The university news ( January 25, 1907 )


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The university news
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university news
University news (Gainesville, Fla.)
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v. : ; 55 cm.
Place of Publication:
Gainesville Fla
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Subjects / Keywords:
Newspapers -- Gainesville (Fla.)   ( lcsh )
Newspapers -- Alachua Countty (Fla.)   ( lcsh )
newspaper   ( sobekcm )
newspaper   ( marcgt )
Spatial Coverage:
United States -- Florida -- Alachua -- Gainesville
29.665245 x -82.336097


Dates or Sequential Designation:
Vol. 1, no. 1 (Oct. 19, 1906)-
General Note:
Editor: A. Clyde Evans, 1906; Sam A. Sanborn, <1907>.
Funded by NEH in support of the National Digital Newspaper Project (NDNP), NEH Award Number: PJ-50006-05

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University of Florida
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University of Florida
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All applicable rights reserved by the source institution and holding location.
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oclc - 01390155
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dA dae he can spuak
ad thedier beigt the bet
ter doeombe wup mo*.
Be mt thu be taught: ThI
4dui oft m msek sIog ad emosbl
rtemeh; map reading; kcetchain
Md Jsm ig. Afler which he
Sumpi* ap the fo"owing poiatb
uwhichk.l ew make him a smet
They mt aelmed but are hard
I emhA.I M tllI yae but you
amM w k them out of your ow
afit jmt8mie the trelaerat
a er frW a me. H es teo lyou
whvi 0d&the emef, bet you
"piet doasb*-mpsoand eoa stop at
te am so e .i pIng If you
msbe a meo. Baem rthe
eley oW gM t pby pcdih
ds, e.P.,uc md e0s-
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otw is fom I fSmkom*, 1a

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ad weePk 1.m &vae, a awdpe

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pilhs-, kbdayd Asri
ALim Ife" m = fam. Of 08 hum ISMe
-bfwn A as a"is is Ausinm sftI
bw ~ As IkiI5hk ,m ,wa
deudto eubpam thuI forthe dr
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some. ml pet vIt I

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amUw p Mam me appeard I
the M it, Is probable the
-.aAm--.. W .s"wilsg ad e
snak isis beehudhd r. UIp..
vlm m e being demei at a
-pd*e- r p t b is ptadt 'ht
boeps wE e y meh If bese nU an
ebmel at p taiM r palt. It isb
psad abt camg wil be at-
IempAd. I Nbeae hbumd R Ist
ev-ai eo atas svl gfted weottst
but vf do bdg I-s&k out
t may be a tap. If tMportMat
-dtem Veg btea-d, yee
ma that a w"g ttreat is
AvBA..* mR We fai MOM. .9

I w ar .
poauesei bot sIN Sal os"
of ti 4 l OMks, them Vee am' cm, y
judge by theIr pmqe mm m-
eassive -itacs which mepatu
them from Use b pot, their di-
rection MaM eves teir aft
marching. Tb ezi-b--at ar 's.
solchM of the pesplis the
eenmy's cotry b a wer ealpo ad
the appreomb of the easy's teopa
sad the peoples cpmadmems Ii hib.
Theme are only a few a the
hoa-Md things that em mut .b
rwe md med h'mAA*ad me .o
Iwbh the enemy is doing or expects

t rl1, 4 -0t uA abse many special indcati mwns aap
1661 01 i yA bM ameaemuiltid. pa eul accadinu to stO character- s
It lMe 6b itmuiy a wkh tic of the enemy.- and tbir orgai-
teO, e diavuWd, It k -a in. station a d Iba'ts during p eme.
d&oOats os at*lmpN to dmUt* We should therefore make a
y~ ik. If teIddss ae collect- study of the peVple wih wherb we
Ie is Mha it is m il diestld are liable to have war, learn ther
Sas- attempt M *be mlsk po language iand their cuie amd a -
yor d wew If, em the idd peciqly tbuae charactietics wMic
ft batt the otilaiat ma a se- are especiaBy notad. U thsM wo
tve[ra- ems-tK it 1a sig of a be hethehng they will d*to i time
ltaftsoftWhe lesof the styr. of war ail wdhle wrll ald Uf in
if the Mwse ofhe rsmy dim the 'racks and adwl times
##eV wto be me= m u same:eAuss .k-sUi. cs- -. r s tnaes il
beutaIm thu d sm, ad p vc. cIn o.l'clu-ienu 1 nh e may th
pmmft plam u as Wto ake them these jUinti mt .s te herarGd dO AgM
lsF jb! if they us gliht- pace if you bnge to be a Mot
Id gMagaMley prMapuly ea. during war time, fur yes wM nst
tad dl r heimg h light have time to hak it he, a th
a, l lm *i ditl- e wea e o *Aser ll will kill yes the s
e "de thme you WMdar. M~ its
V meya ea"a e try hase Web e bes at aMt pte .of1 e=1
-.a wshi ws e S a t bofeba mw mim an. ply theau is
e m ft Is a m ao fa a a nuce. Me b ohns bbees mph
lg Is Mbs bA wNich he Nm Nt draw mepnbMs urully. ml to
aen -r Isimainse a a pu smake eaxelet esqI a is pOW
e An i9 at mes* g eat rWW 0aMOM
tbeek 4f -der m bed. hr md prumpa1y tne ar es4. w

am" InU S -. -am"s hey mmt orptomb"",
wbourase&, they *m a the awher $s
%tow a a msp s M s#eamty O theeas.bum l s

ask admambetn asemute a .4is a e MY 0

we Ml at &Oro y e" n S MMi

we ~ b ~info e0%

the 4. my Mdhond m o

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w,A-mbept f al e
md to suc a cosfew
ftle skI m nud anby satawcee
V4kdft met hattheles
M& a oba ha Vim. r
w4k eisAml 69 bad a hard jeb
getW hm bask. The ausAMu
Add Wa ik %mlwe hodus w1
meet0 otueI..sma 4k d"bas
a"4" dokAfte softn 4 he ms th

vMS, uA m vhwe rA4a btbI
mm bastel u -- A-- lu
pe &vk ftw tIL--mA e As~.
b~b sewt sftI nam
=we s ONd- It4w d

4k do

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bamik hade. s ma

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Th~iemUat r oA, b.

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-" tsaso fer*at aw-
m ~~to sh

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wipla is laminno adih

Ira k0a e. m del il.
modse1whib maer 4d twe
IMth du wer d hing

ties ofO the pUb ,iwh ich

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- Naoi every rirSight -asM

by w m im. e wham4 mf
mjl.rhir ut their risk to co

huow su ta MN k s m is-

Iom as oa iii isiee s-IMf
,- hd ou &. Tb. -u g dinm

eprv n The m am;idoe a~

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Wick.l lTem Ias aeiedtaIs
Sw pat amagoo* S

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1 4 i m b Oi l t d b

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dsud~ua~inIa. ep

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1= dk W 6" *A k
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amb Oeuineus esmi_"d-haw i

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Own klb. essek 4.C

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ua4 PI~.
-~ -~ AocIATU
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mma e uml m'a as sd o-s

,;'-, -- 9 .-
W vimBW atyou drink and we

soe tns7 adeym hof igin

Sto sant da's to ai iyo -
bmleasted gwW esPetd for the

-f a a lk youb ae
A n raf infto We hinelsthemn

whmmanles emmofrIourdw
A. :.. fue ahn B, a,-tanwoilaattn
I' *I oning. eind for the
qffm mp phe pi tyt is tb e
abe town the hse weg at'ue

