Group Title: Florida star (Titusville, FL)
Title: Florida Star (Titusville)
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Title: Florida Star (Titusville)
Physical Description: Newspaper
Language: English
Publisher: S.W. Harmon
Place of Publication: Titusville ; Cocoa, Fla.
Publication Date: 07 23, 1909
Spatial Coverage: United States -- Florida -- Brevard -- Titusville
Coordinates: 28.591111 x -80.82 ( Place of Publication )
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Source Institution: University of Florida
Holding Location: University of Florida
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NO. 14

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O We&1Vli

SMr. lr.rYld, ht .s w ? ta
dea a sdw ektar bporated

rb iwith~ MCapt. Cost and wife
and tGwo P.Bdea, of Creek, and

Mr. eMg & Csbmtr, of Cjity Point,
.the pa tn dm br t Btl ite

afo iLkt power bat .
Ad ttl dhe wsms athnd
etel be tet a Mrst. .and we
md tmWkei oh BeteCrek, and

a oor ew Iiss Robers t Breitypoint,
hepari tuk 41dn at odDixie

aOreaadt who emtpeCt to nh afte
ortWa eday. Ma e for the cae-

sdin was r-ded mi piano by |Lrs
A delM Robottd amr Or. Mliathr.

The Flrida t Co-t railw har
terD tise omr H, Mr. GTkoas tno
at Blmore to bri argtof ha b Mo

1,0 to 1,'80 toM of rails andwi saBl
tlado, to oexet abt hatfof ttee"
at BaM Heads and tho r the oeat

anyrtay b lo a.-Key Wst t itte.
There will be a weddingle the church
at BalGrmue mtoby vcarg next, atf
8 o'clock, when Prof. S. J. Overstreet
1ad Mtis An191 L. Norwood, of this
place, are t b maie Only the m-
tede ftamilyab reuative of the bride
will be t remn t For allmoth longer

Profsor Ovistreet will remain at
formie to ieomplte his summer term atn
be fireiedubefore h y Wn tak charge

M principal of tTitsville high school
for the conig year, durng whinh time
pia brdae to ep to remain in ttus-

ile. Miss Anne h bee a member ofr
SSTAR force alvoei eent ,wi rly foray
the part sedht reaf at wei take scea-
fom thng year during which time

re ln extending earthy eong.lulatki
in advance.

Kline's Gonts Furnishin Dep't
Men's negie dhirts, made of an
exodlent quIty of perale, the fa-
oax Prins-ly hirfta Worth 76 centx
and $1.00, Monday only nt eafh.
Men's nothing at a greatly re-
v,__ _* _

A mIum cramn a
eam the wee, md e. to the
m ed aM we doame tht
arfmW w ant, Ebh carw
-t-_ thS atgr 8e it. &.
rnjl g ma and b a dii a .
wt i mar not otna .fomd in
T-M2 1 -r l ms by their
rY .and qll=Ry, reaal ly e ce
rs bi_ r wearm sid you'U be
Iod to own one oftmee its. All
t vondyte colors ad pat .
tr Reed over thus prek
Me's ad r ou'ths Oits rom 6.00
to S.OO; boys' soit from .00Oto


New Bwebu Team OraaIed
p Atamntiro the ittwee base-
ball pbap t Mondy night the
Ttfvle b-ouel tram w a org-
laod. Mr. C. B. Kigam waelect-
ed comah andI n ger, Mr. Raymond
JmeIs si erF, ad Mr. BirtJolr-
an ad Mr. Cifford Rogero an-
The wn were co f for the
regular term: Tom Deoury, 1st
bhe; Rewo 2d bse; rood
Jam, a. s.; Bert JohnM r e;
CHbmber, left field- Pal Cowart
riharley WaIker, center
ad Crl B atte and MeLmndon
f battery.
Mai rKingan has halfa doae
oh poif they improve
so a to el ay of the r agl
ptbovfltake their place. The
lor il the it will be teel gray.
A libeal amount was abribid
by h paa who with the help of
ts o wn feel soreoft making
the toem a umsees. ,

Sealed bids will be received by the
underigned to noon of Monday,
Aug. 2,1900, for the following ser-
Tranorting children from Courte-
nay to Cocoa static at Sams' dock
when -oditlom. will allow, touching
at intermediate point on the land
to Merritt thece to Cocoa.
Boat to be equipped with toilet,
covered and absolutely sae. Cap-
tain must be good disciplinarian, so-
ber and reliable in every aense of the
word. None except white men over
1 year of age need apply.
Tranprtation from LaGrange to
Tituxvie, one-horse wagon, good re-
liable white driver over 21 year of
age. No other will be considered.
County Supt. of Pub. Ins.

Special Offer at Kline's
I have five New Home machines,
drop head, ball bearing, worth $60.00
Monday's special, 45.i each, on in-
stallment terms of $1.00 per week.
Makes no difference where you live;
in or out of town.

$1,0M Fire at Clifton Friday Last
On Friday the 16th, about i p. m.,
a fire occurred at the residence of
Mr. Henry Watton, resulting in the
total destruction of packing house
and contents, box material and sup-
plies of all kinds, also shed attached
in which was a Brooks model motor
boat near completion being built by
Mr. A. Jackson. The fire is supposed
to have originated by wind blowing
sparks from mosquito smudge into

dry shavings during dinner hour.
Quite a number of orange and grape
fruit trees were injured and killed.
The loss is estimated at $1,000.

Card of Thanks
We wish to thank the many friends
who gave us their sympathy and as-
sistance in our sad bereavement, the
loss of our dear little daughter
Blanche. May their hearts be free
from a burden like ours.



ii uUd Itd T W o
slle u om d t lo
Bakenederfer typewriter hr tale
ap Ianq~ire at Ttn 8rAa oe=e
Dr. J. Miller has jut r~eu e
Bhe fhem a pfe~ioana visit to Cnr-
eeat Cty nd vicinity.
Mr. and Mrs. C. J. Denham have
rented the ob escottage on the river
rhnt, and wll take spoemseon oft ame
the frt ofAugust.
Condutor Hafle Nolle ha rented the
Fesehr cottage, on Juli street, and
wlB bring s family here to live and
expects to move in Monday.
Mrs. P. C. Nelsonetertainedaparty
of yeo people at card Monday after
noo, father beautiful home in South
Tituville. All report a spledid time.
Mr. L. ABrady l haad a new iroa
fence erected n the west ed of his river
front lot and is erecting a picket fence
n bs north line, which isa great im-
provemet to this fine lot.
Hon. Park Trmmell, attorney g al
to Florid and A. C. Croom, eomptroUl
o te state, spent Maoday at Port La-
derdale reviewing the dredging opera-
tios and Tuesday at the dredge opera
ing at the head of the Miami river.
Albert Majewaki, a baker, West Palm
Beach, i missing from b s home. He
was an aged ma and quite near sighted
and it is supposed that wile on the
beach he became confined in a heavy
rmi e, got eaght ia the breaker
and a d dowsed.
Courtesay delegate to their Thapa or-
age growers' meeting left here on the
1:I train Tuesday for Tampa. There
were Mesrs. J. H. and M. S. Sams,

Iiu's mat Ni-Sm SIh
You know e shoeswe seE. They
are all standwd and the best vales
at qular prim.
We are gongto have asesale
for one week at greatly redeed
pries. You kne what that m
Here are a few of the figures ait
would be imposible to enumerate
them allk
Ladies' whitecanvasoxfords, Good
a welt, Cuban heel, regular value
$2s0 special $1.49.
adies' vid Idd oxfords, low heel,-
patent leather ti, jt from the fac-
tory, special $1W9.
Laies tan oxfords, plain toe or
with tip, Cuban beeworth $3.0,
spedial *i r
. Ladie' patent leather oxfords.
s, regular $S.value, spec-
ildren's strap eandak, Sias 8s to
8, colors patent leather,. chocolate
and exblood, special 99 cents.
di' hih sboe, values $3.00,
$3. and $4.00. I you an find your
sizLe can have your choice for
Junus KSUn,
-Titunville, orida.

Blo Will Run for U.-& euate
W. A. Bout, b., of Mola
has -- -_n -d his- ansubty for
United States senator, and says he
has been arranging his bu. es. and
profemieal matters withal view to
entering the contest. Hia hpe to
round out his career in the -service
of the pple.
The Pesmaola News in Cm-nating
upon Mr. Blount's candidMy, ays:
"West Florida's opportuoit to re-
gain a sector is at hand. The time
and man have met in lr. Blount.
He has performed splendid service
for individuals,and wishes to conse-
evt tha ath ir vrc* .* saw



hmi IW ftqb

Dr. MIlr., Detist, Tintei .
Mr. F. .r. Wobb is hA a 0l"
building enreed m his I0 r ft
Pre byteriar dhr6.
Mr. J. C. eiael and tw e dr-i
-former resides of Narrow,. lIm
ver, stopped af here TaeedsW a their
way to Fort Pl~ for a visit.
Mr. andMr. VmT. Worley haph y
over the arrivage a dainty i~t ati
ua their home laratmudyI pitldady
soa this is their fhat daugh i a
fmaly of three claIm.
M.. A. M. TwwWer, of St. Agwe
tine, arrived here oymesdna to amad
a emhe has in h--uery befonr T-
Jooes, being repreamtid by hiMe
ney,. Co. W. L. Pamr, otOribmlr
Mr. Junis J. Jefbte awd his eem, . JecorLt elndiaaok. p-.d
Ta StuA oSce a plt t calUTrTay
on thd return homi d fmrom a.vist
to Camoeral and Artla
Cem-mar J. H. AIe inforws
that the work of impewig tbe sd.
from mI soathwad to Clfte is be-
ing pe d forward,. thee team amd
eight m- being now at wok.
Mr. Ad hmar Bra~ ihas givw.pas
positimkt the store & PK B .
Bro., d Mr. Wm.. L Tompki, of
Miaami. rEently withkaRomh lbLar
of that city, now bhoa that poalida.
MimDalmlee Halem of iidaa,
was inatr Tuesday perfect lh at-
uralilHaoa papers beh CirculJadlge
Jonees.and is now very proud tokecome
a nataraied citium of the United

