be frozen in spite of the heat. M. Bou- "the at the new hall on Belmont aad Baylea t lj:
Palms Nor bk. Johnson, 121J Ply Former State Senator John I. Yeend 1.'i s.strikes: westerner DIRECTORS. streets. Visiting brethren cordially In. i 1
mouth. to A. Zellvs tigny thus froze water on a white hot asJtWe) rto( ridlcolooa the extreme vited. B. R. WITKOTSKY. N. O. .,
Washington feW days left ;
ago Frank F. E. Branner,
L Redly
Superb Nor bit Clich 1934. Antwerp platinum Faday'carried Henry Covlngton A. KERLE. Seoretary __
to' A. Zellus A Co. capsu_e. for his Dry Creek ranch, where the soi1tj. of all concerned making theappaaTtb J., M. Pfeiffer W. S. Rosa&co, C. W. Lamar w.o.w. 1 ".,
Schooners. this remark.sbleexperhflent even fur- wealthy etatesmao's family will get J&artty all the stronger. Ia Bryan Dunwody, T. F. McGourin, J. R. Saunders Live Oak Camp No. 1. W. O. W., !" -: '
10.Clara Cuba K. to Randefl.J. A. Merritt Am sob& *Co.62, Caibar- ther. Pouring some ether and solidI- right out; in the harvest: : fieSd. .says: a one of:tbtgr favorite miracle plays the A. 4. Avery W. ". Milton 0. E. Maura, meets In PytiiJan hall the 1st and 3rd tWe4nelda.ya .-

Donna ChnsUna Am. sen, McLeod 165, fled carbonic acid gas on a redhot platinum WaUawalkt (Wadb.) dispatch. They prop3Srt$,;>cjjpa *d to aactad to beaWec W. L. Canthon Dr. W. J. Hannah McKenzie Oertlng cordially in each invited month. Visiting ;' t isivereigns '

Belie! to joaMer.Ponira. capsule, he formed a spheroidal have been forced by tire labor scarcity anA &S fimoaflc fcrtdent Is aeompS&ed' ,Alex McGowin, C. Covington, M- E.- Clark. p. A. BoamcH, c. c. *. -
Br sell Reddie, 2001. St. Lucle .
BROOKS. Clerk.Keep
to m&eter. mass which evaporated very: slow to go to work to save the big wheat Sy tbe very simple expedl JtUty .Ccfcsit: tuu lor rent at az.tV. ((3XD ted tf. 9 the year hints aputneBt I
Freddie Heuoken. Am eels Bryant, 475. 1 ly. He then brought some mercury crop. cot of drtrtffcif film up from the stagy r In ctnnection for the omvenleucwl custrarers. -iW.rklp.g

Havana to mastdr.Premiums, into contact with it, and this was instantly } Alma Yeeod.a putty and.popnlarn end out of sight with a block and GI.ves. ;I .;

given. troe n. Now mercury requiresa > aaber of \ViiawaHa Four Hundred bckl The tackla la attached to hi* Fou-rpercsnt inttrestPald on Tim D.poslts.jE the lacfcie of too old gloves you ,

away. temperature of 40 degrees below zero win help on the header box, While belt bjr aa attendant! In plain few of wear around the house for the roosb '

Look for tickets in Obelisk to solidify it, and here it was frozen on Miss Alice Yeend will dnre the derrick. the audle el". Bo f50Bg.. however 1 I work: cteao. If tbey are allowed ta _

Flour packages. redhot platinum.:. Both young women are enthusiastic.Mrs. the Isa. uiative power In the oriental: become begrimed with CM dust and !'

Yeend and two othe" daughters that many; of the onlookers will be observed CITIZENS NATIONAL BANK dirt of the work, they are almost aa t :i;

._ -- will cook for the big'outfit it takes to :weeping aperq.Weckl1. ."-gaz51'. hard on TOOT bIi.oMn tbeirork woalijbe. ':t

harrest Yeend's acreage. The girls and PENSACOLA Gasoline Trill clean almost aojj! .
How Our Acme Double Flint their mother gave up their vacation at tort of glove aitttoog with the hearj; .- 't 5 5cnes
the seashore to save the crop. A General Banking. Business Conducted on a Safe and Conservative -tfce castoffs of the men of the I t I

I Coated Asphalt Roofing ExcelsIs How's This? Basis. family which, being loose and strong, i i J i

made from the best Wool Felt. Antics .( Insane Horse. We offer Onr Hundred Dollars Reward I Solicited--R. M. Bushnell. Cashier. are the best to -wortc: In-the clean tnil; 'I
Saturated and (*&te<1 under a new process with Asphalt. for any case of Catarrh that cannot be I Correspondence fluid soisetiaea.Beecw to take out the f,.'l
One of the horses at the town farm
fa a rubber-like densely cdaiprebsed) Roofing Telt. cured by" Hall's Catarrh Cur ;.
Coated on both Sides with Si: the action of vapor. acids and fire. be Incurably! maane, saya 'a Waterbury VVe. tfc* undersigned, have known! r.f]. harsh to the toocfa. When that occor< '
Not affected by heat or cold. Cheney for the last 15 years, ao l belie**
The roofing that never leaks. (ConnJ special dispatch to the him perfectly honorable in all justness I Bonds. rub a little pare vaseline Into tbem-< ,
Easily affined.Th r New York Times It plays the most transactions and financially able to carryout City of Pensacola Improvement just a little so as Dot to make tlwnf >
experience of twenty years proves It to be the best 4 any obligation made by his firm. I ..,
Heady Rooflnr on the market. ;'JAI unpardonable tricks: trying; to stand on WARDING, KIXNAN: & MARVIN' I Denomlnation $1 000.00 each. Dated, January jst. 1906. Matunn January 1at, greasy. ;,:f
Pit tip In rolls 32, Inches wJ<*e apd 40 feet 6 inches loo;. 3 i Its bead ia gardens, EQtteals and neighsat Wholesale Druggists Tote o. O I InaD's 193& Redeemable Jan. let, 1926. Payable SemI-Annually. riTe
containing 108 square feet wrapped hi heavy casing. CatarrO Cure Is taken. internally I WE OFFER fOR SALE THESE BONDS SUBJECT TO PRIOR SALE, .
W..abI.a RIse.f.aay
nIght! in open defiance to all the acting directly upon the blood and Mta- IN AMOUNTS TO SUIT PURCHASER., -,,
APPROXIMATE WEIGHTS. regulations, anti tries to destroy its cous surfaces of the system. Testimonials -1 $ rust spots of seemingly na4 I
sent free. Price 'ii cents per bottle. Bank of Pensacola countable be traced to f.
80 lbs. roll miL Veterinarians say the case is a The Peoples origin may tb4t
3Ply, per complete. Sold by all dmugi5th. bto-
Prussian ,
rare one of equine aberration. The Take Halls Family Pills for constfpa-i bluing used ra TnaStiBg. : W'
2-Ply, 70 lbs. per roll, complete. animal is quiet enough while in harness patlon. 1 Pensacola. Fla. the commaept of s ne of the bistort 11 f-1

1-Ply, 60 Ibs. per roll, complete. and If"the sun is not shining, but --- -' on the mar a Is a compound Of lT(3Q| ft;.
which la the of an alkali, An }1
IDF refuses utterly to behave itself in the 1 presence -
Samples and Full Particllars Free.Also sunshine. The StormWe ..................................................... posits the rust spot If you soapect tt' ( [ ,I
a. 2 and 1-ply Tarred Roofing Paper, Sheathing and bluing you use take a Bttte of tbe COOK f;
Insulating Paper.Carolina To Teach D..stT For Animate. poond In a vessel wCb soap or. better, J}lI(

Portland Cement Co., An educational department is to be I 1t C'o. i ii caustic potash and brtog to a boiL If :

Atlanta, Ga. created by the stale bureau of child now have all of our Witcher Zemurray &, Iron separates tile compound Is pnu- t ',\
wifl have to te i
and animal protection in Colorado saysa aWl btae tad 700 Tfrx! t<
Denver dispatch. The state law requires storm-beaten _docks work- careful to rtnwag to get out all OMJ Ii

-- that humane education be grven ing and are prepared to dock i Commission Brokers. I soap. :.

in all the public schools) of the state. CivfEws.tt 10 Rees ITt KBfcebl _, ,

and, following oat this requirement: ,the any vessel from 100 to 3,000 New Orleans We need not lure the sficbtest fear :\J

We offering some dressed damaged officials of the bureau have decided to short notice. We : Pensacola and : that Civilized man U going to become 11) c

are formulate: a system. Professor Joseph tons on 11 W* Intenclenola. 820 Common. : degenerate from city dwelling or any ,1'1

Reed, former principal of the sctoool solicit estimates from cap- of the other strains of errliixation. '||-?

lumber at a bargain. of Gtenwood Spring will be at the of vessels it i I Contrary to popular belief tbe whit. ,.m
and owners Grain Provisions
tains Stocks
bead of the saw department. He vo Cotton man of today has a lower death rateahlgheraveragekngthofllfeIstafl., Jf?

snteered, and will work wIthout aa>- docking and re f"U|
We fill all orders now for- new requiring bought and sold on margin or Investment. :
.can &l'1. : er, heavier and stron *r than any of .|Ii
pairs. his predecessors or any known race of rtsarases.

stock shipment arriving daily. Escambla Lodge No. 15, F. & + ',Out-of-Town Orders Given Special' Attention. i Almost any company of j?

Special' C i nA.ofMs- & BRUCEDRY American and English soldiery Will f J
cambia Lodge No. 15. P & A. OLLINCER : oatwr* ;-
who outrun.
contain men can
IL, will be>> Held Monday even- i Direct Private Wires. Telephone No. 1173.ImoMMMMMtttttttttttttitttttttmv1 .
H. G. DeSILVA & COMPANY ins. Xovenber 15. at 1::30 DOCK COMPANY and ouUwim the best athletes oj m'tIe
o'clock. Visiting brethren fraternally : any uatJTe tribe.-Buccess Majaalm .
invited .
I C. D. BBTEB W. M. MOBILE ALA. ********** \ ;'

W. G. DAILY Secretary. 4 "f'.


.5, --.. 1-1"'

.. .J t


ir 3






: ISPISTOLTBTEBS and get into one of our comfortable

- This is mighty popular MEETINGAnd CASE sweaters-all prices

price for, a business suit -swell line of flannel shirts.

rri4; and our showing comprises See our underweare; have J

a larger number of pretty Elected Five New Directors (Continued from Fourth Page.), Against City of Pensacola, them from $1.00 to $7.00.STfOJSTE.

:1 patterns.and newest styles defendants, pABST Blue Ribbon
'- li knowledge of any of the
I Serve Periodof is a pure beer, rich Jury Rendering Verdict:
::4 4 ever shown here. Notice to a was proper for the jury' considerationand

j I the' all wool fabrics, the Three Years. overruled the objecti. a. Defense ofPabst in the food exclusive extractives 8-day Yesterday Afternoon.In THE HABERDASHER

: :'id : linings, the perfect seams, noted an objection.Witness admitted knowing Mr. malt and the tonic ,

I F ,i in fact every detail, and Gallagher and Mr Hilton and others properties of choicest 222 S. Palafox.

? f ::: you will agree that they The annual meeting of the YoungMtn's and he had heard them inquiring for imported hops. It nourishes property a suit near to South recover Alcaniz possession street of,
Christain Association was held the deputy. sheriff. One time th-
: are superior to those ltst night at the Association's hall was three men in a buggy, Gallagher,. the whole body, which the city claimed G. Walker
with a large'number of members Grace and another man. They had restores wasted tissues I j Gonzalez yesterday was given possession -

&tRW. resent and much interest exhibited. two bloodhounds with them and they I invigorates the of the property by a jury empan-
Others Sell You For a The meeting was presiaed over by inquired for Atwell. About the third blood, refreshes the eled to court.hear the It case the in first the 'county of the

J. Harm Pierpont and in addition to day after that he saw Gallagher and j brain and aids greatly t judge's j was to reach
waterfront litigation a head
the routine business anG another
hearingreports man who asked for Atwell r
Five Spot More of officers five new directorsto They made no inquiries about other I in the digestion Qf solid 'other plaintiffs having taken different. '
reclaim seizedby'
foods. I procedure to property
serve terms of three years each men. Witness saw the two again in
I the city immediately after the
where chosen. the afternoon. They'returned in, .
In this election there was much interest about 4 or 5 hours with two other!I Pabst storm.
displayed ten prominent-mem" men in the buggy. A boy came and f Immediately after the storm Mr.
bers being placed in nomination and BlueRibbon Gonzalez started to rebuild fences enclosing -
told witness they had a man ,tied in
their friends and supporters making the buggy. One man was strappedin I property which he claimed
I OVEflCtATsin "
short addresses favoring their elec- known but these were torn away by order
the buggy. He was 'not an American is to physicians
THE JOHN WHITE STORESpecialists tIOn. The vote showed the electionof but was one of the Lockhart men everywhere as the best j of the city, and he was prevented
the following: J. Harris Pierpont, similar to those who passed through beer because of the i from rebuilding, and immediately entered -
J. Wallace Lamar Jas. \f: Andrews,, from time to time Witness couldn'tsay I, suit for the possession of the

L H. Aiken and C. R. Burgoyne.The if the second man was tied or absolute purity of its property.

in Men's and Boys' Wear meeting closed with -the sing ingredients and the a"I I The case was heard by a jury andi endless variety at this

ing of the association hymn "Blessedbe not.On one occasion witness saw )Ir; solute cleanliness of'' the latter awarded the property to the

: Phone 225 205-207 8. PALAhOX the Tie That Binds." Hilton the defendant with a big pistol -, the, Pabst exclusive I plaintiff. store. Just the thing to

Basketball; Came. buckled around him. at Laurel 'I The plaintiff was represented by J. I keep you com uc:ible
Following the meeting a basketball Hill when Hilton stopped In at a process of malting J. Sullivan and W. A. Blount W. B.

--- 1_ game was played in the gymnasium,, store. Hilton then went on toward which is a guarantee of Sheppard had been retained in the and well, to say :wt1I1fT:',

= which was the first of the season. It: Crestview. perfection in age, purity case, but could not appear on accountof of preserving your i; :,1-
was between the Reds ana Slues; and I Witness knew Huggins altfiougu and strength.When business in the United States court.
BAY ELECTRIC AND SUPPLY COMPANYW. resulted in a victory for the latter by not personally. He,.had not seen him The city was represented by John B. ing in rainy wear:er.

T. BEDWELU, PRES AND MANAGER. the' score of 19 to 6_ Lee Bell cap about Laurel"Hill, so. far as he could Ordering Beer call' .- Jones and Maxwell & Reeves.BE Prices. from $10 to 50.
Prepared to do all electrical repairing on abort notice. Ring phone 570 and'amxes tained the Reds and W. A. Leonardthe I remember. for Pabst fifu !ntatlva will call.V.. T. Bid well., President and Manager. 205 S. Baylen Blues. CHARITABLEto
treet It was near the end"of July that S, A. FRIEDMAN,
,. A movement is now en toot to organize witness saw Hilton and it was about 331, S.afSt your horses as well as to your
"'a basketball league, and if it t July 20 or 21 when he. Gallagherand Phone 179.
.....t..O" " '." ,,,,,,,,,,,,,, is successful many interesting- Grace saw self. You need not suffer from painsof
contests returning with the men in any sort-your horses need not
will be witnessed Curing' the i the buggy. bottle of Ballard's
suffer. Try a
i i ,
FOOTBLLUniversity -
: season.Is A recess was.,taken for five minutes ,i Snow Liniment It cures all pains. J.

your liver -on duty to-day? It after which" the examination of M. Roberts Bakenfield Mo., writes: WhiteOUTFITTERS[ Nix

often lays off without' witness waa'resurned: and toward Crest- "I have used your Liniment for ten
Military School of Mobile ? your permis Counsel eigners on ,
sion. L. L. Jj. (Lamars Lemon Laxa fordefense': objected to'the view. Witness at that time operated L years and find it to be the best I have

I V$. tive) puts It on regular duty and does others testimony and relative asked that to it Gallagher be stricken and a barber shop and soda fountain at ever used for man or best" Sold by
it quick. When Hilton returnedhe t all druggists.
| Laurel HilL.
Pensacola Classical out irrevalent
School .. as and immaterial Objection
druggists 50c. overruled and said he had overtaken the men Tour Honey's Worth or Your Sonsy Back.
exception taken
SATURDAY NOV. 47 PALMETTO BEACH | by defense. near Crestview but had left them Obelisk Flour has all the
: Obelisk Flour makes a Cross Examination. there. He said that softebody had merits of all other good floilr -- ---- '
Purchase tickets In ctty. No tickets cold at Park. Conductors will take the sheriff and the latter had
up tickets. happy home. It pleases On cross examination witness said wired .
every and merit of its own besides.New .
he told him not to bother tSem. That
i ADMISSION,50 CENTS i member of the family. the believed time he GaL.'gher saw him had when a gun he In-at was why Hilton had not brought the I Skating Rink ;

......i............. ................................. quired for Mr. Atwell, but otherwise men back.Witness. York Cotton Futures.

_- __._._ __ _, $778.91 FOR THE added but little to the testimony already saw Gallagher and anotherman opened New steady York Nov.November 15.-Cotton 10.05@ 13 futures; December -
adduced in the direct examina. pass through one morning 9.89; January 9.90. February 9.90
.- ---- --- tion. for foreigners. They The Bruce Skating Rink is
they inquired bid, March 10.06 April .10.10 bid; May
SISTERS OP MERCY G. W. Hudson. returned in about two or three hours 10.15;;; June 10.19@22. July 10.24. the place for pleasure and

Lehigh Valley Portland Cement XJ.: W. Hudson. a. United States with two men; one 'was in the back
deputy marshal was then sworn. He- of the buggy; this one appeared tobe Thanksgiving Poultry. healthful exercise. Be sure

stated that he was at Laurel Hill dur tied. The man was sitting in the ,Chickens to to-night. All ladies
THIS AMOUNT GIVEN TO THE SIS-. : Turkeys, Ducks etc., Ed. go
We keep on hand at all times a full ing July He knew Mr. Hilton and rear and there was a line over the: M. Pooley Corner Chase and DeVil. admitted free
TERS IN DISTRIBUTION OF saw him on ,that occasion. He ,wa.3 tack; witness did not know whetherhe hers street Pohne 112L 15novlw are to-night
supply, and can furnish it quickly'inany in Stokes's store when witness came was tied or not They had two (Thursday). Full brass band

quantities, also fire brick for lining FUNDS. up; he rode up to a.soda fountain and v vicious looking dogs under the wagon. in( attendance.
went in. Witness heard Hilton he same morning Atwell, the deputy BIDS TO fLOATS"IP
., furnaces. that he went to Crestview after tells had left to look for two for
In the report of the.meeting of thecitizen's
men and had treed them with dogs e eigners.

meeting held on Wednesdayafternoon in the swamp. Hilton :had said that Witness stated that during, the INGRID

Saunders Mill Company the for the purpose of receiving: some men had been "rounded up" months of June and July it was quite
report of the Chamber
of CommerceCitizen's
BO(()) KS
Relief near Hilton had a pistol on common for men from 'the ,Jackson .
; Phone 71 7. 21 East Garden Streal. lished yesterday Committe.The pub him at the time. Thereason Hilton Lumber Co., to pass tnrouga Laurel ;
morning, Journal
had not taken the men was because Hill looking for foreigners. HAVE BEEN RECEIVED AND THE
inadventantly omitted the Sistersof
1I the sheriff had been ;wired to "let Defense renewed.-Jts objection to
Mercy as one of the beneficiaries CONTRACT WILL BE AWARDED The six "first t.
I of the residue of the relief fund. them alone. This was about July 20 testimony relative to'the acts of Gallagher Bookman sellers 'according

...............' .., ..........................._ The balance left in the treasury of, of this year. and others not defenaants and SOON. 'The Fighting are Chance". by Kobt W

the relief committee was distributedas Cross Examination. asked that said testimony be stricken Chambers.N

follows: Sisters of Mercy $778.91; On cross examination, Mr. Hudson from the record. Objection overruledand ""Comston"Tides of"Bamegat.by Winston" by Churchill F. 1! pVio.
More I stated that he had
i Light More Profit Woman's Home $778.91; Pearl Eagan warrants for Gal exception taken by defense. son Smith.
lagher and The contract for floating! the Italian
Orphan's Home $77891 Daughtersof Grace at the time he was Cross Examination. The Awakening of Helen RIch.e by i
at Laurel HilL Warrant that had Counsel for defense went Into the ship Ingrid will probably be awardedthis Margaret Deiand .
the King $250; Society of United I ,
"Jan Cable, by C. B. McCutcheon
The better lighted your store is the i Charities, $150. been served was handed to witness to dog 'question detail upon cross examination afternoon according to reportson ."The Treasure of Heaven"*!*,' M rf.Corrtll t
i refresh his memory. He then stated and queried witness about the waterfront yesterday. Bids .':"..- :
more people it will attract to it. : that he was in,Florala on July 23. It all kinds, conditions and sizes of Publisher's prices, J1S0. I*lIa'e th'mat
have been received'from a number of $L30. Can It Is. aid ult to tket'p
Gas is wasP on the 24th of July that witness and it continued until Judge early aa '
light like ; I canines
more "first sellers"
nearly stock
daylight in f
heard Mr.. Hilton make the remarks Swayne pertinently inquirea: "Can'twe parties, including three Mobile firms. Just received, 600 ten-cent paper back ,
i than any other artificial light. I 1 BEULAH 1 1Soeclal I td- which he testified. curtail this dog story!" Even after One attempt has been made to'float novels.

: $1.50 a thousand feet for gas for Julius Rhodes. l that the dog question refused to the Ingrid but it proved unsuccessful. f
The next witness called was Julius b e downed and the prosecution took f The.Pensacola Towboat Association
t either lighting or heating. : Rhodes, of Laurel HilL He knew a hand in it Nothing of any Import had several tugs engaged In this HARRY HOWLAND,

) to The Journal. Gallagher and Hilton and had seen ance was developed during the cross work for several days, but the ship
Beulah Nov. 14--The recent change In Manager, De Luna Book
Dr. Store
Gas Heaters $.J,50 to $10.00 Grace. He had seen all three at ,examination and the testimony of was moved only a short distance ands s
W the weather is a slight improvement over Laurel Hill In
: former conditions but rain enough to from the inqurinig for men w witness was unshaken. I now practically in as bad conditionas De Luna St. Phone 1491.
camps. He first saw Gallagher David Cleary.Mr. before. rr
lay the dust would be gratefully received. '
Grace and another man hunting Cleary stated that he lived The vessel, which is a large Iron ,
j for the dust on. the roads is Intolerableand ===:
Pensacola Gas i a man who had got away from the about four miles west of Laurel Hill hull one is resting on the rocks near ,
Company has been for the past month..
camp. They had bloodhounds with where he was in the turpentine busi the Gulf Coast Transit Company office .
Ice formed troughs places KNOWLES
: Phone 148. 24 and 27 E. Garden Stresf. : Tuesday morning and everything shows ton them later at that and time.Hilton Witness saw Hil ness. .He knew Mr. Hilton and had where she was driven, during the BROS.

