a"1/ tl Tarnl.i Tribune; j I BROACHES, | ]f
ju.tl<., ande LIVE OAK J
,. .
a 1..IUy' .."' Noml: T 7th, l las Thursila\.> .. ,
f1u-n t to rrlrn.. To I'If' rtT.wI .,hlsh all of the latest design. :] --- ----- ___ _
tJv -
oak -
I>illv h '
.jlaW ; '-rn' rat rJ.I..hralf.d + 'tt' P. S. Use "Ictcrwr's 66" ;
+ for Chills and fever. ho pay
went must (No Cure
JU'fl hurt Jlyv. IIf.hafly > Its tlW"flh.J htrth,J.,. 7 A. Tribuno t Watch done +

that ih- Mlow who e. t It f,...,. Its rnriK'Nt ron illations and repairing by :i It-++++++++++! 1011111 H+ I'.tPARTY
++++++I J 111111++1"1'
will hawa li.slthy f,-iir HH r.. ...h... that IhU .-zr....rnf n..s..a..r f; an Expert Workman. : : ,

IJfUthlfl and (."..IIN..U) '......r. hiay' !!,,. Ionic .<*') B .""Inh. kr f|ping up +

t t red from dolog ih.nr 11'1 tut will tbe .......J....aons work lit ix{ delay> ; for | J. D. RADFORD i

helms H hll him Kklu AlI rf wtit h tbu :
j" <<.ff'" .f and (h.'a'. TICK EM
l, rMo-/.! 10 th< followiH i'.**. thVaurhwt a ,.t t"4" It.J. + + -

\ A.hu"sl,. I,I I',* LIVE OAK, flAt *
u. ,1.....
Our rrln ;
,1 ) lute 4 Li
roNriMptdirlt of a Jarkih ++- >e Oak lo Doling Petri.
crlt/claims: It.> rope, fur )". Ilitbt ...,ltte t..ter msk..s .* saw SUKi ++1111111+++111 I 11I1 t +++H A \t\ at on sale d<*h

liNt tNU'''.. 1 b.. ..,.., ... .4 twl/ctc, a.....'... /bat tbi. ...d hltaliliiK of a rl I. rate of 50 cents round trip with
("fllrnty11I h.v" r,"3 call fat* "yr'F wMH ,.- occ...t ".t f'f..1 nr3..rt In this city J.-VV .'. Minimum of ten '.es. Call on

tlon IhU leroi of I'" lt! "f W.4 |M |.||- s bailey (,...ret M> In crimeprohibition. I Beautiful Line JI.JIII"" Met{ Agent Phone 152 for

t + negday Ju
; lowing lie/ilri''.y' Tian f.fhMwnl !tff "...'7. flaw.h '''tut.. IM of f'OIJrI4f' due New hand-painted China suitable .

years in thf /rulfthfirry '1.._ pt1 It, M Mhc.8t/ou for lie open saloon I for wedding and Christmas pres

sonera ten y.am t ith. two prfvresr" ttfto Whor hair this correspondent ents. |

five years ,'ad ; on* 1.,......., il.._ |M O., but I.. |.*ws't heard of the : Skirts, chilnden's ooats hats, 1 wt:

years and e.."-n l/lliui iliiei/ t>*.i..>r. I..u..y growth of Kite Oak and dress goods and laces a specialty. J SCLU ISOTIIING EXC1GS'T s

were fined $500 each or urea y*>..r In MM.HUMMI mit>tr |In ixipulation dur- Standard patterns, fashion <{ and Accident Insurance

the chain gang Such !<-rin. of < o Ladies' and children's under- i Semi-Annual. Quarterly or Month! Pr
do much ; "
r to uphold law
and or.1.f prowfli ir'|ulrf' InrronsoJ facilitiesof PITTS & McEWEN .
wear. New line corsets. General OAK
and we wish to compliment JutflC" nil kinds to f'1'rr..Jlond. and to that | Agents, LIVE
P. S.-We tf
Wall for his firmness." III"".. |III ilu" the new court ('stabIiSh-j I MRS. C. W. BACHE, Prop. I \ need a few more good Agents in North F :a.


__ ,.."--i ......S -S +

'- ,-- :.. :; ... .. .
.- .,... ---.i -- .. _
-I. se+:a---"' --- : -"' '''''':.. .,;."-"',",

"A_,-1" ,< _

rtY. ..

,r -



:;.. ..... .- ii4tII4ttt"
'?* .

: The Helvenston Insurance Agency.

it During the last fifteen years.has paid.to policy holders nearly $700,000.00<< and has paid;out during 1907 $100,000 for losses.

All other, insurance agents together have paid practically nothing. This tells the story. I
,* .
.. I.I. tc I I I I 1 I IIII I II II I I I 1 I I II I It I 1 1 I I I I I I I 1 I I I I 1 I III I I U 1 11111 I I I I 1 I 1 I I I I I 1 1 1 1 I I I I 1 It I I I III I I I I . 111111

_____ __
::::::;- n
-ii '
I Miss Cleboa Campbell, niece of
Rev. and Mrs/CTpA Ridley, has been

quite sick wit / agrtp for the past HAVE YOUNOTICED

News of Live Oak and SuLocals And Personals week. She. W"not better today. THETURDAY ;

wannee County Gathered FOR RENT-Furnished room for SANITOLADVERTISING
one or two gentlemen. Close In.
the Reporter.
by THEY COME AND THEY GO. Phone and lights. Address, Phone I AND OrTCR IN THE |


H. M. who has been on a
Z. Elliott I, of Mayo, Is a guest of C. J. McGehee, ()r, Lerptj, was in I visit to his sister, Mrs: Alice Armstrong \\ EVENING POST

lit Eth f today\ the city yesterday 1 i for oaleWe : I4ft this morning for his home I I II COLLIDE, DmNerrOtt iC.
I in Valdof Co!. Leslie ".enl to Gainesville this Judge L. G. Carter, of lI lIf, spent I thef>ostogic/e in Valdosta.TKeXIehrtenShrfdan 10 SHIIITOL PRODUCTS $1.00 "
i \...../
morning on business. Sunday In the city.% 'f '.: --- I

\/ offer at a bargain Lyceum at- >
radl'' ,
)fro Blackwell./ Jasper, Is a Joe Hinely went to on Saturday t tractionTrK Tu sday night is spoken i Fill in one of the from
six with coupons
tiiltor In the cite today. night. N.v: room cottage I very higho "the Savannah I Ii above Journals with our name as

modern conveniences, on :i Morning, 'fCews. It is mj doubt a very i t Druggist mail it to the SANITOL
l"E.. T. Delegal here from the Pine For Dry Goods and Groceries, j south Ohio Most high,grade: entertainment and should i LABORATORY with One Dollar.
avenue. t\\ They will send you an order on
G t*settlement today. quality and quantity as well as price 'I draw a large audience. I us for the ten products. (Retail :
guaranteed, call on desirable residence sectionof value$70.) ::

Attorney A J. Henry, of Lake City d-6t R. W. PRICE &' 00. the city. If you are" J. Q. A. KHjtc r. 00 fordi: --

U here on Ij gat business. -\ contemplating purchasinga ', \!led a( )he .Uwiocrat o e this !
Miss X'erdie Haddock his been mo\tSl his su scripton : I
Sutton of Alton, was here quite ill for a few days, buds) much home in Live Oak come 0107' ( one yvar/ Suwannee
v business this morning. \ better today. j i to office and let i I ,
I up our \ L !,
f \ -T vV t!I us show this place. : KODOL is offered on a guarantee
1, Concert by the-Mehrten-Sheridan \ k. II. 4la>toft. no\Awjth/he Tampa you : plan for the relief of heart burn, I I Drug Company I

Company Tuesday / Ight. Nov. 12. bufehre/s College inVtaropa, came up j flatulence sour stomach, belching of

Slur ay & bu Ln : gas nausea, and all stomach trou- ,,
of Dowling ::j' : ;I': I I' ': !I'!.IIIIIItIIIl I
J Quarterman I W mlW
bles. It digests what you eat. It --
rk, is in town on business today. C. C. Cook went toM )"O ths! I l : will make you healthy. Sold by Lh'c'Oak
morning on business and wilL return

I I Judge Rase/Of Tallahassee, is tomorrow. \ V Drug Co. nov-d I Just Received

here attendin ourt/lhis week. / I Lovin Building, Room 3. I I \ ,
I Miss Miiinie Ilarco left this morning -
J. Gordon Pearce, Aprominent
Phone No. U.T i' for hiWlwrae in Crystal River
Peter Lelsz well to Madison Sat- citizen of Alton, passed through yesterday .
after a pit' ant visit of a week herewith
urday night on a/snxrt vis.it. on his way to Ta bhassN I
snW .
+ -- - -- her Mrs. Armstrong
\ Miss Barco. wM has been visitingMrs. 1 4uctiont'e"rlng
/ Imn\edfately -- : Shipment of Ex-
Attorney A. B. Srijall. of Lake City, WANTED f- three .
Armstrong VeturDed this morn .
\ of all and -
\ everything
1* here today, ajnding court. furnished r ms for IVfiht housekeeping -
in quiVt, refmedyriWghborhood. ing to Crystal H v> at the Auction House of R. \V. |

