l)r l".**rce.'s Favorite Pre.s.ripti,,n ape-
ciaily p,'t up for w ,man's ills-for those
diltr,. in(--drsaggiing d<,wn ailm'nts-
pe'uiiar to womn-Ia alko a te'mpIerane
rfin dy that is t ..t known by its cures.
With Dr. Plerc*' me*lici,,s. their in-
gredients ar- matters of public knowledge,.
being printed on each separate bottle
wrapper. Thus invalid suffered, are

!bun awM med nd is

pddern bbi",
i -160 1 16 b

set r alai ft m

and soobu

an Qt sad oneYIw da
em. Yen mahm UI

to hl hals by

out If your hav h~lde if b1 t-
0ention thms pd p w n o* "4 2
& Co.. Dinghmmm. V.
N#'t make amy inI-h.. bu ums -
tbe naIe SwaPres N..lmu S .
boyot, anud toe aWim., W.v
on e mry bottl

7U* Most V bhr So lSo ef Y eeh md I.
Buidding Books ett'a' F hhsh


OverI o toboil i ove been built from t*h s
printeJi I b, t k...; Sucii. uly @ I
*very ,.'ntf- A.1 m 'cI qvry @ Full d"
drwa~i i AA sI'.hown4 what k bh"d
boA te :.. I rt c rmmcly smpk.
141 -1 ri .oa. to homiwd 'md k mb
~ C*f. 'u.-nma.Z'egeU.h ae ~ )bk ab u b
*r r ,. e'e~UltfeaI ... % t.bus- rwa
,, .:.i. .'g e.of' cutapr I~ S&
%1-1 c I i d -s~
*o .e u-e ih' -..r deewerei l, p

A j-- .)rA & rbig; 06@611M
UI. r .
A i * i .rutr o'veb.



A4 Ni:.w .i - ,- .-.

6L. I"

A' ~

4.. t 4qs emftfora bq~
1-itDe~r am"p or toido
i,.;,A a modedl.amm m

e. .An ios.


a mumraw rmzCE

I ;w VOna. U. 6. A

Seed n 71/far C la.oi d- of loks Afor
%,.Atki~ma s Ljbr''.-

- -.


nh OrG ~Seme Pw
Three Neetho. I h1 50 SUMoeLbs. 53
Twelve Mu. $94
1k Smi.Wchyllmu4Jmu d
Th rarar ad ft rIWo.
W" rII"m meof the sos. wea. 4.


-'- t.-


' <*'


---&&. '

^f---K~OW sound&
SanId ibo
^^^^**ipllfloootm Iad
A lnyd tmk

as ptyd inIn
aligt, were, a
-notcarried to
s dame towns ii
mtae mayor felt calei
`"; Mi ----oa warmni
goig ua far Am to de
or damage property]
tmucih depredation
^^fcred in those plaem j
Adefren soaping shov
and a few other little mis
-ilN 7Itavolle came clear of al
:tof mischief doing.

;:Te Geearst Election






W vote Tesday for Judge Taft
S". s.m t a surprise for theRe-
: gas it was to the Democrats
i' Mtl i middle and eastern states, for
: tbride was e letiug that New
,:- 'y would give a majority for
? the Reptitblean candidate.
While Mr. Bryan has gone down
In defeat for the third time, he still
lh a high in the estimation of the
S-- f tthe people as though he
hd wio the latest.
SHe enducted a wonderful cam-
pan and in a manner which could
at h av been equaled by any one in
his party. This being so and as it is
oMesedd that the Republican and
Demoeratc parties are the two lead-
ing political forces in this country, it
m tbe accepted that Mr. Bryan's
defatis due to the fact that the
ecantry is satisfied to let well enough
alone, or was doubtful of the issues
pled in the Democratic platform
being for the general welfare of the

The cutting down of Republican
minorities in most all of the western
ates far below what they were four
years ago will have direct bearing
and be aiuicant of future political
trend and bodes well for the Demo-
crtic party in the next presidential
The west is fast outstripping the
eat in commercial relations and this
ft will militate against the latter
inapolitical way and four years from
now we predict the south and west
will link together and elect a Demo-
cratc president without New York

The popular wave for Mr. Bryan
waed as election day approached in
the east, caused no doubt by the im-
mmen demonstrations brought about
by the party in power to divert at-
tamtion from Mr. Bryan and incite
commercial lines to declare his elec-
tio would prove disatrous to busi-
ess and manufacturing interests, all
of which has had its effect upon
many peope who earlier in the cam-
paia were in favor of the Democratic

While the Republican party has
bem returned to power it should re-
as"thatit-is loing strength with
tiL itmlpannt voter, and that un-
lsltietathebwlshes of that ele-
m-t, Mid w1 of certain' members
ei o party, Itwilltbe seriously
'a in m in podded the Dem-
w a f a mld neorommativew
Sk_ gpmrf their dd asd

rl b

isAn ; et

'iNkt Wlus b;idge
:I MaerIer, Ok Hill, PIa;
S 8 Mam Jakamhille; AT
Oa, k mbaa; J M SY Mla, CUea-
; 0 J ail, Jr, Daybea; C GToee,
-Usr. AC C Jrde, JacksomWe;
l lna, MiamU ; L W War, Jack-
sm ;* TL Howell, New Smyrna;
C C Grie rKaam City; R A Twesy,
IteM -, Mas ; L D Jues, Clb Line,
Jsa iBeff ; BagM HR t, Orlando;
U. Armntrg Daytoua; Judge M S
Jm, J Dade, Mrs8 E Petterson,
W aBuummi Burt Hale, City, LT
ABl Fk Geo J Wbhte, Cocoa; C B
rtdlesn, Ordan Fla; H R Nauman,
FW Wattoa CMft Fl; 8 M Steph-
eoa Leak-la, 1a; MrJas A New-
some and children Fort Mede; C H
Coma, Miami; AT Guy, Richmond, Va;
C W Carnan; Baltimore; T J Shave,
Melbourne; J E M Hodgon, Eau Gallie;
John Smith, City; A L Kronfeldt, N Y;
8 J Hilburn, Palatka; JE Fulta and
two children, Fort Pierce? W Bdd, St
Augustine; R Whyte, Ft Pierce; Effe
Ralerson, Florence Brewer, Fort
Pierce; Helen Lassiter, St Augustine;
G C Zaing, Jacksonville; R B Cole,
New York; J H Allen, Allenhnrst; Phil
Roberts, Mims. C E Kellam, Jackson-
ville; G B Fuasell, Mims; G A Worley,
Miami; M C Jordan, Jacksonville; Erle
B Besley, Chattanooga; J W Selby,
Philadelphia; Dr and MY Nagel, New
Smyrna; Will L Frantz, Ankona; E B
Wager, Mrs E B Wager, Ryals Wager,
Reginald Wager, City; EA Martin,
HJ Benson, Jacksonville; Mrs T B
Wilson, R W Haile, City; John A Mc-
Rae, Jacksonville; Frank E Vincent,
Lynn, Mass; T J Bundix, Jacksonville;
Mrs W E V*nlandingham, Fort Pierce;
Scheffel Wright, Jacksonville; A A
Bogg, Miami; W E Colton N Y; C A
Miles, Jacksonville; E D Reed, Wa Wa;
John C Jones, Miss S Jones, Orlando;
C L Stewart, Banyan; S P Bruton, Bal-
timore; C B Robinson, Orlando; Jas A
Newsome and son, Fort Meade; Thoe
Palmer, Tampa; Geo S Singleton, New
Orleans; E B Arnold, Malabar; John
Boyer and wife, M 0 Fullam, New
York; W F Arnold, Jensen; W W Pem-
ble, New York; EP Miles, Jacksonville;
W F Winn, City; Judge Parker, R E
Mims, J E Andrews, I M Savage, Fort
Pierce; A Freisleben, N Y; C O Cham-
berlin, P M Dickey, Jacksonville; J M
Cheney, Orlando; E Hilzinger, St Au-
gustine; FC Cross, OSS Co; K B
Raulerson and wife, Fort Pierce; J J
O'Brien, N U Mier, St Augustine; Mr
and Mrs S B Rathbun, Miss Grace A
Rathbun, Snug Harbor, N Y.

A Survey Ordered
Capt. Sharpe, of the dredgeboat
Florida, recently informed the New
Smyrna Breeze that a survey of the
inlet at New Smyrna had been order-
ed, also that an order had been given
to dredge the channel to a depth of
seven feet from New Smyrna to Mi-
This will be good news to the pub-
li" generally, and s. ''ialy t< t I .-"
who travel up and down the east
coast in large boats.

Death of D. A. Blodgett
Delos A. Blodgett. a w.ea!thy lum-
ber magnate, wll knon, in this
state, especially in l)aytt,:a anti
R.):klelgt, died :t ;.-:,azti K;pi .l' .
Mi'i... Sur.day in !.i., -4 \tar. Hfiv
was a prom n n-llt in!e:,lliil .'aIl I -teI ',l .e
of the heaviest timlt' er ,peratr.-s in
this country. He ik ;ur\vived by his
y',ung wife, nee Miss Daisy A. Peck.
of Atlanta. whom he married ;n 1s],:1.
an,. three young children.

Colds and Croup in Children
"'My little sirl i i,.l: t*, ,it l-.." -,v.
Mrs. W\vm. H. St ri. N... il Fifth St i..el-
inl,. W. Va. "L; winwt*',. si ~I- !vi .ei 'cr
spell and a tt rl ii,. ci-t'ia Ii. hut I cAr et! l be
with Chamberlai',w I'*.i ll Remdvy with,,ut
the aid of a doctor, .ial i tv lit:. i t- .y ha hu
prevented mtany ti~n.y fr,,li h:tvinI thie c.rou,
by the timely use of thi -vrutp. This remedy
is for sale by Titusville ilharwmay.
Wood For Sale
Pine or oak. any length. Also plow-
and harrowing. See or address J.
.Jamison, Titusville, Fla.
Drayinor haulingofall kinds prompt-
ly attended to. Meet all trains.
Tituaville, Fla.

0 IAo e Caf A .
sw &. uCsK a I .

"Wate. gie -as's aawin sr'esI
es6 hde mt yy na Tll emnr h
u stapm" "TeO. ; Fi brMg tah
laMet I ea niad"-aeqat Jear
"Doctor. If tlt operation Is -a
fl rl pay you doubl."
"I bhalle entirely satisfied wit
my regular fes."-smart Set.
Mster Ann-Did ye get any mark
at school terdt. BuI?
BmI-Yn, but they're were they
dgot show.-Let o Sketch
"Madelie s a decided blond. Isa't

"Ye, but she only decided last
wes."-Town Topics.
Wlf--Wil I always be the dearest
thing In the world to you?
Husband-I am sure you will. unless
the landlord raises the rent
Japan was originally civilized by way
of China. Today Japan sends scholars
and men of science to Instruct the Chi-

Wife-What would you like for your
birthday, dear?
Husband-Nothing at all. I haven't
any money.-Me-aendorfer Blatter.

County Treasurer's Sttement
November ast, 1908.
Balance cash on hand Oct. 1,
1908 ..................... 11,121.28
Amount received in Oct, 1908 1,276.60

Less warrants paid in Oct.,
1906, and warrants deliver-
ed to county commission-
era and board of public in-
struction ..--------------
Balance cashon hand Nov. 1,
1908..--------..--- -------
This amount is held as fol-
Deosited in banks, as per
cashiers' certificates at-
tached to monthly reports,
and checks and cash in safe

The balances belonging to e
are as follows:
Count revenue---General
fund--------- ............---.. .- -...--$
County road and bridge fund
Building fund- ---------
Fine and forfeiture fund -
Special road fund Dis. No. 1
64 4 4 46 44 44 3
44 4 66 64 6' 4
66 4 4 66 66 5
Game warden fund_
Property of deceased persons
fund ---
County school fund ------
Special school fund "C" state






each fund


How to Cure a Cold

Be as careful as you can you will occasion-
ally take cold, and when you do, get a medi-
ciue of known reliability, one that has an
established reputation and that is certain to
effect a quick cure. Such a medicine is Cham-
berlain's Cough Remedy. It has gained a
world wide reputation by its remarkable cures
of this most common ailment. and can always
he depended upon. It acts on I'aturt.'s plan,
relieves the luni a aids exlectorating, opens
the secretions and aids nature in restoring the
system to a healthy condition. During the
many years, in whirc it has been in general
use we have yet to learn of a single case of
cold or attack of the grip having resulted in
pneumonia when thi4 remedy was used. which
shows conclusively that it is a certain preven-
tive ,'f that dangerous,, dis-ase. Chamlber.
laini' Couih l ereludy coiitaiiin, ,no oiutm or
other narcotic and may he given as onfldent-
lyt., it hahy as to an adult. For sale by Ti-
tusvile Pharmacy.


IAl % & %w m

Oe Hneamlt at Srvety-Sem.
Mrs. 8. J. Edwards, Union City,
Tenn., writes under date of Nov. 7,
190, the following;
"On the 7th day of February, 19W
If live, will be seventy-seven years
of age. I enjoy the best of health,
thanks to Perona, and have not had
a spell of sickness since began using
it five or six years ago.
"I consider it the grandest medicine
on earth, and whenever I feel a little
badly a few domes of Peruna put me right.
"I can do as much work as I could
forty years ago. I think all old people,
who fee-l the effects of age, should bene-
fit their health by using Peruna."
II the Best Part of ni ULfe.
Mr. J. R. Prince, R. R. 2, Cattarangus,
N. Y., writc-: "*I am not very well sat-
isfied with the phlture that I am sending
you, hut when the reader looks at this
picture if he coutl only realize that the
original suffered for forty-five years, the
best of his life, until your kind advice
and prescriptior cured him, he would
know from when t these wrinkles came.
Next month I shall be sixty-six years
Nervus Prestratie.
Mrs. Martha Avery, SB Graham St.,
Leominster, Mass., writes:
"Four years ago I had nervous proe-
tration. I employed several doctors.
One would say I had catarrh of the
stomach ani bowels, another nervous-
ness and another enlargement of the
liver. My stomach was in a bad shape.