....................................................: the effect of the cold. inquired for for- had seen asked him pass whether along or in July.not witness Hilton storm. Insurance.FIRE .
Mr. Thad Busby of Bay Point is helping t
.--- ,-. -. -. p --- -.-- ,,----- --- his uncle A. J. Busby make syrup, IT CURED had seen anyone. He next saw Hi> LIFE, ACCIDENT MARINE. ,.

..-..."" __ ...IJTSEEMS- and doing other work on the farm. THE DOCTOR. ton at Laurel HilL He was then riding WANTED General Agents of Iii
) '
Mrs. Ella \Voodson and little daughterare New Scientific Dandruff; Treatment on horseback and was armed The EquitableLIFE
at home again ""after ,an extended with a revolver. Up to that time
Recommended by a Physician. EVERY MAN, WOMAN AND CHILDIN
visit with friends and relatives at Brew. Mrs. Mary 'C. Crawford Oakesdale witness had seen no foreigners. passing ASSURANCE SOCIETY OF NEW '\
ton Ala., and Pine Barren Fla. Wash: "Herpiclde I but had seen two since He had PENSACOLAto YORK.09 t
cured me
Mrs. James Bryant Is on the sick list. perfecta seen Gallagher and another man South Palafox' Street. '
ly of dandruff \
and falling hair. : call at our store for the greatest
Her many friends hope for'her a speedy Dr. E. J. Beardsley Champaign, :and they had inquired regarding men strength creator and health restorer or
with bundles. Witness told Gallagher
recovery.Mr. 111: "I used Herpicide for dandruff which we have ever sold-Vinol. It is 1Coal
AVm Henderson was a business I that he had'seen no one. Witness
and falling hair, and I am well satis not a patent medicine but the most :
visitor to the city Monday. fied with the 1 saw' a'man and dog come iiiiiiWe
valuable and delicious
cod liver
UNWISE Mr. Long, of the Star Turpentine Company result"t I the woods and had spokento prep
AIL R. Kelly, 2195 Desadero aration without of oil
who has been confined to his bed. street, I another man who was with witness. a drop to nauseate
San Francisco: }- erpicide put a new and upset the stomach and retard -
is reported to getting better, and it Later' on witness saw a buggy come (
growth of
is the wish of his friends that he hair on my heads Herpi its work. deliver .
many up the' road which he believed contained Ice. Coal Charcoal *&" .
fwt may soon be able to be out among them does/more than is claimed." Gallagher; there ,were four. in We do not believe there Is a personIn Wood anywhere In the city V*> a" ,

again. .. Herpicide Kills the dandruff germ. the buggy, two .of them foreignersOne this vicinity who cannot be bene- supply you In any quantity and o.u t
Our school is doing good work this' "Destroy the cause you remove theeffect"Cures I of the men was sittingin the fitted by Vinol at this season of the service Is always prompt )

term and the principal Mrs. Annie Bowman dandruff, falling hair rear of the buggy. Witness had year. Vinol Is delicious to the taste Steam and Domestic Coal.
To'let and her assistant. Miss Florence' and prevents baldnessFor : and it is recognized as the greatest
t $16.50 stand be- other
never seen any men passing Wood Cut Any Size.
Thatcher are' winning golden opinionsfrom sale by W. A. D'Alem erte, from the strength creator for old people, weak, 1
parents and pupils which is '\ery druggist and apothecary.. 121 South camps. sickly women and children nursing
tween and Defense again renewed its objectionto E. ,G. SEWALL
you a perfect- encouraging to them as teat'hers. Palafox street or send: lOc in stamps mothers, and after a severe sickness. ,
that of the
Mr. Jack YVampler, of the German colony for sample to The Herpicide Co., Detroit :relating, to portion the actions of testimony others Vinol Is unequaled for backingcoujhs Phone. 614-363. 25 N Tarragsr.a. st-

fitting and well-made Kup- who was one of the worst sufferers _Mich. than defendants and asked that : chronic colds. bronchitis and
by the hurricane. with his usual energy, all throat and lung troubles. Createsan
It be stricken from the
penheimer suit ,of latest is getting,his buildings up again:all with] overruled and record.Objection appetite and makes those who are

the exception of a small stable being -----w -.- taken by defense. exception too thin, fat rosy and healthy.We Opera SpouseMONDAYNOVEMBER '
blown down or damaged to such an extent have had
so much
style and just such experiencewith
as you that they had to be rebuilt. Counsel for defense asked witness

:Mrs. Warrpler and son, Jacob, had an Shirts of the Stiff to state the cutsom of turpentine men ful results Vinol and from seen its so many that wonder. : 19
) use we offer .
usually .$20.00 for and relative to carrying Prosecution
pay exciting experience one' day last week: guns. to return money without
question If it
objected but did
not insist
Their team ran away and threw them upon
does not
,-ain't $3.50 worth saving both out. The team was caught by some Bosom Varietynow the objection and witness then stated it accomplish all we claim for SIDNEY R. ELLIS
most of
of the boys of :Miss Matter's school, but the woodsmen carried Can anything be more* fair
?, neither were hurt and no damage done. guns. this? Try it than L Presents the Clever Onaan Pir ec&
on our guarantee. W. '
The court H.
then Comedian.
asked what business
There will be preaching at the Baptist White & Co., Druggists. (
church next Sunday when Rev. P. O rule the realm until any of them had with a'pistol Xote-While GOLDEN VOICED SINGER, 1
Steele win begin his labors as pastor of summer comes again.. The and the witness said he Jld not know. Vinol in we are sole agents for ("MET;:") .
the church for the ensuing-- 3 ear. lie'I Can laundering of fine Shirts The court then stated that there was Pensacola It is now for sale
; earnest Christian gentleman and hopesto Is what has made The no possible excuse for any man carry-I{at the leading drug store in nearly
every town and AL5 H. V/llSON/
city in
promote harmony in the cburch, which Star famous for fine work. ing a pistoland that Its presence Look fot the Vinol the. country..
has not existed:: heretofore and will ti rand See that your'stiff bosom Could! be construed into nothing more town. agency in your

bring it up to its former usefulness asa Shirts are ,laundered by than evidence of Intent to use it It in his new play of figures; ;e (
H. O. ANSON power for good,in the community. occasion required." He said he had Switzerland

Let All come out and.gtve'hlm'a cordial no patience with carried
any man who FASTIDIOUS WOMEft
welcome and a full house. Steam l a gun and that if xme should be
consider: Paxtine
found in his court Toilet Antiseptic a
CASH Regular communication of Pen a revolver necessity in the Performance ScIntillating
CLOTHIER hygienic care of the
his "
&cola Lodge :No 42, F and A.M. Laundry upon person "he would ru* it, person and for local treatment of with Mirth, Pathos and SOj; 1
.. Thursday. :November ;15. at whether he had given bond and '
r .
Copyright 1906 CORNER PAUFOX AND MAIN c 1:30. Visiting brethren are fra 37,E. Garden St. Phone 114 ceived nermission to such feminine ills. As a wash its cleansing: Mr. Wilson" will" sing -"My .:J-f fa'I
carry germicpdal i Tour Eyes. \V Ilson s Ldfc.Mountain '
L The HOUM of hal_ ternally invited. notAdjournment deodorizing and healing :", ;
weapon ,
pr Bird Yodel '
B. M. SOLOMOV. Pensacola,,Fla. qualities '
are' extraordinary. For 1niUlebank.
T. E. HARVEY. Secretary. was then taken until sale Fatberland. "WhisperlKc 1}. =*
at Druggists. ."
,K. .... Sample free. Address "$
I 9.30 o'clock tins morning I The RTFaxton; Co Boston

; a ,Mass Prices-25: cents to f 1.50.THE .

-,/,. r"d'J',: !' ,- ..fjj.ofifo.Lt; '!-".",,,_..,.3r' .., 1-"i.-r' :"o;:-Pi:_, ,-.1.".<"i'i"i, <-._:: "'i""'",,,: ;'..' ."- ;" t"-". ."....._... .__vi'__-< '-::" _>'= _':." -

The Pensacola journal
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THEWEAI'HER: FahFriday'and Saturday; Iight"to fresh easttosouthwnis .

Use readers Get with a in Journal 25,000 touch daily W L1 :'be Benjlloll loatnal. [ :;ff 1Ja4pIj, ,





I I .
[?jecple Give Him Cordial Re- NA T1QNAL :' \
The Criminal Prosecution of *
ception and Cheer His Says The. s No Justification ;

Response to Welcome. CURRENCY? REFORM PLAN Highest Officials Will SUFFERS AN INDIGNITY AT For .\-'daf*&\\Drying a Re-, II

Also Follow. \

Would Have" United States Government. Turn Over To I HANDS OF U. S. INSPECTORS volvetThis. %,; 'I:

[ of Isthmus 0 ..
Citizens RepublicAre I COL 1"v.

Them What Would Practically Be Control of Gave Rebate to Sugar Trust \.0.. t'

His Sincere, He Refuses to Answer Questions and Is Denied Admission
Our Entire LatterViIl.Now -
Currency System.. \ Damaging Evidence Is Adduced ;
Admirers. -
to Country-Secretary Root Will Make -

Washington, Nov. 15.-The plan of i Be Tried. : in Peonage Con-'
a tax of five
per cent per-year; the establishment -
currency reform and Amends.
Prompt Apology
agreed '
of a guarantee .
I fund for
I I H: F REACHED PANAMA CITY FROM committees of the American Bankers the redemption of the spiracy C.
Association credit notes; THAT FURTHER;; PROBING
and the New York Chamber POSSIBLE I
COLON AT 10:30: YESTERDAY of Commerce made public existing. laws limiting the By Assocrated; Press. SECRETARY ROOT WILL I
to-day retirement of bbnd secured notes to MAY UNEARTH ATTEMPT New York Nov. 15.-Whether or I
MORNING AMIDST CHEERING! contemplates the issue, under government three million dollars a month,.and ., not the ambassador of a friendly nation -I OFFER AN APOLOGY DEFENSE IS OVERRULED IN EF. I
supervision, of '
credit bank notes the deposit of all public moneys abovea TO BRIBE MEMBER OF PETIT arriving in an American port to
CROWDS AND GAILY DECORATED : by the national banks equal to forty reasonable working balance in the assume his duties at Washington can Washington, D. C., lI ov. 15.-Being FORTS TO HAVE PORTIONS OF I
per cent of their
CRAFT AND lation bond secured circu- national banks without collateral securities JURY IN STANDARD CTL TRIAL- be compelled to inform the immigration -Informed of the circumstances attending -
half two and on which the banks are to inspector if he has ever been in the landing of Ambassador Na-
increased per cent per year automatically pay two per cent. prison alms house, insane asylum, buco, at New York, Secretary Root WITNESS TESTIFIED TO BEING I II
credit notes under cer Before adjourning a committee was By Associated, Press. supported by charity, whether he is promptly requested the department of I
Associated Press.Ptama. tain conditions; a further issue of appointed to draft'a St. Louis, Nov 15.-The government HELD UP IN ROAD AT POINT
bill for presenta- a polygamist or an anarchist, may be commerce and labor to send the nec- OF I
: Nov. 15.-The train which credit notes, equal to twelve and to-day made the initial move to
one tion
congress embodying the ideasof referred to the state department as a' essary instructions to the'collector at
to:usht the presidential party from half per cent of the bank's capital at the bankers' committee. dissolve the Standard : Oil Co's. so- result of the refusal of Ambassador New York to'extend courtesies to the GUN. I II II
Cr' 11 arrived In ,front of the Tivoli called monopoly by filing in the fed-
these ambassador.
Nabuco, of Brazil, to answer It is probable,an apology I
lc at 10-30 this morning. ThereprdenL eral district court of St. Louis a
law will be
questions. The immigration requires offered to the ambassador ,
Amador,and party,alighted. petition in equity against the Stand aliens arriving to answer these and a severe admonition given the By Ben. H. Thomas. i
President Roosevelt and Party were WASHINGTON AND OREGON ard Oil Company of New Jersey and and other questions.MctlUGU'S. I I I officials responsible: for the indignity. Only five witnesses Yrvre examined
contorted to LaBoca at the' Pacific seventy constituent corporations and yesterday In the case of W. S. liar, .'1
eitrasce! to the canal where the partnerships, and seven partnerships ..lan et a>, now on trial in the United ..
steamer! Bolivad was In. waiting to ARE SWEPT including John D. -Rockefeller and States District court, the charge be-
tsie! them on a cruise through the BY FLOODS William D. Rockefeller asking that ( NEW ORDINANCETO ing conspiracy to commit peonage
bayII craft in the bay were deco- the combination be declared \mlaw- but considerable important evidenceof
rated with flags and when the Bolivar ful 'and in the future enjoined from a damaging character was adduced
passed she was saluted with whistles, entering into any contract or com SPRINKLE notwithstanding the almost constant
fh"f'TS, etc. Worst 'Storm In History of bination in restraint of trade. CAR TRACKS attempts of defense to have certain

From LaBoca the president came to 'B BANK C CASHJER The suit is brought under the portions thereof stricken from the
Panama City this afternoon. The Section Sweeps States Sherman anti-tru act which the de-: \ record. In ruling against defendants

streets were filled with people, bal- fendaants are charged with violating.The where they sought to have the record
conies were overloaded and the and Endangers Life criminal prosecution is reservedfor Provides That Street Railway Company Shall Sprinkle stricken out as it applied to other

crowds: were constantly cheering. At I future consideration. The defendants than actual defendants In the case

four clock President Amador deliv- and NOW ON TRIAL l are entitled to a month in Tracks on_Portion of, Gregory, Government, De Judge Swayne stated that a conspiracy -
ered an address of welcome. The Property. I which to enter an, appearance and I charge was different from any
president's reply was frequently inter : sixty days to file an answer to the Villi r, Palafox and Wright Streets. other and the course of procedure a!<
rupted by cheers. The welcome given allegations. lowed a much greater latitude in tht
him to-day proved conclusively that RAILROADS ARE DEMORALIZEDAND .evidence.A .

the people of this republic are his sin. Insanity CRIMINAL PROSECUTION There was considerable comment Palafox from Hickory north to notable feature of the day came
cere admirers. BUSINESS IS PROSTRATED Experts Say Defaulter AWAITS HIGH OFFICERS yesterday regarding the ordinance Introduced Strong. [near the close of the session when

-RESIDENTS OF VALLEYS ARE Is Findlay, Ohio, Nov$ 15.-Criminal Wednesday night by Alderman Wright from Palafox east.to Hayne. Judge Swayne exprased himself very
Mentally McHugh compelling all street forcibly against the habit of
prosecution of the' highest officials of The ordinance, if it shall
BLACK MURDERER FLEEING TO HILLS FOR SAFE. the Standard Oil Company will railway companies to sprinkle be- become effective thirty days after its revolver and stated emphatically
\ Unbalanced.By tween their rails and for eighteen that the practice was without the
be the next of Prosecutor David
TY. move approval, which wiH give the Street /
who he believes Jie has'sufficient inches on each side, on certain streetsin slightest justification, even if the I
says Railway Company time sufficient
SHOT TO DEATHPOSSE evidence to warrant him in bringing the city, and if the ordinance procure the necessary sprinkler, parties had given bond and had beea I
Associated Press. the officers and dir ctors passes in its present form, it will granted a permit.
controllingthe whi idi will be mounted the trucksof 4/
E> ''Associated Press. Birmingham, Nov. 15.-In the United Standard Oil Co., of New Jersey, have the effect of making life much. a car. Mrs. Mary G. Quackenboss, special I
Portland, Ore., Nov. .15.-Never States court to-day, in the case before tIle court.' It is also intimated more endurable on certain thoroughfares assistant district attorney. of New
FINDS ASHEVILLE NEGRO since the white man came has the of Alexander Chisholm, former tellerof there be further Into of Pensacola, particularly Government The ordinance Is almost an exact York. who is connected with a casa 1 I.
state of Washington suffered from: the First National Bank charged the may of probing street, where the dust rises i copy in wording as the New Orleans pending there against certain labor !
TEN: MILES FROM CITY' IN such a storm as raged last night, and I with defaulting hundred thousand I charges of a alleged attempted bribery -in clouds during dry weather: follow- ordinance requiring the companies employment agencies who have been
member-of/lb* petit
BARN.By early this morning. Railroads out of dollars, Judge Jones announced to the 'the recent Standard Oil triaLAUTOMOBILE juryin :lag the passing. .oteaeh'cnr.',- ..: .. there to sprinkle the.streets between instrumental in sending many laborers !
Tacoma and Seattle are demoralized, jury that it would have to determine Tile- ordinance" presences mat me the rails and for eighteen Inches on to the southern.'Etatea, was present
train sen-ice to Portland only from from the testimony whether Chisholm! Street Railway Company shall sprin- eliner side on certain ,thoroughfaresof throughout the session "yesterday
the latter city being maintained. On was''mentally capable of being placedon kle at>lntervals sufficient to porperlylay that city. and made copious notes of the pro
Associated Press. Puget Sound the towns of Snohomish,I I trial now. Two insanity experts the oast on the following streets: The ordinance was read the first ceedings. It is possible that the evidence -
Aer-eville N c., Nov. 15.-Will Harris Summer and Auburn are under water. were introduced, who testified that [ Gregory from DeVillier east to time at the meeting Wednesday adduced in the present casa

the negro who killed two Asheville Although nothing has been heard Chisolm was mentally defective, one Tenth avenne.Government. night, notice having,been given at the will be used against the New York
policemen and three negroes Tuesday from Walla Walla, it is only fair to declaring the defendant had an exag- from Florida Blanca previous meeting of its introductionand labor agency when their case comes
night was shot to death by a posse presume that with floods east and gerated idea of his business ability west to DeVillier. it is now in the hands of one of to trial which will be in the mean-
near Fletcher, ten miles from Ashe- west of there the rivers in that part involving cotton future deals. County DeVillier from Government northto the council's committees, and will be future. '
nlle to-day Early to-day word was, of the state are still on a rampage.At I Physician :McAdory swore that Chish- ISHlU[ ur Gregory. J reported upon at the next meeting.she The Morning Session. -
received that the negro had been discovered Portland electric lights and. street olm was not in a mental condition to L At the beginning of the trial of the
in a barn near Fletcher and cars are out of commission. appreciate the gravity of his position. case against Messrs. W. S. Harlan S. I'
lid was requested. A hundred men The railways across the state are The defense closed its case this af EL Huggins, Jeb S. Howell and C. C.
hit for the scene and surrounded the prostrated.ALL ternoon. The government introduced SKIP VAN LOO ASHORE Hilton District Attorney Sheppard So

barn Fire was opened on the negro, Dr. Clark, of the government insane; Six Men Attack Touring Car gave'notice that a subpeona deuced .
'bo attempted to escape, returningthe COMMUNICATIONIS hospital at Washington, who described tecum had been issued William W.
fire until killed. I various forms of mental derangement. I I Porter, the bookkeeper of the Jackson
NOW CUT OFF I in New York and One AND BEING WRECKEDOld Lumber Co, who is alleged to be the

Portland, Ore., Nov. 15.-Practically' custodian of the books and accountsof
\WORK ON THEELECTRIC the last dispatch from Seattle before Is Killed.By the said company showing the

communication was lost said that the SHIP dealings between certain employeesand
PEARY'S Trader At Pensacola Went Ashore Tuesday Night
floods in the White. Stuck and Green : the.company, the contracts enter- ..
LINESTO rivers which began last night had Associated Press. ed into, eta, calling upon him to
swept away miles of railroads, inundating New York, Nov. 15.-A hold-up by About Twenty-Five Miles East of the Pensa- bring such accounts before the grand

the valley towns, and had en- six men in an automobile in Central I jury and, as this had not been done
dangered the farmer's homes. Three Park, west, early to-day cost one of cola Light. the contracts and accounts would b<
FORT BARRANCAS IS PRO- lives are lost up to this date. The 15 HEARD[ U r FROM the automobilists his life. He was proven by secondary evidence, in accordance .

residents of Obrien were compelledto run down by the big touring car with precedent laid down id
GRESSING, ONE MILE OF abandon their homes and flee to when the hold-up men were making a The Italian ship Vanloo, an old struck there some time during previous cases. W. W. Flournoy

POLES BEING IN the hills. At Kent a raging torrentis dash for liberty, and so severely hurt trader at this port, is reported ashore Tuesday night, and yesterday morn- leading counsel for defense could not
that he died soon afterward without ing when he came down she appearedto see the
running! through the town and Au- miles east of Pensacola necessity for the notice and
Reaches Coast of Labrador twenty-five
regaining consciousness. The d adman be breaking took' the
POSITION. burn will suffer extensive damage unless up. position that the question
the waters recede. was Wiggo Brandt, a chauffeur, light, and it was reported'yesterday. The Vanloo is out three months should be taken up and disposed of
The report has reached here that After Delay By Heavy aged 31 years. that she is fast breaking up and goingto and fifteen days from Buenos Ayres in its regular place. There was n

Workmen in the employ of the Pen53Cola the town of Calin, on the Cowlitz II. The police believe that the hold-up pieces. The vessel appears to for this port, and would now be at ruling upon the matter. '
Electric Company are making. River, was washed, away; also that Weather.By was intended merely as a prank by have gone ashore some time Tuesday anchor in the harbor had not the accident District Attorney Sheppard then ad
lrly good in II IIt forty farmers are marooned on an I:. half a dozen chauffeurs, who were night, while steering for Pensacola otcurred. dressed the jury at considerable
te dummy progress line to Fort electrifying island situated at the junction of the returning from a ball in Harlem. On light, and bound for this port to takea So far as is known no tugs have length, explaining the conspiracy
and It is anticipated that better Barrancas. Cowolitz and Columbia rivers. The I. Halifax, N.Associated Press. I account of the death of Brandt, how' cargo of lumber and timber. She gone out from this! port to the vessel, charge that bad been made against r I
S., Nov. I5.-A dispatch
"fc-s will be made dUring the prog-next flood is sweeping around them and from Chateau Laborador ever they are nc\r searching for the is a large vessel and has taken several but as sbe-Js on the outside beach and I the.three defendants and the manned -
Bay, announces -
seek now that the work has fairly they are in danger oft'drowning. A the arrival of the steamerRoosevelt other occupants of the car, and arrests cargoes of Itj/aber from this portto already going to pieces it would possibly in which said charge could be proven
were expected to follow. various foreign countries. be useless for a tug to go out according to law.
begun: steamer has been sent to sc ne. I Peonage, which IS
The I with Commander Peary,I The victims of the_hold-up were The captain of the mail boat arriving except to save some of the,equipment. the overt act of this alleged
for men about have placed mile poles from in position LITTLEFIELD IS which was delayed by heavy weather. Milton Roblee. formerly owner of the from up the sound yesterday reported It is presumed that the men came he explained, was the holding of

the line one and where Hotel Belle Claire, his friends, W. G. the ship ashore, stating that ashore safely in life, boats. a person: to work out a aebt, either ,
now stops, although no THAW GETTING
trolley AFTER GOMPERS Chittenden. and a cabman, who was! fictitious or real against the will at
wire has been
this '
strung READY FOR I driving the two men to their homes.: such person. The -
'111 TRIAL I peonage itself
oe done at an early date.
By Associated pr-ss. I They were driven along Central Park might be proven by acts and '
be placing of the poles is naturally -I New York Nov. 15.-The atsona1Pounders' .. west, when at Seventy-first street an that -
ly New York0. 13.-Harry K. 'PRE51DNTIS tended to intimidate a
biggest undertaking connected I CENTRAL[ [
closed two
Association a As N.
auto containing six men appeared.
*Hh the extension of the electric line at the. Thaw in the tombs yesterday orderedthree I man, morally or physically] and it
and ha<. been delayed to some extenton dajs session with a banquet suits of clothes, presumably to I I the machine neared the cab the auto. was not necessary that actual violence
Hotel last night President C. of the six men
Astor and three
wear them at his trial which will stopped i should be exercised. The conspiracy
account of the non-arrival of poles. P. Briggs! presided. .Congressman I probably begin before Recorder Goff I I jumped out. Two of them jumped on i iI was to commit such act of