Addrw/sUJox office. Price & Co., every Saturday. If you : Wagons. All
16) post press
Mr Hampton
paused want it, we hate it, and, at jour
in town this morning, shopping.The through jesterti&yi,'t from Hampton thrr'1
LOST-A bunch of keys In the I I'rk*. provided it i3-better than
Springs. / other fellows'. Come around I
business district of town. Finder. every Prices
Union Pressing Club, feat --I I'
return to Jack lor. ll-3t Saturday and ?*>e.
work on short notice. Phone 222 ltr please Taj
I. T-Pair of gold frame eyeglasses dl6t U. W. PRICE & CO. '
between Baptist churca toLd
Miss Ruth Skin r, of Jacksonville J. C" ( ,\1lchael. of Dowling Park. I
po toffice, or between no toce and ,1.25 to $3.75
It the guest of M '. E. T. Long.Mr was iVol/"n this morning on busi- Falcon Strickland happened to avery
residonce. Finder
please return to I
ness. accident this morning at
i / Democrat office and reward.
$. P.V.. xVanrn and children i get the Pars les building. where he was' I i
spent jesterday atXpowllng Park. II. I:. Barcus1yFenholloway r emplojed\bj C/ ntractor Goodbr ad. I
Spring, is In the ,city Oa business to- Uev. Hendry. iVejnding elder of the ht"a11i re t>l timber slipped loose i:
Jacksonville distnct, paid the Democrat its fa. nning and in falling I
day. / j
Allen XVtod, of Wood Spring, Is a 1\
\ II office a pltJn nt call this mornIng Mr Strickland a severe blow I j
bvilnesa ylsithr In the city today. T- F f11.[ BOOK Ir NFV S CO.
Mrs. J. I.. Edwardsp,And son. Harry. I in the head I \nrs. Brown and Price I ,
I '\ ,
and Miss Hall retutned from Ft. were suinm ntVl and gave medical at-I
\ W. T. Carro11.!>f Hock Cut was. In
d JkffTty this morning on business. I White jesterdaj. / '\ \ I ST n c Su c tnn a Drn, tention the Wect of the accident I
\ \ Storo e smal rowntIse 'sith cannot jey( be awertalned. ]!

11 W. L. Seetv. of Dowling Park, I Mrs. Briggs \rringtonAi\isiting her long cUain. l'nr con one l i r TOOK Managtr

taut testerjfay..in the city. : brother. Dr. Sam Puleethn. of Sanford five ik jll I r bill amlVn eeu n sdlter. I ceuiji Entertainment reserved| and Owner

t for a few dajs. \ Finder plxttue ( turrkto tis otee Peat W-anbe; M'CurIonday morning '

MM. 0. O. ti}eCollum went to ', I \ I at But -r'nrolJ. Single\ tickets can be j I
Palo yesterday on'a visit. I J. )I. d )>t 1Witmajth,I.J"C; JfN Charlie 'lUa/kburn and his sister. 1 s'W'uredNjor 30 cents. ,serve.! seats i i[ WANTED-Two furnished rooms

1 \ : at t k n ut A,.dtrik/ vrni Mrs Airth\r/ turned last night from T":; Ct'nts.\ Season ticAVts for the b> couple with child 4 years old

FOR SALE-Young milch cowUkcalf. and nt s bip .' ll.d UI' New York, \thTf Mr itla'!' urn has ourse. $.1 )" double adn\ttini; two unable for light housekeeping Ad-

Apply to Sallie Reese '. oneai "' been ill for >A\oral wet k' It;: till si5g1 lt' .!rt'>s But lls. d.It

tat Lynn Park. I
.. -
--- -
"'" "' '''' '' '' '' '
YI" ele Clayton went to Majojesterday.

oa a I visit / f Too Much Talk of Hard Times. N trtz

M J. Dicka*It/or Porters' Station. I

II. visitor In tfe city today. |

\ i "If everyone would stop talking! 'hard times and change to prosper-
V. '
V C Bache visited in Lan- :
cuter SiysdV I! ity, we would all be better off.

*' G. Hal>.went to Dowling Parklesterday. I I'

N bb, of Lancaster, is in tI :i didn't begin talking "hard times," and will not allow business to get slow.

I dty tog' 1 We are doing more business than ever before. Buying better merchandise, and selling cheaper, I

H. J Platt.. of Platt Station Is here ii is the secret of our keeping always busy. H:

iness today.
S i
I.gf s (It./Cannon. of Dowling Park is I The Read=to=Wear Department Our Shoe Department Our Dry) Goods Departmentii

Ik city toda ,
) ii has done twice the business thIs season. I
\f foV oral reasons.iz: We know bet the most complete of any in WtstFlorida.
Lotll Cobb. here 1. sex has doubled If'th I
of Padlock, is h.se e past twelve u
ter what to buy and how to buy. \\ e We keep new goods coming in i!
ay. in allis months, because we are x-ery careful in
II of a kind
only bought one garment dailAll the newest fabrics in theleading n
/ the better numbers. The ladies realize buying the very best to be had. Style ,
be found here at
I shades, to
ee Mobley. of Pine Mount, isyfal ;H the numerous advantages of buying at and comfort always considered. We carr are '
the visitors in town today. the goods, haveno same prices as inferior grades found it
ij home. where they see > at all times a full line for ladies child n
7 I express: to pay, get perfect. alterations ren and infants. Such well known brands elsewhere. Always in the lead, from H
r. \\'ood1l' J" went to Tallahassee done free of charge, at prices I less than the lowest to the highest priced dress -

stfnrday.L '- .... ;ti mail order.houses. If only for the reason :S""Vlt.r "Brockport," "Queen Qual I: goods. Our remnant tables where special fttl i;
home, should it."Special: Sen ice. "Black Cat"
.. of keeping the money at 11 l>arHM;!'.".... al'ojnd! I l. keep our stock al-1 '
ie U Dowihjg., of Dowling Park. ii be sufficient to CUT OUT WE CATA- and "R T. Wood. tray .,.nO,". ar,i r.L.\ .
city today. : ft
i '
\ "\ '
fJave Bryan'Isf{ his parents in "QU.11ityand Quality our

Jaape"yesterday. \ = out the entire store. S.1tisf.1 mttothroughTHE LADIES EMPORIUM"ij

1 refunded.Ii .
A.. : or mony
K Hinely wento Madison Sat- .
-...... \r T night to see his mother who YOURS FOR MORE
'1:> h II J ;1.._ ,
\11"rr' .. 111. I, : !"1;:' i I :: 'dIoi

-<>--0 __ 'I_,. .

'. _...,.'..v.,:;.. _.- .- "" -.. "'." .."" :. s


- .. . . -

FLORIDA RAILWAY 1: .i i i i i i i i i i i i i i i iii'j ti

Time e No. 20
i: 1
Taking Effect SUNDAY:, JUNE; 30, at 12-01 A. M., 1907. ;

: HAD Dpw,.. CEMTBAL n1lL tEAD t"P I Iloio. 1'II 1
e .
.I Ism L I IUizcdFrtj Na %. N $ Mail : and Local
Daily I and STAno$ ,Y.aa EQf'ft8 Freight
Except Exrrvea.Sunday DaJy Ex
. Daily DaIl7 cept &Ji
1 GO a m;; t 30 pm'Ly...._____....Live Oak......._ .... __..Ar.''!'50 a m IS .0 pOll :.:
._.__..__... ..
-4 738 a m NpmL..____, .__....Porter.........___._.__.L.. t030am 520 pm \ + +.
, 743 a ID. So p B L Lanwr LT M 30 a m f SP -- :
...... .........._........ .
7 W a m S 08 p m L* K r\.land.L. Ie 10 am. 40 P 1ft '
. ..__--.._........._.... __.......__.._._
2H a B, S 11 p m AT \\imL"1h .Ly.lt W am. 28 p m
10 00 a m 5 20 p B L..._.__._____..........Wilm&nII............ ......._... ......Ar. 9 S7 a m 4 20 pm I ;
...___..._._. _..... ...__._._
t.}! 10 UK It a a m B: 5 S 24 10 p p m B Ly.! ._...._.__...... _..-.Snsaanre.......Norwood River..._...........:....._._.......Ly.. 9 S 55 4o a am.mLT 4 00 15 P pm ol
........ .. 1
, ,
19 25 a BU 9 3f a :$ PUBLISHING
r U a m, ....__. .. ... 9 3" a
11 28 a m l a
a 11 35 am, ......._.... : .... 9 25 a
1'L t 12 00 B, : : : J Ob a .
121 n 1111Iit .....ljllIJI! 9 M a 11111.1 +
1220 B _..._ S 3 1.
i ... ... .. ; +
12 1230 W ID m:; ........ \..;' S t Sf 45 a a ..+
} 100 a ,! ....... 8 39 a + 1i
C Luraville Branch iI 1i i t

i t\\h'D uraiiHe anal \\ ilmarth.Boond. i
r "'Nt Last Ii COMPANY
Bound. + I
__._..._....___.__..._..... ........_. __.._._..___..._... +
0 38 a m LT \\.abnarth. .Ar *26 a m
8 50 a m Ar.._.........___.__._....... Lura.dlee......__.. ......__,_......._ LT,9 t6 a m