D. J. LaRoch, E. M. Whaeyarnd L P. ceof eeo"le Hof"soSh J. P. Brown ompa Mrs.
Alle. Their atteance there willshow vie of the people. He ofrs to the SBrow lM. LeilP am Baby rter
that Indian river is awake to the need people labor for which the corpora- o S. Jae and chAwdrn of
of better organiationm othepartof the tions would pay him many times a Cocas St. Autwtine WdIneday,
orange growers senator's salary. whe Mrs. Brown md Mrs. Jones and
"Favorite" drop head sewing mach- u B G the WiMrmil expea to spe6 several
ine, guaranteed, only $16.00, trial in AfHric, te illingad entueof the
your own home; guaranteed roadster Roosevelt expedition, fcr sale at the M.. J. H. Williaon, of Gabrieaa,
bicycle A No. 1 for $20.00; 6 h. p. Gray Novelty Store, one door west of Fla..arrived her last Frid.q on a visit
model S two cycle marine motor, full Duren's market. to his miee, MrM J. M. Oban. Mr.
outfit including new oiling system and I. M. DODEaK, Agent. Wil hamon is an xange lower and he
force feed, oiler, nothing better made in is oat favorably impresed with the
two cycle, $112.00, any of the above at Storm Pased Wesnof Florida. grove in this aestim.
Indian River Music House, Titusville. The tropial storm, w:ieh was dicov- MWI Welch, of Jacksowille, is enjoy-
Mr. Raymond J. James received a ered by the weather buemu last Satur- iinta visit with her uncle and aunt, Mr.
.handsome new Indian motorcycle last day coming from the Carribeae sea, ard Mrs. S. E. Bailey. She and several
Saturday, which he will use to advan- passed war the west ed of Cuba, and a~ the young fks weredelightfully en-
tage between this place and the fern went west of Florida entirely, striking. turtained at the home of Mr. and Mrs.
farm which be is developing at La- Galveston Wednesday where it did im- *hn R. Walker last Monday night.
Grange. Mr. James took his Indian mense damage, the wind blowing from red Saeger. of Ankona, left last
with him on the train to Sanford Tues- 44 to 52 miles an houweekfor P Ricowheree willbe
day and from there expected to run it - -employed for ico whnden of machine-
to his home in Leesburg, saving time Church. Notes ry and motar power e of ma be-la
*iwi expense in so doag ^ry and motor power on thl La Isabella
and expense in so doing. Dr. J. B. Hawk will preoch at St.. orange greve, San Juan, owned by
Mr. and Mrs. Geo. M. Robbins carried Pauls church, Eau 4allie, Sanday. JulT Messrs. Allan, Ma rtin aid Holmes, of
a party of young folks to the ocean 25th, at 10:30 a. n. and 7:3p. m. Ad New York city.
beach via Allenhurst Sunday in their are welcome. It oially noun that te gov-
launch, the Bonita, where the greater It is oDicially announs1d that the gov-
launch, the Bonita, where the greater Dean Robottom will officiate in St. ernment experimental station that has
part of the afternoon was delightfully Marks church, Cacoa, on Sunday morn- been m rintaineA at Miami thc- past sev-
spent including a dip in the surf. In ing, July 25th, a 11 o'clock and irn St. eral ytars is to be abandoned, a repre-
the party were the Misses Roberta Gabriels church. Titusville. on Suiday sentative of the department of agricul-
Branch, Francis and Mollie Robottom,
Mranh Mrans. Roind Ricard, Gottorme evening at 7:3 o'clock. Everybody is ture i there now to direct the abandon-
and Douglas Robbins, Fred Frensley! urdially invited. ment of the station. A strong protest
and as WR will be made to the removal.
and Ryals Wager. Try a grape float at our fountain.
CorneliusChristiancy, of Port Orange, You will like it. The many friendsof the Rev. Milledge
who is known to all of our people as the BANNER DRUG STORE. Walker, who had to give up his charge
traveling representative of the Wilson Ofthe Episcopal churches on Indian river
& Toomer Fertilizer Co.. has accepted Launch Kathleen for Sale some three years ago on account of fail-
a position as manager of the La Isabella Length 25 ft. by 7 ft. beam with 0 ing ht.alth, wili be glad to hear that ht
grove at San Juan, Porto Rico, and will ft. cabin, equipped with a 4 h. p. is so much improved as to be able to
leave for that place the tirst of August. 'Lathrop motor in first class order, take charge of a large church near his
This grove is owned by Allan, Martin& speed over measured course 7V mi'es home in Connecticut, and that his son,
Holmes, capitalists of New York, and per hour, outfit is two years old. Ad-' re ev. John W. Walker, who assisted
contains fve hundred acres, and will be dress P. O. Box 63, AUlenhurst, Fla. his father so ably in his work here, has
extended until it contains nine hundred y fully recovered from the serious eye
Sacres.Dr gin k s trouble, by which he has been hampered
Draying orauling of allkinds prompt- for some time, as to be able to resume
Remember The Alpine for lodging ly attended to. Meer all trains.i statutes he
andH. E. HOLTON regularly his ministerial duties. The
and quick lunch when mi Titusville. Titusville, Fla. latter sailed last week for Europe, where
.... he will spend his summer vacation.

W. J. RAGAN and WIFE. I ood Shoe pairing For Sale Cheap for Cash
July 21, 1909. Northern German shoemaker now About 88 acres of good high land
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wa it r M.lid the m. .m.rh dinner for a grnd party ,, ,, ..IA hi a. v~ .a.. ahe ira Ladam
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"Now- AA._ ,.,.: ,. ., IL _ .._ _.
ee s i with asknowB. W mws t- m*vil guulity -mw g te
1a at agt a- elated wih diohltims. Ae. to hb ased to
Ide m b -h a_ w. e na1 g to maet Vidm, the tI t 'he - u .
M-i- -W- k a e her way e ery dead man, woman or ihd i e taI to hVi
mi>e .i.. t to ti -b h hr began to ttal b-I V di ., t .a. I d- t*"
tht li ^SA W0 *1t a within a few d ayM s eaIth. m Wh what a ** r
a m af i Nt a- [. -s i I it Ii -- .to. -- -topl- (M .S ,,- AmV..

Jdt.DS5 ii_ e Sf 0r sa"Othan ier. The bha- rhieh becomes a yaka, -ish eily load De"s. aa -ete jd, u
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m .u,,i him 70o .g' .Tain a l tai i rm3 tr d h the .i Sth o r.n of de rter i p e m to te 2ii ,
M e br 700 for hep e ht i had beaa tak-nw of the schooner's in this world aor d hthe hade l ma to tana th ofd
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s w Oarf. b ,ati. ussa of i ahr bra A 'ship bottom up will lost with dge requisite to call the yaku, and the p~ m nt
ndo W -ala- bt diamoed r i. hg, Aumivarnd.
s lfaa ,ii a lige t rown whe aot an eighth ofthe depth ofher thi man call upon the yaks of the eratonr :
e 4andm" beklos tre e not thicl Sod- hll oat of water and in a heavy ee recently dd man to come and take I ed tl t~ ~ en .a.
st IwL .Aa aI f1. at1,t hnge of shape kwill lie length ws of the waves. the ofering. The vsak comes, and about this pr gOernmt w
t a eU la as as f wonL j a formtio ea abppearanM e When a ship has been down long the kapurale becomes Dd by make his har stad ea id
Smawdnt ed'. lhee de. A oea belihiu ro enough!t 2 to beomu thoroughly w- the yaka of the dead an, who "Yo'e wrg ain Srr cme
m h fTao d wealth iIethre s lie te intoeI and rMdid by worms it peaks through hi mouth in hoarse, exautatly from the ni a he
u A~ li bad t oday thela e te o4 an rl5ior i ar rie gain from its ocean gnttural accents, stating that he ap- toad p aad remoed his hat. Hi
mitA erMwia. toa y weld hae 5 s tbe whir ad r" grave -New York Pre. proves the offering and will uit head waa a baild a the prrum
It er i eeWw ould bi r ri bealog Near- wrk. his kinfolk in hunting and often billiard balL-aidea WGl

dur the cBmlitesra thoe O U he^ J hdier ai uSl e n i e p o. drer e rws ia the scan of sleo a relatives may also become posed. cadet who had give, as he believed.
uaodetaghwta Aw n tohl arm of noie he retired Sdo bt son after the spirit leaves the the wrong oltion of a pro
Sat Nu l o o the lad d their it the ord ad saw no oe t aprale the race is eaten by the s. On thinking the matter oe at
aw t lM at i-- d-natswhksrdob Ika r cltolfal dynamo his printer. He began. hiy da g re mbled fomln" home he found that the pupil was
we the hmuids f today; faci ~ie at terrible mad The task at S o'clock in the morning, his right ad the teacher wrong. It
r, ilereasedaeomtfrt of daily liv- bright a is obscor and the desk brilliantly lighted with cndle. Abating a Nusas, was late at night and in the depth

Sa it pay. oter i s ontie their light No matter ow nmh daylight there noyed by persons ringing to a for the cadet. T* delina t.
The d s w packed ith lo-a on the outside none of it was where other possible inhabitants of wring with much trepidati. the
ApM theater s ua incgh of arth penmitted to enter his room. When that block were to be found. Inal- untimely sumeome, fond mhkiesf.
Itas t a coutld athe a s lie Ery blade .of grb or horoughl t iestd h rould e- ly, goaded to deperation by the. to hi artonihment, the ripmt of
village shoolhous n the cair wbeat u attacked by a many in- tire for refrehment and leep and interuntioma, the family boy t- a frank polou -rom 'fStcmral
was a local merchi wha, tho u ses as it will hold. A hundred lo- the next morning at S o'clock would tempted to a top ta Jschmn amd t1&(ii War^.
a gol4ainaa ani, was sot a akm eMnts rlih eA one stalk, bend it to again seat himif at his desk. Thus
t a a bolar. He timated tb earthib and aieme it in ess than a for weeks and sometimes for months i p es aid he ompacnt bfy. ow
the at g wld e -Ora Pr minute. Withi ten minute the he would go on until his work w "there won't be any more ls ask-d .s S' *ugoef nas w
Nobi. farmer's 200 acr of wheat have completed. Then he would retire ig if the Browns, the Biddilaor e s_ D.t ws m, m- oe.'
The iser mde sT l ma dirppwerd. erblad o gra, to the country or ta a journey the Hanon lie n th house. Pe is ir "Q
Sit, al i w ery fower, evey eaf on the trees, for recuperation and rest. ked 'elm batdhce ith gwwh d r E mS
peat rUd to the udieace when devoured. For beas and "-even "Wha.t ha yo u do ne q ried l Pls wil, w
... the coniton wthe th a.l l. -- -

he ad faed the last vers. The d the maddeing roar of the Hi. oeeher. Mra Lagworth o c__ a. ot ei .rillS_.
abarma i not know tmh mea- wi is heard and te unnmber One of the most curious imtances. "vus ou t fa sOaleg a or n"e an i u Jc
g of YOs Pro Nobbs, a e he ap. hosts continue their ligt. of longevity is found in Miss Louini "And wha did. u p n it Di-
to t .man sitting snt to dt last, when the e has Courtenay's "Notes of an Octoge- laddie ?" o pnt oh it,
n. He asodid not know that it pases nothing n a deert naian." A witness in a wl cB ..
meantway for us." But, mt wi ainak f w which Bellenden-er, the gat prudl od live herie bt Hot onion according to a Fr
ing to it oiathinghe id: for sdrdom ils andaje English conveyancer, wu enogged pryi--aan te. re i ere bid to ee h rn cin
*Oh, i n measwpwe thank yan' 1 was asked it he had any brothers or 1a pi.tincotas pa.s are a dto b
I M P P 4 O~ d r t ~ 4 W y i V i b 0t

I -




'J '


I,i4 '..~I
; .? .r
I+ ~

.,- "-t
'' r -'

~rn- ow

Ws,4 diia
,"', ,t~he m rlverm--

wm flrll oa-
" da

asrqe am e era itBhar tasB r to the

ddm. may b eitba sde.~
t elu t s Th Nm e it to
tog !,aWpp to be tie lai y
the Ia i bottm

ai oWbta-i-t owl amin me
ftrl.ii' m n e t l *d a..s

tionM 4,te iQi't the head, which
ives the latter a decidedly de-
formed and natural appearance.
The vetral nas become useless and
degeerat npaired fins are de-
vlope the ndulatory motion of
whic easl the ish to swim with
as and even rapidly in the new
and horsontal position assumed.-
Harper's Weekly.
An -ey en HabMt.
A schoeolma r on said to his pu-
pil that to the boy who wold ake
the bet piece of compoito in Ave
minute on "How to Overome Hab-
it" he would give a pri. When
the Ave minutes had expired a lad
of nine years stood up and said:
Well, sir, habit is hard to over-
om. If you take of the rnt let-
ter, it does not change 'abit' If
yo take another, youtill have a
i lft If yea ake o still an-
otbr, the wh of it remains. If
you take d another, it is not totally
used p, all of which goes to show
that if you want to get rid of habit
yu muet throw it of altogether."
rult, he won it.
1Shuld Komw Her Name.
Some time ago an accident hap-
pened to a little girl's doll, Barbara,
which consequently had to be sent
to a shop where wounded dolls re-
ceive attention. Later on the little
one called at the shop and asked if
her doll was mended.
"I think so," the young man be-
hind' the counter said, fumbling
over a pile of dolls on a shelf, "but
I am afraid I can't tell which one it
is in all this lot."
"Oh, you should find her easily
enough!" the little one confidently
answered. "Her name's Barbara."
The aar Chamber.
The "star chamber" was so called
from the place in which the court
was held in one of the rooms of the
king's palace in Westminster. Upon
the ceilings were stars, hence the
camera stellata or chamber of stars.
It was of very ancient origin and had
excessive powers, but could not pro-


Above the clanging of the en-
gines Nero's fiddle squeaked its
"Funny time to play the fiddle
when Rome is burning," scoffed the
fat senator.
Nero chuckled.
"Best time of all. I can't disturb
the neighbors."
And then the great man screech-
ed forth the notes of "Ain't It a
Shame, a Burning Shame?"--Chi-
cago News.