I mew..i Pasa adho"mu l

g a i ofdou -new
het~ Ccageote Udversiy -of

a"gwewg which
Met mna would

e s mee, but it isk



~~~5 u e qd at weh

M" we moo ftaa&

ft lb rjd m d-

-,Ad ~ha~Imm7.aI&a
PM o as%"Ob a

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mu=*madme *aone
M& -Amk

4.> eba af
SO~MMUMra bmdI
SI mfwm wa
aboasb om" W
D tosimaow m
*abslm. A Lb mag

Gobs A. T.lohm

*1A a U "W WMnaofp

h ar otha I may a cheve
mwh the more readily, if I wiMh
It, or tot I may ec ne sodal
r --n g W .-that I my be able
the mm- lly to senre God and
my hu me--that I may pmm
m htmehctat peomalty: For
themirol I m determined to
mane maadge eduamtio.

SThie gulr rotine of practice
has buegfhr the beball squad
ad the hla c id i la busy
jne every ermom. A great
domaIt f Sma bmebll me-
ee n be past few yes he babeen
Lb Ia-em de thaining1givn the*
players. The old haphaardI

.w bsey awern te m aUm
i eworo ais that of ime
sqI im Ml; noter Id outbid

eonw en% d evy t taBi nudg bis
"m bdmpg oei hem.M
Op eeIl tIIhr beab ge s

e the Imt that the pitches are
- a -idiai. In iue
tle asRy s ess is wear-
imo d ad eem m wIM
beinshop& Imi we

i insS

bu- I-


Ciol Drinka.


Cigars and
Tobwm I


lyr OGMds, To it Articls,

htl o wn t m- Ve-
eber that for evey ten college
bred as there ae serve huadrtd
m4d Iy t-co* loe -.*
- Seomd-D Bemo a cflege edu-
mati wol St e for social life.
This w embe me to enjoy life
mac etter thea I otherwise
emM, sad wll make of me a much
ea setal ember of society
Thid-wBeas.e a coMege ede-
tie w t me for a prefesional
life. Os. my not expect Is these
day, whi eds tio n isbecomng
Sgei alto take high rank in
any proAnl without a thorough1
coBege training.
Fmr eh-ased at college edu-
catle isnensll lto the fall de-
velo-et of the real elf. To
sewe a knowledge of Language.
Literstue, History, Science and
PhoImpahy, and to be able to comrn
mue with great men in any of
the SMs, lis my ambition, and
whe I have one reached my godl
aso l forte. can rob me of my
Ir remw-e man can never be-
in the child again. The
Igart plowma retras weary
mdt dlfrehsdayi i the field;
the boutM or geologitt returns
fim the efied with equal
and mroged and his soul enrich-
ed with many vo of beauty
which have come to hi during
the day. Yeas of lf-dialt and
dowright hard work wil be nec-
mary to mamplish my purpose,
bat Iuse te the product will be
well worth Its cot. Long years
my be speat in grInding and
pounhog the lenoe of a great tele-
scope, but ifby meanm.of it one
new star h dbovered the ct is
Ideam we worth more than starsn.
aMd these shall be the objects of
sy pursit. The chef advantage
of eoture is bot that it enables one
to ams wealth. anot that it enables
oae to reach high position in
society A prefessioal life, but in
On Mdsalargelet and enrIchment of
Ms antral idowaet, and in the
"y wNh64h Itgives o. to-make

Dr. Skedd ats aide mee 1h-
*mey T Or hd sUr.e. IMIpe
which Sa l .ab&w-` tUian
oa subjects ,0 mWstual lm auie
Last Thliday a~Iss M bs e5eb
wan seed with intmed fetMia
am he talked on the subject,
"Choosing a PsFl rW .' After
Dr. Stledd aished, the a hject wam
opened hor -a dimi.
Nearly all participate. The
Doctor mabe heom talks very in-
formal and the boys derive much
please and termmid fro
them. Next T nmday aienoom
the subject for diMcuuioI se "Type
of Culture." Pew ohoe boys
have such an opportuy of thus
coming in touch with the prAidnt
of their iastitution, and the hboys
here flly appreciate Dr. WeMd's
unselfih eirts a this diretion.
If all collegepridents would fol-
low Dr Sledd's example in this
case a new Ieature would be added
to college education sad -much
good would be accomplished n the
college world. In addltios to this,
every Wednesday morning some
member of the faculty diacms a
sbject of public internt. Our
faculty isO. K.

H 0 E
Sayold CoU
you break yor shooe
1 jab te se in
mI wewil rieou
a new pair cafif
it up tofredhp








Fog so Tbl ArSi"
--_B l f o *B M s *Tb

A lv s DWs Cimi..

Lee Gooy
Cheap Rates.


. .


ir 7rl%- I
flORDAN .&


A High Grade Iwatitution for Yau n g
Uterary, Scientific and Eogiseerin
Strict Military Discipline.

- 5

For C~ataogue and laimtumstioUmsdr




Books, Stationery Novtim,
Souvenirs, Oigars, Tobaooo,
Oandies, Oold Drinkr


Ideal location. College of IUbwal Arts.
RExcellent equipment. School for Teachem
Standard crriculaum. School of MuMsi, weal ad
Well selected faculty. intremtal, lttelu ag
SSpocious ymmmism. pipe orpa Smew lMtr
Heated swia lag pool met.
Twenty acre aesmps. School of ludstridl Ar%
High moral eiviroimeat. Including DWSi &
Admairable oee sprwi me ad Ant.
Steam heat, electric light. School of bpeUa1s.
Y1kss 5mlI. :l'g-- eter the ah Us sh e4
wrie at EM Sw mhm" & I i i mVW .Ab
35 and ms. eingalt mas&
P moefalagaanMl ie Wale o w

?Urx MC". AN u tMaxom


-UP -----
MPeO* 46 bm dA
.e1 14
two oemmr we is the w alr's
qmd agais and to lm we, to
be a4ded Htc, wer. w -he 19l i
from Charlotte, N. C.. sd who
has reputation or troug piltcig,
and Robinaim, wois epPaed to
develop into a mew "wair of the
dab"' before the end of the maIs.
The other "5" i inm the Usi.
vuity held the following s.i-
tMIo labt year: Capt. "agtry"
behind the biat, Han a It he
Kirby d betd T- cter
eld Otbher new a whe have
had preio m ezxptoce em OGa-.
tier, an outeieldr. PAte AUae, wi
Mas plyd macd, md Paftums,
who will trl for bort. Wari
KiMg who bas bad eaperbuor both
ana pitcher ad a i w.
In addisiotoI dm a l twmn
ty-Ive other -pireat fhr &mc
reNOm ud imisy Alermes a nw
were m-Iedto the try atM MquM.
Mr. Tilde, mamr of the
tem, ham bee working hl to
ma cre a darDmbe -eheid. -Ld
indicatio wre that the romi,
b inl MW no will he hI of io-
will probably take two loga tri ,
sn i to ai and the other so
Georgia. In addiatas to thblg Or-
m le the L M.L and the Pl-.
da oleg "wI dmI wb -b i
sM-- dt m ad WOBbe abm

ld wooithame trm tIt m
apL mmpbd in adIn

mama. Weh.e n W
Mr. m an d mw -o


Geo. W. Scott

Pressing Club


Tailoring Shop

ge5l AtmSam *So Udmodty tin.

Brown House

Barber Shop
Professional Hair Cutter

University Styles
Special Rates to Students.

Only White Barer i Town.


OdtaMrW*. -. wiimda



j.D. Matheson
For Em~i Rm. bl dy yle

lo na maimk a. bisof an

I F.



Do a general banking bsisne, bay nd ,seE Pinm s Do.
Smtic Exchange. The acomaA of b aIIbm mp
nations, farmers, merchants ad othem remha d iio iabI
terms. Special facilities fo ar maklg s.clo o- mM.
ble points In the United States

I l III i nJ1



You CH Strike it i!

The Man who bys Lot so by 0 o today
and hang on to them wvil leave his hUAy
well provided for when the time, rom fr
him 10 occupy a plot s by 6.


Nooneiatoo 00rto to t-o--s I
re estate propot ni m tHliyemmlt, a
b kt on the Basy Pkysent Pr.i

College Park Ad0iion


R. J. Holly

~r 5.Z*~


.I -



. 5..

latin r, e, gsNall-
mohyts lime Caumd~s
1~ U. L ~ PbowStree

The beeball sa is her--
the season when the fan dreams
of ten inning gaMps; the player
of Ormwod Hotel d ea and
bome rn and the reporter
sweats over new sporting adjec-
At a meeting held in room lye
riday, the 4th, Cap. "Speck"
apbell called theq.. ot for
the first practice on Moday after-
"Every place on the team is
open to the best mI," said Capt.
Campbelll, and it is evident that
these wll be some hard work dome
to secret points. Sixd f the
,06 nine are stiln the University
who will endeavor to hold their
places oathe team, while the sub
of l year and me newly regis
tered willtrive for an "8" this
-me pf



awjiii "


m -o

--A- *

*0 o
* */* *' K

- ~* -

ftmn mI d-

S1%0 in on am wpm yawi
~m hip in
*book sut whe silab. k
4WwWmW N ius tob
at -i That eqmi

ow- Aft -soti atNI-

4d fte sf

si as -o y"

~ if pm wbb Shm bw

go* 1 m f in

~ same UWh

-ik a to o

tasv*E.a -.

T T -wB
n1m j by'of tbe

AV~ g-e

so a -i o a


ISem -a* -a's
ffa I s lb6*01hIN a Mab

SIS On, to Ims ft AnduImb
- at sumb M iw 4wgonge
hr %-abommedwslemISo w7 O
so eRIN -mIIIS419 -
areftw"m am 6" 1" a -
Ises amrON& b- whe ohut ftm
me W mowed m bilm momhewe
21w bmrnse tvmhis o f w a
lokbe3 tft On d wtIsb~
-& mor blsor w=yt mel- Mw
Ow Sk wernd oa"rbmsaver wvfk

11. ersm, wgodonat US. hiN-
IN Wd beututut .a Oft adst.,
at m h sao a inre a
wow Itw- WqaomwampenW am
om" wom aftame, Insa MM&-
"aa-OLW mehrsam"= Sso
shr m ourI ~ beifitgopy f
amm I m con" am Sw eto
at m In.n -1619 adlusWoh
waft ounwo now
fow of.eg3 eemy wo mdBar-
ar a Iv* -a"am f
m oft *0 %e toan an h*we
IN- t N vfeium wat 0111
amawam ba m ram .~Whoe
an whift .IbeUo w dotaIs
m-a ad in hr.mhrat.3. wan
Roumidaea smphfta v*dur hra"
so am o e n mm uml
on tmsw a ~aft A hr f
"M-an SoiNIUi &ON. hr 111e ft
4000 &1" am so hSam f

Ob ft a hrftwN
aso aem IS -1^4014 91041 m
or sonm to
5 r u S.hrI

us hs r 00 V ft

-Sam We f AMe W IV
down.ab-a lowmuSb
-90 w #mm"SOWt-fM

na fo o m m- m* a

hesmam A 0MI

Op q M
-ot inin U-m
mumm I- 0-- e o

^*:L -


num & mmux

.C i



IL. J. Burkhi

JW. w U. M& M..
Agents NunnaUlys' Pime Cudi,

A. Harper,




Lobe. Ne bmw m ln

Iw oam p- ----
gnut subad" do sou
my g'up"Fs"d de me" a
.mig ladjwtuat :r=u w

Fezy am



4iHarris & co

qi m BodOW6Casal& u


Ozeik USD






Wadwd Deeks s, ime Ca kese
Nad CimIDrkC' Pnae

mm. mmtaeuIetd

SS~tb~Car. swumt


ani ofpip d to" I

*lwm RIN I* bIN.
A.L L ftsh
Uwiwwey AgeIub

rim ofa .1We& mu

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-i y. Uusk ali at hegr ad A. T. 0, Co
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im. b, M The Kappa Alpha Praternity was en
LaIIr teBiee. rid by Mr J. S. Shmnds at hi hoLue
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asIaIagI fir Ier. The Iibees of the Alpha Tau Omga
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. _m dbu iNM L by Mr.Ralph Chapi m the diaht of
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by the Worthy Scribe.
Pei i iat, L B. Jenkid; Vice Pfed-
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A pe; Tesmer, W. 3. Martial.
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he ."-2.'ery we Us k