There was nothing which seemed to do
me much good.
"I tried other remediee, hut did not
gain any flesh until I commented taking
your Peruna, which built me right up.
I have tsken several bottles, but have
not taken any now for about six weeks.
"I am seventy-th:ee years old. I never
expect to be entirely well or young
again, hut I am thankful for what Pe-
runa has done for isme."
reels Ten Years Yemanr.
Mr. Henry Merz, 150 West Franklia
St., Evansville, Ind.. writes: "When I
first wrote to you 1 ha l bronchil trouble
for four years, and had tried several
doctors, but they could do me so good.
I had pain and rattling In the ehsae
cough, expectoration, seppeeally
"I took Peruna, and can now my th
I am entirely well. I feel tea yea
younger since using Peruna. I reoou
mend Peruna to all my frtenads, i
I was in bad condition.
"I am an old soldier and am seveas
seven years old."

People who Object to Lquid Medicnues Should Buv Pefru TIlt

...Strawberry Plants...
My plants are grown with the view of producing
plants of the highest quality that will yield large crops of
I fine berries-just the kind you should plant and the only
kind you can afford to plant. Strawberries are the most
profitable crop grown. Send for free catalogue of plants to
I W. THOMAS, The Straberry Plait lu, ua, Illi is



Heavy steel cables lapped about and held together by steel wire, forming uniform meshes. Simple. Is't it B
No chance for weakness in any part: uniformly strong. The reasons for the superiority of ULLWOOO P Ueg
are not hard to find. This company owns and operates its own iron mines and furnaces; its oa wien mal
and aiW large fence factories-either one of the six being larger than any other lence factory la the word
Thme facts should be convcicng.
1nfA Li_ AL_ L .- T__.. rV L .... fj n_ A. n__ na.I Am_








It is the reom nation by this
jury that a suitable building be erect-
ed for the use o the sheriffln place
of them destroy edy re. As we
deem It im nemmity tat such a build-
ig ld be erected. The same to
be built on thim site or detached.
He the sheriff, having been placed
at great inconvenience by the fire we
ure prompt action to be taken in
the matter.
We annex the estiuate of the con-
S__ v. w c inT -2 1_- --A.

Mr. L. K. Myers happened to a bad
accident last week while turning out
of the road for a team to pass was
thrown from his bicycle which in-
jured his left arm, but not seriously.
School opened Monday with the en-
rollment of fifteen pupils and Mr.
A. P. Hurst, of Live Oak, as teacher.
We are hoping for a good term this
year as there are still more pupils to
come in.

ruy ruits

oEixir *Senna
acts gently yet prompt-
yont e owes, cleanses
Se system eJectual
assets one in overcomln
habitual constipation
pemaonentiy. lo get its
bene icil effects buy
the enuine.
onufactured vthe

sawo taoO mucw s ts-wRsoM.r

SqwmIFFr sAL

wert t, Pr. J. UIw. We commend-
i F. d.* ;. we e Farmers. mechanics, railroaders, laborers Notice is hereby given that, under and by
our heriffw a consientious and rely on Dr. Thomas' Electric Oil. Takes the virtue of executions received by me simulta-
falesr s officer, and appreciate his ting out of cuts. burns or bruises at once. neously and issued out of the circuit Court
pain cannot stay wherg it is used. for Brevard county. Florida, against John R.
services to the county. Walker and H. B. Mace, partners trading un-
REACCHIlG T SE SPOT der the firm names and style of John R. Wal-
choolHk er & Co.. and the Walker Hardware Co., in
which the following parties are plaintiffs in
Supt. J. R. Walker came before It can Be Done, So Scores of Titus- the several suit. viz:
the jury and we find the books neatly vile Oitizes Say Mcllwaine. Knight & Co.; Ernest L. Rhodes
& Co.; Mchwab Clothing Co.; Carter & Church-
kbpt. To cure an aching back, ill Co.; The Regal Manufacturing Co.: H. B.
But on overlooking the same we The pains of rheumatism, 'iaflin Co.: Boydell Bro. White Lead & Color
Co.; Augustus Wright Co.; C. H. & E. 8. (old.
find that on the fall term of one year The tired out feelings, burg; Frank & Co; Atkins. McKelden &
You must reach the spot-get at Brown Co.: Millhury Atlantic Supply Co:
ago that the deficit on school funds the cause. The eentfeld Co. and Bridgeford & Co.: I
was $4,290.75. Today we find out- In most cases 'tis the kidneys. have levied upon and will sell at public auc-
tion to the highest and i bet bidder for cach.
standing warrants for $8,225.04, Doan's Kidney Pills are for the kid- during the legal hours of sale. on lond:vy.
leaving a balance arrears of $3,934.29. nes i the seventh day of DecA-ulr, A. Di. 19b, at
eii rs. Alex Lowery, living in Titus- the courthouse door of Brevard county, the
The school house is in good repair ville. 'loy.wing real e "tate of said defendants stu -
wtl ta tbleela. if tivtid. Ldfwennry su-Florua
with the exception ',f some broken feed so intensely from a lameness in towit:
furniture and a leak in the dome of his back that at times he could harffy "'Lots one l) and two f2)1 f Hutchinion's
building. get around. He was also subject to ","livibionh of land des ribtdl in Deed hook
".'" dmae 2l12. Brevard('Couuty. Florida Rec-
rheumatism in his arms and should- or.ls. lwiing part of hlh.k D of ILeBarI..'
Roads and Brides ers. and often this would be so se- aii of Titusville. Floridal. aS filed in the
It is that we recommend that two vere that he could not put on his coat clehk's ,otie of Brevard I,',nty. FloridA.
persons be appointed as superinten- without assistance. He was finally onpagr .U'ls. Beva rd. County lIero.rds. and
s o p ic r a bid a advised to try Doan's Kidney Pills, af- all the Iuildings. outhluilti;ugs and attach-
dent of public roads and bridges at ter he had used plasters and liniments ments. and fixture th.reon,,.
a stated salary. The same to give but did not obtain the desired relief. sid ra'l '-tat. will it' "., lsii,>j..it -it the
ialln. detl 01i ,ll a Ii.aiortgttg*' held I'll MAidl iHo -
bond of not less than $1,000, and to This remedy went at once to the seat .. ty IO (Ge,. IM. Kaoi. ind; which Ildance i.
be responsible for the work on the of the trouble, and he says that cti-,tn, hudlredl ($1-.'N dollati aId ;i.'rn. dI
Doan's Kidney Pills have helped him inti..v at ~ceve-n o,1 pr c ut irotuim Mly 15.
rods and bridges of the county. wonderfully. T The lameness has left. t. TI,.. ai4 mortgage is. re.ordh.id i, ort-
rMr Jhn Hnr wonderfully.* The lameness has left.age Bok- M." on page IM. .antd the- it.-asi-
The statement from Mr. John Henry the rheumatic twinges in his arms ru.,t the.reufto ;t-o. .M. Ro,lbiin is re..rci.-d
annexed. have diminished, and he feels a great in iHook XN. of Assignments of M,.rt;o;*-4,.
On recommendation of Hon. J. C. deal better generally." I we g rl tt
I will also sell tile follhwilig ru-al ,.-tatv. ,,f
For sale by all dealers. Price 50 the dufni.dant- in Titsiville. Floridla. at the
Jones, state attorney, that in cases cents. Foster-Milburn Co.. Buffalo, aaee time and place, towit:
of commitment by justices of the New York, sole agents for the United BRegi.inin at the ,orthea.t cr.n. r o.f hlink
pame of Brevad county that all pa- States. tK.h iu te trun w ,ft ali il he Frt :h ndfrof
pe'seWltiagbi to the cas be trans- Remember the name-Doan's-and said b.hwk distance, ot !0.43 feet tI the
take no other, northwest corner of lot two (2It of sa d hl-'-k:
S mitted on committal of the same to thentce n south along tih wl-t line 4,f si i
it ort for e and investaSales Agents Wanted lot 2 a distAtner of 54 feet: thence r111 i-a-t
et rt for e and investiga- ales Aents W noted parallel with the north line of said lot a
tio by the grand jury. 36ditae of 9.0 feet to Hopkinu4 street:
t we te ourto the $36.00 per week or 400 per cent thente run north along Hopkins street a dis-
hat we tender our thanks e profit. All samples, stationery and tance of M feet to the place of beginning. be-
Hon J. JC. Jones, state attorney, for art catalogue free. We want one ing the uorth 5,I feet of lot two (2i o,1 Il*iKk
S hiainavaluableaistancetothisgrand permanent agent in this locality for K" aordingp to Baron meap of Titus-
h u ea scto ithiagrd lpermanentaentile on reol in the office of the clerk of the
ury in the disharge of its duties the largest picture and frame house circuit court for Brevanl county. Floridat.
Sim America. Experience unneces- Said real estate will be ofi-red in sl.parate
Sd for hr patience and courtesy in ay. We instruct you how to sell parcels in the order above described.
2I IaIpotta I will also. during the legal hours -f sale.
l g legal points, our goods and furnish the capital. on the said 7th day of December. 190o. offer
In takig leave of our old and ef-. If you want a permanent, honorable for sale to the highest and bhet bidder for
a t ta coedtnr, Mr. E. W. Hall, and profitable position, write us to- cah. at the store f John R. Walker & Co.. on
is1 -X Mr .E t day for particulars, Dld Whshington avenue, in Titusville. Florida.
SbNt iAe t weoffer our thanks or ca t ge the following personal property in said store.
samples. Frank W. Williams Com- towit: The whole ofthe stock of goods of the
d-J n Bmmaihragmle of .i. n Ir,._.. 191A Wr ax..Ia._ r,-1:1-... _-. .,-, aa .n...-.a*,,...-....nait. ..._

Established 1886. The SECOND oldest National Bank in Flqrida
Has the LARGEST SURPLUS ACCOUNT in propo lion to capital
Ranks FIRST on the Roll of Honor of National Banks in Florida
Country Accounts a Specialty
Write us, call on us, or we will call on you
The Capital of this Bank, $1W4 combined with Surplus,
250000 and stockholder's liability of $ 1r- means a fund of
$450,000 between you and possible loss. In selecting your bank give
this careful consideration
J. T. Dismukes, President
G. B. T.amsr, Vice President and Cashier
Reginald White, Assistant Cashier

'lorida's Oldest Co$lleege
College, Academy, and Schools of Music. Expreslom, Fine Arts, Demstle cad l da-
trial Arts and Bualne.
Car r le Hall and third men's dormitory now going up; elertrie Illghs te~ sa
furnace heat; lare facultv; perfect health conditions; A fis gjmanasin, at aUese ldk
tennis courts, golf tiskk: bose-ball and hasket-ball teams champions of elrrido thla
year. Nearly a quarter million dollars endowment; expensee moderate; sehelteabuh
available. Christian, but undrnon.lnational; stands for
COharacter OCzlture CondiXuot
Next mreesln begins October 7. For catalogue address the Presldet,
Wm. F. BLACKMAN, Ph. D., Winter Park, Fla.

Ford Model


No other car at twice th.- pricc offers greater value to the buyer than
is found in this latest creation of the Ford factory. A 15 h.p. 4-cylinder
car of rakish design. capable( of any speed from 3 to 45 miles an hour on
any kind of road without a change in the gear.
A car that incorporates many of the features of a $4,000 car, in-
cluding rumble seat. semi-enclosed body, long sweeping fenders, pro-
tected running board, all at a price of $750 F. O. B. Detroit, Michigan
Catalogues giving full information sent on application

TITVwSVT1ya .y 1m

L.IVin~.TY miTqPA.Bxj.m

Feed and Sale Stables





66S 99

W 1N .

