I owa deoomiaatlon tC rMs 4:s'resecting t Pharmacy. 0 a..c II uses Ct aiaat Ie N to.1 3tapcaIttit M sty c..za 11II'&ay.oafga utcte In.ta4 tatettrwa
span Mr. RjcfcefeUer's. m<>ra1t1ei'aAl1 ICR I -.
= ctatm'.cg that hoe bad *- $ $5 Csr af Uxa LOCAL Tits
poItfre 1*Nary CXKP se OtW Ulena.ttsn
! : proofs .f,tbe 1t tnjiiWw Bat Mrs tk. j "SEE "
Ifc. &- d.;;? THE TICKET AGENT
;: ; IMTV MC ettawt4> asd 4o Hot bcser- "

'. i Uw::." ai J r.)suglihq isar..trs. lit: ..... (J. O. RAItNCJL A ut. Oe*1 Piu. Alt, ST. Auau 11lII.-1'LAt. .

t. r,'Q.. .

.. .

S.iI t
-.i. ,,, ', ...... 4< .1
= -' ,
ga., ::: r 1Fn .! "-::' ;o :, :-. ? ..... ......., ...... J J .
...-- ;:.:" '-!:--..;::-..- ..... -- ,.u.q... -w.: ;; ...... .-. .... "" :,,, --;-- -- M -- ,. ..' .. 1

:: .

r ,. ,FILIpAY;.JUr: 1i,1966r

'f1r : : :-" ::. -Tf -

., .
:.. : .
NEW --- :
: FASHIONS \$: .
r;' -- ...., .

l' '. ,

"tc, Pattern For Clefs Frock -T; .
; With Cosing on Shoulder l CASTORlf :

: by Martha Dean-No. 4616
: N .. .1 The question of _boat fractal for the ccLD # Y ;
w J .tt'W ; Uttte m*>o Is no QtaH one and l mother 'Tor Infants and Children. -
i I -'as everywhere arc trying to End wnethfn*' .r
;j: GOOD POI4fts sew sad different fens thoM they haft o -
:' }BUNG FANCY'rtKZSOBIMAN been ssatlwt ever ctnc the titti daughter .

t; "J..ac T. Dilfl ..Lha...... .....,..... die Led the sciMOlfirrs fcer lint seluwt towns tosaoo.by the OM dosca reckons and a The Kind You have 14

;if 1eIIke not by tk pair. C5enUnw may b* alit -
thec ... to calvatisa. and a child mutt then bsaved
l '
rta, .
t Always Bought : '
by sahraUon alon, for It is far -' .
easier te keep Mr to tM rule of three .
4ctab'.ePrcpuawiorAs-- .
Potash than to Vp bee gowns *pot>..a. froM from
Ink spots frayed and rutted spots and si s d
burst button*. It is probably the (iris Bears theSignature
! iiw *" u.... CDetaq of from eight to fourteen Jean that are
,. JII'p ..... : hardest to reckon wtth. They must have *1
'=.-"" jroAtIbII J1dda,lie ... >> stjlrs that are especially adapted t. 1 KI"1 < *

1( Ov 1ft cIrcQ.q: themselves for they arc neither children #..
' ..., _wa q.. nor yet can they be classed as of tM
' tnttw ibIe i iriUGoe"wda aeR tr.eF. ;Sot. bar tar die 4 'mleaet' age. For such girls are ve show Promotes D esHonCheerfulOpruatMorphine ,f fIICSS >1ii
let the design today It Is a aost graceful and lkst.CcDtalns neitlf:
; KALI WORKS arrangement with Its very wU box of
,t ftn YItJ JIiauu Stne&.erc plAit at center or front and at the back nar llincraL
; Alba*.Cn- i Bath Bne4s... C and a smart jaunty air is given the whole NOT N.UlCOTIC.

..';\' makeup by the introduction of a boa'pialt .
ir la the underarm seas, which Insures
plenty of flare to the skirt. It alsn formsa '.
strap at the vppcr edge through which .1. 'fJUSH.'Q'l1'C1IU
iA Murder the belt may be passed. These are not all :; 1
of the good featcrt-s, however, for Its .[ I )
unique cUxrlnc on the shoulder must not / ..w.. :
be overlooked. Tb coring is effected by ......s-. .. I IlJ.II. In

.Attended buttons and buttonhole, or. If a braid J1; ..eHewlsr j
I flaish Is detJred it could be futeRedUh .
hooks and loops. It is Slipped on over the
head and is entirely! separate from the = UseFor
which of the $
ffulmpe. maT .ke sara m.t.rW
II Man Suspected of Crime or of wash material of contrastingcolor. Apofcct Rctnedy for Conslipa-
For a .mart little gown whose
,::ff' Tools HU Own Life counterpart one dots not see on every [ tion.SourStomAch.DwTTtoea.bnnsAwubions.Fevtrish .
, other child one m -eta this is the best and \\ I OverThirty 1,
, 'itf'W. h' a JVrfo/ T newest of the scatnn and being a' one tress snd LOSS OF SLUR
piece drvvs H as simple and easily! madeas ,-
1kP a Mother Hnbbord. Sl&0 U yearsToo
TacSimile Sifnaturceffz& 1 i
' '
; Ht Had First Slain HU TtoeBaujhttrt I DIRECTIONS FOR ORDERINGSend Years M
> War Terrified 10 cents to this om glee nnmb of this p tt..tt'I00.. #+34 and state sie NEW YORK
desired. It will then be sent to you by mall pwtpaid. De sure to write ,Iai"r, and
Sf : When Deed War Traced tog always five /_" address. S vmi days must be allowed for delivery of pattern .
; Hh Own Door. *

humed The banes were lying bttwt.entwo Many Spo ns. 1
"Yours man!" said the old beau to CASTORIA
roots of a tree which stood! not Jar
the cl rk In the lawyer's oQ<"('. banding
Terrified at the prospect of being from Mr. lUcbardsoa'* boas In uiyWQ tXACT coprorwltAPPCA.
him of bills
a to satisfy the damages
confronted with a murder six years mind I am coafidetit terrible, .
In the breach of promise snit "let s .,...... ')
rime bas been committed and"later I ewes CCe.I toaee.t tier
,: ago brought close home to him by the this lie an example of table manner.for --_ ., .. ..' _. _
believe I shall be able'to' furnish the : ..:::: ::.. :-t'1: ; :
work' of Michael Nelson "
a spiritualist, you.
authorities something: which! to
living near Poplar, Ia., locked the Table manners for me! How so, Mr. T
work. Further than this I will not dls-
doom big home murdered hi two Gayblrdr .
of --- -- -- -- -- -
c1Qi a what I have learned.
"If I hadn't spooned too much Iwouldn't
111scMvery of the bone and Mrs. Ba
have had to fork over all this
I ker's statement threw all Aodubon ,
i ig iz mon 1-Jndp. t
county lato a tremendous ematlon. BUITAUl BLVrr. FLA..

;Nothing( lle.: WI' talked about, and the Whooping Cough DEALERS ISSn MAXUFACTUEElU OF

old stories about Xelou were rev 1 nil.Netam .
nndoubtedlj botrd of this talk. "In the pnt* of I'.Wl my chidden bad YELLOW PINE AND CYPRESS LUMBER. .

lie was seen last 'at 10 clock In the whooping congb,*>"ays Mrs 1), W. CaptofCapj
*. Ala" 1 ud Cuunllt'rlain'eC.ongll
morning when be called at the borne ofa U.-mt"lty with themo-tsatinfactoresults. 3Piru.itEiitimaU and VeKetnb1e Orates.

net l;hbor, He was asked to send over I think! this is the J
>wt remedy
>s furnished for complete Bill of tamhet to be delivered at any puint on F*.t O...*t.
his daughter for the day. lIe returnedto I have ever seen for Imping cough! l

It et bU bcnie, but nothing more war This rrmwly kfff the cough: laver, lesions .

beard from the family. the verity and frvquency of for John B. Stetson University

ITMI At night the neighbors went to theNelson :'congtiing tjielU{ and unu-nict any tendency
toward pn 1I mOn:&. For sale by VI
home and found
: doom and win
) 1 "Crob!! rharmacy. DE LAND FLA
dows barred. The oflcer were summoned

end they broke Into the bouse. Affiliated With The University of Chicago j.
Fore> the Meow 'II .
A fearful: sight! met their gait. The Fly Aasl

r kg two girls were dfad Imbed, killed as Mn't It flr" to ttot-.k how many splendid (,()LI/'OK <>/ LI BK.lt.U. AItTHThe *tanJsr das are storol
of blood 'I swat ; graduates rereive tbeldl'JrfftI from both Mi-tmu aud Cbi.sg.s.
t they sleptIn a great p-l lay To be taken oat And m>rt*.l twist: this
% Nelson's! body. DM be kill! hlra plf to time and Ctrintmas' ? Say. C LLttK or L\W-Gradua 1 of this\\'Ijllfl are admitted tu t-rarUr Uw in 'lwrJob :

escape the finger of guilt pointed at I Think of Jure. July and August with the without exaoiiaation, tCOLLFfEorTECH
'l/ him the whale 'community The root thlnp they're to fetch. tUG5'-Mt.elupkal. ('I\it Elt"dr\-a1\ JU&iDHnDlar.d Msnual
by i And S "t"r.at..l' and October comln' In Training
community think* be did. there on the It"t(". COLLEOK OP KTMNKHii-lUukiim iii .lIlt.Irao'hnl Il.k-kreping by l-t teeth*!*.
With their! load of Juicy f\nrra for the IWtive niunni open in other I) mrtmrnts. Large Facility and r HDb)<.')lou, building r

Hot ",..,be, Ptl... I Think br-.eflt of all cf tM J'IOf'n'fry th:"*. comln' 'fore the .'NU..UnTUU\ Al.\I'tM\-< raJuat... "."",..re.] to enter IUrr.r4. Yale PriM WitrDelL e 1
WUli shoul-1 '11 Mirhigan. Chifwto and all first clays (..lk;l1I, ItN"'L "
snow !
Persons afflicted piles r*> fly strata
careful at thin season of ita year. Hot >( AM) ritAf-tire "( lINL-.l Kinijrr rt('u in Ju it1l n build)f 2. I'rimary'
Can you worker that the roWns are so and (!nmni&'bllul in separate b ili
l7ss weather and bad drinking water Oii
glad they nearly bust teachers

tribute to the conditions and dangerous.which make IVWitt's And wa t. up and ft to slrigln fast! .. Hi"SIC rCIIItJl.10,0"0,'''' pipe unrta. a Uucrn plains,wpu.61f' baiUkf. Urge fuuk J P ,ythorough
pill" more painful though they thought they meat!
i.___. eoutrs of-tn iy.
Witch Hazel Mlt"eHIII the pain, Is It rtranre that every little timid sprout
= ANT "CIiOCtL-Stw studio (V..ty rants. u JrU etr.
and tart Is
the ores petptn' out.
dras out *)renes r.
sue. Ci' : the genuine, beannst the name of E. C. Strain' sBxtous to discover what the i trtMn bas a. facottjof *J) I'roft'UOn and intllnJf'tM1I. They boM drrrr (rum tie l'ot.
p Co. Sold by the Red Crow cheertn's all about! ''I verity ofCbkarsllarrard. YsK Iferum> tb, r luml.i a, (l'oiirer, of 1'Do''lluD: &. RryoUwr.
IVsWitt A Ain't It our that anybody should be ) HurkiK-ll l"oi..tRlt of Mwbix. rnBion an Pharmacy, Ko Ganie Phaimacy: and r' J1n' I'ninrtpbhen I I$3on.0It1.II)III buildings and fqOIJ.mf';early quarter minD d.dlar endue f'ot. all fQ4ow. .
Chas I\t CamptH, Melbourne. There's so man !rood things comln' 'for* titlihnryofever$3)*<0 rnlamef: at"aottfoichapel with r'etlyfurnisbiagsincludragtalud
the row Tl fiy again! (I...* window 7 oil paintiort. a|iO.WJ)rtO pipe organ;a gymnasium with nnnplel apparatus;
At tie too. 1ft 'I\clfll athletic fit-Id, rnnniog trek "unU euoru. l...<-tll dlalDOO" and grk irua \#. ..
RrJiAk.h Attendant (eiauiSnlcg sick ostrich w1ty. I feel the way I used to when Tdhear sides twimttiinr. Calf, rowinr and otber f->r1r i'tf .te buihiiDg f."r tin and . k. I on Saturdays large laboratories fr Chemistry Phyw-s V rtTutj.. Mioen>l<>fT sad Itiok-iy, several/ gas
J. tin suucc or' A MAX WEnS TOIaDtd ,I believe h? swallowed a monkey. Iran We wen ro WUE&B BOB l.MICAT Uidtugbtera I see It down his throat i iI whoop* that I would raise J'f..s; n4 senna.prr ooi Clm 'II" ,broU ry and trees ce ial Jir.rar1. mu kjil awl otletstadenta'tlubs .
?-'" The Ostrich-Oh. get out! I swal ;: Think,,' of the fun a-coroln' sad the i tar lecture eoorant: Christian sad not t rrt&riao ttycLeg. Tilt I bastion i* j '
,x 1- and then ended bU own ex I That's : .rlendld things to eM! tlf'al1tif111 and braltbfal. and the rifnn* are !ywrirwt. 4'=
of looking glass
"tt bullet through hi* lowed a piece Them were t'mos I want to Ml you.'twould For catalogs, folder and Information. addr* i the I'm-Wfot
Q .b1 Bending a
:; rdt'tlon.-lJte.
; your be mighty hard to beat .,t'

brain But retarnln' to the present ain't this LINCOLN III'LLKY, A. )I", Ph. I)., UeLand, FU 1. ,
Six Francis lUcbsrdson. tn od world heaven whenThere's
,;? to be a whole (lad summer 'for, % Yg
4< ,eccentric character of Poplar near Aufaboa. FOR BOTHOne the avow 'tl fly xxn? ""' -"

Ys Y la, worth $ vOl(\ dIAal, ared.S. -8. F. Ker In CUraco Rererd-HeraKL

5 Ht chow to transact LU business by

1rJ!: going from house to bouse making disease of thinness in llerttlaeWillovercomi' SEABDARDFOl Jr

Ills disappear tml>gr< to..the farmers.'
sLbaai in
children w scrofula; .. r gn'ali the Ui.fU and rare liver sn]: :
,{ Unet, and not until re-
ira 'coniplete.
Both have kidney onoiplainlA. is the U i blorxenrklier
consumption. poor
it:.etntljr waa' then a'lnte clew to the blood both w ..} more 'nt- and intig. rator in U* world. It .. .-_-,_.. .... -., -- -... ..--- .

J trident tragedy.jicpularIdea. ; is poirty ve 't't.t.Ltt.rr,,-ilr bartnkw, J
be' was that Nelson These di a.l'8 thrive on lean aril should you I* m&m-r from dimaneTIHJ :--
; or Fat n tics lAt moons of will air it tf too AFt wi..r. I; N ,
:< g|omialtted the crime for the purpose ate :Andrew, editor; at4 n.anlk f", of the fo
cod liver oil .'
.i* 'obtaining money but Do) official action overcoming them; ensatrd I:. tkirde News, Cn i .,... Savannah Columbia Southern
.:+ru ever taken. makes the best and lietlthictt "n'1 h v-iw .l yonr Hertjinr in Pines. J

ss ;;l_ .At Dft Moine not long ago IlL A. fat and j. my family and End it a nt rxnIVnaedicine. l Richmond ..
r Its e r:L- Baker spiritualist met a brotherr .
a I"D a IIlr..1 bMtt Soil bv flr.
"'.BkUrdsoo at a wrlJ.l fuoctlcm.Rkhard 'I('n.. Pttartnscy aad Ea') tii.ih: Tlisr New
< Philadelphia York
-i:::; oa poke of hit brv tb r'. SCOTT'S navy, t&a G HtCASTORIA'.

:atrange dlaap@earanee. "1 cm ten you 1i

g' fit"became of him" declared urn
f BWr -It (cut go to Aodubon I tsntff&b EMULSION
i to cail back his iplrlt and con- .
For I&fuiti t&d CtiHrta.H .
u 11rN .Wtth'th"lptrlt mad find out theatorr. j ,

$:;lfltllg ." The brother accepted i. the ...iet and mot cfftvtive (lad Yea Han Allays Ott I Icf SEABOARD EXPRESS SEABOARD MAIL
cod liver oil. Here's a' ,
sent Mrs.s form
; ;; __ prboaitk and at once
.: }>iake, to A.bola. Two days after brUttnl natural onU-r of things that I Burs theattare

'.ft., abs announced ahe had met the shows! "h) Sctrtl"* ,Emulsion i* 'I'' MODERN I't LLMAX Earl iPMENTTbnxijb ,

,;\.R Irtf tf BkkUdMD tad W learned of of HI much value in all Cf\.8t''t'Pfscrofula _. - I

-; ;.kfat&. and consumption. More HCUUITiJt'S ONLY LINE

/ 'llbe'erected 'IDtG to des un4ft the-. weight, ttoie, nourish : Hcimtain> Tea Haggett1
Rkai'bot fat more Rocky
:: :'t1od .f a tm' oo ttie tarts Which (Ps eraling roily weepers from JJohonle t: Ne. Otxala.
W tonMrl1 ownL Sun went, that's why. A Its? lUSaas b Buy r.z.IrtIct .
w.ta I.b u4 J"gpt!
-:. ,_1 *;.tM I'tmaIU' pt a maL etld.atkeea
Jf :" IKerat years Wes tontrJ Send for /hv sample. A a oyeya 7e f"C Isswetlo..Lies For fall icfbnuation and sleeper! rn nritwci tail on any .k u.t.Ad: tt, orwrite
::: .!. ': to
i.j'k *....tD4k-ate1. ftoni. Bi Bresrt.sis4B :
tHKr -,"tohmteereJ to colt the myKery.r SCOTT ,& BQWNE,,.CKemcUttMlS f k can. its B.dJ Lass'r.&ta tea. A. 0. MAC DO.VELU p. C. BOY 1>TO>, Jr..
be fans. 1\ entes a let Grants 4sBAJUsrn by
> J>d.I bar pacceedei,- saUfrL I'a- Pearl SMA Nor fart On Owist. >E.daYfsstele AwL General Parerger Agent. Pauentet Ate:t.JACKSOSCILLE .

-after this dtiteiery; "1 b: *tei m. Aitlt.tWltit 69LCDI RUCm FOR SUIT! rTOfll FLA 4
tIi d' a3<....as.co''a r ..
? buW 'them to
,,; il-: ltps J- -,' ,

"" ,..4'rh4


:, '
'" '" ... ", -- .., ,
.' .. ,
& > ,
:"f"" _,_ ,f '''
: :
'_ -
'i ;( '
'Y"1t;' 1f. : <_; ;;: '-," ... >, '.. '
jt tesfjpifflgfeg g''

J "

\. .

