all thegn
jets In the apartment and the i"
range, ift ts supply comes theeh th
smem meter. thel e are me Jm
which are never lighted at the emaa
time as the others, you can leave them
out. The idea is to regulate the met
so that It will supply you all yo eead
and nomore.
"Let somebody go down cellar to the
mNter while somebody hs wateOea tho,
lights upstairs. A key is suppled with
every reter by wheih you ea tu a
sock I the pipe at the ade of the
anid so reMlate the amout of as
passing into it,
T mhe ca y be turned o
C = tand t eman who i dea
m nt inquie from time to Ur
how the Hitoare bumriw TIe t
est, itf t wa a i prea to
bein wltb Ul beoto op the r0
"As am nas then lt ne in mPtomow
st At thdo tmrma be I c

ade't east mag If W th hi Jt'
wasBd. I g-a- Mrss. setaw
"Ourt as well as her ma-od s."
the meter. You'd better a
other tenant did ask Mrs Boew
and found bor quite ready to tel bw

explained;r "so wre investigated t-
matter and dinev ed several ways of
~mVfnr t- nextone aSsaler.
"A my husband had regulated the
meote, we tried the uminati -w.
en of several kinds of buyers anad
manto ntinag the number of cubic
feet of a eonmed hourly. We
adopted for aneral ueo the form
which we found mo table.
"A you ase the adee are arand
to throw thelight down on our dek,
and table. We find that one of these
is as effective as three of the old-
fahioad jets obscured by semi-opaque
gound glass globes.
"We don't try to save gas by leav-
ing moat of our rooms in total darL.
neas; it isn't cheerful and it ian't con-
venlent, so we light a good many jets
every evening.
"We are careful, however, to turn
down at once any light that is not
needed, even for a few minutes. Be-
sidee being a saving, this keeps the air
"I keep a close watch on the
range, for it is quite easy for a th=t-
less svant to waste $10 worth of a
in a *rth. It is very important tt
a hmaer should not be kept gong a
momI longer than is necessary.
"Aher a pot has been b krohttoa
boil gas s may be tuerd down very
low Meithut reduewing t he m s-sa
beleathe boiling point. Another rt
savim effected by the o
do" B ad the qudnpdr
or semer.
"Wih the latter ame baer may he
moa to cook a ehi kem for ar
f er1---, two or more vgeta h _,4 d
a pdding. Several very -demWt
thigs may h cooked ai thm e ame
apartment without any mixture of
on if eamf is plakedki a t. tieh*y
severed tin can ar a sereAw-t
VeRtables and dried fruits eekd h
thid way are dluses.
"The meat expmsive part of m gja
r e te t ev a great Wea" t
Am eokli aaa -ta witbeat --rlE
th eve at at Ye low A
casn hea dn with a ash
"Biof01 the meastMblsIelms c 9r





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hours is show-

ing our Swell Clothed to our Friends and Visitors.

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TM tih* 3MOXAT.


X L v 3. b. Smbth. I. L Pastrn..
-im *mo5e. at u a. W, OW IM P. M.
iamgw,&o 5ALp. 3.
4M p.aL AS ni mbmh~i
towoodp W" W&
owbtwm m urbwo3am. Ww. .ILZkgiw. Paip
--- --at iu *'*is*.a. A.. OW at
O 5 m&h.m at ON a. am
saawwi Mrs= LUX at 7*

Vie wa. W Mv eA a *; z6 -a.
TweleeT k L as. dMIk Us m.**
06rVa.. s p. St. Meael' (etored).
-.A B--4P. EL F. rday 4. A.3pa
41 ar* bedevet m d Sum.
U o'lok a. La tim de day e rv- at
O, ix N. i C t (s realm,.an d atm. of
al0M1eMd the s t-mm. him r si
UNA a C alatk Bei nm".reding room.
Ste w. daty *at aonda. btw.m the
| .f Iiad 12 o'clek fa. m. All are ordaly

airchaat Shewed a Customer Hlew
They De It.
Areyou a knocker If otgetthe
habit. There are hundreds of oportu.
ties to knock against the mail order
home. There are dozens of logical points
to argue from.
bM uinees man sees some part of
his business shalig under the strain of
i and t as good goods"
--soay the mail order advocator.
Are you gng to aleepon and let this
part of your business bunt under the
trala, and witness its disappearance
fbo your door ? It's a ha propoai-
to got the oldki customer back to
$satw, if beehe becomes dmsai-
we r wamd away.
Our farmer today take the most un-
fair view. They cannot, or will not, in
some nstans, e that they are ecen-
twtal @aptal i nthe largw er cities,
t after blow, at their own
title village. They cannot so that
4a" blow aimed at it falls on their own
hads as well, for capital centraliedl in
thaeti brings bAkrptey to the vil-
_A bankruptcy to the vil ge bring-
honlatc depopulatoo bring _e*
e in value of real estate. De-
ease in value of realestate brings de-
oae In value of the surrounding farm
L' all the farmers that surround a
eows buy every possible need from a
eail order house for five years and it
weld either bankrupt or canus every
hiess man to go out of business in
that town.
Search farmer buys an average of
.n00 or year. That would make
g zOO.00 for five yeas, say at a saving
per cent under the home roer-
deawt's price. Allowing 20.00 for
h^ farmer would save just
Mq0in 8ve years.
thatthe farmland
average to aeh fabtoer about 12
am at anvalue ard .01 per aere.
New. after an have purcha el e
Salineed for five erofa mail or-
der hoae we wad ad a bankrupt
usoh noedltioms wedld decree the
vales of hie lead 515.0yeper acre
etotalwdacreaeMof Now
a tet o an am t*hir hw.e
e.i.. M ei have been .


we have to
as bthewq
mv dso@*


Mr. Je bl -'"What's the matter,
Mr. JamIs 0 memy ax, asu I have
paid you for it."
Mr. Joae-"Yse. Y ou have paid
Sears' Roebuck os price, .
Now, as I have aid before, we are
meeting the -competitio of Sean, Roe-
buck Co., so ye have to pay thirty
cents xprges to get that ay to yoor
BhOm, o I willauw ask you to divvy
up the irtya epat to me, same as you
pay Sea Roebuck A&Co."
Nr. JoMhnoo-"Look here, Jones,
this is not a far t tl and I want my
ax. sand m more fooMt ."
Mr. Joer-Il" am not fooling, but
just meeting competition. Give me the
Stent or eal you can't have the
Mr. Johnsom after much exploding)
hands oer the ents--"There's the
30 eent, if you s e so dishonest as to
take it.,'
"Now) Mr. Jobhaon, said Jones, you
have paid me in full the $2.50 for this
ax. sold it to you for $2.20, just the
sroe price as Seanr, Roebuck & Co.
You had to ay me the 30 cents ex-
press just the same a the ex )resa com-
ay have charged you. Now, I will
eep the ax for a couple of weeks and
then you call and et it. Tht is the
way Sear. Roebuck & Co. keeps your
money and get the use of it for two or
three weeks, then send you the
After a little more talk on the part
of Mr. Jones he hands over the ax to
Mr. Johnson and he okiddooe kdda wier
man.-R. E. Valentine in Merchants'
Trade Journal.

Chambeirlala's Csd hme y leSa.
Ati a City ComBe1I ms at
*Ifw-, Jma"ca.
Mr. W. O'Reilly Fogarty, who is a
member of the City Council at King-
ston, Jamaica, West Indies, writes as
foflows: "One bottle of Chamberlain's
SRemedy had g6od effect on a
That was ivin me trouble, and
I think I should have been more quickly
relieved if I had continued the remedy.
That it was beneficial and quick in re-
lieving me there isno doubt and it is mv
intention to obtain another bottle.
For sale by Tallahassee Drug Co.
Punta Gorda Herald: The Florida
primary campaign of 1908 is hereby de-
clared open. The Herald claims the
honor and privilege of firing the first
It was Mrs. J. C. Guerry who visited
Palatka last week instead of Mr. I
Guerry, who has been kept as busy as
a bee at his post at Levy Bros.
Chambeelala'5 Coup eeidir a Safe
Medicine fb Childrem.
In buying a cough medicine for chil-
dren, never be afraid to buy Chamber-
lain Cough remedy. There is no dan-
ger from it. and relief is always sure to
follow It is intended especially for
coughs, colds, croup and whooping
cough, and there is no better medicine
inti world for these diseases. It is
not only a certain cure for croup, but,
when given as soon as the croupy cough
appears, will prevent the at .
V= p eoq is not dangerous when
eoatin no opium or other harmful
a ad they may be given as e onfl-
S toa basyatoa adut. For
seby Talla hasee Drug Co.

Eiht b. of Goo Draft Mule. Ap-
ply to W. tamirs, at Bxmis,
orC. L Alen, at Bob Lovy's, mw
T8115elmhne. $*45-sL

WaL1R All KInds of Fresh Meats.

gimttULGiv ve e or ordos

Proi pt d.Uivwy.

ba m~m





Kadel mee.sugestion. This dise'w
wy rpressas h Mtural juloss of diles
o6 as they ma1st lp a healthy stema
moabaid ith 0 o greatest known toOsM
and Meom-ei- properties. Kedel fao
dysp dea smt oaly relleve ladigestlee

the moos membreta lining the sto mua.
Mr. 3 t U Repmmawd. W. Va, am--
kow aomw 1b
SemrT KjIMIT fad LA1ODDEn LLS-ftm td*
Peparee by L 0,DeWITT oo., c0iouse
For sale by all druntist.

Heavy ad Particular Haulinq a

State Agent for the
Austin Road Machinery,
Plows, Scrapers, AUTO Rollers,
Street Sprinklers and Graders, same
built and opmated by him before set-
tied for. See him for further particu-
lars or addre P. 0. Box 285 Tallahm-
see. Fla.