His Part.
"Oh, ye-es," remarked Ketchley
in a self satisfied way, "Lulu and I
will start out in married life under
very favorable circumstances. Her
mother gives us a neat little home,
her father furnishes it. and her

,.A ~
;F'* 41f A

r f the beetri and
jfi^am I^ Ltho

Y e of the kaW g of Ita l.

eapihat VsMiatibopie. Formen-
tiole it was the e power in
te d. But fbe ame heoey':

with ple and luxury; aloe it grew
Ms admweak.
Then th Turks made a tigeish
'agrna Constantidople and took
by I"storm. The last of the Greek
emperors died sword in hand, and
thiS datndtm ane ving i Eng
land today in very hmble situ-

* igypt, oe so powerful and fa-
quered by ome and was afterward
swamped by the o he Mor
The great moguls used to reign
in India. In the days of Qeen
ElHbeth the mogul, or emperor
o DehIM, a he was sometimes
called, was so powerful that he l
thought it a vast condescension on
his part to nreeive an embassy from
the maiden queen.
Bat a time went on the great
mjab, or tributary kings, rebelled
ailanst the monuls. ndia was
*aIt aiunder the was between
rival nja s. h gave the Euro-
peans a Echano.
'France at rst held the upper
hand and -narly coquered the
land. But lten d drove
France beak 0ad sd the empire
r4 the gen t moael for herself
T, heir tof the moguls still en-
ys a pension given by the British
i. yhment.
Polad used to occupy a big place
on the map of Europe. At one tio
it was mpuc larger and stronger
than Russia.
But Poland perished through her
own faults and follies. The mass of
the common people were slaves in
all but name; hence the nobles and
the people never stood together in
times of danger or disaster.
Poland was a big country, but it
was divided against itself, and Rus-
sia, PruMia and Austria combined
were more powerful. They allthree
joined hands, and each took a large
share of Poland in 1772.
In 1793 the trio of robbers made
a second swoop. Only the ghost of
Poland was left. Another year saw
the end of the tragedy. The last
remnants of Poland were swallowed
up by Russia, Prussia and Austria.
The fate of the republic of Ven-
ice is one of the most dramatic in
all history. Its doges ranked as
the equals of the proudest kings.
Its alliance was coveted by the
greatest powers. All real power
rested in the hands of the dreaded
council of ten and the secret three.
The latter was a trio of living mys-
teries and were known by name to
practically no one in Venice.
So the government of Venice was
a terror to its own people and the
outside world. Then Napoleon
came upon the scene, and "the Lion
of St. Mark licked the dust"-
Pearson's Weekly.
st Timne to Fiddle.

On leaving his lecture room one
day an absentminded professor pin-
ned a notice on the door to the ef-
fect that he would be back at 4
o'clock. Returning some time earlier

a-t 4 s. Ow rm h -I

mt r ad tlebrat* l ih I
thN lie is the liAmd eana-' the
ssmi o but thee are many
ethr features both on land and id
the Ma that possess a imihf power.
Notewrthy among them the
common quid. If a spemaM ofd
tis interesting kind of molusk,
fresh out of water, be laid em ta-
ble and watched, its bhues ill change
so contantly that literal waves of
color seem to be passing ov it
from moment to mon~ten That
this hapn in response t impalse
convey through the nervous sys-
tem of the animal is manifest, a
mere tapping with a lnry on the
table caung a rush of .e color
waves described. -
The secret lies in the fact that
mmeditely beneath the skin of
the squid as a sort of network of
small channels, in which are fre-
quent larger s occupied by pig-
ment cells. cells are under
direct control of the nealus sys-
tem, which causes them to contract
or expand. When they contract the
color disappears, which is what
happens when the squid dies, for
then it turns dead white, although
its normal hue in life is reddish
Even in death, however, the pig-
ment cells beneath the skin of the
squid may be distinguished by the
eye as minute specks. In life these
specks expand to the se of a big
pmhead and run together, thus pro-
ducing the brown tint. It is sub-
stantially the same phenomenon
that is oaeonntable for the rapid
changes in color observed in the
chameleon, in many fishes and in
various other creature-chage
which are evidently for the purpose
of disguise, enabling the animal to
escape observation by assumig a-
likeness to its surroundings. Thus.
the common sole imitates with it&
coloration whatever kind of bottom*
it may be resting upon, whether peb-
bles, and or what. not.
The pigment cells referred to are
called chromatophores," and some-
times they contain two or more dif-
ferent kinds of pigments, some of
which disappear, while others per-
sist, the result being that, as in.the
case of the chameleon, a consider-
able range of colors may be dis-
played.-Saturday Evening Post.

Not Like a Tax Reeipt.
Accustomed to have the political
boss of his ward provide him with a
tax receipt, an orgini--tion follower
went to the same boss with a de-
mand for a favor. "Will you get me
a marriage license ?" he asked.
"That I can't do," explained the pol-
itician, "because you have to ap-
pear in person when you get a mar-
riage license." This answer to the
political worker seemed evasive, and
he demanded to know: "How is it
that you can get me a tax receipt
every time there is an election ? The
marriage license costs just the
same." To this further inquiry the
politician gave a long explanation,
but it was not quite satisfactory to
the humble worker in the cause of

The other's enthusiasm sudd~lyv
died down as he looked away and
said carelessly:
"Me? Oh, yes-well, I'm Stet-
son"--Spare Momata.

A Fair Exchange.
At a gathering of medkal men
one of the number was a noted
practitioner wbl is almost as well
known for his shabby attire as he is
for his skill as a physician.
When the gathering uas ahout to
disperse the doctor in ilueption
could not find his hat. Instead, to
his great surprise, he found a nice
new glossy silk hat, which hap-
pened to fit him as though made to
his order. When he got home he
exhibited his headpiece with con-
siderable pride.
The next day, however, a fellow
doctor turned up to claim the hat.
"Permit me, my dear doctor,"
said the second medico, "to apolo-
gize for my little trick, which grew
out of the fact that yesterday vou

T iw O d. ..
Ri1 Mu A, e SP A 4 as. -E .

A%.plmipbt ud em arrived
bttk rageni wa aid. wbhiag te
w .til .t way to h bet bd el,
t"id before a I kingn, e-
beuss.e flow Ier : ** te cers er
fame. This fellMO anw werd his
qers i"n Wh*. drawing. apathetic
wathat th-judge, with growing re-
pogae, wondered what the man
beood: or..
So, lhm war with a not
too kiadMy Ve- be bd him what
ewas w orkh g at..
VOh," mplO d the other with a
brnd yt. O" teki' it pretty

S0 youa-know, ir,that we are
all put Abom. toi ti dem andl the
jude omwhat te-sty.
"Wo're hee to keep agoine', the
other owined, leaning over the
ftencepMt: "I.dont believe,though,
in gom 'iato hysterie ever work or
doing' anybody else. I believe in
actin' natural.*
"If you: mean"-
"Now, when I was yeang, the
fellow dtawled on, ignoring the in-
quisitor' last attempt-"when I was
young everybody aid I was cut out
for a Cod-fornothin', an' I ain't
donehat I'd call a bard day's work
sine. Still;. -r managed somehow
to giteough eat a' drink to keep
a-goin'. Ilet'things come an' go
easylike an leave the worryin' to
"Therell come a day of reckon-
ing, my man" put a the judge,
with .Ua=pp1d disgust.
"Beokoein' His eye languid-
ly gased afar of. "Now, some folks
-a lot of 'emn-stew about that I
den't. Whe the Lrd calls me up
to throw my load in on the weigh
scale, Ill thew it right in an' pick
eut a shady,. ol spot where I can
take it as easy'a I do now," with a
l chuckle
^And what have you got to the
god to weigh-what have you ac-
omplished insisted the judge
"Acoaplish ? Now, as I mid;t
before, mater, werk never worried
me much,. but here's this house
here," pushing a thumb wearily over
his shoulder. "Jim Stetson put that
up several years ago, an' I stood
round an watched an'put in a woond
now anuthen as to how I'd put 'er
up if I wa doin' it myself. Thet
thereAh them two stores an' barn
over yonder, worth nigh onto .ix
thousand-Stetson had them bualt.
Next he put up the bank, the opera
house an' then the hotel you're look-

"I. suppose you stood around. and
threw in. little advice, as usual
interrupted the judge sareatieaUy.
"I did that" the drone rejoind,
with an unexpected burst of en-
thusiasm. "An' I was there when
they built Stetson's big miLl round
the corner there. That mill was
nothing' but a shack when. Stetson
started it up-he was a yoang man
-but it grew an' grew awt ground
out enough money so's Stet could
build pretty much the whole town.
"Let up on Stetson, man; he's a
captain of industry. The question.
is, What have you accomplished ?.'
uttered the thoroughly harassed

Ua be.thy to Dine Alone.
The solf tary eater is always
tempted to take too large mouthfuls
and swelow them too quickly and
either met too much or too little.
Eating is only one part of feeding
and without digestion is not only .
useless, 'but injurious. Those who
eat in company have to devote a
certain amount of time to talking
and attending to each other's wants.
This makes the period between the
mot fulas longer and gives more
time for digestion. Then, again,
conw.rsation at mealtimes usually
takes a cheerful turn, and the tone
of both body and mind is raised, the
hea rt and nervous system act better,
thf flow of digestive juices is stimu-
lated, and a larger amount of actual
nourishment is obtained from a
smaller quantity of food.

The Boy Was Net the Fool.
The other day a little boy was
sent to a shop for a penny's worth
of cobbler's wax. The shopman,
thinking of quizzing him, said:
"Won't shoemaker's wax do?"
"Aw dooan't know," replied the
lad. "Aw'll go an' see."
He returned again directly and,
addressing the shopman, said:
"Mi father says that shoemaker's
will do."
The shopman handed it to him,
smiling, and said:
"What is the difference?"
"We!l," said the lad, going to-
Sward tIh dlonr, "mi father sayv
there's sanie difference as'there i'
between you and a (loukey, and that
is they're booath alike."
And thon he was off like a shot.-
SIondon Spare Moments.
Sacrifice Pirvented.
"You refuse me because I have a
title," said the count bitterly, "b'lt
I will relinquish it. I will become

~C~i-~'F~9 ?-''*S;';TS,~C -:+'~ : E jrrp~-.,'~i,
nc- ,-1 '` ~~
ii.~c .. : ~y
~ '
" r'
r. ~ i:11 .i-- ? O
i.. -- 1.

