-wa. Bul1dlnlIUt. :.- .
.. 0. U. F ubles Are Our. battery. The officers seem to be summoned and he and Mr W A. will be waged to the fil sh.

a' Mahoney went out to him. The hand ,
.. .... (Ocala Star.) determined to put the blind tigers out

If "'."'.u.. f, I -- ig Scotch convict who of business The following are up for was found so badly shattered that They Ia"'e011 Feel Good.

itr lI1ulor it Lei "arm off with an ax two or I trial on the charge of selling liquor amputation at the wrist was found The pleasant purgative effect experienced -

'tt'. I Live OAK, FLA. in the convictG2 without license: alley Pinkney. necesfcary. The physician left him by all who use Ctamber-
'e: 1 the court of the t ), despite all that Joan Jordan: Jas Neal J. J" Kinsman resting as well as could be expected.It Iain's Stomach and Liver Tablets, and .

lilY Iw 'I ition given to con- 1 ml1Ionda uld do for him. The man B. H. Hammock, Charlie Boser the healthy condition of the body and I '!
f' tarn of I was a very narrow escape the
rents etc. All
:> Ed Lane and Walter Pert. mind which
i .. ) T which supplemented they create makes one
Hjj attended to. had and
young we are truly glad
--- .. Mia State at Large ,# icr, troubles and the fact I Abe Wheeler. Rebecca Bailey feel Joyful. Price 25 oenta. Samples t

It- 1oI01'&A-I ted to die made his cafe I L. Hays. Scott Stewart, Walter WalI that his wounds are not so serious as free at Barclay A Groover and all

e. I lace, Lonnie Taylor.Sylreeter Thomas, they might have been druggists. oct-w
rr .


---. --.1 -n. m

_. ... -'._ -, '<"\.- .........-. ::>., ::::t.....'''''. ...._.,iC:.,;.

.. '. T '. .., _
;: ,

.. -

- 10

The Hair Hardware Co.



I ?' vveuef FROM us -



The Fence that is best adapted to your lands. Try it and convince yourself


Sherwin-Williams and Peaslee- .. Cooking Utensils in Tinware and

I j. ; Enamel Ware. The "Blue Dia
Gaulbert Go's Paints, two of the

I I best. We can prove this to you mond" Crockery for everybody \

from Government reports. from the modest price to the

Ask us and see! highest '

r, Oils Varnishes Stains Guns Pistols Rifles AmmunitionFor

fcaie by Hair Hardware Co.

H :

Shelf Hardware, primble Cutlery and something cold in the ERSEY .

: ICE CREAM FREEZER." Next time we will tell you more and don't

a i forget




f &r

I f Julius Caesar. EDISON PHONOGRAPHS :1.1.t 111111111,H'i-H--+++-:-I-1 11-HH-*i1Hl Ml H 11I
J vas a man of nerve but sickness left
i its mark and be became aged before '* S3 >>>>frfr $'frfrfrfr >- """"W+HH..."
4 his time. Sickness U often causedby + e'
a torpid liter. Herblne will regulate '.10.Jo
in stock line of Edison's lat :
I your liver and give you health st improvdd Phonographs +
Mrs: Carrie Austin, Hollon, Kansas and Records at standard prices. Sold on_easy pay-

writes:' "I consider Herbme the best ment plan. Your credit is good. Write or call on
, medicine I ever heard of. I am never I CROSS TIES.

S Co.without It*_M' .Sold. by Suwannee ocl-dw Drug Live Oak Furniture Co.,

or A. J. WILLIAMS, (The Sewing lIachineIan)
Crnel Hit. *** w"f

She--Ilo' you think women an a IIVE OAK. FLORIDA.splendid *y
rule are' fickle minded?"

He-Not necessarily. I have noticed talker and a good reasoner I I i'ii.\\ris .JlSU'1I I\U'nO\'lXG.. |. i; We are in the market fort

that ",'lieni woman reaches a certain and when restarts to di, uss politics J:t V* Cross Ties
Marked Change for the IfrlU'rVas in any quanti-
age she sticks to It.-Illustrate df' or any topic of the times he can hold 1+ 'S:
Hits. ; his own with the best of them. HeI Notiitxlrsti>rd.i>. ? f ty and pay highest marI -

I I has just returned from a visit of aev-1'i i V feaua, Oct. 1 1.-Today has + .::.
1 f' '. A Meat Worthy\rtidt>. !!i eral weeks to the Jamestown exposition -:1, brought a distinct change for the bet- | ket price. ii iir

When an article has been on the and various points In Virginia, ;: ter in the condition of Francis i i Liberal advances on B. L.i .
t market for years and gains friends and saYs that he U in most excellent J Joseph the aged emperor king of + -

evedy year, It is safe to call this medicine -| health While in Virginia Gen. Sawyer -j .lustrla-l1ungary, whose illness of'0)0t:
; a worthy one. Such in Ral- ;, met Gv. Swansea, the chief executive i the last fortnight has aroused the Interest -I+

lard's Horehound S>rup. It positively -i I: of that commonwealth, and J of the civilized world, and the I i J. H. Tuc' The ; Co.
t cured roughs and all 1'ulmon- i has become an ardent admirer of the apprehension of his subjects. The ,
M ary diseases. One of the best known governor In the opinion of Gen. doctor. consider that the immediate

I merchants in Mobile, Ala. says: I Sawyer the Democratic party should danger; has passed, unless unforeseen t i OFFICES or; I KING

"For five )ears my family tas not; Dominate and elect Gov. Swanson to complications{ arise and as a result. + wi'j
been troubled with the winter cougLse I the prenideacy of the United Staten I hopeful anticipations has come to the :** >bjef"t I
% owe this to Uallard's Horehound J "lie id a man, every inch of him;'Ii i Viennese in place of the fears and I aid to its :i

Sjrup. I know it has sam> child- Mid Gen Sawyer yesterday "and i forebodings of the past three da"s.l ; L ive bled, and I ipridalip .
." if the Democrats: of the BETTER ?
red from many sick spell* Sold by south want I iirectlonjmay I '
Suvvanneo Drug Co. oct-dw a man for the presidency who would 1!j "The Southern cloae" is to be ext -
I be an honor to the party and make the name of a sew 11C often know I
I j magazine to be I of U*' little troubling \
TIn SMALLEST t'Iomnus. a most excellent president, the yjstould {I issued in Live oak .by :.I...... L. A + '. The into serious.|
I center upon Gor. Swanson of j II I!I Crawford and S. B. ,,h>;on. The first .
Gen. Aba Virginia If nominated he could be l ise i his as- M C does not hav
Sawyer of Key \Vot l e will be out about November 1st L experiment i _
About. 30 Indies High, Male elected, provided the party would:I and it will be a monthly publication I 1I1I1I Ulli iH'K ans of doctor and mows I

a Trip to Jamestown. I drop all factional differences and i L..1. Crawford is office manager andS. ----- -- h. -- affordFOR -
I work together to elect its candidate.:''' B. Wilsoa is IT'S A LOTS
( i (Times-Union.) I Gen. Sawas 'I' editor-in-chief. From SAJ which tuE
so well pleased with the notice of the publishers it .
appears your prescrptifis! h r*
Gen Abe Sawyer, of Key West, the I Richmond. Va. the grand old city that the roperly
magazine will be ;
f smallest man In Florida, and who is'of seven bills that he says Ite is red-hot one from the beginning and> Seventy acresjmay be

.i i probably the smallest man of his age II'I tempted to make it his ohote la the Its irst number will be awaited withinterest. good buildings i elf help;
i in the United States, who is perfectly f futnre. If they only had tM Key embers :

i and proportionately developed, ia West climate up there the general miles north oi L' mater-' : Suwannec4 d
spending a Teen days in Jacksonville,I I ;
would be willing to leave his native Plenty of Leisure. on Suwannee have' [
mingling with his friends, of whomhe
isle of the sea. Before Kaicker-So they married in baste
retttrnfeg toKe I road.
has a large number. Gen. Apply to)mpany i Drug Compa'f
and repented ,
at leisure? .
yer Is not as tall as a yard st'Saw-j i > West Gen Sawyer will visit several KAY.'S'
Becker-Yes; ceremony In New I
long, and attracts at-I cities in Florida, and will call York MRS. BE.Aie81deD. I
and went to live in Philadelphia ::;
tention wherever he goes. He U a on some of his old friends.
-New York Sun. t
At P. MtCrifl's Ilesid



.. -:;: 1 r_J! _0 : a" .....t.7TilE
: : : .
C. ,
; "' "" <. .. .S .
_,.'' ""'- 1 !:; :>"- /.t. .




Announcement For Fall And Winter.

We to announce that our stock of fall and winter goods is now full and complete and we can show you the greatest variety and best
selected stock that it has ever been our pleasure to offer

The demands have ben so heavy that our trade has increased to such an extent, that we must carry larger stocks to cope with the situation -

It is very gratifying to us to be in a position to make these statements and thank you very much for your liberal patronage and hope to

merit a coneinuance of sane.

Onr stock of dress goods is up to date', and ou.will SHOES.
find Mohairs, Cashmeres, fancy Wool Plaids, Ribohnes.Silk We have never carried a larger or better line, in fact,
and other lines to select frm, besides a full stock in the we have the best line and shownof
staple and fancy ginghams, \aistings and skirt goods. Always market for lint and seed in our store. greatest variety' ever
Ribbons, Embroidnes. etc., in full
Table Trimmi.ngs.linens Crash andTowclat last year's pries Y.cotton.. When yo have any to sell, come SADDLES, HARNESS, BRIDLKS,
and a large stock to select from. Collars and other leather goods in good supply. .
Hosiery and Utderwear this way. HARDWARE, TINWARE, CltJCKERThe ; \,
largest stock we have eveotrered for Lafies and Furniture, stoves end bedding. Single-barrel shot guns
Gents.in. all sizes-for all sizes ad ages. We are In business for business and solicita at $3.00 each.Gx.OTHIIG. \
In this line we have the best sk which we have car- liberal share of your trade and will give by the car load at lowest market prices.
vied for several years. We cal fit Men, Youths, and For several months past we have been selling the cele
Boys from years old, up. you as good prices as can be obtained any brated brand of flour, "K utfman's Ideall. wich is in-
HATS AND CAPS For' :JX AND BOYS. deed an ideal quality, nothing better made from a soft
As usual we have a good line ; select from and will where in this S ect.of country. winter wheat, and a great many other brands will not t
pleare so welt Makes white bread and uniform
you runs
them when
be pleased to have you call ant sec ready
throughout in every respect. Every barrel fully guaran- I .
to buy. teed. If you have not done so already, try it. ."'

A. W. IcLERAN = '. Wellborn Fla. I


! ..li: i ,I ,' ,,0 '0'''''''''''.."" '" .. '"'''" ,,:" "':!d"-' ,. ,>oj ," ,I

-- -- --- --- ---
----- -- -------
Originality is another name for the Take something; now and then to .\ Criminal AttackOn
EXTREMELY ability to do what the test of the help the stomach. Kodol will do this. an Inoffensive citizen I* fr.

world wants to do itself It is a combination of natural digest- quently made In that apparently a>*

OFftfD BY THE ants and vegetable acids and contains less little tube called the "appeadli
Notice to Our CnMouure .. the same juices found in a healthy -I It's generally the result of protracts'! 1

.\\' are pleased to announce that I stomach. It h pleasant to constipation, following liver torporDr.
ATLANTIC Fole>'s honey and Tar for coughs I It digests what you a'J by Live I KID 's., New Life Fllfe rervlatr

colds and lung troubles Is not affected Oak Drug Co oct-dw the liver, prevent appendicitis. a*.t

FROM JACKSONVILLE.: b> the National Pure Food and ___ establish regular habits of the bunch
J )rug law as it contains no opiates or Her Inwn. 25c at Barclay & Orooter dm

N. nther ha-mf'il drugs, and we recommend Siburban (hiring cookHowmuch
SaratOgaprings, c., > over 10 naps store. oct.dw'
$3 t5 25 N. Y.. Ci' returning. On stol e Sept. 5-G-7, 11 as a safe remedy for children a month do you want I ieltkks

I final limit Sept. 17, extded to Oct. 4, foa $1.00. and* adults City Phar Norah Gonigan (indignant) ) The only trouble men seem anciou.to .
macy. oct-dw What do ye take he for-a far-rm- have are the troubles said to
& Washingn, D. C. and return, on sale hand! Me scale av salary is 17c an harass the rich. *

922.9O sept. 8-10-11, final limit 15 days extended It is all right to aim high provided tour kitchen time, wid double pay ttMft

Oct. 4, for 50 cents. you have first examined what you are I for holidays an' whin ye hap The trouble with matrimony is !_

standing on.Honesty C'Omp'oy.-Puck. making a man's logic fit in with $ew
Richmo Va., and return on sale Sept. S ; a
4)2O.7O woman's Intuition. k 1 1i
to 11 fil limit Seyt.lS.
is one virtue that all men His hear Old Mother. .

C A xarNashvil Tenn., and return on sale Sept claim though many wish only the "Mv dear old mother, wbo i, no*\ No homo is so pleasant, regard

4)10.25 21-22-2nal: limit Sept. 30. other fellow actually had it. eightthrt't't'il.rs old thriv, 01 leas of the comforts that money will

tr Floridaay Jamestown! Exposition on Electric Bitters," wrlts \\'. It. Urunson. buy as when the entire family U la 1

4)14.05 sale SEe 23rd and morning 24th final IVWitt's Carbonized Witch Hazel of Dublin Ga. She has taken perfect health. A bottle of Orloo IIItttlil'IM
Sale is good for little burns and big 1 them for about two and enjoysan Laxative Fruit
limit 10 days. Tickegood in Pullman carsFor )ears Syrup costs 50 cent&
I burn. malI scratches or bruises and excellent diM.iite, fc...!? strong and It will cure every member of the
further informon write big ones Sold by Lire Oak Dru,;I sleeps well" Thtt'8 the way };lec- family of constipation, sick headache .

: Coinpan\ oct-dw' .I Irk Ihtt 'rs affiit th> sager[, and the or stomach trouble. City Pharmacy -

I FRANE C. BOYLSTON, 'am.* happy rvwnlts follow in all caiesof oct-d'

I Agent Allafl-Ost lIM. ladi.con.itk tklridl. !:. .\ Good Member. male! wf'f\knt1lf, and general de- What's the matter with the Land
Jones is the most prominent timber h lln-. \\' ttk of baseball i
piny children too. are a player as a fly trap?
J of the golf clnbh ."
stMlly slremtthenby; them Guaranteed -
L I "\\ >', he can't play golf!" also for stomach liver and Out of Bight.

FARMFOR SALE ":\0. but be always pays hH due" kidney trouble,, hn 1111rday R Groover'druggists. "Out of right, out of mind" U an

Cl-eland I..d&r. : itc. 'f-,1w. old Raying which applies with special

---- --- force to a sore burn or wound that'
HEAR CYPRESS LA EASTERN PART SUWANNEE COUNTY. m Aitt s Kidn.'y and Bladder ill!:' Quick Poll. been treated with DutkJt>D'. Arnica

v. l ai. ,..,,ht.. weak Kidnevh, and I iUlvc !
It'ti out of
--I'm taking a straw vote: sight out of mlad
210-acre farm-J acres in cultivation well watered, 'I'ttUIlO1ti.o ui the bttdder Sold!I -- and out of existence
\\ell, pat roe down as bom' &lln' Mln too and
large barns and oiuildings: good residence, good community I bLive Oik Drug Co. oct*dw n."-Washington Herald chilblain disappear under ... beaist

churchesd schools. For further information lpprrpruste influence Cuarantwd bjr Dart4ay 1
: Au '
< KxpleUve.
( Groover drtiggfets. %k. a
-orgla state Fair. od04.
: applY to "'\\ bat did the rector say when th .
curate read the lesson from Genres s''j j The Georgia State Fair will be held OSl' difrersace htn...a .a ... ail I6M
\ JAMIENGLISH, Columbia, Florida. : 26th the date of sale for theeetkketrt
I, Suffering Metesr Harper'"'I it i.. iru. ilble kf aate a ttltlsilet .
-- ---- ---- ---- ----- --- ------
| \\erkly will be from October 10th to r ___ a
1 I 'October 25th, inclusive. Parties i.1
J JMAKW I ( If a tlsaa oatw ..ta as stt W...u tactomptiah
"IT DO ffltf( W.ASEO FLOUR I If you take eWitts Kidney aaOIlladder II I too state of Florida who- desire to: nslsysthI.g u. .eshirMli s

I Pills you will get profflpt t take this trip can get rates either 1 tie's are that be will .Iwsya MN 1rtwuin

I 1A ft !1!. relief from backache weak kidneys,. from Jacksonville or Live Oak at the
1.1' tore. Of j ,D AND DELICIOUS PASTRY. inflammation of the bladder aid l very ranch reduced rate of $8.85 from hrdia mfwyh ..I W"e4 y.

nnnlIVITIIOUT\ IT urinary troubles. V ek'. treatment ,. Live Oak a ad return, or $10 35 from Keroe.iy'. La...... aaM Jf,,.,.
for 2:% rents Sold by Uw full. Jacksonville and return Final limit is safe. .
- -- U a. sate W Mssi wsardl M,
(Jpposit II'pv I Drug Co oet-dw a of the tickets is not later, but 1I1t to s#
A. B SMALL and j eons_ nail es .. aM Ie P"I. ..
mttvight of October 2Sth. These .
,rice .
i guaran. ,
I II every is mher N the rsayUy ilk j 1
I (ALL, ; CBAS.1tf J VS t si Thoughtful. I i' tickets entitle partly admission to Live l"l1 Ilrwg (ti "....
"Sax. pa won'to bume J I the grounds For further and drUHed 1
i -- -H
l1.-t LA\ '. -- ------ : drum"" information, write to i Them itt A M* dtfaretw y 1..
I I "No, i'm ..iir.mloud disturb m.' Pfl.\\K C. BOYLSTON music
State and : poet daanktor Uth pratpl 1 ___p
THE I MPANY with the noiseNo :' l i-.frui Pas aenger Agent kind year naisIhsra w

r -- I won'I. |>a; I'll only drug. Atlantic Coast Line,I
M 13cnwMODutributfng
A .. SONVILLE, FLA. wti u \ou-if asleep "-- Life_ Jacksonville Fla "% tw.1.
4 This is tv certify that all tilltsMtr
__ -- --- ---
L-- ; are author!.***! to rei.a4 N.It -.", t

**** i S r_Great suffering is the lot of all women, who neglect the health of their wo- 'I if Pole,'. Hoswy ai TMT tsss *

-. I 1 i:Mv'"r"V ru : organs. No reason to do so, any more than to neglect a sore throat, i, cure jour cough or esM. It..**
the .
'JUEIOIAT uw : : 'fJ.c.1 or any other disease, that the right kind of medicine will .cure. Take cough th* N ss) amt pe
vents serious re*elt. tress a MsM
\ LIU \'LOItW.tt"an"ln.\. 5-.me..'d )
:?r Cured la grippe cagh and ........
,- D. M. : pneumonia and CwasatrMMa. 0- i

\' i I ..n.ti ine of Cardui talus no opiate Tfc. Maxine la b
a yellow package kef,to ..eb..a...,

" 1 it Lat, i I City Pharmacy othl.Faul .
. -ftf 1 womanly ills. It can never do harm and is certain to do good. --- )
g LITE OAK, FLA.Rll your t...iDd,......
the courts of the i {2/cdttJ.-! H. Blair, of Johnson City, Tena, votes: "I. had suffered from womanly! troubles for six- First Moth-I don't oM.,* II.
A3 S Lion jfiv 'n to con. and had four doctors but they could not help me, until I began to take Wine cf Cardui. coat I ate was all wool.Second .
it m of renU. etc. All 5 o o(fnths.I am about veil" At all reliable druggists. In $1.00 bottles. Try It Moth
-Evidently th' PurrFood
Wj, attended to. wrke today tor a fror mot d waluabie 54-page lnustt red Book tor t4 omen. If you need Medical
--- \WtOtate& at Larg \1OIi&A-A E US A LETTER AJvlce H'M, describe your 1'Vknrv yBptmns.sutific,,..,0-1"*f.*,. o4rply_ i i-+ ..iii"",tie fist'sent..hi plain\ Ten sea: d taveUv*. Law is of no account.--lam.

...... I ork Sun.
-1 .. _

.. .


.- .... .... .....'" "--

... ..' < .. "l'i"_. "r- J,h-.-... .J )& r'''. '-r ... ..... ;:. .. "" ..;...... <1i)(;;". .", 1.,1fW: il-.a',



illlUIUIiiliiiliiniiiilllliiMiiiiiiiiilililiil'liiiiiuiiil '''''"'"'' '" IliiillTTil I k

The Hinely Stephens Company


.3 Wholesale and Retail

Dealers in

I Horses




z I I Mules f

; and I


1 1a : Studebaker and Florence Wagons, I I Wagons 1

a t Log Wagons, Turpentine Wagons, Harness, etc. I


Tie and Wood Wagons Farm I

Always hand a fine We handle the following \>ll known Bj.ei

I Wagons, Dray Wagons, Delivery lot of all purpose. Anchor, Crawford, Ellis, Blut, Babcock, Tbon &

Horses and Mules at Jones, Hackney, Sumners, ad Wire-Wheel bill
Wagons and Road Wagons : : :
r fl : lowest possible prices. I bearing SchachtSuggJes

!j II I I i I II I I III I I i III. :::::::::::I III'' I I ftTfl I 11: I III I Ii

\ ; ..
-- -
-- -- -
SEA ISLAND COTTON' GRO\ ERs. Brown Live Oak. Fla.; C. F. Barber Falmouth Items. !
j4 Macclenny. Fla.; T. 1.{. Hendrix, Alton The new cotton gin erected by W. :Chamberlain'sCc
They Were In Evidence at Atlanta Fla.; D. A. Jordan Waycros.
J. Green is now nearly ready to begin
OooreoUon and Secured Sub- Ga.; 0. L. Mizell. Dukes Fla. ; :, Cholera & Dforrto; fcaefri
ginning. lie will also be ready to
ManUal Results. This committee retired and presented
grind your corn In a short time. Cot
At tee recent International conven- the following report: HA EN I i Almost every fa.Tur} ku aJ
; .
ton Is opening fast and p'ckfng: Is the x : ;
Lion la Atlanta of the cotton spinners ] "The committee appointed by the s reliable remedy for roLc cfthea
occupation of all now.J. I
of Europe and America and the cotton Joint committee of spinners of Sea at wrne time dunnf tf*
W. Holton Is a model farmer
I growers of the South there was a Island cotton and growers of the I y.This
but he Is only one In perhaps fifty remedy is recommtftoVj
One delegation present from Florida staple respectfully report the follow r. n-Tr I
I to be found here. lIe has gathered scalers \ho Have sold tf tar
i representing the Sea Island cotton ing as, is their opinion the saving to and bow
iy years id value
about 500 bushels corn will make
: growers of this section. They secured the buyer in dealing direct with the; t has received ty>uandi cI t
I 300 bushels sweet potatoes, fattening
I two representatives on the permanent : grower through the present systemof tClor all from grateful pcopJr
75 head fine hogs besides will make
y o. executive committee appointed warehouses: "I. The eliminationof ha b-n procnbed or fJqras i
f ti for future work and the following istbe all speculation towit: the various two bales long cotton all with three PRACTICAL A TC lIAKER. with the most ufehctory
horses. lie is no cotton raiser either .
; 111 official report of their proceeding handlers or buyers, commission merchants -
but believes in the "Union of Farm- has open saved lie before
fff 1 ers" with much fidelity to bring tho : >mine could have beta tat tatorhysicMn
A of the Sea Island cotton .
meeting sampling etc. : The saving In expense
price of cotton up to ten cents per ience. All work guaranteedR. sturuncne I
0'I growers was held with the Seal such as several times sampling pound in the seed. ,only costs a quartet. Cs.i .

l [4J. Island spinners at Atlanta OctoberI. Insurance and storage charges H. LOVIER fiord to rvk to irmrh L* M
The esteemed of Mr. G. T.
Vice President J. B. Williams of (60 per cent alone) in the various family i Ettl BUY FT NOVlL..t
Patterson one of the firm of G. T. LIVE OAK. FLORIDA.
+ the Sea Island Cotton Association warehouses under present system of -

was made chairman of the meeting selling transportation charges, drayage Patterson & Co.. turpentine oper- --- --- ___ --0_. __ ___
and F. C. Schell. secretary. Mr. T. J. etc. 3. The usual charges of ators here has moved back to

Appleyard offered the following re- commission of 2V4 per cent to the tailor Ga.
solutions I M. G. Patterson & Co.. we learn t Portable San 19
: grower and the fee to the broker.
I I "Whereas. The Sea Island cotton 4. The growers of Sea Island cottonare II have sold their turpentine business to e- Out

growers of Florida and Georgia In a position to make a direct 1. W. Mllllnor & Co. We learn also ., are the lest ct

desire closer tradeIatiOnt I I Mr. M. G. Patterson has suspended ear We
to come into re price to the spinner through their I Y carry a knr
I with the spinners of the world warehouse sales committee who are I: his tie business, and is only running ; -. Stoof all kinds MACHINERY

and desire" Information as to the preparation bankers farmers and men of means, the turpentine business.Mr. .

i grading and sale of theirproducts and are held responsible for grad and Mrs. Jas Page's new arrival I and'can make immediat ipment. Write r
is a pretty young girl and now for Illustrated
!4 therefore ing weights, etc. The corresponding Catalog.
"Be It Raaolved. That the buyer all is joy and work combined keeping
committee of this sale committee is ;i Address May COMPANY.

II and users of Sea Island cotton be reQuested composed of J. R. Williams Alachua. the little one contented. i <. .'..r..)th St

to confer by correspondence Fal., J. C. Sheffield, Lake City ".la Elder O. T. Mattox. evangelist and ATIA\T.1 fcA
: or otherwise with the sales committee C. H. Brown Live Oak. Fla.. to I president of the South Georgia and beef Fs'abii shed 16 "u. .$41J Marl WI miWsn d4.a: rtb .1 ge./. r t f"b..Nd .

of tte Sea Island Cotton Growers' Florida conference of the Second Advent
whom all correspondence should be I Christian church, 1+N+ NK k........... ....NNSias
Association of Florida and Georgia addressed. 5. The central warehouse announces
Is I that he will preach the Cr; sad Cuter CrasJiU
for the of establishinggrades on
purpose of Florida is at Lake City and
prices and any correction as,I the central warehouse for Georgia Is second Saturday night at 7:30 o'clock SrlCe, ENGINES !!
;, in October at the Let
to methods of packing. at Valdostt. The chairman of the chapel. everybody -

t t4 "Resolved. That the secretary ot former is J. W. Hatcher. Lake City come that can and hear 13ro. d = BOILERS :

the Sea Island Cotton Growers' Association Fla.: the latter. J. O. Varnadoe. I O. T .Mattox. lie is no stranger and ;

t of Florida and Georgia tw Valdosta Ga. 6. The warehousesare you will be most likely edified and 1U The 'ngines !

Instructed to Immediately transmitto located at the following place: I gratified to hear the wondrous -
the of the international truths he will place before you duringthe Saw Y.s
secretary In Florida-Jasper. Lake Butler "i
? X
I conference of cotton growers and Lire Oak Alacbua. Macclenny. Lake I meeting.The I ICES r : Kti ton: = lt

manufacturers, a Hat of the location City Hawthorne. Sanderson. Madison colored Baptist association f: t. to "n
and sale committees of the various and Mayo. In GeorgIa- Valdosta -I convened here last week and many Mallary : ]: r J
were in attendance.Mrs. aid to: H : :
warehoused In the Sea Island cotton Waycross and Statesboro. 7. \ t V*
district of the states named." I Wright, of Jacksonville who 'viol e d.ant
sales -
The committee of the Sea Island --- i i BETTER 14
If typo and samples of the pro- Cotton Growers' Association is: spent some two or three weeks herewith Negro Boy K111;.1irecUoDa' ,..u.at

, Mat year's crop are desired, those J. W. Hatcher. Lake City: Fla.; C. her mother Mrs. Johnson returned I Last night about dark. may ex- I.I I. Hp oftrn !kf
t Interested can communicate with the II. home recently. I lt of its Ill; little Ills
Brown Live Oak. Fla.; M. L. McKinney occurred In the West Et tij lp before !
I i, sale committee. Lake Butler Fla.; D. 11. Messrs. G. W. Dempsey. J. T. killing of a little colored The f I'HK into serf i II moral I&.

E. An interesting discussion ensued, Rowe. Macclenny, Fla.; J. R. Williams Tlppett. J .C. Hilton. W. H. Holland Harry Matter.! The boa;> .his as- dues nut\ CODS tt participated In by Mr. James M. M. A. Clayton J. P. Page T. A. Holland **
Alachua Fla.; W. II. H. Mc- participants in the traitL.., irtsabl l. to
r. Thomas of Rockdale. England; William Leod, Jasper Fla.; Theodore Randall and many others were here last witnesses tells the stop Bans of doctor and knows ".01 wiIT'S gf
3 _
y Howarth. Bolton. Lancashire. Madison, Fla.; J. O. Varnad Saturday shopping. about as follows: I affordIng : f
England and Mr. )McAllister on the Miss Mnnle! Tyson closed her th which! A LOTS t'our
I I Valdosta Oa.; T. M. Hendrlx. Alton e boy who was killed A? -

part of the spinners and Mr. C. II. Fla.; R. Simmons, Statesboro. Ga.; school: at Peacock and now acceptsa shooting bats and rett properly ) pr crpt.ns 1-b1.pa.
Brown of Uu Oak. Mr. J. W. Hatch- place In the Dowling Park school.
( I) A. Jordan, Waycrosa. Ga.; J. S. a group of his playms'.sc.*may be srcllt

.f er of lau City. Fla., and others and I I Roberts. Nichols. Ga.; J. W. Hatcher "H." game of "sheriff" wa/ : help i; itb )1. "...
the resolutions were adopted. The chairman of committee; T. J. Ap- one of the number. IL?> "' *
Chairman appointed! the following Proof of Falsehood. standing by the fenc.j J embers
I pleyard secretary of committee.The I SuwaJ\\u a.r
committee! to set forth in detail the of the Hlx-He is one of those fellows CurtJs.! also about tt< materif if bs
i report committee wasadopted. asl"
wishes of the cotton growers in refer I who always ay "I told you so!" I age picked up the fitee HIt "so.e

*noe to marketing their product: Dx! -Yes; but he never wears a at the Mattalr boy / tO JmPan-v Drug .-

j. W. Hatcher. Lake City Fla.; T. I J. R. WILLIAMS Charman.! new hat after an election.-Brooklyn ger with the results .' KAY, ft..

J. AHferard. Lake city Fla.; C. H. .'. G. SCHELL. Secretary. Eagle. -
I I j of shot struck tEAe8Id-D
_- ..


-" -' ._ "

9irri I.TUE I.j I.

'+ t e ;.- ',' ..,;:: -.,r.'Co...;-;' : '",;. .- .." .. '.- -<':':".: "' '"-'' .,.... ..i-<':<::.,:"{."';:\ol.-.z--;... 't1- ..+ ...P..i "t:?, y.i.-' --"( .>.'1 r';.' "' ':"''''-'' ;,-. ''.;::>''''' -';;;''';;'';;'';_=';..::'. y.; .::o- .

3 -

-- -

sil: '" 1"1"1"1"1"1''I' ::11/1': 't" ., ,I' ,,,rrL JCL cL.






4 ., ETC. ETC., ETC., ETC. I- ."

........... . . . ...... . . . . . .

H your attention to the large line of I,

H .


1 we now have in stock.We \ ?k


can frankly say that our line is complete in every respect, and

::4 is the largest to be found in this section of the country. I?

::4 Our prices are equally as low as you will find any where. Call I?

and see us.