Kt'r -

r_ ." v t : THE, :FLORIDA STAR FRIDAY; MAY 12, IKS i 1

'. "$ .. -, --
: : .
;,5s1ITJi1RawaitnBECTOsl: Is Improving his writing II Able tclU JAMES rrCHARaiW4ttt. W.)t.B8011'N,\ (*-Fresldeat.WINSTiON&BLt. .
"' '.-,- N1NO. tskler.
,i? 0 "ill S
.. .
!: : -" & -
.!__ ;. aAoI6"y:
--1 '. '.1' ,,;> .. aU.tW el I'nI&iriDc The tnigratori are flitting slowly ixmh. .
'." =}ipeekteeteltee'*A4. wow', INDIAN RIVER STATE BANKI.COUNTY r
ff ward bet it will not be long before they

-*."".:-:;:-:."iJj ,,..,,,,."' -'.;,t---.r.. will torn their facts to the sonny eoatt

,- ;_ :--d4'? ',{ again. D T.
0'" 0. '

;,..-Y",-' ''' ''i'tfi_. ,''-Li., ,'flfflM.BrUfl; Mr.J. E. Bettler has made the last payment Aathariaod Paw op cpitau.Avtng a piuL. ...._:-...-.-3 f 100,000.00 tt.ooo.oa -

""Ii;; ; -. .' on bit 3>acre tract at Coming,Call tI___,....,.t ooo.oo .
"; S .':'atapspttie- ... fornla, and expects to move his family TRANSACTS A '

IS ; ; Jr.1 a. a'1'. aatgetwat.z. ., thither to the fall. General Banking Business

': The Ladies' Aidjsodety convened with
k Jr'iJ'
{t $ Mrs. C.U. Hibbs on Thursday. Much Largest and Oldest
School close next Rank the RUer.
-. w work was accomplished Mrs. Ilibbt on : ,
Mr.J.-W. Bracer and d&oJbter.Win. served delicious refreshments.Mrs. Exchange Bought and Sold on All _S __
ci tare, of Georgian*, paid a bimnesa trip to Foreign Countries _
." J. J. White returned from her OHl WHAT CARE I t"It's
.fi CMC* oaMonday.Mr. Ptttronate appreciated. Prompt service
visit to Palm Beach on Tuesday, bringing!: polite treatment and ercrj favorconsaUJit _
recovered inconvenience it's true, to bt -
.J. A. Haisten hag so (far. an with conservative banking rrantai.OORBE8FOXDEXT& '
her mother, Mrs. A. P. Bellows, home I'm safe I've sufficient
-i-- j .fromtel: recent ilium M to be able to r*- burned out, but as
with her to spend the summer. insurance to cover any loss that may
-.0' .tarn.to his duties' with 8. F.TravU & CoMr. be had." Empire Trust Company. N. Y. Florida
Mr. A II; Smith has moved his family &ak &Trust IVnipauj.J bot1Yme.na.TITUSVILLE.
and Mrs.'Wm. Hindte. are otJ'to YOUR ORATORhas
into White cottage, Ko. 3 for the sum
I<-pl. meeting of th.undertaker <
Jacksonville to FLORIDA.
; been carrying his insurance with m
mer, or until cottage No. 5 is completed ,
= /* ociauon. They retort for years and tni is his first fire. He .
which he has rented -- -- --- "
for by --
t fiitorday. occupancy realized that the first fire might come,
the year. and so it did. PENNEY
with & B RAN NI NG
Mr. E C.Johnson U keeping up
Mr. E. E- Ranck took a busin -pleu. What happened to him may happen to ,
? the procession and the spirit of the times von. He's safe: and will promptly be paid
by potting op a fine residence for his in are trip to Jacksonville last week, arcom- for his low. How is it with \"l1U1 Better
panyini; his friend, Mr. G. Alexander, let ns look after your insurance and do itno"
rt6ting family.
that far on Isis trip to Uhio. Mr. Ranck .. -
Mr. Fred Fisher is recovering from his returned on Monday.Mr. MORGAN A WALTON,
recent mishap. He has nursed a sore fan
a and Mrs. Miller and son arrived on T1U8ULLE FLORIDA.Z'Hf7 Fashionable ClothiersGents'
and suffered much pain.. U is lucky the
Tuesday from Providence, R. I., to takepneeesaion
; .: aacident was no worse.
r- of their newly acquired: property -
the colored man, Joe one'otbis
Clayton the Rixkledje florist property, purchased
children with pneamooia this week from A. L Hatch. y and Furnishers

r' and three other member of his family J
Mr, and Mrs. J. E., Carpenter and Mr.
.sre ill with the same disease. ST.Rr.R8IEH, RUNS STEADIER, S .
and Mrs. Frank Anway who lave been
Mr. and Mrs. J. A. Hoke are now orupyir.jt occupying partof the Garvey collage GIVES GREATER EFFICIENCY The (!Ut't'U quality Shoe for ladles Is them

r < those pleasant: rooms over the and uses LESS GASOLINE per horsepower t stj'llfth and durable in the world. In
: i4 the past winter, left for their home at Republic made.
than other engine
Trafford Bakery. Mr. Hoke is in charge Ohio, on Wednesday. | We continually any demonstrate this. addition we keep the fatuous Edwin flapp and ':

of the express business in Cocoa now. Commercial sizes 8 to 300 horse power.Special Crossett Shoes All high claw good! to be .:
Mrs. 8. B. Parsons and E. B. Parsons
and Mrs. Fred Aldrich and son, Light High Speed sites from
Mr. _
{ Wra ..'Lippt ot Cocoa, and Mrs. Willi. and her mother, Mrs. R. K. Breck, 201<> 250 horse i/01Ier. ,_S__ found here. Manhattan Shirts K. & W. Collars I. ,,<-

o. left last Friday for the north. They -: __ Stetson and Knox Hats.
-fir ; ford and son, of KockMge, are enjoying Benj. W. Jerome,
stopped in Daytona a few days and sailed .
Beach. ---- --
set outing of ten days at Cocoa STATE AQEST,
from Jacksonville on the 10th for New
,i Mr. 8. Childs is getting material on the York. WEST PALM BEACH FLORIDA.Also Anything and emjttiiDg else that

yi ; ground for the new brick building on hit }[rL W. J. Roeeiter entertained a few State Agent for
l.H next east of the town hall. It will be men wear you can buy bear
ladies on Thursday of last week Mrs. HEW LORD 01 MOTOR COMPiHT'STWOCYCLE .
the it is reported.
S occupied by postoffice R. K. BrKk, Mrs. S. B. Parsons, Mrs.R. MOTORS,
the of conversation F. Hatch and Mrs. E. J. Wilson .
*if- exam. are topic were 3 to 12 h. p. jump spark, up to date. .

among the papils at school; butt present. Cards were the amusement and ---- .,- ..- .-.-.----... -
when the sessions are over then U ii to light| refreshments! were.served. spots of Eau Gallie. Mr, I.. W. Huffman SAN MATEO CIGARSHave

practice the cantata of "The Flowers' Mr. and Mrs. A. L. Hatch are moving: has it in charge.

{ that all minde are turned. theft household effect to Christmas, Made a
Mrs. C.J. Young gave a party to the
Willard street is the scene of activity where they will make their home in the
young people Saturday. A jolly time was Reputation ;
with work progressing on the two new future. They will take a trip up through
spent by the youngsters.Alex of Own. ;
tiaildiogs and the busy pupils about the Georgia and will visit their old home and

rl 'isehool and town hall, and with the arrival friend at New Orleans, before they set Near, of artesian! well fame, i if The success of the San Mateo Cigar s

of the mails at the postoffice thrice a tie in their new home. boring well for the I. R & I* W. F. & is one of the greatest triumphs E

.illy, keeps the street lively. Mr. Lockbart, who lives in that live I. Go's- ice factory at this place. of the East Coast since the freeze. ;4:

?4 Mr. and Mrs. A. 0. Lapham have the summer resort, Frankfort, Mich., says C. C. Pingrey, of Delevan, X. Y., and )Mad fmiu 'litl1oi| icBt: grow Ih" or tubamj that the peiuntmU' nl rk>ri
} I Ij t sympathy of the entire community in they that some of the tourists tell some awful this place, is putting up a new cottage on hltlnJ ...rl'lc.ill prtxlitcv, and urapiitnl' with the rich, Silky U-af gmviit' Oil Feat 1 i
The little street. J. Gotch has the contract. Covet plantations, the cigar iixlnMrvof the) world has never |'r lncnf a b lt'r..t irle.
IMI of their little baby boy. big yarns about fishing in Florida waters, Young
hotels club and the Union News
For sale by all the Ira-ling and by Cwopany J f
'babe was ill about a week with dyamkry especially the Indian river, so while here School No. 5 will close shortly after a on every train entering Florida.

5 I when its little spirit took its flight on he wanted to try his hand at rod and reel most sncressful term. More room U nwewary .
Sizes and Grades to select from.
Thursday of last wetk. It was laid away One morning recently Mr. White riggedup for the accommodation of the pupils Twenty Styles 1

't 'ia Cocoa cemetery on Friday. "Suffer his host and fixed his lines, etc., and ,of whom a material increase in numbers Manufactured by S. W. ROWLEY, San Mateo, Fla.Alabastine j

1 little children: to come onto me and for- rowed him out to the beacon to let him is expected at the eningof the -_-- --- --_____ _. f

Lid them not" is the command of the woo the finny tribes. Tbe wind was lash next term.

Saviour. ing the water into waves, but they went Your Walls [

The report that Mr. Barnes Sanders, of fishing. They were not there long before Cared Lib Mother otlUIC'UlllaU..n. t'

ndisnola, is very low with! typhoid feverS securing several good' size.I channel bass "Mother has been a sufferer for manv

r ; and that there*re slim chances for his and then something took Mr. Lockhart'e hiowardofliusbandPa." says W. if. ALABASTINE prmliKya exquisitely l beautiful ttinl nn walls and

has sobered the young people of book that made him attend strictly to ".", timesMie viliiii Ea..v \I) applv, simply mix with mid water Bstlar tiaJ llllimlfls i
was unable to move at all, while at all Paint Wall ft is not Kalw.rnine.!
or Paptr. a it u a Military
and for counted him business. He had just lost a big fob by
Cocoa vicinity, they times walking was painful. I presentedher : l .
(frmanent, ivinent cnaling, which hanlriu on the *IU, dectroyingdiHa ,
S 44 one among them. It is earnestly hoped drawing in too rapidly, so he thought he with a bottle of Chamberlain's Pain ... germs andyerrninnever rubbing almg. Kalntntnaalzid

4 .# that be may yet recover, as a patient an would "play" this one and he didandthe Balm and after a few applications she decided with hot or rill l Hater stum rub and scale off, 'j..iliirf wall, ilotlur.g t
S fish too-he it was the most wonderful pain reliever and furniture TheyCOAST contain glue, which d ecds and uounsl tesSUPPLY the
e t get '''f11o" with typhoid and yet with a played tugged away for -
she ever tried in fact, she is nt''f'ri of deadly disease. For sale! by fi
a k strong constitution poll through, so therej an hour, but could not get it close enoughto i without it now and is at all time able to germ

much hope expressed. we what he had on his hook. lie said : nli.n oc\iouat.ppIicati n of Pain EAST LUMBER & CO., i

school entertainment to "it must be a shark," and finally turned Balm keeps away the pain that she was ,
The promises formerly troubled with." For sale by lHaersin Lutn"" and BuiMen' Mitrrtal.J. i
the pole over to Mr. White and he tugged
interesting this A !
ta unusually year. Red Cross Pharmacy.J. I
'or' another hour. Finally they rowed toward
huge class graduates from the high school.
Aside from the cantata the primary department the island !shore into shallow water H. Beckerman, who represents Wm Ii

will give The Sleeping Beauty, and Mr. White got out into the water to Hartman, of St. Louis, in the Florida sections JOHN R. WALKER & CO.,

aod everyone knows how delightfully the pull U ashore. \"benOtI.t'J into shallow: has been getting some very fine tomatoes 1.

X'p little tots carry their |JrU. The exercises water they saw they bad a giant sting for his house. lie shipped a car, Titusville, Fla., :

will b be held in the opera bouse. The ray. They fastened a book onto another recently, which netted the growers fl,-').;!'

new scenery of the moodand garden will pole and hooked it the second time and or about J2.75 a crate.

t help materially a ith the scenic effect of )got it ashore and killed it, then brought S DRY GOODS f

thte play and the cantata. it home. It tnrapured six feet from tip

of nose to end of tail and three feet two ,
--- i
t inches from tip to tip acros*. They .
Cleans your item of all impurities: guess.td

<. lollistrr's a Rocky Mountain Tt-a. It will now ready to Mieve all Florida fish ;yers

f 4Jr keep l&bM.you well all suiuoier. 3-) cents its pt rla He carried the sting, which i ,

i .- measured nearlyeven inches, and the -
j CKtXlGK. picture of the monster home with him Your pr GENTS' FURNISHINGS
1 doctor: will tell! you that
I. s I. to prove his etory.
Fine slioveron Wednesday morniog. thin, pale, weak, nervous children li

Very refreshing. become strong and well
S Sick headache refills from a disordered I
e Mrs l\V, Satta and baby have return stomach and is quickly cured by Ch mbf by faking Ayer's Sarsapartlla. SHOES

.I F .vr Tabi*. For Small doses, for a few days.Sarsaparilla. ,

are bring distributed alon the sale by Red Crow Pharmacy.KAt !

. t lich n1 tor the tlep one enterprise.Mr. MILLINERY
.*. and )1 ,. .\. D. Kald.in left on
. Summer weather and toOWtot
L Friday for their borne in New Haven, (\. The change is very prompt ,

The pupil from Rookledg are heartily H. L Jordan is stUmg out sweet 1"j jUtoes > and very marked. Ask your '

,- glad that the Kbool term i la drawing to a this tfk. doctor why it is. He has our .FURNITURE.

i I 1.: doer G. F. Paddiacn ha omptrini an addition formula and will explain. :

I u his bnathoQM. 'Ow,.. 11 ?*3I .M fm..*. _t ..
Mr. D. R. Covert is painting the White el.ttwal"t I eed: ".r.te.n..er lit.t ".end
... .. ", ... -- ---- ..
Mrs. Carter, of Mdbocrne, was in lice: Iht.I. e yes 41.' ". perula tom -
.uttag *. They wilt be white in color as a ,... ..to ..* tF
Bailie I calling! on friends. .u L 1It"C""n.& T-teetd rgt J
t veil as in nam We
.. want
Mr. Ceo AWxaudrr l.-s rrtarrtd tot CapC McXab, of Craig Appin, it bUild. .1.'."....s.tw....,..t. for 'I'.."y.w... your patronage. ,f S
log a new brick cistern. Our aim is to please YOU.
iy hU home in OhIO. He expect to rttsra

to KoclWjr* in the fall Tbos. SumU-r is now tipping cakes The Children New, Up-to-Date Goods In j

Mr$. C W. WUlifbrd and soa Wi !tarsi and spraying Walden grove every

,< joined a party of Coooaitrt in a trip to the Capt, Bennett u renewing the onder .111o **..constJp.tlon prevent re.eoyery. Line. I
: Cur these with Ayers Pills
t.".tch. They ill return on Monday.: pinning of hit Urge boaihoa Mail orders receive

Mr. and Mrs. O. Carrier and the latter's Mr. H. H Git*. a was under the prompt and f 'l"!

:t Lister, Mrs. Brown, left on Thnn.h! of leather, bat is aboot gain u usual.Tbe careful attention.

-i Iw week fair their tome in\uart, N. J. F. F. 4 P. (\). has a couple of .
Mee a o.p ar s Trarte ( Cwa
3 ,, .5 Mss Wakefield. who u ill with ttnr'J,!soochcton Uudgw>n's ways this we k. Lta snno r. a. JOHN R. WALKER! & CO Titosville! Fla. : .

..dtftd s light relapse lat trek, : S.Udmao Las one of the garden ,

4 -t .

55 L.
"',' .'!: ",,,'---.g' ," -'.i ._,.. --- '"' .. ... '. w.;t. _..... ... j
-- --. -- : .- _-Ap.

The Florida star
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Title: The Florida star
Uniform Title: Florida star (Titusville, Fla.)
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Physical Description: Newspaper
Language: English
Publisher: S.W. Harmon
Place of Publication: Titusville Fla
Creation Date: May 12, 1905
Frequency: weekly
Subjects / Keywords: Newspapers -- Titusville (Fla.)   ( lcsh )
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Newspapers -- Brevard County (Fla.)   ( lcsh )
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newspaper   ( sobekcm )
Spatial Coverage: United States -- Florida -- Brevard -- Titusville
Coordinates: 28.591111 x -80.82 ( Place of Publication )
Dates or Sequential Designation: Began in 1880; ceased in 1917?
General Note: Publisher: P.E. Wager, 1880-<1882>.
General Note: Published at: Cocoa, Fla., Nov. 1, 1912-<June 5, 1914>.
General Note: Description based on: Vol. 1, no. 23 (Sept. 29, 1880).
Funding: Funded by NEH in support of the National Digital Newspaper Project (NDNP), NEH Award Number: PJ-50006-05
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4 !-+. 'xt: fs

sj $

<, 'ryr
i r'x

STA1 r-, .

I <', '

.. -c

\ -',; : ;' .


," Not fo:!' Oqtfselfes, Slo q e, B: qt fo* the G cod of, Others Also. ,,' "

iI!.' :


pL VOL. XXVI. TITUSVILLE,. FLAB, FRIDAY, MAY 12, 1905. x'0. =1. w

'r2 -- -. -. ._ _. -.. -- ,- --- .. .._-- -_. --,--- --- -. -.- --. ---.-. ..
r ,

ii; liP IIlIll.IIS SI.lUClf Bill Pissm IBf 1101181 C CDRR1t0Ci [iCON1C.S SPECIAL MO>DAT SALE, MAT AT UTH KLINE'S.1905. m OF i flGf llU GOSSIP.I

': r 1MIMe'et later*** But AnMr. Da". ".... Tto Y.t. O* n.a PMU.. I* that SodsA.a17 Brl" x..u.. el U. Qdae 0. 1. Persian, la.r. fine sheer quality, 32 C.r....' z.'a .t it.. P....... 'W.. .
inches wide, worth 30 cent a yard for t
1&t- Wud ,.... t. te.Its sad .0..' TIt..U.. 19 cents only. rtry4 Ja Dr"'. 1

t-. .Al Carter and nephew, Master the boon on Wednesday morning Vise Clan Sanders of Cocoa, arrived India lawn, the quality you always pay Mr. Go. M. Brown of Melbourne, wa* _

,c Mauoo,'of 'Georfiana, were in town be bill creating the new county of St. Vednesdiy and is visiting with relatives 2.0 cents for by the yard, only 15 cents in town Wedn* ta,. *l

;s".. '1, Monday.Extortion. Lode from a portion of Brevard county in town for a f.>w day*. 3 2 inches wide. Mr. H. B Mace expect to learn Suns

$!; to the beach. Party' of Un i' was passed by a vote of 47 to 10. It U Mr. John Warier left yt terday for In- Figured, worth tatbte:0 cents, in light Monday'or dark specialScents. designs day for New York to spend the summer

.6. .." lest; '13.00. Communicate with C. F. TOW stated at ,the capital as practically dianola 00 account of' the serious illnessof months tMr.

'-- ."',::t .Fteber.. certain that the bill wilt pass the senate Mr. Barnes Sanders, of that place. Figured lawns, suitable for house .. M. F. Goldsmith and little son, of
r Mr. W. E. Goldsmith Fort Pierce, without opposition.In I The stork visited the! residence: cl Mr. li-ewes, in endless variety of designs, Fort Fierce, spent a abort while here hut k

f U spending a few day in town. A little and Mrs G. M, Dykes Wednesday of last Monday's special 6l't'ntu yard week with. h'1atin't. returning home Sat
the house tie committeeon '
on Tuesday
hit borne. week and left fine of any lace insertion, in handsome de- urday.
girl arrived yeaterday to grace a young! lady very
:fr.-t 8aberiee fabetitjte for
reported a signs, 5 inrhea side, worth 25 cent per
it,: It to reported that the Cocoa an I Ella house WI No. 192, by Mr. Oiou! ad, abill tender age yard, Monday only 12J rents. Mr. Clark Brannlnf think a great dta'

,:-)? 'Gallic baseball teams will play at Esc to be entitled ao act to re pest! section Mr. and Mrs S. B. Rathbon and Boys' blouse suit; handsomely tail. of the cow that he rt't'l'ntly11,1 from s

i&, Gallie tomorrow afternoon.lion. 3 of chapter 6289, laws of Florida, the laughter, Miss Grace, expect to leave the ortd made of a good qualitY' of madras North Carolina She gives 13 quails of

n .: Wade }f. Jones arrived home same being an act entitled an act to regulate alter part of next week for Harumondsrt pedal $1.29 per suit, eixea ranging from milk per day.