Tinig, Plumbing
Sheet-Metal Work

All work in the line of
Roofing, Guttering, Spout-
ing, and Sheet-Metal Work
solicited, and especial care
taken to please my pat-

Plumbing a Speialty.

Jeoff. D. FPerrell#

General Repair Shop.
Horse hoImg by an ex-
pert who has had years
of experience. .

Af'WAW Nw'z

HIckery, Ash, Popular in Special


and, Length a Specialty.

--- -------3

Surrounded by the best Hunting and Fishing
in Florida.

The home of the Wild Deer and the Wild-urkey, the winter
home of the Wild GooM and Wild Duck Thebe t Quail and
Snipe shooting in the South. The lest Sulphur Walr ain the

FRANK W. DUVAL, Manager. !

Air Une Railway




NoaOur VA.
Exeurion Tickets on Sale ily,
For full Informatimon ud rb cal on any Asnt
%Mb=i or write,
S. C. BOYLTON, JR., Asshtant Gneral Passenger Aent,
J10k oovi!e, Florida.

Uo"Ino" 1vo w COut Weuk

IAM UK Iam GOTl!mm

Jldi them imvder a
Guarswtme, have Ilbtk
hundrM e and ntobM
mor every day.
For prsm write
W. 1n. Adkinsou .
P. 0. sa 4.
=Tummss IaS d.

C. E. SAULS, P. O. B oMe J. M. SAULS.


General Builders and Contractors,
Repair Work and Painting
Buildings a Specialty.

Contracts for work in thel
olicitW and at at Ip

Lumber, Staves, Slats,

6'- .

~esk, D amA.inPinus wl





Heading. Shingles.





-%, NbAll 40,0-



- ~. .

- -~ .3

M..-4 lo!; 'r.,
453133D K'V3Y FIUDAr MO3"NiN.

bOmeand Nrs *sm al53. M o

10 S. 1bmw Duldins. mw daasaand

RM 1~rTW, in Adws4e.
now 4wAepIodm
os~ ofe:iS.the Oi~N" ewwo
60 Low %away

ihohaus.. FMg, Jan.


V I Plrddm dvwbm,,, a,. rvwt a,,t,,I
*I a k,. ewupr ot Sn V pim or
O p emedksim-esor efreats. Not a
I -iit
". it Butler Star: "It is said Gov.-
rBmward is working on a new
w hb eh hopes to aisnd him in the
*ttates Senate."
W at measly "thing" must the
en af .A be to let Boni do( Cu-
gMiUhm a licking even if he
SWby his cousia Jean.- Tampa
And what a Itty mesa for
Amrlean women to be mixed up

M' M Tampa Evening News. just as a
%Ms reminder, threw 'out the following
b Dtrean 28th IMue : "While he is
his friends with Christmas
NpuMts In the shape of United States
thips te.., the Governor should
olrget poor Cooper, in jail at Area-
a. What an appreciated holkJay Tut
SSprdmon would be to that notorious
6WMtOer who seems destined to die of
eM age before his ca e is acted upon
1|mpa has three excellent daily new-.
|| -The Tribune, The News, The
All of them have a splendid
e and are doir much for the
and prosperity of that hustling
eity. The Tribune and News
Mw being printed on a mam-
h ew Hoe Perfecting Press, which
a _eapcity of about 12.000 papers
0 hour, of an 8 to 18 pages, printed.
g eented and folded complete for
.*s l.-r- --
Thmought tobe good material lying
Jackamsville for %cretary of
911s, CComptroller, Superintendent of
PhM lastruetion. State Treasorer,
At p*MsYeoeral Railroad Commis-
S aeIr, ad two Judges of the Supreme
OMrt.-lake City Index. And the
JOAksovle Metropolis adds: "Have it
.lays on hand." Thll hand them out
1o the pubNe and make the list full and
[ lpets, If they arm the best makesno
: m lHM wh icE old section they ome

And "rnow they do asay" that dame
habe to be bullt behind those Evergia
MlE to keep water M soh then to
AMt thon "up bill," but Just wait uon
W of tb*e tm i$e South Florida
*erId reinyeaaoyam aset In, and iet
* A what wIl be the appearance of
iMmp down there. The SvwrgIsh
IMk ma ad nelftdvm d yet, tIf oper.
do is UOam r keeping the I. I
SdraMlMd out thoroughly, but the
nw eomprotamoe with I. & N.
~. trtaMheg then more operating

Already newspapers la many of the
waftisg are carryingT anAouneementa
ar eadldaetes for eMnty olers, and
lintiosm are that there will be many
N every muaty. The Kay Wet CIti
0m aye there are "lt out up to dote"
Ow aull Mearn e n-mty, and may
be thereanetobe heard from. If yoe
1t04d to rn for .a o"f0e.,tt the pub.
,h eww It. The fee will be W. O
whether the annouacemet rune for
weeK, ar if It la mly for a week. Re-
mbm r, too the f oeeoome. in dvaaee
soa WSulNM5 0, the ame, and tmh
nam.iomrrier It will be o The
'r-Dimeat uteuda to give all who
tonma- equal show. for ths is
n e and every one wh s
w itois eOa eanter the ra- for

