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l'" ,6' < D. ...It,.. where men own 1M) nd they frred. Irvin-our cvuua the Important bla extraorillnary aner 1'1.!..to occupy an In oil and compete for the honor Hydraulic Jack our SpecialtyVatoonatIIIotaa
a xvea position the Gorernmeat
i of banns It hung In the Whit Jar ri,..:. \
live upon said ) Co
obtain their
u uaaac or* lleforo tbo SpanUh-Amerlraa ,
from: th* aoU. I Five or .lx .bundreil yean ago the J War be was a fount lawyer of his ICouee.wife,)and Jr. Murphy.It 'was choaea did so.la aided preference by bibs-. ....ice'-.' ...... ...... Hy the atilt I N Del' ... .. T. City.SILOS.

Tot there la aa wnaereurreat of quiet boy In lbe. old town of trIi.b! ,. I.0 atandlng la Baa rraacinco.: It to tile hundred or nor t.. t.... .bat. a... lay .es stars __ -
, -f" fore at work, year by year becoming. Ijitcolnchlre.: Knj: looked forward. tn paiatlac _. .
I better ercaaiaed! and 'with broader. power ITow-JIwtMljy' aa eagerly a* ta *e of If tk-i .rt r--L '..... i._ |M> tore
who* tendency la to overcome Ibis. today antfcipate Chrtiituaa." This matulm and rM w r a i rrr.

,'. i hurtful condition sad stem the tide feast warn Uv.rr v.....1001....... It nraolslid tkrr.n mswbrg ..... .
fuss, .... said ToTtaa rta .
of ImmUratloa ] eccitement. n procewiiaa. tletrit.il
away from tbe land and a Pd .
tato a.... already overcrowded' center. .al nalht.. usually oat of Tb* Yellowstone treat baa bees .... lee CN.raaa

XadMtrlal sad arrtcaltaral acbtmea of door oa the br... d dotk.*. a ebarebseryKs caught In tb. very met of Rolnc over
dceatloa ar* lading foothold her with armton. amt t grand Two Orson !*.... from the I'jcUte Into eta Tack 6 o.. Ml I N. Green SL,

and there, and nature atudy tonnes toar- aid fa. '"t .at..w.D far hate the Atl.intlr "'. re. Cfalcaeo 111.
Lad achool gardens wher children the nlclit." it wa known as "Ilnnirb* .
Monday. or the giving of thank 4I
are taacht to know aoiaethliic of the
sod aad ptaata sad the real woadera .fnature the .harvest of crop It catue at the The Most Safisfacf
> clone of the. L"11..IW.., holiday> *. w u i ory UglitT1
ar* BO longer _11.4 at or officially .
srd. tli. .
rreogt layer of
the >.A.eULMB. lssM she...
looked ,r.M
upon aa fada. NWW..r.w "- bMthaanAngle
town leading th* proo... awl bit ... It....._ 1 *
T. Tit hit Real LJfe.Thla "brethren1 foliowlmr pruudly Tix: err nb.M:s..r= u tt ebb She am.me.rust ..d .s.t -cr- grit
day .....-.. early and active .*......|* I..brt.. .e.,.. b. .tor=W fa....., h W..- atones r but..aa.s.. t1
movement embrace th. de Hocked into town. m I..rC b.M.M..rber.d..... Ywa er.see us .rise and /line
,. aaad for the teaching of domeatUaeteac wW. and al.up.krrperf.tra.l .. .sMr ras.krN...a tbm s5.md..wt O..blo'a......F..laws
<1lr<""-| pet' runs b... '
I and pltnUty. 1" Q.ri.ai. us lb' .mekeu..ee..dow
L acrtcuitur* sad manal Good cheer, good fowl g-...J :::- =::= ::NsotI.m1: :::-:
tratalaa ta all the pnbUc schools ale. ab II. lu au I.. ... Tb plonub :
*o that children. shall b* t.qht to a roiumon' farm Jmr..III.I&-. .- Ii .rbd..... ..a..dor .... bale ef md,_.
b .
sobr..1. us.rh. crro.ri 0.
work wlta their. bands and to force decked 'with brilliant fcbrlca. TIM ;, : c...... i
from the noil the greatet possible 'ullorird...... lot lined up along gaily w:7 ..... .1 sos ede i lass's.w' '; ..r.

production, aa they to4aT.e.- ... la tbe rope* attached to tUe He" via,
public schools of Franpe. Denmark and III. Honor', the" )1","". at tbe band! -TJIE.

ether of Ute older _'''1'1... Th newBBOvemeat l.ke a teamUmt i>.i..t. fur It was often
i &I maintain! that every school a cbaae: Ilk* the wt,-.... up start, and

houM base. a school ..1'11.... .h.... ev. down. IM-II ..IL III.. odlcial mbvc. Lamp
all child houI4 lie intellltfrntly tau.ht dlnatra luUC>wd; tI.> .-. tk p....|.U bf
th* luau amt aw sew.....boss od r .
rout old mire .
to be a lover ef nature and of the! Lien from : and Hi* far- rpeae.bewtrIiv.' _p.. _..... _. y ..rws4.4.w.
nuntry and trained toward the land asa the neighboring """ 'UI7. 1............. rri,a_. >e_..a ...... boss.....w rm ., in.-ear. 1w.:Nor
..sirs crt kn enr.ble 1t..Ilb.oA. ..rh. Lake tb* Orts P..a4&. al..suul eevv.boss..us__....w ...... tie .r.bes er ...... nb..bv
-- -----" --- bw..1 at ha eoe..... -.......l.y w....M...............-.. bin. ....d..r
a r than away from It. TINoJ' dngred the plouxn and the ....W"..... .....................--......-.-._......... .... sass-II. AMM
BOOM of th* work' of the IVpartBMBtef Mayor and all tb* old folk' tLronca e+rr "b.r.s 1t .. Ii ....w No.e......IN..._ar.N.1...... as4 rise sac _ssA

Acrtraltar shows tb. trtmadoua the .lr.rtc >la lnr. almuuuc. and Iwo.l 30 awJa RInNIt TrIaL =ed..y..a.... P _M._ ..rs s.4.-a Ras. +.''t
f aced wblcb xlU for farm trainJac.ft slag: frvu door to duos for Iou..., lousy.aa.ase; trap.....-.b.rwsr..a..Mar..wwus....- TttR ma LI i.
hire!. or ......>ver AMitt MFa.CA,0M Smear ly Mw Task.w .
:: !' ..4 for Farm Teat Wsg. flven; jway. Aim ei and was n be
present -
.; r To lie a aaeccMfal lal'llM'r today riven for d1etnbuUoaalr UM. p ur. .
suns that a was taoat not b. aatlaavd Th company was led IJ' a wrL I

to plant aa j- tow him. but that ha must study tboadlUoaa dler. or aererat called. mlntree| and j

of hU aoll sod cUmaw. and a &U'ODC". wlh a cart ta" carry that
If Ia..i... I
IMC8II&I'F diacard aa vaprofllabto gathered oa u..
wry. Wbn I _d flea tin .. P. C. C ftMlraa**.
I the
? tb. crops wblca. have ..... ralad la prm-rssloti Lad covervit every I
his locality' Ia tome laaaM>morUl and treet" to* ptough 'w.. dratted. late tb* I Prep rgtl.a eaIr. .4 We d. INJ
vbatltata tbo*. wbUb' aclraUfl en.p.rlmenu church, and placed before as .Itar. I I

bavo .._........it. ar* tbTMttfat .' .All tand Uwn wUWrew to j j woZM.g std p.a add! the w"MnGL.tlYDIIO

no. .y auacr; a. ainat. study .pen epac. year the dock, whena' j .
the bcdi c of plaau a. pilaF ..lei ". j Dr1KtDPCR:
aa ou4
tb. play
i rvadlac ot aalauOa: b. mist. Ivara the"I bJe waa eaUe4 -\." eatIon'raand j I /,l .. P. C. C. Ta old ......bp. tl cent for ate

low to sabot sod O"ereoIIMIa.. away. ti"Jli.J' *performs cou-Uted I BCVOJOPTJINoopoieonoa tub**, aaakteg up ta* sumo aaaouatoCdev

taaeta .... other aaaailM. of .bla crops rook ptrta- of Cod..the other Chat I I *and wd nt atainth *toper.n. .

aad llv. stock; la a 'word fc. m the don. the fret 'wonun.*aiber., Aagera. M cent.lot... ......um tent r. C. c. UPU tonxm .

f vow aa maca feard study sad tboncht man tb. erpent. tbeTdevaT. Or* Ii I for M ounce*......lops*'fcw VloCyho.ROUHI Black and whale pcmta oa 4e...lopadS .
to Koah..
farmlac ao would to aay char Adam, sad other bliorlcal' nLl and other devetopmg papora,*r .. .. ..
.. .
Tilt CELEBJLATTD f. .aJo. a tro
..._. sorts 1lclutsr say a ary
booea basin ...... --- -- -- ._ .. __ J'URTiUlr.. .
or profiMlua whlca "' -- k S. Sits .. .
aaamKbt iuisnis.jbie --- ooacea pine or d. .. ... .
play was r*. la neiMTea gnat no urdly ... ... coma tut aia tub**
\" elect to .a.a.. la. If bo mend gsad.d a* ncr.ct.. and the had a evTi'aial-mlttod In the competition. Ie baata' '
fate a city eomaoBity. No ... crowds wltae..inc cn-al case worthy the aanto. When i aklo by side with J
maa urr portrait painted
( ,' would Mpwt to paaa from the farm pruned by Ita polemnlfj duly Itrr the war broke out .ho entered the. vol.nateor Fiuart and other of international 1 NATIONAL PHOTOGRAPHIC CHEMICAL COMPANY ..-

talc tM city and make eves a bar "..1 Tb detnlla of the play, are Mt ...... poaitlon.army In and roaa rapidly to a hUh 11\_. Mr*. McKinley .has titer seta : lltti Street.... Pa Ave. W shinlt... D. C.
bat the td.. "Ancuat. m. when. )Ia. be .
s.lesa aff
isg ta felt aiaa U apscIaUJ (004. ..Je-ilnV In the alta fell Mr. Smith orlclnal painting beet ad..... the
was made ,
hap. of
I Utat
ana,. water eanbt| Protest of the city. Then copies Tb. eajcravlnc
': r __ __ _.. member of. ho becaa a erowlth preaonted laeka. of _..... the
tbo aceota! of Axulaaldo cummlMion at which abe begin wet fl.* coloring of. tb. painting but tao. Wake Up. OH NanWake
UM. *
espreaaloa la
strikingly Imrtnlv
sing of tbo
the following eland year.of :Kearna Later. with hocommanded ,, to<< anyone who knew the beloved Up!

I tnnck MrKlnley la II!.. Aa before
-- bad nJUatatoly '
the Do-
mentioned th. :
.4 partmoat tae Vlaayaa. TUa. waa let hat the artlrt created rrasr'able the: thlna to BS A BOOK-KSEPERI

11r stepping sissy for him t. a place on ibotoaraph picture from BE: A FllBT-CLASa
and the BOOKKEZPEaTm
i iy the I seems to
r 11 commlMlrnenhlp.Mr. said later. II promotion to a those who. hove aen the portrait to be

.. Smith. ... bee* anccoMful aa a something little. hurt of aa Inspiration.tr Win K.*. ran i.., Orer TI ..

1't" 1 member of .... Fhlllnptn Commlwlon +. .- -

1 beln< la chart. of the eilitratloaal ayav "rt. f; 7 Orci Ira .... wise I rtlls W4 eew7.tor..et_Uw.a efI. tIl
........now. being establIshed< ,In the Joel Cbar.'l..r Itarrl. only work e1......WII1I. k _I ............
w I1 .5 lie la clooe to Secretary Tart, 'whoa Inspiration nine* ...1II.* .has "-L :. ; : .-
naderatandlac all of the Taft methoda no settled! library, no study a* deafc. mm &Sir5S53sJ3ri2: .. tt

of oeallaa: 'wttb PbKlppIno problem DO workroom of his ...,.. but la every .. '.-: : ;
r A rumor .e current that were Ssrr.tary room .>f his hum I* to b found state... 1s. *.xh. .jande>.anvlk R..t.s..bk..rry 1 ......N__ .+..1.w
: 11 Taft a .i.sa a .t -- .... ...... ," .....
1 t; 1 to fcocomo President, the r...... table with Ink .... .. .1OIr7. ._r Semi trl..i__
pars paper, ao that -I--- ... .
.l ts States a.e .t _.sensor.,tuar.0..wdl b..k .....
rM BaUth 'would ....
II ,
more than : tile lu+. Iue
likely happy idea eoate to him It ass e.aw.yr0..peel. .+b..s --. rwbv __ _- e..d.e
...... ..
Secretary, War. I b* casaba sal sad without delay. lssweti- medRI't&' ., rt b.... tie aw -.a. Mtata1110w ar Meslltlrlat

Why Co to "Collette' to Learn

r.., J iat ..Udo... r m&e StamU U1 ra'7. a w.....sw. ,.trwmM.S.is.tt .. ....,. ...'"-...t.a..Book-kccplnsr.. .101 is ho. .arc..-.
Tae n.pra.r..n slew ... sS r.t..d..a. bas ..... a eases' r...+.....
t American Uoaaoaaor.' Ute ocean Dr. Frederlek TCowUad Marvinoa has raus=::: at5MSb. .-w .,. SOS
,, ns.M..ymy.e.3' '''
of a. .
the Annual : ::
Tract Society, says In *4 tao rarest liararloa la ta* __ a aD O."YI f..... : ..... : :: .
s an aterouat of tie aaawal praaoatatlon) try. It coatala only. about ....* .sa.. ........ 1etI.e pl.rt ry-" .Lw..r crt-.ar. .. t
arl.mgs.wr ... ....
of lUMoa to the a4u.a ctaoa at "., ..... but many *C thorn. eras ant 11tt11sateale'b.artM' ra.Nda.oW N W ,-

the United. State Military Academy at edition and tIM mtanumrlpto. sin a.. I Find I'ositlonf.Tooo
a Wee ..&.1. that there la a atrong ro> -too of I cined sad Ts. tVtryWthere. Free I
m* .
wo la ssra m-........ .
s rnMaus. b.i ... .
.e.w era
lUloua rr
armmiihafa thorn. 1M&.rI. Wgee llvtac. ....win. M.
-r ..
.- e- /.1 .,....111.
an the ...... _....... -
., 8V
TBK "JrEW IIRJNCT are sobs ., lbso.as : __ .
__ __. ._ ..Jim_ ITS BIO tIOHT" K.lBVNo Lr'.. CIa.. ....... .... ...... .. I. iy.w..-.1... -- .-
-----.atF grata and frntt appear and that about LLg.IsiW ?hr,. & :tt -- ..... ............ .
_s.tltosa sore caa tb* farmer nVnaimani half ofor them .... .1 .. .... ... lrusljpJ M ae rim... s0arawl _to 'T
cC to-day arpurt to keep abraaat of tile Tb Ibis Beer-t .I....- ) to ta* .**Jel M I ** twenty. Bibles. cby ...... east steal A parrot which can talk is twe 'astJaeaft-igalt_" "M. tees-- bOe.. .a.Sbab.NWT. aa.....-__. .....__. .N
reentry oar ThaabmlHanlaiy. leadwra thaw from ass a-. ........ sad .1aIcIt ...-- ... .
proeeralon aalaa k. .*ulp hlmoelfwtta It ta evident fr.. .has t_ ..__ ...... iIi ..
n 11bm1strwR ., ...
fcnm1a a which will .naWe the aVV BnaBaB*>Bnta* B4 aBwanBt nW. aarean. ate In tarn oaralled bs aB W IMaa s/dN Ie wIfs .......
tbo J. .
festle..J .... .
.... tlaf GOODWIN
tills Is pea hII bltrvs. .. C 1M theta Call ., wWen I IMP& 11-I 1&f. is s salts _
war* bata fey tea taws JI1-, '" I IMGai .1.1::.. ... .... ......w y. JIBW YO.K

r ,
r .

". .. ,, ............. .. +ilC" V
: : ":": .., "' } -.. .'... !\uv ,,__ ,..J:

= .,
e' ..Mr,

MI*"* -
THIS o"r.vo Wr.r.ICf.Y9'1.. riuovr. .,_ .
-r --
.. .' ----- --- .

-;- .ooooooo.ooooooooooooooS l .\ tt..w,1Nb.... T./ aWhy T1..y. lERMANHNT: : meadows
t 4.a asst .. I The i DsLAKD WESKtf NEWS I,1 State (win h tryst' nearly evry ooo : '. d..w-t r M Re I* work.a.b. annual

ruoAT.v. railroad ituin H. liortlem) IIIM 00 SIt'IM)11' L II11't'r4IyudtrrsetK' I .. Ik. kind ......,...d bt -...- I Itie. I' should have an

iiunal andBusiness __ rrauati ETUV I ... rijilit, to .ntnl l the railroad. /tyro :S; ... comas. I dressing of 500 pound

Men 0.L... VOLDM Cu .",. FLOBIB I .. o o I You would. surely, ka.. a.lfrwIf d
--- 'II. tli* I uLrt., of tin- |.- | | -. 00000000000000000000000000 .p.-rI' per acre of a fertilizer containing
--- ------ -- -- I
-.N PBLAKI.- -..- Th.roill i ..inlp.luul.t| a. to wlntliortfw I Mr .4l.nley,. \V..id......'. lather and I kladr dl. cat" uM Mr. eleven per cent. IOTAII

rue SEWH rtBU%.Miu fuUl'txT1lae.rp.lslr'd. _\.II..i..II&II.l ,.. h..I. r..utituti I .1.1.... 1 1 not 1.I..UIer. K,.. art tw Uc- Rr' ..lu. Ptwklv. "wkea. I live.. oa .
L u........ .. D.i$4 ./ I..saki f..r aMr ..... what. I kla ears. I h. *. ma' ...11.rw. and ten per cent avaiUUe "
.Hil right i to Kir a.ay _'l. but whoa I put. I. a> tla>*
atrt _1.11. painful acid.
tl"'l lUrOrlr/rr
Uurgwon. c..... O. COMIMTOM.n r..|>**rtr-laiHU( of the JN. | .unfortunate avcMrdt. t..l<*. fall-. ....,.' .p d.. white folk dal his phosphoric .
Thi .... collarl..nt. Vr'l.'. iwlliriH w. I .haa pM a keaafivavr This will gradually force out
ami Kdltor.iM : its-e..n.i'Irratirn. 4ml
MAitaerr lag
... D...*... *}*. u.aN_ -.nr itlMxit Mar.Time .
._I tv* .. -- ::::::: VVabiitBioa from
"! r. .-, !Ire114.1Ib'I. I r trnnt.cnurt. fry the use sour set and masses
n-\ Tom aria
ion that
i i.. | may gra
--- ------ ...-...- ...... a 4iiM con.triH'trU .MI

At :r. I. w > y.**. .u.. .. .. .. .......... ..(I r l. hut IIwrr i.. little I .1"1.1. nl the the vacant Klrl..lre lut tirlac lamb of '-'h..u>lt4it.Mr tw t. "-. the meadows and Lrinj Jo..lIrasM."S
... ..... rwM.
WlUJOMk .\M. -II.. \veer--
At I SI*
uciaa and tturgwoa, .... la M4VMMV. W M. eel prwd M that I, tin |le will s-su iitiniie INr.Nitn .*. OiliihtinbaprrofM'w *. IArre. hear. that. yen dufIlked ; anti clovers: ; thus in.
...-.**M prr -.. milrontU .I.i..h tliy. wf fhaiMl. ...ln Kirk i !.. ...c 1'herk4. I Mle'r I you najr .
: .. ..l.U.4lM Wrf t. .1 l tli party l '. Aunt". at the public. .. 5k..dor uf ham aad sass? creasing the quality as well' at

._ M rNwN.y std -rtIMY .....< .. .W ......... r 0.1..... ....... built with th. >-ir own |>ro|.-rty.Senator ..Mull autlituriuui. play"TuewlavnfwrM4ll7 niKbl. Mr.. tiot>'Ui*.-Kir**.lely. Why of the
.. ..... _. the quantity hay.
.."...alas_ ........yarns u dw sun ak? ,

&_ Av..w, .1 t'4.4.rflaua. ,............. Lase. f.r..ad .s ....--. I.I ..ltn of Alal.>aniit. i* I If) t-rWay. ev..kn. a1b.IJlllan. fare. Ml.. \\'_ (,...1... WHI.we'r far practical ....... .""Fannrr. Cwxt**
.! ratrrtalnr. ***rral of brrrirwl .4n< tw .buys hum. abd seas t Kiss ..1 w4* lusts k* ...,/ 4.M '"l .r.y ..

.. -lash.A..I_ all t1r.u..11.r..Mw.- p.yM.1.. ass IM. 4N.115. .. l yar. sit aze. aswl Iwyu.I.. la' ( .. V.pi-.r." riasCaal ..toyIrlllat i for. ....R.I>r..'. ...! I due'. like tw r....... It hi <.* ..< a Mmihnr," bm4. .<*t F'I .
unly I tuuln ..,.. .hush wail w.
lire .e -
= .ad. the par relav..isl Imds
*..*.M"iLl r>- >|.>ri..l. II 1 1. r.ll,'niiinS.HH- yuksIt | bar.- >U" aaaw>..... ClwlitadUru I .1'.t" ..... .4 any rwt ..rb .....rr.- ... ay

ie 1'Ly.1ciaa.ldr.iv irw..dMM..m..srwrw1.11ar M.. i* M inert kid. Im l *inonly < IPTIw tor riaii. ... to tarnl ar.Wifi
.tl out
.. ,... ...._ ...llH ..> .-.f.,... ...s. kl .... _- lt n are --- ..
.r" > Mt4M
.. .......... .. '*l of air.. Mi.IIlalrlb: Mumwll l tu l Ile. Ar .... or."' *" 4u wutt*: t
Jr45 ..**h a. s.& J Mi a a.d 1'" Mr. IoM ... ky a.4. year wf Savannah.' 1... The. \\by J.-. .,wok, I1.. .--.. ..-.a.

.Ihier.rluu rr...m..tjf will tke place rVI>ruarj. .;,.-..a- I IM Juam at rhiirrw. tat AIh4.1.. .,..-11.. a.... ----

1 uoulla. ,..TF.'r.'t..tlH.1 /i1Mi::%- il a.l in St. U..c..u.b.OIe.u.C' . Ih......y sad h* at-tnall apn>ared lbn ..
A rni: riiire: or R tn.On ray wiiwh. lai.*r..>>t<*d. la the ..> '
of the( racimrrrlnr' .tu ReM tlargwl 1
DENTIST.tk3O Tueday a ronmtitte from' Itrr..d Wla ..... ......... (tat II.. n.A.Ir. a. reliuiliurv, HMurrtnrnt. ..tIii. ./MI.llrow.. II.Kb'. No .n....... f -

MICK.K ; .and |tii.iix-pH lx-aiii.. roiiiMinitnf .rt f.r TkrM.IE .. burs |...rr uf llrl,... "|...In that. ? New Ones
Ml I
tI..I I Il > w .. Ora N'hy do mi nay
to 13 a.auMIGHT 14)to4Pa. I >..u.....,. Th r*...It.! .fa... J 4' II I .
._ Mr. \V. It. Kudp-r, Mr.1v' They riirct ....._Iu.:' a.criwuf. r.. town: .1 use lirfurx yow uUr *d Sold
I 'rOn nlgC.: tirtrrtnlnv. tbU valurni bum he bad wwml .... iirared klatDo
-- -- M. Woodward) and the. wlitor IM-rlmrui" rc. a.-.'..ra t 00.rland al*.. to tlrtrrnun s.-V ........ t'Alrao. S..... 4111 pizts of
rallaNDI ..
PMIT o.t.
O :
ADla I ..( Tot: NKWH wer* driven l>yCounty rVI ruiiryiwyttl .brtbtrur out tbe *)..w I. twalawt. Tiren
'. A rINItoraq. tfiOrutoitd mid. <*r... cul| Iml- Ham? carried
1 Couimi ion.. rV.. II. Mr- Tu Want a Vutir; B&ral : l in

a& Law I ISn.lto llarUrTill... Mr.I Ml .- with tintroiii. ( OrinoiMl ll..tl N..s's..Iu'*... c-.nl"lf the S.cI. -'._ a s w.l Ikv r...>... MM..0..!..! u.-.. aat. '
l .. ....... ..... ... stockihl !:
-rta.. Literary l HIM ivi% "ill rrixU-r. slri..l .. ...are. n .-l I as-af I
...:.00&1..rl slaw-M -..rfa1.- .. slrl, l ri.hha. recently r'W..III..1 l l thrtrading nil-. pn.tam..HI. ..ln. h the merbrr.. bavrlmn t___ ."*... Ml Ik. .>lkrn < part sat ,wr.r

of right mile of road It wan the. tirnt gene> of the >**a- u w<..kln." h...... It I. an *,ln,it4- -... .. OlMHi
...._ far (aMtlRaiiy as.p.r ( ... fact that the.ratlre'ap friii Ht.u ul".ia..dU.I..r l
and tlHiutili Stetnoii wa. Iwat- then .rr .1.. tu the Lint ,
&ua- ill I,* fMtn..
north of IM.fon, on tinS *T I ,,"M t.I liaised !*., ens I
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U act a. Kxrctvr: or >*d*-a similar roimtry ..-. K...rj. .. . .1'ot .I".r| -.
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.la.1 l h> non Friday
M. h Nre..0.1 r. knl I..e1f.L..d, last y"-.'. The J.Ii"IC..r I In- hall for four hi,. and! | with tlr Klltu The UmleT-Osteeo F.arirT,
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taw fiiclit inil.. of r....l-all taw made !Ih.! M-OV.Ir l -f.rr.- tinlliinl' .-k. > ""'.ryl..i".r I.\ II- CLUBBING

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CaT: IXtru I..... (.'In'tern t.I..N. V..1 i ri.1.p. two. thnOrnioinl -**. mn-r AND CU:1E: .1. par
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TIT All' Itaytoiuft.Mr. ", inakiiitf. th.* iM-ort |III ... ". loa..1. to a..-".-, .|ii*.tion. on th. LT3, or noarcT: BACK. 1I'I.unci. Fiat.a.4l .