Alton Branch I :
Ilctueen Ma\o and .\lt >n. ii
s t atBound. West i
; I Bound.
.. .
f e 10 10 So M a a m m,Ar LT:::::.:::.::::::::...::.::.:..:::::::..::::. :::.Alton Mayc.I ::::::...:':.':'::.::::' :::.:.::....:::..:::..LT Ar: |11 11(W Xa a m m }} +:
i -
Tram acbeduled to connect with Mal f at Live Oak. For information rtgardirg rates Khedu and curnectivn a lpl!ly to 1
T.P.AUTOSCan.SlIperintrr.d.nL":" F. P. W-OObW ARC G. F.&: P.A '

i I f'.. -- +1+ II Book, News and CommercialPRINTERS
j <

\ : I, You Write a Ghost Story? J: }

i ,, = i ; No doubt you know one you have been tell- i::i I !
: ing for vears. We will give a ''..++ I : :' I nil I:; ::1 I I il iil .
:I:::+ .
<< for the best Ghost Story written by youngor ''..+ :
old, male or female. :!*+*
*. The only condition is that each contestant *+ i

4 send to THE Fifty SOUTHERN Cents for CYCLONE a years subscription, a monthly [it "TsJO job is too large and none too small for I j;

publication, published at Live Oak, Florida. .:::1+ .L 'N us to handle and everything in the
$] The Cyclone is full of singer and red hot; ::
it has a will of its own;and stands on a plat- : Printing Line comes easily within limit.
form unique in policy and principle. The *

first number will appearNOVEMBER ..I Iiti

t FIRST QUR stock of Bond Linen and Rag Papers
4 Write on one side of paper only; story not !

to exceed 1,000 words; contest will close E** is one of the largest carried in Florida, !
FEBRUARY, J5th J903.
j and winner will be announced in the March !k i1 and with a well equipped modern Printing !

number. Send in your subscription at once. tit Plant, new type, and artistic printers, we i

THE SOUTHERN CYCLONE, a can furnish you with Stationery as cheap as !'

Drawer 30 Live Oak Fla
E H1 and prompt as any establishment in the :'.

I'** 11 I 11 1 I I I I 11 U I I U I IM I it H 1 I I | | > t***+++It > > M* m South. A trial will convince. Samples and Ii

I : Estimates Furnished on Application. :1
; SEABOARD ""++++ :..
: :+ "10.+++ ..t.
Airline Railway.I + 4 4i +i,",:.+*++ .1

::: :}';--: ; : I ;::irn-m----- ,,
i Savannah, Columbia, Camden, Southern Pines, i ++ :; : ::: i I:' '::" m: n :.1
I Raleigh, Richmond, Washington, Baltimore, N a
t _. Philadelphia and New York. nl I We' Make a Specialty of Mail i ; t

'I 11

TWO ELEGflNT TRAINS DfllLY I Hi+ II -:- Order Business -:- !

: !L ..
Seaboard Seaboard : !! I :j :'==:: ... n t
Express Mail --m
= I
: ; ; II jii: 1
: : i ;i. I I':: I im
J : 1
z\ I :
I.[ .
e Modern : Pullman : Equipment. e I : : ...


The Jamestown Exposition Line I Iii LIVE OAKPUBLISHING


Excursion Tickets on Sole Daily :
a HI j
i :
For full information and :-"I'N! | rt'irvalums call on any agent I .
of Seaboard or write .i::

S. C. EO\LSTON... A-tet. Unl!. I'alls. Ajrent Jacksonville. F'.a.U ; :

j .. t I I I I I I l.U..LU.l I I I .... Ijl COMPANY j i

.}i, iclyersise. Advertise II tt! LIVE OAK FLORIDA j

1 Have you anything to sell? Do you want to buy? '(!II

Have you "lost" or "found" anything?

:::::::::::::::' I I I IIIII++
An 'ad in the Daily will meet Jour dementis. H 111111II t. t I1I111II ,. !!IIIII 111t+ I
t II t i Ii Ii
111111 Iii i i i i i i i i i; i ; i i ; i i i ij i i i..i

.,... >_-:.."-- -. <

-r i '-' "' ....3..4f.FJ "t""' $ "" ''- T'-2L'"l-:'' h Irj .- ::l' :i-",,


rr R


I 41111 till II 11111111.. 111111111111111111111111111111111111.111111111111111 III'U'


; == Health ks, Do Iou Wish: to Wake lour Own

Ii" [0] More ThanWealth Way fn Ufa's ?World

i ttA4pi Use

: I I I ,,/y ,


..._..... LINIMENT : Tic


will always have good health. What Is
lban good health? All tho money in the I
bappiness where health is unknown, Ballard's
Rheumatism Cuts, Burns I
CURES Sores, Stiff Joints, Contracted
Back and all the Ills that Flesh Is

One Who Knows.
The Standard Commercial Shorthand an Telegraphy
J. G. Scott, Salt Lake City, Utah writes; College in North Florida. We secure POSITIONS for
too highly praise your Ilallard'a Snow all graduates.
the relief of acute rheumatism, caused by
and exposure to the weather. I also ('('
Ilallar 's Horehound Syrup for coughs SCHOLARSHIPS
Theo used together defy all pain.

GET THE GENUINE. Three Sizes 25c |50 $75 and $90

Ballard Snow Liniment I $40r"'n': I

500-502 North Second Street



Corner Ohio Avenue and Conner Street
Sold and

Suwannee Drug LIVE OAK FLA I
and ''''''''''''0', Princilutl.' ,
i I

PROFESSIONAL_ CARDS. I If a man has an ..+++.................................... . . .......o. +
no for music ; ; ; ; ; i
I +++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++W++++++++. ++++++++KM i > r I
== ::::= --
that is coming to
)M.< 'DIXON, -- --
L. DeWitfs the parson with a !I
'- should burn all the
Salve is healing
DEN'l'IST.OBTOOONTIA for piles Sold >et him with the I I Now is the Time to Visit the
CJs- N : URIWE Compan .
-v.. : \ .No IMJ
It's jealously
: beat Herbine for I
them say mean Jamestown Exposition
E. BROOME, back, but in men I greatest regulater | ,
suffering hUh\anit If i
ness liver complaint if

LIVE OAK: FLORIDA. will put it in its ,
David Parker i A i oaitit cure for ,
Will practice in all the court of the State. Spec who lost a foot at
mi attention to Conveyances. Collection Dyspepsia !I The War Path Air Naval
it Bent;Etc.given All business promptly attended Klectric Bitters : n :=: Ship, :=: Display,
to. to a torpid liter. Try j
good than any I
Noun PVBUC STATE AT LARGE. will never use any-
For several bears ptat'o{ by Sawannee Drug I will interest and instruct you. Do not
trouble, and paid ; D
DR. J. W. WEST for medicine to ;I nov-dw fail to go at once. For: beautifully illus-

I began taking 1 trated folder containing discrip-
Physician and Surgeon.Office rl.. -1'.t1'o maps,
would not take $ you musn't dark tive matter, list of hotels, etc., write to
> : Carroll Building Ohio Avenue. have done for me' .

Residency at Ethel Hotel. the aged and for he doesn't think I'm

rhoa*-. Office.No. 168. Great alterative all those dirty huger FRANK C. BOYLSTON j
Residence 23 or IbS. sure cure for old door-Yonkers
Drugstore (BarcUy|&Groover No 16. kidneys.

Groo\er druggist District Pass, Agent, Jacksonville, Fla. f
ChaiiUhle I' a
BROWN & THOMASON, Some girls as well as to yourself

heads because: swim they suffer horse need from not pains suffer of I ATLANTIC COAST LINE,

PHYSICIANS & SURGEONS, Ballard's Scow Lini-
Cured (>fMr Hri
all pains 3. M RoI -
un OAK, : : : FLORIDA. Robert O. I }Io.. writes: '.1 i THE SHORT THROUGH CAR LINE.
Y., rites: j I Liniment for ten Nif
Foley's Kidney U to be the best 1 I; 1 I I P!!! ::"'-- ,!!!!!!!I" i !:: !: 1// : lill
L. A. CU.\FOIIU, ,
from twelve to beast
for maa or -- -- -
PUBLIC STENOGR\PIIEU, and I was all Drug Co. nov-dw

Citizens Office lUnk Upstairs. lluilding, and could my scarcely the eyesight room. pIa inttL Use ti1best Brick in the State.IT'S .

across uoderstaad win a
LIVE OAK .:. -:- FLORIDA. hope of living, his 'better half: ..
e- mended Foley's if you bad to divide

e'T.. J. LYLE cent tore I bottle had taken oae,"Illustrated

Practical dropsy had gone The Callahan Brick Co., Callahan- Fla.