.* : "It wmi et hut yes

_t that it

Bde i eWd we 'a M .e

umn Nm .u-s AnmUma I 'ET LZW C T TB LRu -__ _
A Capital employee, who .is ao a' The True Iomocrat has been persist-
newspaper correspondent-rather an ent in its efforts to have Leon county
unfortunate combination-recently dis- Iproperly advertised and represented at
.closed the feat that the "Powers that the Tampa S1to Fair, and at the Mid. I
Be" had compromised the lithation be Winter ExI ton at ack.nville. for COnmm iZes the a Of flouT bIt ,
tween the I. I Bord and the L, & N. the simple reason that it affords the ter and eggs; makes the bs cut
railroad company, by which pro- very best e imagineable for our cake and Oamtry mom apDte -
mise the railroad company getsea good showing p the natural advantages ef
big slde of the lands in the liti- the very best county in the whole State, l g, nutritiOUS and whole me,
gation, as well as part of the $284,- everything considered, and that it could
000 tied up by injunetki in the Federal be done so easily, at very small coot
court, while the I. I. Board gets some- and to a l oe ameprofit to every prop-
thing like $150,000, with which to con- erty holder and business interest in t
tinue the operations of the Drainage county. The time is fast drawing near,
Board;, and this, in addition to the 6 and our whole people have done nothing,
cents per ware tax on some four million that we are aware of, and we and our
acres in the so-called "drainage dis- whole interests, are to be the sufferer.
triet" levied by the last legislature. for it, for many other counties and
Those who have kept tab on the not cities are preparing to reap the benefit
results to date of this great drainage that is certain to come to them, for just
scheme-which was so emphatically a little money and the' effort to adver- *
condmmed by the votes of the whole tise and build up their sections. There
people of Florida and which, notwith- is yet time to do something along these
standing that consumnatlon, the late most important lines, and we earnestly
"Broward Legislature" revived and hope something right will IPe done, and lB
put into legal operation aver that the that Leon will be properlv and profit&a- ABSOLU ELY
work of the two dredges during the past bly represented (Aome join in the ef-
year and a half amounts to about two fort of yournewspaper, and let's come This is the only baking
mtlA o feanal, the coat of which to date up in grand shape, even at the eleventh t o
can only be guetJ, while the highest hour. pow der m ade from Royal
sale of' "drained" land alongside the WE TUSr THEr DOWN.
canal was at a price of $17 per acre or This office received today a contract rape Cream of Tartar.
thereabout., instead of "$( to $100" for $104 00 worth of whiskey adver-
per acore, promised in Governor timing from the 8. C. Distilling Corn m
S, propany, there with the electrotyp. It as No Subst
Broward' brilliant prejpectu sof the 'en plates, which came by express prepaid No
terpnse, The rate of progress toward and the plates were forwarded, toetheei Te w Alm sea Phmsopbsee Lmo e U rsmimi med at
Lake OLeechobee seems to be about with contract, after wo refused the ad 10ww psi, e.t besekeper rer-g tohe hn oo
rapid enough to "get there" some time vertisement. Even atLender was made of b aedy im ored to se them.
rpid oh to "ettee"to pay cash in advance. The Independ-
during the next century. ent believes, also in all sincerity, that
We suppose it is quite useless to the publication of that whinkey ad in
"kick against the prich.,' as St l'aul its paper would do more harm than our d
woul sy, but we deem it a duty we open saloons.
owetooul s eayrbutoeepthem mit dviwe We need the $104 00, but we would
owe to our readers to keep them advi- rather go broke than prey on the youth
ed concerning this unauthorized and and weak-minded with a tempting bait The Leap Year German. Something New for Tallahesese.
wasteful expenditure of money belong- of cheap whiskey by express. St. Pe- Tie young ladies of Tallahassee Tallahassee Amapeement Park-Or4 d
Ing to the people of the whole State. tersburg Independent who arranged the preliminaries of the Opening Next Monday, Jan. 1.
We use the term "unauthorized" ad Same with us. We have turned down iAeap Year German. given on the 3d Under the management of J. W. De
visedly, because we do not believe that this, and other like propositions for ad- inxt., fully demonstrated an unusual Mlly. The St. Louis Amuseme t
a leisla*ure even a "Hroward legis- vertising recently. No Tallahassu e ability Io successfullly carry out their Company has been enagaed for th
latue"- has the right to reverse a ve newspaper will accept u contract from carnfnlly laid plans. The girls had opening week. The above oompl~m
diet iven by the whole body of the a whiskey dealer. The True Democrat, determined to give the young men a comes to Tallahassee well spoken t,
diet given byt the whol e body of t b The Sun and J. Wesley )avis- Metro- good time. They realized that they and recommmaded by both press and
people at the polls; and because we be- any have a chance but once In four years public, and ItAa.- that it is one at,
live that when the final day shall come politan, colored, all reject them, and we to show the boys how the thing ought the best c now on the r",
-am ia surely will-not only the Brow- all need money In our business too. to hi, done, so did not fall to make The company Is under the personal
ard-Jennings administrations, but all We are not after that kind of money the, mont of their opportunity. Every- direction of 3. W. Weaver, who la io
however. thingg was arranged with taste and stranger to the show-going people i
pubie otatival and trusted ageontS and Simple s fai L& Ip dis'ertiton, each -detail of the enter- Tallahamsee. This company carries te
representatives of the people who have tainment being carefully disposed of big first-class and moral shows aim
thus deliberately aided those adminis- ath grppe cotghs are daigertolemus itn itsrdler. Beautifully printed pro- one of the largest ferria wbeelts a
tratons In defying the will ot the peo- Foley' y d not only to ra had bn prepared for the use the road. The aglish caroassal is
pie, will have to answer to the people the cough but heals and strengtnhei (f the dancers, and were painstaklng- new, and attracts lots of attoatia.
for thier acts the lungs so thatpo serious results need ly till*d by the young women, who The free acts are daring and saies
1T1 I 'ITAW|i[L, be feared. The genuine Foley's Honey were' careful to see that no bashful tional in every respect. A frutnlsb-
and Tar contains no harmful drugs ana swain was doomed to decorate the brass band is with this company, aad
The Fort Myer Press is in luck and is in a yellow package. refuse suboti- walls They rightly considered the will give free ooneerts every aftr-
is to be congratulated. Read the fol- tutes. Sold by all d 6gl i. 2 j f festoons of vines and garlands of noon and night. This park wmll hae
S: flowers with which they had made the new attractions ever week. It willbe
lowing will you: "The Pro. acknowl- Complimentary to Mine aellinger. armory a bower of beauty a more fit- opened for the beat of the Iadia
agfes a much appreciated present in A charming entertainment, compli- ting decoration, and one which would and children, and all shows will be G r
the shape of a nice, clean office towel mentary to her guset. Mims Emily Bel- give more general satisfaction. class and moral.
for a New Year'. gift from Mrs. Fran- ItKenr of North Carolina, was given The favors furnished for the german ^U^i^^^'s
cia D. Hibble. The gift came just in by 1ift. Ieiae. Damon lmst Thursday were unusually pretty and novel, and or Mayo:
ime, as our other towel were bein- eveng,at her father' residnce on the refreshments, served later in the E.
g to show strength and North Catbhoun street. evening, dainty and delicious. F. C. GILMORE.
ni to show st a about n tables for veand euchre nng began at :30, the german For City Coe. ull Term:
to wa off. TheaMk you very much had been arranged, and were filled at 11. Frank Winthrop And William J. D. CAY.
Mf. Nibble," And then this: with a merry party of Migs IDamon's Sheats and their escorts, Misses Clyde W. M. MclINTOSH,
When I think e the towel, hfteads. Beautiful prtses were award R&aney and Mary Page Randolph. A. SPILLER,
The drty old towel., d to the samt soeeasatl players, a None who have ever seen the graeftl F. I. WINTHROP.
Thnat "g to hay up by the printing consoled those Who V eWO Caplcuoe dancing of these couples need to be Few City Comewl4 UVteXpiMx ed 'er
bhelies r, by failure. The wlnmaers we0e rMi n told that the leadership was well be- 8. D. CITTNDEN.
kiow that nobody Kate Bullivan and Mr. W. A BaIs. stowed. Several new and pltasaog C (laclt:
a thosedaysofsehoddy and the consoled were Miss KIllabeth figures were Introduced, and the A. WILIAMS
C Id hammer out one that could wear Va J. A 4aJeA*oa. 1ru a sd byt id, A. R.W LUA&
IslaSS, ..---lm" Mhtrth thertl wre s.'rve auter the heatra. wa, as trual, lsptrin d
The mp who 0 ed iL gie. Thoe P tree were: Missees beautiful. i n s irn srd
The tramp that got It when these two "y buillnager, Jet ews d 'yondson. The young g ladies did further hmer City Ta ASeer:
S9 Bte sullivan.t Clara l&wi. Clyd"i to their partners by providing for the W. H. CAICEY.
Ta t e *." the foreman, ne,. 'it aEhethi Venabhle. D orca c cah c1n new and beautiful gows., For ('ity Demeerat"e Executive Co-
T- r, pear ibo ward, Marze t a sard, Kitre Doug- anil by) wearing thel hair powdead. ittee:
Each rbtd Mg rime off while he put lg. Henrietta Ab Sershe. Meg- The artful ceat ,.n. by this,. mad a JULUS BALL.
a heap mw. Wt l.uelle Saxon, Mary Page Ran prIe 'ie. of softening the daIaling rC C.ACAY
In, over and under d4ph. Mary Owya, hrolyn Edwarda. dianne. of their beauty, though well J. A. EDMONDSON,
'Twa blacker than thunder, yad Marion isowen; Mr W A Ba.., they knew it but enhanced their lowe. G. H. GWYNN.
Twas harder than poverty, rougher Iltowen. Joseph A. Edmondson. line's -'-----.-..
than sln. Prd A Harde, J. R. McNaIr (eiuy T Th.e chap-rona were': Mr and Mrs *I..L1i5Ld-- -l.
.r.f aroler Ita.aa ayne.. Vall Randolph, II A MelB H ('hit te-ndn Mrs. A. I, Randolph, NDE AND T Vw OF AN
it never was m miss. KeIth Walker. Prank \inthrop. Mrs. R. C Long. Mr. and Mrs. W. O. ofl semadlti 5
Aaftd out the banne Howell heats. Wlliam Shent.s, John A'es. Miss Maggie Williams. Mi, s ^ asgA as at
McDougall. RC lo( g. AH 'illam.. Dykes. Mrs N. M. Bowen and several
ytrS. krand Talbot I A_ d pt asi mto klerehue... Th Ur-'- Clyde "'aey. Mary Page Randolph. l Me
~MU e win m The terrible ith and smarting, in. I lle Saxon. Carolyn Wetoott 3. M.
W r ein t to certain akindlscae. is al-s
It twas bcks. in meet, intently allyed by applying iam)ouglJss Dor mon or, -
SfiS^^^ ^S^-i oule^^S^^
rus~k...,. a^. ^ -^^ ^,'^.^ ^" ._Daon ia --nd1

-Dever Poer aale by Talklhaese Dn 'Co Qualle. Claire Bowen,. Mary Owys. N v A
"-s--s by Tl^^lss^e^ Wanona Howard. Clara Lewis, Eate
athe I. 1. Bd made a sale of Take the full ow good advice or Sullivan. Careoiy awards., mbeft
0 Saboat, the Tampa Times : *hn you are VesaMe. Mary DavMl.- of Qela.
^*i at hd writing to yowr freadf elsewhere, Marbo. naasard of Jacof tem. ale, y sa
bdAI ^PHI!I WI make some alludles to the enrbanUag RBelllger of th Carolba, Ma e
B g ** t weather that hal* htoeed F .rida an Wyatt of Ammateus. O., Vlrglaha Oa
ggeetdA i anoth ir this winter. There Is room here or of Amertes. Mrs. Maanintg of Jack aw
Stwo m or three inion more people to soavle. an MIL. Walter Wight of
Now do toll? Has those double it. W Gheeto C. ma. Jr.,a M. MB *L IL T..-n.A
ll oI. ad Drai ageB Ti Cato rl dr Bowes. A. H. Wintam. Pied A. ar-
an a othorsi to rowM our esy 1-s MtIer Pere wdllLff.l Appve p-o aOW -f
et Wt e h oM tell rums alIt kB w s if ly s te en lt IL's*m v J C. Ke C 0. Aad rewo, Keith as Xh.. t
ahAt tH WehnMraimos a hat hweek yeresuaIatepalw "Walker. Juells Nwar George 3.JA
w~e to~JaekNNSllaI to he eet thOWu T. Rayn J. MeNtair- .
aC In a MWbow hsamd eeLIeS.Tbe Isin a m Abram MeiaVORA te. WW R1ampI
paM *&a dal t sm inad resM ety a,. Reb h MeW. arts rtrtu. Jeieph as. imse r
whisk bn a Il e to tke up m t t I* al dlts. usa We 11 MI" WPar ftMa Mr. a d em
ie JeMt w ,ever du Ms i ab ra J2a Mpadi.e e. Mr. ad M gUfaamIN

5 p k s010erb1 0011M. qo um U tha rted ena es w ho

-: am.bdI M On f hb vie 'Ur o v m r,1

r. -


t .