4 _
BMt -




4 Price To Every One, Is Our /VYotto." .....-


TT l l' 'V' ', : t,8 ',/A, ., 8v'v",8'

.**** **lfffi..IfII ; City Council ceedinpt. I j It leans over just a little. We may- MOKK THAN TWO MILLJONR.

tMf M DIXON. : : Lire Oak Fit., Oct. 14, 1907. next look for a law that will compel
Don't Push officers of the law to
grow a mustachelike Official
Cty Council of Live Oak met In Figures of Attend**** at
...... ,t.y : Emperor William and wear
.. 1\\ The horse can draw the regular &e6tilon.Fment Jamestown Imposition toSfptf'mbfT

,." ... .... .au..II: load without help, if : C. H Brown, president of wooden shoes like a Chinaman.
11 you
r -* ... at rtM .. I know that no man had the slightest
reduce friction to almost Council, and Aldermen S. J. \Vhita,

..... lie ..... ..... .c 0: notuiu by J. E. Wood J. M. Barclay and D. O.ardln. selfish Interest or thought of such Norfolk, Va., Oct. 9.-For the first
a thing at the letting of this contractas time in the life of the Jamestown Exposition -
............114 11. w
r I firmly believe that memberof Director
every General Alrah II. !Y
Tie minutes of September meeting
M i caA.-xI 7e a ere read and approved. this Honorable body has the best Martin today made public the eiposition

I M I'ttiCli .\\. I).. Crease I Tbe following bills against the city interests of the city as well as every attendance figures his statement

:ltlten at heart, certain criticisms to showing a total of 5.19S.17J I
wore approved and ordered paid:
ThkN Nt 3t.'KG EOti. to the wheels. Eet C. Y Byrd $3; S. P. Man he contrary notwithstanding. admissions from April 26, the opening I!
No other lubricant -
Respectfully submitted. day, to and 30.
including Sept.
ever made 1250.24; L. O. Mfg. Co. 1113.3.1.M ,
... CHAS. II. BUOWN. Mr. Martin saId he considered It
t .
?wwr wla wears so lone L. Burnett & Co., $96.01; J. SKlnkald.
....t nwJ ML and saves so much J67.45; Hair Hardware Co., By vote of Council, the contract for I time for the public! to know just what af:

I. power. Next time $ t S3: ; Suwannee Hardware Co., furnishing an air compressor for the the exposition attendance has boea.
** *MM tt *...-.. Man ..t.r. .
City Water Work awarded to
try MICA AXLE: Gut ASS $11.45; L. O. Pub. Co. $17.08; R. H was atd
Standard Oil Co. the Georgia! Supply Co.
t Haddock, |7S R. H. Haddock How to Cure a Cold.
*MMH | t 1 >..>-. M D. '-'-'" ;
By resolution of Council the street
streets $56.:8; W. D. Wright.
The question of how to cure a cold
4'rN & Crttkmore.J committee was Instructed to straighten
i $40; W T. Stokely. $12; T. B Walker ;t
without lose of time is
When you W good meal the street at the south end of Ohio unnecessary abc
... .... awn 128; Fire Department 161. one In which we are all more or leas
a Swrieon call avenue and construct a sidewalk of
atOpposit I I. Total 107069.
I Interest, for the quicker a cold is
b ..., ......... iiI Reports of Marshal, Tax Collector. artificial stone tiling, abutting thesame. I'
j i potion rid of the less the danger of
.Ht | I fc*........ .tor. Of I Treasurer and Water Works Superintendent I f i'pneumonia and other serious diseased.
...... ... MANKER'S A petition" was presented to the
read and
...... l. new111 were approved as Council asking that a water trough j i Mr. D. W. L. Hall, of Wayerl,. Va..
ordered nld.
I baa used Chamberlain's er
I and 32 incandescent lights t* put In Cough
Union Shed. Good service The following communication was the
Remedy for and "I
: years says: firmly
Sawannee street south of Howard
A. .u. I presented to the Council and ordered believe Chamberlain's Cough Remedy !s
guaranteed. street Said petition wa referred to
IERSOS & SMALL embodied in the minutes:
R to be absolutely the best preparation
the Street Committee, with Instruc-
CIUS. MANKEB. Prop.FERRYS. Communication.Gentlemen tions to have the work done. Also to" on the market for col da. I hare recommended -

MTOitNEYS -: AT LAW.e ---------- :-Of the City Council replace the water trough on north I It tony friends and they

fail LIvo Oak, Fla.-I wish to say with side of railroad on Ohio avenue. all agree with me." For sale by
pvt4ftr tw Kutf and I
Ps .v.1 (out.. reference to letting or having let By vote of Council, recess was Barclay ft Groover and all drngfclsts. s

.... t I t**w..k l.*.. k n.o+s.e. the contract for certain machineryfor i ordered till October 15. 1907. at 7:30 octwi

.. .... *. 1* the City Water Works to the Hair:. p. m. C. H. BROWN. I
t. rtowDA.i Hardware Co.. that after looking Into Attest: President of Covne'L The Important iart.

a late law. I find that the contract,I S. P. MAYS Clerk. i. Where did I gel.it?. ':.:1rl.M the .

t. will be unlawful for the Pf'Cullu"a. tOiiLg millionaire. 'T:' "-j lj .1 qu'c- i
(&te"'r.a r kld ofllO&DUOJ sndQar. son that certain members of this 1 Afflicted With Sore Fyei for 331.NI *. i t." tint makes me hvpjln read:*

all ;;:tc: N.a.a you the Je":tts Honorable Council have Interests i I have been afflicted with pore eyes "Papa won't ask It;' s'.n.ticred the
CC3IUICI AT UW ....1'boT.....---..........". 1 .
Lacs Inc rYrr srer W e are sap cu SaII directly or indirectly in the Hair ( for thirty-three years. Thirteen fn b omble damsel ":In. you ftlll
uFadKlft>> .. ".f' evds.l.Q. .
.r.c '.s y ta
.!+rr4A.ass1trnu't'.:l7!frtrsa'd. Hardware Co., hence it will be necessary i! years ago I became totally blind! and set it? That's all f"1wanU to
""'s.. ,
V o1tt. Uillding.- rnoe to a.rIJ-ICADIA. this to let the con blind for six Vr.ow."-Plitsburg Post.
D. M. FERRY A CO.. Oc1..It. Midi.I at meet'ng I was years. My eyes :
tract for this machinery If indeed we were badly Inflamed. One of my

t 9Eas+ti. still find the need of the outfit to I neighbors InaiUed upon my trying [ Tbe Only Way.

***J lid Ctiuelor it Ui, I some other company. I| Cbambt rlaln'. Salve and gave me 1 -Why are you going to marry

I This eeems to me like a very narI 1 la>f a box of It To my surprise It that old fossil
l.tt1 t/ KLA.ty -fjJ '
*+ CUI" row and contracted law. one that must healed my eyes and my sight came She-I love the very ground he
fc a:1 J fife ((2TadttttJn1/:
? of
*** 1 U coflrti the have found birth in some crooked back to me.-P. C. Earl Cynthlana, walks] on.

****$***t..tl if trots citrn f ic.to con-All ono BANK DEPOSIT I IPREJi brain as like begets like and as we Ky. Chamberlain's Salve is for sale lie-I know, but Isn't \ere'any

Railroad: Courses Fars Paid.CherdBosrd S know ourselves we, of course Judee br Barclay & Groover, and all druggist otter way of getting It?-London

% y bi fate st.l.argt bLOlIA-AU UBUSiNtUCOU.ECt.Muss.C at Cost. W rite pu.c. others. This law Is so straight that *. oct-w Opinion.


..'- .... --

,_ ;.. _. ,.,'- '1-"t <.-- f--' ,-. ,'- 'i-.1- >,&- -f,I.- -. --f- '.*-#*.&*-rf3+*."tirJ.FSfee- : .* :- ...;-u'.i1\ ': ,i' -
.. -'-"' -'
'-i.l, .,. -r .


- . . ....--. .. . -
t 11111111 Ii III 11111111111111 ... I ;

Florida Live Stock and Vehicle 0



Horses, Mules, .. Driving .Saddle, j jFarm

and Dra'

Buggies '

i Horses &Mul

; I and Wagons Big Stock of




t till 1 n m-1 1 111111 flit III i.1 ..t II I U IIII..N 11111 U III 1+III lit M n .i H t.1 i It III J It...***! lit III1 U III 1 4tI4t4I : 11111-II M I 111111 u.
t t- ; .

: r A Certain Cure for Croup-U! ed for ::tt:: iHIIIII I II I ;:IIliiOili il':::: II i I III I II J

t s Ten Year Without a Failure. $59,09 Premium Contest $50.00.

I I Mr. W. C. Bolt, a Star City, Ind., LIVE OAK BANE

hardware merchant, Is enthusiastic in II -.

1 his praise of Chamberlain's Cougn LIVE OAK, FLORIDA
The Suwaunee Democratill begin Sept. 15, a PREMIUM CONTEST
Remedy. Ills children have all been :
$75,000 Surplus $35,000
open| Co ! subject to croup and he has used this : II. I'. ItI'XTJ.nl'resldent. r*. A. IIIM.KV. tk *O' **i
prize Is an unlimited fc.o.oo scliutarslup good in any one of the three rtet
remedy for the past ten years, and i c. i). iIL'CKV EI.i. ('..bier. '
, ;>urIntents of the Southern liuMncst College or Lire Oak.
thought they much feared the croup
,f The rule of the contest are Dimple and then H only on requirement
his wife and he always felt safe upon
I I the young man or young lady sending In the largest number of subscriptions
retiring when a bottle of Chamberlain's -
I to the SUWANVEK: DKMOCKVT before 1)eeemb.er2. 1907, will rerehe DOLLARS DO THKt l t7lna .
In the
Cough Remedy was
the I'iCholu'"hllHSOIXTILY FHEK of other consideration.The tt
any tklic tst tk w
house. Ills oldest child was subjectto + earn t ai
I contest will open on September 1.;>th, and positively close on DecenvInr + \j
attacks of but this
severe croup '
-f whew they art
ers ptace/
23th. Each dollar sent in b)" ore ttho has entered the content will
I it remedy never failed to effect a speedy
> count one point in the If collect back' due and several l .
I cure. He has recommended It toIt race. you get est In a food savissl sell .lh
dollars from Mibvoriher, each dollar will Rene ak ,
count a point. r ; _
I friends and neighbors and all who all means p.t T*.r 4IIWI ies
; count ame new "ulr< Got In the and be leader
as CrlpUon content early a ,
I : have used it say that It is unequaled ,\
t le for croup and whooping cough. For from the first. There are plenty of bac'Huh!>f'riptlon'J you can collectvery I? work at a row 'ate If ltttt.

likely in jour own neighborhood and get; a big Mart. The Democratwill
sale by Barclay & Grover and all by p'; nnu theft, 'b Utttt
druggists. oct-w fimiUli jon card antl report blanks and alM in getting an many for ;

i your list as possible.THE :; .,,, w lar t

I Every man apparently understands SOUTHERN HUsINEhS tX)LLFCJR has three di-tincl' courses.

; all women except the one woman Their Bookkeeping course, which includes nookkeoping. Banking, English LIVE OAK BANK !

+ that he married. Spelling, Penmanship, Commercial lAW and Typewriting; their
Shorthand Course, which includes
I'ernin system of Shorthand EtaglKli,
I I II 1111111 I 111111111111 ........_
I II I lik. 1 I
Penmanship, ind the
, Napoleon Bonaparte I Spelling otc.;; Telegraphy Course comprising -

showed, at the battle of Austerlitx Railroad and Commercial Telegraph, Tjpewrlting and Penman i
. the '
, was tho greatest Leader In the ship.

-f' world. Ballard's Snow Liniment has This College is! under able management and equips its student for

t shown the public 'it Is the beet Liniment good laying: positions. .% ncholarsiiip in one of their departments, good

in tHe world. A quick cure for until you complete your course, whether three<< months or six month, Is

Rheumatism, Sprains, Burns, Cuts, a premium well worth striving for.No .

etc. A C. Pitts Rodessa. La., says: \\', who will get the premium? Make n start nOn a-s Uw contest

a "1 use Ballard's Snow Liniment In my oxns by filling out the coupon below mid returning to the Democrat at 1 TEASPOONfI:i

I family and find it unexcelled for sore once, and getting cants and blanks f> assist you in your can" IIIf.S _
i chest headache, corns, in fact for / DOSE
OF L. L. L. IS I A \
anything that can be reached by :1 tW.\ NFE: DEMOTIUT, Live OaLJlorida.

liniment. Sold by Suwanncc Drug eslieiuen'' I Taken night md morning it relieve INDIGESThOI :

Co. oct-dw (: I ilesjre to complete for the prize staled atMI\, and CONSTIPATION, BILLIOUSNESS, I

will be glad to h.sre fUll M-nd me literature and blanks. Ord all the ills coming; from a neglected IJVEK.

It in strange how much more errclse \. CONSTIPATION is one of the curse of cml'MtkxTMatt*

i your daughters can take dancIng :Name: 0' 0. . . o. . . n.ny injurious nl trurr.s taken fir relief or Jy h..Ipeh the tntrbla'fhe .Min
0" o. 0. o. lire freed the ..
at time ot the(1(>LIonou refs Oat u.t.
than sweeping. a -k"I.-d eondltMn.LAMAR'S .

Iostonic . . 0 0 . 0 ,as!><3 it to do Its work LEMON without CMdici LAXATIVE te. U-rt oD tl. ...e1

i henry E:. Jones, of Tampa. Fla., L.U I* Lis purely vrrtt>Ue com""urxl and is wttan'i rr W J ,**srnia
It forth SvI.1 by all F1r"Class DrSgti4L
i rites: "I can thank God for my pre-
i cs.at health, due to Foley's Kidney -11'11"- 111.4 111 Macon, Georgia :

Cure. I tried doctors and all kinds 1

of kldny cure, but nothing done me Mallary Bros. r :
I ,. ?
much good till I took Foley's Kidney

1 Our" Four bottles cured me, and 1 Machinery Co. FOR TORPID LlYER

have no more pain In m> back an,] 1- Maccn, Georgia I ,

shoulders. I am 62 years old, and $ \ :

t, nuaVred long but thanks to Foer'sKldn. # + ; ENGINES BOILERS --- -- -
-- -
..)" Cure I am well and can I ; -"'! COttON CIININO! 1ssCht:':EF.r. saw. Learn the Art ofMILLINERY

calk and enjoy mjself It Is a # VH.IMHCFIKERT.S1 "I.r, n ...& ,
MilI.Prmofni! (\'fm () J I 1
ploasure to recommend it to tho" .
,. GASOLINE, ENGI.N' : Sw'1 "
.,,,'dlng a kidney medicine. City Comf.... I..I .., T.."" ,:! It means a successful future. Ft1/11/11 "L ,..,iI
... .., ., .. )
Pharmacy.: oct-dw BJL 'U' :O' : '1. <1: dignified position. God paying i ..
+ positions secured for : Will .'. w
1dO1 grad- goaf \ .
duates, Write and ask for par- : Any style ..< .# asha11 #
If the groom is penniless marriage ticulars. inisned' Ala' .1 f !- _

a to always a failure to the father of ,I Lest Wc'I Inanely Drunk.McSosh American School I'I burial sait fur ,t. n' ...
f .
I yf ,.. \
'I I For snit" '' 'I!
the bride. :<"f,.-; Baby is rcstlc can't slep at st
II ;l You brute; Is it possible ; -
I night won't eat. tries spasmodically MILLINERYSavannah
\ I II that you are drunk again* t! \/TIt ist :
Foley's Kidney Cure will cure anyClue .V bottle of White's Cream Vermifuge '

of kidney trouble that is not be- never fails to cure Every mother Mr. McSosh-I: think I must ,M __ ,_Ga.____ t I haH' sold t: .j'.K WfJI1I'

yond medical aid. City Phar- should give her baby White's Cream m'd"ar. If I waabn't I wouldn't ha\'e Executes Notice. I' Miss rJrtl.' Wa'i sb5 .41""

wary oct-dw Vermifuge., So many,- times when the n-rve to come home t' you mtbl Legatees districutees creditor the btnIkllJl .. t ft :coteies ,

l - 1\\1 the baby is pale and fretful, the having claimsor I aMtfmf' ::1 1 ..
--I \"ad Plain Dealer. demands against the tfc*
estate I "
of L.
In moot cases consumption results mother dos not know what to doV K. collect all IiIr'fI'

: from a neglected or improperly bottle of this medicine would bring Kimmerlln, deceased, late of Su- Oak !)rug C'fIr'II 1t..sr./ '

treated cold. Folej's Honey and TartUI't'JI color to his cheeks and laughter to lKVltt CarbolIzed Witch Ilaz.l .-1 mannee the County, Florl :l. wm present thank n,\ t 1..tD.* *"...
same to
me duly proven, within *
the most obstinate coughs and lbI S .ld by Live Oak UrnS Coni- been lib '1
hi: e.-es. Give it a trial. Sold by one year from the first Insertion of bO 'a .ustlNtt
prevents serious results It costs pany. oet.-.lw- and uk that .
Suannee Drug Co oct. \\ this notice or this notice will be t
ur J
you no more than the unknown pre- pleaded in bar of allowance ronage the tu-in...-
tae ..-'
parations and you should insist upon A baby in the Louse helps swell the The proof of a fool lies in toe ton same out of the funds of said estateW. -...',;

having the genuine In the yellow rofits of the gas and electric light sittency of his refusal to change; his!i J. HILLMAN Xo. Alonzo. a r..oT .,."
package City Pharmacy, oct-dw companies. ;: opinion. Executor of the last Will and Testament Ily a fighter t?.. .1'. -.' b*

I of L. K. Klmmerlln. compass.


'" r

,,:..-' ...'......"--'.- iupii. "_ ,:, F-._ ""ai'1jjt.i --' "..:-, & .....::- -4.n "'J-.C'J: 1. jf ./.: .itIl.Et <'?.J>""":IIft ..J'.' ""..'r7"--- -'...,,;;J'h"J.pf::,<_ .__. .: --0>,. _.... .


An old Georgia negro having told "Waiter, these are very small
the Judge that he had "been in three "'

wars" was asked to name them oysters. "
Tarn "Yes, sir.
when he replied: XOT GETTING F.U'T HXJOY1VG -
"And they don't appear to bs
| I wuz a cook in de Confedrit war CAMP
aDd after freedom broke out I was fresh either."
file Wicku I
I married two times."-Atlanta Con- "Then it's lucky they are small .

stitution. ain't it. sir?"-Tit-BiJs.
can-1here' I U[. TAKES A COLD SWIM
high as you s no
danger-as low as you please

-because there's the no smokeless smell Thai's device Live Oak M'fg. Co. Stainboul La.. Oct. 15.-Arrivals

o prevenb smoke or smell- from the bear lake encampment tell
that means a steady flow of marvelous stories of "the president's
R roc..);t It,
glowing heat for every ounce Manufacturers of
J>x1 hardihood and capacity for roughingIt.
of fuel burned ia a
When he carried his blankets

Lumber, Shingles, Ice, Electric Lights with him from the uppet camp last

PERFEOTONEquipped Friday and that night and next morn

Power and Turpentine.Electric ing ate only cold bread and meat h",

tad taken in his saddle pockets, they
Heater Lights in any part of the city furnished for marvelled that a president could be

Residence or Business Houses at a very reasonable rate. so easily satisfied but when he jumped -
(Equipped with Smokeless Dnia)
into Dear Lake for a swim at day
Electric and cun-ent-for manufacturing
power-Day night break this morning the astonishment
You can carry it about and care for it just as easily as a lamp.
Bran oil font holds! 4 quarts burning 9 hours. Handsomely fin. purposes. was almost without bound.

khrd in japan and nickel Every heater warranted. Wholesale and retail Ice-out of City orders have spe- The thermometer registered leu
than 40 degrees and most of the
cial attention, and all orders promptly filled.
dds others in the party were hugging
The ee ness
Ravo Lamp f0 the long We will give you good! prices on low grade ceiling and the tamp fire. The president plunged

winter evenings. Steady into the water as soon as he arcs',
Come and
bnGant light to read sew or knit by. Made cf flooring. get our prices. swam a hundred yards to an island

brass, nickel plated, latest improved central draft and then returned, declaring upon
burner. Every limp warranted. If your dealer cannot landing that the exercise'had been
supply Perfection OJ Heater or Rayo Lamp
exhilarating and that the ater
write our nearest agency for descriptive circular. was
1 warmer than the air.

STANDARD(Incorporated OIL COMPANY): I SEABOARD I IAirline It is now the president's purposto '

close his hunt Saturday and comento
4 : Stamboul early Sunday. On

-- :t Railway. JI Monday morning be will leave for

Ytektburg where he Is to speak
Monday afternoon.
I Savannah, Columbia, Camden Southern Pines, 4J 1

l Ualeigh] Richmond Washington Baltimore +
QGr Till; Kl'KAIi I50UTK CII1KI'; allyW
Philadelphia and New York. *
---- --- ----- -- -- -- -- .}
Mow tfct Oa rrk-rs .\IJ Oter the Country -

1 + (Atlanta Journal.) --+ti
1 +
J1A33 .uaForSicR One of the most compelling figures
I Seaboard Express Seaboard Mail :
t of the assembled rural mall carriersis
Livers I } ____ _______________ __ _-. that of Paul L. Lindsay the clean'accd Hetall
.l. oJ. young president of the National

Modern : Pullman : Equipment. t association.! Ills face is clear, and /

% A PURELY VEGETABLE + __ *_ $ the flow of his words' is easy. His
COMPOUND ++ <+: I :.irutence in the chair, directing the

The movements of a large body of men
Jamestown Line
i Exposition \tt unuwd to parliamentary procedure
QUICKLY CURES SI'A. MALARIA.CHILLS and. NORFOLK, VA. i is good.; lie carries himself well. bo9'r
'- During: the convention an Interestingtale
GUARANTEED CURE for: all diseases produced by t ti
Excursion Tickets le
TORPID LIVER and IMPURE BLOOD. One bottle purchased on regarding Mr. Lindsay, the man .J
today may save you t uck spell tomorrow. has been recalled. It illustrates forcibly -
i reru8ti
For full information and Sleeper reservations call on any agent the zeal for his association that
CURED OF CHILLS AND FEVER AFTER of Seaboard or write, I dominates this young man, and by

ALL OTHER MEDICINES FAILED ; ; S. C. EOYLSTON, JK.. A&.L GenL \'.*..Agent Jacksonville Fla.II | inference accounts for his occupancyof
Mrs. W. A. WhiteweU. Emory, Tn., a position of honor that would
writes: liMy child had chills aDd fever to( tit fr'i'fl' < M I M t"! HI. M M I"_ M I U tiC I < H 11111 11 t J ..
for fear years. We tried all kinds of --. cot ordinarily be given to one of his
medicines and finally*u acquaintance of few >ears. The tale also serves to
mine recommended Hefbine. We us.-l i :: : : L; ;
three bottles, and the child is now com graphically depict the high personal
have permission esteem, the intimate in which
pletely cured. You my regard
to publish this testimonial as I cheerfully i Mr Lindsay Is held by his fellow
Can You Write Ghost ?
recommend Uetbine to all mother II a Story
having children afflicted as mine.: Mortgage: Soon To Tail I ur.

UIIjE BOTTLE SOc GET THE OEMHXE: : ) last June it was suddenly discovered t

BALLARD SHOW LINIMENT CD. No doubt you know one you have been telling by the Rural Free Delivery
ST. LOUIS, U. S. A. ; for years. We will give a 0Ti News, a monthly publication of aftetaft.
Chicago, devoted to the Interests o. .
the rural mail carrier that Mr. Llnl lsia,
SOLD AND RECOMMENDED BY ;11 for the best Ghost Story written by young | say was earning a heavy mortgage .

Suwannee Drug Company. i 11 or old, male or female. on his home, near Tucker, over In 1 I

: p The only condition is that each contestant DeKalb county, Georgia. The mortgage ibiabelir

,- --- --- -- '" ij send Fifty Cents for a tears subscription was to fall due the following

III ; IIL I I III: : :III: I I J ;: :: L I I II to THE SOUTH SRN CYCLONE, a monthly | I month and Mr. Lindsey could not

at Live Oak Florida. meet it. This held nothing of earth 11-
8 publication, published n ,
I Now is the Time to Visit the :11' The Cyclone is full of ginger and red hot; I lar Interest. A man who cannot

I [t P it has a will of its own, and stands on a plat- | manage his own financial affair*
II need not be a source of to th'
f I worry
, i form unique in policy and principle. Then |
community at large. But the additional
Jamestown J ijt first number will appear g urf
Exposition fact was correlated that LI ml
Iij | say mortgaged his home to

i | Write oa one side of paper only; story not secure funds for the furtherance of

IT IS COMPLETE IN EVERY DEPARTMENT.The j I| to exceed 1,000 words; contest will close | the Rural Mail Carriers' orgaBlMUob t

j | FEBRUARY, I5tH, 1908.i | Money lUtUrtl.

i I and winner will be announced in the March Then the "R .'. D. News" went .
War Path :=: Air Ship :=: Naval Display,
i H number. Send in your subscription at once. | a lid. Lindsay's popularity bad pre F
tailed during conventions of the ft.- t

will interest and instruct you. Do not ''II 1 The Southern Cyclone | I tio.xal body and bit preolty WMJweli r

fail to go at once. For beautifully illustrated I known; wherefore Itaa ao t, ,.
J difficult matter for "The New to .
folder containing maps, discrip- III| Drawer 39, : Live Oak Fla. | I his predicament In an Intimate present J
tive list of hotels etc. write to
matter, u I light. A subscription was started *oj
N 1 ; 1 :; : Jt

i I'__ __ _- _-H -_ I raise the required um of S I.&"
FRANK i! with which to discharge the most
gage; but before tbe moveoM-ot w.. l
t Use the best Brick in the State.IT'S i
well begun almost |:,I? WM In e

District Pass Agent, Jacksonville, I- Ia.LINE j the hands of the eonn>fU",. This 4

1. amount bad come in Iron all owth "
<- country, in contributions of nkkI "

ATLANTIC I "Is and dimes and quarters. t.J
II : Callahan Brick Co. Callahan, Fla.] j The mortgage was dfe fcarge.l 1

| weeks before it fell due. and the }
THE ::; i __ i borne of the awociation's president, fit
; licked for the
association's good
|: Goodbread, Live Oak, Fla. Gen'l!Ag, {for Live Oak:. 1,saved for him. was

,.., '\ j
ate ,

T __...

,,.._....:....;T' ..._ .. .:; ,. .,>;' ;r :..; "ii; -; aj."it:: '



: NOTICE OF SALE.o Ituck of Diarrhoea Cured by On.

f f HOTICBL Whom It May Concern: Dos e of Chamberlain's Colic, American Manufacturiig

r I hare at my place three mile Notice Is hereby given that the Cholera and Diarrhoea

I east of Wllmarth, on the Suwanne-
nderslgned sheriff of Suwannee Remedy.
yellow sandy colored sow Atlanta >a Georgia.Complete z
river a
the satisfaction weak from attack oldiarrhoea
;ounty Florida for I was so an .
marked and split In right ear
crop 'f a judgment entered in the Circul that I could scarcely attencto -
and under slope In left ear. This
;ourt of Suwannee County Floridan my duties, when I took a dose o Machinery ;
sow has been breaking Into my field
) the 6th day of June A. D. 1906. Chamberlain's Colic Cholera and
causing other hogs to get In and des-
gainst W. B. Colllas In favor of Diarrhoea Remedy. It cured me en-
and I am compelled 10 EquipmentsStandard =
troy crop
.V. W. Stovall ti Bros., for the sum tirely and I had been taking other
her shut Owner can get her
keep up.
>f $332.06 damages with Interest medicine for nine days without relief.I .
by proving ownership paying for this Woodworking
from date thereof until paid and heartily recommend this remedy a
notice and my expense of keeping her.
S27-4L JAMES M. ADAMS. 7.SO costs and in pursuance of an being the best to my knowledge for Saw Mills, Plaining Mills, Shingle Mills, Lath Milk

.execution issued upon said judgment bowel complaints.-R. O. Stewart, of Mills, Spoke and Handle Factories. Wood Turning M ,

will on Monday October 7tb the firm of Stewart & Bro.. Greenville Wood Yard Machinery etc. Engine, Boilers Gu and

I FOR SALE. 1907, after four weeks publication of.his Ala. For sale by Barclay & line Engines, Saw Mill Machinery, Belting and Mill &,,,

; A nice farm one-fourth milo from notice offer for sale at the doorof Groover and all druggists. w* Manufacturers of American "P rrnanit Roortt..

is the corporation line west of Lire the courthouse, at Live Oak Suwanaee The Best Flint Coated, No-Tar Ready to Lay Rooftef,

,;, Oak; 212 acres, 150 acres In enltiTaUon County Florida between the NOTICE FOR PUBLICATION. cor SAMPLES .nd for the Asking. Address

fresh land for legal hours of sale and sell to the MANUFACTURING Co Inc.
100 acres of new AMERICAN ATLANTA. !tC
highest bidder for cash the following "'*"
cotton a nice 8-rboia. 2-rtory dwelling Department of the Interior Land

t good barns 2 tenant houses. I : real estate, being lying and situate Office at Gainrerilh, Fla., Sept.
..' 1"' +t+SI
mules. 2 two-horse n Suwannee County Florida, or so 23, 1907.
good young

wl wagons. 4 Bets of harness one-horse [ much thereof as may be necessary to Notice is hereby given that! Milton Live !

and harness, all satisfy said judgment and costs to- Bottling Works
$ buggy
wagon, good wit? Frailer of Ellaville Fla., baa filed I O.k

1 farming tools sugar mill and kettle notice of his intentlcn to make final
The so-itb half of the southwest on
l one Terse ycow will give 3% gallon fourth five-year proof in support of hU R. Holmes I Prop.
560 bushels of corn 118 of Section 33: Township 2 ,
.1 per day claim viz: Homestead Entry No
south hangs 13 vast containing 160
ii bead of hogs, corn and potatoes. Will 29972, made May 26, 1900. for the
acres, more or l(ss. Purchaser to
rJ sell all or a part of the farm at a for Utlo.Witness west half of northwest one-fourtt, Manufacturers and bottlers of The Famous. Suit,

r r: : bargain. Come and see me before pay Section 30, Township 1 south Range
buying. W. R. LEE. my hand and seal at Live nee Springs Ginger Ale, COCA Cola, Iron Brc w, fe.
said will be
12 east, and that proof
..t w-octll-lmo Live Oak Fa Oak. Florida this 9th day of September made before Clerk Circuit Court at Mellow, Raspotc and Gina Lemon Root Beer, G**

l: 1907. J. 11. RICKERSON. Live Oak Fla., on Nov. 6. 1907. late, Cream Soda, Sherry, Vanilla Pain OU, indftgTolo. r

il NOTICE. Sheriff: Suwannee Co. Fla.LESLIE He names the following witnesses .
to his continuous residence -- -
{ up-
prove -
: Notice is hereby given that the & LAMB
undersigned has filed in the office> ot Attorneys for Plaintiffs. wptl3-4t i on, and cultivation of, the land viz: Every Gallon of water used is Artesian. Fillrrd uJ t% I

t the Clerk of Circuit Court for Su- I R. L. :.IllJlnor. of Ellaville, Fla.; D. tilled my water pipe is connected with the large let Felt!

l T. O'Hara, of Ellaville Fla.; J. E. distillery.
Florida his final
wannee County, "
l _
Brazell of Ellaville. Fla. Henry '
t statement of all matters pertaining Wrght. of Live Oak. Fla.IIENUY ; t In every respect my plant is entirely up-to-date. U4f ......... If

to his position as asslbnee of F.J.Mal- hajww*.-XO. 101. Electrical power.
lory, of said county, and after thirty Whereas, by satisfactory evidence f We are prepared to furnish these goods to all dealers i* the MteYOURS

days from this date, win apply to the presented to the undersigned it has ept25-lmo Register -

JI' n. B. H. Palmer Judge of Third been made to appear that a banking Eel fee paid. i FOR BUSINESS

Judicial Circuit Court of Florida for association under the name of The

1 1 letter of discharge as such assignee Citizens Bank of Lire Oak, heated NOTICE OF' SALE. Live Oak Bottling Works

ep20-5t W. A. T1SOM Assignee Live Oak, Florida and organized Notice Is hereby given that I, the ,I I'

under the laws of Florida, has com- undersigned special master in chancery -

NOTICE. plied" itb all the provisions required under and by virtue of a final R. H. HOLMES, Proprietor.

t t) be complied with by the Banking decree of foreclosure made by the >Wt<< N<<
I notice! Is hereby given that the Laws of the State of Florida before -
Judge of the Circuit Court in and for
I pb.'ddans of the Suwannee Count} an association shall be authorIzed -
Suwnanee Florida whereinthe
J Medical Association will place al to commence the business of County
First National Bank of Live Oak
f their past due ace u:U in the hands banking.
Florida, is complainant, and W. B.
i of the association's! special agent for NJW.: Therefore I, .\. C. Croom U"i
t. Collins and! A. Collins and B. M.
collection, If not satisfactorily set- Comptroller of the State of Florida,
Bean defendants, for the
are pur-
'I tled by December I, 1907. by virtue of the authority vested in ,IIls1o
pose of satisfying and paying the (
me by Section 2702. of the General .5
amount expressed in said decree I
J Statutes of the State of Florida' ,
I William KldiM? Pill*. will offer for sale and sell to the i
certify that the Citizens Bank of Lire
Hare highest and best bidder for cash on FIRST AND LASTIIDDRLVD5llII
you neglected your Kidneys? Oak of Live Oak, in the County of
Have you overworked your nervous Monday, November 4, 1907, In frontof
Suwanne and the State of Florida,
system and caused trouble with youi the courthouse, of said county
Is authorized to commence the bu!![-
kidneys and bladder? Have you painsIn between the legal hours of sale the _
ness of banking under the name yj
loins side back groins and bladder
1 ? Have you a flabby above given with a capital stock of following real estate, to-wit: Thesouthwest Mean
I appearanceof $ $ made to all who
of Section
the face, especially under fifty thousand dollars. quarter thirty-

t i yes? Too frequent a desire to pass I I Given under my hand and five. Township two, south of Range buy or wear them. In style!

urine? If so. Williams' Kidney Pills seal of office, this fifth day of 1: east The purchaser to pay for and
t ease
durability, Shield Brand Shoes
will cure you-at Druggist Price 58c i (Seal) September A. D. One Thou- titles. M. E. BROOMS
toe the mark
t of
Williams' Manufacturing Co., Props., sand and Nine Hundred and lO-ll-H) Special Master.
Cleveland O. Sold by Suwannee OLD DY RBLIAObB MCRGHftNTO ONLY
seven. A. C. CRQOM. iIAID}=r= &. BUTLER,
Drug Store. apr-ljr M. C.
CO. Manufacturers.
sept3-8t mptroller State of Fla. Solicitors for Complainants. .
I To Whnm It May Concern:

Notice is hereby given that the i Notice is hereby given that I. W. A LIQUID COLD CUREAND

undersigned sheriff H. Cameron, the undersigned, will, on
of Suwanneo -
the 14th day of November A. D.
County Florida for the satisfactionof
i907. at Live Oak, Florida apply to LAXATIVE I COUGH SYRUPTHE
a Judgment entered In the Circuit

Court of. Suwannee County. Florida, lion. B. 11. Palmer Judge of Third : ,AIALSBY MACHINERY COMPANY'

Judicial Circuit Court of Florida, for 1
on the 6th day of June A. D. 1906, Portable and SUtwna r.l s.e

+ against W. D. Collins In favor of an order adopting as my child Boilers; Saw-Mi.b 1.and "'.n.-

Wolfe Brothers Shoe Company Joseph Selpb commonly known as THE ORIIIIIIL Machinery and uJ.pI1d.I'!!
a plete line earned in start -
corporation: etc., for the sum of Joe Cameron age 6 years and about NEW al Terms. Write for utaWsa

$300.48 sit months born January 18. 1901
damage with Interest from

date thereof until paid and This Oct. 11th, 1907. IDEA O1.N .!*1
$7.50 Slat+ Agents; for tb*
.1 costs and in pursuance of as execu aadQASOLINT.MACHINERY. Itl'GI"U
--- .
lion Issued upon said judgment, will, \". rne
NOTICE. ... ..
ft4 Cler.r ass te es.y
on Monday Oct her 7th
1907 after Bctu.A ..

four weeks publication of this notice, Notice Is hereby given that the .* Cold .
or Cough DUlly always pro-
offer for sale at the door of the court- undersigned as administrator of the duets constipation-the water all runs to the LONG DISTANCE ADORERS'PHONE ALL COMMUNICATIONS 574. 22 OCEAN TO .w'1 t I'

house at Live Oak Suwannee Estate of J. A. Adams deceased, will eyu. nose and throat instead of passing out
day ,( the system through the Hver and Id neYL JACKSONVILLE, FLORIDA.Fletcher's.
on Monday, the 13th of January.
Florida, between the legal
of For the want of moisture the bowels bec.m. --
sale, and cell to the highest; bidderfor ,1908. present his vouchers receiptsand I dry and hard." Nearly alt other cough carte
report of and for the Estate ol are constipating,especially! those containing
cash the following real estate Opiates. Kennedy's'Lazatlve Hooey and
J. A. Adams, dwawd, and thereupon -
being I Tar the bowels contains 66 66.
lying and situate in Suwannee more no OpUtea.
I apply for his final discharge is
t County. Florida or s> much thereof 'I, KENNEDY'SLAXATIVE
administrator of the said restate.

as may be necessary to satisfy said J. H. WETHERL1NGTON, A The best Chill, Fever and LaGrippc cure

Judgment :
7-5-Cra Administrator on the market. Be the .
The north half of the southwest sure to get genuine.It

one-fourth of Section thirty-fire (35)Township ROGKRS LIVKUWOUT has the signature in red ink. Accept no

f two (:n south Range For the Tar complete aDd CaucbaUjpi cure of Cocghs. H ONEYAXDTARRelieves other as there is none "Just as good. It
thirteen (13) east, containing one Cold, Asthma and Bronchitis and all __ Cold by working them oot cost, but 25 cents for J 6 doses, if it cures,

i hundred and sixty acre. nor or of the system through: a copious acioo ol
Lung complaints tending to Consump NOT ONE CENT IF IT DOES NOT.
lf... Purchaser to pay far title. Uon Lhrrwort, Tar and Wild Cljerry. the oowels.
..b Relieves Coughs by cleansing and Manufactured by
hand and
Witness seal at Uv
my for ages maintained an established -
strengthening the moocus membranes of
Oak. Florida, this 9tb day of SeptemUr. reputation as a standard Cough the Duo*t,chest,lung and bronchial ubea CRESCENT PHAR A C Y.