Mmptoms of '.
0 ltt Prayer.
AND JEWELER Pharmacy help you make
35 ear's experience Salve known to W. H. Goodbread, Live Oak, Fla. Gen'l} Agt for Live Oak.
Only after a
stock of Watches always on hand G. Jenkins of Chapel -
::::::: thing worth
quickly took the pain l>.uuiD4; Plows Fatal I'IK'unionta I < ||OMS A (' ,ld
I his
while away
for me and cured it u flan nif-n audIIfJI.. n ('ar( h coldi I ,. ', .
1 I" 1I..r f"l;')*-> tilt use < F" &
short lime Best on at dances which t.rnnni'e in pn>'u" ., ,, ,
.\ Haul ; Hon I FOLEY'SHONEY burns and wounds. nionii and utnption. \fter exposure t
debt con". '11)' 1 owe a
Gror .
it drug if Fol\ s Hon n and Tar itaken '
1 har
off: reveuts jin*- inionia Cnv -
be paid
:t'ti er nov-dw
: it will break up a cold and no -. Ituve
( II
I'\\otfield. feared. Refuse In.a _
serious results need be _
i 11"11I death bl ;: t fixer otca-iunally any but the genuine in a yvio!< v .
1,10 I
AND T AR ,,\.'iBoth U\f-. package I JI'lp.-d .
t .
that It
ly affected I We have secured the agencf< I Hign"1: : c' vas cr"atly;
I t'III. when I of onado, Mo, i'.a..l: \\i'i t. t.,..: 1+',1'rOU sold me.I .
: ''r 11 t' Ormo Laxative Fruit Syrup, the new I .
The original i-ioen: The : t.. -I' 3nnot say i laxative that makes the liver livelsCures I v\'itgitr. \\ L.l' ; i'd him atJolltI
I nu cough quit : : .1' K ;'" &;: BUdoV- 7''trU\ th-a ......, ',-'- .. .. I 1 the animal .'
lAXATIVE was used, and t1' i i : .i L' "> i? tti [4- -.' : ... ,., !.,' .' 'W; ina \\ 11. I. discover' d
cough remedy .
a complete cure and Bladder Pills aro chronic constipation Ask us I '\H'j.i:" nut i j-"a: i--t t. never suspetri -
i New : j !, ;"r'- i .,' .ued Bitsreliable.
equaled To nov-d ,
roT Coughs, colds thr,at and lung Lug abort j' City Phar-iiac: d v
b No : colds and all :, I
opiate N 'n-a coh"Uc. I _-- ---
dforetrtrybetiy ,.d .. where.t .. 3ood and safe
t l \cr. I plaints. '., ...d.1 ::..1:.1 lllnkand "I'.IK j k-.
'OLt\"S Tho genuine Grouser druggist. ,', -i dry Iowa L" ,', : KODOL for dyspepsia
'.\'eno HONEy and TAR is' in : Trial bottle free. -.1 .. i A te best remedy known to-
"package kt'fuac'5utt.tltULC6Prepared for mothers to use is f, -KchM Vn,i vi h."n 'h. \ a'1 1 a la\ fur h"art barn: belching and all
only by h\ .' of I I '. ;-. -,: :4 t r0U a disordered
f0iay : S I' I:' I -1--
.. 1 1 t1'l' :: rip
___ Company. ChlHONHTHCAR lcaa .
: ,
'!"" ; l' J :. ,' ; ,1U I .. t," .J ,. :: i;,',- ;gar, !. ," a_ ant to take and q
-- 'ruptly: Sold
: '...tS."d b> Live by j!
Even th>. : : 3 a
ti nov-d Y-: S'- :1 noY..1
lands in a lowly t.
Mwt sate. crave. Ha opiate "


< --
......... .:. .. "........ .... .!.i.-.....,; .. .II; ,
_.. ...




H. M. WOOD, Chairman finance Com. '=.
E. J. BLUME, 1st Vice-president. J. B. BARTON, President. ARNOLD P. MICKLER, Cashier. '
( D. L BYRD, 2nd VIce-President.

cj Capital and Stockholders Liability, $100,000.00. I,.


; eesee
r: "- "- \ S.s2S_ '- \Z 5 \- +.\- SZ.'V ...

I 3 ; The Varsity Overcoat

l : -" '
ii ( ....f1.....,..... ,/ ,.. rk II
I ( / I. want to see and wear a stylish .
; 0 you overcoat
I l : <.!. .' ].1!. ; f IF
"i. '
: ,l I {(.'i' -_t'': ; : / "" < ; one with a lot of snap in it; one that

: .. ;. .
';'::" : ): '11 take constant pleasure in ownI
/ :@4\: ; }; jn; ; you I

3 j ( ',.., k})-:t:':: *:L : = :Ar. ing and wearing, just drop in here
"" }
( r".fit
> \' s .:; 3 / fayfrl .r and look at our Hart Schaffner & '
/Z Wte && .
; Marx: Varsity overcoat.
fflJi1fl J

? 2 : 11 '\\ Our line of suits are complete.
l -Nffo
? I/I/! I I ;;'JI ';; \\, They are the kind you see on all well

I > i if(/iI f!z I, :: .\ :! \} dressed men. We have them in both /

> { 4".>_ <<: '1/ .)k :t Men's: and Young Men's in Greys,

} = ; Browns Blacks and Blues in fact '
1 lll} :, i lili: ) ; ,

> { ,tlr'.,-,;, _j;: :.,' 1 i : ...\.. all I the the latest' fabrics the market. '

1 s 1j;= 'i. .$ :' ;t '!, :'': '' can produce, $12.50 to $30.00. .

l :. :;

,:, g ''\ :t' :':.:-i:tf.= :- ,.;.. ....:,' :::f\.:: : .: We are sole Agents for Paragon Pants and Bo\'den Sl oes. '

( ; 6" .:>.. ;.. .. .x. BUTLER BROS
t :
I' } /.. ;. ,
o r ... ;'t
..., .
) .. WEN'S
: J

I: .! Copyright 1907 by Hurt Jy SchaiTncr & Marx: Live Oak, = Florida:1((

L.A w S' f"_ S' w v"-w w a v w AA- w- w A..AAA.ww w ww AA'V /' S w w w v w w -..I-v.. _vi '_ v w -_-,,-


r -= ;:;;;::;;;;::;;;:;-----...-...,--- --.. __
i. Live Oak MTg. Co. r(B?-WV IW=-WWM.WW--:-rK.W\.I TTT/71-fM=.---WWW T A\T-WW--AST--W W TTTI W-,....b,.ww.IEI L I---I -=.
! Manufacturers oi 101 i f!?:J : FALL I IS HERE! I

: Lumber, Shingles, Ice, Electric Lights, IM }. : WINTER IS CO:l1NG! g
lill -\ '.

, I Electric. Lights Power in any and part Turpentine.of the city furnished for >IB I H HO W ARE y'ou U FIXED mR [CLOTHIN l 11

Residence or Business Houses at very reasonable rate. Ell i''i.. .
I 11, Electric power-Day and night current-for manufacturing ,;/ '. ,'Y. .>>" .
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Wholesale and retail Ice-out of City orders have special 1 have bought a better line of clothing for Men, II
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'cii ::1 ;
and Do
flooring. Come get our prices.Good B : you believe in Physical Culture? Then let us
-- -- .. fit you with a suit of I
the > B
congregations at the Second They all pronounced caii- .I"
Advent Christian church yesterda>, excellent and Mr. Hawkins u.t: >,1 10 : 'S
in despite of the weather,' The Sun- them under further obligationin: .- Lawrences' Model Made Clothing. II
day school is gr wing nicely. Pra>pr sisting that tjley) should lakh; <>,t > B!JI'i 4 : :
meetings are gr twins'. in numbers some of the yrup. Our i 1"1"1.,1' \- ; They fit like tailor made garments.
and interest. La>t Tuesday night;; at sheriff; is a true.' type 01 gn.m.'? j We have 3
: a strong line of Youths suits,
_ the business me< ting of the church. hospitality. OMs latchin: aiAa.shang IEII \pl and boys
the outside for hi- 'riviid ; made good and strong for
I Eld. J. T. Butte received a unanimous oa \.t wear. H
aad he j" nt't"'r! 1
call to sene the church as aDd neighbors .
pastor for thtr incoming\ year. :Mr. pleased than when he has the m \\i'h 'i Take a look at our Fancy Silk Vest, they are H
I Thos. Dowing'and Col. J. L. Lee were him. n I fine.
; appointed as a committee to notify .. B I
the The children of Rev .c \ RMk- :
i church.the pastor Eld.of the Butler j action notified of the who have been sick with M.irk-t.h-vir. I ., 3 ::- i I COME IN AND LET US SHOW
i church at last night's service that he are up and have been for n.ura .t..J.Il YOU".I
would accept the call for another week. No new cases ha'l"-" j B
and it i3 thought that i>.-' Q ;"r..r.' neat B
year. 5. J.
Mr. Ridley's houie w: r..isd B WHITE 1JER.
Ex-Sheriff J. W. Hawkins enter- E B! FU RI i
tained quite a number of his friends todaMEYSKIDMYCUBB I

last Saturday evening at a ('all-?- --A T,.,.,-I -TTTTA\ TI.. .....T.....-....- -+ -
'- '- ----., .... .
+- --- .-..., -- .
grinding at his home in this city. Manet Zi p'--$ a"* ladder RljLt I ---- --

0.... ....'...........--.......- #- ...

Live Oak daily Democrat
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Full Text
",," = -'.. '
: ; ; .: .; ;; .- -

t .

k.IT .
r I r


1p .





t ,I


/ Till w iNINo

I II : %.* -j
I *&% -


r i I
' !
Criminal Case to Conn*
c One
Only Never I.eforeas' M. Much Money
for Trial at This I
I Up
shipped to This Country by the
Banks of Europe


- The fall term of the Circuit Court New York, Nov. 11.-The financial

: tor Smannee count met this morn- i situation made further progress Sat-

" Jag at ten o'clock, with Judge B II. urday toward the resumption of

F Palmer on the bench. normal conditions.