N. Y., their summer home 2! to 7.Ladies'. IVrlrct an a beverage medicine U I.
'jj!k Monday afternoon from Tallals, Mop- the catching of fish in the St. Lade i or

: fir' pint off** Pei and on the way. riverm the conntteiof Brevard and Dade, McFadden's shell boa't, at Daytona, hat latest style white bluchers linen oxfords with ,three made'lnhe large W. Harper Whikey-the kind your t t ,
2 pine land. state of Florida to define the limit in closed for the! summer teaoon. Mr. Me- grandfather nswl. Sold: by R. I* Motlow
Giro Hock CroWD on high eyelet wide silk laces, usual price (2.50: ,
'Indian'River Nanerkett&bli.ebtd 1886, which fishing shall be prohibited on the .'addeo.m run a curio store at Tybee Monday's special ....3. and F. A. L..lt'1. I

fiend for catalogue Toledo and West St. Lode inlet by landmarks, and to provide Beach this rammer and will return: to lilies' gauze nnderve, withetlk tapein Mr. G. R I'ritchett U baring a !barn

., Palm. Beach a penalty for the violation thereof Daytona[ In September.We neck and armholes, Monday' gjiecia! erected on tine lot he purchased hut week 4

.511'i' -. Mr. Alva O'Neal left on the afternoon which was read and- referred to he. committee call attention to the display ad. of 121 cents each.Nottingham. from the Bobbins A. Graham company on

thence on engrossed bills. the Alpine Cottage this week on page 4. lace curtains, handsome Washington &\'t'nue.Call .
train last Saturday for Atlanta,
'il designs threw
yards Ionic regular price I
x: from there goes to Kew Orleans where The telegram received here Thursdayof This cottage opens next Toerday, the 12: 50 per pair Monday's price only fl.:9'1 at TitimilUs Livery, at war ofRobbin.
16th under the of Mrs.Myers '
management law office for
stylish rigs ,
bit brother live I Checked and ttriped natnanoks, very ,
last week from Tallahaseee regardingthe who willbe pleased to receive the' for children's dres worth 20 Leave your orders fur hauling, both double Pi
Mr. andMr B. R. Ricoa of Jensen pretty **, :
deposition of the St. Lode coon'ybin
the northbound trainfIt patronage of the traveling public. First cents for 12j. and single.! J. M. Oeban, proprietor f31r.
,were passenger on in senate committee was unintentionally dIM board by the day or week Again have received
fir.. we by eipret
Wednesday .on their way to Georgia to made a little misleading. The billwe and Mr*. D. A. Blodjjvtt and children
entirely Iota of white Persian lawn
A. t:. Hill, of Sanford has just completed new
spend the summer. are informed was reported "..it.lOO& a four-inch artesian well for L. W. shirtwaists, with three rows of eyelet in of Dayton*, have pine to rand ,e

?j.. The pnblic school clones today>r the recommendation," instead of being "un servon front and hack solid mesa of I iidtidl., for the IUPimtr. They
Tilden his truck farm Lake
on at Apopka.
;.: summer vacation. The cloning exercise favorably reported," as published At. tuck, latest .Wve, 6 inch cad'with tucks will stop week Atlanta t.-(0 rt' going
hu flow of hoar.
a 12,000 gallons
will be very interesting and DO doubt as torneyi bold that a report without recommendation and one row' of insertion tmitons in l.ack. home. I

it, .. of the patron a* can will lend their is an unfavorable report in itself Anyone contemplating putting down a worth $3 50, pial $2 49. If*, theVttledaughter of :Mr. and Mr,.

}[- many this suspicious occasion. ; however, we prefer to make the correction well cannot do better than have them do Men' night shirts, good quality or F. A. Loriey, who baa been so ill with, s i

presence on and let the reader draw his it. Tha,'. wha\ everyone says that they lon dale, full length worth $1.00, special fever for the part two weeks ttturoenred
&-: Mra C. J. J fcnham left Tuesday for a own do work for.FINE. 00 rents, sizes! 11 to 17.Men's improving Tuesday and is .
slowly ronvaleadnjr.
conclusion from the fact .
of about months with friends, *
'J'L' tl it two French balbriggan undershirts .

;, her former borne, in Aogurta, Ga. Mr. air MBTXE SHOES. worth 75 cent, special 50 cents.
Denham expect* to follow in about a FURNITURE DRY GOODS, SHOES. Go to Penney A Branning'a when in Boys' balhrito undershirts and full Conductor I'utten, who has the run on

month to take his regular summer ncaW' Globe-Wernicke elastic book cases in sec. need of shoes. They have the finest length or knee drawers, worth 75 cent a the Sanford branch for this summer
1 ,. suit, Monday's price 50 centa.I UlOInw the Taylor cottage, on the
.. circa tiona, several slyiei.Mennen'sTaIeum shoes and the largest awortment that bas I
:: : I )Irn'. Horn hem stitched handkerchiefs river bank
Saturday. Thf'11'1IJt'tt: to
J 3' Ctpt. 8. A. Bravo, of Miami representing ever been shown in Titunille.Ladies' .
% Powder lOc. worth 15 cents each Monday'sspecial r residents Tiluiviile until about }
the Florida East Coast railway exten shots from the f 1 00 house shoe StpUlk
{ Blossom Perfume 3 for 25
'- Crabapple fiOc. per os. reuU. '
1...'J.: don ... m Mobile last week to seen! Chaa. A. Gardner Titosv ille, Florida to the finest Queen Quality $.100 ghoe. Mail orders promptly filled on any oC jOwing

dredges and other necewarie for the con- a Infant's and children's short fro** W the above goods. to dibtec1armatore at the elec

Unction of the line so say a new item CHUBCH NOTEa cents upwardD.Men's Jium Ku.Nt. trie light Nation the lighU have ben 'i
f 4 In the Jacksonville Metropolis. Special service are being held at the shews from the f 1.50 work sloe TUunillt', Fla. rather par for a few days tU pint w,,,L.
I The circuit Ian .
-- *turd and
-1-;. Trafford l Methodist church Titusvilt to the finest that money can buy-Edwin
.t. Mr. A. II. TraHord of the every nigh COUNTY COURT. not time
WM strong enough to turn on
Ti. this week and will continue CUpp at $5 00 and {<).50.
has first visit to over Sunday
{ Bakery, Cocoa, paid. The regular May term of county court Street light at all.
having complete Hock size
the both any you
tosviUe in several yesterday and pastor preaching morning and '
I year lave it. was held on Monday, Tuesday and Wed Owing to illnt'flln hit family Su trintetidcnt ,
knew the it lied improved night on Sunday. There will probably may want we | I
aid he hardly place I
of this week with A. D.
Judge Walker
Mail orders filled. could not attend the
be service :
K so much rimes be was here last no Saturday night New songbooks : ,
have been PE scy& la\\\iv, Penney pnvidin; I>. L Gaulden, }j.q. ntt' -tintiof Khool iurrintrndrnt! this
Mra Trafford and Master Roy were visiton procured and all are incited f
to be the The Clothiers and Furnishers, promiitin attorney for the Mate. The week in T.JI.taa! *. We notice Master ,
in Titusville last Saturday afternoon. present at services and to
take pAn in the singing. Them will be Titunville, Fl*. following Ca** weir ilij>iwd of: Charlie I is up and about again and Ma,.ttrOwrtre e

if.' CapL M. E. English who ha been in preaching at Mimi Sunday afternoon -.----- --- Dan Salter; was acqiittr on the chargeof improvine i rapidly.

:&" the employ of the extract factory at Miami \ 3:30o'clock. by the pastor Rev. W. F. TITUSVILLE 11, tAU OALLIE 8. vhootinn at Frank Young without intent The property in Miami on Fotulivntiistrict "

h-.r.-: since tart December was calling upon Allen. An interrstinggameof ball wan the con to kill. next to the Hin*>n house, on Lich

.' bit old time friends in Titnsville the first Third Sunday after Easter, May 14th. test last Saturday afternoon between the The fIIo.'injl named peraonirve
of the week and spending Sunday and1foadaylD St. Andrews church, Fort Pierce, morning Fan Gallie! and Titu vill.> tfxinsatthi/! jjron.R; Rice Gw. W. Uuple, I>. F. been purchamol by R. \V. Rhodes who i
Mr. A. N. Mdd, who Bme, J. J. Findley. S. 1lrard 4ry. L A. '
town. prayer at 11 a, m. M. Paula church, Tib- place. The 1laJut on the two fidt"8.rre U making improvements 1n.paratQf1 tumovir.g h

ha been with the Miami company since bale Eden holy communion with sermon pretty evenly matched. At the lat Eau: Lyman, W"I..II Jones, J. M. Hban, A. into his new purchaiw. ,, t
started bu north. Brady J. I.. Mohiey( F. B Wright J. T. .
np gone Gallie male 4 In the tint <
at 10:30 a. m. All Saints (church Wave- runs innirgto Mr. U.V, Jerome, of Wes Palm A

U i* with pleasure that we announce I land.Jensen, evening prayer and sermon the home nine's none at all, and for )Ic( niftt. IVtli, ha. taken the taU agency for
Geo. :--too.110 charged with!
e that Mr. W. Ernert Vanlandinghara graduate at :::n p. m.. Stuart, evening prayer and awhile it lucked a* though the visitors New I/iinlon (Ct ) Motor Go's, tHrycliss 3) #

',!, from Baltimore Medical college this sermon at 7:30 p. m. and holy communion had "something doin'. In the 4th inning committing an a, ravauNl 1 aMuia't, wa >>Iine motor made from 3 to 1:, b. p.,

i week and will henceforth full fledged Monday Ut 7:30 a m. On Friday May however, Titusville "got a movin" discharged, the prosecuting attorney no jump spark, anti rigl.l-upw date. Mr.
pn>tlllt'tt! the caw. t ;. A. Fnt lefen< (' .i.Ttecaieof .
; )(. D. Dr. and )Vanlandiiigham expert 19, at St. Andrews, Fort herw, holy and piled up 5 runs, potting them 2 to Jrronealwr! holds rtt* sgency f r the T**
W. P, l *vi chargvj with>
'. to leave for Florida a few day after communion at 9 a. m. the xodKan Gallie made a crore in no.l..t lljufaroock motor, see ad. ou sj
the-iih, another" in the 5th and two in .trading! timt 'r. ,1)ntmueel from U" term
t.? the commencement exerci l'l8are over, j I.aee a. .
too OR UATCHIMU. the them in all. ofcnort, ww ft for Inn tt'ehe4iy
: of 7th giving S Titusii:!
: which were started in the Ailemy The br.ly of }(,.. H It :"pratt, tor. cf "'
At the f the
Single comb white : in the :2nd 5 the morning repast r> prwiiivini -
Music in that city yesterday afternoon leghorns are the| got in 4th 1 in the
M" Wet Palm! Beach was found in s '
Valedictorian his excellencyEdwin bnd that rill the egg Usket. We are 5th, I in the 6th and 2 in the t+th. ; attorney. the trial wa omtmu..J l tillS
May 11th. .eking fgt for hashing from our beet The line as r.>lklu : p. m. \\ ...it .l4y, to enable. the state to ;I fresh water lake at the writ, n]{* (>{ 1
of uI'U :
1.o Warfield. governor Maryland. Ina u $1 00 per 15.Waoutssa. I 1M nolhrr Wilm-ss. TIlt! ,_ M then town To Jay of last week It i" >cj>. '

;:-j. The ladieaof the Culture club were PutLTBT YRf.. rLir GAii.it Tm M LI K I nol pnw*. l anti debrniint dUll harg"' L F. 1".1 that ere iciJl.-l. :M.e WM 52f'f rhear.

:_ chamlngly entertained by Mr( *. harry .-rhupre- oiL I'lw, a. William, p. I ij. Webb defends d harm,. : Sire and in l'.Vl n xnl to hock.I .

M. Clair 1. f. Morrow s. i h de from Texas afterward for
Wilton at her home on Palm street Tuesday A TOKEN OF ESTEEM.In e. ---- -- -- living tnjrarn

'. af rnoon. Tl !)} gratitude to the Hon. Robert t:
.bicb..cl\ lady was reqnwtedto bring \ifboJ: rm, e. R.rrs. I b. I:. A. IVbhitt left It.-t week 1)ra I heath in 1WB er
J : Mims for his faith'ul wrvice rendered to ; .. .
: and to her next neighbor crusted a.a.litk,3b. PrJHcrr, 3 b. few wk nt with frifit pass on the of education
rau the i
e teacher and
much fan and merriment and the v\era< harper, 1 b. I AnIe tt. r. f.3frCiinton in TUu.nH!.- arid (nena.: 5 ..
J' : : others of Brvvard county interested in education i Carr I AfurAlail1st -r ll! ..ff.r 10 good '
atoriea fans, charades, He., some of and sucitl pm rnw. hate putt p. I. L Mr. A. N. Nolle went to TiuaviUeWe : mulch Oi," f .r sa1e! all f.tl .IDn' JIB. t.

f', which were original contributed by theft scribed a \ Chnstian. c. L J. hr-Il1n. :2 b. K: \\'. .
much enjoyed.There i \v..r.n. fJrUltflf, Its
> different member, were apprtvuioo of hit services rrndrmi.IVIievtog j weddirg hill *ter, Mit" n ra. .

tr{: ': wa a goodly number in aiUodaocenotwitbttandinit I that Mr. Mims tuu much the! Pro E V. IColhn umpired the amein't }f....r., Urrt'rt the rain and threatening rily to br.th Md-*. i' k
f., ;; of I and J. N. Mo-Wy in Titavil last
feeling Wordsworth that- were If you want r-fl>r.t 11 akt! brltk work
i ," thunder cloud. l lone rfrrhntenuwere t NichoVoo received an a. iul crack of Friday attrnditig iiI mM* liu.;rnM -*+. or rtrnaK.r watie: I&\lt, M \ -\dt.un, '
: served and general jn><>d time WU -nmuna, cork; re.\ a 1tOf!.!. the bail orr the back of hie head w hale! at ? t d** wort. rra m&hlt' ..ha'Il'W.
": were I Arid bu >k. w. h. .. t !>*<*" Mary Putnam and Cr..rlotbBradey -
all > the bat *&<) try tees U dodge one of W,.. Oricrt cn be :Xt A: Tut >troK ,olfiu. .
< enjoyed by present.tN Are a at>>Uotil# worU ; and Mti" r,. HdMtnjPctnicoaiKi
!I h.tk and hamt i in ,htv>U, rorkiiv it wi "r'ancini
,''r: orCItrOR SALE. .MIatd tlw-par with(-tendrils JtMI& bias.The. Frank Mott,.o>*ry; ,.f )ak Hiii. acre 'Ai.r. CIICAP.nn t'A-U. ; ,

aa't.i i .b Sftth and dint prrnt at the taste at Mr J J.... T.,lor'. .\t.lt + a'rrt of i'.d 1.111 land OD
white hap for quick battery work on both stirs .
EUbt pure ; a.nal1 .
.. the east or J&n side of the Ird.i4
tlw. tiKtHt, :; oar nsdime. and oar kappiaeaa .m grew. the This r*Jay. nice .
gored tort otirc.ab .
errors at the Nitrous, dt nUd UC"UOU. fat
Sbidoh, Florida. I It..at decided to procure an addition i bract in the bv'* ash in the itrhlr.g. It w i? a > !iy tnn oJ that pilhtr J I: No 3, rttjon :%, ai lu lot No. 3, rw4tirn 1r '

y t to Lit library ani the following book the house cf Mr aW Mrt JIUK* A. Tay. vJt :n t'lvnibip Jl eurtb, range 39 tad. .

DKXTAL >OTICH- have bred pnwoted to him: I KKr TOkr. LIME. lot Thursday ev.-ntrtot lAt wit L }flU\c The, land ii uniin|>rjtf ha the IVr.k lOOI.'no-t for hntherpsnknlants4lre.mR: !
at Dr.the Houghton Indian K w hotel dxk and WI ill A srt off orl.i'. Beet Poetry, in Unvolam Just r.-.ir..J an.r1.o\&ol tbeeetehated WM form.L0 t, Mrivd henry TlllOlJfi-JD, : M. 1Ai.,

'j ; remain for two wwk. N. B. **;a ft*of Ettiot's Complete Work, 1 KEY'Ti'NE lUn hit weight 'rsIb **.i by }(r. J W Of *.. 'n.J athourhj Br? j t*> the bused, hCJ..c aCI.yfli., ha .
; pare e. j ii asitrv warn d1lJ(18U keel upantsh ---- -
to seven roJna>e Ueroea of the Nation '
; Kiyr co a T Lt xsoc 4 "i mi Co., tt.t- "11"m bocr.t.lOtt": )

N. I.U.E. j jin three Tolaml: Bi ourk, Sa.polran t I r ia .,iiii. FSorviaTKACHEKft were pr* tl and 1''i! n pf.rt a very pA-s" tget 11
T' th* TltOtVil! lttirksmtth
and flat bottomed shop tot
FUt bottomed fih boat a Soothera Side UghU. Japan, by act an /n'ly fd" liiae '
work den. The
d Ol\t..r. Will four onty Uindut..l .
1ft uo
; rowboat- t aalstl\aTtlt..
Sut ---' -
Hun -
.iian of the 0.1I : -- bl&cUCii
ratTntSTaxoWa. j in Viol Ail 'H..t t
be sold cheapj + 1 The retaUr? Jsaeexamttatttcuf NOTICE TO THE ft'KUC f IJ"l.rU11rrd
and !
Regime Highways sad By wars c4 teach urn prmptly! IItld.o.J to.HVksouth "
T;; ', I the SoiUh er for Brevard county chi be h#kl tote J !.atf- olered a If"'t'ry store a.1a'W) Won t
i public *cbot,t txuldiEir at TiHurilic, XDmerciEit a rrttaan&t act t.uiLrdll1l hoc a in th* Ht'to1ln1..) ttnntrg f'-cmbtrl. and 1

; Don't forget 1 do ail kinds of blcktmitb roB &ALK. TwsUy. June I"tb. I'.i6ai9a.m. ,Nrnn jxnMr of n.ral rrssinirg; : 3ne at U.., Titu+td4s t
and wagon' work, bone *ht> in'I I' laIn Street as4 Wvticji:>ri avenue and Shop- Gmr one. Coe.. a9. tarA
and au repadrint. Call and rev =*. (Yssvva t-.l. fc 50 per 1.<00 ftE. JOBS R. \\ ..u.nCoGCly spirit the pMrx**** of 11* grin .bat k ,J.-J re :,fit lr.O. I ,
J. D. Enlla Titusv j e, }la. W. aruovc, Oraood FU. &peric dent I ME*. M. I..Pasa. k.fe B. i riut. ,


..; .