A. D. 1907. Remedy. It contains no opium or Tot Ls Live
I Crop. Wnoopisg Cook, Grippe, Oak.. Florida.
l' harmful drug can be given with lalataxa Broncaltis, and all CoQg>tf
Colds u4 Broacaial afactlrai
safely to children. Price $1.00. Sold M
Sheriff. Suwanee Co.. Fla rtmdy is equal to .u..,'. Laiattr
by druggists. Williams' M'f'g Co.
Eeas7 u4 Tar. CaJUrra lib it.Pwt. 66 Fletcher's 66
LESLIE & L.UlB.Attorne Props. Cleveland O. Sold by theSuwanse.
Plaintiff septll-4 I up hi lie,IOe..*,I.GO fcetttoe at the ke.Merin ..
,! for Drug Store. apr-lyr w a.0.Detentt a oe..Ob Bass,U.L.

1 ..-

--- .......,.,- "" "".....--., -

Live Oak daily Democrat
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Title: Live Oak daily Democrat
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Place of Publication: Live Oak Fla
Creation Date: October 18, 1907
Frequency: daily (except sunday)
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Newspapers -- Suwannee County (Fla.)   ( lcsh )
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Spatial Coverage: United States -- Florida -- Suwannee -- Live Oak
Coordinates: 30.294444 x -82.985833 ( Place of Publication )
General Note: Editor: Chas. W. Irvin, <1907>.
General Note: Description based on: Vol. 1, no. 239 (Aug. 27, 1906).
Funding: Funded by NEH in support of the National Digital Newspaper Project (NDNP), NEH Award Number: PJ-50006-05
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; ; ::





11. r0.195. LIVE OAK .....JOcm.FRID.Y, OCTOBER 18, 1007. TEN CENTS A WEEK.


I f
I I of .(L. Vrii'i;




.lad Nineteen are Seriously Tin Arguments Ilefore the Court

InJul't'dGrtt'naboro ( ')Q"-UUlf'd Fire HOurs.

::. C., Oct. 17-At Tampa, Fla., Oct. 17.-After a

r 10:30 tonight train No. :34 on the j1\\ session' of two days, during which

Southern railway; crashed into a \ the court room was crowded, county

*: mmd freight :\0:83, at Rudd N. C., I Judge Robles tonight at 11.30 o'clock 6et

about right miles north of Greensboro $it4N/A1a7sft discharged Claude L'Engle and J. II.

iII The fireman on the freight Reese on three counts charging crim-

was killed and the engineer injured, inal libel brought by Peter O. Knight

at mere a number: of the passengers lawyer, and Wallace F. Stovall, editor

IIJ oa No 31. of the Tam a Tribune for an
Wireline trains from Danville and ti h J 4 l article which appeared in the Tallahassee -
.tf r v
spencer were cent to the scene of the Sun of!; July 13. The arguments -

wrrtk .and a relief train went from consumed five hours.

bore with physicians, on board. When the judge announced his de-

Superintendent ; Coapman took cision the audience arose and ap-

.' cfears of the direction of affairs from plauded the decision. The state's

. thU point case fell absolutely flat
As near as could be ascertained, rBerryman a t

1 train0. $3 ,.,'as;slde-tracked at the P.KJ I.ZET PLANT CITY. 7

Rodd twitch but the main line was 4-, 0

lift open due to:the carelessness of Property Valued Iii

tile flagman. j i \ t'dl,J Tuesday.
ry.l \
l Tie last report is that three were
ISI (Tampa News 16th.)
nineteen .
killed and injured.HUELL i J;
i 1 in Washington vicar : A fire which raged for two hours

-- ..-- --- destroyed practically two entire d
FLORIDCRIMINAL.. SFAEVLRE: HURT \\H\T WHISKEY DOES.'v blocks, and entailed a lops of UO-
1 I : tIn 000, occurred at Plant City last nlght.
Fhs..r..nroadgl'i1t Brought Back to Ccorsiu R.Tilro.nl 1'a4lly.\\ r\xk Rut Xo;.e !'; >n Kills Father Wounds The origi Hof the fire Is unknown.

Answer for grand Larceny. !! At 9:3 o'clock flames were discovered -
All Drunk.
Tavares Fla..! Oct. 16.-Sheriff Tifton Ga. 0j t. I ) --Pas,*,ner NHARLY T1IK1JK? CENTS DECLINE ; i'I I the Herring dry goods

a Murrhee of this {county arrived from train Xo. 19, sout1Lound; on the Atlanta IV DECEMBER OPTION"ALSO 'I I It Abbeville S; C.. Oct. 16.-While store on be south side of the railroad -

= Jacksonville jwfc erday afternoon at Ilirmlnshan:I and- Atlantic rail t engaged in a dr DkeD brawl at Mount an from this place rapidly

4 o'clock wilts J.J W.. eneee.and im road, due In Tiftoa at F-.j q'c1
mediately pla'ce him in Jail in default was wrecked Tuesday afternoon DECLIN( AT WiNN.PfG (| William ...Frith apd seriously wounded 11:30 befpre the fire was under control -

of bail. M jnefee is held under aUnt. eight miles northeast of Tlf i.on. Alonzo Low n. Frith used j
---1--- a
an Indictment rOg1'and larceny from The baggage, mitt and express car, Owing to the lack of water the
and first-<.1ass passenger coach left I t!I pocket knife, an} after the tragedy firemen, though wciking strenuously
the Atlantic Co it Line at Leesburg Anil \V.V\k ( ondition of Stock
came to Abbevi e and surrendered. could do very little towards
the track the pavenger car turning -
3oand ,
I against hi a by the grand jury I' I -;. Market 1 1
I; :t.j..of tbii county, vhich recently ad'jtoed. almost bottom up, Thirteen pass'"ng- I! Frith and his son had a quarrel the fire ro bent. their S

[' W. ers were in the car and Fen of ,I about a energies to prevent the spreading of
f arrest of J. \; cow Saturday and young
7s ; the these were hurt, none fatally Besides Frith was! whipp d his the fame. Although the platform
up to Chicago Oct 11.Wheat by father. t
I experienced
ArterrItbe Conductor of the AantiC Coast Line stationwas
the O J. 1A
Eric of i forgery and embwlement pasbengjrs Saturday the boy went to his father'shouse
was made McCrcary in charge of the tr\in. f severe drop on the board of and forced his way in and theLowtoa burn >d, the office and the Southern

r was severely Injuted. trade today, th December option declining Expr sss Company were saved.
the agent and if the short space of tragedy followed is expected -
four months he (t said to have made The wreck occurred at the end of nearly tires cents, while the to die. Business places burned out were
small trestle, 8 a reverse curve, aa folio?1s: Herring's dry goods
.ay with money and goods to the a May option w; down 2 5-8. The 3I
tw caused the trailer btoree, I ull Bros.' grocery; store, J. I
and try jumping
1 valve of $S00. He disappeared from was low price forvasgl.02 )ecember wheat today ATLAVTV WANTS IT.
Lmburg three months ago and for the tracks, th owing off the combination \ a& Inst the closing price R. Inglis, general store; P. II. Farr, a

four weeks prior to his arrest in baggage mall and eXprf'Silj yest<}nday of $ .04 18. The low price confectionery; W. G. Miller's store;
Confederate Vet<' aDs Invite National W. J. Sinith
store O. A.
Bma&ah last w4ek, was in hiding in car. for May today'] was $1.07 5-8 against grocery ;
I G. A. It. Enc Spark man, saloon J. S.
lanth Carolina j Detective Bryant TAE I' IN MAML\ jesterday's cl< se of $1.10 1Tbe mpment Then ; Lowe dry
FoHl goods and millinery; G. ,II. Hall e
aired Sheriff Murrhee last Monday toIM9t severe decline! was attributed to the 09.
i Tells the Filipino They Arc Htill I'n.I' weak conditio of the groceries and hardware; J. A>Vlerce,
him in Jacksonville and takecharge market Atlanta, Oct. 6.-During their I '
fit for SelffGo enimont. dry goods; Mrs. M. S. Herring;millinery -
or the pr soner. Ills bond ist i i i and a decline f five cents at Winnia brief stay In the city tonight from I

M. 1.e4 at 11.000, and friends are atwk Manila, Oct. 16.Secretary Tft' peg, where it ld, the receipts are the time of theit arrival at 7 p. m., ; j Branch's wholesale warehouse far

tr.hC to n ke It. l\lenefee has formally opened I the Philippine assembly steadily Incre; sing The bears had until 11: 40, Go Davidson of Wis- ; Acme Brewing company's
II saloon;l Chase & Parramoure'e
a .:r. and lire blldrf'D residing In in the national theater at things prettythroughout uch their own way consin and the.. n embers of the Wis-
; rostaurj nt besides these five
Tampa. J. W. 01lyrthur Fox 11.15 o'clock this morning/; in the I th< day, and the occasional consion Monurne t Commission who ; were t

W .t1.., IDd hen upree colored: who presence of a larf* crowd of people : rallies werNIX.ROK feeble in character are on their way o Andersonville, to residences The ,buildings burned
wtre owned principally by W. B.
...e fOu1ctf'd ere last week for In bis opening) address! )Ir. Tart attend the cerem nies incident were
. I Herrint, W. G. Miller and several
Jh ebliag the- At ntlc Coast Line at reiterated his former statement regarding I ** L ilMNfi (IkOIU.'IV entertained at a reception at the others. 1I 1

< ia.ib rg. left ere Saturday morn.tic. the Philippine Islands, declaring home of Col. W. M. Scott, vice com, ) ;
I. .Itodr r Sheriff Murhre, that his vi was announced two mander of the hand Army of the
round for Ncgri Colon) in Soutlurni THE OREGON: WAY.
)0 ;
1. took them 0 Ocala and turned years ago, regarding the independence : Republic i iA
i C llfornia.i I II
tha errr to tb State convict lessees' of the Phili pine people were number of tie well known Atlanta juOrj 11u' Take Out Fire

t Ie stag terms n the convict camp, unchanged. I i i Americus, Ca Oct 16.-Consider- Confederate veterans, who had Dollar License Every Hex

I I. W. Jolty wa given two years He did not bellow! that they would able concern Is manifested here at the been invited to be I present and meet | Months.In .

c' Arthr FOK el teen months and Le fitted to govern themselves for at large number of egroes of the better the visitors i. attended the receptionand ,
Oregon they are going after the
tike f'tlb n months. Through least generation, iut he added that class who are leaving this section, almost the veterans a jolly twa
fad wbltk7 traffic in a novel way. They
I t Ibet( at1oI'1l"1 hey made a motion the matter was entirely in the hands dally, for Southern California, I hours talking over times. have reversed the order of things.

1r an- trials hlch were denied by of congress The secretary deniedemphaticallv where there is already an American U this meeting a movement was Insteac of licensing the seller, the

Je4&e W. s. Du lock They then a1>- hU tie United States colony of a half hundred Recently launched to bring the annual encampment buyer of strong drink is compelled

/ thtlr f es to the Supreme I had any intention disposing of the i party of t "enty-fl\"e left here and of the Grand Army to Atlanta to take out a licenee'for which he ban

O'att and rail g to make appeal islands, said he had absolute confidence fifty or a hundred others, including in 1!t09. It was discussed at length to
$5 for
pay lib'
b every months.
I --III they de' dad to serve their in the Filipino denied that heroes carpenters, brick masons store por- and the Wisconsin visitors especiallywere Saloon!'
I men are compelled by law to
"thee rather than stay in Jail disappointed at t lelr inability to1egh'ate tors cooks, farmers and those of in hearty accorwith I the project confine! their sales exclusively to per-

11IaJUac. dtd l D from the Supreme conservatively, and assertedhis other avocations, are preparing to do- The encampment meets nextE'ar sons holding licenses to buy under

} o.n of the Sta e. belief that they fe/t their respon- part for this new Canaan. Four hundred at Toledo. O, and the year following of
a heavy fine, for settles to
\ I slbilites and acknowledged the neceyeity it is reported, have gone recently Atlanta will Claim: It. The
: unauthorized drinkers. A feature Of
p" Board of \]Trade ought to be of supporting the'.American government from a neighboring county veterans present urged their n, A. R. the law is that six
filvad. every months a
f It U th1Prevailing opinion Emigrant agents are thought to beat friends to bring the encampment here
*w complete list of the licensed drinker
Progressive business men. Mr. Taft refrained from makingany work here inducing the negroes to and promised them a good time. )
,,. : tt U lacking la tome one to takeR suggestion regarding specific leg sell their property and go to California There appeared to be no doubt that

: Ma biw There is certainly enough islation on the pa-t: of the Philippinesbut In the country districts thisI05J the hearty support of the Wisconsin The honeymoon has ended at the

-.S U busy for.a while if we can he recommended that attention of farm labor will soon be keenly delegation, so far as it was represented moment a man ceases (coostanth
let,bgether.r be paid to the civil service felt here tonight could be counted on. pitying the bachelors.



.i R

-- ,..

LIVL: O.\K U.\lLY iH MuCRAT. FUlD.\\. OCTOBER 18. 1001.

Lake Items. good while If you wait ..to find-oat tfi
how long it wears: there an t..ou- i i "
There wu a Sunday school picnic sands of people who know that the :i
held at Tiger Lake Saturday October :
least-gallons paint wears lonfes I!
5th which was a splendid oc :1
casion. Supt G.\ H. Dorman led in 36 Yours F. W. DEVOE & CO.
all the exert:sec. Toe program I!
P. S. Suwannee Hardware Co. sell
consisted of temperance speeches and d-\r
our paint. I Ii iILIVE
lectures on Sunday school work and II I OAK

the Bible by the pupils of the school. Notice to Our Customer i
and influenceof i
This shows the success We are pleased to announce that !

our efficient superintendent. Her. Foley's Honey and Tar for coughs, It --
York, of Live Oak followed In a lecture colds and lung troubles is not affect !

to both Sunday school children ed by the National Pure Food and
a and parents, In which he showed the I
Drug law as it contains no opiates or
benefits of Sunday school to children, I
other harmful drugs and we recommend Iii
parents not to 1 I
and he encouraged i
it as a safe remedy for child PUBLISHING
sea dthelr children to Sunday school ten and adults. City Pharmacy I

but to come and bring them. He as oct-dw.1
followed by our able pastor Rev. 1

x Peacock, in which he said his whole Council Ptocet d1ngJ.- I 1 i i iII T i

work In life would be put to the cause
Live Oak, Fla., Oct 15, 1907.
of God and to fight his opponent with,
3 Council met pursuant to recess. II
1 all his power. s
1 Present: C. H. Brown, president of I
4 Quite a number of visitors from I
t churcheswere Council, and Mdoroien D. G. Bardin. COMPANY :
Uvo Oak and Philadelphia
T. S. Anderson J. M. Barclay. S. J. |:
present, and we were glad to
White and J. E. Wood. +
i tare them with us. I i 4
Major George E. Porter fame before -
A number of the Christian people
the Council, asking that the i
F met at Mr. J.. R. 511113 last Sunday 1 1
Council extend the electric light
Bight and held prayer meeting, led : :
plant franchise for a period 01 .
by Miss Maggie Home. After sins- + i
lug and prayer by several, the meeting twenty-file years After due consideration I t

adjourned to meet next Sunday of the matter, it was the I t ..... ''' ; ''' !:", .., I II
opinion of the body that siii! extension
night at Mr. J. M. Heltons.
The B. Y. P. U. held a meeting be granted and the city attorney -
instructed to draw ordinance Book News and CommercialPRINTERS
as an -
Tuesday night furnishing a program 'I I
to that effect, which ordinance'sshall j t tI
# that was splendid. I
r Mrs. Fanny Gay, of Brookflell, be presented for considerationat

t Ga., Is here on a fait to her p rel1ts, I neat session of the body. I

I Mr. and Mrs. W.:I{. Home, who have On motion Council adjourned. Ii I !
been quite ul for some time. She Is
t President of Council I
t expected to return home soon. Attest: ', ,
S. P. MAYS City Clerk. it 'I ; ; ; ---
Mrs. J. V. Brown spent a few day
:: i last week with her parents at White 1
t Springs.; They hare been sick for a
short time, but she left them much I have sold my drug business to it .
better. Miss Myrtle Wade, who will continuethe

Miss Bertha Mills, of Live Oak business as heretofore.I .

; j ,; made a pleasant visit to her parentsJ assume all the liabilities and will I II .VTO job is too large and none too small for
last Sunday. collect all accounts due the old Live

I j Miss Kate Ramsy, of South Carolina Oak Drug Company. I j II J .1. N us to handle, and everything in the

.i 4 who has been visiting friends thank my customers who have I

-1, and relatives in this section returned been so liberal with their patronage tI I II Printing Line comes easily within our limit.

.i to her home Sunday. and ask that they continue to pat
; .
Mr. Shelton Mills, one of our Suwanned ronage the business. W. II. BELL.

I ii"J I i bookkeeper county for a boys firm, in and Brunswick now tha, LI\K\.ITCH 1S'"SKKKUEU." :I i 0UR stock of Bond, Linen and Rag Papersis

t;: Ga.. Is vlaltlng his parents, Mr. and
Mrs. M. V. Mills; Shelton U male UuotLan General Sees Another Japanese one of the largest carried in Florida, t

I L. of the material that shows him to War Near at Hand
with a well equipped modern
hiI be an Honor to'his parents. St. Petersburg, Oct. 16.-General Printing

I I: Miss Belle Helton made a visit to LIne>itch, commander-in-chief of the Plant
i friends and relatives at Porter last Russian Siberian army has reportedto new type, and artistic printers, we ;

i week. the general staff In St. Petersburgas I furnish
The Tiger; Lake church delegates follows: can you with Stationery as cheap as

: consisting, of Misses Bell eHelton and "The Japanese government is hast 'I+ and
prompt as establishment in the
Pasha any ;
hula }lr Waldon Ambroseand ily erecting fortifications in Man

Mr.Baptist O. H. Dorman, are attendingthe churia and Korea, and sending South. A trial will convince. Samples and :.
association at Ginnin;, mous quantities of cnor-I
Hamilton county Fla., this week. these places. Under t Estimates Furnished

Romsle Peacock, of Mayo, w'\S' various business enterprises they i on Application. j .

visiting friends out here Sunday. are buying properties from Chinamenin I

BLUE JAY all the strategically important

points adjoining our Siberian front ii i

I Letter to B. W. lIe1y u ton, ier especially around Vladivostok

Live and Blago\estchensk to accumulate
Oak Fla. III ,. .,... ....
{1 Dear Sir: The easiest way we the ammunition. Hundreds of simi- .. "" 'n''''",. !
lar cases indicate the preparationfor
know-of make a little money Ia-
t if 70u're0lng to paint-to paInt war. Similar preparations are lit We Make a Specialty of Mail
reported in the navy and in the harbors
with the
J paint that takes least gal-
I Ions. of Korsakoff in Saghalien ..1special ,*

Take a small job; say it takes 10 detailed" report will follow b< I! -:- Order Business :- i

gallons Devoe, two coats; that's an courier...

average bouse. When the job U = """' '''''m,,", ... ..' ,
eo .'1 '. I
9 done and the bill comes-ln it is $50; HU iK-ar Old Ioth'r. :0 'I ,_. ,

i j the paint etc 117.50; the rest is for My dear old mother, who is now

labor and cartage; the labor is fixing eightthree >ears old. thrives ou :

the surface, shifting ladders scaffolds EleUr.c: Hitters" writes W B. Brun-

pulleys and ropes, and brusblD -oa son, of Dublin Ga. "She has taken :
paint. gem fur about two years and enjoysan t
Take another job exactly like that; pxcolleut appetite, feels strong and LIVE .
try another paint: it takes 12 gal sleeps well." That's the way Electric OAK

lons. '. The bill is $10 more. Take Bitters affect the aged and the I
another exactly the tame; another same Kappy results follow in all cases *: :

paint: it takes 20 gallons. The hill of female weakness and general de
: :
1s $100. bility. Weak, puny children too are PUBLISHINGCOMPANY
I Iii
There Is only one Devoo- there's a greatly strengthened by them. Guaranteed "*v

- dozen 12-gallon paints, and 10', thit also for stomach liver anI: ::';:
tike 20 gallons to cover a 10-gallon kidney troubles by Barclay & Groover
!oh. druggists. S0
The only difficulty is It. finding-out Iit.

Devoe. After that you save work: Oman's Way. ..
tt eore's leas work in 10 than in 1* "Jack Jigsaw has just inherited c
t :
or 20 gallons; less paint to buy and million dollars." aaaouaeed Mr ,

less to brush-on and leo wages to Nagg. :

"Why." exclaimed Mrs. Nagg.; "I j I: I LIVE OAK
Devoe were only a little better grew up in the sam etown with him I .iil FLORIDAI

than others, ttere'd be some dlt- might taTe married him If-" : I

bIt, In finding-out the difference. "If what?" ,: i 1i

It goes twice as far as half the "If I bad ever known him and he :

paints; that ought to be easy. bad ever asked me"-Lou Isvll 13 j (.I.......*.....". ..M...."Hi". . .IIU. .!! ! 1111". 1 IIIII.lltlllllltl. II)
It longer too. You'll wait a Courier-Journal. ...tll.t.I.. : ... ***
wears + ., .
I iiij.iiiiiiiiiiiiii; : : ;;;:. "

'< "' ,,
x-i i* .
z= .

:,,-., '"'- ;" .r1"' !-: i-"j.-- :" .o-i..: ... ; :.." :--'' ;;;-; ., -<') ..-.. --. .
": ,, ..,.r. ,. ; : :. .... < :* .... ;; ... ... .-' '" -v- -



ORDINANCE NO. 65. twenty-five ($25) dollars dealers in
: ject to be
or remitted upon Each local agent of insurance company religious boob only shall: not In n. 11
furniture sold Installment. under
on drafts
A Ordinance Imposing Licenses and ; checks or orders
or where or associations firm or Individual quired to pay a license tax.
Other Taxes, Providing for the contract for n n-payment thereof m ney is advanced or loaned on d Ing business In the C.ty: Traveling dealers without license, .1
r.iment Thereof, and lrescribln five ($5) dollars; provided this shall stocks bonds, bullion bills
; of ex of Live Oak Fl rida. Including corporations who shall bargain r sell any goods I
not apply to persons taxed as mer- tange
fnialtie for Doing Business With. or promissory 11I
note or received or associations engaged In wares or merchandise for cash
..t a Licence, or Other Failure to. chants; dealers in gasoline or for discount or for sale shall be tte business of insuring against fire. otherwise or I
by sample In
or other
naphtha, at wholesale, five ($5) dollars regarded any
<*>-i|>ly With the Provisions There as a bank or bankers and :ndemnlty accidents to acting for
persons manner present or future del-
dealers in
; automobiles anti- subject
as such
W the provisions of as surety bonds to
upon guaranteeing very any person whatsoever fey
I> It ordained by the Mayor and motors or other horseless vehicles this ordinance.
fidelity of employees and insuring himself or agent cr: agents, following
City Council of the City of Live Oak. twelve dollars and fifty cents Lenders of money, either persons. employers against liability for -ac"ideat after to deliver and collect for same,
(0.60); dealers in Illuminating or firms
Florida corporations, associations or' : t. employees and Ufa insurance licensed
except a dealer shall be
lubricating oils. at wholesale twelve their
faction 1. That no person firm or agents, not taxed as bankers companies. shall to the deemed
pay Cityof a peddler under this ..rdta-
dollars and fifty cents ( $12.50) (
corporation shall engage in, manage reach doing the business of lending or advancing I Live Oak a license tax of two ance. This ordinance shall IneJudo

or rosdoet any business profession place cf business; proprietor or. nrcey for which Interest inspection dollars and fifty cents $2.50)). peddlers of clocks stoves, ranges and
of each
weupatlon mentioned in this proprietors garage for keep fees or other
or remuenration Each traveling agent or solicitor of sewing machine
agents whether selling
Or4aaiM! within the City of Live ing automobiles. five ($5) dollars; is charged in excess of ten per cent any insurance company as describedin by sample or on future delivery
dealers in junks twenty-five ( $25)
Oak Florida unless a City License per annum secured by the
I mortgages. preceding section doing busi- or otherwise; provided that
dollars permanent
?>til have been first procured from ; dealers in oleomargarine: or bill of sale, power of attorney or ness in the City of Live Oak b..alll or locally established agent shall
-I I butterine. wholesale, handling original ther I
U. Tat Collector of the city which legal transfer of
personal proPerty pay a license tax rf twelve dollars and be exempt from the provisions of this
: packages only ten ( $10) dollars.
Ml4 lk ti'e shall be issued to each as security for any such loans fifty cents ($12.50). section.

"'''''8, arm or corporation on receipt or advances; or any person, firm Each Insurance adjuster whether Traveling dealers going from pl&Ct
.f ,> t amount hereinafter provided. Dealers In pistols, bowie knives. corporation or association the resident or non-resident to
doing who
has not place selling go ds, wares or
sling brass knuckles
hrr 1Iltb the City Clerk's fee of or Spring- business of securing such paid
M' l"ans or a license as agent, or traveling merchandise cf all descriptions thai
."6t, Ore cents for every license field rifles repeating rifles or dirk advances for borrowers I agent who
knhes. twenty-five ( $25) dollars: vp-npltL.._... ..,." ), ...i.- __upon_ .. such I I adjusts Insurance losses pay to the City of Live Oak a license
.....t him. and said license shall .. "...".. L. '
bjr --- ? -- &>Uj; Buca oorrowers .n this city, shall pay a license tax tax of twenty-five $25) dollar., aaj
k. .iod by the Tax Collect-r and provided said pistols, Springfield or commission. Inspection or other of five ($5) dollars.Contractors it shall 'be unlawful for such
Mayor and .hall have the seal of the other repeating rifles, bowie knives, fee for their services shall pay a for the erection of or dealers tr cell or attempt to tell
City of Lire Oak thereon. Every dirk knives. brass knuckles and slingshots l'<'eose tax to the city of one hundred buildings or other work, tea $10) under and by virtue of the licence of
.., the shall not be rid to minors. ($100) dollars for
MIilia, extend to and embrace the Every violation of this Section shall ness.Every Job printing offices, running by er or druggist

r .r 1. number and every word imp.riac be punished by a fine of not exceeding person firm or corporation power two dollars and hfiy cents Trading stamp firms persons or
the plural number be : one hundred dollars, or by imPrisonment regularly engaged in the ( $2.50)
may business of ; steam laundries. five $5) corporations kn wn as trading stamp
r .4l.4 sad limited to the singular not exceeding sixty days lending money In said city r 11 not dollars; Chinese laundrir55) companies still pay to the City a
..nkr. and every w' rd Importing r by both such fine and lm*>rlson- taxed as bankers. f'''"'I esv a license dollars; livery feed or 0:110: : &les: license tax of five hundred ($501)

O. MAacaltoe gender only may be ex- ment. at the discretion of the .Mayor. tax of twenty-five | $:3) d' liars. keeping for hire feed o- wjb'iuse; dollars. Merchants us'ng tradiig

l...*.. aad applied to females as Dealers In second-band nothing, For each public o'Tiapf. h.Tand: not more than five hOZ'lil.l :'!;Iles, stamps shall pay to the City a licensetax
o>n II nal.... Whenever the word for each place of business. twelve dollars dray, charging for 1. ;"' portat.<,n. not two dollars and fifty cents ($..50); ; of one hundred and twenty-fir
twlk" !. used In this Ordinance, Its I. and fifty cents $12.50) ; pro- operated by keeper f livery stables more than five and loss than ten $125) dollars for each place tf
.y fc*. bU to mean affirmation vided that merchants paying a regular using single team two dollars! and horses and mules, three dollars and business where they use such stamp
..4 ,*. word "swear" shall be held ; license shall not be reqt.tred to fifty cents ($2.50). andn? double seventy-five cents ti.: 7t more Any person firm or J corpora'k

.. )II.! ( $5) d--'., s. tt'an ten and less thai twentj _or>es furnishing lights, either" gas or electric -
: No license shall Le Issued hand bo ts and shoes. fm> ( $H dollars Every band or tro-it i' nr assignation and mules six du1';,.s and twenty- having a capital of $%50.000or

ft* ...r. HMD one year, and all for each place of business: each or other traveling or wandering or five cents ($G.Z5l; : more than twenty more, shall pay a license tax of
*....-- ...U expire < n the first day dentist. permanently located five nomadic people who hull tain>. pitch and less than twenty-Pro horses and seventy-fire ($75) dollars: $100.091
.< < ...., of each )ear. but fractionirept ( $5) dollars; each travel'ng dentist, their tents, stp and ('nte :In business mules ten ( $10) dollars fvp than or more and less than $250.090,
....- at hereinafter prom five ( $5) dollars; drovers selling at of telling fortunes trading twenty-five horses fc-d mules, i..city fifty ($50) dollars: less than $100.-
a. ...< ..y M |*.ued to expire on that auction or otherwise. five ( $M dollars horses Addling trading or other occupation ( $20) dollars. 000 and more than $50,000.hllt,-

-,. a a proportionate rate. All ; dealers in electrical machinery (a the City vf Live Oak Lunch stands rr ea"1" houses! at seven dollars and fifty cent*
*-,., *- way he transferred with the or appliances for pr fit. five ($5) shall par a licence tax to tbe city of railroad depots. seven ,. '.U .'.nd ( $37,50) ; $%5.000 to $50,000
..r-"ul l of lINt Ma>or. with the busi- dollars for each place of business; one hundred ( $100) dollars. Any fifty tents ( $7.50). twenty-five $25) dollars; $10,0*

5.0 kith they were taken out each lawyer. five ( $5) dollars; green 1 petit n violating the provin'ons of this Machiue and re,, ilr s! .-" for to $2S.OOO. ten $10) dollars; lew
.... it.t>r. I.. a bona fide sale and I growers and dealers in fresh fruits paragraph hall. upon conviction be public use five ( $5) dollars. than $10.000 five $5) dollars.Pr .
..i. of I and nuts, not merchants, one dollar I finch not more than
r o r tn* property Issued anJ two hundred Lung testers, striking machine'l. vlded further, that any Individual.
......4 !. Ue business! as stock In 'and fifty cents ( $1.50) for each place ( $200) dollars or Imprisoned not weighing n achin<'-. phonographs company firm or corporation fumiss

.... bet such transferred license of business; hypnotist, pr fessional. longer than three months rr both graph.ophoaes, mnj e \>ovs. chewing ing gas or electricity to its customersand
**. < on ...... to be good only for the I fifty ( $50) dollars; hawkers and fined and Imprisoned at the discretion gum stands autoti..'... penny-in-the- making a charge by meter mad
-.ea of tine for which it was : street vendors of medicine drugs or of the Mayor. slot machine. when 'I: orated f. r prOfit who shall make a minimum charge

.i..(..oilr uken out; provided that pa'ent medicines fifty ( $50) dollars Barber hop.s, running: one chair two dollars and fifty cents ($2.50) without reference to tbe meter. stall
<*. ft.al lu-.ue shall be surrend- fop each day they attempt to sell; I tw t ( $2) dollars; for each additional II'II'I each. pay a license tax of fifty (50) per

.... 'C an4 Bled with the City Clerk beef and meat markets ncd fish Irha'r.I fifty rents: billiard or pool Managers: of merry-go-rounds, cent more than abive set out; provided
.4 <14 II.. application for transfer markets <-]>all each pay a llcen o of I Itwentyf 'j.'.It"| kop for profit seven tinllar-o jmU.i .. .)lr'i! !111ft.,. cents however the above provision

<. ..4. sat such transfer after be- .\- ( U:;) dollars J 'M'vl lift\ f-nt. (57.-I: I for >ucvPnardin : |II t I -o. t i l.t-iue TII'I;.. R"'I novelty shall not apply to companies or ladiviauals -
M e oof_..l hall be of the same Merchants store-keepers and drug I -.hl('. 'I \\'('!'"". vt>\<>n dollars and Pftt! cents who furnish meters without

.w.. aid effect u the original gistfor each ne thousand dollars houses )lodging hons-s ort $7.:''' ) j/bnlnK mill; in --ludin. dry cost to places of business and residence
...... or- (irlioii 1 of one. thousand- dollars I > ','I U !avia accommodation for !I kiln not ('(IDtt"l"lt'l1Ith s-mr nrlj. five .