The Jury was called, and the judge Gold was engaged to bring the

i Charged the grand jury after which i total for this movement up to more

. the docket*was sounded. Only one I than $50,000,000, an unprecedented'

criminal case will be up for trial at I acquisition of the yellow meta / n the

this term unless the grand jury returns f 3 *'. $ ; history of New York finances. .' 1

other indictments The bank statement wa s/inore

This case Is that of Jas. Fields, favorable than ha& een expected

charged with murder. There are and the stocky marketwltSHicoi the

quite a number of civil cases suf- mOli't'active shares showing advances

tojent to keep the court busy for the on the day's trading.

entire week. Notable advances were mad"eby

, There are larger numbers in attendance shares in the stock market duringthe

than usual. Quite a few of week, todavs final sales showing

te cases have considerable witnesses higher prices as follows:

and a number are in town just \:> I Iy Union Pacific, 24 ; United States

visit the court room. I Steel, 1 1-S; United States Steel preferred -
r ,
The murder trial is fixed for this 2; Reading, 4 1-8; Pennsyl-

afternoon.A vault 4 7-S; Northern Pacific, 1 3-4;

Ne wYork Central 2 5-S; Missouri
MTE1: (JrXIU.I.\N DEAD.. Pacific. 1 % ; Great Northern, 2 % ;

St. Paul, 2 7-S. and American

sugar 3.
fol. J. II. Ktill, Owner of savannah
.. I
News, Dies Near That ('ity.
NEGIaI'lil-:AClllIt'S: CHIME.
Savannah Xov. 9.-John Holbrook -

Estill died tonight at 10.15 Convicted" at Given Cove Springs of

9'clock at his home at Isle of Hope, Murder of SteiOausht.

aear this city. lie had been ill from ,. -Rogers in New York Herald I Clay County Times.)
malady of the heart since last April, ---- --- Thursday, the last day of the circuit -

aid several times during the progressof TALK TO n.umlt.lmlHS.: rni.Minvr: : IN 'UXFEHHXn: I I'ilh i :nw: SiMTOKI\LMMHIVTK.: court was consumed in the trial

the disease it was thought he -- of W. N Smith a negro preacher,

TQnld expire. Col Estill was best Congressman (laik Setuirs" 1'IIt'rt; \\ CJoinpers :jiul Other l'nioll', I Duncan l". Hftihorill I'rohablt charged with the murder of his stepdaughter -

inown as the proprietor of the Sa*anna I'unn IturiMii of soils for l.ihor ieadtTs. : ::I Try SiMtrttl Malloy.TimesUnion. Julia Ann Dunt!ln.

Morning News, though his business that I'u'lltt-.t" Washington* NJDV J'I.. '19.-Presidentiferped .I Ii i i ( ) It will be remembered that early in

connections wre: ,varied and ex- August a heinous 'crime was committed -
(Tin1t'S-UnioD. too"t..1t today co with P eslj A Times-Union reporter learned i
/ '
tensive. H .wat" Iso widely Known near Midlebuig The body of a
lion Frank Clark j dent Gompers an 4 the membefa of yesterday, from good authority, that ;
politically ytecads/ two campaigns congressman'I in Itul
negro girl was fond Creek
be from this district ever thoughtful of the executive council 04 the American there is every indication that Duncan
made for ovtjk>r. The first was and an investigation; proved that thegirl's
to the best interest of his constituents I Federation of r'rdin labor U Fletcher of this city will probably
1102, ween he made a wry strong neck had been broken by a
legislation at ng .00 of be a candidate for United States ;
after earnest f'lhlE'a\'or.
raee Ih, has, I ,
nd ht.t90t In 182 d.e heavy blow Various/circumstances
Vie: was rh.Trfflflfl| Cft th state deillO- from dei>irtment of ,agriculture; the I((). ress. La\tr ro0n.of w\.o United | senator lead the negroes of the community to
eratic assignment of an expert from the : :Mine i. m, I It is said that a/great many influential -
executive commitee. and In suspect that Smith/ \he Irl's stepfather -
the council
> was the only r lof t citizens advocating -
bureau of lions to thi sdistrkt to -
18)2,-he was the member for Georgia (I I had murdered her Officers
liver series of addresses to the abefont. D. J. Sbar'klttoti and John )lr. Fletche/as but
n'the Democratic national com a were notified of the crime and Sheriff
mittee.. farmers | Fledge, members off\the "tisb parliament -II he tas. BO fa/; r aVi,rt\e any Weeks
took to
immediately steps cap
In It is tHe desire of }Ir. Clark to arrange -: and fratt'rn 1 4ejegatest from definite answer, he was
Charleston, S. C., on OctoWr 2>, !a'nual ture the negro1'hen Smith was
for seven or eight big meetingsof Great Britain. tote convention said\0 be very seri t i > MO waV
Col. Estill found he
was born. Wevenmr ( Federation in a churchpreaching
bthe : of the \meri n of the nmt t' \Jlnd theMndication are
farmers to be addressed
I- later became to Savannah and t'x-I and fought like a demonto
who will be here from .labor. which Is to op4n" at Norfolk, I now that Be may announce his candidacy -
secured a job in a printing ofhce Upon pert xovt'm-I I ita. I": -- avoid arrest but to no avail. lie
next )fonda 4 were preseat. _
any day. __
l :24 to December 1. _
>er I
outbreak : taken into
of the civil war he was custody and broughtto
The time is short for preparation, After the conft"'rt'o l'resld"t GomI I The papers of the statet. ve from
sent with the Oglethorp Light!; lafc Green Cove and lodged in jail,
pen said: I time to time spoken of )Jr. FleKheras
who/desire to secure .oneof :
and those I i I
trr, under Barlow's (command toWn with where he has been ever since
these meeltngh far their town :: "Wto discussed he president a probable candidate, but heas
the army of Northern Virginia After: hearing all of the evidencein
Be should writ/ to the' Gainettftte address I the questions of $ab4r legislation never given an intimation of the *-
ns the the
Bounded at the First Battle case jury rendered a verdict -
thnt Le which haw been pted to congress ciston on the question through aipaper >
ot\Ir Clark 1- Oft so
dUanassas j je4 of guilty and Smith will
and in 1863 was mustered hang.
ht-boar dar
including t" .
1 The pressure which has been
because: of disability this I can arrange the 1)'fM'rn'01l0 > : unless a new trial is granted.
}-' 'atioa from Mr i proposition: wo*' aaft child labor; brought to bear on Mr Fletcher, It is
\\ inp
-oUlld < copMnn I I
caused. Later he joined the Iemployt'rs' liability Wnd its extension -
; said now points to his candidacy.
whateer Clark fuU>'_e: pains>> this important : :
forces The friends of Mt Luther
at Savannah and many
op- process the abuse
the injunction sjnd
: I The people of Florida need no introduction -
Dosed< Sherman's march to the sea. matter: which it has devel, The president McKinnon were much grieved to
'l'Hftf'-l'11lon-1 have forSOffit peq to }Ir. Fletcher. He has
Alter the Editor learn of his death which occurred at
war though left enni-
i matters
them the
served peple in various capacitiesfor
***, Cot : trmr-hfpn la correslloadence i 'I
Estill devoted himself closoV his home in Perry Saturday Mr MoKianon
with and treated n4
us every years, OB numerous boards of the
10 with the secretary of agriculture i,
business, in 1867 i was a young man, only thlrfyyears
having coBnideration As fo wtat he will do
of the
government city of Jacksonville
fa the endeavoring to get him to assign anexpert 'I
Printing of age, and bad bee fttl' successful -
or newspaper business for labor in his fotjthcoaung}
messageto its
II the from the bureau of soils department as mayor several time, in
meantime, he purchased a halt I prefer he i should in boallle end bad a host
I say
congress the
laltl'tlt of agriculture to this district -! legislative hails of the state, as a -
in the an.l' I of warm friew4s.His demise was
Morning News
himself constant and fearless fighter for De-
tae years : for the purpose of delivering anumlft'r sudden, having been ill for only
later very
secured the entire
)lr. Gompers would tot
I 1 mocracy in the partamonK the people
*" of addresses to our farmers.
**l For two days The cause of his death
twenty he was whether the president had made
years any and with the leaders of the
with i iI party,
has complied ayI
The secretary .
of the Georgia Press ,\s"cUtion. I I I request, and Has assigned the Hon I promises during the IDtl'rTtej" He and he now holds the highest positionin was

regarded the interview' however, as the party today chairman of the
kaay business :i I \\", G. Smith. a thorough expert on W. Ang's. an old citizen of
and charitable en- satisfnctor
executive committee.AS .
trrtses In ; soils who can be with us from November Suwannee count, was found un-
Savannah have felt the : It was stated at the White House a private citizen Mr t1ett'berstall'
b10etas December 1, during
of 21 until conscious by the road between here
Col Estill's management that the president would take the re- foremost; he is liked by all,
a.atfon. which time he can deliver seven or and Risford at eight o'clock yesterday -
: Perhaps next to the I I I port of the executive committee ender personally account of his gracious :
OfIit.C News, the institution that eight addresses I consideraion and taken to bill hom>w aer. he
manners as a speaker he has
; no
rewiT d the This card is for the purpose of ad- superior died at fire o'clock yesterday after-
JT greatest measure of in the state of Florida; in hU
"faUon vising the people of this opportunity noon The death of Mr Angus wa r
'*a Orphaa and interest is the I 1 I to hear )Ir. Smith, and of Inviting through committee or otherwise, profession of law he is among the supposed to have been 'caused::; -by a
t.getor boys, which ablest at the bar of Florida.Committed .
_'" "'Baded by George Whitfieldaa correspondence with a view to having : will let me hear'from them at oeee. stroke of paralysis. Mr Angus had

