L;te. lut simply w ill not let the domess-
I'e ;tai:ii.inery grinil her down to ill
I:. l;thi andl an early old age.
Shlit. Is a fre'lue-nt Ioather and regards
the-ith las the prime factor of life, to le
l, ,k I ;.after before everything else.
S!:, sl.,,ps nine hours and halo takes a
:ip dlurbh' the cday arranging her
work in tL. lauoat systematic manner.
lHe-r little .inmorandilum slip always
'ld,o.\'< two v:.:ait hiours-they are for
re.-t. S~hi eats lhairtily. hbut of the inno.t
I:' .-,I.! f lood, and would rather have'
a o: ::1 ':ul of g';,ool food and go partly
ll' iry thailn .':it a whioile mI1eal of
CeI ai'wr thiugs.-Phihbidelplia Inquirer.

An Orphan?
A \,,ll kiiown professor has a bright
Nby. !:a 'm.' d:ay at the age otf four
Ul;i..ral i'i his father's study claspingm
Ini i;s tLii:ds a forlor',n making little
":W, k' \> .'which had strayed from a
'n< .- ii lnubhator.
ill;.. said his father sterlly.
'"t:Ikt> thn:t .-hick< it lback tio its mother."
".-'t dot adot ny tiddcr." answered
\' il1i.'.
"-\V,-11. .th, :. take it back to its fa-
ther." :ild the professor, determined to
.: i.:t : :is .-arental authority.
S.\l:nt d t any fader." said the child.
".Ai:'t dot :ia!yIl.i'" but all oid lamtuI'-
New Y irk Tiln.-s.

it Ilakew Them Wild.
"I wonder why they aIIW.yg CAll

thoAizIltlttl onle.
I 4ont know. 1-tt I think I know
wl.iat niI k(e--Kthietinwild,"i,*'~:ys the

11j. I:111% tiols l'i'pl n kiong, and as
~.I 7 j-tiv,~..*eSl#-thme Waives they nek.,
W!' re the Awild Waves R31?'f ...l .

Toe Impetuous.
AT-- Why d.I y-11 dislike him so?
.T -s :. I sit 'ehtic hiatefull
t1:t..A. I!'H tol 1 tce Inat evening that
l-:i"I:ty 7 '"I\I. osii a sk it deep. ntnd-
"J.- And ym, I,'rj la:an'-a!ttely proeet-dl-
e'! \,' -how htli'm liriw thin skinned you
w ,rr.- I'uil::d, li .;: l'r,.s .
The Inflnence.
.T. -r.y-H -w d)o good clothes make a
n, :m a :i 'tTlei':.mi
.I.. T:.,y imiake him feel ns If he
w:.< a.,, ,.tod to act like one.-Detroit
I l 'r' ss.

Pon't say "I wish." Anybody can
wish.-Atchison Globe.

low tly ha the 1
uI *n a su**c a m bd
knset toto ,[

to te l mteme0ves"
We lO a genat many me and wv
M sda tracked a satem the pathw
ways ot IUe beeasu t0ey we- MIt
taught the vale of good manes and
of a lMe gatous courtesy n ther
youth. The resakt I that they hav
grown up hard and coarse and repel-
dve in anuners and have ot been able
to win favor or attract trade or bal-
neas. In.otber words, their bed man-
aem and repulsive ways have kept
them back and handicapped their em-
It is astonishing how fine manners
and politeness in children develop into
ease and attractiveness in manhood
and wonumhomttl. Other things being
equal the employee who is selected for
advancement is the one with good man-
ners, a ine. gracious demeanor, a good
presence. Thmse qualities are the best
kind of capital, even better than
Everywhere we ree young men and
young wonien drawing big salaries
largely lc-ause of their superior polite-
ness. The line mannered are wanted
everywhere as suiewristendents. as
aalesnien. as traveling representatives,
as clerks, as private secretaries or a"
credit wmen. In fact, agreeable deport-
ment Is tae one Indispensable quality
sought after everywhere.
There is nothing else which will so
quickly open the door to opportunities,
to society, to the hearts of all.
Courtesy is to business and society
what oil is to machinery. It makes
things run smoothly, for It eliminates
the jar and friction and the nerve rack-
lung noise.-Success.

jl-. _

The Chicago, Milwaukee & St. Paul
A GOOD CHANCE TO BUY. Railway owns ad operate over 6,00
But H& Hadnat the Xerve *to Pa the miles of thoroughly equipped road in
Priee Demanded. 'Illinois, Wisconsin, Iowa, Minmsod,
A handsome bachelor of Baltimore, Stouth Dakota, North Dakota, Missoeri,
well known in social and educational and the Upppr Peninsula of Miebiga.
circles, acknowledges the truth of the Irt awnn and operates ll equipment is
following story: Hle was driving with m aon its lines, including Sleephi
a very pretty atnd attractive young wo-
(w C'ars. ParlorCar, maintain t aneea e
man when on the outskirts of the city
they met a'lad of almput twelve years len.e of mrvirennequaled onany railway
leading by a chain a singularly ugly in the world.
but finely.bred lull terrier. The pretty it has een a Pioneer in the Northwest
girl went into ralptures over the dog. inod we"t in the useof the block system
and her escort determined the animal in th.. owpration of its train, in the
should be hers.
"Say. hould be hers." ald,"wha lighting of train lby electricity. heating
yo n n tae fr houre aei l "a by steam and many other progreoive
"Nawthinc." reialie-i the laid. tetheus. which have added safety,9com-
"Nonsenme," cried Mr. Blank, "Here's fatl anid luxury to travel. It is always
$, fo hi lmie leader in that direction.
$5 for hin,." TIH- Piner Limited Trains between
"No, I won't. This hu.re dog ain't for chi.;wago. St. Paul and Minneapolis have
sale." th,' ,'-u,,tlikt and handsommt Sleep-
"Ten." sa iM Mr. Blink. and then. inr 'ars in thew world and the beat dining
growing deslp-'rMtte. "'lift'.-n, twentyy" ('air -ervi-ie.
But the owner still refu-tsed. Time table, maps and i,"ormation
All the time the co-nversation was go- f,nrni-.h.led on apllie-ation to F. A. Miller,
Ing on the youth. : altlui.-li talking-to iGen. I'a. 's Agent. Old Colony Hu'ding,
the man iu the liury. kept his eyes hiia.
fixed on the other o- >up:int of the vehi-
cle. and at list lie, snid gravely: i Cmisgkl 5eg Ca s Deah.
**I don't want yr uimiln.y. but if you'll "lHarr.y Duckwell. aged 2.P years,
Just give that Iadly there a kiss you lak-,l d I tea, th early yesterday nmorn-

, ay have thle 3 Mr. tlalk wxvi sple.ehhliss. lle tared
at tl le .y. an iltt:,lit :inIl hliei lpUt tlhe
whip to his horse, start iml himn off at a
The story goes that a nile was gone
over without a word Ihainig spoken,
when as thIe horse's rapiI gait laecamne
slower as it Itured dlont na country
lane the pre-tty girl turned ever so
slightly an.l sa:il sli, l., "()hi, Mr.
Blank, why ldidln't you buy that duog"-
Baltimore Sun.

Man' influence.
The only responsibility that a main
cannot evade in this life is the one he
thinks of least, his personal Inlunce.
Man's conscious tllluenee when he is
on dress parade, when he is posing to
impress those ar',und himn. Is woefully j
smill. but hIls unconsciots' us influence.
the silent, subtle radia:tin of his per-
sonality, the e-ffect of his words and
acts, the tritles lie never considers, isI
trexnIndsmlaous. v.mry 1ml1 aisimnt of life he
is hclimi'liii: to a degrc-e the- life of the
whole world. Every nman has an at-
mosllptere which is affectinim every oth-
er. So silently and unconsciously is
this Inthlenu e w\vark;,'u that man muay
forget that it Gexsts.-w. Juordan.

Material Fear a Whole Chapter.
"Have you-:iw--'v' ver thought what
you would t.o." akcdl the litt-rary for-
eigner as his c:ilhe train entered the
tunnel. "if this structure .-h,,ould cave
ilu wAven you l .a ;1re al but hilf way
through r'
"Often." replled the Clhi ago man.
"I should deian;::d the return of my
Andte the literary fior, iner made a
mni-m.,ratdun in his niiteliook. He had
disce\ crel another lntert--sting peculiar-
ity in .Awerieans.-Chicago Record-

A Gernman Custom.
In some pariit of e;ermanJy the guids
have a Iretty custom in which the
qtleen of tl.wi-t-I's plays a part. If a
girl has se-er-al suitors and wishes to
klowi W ivhtibhi f thni wAuld be true to
her. she takes ,rose petals and drops
thelit ilti ;tO I.'. i ,of water, giving each I
the nameite of one of her tuinairers. TI.e I
leaf that renaiinis tflntilg longest repre-
sents the i:ian whose f:aithftulness she
mnay rely o( nawd whom she would
therefore do well to eljosc.

A Prejudiced Opialon.
"Is it true th.it lmens of genius do not
know thle valCe of money'.'"
"I'm afraid it is," answered Mr.
Stornaington Barne-s. "M.lost men of
genius see so little of it that they never
have a chance to form any definite
Ideas on the subject."-Waahington

illg ait i,,1 h,,o) ., in the, prIence, ,of hi
*' if,- ail elhill. He contracted a slight
,,dI a f.-w v lay. ago ntd paid but little
ift lntioni too it. Yeater.lsy morning he
w.'.is s.iezed. with a fit if oumghing which
,itinua.,l fir tenae time. His wife sent

fetr a pliy-siian but before he pould arrive
a,,thier coughing spell eanw on and
lIii. kwll \,ulitl froimn sufforation.-St.
L.,ui ii- ;lo.e-ul-nucirat, Il'. 1. ImN1."
I l lar.'s I Io, rehound (aough Sy rup would
IhI.'- iva'l himi. 2.N-. .k'* aud $1.1N) at
DIr. f. M..Jones.
The EaRgllih sl.rJ.
Frank was learning to ride a horse,
and one day somebody asked him tf It
bounced him wvry hard when the horas
was trotting.
"Oh. no," he answered. "I don't
bounce very hard. I stay up nedy all
the time."-Little Chronicle.




The above portrit that o
Countess Moietud, of Chica-
go, Ill., whose rattudO f the
benefit recei red om the e of
Dr. MalesN' Nezie pm.qcd
her to make this statement
-it affords-(megaphau to add

I am pIt So eIs o I f"dit
s.othe oam .d 1 -qmrn_ fiekin.a
tated aerms ad mml i ge
I never Ml cot -wit a t
of it in the hoase." SS

Mae.' Nervine
is a nerve tonic and strength-
builder that starts right in re-
storing health immediately.
8*od by all D
Dr. Mib Moedl Camc, ala

wob, -m a frwe* .

ml radeMN&Wheel _'.

Waf otomi tlt
NM ow b..


G. P. Ballough Co,
(Eutalblilhedil 1 '442)
"I'lho ne ,7.


Sanitary Pq wnb
Steam and Hot Wate.r lleatkin
Estimates Furnithe. W< >rk UIa'sL
P. 0). Box 24'pM5
Office at Eurolwan Hotel. Shol,,,pi
-_ ._ --
Attorney-at-Law. '
Prompt attention given te all M
Oflf-e in the County iluilding..

MESoee of Gmard*ianhll
Beit known to all %1l.m- It nay
that on the fouril-itnI l, .Iony f JanJ.
19 iL. I a8 guardian l.h.1 mlianllopl
and (irae and Mu.i,- I'n-. aI t t~ I
House In Delland. hi.ll apply to t
J. lee Mcror a-. t .. 'i Julge. Oar
thoritv to ll ** it. :. -: aki
the landof thb liii. \hflIi. BIt.
theirlnterest In it *.i :iirlv-one, of
li thlrtTdfy-l t-fIf 1Ii.- r.,>-,,nl.-%_ l HletBn
division of the north pir ( the
iteh Grant. anti anlst ii I 4 tt- .
twelve and thirt.-n of ll.'k 0II- (141
recorded L.vnan Milrdkok .u'WIllies
lo eaoe, aectl tn thlrty-il.-. i>.wnSblWp
teen, oumih ol range- thirty-to. .eamt
Guardian uof -Add J

,I A a ge -as fhi

waH fo" a f.M w da;.-"
JOI", I euuId:?t, mmn."
"Why not. pr: yo'.

bI I don't fItel wt'e.l
eO with hin to ask au

em soldak. r r a.k.mi U1
for his photur:i|pi for hMs
Te Chln, e sta.ttesun!
pild with h:s req.t:.t andi.
hlat pot and cil.. drew.
a igarisu up14 ::,d down the
Hafdla It tb.n to the
ad that the left haudel
talsd a list of his ttktl
right hand side bore a liststl
he had ktod. When he-
orter gave the photograph ra
UMwl syitg: "Here's what yt
If ye can't read it, probre
play Item Mth pnao"

SatMrd t ham that I weth

at the nekwea counter

"What did he say? *
"He said that evwswhaty

l nhAa' is be a bd
lodedad? I sh'd sy he
when he was a pop th' doe
hm t kape him from be
hemnd, falth "-Chicalgo New l

The typical Irish foot to be
bred ad not aally long.
The Wrm eman's foot pIsp
bo mad w and well
The 8enebman's foot Ia s
thick. strum, muscular and
hard work.
The Tartar's foot is short and
the foot of a certain type ato
and the toes are all the same
The E gliaman's foot is M.
mass short and rather fleshy
as a rule as strong as
should be.
The Rusaan's foot possesses
ma peculiarity which is worth
lag. The toes are generally
to the Nrat Jont.
The Spanlard's foot is
small and, thanks to the Moor
which lows la the velas of masta
lards, elegantly curved.
The latest measurements se 9
show that Amereia t In the pI M
developing a race with the
feet amow g all the civiliedn
The Teutonic and Scandinavian
tiUas appear to have the largest I
Swedes, Norwegians and sed
standlag In this respect at the 111
the list.
The Arab's foot is famous A
high arch, whereby a true Arab
Indeed, always be known, the ES
saying that a stream of water eaai
under the foot without touching I. -

Northern Meat Market,

J. L. ODUM, Proprietor.

Th I~' an d* il' t l":~ -t"
Marlki t south ,rf .luk-,lit'.

W .'L411 ;I .- ;. hj: i ,

nl'h,1,lC 37. I 1







LIWe'?.t l'ri,-,.

Baltim-ore Anicritazi.


S tn d 46so o6

A*% Oda ad ao.edfz
swo s af a ma

W. F. Gille, Jr., & Co.



~W I I~IIP KLeading
F. Gii ui Druggists

The Ilarget and P4(w1t Conioli.te tm- .k
of lDrugsin Iiaytou.lm rem-riptionm m.
pounded lvlkegimtaonql lhannam*iaet only.

%v -mmfary and Toilet Articles. W~
TRY OUR PINE TAR (M UGU l ALtSAM-25 eeputj.a bottle'.
Memo& Sfteu. 0* Pf %v V DAYTONA. FILOPI DA 0

Mons and Fbr aMattresses
6r in 14rcod Hand F'urnituri' and Stw ivea.
Vo r( 1141 l Fi iurnitun-Mkirt'P -iso (m fod0441 s N#%v
at&S. sad ells'rmew Are. Iltivtooa. 11

^WOOD^ e are prepared todeli-
voer 011n shot lno1tice ianyl
W O O kind of dry Wood. (Our
price is righlit. Drop a
ml and we will call. EARLS & C"OLEE. !"'::' .

WOOD Dry Oak and Pine.
vlli (.irOrl.rs I'roi, lll l,.li ,.nrl

Spencer B. Green.

Sanitary Plumbing

Stream and Hot -

Water Heating.*

Agent for the eiksson w

Engine. worms Rliewood
~ ~ ~ ~ ~ O __ _.._ .


Handsome line of Piillow Cover and

Fancy Articles just reeivecL

North I.clh 8Stnwet. *-


&w and Planing Mills
ai~r ow prepardl to furnish all kinds of






m e l -l -t-- lii l !!UI t -1" I- A -


_l tllll -my -l-._..
We an* aollut to open n 'Coal Ya'rd.
and expect litb lirt tirt id.o.aI iiln ou
Nov. l15th. Our t ri 'e %%ill i, i.- r b l .
M. M. (.H)\VIN,
Telephol, Nunl r %,"

--- -------U M--- h sIoF na

lit Whe They Are F"y- rest Well. Here Is One mi Who
at -iadf a ML. HE MUST BE AS TEMPERATE AS AN Would Rather e Exesue. e
_r .It s lhil er the capitol at ATHLETE IN TRAINING. "We aI say that we'd like to be
Amy 1M al4ow"P tf" strictest young again, but I doubt If we really U
*@ BL Wbenerer these lSon ae see illstk, a Smtel 1 sdie** go Tests mean it." says Harvey 8utherland in
a ltdicatm that a down te masdet.t the Ituilt of Liquor s adRee ne Ahnsle.'s. "We'd like to have a. good
"i to 0'd tiee that a n president. N MetLed a ife at One lig.- eialia :is weI h.:d wlivhr we cast our Mfh, e
We t atOr or ftreontative is lying dead o .firs t tote. and we'd I!ke it if we didn't
.eor tihat the action is taken in response have to visit the d,,ntist so often nnd
to a preaidletial proclamation ordering Many hotels and restaurants of im- so expeiisively. lBut if it cnume to the I-'V-ttorv pr
the flags on public buildings at half portance as well as many wholesale point that the' g.enii bounced out be-
WIt tI respect to thememory of some and retail liquor dealing firms employ fore us ianid sulkily growled: 'Whalt is
PIromnlent ocial of the government a wine expert. It is the duty of this your wisli? I will olity, I andl the oth-
Wh ths passed ant .t arms of I man to pass Upon the quality of all er slaves of the ill' li' I fancy we Volmisa A
senate or house of repnrmentatlves wines, brandies, whiskies and other should study lite awhile, with m.iany
lerus Of the death of a member of alcoLolic beverages handled by his 'weh ii, ed up ile ure e t,' blfo .l IIt. 1A
, either of those bodies, he at once house. He works .vithan empty stom- out. '.Make me twelity-one againn' A
ord*6r.that the flags over the senate ach, and he makes his tests through *u'l.raunw. you know, you haven't ',ilEiltions
chamber or hall of representatives be the three senses of sight. which tests any too i1u.l> se- s nl. low, with .ll half lasted. This is often done before the spirit's color and clarity; smiell, your exlwrieneit' of the world, and if DA
the houses of congress themselves are which tests its owior, and taste, the you w"re twwentyv one agiin it would
QOdally notified of the death. A good most important sense, which tests its have to be in Iinid ais willl s11 in IN)My.
-deal of discretion is exercised In the flavor. "'t keep these senses it oce The llind is what the hly 1 Is. It S.
manner of placing the news of a death delicate and sharp the expert must not seem.iiis a terrible price to pay for a
of this kind officially before the senate ti is to.liacco. and in the use of liquors new set of teeth :ind an inidliserianiinat- AI.:IITEr-T. I
or tile house. Upon such an announce- he mliist I;, tliii''rate to tlie point of ing apiletite. Whlitl? To walk again lt tiolii,- m anl
ment It is customary for the houses to tewtot:ilisi.i. that wv.:iry, tortiiiuis road: to olis.onver |li.ewov,.o
adjourn in respect to the deceased enll- If fto giao ss. ,1 ol oinit iiagie are set ; again iw I :Viiill-y kinds tof t a fool and Pin .01. s!.
ator or representative, and in order biforf n tl.hv-Tr wine exilrzt. onle it a failure one '.nli l.-. ilnd not hliilf try
-that the current business may not l t' "hliiii:i, of' C ; \ 11il:ig'e of 10 I 'i, the either; to li hi%,' o ttik,- o r :oIil;lhi :ill
stopped early in the day the announce- otl her iul lilt' oii;:i-' of Is.. he will those terms of old -i ofr sot.'r l:\i-'- *. 1 1:
ment is generally made just I.fore the tell .:!;ly w.\ ..,I i s ;hhi l There are pence? liti-lui-: ,Not f,,r ini. You JT D
houses are ready to conclude their iinie, d :" i-' z .-Zn vil:i:'el whilh lihe Ia1:iV if you lik;,. Il,:%lni if I 4o>ild st:irt
day's work. (can :l.'-,l i iv their taste alone anlwt with %% ht I h.ive hlairnel of ., 0'"a v" I h
Officers of the senate and house without 1,. lil't:I lire'sence of the life. which wio\Iv l vni<, f'ir slriirt of '*li i it','eI
when they tly the flags at half mast in hlielhd I t.;,i1. wh:it I slioill rpilly re. I. it sItloins to
response to a prochlamnation by the lprts- Tl. \\ i i' e*.x;.rt list also have a me ilhat it woul'lI he :1i Il)r' tLo. h:le to
dent regard their action is ione of lirirofoind knw\vhdtge of red wines. sit tlhiroligl tinl iri,'ir:3in.e .in:in. 11. II. i.
courtesy, as they do not reiogliize the .ALmog otii; li wilies of France he I suillpose if evor tili'tre' i:is a s:ic'ess-5
power of the president to order con- nismut in., sal.l to t, 11 those of the (a- ful iml:in. n lul.y 111:1 i. it was Martin I l]l'S it iil
gPess to do anything except to issemi- 'o nllli, r ino thi.e of Iturguiidy and of Liuthelr. und y t iiw I the. elect'tress (1lit.. ;1i1i
ble In extraordinary session. They laiuiplihhy. of lh-;i>llhenuliiir' wis-lwil hiniii forty
have always responded to the requests In the white wiions also he must be niore birthdays lie tohi lid her lie would ;l'i. 'l
of such proclamations. It would be a Ihlearine'. iand ihe should have no dltl- sooner give up everyy i )pe of lie.aven
idce question, if one could iniagine that culty iII di.'tiii.ii.uiiing the i hampaglnes he hlid thanlii's pell forty years more on
it could ever Ihe railed, to know to of Sillery, of Ay. of Ileins and of earth. ''o w sure., he would halive had J) iyt )lli
what extent the president's authority jEl:lperlii:y a:nd in distlinlguishlilng also to spend then in lleriiiany, but thit:it's
would allow him to order flags at half their list vliit:ige's. Ailiong the other a detail." .I'* ',
mast on the capitol. While his author- lrenciih whi iii whies lit must kiniow
ity would not extend over tlie tliem thliose of S; re, Itre'.;rs:;iu': reigmnic EPIGRAMS IN DIALOGUE. I':1
lp h ees of the senai, ti ti d house ll i et Id .. l ..... il t i... .. ... l.,l. l I.iite










