ue Presms.
Wh a aub of In k Did.
A ertalM newspaper proprietor had n
wuy of appearing in the compoing
Smd press rooms at the most uilexmpetedt
times, sad as his visits often result-ed
ia & general "shakeup" orf the work ng
Ole of the paIKr" they iwere w;wai-Hd
wb h ear and tremlingu;t Iy I OMe time one of the pressmen. an cx-
eag It workman, who had been there
may years. but was sometimes guilty
at a Epe of sobriety. bad a black eye
anI was t a quandary as to what ex-
* ease he should offer if the proprietor
U~ied It By a sudden inspiration he'
Eabed an Ink roller and daulbd somn'
tak his face. quite covering the (its-
elaMstisa. P1rewuinly the governor
eIme to and. with the foreman. went
Mtonh the room. -onuimentlng on ev-
S er detail and 'lookisn- very sharply at
every workman. When about to leave.
he suddenly pointed to the inky press-
Ln I and said. "Wh'at Is that man's
The man quaked In his shoes until be
tolmierd slowly: "I want you to give
thit man 5 shillings a week more

tt ta- c exiduve Le Nputices.
. seM s idI sCatneM a aad the
V twe :ames -rea Italy, slery, Ma- aKAtWiNUsAcaMVUm .
15Et m r. IrMece, Portall, lh. Auf Grund der Bmeti.angm m dmo
Aliers. high paeld Pabzeuaphen 1965 des b vaueil
Salmoeds come from Malaga,. OGeefbuches und auf Antrag Bchw
paln, and anot from the Jorda river, temawatsa Wedekind so Altona als
as many people apppoe. The common Pleger des Nachlas- des am 1. Maest
almond is the most dldigestible of all 1842 so Wedel, Schleswig Holtein, ge-
the auts and contains very little Dout- borenom, durch Erkenntnm des Koenig-
Ishment. There are many ways. how- lichen Amtegerichts Abth. nu Altona
e isn which It Is advantageously vom 16 Februar 1901 hunter Fesetsetaun
S which it is advntgeoly ~sine Todestagee auf den 1. January
used as a desert or as a flavorIng. 1896 fuer tot erklaerten
One peculiarity about the almond tree Franz Dittmer Jochim Burmester
Is that its leaves contain prusle acid werden dessen unbekanute Erben sur
and are therefore poisonous, while the Anmeldung ihrer Erbre bte bei dem
fruit may lie eaten with Impunity. unteraeichneten Amtagericht und bis
zum 1 April 1902 hiermit anfgefordert.
A Sure Thils Sport.D I)er genannte Burmester soil im jahre
A well known litican on s ng188 i Halifax Flme ertrunken ein
A well known politiciann on i tting und suns der Ehe mit seiner ihn ueber-
,ot for a day's sport with a friend lebenden wittwe. welche sich im Jahre
pointed to a large spaniel which lay 1887 wider verheirathet habem soil,
apparently asleep In the ball and bet 2 Kinder hinterlaisen haben, von denen
bai friend a guinea be could not at- das eine in den Jahren 1885-1889 xer-
tract the dog's attention. storben sein soil.
The bet was readily accepted, and' Altona. den 28 Oktober 1901
after the failure of a shrill whistle and Konigliehe Amtgericht Abth 2. C.
a blank cartridge to caute the slightest 2. C, vii 425, 01.
movement the guinea was delivered --
up. Kamsctor oti-.
"1 hat's my old dog Mahatma I bad having quIfied asexecutor under the last
stuffed a few weks ago," hgbed tho iill and testament of Cornella H. Murray. de-
stuffed a few weeks ago." laughed ceased, all creditors, legatees, distributes
politician, "and that's the tenth guinea adall person* having claims or demands
e's brought me."-fdon Tit-Bits. against her estate are hereby notified to
be*a brought me- don Tt-Bl. present their claims to the undersigned
within two year from d(ate of this notice or
24-_..2 -1_ b, barred. .. ...

Italian bees are more hardy than the
native and more profitable. They are
more energetic and will gather honey I
In partial droughts when natives will
do nothing. They will gather honey
from blossoms that nntive3 will not
touch. They are stronger on the wing.
will fly more directly and swiftly and
are not so Irritable.

Ue. Paradidtle.
Languid Trotter excitedly) -LIsten
to this what th' book sez. Weary, an'
then pack yer tomatter can an' roller
Weary Willie-W'ere for?
Languid Trotter-We're off fer th'
great Sahary desert, were they ain't
a drop o' water th' year roun'l-Detroit
Free Press.

Beat man Cold.
Professor-Heat ascends, and cold de.
Pupil-Not always, does It?
Proftssor-Yes, sir; invariably.
Pupil-Then how is It when I get my
feet wet the cold always goes up and
settles Il my bead? Philadelphia

Executor afoisaid,
Dated Daytona, Fla., Nov. 16. 1901.


.I)IN 4'. HlERMAN.
Giraaluate of tihe T. Still Aimerin i
S 14ool of ( steoplathly.