.. I him speak in those localities where I trust you will give this matter the lived in this county for seven or

mire than a century and a half ago. I I the farmers feel sufficient interest to ;, prominence in your valuable journal \ Suicide. eight years, and was about sixty

ca taun 1 a quarter of a century I' notify me of the fact and get up the which its importance to our farmers West Palm Beach, Fla., Nov. 9,- years old.
"as president of the Union '
bJ meetings for him to address If such : deserves, in order that we may have Carl Jackman. of Orlando, Ind. took

ff%! A which the orphanage is ,i i localities as desire to hear )Ir. Smith ;, a number of largely attended meetings strychnine with suicidal intent here F. C. Hack), of Coitfmbia/ S. C.,
widow and live '
0'* Vih. e,Co.1. Atill.e sons will indicate the same to me at once for Mr Smith to address. today. and died a few hours later. met his brother, A. G. lack, here

r- I will try to give them an appointment Yours respectful, Despondency caused by being out of Sunday. after a separation of twelve

't.. :rl; r. 'ca I!!, These addresses are highly FRANK CLAHK M C. work and ill health is thought to be. i years.. They left last'night for

:; 1Isseaux, of Alton was in educational and instructive and 1 responsible for his suicIde. The body \\a\cross for a short visit From

"J day, en route to Talla- trust the different communities will Second Congressional District of Fla. will be sent to, Orlando Ind. wherea there they will go to their old home

I take the matter up immediately and,. Gainestile Fla.. Nv S I brother of the dead man lives. I I Iin South Carolina.

I I ..


.,. ......". .. ."' \:\feM5' ...- .-.1)'-).-.,- .<-,[.f_7. ,,l", -" .'kf"" i. .< ---.
": J I ,8 I 't J "


II. 190:'. i
1 .
r BUSY ALL WINTER to see the full-length portrait of his

( mental and moral,graces between the

t May Ke the Soldiers<< to Suppress the column rules now and then.

'Indian Uprising. \t.. .

"That Delightful State."
Omaha, Neb., NOT. 6.-Cot. Frank
Gainesville Sun)
West and eight troops of the Second (
In Mr. and :Mrs. E. J. Hearst. Flor-
United States Cavalry from Fort Des
da has two staunch friends who never -.
Moines were today ferried across the
lose opportunity to good
an say a
Missouri river at Forest City opposite -
word for the State. Mr. and Mrs I
the Cheyenne agency in South
Hearst, who make their home in
Dakota, after reaching Gettysburg
Jacksonville, but have friends
last night and marching eighteen many I '
here, have been In New York Stateon
miles across the country. The com-
their annual visit for the past
mand will continue the march tomorrow I
few weeks and in The Coxsackie !
for Thunder Butte, eighty mites
Union of November 1 the following
further west. universal testimony Red Rock
It now appears to the army men By
"Mr. Mrs. E. J. Hearst {
and are
that the campaign against the Ute has been awardedthe
Indians may keep the soldiers busy guests of Editor and Mrs. Franklin |' Fruit Punch

all winter. at Hillside Cottage this week. Their palm of unqualified superiority. It assures distinctiveness and

Two companies of the Sixteenth In- short sojourn at Bloomingdale has success to all social functions, and should be prepared in accordance
more than ever convinced them that
fantry from Fort Crook reached Get- I
with the
Florida is about the best place on -
tysburg to-night. These companies FORMULA
earth to get to when Old Boreas begins ,
will relieve the small detachment o!
to whistle his tune of frost and : (Quantity Sufficient for Twenty-Five Guests)
the Second Cavalry having charge of
the base of supplies at Gettysburg. snow, and they will sail for that delightful : 8 ORANGES 6 LEMONS 1 PINEAPPLE

State, which, in a few months 4 QUARTS RED ROCK GINGER ALE
Detachments of the infantry
compa- experience. they have learned to both 1 POUND SUGAR 1 PINT MARASCHINO CHERRIES
nies will then be assigned to duty
appreciate and love. Mr. Hearst is and lemons fine
from Cheyenne river agency White Crush oranges chop pineapple cover with sugar,

Horse, and other points between doing a large business" in Florida in allow to stand for 3 hours, press out the juice and add to this juice the

Thunder Butte creek and the Missouri school supplies. pint of cherries and plenty of cracked ice. Just before serving add

river. I the four quarts of Red Rock.
Tatty for Teddy. I
I Ii
HE TVK.NKII HOBO. New York. Nov. 6.-Chairman

i Timothy L. Woodruff of the Republican

And Counted tin Ti *. to Get K\i>ert State Committee who wired the -- -

Kno sledge for H. H. Conmli..ion 'I President today that jetrferday's victory cate under the provisions of >< !< !',. W'W'!>n..ww>N'.WH+ EWMMMH1
Atlanta. Ga.. Nov. 6,-After walk- I in King's county was due to MrRoosevelt's dmance. upon conviction by the Clark: & CO. Phone :

ing every foot of the way from Atlanta strength in Brooklyn. I or shall be punished by a fine, 151.

to Augusta along the tracks of the said to-night the he believed the demand II eeeding five hundred dollars I

Georgia railroad, a distance of 173 would be such that the President prisoned not longer than ninety RS 1

miles, the expert, employed b\ the would be obliged to accept a or both such fine and :
Stocks Bonds Grain and
railroad commission, reports that the renomlnation. at the discretion of the Mayor. !

physical condition of that roadbed is Sec. 4.-That this ordinance AlE WIRES TO ALL LEADING EXCNAI GF. j i

far from what it should be. Stun. take effect Immediately upon its : Eu5ala, Ala., Jacksonville, Tallahassee, St. Augustine, Line: }

This report was submitted to the Green-I told my wife last wept sage by the Council and \e Oak, Quincy. Mariana and Madison, Florida. S

railroad commission; at noon and an that It would be necessary for a* to the Mayor. : c Drug Co, Building, Live Oak Florida. J t

order on this subject is expected fromthe economize. Attest: l s s 'n rty v A"! '? N>;>-Sw! 'N-.N-t' H.i 0 I JIh
commission. The name of the ex Brown-What did she say? S. P. MAYS, C. H. \\

pert is withheld for the present, and Green-She didn't say anything at City Clerk. Pros -

it is intimated that other roads will the tim, but the next day she bought I, S. P. Mays City Clerk

be subjected to this same sort of in me a box of bargain-counter cigars. City of Live Oak, Florida, de
spection.The Chicago News. certify that the foregoing i MARKET AND GROCERY

expert went the entire distan No. 67, was regularly passed b> ,

on foot and carried a hand-book iu The more bad habits a man accumulates -I City Council on the 6th day of H. B. CREECH

his pocket. Every time he came to across the less money he save vember, A. D. 1907, and the I Prop.

tie which he thought was too II hereby certified to the Mayor 'i [At Hingson's Old Stand] I

bad for service he jotted it down Half a loaf is be'te* than a dozens approvaL sh meats both Western and Florida. 1 I"I

Every time he saw a bolt which loaves of the kind tome bakers: make. Witness my hand and the I 1 1A
loose he marked the spot in his hand said City this 6th day of \' I and Family Groceries. Fruits and Vegetable

I. boo'k. Every rail which was not as it OUIIIXVNCHNO. (;7. 1S07., Sl ECI.1L'r1". II

should be met the same sort of treat S. P. MAYS, City
An ordinance in relation to the
+! ment. In this manner his diary tells Examined and approved by me Terms Cash.

t\ the story of the physical condition o:t : public health and to present the November 7th, A. D. 1907. I l iiiii.i,. !.: '

;1 the roadbed foot by foot all the way I spread of certain contagious and Infectious -I J. B. JOHNSON, Ma>
After his : diseases In the City of Live
return to Atlanta this expert

. had the notations in his book Oak and providing penalties. i There I* Xo Ileason : CARRY

I transcribed on a typewriter and copies I: BE IT ORDAINED by the Mayor why your baby should be thin,
given the commission. and City Council of the City of Live I
this fretful during tbe night

before them they can tell the exact Oak Florida: I the cause of thin, sickly I I Hay, Flour, Meal, Coffee, Sugar, I Rice,

condition of every foot of track. Seetionl.-Whenever any case of I li is natural that a healthy baby i sacks and barrels Crackers Candy Can
yellow feter small cholera ,
This is probably the most completeinspection pox, dip- be fat and sleep well If your
I theria, scarlet fever fccarlitina1 I Paper Bags etc. in stock.
! ever given a road upon the I or does not retain its food, don't L ,

i order of a commission and action upi i shall develop or exist in the city of periment with colic cures and keep on hand most of the winter, Apples

f on it will be awaited with interest. Live Oak the patient, and all meat : medicine but try a bottle of Banannas Lemons '
J I bers of the household exposed to the and Oranges.
Crt'am'ermlfuge.. and you will I
same, shall be immediately placed have on hand several of fl< *
I now cars
(:..AI11X ILLINOIS se your baby have color and
I under quarantine by the Sanitary Inspector it should. Sold by Sawannee ;i make you some close prices this week for
Chicaga, Xov 5,-At the first test I under the direction of the