IauF ut-am ii tilu s.-O ilk allu liio lm, yet lll j ,tnllll .- n Xlli i ilt--pa ll sl i wll llI
the e:apitol itself for many years was wines of Xt,'r.s. tlie .(;rii;in whiite
in fact controlled exclisivtly 3by him wines of J.ho:iiit.islirg, Stthilbrlg :and1
so fair as the care *of the building is lIe .okli iii lliu1,t 104e like old time friends
concerned, and the sulerhintendent of hliiskie-s aiid bInliiidies are division
the building is today appoliited lly lhimi oof his work that aire as imiiportanit as
without tounlrlinatory action on the the wines., 11 Imuist tell at a glance
part of the senate. wihetlitr a br':liy h:is Ioeen aged Il
As an matter of fact, the liapitol lhas i wood or in ;iss, a:ind e lilist not "onl
for years Ibeet under the direct control separai'te with a:ise the Irish, the Scotchl
of the ct'oilittees on :iappropriatlons of o and tih .\iAiit,'in whiskies, but lie
the two houses of oilgress, but thlit evnl iinst delsii:gnate tlie districts il
control has been recorded y he by ithe which eni'h was olistilled.
failure of the president to give any or C'onisi derinig his knowhmo~ ge lthe salary
ders to the architect or more lately to of t li' wilne' ex.1'1rt is nlot great. II
the superintendent of the capital. If averapges .S$i a week. Occasionally It
he should order that olfficial to fly flags Ifall ,s ow s. *. :iid occasionally it
over the capitol at half nmst and tlioe jl mounlits to iiiiii-itivie.
order should low disibeyved, lie woumll j 'liei i'xoril lt;-' .wot eat rich, heavy
have power to dismils him and aplNoInt foodtwls anid I pastries. lie must mnt keepi
some one else in his ilaice without Ille l.ite lhoiisr. Hisi life. illi t word, iiusti
concurrence of elltier brm-iich of con- hle as tiiPr;Iate as that of :111 it ltlet


gress, except so far is lie nalrlopria0- in ll .iliii:. Thins is in order thIat his
tion for the ollfciil's salary would he ses'l s ol' !- lit :id taste and siiiell
Involved. These are prtacticially moot i:ay 1 t :1 il lh ir l'-t always. Smoking
questions, but they o' e-nia 1ilylil flor'i is I:;idI fo.i tIh' slii- ll: riih foo is are loadl
interesting subjects for fir-siob. talks tfoir If itiste.: 1:;. h'li.;rs or :lmly sort when flags a re half li:nste' i r lpotls. ll-il.il.,tin. ti i n t lit' Iil.st, is :idl
to presidential protlaii:itiolis. W ashli fo 1' t il h.;- il ;.-itr'a;illy :inil l'..r :ill tli'
Ington tatir. t'si-s, sight in l:irtihillir; lietice tlhe
Hri 'ioir ls :1i1Al : i Thumb %nil 'ltlirtn. texi"'rt.
In colll'ections., centiiritrs old. to !.* T ,li. will \ilr It \ 'rks wivitlh stollai ll'h
seen in both ('hin: and1ial .lI:ot : t:11 itr.1 11,1'i lorth, iish lasiei t' alid sminei ll ire
sp 'ilim ns ofl ti' most rol' i.irkaillc :11 lhir l' .i't.-. i w'rks oll bright
drawingsii ilin tli wor' l pio.iitir' s of 'ioll 'i3s i.ll ii :1 r-oiii io'hh-4d within siln-
kinds drawn with tlie tlhminih niil. T'I, lihlt, frol"l' otet11 ho 01101 htb st wi'igh at
nails of the lthililos iol the lt'ft ilii l li11u14r'4s color :i ih lihi lily. lV i Ils '.
of the artists olf thesitt e l[rov 'weI ti p0:i,.s of tilt. ooihst shlont's a tailtffer-
grow" to an enormous l.ii.;l It. sonillt- nt "t fr lai aloi t 1" tl' li-tor ff0r
times to a foot or eilitenii in.l.4,s. a:nldtl eit., i'll, l:i 'i Ito litii is llic most
are th in p:tred downvl to 0 I',t l s!ihapl.t lic.hiote : io:iions i 0i smo l l11 ol i d -li e lor.
point. Ilippilng, tis ,odillYv .olistri'l 'ti ed I'll l l';ll, -' ;- i, for" iii-i''31 ', hi*os a
pen ll ll a ulltiful verit ilion l or IllS bl"uio [lowl ;i a st 1 .s g,: a ;i s %% -- 1 1 a l ." o l.'
Ink, the onlv kinds of Ink I s..ld iitSh o lilt I '' Il 44 i ti his iio l I lt-' Ihi>ldy
satero thumb niil m i 'wiib gs te artist tlost'S iwi t! he hiiilist i -',.i ',hw,* ex-
grntc(-fully otillnli his I ,rk. .'l'rt out. l is fte' dio\ ol i 0 1. o l, with
S cc';asiionally tihe Iold tollit'ls front his l -ts i tioho I It- 1-ol1. olls tl"-
the studio of :a nm stor lin this do.lepirt Ii.-it a o tili, lthusi -eliit flit' l, ull 0Il-
mtemit of "h- igh art" :l'n lit. siz.e ;..itd tl1 (,t 1,' t1 1 1:,li '.%
are saketthl boy a ew sw.eops of 4tile. he ll t Ilo" billow ith' heltve'r-
artist's .:iri. like otil r pictures; a fl "- ,', h ,' Ito-I. 110, l4l-1s tll-ilin i 0i8.
sketonies( of tthe ori.it, tl.hi.so :wr.o.I hmt ti a out :I mintl rolling thlien
thlni lib l ai:il loi,.l ll-nos .re' ,t.uill.h ;>: il, i 11ii l o ll s titll lil, :11o1 l ltt ling 11 ,1e i
rolled up like scrolls. f o1o']110 l00s 0 : 11 1 lltl lo 0t
for ill l ; '.4 IllI j iJl' lillelIt. '1o s \%:\ ll,,\ow
Swou e 4 W ords. hlimill otiltl lit ;id t lii 0 for olir0e are
lc 00 10 o l'l s il' tiel t.' iIll Ihit' slo o1 ill.h.
Ac. wording to i ll. late Ilicliriid A. 1. o 1 1 11 11 te ill, t ll sto'nell.
T0 11 \\.illo\v htliein W\ illli, onil Hie coll-
Proi tor., siyst tine- I.tIdon Chro icle'. tI ,. I i toe i o So i ig i le 11
ri, .j' -t l, ,'l, i h, or"r hli hr hlin, Hiinligli hans drunk
the plirn *se *I gii<-ss." toi E in lid li tils ot e ',1 l i, -. t1 1 1.ili1 c1.iiy.
.. TI p.\ ,r't the old exilpres.s1011i I wis." litu:1iiiii4ng t hi, lt \IeYi't ei hi i'.e f i b tl ei Ith
-I know ." Ilt \\,r"..'ld l.lss ." hsi.- .
ellhir i 1- Ios l tlllei'ss snhl:
'b:1ioi o'o Its tlii.iiiJ i 0 \iitil'll- hi ll-:1 "- W hati, is nl.,:'t, illivilt tlhmii to de-
LIiinll. lout li-is lirtl113' 1 s \ .l 'd it i0 5 io ill ool i l o, t h t sle el t,
Ai:l'l':', il, oIa'!-o liltf i.s'"le o' iti' "ivi lii
Sllow, ftr til -1: li0c., \ lolld -'toli 11 '
iayv "I guess r e "f \ tIfii r h s iii oi I w j t:l\ 1 ll o say
i '1 t gute-s" 't'lit .' TIs i \\ l.t -br't':il t.i-tl-i like or im a;il or pIo-
lln a state ,ofi c> t.L ;ilitl\. h :it- ; ii0i-i0 t0 : .1 1 '
i l 'xO a iili's (t' ''i-poh Is II l; I 'I t rto ,l \i tt l0'o s hi\-', :hfltwr aill, a de-
IIlayyed fast and lt l 1Ioic I>itl hih 'g"' t l l ,i:,,, t| i,!o. Tii.' .i'r retl win0s are
" w s u .'h :1 s ''g n .li l'tli .; i -i i d ":,; I ill'-e -
I'll." a'giuoard'" alol ":rd." ''guichct" ,'liv.Tylil~e : lvor of fleh
soil. The on etlo tit's o ast like the ld
aud "wicket." limllisll toio ls, "il;h i lt' I-best OIt.S taste
nee c J: like trulllls. Il;t tlie taste of wlis-
A <'o"; l;'h'" J" :: r. ,
S, ki'Les nnl li'tndieis ait IWlioliw' wines Is
i-dh yo t ever st0p to thhik, lyv t o ie h.ltjiio .1 iii,,y 13i' h C';ivcrete
love," said Mr. MA icavwl ,r. gazting :t i tti t i.
Ills plate of lobster salad, "that tl "The..' iltv, sie ice is n It liv ofie. hFew
tlhilnLgs. we 10ov,' li.st il thlis lifo airef t .l e l '.
tta t i It o o t' i t I .' I l 'I i i o cl e e t l ( ': 01 1
S things llwith their eyes shiiut whi-ky fromii
Will yu le so kl. Miawl- lrnitly or i f, rom loer. Few nit,
aidh Mrs. MichalTR', strt.ightelilill. -l Who 1L Iluor (eveli kilo the V il tes
'as to teil me whether yoll are speak- tA tlis ,,is h l druk
Ing of the salad or of tilt, sir." tat custom I is hol le dr
with a dinner at which wine is
Reekkleolne'n of a shcinner. When isked what tl se iries were,
Old Stager- I see this is your lirst h ea
be sai l:
alilli te-It is. Irl did yoe guess ith he o sters, sherry
('lilate--t i. I[, olid yoi g',. with the sop, l lRhine wine with the
ld tager r dri g r ish. claret within tlhe ro:ist. chlitpagiune
Old Stager--Yoi arit- di>trihultig real w t Q: a
Ivai:a cigars.--i 'hicag:o Trilnlle. ie 1ith the co .-New York

-xchange of ('omplimlenit.
Maud-My lmaiiml says slie an ,r"-
nieilnt'r when your 11Ill:nli:t kept na
grocer's shop.
Marie- My mimanilin says hli<0 cani re'-
mnielieir hiow lutich .\olr t :l inuii lt owes
her for groceries.

Every one should take c re that hoe
behaves soi well that lis ,en llieso do
Dnt behave better.-Atehlision lobe.

The Amendment.
\Viantannlllo-lIIe-T,, rv:id over this fea-
ture of tlie propose d charter amnenid-
lilt-fit and tell ieo whlat it lirans.i
Duili.lo (aft'r Ieadinig It carefully
i',\v, li tlii:'s--It ii0'lais tlhat in any
('lase4 ef itt'l: h' Ioe oa:rd of ediica-
t:on ll:y < eliiol or remove any tt:ich-
er or I':Iad oif depi.;irntiinlt if it can.--
Los Angeles lilrald.

The foillowiing "hiiiquiot" is picked
from:i variun- lpl:iys, -iccessful and oth
Notfli'ii. can work such havoc as a
fool.--"'owing the Wind."
We li;ay sc.;lI ;i iitintaiinll oily to
trip over a liic le hill.-"QUC'l('s Favor-
I Thios who wait fitor otilir 'lilt 'l
slho's mustt tread roughly suniomtinmls.-

lift.'s like laew'c lt. Cl:in lce gives
Sthe c:irdl. We lily pliy whi.t's deait
Sus.--".'llin I uiiiflordI, M ."
Joy, jloy 'n.'e cailnnoat touli(h joy every
vr,.-"l',Ih .isiid .11M'li SWrinkles. yol know, my deirarre
the' li;i.ry of .1 woliiii's l in ciplher.-
"I? is :\ -<'llo y" li I,' Ie ; 'I'v rnOl'r."
In ia \oi % :ilt l o'.-; \ rd i ook 1 haiite
Syo(." ol'ftt i Ii;,;il: "' lilk' yoi." ThiAit's
worthl retl oiitinl rii "''lih Terma-
.; lis. lik, l; I11 if lo wi eil :i l t11.1. L .1t. :l l llil. nI like' lills iof
exl'li:it ', :are, Illih h ple :;is; itor toi liin 't.
*'11, r Iowvni liitl."
S iii ,st. lioii o's .'s lii.,. Ihthe Lnit. It
rins ii i t 'rt.l' ihi fIlfiiili's fs r t ,, \ s I:il I _, l-
ar:it in .s. :a1idl tli'io i '-I. io-. :1 ,;'in i'3-
tionl. -"'ThI ll I ,"LI '' n ,niii,,v l ."
l i1. is'i'l tI'.< 'l I' OW ,I i 4'1 X \\%. l hl l out
of ill I llit. i illi0il ,. J1l0lt Olli,. \% In '4
c ,'r% I lhin :.m < iw ri-lit :i id Ihil lis tw vi r
g.'t iult ,1 tilli,', "'TheN M;1I-liT-riliT's."
An Im:s)o|a oon l(ain.
l n :.i ;n 1 N \. i :l :!. I :11 pol.ve of
rli1s.'" sli' lh ti! -ri! I" :-,i 11 \\ lit ii
11 t 1.- h:14 114-41 14111 14 l. :1 II,.li1 hi gi .
"Tlihe r l :1 lihl'i lw l. t1lLiW I lhl Ililit.
dh 'r't clly ;iid in ;'-' .1 o ir'hT" :is In
il t'.- hl lis li loi l 'r.ll;. \\1 h lr it w oulhl
lr'il o l lthe p:ir hlor riri' l t' "Iit I : t:iit
toi -( oin rcli'vrd il i_111l a.t\i%" ; .1:' 1i -
ii.s sot .'.y >liw Ii li.it "i 'I s ,,I Ii i i loqI i 1i t -
ios i41l's 1 Io to 1111 't o St sl.
i';1S lll. 'l :it i l, : it 1, t ,11 1 ,|) l I,.'l 11 1 ll '--
t .-!' li- lit tl, l;ir tro:'i-,1 \\ i r'ti tdilihr.-i s. -"Itl uo l ,oi't I, S, Il;tul." hi-
it s tl -1lli l :l h. I l-' ,1 lli- .t -I1' ; lln I
I s I' t ti1 \\;it [, I'T ili s lt, 't11 it ';1.ii *I
l1. l i':ii.hlt Z;' 'tio l otI i: ; l llt' < :'i''slit't l i l I:'it.l qr-
i0 rs it's l iin to ipr'l .\ 't i, ".' ei -11,3" I ,' iit 1o.41!ii- t h .it' l iI t1 1oI i.
ii 3l1-iil:i '" ;o il, I .in il oiiiloll !. Iie ,t tm i
x.. .1 l -.. hli;i _c .
'The Mo l ho oilf-orll i'it tiikl.
Tl 1.1t ,, itI.NII...is t too t)

"lie l.ll t ,oir t t... -- o ih'.:il t l,
"w l' flld ,, i li;;h" tl" 1'.I \ 1. .t li ,i -
Til'l .Ml ,,Iir. I l ihI. IL:h I I; 11 I,,I. ,ll. l :, ;I II, I IS
i lf thiv I :ii- a d. s I m io .i;.t o i_ tI I ;.t i.,I\*r-
t ilil. t lh-hI i.Il ,i" i :es .I 1 ; -l il." *
ii 1, ,:1illy hli1nl li i i tI'vrd. '1 iiol iIC iI
4ri t lii; ,4-1 Hiri i i i! ir !,:oIl- lii. h s sl r-
ituii 4l i it si ri' 1i i_ 1h iili~l il ;1:4 i.,,i ,, !t:lln llit< d
itlh l .t'i i a deos'cli(li t o f theilir id'l'-
crs l' fo I,"rlio'. it,' so id i .,'t ii. g at tlie
til;i", I nlt -,:illh'd oi is l ,1 ,"iiiJ 'r eli xt
L .iy w ith :i !;.lit of liis li.i fIJOw-
ita fl- it It 1,' livuii " ,il hi i :'l '0." li;id Itin ilil S inin for
o)\ 11 \ c:!rs', :0 ,-I :t _- i. 1 \ -.irs i l' i o-re
'hl-iit \\;i.- ; frli.- .N0.w Yfwk l'U'i -s.
iWn 'nt loolli n t S il'Sit ittte licl t'ltoft llhe l.lill'o;n l Com-
p:i1;:, v-- youS"il w\ iiit ;a jhli liirciilan,
.\A l ;iit -Ye-". ,-ir.
S H rihlit, lilh.i.t- I'hll 1 it ) itk yr ou
a l',w ,i >li, 1i > '.ir is it to tl1o
Iif ;!i -.," <
I'r to plit 1:1'
o fil'thi.
i:i'rr *v. I s i ,[ i..... ;, It i ca'. li
nr<-ct1 !'t":"
".\ ,. I "'. IP <;, ,. 1 ,i't Lit So
f:ir I'< H i.i it i I iit ..I -i \ t-,.- ,' "i<'-
c >'lllt I."- l, -',oIi TI I ',-, : .

To prt, or.' l h' i ir oI: r I :1 r. -
ntml t l !t l r : I I(Iot
all -wi:il w ih n i \V. ..' 1 t, l .n ,r b'
Useful when not well.-Joliiison.

iwn frmn7 to 1 Reim&

*Phone p48

venme& amd RaIllve".,

Given Prompt Attention.
Ilingham & Thompson.

H. Gove,
Vil'll:ItC AnDI (CoxTRAmTOv.
I il and Volusina avenues.
kaytona, Florida.

. Canichael
tive your jol.uhling done.
m1 13 Ilp Mrent. All work
Iireof ('ity Hotel. 8-30

h:ELYE. M.. A.,M. D.
S ind( Surflcon.
residence 127 Ridgewoodl
ilte iidgewood Holte.
hpiohone No. $-. o-.

I cctrical Co

I\\ iin fi o I'htliri, Lights a Sp-ialty

I .;" I'nll slibily of all kinds of ekletrical
;ilp'liain..s mial supplies always on hand.

Spiiiil t illtlition too marine work.

s. ''iniltl I'hiiling, D)aytona, Fin.

Halifax Music Houset,

I ),I N.t 4 11.1, FIhI bridll

Anti-Mlionopoly Prices:

I '141110S. .... $160

Icon II;*i4l H 'l ri ilts ()

SSiluares. 25
Pianos to R.nt.

Call and See

Wire Grass Goods,

Losley S
Titus f 'f

POOL s.s 0s



fl1t Lunela ervsd q4 &H b*

Rugs and Art Squares

it.' ~ I to' 00 ~ co ik etott.4 tist

J. H. Niver & Son









'I I

~4 I




*I 4
; I









I he lit .%%- Illic of

"SasaaplUne." -
MW aS! kGH r An Rm-- A~mI3W
-New .Yor Boston- and thle

Short Rail Ride to, Savannnah
TMNlOUL via Palatial Expres 8Steamhips.
Sailings from Savaninah
To New burL in ikingi -it a ep1n Is n %% \IIINow o Ik I." aI IIII n10I M or i8.11141
Lines. All -11 ~..t n i1.ai~l~i a ,.nt,1101Y aailjmt.l ie. lmaI4-4111.4. Write fill-

WALTER. HI.A A WKNSh ie' -tlrud. :it n t.l 2-11iii' ITI:El-, Ii,.1lia.11 ,111 Iv. 'J. I
New l'i.-s 7, \ I x I.e 3-.:1-.02!



r.: i:a*t


In Effect Aug. 28,1902.
meaTNMOUs-aitAD UP.

me ~.- ~-~--.- -

Dity Daily

1S15 a


I ~



L................ JaksonTville ................ A
Lv ............South Jaokbonville........... Iv'
................St. A utine.............
S ................. HaDtino ....... ..........
............... East Palatka...............
*................... Neoga. ................
................. B~Itnrlls. ..................
.................. Dupont.................
............... D.ytnna .................
................ Port Onrab r"................ *.
............... Now mnyrs............... "
S ................... O ukcl I..................
................. Tituville.................
S ................... Cod?< ................... .
.................Rookled~ a .................
................ au Gallite................
................. elborne ..............
.................. St. Lele .................
.................Ft. Pierce................ "
.............. Whitt City................ .
"............::::......lb lls...................
.................. en....................
................. .Jenen- ....... .......
................... Stuart...................
................HobeS Bound............... "
............... West Jupiter................
.............West Palm Beach.............
.............. ... Boynton.................
.............. Lauderdale..............
................Lemon City...............
Ar.................. MliMI................ Tv. I.

No 78 Mg .'t N '1
Dally ibaly I Bu"

' p 0 ........

S i It ........
I a ........
3 1. .. .......

14 I 1.... ........
S p Sa .............

1l a ............
S ... .......
0 .............
0 a ...... ........
'l 0 a ....... ......

S41 a ....... .......
5 05 a ....... .......

8 Is a ........ .......
11 8 35 ..............

41 a ..............


5We.491 Me.471 PALATKAI Me.41 Me.448so.0so*. 4so.$
u. n. i Daly. Dftly. Daliy. BRANOH. Dailly. Daily. Daily. I ly.
F p 1 a I 0 a Lv Palf:ka Ar |) a 6 771a pi 6
Slap a ArX. Pala*& LvO 6ooa0 e 0 1 p I
D a v a T.........................ast Palatk ....................... Arl 6 5 I i1 p
&us Ar ........................... S n I ate ................ .....* Lv I 8 t0 p
IM-.1T" I MAT.POT BwANCR. mall. o I
l O Daly. I iRx Sun I"'"CI. Only. Daily.
Wj I a so a Lvs.............Jacnksonile ............A 7 45 : 1 p I p
II pl 12 .........o. Jlle .... 7....L 87I US p itp
| <]nlg~ p g9 14 a ........... PanlloJeweh .......... 76 :110 1 1i 0p
|a 1 44x O .a .......... AtlanticBeach.......... 70 ,a ll4t t 4i p
*i e Tl COp ,-;a ArC.............. Mayport ..............LY, 6 45 a 11 8 a t p
s r l ,612 1 No.1 I
3. 1 '. S S 'un. Ise .