9 ,

ufmw a omil UUA.City Deoc tic Ptbuary Elam _________________________
IwpTuameim ma o am tliiC*W to be HeldTues- ~.OV

ao"We. Is7wp JmmNCTkHo.A19
lllam I All H t4T RIICTHADE A)IaT
PboaL tYSmmm~:
m= .DUbWic ET bdsfIoZ!3
In b* IV I

A. AN Hitor. wili beIT
a'a Betr S Mby l & .
u~v,. FhI~A. D.iulves inWf.. mw
.IIIh~Ibt'ampa I Sw" LA..D.. a*

k .mE mdm a wet e 11 thfart a. rn be"'-I h 1
mtework be ental PLO=- Nor ak d1 he
isa Sae11 lkS. t: -s.
thda pal law~~s m bat ..dyme*U..1'A

a ~ elrnas. bel apes

..hft ww bev dNprecean o te a'.*

sad P attracive ee.
the em amadOf Ilwm tr
~~T~ 3 a fd I willoo v1isi te. b i sdis~efraTa

Aw at aOW 1me1wisa. pldge is-tr-
.-,rlhImmm e*hbits and"lamg
Abm It feaa tur sheastdemno a HEYER TATHAE ARED WaNE

mbmed andh ree w imne fru

y oth l@ oT" nm atel, =" 4V E TENDTHATWEVRCAN LONKITAT oNTo COME
WW~I &WI ftw M45%.4h

67M a try- yoea., Brow- w
mom ofte fhaux= w NwwI ms herW toeto EALEc uilboSA I6Tr*A E V
take dvanage o thelow rtesfiveS Bbs uinsdw Ct
.7 ow ________f_____00-0- cmm Ui do to Jlm y_1w be Cit y ebL9
be ti asindim e Aahwhs t fw D caqrws" a-P TR N .6H NT E A T VT A k N
fie kl a e emaM vat w City T
bl.M4vad.rte- -wtwrn o-w-
BP* = mer UfKrye s ndm~~tat Merf.
:wlthmz~~w r*Poft- to "tw aw cw advw remde u-AG RVSTI.I H ER oCM
&I=* O urmlatule eve Bubs=h d 8 tobe" bb Uwed h i nthe ldga
In the Itte to b I iiii! h. m
3d. ab am damb'a. ma
t ea d mmycubld noat DGW the dv Co
II as ee. et l mr & iinry hae w a 08. 0T EY A STH THV.A SE ENE
~4 ~ aes aq mm the b ehe godain&

GReW mia6alIsmsI
sGottbhi00,00, te Fair A.iwe"d. SihM .k Wv ~i

-uup ad wooingLRW~as Lb. lmLE. TO TOSE WHO HAVE OT COMES. *3
,rZdm favrforl"-*wtbyaung

ItI gnlylxai eriving Inmd- -SW -k d bllllb
mid lo t-------- 4
a" AmWw6(VeW b Pet an 048"rm1 ertb aKs. I

6f-i av i n..." Ta ,. ir,, MY o Attention Tobacco Orowers!
C"O-y, F-rid fib 7eft -Mfw
.2__ ..- ... THE OADSDEN LUMBER CO.,
wHB Sa mw g (Office In Quincy Florida.) '
80000%1: Gt.. .-k-; -rw Are the'people to order your Lumber,

--. .d ---, -,,.--n-...e Shingles and Laths from. Let them [fun


koo a--I- P'-o n Ai
,, > .. .*, j..,g^.i., '"you estimates on any kind of

Building Material.

Yours for banes, order'now,

Oadsden Lumber Co,
.. --,Awiky.


NN 6. Lw' ?SbI been visi iMr law Alligood'sfami-
e loo &I ti Lkr Mvr.c ar -D y

Sm.orMs Jan. r8d., 1907. Henrietta this w and. l here
u -- n.Godhia;i el f o Wistwdom be called on his father-in-law, Isaac
boo- the higher service of the All ooince the
eternal His fa"thful servant, Dr "e friends of Mr. Jonahe Britt in th sto suit the oc.
f ir Cart r it biA-tt that the M ihborhood are'lad to see him up C S it
1of m Agnes-ouid- St. so out again from a long spell of sick low COST, it
fatr tetot eheur, TaU ihi.W V. Adki.. on of Munson Pond values in GR
a nde wio d d whom neighborhood has a f force ofif ds GLASS WA
Thirty year. Dr. Carter Mr. Ja Moody isa it hard at work and all kinds
wa i rwtu r St.L Jonhe Church. and u improve his new place near the old .. mention.
S e the love of his own members, Brown Hammock Our 10 1
,friei sh"puldesteemofsll. Endow- Mr Dock Council who lives on the Our1,
S "u tMlly with a supelor intellect, he Belair road about 2 miles out of town UES. On the
I o fson. crated hi talents to! certainly mut be the champion'possum
wb mgave them. Strong, in charac- hunte around this beat for e brought of AMERICA
Mad gentle in dis.poition, to know in two fine ones to market one day last fi gres. Don
1 wa to admire and love him. Bear- week m
i irw owa trials in meaknesand pa-. When asked how he caught them he money.
SmSm, be was a friend to the pxor r stated that th*.y were under %n out
said spirit, and a comforter tot, the houie and when he tore the house don
h.w-, In prosperity he wa not he round the 'ponsums under it and he ILM
e"iwth pride and in adversity hs took his ax and alew them.
w as not mhaken. In his choen We are sorry t hear that Mr. G. W.L M O
be preacBhedthe Gospel of Christ Alliagod '. youngest son Charley had .. -
p Edai-ly life he lived it, puro in heart the misfortune ) step on a nail a few
ad loring in deed Resiged in ll days ago which caused him to lose ome
1 111 to the will of his Mak.r, he time from school. B
hw a!ll things and endured all things, -n .-9 -
9 lno the taith that was in him. He Jvery NJ W DEMILLYV
a't-nh sm with ma, and died in is or should be worried when the little' ,. W. ML L-',
wilthod Ever faithful to the ones have a cough orcold. Itmaylead Veteriaarvy Physicias
S~~In life, to him death had lbet lie to croup or pleurisy or pneumonia-
said the grave Its victory. We then Lo something more serious. Bal- ow Sugeo
Swe bve tt, sweeter than the lard's Horehound Syrup will cure the S e .
.0 u 1 of the s '.",res thos words trouble at once andprevent any e1; Dental Work a Specialty.
Sthe earn of hishumble follower plication. Sold by Hardee-Smith Co. *
11 i 1 ,lvle1r, on the heavenly shore. ",r .- OFFICE
"W6 lda0e good and faithful servant; Tale* M K
hsu t beg faithful in a few thinp, Expert accountants have testined o SHEMAKlS STABULS.
Sll make e ruler over many. o- that for the year 1907. The New York
t' t Iou ita the Joy of the Lord for. World s the FIRST in elrulmlatim am ._ .
0, Ban theoe amd many more samd the FIST in the number 'DPf ad. a D llFl9
virtaem in mind, and r tn vertiement p Mrind, Dr 1907 The V r
heart., be it b thn I ani.Wd it printed a totalof PU ea Director
el, that while bowin In sub- 1.406,0 separate advertlemeoata-
to the will of God who doeth all 21747 MORE than the New York Her- AND
,WeIv, te members of St.L Agne aid, the next highest newspaper. d m bm e
St. Jehns Epacopal churh do It is worthy of notice ao that The iLcensedbaner.
Su erely deplore the deathof him World was the only New York news. -T DOOR TO IBRAR.
1 m for more than a quarter.entary p to show an advertising gala in NET DOOR TO LIBRARY.
S te faithful rector of the church, '7--all the other New York noewp- OW D J mi W % 16
Stimes thier wine houmeur ewand peo rown. w ,- -w s M ,Ph. 163.
d fred; that th tender to the TALLAHASSEE. FLA.
He te-d famly their deepest ymya. a Ift o Avoid 1 MMM AA..... ..
T at a e of these resolutions be Yoa avo p pneumonia and other se-
aed th'e family; and that a pagerous results y taking Foley's Honey V J RANDOLPH
She reord book of the Guild be set and Tar. It atp the cough, heals the *
'-A to hi memory. lungs. and expels the cokW from the
e Mo. i Dwmi BARNIs, system. Refuse any but the engine CIVIL ENGINEER.
President of the Guild. in the yellow package. Sold by all
Mas. B. A. MioNmas, druggists. E x. County Surveyor.
MRU.. P..r.A. W IsO.. Manhattan Shirts. carried only by _.. .
Mass" Atalcsl Air r, Buras & (4. Sol* agents for Tallahas- -
Committee. 46 Print much and you will prosper.
T V-my neelods a. &__ ..",
Talinhaesee, isa., Dec. .
At a meeting of the VeetrffSt.
SJflsm Cch h/Tallahoseee, lorida
S*th ay. the pre.m an- Capital Cih Stables,
,d .a Rev Dr. Wm. H. Carter,
We s ter of the Pariah dtei th. f, HOUSTOUN BRADFORD, Proprietors.
In Ms tudy adjoining the church at
1 a. f t aWturday, December 28, 1907; ,, ,
-M. M t in the death of Rev. Teams for all Purposes Furnished on Short Notice.
Dr. .. Carter, who for the ut
M has besMche, ae~ Heavy Hauling a Specialty.
hallug a g -a I
Sr-t Hunting Teams and Drivers who know thecountry.
d i e.tgi .aie Phone No. 79. P. O. Box 487.

S. accounts Rendered Weekly.


W u w. ,. a,.

OSfysebagUassed To allow a de..

* ~.


We are compounding more and more eah week.

mt ON0 pr o;t m the seesmts of

=?AC. SW. Ce Harvetting Machinery Hardware.
J. d m City Atarmy ." -
S'",- SA.VED! !
m" isk- Oajh OWLt~ W's" 41 w a" m w mvft

my saw mso(. ~it s~~
allU~amsine SHPWs


A, Re 8. TWINE
"Pmak wft "dw b ShnoV bm Week. Idm gnu-
Lb's have is esonwb WSohmbhse
&C Iw- te.2







A Woral About



people have found that here they can always get just
what the prescription eals for, justat the time we prom-
isl, and that the price is reasonable. All druggists use
pure drugs, but. we go further, and use pure drugs of the
best quality. Even the very cheapest drugs may be the
purest of their kind-we don't use that kind Tr us.

R. W. eobb, Drug Go.
East side of MonroeSt.



Are arriving in daily bought at the
right prices and will be;sold at a
very nall profit. .

Dressers frm $5.00 up.

Beds frm$3.00.
Chairs from 5sto up.

And other goo ip proportion. If
it's furniture ft wwmt it will pay
you to get my pice before buying.


JEl.i THEMJS Propr.


H. ATKUMN & 8014~


A rlme Lot A~Ws


- 4.

4 4~.



.~ *~~1



a!mtm me r.Mn Jr.