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will *
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.... ....S.. -- in 'tioii.in (.-w Sunshine in .. ....... C .
!.. nly fur "| .. : <.A tI K.11r.w.a.t \.1... -..l,.a'SmM..... ,.. a. .4
IrrplN.. ........ 4..Y'taws. .... 14 rose. -
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P. ML .... a.S.LAt'1. .i r..iK1uer"| .|HHI|.| h.....* the. trip| .anl..n. . .1*. .:. )lkklrIhsaa i.hlnt. c.u.dIiMR. TIM ..,1- ,...4e.t i/. r ,.._ sr_ftl_ p......, ...-.... ..
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__. 44>d:4.4.4..J. U fr..fii |K-J.IM| t., IUrl*rill.>*. Tlwdistan. . ..: lt .4. nuoitirr I. Fifty-two times a year la assured r. ..d hY N A u. y _M.or MC yarn.
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" till' _io..f tI.. zool.t..lail- n..c:: Marlin. A vulty." .._ _,a4a.I.I..esNUw ..... HsM ...N
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Cs.nlnli.sit'iu i ta.t week, read S-ott'Mr. '..5I1 1 s.M L I. JoMMAV
way )I.. /;. Have. yuu e.rr illustrated weekly .
paper I..rt ,._ .l ass.M.MM.K.IT11'K
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.a i m>ni|>aiiy f sir violation oftl Nothini doin. in taw swat forS4et 10" s..1 e M r ng riwth en .5aN. 5155 p414'
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the |Mirm... ..( prxiirinjr not lverrors mrti !.. Ir-r ..l tour chIsel. rhwkl*>>/ tl 5w .
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of the fatnotM touri.t trait.4a0Y amount of the line, an.l r.Mi.i.I.-rtltervforw t.. ::. tlie .an.* a. the day. the winter term. .\ eonte.t will -

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ft EDEIM IlU.--- I.t.sas. 4: tlrawiad. ILtla.e. FACL'U.TCfCLT a 1 r
l.tb. \V...., each. case would IM a rranoaaMe, ."hall. .WiLli..... I; *..tit......1 of gyu..naiiini gau>>*. WARY. IUG11T.CLEVER .iiAr-rtu: L'KltrR: .xMd, iaw HMmoX or rum- t

$lid t'I.II.aaTraits. Uurary" .... jot and | iruirr i"-i.ally. T... 11..11 team wi.lie* teateml .. - "'A.
':a tb.ertatl.a In tiling thw fine at fllJU for .kl'rk. ..a.LMTt'S'u.tw.t.: ..!. ... ...... 6 "elly.
I-C can.I. earns of t...... violatioii..u.. C..nllui..iwrrra'to to 31.u.r.. .tnlert>stl % .1p.m__ T*.rt ...!-.. ... M!
Aug.tlaf tI a r. tbU,. tlicreltyto thank fur tin many ,......r.1 mah..life awe a. ate !. that' cite a. "Fkat9 the Sun ;. .* .** *** "ty.if J_ A. 'jJJJJ- k* I
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L; N:11:1 I"'r lye yral. WmiuvT EXTRA /511- .
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Saw and I'uuing Mills and Xoveltjr Works: I ....._... w .....
TIle Ml* 1.11_ mm tko torka ...IL. Marl

lao ovM-7 rrork sad <*.....-.. rarryui WATTS
and Manager.Maaufacturrr .
J. T. CAIRNS Proprietor wltk It toil*,.... ....... ..,_ mfrial IVwTerk

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Ceiling Flouring Siding Turning. .
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: Lumber Lath Shingles Flooring, Ceiling. Tko |*nvo IkM O4..-...... .. scat ao tn.Miita aiakoe at* forMaadle r

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Y i Florida. (rorjjia, Alaltama. Virginia. u.-Irs owl salt lionmno ........... wltk .
G 1 North Carolina South Carolina.The tko water and law ON with It retire. aswp.ak.r 1 ILAH'V

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0", great kiffkoay{ travel betweeB JOHN B. Si ATT
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; Florida UNKNAl ANT .......
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1 .5p. nr. -
t r Florida and West Indian L'td., Montgomery faro from a IIi tboj. kao .. aroIfcNK -..<.. .Mvtwn ......, *

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..._..... .. u( railroad, embracing all .>uriU. ..01 the sushi wi .dletloa. take p.pep.la kept verb tke O..U5 Ness.-l Uftlccl
i ale at all iot'inl{ I areaclr*. at rate of *ii each. Lmltnl lu use ..rc. It' will nlle7- Ile. W. BB ky mart act. waaII _..._.... .li.MtlM. ..frt rillH.. .... Sri
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year truss date .f |parcaa.e. "uc full, complete aa.i reliable' 1.'__..* .rill, .* mite w kwlHHMC .
till reraitllur' rain. wbrUuIr. |"*ulima. aervicr, eta. call on t:. L. was troubled wltk. cbronic ladlcrvtloaor Maale Wfc>. I doa/1 k.e". I'm ........"..TO"Y..c..DaM.-40 t'. ". Swell
t I Vive, liciirl agrfit, Ih, LrDd. t....... or write ocveral year: wkatcvrr I ateorraeil sere I wore aiy Secret sad BMW! ..- S.-I'''-- .M u-.......,t nmtfu.sail

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I po _... 11.r .... ,,__....... .7.N. fluttertar of wjr heart, ami ren .o S.... P lMry ...a.li..iMMItv 555..u is ups MenS

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W. .. Party
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: Florida East Coast Se ether s.al, ,. brt4..r__too .tlhr's ,. ".... -5./.1'......., .r V

Railway. N.. It... ......__ ,......... .aka ,_ ford arvrs 11_ ........". -It_.r a3oO.ooo-. 1'_ '.a:3.OO-......-.....-1-. .....

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Time Card No. 61. la Effect H* fowroirfk oa bled t. MO roeoat with tfco .iloMiaa by tho. wladow.Tho _. _..-. ..-.. lM>*.4 AIb5r. .n....M.r ., -
I Local few 1. ".... .. .. .-| -.P" I.* N. N
1.! ..OW. ..k. ato to walk oa tko Skotck.T mil mi ..* tar* h...... rw..r 054 '
.. 11III--.1&: IOWI. .HT.....,..-*la. ... ..._ r,vry day BOW. ..e7:-..... ....... ra-wr....1 .u.la titj ...
_. ...iII,_. .rear/5 br.w/ ...._ p.uses. .
-- l Its faro that. do** I&. .'., .
rrr lour Ilarb w Near abrr. abn.5.a5-15 rear. T._ fm
,,- 05 ...- as 5.. 15 5a. w.' .TATNI. .. 1%w 111.- ti 111 Is%_ N dish Iwo Tfev=:::' to fcutnnl M4 iM-a.:/: ....-...
/.1, '-a ...II, ''.u _I" ..... /., "" 1,
Kr"II' l-o ,G..e ...11' ttlak e.! r..r 1.s.-.. ...... 5mMr.. ... .t. I.SAF'
. I? r .a p .7r p P31 a L. .1".11" ..I 71 N I 7 M J i. ; r.,, Su... M a box! II. bah
:It p t !s Jcai.MMr lr I a I-._ .._.__ LNCOLflULLETHf __(
I Y p 1\ .a p .... ... Aa. MIN. ._- I A ri, e M 'U... w. 7 ,..t.. I/'. IW! f4V.uiWO U* b. allVIMIod ........
1. II. ..1111 .. .......... .. _._. .._ .. N .__ b. a bell pap. >o ._.. aadc w
: M .. ":'. .t" / Ea-sP.rr..!. L. 1r N Mr ,
w ft'.'rw pli.'u Aipa..b.. _- .1:. 1.:.. .. mica .. kRurd t\9 real artlrbdoi't. 'UU"'IIIUT
I .I i !!!'J i w ..It fA ".f Lo = ........ :,==.A! 1 N p1/_ W.PI M 7 r. )o .,vT ,....,.*!!!* (*..tlvrJoira... ,
s- .M. "Il'o\ ;... .M.M..i 1. T. h, p..._ ._ .
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_._ 1 I. p U.... a.. .. .. ..._ h. .Lq aia .. .,_ tux--a: .C" Pr
__". 1 JIZ .It.; r ... ._aN..i4 ._.._ M ..... Y .__ ..arms.71.r .
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___ .r1 p ... Iie i..4 IIsrL.. ._.. A _. _;.___ they .
IINp.iepIJYptllt: ... ........ ._ .fp .wpIWM r twS .-.4u: Ihrre .Uchiliure .__ .......".
I ,I. 11Wp.Kp1Yp11Y. .. _I...,_ .._.. .UM. W 177r.us ikOMt. k...t ..1.. yukt puke.
. J, lfrr..7.pINpUU... a a 1 .a.. .... .. A., .per..."_..,......... .. t. 111 itJpaM p. .... I JMM a .'_. N _. hwr........ aad I...-''rd r. .,.A,.._. tartlt9tME.

...1 .W tl. f. p tip A. ...... II.... a.i It''%' p.IJ.--. i.j Ui.e fr y..at _.ls/I.l.rr at ILAltard'HwrMru.sl rJ Ir
caw sera .IA p 1 OM p .......... ..,_ .. .' It ... pS11 p .- P' 1. p K '..|.. tube cblUlM ..11 cry
C....is. .I.. p ... p ,.....nu., ,....--" ,La ... .p11Y. pSw. plwp, 'w >)> Sal l a' tar ir.t"l.....! acp,
WY .Yplwpltl/ L. .. .::1-. .arts ... IIJpaM- 7NM- N c........1 apply fr. wrBilT I l&.e.1Uroa'e
,_ .". p 'lot p ... ....... H"'. Lr .. .. ._._ .. It .__ __ .. | = .
.. .. .,
a..N. M p I" pU.l p A. TSIs...Nr... 1.tN 11J r I" ... to Ik* IM. MtUi -- ==
-...-. ... A. _......... ... f1i .:::- _.:::-= A Vliet S.-w ...Ir. %'...... ---- -
_h 11 Ip .1 Y ... .-......... A. A .. Nj ir Ir*. March It.. !.<: I '''I..ar Hit'UtdV -
1La .1Ii_ t. p1-11 p Lv ,......... A" t.. p-.N-p T.-. I.. Il.-r. ......... ", ..r.e .......Ht.1 : --
.. II I: p 1IIp r.__ _... ... I r. p 1 M .. .._ .>o.djr aod .. p4.*a**.t to ..Ia... Huldby 11rlu
-.. 111:1- p ._f.......__ IN p .. "M ._ .
... I s. p lt1p a.rf lw. ... ..--.. .. \ I M p t It p._._1-- The L*...l.y I'karr.cl. *
II-at 111 p _. .1:.. ". '-._- It p .. Itft ._ &.7 .
II Ilf .11.. ..._...M.t___.. .. 111 a p .a II ., _
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I... ,. p .__ _,......... I.v ....._1. N p p.-. ...Klrat: -rfHrwaaro.. .- sat tare "DI4 J- rM rirL WBON. you RratHuho. .'-
La. I. p ...... w s .._.I" N pca .. ...r.... ,. J........!** a w
7 Ass p ..- ......- ....- I" IJ .... -.. I M p_ e" a ...liable per. -l ..._
( -.-. : I -.. --.. .. I..... I. 'r lj.baBd T_ lad....J! Wall list was 'way backkoN
.. .111.7.1 p _. .. .... _... .. fMp "
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I7. w. II pL ..pl.. ._ rs..e..b t. i. .i5. % s ... p1.1Mp" .... ....
'C t: ... a p AA.. p ...-awl refs Y..S A. Ii ..... 7N pMMp tiM> worth e( war WMtooy .! tko. MBOUMO.
I .... --- .JOt ... r p Mesa- ... J w .,_. ...' 7 Ia p .-l oadoo. Tit Ult*. BL.WA.
__ ... p _lalrsr .. 2.a __ 1M _
.. .......... .. .. n' p. -
N w to t.rt . ... .w p -
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_. _.. S N k' 71 p _'.11--___ _. Y .. .....I.I7p. 1 .. .. ,,'_
.. ._I caa p.._.__,I .. ._..a.- .It,_.- .. ._.___1 .. It- P.,).. .I-raf. M...aI.11.. MM .wova ..... .11Jaoksonvi1
.N Y.1.Wp71lplr. ._ Mrrl-.. t. s. I.. /wp. p that Iko BrM ........|... of owlalUM .U
_.rw M..I_ Ass .. I.. ._
"! L.f--H w.w..M It w dl.U. milk )u 4r ..,a.__..
.__ .!!. U"J-
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1.5r.wst/. eNLa LK M.....er:. JAC...STILLC. Ar. 'Y. .a.-.ny.". .M U !. iBduro >Mr fHlowBMNtodl L 1.III...111
='_T..o '.-. =- '-- _.- -= ..M. curb. _.-rack. 1 riMCST STEAJKI.
.. ... )
K .. ... '10-, IM. .s asi. II1U"T..c" -NIM Nap. praw IM
P h"f'' ..... s.... .we ';'lyf1..4. La_. ..IM ..., i t5. ,t.war rrM .f THE CLYDE NEW ENC: (
"i' _. '-, Sires. .. t'"'.rt..l.. .
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I I ...., : IMr lass. .. haiL'sir. .a.r .... .slur I .s. et BMHta by .....w.o.* .... alwayakaa 8CMI-WC
;' IeI-'J 15evt........... . . ....
f .La..1a.I .Mpl t. .. ; uN: p1is ." .... TN .N.1N Ikroo o.r aa4_ at tko N.rtl.b.e4. . . . . :e,.
..4 *- 1 J..b..W. Tw.J!' ; IN_,." Ie .,::1... p7N . f. !YT'sis .ko-.-. ooo oiac aad 00 &. I.ah .- .

____....-..'-,...n__..._............._.....ell.rlar -1Jea', "11' Fa..... Mr .aat.... CLYDE ST. IVatLTil
......._ ... I .
f 7Las.--* ls./.IM.fNra.- .._ 1ar.I.fwr.e. ..
...... _. .a.MMrBt akwiM let aBoct ....
P I fMrasm-, Uw 1 -- ,--- Mat..... sad ........ -Bal It 4.... ...... Only r- Be\.D Jack
.... .._.' .. ..... LuU
i ..- I....1 ..rw' .ser aT 11- Ia11 ; f ...,.. Kal"_" .... .IN kta. Ior4ajr I wads a war .ltk Ltb.iti.t > tloppiae at Palalka Asia St.
'. -. -. .- __ ....r I dish Ia.Af.lt .w SI. John RMatE
1"b days ka w cal U wu !. ba I M w..N pespwe is a lsalisi Xt
1 ..N.- i w.'I IL.' ...._ _....-'.f T.''I7 N very ......It .ortta. .d with ...... iran S _t.-
.*. .M Alt r.4. .
IWpMkv p lrrs M ... Y .
1 I ..MI A .4A pass .. saes/.......---. r .IIM a r aM a frtoNd rubs ..... bra If bowoaM A ta..4 Q.LSiQQ RouteIJI
I "!"'!!-p'1I" 1_ .._!.! __ M., _.._ .. .. ..11lt_ N p __ span. kiwi !.. to kot. 'F7 N to ClTYOF4AtIK.SOXYI

I rBBBOH A.M ICCaBTJlL( STEUBT> CtOKimt, AT .... W"c.rt.*....,..- ......... Matkowa.

> ".....'. a oavoil.N; koryIBW. arc appointed ta all .. '..IIow.tb lMI N.IL

r a.. CIOTn"'" .... MrM .... SM.rIM,. 1M I.t a.LL> f srpay M ." ,. at 3JO: .'.)1. lUtotBlac leas .

\ s::::::= -- .- -- .--- V'SLea.
Havana Key West and Nassau.
.-f...I.. I ..
\ Three SaJHngy Each Week. .ssI ..isIr Least.

.. T..... NaMrt!ts!Mira ..... Me ti--a. CASTOR I r S'Alrv.fARIL

r 7tr.7.b/.I.. Mua5 .... ... 7 t w p...... _.._.__... .*
n- 1I.IIrM a.1.. I.arr/w M W ....... K la&afci u4 CkiUi .. .. _._ .
._. -wa.l -w err w...,1....116 /i.s..f..drwMtSM .._. 1 ?
| ,
a .. _,. ___. N
'-f .VI.MS4l-I/.k rMr srw.w..w..rw.Il f.w.b 111I' Liu Y. M's "
-- sr.T:4 : --.-.. .uA.(.
Fer Copy .* ... UOCALTIMB CARD .r. O dNr H/trlrltfsr I I ...... s a.. .. _:..-.==:' .serif.

1 .SEE THE TICKET AGENT." : .awe. .:.!' -.'-.!" ::=.; ro .
, a : Ask r
110. ... 4 fi JL D. RAMNOl. AMrt. Oral PHMU Act..pT. AUGUSTINe. FLA. NbrSr Z I Ct IEd4C. Gntn: Ptsli.t aa4 Tic-k 1w.a.wur t ,

-..!, Y ..." "'fJEtI...... .
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I F trov.'s T.sttss ( U T v A..Tar... II 4C Ram.- n..n __ r:.... w. .....,

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reel >A.sstT a.! .
SMba W Ir' w: : .. '.::0'" or sw 'ra

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'" ..... _' -,.. .. \0. "': ul".. : _.::' ::. :::.! JO..o:_.:...:... .. r. r.

"*B 1


the asks of recoverlas a __...... 1I0UM OI JtOJUXOl/.

alxpeaay hat I was wanly pretendingto "

be some on. els* and that somebodya Bow tile ra.ny .f the P reseal Car
returned _".... But I could notbear T
to tell this. poor helpless fellowof Got Its Yw.r. ..aaarwriabs

the trick I had played Itl... II. bad Tb recent' tnrmod In BnasJaim n\f COSTS I I.:... mow 1NDRYti ; ,

act his heart OB seeing his prodigal fairs brings to mind that Knaaunpremacy. e.- THE DOME ::::...-;
brother mail would b* to grieved Ilk* that *f many otherronnirtia
should. I undeceive him thai. I determined .IB the past baa be.n fouud'e.1 104 310

w carry it through. \' *n tbs aamt Th history *f Ita

"H'bat Bam do ion suppose I've ,rl.* and fall Is that of other II,...-
,tie, and one* more w* are brought wad. Is N tbM SMrt ..aet ee SMI Mhw Y yser 10.P
lose under: I* b. sin. I've
cut my t" II t...4 k...>tk w iMBotaMg pee -- bars. g.w4 a..sh to get I
fac to far with ...
the fact that
8kNM, Jack." answered the worm will tun." for Jlatorj I* fact whit w.:.r .* Biv to *MS s e.;> McaMM.. after th skBMM Kl *amA T

<-rlppl _a.I,. never 8loilJeB. 1 I repeating ItwHf. Ouaica of lrevesitloBi I* Worth at Pawed tit Cure.**

was a darkish alsht with! a ells ban!....-...,.. They allowed me Ire. should hop Though >ou're a rich Chief Uurlc was the rat Russian If ttw ankli I MMV.. --." M>auii>. .t part...
....... blowlac aa I pUkcl my war ahilllaga a> week and kitty takes car man BOW and I'm a lumr ono, still I ruler of jay intM.rtaucev lie founded Ise .oe"kssw; -. .. M y5. ,- ..l.tsassist s.ol to -* .....k

through those quiet strtbat lie of empty bouacaVs rontrlv to recollect tb. bam of 11I0<1 ties was aa bull what. afurrwar bezant UM I. dsrt.r'a....01,1M _...,". .*st a. ....." 1. 5551
tetwaea lallnirtoa honest one 'till ... .:1&.1.tr.. It. chiefs wen cnlle t .,
and Ualdtoa. Just cratch a lor ft, imehnw Itt coma you went and tarslaked fl" w..17u: |a1 w u Mad-.ai./
.. I came to the corner of Idr..!, a Jack 10.e"r' offend ,... .r brother It." I < tJnio.1 flukes i.ntU, llol, when the fit rev n w. j.W .

strong puff of wind whipped' off my your hand jr' i I. Lf. m.sb&k. your "i\o. Dub. T shouldn't dream of sucha ..f ,'..r wane. nil.,|irt.L A little W."..I.'! ks-w i, -, tin tp r.siiat 11I.1' Nem.sb.e M.rsstae far. eoeyear.K !t

taw shiny list sa n' at a. n4 b. anddropped band, even U you didn't care to light a thing 1 call raranlf Thompson." 1 more than two )hundred year later Tb Jiisaiise ...* sot yes |IM* ta lie w. 1...r!

It In an sr,.. This watt ccrBUaly ell."U.." I "TTjat'a right Jatk. and a brother 1tbUI the Tartiui luvn .Ion' .f tb* dreaded

a nuiiaoc. but not withoutreaudy I stepped forward and gave him my 1 always remain' to you .IB feeling Ilengls Kahn l..l Itnwd* almost Inwaste.

I r.Dz.t the area bell one, ....... even If .o go by different _-. Andsal i I'tbee hot l\a" tli-. line.. conquering IT iT"S

twice. thrc-e.! lint sot no answer. I I -Lawk. Jack why your band's almost Jar\. what did you tU Kitty T Mouif; .., j.Tiin restored. Itusalaa. HOME: I
IntevrltyTh ::p.mn.a
sounded the lion's brad knocker one, like a pnUo...,,'. band! It Bbe belkve you warn a bounty ticket. I .- ItuI. COSTS .. WORTH
i. ,
twice thrice, and< cot no answer. Then Int. ao soft a* a dreasmaker'a or a What did you say to Kerr t of I..r .. i -nit..r, up to the time. COOKING .awiWri t?:.:
I t | died ..
I looked up at the windows and saw a haberdasher's: : it.. about equal to a "Uob. I'll tell you a little secret. I .1.1I. X10
... d< aiu>. 41 u in our ... days sod 104
", ,111 __adDle "This Homo to let"and miister bullJer., I haven't.Been Kitty. ,

notlcej tbat the shutters wen all "You aevm. lo know all about laa....." "" 'Ia,. you rime home with. her" I.
lUatly closed.It I observed."Ah. "No. I dl
was too dark to read the lams of ." b* answered with! a algb. "that' Thru: bow did you And your way And Then About C.M>kluiVUV >

th. agent and I was about to knockat cornea of want ant cyea.Vbca I had IB*" bead Ike vbi toyu .

tb* next door to learn wber I my slant I took BO note of such things '"Tb door was ajar nl toe Lori en.. tea t .* i
ould tb. -','b,.. Kitty _*..r I'ano. tb' treat Sb4 u.. 0..>. \be coek
proton key when, to my bit BOW I'". a delicate: teach I wish. *
astonishment tb. door open." Good C_mkt.tf Crntruu/wr to flood Bealth.
door, aa 1 happenedto Kitty would com back with' that sup h.
I.... "She did this I knocked. Bad atsVn *UgnllMM>-. rest
agaiast ones "
It. slightly I.- per. I'm getting throat. hungry. -L.. recd ce>M son etavvettis. +
wards I gave a gentle push and ".\..* you afraid of thieves barer I ran;; before 1 found It out however. ss4 to&lk ea kM.**

walked boldly I.. I roped my way aafced."Decaus. "Aad I thought It was a ru_..,. .Z., I Phiyw. .*rr keep .. r-. *,*..<_ wa,,!.. M bad eouklagnnsssA >
town the kitchen .tal... I tried the """h.... knock and ring. Dot where OB earth ,. :: ...0r loaamLf a\ ..ta,_. i
I -- A... he 11 irtiokr.riWt......-' .. UsaweU's Rom. abet Mataatae Masjunll
kitchen door; It warn kicked and theley yon Can up your kitchen I Kitty? IMdat you ae* her aboard 1. .. the. Cued lUallB ,__..

was (one. I felt about and found and back door. you tell m. where the. vessel UuoU Cooklatr and O.MM! Health tTb

Che bark door lading to the area: It the back door key hangar .x.." Tb.r'n OM OM Twt s u. sat. the _II of &.1. ..y ... Led- -
was locked and the best "It "Jak. b. exclaimed uddraly.! pete- ...... trait .. ...
key gone. My don't bang anywhere" replied some, r1/ nja .are n>nj> nf n ikay wj .. .... .. .. .. .... ... .t N a* I* get
plan. seemed to be to the lock of Ib lag my hand ".r. curs MI ran -p.
pick cripple. It'. la KlU) ..... .k.A. ... you Jon are Die mlc'A'M.>llK W t!l*R Wale irkTf CAYTe|
lit. back door. If I could Bad aa old ." th* kitchen door beyr playing' BO trick OB m*? Iteotember" TN. Ii..d H..nn oar to.k..e _.. MmBw, 11'nnrmm1U t
sail or a bit' of wire. So I crept up- "!n her pocket They're all la her I'm a poor helpless' creature. When laKittvr MMWUM M. s>M
stain to the... back parlor and gropedmy porkeC- -Asa-.5 up what b,: ba ni..taa..t e. en r 0sel w'MI :-:. .si'erra'. .....lotf.r
band along. the mantel and window IIere was another disappointment, I "Oo my honor. I dust know. I sad k.ew .... what ... &Ie W plan w' .., i...d C.dusa yi ", f ......ih.MAXWELL'S .
limes but with no success. I bad must wait until Kltt,'. return and face "lluah." h* sal.l. "tb*>r'a her footstep Vkkva yea rat ,ear _'-""' ..... wn c v...... _". .... """ **"a .. dyer sepIaaf
.. .... .w .... u ,.... .1- w
aoUc4 under the kltrhea door the ber boldly. I.wan interrupted la my coming op to the door. I wouldknow ''r ii. y_ .It'toe u ww in ", .t 1-.11II.
Jrtve X 0.4..51 to
glimmering' or the light: of a fire, and reflection by my rompaakm. who saidCom : rt among a hundred and sbe'aalon atamre

decided. that the bous must b* Inhabited. *. Jack strike a light and take a *." .
Tb. next moment, I stumbled look at your poor brother Uuh. Twill These last three word mad m* decide l t:" IMP (.",.AT.

against a wooden tretcher or bedstead.I Had the matches la one of my shoes what to do. A. a heavy maaco-' within oar wwa --'tI0tI.. more

I put out my hand cautiously and laid and the candlestick" la under my bed." llne-aouadng! font ram to th. front than ntf- of Itumia's greet one has

I t on a Iba.'. brad My tumblegainst I lighted the candle and saw a man I door. f overset the candle. a* It by acto UM. ........ 1 M. tiff the victim to litbllUlle COSTS IIOMCMA.KCR! MA.CAZINCleoo WORTH

the. bedstead. had disturbed"" tb.. auvut forty ,.&&. of .... l>lo. oa a cident."There.. 114'""I. ,tb.irvnt Wblt Caar"of rtiiiiM. sWiiai.NC.: CMICACU.tnv.g .
I ." sail I. "my awkwardness .".... nitM- |......-r 4ixl strength or 104 510 "

.. baa left ua la tiit Urk." ,lib* "I.iiil'le l-'iilxr. of ...1'..'*I love.