T.i.v.....Titusville.......... Ar 1151 3,15 ILv..........New Smyrna.........An, Uu
S r............. %ans.............L\ 10lp-' 4 ,T Lv..........LakeRelen..........L, 1pS
S .......... .O SMaM O ..........Ente-prisj-.......... Lv I1 o t4 45pAr......Orange Ctty Junet......Lv' F u ip
r..... ... a nford ........ L 1' M % 1 I i
th~ imTle Tables show t' ti.me' .t which trains may be expect to arrive and depart
gtweMaI l Sta:Ione. but taeir arrival or departure at the times stated is not gnu irateed,
Oihelmpiay hold Itself responsible for any delay or aniy coe.Mquenee arnliag were



St. Louis
Chicago, eto.

Kansas City


The Southern's Palm Limited
The Washington, Richmond and
Florida Limited
The New York and Florida Cxpress

The Chicago and Florida Special
The Florida Limited

Phllan Sleeping Car Line Jacksonville to Cincinnati, via
Asheville, through "The Land of the Sky."
Through trains via The Southern Railway are operated In
e-meetion with the Plant System and Ilorida lf;ast Coast Railway
Pullman Sleeping Canrand Hotel Dining Cars on all through

Alr Ilk ets via Seethers Railway. Corrspondesee olllcited.

I. F. CAREY, Fl. Pam. Agt. 103 V. Bay St., J)dacs=oST Fls.
Gamet Parl m Agent A't Genia Pas. Agmt,
m, D. C. AlMost Ga.


-A ,s piodata 0Ssm

arm, -lokp aW n-t-m i
"The railroad the ap
pearance of the place Jp uch" he MM,.
"-Tim 1a the -wood 11Mn h ---- I--St,.tk-^S-BB --E

The trees in that feld were splinga, L
but they are now fu g powa. Thub e or h Ums T t
an iron bridge down there where that 1 p id- /ie-
woodn one was Ihelped to d"l. -_--s SoIM--' ...a-
In otier rapes the face of thaeqai- Mllko at M
try la the saume as It was thirty. yMamn Is s meg M laOU i ald
ago.P "Retr a i o doWhEDW e fw
Mo uianag. he left the station, strueek" 21"pah M, a* r "Lthis
into the path and entered the wood. aw t. I -Smaew r a aiei
Orville Gllbert when a boy had m to. hew-atiidM b i -n
away:,from home. ie was a bad boy, -pm m b l i n he& msb tshi
and hlei parents could do nothing with old time streets, o market ay Mad
him: lie was always ighltl g wU t wth a, h fair time, the is"oianre pM hed
his companions, and when a lawless in the VUs gemarkt apeem&
gang of boys was caught In Mome act F itttle b draw f metM
of destruction Orville was sure to be Ash, noe vegetables sad aM the eSal
found amIIong them. One evening after pred uce of oee. They ae spread
his father had whipped him for being out upon th sde wasl CIses
absent from home for several days cackle; goats bleat; 1- tied by the
without giving iany account' t of himself lo ,strain toward the v-etabl,,e .
he disappeared entirely. It was well tIn at the fr grom.
that he did, for he was wanted by the Farmers Ia -nbt carrying ea:
civil authorities for iln.i, implicated blue umlbrellas under the arm th
in firing the bridge he had noticed re- the two ribbons their felt hats at-
prlacl .l n down their backs, pick ther way
Orville worked his way westward among the Dinan china diplayed Me
until lie reached the Mis.souririver, the ground-capaclous os tan-L
were lie joined at wagon train start cider Jugs and plates covee with
Ing ouit to Ilnl at st.(-k of goods to painted flower and grotes e me.
Isa n iranim-... lie delighted in rid- The peasants covers with but Sew
illg ll advance of the train scouting gestures they brhal.s te guttral
for Indlianis, anid liy his coolness and ton.es.
bravery several times he saved It from The l t m people forget the
eanpture and the travelers from being selves In the barrooms ea fair t ay.
inntrderhl. On reaching the Pacific l ne taens fal of o. mee.Tea
,onst le was taken into the store may bear the sound oan ancerdim
whlire the goods were sold, helped to and the plaintive note of tOhe baltm (a
nell thein soon l eaine Ii partner and sort of b e leading mmtemom
.it last grrew very richi. dances.
.\t lrst lie did not write ione, partly Into the harbor come beats ies
4-.-:l4use lie did not think it safe to give with fish; other boats go ot. The
Isis w.iere.iljonts aind liprtly bIecause. fishermen are fll b Mes. Nea
like all K 0I- who anr1 troublesome, week will occur th depart ure fr the
cont. "i.lhr1 l.nim.lif badly abused. After new country. The ar we wo
that lie liI-aine so ininmuerwd in busl- weep.
.ess tlhat he took no interest in any-i Above all this agitation the smeke of
thing lIse. One day I.e took up a poem the village chimneys mingles with the
lby ;aine \\s hln litoinl Itiley .called "The great wlite eloods. The quiet a mi r-
.fti rwliles:" rot the su.-Artist Castalgo eIn CeO-
Afterwhile- we have In view tury.
A fur ;;>- 'Vlr<. tl. lh li onit- is. and where

Til- ould mo h..r w.alts un there. LITERARY TREASURES.
]'.I iing. ni lie tltiine grows late,
ownlie if uhl path. th til- lgate. Oeml Whed ave Jem a S
11ow'. w-v 11 iek lihe late'l that locks wdil .. ea..
Whleh may its we to Vilea.
Ia1 thi Iclilhs.- aidlII hollyhocks. h
Anil i-;j, up tilt p.I:thi onle more The world, we have bee asrd
NVIrt.!- ,iie waits us at the door! time and agai knows notita t ts
S luw -t 11 greet thle dear old smile
S And the warmi tears--afterwhile! greatest e. Perhaps It i equally Ig-
Gill.-rt discovered a tear in his eye i norant about its greatest tbeaAs An
afterr radilihng tlt. liei., and lhe next we quite sure that the Mil st Ir Mt.-
l li rain going erary pantheon are arrayed h their
Ih,,nI,'na.e due order of precedenee? The rules Vt
Ho-aching the s...e from which he precedence change. and who hba as-
,l.l l,..l l ag'r .ars age, e h sert that thbse prevalent at any given
a lhaidl a Iolnlling I;.,,.! ,,> tine gate time are the flal oen"? But, above
Si::th. .ma .n t I,, tt o lit ll house. A t all, are we quite certain that there may
young girl orf liSet c. sae to tie nloor. not be a notable work of gesnus lying
*".\t Mre an.ml Mrs illwrt at homee' unnoticed and unknown amid the
lne asked. iln :a f.iiii toice. wrecks of the river of time, waiting
Tl..tfl l l.,i '.. hio used to live only for some lucky accident that shall
lr,- reveal it In all Its beauty to an aston-
|,.Iv shed world?
Nol;thIeyv Lad to give up the house Such accidents with suchiresults have
duri iOxe l.h:.,l liltes.."been frequent In the history of the
d 'inig "ir. Ilv ,ii "s. ast. Indeed sueb accidents have pre-
.She lit..l.'.e.nl Ssink i no Isignficant proportion of Its now
I .. ,. TI.. had a so who ckowleded asterplees.
ran ';v. T aas were looking ookThe books of the Bible themNelve
f.o, Itii. *,itl. l,:,t'k in.d give them a have experienced the narrowest e
lift. '1 L. ta.ihll.o.rs all laughed at them capes from what mllt have reeled
f'or tliiiikiini soo. though niny mother In their total loss. The most notable
ius.,l t e11 ll- te IaeK wasn't so ad, example I that o tDeteromom. which
(.bllI ft,;l 0if '. iltrv." disappeared from the Jewishb world for
"eYou, i',I lithr %a;as Margaret Pixley?" over a century. The story of its m
"Y.~ llbw i(d .,lu kl.,,w that" discovery by the high priest Heseklab
*I k;w w Li v.:1n shee was half your during the reign of good KlgM Joslab
age. \\W li\ s l..,l ,.now' ", Is set forth l tMhe Old Testament.
iI.i ,. "Shakespeare was practically forgot-
S"s" nm ie.olhr a widow?" ten in the days whes Addison wrote
-I .. r a widhi "Account of the Greatest English

"'May I go) in aindl rest?" Poets." with never a mentima of the
T'lht strn;mi.:,.r w;a.s m.:tde comfortable, name of the very greatest, yet It was
th tluh 1 hl,.s thle girl looked up at him shortly afterward that Shakespeare
suicldenly slit, saw tears In his eyes. was rercaltated
rl'iesentily a womaInIa slightly less thau Fitzgeral' Omar Khayyam" and
'f'cri v 'ln iit. Blackmore's "Lorna Doome" dropped
.. ..' t P'ixley." said the stranger, stillborn from the press and later woa
rishin. "1 :im irv'ille G;ilbert. I have a sudden popularity by accident-Wil-
I..ein to lMal.ne in leaving my parents liam S. Walsh In Era Magastie.

:a1nd laiylng 5no hetd to them. Can you
'tell nne where they are now'." PatemeeO With eemstuslty.
"Y .s. Mlggle. go out to the well Many of the leading people nto g-
a;,d dhl:,a% sa.line water." libh society regarded Thomas Carlyle
.i.i.- n' t out, ,.d the woman re- with a feeling almost akin to reverent
.li.l t h,1... i so.h: delight whe b he chose to bebave like
"I Ine for tihe Friendless." an Ignorant boor In their drawing
Th:-. ,t:ni .t r,' te .d Fendaulht the roos,. even taking bl seat, it ls said.
; unbidden In the presioce of the queen.
' ill :t atchi..l hirin. themn," This generation, however, has little pa-
S...,tience with such eccentricities.
S'I will I,e t.ere to..morro-v at this time. It was an English blbop wo, when
nt tl m ia n come." the historian Freeman had worn out
I 14;'.'t t ,!1 h ai that I have e."pt th his rudNee. intro.
Tlie n..xt day when Orvillle Gilbert duced him to a waiting a dlemeas
".t-.l tile hitch"a of the gate a ow "the distinguished scholar that o ad-
li:ann \ilh .snq,"i white hair tottered nirably describes and llustrates he
down tile th al thmd threw her ar ar
Saltout his nIeIck. Then he went into the i"*agwy of O neeoi "
howue, wlhnre he found his father, too ee Nan.
tfe.'l!e to rise, lout t)Orille took him up ,,A -. a.. .--, ._ .m .

III his :rnii1s.
t its nt m itntI a nth:t I cni do to atone
for my in;eglect. but what I can do will
SI.' of tia ore c.soItfort to nie than to you.
W\V, \\ill liLe Ihere or go to a finer

"A. tiner, not a better," said the old
not hIer.
N "o: this is hoine. Whatever we can
do tao implroue it we will do, but we will
.st:y her'e.''.
S"M:,r-airet kept us here as long as she
was ai.le." said the old woman. "She
K.i'e nsw aour liriUg for years."
'"'v ;s did you do that'?" asked Or-
ille. turning to) Margaret.
TlI' woman lblushed.
"if you must know, I had a child's
fati,.y for the bad boy whom every-
toody abused."

UoUiU WUateI wi e lM is tme tnog
to use when' an accidental brsn ftm
acids or alkals is ean onouatera. Ntrle
acid gets spilt at times, or eves itrils
may. A limb burned with aelds mit
be plunged In cold water and kept
'there, so that the water may dilate
the traces of the acid in the skim as
much as possible. When acid beraig
causes Injury, the water sbol be re -.
dered alkalles by adding soda to cas.
teract the aied.

A fern in a Jardlale and two Hltt
sprouts In tin cans If pat o a wheaiw
are suffclenrt to give the woman who
owns them the right o me the ww
"fermery."-Atchblmon Globe.

And so Gilbert got a wife to help him I Some me are ike taaespes--e
shower comforts on his father sad draw them out, ae through tihem a
mother. F. A. MITCHu. thea shut them lp.
-- *

Vhe babes


Fm hem


Do you nme Whiskey for medirina! or other purpose,?' If
for price and deswriptivm, nintle r.

The Riverside Dis4ttflng Company,
ManufactunrrN of High Grade Old () ilaslione I
North Carolina Hand Made 9
Also Pea'hi nn.l .Apple Brandli-%.
Try our "Good Enough" i rlwn Tr." our
Whiskey at 1.10 per gallon. it *$.#-,11
We are Itnoated In The hbart of the mountain I.se14n). ,wri1. i.r Iiwin rst
are made, and ca supply you with n ra "e ef(o ls. I t i a!I. v f which -
We have suberlor faltiatles for supplvly ng our eu.-iAiwl.lr- w; i.laI b r:..I.. I S
n twice, and w positlvelyvguarniilt''*v, r |rt41.d I.iPki. iiat L,,-. out of
We promisepromlpt shlpm lemnt, at .i -xpr s.-s r:a i linst h I1!i: !,r.,, ) -ou. -1lT i
We guarantee absolute satlifacitloIn Id ver.v part ihilEar. .Aug.lM lyr

Riverside Distilling Company
We refer ou by permnslon t o First Natlhi nsl Bunk, si.l.uvill.., N. C.,
Stateellle,. C.. or Bradstreets *Iir.etory.

Special Low Ra

California, Colorado, Utah, Oregon,
Washington, Montana '.' Nort


Western & Atlantic Railroad.



During September and October, 1902I ,

For de. N-riptive matter. rate". s1.etIile.-
SJ. Walker, F. P. A,
212 Wst llvy NSt., or A. V. & WV. lTy. Ticket I Oli.. "_'Ill lKyi SI., Jaiwki
C. E. HARAN.AI'en. las. gen \ II. I'. SNMIT'l. Trali
Atlhlln. i;1. N -hvill. TeGa.


Tri-Weekly Sailings -
Calling at ('haIrlestonl. S. 4'.. 1Iittlh w;avs.
The Clyde New England and Southern Lia
ilirna -t Servi,, Ie 'tw .in
('.ilinga t 'hn.rlen isti,,n lhit h \l i.\s.
Seetbif sad ..................................... From Lewis' Wharf.
erbbm ... ........ ...........ro fr. Catherise trui, ,J-a-..

Between Jacksonville and Sanford
BLUE SPRINO S anml Intermdatn l nt Inling, on ift. .oHAS RIVER
STEAMER "City of Jacksonville"
Leaves Jacksou villh.1.9:i p. in. I unIadays. TaIe,~l.- ainl Thersdays.
leaves Hanford 0::a) nt. 1n. Moiniilai- Ven "ln d -n l Fufays.
Houtbbound. SCHISIULK rCoII
Read down Beead
1*ave3s pm .............. .. ...JAI'KWiN VLLo ............... Arrive
S :4Spm ... ......... .. PALATKA..... ....................L
... : OR .. .. ..............
4:" am ..................... T. V N(' ......... ..........
... .. ..... ]I Eh: R R I> (I Kl. N I i ..
8.s.am ... ... .. HLI PR IN .... ... ... ..
Arr-ves a m .. i -4 IOlD

Gener I Passeuger and Tic

214 W. Bay st. Jacksomvll

A.C.HA6ETY, Eat'n Pwi. Art F.M.IKONMN 19 State Ht., New York. 2i-I West Bay St.. Jackaonvl
THOS. D. HALEY, Loenl Frt. Agt. C. P. IA)VELI,. .At. SupLt,
Foot Hogan St.. Jas.kmnville. Fo-t HogaiLn t., JackonrBflt.
JNO. L. 11HOWARD, B'-rintendent, '
Foot Hogan St., Jaeksonvilke.
THEO. 0. EOER. Wrt. P. CLYBE & CO.,
GeMeral Mna 1 Ueral Agets,
Chwebrogh Bandia, 19 8tatof8t., Opposite Batteryj Park, New York.

- __ m_ n pag -








4***~ 4*.


I .I



.p &*W.FW --
Asa mtw

a. opt, I;d

a v

4111wilow.6lowl.- ------------------ ---------- --





- -y

61 M13 1

Title: The Daytona gazette=news
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Title: The Daytona gazette=news
Uniform Title: Daytona Gazette-news
Alternate Title: Ormond gazette=news
Daytona gazette news
Ormond gazette news
Physical Description: Newspaper
Language: English
Publisher: Edward Fitzgerald
Place of Publication: Daytona ; Ormond, Fla.
Daytona Fla
Publication Date: December 13, 1902
Frequency: weekly
Subject: Newspapers -- Daytona (Fla.)   ( lcsh )
Newspapers -- Ormond (Fla.)   ( lcsh )
Newspapers -- Volusia County (Fla.)   ( lcsh )
Genre: newspaper   ( marcgt )
Spatial Coverage: United States -- Florida -- Volusia -- Daytona
United States -- Florida -- Volusia -- Ormond
Coordinates: 29.207222 x -81.037778 ( Place of Publication )
Additional Physical Form: Also available on microfilm from the University of Florida.
Dates or Sequential Designation: Vol. 11, no. 34 (Feb. 2, 1901)-
Dates or Sequential Designation: Ceased in 1922?
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Other version: Daytona daily news
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Full Text

r *ya i ..^ ^ ..

* .a


Dartone. Flos*Ida, Dec. IS, 1902

E~dw. F1*xdertmld.. P

__ -IIIIa"-w -" m


We have just received shipments of
Crockery and Glassware and can now
supply demands in these lines.


W. H. EDMONDSON, hlanagr.

pomth 2mb Phne i

~ C. Barnes

at th& Novelty Store:
for anythaing~ in the. fallcow'ismr Iii" viet:~z

I~sah;I i~aaici~aArtihiCs SIulipiI.-c
Fruit Nut".
(1~ IILI' V.atchleN 5
Toibk z' Artioaguc6-s Pi 0tKie

0 rStw n Ii qWi 1n
urnS, d"in] miuud. ,..ti Eli40,111M
S1116101" tcI. to(Ii i..i
wilm ow sut~i-11 asli
Toy s otion
wW .W jp.'gj(litm-, ji 14-s j I" fn-.I0
aid m rpare llm~tv of6111 .111 1fchner 1t-ai"Ipruiid%

1-1TI lE CIlidS]*"A.IS TUAIA:.

IA No. I Has Again Arrived.
MYe Storr of This Jolly Fellow.

I'h1Lo-Iini9(. jitlt Jcir the. love.of trakvocI. 11011! 1I a 4t1 1.is j~iilif- i lla;I grOusal
and niclver c-maiteiatedJ fei:*ll- Iiimv i ii iIint I le, zl- 11i,61c111-'41 Ian ill-
tint. ill (11W pl:a-ce,.%. Nei Ii. iaai. 1, Ilwi11411'.4l feii* ;i.1 tin Iilille* 111) 1a hallI
glille girll hr ammit, I f~itI I IfI IiIs ;t I a% 4 r.. I1I: is I.li, Ititof41114 v 10tiia j4rilsle Ii l'laS
riached DiytL~4,ma. 'IVII, ai-. 1011t ail-a ja. 111-II i. 4.Lat11
It llu-ks.lititat afe-w d* as it, nl IILeit .rre'aa ii. ~~ u~k' iuii~and 116,114-:164Iv al
jiIl~t thiff.4 years atgo) that Ili, '.-his If, ad.II-1 411.11 rv I15aIII. as iti l-lalti'l
lamt. Nearly every 4 e dcaiilie ir :1aw cl o-n fil t ..l- l, iwi.'1 ,I- nfai~r a 'I tilc.tLe i f i to( no
giw~r ill the avanintry has lia';a ~h A Non. 1. 111ill'
anid Inau voftiv i tii taihave 1111-t laint aahil- Foila i., hisi49 iii.tkavclite nom~itry. a dI teli
lIe hat m 4#1 !hlis t ravels.. sais h lt..a ;I4.S cilije i4s c ii luig beack
fie verrei. i,,mn ith.., grip 1not- leli.1tis .. :I tie SIM111', 11111e l 11 11 ,1.% tilll3 Ili, Ililli
in yet4 withal Iii a4.'ti n ttittly 1attired.I' c11ia1 11-19I'S ilI It, S. )lit It, %% lltIV Ill, is %% 4
pltys lit) ruilruilaI nork Stealllilel ut1 fart.4. Ill 4..i itd a 11 .11421'. I la Y ijeise.14S
nor dc...49 Ii.to- t um el il l ltixi 49ars it, (oll A 'NI). I has lict,.i*I''. e hel kis 14-
Himk ,11 isl of c~ sal4a4~io l i. lalkiI. ii l.Sa ll F ;ll~2. l IdsII ll. j1 l miI441l4 14
i m 114 i i ts i ji 4 .i l ii f' -Ta 4 9 l 4 .l i t. 1 1 a. i l 1 1 1 I ,Lk i11- j .l l l i t 4 4.- ; i tli i l 1 1 15 e 4. 4
phlIea l .,1 5 aasSitlr.,alill I" 4i~Ina loIl- haik i, Iiiiu aalaa t all i 4,'.ite' 1 114. I1 1614.4
wh.~aer4ev iler t-gnwes. 1I. leli I t.el ik tiYilill Stil~ '-. ;1I Itil-- IW 1' LI~lfle'el lea e ktjliI14'lai-
;1 i Olg t. c1-le '44'. tell~ll. Ii li,- d I2 if- .41. k, 41111 It.'. \ t It aI -I .I' l .t -1
trampm~, awilal It, a s 14, 1ie l 'a.I. it '1Ill, 11, V. NI 16 it I;, I 1: --I ;;I/,.'t toillk 1 i 0 41 %%

Iiililo, 114 id Ili w., lll lb lI, iI 4. 'l'.t22tjI.II I ;tI\(1-1 $fit ) I wk I I IS .11I frailal-lla'v
O llla t V li,. I w 4I.4 I I ('. I .~ i it liel'11'. sh .I .I :[I -l] iiiel s fita. *! ll e IkI fIi ti
ml,~ ie' li.lee,-11ll -41 hllsa tltI II, &4 1 .% jeneIp le'Il 1 it'4 i. h i~ ..111 lii li e a '11 11 Il IIl
I-riii:11,tici4 sc'tei M id 1141111 e i' .g i ll.4, f 1111 ;. .t11. 1'. ,wllel Ilirie' Lk 2.'i .'ll :k m 'li''m m a

E voel .l. si nce 'a A N .Iae \\e i. I Iic. ,* ''I.ilS a114it 1p14 .t a.i I it Ii 44ei'ella ..11112141'. 11111 ljIi

I-I I 'I 1.1 It-- litiL' 4" III ,tlii .11; 1-. i. I II
WI irilicti .p. a e io

1,111hII 4' l l~ts ipl, ii It o ,2. 111 i
1e44 .t, cl 1 t114.-11- I. .I i. 11.

st .41.14-lt.4 1 il I 4 11 1, 1 1 1 1I

..1.41 -4 1 ilt II.-. ii 4,
ai Iaas*Ia it .It I, t '.