..... i All licenses shall be pay- or iiH-k ol merchandise, one dollar I ')r.',. h'.nd.-d or morlodsf;"rs or I I ( ,.". i dollsn. 1 See. 6. That all confirmed trip-

s N* M or before the first day of ar-J fif'\nt ( $1.50) for each ptn"e i I l'*iardVr.t hhall pay u hono tax of ctflnrsnN and i public Bating I I11 pies, physically incapable of manual
tw....f .I Nth year and n) license f 1.11..inE''I: any merchant keepiqg ,> ...M t. >*...-4 for any fractional por- '.!',tint ina hinea in stock' for sal In 1! ''tifidr.-.l to thrve hundred lodgers or I I :".si'Inr: t"entt or lucre persons, paying a license using their owa

..... of a Tear, except ttat any license tlv same manner as other inw- : '. :!rd..t'4 .!Iit>v..atflve 175) dollar ; I tW el.(> dollars! and fifty costs capital only not In excess of flfo

..4 M...r.u. pcified la this Ordlns cliun-l.tf. shall no be ta\tJ &* sew- ",!'t. 'lrtdrt"J, to two hlnllrt..t lO.lgf.:' ( S L',:;,)) : !'es ball t"' (nfy-RH' per- hundred d"liars; provided neb cripples -
..., --y ... issued after the first !In'; niacl!'in* a out or d4-'l\'t."r. "r :''w-tlora. fifty ( $.*.0) dollars: I I I wos ?ve (5t dollaic. shall be residents of 8nwaa..

.., ., April to expire October first Mental healera. or all personsclaiiiins M>-niy-Bve to one huntlml lodgers: I SAW mill", including planing mills County, Florida; and, provided far
.... HJ...et of one-half the amount to heal by aWnt treatment or tioarJortwentyBve ( $25) d 'II !or dry kiln.. with daily output often ther such exemption shall be allowt4
*o 4 .. tao prlfe of such license for one hundred ( $100) dollars; provid-,I lir.; Hiv to ,.voaty-flve ledgers or I lbuoltnd f.>et. or less, two dollars only upon the certificate of son reputable .

OM pea, ed that. nothing in thU tlause shall i'.i ;.p r.JorM. twelve dollars and fifty anJ fifty rents ($2.50) ; more than physician of the disability
..., t. That the following lx! r trued as affecting the membcrs "-n I s < 12.50): ; tv.-t nt-f Ye to fifty tP n th. u?an.l and lees than t enty- herein named.

o*.-*r.u | individual license taxes 'f any Chrlst'an denomination; ,; I'dCI'1I or ardrs.. seven dollars fiyo .ho xan<] f<*et, five ( $5) dollars; Sec. 6. That each railroad ....
...4I t.. paid to the City of Live Oak who pray for the recovery of the nick: ,I land fif'ey cents ( $7.50) : fifteen to more than t '*ity-five thouand and pany whose tracks extend lito _
., ,.. ....-aa engaged In. managing each oculist, permanently located ,: 'v*''nt*.live ledgers; or boarders' fiveS less than fifty thouand feet, tea through the corporate limits of Ute
.. .atMMtlag th .ev.ral occupa- fire ( $S) dollars; each oculist, travel-: i '> > dollars; ten to fifteen lodgers ( $10) dollars; more than fifty thou- I Oak. shall pay a licens tax oC
..... kMla..i>.4* or professions in?. sewn dollars and fifty cents I !x..trd.-ne. two dollars and fifty I and fwt fifte-n ( $15) dollars. seventy-five $75) dollars.
.4S..4, '.*It ($7!>O) : provided he has no licenseas I''' M-.TS ( $3.50) ; accommodation for HhlngJ mlllt whether connectedwith I. Sec 7. It shall be the duty ., \M
Ntlwdule" MA." provided by State law; each ...Uors shall be conitrued to mean saw mills or not, having daily City Tax Collector before lualag *
AM'If.-n. fire dollars ( $5): optician, permanently 1'cated. two (; \n- !lumber of beds habitually kept I capacity of tv/enty-Cve thousand license based oa a property caa*-
or* IsJIrldual conducting the busiooj dollars aad fifty ci>nts ( $%.50) : each ',-.r -jh lodgers and not the number hhiDpta ( r more, twelve dollars and : tion or capital stock capacity of "rv-

.. aUtratling Utle seven dollar optician, traveling seven dollars and I o' r hlTl:4 contain In the house fifty cents $12.50)) ; less than duction, or other contingency !.
a%4 fifty cent (17.50) ; agents fifty c' nts ( $7.50) : each OBteopatli. noi''j' and machine shops anl twf.DtytbolJln,1 shingles per require the party applying for otJ4

.!. **.. for the purpose of solicit- five ( $5) dollars; pawnbrokers. for tndrios connected. MWU dollars day. ho dollars and fifty cents license to file under oatk lily
to( oro.r. for or making sales. ex- each place of business fifty $30); ) Mid. Oftv cents C$7.&tl) ; bottling ( l"-:.30)>>. authenticated a atatem.otM
.**.... r delIerlt'a of. or performing dollars! ; peddlers and: hawkers of ork, and Kodawa'er fnctorU-s ten!I ')wn,.,'- or n.anarern of shooting value of the property or amo al of
.., wtk.r service relating to or merrhandis1. not otherwise enum *rats.Tw. -: (1
..*.**,... .lth any of the persons. Pel ....in. ",llv h..r"ln.- fifty (150\ ', rio<'.. flvo ( $51 dollars; building !| I $2.50). which statement ndr oaU
..>tr*.., romnodltlea or transactions dollar, pvddlers of stovt's and ranges I .nd loan alCo(: l\tionl. foreign two Shows or circuses exhibiting or shall be attached to the tno 'nly report -
....4 VfUi.. to-wlt: : and clocks or either or any of them. Hundred, and fifty ( $250) dollars; I giving a performance within tents of lIcenses made by the Tai Collector. .

A,..l. for bicycles, fire $5) dolf sold front wagons onty-five ( $?51 !i-ohttn. :; and loao n'vodatlon loca' I whether covered or uncovered withor A failure on the part of is*
*." .*u f 'r typewriters, five dollars, each piano tuner. one dolHr .. ( :.>',. ioli.irs and fiftt-v .>.>nt- without horses, twenty-five ( $25) Tax Collector to require and attach
Ilk .i1ss. accnU for building and and fifty cents U ) .;.0) ; each photographer $1 .'.:;'I. ; carriage; and wagon far- { dollars! : l1";; er pony shows charging said oath as aforesaid shall bo M**.

W* a"oeUlio&.. local, five $5) permanently located two I-' rica, including repairing one dol- twenty-five cents or less admission for suspension from office.
.. --*.*....., foreltn. one hundred photographer. Itinerant. five ( $5) repositories, not connected with factories no other kind of performance. firm or corporal!'>n. or &MOtlat....
.II... 4.>Ur,. agents for claims dollars: each person selling any pat- five ($5) dollars; cold stor- five ($5) dollars; charging more than that shall carry on or conduct .tybasinesfl

%*4 f*'f I i'loaa. not taxed as bankers ent right, or any right to sell patent age plants. not connected with ice twenty-five cents admission fifteen occupation or profctwlcm far
or te.rr*, art ( IS) dollars; agents rights; twelve dollars and fifty cents J factories for profit five ($5) dollars. ($15) dollars. which a license Is requited I f late
fcv ....'e.rs or dva'.ers. not taxed as ( $12.50). I I Concert halls pleasure parks or Skating rinks, bicycle rinks or ordinance without first ob'.aJ".,

*>........, Ire CI S) dollars: agents Every street doctor or dentist, or I roof gardens dance halls where bowling alleys, five $5) dollars; such license, shall except I* **.,
lor too..OM>.t. and tomb-st nes any itinerant vendor of any drug, variety performances, musical or street sinws. performances or cases as are otherwise provided h/
*.... (.. dolLar. and fifty cents ointment or appliance of any kind otherwise are given or where females carnivals for each tent or other ordinance, upon conviction ky UM
III Mi ....ta for monuments and tended for the treatment of any In-I I are employed M "waiters structure and for each day, two dollars Mayor, be punished by a li o ., oo
|..O-.(**... traveling seven dollars ease or injury ot del"rmlty. by twenty-five ($25) dollars. and fifty cents 2.50: ) ; all email more than five hundred dollar* o*
M4 ttlf uu ( iSO each agent drug. nostrum or 'manipulation Electric p"wer plants. companies shows other than circuses! theatricalor imprisonment not more tbaa .H .ty

or s a Wi of I&.&cles for real 1 estate other exped'ent! shall pay a licensetax firms or corporations. with capital vaudeville given under a tent two days .or by both such DM mad Hoprisonment

t.**o-ti|| ,..!lac and rent llecting, of twenty-five ( $25) dollars. stock of two hundred thousand dollars dollars and fifty cents ( $%.60). In the diftcretl' n of n.
t.. ti > 4oH r., acenlll for safes for Undertakers not embalmers or irrre one hundred dollars. Soda water or mineral water fountains Maor. The payment of all !>.*>...
and cents Less than $200,000 and more than 6ther tax may be enforced by the MI....*
.*. or ..(a.tir. twelve 1 dollars and 'welve dollars fifty not connected with business -
*A* orau lilt ,,,I. agents for sew- ( $12.50); undertakers and embalmers $100.000, $50; Ices than $100.000 five ( $5) dollars. ." and Eale of the property by th Oollector. -
and and more than $25 less than instruments It shall be the duty of ts.
ht MM..IO*., Ore US) d''liars; thirty-seven dollars fifty $50.0.00, ; Telephone system. with 100 -
.*.**. |wr steamships or steamboat' ents ( $37.50) : watch makers and $50.000 and more than $25,000. or more owned by any person Tax Collector to report to the Mayor
lcd!.. d'IUr and fifty cents repairer of jewelry two dollars and $12,50: less than 25,000 and more firm corporatl-n or company all violations of the provision of U U
'Ml Iiheats for wl1lnr .eSl eJs.e. fifty cents ( $2.50). I I than $10.000. $750: less than StO.U.15 .- and operated in said city for pronto ordinance. The City Co.ndl stall-

.. !' 1 .....,.: altical chemists.. The owners managers or agents of 000. ; provided that electric shall pay to the city a license tax of furnish to the Tax Collector all
institutions light plants, furnishing both sis and cents ) for blanks necessary to enable bin t.
*** spi dsir. firms each of the following enumerated power I one-quarter (6'.c I I
...MI..<*... PBrratio pers >ns.amusement or establishments, appliances '''I' and lights shall be required to pay each instrument or 'phone installed carry out the provisions of this ontlolance. --

Ps4bS oH% roller and apparatus for the transaction of only one license. provided such license shall n"t exceed .
merry-go-roundM. Express companies doing business in total amount the sum of one hundred Sec. 9. That all ordlnaor sad
-***or.. ..4 tlirr business or the entertainment or e"omniodatlon : i,
..4 4rto. places of the public for profit In the State of Florida and having an ( $100) dollars. 1 parts of ordinance In conflict with U.

*..n..ir. Its vMiAlly) dollars found therein shall pay the city license tax set opposite office in the City of Live Oak. shall Theater buildings fitted with scenery provisions of this ordinance be a4
**. Illl dollar in their respective designations; Or I I pay a license tax of twenty-five and kept for theatrical and other the same are hereby repealed
a*. a4 brokers dealing definitions in Schedule "B" below ( $25) d'J1ars.ny express company exhibitions twenty-fir ( $25) dollars i Sec. 10. That this ordlnan
tn twelve dollars and : violating the provisions of this : theatrical shows or traveling shall become effective on and altar
.. to-wit
.n injso) brokers deal- : I
and who knowingly the first day of October A. D. 1)07.
Iiac l other than steam not ; any person players and minstrels other than
s Vttrs. fifty ( |SO) dollars; Rakers acts as agent for such company th taxed circuses for each | Passed at regular meeting of the
.. se at $. performance -
., taxed merchants one
otherwise a
| *
| *( |a Insurance five $1.50) bakers dom It has paid the above licence seven dollar and fifty City Council. this 10th day cf 80Itember -
ill tents ( :
..tl. dollar and fifty
rt biokers dealing in Und
Sal UM steam not otherwise taxed as tax shall upon convicti- therefor cents ( $7.50) ; provided, that A. D. 1907.
OPMOBS. fire UU dollars; boot- before the Mayor of bald City be managers of theaters or halls employ- | CHAS. H. DROWN. f
Tf***'* 4 merchants, five ( $5) :
.aflsj In merchandise, five punished by a fine not more than one *ng traveling troupes theatrical President; of City Council
Mil. 4at1r.. tlllr rod t five ( $5) blacks, one dollar. firms or hundred dollars or by imprisonmentfor operatic or minstrel giving performances i Attest: S. P. MAYS. City CUrk.
"kjE din .B,iDr rs. five (5) dolrti Banks bankers, persons a period of not more than three in buildings fitted up for such I, S. P. Maya City Clerk of the
business, I
si; clairvoyant palmist or brokers doing a banking months or by both such fine and Imprisonment purpose. shall be allowed to give as City of Live Oak Florida do h r.-
"- .. &.1"', fo, pay. fifty ( |SO) whether incorporated or not with a at the discretion of the many performances ia such building !' by certifly tbat the foregoing Ordinance -

**...'.: toaniWioBer of deeds of capital stock of five hundred hundred thousand Major. Foundries. not connected with or theater as they wish on payment I No. (3 was regularly passed fey

ptt,1. two dollars and fifty i dollars or over one machine bhops five ( $5): d'llarv. of a license tax to the city of twenty- the City Council on the 10th day of

-<. ItSOi c-ramiMlon dollars. I KC factories. including cold storage five ( $25) dollars per annum, and, II September A. D. 1907. and th. same
and ml
*. Iv. irs) dollars; mer-I Less than $501 : plants connected therewith, and the provided that this section shall not is hereby certified to the Mayor for
PtsIers or cash carriers than $250.000. $i5; less than $250- his approTa.l.Witness.
right to sell at wholesale and retail apply to 1' cal amateur performances.
liP. 4 less than $100.000 $25;
000 not
IUr. and
%* dealers In cigars or less than with a capacity of ten tons per day Provided further that this section my band and theseal
*** $100.000 and not
less than
tat .. >o pay ao other 'license $50,000and or less five ($5) dollars; ten to shall not apply to any hall owned or of the said City. this
CU.It. 4oU r. and fifty cent $ 0.000. $12.50; less than$7.50. twenty tons per day. seven dollars used by any charitable or fraternal I!i (Sea)) 10th day of September. A.
)V dealers" 'a curio, two d->ltars not less than $10.000 other and fifty cents ($7.50); twenty t organization. D. 1907. s. P. MATS

I U4 lIt, cents (12.60); dealers Every Incorporated bank or thirty tons per day, twelve dollars Traveling picture or book agents I If City Clerk
jtiAlu everperson. firm or company
twenty-flve $25) dolofL.rltri bank of business where and fifty cents $12.50)) ; thirty to t ding business III said city shall paya Examined and approved by me tal*
having a
rt4 T&ratM ltt fresh at wholesale meals. packeJ when credits are opened for the deposits or sixty tons per day. wcnty-ite ($25) license tax of ( $5) dollars; provided ',, 12th day of September, A. D. IMf,

** tbat agents -be sale of J. B, JOHNSON.
sub dollars.
t91Uct64 j I
with aa lee factory collections of money or currency. ,


-. --'it.' -- -

-' -- : .' .: 'J"- ... .- ..,-,..; :.. oit ::; '= ,
'<::5 _'R4I -.:.- __ : *




THE-MYSTERY: DEEPENS. past forty years have the volunteer $-$- -;--$-$-$--fT ->-|- -- -fff --S

UVE OAK DAILY DEMOCRAT; The.mystery deepens in the "great military companies in the Sout ,,.ral-

Published ever? Afternoon conspiracy" case now on in Tampa In lied to the cause of law and order and f

Except Sunday. which Editor L'Engle Is on trial, saved'a situation that might have

ctarged with criminal libel by grown terrible Indeed, without their I .

---r Messrs. Knight and Stovall. It deepens timely presence. Our State troops
CHAS. W. IRVIX, Editor tad H' 'r. Prompt ,
because the testimony thus far should be constantly encouraged to

clearly shows that neither Knight nor increase both In number! and efficiency f Liberal Treatment t

Entered at the PostoQce. Lire Oak Stovall sent the alleged telegrams and In every com unity fortu- I

Florida. as Second Class Mall Matter upon which L'Engle built up his the- nate enough \o have a ood military I Absolute Safety.
;ICovembei 7, 1905.
ory of a conspiracy, and yet L'Engle company the soldiers sh uld be madeto .

must have surely thought them feel that thejr hay the warm I. I

THE LIVE OAK PUBLISHING COMPANY. genuine else he would never have moral support f every citizen and II-

made such serious and elaborate that the active sympathy and mater-

DEMOCRAT will be charges. The testimony of Messrs. ial aid of the community can alwaysbe
THE DAILY Patrons of this bank speak
mailed to any part of the United Knight and Stovall Is positive and counted on. Vrhe young men If

States pastage prepaid, fer $5.00 unqualified that they sent no such should be encouraged to attend drill In' the highest terms of ; j
per year; $%.50 for six months; dispatches, and the records of the and feel pride andylnterest In their ;,.

S i for 11.25 five for weeks three mcatbs In advance., or 50 cenU Delivered i telegraph office fully sustain them.,I I military duties, and, when, as is the + the accomodations they ref 1t .

' y t. to any part of the city b) : how then could L'Engle have secured case today, the cOF awes are calledon
, carrier, for 10 cents per week. those dispatches whose fac-similes he I to go Into encampment at some I ceive here. : : : : .

, published in his paper and which had distant point, the ranks should befall f i iI

l'i \Citru3 bunty votes' on the "wet apparently gone over the wires? Mr. and no soldier ke t at home by I -

'tl flrj'yftsue tomorrow. The county Knight ,says his signature was a forgery the demands of/an employer exceptfor I i

1 la "dr ipw. aijd the effort Is, to re- and the cashier of the Exchange reasons /exceptional/ strength.Let I
, > National bank in Tampa where he us stand W h
I ope the saloon3'agaln. our boys uniform El NATIONAL II IIf
:I : I II I does business, said in his testimony, I I for while we ,may not need\ them I J FIRST BANK

r c That bear *fhlch escaped from the I I speaking of Knight's signature on often to help us in a crisis when we ,

f President In Lo tan /Tuesday, by he alleged dispatch: "If Mr. Knight do need them we will need them badly I

taking to the lake\ynad doubtless ised that signature on a check he and possibly be heavy losers for I

I .t f heard about the Chicago and Alton .wouldn't get his check paid at the the want of them. I 11 11T
Live Oak Florida.
case and was strUily onto the saving Exchange bank. The followingrom ,

i :;:1 4 grace, of an immunity bat)\ the Tampa Tribune la a resumeof We have bad a surfeit of snake :

I f the testimony on the vital pointof stories and dO 4't want any more until i

I: x! 'f The validity of the result in the whether or not the alleged "con- next season, but here is a Mlss'sslppi 1.r r I

:: prohibition election in Santa Rosa spiracy" dispatcher passed over the fish story coning from Gulfport in
i i I
I about two months ago, whenR wires: that State, that)sn't so bad as a story

1 R 'Woantl went "dry" is to be test "That every telegram/ sent from although. it wasltough\ on the victim -5-a-$-$-$ -$--5'- -$- : --a-- '-1 o- -' -$-*- -!

; the courts on the ground that Tallahassee to Tampa and from 'WfcUe a negro fisher in was rolling .
1 ----- --- --- -------- ---
i : the required number of signatures Tampa to Tallahassee is relayed and cigarette' lie tied hi ; line about -
copied Jacksonville, thus insuring his
was not attached to the petitioncalling neck. The next raor ent a great

r for the election. three cop es of very telegram thus catfish swallowed tbe ba t. For sev-

transmitted, one/ the original at the eral minutes a battle r sal waged, PARK

l 'faere'g the way Judge Wolfe puts sending office, one the copy at the then the catfish sprang I Igh into the

i..' the "blind tigers" out of businessover receiving office Jand one at the relay air. leaped away and p sled the unfortunate II -WAY Dons UPO THE suwa"':.Ft RoVER
office; that \he/files of the three of-
man after him.
session in West of the Florida.circuit At court the in recent De fices Jacksonville, Tampa and Tal- were terrifi ed to see The the fiat onlookers Mineral Springs, Hotel and Cottages

unlakv there six 'atassee, forWhe period covered by start straight for the pea, with the
were convictionsor
the,. last sessl n of the legislature body of the negr In ,tow. .\ boat I TELEGRAPH
illegal sale of liquor and the: WATER IN EVERY ROOM. BILLIARD TABLES
ant in each of these cases was I were thoroug y searched; and that wait put out after i im, ))ut the crafty i iI PHONE CONN CTIONS. WELL EQUIPPED STABLES. SHADY PAVILLIONS. BOATS.ETC
such search fiikd to reveal either of fish left the surfaproved so the search I l7 MI-23 FROM LIVEOAK. ONLIVEOAKPER' '"
sentenced to fe. j f fhei RATES REASONABLE
serve at hard
one year the three cosies .___"- &GULF, CONNECTION AT LIVE tAl(HUM AUTWHl
to transmission -
necessary -
labor without the option of paying a I negro surely i
fine. That kind of medicine will of ine leged telegrams be- was drowned." : PflRK HOTEL DOWLING PftRK.'FLORIDA OAKH'4"l"H"H"H.i
tween Peter/O. ADDRESS LIVE
at Tallahassee
break up the business.Mr. Hoa. Frank Adaihs, bf Jasper say
and Wi F. Btovall, at Tampa I'I'te
has experimented with tobacco IL
Taft upon which Claud L'Engle and J. II. Hamilton Co+Io.. I l'H"i-1.1 HIK M > I H I I 1 H i V 11 HI i t
told the Filipinos that 3eese their\ county, and finds he c:' I
bases ,sensational storyof / .
they needn't look for self-govern- raise a grade of t \acco equal ti :'
conspra1r: in thd Tallahassee Sun, I f J07
I ment now because they were not fit ladMlen county's jpst grade. In : 19071 [ II
except telegrams which were
'l' for It. Undoubtedly he told the cact. experts canno tell the dIffer- :
admitted having been sent or received Crescent
truth. And yet for the last forty : was the posiUve and uncon- nce Col. Adams intends putting :f Pharmacy,

1r. Taft's party in this coun- tradicted //testimony \submitted by \bout $! .Q&O Into the development ... -

t try has been telling millions of Ignor- Western JUnion officials In the :,re- '>f h'8 tobacco la: dS.-Fernandina ::* I LIVE OAK, FLORIDA.
ant negroes that they were not only ecord. I :
llminaryf hearing b fore County I
fit for self-government, but that Mr. Adams Ever useful Jj ai
they was a man
Judge r. bled jeeterdaV, of L'Eagle IInt3f j The Prescription Drug Store.
were fit to govern the white peopleof and Reels on the charg s of criminal long practical and in demo- i :
the South. urating that the linlj of his county :
libel preferred against tnern by PeterO. I I
Jit 're adapted to i4octsieing the b *trades I
Knl and W. F. Sto all
The Miami Metropolis has read Mr. : ; of tobacco IkncUn in Florida, 'I : I t
'One by one, the alleged telegrams i \ i -- -
Be ITd's senatorial platform7 but still which tlie Sun's conspiracy story : e does more for )Jis people than be 'E i I

thtaks that Mallory U .good enough contained were read fro\ tbe wit- ould in any political ole he. might : It make no dif l: i t makes ao dif-

fo\another term. TKat paper says: less-chlir lay, however suc essfu,. With Ma-ti- ferencehav fertntevho*cs
,! "Av very good/ latform and Mr. dent Wl G. Peebles, of the Superlnten-{Western on stKecenfully cultivating tobacco I: blank'ourtloc- '' blank)'ourdoc.eo t

j e Beard aVw- ood man. but what's Union ( 'n one side of our count, and Ham- tor\\rites your tor writes>ourprescription
who had searched the files of : pre erilrf ion Oil : anwecuntilltheut
the use In dJicus& arit? The present .ton oa the other, our farmers, here ,
he tel graph company at Tallahassee :t \\ecan fill them
holder ofthe office aod his platform i Sawaanee have an object lesson :
andj Jacksonville and, one by one, I lorrcctlj. : correctly.1Yhere t
have een tested and s 1d it well. hich should stimulate to efforts in t I
they were declared by him as not appearing .
us let well enough alo e." "e stme direct'on, Another reliable I It.-
In tbe files of either office,
By the way, a hat is Mrr ['lallory'j 'the "telegrams" thus eliminated: troth icney I'TO1\till hI be a big thing for i I
platform? '!wnn'counts 1F I ;
the realm '
of genuineness by Mr. '!
Peebles, included all of those
Tbe published OV DISC You Get Your Prescriptions Correctly filled at
Georgia division
of the National
by tie: Sun as pawing between .
Farmers' Union is in Reasonable Prices. \,
session up at Stovall and Knight relating to the
AtlantA. and President t I et u.fill jour prescriptions and sell your drag store articles. We tarry a ,nmpW ;,
Barrett, oi L'Engle case. Not of these alleged 1 line of fresh ,
one YovAREfsTPER. and reliable good Bring us your prescription to fill We hit n n f
the National Union, made them 't' ",dIr at best pncea. I'hone u*your order. Prompt and reliable atuntiuo.VHOtVK. .
I a messages was to be found at
speech Tuesday, from wllch we take either of the offices of the company, ? at, No. 220

the following' that looks good to u* t'Km these messages rests the chargeof The Crescent Pharmacy P1V
and ought to have yelght with the conspiracy between Knight and ,

union far ers comjng from such a Stovall to effect the removal of s EFUL LIVE OAK, FLOKiDA.rtst .
source: .:
from Tallahassee. Upon I
"We Inte to Sfeer| clear of poll- them rests the entire conspiracy storyof P. S.-Use 'fktc & 66" for ClwHs find Fever. No Cure %o,P.>. J..
" tics. Politic! bas ruined the Y
every time he g In It. You farmer bar hte Sun. I ..+; m 11 n : t 111111111111 i a-+i" in 1111 i in 111 u ........
In the selection of
bad a multitu fof orator to your personal _.- -
talk STA.M uon: SOLWKKS. -
apparel or
jewelry, c.1fecta.1
to you and the. \have lifted you up Let us all stand by our young men appreciate the ULJLExcLSITDo .tll

high and then I e you fall Herei 'n uniform In the military: servicef I I PARTY TICKETS; 7t

S after when I bear i orator speakingto > the Sttle of Florida. The citizen THE jaf

farmers I am goiW to know what who underrates th/m, who regard

be wants. If/he/ Is frying to fatter bm as a negligible quantity who HOWARDWATCH 4t :tire Oak to DowCns PdiV on sale daily Hat

you and stir Aip year prejudice I am sneers at theay aa "tin soldiers" isvery > A rate of SO tents round trip with .i

going to lay ifor the fellow and I will hanker and is amaz i iI U u : Minimum of ten fares. Call on n u::
get him, too. ignorant I lilt'+:
ngly ol ''' I
condi /VlVt'lVVl
prevailing uaet Agent Phone 152 r II'
I Of'J I I I I I
"You hate had them before, fellows ' who went around Let us present the I 1-Wl-I,,}I tttV. further ml ormaUon.VR r. ; : : n n
the \Ve newest
country telling facts of his/ory. do not live it'eeure I
' that he Is the only models for your inspection
man forJ" and peaceful times. Th ----- fTI

tbe little particular office that be hu 9'rt lawleseness Is everywhere> We carry all otrcr makes I .. ****
..>>-'i+>>>> ri'.>>.)--r>> I +It!
p'cked out for himself and has playcd broad, and no one may say at wha ilso Our Repair Departments \. ? SELL NOTHING! EXCePT ;a' ,
,1 on your prejudice to gain his own tour in any community there will ht ;
1 "
. I personal ends tant and urgent need for an arm- complete. see us. Health and Accident Insurance.Annual I. "1

OJ 3 "When a man stirs up your par 'C! force of trained men to meet some RADFORDThe ,Sec l-Annual Quarterly Monthly Premcm.Pins : Ill.

sions he is trying to use them fort emergency which, If not met "'ii' & MctWEN, General Agents, LIVE OAK, FAA'
something and it is your business to eault In riot, bloodshed and destructioa. Jeweler I*. S.-We need a few more good Agents in North Florida tlw. ::
find out why he U doing It." Hundreds of times during the I
i ; lhf OAK. TLA ..... ......i' "K- ...... t**************** *

... -c


At.'t \;\; "' .." .- .. -.. :';. a.; ;;...'< !<.;,...;;:!"'.,;-. .... ..,. > ..Jt. ; ; ;..:; i..... f.. ... ,.'


.. . . . .. .. . ... '.- . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . I . -. . . I ... . . I I I I I 1 r.f ..




f si 1

... . . . . . I . . . . I .. II. . I I . I . . . I . . . . . I . . . I t. I "

J. L. Owens, of Pine Grove, Is In I I C. C. Cook went to Houston this I| more intricate manuevers the en- I I I .'III) 1\\ I J 1j

town today, trading,' morning on squirrel;; hunt. He will .Por Sale ; campment will afford.

/ also work in the interest of his business .
I The Doctor -
\V. M. McGinn, of Grover is in the while there.I I ---- j RALLY DAY PROGRAM

city today, trading. -- --- I

__. Miss Louise Coates of Fitzgerald, We offer at a bargain, I At the Methodist Church Sunday Knows "

t J. T. Clarke ws a visitor to Lake Ca.. who is j visiting her aunt Mrs. six room cottage with I' }:nonlnt.I .
Ctf )'rstcrdar.dflernoon.; / Phillips, at uwannee Station is In modern conveniences
today// on I 1. Marching Song, No. 118, by .
f-- --- town shopping.
south Ohio avenue. Most tie children.
I John O. Oliver of Rirford. is in

town today, train Miss All en Byrd will leave this desirable residence sectionof 2. "Morning Light Is Breaking," BETTER than what to anybody do in illness.cite

afternoon fbr Atlanta, Ga., to attend the city. If you are I by children and rnngrjiawraai\ /

VT}' TO RBNT1 A five or the Georgia State Fair. She will 3. Responsive/Readinc Psalm 2. VIC often knows how to prevent
contemplating purchasinga j 11C little troubles from develop
I Vjj/T
4. /
I house in a/iesirable location Prayer.
six roo visit her brother while away.YSTr.n
I home in Live Oak I :3. RecitaU6nA MitsS -o' ing: into serious affairs.
.yApViy at LI a ) Drug Co- come onar _. by
1 J Q j StTPKR. up to our office and let Miss Elise ifalle.:-_______ liE does not have to guess and

j. J. Carter, of\Pine Mount is in At next. e ular meeting of BarrettLodge us show you this place. 6. So unshlge.:_ "by"" Miss doctor experiment and knows his he business.is a good

the city today. t ,, N'L143, Monday night Oct Branch: : e ffllCreland.
21, there ti lIKbe degree work and 7. Recitation "How to Save the IT'S A LOTS tetter U seetheoctorand

W. II. Starling \pf Pine Grove is wind up th anioTster supper.Mrs. World" by four girls. A brine

U town today, trading. --- EDWARDS REALTY CO. 8. Song No. 4. your prescriptions here. -

II. A. Blackburn her daughter :I. Reading "What They Do In tlbik
Sun Mercer, of Platt, is in the city Mrs. ; nsley and Mrs. I China" by. Miss Helen Wolfe. --

today on business. ; burn's thr >e grandchildren BlaCk-I Lewin Building, Room 3. 10. "A Little Song for Jesus."

11. Recitation "Wishing and SuwanneeDrug
Lake City oday on a short .
N. R. Peacock, of Perry, is regis- I Phone No. (I Doing," by J. B. Evans Jr.

t.rtd at tbe Ethel today.W 12. Motion Song. "We Are Little
The new depot is still the topic of -- 11r
--- ----
general d ,;cusslon around town JUST RECEIVED AT Flowers." Company
W Smith of Mayo is a guest T .1
Quite a number are anxious to know 13. Recitation, "I Belong to
W the Ethel toda$. THE BON' TON !
just what the Seaboard has done to- Him* by Miss Henrietta Groover. I N

ward getting it under way. : New line Voil skirts. 14. Song No. 143. i iI
UrL O H Wllliford is registered t I----- -- -- ----
New line latest shaped corsets. 15. Recitation, "Dying In China
a& the ...el toda)'.
Mrs. W. II Taylor, who has b.'en New line silk, lace, drcsfe trimmings in Without God" by Clyde Caswell.
visiting uor : other here for the past braid lace wands, applique dress 16. Trio "Sunbeams" by Elise 1.
r T WcGrlff was a business visitor t Red Band BrandChocolates.
week left fiyher home yesterday goods. Halle, Gladys Long and Helen Bar- an'Aa.
.. .4k Cit 'Wtcrday afternoon. Standard Patterns Fashion Sheets.
I j afternoon. Sae was joined here by din.

0. T II- Ron of Rocky Sink, U .1 Mr. Taylor wfto passed through en- MRS. C. W. BACHE, Prop. 17. Recitation, "China," bY (

htfdt.a- %,lilt or In the city todayllrown route. \ Council McDaniel. 'I .'
r colored cooks. 18. Solo, "Above the Bright

1 Jam.. and wife of Rocky The Rifles Leave for CaJnj. Our local company is not up to the Blue," by Miss Gallic Hankins. e t NsF

t liak are in the city today, shopping. The Suwannee Rifles joined the standard in numbers, though it is 19. Recitation, "The Boy" by I
other companies from the east and Charlie Groover.
i not fault of the boys who are en-
W. W. and O. R Harrell of Grov-! south this morning, enroute to Pensa- listed. They have done what they 20 Quartette, "I Belong to the I

]1 I et, are in the city oday on business. cola for the regular annual State could to keep up th<\ "espritducorps King." I The best made at .

---tP. -- encampment. ," and enlist new' men. They 21. Recitation, "My Divine," by I

A. Stepbens; of Grover, is The boys have been drilling for hate not bad the backing they !,should Miss Gene Halle. 15c aiid30c.lb.

taong the visitors. In town today. the past two weeks, every night tobe bate to insure us a first- ,s.3 company 22. Offertory, by Mrs Morganand

. v i in readiness for the occasion. The in every respect. This is a Mrs. Thomason.

:: Win Annie Walker went down to roster of those who went this mornIng idatter that the business men of town 23. Song, "Hush Baby." by the zits

t1 Like City yesterday afternoon for a is as follows: A. E. Leslie, captain should takb intr/consideration, for infant class. Agents For Lowneys

I short Ti iL First Infantry, Commanding unless tbo' company is recruited to 24. Benediction.A .