It,)!ii'. I anl 2. Atlaintic, Blick. DIytonat

Consultation FREE


**o-mething New Under the Sun."

wages. le is the only man in the All dwtors' have tried to unr.C (a'itarrh
isea who looks as If be had been A Double Runaway. Ij h their us.i of powvd.rs. ai wrlklag." "They have a new coachman at the haulers and driigrs in paste form. Th,'ir
-- Rippenbangers." lPwdIlers dry il t liet'e unu-no sl nielmbraneso
C naged nHo Tame. "WVlit's the matter with the old llisillg thell to cr1'k 1t' andi bl lel.
It is mid that when President Polk i one?" Ti. .Tpoeifi'l aitils ued in the linhalers
eie ton ,. as impressively 'le let the horses run away." bravn.- that their lnakrs havet ai meint to
dvtl et Faneu ll ll market The "Did they run far?" '.* *'* ile list. 2s and oflint inents cannt
eIerk walked in front of him down thi "Clear out Into the suburbs." ruchit.h te, i .seas...is. nl liil anl.exlwerienaced
'4th f the market announcing iln "Anybody with hilm?" ipractitiionelr \\who hass for Ianly yYears
bud lotes: "Make way. centlpuj'en. for "Yes. Mamle Rippenbanger. She and iiinllsc. a lose. situdv nlyail sip -ialty of tithe
the11 pnwLident orf it- United Staies Tbh the coachman haven't got back yet."- tr"-aitimo-nt of I atairrh,. hls sit la.t per-i
Mrw"'ktnlt of ihe 'onlted Slates: Fellow Cleveland Plain Dealer. f"t'Il a Trealtinai-nt which \wheln faithfully
110teit. nuake rioonm* "Ion Iiso-l.. not only I~v-lieves at 4onii ibut Isll'-
TI0 '-tr.i h'id si-t-plIen into one of thl I. a Great Hurry. iinielttl.v .iens 4 atutrrh. Iy rnving"
stat, lA, h.as ,:11, a'.l n.1 i.when the. Benham-Why did that woman keep the in. a 1 nl st pinuigntilt. -tishlarg es, a n
.t sk srlt,'I rnudt, ,tll,'ny and. find you standing at the door for half an 1.nl'.yi ktiflVln toi ,'in. i'e tihat atltnill
I- !.,t,:-.' .s I, l"l,.tilyv ciangpdl hour? nv.ii.h.s the a ifli.et.-si parts. This wonlder-
S'";*! ',:, .\ ,- s :r.ious' h Mrs. Beuham-Sbe said she hadn't fill raiie.tly is known :is **SNmr-I.:s the
*. .,! .i i.': o' time to come In.-Brooklyn Life. (;I.AitANTEEi:l CATARRH C('RE" Mindl is ol041
I__________ it tihe .xt ineily low priie of (ine Dlollar,
Atla Ii V d IIh l"ah'ka'i-gerontaiining inteiuil and ex-
Atlantic, Valdosta & W western R yIo. t,-r-lanilm.d.inil.siftt-ii.int forafinllt nithi'.
tr lll tnlHt t :In.ul everythinghg nlie .ss r.vy to
")IX IE F'IYEi ROI TI;- its i-rfe-'t st..
Only M rmintg Train from Jacksonville to the West. (-*t- ir h r mll'rIils t I .lt i inl v tnJe-fe
No. 2 N .4 .1 ,.i. ,i7..il4 a;. tlhe onlvy s;lfe a diil po.sitiva'
No. 2 No. 4 SLti. ions No. :1 No. 1 ,ii. forl that annoying and disgusting
7'.25 amn ......... 7:4. l pln I.... ..........-. l vill.. ..... \r :., a ... ... i as It c nii.s all intliani tion quickly
10:55 an'.........11-.'0 pn .Ar.............V. i -ta............ ......ti........ 5:20i: o 1n d m, d l I.rnai.-sly and is alsowa olnderffilly
4:10 pm ......... 3:50 aI .1AI ................M ................ I. 12:4 m..ini.......... 11 ::3 an l ui'k tqo vuli,.ve lliy Fevari r o mr Co l in tlhe
7-45 pm......... 7:25 nna Ar................ little ... ...I. 9:41 pm..... :O an, H,.ad.
:00 am ......... 1.0K) pII Ar..........Cihnt;1noo ii ..... l.v :3:MI1 ll1m ........ :41:53 ll a a1 'at.arl-h \'h- ln ne.-gleltld oftnll lanids to
40 m......... 6:5 lin Ar............. Ni'i vill,.... ...... I :,% .... i.:_.. ( ini o. nim iti.tioni- "S r i..:s" will sa.lV
18-01 pm .........11:40 |pn .1Ar................llartin................lv :1 :i a1 ......... ::47 i I yo if you upis Pit oa ice. It is no ordinary
7:24 ppi......... 6:52 anl .IAr............. St. l.ouis............. I .I 1II:1. m1..... ... .<::4;i in a r .ne lsl a .but n Imaplite t e atnnticnt which
__0:541 O itan Ar 4 'hi. I.r,Ig, |v ;il 1.111 is pol.itively gu.a'rant-.al t.o .int r Catarrh
S- in anly form or stage if use1 na-cording
12:40 pn......... 2:: al Ar ..........I.,l nvillh:..... .... l-v ::141 in..... 5.. 42::15 pmlI to, diem-tio vis whi. h aw.colp ntlvy ea'ch
4:15 pmn......... 7::.26 ans ........... ..inc.ilnlati ......... v 1:1 pmi ......... 11:5 .an u i,,.kag. ". lDont d.hi.v lu.t s.nl for it at
...........................9:I., am Ar...... ...... hi ,, .............. 1 v 7:4I00) pi......................... on. e. a ind w rite full particulars as to
.... .. ..I..V i i.ormnilition. sitnal "inY will rov ive
No. 4-Dixie Flyer-4 carriess 'iilliiim larna imng Itoo matii, uff-.tt Sleepi,,i.g Iars. S -iN ad'l i-va. f av'ma thlh. dlis.'-over(er of this
Jakeomnville to St. Louis with.ult ..chanea.. lmallkilnUg li,-t ,-onnc..t i nin iat NaIslNhvill.. woitlderfuil reii'y rsegarding ylour ct..-'
with aepi8 N cars for L uis.vill..llcin ll. i aln1i 4 Clhiiil.altra. p (nlv stops at fillowinmg withil t "' a ll'.a' t' "'l a ra'la t1
A. V. & stations: qCrawford. I.ta tet and rt;l .g, Tihro",. h 'mh.,.i.s i- tw., n t .; is il"ilr th.- aaitel
Jarekaomviile and Ma,,on. It (ti1 I*iv..
No. 2-Day Expre --Stoi. s-.it -11l V. I\. lo..-11st.tons. Mks Nivt .h o Sit prom 1ii;il taml any sII l ress il tla-
aertioMforall points West and Na-rthwest. \ i l,,ath (I- orle.l andl M.ie. '"lt-'l ,States lr 4 11"ail" yi s -'a-ilIt of
Commetions made at Ja.k.sorvill. \\ ith all l.i thl,,l aiint i (aiim l of t," I '. ..r "' i e la i .Alia n I lipt. 1122 ElwinN
Air Lieand Florida Eaist ',isest it.s ";ll.':s & t K. H. BARNES. G. i. Sllt. s I IKI:TT, i.; -n. l'ss .- i.e-'-t Strict. IPhiladelphia.