J0'0201D020 130 ~iMi

A Car Lot


`*'I'Iac 4il i i 4

SuisAftist and Beautiful,

Iron iBeds, N-eat anid 1N'olIy. :Ul4 ~ 4,10- '-''4.1:,

I. Loourigs, Dreamis of LuxcurY, ~a.tI laI aaIi,.: i .

Qiairs fi N ew D Lesigns, IPict~ures ls ,1.114 ItI I II. ix.T'Iv I11I

Itestfwhiess. ~and (Comfort. ItItXi 442' .124 if..i14I,. .
1:il, i I'..12 11lla\il

L .&.A.AL A.. .fAaii .iAlA.l.. AL. ., A. AAL42A4.ALA ALAAIAL I I IW

tll .~.\
~ l~e t1m122111tn 5'l.tiu 1.
Co m ad'--.; t(1l1ile 11sit.4ti of 1:11h In I 41ti.1 N
IsS~e4.......sssgessssssesesss~eseeeeeesse,.'114Ij2h'til 21.411 4

LI lettuce and ratidislias. f resh bewets, aw124.1,2 .4; '
Y~oUlig aai .'. i I luhr saal4a ,aI.a. i -ll I'It I

of the chioic~est, thelit first andtintiest sinit.t the 4001ItIi : 'j.I
gEait freeze killed oiff the mango in '5 *'Iati1,1''

Cho ce141nir ii II1I11' I Ioq ats

CO RAce DPct&is cooquaT.E :ti'l4i 141'

Liloee rah~t"' ciinqtats loilat"',* II a, itl talol,'.4 I i ,I

Dr~~,y lPine andt Oak Wood defiver.-
(if 11"r W4HMOwl was ct'Ut last Yea 1'. hi4.2 I,'.1 .I
J.L.OD A le21Pho~' J. V.Vcltj,1l4w.l'AIL i 11l-

1h1414 4.,1114'I 4141 1'lI 411114-d"Old I'M1111411a

ItI ,I ia I. I I... I 4: It

I I.i

It -,tI I I :

IiI v, iI

.4 ,I~


.1,.' '~i"
'.4. .'- ..''III1 2.lii4iII4. 4.44 I
144. '.4414441
4 I '4,14, 414 114 4'.
I, .. i. :,
II. 'i 1 .. I
:1 ~,..I


1144'. iI''i ,'i I'

'III 4'. 4.4.4 '.I 4.t4,I 4 .1'

I 41 I

II I 4


.4 .~j 4.44,
'.4 ,,, 4,4
4 ..

'4 r II I,
'-I. -

.41,2 lii 1.
il '.1' .11


I .'' I I '

Slaughter Sale!

I .i
4., II

J" 4 i sI t 11- 4':tIICIIi'It I -,114'It k ie-t )II v 11414t

filly (oil the -jIl4Igmchit'it and knowledge of a
cimipel4t(Int 1and11 tslpoisiiblt merchant, and if
the !2.Thm~ are imtt just what they arto repre-
M'c1it4(. rettil Pitthiti inIand -'4t ymnPI 1moneyht back.
Thie Sittsact ,ruoriltet-cof ~prict''..and quallaity is
ivm, an.dP44tiie lea -4 iissa'4ti '.i*i I,iyou can
1&*411 Vt iiF nl, 1111CN, la'k. Tlha~t udwat wt- offer.

)Il 1111c f4d ir all '111d '.mihteI, ()*( I~i$ is now
V~I Will p4' e wittke ,,.rcat jilea.iire Ini show-
III-~ V youl il Pstoick M eli .Iloy)s'and lChild-

I !.

Your Eyesight

Is your Life.

Eyes7.igh-I-'t Tes ted Free? '. n tii iis'I il"At r'a41 ltiedand mue.
~ ese~.. Aree. I a'. It '-Ie'iili:'1.6. 5Iaccialistfn

IY 11)-.Iw p -o

a la ,i t ii .I ttt iitu ~of his ce.rystal

i\ 1 1 !.1 i ,- itil l \ III l l i tll l' .I

Dr. G. Mortin Marcus,

Eyesight Specialist and
Oculist's Optician.
8 S. Beach St. Next to Moore Bros.

.. 9 9************* ***** **** *** 6*** ****** *

* Smiths' tore Talk.
6 -


4 11ti

., : l4 h I I 11 I 1.1 lI

We are always glad to show goods.

Smith & Son.
** ,*, ....-.1- 0*l.4!1- j.l-ti -9 a
i t c Wt r alway glad~~ ito show goote

9 ,'' OOOO u




(4 ~I






4 1




m L


Phone it pi


These are Some of the Dainties We

Roast Turkey
Cranberry Pie

Saratoga Chips
Mince Pie

Fruit Cake
Apple Pie

Nut Cake
Lemon Pie

Pound Cake

Guava Jelly

Plum Pudding
Lemons and Oranges

Cranberry Sauce
Apples and Bananas

Pickles sa
Candies a

We have everything

in the line of Pastry

that is good. -i ,s

Our Telephone Call

is 93. Ring Us!

I'Lc yoC ~&ur o rders itfewv
(dka's ildvilil~'~1'ict.tifc Issihit'
f0C T1Furk-C%.

C'AI ..hristni i iIS 111io,11i10.

J. E. Rush is the Grocer that sells Gramling Bread.

r I. 'la~x I or, Italitt iist, VI -k ItIi -k.L Ettiest 4 'ur t is' D; ~ '1 14 ftim'i fiens will lot, WEATH-iER PROPH-IETS.
w 11. ~ 1'.. s%% .-s l f ft1. -zl* illg iii-i ii eeei tll it i. ttis t ~sa it.' I V low out a candle, and It the wick
~.. ti n~hiceAt Iiti~e. is dI~e*~ 1.1%co tinutes long to smolder look for bad

jWarI"i"'Ii" :I IFi1. ri-oliie'114111. 1''u weather. IfIt goes out quickly, the
L T It tII- l611, :11 Smtik. i t II 4! 4 V %%I.~~ii tie, I I if I t;la (.II .I. .erI 4 t it'* w eathaer will be fair.
IWAtsH*It i tilu1% -h1 1111- .1. 1.14,ii i altoIt, FlagI~~. icwlg. .1 iut, 411 111A ~e ~eei~eThe twelve flays after Christmas In-
C11i-eraa l 11.t i~~.0%% i ,M l.A.ooI I il -1 II\i A A4,4. &1syiLadif.'. 411,11iellIt a w Lai.-s~i's dtcate tile weather for the following
NPL.,11. 1l~tl~lIIL, 1IA. t, i~l, ; ['ll IishligS14ri. .1141year. Each day Iin order shows the
oft 11401110,' Ieilad' ;ci'-. i t 'l' t 111- ii ii .t.i.iii. too and ll iilir.i. Owle Ilh~l, '.;t Iiifici *Iis1.laY o f W1 Ci 1hen It begins to *now, notice the
a. I.4s~is.et 31,i'I oilo ).,I iIIll- l Mi Ablli'1i. Eeig.i=. *it i t t e b k. tolhnch womil-ltIL.* 'o- *size of the flakes. If they are v'ery
ill.~ itt. t.,,,l.li. EI 4ii'jli.tcceprs ji.-tts. .fine, the storm wiill lbe a long onie; I
fother ,tmiki i -' .t4121t i hot'craiki'i =. .*Mki,'s m'iel l*:lW~hi... \\ if., ili Il. I lrge.the storm will wsoon be over.
~ ,,-1ihi:1, I. 10.11. r '.1 Ill.- h-. ~ X%,hIf the chickens come out while It
quie i.I 'u -,~ 1 cl'11'' ~ti';if th- ~~ t' Iiiwv.v of kt tijtln' .~ rains, It In a sign that the storwIn s to
tiilt it ti't i.2 L it 11iti bI e i a'' locgoe. If they stand arounatd
has~~~~~ liuilroi ii'tili-. itii-. \''t ifi l t t-. .t .ui ii P ~h~lii-r the setile stortu will be short.
I .-i~\It. Whit..I.--lot'. ..ctt ti-Iisk- il i' 1,hten the little lie tlowici asSoon 11as
W'iis'4,cctli'2 iii il i> *~ i.,**e tcettiti.''of fillv "iiI \li''''o-111". tt cI-i HMithey ate tturcted out to Inisture in tilt-
heatlth i,:l lia- i- i'. H, ~ If..% 1,1ih' i 2 ii Ihi- erteicw. it is tbecause they feel a riceic-
frontm alltue ilegi; ilil11Ii ,.i i1 uii. i* i atl' weerinc-s Iliccthecir bones, anid you
Itl. Ilk, :ioil. ;1t0.l-It111t- of 4ItiiiIli ; if.\\ canll o~ok for ratin sootw .

S11.14111 ipriS 11 t Iwiit 1. plt I' at Whj~jqO~en ntI ligtt's tutichof its tilino tew)

IiI-111i1211:141 i\\.o :It I..., -.I it .1 cii j i k All, whentoat rec, coin thati~woth~i at dew has not

G. F. Seeit I ith '1111ilt .. i I I i i -.1Slilot il 1.iUIkI\ morrow. The suit is said to be draw-
cItrkit t. tooith %,ii I. I\ 'it1141'11,t1,. 11. 1i '. 1i.-'rcili 1, ti li~i iI i ti i s ti it aceil lug iwate'r whena Its rays call be asenl
(eratels fee iii lii. ..~,, i -it,- si tie.aci l.tivteiI ;c' tif c- I.tshifting through rifts lee distant clouds.

he~s ccc~ c'';e e.' ititt 7,, .,.' S~ltLII'' tt itt- l~k.' :c .-;t'': 1 hjl S11'. -c.. oo A1 1rt'itth Invesitigtator has comeO to
ItnIAioi.. 11.t. i.I II, ll 1p. It ;c ii % '.-a lctli t\o .i- ''tI' \ I 1--( .- tiltli111-I,1 .1 \ 1' 1 tice conclusitlon that the lorainm ofu t ul11-

the Hrnjv or naval proifession IL99 are
It. 1'. '-iit Itti ll I'..Ilowilt .. ;o.t-cc';' if I i. i 5\ icI .ic-t ,,t~iie-.I;t~~fessloacs :artists are the t'crst to stie-
the' M.. E. I I1 i '*' 1121ltt ictik'It ti ic It.'ti'' MiilId)I tos tc' iiiil. uae othe hirain straiza. next the law-
Mrs. 1 hr. ;.. I1,cIl v11il hisi211iI'li IlW itVila.,i., 1, \It"'\.llf1ll.1, deat. follwed at itanci distan e dtoy -
Mrs.E. II.- ..\% ;Jo, tl.- 'jt. 1311111 tl,-i Ill- 1 .1,11 toit, clergy. literary weni and civil
Gritoo'. h. U t11 i.4I iLt" 12liJit~t:ilitilt I ul \11- 1.4l.,'i t ht'iSt~ s t6t1S tll' teci'stervanuts. Striking an average of this
1111.11toIII. p, _.I. !1-1 ."llt. t to lt goup, 177 go iwad to t-achi 100 iLA). -
ii kich-11.11 1. 1 i 1,1iI u e~itI t i[.L hI ....4*,I. K14\&BA h.qL J.ondont Exprescs.

%tY 'f \ l. If. r ) -r 111.-I, uly. aI n lit.1I
M.r... li >.. h.lv. .7.4'oi \\ th ,,f i ,.n
iiil In,\- l,,lu i ^. p[.'-i, tl.tlI. lip t ldat. g -Inls. \\li,'h thln..
lhl t\.- h, id, t o. 1 1t I .at a tll rll|ia l st I.
CIO** l 1l Tvmpy 11a,,** r1nr I in.l 1. <.-

Ill1 -. I' I t A ntlil -t, I el i \|' ,, ,"r, .' ,
,it%\\ .t.l. ill thc l (ItZ. I -\ '\tt -.

I w. t l tf tIl
.velr-- l'ic g-jlc l -'- ..t -. it -'.: kilt I -.
toys., et .. <-t'.
M rs, I. L Ita -l in 4 it, t1l 1tt ,i ,1 %I.
and .Mr. Thtloorl l.m in. .i \1 i-. \lii
glistils It r-.y M.liinll." \\ i11 th I ..l i I :v I l.\t
T I 'Lc 'it a- -il'liin.!\ I I

huC a phet~ V h ath'ai .' s .-:t itt
puch a~t-41 I II, S t.,X ;III Ii. I ,i I;
iS'iuiitt 4,illq eufl lt'tit Iit

Afeg -t lit I -,Irc, I g'' ..-..

I'l: ltiti l th''?l p I' Iing titand i ite ang't i

"I t'i.- it i I, Iit t'.I iit'I.

itt-I -~

k ill- i~- -h,'i In1 tIII tI tc 11 t I l 11 -I ,'. II .
tiri t i I.',. I \\t it \ ; I a -. i. h,' h l.i- I,.,1
n .. 1' ..1i illl t itr th ,l li i -- !.ai l lr .
' .1 l.u I. l 1 r I I \\ i.h ri I I. I I II :
'itl .. i .\ l ,1 .1--... l,. ,I I thI t l l li i .1 l
d i t w i- i i l. -!i it ;,- i ) i .,I i rnit iim I --t .i t I \ 0'
T hitlli- .I l ,'l !,! q 1i -iI|i ', l, 'l I 1 l. llII'I11, I I.
T'h... al, .,. s ,lpling :t lt,, l's oit' t.t ,

For Sal, -60 Acre*s on Tomnoka.
'l'\I to t y ,1' r'- iriilr Ir >_ \\ irt
t,' .' .t Il I,, +l l, tl: l si r -.,,.ik t lI
iL a nt l, \\ Ill I,, "- ,, l l l. '. l ,. l ]ly
I .' \ .1 l i /.tt l.-1 .\ '\


(. iusl [i'-" ille .-I i- t -

Na lic'tht.'' i -i I ,

Wanted at Once.
\ Ill l It 4 I cll l..l t tk. 1,.. [ at i
Sit. I'*.

prixivitg thlee cAfbubki-1

A Painful Inferenee.
A teacher was instructing a class of
boys anid had slienlt half art hour trylug
to drive into their heads the diffe'rurnce
foetwetin iimani and the lower animals,
tbut api>ptrientl with little success.
"Tolint icy," he said c.oMixilnglv to a lit-
tle clc'*p. "tdo )ou know the dllfference
Sot'twetnv'. say. wue a;ilt a rpig or auy
other 1irute?"
"N.." relhlihd Toatity linovently, but
mnlother teacher stauilinig biy laughed. -
I .odlo A l ci's.

Illm Dialect.
"MAlike." said 1'lodding Pete. "did you
ver .o to fscItl-. "

"Sure." ans-'.'. d Meandtrling Mike.
"I don't have to talk dis way. If I
showed off ine literary accomplish-
ni-nats, fulks would wonder why I
wasn't ;readill'n de help wanted adver-
tist.eent.s instid o' hunting' fur hand-
outu."-Wa"ahington Star.
After the Quarrel.
lie (to hilmselfi-There: All on ac-
count of my beastly terulwr, I suppose
I've gone acnd said too muc<'h.
She (to herself--Oh, dear: If I hadn't
lott my teunper. I might have said ever
so much more.-Hlrouklyn iife.

For Sale at a Bargain.
Ti 1' ... 1f \' ,f -,' f .>,-, :;I "1'\ "S. Dath erouns Ec om-ly.
IN S-.,lItt 1, 11 t L-- '. 1 ., .'tlIIteIilc t '211 "Sothe eingagenient's offt"
., : l,,, '.mil 11,thI ,, k "Yes. She advisedl hhl to practice
Ill .non I o It.v, a ld he startMel n by getting
t.. er an situation diatuiod."- Dletroit
, it -., i i'. l,:l 7 1,... thIt,. l i,..- t ree Press.
..lII\ l.i t.- in 111 ll >ri ;ht. ; l1 is titllatf I
iLt ll, .' '.1,I- ,,f *e dr'ainag,1. (aclil l Coedme t .lo..
cno in t ,... \. ih tit\e l.t | tiI lhi, -. ly "IDo you believe illn education':"
,I.t tilh ti l' i, k cl' i-.l, .t ;il! ,.4':.,,ttl. ,f.f "Not uch. Th'.' e is usually too
Sthl, *': I I' h I. 'I l t. i $1i,- i lu t'oh and too little education."--
1clruii. cf Edw. I'itzgerald, Ilaytnea, jew Y'rk World.

* eve WCV Totake your order
SGot To ill it promptly -
STimg To deliver it prompt'
SWe've Got, .
the GROCRIE lo do it with.

Howard & Ilorrison

Longe's Old Stand.

'Phone 19.

~Corner 3essk Stret sad"a...adAvem"O..
00000000000000000 ----------


lly Sl.-iaheity in to Pleakm ;
I ,a1n do it.

W. A. BeaDer,

243 N. Beach

Wi]Lson's Ipoe Air Tight Heal

Corsumc"s :L's than One
tme I tcl othcr stov'es Ri-u

tO I lCilt 'h)Lr I-Wom. It
I ~With eCre -C )L~ld flever go
Plus hcheate.r %%~ill li n I t i1 i l a' itege,
Hitests orC ord Wciiliiiii. uandgi '. .'ilt,,' eheatt
tim an d raeul cetaici it l'iucthan tli~yiii t oSt

III"~'-i' ES IA) I~o VKINL


j ouu



K. IHl.l.11 lill \M. Pro ..i.t r
McClellan Sa Edwards, Managers.

Moulding, Scroll Sawing, Turniug, IM.

Work and Wood Yard. .'"'1.+.'"itt""":.'.ir" "p"

li -1


Can Furnish for Your Christmas Dit







= m

$a-.% larg.l. itild fill" 1 14-111 -1


ote l;q1till 11111-, 11, It It; I I I: I- 1%% I i. III If, III
fill kind" ill-I O'l. k 'I -t!' M" -
III- V .1 111 It.-al-11
ait 11(m .old A r- I M I I I-I i".11.
011. .1 \1 I I ; I 1 4 14 .. I ; I I I I I I
4 1 f i I I L I I I I" till'. S11 % .4f.
po-\vral 611011- 11-11 1 f -1 111 1 111; 1 it k I-, I: I I
stuct fill Ifulliti.- 1 I..\ M
I ..

I- A I1 .111, Mw .


%%;I, Ilml wvd T11.

I W I k I.,.


1;With the Pastors and
Sthe Churches. 0 0 A J

wllfI II I Is|a I |I I t's |f 41,9191

-w v v v ~ v~v v v V v v W.. .
WirDaisy cloth from 10e to 12r per
yanrd at Moore Bros.
The Itaptist church is beingstill farther
improved by new paint and is installing
electric lights.
arrBaskets, lucketts and hags of all
kinds for lunch at Rarne"'Novelty Store.
TIP F-hur-he lhanre-taken initiatory
stelw toward entertainments for the
children Chliristnias week.
lpLadliem don't sit anld hold your
hands evening and inleinent days. {Go
to Mloo Bros. and get his knitting and
crochlet yarns.
It'av. San. J.. Whlit*., of Lake Butler.
Flia.. will pr+-.nh nt the Christian chun-lh.
Sniniol bhI1-k. nnext Friday evening at
7::to. 0,1-. 19th. AIlso Saturday and lSun-
any following .
li Timt Ihioggost wcliool taletsy.iouipver
saw for a nih-kleat Ilarinot XNovelty Store.
0 -
Thi -'iristiiian xrn-iset iln the i'iCongin-
-atimialrh-hlin will Ie liwid on tie even-
ing of I'hristmani lday. A chalrining little
eiiitiat lihts iweN n pri|parol. lsiihles
which li thei' will liesonle- *vito ti< lis.ild
SaniitCi laus lias protniiS*4l to I, OHn hlnl4
andl Me, to Ith candly.
OW'Pillow vas s and slh-t. ipriq,; nas
low is tIh lowest, and ouilting flainih ls at
frosni 'Me to lk< wr yard at Moor Bron
I{v. Chairle.s A. Fulwlool. D. D., will
|nireach at M. E. rhuiiri. Smotli. Deveiiiil-r
lit. iat 7:o p. m1. Dr. Fulwotnl lIlt" l.tiI
P'. E'. of Ja year. lie iw now nlapproaching tlw run
.*t of lif-. so we ask for hiimi the att.ndl-
iiie of all who vFan finl til lto ,.oti0.
"JItefon, .ailing on your Ibet girl
stop ait l14alker's and get aI fa i-'itassaisi'.
Tile Rev. J. P1. Girahamni. plastor of Ithe
Iirst Itaptist ihiliriich, Palimetto iaveine.
I-,tiilli04 h totilt -ity tlhisiwekfront i mis-
ville, Ky.. and rsutnes hiim lai Mrm" with
Iis. Mr. (i rallin i I yo ii lliiiln i of
giMod IiM-nin plleasing adle n. s-liolar-
1I .'ildl is a vailllI l i.. a vem ill to i li,
rilik. f llh, C'liristialiil workers of' Ilia*-
4iol:1. Th'li church is to le ,,I. 'Th'lis is ihlim s 'I ond ye ir with him
I *o|>l H. Ie0 w ill lllill 1 Ii- illl0-ll lt tIv
Tr'y IH lll...
'Th, ilpw0rl'h I~iA g ll, Hieeadilig l 'ir< h.
Ih- 'lil ; vry V sl- M ssi nlll "l, n..1l lh \ v e *l l ,l I-
iit"" ,itn Moii iihii ilil. A sk th li f h>l
lift. I'flll "Y in hllhs' i-'.iKll iils An.\l 'lir;ilns-
\\;I real. rl, ,r;il of i il i-f llo"f f \'. i l+
it, I.-'liS weI-r' rVall Ir nfi' tfl.. inirlll ing
\ ilh.- l: ili-ll i lll illlt e ilhiir illl.w-k
-im ilh. Th i |I'ra#%ii n \ 'ilil "n-l > il I
ili:ii 1i :i 1n l i lli ,-ts ly Ml iss -s H i'illn :i li
A ll0 ,- iiIii a 1 l ris. m ',1.I I 'it/.z ,,r hll.
lir. E.ili i lir h rimlTere ll1.i ksanilh i in i \ ,-ry :il iliir inIl'llllhr.
'I'lrh o 1-1111 i n i llh |i;i"r in il- \ lilrl t .
r'0.riiii \%lilts h, .I .110 li r iil.w \ ithl lic
lili.>l- o" lll. il ll' -l 0 .llll If hi e h llo w illl
,'1i7r11\ inl'_' I'rolii |>;ihllilin g i,'lr.n' tlilhln
I.,*Iu r < I n i l l ,*ll T lw l i r lli' I., ir'
.i Il .1 r*II \\ II M I I'l'ir ,f|illly ,i ilvl
\\ i ill ;:I l r 0 g t :11i 1 : l ,I' I ai il sil \ .,111
3 $I \\, iF &V l6, -11,"lA \Irl, |l ', 14il.

st l 4,ktit t rt ?
4, ()tlr t'\ )'V GLitldd0f O f i

+ I 1h >inlIuS AtI 'lrt o01i-1,11C +
. .+......... ........... .. A

You Know What YV" Are Taking
\hlii ylo take irov't s Tasteless Chill
Toic 1ri .iise tihe formula in plainly
lriti 'I oitvery iv oI tl0 showing that.it
is -iily V irflll I l q4 iiiithe in taisitl8 wt
i<-rlil. lC'll ..No I. aiy. 2"lM'.