: *~i Ith3l xw Iv b .^ufor hMasel bhus
weEI W is maemplatiny the eretiom
ltkaal f tae elm a mdet reMid-se is a beautiful
*.gilf E M e wed r~ove apon t ptea s a s 'M"Glem-
a edo Ity f Mr. A. woeed" which was foirm y owned by
for years has bwem a OCtml Jobs Joe Wiiam`. ne of th.
.ulf .. mber t e el. sam um hU oMw. In e times there
nw the eepmpaeuli's were a lotof nice baildlo ia ts grove
Makwtiffie asome of which are still
ln Mrth,k te. ,, There are 1.M eres of
at db S t lhha Lud1 0n*e Jersey cow, M0 Graded
ind ld, Angor ta,*g 200 b 8 horse and
SI san d other t The young
by who -m r. M..M H. Joheon, Jr., was given
o to of his a aliinterest their p- by hstfather,
l Mr. M-. H.' JohnOSt., about two
SS ftted up a yarn a. saice which tim he has man-
t o Jd George aged same very creditably. He is a
w bak on Park vry deserving young na, is tweuty-
soa the eeOta tW* yere of la, i rohy practi.
ng ft -" fame and fortune. caL has a bright future ahead of
Tm. Demoeras wishes him uew- him. This place, together with every-
eI "al to b hheht ambition. thing thereon, is valued at sortething
-- ..= -.-'- like $40,000 or $W,,0Mo. B.
i on es iAuM 1Watchbed iftee Ters.
seemen1;8 Grip and Pneu-
-e m ore desias than con- "For ffteen years I have watcheS
' Foley's o Ho and Tar the working of Bucklen's Arnica Salve;
Jolaughe cf a= that may and it lha never failed to cure any sore,
amp L o Ma over bight. Dc boll, ule, or born to whieh it was ap-
tbk doaees with a cold when Fo- plied. It has saved us many a doctor
'Hsmendsr wUll quickly cure bill" says A. F. Hardy, of Eat Wil-
Sol by all driuggists. ton. Mspe 26c. Mt all druaists.
of verS LMee Cutias. Orters Wated I
'. Job-- Dog of Bosna Vista, with After January Ist. 1908, we will be
S. r. L. 1 Donk of Shteld, in a position to fill orders for Lumber
S1M. I. G. Dek. of Wash: on short notice, Tobacco Shade and Barn
Ia. we. d-S last week to Lumber e .petially.
Stakes u p 44-tf Woedvii e, Fla.
iyr.Bewga tin X e ba men Forr Sale.
to eM m mes nofatW M Two good, large, y ong plow oxen,
WN 1 P uto nti and one pair ood mules for sale cheap.
=-Is ebb Appi t Johnson, Chaires.,Fla.
e fmtyto Game to .....
el e yartoe ane"0ain Seed oats I
Mg wN Oa trmakfg. Mr. Doak Seed Oats for sale by T. J. Brandon.
0". a ~ e tIsM asM of abill- For Information call on A. T. Brandon
eil is evsrYe4 at J. W. Collins & Co. *44-2t
edw ia trekisM sad W st Proof ats.
is. Bi o our Mmod 300 bushels of Ruit Proof Seed Oats
pub~iaa .1 V Metropeos. for sale at Yaeger-Bethel Hardware
n ^' Store. 42-tf

other organs of the body are so
tal to good health as the kidneys.
P Kidey Beaedymakes the kid-
hMshh o that they will strain ou
bioitm from the blood which is
t5 u-ln thrMi tecm. Cornm-

me LgrThroeagh Milso.
af anua .-Postmaster-
dVMI 'bha Issed an order
S a a direct bearing upo the
biNow movement. The order s as
hereby ordered that it shall be
.M01 of any detract h after
at b"te for the mads upon
mageo wages, uSambssger or
m servie m Ma aat the cob-
| r earutIr f tweaprt tis

We Ca

if 6&,

,Law ncst time

are both*

yourself, but send for me just
a you would for the doctor in
a came of illnes.
I an restore sick plumbing
to bheth Wad am ready to come
promptly whenever you 'phone
iekmd for too.
1 have been careful tom-
only the beat workage
dm position to reder
the most eimt device
D"Ot am I


**W" #uaea-

utkttA wc .Ahcd &a-4


s y4 ou-4eavtniyjpa-nd

Mnte mI"j~tvyt



(y wi

q ~~1 ometo u

PA4 "~4v)



O..008. -.-.

Uew.fg bVa. aendhre"Ib. L"m
04 go Id I,, Kid @m
ovs af Ne.'-".
brmshrs, v W4erd b~~s


0 .

wm. COU).


Goo. W. cm"W.


Contractors and Builders.

We are unumally well equipped to give our patron

the very burt s"rvieIn al U au of haftling.

if you ma ntemplatiag any kind of building.
ave yU mminey.

CON on aw

We can

Kile Dried Dnmad amber. Moulding.. Turned Col-
man, Fm s mldl kia of Neme d to or.

~- ~.. .j


po *iqp4" sa w t





F 4

MI4at .


pa ky


AV %- %Iw- %OW.OOwt~
Somme w SOW
A -




I 1 1 W-Po

Vl*SW&A 333.WW3Er1 3ffb1

aV.. ,sery 6 M, 1o M UeM ,

_, rr- Janry 18, csov l- ld
.ss -pa j Bt NO* A o.
Wadbmday J OpDay.

r ay,. Jamary 17, Po.w Depart-
_atil,. January I, Jackorelflh
SuuM, January 19, Booma's BOWd

Jmamy 20, re p .Depart.
T& i. Jyamry a, Kag ta of Py-
We-adiimmamuary 22, Federation

baday, Jauary 21, andwt

ay, January 27, St. Joeph's
January 28, Woodmen of the

WedIeday. January 29, Masookl
day, Januiary 30, Pastry Cook
January 31, Order of Eastern
ay, Fe 1, Studenthelp
DO, h,601 Ch day7, Duval Coun-
ty Teamher's Day. ~'
fy, February 2 Open.
Meday, February 8, Hotel Men's
%esidsy, February 4, St. Lakes Hoe-
Oil Wededy, FebrAry 6, Bird Show.
T,_ y, February 6, Live Stock
Friday. February 7, and Saturday,
F' rupay 8, Pet Animal Show.
y, February 9, Elery's Italian
Monday, February 10, Nassau Coun-
Tuesday, February 11, Nassau Coun-
Wedmeeday, February 12, Retail
Th.urday, February 13, B. P. 0 E.
D Fridy, February. 14, Wheelmen's
Saturday, February 16, Fl6wer Chil-
S dres Day.
*day, February 1,. pen
Moaay IFebruary 17, rphan y.
Teday February 18, Wholesale
. .,eeers' ay.
V Weaeday, February 19, Rathbone
y, Februdry 20, Order Sons
Frday, February. 21, Daughters of
ESaturda, February 22, Military Day,
Wa-a- h ton' Birthday.
SFebruary 23, Bee Lady
SFebruary G. A. R. Day.
Sebray' id.Central labor
--'ebruary 6, Duval and
V W PFebruary :27, Duval and
VehM Centies.
rhde,. February 2. Pho.'nmx and

bruary 29HoorCh dren's
isy, February 2, Children's

March 1, Boston Lady Or-
March 2, Odd Fellows.
March W, Field Day, Brook.
by March 4, Putaam County.
, March 6, Knighta of ;-
_Daqrhte. of iaebelia.
Mansh State Preas.
March 7. Real Estate Mn.
Mareh 8. Beechbe Airship.
M 9, Fruit Growers-
ric 10 JpMa
6y, March 1 Red Men's
SMarchh 12, Tamps Day.
March 18, Lumberman's As-
r. March 14, Chlidren's Baby
Wal Parade. Baby Show.
Mch 165 Germania Club.
March I, Colored People
Day, Colored Knights oi
March 17. (pen.
l.Marehk l& Dud County.
arch allahassee and
h Clay County.
. March l1. Clay County
iarch U, Open
Mareh 28, Railway Men's
, March 24. Home Aged
.lay, Myah .Ocala. Go nea-

in ofhaveMhd eeM
Dr. Kis J o'e w DtoeeiN|>8 B5
and er everyow d sealMendf the
- ehee 0L A"
h"ad tjrt ht yean that Dr.
Kiff 's Nw Dio bot rem-
fever, bronMtis. g o dhe
ns, and th arly
tie. Ita Utmely m mofp
the devermeM t of imJ be 6u
W.d T .bottle free.

The- no m h* y asof the
WoeMa'sa m pr Tempersaee Unioa
will be held ne afternoon, at
3 o'eleI at of Mrs. Van
BruAt. Let A be a ftll attendance.
SMn Eewr OgW.
The readers of this papr will be
pleased to learn that there s at least
oe dreaded disse that selence has
bo able to ewe all i t and
tMa is Catarrb. Ha&s Catr Cre ise
Pob ositive eora mow known to the
medial fraternity. Catarrh bein a
eon1titltiooal i requiresa conati-
tUtiwoal treatment. ll Catarrh Core
is taken internsally, aetig direct apon
the blood and maeous surface of the
system' thereby d"Ftr ying the founds-
ta of th dieeand "ivn, the pa-
tient stranth Mby lld p consti
tation and ais e natur in doing its
work. The prop it n have so much
faith in its eumtivr powers that the)
offer One Hundred Dosrn for anv cyes
that it fails to cure Send for list of
Addre rF. J. CHENEY A CO, To-
ledo. Ohio.
Sold by all druggists. 7'Tc. Aug 16-tf.
Editor John Collins, of the Tallahas-
see Democrat, isn't as wroth these,
day as he was a year ago, but he i.
grettingout an excellent paper as usual.
-PUt Gorda Herald. We are at the
aame old stand, right side up with care,
BrS. Jordan, and hope to ne all to the
good in the future.
Bprin and summer opening of Burns
SCo. for Tailor Made Suits by a r
resentaUve of The Globe Tailoring Co
of Cincinati, Monday and Tuesday
January 18th and 14th. Five hundred
samples from which to make selections.
Orders and measure taken and suits
guaranteed to fit. 4

'.. I



IMM 035. cob 1 a Feuw$

ApS 6. Tie is lobu

~ uerevl bDw





The ASSORTMENr and -a teP
Single WageOs, Steel or keia
cght Two Hors., either axle, PW to
............. ........... 40.00
Re. Two Hor, ........... S.00
Thmbe Was, -. ---48.00 to 0.90
Quality and Prices UpIlte.
Attached and Bo Comalmitse.
Custom from Ained am, Q. to
Florida eoat and numbered by a-
dreds. And they are still eomin as
before one is out of sight another
FINALLY-If we fail to please we
Recommend other Dealers in the city.
Tallahassee. la.

bweat. ,I VI pt= tmy seaw aetimwtei"t*he
CvM~YAamt JIPe ree Cunt. Flu~dow. Od "
for mfvdbds-wme awAdminstrakimad the *mate
a( HNary Whehy.