6ru .
** -
.,. ,. f.
gA- .. # ". '- '
=. 't",, ,,- RI6

r JP r sjvosiJSase
253 & > Ttt?!? icS "*" ?S'y*-

?> --& SSiVJE' -


:- -As

Ar iVvT


__ _. .
.>_::: <::;1> u ----
,:t J.;, '.;?';> $ -" .
xS'-- Y ernor of the port win be the principal n. aa.K.. :

_ ; y. -/ _.:,.IF., rWIPflNES.Itiw personage In .the pageant of honor. At eno-- growled Mr;.Kadley. -Wbn>t
Si _. -" Nagasaki the In''command of do fou.meau'br waking'me out'of a
: .- }:
f: J :. .
< S -S
&lR "... """ # the Army division wtfl"order a drill for sound aieepr a
Rooterelft Trip 'WithSecretary Judge Taft and the ladles ''Becaoae,"'replied his wife It was, S. S
inch a distressing sound."-Baltimore
Two poInta of Chinese territory will i
:':-.,L: '''''' ..- TaWs- Party.JULLUIT be touched Shanghai and Hongkong.. Herald.
"..'.. -4'V'. .
,- t -
,.. "8<,,. -
". """ = -..g.t" At the first.named the Tlceroy baa or
: "ITbaakth. Ler z den to the freedom of the
.t.r.Zj4.4 :: present city
.;r-". '-#'::<"'7.' ITTB8 AT KAHLi.He to the illustrious 'travelers and to entertain Cried Hannah Plant,Af Little Koek, tt

", ,;. cured fearful
Salve. It
f- :'. '- '. ., .I.... sw He...... WIU BK ,. time win permit At Hongkong sorts, which nothing mfr etse would heal

.'t <..: .>. ?:f &,,',,': '', Yiaitatf Sa, *.t*-A J..r er, !.(. 'which la an English possession. Miss and from which I had suffered for fiveyean. .t I
""" m" ,. Iateef.r" Roosevelt and tbe bulk will be the ." It is a marvelous healer for en u i-i
: ; the .f U. rkttly.l.M t.
.. .guests of Sir Matthew Nathan who born and wounds Guaranteed at heft!
' lb. U.n. .f tt last*te. amt -
.'. .".,.W' governs In King Edward's name and Cross Pharmacy, 5e. Cuts
..... .. ..... .
"' ;,;ri" ."";""ri" Ie a. ,u much feasting and sightseeing ascan A Sure Curer
";": ti <(;:t"; be crowded into less than six P1atr ...*. Bunions,

;;; t fJtlJ.: :;., took Probably such oo a tripu other young that woman which 111 ever** boon will be the programme. Tbe ladles Mrs. Winsloas' So((ihiDg Syrup has Gina Bruus., Contracted Muscles Lam Back Stiff Joints

4 :. Alfa, Uooaerelt will make this aunt will be the guests, of the governor been used for over sixty years by zillion Frosted Fstt Burns Scald. eta vabduM lafuamatjoa. .
-..;; .". -"" while they remain off the vessel, and of mothers for their children while teething AN ,ANTISEPTIC that stops ImUtkm.
the Post Certainly
-- Btr, tart and dritw out Pain.PENETRATES .
;"t with It anothea
; the
perfect euccesa.
... on their return trip they will entertainhim Fibrous "'su...
other American loosens thl
ao young woaj-, child softens the allays) ail pain thl Pores
gum ,
;t bad such booort showered and his official household. tree circulation of the Blood five the Muscle
$?f' an ever up- cores wind colic and is the beet remedy promotes a
1.:. OQ her u will be accorded the presl- It Is now thought that the party for diarrhoea. It will relieve the poor natural tliiticrty.

%, ji:::' 'denfa daughter when abe rUlta the should reach Manila about Aug. 1. lit tie sufferer immwliately. i hold by drug- BEST UNIMENT ON EARTH

;' :: Philippine Islands and touchy both go- The trip out will require a full month giHsinetrrypartof the world. Twenty ONCE TRIED ALWAYS USED

l. t. lag and returning at ports in Gina and and the tame time will be given the return five cents a tattle. Dr sate and ask fur

""if 1 Jam voyage. One month Is to be "'Mr*. Winslow'a Soothing fyrupu and CURED SCIATIC RHEUMATISM
tketO other \n.i.
passed In the Philippines, and of
;, Last summer -beG Mlaa Roosevelt

S Tialted the 8t LouIl'uporaltlon she accepted this ten days will be spent In Manila. -- ----" Mrs R. A. Simpson, 500 Craig Si, KaoxrO. 1

f l the hostility of the Moro and Governor Wright will not neglect an A FACT' TeaL, writes: *' I have beta trying the tathl ol

the Igorrotea, who were the chief attraction opportunity to make the old city the Hot Springs. Ark, for adatie rheumatism, but Iget .

:;:: at the i'billpplne exhibit The scene of brilliant fetes and Bower/ carnival ABOUT THE "BLUES"What more relict from Ballard't Snow Liniment f

little bruvrn urea made macb ado over and lake lllumin.uloiJ not seen than any medicine or anything I have ever UUd.

the president' daughter and conferred since the Fpaaiards set sail for Mad. Is known as the "Blues' Inclosed find poitomce order for |1.00 Scud mt f:
,; -;
upon ber the rank and dignity of a rid. Tbe natives are already keying in !Is seldom occasioned by actual exist large bottle by Southern Sipreu.
I supplies of colored candles and getting THREE SIZES : 25c 50c AND $1.00BE
datto. In response to' urgent and oftrepeated ing external conditions but I D the

--.j. Invltatuiaa Miss Boo&erelt ready for a regular ten days' celebration peat majority of cases by a disorder SURE toU GET THE GENUNE!

Yc I 1.- ,Trou.u the Filipinos that at no distant such M formerly were held whena ed UVEI(. 11 Ballard Snow Liniment Co.ST.
?_" Jay she would visit them in their new governor or an envoy. from the .
king visited the Wands. August THIS IS A FACT
:p'y : nalheUUges.. or pope LOUIS U. S, A.
is delightful month to in whlch be demonstrated
a spend may
7 :, Primarily, ilk Roosevelt 1* going
c' on the long journey to please ber father ManiU. I by try In; a course ofToll's

f. whey Intends unking the trip himself Bat the most Interesting part of the .

S i, .: when bU tenure of office eudi. Journey, the trip into the interior, will
doubtless furnish episodes even more .SOLD AND RECOMMENDED BY
Th llUt1. to consist of nearly fifty Pills
f I eople, will sail from San FrautUco oa worthy of remembrance. MlM Koo e- RED CROSS PaAmCT, TirCSVILLE, and EAU GILLIE PHA&XiCT, EAU GILLIE
her the Morag .
nit will meet old filt'lIlh.
i the Pacific Mail liner Manchuria on ------ -

;1< July 1. Miss Roosevelt will leave anl they will dire for her and get ,

,Washington about the middle of June her choice corals and they will show They control and regulate the LIVER. Southern Railway.

i,; and Vim spend ten days on the Pacific how they use their curious weapons Tbey bring hope and bouyancy to the.

3e7 t.IASt."lewln, the sights and accepting and give her a collection of woh kind I mind. They bring health and elasticity tFrICM1\1C:: Am. 10, 1004.No. .
to tale to her brothers all according to ___ __ ---- -. .- .
4 the hospitality of frl nds. She will to the body. ---:= = :=::: : T'
= l.- there le the of lira. Metcalf, the promise made in St. Louis. 301fcilyj No. SiDaily. Iktwa.Jrckw.v111.stplNr.Y.rk, I No: *' I IS".
guest I ,,1"11,. Hail
The of wh3 knows the
secretary war ----- -- - 1--
r L wife of the secretary of commerce and .. - 755 p-' __ VO. Lv JaCkaunville, Fla....... s... H,. Ar. : 15i a T 63 p
:;,' labor. As Mm. Taft for a multitude oft Islands like a New Yorker knows -.-- .. 1213 .'.__... 1301 pUMfip Lv.Savannah-Ua.-----. It,. \r. i 4W a ail p

reasons cannot take this long Journey, Broadway, was In for discouraging: 9 55_a:::=;:;: _Ar. ('h.-I: !tt'. X.._('...-=-:- Si. Ky Lv i 950 P .. a si a84Tp

Miss ItaweveU's special companion Miss UVOI'enlt in ber desire to see the nl.'loJJt ileallSf'f Ytkt and BottRUDDER + ..... 6:11: a Ar. Kithnsond. .. H -.w. Joys _I..._ r .,-. tI k1 p
M t ,. 11231f
: J) .cAs PuJuJ. -
will be Miss Mabel T. Boardman. Moros of Mindanao on their nath.eheath Jj..t.1 it 930 p'i!! a car.Washington i .11.C.-----: ;:.Kv Lv.Ar ;iIO SI a: oao p

':. William or, rather in their nlpa! huts. 11 :' p,_---__. IUa "-'tltimurt'\fd..I.n.RI.t. !I eitaSXla .. t .p
of and Mrs. J.
daughter ;
I, Their garments or, rather the lack of 2S5a ._.... l43 P Ar PhiU.lrlpbia. Pa.. .- -.1'. I1, It Lv. I .. 8 3s p
S Uoardman<< of Washington. MUo Amy HOW -TO BOOKS 8 3O a-------!..415p Ar New Yurk. X. V------.. .P K ULv U 10 a t J.P
1' ,. McMlllin. daughter of the late senator them, is somewhat embarrassing for = : _: .. __ .
from Michigan also will be one of ht'rmpanlons. mixed companies, but Miss Alice insure : Over JIo'O: to'd I' -Hi I',m the lind JCns. 33 and 31-"New Yurk and Florida .:lllr1I&." Daly l.ulhDu 1"- Ikwu
4'* that they will behave up to the i g printai it IhtAt *>JHI'I.>' w.kdR leapingl"ar ltwtn -kii..uvile! and Nrvk YulkN. .
Duboia wife of the
Mrs. dime and < ever fcFull dead ... "
i every 24 sat "Wiwhington and Florida limited, Ibily 1'ullfWWI U-tac KurluNo
standard and the U bound by her .h .'u'li a .,,-1 .
v Idaho senator, la the official chaperonof ; c'IIIb" ct : : 'A' l leaping! Par IH ttrrrn Jark..mville and New York
promise to them and to her small brothers : how Wnuke u--.u tklictnuy urr.pi .__ __ .
__ .
of the president's: daughter and with :-=:::: :: : :r: "':' : "' '' = .:::_:;:.::__ .-=-
r Miss lioardman and Miss McMiliiu. to tell about the dance and the tree t i HOvV TO DJIL& A nACCn, FOR (. SOi :\o. 3naktilv. ,' Iliro i ill .
K("< "! ftfcoit l.i. .1\ raw m oY I ( ill.73.fP
of the murderous looking knives, the ,' -
will participate In all the entertain the ,itrer.eadntQ'o/n. .t. '.4.ku.r1. :! Lv Jarkikinnlif, "Fla.. .. ...--: : Ar.-/j Sul a
?. In her Several kris, narrow double edged sword I i HOW T3 BUILD t. LI IPJAC.I(
meats planned ISJSa Lv K.1 h 'l
,.., _. >jiiin Ar !Yt a
a other women well known In the official used for cutting and thrusting: the |I Aa..k..II.> -rf r.r'tr'DO- ". >.,.---yn I HiiU trg.t..a4ial ,WK f or r. 100 a.r.. Columbia.<< C,...... ...._............................_S). Ky. Lv.I 1111.
and social world will be In the canipilar: straight edged and two bandied l:. f.'I'.w.I'... 'cO: ....,,,1..1&. 15') t'! Ar \.btvlll, N.--------------------------------------: LY. 'II p
party. and the deadly looking barong.All I HOW TO BUILD RACING lOOP 23 pi Ar. Hut Spring.. N. C........... ._....._......?._,-,-?_, _H*., k,. Lv. I It 41 a
They are going for the pleasure of foreign 1 scan rutrvf_l r', '.' t.MiW. R.r .- 6(01 JI' Ar. Knoxville, Trnn........._....._ __. .u.u__._..._. S*. Uv, Lv Y M a
Z' travel and must pay ail their ownXlt4'nse these things the young Roosevelt 1.1'1__ i. A_.... ,h.. .z4 t4utk..Hr ,*\.114; son H H a'! Ar. t'inrimlati.Hbiu.u.u._. .___. .. (j A (', I... ela pNo
"a It. ..... ... _' .. ... ... _
chow the most unbounded Interest in. : ::c::=.o.--=; : :: :;C. : ;: : --r:: -

and they declare the only to 'HOW TO BUlL. ..' .TCrI., .LAUNCH. ,.211 and 8I-I'ullu..o Draw iulC Loon and Bu art ihrpius ran tOC't""b J.L"arik sadSL
I Secretary of War Tart former Secretary way get i Pimple .. p..t..l 1 ... r. P.. 1. ...Mr.rbaarw.e.u..4 /. tewii
% i Hoot and the oflklals aC'\'Oml'4UY' the real thine seen in the pictures is I rNU ,, r.lA.w "...... _-_ ._ _daily.-' _. H. __..________.__ ___.

t:_. ing them go at the Invitation and u. cither t3: tro themselves! or send one of HOW A ftn TO* s.1.BUILD:' ?A**< 'XNCCHACOUT'.n. tv' 1 fc.Ktl ribtn. ....n.. INo.13i'! n..f'ft.J-...:.lll:::>;llm-Ninth and Writ- Is... II
f of the Philippine gorenmiect. the familv. Mm Alice will \1'Ilt the I IIfforrotes I 1.4'r, tu,t' uk lui v.i n." .1 e.I .. i i__ __ __ __ __ .
pence -
I i TO ::.. ::i'7f'i: Lv. Jarl. riuvilr! NJ. (
and perhaps she may si ) HOW nUlLO A SHOAL-DRAUGHT SLOOP p. y.k i DM a
; & Tbe two parties will be kt>()t entirely down I A .......r. -Uc..J jkf fcaiU .ifi .....'ei..l. cxfrk''''''_ _____..1 3a t a1., Ar. Mamn. ho. Uy..u..I.\. |I 1216 a
i' S rx distinct so far u the donors Intended to the extreme south whore the aria....pha .._..S 3r 11l1! Ar Alianu. N.Uy '''. ''_n ..-.___..___..-.Lv. tll ,
r solely for Ulsa Roosevelt are coact dwarf nations are so prominent HOW TO GUILD "LATTIC.. OR S.4ARPIEk.gena" ..-.... 9 4.5 -i! Ar.l1.IIU."I",, ;"u. Ky. ..._.. ... ...._.__.....-.. _(.T. 116 p----p

t 1 1 >rned. Mr. Hoot and the numerous The return trip will begin Sept. 1 on ... ...r._,'---.5.--J. :", ...u.-..."',.j.-.f...._..a.p er".ru.M M, .... ..-- 7411 po Ar ludncatl ifurrnd' C ..'...,.. '.________... I.v. s :tit" .
1 t' legislators who will with SecretaryTaft the mail liner Korea when the same HOW TO BUILD VOCCL YACHT ...:._ Ii 4n V! I... ( Iminnati. Hit Ktrttr K'liite :=::::::-_:r.i' 7Wa .- .

will mix business go with pleasure.Tbey route will* traveled .\", 'I'M' t*. .4 ,i,. .' t... I.. itML .wuoIo.l..tm. :. ..:: 710 aj! _Ar._t'hirxgn': __IIi IK Four l <>ule. : ......:::.. .:. .Lv ;, a30b_ "
1 t..4 ..C i.. .J.. UJ..JFRICZ _. ._ '
I I _.h. 3.\ Pi:, LV.t'1a.f1IU1ltll. 'nitt. l.iua.----- ___ .Ar. ; en.. .
: 't : must solve the vexed question of ___ T/I s Ar. l'bicagw_ .tan. Lion._.. ._... ..... I... ate .
Crowing Arhr* mod Fain. $1. ::: : : : r.
f.; the Ilitlipplne railway system a quest 1 EACH .-..? !I"45 Lv n f'IlDati. t', II A ti-liotwa----. Ar : t *> a
too fraught with many unpleasant Mr. Joie Summer, Itomnnii, Tex, : ,1I1I0.f CIPMCtt NT"' Mllt .7 r3_PI!..:'r. t:11I1I: ('. II A I-llut4. I5 _...U. __..Lv Ault 1.
: p
I IlUll' : ::' : :
10'' 'possibilities.. Cut Mlaa Roosevelt antS writes, April 15,1902: "I have n"ed Bal- I hM in bl" (oJ Irtterint--Sie.. of.p.yQ -----o.' 945 ri Lv. t'roeiuilati. t:. II. d U.-Mick. tt'IIL.uu...__ ..\r. i Tie. 1
1' tie women in ber train are bound only :Snow Liniment in my family for I I I tv n ether-Luxe..r.: t kwn p!arI.I ...___. 520 s Ar.Ar. TuWo.D (:.If.A. >.-Mi : i three year. I would IK, be without it i 7.1 ,'tn,il.riminiuti., r. II. & 1)-Ilirh. CeDL------ -.Lv .
__ .! .
f- F pleasure. I FU3LISHING CO. ::.:. II :::_::: :::: :. oo.I' i
f f. 't 5<<: / For good and sufficient reasons the in the IMHIM I have n!'.' i it on uiy little : ) MUHKAT STNCCT Hi You, u. .. A .. .. i:1Lv., I'rOD JjIf..u.._..__..._..... Ar. G3I) a .
s .' girl for growing twins and aches 'in her I I _. ... 5 55 as \r.PiUI'turlf. .I'eou. lane.-----. .-. -._. _.. Lv ,i Jllip '.
i' president bas been compelled to refuse kneesR Va4 ',it Boot ---- ---- -- -v- ;
rnrnl her fattal CaUlfft at fat '
.:sf.- riirht away. I liaveal lstJ"'''' -IIt,. .. -. 930 P Lv. (lorlnnati. Kia For-------------------- ..... tr : la': ) a"J J
{ a pressing Invitation from the *> used it for front! bitten ft't-t with gOfldlICI'PfI1I. 45a t. .
..,. ..... --:" :: .8 \.1 v..nd.-I! !! r.-::: ::::::: u ': :::::1.Y. I till p i in.
mikado tbat MU Alice and her friend It is the bt -- .e '
if ) liniment I ever I .. .'_" 530 p LT. \f\\ng\tm, p.o. ky------...--._....._... .Ar. 4S a j
'J: leave Secretary Taft and hls party to n a1. 2..te., 50c and f 10). NJ.l hy --5--- t ._. A 10 I'r, Looinvillet. So, fly ..u.....?.._..?..... '.Y. 17. 4A a -

lj: ;' + c become bU guests at the summer palace Rat Cm*!' Pharmacy and Fan Gallic .. 73'a Ar !- I/win !!\o1.U" _. ._.. .....:.....:.::.;--.. _!oy. +lo le p

near Tokyo. Likewise the flowery Pharmacy, Eau Gallie.Sixtr I KILL THE COUGHAND Nte.13! anri u-"Tb. Florida J.imlll'4t-:-. -1-ashy\ +.;...1.1 1..liytr Into. nIW"! Uay
L worded Invitation frpin tbe dowagerempress Cw.hr5 ant I' llman IHIflll ('an Jjrt"D Ja.k.nrnls and U..tI.
(: conveyed to the White House S :]MIU .. II..,. -- ---- -

f not long ago l>y the Chinese minister win. .. I lie didn't bear the I WITH .
bad to be decline car -- '-
Thr played Mm In a pill box DEiking'sHew -: Lr J;ck*, nville fUAr NI:.1y------------------: : : Ar 1 >la:; ::. .
t Tbe Manchuria will make its usual And M>nt him to hU ma. 5) a ttlaaU, stop at Honolulu. There a delegationof -LifeCrrtnla S 11 &\ a Ar liirroinKbam Ala SKy. -. .. Lv I . .
'. leading citizenship will board theteamer. -- Discovery 8ftS' p040a Ar Memphis Tt-nn. f r1..oo '.-. I... I lit

and Mta Uoo5t\"t'lt will betaken t...., Ct".f'.. Ar. KaniMACUy: MU ht""J 1.... 13t) pi .: .

t to the Hotel Ingleterra. where hand-' 1 Pries N'oa thud 14-'Tb Florida LitoitH Daily
; luncheon, breakfast or dinner accordIng : QNSUIIPTION SOcAJl.OO t\ -Et.r.I.T:: IIIMSH (All HHl\H t:.

p _' to the time of day the steamer arrives "To her race yes."-New: Orleans i I Fret Trial. J. C. It! K. Dl.lrt.t l'aMnc 4..... loss U..t H-r "ar..Iar.......11&.. ....