\ i.,till r:.illln tordlay kept people
islilo ,r-.

CoJgis and C< de da CMmrem.
I ii I >i-nlpr,-,rili-('hanlherlain''s ough
I{,'Iil,0 flv l. aillll1t til ,lmtotillate, con-
t I ii l ,1 iiglis, witli direct ipsult. I
[I-ril.,eit to h liildrenof4 all agve. Am
"'i.1 to n-rlomillenil it to all in need anud
. kin g rolieffromiivihids and coughsand
,I- ,I hiiil althli.-tionis. It in non-narrotki
iii s;iafe inl th, liihids of tilnw most un-
prl'o f0,s iiial. A univ"r.. ) iana' i* for
ill iiiinkinl.-Mrs. Mary r. Mleleady.
M1. D.. I'll. D.. Chicatgo. Ill. Thin remedy
s fir -salt -by all ildruggists.

I Cougflhed

Ihad a most stabblra cogoh
for many years. It deprived
of sleep and I grew very thin. I
then tnied Ayer's Cherry Pectoral,
and was quickly cured."
R. N. Mann, Fall Mill, Tenna.

Sixty years of cures
and such testimony as the
above have taught us what
Ayer's Cherry Pectort
will do.
We know it's the geat-
est cough remedy ever
made. Aid you will say
so, too, after you try it.
There's cureinevery op.
nTm l*: n&..Sk.-IN. AMlgqioft
Coaslteoardoeteir. Ub he| t ke it,
ndou s besay. U be to _ywall
toO I^t.i tldontto"I. 1" ose&

A- th i Gloe ew ,stock of Sweet,
Orr Co.tro...
Wl all on Barne at the Novelty
Store! g t ftted to plectacles and
ey 4. A new lot juet reaii-ed.
Royal A.nh Chaptr No. .-,. held its elee-
tion Thu rty night, ecetiufng the follow.
ing onifien fur the heermning year: (Geo. H.
Clark. High Prkit; C. M. ingham. Jr.,
Kilg; D. 1). Beekman. erihbe: A. H.Car-
ter. Sm8retary; F.T.Po-k.Trnisuirpr; C.L.
Kittith.(a'tain i(of IIit; W. E. Iallough,
Priniipal Sojo0irtr: .I W. WilliaLms
Ro;.il Arn-l 'Chapter: C'. E. RKh-hards.
Last -r :hi V.il; John flarkinsol. .Mts *rr
21 Ve.il: S. H. Gove. Master Ist Veil: T.
L.. RKod grs, iI inl.




Razoirs flourislhd in the air atiurday
night last. Frank Cunningham ind
Will Poet, two ebony belliglrants. came
together and it looked serioufor i1 time.
Cunningham was airipted for disorderly
conduct and brought before Hii Honor
Mayor Parkinson for investigation The
evidence showed assiult with intent to
murder. Tlihe mayor j. il! that th
r.a8t* w*s not-within tlir jiri-lis.ti0o1n of
his rourt and so niit tilrl.a si- to t.
justice of tlw lpeai-e at 'ort Orting.
.At thin triluidl after IhrowiligIt on tlw
earnllighlilit of investiitiohn it was
tfllinefd expedient for th li iil- olir ood to
move the eIW.I up lto a higher colurt.
liepiity *Sheriff Itlodtirs brourli(t ('ful-
iinghlin ulp Ito Daiy.tna tfor l.t%.' keeping
for tih night iitainl iie\t lay Shli riffTur'l'inrt
took hlimi over lto lk-LanI. whie- ie will
1I hhld awaiting a inail disl|po>ition of
Tilew troullde all sei.lil to have orixiliia-
Ie1l in a %V;ii. roli.+ j.oilnt \ h,-, i k. of
irve lNer wal on tap.

i'Fnr'shl in-a il evry moriiig at til
(iranling takery. "It's the( kill
mioth0,r used to makt."


Miss Winne, of Nortlh Itidgi'wo*Ml.gave
a nuin wr of hir friends a pleasant even-
ing swhilly Tiusday. Th, prinipil
niii tii 1116 anlid interest of the. 0veliiingi
0-ent-re1i illn a progressive wordl-itlihling
xaiit-. which pirovedt a sounrlf of muc'i
allilicwnenlt asw-llasinstrii.tive. Th"or
whoad h eirni til tte llinithnwivs tola-on.l,
a litih. rusty in etymology'. ortho and 4orthogiralphy ilrluhliehl aeilW the mll-
welps a. i eIntr0-ld spirit ill'v intoi tth.
Following thliu word-klilinig co.iitt
nrflirslin0ntls ill thie form 0of11 h4o -offie,.
siidwih-h n nil ,ikr, \\ilr wlrvei witlih
muclih wit ali n-part in*riinhl'd.
Tlhe hour wias latir .i'.xiitd witlh iin-
str i 01iii ntal aniI vow-: I iliilih-. miin, .ol-
l,ge K'f ihlb .ll son s .oliiiprish'li thi
-ll tlith li to i 'hliit a 4iin 4' a ii
r'iSl l0i ls ie -, llin A So,'ll s \\iloiW\s.

Special Salo of Pattern Hats.
I)ll M ,l i, 1I i' lhv .if,-I. i \ ill J'gin i
in, ial ;si l.e of fint pl ilit'rni liil-l at
I .nt.llIlv d lr il | ,i 6 ; llso ril il m,, ll v;lh
1a.ll )i :I'nl l i.st I ill I 'h 1111'n .
M i:-. I:. I.. M oN ii:r.

riaChnibeins .l4tomunich and I.I-er Tablets.
T'INy Iliill
\\W 11ll4 \ titll .I 11n llll i .l "i ,lll i .11
\\l'ir'll '% ill h*II l' lli> ;li|l,,'l i1
\\'hr.ll \ 001l i l 0 -ia I,; 10 l :0-1, t i< ll I h0, inl l II
\h lit \ ou1 r Iir i. lvik t rli1
\\M h I0 *I \ 011r I, >\\,I% r i Ii- I t-',l.
.h,\l Hi s \ ll I'> 1 I'ili0 ,11 .
I hll \\ i ll- il |(ll tli l .\ |ril l '. I Ip0 ':l ll..
ail lit i.% 1"';il \ ,,llr 1011i i li rl ,l l -
l slh. \ 01r1 1 li \0 r ;i Il.< \\,'l-. I' .1 il, 1,.\
;lill ,It ill_'-i-t>.


I It t, li r ,,f l,,-h Iu "I IIr f1 rlli1 .
I ri01ia iii,,lii. \,.r.\ lilh 1 ,1 I. li : l' i ni ili
.u it lln I ,111 I.' li l, ,,li i n l lh ... : llh',l
"i linl i ii .l I I ,'- 110 > I' .il i,, I.' I. I
in to I-y Ilis II li oi .Ill.i --. 10x:i l !- ii l ;
I h.' r<'>lllil v ,'*11
I n I Il. n ,' '- f l .II' .\ ll h .' l-h .i'l
- Jill v, ,+lidl ll,-< I,,11 Ill,+ ,':lJlll,' h,,nl,..


Ell. E..Toi '- :'
------- -, ^^^t^~ vl
Ia wl and he astle
the new part of h Mw
W.iH. 1 JoH e J ad miA6M
with her charmingul a N fgt i b-
cated in Mr. Jo 's"
cottage for the winter.
Mr. and Mrs. Kittnedge reamd their
home on Heabrwe arenae 'lhrmday
night. Mr. Kittredge w all Ureed fr a
"try" on the new pier.
John M11. mison, of Grand R api, ib
making ai faithful record of sal for
Izank Walton. He hopls to report
favorably a little later. The Edipon
party have a flat in the Seabrnee hotel.
W. H. Manning, wife and on and Mr.
(;eor p i'ooley ngisterd at Sea"de Inn
oni Tihurday frontm RBuffalo, N. Y. Thim
jolly party will be at tlhe pretty new
P'hililw ottage, on Valley street for the
Tho1iaG (ioojall hai made an exten-
-ive plunr-haxe.of the land lying north of
bis nrsidene of Mrs. W. W. Carter. Mr
underlbrush and benutified the grounds.
He will leave the many handsome tree.

Steps tihe Ceali and Weta ll a C
[tixati've Bronio Quinine Tablets eare a
*Iold in one d(lay. No Cure, No Pay. 25c.


Mr. Welbst r hinas greatly improved his
vottage>i on New Britain street.
The Y. 1'. S. C('. E. will give a social at
tle rn-shioloii, 0of Mir Ella Foulke on next
ITu'emlsday evening.
.\11miinr the pleasant people who at*
lihere for tlhw nieaion are Dr. Millerand
wif,. an .\rrailiiPnent"n will loi li be made to
rross the river il l lat"., ald it will then
I. ;i shlrt walk to leth leeach.
Tlhe New England supplier given by tlwe
l;dii oif theI1 V. I. A. on Tlnirmday Peven-
iig. \ on ai oliletetP ,l'txw. .Aliout )
iiests \0i" se.rvil, and thirty dollars
\\is taken inl. Thie lentl wasll
It l %, )10i illak l Ib'llilI with toil1ato satUe,
lik.,ilI -hiiike-. 1p tato salad. hoiledhanm.
|{,iloli lroi,\\l lilbre:l.white liead, ottee,
liilIp )kiu |i<' il Ianl Mr. Jolin S.tirthliwaitedied last Tuet-
a*liy atiiout ::lil- pi. in. He only lingemred
A1 f\\ li hiirs after having a ,troke of
plir:ilysis. MIr. tiarthiwaite wam from
N.ik. N. .1.. wIl"h hie t.haIs a wife and
l|nii lhlr. 1,r was w .i..ity-eight yearn
,if ;:,.,.. ;iil01 .lllh0,K1Ih was rathl.r ee cen-
tri,, tis, \\hklnI k w hini llet aipprle i-
:ati.,l his ,-. l i11alilies, and lie will be
Titat l. ilni.s-1. hIe leave the only brick
I1liil 111 i ii ( r oiil ais a mon ument to
Is "'l.istlr-y :iinsl eI .v raini firingi a
Iri.I InIIi;IP n l.Y trade.

Dissolution of Partno- llsh .
Nolhi', is hr.y given that the part-
i.rrhil l iit'lofll i.Pxistinjllgi between J. A.
,ls. ait ~E. D. Langworthy lias leen lby
niiltil.il a.1 i aliilenit ilis.,olved. Any in-
,,,Ii',thin." o0f tih' firni will li anm nuimed
lIv 1;. It. ,iiiu \worthy.
.1... Rost:
I. 1). lAsN:WoiTHY.

- ,

seemeslo ht..WrI6 o
0~ &V*.
^^^^^^^tome Ona| Dawwa-.


for liaytona will omum
The entire North ha ls Ien
nmm- or im .
It have ied their stom for
slad their diplay wbodows
Event advantr*w.
sweatsrn at the Globe nt

.k1 -acpth. proprietor of tihe
Butle, lCatakill Mmountainu. a -
bliW Mr.. leeh. arrived is

e wbet bread at th r"a-"
every day.
detl atia Noet up in tWiana
Sttled a veo grve qsmv 4on,
StobrlMU is worne thMn rol-

nmd we that mew kokak devel-
a t Barn' Novetey Store.
liaytnmisnow oU thin -ileof
b..harving comneover toI help Iher
0Norlaa S. Dlayton, tlhe hnndb.r
ib b6tli BM b6.
yoTu kow that Obanksk & irna
Sguod, fre i candy almost
i Well. they do. Go anll1
ItiL It's good.
that winter hai art in in earn-
Oih Nort'. Qui the n FvIe illi
u. Tar&l and Kard.-n at
in h gre and our gni-enr nsn-
Swithalkideof vegetables.
Sy our wile or swteetheart a
etorolatre or mixed candid at
& Slon's. Al feh alnd 1on0111,"

Waldrneu is dhippling his orainllge
my" iM w hie hive tivenwa iimai.iv
SBtyear'; if Pll tlh. grKoTe ill
Sthe manwe proportion. it will n0ot
M e we comee o t the old sliii-

o1 allig on your leot girl
SBe a d er' andget wafatt iinwsmage.
learnthatWmn. Alien & AC,. havo,
n30.lOlMM onuW twin Porto U16-,
al a doing well awl will s-, out I
winter 1 0'.0 min-. Mr. .lln's t ".,
l y Hill will re-turn him a gtol|.>.1-I
fruit thim vear.
BlMake your .hildnren happy. in to
L. C- oe. Kingston. and w hlitinmiin-iis.
Tv of coiM-e I andie". nuts.iain1 < ,l1.
d tbing for rirntmas.
Mlers. Sherrill. Wridlit. Frnnk i1.4
irt madee gr 30t -1at*- 4of 1a-s.. t I tI
Swkitig Thlluriay. Tiw.v w,.Iv 0*
Do whaleo but nall gN p .lili.h. "l'lli
Lwv down at ha'f dollar islanvl.
- Roa#t turkey for C'hriatman dinner
IN'1-'Quirk l.uai-h. X.i 4nt-s.
f the oldM saying u thiatil tl. tllif liirst
o f DOeniler rule th 1bre<- li-st
of the year. Januaryy.. -.1ruarv.
MMan-hareto lie mild indii, -It It
low a dillerut Irdisn -li,,i. Th,-

- .s

.h HiB the ilag-
n Frid" .right.
I"A 0t olf good things for all the
fimlor~s~hoppers at Hiendrick!,
J1rg pa ii ftbomp oon. w ^

owad m p anow inDelaud
VOWq unor Mae.d lThurday
t" IT llt I.,-w' -mits that aen IN.
had for the money at J. A.lhendricks'.
J. I. Coe, tlheP Iitling Kingwton
garxrylauin, is 01oing ru shining holiday
bldie. He hel e. i'v in 1i.k ima "and
small plrofits.
M SIFBit younlwIf a pair of shliom>m for
Chrimtiai at J. A. liendrieks'.
Dr. W.J. BliiK, wife and nure. Mis:

Merinnhl, 'If lroolUyn. have- pleasant Thl- promoters. of tlie t le.tric road
room for the EtamIon with Wil .1. Hanil-. ha-ve 0l-i.hlhl positively that they will
ingon lidap.woul. ask a frallhise t th lieriver shor overp
1" iolp to J. A. Ile-nlric.ks' for prlttv 0hl.n "vlilive tC1 .i till BP.a .li.
handkcihiefs. 1For smae timl.sin0, tle h ubj.ect of all
-1 11i a hn.l < :tri, hi0. fi'in l t. onl a tolll.it lui, has
. 8. II. ik r. ,P**arker-.. and |lH,.-ii tilkel,. It a.%to mians liave fel t
I lgld fort iark Ti Tlursdallay iid it-lly.v interst.M.d to kntw on what
uaidiat fm. Th.y |.il,1,.l1 seven but stnvis in this .ity tlhe road would Il
miwed anine-f 1 iNeekwenr for Christmias at .I..1 A. is el0,"i-l,4I it brings on till rel talk .As to
Hellndri-ks'. vhiat opposition the promoters will
W-l. s coiulter this 1n1ounement thill
0mt l41111 t a 1it ". il a" lli llilll+llq t i .
'"'l., ay i ii h 0ilii0 l itii \ i' I 0llaz 0tt-N. 0, s is not rlinpared to+41ry.
m Nveran l I -Mi4 s il 1.1 .. 4. i. 1. th..lh fl.,. th l h it-l n, l.y ever-yl d 1 wallets the
tim. drawbridHge a rns,, til. S ... othlis r 1. 1h -.r m -4. ir l-'ly ; n t hrm el
n.fuiedl to work. It was ho s I eton. itii 'a rl vh. r %* tr ,t %lilt owilnil glaoly
0,ouil i.e-righi,. Thl, w .or0l w\.., .o,.n l n"*lly **\, *ht Ihit u h" w0",l, gllu ihr
v, 'iolliwtl l .% %hti t h 4t':4 1 %# tilt- Ill\ 1o\1st 41 to l oothe
err eously that tlhei train \%.s waiting. h lt.
T .fill 1 a ils. r14n- i srioills o1j.-ctiois to having
tlul.* yov* ur Chliritili:m parents o.* f us. tilt r:01 up i Ih, hl,-alh sti-.-t front and
We have a niye li11.- tolih.t s. (s .ht-. 0on tilhe oth.r hlrlial s-onlthing cvan i, said
1.A. III:\x n 'i{ks. in its favor.
IDr. ES ih thile en.- Of U Lla ,.h -ir 4f If tih 'lt. a is lll] on tlll Ith e-a1ch street
iisei- ntorial tisis. L ist Sal tiir-la ie frli m. alr, tih l h0 so0 -wall,. it will l upP
landy 0.irhlt Iea I0 s sfron K0,ahin. too the "owlin ers ,o lhit-4 th. sall l wall
pier. the. iLarest of whih \ ,i'l-,' ., i k 1pti int.i4t. If this t lw t is 1, l tlhe
114 lids. the smll.n -si2i 1> l ni>uils anm l th. Illl0,i ii li"" iigyi., att "dant uponll
total 17. I muis. He, ailso l. d0,l.1 a 1i a .v r lin, \hvlro, str l .ts crmsms an >-
Sting m v aloutst t.broaISl a i lin ilr1 viltI. This a.lvna.itayg is obvious andl
il'th111it i liohniie1 \ 1nhi h -, .1iisiderable.
piostr. TIhe. ray m.i asi -ii .,l 1in,, *t I
froml i tilp of nosl ,to ti of tl i" a1 : was ,*ii \-l:I
lifni isat ai li-ond. liit .ji-. "ii% i th,*, li0r h tim hll0' Ii0 tr lhe
S l-Ki s;il-<0 il is tlh0s0liio" 1 l il to 1nter
ftfall anl l s,- Clark'slii,\\ -l.ii,> i.r.-. iiil,, .i l.,eia lhy .l.iissi,.n ., lli.. a ii.-is
li l l> t p,. .. p ei>,rli0.s tr, ll >.. 1o .*, .itk.,.l. I.;it,.r ,l,,\.h.v l.> i. ll, I "ay i i.spir0
ai I4 1 lu .l- tiin i iirnhi ,, -lf ih ii Wir. i lh0.r roiiiii,,iiI.
Pr. vimitivg en"Im alwl invitatillon sli a
t i11elr all in lat -st rt\-t ill is I
-.' M r fIr.ii It is li lli 1111111ii 1n roil

" I





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^ ^

11. It. Shill-miS. oll" o w r if] |lloi ors1 .. .i- l 1, 11 h i4!b hellp.

If Y\'I l \\ait \\ ork

ald Charlesi .A. Cr',ilhton, man-igierr (if
the ol(" inun tlh Ma' t.olia lasit ii4h1 l 4 i7 I,,f1 fir% .
.lI0i.soIvill.-I 1l;iy. le M i. 'i,,oinhl-liiSloNak., '
very IllourI;4rgingl. of t% ir o th. fl lor a:I
g.rl s..a-oi I| :ll-a >;I s hilt fi lis in
is finl ail lit ri orf- itlv Alil ilillin li-'
lioIl of i lar|i n \\,r i .r.. ini th, -iurf'.-
S t. it.\ 11- inI I<0 i I l.

o a-i'l M -. I'rlil ,1 \\la coltti ,I .