?allshaasss, VlaOcL 4, W. M81
NeOW*eof Umlalletftafl.
pearish.Yhmcflamordamed. as antheeMD.
t"Ie of OfulrkT. HARGOCk. dessese~ h l .1Lin
CeAvty, Fluids. sre hereby requbredto preomet
the eanow thMistwo Yea r, fu5the ~fhaeesi.
or stah @sim oe4mdnaad's will be tfers~~vab .
This M7thday A. D. M7.Y
Admlalsutreix of the estate of Un s..i Charles
T. Hameek, dssmmsed
Funatur for Sale.
At San Luis Vine~yard, belonginr to
Prof. E. Dubois. Iagains. 7414- t

Corner 2nd Block west of Fire Station.

Phone 15.

New Bus.n., New Rip,

New am, New I

LvwLblug ~sUp-OW-d "I

- A I

-U- m~ .3

Walker Q. Black

carries a full Line of

Dry Goods

Q Notions.

We have the

Irwing Drew Easy Shoe
ForLadL. es. '

^ .**t ^
1 **-*
***< ,
( ..



A Cup f WW lwsessw N taw

MUn ma Jsv(Cew
is what gom etigt t the hat at
every ma at breakfast time, ad
one knows that el ood p m b .
good oee.. We take spoeei put b
our brands, asa they have nab r
store famous. Juat a good m tha- '
fee we el are teaS. w% k -p ak m
hold. good thrughaw etim re
We eU me-thing bet the beat eld
prdut, s-tbe.e we "ay thaW d -i`.'
elvea, and em tand bymthm. .. .1

I.. l;




Engines, Boilers, and Smoke Staki;.

Tuis. bcW&

0 1


Sinw =

sheft hdew



The Gretest core for all frms of ldI
the bliAry ofmind1ddi A certain s peeift inAs
:onllt:: 0104 .l

For"- by aIrhs


I -..w "-I

A. E. ULLY, Propr.



t *
. *' *



I'llk __

z 41




4 i

insey, Jr.
sher PUiswake up lay

FPie su S I by Cobb's

1 atT ap. v. 4this
l t m a over Git-

gliesw s .~ of Spreing atn

Wt Yo e, ready tot
fsthe siametos t id ileemmtion.
serv eo., prie 50s guar-
S1lid by CoMbb's Dr Stor. g3
sad Rep oen tatLve Ion L

m6 UISMg Mft. With your
weah rout nothing but
J. WILL YON, PropiStor.
Firwir. J 3. B. PruitHte St
S Jef, ere Aoa,
&a pAlso at tihe
Mr. wy Hill and Mrs.
Nab am. All of Bain-
l6 sm anemd best line of Law
=909for 10"es d Mtises
It lo the city, now office
C. PateNt Leatheor. Pat-
Vid and Vo our Calf Black,

K rega st k a

a heof warm triem Al T Bn

a w erA re slu e a welt.
Sh- ImIo the altor of ths ter
AIrMN. t Elate a ptais ft
lMn Kma A. Dyls, oil a, wblM

|t i JeYlAf, Ior amierable
uu Iisad mark of true friend-

inco whaet only whenad

debaby Mte's Crea.
as the aabsees am it is Psu-
em w eorwhc kegp It hun
i Al t

4&j M- me a stibensokldat
Sof trma ptr rie d.

eat all #I r Dress
J. EuSas. 46-tb
eall for elty preaory
Ml thjs beee, and wed

let the publIs kepw what
Seas wOl whi: Fptor bun*
tax coleetot, cler* snd

has. sdafor tehea ests to

bages. on*

J!-6-NO tot
OWL.svat GLOWsCUM.ert
i A1 to te
to h 1-0 f s ofte Ca~

* tbsamp heeft. the

S I V Wi '

aomesdi @o Raser L L .U&
on 8u& da o'ock
P ath eel tand
hau*at o the Confeder Ny pro-Z
to a memorial service a the
a gLegisativer Hall in mm r
tioan of the anmirersary of General Rob-
ert E. Le'se birthday. A ashort address
with a tw old songs, will be rendered.
The Wakuka Caty Coafederate Camp
is imted to the LeaMA Camp at
the Leoa ert ho s w) t 2: 8p. 6 & nd
iureh to the Capital. The publc is
emoially invited to attend the meeting.
N kw v Ve t Ulawaem.
MN Mary Dowlint o No. U = lth
Ave., Sea Franciso, resmm-dis a
aed for tomach trouble. Shey
for the wonderfleffecta of
lectrie Bittes is a case of atmie in-
digeation, prompt this tetimmal. I
am fully convinced that for atamach
a- Jivew trouble Electric sittesN is
the bot emedy on the market today.
TUs great tonc and alterative nmeAe
nvkorates the system, purifee the
blood and is especially helpful in all
forms of female weakness. 50e. at all
Lap Robes $1.50 to $15. 00 at J. D.
Cay's. 40
Hons. John H. Patterson and S. P.
Chaire were among their Tallahassee
friends again the first ot the week.
Senator William C. Rome and Capt.
Ira Sanburn of Sopeboppy, were
among their Tallahasoee friends again
last week.
Mr. Lee Moody and H. C. Reywinkle,
Jr,, were among our pleasant visitors
first of the week, who advanced their
subscription for the year.
To stop that pain in the back, that
stiffneM of the joints and muscles, take
ltmules. They are guaranteed. Don't
suffer from rheumatism, backache,
kidney trouble, when you get 30 days
treatment for $1.00. A single doe. at
bedtime prove their merit Get them
to-day. Sold by Cobb'a Drug Store. *3
Horse Blankets, T5c to $6.00 at J. D.
Cay's. 40
Dr. J A. Anders is again visiting
among his Tallahassee friends.
Mr. W. T. Damon now has the city
registration books open and invites a
to come and register.
The Maseanc fraternity of this city
will attend the First Paptist Church on
Sunday morning in a body. A special
sermon will be delivered by the pastor.
Miss Lucy T. Pond, sister of Mrs. W.
H. Z ler will spend the winter in Tal-
la6N HOer many friends made on
a former visit will welcome her to the
Capital City of our flower State.
If a eough once geta into your system
it sact on every muscle and fibre of the
body and makes you ache all over. It
especially affects the intestines and
makeI -ou conatipated, so in order to
et ldofa cold = dohly and with-
out dely you abool not take anything
that wiltemi to constipate. Ke s
Laxative Cough Syrup act upon he
bowels and thereby drives the cold out
f the system. It contains noopates-
I tis pleas to take and is h ly e-
ommemded for children. Sold by all
Buas & Co. do not @se their stock at
coat, or below cost, and have no dei'-e
to mbleed the publicby advertisig to
doa*. Theydosell the beet grade of
Coods at the lowest price consistent
with fair prot for themselves which
they believe is satisfactory to their
patroam. 46
MO .,IIy' p laune establish a $1,-
0,I0 ritMaU seile Institute for
the special benefit of the por sad the
general good of all man kind. if carried
Into effect, which iT very probable, it
will leave, whba edm sealed to the
Great beyond. a ftti monument to
a really remarkable woman.- Times-
U rthe beat in 5ats, Shoes. Trmks,
Bags, Umbrellas, Shirts, Hosiery and
4edw.esw to Bura &Co.'s s6
Rev. M. Long, D. D., of Memphis
Tens., to visuuit in the city, and
at.d excellent sermon at the
church last Sunday, which
Tal.ahasee friends. Talliaaea ns
gJ-wlt, love and admire Mr 1mw,
who preached his first sermon in T.lJl-
huiN thirty-three year ago, and he
was master in chag of the Preyt-
rtia chueh here foqa number of year.
tfeawi g, havinS here.
Wem l adtonot that Mr W. H
Zeiler Is gradually recovertin from
her im- t ikesm, and will son be able
to m her breds..
The pasar wi preach at the Preby-
tus Crch( next Sunday morning.
Thu. wil be so evening service on ac-

eMt f the special asre in the Mtbo-
It s very important, ad in fact it is
rt t alth, at we
WSW of M O
wMi avowsaftemelsM stONMec,
hvkl t y andaervmg
tT waM nat t ye atema-
mash bm Ms it pis doemd thl
ftrem yei lake med^ ence b a

verb prek Lpeoly. Saby


bIhdl" am Ml m

mom I" omtrS o

Ma yTeOW lest
If you don't nobody will. t is your
business to keep out of all the trouble
you can and you can and will keep out
of liver and bowel trouble if you take
Dr. King's New Lite Pll. They keep
biliousness, malaria amd jundte out of
your system. 2k6. at all dnagist.
Persnl Neme.
The Fort Lauderdale rteAs in Miami
Metropolis, January 4th, haa the fol-
We were honored by a visit frat Gov-
ernor Broward this week. The Gov-
ruor is much eassed with the work
the dredges are doing.
Mr. Claud 1'Engle, editor of The Sun.
Tallahasee, visited Fort Lauderdale
thus week in company with Governor
Broward, looking over the newly drain-
ed lands. Mr. L'En&e I* so much
pleased with the proepeets that he has
east his lot with the farm of Fort
Lauderdale and will plant a large crop.
We wish Mr. L'EnFle success in his
new enterprise.
Everybody loves our baby, rosy sweet
and warm
With kiMy places on her neck and
dimples on her arms.
Once she was so thin and crose, used to
cry with pain -
Mother gave her Ca&acse, now she's
well again.
Sold by all drurgists. *
Miss Clem Hampton, of Tallahassee.
Secretary to State Superintendent of
Public Instruction W M. Holloway, is
here today. Miss Hampton came down
to see President Brown of the State
Fair Association, to arrange for the
educational exhibit, of which she i to
have charge. There is no one in the
State more capable of conducting that
important poet than Miss Hampton.
She is a guest of the Hillaborough.
Do you have the backache occasion-
ally, or "stitches" in the side, and
sometimes do you feel all tired out.
without ambition and without energy ?
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Liberal reward will be paid for return
of watch tc Matron Female College.