Company "E,*/in harge R. O.Held .
t ; the required<< ,. number disbandmentwill
t Eld. O. lfat-tox passed through first seBgeanUyW. A. Hughes be certain, and Live Oak will be New Grocery Store.

. the city today, on his way from Pea- Q. M. sergean. R. L--Nelson. sergeant -I without any military company and. We have opened up a first-clas

cock to O'Brien.) ; E. IL.Cfe ;r"sergeant; Corporals Jacksonville or Tallahassee will be grocery and meat market in the new

It. A. Blackmon, F. E. Leslie, our nearest assistance should they McCullough Block. Our stock is fiyoou& fW8 CO'I

CoL F. L. Reel left yesterday after- J. I). Bryan, J. B. Webb Artificer; ever be needed. fresh, and our market first-class Ah

toon for Jacksonville, where he goes Privates Stanton Ambrose, M. A. 10
t Two special trains were carrying Call and inspect our line. Fresh
ou business. Burnett, J. A. Bass, Blackman,
the different companies. On tbe first fruits arrive daily. Country produce
Bob Creekmore I. J. Carlton, R. L. C C COOK 10ii
section Trainmaster Peck was in bought at highest prices. Bring in OwnerLE'
William Stanford and two daughters Delegal J. P. Gibbs, E. Herndon, F and
charge to look after the comfort of your chickens and eggs. All orders
of Grant's terry I are In the city S. Hearst, David Hastings, Henry the men enroute. have prompt attention. Free deliver at)

today stopping. Hastings, Marvin Johnson Jimmi I ___n .._______._ .. n _
The boys all seemed in high spirits to all parts of the city. Phone 13'i i

l Johnson, John Kirby J. R. Rodgers and bent on enjotag the occasion, for what you need. IOmA.'UTAo alea

J. T. Ward, of Suwannee Station, Ctas. Snow. W. L. Watley and three as well as posting themselves in the I uA\iS UiiOCEKY; CO "'Ii the C41ulh ...... a.1.1"14
II among the business visitors in the
-- -- --
city tOday. .
'. .. _._...
I I ; II Ii : I: II' ; : !. I H 1"l"I
: I. III i: : :;: 1 :I : ; t : ; 1 iI
I t
Mn J. F. and her daughter -
lib Annieare visiting in Jack- BETTER GOODS FOR mEll.CNEY.! Enl poriunl Store N0WS. SAME 6ODHnHESS KONLY. |

lOt.rille. atxI

_I FRIDAY, OCTOBER \\ 1907. l.. S. HAWrtW; I>roprfcfcK'. PHONE 159. FREE DEUVF.RY
Mrs H. E. \) gal daughter -. .

bey. Mary of uwannee Station are \'lSITOHS. I CORSETS. i EXCELLENT SCHOOL SIIOI'S.I They are made by the mostHilled 1

It the city I workmen in the largest
today, shopping. There is one thing sure-
Just received a large shipment 01
I Wo extend a cordial invitation to
-+-- school chlldJll need a pair and boat manufacturing plant In etb
all out-of-town people. Please make the Invisible lacing corsets, in four every I
.1irL Barring. of )Miccusukle ar- I ot shoes. \\e anticipated their the country, where only the
styles. No. 10, tape girdle at Sic: I
rtT yourself at home. Make use of u*
4 yesterday, afternoon on a visit a&U and are ready for the rued I highest grade of ladles' shoes la
!INo. 1105 cut-a-way. for short stout |
I 0 'It to the limIt of our ability to add'-
daughter here, Mrs. Lewis. jour tfom'prt and ple'sure. t figures; No 1205: medium lon&Lip. with the best School Shoes that i iI I I produced. They are superior In

I and No.Z\ :::,, extra long hip. All are made. every respect to any shoe sold to-
Dr. Puco You will find a spirit that greets .
\ rfturned, from a trip tottU We guarantee our shool shoes day at the same price. .,
Jspe the stranger at the front door and with supporters at $1.00 a pair.
miming$ where he went U to do a fall measure of dvty. I "Ultra" shoes $3.00. $3.54
bids him enter and a
Iattttday afternoon for a brief visit. We are experts in fitting c Ud- .I and $ I.00. Oxfords, $2.50, $3.00

:. I ren's feet. Excellent line of in- .I and 3.Se.
t.t"t forge the League social at J --- fants' soft soles and turn shoes. I _

-- Its re.14nte of Mrs. Wolfe this New shipment of lawn: Waists entirely MIOKS.
;:: -lac. Al the I
young people are :: different pattern frAi any be1 I
::=: "t1tt4 to be I Jut a word about our shoe de-
fM '. .25 to $20' each. Tafeta
; ili silt f, in wnite and black, handsomely wf
keen M. Pearce and J. D. "Ultra line for women hKivcft
pls.t tailored, $ ?i.:;.0( to $.59. Swell line
Jr., nd: Mrs. J. D. Pearce. of 41/ better satisfaction than any j
of net v.n si*, whit and ecru, nkelrit
arum B rings are registered at Ii : shoe we ever handled. We carry j
&h lined wuh ilk; e.ttrety new and i'
. tatl toUy. y a complete line of shoes and Oxfords R
models. Price, $2.93 ,
mosti.Msh t. '
j. for ladta, children and Infant iI
s N '** C | to '<> i II
Ridley, who has been at H *. See OUr line. of school

...... e htb.( C for ten days In a series UI --SUITS.New -. : hoes before buying ef......... I

returned to the city to-
Lsd I
rl&i $ he has something ot S shipment of fine tailored Tte Invisible Lacing cornet is by fiI

"- tatttest for Sunday, and into H fults. No two alike. Coals are loose, far tbe most comfortable and best I Did you sleep warm last night*
W. f dt be the ri/IltV SHOES FOR L.\uns. Let es show lOll some goad value n
present at I
8 wearing corset on the market at
short medium
lie '' Ku expects to have a meet semi and t'ght fitting: popular pricos We have styles to fi' j I Ar> proving the most at'sfactorrladies' in blanket, 73c to $5.00 a pair

t, j.: W II hb executive board tomorrow ij and long lengths. Alterations free all f gurrs rocs that can he had regardless Comfort. $1.25 up. J.50 for I

t dared to make some thril 3 We guarantee a perfect fit I Guaranteed rust proof. 'I of the price paid. the best down comforts.-

D i ats n
Sunday morning. I I I .......... : I :J ; ''I ..
; : :: I :o ::

.,l "

;".+-. ,, ,...,.t.'t..l.. __. c __ .M S&lJ

-t-. -. ;._. .
______> .q. ..: :; .:-- .


_ .L.... .,.
:;;11111'11111111111- =- ===:==. .:: : : ; ; I

. . . . . . +

_ Do %u Wish to Jtfake 2/our Own \t ,t .

Way fn Vhis World tIf H Bess R


I For Sick Livers :



't ( 1t' 7/ i % 2 M -- COMPOUND y

A GUARANTEED CURE for all diseases produced kt "
| i r TORPID LIVER and IMPURE BLOOD. One bottle purchased
i today ma/ save you t sick spell tomorrow.

.1 i

The Standard Commercial Shorthand an Telegraphy CURED Or CHILLS AND FEVER AFTER

\ { College in North Florida. We secure POSITIONS for t ALL OTHER MEDICINES FAILED
all graduates. Mrs. W. A. WhitewetL Emory. Tex.
f writes: "My child had chills and fern
'+ F for four )'el". We tried all kinds of 4
:SCHOLARSHIPS= i medicines,and finally aa acquaintance of ..j
juine recommended Herbine. We BUH! t
three bottles, and the child is now com 1
$50 $75 and $90 pletery cured. You here my permisiion '"
: : $40 L to publish this testimonial as I cheer -
fully recommend Herbine to all mothers
I baring children afflicted as mine."

\ : ST. LOUIS. U. S. A.SOLD .

Corner Ohio Avenue and Conner Street t* J i: AND RECOMMENDED BY

L. '1. HATTOX, :. S. STKPHK.NS, Suwannee Drug Company.Now
t President and lYoprietor Principal. :
I II; I ;

R .. . . . . . ..N. . . .MM++.... . .....
... M 1111 i III10+*++*+*H 1 H 1 i 11 >i++++*HM 11111111111111 ****+Jill > \ \ HI ; >'H ; ; >? \|I id i

.. -'- .-- -- .- -- -- '- .- is the Time to Visit the
-- --
-- -- -
--- !

The Wise wife Man.lecture. you I- Live Oak Co.
"Doesn't your MTg. i iI
sometimes asked the relation. r Jamestown Exposition

"Yes," answered Mr. Meekton; I ,

'but I don't mind. I feel safer when Manufacturers of I

she is at home lecturing me than

when "she is out playing Star. bridge Lumber, Shingles, Ice, Electric Lights I IT IS COMPLETE IN EVERY DEPARTMENT.The .
uhlst. -Washington

Henry E. Jones, of Tampa Fla., Power and Turpentine.Electric War Path :=: Air Ship :.: Natal: Dbffa?

writes "I can thank God for my present Lights in any part of the city furnished for''!

health, due to Foley's Kidney Residence or Business Houses at a very reasonable rate. I< will interest and instruct )'ou. I to' not '"
Cure. I tried doctors and all kindsof I
kidney cure, but nothing done me Electric power-Day and night current for manufacturing : fail to go at once. For beautifully! Ilh>s-

1 much good till I took Foley's Kidney purposes. i trated folder containing map, iiw.'ri!"'

Cure. Four bottles cured me, and l'' I' tive matter list of hotels etc. wntetu
Wholesale and retail Ice-out of City orders have ,
have no more pain in my back and special -

Ii shoulders. I am 6 2 years old, and I attention, and all orders promptly filled. ;

I suffered long but thanks to Foley'sKidney FRANK C. BOY LSTON ,
We will
Cure 1 am well and can' give you good prices on low grade ceiling and

walk and enjoy myself. It is a II flooring. Come and get our prices.

pleasure to recommend it to those District Pass. Agent, Jackon\Ukffc
needing a kidney medicine. City Her Suspicious Nature.< I Ikhind the Scene.

PLarmacy. oct-dw "Do :you ever take jour wife a box "What la that infernal racket in

of candy or a bunch of violets?" i the flat above?" ATLANTIC COAST LINE
On It
":' ope." "Oh, that is Mr. Trotter, the
"The constitution is not a fetich!" a3'I
"And why not? Is she not elephant hunter being
s exclaimed the orator. dear to you as she was before you trounced by his 90-poand wlfe.- THE SHORT THROUGH CAR L1NLMIMMIIIIHHiHiHIMI
"No; it seems to be a doormat," "
Birmingham .
married her? AgeHerald.Kennedy's
answered a voice from the rear-
"Yep, but if I was to send her --
Birmingham Age-Herald
flowers and candy she'd wonder what Laxative Cough SyrUp MMMMI . .. ..u
crime I was trying to cover op"- is a safe, sure and prompt remedy for <
A Criminal AttackOn '
Houston Post. coughs and colds and is good for'
an inoffensive citizen is fre-
every member of the family. Sold by :!
made in that o SEABOARDAirline
quently apparently uso-
If >ou take DeVutt's Kidney and Live Oak Drug Co. oct-dw !
leas little tube called the "appendix."
Bladder Pills\ you will get prompt If a man always tells the truth it ,
lt'. generally the reEult of protracted
relief from backache weak kidneys, is an admission that be distrusts hu ,
constipation, following liver torpor.
Inflammation of the: bladder and powers of memory. Railway.
Dr. King's New Life Pills regulate
urinary trouble .\ week's treatment -
the liver, prevent appendicitis, and
I for 25 wnU Sold by Lbe Oak I Witt'8 Kidney and Bladder Pills
establish regular habits of the bowels. Dm* Co. oet-dw. relieve backache weak kidnej and Savannah, Columbia Camden, Southern flfr

t 26c at Barclay & Groover drug ---- -- inflammation of the bladder. Sold Raleigh, Richmond Washington. Bait,,""" j

store.: oct-dw Reputation Is the result of not by Live Ok Drug Co. oct-dw Philadelphia and New York. i

i ii getting caught. character the product I -
The Editorial Standby.
of getting caught right If thv story about jCHI is bad '
r : "We're shy on copy, boss" you TWO ELEGflNT\ TRfllNS\ DAILY I
can rant assured that It will be repeated ,
"Clip something.
Out of Sight. oftt-n I
"Ain't got nuthln' to clip." Out of sight oat of mind:' l
i an Seaboard )
"\v ell, demand some cabinet of I I : Express il
old MX ing which applies with >>fl'dalforw e Vitt's Carbonized WHch Halel
ficer's resignation. Louisville ;
to a >>acre burn or wound that's Salve b good for little burns and big'' -- -
1 Courier-Journal. b\"D treated with UnckK-a't Arnica barns mall scratchy or bruises and I

Salw It'.. out of sight, out of mind big OD K. Sold by Live Oak Dru : : Pullman : Kijuipif '
No home is toO pkAasan, regardless Comn I I
and out of eietnc I1k too and n\ oct-dw : _
of the comforts that money ill chilblains dihapjnsir under its bcaliaglEfl -----.- !
buy, as when the entire family is in ?sc*. Guarantied by Baretay & The signer a teas te with yes BOW I The Jamestown Exposition laity! !
perfect health A bottle of Orino Groover the better friend be will prove when ,
; druggists. 25c. n <-dw.
I j i Laxative Fruit Syrup:: costs SO cents von get him pacified. i!,, NORFOLK vfi.i f

It will cure every member of the That it doeeat take much to makea -

I family of constipation sick Irt-ad- oman happy is proven by the men This i.. to certify\ Card.that all druggists I' Excursion Tickets on S.* le DaHl--- frA
I ache or stomach trouble City Pharmacy she fails in love with I --
are authorized
to refund your moneyIf I' ..
octdw'A For full
information and Sleep r n- 'rv.t..or'
Folvy's Honey and Tar fails to : of Seaboard, or write
pretty woman general has Take fooiethicg now and then to cure your cough or cold. It I .
stops ; S. C. COYLSTOX .
JR. AML Ckul t' V
th .i.MMMi
help stomach Kodol will do this. the : ":
mighty little trouble proving that cough heals the lungs and prevents :
men are descended from monkejs. It is a combination of natural dige ft- serious results from a cold-I ti 11111 ,> M 11 m i nun II IIM > f
ants and vegetable acids and con Cures .
la grippe cough and prevents I t
Foley'g Kidney Cure ulll cure any tains the same juices found in a hc-a- pneumonia and th's
I consumption. Con Have you anything to sell? Do you w- "
rare of kidney trouble that Is not beyond [ thy toaiach It is pleasant to take tains no opiates. The in'
genuine is Have "lost" or "found an, "
medical aid. City Pharmacy |I It digt'6tahat you
octdw't ; Drug Co. oct-dw. City Pharmacy oct-dw !& An X in the Daily will meet your Je !

-.-- .. ..
R -<- '!! -- !

OCTOBER 12, 1607. FRIDAY. OCTOBER 18, 1907.

--- -- -----

Jhc Proof Sn heCompan one Goes a Dale of Cotton for1 ch Live 1 Oak, Perry &: Gulf R. R. Co.

Teddy Pulled the Lever.

Memphis Oct. 15.-With "The The Mineral Springs Route.

odore Roosevelt President," printedon .
'sue -'
+ '
the side, a bale of cotton has been weir BOUND un nxx.ter .

i shipped direct to King Edward. The au I flUor CUIS ('IIEUJ.1': I rWT CUll w II.ts

shipment will be entirely by water to :I I
and I and Pan Paau Pax. ACG. 18 1907 IP.aa Pw Pau Pis. Fags! trd led
docks on the Thames London. IP-I !l_ Pwll'ua
President Roosevelt pulled the 3 7 \5w\ 11 t1ftH 6 16 4 I
lever that compressed the cotton STATIONS A.M; P.M P.M P.M P.MiP
when he landed here last week. Daily ea San Sa n Sun D ex Sun 10 n D. Sun Sua Dail,. ex
Sunday 'only! only only Sun only San .ft aely ....1" onlyLYe : S d !
Ire Lve ye Lye L; L.. --jAr A; '"'A; A- Ar Ar

I Napoleon Bonaparte 7 45 It 10.8 11 1 S 7 ion"' ... ...Tin O.L........ 110 2S Ill\{. 61s A'I ;-;
8 Oi 11 30: 61111 Z 1i II! .. stur ......... ifoan3o t 51 : :
showed, at the battle 00
of Austerliti 8 101135 5t211131 225 52.: ... ...yrrer....... ... 1101 01Il zs 5113 365 ia151140
he was the greatest Leader in the 9 11 2 25. 5 ..... ..... Platt.. .. 9P112: 650 866 I 25
I .10115. 9t.ll 48 I'a: i' .. ....L.negstet. .... 4 11 12 512 82 u 33 11G
world. Ballard's Snow Liniment has 4 pp ... ..I' I lOG
t % I 9" 11 540 Ii Dowling Park ;
0011 Sil I i 9401l05 21 615 118 i 0906I210
shown the public It is the best Liniment ( 9r.: 12 ... ..Cban .. 31ST
5 y ,
4 0-1 5 4 I '
93010 1 511 5 25 8 OS S 0& 1-
ZI .
whose and and in the world. A quick cure for 910'12 36' 9 C 3t 40; 1: 1 411 5 : .. tIay.. .. ..Day Junction.. .... 9 %31060 I 518 800 100.305.
Particular people pride name ,$20j 4 I 6 00 ... 5201047 51 F 255!
16 I 47 -
420 41 '"
Rheumatism Burns,
Sprains Cuts Silo---------- $131010 S0A 249
in product into their stationery have I- N 1014 914 4. 10 .. .... _<;;mitb. ... 10 32 5 01 Z .0.
pride goes etc. A C. Pitts, Rodessa La., says: 001 4 L III zg I.. I 8 4 1014 4 4.1 Z 23
1021 10 FnbolJo.I
5 01 II c.; ...-.... ..... .. .. 129 6I 125 2 crt,
preferred Coupon Bond irrespective of price for "I use Ballard's Snow Liniment in my 1 0411. 110 617 70'i -.PeITT. I e i6 9 41' l' 16e.
10. t
530: 11
family and find it unexcelled for sore !nw...: rilt-=--806 1D 08 130'

over fifteen years. chest, headache corns, in fact for MAYO AND ALTON BRANCH.

of but the old slow I anything that can be reached by A P.M P.M : P.M P.M P M' P.M
Not the cheapening hurry today careful .
jl methods that make for firmness and permirunce are liniment Sold by Suwann Drug "I12, -32,I :1 Lye I.! I 'I Lee 545, ..... Mayo Junction .. .. I Ar 00 800 Ar Z Ar 65 9llt
, still used in making P\UW\ { ) [ > f fe t(5) r Hflle) [ ) Its beau- Co. oct-dw 112 12 50 7 -.i2i---I$6. i I I %; ..................'...Ikn.'''''''...._..............._ d 1&1 1 4.t 7 160 44 Z 222 40 a PI

! tiful color and texture, its remarkable toughness and erac- He Knew Them. 105 '-1-- ...... ...Ma"o.. _..... I T I 20I p

I qualities make it only a distinctive paper-but the deluxe I' I i-i'Z4 I 511 ....... ... .Alton............. 130 T 31 115 1S.Tl"llD.Y
"How can I ever hope to win such AM,P.M A.M P.M,P.MP.M P.M A.M A.M P.M P.M P.M P.M P.I
and incomparable paper for all business correspond-I' a proud beauty'" ;-;:';; ;;;- SIS;; t-tn; i D S;-
ex 'un UR Can D D
1 eJi
ence. Write your letters so that they will compel a read- I "Drop around when men are Sun nn ; Only. Only Only Only a.

Ing-write them on j scarce." She ain't nearly so proud 3 7 r: I" i 5 1.I 1 ; 7; 14 : : 8

i then. -Washington Herald.

@ @M @OO 1ID@3 lQ) t .. s Regular stop. Trains scheduled to connect with Seaboard Air Line and
I Lest We Atlantic Coast Line. For further information as to schedules and connectionscall
on any ticket agent.J. .
to strengthen their appeal and to reflect the standing I forget-Baby is restless can't slep at I LEK ENSIGN FrvMilrnt. R. P. IlOI'KINS.Traftie Manager

\ V 'Nl) rtl'ONJfm costs i night won't eat. cries spasmodically. -- ---- -.---------- -- Iv'FI
JI Pl ] --- --- -----
Il I rVmorethan v )"- |U\J l ( other I A bottle of White's Cream Vermifuge -- ------

\\ wi boi I ;in pro:; -but no other bond paper will:: '-.i'-l' j never fails to cure. Every mother I FLORIDA RAILWAY

ou a3 well- < should give:; her baby White's Cream
l 'Vermifuge. So many times when Time Table No. 20
I Tk.CJUPIVR1VUbak.hrwinc American( Writing Pap.T Co. ;!
tbe baby is pale and fretful, the
wrist w -.1L4 Por ..{color* i' Taking: Effect SUNDAY, JUNE 30. at 12:01 A. M., 1907.
war" "F.', ". ,...Ire _.i..rpr f alucalprint K Ibe- I.arsst Manufacturm of the Commerci.U mother does not know what to do. I SUPERSEDES ALL SCHEDULES OF I'REVIOUS DATE
f in : A bottle of this: medicine would bring
: 11. ar :.c:,rr J:1n'; irl Paper( the World. ------- -- -- -------
...! 29 Mills. HOlYOKE, MASS. color to his cheeks and laughter this O : CRAP 00"1'1. CINTIIAL: TISI aUI urNa
-- ----
, 1 t'.es. Give it a trial. Sold by I $ I \0.ba4; L -- '40, S. ..

----- Suwannee Drug Co oet-dw Cnndar Except Daily, I K.yrea.y'and.'., .I 1- STArSIINF. I MGu IlaBy' .1-kept.1.i..IFal ady Local,.'un Ea

Pit '' t IONAL: CARDS. LATEST NEW\ ORIGINAL Walking Home. I 403m'' 9u pm t......_._....._. .....liiee 1hk.._... ... ....._...Ar.kfa/.m Slnpm
I 7 a a mi: 4 U pm J..._...._. .__.r..rt..r_...___...____...L.. 143U 5
-- -- --= == 7. am. 4 h p III L........._.._ _.I.an er ....._............_........L.. it !O a. m rn 48 2' It pmI lit
I,1 Picture Postcards I 11'1 2, : :ml::! S 5 od ty :m mLv.:Ae. -.....- ..=; Kirkland.,. :. .=.::=.::.-::::.=:t e,1010: : m : 40 :m
T M. D1XON, ,I .!!' tracked; ?" said the comedian. :, zn P"'II...._._. ? Wizmarth........... ........ ....._.Ar. le n81am Un m 120!S m000aan
U. 'la It6 a III l tt I'm Lv.._.._._._.Svw.nner kn.r...... ......_....L.. ,5t\ a lit 4 15 p Pm m Ta.till

I4lshr.raTt4 DENTIST.CROWN. : AND. : BRnnEM'aaR i I I i Any Made Half View A to Cent,Order Anywhere Each for line''"they"Not!"-are at Yonkers walking all." replied Statesman.home the on manager the main: ( Art 44 N 4.10 1 ... ... ;).......:) '

Ij 1.11 10 ..
; 3r6CIALTlE9. Copial frum any photograph or print forwarded! i ii'!' n' lillllil! ......'..II.1111 !III
--- i( to us with the order. Name of party ordering j;| A Most WorthrtM '. ..... .
will be imprinted on each Card as publisher withaddrees. 1 i 4t .....
When article has
U K. BUOOME, I Postcards reproduced and delivered I j an been on the Se ... i*r
within 10 days from receipt of order, copy and i 'market for years and gains friend i
6U1Dtglil doACnption of scene-for w hkh a maximum of:20; Luraville Branch
'I I evcdy year it is safe to call this medicine :
words is alUwed.
and :hototy

( i COUNSELOR LAW. Illustrated Specimen Sheet mailed without a worthy one. Such U Dal :I Ht'hH't'n Luran-ilJi. and Wilmarth.I .

.,It K 04 LLORIO.: .... charge, in return for name and address of party lard's Ilorchound Syrup. It positively Bou lid. I I Egst
requesting specimens writen on kind of Bwttd.
4.t .tfimi ii Ie.. ...._rt*.f,It.State. SpcMMHa Picture Postcard or your business, any at.&t I>ner)'. 100 a cures coughs and all Pulmonary eau amLr.,; -=:::::::::==::==... Wdmarth... ..... -, .,.,.. it h
.. ._ U c....yance$. Collection per cent to 250 pee cent PROFIT Taking Order disease One of the host known 8 60 a mI At. lnratnl} :::::::: _::::". __.. '_' .L. : ::
f >_ IG. AB .w promptly .ttee 4. and Selling"AMERICAN"(Trade Mark
.. j merchants In Iobll14,. says I t Alton Branch
I'\rauc lIATR AT LAaaL
Wholesale Dittnbutor and Manufacturers'Agent I "For five years my family has not I Between 3Ia'u and ..11ton.noureL .
-- ---
Photographer.[ H --- ----
Dealer.Jobber. Local NewspaperPubhsher been troubled -
with the winter coughs I I- Weet
DR. or Printer WANTED in every city, ___ I Boulld. 'Ih
J. W. WEST town and village. LIBERAL EXCLUSIVE CON we owe this to Mallard's HorehoundS 1040 Lr ... Y.yr -..-... -
TRACT. Write for terms. TEN Handsome Arkansas }'rup. I know it has saved my children : : ::I Ar::::.::.:.::::::::...::.:::..:...:::.::::":::::..Alton, -:::::. :. ::.'::::..::::...:::.:::....:..:..:..Lr.Ar.: 111 I ::,16.m 0. m I
Pnrsii.1n and Surgeon. Photoe ai1. and Phototype Picture 1'0IIl-
from many sick spells" Sold by '! Trainsacludukdloeonn.rtwitEFeaicadArLireweetlxurdardAtlant '.....
cards w Jl be sent to any address on receipt of ( Line north 12
....'. board at Live Oak For information regardirit ratv acbeoulti and corr.e'ioM apply to
Carroll Uaildmg. Ohio Avenue. FIVE Suwannee .,
(Zc.] STAMPS. Drug Co. oct-dw T. P ALM-ON. Sui>etiiiterd rt. F. P. \'-()( llAaD. G. F. & P. A. 1
EtatJency at Ethel HoteLAw."OM1w American Photocok>pe Company I aia
Ne.I'" N'utlnc. RvproJdCtMMufor Any Purpowa by Any
Gatti !
a-...... N... a Proreta. Logic. ;
IW .. .. ..I
I' "Th tell dear that your'father' IEF
Dry ...... I BarclarJk Groover) No IS. I 337 Dearborn St. Chicago. 1'feoae y me .1 e
mosey is all tainted.
) IL- I, Harrison 4691. .1 "Do you hesitate to take it. '

Makers ofTPKturf Pcjtcarda ColorphotoSt reorgraphs. George?"
gROWN & TIIOMASON. Supplement. Calenders., Magazine Pictures Covers.for Newspaper Inserts for Edi-\Art !I "No. dear Hut doesn't it seemunder \: If its Grain Hay Flour Meal Grits i

tiona d.t Luxe Pictures, for Framing, Art the circumstances as if he ,

PHYSICIANS & SURGEONS, or fl"Oflllooo repnductions up. Wnt for any for purpose ratts. in any quantity 2-7t t\I''i should try to make amends for its j|i or anything in the Grocery line. We

I I Impurity by giving us:: twice as much? {

e*. ld Io&L : : : FLOP.IDA I -Cleveland Plain Dealer j i iJuliu have it, or will get it for you.

-WALL D1 tNC > Caesar.was i Ten car loads of Groceries in 1 1

PAPER a man of nerve but BickaeM let t
stock. Some of
you merchants -
its mark and he became aged before ,
*Vn In need of nice wall paean Laxative FruitSyru I his time. Sickness la often ea4"d I get wise and save

f en II. ti. PfTTY by a torpid liver. Heroine will regulate
at PI PIThe
I.'Uuti t1NIoi Pleasant, to take your liver and give yon health. money by buying from ns.
,i MttK'S MARKET. :Mrs. Carrie Austin Holloa. Kansas
-- new laxative. Does I writes: "I consider Heroine tbe beat ---

a. .s. nuw'Olm.ITCSOORAI'UEIt. | medicine I ever heard of. I am never Visiting :Merchants are Cordially invited to make our office their headquarters r
not gripe or nauseate.
MEUC while in the .
without it Sold by Suwannee Drug> !I c ty

twee Cpstatn. Cures stomach and liver I Co. oct-dw. IMftMuline I, ,
lbap'e. i OLD A. C. L. FREIGHT DEPOT .-
ILak Itlrllding troubles and chronic constipation i --

iI'11. ( FLORIDA. by restoring the 1:I "John. I am afraid Remedy.this gown is f live Oak Brokerages Commission Co.

't J. LYLE natural action of the stom- j not full BOUgB." i .1
I "Well. dear. you might eat more '
11 ach liver and bowels. -
..II1'i hncttcalI I II Chicago Journal.

AMD JEWELER Reruns,uballtIPrice BOo.- i|i I DeWHt's CarbeUved Witch Haiti Use the best Brick in the bate !

1IAW'8 '&-rtM** In most cases consumption results' Pills. Sold by Live Oak Drug Company ,

N 4 wty alw.y6 on han+i. from a neglected or improperlytreated II oct-dw

..... cold. Toley's Honey and Tar It is turns how Much fun there is'i I IT'S MADE BY

cures the most obstinate cough and in the things one is told be ousrbt not I I

*! NESSING prevents serious results. It costs'ou II to do. I'
CLUB The Callahan Brick Co.
no more than the unknown preparations caiman, 3 raa

c short noticd. and you should insist upn Anybody can laugh if he stops to ,

.. fit '> having the genuine in the yellopackage. w notice how seriously everybody el Qe

Phone 222 City Pharmacy. oct-dw tales himself. i \ Goodbread, Live Oak Fla. Gen'l Agtfor; Live Oak.

...J -....... ... --.:. -- ." .

", "' -; .-""' ::sqJ. -
.. .. -. -- .
-- >-


----- -


J. B. BARTON, President.
H. M. WOOD, Chairman Finance Coin
E. J. BlUME, 1st Vice-President. ARNOLD P. MICKLER, Cashier.
D. L BYRD, 2nd Vice-President.

Capital and Stockholders Liability, $100,000.00.

The Citizens' Bank of Live Oak,

: A Bank of Stability. We> Solicit Your Business,

I .......

The German Bakery, III E:1 .

IE - -
Bread Rolls Pies and Cakes I|;t Ii
I The finest line of Hats and Cap;

and all the products of a' h'rst-clas bakery. !:R for Men and Boys.
Fresh Every Day. Courteous treatment f : I

t will be accorded all. Your patronage solicited i,f.;II f:, ,: \Vinter.undervear. both cotton

i ; J. RUBENSTEIN. Proprietor. I IM I:' ATS i and wool for Men and Boys,
:t f
....III.. II 1 1 II H i m 1 I t I I t I H.- I of i I I II KHHIM** f:l Wool over shirts, fancy dress shirts, men's fancy silk vest, boy
--- -----
j \ -Having cold out my drug business'yesterday evening from Archer, Fla, 1 and children clothing.

, I on account of ray health sk al w..ut where be had been attending a Sabbath Extra pants for school wear. Black Cat hosiery for men, bdk
school institute held under tie 1
owe me to plVase to come as soon as
I / aun>ices of the Jcuwanne Presbytery, ;I and children. -
pOKlble and nay their accounts as
t and finally a meeting yf the Presby 1
I am anttoua toViay ag\lnst/the aly the outstanding tery. The Institute /program occupied f Best line of childrens dress and school shoes to be found in thedt].
accounts Live Oak
Drag Co., and getVff/for a while for the first da\ ,/nd was full of All at the lowest prices. Come in and lets show you, \
r interest throughout The meeting of
my health. Respec\J\illy
F the Presbytery open/ Tuesday erenIng -
I _----- with every mlniitc\ present Mr. 5 =AT=
There will be Jk sWcial musical reports/coAing
Ford says from the
theMcthMist church i 1
program at various churches/indi ate that the
Sunday eight; th/t promiW to be of i
church work is perhaps In better con
much lnterest /Mr8. J. t Balsden
dition e\er\been in S. J.
than it hAs this WHITE I
baa been training the chlldtcn for a section before./ The dieeting adjourned E t
special program* to be'rendtred by ,
oay at noon and we
taem. The grogram appears\in to- n/te I:
are glad to that Live Oak was
paper. .
unanimously Jchosen as tie place for )
toe next mealing, which v5111 be nextt'E' 3
Rev.J. P. Ford,pastor of the Pres- April. =IwITTI WWWWWWY/WWWWWWWW< InI T/s' TTI IwI *iS I=2W INTI \===== =

--- -

k How About This? We Also Have

I You will never be, or see anybody LJ,' \;_ r f f : a full line of the

better dressed than we'll do it for you :. fw :; famous :

with .
m Boyden, and

Hart Schaffner Marx Clothes.Here's e. Johnson & Murphy,

\rT J'!? $.; :.. shoes from $5.00 to $6.1 N.

i one of the models, all wool, ) it .! ., __ __ ,

; perfect tailoring; and we'll fit any man : ,' \ .v. Our and
If t, shirts, underwear
i r& who comes, big, little, fat thin. These r f, 1r '' ;i.hosiery is complete. We are still halldm -'

clothes are made right. 4./ vioJ, }r ling the well known "Emery" shirt, the

t. / { best shirt made to retail at $1.00 to$J-.50i't
\ You want your clothes 1 to fit, we __

wont sell them to you if they don't. 'w

f@ Copyright tyre by
lIart Ccha-c-." :M.rx

.f@ No name and Stetson hats always on hand ,

= you know what they are the name is suffi 1

cient. b1144'6


Mens Outfitters. Live Oak Florida.4


-A- ___t_____ j
: ___

: uwanntt? tmDtttat I

"',-.r..taw..Aed 1JtHCeftdiJat.ed Aup c 1.18i LIVE OAK. FLORIDA. FRIDAY, OCTOBER 18, 1907. "'01..X. No W
I-W.r..tabliotlwd 1'19'1 :
j ," iIf/ it

roods of Quality V

These are th only kind kept in our store. We long ago discovered that it pays the
purchaser to by the best grade merchandise, and we are always ready to fill your wants.