II of the new local option law made in : Mayor and Sanitary Committee of Co. :0's I Ii

Illinois counties not under township said city. and the in or
; house where such'I j i m ht. i need of anything in our line call on

organizations, sixteen counties voted ,I patient shall be, must be quarantined for
"Life. observed tbe i, prices.
: for prohibition in various forms and as effectually as practicable, and danger .
boarded "is
I a game of
. degrees. The claim was made at signals in the form of red flags on a large scale" :, our customers for past patronage ao

!. midnight at the headquarters of the shall be placed around such Infected Nothing of the sort," a share of your future orders.

anti-saloon league at Springfield that j house, houses or quarters and all : the newly married hoarier I

in the sixteen counties toting today | the inmates thereof, exposed to Infection actly the contrary The game i We are

'j 250 saloons had been forced out of : be and they are hereby required doesn't really
begin until you
business and that 90 per cent of the! I to remain in such infected' i ii 1 i
Chicago Tribune : Commission
J territor affected had been "dr>." I i house houses or quarters or within Brokerage ,

At Jacksonville 32 saloons were I such infected district as may be uni Appendicitis i

voted out and at Duquoin the teui-1 i der quarantine, until such time as .*
!1 ''j Is due in a large measure to OLD:A. c. L. FREIGHT DEPOT .."
, perance forces won by :6'ott'S.. In: they shall be able to produce a certificate !''of
the bowels, by employing
southern Illinois counties the mining from some practicing physi -

towns without exception went "dry." clan that all danger of infection is purgatives. To avoid all danger, Merchants are Cordially invited t-o male :sr ( ,ffice their hta3-1
1M in
only Dr. King's New Liver Pills I ? the city.
The Pensacola News thinks that i past and that the infected house, -
: -
:= !
safe, cleansers
gentle and --
in. '
Editor Storrs, suggested by its neighbor I houses or quarters. and their contents X.\\n: : NO. 1
ators. Guaranteed to cure Gt). bthe Maxn-
I the Journal. as a candidate for I have been thoroughly disinfected f
ache, biliousness, malaria imposing Attest
Go\ernor. is a fine man, but is cool or until such time as tbe State a penalty : j
I jaundice, at Barclay Groover for failing to report to S. P. V.\y 11 BROE.Cir.
on his proposed candidacy. The I Board of Health shall have taken Cow
store. 25e. of the City of Live Oak. :. I' rk I'reg. 1
News says: I charge of and raised such quarantine; ftfct A's.
tious or 1.8. ( ;-rko J
contagions I'I
dis 1.1.\1.I't': :
The Journal says that Storrs canbe : provided that this prohibition may "
I The Genihm Kn t. within his practice of Lio, ? Fi >r. '. do ht're'I"
elected That's another questionthe i not apply to any individual adult ,;
correctness of which we shall not i member of the family who producesa "Cut out that crying' cried City. tiff: th.r 't. -'>" ':" t..z (1rdssa5'
:\': .' ..
by the 6t). ,< : "
further dispute until we hear from certificate from some practicing desperate husband "We are Mayor .a r. : '
: ; jdY
the DeFuniak editor but in the meantime i physician that such member has not parting of the ..a's. Make of the City of Live Council : T1 !'tber of
i I : A it ;*,, 7 ':.' ameNMRby
make another i been choice. Which shall at:
we are going to exposed to infection and that go ia the Ith .
will there is barrel picture I -Whoever, being a U- (.t'rtiti.j 1.. t' v'proval I-'Jr, for
guess-that Editor Storrs not ; no danger of such member jour post card
{ physic .
I only refuse to enter the race, but that communicating said disease lections or your Teddy bears' within ,- t

he will nominate for this responsible I :ec. :.-That any persons violating But the problem being too Live Oak Florida fails \\ltot's r.,\" f., 1! I ,sid the 0'f/IIIIJ1'&

position the editor of IVnsacola'sbright I any of the above provisions of the for the wife, she promptly falot< to the Mayor said city rh,- .; 's! } o(

and interesting morning paClever per preceding section shall be fined not Pittsburg Post. every CAlle of yellow fev A. D. 1907
cholera, -. City
diptheria. S P. \y
1 five hundred
Energetic and Enterpritug exceeding J500.00)j lilt
dollars The New Pure W.. and scarlitiaa that Examin...! at'.! rovedthis ;
1'rankIa'es. j or imprisoned not longer thahe n j and l+rug
I his practice within .\ D I-
:\ n
We very seriously suspect!! that tleas ninety da>s, or b\ both such fine and\ We are pleased to announce be said 1'r '
punished by : .II\O: ,
a *, (t.
believe that ment.althe discretion of the Fole of J'
is right We don't imprison >'s Honey and Tar for Five
Hundred -
Storrs will consent to be a candidate, Major and In addition, such person a i colds and lung troubles Is not : by UiM) \
imprisonment Narrta'eMaster '
but after what the Journal and the shall be isolated enders until ed by the National Pure Food x99) aot *s. Ifc U.T! Than ,.
Democrat have said about him. I he such time as a practicing physician Drug law as it contains no days or both of \ -.'.-Bnt.M4(1 .

may well think that the mention of;I may certify that danger from infeea cor other harmiu d-j ::s and the imprisonment Ma% .ir. at the whar.: .. \ ,," .. '
has not be lion is past 'uImf'nd :t as .. .' :-.- .3 df.1J
his name for the place a *! :< r> u.eJ> : nathid

without its benefits. Even a modest I Sec. 3,-That any physician who children and ad-its. <':ty I c>,he immediate'o-iLnanee shall 111"I Fliegtll41Blaettcr
; upon its _
shall willfully make false Cecil fi
any -
man like the DeFuniak editor likes I o macy. r.he Council and approved c 'In..:' j

I .

f _s S_... :-.- .mss '<. .: ,' .. -........ ....-.... .... .

j"**T.m-rv .f-i..A1?_';-:...'!:- .,. ,
: : '
.-, -- .
is'r 4LiV
-- -
-.. I




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THE best opportunitiesare
often neglected.Now .
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advertise. If you have I

something to sell J3 ; if you I
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now is the best time to I i:
make it known.l Don't ;
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this week. If J :

it is business you want, I.

The Daily can Get it for You. I

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"hV..= ":!t-,",..,._ '



: Ya



g MR. FO\VLER'S REMEDY. ed here. With open saloons to en- -$ S9 t -
Representative Fowler of New Jersey courage lawlessness and crime such

Published Afternooa Is chairman of 'the banking and development as we have had in Live i i

i Except eTery Sunday. currency committee in the lower Oak would have given our court of ii 1 Confidence

house of Congress and his study of criminal record two or three times as y

the monetary question should give I I much to do as It has had. Both

CHAS: W. IRVIN' Editor and I'cr. special value to his views on existing our city and county have a statewide i
I i
conditions Just now. Shortage of ;: reputation for their comparative freedom It Begets enthusiasm, which accounts for '

t Live currency Is. of course the trouble !j from crime but our development the ardor with which we are pushing
Entered i
I at the Posto:: ce. Oak. II
= i Florida., as Second Class Malt Mat- and Congressman Fowler has given !!I has been so large and rapid that

:' I It' ter. November 7. 1905. the Associated Press his views as to *II'we 1: needed a new court along with The First National

: t the proper remedy He says that ;,I many other new features to preservethe BatEvery

underlying business conditions are due proportion of things and our :: i ,
thoroughly sound and with some great good fortune has ben that' T safeguard is thrown around National Baak'

3 means devised to get an adequate during this splendid expansion of re-
THE DAILY DEMOCRAT will be I They are frequently inspected by agents of the ''
I amount of curency in circulation I II cent years ve have not been cursed CQ.

; I. mailed to any part of the Cnited I there will be no check In the prosper with the licensed: liquor traflc and troller of Currencand are called on to u '
States pastage prepaid for 15.00 5L
ity of the country. The leading features : the hravy tide of multiform crime sworn statements to him five times each year h
per year; $%.50 for six months;
r $1.25 for three mcaths or 50 cents of his interview are well worth I that always goes with It. l they are under the direct supervision of the.Natien.