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for a lomg time now we
have been making our
bread out of Chau-
pion' or 'Ssjph''
flour* It costs |1.oo
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io,'t friend,
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t g- "

ONFUM um wworom OMW --

THI 1 RU MEMOCRAT. toins suA e
Jm 6. CLUML. PUMoer. H. P. -Wodbry ', a & Teeford Sear-
borough, who spat* Christmast wi als
tsuBLENED VM rT FDAY MONINO. parents at EllaviUOe and alo Miss sMi
.......m 1toutamire of Holland who attended
A VISIT TO TAMPA. schoolre last term. Miss Wilbe Dun-
can has also retaned and is at her old
home at the booming house.
Our Pleastag ChaOirs stress Writes Mis AlleePattiaon with her brother
f Tampa. (wynn, left t rMing for Souther-
-f Taa.-- land to reas eir school duties in
Chaire, Fla.. Jan. 7, 1907,. Southerland', e.
We arrived home last Tuesday from Miss Mary Wofdberry has returned
a three week's visit to Mrs. D. S. Fish- to her Alma Mater --The Woman's Col-
or at Tampa. Mr Fisher wan former- lege at Tallahassee, while Mr. Harroon
ly a resident of _I-on county, but years Smith has returned to Emory.
ago moved to Tampa where he has a Mr. Hunter Woodbery, Jr., our young
fine family in a nice home on Viorida medihel student of Virginia, d(id not re-
Ayenue. Mr Fisher is still a large turn home for the holidays
property owner of Leon and he also Mr. Noble Jones of Savannah, Ga.,
has several brothers who are al, pros- bas business in Leon county and is the
porous residents of Tarr pas. uet at his country h,me near
We had a delightful visit and sweet here
fellowship with old-time friends. 1 -v. John Mickler our newly appoint-
Among them the Crenshaws who have e .d pal.4tor of the M. k. Church on iLon
onw of the prettiest homes on seventh (Circuit arrived yesterday Mrs. Mick-
avenue, one of the prettiest streets of ler will continue her visit to her brAner
Tampa. The Crenihaw Brothers have Mr .Strange in the Capital City, until
a large commission, need and warehouse Mr. IlUphurch moves his family from
on Franklin street. the partrinalge, which will be soon. We
We were the invited guest also in the are aull delighted to have Mr. Mickler as
hornet of Mr. and Mrs. J R. Mickler, our pastor and shall give him and hias
who owns one of the most beautiful a hearty welcome.
home on Platt street, in Hyde Park, Mr C. J. English who has been visit-
near the Tampa Bay Hotel. We be- ing her daughter during her illness, has
lieve Hyde Park is considered the fin- returned to her home in Greenvili. .
est residence portion of Tampa, Mr. Mrs. Hightower's condition is improv-
Joseph Mickler is a distant relative of ing under the treatment of Dr. (C.
the prominent Mighler Brothqrs of Tal- Moor, and Mrs. English will return to
lahausee, and of Rev. John Mickler. He her daughter at an early date.
owns a large grocery store on Franklin Mrs. Mary Snipes is spending today
street, employing ten clerks. Mrs in the Capital City.
Mickler was formerly Miss Bertha Mr Wmi. Carmine, of Tampa. spent
Waucmop of Tallahassee. Her sister, New Year with his parents here, r'.-
Miss Je.l, Is another charmpg inmate turning home yesterday.
of this lowy home. MiaEunice Means of Mikeaville, is
We wish we could describe all the visiting her sister Mrs. Woodbery Miss
beauties of this city .if over 40,000 in- Eunice is a general favorite here and
habitants, but woeti fail us. her friends are delighted to have her
Situated on Tampa Bay and on the with them again.
Hillsboro river 60 miles below us in the Mr. Geo. Patterson is in Atlanta un-
midst of a luxurant tropical vegetation der medical treatment and is steadily
she commands a picturesque view aid
tOgether with the money and nterpris Mias Cliford Patterson entertained
f her citizens, she has become great the young people last Thursday even-
with the South. Of course, Tampa is ing in honor of her cousin, miss Alice.
somewhat Cosmopolitan, but not strict- and of Miss Bertha Cotton, of Raleigh,
lyso. A great deal of her growth is N. C., who i visiting her sister, Mrs
due to purely southern enterprise. We J. C. Upchurch. Miss Cotton is very
believe the presidents of all her many popular here and ia the recipient of
banks are southern men. many social attentions.
Truly the chiefest attraction of Tamn- The Chaires people are rejoiced to
a is her Tampa Bay lHotel, of whose have Rev J. Edgar Wilson return to
bauty we were simply lost in *admir- this District as Presiding Elder for an-
tio; nrat of the natural beauties sur- other year. During the session of the
rounding her, then of her architectural last Annual Conference in Tampa Bih-
design, art paintings and other things op Galloway requested Mr. Wilson to
inside too beautiful for us to describe. fil the pulpit in the Presbyterian Church
The city has how nurchaod the Tampa on Sunday. His sermon made such a
Bay and she was g prepared (when decided impression on the large audi-
we left) for her great opening day on ence that they %ere unanimous in the
the second. The price of board is re- wish that he be sent to Tampa district.
duced and in this respect she will take Mr. Wilson not only manages the af-
rank with the l!loto. America and fairs of the district with wisdom, but
other hostelry qf the city. he is a fine preacher and best of all a
-Ybor Oity which alone has thirty- deeply spiritual man...
three streets is said to place in circula- Mr K. C. Snipes, General Freight
tion every both by the products of her and Passenger Agent of the G & W.
more than 150 cigar factories the sum road, at Georgetown, S. C., writes his
of .00,000. In this city which is under mother that notwithstanding the finan-
fin municipal control, you are able to cealdepression his road had given him a
se life in many phases. monthly raise of $25 on his salary and a
ramps has brick paved streets with n* turkey, and that he would visit her
Irlt curbing, and even her roads ex- th n=.. ...
itafor many, many miles into the p The lameala ad State Lie Mewso.
e ntryonall eide are paved. Then Key, H. J. Graves, pastor of Meatcalf
e ha a fine electric car system, said charge, South Georgia Conference, for
to even surpass that of New York the year 1908, preabed at Bethpage
CIL s __ o church at 11 a m. yesterday, which wa
b pr g to dapnm her uar- the A Sabbath i the msith. The
bwti M atm y you may take route om nta was not as lar as It
to N. IY.. a w me te more favorabe*
TaMa a government building is an i
-S9 st0 tr.*9 Oft wMth s et t- r. Robert Bannerman, a son of Mr.
IM T W.ioourt hoes 1 a la, W. T. of Meridian, w

tertaled. Her mt i veral thelmsd ,m S s = plae
a ed ta. eem dam s, if .e1places,b.l
1St mpas sae.
eith la and lf H WL" A-
Mchurch oterpng a neaaing pmer h of
toe hmitthetem idsoe perH te --i hat ampoe M theians
e oh e ,,. T her %n"runt epsli w.-
aasted o ln wlig wfa Mass Pasrd co of er ot o i "ia n-d
oN ,m. l. ofnurae tle but o Wet ret sd? Irt o Sles
to ci. Thildi g tIn the t os ato oo f, a twelve athat as we

pathetic apea Iuto his people not to for-. r a amk o ian orids e
sake Fret Church for Hyde Park, but We Sn hat the-general h--lthof
Liar to their roeI ton The. pisopal week

weeiv, ..,000. It wa h.ere we The steam gins re still getting ome
listened to a delightful sacred concert cotton to be tinned
,y the musical (consecrated) t olent of We hearevery ind.y nmor orless
e othar nice buildings of brick whose n bi a violation of civil aa well M

tasm nu mwe rie s,1 nrltl-oulw, it should be topped "by
We visited Port Tampa and Ballast tore and b arma s ,the lawyers
Int, 9 miles from the city Sulphur Itis, or t to be subject to
oPuAano"th-r popular pae of rn- cI7m.iaal Fr"amc
leave 5 mil from tmws and Rix Mile There mnot to be as much
ree, all places of health w ing is Januaryas usual. Though
one f- we noticed, wasthat all the re hmW been me- of
poplas md thea many) who have, h eAna
moved to Tempa fems louty. w Up to the prmet time we hve S"an
rmakimfg her ahet bud moet pims. vLUtte aignofa crop to bea plated
d .- -m 'a"t lted durig the yafr lS.
Aus I are very common here mDon't ltwe farur intend to s 1any
and are imto perfection b the ladies oat ?
T bougt t b t tiyr New and them a stray aatmeuslees
deed is one reason mor mmrgmt pea ls by tlm to a
umnt to own a 6me .t.r.out --" -'iveMr Va ou
le the most prefOarb ie evendaerg ot r
thy ....... at mae out ar
to iu vit se all the bea-
ties of se it *have et emade NU w m ed to fear Ma slds his
tMee a dL eiblm m i- yar o M s Lmt i
of ar h w* as"al rooat our vmt yaf r a mhr
Sa ve s Toha e1"s ito ho