^^^^w^ *r& ^ 5 -I

s). m, i' i. w m

3me b.e w eI

into Pmesnm" :
lwrl ~ o beep krth abi/
sketea toewinag t. edo
the re ,rmaeti o, sadl p..t m-
drein w great ithr-t e.
gr-t elasr, he r *' a .m a'
aren.d be, tde Wad .
e its, e dg of thedf w mlWea.a
year or'two boes t i t v moa
pathm sB have erowdM I"W.I
into e.t he a sadt wh the
whoda* r lwxuhrioly to" swn
carsn wv fret becan; e the -rve
that spals their soWpand -mbe
knowt the man w wasli pe
dowtwar a 600 foot dli so
the dihed might Sd l ft way.
t is then that the. work ofe t
nsrveyin party beg*--to have-it
thrik Perhaps twoput that leb
through the eanyo*the party wil
have- descend the river i e-mes.
If the river be too r gh, the the
is th alternative o06iing loww
over- the lif sides Thik of yew
dangers of Alpine abing t The
engineers who pla=w-*e buitErail-
roads through s y mounMi. .a
country miss not a -single on- of
them Everywher- the line- must
flnd a foothold. That is the-pneb-
lemo that must b- solved. Some-
fime the men eho. foller the
"chigW in the dhep river anyos.
the mn with henry instrumete. to
any and to operate- tranits.n-
es and the taaleso wuset h iaea
of legs strung tq-ether tr their
cao footiM d'as they work.
im that 4athold is last, the
epe that lower be engineer down
over the eliff sie snap. The folk
riditn months ter in the cheerul
dialag cars ot knew of the
graves that aw dag besie-the rail-
roeas path.
It is all new ad wonderful, bias-
ing this path Ar dcviliation, sene-
*tines it is eva receidetatL An en-
; gimer, bafet.t ad a crossing ever
the Rockies or a traseontinestal
route, saw- aM, eagle disappear
through a chf in the hills that his
eyes had not beforee detected. He
followed the course of the eagle,
and today the rails of the transcon-
tinental reach through that cleft
and the time 'table shows it as Eagle
SPass.-Edlwd Hungerford in Out-




k 'i -, ."



organization.-Philadelphia Record.
Chicken. Fritters.
Sift a cupful of flour, melt a ta-
blespoonful of butter in a small cup-
ful of warm water and pour by de-
grees on the flour, salt to taste,
beat well and add last the stiffly
beaten white of one egg. Mince
cold chicken, season with salt, pa-
prika, a little chopped parsley and a
tiny bit of onion. To a cupful of
chicken add a small half cupful of
thick white sauce. Mold into small
balls, dip each in the batter and
drop from the spoon into very hot
fat. Drain on brown paper in the
oven. Arrange on a napkin and
garnish with lemon and parsley.-
Circle Magazine.
Waiting For Himself.

- ~~ q=

rc-ii~;, '.-

-mr 4;.- r~~T,

L' 1


*O 4


gM y u uad eMW I wuast a o th e ap
S met t nt abLe to
II 106 a m we f dw s Od m. t acaNmesng '
bb,. for gwwpl--i.and I aI rw l toIn for "=s=' "
40l =,""ad for 2- 1 hal ad tjo aima ih hortiulture, but it is
t h grlwe-ali ad theel atn t act lto t the aSte Hortl ic.l-

.2h .i want i a7r alr m al state pWL .-
a" "b a. d MO..--fie --V Pt-s t"at h, ate td to diar, proiatam n to do buine asn and UT LAM T A- M --Mw
a -a n A t o d not Ioly do, th p the int wt f every a ho ti.
'hia;ln e on al r ^ anl edttr weiudblfry.A or trok cultual in$15
O a wen a ib ora i and aieDl alt rnowifin Al the wpecal interest organisa- ra
= MgriBs Mmbu p t e their county papers but should ad- tionsshould be ailiary to the State
S4o1, h1th #1opiio Orlfnth 0 Mte their tow and ontyr aW Horticultural Society; not under its
4o P ...... wh...k ,Ss: "-ir- t so Pp cOld be brtinfowd control donotmean that. tco ROLLINS COLLEGE
M m.wi ri to h oppor- to wat good old Brevard count operation with it, drawing n pplie
SI FIorli, paop do motaw hM to offer them in the way of win- t funds from it occasionally, in em- .orsd a o at oe e
Sm.m mh dOrig t& stores, tnrock and mall fruit ermnie, and reportingto it College Academy, and Schootl of Music, xpre
--r ad thetee do not edm ef and of the port and pere I am not at present very proud of PI l n Arts, Domestic and Industrial Arts, Busn
to Ma e how good an orn a s inl huntut and flhinE, and all the the State Horticultural Society eith- Cug e Hall and third men's dormitory now ea ed
otew dr & a srdtherna dcitya in oyaent that o to make life iner. A society that will let its trel n electric s, steam and furnae heat; la e f y; pefIt
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Vala Jut the bmn We know a title printer's ink judidouy and pay the deficency bill for print teams champions of Forida in 190. Nearly a quarter of a
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thm ounrves for home e and ant land an be placed der culti- is weak in self reliance, weak in the available; Christian but national, stands for
they are mighty fine right now." vatio and all thie vacant lota in TI- knowledgeof its own power, too weak CHARACTER CULTURE CONDUCT
tasville would have good houses on to put a little politics into its de- For Catalogue Addres the Prssent
The Laland W .Nds says "If, a them built by northern visitors a mands on the legislature, just weak Wm. F. BlacKman, Ph. D., Wintr Park, Fla.
Lawyer Wells says the prohibition winter res idnts enough to ask for the pittance of
Samendmet would be inopeative if By giving T1tusville a good stem $1,00 and depend on petitions, a --
pned, there is no sense or reason in of water works under the bond sa personal interview or two, a few let- B
6I4loej people fghtiag t. Why tem would be a great inIuement to terms to members of the legislature, J O h n *e Ste tson U university
not let the poor misamided prohibit settlrs; would give the eitiens of and get nothing; being left now UNCOUt MrYL, Y . UL t U 0, MUns
tioomts have the fun of passingit the town who purchase the bonds a stau ded, without means to print its THE BST SCHOOL &o M YO l
~ywy, if it em do no harm? 'Ts insme from the money invest- report of the May annual meeting at sa_ ND TraK TO aTso No :
trme Doc C. McMollen coms along d and would pay a good dividend to Daytona, a mas of good reading pdrSSSfiSSd s Ias d Ue al ArC
and makes Wells' eoanteo lok the tow for further improvements that may never reach the people, 3 Acre mr d lnf
lk the lowly and a p 0-dcent without dager of los. when it ought to have demanded Ssmi La ar Cos e ~ sTes
pee--still, let a tse who believe Ttulle can be Made the most $10,000 a year to begin with and been 0t 0 14 1 IS r N A
the Wells- proposition help pas the pleasat place on Indian river by prepared through politics to get it. $all (h OlA f ag
amendment. Thenthey willhave a giving her plenty of hade trees, It has an executive board of strong i1to Lm~ nartor sr s ncs SheMel d Ma
good jo on the probitionist'm plenty of good cement sidewalks and men weak in action. If they canget Uap. e Ge al G altW ls e l Vsle As
-P- giving the V. L A. plenty of moral a move on them in the direction of" M rrlMe U IawEwi
There are quite a good many peo and financial support. Tallahasee they should be supported. JOHN B. STETI ON UNIVERSCmT. DeLAN U A.
ple fro the north who are spending Brry mancan give themoneday's Meantime send your dollar to E. 0. -._
hir frst mmer In Florida this work in the month or fuaish them Painter, secretary, Jacksonville, and
yer and every e ur t m r rM eal l a bo d not mi it. tell him to go ahead and print hi Hw MPlr Sdi
rprisedt the agrable tepers Got bos and meet this isse. port and mail you the one single,
tre that maintain here during the H. L. HAGY. limpey-lapy paper-covered volume UlWMm M
heated term; it being much cooler your membership will entitle you to. MOlCa .'S,, ,ao ,a r o, a /
than they anticipated. While Flori-. A mi d W Live state horticultural societies t*al-ngLrio p o m" f'pSi nm
da is the furthest state south it doe is W und ith take the business of horticulture in ,OS, iM
hohccwae h.ev--.-take the business of horticulture in/"08= .... t. ___
not have those excessive hot waves her of the family free from ac an pain full charge as well as the theory and S ,i'w. .a rw-a-no -two_.S Ils
that the middle northern states ex- itm aeaa practice of "the art that mends na- tmo tat tM"see a m
paience through the summer sol- mo and lba si m $ ad 1.00 a ture." OLuVER GIBB. 0" lSetcit. 1
lee. With the coutihuous breezes bole. Sud by adlldrggis. II; g Cbz4?^ {lob |!k
wafted from the Atlantic ocean, or The N6w Dean at Rollins tared to Death Ca onl .mm o the col of Mete, the pe- of! ti.y .ilt 1,1ot 1thm 5.
Sr mmsa statsexperencesa temper to- town M ., will be professor of ting-they don't kano w It a O ,don't e
se belm s w .bevey hot andthe coming year; be will also act as ote po ive it "wi hate Cram Vermie .
oppreive, the muarmum atmpera- I y will be murrilsed t te resullts and ahow W" ai o0erin somde Di6 bargains
tres in noridabeing cooler every r. Cayton has for several yea rs k ba r sts O
y an summer th e re an important pastorate in Wil-1 A t Do. in our Summer Clear nce Sale of
arter north where there areweath- liumatown, the seat of Williams The canine specimen did not "t a-
er bureau stations to ake fair corn- ge, one of the leading institutions pear in any way remarkable, but he Pianos and Orgfns. Nl IS our
parisosof temperature with ours. of the country at whoe head is a son had a value. "es sir," boasted the
rid li isid for at t of resident Js. A. Garfieldandhis hotel prorietor, that dog's the chance to gt a good pino or orgn
tea months in the year and eralong relations with the college faculty and best rat catching' d^o in the state5."t0 t 0 r
it will be known as a summer resort gdenta have been clo and int, Even as he spoke two big rats ecur- a Inditn Divam Mi, Da..
for many in the interior aout er 6 . ,oe n ried across the office floor. The dogl llldla Rier ,ic o u s
ate mwho do oth e i toro themae Hehas alsohad an official and merely wrinkled his noee. "Bat___
tates who do not care to go t t infuential connection with the public dog! soffed the traveling man...
extreme northern states for their schools of the town. "Look at that, will ,ou ?" "Huh !"
summer outing. Mr. Clayton is himself a graduate snorted the landlord. "He knows