: \. will be nerved. Native dancing Tim", rit mo.>rat. Surest and Quickest Cure for all C. II.ACKERT.O.:: alfl. W. H. Tail.OK. (i P..5.
and the celebrated Honolulu string orchestra ---- i THROAT and LUNG TROUBLES
a. H.HAKDHICK.V. T. M. KIUHIKH llilt/1AA. ., I'. A.
t will ghe a unique entertain i if M.a' t'limiwtBa i or MONEY BACK.iColdsl -.
meet and pretty souvenirs of the day Is often: as gnat a. onai.,'". but Th<*. THE
Autin tltr "IU-fHil4u-ar." - -
spent In Honolulu will be presented.
of l.f1u't'n.orth, In-1 *a. not nnreaonabl sasats aelr tits The Motor
: .
t The first rim! e of the land of the r:1
., when he refuwsl to alls the ilurtor*
t mikado will be secured at Yokohama
Ins! wife fur ft'hu.r: trouble
i n <'pt-n.tf' on ,
: which b within few boars of Tokyo.
i a "In9tea.l," h.. Pate. "'lit' condi-lfi to try
f The preparations there will be on the KUctnc !!to'r*. My wife us then >01IIwk i
t. most ambitious plan. As envoy from she mold hardly J..aI..r bed, and ::1

the mikado and the official who correspond fate ,;5, iihjciaas I.ad failed to rt-en 1I[ that Motes I
; 1 with Secretary Taft In rank brr After taking Electric Basf'' sl.e
will meet the veasrl at toe dock. MmItouaeveit was rfrctly cured and can 11<)wall perform It should be borne in mind that

t ,;. and the ladies will I* taken her hnu-hoM! dl1t i>! Gluranlml every cold weakens the lungs, lowers .
by lied Crow I'barmacy 5 )c. the vitality and prrparea the --- -
the flower decked price I -- ---
from steamer In a
? 1 t
.. systm: for the more serious dtacajcs -
-- -
::.. t'. transport and conveyed to a point nearest among which are the two It ,utantJs alone for Hllrietiry and

tb* tk'fl'(''''* palace Here a delegation *. greatest dtstrorers of human life "trt'ntth.

'; i t and gallant of Uw looking most h'ghly subjects decorated of the t.*. ""t'-'IJ'.'tlvAIfroa. .utte.cSblG I If cecziosu and cotssnpj 1 1'I j' It hay plenty or metal and it l,

t t mikado will greet Miss Roosevelt and tilets,4. ,... Chamberlain'sCough where it dWoi the rrut aood.
r a concert, a lcacb: on and a drive 'I.v It J-. jH/rfeft iu denitju and work-
t '
:. t around the city In tower decked rick Remedy Ullntthlp.
shaves b planned. Tb steamer will I FERRY 'I I

: remain but four or five boon at Iota- i has won its great y Bur, thing means vjinething.

'. 1R.t home too short a tlae to permit the SEEDS I TttCII4 cans of this most Mammon Send for catalogue.

hospitable Japanese to Donut the A.oer- a nnienl It aids czpectontkw, rsbrvts -

t kan president's daughter and the dtetlaguisboi -40t loA Praad.N Sm., .,..alsr.,. ea pod.AI. ,_ I the hap and opens th4secrttioo
Taft .. was ... ..,...t *, effectisf a tfetdj andcoterscta
Secretary u they ...... An....... 1 : It Brll Bridgeport Machine & Motor Co.
would like to booor them From Toko- tam ou cawi. tendency dgeport ,
.I..... i aa/ toward pcnaock.
r 1\ama the ahlp sails for Kobe. There ....... Brid Coaa.
i, a prograncx of the MO order to to ...rust a oo.awry. Price 2c, Line Sin soc. tport,
.s be reprcted.' except, of coarse, tbe for .t. ...c.. I\ .J i
&: CO., Agents, Tituiville. florida.

ni" 1s

:t 'S

M. ..
: :

T .

1: ;:;' ,.... ,.r, ... >-. -_- '_ _= "_ _. "'x'7 .. ., .
r :
: -_. ,., ,a.-y.* --,. _.., "




f ,


ArU.'Y,11.... I. I"": ,7...<._,, :'t .1 fWr'EJ1R \ J'q .' -
;-.J'!'"C',<,<""" "''!.C'oO""" ""' ''; '' I ""'"'_ 1>., ;" _.. A r ...... ".........'.. i ....__ IY .- -- __ Y1 A_ .", --- .' ...e';'a;._ i > '.:>
:-;'; ( J)1D1I01Y'iiS' r, tcnai, hiring Boa ten .QOrf. la sod s dlrtttioa u is'Tl. 3tI '
-r""" -.:..: 4 xyn .., ...."..-...to'" JohaaanY"tjtAdnIid doatillJ. !!_.T.;L ''",''!'g't.?.. 'V NEW- YORK !FASHIONSPattern t> -:' .ii"tt

::k ,."..<< :(!l'H'1, -.. .1 ....., ..' {"1 i. 4 "': ,. ...l\i- :\. at.tN. .-' ". !jau the bow tune apou &i ae&'via A .. .' ,._ .o. .. :-:

$s+}cr 1mnfOl'n(n L J llr.J:.&.Zai .. 'Y qtict Uiutkin the" i/ftddXfc* tbwr It '-}0'. "'-- : '-
\rnsirtt: ''tNataf. serial ._ a :iritcfaexl, the boAt u tt swag to toward Ui a and alioftted tq the. Blouse Martha M '
,;, a Rll1Jrtsli aMettl. ,h.8 lie tum 1"'aad.ataf1Bd,4k*...tbpkt bow banmaX,:"B w. ivi;'rux.birdt'Tots forLady's Designed by -:.. .;., > : _. f!
: ,>: : it.IULI r: ... 1. W&1ter. : '-', :":. -- .-"".. '-
sbkst order '
wlrX It when :
Usafe to ay, the Rae alwaya given Dean-No. 6267 < : > )
[fl &:1......p.1.. : w. : N tZ'J... '
creir'df ta a that rv'mtOMd VIsjr. crlT was needed from"O iiDiD'Q _
t'fi .L, :ffnMt -- .'be CIIUd1. No vomaa ot today eoatUtra her ward _
:'f! ''''' 111& fiaday is MC. U&' .,-,.;: :boat; As they were drawn Into cite a boat a quick abecr to the kit robe'cobfWte, uaWU teatime if variety
,"' <- .. x 1t:11 I l(C bi 4. seas partly ..Shedtt'Doatwtib arid In this.eat I* wished to bring the:?
: -
;.: ': COOT.rltuQIWQ.: "' of pretty watst9.iuiUbUi.tor. my oeetea. 6.
> ;;; '- <; water; aal aa they boat quartering to the aea aDd bead tar .
J4 .
'' ? ThtM ,..;* Rt ,U *&0p 'moV
:O>11nY omCD&.LD..me. .?,. i1.., I'UMIt"trIt. ten 19 the rivet they the,baskl- Tbe boat", although.beTlj : <- -
wiliu. elUitr for In these days of
<- paper ;
..er.. its a L. o.-.a. wen e npeU d:to:-Hiai* a landing' to rumen with eight men and a* Huny.bar- ._
.tIt! ......WgttleaeaaiA.A: ;: fIWnaos $&ttf r&v *U<:*. simest d. Uu work, for tt:t
# TteEetk .. bBtheirboated pie' her from cap. rela of wrote teemed to obey the tarp .
ee rlt P.-&. ''' ,' t JOU.oaau tcert&1a pride ,
>iliheFaaOa.. LW.E 11. 1k1q. but-'_wta i onooticed by Uw taln'a command aa'if.(were a thlo; \J to mUac bu .*. wl.U. That. why
Tlca..w..IU_ tua .'nsu- B xt .iwr irt clotted. to make theruu'whld aMre. : It. cam Into'the. though of .the baw
they aa faaUtUual look altbous tbt
tide tw if "w-J. wrill*. In fad with the unJted.tnsth 4.
sea a twinkling
: proTect fatal tiirw .
!;, ;o: .MMTtmtwdtBtWi .......111; J.o..m. men.TWa Illl.At.ri.aI ay b* bt.ipa.lr*. TK mode a
yt ., HMrffig.. ..IW*...'1.' P. Keood crew was rnada'op of In. of f oar mea shot toward the her pletJ U 1ItUJ *.trN. It ,
?i: Brawa.THitvfife.iIteuartBfci =. W;:tl.,'.iiorwood. dlans aDd'1rb1te mea. Joaopb Attieo.to ". shore but Providence for,tie first time to net too elaborate to b* aUmptJ trUM *-'
.. r-- r.* y.aam. ** governor of tie Old Town tribe ilnc e the race began seemed to bate
( borne dressmaker, sad It lends Unit
i W 'COUXTTttHOnSBIOEBa--B A. Oak. trU eaptala of the crew which cunaed" .decreed at tbi late boor after ao much"bad Et admirably to effective combinations of \

*i. liaf-TUloM ifcalnani; W.>t. Walker. TitasVaie ;the boat. been acctHapIUbed, that all tau"t I ..t'WI la both cotton or aUk. It U -t
bra' r : ;J k IL'K1oC. laJiaaota;; Jea'C.JOBM Before toe roughest of the water had tnt List, for a huge tog swung front an j
Qoay; J, rruk, Bell. White aty.BMUiar been reached tb* seed boat filled eddy crosswise directly under ber bow, kn '! suitable for a separate waist or as a part =2
mtinnt are btU Cnt Monday of the MAoa's shirt waist salt Tb
I.t.' achMMflLcoDjmr :. : and capsized turning the sere meat Any bet the bravest _and quickest. ) bloat is tucked and finished wits ducaeucloaioc. "
,"! th'*-,merttef ,of the raging torrent, :linen would bare despaired at this calamity The yoke is a pretty Uea. although n -
-r tt.cWnul8ebMaaa.LI.ean.r.l'llnabt11I.lLom.SCHOOL BOAKD.-B. r.1I t4eI- with_ a nondml ben looking on power- l for With this eerlooj olistrnctloa U on* desires a pUia lucked waistIt
s leir r to reader assistance., The the boat wat drlftlnjr back into 1
... any
.4 Waits City. 'Scalar nay be omitted. Th sleeve1 ls the new
..> seven amid .the whirlpool apparently beyond all 3I'Y
-='S'T sioas. bald tint Haaday each ownth. strcnang frazaienu of shirt waist mod! and mar be finished bjr .
-< broken boat and tools and logs were hope of reaching the shore. But Mor- a81te.
the cuff of la any preferred manner
I' He driftioff down by where the first boat I I by. God bless him, with the iwtftccu .e .. it t. 45 Inches bust tMssure.DIRECTIONS .
Sawed was held to the thore. of light, .sprang from the boat to the

ta the renter of the boat stood Mur los and with bla.fett rapklly rolkd It roll ORDtftlNC r
phy. whose qnlck eye cad a glimpse I uiK'.er the Goat thus pressing her.far
I toad 19 events to this office give number
r The'Boot of a man's hand la the water. Without ;ther toward the Gore aa tbe log rolled of this pattern No. as:. and seta stub 't- j

+,, t thought oMIs own safety he shoutedto i back. Alt this was done In half, the sired It *H1 then W Mat to you by null ,
.: the men ashore, to push the boat i titne 1tl take ta write It, and as it postpaid. Be sure ta writs pirtiJy sad always ,
adrift "We mu4t'' save those men." .nude the but bump under the stem be fffvs fnU address. Several days must '

L Courage andSkj7/o/Zum. lie might bare finished the sentence jumped on the boifa rail and ranahead be allowed for delivery of IIItt'"". ,
I .. .. .. .. -. -.;...._.... '0 __'_ __. '.- --
and "Or aH h'AumlngUa at the -- -- -
...-'e. \. said of n perish together. : poaltion --
fgyf > ,berman ,_n, TtnobtcotCarried ." When the boa; swung out Into the i bow oar. With a few strokes the bow of Fuel u..u. A\T.rM WldBffuUtUm.. ,

if > the Day. swift cataract the first man reachedwas .the boat reached lore, and Joboson he-KtroHD8 oil baa bra knows to iVhite'scresme'ermifugehssachieveda t
: the,-blue eyed Indian." one of the .1 sprung out and shauted. "--Boj. I've rid a house of nuisances. world wide reputation as being the beet

*!.' "- best swimmers of Indian Island. lie got'When the stern swung ashore He-Tea w. got rid of our cook of all worm destroytn. and fur its tonic e
I influence weak and unthrift children,
When One Boat Cagutttd In 1b had'beea able to get to the surface afar It was at the Heater only a few feet through 1U a"DCI.-YoDkm Statesman as i it neutralise on the aHditv or HrneM of ,
: '
times after the boat swamped but from the pitch and while the Urea of .
l: HapttLt H. and Hit Men the stomach, Improves their diftioft,
W been there for the last time. When ,leven men for a few moments were In and awitnllsllon of Kind strengthen their
.,: Went to the Ttevcu at 2kR. te was dragged into the boat by the audi peril only three were drowned A PMHiv X *Mlt7. nervous ey'taem and rwtorvs them lo the I

r .-"" y Their Otexi Ltt>*t. hair of his bead life waa almost f one. the other being saved by the heroic flaring to lie upon my back for 14 days hf'&hh.'Iaor and elasticity of spirit natural e 'i
!r ._ lien cam Curtail, a young irtahuuu. efforts of Johnson and hl< brave crew. from a nsveivly bruised 1t1r, I only found V> childhoo 8okl by Reel Cruse
.w relief when used &1Ivd'. Suow Uniment. Pharntanr and Eau Gillie Pttarinaey, 4J
A perfect plant be bad
power protfeu
I can cheerfully recommend it u Gallte.fipstan .
t'-; The lumber regions of Maine have to be.. tie was cllngiug to a fragment Don't let the children BUffer If theyare the bn rt medicine for brute* ever sent to --
if.;. teen the scenes of many exciting adventures of the boat but was safely pulled lit fretful (It'eyillh.nd crow, give them the afflicted. It haw now bramne a prwl- ----OA8-rOl'l.XA.:

':.. In times gone by. One who by Gltmore. luen'the fight through the llolliner's Rocky Mountain Tea. The dye icewity upon tuyielt D. I:. Bynws, f In 1q. w...101&II ,
!' witnessed daring rescue In the oil floating tirlftuig dins'wii made for lest baby tonic known Strength; and merchant Ivntnville, Texaa. 2.V., We, EMntls
,' dale on the west branch of the Penob- Charles I'routy, who waa well over ta health follow its use. V'> cents. Ask and tl 00 Sold by Red Crow Pharmacyand ct:
4 '., a scot river was reminded of It in read- the farther shore completely exhaust your drullillL Eaa Gillie Pharmacy Eta Gallte. .-SIt" *n

: . .. _. .. I
with bold --- -- -- --
ed clinging to a log a so
-<":' ... .jt' firmly clasped that LU grip bad to Ur \ *
:.:, ..., \! -", broken before be could be taken into <
[ ... '
.,;. r the boat. To remain out longer seemed .
certain death but these men were nu
,.- MUittera. They could see another form
in CaliforniaThe
la the surf below and with the giant Opportunities

strokes of the oars they pressed ou. and

:' as tae man arose on the crest of a
.: white,' sharp comb backed sea the >-
<: trade in the Orient is
: i. great Maynard boat plunged her nose opening up. .

c under him and scooted him up, so to
peak, with a barrel or more of water Our exports to Japan and China multiplied I.,

ti at the same time. This, as It was remarked
by a man luuklng on. seeiu&i during the last year.

only to give him a few seconds more of
Ute. There will soon be a tremendous'increase in 1e

'.,,,': In Now the boat that these the la.it men man for the In sight first time wa the trade of the Pacific Coast cities with the Far

i: during the struggle realised the dangerof .
the situation. In the middle of the
tY East.Big

;;-. t y i 1l opportunities for the man who lives there.

i:'<' Why not look the field over ?
: ;

r, Only $62.50, Chicago to San Francisco or Los

i-:,,' Angeles and return, May i 2 3 9, 10, II 12 13,

j.',. -.' Sr 29, 30, 31 June i August 7,8,9,10, n 12, 13, .

i-*,,.':,'-.- and u, 1905. Tickets good for return for 90 days. ,

.. ,.
*.'.:; Rate for a double berth in a comfortable tourist -

from San Francisco Los t
o sleeper Chicago to .

fjf" : Angeles, Santa Barbara, and many other points I=

,i. in Californiaonly $7. Through traIn service from
9t:-..,. TIIH Q'1X buar FILL1. AID C-Ahluo.
$:'," Union Station via the '
*"-;" : lug of a recent catattrophe aixl wrote Passenger Chicago,
ftV- fur the Bangnr Daily Commercial a de-

fi- ,. neriptUm of the admtture. It was
k.: "' thlrty ;' : On the Penobsoot river between what Chicago Milwaukee & St. Paul

.;':. .' It BOW vaunt ilk stone 'tUm and Shad x it ee ,

&'-" .. |H dare- a-few mtks of the roughest

l.': 'water ever through anenjpte which te akilM taTlfnts rivermenkave drip, Union Pacific and Southern Pacific Line

boats. Many brave men bare lust ,
their lives In atmui'tln to break Jam
i'1nI>.< or float their boats down through wheat rttai This is the route of The Overland Limited, leaving Union ",':
-I- Passenger Station Chicago. 6.05 p. m. and The California '. 1'
= ;. /.' A feature-.hiis snakes thin ptese 01f California
<4 water rtluUrLv ,daogeroas U that It Express at 10.23 PmThe Express carries: tourist

{?'. : t.rm..la.J .-a perj> adkalar fall at sleeping cars to California every day. Both trains carry: '

which no boat's; crew -
:' rand falls over through standard sleepers.