U L\\ ",,l ,t M o l iii 4f I. \" p r i nt
I,(lrl 1 il I 111 .i :lltliton of tIhl tato,
pl ,,l o "l l .Ph.0 li ii o il 1 | t.",i indlivilh alI,
w\h\ ini-i-i lhih l ii,| \

I Ihll. s nflll ll l h l >'I.
lr-. S ilk \\;l. i l l, lil-t ;l l l l" l .l "k : l;,lil,. ;;1 7.ll -1 : I ;ll t > l lllft

M 11 l.. lil: 1 W .1 I l.- II \ i i ll 1 .'1l \ l, I I : I N Ill .;iI Iv*,; 4 1f I h -

" .1.. T

* ro Ill I ,'ll -.'l--. l 1 ,I, ',, ,,I < ,: < ,. h\ 0'I ''l' 'i ll l i l\ I'h ,. -,' s, 'li| III0' a
A Sh Ir, 4 .1 1 r .1, l ,11 ,-l .-.1ilh.r -il001 ..! I. 1 "i*til- *.1 .I ... h.-l l I inl;
shli.fll l h. 1n:i -l r, --.-'l,11 I ,1 1,.t il I l 0 n k iTlh 1 I l ;. W .,ii li- l k \ i iti l -r. lit i n, t l .-
lh -ro n, i ly h iin lr,, ilil i li,.h .l,-iin.-. .I,, l,.i ;if!,., I, t l il l' *i -li,,h t l l h r0, t
sio lit"l Ti ,.y t .i l I *i T ..< .i ; -~ h -, iir i-l.
I '. .- k I a i- I :l it. i l. ;. tl .i .'/
I ri,'k A T ih, i',,.. \ l l.... 0 ., ; I,, .1..' i .|.h ih, | iing- oi ni ,-, u r.
1<. ;I(<',l :i l lht i l lll- 1t;I lh I b" :'e l I,,, I I. I r, .- h *0 .lll* li,.- t.

l., I', Vl i h ,ll l .l ,., ,:l. I \' i l h .ni\0 l
\\,'. l I { ... ili *,0 .,t I I ll'rr l.x hi I .\ ill l tlll

lli '"( i.in 'l ljirl, a, -liitl i,.', \ lini ^ i l'l .
o l s. I. ". T i.,n lit ..:1 \' it'! i,' i ill

iF railk T I',.' 1'-. I1, lii ,, i ;I lln\
' "."ii ll i f i i l a i nl \ i l l l i ll l ii "! 1. 1
iy.'. lhhi-m f,,r lii,.li. \\ 0 1il,.li .1,, ,llii.i+,ti:


Vh., 1ii 0.s.rl an I 11r.i hl ,t l .i .I I r. in II l .1111 1 1 1 .. I | 1i0, ( lo I-t \ 1-1 -r-i., \ n iltr 01' 0i- I10- \\ i llr'i- *** T x 4. In 1 ,
IhMline an d th eI 11orn shun k a s.i, 1 t to o,; 1, l ,l ,,.1 ,., I d -! i, i l4. ,,, -. h .h* i of + n hl-r ..I I.. ; iI. I-- ; Ia i
rA..f., l il. n i, .i A.,,,I,, *r1. ,l i, 1 114to l "" I1 t hI1"-1 1 T ltst \\ :s tl : ."" Iill .. It l h r o ,-1.:1.w l. %\:Is in f sl..
v'i I-I; ,' I-- I; is t w ,-v %\it I Io --A1`oi-k ith h, s Isv f .r s 0.
P ANH e laO be t novelties in fall hil hats ,1,|h0,iin:1i aI I i, i.i- -l I ht t I ,,' n. Y "t :I
A I4-,, -I ma, ll ispat h to tIiv T ii. l lii Iln A l iti ..1 1ol son is sla.\ li i %.itI t NIr.
! t rio m & 4 61 W I illia i, I I 11. oI, f ,1 i tsv ll 1,. | ,., 0 4 ,, i 11i1r i. \ ii : .;li i ti If'r A lil ,l I rI lt .rl l if rn i nl h l iitI I ll .i : I< i t l, I i.l l1 -r .I, 1 1 l l S o t i 1int1 1 1,r \ h il \ r ..M0 I.All
0 1 m n .. g vel it in i l (of." I w tpr,- sine O -itif I. .tlof fit,. 4e 1tilanzInlI ill.l.1 *vs%1 l Ill.- illlld.
Ik M inta.. gave him anl M. ^ :ill| M r... .i .' u .ii,, ..il \\ H .,f \ I 01",'- lt.liii ,f th,, it;i/.,.110 .4,. -n':i nts a-. i',-,h, i t, p ,.1..li1 u.il, Th'li. -..li..s..f.;rn,...<,l,.,,l..l an. p1,n,..ri^
q ite n a 1 m oV .11i i t ilt l fil tr.-i \i I I,, tii ..1 1 11. TIII.. 'r h ,I.. .;il, 110,1 i \' h ,! i ,il l i ill i, t i' li l i t0 l n l.s :.li ,. il, lln" ,, I, ,ii ,I ;l li l T, l l l i ,. ,* r .,.l.hli r .h ild. i l
ir -w vere 1(oHillo 1 i l. wh ilo.W l th w s hitlt. tifd Ol l Il ig H It lit ilk. s a eJi:111 51 .1 ;nI_ i_ toIl P H
lily. T1he-y 'ere o 0ki \0.11. l,. ilii0. .1 %% ..1.I \,.1\ ,,I",lh,, r,,.,1 1,\ I l i ;i, h 1i ^ i,, h0,- tili'-', h il0 ilil, .ll,.W i.i p.,,.' i ii0\. .1ii ...l... n.t\h f. 011 11i"
i l d l hea b e l n d l h i s h o u s. i n v .- r y lvvr Y .' l l r ,, 0 it.-.r T hl y .il I I .. it r i I, m il l i X \ \1 i t h i : s Il l l i fi 0 .*i +ii, i( o f.. i l "i 1 *. t ,i ,. | ,r ,l .i i t 0 h. r .h
. .a-e a" h e e x p ew -tes h a v i y l H- n w it t ih|.. it k i- -i tn A .11 It I "I t* i .4 1 t ai, I'r*. + l" hIilluv hi -0:n t '.l
o r a rf, M r. a dl M rs F i-Mt e r l li l Il. .\ .lu i I\ iI,; \I, i Ill:I it,t1 (> ,lit. t. I I Iin h M r l 1 1;l. '- l ii, f i ,p ;i I I I I rI t I l, I o. o :I.III r. M Il aTiiTis ..l'\ V C ,1 1',,inlil. li.
ilM r. | -pirrl I, 1 4 f .ir*"l lh, i u ll 'I i I *ri ,.i ,, iu., -' i \ i0, .. ill a l a .. p..i ,: ,i lli,,il. .'is..l l l ,1- > alI I'r,, .l ;0 i li s n i l i
i~~~~~o...11,' \\h L ,,ind t ,'l i nlwi -e :s t, 'il 0 ,'-l,.,,1 it, ,lh'l 'i, \\ i t l r w i-e-' h hto.,001 r,, aiili011* ro,\-.na 11i, ,i ill,. r,.lh. i'. hal ini,, l ur'. b+ulls, t h iiili

| ft w o m a n w h o fa ils t o | l l d' r ,,. a i,l \ i .. a i ,l M < .i li/i.l ; ;l h t *ild; i: Ill,- I k i .lii. 1i. li l ,l l l i h, ;i.I 0 I I t i a i n 01 as nla \ i l o :. 1n .
ril,. f;,ii. i, *,..\ ,',Ilo inif(ast~vll..1i iI f It> fl il ilt' to ;i ni ,.- lh. In l>0.; ,t l l ia ll"h ,nilt on his lot .ilh is lu"",i I,,ollll\o l |
lghlr a |uainted w ith opportinimr i1i- r..n 1 li.I ,l-illl >il,4 th,. iitl:man 'itI 1 f l h ... i. i i ,il 0i M.u h i i i. S4-1 ag 4i h il
p bd b u; l. i w a nt inV l onily lr is l 1 1 w ill iw i, : ,1 .. .. i+ \ ,. ,. i ,,i,. -I -I|,,\ | ne hi,,. h i ,i Ir.i i.ls. '"" ,, i. ,,i fl i h l i il hii it Ill h rf.

nia m uch sit le and l ualitv of li. n h,. :at i,. ,m, le.i 1.1.. ~l i,., I' hr. 1 s ilirl aini.lih ,,- Il iil ". I\,rii t. Vwn I
d buw y he oa (h a ll and ins,.it .I.. Il r..:,,..- i i" tto. ,,0,, .%,,, 1 \V,, r \,, 0,, I ll, 0 ;ilt.iii 4i,, ; :; ,,rV ,,.,"-isf,,.l A. p t nt
f yourow n aS tifau ta0 i. p Th. 'ri l, i I ni n o \ ,,i ., \ :,,,1 n ,,l, th.iliI \r pin.h t .i' ;11 thgh i 0 ,i ti0n' ,n.,,.,, ,.l- .1i .0,1 ,llll6v r1/ sta ing at t c ol la ,u ln Inn. ,.M
acq ai te w ll ol11111 111i-I1111011.IN.i mll l 14. I 1! 1 iil 0,1, Ill i ti ,' ,ll 1 lhl." I'li,,. tilr l I lk lili tt a l hlil g ,i~ l too ll iil.

lrplt rp of lerks awau ts yo r wi n I r,, ,, ...... .-,1.h, ,|,, :h ;. ', u:,., 0 I ,.. lll li t'k .! ,.i..- f ,...i h n i ; t ,i. .abr.*..... .Ili'."
I l b l l I l 0 1 \ l U 1 r r L'I,, 'i ti \ (fi tl ,- dl i' t t 0 0.al ll-. t i- tl ,l 1 1 \ 1% .1l l'4 z0t

k.o "J A It- l'h-ll-i-l-<- ,.. l.t i ..HI h. ,]l.,l.\li ..lli. .T ; r t '*in 1 1i4 4- 1 .-. 1 i. f- -h : 1 ,. i 11. I'oi tll an ll 4 rs. W inn 4irri\\.l f

& J, llki. w ho for mlany y. r n I n i l t,..l : I.'r ,.r.l.il 11. t., r .1i ..L 1 *-'.' ill, I lt inl* ',h- -. ."lit. S C O R EO A T H I UI |1 l r H 'ckf rl'. I1.. hI.st V"*o k,;i 1 alir
i r of tlie lPol Pal' r l.it. W Williams1.: 1 istin W. W..t. Il:;,,ll1-:: .i il .lh,.>,. Tll. Th, \\ill %li r SCORED A TRIUM PH. .,llniftally l io t'h.a th ll... i, lly
gfor youiroed mirom ti seri,. it PS. tiiry. I. IT. M <1.-H)'I,.I:, Trr. .i-i r,.- .... -,.nillpi..1 last wintl ilr.
.w aC., nd k ught tll'l .I, Al< \| k, Ihrokn;: Trullh. 1 \11. Ii .,h: :rI HOLtY H|il HAPPENINGS. "l', lnl. >int ,.. T I-,ly iinti ;t .\ r- i .,. i.oir.. h 'av, irriv-. f, 0r th.
pecoperty at PoflerLi Park w. ih '1.,0gi. I.. l. --; .r. .1. I. lh,. ,,p.,.a lio ,ii r, > l lh i-.li ,,fi th, i l -fi,.,,ir. n l1 W ;.|l ii-i p ttiin-
and inaike hiso in in _t lliisk. -" iii ,. \V. tII. Ih. '.lllh.o : ; ii.i I;,, .1. 1 rI,.1 \.n..l.l ..' b ,l w n a fo r-i w ll for i. I. la

a -n ti es to he a ,ar hi dau?' T. l. Melton: S, ntitili..l, E. < l MS; ,Mi ,\\-- A l ,, ,-,! 1 i ,V,.|. ,hr l ,ilm,! Itlon.i0tl.nt wI-, thli ,. l ,i.ll- i ,,1,y ,|,\\i l i,,pi iii, a low.
B k B ^ p Jet t i. a t P on ., .r a r k -r l.m o I '. Itin *h *. 1 it s t ; t .ha. ,i t r.114 b .s -1. ,, ,,,1 r T,!* v it
ir i l,.n r "p I-i M. \ i i i -NIi. .. rrai ii h i h li1iilt rini,.I\, l in l .'\ 11. W in ha r" t i i.li i l l, II
i l don't fo rg t th,. Iuts.i+ \ I-,,,M ill .\il-,ii "~ t ll I 2 i "'o2 41.,,l, ,, ,.,i;iii,.t. i ,. I.s priot -y toa. -oii. u init
,, llr-i~A\ .Ii'r0t- W .l W illiam, ,ll1r,. 74ll1l Tlt lwvis ill tit11 i0' liltliiill0

ft |Z eanu b all other makes for !g .;.l,. l.in-n r.. n,.l'l i w- ll1- l.., m .\ hlI ,,,h--,l. : sh..n \i. \rlil o+t 1 .g lI-s i,"- ,l,.t of hoats. lhillip s.ay the |
8e hand d m ability. WN thou ght..l..lra,1 S 1 l.. ;l ,.11 ,0,.t lTrll..0 ,rk ...I and th, i ^ i .. l .n hlli +.V.i
lJ. A Il .Kii l .t s. w'. |,, n, t .l.i i .; l r nl.l i l ph ,,rk,..l. ll,,,. ..|l, u n i" in ,n;,,. l;,is r ,l. l a hofh, .,l H i-ks I4s..I

Sl tetherr was nerio0usly hoio ph I'll .i7. ,. 0.0,1 ii i 11 i HO iLL.HAPPEN ING IS t u la t' ti l:n li,,t v, Il-ith ht'\- l il l; inov -h his family into Iflh'.t
J M andg at Port Ora 'ni wil f l it 11 i, l l : 1 I .li.:flii ,1 oii }\-
^ t algaimna(teierint.ndid.l for look.-l in for:I iii.>ir nt..in h li .lirv u" .0 th, a II Y ^ ,n .i., .pi|,|..ran ollf iitll -tl ry at that I iHtl andl o0t, lit i :S' l ilt i li,,, ..... i r 1t !,\ ,l th p ;,,, :,,, ,h, li,,r, | 'i:.lrli'1 1>.i.lit.1 4I Im al i i' -fl i tIi f h,,i m,,l" h1llhll..i .
Vr~ Ai1 iit ti iltu. w t- t f : .i"

thlt* ly w e, il ng a u lnni i r sa. hll il h .i i,1,l- i- ',l. l i I ii ,I .u i ,,,n l..t i .s-s ,,., ;i. .m t,,, il. lirtihll,-,: a...h i,,l..irl b ,l. N o,,t ,;,,, i ih.;,r/i0,i.l :
v'r I I % Il 1 1 i l t w l I I1 1 '. ;i n 11| 1',. .10.t .li;,,lit r\% a -, i llll

a il low eri. g th. ,4 .,il. -r t lo ,.'1 I, 0i r T.hl-*l-.-.iiiilm i- ,' | i .g ,,, ;,.l |.:i|..i ,., | n .liiiiti i'l .* l il t ; i ,aI ,..k M r
,dI ,on' .d t..nraget (111-4,. -I'..I tVr uil"i 1\, ill, \I, i i- hp i ':11tdi t, i 1 .1 ,R.il i :r il iteIill0'a.,; 10 : r,,1 ,i lie 1 % 11. 11 if J
.d i s/ l l lom e x c e 0 1llo t e r m a k sl f'0 i i r g II.-l~ i l l r -I.i 0 l~ i 'lk i "1 -" : l i t.'IiI i t h l l w m r l ,\ c r i A i i t I I 1 0 t 4 1 1iI'V. i l I 'lli(o f l.hisonIN 11 it o 1 1 ( 1 1 1 1 1 4.+ %to.i t

tl i othll er a tn .m p,. to ri ht it, l ,li ..ilo. ti, l'l* I' .. J, ,,i ; ,, l ,i ,I..ln. T h.- ,.l ., |,,' t- ,, i I '," .l'_ *.i lt I Iit l 7.i'.. l bil Ih Ta t il
udden l wh o0f ,h.. b i,0ih^r r i,., I nl ulii e l :i- i liiI .i il, a i- t ilt iti l ,\, .,\, It,... l ,.l' l ,, s. \l n g i ,. a,!, i,.ii -i, f
Ri ttws n the r a l l""-r i*-,h r t*tn l ... ,,,i,. i,, 0, Ii, ,; Il l.. .. ,, ilo.lit ,bl.- ,t', il.ilt-, .r. i>rk.r N -u Y..k. 1
B pa gJ. a frightful w rA.u,..bh -neiIIn.lk i.t -ni I 'l,- r,>,,,,i. i ,t \. M.". Il. T. .MI .n, r..S I ,, .. .n.. i |., -;ilit. i.r. aIr ii' r at ,t 1. 1..1 ,k. '
E.T^ ;-^ .-^^ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~~I,: I-; .*** till'******- lilt ,.it', Ie ,.^ ^1;.^.;^ ^'
111bi w was wrgh l, iallsy h111 '11,'."lh,,r, ilikh.. Itii i" l ii'ii;i r,,-li t, ,,M !ll..i" i ~, ii' li'-. II.T. fit, li. +r,1d.. ~ i t I','' l, It, r, i il-, t it,+\lr-11i\it L !hwi,-(o l ,.s Brow

.h, II ts.Ih W il.. 1 ;l ll-dr*ll -t h i, ;,lld ]I.,! !\ H illl .X,, l th,- 1".1 1.W l ..lt ..i lm \.i I ,ltI.I-,-- ,-I ,l l i
l t a Port (iclgo, thii it inh0' li, tehy fili' 0 mi4)' l fr'iJ I I] ; I I;., r -- bi.l ,0 ,.\ h bilti,01 :11 tI l," -

B oiW lly b, .a'a\i n a t .1. A It it-, 1s ,., ,'1:0Illrc'nlt lit.Ir. eTohe.> .,,y p r .,tt'. by a l, d.ug..-vts. ',' th...o ,s o I llo w .
110lt 1 i l1An y t.ling IIliakerl.i.
I hey we gktllsis y 114111 .%%II M it.\ f

, i


-"r +' A-+- +- -; -

--.o z a-now amqw -10 -

- -. .


- ~---'-~ -~

I P~ 3 My Ua .
L-E-M W "1 @-w

Wi 1.P0per Tyor ina AOa

me w w ISad $tsX

Saturday, Dee. 1:3, 1902.

bumn, of the Madison Recorder, is
happy. Sweet potatoes all the week and
sugar cane and beer on Sunday. he says.

General Winter Iha- taken his eat.-
Pensacola Journal.
Yes, but he arose again very quickly.
Bent the pin. perhaps.

The good roads agitation i..-slpiri-aliig
throughout the state. eood r loads like'
teleiphoin arn- never itliJe'.i;te-l til,
tried, and whe in how weever did withlnt thllin.

The Waldo. Ala.l iihua '.,il.tV. 1. 1-
prise says they hav 1i; 1 iw,.-.iavi-s
rains in years. Thleir ':mb i- 'rl'.* :
foot under wv%:t*r fir l;i.\-. Is- i.e- <1
Strayed, and tI(l' Sll rio linii lh..-i l1i
that section have' r;isend a foot ar eiiortr.

A 'ording tol the %li.anii '11r reij li?
they now have 'oniits aiuel Vi-sc'lunt, oni
Bay Bioseayie'. I):ytona r:il (*li. is) 'illl
that. Beidels I hike'. Diilih. ihess. ni
and Ladle. we nuiiimlr 'Oliinels,i 'alp-I
tains, Majors and old Holrse liv tli.

S. Hobo I D'an. editor of thi I.uke'
Worth News. is r n'iving thie congratu-
lation of his frie-nds on the arrival of a1
young editor at his house lJD4c.,nl-'r :1.
Mrs. Dean and the youngster an. doing
finely, and it is thought Editor IIN'an
himself will "pull through."

The Gaeetoe-News is nn all-homnie-irint
newspaper. Owing to their fa-t that w4e
am' carrying 4IN -olunis of matte-r wre use
some very selected "*plate." which i
preferable to a great deal of "fstirfi" that
could be ground out at house' ,or writ ten
in the back shop of a Washinlgton patent
attorney's office.