Proposed Dnhnage Canal of New York university, which also them. But just you let a strange
Arooe Dr nage a conferred on him the degree of Mas- rat come in here once!" Bo to G iVe
A survey has been made of theater of Arts, in course, and of Union l I
Turnbull hammock lying west of New Theol al semary New York. President Helps Orphans IR 7 n L00
Smyrna, extending from Turnbull seminary in New York. Hundreds of orphans have been helped by 0 Ca sh U ULUO0 n mSock
Smrekn t extending tfrom T u hl He is a gentleman of charming per- the president of The Industrial and Orphan'
cre on the north to the hsonality, of extensive experience with Home. at Macon. i., who writes: "We have of' Min M C., arr 10
dian river on the south, which shows used Electric Bitters in this institution for ibmany, b d sow IS" n. --
young men and boys, sympathetic yet nme years It has proved a most excellentw- ---
the trritor mentioned is capable of strong, and it is believed that his in- wediciue for stomach, liver and kidney factors of big grade whel a e worb, tha
being drained at a reaonable cost. troubles. We regard It as one of the best
g ...d e at aa so nstfluence as dean will be excellent. family medicines on earth." It invigorates
It is estimated that there is 22,000 Dean Terry. of Williams cole s the vtal orlgas, puris the blood, aids d-i-
Sf land in the Turnbull ham- rry liams college, says gestion. create appetite. To strengthen and
acres o nd in e urnu. ham- of Mr. Clayton. "He is particularly build up thin, le, weak children or run
mock which will receive direct result ond f rk-ith n l i down people it hno equal. Best for female The
from the proposed work also that n o wo with young people, and complaints. Only 0c at Banner Drug Store.
omthe proposed work ao that eems to me to have the serious qual- athy n is a king in his own riht, W orld
there will be at least 6,000 acres althy man is a king in his own right,World
the will be at least 6 0 a s cities which would make him efficient an unhealthy man is an unhappy slave. Baur-
whih will be benefitted but wch in the relations wih te dock Blood Bitters builds up sound health-
are not within the present limit of pl keeps you well.
Switlin rtli f officers of the college, is able to main- -
the swamp except that the said land th nd i ot f Appleatle nbye TaxDd Under 6 0 6l premure on its crank hanger bearings. therefore pushe eaie and wtsh less
joins the hammock. The total acre- tcharg. cth o fi pple sympathy and .ahis 4 Laws eery thn ay ordinary bicycle. The ac ofy l pow i b d iM
agwol the refore. be 2000 acreT h o .o
charge. Tact, firmness, sympathy and of n-ryi yyoa J
e would therefore be 28000 acrescommon sense appear to be among ooticeis hereby gien tht J. W. Gris, 1908Modelare built with drop forced stel heds. crown ad seat cleers.
whhdividedintol the many good qualities of which he purchaser of tax certificate No. ". dated the and frm made of the highest grade ed Englash cold drawn s*1 ub g.
5into $122,000 the many good qualities of which he 3rd day of April. A. D.. 18M has filed Mid Ir dla1 oa nfe ir non rl lu aus a--I s. sb,a.
r per acre. retains possession." certificate in my oefe, and has made appliea- -a s" Recyc nearly non.breahbe a mo meral and wemesp wU
The line of the proposed anal will tion for tax deed to issue in accordance with perm. are shipped al ov the worl, bec of th ret r
i Mrs. Clayton, who is a graduate of law. Said certificate embraces th following dur ility and esy running.
.erois the main line of the F. E. C. Vassar college and a scholar and d t-cribed prop situnated in Brersrd Ceonty, E e ei
R'y., over 21 miles south of Oak Hill Teahe. od i n la lorida to.wnip N. on. W. T s co e-.1. SEE RI. edl I- rate
Wy., e ;nll o ne, 21 mlesu O fl teaher of distinction, wll assist the tion 11, township 0 .. range i-E. Tbhe mid CcpT, d o11e T6lo Ro e 190 I lsm

F..' U?







C '`rt

'y i^ _:IB , *' '- s ; " .. "''' *.- ''
,:FW-.r ; i ---




I .'

-6be a el' I mbs

Iubre heMp f Mb.

Rahw ob, wo in Bbs I.
JI mMs
aid. > ei o eus,

In loving iMry of little Blancheu
Ragen, who died ti Baltimore, Md.,

BUi e wa born at Tropic ad
w" 8yaw s, 7 onathsad dPaysold.
About a yar go a ehaage was no-
teame t osoem whobtowed bhe bot
itwM&ot no l .tll twhek t few
-wes that it gve alarm and sbe
*ank rapidly. The father took her
to John Hopkia hospital, where all
it mbunP pgwr could do was done
but to no svaiL
IMuba A bLad a i W t, loving dispo-
rtid. obedient o parents and teach-
aeu ~lnd and ientle to her Ceas-
=mafl. N& could know her but to
i'b*t *A be done, 0 Lord," 'but
ha ni"raft seems to ,y. How we
diaHll mi the daring, but we
kWbAe ls safeinJeaus' love and
Wl fiiech out a bebkonog hand to
Mld'hia to heaven. God in his all
-ias providence knew best, and may
He give the sorrowing parents the
strength to bear this great affliction,
which he alone can give. Ou' hearts
.go to them in their sorrow.
Ogb. ot In cruelty. t in wrath.
lTe aperr re that day,
'Twas am angel viited the gnsm earth,
And took one darling away.
Eus ic SCSurIKDt

The Quiet Way.
As the mother tosed aside her
loves the daughter looked up from
er novel with a yawn.
"By the way, ma," she said, "have
you found out yet what pa cut out
of the paper."
The mother sneered.
"Yes, bother it," she answered.
"I bought another copy downtown
and red the thing all through from
start to finish. But for the life of
me I can't s e anything wrong with
it. It's just an article on the healthy
exercise housework give."--New
Ornans Times-Demecrat.
Dewar e OIIMOB-M e Caumb AlOmC-
w t aof
a merry will -nly detro the uM of
menll md empltl daMu whole bSY
tam whom o*ulag thremathe mucous
sebm. Bd utc mr eid nmevr bhe ed
em ramr. h-.t-o iby *l O ftr
Stthke s 7 m u r tb eve froem
tF. HJMAlf06r.rrh CTW 0 aM d =W
MMswr mu" 46 UkMs le manly mtin
dMs N isb n b b.ed md mAse nibu
a thq lumi. ts bay&ng Hell's ausrb
CMe be me -efst 8-0 em-M Itbtakeb
!!!U'n"m idla n5 OW. by F. J.

Flida Stueta at 8,uaos
It frqntlyaid that Staton
u iverdn y isa northern sbool. In
te pit t had bem s, but a pe al
effort h bee made in recent yea
to ring the advantages and mbeet
of the niveruity hame, in a pealal
way, to the people of Florida, in
whom Interev primarily the iti-
tution was founded and for whom
peal benefit Mr. Steon, Mr. De-
Lmd, Mr. Sampsop, Mr. Carnegie,
Mr, Fagr and othersgave liberally
of t&ei moaey.
The latlotion is splendidly eqip-
pe and liberally ndowed, and itis
gratifyig to note the large percen-
tap of stadentwho are native born,
or at least, reidet Floridia.
The graduating in the College
of Liberal Arts thi.year consisted of
iftmn membea Fourteen of tbe
yoom maa ad young women wre
born in Florida or had lived in the
ate during the greater part of the
time they had pet in college.
In the dua gradutig from the
academy there were teen member
Of thee fourteen had lived in Florid
dating the etir period covered by
their academic ourse, and a dozen
of them were native born Floridians.
Seven of the eight members grad-
uating from the normal school de-
partment are Floridians.
All of the member of the 190 law
school graduatag elm are native
born Floridiam.
The erol hent in all departments
of the university, during the acade-
mie year putclosed, was five hun-
dred eightone (581), and reference
to the catalog of names and address
indicate that a great majority of
them students come from FTIrida
hoae. They are representative of
all parts of the state from Perdido
river to Key West.
A O dea m&V alng
men that mu and wa f have lived to an old
ma mmm l amAeq y av kept healthy. The
be way toke healthy kto e that your
liver does idd das wot of as. The
ony wak 4"ob B to lwkp dlaud's Her-
blu ha ibtea bmo d take it wheaeer your
liver letnative. 50 cents per bottle. old
by all drmuI

aileifying an Old Proverb.
The adage "Happy is the bride
that the sun shines on" is one that
is unknown in many lands. A Bre-
ton bride likes to have a wet wed-
ding and takes it unhappily when
the day of her wedding dawns bright
and sunny. Rain on her marriage
morn is held to signify that all her
tears are shed and that she will
therefore have a happy married life.
It is said that the Ersa of Simbrisk
call the day before the wedding the
weeping day, and the bride and her
girl friends weep as much as pessi-
ble, with the idea of getting the
mourning of life over, so that only
what is joyful may remain. In some
countries this result is expected by
sousing the bride with water. The
Greeks think that a thorough
drenching of the bride will bring
her lasting good fortune.
A Horrible Holup

"About tm yem ao my brother ws 'held
ap' ia his work, hath aod happiamembwhat
wa believed io be boepleM eao mption."
wri W. X. LbImMub. of waioia, N. C.
"Re took all kinds of renmediwd treat t

J Wbat1I

Svral at i w a .
tbl BueIt ared Mat atbi at
the md ea a a~Ma, hewas afW
ed at the mrnh ofe that Beri
U wreatd to ee him at the vaie
*.'s yamB. The uapta*i judg
from the experience of other mae,
epeted to rceiv a reward for
faithful ervrie and, drying him-
dif with are took a riekl w for
the reidene of the greatest man in
Chia. Upon his arrval he was
shown into the reception room, and
r oon LU Hung-Chang made
Sapperance, followed by a serv-
ant carry hadomel mounted
mahogany box. He put it on the
table o ed it 6nd took out a
beautiful barometer, which had just
arrived from Paris. After Captain
Baker had admired the mechanic
of the instrument Earl Li turned to*
him and said:
"Now I want yot to sow me
how you foretell events with this
"You cannot foretell events with
a barometer," said Captain Baker in

"You told ti you could," retort-
ed Earl Li.
"I never did anything of the
kind," exclaimed the astonihed em-
man. '"I told you that by compar-
ing the change in the temperature
and direction of the wind with the
movyurnnts of this instrument we
could anticipate a storp, but I did
not say anything about foretelling
events, because that i impossible."
The viceroy stared at the sailor
with aetonisbment and exclaimed:
"You are an ignorant, inoompe.
tet fellow. Don't you know that
the weather s the nost uncertain
thing in the world? Other events
re governed by laws and arbiter
conditions, from whicb the weather
is entirely free, aia anybody who
can find out what the weather is go-
in to be ought to be able to foretell
ordinary events.'
Then, with a contemptuous mo-
tion, he dismissed Captain Baker
from his presence and never spoke
to him again.

A Little ound Advice Will sIp
Many a e8ubrer in Titwie

No woman can be healthy and well
if the kidneys are sick. Poisons that
pam off in the secretion when the
kidneys are well, are retained in the
body whenthe kideyse sick. Kid-
neys and bladder become inflamed
and sweoleand worsetroubles quick-
ly follow. This is often the true
causeof beardig dewn pains, lame-
ness, beckache, asidsae, etc. Uric
poisoning also causes headaches, diz-
y spells, languor, nervousness and
rhematic pain.
When suffering so try Doan's Kid-
ney Pills, a remedy that cures sick
kidneys. You will get better as the
kidneys get better, and health will
return when the kidneys are well.
Let a Titusville woman tell you about
Doan's Ki4ney Pills.
Mrs. C. W. Griggs, of Titusville,
Fla., says: "For some time I suffer-
ed from backache and experienced a
great deal of annoyance from irreg-
ular passages of the kidney secretions
A dull, grinding pain through my
loins kept me in misery. Learning
of Doan's Kidney Pills, I procured
them and they soon gave me the de-
sired -relief. Doan's Kidney Pills
have also been used in my father's
family and the best of results have
been obtained from their use."
For sale by all dealers. Price 50
cents. Foster-Milburn Co., Buffalo,
New York, sole agents for the United
'Remember the name-Doan's-
and take no other.
Acddenta will happen, but the beat regu-
Itald amillem kekn Dr. Thnmoa' Fcl etrir Oil

bsusgf'c, S

a-ls we. .
amnak m'wt w -
Yua mo snt ot edohYiu4
bTe b m g&y ta a tdammaob
bIy reqdsm hep a In a b .
l0S amtd lood t be lie.

tfn mb b Iged *Uomwouly.
Wlm thse g aomh ebat do to
yeo mua take oMwtdBIg that wi
holp tha *oma h
Tm proper way todo s to eat
what yeS want, and kst ral di-
get th food.

Nothing else an doth. When
M Stomach Is weak It umds help;
you must help It by giving It rst,
nd Kodol wUl do tha.


A boom* W4 VW P.

aw t 6*m W

OwiNwt 6a r
we w llm Rp tid ils ,s :
o the baltMe puseno pn
Th obr applea totba hap
bottleo e yan to Ibt Om ih

We could ot andd tomeba s
an orer, suml we pomtively ki
what Kodol wl do flr ys e
It would bankrupt -
Th doUar botUeo~ amt'-- ti-
a much as tbhe ftM mct betws

Kodol is made att thelaborua
of I C. DeWltt Co., Cbha




A gLUARANT CUR for all dir- caused by a T0.
Pl UVII. One bottle purcl.ised to-day may save you a serious
seik spell tomorrow.
aO802 Northh m Stree IT. LOUS MO.
ol cland R Ue-on.adinde~d bai


when pr eri is the subject. The
increasedeposits in this bank prove
that prosperity is here again. Ar
you sharing in it? If not, it is pori-
ly because you are not doing busi-
ness in a business way.