Chateau de Spee Wines ''-*"^TAr^1^ nkrds
C a e uee irngenious Treatment loy which Drunkards
are BKing Cared Daily in Spite
of Thenscelves.
o r]Passaic, N. J. Vl ItV y -r osd Na Noxious Doses. No Weakening of the
*Nereis. A Pleasant and Positive Cure
Th1 W ines Rival the XVorld i I Excellence. i., the Liquor tHabt.
It itis i;\\' i ,, i,.ri l." k ima\\ i aanad ijili r-
Old, rich and mellow by age and years of care an,:frequent racking siot hliaint l)rilt'ki.il.ss is li. listsu. ail
Il fumigsted cellars as is done with the Chateau Wines in France. wit .''iian.ass .\ I.-l lvilled within poisaol
-- -m-ilid iin*'.\'s ,-,,lulih'tt-lyv sh tlitt,' 'dIb nIP T-
rhe Chateau con"' ai)itam a- il-'i. -iltii .f illm txi ti i
tains a limited sup- IIn,.,I llzinlg iamal t'rllioadi-ating this pis on.
Sly of Private Stock nil l.st ro- ing tile ir.i ving for intoxi-
t ^B Port nineteen years 'nits. S fft'rrs miiv now 're ti'rin-
old, besides Bur- I .t i e h w'it ili t plllliciti- or loss
gundy and Claret of "tin. Ii I" lPi.i ss ly 1 this anil.derful
114ME I.l ia he whia-h hIas 1*4.
nearly the same age. ,..,'f,'.tlt ef tr m na \aaa a rs of clo's st ildly

Sne peer Pfort,
however, nine years
old, as well as
the Burgundy.
Claret and Sherry,
are hig0h class wines.
The *Climax
Brandy is i8 years
old. All are preferred
where known by the
Medical profession
"- .*. as superior to any
S.. ..themgtiaph of Chateau de Sp'ae d tihtat can be had, for
ta erexcellenteffect upon trhalystem wihe ued hvIinvaids.the weakIy
ud Gqed rs and in general family use "Vrthern New Jersey
di~st., asoilabounding in iron is 1usit adant, rhisgracefor Port
Wi. It Is the same kind of ,soil -s in Portugal Speer's winery and
vi+yards are the only Port grape v'ineyards in the L'Un:tcd States; only
wisyards that cultivate the real Purt wine grape (of Portugal ; while
leth wiAnes or mixtures called not t are made without a single Oporto
rape in them. Mr. Speer is the first and onl" one who imported the
Y iind acclimatedl he.,.r ,1 S ....:e ....1 ... --... -

imli t ir,;i ii.-lt a ili 'lbri.ites. TI'll f.ait hflll
i---" : .- nA li' titi 4 1 t< i ilii-'.I( i folip. at hi- \ i, i- IIi
l .t1 iil ,1ii. \.%. \ i.S p sit ivi ly "-- iiSUliin te-l 1
ti ,-q'i lt,' is i "' iiia a i l.t it i ti.it:- ,'i-,. 1l11 1 ili. t-
1lm-r it \\ al) 'aial a ldrinkir- ( )iar ri- or.ils .
' ia m s;, al.,:1 s ,,l i r: lii rt t i i ?i'o, iiimi'', iam-
duist riim:s ili I 1i prightlil ein.
\IVsl l 1.N 1 REll YOI tl III ll. ANIS
''This retniie|y i iII li nelli se tis 1 lostrmiil but
is i spi'-ili soa -kilifully l,'visl' anid prepared thit it
is tmlioroul'mg-ly- silhlllile illlal pl.I!Silllat tit
tl:,' ti, st. s- that it a-in Is' i',venn in li
(Ae oif t.n;i tir c4off witlihiit thet kiinov-
I,'dg-I i t ii" .he.-',in l aki iAn it. 'lThlis;ialls
oi liiruinkiid i- hive i-lieal thlitem lves with
thii pri I--. reimiely., niil as nllly llore
lhai;it, .1T n r ail inillaI rm iilla e t aillerlit
Ii1',i nI\ hasiving thlin" 'l'I. aimilmniistei I
Ily im io\ l iri-iids inid rl,.tivi\,.s wilihoiut
thliri knim \\ Ildg in aoff-, ora tei,. anll!d .-
lieve top.lly thliat that they dis'oilini1eUl |
drinking i tf tIheir own free will. 1iI NOT









I the







pmC.. tm Suutm %Oun IL ~

CURE *swuim
ego M-" hm

Price. Bo Cents.

b~yuri JAMESrI. ftUAd% so.Le. h

,,Savannah Line."




to New York.

Boston and the East.

Short Rail Ride to Savannnah.