Carrie Nation harangue-d the' peli- at
the borse show on tilte rimne of lvrr-
dreming. Carrie is hiliIl to npl..air it
the Palm Roomn of tilh' Wahlorf-Astoria
and lectureon thecErinei,'f uin.rhlre.ssiing.
It makes one's teeth .lhatte.r to thinkiliof

P, -

it; no overdressing awiel no iiiile.r'Wla'ns-ing t I- III ul it, l i lt
take" left liut I I*-le Samuel is mighlLy
and winter uponl us. g l 11

This is lnot tie (inzette-Ne ws' light.
Fine crops were miae till over Floridaa neither dw lwr funeral hinge con the'
mate pand the orange r. it g. m- re..llts of the' contest. but tli l public' is
made and the orange, grol'ves ag.in coemiii-
ing back into hearing our lieople have intctres-tdfl and wants to knoi0w tlhe sit-
everything to libe thankful fur.-Volsiin nation: this is the situation, a tihe
County Record. (ial.ttt-News e***e it.
And on the coast a good supply of _ef
mullet garnered in andl the' tourist crop411 Wo rk is Iwing started this week 1, I
yet to harvest. Suirely, lv.rot her I'Pnvatt. ward getting the- golf grounds really fv.or
we havealbundant reason. -te lithanikfl. tIle winter's sport. and it in hoteewd that
Sat least a part oif tiw links will I. int coii-l
iWe have not had tittolitio i to use within a few dnays.--unstis
We have' net had tl in t give i Lak. e I.gi.In.,
full account of the ext.ellent enltertain-
ment given by Mr. Ite-.,iler but will doe Iytlia is not living ulI to he'r lpIr-
so next week.--Onuvola countyy Signaltl. timities. Every season tle question oflf
While the public' in waiting itlh laitel' golf links fior Dlaytema is brought upi,
breath to learn what Mr. e.in-leri .lil. ii it hiei no tangible re-ults.. WIiein irI. w.e
view of the holiday rlish. it might limit le. goingI I..yoiand tlhe wivd inc rk ".'
a bad idea to hold timhe t-'limt ovri' ill ----
about tie middle of .Januiary. i:slN-iial effort is lIeing mnde ily" tile'
-_ Illinois Cent'raI l railrontd to iiendu.e lteoli'e e
It isn't all sunshine ad ill o e'is u t it i t m i ,e',, li' s It Ih t his winter. slh rteningig
our national .emopriv meie'nl. 'Thiy 'are' "f tl1' IY i'til' slee1 tU' o'liged to sit and listen through tihe steie's al a gi.,ieral reconstrn.etion iof
reading of tihe lresilent's iesage. At e'lui|luients will lhe offered as drawing
their riicnia naSeniliiig soIm'.. of thei.'il ard.Be Itetween Chirago i and Ne'w (i-
doubtles had Noceasiion to nr)vall t|he, leans thi. rtn is shortenel ten hours. aid
amous observation mf It'e (tet'e't of t o ,rih m id nts ti the mihedlule is shortt-
North Camlina to theItIover'nor iolf S ,ihi e'l''e0.4re'js0ionildingly. ''They now oleira.te
(rjlina. tline'ly e|liililped trains from St. I'muiil manil
...-- =- .lMinnnia| lis.
The other morning thelieo oomii11 of l.aike W
e oer e im I ih e )a e tonians are not alone. Tlie' M.< ii-
Eustis was freckle'l with liew-ks i eoliiuek -
as far an the eye' e'.lemhea'm.-.-l.:Einti sl sn Re' .order says: "The town eew--
Lake Region. an ubioiieiitolls. all ablorbe.nt liiiiiail.
Now who ever hle.ard of n "'fre-kled !She is everywhen' on tile str'-ets nnani
baneom." ulit lIrotiher "Ferran \as In prob- absorl s every thing from ni oIyster i'ail e
ably up late the night le.fore whirling in to to tl t ttiing in a ,erokery ,relte to l.e
the giddy ulazes with a dleq.ilette. i ie feiml in th e wilons from tlie cniiitry.
which cae lie miglit lie 1>ar.eliel{ feor N-No nuitte'r what lbarrietrs anre lit iil o
fixing hime fie-,,' a little. against hier, she- is iiidiomiablenni niel"er (C
-- .- siiff,.-r -a 1 defeat ill orler toeget tol thie hot- e
Wanted-The adilr.ss of a,, good trust. toie4 of a wavgoi. Can't our ilv fiatherll.. o
N aMeacola Journal. I.st ..n..i lherii eprelat ions.
You couldn't fliiId ,i1 %'itih a .1 (0.14 -l
candle power ieatrih light. ,intihi less a I1 W. Ito0nd. of Willoiuglhby. olhio..
SfatIller of I E'. i t". Bonid. of tie' i nitld l.ui I
IUogenes lantern. L ik' tie' llinlin. onl li -' company. wasa in town this week.
ad onearegol. .tl wle e'r le.ird iMr. Hond contemplates estallisihinl" a
l one's petering outi No,. lroer i .rate and 'e f .trv at
one's pte'riig ei~t N. lethiti"' .' ."i. "He hIlpe he will re-eive siftli-
Journal. you may as t\ell suailiit grace..- ientit enuiiriliigeiient to )ee 11 'e- tiilis Ie'i
l tel"vrl t sit w iill j g'ive' "eiploYnae'it too
lly to th inevitable, the thrust is just a- I. nunnberof mwenand boy.-New Sn.yr a
bonin'.,I Breeze.


Florida paps of lat am having co
alderable to ay of the puiMbllU of
cbangTe their local oNFmV and of th
ftieumof appikeat korthi nplft ousht
This inspirM the Gasette-Nfws to mak
an observation or two misative to thi
always interMting question.
Daytona's growth for sreral yean
has been uniformly steady and the
volume of business now trnasewted in
the local poetoflite is considerable and
the salary eulk-iently enticing to **al
out good men for the placi.
A few years ago, while the ofllck
did not go begging. there was nc
wsranible for the place, but from now on
there is a likelihood of a spirited test ol
Mtn'ngth" or "'pull."
Itis nidlEertood that with the present
it.iliiiet's expirationl of terni ai new
it h;iJpd in tlhe iprslim iof our popular
tom \iinall.n .1. W. Wilkinson, will enter
r Imf .t. M.%r. Wilkinson. like the pre8-
*.n-it ineinml int. J. M. Jolley, hba a fol-
>:,.iig of stauinwh supporters, anxious
olr .im to S( cure the plum. Mr. Wilk-
i is, ii. it is n.ertead, has an influential
I,'l.in'Jig and if he does not land the
etevEtd prize lie will lie found. a very
,rimidlalel opponent. IIii qiualifications
A.1e undisputed 'aEnd it in believed he
woutill make a n 'ood poutmniaster.
It is understood that Mr. Jolley in an
allpliant for another tenn. A. for hisN
cliihai's for nsmeeeding himself nobody
knows as much about that as Mr..Joller
himself. lie has the vantage ground of
imeing in. and unlew Iby Nome means lie
has forfeited the favor that secured the
Iihu.' liefore, the man that I., ats him
will have Io pull haIrd sonme new string.
Mr. Jolley hns made some eneinies
perhali linBut who wouldn't? The best
imin in all (Chrimtendom enold not run
tl- lDnaytona |piftoflke to the satisfar-
tion offeverylmody. The fm.uienful ran-
dlidate will find lrreakers ahead with no
iM'iacon lights or warning buIoym. The
liStOflive ainlilitA'. who lays thel flat-
t ,ring uni-tion t4o his soul that his liath
is to go in and ouit anineg rones ilium-
inedl hy glorious sunlight will find nightly
inlstad hlidhlgollinn., Olhosts and ipooks,
jist an it is with everything elhe whren-
we' *0onie daily faie to fa |Iullli,'.
At pn t.nt tlie oflie pays $I S1IN and
;is tle violueile of lliisiletes isN anlnitllll
-welling and calling for increa-d isy
IhO tlitltook is holefiul and inlteretilng.
IIn aLlitionll tt lWe $1MMINI tlw poitoffii
ld'iartiiment furnismles tlew Iiilding. Ise-
a nIi -t in I-lerk lai n r +-( iiten'tmw it" i hat

;i. n.
Sundlay................................ :12
NmOahnd y........................... 7:l1L
T ie'slay.......................... 7:.',i
W edneeu lay....................... :491
Thuirsilay ......................... 11:43
Friday ..............................1..1 :401
ati rdiy........................... 1 1:3

S ni.day................................. 12:2 l.'
on % day. ........................... 12:11
Tuenihny ............................ 1 ::3",
Wed .-msdhy........................ :*-:2
Thiiirsel:y......................... 3:25
Frihlayv........................... 4:23.-
Sat rihdaiy........................:.. .:23

p. lnI.



1:1 of

Launch Columbia.
TI if hla1un.h '11 olunhbi is running to
I'nel I'ark i1 New, SllVmyrna MIllondays.
,eh,1iesl;'sl i1ml Il-lU l,'il ys. Ie.'ving tlie
.N 4Il) I ii gel : ;il 4N:( i ;I. III.. ;iim4l teiflc'll-
ing aMt 4irainld A(i :itii. ihliHk a;1111S South
Itridge cira't. Le,,av:%s New 's II.vrII on
the' rleIrn ti rii ;i :- 2: in 1 iI.

Hotel for Rent.
A. well Iii!t. \\Ill arraiin gel liotel. dl.-
light filly iH e;te ioni the.eL.ast litlak ,of the
Ihalif.\. oI(1,POite l,' Jytn,:. A short
,li-t;, ii'' f14,, th. c ,-4e'a, i. 1intl liiitil wn. l' .-i 1:ii ,llit (f'r thie right
imalil. Il';il ,1i l r" :il'.ress
i". .\l umnl JI: I E I,;l,;s.
;IIool;ull. I"'I .

Real Estate For Sa!e.
Twenty ;i'i r.' of liri'lt 'l hinliam inu m-k
hla2 l; il fle.l le, r -i 0 l ill so \\ hi liiic cc1i1illi on
fior gatriu' ini r flor t ii' ii. Aihb's,.-
'Editlor f thir- i;ile-r.

Women Need

a constant supply of blood.making material or
their systems break down under the constant
drain. The very moment there is lack of blood.
or when the blood is impoverished, the signal
appears upon the face in sallowness or pallor.
The remedy needed Is Dr. Harter's Iron Tonic.
Nothing else meets this particular condition so
well. Use of it has made hundreds of thous
hands of women look younger and made them
feel even younger than they looked. It not only
restores strength, energy and beauty, but It is a
prompt and certain cure for all ailments pecu-
liar to the sex. It cures because It removes the
first cause. It supplies Just what nature needs
to bring health.

Dr. Charter's

Iron Tonic

strengthens debilitated organs, gives tone sad
elasticity to muscles and ligaments, rounds out
wasted tissues and renews the vigor of the nerv-
ous system. It helps quickly and Just as surely
and permanently.
Loss of appetite, of ambition, nervousness,
pains in the head. back. kidneys, limbs, mus-
cles. etc.. are all cured by Dr. Charter's Iron Tonic.
The following Is one of thousands of similar
endorsements that we have received:
Houston. Texas. Dec. 4. 19M1.
"My father has used your medicine since the
War. and when I married in December. 1872 I
Commenced hotiekeeping with one bottle of Dr.
Charter's Iron Tonic. one bottle of his Wild
Cherry Bitters. and two boxes of his Little Liv-
er Pills. I am now nearly sixty-two years of
ge. Looking backward I feel attached to the
eld medicines and would not change them for
any of the new ones made."
Mrs. J. A. PicketL
86,5' musruatie that abMeI twmi* ail isgmie i
Every bottle of Dr. Har-
ter's Iron Toonic h our
"-C recent" trade-arkon
the label Don't accept a
substitute-insist on Dr. Marter'L
Mad e #nly Ib
Wtaken aiM.al Dr. Himovs Wf M.t
i Oteu well kM. DI. i ei.
MnB an iwl

*ee.ed to Have Got Out.
A Chicago man on his summer vaca-
tion went to a Wisconsii lake resort
and one day became engaged in conver-
Nation with the proprietor, lie com-
mented on the attractiveness of the
surroundings and finally asked the ho-
tel keeper how many acres there were
In the property.
"About forty," replied the proprietor.
"I see there is another resort a short
distance north of you. Who owns
"The Widder Simmons."
"You and she join, do you not?"
The landlord's sunburned face turned
a shade or two redhler.
"We're expecting to next October,"
he said, "but I didn't think anybody'd
found It out yet."

Bollard's IHorehoeund Syrup
1114-41e'ei.lt'1 rm'i-i-m'es 1l aie ~ se', e-t-milii
e'E)UIiIg. ellr',.eerat hlifigt-api-;sliig and

2 Itsi: 'I I '1. me''mge10 -1 l14"e'livig la iils
Ie,1111111 iieYgc1igme '4 cIu A Ife, IW Yea*'S 6114 uil1 hut
wever had I i mlillepanie iiitha~t has givsenu
lmc'tte'i stltii-.im-tieiil. I licmtie-'i luithat hel
I~ ~~~14 ,'ei mtt. i'v meic' ea temilerv.
I clii liemiie'.t l ieeeiiie14111ici t 2'w -ofIN-

'rlday I. i.u'ky.
There is luck iIn otmll nuI IIers. There
Is double luck lii two (mid numbers.
Friday is the sixth day of the week.
Six Is the double of three, which Is
not only an odd number, but one which
proverlially possesses a charm. There-
fore Friday is a doubly chariulugly
lucky day.-Boston Advertiser.
He Found a Cure
IV. LI. LI',,- .r. '3 l.s S -2nl -ti 4'l. Sil
l4;11 0 't .\-. \\ I'.il.' : "'** | hI.II if II I l hfe ifI-
i\ iltli ,l'.e.| i,..i;0i ,,. iuleligl'slillm fo',r rime
21 year'-. lh:., tiri.- I l iiny l,-wtorl % \wilthi-
ioll ,-elief. ilnt I h; e'., f11,, n.1 a; ,cr .m ill
Ihr.-line. I r,." n ii niii.i l it t all Iny
fr"iellils. %% hs I ; ar ; llli, -.il ill;t \\ ; "I ;Ii:mi
it i II i1 'lri I thIIn, t ,. 0 ; t I r. .I. .1.



F4 11

A Hart toHB
T- TbeGaett -ews tkes this m method xand oleao oao la. a
ShBeart talk with itt hundreds of medem who amre bylg holiday goods, a.&
i core or more of advrtising patnms who ase toerked wlhkthome good.
F. irt to our readers: The GaaWtte-New is now climbing up fast toward the
e thousand mark. It is fair to annume that thePr are vre readers for ewry paper
I sent out. In some instmuMes to hI sure a paper will ind sant reading, but this is
the exception; the universal rule throughout christeodom is that a paper pa-n-s
s from hand to hand. This being the case we are within reasonable bounds whem
w we say that the Gasette-News is seen weekly by thousands of readers.
n The (;azette-,Newso wants to "tote fair," to deal honorably with its patron
I whether reader, suib.'riber or advertiser. In fart its present growth and sume
I are due almost wholly to this policy.
If there be those in laytona and surrounding country who read no other paper
we will say that every nmerhant, every hotel man. every business man with some-

RE66W To esl
We ane wsq*spffskier '
'Uri ng~E a~io
Trega 60 -. -



ft. FL GOWIN, PrnprLtLr



anl generall Binekemithing
and Repairimng.

Near Bond Lamber Yard Dm

thing to push does not advertise with the Gasette-News. We esteem them highly
and Ieoew some day to show them the error of their way-unless more wide-awake,
up-to-date competitors knoiek them out of business before they invited us to help
pin "su-tce-" onil their linie'rs.
But, the' foregoing conservation is just a little foreign toi the thought. rThis is
what the Gazette-News wants to imniprms on its ,.eaderst All the ..fADING
enerlhaits of iDaytoima i iilv loatronizing our roluinnn. This wek and next
esl-e-ially our clununs will rI'lieet the business life and spirit of Daytpona; it will lew
blrinifuil if suggest ioel as tot whalit. where and lih4 tto suliply your iwaints. It is
not neweni-ry to gt o aVnw.iy or send away. it is not ne.rss.iury to llook lie-yond our
coluniis fo r htsautifil and useful arti-les wanted t*t this season.
Those advertising in lthe (iGaztte-Newt invite yoi to call: thome wlho do not
advertiim. with ui dos nit invite you. Sine you, money is a gooel as anylldly'l
monelly yo would doubtless lte received -lourteoiisly Iby tl,.,se who dio not advertise
but the fart remiutins thit tflie *iv ivie not invited you..
Now a w\,or, to ;ldvertise rs: It is patent to all that the' Gazette-News is striv-
ing to make itteff bright, crisp and ne.du4hlle: the surrounding territory i daily
gleaned lfor news. samiple copies ir se ent out frequently, and no pains an* slmired tio
put the (i;izette-News in the' hands f till our best people. It is high time that you
were extolling yIour wares. You know what it nieuns tol have shelf worn goods
on halial. .JIldic ious lunving and : nl .'ertising are tle things thlit .omint. If you have
doe 'your pliart-;i .imi w think you hei.ve--give tihe (.tizette-News .il eoill>|ortunity
to toui-ili the buttoIn.



Fully Kiln Dried Pine and Cypress Finid
Lumber, Flooring, Ceiling, Novelty
and Bevel Siding,
Mouldings. Shingles and Lath, Brick,
and Cement and Plaster of Paris.
'Phone 49.
Magnolia Ave: and F. E. C. Ry. (West of Postolee.)


To St. Louis and Chicago

illman Palace Sleeping Cars from Jacksonville to St. Louis and to Chk
leaving Jacksonville daily at 8 p. m., via the famous

Dixie Flyer Route

z A. V. & W. Ry,, G. S. & F. Ry., C. ofGf. R.R.. N. C. & St. L, Ry., ad
Illinois Central R. R. via Martin. Tenn.

r further information, rate and tickets apply to nearest ticket agent a
FRED D MILLER, Traveling Passenger Agent. Atlanta Ga.

. | |i -'.

SVre'nch CoeS-.
The delicious tflavor which rall travel-
e* rs il France discover Ili the coffee of
that country Is got. It is said. hly the
addition of a little butter and sugar
during the roasting process. To every
three pounds of roasting berries a ta-
blesipounful each of butter and pow-
dered sugar is added. Tlsec illn melting
spread over the lwians li a thin coat-
lug, which holds the ntroma and con-
tributes a caramel flavor that Is deli-
cious and distinctive.- I- inrer's Bazar.
A lModern .Adonle .
Lady -Your l:irtner liams fainted, I
hear. How did thalit hal.eeeii?
Otticer It is quite simple. I danced
with her three tintes in succession. The
great happiness was tio mi liu, of a
strain for her ler'es. I al now tak-
Ing ,3my departure lest I should do any
further da ma nge. -uFromi tie h rnmiian.

Favorite Family Reined).
Il',re1 1'lell\ ;l ", i0i0llls e "ll"- ill tlme
hloll'ehe'hl \\ mi,- hs ,;m il|i. Il lle-r .uts.
pl.mi iNi- ;iial l It'ilhiriel'" Sal i's I.inneriil, it hls for iiainyv
v'si'a r. e t c ii ihm ili al a il 1 ile. ftiiilv
re.i iie.| .-.. i0. i. nih l.ll i ait .I.1..I. s. i
The- Enatllsh sI e.
Frank was heariiniiug to ride a: horse.
and one day sonllelvxly asked him if it
bounced himi very hard when the horse
wa4 trotting.
"Oh, no." he answered. "I don't
bounce very hard. I stay tip nearly all
the tiie."-Little Chronicle.
To Care a Cold In one Day.
IIke laxative lireini Iuinieii Tablets-
All druggists refund l l lie lioi% if it fails
to -irte. IE. W. irove,' -'0,iatil'tr in
eae.fhbox; 2.m'.

"SAN MATEO TheNation's
It's all Florida.

Why buy imported cigars, made from heavy tropical tobacco, doctored wit t.el
and other drugs, when you can have the pure Florida leaf at a live-ent pi
S2.................. FREE BY MAIL.TO ANY ADDRESS.
Be .)z .-v54)................ $1.7 j -


Atlantic, Valdosta & Western Ry.,

No. 4 stations No. J
7:.50 pin Lv................................ Jascksonville................................... Ar 9-0
11:03. pm Ara................ .Valdoota..................................... 5:
:.1.5 am Ar........................................ Macon....................................... l.v 12:585
7:2.5 am Ar....................................... tlanta......................................... v
1:00 pm Ar....................................Chattanooga..............................iv i3.
6:.551 pm Ar ..................................... Nashville..................................... Lv 9:30
11:44) pm Ar........................................Martin....................5:............. v 15
:.52 a Ar......... ....................t. L...i..................... ,' 10.1
lt:t aRm Ar Chiego Iv 1
2:30 n Ar ........ ....ill............... ni, ville... ..... ...... -
7:2 19:15 am Ar........................................-'hiiago........ .................... L 7-0 0

No. 4--Dixie Flyer--t'arries Pullman Drawing Room liiffett Sleepling C.l
Jacksonville to St. Louis and Jacksonville to Chicago without change. il
lire .t connection at Nashville with sleeping cars for Loeuisville I'iniinnati ia
I'hicago. Stops at all A. V. & W. stations. A
Through coaches bet ween Jacksonville and Macon.
I'onnections made at Jacksonville with all northlhund train,- of the Seabo.i
Air Line and Florida East Coast Rys.
E. H. BARNES, Gen. Sup't. S. D. PICKETT, Gen, l'a@.& Ait&.

06S ;
.(~~~ ~~~ ~ iring for l~etcL.iata lplltJ'





Rough and Dressed Pine Cyp

Lumber, Lath, Shingles,

Flooriang Sidig Ceiling.
Brick, Urie d Cimd t Is Stlck.

Office and Yards t C Railway And Orange A i,
R. J. Malby, Mem


Week Iherinniiig l 'tc. 14. 1 !M2.


L om ; 0
oft al0
y ,CxF --I~ m.O t ou Owu.
-Ate bPaul",rc~y
*M Say

Lighted by leFloriita

jonsd ~~on Noth Ridgewood. Thus boome is now tojKn for m-ond0
spo. It haot all u~OWerminmgwovenients that ePan4(bntribuIts.
to thr. comlkwts (f gw-stfa'.

Wonu Beest the Market Affonis'.


New House.

Strictly First ('lass.

Oe block Ifmm the depot.

Will ice oj'lwnthe' ye-ar 141

Rates. .$2.00i and uip.


iii. 2:

E. & H. DI)ILLIN(;IIVA. Proprietors.

I. ~0 S U U

9%i Grand Atlantic

ohmt ILeatjou on River I-nmtt. 1Wide V'M11-all:ls. S'111fn Pmrl em. BilliardI
buom, M dni(omv'li'me'-eThnoulw lI iem t .I111p.
WAITEI& t & RAM[t'7..I Proprietors.
por Addu'm:.
1U Atlossik House, Naragan-m-1t ISier. it. I..


BJ-OU6 !r!-lo OS-*

he Palmetto
C. 0. CHAMIItERI.IN. I'mr1o'KITOi. .

Situated on Beach Street Overlooking the llalifax.

Strictly First Class in all Appointnwnts.

The HMkms. (lrki, of New York. ar'
Stopping at the 4 laks.
Messrs. C. and Joe ('ruzan.(of (Ciarles-
ton, S. C.. are at the EuAropiean,
Mrs. 1. (i. (Cutler. of Allbany, N. V., is
"t1OPPinK at the 1Fountain Cit?.
Win. Allen. of New York. who.'lminmii'st
grove at Port Orangv. is at tIii' Ridge-
m2Iftla' 4 (rainlingr hak#-mv 'will jlouttillj
lum'intel"for l hida itig mJril-s on % vr~v short
not ice..
R. E'. 1Pratt mailJ.1. I ;*iI~.ef('Ili.
eagl. wItim, art.- c lli tj1.ii tl wl hI .sj4Iatll.l
lani.'l,- fi '.'e --a bI 4 in' ti a liai f hlie cr

Memssm. .1401i11 SqIt s. I. ,iuiet-kY rolifliy

.S.11116i,5j411c'sVi-. 441 I.Iit4.Ieii,.- mlls.I

IL. I. E~uliii..f Ilingdand li.V 14iis inl-
t4r-it.l ill tillE..l-:it 4e iait 4 .i al 'otim-

w..enle'at Sehg11ifi ilts Vil~la this.
Hy- ll' 11141Y fl 11' ItIt. 11it" VI'.- .f cm 1441
blitlikets inlI -4tt41 : 10 iii.' f~i'i i44h.- to
$2.-10 it a c~l'e t i'.11,:il-ip'l.-Ie c l~it
*2.7-:'tt t. c; and4 "

Wa#sliinllageii. I. 4.. :iI'c4this trill.1 if ,ii-
lhidiiftc ir I t;. IS. IA l1'r4 ('...1 11k.-r
Ra(I- A S S.