........ "So much the .....'.r. Jack. replied guMniMf .ID<| |u ............. both Bam* is

r ...' ; tea rrlp!>I.. he'a missed. >ott duos sal ....,.. .* .nlr.. fslllnar before* the

l' ,. at the aalp. "'.'11 give her aa agreeable cruel .1.\ hswltr tmnr and laying down.
i' .
surprise." his uml.-r the' can: of
.:,, so-pu-r death
; Moan","' '''' opened. the street door sea OlIO time "kiwlK-et peasant of his ft\QRPHINE
Ii m
.. .. I with a latch key and advanced along wlgbiy. .:WI"( -.

the passage but I aloud still and said I I''t.r'be not foa...|*.. th* greatcity ..
.a Mr trettnikt I the oboe
'.. "' bine. Presently! a rather grufffemale of ft I r.-t.'rolMinr. tint the lust F snty .
.. .: .:. ree l..*.. .-**d ewre fre*..*
'. '.,t,. Y Voice exclaimed. "llub. Pub are thin;; b. "".I f..r liia Empire. was t* Jae l. B>.k>M.. It Is tk*
... asleep?"' I OfM-ll its '''II" I you I ,..zr r r _. .... that tat pra..lp' I
f 1'-1> Aallrp'ot a bit of I'. my dear I .* .H.>.t. stet plans. living after dliii to .. U ntll' will treat ..y drnr we Mres'
\:-. ... Kitty I'4'pll..1| the cripple. cheerily fulfilment ihmuich' the |...ii>.li>. nh"ia :.-, S'--.... .a... ........ waL -,..... _.,.
....__ _.._-. -
..:... but wide. a..k* and hungry aa a .be> bad liifu..-.| with hi* magnetic __ .." .-- <.. -- Cured ..IN..IJ.9 .....utdd
.. I.. t' _"__-_'__ -'. _" .' -..- ... .
'o hunter .'.rlt. ittterln II. while' IMIWt. .elk aosT_.Mass.trd ..... .aL'Ift;;.it. B. M Lii e _N?.N.,
pet W..k _
.' "Strike B light then. A pretty dance uaL mmiin .b*.1I ev* In IK plins.la etnMi( I _

yoq'T given the hob" she exclaimed.Tber their ."....uU.$ .... a...I n ..ut..a..rr..1. _

was no ucb ..... aa Stoddca diplonu.t..hliag l tuiHta to llutcrrll -.. "

aboard the .....Ip." ..ry. wen utterly ....v..l.| f roe- A CLOSE SHAVE"with

"Ile cam over under the Bam of. srlrtxKb* was ..._|...| hy herson. _

Tbompaon. I'rtul. who advam-Ml. the ..uuntry !

"Hew do you known to the. rank ..f a BntU.. low..r. snJMnuVr The '
r ""Ilecau I'.. sees him." Alsan.
""'b.",?"" .........* wf .....nlnle la .:..,.-..*.
.. "
,.....I.-r 1 t"II..1 l b hla : Outfit. $. "V to 414.00
"llere, h* ..1.1. aa b* struck a match was y Revetateee$1.G
/ aa !
Jack at your service took at him. !' linmlinate faith In ltu...lan |.r<...- i \ffmaiBiTig with comfort aDd AUsoLVIE htCt: K1TY

Kitty and Utl B** wbat yo think ..t |I' eva IIU ovefvoMilUleae t-sht .*> '- Dill- KXPKUIKNCK NKCRltr'

""bum the r-rltuewn war. In which nim, ,li wag 8.VVK TI'IISlt!: )lD lr

n "Why. Bb- answered )Ira 8k. >Mea. arrayed agInsir; -.. Itrttaln, Fnn...>.

"7Oti.... alw.:'. lull m* your brut her hAIr awl Turkey, and which resulted. FREE OFFER

rtw i lack was such a nigh fel"!"' ... I thlukb .in the Mtef .f the lllletl armlm.lexatulor .
200 in for the best written
...* .....k. finite the "II u.an.a. V.'elMt .1'OC \ II lllinit* serfs. In 10:1.nt wee a...aiiwlnat...l byh.
< to Old Cncland.: Mr. Jack.: Our Sitftjcvtf .I Chum Share" .

la .but. B psor place: but such aj It la ..> \Iblll... fnt.r. yens later the L For further .- "t..kaD 1
trot otberit
you're welcome, to It." I.r.ut t'.ir' \l..t..Lt4 II. ntmlnif to o ; >n-v <

I felt like B mlaerabl" burning ,hr tbr..n* N.it' ni!_T t 1< aa tae
t 'lti cnppused .....I.r..I1pul.. her bar I. 'I\ 1.II..t his ,.".-.-...-.... Who has the. BI70THERS

honest band la mine I but what could t<,".t that n* shall haven i I
it af +OOT pseW to tb. _. ..,* power. the _."_I..re .d ,
\ I do? ..n..r. 1lttl. general cunrersa'tbn I
f aid' "Can Ant.wratlc l duutlnioa over UU .uaor.tll STAR SAFETY
: : I peak to you RAZORS AND SUPPLIESO

lODe for a few moments, )Ira. SloJ- ut ptwpielROJLtSf6 I
: C
F "OrtalBly. replied the nnnnnpertBS r

i woman treating m. wi*i Immenjterespect. BULLDOG SUSPEKCERS

"Step down fair in the AM OU Clolhcw Dealer Who*. Kindly recce----. .nt ......e Tlr1 i ftMiMiy fc iafiSto
kitchen which. the only comfortableroom Act fUttcd Him Tw...yflv* r .. user:-Yw L>. :: ..-..;;.- 'a-. -**-*rrr.!" .-,..:.... -

la the boo*. Ant ao my poor Dollars. '

buabaad _<1. abtft to get tip and let I I tI pOtltltty 'VHS 0eT_._YartaotN,.._ ... D.. .
rI rli : .. 'OTTER: v.n-- ..-. e+-
I 1. you" are The world U fall of 1'0"' __ There ..N r .'U.OOUO" aurawse .. ,..
t am at any rate.aald I with bat tber I -sees
are persona who deny this >> a.rr- --
tr amity
a .. are persons who day Oat and gravfrtaUoa.
And new what mar you be wlI.... Romance U not confined to

fro Jacky novels and the heart of girls. It
\ -I Just want you to unlock the areabsekdooe. often In strange place and
1 h nope out
:.mx My bat blew off I M
+ 4 a* was sometime la austere aaturea. Rut It WING PIANOSAre
.. coming around. tb* corner of the strut la not often that a romaae: U found
\ sad baa fallen down there.
la. tile pocket nt a cast-1? cost However -
oh. la tbat an."J Mra. SbleI.". this 1C Th story
story proves
MAX LY1XU US SMALL aTAETCPLR" feeling fir her key. She was. J>ut lath comes fromew. York. A dealer Isold Sold Direct From and in No Other
;I MAW A A act of Inaerthia the hey Into the clothes, aaaortlng his collection of Factory Way

.*....,..r and he called out: -Kin,.. Kit small stretcher bedstead. la the middle: keyhole when .the sound of wheel I\1..1t........" raiment rand In the pocket a "rww
' ty.' Kitty. I say, you alat com bark of an empty twos Ill* laeo bad evidently was hear 'it .'l.fc followed by athundertan of a out that bad seen better day, aletter. YOU SAVE ROM S75 tJ $200

without aim?" I stood perfectly atlll one been comely though now ... rapping who at the that street bee. door_.1.1m. I U was sealed and addra4 to II. wkenpmM.wuicpr"'sCub.-'.. I"-= '",, \
and .held my breath. After toBsiderla .td.... ry ..... Ills eyes wenclosed me. cao a lady In an aristocrat part of the -l.. V.w-. .5i'5 M i"a >* a w .b .
claimed .
Mrs. Sloildes a she rn hednpitaJra. .. .
a moment I (&loll! a half-hearted step so It then was anything' re- I city far removed from tb* section of s. t
I following her wit1
awards the door when the man In bed pnUtv about their appearance I uidat1C the city la which tb. oil clothes man ... p.. .
bung for I knew wbue knock
Tied out la aa culled voice "Thafa tL"Toll steps, ) lived" and worked. lie laid the "letter :-r-- se
arrival brtol.ened.That' *
a mans step! My Jack. la It yowfAh ar* able to wear shoes the. that- rtcht. shouted B ........ Jovial +I I aside! thinking that some* day. when KS at why (... __ ._assert--.1.. Us u t t.y mea is r .
I sae. you wanted to surprise tarn.tt DebT" the spirit moved him and (Inca were Ike ........>v..r. Tt.r.. ail sroftt Mmm
.. you. Jack. alnt lit" He said "Ay. but you) may notice they're vole from oo the cab barlstoeratle aa th. trust door prosperous<< he would stamp and pot) isuasg7aril00s ..... __....., r
beeeeehlag mad. of cloth and three sixes too big opened. h. B rap- --...
these I*."' words la a it. '=>-
to... that I could not help .....r1q: for .. t bad a neat foot ogre Jack. pine. Inch_I>>of by..I'm-."B gentleman. now, every .1 rcrhapa It was several days later 8EMT 011 TRILL AU1WHERE

. and 1 still wear a shoe when. I ran. 1dolt when be h4 occasion to call for abnnill
dam- of WC PAY rstCtCMT. .
.1.Jd.tll.. cab- .
nTken wbereKlttyr. lie here Ilk. a mammy all day. of disowned apparel la a part
"I hop to see her preaeatly. 1 I ait by the kitchen. ...." man.I waited B.I..tn to bear(<< my BO late_aJ".r..1 nf the town near the .....11I. of tb. addresser ...win f<-.""".. l5 Fan ADVANCE k prep to. ...t* tea

-How do you get rep sad downstairs of the letter. II. took the tfsed.....-a yr.--.......a to se. -
nld.Con beaded I was darted dowB the atepa __ M_. ... ... ...
to the cook-shop to get aosaetalag T""Would mlsalv with him called at the balsa .yen a W"W us t. .
Into the A But-browB face .. .
street ..
Jack the. v *4 etlxr M -- TlMte I*
In honor ot your arrival. Jack. you billet.t ornamented with was brushed a ild. by the man at the r. ..Vn. kiMMMeiihrbof. tlMlm Isaw4
| wonder wbat It will .... Maybe an eel rarrtea ... I dare aay yon thought' beard was thrust B rreatahaay from the cb yellow window doer bnt a lady emerging at that moment ttJXStt Sgrss&fsz ST!*NVrAk. ?? Payments
of tier. rough to look .. but .b. 51d
.. with baked 'tal.,.. or plate a on* b* baaded the letter to br.8h r
Mrory. ke.ff. or a dish of blind. tripe Nat the woman to ..It... Khe'a aa "Hello.Bad Orotber B Jolly 1Job.I votes." roared forta. ton H open la great baste and aab k.h.....ni4..war" ... .n a-r r asses- s Y..._acme see...".-ke... I.ttzzzzx&Fzxz ptew 4
Ms .
and tabs; .Ia-h.Yoe ." strong la the back aa a brewer horse of, mad BO anew but. ran aa fast B* road It blushes reddened. her Taos ttttjsusxssrusz. -.iea.. sees -.. .) SHcDo .,.. a
of the
eaUac.- If I'd bad the pick county \
seem to tae good my cop could carry m*. When I b4 and a happy smile spread over her ..- a. a and al. '; T_w s.ne -..
... to say. UMdlaes. 1 eouldat have married a placed B o4 half Ball between myself spa Bh. folded the ""'fOr. pot It tn kraqise Modnbto.ais..*r is.* JSilSfir.. : S'iJJs,' rs on _J* *> tkMj a
.t."lIy. the kinder hearted woman. And abe married s> \ _et ..rnda....
Jack boy. ? and handed the Old do **a. t F. IssitottKttutweoM
my ? her .
and Mra. SJ0It4.. I fell lag a watt pane tic -k.. Ox_ ... ,
kit Thank Oodv m* for ktv*. It was after Ib* saddest w.-T <>** da'iee? *, .wnawd .5t' oar
few pleasure I bar Ban" a IS .ot.. He felt that be bad .. _-.a ad.aw. .
l lied handkerchief over head lows s vrb
aa a gees
appetite's. alway tined. Aad whenT you ............ -onto said she. called< a cab Bad wa* drive my to not only doe a good o4 bat bad _i ... .... ".. Mar. Maslelln.Gait..flare, :ll:1t.!: .........
mans lost the ne of his limb aadaat married m* for my pension but I knowbetter. been rewarded.A sewpwN. a .' Cn..wwsk.t. -Tloe r.re d asp R MI. at Itr21 Lrwws.aw a'.rw.ea.d
b make the Jack. Tell urn about. Van DIemaa's rvomaft .11- ore..a' k. Mat.i M M M a.wmow Nrdu..r lr.'r.t.5swr pow a d i*
ae* oat cC kto rye*, wa many moat ha before I could w.rck. passed and a dapper.. _nai wir 1... ......M neyotorto 1 eie W .1.ra M w lerwsw.. A ..
his .._... I'd ask yon hand Jack to paa away the that house without reeling the groomed man entered. his shop II. W..- .-. ,h- .ssi- 1: _.........r a Saea 5+__'M'pMV..rtJw...lsVssMb*
JTllgTr. ..... .. J'bSJrti Urn*." raid pas ahlveia run down spin although said h* was the original owner of the A e.rw'.e. e l l sac ep; _rp dMa. ... ...._else j**. WINS (OItGAN ... _.... Y1.a..sz
my sets
for I know about aa rL-wa.eerpartyMal.r te---.W..
I .
e4 for to from which the letter hal .beenraeoversd. q'
> coat
ashaa Land I It looked more deserted thane sow sear Wa..cr.- ,leas ga or.laa rruw aces aa.ew4
bulk I've become. Twelve -. much about Van DUmaa'a aa Ho said. that la the letter
pns er. I... oaly toe bapay to foregoall
wbea you ..1......... yon .. ao of th* .-.. search: for my sew allk: bat and he bad prapoosil, marrlare t.J th* girl YOU NEED THIS BOOK

... Jack the said this la a shy way). "Ab. 1 ae* bow* tt ice Jack. said the for all I know. It may yet .b. reposing he loved and thought b* mailed It. .,........Ie.a flan-Se wsatthy cps.e
.. ant
-T.. ,. .It.. JIG .
well wowed aman rrlppl
and behad
believed that
s was aa haadsome Tterelvla* no r*?IT .he .
I. the .. ,
wish hi see wasal. 1. __r. I like yu tbs better for It. I and. left the 41It s..a.w.-tW .. w 'ty.t
aa ,.. been rejected city. -"-- .. ..... -- .- -
Jacky Bat you ....., mind _". You'veerred He t>4 recently received aa adorable e/r. __. eM s.r. ,..r _a' t
"Von were." out your seven years and aa 1 SfafocaBUmarrk .,&J..IINL reply from the young Ia4y with aaplaaatnn cg- ;;-J==.t'1:. ..::::. ::' ":""7" ..c-
said. wan young and .led baa com t* b* about the : .. ...._ M _ases
salsa crippl always yen b4 .r-: '
letter ..
AaJ now tin a aa to bow the .- .. ...
In And. .I- ." most beatatued genre In nineteenthcentury --- ... .. .. .- .1k
away by Bill Hawk the -- -- n. -
4W It "pp..r1I.U been delivered aad- wed4ta day .
'Now __.._ k__..... ..__
Kltty'a letter.Vrected b* added. conuJeatUlly. "we>* always hero worablp. Th Bveaiamaatterected ... u ...... Z 1111
-' yon never got had been ..t. All this b* thought was { E. m.f.eo. aw. w -. -.
./ to llobart Town. Van t>iemaa. kept .P the aotlon la th* faady that iiwarn la Cermaar" t. the "man of dee to tbf "ol<1 c ,V mtg." To tbo man : .:::-r- 40" ,., I rfl.ll1"

'. Land' And basal Kitty told poaching. It. aohnda more re- blood andrea are set lea alarming who bad ltd him snob good ...> =_._...-.___. ...__ ., ....
cabrata ..... ...... than-you know what la number thaa they are doubtlessly 1 r s w w... .a..r. .
". comlag aloac la lbs 111" .... lie banded a':. aote Tr1 n ..r..y ".. all-alarlp X
J' taw In real art l'P" the I __
.ta. ertppin. quality -
pursued any
a wutd." -D.t I "7. Jark. The moral of ibis roavaaea la "do a :::::. ILhaTM
girl she dJdnt Ilk. toariev trsacpuirtatks* rant be as bad as pceoeut th.* number unhappily completed Madly act when yon can." Another I tic t -.J' p..t-. sae's .... J6-JMts.a" en.N
"AIpoor. 70L Well the powder mill la ire represented.role It... aon.... Yost to 204. and then are still S9 t* moral might. be drawn front the IIIdI. w .:'. rc.-:: ::.::j //.. .ALa..rnrrN.MYw.
.. .. .
which iwaa working. blew up-they ., made yen talk better. sad glveayon lie lafllrted on ati already murn-ni dent sad .... la: When yon' writ aa A =::;w .ia55 A s_Seed sC.b..vv_
blew qtilte a touch of ._11f7. Ton wr marched ........ Tb Kingdom *C San. -r.-r.:: ,,". -a: : .IraAae
doakaa ". tv* over of marriage to tb. Ctrl 7 m lav*. J1. -
BMotly weep .is with M _._t.. OePmass --
with blade wbea I bed yonBondby ay lea a-= -
m. II: blew atooklag. 0ood- a ronghlah young b* anr she gets the letter. so ": seeee ;'J sir pew..I t.a NJvr
rbap.. Jach-... dtwppsdmo at Mllhaak penitentiary. Do dwelllag .. th* wild continentsar SON ..- r.rmllhtyMoalig00a '
active WING k 1
blind: atppI&" recollect bow DUI llawklaa jeered ales In tb* rac*. On Btamarchatatn n
down a mtoembt yon _rr-.. In attitude of b. A. .... t5. haw I" eetd m
L* last word bia votes .... bieanss I gav you saotbsrli Ut an W. 1Mb 55. sow Tae! .;
-. Ursa .
eb m
tb of the sate -- woo. i.a.
asiinrn. savage fT"
"ted kim aad a* abed Umn.bow tie Hasp uiw.rIleve ramlna b-- bfce eke m.pe Mm. I.M-SiahTe.tau0
-. do maaagw t* ar was a pretty position for a sea. outh .*a.J la this BUBunk ArchiOt- E. draw kirn, Fe'J.hrb > f>5.ws.
.. .Wa. ) .. wllheat laeetasrltlawnld ..
-\.Ca Jack the Oral bb..aa very poctabto young UUow to .,. .




-, \ e %" w... '... '\oY" .

._ .$.. 4 ,,, ... -.- .._- _.._- -. -
'-lit; I{ i" fjIIll0 !!: J

c : .MII : .
'J. '"" .


*- '


Th principal rulprMa sro th* "s err I eraxoxr i.\ ncnxaChwrMr Meshes .

.. bl*. and .rICMUI toting Otea ana < &; BULBS ... I IKlrk's1

-. aheep and other farm animal f "_'. Well c-..... CHUM: to u U 4_..
..,. aN subject to attack* uf similar praaitea Meet L

* laver clad
INSECT DlP [DTIOSS.i? and other Insect enemiea If ail fiwtrtt<%. 00..11',. = rr..rrrtral .