ladies sad
Coats, Fiae

Blankets, Comforts, Sheets, Pine Table
Linens, Napkins, Towels, B d Spreals. Cur-
talus, Linoleums, Rugs.




I vv vWW-w W-w-wW

Ladies ad Chfildms Oad-ar. Hil
Corsets. Fancy Nous1, liem DNe S CO-b -1
Silks.n"%... ..R.d.-mm]NM- -0
MENS' FUR NISHINMOM all a i# b i t
Drem Shirns. Neck wear. Colls, aeeks, Mee
a ud Boys Sweaaets, GoodWnrm Uaderwe.


ioD m BOTH :

* ** *


sb thard e TeO with Wet b It
STh seems to be very little ...
Pchin for poetry to linger around
the luscious bivalve, yet Keats viv-
idly conjures up the pale silence of Next Door to Pottice.h
the ocean depths with his reference
to tl ', patient oyster wh A PLACE TO EAT SOMETHING
it sleeve. Patient indeed and im-
movable in its ocean bed, yet not Famous Cedar Key Oyster, all Styles. Op aWty A-L@
always sleeping.
The body of an oyster is a poor,
weak thing, appare tly ine a bl of *-- -
$1* soyst, r

fty. fxes himself on his roand
&A never by his flat shell, and be- di Ig fd fl s
m oce S i- he begins to rew.LA-ON TO U
S 4oly grows in smmer. O
Inspect an oy"ster shell claly, .^ ,

i* ,~t a e o. .- University Agent, T. Z l
pawt so do the Umaki-gs on an
oyster tell us how many years he
hbe peaed in his "bed" at the bot-
tom of the sea. The way in which .N"A1
* Z. .The Atlantic CoastLin&
171 si of In oyster is a. T h Ad
hk i hroathing o0-4., his C -
uig hs feeding organ, M E ALL T -
fbtrhiskhe ehteysthefoodto his
lips. of JrtB E
Whean the warm, calm days of
Jne come the oyster oeIns. shell Rapid Transit and TU urpm Siea
anr by Means of e iaaw Ta begimT t. t-i- Juy *oft
building an additional story to* hisa Tale lt July 3 U
house. This he does by depositig DpAISV Ae-,- -A-
;17L tit at last the form a sub. 3P: 5 U0hVlow
staKce as thin as siher paer sad Dall v x a m a i. its
No a moa until at last the Iew I. ib, Laeiuang and teap. *- a
a is as hard as thi old shelL a. ..... .. .... .
Whe oysters arm gr wing ther 5t a JiemIP. '.a-- 95
*hels they must be handled vTr DNily ____IF l__,, ..'_ ,__
srefull, as the newgrowth of h .U a High !Iige, W .I
will eui 1 ibrken glah., nnd I a .... '.. 1.-IY ....
wound on the finger from a oya. Deay 1 b Alane" a lPas-.t% jw.
ter ell .is often very daoma.-. s '
Secrp Book. Daly Munn# RA
Tall S .ies. t1: pm s e
A coaple of witty fellows were I
oersVena together recentiv, and Mi T
their aumets finally 1o111i1m0d Iath, .. m ,s by ibs
a bet btween them. Each aitoed Now TW** A WstepWW Tudg U Us
to tell a peculiar ineideat, =ao tei l kT k m-e_ Lim 6 n"
reiter of tho strongt episode was For'eph OMna. Ce a a
NIL I com1mnced mi andsdbekn ew .
to r ha J. A. ...W IN. T_ rt A ... ar.._ a 4 ni l i
a ywho was "taed r ate. w e. oa. a.,e PAa mLe.I S. I
s id Fo. w JaL .. 2W .-IJ..O, .
---ms aa Weis-& .. C.




zen see, me lste repyte
-ie~aw win -a "rPly, the
h* wea placed en a vesa, mad
"do-wn a ow r
hem sw. '" ....IN&
"Vety pod," sM Ne. 3, "bat Is.
MI to tis: Once I knew a a vW
ad ben deaf and dumb for t
abe la, t u elowed& gbiaI
w-d see e ts mnse.-
'X-inn rejoined Ne. 1. "361
'VaON.! repld N& 3, the I
wwt into a bieyeagl aepwi

I M14o sep an sdaq! v be
%= wes as U e
low n brom 4tw UN^1
a aie a warnat e *w as
-ads a qh- FLdate


Tem WfttoomsNowWf

The aJe miAa't
ThGehia9ilk 3aToi

w in" m^t
Suboribe ubw a* -

both lor UL75

Youw. MI
MIfti l M l fX -- ^ ^ j lCLWik H-BB|iIBf~UBBBBlB^BBBBBBBBBBBF*
of ^^w^^^^^^^^^i^^ ^^^^aBIMBBIBDO 1



*q. !f

WE ARR ALWAYS BUSY Became the People Ka" w WV SaDl DII Memta i 4
the LoTeAM Posble Price &ad you are always aumred of peoopt aod ftal ema- tmt lk
pleasure to shbo you through our immense stocks at lny time.

You won't find better amrted sto-ks t
we show you in

Ladies Tailored Suits, Skirts,
Misses Cloaek Rain Costs, Silk
Shirt Waists and Fine Millinery.

*1NE Iy


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-4. i



?6e~61em se~em uSagwan.Sm evr A iiy in' t be as
RAO Si~ aowa Ymlty. le bwani be..The he".
tohad* owft of Weu"t to4W6Es ew abew vTow or
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OWL hom o mus bank 46a1 qw- 0.6an US. -ftf

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~ K-Jv'%~'.'
p -

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bY, JANUARY 25, a9o7.

Tracking an
I- ......

SCslqUi from 600


xD 1 NL 3.AJ~f 1wami

mt emsm are there of learn-
he movement's of the enemy
Stwar? There are four: 1st.
MW of pronrimmm, deserteras, and
t n; te eports of spies;
g. ,mn-a-...;...-s; 4th. imaif-
I-m; is t i what we wll con-
sler for the prseut. One is en-
add to draw inferences from in-
distioa by a knowledge of the

geeral c-te of war, and of the
r-lides of the enemy. It can
be dame oely by practicing coo.-
Ml I time of peace the closest
demuvtion. It is for this work
d-i warthat it is possible to
erct oneself during peae.
It my be properly said that
hee is scarcly a battle in his-
I wPchk has not been lost or
5Wa | portion to the value of

S er the armies win from
sI the weakmm esand strength
f d one my, or the losers have
hlmahe- of being ignorant on
don paints.
It is w"h reconasmsancem that
t sObthms to do, and the im
Sthbigs to take into consid.
s wbena scoting re "Indi-

efeM going ito Indications let
as sam ee what the qualtltious
ofa m go"d s ot are, for the
mIy gst wormk e* oons- m-nce
b m by the aOlo individual,

with iaamely less trouble. It is to
thm mmag u mpm udergoing
eMaianMl dda and privations, nu-
..Mea-mio-y, and without the ap-
omm of their comrades and of-
Aes to give them heart, to whom
we ik and my expect results in
timof war. Itis easy for a man
ia the heat ad excitement of bat-
tle, whee everyone is stauivig to
be Arst, to dash out before the rest
ad do mom gallant deed, and
whou athinksofit, it is not
mae dsageroi to dash to the
firo thmn to the rear, because if
ym are already under fire, it is
st as dangerous going or coming
wth nothing to favor either direc-
tis, beit is another thing for a
mas to take his life in his hands to
carry out some extra dangerous
bit of scouting on his own account,
where there is no one by to ap-
pland, and it might be just as easy
or hia to go back, that is a true
bit of hero's work, and yet it is
what a acout does continually as
"all i the day's work." It is his
own plack and ability that enables
hda to carry out his work with
ams. For this reason his work
is looked up to with the greatest
suspect and admiration by his com-
rsad. Tihe very same "Scout"
carries with it, even among civi-
Maes, a romantic idea of aman of
eurpiomal courage and resources.
A scoot is, nevertheless, a
special man, selected for his "grit"
md trained far one class of work
aely, and that is reconnaissanmce.
His work is not to fight, but to get
information about the country and
A -a beore bfeinag selected for
tnraing as a scout, should have
the following points:
Specially smart, active, Intelli
.. A h!1 t.rtmhv soldier.

... .u c r l oosts-du tow .or a nt oo practicefo- n A- -- w... Ai. o- ---
S it w e Idicae artillery. e f don't shore hean d with that push Ioreo"Ms, r I M At a m

td Scouting mbeoss a etd ths ethe ballot A race hardeyai1 'I
di si ns lf i If t sort of work can gain much value- a hundred years removed from guride m they me "ie silte
iiionl. D iy .. sd d, no o t oft e

without fear of attack if broad to 0 POINTED A LION. ind duty of Ame-
feared attack. the d^oo and dm of a m
rwT. tu CAV r If the fields on the rad ride e, AU Sme Lsaued Anea t tht Phalusk This well meaning but mistkeeo ram
ard. diae CAVA anR imiad and show wide and L tte PW Tvlrer. policy declared that two races Wal*- omi."
guages o The following incident is perfect- most equal in number, but of di- She oath alone solve the
and the better actor he is, the bet- cavalry was marching on the a sy ad absolutely u nique: trict characteristics, one experience. the pro.Tr e Iest
tedhr ctthewllm ake. Asre a R Smember of a colonial mount- ed "should line together on equal gtd that ite soltton be leh to be0
ter cout he will make. by luadroa, n echelon, and a ed corps, the British South Afric terms in peace." The history but that because tbefirstsuspicious
He m t then be tght: The attk feared. Behind police of Mholnd Bhodeia, the world forbade the stolicy, impatient step of the Ntional
duties of reconnoiting and combat bridge, ravine, near a village, t South fri it fell to my lot in an he found the re Government caused her to dread
partorels; map reading; sketchin foot prints will show whether t April, 1903, to enumerate for ofi- cn be fond the record of fear other
and reporting. After which he enemy formed for attack or not, a statistics the white residents of any two unlike races living in If te North will give hr
must pick ap the following points indicating whether he was career Rusapi district, which is 180 nile pea side by aide under one th
which alone can make him a scout. in the conduct of his march. outhest of Salisbury, the catal, government, nd on equal term? sympathy, her lernest support,
They can be learned but are hard The fires of a bivenac will and sixty-four miles west of ft- Where can he found one reason couri in her veins, and hers in
t ch en tell you but you c at s by their n mber and t near the Portuguee border. It to juti the belief that a simple win ners
to teach, tell you t you cte by their nmber d t upon my return journey to the constitutional amendment a ours we will no ger strive to
must work them out of you own amount of ashes or eat the time main camp that the following do change a prejudice s old s th make this a Southern question
accord. spent in the camp and how long it incident occurred: indeed, it more concerns the South
It is just like the trainer at foot has beep abandoned. The care e On the 18th day of April about world, and, reversing the history tnd we are all Amerins. The
ball or for a race. He can tell you gave to constrcting shelter t 4 p. m. reached an outlyin farm- of the human race, make poible b a Ae n.