: t. : touts go and come oat ftiiv*. ''In tact x
tM'river Is <*w succeasloa of cataracts

i c;;' ttflUJ It nake.the( final pluage.at the OT rtns6.ru us* loaf CUDKJI HIM Coaptae kforsutfoa sent free
: 1-'t Grand pitch the entire fall for the LSD a.irti HIM rr. OO recrtpt of coopoo .hh tUek
, whole distance twin* soeethhjs !ke fates '!led. Nine: .j

will back to the &aOn1ls&if tine aaU fixating togs and dcbrK ; -
K3 feet I ga '
t[ of 1871. n. rear of the Heater pitch oa'jr a few rods awsy.Orand W. S. HOWELL Street addrtu_ .. .- '
fib July
rf the '. ,
;. ( 0..'l* 'tra Aj.at.jSi 8r..' ./. .
the treat west branch drive was under fall cast beiow, th retime WM 10 NEW YOlK CITY t

: ,aanafraeat of Job ROM.. wh! ta plaa a Runt cans at methoda City ,State .. !J''
' tae .r --5 -- j
\T'' tras\thn- la' tbe ''prtta* of Hfe. ..It'I but all must act.a&d act tugelv t
& ;:.,.. F. A. MILL P '
:" covi&'f.' phy .liiw and agiaty which and hatutl.1 A single now.. _'_. ..._.... ... Prohab1e4utuaaa01"If --- .-- ------ \ .
vai _
t- Bad him the pride and envy of every and all would] U kut U WAS a castvIn .. '8. teurc.as
... rctU-O by ike Lot ..
.. : real river man. Ill crew would face u. d.1' | .
& *aj danger to obey Us conuaaod.. .6r en t... ft'uQo.-b k>w In the err; f

17. rear bad raehd a rorat about tee pet ..l.a drlf t | tail fur twofartLer reettrathe
with a hoaJrexlea they were hair ti* era
fans ---
: mile from Grand S S S -- -
all at work In tfe.a! LLof each Ur ul boat the greater their l'un"'tu"" -J

other: and Roes decided to **o4 a f.""r with the | J>U
of ala best men down to work the b; fug oUuoe tut .he might be in

Heater data; pat above the mats faU. danger of riki&g; ate wten da ;U&ttrvaga : i l
Toe first C''f'tt.J whlrfi bas* lguttl tugi *.** '7 riche a few fee DIGESTS WHAT YOU EAT

Ala da&gvroas tssXswUi4t, c.=. *Wt" t 4 baAL their foot WVOUtb poem 3sf133hr..aoeaar lit+wttl.ttlu..htlr iaNe.era .
of DiWas Jttowa u.\ VictorIarfta. water abi pretest It from unsung ..LY43 .s .T TBS WGYO/tde 'Jl
} with C. tan l.M lh J mtQ the bOO 1n'ttJI po.. Uoa cr u teiJuhn.r .. ..jC r E. C. WITT & COMPANY CHICAGO. ILL -f fF
: .. teca waitfcag
Gllmott to y for a sale by.F.td C ro s Pban a W t }er. u (bow*jt' I.f&I4_ ttaaa: t. taste break toward the l?s

McNrnc.'I I





;: .



.. "") \ '1ATHE.FEORIDJt
,, CJ ) }

M : : STAR nuDAu.. I!, tG35

-' v

'.... .... ...J,. MT } ,' .. ,.. .: ---, _
.. -
'I" a .
"' f. ,' '\-"!-< ;t t 1'- "< ; '1'n ff xr t w. a (i' A 41
nflbr>> Mayheld on the Frwa Oe lUOoaiM Time i UNDERSTOOD

.''$ tth e.... IDd insL btl board pr enL It is now. reported that at Tallahassee
aired.t .l.u
'A, Aa'. t.14o.Nre. a.wr. ,'!'be' nauer,'oi.'tiansportict; isolated the reprneataikra it being made that tbe i a

pupils being thoroughly discussed, the irisoo of Brenrd county into two coocwu Claims Many Thousands. A Tragedian's Thanks to Pnma .

c Z la L t er. .U1.ru11libileYr. HowJnf allowances were made, Dan. ties made an Issue la Ibtcaav&n b* . . . . . . . . .. . . . .

nK BcJ WHUSHM, CTEKT FSHUY MOESISO.tc loan f...12; Mrs. E. J:,Burns$20.00. fore the primary election.: t J

_- "anute oatJt&i'W last report. $ lQ1349 The Time tries to keep op with public .

; iciavnmt,9iM rat AJrJrmI; i.uedtinfte.ttag.._.. I.OM.J7 matter eooogh know what candidate

tip:,< ijr ti aom rox&ix KOJITBL.u..u.aa. iZ,1a5GWanuta staid for in their poblic utterance when

paid is Apra.-.. 8,1-.08 make the canvass for nomination, ,
atotM FmrmUk4It ss
V and *care certain thai DO or4P made the ykca
A."u.. e.. Wuriats stow outl&aD4iar._ 18.06US
rV. (Mi OR aaod....................; I7LUO county division an issue in any public ad.
Mdwutood&W either drew in this part of the county and. thatDO
sad >4 eJeariy
ditor ranoaalbU for Defldt foada._-.>.......... 15.S9U8 .
ft. bE 8TA mot iu candidate ever made it an issue in any

.platens exprMMd by eorreqxmdcats.We The secretary was directed to request a article which appeared in any paper of

meeting of tbe special tax trustee with this
+ make a bow to oar esteemed contemporary tbe botrd of instruction at Titoi-
public .i
Let have fair and an
DI play adherent
V the Fort Pierce Kewa, for iu Jane
villa Monday. 5th at 2 o'clock
on ,
Erevan has
to the facts. county only
> 1 V
V well wishes to Tat &MB editor on oor
m. to the yearly itemized estimate
p. prepare inhabitant to the !last
5,158 ,
taming the quarter century mark ..
*- and appropriations census and the harden of taxation necessary J
4 ,,;- newspaper work.. An application from Mr. J. A. Ormond
to support county officers, courts
: .. _nn-ij-i-r .- "i ,
-0 asking for reassignment to the Jensen
The Miami Metropolis Is getting after jails, etc., etc., ia surely heavy enough for jI
., s; p school for the term 1905 06, also a petition '
Wes the taxpayers at present. .
;x ,- the city attorney with a.harp stick. j.I
from the patrons of Jensen school asking
is It seems absurd to multiply machinery
bat that tbe prodding
,.' have.oo doubt that the faculty of Jensen school be reassigned for such a email population. \Ve counsel
Decretory, although w e do not just happen for the term 19m06.ere read our friends of the southern end of the I I

t: to know who holds that responsible po and filed for future reference.The county to go a little slow) before saddlinghe 1
V: sition. load of a new county upon themselves.!
.. following assignment were made When ogee established the burden will 1

of the confirmations for summer schools: be there forever
: One of the peculiarities .
the the Miss Susie C. Wigfield, Xo. 43, at --
: just made by governor, says '
CtTtlUatlou of the CTowa.
Jacksonville Metropolis, Is that E. D. Woodley.E. .
Major S. G. Reynolds, agent of the _
0. Knight principal and MUg L M.
Bean, of Peneaoola! and J. D. Beggg', ofOrlando crown Indian agency, was at Billings
t Stuart assistant No. IO'!. Cocoa. '>
w : should be appointed and confirmed Mont, recently and says that hi* wardsare
F I : at one and the same time as criminal Ella B.Stephens,Xo. 10G at Con rte nay. making rapid advancement along

court judges of tbew respective coon- Emma Bryant, Xo. 110, Eau Gam material lines, says the Billing correspondent

t \ ties. They are brothers and both natives Sadie J. Hcgans, Xo. 112, at MerritU of the Anaconda Standard.

V f I of Madison, Fla., and are good law.i The following resolution! was adopted During the past! year they hare erectei

cititens. Whereas, this board believes that a good over a hundred new anti comfortable
i yen and good t
? V # .. compulsory education law required in homes planted around them a thousand tt

rs ;, r; The Jacksonville> Metropolis asks thequestion this state, and, whereas, a bill has been shade trees and budded good barns for t tt '
heir stock. This \\\ \
year the Crow have
Do the or Florida sent to us from the Florida Federation of
,; 'J ', : already planted 2.000 acres of wheat t __
convention Women's clubs for our approval tI
think another constitutional! now, and a thousand acres of oats.
: ", really nen.llfl'1 and worth the cost thereof therefore, be it reached: That favor weatherteper4 -

: ',,' ? This is a question of vital importance said bill in the main with the following I
amendment in the of Sec. V.B.DKFAaTMENTOr AOHCULTC1I W ATHPL ;
i to the people of Florida. It will cost at body 1: Beginning -
.. to 111.1111.Jl""PIU&
and l after t1,0-words "at lea.-V in the
: least $$60OQO to hold such convention,
: \., May 2. 1905. t i P.03EKT DO\\ M\G. THE FAMOUS TRACfDUV.
1100,000 fourth line and ending with the word"childrt'n"
this to tbe to pay legislative
coupled Comparative statement of- temperatures . . .f}-.-.S S! S .+..........................-.... . ..
V expenses, means that more taxes in the seventh line, BO M to ud rainfall for the week;; Adding Tuesday,
LA; matt be paid. It has been suggested that read "at least" one half of the public May 9, 1905 In *speaking. >f IV run a, Robert D.)\, .1 I I a hut drealn; room to a draughty
1905 1904DAtL Ins:: the famous trag\-dlan.llay': ,stage) .
school term in their residential district 1
coold Lull saved
this eoct of a convention : MAX. KIN. MAX. HIM.
Said attendance to be consecutive 3. 63 74 63 *$ "I find PcrunaaprevcntatUe &;s.lut!I "To sum it up, P<'runa bu d.In.*
: were there a.cia Oe in the new..constitution or at May a1.! sudden ills that
V 4. M 71 !(*3 73 oununor swuop upon I more girl than any tunic 1 hue ever
VV : V 'making cessions the legislature least eight ((8)) consecutive weeks to some H 5.U 75 W 6$ one in changing <,cUnuto cud w utcr. ItI i I tkcu"-llut*.rt lwwutug.

tfik i once every four, instead of every two private day or night School for children. 6, M 75 HO 72 the fined traveling compafliou and i

j years.; This is true, bat would! it be lest The chairman appointed J. 11. Orrel, to ."" 7.8.13 M 74 Ttt W 83 71 70 safeguard against malarial luflueiicv*.tin j I hr. Ilurtrntn 1"th.. first phy.irUa

to extend the sessions so krsparl? A accompany the superintendent to the ,-" i. 83 74 W 72 "You may notice that Jx':":- on-" In 1I(1t1r i the United htatei to vruratelf d.-

f bill calling a convention baa been introduced meeting of state superintendents at Tallahawee Total rainfall for the we k. .12 In.Departure health alwaju find the heat muot intul- I,I M-rtW '}tomlo ('.'.urb. 1IU remedy-.
-, rainfall for the week minus IVruna, the (- systemic catarrh rfbl.Inll
SI ,
,;t V 'UMll" ; this 1 avoid i.j wing l' 'runa. Iby
f into tbe legUlature, and i it should I May 9-11th. nrhfft.Opartnre. kttow the thermometer that the )ttdevU uJWw kn..,wa all! over

f I be seriously considered before enacted inr The board requests the patrons representing 2.33 ine bt'5. rainfall since Jan. 1st minus leather J* )io., Jet I have felt the heat j I: the citillzod world, A |"rc'ait kaviaauMal

:! to law.r such schools II' have been txmsoldated H. 1' HARDIS. Iru thltl summer than t\rr. |I i once ran Lever be persuaded 101

1 during the past school year to take Official in Charge. "The ruuling; actiuu of IVruriaon the i I wlthuot It when in seed of etch a

fet I > If a discerning person will take note of up this matter in their respeetivehcali Tbe Overland_ -Limited- toCalifornU.LrtUrt mucous niliranu make ti unaluaUo V renscvy.!

} t : the Bomerous transfers in real estate, they ties and either by petition or represent- !' union pasKnjwr, station, Chicago to actor and *!irt, s i I it dace away :i I .\\ rite for a copy of I>r. lltrtnaan'a
; t i", live, not later than! the board's with that tendency ouJuu h"ar..n latent; hook t'tllltlt'tuHumD'r Catarrh."
amount of capital that being continuallyV meeting 6:()) in nt. daily,grrivte San Franciwu II
: 1: invested on the Net coast in various enterprises in June, advise what they want in thisrespect. tie thin day in time for a dinner RouteOiiMtfo so apt to vrtake OIKM acucr;ing from I I AdJre.aUr.llartmanColumbus> 0.

; :.' till the Action of MilnaukwASt Paul railway,
i'L ; note heavy incoming this kind U necessary .
--- -
Union i'acitic and Southern I' dfic Lin".
establishment as tbe assignments will be made the
i at
k : and outgoing treighuithe
All ticket agents sell! via this! rutite. Ask
:gc Ii< f of numerous mercantile establishment; July meeting, and if new schools! are to them to doHanil ro fiuI..t.A

,<;'f t i the increase in business annually over be L provided, weditirc know how to !onie honk drrripthfof Cali The name "Simplex"has

t t what it was in the pat, there is no other prO<'l'f'd. forma cent forit tents 't*>"tagi F A. SIMPLEX / been
Miller, General I'arwnger.l '?nt, rhirai-o, repeatedly
fi.: condosion that ran ,be drawn but that Petition of E. C. Suuimtrlinet al! asking
or W. :;. Howell, u+I NroaUay. New
:4: i this: .whole section is enjoying a Jot"riotlf that school No 3i: be reinstated! received York lANO LATE complimented as very

i'. i f prosperity that does not fall l far fchort of being and the prayer of the petition is ,

t, phenomenal. Of course there are are,. granted, and school 32 is reinstated. appropriate. The Sim

'il f k pettduiats among us, bat we find them -- -
"' The DeLand Sewn states that !sixty ( plex is in
.j r t everywhere to a greater or I lew extent. lioni-es for "blind tigers"; have ben astied r 4 Aj.s simple everyvayandipartioular.

; r + There is more interest taken in the east in Volusia. county. \Chat'athentat-
'j coast of norMa now at points far and kr over there Brother C.hin.tou .s,' \ Its

't i abroad in these United Slates than t''erPi I rr t :':
8100 Kew rJ StOO. 't. r simple.
'\ r' before in the |>almefrt days of our pas \ \ .
The reailrr of this *will be .
ra pleated
'.c..." t history! : to lean that there u at leant one dreadfuiiieaiM l t .{ J It does not easily get '
> that lCitDt"e has been able to i-ni fa t ,
all iu stages, and that U Catarrh. UalVa (aUrrh f :g.
out of order
._ PURE FOOD LAWS. or need re- '
.-, ., .._, Cure is the only pokitiye core known .
\ Here is an arjlulUtnthat should have to the lDt'di.-al: fraternitr. t"atarrh being a rl( v If it should
rontUUttonal diaea ... rr<)Qirr. a n.Mtitutionai pair. by any mischance, it is
f weight and should induce the pir ent leg treatment IU11' CVUrrh (tinii
.r. itlauire to pass a law that would snake taken internally acting dirt' 'tly OJMID Utr easily fixed. The Simplex is fully warrantedand
blood and mucous aurfavu of ttt sys lia.
the pure food law of the last legislatureeffrCti thereby dr trojing the foundation Jf the di,.. "./..- is an ornament to home.
I ; *e. The Independent 'armtreaf: *c e, and giving the jtirot strength in any
An effective lor the enact building P the omrtitotion and awnstiDj A BRIM! WITH SAVAGKS:
t' argument nature in doing ita work. The Sold By
pit>prwu>r ,
food taws iifainidied have i ill a nortflty The t"tll.er tf e civilization
rnrntof pure by tilt w much faith in its curative power.
.. that thy nff..rOne Haudrrd Iv.llara for the larger the t.nmb..r of bna.hrt. in uwJolgirg .
"" of the Indiana tate board of any
. ecreUry ua*> that it fail to cure Kt&d for IU of tca by the demand here our f"t-1o-
(' health, who produces figures to show UmonUla.Addrev.: mm have retched a high Mat of refinement INDIAN RIVER MUSIC HOUSE

I that 65 per rent of the total) deaths of in.i" F J. CHEVEY 4 co.. Tolrda OMd K\erv day we awll) more and nor.
by Dnluillf' 75Hall's ,
; < of ttw+ ut"t'IIt'lIt
t in America last
anti year were caumlhyioi. Family IMU are the but
{ | .on!U>.
a BATH Dltn.III-};, (etc. ; TITUSVILLE.
placed on the market by fraudulent food
The Alpine Cottage Perhaps the tine" qnality! ha ha.1 *orre.
r. i manufactanrrs. Four hundred and forty thing t.> d > with it-j-rhaj 1U tr.t' prl.oY" .... --- ,.

I. five thousand infants are estimated' to ln lrr the manjgrn.er't of \fn., Kate .\ &*,. all parcii.
have died in tie United Mates last year )Iy""', a.iMn) l,r F I l.oley, RED CROSS PHARMACY,
The attention of President Rxiseiei
thoaK] be dirertrd to this matter u i it'
1 '1'11"" to lee a mate Krioui one thant ,

: 1\ that of"rar suicide," about which he iN'apprehenMve. TITtMILLE, FLA..

l. Renewed efforts tow anprotibitirg Daily or Weekly Board. Contract for ai! kirxlf! of Pamtir.Ka>. Merchants & Miners Trans. Co's

the safe! of ford products CDUtaintrK House Newly Furnished. .minirtf, "'tami,,:, Firn*tin2 and Pap*1Uangll'
{ g. ai he tttni ri'i ('ruble: price
noiionoa adulterants! should t> i nude
i by every state k"Ei.lalure.
Work injiliere on the East Coast
i Location tint.kin street, IW'ar Julia! BETWEEN .
Lat ?atarda>'. edition of the Jacksonville -- trGzlywtk-itrd.!! Lit me know what
F Metropolis was a cpectal charity .NUT UK. roo want and get myesttmatP en iL
Protnj-t attention given to all!) *ork. SAVANNAH BALTIMORE & PHILADELPHIA.
e :' r.HooD. and an Immense publication, arJ IT tVISlt 0 ML n> MY [.\1:";* THAT -- -, -- - ,
.. w hat is all the more creditable, it was there are rr| _' .. frnooaly opxi the gad name of M*.
.Jiuad arranged lyll.e laJie of that W01 e K i1le. and oyvlf M wrfl aid are ralnlatMi Direct CooaectXHU for .
city. They certainly can be coagratalai' ... tnjsrr tW epntatien of the fWD' 0, F.DU8EJ, ii lt,

l apon the socx ftt they schieveJ, and Cir lady I hereby and myself certify alas sad. aseef1 that say such Washington New York and Boston.Through

tf'r & RI1S"dI for their generosity in do- damaging rrportt io relrv, to th*slid y tla, Florida aid .
l rating the ootpot of the 40 l.e editioa lady wtkh have byes aUnbulcd to e e or a*
baring bad ltf.ne.I.r orificatod
by tot an
} for the caste of chanty. stUrl aM &beolatdl far.T Western tickets on sale at principal points.Ateontniodattonb .
------ --- SJ.XDE&S
IVnaBally appeared before tad tau Sad day and cuUine
1 There arse over 100 acre planted invaten&etoe i unkurpavStcl.
.t XQ. tVQ.as Cam F1&. T. S.M.1en. Ie leak
r ia Orange cocnty. Prospects tae wrA ksowa, who btiag 41117 awoes true ; SEND FOR BOOKLET.

V are very bright and gravers are feelirg eN tot the fortftisf Kauecst.. it trwc ia

VV V (hopsAl Already lie c commteswo treir& b parUrcUr.rnbr4 aad sworn ta hefts BM,tit_ day. of( all Kinds H. C. A'"EUr, Coin'l. Alrnt, Jathonrllle .