Littlefield of Maine, one of the speakers on Monday, December :3. I the box while the other ran to the and it was the intention of peonage the
WELLMAN WILL attacked Samuel Compers, president Recorder Go>! becomes a memberof I I horse's head. The cabman's cries for 15 CONVICTUGovernment [ UHJOUNCUNegro [ to show that the acts of government the-

of the American Federation of the supreme court on January 1, help brought a policeman and as the individuals on trial were in concert
TRY TO REACH POLE .Labor.. lIe denounced the leader as so that the indications are that the I I three men in the auto saw him coming and in pursuance of an understanding
a fomentor of disorder. Thaw trial will be much shorter than they shouted a warning to their com- or agreement. As soon as a concert
fins, Speaking of bill advocated by I The latter three men made .}",
\oi', 15.-NOW that Commo- a has been generally expected. panions. of action was proven, said Mr.Shep.
corc pearv has returned from the Arc-. Gompers, and now before the houseof The opinion of the district attor-I| a rush to get into the auto, and two Files Petition inEquity Baptists Condemn pard, any act of one that may be prove

tit eglons without having reachedS representatives he said It was au ney's office is that a big murder trial! of them had succeeded in doing so en, is not only proven against sock j
'K0rUl Pole the expedition known act which sought to' give laboringmen I I should not last so very long. "1V> !i when the big machine was sent away Aginst 70 Con- Him For Discharging defendant but against all of them. '.
"the right to conspire to commit will with a jump. Brandt, who was stand- The I
preparing to seek the Pole is prosecution not introduce any extraneous purpose of the United States
that of Walter Wellman, who is now murder to threaten, to Intimidate, to matter 'and District Attorney i; ing on the step, was thrown heavilyto stituent Corporations.By Colored Troops.I was to guarantee liberty to alL and
brf'! There are other Arctic expedi- coerce. In other words, to make conspiracy Jerome expects to conduct the easel j ths ground by the sudden startingof it was the function of the court to see
tODin! (the field but none of them that seeks the destruction of for the people with despatch. the car and a rear wheel of the auto that the liberty that was guarantee4

"V the Pole as' an objective. Mr. property" and even of life' not a It is the expectation that the defense passed over his body. His compan- Associated Press. By Associated Preu to all was allowed them. There could I

Bellman' is hard at work with his crime. will be long, but Recorder Goffis ions fled.SMOKERS. 15.-The New York Salisbury N. C., NOT. 15.-A 'meet be no liberty when a condition of j.
rprarations. for next year's expeditIon RUSSIAN SAILOR HAD not disposed to hold night sessions, (New York Nov. ing of the Negro Baptist Associationof peonage existed in any portion of the
Work was begun on the erection but it is said this will be done should :MUST Central and Hudson River Railroad country. Mr. Sheppard also explained!
North Carolina
*' a PLENTY OF COIN. there be indications today adopted to the jury that
L large hanger or workshop that the trial convicted to-day in the. resolutions although the conspiracy
.hich the Polar airship America would last over Christmas. PAY MORE SOON Company was denouncing President may have been arranged In the
Russian sailor
Cf A named Stefensen, Roosevelt for discharging
rebate of the three
W'llman-Chicago Record-Her- federal court of granting a state of Alabama, if any overt act had
Id:!! who was taken into custody last night companies of the Twenty-fifth Infan'
expedition j is to be reconstructed TWO OFFICIALSARE By Associated Press. thousand dollars to the been committed in the state of Flor
daring the coming winter. by Officer Blackshear on South Pala- New York, Nov. 15.-Advices from twenty-six try. The resolutions strenuously protest ida, the offense came under the juris
fox street for being in an intoxicated INDICEDBy London say that smokers of pipes are American Sugar Refining Companyand against the arbitrary action of diction 01 the Florida courts.
condition, had plenty of coin on his threatened with an increase of 50 the president in discharging innocent I
per Loftu
Arms trial of the latter companyfor Attorney made the '
for the
Revolutionists.tieUingfors person when he was,searched at the Associated Press. cent in the price of briars. This Is and guilty alike. They assert that no address lor the defense at
POlice! Finland, NOT. 15.-The police station before being locked up. San Francisco, Nov. 15.-The grand owing to a combination of circum- having accepted the rebate will one for a moment believes the companies ing portions of the Indictment first read

of r.rneborg have seized fifty Turnkey Murphy found notes and jury to-day returned five indictments stances. The chief cause is strikes in to-morro*' in the same court. would have been dishonorably dered by the grand Jury. He ren
begin j
'??boxe OUt of a total consignment of silver to the amount of $11000 when against Eugene Schmitz and Abraham the two great pipe making districts, discharged if composed of white soldiers that it was not the desire of stated
iSInIyjg: of military rifles, each con- he searched the'pocirets,of the sailor. Roef on charges of extortion. Bay St. Claude, France and Nuremberg, The jury was out two' hours and Immediately and recommend the appointment I fense to conceal anything the de

a vT twenty, and destined for the It was stated that the man had just for each charged was fixed at ten Germany, which have practically on the announcement of a of a committee to act with simIlar the action of employes of relative the Jack to ,
revolutionists. The author:5 been discharged from a vessel in porton thousand dollars. The indictments stopped the output for three months. of guilty, counsel for the defendant committees throughout the coun- son Lumber Company in the
thll no clew to the account of his mind being disor. that verdict try to take steps to have the actionof cn-e.:;
of whereabouts allege Ruef and Schmitz demanded There has also been a scarcity of good Of course, said Mr. Loftin
(lreadi hboxes and fear they have dered, and lie was given all of the money from the proprietors briar in Italy, which produces the best moved to set aside the verdict the president reviewed by the highest it was (ox-

reachedoheir .d tmaUon.. m.o.n duQ:1u1ni'34eimaEter ---.. ',;Qlsw1le.&uza.ats,. .roots, .; :whicb.-Judge-.Holt enled. tribunaL > (Continued on Second Page.)



. .
-- .-- : ,f: ...
r :? ;t- <> __<_" _. ,:_ ". r fr"-i-:. j& ._. (-r._ 7<-i'fJ.i\! -- -. -- -- -- .'

-r-a*, > *" v"ifKF; srt J
5 < "''
s h1v v'THE

-. eA

'# .. ''-REJ19A&O.LA7.JJBURNAL, FRIDAY MORNING- ,,. NO VE*& R 16, 1906. ..

-; -...
tr tR -


That II Salt Rheum or Eczema,-one ot PENSACOlA AND JUDGE ,SWAYNE' FLUE

a the outward manifestations of scrofula.
It comes in itcblng.burning norlng.dry (
I kg aDd scaling patches on the face head ROASTING IMPROVES COFFEE

i fauttia.legs or body. MOBILE TO ,And wf can IS S SEVERE[ ON

I It cannot be cored 6y outward applies- PROVE 'IT
,; tton-the blood most be rid of the Impurity

to which it ii doe. Flue Curing Develops the Stimulating Aroma and Taste ,

Hood'sSarsaparilla MEET ) PI5TOLTOTERS Found in Schnapps that Satisfies Tobacco Hunger

Bas cored the most persistent and difficult fGI f

tla dea. Accept no substitute for Hood's;DO
(Continued from First Page.)

substitute acts like it. On the Local Gridiron To- t possible that all of the men. whereso There are three ways used by farmers Hundreds of imitation brands are

many were employed, should con- their on sale that look like Schnapps the
Morrow and ;
Afternoon-The z duct themselves in a manner that .entitled for curing preparing

i r Reasons I P them to the best of treatment, tobacco for the market; namely, sun outside of the imitation plugs of tobacco -
:Visitors To Arrive .but if such men were treated differ
is cured but the
nr.er.... k yp ,ently from others, it was their own cured, air cured and flue cured. The flue inside is
Why To-Night. fault. He denied that a condition of filled with cheap flimsy
: peonage existed at the camps of the old and cheap way is called air cured; heavily
alnr ll 4y t :Jackson Lumber Company., or ever sweetened air cured tobacco ; one

,' You can read a man's Another gridiron battle between the =#J i had existed there. The defendants the later discovery and improved wayis chew of will

character the collarhe teams representing Pensacola and I. were, in any event, presumed to be called flue cured. In flue-curing. Schnapps satisfy tobacco
by : Innocent until they had been proven
Mobile is to occur to-morrow after- w. hunger longer than two chews
wears- noon on the Palmetto Beach field, ,aMR guilty and the burden of such proof | the tobacco is taken from the field of
when the University Military School was wholly upon the government, such tobacco. ,
4 Is yours a and the Pensacola Classical School $. ANNIE E. SHEEHAN.WwOitr. which would, he said be unable to { and :suspended over intensely hot
tests that
Kansas. this
elevens will meet. The visitors are make out a case. Expert prove flue
LION BRAND expected to reach the city tonightand You most remember that falling lair! and Witnesses Called. flues in houses especially. built to retain cured tobacco in the
dandruff are signs of decay or a diseased condition The witnesses the, case for the grown famous
15 Cents Each At All will therefore have a good rest of too scalp and you must not delay on
2 for 25 Cents. Good. Shops. before the game commences the following treatment. To do so simply means more loss of prosecution were ,then called and the heat, there kept Piedmont region, requires and takes
day. hair, and a greater Impoverished scalp, and I sworn after which Attorney Fil>ur.
finally no hair. Toe wise thing to do Is to correct temperatureuntiI this curing ,
But little is Known of either We'. It la the start. Dandsrtae works wonders nor of defense, asked for the rule excluding proper less sweetening than any other kind,
j!strength or weight of the visitors but Ja aD sues eases. It nil qnictlr regenerate the I witnesses from the court in the tobacco the
WOMAN LAW-YfR- the Classical School boys intend make enfeebled tissues, and mate your hair grow :room during the taking of testimony process developes and has wholesome, stimulating
I more beautiful than it ever wu. HOW at all
ing them play ball to carry off, the arngnrists, tote sizes. I and it was so ordered. Tne court stimulating taste and fragrant aroma satisfying effect on chewers. 1 If the
PfNSACOUj I honors. 25c., SOc.and$1.00 per bottle. I also Instructed that each foreign witness
IN The local boys have been practicinghard >tutU YLantr BASTDEXOXIB: CO,CblcarOk r.I I. when "he took the stand should: found in Schnapps tobacco, just as kind of tobacco you are chewing don't
to fit themselves for the game I have the nature of the oath mlly ex-
I and are confident that they can de- I.plained. The witnesses for defense green coffee is made fragrant" and satisfy, more than the mere habit of

LADY COMES FROM NEW, YORK feat the visitors. Now that both the :were called but as few of them were stimulating by the roasting .expectorating fooling
stop yourself
process. ,
high school and the classicals have FLOATING WRECKS present Attorney Flournoy stated that
TO ATTEND TRIAL OF played the 21. :M. I. team, and thoughthe I it would be better to postpone the call Only choice selections of this ripe, and chew Schnapps tobacco.
latter played on foreign groundsand until after the arrival of the train
PEONAGE CASES showed up decidedly stronger IN MOBILE BAY I from Florala. Those who were pres- juicy flue cured leaf, grown in the Schnapps is like the tobacco chew-

be ban watched the high with school more, their than work ordinary will .the ent rule were and duly retired.sworn, placed under famous Piedmont country, where the ers formerly bought costing from 750.

One of the most important cases interest Saturday. Already the ticket Mrs. Louisa Howell. best tobacco used in to $1.00 is
DOW pending in the New York courtsIs sales have been heavy and it is expected STRENUOUS WORK BEING DONE The first witness called was :Mrs. grows, are per pound; Schnapps sold} \

an action against one Schwartz, turn out.Inasmuch that. an immense crowd will REPAIRING DAMAGE OF SEP- Louisa Howell, wife of Jeb S. Howell, Schnapps and other Reynolds' brands at 5oc. per pound in 5c. cuts, strictly. ]
of the defendants. She resides at
a labor agent, whose name was mentioned the terminal J of high flue cured tobaccos. and cent
as companyhas TEMBER GALE. Laurel Hill, :p la. Last July or August I grade, 10 15 plugs.
during the preliminary hearingof flatly refused to replace the fence her husband had a shop at Lau- .
the charge of peonage against Rob- around the park, the tickets will be rel HilL The residence of the How-
ert Gallagher et al, which was before taken up on the cars and officers will The :Mobile Item says: A local ell's was within 10 feet of the shop I
Commissioner Marsh: some time since, be on the grounds to look after the salving company which has the contract where her husband worked. LR. J. REYNOLDS TOBACCO CoMPAirr\WiNSTON-SALEM, N. c,
and it Is expected that the testimony interests of the management in this I to release and float the American Attorney Flournoy of defense,
adduced In the cases now on hearingIn respect. Tickets are on sale, at the bark Hornet, driven upon the, moved to strike the testimony of wit- .0
the United States court will havea Kandy Kitchen, D'Alemberte's and the I docks at the foot of Madison street, ness as irrelevant, but the motion been ,identified-that Is, there had
"direct and very important bearing .Imperial Cigar Stand in the new during the storm expect to success- was overruled and the testimony was been no testimony adduced showing
also be
Brent building. They may Sidewalks- :
upon the New York case. had from student of the school fully accomplish the work this after admitted. Defense noted an excep-- where they came from. This omis-
The New York authorities, appreciating i any ticket noon after nearly three weeks of tion to the ruling. sion was testified and the questioning
this fact, have appointed Mrs. and everyone should purchase a strenuous activity. Rudolf Laninger. proceeded. There was considerable
:Mary G. Quackenboss, assistant Uni- before boarding a car. With her stern well down In the Rudolf Laninger was called and Interpreter argument rectified to the respective
ted States district attorney, and she : The lineup of the Mobile team has river and her bow at a dizzy angle Friedman was sworn to act, amounts and what-they represented. That. old sidewalk of yours Is unsightly and insecure at
Is now in the city for the purpose of not yet been received and the local resting upon the docks and pilings the the witness being unable to understand Defense objected and asked that best. if not dangerous. It cheapens your property and men _
hearing the testimony in the cases team is still uncertain as to its play- steamer has attracted much attention! English. Defense requestedthat the testimony relative to the cards aces your safety. Save money by building a handsome.
BOW on trial with a view to using the ers. Brawner, who played a star especially from camera fiends desiring Oscar Sandor, interpreter for the be stricken from the record as it was durable concrete walk that enhances your values
: in the
eridence, if possible, in the case game in The Mobile locals will will not have be to work storm views. Since beginningthe Jackson Lumber Co. be admitted for not shown when the,cards in question cuts out accident and damage risks and Is a continual
against Schwartz in New York. game. work of floating the vesel quitea the purpose of consulting with counsel were issuedObjection overruled and source of satisfaction. V.
:.hard to overcome this disadvantage. number of been blasted Well build sidewalk that will be laid of
Mrs. Quackenboss is an extremely pilings have for defense. Counsel for the gov- an exception noted by defense. De- you a properly ,
It is safe to say however, that the from under the hull the best materials, and down under the
bright little woman who apparently seven being ernment but Sandor put personal supervision
battle royal and no I I objected as wasa fense also objected to the cards being
Lock- I. game will be a blown last There of who knows how. Well
the out
has taken a deep interest in ; Sunday. are defendant and was not to be usedas offered in evidence because they were a man guarantee the work
cases and throughout all of yes- walk-over like of last the Saturday.M. :M. I.-Higb I but few remaining and it Is the hopeof a witness in the caSe the court decided cards appearing upon their face as and keep it in repair. The price is reasonable. Call 'Phone
in the court School game the contractors that these will be 1485.
tart she sat room pay- that he might be present. In having been issued subsequent to the
the closest attention to the pro- PURSES FREE. removed by this evening and every the absence of Sandor :Mr. Newlanderwas time the conspiracy is alleged to have
leedlnss. White & Nix are giving away free to thing in readiness for pulling the vessel
to be in the
permitted present been entered into. Objection over
that Mrs. Quackenboss their customers a handsome leather from her perilous position.The .
It is possible
purse. These little souvenirs are hand- capacity mentioned. ruled and defense noted an exception. Pensacola Cement Stone Company (
'will remain and attend the sessionsof Hornet Is listed to'the star Witness'said
some and very he was a Hungarianand Witness stated that he had left the ,
the court until the trials have. been 4 board and is taking water freely. ,
had arrived in New York on June camp about three or four days after
finished. SUBURB Yesterday a steamer was syphoning 19, 1906 and in Lockhart on either the receipt of the cards in company
the water from her hold and continuedthe S. J. Harvey Manager.
ALWAYS WAS SICK. HAS BIG FIREThe work throughout to-day. Effortsof July 21 or 22. He secured a contract with two others, one of whom he ,
from Frank & Miller, labor agents, knew. The men left the camp in the
"When he always was workmen to put the vessel back
a man says
Mobile Item says: About mid- and went to Lockhart in pursuance of day time, before noon. It was the
that have attracted much
si troubled with a cough into the water
lasted all winter-what would you night last night fire was discoveredIn attention. It will be rememberedthat such contract. Witness identified a turpentine camp which he left. He Jl
sick usingBallard's the hotel at Wilmer, on the Mobile, the Hornet was recently sold fora document as one he had signed at intended to come to Pensacola but
say-he never was since Jackson and Kansas City Railroad, the office of Frank & Miller and said being afraid to come by the.main road
Horehound Syrup. Such a and before the flames could be con small sum. It is believed that she that he was sent south from New he and. his companions took to the .......................................t........
is badly damaged.
man exists. Denver, Colorado trolled the entire structure was con- Some little distance below the Hor- York by water, traveling three days woods, coming out near a logging
J. C. Clark.
Mr. sumed. For a time the bank of Wil is by boat and two days by rail. He camp where there were several houses
writes "For I was troubled net another salving company en-
: years mer very near the hotel, and a number the schooner JamesS. was one of,a party of 27 or 23 laborers and a saw mill. Witness took to the I i
all 'winter. This cough left me In a gaged in floating ATTENTION OF LADIES'INVITED :
condition. Ballard'sHorehound of handsome cottages close by Clifford, owned by local parties.A and the party was met at Savannahby woods because he WiLlS afraid that the
miserable ,, tried
were in danger, but efficient work bya different method is used in floating a man named Dr. Grace, who accompanied boss and the foreman would catch -
ana have not had a
since.Syrup That's what. it did volunteer bucket brigade preventedthe this vessel because she is differently the party to Lockhart. him and take him back. He was i u
day flames from reaching these. Witness did not sPa Dr. Grace after afraid of this because about two days
all druggists. :situated. A large hydraulic dredgeis + ,
for me" Sold by
The Wilmer hotel was a splendidly engaged in digging a basin around he reached Lockhart previous two Germans had been
constructed two-story frame building, the Clifford and in this way it is hopedto District Attorney bheppard asked brought back to the camp by a' man o!
Thanksgiving Poultry. well appointed and quite an ornamentto float the 'Vessel.There witness what labor he contracted to who was called "doctor," but who
Turkeys, Ducks, Chickens, etc., Ed. that thriving place. It was ownedby do at Lockhart and counsel for de- was a carpenter. ,To our line of morris Chairs. We men have always i!
M. Pooley, Corner Chase and DeVil-. Brannan & Co. and was valued at is no Reason fense objected. Mr. Sheppard then Witness did not remain at the log- considered the Morris Chair T.
tiers street, Pohne 1121. 15novlw $:.QOO. There was no insurance on why your baby should be thin, and offered the contract identified by wit ging camp but slept in the woods, the most .* dt
MAXIMUM TEMPERATURE 64 the property. Nearly all the contentsof fretful during the night. Worms are ness in evidence and counsel for defense stopping there on the way back. He luxurious thing in the furniture world and ,considered tr.
the building were saved. The originof thin, babies. It objected. Mr. Sheppard then did not know the name of the village. it the
the of sickly thing he
DEGREES, MINIMUM 46 DEGREESThe cause one perhaps, could call his own. tthv
The Itemis
the fire was not known. is natural that a healthy baby shouldbe asked whether any representative of On the second day after leaving the bf
maximum temperature In Pen- informed the hotel will be rebuilt, fat and sleep welL If your baby the Jackson Lumber Coo was present camp, about daylight, witness and i not pick out one for husband or father? ; He'd like Ii : tt

sacola yesterday was 64 degrees at as it was doing a fine business. does not retain its food,' don't experi- when contract was made. Counselfor companions found a road and startedto and his pleasure and satisfaction with it would give | :

:5: .p. m., while the minimum was 46 PILES CURED IN 6 TO 14 DAYS. ment with colic cures and other medicines defense objection and objectionwas follow It. About the noon hour end s
overruled and an exception noted. they heard the noise of a horse com- you no ofjta &
at 5:30 bottle of t
Degrees a. m. PAZO OINTMENT Is guaranteed to but try a 'Whlte'sCream
Witness stated that Mr. Newlanderwas ing and the men on it came into sight .
Last year on the same date the cure any-rase of Itching1. Blind. Bleedingor Vermifuge and you will soon .
maximum "'as.O degrees, and the I Protruding Piles in 6 to li days, or see your baby have color and laughas present, and identified him as suddenly. Two of the party ran away RIe
minimum 57 degrees. money refunded. SOc. it should. Sold by all druggists.II. "the gentleman with kinky hair." No and witness remained. The man
The total deficiency in rainfall I Obelisk Flour is the staff one took the party to the ship aNew / drew a revolver and held it upon him; : BUY NOW, PAY LATER. j
tlnce January 1, amounts to 690 de- Alfmaa. tin. copper and sheet iron York. Newlander was at the witness could ideauly the man and t tr
i of life. worker has moved to 189 East Government ship, but-v.itness had no conversation did so, naming Mr. Hilton, one of the.
trees. In the house building.COOPER. .
I street opera with him. He had seen Newlander I defendants. This man --'fn- : ALSTON & QUINA t
twice at Lockhart and ne recognizedhim pulled a revolver and said "halt," after ; j

as an agent of the Jackson Lum- which the man made iiiui ....._ .- '
ber Co. fore the horse to a little village. He i 105/110 Palafox St. Phone 149. Pensacola, Fla :
District Attorney Sheppard then was then turned over to a Dlacksmith
again offered the contract in evidenceand I.at his shop in the village. Hilton ON1N10 1NNNNN.NNN.N1N..NN..i.NN...HM k
Attorney Flournoy objected. :Mr. gave the blacksmith a revolver and
S Sheppard stated that the contractwas .belt and the blacksmith put it on. J!!! tl'I
only one of the circumstances In Witness remained with the blacksmithfrom
the case and that its materiality about 4 p. m. until after supper. WE***** ******

would be proven later. The court Witness could not identify anyone In J DIAMONDS WATCHES ;t..1CLOCKS I
admitted the contract in evidence and the room and the district attorney ,
defense noted an exception. District asked Mr. Howell to stand up. Coun- PRECIOUS STONES j
Attorney Sheppard then read the contract sel for defense objected and the ob- (I
to the jury, showing the charac- jection was overruled and an excep i STERLING SILVERWARE, : "1
ter of the employment which witness tion noted. Mr. Howell then stood A
had agreed to do, tne wages that were np but witness could not Identify him. ; ART POTTERY, OPTICAL GOODS. :

to be paid and the place of employment Witness saw a lady at the black- CUT GLASSWARE
etc. smith's house and upon Mrs. Howell ) C
84 cents a bottle by buy A recess of five minutes was taken being called, said that she looked familiar = -----
\ after which the examination of wit but he could not Identify her

ness was resumed. positively. Mrs. Howell. however, i engraving and Fine Sts tfonory.f
Witness stated that he went to workon was the same lady that he saw in
.; ing 3 bottles. : the third day after reaching Lock- the grand jury room. : _____ z

hart but that the work was not the After supper at the blacksmith's = .
kind specified in the contract. He house Mr. Hilton and Mail Orders Receive
came took him Prompt Attention
3 bottles of Cooper's Relief ::. was put to work cutting trees; there .to the station bought him a ticket : I
-- were several camps and witness and turned him over to another man : :
worked in the turpentine camp, chipping who took him as far as Florala. Wit-
trees, and was boarded by the ness identified the defendant Hug- 'E. O. Zadek Co.
and 3 of the ,New Discovery -- ::- company. He continued at this work gins as the man who had taken him i t
for three which time a
months, during MOBILE, ALA. :
he put in 65 days. Witness had a (Continued on Page Four.) H 4Fli'r143r .. a
S..iI.. UH!