what to do to become fit, but you remains of forage, frmetsof wa- house close to the railway and in in America, under the moat adverse Problem should and does concern
what to do to become bt yo remainof forage, fragments of the vicinity of very suggestive look- crc tes what had been im- the hole nation and concerns it
must do as e says and not stop at s, entrails of animals slaughter- ing hills. As I knewthe owneran deeply
home and eat dumplings if you ed, ard dumps i general will show decided to outespan there for the poSIle creunstances, in other Wold yon lend your efforts to-
want to be a runner. Here are the the numbers and duration of camps night. My horse having been en.t ountries word ?avinl from rn a trt
things you most get by practice very accurately, pc of clothi' farmer and I entered the house. In ing unreasonable and unjust, has section of your country the fairest
and investigation. Pluck and self- saddlery, equipment, abandond a few minutes a Mashona herd boy involved a problem. upon whoe land of all the earth then "deter-
reliance, finding your way in a arms. cartridges thrown awa dashed in unceremoniously, crying: proper solution de h vr mne to take this question from the
strange country, using your eyes dead horses, blood stained clot- "Bas! Baas A lion is own near very partisan andlin of the dema-
and ears, keeping yourself hidden, ing, hidden graves, and the case the cattle!" After questioning the life of the South. rth ioue deteaned to make t a
tracking, getting co t n in dig g t ae al boy, who was much excited, we set Too long has the North believed gogse, determined to make it a
tracking, getting acs country, taken in digging them, are all o ompanied by a fox terrier, that the problem will solve itself non-prtisan work." A question
taking care of yourself and horse, unable as a means of arriving at a and upon arriving where tFe cattle Too long has the South rested in for the whole nation.
sketching and reporting informa- knowledge of the regiments con- were grazing we at once found his the belief that this country would Once it becomes an American
tion. When you have learned all posing the camp, of their tatigue majesty's spoor (track), which we wo problem not to be solved by a
these then you must know how to and discouragement, of the nu- followed until lost on the hard always be ruled by white men. problem nNorth or a defeated by a
eand indetications"Plevendwhen f-ysardleryofewuipmendedcarriedawayground. Too long has the whole country victorious North or a defeated
read "indications" even when your er of wounded carried way After searching the most likely indulged in the belie that no harm South, but by America, it will be
eyes and ears see and hear them. them, of the gravity of teir laces we gave up hope of finding can come to America. Let us face solved. America, and she alone
Let aus suppose that we have wounds and of the rank of the f- him and, turning hout, headed for the conditions in the South as they mst lead us out of the labyrinth
learned the following facts concern- icers lost. T dust raised by the home. After crossing a vlei (open the problem in the
ing the enemy: Shoes have been march of a column dictates ot grass land) we entered a thick bush are. We should no longer ind and solve the problem in the
distributed, troop are cleaning only ts direction of march, t nd proceeded a short distance our yes to the painful truth that eternal
their gns, draught animals are also its strength, its order and he descried he dimog and, looking in the Southe two opposing forces t
skethe i ng and reporaug tinginfma-lsnowle dgrengfth et regimern dtsbe r ga z de gcr ed a him ponce-f u i sthe be li ngftheaone tu ntrd On th becolm e aanPer -

being collected. If we have had kind of troops composing it. orthodox style, the hair o back On the old Bbylonin nd Per-
teset we know that this i s Ifhe remietio of arm u is y fiercely bustling and body as rigid premacy hed htecei.s omn. sb e T there dge

Suppose that: Great quantities of very far away, take two fixed T overn h aEt os thoW- .a a
he was, imagine my complete sur- possible as well as abhorrent
supplies ave rrve ne an points n front o them an onne rse to behold a megifent lion, educated in separate school stituted what was known as cei-
strange uniforms have appeared in of their flank., then you can easily ull length, with face toward me, worshition in her t *che, form writing. After the reign of
the bivouacs, it is probable that judge by their passage over s hc- barely fifteen paces off. At sight of p n png ms separate churches, Alexander the Great this wtmg
he wled ft ad then I traveling in separate cars, each became obsolete. The Persian cu-
einfemets are arriving and an cssive distances, which separates re e s Bt by rce following its ow social incli neiform writing contains sixty let-
attack s to be looked for. If pro- them from these points, their di- te ~ rn up an. n atiou which never brings the two ten and the Assyrian a00 to ,00
visions are being collected at a reaction and even their rate of. I had recovered from r arise together the races are drifting characters, partly alphabetic. The
particular place it is proof that marching. The excitement or in- the lion was bounding qf, much to fa sd faherm celebrated in scriptson in t cunee-t
troops will occupy it. If boats are silence of the people in the the chagrin of my friend. The bush anr te warlther aprt Sform writing is that in the ancient
collected at a particulath d had to re at ran an th world censure the South city of Behistun, Persia, cut on the
collected at a particular poinlthe approach is enemy's country troops dom, and he got clear away. if she refuses to accept that solu- face of a rock 1,700 feet high andl
proof that a crossing will be at e approach of te enemys troops Needles to say a few choice e- tion of the problem which will recording part of the history of
tempted, if boats are burned it is and the peoples confidence in him. thets were slung at me by the other endanger the safety of the race to su.-ronaut
evidence of an undisguised retreat, These are only a few of the fellow, but it all happened very which we belong? Rdd
but if the bridges are left, look out thousand things that one must ob. quickly, and I was totally untrepar- hih w a hebc enreainpr.
k n to be l d f. If p- tm fm t a h The South will aid the .egro in dhe was reading a paper before
it may be a trap. If important serve and read as indications of d or such a close view. protecing every right give him the Mother' club
around behind the bushes, we Protecting every right given him ers .
bridges are burned, you a what the enemy is doing or expects the skin and entrails of a sheep, by the constitution, save the right "An here I will insert," she said,
sure that a long retreat is to do. which had been devoured, bearg of domination; but when the negro "half a dozen questions of the ort
plated. If, at some miles above a Mrny special indications are ap out the statement that the lion aassetheir right to con- ittle bo asks every night
bridge whth yu have constructed, pa cu.t i.c.,adiIsa o to characters not eat the intestines of hi prey. trol the state governments s they "'Why does Santa Claus ive
large boats, heavily laden with tic of the n y. ad tr oani All this time the dog was umpinthe two opposing children skates when there ain
stores, are discovered, it is an in- zation and habts during p ace. the rail, and we had a hard job to forces in the South will clash in an ice?
dication ot an attempt to destroy We should therore make a get him back. The evening was desperate conflict The intelligence When I drink water, why don't
your work. If ladders are collect- study of the people with whom we get:ng dark, and we had no wish experience and wealth; the bitter sdown into my leg? medicine
ed in bivouacs it is an indication are liable to have war, learn their to meet the lion among the bush inprence and w ealth;e 4 the b rsiise es i ie
that an attempt will be made upon language ad their customs ad es the dark. After reachinghome the predudene of instinct or centuri that the druggist has in them big
your field works. If, on the field pecilly those charactistics which farmerlae some strychnine on of growth in the dominant whites, green and ble bottles?
piee of meat and placed it on the will rush, irreuistably as the in- "'Why is it I breathe out smoke
ot battle the artillery makes a re- are especially noted, as these will reldt, but our visitor did not return coming tide, uon the ignorance, when I'm cold and not when I'm

trograde movement it is a sign of a be the things they will do in time that night. experience and poverty o dier whe
retreat of the whole of the enemy. of war and which will aid us in It is not often a dog has the p- blackstheexpere isence a conviction in the big"'Wh folks ws littnnle bowhen
If the bivouac fires of the enemy reading the tracks and indication" portunity to point such royal game. blacks. There isDe a onvicton the big folks was little bo.
appear to be m more numerous ires. trails Talking about dogs, I remember the breast of every white man that New Orlea.s Times-Democrat.
appear to be much more numerous, ..s 0t 1 to ir coup-l :res, trailss
smaller than usual, and par c. lit c,il-io si thatseeing an Irish terrier rout out a his race must rule. You may read A Collector's Bequest.
b ll t s u. I h hedgehog, and there ensued a ter- from our Ikclaration of Independ- "My wish ib that my drawings,
posely placed so as to make them tcs i:ts t larned during rifc onslaught, ending in the death ence that all men are created equal, my print, n risitie, b
distinctly visible, if they are light- p-:are if you hlope to be a scout of the spiney oneand leaving Box- ene that all men are created equal, to -in a wor, rie things my rt
ed successively and promptly ex- during war time, fitr yo will not er, the terrier, full of quills, which you may ill our statute books to -hich have wor, the joking of art life