:iWm ust

twaatsheat anct
p te p
U tams ofa the
in War The
at whlceb

%6t. beat andc
a prvate pole line
VrkW and two
*east to the
an re of Com-
s which s

out a cro the
S .mter linewo north
IMassN across the
ibe. the aeed wires that

meismooa it a small terminal
tbh pwu wire are con-
AMpOw N hose is a motor
tof aU machinery re-
1 sThe motor can
S fr water pressure tn caue
I taet anything that is
a rry)a out the general
shme. aleetric lights are
0 9pla c At night the yard
I M be eei r miles. Wires
O e e Lee runs the Bungalow
I M bu iness principles that
t bt D to his department in rall-
I _mders have been accom-
i I two years. Sagebrush
Strnartormed Into acres
harvests. A boulevard
S- ang leads out to the place
SIt was built at the own-
I m expeune. On the ranch Is al:
e''il t p to date machinery the
S ;'"M tat eta furnash from the most
dI l ae and In' tricate weather gauge
]h 5.1i'' best antomatic hay lifter.
S* A e social, thusine ss. industrial
ai e alelnlcal arrangements on the
a iS. nrp I nduced to a scientific basis.
Si~.r ndM. method are the watch-
SIwe.rdf The electrical power Is gen
Sen td Idaho Falls, fourteen miles
g nad trasemtted to the farm.
W-. 9W1$ M the'ommodore bought an
d umae with stout wheels. He put
the anwr wheels forward and the front
m the tall end of the wagon.
H i ae srt end be placed a fifteen
Sha eag wo general electric motor.
At|taced to the framework on one
i. ao the vehile behind the motor
b a s aitr. On the other end of the
f ", wa are a couple of transformers.
S eat over a simple frame there
I a c0 ean cover. A detachable mast,
t+ eaig a yard. rise from the rear of
the wagn This short pole carries
~. i tlh wies above the heads of the en-
:i''. fer and workmen. The feed wires
ate strung out. to the nearby power
i, Uae a n'e eted with a simple twist.
'Te swtth Is turned on upon the
The commodore has thrashed this
rm'. with a small seplrator 1,500
b els. s ef wheat a day and with oats
Sha tarasd eat even more. In efficien-
, ey and economy neither horses nor
S,~t am are to be taken Into considera-
tion with electricity, the proprietor
says. Notwithtand if his big crop,
the commodore had hip rain thrashed
alanot before he knew It. The ex-
Spese of thrashing with the electric
current he finds less than one-fourth
that with team power.
T'herb was no smoke, no danger of
ee, ao asaes," says the inventor of
electrical ftrming. 'The power was
eve., sad there was no engine to
break down and no water to haul.
The ettir scheme was so gratifying
SSto the werklag force that It was a
plea e to hadle the crop, although
It hat the feders busy. A string of
m. bt emnougs to keep the ep-
I tio I to the limit, brought the
eaves'a frohm the field and they
were aladeud right from the wago
10 the separator."
Afd r Fomr Lee finished hi own
thrasth his aiho wanted him
to thlesh hr them, mad his electric
te m -- a has lft a trall of
'maw someM a eleag the power line.









n. )
.r ie

A Tiny Baby
can't tell you in words what the trouble is.
but if its iuinplexion gets pasty. irf it gets
weaker and weaker, lot flesh and is croue
and peevih you can be certain that it haa
worms (ive it White's Cream Venrifuge.
guaranteed harmIUhe. Exptel the worms and
puts the ltaby in a healthy normal condition.
Sold by Titusville Pharmacy and Ilnner
Drug Storn.

Plan to Improve Army Marksmanship.
Determined to make the standard of
mark.matnshipi| in the Unlted States
army hilger than that in any other
military orcsnlzation, the war depart-
ment has decided to issue sixty (lips
of practlee ammuultion to every com-
pany. battery and squadron for target
work. In-ttead of the twenty-five (lips
heretofore iSub-ed. says a Washington
dispatch. The annunition is of the
small .22 caliber variety designed for
use in shooting galleries. To supply
the needs of the next six months the
department will soon place contracts
for 15.000.000 rounds of this miniature

It's a Crime
to neglect your health The worst neglect
that you can be guilty of is to allow consti.
nation. biliousness or any liver or bowel trnu-
ble to continue. It is poisoning your entire
system and may lead to a serious chronic dis-
ease. Take Ballard's Herbine and get abOo-
uately well. The ure care for any and all
tables of the alomx h, liver sad bowels.
fold by Titasville Pharmaey and Banner
Thug Steme.

:esl t
Sme et e,. fMr
"4 as ht r
SW= be at the
a h the satlemal hore show
SM-adaMn Square Garde, so there
S i an opportualty to compare the
eue ta the press of evolution with
I~ aspendd racers and bunters of the
pot. says the New York Herald.
PuM the lttle animal not much larger
tha a terrier to the great Syson y is
i br ery. yet the savants at the mu-
s are preparing to demonstrate
he various step of the evolution.
Prhobbly no skeleton was ever mount-
id with greater care than that of the
tiag of the turf, whose body was given
o the Istltutlto by his owner, James
L Keene. Sysonby died on June 17,
LS. It was found by the veterinary
surgeons who examined him after
toath that his muscles were remark-
ably strong. The skeleton does not
ldIer essentially from that of thou-
lands of other thoroughbreds of his
type, and the scientists attribute the
great powers of the animal to his
spirit," which urged him on to his
great achievements on the track.
ysonby asu be now is is in full ca-
rer and In the exact attitude of rac-
lng. Al his feet are off the ground.
and he Is supported by two slight col-
umns of steel. The action of the legs
I said to be exactly as it was in the
ays when he was winning for the
Keene stable.
The attitude is the result of the
study of hundreds of snapshot photo-
graphs of race horses in motion and
from observations made at the tracks
by Mr. Chubb. the preparator.
The museum is now receiving some
valuable fossils of pliocene horses.
which will be useful in filling In the
gape of evolution, but. although sci-
entists think of them quite highly.
they will be eclipsed by the modern
Bysonby In the popular regard.

Great Rally at Washington of Ameri-
san Veterans In All Wars.
"In 1900 there will be held in Wash-
ington a grand reunion to include not
only the blue and the gray. but all
soldiers in all wars in which the Unit-
ed States has been engaged," said
Captain C. Fred Cook of Washington
recently while he was at the Cumber-
land, In New York.
"A committee from the Blue and
Gray Veterans' association composed
of five federal and five Confederate
soldiers and officer will be In charge
of this great and novel rally, which
will undoubtedly attract thousands of
visitors to the capital of our country.
Such a meeting has often been sug-
gested before, but the plans have al-
ways gone for naught.
"The venerable veterans of the Mex-
lean war. those of the civil war. the
war with Spain. Indian campaigns and
the Philippine insurrection and also
those who fought with the allied army
in China at the time of the Boxer up-
rising, together with the Sons of Vet-
erans. will attend this meeting. In
accordance with the present pro-
gramme It is proposed that this great
army pmas In review before the presi-
dent of the United Stntes. This re-
union is certainly worthy of the hearty
co-operation and support of all our citl-




b tingli s amL k cosati iemde .h w
aewharnhlsda ft anmay be gm ascsmfl.
daly ba baby u as to aslt.
60=25 mer, k sihe 51 Cesm

Good soe sU ar mt e the w o

the~~~O thig.Io~ o e 0 WIye.ge9
ba. a ra In.. kmry ,d Bud.
nmUa aqpu in the wIi orW-4ment Som
F~@ Smd AWNNWI ftr 1
the &dam bont so seeds un you go jLi
alUr. IL 'lw a a.. @ xoo IM

at Waa h r W t !iu 99
or Daui believes hi pla weMa mae
ft ft.a.ma as send wireless moasn"
to an purt the worv d umt.anpt-
edity. Com-ader Darv baeltes that
the height o the monmmat, whih is
&B feet, will enmtnate a l fear tof ay
contort, u there ar no htlh boMldta
or mountains lt In ptler It would
Insure the saving of tbowemre4 of dot-
lars to the government and would
nwan through direct eo-....-.anl--Atl
that only minute would be consumed
In sending messages where hours are
necessary at this time.
A Sure-enough Knocker
J. C. Goodwin, of Reidsville, N. C., rays:
"Beuklens Arnias Salve isa suar-eoough
knocker for lcers A bad one came on umy
leg lat summer, but that wonderful mlve
knocked it out in a few rounds. Not even a
war remained." Guaranteed for piles, sores
and burns. etc. 25c, at Banner Drug Store.
81be-I unders;lnd ltht drlukin:g 1i
one of your lailii:;;s lH-Yo"' tI:;vt
been misinformedl. It is one of my big
succes es.-Chicago Journal.
George-Gertle has decided to marry
young Multimill. She thinks 8be can
make something out of him. Ethel--
About bow much?-London Opinion.
* "Papa, what is a deuce?"
"A deuce, son, is what one usually
gets when drawing for an ace."-Hous-
ton Pot.

So Tired
It may be from overwork, but
the chances are Its from an In-
active LIVER.
With a well conducted UVER
6-0 c" do mountain of labor
without fatigue.
It adds a hundred per cent to
ous earmag capacty.
It can be keptia healthfulactio
by, and oely by



Alt 50 YEAR181*


quickyme uass* air a A.on frebbtbrT at
ma, is proa)blypaT otable Cummmnlr&
uessluo sUJ -e.. b- HnHdbook oatents
ags"m for eurtne at&
on tahm b smna C.& receive
uu-Sha~huu rlk~Il am
0=402.in tthon

dhem. k-'--
-very wom '1

Marsem peosd dma elas imndent mto uuiasmi + t
- SW..I 1.0 Alms -IlmB y ~~* ir e
mAd .w.s..e p e 'M-t easoe 68 -- rsep Me 21 e *
at sAmp t sever eat d mdiug stb; or, ih -. l
faMding fr 31 ifmp.
Addms Dr. P. V. Plere, Blk3r, N.Y.

The Geo. H. Ferald Hardware Co.


0 Plumbing and Metal Work


SAgricultural Implements


O K Ak C *i- wn !Po "B E
NOb,,, w ,,,ow.... W n ,,6n
-A sook bs e la yoar IomM." I t H
O w0 prw 6 h -. W c o"as. h arme.a i
STh'n .e ...r. .d.a t Nb. hm .. 4 2 6 wi.Si... i.s.
Del THE FRUMIKU-TUMUE CO., 0-7 1Iv St., A iLte.


Ludwig Pianos

SSpecially Adapted to

Florida Cimate






-. .. -

E c.

A( bees bsaest o lss. m Di

the *ept eom the i em
dt b eretary t q reM aSM: i:
-d *emu.z n . otemperts
w be to ast It Iaportance In
,' my i ming .em t5o a. samrt seate
Ibermm IWqt to prorwrftag Iqinlatloi

oL aoe wa t werM wll be rMdy irtlity aid prenti the terrible
ig e*. Itt wM eu~ tat foeek loea eo t ttht ave occurred
B o ig t M~4bl th and wt throh b a explesome recent
"4n" bkt heClway sid Am. Yoeo
liSn 8avem, New Terk, an will T'e SeomuatPn'wSto, whihe wiln
i'o t a 175 PIrttn tb i tWl be printe by the geologcal survey
g. and a aPmlati a df istrib te among col operators
and mlnas, "Nfer to conditions to
Mt ps ,To wwt ntl whicLh monr than half a million miners
'/ be w 00 a year aad the heMig t are subjcted They inelude the ex.
a U aitls ofe explosives by the govern-
A sllItal pleat eqalpple wth6 d9- li0t with a view to eliminating the
V e0W mt sw to epratil anyw re *mre dageras kinds and to improv-
WN Mptry heat and lalanlatlut i Rach R nd Gat1esdIls"g tmh most site.
pu taMt will b sppled with a bie for a min purposes; that operators
1 f tlig plant, 0 that "table b" s si l ct those explosives which
b et, that n be aned to best advantage under
m be manu f t or ndldual local cemdUtou; that all explosives
STtere wll beo o old toS ap- abould be ade into cartridges and
'JaMtes t i R18cmmoaly adetood, placed loser receptacles before be-
b et thet will be a yste of reft r g taka int the mine; that shooting
m' and am appuratu for eooling toa I or. ed tho md sol ld not be prac-
Sler aoe ayt thing now exi tired sad te use of a larer charge
s, m the New YTor World. eI than is required avoided; that greater
itmet will 0 es--tal h qrt forms care aboold be exercesed where gas or
h th e two sir@w ta There wi be dst Is known to be in the mine and
fr tamlans larudries for tow acom that watering should to moe effec-
S. asilas o off6, a- weah alt o ti a
paitmeto will be po e wit a Recomendatlons regarding new con-
S Saparsto sam dCothes drier, a ano. Shaft 1lplng. superstruc-
V ta e t am trodMg d e"lewher tor, ventilation and haulage are
TLo eost of the ~ t tdi exclusve of made. The experts attach much im-
t: she, will be ab t o$,o0m portance to the use of electricity for
The proje ta bs i a t u eLie-IM a ing pratlons and for shot firing
sope la I ts gen arel tectm i wIheby all blasting in a mine would
a aes weul m to Ito ladivldf pirs be doem at the same time after every
aIA TTe nt two steori wi be N worker has left the shaft It I their
diSa nise-teae. Tea Se wSI be epigonI that safety and effclency in
ft b rlek with teres setta tr coal malat would be greatly aided by
SA The buildMa will be M0 e the M tabUshment of special schools for
-M M00 ft g wf sa -'l0 fbet hi. training nre boses, mine foremen. su-
S Tle tal Gea a qGue M st wll be perlnteients and inspectors.
be t dible that of the Madison The report concludes with a plea for
aare Garden. the centralsatlon in the hands of one
The meet trhtg feature to thiN competent oflcial in each mine of all
e" ut e aecties of hNies within a rsponsibilty connected with the safe-
S home wn be the o ertyar, hfabhomod ty of the employees.
pW w fta the gpauaksb patio or ta.
I meS nswas na stn The COMFORT FOR ALL MEN.
viewlayes wn e agitet sa lea bloh
S ewtyll a e Tintsbt Ure ThO Baptist Chureh's Plan te Relieve Hu-
eewtrlOa t is to bea neeftag of man Wo or Il.
M by=k S wtb o wtinbe as i deo the problem of relieviig every kind
alk tod that about on the ofhuman woe or ll endured by any-
various apartments thbod has bee ndertaen b Imman-
wi a blocks ad a central lawn, n cag unde
Ster months will te leadership of the Rev. Johnson
usd for vatrous form of eat1rta- Myers.
"Comfort meetings" are held dally.
S The around floor wll have for aprt- in the course of a few days they have
t easp ly equippd for the reached an average attendance of fifty
. n Sac oft pboylS s. Th wll er sixty persons. To give them Lnd-
fe e ighty-stzth and Eglhty-ieventh vidual attention If they need it staff
let. The remalder of tei griod of trained asistants has been gath-
seer space facing the thoroughfare eed by Dr. Myers.
will be reserved for high class line of A physician and a lawyer, both men
lmnens-bankers, flortat ad art of standing, have leen rttaiued by the
^po church and form a uart of the consult- I
Beneath the central court will be a lng staff.
Mbeourtyard lighted by s yllghts and The meettngs are held every morn-
gratings and this subterranean depot lua, with singing and prayer. In the
wll be used exclusively by tradesmen lecture room of the church. A break-
who come afoot or in vehicles. Elght fast is given free to every one who is
service eletators will carry tLm mup- hungry.