4 for five weeks In advance. Delivered reproducing and are as follows: I -. i al Government, and its the staongest on earth

,,, a to any part of the city by The cause of the currency strin- Mr- and .rs. ):. T. Long Miss i i r -.

carrier for 10 cents per week. I eency Is that there is scattered broad- Vernie Brya41.::tss Gladys Long. Uss t Safest Banking,

I I II cast throughout the country, at the Skinner, of Jacksonville, and Mr. Ii Best Methods,

kL t Considering the prevailing scarcity mints in the wheat corn and cotton Walter Creekmore went down to for Up-to-date Service .

of money to do business of the coun- fields In the pockets of the people or Mayo and Alton )'esterday.I Liberal Treatment,

locked nn. about tl .sun.nun_nun nf'1 I ii I f
try with and that legislators mustb I t ti ---P---- -- '
i paid In cash for their valuable the reserve money of the United I :Notice.: ,, I Conservative Methods.

services, that extra session up at Tallahassee States most of which under a proper To the severa ,taX payers of Suwan- I II l Always use the National Banks. They I
condition could be in the banks :
would be a greater imposition serving as reserve During the last j| nee County, f11orlda:, 'I pered in greater numbers than all other banking'r ,
the than
upon taxpayers now !
In accordan to-'Section 41, of
four months there has been sent from r j stitutions.Watch '
ever. Don't do it. Governor, unless i Chapter
5596/6f the Laws of Flor-
yon are absolutely .o'ble ged' to. the banks into the countr districts I! Ida I hereby give notice that the J I us grow, our profits are now as Large -t Ii

approximately t30ft.000.090 of cur- our capital was at our beginning. 1
: Tax Books t
are now open for collection I
4, The Jacksonville rencv Of this amount $230.000.000, I
Metropolis says of taxes for the year A. D. 1907. ,

L 1 3.a I that clerkship Miss Jefferson In the Bell comptroller'soffice has reslpe1her 'j i t approximately which if it were was bow r*-in ern the money banks., i i The who law-/hall provides pay taxes that any during tax payer the- II' t i I fIRST NATIONAL BANK :

would erle as a basis of more than
and has gone to GaIn(>ville to month oj November, shall be allowed ,
:! O.O.OO :
credits or loans and
reside. We think that this statement l"l. bv the Tax Collector, a discount i: I! I
crisis would Live Oak
a present have been Florida.
Is :
erroaeoos Miss Bell hasbeen '
two ,
therefrom if'
per ,
r I averted This result could have been centum and I I ,
visiting in Ocala
for severaldays
: tang tax jjater'shatf pay during the i a ,
: I accomplished without increasing our1bank I
past seeking rest aad recnperation month..-iecesiter, shall be allowed --- $- -S -S-S ---S-S-S-t-t-t-
+ but we do not: think she has any,I]! reserves to extent of one a dl Count t"therefrom, of one perjr !
single dollar without increasing the
+ Idea
of leaving Tallahassee
or giving centum thereof/ / ;
liabilities of the banks! ,
of the
t (: up her position in the oomptrolk-rs i! country' Any tax '-('aid" tt/or upon the first I VISIT THE POPULAR HEALTH AND PLEASURE RESORT
to tbe
extent of
onq single cent. i! i
Earner: day of January>lj ll, for the purposei
"I an'man
to controvertthis
; i i the additions aforesaid, be regarded DOWLING
statement, and PARK
aibmit.the follow- !<
1 Editor LaFoatii9, of i the Feraandina | ,
; ling t as absolutely conclusive proof of as paid on the last day of the
Record. ka lived fa
f uOak.' i!'month' in which it is paid.
I the aertion. If the banks of the
it and becee we are not sorpritrl t o ,Ii J. N WAT DOWN UPON THE SUVUNSFE RIVER
i country in which the: J230.000.000
end the following tc the'la.et issue of ; had been deposited/Wad been author- Tax Collector Suwannee County Fla: J/
ttat paper; :d-*'kY /lljneral Springs Hotel and Cottages
iz d. should
' as have
they been
; :-nuo4aa hu Mberal (
; too supply'' I__ u I
; of cfcroGic: grumblers. ID cities such create DUK note cr_ 1t5. as writ" as i w I HOT AND COLD BATHS UNSURPASSED. OOD TABLE. GOOD BEDS. 1'.JIIlC
I bank arid .\l Uas WATER IN EVERY ROOM.
i as Lire Oak and Gaia >riU it would book credits they had proceeded ajs Sick : BILLIARD TABLES TELEGRAPH
s ; t* the !nt act toward sUIcide to talk When a man says he always was i
book credits: imo bank note REASONABLE
I $ of th* town sofas back: : f Pity it wa? :!sick-troubled with a cough that i ___________ 4GULF, CO'l\ECTlOI'UTlIYEOAIIW11IIIU' _
I 1f
credits the banks .duld not havefcn ,
not SM caoi*' for Irnttln In Fer- lasted all -winter-wbat would you

, j r.andica." : way whatever affected in and any the\ degree whole in any i think if he should sav-he never was f j: ADDRESS PARK> HOTEL DOWUNG PflRK. FLORlDfl' LiYEOl1K<< I

1 toun-i 1 sick since useing Ballard's Hore- ::1I

kits to tt_t hue, clean EDt try would have ben amply supplied ,bound Syrup. Such a man exists I

Coat pas-r. the St. Arj utia with currency with which to transact Mr J. C. Clark Denver
a H- Colorado. '' 11 n n 11
H all the fall business. : in 1111 minium ni i u i
cod I&T tais haadcoma r*<*vaiUw writes "For years I was troubled '
I "Ho ; could this have been done
Tt<- Li** Oak: l>"aiotrftt was two I with severe cough that would last Ii 1907
Simply by authorizing each bank to THE 1907
years oM Jut Tharady That means I jail winter This cough left me in a ,
tune cashiers'
that Lire Ok Iaaa bad fbr the period : cheeks payable totearer miserable II
condition. Crescent
tried Bal-
1 which is a current credit I
namd. a bktJoti thoroughly i Pharmacy
i that i*, credit that pastes by mere lard's Horehound Syrup and have not ,
alive to its ****j Iatrtt a tow BIB .
I delivery, repairing no Indors ment.I I had a sick day since.
bun1 I That's what it :
( r. the ftute M large the i ,:1
|I By this process the $250,000,000! of LIVE OAK FLORIDA.
t did for ,
bemocrat me Sold
hits UwocB- al j I'II"er for i!! by Suwannee Drub ,.
1 bank book credits i' '
would have been
{ I good always ta&dia? itj aid ia the i I : Co no -d\\'*
TI ,' |. converted into bank note credits and 'I The
adra&tz& of |
m aasur'i eaJcalatIo1'to ; II Prescription Store.
as the reserves required for both --- __ I Drug N _
prMSTTtheir *- tlJ tb. peop tf* of F1'.r14s I -- -
f t I forms of credits should! be the camp I H M Mlmilll .
rijrhu, their litert: @II and a H M.+++++ )
j there could have b**-ri no change
gloriomi h"rJtac (If.. Itb In field, : + I

in ;nine. In rw.*t had iab ttm Soed i 1 whatever In tbe situation The hankdebt Useful -- W7c :
Gifts --- -
Is the the
same amount of thr.serve e I
re to long life to the I/rmat rat" : t
"I is the same. It has b* >n oft + t It make' nodif-- t makeoodit .
+ It
only a matter of"An bookkeeping.: + f
j';-' TlJe J'CJlk wunty tta1 U. puousnditor Issue of :t for the bride rswcct- + Tenc< vthr, f..irncc wk**
erwlil currency a-- t + blarikonrdrr-
; at liarto. baa a new JlfHt. '.lank'\"onrdllfo
quate to meet the rfrqilreroentB o' :i: heart or relative. You 1 1i fr tor writes .
Jwjrg c. Matthews jour
r"-prseet- tYrttritr:+r8lf
q. -d Marion county in the acton Iegsta trad aDd cvrreiitly r!tleernefl In gold; i find in the house of +* 1 i:1: 11 rev riit ion tin 'riptioreatteranfillthem
rely la a principle follow cl by fyt' iYrr
kzs, ture and,was a : *- of tb'* err I'will t'fan fill'***
civillireil- J. D. RADFORD \\
during wintry ia the world except + r orrertl) .
I Brazilian ports I President our own" ,' + 1 ii,rmtlyJ .

}; Clevt'land'adrnlnl tra\lon\ TJw o I I"Sb'rt :t an array of gift-giv- :+
salutatory of Mr showsI 1 : :
Matthews Talks" of file Tlm -('nioa ing goods not only : +
him to be a graceful and forceful 1 +
I :+I
writer and puts a handsome and. compreh'ntiivrfimpH beautiful but useful. : +
suggests very strongly that I
i be11I make the Itftord! a I,( lth'e merit In a few words as follows i No matter which i + -

1. force In Florida journalisli, while he : : Where You Get Your Prescriptions Correctly filled* at
i "The 1\'f Oak Democrat has I:+I way you turn some- $
J IB at the head of the ajii \V. hail I Reasonable Prices.
: Ihehim : thing confronts *
+ t.asw-.f its '(' Irth la>. Tinstripling you :J J !j
cordial welcome! tii. :J: Let U8 fill ..
to Konrth your .,
| p..npl.n and *eI1 ,
that will r ur dnJr"Tn J c"--
among uniteth be just right .ij ijV line nt fresh and ar W.'
E tats. wT'.fI''K a :J J reliable (rood Bnng u j..ur | r.", cp,' i- ;.. n f.I i Lem
reedy at lowest
i strl8htlin of y,)nth with thsagacity t pruts I'h' ne u=\"ur under t'r" npt 011' I r.... .,' .' 1
I : of mature }"' lr.." I + r MOINE No. 2.20

Th,- rncrform of l 1ul flhK-fit And h"*!< '. another from | ,
one oiss rj BRACELETS The
without the siil,.tan .. tlt.'tf',r. teak the MIC la'l"*rs In PJonda journalism, ,i :}i Crescent Pharmacy,

a rnork