[( these bo . *- Iff Ida n-.. J ::'- l.irt. I ( CROWNSOAP
ample, the iMflaki goals. .....-.. r) our 1'.:ws.'sa;! .
The Annual lots ()cu: %* wd by Destructive( 1 dr.tracUw la tIM Mouth tile nutnl -Roat are boucht. good one, and 1':"" ....".-,-... j

", pLfx Inserts in the United s .nes. gadflies. UHl1l.th* k' "-WDt... ":-. after woo dual the tarns sad the rest ..: le:::7.w.:. ;
-- and such parasite a* t 1M ticks sad i I.>. '. of the meats thrown away. I don'tLnow .... .1.-.1- I
GUY illicitFara MITCMtLL heavy persentate uf lass "'II. lWreckoned. whether warren am tnt ...). or -- A.. ... ,.........--w.... ;
a .. ..........tw 1.-..II-__._ I
know how
*ra of tile United St.auIII. ...' worm. Tbe chinch woimcaunea A tumteteath..site. I whether. they avtually .au. at.aios traasgav. sanavaag. .....
dittoa to county, State and national depredattons nearly .. severe as I the tvpartmcnt of Agriculture vt tfce. to male tb. soups which. they could '
tats probably pay a much heavier J the above mentioned' Insects makinganother bees to\ t1:..."..WIJ a year. ...... out of a" little. oV* the Uer- PR1r- *a __-.a..W1it I
toll chaD they do to aU three of the I ..... ..f IW.tHW.mw .nn' ally man women They -an make you a TIIl& excise 2. e .. tor yar.lraiad all ,
above. Tile taj collector la this latter Kvery year th* liepertmonl r*. ive*I I Stored Product Preyed L'pot ui,-a! that to good out of a scrap of ebic will sea caa I. oae which !. merciless. aad I report from iifl| -renl ir..dan .* the Wailnieni ton has ten made &'f the Ih ai. sad two or three ceata' worth Then "May feo Better Drivers, oa talsisd. ---- 3t.4. fees pure ft t.a/s

overbearing, paying DO atteatloa what .'. entry do t:r. .ing In.'.-"> to < rn bysurb lamac doa.- tu \ .".r to tb. necessities or obligation at I las-! '.$ aa bl.IIII.: ie rar:: >uwii .. tag th* arnwinc aad maturing _a..'.r-I. th. *wet ..f .tb..tn, dont .know ....w. t Are They? c__ ...|.m r rk, _d as his same sal

th* asTtcuItirial each. year, railing f.,r wnr :utwertu* arm} w ::rsia: ; ....... crona after they hav run I! and they d.ot ....,III to learn For Itixtance. la there a better driver la the .world sddn.s ssI '" W1l1 sae that ys.r eaats _

bas due _,...Utla.I and gloating I Iover I rauntU .of Inaevt: enemies during taeatlre r I take M shuck piece. of beef or than the man who ..rl.... tIM Or* eoKlM WppIie4. put epVI .....11I AI,paa..
1, that misfortunes' of his lean; > .' p> r.od oi growth are cull ."" a rut of. the lower round, and If a ? If there is. ho to yet to Iw.dlatotrered -

Tbe ta* collector In this f'..., however ;ort to tb* laroada if I lat>i-rt d'pr .. -1 > 1 to the inset The lasses resulting tora while la storage oa tho farm in -ouUJ DI'.'"* some good dishes out of | Her was aa engine roralnc alone .

from th* depredations of Insect OB elevat..rs ant mill. or again wail iu it that her husband would enjoy ..aUDC..a. a cross .t...... to turn up an Inter care
t.IU.U.tall, la th* ease of long .\. good slew cooked AGO iLL
aU plant products of to* wile both la praise too. I aertlnx avenueCnder tile wile: .f tborouailMloff
shipments t>j sea. K"od products in slowly la the ov*>n a put roast; beef
< their growing and la their' .to"", state terser when the machine
together with. those oa livestock. ."- the kitchen. and hoti.*-toreroom suffer a la mode, or a tu at pi... and especially was to turn then. was a sewer oiwnlnc. 5.000 Rlf'e.r' o l
reed tile entire eapraditures of the National fruia lDevt damage Anllual pre goat nourUhlc.ii|> Hut they '! with the asset ivrfnnt aloplnx down

CJoverntnent. including the ..... duct are atlaciied, by larder becU;' a. ihlak they mat hate steak and roasts I ,,__biT toward It all around from the ..,

sloe. roll, and the thtnaintcnan. of the .tc. fruits by tarloua fruit and vlaojrar -tho best cuts-and if not thus. tbeyaratioa blather general{ Url of th. .tr-&. FREE

&1'11I74" tht. .' > rnortuoua u .. TUEr..I : I. flies sad th. woolen. and houa- n.rurt t.. caiinol _t... Biro I I If tIM driver "Coming" aa h*. wa at a

the total value ". ( all farm pro.l<*rts of 't.i: I ho..: f irnltblnga by beetle. moths her to sell mast only 1 do hat to see J dead .&11"|,. should auk a broad turnaround TO BOYAre
thla. country It '''*'a would be much ''ltalk-bor-- .1--. n,I" ,lea of toeusl.I I 'stUrr f-h etc.'! Cured tobao, a Is erpectallj peoplo Ibrowlajt their money away" ( this corner out when tbortrvrt

Realer were !I' not for th* tajurt-...* x gra,,*:..'p.;' -.. "n P..ai taco and 1111 J.<" < to I Insect attacks and To* butcher was a thrifty German, was level the engine would -
work of la.M'Ordla t << to figures I I.other ln*'. t*. This unJouhtedly rues d&lll.1&". the ......i important aourca of I and LMW what economy _...t. Tb wind more or .less thus checking lb.horses' .MwMM- sNr.w'1
I addfnal' I- '"".'W or Injury betas a minute Insect known a* i iI truth uf his statement to 5'Iq' b..w M..+ ... ,,_
compiled by tbe Ivpartmmt of ArcuHure |- a t iota of aa proven everyday .|ieeit and then would l be a A_..... r.rE.
,> annual !... to tb com: the rh.u.to'.II.\ which not only la the big markets. Steak and ,
h .
the -sitaia<>- L a male thai too w a I second or tao lost before they could :
total vUue of farm prod.u durUuc tb. crop of !''Oft o.H) ".." ,Hof tnt. itrareti. bat all other form rusts Forts and) .-ks-thep.. ar set tb* load straightened and icet ...Ier pYQ3 CAI BAlE GIEt

hat year mounted to SS.eoo.ww.Mo. Uf a lartce number <>f ine ..lth It nw ID"". .pth -.....-.. -..-..-.... .-.
'... th three importaat of fim...M.' INK* a year to placed upon of I are suKccested. .wc MM _
Th Bureau! of Entomology; of the depredate wheat ( 'pa. I cheaper rule "14" avenue flirt It the driver I' III.I ._.. to _
: DepartBeat of AtricuJ-ure, being familiar specks: ace tae llrfnan By. the j tb* da mart' don to tbo store product, oflenilmeH ibo reply will m. -u". but make that corner with the two wbeeU a.e.ba.a -....w_Mw...s.be.a.1. se 1 1an.
q with tie work of tie Important..I,. h'n.' h hue and -he rr*'n plant, "t+eChih ] trls elder. but Include the destruction. ,to. my family. likes u.:.Il l the best cnta." j I on lb. Inner .I.! !. of the curve down as....a 4..a.b..:....tM, a ).-:,.:
Insect peata, estimates the probabl.1 the ..hin.la'onr'. ',nnta.lr.t: wtuwt products. la the> household or to tol, I I always! feel Hurry for the botjse- In that sloping depression leading to ==: : sewr

t' shortage dM t4) ln">ft damage at a'j ja11WD1UI1 ,' .. mi u- ." I. *..', i an I A very considerable item W'IK'I.. ,|: V ..-.JIf'rba 8J'_:.. thus f'UDC: aur th* sewer opening close by th* ....rb.I T_ ... -; .....b....a.-Z_.
of 10 per rent., wbll tal|lalnel! < tops. is vrj tonsiderabte. Tb> might be. char' alii" to Insect awl > she to tmoraat t>f the a BL Bwnai t which cannot !Ire. n.'I..t..u'| 'la the' .( I I Iprerrntlng and delit-nte flavor ut the "cheap t'ut."j.I I higher level nearer the middle of tboftreet. --. M bin..-b.n.. ...ee..t.b..r 5 .

....- -- ...- lust. > damage. >u outin when. properly cookul And in* unfcrtuaal the higher .level. her wouM bo -.-.b.ww_. R.1.-w.- -
-- ..1\\inure" how much to expend! i fact to that many housebeepss the alb -- ,- et ........
engine what the Isabel
up ... .
winen. fur the household tor. '- w usea..s.a..e.. .... .
; 1_.. this Important. matter toI outer rail to for tho lororuoUv rounj1 _....,.... _r.. v_.. .....
'InIngrvMi of flies. manta < I I late; Ignorant and unskillful servant. 1 ._. -...bees.,..
Ins a curve. maktnic It to h* w. iljn'tI
and m. rha. u. .r can an etlmat< i"placed ; .' Happening into th* kitchen\, of aMend I lose an larllD4 thata tbo way heI SVRE3i:? :: fipITE1TIIE I I tv
th amount of m. .\ .- .
upon at four o'clock on. afuno I did mike It ...... .'... r_
pen>le.1 h o <*ra.iicate ..... |nll'M > t t. it MW the negro mob drop a pit.re of f|, Iteforo h. knew It a Man who hat :*.::..iifViw fc2i tea.Pewits A.V
i Is 'h.hrt.>.1| that the estlnnat" of f.0000i I
meat evidently Intended) for a stew
..> '...ad. l>y the orTlrlaU' nfhe Into a let tie of cold water and light been< al'.lIne at the ..|_ rf !'l!e care rapour nasinif!: / r wailing
partinent r of Acrkultnre ... far l. i I..we the under It "Itarl. what ar n< to urn the enclu fin> by. a.. 11wbH.vials, I %&
gas aw It M> Dr..I' to bias aa4 In I I'N *
L |>u lIlac aLsaesrausewa. fgiBOOKSBOOKS
lb ..-'usl annual 1 Ion The "
problemthe >ou "01 a.. I aak. j I| rlnoo to him that ho could
,. ex nonnlc .entumnloc-fot nf the future rutting. le meat i>n fn dinner It.a '. toarhe-l It Th driver aloft In ha..1 I I
must solvo I* tb. le sealng ne-
or | llt'le late, but III boll It bard nndma
high cent leaning Inwards. .. b* wa: ,
veatiwn vf this Les.d ) .be Illl sit don* by six o'clock. {I' too. actually taming over him a* the

llowsomrvrr. ".7'. rot" to eat It, for woaint j. .endo fanned, with whittle rreamlnic w. bare ............age .a...d ....
.esi.s. 1\/.__.. got nothla else. and deem hllnor..1 l that driver. ah taU,.ahal f.r lacoiss issues toss Will
Her wag a good pier of beef, a'.. Itaaar.'pm In this fanblim "round hU frw. a.ip
f"ht ati-si aiion la th* seed .* rather expensive rut too. utterly curve, was talking low to his horses Writ for ewV ss.k
fruit tine reported at Washington isseedless
ruined by th* making. The raid water' '
and railing on .m each by name--a
a t"'r''in>iuon. Tb. officials drew out the Juices and the rapid boilIng >
abwrle.J. If PUISLII'IIiNO
man tltero
ever was oao.tor CO
of the l''partrueut of Agriculture th hardened. the Boer, with the result UUFt. .
other day received n visit from Mr that the tabbed product was oat< fit I i $ub.lie 0.:1. Paul Ml...
: a
John II iTvry. who brought with im
tc put la human stomach. And It
I any
a specimen ot seedless native persimmon I should II.". been such aa appetizing A..... burner baa been addeil_ t* tile s

from his place near the aaUwualcapital. I and thoroughly satisfying dinner lint a French duel. AI. J*. Uroa had aaen
aKemeat with ....roJ..1t b M.CarlHuL .
at the mistress. and tho maid were Ignorant
The general Impression to that and Indifferent concerning the At tho last moment ho ant

I"nIP.'Rf!: TO Il'1TdiATt AX oRANt-K TREE seedless persimmon to cither ..00."t..at -'b.1 I question act the daily foul fur Uto fam.Uf. won! that h* would nag B.bt. teat was

y p'I'S of ..","1.. Inner damage ( loa.ei from depr*>':a< ni. >f thla Insect I or nearly .... in this country Aseedl ending his second In his at..... flap *,
ttt.1 *>*. vatlety of this fall luiury is I .Idly tIM aerond acquitted himself. wbrllllantly Repeaters
afaonag nay amount to Sa per oa wheat In .ln.T'; At t t bar rangedbetween !
Tt. annual .bon*=-* of 14 per rent. llO.mw ana | >).(N .OUV In I not however a new thing but on the I Didn't Ksiow a "Pot Roast" that the irlmlial'B| ataenroaa t.r .s ....... u.
a low. estimate which la nor ..I II one ,..ar.\ "raconabl average other band a number of tree are scattered To a neighbor. complaining:
exceeded this fallen below. sad Indicate annual ettlma >f loss taking the throughout: tb. Mouth bearing I I,size of tb* HMat bills was anirrested of his advemry'a cor*. It was a dllKhiful *- b'!::1 .1.4'" G'I .,
seedless. .""I... !- of touch, tb* courtesy of not dl. ..
; at current farm prlrea a money "untry aa a iM>Ie. would Indicate persimmon specen ]tike I[I plaa buying cheaper. rut A -
I'. loss of S .oeo.OOtt-tb. minimum about f \).OJu 'I'-.' a vear charreabl to are occasionally found la the biglapaueM "pot roast .was suggested a* a anbsti- appointing. a waiting; aataconlat. but M.al..ater.wda.a4I _--.

yearly, tax which Inaecta lay on tbe thta Insect While :n om. ".ar. the variety and they are rather I lute for the expensive "..rllIN ribs." ending Instead a ale*. .Ul la( tread -.-.....,.to-"-
rare and tile flavor i H nothing to .be "Vhy. what la a pot roast r* she asked.And to plat him --..a-our.....
1 product of to* farm ThU eatlmate. damage ean_l t>y H,'.*lan fly U cnormnu > t ...
however, doea not inrlud the damage *. t\..':..; <;... ,b.a.,:. of ten ..r.. compared to the native sort that little woman with a husband 11:11-Trwhaf.s- -';16.:1111.rrt..t := -5M: .f:j
cao.... to farm products la atorage.aoch the. loss to 'h4. wheat crop caud by A iciber: of ln.......s are kaowa by on a moderato salary, was trylac to : .. :
aa eereala: and fx.agv rrona. and able bag ta* a .aV.e of tta.mo.ouo. and he otUvlal& of the liurtttu uf Ilaat Industry rut tho honse. Sho was about as well n.1t IB the near futon / Eh"J-- el.fi:
of solitary trees ages foe the work far knowledge way pwbltah. for private clretilatlon .tl'.
to natural forests and far.t brndnniaaalrnlDK ao otto nnmeritiui iiher Inrecta and perstsswtuai 1 as a* book _. .. .2
at last |iuit ......1fMt to each .-,. lay lull on the hat imp nf the hearing veillcss fruit but when pollenfr awl skill went C"Otaa..1. aa a chILl a of Irish peas which) hetranslated -....ap;.-.n....,a.list. ...,
of three two lt.ma. Tb. total annual. farmer I1'rm It n..t far 1..1'. denmutl .'m 'h> r ix rHlmmon trees In the tea years .1!J.t. And tile |lty of it was from tile naelle Tho Preldent s.._ v..I...saw..

tai then chargeable to>> luaevta la '. work C.... w'l.at', crop of the country ..luliUr. l h..t. t i I- brought In >mart that tb. hufbonl was. straining every was Uaht Gaelic by James Jeffrey S--4 aLSwet.4. ....

tt .(_).oao aaniiaJITh ) this ynr would bo :e per' cent wth, t'n' :1 t-rit of. 'ie se die sort nerve and 'to.irk. !Ing overtime to make ItuiLe. ..b..ya Mai.. .... .oJ
Item of loaa from tnaert daoiare create the n ,.j': tr fruit :11 be. fill < seed.Th the hoary to Leap things suing. -q- W- b wb. I.arefsY >"
!tr ut bri. n--v:. to the I> nntment Ja O'er True Tnt. at.l.-M.. Mr.ass.
a.R Includea the actual
only a.iIbis I
\ ttttV ttBowTr.tffr lift? skill :
Insect Damage to Hay. a c--:
.>f \2Ml'urt; bMr I> to TIneu aavmM know bow to make a :
or Injury to bat tH err; ::: rur> pree s :: I
crop .
', .. \VUi ass t.o aterna sad fill the till. err. tl
IlIa damagedD
mat met aho larlnd a very tmihir- '< r. "pa an :x a Uit': emu -T than the '. erageat.re Maltese frnfff aILed the 'lostru., tar -.d..a j'

ant Item-- *...ed to Inaect 1 ri.ne.'.,". Tits amixiat- .>:L' < 1"''" .p. r. TI. >""ouaa .p... .. ben cut B'TOSO were at ',. needst arbooli' <>.i utMla; ic. ed. in learhIng 1 on .f tb. ChW-f ..f tl>. Naval lluanl.rf _1'--

to a very caastderablo: pcrceaiag r : .' i the asr'nr of Mno and our '; .- :Tjparai the ,.u1' a. mi: n*-o.d I. !> I.! .,' not *..t.-p ou .. talL

the valu of the rn>p la th* raw ..( a U.I.. e." vtl .b.00111..01''' .a.I. "el ly stua.i u had t(:*li) mor meat c* MiUi> IA IoU,.C.... ant propra parr --

orchard fruits truck crop and 'an* h t
field crop aa cotton and tobarro. for f.-" '' .

instance In e.tlm.'ln. the Vwaca die '

i 'he railing moth It baa tress Uovrn t"y l II. I). Ilcmcuwny.

UtureB of th* Department of A>- i iiur '

that over >*.w.Ooo a year la expended This ennttlv little brit i. a practical tnanua) .f school gardening f.* both
In apnylng !. ti .. al:>>w- corN IXTAl ri LT GU.UN MOTH. leather and and
app pupil supplies the brot lnuate w tag a set of only I teats per t ..' tile }l..nt.jl'tD. wh.I:. man> ot :.I"r in Tb:. volume is based on ...--tual..nc-DCe.. Wilbur is aa aatbontr and durevtoc. .
Tbo coat of raantng and spraying cltrn arxta aD.!.. : minor cis....... \Vtthnulcountlnn U llanfvrd tScbuU of HorUculture). .
fruit tree ranges from S oats to HJM ; the lowea due t<> the Ui >r
per tow Another source of toes la class of de|'redatiir. we hava vital CONTEXTS ; Introdnctioa: How to Make a Garden; Twenty-One Lr wnein

that oeeaaloned by a diminution of certain loa of more than flartcnV.*rk-:May tSeptetnber>> ; lUhli rajy::; Lessens ta Greenhouse Work;

r..pa such aa wheat or twttoa. aWe to the three Important inject llaating awed, ltunj. etc.;Stoat hafting; Lesswns laSine. Bud4uIc.

pests of cottcin.Vegetable :S a?. Tagca J0''>Wndinff.cloth; iUiiktratioas. SA.Pjr .
and other iruck crop a e
eaperlaJliml! >Ject to Insert Injury act special arrangement with Poubloday. Fago A Co.. I asa able lor the lessees'

firu.; <'rniorrm the case uf Ib.... crop to luaLe tte fallowing

Ihrri. u aiwaya a, lars expenditure SPECIAL OFFER.
I for In* control: of Innerta. Tb. orchard
i and smaller ft'ilti auffrr heavier 1 loss "' The new Garden Mtgmtime, \ mouths and //>", I. Jrd, s.'. .
from lnri.i .".>(a,. Imia direM and| be- *A>oi.rxE!: .PRLTICO Os arlr ;.**'.... *l.uw edition, poktnaJd. both for f IUM. . 0
in u .nan th* 1M..r.1.1..& va of plain Tools: with which we
I cam of f" < \," ua"* mrtbotds of The IlARDCX MARAZIXC to fln1r Jn. tratetl and to the. t 4tt
rise.lea mr. so abundantly supplied ....| can bo ne magasine <
FEi treatment n.ei' \' to f-rcvenl still l It i.e< .I"h..1 that the Department extend to reach every school la the Land i published In Amenta. "J'n..a"A1IU.: ro < II this/lttcut rfU-r. onleraUou.i

.r> .ttr" furs u. There sro aevemi h'io- I of Agriculture will keep watch 1 land., they mill serve a great purpose : | ).sa.bnt nt ocve to II. It Ilemenway, I Ilartfurd. CaotMN.tM.ut.ThtooATcr .
died tnierra w i..h depredate un theyxMri
( '"In.. t foliage and fruit of 'he <>n rh.. Omr> |ie altnim.n: ',,- sad al and the beaHt to tbe owmiac Cara ,, w, be withdraws .' ear tie..
the rtebl aeries end*..t.ir U. teaks. Uua will be lacalcalable. -
I ap4| Tb. Important pest err th
sum graft of th* ..dls. beds apes
1 I woolly aphl. Injuring the root. the
other stock and try to> .breed a ran; -
',ick I lemur. borers .
i aa the > aTm of seediest
r a: k.r-....'in<. and tent <-atvr>Ul4ra. wrsimmoas. A iruuaVs> Itettutiful JI..rlaL SUCCESS MAGAZINE

tb* .arUM. .ral. Inaect' pen. In .
I tW San Jose aval, 1.. UJurlng rat jirr/r/c/ji Lire.Consists I A beeutlful memorial ta a noble woman The Great Home Magaziae of America

1..1 fruit are the. nolllng moth, the will bo. maintained henceforth In .aae W..,. .......... .tt_ tae a Itwttd lira _aa
s,1 i th,> a >;> i.e.: -. la Part In Cail: Adisltor- the little cfty of Pas' dMa ('.L, the _..... ____...._baa.web.bbe .so..cseSre..e.

1 i.. ;, '<) I 11 i I.'f .'.*. i luoiia! .'M''Iv.........*heeds. home of tbe Ut Helen. Peabody Newtbrr..m.t is..M m. a.Ina.-I.a +r"w..wMA I" is er..ww....b..a./M.be.-. ..--.....-.--.Mew W _.... w. f
II..,' a* heavy aa la tb' founder of theVest. rn College for -- -
:::: =l:
Tile Btato BAard of Health of Massachusetts .. "=' '
I. ease of the apple and evpeelally when WCDXTB at Oxford. Ohio. Utos Petvbody. ._.., _
has had chemical. .. ...
.1' who died ...-.... Ouro..sss
Wd1 w/.e.
treat mnu for tIM Kan: J.< acalo recently, provided In I -. .N..M Ir..A
other atal* pc '.. ai., ..."o.!.red; I mad of prepared. foods sad the report her will that her. Pasadena residence, .o.: .....-.. --------r-..-........ -- _
of the Hoard shows what we really cat .. .Mtlr 0' Itl1. la the ra. uf .' >rua fruits th* coat la the court of everyday 111..a. one ef the loveliest ta that lovely town I -- ......f.--
1 treatment U. much greater and tho I '"- OfferSuccess
we taN pepper wo also get ground __ ..- "
;' Tug m / Uy 1'1.1"I'IIILo UM* anll1b..,"r. ---
:::1'; nutshell% sad frail stones with a llttlo "i.--
("y........."-II Foree"pe< UL.;y planted lorrjta of '
\ pepper mixed In. Mustard coasistachiedy 14. tee h h 1,.
artificially: wundej arena oa farm*-
ri ni;
of wheat Boar sad taraserlc.
ereaaloa Bhnrtaee the mar thutting a Increase down. value of* Bill aa tot pal: tall to &vua rwu. torcra, which this latter to aa East ladlsa saffroa as *

A shortage .( a ftalahed. product Bach colored root with aa acrid sad pungent is i
tact. Whea .wo tan limo Juice we ct ) lagazineOw",1'
a* Boar. cotton. or fabric. nay mesa .
a corresponding, Ion to tmo porutk>a a UtUo of tn* Juice with N to CS per ii: I Ir

companies sad to .blpp"'". la other rent water, the whole pres rvej with w ee w OacYtar
aalptinrous.' aalleyUa or benxolc acM
.word.* shortage la aa Important product
start a trala of. losses to the Ale la preserved with aaJkylio add. $2.5

..4 of tb* chapter. UM total aoouat t ,a also porter and UVewtoo beer; "par i ia ifa CostiscatalEacyclopedb
of whutt U than caa syrup. Canned clams asspreserved i-iirrr
with boric acid. far test!

: Greats. D.javac.4 Mat.ral r While tlila rvvclatioa of tho Maosachaaotta Express Prels9e'ILhtV.b.slrwagly
r .
1'11. Buffer mat. from SaMet aathorlttoa .. aonsethlac awful

damage. th. yearly amount of tea ac- to contemplate, yet w* are staggered aavl Richly eo.... ta R4 Vellum to !... doCJa.

sregaUas .: e.&MJ .'". "... ksdiag by a further report. of th. Hoard ..... N ....*..Losaassrawasr'. .. a.
cereal crop Clf the CaltM State, ofeoarae. which shows that aa enterprising vr'-' ''''' T-e. hA.rs_srrrJ.- _
to kits co.... wit a a ..&1_ last chemist has discovered that tho odor
of. ilJK.eoo.WMlL WhU. com to of spoiled egrs ego be aeutraUaed o...detr4w"-.. .. iav-real sLatu. w. ........ at hsettt Tb..... Tltl:

f y.ar er subject te>> Insect damawaadBt through the addition of formaldehyde.Bine tw'----.--.R.. .. ..,' .--...... Iwlyi+bwa.w..... Ute
M.at. the moat Iniportaat cvrval. iuaicoir01 Ibis d tio wonW' bo UbltohaMa .... eatered' toto the ...L fad.wtthetoarhbeesdIeqr bd..a traIstie.tMs. j
which l. com prolaetW ,. Iia..va' _..___ s..s..wb. lbt.siww.oo.Aibe1.K .r. wfesN.ta-fq.w
Itroestders" .. __n___. w.ew It- -__ far hoataeea ot. collecting had ecgs. treat- ....-.... ..-meatl..l.t.awtaallSotLihs. ..si MW rest
Tbe.-... -- - ------ lag them with formaldehyde and an- -It Ji t.mea w....._.,_ua+..da..
a Important Uaect posts TUX PBorruLT MAXncn TU aEBUof 1....... a..wab lid 171.Mti
W..tW .
.jaj m fCWaansn-BB aa wool sr.rata loss lag tbo mUtaro ta bakers who wee It CUUUMt MUTILaboaM a-_ liar es.nys6J. Lshi use tAls/ea..ae .._ w __ r....
la cake sad ether< foods mid to the __ .'
oftbcropossow ( Vt MIX
of.ttoattp.rcoat. BCD>> ATTACKZI .iWe.15
i: ii 12 O.OOO.Mn1. Tbo _*xt moat tae WORM. puttie. While tile aodltloa of formal- be weed henceforth as L ....... ad ......... b r... -Iw rsct.d.r kv"--: '. :. ._. -: "
laaect post of ...1i* often almost utterly destroy tbo trees debjdy destroys nay bad ...... lag plan for weary Christians, either r' : ._ .,, -- .. ---t d
"' the rortant boHworm or earworav.thtorT.. .- as la tbe case of tbo black -.. blest 1M proosea readers tbo ogn extremely tram tile bam or ereica "I'". sad tot 5--,... -. ............. ...--...... ...... --..- -.- -
W w istS .dead
Net. eordlac to tho Paream Batoprobably defoltotora sad assay other n.rI. bartfal to the baanaa system, /am- bo called tile House ., Host.For -b. .-..- Ws .-
erty tbo antsture of bad .... ...... Ita malateaaaee .
attack from M to about is.O baa been
aoIocJ' Uea of depredatlac> taoscta.CattM bat FR....... mod L '
to IeMJMr.tactwwe. .. .
cealLof tile oars .sweet eora.throwihout net aside. Mia Pwabedy willed an her .-Y-: r 1. ..
aad tile d.m- the) hey of laooctTbo .. thb. later eOacovory the price of mixed other ..,.... tbe advswtbo ., ..
..... tho by this i.watrt peat to arabably lassos ... to biting tad ..... egg ... slots baa Ie casts you ea.a ...-- asydf a rreabyteTlaa 'I1IIa ... M Iln'm.p se .... Ul.lea >rrslg

,.e Shirty aa creat a. Uat ca.ao4 ftr tba attic ....... 4IC aWe fire ..'::1': 11II : tlllat_ $La MUaw. I CIuInIL

\t .


"', > ,,', .-.". '_ ,a- '" .' .. .'t.-. ... .,t..,A I':;'"1'0' ,, '_ '.' .::" /I .