plies from the subcourtyard to the The stme rvare or on ant pray-
apartment of the teaant. No wag- er, it has been found is cinmfrt
em will be permitted to enter the maina enough for mnIay, but tho'e wiI,, wi~!,
eeertyard. That will be reserved ex- to he advised or heliel without talk-
delaively for carriages and those who ing about themselves in lubli, are tak-
to come afoot and enter thnto side rooms. where advice orI
grand foyer. There .will be an inclined assistance In finding a iosltiion r spir-
driveway from Eighty-seventh street. ltual comfort is furnished. The phys-
Thearrangement of the apartments clan and lawyer do uot charge a fee
*unles directed by the church to d, so. I
will be for perfect comfort and con- unless directed by the church to & )o.
veloence. Beyond the foyer will be The eburch pays the bill where indi
the parlor and the dining room, and on dua do not
oae side of the dining room the butler's
lantry and back of that the kitchen. 'l,'" ** Di ou know that was
Th quarters for the servant will ad- r: .;* t ,i the front stoop, dear?
ola. The family bedrooms will be on a::,,' 'ES. mamm:i.
each ide of a short corridor at right 'l w.Ia nfraid you might have sat
angles to to foyer. Every door In the downi on it."
Ilving rooms wll be of solid mahog- "No. mamma. I didn't. Clarence sat
any, and the decorations of each apart- down on it. and I sat on his lap!"-
meat will be after te style of Loo Tookers Statesman.
XVL The oers will be of halr wood.
Te wat~leMtig of the difent apart- How to Get Strong
i Mt will vary in heght. Sol e will P. J. Daly, 4t7 W. Congre St.. Chicago,
rweb the selling, the wed being paint- tls of a way to beoome strong. He says
Se IIn i ght dorl Is other ase "My mother, who ia old and was very feeble,
in deriving so meh beeft from Electric Bit-
anteod WOowk Wll relah Oely pW t tms, that fel it's my duty to tell those who
W theway up, ad the walls wil be need a tonic and strengthenin medicine
e r- ia -Y l y tlig taS ls sheet it. Is my mother's ase a marked gain
SIs a sh hib res halted, insomni has been over-
Wa be a t N Me Ms e b tn- m sadM i sahe Mt r growing stronger."
dioteth Zbestrie Bttens quiekty remedy stomach.
S_ liver ea kidney aomplaiats. iold under
SamU at Bamer Drug Store. e.
'..,& __ __

w have Pew
mit ow t e s b sber or Jea
OeW OwrOdd* O Atoes eor b hmpe

Ut phedr o -1e no r ee w
pme of tkiw phofet pup of b ene
ta tbe l mvewas Mr. D mese
desired to gI with PlMesot I3ese
s bin ssglsr pbtgmper but. t. hem
ipredsa hating terl d m1 tb t
Kermit eesevRlt wieM take all the
phographa hfr their ezpe-Lds he de.
e"d do n by thiomml
Ammea ait pietvres whkb Mr. Doe-
more nltends to take wIr hbe o by
the new Lamlre colorlag proce
His camera weghs fourteen pounds,
stripped, for he dae not belleve as do
s lm pbteP re Iwho Iventure into
dueaft conts, in sacrificing efa l
clsy to webt. It wll be especially
smted to tropleal delmate and will
have duplicate parts in asse of break-
The animals whblch Mr. Dugmore e.w
pedlaly desi rs to photograph are the
aebra, the goa and the rhinoceros. The
only man to venture into Africa recent-
ly who obtained good photographs of
big game was Schilling, and he was
rst a hunter and next a photographer.
For Instance, when he ran across a
large herd of wild elephants he con-
tented himself with a photograph from
a considerable distance and then closed
In on the herd for shooting purposes.
Mr. Dugmore will do so shooting un-
lees put on the defensive.
Mr. Dugmore came to the United
States ten years ago from the West
Indies. He is an Englishman. the son
of a captain in the British a v and a
grandnephew of Lord Broug.Nm. For
the last ten years his pictures have
been appearing ie American period-
lcals. He was t rst man to photo-
graph hish in the water. One of his
penalties bis the photographing of
birds, of which be has taken 10.000
Among other schemes he ha for obt
taning his pictures in east Africa
Ia that of having the animals photo-
graph themselves. This he has al-
ready tried suessufully with caribou
and similar big game. For the pur-
pose a string is attached to the flash-
light apparatus and one end fixed at
a spring or some other haunt of the
animals in such a way that they will
step on It. set off the apparatus and
take the picture. Photographs taken
nl this way are particularly valuable
owing to the vivid expression which
usually appears on the face of the

Profeeor Wager Finds Outer Skins of
Leaves Are Lenses.
Having heard the other day Presi-
dent Francis Darwin's contention that
plants think, the British Scientific as-
sociation while in session at Dublin
listened to a claim of their ability to
see. The lecturer was Professor Harold
W. T. Wager, who showed that the
outer skins of many leaves are in real-
Ity lenses which might be compared
with the corneal facets of the corn.
pound eyes of Insects and are equally
capable of forming clear images of
surrounding objects.
This is especially so with leaves
grown In the shade, and the lenses are
so perfect and focus the light falling
thereon so carefully that photographs
may be taken thereby. Professor Wa-
ger has taken many such photographs
and showed specimens to the audience.
These included well defined reproduc-
tions of portraits of Darwin and Hux-
ley. direct photographs of persons.
landscapes, houses and even simple
color photographs by the "Lunlere"
In every sense the good use of these
lenses to plants, the lecturer said. was
to promote the more effective distribu-
tl'rn of light upon which the green sub-

stance of plants depends for food.
tays focused on an Interior leaf were
carried to the plant's brain, enabling it
to modify the movements of the leaves.
tie did not suggest that the plants can
recognize things around them, but they
see where to turn the leaves so as to
get the maximum light, their move-
ments being almost identical with
those of animals.

Aeroplanes In Naval Warfare.
An aeroplaIne that can we started
from the deck of a battleship. that catn
alight upon and rise front the seo.
stay in the air four hburs and h:ive a
speed of forty miles an hour Is de-
nmnded by the navy department at
Washington. There is every pr-,lo,!il-
Ity, says Harper's Weekly. that su,-h
a machine will be forthconming from
the Wright workshops at Dayton. 0..
and Wilbur Wright intends to hurry
back from France In order to continue
experiments with his brother for the
production of an aeroplane of this
A Broken Back
That pain in your back used by lumbago.
stiff muses or a strain an easy thing to get
rid of. Ballard's Sow Liiment ces rbee-
mat. laa ImImaM m d satif manila

.- 4*\i4


U'~'~:;~ ~ I

Dear the:

8~imatur e)




Aute for Slll

Se.$kpSq meth

Wah *R

For Over

Thirty Years

1W Wr um WAW .-

Seaeu ouum eemu.e n aall dl-




BALL and

Sporting Goods


The Trade supplied at the same wholesale prices
f. o. b. Jacksonville as charged by Spaulding on ship-
ments from New York. Save the freight
Send for Catalogue



o ST No. 2
S10 o s 9 10 am
6 I "m 10 15 am
7 36 m 11 45 am
0 12 m 1 23 pm
9 am I 36 pmin
1010 )m 220 pm
11 1s pm 8 -2- pm
12 00 o't 4 12 Im
1S 04 am 4 15 pm
12 0 am 4 50 pm
12 49 am 5 i) lm
2 0O am 7 UO ip"
6 00 am 9 ( pmn
6 9 am 10 t6 pin
7 3S am 11 45 pm
t10 00 am *7 5 Bam
t11l 00 am t10 am
t 00 pm I....... ........
*Daily except Stu.lny

lASvteEa-,t .TFA 1. A A I.
Palatka 1'.%!. A I.A

6 30 am
9 26 am
11 50 ail
4 05 pmr
5 05 I'm
7 35 Ipm

No. 46

Corrected to Octobr Ist, 1906


Lvt............. ......... acko e ....................... Ar 7 26 pm ra a
Ar ....................... Lvi 6 10 p671 Ma
L ........................ Est Pr..a: .......... Lv 5 01 pm 2 a
LT......... .............. .',rmrri ...... ............... v 21 pm 4 44 a
Lv ............... ........ .................. v 3 pm 4 30 am
Lv..................... New m't.................... Lv 2 30 pm 3 M a
Lv.. Titurvil ....................v 1 14 pm S am
Lv ............................... ',c,,*... .. ................... .. I.v 12 32 pm 1 a
'Lv ........ .. ......... Rockla-e ......... ........ 1.\, 1 2 pm 1 49 am
.v .............. .... Eau (ia:! ( ........................ II 54 am 1 14 a
I.\ ......................Il.. ;rr ......... ........ I 11 41 am 108am
S ..................... I r .. ..... ... I i ,rn 11 156
Ar. .............. .... W.et 1PalIn 1. . ...... vI 7 3 am 9 0 oem
I.v .........Ft. ........ .... t. I. .................... j '.: m 7 21 )
Ar .... ......... ..........M l ........... .............L 5, ( am 6 o >m
Lv................. ain ...................... .Ar *. 10 m ~p 00 >m
Ar....................... H ...... .. .................. Lvi 10 pm 1 2 00 )m
Ar...... .......... ~ IZlghta Krey ; ri................. L ................ 10 00 a


jt.1t-nmys and Frlda39 oCD

Arrive n: -
l' tla's:: l'I .;. La

.: 7/

PAI.ATKA loo' kAT A.rvveEaat
PA LAI KA Palatk

No.... . 47
....... ,. P.I,
.... ... '..,. :,I

..... .\ ,,. 5;

Itw:ly .........
, :ll .....
I 3
1.*:. .......
l> ;. v .......
sol, l" ..

6 15 am
i! ) nut
4 O p
7 Z 5pui
,0"o PV



9 140 am
3 15 pm

LA:- T IVk L.:A 1'I
-A NNI 'i

j tl l%

.%r- I ve -wr.rriveF

S( a.. ......... ,. O I..
II'" 1 ',. 3.

" -11 an
I pi ll

No_1_iaIHPAIUo. Id No. No. i22 only, 1113!Y IPI'%'foulr S~u. only Daily

2 00 pm
2 40 pin
i 45 p:u
3 a0 im

",rl fa (" ftni~n !.r...
I j 41 m ai

I ... ~~

...... .A r
t. . ....... |.v
....... L\

74% am 12 1p)im
7(16u am tI I:' o.1
7 en a 11 4:)a
A 4 aus II11ua:w

630 pm
4 (O pid
4 45 pim
4 30 pr"

D eny .I. 3 Detlyr o. I Dbel. %C. 4 4Vl. \.0 Ln. 4. 14 1D847
a l. seal&
140 pm9 Mam Lv. Xv 'Mvr Ar. 1 6Pa rT 1 600 am Lr..Titultvtt!e.. Ar. 12"5 pm
J'25pm Ii I'Oam Lv-- Leko 1 U6pm I b V 1 11 9 WSm At.-...lford....Lv.I 9 go SS
36pm It 1 0am ,Lv.OrSae Cley...Lv. 121 5 m 415 j4h V.................. .
340pm 1145 am ;At-.OeaCity J.11210 PM 4 ; ............ .
W-TTMThm. 3 A3* tilo 60dim a wbb -wl eswa O asewddpmbp-t

r . 5 5A Y an
1'h ...~. 67 s~l I

__ ~ _~_

_ ___ __ _______

t~;r~c;:~ rrrl (l.cv 1:.e r;~

-~; .
4- ,I5 .




i 1,L IL oders
kIgmin Gorg a

Kea pent a
n Jackson-
abher people

por of Johnson a
dgwg fountain in
ght and plate
b olaquite citified.
bAet d one of the
Ow wdm aon the eat
a Bomber of guests
Mildled there during the

1 C, ocoa's efficient
wms lightly indisposed
tlt are glad to learn
labot weaain. She
B Wthe past several
ri Hughlett paid her the
t that she is the best
the world with fever.
m- a friends of Roy Trafford
to have him back. He re-
Tuesday from Jacksonville,
Se Ihas been taking a course at
.' buisiesm college the past several
m btea. He will be found at the
O d J. M. Sanders, where he will
e -dlldhted to serve the public.'
'ar r resident dentist is being kept
~~l boy thMse days. It is well to
aul., a whoiinearby, soif
-'-: g |IN ua goea wrong you can soon
m and furthermore he buys
Ss atiom, Jeans and brogues, so to
aer, from his home people, as well
he m ld rags for his wife and chil-

,. Hfow I Would Paint a Saloon
S"O one side I would paint death
a te pale horse, his arm wielding
Sthe tuhderbolts, the fiery hoofs of
his yig steed treading down every-
Moeh ir and lovely, the Garden of
Na b before him, a blackened waste
O( the other side I would draw the
"e tare of a wretched hovel, once a
happy home, the roof broken in, the,
'w.ia nsows stuffed with rags, in the
doorwa a weeping wife with rag-
e d children clinging to her skirts
piteoualy beseeching her once happy
~'h mIbaid and father, now a reeling
drunkard, on his way from the vil-
-; lge tavern to the hut he calls his

Bek of the bar, in full view of the
Bloated creatures who stand with thte
;cup to their lips, I would paint a
company of demons in the death
dance ofa friend's hilarity and a fire
kindled with the flames of alcohol.
and over it I would write in lurid let-
ter--Moderate drinking lights the
fmeam to the lowest hell. Opposite
the bar should be a lonely and dis-
honored grave, a lightning blasted
treebshould there spread its leafless
branehea over it and on some wither-
ed bough should perch the melan-
choly owl hooting to the moon. At
the foot of the grave should kneel
the agel of mercy with hands and
eys praised to the pitying heavens,
.ad at te head of the grave should
be th angel of justice caing, with
ners selmatbie hand, upon the
Smtoion these words of doom-No
'd ard hall inherit the kingdom
f God. In the intervening spaces I
ei -M havebere a gaining skeleton.
i "aa broke heart a stranded
"' a. a obh extiaguiher in black-
* a hak while from the
w w a ki -do wthee g should
*' leakfemm aBl kiiaf woeful human

am thatd bar, and
4A s mi w b et ed b erim
iw up to th bar mad
aW" i to thdr tae, yet I
aMdu hope that the youn-the
pride of mother and the light of the
home-might tarn away a though
dte had caught a glimpse of the in-
bral world."
kL H-Radech
This diorn~wg disaemsemltes fm a die.
eer-d eoltios of tbhe tomah, and ean be
*md gy klm CIuab s e tia' Som-ch and
Lvra Ttwt. et a frre sample at Tiws-
ville Pharacy ad try it.