Ilcked, much to his discomfort overowing, the constitution may hich have en the jy of y life
tianguished after having been light- have time to learn it then, as the I plucked, much tohis diso ort, overflowingthe onstitution--hall not he .on.signed to the o ,,1te
ed, it is an indication of weakness their fellow will kill you the -Forest and Stream. be amended and amended again, tomb of a museum and subjected to
and retreat. time )ou blunder. Many ivs No Infallible Sueess Rule. but the white's of the South cannot the stupid glance of the careless
If the enemy's cavalry in retreat have \been lost at this game of man Power to see the future has a cer- be ruled by black majority, paserby. But require uner they
suddenly withdraws its line of hunt man, simply through igno tain place in business, an exceeding- Do you understand that this is a shall all be dis ione-re the
tskiriseslywithdriwsa iofaieofil ta ,im p thro ugh ly humble one, however. It is em- plea for slavery. The feeling oft hammer of the atihtioneer, tho
skirmishes, it is a sign of a defile race. Men who have been taught played professionally by some l- the South was voiced by Grady, each onpleasu ofwhich ne all
Being in his front which he must to draw maps beautifully, and to dies and gentlemen at an average whnhe s a." wa ae gn a m m iie n t
pass, or an indication of a proba- make excellent reports in peace price of about a dollar a sitting. d tatitor of y own
ble ambuscade. An attack at time, go out on service to scout, They can see things afar off, but devoutly as you do, that human inheritor of t nurt.
r break of day means business, for and promptly lose their way, or not the landlord who is coming up slavery is gone forever from Ameri- the Will of
he wants all day to make it good forget to keep hidden, and from the stairs to throw them out or the can soil. We rejoice that Sponge Treatment.
or to get all day to makwhile it good foreign want of quickness of eye they ne keep hidden, and policeman who is-coming around Abraham Lincoln broke forever A you, Th,,a, ketmjr in one of
or to get way while if made in want of quickness of eye they ng the corner to run them in. Prese- hackles that bod our states the suburb jut eed in
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is made either to gain information -and they never turn up again- place in the equipment of men who to the debasing institution of t reconianeni.t One dav Nora
.. ..... .. .. ,_ ... sy reo m nh,, n d y or


* ++ < "-*.
+ + .."p .. T .
?,. ,. % ^



wO. 6


~,- -C -




I tatI will ake rsmb s
GATinel VULw, e 'LOriJA.

Sevewtytwo members cf the
thid clams of the Vrgnia Military
* Iinstlte were rn=Mtly awpwded.
GWea that will make somebody's
bakr carL
Tdl what you drink aid we
wiUl teall you how you feeL
Solveeaec day that you can
have tbe tmost respect for the
thi that ooks back at you from
your mirror.
We have no faith in the man
who has an excess of religion and a
dearth of morality.
An estimate from Nathan Bryan
as to what Florida's two institu.
tios of learning will need for the
meat two years, or what the
mount of the appropriation to be
ke-d from the next legislature
wl be, would prove interesting
formation -pensacola Journal.
There is bit oferroeous news
ing the rouds of the preasto the
eect that Chicago University no
ger nas the equality of
womma. It is still co-educational,
sad the Univerusty cf Pennsylvania
now admits men and women on the
Same oditioms. Why shouldn't
the University of Florida take tie
Next step in advance? All the
Colegesin the State with which
it must compete are co-educational
and mach a movement would un
quetinaly increase the attendance

The alumni of the University c
the South will soon organize i
Jackaville. Haw much bette
this would around if it were th
alumni of the University of Florida
We do not blame a man for beinj
loyal to his alma mater, but it i
the duty of every patriotic Flor
dian to work for the University c
Forida, now, first, last, and all th
S "That's right, brother. Talk i
right straight from the should
It pleas us highly to see the prm
ilter-ted in our welfare. Mi
Bryan has paid as several visits th
season and is will aware of ou
needs. In making his recommends
tiou for an appropriation we fe
quite certain that be will not fo
get how much we need an a
amnimtratioa building and gymni
daum. The administration buil
iag now being used was original
intended for a dormitory, and ca
easily be converted into such whe
our administration building
The legislature should have i
objedio to this appropriatio,
When the Buckman Bill pass
this institution was merly establish
ed and enough funds provided f
for its maintainance for two year
Now it is the duty of the legislatu
to provide the buildings and equi
meat that would prove the pattern
pride and reflect the loving generic
ity of a great Southern common
wealth. The U. S. governme
gives thousands of dollars ea
year to -..trpin this institution
The State, at least, should provi
the buildings, and remember th
the bet thing to spend money f
is education, and that the most e
pensive thing is disgraceful igno

Tree, you may name many sue-
ceadal b drn men who never
wet to collea, but you must re-
member that for every ten college-
bred men there are seven hundred
and fifty non-college men.
Second- Because a college edu-
cation will fit me for social life.
This will enable me to enjoy life
much better than I otherwise
could, and will make of me a much
more usetal member of society.
Third-Because a college educa-
tion will fit me for a professional
life. One may not expect hi these
days, when education is becoming
so general, to take high rank in
say profession without a thorough
college training.
Fourth-Because a college edu-
cation is eemssential to the full de-
velopment of the real self. To
secure a knowledge of Language,
Literature, History, Science and
Philosophy, and to be able to com-
mune with great men in any of
these fields, is my ambition, and
when I have once reached my god!
no ill fortune can rob me of my
treasure-the man can never be-
come the child again. The
ignorant plowman returns weary
and dull from his day in the field;
the botanist or geologist returns
from the same field with equal
physical weariness, but with his
mind enlarged and his soul enrich-
f ed with many visions of beauty
which have come to him during
i the day. Years of self-denial and
e downright hard work will be nec-
t cessary to accomplish my purpose,
e but I am sure the product will be
e well worth its cost. Long years
b may be spent in grinding and
polishing the lense of a great tele
scope, but if by means .of it omn
e new star is discovered the cost i!
many times repaid.
Ideas are worth more than stars,
)f and these shall be the objects o
n my pursuit. The chief advantage
br of culture is not that it enables on'
e to amass wealth, not that it enable
g one to reach high position ii
is society and professional life, but ii
i- the enlargement and enrichment c
if his natural endowment, and in th
le ability which it gives one to mak
thel muast ofiis lleT-~ ... "
it "ONOW f -his Ife-
In order that I may achieve
r. wealth the more readily, if I wis
s it, or that I may secure socis
recognition-that I may be abl
the more fully to serve God an
r my fellow men-that I may posse.
,l an intellectual personality: Ft
el these reasons I am determined t
Secure a college education.





---* -----*7
First-Because a college educa-
tion will fit me for a business life.
Some have supposed that a college
education is not needed by one ex-
pecting to enter business, but
carefully prepared statistics prove
the contrary. A thorciugh mental
training puts one on a higher plane
at the start and gives him increased
m-meantn through life. James
Gordon Bennett, A. T. Stewart,
A L---w%_ __ -


The regular routine of practice
has begun for the baseball squad
and the athletic field is a busy
scene every afternoon. A great
element of Stetson's baseball suc-
cess in the past few years has been
the systematic training given the
players. The old haphazard
method has been done away, and
now the men are divided into squads
according to the positions for
which they are trying. The scene
every afternoon is that of one
squad on infield; another outfield
squad catching flies; the pitchers
working out the equations of their
curves; and every one taking his
turn before the batting net.
Opposing teams have been lined
up several times for short games,
but no fast work was done owing
to the fact that the pitchers are
not yet in condition. However,
the early season soreness is wear-
ing off and throwing arms will
soon be in shape. Indications are
that Capt. Campbell will have his
team in good condition for the first
game early in February--Stetson


Dealer' In

r-A I & I.r4

Dr. Sledd sets aside one hour
every Thursday afternoon during
which time he talks with the boys
on subjects of mutual Interest.
Last Thuiaday afternoon his office
was filled with interested students
and he talked on the subject,
"Choosing a Profession." After
Dr. Sledd finished, the subject was
opened for general discussion.
Nearly all participated. T h e
Doctor makes these talks very in.
formal and the boys derive much
pleasure and information from
them. Next Thursday afternoon
the subject for discussion is "Types
of Culture." Few college boys
have such an opportunity of thus
coming in touch with the president
of their institution, and the boys
here fully appreciate Dr. Sledd's
unselfish efforts in this direction.
If all college presidents would fol-
low Dr Sledd's example in this
case a new feature would be added
to college education and. much
good would be accomplished in the
college world. In addition to this,
every Wednesday morning some
member of the faculty discusses a
subject of public interest. Our
faculty is 0. K.

Stats. SB Team.
The baseball season is here-
he season when the fan dreams
Df ten inning games; the player
of Ormood Hotel "eating" and