One of the most hemtifa amd thor-
oughly enjoyable events of th aI on
in Tallahame soeaty was the card par-
ty given Thursday ~vmaing of last week
lby r. and Mrs. Harry L. Bethl at
their elegant-home on North Adams
street in honor ot their gusts, Misse
Uvingstone and Betie, of Jacksonville.
The ap alcj rooms were
beautifully and e~kbolately festooned
with bamboo and mistletoe and a pro-
fusion of American beauty roes, every-
where animated by miriadsof tinted
electric lights. The charming bostess
was gowned in gray vol with pink car-
nations in corsage. Miss Bethal was
strikingly handsome in blue net over
silk, while MUss Livingstone, a typical
Southern brunette, was lovely in pink
nat over silk, with white japonicas.
Eleven games of five hand uchre were
played. The score cards were most ap-
propriate to the season picturing old
Santa, beaming with the happiness he
has spread, ribboned slegih bells being
'used ai markers.
The laIl-eS' head prize, a lovely Japa-
nese mb hon dish, was won by Mrs.
James if. Randolph, and the gentle-
man's a-ilver hat brush, by Mr. Fred
Hardee Miss Ames and Dr. Randolph
were comrforted with the consolations.
A delicious salad course, with ices,
followed the cards, after which the
guest were assembled in the dinning
room, another veritable bower of beauty
where a novel drawing contest had
been arranged. Each guest drew a
ribbon from beneath a bowl, Miass Mary,
Gwynn and Mr. William N. Sheets, Jr.,
securmin the ribbons to which were at-
tached dainty prices.
Coffee and chocolate were served by
Mrs. Bethel and Mrs Talbot Whitfltaia,
guests retiring to the magnificent new
conservatory, one of the largest and
handsomeat of its kind in the state.
The guests were: Misses Bethel, Liv-
ingatone, Ames, Randolph, Gwynn,
Meinnis, Edmondsoc, WhitAeld, Saxon
Sulivan and Damon; Mr. and Mrs. Tal-
bot Whitfleld Dr. and Mrs. James H.
Randolph; Mesers. Long Meginass,
Hardee, McNair, Randolph, Perkins
McDougall, Mickler, Williams, Sheats
and Edmonson.
guest Proof gaf..
200 bushels of Rust Proof Seed Oats

for sale at
Huyler s in
Drug (Co

Yaeger-Bethel Hardware
fancy packages at Holmes

Top&yMuwy &





The KiYodHY

A lwaps B

Bears the

rN.mtorqbkVwr )kML

A pc~ tbdy for~u
tion Sow Dalmoseb.DRu'
am. and los or SWOW
vasmb Wo Mgnh of



V For Ovp!

Thirty Years

usa esm~ invse~.


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and Second-*Hand IMachines.

k-.- .1 L

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dangerous mnal
bulyou don't needZ
tie a ock around
your neck to cure ift






will 'rim, lsialthroat. in abost orderW
Nbolad's Snow LlisW p~uentermb W e
iag fre cr"-vI nuhat Ion, giving the IES no ~ ~ S .

CURES%-OtM16& W -m

Renryffittmne. 'rovoL'ab. wybin:. hor
Snow U10 J nluaae~at frKualga To me
awnd it mabef ee
PLPGAO ouud froNeuiiral" 4"e09
PUCS 25c. fl AND SID

Bliard St UnimnutC.

SowdAnd A n~~

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begins Wednesday, Jan. 15th, and Continues for Ten Days.,

Sf .

The Tallahassee Volunteer Fire
OsupsaW have added to their excel-
Mt eqipment a haadbome combina-
't hoOok and ladder, .and chemical
.tre, of 5U*allo tank capacity. 'The
O had a very successful drill yes-
tird*y afternoon, and are satisfied
tat the new engine will be of great
vae to them in their endeavors to
sav life and property from destruc-
tiM by fire.
S' f! Ladles gold enameled watcq
wi6h Ulverenty medal attUched to fob"
F'" _re ll onn N atn a Florida
- B. 4St
Dr. Gilman Winthrop, who spent the
hodays with his family and boyhood
friends in Tallahassee, b*s returned
WlMl you want a nice granite or
a W imeMt, write the Thomas-
Svft Marble works, R. A. Weldon. 35
as Alem Hampton, who put in
days of hard work after the
a meant of the teachers' conven-
tUB In examination papers for State
eartllcates. has returned to Talahas-
see. Miss Hampton has the Student-
Help Fair much at heart, and is doing
aN In her power to awaken Bn Inter-
at In the winning of the prices so
Uberanly offered to students all over
a Seed! Cal at Yaee
B ICol 's for your Rutabaga Seed.

The holidays being over, the Talla-
hassee students of the Florida State
University have returned to their
work. The writer recently had the
pleasure of hearing Dr. 81edd, the
president, speak in very commenda-
tory terms of the 'alahassee boys who
attend the University. Dr. Sledd was
one of the most prominent of the at-

Mr. Gfeorge Ames of Tallahassee is
a guest at the delightful home of his
relatives, Mr. and Mrs. F. C. Groover.
Mr. Ames is en route to the Univer-
sity of Florida at Galnesville -Me-
tropolis, 6th.
Lap Robes, prettiest in the city at J.
D. Cay's. 40

tendants upon the Florida Educational Mrs. W. G. Powell, her attractive
Association at St. Petersburg, and nla daughter, Miss Ruby Powell. and her
the magnificent appeal for higher young son Master Gordon Powell,
Ideals in education, touched a chord have returned from a most delightful
that was enthusiastically responded to visit to Mrs. Powell's father, Judge
by an appreciative audience. Bernard of Tallahasuee. Society at
When you want the best, get.De- the hospitable capital has been very
When yCarboliued Witch Hazel Salve. gay during the holidays, and Miss
It is good for little or big cuts, boils or Ruby Powell has had &n exceedingly
bruises, and is especially recommended good time. Mrs. Powell was unfow'-
or p iles. Sold by all druggistsa tunate In having a touch of the grip,
Mrs. Harris, daughter of Dr. Carter, and so was debarred from manv pleas.
the late lamented rector of St. John ti ure. -Metropolis, 6th.
parish, returned Thursday to her Hon. Hugh A. Black was amoug his
home at Daytona Tallahassee friends again toelay and
It depend. l,,n th i pdil vn.i take made The True Democrat a pleasant
DeW irt's L: t.- .irl Ripe ,i- : : the visit.
bey v>ill1, known leer c('on-patiun *uli Has It occurred to you that Florida;
hitk hl-ad.che. Sold ;v al, druwgi I-. has had no bank or other fallurvs,

MIu Rose McNihan of Stevierville,
Tenn., is the pleaicea ;eno.'r of MisH
Nellie Mathas.
A Ring's Dymppcn i'r,-blet aft, a.flt
meal overcomes i:,,lisvctin,. d.%,i. IA
and other stomach ia.le Two days' tridl
free. Ask oar deak-r Sold ity ('Cio,'
Drug Store. *'

from the so-called panic? If not. aote
It now arnd take courige- if you nwvd
bhracing up. In six months llerep won't
he a sign of trouble left in th. State

The qualifying examinations for the
Rhodes Scholarship will he held At
Gainesville on the 21st inst These ex-
aminations willbegin at 80 a.,.m., and
all who wish to enter for this scholar-
ship must report at that hour to Dr. J.
N. Anderson, Professor of Greek and
Latin at the Florida Stat. University.
Appointments for this scholarship will
be made this year, and residence will g
into effect next October. The examin-
ing committee is composed of A. A.
Murphree, President of the Florida Fe-
male College, chairman; Dr. Andrew
Sledd, President of the Florida State
University, and Dr. W. F. Blackman,
President of Rollins College.
tor. Milst Anti-vain ll i--Not -.1
kip the pain, but do It quickly.
Mr. V. H. Spiller, of Beverly. Mass.,
is visiting his cousin. Mr. Arthur C.
Spiller, of Tallahassee.
Palatka News: Rev. Dr. W. 11. Cart
er, rector of St. John's Eplacopal par-
ith. Tallahassee, for the past twenty-
'nIhit yeari, died on Sunday morninK
li, w~,so the snilor clergyman in the,
,llhcCVl, In point of age and aervice-a
grand old man who v a loved by his
itrisalionlers and bonoetd by thi peo.
Ile of nil ('hrintian denomltilonfs Ia
thii Sinil fir C(arter was 7R years of

Tampa Times. Mfies Mamie Wyatt, who has been
the guest ot Mr. and Mrs. Arthur Spil.
For sale young fresh cow. Apply at ler, Ias gone to Quincy for a few days
residence, MNafnnis eottage, Clnton before returning to her home in Ameri-
St. 46-It cus, g$a.

Marianna Times-Courler: riendsat
Dr. Thbe. West, our State heater,
are urginS him to become a oat4dat
for Govertr. The 4oior
ing moch yt, and we are ot r I
tion to say whether or nOt be Ito s*
tertaining the propoeltUoi wItME s
seriousness. Wl Itolrldt has b
repeatedly calledj:M to trot ct a
candidate, but th hR se hs e
backward about ag-In tohrwa /
Should Dr. West allow his bb.aA- to
pull him In the race, he would pevi
factor in the campaign. He Ii IAVW
sally admired for his many -
traits of character, and Is a mas ft
can be relied upon to do the ro
thing under all circumstances.

Mr. and Mrs. W. D. Loomis and Mi
Loomris our popular and relar witAr
visitors arrived In the city redr 0 .'
this week, and their host of Tallahass e
friends are pleased to give them tho
usual cordial welcome.
OC Tua Notice.
Notice ih hereby given that I have
the City Tax Books for the current tax
year in my hands, and am now ready to
collect and receipt for taxes. All who
pay during December are allowed off a
discount of one per cent. Come sa
pay promptly. t
41-tf Otty TwI Celltsr

- --. -- -- I

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J. DEMILLY, Manager.

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