THENCE via Palatial Express Steamships from 8AVANNAH. Four
Connections with!Now York and Boston Ships On Sound Lines*
All ticket agents and hotels are supplied with monthly sailing schedules.
Writ.- for general information, sailing schedules, stmiroom reservation, or call on
General Agent., Jacksonville, Fla. Agent, Daytona, Fla.
E. ILFE'VRE, Manager. W. H. PLEASANWI, Traff- Manager.
New Pier, 35 North River, New York, N. Y.





The ( great Through Car Line from Florida-C nnections:
E a The AtlanticCoast Line, via Charleston, Richmond
0, OT and Washington.
E '- The Southern Railway, via Savannah, Columbia and
W est The Southern Ry. via Jessup, Atlanta and Chatta'go
The Louisville & Nashville via Montgomery.
The Southern Ry. via Savannah, Columbia, Ashville
The4Mobile & Ohio R. R. via Montgomery.
Via Savannah and Ocean Steamship company for
a sQ New York, Philadelphia and Boston.
s t Via Savannah and Merchants aad Miners Transpor
station company for Baltimore.
Via Norfolk and steamers for New York, Baltimore
and Washington.





St. Louis and Chia

NOTBoUoND t-hedule Effective May 1. soaTE m|
No. 4 No. No.4Noo. 1 No
7:45 pm 7:25 amlv..........Jacksonville (A. V. & W.)..........Ar 8:55 pm
11.05 pm 10:55 am!Ar............Vaidosa (A. V. & W.).............Lv 5:20 pm
3:50.am 4:10 pmlAr Macon (G. S. & F.).........Lv 11:30
7.25 am 7:35 pm Ar .Atlanta (C. of G.) Lv 8-O0 am,
1:00 pm 12:30 am Ar............Chattanoogat(W.& A.)............Lv 4-05 am
5:55 pm 5:35 am Ar.....N....Nashville (N.C. & St. L.)...........Lv 10:55 pm
8:25 am 7:24 pmlAr St. Louis (I. C.).................. Lv 8:36 am 10
7:25 pm 77:00 amnLv........Nashvillt (N. C. &. St. L.)..........Ar 8:35 pmin
1:47 pm 12:10 pm' Lv................Martin (l. C.) Ar 2:55 pm 5:15
10:50 am .... ..... Ar......................Chicago (I. C.)..................L ............... 6
7:80 pm 5:48 amn Lv................Nashville (L. & N.)...............Ar 10:42 pm 8* a
12:50 am 9:50 amlAr.............Evahnville (L.& N.) ............Lv 6:&5 pm 3:15a
9:15 am 5:30 pm|Ar........h....(Iicogo ('. & E. L:)............Lv 11 05 am 71
No. 4-DIXIE FLYER, carries through Pullman Buffet Sleepers between S
sonville and St. Louis. making direct connections for all points in the Wet 1|
Northwest. Through sleeping car rnervations made to Louisville, Cincinmail
Chic'ago, only requiring passengers to step from one car into another.
No. 2-DAY EXPRESS, coaches Jacksonville to Atlanta, connecting vi
through sleeper Atlanta to St. Louis, and at Nashville with through seepIq
All correspoudance promptly answered and sleeping car berths secured. Wi
glad to meet passengers at Depot in Jacksonville or my office, 224 West Bay
Drop me a line.
WALTrc HAwKINs, Gen'l Agent Tramf Departiment. JacksonvFle, Ha. ,
J. C. HAIt,. General Pasiger Agent, Savannah, Ga.
E. H. T liNTOx, Traffie Masamge, ivaansh, Gk


Western & Atlantic Railroad.





CanmJioig through a Plluwn
Ijruis u'jwitou

V es-tibulfed J?4'Iff Sleepiers aJcl-A'ardleto'1.S
(t t'h a nyet. (hi~ of Xomifes .

For information relative to rates. schedule. etc.. or for leeper reservations, writetA

C. E. HARMAN. Gen. 1'as Agent, TOM M1. DOYLE. Fla. Pass. AgM
Atlanta. Ga. .Jacksonville, Fla,
f1. F. SMITH, Tratfie Manager'. NNslihville, Tenn.

To Kevy West and Havana, via Peninsular and Occidental Steamship Company.
To Novan Sotia, ('apel reton and Prince Edwards Island via Boston and Canada.
Atlantii and I'lant Steamship Line for Halifax. Hawkesbury and Charlotteetown.
Winter Tourist Tickets
will I*. on sale throughout the Northern. Eastern. Western and Southern States to
all Florida rwort-. via the Plant System during the season 1901, 1902, limited to
return until May 21st. with the liberal stop-over privileges in Florida.
Addptrss of parties in the North sent to the undersigned will be liberally sup-
plied with all information and handsome advertising matter.
For information nas to rates, sleeping car reservations. etc., call on, or write t
F. M. .),LLY, Division I'assenger Agent. 13M West Itay St.. Jacksonville, Florida,
W. It. DENHtAM, General Superintendent, hI. W. WRENN, I'ass.TraffiR Man.,
Savannah, Ga. Savannah, Ga.




0 50 30 030 SOOWSOOOOOS 40000000~ SOoOoOOOOooo

Seaboard Air Line Ry,




The Shortaet Route.
Thie liset Line.

Double Daily Service, Includ

with TI'lROt(ill I'TLLMAN SLEEPERS. It is tle Only Line Opera
DImiily Throlughi Pl'llnimn 'ar Servi'e between .IJacksmonville and New Orle

FI(r fNurther information write toa
.\. )..M.wNiDNELL. Asst. (ien. Pass. Agent, Jacksonville, Florida.
It. E. L. BI'NC'H. Gen. Pass. Agent, Portsmouth, Va.
.1. M. BItAlR First Vice-President and General Manager, Portsmouth,

wowowwwws~~ woos ,mwo@@ seoeeeoe.....ee. oeeee




- 0


ting 0


Tri- Weekly Sailings
Calling at Charleston. S. i'.. both ways.