Fay I
:... TrIThis department contains an extensive line of the best goods
i jj : x the northern markets afford. This season's goods and not last

-- year's, will be found on our counters for your inspection. In se-
W ri1nT: 5:- lecting your suit for this fall, do not overlook the fact that the. ;;
I I ic&i jwti best suit you can afford is the cheapest in the end. Our readymade ..
N clothing is tailored especially for our house. 0?
.;,3xp i
, :I 1.r.w..N M.Iq .
Ladies/ill find our dress goods department to be replete with attractive patternsin
all the test fabrics. Silks, Panamas, voiles and flannels for dress goods. I



Our focery department is headquarters for the supplies you need in
? this Iin( We buy in large quantities, of the best grade goods and
:; it is a p sure to give you the advantage of the price we are able to make. 8


rrLitJ. \ tjt 1Li.
?L V
t- *--g
Our b'stock, contains everything for furnishing tqjfc* }g-<3 Vt Sr *V
'l the houhold. Remember this when you are ready s_ ( ?j anal u

to buy.Our prices are reasonable. The goods j j j .,1 ib

are the st. j _fjfi red

.. abf

rA Ve buy cotton and country produce.Wwant .

e ; you to visit us and feel at home M ,dheh es
.. -
: in. ofe T i, Cire while you are in the city. 4
catty rlsue.
Jdilte Demo-
: \ Dal\

1'e too yesterday Pine Association Grovere In row W orth Stephens Co.

l1g after businessL a .
IB and E.M. Cheshire. straight
s; among* those la the Florida.aGht
\ '
attending the Cotton
nooy"k .
DC aid looking after ,
L, t t..
/My horse for sale tenery ora
Is good condition oraI
*1e.. kind and gentle.Have 1I .
I wi It why I will want low ai
APDy to this office J. L.wlt.I got

m ,(

-. .-, I\ i

JI."O. .j Jt. ...;.r.: .*- ;; i .{t ," ;' 7 3-" -'


I I \ I II I I 'I



.. .

.4 .

large line of clothing is now complete in every detail. Th lothing stock we]

: : handle is made up of first-class goods, selected from general lines sothat every custom

i ., mer's wants can be satisfied. \

. . . . . . . . . . . . . .. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .....

Suits all sizes 5 to $15-00 I Shoes from \\ $1.98 to S5.00 .

Pants 98c to $4.50 .1. .1. Boy's shoes from 1 $1.25 to $1.75 l.

x Boys. knee pants 25cto4Sc inline. latest style mels hats SI.25: 82.50 j

. . . . ; .

i' Dry Goods--A general line, too big to mention in this pabr.

Ladies Jackets, large line, $3.00 up to $12.50. ,

\ '


a ,

I ; M. LAZARUS, Proprietor. \

I 10 "I" Om' 0 ;" "..I 0 "..,lill'" ", Ii, 'u""" '" Iii ; I "" '" 0 I '0 :,,; 0" ;;; ;;;; "" ,;; : IImJ::;:: : !;;;.:!"'" I ,J

___ __ ;
--- --
i NOTICE OF IxoonPO :\TIOX. j*" 111 n 111 i 11 i 111 n n n H11 n 11111 n 1111 H+ U 1111 lit IIi 11111111111111111111111 I\

Notice Is hereby given that we the : \
s undersigned will, after the publication -
for the period of thirty days of '

., as this Governor1 notice, apply of the to State N. B.of Broward Florida, I I Having Formed Ourselves Into a 'y, ,

at his office In! the Capitol Building
d said State, in the city of Tallahassee -

fng'tbera.for their Letters.Associates Patent and incorporat-successors I. take this method of thanking 01-1'1

into JL body politic and corporate
II!. In deed.mnd in taw. under the name {
! t of the Union Manufacturing Company and former customers for pat

I. ,.under tee following charter and i
.articles of Incorporation, the original i
, favors and solicit
Lip f wh:eh will be on file in the office continuance
! .:01 the Secretary of State of the said .
State of Florida, at the city of Tallahassee I
same for the firm. We
will .
I during the time required by new carr, '
law for the publication of this notice.W. .
L. ROGERS, t all !
J. F. CARVER at times a full Line of DRY GOOD j


< W.D. J.C. RIVERS JERNICAN. f AND GROCERIES. : : : : : 1\ i

'.. t J. D. (X his mark) SISTRUNK. I+ \ :
.W. B. BR\NNON, + I I 1 '
*.A. J. (X bis; mark) SKINNER I '
j D. 0. COPELAND. .

I ''Charter of the Cnlon ManufacturingCompany.. i BAISDEN & WH.ITE\\ )1s

The undersigned hereby agree to '
i of become associated together, and do I I

, 1i hereby associate themselves together : LIVE .
for the purpose of becoming a body :i OAK F'LCRIDA
politic and corporate under the laws ,.

I at the State of.FloridIhe; provisions' ,.. ,
of "WDlc.tr.ara-Jierpby .aceepsad.. ,Tie :: \ ,
) following, Articles' .of 4+' i t'i'' 1 1 1 H'-M.-i'+ n-f I' i m i..M.-u..m..t..M. 1 1 i 1 1 M i-M, : Incorporation H-i t mi 1 1 n 1 I I II U I I I So t J = I I u M t .T ,ii a 'J"U a a a . ,.. s
y shall Constitute and become* Us H '
I charter upon'the finance,'of Letters-,annual meeting being on the first (ealJ. D. (X his mark) SISTRUNX,.
.tPteat..fu: o'dlng.\o.Iaw. Tuesday of July, 19uS, or as soon II I (SealW B. BRANNON, 'John B.
?-i; -. *ARTICLE' I. after such time as practicable, at SealA. J. (X his marR SKINNER, StetsonUniversity
Tee, tamo of this corporation shall which meetings the Board of Directors -I (Seal)D. C. COPELAND.
i ta the 'TJnlod Manufacturing Com- and officers for the ensuing year Witness: R. T. BOOZER. I| FOUR roLLIMKS AND) FIVE Ti WA J. WHOM .'
; Its shall be elected by the stockholders, :
pany. principal office and placeot
i State of Florida. I ISuwanncc I N i DELAND FLODA t
busings shall be at Wellborn under such rules and regulations as sa '
i Suwa'nnee County, Florida. Branch the stockholders shall prescribe by Count) Affiliated with the Univcr
I, It. T. Boozer, a Notary Public! of Chicago
os.c3 or places of business may be the by-laws of this corporation: i'
selected( x>r established by, the Board. which b>-laws may be adopted by of the tate of Florida at large, do versify COLLEGE cr Chicago.OF LIBERAL ARTS.--The dareSs are those of the t*
ct any meeting of the stockholders call- hereby certify that W. L. Rogers, J., Stetson' graduates r their: degrees from Doe
Directors.ARTICLE F. Caner. II.V.. Stetson and ChC3tO. See the
II. ed for that purpose or at a regular Moseley. D. J. Chicago and catalogs.
Ri>ersV, C. Jernigan J. D. Sis- COI.I.EGE OF LALV Graduates of
The general nature of meeting. Until a Board of Directorsand < are admItted pair
b. the businessto Officers shall have been first trunkV.. B. Brannon, A. J. Skinner tics law In Florida ultho7t examination., .thf1CS |
transacted shall' be: To
and D C. Copeland, who are each tome OF TECIIXOI..OGY AND SC
duly chosen the
I own. sell, mortgage and otherwise: by stockholders, the -: Chit L OF MECIKNIC ARTS. t'It.chanlcal.
well known. Electrical
business day appeared be- Engineering
of the saId
tine such real estate and coropration shall Manual Training
leading cotr1elt
personal to degrees.
fore Fine I
be conducted by the fdllowing me and each for himself newbuilding
property as shall be named
for the COLLEGr
necessary OF
persons and otf.cers: acknowledged that he signed the sKT- rFSS Bookkeep' I
proper operation and use of the buslees foregoing Articles of by best methods
proposed to be conducted by this W. L. Rogers, President; D J. the other &SSfTWsss" open '
corporation buy, sell, gin store, Ricers, Vice-President. II.V.. Moley. accompanying notice for the :
handje-'and.otherwise deal in ,cotton, Treasurer; J. F. Carver Secre- uses Witness and putpo-es nn' hand therein and stated, Yale, Princeton, {WS3KcgBSS epared to eater !H|!*
seal this
both seed and lint to tary and Manager Board all first-class Colicfei
4 ; buy, sell of Directors. 17th NORMAL AND MODEL
day of September. 1907. RCIlOOI. .
handle, manufacture and otherwise : \,. I.. Rogers J. F. Carver, II. (Seal) building 2. Primary and indergarten ID III OWl
R T. Grammar
use cotton seed: and the products of W Mo ele>, I). J. Rivers and W. C. No BOOZER, Schools eS'lecially School parate building. n-
' the cotton and cotton seed Jernigan. try Public of Florida, Lake C:tv.: prepare Public School tetiC
to grin MUSiC
corn, rice and all other =kinds Mi t'on:minion expires March i. SCIIOOL-A $10,000.tlO pipe or a dozen pianos. separstl
oar t Temporary: by-laws mar: be adopt 'I1. I.mlldlng large faculty, thorough
ais; to manufacture all food stuffs ed by the_'}:aid offcera: and directors h ________ (oct4-4t) ART SCIIOOL:-New Studio.courses of 8t
'tOmall kinds of grain, and fa.rmproducts Costly can odell, etc. _
until the Cm annual fleeting of the Stetson has a faclllty
and to buy. sell, deal, In and stockholders In Circuit Court State of Florida, ; green from the University or of 48 professors anI rnctors. They hold..d '
handle the same. .ARTICLE Third Judicial (;Circuit Sanannce nmbia Toronto. Chicago lIarv T Yale, L>arimouiu. V TMoin. '
,. : VI. : Wake I'orest
! (
f ''ARTICtE" III. 'onnt), In Chancery. t"nverslly of Utrecht, Ducknet
The amount of the cap'tal; stock of The highest amount of indebtelmss Multie llartlcu. Complainant vs.V.. : :100,100.00: In Michigan, Dennison and other >sitles. There are over
Thousand or liability this corporation shall II. Ilartlon HrfemUnU ; edowment buildings and equipment; nea 1 quarter million dolax:
I Dollar, at any" time subject itself to Is Five. It appearing by affidavit appended with costly; ao endowed library of over 13.0U mesa beautiful cblv-
Tided: into two'hundred and fifty ThoasanJ Dollars to the bill filed in the above-stated : a $10,000.00 furclsl.ln&s pine Including stained if ndowB, 7 oil palntIDes.
,shares ot the_par.,' lue of ten dollars \RTICLE VII. ,I cause that \\'. II. Harden, the defendant I clo.ed Athletic Field organ; a Gymnasium 1>Ie'e apparatus aD ca'
I ; each* said capital stock to be paid The names and residences of the therein named is a nonresident I gridiron, besides swimming running, tray to rciailabateba1" diamond tad
In cash: money" ,. ten' per cent of whichat subscribers to ties Articles of In- of the State of Florida and is a :, logs for men and women ten'golf j sports, separate bDII4-
elk be paldlQ before this corporation corporation. together with tie t I resident of the United States, but Bacteriology, Mineralogy and; P f ror Chemistry. PhysIcS
si alj transact any business.! Theunpaid amount of capital stock subscribed bytsach I i more particularly unknown, and that : electric lights electric bells --ere; museums and shops:
balance, doe on the said stock ; are as follows: ': there is no person in the State of avenue spacious campus. shri.et shell roads broad
shall 'be paW as called for by the W. J.. Rogers, Wellborn, Florida, Florida the service of a subpoena up- and other students' clubs; star 1. I literary musical
Board of Directors. The rema'ningstock.sball ; six; hares. ou whom would bind said defendant. : tartan teaching. The location and not M*
be ,fold by the Director J. F. Qrver.'ellborn.. Florida, aju that said defendant is over the are low. For catalogs, view JkS and the UJjelitet
from time to time, as the same may one s are. age of twentj-one Sears; it is there-I, the President,
be decided them, at less than II. fore ordered Hal said LP7
by not W. :Moseley. Wellborn. Florida, nonres dent i m Utt. 1k. 440.
,fU par: value. six i hare I I defendant to be and 1 e is hereby required ,' 'f/ 11. f..a n d. PIOrids
: ARTICLE IV D J. Rivers. Wellborn. Florida, appear! to the bill of complaint
This corporation shall exist for a two shares., I I I 1 I filed in raid cause on or before Mon- ; NK.\RLY A MiLLiON HIIy
period1 of fifty years, unless sooner W. C. Jernigan lIborn, Florida, I: day. the ::nd day of December. A. D i' about :750,0
dissolved by law, or the stockholders three share ItO.ottt'r1Ih..e the allegations of said bsad
t hereto.. J. D Sistrunk. Wellborn Florida bill will Le taken as confessed by said ton has oa
defendant. rritchuird's
- ARTICLE V. one share. i Injunction
r -\ !Tbd basinet of this corporation W B. Brannon, Lake City. Florida, It is further ordered that this ,
shall,be conducted by a Board of fiveDirector's (R F.'D. No 1)'. two share orJr be published once a week for vary Funds in South ( //:
I'' : a President a Vice-presi A. J. Skinner. Wellborn, Florida, eight consecutive weeks in the Su-, Atlanta, Oct 15. secured b7
l j W& Dee Lemocrat -A sf _
1 dent a
Secretary a Manager and a one share. newspaper published c who ban
J Treasurer. One and the same per. D. C. COP<'land. Lake Cltv Florida in j Qa'4 County and State. Journal from Columbia, } d
: ,-.? may ,f old the otces"pf recretary IK F. D. No 1), three Shares This October :nd, 1907. f Judge a State
"*. and ruanager. Tte' Board of Direc 'In \\"itncas Whereof, we have hereunto (Seal) J.V.. BR SON, I Pritchard of tb r a writ
'tors"1'shall :bv*,tuthorty appoint: 6ft our hands and seals this J. L. Clerk Circuit Court. : court today issued a awe
such'ageo.ta.of tils, corporation as. 17th day of September. 1907. LEE. (oct4-st) a
l stall be necessary for the'succe' faf '("SenIrW: !>. ROGERS Solicitor for Complainant Junction restraining the Sta lasel to.'soeassry..tii1J

conducting bT Its bus'ness. Annual,-ScalJ 14'. CARVER. I mission from v
MI meeting'of-the stockholders of this (Sealli.V.. MOSELEV. winding QQ. ."tb' s
corporation shall tte tell on the first (Seal D. J. UIVERS. I ?OLEO 1I)1ffiYA..mTftj) of the State dispensary,or_pa- /ui time ,aty
Tuesday of July of each year, the first (c.UW'C.! JCRMGAN' ".' $1
e" ,
PrevttJLz Pne.m.n,a money belonging to-1L to-




"': f'<:.t' 1't .- ",.:. .of 4 -iS '< -V-:,-':r- '':r--\r.- "' -'"",, ,"" "*_"" ? ;1>:-(",..i;:; ;';v :<:j;,: ''4;:'!<- ,:,::;;.--'j-iE: 1( 1't. ':r -



IH 11111111111 11111 i 1111II111 M 1 H'H 1 itFFthf-N 11111111111r
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ti tI I

i 1I


i I ONCE upon a time a gentleman from Houston, who was visiting his brother-in- lavat Live. ,"

Oak, asked him where he could buy a good suit of clothes for little money, as Houston being a .

small town, had no large clothing house. \

His brother-in-law having been acquainted with the GLOBE STORE, for a good many years

told him he knew a place where he could buy a good suit of cloths and save enough in the trade to .

Buy a Good Pair of Shoes and a Hat.

And they walked down the line until they reched the \vca known corner of Kowar.:* street and x

II t Ohio avenue. There is where the*GLOBE STORE is located with a big 1 lr.c: of goods, bI


Clothing Dry Goods, Hats, Shoes and bliss and Gentlemen's Farntshi; ]gs. I


They went in and found this store carried a big line of KIRSCHBAUM & lv"i ..:"ERS clothing -

I and good many others known in the market for best and cheapest in the country. He

found: complete stock of dry goods, consisting of Ginghams; Homespun, Giir! and Broad-

cloth, all going at factory prices. Their shoe department is so large they were able :o sell shoes ,

at wholesale prices. There was also ladies and men's hats of the latest st: '-;, nrd: a good 7t I'i

many other articles handled by them for years, and all going at low prices, and and the

GLOBE STORE guaranees your money's worth. Money refunded if not satisfrctory.The I'a

gentleman made all his needed purchases and recommended his friends to do their buying /


GODlI TO"-E!) a




,. Old Stand. .

+ ----- _. -.- -- _.._ +
i *+++++++******+-H It 11111111111 1 iUHlimiHMII .
4 II II 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 II i 1 1 I I 1 M II 11111111111111 a IIC I 3tj 1

-- --- ---. ---- -- --- -- ----____ __ __ no _. __
I \\ilmarth Notes. : O'Brien Dot.. neighborhood elicits the information G. H. Dorman, Walter Ambrose, Green J, B. Carmichael W. P. Tun-

Miss 11111, teacher of the O'Rrlen teat these drugs are harmless ana Mn. I). J, Ulatns and MUg Helton mond, W. II.
W. learn from Mr. Dlaz he wideaah Ogden and J. L. Had
j school.;lted relatives in Live Oak can be bought separately, or the were al.:O-: tho: delegates leaving dock.
I section foreman of tie Florida
Railroad that tie bridge Friday druggists here will mix the prescription P t'-.I.c .ift.Tnocii: 'or the Baptist At the present rate In whkh the
company Miss Bes'-io Roberts opened school I for our readers if asked to. Ab'1"datlou.
k.r. terms the Suwannee,river hasttft last Monday.Mr. I cases are being disposed the busiaeerfor
at Picket Lake ---- ---
Huii- the term will be completed by the
this week. Mr.
repaired Paul O'Danlel of Lakeland, From ThuraLiy'9 Daily. O. J. Mills and T. M. l.anipr came end of the week.

, sill th. foreman on the Lnraviueppvr Fla., is visiting friends her .1. P. llowland. Jr., of I..aDca.t-t..r, 'u j HU-rday! and l.'ft on the aftrr- Sheriff Rickerson Is reported BOOM 1

bu reigned and !r. Knight I i \V. F. Register made a business is iu town today, trading! nOn:. train for Jennings. They areIelogates better today, but his Illness bas pre
lea Mctreded
.. ,
trip to Live Oak Monday. -- from their church to the vented him from being in attendance
Mr. O. J. Walker, our druggist, is
I Miss Mary Williams is recoveringfrom W. 31. Webb of Bake,-V Mill, is in llwt.'i"ts! ... thriving Justness, as
.e a very
an attack of typhoid the tits today on businewe. .JJtr
, ate all of oar merchants"
The O'Brien school is progressing -----
\0111' B..1. Hayes and two little Woman's Club
. Thomas and J. H.
Mtur J. R. the o* 'affil Clnrk and wife. of
nicely under management Dowling : children left yesterday afternoon forth
. Walker went to Suwan>i'e Thursday Prof. Hall and Miss Hill, with an enrollment I I I'.!'?. were in the city 't'tih.'rdar. ,'ir born in Tampa. Mrs Mayrs The Woman's Club will meet Saturday
*. attend the Orange Spring Associa- at the Library room at thn-w
oC thirty-fi\e neVipupils has been the
% guest of her ,
tt'.., ..Bkh convened Tjesday night. are coming in daily. W. F. Lloyds, of Pine Grove, is in o'clock.
Mr. and Mrs. S. P. Mayes for the pAt
.a a... Skeltoo has bought a house "MINERVA." town today, trading. week. The subject for the day win b-

I had lot tad moved farber from the i English history. 4

. tallt.ad aad speaks of,naktng a trip TELLS HOW TO MIX IT. I I.. :M. Taylor, of Grover, is in town Program:
II B. J.
Adams of Perry, and Miss
I I* Dr&rto county soon) The old man I today on business The Heptarchy and Alfred the r
Pacia Mills, of the Tiger Lake settlement
: Great"-Mrs. A. Lee .
fe "1 bi-y just now}paling in his Directions to Prepare Mmpl Home Humphreys."Anglo
r arC Mittnre. i It. O. Uonnell, of Rock Cut. is a were happily married yesterday Saxon Poetry"-Mrs. W. C t
afternoon at the residence of Rev.
Mr Joe Miller is at Jis usual game A well-known authority on Rheumatism visitor in the city today. Whit
h ants, fattening; more-hogs. If any- gives the readers of a large T. E. York. It was quite a surprise I Discussion by members, led by alle

..., feat hog and hoiiiny., Joe will New York daily paper the following: :Mr;. J. J. KIcklighter, of O'Brien, to tppny of their friends, as the bride Miss Wigfield.
, is in town today, shopping. was on her way as a delegate to the Current Events Members.
kav. some sure He}Is quite a sue- valuable, jet simple and harmless Suwar.nee -
Baptist Association
...t.t All members are earmcsUy J'eqQM'
farmer place.
airs aitfla fffy"l prescription which any one can
.. cooler J. J. Drannen and wife, of ROSg- Jennings. The young couple came ed to be present.
bailout at home:
bj easily prepare I burg, in the city today, In to Li\e Oak immediately after the
a. ...t1.r DOW, e Sank 's a Fluid Extract Dandelion, one-half are shopping. a B. FARRELL, Pre.
ceremony and over the CoastLine
a..4 Ume tor nd from n*... t
son I Kargon, one
\ttt Compound
ft .ounce
; I for the association. The Democrat
J. -
\ Ross, one of our Suwannt .\ New Grocery'Store..
ea $sklat this into
od. were 10
t"Tt'thl Compound Syrup Sarsapartl-
|{ once; I joins their friends inon
county citizens, is in town today, many -
r meu. but fan ding. three ounces.J I Rratul.itloD We have opened' up a DrBt-ela.su 1ii
. tab breakfast witiVto \:-.lix by shaking well in a bottle trading.S. I II I I grocery and mf> .market in the Dew

M re will bne ':- Hastings.t CleveH take teaspoonful after each I : McCailougn Block. Our stock is
\ a J. Williams and wife, of La rcaster iHiincN vi the Criminal Court Today. ,
1d or anything \;tea.clty this refurnal and at bedtime. i fresh, and our market first-class. ii iii
are in the city today, hopi
. Mr. James Kirkljlil. le Demo- service, elates that the ingredients can ping.; j t he Criminal Court is fast den-. Call and inspect our line. Fresh

to-, Bailey Obtained from any good prescrip- Inc up the docket for the term. Some fruits arrive--daily. Country produce

ne phosphate L row to toharmacy at small cost, and, be- Mrs. A. W. Mizelle and daughter I nine or ten cases have b"n continuedfor i. bought at highest prices. Bring m

w .. *. very well a,the Pine Grove vegetable extraction are harru- Miss Magnolia. of Wellborn, were in one cause or another, one mistrialhas your chickens and t"ggs.11 order .

- from the numb\ere yesterday in Walker take. the ci'v yesterday shopping. | been made five acquittals and have prompt attention. Free deliveryto .

) wt The riTe..Cotton AssociationWe noon for pleasant mixture if takena nine convictions have been the resultof all parts of the city. Phone 138
'fd i
bate beating after business course aiy for a few days, Is said to Miss I.oi311iggins, formerly of thla '! the trials since the session opened for what yon need

at IP for son city. Mr.e almost any case of Rhe '-1 plato. but now of Dow ling Park is :! .Monday. Judge Carter has not an- DAVIS GROCERY CO.

tome let- straight The pain and swelling, here today shopping.J f. nounced the fines in but one or two
. 1 --4re and E. M. Cheshire, and his finishes with each dose until I of the cases. Charlie Boser wan con-I Married a Millionaire,
lye ,fc among those in the I well In is .nt results are obtained. and J. Platt, of Dowling Park, spent 1'I victed this morning on the ,: Atlanta, Oct. 15.-Mrs. Kathleen

fir 1 have/-' attending the Cotton Injuring the stomach. WhileC. lau tight in the city. Mr. Platt is selling liquor without licence, and II Winn Babcock, a prominent Thomas-

ofon. Place, oneQS and looking after W. ire many so-catted Rheumat- on hij way to the Baptist Association I the jury also returned a verdict ot VJIK Ga., podety woman, wag married .-

_.: ; about t jers. down the \iediue, patent medicines, eta at Jennings. I guilty in the case of Jas. FOftt'r'i it a local hot*] today to Charles
'e4. J- II I charged with aggravated assault John Canfleld. .
lad H noon. lUf which do g v* relief, few a millionaire. Chicago
to ''* soa gray horse for sale ten orange segivo permanent results, and John Williams, Green Meeks, A. The regular jury drawn for the lumber man. The coaplo left lati.r

fistlob l* ln very good condition orange grcive wilt BO doubt, be greatlya Landcn, T. L. Peacock and R. Hearst i I first week of court was as follows: for a trip throughout. the east.

k W pi able kind and gentle. Have number ited by many sufferers her at were among the number of delegates C. W. Mills, D. n. Jenkins, nuns

and f I need Is why I will want loaded wit\ l leaving yesterday for the associationat Griffin J. C. Crawley J. W. Right, Inn-experienced servant' are the i

vT\ AP'y to this office. J. L. gotten abo\; at the drug; stores of ti11I.l + Jennings. J, D Stewart. J, H. Ellison, R. R. best for hot J'. .

welt he '

j t

.'r- < ,- f
_: j

-u -. .. "t<"4""l.: ... :;, -.A .>......._... -.J-f""'. ." ""- t ,,;:t :r "'"

t. KQ aY-

:FRIDAV. OCTOBER 18 1907. :
4 I

WHITE OXE8, TOO. >ractice of his profession '
The Governor Is said to be In correspondence CATCH THE
WHY THAT the leath In 1855. He a'
Important to put was
SUWANNEE DEMOCRAT. with many members of It is Just as

We have always given Governor the legislature asking advice on the "blind tigers" operated by white men :ulture and deep learning wad

Broward credit for conscientious It Is to suppress in 1847 or 184S. while p
Published every Friday at Lire Oak, question! of calling an extra session. out of business as

Florida. fidelity to his duty to the people of Let us be prepared for the worst those run by negroes. In some rev series of articles for The

Entered at the Lire Oak Postomce Florida as their Chief Executive. pects they are even a greater curse, (the foremost medical job ,

as second-class matter. Many of us have differed from him on Marconi has perfected his system and beyond all question there Is far those days) on the ItbJ-c-

many Issues, but that he has always_ less excuse for a white man engagingIn "Equilibrium of Tern perat art It"
Editor and M'g'r. will be sending wireless
i CHAS. W. IRVIN. and soon
believed himself to be right and has such a degrading form of crime Cure for Pulmonary Conaaautt 1

the approval of his press dispatches across the Atlantic. that one of his chemical
Subscription One Dollar Per Year. been sustained by 'Trouble ahead for the cable companlE."s. than a negro. No respectable man ctpcriCM

----- own conscience we do not doubt. Woven who has a home and wife and children on air cooling resulted la the .ttf
A mighty fine old Confederate vet- believe that he has that a.,- or mother and sisters who may of artificial. lie was imettygvimpressed ',

eran was honored when General roval In his remarkable action Just some day be the victims of a drunken with the great valw ffe"

of Orlandothe taken In granting a reprieve for Mr. Bryan can put It. 'very neatly at discovery and at once
Jewell was elected Mayor beast can afford to find any ex- at lte*$ p'

other day. thirty days to the convicted negro times and as a master of compact cuse for or show any mercy to any tenting! it. with the res.H Uat ..

fiend In Jacksonville, sentencedto clear-cut statement he has few equalsIn first ice machine
rape man white or black caught promot- ever b4 .-

Again the rumor get Into the press be hung today. But In the name this country. The other day he ing the cause of crime In his com- operated was patented by tt jiSSO

that Governor Broward will be a can- of Justice decency and civilization, was Interviewed In Richmond Va., munity by engaging In the Illegal --tvelve years befort U ,;;

States Senate there for the reprieve and, among other things, he said this
didate for the United what reason was sale of Intoxicating liquor. The At- done in Paris France .Bkk

next year. We begin to suspect that ? The people of Florida are I which deserves to go the rounds and lanta Constitution handles this formof once: claimed the discoverychlcola

there Is something In It. entitled to know, for In this matter i is almost good enough to get Into the lawlessness without gloves and all is indebted to Ca Wa c..al:

of criminal assault upon the white j I next National Democratic platform: good men will endorse the follow II. Whiteslde for promllC&Uac

dose call in county State brutes, "The trusts maintain two sets of
It was a Orange women of the by negro Idea, and doing most of U
ing from that paper: *.t g;
but threo majority for prohibition they are sensitive! beyond adequate attorneys-one set at the State capitals this
securing memorial
aa| .
"But a few weeks ago a negro k)IIt %

Is just as definitely a majority as expression, Justly so; and that even I to protest that all State legislation, was convicted of the Illegal sale of the generosity of the D.akff .It.

with slight margin as executive clemency is an encroachment on Federal con-
300. But so a In slight degree, ,
Southern Ice
1 Thiskey in a dry county close to At- Excbance *k.. K Ca,
that the "wets" are very likely to should be extended to one of these'venomous trol; another at Washington to protest solicitation of
lanta. The court fined Elm $1.000 Wlfc *
take a contest. reptiles after clear proof of that all Federal legislation is 3
the limit allowed by law or sentenced each donated the proceeds *f M. "i
guilt and legal conviction, is something violation of the rights of States."
him to S'neelve months on of ice on July 4th 1SITIIY ?
Pensacola Is making great preparations that Is Incomprehensible to
the chalngang. To the great surprise -
r to give a cordial welcome and them. Even in Tampa they are agitating
of the court the negro promptly ntlU#|,.
j generous entertainment to the United This Jacksonville rape fiend had a I for a prohibition election. The
paid his fine and secured his free
Parents should
Confederate Veterans of Florida who fair trial; was legally convicted; able municipal government down there racovrtf $*

met In annual reunion there on the attorneys were In charge of his case i might do well to follow the example dom. Commenting upon this case, clildren to read the papers tW Jfc

the judge before whom it was tried such as are fit for k.
53rd. of this month. The old soldier o. NB&
which was taken to the supreme of Pensacola and do some saloon
said there was no doubt whatever ins and most of those U
who falls to go will miss a good court, and the judgment of the court 1 regulating. It was tho absence of n.t4. ""

that the negro was the tool of white They are genuine practical sd......
thing. .
below affirmed. The Board of Pardons such regulation that started the protest
men who put him forward to bear the to the young and In hom. eta
was next appealed to, and after i against the saloons themselvesand : At
"Ninety per cent of the exchangesare punishment of the detected crime. children\ read them, there U tlnp
thorough investigation, that body made tho prohibition movementa I
but gamblers and I Had the court suspected for a moment an atmosphere of Inttllif
nothing *** 14 f
declined to interfere and the death necessity. Henry Watterson says
think we could get along without that the negro was prepared to : brightness In the coaverttttot M
warrant was issued, fixing today a.f that the saloons should be so con-
the other ten." shouter James Tattersall pay the fine, the culprit would have found In homes where tht, ac. cf fcneglfcted.
the date of execution. Now comts ducted that they would no more need !
English spinner In his found himself on the way to the 4. .
an By DO mtsis ..
for and
reprieve thirty days police interference and supervisionthan
speech at the late Atlanta convention.And chaingang without that alternative comcend Indiscriminate .
*. jv
another the Board I
appeal to of Par- any other places of business.
a sonorous, heartfelt "Amen!' privilege. I reading for the young for tbei Mi
dons. The people don't understandit Such saloon towns as are left had
vent up from every cotton grower "But even that would not hnq i its positive disadvanucn for &Me
and they want an explanation. Is j better take counsel of the experienceof
Mr. Tattersall certainly do talk to gone to tbe root of the evil. The of Inonature whirfe tk+cil
years (5
the law impotent? Are the judgments others and go In for some very I
suit as. white man who would spread terror all be
neaps, a avoided but Mfcf
of our courts worthless? Is I rigid regulation if they want to keep
in a community, and even murder I wisp
arental direction th.
there to be no legal protection for down the rising tide of prohibition ffca
A thoughtful contemporary wisely t and rapine and arson, merits no consideration well rf .
the white women of Florida against within their own limits. edited newspaper r .u, r ..,
observes that although the Starke or mercy. lie should be i iI ,
his! hideous danger, this fate worse s cannot fail to irapr ''fgence lste4

Telegraph is only a weekly It Is one than hunted out and put Into stripe I and broaden the tma4 ft U.
death lying in ambush every- That convention of the cotton !I
of the most Influential In the where he belongs. The only regretin
papers where child and thus be a valuable ..qlr
around them? Is the bad
and spinners in Atlanta,
State. Correct. Brains growers up such, cases is that the penalty is
and character I
effect of executive indecision, so which will meat fe the work of the veto TteOrland
adjourned Wednesday undoubtedly -
behind the will do It cot a dozen times more severe thanIt
pen every painfully manifest In the Cooper Sentinels t.*Hs t>f aa njtn
be of
productive great
time-and It takes both for either i.."
case, to be repeated in the case ot changes for the better In the rela- enced tacber who ia>s bat psp*

-, weekly or dafljr. this who hare acctm to Btviptpvn *
negro rape fiend?
tions of these two classes. They understand roxrKiixixo nit. GOUUII.:.
Nobody wants an innocent man home, then compared .i'h tfew
each other now and know The Democrat I I I
Dr. S. U, flitch state prison physician hung, of course, but in this case the recently suggestedthat who do trot, are better readers, latter
from full speech face to face, what Dr. John
recently told the writer that full machinery of the law has been Gorrie. formerly of i' spelltrg, better tramnurUM: M*
each wants of the other and what isneeded Apalachicola. the
'the downfall of 85 per cent of the applied, nothing has been left undone ot the I'I'procE'Ss ter punctuator, and r..4 av*.
to put both upon a better for
making artificial ice, was,
convicts In this State Is traceable to und rlStaidlngll.
the Board of Pardons had I aid ot/tii a p**
basis. The cotton gambler is their
whiskey drinking. This Is a fearful searched carefully for any undiscovered measured by the benefits he had conferred tical knowledge of ffOr fj to
common and they recognizedhim
arraignment, and ought to convince enemy I upon the world, so great a about : .. .
equities which the Jury might ha.f the tint as such. Not at once will they
man that his statue should
every right thinking man of the have failed to see and after all this go into others. Ve cortalnlv get rid of him but he has been"spotted" I the Hall of Fame at
'I righteousness of the movement to Washington II
the Governor's reprieve comes as a endorse tie grammar s.tl's8 Ml
and Is under survellanceand
drive the trade out of our State.Slarke .- shock to the whole State and ap- ; one of the two greatest Floridians. punctuation of all of "u' f.**fc
from now on his power will
suggestion was generally and
Telegraph. parently there can be no excuse forIt. I papers, but tbat mm .e f "NIl eat'
diminish. If our farmers maintainand widely approved by the State I
press weak at titles IB im'b >n.it.n to tit
perfect their organization, It is

Editor Appleyard of the LakeF I If there is any creature in the wide, only a question of a short time when and .we The have heard no dissentingvoice. I| reason whj th* ....1 <.' I. ..S .... '

City Index has set the rest of us a wide world utterly beyond the pale of the spinners will deal direct with the public knows but little of be rejrte\.l .. *du< v "l'Ial! ....SP .

good example. lie has quit talking human clemency, for whom the human them, using only such middle men personality and career of Dr. No human lB.Ututi.)n .. t"'r'-' ...
politic and gone' to work on a mat- heart should never feel a throbof as are necessary and legitimate, and although his inventfbn has Increased the tiChOlnaMer. BO ;I", ibiS !

ter that will benefit the entire cotton so immeasurably the health editor eo41a... ,' Mae *
pity, and who should quickly receive 'a I.
price of the staple will be regulated
and comfort
growing section of Florida. He the sternest human of millions of people, his ortboKM* a.d r.a'as I
of justice by the laws of. supply and de *
Is endeavoring to secure the erection and we are indebted to a late issue of _
with no weak and base alloy of human mand.

tar a big jam mill in his town that that the Pensacola Journal for some Information : Roes . .. l lI
mercy, creature, that reo- -- eh s'... t. cc'
will furnish a borne market for about him which we are '
F a tile, that monster of crime and The Tallahaee Sun has apparently I IVntoeraU tad N,-, < ,*.. *. I
I sure our readers will be
great many bales of Boa Island glad to get.
cruelty, is the negro rape fiend of the selected Park Trammell as its The Journal when b* III sea thin !; .. I
a>tto a. recently gave a special
South; and the people of Florida: for I . .
candidate Governor, and says and lengthy "wriu,-up" to Apalachicola i count**. G..*r. t Mr i iI

want to know why their Governor near the end of a column article: where Dr. Gorrie lived anJdtt"d I home free tti- journ. I.s *. r rI f fI

Prohibition will drive away the ha. saved one of them from the death "If anyone can find a man who "lfc5lpp.1 ta aap.nr .. ,. i
and from it wo take the following I
tourists from iliaml and the other that was due him today. will run. and should run, and could concerning him: i dent eenvla41, I)", "' .- }

Kait Coast cities say the liquor run, except Traminell, I am listeningfor "One of the places of Interest : that rVilK '.1"1 (> i < .. ,;

trade advocates. On that point a Claud L'Engle with an ample the sound of his name." Several olbet iW. '.. I II
I pointed out to the visitor in Anala- I ten"t"Dt; ... .
bank president In Western New York if-gal body-guard, U now in South gentlemen already announced and -r-- i I .
chicola is the Gorrie
who has been coming to Miami for, Florida to answer, first to the criminal several more apparently gettingin monument.. r
I I standing In the j
heart of the city ar. Tal@ru.t.
several winters writes: libel indictment! in Manatee readiness to do so, feel l" .. I
which boars on Its respective ,
I have been there several winters, county in which Graham is the pro- sure that they can meet the the 81golf_ 1 r" ......- I,
following In4<'rlntlnn..._ .'
and the plar' stems running down -wutlng witness, and then go .o conditions prescribed by the Sun. ------r -- ten .jf' ,
"Dr. John Gorrie, born at Chs 'd P
'11I- -tbe saloons are crowding UJ latina as defendant in the libel There will be no "people's call" for to I"I
ton S. C., Oct. 3rd, 1S03.: DI -
Out It U no place to take our wives proceedings instituted by MessrsStovall Mr Trammell anymore than for the : 'l. .. ... .

and daughters for more than a temporary and Knight. If it's trouble Apalachicola June lSth. 1855. tar I. I
others we apprehend, and if he ventor of the Ice machine ar ion A!' .. --

visit." Claude Is hunting in this life, ho wants the place he will have to g >tout frigeration "*. ..-4 1s
as described In his 1
--- ems to have found It. Aggressive L1whe
and hustle for it in company .J .i
No. 8080 Aug. 22, 1850. A' ,
Utltaa Itasocll. the actress, has journalism always moans water at with Gilchrist, Browne et al. with l -
devoted his talents to th- _
t bad men a varied and extensive exP the bolllns temperature.The no man wise enough to say with fit of mankind. This monun "...