((6'bottles) for $400.HOOTON'S .. ;L ;::; settlement that they with did the not company pay all that but was stated -- "..H- ,- t

r due him. his claim being that he con- r

tracted for 10 hours work per day and I :........NN.NNN.N.NNNN..N.NNNNNNt;
was compelled to work 12, and was EVEN
entitled to the extra time put in. He
was also charged he stated, for board i Southern Grown Nursery Stock i f

when he did not work, Sundays, for BABIES
instance. The company did not take : True to Name. :

out the amount to pay upon money a.
advanced for transportation as agreed Assimilate en"THERE'S and thrive Budded and Grafted Pecans June Bud and one i :

as they took out $3 the first month 1. -
PHARMACY and $15 the second month, when they year Peach, Strawberry, Roses, Shade and Ornamental !'

should only have taken $3 each l Trees of all kinds. Everything true to a !

month. Certain cards were exhibitedto GrapeNutsA name,- or money cheerfully refunded. Write for ;
witness, which he identified an i. :
:: credits and charges against him. The price at:once. *
court interrupted and called the, atten- .

w the tion charge of the attorneys and credit to cards the fact.tbat had not I' REASON. i C. .R. LONG Nurseryman, Antfilusta. Ala. j

.........Ht*>***.a44iAi*.....-*-.*. *.-*-**.-*.A.AAAA**ttr

9Mn 1'-

:: ''; ': s
\-'f. :: :' '-P ; % 1 ""?
.:C "T : ; ..i..r.

: :



I f

Souvenir I IG : -. nhrn --i--- .:IWA i


I \k Postal Cards EXTRAORDINARY !

) f,, j1 j1S't INTO OFFiCE G Y OTHARIO f

1 w.f,1 'Yea.l'ou'd Are all the rage and all I

your friends are: making r

TO-DAY collections. You should Grounds on Which the Coun-
contribute to their col- f
tess de Castellaqe:Secured i
lections. See our

I Leon G.:,Aymard Will Take FINE Her Divorce. BARCAINS 1
Oath as City Clerk of PENSACOLA t
verbiage the formal
VIEWS.and Stripped of legal -

Pensacola.Leon counts upon wElch the attorney of

comic postalshundreds the Countess de Castellane asKed fora !
divorce were as follows: f
to select from. Al-
be perfectly safeto G. Aymard whose appointment First-Soon after his marriage fC
blind- as city clerk was confirmed by so postal card albums., Count de Castellane began the purchase 'For Friday and Saturday.
buy at our store the city council at its meeting Wed. of furniture at ridiculously ex, C

lolded. nesday night will assume his duties The Gem Book Store orbitant prices and immecIately l
to-day when he takes the oath of sold it When the plaintiff I
You can rely on every office. the count abused her in the re.1
C. R. JOHNSON Prop. -
statement we make, He will relieve c. E. :Merritt who of servants.
you has held the position for thana Phone 233..-218 S. Palafox. Second-;-Upon the slightest pretexts -
more Another lot of $2 $3 $5 and $8 Hats
I can return any purchaseand year with perfect satisfaction to all, Count de Castellane created'scenes Sample ,
buy them back. notwithstanding the immense amountof going to the extent of strikingthe
we &&&& && &&& I
work that it is now necessary to plaintiff. In the course of one of all and in all the colors
safe styles leading
It's perfectly to perform and who is to take a more : these: scenes at Rochecotte duringthe ,
alone lucrative position in the autism of 1895, the countess was
send boy to city. Cafe
your Mr. Aymard is a you g man who is brutally pinched by her husband. The to at 69c 95c $1.39 $2.90 $3.95.
buy here. well qualified to fill the position. His next day while she was still suffering go ,
i If i our taste and his experience before his residence in I Nonpareilwill from his 'violence, she revealed the
Pensacola: as deputy clerk of the cir-, fact to an American friend wno wasa
tate: do not suit your cuit court at Milton and later as guest at the chateau. .1
ideas-back with the 'deputy clerk in this city well fits himto open November 20th Third-During the summer of 1898,
handle the business of the office in and notably during a pleasure trip Suits and .Waists. Silk Bargains.
goods.Ask. a most, satisfactory manner, and his over West Florida Stsam which the Count de Castellane took .
friends the count was intimate with a mar-
"TufXut" predict that he will make
to see our one
of the most efficient clerks that has Bakery. Catering and Thea- ried ..woman Madame A. $5.00 Tourist Coats, in 36-inch Pagoda Taffetathe
suit for boys, $5. ever held the position. Fourth-The count maintained a
mixtures Silk 90c value in black,
correspondence with "Madame A," popular ,

Others in cheaper and THE YOUHT'S COMPANION IN 1907 tre suppers a specialty. fixing the dates for rendezvous special ; ... . ... .-. .$3.49 and all colors, special. .59c !
The Youth's Companion the intermediary of "Madame I
better grades. announces through
among the attractions of its 52 issues I X" and "M. N." in the Rue de Mau- 75c Madras and Percale 36-inch $1.39 black Imperial -

in 1901 beu ;e. Waists, in neat washable allSilk.Taffeta
/ Two Hundred Fifth-During the summer of 1905, a

practical papers serviceable to young Just Received. Count de Castellane had relations styles, a special bargain great bargain at .. .98c .

CTANDARD CLOTHING CO. people who have their way to make Imported Macaroni Sweet Oil. Cheeses. with "Madame BHe had many at . . . . 49c '
} JIBIESEN \ BUILDING in the world helpful in their insis- i! Dill Fish Pickles Pigs ,Feet.caner Spanish Kraut Mackerel Onions, Pilot Codi meetings with her principally, at the One lot $15 Tweed and Best 59c J ap Silk (all
tence on worthy ideals in every relation I. Bread French Navy Bread. Everything Pavillion of St James. Silk) in all the C
of life useful in the home-par- fresh and new. Sixth-During; June, 1903 a lady 1fannishVorsted Suits leadingcolors
ticularly the regular series "Till the Witch Hazel $1.00 per gallon. entered the count's automobile dined 1 11 and black, specialetc.
--- ---- ---- --- Doctor Comes." Marine Grocery Company.V. with him at Ville d'Aviay and both in the' popular grays,

SCARRITT MORENO.SAFES Two Hundred and Fifty J. VIDAL Manager. later went to the Pavillion of St. etc., special for 2 days .. ... .: . .....:. .... .39c
capital stories-humorous James, where they spent two hours.
Agent for OF Diebe'd ALL! Safe DESCRIPTIONS.and Lock Co., character stories stories of life on I Seventh-During the same year only . . . .$8.90 A magnificent line of ,

Canton Ohio.! St. the farm in the great cities, on the 1905, Count de Castellane eras inti- $17.50 Man Tailored newest color combina- ,
20 E. Gov.
and Salesroom) -
O'Ece sea in' the wilderness. Among them mate with a woman who lived in a
will Derive serial stories by five Com- FLOATED B BARK furnished room house in the Rue: Suits, in blues or browns, tions i in Plaid Silks at,

DAILY TOWEL SUPPLY. panion favorites: Hamlin Garland, Castiglione. I a choice garment, and per yard 49c, 69c, 89c J

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CLEAN TOWEL EVERY DAY, 'will be a series also based upon in- indiscretions, repeated rendezvous Man Tailored Suits !
J1.00 PER MONTH. SUPERB FROMBEkCH F $30 .One lot of neat dark
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-- -- -- the first colonial planting to the closeof found by the domestics making almost special bargain, at .$24.90 blues and reds
greens ,
NEVI! the civil war. public scandals. Count de Cas
One Thousand tellane went.frequently_wita "Madame, .75c Outing Flannel, and worth 59c per yard togo
1I Ecld-fiHsi Ba2sj\:!1 Pies, 25 and 3Qs par pairw. short notes giving concisely clearly C" to an apartment \vu.cu he maintained ... Mercerized Satteen Petticoats : {
at . _,. .. 39c
A. Gahlenbcck 21J S. Pa'afsx! St. and accurately the important news of at Neuilly_ ,_ I
the times in public affairs, and in the Ninth-In June 1995, at the end of I I ,a special bargain 50 c Velveteens I for ShirtWaists

1J COTTRELL, fieldsof science and industry. I a.big reception at t mansion on the at .-. . . . 59c
I FINE PHOTOG APHS. Three Hundred avenue Malakoff/ Count de Castel- all colors I special -
Pensacola.. contributors giving assurance that When Cargo Was Unloaded lane and "Madame C" were founa an Remember, we
j ... .. t.39c
? ?
taste hour after alone in the and
-- -- every need and every among garden most extensive line of Suits,
companion readers will be satisfied. Vessel Was Easily Moved the count was complied to summon j 75c
TURTON & BELL 1 and Waists ever'brought Corduroy all colors
Coats ,
FHOT06RAPHS8S SINCE' 1870. Governor Folk, of Missouri Edward aid for the opening of the gate. The ,
!Ktdik iuppl.. finlshin) ,tr- Amateurs. Everett Hale, Margaret Deland Cot by Tug Boat.The servants who responded recognized I to Pensacola. for Waists, special. 59c
T. W. Hiscgiason, Commander Eva "Madame C," who left the mansion
Booth of the Salvation Army Gen. A. I hurriedly. .f
J R. K. WHITE W. Greely and Ion Perdicaris are Ninth' (B-In th e absence 'of her
W.kiIr..k.r.'hlllllidura.; : Jeweler.a4 GrafcataCptic.an.30 among Norwegian barli Superb is one husband and notably in the course of MISCELLANEOUS BARGAINS.
S. Pailsx! Street. Pensaeola. Fla. them.Two Thousand of the foreign vessels which passed a Journey of "Madame CTs" husband,
one-minute stories anecdotes bits ofhumorsketchci.which she received the Count de Castellane
through the September blow with but 50c Jeweled Back Combs, $1.0010-4 Blankets, special -
take not more every day at her residence and upon
Tersely Told than a minute to read. They are al- little damage although this fact qt's his arrival gave orders to the servants one hundred dozen to select pair . . .u.69c

ways new, always well told and in not fully realized until yesterday to turn away further visitors. from at half price. .25c 1.50104 Blankets, -
. great quest by preachers and after- when diTers completed their examination The. Countess de Castellane _going special
: Alex. IJPchioff returned last night dinner speakers. of the hull. one day to the residence of "MadameC 8c and, lOc Torchon Lace pair . . .$1.19
Z from Chicago, where he has been for announcement of the new ," was tolls the servants
A full by that Extra
the past ten days on business. The Superb had almost completed : and Insertings ,extra good bargains in '
volume will be sent with sample "Madame C" was not at home al-
i \V C McLaughlin, one of the prom- copies of the paper to any address on her cargo of lumber when the storm though at that time the count was on wide, special for 2 days' .5c Wool Blankets.5c .

bent business men of Florala is in request. The new subscriber for 1907 occurred and she was sent ashore the premises. Torchon Lace and In- :Mill ends of 6 and 7c Calicos
the city on a business visit who sends $1.75 for the new volumeat near Perdido wharf, where it was Ninth (C)-While "Madame C"
! once will receive free all the remaining feared she was badly damaged. She was at Paris, two maids of "MadameC sertings special . .3c to go atFRIDAY . . .3c
The Woman's Club will meet this rested in about ten feet of and "
r I issues for 190C including the who were mounting guard to per-
afternoon at 3:SO o'clock in the studioof the contract for discharging me cargo .
S II double holiday numbers; also the mit Count de Castellane to,emerge by
Miss Cawthon 386 Brent building.Attorneys Companion's four-leaf hanging calen- was among the first to be awarded. the back stairway in the case of the MORNING
i Emmett Wilson and John I dar for 1907 lithographed in twelve When this work was completed a of the husband, did in reality. see him Dress Goods Bargains. ,
T. G. Crawford are in Orestview to- colors and gold.Subscribers tug boat easily towed the vesel out so descend.
toy on legal matters. They will return who get new subscrip- and anchored her in the stream, Ninth (D)-The servants:! of "Ma 38inchYoolf. hair and 9 to 10 o'clock
to the city tonightChas tions will receive $16,290.00 in cash where the divers made an examination -I dame C" were not ignorant that she
1v this who has I and many other special awards. Send of the hull and found it uninjured met Count de Castellane and one of New Dane Suitings, 40c I,
of city
been taking a stenographic course in for information. as she hadrested in the soft them frequently, sometimes three .a value, in cream, black ,or only

&e: Eastman Business College at THE YOUTH'S COMPANION, sand times a day, carried from her lettersto . .29c
special .,
144 Berkeley Street Boston Mass. The vessel is now in seaworthy I the count. There were frequent navy,
i Ponghkeepsie N. Y. has graduated
condition and was at little Tweed Suit-
expense scenes between "Madame C" and her 65c Mannish
!in that and is taking
department now I Judge Mabry Married. with the exception of the dischargingand husband on the subject of tile Count One lot of Ladies Madi i
2 a course in banking. I Louisville, Ky., Oct. 15.-Hon. Mil- reloading of cargo and the time de Castellane. ings, in new grays, and and Percale
ras Waists
. R. S. Noble of New York who ton H. Mabry, of Tallahassee Fla., lost. Tenth-While the Countess de Cas Shepherd check, special.49c 1
0. pent yesterday in Pensacola to view clerk of the supreme court of Florida tellane was absent in America, Countde special I . . e. 39c
., Sa waterfront after the hurricane and at one time chief justice of that LIPTON WILL COME Castellane was lailmate with One 1 lot of fine imported
.' left where he court, was united in the holy bondsof in One lot ShirtWaists
0 last night for Mobile "Mme. D. He dined with her in a Tweed Suitings, new Boys'
. sill stop for a few days and then wedlock to-day to Miss Irene Wesh- AGAIN FOR CUP private room at the Cafe Angiais and mixtures broken
Proceed! to New Orleans where he burn a charming and accomplished -- ordered orchids for the decoration of and stylish a assortment -

il till! spend the winter. (I lady bride of Louisville.left immediately Judge Mabry for flor-and New York By Associated,. Nov.! 15.-Sir r'reey. Thomas the table. great bargain at e .69<:. ,.special, each e . lOc.
I I Eleventh-On May 11, 1904 while
The banquet of Wednesday night, ida. Lipton in a speech delivered during a
celebrating the twenty-fifth anniver- regimental review in Brooklyn last the Countess de Castellane was'ab- '
.. I KIT of Pensacola lodge No. 3, was I night, said he would come again in sent Count de Castellane took "Mme. r
I Pensacola I search of the American D" to the Chatteau des Marias wherehe
b ftred by the ladies of Theltf'm laeome. II cup. Lipton T.H. LANNON & CO.
Temple No. 14, and was a credit to is to sail for Europe Saturday and passed the afternoon with her.
It does not seem to me consistent
-For several years, Countde
:lose! ladies while the beautiful annierary some definite announcement regardinghis
cake was presented the lodge, for a man to say at the marriage altar -I negotiations with the New York Castellane rented in Paris a num-
. h "With all my worldly goods I thee Yacht Club for another is lookedfor ber of places for his rendezvous, in --' -
w airs Neils McK. Oerting. race 't'
: I' L.
I endow" acd four months later make by yachtsmen that day or soon particular No. 26 Don le Rochefou- ;::. : .: .: __ .
i iIII necessary for his wile to use diplo thereafter. coud where he was known under the
There's none just as good as Blue I to get CO cents from him to pay name of "Pascal;" INO. io: Rue de ---
altbon Lemon and Vanilla. Absolute- macy General Foy the pavillion.of St. divorce;and,'as he had
iI The husband who dolorously justifying a
II pure go twice as far and the the milkman. PRESBYTERIAN James and No. 5 Rue''Cave, at Neuil- failed to establishe a reconciliation,,, DEPOT LOAN OFFICE.
I "Blue Ribbon Flavor" is perfection.Ask .I j i doles out dollars under protest ORDER ly. At these different addresses he the petition of Madame Se Castellane., t '
ii for the 25c size. I I on the installment plan to meet family ADJOURNS! received, to the knowledge of severalof was granted. I,, All kinds of repairing done on Watches, Clocks
's viewing home in a wrong; f'. ,
expense* I his his servants and chaffeors the count's demand for an alimen-
Associated Press. The
OFFICIAL VOTEOF I I pets;., :cttvc. Many men who pride' Indianapolis By Nov. 15.-The first I woman with whom he was intimate. tary allowance of $50,000 annuallywas Guns, Pistols. Highest price paid for old gold Money,

iI them: elv j on the care they take of national gatehring of the Presbyterian Then followed a long list of dates denied on the ground: that the loaned on personal property. We handle all kinds of
i their families feel that in permitting church workers called the Presbyterian extending from the years 1901 to guilty party in a divorce loses all the,I
DADE COUNTY their wives to "ran bills" at certain Brotherhood adjourned tonight !I 1906. The text of the decree:! does not I advantages aciordcd: by a' marriage1,Jewelry, both new and second-hand. Don't forget.J .

a. stores they have done all that Is neces leaving in the hands of the general i go Into the details of the countess contract, or the course of married life'end ]i THE WATCHMAKER .. 1
I-naml Not. 15,-All the amendments But store account is not cash; council of twenty-one members the i. bill of particulars** inasmuch' as, constquently the court refused F PlPmpnt' ,
carried in this county with the sary. a cannot buy naming of the next meeting; place and Madame de Castellane submitted let..: to,allow, not only the count's original I.L IDS East Wright stre>$te
it is not negotiable
exception of the one on drainage. TheMlowing 'have them the, adoption of a constitution. A res-I ters and documents several of wl.,"'i claim for $50,000 ner annum but the
concert and
I is! the official vote: tickets for a olution was adopted expressing sym- were from the count himself estab-. $500000: which the countess offered f
Amendment relating to drainage charged; ou the coal bill or pat *B extra pathy with the laboring men of the,lishing sufficiently that sin' .. and which it now seems the count i
For, *60; against, 491; majority trolley ride with the children on country. marriage notably in 1898 1902 and claimed to have accepted October 25.HILLSBORO'S J. F DAVIS, JEWELER -
against; the amendment, 131. dry goods store accounts. Some women 1905 he had improper relations and i ..
Amendment! relating to salaries of rather than submit to the humiliation FOUR MEN DEAD correspondence with various women, VOTE Now In
,1Jt cps of the supreme court-For of "asking for money" from their thus rendering himself guilty of actsHard : New Brent Building 23 S. Palafox St. j

: 3''-. against, 2G6; majority for the I husbands do without little things that MANY INJUREDBy ON AMENDMENTSTampa I

Amendment, 26. I would add greatly to their happiness Ii '
Amendment relating to salaries of I the Delineator. Others, after Associated Press. Nov. .-The official vote !need have no terrors for you >f
J rouses of criminal courts of records says Fort Smith Ark., Nov. 15.-Four on the several WASH DAY to
of Hillsboro county if send washing
their husbands''moods as a your
studying you
;:r. against 200 majority for men were killed and a score injured amendments as tabula-
; i constitutional
*** Amendment, 137. mariner watches' the weather, by .polIcy several fatally, by the explosion of a r pots l; ted by the canvassing board is as fol- The New Method Laundry,
Amendment relating to time crimi- flattery: wheedling or other arti- boiler of a cotton gin at Caulksville, tows: PHONE 1185/ E. W. CAWRENCE. Prop. *e-*eth.d Unn<7 BUJg. W. R3: AMST
1 tal court of record in Escambia coun- fice secure as a concession/what[ should Ark. to- lay. For drainage amendment........ 4H AGENTS WANTED.
(-4'er.:37: against, 200; majority be given them as a right. Others stint are easy when the Brain Is Against drainage amendment.... 951
. Br the amendment, 137. I I on the housekeeping money, save at Appeal for Composer.New For increase of salaries of the
Amendment relating to time neces-I the expense of their own energy York, Nov. 15.-An appeal for clear and circuit court Judges 1i
laryfor publication of constitutional health or strength: in order to get a lit contributions for a fund to be devotedto I Quit Coffee and usePOSTUM supreme........................... 606 Subscribe for the Journal It will >i tj.
Sendments: -For. 273: against 227l i tle money of their own. the support of Edward MacDow- Against Increase 'Qf salaries of j.
I CaJority for the amendment. 46. I ell the American composer, now men- and circuit court j
Ii I tally incapacitated from doing his Judges supreme! ........._............... "1 be delivered to your door for 1 lOc a i
work wai issued tr>day. It is signed increase of salaries of judgeof .
Ij 'bGIIIO'IIJIIIO.-.o among others by Grpver ..Cleveland.AndreV t For criminal courts. .... 559 .I .
sum i
C _
; 1aq Oarnegje George. B. (grtek THERE'S A REASON." Against Increase of salaries of week: .
i :o p rJ you, J. Pterponl bioraaaadtl3isho' Judge of criminal courts....... 525 .
C. tetter.
Henry r$

.,' ,.

i +,

\ 1 1fi


f... f-. ,,'. k",. o'i; 'ioJ>.ot.--__.. ..;; -!} .., < .i..... _


?' ,.c'_
_ 'r+ -- # 1w.fi: .,''
J vf



.- -

s ,.' till
---:: ,
Policyholders! election I -. .
committee for

t PIe JenjU om onrnalDAHY. to This the board action'on of directors.the part'of the governor i ALL SORTS. I

was taken after examination -
an -. .. ... II
\ made of the state records,-In which fliOSINGQUTSAifltEverything

was computed the amounts of money TROUBLE.