home runs; and the reporter
sweats over new sporting adjec-
At a meeting held in room five
Friday, the 4th, Capt. "Speck"
campbell called the squad out for
the first practice on Monday after-
"Every place on the team is
open to the best man," said Capt.
Campbelll, and it is evident that
there will be some hard work done
to secure positions. Six of the
,06 nine are still in the University
who will endeavor to hold their
places on the team, while the sub
of last year and men newly regis
tered will strive for an "8" this
The prospects for a strong team
this spring are very bright. Ed
Mickle and Pelot, who have di.
vided the honors of the box for
two seasons, are in the pitcher's
squad again and to them are tc
be added Hunter, who is registered
from Charlotte, N. C., and who
has reputation for strong pitching,
and Robinson, who is expected tc
develop into a new "wizard of the
slab" before the end of the season
The other "S" men in the Uni
versity held the following posi.
tions last year: Capt. "Spotty'
behind the bat, Hamlin 1st base
Kirby 2nd base, and Tilden center
field Other new men who have
had previous experience are Gaii
tier, an outfielder. Pete Allei, wli
has played second, and Parsons
who will tr) for short. Russe
King who has had experience bolxl
as a pitcher and an infielder.
In addition to these about twti
ty-five other aspirants for fasin
reported Monday afternoon an(
were assigned to the try out squads
Mr. Tilden, manager of th<
team, has been working hard t(
secure a desirable schedule a<
indications are that the coming
baseball season will be full of in
terest and enthusiasm. The tean
will probably take two long trips
one to Miami and the other tt
Georgia. In addition to this, Or
mond, the K. M. I. and the Flor
ida colleges will doubtless be give
games and the season will be filled
out with games between Stetsot
and city teams.
Capt. Campbell in addressinij
the baseball meeting Friday after
noon said, "I'm going to have
batting team. The team that hit
the ball is the one that makes th
scores. We have much bette
material than in former year
Mr. Pelot has coached raw mate
rial into a winning team and IV
sure that with the men Stetso
-1 -_ *__ ... L +'1 *


W l*I*i anld RtIIl
Fancy Goods, Toilet Articles,
Perfumes, etc., Agents Nun-
nally's Fine Candies.
101 E. Liberty Street
Phone 32






Say, old college
chum, don't cuss if
you break your shoe
strings; just come in
and we will give you
a new pair chnai ig
it up to friendship.








P"re MdmS. Dillsh' Sids
Facy mI Tdt ArTlkles.
rswlMf luftsd ly Us CotS "dy The

AsM for N'o s Cades.

Lee Gooy
Cheap Rates.





Geo. W. Scott

Pressing Club


Tailoring Shop

Special Attoetlon to Unlversity nfes.

Brown House

Barber Shop

Professional Hair Cutterr

University Styles
Special Rates to Students.

Only White Barber in Town.

Books and Stationery, Cold Drinks,
Pine ('andies,: (Cigars and Toleeto.
Gainesville, Flo: iida



J. D. Matheson


IN WU* 3 0W. N~AUPtm

2:-us =or A30 :suuszuuu:s:EI



A High Grade Institution for Y an g
Literary, Scientific and Engineerin
Strict Military Discipline.

For Catalogue and information address






Books, Stationery Novelties,
Souvenirs, Cigars, Tobacco,
Candies, Cold Drinksr



Ideal location. College of Liberal Arts.
Excellent equipment. School for Teachers.
Standard curriculum. School of Music, vocal and
Well selected faculty. instrumental, including
Spacious gymnasium. pipe organ, new instru-
Heated swimming pool ment.
Twenty acre campus. School of Industrial Arts,
High moral environment. including Domestic Sci-
Admirable college spirit. ence and Art.
Steam heat, electric light. School of Expression.
Young ladies contemplating entering the College this Pall should
write at once for dormitory room. Session begins We.nesday, Septe-ber
26, and continues eight months.
For catalogue and detailed information write to
A. A. MURPHREE, President

- -- -- -- -


Do a general banking business, buy and sell Foreign and Do-
mestic Exchange. The accounts of banks, bankers, corpor-
ations, farmers, merchants and others received on favorable
terms. Special facilities for making collections on all accessi-
ble points in the United States.
G-alnesville Floridae


You Can Strike it Rich!

*V The Man who buys Lots 50 by 100 today
3 and hang on to them will leave his family
Swell provided for when the time comes for
Shim to occupy a plot 2 by 6.

5 No one is too poor to be interested in a
- real estate proposition if the property can be
b b Aht on the Easy Payment Plan.

The W. R. Thomas Real Es e Co.
;; ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ xi* *wiHMHMa:::,^ ,,,, ^ ^


Park Addition

IwMn IW--------------...




M-M A.-M

U~YIs Am 31

msN EMM.
sk"a *t as in- S

"To the NP ke of Florida:
"On bedal oft the Jamtwsa
I.ism, we aamik toP you that
Sea n Iitoft F-nds." That we
!_mmt rely upao the qameou re-
nme .of the public rinted tApeopie.
S FlPorida shiodd be among the
bight galaxy of the southern states
S" will in the national. w..
.* bet d at Jamestown.
S *The time is short within which
may be accomplished.
we must call upon yoa for
gn sm rto come up and help in
i a irL. Thlat we etimate S60,-
SWueld enable Florida to have
... -- at this great exposi-
Em t SL ~ twice this amount is
f m make the state show to
S6aeadvantage. That Florida
sl nus make a better show-
m ess ezpenae than perhaps
m y oter sate in the union;
deeore., we make this appeal to
ever patriotic tizen of the state
who seem this article.
**We ask you to form a commit-
tee of yoar own, to get in touch
with e oe of this commission,
do ost wait for us to reach you
pum .aly,. but we uak every man.
waom and child in Florida to get
**As you feel a pride in your
-' date, if you wish to have her
Slnmmted at this great exposi-
S l t to work ow and send us
^'. IT bscription and ask tr a
list, for in doing so
.' U place yourself on the
Z sn1l aud will help to lighten
"' t'lrdea which rests up6n us
UWlen there shall be sub-
S-Icdbdas much as $25.000 under
I l eall them the eo--mimion feels
It is mat d ifieu d in pursuing the
mter y further, .ad will so re-
pat to the leglIature at its meet-
S g ine April. All whodesire to
s.aub.el will please notify Mr.
K. U Rage, vicepreident of the
*- omamnsissn, at No. 216 West
Forsyth street. Jackaoville, Fla.;
so ,dt a record may be kept ot the
S'Thomas J. L. Brown,
I "President.
"Mrs. Katherine L. Megan.
"dw Brobston, Treasurer.

SFlorida State Commissioner".

All repairing done prompt-
ly. Agent for the Pitaer Gas-
oin iti Ung System.
113 West Union St.

BlIck Typewriter

The uUttle Jaip" of the
Typewrkter World.
fteft. OuaMo., Cgipect
PRM ~Aflginrnem
AN Ns So*t Feaurs Embed-
led IN The 0WOsk

OfF S n d W&

Iso bs. a" TOW 4


mew in sam am

3rt wuts a mattual history
St noi mewem a fmat y strange
tmem amt mvwer eeuld have exist-
ad e Si --aI seuBmOsOm mie las
the alPe wh tmy wrote, and ao
no AM at md eda elx tb. account
ef eib tructue aad halbtd are W
imNIR m that oe may reavy woder
IV it was poaelbis, even th te mladdo
ages that people could be eo crdulous.
Mawy rf thea utrab sy garbtled e.
We of the anmal world were, a
"fbt. due to tnavlt takes and probe.
ably had a certain famatmttn in taet.
but It is dicult tndeed to account for
the creation of such thi as mte phoe.
mix, thie Mp-ltrt. es wyvemS. t
Mn andS te dragon. TMhe belief na
the existence of the uiecorn may have
oratinated from tme faet f some of the
ealy African traveled meeting with
certaa antelopes that had lost a born.
for it is a peclUartty with most ante-
tape that their horms are never shed
and If Injured or broken never grow
The boma. growlnt ot of the fore.
head, betwixt the eyelids, Is neither
ght nmr hoow nor yet smooth like
eter berm, but hard as Iron, rough as
any AKe. revolved Into many plights;
sharper thamn cny dart. straight and
t crooked and everywbere black, ex.
apt at the point.
rthbolenew asserted that there
were many varsetes of unicorn, and
ths would be feasible tf ths creature
had btm erected from thoee horned
beasts that bad accidentally lost ome
ofte boma.
How the pbenix was caed Into be-
tng It would beha tmposible to bamard a
guess. It was popularly nsupped that
there was m7 onme ach rerature exist.-
tng In tim whole universe and that
there was only oee tree In which it
built tt nesat. We find mention of the
phoenix as tar back as Pliny, who
ay^, "Howbeit, I cannot tell what to
make of him; and. first of all whether
tt be a tale or no. that Is never but one
of them I the whole word and the
same not commonly seen."
Is the Afteenth century we fnd lBarw
tholomew writing of this Im namry
"Phoenix tis a large brd, and there Is
but one that kind in all the wide world.
therefore lewd men wonder thereof.
Phoenix is a bird without make (mate)
and Uveth 800 or 00 years. Wbm
the which yearm he passed she eeIth
her default and feeblemess and maketh
a met of sweat mlling stilcks tmt bhe
tll dry, andla to sum when the
w- rn wind blewea the atieks and
he nest be at n re with burnin
heat of the sun and burneth strongly "
Te bird then allow Itself to be re-
duced to ambes In this are-on this
polat alld tU writers age-w-and In due
eour rimagain from the abieu In
the tol glory of remwed yqpth "and Is
oe emot talret bird that K, most Uk
f the peam cs n tehtb and tve
wilderness and gathereth bhi meat of
dema raene and ftruts."
The baillk, or e**-e*etrW, was e-
utmed to be uome trange mixture of a
bird and seopeat, able to slay with hiso
breath and hi siht, which power was
aeCepl1ted by some to dragur-.-West.

(in of the miast oneretic met buPl-
ers is the marhb wren; In fact. has
the habit to each a daeM that iha ean-
met sMp with one met, but goes em
butldu four or five n rapid ieneem
asloe. And there is nothing slovenly
about his wk either. Look among U
eattais to the nearest march, even
wthin the lmts of a peat elty, and
-be winl fd bti little worven balls of
med atoma, with a tiny ound hoe in
ma side. Tr tis a certain method