.lnre la matrimony and such whom the popular preference lies. .ni \ ""
erected by the Southern 1 P'S
diversifies assortment of husbands Alabama legislature U to assemble There Isn't a trace of public enthus- *" ....
change, 1889. ,
Cat she U well equipped to : in extra session early next I 'urn on any State Issue Just now. bar- "This monument was tlon (W ...

fir ome good advice! on the subject. month and one of the specified sub ring prohibition.! Public sentiment I* "" ..,
April 30th 1990. In the
,t t'1f' ny among other things: 1:18Ith which it is to deal is the i stagnant for Industry bas the call, lion of ( ...
, the city, and is an \re
-| want to warn girls against pros reform of the criminal law in the I and It will take a politician of the sect reminder to this getters*s K ..

i fxmU UlateJ with the smell of whist matter of granting ne"trals.: A magnetic kind to rally any consider to those who shall come aft*' ,.""

,.,. Sash marriages are always un- statute will be proposed that will refuse able following in his behalf for any debt\b.'ch.science and the Tth.*

I i a9i1." a new trial In any case upoo oCce. Mr. Trammel is a fine young .*
to One whom
I Apalachicola !WtT/
ife. lame actress, now old enough purely technical grounds and oni. I man who has made a most creditable 6s
claims as her own. John O t$
to tie passing out of the false glare for career for himself e Sta
reasons going d'rectly to tl>
ted .?on life by the footlights says nueston of guilt or Innocence will wants to run for Governor Insteadof October up, thO. .- ww
3rd 1803; he was _
Out every grl should be religion such trial be granted. Here is Senator the way is open. But like nortbei4orpand !
as a physician in a
"".UcloD belps her over the rough great reform at last in sight Other the rest of them, be will have to go to-It. i
came to Apalachicola

places in life.V ith It she will be States, it is to be hoped will follow after tbe votes for the votes won't where he occupied many p* ,

good -unW she wishes to be bad." I tre example of Alabama come to him. public trust, beside continn



r T = x ._._. .- -'- .....:-L......;.._ 6IIJ1

r Mii i.1. .:(1 aii. ?t\ .I 9t;;'** I'W :K"'J ""i f.1' ...-ii \ 1 ;i .'. :! ( \'Di j'iWii: .



..... I Miss Myrtle Wade and mother ar- Tiger Lake Items.
LOCAL isor GUNS isor
I II rived in the city last night and will There was a Sunday school picnic '

Friday DaU,. Nicer Line of \II'"ff make their future home In Lire Oak. teld at Tiger Lake Saturday, October 1

Prom Having brought back over > ]LQ.tetDeon.s Miss Wade has purchased the Live 5tb, which was a splendid oc-
D. Whatley. the genial secretary (\p .r,
W. Cotton Growers' $2,000 worth of Guns with me, Ioffer I Oak Drug Store from Mr. Bell casion. Supt. G. H. Dorman led in 1
of the County ;
Association, Is here today, mixing same at prices that defy and will continue the business at the all the exercises. The program 1

competition.Single barreled Rem- same stand. J. M. Wynn, the very consisted of temperance speeches and 1

with his friends. It he&t'ttht efficient and popular manager of the school work and 4
ingtons new, $6; double barreled lectures on Sunday 1
store, will continue. Miss Wade bela; the Bible by the pupils of the school.
Kid Cross arrested on a charge ofgrand hammerless guns new, $15.
I Iomltn1. fortunate enough to secure his ser- This shows the and Influence '
larceny, Is a new recruit ou $1,000 worth of second-hand guns '
e.t f' ')1'1 vices as manager. Miss Wade is a .
of efficient superintendent.
the criminal docket for the October x11 prices. Repeating rifles and our
graduate of pharmacy and a registered York, of Live Oak followed in a lee-
of court. pistols at cost.
term pharmacist, and will also be In
: ture to both Sunday school children

I. L. Jowers. who live in the SEE THE ELEP : the store. She comes here from and parents, in which be showed the "
1 New Smyrna where she has been in ]
school to children
Rocky Sink neighborhood waa on our benefits of Sunday ,

streets today, trading and looking Wolfe Corner business recently, but was formerly and he encouraged. parents not to j

business matters. on From Wednesday's Daily.J. from Bartow, wheer with her father', sen dtheir children to Sunday school
S. of Pine Is they conducted a drug business IUCi -' i
----- -- ------ -- ------ Poucher. Grove but to come and bring them. He as

Jno. Foster was arrested night before From Monday Daily. in town today, trading. i cessfully. Miss Wade has acquaintances followed by our able pastor Rev.

last on a charge of assault and R. O. Dennard of fowling Park, here who are very glad to wel- Peacock, In which he said his whole

attempt to commit murder. lie gave spent Sunday In the city. Rufus Harris of Dowling Park bIn come her to Live Oak, and the good work in life would be put to the cause ;

the city today on business.J. citizens of the city will give her a
bond for his appearance at a preliminary of God and to fight his opponent with
W. II. Hull, of the Hearbt settlement kindly greeting. Miss Wade Is a *
hearing before Judgo Co.er !!- all his power.
is in the city today trading.P. S. Stewart, of Lancaster. Is In most estimable young lady who will
Quite a number of visitors from 1
town today on business.J. richly deserve a liberal patronage for
Live Oak and Philadelphia churches
M. Lanier, of Ro&>burg was her business. .
J. JI. Brown and S. J. Brown of ; were present, and we were glad to j
among the visitors In town this morn- M. Drown of Rocky Sink. U --
the Rocky Sink settlement, were have them with us.
.ng. among .ne visitors in toe city today.G. Confederate Veteran Reunion.
among; our friends from the country I A number of the Christian people jJ j

this morning who are In town traJEd. Word has been received from the met at Mr. J. R. Mills last Sundaynight J
I Mr and Mrs. A. D. Hemming went W. J
Drowdy and son, of Pine assistant: general passenger agent ot
Ist. I and prayer meeting,
to Wellborn yesterday to visit their Mount, are visitors in the city today. the Seaboard Railway that, on ac- After 1
by Miss Maggie Horne. s'ns-
Tillman Is the father of a fin 3 daughters. Mrs. Frost and Mrs. count of the Reunion at Pensacola en ing and prayer by several the meet- j

to mithson. Mrs. Bearer of Suwannee Station October 21 22d and 23d. that the
tight-pound girl that came ing adjourned to meet next Sunday .
.- *as in town this morning shopping'
will sell round tickets
his home yesterday. Mr. trip at $6.00.
trlihten night at Mr. J. M. Heltons.
K. A. Mills, of Luravllle. one of Su-
lives In the Pine Grove set good to return October 26th.
Tlllman The B. Y. P. U. held a meeting
wannee's oldest and most energetic II. T. Jones! a prominent farmerS .I
Uem nt. Tuesday night, furnishing a program
citizens was In the city early this O'iriea. 1* in town today trad
Criminal Court Today. that was splendid.
Cotton morning with a bale of cotton for ing.
The Suwannee County The Criminal Court Is busy with Mrs. Fanny Gay, of Brookflell. .

Growers are In session this afternoon market. Mr*. J. H. Scarborough, ot Ella- the docket and several convictionshave Ga.. is here on a visit to her parents j

ltd will be addressed by Cbas. H. been secured. In jesterday'j Mr. and Mrs. W. II. Home, who have
The sad Intelligence wee received vllle, spent the morning In town, j
Drown m the great cotton contention account we had the fine of Jas Nealat been quite til for some time. She is
hero this mornir:; of t:.\, tkJ: 1 ot sfioppinp.
h< i IJ In Atlanta. $200. The fine itself as imposed expected to return home soon.
I.UIln.! the ; i\-> ;ar-old daughter of
I'1.. Lanier of Rossburg. was a wad $350: : or as an alternative the Mrs. J. V. Brown spent a few days :
Mrs. W. T. 1'oucher of lit. Olive
few miles 1
1h.11 Skeene, who lives a neighborhood. This Is a doubly sad i business visitor In the city this morn- payment of $200 and all costs and for last week with her parents at White
to his
<**t of town had a the father of the defendant who is Springs. They have been sick for a .
nine- bereavement for the mother as sue Ing. .
someVednesday. was a but a boy. to take him home. This short time, but she left them much
was left a widow only a Short time
poand boy, who will take up I
would be his removal from the county better.
J. M. Allen a farmer
sin('('. The funeral services *lll lp prosperous
needless to
It Is
abode ttere. say I
held this afternoon at Pine Grove from Rural Route Number Six, call- as his parents do not reside In Miss Bertha Mills of Live Oak.
8k *oe U the proudest man in his I
BtUementW cemetery by Rev. B. T. Rape of Wellborn at the Democrat office and moved up Suwannee county.In made a pleasant visit to her parents

I and the interment will be ia hU subscription! to the Daily Democrat the case of Charlie Bonier, the I last Sunday.

oae year.WANTED !solicitor has filed a new Information Miss Kate Ramsy. of South Carolina
A. Pert of Dowling Park, Is the Pine Grove cemetery. Mr. Pots- I
covering the former charge and the who has been visiting friends
among those who hare been arrest- darner sent out a very beautlfnl i
orders for Victors old one dismissed. This cbarge was
asket this morning. jour and relatives in this section returned J
.i recently on a charge of selling
and records ten thousand records for i selling' liquor without license. The to her home Sunday.
tl*tor without license. lie had a pre-
wholesale retail. Catalogue case of Jno. Foster charged with assault -
fall and
I Ifrt' Mills of Su
Umlairy hearing before Judge Con- Fnrtn Tuesday's Daily. Mr. Shelton one our
of 'st \'. Metropolitan Talking Machine and attempt to commit murder wannee county boys and now the
Mr, aid was bound over to the Octo- C. II. Adams Pt'rry.asL gut :I
U before the Jury as to
.., term of the Criminal Court. of the city yesterday. Co., Jacksonville Fla. w-tf go press. bookkeeper for a firm In Brunswick,
In the of Anderson Jordan
I case Ga., is visiting his parents, Mr. and
li,rtS Rlckerson: has made some extra '
efforts after the blind tigers W. P. Allison Is in the city today The County Commissioners are In charged with selling liquor. Jno. Mrs. M. V. Mills. Shelton is made

there from out on It. F. D. No. 1. .session today and have been making Jackson was a witness and on being of the material that shows him to
Uuly and
as a consequence
I called, failed to answer to his name
.ill bt several cases of this nature the final review of the tax books be an bonor to his parents.

IB before Judge Carter i' :\. R. Peacock, of Perry, wan a visitor previous to the acceptance by the and was fined by the court $:v. and Miss Belle Helton made a visit t'J '

In the city yesterday.Miss board and their being turned over to an attachment issued. friends and relatives at Porter last
Sam White charged with larceny
hvwi Saludal'. Dally.J the tax collector. Other matters are wtek.
Besslo1gvlns of Pine Grove was tried and a conviction secured.
II. Allen, of Pine Grove is aM4ttot also up before ie board for coaslderation. The Tiger Lake church delegate
is in the city today visiting.J. .
which has kept them busy
I. the city today. consisting of Misses Bell ellelton and .
letter to ILV.. Hclvenston
moat of the entire day.Sherit Pasha Mills Mr. Waldon Ambrose
1'. Holland of Dowling Park, Live Oak Fla.
J. IL Weatberlngton of Wellborn and Mr. G. H. Dorman are attending
was among the prominent visitors in Is still sick
liickereon quite
Dear Sir: The easiest we
Ie way
,1It.r1'4 at the Ethel today. the Baptist association at Ginning,
the city today. at his residence and the court workis
know-of to make a little money is- Hamilton county Fla., this week.

J L. \\ hit, of the Pine Grove set- falling to Deputy Hemming, who if you're going to paint-to paint Roswie Peacock, of Mayo was

.*.*.1. .M here yesterday. P. H. Lewis of Suwanner Station in hustling around loklng after It, with the paint that takes least gal visiting friends out here Sunday.
's In the city today attending to business -
I however in good shape. Mr. Rick- lons. BLUE JAY.

Are Marable, from Genoa wa : affairs.P. eracm is H material witness In a number I Take a small job; say it takes Id

..... the visitors: In town yoster- I of the cares on the docket, w hkh gallons Devoe, two coats; that's an Council i Pr reedlns' .
M. and wife of New I
Padgett ,
tV aft.raooa.ft will probably necessitate tbewover casgldng >>I average house. When the job H
River spent Sunday in the city with I Live Oak. Fla., Oct. 15. 1907.
; until next term done and the bill comes-In it is $il; I
:Mr. Padgett's sl ter. I __ Council met pursuant to recess.
L Lasser of Lanier Station, the paint etc $17. O; the rest is hrl

.M a t..is... visitor to the city yHO \\'.\ 'T -Five thousand cords, labor and cartage; the labor Is fixing Present: C. II. Brown president of

*...r Mrs. H. 1-:. Harctts, who has been foar-fo fatooJ., $3.90 per cord the surface, shifting ladders scaffold Council and Mfcrnien D. G. Bardin

visiting her mother Mr.. MeAlpin. delivered la Lire Oak. Live Oak pulleys and ropes, and brutlbill .oII T. S. Anderson J. M. Barclay. S. J.

.M Honks. of the Grover neigh went to Citrus je terday.V. MatHifacturlas Cu. w-tf paint. White and J. 1:. Wool.Major .

..rt..4, .M trading In the city jea Take another jub exactly like that; George E. Porter came before

..*.!, \ H. Clarke Is In the city from Yesterday Marshal Haddock had U try another paint; It takes 12 sal- I the Council asking tnat the

fowling Park and leaves this afternoon -I Ii round up a negro woman who bal Ion*. The bill Is $10 more. Take Council extend the electric light

lire. Jan k Blackburn and SOD from i for Jacksonville, where he goes'to ran amuck and she was carried before another exactly the same; another I .last franchise for a period 01

at lUitord neighborhood were In look after some business affairs.J. a lunacy commission yesterday paint; it takes 20 gallon The Mil i twenty-five years After due consideration -

.....,Ql afternoon, trading. t afternoon The commission at!- is $lee. of the matter, it was the

+ M. Bailey has purchased the judged her Insane and site will bj There to only ODe Devoe- there's a pi..Jon of the body thai sii! extension s

'. W HtiUeti and Mr* Hastings Cleveland Hotel at Ft. White and will sent to the State asjlum for the insane down 1:-gallon paints and 10' that be granted and the city attoi-

*tllfcorB, ure In the city this refurnish It and put on a flrst-clasa today. tike :20 gallons to cover a I0-galk ney as Instructed to draw an ordinance [

*"tia1> trading and paid the Demo- service for the traveling public. Mr. 'ob. to that effect which ordinance

*\* Wmat call. Bailey will leave for Ft. White tomor- Quinsy, Sprains and Swellings Cur"tl.I The only difficulty is it 11HU. -oqt shall be presented for considerationat

-- row to take charge. I "In November 1901. I caught coM 1)@nlle.fWt' that you sage work; next session of the body.

'. I. Corb+tt. of the Pine Grove -- I and had the quinsy. My throat was I I tten '. fees work In 10 than fa 12 Oa motion Council adjourned.

"&''*' 004. was here yesterday In Walker Payne leaves ibis after- swollen so I could hardly breathe. i'' or 20 gallons; Ids paint to bay and C. II. BROWN

w*at at the Cotton Association I noon for Atlanta where he will takea I applied' Chamberlain's Pain Balm andIt less to bnuh-OB and teas wages to Attest : President of Council.

*..Vg sad looking after business I that S. P. MAYS City Clerk.
course at the Medical college In I gave me relief in a short time. la
llatra. pay.If
city. Mr. Payne is a very capable I two days I was all right." says Mrs. Dvoe were only a littte better ---- --- --- -

straight-forward young gentleman !Chamberlain's than otber*, there'4 be sass dlfflulty -

**. Cheshire and E. M. Cheshire. and Hi friends here will wish him Pain Balm fa a Hnlnaeat andis in >fifrdfefe-out the difference. THE BON TON

M 0.-. were among those In the well In t is new vocation. Ii specially valuable for sprains a.d I. It goes tw lee M far a* half the

tit, 1e+,"4IJ. attending the Cotton swelitnga. For ate by Barclay k paints; that oagbt to be s+asy. AH are invited to inspect' my tine of
", meting aad looking art C. W. Irvin returned from a trip Groo\er. and all drnuistseetw It wears longer too. Yoa'll wait & new fall goods. Hats dress goods.
IBS matters down the West Coast jeeterday after good while if you wait to find-out laces, embroideries hose underwear,

noon. He got as far down as the FOR \LK. how long it wean; there arj '&lUU' corsets, all ready now for inspection.New .

I ***. a gray horse for sale ten orange section and since seeing ia I Good house and three lots of land sands of people who know that the voile skirt just arrived

r1 U. la very good condition orange grove In full bearing and also I and store house on West End of least-gallons paint wears Ion res* Standard Pattersns. Fashion skeet

I "' U4 able. kind and gentle. Have I '\ number of fine grape fruit tree 1 Howard street. Will sell or exchange Yours truly I given to any one who calls for same.
.. t1 aa I i-ed U why I will want loaded with fruit be has almost forgotten I for small country farm. Apply 36 F. W. DEVOE & CO. I Come, look while In town.
"e..Jl. ADDI l ly to this office. J. 1.1 about some of the big thingsTe at Democrat office or address P. S. Suwannee Hardware Co. eel I

;,-ll left in Texas. i Box 593. Lire Oak Fla. s27-4 our paint d-w j I Mrs. C. W. Bache.r .

tif -


... .
--'h '- ,,1
... ..-..... i i.y

'.......r.. 10"' _: _r;; <'';:'Uf"l.: .;)-

THE .t\\EE DEfOCR. Fmn\y. CTOnEI 18. 1901.
- -- -- -


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4-- ___ __ u __- --

the chance for victory for Demo- : GREAT FIGHT ;;;ON--l+ TUT IV M\NILA. '! ... 1.. ':\C., i.., n.'c" ihwt-

WIRELESS WORKS TODAY crats brighter. Asked about the'I Manila Oct. 15_- Secretary TaU ':'It'?", i '. .1 'lit itt nt'Lrysd4aiw ,

position of Judge Prltcaard. In the IlaiTitnati and Fish Struggling for : (),-.' initnlh 'a.-;,o.f J Led U4bnta
I arrived her at I :i') p. m., today
, recent sensational fight between the Control of Illinois Central from lion; Kong and received an enthusiastic ;i.ral.J.L'y "'.. 'a Ii ..
Federal court and State court in 'I Hallway. ..
MAKOOM SYSTEM HANDLING i welcome. t itf.iv'e'v I. The youtj mus

f TRANS-ATLANTIC .$Siti ; North Carolina, Mr. Bryan said: Chicago, Oct. 15.-B. H. Harriman I looked as If the would fatal! 6Den

Some outrageous conduct ia alwajs a.vrovr toJJ thiJ "Ol-",
, was today by an order of court depiied IlIKm.NClIXM WILL VOTK t)UVNo
necessary to make the public of the voting power of 286- I II ck" ff'\'o'iv.J bin ".AD" tJ'oato.

t THE PRESS DISPATCHES FIRST act. Judge Pritchard in his opposI- 731 shares of Illinois Central stockin lut1hly \\:.) to Stem Inhibition fact that he lot one eye I* t J.rs
iti! tion to rights of North Carolina ..
: sup- the annual meeting of that rail- Tide. 'She was also informed that k.

plied that outrageous conduct. road company, which opens at noon Birmingham Ala., Oct. 1 J.-- I an export at cackling like a I..

4t Mr Bryan said the Southern rail'a's tomorrow. The order of the court crowing like a rooster tad hooC
Birmingham is going dry. The whi&- I
11er..Rcy of CvngnitulatorNature ,
attitude in refusing to allowState's was practically identical with the !!ik" an owl, but outride of then ItI j jcomplhhm
Kxchanged I' key people themselves admit there ic
attorneys to examine books I
modification nta he the kl>i d
asked by the attorney: was
no earthly way to stein the prohibi-
--- ---- indicated that there was something of Mr Harriman. Both sides claim : tion tide. After January 1, 1908, the I negro that people usually Un 1
[ to and that
conceal Judge Pritchard
mind when they refer to ODe M Wl j ji
Ql&ou Bay. :0:. S., Oct. 16.-As already in refusing to allow investigation ot a victory Mr. Fish because the enjoined Imperial county of Jefferson will join
I I i triflin and
announced, the Marconi wlreIfs |I| books appeared to know more about I shares will not be effective atthe the ranks of thirty or more counties 1 ; no-account Lit
The lad the
Btatlonb here and at Clifden Ire- I liD Alabama that have already settled ) was
their contents than bP cared for the election, and )lr. Harriman be- : Park told hertz
hotel where she
land, Mil be opened for the transmission -i public to know.VOCLI'T 'I' I the great moral issue The election
cau his modification I
becuredMNIiTrKN *
was She said that she bad been corr
] of trans-Atlantic busine s I will take place on Monday. October
I tomorrow. The first day will be occupied -1 2S, and in the meantime the ponding with Rev J. J. Roberts iI
\ C.I\K IP M\G\V : wiRE: MLLUi1U f prohlbi-I had become engaged to bio, c:*
chiefly by the handling of! tionisiti will wage one of the
------ I that white man ui*
-- ing was a
press dispatch fights in tie history of Birmingham

Them will consist, in a great part. : io'.llIr lirowardOrder About lh"'j.llill.f a British Railway's!i which, I'boonix-like, has grown to be niinlfct-r of the Gospel She bid pit

of messages of a congratulatory na; Mnnkrrr Not Honored. Train i iShrewsbury the metropolis of Alabama during D in communication with b'

ture, exchanged between the press of tbirt\.-t.h years.t'.t'1R through a correspondence Rsomething
\ sjHtial dispatch to the .
Sa\ann England Oct. 15: -A i, ; M
.,ew ork and London and London 0 :\.. ---------- -- of the sort. She had
wb from Moultrie Ia)s: train made up of passenger coaches 1d
and Montreal The first message ; I i .Inl'EJluXT yt come engaged to him t and t*
"Sheriff J. A Collier returned from bound from Scotland and the northof I I yi **
t'ast"ard111 be from Sir Wilfred tH'ot br the: mone.. 'o pay to
-- ---
D.ido Cit)'. Fla., where be went last England to Bristol, left the rails !
Laurier premier of the Dominion ot : 1.1.1": ll<'r 11-onuMxl Ilu-Utnd andtivrritktl i to Lake Park,
week for Keastan. who is wanted toantr as it was entering the station here at |i i bonH'and
who will congratulate the | : "HurntEYt..JH'1was
U' Canada
In Discover Him
an -arU hour this
to a niurd.T cb"arfit'* in this morning.in !, *
English people uponDe establishment 1 I was asked about the matte
county. teen persons, including ten pabsenger a X egr.Valdosta .
of this new means of comunica-I i I I. appeared to be as much eurprl*!*
'Although the sheriff; went armed were killed and thirtj-nlne were ( Ttm..s.)
tion between Great Britain and Can- the woman was. He bald be ha4-
with a requisition from Governor When the T*
ada. Southern train corresponding with a lady l II
t Smith granted Governor Browardof tl\ d
reached Lake ...
The first westward message will Park mont and had !I.> "m': enga
Florida, the pri..on commteelon of eauvc of the accident. It is
suggestd | last (
Saturda\, d.
be a pm dispatch to New York and there stepped from thepttdwnger hoe!'. but he tbou;h' .-'" .aia'
Florida refused: to give up Keagan that as this Is the third accident I
will be filed early tomorrow morning coach a young woman who lady" He says tha'. h. never drvotnas
who was found already at work in a of a similar kind within a year to a had come all the way from Vermont. ed she was a whit,. ,. W

pho pbate mlae at Dun&elloo It hag train entering a station on a curve She spent the night In
IIUYAV UOVT RIY.Maybe o Valdosta having thought nb*? vas a negro
not been decided as to what ste&sj the cauMmay be found la the failureof
: reached this *
city via the Atlantic The )OQDg wouian had tile *>
will be next taktn b> the court or-, the VM'UUDbrakes to revpon I. Coast Line. I
:t i lie Will He Candidate and Patby of the peojJ/t./ of (.ate""
ficcrs here, but they will tumor am here
not give up current that the She
; was not bad -
Mn>be Not looking at all and who will aiwtet her in i- turstig
the effort to get Kmgan back m!o'!' locomotive of the pa-iseos r train almost anyone would have

Charlotte. :\. C., Oct. 16.-The Georgia for trial." i iF.xMajor I was Making its first trip on this line get a second look at her. liar turned name to if she needs a sitJtao<:e. n.e"*

News this afternoon prints an interesting aDd that the driver had a pilot driver was Miss Middleton. When she created much mtep'fct and try

In tenIewith W. J. Bryan Willt"r Stripe with him because bwa chief wax
I & not fully stepped from the train she seemed to topk of conv'r u. \.n
who arrived here this morning and The acquainted with the road. It be
San Francisco. Oct. 15. district seems expecting some one to meet her. -
will speak tonight. Asked about his I! that somebody blundered, for the After ,
waiting a few Gtorsph)
attorneys office announces that moments to bee
candidacy for the presidency. Mr. engine was going at a tremendous it
said through an error of his counsel : anyone would approach ht'r. she Teacher tot ,.roatlhJJ-
Bryan : rate of speed when the accident happened asked
tome one about the tip
statioiit the largest the OhiO
"Whilst I hare not said I wouldbe Former Major Schmitz sentenced to I city on :
he new the llrv J. J. Roberts. ShagK-halrOd i'uN.: ClDC.I
a candidate, I have not said 1 five )ears in prison for extortion, has The inn thought a few ,.)
minutes and but It aln't es the O'.v Nett

would not." lost his right .to appeal to the sup- I OYSTER SITPEIL I confooded that he did not know such part oC the Ume.TeacherIsdeed'.

Mr. Bryan said state's rights would reme court If the coutentioa u At next regular meeting of Barrett a man. "That Is queer," she thought \\ '" :r II K I
Lodge No 43. Monday night, Oct. to herself! and -
probably be important issue in the good Schmitz will be landed in San I 21 there f continued to make rest of the time'Shaggyhaired
will be degree work and enquiry I. ii '

coning campaign lie said never wan Quentin penitentiary in a few davs wind up with an oyster supper : f rIDall' <.,.. wa informed that Chicago, Tribune. j J



ff i .-- jJ \

.i. ,. .J.... '..,;; -f. .{ $' .,. ;. .,: 'c. .. -" .
::6' ... .J;": ; "... :: ... ,,, .: .: .s .. _.


-.-'- ------ _. -- .. -

sosesosDO-x ocC. -

J. B. BARTON. President.

J.. BlUME, 1st Vice-president. H. M. WOOD, Chairman Finance Com.