The Clyde New England and Southern Lines.
Direct Service Betweetu
Calling at Charleston Both Ways.
Sorthhboad ... .. From Lewis' Wharf, 3So
Nort ............. ... fror..- f-,t Catherine street, Jack all

(DeiBlar '. i, ,
sI Between Jacksonville and Sanford -
BLIE SPRINGIS and Intermediate l.aiidinims on ST..I1 lNS RIVER. -i

STEAMER City of Jacksonville,
Leaves Jacksonville 3:30 p. m,. Sundays, Tuesdays and Thursda s
Leav* Sanford 9;30 a. m. Meondays, Wedesdays and Fridays
Southbound, S E H E ) aayE and FrNdays
Read down HED E orth
ve :30 p ......... .......ACKSONVILI .LE............................Arrive 2-00 .
S8:4O pni...........-....----------------LeaveALATK....... L OUve a^00
am ..........................................................ST O....-- --........- 2:30
4:30 am............................... ....ST. FRAN 'l ..... ..00.....................1
n :.. .. .......... ES 'RDitl (IE:L.\Ni))..................... 12:00 '
S 6:00Rals .*-- -.. ..............Il : ISP' s ..IN ........... ................ 11.-00 1
Arriv-R Rtl o.q ..............

son by or. J. M. Jsmes



I had be-n troubled a year, off andl on, with constipation, bil-
ioisness and sick headaches. Nothing semned to do rme any good.
One dlay at friend asked me what the trouble was. When I told

box. nnd. after the evrond boxh I l.'galn to feel so much relief that I

, nowI ail ainry a pkage of th.'m in iy poike.t.

One given relief.


- "Oe"


. .. i


. ^ *




him he rF4-q)tnm,-ndkA R-1-PA'N'.'4 Tabuh-s.

That .-vening"j got a

Lept till Willi till'Ill.

I have ltipaii% Tobules 141WRY14 ill the Ilollfw


Title: The Daytona gazette=news
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 Material Information
Title: The Daytona gazette=news
Uniform Title: Daytona Gazette-news
Alternate Title: Ormond gazette=news
Daytona gazette news
Ormond gazette news
Physical Description: Newspaper
Language: English
Publisher: Edward Fitzgerald
Place of Publication: Daytona ; Ormond, Fla.
Daytona Fla
Publication Date: December 7, 1901
Frequency: weekly
Subject: Newspapers -- Daytona (Fla.)   ( lcsh )
Newspapers -- Ormond (Fla.)   ( lcsh )
Newspapers -- Volusia County (Fla.)   ( lcsh )
Genre: newspaper   ( marcgt )
Spatial Coverage: United States -- Florida -- Volusia -- Daytona
United States -- Florida -- Volusia -- Ormond
Coordinates: 29.207222 x -81.037778 ( Place of Publication )
Additional Physical Form: Also available on microfilm from the University of Florida.
Dates or Sequential Designation: Vol. 11, no. 34 (Feb. 2, 1901)-
Dates or Sequential Designation: Ceased in 1922?
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Volume ID: VID00413
Source Institution: University of Florida
Holding Location: University of Florida
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-aey mewspapes MazalaMs
SMeA Geood Arst's Supplies
coejr-y Fruwt Nuts
rrey Clocs Watcheb

malg Tackle partigooda Gmss

daks aft 1 ml
SSuppas Wimow hadea
a Toys "esoms

- --

bwnsy's mad Woiy's Chocolates always fresh. "uv--i h-s fo le
har mat, ad repaired. AU rts of toobesad machiiy s.panm d pu .-
.....-PiceI' Frames Made to Order......

-TO,- -r .. y! Call on BARN |

Stores at Jacksonville, Palm Beach and Lake City.


A W Lim aof Fruits, Cofectioner, Cigars and Tobacco. We Carry the Finest
Lha adls in the City, athehe Lows. Pries. All Gt(odls Delivered Promptly.
t-h-l iate drops 25 seats a pound. Fresh mixed nuts 2)ec a lb., 2 lb for 3.-w
0molate walamut 40 enats a pound. i Florida Pecans. 20N a lb.. 2 lIm. for 3.X1
Cfm te akeoloie 40 enmtsa pound. English Waluuts 20c a lb.. 2 Ibm. for 35c
Pth mied emaldy 15c a lb., itls. 2 1e
iemea. s c dy 0es a lb.. 2 lbs. 35c<
One posed boa e mebcoeoatet 50 c.
SaWpou d oxzteeacolatst25r. I +
AmAwrtd baskets of fruit put up to order on short notice.
Agcmey for Egyptian Emprma Cigarettea-wholesale and retail.
PETER CARRLL.A8, Proprietor, Daytona, Florida,
'Phone 74.


O g Curio Man.

is back to Daytona. and has
opened his store in the building
next to Maley's Hardware Store.
He has a larger line of Curios and
Leather Goods than before.



- -


We have just r -a-iled a large
stock of goods manufaitun d
by the National BimAuit Co.
They are stric-tly high grade
and nothing can tw found to
equal them. Here are some
of them.

Graham Wafers
Brownie Walers
Fruit Cake
Almond Bon Ikons
Butter Gems
Five O'clock Teas
(ta ..g Crackeis
Minuette Wafers
Water Biscuit

Models Breaklact Bacon, the

*t-ot that money can. bay.

have the largest and i
Ml- cereal foods in the city.

lmyave the largest assortn
high grade canned goods in
county. The prices, of coi
4 am right.