The First
of St.



National Bank

suggests you open an account there,
after a little talk with its officers,
showing the business benefit of such



Has been Crewmed wih Phemeil Sueeoee since 188, and
is to-day the .t I-eus- Ul-imet on the market.

CURES u __

Prise 25c, 50e ad $1.00 Refse Al SurMhstsm.
500-502 North Second Street, ST. LOUIS, MO.
olfd andl Racon.nnendSed b

Ideal Fertilizers

Best and Cheapest
Made from the best materials the market affords. Each
formula exactly suited to the product for which it is
recommended and thoroughly tested in both laboratory
and field. They are worthy of their name IDEAL. So
many people appreciate this fact, we handle great quan-
tities of raw materials. This enables us to buy cheaper
therefore we can sell cheaper. Compare our analyses
and prices with any brand on the market. Send for our
literature. Ask questions. Our vast store of informa-
tion is at your service. Write today. Address
1A/loMr AF ri% V-%M V

Y,/ *~'

*jJ~I~iTr *N~~* -
LY~ ~"dr
'g.T~eL ;:

. :

- ----- ---



S 5,

Sold by Banner Drug Store

a I






. r T ~~

. 0

. -I



- ~111~

'4. -
sA. -l t~llS~:~.~;3 ~:1

- ..

.*-.-s r

- '-
r.~ r

I r I I,'
tea's 4*40

1*' a.~'-

4W U-t wM show you winD
Imis 1w pictures somw
-etp4Saem who would other-
IN aI esr .aobeured. but
sai isp1 d themselves as
kce etre tat their faces show.
S S group, and the
~ijW tiw of any sort of
p B whi& -a peres were
bd, a at a a t or a wedding.
like to, get into the picture.
bhow true this is appears in

my in all sorts of p ure
iI f p lna which people are not
t mai but ely in aeint orsub-
Se futures, as aof ccidents r
S. ~sr a ems maof a great variety of
S am ef.h tne a pictures wherp
M Imam i thi.e5ma1 was
wE always i some persons
-g r tuini toward the pho-
er ith n evident desire to
giit the picture, and it is easy
t Ia ae that the gratification of
a Yng themlve there may give
tu pleasure.
eek at pictures taken of semi-
avge s emi vised people in re-
amett countries, where perhaps
they -ads never seen a "trror or
bM of a cameras, but you may be
Wm* that human vanity exists as it
lee with a, and you may se some-
b trying to get into the picture
r gt look well in it.
.luradsy, this pleases me as no
er oBe a minor thing that I know
of4 s. It brings the whole world
elo together, for it shows that
ms e br apart in land and
t m and eustsaw the races of the
may be yet in some at least
of man s uderying human traits
we am all kin."-New York Sun.
A sed NaMe.
After the civil war many offers of
pa of honor and fame came to
erl obert B Lee. He refused
th all, says Thomas Nelsn Page,
in fh biography of the soldier. The
only position which he finally did
acspt was the presidency of Wsh-
SIt college, with a mall salary
one of these occasion Le
was approached with the tender of
the presidency of an insurance com-
pany at a salary of $50,000 a year.
He declined it, saying that it was
work with which he was not famil-
"But, general," said the repre-
mstative of the insurance company,
"you will not be expected to do any
work. What we wish is the use of
your name."
aDo you not think," said General
Lee, "that if my name is worth $50,-
000 a year I ought to be very care-
ful about taking care of it?"
Freh Water springs In Midoean.
Several fresh water fountains are
known to exist in the gulf of Mex-
ico, where vessels have frequently
filled their casks with ice cold sweet
water that comes up like a geyser
in the midst of the salt water. The
fresh water springs, as the sailors
call them, have been known in the
gulf for 200 or 300 years. They
were discovered by early voyagers
and were the salvation of many a
mariner whose supply of fresh water
ran short while he was becalmed in
the doldrums. Some of the fresh
water springs are marked upon the
charts, but there is little need of
them nowadays.
Two Opinions.
"What is your impression of Wil-
kins?" we asked a lawyer the other

D you want my professional
opinion or my opinion in a friendly
mu* 5D m *L l-.i

--ef-i~r a t1 a o no with
t9** It e the a night a py
ay .s tam w o aeotvelIt
ee in which to spend their moemy
ovwr cards.
-' f bam had gaem a with vary-
a webm here and thee. It was
"Maligst Th entry w-as a
chum mand d been told not to ee
th light in the tent At last a
apot was on the board and had
b "weeten" until it was very
tempting. Every one was in it, and
it was worth before the open about
M$0. When one of the players
opened it, every one stayed and
drew cards.
The age had a full house. the next
man four tens, the third anm four
qeens and the dealer four aces.
Thopener threw a dollar into the
pot. The next man raised, and it
was raised and reraised until it was
beautiful to see.
SAt this point there was a scurry
of footsteps outside. The sentry
rushed in, grasped the lantern and
dashed it out, jerking and extin-
g shing it as he did so. As he
diap ,,red he whispered hoarsely:
Instiectiveiy four hands went out
in the darkness and spread them-
selves over the pot, while four other
Hands closely clutched five cards
"Hold on, fellows," whispered the
dealer. "Every one take his hand
of the table and keep it off until the
light oomes back. We'll just sit
here and nurse our cards. My hand
is good enough to wait for."
"So's mine," said the others.
Then they waited. Slowly the
night passed, growing chillier and
more chill in its going. The sentry
was cursed, the officer was cursed,
but still they sat. At last the first
glimpse of gray appeared in the sky,
and as soon as it grew light enough
the fur played their hands and
tum ed in for a few minutes' sleep
before the bugle called them out
An Indetermate Sntans.
During a lull in the program the
members of a feminine literary so-
city were discussing the case of
three criminals who, though sen-
tenced to the penitentiary for life,
yet stood a chance under the law of
being pardoned after fifteen years'
The crime of these men had been
particularly atrocious, and one lady
of the party was most emphatic in
her denunciation of the criminals
and the law of the state which
opened an avenue for leniency.
"All that you say is true, Mrs.
S.," said one of the members. "But
did you ever consider that not one
criminal in a hundred sentenced to
life imprisonment ever serves out
that term?"
"Why?' queried Mrs. S. innocent-
ly. "Don't they live long enough ?"'
Chaneed the Sign.
In the outer room of a Wall street
office this sign was posted a few
days ago: "Please Do Not Whistle.
We Do All That Ourselves." The
messenger boys on service in the
building evidently saw a funny side
to the notice, for within an hour
more than twenty of them asked,

"When do you whistle?" "When
does the concert begin?" "How
much for a ticket?' and similar
queries. The sign came down after
two days, and the manager of the
office has had it replaced by one
bearing in aggressively bold letters
simply the words, "Don't Whistle."
-New York Tribune.
Removing Soerch.
An old negro laundress is respon-
sible for the following cure for bad-
ly scorched places caused by too hot
irons: A half pint of vinegar is put
on the stove in a porcelain lined
saucepan. To this are added the
juice of a large onion and two
nA&&, ^#f llaJr.w L Fal r, __, .;-

that_ the L *eeai th. *- im-et
tead m et gket to mk the
Igew. Whe it wis I red out hkw
eh would have to drop on it every
day the rmnt was o manos
th theth r was laughed out of
a stme. T Is no doubt,
though, that themnds of smaler
bodies a constantly falling into
the sn and odi heat.
Another was that th a consist-
ed a huge mass of burning gas.
Now, the character of a great many
of the substances found in the sun is
known, and it is also known that all
of them an in a gaseous state on
count of the intense heat, but
when it cme to gurisig out all the
greatest possible quantities of sub-
staces necessary to combine and
produce heat it was found that the
sun would be entirely consumed in
les time than we already know it
to have been in existence.
How, then, does the sun maintain
its heat? The theory now held by
scientist is what is called the con-
traction theory. That is that the
sun is slowly cooling and therefore
coatroeaes and that the enormous
prmun produced on the inner mass
by this traction causes it to be-
come white hot and give out heat
and light There is no serious pal-
pable objection to this theory. On
the other hand, it ts in with all the
'observed phenomena of the sn I
Therefore it must stand until fully
disproed or a more likely theory is
offered. likewise this theory is
in accord with common sense. We
all know that pressure produces
heat, and we know that a hot body
in space radiates its heat and tends
to, and we know that con-
traction produces pressure, so there
you are.
Not many people have any idea
as to the enormous amount of heat
that the sn sends off into space.
ur earth t oy a vey all
Start of it. Th herd of apin plaed
twenty feet away from an eletri
light gets in proportion to the light
on the surrounding wall of a room
about what the earth gets of the
sun's light and heat radiated into,
Why does not the earth lose its
heat as fast as it gets it, as the
moon does? Because the earth has
an atmosphere and the moon hasn't.
This atmosphere allows light waves,
to go through it to the earth, but
when the earth changes them to
heat waves the atmosphere will not
let them out, except very slowly.
Thus our heat is kept through the
All are familiar with this prop-
erty from the common hothouse.
The glass allows the light waves to
come in and be changed to heat
waves, but it will not let the heat
waves go out. Thus the inside of
such a place is much warmer than
the outside air.-Lawrence Hodges
in New York Tribune.
Her Name Not Polly Tioks.
During a political campaign a
candidate for the legislature was
driving through the country seeking
votes among the farmers when he

met a young man in farmer's garb
walking by the roadside.
Having in his mind a prospective
vote, he stopped his horse and, sa-
luting him in a familiar manner, in-
"Are you paying any attention to
polities nowadays?"
The young man stopped, looked
at him suspiciously and drawled out:
"No, stranger; that don't happen
to be my gal's name, but ef it was
I wouldn't think it was any of your
darned business."
This ended the interview as well
as the prospect--Judge.
An English paper says that the
champion absentminded man lives
at Belham. On one occasion he
called upon his old friend, the fam-
:I l- A A..-_ -L-4_. f -


* 4

in# b-w pbrw toh w Op Ma
we for a time, was about to
the day through the port, eMordg
to bs meal eastom, when, lIn m-
p-iae with Sir Donald'srmet he
gave it to him as a kee e. On
beg informed of the incident
Oladstoe remarked to Sir Donald:
"Kep it. It will be previous some
day.'-Wetminster Gsette.
Deat Oaet Divem
A wutqr JdIOneItSd sa divMw so.
am atq 1=D-m= m atbeMi. Dr.Kl %
New um 9 wed heam ethdM

D rc a n s .
An Uapwrimnt In Theeley.
Jimmie Irwin went to his mother
on.his return from Sunday school
and said, "Womm, the teacher told
a story at Sunday school today*.
Mother-Oh, no, dear, I think
you are mistaken.
Jimmie-No, I'm not She told a
Mother-Wel, what was it?
Jimmie-She said that if I told
a story the bad man would get me.
I've tried it twice and he hadn't got
me yet I-Delineator.
l A ilnionaire'saby
eatted bm the ai primed bbt eblt
emdb t be curedO auhWo heworeltesk-
Ismy quker w armw oR irm ar Ify
e it ~byohby B i. ucrks.,O-
dL t d anl dmenuMtm d the wn-
aTnhad k Pries ande Sol. d by

Children Cry
The kbs of O arenth.
A kindly elderly bald gentleman
i a tellin some lads the ty of
amaon. e wa strong" adthe
speaker in snmming up, "became
weak and then regained his strength,
which enabled him to destroy his
enemies. Now. boys, if I had an
enemy what r'lo-1i viou in'vise me to
Sdo?" A litt! uov oiouidered the
secret of tial gr eat ane unat .
strength. and lii hand went up.
"Get a bottle of hair restorer he
eclaimed.- London Chronicle.