ean ti his madness, for the nest In
which hMs wife is brooding her seven
r eight eg in tess likely to be found
whee there ae so many empty ones
Around. Then, too, he uae the other
as roasting places for bImetlf.-Recrea-

May b hr a the Wt.
The natives of North Borneo convert
a osg bamboo into an Jaouan harp by
euttla adots tn the bamboo above each
folte, setttin tt up so as to easily tua
en Its axis and keeping the apertures
eoteantly facing the wind by means
of a rudw or fantaUl smlar to that
Md as an American windmilL The
mas fro this harp on a windy day
Is mo ptleasag, the notes from t
,rr holes givti a deep organ tome
man- any othr tr

a te manwho marrtes my daughter,"
aMB her prod father after tllh theO
ynug man that thmre was no bope for
him, "*mut have strngth of character.
He muat hav fortitude, ha mast hav
emurage he mat be able to bear moi-
"1 w it, the boy eplitd. "I mew
It lbare you saldM so but even at that
rd ha wlane to **o a dmaa on n-m*

,wbatr -&I=" f -ttk.4W
bIg on te tletare platform, m yo
"Tea," repliedt easnceit" yoing
seaor tWhat is fJt to gIve remdng
fBm my own works yes know. "no
*peSm you dmMd prove to be a poor
grader too. It would be a doube
aest.--bnmbdobh LegeIr.

Dry Goads, Shoes, GW_


AM, &MM aN AX& B

L. J. Burkhim


J. W. MUN 4 C..

Agents Nannallys' Fine Candies,

A. B. Harper,


a nd

Latest Music, Classical and Rag Thne

Theo N w Nd
|- 8 READY -
Has an toe good feature of previous
models and a newfrc tonles. escape.
meant thatsuit the requiremet of
any operator and does not need
change of adjustment for speed or
regular work, with many other new
improvements and features that
lease the operator and owner alike
a producing more and better work.
You ought to me a

Fay Shelm.

It is simple, easy to understand aad
operate, light running, a powerful
manifolder; makes but little noIse;
does nice clear-cut work; tbe key
action never tires; there a no greaTy
rods or bearings to keep ea, so
the hads,* oro the work.
The ahas an "ol.
leS" carriage. very Fay-Sholes
Typewriter handsomely finished in
black an old, is durable and fully
Sold for cash or on sy payments.
Other typewriters taken exchange

Of two-


-moe AI- -

Plant Wood's
I Garden Seeds
FORt supIO vrKO
Twenty-eight yeas experience
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ound-and lage warooume
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obaa Orade ia sin ds
both for*the
Garden aT m la
is one of the largest in this country.
We are headquarters for
Grass and Clover Seeds, SOd
Oats, SOd Potatoea, Cow
Peas, Sofa aons and
other Farm 8*eoed.
Wood's Deodputve Catalog
gives Mallr ai4 mor complete late.
|matMon about botk Garde. ad a rm
SSeeds hta any othUr mdllar pblic I-
fee o request. Wrte br
ST. W. W u& wea, Sai m,




Have the best of references as to
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Special Rates to Students.
NMwcomb Barn .
H. L Futch
University Agents.

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215 E. Main St., near P. 0.


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S 3aLt Wl i ninxxs.
Open 3 to 5:30 and 7:30 to 10 P. M.
SKATES i5e, ADMISSION 10D. Old SMiU ar Bldingq


Livery, Sale and Feed Stables


Attention to University Men.




An up-to-date clean and moral pleasure resort.

E. W. Waters,






FencJ and taple 0PocIuiB

Queensware and


Agents For Leading Bicycles.

Brown the plumber

The Plumber Saves
Lives by


Than all other Agencies Combined

[siasblmed Is 007.



MA c~r~riL~l


106 West Main St N.

Telephone Connetion

T&'UU~ ~b ~J'bDi~S~




Anr' I -=CS




- w v


0. *







-. + f...

- ^

"nol3mcmvllleom FlvLa



..~ .


ftod epo=L. 0
asrybdIy til M d at me.
ms of 'em ec- back, Filly didn't.
Watems struck, Commendant cMssed.
Gater told a German joke
Resybody went to deep in Calculhs.
Sambor took s naasaul bath. .Con-

Neilse sad Larsoe swept out
Dean arrived from Jacksonville.
Pmtch dida't whistle. Chapped lips.
Cap.L Cm took a hal biscuit to
ftd tn botam of dsLk
in*- UBB fOUO OK a. -

The boys of the University, with the
aid of the best town genius intend to
fvor Gamesville shortly with a minstrl.
The proceeds of the *how will go4 to
liquidatethebae balldebts. The boys
are just now organizing and we will give
further particulars later. Let every
body come, encourage local genius, and
help out the Athletic Association. All
jokes gumrasteed to be modern. Talent
debarred: genius only determined the
election of performers
Frtemity N ta.

jio YEa S.M. C.A. Messes. Frank Clark. Jr, Glenn
Crtt got up tat9at00a. m. Iaomaila Striugfllow, and Ralph Chapin repre-
N. Bur finished dinner in one hour seated the Alpha Omega chapter of this
was*t hagry University at the grand A. T. 0 Con
Jim Bryn s the side walk i ton gres held at Birmingham during the
mBr. the e walk I t holidays.
Iadwig. Why? The Kappa Alpha Praternaty was en
tertained by Mr J. S. Shands at his hon.e
Boais csght the itch. on the night of the 22nd.
Had samsage for supper. The members of the Alpl:a Tsu Omega
ad something to eat for dinner. Fraternity with the representatives from
Whep the other Fraternities were entertained
Temmssa had his hair cut. by Mr. Ralph Chapin on the night of
the 2st. at his home in North Gaines-
ham was p at Rvvill. Nearly every oe present was ac-
Coem t his dinner. Anybody find it? compained by a lady friend and they all
Thompmon swore of smoking 10:30 p. spent a very pleasant evening together.
8 __. -. WON- nSecietis..
nkoi rttv a00 a. m.

Tompo tooFU a cgaM -. .
tr t .athig Bad oysters t

Cma sang Dearie. Who clapped?
n iereased Library of Dick
Bo* Holly, the Elevator man says that
in the two.4p Patch is "perfect Uldy."
Douglehty, Graham and Corbitt

nsmm begin. Large sick l

To whm it may coamern: King
wuote the p aM
Ask La Roche how he likes cabbage

Thatgretf out in the 6th section
last Suday night about 7:00 o'clock was
emly Winter putting on that green'tie.
Have you heard it?

Cona is another great fellow Vor
coaling loose feeds. Only when he is
angry ad fubs like eating at some of
his IaeIs houses, he usesthe tdeaphoe,
tells them he is awful hungry, and will
be thee for supper. However he amply
pays them kindness by singing
*"Dearie" for them.
Corbatt is another aem that waits till
msup r time before be makes a motion to
The Mystic "t7" have just organized.
On remt of the Sunday afternoon
laItre for men only. The following are
oeAes: Prsident R. Dean Jr; Vice
Preident C Kime; Secretary G. Ames;
Teamar J. Kirk; Critics Boais and
Albritsoa; Coach Prof. Corbitt. Meet-
egs only ome'a week during revivals.
The Temis Club has been getting busy
this week,the Court now being ready for

The Grocery sad meat dealers are
heraldig the approach of the 1st Feb.
ruary with great joy, Ames and Corbitt
resume eating breakfast on that date.
The very latest. Old Red Eye, The
Major and Willis have got religion.
They go to church on an average of twice
a day now. They even go to the Child-
rem's and the "Repiknce" meetings.
Albritsou is now the Champion Eater.
lie recently dined out-The butler upon
being asked did he ever awe any one eat
like i replied-"No'am, not white
folks" Must have eaten some, as he
was In bed for two days after that.
Dr. Selards had the misfortune to
Iose a very valuable box of specimens
ast week. They are being found very
rapidly nowhowever. La Roche found
his sag Cabba Worm and Corbitt
foud the whole family of weavls last
aight. The Doctor has been advised to
look it the kitchen. Possibly the Iox
got placed n there
Moreman has got a hair cut. Wonder
Who saw Canova and Tompkins drill-
ag platoons Monday. Most as funny as
Rarma got a shave. Guess he found
a barber from Pain Beach.
Twitcher is a great one when it conies
to eninegerig. Last Sunday afternoon
he ad CorbItt went around to a young
lady's house intending to make only a
short call. At 6:10 Twitcher got up to
go jut as the young lady started out to
mse the cook. When she come back the
youg gents were in the hall, hats in
head. They said that as supper was at
5:30 they would have to hurry away
Withthe first hint of an invitation to

W. C.T.U.
(Whiskey can't tumble us.)
President, Eugene Bryan; Vice Presi-
dent, Luther Hollway; Secretary,
Tommy Thomson; Treasurer, Glen
Stringfellow; Worthy Scribe, Roy Cor-
bitt; Sergeaat-at-arms, Larkin Carter;
Trained Nurse, Pat Grahanm; Alumni,
Dyal, King and King, Whidden and
Clark. Meeting regular each Saturday
night Called meetings any time. Club
rooms, the Express office. Colors, Blue
(Ribbon) and Green (River.)
Motto, "Quoth the Raven, Nevermore."
Society yell; Bom liquor bum, bum
liquor bum, more booze, better booze,
yum, yum, yum. Chapter hymn,
Magie. Moral, don't mix drinks.
By the Worthy Scribe.
Y. M. C. A.
President, S. E. Jenkins; Vice Presi-
dent, R D. Rader; Secretary, L. C.
Algee; Treasurer, W. B. Martin.
A Few Notes Athletics at the
Uaverslty o1 fFsti.
(BY R. W. CoRaarT, Athletic Editor )
J. A Forsyth, Athletic Director, and
Instructor. Eugene Bryan, President
Athletic Association; Roy W. Corbett,
Secretary; W. W. Gibbs, Treasurer.

Football Team 07.
Roy W. Corbett. Captain;
Shands, Manager.
Baseball Team 07.

J. S.

Captain not yet elected G. Mi. String-
fellow. Manager.
Basket Ball Team 0f 7.

W. W. Gibbs, acting Captain
Track Team.
Not yet organized.



The baseball team is just now bIegin
ning to take shape, the managers having
been elected and the diamond being al-
most ready for use. Every afternoon
ten or twelve likely candidates for the
Varsity nine are out on the campus bat-
ting 'em up and throwing the bases.
All of the boys seem to take quite an ir.-
terest in this-the characteristic Ameri-
can out door game Even the Faculty
are not wholly lacking in enthusiasm.
That there is very excellent material to
choose a Varsity nine from, no one
doubts. The infield posit.ons can very
easily be filled and there are several
good fielders among the enthusiasts.
What we need most of all is an A No I