Dr. Wm. Wittfeld spent last Thurs-
day in Cocoa.
Capt. Ramsey seriously injured his
hand in the buzz saw at the mill last
Mr. Chandler is helping Mr. Joe
Rogero with the repairs on the Sim-
mons cottage.
Mrs. Provost and Master Breese
spent last Thursday at Grandma
Breese's, at Coquina.
Arthur Sims will run on the Mystic
the rest of the winter. Arthur is
back in his old place again.
Esther and Dot Allen went to Rock-
ledge to have some dental work done
at the Dentos last Saturday.
Miss Mary Wittfeld went to In-
dianola Wednesday to spend a few
days with Miss Louise Canatta.
Mr. Platt Beecher, of Ohio, arrived
here Thursday of last week and will
spend the winter with his aunt, Mrs.
Francis Pierce.
We are very glad to hear that the
Misses Bond and little Ned leave for
Florida the 10th of this month. We
have mised them very much the
past two winters.
A number of people from out of
town attended the dance at the Clem-
ent packing house last Saturday
night. The ghosts enjoyed them-
selves for once in their lives, judging
from the appearance of things.
Don't think that piles can't he cured. Thou-
sands o oobtinate cases have beet cured by
Dsu's Ointment. ,o cents at any drug store.


G. C. Beck hurt his leg quite badly
and can scarcely walk.
Now the law is off, hunters are
having a fine time killing game.
A number of citizens have been at-
tending court this week at Titusville.
A. P. Edge spent Tuesday in Jack-
Isonville on business connected with
the mill.
Miss Sallie Mathers spent a few
days last week in Cocoa, the guest of
Pearl Bradford.
Prof. Macy came down from Cocoa
Monday to vote. returning to his
school on Tuesday.
Mrs. J. M. Rossiter and children
returned home Tuesday from a visit
with friends at Wabasso.
Mrs. Peek, mother of Dr. L. A.
and L. G. Peek, arrived Saturday
and is visiting L. G. Peek and wife
Mrs. S. E. Barbour. of Verona,
N. Y.. are expected this week and
will occupy their cottage for the win-
Dr. Holmes, of Sharpes. was a
pleasant visitor in town Sunday. He
was the guest of W. H. H. (;leaon
and family.
Gilbert Macy rendered very beau-
tifully a bass solo "Rocked in the
Cradle of the Deep" at St. Pauls M. E.
church Sunday. He also sang a duct
with Mrs. C. C. Houston, "Hear Our
Albert Thompson and bride ar-
rived Monday nighj. They were
serenaded by the Eagle band and
those who did not belong to the band
furnished their own kind of instru-
.ment, suffiee to say they had noise
a plenty.
Rev. J. B. Harris an vsnnalia;ut af

Cure our

Why? Becae is easoylag .
otddy. AMd oeedy, because
It al t varMiably leakd to
bldas. Cure is, ad save
your hair. Get more, too, at
the sme time. AUl easily done
with Ayers Hair Vigor, mew
improved formula. Stop this
formmtoa of dandruff I

Sma ws w ottw
-------^*M r ai^

RcIh*nge bought and d on all foreign coumeia
apRI-d- K% pt srvicep aoliso Md -y
favor cooaatent with coram rrtiyw uamrki
CORRESPONDEWIS-E3mpire Trm Co4mpay, 0 Bmrdwy, New Twrk a ; The At
plastic National Bank ofJackoaille, Jaekseill. Frids,

The aew Ayr's Hair Vior ill certainly .
do this wrk, because, "rst of all, it do- IM A RO
trys the germs which are the original DJ.
cause of dndruf. Having given this id,
nature completes the cumre. The scalp is
restored to a perfcy p OlGroceries, Hay, Grain and all Food Products.
---aS y ~eJ. oy LI, O~. reaU--e.
SWe handle produce of all kinds. We are agents for Mape' Pertilaers. We deal eadgivdb
iu the above lines of goods. and solicit the trade of all cimumer. Write ua fsr pals
church was full. A good meeting is OGral and all Groceries. delivered at yourstation. E L. BRADY A BB.,TirruvijL yA.
going to be held. Rev. Harris is a-- -
wonderful success in revival work.NAN R VOMPA
Services will be held each afternoon INDIAN RIVER COMPANY
and evening at the church. Rev. D9 jr in STAPLE AND FANCY GROCERIES
Harris is also a fine singer and has
introduced a splendid song book of ----- at Competitive Prio ---= = -= -
which he plays the songs most beau- GASOLINE, CYLINDER OIL, CUP OQWR AR, B O.
tifully. -- ALLENHURST, FLA. (HA1LOTuA cma
Sprains, swellings and lameness are prompt- -. ..
y relieved by Chamhmbin's Liniment. Tb i
Ilniment reduces inflammation and sor new T
o that a sprain may hb cured i aboat one TITUSVILLE ICE CO8
third the time required by the usual treat-
meat. 25 and 0 cent siaes for ale by Titas-
ville Pharm cy. Pare Ice lofalfctred from Distilled water
'*Generally debilitated for years. Had sick
headache, lacked.ambition. wai wornoutaud John L. Van De Veer, W. H. Ford, Proprietors
all run down. Burdock Blood Bitters made
me a well woman."- rs. Cha. Frelto.y PBOIPT DEILVIEl S TO ALL POUTI
Moosup. Conn.
*Weerly W-thr Report. -**
TIT FLA.. N. 4. 19 D. H. SPELL Dr. J. C. 8PELL. Regitered l'harimrae
TIT-,VILL. FLA.. NoD. 4. 1908.
Stetemeit ot temperatures and rainfall for
the week ending Wedne,day.
oct. ................ 74 BANER DRUG STORE
S30 ..--.-------------- 70 52
31---------- --------- 75 521
Nov. 1 .-......... S Titusville, Florida
2ov. I ---.--.. --....- 0t..
3 -------------------- 78
:..:.-..... a FANCY and TOILET ARTICLES
S-,---,--- ----,------ o Z1
Totl rainfall r the week .1 inches. PERFUMERY, STATIONERY,Etc.
CAX o rate Os river. Soda W ater and Ice Cream

Ho.' This, Fresh Pure Drugs and Chemicals
we uer oo ne Hundred Dollars Reward for Mail orders solicited and promptly filled. Will order anything we
any case of catarrh that cnnut be cured by haven't in stock

IIall's Catarrb Cure.
F. J. CuHxKY & (',C.. Props.. Toledo. 0).
We the undervigned have know F.J. ('e-
ne) for the last 15 years and believe him per.
sonally honorable in all business transactions
and financially able to carry out any obliga-
tions nade by their firm.
WwrTA & Tt-AX.
Wholemle Druggists. Toledo. Ohio.
Wholesale Druggists. Toledo. Ohio.
1Hal's ('atarrh Cure is taken internally. c*-t-
ing directly upon the blod ad and muems sur-
faces of the system. Prier. 7.-w. per bottle.
Sold bv all drugiists. Testimon.iali free.
Halls Family Pills are the b* st.
Bilious? Feel heavy .fterdinner': Tongue
coted? Bitter taste" C(ompleixion sallow?
Liver needs waking up. lhmnl's Regultts
cure bilious attacks. 25 c(ut sat any drug

East Coast Meat Market

Florida and


n eas uon


Sof all Kinds.

** ___

Fire Insurance

I represent some of the leading
companies of the world and any
business entrusted to me will re-
ceive prompt andcareful attention

Robbins & Graham Co.
Paid-Up Capital $25.000
This company owns lands in the
Indian river country, on the St.
Lucie river, at New river and on
Biscayne bay
i DbDIf0 PA 0 1HI flUD UIMDo

Titusville Lumber Company

Saw and Planing Mills Dry Kilns
Manufacturers of

Rough and Dressed

All grades ceiling, siding. flooring
and shingles
Prompt attention to local orders
SOm -n o re

Ip, q -g ws~ w-w w

The Bond to Give
N $10,000 Cash-$50,000 in Stock
of The Miai Cycle & Mfg. Co., eanuM 10%
annually, is the offer made by the larset manu-
facturers of high grade wheels in the worM. tha

The Best
World's Bicycle

hb les premure on ita cr-ni -"." L-arr.s. therefo:e pshcs easier and witk 1ess
energy tha *any ordinary LLcyie. The adcme er ea foot power s obteaed ia the
1908 Models are bui:t : drop forged steel nireas. crowns. and mat poet clestars,
and frames made of the higntrt gr .de seamiress Lng~h coid draw tMel tubing.
malteg aacycles ca nearly non-.rc.rIa!e as moiy. materal and rwo ameiap *wil
permit. Recycles are shipped ..l over the *orid. because of tLher repua eola e
durability and ay running.
Co. e*nd S EE to* R.crcl. *nd gt fRti te
cop, oJ "Tie Thue R.eo.n.- an IC3 C.a .I
Racyclee Sold by

Indian River Music House

*5, $;' Sei ;



,' *
*',i* '


Group Title: Florida star (Titusville, FL)
Title: The Florida star
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Title: The Florida star
Uniform Title: Florida Star (Titusville)
Florida star (Titusville, Fla.)
Alternate Title: Star
Physical Description: Newspaper
Language: English
Publisher: S.W. Harmon
Place of Publication: Titusville ; Cocoa, Fla.
Titusville Fla
Publication Date: 11 6, 1908
Frequency: weekly
Subject: Newspapers -- Titusville (Fla.)   ( lcsh )
Newspapers -- Cocoa (Fla.)   ( lcsh )
Newspapers -- Brevard County (Fla.)   ( lcsh )
Genre: newspaper   ( marcgt )
Spatial Coverage: United States -- Florida -- Brevard -- Titusville
Coordinates: 28.591111 x -80.82 ( Place of Publication )
Dates or Sequential Designation: Began in 1880; ceased in 1917?
General Note: Publisher: P.E. Wager, 1880-<1882>.
General Note: Published at: Cocoa, Fla., Nov. 1, 1912-<June 5, 1914>.
General Note: Description based on: Vol. 1, no. 23 (Sept. 29, 1880).
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Volume ID: VID00674
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loqe. Sqtt foe tl QqOd of Ot.SA lso&