: WEEKLY. SUNDAY. paid out by Alabamians during eight The gobble of the turkey

years to the five life insurance com- Is music to our ears;

. PUBLISHED EVERY MORNING EXCEPT: MONDAY panies doing the leading business In Oh, it's wipln out the gloominess,

the state, and also the amount of It's wipia' out the tears, i

...BY... money returned to'the citizens of the We're a whetin' 'up the hatchet in this Store Goes at and BELOW COST.i

THE JOURNAL COMPANY.FRANK state during the same time. This And a-lookin' for a block.
computation showed, the statement And a lot o' trouble's brewin'

said, that in that time the five companies For the struttin' turkey cock. until is =
Sale ,continues everything gone
L MAYCES ",..W.nt ant General Manager collected $14,000.000, paying
back only $5,000,000, a condition which The 'possum may be hangin' J
had resulted in a drain upon the state From a loaded 'simmon limb

MEMBER THE ASSOCIATED PRESS. of more than $1,000,000 a year for But well leave him to the nigger, ...... J.
those companies alone. We' ain't lookin' after him; ...... f

SUBUCRIPTION RATES The statement made by the governor The 'possum may be toothsomeWe -

OB e'Year .? .. ??........$S 00 Oat Monti ... .. .? .. .? 45 in throwing himself Into the con- We're ain't inclined to knock.trouble '10 New Domestic J. The best machine J
troversy on life just makin' .
Six Mentis... ,._.? ... .. 2 50 One Week.. .. .. .. .. .. 10 in insurance matters follows For busy
Three Mom ia.. .. .. .'. 1 25 Weekly Batten, per year.$1) eo full: a struttin' turkey cock.
"A careful person has taken the Sewing Machines at made-noted for light :
trouble to compute from the records we hear his gobble-gobble

The Only Peasacel JVewspajMf From Which a Detailed in the office of the secretary of state, In the night-time, and our dreams

Circulation Statement Can Be Secured the money paid out by Alabamians in Are plumb full of hills o' dressin"An' actual cost. rcnning.
eight years to the five life Insurance rich gravy runs in streams J
companies doing the business In between 'em and white celery
leading ......
...... "
in Is standin' In shocksOh -
Alabama I
and also the money returned up
t'M.nrt f t i..pi RMM 28 I I Pavers en Sale. en Train to citizens of the state in the there's lots o' trouble comin f
ti.A.enotace1500! For the struttin' turkey cocks!
and stall News Stands. same time. He learned that the com I t

time panies and collected paid back 114,000,000 to the state in that$5- -John Mortimer Lewis.If Lot of nice Lace Curtains at and below cost. ;

Offices-Journal Beltdlnff-Cerner lntencUnoia and D.Luna St. 000,000 being a gain to them and a the Cuban minister in Washington -
drain on the state of more than $1- ,"Senor Quesda, does not reconsider Bedroom Suits Sideboards Hat Racks, Chiffonieres and
000,000 a year for the,five companies his plan to leave the diplomatic ,

PEXSACOLA, FLORIDA, FRIDAY; MORIW,G; NOVEMBER 16, 1906.) alone.'Two'. service the capital will grieve over Couches also a nice line of Reed and Oak Rockers Straight
of the companies consideredin the loss of Senora Quesada, one o( ,
-- ------ -- --
I this figuring are the Kew York life the most popular women there. She Chairs Sofas Dining Tables Lamps Toilet Sets Pictures
The Reason posing those' issues. But they had it and the New York Mutual. "It was by has lived in Washington almost ten ,

for Hearst's Defeat. In for Hearst himself and they were the illegal or improper holding of years and to her tact and charming Wardrobes Iron Beds Mirrors Clocks Cots Centre Tables ;

able to control enough rotes to de their part of this nine and other mil personality may be ascribed part of ,

We have read with no little Interest feat him. lions that the two companies have the success that has marked her hus Felt
been able to pile up together $950,000- band's career. In the days of the Cu- etc. Ten rolls of Japanese Matting at cost.
and with more or less patience, The same men and their followingwere ban junta Senora Quesada made hostsof

the various opinions of the press and responsible for the defeat of 000."A fight is on for this vast sum. friends for her, struggling country. Mattresses at cost.

the public regarding the reasons for Bryan in 1896 and they will continueto Many people who have gained fortunes She is a pianist of fine attainments

the defeat of Wm. R. Hearst for governor contribute to the defeat of real, by keeping it together or refusing and has a good voice. She was

of New York in the face of the democratic policies and real democratic "to pay it out to policyholders wanta that educated city in the Paris knack and of dressing learned in in Lot of Baby Buggies and Go-Carts at a sacrafice Two loads Bookcases :
,J fact that the balance of, the democratic leaders just as long as they are lease of life. The administration good taste Senora Quesada has a
A few second-hand furniture
Desks. at
ticket in both cases are undoubtedly and Writing pieces your own price.
state ticket was elected. permitted to remain in the party. The handsome fortune and is known for
in the old crowd;
Some ascribe the defeat of Mr. sooner they are kicked out and madeto where .a change has been made in a her philanthropy. Her three chil-

Hearst to President Roosevelt's ef line up.with the party of the trusts director it was hardly more than In dren are native Washingtonians, a
fact of which she is proud. Come early and get pick. Look for sign: "CLOSING-OUT SALE."
name. I have your
and no policy with either _
forts, others say that Tammany knifed corporations where they belong,
one of the companies, but I am sure. ,
him, a few represent that Hearst was the sooner ,will the democratic partybe it is in the interest of such holders to Very few persons have the courageto

the only man against whom the re in a position to command the respect vote a change. be married quietly, without fuss or

publicans made an organized cam- and confidence of the country. I "It has been said that the anti-administration ; expense. Men\ have sometimes gone
through the ceremony and left their Furniture House
paign, and still others contend that It[ never can do either while so manyof 1' crowd will be as bad as wives at the church door, but in such fisher

the voters did not like Hearst's per- its so-called leaders make a regular. the administration ticket. That can cases the marriage was one of compulsion
hardly be true. Those who
sonality and the result of the electionwas business of, knifing democratic nomi kept up or state necessity, and in nowise ,
with the showing made the !
by Armstrong -
rebuke affected the general custom. The
a personal to his man- nees.
ners and methods. that being committee likely cannot or even conceive possible.of old fashion of the posy ring given on Phone 983. 138-140 E. Intendencia Street.
The students at the State University the redding day, was pretty, and
These all Hundreds of millions denied the
reasons are susceptibleof were
are showing the these rings, with their quaint conceitsand
right spirit In
policyholders in while
more or less elaboration and any premiums affectionate mottoes, are now
the establishment of a university I these vast sums were used to bull and
one of them can be dressed up intoa eagerly sought after as curiosities. -
weekly, the/ University News, in bear propositions in which the policyholders In these prosaic times lovers no longer Huggins or Hilton when he arrived then decided to return. The 11..1
fairly plausible presentation of an I interested.:
Gainesville. The paper is devoted to were Not only share broken coins or .the halves I but saw them the second day thereaf been offered work in a mill bat c?

altogether speculative proposition. the interests of the University and i is I claimants were the dividends but their denied rightful of a locket, or give miniatures to JUDGE SWAYNE& ter. No one accompanied the party dined to go to work in the mornt;g
own was
But the fact is, none of them is cor filled with local news of the schooL used to depress property,money holders o f wear round the'neck, as even GeorgeIV witness -was with to Savannah, but because they were asked to go ''a

red The last issue contained a full account -I these same claimants. A change can that heartless and selfish monarch they were met at Savannah by Dr. work without breakfast. How("ro,

] The result shows that while Hearst not possibly hurt the policy holders. did, being buried with the picture of Grace, who accompanied them to witness said the man had offered ((9
I of :Dr. Murphree's able address Mrs. Fitz Herbert hanging on his Lockhart The party was immediate give them all they wanted if tbr
himself On the it would recommendthe
was defeated, Hearstism was I before the students at the opening of two contrary 'to- the good opin breast. Little items of sentiment are IS SEVERE ON ly divided and witness went to the would go to work.
victorious. The issues on which ne gradually disappearing but not the -
the University, a column write-up of ion of the general public which they camp ,where he ,remained three The defense persistently QUW..I
made his campaign were endorsed by the Rollins-Florida football fine clothes the parade, the extrava- months; before going away the first ,.
game, sev greatly need. Not only so, but futureboards witness about the size or the gunman
the people. That this endorsementdid eral accounts of class meetings, debating of trustees will know that they gance, the crowds and the champagne. time he 'remained only 3 days, when on horseback had and, not*

not include the man who had societies and Greek Letter fro can be turned out and this will surely Sweet music, come touch me with a he took to the woods, and tried to standing witness testified thai ''.3

toned these issues, who had educated ternity notes'together with columnof mean a feeling of greater responsibility finger tip PISTOL TOTERS S make his way to Pensacola, butcouldn't pistol was a third of a yard Ion; --,
a '
by the board to" the owners of And let me sing a song say how far ,he had pro- til defense objected and the COUP! .j.i
the public mind and conscience
well-written editorials. The paper the company. That lesson, is worth Forsooth to set the big wide world gressed. He and his companions tooKa lowed the question to be *- <1
\Into a realization of' what they meant,' Is calculated l to create a spirit of en everything. atrip : direction, and, kept going. They "Whether, witness considered a t:-:*

ind whrf had made it possible for his thusiasm among the students and Is "If the administration ticket wins And win me:fame, ere long. (Continued from Page Two.) were afraid some one would catch a third of a yard long a big ping *

arty to win even though he could deserving of a liberal from out, then there will be no future like *" them and ,take ,them,_back. Witness a little one," to,which witness r v:',.
lot himself win with it-all patronage fight in our day. I believe that the "And the music replies with to '19oi'ala.et Florala the man gota said he ran away from the camp be- that it was of regulation size. He t.
this m'en peace

constitutes the
business of Gainesville. Col policy holders' fight in that case will wrinkled brow team and took him to Lockhart.He cause he was cheated and not given seen the revolver before in the w_

one of those curious anemones lege spirit among the students is what be lost, practically forever." "I really haven't time. went with the man because he the work he contracted for. That was lug room at the station, when hand

of policies which is hard for one builds a big University-and the University Speaking of the matter. Governor I must must attend J. Whitcomb Riley was afraid he might get In trouble if one of the reasons and the other was the man who had him In char

to understand or accpunt for. of Florida is fortunate in hay Jelks said: now.., he did not go. They arrived at Lock- because it was. hot ,work the men reached Florala. Witness was sit:

But in Mr. Hearst's case the prob- ing such men as Clyde Evans and "I have taken this step because of Inspire yourself to rhyme." hart at about 7 or 7:SO p. m. were without water ana there was no treated and said he had nothing >
the interest I feel, and which I believe -Paul Cook., When Lockhart was reached the one to take any care of them. Wit- complain of in that regard.
lem is not so difficult of solution Sam Sanborn
as to launch their first ven the majority of people are taking. in man who had charge of him ness' left Sunday before noon and With reference to the German -b j

It would seem. ture college journalism. :Mr. Evansis the management of the great mutual By his Samson-like strength, Albert took him either to the office! was caught:Mhnday afternoon. After run away to which witness testifi

In the first place, in order to educate a post graduate student from Tallahassee life insurance corporations. The election Fischer, a workman of Quebec Canada or manager's dwelling. There a he was caught and returned thirteenof In direct examination witness stated

public sentiment up to that point and has had some experiencein of new boards. of ,directors for saved his life. Fischer was em- man named Sandor met them. This the men asked for their pay in that he had seen the two mea I

:>here a successful issue of the ques- the newspaper work, while Mr. the companies in question to my ployed at a stone crusher,and his duties man asked why witness had run away order to leave but they had not been brought back by "the doctor who : mind, is a matter of 'prime input consisted of feeding great rocks paid. There was one of the bunch .also a carpenter.. Witness talked
tions involved could be expected, Mr. Sanborn is .from Carrabelle.The tance. Unless some check is placed into a giant crushing machine. To do who could speak English and he I with the men and they told him that

Hearst has been no respecter of any upon the administration of the large this he stood on a platform just above work was not according to contractHe asked Mr. Lamata to pay them and I they had been brought back: witness

man's partisan professions. He has Ocala Banner In Its explana companies, there is not likely to be the crusher. Just after he had droppeda said the man who he saw at the the latter told them to wait for the !did not know why of his own pei-scn

attacked men in his own' party-and tion of the causes that led to the defeat any change in the method of con little fifty-pound boulder Into the office or residence resembled Mr Har- regular pay day. Witness left before I al knowledge.

property so-just as readily as the of the drainage amendments ducting the affairs of the companies. machine his foot slipped and he fell lan but he could not identify him pos- the regular pay day, but only got as I Counsel for defense asked thai tr-
On the other hand, if a new board of headlong between the immense steel itively. Sandor was Interpreting for far as Escambia bridge. Not being I testimony of relative Abut
states that the witness to
of treasurer of Florida
men other parties whenever their directors should be elected, in addition jaws. No person was near to stop the the gentleman. able to get across the men returned he had heard be stricken from <::*

questionable political or business op- has been the treasurer of the I. I. to procuring new men for the di engine. Bracing his shoulders againstthe From the office or residence wit- to Lockhart They then asked again I record and Judge Swayne after rrf.-,

' J ierations made them open to attack. I fund'for fifty tears with no additional rectorship, the policyholders will steel crushers which were slowly ness was taken by Mr. Huggins to tor money and -as it was refused the ring to the stenographer's notes st:fed '

When he attacked the gas trust'theIce bond required for this special work have impressed upon them they owea closing together the sturdy workman the log camp where he stayed all men were therefore compelled to go I to the jury that heresay evident
to their office. If the exerted all his strength in one pow- to work and wait for
and that no objection has ever before night He was locked in the house again pay day. ,was not legal evidence eicert;;
trust, the traction interests, the directors are made to feel that they erful effort. For a moment the machine that night and the next day he was Eleven returned. Witness said there when it referred &
been raised
city election steals the franchise against it. The truth of may be removed at any time, they stopped; then the massive sides returned to the turpentine camp from was one who could talk English and I fendant had said. The judge also 'I'

grabbers, the negligence of duty by the matter is that Treasurer Knott is will 'exercise their offices with morecare drew apart and finally there was a which he had run away, but had seen the men asked this fellow to go to pressed himself xmphaticall! r-
not the treasurer of nor has and more consideration for rending of steel points and the crusher the bosses and ask them to either I
public office holders, and the hundred any con no guards or men with guns there the question of error ,and said bs- <.
those who have placed them where fell to pieces. the men off% give them
and one cases of political or business trol ,over this fund, except as a member abouts. pay work I not want any error to be foam a

s corruption which he of the Internal ImprovementBoard. they are. Aroat&tle Petit Lareeay.' There was nothing said to witness as tjiey had no money. They were in the case at bar.H. .
has been In the a peculiar position, not having a cent '
business of exposing and lampooningfor W. M. McIntosh, of Tallahassee I 6aUght Pate Fire O.... "I hope yoa note b1'*; sir' et'Iaam", about his being accused of stealing. o! money, As they: were returning M. Stokes.IL .
When Hilton had
the has been the treasurer of the "An oven or stove should'never be smiled the girl when they were out on overtaken the witness toward Lockhart they told the man to I II. Stokes was called to the 'It-:
past years-when he did board for many years. It will be remembered built where the sun will strike it," the street again. "While the ma was on the road no papers of any description see Lamata, and ask that he either ness stand at 3:45 p. m. Mr Src::51
this, he spared no man and no party.If I wrapping the toothbrush I was were exhibited and after them off stated that he HJ:
that the last legislature said an architect "Sunlight. puts a up his capture he was not taken before pay or let them go to work. lived at Laurel
the men who were responsible for, passed a bill abolishing this office and fire oat, you know. I had often heard. trying all the perfume oa,the coenter.He any court. When they left it was their intentionto during July and August, of this &
or who were defenders of, the evils from old 'women that fires would not looked at me awfully cud.:." come to Pensacola and enter suit He knew Jeb Howell, who t.a: a
which he exposed happened to be making the state treasurer ex-officio shone them "I should think he would have had Witness remained at the turpentine for wages due-them from tne lumber blacksmith: shop at Laurel Hill) ,,;!'
burn well if the sun on ,
treasurer of this board but the measure arrested" remarked her'compinlou camp for 65 days after he was carried company.At ness may have heard Mr. Howe!> &
members of his own party, it madeno but I thought this was a superstition yon back; he was afraid to leave as they
after having passed both branchesof severely. "What jf everybody tried all this point a ''recess was taken something about a man who Ilz(} < -
difference-they suffered with the I thought the fires only seemed to. might catch him again and whip him. brought
to sImp.t.:1
until 2:30 : (Howelrs)
How p. m.. when tie
the legislature by an overwhelming the perfumes like than nnch cross-ex!
balance. burn less'well because the bright lightof had seen no one whipped, but had amination of witness could not remember spe-i it:;: ''rstances.
majority, received its death sentencein would be have left to seUr'-Keif heard that Laninger was. any
made their flames look men were whipped. The .
Naturally, under such circumstances the sun ,pale continued., He thought he had be:;:
Mr. Hearst incurred the executive office in the shape of .and weak. I was. wrong taoagh. It York Fret. reference to what witness had heard Afternoon Howell and Deputy Atwell tal:;> IIo
the personal the fact that On was by request of counsel for defense, Session. gether. Witness remrmberc.
t i governor's veto. Is a sunlight a range or finally
enmity of a large number of influential Hard Work. etricken from the record. Witness stated, In answer to a
having heard sometbi
stove will weaken and eventually ex Howell say
men. While his The Mrs. .-rm surprised that Sandor had query by counsel for defense that he
exposures and I Journal continues to give WestFlorida tingulsh the fire. The reason la that your promised the witness about having a man there but tai
his efforts pleased the public and I the biggest and best news the sun's ,hinder combustion husband'earns so:little-if be works as that he would come ,after him and did not meet a man driving a teamof not seen him.Uuring .

while the men whose ill-will he had service It has ever had. In fact ThJournal's e rarefying the rays air and lessening the hard as you say. What does'he dot return him to the mill but had not ing horses the party and that did not the authorize men compos- July witness saw snvral
done so-and later several of the the
Mrs. B.-The last thing he did was tocalculate men bunches of throi
incurred could not defend their actions service now is bigger and bulk of oxygen so necessary' to a good, tinfts made application to the Hungarian one who could speak English to ask Laurel passing
how many a clock I Hill, and had also seen Oar
before the people, they wereaUII' better than it has ever previouslybeen. : bright blaze ticked In the course of 1,000 years. conCul at Mobile to get them away,:!!.: Lamata or Gallagher if they could return gher and Dr. Grace, the. latter tiavJK,;

in ,a position to stick the knife but without success. They then made to work. A man was met, however asked for Mr. Atwell. !fitness tl.1
Tit Bits.!
deep into Mr. Hearst himself when Tw Site ex War*. application to the consul at New York,I' but was not asked to Intercede seen two men brought back Uircu !J
Tampa Is'entertaining John L.. Sul who came or sent to Lockhart and I for them They were trying to sell Laurel
the occasion Miss Sharpe-I've paid this bill HI1LCounsel
offered-and that once. .
occasion liven this week. And Tampa can do The Her took witness and fifteen others away. the man a cqat in order: to get money *
did offer.in the Baker-Indeed, ma'am.,I'm very sorry be hero." wherewith to for: defense ,objectedspeeiflc o
campaignhich it too. It must be nice to a remarked Witness stated that he frequentlysaw I,I buy food. Before they .- I'
has just closed. that I didn't recollect it Miss Sharpe- the quiet man. Mr. Hilton about the camp where preached:,: camp they decided that the dictment case The was alleged in : d
objection was oppc-
When Judge Alton B. Parker, May fl4Hff.yH; 3if I dare say that yon are sorry that you "It is for a minute," replied Senator he was a boss. He couldn't talk to''man who could, speak English should by District Attorney Sheppard *.*(3
didn't re-collect it, but I'll take care of Badger. "After that the hero wonders Mr. Hilton as witness did not under go to Lamata and ask that they either claimed .
or Geo. B. McLellan District Attorney that the testimony wss:
GOVERNOR JELKS' ADVICE ;' that at the world's bad mwraory."- stand English. He had not been assaulted 'I be paid or allowed to return to work sentiaL Counsel for defense, penir;?
W. T. Jerome Senator Pat Mc- TO POLICY HOLDERS although the foreman escorted until the day of settlement arrived.
Milwaukee Sentinel. decision ':
Stitch together newspaper enough tq a on the question off ere a
Carren, former President Grover $ the employees to the woods witha I They waited.* this man to return ''
Cleveland former (Atlanta Journal)) # entirely cover the springs of your' bed, gun. Witness did not know thforeman's e j but as he did ant do so they returned produce some law bearing upon ,
Tammany Leader matter. lay
and I if there are slats make a second Han. D..1r! Imfl...ce. name, but the same man without I I him.' He'was at camp g or The court seemed to t-r
Richard Croker and many other 3 H"'H II. paper sheet to put'under the springs "This African explorer: whose experiences escorted them back at night \'9 days when the Hungarian consul the contention of the government

lesser luminaries all of whom professed It will keep oat the dust and Is easily are being published in some of Cress Examination. .''came and took him ,away. stated his willingness to hearties artho"Dtzzing ; *"
oa tile Defense then *
to be members of Mr. Hearst's replaced. the papers says parrots are delicious On cross examination witness said!i this time he did not see anyene subject. ic-i11
gued the Jay at considerable:
own party, all openly bolted his nom I. Acting on' the information received i 1Ilt1:1g'. I always thought they were he left New York in July, on a Sat'! gu arding'the camp where he was and was followed by a similar 4TP" *
from an inspection To keep the pile on velvet from J urday, but could not remember th a' ployed. r-
nation and openly opposed his election of the records of very tough"a ment on the part of prosecution *
it the state with regard to mutual life crushing while betas stitched place "But he refers to wild parrots. It's date; he' reached Lockhart the fifth I]j I During the time the party was em-j I ter which Judge Swayne decided '-d
was simply a case of -getting
day after he left New
and sent
companies. Governor Jelks yesterday piece of the same'material face their association: with men that makes from Lockhart tjiey anT testimony that would go to ,io*
even -an example of.how many even publicly threw' his influence againstthe ward on it. The fingers rest down-I most parrots .tough.."-Philadelphia reached the camp where he worked point where the bridge was conditions at Lockhart. within f1'!
supposedly big present administration late the same night He did not see away and could I I
men, can satisfy a of the New and prevent its crushing. cress not cross and had (Continued on Eighth Page)
z; personal hatred regardless of the prin York Life Insurance Compay and the I
Mutual Life Insurance ol I
ciples involved or of the results to Company
New York in the elections to directorship An excellent idea is to connect a
; their party and their country. which those corporations spring to the refrigerator door thus

That 'is the whole story of the defeat will hold in New York December 18. I keeping it always closed, as children

5 of. Mr. Hearst. The In a statement given-out are often negligent la this regard.
principles yesterdaythe . You Look
s which he advocated-the Issues which chief executive advised policyholders Prematurely OM

he had made-were all endorsed. in these two companies to Do not waste your energy in fits ef
vote at the elections for the anti-a d anger. Save your nerve force fwr seia I
p His
opponents in the democratic party ministration tickets, which. have been worthier occasion. : '

N t did not dare go on record as op- put In the field by the International Because of those.ugly, grizzly, gray hair Use "LA CREOL HAIR-RESTORE Price SI.OO. retail.