-- -- -- -- -- .
--- .
----- --- -- -
..oo.ooooooooooe.eoeooo.o .
;-t )ot."t.. >t llaael tune. eeeeee &

k: | Local and ]o Harden !Seed at FUber'a.Ynur e.fi&PIRE.PROOr

G..L DREKA & CO. | Personal BrleN.. |o eye* fltted'.. correctly and prrttllyatBuley | :

2f, .0.0..0.0..0.000.0..00.00. Dr. Hugh and .I. .I'.au top COOKHS WARE

W. 8. Taylor Oeattot.. here on their way to Miami.Tnehnycof .

; Garden teed at FUher.. the K. >>. I will play

: k Fedg.r'wbartorder. Itevtaurant. the Mtetwn boy Friday and Malunlay Pretty enough for tbe table ,
;:: Don't fail to ee these game 1
I Allea. an. .... .
*" coring Saturday '
NI I, .
':'1 Dutee Wikos and Ml** )I. \\ .
Fish. of l-rovidrnce.. It .., are among
*. F. U Mctlrtd eatcrtalaed the ....- .,_*.. at iutnam, .I... Other stykw of Earthenware, both*

: W..........,. "
Trw a Fruit Malt wHuetblBgaew.at .
Mr. and Mr. A. P. lloMeter of Knterprl ""udtr..,'. fountain. Useful anil Pretty i;

/:) .......For.New .. _' '** were la Iowa Tuesday.Mr fut
price la clothing at 11. A. Decorated
and Plain
.. H. A. AmlenmM. of I"-blrc. Un II a'.. t :;.:

Spring) Goods .'.., ta vUltiar Mr.. M....trevlllc.MUt The Four llckert Company ba. .

)..Mle MofTatt' I* .hate attend* been ratertaiainr fair........ ba' -.:
Sag the Teacber.'AwdatMm.eet- the,, puMtebuol. auditorium every
:MillineryClothing i.r.. night Ibis week. g AT :Bigelo-v\T's

The gads of '* '.a. Inn enj .,.... : S. r llrlir. new lh'Land and Orange

; a.1.military..": euchre party tUturdayy City writing paper. t ( e eeaee&-Jt1eQ we's

: line Alma llallblay of Heabreee I Ii

(> .terrr.ed la aay .t>le at Kurtfer' here attending. mreling.of.the Teacb* -

Carpets *. t -'.' AoMiclatiun.Mr p0 4i' &>: >I # 3t'1a+1e rSo..s a.it\.! '
I... fall to are the .'u,.... Lawn I *. H. .\ Wui-J. sail her brother. ,
Matting slat "' .1'1<<* a' Itrcka'*. t M I.. \\'. L. Ktiib. hate gone to St.
Augustine fora few day. ':i F RES H
Mr. Fred Horderlcb i.. ....1 lot 1., acomrortalile
Hugs dwelling on hit prwurrtyMlh ll.ve you a |lanu that ....1Id. harsh
Of tIWft.WantedA. and mrt,,llic* I. it lla-paniey If Mt ...

Groceries, Hay und (irain. few more huaruVr.. C.make HaMrl.It orct tbe tonrd resident again tuner at ,mall can GARDENS i

Mr. H. M.UettvCarroltoaCotlac*>..tM cont. If tbe action J.... not repondreadily g

lo> Maud C.II.lI.t.b.I.'I..a.I ... to the. .......b. llaxel 1 can regulate -

--- -- I that *o that It oilLriwinal :
; a ." I t'vu..' i. In .e.*ion tbl ? E E DS! ;

Wait till 0. A. l>rrka ami (.... ...... week. An count "f the pro*.reding. 0) : s
/.t" I. ciuo>ilr. .l .
their. M|'ring Millinrry ami you will out uf tbi ItMutr. Tbr |'te.
aod ,lie brat *ty Ir. and .hapr... l ron $1..lnC. care the BMI! Import
ant. ...rla.|... turouir before the court
)I,. T ... Filler'a..... editor ot at this M*.f be Ha,u... Ifellyaml \\1, New. uf the defendant. .
wa in Ur Land on but iite->* ,...' ids".
Plione 77. DKLAND FLA t 1lneappl.. Btrawlirrry. nut aadrrrr PHARMACY
Mr. J U. Kruoe r e
.foe. a day or two v ut drle. at Fudger Ice Cream
a Ualnecvllle, the last *.f tbe werh.inprctinc l-arlor. ISi ,

;tfA }4 }4 MIw the (a*.tot'lI.. ., tbat |.l Uce.Ihjy ,.. U Deity of Murfrehoro. I e" @ K< 4iS" 4innUIL

,I Catalpa Hprciua. fur fence:: Tenn.. I I. .pemliRK tbe winter at tbeLJvyd
wtat ..... ale. .
p lIa' Kurrry, buuve.
: Btitrrnw.: p..I. pntet.de l ClarafromMin
i 'I.1t Cbrt ......... By* llajod hard Ball.Mmr choke .a'.1 peach aad pecaa: man on
lree; price will pleaor you. : !. .\ bouncing girl I I arrived at the bonneof arrnu. .;dfret south -
The \-1&....' Club sae rcoral rd *. AmlcroiMi and i'rif, Mr. and Mr.. H. \. Hough on "'rl- (...... .*.. .toB Heeled: iglarrr.: .
Mushy at* .r. .. l by the rlectUn. ..1Mr. tlwu. of Mr.. A. K. Hnider. Mr*, llcttle Coi da>. Many IUIU r.i... hi-eels avenue. retaking a..m le....
rto"rt..vtl. lualsagerw &1.. and Mr. Ida Htewart, from Indian-
U. A. 'Uedma .. aaJMr. ... circuit with. 31iul..eta, and Wisconsin
.....II..re a aoeglrllulyarrivedat
OniHind Hotel writ THB .Nitwna again at lutam Ian 'lor lily ,.*urll iiit HI i regular
s W. U (t.lwm act .rcretary: aadtreasurer. tbeeaua.Hon.. she home of Mr. and M,.. Arthur : Mvenues. The *ngiu* r
follow .. M-ir.h. .tfMioii Moitday, iiiglit ; |ir.t..*iit.
Tb mil U nvw bring pre rUtgcne C. lUce of Chicagogeacral fullv l tie attrlitioD uf CIOuaeil to tthe
pared, aad will MMMI lie ready for pub OrntoiMl. Ha., February. II, 'OS:; or .,_' of tbe Knouwmrai: )I,.. Uinrhardt and Mr*, r*. A. S.COTMHI ." l'o
Ii a'- The club .buldft. rrfwUr *..... K4ttar Tho..Ln-l ,.... IUk. K. of I*., u .......... a I.. day reiurnrd. IrooiVc.t taleilratb .mlV l ....l.arl. Mr. \\....|- y..ryb....eutMlitMia uf tlw tank .
&. o.r....... ,lie Br l uf the week.The | t..... that four ginlor .
; w r
aftrraviMi 'la ,II.c.dl
.lnC.1I4 .
1eeing ia your Ui* of ..1....- ward wa .1..t..1 l ) l chairman. |I'r'tt I
ruout, ami generally. .Idulgei 9. the unties of the ti.Iw Welcta'UrapeJuice, ....,.. sir witboda meeting uf the ..tockbolJer..1lb. I i I II laiiiM.K| .Icy rust sod tUxtoKI b*
ary pile at ._. Itrl..tiul Aquatic fluboa* uut.piNHd ''U'.
i la playing ciB b. rsadks i r aady telU.c played her l>y tlm Cdtaoub from .la.t MiKxI.tr to seal Monday .1 I ,, r'*|. .re>l at ...-.
.,... I. wblrb MMB are bev MMlar. ( y. and. the OruHMtd nine, wr If your watch or cluck.....* not keep night to actumnMiilate ..."..,al time, take It .. .hairy They ..It i.... f tli Florida. .\1 |
ewe adept tb. .a cter. The __be,. that mu.i for annular art the 'lulrMr .L.'ial > ** (
Ut lbrIs .
write you today say rep time If ... give ,..... tr-rat- I I Iii. haled' !February. a. follow:
.1 for ciwU. err very ctatvfiil t.. I be oy. Irft talc, all a|>|>.r.nUy inKootl oral Ifaratclty work.Mi t J. !!.. May bi. ..woi|>lrlrd a Oar :',: riiMiltiiriKt ....... ..r t i.-ii*>ral r.*..,uu<> f UIM! $ CSO 47
,........ ..
nturt It* Mr ti- II. SrMrn
ulbwrltir! fur rre
city giving IU.w the I|I ;
*>| irit.. T.'I.I.. | -d ._(.....t for fr.- .I..irtbutni. s
** Dura Kllkoff arrlwd from MI the place: ..-..>rd. l>. Mr Hrklrn. I i I Kir and watrr fuit ltd::: taI2
tee wl be ruwdi inobU.blw atcet.tiuud .wavy odd .but |Hit ut a uiuclil WarhiMgtuo, I). C.,, the Sail ol ,.., ,,1r.I..I.. U II. Klroart on West i i: ;"MI. ... K:. t '. ramlr and i>.. toCliarlv 1:0..... ill......' f1/1Id' : J 40
order l Ie umtale i at all tlateo letter l icaiii titan. the. ororo" would ._k. .atI.. the seed of the (aiuiliof I \lio..ro.ta atrrnur.Fur Untie*. I

.... tb. rnuai -.I ut kept (. aicc cwucditiu iudifato, aiMl k.|4 their weinhtir her oocle, Mr. ,.. A. Urvka.LCMT .
i Hale Five arr tearing oranrrcrotc 'Irt.1 Total. reap IWIM! 'I loltf 76
Tliln. .*f of the. Fin Ih I uii
by the slabCUMMule.tutsARKTI1K1'.tL oip| 'neiit. |1.1.inlll..U all the -I'alrof ill. rlmatrd .prrlac :. JIM buir. ... '....r. eel. tbi..
I I time. Th* area lilt* b Lot buy. ..., I. HvLand Thuroday BMW..i"lf shire l.MMk. .....tb..1 I'*i..rr.lly in theist. was auttoricd| tit |>iirrlmiwt The clerk r*|>..rt.nl tinrolW.. *. ,

!! E rtn4er' will pleae leave with .II I, wriurale:; | limii 1i..oct lucalittn: forMiwnag. 'ie.n IIf Jan
'and dUI . IVI..aml. aixl ti ..o I rnd rwrit-r Fir .: 'i..lCui.h-l water rent during
OK MANYlb 116tIUUl:1t: : IIU :o\.': .Heard, at All..'. ..a'.c,.. t fUIUfa-twry' rrat>oa. for
our grunt l oM 1.. of Voluia.Ve ...1I'.1f ..I..be l>r.l grove In !I.*.. er. for u_ ..n tier .- *aait >... at. uary.
)[.i.:iaa. .bu ...... valaed a aa \ are .1..,. (lad U. lips> them Writing from ...1...... Colonel J. II tar.A.. U. llamlin. 23UAnung : Thf Fire amiVatr Cumnittc.
liana. repMtatMMt a* aaalfrti* .( the here. V... _,.: -You olll aad .! nctu-.* a net .I JCill.ItilN i. I

caiMC wt *.iiuu. .._a...*. stair tblII for ., lintf Mib-crlption.. I cannut Uwithout .. the winter vloltor IN lear > *.rr.. au.litrd. and| warrant was. aiithorixMl to repair water
catcalar cold cwwkl o s avoided a Your. ..p,y truly. the .paper. fast. .. Mr." and Mr. W. A. Miler,
!... ( list wl da.geruuu. .11_.'. .uultl AII ':...... Jk I...>.K, Wantrd .White woman to .Ut inbw.ew.rk ...1rw lUUbton. I'a.. Mi.. Myler. drawn in Iwrltsel.t| ......r..r l*>.*-r. an |H-r tiuygtiti<>... of th.erltile'er. *
rivet br beard .... Every ..a. ka**.. Manaiter, and cookingfor old cwuuir sad Mi.. Jean )111..,. The Mrlrr a. follow : ,

tbat pbewnMiaui awl rwiMuaiptiaawritfiKAlc .... Only t..I. family Work light: plr.ra.t : have rented the new Coulter cottage T. P..s .. . e w :aM. Tlir Street: Cummin was iuiru -
ffiMw a cold. aad cbruuiccatarrh. "-.. Aourcos A. T. Papilla uo New York avenue. At prrventtbeyb .. i..e ........... M" ,
btwmbitU: and all tbrtMt and I O-itcea FLa. ..ve a* gur.t.. Mr. F. H. Merrkrk.. of A MMMIa M.i.ll .... ... ........... K I. <-t.il to .Itell l the -MVUIM.! goats|
atrd aad New and Mr. and Mr JwbnK.
lung trouble are rra< rca lljlgbtun ... .... .... ..
terra ewe _,..... by tab frt b .,. -Moraln-r' aad tftnlmg. ar.ke.seat The aaaoal dinner and banket picnic All.. of Chicago. Mr. :Miler i I. B ..0bes..yM...... r ei see tn t r of a tllll.r.1. Miune ota ar rCouncilman -

tack. Uw aut ruk year life or take.cbaaccft Sue lay. A cordial Invitation 1.ealeeded of the Old Mrtller! Muc'." .' lag he ecretarv and treasurer. of the seal .............>-iit--uir .. i:. '"CIbtr I I"tar. ....,. '
cold. to all without .....r chorcfeffageatcal : Land will take place at tile Standard ... with .
CaaavbrrUiM'vl'uoca Mlg. .
bca you feat a Aquatic. Sanitary K li rln.M..r wp.e.u:::: :: : M
.. ... a Cairn
Iteatedy will curet ta .i., with thl Club ground* on ThuroJay meal, rVuruary ..iead..uarter.at. litt.tiurg. Mr. Allen a. MM--* ..... Ie wa .10-
before. thcwc. 41....... M........ Tkie.rrairtly c.sgregatl.m.e= ::. I. prt ldent anal trracwrer of "hirer I, AtlBMMHUM. !, ...... .... .. l.*.inte-d. a* a ouiauiittrw of ..... to
-- W t. I IUMMMWJofca ... .... .... S. a
.. tic :
coatala aw ..10-. a wraiatr Kaglneerlng. a leading- Chicagoraile ... .. .
)1-. ... m.AI..ea.'u .ft tank olTerrd fur _I.
Try Fldter'.Ora.gead.. made from in | o
otber aarraiful) drug anaa. thirty .......... ........ N pi-. t new-pa. p"rr. : .. l ... .... ... 7.ewv.
'-:11.1 It pure fruit. t .. ... ....._ .... ... .110 .oi
of reputation : haled livV.. )I. \Vo--dward eat if It*
year. under .:............ Fur ......... wmltM! I* (.*'*u by .... -u .\ meeting f the .lt.-kh..idrrmf. the i ..._. H..Ito.. ... .... s .
by lt
carr every ... ... .. Mr.toear J. Keep reprewnti .. ..d.....nlwl 1 1 1. the
ate by all"n'IC.IeI.. rave the A. la ala. taxitb Owdwin lrinter. t ..11'..... Manufacturing Coap.ay| oa ;tJMTursew 1 .:. sews .t. to purrlla.e tank
Mooply olAtlanta
7*.. year .... fwlM-r .. faUlaa b> wa* In UeLaad Tuesday Nnoany. andU'edaraday. brut in H. I\VllAun'. office MumUyafttrnoiHi. K.II ream l'...-.....*I'.. 0.mI a.1 ut it at the city .taM. *...
This the nn annual !. .... ..... ... ,.. M l up
|4.n.. TW .arhmt homo. ., .apnlaVMmirt oa >t j I Jl I J r-r i
Wlllard .dal.rllee. calling on tbe aivmbrr. of the .M.kboktrr and the fMnirw. |j.hi n .-...., II: SI. :%i.twe was KIII of int *i>ti..a
..h Leap ha* wrUMluuil lutt of the ae..paper. .,a......,. mretlng. +I' ..s-l .'... Iep.n..a I,..' C
la a > .f Kraawct E. WII...... sod txhird of director and ufllcrr. were
ea ry wnLtwLe..d .N. Tb Itewrb ooldWr t.. awtwl tl', ,.rdil..,_ I..id.
Th .ar..1., 1 tI.. .*..1.!.1L
.a4Ntrdkakrofthat. w.rM.tdc er from hethuard to oiNindiac lt .arl reIecl.rl.. An a we*.. urnt of l.l per I r.1 i i..r..1 1
blew ap right of the tower .. Haarl ...,*...... tbe mecbanUo. Mlhe rent on the *to. k 1. nude, and BMi t 1 etiu, of tV>.:.". in i....... as lollow. l* lux for licvnr 'a&.1t .. ....*olr.lup.alr.tar
....'..... "Tbe Woataa'a fbrUtlaaTeaiperaacr trfaU .. level the oallr fabrle.' It
R. ttb wI".
him a petal aid beolll .1 it ha close hrrn rollrctrd. Tbeompanv I Ifll. '
.. ....." be local W. C. gird ... of tb. 1MIJIo.... wak* bttMvateataur > call and quote you |-rlre. on ten ,' ha. hwught and paid for the : I li,'g I i..-,.... III ; 013.11 ltarn | rrdu*s the tax

T. f: bed a puMI atcetlmff n..,.- -- beovrprlord to know how BOMB ... Tbe cuntiatt was: aoardrd for I'I.y_
1M' the you with Slate law.
day eveaiar, rebreary ". at | to fotu.ly !
The fl.lowls |
cal get dime fur... little.Mt. be cuootruclUin uf the ga.-makinmachinery. / rgir'-r r"I..I1..1 as
rr..lyteriaaarch.: lb. _'I.. tree can l*> planted. ) front Work wn the plant will I Jam*** I lam il toll, win dug tltouw
11'.n.llwlnr'I.MIr'.r.I, .
i..1 I
wa. cell attended by ...>irr. a.d,1.Itur.I.clu.li.e.eeeral now aatll ....1... Wr arc 1..*>rm..il llaraalia Kpi: ..-.>f4l cborrh.. or puxttrd'toC'iMMi'lrtioa.A . ; I 1.pie
that the U. M.ll.ce. IVcauo I FrU I*, l raagenioM. Nunday" 7: bla r v..1.. :r.ur.i..: .klst' ......1. 11 ,...,.i.wh will for tho city,
DeWltL U... who have over isO urn Holy. toatmunlun; .::*. ". m W...nine?? very interesting and amusing rnrrtainmrnt I ;conU ; I talc| mult, I i.1'| "I" .| ....il Ifforevuuncil and asked
... cbiUrrn 'I be prvtf raw _..,... In ,..,r.... ami .... .....1.... a p. wrayer, followrd by tiumlay' rbiwl. will lie given here March |
of mutiftf a.kstcb.1 tlla character .....aJ for Ihrlr ._1..... shill .1 II a. m_ Choral ...r*Ice with M-ruMHt; I:-. when. Walden. will give a prrfur* for tfttliunt, aKrrwiug Ut take

)I.., Wllb,'". recitation and readlac pecan* at "" t>ol. Iw '_l. oill nakc w p m Kvenonne-. .,.a.-..* e..., mince ..f conjuring.. .!rigbt-of-hami. A IIAItlT TI' / UK: KXltM'ltAIJKII.: : '|I tin' ca.in< reiuainiiiK hand and
ptrlal Introdfactncy. price on hlgtrade \ Wedneviay aad erlday at & ... m.Theaaaual aid t.kk..1 ....k. He ha. mar The TBolbcr who Itax acquired the'kahil
.. aadcblldrra
*. A 'vl ,-"Cpl. budded and (rafted pvraw I rre. rrrd the art to a wonderful degree.mu *r keeping ear "had. a ","Ie of allow tlM city Hl&l for it. A

gave pleaiMire. by their part foe the meat few week Write for hireling of 'Ia.'uIh *>lng, confusing' aid myvtlfylnr.ami 4'baoihrrUla'. I'ougfi lU-mrdj. earn' warrant for th* nt _lan<**B owed
la the escrckte aad everybody. ...- their.perlaU'atabozwe' II.."IVc...." I tv..) Mity Teacher: A. aiciatM>n U .*... bl. aiMlieace invariably Ire herself a great amount uf ua.I iiw..

j..yrd aUw a ......., addreM. by MiMKeaU and tell them bow many pecao tree.y.e ..1.., .bolklinr held la Ikr-tand. at.. the publkchef highly Mttoord with bU cleterljr. earcull anti aamlcty. t.'sugb.c.ld.adcreap. Mr. llaniilt wa drawn.
ca.:1 I NVarlyall the r.wusy ",'__alloe.: lie grow ._. which. children
tit are .ecepllble arciiiickly
(Gel ilw.a wa..acteda.ui.lal.t
who original .krtcbt..1 trap b.rr.a.isattr.daacr. ...,. I i
rate view
I I. *o bort a time tbat gardner ; cured by It. IMC. It cvunt.r>| or
)II.. XVIiUrd'. later life. 'Subrteof! ttMetfMM "'. ..,.liy.iateadevit Mul..r. ilm with an enviou eye, aaakr amirrve '' act.any ,.tendency a roki ta result i city engineer, l I.y a r..t.
w. c. T. I'. ftoh. : aad otber oelleducator. kwon coffre la *o shunt a time that In |> cui>MMiU. and. If given l a. mn a*' of a to i.

Tbrre ... .....,..._. vl.tad DeLaadtbe The. regular. *e.*i Hi of the W. C. are a*.itla* .In the pea houses'ye. warder he make candy. I i the. ant .*r.U>Bi. of croup appear. Os.-
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crowd by preacblar wa .lie .t..t. faa any ::. at J ,. ai.. I" ta* ChrMlaachurch. ')a Monday Mr. and Mr*. Joan K U. ..'..a..... la the days ofwitchcraft I dy contain nothing Injurious | a-.-lady': plata gold ..te........
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V. M FOUNTAINMMMit11M II" .' title ce... fr.. ha bars r W Dtn"otl" Cho.a : ?.J
: A. H. WOODI4LL. -
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1K. _-_ s..kISL..S sa .._ .......... .1s there aaea>ble4. ii.*.*..r"ble: I bad trW4 for. year to train I.UiHaMoe.. tlsw Tana.. wr>los -1.....*. bee tayinc the ........

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aid I... I.MP'S --" !S ap4kaliaa Itallard' "- LeM ;ave J4chu.s.111.. eI1: : be ..... order for f 1.00. Seed .*.
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.r. 'o

The DeLand weekly news
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 Material Information
Title: The DeLand weekly news
Portion of title: De Land weekly news
Running title: Weekly news
Physical Description: v. : ; 61 cm.
Language: English
Publisher: L.H. Eldridge
Place of Publication: DeLand Fla
Creation Date: February 16, 1905
Frequency: weekly
Subjects / Keywords: Newspapers -- De Land (Fla.)   ( lcsh )
Newspapers -- Volusia County (Fla.)   ( lcsh )
Genre: newspaper   ( marcgt )
newspaper   ( sobekcm )
Spatial Coverage: United States -- Florida -- Volusia -- DeLand
Coordinates: 29.02889 x -81.30055 ( Place of Publication )
Dates or Sequential Designation: Began in 1887.
Numbering Peculiarities: Numbering is irregular.
General Note: Chris. O. Codrington, editor.
General Note: Description based on: Vol. 2, no. 14 (Feb. 2, 1889).
Funding: Funded by NEH in support of the National Digital Newspaper Project (NDNP), NEH Award Number: PJ-50006-05
 Record Information
Source Institution: University of Florida
Holding Location: University of Florida
Rights Management: All rights reserved. Board of Trustees of the University of Florida
Resource Identifier: aleph - 002033848
oclc - 01699465
notis - AKM1561
lccn - sn 95026697
System ID: UF00075897:00088
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Full Text
:; ''o.. v ,


---- --- -- -- ----- -------
-- --- -
---- -

I Vol. vi U I No. ?. DcLand. Volu&IaCounty. Florida. Friday February 10, 1SMMJ. 1.0O per Year.
OSTEEM.Miea III'l.tN11E CITY.CT. BELEONS1 K1.JS.1IT. a**.ilVw Liv ir I1/' .ivivi-w'011'iw ilrv iiw www

...... .... =..-:.:: I -.. .
p.-4m 11vr r.alrwa.. ( ad !1.s.C. A
N.4..i..M N ...- w .......u.....I...._.
AluMtua Itrtn'k iai.itingber rs.M51.we....-...... ... a.. a..N1y..s JUSTICE YOURSELF
Urea intent of Sletaon TO FAMILY
I aMwue awb..i tl al -
Ary w
nomine, Mr. and. 11,.. Joe =:..... .:::;;V..NS.w-I N 1ur.ft U.i..nit1; will preach for IIN I

\ Uavia. in LI-Lad tin week. -
...s.a II
'. City, February 14.Mra. .- iu Sunday a. m. --9

Maya Butler came over' from8auf L >uiw tunaS and little M.... Allen of Albi.xi. Mich., i.