,.: 'i..:5t
** ,

" ? . . -r -*

sn seBAPsOo IA UTEST ImIS Extremely Lo Pric LOCAL S
O- m.d" AND INCIDEITSon londay at Kel's- ADID
Si ON FOOT Purmnl PDm n h thtII MONDAY, NOV. 9, 19,0. S m hl d
To behold them in all their original ft16atMMohair in solid colors and f igures,"W
3eome rw ide colors7aned ur, bMon-
Ofdma tAeri oPmcmfbw. kl-ThwAlpne" for lodI s c t Dr. jyL D.U3O
S windowrforafew of the nobby l.uch when in Tituavlle. j r.ead us i n
mm a&l, then cal side and let usshow Mrs. A. Brady expects to leave new and up-to-date, in long and short N S AT TI P
ye that we have more styles tho relatives m West sleeves, elaborate trimmed, worth
,uhatwinShot te$2.00,special $1. _C unw
SOuCr oeor t show aninTale. h for several weeks. .Ladies'm and children's lisand. Addoess aim
m l n ildlved $, & .tA o t Mr. and Mrs. J. L. Van DeVeer left coats at unusually low prices, series Toledo, Florida.
t a S W- k .ty 0d r .t h b tSunday for Miami, where they ex- Broadcloth in all the latest shades, Mrs. C. H. Swain t.
-yBh Inf-model, M.0 ll, eg$.00 pect to remain until about the frst including smoke gray, worth $2.00, Sanford aftt
S(.lm .JML Ma ndter Ad makes double guaran- of the new year. special $1.49 pe y here with her si~ w,
a ks dioblete.Mrs. Murrhee. who has been house- Bed 9uilts sqlkolne covered, extra Walker.
,v st WINSTON S. BRANNING keeper at the Alpine for several large sze, worth $5.50, special .49 Our line of ladies' a i
-... Headquarters for Style and Value months, left for Jacksonville Sunday sobm e as low as $1.49.ti, yard wide, uit, ma a .
STeav ille Florida. special 14 yards for ,1, Monday stock of all the meo's lat
dbaswen Jackson- ___.__"_ To the hunters who have not al- only. at Branning's.
*, u n m y 1 t h enDDin niyD reaygotten their boots: Call and let Amoskeag apron checks, guar- Mrs. G. F. Dureo ad Mi
is, AItK da. I THI ALUR OALE HELD UP us fitt youup inthe-"Cro ,ttmake anteed fast color, this is one of the and Master Foynretnodoy f
; D aved_ *. $5.00 and 8.00 the kind they all best ginghams on the market, special sonville Sunday, after taking b to
u d e b umde Er. Walr film Mii la hairep, wear. To be found only at Branning's 13 yards for $1.0. Carnival last week.
S C. w a be vidtuwher Married-At Turnbull on Sunday Black taffeta, yard wide Mr. Bert Ives _
.. .q sy forhuat of All CMriten last Mr. Albert A. Thom on, of Eau yard guaranteed, Monday's special, the week from Phiadlphi M,.
W I -- tGallie, and MrJ BerthaHerndon, at $1.00 per yard. -v-,-----a----
r. Or. .--* ,The anticipated sale of the Walker the home of her brother, Mr. W. T. Boys' bloomer trousers, all si es Sr. and fam a
- w" ---'-l.w-,whe w-il store building, stock of goods, etc., McCullough, Rev. Wm. Stonesoffici- from 5 to 17, worth $1.25, Monday's within the next few
b wilsor s levied uo aot a m h ao by eating. special W cents. Jack Gunn, one of the et
M levied upon about a month ago by r White tablecloth, 72 inches wide, the Titusville Lumber Co two
.P. d" a. Wl ak Cya. CaWdry creditors of the firm of J. R. ttle Miss Nanie roster nvited guaranteed pure linen, worth 85 of his fingers amputted the
o.kiw er Co. d te ae a a number of the young folks to spend cents, special 59 cents per yard. the week, the result of being injed
Sware Co., did not take place on Mon- brt- Bys uitmade of an excellent in the mill machinery.
agentsday, the rule day for November, as day. All returned Tuesday morning in mixture bloomer trol s, worth Mer.w L. A. Brady, P.J.all,
expected, and it is highly probable reporting a lovely time. $5.00 special Lloyd Peacock and Frank Hall we
Q aIwma f arrived e that the matter will be held up in Mrs. J. N. Feaster passed through Specia pricesin blankets. do eer ng m rdM m
whir' in goodold the circuit court to be adjudicated Titusville this week on her way to JULIus KUNE, a fine deer, brought down by un-
he m -up with the under the national bankruptcy act. Miami from Seale, Ala., where she Titusville, Florida. erring aim of Lloyd.
w erwC n ,, ,-eins the bow and Mr. J. R. Walker has.recently filed t Th sum..ers., w Sherd as -,-rT Mayor Wilgmil t
a petition in voluntary bankruptcy y se An so dhewan HOTEL DIXIE Mayteor Wi art al
u._.,C R--h.-- ..and the same has been set for a hear- compare M' Adros littl greater part of ---num
arre.hbid lg on | the 17th of this dn be .for son, who will spend the winter with ville, taking in1 the Carnival, w d
., sii'. e Lo cke et,, of the- UmoS, cue,- Mrs.i Feaster. New Name Selected for the Hot- Mrs. Wilson is viting her d t,
f" n N. Y., J Lo of the U. S. court, in el in Tituville Mrs. W. C. Thom ,.t o
zma al sai J ville Wet and Dry Election to be Held is this week Mayor Wl ad
Stt their new I t is stated that the partner, Mr. Wet d Dry Electio to be Held The new name for the hotel has Helen and Master Carl returned o
is n t fite *y fer them H. B. Mace, is not in favor of volun- At the meeting of the board of been decided upon and it will be call- Sunday
tary bankruptcy and may conclude county commissioners this week the ed the Hotel Dixie. This name, a-
Mr. F. T. DBdge and family spent to contest that proposition. Mr. application of Mr. F. A. Losley and ter being selected by the manage- Under a very strict charge. from
*t oayr anmd Spdayat this place on Mace arrived here the first of this others petitioning for a wet and dry ment, was submitted to a large list Judge Jones, the jury in the New-
t r yhome to Miami from spend- week and when interviewed by THE election in this county was received of patrons of northern hotels and a some case have had a tireome time
aw ti" smmer an t he north. Miss rTAR reporter stated that he had and acted upon. The requisite num- large majority of them voted in favor of it since last Friday, being m charge
AM Budge arrived Sunday to at- nothing to give out at present. He her of petitioners were enrolled on of Hotel Dixie over many others, so of a bailiff all the time and not per-
tead the Titasvlie high school this will first consult his attorney before the application and the election will the name will be very popular with mitted to mingle among other peo-
yOar. proceeding into the case, which is a probably be called for the 22nd day that class of people who will patro- ple except in a body and with m-
most unpleasant and trying one to of December. nize itlargely. structions that if any person persists
TRY NUET SUNDAY'S DINNR him. --- - -- We are informed that all the furn- in talking to them about this cae
AT THI PALMHURST AND SEE Mr. Walker's plea for bankruptcy The Newsome Trial Continues ishings for the hotel have been they are to report the same to Judge
WHAT YOU HAVI -N MSSNG is based mainly on the fact that the bought, aggregating something over Jones.
firm is involved to a considerable ex- Circuit court was adjourned Sat- $5,000 and that they are to be ship- Mr.S. F. Gray, of Canaveral, picked
Quiet Electio In Brevard tent and many of the creditors have urday until Wednesday afternoon, ped by the middle of this month. up a bottle on the ocean beach mile
The election fIn'tuville Tunday claims that are now unsecured when the Newsome murder case was The hotel will probably have a north of Cape Canaveral a few day
was unusually quiet.Only 50 per against anyof the property on ac- p grand opening date about Dec. 14th ago in which was found a paper with
nt of the poll list went to count of the several judgments that dence is still going on this Friday to 18th, when it is confidently ex- a letter written in Italian. As soon
the pollsand voted. have been entered against the firm morning, bu t it is thought this case pected there will be a large party of as we can have the letter translated
The canvaslg of the long ballot in the circuit court, the whole in- will be concluded tomorrow or Mon- tourists to arrive to help celebrate we will publish it, as it may be of
was an arduous task and required debtedness amounting to some thou- day. the opening under the new manage- interest to some of our readers. Mr.
most of the wh night to complete sands of dollars, and he hopes by Culture Club Entertained ment. Gray sent it to THE STAR expressing
the work in Tusville precinct to placing the affairs min a referee's The interior decorating and paint- a desire to know if the letter con-
coit up the 175 votes ast. hand that all creditors may share Mrs. Geo. M. Robbms entertained ing will be incharge of experts in tainted anything of importance. We
Mr. Adhemar Brady received quite alike in the assets of the firm when the Progressive Culture club in her that line from New Jersey and the think it does not.
complimentary vote inrthis section disposed of and also to facilitate his usual charming manner Thursday af- plumbing will also be gone over thor-
otSS F.M y Huds in forte seon entering into business again for him- ternoon. oughl during the present month. In order to secure a much needed
against F. M. Hudson. for state self. In a contest of recognizing authors ...o d rest before entering upon hisau ew do-
ator, a number of Republican and We understand that there were and authoresses from pictures and Church Notes ties as tax collector, Mr Phil Wright
ome Democratic votes being ast several parties who expected to bid book titles given rs. Robottom wa gav up h position as station t
toW .ae o w on the store building as the location the successful one in winning the Rev. Wm. Stones will preach on Saturday last and Mr. Thos. DeCur-
oe ill 's favor of the Ba and Kern is one of the most desirable business handsome prize, a bronze bust of Sunday next at Indianola at 1.:3,> cev was appointed to that position.
eoletor no tth and Ker sites in town, and persons from adis- Longfellow. In a contest of the a. m., and at Titusville at 7 p. m. This speaks well for Tom, who start-
feleto^." no tance were also here for the purpose flags of the different nations Mrs. PleaSe note change of tunime of night ed in as messenger boy at this place
o pava rit for of bidding on the stock had it been Geo. W. Scobie, Jr.. won the prize, service, only a few years agoand hassteadily
T ft spreseint gave fia matoity forh sold Monday. a beautifully bound book of travels. Owing to the illness of Mrs. Me- advanced to a very important posi-
o, thedR being first time it ha The sheriff's sale of both store The consolation fell to Mrs. B. A. Cr'd. the pastor has been unable to tion on the F. E. C. main line. Mr.
voted Repub ian ta whole history building and stock is now being ad- Warbinton, this was a dainty box of ill his last two appointment. at City Wright will assume the duties of his
anaverals precincts gave a plurality vertised for the first Monday in De- heart-shaped cards bearing the flags Point, but he will preach there at his new position the tirst of the new
Mforeloianprt ect rave a e member, prior to which time this in- of the different nationalities, regular time. tie third Sunday of year.
malrity for the Republcan eletors. teresting case will come up for con- Delicious refreshments wereserv- this month, the Lord willing. Pre- Notic .
returns are all in and will be sideration in Jacksonville. ed and altogether a most delightful ailing Elher IA, will preach there or, Leave your landd: at the Palm-
vased today or tomorrow. The sale was postponed by virtue afternoon was spent. hi n.xt round if nothing happens to hurst. Prompt att nation. H. A.
wv ddyro rwof a writ from the U. S. court at - -- -- prevent. He will organize ..outh.ern ..cIL don, agent Ri.'. Steam Laun-
To Rent for Season 196-9 Jacksonville served upon Sheriff Kline's Gents Furnishing 1)ep't Methodist church there. 1ivinO two dry..l Jacksonville.
l Ha ok Campon Indian Brown Monday morning by a U. S. Men's clothing. new and u:,-tj-date Sui'lay after, ,,s in .,:ch in .ih f ,r
Oak HammockCamp, onIndian river, marshal, from Jacksonville. styles. e \il! a' ace y 'rcwhing wrvice. [he :e. ple of FLKNITURE, DRY '.OODS, SHOES
.. ...ad. ...p. c.--.,i,,,,t ,,, -. ,- ,,, 'v ,..,,..,. 'coa have the promi.-* of a very Jap-a-lac, house and mat paint

stst of a camp building o f four rooms; PowerBntd..( Boats Wanted LJ' LI1W N'LI--_-. ".L.A...
ad low ofeven rooms with Power B Waed prics ranging fr, $1.50 t, $6.0 trng prea her anthter vr and h Edison and C umbi b ies
detached kitchen of two rooms all fully Persons having power boats to JULIUS KLINE wi supply ity Pint. Ostermor r and fet attre r paint.
"rson Oftermoor and felt .,attree=
furished for housekeeping, extends lease. rent or sell, should call on our Titusville, Florida. Dean Robottom will officiate it St. Globe-Wernicke boo cases
from the Indian river to the Ban personal representative, Mr. Charles (Gabriels church. Titu.villk. on Sun- Drop-head sewing machine
rier with I d moa Will er. Ta Gale. at our hotel, or write "Hotel Cigars! Cigars!! day morning. Novemhr sth, at 11. C HAS. A. GARDNER, 'Phone 32
other or each s AdDixie" Titusville. Florida. Do you like a good smoke You an in St. Mars church. a. FoSal
Oak Camp. WM. F. GREEN, can get one at our store. All kinds. Sunday. evening at 7:;3'. Everybody F r! w r
Georgian, Flonda Lessee and Manager. siis cordially invited. ,"4 i' for0 Flr. i': w inter home
sizes shapes and prices of garsto i uth kled. ,ntin 14 feet

Automobile for Sale
Cadillac model M 1907. First class
condition, $600 cash. Box F, Cocoa,

Gmoaw d GrWpefruit Trees

L~Lm Lmd

V ,fm mk wh

Winter Homes. suit everybody. We are agents of
Winter Homes. the National igar Stands Co. This Notice
Lots for'sale at Horti, Banana insures the quality to be better for W will not repair dollar alarm clocks
River. A fine location, adjoining the price than other makes. A hy- but we have found a market for old
Thousand Islands Club property. 'grometer show that they are just clocks and will for the next thirty days
J. B. JONES. Georgiana, Fla. right as to moisture. Try them and ive a new dollar alarm clock for an old
S- aYour favorite bra 'one and seventy-five cents.
Tituvile Bottlbe convinced. Your favorite brand G. L. MANDAVILLE.
tusve Botling Wor, of other cigars still on hand at Ban-; -
M. GOODMAN, PROPRIETOR. i ner Drug Store. I For Rent

tn Indian river. Several bearing
,-rarigt and grapefruit trees.
Address, P. 0. Box 125,
Orlando, Fla.

For Sale Cheap For Cash
About 88 acres of good high land on
the east or ocean sideof the Indian river
at the Narrows, described as follow:



* fi
' -


I __

I__ __._ I

--; -,
= 'I
: I ~Cr:,~.:

I k~itX.