D. L BYRD, 2nd Vice-President. ARNOLD P. MICKLER, Cashier. .

Capital and Stockholders Liability, $100,000.00. ,


The Citizens':' .. Bank of Live Oak



A Bank: of Stability. We Solicit Your Business. 1 I II II I Ii Ik


n n _______ _
,'" ;" .
The National Farmers' Association

INTER 6000S :SAME MONEY EmOriUIT Store NeWS. SAME 630DS FOR LESS MONEY with throughout a the membership United State eitendJnc and

r.irt3DA1 Canada will convene In this city o*

OCTOBER 15, 1907. U 5. HARVARD, Proprietor. PHONE 159. FREE DEUVERY H October 17 for Its annual mft'U.".
'--'- - --- --- -- ---- which will extend for five days. Maiy
St,1T- I SHOES. prominent men will address tile association

among them Con,......
:IIpalt'ol of fine tailored Preparation for the heavier Correct in style and making-else Just a word about our shoe department -
Cummins, of Iowa; Governor Bro-
No two alike. Coats are loose, dresses must now begin in earnest these garments wouldn't be here.
ward of Florida and GoreroorFrantz
You will shop wisely and Under The "Ultra" line for women has
short medium regular
vx & 4 t lilt fitting; prices merely be- of Oklahoma.Eyesight .
*: | o> g rgtks. Alterations free. well if you get the needed dress cause it's our way of doing. Women given better satisfaction than any y

v, |'j nnl"' a perfect fit goods here. end girls should provide the fall cos- shoe we ever handled. We carrya

Just now we are able to offer tume this week, and should get it complete line of shoes and Oxfords Restored tbMk

excellent new fabrics, in the favored here. for ladies, children and ins I

shades, at prices that urga iants. See our line of schools EYEGLASSES MAY I'.E AUXNUOX-

economically inclined women to COATS.Woman's ) before buying elsewhere. ED

share in the bargains. I

54-inch broad cloth, all color, long coats-on of style. C !1 A Wonderful DIscoterjrTHat t' rrrri.
at 9Sc 'a yard. C Afflicted;
I of the Eye Without
II Droad cloth, ladies' cloth Kersey I
36-inch briallant, ..; :q Ct3. Cutting or Drugging.
and mixtures in blaek, brown grey,
I S'lnch.iHe at $1.00. Ti ere Is no need of cutting drugging
i i'anawa all colors, 60c to carter and tans. Loose and fitted
or probing the ejes for the violet

$1.M01 model Exquisitely tailored. Beat I I of most forms of d'sease. as a new

I Flannels, outings madras, linlgs and trimmings. All sizes in i methodthe Actlna trtatbal

II I silks, ginghams chambry an:! one style or another. Prices, $6.50 : been discovered which eliminates the

II I I domestics will be found In large to $30.00. See the window display. ': /' ... ,.,.:..;....-._ necessity of form r

quantities and very close price. torturous me
1 KKM.YAXTS. I :&laOd, There is uu
-- .
HAtH'1S. <:: risk or necessity of if*
We atlll have a large assortment experiment s M4A

t.ffoo, Panama and voile skirts Did you sleep warm last night! I i i many people report having been I
mill ends of ginghamschambrymad
IB black' brown and bue! plan and Let us show you some good Values HOYS' OVKUCOATS. cured of failing eyesight cataracts,
rag vernal and table. linen. Pricesare .
wan ,,*tar trimmed. One of a style. in blankets, 75c to $5.00 a pair. ; We have a small line of boys' g granulated lids and other aOHel'ons

' Prices, ft,SO to $30.00. No charge Comforts, $1.25 up. $3.50 fur lees than wholesale at the present i overeats, 4 to 1% years sizes, !lof the eye after being pronounced In
.*K I
!ran alterations.Al the best down comforts. j market. I prices $3.50 up. U I i curable through this grand dkcov-

v&. dill 111'1"1] ::: !: U .."'.... c. II I t: .r
Imllllll'l; l'PiiJd I 'I I I I i'iliW"d;; ; ['Iii:'; :: ery.i

NM i I Rev. Charles II. Carter. Ha..1

.OiseI tion for tax deed to issue In accordance : i II I iSpriDgfieid.. N. Y.. writes:_"1 have: F

. .... tennerly's PLANT PRICE LIST "j Du&p r too PPI' 1.lIOO Pet' :I' t a; t I:'1 ds 0 1 with law. Said certificate embraces A TREMENDOUS[ [ STORM I! made a severe test of Actlna by eating

(' !rsedes I all Previous. Lists.) -' aem -u--+.e the following described property 'I aside my glasses as soon a*
lk'iullt'rli) 1t.r1t.11ik 1--I I IJffMJ situated in Suwannee County I ,\eUnacaVIl'. My eyog gradual

> Wakefil'IJ (Early) .......................... I I :
..11 1.25 1.00 Florida, to-wft: East one-half ot SWKF.P1.MJ: OVLU SOITIIKK.V: !gained strength and power by tttf
.,. 1..f1 a Charleston }Vakefidd (Second early) .25 a.'I'I .
Mt''kIft (Relit Medium Early) ....... ....... 's uth'"est one-fourth '6f Section 27, "ririlbi'K; :-GREAT DAMAGE j! faithful treatment by AeUoa. andnow
'V .........._ I ,
1.art. StM.rt-Stt"m Drumhead (Late) glasses
I t ; Township : south. Range 15 ea+t. I my are DO longrr sew.
.... LlTU'nC: October : ) Irakfornia t I "
Sv acres. sary.
444M Cream Hutter ............................. t ,O. 1.00 ,, C I j
.pC I4.ten (Extra Fine Strain) .................. .25 .)oJ .ou .7a The said land being aaeefleed at VIllAGE( IS ; Rev. Goo. B. Falrte-ad. New rut
cr.tun'. (November I) > the date of the issuance of such certificate j I M:lls. N. Y., \\"rltw-"A sated. oruist

.Iff C.lirs S lf.Ulanching (I'rench Grown Seed.25 .:;0 2.00 I 1..5 I'(1.0 in the name of Unknown. .1.\ examined my wife's p>ea aa.l _M
CAELIPLOIV'Elt.iartY: I I Unless said certificate shall l*> redeemed ('Jataraetaa apparet in Mth ev.a>.

... Stwwball (Beat Strait) ......... ............ .50 1.00 7.50 6.50 500UIIu according to.law, tax df'f'dI I ."1 S"'PI"k.. I By the use of Actlaa bwr sliM ... k-.

%, (Iktuher :U) I i 1! will lease tbereoa oa the IStk day of literal ltnad o I, cottt- clearer and nifowr ..4 n...
4$ a1 Wu (Tent'riffeGI1/wn Seed)..............' 5 .3() 1.00 I .iCsp ') i I .75
t'lle of Aetiaa ia _
Noveaber, \ 1) 19 7.Witoeac a cenatMt _f
: -- -- -- --- --
a, SPIT ((klul.er2iI: ) :
I i f to let and We .. .
my official s'gaatMre aadaeal eyes ra. SM a
..sele [ash Mhlel, Cmebii's Etryptian. and Ett'Ctric.25 .36 1.50 ::;5 .60 I '
Paris Oct. 16.-Tbe bole of i be "
this the 17th day of OctoW'. without It.
... pteitu frown. from our best strains of seeds. We are farmers our'e.J I I I
tt iMo. heap se<*d don't r>ay. All plants are packei nicely in baskets .\. I). 19U7. soothers Europe ia ia the grasp of atrnaeadons II. Rev. C. DruBber. PaMor fill |>. M

> halt a...... K.] |Uiit4 shipped C. O. D. When you buy plants, buy from relia- (Seal J. W. BRYSON. storm, accompaated :)1'I'I! formed Cborcb. HrMgeimrt. pan ti1to+
4slux I. ., \V.. era-not jobbers. t
.e: ar plant grow
Clerk Circuit Court S.waaB' lOG': "i I torrtntlal rains. This, eomiag OD tbe writes-"So far yo>r A.tle h.-

". Kenne ly's Seed Store, ng Palatka, Florida. ty. Florida. w-oct8-4t heels of the UB..recedeat d raiafalUi duos me good sal my .,..'. ....

1 -- --. --- greatly improved sad I h. ...,
r. I and suc(<:! *loa of floods of the pant i i

tofa cordanceith law. Said certificates Notice f.f .\pp'lratbn for Tax 1KI three weeks, is caaaiog very greatdistrew. bOfle'.tkat by coaUa vt.c mt .,
GINNING embraces tie following describeproperty d ; sight will be nwtored."
** I fader Section H of Chapter
; situated in Suwannee Count I The storm area extends from Morocco i Huadreds of r....r ......1.
bills j JKSH, 1.1\\\ of H 'riU.
; Florida to-wit: No. 337, southwest northward over Portugal Spa!n will be seat on apptt aUoa.is \etl..

The Union Gin is one-fourth of northeast one- (i Notice is hereby ghen that E. B.j i I and southern l- raJK'lt'. Warships off purely a home tr.atffi D-t .M

/ ; \tourth; No. S40; northeast onefourthof j MfLeran. parchawr of Tax Certificate -S| the Afrieaa coast and the Spaaisb 11 seht-admin stered. It.... W H.t ...
V at north end of Rock No. 7. dated the 5th day of June
;i Lot 5; No. 196 northwest oo- peninsula: have been obliged to seekshelter. I trial, postpaid. If you wW *..aJ fo..,
.11 II A. I). 1! OS. ha* filed said certificate
Road Rixford | tourth of southeast one-fourth; all I The French torpedo gunboat i!! same and addreM to the AetJM+ A.
srM near in
and has
my office made
.. of said land in Section 22, Town- application Caasini lost Mr profiler 'b.t I pliaace Co., DepC S3 B.. all Walt. I ran

.M I k ginning cotton reg- I I ship :5 south. Range 13 lat.I for with tax law.deed Said to issue to accordance ,I making port duriag the gale. ;'1: St., Kaaaaa City ><... fee Mil ,

... ; The said land being a.saeseed at certificate embraces The village of OW4. sear Barcc- ;;,, c Ive abaolately tree a ..!..>.1
I The rte
patronage : tl e date of the teeaaice< of such certiticate following described proerry lees, Spain, was literally washed I|: book-Prof. WilMMi'a ,.,...... ?
** I situated is Sun
r County
of the public is ;' in the namof ('nknowa. '' away by a cloudburst and the River
w* Florida, to-wit: Lot 523x210 feet, i
i I'ulet-s said certificate shall be re- i
Uobregat. fust south of Brekma, is ,
cordially solicited. ': domed according; to late tx d*- i aortheart corner Block 19, Wellboia. described as being! a ragtag tom! KOK .SALE.

-- will issue thereon on th.e ISth day of The. said land being fts ewed at and is constantly claiming new vic ; 1.;0 acres of the bla grad, .. laD"
-' | the date of the woaoee of
November, A. I>. 19U1. such certl- | lima.t the city of San S.ba..Ua., : the county Two ked ofj ...... -I

tos .GI hNG&I G S UPPLYCOh' Witness my official suture a.deal I State ia tbe same of Uakaow. |' too horth of Spain bas been ra T aaad. I 13 j i i head of cattle; 1 S b ad *f hi ...
I L'nlera said
/ certificate shall be
.. r >- I i tf :
> tbh th,: 11th day of October. : I by a violent burr case, which tore upj OllIe buggy and one wag.; 17 %
i deemed according to law. 'I'
tax dead
. .\. D. 190'7.: j trees aDd telegraph poles, blockedI tw.lela of cor a. Reason fr ........
*. II( will issue thereon oa the 18th oJt ,
... \p lC'atiun for Tax Heel : sean* J. W. BRYSON, day the railroad tracks aad stalled many ;!! 1 will go into other 1tsi.NSa & slde
t November A. D. 1'07. I I
**t Section M of Cliaptvrl Clerk t. : vuii Court. Suwaioee Cook trains. Telegraphic communication far...... Apply to J. S. Stafford

Law <,<,f Ilorida. j ty, Florida. w-Oct1.-!: Witness my oAciaT s'gnature aad between :Madrid aDd Sat Sebastian I I.f Sinterrupted. Lura vi.Joe, F1a.Ja.1JN4tato1r1a.
__ __ __._ seal th'4 the lath day of October
... N 0Ut. U her\by guen that J.V.. 1 N'otici->t App'icathui for Tax Deed 1' .\. D. lt97. ;f i !
.sat. Editor L'Bogle I
purchaser of Tax Certificates Under Section H of Chapter i <( ade4 ) Sri find IROVARDILL. HE THERE. I j I i Purged hlmpelf of contempt of JiidStewarts' *-
340. dated the 7th day JKfcS. Laws of Florida. ;, Clerk ClrewH OMit 9* Muw Cota-- I iM
.tt'hDl. A. I I, I I| court and got, a..c;.aage 01
D. iwt. anj Tax c rti- Notice is hereby given that D. W. ty. Florida. w wtlSUH I Ind I I
Ba tr venue to Batto in tw.- trim n.,I
nl, dated uri"t:1 ) .\ Two Other the 6lh da f trow'n''burctas) er of Tax Certificate"Sio. -- }
&M 4 n. fl : F'arun's'a' .1.ax3athn i ; j Itkl ease against .him. brought b>'
t4.tala! : ldl, has tired Bald certl:I 'dated; the 5th. day of Juao.A.wD.f905 1 C. HotiMi. wf Faltt.i.ta, eawei .!I National : '.' I lOrahaaa. oa the ground that he eaA
'IDJ omce, and has made apj ; has filed said wrtifteat* p froM Fe *oHoway tMs arenfas t ,In Oklahoma.Cttr. I J I I impartial "
tKcet. : eejiida't get an
.. jury In
.. tax deed to Issue in ac-,1.7 my office and has made applica-. t1a bmsinese. :r .IJWarta Okia. ,. Oct H. F allaoatee! _eoanty. .

I II Il 1 I.

LL l


...... ,'- ,,>,.. :--
.,-, : ,,' jfI
.- .. ..
-- ...- a .o. > t 1 .
y. i

r ; THE sew A.' "EE DEMOCRAT FRIDA. OCi..BER 18. 1907. s

Responses by Major Gen. E. M. MIMHtMHIimm .

Annual address by the division ii

Jewell.commander Major Gen. William H. I r' Do 2/ou Wish to TJjaJce rf Owi

Afternon session-Annual z

LY DESi'ROVED Rev. J. B. Mitchell of Orlando, on I' f Way fn Uhis WorldIf?

The Old and the New South with In-

INJURED cidental music. ilF SO, ATTEND- _
MORt THAN 600 \WfRf Regular order of business, and re- ,

port of committee on credentials. I "

Evening session-Vocal quartet. : .

ltuildings Torn to I'uvex More Than Messrs. Garfield, Anderson, Bushnell 9 --- ""

Two Mile Away and Walker. i

Recitation, violin and vocal solos I ( tt

by prominent musicians of the city.
Pontanet Ind.. Oct. 15.-Fontanot
today by Reception and banquet
practically destroyed
was Second day-AVer convening and \
of the Du-
the explosion of the plant
pont Powder Company. The dead hearing the report of committee, t
selection of the next place of meet-
number from ,twenty-five to fifty. *
ing and election of a division commander -I
More than 600 persons were injured .
and every building in the town was the veterans will board u

wholly or partially leveled to the steamer for Santa Rosa island, where The Standard Commercial Shorthand an T t g 9 '
1 t ground. they will be served with a fine dinner College in North Florida. We secure POSlllOM .

Where stood a thriving and busy and other delicacies.In all graduates.

town of 1,000 people this morning, the evening the veterans will II :SCHOLARSHIPS=

: tonight there is ruin and scattered attend the attraction at the opera -

, I wreckage.Without warning the powder mill}, the house Two and Little witness Rebels.the production of 'ii $40 $50 $75 and $90

9:13 -----
even in cumber blew up at Ii i ,
this morning. They employed 200 Inherits FortumBut Must Finish Si\ '

. ,, I men and of these feeventy-five were Years Term
at work when the first explosion oc- Asbury Park. X. J., Oct. 14.--11 f

curred in the press mill. In quick \\hen Frank Thompson, a convict in SOUTH

succession the glazing mill, the two th, State prison at Trenton, shall I ? BUSINESS COLLEGE.

I coining mills and the powder magazine have served his term of six years on Ii : Corner Ohio Avenue and Conner Street I

.j, 4: blew up, followed by the cap two charges, he should not find it :

t ;. mill. In the magazine, situated several hard to live an honest life. To his I+ i I.. M. II.\TTOX. LIVE OAK FLA. u, S. STE1'IigVI,
the mills, President and Proprietor. I
t } hundred )ards from great surprise he finds himself today Ii. iVincipaL

": were stored 40,000 kegs of powder. a wealthy man. In a roundaboutway !t+ t i

J. ''r.i When it blew up the concussion a letter from an attorney of J ++++++NN * *+++++..... . . . . . . . .N.NN.__N__

p :. Jl was felt nearly 200 miles away.: Manchester, England, has found its !.....tot 1111 > r-H M 11 11 11 i Ml 11 11 1111111 I H I I ill I i 11 1 j 11 j I I *<"> HH 11 M

I Farm houses two miles away ana .
way to him in prison, informing him -- -

school houses equally distant were that under the will of a wealthy relative -i $-$-$-$-'-$-$-S-- ,-$- $-$-$-$-$-$- -

torn to pieces, and their occupants I in England he has Inherited EARTHQUAKEINMASS. !1 1 .

injured. A passenger train on the |I 50,000.1 the close of his term I

1 Big Four railroad, four miles away the accumulated interest of years II .1

% i had every car window broken, and will bring his fortune to nearly f OO000. .- I TILE SHOCK LASTED TWO ORTHREK 1.

several passengers were injured by SECONDSfOllOWEDBYSHARPEXPLOSICN 1 f

i flying glass. i While Thompson was being taken I! ; Prompt Service,

.i The mills went up with three distinct i to prison in July he observed to the t Liberal Treatment !
followed ninety
explosions sheriff who acompanied him from the

minutes later by a fourth even moreS Freehold jail to Trenton 1
: i[i Absolute Safety. ;
serious than the others, when the "It's for
easy you men who have
magazine went up. Immediately following T r
good jobs to be honest. When aman's ;
the wreckage Alarmed People Ran ,.
I the explosion Greatly Many
down and out he gives way to '---- -
caught fire and the inhabitants of the From Their UOU'ol"8Lo..olI. t
temptations or starves to death. Givea e
t town who rushed to the rescue of T
i. man a good living and there's no
the mill employee, found themselves i reason why he shouldn't bo honest i Patrons of this bank speakI

powerless to aid those burning lathe Mass., Oct 15.-The heavy

; ruins. They worked frantically ]I'an I and ornament what your to well-fed society.moralists'. When call rumbling of an earthquake was felt I the highest terms of

Ii in constant danger from possible, In this city and in all suburban towns
Thompson has "done time" he will the accomodations .
t \ succeeding explosions unmindful oft : have an opportunity to live up to his at 7:30 o'clock tonight. The shock 1 they receive ,
: their ruined homes. lasted two or three seconds, and was F ,
philosophy.lie here.
: : : :
Eighteen bodies, burned and was convicted of stealing a followed by what appeared to be a

{ mangled; were carted to a protectedspot gold sharp 0\plObIon. In a few instances
purse containing $25 from theresidence
to await identification, while the chinaware was thrown to the floor
atII 2 Sewell avenue in
I badly Injured numbering upward of this place in July. and in many dwellings the dished

I f fifty were put 0;a special train and ----. -.- rattled. The earthquake alarmed TT

i taken to Terre Haute for hospital persons in various sections of the
\\Un Stricken With ,
> \1101'1.'\y OnWitnevs
4 accommodations. Nearly every ono Stand. city, and many of them ran from FIRST NATIONAL BANK

I of the 1,000 inhabitants carried their houses fearing that same great ,

blood on hands and face from his .>r Fitzgerald Ga., Oct. 14.-While disaster was impending. So far a*
the case of the State against Hall for
her own wounds, or those of people can be learned no great damage was
burglary;: was on trial this afternoon
who had aid.
required I dour at any point.
in Judge Wipple's court, the Dro- I Live Oak Florida.
I I The shock wan also felt in Lawrence -
PROGRAM ('U%Il'UrEIt wcutlng witness James Green was
at odonberry, N. II., and
lri'k..nItb apoplexy and fell from
other points in southern New Hamp I
For Great State Reunion of Confederate his chair. dying almost instantly. Mr. shire. 1

Veteran in I-t o..acola, Green was an aged veteran of the I
civil war and lived a short distanceout
pensacola, Oct. 14. The programfor OtFKR OF THE POSTAL "
of town. Judge Whlppte immediately -* vrr-* g $ t i) iir s-twill -'-"
the reunion of the Florida Division -
adjourned court until the
To -- ----- -
nplojes to Form --
of United Confederate Veterans. Union for
next day. be called the "Postal Telegraph
t whit his to convene here next week Their Mutual lieneflt.NVwr i i
3 on the 23, has been completed andit -- -- Dtployl'S' Association" and its object I
FOR S,U.K.I York, Oct. 14.-The following
will be to secure to the
Is anticipated that the meetingwill t company I I The Doctor
ahnotJiKni to the telegraphers in a loyal working force and to its
be ono of the most successfuland am offering my po1.ooe'ith stock, I
largely attended to be held in iced and farming tool, place about the employ of the Postal Telegraph members an employment undisturbed I

many years. Railroads have offered six miles from Live Oak, on the L. Cable Company was made last night: I by factions seeking to coerce orj Is KnowsI

cheap rates for the occasion, and ta O., P. & G. R. R. Place is well The Potal Telegraph Cable Company embarrass barons the company or +j
watered and close I Its e'Blployes, and its further objec. I i
r addition to the many hundreds of old to a good scbol appreciative of the loyal spirit! --
vets who will be here, it is expectelthat and churches a good place for a giu i will be to render financial aid to its :
displayed by toe i i
there will also be a large crowd and t'tore.pply to Democrat office employe who rtt" employes when sick or disabled and i ... .I .J,: t It
mused faithful and by those who I ; iIi
'jo. U'I
attracted to the eltr.t the same: or W :\. Whallt"). 'OlImSISTH.THlX also in case of death. The directions i
came to the aid when so many old !
limo, the Florida State Troops num- employee abandoned their duties believe -! in which such an association may extend I I|i lir often ..n..b t w t.. pneIt

bering about 700, will go in camp at ,\ .NOTICK. that its activities for the benefit of its; :i.11C little trou1 t..'" :r,.::, IkYf 1f'
this loyal
spirit may 1** : .
Fort Barrancas, and the young and Notice is hereby given that I. the strengthened! by association into a members may easily be been The j 3 5 ing into str.ou? 'L '

t ( old soldiers will mingle together in undersigned, administratrix upon the powerful agency for maintaining ;; company contemplates that this association j. UP doe, not hay t t11C :****
t, the city. The program for the occasion exptrimei;t .* e -* a r-
estate of S. E. Thompson, deceased, good relations between
the company may be made the means ofremedying j doctor and Inca1T'S .' ...,j &.
: as follows: will, on the 25th: day of November and its employes and the prevention ; I.
local I
!i First da-lO a. m., assembling of 1907. at the court house in Live Oak, of such movement aa culminated In complaints by affording j :
1 LOTS t:
convention in hall a a remedy by means of which I A .
armory and called -
Fla., present to J. N" Conner, County the occurrences! of last August, and I
to order by adjutant such complaints | your pretriptj.n loseSuwanhicc
general bo
f Judge, my accounts and vouchers of it has therefore in conjunction with ; may properlyconsidered .

Cot. J. Magill and sponsors and maid said estate for annual settlement its emplojes decided to form an alleodaUon and also that it may be I
I -
of honor present.Prayer :
September :0. 1307.ELIZABETH. of l pose employes who have turned to the purpose of self help ;
by the chaplain. Rt. Re7.
THOMPSON'. faith in the disposition of the company -, and the advancement of its members. '
Edwin O. WeedMimic. Spt. 20-60 days Administratrix. !]
to deal equitably with them who
educationally and mater- i
.\ CONVICTS Lt'CK.'I are opposed to strikes, commotion or ,
Address of welcome by Mayor C ially all or which obj ets will have i
coercive measures and who
r Goodman on behalf of the city. i' Wedding belie never ring for the plain truth that their own pros- the hearty support of the company I 1 Drug Company

Address of Col. C. V. Thompson. in I'I 'ee-mber and May if December goes perity is bound ap in the prosperity j| CLARENCE II. MACKAY ': ?I

half of Camp Ward V C. V broke. of the company. Such an association Presld n-. i'11: :
: f- -


.... ---_..... """

yt: -6"e c
i. .- i .,, _



:: PA8IIWO :: The Suwannee Democrat 'I PAGES 9 TO 16\\


t:: :::', :::I tw I f---Ml>.< A.rat 12. 1M7 LIVE OAK. FLORIDA FRIDAY OCTOBER 18, 1007. VOL. X..No. 20


] unto set my hand and caused the Sallie Williams Leon and Lawson
I great seal of the state to be affixed and John Foster are the aggregationwho

: at Tallahassee the capital this the will answer to various assault
8th day of October. 1907. charges ranging in degree from aggravated -

rtersw ANA I'KACfcFULLY l.N (Seal) N. B. BROWARD. GENERAL COUNHL OUT OF assault to assault with Intent WIIITE MEN ARE WANTED POR

OHIO r11'n'"TUR\ Governor.By FUNDS AND GIVES UP to commit murder. TUB R. K. MAIL BEKVKK

the governor-Attest: Other minor cases will be up for at-
(... ..... Oct 10.-Mr, .. Castile
H. CLAY CRAWFORD. tention but are expected to occupy
CeE.rvi, ..... aaasiag financial

y..ett.oe nlaluc.4 la the wreck'Ml Secretary of State. HE IS CURED[ ( SUSPENDEDLocal I only The a short Suwannee time Criminal for trial.Court hasa BUT fEW MAKE APPUaiKW

H .* OtorliB, 0.. bank, died In
IT IS GETTING SERIOUS.So reputation already for dispensing
lit .....'. card at the Ohio pent
justice without any needless delaj x
t..@u, ..* .'t at 10:16.: Mrs.Ct4 Few Hoalhf'l'ft1 tNi Seek Chit Unions Vote to Continue the Yesterday, the first day of the October More Negroes Are Befag Ikedved

.wk Bad b.ea la a comatose Service Pohltloni. Fight; and Declare HmaUV Than Are Wanted
term of the Criminal Court was
.es1 u.. for MB* hours previous toad Offlce Vacant
Oct. 12. That few I
Washington so well filled with business transacted.Two t.
L.r hatL tb. nil came peaco4r 1
white men in the South are seeking. cases were tried notwithstanding
,. He frWads or relatives wait Washington Oct. 14.-Owfag to
civil service positions is matterof
now a the jury was not empaneled until two
.. at lk. W...44.. only the prison deep concern to the officials of the New York Oct. 13.-President S. J. clock in the afternoon. Of these the fact that white men in the Bout 1TtlsK

ptye/c.... sad hospital attendant Postofflce Department A recent ex- Small appeared confident today that one was convicted! and one acquitted. show no great Interest in standing

1jirl.S ,*. *...>tt Her soa. Emil HOOTf. amination for positions in the railway the strike was at an end and hope Willie Pinkney was convicted of sellIng civil service examinations for the rail f.* tt

bas >.*. summoned from Cleve- mall service was held in various ful that his men would be re-instated'i liquor without license, and Tom way mail service the postoffiee department +RiV >}

h& kt 11. .e. Dot rspected to arM in the "The strike will be called off tomorrow is in a quandary. A few
points South and seven-eighths Walker was acquitted of a minor
.. -fw. .morrow, of the applicants were negroes. and the men will be back to charge. weeks ago examinations were held Im

--- The Postomce officials work" he said. various parts of the South for clerkships
Department Sylvester Thomas plead guilty when
TU KotT Tilt GAMULEIts. "Will you give a word of advice in the railway mail service bat
perplexed. that the
are They say arraigned to a charge of assault and

reason white men are not taking the to the men as to wbttther they should battery. J. J. Kinsman was arraignedand eight out of ten of those who stood

besets. I .*.. P.-. strung He- examinations is that vote to call It off and seek reinstatement them were negroes. In one Southern b.
so many negroesare plead guilty to the charge of selling -
_i.t -. (Hi HrrU .f lotrnwIla. serving In the railway rail ser ?" he was asked."I liquor without license; Jas Neal city, officials of the postofflce department -

.. (Owfrrroc will cover that point at he meeting declare every man appearedtobe *t*
vice. In one Southern city all of the pleading guilty to the same charge
.e AUULL Oct t,-At a meeting of today with the men Inew examined wa a negro. The name teeHlet
were negroes. was fined $ OO and costs. Two cases
tfc. fars*r>' Union held at the cone officials declined to give the name of York" he replied. were tried this morning. The court of the city is not given. Many of

H.,.. .f <.. .**.ioa of the Interna-: this city.They "The object in sending out my calendar wblle large, will be cleared the negroes, it is ooderetood, passed M

Ilssat ...f.rr ac. of cotton growers; look upon the whole situationas statement to the men yesterday was very likely this week. successfully and now the departmentdoes

a4 Uftrs Wednesday morning, know what to do about It.
# grave, and It is very evident that: to put the question right up to them. : not

IN MUta of Congressman Heflln. this part'cular! examination is looked Our resources are exhausted, and if CAUGHT IX SAVANNAH. The negroes are not wanted, bat bow

........ c< greM and the British upon with' considerable concern so they want to continue the, fight they to get rid of them is a paute. RaIl-

rtta...t to regulate exchanges so much so that they are extremely cau- will have to furnish the funds. .VndMust Come to Florida to Answer way mall clerks are needed.

at t* pf..lklt gambling was unani- tions about talking on the subject. "What. if the locals decline to call Cliarge ot Rmbezzleraent. '

....., "r..f'd it off?" he was asked. IIARVIK JORDAN TALKS.
Columbia S. C., Oct. 13.-J. W.
Tl. fM..lBc resolutions concern- MARRIED illS GRANDMA "Well there will be nothing to do --- flea
Menefee. who waa tonight arrested Ic
..f r. u. speculation were also but keep up the fight as long as they Vote Hetween Farmers Unkm and
Savannah. Ga.. was indicted by the
....,... ty IB. union: Who Was Young, Pretty and Rich can but It will be up to them to provide Southern Cotton Association
; I
.. grand jury in the Circuit Court at
,. ........ the uncertainty that and lie 1..oIIpr Reside funds. Tte strike was irregular I Washington Ga.. Oct. 13.-A large
\ Tavares Fla., charged with grand
***(*. ,,..act the price of cotton pro- Chicago, Oct. 9.-A dispatch to the from the beginning" larceny it being alleged by the I gathering of representative farmers

hard ty .f*elevs. merchants and business men ci
authorities of the Atlantic Coast Line
toTM B.v Indulged in by certain ex- : "Then the strike is hopeless and it Wilkes and Lincoln counties beard ed
says ..ailroad Company that while agent
tt*., c.ulBg the market ot flncIMU Tom Hugh Allison! of Manlius N. might as well be abandoned?" lIon liar vie Jordan here yesterday. _
'of that road at Loeaburg, Fla.. he 1t
sway times a day.; Is antagon-I Y.. who married his grandmother, is "That Is it," replied Mr. Small. with the connivance of his predecessor He explained: the events of the recent

fcfc u tie placer, the consumer and here his President Small Suspended. International cotton congress In Atlanta -
on honeymoon.
John W. Jolly stole and disposed r"eel13ts1
G* tfttiacer of cotton. "My grandfather Dr. Buftum. of Chicago Oct 11.-The following and the effect it win have opoa
of a large quantity of merchandisefrom
*re It resolved by the International Rochester was a peppery old fellow message was sent to President Small the railroad warehouses. the marketing of the Booth's: great

ewf.rr.c. of cotton growers and ." said he. "First be disinherited by the executive committee last night staple.
Jolly was convicted' at Tavarce on
Mssfsctsrers In convention assembled Under article 15. section 7 of the "For fifty years" he said "the
sister because she married bar
my a I October 9 under the charge of forgery -
tat we earnestly request the constitution of the Commerc'al! Tele- farmers of the South who control a
ber. This left me his sole heir. Ho and sentenced to two years In
I ...Cms of the United States and therVtUiMBt decided to marry although be was graphers' Union America, you are the penitentiary. monopoly upon the world's great neeeeeity -

of Great Britain from the of have spent their time and energies -
to so ro- to from hereby suspended office ,
past 80. keep me Inheriting Menefee was located by the dete
plate inch exchanges doing an interstate his estate."I president to take effect Immediate- upon the production of cotton
tives of a surety company at Lena,
but they are realising that as
and international business ly' now
didn't know it, but the girl he S. C.. but he received a "tip" and suddenly g-
that gambling and cotton futures (Signed.) S. J. KONENKAMP. much depends upon the proper marketing -
out sweetheart only
picked was my left that place this evening and
Ml be prohibited and so that the Acting Chairman. of the product as upon its pro-
17 of She decided to
years age. was apprehended at Savannah on Information -
\ seller In the I duction."
exchange shall be com- f
accept to save the estate for me. wired from Columbia.The .
*H d In "It takes practically twelve months
good faith to deliver the CRIMINAL- COURT.
That six He
was years ago. amount Involvel is between
Wtoa sold and the grade agreed up- to make a cotton crop." declared Mr.
died a year ago and the young woman f8,000 and .,000. alto''
ts at the time and place specified in whom I called grandmother be- Wluu Ha Been Done This Far In the Jordan and equally as long to put the

\he contract"MACK'B Trnn. Conviction and Pines. raw product Into finished cotton
I came my wife. Hut Off Hit Hand. red *,
goods. But until the planters of the
The October term of the Criminal ,till
REPRIEVE. (Perry Herald.) South realize that in glutting the
., eL.COl' Y GOES DRY. Court of Record for Suwannee coun- Da'au
Oglethorpo Denmark, son of Mr. J. market with all their cotton within
in session this
ty met regular mornIng -
T' U Of Official Order by Governor the victim of the short space of four months theyare r
-rt fly a Very Mini Majority of Mo enVoles. at nine o'clock by Judge Carter. E.: Denmark was an
Broward that lias ..tronK1Wide .! I. accident Tuesday afternoon last by tending to depress the prices of
I The docket for this term is an unusually I .
Indignation.. I Green Cote Springs Oct 10.-The heavy one fort>-nlne cases which he lost his left hand the resultof ; the staple to the very owed point r.yes

BUU of Florida, Enecvtore ie. I total vote polled in Clay county Tues- appearing on it. Some of these were a charge of No. seven shot taking I thity will never be able to command

. Whereas Applicatlor'lf !en I day was 265 for dry and 254 for wet.giving continued cases from last term and effect in his arm and shoulder after the full Intrinsic value of their commodity n

made to me for respite h the drjs a majority of 11 others wer arraigned and plead guilty being fired from a shot gun which then

*atne ordered to be 1 1 ---- i Cb'f:; > The saloon men threaten to before the regular sitting of the fell from his shoulder aa he was "What we need and what we mQSba..e.

bock Mack, alias Bill V A. B 9uLL : st the election but thus far noVice court. The actual number of cases 'walking on a railroad trestle. Ws ," he added "is a system of byI

: CQlTicte4: ) at the fall tee j ALL I uiar grievances have been an- to be tried at this term will sum up learn that he was on his way to a warehouses in the Southern States i
pIt court of the which will be capable of holding the
house and carried
Dun coq neighbor's gun
CU about thirty-Sve, most of which will
kgua on the 19th day J I ,", ). be disposed of if the record of the along An he neared his destination! production of an entire season and it

tIN Ute. .t the crime oft > LAW. I -:- "= D TAKES A TRIP.aident court is kept up to what it has been and while on the trestle on the Blue id my firm conviction from reports

II screed by the gOT,, j State and Able to Go to New I in the past. Creek extension of the L. O. P. & G., from over the cotton bert, that thin

Ie M hanged ; shoulder and system of warehouses will be buit
on th \ I Yrk'sn The jury was drawn and the venire his gun slipped from his
vest t2aber : U and in operation within le than four
U07. said Bnuim fell and it is supposed the hammer
made returnable for this afternoonat
.A N. J., Oct. 10.-For the .
Mksl ba order that Al. soundedthe came in contact with a tie; at any years time.
be RlDA. I I ;fore his recent illness for- one thirty. Judge
hpl presented : rate the was discharged and the Mr. Jordan commended the workof
t. gun 1
docket and the
f I I lent Grover Cleveland was following were arraigned -
Mrdoas upon load went in the hand except a few the Farmers' Union. He said there
1 : Cap Wilson charged of
to to New York city
i go
MsmataUoa of I scattering shot which lodged in the is no antagonism between it and the
iJA 1401: r.NSON, of Mr. Cleveland's visit larceny plead not guilty; Ed Lane
Southern Cotton Association. will
bboulder lie called to a negro who
illegal sale of liquor plead not guilty
to **e private business.
.. ... ".. tberet, SELCR AT UW, }m Andrew Jordan larceny pleadnot was near tl.66lated'blm to the home of require the united efforts of both crganiutionE. -
-urn to Princeton tomor-
Mt.O tc; e, he said to lead the revolutionary I
a4attl M and Lonnie Mr Wbilfield who in turn carried ,
LOit1DA.ka guilty Taylor pleadthe

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