I rd and \ i.ie>l friemU SUMday. daughter )Ii.. Mary, (rum c...- viaitiug b.r frntl Mr. II. A. rf:: You cannot atlord to miss the Great;

ingtuul! 111.1.., arrival. dart w.k. King. Mra. Alien and )I,.. King O Sale of the Jh.ElruStuc.'k.. Prices are IIO

Ic... Cl.... I'attilloof Atlanta. They tuave r.wiua with Mra ) ..- expect to take a trip front here t.. 0- IIO

I U., !ird.rn..u a ....,.. vi.it toIti Miami and fruui there t.. Cuba ,. tumbled from their .pedestals and all of

, father.. J. .\. 1'.uill... rev31r.. W.... llm-biter. LuMglii of and return. It this seasonable mcTrhnndisr: antl fash

Judge 11"1'.1' SiHitli Carolina' Our depot agent, Mr.I S. J..rk-. 1i
Mr. I). f'rtniaii hail week a citylot ::
ionable be MtrrilUfd without
.pent thu |I..t week here. aitht.eeiiiK | ass u raves avenue between eon, awl family will leave for )

and u very uiu<<:li pleawdwith tli. Kurr-ll au

I ..ur little 4.wn..1r. tiraliani S.n du .....i..... CoiidrratUifi (.laition. We are sorry t.> l I...e 49

him and wiah him well i.. hia '
.. Halt.HI Mi waKu..i.i Ir. $172. Mr. liecbuvrwill. ''.1 19f ---- DON'T HESITATE: f! un\''I' F.ILTI-I .: {! '. 4)

via ....III.ui.. Letniardy were !iu ...... |Mit a building| un the l..... piiaition.Emery
Alexaixler ... iu ''ui t. Come Hefoirc it Is too Late
Sanford aeteral day tail week.Mr Mr. Ueiigtmiii i i. breaking CtW
village viaiting 1'rirwl.lately.Mr. .
*. '.r t-9. and Jeaaie auglHrty wa herea It .PlL erio.a.I1: : S.a.1'V"a.ge mow:
tu..ville an tin* icue..t ..r )I,.. J. l 4+ building un hi* lot
few day r .iti.. h 1 .rainier. Mr*. It O
At : nOld Stand 412 414 lkmkar 1
A. Itlautelt fish. week.I ./.. .;raw_ ."....... He will put
Mitchell J........ n 0

tlua .
I ring.Mr .
t..tul.! jolly |arty of our | ia here visiting .hia brother and 1

young people t.. a launch rUle. up -. .Dr. urtia went to keeping will leave for Cuba on a pleasure 1----------- r- -- '/ .. .
houMt M.unlay in the SperryIM.use 1MHIT OUAXUE I LAKH: 'Ilti.t' : :. MM* r> >ult .f. -..101 .a '1.. .li.lJ.
tintil.. JIIliuMriYrrl/lrahoutarYrll ( trip shortly.Mr.. .....
.. of. |1'1' ll-n.lm.' '.f tlie liar

lull**. 0.11.. lluntiiigton plare. on 4 dram. ...nue. She. )liw..U..1. family of Dakota ....... f.'"._-.drn.-. ..- Tttm..,e........_. ..,i>.<.. ..MM. N wi- ......._....... I' I... 11..1
'i. AM. < I *
M i rie tIMn -
reut..f 11.. )I.... an ah* baa .. ........ .'.... ....M.NM
lm .1.- *
There liter were met liy a crowd are late arrivala at the l)e- Monday. of last wek )Ir.
.... .s.... Ans.. nwrtrcr .* ... !Mr* Th.. 1 t...-alV. ..'_ T. f. are es.I.sal .
that fa pi. llna.II..,. had brought!: .I..I'Cul) the property.Mr. Sotn .houae.Dr. II. Clark n.1.| down from I Dattona will... .....-- ... M T.. \... t..
Mi i.* Neat state .i i.
'Ie ,
from tieiieta. A pM-nie .u|>|wrwaa J.V.. thrown, wife and aniela. and Hilling lima. and calletl on Mime of his old sr...N.a'un..p.a i..rr .. .
ileni. al.lr.s in
give '
.prlie., daughter. Mia Verne May, came left taut week for Indian Hirer, frietMl .here.Mr I I Like !IMetl.. I..1.. I.-H'-I. : I. .Linn, Hail tliee\cinng FebruaryI1 |

....1..1 rourw. for a while w" were Friday. They are aettled in the where they go to hunt and ti"h.Ve :$tn-..t. wli,.lw| .uttlsewin- 'aai.lr went' Tliiirulay : l I1 The ill I 1- gtssl music

all enjoyin ourmslxea immensely.Th Knox cottage on Voluaia avenue, \ expect' to hear: a..me big lush .ler I..-,.. IN.. \,.ars BZ". ia a icnt in tin. liitre.f ..f .1... .1.'a"'II&| I|, Shah all mt..re tiiig meeting toal.i

reel. of UK* firming Ram a|.ent for the remainder. of be winter.U'eare and make storks when they re of the fort Orange IMIUM*. I, .\.i'. of .I.i.-" he it a dir.... <-b the public. tit cordially inU -

in dancing, niu.i<* Iwimc furninhedby (.lad to note that Mr. turn. Mr. and )1 MI. Stuart "'.."II,,." t*>r. !IIr! relurii.il >nlur
the tieiieta hand. 1'utarh .... Joneph Clark i i. able to be out ..__asset- an .1..1| tin w -*-k.NeSt I I I and Mr*. l'i>Mi>'. are: \"ilOil- ;
OeaMrratMt. .'_......to Xvet.II I l 1,1.: riKht and family intend
|1..1 to. tIM crowd quilt a again.; : S''MI.-| tlo-iv .ill t. lervi .
,,, ilijT in T.1I.II.s1'la | ....,
tl. in .
| to ami in
uuniber of time* A. u.....1. I 12 Tim Momlay afternoon whit ..n. Duncan H. Fletcher. -e. in <<ii nccount I I tf" April

..'..J..k came only !... ....... tlientlie club wee ....I<<""ta by Mr. \Vai.Clark chairman ...t\..... Democratic .>f lti.'h''p tiray .....niinirMoiKlay. .... .I.'A.I.- 1011 l .. at tie-, .--.1..1.| .-r tbe, will return tu1"I.a..I

jolly ,......ac |..qd| |e .had to of Toledo Ohio. There Executive VumaaiUI.baa calle& l la lie will pn-ach. n.. tiriMchurrb -.- I'anq.| drra a lartfv oiitinKvntfrom wli..rw thy hate pur.
this r rr>la \enini:. .
city > .1.a..1 lioiiie that their
make their d"|>arture for their were eta table.. Mr*. 8t. John meeting of the ....n....itt_ .... Iwheld M.....stay einitit at 7I :->... a dauxh
1'tIIig ....1 old. rich an.1 l IsN.r.M | U-r rends.tle l l..a..U. of
home hoping that in (ha' near won ladie unit honor, and Mr. in Jarkaonville at lOoVlock. *. S. Kob-rt.... left 1..lay. ., may.
lhssti.t. Iapt1.1.: 4'ohregat51ush : I Their dome
the nir ity. in
future they could! hate the pleaaureof Clark presented .her with a .bean Saturday morning. February :21. with. a arty| on a liH hiug. "S"U'. .
t amiimwr w.n n- thin
,', a. .|wiMling j.... Bitch anotherevening. tiful lM u>|uet of roaea. (ten tie. At this meeting a rail will I. .II down tlie Imliaii.. Ui\: .-r in .In. prel.ittl. city ret-eiitly MJ nicely refit.
-1 tt'e I.I I. teal will l Is. iur sale ..r rent.Key. .
mess'. lint .honor* were won by leaned for the. primaries a ml. launch listTog..
I h. |Ida II.., 1... 1.-.. t... .
I >till \\elli baa t ..
)Ii.. ituiiie l>avi. after a three? Mr.. Clark hiuiaelf. which waa ahauda.lue then the campaign .illl.! sputa| There was a liop in Kt: .I H.-.I| en working

weeke' Till lento relative*. will > buttonhole bouquet.clul se. ball FrUlay ev.-.-mnjt that .... w.-ll 1.. attend .h..1| of late.MIM diligently, ( all wiuter u|..n a t'I.: ai.iiKntary .
-...- i > ("lMirie| of tier: .., the s.k.of
return 4. her home in Crandall dud never give. ..,i..*, *.. atte+.11.I I on i ne
Mr.I Clark. flower were quite a ll.d. M.Ih.r.A Mr.I Fair i.. iwintinic )Ir. llenJudge I 1.4.: -. \ii>it.tl 'Ii.tt..ri.... : tlie Itiblc. whe-li he wa iuvitetl

Fn.lay.John. .... rtarla her lltll \..I.I.. ....'..ral .Ia\. tI... w....k.Ile. : h
.r. rur. '
... and I. >e in 1.1
'Iori.e, very acceptable.Mr. ..kr...11.. 1.-. pnare|
and 1 lark leara old fee Wt.. .. Kalf; iar:.arr..t $... .
I aid )I,.. .Vie. McKarlandand .....t aaM. "" ra are aa> llr*. Mct'nry. :Sheriif Turner .a'i( enlll..riw. He wan a.k",1 to ,

: |ie.andVvlneeday.| daughter. of Carver Ma( *., mam and ....._w. f_ will set ail I Victor Kaolingn: mere in lass wa tli- u,:...-..t ..> her ..... write 1 ...."..-..t.ie-at .... two of

Mr. l 11't..I. Mr*. Marshall.Mr ae lived. aa4 .... jv crow up rue ilaiitf...,. \lr ami Mr. .lai. .n... tlM 1..6..4 l the Itible, but" hia
.... T..ttbe .
came Monday .n. Tuewlay.Tin
) llattwa awl Mi.ra l4tieLcoiiaruy will act aave aar frUa4. The lay l last w... k, .
( .ral ....1. ...-' dutir s too
Orange City Hotel. They.prat chlM r* Ue4: "1 shall ay. ...t carfrteada. ladiea who are ie< ttiiiE| up |i.a.l are lyarIwuis
and. Annien\ ltatt4Hi lb.- la.li> ->ol. tliet'oii r-jalioiial
fr I .bs/l. wrri.d. : for him to ierfvrm
.. last winter here. We are let thus! \Va..biiigi.>ii birtlHlay eittertainuient | ao
were in Kiiterpriat: for a few IMur.Fri.lay -Oa ae." said the HMrther. "yaw will )11..i..n'.1.: : Iy will|| Kite. a gnat a literary lalr in II.1 .* lime
glad t*, are them. bark.Mr. are % l 1.u. relMarcingthe
... ery y
It > .
h awrrlM
eat .r. reeable
Joe .. ..
tuorniug.Mi. Tea at ll'kii| Hall Tim', ..., ..I..i lie..l.Ii. .
for g..tI..e are very p.rtkwlar. play. We utMlrland it is i .
Edward Andrew of Detn
Clara llua..L..I.- U inOrUitUu .** ..._ II.... r. uini. .....,...."\ :!:'.
i. .it Mich. She Alter a shah the lake place thf' night ol the I'M.Mr ) .. 1:. \olale, wig| 1 ia "'ach.
.. rame Saturday. girl sail: -"" 'ell. imm?. I .... MHIhlah I .. .
.k.I Mr. \Venter ,li
Una -
m family rii.it .
will vi.it her wuu..... Mr. J. F. daddy ... very p.rtkblar.- : *. I Iw K. Johns.ts. arriteil I i"jI;; at S *a lr.se will attend its.

Mr.I Will (U Iran ..r Uuf.irU, (la.. Laravitt a few week. The Taller.uental i ..M..... Suinljiy from a hung vi lI.it al.r..1 1 i.linr--r:
1.d..ess w..itinc ....I frwsNle.l'olnht M r. K. Itiigvr and Mr. Burliau.an with her |.ariit. in Jaeksw.ntahl.. -- daitrn.o.h. ..-k nil ally.. Mi mljyMr w.-e>k.

-- -.- I .. Itiirkle au.l I -- :Mi-i t'lu.ts.los .li.1 ...1...,&
of York
Mew City, are recentarritala and vocal) nook aril thenthe .
..... .
frajer.Lrt Mash l .
.e tlir lot .t..1| <>f
Ararlirr lrlutldtru.ast at the Orange Cit'lIu..l.. game of guessing. who ,.... that .hall |peasmailk Tinljy <-*>-iiin. ae t.wlaj ai. MHuethUc f..r llnr--ilnr- tlwj Mill ,
v Mr. KoLcrt. Fenu baa invitedall were. Mr. l.ivrll|| had namvaofdifferent take .. I, !I. i.. alteli.n| at the Voluia

:U wiih. .s1Ms4 the whiat club to meet with noted |wopU. .> written onliia 'A" little la-M fruM the wutkfaa Iniild I.. r <1'.au.lt< Trashier' Insist ut...
:t n.ia- .t ..Lee.Ash TJielre.t'. litl. -- 1,1.11. forlli,
ii. him at tint Orange City Hotel on | of paper. w.hurls .be pinned l aav I be .. f;vvrrU *.t.. wakeof | Tl- inili.lrel Shaw at Ids camp
II mil.. \\ .
tikuw.NSd (. __ lit tie more.l aMlhewlay r\rt. :: of text wr-k l I Ili
the afteriMHMi.. of February :SS.Mater :: the Ijacka ..f the : p) tuo M-antji a 11..1151 iida t. Uical taleiii.
on pl..rlI ; > e\eniiii, -
.fur l. 4Kitl
< an.eili.h .......... .. .1 l liia.tr tin full ,...... l I...k. |1..1".j I.
hut I.v
: .Ti>riw, IS suites Allen. Lung of Eau: one would] read the other'. name, Let l a>e Mot heart lIwe ulna a larie audwtie.TK .
taylh..ehtk.i weed the lite light are. I.i.I..1, l a ".'11. ,,
lake 1I.a.. IS mites. Claire; \Via., warn calling on Mr*. then you wad awk <|ue.li<.... of I or friend; 1 I |j.die. Village Iniprore.ineiit .
I liaut _
l> City, A miler Nwr troll. I IM**, ..-.If.. worthy surrws.Mr.
raiip Filiuey last ._k. your neighbor* awl guess f r..... I'I'I '" AiMtH'tatioii will |IM.I.I it*
31 ...ik.Blur seed 11..1.1.,1 ami )1 Ir. HH.Xar
fart UralllC". iiiiU Mr K.: J. Farlow. wife am! ann, their aoawera who you were.Then I Ur .... IMT .llenre. w ben I ...huukliiollovever I'' annual lint-tin* anal ..Iwta.u ..fi1
Springs, M > |ireiurn>. ;A.tet.IMI, | lot of.t.u'e
Aquatirl'lul.. l II iuililiIaiHl ... Maaler faul.of Rapid Cit:4. U., the dining< room was cleared least ke .....1( for II.. 1,.'aI ulrt.Nissl. I > | !.*er.. the. 17th ii.,.

>! hark.. I miler. are recent arritalaattb. ., Fen wick and dancing wa indulge! in fora vralth.C'r say warWly II at *l.'iit tlrr.lrau.l I Mr*. Iterliu Wright. in entrr* i itausiug
lirrsprings. 11 asitr.Ih Hou e. tin.... All went I"'D..Ji..., Urt ate live MMBMCthinc that .ball her m.t-tcr. )II..ith.,1:
..... tilting.. V mike. ail .y kl.... The ymiiitt |1..1.1.| | pit ul| an ruejasyablr '' ..
\Ve all bail. a very enjoyaMeevening they had a go>nl time.Mia thcm .bt .f I' New \ .rU.Ihin't ; .
(.'..-I.c. I'anap, 7 n.i'-' .\ word f rtwracc o a ilaiK-e. at the Hall ?II"" -
last Wed.Israday Jennie llernhan of Fulton ... .
at tlie .n.irk health --
...i..hlhrffur4 .. ,.
lake \\.i..miu.I Ik.pprd. a. I MM. tat trixiUtUhrarta lay. ring in iK.imr of a .w.1..1.1| | I
Missal I t'priag. II n.iI. e..inlC. There... inatm- X. V., came Suntlay MHi .. I fail
flad.Let mate ol, M i... < ..,ri...,. l'<-ll..n.Mr ture little Kxehlel oIe.
stopping i with Mr. Dr. Curti. dUb. H. terM.-ke! la the tiec.trick
aMptealcht lark hark ar M the .. Hran-au. .a. .1..1.' kule at the lu'.Uc Schuul .,......_* +I
-' Mr. J. II. Fawcett, of :New Albany. "pa a aMk. I... week ll.-art failure lun. IVU/ I.:;' He i.! our ... deaf little 'f+
...d., raoie Monday ........ 'Taut dawa and. dark ash to mycoaMcieave "........." and. U well taken care.fhjr
ayllrrawc from. tieellf.tmn. e\er c,-ugh, ,, Kathrriae fbarlwtte Iluac ..
ing. lie ia visiting hia father .f 'ua>e gad. act tw beast or >

and ....tb.r. .i..... Drew, and hi.ad. ThU-..woW- .. better that I lived

Buckwheat ., Muter. C!..,...... who are ....;a'."- ,MU: Wheeler WlUroi.

.....ndia. the. winter lienv.Mr I' .,. ld' 4..:.. N.l"'sal-- I Iby Iiii. 3f Ld.tlt :-t >t_

.. Keck aid ) .. llechtel. Il..t........_r IM, srsIN4 _- tr.m.

.Lanadale, Pa., arrived Monilayevening. ....war.- ..MfftfelMnf.....- -.-lfc. r.r.... .Threw.... .b M, N-IfM THE *
r.rw.i rs.MN.a.l.aaa. r 1IM
Cakes They are frienda of )I,. M50ww.l r..M.Wa M s.. Nw.wM -
.... __. T.... -- .....N I ooo
Hevbner'a family aril risitiugthat. ..... ..... a rsNldl.a..d w'-
are raw .
pr/.r, ........... ... .- 11 r --, 1
e 'I ...._. n.1. rIw_It.... ..,_ .MresNN..lna P. L. BATESON. PROP.
... ..- wee s a.4 .-....
Mr.. Oilbert t:. Lutz, of New .........i ...MIsw..nw. ....
wIw.wree ..eM 1,1..ww wee .r ha I
made with York City accompanied tfr Ituat 'Man*.wMH. N IM kuw bass
Royal rav by
_.i 1-1......t a..4aa..4'..Nass_**_ d Florida Souvenirs; and Curios '
home from Jaek.>iiville. She i i. W.VIM Nil OH. M._ ......... **mmjliiMfiMMi ,
... .il wMMTfti" thai.a.-
an autborea. of I I...... ata. write -.* 'T ...... by umtimi Hair-.t Man* CM*. MMH. -

Baking Powder for ...pai..... Her IMMU de plume sw' -F. .'-HIt'I&Y"n... ........ Full! Line *
w.y '-__an.M. Alligator Good 1
_... ....
ia Mn>l.n KowUud. r.- rw. .

There were eight table. at the -.ee -. I..ic1JiJiltor16 on l Exhibition. $ '
Order taken fae rabber .1......; r
delicious and
Are perfect Cachre Club Tuesday evening.Mr c.....-.. ataraliir mtllt with, i laacliblelah.

cold weather breakfast food. Beehtel won latliea; tint .ireat. *: ...hrr. fnreranre aadaeathj STATIONERY
cratea us ....... Neva lubliaB.
Made in the **set honor. Mr. I'attengill gentle .. wwws..wwawwgent.
morning; no yeast no .lag C. (

men'* Ant bonor. _. .! .
indigestion -
ting" orcr night; never sour, nercr cause
Mr. and Mr*. L. 1:. St. John.Mr. >aa la< ef aaaataral ajutaar
.....'. ... aiaitvr with the larabaturr. :( Newspapers{ and Magazines ,
and Mr. Harris Mr.( and ..

To make a perfect buckwheat cake and Mra. Blake of lk ton all came .
I. Maa.y sated aaJwa ..... .xtraTTkk .
a thousand other dainty dishes see the in Tuesday. evening. Mr. and ..... )tott'ney'I: Candies t+

Baker and Cook." Mailed Mr*. Blake are. at the Orange -
Royal Pastry "
1s.a .o.w.a..y You are cordially invited to innpect my .torkI
free address.h City Hotel, UM other anal Mr. .t.whrn.r.H.l.wTrbMA Aa
to any .....-.-....fawn 1.. aaas. M M f..<..N raw.I. .
StJohn'.. ..;u--.MRw..r r ass.rb lag.... ;tf
aIww q .... nlw yore. 1" 4 Wyk
h I


_,. '
I V' ".. ....'--*- ,It! .>f"': ; '-\! .t.:-'III'''. ,.. .'.w-.,,"".:.11' 'I. ...q';"; .' ",..1:""' ,_'"... -" ;' r

**< '- ....,
T '
#, ." .. \.. .., ,rlTH .
'. : ''f ', '" "

I +rR'
c ,

OcCJlXO WEKXI.Y. ,.ctr.. ""Dn. rennvany.... I1. t- ___--
.. __, _- ---
-- -
---- .- ---.- --ttTKTHwV- -TBI4TKEM- MEET. LtT1iRS FUOMTIIE( PEOPLE:
pay IU811 tb1

F the Vajnr OMVrtltatkoaalhK.tlao>.. editor sad Cailoeocv_a."I,:"IC,...( ......'-. Klale-- u-,-_...* are iAll..d.ae. Run. .,..pal. fII... rru dlo> *f Froat Ura-'*ad- to Taataa.FLA. DRUGS JEWELRY

wba a-* wa aercely attacked. foal r .. To ....... Iawusu. ., K.b. 11, 1S Id.IGbwr .

year ago. by Pile.. buu..1. I The s..rd.af Tru.t_* of John The LsLsa Neer *tatioa.r*. w.le..
tkicklla'. which. T.alay.. Kridav. w l--n..I."
Araka Italte..f a* Clock'r'
lniverity..*' iii annual 11'. ..... to .e. yvar BovlcrCaadlra..
.ay*: "It cured BMP .. tea day and w Strtou Uairenity TW B :?tt.t.ua wre pie. 1
trouble .'.ce." Quttkeat healer .f Itay at rerl.dl .......rd..J. ,,,.. ..\ Ro .r' articto in -..bool: llook*. ILl.et.are.forida .
'c untry
I inthi* m.-r iinf.lu < ....._ "
Barr. a*re t cut Lad .-...*. :sic at, .\.rr w. will ltf a 1' Optical Capita.Toilet .
? m alt drat -'area the. tint place. at Ma. w..harp .. va..n.IIU.. i..*..... uf tHh. \'olutiafounty e.. fleoalwtea. FtMiatala. !**.*,

a.--- I. rvrmani will begin in theathlituriutii. TI.. f.'"I...i... a vtul>er* were atTonl to take .I..eial( Interest in Dr. Vlcllcttc .....ae.. Kuu, Etc.

1 ...- -- awes At thiItlarkniati ,i... Hr .'.t iu |..r...u ..r nr. entfj. the irnml r>...1. tiu..tion, I.....- --. -- - --
atria" eri__l the. fair -.... "lath .rl" and niontfaiiMKia
aid I'-iot-t r t rJ :
trawl tttl.tr l.y |
er/w.w a
differelM-o .....Is.c... soul I'r. $I .IJ. 1---. ..hn H. M. ........ 1'rv. ... I'hila. "|,,_l.ay fur ststomubilrain W. A. ALLEN & CO.

I'M afraid I eaaawt ei4ai.* th. dif .f tow Kl-THla. Mat! ...oIlo-co- at i .I..i.. I'.. th* w.'rl'
f>e.....aa.IM _te ataay.... ra wot*:-l."twit." refitted It y_theyowotf 1l 1..11. t''ity..111..HiT. .TeTlwre .1....ati.ts. I I:..s. T. J. $1|.orkui ti. 1'.lrei renter of the' |fw..l roads ay.- Druggists and Jewelers

..iIIl..r tests ..f the. !State Lytlte inovita-
pal jaw least to a e I'U Mow yeifIW : ..al..k.I.I..I.. Ha.Stla J

the had IXNMTVW." f.I..J.J.-....,;..,..J.I. (ratuM .1..,. I R. Wnshl. !W., 1..1..1. l 1.1. i vtiiii4| ..f tli. Caat C.*atllisli NEXT TO POST OFFICE.
eh her tr*-t .tea -<
..Aod. *..pat In tl.- aftrnniiti at 8 o.f".4rkthree .'1.. .ay from JarkMHiilI U
will !.. a l.. rl.all tame .'a 1 1-... LumJii llulley. Ph.' !>., MiamiaiHla I highway arrow the

A TtUol..nu. I the alliUlMrWU. | l..(....n Slt-t.-.)i T..... m.Ui..l. Ma. Male from OrmoiHl Gaul I.ayt..iiaia -I

anew t. keep off periodic. attack and l Its K.*iittH-kv. Military In.tftut l'r..J. F. ......1_. 1 l&- iH-l.r. N.Y. \ |1..1..1..1| | ainl OrlaiKlo to Tain-
.f bJltooaora aad habitual c..tlprel. We Can Sell Your Farn Basisess
eliiMhthe or
Kin'.. i* ll I." tini to
'- oa. a .,.trry that Ile.l *: *. I I""a
$.- Uf '1111. calved. Macaolla.for tie." .. "'U'.I I TI. etw.isttftill I.. gitees utrr II..... II. A. IK-Uiol Fairla.rtN. atltantaa;: that 1'olusis. .tmneni Cut OuCUnupoM: Ik-low awl _Ell at oo-.. Its tit put thia off. 1 1na
Joan \
.'Iiatrl II\ .. Ka, >.
itiHall. to
The oalv I pill that are guaraatee to lit a grand rw-4iKii| in 1. .

five perfect *atlfactlmitorerrbralror 2V;"at ail. I Ien. l Itati.l I I1........ l la. Ii.. ti.: .. \'..iir rrjr truly, FARHS CUT 1N'S OUT FARMSKiodly

moufj rcf."' "' Only All tlintutsh IM! Jar slur. ,....ilolUtJt N. V.K. A\l>...IIIJ' A I""..
tlnllrC"'" urns i.
ur tlw I iii\. .-r.il,.. r'r4iisK | 11. fainter. J..L..I.,ill... I'rar.lsll.. 1)aj "....,..... Christie" Christie teal] Estate. Agency

) > ..U.,u.i.i-, will In ">i ti tN 00 Ha. ..,..*Tke l.rl...l Vrvo.A ,),.aJ.l.p.laurda: IlaildirtJack ..vllk. ria.