; ; ; men are gtttiog IB the fceJd to look afte amd yeas at.nwid. E. X. ASDftEffg.Notary .' J. C. YI1TIET, uT. '. i !.R. L P. TUzua, a P. Le

.e the trope Hbhe. TrrrsvnjLE, FLORIDA 6ERULL OmCES EILTOOIT K9

;4 r ; T

{ '- _<' ...
:rv : = s -- -


"* ... ; : t
; .
i .. ".- '. _
,nm.YIIAY 1;' 1986 T HE 'FLORIDA 1 STAR r':5: '- i _


: ... .Tyson.MrlcJaskiaaIWtsd. ; -
ne"'II ,
V J"8HpIU 3 f ,{hx
Bonus Koad& .i 4c
; P.'II' bedtfaae. Surtr-cowcd ;
4rS '
,\ Sill ceroJ* Thejr-curt The;ilissea gaith vi Ud frieafe';aQoay '
,"- ; ;retBTobf Taerfay. *

Mbset ,illattieand Eva .Carter vwited
.YiIt yOmMoAEke! beardattttiWtrm ; HomeMade
or BUCIINGHAII, DYE: friends at Brantl;ysSatarday.:

L rtbliDie JIm ClIo traawerewta.nua.a.aMa ..... Mrs; John Cuter and children spent abw

days last week at CJty,Point. 3

: 1'.run unix tuuxc*. OouJd aay stns IDA icpport or, use hisinfbwace Mr. Gives is 'employed at Bad Oallie,
?> From tisfiavaaaak New la behaif of ,such a bill? It
oo Mr. John Mathers' store boildiog. Have your1cake muffins and bis ,
<: The ,Florida- legislature MW has a would} seem. not.,std (or. several reason, Mrs J. W. Merrill and friend have gone tea .
s chance to'discuss' 'the qoeUonoflheadtMWlityof one of .hleh'lt that aa attempt to stop to their western home in Kansas City, cuit home-made. They will be fresher ;
that-state going Into the the manufacture of liquor would be bat

l1IeJDlGI'Inl'e; tasiaeav Two bilk forM I' to repeat or. add,to the farce of a law Mo.Mr. cleaner and wholesome. '? r
Campbell and family left Thursday more tasty
that: 'pwpoat wen introduced Into thebam. that baa been io effect for years, while to ,

a .on. .Friday. In bit Bret 1D8M&e'i' attempt to stop its transportation into the of Miami.last week for a visit of several! weeks at Royal Baking Powder helps the housewife ?;

to the legislature the governor suggested' state, would be aa .intolerable and interference

4 ,that 'b6I1JOMY that the people now wad with the eonstitotiooal rights Mr. John Casper, who has been quiteill to produce at home quickly and -
economically '
oat of the state for life insurance DraM as of American dtiienshlp that would not is a little improved, being able to be ,

Vs"* well be kept at moms.FL be stood by the people. The Metropolis around again. fine and tasty cake the raised .
The disclosure that have been made is opposed the liquor traffic in all of its Miss Lillian Cain, of Roseland, who ,

e In the fight between the action that are forms, bat it doe. not.approve of any such has been on a visit to Mr Grant's family, hot-biscuit puddings the frosted layer- g

seeking control of the Equitable Life Aaaurance legislation as that proposed by Mr. Bryan returned home Sunday. ,

ter.: society make It clear that life inorance and don't believe he, even, is serious. Mrs. Eunice Schofield opened school cake crisp cookies crullers crusts and '
xr can be sold Let. freak bills alone. We have had ,
for a great deal ten here lau ..etk.a our hut term war
: than the rate at whieb it. $s' now offered enough of such measirw In the past and.' such a toccVtt under her instruction, we muffins, with which the ready-made food ,
by the great insurance companies the info instance have they amounted to as look forward to great work: being done

north, and, that too at a profit,after providing roach u the tune spent or them. This'. this year. Mrs. Schofield! is pleasantly found at the bake-shop or grocery does
ample assets for the protection of liquor bill belongs in the freak class with located at Mrs. ROKS McJnnkin's.

f: polity holdera.bat it u doubtful If the rt,.te 1 perch at the top. Ills about u foolish Mm. John W. Merrill, before leaving not compare.
A as it la unwise and will probably be
of Florida could cocdact the business even never
the school with handsome
at the rates now obtained by the principal entertained in by those who have its disposition presented(bunting) flag. She is very a much inter- Royal is the greatest of bake-day helps. j a
insurance companies, except at a lorn. ested in the welfare Tropic her south

Of coarse there would be no hesitation in WHITE CITY. ern home, and has offered pnze for excellency t.
from ROYAl ftAKIha rOWDtft' CO.. hCW YOU*.
F taking a policy the state, because all Miss in si hool work, which will prove
Lizzie Benson has been
tt. ,of the property of the,state would be security spending a incentive the who --- .. .
several great to pupils are --- -- -- -
: for it, but the danger,would be the days at naturally studious.0A.STOn.T.A.. Some my fine strawberries have len of an sere was planted, more than $TOwa. ,
sentiment and politic that would be connected Mr. Fransen is baring a new 'packing raised at Hcolata this reason by rapt I realized from the tale of berries, notwithstanding t

with the business. The party in louse built this week. .. s. B. Fitihugh Jr. While but a quarter' the very unfavorable tsmaun. bt

fix.Power would! be disposed to take all John Jensen was up from Jensen .Sun gear 110 Yea Bin Knn tosght S.- -__ h___ ,_, ---S ..- _
of risks, provided they were those of pew day to see his friends. tt:;
eons in political'sympathy with it. The Some fine cucumbers are bring ship|>ed -
consequence would be that the state and good price rereiced.Mr .

c would be loaded with policies on the Urn and Mrs. Oteson entertained Mr. ROBBINS GROCERIES, BAY, GRAIN AND ALL FOOD PRODUCTS
of people foot in the .
having one grave.It
and Mrs. Xelson and heat .
family Sunday.Mr. We handle produce of all kinds We are &I ftit for )ra M' FritiliwtB. We deal tlrhlJ\n"
be said that the examining physicians y
may dyatt baa ffiOout on his f>>.rmIIl1t GRAHAM in the above lint of good. and solicit the trade of all crarautr Writ o. for pric**.0
F mould be as strict as the physicians lima and ail Grooeriea, delivered at your itattoo. E. L. UKADY A B&OnTrrvtriUCFLA. r
] north of town which he recently ._, .. .
-------- -- -- -- -- -- -
; +,s of regular! life insurance companies are. co.,
In some caws they would be, but in the (Incorporated. Paid up Capital 123,000.00.) A. G. & BROS''Base
great majority of cues the disposition Meson is now the owner of a horse SPAULDING
would be to pass about all applicants jot and stable and awaiting the arrival ofa This company owns landsin
the Indian Hirer (\>un- '
as It is to pars about all applicants fur nice driinc"acon. try,on the St. Lncie River, Ball and Goods
pensions. In a little while, therefore it Dr. Platt has taken up his residence on at New River' and on Biscay Sporting
would be found that the claims for knees his farm at this place. We welcome the ne Bay.

were greater than the receipts from pre doctor and his family into,our oommnntty PRICES TO SUIT THE TnIF'I. -
miums. Besides the Influence of politicians and society.
The H. & W. B. DREW CO. '
, -, would be great In having bad risks The advent of an ice wanton in town Send for land list. ,

s accepted. cheered the hearts of many of our people'! OrricrsaT .
The machinery for running the.insurance Sunday morning and several! i ice cream Jacksonville,
department would be made' np of freezers were put into use on short ,
-- ------
't 4 party men, and 'therefore, politics and 1atlce.' Distributors for the State of Florida.

r business would be nJxed, a condition of .We drove out to Mr. Edwards' placeforthe JAS. PRiTCHARD & SON,

i _; affaire that doesn't! often produce Mtisfac- first!! time in over a year m-ently and The: trail sur plied) at rnanufa.tnrera'<< iowi price*.
tory results. wfre' irpri Hl to gee how well his pine TITUSVILLE FLA., li'cUil order. and dub outfit recent* cartful\ attention.S s
The &h''btsooM be politician of more looked. They are fruiting quite heavily S f)r (t..tll m ,

or less prominence, and if they were paid and how no itn8of damage; done them .

salaries they' wouldn't get much bnsine, by the freeze of)last winter. KNOW ;1}
and i if they were pafcl l"m\\\\I'io\I'} --- DO YOU WANT TO ALL ABOUT THE
Why suffer \i ith spring tirednm, mean
would nee their political Influence to hate cross feeling, no strength no atiUr{ ?
all eortaof risks aCt- ,kd. There are Holheter's Rocky: Mountain Tea will 4 EAST COAST OF ? .
many other reasons.why the bueiness, if make yon well and keep you "'("II.n'Jli8 05 QRIDA fA!
conduit by the Mat, would be a failure lea or tablets. Ask your drunciL
ail of which will I* brought out during --- Efpi-ciallv I rejtanlinz Fruit Growing, Troding i .,
SURPRISE AND RALLY. Oetieral r'annjpg If w,. .ul*('ril* f> nl+e '
the ditvutfion of the IDt jrct.

A communication was published a rewy Titusville, FU Aprif 30th, 1905.E4itt FLORIDA EAST COAST HOMESEEKER.

tlaysaeo in an -UUnta! paper' showing >r of THK FLOW DA Sna.

that whim. the Wotern and Atlantic rail. I1ea>give me apace in your paper to riMCK 2i O Nr4; mi AN MM.I ,
road of tl.it .uti* a All run br the state U speak a few word for our little town and <*fKDONCE: A MONTH. *\M\'l K am FRKK: '

|suet n.'nt'1' Tl>r Matr ow ulrp the pro|. people at Tituvile.! We are moving AUItfFOSS.E. ,

t erty, trial to Iit1 tl! .. t*it ",paIr I from it. along very nicely I our town is quiet! and Y. BLACKMAN Editor MIAMI FLORIDA.
Now that tl.. i, a<< ,is Van d it yields the peaceable, the people kind loving and r {
Mate a., Land.! ,.roe income flat Flcrula
lOCI. how
bIt! They know to makefriends
would mskr 4 hiturc oi it if it went into We (incite your attention to
and they a!*) love 'their church 'Vi lAG1 :ER CC>. *
- ;,.= the lift* it 'ufai v I u ii .>*. Jbu+initMi, 9 r
tt is era ta |>rt-tlkt, wouldn't pay, simplyberauw and factor. the folio In; close prices on our Hay' Urain Fruit atui
s ,
z., it WMiitln'l be run on tritlly April while and Groceries v
;( Onrid'f., 2Sth lying in Staple Fancy I'nxlureof i\lIlilnd.
' brands of cooking stores
#:. r jsin1?* I.rindl'| !r* and by men ai-quaint my bed resting quietly and about half popular ,
e.t with life h'-nramf. If( the legialaturv
of Florida l. wine it will keep the state asleep I heard an alarm at the door I known an the "Prince4 and the T'iBT.IJJLL.S.1 SPECl.J/T1 : '

out of tusinet ventorea. vied who came? I received i o answi r in "
0. K. Queen: Tituevilloa I I Florida. ,r
; reply, and in a short time the donr ash

: PROPOSED AIIENDBNT.E'.c unWktd the windows open and in came i-1;i Prince Stoves : 6.00 ,

about 30 or 4O people, singing and Uogh- .. Organs. Organs. Organs.
hare had introduced log, to the dark Itouw. Of coorw, I 8.17 : (t.OOO. '

Ttwpt ral) people I l.rr.ainod-I..le to toufri i like nt-'' I'rice {>. Drop u* a card xhn Y'JQ iarlt

Y ,. a resolution for the adoption of an thought many things, but toon my fright, K.; Green Stores VM 11.00Ml work for ot to dodlh-.. J- M. M BROCK, COCOA. FLORIDA.
1r&mfDdlll ent to the constitution M> the wasov and in camt' a large grocery bu
., ..
i people ,can vote and my whether the ket heaped up with po< :
If this .1 knew not how to thank them far their R. V. DOUGLASS : : E
t whole state shall bit wet or dry. : *. *. Vti-1 16.M( ) : :
s ahoold pass you will sees" whole lot of kind a C This surprise was gotten up by ''' '''- ..

j:; people-'iunting new exru-ies fur anti"Rt Mrs. Julia KJniore: and Y fl. Kale Gib:*>n, Illustrated circular ghins full I-ahrin., General Merchandise
: iwet. It has been their custom in the Mtowec\ ty a ht Of other, both Metho ,

past to say if they cowl help n>te \t..I'I dies and Baptists.Wea' ; particulars on application toJAS.PHITCHARDXSO.V toas..ttU fit everytblctuioailJ .....

t ; state dry they would tote a dry ticket. t I !!*> arranged for a rally on April keptIi a ROCELZDOE, ILA.ert .
I :k"Jth. with four dabs; No. i, Mrs litbecra .,.v..ror tnra.... -

Lab aU IGd'u. I JohnK nNo.2, Mr KittieIlonter; Titusiille, Florida..iDYKKTIiKMEXT s

:ometittiea, by ow reachinjr, ** It.-.e;,. Xo 3. Mb Wes a } monOn. No 4, Mm. -- ...

,.,1. all Ai it now stands, l'Wtll"ptioo allows'|I Ii ', Matilda Maswell. The rally .a.a grand IT M IHTER: MLC.
> :" elections W be held to tfeci.ie wMh i if in- jOR*. We only had two wrvkw. ,\I.t {"Dolt T &o4 by rtrtat of Jw(.f tu raised
taunting i Ui)uun, wine or tree shall I e': p. m. t:&>.. B. J.Jamea preached aneicrilf ! |! of Honda, nude aad rater*} im tk.ytkday.
' sold la 'l1ot A p>!; nt N-rmon from Matthew 6:10-TbyKifigdccn .
t any '' county may f Ajpnt \ IX b.A tithe wit el WQ.
\t -f ' sold. If the prohibition amendment I power and ton,. At 730 Rev. M. R s.m. faJtorlsr uf. a -J be .bll as .i..w sa.-kr aj ulat mt th.ft by,
" carries,10 as to allow the entire state W!lIOn preached a grand sermon from Luke .ad.ll-W ttsmia.o ID (... oSer vet siteaad..Ii
' this qnestkm' and article 19 is'' 17.17-Were there DOC ten chactd! t. frost .f tfc. donr fIl 1M enwj"sore
Tote on ui Brnal'l1 neat} >a TIus l.. rlQr.
:' .. : repeakd the nato sltooU fad to camfortbeteopenmce .taut I abeam are the nice! Remade us, ids M1;..stk d&, rot Jue. A. D. 1M wtfis
" : people liquor rood 1 all feel irratefoi in works of the Lord. jba kcal tw.n dIe ua said dale Ut f.t-

f be I01d at every crwarMuL Brtter ".., The rpuin of dot came forward to lowtaa4.ier: that rmAiik*tptoterty.witAlt 'rat: .f lead lia' < ac.4 W
I' .i; will eooogo alone." lift the roUectk and make their reporbi. iq &A the eo.tt s lit Brt'nzt ..Dd.fJ .ia. .
Mrs. Rebecca Joheaon I"tfCMtIJ90)( state e4 r..nds. ia wwsbipa tn.tT oil aadtweatyeae Take-Down Repeating Shotguns r
{23t ..,.t raaaeg t. utytkteelII
..l4i. 1Caa1 KtboopeI-- Mine IxWla Edmorjofl fn.76, M'"!. MaUl : ;..tht'rty fear till aid tbmy.dre t3Jl dill The notjoa that one meat pay freto Sfty dollars tip rude in orsier LI grt
' ? Wa biofton Maxwell INJ. Mrs Kittie Hunter 01 1M T4'lha..i Dfftdi:\>>.w mpos sbeI8pIo baa ten aims
( Mr. Bryan, reprericata Ice from -Ida uafiiiarTmce ['aiW iJ... a good a&otfua army c1..pce4 the ittt &f
:. ooanty has Introduced a btU 13.. Total, m 01. Mr*. Rhoda Walstine of \JDmCfo M the &ru40 Sept ep.aytk the Wiac&cstcr Rtf atie< fix attn. TbrM gsss arc K;4 within rtiaI

; .i. ,ameadiBf eeetioa 1 of smirk of th. reported into this $8 M. ape a a craat rf KXtrra tkxoud O18W tm ., o/ almost vcrybod/'a purM. Th y art safe, stroeg. rt atle and Lear :1.
land !r1c aluat U* Iwliui Ktrtr iscec .w
tats cooetitulioa, to read as follows: lover of her chart Miaa4 ga:., U tW ki t.a& biddy a& I When it asses to thootiTig .salt>ei BO gun nada beats thc=. nan ,
T '4 The Btaofcctar*. traa fortat o and Too ooch cannot be said for the said via fcrat I Btad ia II and it gaagt. Step into a gaa atort and cumin ont.LwNCHESTgH'RENTING 1
H.L Hunnaos. a..W UI' ''' .s' W,. trbhea1
oIlJooIW\c' IhjoMMa ,benrat ilonvcr people cI ntmro.a. R frtfally,
Mb ..... XMltr : AIMS co.. N&W AVL MTcONM.
prohibited la UM! ttttw otFbeida." (i T. MOTO n&UTiIJ Florida VAJ Stk. UQft.

s. ty..


- fta .

!* ""i "5. r? --
*- / T- -- i *- ?? .
.- ".::-.' >; -. '- st r- .. "' ..;,'j:, .''..(.


/ r

0 .

> THWFLOR >Sl' 'tIT FRIDAY, }1AY.UI 1905 t ;.aJ 1

----- -- --- -- ----- -
.. --- -- -2
fJ: < : '< -f.' '. "' .
a sincerely Christian man. iiI'l t'- 'IIJ.MJ'J.. :::,;,:;
The question will arise bow to rtconcQe -
the prlrate Christian character .I 1
We x
.: < IUk1t.
;L, Tr's -'- r i' tJr. ., with the larger public deaUa* %&e BUY PAINTS E MANUFAQTUREI1 f

.. ;. ....t .lIiniater'L> world of finance. And It is ousCIaf. :

,.: .,.-'::..'.';..I Jjf"fr% *- -'JW'; : "". Wk i 4 t'iMtt th:geptttoq t h1i m.more Druggists Who Sell : ,

'". .,;;_.; ". ... iI. .'. ttJad oo! 'of ,< cqD, ._ ,',i d -.ii
h Dr. Miles9
......: .. -.;>. i $r... ifj J f. eouJf.ltye'Ibq"'ftft'"DOT1atWi 1IJDrttlt y 7 ny to Agree. If It Nenrlne Fails Than to any other house r

:'* 'lf I1EEBELY CHBISTIAH 1CAV in the World for first class
me. They were to him. But I make Refund Cost.
attempt at reconciliation either toeatisty best ..
-- DO -Z41 high grade, quality
.: W owatB4 ortll! minds of Of coon we reimburse the druggist .
:! "'11r.' .iollig.iritl.i; .LitieUeY,:; others:' "I Mmptr'fcar'wttneas; to the You know htm. tad trust him. Paints. Sold ready

'C.'Wa. .. w..i :I.Mlau.a Cla*. Dr. VBef Nervlao ta medicine for yourhenna for in form
::: lasting impression of Christian:: 'character use or paste ,
4- &.* WUh !B* keteU.. aavsta and sincerity which, that (bterwcrw be thinned down
; It cure diseases of the Internal or- to
:; r & .... ra.n,, say. i. Mt...s iV made opon oe.", gags by giving ton to the nerves which / S from the -

:. ......... a.i'iife.'t.; XX sla Ms> h make th *. prams work. ..' / ] Buy only

.,,,- ,}'. ; ,- 0-.. M r.......... ; Ooe of the greatest brewings! modest It Is a novel theory-no\ of anatomy, paint manufacturing houseIn
man &n wish miI':good,' rvfiable set of but of treatment; first discovered by PJ -
'.lit-.co 5-y : The clearest Iratgbt Into the' diameter bowels* If yon are not the happy poe es- Dr. Miles, and since made CM of bf country selling

fJt' of John D, Rockefeller exec obtain fOr of such an outfit you can greatly im- many wide-awake physicians who appreciate direct from mills to user,

:r w; t ell by those' not 'intimaterwith /' a .Ocl ted prote"hee&iency of those joa have by Its wile In treaties the sick. All other Paint> makers <
fo he jtnliciwa use of Chamberlain' Stoovaeba&dLmr If you are sick wa oCer you & way to

h1lJyu'lna; pastor' of the recently'byHntchlna Congregational JOOI\ Tablets, For sale by. 'RedCross be .made well-Dr. Maes' Nervine. depend on dealers for the sale of their paints. .
w ; Pharmacy.8ri ; This medicine is a scientific cure for
church of Litebneld. COQIL. aays the en'f' disorders such as Neuralgia.Headache. That means one heavy expense and one profit that