O -
Dyspepsia, Comatliptieo, Sick
Headache, Billoeaeess
Ami ALL DISEIASS arilu hri ai
Torpid Liver cad had Digestie
The atus m rssue asseut.
ly WCtrrle i. my tso walw.
Take No Substitute.

rtr s
mw d yv limit to the t
pomible imon-emat In seeds,
Sbt it taks te and money. We hase
been Improting flower and vegttate
seeds for or oyean. aore thon 2t0')
i pe are working to make Perry's
Se *suit you. Buy the best--Pcrr)'s.
S aFor ,ale eehere.

A. nU. -MY a 006 mDia M.


Cream Vermifuge

I. -F




No Rewt

y or M&t

"I would lay awake for ors
without any apparent case, or
Dream terrible dreams which
would bring m extreme spells
of nerMvaess. After taking
Dr. Miles' Nervine and Toaic
for awhile I could sleep well,
and the nervous spells have left
R. R, No.4, Canal Dover, Ohio.
Without sleep the nervous
system en n becomes a wreck,
and the healthful activity of all
the organs obstructed. Restful.
body-building sleep accompanies
the use of Dr. Miles' Nervine
because it soothes the irritable
nerves, and restores nervous
energy. When taken a few days
according to directions, the most
restless sufferer will find sleep
natural and healthful. Get a
bottle from your druggist. Take
it all according to directions, and
if it does not benefit be will re-
turn your money.




N To eanio
- ketood be liv-th
or in a od --m4 otherwise e the ffrte
matter and bile will accumulate in tUe
sate and eaasu diNmsa.

St, Joseph's

Liver Rewulator

is ld-iabliWed. reliable. thorou
r :unI Ivial romou ded
ac an3d Bowels.
It ha become popular aod Indl--,-
ble in a~eat may horma aq valaed
wamwtm Baulauor Iit lnvtrasOrtor.
I| is JPlcnt to take. purely v ees a
S benefit if taken as reciQ.
It relieves Hldache. DIa-
ne .te 8lownss
a& mIa.era,,dt bConiDation ad
torpidity of the Liver and idne
.b1 he in every home and uaed
TAfm A*1 I -_ -21 -A -* -

* .11

S- b,.



".-' v :.. ** :... .... ,:- L ;
. .- *. -.' .'*^,,
:. T *-^?

~k~u: ~-tt~1II
kt -uC
e ~~


i "


mumT as


no -amm

tfftt. ThW
hiwo 0l0,' which won
m.m byegosa asa
- of hdie s is I"r* to GmP
bushad emnm two revs o

r~ am Xow H I=mbr
1. ","*~t an I ag3
9s 4 "bLA o
arid~Ih epit stem-~rca

afrit eboiom to turn the
-isaad 9a up to ripen.
m rhm in the porChb to
da t rwfan r very sood ub-
be hr dtw e"kof cOde


'ut to eata t te owers. The
r had *I bbws tur m oon
* pe aaa, -d te
sa tem aef t m owe ba

In ve olt come to I
ad thee i t oten seenh g
foded bunl at the extreme end of
the eeoverg--Uving Churlh.

water. Tedia and the sand of
Bumhr a ca ewtain claim to
e as naroe t pfiai.r marriage
Heo wc any eautry. In the frmr
a ea ad a alf are invariably re-
red at th marriage. The ani-
malb are driae into a narrow run-
'aa bteaM, h'e priests and he be-
trothed oA also standing in the
water. Th n as nd women each
Mt&h bold fS the cow's tail, 4ad the
priest pma u water out of a gla
vesse upn their joined hands,
whie a- netot mutter certain
PC n. Te yu f ag fot a then
ea to be man m ad wife, and
the mest the cow and calf
sa ifee. t island of Ban-
emy I oit tai b a
harkifue A wuit ift makes a
1daIeieaI Ae right leg et the
aaio bdsegoem. From each
Ssh e I de t a few drop of
blood sand f ien'r them to the
their ones leg Thi operation, to-
ether ,with a ht rigfiou Lor=a-
i, outibitea t.whele of the mar-

he irget $09r in the wrid is
do a auk" Of s etbtra. Its
t is flayhoreeisein a mete-
abot thebde ofl a arrig wheeL
^no9 pl te hiuim man Lowen
are oval an remy whi gwring
rmad a center ed with o ee
164 hW .sd hbmn The
ad is cUa e of caqhthnlg nearly
twafsQ ha. Thebabodeare

The alphabet e difremDt as-
ti vary is the number of their
letr. Amble so M lette

iamompi9 .ee

oA way -be iPtk=
the ari a atave bars Amn-a
a paintes, for though is birth
ea in a yaft that

W"t So d11 s s quit got
Waes a by beig an in-

eat say knon mcurqmnt from
lia fmily sad surronabad the

left charge of a bab iste he
an piaitef anhgh r is birthlb

tried to make a r t aofer tinh .

rd d black in.d Then the tol-
gtr sm e It M I iansu b showed
Ifo aT QuaxT if m little

Pai to task. et a.indtyellow

colors, while his mother allowed him
ton dip nto her id tb nd seventh
mad a y IMash faMo m t from
of tfi at. Withrnd the
tels e veeute old someol ore
drawla tht oatrted the atten-
am o a Th r. Or i t ht hila
tft in charge ofa ha*,dntdr he
tri to make a portrait of her in
red aud brwh io Then the fol-
loiwig year aome Indian arowed

olao afhiter It an pictured him
to dip into her indigo tab and even

made sa rrh Mr hib from tht e u
f the ast With thve r d e as-
twkb be qI te some colored
drwixgm that attracted the atten-
ti of a Mr Proeington of Pla-

ateh who peeld himiy ithe

I T e years later hspictrea. He
mo and was reed poed that be-
thrasm ha t once laun old he imwa

Into a success which only grewa
painter years went by. Final-
he was elec ted president of head
rrid eaoqgh money to vrit Bomneo

Roalearademy mad hpeldd his posi-
Suantil his d ath, when a eeat
d u ad w.ral wrsived to hs ren-
thains in tht Paul's once lahedrar-
into a cleee which only grew

g ae the f ar wat by. F -
A well known humorist ent of the
wasl o e omf thade hld ta pvelo-
in ui stant fdearth, h n a on At
pevie fonerl l r given to h re-
mout: Stvewe Pl't cthe rals? Isr

itn ent? e e t ointo be
killed Hen fellow priest enter pid

no attention, but remain wrapped
aIn Eih ril crria n hic
s oen ofy the lady aide to avel
"Are yo not farad of railwayion t
every jolt or sudden stop she cried
out: "Have we left the rails? Is

it n accident dm," ing to be
ed, ea Hr fllo pIt anger paiden
no attetion, but remained wrapped

Preently the lady aid to him,
.:4 Zo; not afraid of railway se-
ddeato" *"Not I. m ~admP answer-

predicted that I hll die on the
She changed cariag at the next

ittLs Arn agd f, had been
ver tro, ali d y aMd Up- b
duy trying to -i aer, who had
haId a at hees a be wae ot f
W4 im to gto to Inthe the
evn6 ~after tt few had the
aid hi prayer, This father aled
him, thing a oed time to ay
a -Si in sme-" ad b=g by ]
kt "My ns, why is fa- srt
er ad mother have had to Ah ed
ye so a d r Ane thb h
a minatemd tmod o b ther%
da-om- t tepd, I I gM it wm a
ems wre eth dk an denm to- ma
d. e a. wa
Mr. Synnx-When Tom asked
a to have hm he promid me 111
that my lige wih would always ho
be aw ithhim. s
Ms. Saner-Aad of eamo that
wa all the poo moInated to-- w
--T 1vlamntv w ?. or

I%$ and" d
'sit w M t fp leader l .as i
eu th at thaf aehma to. the

** "The a- o- ia W-h
s aatum n t ...hi to, Im
,ad a ea mei, te hae t th I
tro it over th sd of

,was wrg withM the two men at the
.t t
tP4h got away from the chim-
y at a --suffm t dstneT to Iw
what as n on up at the top,
and they writneseW the ftighb f en-
counter between the two men. The
mano iafequently by pure strength
get hisr -p nin. over to the very
ee of the e himna y. Ever t ime
ro did this the ase man wold tas
tr u a o hisa fore ad pe the
madman back. The hand to hand
battle went on for hours, while a
company of firemen down below
wer endeavoring to shoot a line
ever the chimny by means of a
rocket cmann. ally the am
an got a certain hold on the mad-
man and broke the latter's arm.
Then the manic lay quist.
"Afte hos of ai mr i the g d a
men mag to geta lim over the
thimney, whieh the ehuei brik-
mason, almost 'all ourt from his ter-
rible str ug with the i inse man
grabbed. Thea hbe drew ap the
. rope laddw fatend it d a mai
*doen to te pad, sintin into
semiomatse conuita from which
he did'not emerge for days.
"Two firemen volunteered to go1
up the ro ladder after the manian.
Th ey h nealy reaohe the top
the himey when the inue eman
walked over to the ge, looked
around quietly for minute or so,
paying no attention to the cris of
hi recersm, and then dived heed-
foremost to the ground. He was
probably dead before he struck the
earth,and he was picked p a shape
lek mass."-Exhange.

Remakable ClaIrvemay.
When people are determined to
d evidence to convince them of a
ng they are bound to believe
Sis never any lack of it A cer-
a man who accepted as true the
tensions of a charlatan who
imed to be able to tell the pst
story, ceetcter and future of an
on from his hadwriting
Sday to a friend:
"Why, look at the things he i
e to tell you from a mere impeI
your handwritingI The frrt
ng he said to me was, 1 ee you
ver took a price in orthography
le you wre at Ihool' nd it was
"Did he give you any id how
knew that ?
He said he could tell it merely
m the way in which I had made
Scurve of the letter and h in
Sword 'handwAghitsigr
Net Quite C-r.
Mr. David could not be called
pad. He wu rather' low, and
ed to this deficiency, his tone
d a way of getting mixed up. ot
ry one understood thi, sad as
result the poor fellow got into
ny complications. One day he
w making a perfunctory call on a
ly with whom he had little in
mmon. He got up to go.
"I'v enjoyed your society very
ch, Mr. David," said the lady. "I
pe you will come to see me again
"ve enjoyed my visit, too," he
. "I don't know when I've en-
WA1 &% .1^..-n

Aim t~

---Emu Ai~r

W~hat I. CASTOjAw

b~ed Fa brm brs mh
- wDrawS a a l of.t,(6
see. Im q oe b i g is bI w~A
~~~~I -Mal-. t ~ W
Ca~eN ItrwsT.m ewe B

~~~~~im = dsW I u~m~. 1.r
bie a ewb ~btom ule




he Kmind You Hare OR.avs Bo"i


In Use For Over 30 Years
len- wem.w I II-mns_ __

Sporting Goods
Is what you need Mr. Florida Merch-
ant to make your investment in this
stook a suess88.
The But Qualty, Te Bt [on, IThe Best Pit

We are agents for the State
We sell at factory Prices
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1000 Im
10 47 pm
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144 pm
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INo. 78 No. '
.a...JaekovnTl..Ar r7 0 om U am
-.vIt.A. ua- ..Atr6 06 qI 7 06 an
,v .. aBat a..Lv Ia 0)m, 0 an
.......Ormed...... Me m 4w a
-tv ....Dayton ....-v 3 14 i 4 16am
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Lv.W. Palm eachaj 804 am s 4 pm
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Lv.... LomgKay.....Lv............... 4 a
Ar.. knlhtsa y. ............ 1 00 am
Ar ....t I Wt L ..........t7 a
Ar..... Havsaa....Lv .......... 00 pm

Eflectlve June 17, 190

Pollman Buffet Parlor cars
operated on traie 29 and W be
tweeo Jaeksoavlle and Miami.
Pullman Buffet Sl eper be-
tweam New York and Kalbhis
Key over A. C. L Line north ,o
Jaeksonvillete handled on trains
a and R.