111641. U..p.A io.... II I U. Mev-n.. lh.-La..l. KK 1... llirf lisa In**!! e..tsilrra6le.llw aead a** by retitro _all. U.tir flask a. I wlaa t*

.>tttly are all tl- e,rit* B. M...1 Iw. ...1.. Citv. ..1.rUII.r .. ..- .... a..1 .lilr..h-.C't".1 ...pin.i. take ut oiAtter ..f .placlal.y', farm la your haado.Naa .

ula.it ,.. .1.\f v-neral 111I'.1.| | but i.i. iti .\ ti. llauilin, Ik i .|jiiHa. i.>... in tlie |I".t taw lay*. aa tn e . . . . . . .
i i.. rerre ri_lly.l-.ir-tl Ilia I llnyI alias tli. *|M>akt.ra have! 1 l-en on

well sttrnll l..l l l-y 1.41111'. ,'hi- TKe..h.iv .'. fliia. a.h. l'hil..I..I- liHVrtMit -wiitatMii !lays, it 31 .. . .

t.r.Ity.t"1".1..1': town I-'p&-& I... may !t.. w ell I tn rvf.re..li our i rumor

..s'g SHIH a *.iu too ha,e the l.la thai J. T. ...'.k... lieUn.1. Kla.Ker. ri,. with tli.* mrr> _
1 iwb ..tent a. the. r..->-|>ti..n arenly I U'm. II. :Mewart. 1..1,1..1. Tin tires I'n_iitati<>ii DayKelt. was --

.< fur tintulent., l.ut t hi. ithera Kla. I II, I MCI."' : when the r*-reiiMinir -
111(. JAMK> 1MIAKDKNall ( : !
,5.54 _. \\' lli.... >. J-tiliilic| JarLwNsi ..-....-..illlC Elizabeth Hall P I
bought out Mr. I.....' Oreeral Htore ai..l will roatlou* a artclaaa I a
E...f11..11 i. oititil.Jest ill.. Kla.KraiMi an l,'h.u.l..i..II.II-'urI' ,winittheiv irucrry sad l ry liuud ....... cra.i.ttat of :

... J., L...=-1..... I'"'La..I. ".t>n> a.l.lre ieo by Cut. R Br..tlaM uplodateOUA ; Served little K.M after eaU111
'. Well fRoaat f 1| r.lksebat a ...,_... brkhii.. tie at..ath .l.arle. II. Harts.. uf Philadelphia 'C.I.: CITY
aieata a>eaaathaa .-ettlat ...rr I'. awl all other .y-|>tiMaw .tindixevtiwa. Kla.l
belt well roa..tr-L The hI>.!.,J Jto Kwlol: li-e.t. .h.tt ) aleaUaaU f. Hetrln-r, Jaek..olvilk. ant Dr. John A. Uru.du.. Cl l.EI.SlIn.: .:" IE 1: :.\"Y-\IAlECUTIIIN\ ) : ) U.
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brat: with n4blv. the .a.aach Kla.. 1HI'. were
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apply the rank and .. will *N.lhlB. e.re.|<4 Mr*. to the Brat* In. isjut, lir.t'yriu W. Surtl.ul' .4"' 4 > -
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aad It a.tady. and .au.'. wake .t.q t.l New 1'..r", X. V.ltTr .
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'" Fla. .t,... ,In h...a awo. vnoM .....>J It* Y. lu !Foil, I Dr. ..\. \\.. Hmall.In FurnitureUNDERTAKERS "
:: Phone 68, DeLand, iba..at.t sail .......Ir. I l'aniVhite| Sl..illi.. ..
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J I O.j IN; Tilt- 0 S1'\I""U.- t1a.I ll"tl. Dr. \V. 11. 1". .Founoe l'\.oak.

11 fa Bctify Tow Ca ai..... .--..-.... __J that .eo.e., full**** I J. I' Law. |K.AIM|, Kla.K. an.a l at thi tiiiH; o.. made the. an-
.a.ftrs..ptrseaeed. after eatlaff betu.ed It. S.I.! ..)..MI, Ihiytot, t tit i... I II and EMBALMERS
L I. *a MT* rra ..II""n..lI&.r the.'stahlislsnientf
I by the I..__ ... toes Tb I
*tea>af Dr. 31..1 .. tin law _.I/.d and t f r''ruu..Iu.tati.us >>
:1 NADINOLATwo a.. the I.J f.r*>r_i" IVaatberLaia'. lrompt, KcIiaUUr Strrvice:
Nt__b tad U.er. TaMrt* .IU eoor- Arthur ass arcv|I..texl, with for a law library.In .

teat aid N w a.m..t.lY rat and the .4k tr...*...rr.tte.They aM 'aM...(slewtlsa .\ \dot p .utathwn tltr .....,__ .aid llKr, |Hr. .A.. II. M.rOlnJr ..1ii.1 hhi2. 4. F. Allen. cV Co. ;!

the. adIn ...
the .t ma - all diner*.'" ".nat.r C..1. ( 5r'.sll. III Iiij.imn. llc|. Dr K.: l'. Mullin. ..a. & .

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I I I T_ ......". hate ....nl Itea** r..>t. I..nl t.. unr the) wl l"i.ti i.... wf re** In /11.1.'l Dr. i U.: S. Mac Arthur

tf.t- to( .ji.haul.u.- Ualcht.rU..- II. ** pmaeprrttT ,i.lution. |>rewntnl l>y tlie IU|>tit dvlitre l th* uldrtas. n rS n 2S 'ZS2S W2Z2SZ2Mtn=2 J ,

-\_. Let they d.hit veeaa M bans to :-tate nventWrti, with n- |1-& tom U.-eilw theiw ..id,........ I'n.ilrtst :

Baa*. to-t a1 tit a* thejr .IM thto ...r.lag. .- .lrrti o >f tru.txe... A rvM.lui F..rl-e*. agile lie was in I
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:: .- _.r .1..1 ..i a. sd l".|>t.-l p ropualug| l 1..1..1.l .Ka\eea; .rU. year uu Prewii 3 :' "'. f -
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wI .II. had t yes. rt thvoji thla Isars.st. ."- ...Iaan.r- the charter |>\nliiiK; tat ion Day. a tatemeiit ofthe ". -'f': .:t4 ,.,tt 1f'U T. thlsk ., 'laawrasce ekes

p I............Ia rw-. f"r the. electMHiof; tru te -*t.. \h .
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.. 3 .I.#<' '.i.:7&b;: U lac h.co.r It I. all the I
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0...... _. 1.11 laa alit _.. Sow ea..h yr-iu.te* l of lifv teti l>li.l.a'.I l in thtf! |".t year, and whattin .'.... Awl .kelp Ie
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wun.wrtdI \\'LJ'- N a .Idat! ......... tttrt.n. -" Ira a. at |1.re en(. oulUiok asa for the future; 3 I f .." ; rack a a.as Ie Eke ,

asat ... .. Klrt. t think. I ever In the election ..( ..Irr.. all _idntt llull-.. did the anw r 1 _. .'

I r.z.-.aNCILA 4 I'.wtrard aaf ..., k_. .,11'--I wwoMat-eI that wlTbw yT yam to rMM.MT aewAI'.F. tIM.ld ...1....,. ....... te-rl 1..t..1 ass v..r. ainl lh. :rw liave. keen INI 1: ; ;.1 'l I' .....I.. a I.

......w .R a w>:. '. /free. Lcklqrrpl kwy. .a--L iM-arly ,- .-rm.ioti l rU-f ..1- (! .:. .rr>LU..acs"
pass .. 1.'.. rirmrTllb : .i.h.tw..sI"i.r Mr. :OO1..rk- 3 L : 'r .
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u w' 4ra-s Ji -...laiat trap / man, hSarrh ...ra..1. re-I.....i.ss..)1 l r. 3 ;".. ,. be placed aid th* beatlif
-. ...... .. __, .:.,. !A... dw1J. .uC :.)* >H AT SUIIIT .... .....t..1 as r'a--I..i- ..- --- \ II'k 4Ia "'T" f(%T. 9; : t: roaipaaW to place. It with.SILAS t
...r& L.aluy. .aJ &w.. drI. _---a. i'1 :
.- .1.Ley.! t : > ty 1'ni--tirfi. ... Aid hrra. .ed ky" a had cage'. toteItalLrd I.1eI... Tows ad-.illi..lio., ...,w.i. ylvauln .._ ....1 It will |.y the f
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I .Mty. Ilareba.ad" it Fla.3SZSZSZZSZSZS'SZS7SZS
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_.. & a-oI. ............ t.t'i radical cc. MeW by. The, rarest arre lUry bur with turw*.
,i .: -- .y .L.4..oirt"" ad I ITtaraad. Ta.. n..r'tistl( adj;...."...1 tool1larwh .-M.titoi*. .blie ask or ,....w plae*- SZS?57S7r Se ,

'i "'--ra.- ll.t4. -\tea. ) I'li.."U-n it will reci o&n..e. ....,...'""" ...... r-. t

- --- .

I RAISING! TIES.tTilhta .. S S \
4 ISIIEnS ami l'ltl\TEItS I II
..... ..--..... .I Wad -..- ( .
...... .- .. 'I !
W. taastataetun'tl.. trrj liighe ,raok-.O! 1.- AyefsTake
the ...., two yeor.' Bald a l GARDEN SEED :
Type ISraC.IJ.n ....ioiia o.t |Voi .J''lranl'* raUI'1 ..rflrlol. -
UnaItul.. in .tri|" Metal IW. U-r* -a. ha.. pUou-4 alert N ....*.* I.I.e
Bra t LalN.r wing Lute I. M. Metal Furuiturwlira \ tm*. OMrtly IHH. t*. arms,.. about : ":n ryihinJ: for Spain| }: l'bnting y

.. Column lteat- 1Ia,1s and >Iap l ':_ ;': p.W the arts .la row. Ira feet apart.The cold easily? Throat Large ..u Itraa Circle 3lrtal. Irv4.re trw this pUatml are penliiawtwo lender? Lungs ,'cak' Any ( _
lira** L*a.l>.... 1' lira* Uoutwl C on..,. <> t.. 4nlira I" ao...,... .* a rvt a -. pot la is.tr Then a couch mean a great : I

** L-a U! ..1..1o11& Mtal. tladss..t.te1)I. -_.. w.tb*.*hove fall oarf|4ote4.spirt Slams to plaatrnaa #..ltMO (l : fur Garden niul Field (

.! Column ilulec refaeeU and tuaJe a. K>..>1 a* new at a a*Ma* to :........ pevOUa... every CherryPectoral .
....leueL f<.r sad kr MI dM<*. M maul asks.. (41
Plea** rrawaiber that we are set lo a., Trot or Cabi.ati*. ..t- all the a......... t.< rtt ry b* I = G. W. FJSHEI/. OM&eetsT. D L4". fi*., ..
to deal .. ...... J I
1 aad arc are that w.cat ,sake It greatly t*yoar advaatac 4Miia* the
" .
Fa \ alth ea.pri .It I. test tit lateotlua) rf they -.- deal to you. Follow Your .S S&S s..a&.
110 r A care al oar Catatotuc .111... co..r'.IJ. ,-..... -applkatl..a .. robe ail of Ibe tw. omi nary
4* 1La1l.1.1aLa printer! SBlPlJr Ce.j oa* ka rotor fatal.* sat 100 if*.... II' Arera Cherry Pectoral. It

,k. .r:: =. i--si..M twe w t1Nk ara/s Ilireq ...... .to.....t1 hot*.*.lat we.h aa..pe lo by..i*.or*t owo. P&a..I' heals, tireacthena, prevents. Save Yew PiaaiBy :
j .: .. -- I .... ....-
rM.,.._..... 321 39 IBrI Il SIt91t PJr owa e*air.g th* "lioo. r that ---. -";": -. I
..; .... a Ei: ... -Y o.a.. V .eT..i*> cvoJ.eSS&1e
pail live* la Ibe .. that *r* al I -.. __- .. Hai II& a.. Eaawet Do a
-- aids..n
)i aid for aartbbi.: ..... I.-m... ....... I I Iat -. .. .
-4r. -- ......_. e.aroa<*w| WATT* DeIae4. ....
I **, whM* oak aadj; yellow pioe. w!..... OI' .__ L. a ,

1 Mke tbe buss Il... will ataw .a- wee aw----. .............1 eM! rea
.at sd agcy ...,.....".* ka IVoawyrraala.fairly. sat ... | Weak Lun S | : ru.a.l =: eT't:

II.Tlaimu of ti.. : tata1. Law ..f n._...., i.elsaliag; JUtThta a. east s.E asr.apM4 Iouak 3b_, ..i2ka ..
A that ..... kks swig ps.afaht. Xra7P Sto"toeroo wTEo! 3aJto "
of I $fl'with Cop....... l&aa.tatiolss. ftor ..I.- t..rt Itrri.iuns. la this -.,. IS-) of H wa IWa rtb > an... Sad the.... *> wtvHy fa.wMT.. RepairingNe.tly
....... .... ..
,, wteied with .aod at toUle.
Law Florida.k "
., <-*** .* ......k.'w..cauta..t.--atai .
said Quickly n0w. -
beo *.w to the laerf the."'" 1* aow "erh7awrraipih :NOTICE: APPLICATION
,... .
Jt -ahhiort It aka a hont for a -
I .41. &. l price that. pat U wltkia the reach al .wuJ''I ....*...... I ole aol iaaw of aay betwe Fill: II.\nTtU.C : I I D. ..ab..w atot. .
......... h s.. ._. ree..rl.tkafwa. t
.1 ....a.c&IIbtIr tahar-the part of the a.. WMP.IK .. ...Rs ..__a .
yaws IMmae
book repee.e.ts *m
TM F. AUmto a.d M prw..c... by lads.. 1&....... n.rwa asis L. p"t rT. roil* ooly slam a X .f aaw1. A.....(M* ib*.** ..4.*.'' iw.i ajr. a.a Lsaq at.aaiLtd
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u.. .... .... Me ca.shoata tla" .......... fta.taa p.aiata.t.a.e.atas.1 ptear oT taw*Mt h*....ear.of other /. .. _.... _. TIa .a- \' t.
M. TW I IM tar reset
y craft la. ia. ._ W a .. I- -r_k ___ "ft>e las..a w bwHw*..*. teat. If h* wtoy ... He* toea .awl fc...P.*.r-**'.*..at>..*,ia a i e",.*...(. Ask tq.s.lwae S.r ibis......
a .. t.ra..5r N.--opra.-..-.... cal t ...-*....*ao4j _._ _. M A. N. MUTCMIHSOM
....ha.I.-. ._... ._-------F.------sy >r th* ro *Jt* off hlo ...... cry .af .. .::.-l".w..5.,4 T'S. ,..-,. .d ..tads.. u..M dot. test Kd
...__ ._ 1-lAlrt.. 444.1.wed-.W M.r,. w4aL.wdar abs pl.aa s 111 sd. ..f tlya i a.b._Lr...5..a..I it. (Ilk e15. r taia asardLddsws.khsr Real Dealer:
ht Ir.- .----ar per ..- .-r t.w 11.at. 4W.a. _sus a...- sad Me.d.e.r..plspa Estate
EAR ts M..tktaK .. .
.... a ss lit.t.
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----.s. .. _. Tr I..ra _. a'.p.. ....-- '
_.... ......... ....-M_. ..... ......... a.arif... t qc. )
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----= -..... t.. hat wil sass --. w law 1' ......U1lGo -- h.sdnd t71ata
.- I.tw w. aian .... as ..., r Y.A. I r ,: I ..
... .16 !lilt rAIIIII Gc$.. DEUJl. rLA.L .... lip syaq psse .. De Err i .__ale.... .....-

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VoL uLNa 7. DdLand, Yolusla County, Florida, Friday, }'ehruJlr). l 16, 1'JOC. 1.00< per Year.


i BANQUET WITHOUT MEAT.WASOTXCTOX have Mr*. Henderson's vegVtarlaa dinners LEAVE THEM INDIANS.foJMISSIOxrR A ll'ULAMt .1111\1111" BETTER RURAL SCHOOLS. I many' times nor perplexlac lUll 1

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aortal program duriag th. winter. Th I.t .f Suh- tarin* B at MWorsHitf I '
j socrerr KATSVXIQCB only plea' axaluat them la that dl.*r* ea one hat Will rir.Tb our forefathers. In those. days we had
J AGKICriTrtt.il EACOd
l.EC'W I.U.I.r1.uRS Tins XCC.I the great resource of aa unbroken. ail ,
s seriously object to being defrauded.eea report .-....-. from New. York ..... ...
TEGETAUAX If ever no akilfully. Into believing, .,j'.L\SI' IUGUC8.CIUCJLTIOX. CESS.l.MI' TO Ii EI.1I01"B oa aa unsettled wi. Tb* residents
MHXXt they are eating meat, punks sad croquettes that John p. liula: i. th. Inventor of I rilE FAKSt. of Ofelo and K.ntueay war. ptoaeem.Vaat .

when. la fact they are eating. the submarine boat. Is about to five traits of rich but unbroken. ,
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Rbssaea et Meat t Mttood the "Just vegetables.This to the public aa invention of a flying f tho Farm Salved
by Til Red Stan I* OrluT>sal l and Should Pr.Mea. by affording opportunity for the making
;V Caesta. Analysi .. rda Made particular dinner la honor ofdekgatee machine saul to b* of |I Thorough Trainlnc .f the ,__.
av.t ho Ce *M -rca Merely I "M. aa perfect n of thonsaniis. i>f n w homes and beckon -
.y Dr. Wrf y. th* Gvtrnw..t to tile food coaaress wen With a D*%ay:..-llichly lotcrw.t. ronstruction as the submarine bearing School UaroWn an t.anetlal) AaVJwoct lag with alluring' Sager the; suit
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rod tape.wrow tai RaortTh .. .. tn* City Scheal. plus popuUtloa i>( tile HaMera Ittatea.Tb. .
Included la Mrs Henderson's la- I his name. )Jr. tlolUn.l ba teen work-
wealthy and socially pmmtneat shouU bn Indian aDd | lward Eggtenton's "Ilocelerflrntiulmaster" soil was rl. h sad fruitful the
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vitatlon declared that had they" notknow lag on flying ma.hln.a for nearlytwelve
women share with )Jr.. John B. Henderson wa a i iimaanof tb. I Iu)OM mark. r..r agricultural product
nothing moreHo
wife of the former United : th' exact character of Commlsuloarr. of Indian Affairs I(, years, during which tin four type of commou-rtuwl +ducati was e. xl :ii! .t! 'h. <-rt>w4edeater. of
I.Iae dinner to which they sat down they says .
States Senator from Missouri, th distinction would have been convinced that.. various r'ratK i.. 1-:. Lru..i,> in his annual i models l.iIma cnnntrnctei! and destroTisi which a couple of -Derations ."... st- 11.dV .r it"iighl eagerly for our i
of being a strict I ., vxtfnded. with Its natural varlatliws. ,rpj'i: ? r..dll" ,< Suda. thing) asu.i
vegetarian lev. the Indian.ieould
dlshe* ..... the result of the study report II.' '. not b. ( vn servant of their( ttaperfocI \
and yet being aWe to entertain lUKe .. L.' e.ie..led for higher prof.. I from on* end of the I'nina to the .rttt- ulturs.1 a'.. stion wasV unknown..
and ingeauity bf Mrs.. lieaderaoasfamous I ini. Du\lo working oa the fifth .
.1.... partlea successfully\ without the chef who bad utilised meat la ..... in (Li.- Great:; roIU-gi-s of the country I I ..r.na.., little red bn Krhonl butt... \' i Ka: I' wax fruitful from the
as* of kind of model, which. h* believes will bot lead lb. f. of the ..,.
any meatNett. hat to a strung most alluring manner.Mrs. .
Henderson's bom. Boundary ......_D was formerly Miss practical. _ndD<<. to fly. TV Utter model weighs only II of the MimiMlppi Vail.was the Is' !In "".. J ''r
Castle. In Washington, la one of tb. Mary N. Foots, of New York and .hione Ills rrHrt Is. beyond anv doubt the I thirty pounds. It !1. arranged to be tips factor la tb.le..aUo.. of the loon "DdU' iaryeel&i i

handsomest dwellings la the Capita! of th* Burnt demofrafk* and popnar mom Inlenwilajt oae ever received strapped to the back of tbe! person do-
and la fiiud up U the most sumptuou. from the Indian UCtcw.M .
a hoatciiots la >Vsshlngton. |,I siring to soar In the air. 711..11Ibe ,

'-.i .-Ovcr InJ.ans UJM.ICS*. two lenlcal arm crossiac st ri.-htsocUs "

sow coj/rs TOJS MOTOR BOOT. "Tr made .,ver Indian" .be Nt:j'JI.I.. :; with tb<> ali and two pairs of TI. False r.irl" 1f.taf

|M>UIH| tn I. like. th. NarsJ.. lnnkt. a lags: tb._ art '" \i..nue in 01'1)o- ifnu.a 141
Theist... the Pepvlartty ** tile from vrbH-li all llo Nsvs>"u lweiiMrit4t '.....0 site dlrertloiiK. on-, pair of wtntci will

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and fa* Mats Boat.. I like the Indiaa for' runt. U the other pair nor I:,.. waist Theyare
Gay Paris has Just been startled by Indian la him I want him tn ....ui..U of I ,In ..t..1 I c-cm-ruction welebaUout it:: :

the apparition of a gigantic personwhixsing hl. old etwtenipt fur bunKer. tlilrnt aDC a p ..ad a*. h. In rp.aklog
along the rbaaipa Blysecs 1 cold ail danger a Ua he .hit anythingto 0. "
..thIt at the nt. of twenty.are mile aa do. I lore. the S2>lrit of manly ludenen "..\.7" b.> walk* ihr.-<- mili-a an
......1'JI..ut. oa borselek. according >\.1 a e<|>|"iercolorvd hour' can rai-. '. r><. h.- urn dLNaneela "h / y1 ,

to the Washiagtoa Post sage once to .bvt bat I would intercede ten Rim 01. v ..i 1' a>. ''r.ontlon and : ...r rl et .J -

neither was be> la aa auto II. simply with the Great Father and I do sot i'iui-i.ir or statement aaexaice won t f ti ..
stood up> straight oa his owa legs, sad throttle a proposal to send r.Uo0 *ration."I r
the only nausual thing eoBaected with hla people ......u.e it would pauper' !:* ha tjk T bmlH. a.. d. ratt..",. u
his appearance consisted of a pair of their young moo and make them With tin nid, 111:&" men will a able' L 1T4 r rs

I_ ..*. boots lie didn't walk. lie stave to the whites to By on the >...ini' principle mr a bird
never lifted cither' foot from the pats Mr. Leupp derlam tbat the common flr*. If a >.OK breaks or something Is 30N i aie 1het ..

meaL Ha simply carried himself erect BUtake of u btu taindcaLns wah la elM rocw' arc: e.r If he becomes: exhausted

sad -ral..l,. 11.SallM'qt.....- : and, the proprlllna ceases.

laqulry developed several there .wl 1 i n<. danger, for b. will b*
tateresllag facts Fastened to the aide to dimni| gently totbel'tIaaDII
soles of the tall stran**...'. boots weretlay land *a-i> iimn hu feet.
automobiles, wt.h rubber Urea Mr. Holland diacounts the course
eight inches la dUmrter. sad In a belt taken. by a number. of Cylng machin

worn about his waist were -accuma experts who UM a combination of balkion -

lators" of oa. .... a quarter horsepower > and .....0..1:1.: .. This. form h* .bellevee. -

connected with u.. boots by will IH.ver become practical for
_... of wire T.... equipped, the aerial aavlsatlnn; because he considerstb
mysterloaa penoa sped. aloac. the avenue A asa bag offers t...* much resistance.

at the speed above stated. exeillagwonder ytl to the sir and en the other' hand .believes >

', adatlratloa sad alarm. In about a.l that tying machine and the r.-

equal propurtloas.SewaLcpciM. aeroplane Idea-the Utter of the Langley -
claa*-will be the real mean of
Beets Not Id It..
navigation. or the air la the future II*
In other words this astoalshiac bat ....._1 his belief that with he see 1

highly aacomfortable geatlemaa-COB Holland. .I..hlp! ho will N able t.. fly ii.
staatlal Is his name--appears to have from few York to tVardtlttgi.in t.a sttrad .