- ~i~h c. `~ `)

.z J


I :\V

I~r ajd o.am
%Ado& up al
i gom ma 1-0-

'000 aom bad" to

A prrrim u fa Ilr_
&M wm-k of n midb1a a

Ha Je adhMa, ud butn~
MW&NowDb+i bfi

r ,~is dwk b" of a asub
i a'V am m-d 8 8-
t lam ftm W& and ILK aw


van cool and
ha ot o t tob
SA1 M aie had
em the lgt uliad t

bd bwen ethral
U Bitleu gm t, ben
*L erw aMi says
ed the top of the
Stt mmust sureat

W 9Wo e the viaduct Robertson's
Soer te ab dut t car
rte d t itself eI

a d n thSe other e. Their

I M am t bte p of eat s

Robpa. gained fove lengths.
When Roberts.. housed his car. No.
a the rac ien a rat

y tahe s of people whnte
;sioC live moes bngts.

| rd as heI Jjumped out of the
1 .n attempted to make his way
S~I a tg ar hi which his

Sa ser sat waitng for him.
I coal black face and oil berimed
I dII -n't prevent a touching famn-
S li. Ni Both women embraced

ed him affectionately Thenroad
't *d shouted fort a speech, and
ResA m stood up n thge ear. le wa
etv hatly deeply affected mand ds'ou
60 et of e viaduct. Robertson's

d fr wa moment. Hromi sn1et
Ii(dy and ofnally nmna.ed to tshy.
CI) aWW over the viaduct to-

"Wel we started otr a ride. and

w got It."
Dow d to lieelae therei nto what
aWeqg ym oun the "Dip of Death"
Im alad Ae lengths.
MWO Robertson, bosaed his car, No.
34 afer tO rem be was given a great
ONagby tbe hundreds of people who
Wd vdWA at the garage for his n-
M go was earrkd off his feet by
the malng as be Jmped out of the
8We 04 attempted to make hbi war
I* a I lring ear 1 hleh his
Me" sad sister sat waiting for him.
=6 eas black tace and oil begrimed
deft" didn't prevent a touching fam-
qg esttag. Both women embraced
ad ithead bla affetionately. Then
ith neo* abooted for a speech. and
o Stood up In the car. Ile was
eSW atly deeply affected and dis.con-
cag fto a moment. Ile snulled
broadly and finally managed to say.
"'Wel we Started for a joy ride. and
We got tL"

WIe Awke as Husband Sank Twen-
ty-*ve Miles Away.
In a vlaio the other night Mrs. Lot-
tie Johnon of Beachmont. Mass.. saw
he husband. George Johnson, clinging
to an overturned boat in mid(oean.
heard him cry for help and finally.
with a shriek throw up his hands and
With the cry of her husband ringing;
a her ear Mrs. Johnson awoke and
ran screaming to her mother. Her hus-
bad had started out early that even-
ag with a friend la a power boat for
Glouester. arty the next morning
the power boat was found wrecked on
th north shore about twenty-five
M-e below Beachamot With ordl-
y speed the boat woudM ave reach-
ed thre abot midnight. It was Just
at Mnlgh that Mrs. Johbso had her
semartble vislk Johnson's body was
ped up O the shore at moo.

Ik Pwompg I .,oeoLe,
_ataamns (ei s Iewspape


Her Asseepnlolhlm
In the e-mlan get of Chicago two
of th popular m bers ar a well
known wrier and his wife. who has
asie written several bok. They have
a daughter about four years old. Re-
ceny little e girl was visiting at the
home of a friend and her small play-
mat asked. "3an your mamma ewr
The daughter of the literary pair evt-
dently was a Mt chagrined She could
not rmemeber that she ever had seen
her mamma sew. She Is a truthful
child and would not claim any ad-
vantage she was not sure of, yet she
felt mamma's honor was at stake.
"I don't know If mamma can sew,"
she replied dublously, "but she can
smoke a cigarette."-Chicago Inter
Couldn't Seare Them.
A Denver man who rents his motor
ear by the trip or hour was seated In
the machine with a friend for basi-
new when a young couple from the
country came up. It was plain to be
seen they were bride and groom. The
young man from the country said they
wanted to see Denver. He arranged
for the motor car man to take them
for an our's trip and paid the charges
ti advance. The country couple took
the back at. The driver's friend sat
In the front seat with him.
"I'm going to have some fun," said
the driver In a low tone to his friend.
*I'm going to run fast and scare those
He ran to the east edge of town and
then let the machine out to the limit
It rocked and jumped till the driver's
friend became alarmed.
"Say." he said. "you'd better ease up
on It or you'll kill us all."
"Look around and ee if the bride
and groom are scared." was the reply.
Before the other man could turn and
look the farmer toncbed the driver on
the shoulder.
"Hey, feller." he said. "bere's an-
other dollar. Make her run fast. wll
you?"-Denver Post
A Hair's readth Escape
Do you know that every time you have a
cough or cold and let it run on thinking it
will just cure itmlf you are inviting pneu-
monia, Oonsumption or some other pulmonary
trouble? Don't risk it. Put your lunus btck
i perfect health and stop that cough with
BaIrd's Horehound Syrup. Price 2&5., 50c..
and $1.00 per bottle. Sold by Titusville Phar-
nmacy and Banner Drug lStoc.


Motoring Parties In Berkshire Hills
Pitch Tents In Farmers' Lots.
.Atoin.ol i;e t'dapiii i Is the latest di
ve:rsiou of c!ty lou-rists traveling in the
Wcrkshlres anid l.it'htheld hills. In-
.1 f st,':'pl.n ;it the hoter!. some of
\ '. h have tht repiuintiou of ch:!r-in
:ti t' i. t'orl'iti! a r:atts. t.h y t 'a::"'r:
th -ir ,own toInis. which they pitch o "
'4ol. ol i' i!' f:irn ,r'r' lot.
.:11; : !- ev r:-' tli.;: th 'y ne ,*I
,",. t>!h aleh. f", 'hO (f-.r:n r. al i, p:iy
h'"-,i fr the nlu' ,of his c<,ookinll utenl^il-

\ t*:rirg ver v.itrh Ox p;i ,' .. ~ :!t Si ;:s ('lrrin?,torn's. ailov,-
.'l'!.-' k. 'Pn... a:t a:ilout 7 .-'3 p.
tlhe :'' %- 41 :y -i:tl ::a'ked if ,here wa:i
:i .,or'.ii:unt 1pai ton hi- plreein','e4 to
th.I :I it it .t
"Te:rt' :;i ten ; >Tre p,:i'sure you ca',,
ie." rt:,lied Si!'s. 'and if 'tnin't
enotiugh t:: e s-tripl ff the rildow."
h't;::t's the htr:z-,"'"
"Oh. n<,le."
"Ever ta0 e a dlrink'-" aw'ktl the city
CarrinQtn took out his watch and
replied. "I drink just once a day. punc-
tually at 7:.A't p. m."
The autoists pald the farmer $2 for
food, and everything was fresh. The
party's bill the day before at a fash.
losable hotel wasu 2.


Tme tHomm d o g"oif Past ItIh
e sa hMn to menid V, 1 s Wthe

I diame d a hatrack nd nan e
on a isnLb that the woem a the
emagNratMis nmw thaer lu a ua
fhloabU e hate afteg t heserice
The women hav areemd to do o uad,
furthermore. have gned a pledge to
this -@et

Teas Growing Prie.Fruit.
As an llstraton of what ean be
grow on Texas sofl i the way of
fruit, Harry Loclu of San Antonio
has on exhibition a branch bearing
oranges, another bearing lemon and
stl another bearing grape fruit. a
the specimens of which came from
Beeville. The fruit on each branch Is
out of the ordinary, both as to quality
and as to quantity. A noteworthy
feature about the orange diplay s
that the variety was originally grown
at Beerille and has become known as
the De Gat orange for the reason that
Captain De Gat, one of the oldest set-
tiers of BeevlIle county. discovered t.
It was produced by the grafting of two
different kinds of trees from a Call-
tornia nurery.
What Would You Do?
In case of a burn or scald what would you
do to relieve the pain? Such injuries are U-
able to occur in any family and everyone
should be prepared for them. Chamberlain's
Save applied on a oft cloth will relieve be
pain almost Instantly, sad unlem the injury is
a very severe one, will caue the part to heal
without leaving a scar. For ale by Titus.
ville Pharmacy.

A Thanksgiving.
Lord of the land and sea.
Our deep Thanksgiving be
Forevermore to thee!

For thy so lenient ways
In the dead other days
We lift our worshlp-praise
For all our radiant names
That history acclaims-
The deeds that now are fame's!
For failure-that which went
With some sublime intent
For death's dark sacrament

For beckoning beacon hope
That show beyond the slopes
How wide the future opeel
For all our land's Increase
That slowly without cease
Man's paths trend more toward peace
Forevermore to thee
Our deep thanksgivlng be.
Lord of the land and sea!
-Clinton Scollard In Success Magazlue
For November.
Spirited Repartee.
In maklng a sharp turn the rear end
of a street car struck an express wag-
on ladeli with ju1gs of whisky. Nearly
all the Jus were precipitated to the
pavement. \lith the natural disastrous
result. Tl'h driver of lhe wagon alight-
ed and. pointing at the Ile of deuiol-
ished eairtlenware. said to a bystand-
er. "Tha;t's hades. ain't it?"
The spectator. who happened to be a
minister, replied. "Well. my friend, I
don't know that I would say that, but
it's at lea-t the abode of departed spir-
its."-Lippincott's Magaine.

The SimpleLife

has for its basis PERFECT HEALTH.
The clear brain, the healthy stomach, the
bodily organs exercising in harmony, are
the first essentials of a Simple Life-
No one can know the pure delight of
simple living whose nervous system is
kept in a state of tension by Constipa-
tion, Indigestion, Dyspepsia, Biliousness
and other diseases due to inaction of the
The Simple Way to seek the Simple
Life is to seek the remedy for these con-
ditions. This remedy has been found in
our great product-


Liver Regulator
(iR I% Um aimf Pewdr FW .)

It has made life brighter and happiness
and peace possible when all was dark
and distressed. It reaches the centers of
life and purifies them. It encourages the
liver, stomach and bowels to a freer and
more natural activity.
It is the Simple Way to a Simple Life
of Health, Peace, Contentment.
Many persons attest this fact who have
realized its truth by actual experience.

. St. Joeeph' Liquid Liver Regulator

I ine p opt in action, exceedily I table
SAle t theaste. It sold by drug-
-o AeIAtatl ceutsabotle.
CT ItjI oSt. Joe.ph's LIve Regulator in pow-
Ita II dof orom islap in utjt titn boxes an re-
Tat cents a box. five boxes fw a dollar.
aw fWG dry or made into a ten or
Kh To N om n UOd company every
- .. i -- Ma - . so

Y;" r"':~, .- *



Bad taW Lmtiftidimi. Ml
Well, jut obp OW oa dro mW
get a bottle of


The ChikZren:

t r.r L, .' I I
wjfl'!f d i. 1. -!1;& .

sp4wils and inSur*e. t'uid'ail' le
URGES COUGHIIS, CO.- S. SOb': ; .*- S, ...
I.UUQiflAM) AL'7.!


25c, 50c and $1.00


Take Cure

Ballard Snow L -ri.ment Co.

50-502 North Second Street,




. *..
t ':~' :




S~ i
f I


For Indigestion and Dyspqpda

Take a good, liberal dose, and you will be
surprised how good it will make you fel.
Kodol makes weak stomachs strong.
Kodol is pleasant and palatable.
Kodol digests all the food you eat.

Keeps the Stomach Sweet



Sold and Recommended by




*` .r 4 P

-i'mam Wam
"Sutin In three
ofp- At o m the it"o
S 3 &abotadfwhat



-'d IT

TWlsm ete)N, emp~sl e the

1iL t -"r tap M ha r to he ID
S- r -- --a-- e is se ife"
I""*at W as bm
l st e lm MadWrltheb .

Sof teM pmr, ad iWE
-M i -I m i su atehi. h -s
mA IU n A=sa da gr a n

m t-m tf OWt Mwor Laaeot aId
4i bbn osmep saaremele"

abt -I e.a e t maiw h u alekI
bt nft e s' the ok.
t senw as a get a s -

ft r b6lM ib W Ht hmal e aoDtLhe sme

amt, be i mndlowod with epermlat-
IA pom overw th plneo kA a, bet g
.a e s pay t he o crand oepers
4e It hemover MMrrt

His emal body w ders bohet the

1Let tele s m eatedl by him with
acury. Mr. L ambet while In Paris
ntheUa eol Napoleoi. abt the
I goube eagle He greatly ad-
abdt ht od cole UaM cared It a a

-dn el. n He dew a res taht Han-
n be-d an ianmy facility to lind-

wta'h er. tambert was sure that e
ad ldt tb c to I fr good, Hannrean
told hia he wold surely find t In the
Itbn of t pocket, d he direction
related tn the recovery of th yellow
o-I f a bo les unknown t t the
Aectatou are mateialaiedb by him a
gfcuracy. Mr. tIs to wohi rl of

tad n a ath h pe tote the pocet
of Lam bert a lo tlhroeht a pad-
loked thatr.
Ans ahw e an hemy tmmood theA-
No asB wOfet iwow I" or latee

esprtt of Mrs H. Davi, friend of
the Lambert, abd when the light
were turned up at the end of the
Neanc roe were found strewn on the
ta bl A ost who namined them

Ohe from a distant sort te.
otlls are suspoded t the air.d

sitt Mrs.b the Lasral body Incident
Mt Lamberts.t say:d t t

lannegan had retired early one
'nikt, sleepingI t th me e room with
my S I Was startled by the turn-
we1 of t key I t t door oe the room
o which they were osleping. I tried
ti door and tound It unlocked, and ua
Swent In and turned on the light I
sw Mr. Hanneg n's astral body float-
l1 over his bed. He was sleeping
Mrs. Lambert claims that her son
h increased an strernth oe mind and
body under Hannegan's care.
Hannegan knows nothing of psychic
phenomena from any scientific point
of view, and he has not been permitted
to make any slentlflic study. What
gh does sems to tbe the result of ome
Incomprehensible force. He does not
Sare, Mrs. I ambertl write, for the
vilstatlons of the spirits, which seem
to puwle and almost terrify him, and
he seldom can be induced to try his
power before stranlers.