Last Friday night Judge Charles Alex-
ander Hamilton passed away at his win-
ter home on the peninsula. He was
seventy-five years of age. He has been
in poor health the greater part of the
summer, and when he came South this
fall it was anticipated that he could not
live a great many months.
Judge Hamilton was born in 1826, in
New York, in a house belonging to the
Hamilton family. He was educated
partly in England and Germany. When
he was twenty year old he went to
Milwaukee, where he was admitted to
the bar when about twenty-one years
old. lie practiced law until 1461, when
he entered the army and was mustered
out as a colonel. He wam severely
wounded, and carried the bullet to WI
death. After the war he was elected Su-
perior Court Judge in Wisconsin and
labored long and faithfully, having very
few case reversed. He was a grandson
of Alexander Hamilton.
He leaves a wife, three brothers, Schuy-
leI, William and George Hamilton, now
in New York, and one sister. He was a
prominent citizen of Daytona for nearly
ave years. Gen. Charles King, the noted
author, is a nephew of Mrs. Hamilton.
The body was taken to Milwaukee for

pL." Paragon" hats for men at



Mrs. Ann Ballough died at her home in
Seabreeze at the age of 83 years. Burial
services were held Wednesday, Rev. Bing-
ham officiating.
Mrs. Ballough was born near Manu-
obester, England. June 24, 1819. She
has been a resident of this vicinity since
1875, and during her residence here she
has made a host of staunch friends, who
mourn her death. Sle was a woman of
sterlingqualities and a staunch Christian.
She leaves four sons and three daughters
to mourn her demise.

Prof. Ousten Junsrren, a phrenologist.
of ten years' experience, is at the Stanley
House for n few days. Phrenological
examinations including advice in busi-
ness, health and marriage, from $1 up.

On Wednesday, the twenty-seventh,
Florida's naval namesake was launched
ment at Williamsport, N. J. Mrs. Nixon, wife
the of the contractor, christened the vessel.
Governor Jennings accompanied by mem-
urse bers of his staff. was present, and made
a speech appropriate to the occasion.
A little history as to the naming of
this monitor may not be out of place.
When the new warships, monitors, etc.
were first authorized by act of congress.
HBon. C. H. Campbell, then mayor of this
city, in a letter to Congressman Davis
suggested that one of these vessels be
named "Florida." The suggestions was
favorably received, and Mr. Davis imme-
diately called on the president and the
secretary of the navy about it. A few
days afterwards he received a note from
the secretary of the navy saying that his
nquest had beet acted upon favorab!y,
sad that otn of the new boats would
.r the name and the coat of arms of





gWNew shoes just in at Hill's,
There will be a business meeting of the
Epworth League Chapter of First M. E.
Church, Thursday evening, December 12,
at 7:30 o'clock. The election of officers
will take place and it is desired that
every member be present. Social feature
at the close. Place of meeting will be the
new home of Mr. and Mrs. Shear on
Ridgewood. near First avenue.
"g'New outing flannels at Hill's.
By order of the Official Board of the
Methodist Epicopal Church, the follow-
ing are the hours of public services: Sun-
day school at 10 a. m.; preaching at 11
a. n.; Epworth League at 7 p. m.;
preachhl at 7:30 p. m,; at Seabreez the
peeMabg arvi is now hebold at 2:80 p.
m., instead of 7:30 as before; Sunday
school at 2:30 p. m.; Junior Epworth
League Tuesdays 2:30 p. m.

Mm Moore desires to call special at-

M. odh at Teapot emsry.
l.TIh new stles in bting at Hll1's.
W. H. PeteM w a JaeOmvTe
visitor Wednesday,
IrWAirrm-To buy a large oee
sae, call at Holly Ita.
Phoemlx BilvestMis palms for male.
apply to E. N. Waldrom.
Judge McCrory was over from DeLead
Tuesday and Wednamay.
MlLanach "TomoWk" or charter.
Apply W. H. HBeh, HolUy H
Thou. B. Stout, of L ville, N. J.,
is registered at the HalMax Hone.
l-Boston Brown Bueed and Baked
Beman at the Grailiag Bekery to-day.
Sheriff Turer was- relating around
among his Daytona friends Wednesday.
SChoie furnished roos oa Beach treet
for rent. Inquire at the Gazzrw-Nws
I@.Kost & Gwinner have jut finished
a nice job of paper banging at the
Mr. and Mr. Worts and daughter, of
Toledo, Ohio. are registered at the
Daytona House.
.Kost & Gwinner, thepainters, have
moved into their now shop, next to the
Atlantic Block.
Mr. and Mrs. F. H. Kelsey, of Meriden,
Conn., arrived Sunday and expect to
spend the season with us.



See Cmorad's new ad.
IJ.New fur hats at Hill's.
WI 'rencah J at TVapot Grocery.
E. T. Conrad has sold the launch Sol-
tana to 8. H. Gove.
WISee the exquisite line of jewelry at
Gille's Drugstore.
Attornse Webb, of Titavills, was in
Daytona this week.
W. Roxby and children returnedThurs-
day evening from Michigan.
Adam Schants returned from Dayton,
Ohio, last Saturday evening.
Mr. and Mrs. A. T. Migeon, of CM
cut, a re gistered at the.Palmetto.
W Jewelry sold at Gille's ramgrtore is
guaranteed by the manufast s.
The "White Wings" returned from a
two weeks' cruise down the river.
A new stove has been placed in the,
Baptist Church.to better warm the edi-
ALKost & Gwinner have finished the
painting and paper hanging in the Hotel
IWJewelry, flne perfumes and toilet
articles for Christmas presents at Gille's
Choice furnished rooms on Beach street
for rent. Inquire at the GAZETTE-NEWs
WIHave you films to> developed and
print? You can have it done at Harris,
Photo Studio. 'Phone 91.
Geo. Lufbery and Robert Lufbery we
up from Port Orange Wednesday and
took dinner at the Palmetto.
Mr. and Mrs. : B. Fitgerald, Miss
Helen Foote and Miss May Pemberton
arrived from New York Monday.
Mr. and Mrs. Frank t. Lyon arrived
from New York Monday. Mr. Lyon will
manage the Sunnyside this season.
F. E. Bond and Tax Assessor Wilson
were over from DeLand Tuesday. They
hung up their hats at Schmidt's Villa.
A birthday party was given in honor
of Miss Rosa Hamilton at the home of
her parents, Mr. and Mrs.J. L. Hamilton,
last evening. A very pleasant time is re-
Thomas & Burdick are making great
improvements on their property on Vo-
lusia avenue. It has all been cleaned up,
and the pier' are laid for a commodious