battery. It is just up to the students to
get one. Especially do we need a good
catcher. We have hopes of getting
Martin, last year's backstop, to return to
the Universtiy. I understand that
Gainewville gives the b seball team un-
limited support. Good. That is just
what we need. Good substantial sup.
port. And now undergraduates, when
the diamond is ready for use next week
and a call as made for men to come out
and at least try to make the team, come
out in a bunch. Let each student see if
he can't be the first man out there, and
be the last one to whom the pink slip
will be given, for everybody can't be on
the Varsity. He loyal men. The boys
that make the team will have just lots
of hard work to do. Now show your ap
predcation by giving them your hearty
support. Go out to see them practice.
encourage them all you can, and see if
old "F" doesn't have a winning team.
We have had one before. Now let's all
get together and have even a better one
in 1907.

point all the writers agree-and in due
course rL-es again from the ashes In
the full glory of renewed youth "and Is
the most fairest bird that Is, most like
to the peacock In feathers, and loveth
wilderness and gathereth his meat of
clean greens and fruits."
The basilisk, or cockatrice, was re-
puted to be some strange mixture of a
bird and serpent, ab!e to slay with his
breath nnd his sight, wh!ch power was
accredited by some to dragons.-West-
minster Gazette.
A Perlsteat Nest 3.5M-e.
One of the most energetic nest bulld-
ers Is the marsh wren; In fact, he has
the habit to such a degree that be can-
not stop with one nest, but goes on
building four or five In rapid succes-
sion. And there In nothing slovenly
about his work either. Look among the
cattails In the nearest marsh, even
within the limits of a great city, and
you will find his little woven balls of
reed stems, with a tiny round hole ton
one side. There is a certain method
even in his madness, for the nest In
which his wife Is brooding her seven
or eight eggs Is less likely to be found
when there are so many empty ones
around. Then, too, be uses tnhe oes
as roosting places for himself-R.rea-
PlarYed by t* W104.


The G.


*THE Bli

Did you see Mr. Coe and Mr. Roe,
on Wednesday morning. Mile a bhad*
some pair of backsmn didn't ths)?
Roe bad a hair ueat, a shave and a clean
face and a collar. Wonder why?
Hathaway's favorite expletive, "Rna,
you jackms "
What Stephens can't tell you about
Macalay is not worth knowing. Ask

1. Thomas Hathaway hasn't been
bhaed yet
On January 16 the first meeting of the
Su-PFreshman class was held. Mr.
Ludewig acting as temporary chairman
called the class to order and stated the
object of the meeting, which was to
elect class officers, also captain and
manager for the Sub-Freshman base ball
team. The following were elected class
offices. H. M. Ludewig, President;
Chas, D. Kime, Vice-president; H. L.
Futch, Secretary; A. I. Roe was elected
Captain and Roy Daniels, Manager of
the Sub Freshman base ball team.
At a second meeting held Jan. 22, it
was decided that the base ball team be-
gin practice as early as possible. A
game betwe-n this team and that of the
High School is planned for the near
ew StwUeage Animal. Appeam" in
BMwMurIr nl Ol DW.
Early writers on natural history sub.
jects make mention of many strange
creatures that never could have exist-
ed save In the superstitious mind of
the age In which they wrote, and of
the many ,that did exist the accounts
of their structure and habits are so
ludicrous that one may really wonder
If It was possible, even In the middle
ages, that people could be so credulous.
Many of these strangely garbled rec-
ords of the animal world were, no
doubt, due to travelers' tales and prob-
ably had a certain foundation In fact.
but It Is difficult indeed to account for
the creation of such things as the phoe-
nix, the cockatrice, the wyvem, the
griffin and the dragon. The belief In
the existence of the unicorn may have
originated from the fact t some of the
early African travelers meeting with
certain antelopes that had lost a horn.
for It Is a peculiarity with most ante-
lopes that their horns are never shed
and If Injured or broken never grow
The born, growing out of the fore.
head, betwixt the eyelids. Is neither
light nor hollow nor yet smooth like
other horns, but hard as Iron, rough as
any file, revolved Into many plights;
sharper than any dart, straight and
not crooked and everywhere black, ex-
cept at the point.
Bartholomew asserted that there
were many yarleties of unicorn, and
this would be feasible If this creature
had been created from those horned
beasts that had aepdentsily lost one
of the horns.
How the phoenix was called Into be-
Ing It would be Impossible to hazard a
guess. It was popularly supposed that
there was only one such creature exist-
Ing In the whole universe and that
there was only one tree In which It
built Its nest We find mention of the
phoenix as far back as Pliny, who
says, "Howbelt, I cannot tell what to
make of him; and, first of all, whether
it be a tale or no, that Is never but one
of them in the whole world, and the
same not commonly seen."
In the fifteenth century we find Bar
tholomew writing of this imaginary
"Phoenix is a large bird, and there Is
Sbut one that kind In all the wide world,
therefore lewd men wonder thereof.
Phoenix is a bird without make (mate)
and llveth 800 or 500 years. When
the w';:ch ears he passed she feele her default and feebleness and makltat
a nest of sweet smelling sticks that be
full dry, and In summer when the
western wind bloweth the sticks and
the nest be set on fire with burn!n
beat of the sun and burneth strongly.'"
The bird then allows Itself to be :-*
duced to ashes In thi fire-on this

Ladies Tailored Suits, Skirts,
Misses Cloak.s Rain Coats, Silk
Shirt Waists and Fine Millinery.

Blankets, Comforts,
Linens, Napkins, Towels,
tains, Linoleums, Rugs.




Sheets, Fine Table
B:d Spreal s, Cur-




' 1 _.. __l_.a .t....a....s.a..s._....s....a.a..s .s.. .I tt _t _

LA Wan a a. wa mL-a. 5 .40a
- v .5--a 5-5ITWIt

Its Beard the Tool With Which It
Builds Its Shell Home.
There seems to be very little
chance for poetry to linger around
the luscious bivalve, yet Keats viv-
idly conjures up the pale silence of
the ocean depths with his reference
to the "poor, patient oyster where
it sleeps. Patient indeed and im-
movable in its ocean bed, yet not
always sleeping.
The body of an oyster is a poor,
weak thing, apparently incapable of
doing anything at alL Yet what a
marvelous house an oyster builds
around his delicate frame!
For some unknown reason he al-
ways fixes himself on his round
shell, never by his flat shell, and be-
ing once fixed he begins to grow.
But he only grows in summer.
Inspect an oyster shell closely,
and it will be seen that it is mark-
ed with distinct lines. As the rings
we observe in the section of the
trunk of a tree denote year of
growth, so do the markings on an
oyster tell us how many years he
has passed in his "bed" at the bot-
tom of the sea. The way in which
an oyster grows his sheil is a pret-
ty sight.
The beard of an oyster is not
only his breathing organ-i. e., his
lungs-but also his feeding organ,
by which lie conveys the food to his
complicated mouth with its four
When the warm, calm days of
June come the oyster opens his shell
and by means of his beard begins
building an additional story to his
house. This he does by depositing
very, very fine particles of carbonate
of \li.e till at last tCey form a sub-
stance as th'n .s silver paicr and
exceedingly fra.-ile. Then bo adds
rore and :i)rn until at last the new
shell is as hard .;3 the old shell.
When oysters are growing the;r
shells thev must be handled very
carefully, as the new growth of she'l
will cut like broken 4, and a
wound on the finger from an oys-
ter shell is often very dangcroas.-
Scrap Book.

Tall Stories.
A couple of witty fellows were
conversing together recently, and
their arguments finally occasioned
a bet between them. Each agreed
to tell a peculiar incident, and the
reciter of the strongest episode was
to receive the stakes, a sovereign.
No. I commenced and said he knew
a lady who was "turned into wood."
"Impossible!" said No. 2. "Ex-
plain yourself."
"You see," was the reply, "the
lady was placed on a vessel, and
then she was a-board !"
"Very good," said No. 2, "but lis-
ten to this: Once I knew a man who
had been deaf and dumb for twenty
years, but last week he regained
speech in one minute."
"Nonsense !" rejoined No. 1. "But
"Well," replied No. 2, "the man I
mean went into a bicycle shop with
a friend, and, stooping down, he
picked up a wheel and spoke."-
London Telegraph.
When Tean Wa- Medlelae.


110 4 "a

Next Door to Postoffice.


Famous Cedar Key Oysters, all Styles.

Open Early and Late.

~~MMMMNI~~~~4IU O~l*otff-~ aa~



T. Z. Cason




Coast Line


North, East, South and West


Depart For

3:50 p m
Daily x Sun

Transit and Unsurpassed Service.
Time Table In effect July, 29. 1906.


High Springs and lNt
mediate Points

1.00 p. m. Ocala, Leesburg and I am:ip
Daily and Intermediate P -it;

:t0 p. m

Jacksonvil'. ,

2- -40 p -

Di)ly North, East anid '-,t I Daily
I l:JUa m High Springs, Wayr.,,%, -. v.,.:. d, i 3:10 p
Daily Albany, Atlanta, all !oi *. ,":i K S- & West. Daily
S:I5lM Rochelle, Micai.opy and Citra 10.05a. m
Daily Daily
12:40p I' Palatka 2:56 p
Daily | Daily
Interchangeable Miieage Tickets, good over 13,000 miles of among the princi.
pal raiilways in the Southern States, are on sale by the principal agents.
I IlThrough Pullman sleeper Port Tampa to New York, via Atlantic Coast Line;
alho via Atlantic Coast Line and Southern Railway.
S F7or c.auplete information. call on
J. A. OOODWIN. Ticket Agent, Oainesville Florida.
FRA N K C. BOYLS1I ON,. D \. W.. STARK. Tray. Pas. A

1i3 W. B.&i *St.. Astnr BuiliKig. Jacksonviile, Pla.
W. J. CRAIG Pasaenger Traffic Manager, Wilmington, N. C.

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