J .

sr Y v4 "" a ; t
K u ," a :: w





-- 4 } I
sxJ ssssojx
-" 11 -
:; :t. --
I / 1 I Social '
M I Tragedy
Shelled :
** II Almonds, 50

BY AURELIE MARCAN BERNARD. cents.a pound. Currants "I Lovers-and Lunatics Last tfcght. -

H 1 12/2 cts. a pound, Seeded 'With the many musical: comedies
I that have been thrown OK the publicin
| TELEPHONE. 38 AFTER 3 P. M. | Raisins 15 tents a i the past several years, the peopleby

package. Crystallized.., this time have become fastidious,
or rather, they are demanding something
Citron 25
cents a pound. better
1 bigger-and in that line .
t' Glace Citron 35 I every day and unless a musical come-
LIFE'S SWING SONG. all the crowned heads in Europe, who cents a .
dy really has some merit there is but
;V little love, would Jump at such a chance.- pound. I little chance for its success. What ::1

A little little swing hateA Town and Country.) Every item here fresh I the public wants is something good;

Oa tow'rds Fate. r Mrs.,F, B..'JIcGrawiwho; has been and Every order I something to laugh at, mixed in with omen WhoBnnreDeathforSodafHonoa
spending a week with her brother, pure. the smiles of pretty girls, dazzling .

A little swinging \I : East Rev..-J.Hill W." Senterfit and family, on carefully selected and I''costumes The Pensacola, good singing people and got just so on.their i...1 In the midst of one of the most brilliant social functions Jt
How we cling -. returned to her .home In delivered
latll there's something r\ Milton. yesterday. afternoon. promptly. ideal in the musical comedy last night of the season, a noted society woman started "f;
: :: :. .- ,- when "Lovers and Lunatics' was presented -
,-Fhll Stops H.the Arsmslroag swing. to MontjtnaeryAdFertiser. It' "was.not the Temple but Mrs. I I with Joe Morris as Ikey r. suddenly from her chair with a. scream of agony and

Petef" Bell, member of Magnolia Temple -. Sol Calm & Go.The Rosenstein, supported by an A1 com fell insensible to the floor.
tfe-Vfc-'fe- No. 4, Rathbone-Sisters, who presented pany. .

AN ENGLISH PRINCE ADOPTED 'the two beautiful bouquets to Pure Food Store, The features were so numerous A few hours later the, distinguished! physician told
BY AMERICANS. Pensacola lodge No. 2, K. of P.. at its 'I that they sprung ,here and there all
mere is no little surprise at the I celebration. Wednesday' night. Southwest Corner Palalox and Intendenda through the play, and the spectatorwas her anxious! husband that she was suffering from an

tatement made by the English press: Mr, ::and: Mrs.-?t'i1 C. ,W.>. Simmons, are Phonesllbg constantly in anticipation. Every acute case of nervous prostration: brought on
little detail ,which, is
hat Mr. and Mrs. VOILe Andre have: I so e/ntial towards 4 _
the proud parents of a fine baby. "
adopted Prince Francis of Teck. Mrs.i I the absolutely success seems by female trouble and hinted at an -
Von Andre was a Miss Palmer, the Mr. and ':Mrs. Henry Ffeiffer were to have'bet>n carefully considered IB
d.lughterof a New York merchant the recipients'yesterday oi many this play and the whole tning moveson operation. Fortunately a
the sister of Mta. Chauncey De- with a dash and vim that nearly z: friend advised her ,
and congratulations from thOr numerous GULF CITY COFFEE CO. r : ; to try
pew, Mr Von Andre is said to hare relatives and friends, at their home takes you off your feet. ;

cade a fortune in the London stock 23 W ..Romana street, the occasion H. P. CHIPMAN Manager.. Fun? There is ,no end of it.Joe

cjrket; HIS wIfe is a handsome being the 30th anniversary of their Roasters Blenders and Shippers of Morris, in his Hebrew character ; Lydia E.
w man with white hair. They have wedding. would extract laughter from Boston ? -
an opera box and a town house in Fine CoffeesOUR audience. He brought out the laughsso
London, and move in a certain semi- The many friends of Miss Ethel fast last night that at times it was .Pinkh '
\aencan setPrince. Francis of Lchr will be pained to team that she COFFEES ARE SOLD BY ALL impossible to hear what was goingon. A ;: am

Teck is the brother of the Princess is very ill at her home at 513 East I GROCERS. GIVE THEM A TRIAL And as for singing he is an artist
of Wales and the son of the late Wright street. He is possessed of a remarkable .t tJ Vegetab1eX i
Duke and Prince of Teck who married .. I voice and his songs had to be repeated ; .
Jliss Ellie Shuttleworlh
of this
the Princess Mary Adelaide a times again. 1-W
city was registered at the St. Andrew s
titter of the late Duke of Cambridgeand Hotel in Mobile yesterday.Miss I GARNER'S Ii But Joe Morns by no means had 4 Compound
a counsin of the late Queen Victoria ,,*. the: monopoly on the vocal program. .
The Tecks were always Impe- Fannie Hayes- of 819 East The singing of Mr. .George P. Watson : -
csnious but they have made excellent Jackson was a great feature. He has '
street has returned from a a :., The result was that she ff F
carriages May is the future ,Queenof visit to friends in Pulaski, Tenn. strong 'and melodious voice, and I- '
England. Prince, Adoiphus, Dukeof .-?!. Special to The JournaL what is better than all he knows how escaped the! surg on's knife -4
Teck, the eldest brother, married Rev. B. C. Glenn returned yesterday Garm rs' l\ov. 15.-Mr.: Reeves of Mil- to use it. He is a close second to Al &
Lady Margaret: Evelyn Grosvenor from Brewton where he was likin accompanied by a friend paid Mary Wjlson.! and tcrdayls a well woman.

the daughter of the late Duke of called by a message which he nn Esther a visit one day last week. They :Miss Florence Little's singing was The derangement of the delicate female organism! sets nerve In
the wealthiest in derstood death of were for every
Westminister, ; peer as announcing the looking a fishery. The Johnsonsof also greatly enjoyed. She Is a splendid -
England: and the youngest brother, his little grandson, George Bascom the north part' of Santa Rosa., usually vocalist and knows how to please the body quivering with pain. ,Headaches,backaches, torturing bearing

Prince Alexander, became the husband Tippin. He found on arrival there come down to the coast and "lay in" a her audience. down pains and dragging sensations make women nervous and hysterical
last jew, frTTnncess Alice of that the message had been misnader* supply-x. fish every fall.
The chorus girls as a whole were
Albany. the niece of King Edward. stood and that the little fellow was County Superintendent of Schools Mc- superb. Their eDrembles.wvre. DUR MKS. PIIIJIJtM-1 was trwbkd for eight yean wflh irregularities: widen broke
Prince Franc is unmarried; he not. dead, but:. simply very ilL Happily Daniels, was in this part of Santa Rosa above the ordinary.A away down ray system and brought on extreme nervousness and hysteria. I could neither
hag been in the army and,in business the child is now much improved county last week visiting.The / enjoy my ntaala nor sleep nights,became easily irritated and nervous and err despond
and has tried various enterprises and his early recovery is expected. school near Harris having made full column would not tell all the ent. Lydia E. Bokhara's Vegetable Compound proved to be the onjy medicine which

without success, but, it is said, without ."" the average required, has been grantedan many pleasing attractions of the per' helped nva. After t&kingthe third bottle my general health balD to Improve. At the
blame to himself. He seems to REVISED. extra two months., This is as it should formance of last night.. end of thatlftb! month t was well and cow ascend to my household and social duties and
Lava been born under an unlccky Tell me not in mournful numbers be. for there should be no less than,six enjoy Itfs. MRS. CKSSTZX Onucr 42 Saratoga Streot, Eat Boston, Miss.
star. He is 36 years of age; aDd Things arn't what they seem to ,be. months' school in, every district and AI. H., Wilson.
: Mrs. Curry whose portrait on the right Is the leader of
appears ,
Tell me things in livery numbers
- rsther old to be adopted. The English every child of school age should be compelled .- Golden voiced singer Al. H. Wilson
Say for instance, 23. the Ladies' Orchestra. The letter is from Miss
newspapers are prone to exaggerate : to attend ("Metz") he clever German comedian Symphony following

had the reputed fortune of the Von -PhiL Advertiser.Do H. Armstrong. in Montgomery Mr. Moody, our popular' postmaster and in Sidney R. Ellis's new play of Coode President of the Bryn Mawr Lawn Tennis Club of Chicago:
de. Andres. It is said to embrace much the leading merchant on Garnier's bayou, picturesque S1Qt w1and, "Mete in
ling real estate in New York and Brooklyn it now-order Blue visited Pensacola' Thursday to purchase a the Alps" will Be a visitor in Pensa DBA MRS. PUKKAM:-I tried maay different remedies to try to bulHnp: my system
I to and that the prince has consented Ribbon stock of merchandise The goods were cola :Monday night .. which had become run down from kiss of proper rest and unseasonable hours. but
and Vanilla. .
vert to come over here with his adop.. twice far and Absolutely the "Blue pure, go brought out by Captain Hughes of Pen- Mr. Wilson is a young man of talented sseictd to help me. Mother is a great advocate of Lydia Piakham's Vegetable
t tothey ed sessions. He is goodlooking and his is perefection. Ask for the Captain Asa Ward has at last'succeeded front as a German comedian, and whois cess. So I began to take it. and in less than a month I wu able to be out of bed and
relationship to royalty should certainly 25c size. in launching the schooner Honor. It has .now fulfilling satisfactorily the out of doors,and In three months I was entirely] welL Really bare never fek so strong
ried commend him to an American been on ,the beach for.over five weeks lamented "Fritz" Emmet As a medium and weD as I have since. Miss CORA CCCOE,355 E. Chicago Are., Chicago 111.

the heiress, if that product of this land is ever since the stornf"' She made her first for the,display of his abilities,
.ith. not a bit chary. after recent developmEnts PONCE deLEON trip to Pensacola last week. The captain, Metz in the Alps" is superior to any Mrs. Pinkham's advice is free to all. Her address Is Lynn. Mass.
the in some foreign-American on account of adverse winds and calms of Mr. Wilson's former: plays. The

un. households. The prince can marry did not afternoon.get ,up Into the bayou,until Saturday scenes are laid in the Swiss Alps Lydia L Piak&am's Vegetable Compound Cures Where Others Fall
: ala \ihom he pleases and it would no whose snow-capped. mountains are ,
,ked doubt be a treat relief to his relatives Special to The JournaL Manuel Brown took a boat load of wood' famed in legend and story and the -
Ponce de Leon, Nov 15-Quite a surprise to Pensacola last week. --
l::>tol It he made a wealthy match. awaited- the relatives and many play is of that touching tender, home
Mrs. R.
)1 or 4o American girl would b* much friends of lllss Jessie Rosa Moore of this C.' Irwin has composed a new loving kind that appeals to all classesof
.!lie>! more acceptable to them'than a middle place, and Mr." George Glover Blake, of song called the "Home of the Seminole," theatre-goers."
: bawait. Caryvllle, when they announced to-day which has been set to music and In the
English heiress or a wealthygirl that their wedding solemnized &tBoBlfay The story deals! with a Swis-
was young
opinion of those who hue heard '
from the colonies. November 10' to U. ser, "Mete Mailer," who' journeys son 'is'of 'exceptional! strength each THE NEXT TIME
h9 The had their promises ecome popular with music individual being engaged with a
;i 'The Von Andrea: hare no children, :young couple planned across the Alps 'with important
,arge'Well but it is a matter of some comment. marriage for December, but in order. to lovers. Plots and counter follow knowledge of their adaptability to do in Coe's book store ask them to show tho
be a little romantic they decided to surprise Dr. Ford and Mr. Walker have each papers. plots credit the character assigned you are you
among those who knew them that their friends in this These to
way each other in rapid succession -
; U) they: should go out of their way to young people- are -well and favorably rebuilt their wharves, the old ones having: with thrilling climaxes, possibly the them. : Eaton-Hurlbut fine correspondence stationery. For style
been in the storm.
,this of swept away big
knowgi throughout part the state
cdopt an impecunious rojalty. The. and their friends are numbered by their Died at the home of his sister' : Mrs. C. greatest of which is where the heroine ---'-- and elegance, these goods are surpassed by none in the
wh() enterprise, however, suggests posstFIlitles acquaintances. who wish for them a long tnsi,' is rescued from a vast icy Tlie Virginian.
Hudson. the 14 Edwin Mastin from ,
Hied Perhaps throughout Germany '. and happy married. life. catarrh of the stomach. He-'had crevasse by "Metz" and two life saving The offering at:the opera house in market. When you use Eaton-Hurlbut paper, you know
Mr. and Mrs Blake win make Caryvilletheir bern,a
ated and the continent there the future'will be\ "The Vir-
on home, tfhere Mr. Blake has a position sufferer for some time and, had received St Bernard dogsuAvalanche"and near you are correct.
mf'n.o prncelets who arc related to nearlj r as agent with the L. & 1\. treatment both in Crestview and Pensa' "Thunderbolt" who were imported ginlanas presented by the Kirk La

Ikedthat 13 cola,was but a without brother any of Mrs.beneficial Marlow results.He and. Switzerland.direct from an Alpine" Hospice in still SheIla giving Company his excellent with Dustin portrayal Farnum of COE 'S BOOK STORE I *.3SOVTHPALAfoxantttr*..",. B.fMf .. p**.. *3s

Every mother feels Mrs. Hudson and a half-brother r of Mrs. AL H. Wilson', the artist in ques- tie name' part. .The stage portraiture - -- t
a ., Wister's wide-read novel
nes9'son' of Owen
W. Davis. tion, who has been termed by competent -
Rilbg Mine I great and danger read attendant of the pain It Is reported that a full-rigged ship "critics, "The Golden Voiced which of the:is most exceedingly successful popular dramatic and one offerings :::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::ttt:
: upon went ashore on the Gulf side of S nta'RGsa Singer, has youth physical grace ., .
the the most critical period Island near Pritchard Point Wednesday humor, agility, a knowledge of the .of recent years. As a fascinating .. :
vhat of her life. Becoming during the storm. "We have' been way to speak lines effectively, and a picture of life on the unfencedranges

, fer.the a mother should be a source of joy to all, bat the suffering and unable to learn any of the particulars] at singing voice that would cary his impersonation won of- -the the West" endorsement"The Virginian"has of thou-

stat- danger incident to the ordeal makes itt! anticipation one of misery. this writing. even were he less generously sands familiar, with the book, and I H
equipped in other directions.
ncalting Mother' Friend is the only remedy which relieves women of the great He sings ballads with rare feeling its well,.knit, story' charms' all who 11 HELLO MOTHER I It

:pain> and danger of maternity; this hour which is dreaded woman's VVESTVILLE and his voice has that sympathetic see th play

de- severest trial is not only made painless, but aU the danger is avoided I I quality that is above, beyond, and ,
) ex' wholly out of reach of al* "Isle of Spice.
being na
. by its use. Those who use this remedy are no longer despondent or :1 -- -
" on ture's inestimable and brighaet of the
own-an most One ot the songs
did gloomy nervousness, nausea and othe distressing conditions are
rare giflDuring of the present day is "Peggy Brady"as ..
1 in overcome, the system is made ready for the coming event, and the the action of "}leu in the sung' by Miss Leslie Leigh the :: ,
to The JcurnaLWestvll.e it
Special :
serious accidents so common to the critical 1\ov'l IS.-Hurrah for cane- Alps" ilr. Wilson will sing several charming prima donna In ute "Isle of .. I

hoar are obviated by the use of Mother's gpndin time.: new. songs, the titles of w&ich are- Spice' company, accompanied by a
witkee. Friend. "It is worth its weight ia gold" MOl'her's :Mrs. Lilly Simmons of Force de Leon, "My Heaven is in your Eyes,"" "Wl1son's chorus of over sixty beautifully costumed -n What size Shoe did you .

) who have used it. $1.00 spent Sunday in a pleasant visit with hef Lullaby," "Swiss Mountain Bird young ladles. We guaranteethe : __ --
;per .
Hill says many r sister lIrs.V.. M. Brown. Yodel" "Songs of Old Fatherland," melody will,be either hummed or
ear. bottle at drug stores. Book containing Rev. R. T. Baker.'Presbj: tenant, pastor nWh! erlng Breeze and "Snitzle-|whistled by nearly every person
liiVit. valuable information, interest to all women, will held regular services at the Presbyterianchurch bank leaving the theatre on the night of its .1 tell me to get for baby? "

\ be sent to any address free upon application to fr-Iend last Sunday. The company "supporting Mr.11-|appearance here. .. -
say Mr. C. IL Matthews, located m Pensa- .. -
.. BRADFIELD REGULATOR CO. Atlanta Q*. Paul Gilmore. I.. ;
let' cola at present was a welcome visitor to
but our town last Sunday. 'I'hose..who.'ove'co1l e plays will ii, What's that, mother? Tell
in. The oldest son of Prof. J. C. Brown and be gratified with the production to be -
.>ar" ----w- wife, little Clovis, departed this life last "The Best is What We Sell"SOMETHING made hereby Jules Murry, of the! .4 ,' I

tOo Friday morning and was Interred in the new college play, "At Yale," in which i.f
re4hing city cemetery Saturday morning. Mr. Paul Gilmere is e9znlng.Thanksgiving them to send up several pair

! You Must Trust Your Druggist James Bngman performed an interestingand :; )
bad touching burial ceremony. The deep Poultry.
sympathy of all our citizens'go cut to the
enalifla stricken parents. May God gin them Turkeys. 'Ducks,'Chickens, etc., Ed. ij for you to select from? All J
There are many'things about a drug store that require many yearsto comfort and consolation in this hour of M. Pooley, Corner Chase and DeVIl-
)t I Pohne 112f. l5novlwQPORr *
arn. lien street,
' :- \ n is druggist's business to know, and to know surely and posi- grief.Mr. Jno. W. Hawkins, our popular druggist That Will Please the Taste n '

"ing I tirtiy. all about the drugs he sells. lies dangerously ill with pneumonia. right mother. And Oh
halt ugll.s 1\' Our braces Is drugs and we claim to have thoroughly masteredthe Dr. Thompson of Cary\'ll! is in atten. and II Ii IiI ,
) \ details of tills tuslness. dance. T\e earnestly hope that John
We tf9 eCerOnc every effort to the management.of.tos drug store wiU soon' recover. #
. aIn. I t\ as you wotdi like. to see one managed? if you knew all about drugs. The daughter of Mr. James Brigman, Tickle Your Palate Mother, they have just dozens
Almost! tfuttyone would like to patronize: a drug store where they who has been dangerously ill for a long I 4
JsedwhO kfcnr tee bondiSJons prevail. Many people are sure they know ofah time. we are glad to learn is improving. to'Tha JournLFreeport. = j 1
I Rev. Judson Brooks of Geneva, Ala., Soeclal .
a drug store. I Nov. IS.-Mr. Boss HaH, of
es'lIn ,to matter was in town a short time Tuesday morn Finest of different styles and theyareperfectlyexquisiteBudd's
:: To discover. and get your confidence, when it comes a John .Campbell's DeFunlabv made his usual business trip ,
ef ambition. ing. Time seems to have dealt kindly I
to drags, is dur highest to Freeport this week. II .
I We TSant you to trust us. with our old friend. Scotch Orange Marmalade I I Mr. and Mrs. Ed. Matthews and son
This point gained we know we can depend on your, drug points Mr. J. F. Flournoy's Steam mill is now :arrived last week. Mr. and Mrs., Matthews h
l being supplied at our store. in full operation and our citizens will be t will conduct the public school i
but 25 Cents.
awakened at early morn by the whistle'sblast. Stone -
lort. Our rapidly Increasing general business and especially the fact I here with, the assistance of Miss Han if
txst! : ov Prescription Department ,is showing remarkable gains, is cock.:
l tgthrgtJ ar- ,: cfcsr proof that aa earnest, honest, intelligent effort seidoms fails evidence The bird since hunters the season have opened.been in ,Senator noisy- Pure Guava Jelly, 25 Cents. I School started last Monday and everything :. Baby Shoes you know. I'mat
to bring its't'twal'c1.' i seems to be running
John Keel complains that he has
at- We h..e. filled over 200000 prescriptions since beginning business. on toast for every meal. quail Ring us up and give us I I Mr. andJMrs. Securest week.of Louisiana Mr. s.chrest arriTedliTthlFcfty'lasrt I
thatthe Squirrel hunters complain of the scar
Is pastor of the Fresbyt% lan church,her*
tlo city of their favorite game in the river an order for some I i H. gave na a splendid. sermon on Sundayorn2ag ---- 11
j swamp. this' season. I : ami on flanday evening. There .
Mr. O. B. Bush, our former-'popular services at the church next Sunday
will !e

W. A. D'Alemberte depot his shoes agent, and still it carries Is hinted XVestville tender mem-sandin Rosenau&Gerelds II R, REESE
ones In town in- his Tuesday head morning.We-noticed-Ws arrival Fnnlak, were down here last week shop i it WATSON, PARKER & hum"us I"Everything I

.-,.. Druggist and Apothecary The first ice,' add considerable 'frost THE FANCY GROCERS. _. ping.Ur...P,JD_BeYeL was In Freeport last
I was la evidence Tuesday morning.It .. week la the Interest of the Lewis Bear :: to Wear" :1

I I has been exceedingly' dry here a long' I. SOUTH:' PALAfOX ST. Co.. .of.PensaODla. .. ..
121 SOOTH 'PAkAFOX STREETPHONE 109 time, but we-'note- indications- now,:of Mrs. R E. L. McCastall, who spent :: ..