e'Mre. E. L. Gale, mother of F. A. Mann,
died at Holly Hill Monday at the age of
78 years. Funeral services were held at
the house Tuesday morning, Rev. C. W.
Arnold officiating.
Mr. and Mrs. A. W. Wheeler and Mrs.
Green, of Fremont, Ohio, are here for
the season. Mr. Wheeler is an amateur
photographer of exceptional ability and
has a 90 degree lens. He reports that a
number from Fremont will be down later.
M. and Mrs. C. H. Keeler and Mr. and
fMrs. Andrew J. Brubaker, of Dixon, Ill.,
arrived last Friday evening, and are
domiciled in the Stanley cottage, near
the hotel of that name. Mr. Keeler will
assist on the reportorial staff of the
Journal this season.
~a.Tbe 8tallman dresser trunk at
Moore Bros.
Wednesday evening about ive o'clock
someone entered the msar door to Gille's
drugstore and took a sack containing
over fifty dollars from a drawer in the
prescription case. Sheriff Turner and
Deputy Rodgers are workingon the case,
but we understand that there is no clue
as yet to the thief.
glTrunks. full dress suit cases, tele-
scopes and traveling bags at Moore Bros*
Mr. and Mrs Ezra Bond arrived here
Tuesday from their home in Temple, O.,
(near Cleveland) and have rooms with
Mrs. Manley on First Avenue. They are
the parents of E. L. Bond. our esteemed
townsman. This is their fifth winter in
Florida and they regard Daytona as one
of the handsomest towns in the State.

"Married for Money" at the Opera
House, Monday, December 16th. Where-
ever this company have appeared they
have given excellent satisfaction.
Tickets now on sale at the Palmetto
Drug Store.
The following Daytonians will go over
to BeLand this afternoon to help ride F.
E. Bond on the Chapter goat to-night,
C. L. Smith, C. M. Bingham, Jr., B. F.
Hough, Geo. P. Ballough, Wm. Ballough
and J. W. Wilkinson.
The G. P. Ballough Company will put
in the plumbing in the Palmetto and in
C. E. Starr's residence at the corner of
Live Oak and Palmetto avenues. Per-
sons having work done by this firm can
be assured that it will be first class.
Mr. and Mrs. Uly G. Helme and the
baby, of Kirksville, Mo., are now occupy-
ing the Helme cottage on Beach street.
He .ned to entertain the public on hlisi
cornet, of which he is master, and we
hope to hear him again during his stay.
The Florida East Coast railway has
ordered five ten-wheel engines from the
Baldwin Locomotive Works, to le do -
livered in January, 1902. The engines
will burn bituminous coal, will weigh
in working order 113,000 plounds. iawl
will.have 19x24-inches cylinders. with
American balanced slide valves.
@, The shell window in Clark's Jew-
elry Store is a beautiful sight; all new
James M. Lane and daughter. Miss
Luella Lane, and Mrs. T. A. ,choville.
arrived from South Norwalk, Conn.. yes-
terday and are domiciled in the Cross
cottage on Ridgewood. Mr. Lane and
C. Nash were boyhood friends and Mr.
Nash entertained him by showing him
around the city yesterday afternoon.
Daytona has captivated Mr. Lane; lhe
says it is the prettiest town he has ei*-n
gI.Buy the guaranteed trousers, "The
Dutchess," of Moore Bros.
The very laughable comedy, "Married
for Money," was presented to our drama
loving people last night by some talented
artists, and for two hours mirth bub-
bled out like the rippling waters of ia
gushing fountain, and highest enjoyment
held a brilliant reign, and placed all
thoughts upon "the windy side of care."
Jack Core, as the "hen-pecked" Mr. Moir-
pus, was exceedingly fine; G. S. Mortimuer.
as the old man Mellowboy. was msulerl
and kept the audience in a roar of
laughter; Miss Layton, as Matilda, re-
peated her lines with fine effect and
moved around delightfully; Miss Vineta
Elton was bright, vik-acious, sparklinsr.
bewitchingly and exquisitely grace ful,
while hiss Fay Charlisle gave a graphi.
and faultless characterization of a sour-
visaged, ill-tenr-pered and "horrid old
woman." All in all, it was indeed most
laughable, and everybody came away
thoroughly delighted with the mirth-pro-
voking comedy.-Raleigh Post. 0jwra
House, December 19th.

gIFancy thermometers at Clark'.
They make a nice Xmas present.


flow much a man i like his nhoe s'-
For instance, both a soul may lees-

Both are made tight by cobblers;
Both arp made to .J on feet;
Each without a mate is incomplete.
iBoth have Ieen healed and often sold,
And hlwth in time will turn.to mould.
Now whi.lh woulb yoI n uclau e--
To tw a ruan. or I his sholi"?