*euday. Tued ay ud Thuanray, artvat at Key West.
tTuedayr, Thuradays and aturday.s departure from Key Wet.
tlModayW, Wedesdays and Fridays. arrials and departures at Havana.
Leave ai ZEAST PALATKA TO Arrt I "Leave PALATKA TOI)A'T .Arriit vt
Palata PALATKA Palatka Palata PALATKA Palatka
S16 am ........No. 100 Dlly ........ 6 U am 5 40 am ........No. 101 Dally...... 6 00 au,
S am ...............No. 10 Daily......... 0 am 8 00 am .........No. 103 Daily......... 8 20 a ,2
S30 am ..........No. lo DaIly..... 60 am 11 5 am ..........No. 106 Daily......... 11 45 sa
t1 0 pi ..........No. 106 Dally......... 12 25 pm 2 M pm ..........No. 107 Dlly......... 3 15 pm
4 10 pm .....No. 10Dly..... pm ......No. 10 all..... 4 pm
6 15 pa ..........No. 110 Daly 86 pm 5 56 pm .......... 1o. I ll i ally.........i 1 p
S 35pm ..........No. 11 Dailly.....6 6 pm 7 00pm .......No. 113 Iaily ...... 7 20 pm
Leave Eas EAST PALATKA TO Arrlve a- Leave San SAN MATEO TO EAST lArriveEarl
Palatka SAN MATZEO Mateo Mateo PALATKA Palatka
8 so am ..........No. 108 Daily......... 860am 9 00 am ....... No. 104 Dally ........ 9 20 m
3 20 pa ..........No. 107 Iily......... 3 40 pm S 34pa ........ No. 108 Daly......... 4 06 pm
No. 50 No. s7 o. 1 No. -s No. 61 .. No. so No. a No. 4'No. 56 No. b
Dally Daly Dally Dlly l Daily T AC Daily ,y DalyDy iDa y Day rly

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D.aL ph b r. eri~River
mA imihh J Umdb -u uminnmr~ m- n

th e.--fvevTta yr ht W b16redM
si ; ,... hh m l ww he te md o LARGEST AND OLDEST BANK 01 THE RIVER
.rJ tuliw"i, l uldd0 tullt d.oO. ug drr., Eei lKchual -botlt aad Mild ooaUmll fio-a co-r l-- .alm
of ft tKeeps the soalp het1y. sp b rvice poll. UM t emd @w y
saterseer .W vU~rM f dmaghte oe.oau am^o w Tfwti compary, e somwair. Mew Yeak GW Th. hA
S o'M Am o the riverfront. a R aamre oe-a-- --k Jaku. .... J .. vlw h, ra,.
I Ur ii~adgro sof Iet ha Griat hes bee on the aick Is if i, A

v fw nh ofi~ parps N withr Mr. A. S. B""p1' beq clp. SOf C dr. hs 4e PI
,W?.U P lt w Il=hU---. -- w HARDWARE
Sar1S irpt buq withall the arpenterwor dr. Pr-meb FtH ot b ir. 1
he wald'do p to this time. -_____ _____
Jl.M lqntsdkd Mnn 5Zu md ; J" .'. ht, Jas. Pritchard & Son
,idwda theewlo iLoh iitlrTmha to takedage ot the Nirod- am
ma.y minute .of is tidt. o, owned t Mar Chils ad Cle
Ou.r progru-e yousg mrcboa ., met of New York. He was .c=om- Ha lF eof c r ... Grat y Handle the Finest Lines of
si,,*do Mina emmwe. M v.h : ,ranaid*b hs siste, Cor w ,woowmI
...cur i a.aTsIrt. k d o a . lp him Heavy and Shelf Hardware
Ummim to m l nIsr paMndti.A lS bad hoae been out bon. Capt. Branm received the
_"O i aenn o-. in his studies during his. leisure Gunsand Sportin

-k.. aEf E *.E... in he wood tor eight or t dy yonng people d did everytingcin Our Stock of
S i round up attle, rkg and his power to make them comfortable Gs a d Sportng Goods
a l--t th the aoot. brd.and acquainted with the boat. Mi
m5?M i=r B+. J.'.M. J.ulis m .p J. cas ,x pects to ttd t *he hi is complete at all times
ii o id.wnt oer to Artesa omedlay school t Miami this winter.
-- ftw O t .i.d. of the iat week for a week's visit with Mr. Wes. Ragan came home from
M.ds d.ho the r id. Baltimue oa u Paints and Oils of Quality
Le.a the asr. oa be ato od, a bereiu. thebody ofhis title dugh- one of our Specialties
,r eapdq Gqending omme time with his aunt, ter with him and on Friday the Mys- J
Ry'o .t son r Mrs J. E. Reed. Charley and Ash- tie came up brigHig the family with
Sley have great times afshing and boat a large number of friends to attend g Quotations for large or small orders will
glqsOr So wautIIaas StrUd the funeral. Waiting and Watching be given personal atte.lion. Mail Orders
n dr Bsrt and John Field in comay for Me, w u at the grave and solicited and promptly filled
MiawR s w with Phil Schuyler and Walter Swee- on. nMmb read tf e burial ser- e
S' s _ney paid Tita a vist o Suday vice. A number of Georgiana people a i ton eivLSun d
SMr. .o' pop- and on their return the river ws were present and Mr. and Mrs. Ra-
-b-li pi h a rohand conquentlywere drenh certainly have the sympathy of
Sthrogn the Ble Bame ed through hen they reached home. all our people in their sorrow. -- -
riedtlmow where he waswith the they ads
Si, aso h Rev. tones. preached to aaten- Bewaro of .. tip,-t-o E. L. BRADY & BRO.
,&sa. m---thecla towor.ea. week', sVisoit wriceth.ries, Hay, Grain and all Food Products
il~ N. Hill helped. Ot jhin Mri. ni c-- dhs. B. rL'-.r-',, ., ,. r.
lad ]llm. at t imo d dea tatmeat fot costipatlom It acts Ln a
screened the mbquitoes did not dis- uaturl ad eM manner (not by violet
I*t 1 S. T. turb the cton any. M.hs ae o) and gently loosens the bowel, dle prhodu e of all kind. We ase o r Y peu Frtcllamsl Wedr ahy
f-itharge 0fedryoods and tur the congregation any. tMI arnl the hlom tin or evil wtch eliar e .e
.dormerw Mary Stones, his daughter, came salt Lm e clons or the system with Gral an d all roosrie dIisd t yoar tatio. E. L BRADY A o.. TWrru LL,
S baring her a. om a pot ca offeniverefa is remedy i a wonderful ---
d own wt. ml erom md ht n stimuletor of liver, stomah and bowels, in- D. 8PELL Dr. J. C. SPELL, egistered Pharmslst
W. 0. W were to hold the received since, she enjoyed her visit dans nd maintaining heithy natnr.l ac-
ristg in their new room on to Indianola. p eott a bor, evt bo t.00..ori
nig.eya.i Pricy, aiqud, ma bote BANNER DRUG STORE
T ug_ and co nsequenet have rentddytpe
s~oeid tory of the new library build- The beet pills made re DeWitt's Little Hash physe react, weaken the bowels, jlo.r1eJi 1r
ir and'*W have delighttfl quarters. Earl Ri, the famous little liver pills, aMuse chree coasmiption, Doan's RBeglets
A anlber of our Citizens areo a prom ptl ey are sold by Banner Dru pation. MBe. Ask your dragist for them. re, i
well ed with Mr. Hamp Brad- oda Water, Ice Cream, Fresh Dr Chemical
ford',s mpimentn o. the land bnihk t., torment of CAST O R IA Mail orders solicited and promptly field. Will order anything we
Otown tat they have invested. Mr. m Dten' Ointment. It cared me perma- an
.Bradford has ditched all the smr neatl."-Hon. John Garrett, mayor, Gir. O1 Tan ChBirLu - -..- -- -. .
roadmig countryp-run the pond dry lm T YU i Alm John L. Van De Veer W.H.
and ploughed it Cocoa wil be the Go TAN A t.i... l T"ITUS VILLE ICC Oi
elery and potato city of the East Mrs. A. B. Carter spent last Tues- Grr.n oa aIlI -- d v edas 1o Au..
Cat before long day in Cocoa. Pure Ice Manufactured from Distilled Water
OAAV~ a AL, Mrs. Lou Walker spent last Thurs- Prompt Deliveries Made to all Shipping Poilnts the Florida Eat Cast
Walter Faklin, of west Pa day with Mrs. F. W. Munson. HENRY RIVERS . .
Beach, is visiting relatives here. Miss Maggie Carter spent last T Parl TT TAT COM PANY
F.M. .Wison has finished his con- week at Tropic with her sister, Mrs. Tonsorial Parlors IN DIAN R IVER C PANY
tract at Artesia just in time to avoid Sims. Corner Julia and Palm Streets one block et a l and Fanc rri
the mosquitoes Sam ee ad r.Mr. Sm Oteen and Mrs. fromailwy ton Dales ta e and Fancy rocerie
Miss Grace Ranson has returned to James Osteen were in town last Wed- TITUSILLE. FLORIDA -- at Competitive Price --
St. Augutine after a pleasant visit esday. Fa onhe Hair cutting and GASOLINE, CYLINDER OIL, CUP OUAsua, ETC.
with her grandparents. A. B. Carter and Carl Wittfeld are general Barbering ALLENHURST, FLA. (HAULOYI r CAIAL
Our light house keeper is becoming doing carpenter work at Rockledge, One visit and you become a Staunch Patron --
quite phofeient in baseball, practi- over in Carl's launch every day. EAST COAST LUMBER & SUPPLY CO.
ing with the repair crew, recalling Miss Lila Oslin visited with Miss s (A M t Mret EAS CA LUMBEn ft SUPPLV O.
the days when hand the world were Esther Allen last week, returning to lla Olsl TSlEl mll .
young. .her home in Melbourne on Thursday. .Lumber a1d BDildin ateril
S. T. Knight went to Eau Gallie Mrs. Luna Hainlain returned to

last week, taking a large Spanish ce- Miami last Tuesday. Her many Fl a an
dar log that he found on the beach, friends here were sorry to let her go Flrida and Yards at Eau Gallie, Cocoa and Fort Pierce
having sold same to E. C. Lumber & so soon. W tn Orders for carload lots and house bills
Supply Co. Mrs. Richardson and little Nellie Wes delivered direct from the mill
Miss Pauline Jeffords, who has Ramsey came down to attend services at
been making a short visit with Mrs. Sunday and visited friends until THE NEW FORD MODEL "T" AT $825.00
C. P, Honeywell and Mrs. Thomas Monday night. all Kinds is te biggest vlue fr te my e r
Knight, at the lighthouse, and Mrs. Mosquitoes are thicker in Georg- Of all Kind is the biggest value for the money ever offered in a car
Heny, Wilson, at the grove, returned iana than at any time for many years. Practical demonstration of Ford car and full particulars
to Indianola Tuesday. Fifteen years ago we had them this TITUVILLE, FLORIDA as to the new styles and models given at any time by
SFifteen years ago we had them thi E. B. WAGER, Titusville, Agent for the Ford Cars.
...Praetorius accompanied his way for three weeks and then had, Agnt for te Fo
bro the, W. H. Praetorius to Eau several seasons with very few of 0. A. STEWART
GaleiBaturday in thelatter's launch. them. We hope they will remember eeS
Ed a eiot know what a narrow to do so again. Fir1 "i.-''
es aadb had from the fire un- Bro. Hawk filled his last regular f HQ PflP
til h1bem snmed that night. ... h-,... m...I II I II II I II I i .... In /ur n



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