.. wet weather. : : ,Phone. 391 ..-.:.. last week:m.J !ckidnv1fle, attending tILe. ............-. .. ... ..41 I .... *............... I
1 -. "M 'The mail treia is never n.time of Utft.What's ": carnival came home Sunday. ......................... ..0..0...................S'I
the trouble, ?
.. ,
\ e 'IU


,_ t" {' ? tR. i J ,' ,' -/.f:1--; :; ':; 1 ..
-.s.--- .. --
... -
.\-o .
" "" .;___ ...,. : '- !:"' ff-f"t: "' .'It<:f :" ."3>!itt..f --:f .;>.,...r ;<

I .. : -. I


--- =



8STATiE Through and Local Time Tables Between Penucola and Polnta Nert: .
I ? -.- -

WITHOUT BEGGINGActually J Trains 4 Nos : Trains 1 t lcL 1

I : 11:5S f Lv..... ...........Pensacola..........__. ....Ar i:04,. ,,, .
COLLECTED AND PROMPT SYSTEM :th IOpm ................. '..........__..LV 93 ... 11 .
IFO SALE2 RETURNS MADE. i : 9:10pm A1 ................ iitfao: .....:..... ..Lv 4 pn: f .L:1:
i ? : 'I.I 'l:25pm 3:11am Ar..Nashville.................. 8.4..ar. .
i begging for propertyto < .
.... ... .....Ar
of sell.- We have more demand 8:00pmS.1am Lv..KashviUe. 8l: &!J: ;: :
: =
REAL ESTATE MORGTAGES. Installment buying ''1
for building lots homes Iiiam\ 8.15am[ Ar..Evansville..v S.Oa.m 1'..
WANT TO BUY A HOME OR INVESTIN real will make and business property than 7:40am %:lOpm Ar.,.................St. Loins.........v 8.pm.: "t.1

PROPERTY CAN SELL YOU estate you we can supply. If you have 1:5Opml 32am' Lv..................NashVUle...................Ar 3iami ;: "
Dwellings on large comer lot, 107x110 feet. excellent neighborhood, : systematic. You will find anything to sell list with us 2:10am. 8:30 I ................... ................. \H:41am '
on East Wright street ...................-........................ $4500 00' EITHER. at once. Write or call us up 10amIlOOo'n Ar..Cincinnati....................Lv U.OOpml' J
: WANT TO SELL YOUR PROPERTY. that when must doa over phone and well call at :::
6-room dwelling on East Zarragossa street near Seville square ....$2100 00 WE CAN SELL IT. you your house if you desire. We BETWEEN =
looking for work.
Large 1 story dwelling on East Intendencla.street ..................$1000 00 Fire Insurance Placed in thingyou can alwaysdo i&1 2&3 'AI 1&21&4_ & 1
East Hill : it. The best work 7:00am 11:05pm; 11:55am Lv..Pensacola..Ar 5.00am 4fr.Jpm' "

: 7.room 150 feet dwelling stone excellent walk, stables neighborhood, etc. ...,..on.............,.......lot..;110x.....$4500 00 First-Class Companies. always done under pres FOR SALE 10:45am 1.0Opm: 2:51am 1.1.a.m: 4lpm 8.16pm: .Al'\ ................Oriean..Lv.:.: ........... (1..4Oam.bpm llbeml... .. i t. :"11:1'1

2-story, 8-rootn dwelling on Wright street near Palafox .........$8000 00 ;: sure. When rent day l -

6-room feet dwelling with bath on corner and gal.lot on....East......Gadsden...........street........lot....120x132........ $32GO 00 I comes you always have I $3500-4-room cottage and 5 lots corner II Daily 21 I I Dally Ii /Daily f 1 (Daily I S I Trains where do no not tine stop k at shown sinUous 1 DaDyJ 2 I Da1ly 4T"j Dayi: Da
Reus and Cervantes. a !:,
5-room dwelling desirably located on North Akanlz street, with I lot IBilegantHomes the rent money ready. : good demand for cottages at $20 ::=. 4ii 2:20 250 .......... .......... 12:45' 1:%; -

60x170 feet .... .. ... .......-........ .. ..-.- .. .- .. .. $2000 00 Buy a home and it I to $25 per month. Why not let us I ...... 5'00 2-SI I %:55 ._..........Century............. 11.:40 11 11', ..
i : pay talk to you about this corner? ...... 5:07 .2:41 .305 .........Bluff Springs .......... .1:31 Il) Sl : '"
'.room dwelling at Gowldlng, fronting the railroad, with 20 acres of like rent. We have a :: tlJ : : ..... 12:2.. 1:05 ::::
: land .............................................................. $2500 00 : ; I .....::. 3:04 3:36..Pine. Barren.39:0*{ 12:35 :i5" .:
number of that i:39 1:13 .1.50. .....JoIol1nO ............. -11:59 12:41 j:4: .:-
places $5000 For an' elegant little home on North ...... ..5.3...... .4:04.. ............Quintette............ .. : .124 .7;;.: .....
: be and Hill conveniently located, excellent ...... .5:5336 -4:11..Cottage Hill .......... .11:44!'12:29 .b:14;' "
i For Sale< can bought paid neighborhood. ...... -:51 39 .4:15 ..........Cantonement....... .11:40, 1:26 '!:U''. '"
...... "6:01 -1:34 -4:23..Gonzalea.- "
::::: : HOOTON &WATSONI! $3500-Elegant 7-room dwelling on Hayne forwith rent money.McDAVIDIIYER ...... "103 .1:36 .45. .............Roberta............. .11:3a'I:19 12:21 -1Z:!4' ........
street, all modern. ...... esiz 'S:45 .4:40. .Ol1ve.............. :%% '12:09 e711 $'
$1850-Takes S small tenant houses and 7 ....... -':% ..3:514:48 .............Brent.............. .15:04' .1=w'" .
i THE RENTAL AGENTS $4200 7 rooms. Alcanlz, near Gadsden lots on West Jackson street rentIng ............ Ij; .3:54: '4:5%.. .......... Go1 d1ng ............ ... : '12Ol 7 ;<. ..
an modern. for $25 per month.. :30 4vv 5:00 Ar......... Pensacola..Lv 11:05 11:51 7'j \
CO. = = ==

- i Real Estate. Insurance and Loans, $4000-10 rooms East Jackson a bargain. Agent New York : 11 f f T, LJ ,

$2500( 8 :Jackson and $7000-Choice plot of property on East
i rooms 1:0v ....... ...... io
: Lv..Pensacola..Ar 105 ......
No. 37 S. Palafox Street. Phone No. 54. an modern. Life Insurancs Company. Chase renting street for 121x152.$42 Improve-month. S 5:20.............. 7.13; ............Bohemia............ .... ...... : ll-li.
I, $4750 7 100 EAST GOVERNMENT ST., ments .per I C S 5:22.: ...... 1:1i ...........Gull PolnL...:.-.... :........::: -1"' .
..... ...................... ..... .... ............ -modern.rooms North Barcelona all. Phone 700. Pensacola, Fla. S 5:29.:: ............ ...... ............yniestra............ ..........-... >et. .1
S 7:18 <'ambia............ ..108...... .
$1200-4 rooms, East Strong. new house. $2000-Gets a 6-room cottage on West 5:40.; ............. ,.75 ..............1tulat......._.;.. .10:19...... ...- .. ii

Garden street together with 6 lots : ........ ; :": .,... .lIa'i'..._..... 3J.
.Galt .
HELP WANTED. WANTED. $6OOO-8-rooms. large lot. North including- corner south front. : Clty.: _.. .
Baylen. .
: ..... ............. ..... .. -1
Watch these lots bring the 6:3-: .lIl1ton. .... 10Oa ... _.
priceS ...... ..7:35.. ............ ._...._ .... .t' 4
See our list for others. If you are In within two years. : ; ... Rance. ... ._... .
white party or parties. to W ANTEti-Eyery trained .. ... ............. ... .
:CANTED nurse to try the market call and let 03 show : :::: :: : ...Holts. ._ .
you any .. : .
I ......... .... .
run a boarding house for ten or twelve CHICLETS.MANTED of these or others. FOR SALE 7:03.... :" .. ............. ... .... ,
..... "
paw mill laborer near Century. House I C : ...... &.311. _...._..hCrestV1ew............ .':04 ._.. .,, s ,j
at wholesale. Address.1.CenturJ' -Position :56 ........Deer ._._. /'
tree and goods as Commissary Clerk Fire. Bond and Accident Insurance ..... : : Land.- .. -..., .... :
t, Fla 16nov2w and bookkeeper. Eight years' experience Agents. :10. .)Iossy Head_......... 1It3: ...... [ ..: '. J
... .
best of references. Address P. O. S '; ':3i _......DeFunlak ; ..:..; a
.. Sprthga; 1:13...... ,..
\v ANTED-.Erery j-oung man to learn Box 55, Freeport, Fla. 14novlw I For Rent. S ...... 9:.. ..............Argyle............. 7:44.. ..... .... 4 iT
how good CHICLETS are on the Tennis NICE COTTAGE ON .......... .' .9i1 ..........Ponee DE'Leon........: 1:29......._... 4 is it
ourt. WANTED TO RE..T-Small :11. 10:10 -.We6tville...._...... ..
cottage era Two large stores, each 27 by 75 14 : ... ... .1
suit of rooms in desirable locality. and 106 South Tarragona suitable for L. S. Brown & Co. : ..............1(1:15. ...._.....CaryvUle.....,....... T:1% ..._. ._..,
..... .. ; ;,
\.ll'iTED-Whtte boy 14 or 15 years old. furnished or unfurnished. Apply F J. storage warehouse or mercantile EASY TERMS. .... 10:30 ..............Bonlla7......_..... ... ._ '

__Apply to 133 East Intendeneia.. ISnovlt Donovan. Box 834. City. 8nov poses. pur- : .. ..........................10.8 101.. ......................Cbipl ...'..._........_.. .. ..1:55...................... 4 :!

A\"TED-Good steady farmers good BIDS will be received until November Thiesen Bldg. Phone 918. i1:4l....... .. 11:01 ...........COttondale......_._. 1:18 ...... .-.,..f '. :.J
wage and permanent position. Applyto 20. 1906.! for ,the removal of building 5-room cottage and three 1:10 ...... .. 11:% ............Marlanna............ 1:00 .......t's, ,

Garfield Ice Factory. Ibnov known as St. Anthony's hospital on Garden INVESTMENTS. large lots on the cornerof '"We Sell Lots." n: ::::::.:...:..w:%. .. r ............. : f !....... ..-. .

l WANTED at o c to-An"X"experienced Care JournaL cook. Apply tinny street of Garden from present and DeVlUier location streets.to corner $3300-8 houses corner LeRua and A "F" and Intendencia streetsin 1:30.1:13: ...................._.....1:1 1:6,;.... ........Rfv r Iii: ...::::::.:::.::' ".
Building to be set in place in new location ....... ..... Ar .... Ridge..a.. 5:10.. .. ..._... : '.
.W.L."TED-Tw. energetic :young ladles in as good condition as it now is. streets all new renting for $456. ( the Maxent tract). The JO. :J.O 9:05....... ....... f
: to solicit orders for a household necessity. Right reserved to reject any or all bids. a year. IPoirSalleTrn AM py

l Addrew S. P. A, Box 104, City. Alex Lischkoff. 7novCONKEYS $1600-3 houses. North Baylen renting ground is rich and you can TraIns n and 23 and trains 2 and 3 carry through sleeping car between ;C11."i'
12novlw for $216 a year. raise in cola and Jacksonville via River Junction and Seaboard AIr L1De.
celebrated Roup Cure Cholera '
RELIABLE WOMAN to cook for small cure hoe and mite killer as wells TraInS stop on signal.
; family near Century. Right party can an unexcelled Egg Producer. All $5Z5O-8 rooms houses and North hall, renting Hayne for", each 1672 a 4 'I the garden on the place to il- ]petheIParm
get good wages and have good home. Ad- g guaranteed and a splendid grade of *
dress i. B., Century. Fla. SnovTt wheat that will make your fowls lay. 'F. year. I most pay for it. Plenty of

t:01lPETENTlArds and matrons want- S 34.. M len & Co.,. Pensacola, Fla. Phone boy $1500-140x120.Elegant building lot .n North Hill I room to raise chickens also ForSj EVANSVlllE&

ed at the Florida Etate Reform schooL
Only strong, heaiuiy persons who meanbusiness W.A."TED-Positlon \Vill sell on easy terms. ( ) e .
as saw filer or superintendent $3000-155 feet by 120 feet, with < good
need apply. Make applicationwith or mill foreman. by a houses renting for S9S4 a year. TERRE
recommendation to Walter RawLs. competent man. References furnished. One block from depot. $1200. 27 crops. 15 virgin 12 worked year and HAUTE
Bupt. Marianaa. Fla. SnovlOt Address J. W. Lasseter Andalusla. Ala. a half. Tract Is heavily timbered. Near
SnovlmWANTED $5000-6 small houses. corner Wright and a new railroad. This Is an excellent business RAILROADTHE
W.A.1\lTED-J'1rst-das carriage Uack- 'Baylen renting for )}40 a year. List your property with I proposition for any operator at the
smith and woodworker. Good position I I price offered.
for right man. Address. John G. Welsh. --To rent, a house on North o
Carriage Works Pensacola Fla. oct Hill with 6 or 7 rooms; will lease for me. I can sell sit.. $4500.For DIRECT LINE TO
one year from date of December 1. Address NEW CITY LOTS.Buy .

Pensacola Investment Co. 3nov2tWANTED new two-story, 8-room house, with
$ LESLIE E BROOKSReal suburban property now and make two balls and two large galleries; an CHICAGOand
BOARD AND ROOMS.TWO a desirable-To neighborhood.rent a six-room house in the usual spring pro ts. artistic, up-to-date home with all modern
by a -
tenant. Address Box 103, City. Estate J. W. Bullock Jr. $ 850-Bays 4;; block. ten lots, in good high Improvements.point overlooking sitvated the on bay ear at line southwest on- all points in the

UNFURNISHED rooms for rent. ISoctlm locality of New City. A bargain. corner of 16th avenue and Jackson. North andNorthwest.Exceptionally

Apply IS West Belmont street. 16nov WANTED-All kinds beer bottles. I pay .
ISc dozen. I handle all leading brands and Insurance. Real Estate and 9 Mortgage Loans $1300.For _
FURNISHED ROOMS for rent at 21! of wines beers ana whiskies, and still Co ROYAlEW
West Gregory street. ISnovlm manufacture that well-established cough Room 302 Brent Building. Low Round-
S Iota fronting south, the northeast
medicine. on
:Joe Roth corner TarragonaNd Phone 462. 112 S. Palafox.
FOR BENT corner ef 13th avenue and 7tn street
-Newly furnished Government
rooms Sts.
lloct Rates all
Trip to Summer
suitable for light housekeeping. use of Phone 637 200 Thiesen Building. I
I phone) and gaa. Location high and heal- -
.' thy. Will board gentleman. 314 East W.A.'TED-At once a four or five-room ,I Tourist Points.

Strong:; street Phone 1213. 16nov neighborhood.cottage. Must Address be close' 123.in and Care in-Journal. good- HOTELS.BRIGGS I Phone 686. of Money Interest: to. lOaD at lowest market rate

FOB RENT-Two furnished front rooms 25eept FOR SALE. Mortgages on real estate la this city D. H. Hillman, S. L. Rogers,
for rent, suitable for light housekeep TAILORING L. HOUSE-300 feat west of Union bought and ,- G. P. & T. A. .. General Agent,
ing. Use of phone D.aDd bath. Phone Gent's Diamond. Tailor. Depot, on Wright street; best location; All of the :Max.ot Tract west of "C" Evansville. Ind. Nashville Term
clothing cleaned.
B9<; tld East < llnovlm on short notice. pressed and repaired best rooms; best house to stop at. Rates FOR SALE-One '60 H. P. Return Tub- FOR SALE.FOR street now for sale.. ,
11% West '
Government St, co1OFI SOc per day. Ilocum'l Jar boiler 48 inches diameter 20 feet
FOR RENT Pleasant furnished room. long; complete with front and all ACcessories
southern expoeure, second floor. Corner Al\'TED-A. R. BIngham BROWN HOUSE-DeFualax Bprings. except: track stack. :Moore SALE-One new twin screw steam
10th avenue ,and 12th street, near East moving and 'haulin .. lie wants your Good beds. airy rooms elegant meals; Ice C.-,. Gardner and Mauresa" Sts.14novlw. tug. 14 feet beam 70 feet long. Now on Pensacola St.
Hill car line.. llnor all breakage. Phone 630.WANTEDCarriages guarantees free bath and sample rooms. Special the gulf coast.. Address L. W. Johnson Fisher Real Estate Agency Andrews and
attention to traveling men. Rates $%.00 Lake City* Fla. ISnovlw
ROOMS FOR RENT-Nively furnished per day.' .1. R. Brows. Prop. FOR SALE and Immediate delivery one Gulf Steamship Co.
front room In quiet neighborhood. repaired and repainted automatic tandem COLLECTION OF
compound center
ply !02 East Church street. llnov*** ; floats built to order; horse HOTEL SOUTHERN-Open all the crank steam engine of about ISO horsepower -8 room house good: location, STEAMER TARPON.W. .
best in
shoeing specialty. J. G. Welsh water the city. A bargain.
Carriage Apply SPECIALTY.
American and European -
o.a plan. G.
year. and two return tubular boilers 72 9th aveau and 16th street. Snovlm BARROW. Master.
FOR RENT-One rcwly furnished room. Special summer rates. First-class in inches diameter by 1C feet long. For full Phone 87. 206 S. Palafox St. FIRST-CLASS PASSENGER ANDFREIGHT
Bath and gas. 29! South Spring streetllnov every respect. Pleasant and convenient particulars apply Stone & Webster Bag.
A1'\"TED-The' Merchants Transfer Co Mrs. T. L. Bowen Prop. Pensa Corporation Box 830. Pensacola 14jiov FOR S.ALI'J..4U: acres excellent pineapple SERVICE.
wants your movlns and hauling. All cola. Fla. Ifiapr and orange land on Jupiter river; excellent -Between-
breakage guaranteed. T. B. Thors .n. FOR SALE Fteh net market; close to railroad
for 170
sale three
BOARD AND ROOMS at No. :200! West Proprietor. Phone 978. PENSACOLA. MOBILE. APALACHICOLA
BAY HOTEL-Open night and day. European miles from
long feet deep. Apply to R. H. Cas- ocean; some improvements; SALE.FOR .
Romana street; good fare; $3.50 per plan, Rooms light and clean well. foot of Ateaniz. street. 14novlw healthy locality. Address: E. Benefield, CARRABELLE, ST. AN
week. Mrs. Laura Gomes.
8nov2w W.A."lTED-AD kinds of electrical work. Transient trade solicited. 675-679 South Aycock, Fla. 8nov DREWS. MILUVILLE.
I sell all kinds of electrical Palafox. Jos. S. Nlcolau. Prop. SALE
batteries FOR SALE-Thoroughbred pedigreed CHEAP Almost new Mehlen And all points on St. Andrews Car.
FOR RE.-"r-Rooms with or without and other electrical supplies. When you Pointer Puppies, $10 and S15. Signed FOR SALE-At a bargain paying Furniture & Sons' piano fas handsome rosewood rabelle and Apalachlcola.SCHEDULE. Bay. ,
boardS Men only. Apply 11 reed ma ring 345 or 955. E. W. A
West La- Peake. Bagdad KMwwls. Bagdad, Fla. llnovlm business at 138 East Intendencla case. bargain. Piano tan be seen
st. New Star Laundry Bdg E. Garden. calling .
rue 7novlm street. Address Box 325 City. Snov by at the Kandy Kitchen. 3oct-
PERSONAL.PHYSICIANS Leaves Pensacola Sunday 8.30 OL,
FOR SALE-One C-room house in gooconditiok. < p.
..: TWO NICELY furnished rooms for rent, WANTED-Second-hand sacks of an descriptions with two large lots near FOR s.lLE-Slx.toa schooner 36 feet FOR SALE-A pottery: : works with steam for Mobile Ala.
with or without board; privilege of bath wanted. If out of town, ship car line. A bargain if sold at once. Ap over all. 11 feet beam round bottom engine. steam drying room. moulds Leave Pensacola, Tuesday S:30 p. m,
*nd phone: conv'vnlent to car line. Ad3 them to us; if in townring us up at No. are advising their patientsto ply 359 Brent building. llnov copper fastened tight and in good condi and everything complete for carrying on for St. Andrews. Mfflvflle, ApalachicGU
f tress 1202 East Gi-dsden street. 27octlmo* 3t. or bring them to us at corner of chew CHICLETS. tion, with good sail and gear. A business. together with the finest bed of Carrabelle and Intermediate points.
Chase and Alcaniz SIlL F. S. Mellen & FOR SALE-Half-Interest In one of the King & Runyan. bargain.4nov pottery clay in Escambia county. Located For additional. Information aroly to
.9 THREE UNTURXISHED ROOMS suitable Co. ZSjuiy best furniture houses in South Alabama. right in the city. Apply: to or address E .R. COBB J. R. SAUN ERS.
for light housekeeping, with' privIlege Reason for selling to devote more timeto FOR SALE OR LEASE- -room and hall R. P. Reese. 16septf General Frt. and Pass. Agt. Pen
of bath. Apply %22 West Belmont.2Soct. FOR SALE. other Interests. Call on or add1"eSSV.. cottage. with outbuildings attached. sacou, Fla
S. Sheppard, Fterale, Ala. llnovlm Corner 14th avenue and 15th street.' Write
MISCELLANEOUS.WAGON :J. :M. S... Care Journal, or apply 313 East
:- FOR RENT-Newly furnished front room BAY HORSE FOR SALE-Good roadster.Leslie FOR SALE-Forty acres land well timbered Romana street. 4nov COLORED LODGE.
In private) family southern exposure, AND CARRIAGE SHOPWeare E. Brooks. ICnovlw good house 1* miles e&8t'ot
desirable neighborhood and near business In Jas. T. Gerelds. P. O. FOR SALE BrMjre score pa, a. 25c5W -
our new quarters.
center. Use of bal ti. 214 E. iehra.cudreas I. O. S & D. Of St. L. [EXPRESSCft[ R RTo
gas an l phone. Intendencla, entrance also at 21S Romana, FOR SALE-Genuine old French violin. Snovlm. pads 25C. Visiting cards wedding SOUThERN
1. ,Lply to 422 West Gregory or phone 1358. and prepared to do everything in wagon with bow and case complete. Will sell invitations fine stationery etc. C. M Howard Council No. 1 and Bethlehem
ZSoetlmNICELY and carriage building and repairing. E. cheap. Apply to 29 South Spring street FOR SALE-Large bay horse; large fur Robinson. 208 \Vest Gadsden. Phone 798
l_.. Herring Phone 323; City. 14oct. ISnov niture wagon and harness in good con Representing Chas." IL Elliot Co., of Council No. 2, Independent Orderof
FURNISHED ROOMS for rent, with or without board. Table board. MATTRESSES RENOVATED-New tick FOR SALE-One horse. 402 North 9th House. 138 and 140 East Intendencla meets lad and 4th Wednesday
I: Phone", gas and bath. .Xo. 3 Palafox. furnished if dl'slred.GuarantPed.. Carpet Avenue. Ifinovlw street. 9nov FOR SALE-One first-class turpentine each nightsof
at their ball
I Zloctlm ) taken up and matting laid. Leave farm. Eight crops low boxes. Round on Tarra-
orders at Watson Parker Reese Co.'s. PANAMA CANAL EDITION of The FOR SALE-19,000 acres round timber timber enough with place to cut thirty gona between Intendencla and Ro
ROOM for Wesley Duncan. Journal magnificently illustrated i land. ItySOl saw mill timber and saw crops more. unless you mana streets. D. Howard
FURNISHED rent Apply 301 7sept ess.Dorf'bo F. C. H.,
magazine containing scores tf views of mUle 32-room hotel at a bargain. Several mean 77, t>t-
:W. Chase street. 21oct J. H. PORTER sailmaker. 111 South the city and harbor. Fo pale -.t all/ good farms and town properties. Funlak Springs. Florida. Must be sold Rev. C. H. Jones Secy., No. 1 Frank
Palafox street Orders taken for tents book stores or at The Journal office., By Write Gentry & Setferllnd, Chlpley Fla. by November 20th 1908. 2novl2t Scott. F. C. IL Stella Dawson Secy,
awnings, camp stools and house cots mail. 20 cents. Hseit ZJsept No. 2 noTlO-lniDd
etc. Prices reasonable. FOR SALE AT A BARGAIN-25,000 -
MONEY LOAN.TJXTJMITED Sljan FOR. S..lLE-A barroom and all fixtures; FOR SALE-Driving mare, 4 :years old. .brick. one 35-horse power engine. 100 all of the
-- --- SHIP CHAl\"DLER8-YeKblzle pool and billiard tables etc. In a fine gentle good traveler. Any lady can feet 1-inch pipe. This engine jus. the parts
amount money to loan on & Co., wholesale and retail ship chandlers location. At a bargain if sold at once. drive h;,... C. R. Yaeger. 200 Thiesen thing for a small saw milL Address Box Legal Advertisements.In .
all kinds personal property. on short and grocers. Only first-class houseof Address box 103, City. 23d ept building. SNoT 103. Pensacola Fla. 31octlm .
notice. Terms easy. Gt my rates before kind in city. Fair prices to all Escambia County Circuit
roing; elsewhere. Star Loan Co., USHboutk State of Florida-In Chancery. Martha Court The Southern. Express Company
: Palafox.- 4novlm CARRIAGES repaired air* repainted. DlxonW Complainant vs. blah Dixon, De-
Floats built to order. and forwards freight,
I Horse shoeing fendant-Divorce. On

t *soo cola.OO Investment to loan on good Company.security. Pensa-SOoct a specialty.. J. W. Welsh Carriage Company 27feb WRITE YOUR WANT AD HERE. day dant,of Iiiah December.Dixon.A.is D.required Monday 1906, ,the to the appear defen-third money, and valuables of all descriptions