Remarkable Timber Tract.
Nlne million feet of standing timber
on one forty acre tract In western Clal-
lam county. In Washington, is the rec-
ord disclosed by a cruise recently filed
with the cou'lty authorities This re-
markable tract of tmber land is a part
of a quarter section included In the
haldin of a Chcago and New Or-
lean corporation. The tract contains,
acerdin to the oweraw fgurs turAd
tob tp o At t et ar m m t pr-
pMlA sin-M amrto at larfi-t

:!bY Kd r ed D d P. s anm am-
Aweawe&e bkas e Tekasbe I-
eJnd aSl dIlde TRey mar s tlsmp
-1- ende --_-y. avey ef kidey
if bb iw Usable seli be asuded to at
eme A the asles the beek. rh m atd
ls. somary dismedeSs, ate. an wartime
SiaM DnS't -ey r lares are daaueror.
alar*D l, t bulm nar Drag St o


rPeapsW President Remarks When
Idem l Sulgested to Him.
Thbe-Ame Roesevelt, now president
at the United States, but within a few
meaths to become a private cititna
my write the "great American play."
This ano-cement was recently made
at Washngton by no less an authority
than the president himself. He ad It
Iaghlgly. but there was a ring of
eeslctlou in his tone-a note almost
bilhant and challenging.
The president had as callers the oth-
er soralug Frederick Thompson of
New ork, the producer of a new play
ln Washington, and his wife. Mr.
oosevelt and his family and guests
ocepled a box on the first night and
applauded rigorously. When Mr.
Thompson came abreast of him to
shae the presidential hand Mr. Roose-
velt congratulated him on the produc-

"I hope you will give us many more
of that kind." he said. "I recall an-
other that you staged, which I think
was one of the best plays of its de-
scription I have ever seen."
Mr. Thompson thanked the president
and then said smilingly:
"I hope I may some day soon have
the privilege of staging the long look-
ed for 'great American play.' and I
hope, furthermore, that the author wilt
be Theodore Roosevelt."
The president chuckled. releasing the
theatrical manager's hand. Mr. Thomp-
son and Mrs. Thompson had passed
along several feet when the president.
still chuckling, called to him. "Per-
haps," he said. holding up one finger;


Eternal City, Sport Mad, Will Have
Complete Public Playground.
Italy has gone mad on the subject of
port. There has always been a great
deal more of it In the peninsula than
she has had credit for. but now sport
has become a mania. Rome, not to
And herself behind Milan, Turin or
even, as she says, Paris and Berlin,
has already begun plans for an Im-
mense public playground.
The Eternal City is surrounded by
the open plains of the celebrated Cam-
pans dl Romana. which are unculti-
vated, so space s not lacking, and
twelve acres have been set aside by
the city of Rome to the northwest ad-
joining the Villa Borghese for all kinds
of Imaginable games and gymnastics.
The various ball games, such as "pal-
lone." which s v ery dangerous, will
have a large spice to themselves, with
beside It a fiootba field which any

Italians, who dream of sending a team
to challenge America. There will be
Inclosuree for runlnfing, jumping, blcy
cling and discus and Javelin tlhrowlng.
etc. Thenr will be a modern *.ymnu
slum also. and bows and tennis are
not to be nrezlecte'd. Tlih difor'etsI:t
grounds will Iet dividled from each oth-
er I.v shadedl walks. wlih'r' tli* public
will be free to enter.
Some of the lucle.urt's \i1l tee ready
at the end of this ye',r. the wh li< I. it 1.
ctal'tulatted. l'eini r'tady fo,,r iinangur":
tion in a couple ,of years.

Brief Dinners the Rule.
Wi s.h int',on skitn 11 i:,'.l ievt d t' *r
Imposl, ibhe in th:l nI ";>1 v.'i'!l prteten-
tlions to Inner kn.wlhd'; 'f the 'or-

rect tling will gie a dinner party
which lasts more than au hour a:d a
half from tthe tuiel lthte tcvoktnil
are taken until the men join the wo,-
men in the dlrwing t win r Ofe hour
and three-quarters is the' time allotted
eveu to a White nHuse dinner. and the'
I guests of the president. after cvhattlu.
Switch the wonmrn for tifteen minutes.
I are expected to depart. A big relief
this from the old dinner. when folks
sat at table from S until 1i av:d then
smoked and spun yarns for two hours

They Take the Kinks Out
L*-_- -jA ft _-- V- I : Ir Pal. Ir.

RAT 40 M- OM
P.,sm, was. b be Too
hi em~ heLth.rl Adde oa
w l $wow=~k
M* Zohsrtl'owA-
3bufs nne mom

ReLned FeetbalL
ttle Algernon de Pifflle
Is tbe captain of the team.
Willie Mollycoddle's fullback
He has made the first fift
Willie's uniform Is lovely.
And the Jacket's ermine li
There' no danger that he'll
For the game has been ref
Oh. It wasn't likehis this n e o
When they bucked. and they b
and the tackles were killed and
backs spilled
And the life trampled out of I

S alm 'by val m e tmm -

A. Wilcox In enumeratig n I--
"a ter ih oa the pMr wtg we

asserted she had overheard a tm r
Sy: "I ain't parulati r bow my puI i
ay a thing. What rm after Is fawet
"When Edwin Arnold visited thk
country." said Mtss Wilcox, "be took
,e, a certain society lady oat to dinner.
*O.= *sa She called attention to the elegant s-
a tablishment they were in, referred to
Ern eit. the elegant gown of an opera singer.
Uftl spoke of the author's elegant reading
and presently described as 'elgat'
a pickle that had been served her.
The superabundance of eleganecea ti
the woman's language was a sample of
. the poverty of the American's use of
en. the English language. If we paid a
little more attention to teaching Eng-
solkt lish in our schools we would not hear
ined. young ladles speak of Rebecca in
Scott's 'Ivanhoe' as 'perfectly grand,'
uck ed m of Rowena as 'awfully sweet and of
Front du Boeuff as fierce.'"

d the half-
the guard!

Now the training house is tinted
With a pretty gold and pink.
And they train on lady fingers,
And there's lots of ten to drink.
Course It's awful hard in training.
But the boys don't really mind
For tt's all for alma mater.
And the game has been refined
3h. it wasn't like this In the olden days,
When the boys could devour a horse!
it was gristle and brawn in the days that
are gone.
And the hunger was brutal and coarse.
Little Algernon was injured
In an early practice game.
Yes. he fell and mussed his frizzes.
Yet they say this Rugby's tame.
Willie Mollycoddle's gasping.
For his blouse Is split behind.
And his finger nails are dirty.
Though the game-has been reined.
Oh. It wasn't like this In the olden days,
When a kick in the ribs was a Jest!
They would think It a joke with a collar
bone broke
And the lower limb mangled sad
Regie Cute is out this season.
But his place won't be much missed
For the brute forgot his manners,
And he slapped a player's wrst.
All the profs are white with anger
At an action pf this kind.
He's digraced the dear old college
For the game has been refined.
Oh. It wasn't much use to wallop King
Since we've taken the English game.
Well, bring on the pink tea for a regular
s pree.
Let us drink and forget our shame.
*-W O. McGehon In Ban Francisco Bul-

Not a Bit Proud.
The editor of an esteemed contem-
Sporary thus announces the acquisition
in his domestic circle of two "fair, fat
and flourishing" babies:
"Bring out the brass band and place
its nosiest members on the highest pin-
Snacle of the town. Sound the loud bas
fiddle and let the nation rejoice, for
one of the humblest citizens of the
commonwealth hath been justly ex-
alted over his compeers, and we have
the honor to be that fortunate and
meritorious individual. Still we are
not proud; we yet speak to our neigh-
bors, occasionally, but at the same
time It must be admitted that we feel
several inches taller than we did a
week ago."
A Magnifying Pinhole.
Obtain a piece of blackeued card and
Make a hole in it with a needle; then
place a very small object-say, for in-
stance, a tiny insect-on the end of a
pin or gum to a strip of glass and view
this object through the ueedle hole in

the card at about an inch from it. The
insect will appear eii!e distinct and
about ten times larger than its natural
size. If. however, you suddenly with-
draw the card without disturbing the
object the latter will le invisible. The
raI'l'l.s Ist that te' naked eye caunnolt see
at so short a ldistaice ;4 :i :I inlh. but
the card with the hlie eA:.ill's the e.>e
tI' approach within ;au itcli :Iand to see
trt only well. uit. :i. it % ere. ten
tile ; better thau with the naked
vi io;i.

Maltese M%.,kr&ts.
One of thei .;.'-t o!,j-.-itn;l:Lle uf the
i'sts that. itrude into h-uses ln M ilta
is tlie' :intiskr;t. -' :y:h i:. g he ttouchbe
is in:;lpre.i:;ted \;!th the ,o,,or from
whi "- lihe therive-,s i ni:' In a: wine
c.,'l.ar he is orse ltiiit a dishlionest Int-
lIr. iu it larder he is e iSlret d,..tructive
than a d)o:'.n .-ats. 'roml pure wanton-
ness be ::,a:> ;':. re'iiers uneatable
e .,ryihin!g i\i:'.l; his reach His odor
is so lpoe\\'':'n'l and :at t'.' -awe time so
pene<:tr:t:ing tUhat dtcp'us of loottles of
Lb.er ma.? tbe ruined by his merely run-
ning over the tbott!es. The :i.:skrat Is
a squeaking little animal who commits
Sbib enormities at night, and he adds in-
snit to Injury by disturbing the repoee
of the vli-tims of his depredatitos.-



The most independent man on earth 1i
the farmer, for he makes the earth yield
him almost everything needed for life
He knows that as he sows so will he
reap. He usually keeps strong and
healthy from constant strife with Nature
--n sunshine and in pure air. At. night
when work is done, he finds most refresh-
Ing sleep, such as only a tired man
knows. In the same way that the earth
yields food for man, so does it provide
remedies for human ills. Thousands of
households throughout the farming dis-
tricts of the United States know the
value of Dr. Pierce's Golden Medical Dis-
covery It is Nature's most valuable and
health-giving agent-made without the
se of alcohol. It contains native medi-
cinal roots, and is the concentration of
Nature's vitality as found in the Ameri-
can forests. This remedy has a history
which speaks well for It because It was
given to the public by Dr. R. V. Pierce,
founder of the Invalids' Hotel and Surg-
Ical Institute, at Buffalo. N. Y., nearly
forty years ago, and has since been mold
by druggists In ever Increasing quan-
Dr. Pierce found that the bark of
the Black Cherry-tree, the root of the
Mandrake. Stone root. Queen's root.
Bloodroot and Golden Seal root. made
Into a scientific. non-alcoholic extract by
the use of glycerine. made the best altera-
tive and tonic. The refreshing Influence
of this extract is at once apparent In the
recovered strength of the patient-the
vital fires of the body burn brighter and
their Increased activity consumes the
tissue rubbish which otherwise may
poison the system. This alterative and
tonic extract has been found to stand
alone as a safe, invigorating tonic, as it
does not depend on alcohol for a false
stimulation, but is .Nature's own method
of strengthening and cleansing the sys-
tem. It tones up the stomach and purifies
the blood in Nature's own way. It is well
known all over the world as Dr. Pierce's
Golden Medical Discovery. The name
was given to this vegetable compound
because one of the important inrwr.dients
was Golden Se.al root. * Such an
authority as Dr. Roberts Bartholow. of
.Jefferson Medical ('Cllege. says of (;olden
Seal root, "very useful as a stomachic
tonic. Cures catarrh of the stomach and
headaches accompanying the same." l)r.
(;irovr Coe. in his 1wwk Organic Medi-
cines. slaeking of (;olden Se'al rot. -;t:s
that "as a li\ier invirorator it has .,,"
cqni.c." tFurthTr he says. "in chronic in-
flammation of the' tl:tdd',r we do m it ,'on
(if thei m,-t reliaihle aze'nt. of cure. A- a
tonih' in thi. ,conv:ilo<'c inw sitaei,4< if fp\. r<.
pni*lll,>fl;: (Id~ ,tl rv ;tarid th'-r auii',.
di"';', Ily dr: t-ii itilde. n Seal root, i
peculi;,rly : iplprlpri.t'."
Dr. ('i<.. v-IntI'!'-: "We wou'd h'r,'
add tha.t *,* r '. !'.ri,'ir, '. ,. ,' ,,* .:,
*T.:rt. 1 thi %i\" ,r '1'- r s; .'d : r
t(, o ; v.l. i !, rTen.e'. ;n bhrr-t.h t,..
laryntw tis. and ie'l:r aff.ll tin i s of thl.
r lr'tilrnt ry sarz:' '
I'r, IllI.h rt A. l ie re.. D..I'nriv r-itv
!fi I',* in varlia. : o; C of < ;, n ', i:
..>h az:'ind i .:. *1 '. e'll f
i' : i distin 't. .a n' -riitl .r':tl it!i;! uc,-'.
,,.w1 In :', i e ;i rr tl r..iid ,tni a:
S.*. ,i c : rh. ..,* *rrh .. :,. l a-
S'r ," r.*. nt ' "- ,- ,."
ir ,f..,hn \1.. ,':,t, .r ', Sp*.,.; M ,., -
*,'-' "h'I *I ,'.' ''. ," i'r ....,'. ana ilir*- . .
'-. !" ',,:i .> '. <,, i. 1;v t , Pti p :ti:-
I' P '', f 4 1 t'i l l.IM.. l :. <-ej

:. r .t v-t.rui t ,f. iH 'r I -b. vp ;tv'r*-
i L5?t Iil Z -I a ..i rigil 'r ir n tir l

r .r.. n,.r *', i.d i!anduilar ,.vstems are
*. ;'.:r;il r '- l't-.
"In r','.Ltei l'o its general efft'ett on
.' y-eI. i.' r e 'A ime iu irldiiii. in lre
,'a.,r i 'hi,'h thier, it meih p Li "ro l u'no e rn-
I i t'i ,n f t,, ii.n ,,n t i 1 uci,',ru.'n!, re-
r.irded a- tit tonic Uawful in all de-
ti!' Tit ', .- t
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