Invented the ...Ioo".fOl' tad muca- the neat |lii<*ntui liMUiruritl -
feared -1& Wf' boot." As a matter of --Ri an I
fact his >vle. will enrol.. tho Indlvklaal It U hU lutcutUtn to nuke ..-
MRS JOHN B. "L IJEIUIOc. cltlsen to acquire; a pair of boots t. will .IU* nMtrtiln awstJhnat
atyl.. Gold. sliver and .agiltlte glass by mesas of which he can chase along K he I

: table appointments characterize her the boulevards of Paris or any other -
, eatrrtalnmeats and the moat P1G1II1.t capital at a frightful rate of speed. _ct. y 1 ,
3wla Utfuryu /s.. I
... peopl la the country are her as loan as the --accumulators- out. < a.Why

.. the social make anywhere from sts to thirty .. .
.crests during season.This rho''M! l n Knelt. hmun i *
dlatlnsutahed bovteas I""* amtiecame &' miles aa hour It Is tbe muchdesiredconsummation .ti\t I by ba.tiu the name of I. ry

n convert to tb* vegetarian -tbe apparatus wherebywo .. I.. '. ,bad' Hn system aaj tbrou lt a b...." chin ste* may pay a hundred calls during aayafteraoun. i h f ii eentOiAnileans have K .na
.. { fdean.
t'U3UIII. \tR: r e 1X1"
wrote OB tb. sibject. '"T2. ArUtocracy evade policemen' streetcars and ant lag ll'Tnlrlk ll'&.! i '* t
her contention thatawest footpads the carriages of the Is that they proceed the .r w
., health held to upon a' i t .. UBBcceiuary not oily I to dlgestioa. aristocracy, sad tbe Importunities of Idea tb',' the rM man Is merely n whit. 14o' i i. n. ha .era .mphi..>. I afre*!. nrent -
but to the palate. Tb boob the very fleetest newspaper reporter.No man with a slushy skin Another min I % in t.ie: "Hendrlk Ilu-Kon .'.<,. great mJ.::. ;as: of A me ana.wh .,! T:".. farmer of '0-'':1" finds aa en-

aroused much discussion! and. during a more need to .q"'seder' mosey onnighthawks take Is 'u class the Indian with the mo ',it! tin ttt." sail the -1I. ..llk Hudson .!<.a D i :.. "f ,. cat.' n a poop of "rr-l? differ n t.T .:n. .n and a strong
recent health congress la ..blDCtoD herdir -eopaJ'.' or even colored IIW DI I laten enteuary Committee Tb lnt<.Illc. t't Ih.II' x. T.iy alrraiUpuas 1 and !(a, "+ 'ra <',, m,>'' .an The rant e
of her I broughams and victorias. Put on l qiialitips of study Integrity wil.ier.rv. has kn settled, sal
Not Henderson arrayed on your Lead Him Dao lL. calf \s| for ..- |
celebrated vrgetarlaa dinners la order I I thrlc seven league boots, light your I lug ti i.' luau h e aUalt-nl U that Henry awl ..<-!tf-reliamc. whl-d constitute through continual. sad often laaMraaf:
to pro.be strength of her theory. cicareUa. path tbe button and away Sine h. becameii .rcm |I end Ill-adrised' tillage, the aoU has.

Some aniarem nt was caused by the 1 yon go. The time Is foreseen when Mr Leupp has appointed In several < f his four voyages ut <|.lnrf>t ...,.. of ....oim'i:>-* :XN I ..I" .....,n. anftl- lent I|I br-D dcptt: of Us f..tll"7.1all.*
declination. of n pfoaiiarnt polltlclaa our greatest statesmen will provide of tbe schools a teacher' who anperches The N..thrrUnils inrmwUcs knew hinton at that f'na.' Ui in t aI:I t't d mat! Is of acrleutarc! has thus been rtr cradtaa:

who has a reputation for IUIng good themaelvea with the Constaatial boot the study of native music.Th !). ... "U"Dry"' lIu........ the eta ntrv. el ,\.-"!. I tau! m a. a shuts:| ar..l t!>f oimiH'.tion roatlBiially grow
dinners but who was afraid that without and laugh at would-be Interviewers.Oaly duties of this teacher are to lead In 1-iS Hrnry C Murphy. while at It.to a l It '.i; the a ':-'-. r <.f a:ir "m!.'i:!I.n.; k<-rr bit little hs been dune to
meat his rveniac meal would b* oae misalvlng Is nourUhed. the Indian bark: to the s'thllme and The MoCTie examining the old liutttt die cla*." la i'iviorll.', I. r< 3
spoiled.Mrs. Three la always n fly tn the .iBtnwut.a patriotic tbwhte. of LU fwrvTattwrft."the .......-.....1.. for data referring to lluilson.fouud able In any i" rtixl uf irtU to led iil. lag cur..' ns. Th a. .-raise country
HeoderaoB'B arranfemeata for crumpled row leaf vn We rutH-u .rfoy. Ita... is a "at..ral v.' lrne>r. a in the royal archive! a Dutch i.rat p-ttilii- qu. ag ions ari.-ht. and to boy toy: r ....b.. a nvia better ad Vacation

the dinner were nahine.Katber | Suppose. fur laal..... that Secretary natural logii Un a natural artist top of llu-lson's. contract with the Ulmti duo with the cvurace of their conriotlona. viewed. by present educational.
then oiler her own aaalysU Taft. or General Crosveaor. ort have room for all three la our \\1 '1of tb* List India Company Tb Since tb..' time what we call etandard. than del his nra d-fatl b.r.
onraalwd serial sratrm l.t-t us appended to a maau -blsbcr education b.den. !toed, and yet It U along lln t which help! hem
---- make tIM mistake la the pro,*sa of ,, .. i ant hlntory was of the company prot new systems and methods have ..up.r. Lit li'tUt to maintain his ......111.... la
sorblBft tb tn. ef wasbla out ef them "T tkhrnlmaater.ai.d II< 1..an.
I' ant< J ..r Hooaior le country's develupaaent
whatever U dlntlartly" ID...... Our sbrtglaal I II' Its request by van
from 1aID.t: UM birth rod. Identified with the taft! very the-gs which. Instead of make
the toussi1 of the Company
brother brings as his vxmtributlon .
I I-it h' n aatlxftr.l: with the farm rmr
t. the rouir.nnore ef character :: <'l him to .leave It an I .<-.-'. orUBJ.ion 4 4d
a great deal which U a tmlrahleaad the centers of pnpulatloa. Tef
whk h needs only I to be .' u cjwlalone f bnv who receive a commoo-

i tile right 11_. oar pmi t workwith | or a bIch- hnol e -I him I. Improvement not trans } turns toward the pia*.e ..4...... ,h*

formation. c a brut apply It. His sehoatlng has
r e vwL ..t be. n sin h ss woo.J.1 help him to

II ....JXIJ IulLrS SLU' jrro. 4 t} -tn I...". r tn make store mosey oa
s Kd .' farm or lu niak of hrrmtaa an .la-

'Ktincnip'o, > mnL And a* .he piss
It I. .nan***! to .Make ISO Miles a. >" th. .It> ,t.i if II.v his sprelni ...,...

Hear.Mr. 1 '. The trend of th. country-miswl.

I r r d '. Alfred Vanderbilt, w having Lti' ; rt :qtg y r1, .. irresistibly ta that dtrcctloa.I .

1 i'onAr.MNe.t e" r .'. utom' ,!lie I I" .'.. tb. r.. .Is no. e.tiallsBsr ourvettt tnv..iff .
which b. b.,.... with .lw th- fa:tt *t ma, ; '.. the young proplr of the ctttaa to
'bin In the ..or'L! II* U an autc-io- 'I I bs: place in tin o Ibtl'). And they
t J.! ralhnra.t .:.1 I.* determined wit*< .. buy as be grows up and manic*

tbrlUofiha' tb at his coufnand t( ii-.ql.. like to nd\n a bow o' his own

: break the pr> *.'nt record.. Th. ma M a ple<-<- of land of courne but h.
F- 'chine which. he H having built is call. .WK only the trade or profession that

mated to be ...a..bl..f. developing _: h... I.| ... ..led l I1. hnuwr& nothing.. el
---- F miles aa hour with :.r>* horsep.iw.r. mi a an.1 i b.. wtmlJ not know bow

Purh.seeda'tte .--nulvaient SI* feet t.a make a tlv.ufrum a p...-.-.. of treat
for ever cork tick; It mesas a if h* bad It It has often been emit :
la :3t second The present .I''j? .fir. that It .la worse thaa arile** to put
DTHNDARTnf CASTLE. ree..vrd .I" SS t. seconds mad by IL tile poor of the great cltle out In the
i ------
Itowdra it uratoad Ileach.! PlA, but country because they will act stag
to dear e&.J1.. Jo .
the to .alch ah* proposed Cannon, or evenVteoPrealdent
lleadersonhad It brusry.Should. there. A* a matter of fact. they can
Mrs. Fairbanks himself nth.President. *
erve to guest Dr. fro Vanderbilt be able to attain not lie expected to for. to them It .ts s
kW analysis mad by It ta .understood win stick
a sorb eilraortJInsry speed with this PLOETPtFP R.tlsELi BY (UVV.V MU'.>L IIUTAI strange and barren story. The expert*
wu. Chief of tb* Burvan of Chemistry to tbs horse). should put en th* moorboots
,. automobile It will mean that It "'UIJO en.* of the Sal vat ion Army, however'
I .
I little red .. rosda scbuuf boas
of th* Department of Agriculture.Dr. aad start upon a swift en until his death In 170& Tt copy operas
faster thus anything In the worldheretofore. s* shown ta Its farm colon le* la different
C _........ grow the modem edncstorsfpulbt
Cello(. of Batty Creek: aid other cap: suppose\ moreover, that In hi. thus: .
The best time ever made of tbe .IrmoaE2GFUa .
acientlsto who were .Im Wasalagtoa attending .- agitation lie should turn OB 1.110. minimum "On the eighth day .f J......,.. tn of view th* general *ducalluaallevel sections cwuittry.
IB* convention X.... II.....,.. speed for use foot sad the maximal oa a railroad was a mil la 34 aucoaili: ''I the year *f Our Lord oae thooaaa .lhundred < of I.be country has uaquestlnaablyrisen
tttla. was oa th. Plant Pytien* oa a raa
eon has an English vegetarian chef.Benett. speed for the otber. what would Sod Bin, the Hirer. tors of theE many decrees, hot with this aasJvaac tldauau.dOS. nut. pay
from Fleming. to Jacksonville. Florida
who la famed for his delicious) ho Ole eoadlttosi of oar priceless states.UTT I.when es. mil' were covered at the >>t India Company: *f the ChamWr of I Burned Dare name prnblem*
recipe. aid after a aaopl of each. after about two blocks of that Amsterdam the tea years rrckociae. I
rat* of 110 m.: .* per boar Not oaly
dish had been mad It was glvan over weird form of travel en the on* part, aad Mr. Henry Ilulsoa -
to th* scientists for _aJ,... Soav*. Let It pass. No need to tons upon nsleepless will *It of in.*today hater hut thaa the tile new speed aatomo-machlae EDltI.Iunan.e! tf tb* SCARF, BEAUTIFUL RING & HAND BAG

air mentor were prepared for each ptIJow wall as yet th. details ether part" Two of th* signers won FREE
bile to Its 4rt..rf.uter
guest sad attached to the card was the ar* in camera. The motor boat flyer than promise man ha ever carry traveled hsCor Netherlanders: th* third. M3 PREMIUMS g. ltS Av1 (f &4a ,
served throagaout tits other agencies of Hadsea. In both. the 1'
dish great progress. cams
for every
recipe In th* world. la fact It .U stated -11.-1 1e. 5e514 -.e eau
the dinner. The entire mean ..oasl.tel bas com to stay. Wo can wait wklaour tbat'evsa few birds could fly at such a spelled In plain English, ......._-_........arty
Gf: betters try it on. Hudson knew: so little ef th ..- ... ,,_ w
pas. lyre a "K.h ..- ., .a wL o.4
Fruit loup aguac* that his coaf sees with, the 1i .
./. t T 1. a.e4 a-tset.. .
Mock Balmoa. sauce ionsztaias.Qnterme.l.d Ydraurvclra rlit 'Civg for CaautnVa.Mrs Ilollrmlers were conduct, J through the .err i .lt rilBlli aa* J.* .is..J ea t.M>.>.. ,
i.OOO .
.. ......
Cucumber* me-IIum aa InterpreterN I I -.....
Concord Orsp* July Ta rifle which President Ils avelt Sarah V bte. widow .f Clarlaaati. .better time for correcting this Loo .n ....f ...11.. I-Paris. .r.a. ey 1.1"-
.u .."."... I. .. .........__.._
mixed with ApoQlaaris.Anlchoh nand ea his rwceat haatlac t.rtp'" OUlo.: feeJs ljno canaries. la absurd usage could b* found than ea ..____ "' ..... .K."
Caps and Asparagus. bas received at SprlagAeld (......>)> her taxariuoa home la that! rlt,.. Dun the. eve e< the celebration ., th* aaatveraary AIi1Leu' .' ....,..; .....,.
Xtrolled 8 *- Ptaeaat Proton*, ........,... mtenslv repairs being ...... Ins an. *f her trips abroad many years eC.1I.w.O'a to this part a a.c ..,.-i. 'le.riwt..r b.t:.t..e..re.. ...
N.t ..... sary a* n result of rough saga The ago she purchased sad brought here of North America. a..t.... bridge to tee.a: !, a..l ied..be yoM tau! .e.. a* r--t' _
tTnfemwaUd Catawba Win rifle. which was made fer PrssldeatReoawelt tb* ancestors of these birds at a cast of lie named. after th* Eacllsh explorer b.* EMEM&Rw.: I .. s i-.et ."...... ,
itt: $ a In V1U- I. .....-... under th* dlrertlen of Cal IL.MO They II v. .. seventy large the -.......,. .....-." *e the -Iladaon.hut .- :T..t.-s w.:. thus i._..... 1IIt.- +

C. C. Prn>s.s Tlmbal.* Tomato ..... .nel 1. M Phlppa. rammsartsat at tile cage. It coats Mrs. Noble f U n year not .the -1Iflnk1I..a- mo __ ..rs&. ..r.. .w-M twy....w.w s.se r.4 art yoM! W.d (
Grape rrutt and Chrry Salad.Cheas army esaentlany n msgitla armyrtn to feed her birds, and the mast *....- mortal.....*. Th eommlttoa has already -- p.a.w, eb..51. .... se+ey l
SoufSe.Sasd *. :with alight chaa* a f rasa the re*> ales heating sad veatllaUaic arrang- dropped the ".....rft4 from its C.--cria....- -...... .... 5

KatbacK o., -., ulatie medel t* make It mire "'t.w.uac ..b'Pr.* pcwvUsd Cor tit Dad styled ttaatt aimpy ""''Qa .. 1 dos.-'-"'. wwmeNS/i '

tot.Mack cac-:: wp.aa :a... Jas Taaate.ri c'a i-Icon,. i -

.l eta rf r. ; k

-- --k. a .. P. : ...

v Tk' -.. ... _. -- .._., .- .. .' ... -" ,. "'-

U ,. .:. ; ll -:-H ..- = !' ............ P ":'" '2: := g, ;:


v .



eftks slrsue sad Oat he... will w Mt ttvm. UM OLD BRITISH and charged) up to th* _.aIrIPaI--aw THE HcIHUEY( POBTRAIT.rjtrxTtxo JTaTFUJUf IX I J.IUD1IA
a 1M FESTIVALnoiruoxoj
11004 Mad sad taut count that prfa- .t .Mho ..i Void fl1111Fcl'Flf.r!
etttsaaa. wbes t"p are ta. M ... *" .
time higher
are rw .
many .....
bout th* Mad *fl.r .... ... c.-A. c.-aI CrttrP M "- ......
cot &t.Acr. that. tint 'wke siesta aol .6az.IJ& Advosaa.1I Louislatiea. ..:: --
or ujutrrstD ,.
......... A/eeatl.. r. A. oaasmna ifttCMTMSXTO 11 were _k_... Arles wore lalodeicoedlngly ettberato .-. .::::; :::a ..
a ft.4..s. ...,,
i b... a. appear by IBM T amen. TRI nruirsArttat -
CtSTCBTtxfiixa. JTciswsor
Vi. .
.. froM both ...4110I.... It la following ..&nea>- Bon1& .John W.Ort.... at sass tlmo Attorney :.r- c.---= =
s dvaaonatrmt and uia.atloaabto t e General during' tau UcKlaley aJmlaletratlon. -p-- -1J.-
fact list ABMricaa p.Ula ackoula .... Te ... 1.r.t/ss.................. J where n* achieved Urn for hla :.:::-.::..".: :':':=-- .....-
v ru.ore GI practical urXultar r..L .r. and Tewnaau tatf.erldt.C.IeMat.U..tU T. N...* ..4 Ms w.!.. .. .. ... tTe Mvrpfty. Hltltort URk**wa). aad '
la ability aa of lbs
aa law
tfc.U covnra. than ItoM. B_.. pMrt.t 11004.... e PaMtt TM Poetralt Wi...OMtSitttec a w 1'Y.:; -
they sow (_' : of lb. f
u ICrepei.waTr.aes.rlu later ooo strongest nwmbor .
.. y 1
tact the T. hats HstHft, pMSaf "' and from -.0.. .
majontr, ot u... sot t acb f>*M aWM( T. ..,...'. wile. .. ..... .... ..... C Tb Magee tribunal. bar lately .lesseapouadlsd > rra wv
crtcultur. !. MJT o* lu braacb.. al ).....hanlcatn. a little hkbrt II'ill B, Oi --fw to the people ., New< Jeraey .
aui. The l.ac..ra U.._..... aa tlte y AH old-tint* country people) return- Te the "'._. oiesMllii Ik.* TrlsMf.uklaf It la aomewhal remarkable that themwl..nca a ....trl.. of real reform. It la -
are rrm4.a4 today, know notblaa- her Tenliig at eurs allll.klD6. oils- We .n>.. mad psM"*** rn-iJent AliKlnley that believed that he know. whereof be

M of tb. anbjcet. Tb.ir ducaUoaal .y.- partng and sugar..b.IJl... >"* B* !and klsi ., ......... .. .. .. .. . In tM.11.. lltnwo waspalsted ...-.. for. hardly I_ aay. man la _that '
tea !. U rut from wfclcb It ._ a tiuaaiug be w.. a greet rr.-ul. To Ik.* ear*.**** rid awtum N.*.-. bumble nail hitherto .
a moral ._pt by rMnot au.1 bora anil ciriiL 4d and yeung.raibofvd .... .. ................... .... . ". .by aa ua.nown tuat a political l ie BDOUIII BBVW runcrtb A Tension
a. atroac popular tut In 1 New York U. whom need for reform or the dlfflcultie
.. v. Aa add!*** I run, UM Mi-tar tart .
D"". .sate I. ItMlI Want avnsW rise tar amid near t art was the ITeoldent never accorded' a .atu... of achlevla It better than be. paten

the from an IDI.UIc..a.1ae1lllJua Gl ripened the dust turn of the A.r barn several husk.beunti Mg ear endIng ot- a.e.fte T. lir.: Lewi. IW a eser.o...... 0 N O Tbo lamented MrKlnley did pre for PresIdent .M. Klaley In.lared him to

Tb.weak poiata ot the aratem. I 'with a graiMl feast of PK-, cake. And this mlwrlkuiy aervkf retarkma. famou artists sit Europe and tb* beatpurtraa beconio a Bir :.bur of his Cabinet Mr.Grtcca Indicator
problem b* on* for tb. aerloua bat euO.e. rider sal all the CIfboor mechanical awl mortuary."i I patnlero ."f our Ors country had earned U* 'way to the head
oaal-lemtioa of our mat far-oeaing r..md>e* of tbe farm cuptioard. nut In ,roe dirt r"-p| fit it reuained for )Ir.. William I). of th* Now Jersey' bar nerved aa uemvher
.I..meo-t. atemmlag *f Vain cen tbi* country there are a* "Unite said 7. _>* *!*...>.. ..'*".. bed .y )Murphy, of New York to prudur with ; of the General Atfaembly and. State ):
tripetal. movement which .la ..".ft..1( fixed feetivala. held In tbo tall| ., the b.u.... .. tag oar center. of Industry Jour at b.t tt_ Tb..I".t )l1..u..1I1'aoI.. .. ..lIt gut purl rait of McKinley moat accrptabloto latter body and met th. recponalbUt. ti
work for da,........ aad which .la U nfy a formaldjffcr rea1..mhnneu Is thlawe e..tlyT..trsw tho family ant frtenda. More than tie of the governorship. Ho recently WHAT
teadity drawing: from and bare always dUo for Nub ..! hJe childn hat. It considered. ,II.
our rural
I w. .. . .. s was nwwt do. spoke at a celebration on forefather. THE;
--- -- Jrablo ono to be hunt; on the hialoria IJaaT I. 0raDn.. an.l laM this law dawn -
er ...,_ -
.-.- A p.4 eta. ...l.. .al'rlaliy ..........Ius. let walla of the Wb.le llutteilr. mildly bat <
4i sera ., ..rto r..... ..... .... .. e a Murphy laM a u<'drat little at*. elms la abe acme of the decent men of
"J'. ...... n>...... wl_. .... ... din at 17 that lxlecnth; street Nw : the Commoawaltht: IMP1JES.
ritk the ...,.. sad ats WvikUt fork Just off talon" Square lie bad Pabllrily. BO backatalr legislation. 5

h. ..... ...... .. .... .. . . 4lr. achieved some local fame aa a pain*. B. p..n_ of blue bcraaa BOOM ese;
net IM pwsdab .l ......... e R
aalaar portrait painter bat had
neverroamed baa O KM 6
T. 2 b.ta .r .....-........... I I of beforehand: 01._. ?boat
t ....... haviaar a picture hang In Ion of mouarva on tao floor of the
T. tor carom. ......... ... "I the White II
T. for _................... ... S llone* along with portraits. I llona*; ml reasons to the paMte Kirem
T. Mur ............ ........ .. ... o a IIIT. k done by the moat Ia_. artists of .... why measures are favored or propose o 1 l'leata1M
Ire. ou ..4 ...., ..Ir......,. e n le .,.1 Kcneratlona. "After the terrible !. amt a ......... of tbo days 'when
LYq W 1 a peal mel a bait. .T pepper.. 0 .1 tra niy at lluffalo Mr. Murphy'' made a legislative bodies were debatlaa _... stets
:. T. a Ia..we wlla their Q........ I collection of th. lreldeat'a Dhotarraph ta- and abe nubile favored .. mnrti of tbd tension at gUacc.tewng ..
0- ... .. .. ... .. ::.. .. . f.411 .. together with Information sato skit for
s- 'T*..Iw.aryua.. atao 01 lb..> .f coloring and aided by )I.... Murphy rows." votlac a with oloqveaco. > Its use meads. time sawing

q I r'r4 / T. ,ki r..."....... of ....... M Ills 4TL'y 4 tur who* la la alas aa smut, produced a plo Mr. OricK advocate reform la the aDd satin .

L.f urn Dot barkwanl l with UM flnlahcd. pameLben. tb* picture warn nartiDoat of Slate legislation 'when be It's our own inrcntioa'
f rep tout. .....-..... aa thin 'will how. Mr. Murphy mad effort to aaya:
T.... doss .f ......... :ISO have Abner II KJ.iI'y. the brother of -lUrely. la a Mil read each of the aDd Is found oofy oa flat

I T. MW .kU4rtkl vf ...... e a OTo lb. rr..llt.. tee and crtticlae the throe constitutional. tllD",. oicopt by !!. '
caltwo *f toewla for. e. work. Finally the artist had asn tie. It poura In
j ;:... r ter.*. .lew with Colonel Wilbur C. Dro..... made. arcordaaco with a doclalon WHITE.
previously .. .
'T* -... kllaoa sad a b..U. .f Abner'a bu.lne.. partner and 'who had I .aft not say too laanevro somewhere la .
.1..1. ... SITS .
been very clue. to the beloved Chief ..
t To '* pUo.. .( via. l. a executive.: It wa after I. one, but that laflavaro was felt la
t Ant fur one 'who would not wad. that Colonel Brown much pleadIng tbo .1... rooma or oa the back: stairs
bra time "n each Hat mlstnrea: con.e.nled to before the fats of a measure was doelded. > Sewing Machine. <
T. *a* a.BoB .ff old 0 0 41 I brine. Abner to the atndio. Neither had This ...."0.1 U a repression of

On tU* docks .where once tb.. ttieat.rlcala i ever hnntirrd heard of 1Iur. ,"'". They had sees iBdUldnallty.. alaklac rlfhia Pats a w. Ivan. otlkr
a portraits. vl )11.1< striking:
and ha 1.1.7. rood mere '
the ra-a. were exprewlon of aomo one else's ;
now rl.e. the rrett Tower' of ':1.// Mil ant ilffercrt.. and were them- .lewa w .I.IM>&.- Immrowcments that appeal
-. mini "'1".. 10dJar..nt.. _.._ ... /.__.._ -
mBIKH. pemnc ao a unu-- Report from' New Jersey BOMB to the careful .
mark, and : they knew. tbat tbla unknown buyer Send lot
aa a llchthonve to cuMf tiio! arttat show that Initiation at Trenton I
tonaawept ships of Urtm.bT'. treat" hid never been jtlren a alttlnc. However practically la the same condition aa* our ckgaat Ji T. catalog.Celdaal .

r, Tw HI/_! flahiac fleet*. Into her safe tiarbwr. JI bias pleadings were' ao eameat that 'which c.Ut-.| at Jeirrraoa City

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