'" New York American. ..s Da..... Less of Memory, Sleepless we cut out of our business.We ..
l air. Iltttchini spent a week In the "I'm glad to see you didn't laugh; at ness Spasms. Backache St-! VKus
rK + spring of 1903 Intimately associated that poor old.man when he fell down." Dance, Epilepsy or F1U. Nervous Pibstration. sell direct to the man that uses paint.

s with lIr Rockefeller and his family, said the stranger etc. You may think that you an do as well at we coulddo
By toning up the nerves. Dr. Mills'
3 and. basing' hi* Judgment upon that opportunity That's ray gr .n'pop." the little. boy Restorative Nervine .ffl also chin those for you, if you should try to buy a certain brand of
f for learning ouch of the real led. "Oh boo booDon't diseases of the Internal due
tow ; organs to tht well of direct from the
character, of 'the millionaire, he declares cry, boy There's nothingerloos a disordered nervous system.Some paint _you thought manu

: )ii. Rockefeller to tea man of *. -' of these are: Indirection. EU- But you would make a mistake. 0

the most Intensely religious convictions wow;! He sat v"Ob dtarn la my mud Ious Headache. Kidney Trouble Chronic. The manufacturer might take your money and sell
; Constipation Dropsy Catarrh Rheumatism i -j.
4 t and a man sincerely endeavoring *
pies an rn bet he's burled tm aU.1Press -
-K the but he .would take '
etc. paint care to charge as
to accomplish as much as possible for you you
I'ttlladelphlas "My brother bad nervous prostration, I'I'I
tt the good of.the world.. ,This certificate and was not expected to 11\e. I prr.vatled much for the paintas if you bought it from a dealer. lIe

j'; of good character for Mr. Rockefeller Bilious Bill was getting bloated, upon Nervine him to and try now l>r. he Miles'Restorative Las would put on that extra profit "protect the dealer"Ve ) I f

i} was given gratuitously by Mr. Hutchins. And his tongue was muchly coated. tully overed. You rfmemlr I wrote \ have l
pj Patent 'Hotucu" wouldn't cure him, you how It saved my life a few years no salesmen or agents to increase the cost :
ago. when 1 had nervous troubl" I
;. 1 Inspired by the attacks made upon Companies would! not insure him. preach its merits to everyone."-IlEV. of our paints to the consumer. I t
1- air Rockefeller and his "tainted money All his friend were badly frighten' H. 1. MTKR3. C'orl't'<'lIonnUe. Iowa k
\\ e to the that the the lowest
man uses paint
'f. : ," be told of the inner life u bert Bat their spirits soon were lightened, FREE Write Jo'rPe us and we will mall quote I I

knows It auM which be believes to be For Bill said-ami they believed him, Dr. Miles'you Anti-Pain a Trial Pills,Package the ,w.8e1.nUl1e of. and best price reserving no margin to protect agents.: f
A Early Riser pills relieved him. Remedy for Pain. >Uo Symp
We ;
x! of to make it freight. I
'errt a sort consistently practicable the famous little pills, Early: Risers, tom lilank for our Sp<<1all't to diagnose pay
.g for any church' or missionary your case and tell you whAt Is wrong
cure constipation sick b..adadlbilioue- and how to Tight It. AI"ueIYnoe.. gladly advise our customers about paints.
i1 society to accept freely of Mr. Rockefeller's less, etc., by their tonic effect on the liver. >d"..: 1R. MILKS MKr ICAJ. CO., \Vrite for cards advice I
and blanks
gifts. riie> never gripe or sicken, but impart ULKUltATOlUEa: KiKMIlalrs.; .1 T, 1.1J. sample paint am}

x if "In the early spring of 1003 Mr. early rising energy. Good for childrenor --,- -- -, -- -, -- showing how to measure houses to show the quantity of .

? '. Rockefeller and his family came tj adults gold by the Rat Croaa Pliar- Two paint required.Ask f

.t one of the smaller mountain resorts" mar), KauGallie Pharmacy, and Chat.P. ,\Ybf'n \I. doubt

t.: :;. aakl Mr. Ilntchlns, "and I wu brought Campbell, )Ielhourne.'I Play a trump any first class business house or any bank in New Orleans, or I' f

rJ, '" accidentally Into a week of,close con lemele.t."Is But It's optional with you. the mercantile agencies if we are responsible. t t
Wh--n In love
;:: tact with him. It..u in the month 'I "
his new auto a good one? flay a chv.mp f IftJJ
t: I of May The wild viburnum was in "Yes It's a beautiful red.w-Chcagu! That's what you're bound to do! ttR.. McWilliams Limited.

:' blossom on the .mountain. The season Inter Ocean. New Orleans Thn<> -Democrat.She .
h had pot opened jet. and I wu the only tJ Store and Offices, 342 C.mp'StretL I

l' cuest, It the hotel and by sufferance! The FMlmUt ..< the Ilaser. Saving 111..11. Factories, 1135, un, 1131), INI South Front Street. !
..' the wbo with -W>!1, then. If we mut.t wono
for I knew proprietor, "Life I. real life Is earnest. New Orleans, Louisiana,
his family, waa making ready for the Tnos the psalmist gravely spoke. mlze I might do the choking tuys*>lf. I .
opening, had he been a college hater lIe (TiastiljH-, no. it's cheaper to ESTABLISHED 1893. The oldest paint manufacturin;; late in run I

He'd have thought life was a joke.t house tinuous successful operation under one south of JjoumiKe I 11 11'I
"Word came to my friend the proprietor Boston Transcript. keep a servant girl in the than a management,

: : that John D. Rockefeller and J-tor.-Kowton lIt>ralcl. or St. Louis. ,

'! f his ,family would like to occupy the Tlm Tried and Merit Protest. I I

place for a week or two and occupy it One Minute Cough Cure is right on A Jap Chap. .... ,'...v1!!' :" -=-:- f

$: e alone to the exclusion of other guests. time when it conies to curing coughs, I know a little Jap. an' he's

This was because of the nervous breakdown Croup( whooping coughs, etc. It is perfectly A type of perfect: Japan fOaM .
And when his knees -
upon Japan -- ---
r. of one of his daughters. So terms harmless plrt>ant to 'take and if He holds his little Japan mere
wit the children's favorite rough 1)1 lip. Sold I'm envious of the an' he'.
t were made and the family arrived. chap
f :: by Red l'Nf.l Pharmacy, Eao Oailie Pharmacy My bean Ideal of Japanese!
Hutchlns In letter the Newt
Mr. a
and Chas. Campbell Melbourne .& r East Coast
York Tribune then explained the manner Railway.

1t d la which be met Mr. Rockefeller The a..1 Thlag.t Strictly Gen.Ue,

t- and of the acquaintance that developed. "He acts like a tool" Mont of the patent medicine) te timonial I!
Local Time Card No. 62. In Effect 17 Itt3.
; The Intimacy that was developed I "No. An actor could never come as are prodabljr genuine. The fol- April ,

!,- In the little hotel during the week that close to nature as that" lowing notion reently .pj* re it t: followed gave Mr. Hutcblns an excellent (Kan) Gklbe: "Joe Tack, IIlIell soi1TN-SOVND-NU0 DflWH.Trains .OIT..OU. -aUD '.

; t opportunity to observe the method The l.rr.afer.He known engineer{ running l''t'At'e l : I I I I II
I: t .f life of the family of New York's led her to the altar- Wichita and Klnu, lately l appeared in a a.. it .* It sTATIONS is/.T.lut.1

1 it. t!" rkbeit millionaire lie was Impressed That was the fatal step >innp) with a picture, and when he wan DINT. OaUj.IMP ., Be j. '.Of.

if.' r by the simplicity and deeply religious For there and then the .man gays> up this Hice today, we Mini him about 49ft. L* ...._.Jo-keonvlfe. ...._. Ar,-TOOpUp tie a]
( character of an its members. There All right to leadership.New it. lie Rays he had terrific |wins in hi' sup 9 41 a! __._110.. hch..U1e_._ L' tits ,
:.i- Orleans Times-Democrat. stomach and thou/ht lit had cancer I Up,104 ft; ... .._ AUUtlH _...._ .. IMp IM .
was nothing of pretense and no reason. his[ drujsist reontnuwniltsl Kud I and belays IMplllla ..""........._B..UII'._ ., 4 Up 141 a
; : be says for attempting to'glve him any S.Lost Mother."Consumption it cured him. lie recommended it ItplltOa.I .:..._ .Iu' ta!.,..... 114 p Sue

b if false Impression. runs in our family! and v) others. who were also cured." K'MI"1 T Up Jt, IS pi Ar4Jp ........... .. .hl.'.. ...._...._ lap I00 4t
J: ; i "One feature of the morning prayers through it I kt mv mother," writes t:. IIY"llt'pilia (Mire ijvets what you eat and 00 a 11 UaLv! ............., .Palaua ......._.. .._. L.1' OO P (44ft .

f: i made a deep impression" be aays. ".u R Reid of Harmony, Me. "For the enret all stomach troubles Jud an surely 0. -l----I-' _,...-..-....Bas M4k '1 they rose from their knees each child past five year, however on the slightest I a* the ran elfines tour rtotnach ran Iwlirought :1op 800 ., Lv.,..". anMa4u ..--....... ArI2spltOF !I Cj

.; } greeted the father and mother with a sign of a coutfh or cold, I have taken [r. bark to its onjrinally pure con -3/s p,-11 Jl p' L-* ..._........... l "-*>e% .. .. ....... L. '-j I TP! 1 MIMft. ''
..' kiss 'and then the members of the King's New Discovery for Consumption, dilioo and life 8eetenedby ibis laMing 99and 1 OS plS 47 ..._.........BunlurlU.._.. ......_... .. I 44 pi 5 .
which has saved me from M-riou long and Inilr tl"'lrt'IrliKOOI'tAnt knnwu. 1 10 p'll 55 p' .. .,.. ? .. ....llqp". .._... ._... .' S II p' l n. ,*.
i ; family, one after the other held out the death sad 'nl,1 Red Cruen FAn GatlirPiiarntacy k 41 p 115 pi! ............._...Orui"D '..... ...... .. 4tft
trouble. His was a by Pharmacy, .......... .. N"I'
h ; hand to those of us who were guests. 51 P 130 p, __. 4J".O' ._ ..-. 41 ft
lots for Mr. Reid, but he learned that and CllaF.. Campbell, Mel t 64 p 1sip ..... ..... .)',.r' Oraaty .. !I i w p tile 2i f
.. ;!II t The greeting of the father and mother lung trouble mut not be neglected and I\lHIlf'. 0 2S.. 713 pi!Ar ._. }i*. fiinjtbft .. i ilWpi 1 4 lift :: t
) ,a with a kits after prayers bad been the bow to cure it. Jnicke relief for l'nuahs, 10 lia 1 N p' Ar ....-.,._.. Lat. Helen' Lf K4ip! It p 5* t103'ta'islp
f pretty.custom in toy own early English and cold Print .VX and $I.( ). Guaranteed Trains ., .. '" ..._Ota.... Oly >. II U p.CM 1IS.
r. home, and I was able the better to feel at Red Cross Pharmacy. Trial 10 41 n.1!! 4 00 p) O'&l1l. City Jam U",, II III"'I' iP
THEORE --- ---
.; the beauty of It. Mr. Rockefeller and bottles free. a* pi I i 25 p' rr. ............. Imyra.. ..... .. LwI 1 W |> 4 MalOda
....._. .._.. .... .
I bad opportunities tor conversation ATFAMILY 10 00 ft J SVpi II III 1 i4f 3311
many +
I. tarat Re*>lt. C 10I> J.j 3 Svtp' Ar ......... ,Tn..uU. .. ; I III' 3
and these talks were more often i -- ,
Tom-I wonder why Freda sweet- o 0
11.t.-.r 10 W a st rue
t: thin of I
matters religionAft.
not upon henrt give him the wit ten? I ..........10 00 a.U .. _r.zttor4 t r (4.
er more than twenty-five years of con- 3H
1 tart with Cbrtdtltn reality and Its Jflck-Becaufie be told her a lot of p Cars 10 31 pi 1 30 p;; Lf .., =.._ TllarniTtl Lv 1 lip Ma
yarns I believe.-IMrolt Tribune.The lap* 4 ftp .. .__,......_. ..0.,... .. U Ii !' 2 laJ .
''' .
counterfeit pretense I know. If I know Un p, 4 Up ...._ ._a..c&Ifw1 .,........... ... t2tus4 HaI 3
b': anything at all of socb matters that I 11 .13 VI' 41 pi ..._ ......._I.QU.I_. 11'I. la
Brake "'_Ia.. ; 11 M*. 4Mp ._...__K.ltp..J" ." H 1'. a IUa 5"w
of', was talking with a sincerely Christianman. "But we have nothing In common'" Inedford's Black-Drant"bt comes 11 SI ft 5 JTp .. ............._boI.U..I1 ..,.,.. II ". alla H (lai
." 1 39I 6 W p'; ..__.__. II' 1.1IP1., ,v U (JUa
She answered him. wjwtlmd.Iton't nearer regulating the entire system I .. _.. .. i'45 II .
j 1 La! f 41 | _.ur. l1.re_ i lip N
Aa Illuminating Insight In the Influence I want It" aad! h- qulcklrTru sad keeping the body in health than I I 3 II&! T UI |rl> _? _.__?_TIN-sI.. ... .. e$1 13 0 ;
: of John D. Rockefeller's en unallty .t nothtag but: 'prrf.rrvd' any other meilicine made. It U HUt" 12 P; .._ ,.. .. ._ ,4n. ... ........ 9 ib all ttp.la
| I' Brooklyn Uf J 1'1. T 17 p ...... .........._.l"II"'D > II Up -
9 upon his son I. jirt-n In this description always ready in & to 2 n.1 T 25 p' .... ....._.,...._. \\O&rL-_ ..... ..._. ? lla4Ia 11 td 3:
of "a characteristic Incident I A l>l.*.tr.u. Calamity. treat aHme&U that aremrfrequent In aon.lt4pt: 1 .__ 1101011 .'?JR''' .. 10 M p

reported by )lr.l1ut<'llwl. I I It is a diwnroos ealamiir when you any family, such ai indirection.bifioainew BuffetSleeping sac 404' tin- .._.., .we.t Japr'b..rn..r .,_-. '.' tN'-u.t.nl ,C.

"While at the mountain resort Mr.Rockefeller iow your health because! in constipation have nat went: to the city for a day. relief on be KaJ in Dr Kinds New Lift Black-Dnngbt II! the f 2.1.11 p -.- _....,Laa.J.'rtJae : a, : u' .
On his return be told me that be bad standard for t 4t a 18 :3ft p ...,..-., .. Danl. 4... totj tt
Pills. They build op Your digrHivi or never-failicg remedy t Ma 194Jp< ..._.._.Jl&1J&Ii'hI._........ : ii e Tllpj
found his son at church teaching an can and cure headache, tliuint, colic, itom&ch. bowel, liter and kidney ( }4allVtp ....?.,.... Lesn.m tltJ ...... .. 14 a> t 2t
w evening class of young men. There the cou ration. etc. Gnaranu at lit* troubles. It is a cure for the domestic Sialllipir _..... Ki.mi ... 1. i31s' 17e II

.... father sought him out and In speaking: Cross Pharmacy, :'c. Ols which so frcvpecUy! nnnracn &IIJi- -D.It

It to me of It afterward said.! 'Mr. Hatch- the doctor It Uai good children I II. MOMCSVIAD IITCNSIOML Et,;
T..... u it u for grown persons. A doN of :.. 1 ava.
Ins I would rather have my son fllllncu ,
; : .u.- a part u that than to are him alt 1 I I He ncvre-1 on. "the price of meat this oediune every day will soon ..IUa.- L* MUmi ... .. i <* (
e Ao4 sighed 1ft rom then tar for. cure the most: obstinate CUt d dye v oua Ar. { .1D..te&It. ir I4lp sas.
ting king a throw' This steak, alas Is tough to eat "
upon t I I nwia or oonstipatioB, and when i. ;
1- Fully u Interesting as Uteee descrtpttoea And airs touts to pay for \l.bGu directed brings quick relief -- -.-= :-::=:::::.-. '-.- t
-D.trott Tree Press tree 21 -.. i. a.. IT as iisosp > I lb. _.. 10 ... 0 la. It ;
I of Mr. Rockefeller's intimate peri i .- DAtrvntt,w..DeL H.1M. Daly ,.alajSwayw.te, D&ly : ..A"0 ItT S U",M. I' ts., I..., i j
J ,.\Mlnt. are the deduction and opts ". Os*. L tur. TW4for I:a.t.Dn.lu 11M via ar Silas Otty'o.t1_ : 0." iss.a D..... o.u,. i..i. lli.ill l'
tka.tr fosse tat Ice aM -! -'- -
.:.; turn of Mr. Ilntchln! bawd upon th' From the Chapin. S. c. New: IAn a. .... .... .sr .in( .. ,.. batty we vu1 Ire 1Ui$2Wp'Is 'oo.t...._ l.h.lflJ&f 3.1a12tIL141; s11p
knowledge acquired! by him during that ...... a 4n... aM &Ie 4'1 rapt to ,.. .. 005 "PJOtfo Ma 'M.Af _._S) J..t.mvlw t* IneI1elssnMp :. .
!:\ I, in the spring my wife and I were taken "art w. Mrs.... Iota .t -r forM tap 124p; 2e.ipiI0e ISh _._.PtlioIt arh...- .. 13ea11ie Np.ISp( ., ...,
: ,' week of association! with Mr. Rocke i with diarrhoea and so ( 'rert.rre the ....' MU.. eat ... a.eGf IU' ..u I P t V S*. I Up It It. I4tt Attaetka'.cd. .- '" 1t4.3115a/N. PI 121
feller. Continuing said: pains thai w. railed a physician who pre was :... ..", B4 8. UI>D. tosJ taid100P15)eaiter ... ga,...." ....... 'tav.llwa. iul/uP p
I II -: '
"From those day to this one I bare xnbd for u*. bot bit medicines &U d tog I Ask jw oaa>r far a package ftTh.dtord' ----1

t. : never seen Mr. Rockefellr-: again antitun I Male+'Te sac of Cfcamrrtaitt'rvlitrL A friend Colic, Cholera who had aDd a I >.. mot keep. )jtark U ea4- >ru"He.to t Ta sa4 C4'Te.Medlrta.O. tfeV he.- ( PEMXSOU LID occiDE m sraismr COXXICTIQNS IT lUlL ':

had no tDtft'toone.with. hIm otacrwla a .,
I have read much of what h*. Diartlloea Ecmiy on hind gave each 01 and a t.cksge w1tt CAatsaaeo1aTaa.a railed w tea
: '1S a dose! ?and *eat ono- felt the efiecta Close CMaettlts Mae at Baal .itb SuaaUist l tl tt. rV 0. 1 i. C:..fuy ht
been wriuea about bUD and his c atwctbo <
T prorarM bottle ami before urIC the
wits the SU&lar OH: cared. HAVANA AND KEY WEST. ,
cone entire conteoU we were entirely
: rsicy. I reaHte the Incorss-ultr !I It is a wonderful rf't1u"'r and should be
sltoatioa and lament It I have beard .fr>o8d in etery hoa.hrtM. "c. BaRey. {
'fbIoM Ttn TaW. thew la* tlaiesMnUeAaou. at.tlee traits sty Nupuwl a, am..6&.....,.,.
;:: a-man and a minister o? Mr Roekft4lert fdilor. This reined., bforsaicat Red 'I Lwta at.. Ml Ut