%%ill hil4l c ii,.14 in l hi', ,l. l all. 111 -s'

S1114. l vasall j le:si i f '1-s-t, -. je4III~iilig~lt thie

X -.1- 11. t I s.Iiii' 041 -'1114411 t- I tI iII c-c- i 4II5InI 4. f I a
w-rioti~s it ta.'l. ,fit mi' il~ i llS 1141ft iid
great Oi.l

W ,'iSl s lih.t n4.' i I'- l11 ,itt ins, .lit )I l, v s :1114

-t ii54i].sh irt wi'l. :l -z S I o n

lI\4iI' A

liYon will flud a fin' anmortmet-t of
Huyvler's" Xni, uandlies t (thrk's.
II. I). Vil-o, wife, rhihirn.n alnd nurse, of
Chlii|pfwa Falls, Wis.. who have hten nt
tlw Bennett House. are o pleaded with
Daytona that they think of maiaking a
hlioI heliern.
Frank Stang and Mris. Ida S'.nn. of
Sanldusky. 0.. arei' at S*rhmidt's Villa.
Mrs. Siain''s hIlshiaii is editor (of the
Samnisky Iknetir-rant. a paptlr widely
imr-u'lahit,-1l in theli lItuck.yevstate.
The l:ey I gusts olf thi lt-Ielalhuld gaWve
a shell part.vy Satnluray evening. which
%was a hit. At lronogre-sive e uti. Mirs.
Ih-Furs',t aiid I.,,ilis .All-]r w.on h;aill
prize i. Id l 4). 1.%tl;ilf ti foot lpriyz. .
Charllllie 1.411g. of Sililsisllllmville. Ky..
a e,'.lusini of Mrs. Ilouigl*ss, thlie milliner.
has airrive.d illn lih.e ily iiand takeil lip his
iill ti de t the l II;llif;il IIoull-.. lie hals
;>lnrtly I6-n io-nelfittedil ly thilsltibrioiul,
C',l. T. E1viiin .Miller aiinl son Iria. who
li v ,.-II sMe" leii till,' tisliig alit I',41l4P
Park. liiv. aiili to la, Ilvtolt for lth
% inter. .A cor'diial we'loie
is extenileldI. lit-ill. 'T lie I l Illnill Illi lima in4 tlle l i l 1 liher register.
Timiin SlM1lds dl1lilhitfullv with a jo lly
i|ii'at.-tt Iat Ilhe Iaks. There mi larger
Illlnsl-i.rt cusslblllhei! in llotle' hioltels. hlllt
thi-v dlo i't hliavt. e "-' I. etl'ter time. The
partvty is eiiiosc-dl lof the M.1isses C'lark,
1i.'i1' I.eho lii in aid l Elieainor Ya(tes.
.1. I'. Vinihing. lt-i w,\ll known hiotl
Illail. Ire- tltll. le Isse of tlhe l 1 otIl 4 ('l ll-
lnill.s,. billt noiw 4of K'y West. lll.lV Ie-
%w itl thi- l'lii:glr hli hte<'lsl'ii '!fte'r:lit Il-ast
lI- ie liookied folr I-'liilri's hlot-Il. l1h4 ('ili-
tintitaitil. at .Maieirt.t. for lW t sastion.
L.ate' ari\In.fils lt t Ie l aIn lrio Iou1se-
airl.: Mrs. 4'. .. Milner ;iinl .Miss .1. E':.
WVhinliilc. ui 1n l.u ar. \\is.: \. II.
Iltt'kinll. wifv ain, l son, ai. Mii s N'. I.
Sniilli. I't. PIlaini.. N. Y.The t h(tttlr ial-
eeow em ali.i- toI 1114 -ir ,.lieltii; I ,ilp o n ;ild% .
s i't1 -t. S' .itb '.zI.".
W1. T.l iridlie:y'." \he is 4licilig lthe Easl
'oWl t. iitMking i \ write, up for til- New
Yrk Etviihign I'liest. st li-nol, at tIhe
Iti llp ,I A, l"I \\ h il,. ill I| \ ll. II,| is Illle4
in hIis praise oof liilNlonii; thinks it is in-
r1i1illl | i -I I: lly t ll- l | i r lt l I s i A \ 1 in 1 1 'i ,rih|;|.
:111i \\% ill :I-v ,i i ) I' ,i i ist r.l'O s ill
Il ir I i, s| -ri. ll ililil l.
Iit,1 l I ll, l ;i 4l I'l1i. .I4 \\ hi, is \l i h ri

f 'it I C lla ,,<'i llli Il1 \\i'llt 11 4 \\M (,
.Now SiVlli. r i T"ra il, i l- .iir ;i lil f 6ii4
' 141 li; illi ll 1 | .ri r, '' ,,k M. \ .I. )%\\ lv
I. ; i r alli .1s .ll l \\ilit :1 1l ullA ll l ilnih
i h lli, i. l i, a lll 'l l. l .'. Ilii s tri, l i se ,.
ll .l ll.l' It I S i| u, I'r. li, ll i fi l h1 rl-

I a II c.1e-:111il t l ie ll ;il~ti\ :11141Al .i I tin e.
-..ia i ,'I-. .1 .\ li i w r h l- e l I si m l i l k t i l ~ l 4 5 l l m t

liii r- 14) "11 11'* -ilS

3*****.. III
* Uood Board.
3#l4I,,33 3

*mAAAAArn ARiuYu*


(Good Rooli


C~entralh anei Conve~nieut to cvsrylft7

Price.Ve17uy =b

-) RiflI Proprietress
3333 ~~ .3..66 .. .6 a 0 a A IiiIS0It~,~~v~v


Iat)lea.Mi'lifaix ive.

Cuisene First Class. Large Airy Rooms.

Sma~i..- lg t.I~i. x' I 1-VI.1 1 Prloprictor.


Ihlighit fllly Nit ilateel 4,1l1 Ii.1gvw(P(iii A viime; ve.int ml location; beautiful
S broad emi v;tads; liit :iril inall sl4.ji im fl partivients,uit m oolup large
an :iilairv: : ta I. :,& -41"d as 1114. Ii,, st IIer-t4.iltiotim hotels~.

4ja...~i~m I ia iil.. tsmlaiiti 14iiiiiinke ,i'gieis rt'mt' ifgortallo'.

0 ~ ~ l 1MR. Il OiEMIGE El. $1 Le EINA I I.. roprictor.


A~i'. f ew if Iii.' ttniatimisi: I fism I.I~- lsa liii ii Litig mid Fishing. Boating.
Bclt-eil.Iim A ~t Mfla,JlqmiI' : 1116~ h-1'. ash.ls abound.

(,. \. I~\~l:111 *'\ -peur.

.~.* ~.~ laa~~a a +1 1a ma mI I aA11 ,k, &&I I &&&to 6 &&1 &

X3 3433

h* Ridgewood

Sit llatE'(I f)1 ilthe Ii i-dl4-t l'4Jllt ill tile City.

l'i r-.t ('a' ill .all it s A11)4i imt nwmits.

1114111111 Ilmml I If 1-1414411111111111111 Itot fee111I


IDayttona Ilrml
11..1P. TRIlBBILE. Prioprra.-to:
lUswm4e' op e'~h Strvwt, Ov. rlenking, heHaifax i~' t~tr 4in-11la1mI!1.' "I 1,
kum Poutoflike. Lmlare '. Vvanlt Itomeuls.Il-t m*I.i:IS
Tailkt Ibmans ie *iri Vn midte r ml .e
N. irthlern Vi ..ijile awml % 41m ther

$7.00 to $150() per wt'ek;$P2.4 9) to VAN() per (lay

Opwn Novciiiber st.

bows. I'iiiehous'lim 1ts:1 S -a0e111 Ie ~~4ll.; s IiS 1114141 10%. 0-10.4t I-- I.%:t .

10005 nirely fuuniislo-11 le mt:aialgI~l.''4-4m-t.111-1aTlw 1:41.1-1, S,
Daytnt-1 Floidi 0

S. IH. MOSELEY. i' n i 'm iri.'to.m.S
M A%, t)111 .

Terllis F)'7to S9- per Week.

mm, fr oi)m a v -1. 1H:.a

bft in~sa Allaniv. %TLhANTlIe 'ITY- X..1. *



A. 4)lome '~p


0 ".. ovim

: l ,,| l ll | :1 !:111i I ,r lt ll- I 1 1 h :l kill
Illillillll lll III *Ill l r .il i ,1 ;I '. L l ,. I'
,;i i| I -. I I ih l l I ll ,I i l t illi ;lln
lIh,.,h i~lir il l tl,, l .ill,'l T h,.r,. ;l lr Illili

i;it ilrhI ,f l vil,- i 11 ri i i h 1 illii \ i 11il
I' Iiril i II io ll i i l I I "lI 1 I il i l .

l Ila l l i rito .,1 t l 1. I. ll a l it '.
.inl i, l |1 ni, ,,f iii lln r Illirll i "1Tin' Il llillm '

f i i llt 1 i 1' 4 ill:II ,. IIII li. Ir il I II- .I 'l ; r It
\\ hll .\ Tll* l il \ll I. LI l, tl ll i>
liiritl i- :l l ii. ll l :l 1 n I i ill- h ii T .u ,t ,, Ii;
iI I,; i t.- : It u i l. i u ll II'i i \ -I ,.I'. t i- Ai l I .
I I.llh S h,.-ll i I,.i .^ l i r .,.li "l'i:i l l,. .\ 11i\
il ii,.li, lli.. S .illl ,I \ ]l llll,, l, I l'r ll li ll li S .
I'uI lh ,,f ~ ., i I1 1- -. ,, l ll:ill.l:ii-,. S li llh ''.
S1, | -. T ,ll ,i 11 I i ll 1 I 1i i: 1, II.

I r. II II l. 1 :1 i ll1 it.I I, II, fif, h ,1
\l Olilhlic lii~lii I h (-. l hl,, l, 1 iI I;il 'ield
,ill Ih, ,,i .11

li eil Kc:i lg-~' iLl lejl. )I'I e'e lI I I; S
vot, Ii of 12 4-.i le.i-s 2'e-re 1i .70 leecum iel
It)l S:m''1 44V Iaild il- 4oef ev ioung- slk irk lie i.,e
.1I lidilI.-I I1eeoiliclk. -i ~ eh,.~ f the

liii.,-jut i e le..i~l lici upecec*- .141; eif ili

le tii I'~ k I0-4 \it-14 s fle S I I 11, 1 4 b I

iin .M'h. 11ni/ "1. .IIl i -ll1 \ll- III Il ,Z: .i ls
lt ,.M .r It .... I I l, lr .i,'\\ .'l r. Ir \V 1h-l I:, \\. M S i,, '. I \ liii-. lllT-I \. i i l IIE ] Ir l l Fr. S r Ci ll ili, i I l, l.i.\- lii
,li |. l, l I -.i I r S.\ i i l ,z,,*. i r .- i- I ;ti ;i t : .. i llk I i I I .


"The one of your admirers whom you liked the best has married some
one else. Tco bad:."
I "Oh, that's nothing. I'll get him a little later on."

~~0j Hl-E PALMS

VC' 1rn in h I aI I.iver

-j( )Ni I S,'\ ( \I. ). l()row- tors.


( >| | .i-lil K 'ilil hi '"- e'''.\\ i';ljilli> illel I'ier4
I >!,I S ,- i li, ir'. (l ii \ i J II h lie ll o iclai.

10 1- Ia I

I I t v. 'tt4l
's-I:wI0I or


Doctor: "Did you get the oysters I ordered to give you an appetite?'
Patient: "Oysters! Why, I ate over a hundred of 'em, and I didn't feel
hungry a bit."

I ,

* II










:-A 4

:- -A








owww w** w wwa

Nikk i 1i** *&1-11

-- mmssmoemsmsmsm

-Y fi.


Rates Model"Itt'.


..3 a..* U. N.s i A wtU v ...w. .
AM. .an KIwofOw e-ars You w, _OfiM
uw t911 1111o E.e s P em roe
ow e~,- f i.i. B, me a- Fit a bottle or eemmon glass with yow r1w F taw ea t l wsM's hbistr
ee th t -qumlw at aer WNI a sad tw ty4o r hours a a are mae cuodes a tea etmo s tham

tt 7t l Indesa"'"* a t tareta. "'"In ath'dral at
tity H ot l o the kni- Meuteal Is, or was a few years ao
ays;A lf it stains a* lage piece of tapestry wmoeb had
16 de t birds of strictly fArst ela L your linen it is *be" discovered In a back otret ot a
*J evidence of kid- New England town. The story le laM
S- 5\ L aney trouble: too ain M BU heIe'-lhdt t.'-talry at
George H. Matthews. frequent desire to salea."
Feb. 7 --- thes oi palso One day a certain Mr. Miller passing
convincing proof that the kidneys and blad- heating ek dutreet from a awoms
der wre out of order. eating chmud ofdust from a caTpeL
HAND LAUNDRY areouto o Something peculiar In Its appeman
There is comfort in the knowledge so made him stop and look closely at It.
Fofte= expressed. that Dr. Kilner's Swamp- when h. discovered. to his asmtoah-
FlaBnels and Root. the great kidney remedy fulflls every meut. that it was a arleadid piece of
Ladies' Wear, ihn curing rheumatism, pain in the a try, with life s d m
Lbaci, kidneys liver. bladder and every part wrought from Raphael's eartoon,
Shirts and Collars of the urinary psage.It corrects Inabilit ~
to hold water and scalding pain in passing y Lnlm.
a Specialty. it. or bad effects following use of liquor, The woman' was quite willing to
wine or beer. and overcomes that unpleaaanr tell bow she obtained It. It was. In
T necessity of being compelled to go often fact,. a standing grievance to her. Her
Mrs lane G o during the day. and to get up many times husband was a sailor, and when he
during the night. The mild and the extra- went out on one of his voyage. ahe
.3 South Biutch ,Str.t. I..yt,.nm. l'a. ordinary effect of Swamp-Rot is soon had begged him to bring her a carpet
realied. It stands the highest for its won- for her bet room. As It happened,* he
-=l, I" -A 'J>,l I VPi derful cures of the most distressing ca. did a port where he od
If you need a medicine you should have the did not visi a port where be could
Nevil H. Clark i best. Sold bydruggists in0c.and $1. sie. buy carpet, but rolled up In a little
You may have a sample bottle of thi shop on the quay at Malta he had
Wonderful discovery found the tapestry and purchased It,
and a book that tells thinking it might answer the purpose.
SL more about it. both sent It was too large for the room. and the
absolutely free by mail. woman had to turn a big piece under.
Address Dr. Kilmner at 5 s*' She folded the pieac h>;>ck.. revealing
t o readingthis genous offerinthis p part o the superb order of fit and
r uli' ake mistake. Wi tr.-iti flowers, wrought In silk and gold
,s ike llnyni.t*ka'. h1 r.*ni"',l*~.r thread, as fresh as when it was first
t!0.e ii-lnke. Swanitp-uMot. lDr. KilinwrP. worked. But the owner eyed it with
S \iitanei-l|a{nt. ntid tlhenalr..l.,. Ilinmr;lnii- contempt. She never did like the
Eles E'xaminld l't'e. toa. N. Y.. on every Iott'e. queer picture thing, she declared.
S..' -- It was the opportunity of a lifetime.
At 'lark's J.. t.-. A ood C h Mioe. Mr. Miller promptly off-ered her the
iit ll -- r. ii. h,'i .T ,l. .at.. trItiin. choice of any carpet in the stores in
I fial l'hilllldam llill'Is'lh l' u y is; exchange for her "queer picture
S111n ex.ileniiit m re.lia-irl. ha'.. I..nII .suf- thing," and the woman as promptly
rH.. .---- -. .* M l

-- lOt..-ytn ir ll in a *-ilm. \ It- i'-, Ii ior ti.. hl.t at epieu t e o1t er. i ney went uown-
two nxonitl,-at's, andl it ha.-. .-t.-d a *-ur.-. town together. and she selected, with
F. W. SAMS. l'nrlri-t-ir. 1 I have nai pli-a.l. r,. iv 'ar ,n.l.ia Rates $2.0M) pl-r liay an I .lw.arn'- it.-W. '. Wo-kle.r. lhi is th. iiiii't>n of glowing reds and greens. Her face
Spweial t1o Regular Itlm-r le.rs. ,f 4n.1 of otr thl..-i.t a,,l ao.t 'Sli'.t.'d was full of triumph when she re-
NEW SMYRNA. FlIDn a has hA.en, ,t,,: ait .yi ty hI turned. The best room at last was to
re- nedy and 1., le..-.fitt .a.. % %;. Mr have a carpet that was a carpet:
N W-kne'r. This- ,,m,.,lis -. .'.i nil It is safe to say that no bargain ever
N. ERICKSON lruggsts. ge more complete satisfaction to
Both parties than the one made that

nt M aker" andi Wood intended to Iw made into plan- morning in Derby street, Salem.
i os requires to l'to kult forty ye-ars in A GREAT WORRY CURE.
XA^ 'W n effect condition. -o it kis assrtedl. A GREAT WORRY CURE.
i Conmona Sese Is the Best Remedy
The population of Dan.ast ,s. reputed 1cmmon sene as the tst Redr
Doors and Winlliow n,.ns. itturn The poplt.iont qin tm li.-. s lted That Can e Prescribed.
Moulding u.'teor.hr. kinl t e o l 't .i i he wli i al u- I once asked a physician what cure
Furnitun-Reluairingpl.i on.. i-ishirt noti,. he uh4ul suggestt for the worrying hab-
.a.. ......... ... .

at eaminabl. pbr-,.
Corttange Avenu. Dayivto aii. Fli

Liver Pills

'Tat's what you need; some-
thing to cure your bilious-
ness and give you a -good
digestion. Ayer's Pills arc
liver pills. They cure con-
stipation and biliousness.
Gently laxative. Alldrusts.
f'W a57 arme Sta.-he ..r ..a& t autalul
|tewaare btiack'.k Then. aBe
M 0UAS DYE;ia.mr

,l box of thO M
sigblelsen bei oU ftkelu-

The Dredge- "KLONDIKE"
S MEI:l.T N A 1AM1I:I:ON, I'r..i.i. Pi,
D pdging donw iu thj l tlifa> T im k,, :1:;nsl ;ll ri ,.ir- upl :n l *..'\, t l I t ** ,
TeVlllr lt;- ..1as ;ll< u sld ,a:ti:.f.t,- i ni t ll ut ..*i
Addrefw thw propritl.or-. .r tii aI. I'li.

NO\,T1 Iti:AHll si II
Ham Select Sthck of......
DR G'(S FO IOM' ) IS ANI) T) II .ET SO A.1'.S.

Perfumery and Fancy Toilet Articles.

...I..S l \\ a il w ,.l t,, a tI;' l ; |'., 1 .
IlI t \\ .- a f. as i'l t, ,I .... al1 a; .'-.a IIt a1
l,|> in. in hi- m-,i t. lh. \\l,, !: I.- l,..'i r I,
,- ,hll &1 r .v \\ r. t-.. II,' "a 1.- '. I I .1 .
t,-lliliz : ,y t m ,,nl ,l, l.; it i. l. \\ h,,
asii: liratiiii" i lm!im Iv % i l 1i ;

6 411 fill- Ill.., ti l u,.,I
ai.- .1 li.il l IiIi a '" l I Th1 1'.-

Frlday I LuekL.Y.
There is luck in olddl ijintlluers. There
Isto doulale luck in two om-I ( ntuiil-,rs.
Friday is the sixth l:y of tihe wetk.
Six is the doitilllc of utira -,, t, hih I,
not only an Olel i,',inlr. 'iit omeI w'1,ih
jproverleially pos s*.-.s 1 ( hi'ir. TIl.re-
fore F'ridaIy is a ldoaely 'h'rli:irmiingly
I lucky day.-ltoston .,AliArtii.-r.
The Best IPrescription for Malaria
'h ill s n .l '. i. r i- ;i l..til 1 ..- : s; I:,,i -
T ..T1.: l. a iii.1i T'lT ,\i, It i- -1.I, .".
No Curt.. N'l I'.i l'i;", ll '-.

DR.J. 1.J sr\i-; aat-opia, ieaiifd .,aunlik' f- 0 a51 la14 8aa Il i i. : a :a p i.

*t,>:'.-'s l n I k,' 'ly .Isul .I'i ,'l>k-, mi\lil.

The Big Beach Street Fruit Store

Biggest and Best line of Candy in To-

F-'ruit-s f all kin'l-.

Hotel trade a spie-ialty.

i'l:TI-R i AIIELAS. l-emne' I

i. I ~i lpret-seribue common sense.
lhe said, "and if a man or wonmat
hasn't got a stock on hand and cannot
cultivate one the medical man is pow-
erl'-ss." This worrying nonsense grows.
The I-st nme .ns to cure it lies in the
1.all' of the Wllanl herself.
If shIe will ji:st call a little horse
selons to her aid. resolve not to Imarrow
traiuble'. to be chleerful atind think uponl
the rjihtl side etf thinj.s, sshe will live
lo:nL.er siisl Ix asle to retain her Ibeauty.
l-'er '.v .in hlas tlie stra'nl:est de-ire
to kee'tp iher gatoo l oks. Why. then,
dloe she take the course wvhichl is sure
to miailke iher yellow skinned, dull eyedti
a:'l thoroul-hly uilovely?
"h'le l::lis!,\voa al n is greatly ad-
15ini.el f,.r l.ri urtter refusi;l to worry or
tao 1.e \rv.-rit',l. ('1 .iisf auetly she IhLHks
va'sai,^ ;at lifty. IU'lnertaking 1o4) liore
thaln i.-l cinl coimiifortalily carry aout
S>anl ti(in.;ly lm-.ie-viing in the coming of
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