MILTON to the bill filed against him herein. vo ill parts of the country,
UPhOLSTERING SHOP-Wil- This order to be
on published
LOANED estate
MONEY and once each
property on short notice. lie Minis, Proprietor Furniture repairing week -for four ($) consecutive with connections for Canada, MeiiTO -

r Terms Palafox personal easy.St.: Phone I. W.,1144.Bullard. 28% South Next ture packed of all for kinds shipping.carpets laid Phone furnI-63.: Send it to The Journal office day or night. When you need help, have anything The lished Pensacola In said Journal Escambia, a newspaper county.weeks A.pub M.in Havana, Cuba, European points,
SCAN LEND YOUR :MONEY at eight Tampa landing- 22april to sell rent exchange, or wish to purchase anything, try a want ad. They do the McMillan.Hartifield' Clerk D. C. Circuit Pensacola Court, Fla, ,by October C. G. etc.

per cent. If you have any that you IL ALFMAN-Tin. Copper and Sheet work. 25th 1906. oaw4w The Southern Express Company
want Interest on. see me about It. It Worker; cornice work and sky
; will be absolutely safe on. real estate lights a specialty; roofing, guttering and NOTICE TO SUBSCRIBERS. operates on 30,000 miles of first-
ecurlty. Leslie E. Brooks. Phone 462. repairing, 109 East Government, opera
As all kicks
hUe building. Phone 121S and 560. registered in this of- class routes, and in connection with
MONEY TO LOAN .Everybody: borrows SIX I ORDINARY WORDS I MAKE ONE LINE. fice for failure of detfrery of the

money from Jno. A. Hall: Co.. 14 ttF paper are charged up to the carriers the Adams Express Company, on
Government St. When need call it ia
subscribers be through way-bills, with through,
on us.MONEY .
quite certain that
I paper has not
LOANED on an kinds of per- been delivered before registering such lars and through messengers, performs *

; sonal property on short notice.. Term. REl\"r-.A. Bingham has storage : .. kick.At a unified service, constitutlaj
easy. J. B. Gray & Co., 2 W. Romana. room for rent, suitable for funiture -. times complaints!
comes In from
Ifeb or other goods. 104 and 10$ South Tarragona I I. ,::;.:: I the largest system of the kind ai
!::2eB61. houses at which we
street. Phone 39. I L. are certain the .
:: UNLIMITED amount of money to loan paper has been delivered and this is the world. ,,sg::: #. /

on all kinds of personal property. Sp ....... -a obviously. unjust to the boys. If you Money Orders are sold ft* *t1sgences
cial rates to business men on large I do not get the paper we want to know

loans.iouth! P The o New. York Loan Co.. 204 K LOST. F it; but please be certain. of the Southern Express

Company at reasonable h01L 5- Bevipt
: LOST-Diamond brooch CREW NOTICE. ,
pin lost between I I.
; -- --- "-
Hayne and Palafox. or on Palafoz. Re- Neither the Captain Owners is given an/1 money is refund- :

4 FOUND. ward for return to E. M Wilson. 12nov4t _ _ _ _ _ nor Consignees of the Rus
& sian ship Harbinger will be d if order is lost.

LOST-Small red monkey; answer to R.fes-The'rat ad .responsible for debts contracted This is tho send !
want the above 25 to
on a cheapest
yot'XD-A really delightful confection name. "Frisco.** Reward for return to filling spaceis cents first. insertiQn vesseL -by the crew of said way
_; which Krepa tlie :stomach right-CHICIttTS. Jos. Thomas', restaurant, next to Lewis and additional IffiLLSTROM small rcmittzaces ly mail or otIr'wise.
; bouse' opposite depot. ISNovlw* 5 cents a day for each consecutive insertion. Send.cash.with the ad. ORDER Captain.
I Consignee. I
: .. .

.; -, e -, J


$- a .

;:i- .- -- -- --., -- tff'iJ". i-.:: .:;;,,f, .,-r-,:;.. :_ ** i .. {' ; .. -Ji ><; -- J-'l: :!..'..!> t-:1*' ,...;><> "? 11.
:_ .. .;;f.-= ; 7'f-? .... Jl ..- __ .-... _: _: : -. -



.' 1



-- -

--- MARKET REPORT !'w. S S. ,H1RLANOF. I t& _:= y1 LANARKOn I <, J i

the Gulf of Mexico. J

Savannah. Ga. Nov. IS.-The naval OldQuKer' ,1
Buy stores market closed to-day as follows: JACK[ ON r Hunting and fMiitg sean imr--' I
WW .........-.C 90 Oyster bed wtthlar reach. | ; !
WG ..........................;....-.C.. 50 .1
N ...................................6 00 bid >
M ...........-.5 50 Offers exotpti&aa: adrMUge u m : --.j
WbisIW K ....................................5 00 place to spasi part of Ute4ntw"1rlM llt.'j!

*IL.::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::......4.440 30f joe"whiskeyII LUMBER CD. -

Thatliuthcon < ..........................405 to4lO LANARK INN.Under .
F ...................................4 00 {
E ...;................_............ 395 friendly tip .
1> ...................................385 new nttAasament modern aetf '
C ...................................j 85 well kept and; wIll Tfchtwg afford special atuntfoirti 1
for Purity.It Spirits Turpentine% cents. Character Sketch of One of hunting parties. ;
find ,the right article Rye -1

is Just as easy toss* PENSACOLA COTTON MARKET. Chief In Reached by the Gawgla. Fkrid A '
The following Pensacola cotton quota- Figures Peonage Alabama Railway. Convenient schedule, i
rethepurcaticlcfor tions are furnished by J. P. Connor & stick to itt Tourist rates ROW In offset' .,
Co., F., O. B. cotton Pensacola, JRJil
brokers -
the tame money that you Fla- ases. is the utmost good whiskey.. i
adulterated. Good Middling .....................,..9% "Old joe" is right-rightly For hotel accommodations write LAN. '
pay for the If Strict Middling ............,..........9, ARK INN, Lanark. Fla. i]
Middling ...............................si' made-rightly aged; giveit -
Pure Whisky is what you Strict Low Middling .....,............9s Manager W. S. Harlan. of the Jack- Millions spent to prepare
have no For schedules railroad rates etc, writsJ.
Stains a test-you'll
want, ask for j. .:. .:' .J& .J& and tinges nominal. son Lumber Company, Is'consideredone H. Me WILLIAMS.Gen. I

New York Cotton Market. other ; thousands Insist upon it of the best all round lumbermenin I "a perfect productyearstaken Pass. Rgtnt.BambHdge, Qa.. i

"JESSE MOORE""AA" Open. High Low. Close. full measure-convenient: package the south and has been in chargeof 1
January .... 9.Jl 10.is 986 10.13 ,-
Marth ......10.06 1030 10.00 1025: moderate: price-sold ererywbere the big plant Lockhart for about to ripen it. ;
:May ...:...10.14 10.40 10.10 1032 five years-ln fact since it
N. GOLDRING. December .. 9.87 1020:: 9.i7: 1011 was erec DIRECTORYPROFESSIONAL 1
DISTRIBUTOR. New York Spots 10.70.Grain k"b & b" atlanta ted. He had charge of the construction : #. Don let the dealer give :

PENSACOLA. FLA. Market. of the plant, which'Is one of the .

Close. -m---- largest In the south. and it is a monument ,. ,. :-1;1I
Wheat1lay ; you just "whiskey. I
% to his ability as a careful ener .
December' ....... _' ........74!'aCorn --- getic and thoroughly competent business !- rri Phone 16, Lewis Bear & Co., I w. B. BARTON / j
MCMlLLAN BROS.ro NICKS'TCAPU 5 404-4OSPalataxSt.and2-lOMaiflSt.( () ,
May .43% man.
December Oats- .......42?* DINE Mr. Harlan Is a heavy-set man Pecsacola, Fla. Attorney At Law. !

May ....35% 1l1 I lMNL94TLLTCfl(3 rather under the average in height, Offices Will -Fisher in Building an Palafox .:
December ........ % practice the UU asd m '
.= HEADACHES and has a massive heard nearly as States Courts. Twenty-three #:
I perience. '
JOBBERS' QUOTATIONS i round as a billiard ball set squarely
C Bp 'I
la fit. 12 Hour* upon a pair of shoulders that would do -s---- T. G. YATES, M. D., \i j
PENSACOLA PRODUCE. _tabtHttti JtfcwSsrn credit to a champion wrestjer, He
produce following in the Pensacola are the market quotations: on has what some, people term a high Coronet Old Tom and Dry Gin Optician. 1

Creamery :Butter per poond. 29 to :30c. forehead-in fact, Mr. Harlan's fore- .
I Renovated Butter, per pound. 23 to 24c head is that 306 Thiesen
Cream Cheese daisies.: 16c. so high it reaches nearlyto --- Building. ,, j
I Cream Cheese, singles 15:j. Florida and Alabama I the back of his neci being finishedoff Twenty years experience as an Ey,t1Specialist. ,:
Country Egg 27 to 28c. with a neat fringe of hair, of Examination free. \ '
Grown Chickens, per dozen. $i to J7. blonde hue. He is smooth shaven and % ;
Ducks per dozen J5.50 to
LAND COMPANYManufacturers T1TThThTrrnIL.
Irish Potatoes Michigan per bu. 80 to has a v,ell fed appearance that is con I t
SoC.; siderably heightened by a prominent JS *f !I
C. PHILLIPS Ph. M. f .i
Irish Potatoes, N. Y.. per bu.. SO to 8:>c. of double chin, which is particularly noticeable A PRACTICAL SENSIBLE t 1
Sweet Potatoes: per bu., 85; to SOc ,
and Dealers la Homeopathic.
he sits humped in court 'f'
Yellow Onions bu.. 83: to 90c. up I
Red Onions, per bu., 85 to 90c. LUMBER. SAWED CYPRESS SHINGLES listening to the evidence. PHYSICIAN and SURGEON. | .
Jm 1PP1NG If G NEWS Spanish Onions in crate, SI.40 to SI.50. AND KU.N.DRIED SAP. From Mr. Harlan's features one o Office and Residence 12 N. Patafox. < J 1
Holland Seed Cabbage, per lb., lc. would naturally pick him out as a AND PROFITABLE WAY Hours: !9 to 11 a. m., 1 to 5 p. m. 1 :

Domestic Cabbage per- crate J2.25. man ,of quick temper but one whose Phone S3. !_ t ;; t to

-- Limes.Lemons per per crate.box $2.75$4.50 to to S3$5.00..00. Real Estate Transfers.Following temper. unless:: it is too badly "riled" : _OOOOOOO S Q9Q a 1AAAAAAAAJU,. .: {i1/. ;/

Arrived Yesterday. Apples (Ben Davis), per bbL, $!oT;) to is a list of the real estate would soon pass away and give placeto '.'
Br Peck :054, Carte-
Rhoieman ss Frederick AusfeM. F. M. Blotmt. S
S3 00.
transfers recorded yesterday lurnlshed''r' a genial smile. However, he is I t t1
IM; to Gulf Transit Ctt. Apples Oranges., best per variety box, S2.76 S3.50 to to$3.S3.75. the Pensacola, Abstract Co.: evidently very determined when he to accumulate reserve fund for AUSFIELD & BLOUNT ;. .; \\1-

VESSELS IN PORT. Oranges (FLerida). per box $2.75. DEEDS. sets out to do anything and has an : future is to Architects ,:
Steamships.Convay. Grape Fruit, per box. SS.75 tcS S4. Jennie B. and L. Mayer to J..C. Pebley about the mouth' that Indicates your years:
Br *G, Prtfnftce, 2578 Rio Ja- Tomatoes, biastlSt crates, SI.$5 to SL7i Wst % of lots 21and 25. Mock 16, B expression $12-414 Brent Bide43 Moses BUff- f
moat Tract. Part oTfct? firmness and determinationwhen Pensacola. Fla. Montgomery Al.. i
t.< I t Swed ss, Schrld, lU2.I Turkey, per pound 15 to ISc. Tract-(500; .OO'aad ottier" consideration once his mind is made up.
Haeira to lijer Bros. Rutabagas, per bu., 86 tqvSSc. *. Those who are best acquainted.w HAVE A BANK ACCOUNT IN WM. A. BORMANS, r
I Levlsham. Br ES Gavin. 1785 Rio Ja- Malaga Grapes per bbl lu 00 to $5.50. Egiily C. Height .totEliz&Devjne-.Iets !
to 16 and 17. WBcfc 33.: East King Tract- Mr. Harlan speak of him in the mgh-- Architect and )
\retro to the WM. S. Keyser Co. Cranberries, per bbl. Jll to S12.50.Fotsrta Superintendent ,
"WHtfteld. ))r 58, Johns, 15'0, West $27Q19. est terms, both :from a business end ; OUR SAVINGS DEPARTMENT Office-SOS Brent Building {
-Jlirtlepofll l. t& Rye Bros. FaWea.- ,- \i John of northeast Severance*i to and G W.east Adams H of-northwest West personal standpoint, and that he is a: Phone 823. Pensacola 5k.DR. -'lJ

Strips.Aranti Pbtato patties fitted irrtb' minced H. S ec 1.. Tp'IK, R-31 W-$800,00. staunch friend of those who have his .
Nor ship! Ana non.1m., London Mrs. Alice B. Atsmjrer et al to Mrs. confidence no one can doubt who looks ;
Four interest and in- ALICE W.
to order. Tegetaiilea make sa attractive: and Ella B. DeBroux-Three-eighths of the man carefully over. His makeup per cent paid HERMAN 9 1
Ferreira. Port ship. Barros, 506 Lisbon dainty entree. Put hot boiled potatoes square "D." Maxent Tract-$100 and 6 months. CHIROPODIST.I .
to master other considerations.THERE'S. appears to Indicate that he is Inclined terest compounded every: Room 301, Brent Building. 3d -.
Canada Br ship Sp rr. %%31. Rio through a TegetaHe press, season them to be somewhat dictatorial at All corns, bunions, ingrowing to.OI're. {
Janeiro to Pitoh Pine Lumber Co. With salt, pepper and a aWe butter and times especially when he has the moved scientifically without patn. ManU j '
Harbinger. Rue Ship U99. Algoa Bay NO USE curies a S eClalt)'. 24octim- ''oJ t
Jiourto make
to master add jost enough a paste large end of the argument, but this .
Ingrld. Nor ship. DanneU 1260, Antwerp that can be rolled without breaking.Boll talking you cant beat Herbine for is probably caused by the necessities -3} I''

to \Ii.K. OerttJg. & Co. the mixture into a thick sheet, cut the liver. The greatest regulater of his business and responsibility FIRST NATIONAL'BANK SECRET SOCIETIES. ,
Lena. Hal ship Tassara 15X1, Londonto
order. It out with Os. patty cutter, brush the ever offered to suffering humanity of managing a large number of men PENSACOLA LODGE. NO. 3. 4'\ !

Barks.Afredo. cakes lightly with-egg and bake. Fill If you suffer from liver complaint, and a large millips plant. Pensacola Lodge, No. S, K. of P. ,J \
truoruayan bfc Mai-ajas 937. the centers with. juul diced car if you are bilhous and fretful it's your That Mr 'HarcUn is not ibad fellow OF PENSACOLA FLA. meets every Monday evening at 7:30o'clock ; 1 I
llonfundoo to IL H. Thornton. peas liver and Herbme will put it in Its in the generally accepted sense, at their temporary castle Hall !
.. AlfhJd, swni bk, Sveusen. 1S3!. Dur- rots with French beans or asparagus over Pou's sUbl, West latendencia St. ;
Fan to master. The patties-may be baked be- proper condition. A positive cure for was indicated. yesterday when, after Designated( Depositary l of the United States VUftuc brethren cordially welcomed. ; .
beads. !
Andrea. :Nor bk, QuaJa 11(. Durban to ; Constipation, Billiousness, Dyspepsia, one!! of the witnesses against him had 1 HORSLE1fi.: IL ENNARD, C. a ;n
ir aster. fore they are wanted and be reheated and all ills due to a torpid liver. Trya testified that Gallagher the woods H. K. of R. & S.
('ampbell Nor bk. Hausken. 1100.EUvan before serving.-Sew Yolk Sun. bottle and you will never use any. superintendent, had taken a man backto W: M, Knowles, President W. K. Myer, Jr.. Vice-President and Cathler. ('
'r to :AJ&K. Oertins & Co. '
{ ;
thing else. Sold by all the lumber to the Thos. W. Brent Ass't Cashier. W. N. 1\oberttt. Asst Cashier. DAUGHTERS OF REBECCA.
Charms.'or bk. Jorgenc, 557.Fletwood druggists. camp strapped
to oraer.Hereford The C l ric Parvdox. of he remarked to GalIa&ier Directors-P.IX Brent, TF.A. Blount, W. H. Knowles W. K. flyer Jr.. Naomi Ixxiee No. 19, Daughters of .
a buggy
rear Rebecca meets every Monday night at i
Freezing is usually associated with
Rosario D. O. Brent.
Nor bk. Jensen 1384
., duriag the recess: t o'clock in I. O. O. F. hall visiting ,
to order. cold, but water can be frozen on a red- kould Help fllmaelf."Yes told sisters cordially Invited to be presentMRS. -
HeimJal! Xor bk. Ilensen, 1334.; Hull hot plate. This pretty experiment has ," young Mr. TixB!'nid admitted; "Se here Gallagher you never J. T. PUL.LIAM, N. O. r: ,.
to order. amanto the buggy -
me about strappfcas MRS. HATTIE NEVILLE Sec. I
Humberto. Span. bk. 1111, Battle, Ilaana rightly 'been called thecaloric para "Pre always been:.bashful among the ." accompanying the remark wltn ".. C j
\ to order. -
Isabel Browne. Rus bk Lindquist, 1231, dox. If a drop of water is placed on a girls. a quizzical expression that. was in- RATH BONE LODGE NO. 30. tj '
J lull to master. redhot or white ,hot metal plate it "But why should you be?" asked tended to convey the impression that 'C.W.LAMAa."esI4Ht.: IC17E1FFtR. Assistant CscMr. RaUibone Lodge. No. 20, KnightS of J.
Kink Oscar II. Nor bk. Johnson 752 Miss Tern encouragingly. in had made r..E.CLABX.Vice-president and Cashier. ".W.ANDR5WS.AstMfavt%Cashier." Pythias meets every Thursday nigtt at 5!
does the question
Rosana ta A. Zelius. cot suddenly :flash! into steam tinder Castle Hall. Members of sister lodgef t H'
Ulla.! Nor bit Aanonaen 1030 Santos the influence er the great heat It "I can't help myself." mincemeat of the I1Ir and visiting brethren cortially hiv1t4 .I Ito "V
to order. does not'even boiL It'simply "Gracious! the exclaimed pmslng THE AMERICAN NATIONAL BANK attend KJ. M. RO 'CR. C. C. ,4 ia \
Lluis Uruguayan bit. Lopez, 700, Ha- evapo- J. LEVET. R. & S.
\aria to order. rates quietly and slowly as it rolls np her lips. "If you don't help your tataa I"i .
Maria. Ger bk Fr ncb. 1922, Kings about the plate. Now that self, how can you expect to get any,T Erat1es ).[. E. B. A. No. SI. meets lint and i
Lynn to master. suppose 1. tn! iteaW321' t some ce the OF PEASACOL.1 nILOpera third Wednesday 'evenings at30 p. nv 1...i
Marina lladre, Ital bk. Slmorvatta, the drop on the plate is a volatile liquid 'wsew",,, Kaffurd Hall. No. 10. Wet Intend end* .1. '
US*. Genoa to order. like sulphurous acul It will .J' House Building. street. A. O FEU* Prea.J. .;
M"cca, Nor bk, Elfefsen, 995: Hamburgto evap- GIRLS IN WHEATRELO. 1.q :, I* SWEEXET. Secy. :
A. ZeliusK orate, and thIs evaporation will pro bwgtas' do upon,1Diecrourtireatsi DESIGNATED DEPOSITORY OF UNITED STATES. ; )
gpore, Nor bk. Ojerdsen. 1128:: East duce cold. Let, a drop ,of water fall I PENSACOLAL000ENO.4LO.O.F. H!
London to A. Ze.lus.OJhari fey Thin t. the Rrveat to SaTe UlJ .. CAPITAL STOCK 200000. SURPLUS ..000. Pensacola Lodge. No. 4, L O. O. F..
Ital bk Costa Genoa to order In the sulphurous acid drop and it will C'J'eps Because of La'lJor Se