You will find at our store a complete i

of Men's, Women's and Children's s-lh .

h668& oivM at pot Groery.
@Fre. pefuamue, face powders and
Imy soap at Cak's.
MThe nat Big Four dance will be held a
wek from next Tuesday.
W1-For fne carrige painting go to
. the Halax Waguq Works.
Mrs. D. 0. Baleom, of Boston, is at
the Daytoaa House for the season.
1.New silver novelties of all kinds at
Clark's jewelry and stationery store.
g The Halifax Wagon Works can
inakeyour old carriage or buggy look
like new.
'Wanted, a down stairs room or
rooms or a cottage at reasonable rent.
Address "Reater," care of this office.
Then will be an animated picture show
at the Opera Home to-night-Cinderella
and the glass slipper. Admission 10, 25
and 85 cents.
Monday evening there will be an ex-
hibit of finest moving pictures at the
Opera Housee, and Tuesday an illustrated
lecture for gentlemen.
Edward Snider, of Deleware, Ohio,
arrived Thureday and with his family.
will occupy the Shaffer cottage on sec-
ond avenue and Ridgewood.
W. M. Moore stated to us, in a went
interview, that his frm had a very choice
stock of holiday goods, which they will
have on exhibition Thursday, Dec. 12th
One of Pellecier & Rix's beautiful black
horses was kicked by another horse Wed-
nesday. Its leg was broken and its
owners were obliged to shoot it. The
horse was valued at about $200.

Wamt~lifor ommi. al e~.'rt iS1114.1164,onHoWr
Ia v 4;(4)4S l intho e rtwslialk"'i Wimet~e

Yours to Please,

Moore Bro&j

JrW & C6I Leading

l'h< a ig andi .1 ,.l I ',MI nple.t. l Stock
f r g i i i .ytvti n:; l'. rescriptiolns corn-
S l,)nal,'< l. y l;_,i teml I'IharImni ist only.
0 0 Perfumery and Toilet Articles. P
* T"'Y ol It PlN I 'NE T I l' ll It.l .11B M. l-25 ,.nts t bottle.

* Beach Street. % F P 0 ODAYTONA,, LORSl

O OO O O O000I



new lirn

dried apples, dried peaches, dried apri-




:ots, raisens, prunes, pitted cherries


dates. Fresh barrel of Florida syrup

ust in.


Longe's Old Stand.

5IBrain bread, the great brain devel-
oper and nerve builder, fresh every day
at th agnam Bakery.
'LoA .' f Titus, of Tituevilhe, have
opened a pool jad billiard room and
quick lunch stand in the Seminole block.
Mr. and Mrs. J. A. Ennis and son ar-
rived from Hastings, Minn., Wednesday,
and are occupying their home on Beach
Mrs. E. K. Pratt's silk quilt took first
premium at the State Fair, although
there were a number of quilts on ex-
Henderson Clements, a prominent
colored man, died Sunday at his home
in Wascroes, of consumption. He was
46 years old.
The GAZRitr-r-NEws is on sale atClark's
and Barnes' news stand every week. It
is also on file in all the leading hotels
throughout the state.
Mrs. D. A. Blodgett arrived Thursday,
having stopped off at Atlanta to visit
her sister who is ilL The children aad
the nurses, also the coachman, came on
through and arrived here Monday.
W-@Have you seen the "Kodak Girl"
in the magazines? Harris can supply
you with just as neat ahd handy akodak
as the "picture girl" carries. Studio in
Peck Block. 'Phone 91.
A. C. Barnett will pass among cur
subscribers, and those that ought to be
on our subscription list, next week in
the interest of the paper and any aid
or encouragement you may give him
will be thankfully receipted for.
The Oliveros case will come up in
Criminal Court at DeLand next Tuesday.
and a number from here will go over as
witnesses. Solicitor Perkins and Sheriff
Turner have been in the city this week
looking up additional evidence, and we
understand that they secured enough to
make a very strong case against the
In a conversation with Commissioner
Rodgers regarding the highway between
Bulow postoff ce and Harwood station,
he informed us that the road was peti-
tioned for in June 1887, and declared
open in August of the same year. The
road is recorded on the books of the
county and cannot be changed unless
upmn a petition from a majority of the
people who live in the vicinity.
g Graham and rye bread at the
Gramling Bakery.
Ms&bants are now preparing for the
Chrissms trade and ae stocking up
with a view of catching all the dollars
to be spent for Christmas presents.
There is no occasion for ayome seuding
away for goods, as the stocks he are
complete and pries low'. Consult the
GAZsYws-Nwe adverting columas and
you will experience no difeaiy lay ding
the place and goods you want.
SNeow styles In vwllig just in at
We have requested Mr. Detwiler, of
New Smyrna to present the facts relative
to the Goating obstructions in the river
at tJMt pinee, which information will be
foun4 *where. It would not be out of
place for our local Yacht Club to take
some action, and, endeavor to have the
obstructions removed at once, empower-
ing a committee to act, follow the chan-
nel and report. The tourist season is
upon us, and the waterways of the East
Coast of Florida, should not be ob-
structed, as it is our duty, as citizens, to
afford the strainger within our gates the
most ample facilities to enjoy and inves-
tigate our resources of climate and soil
without hindrance.

Corner Beach Street and Second Avenue.


in ~i:~i-if. 'l: I :T

The Palmetto Club held its first meet- Perfumery and Far
ing of the season at their club roomnR.,
Thursday. The rooms looked especially
attractive as several members had gen-
erously donated pictures for the walls.
A piano adorned one corner, while the
new Century occupied another. Roll
was called and 44 members responded. ul..I. .1 Nr. prN,:. *.r '. .*.*
It was noted with regret that one of it?
members had been called away minev the t:'"r ", i ." '
last meeting of the club., A short ad-I
dress by the president followed, and thn I --
a Sonnatine by Huhlan was given a a
duet by Mre. Huston and Mism Clark. V ILLA
Miss Thorp then read a paper on "Club SCHMIDTS VILLA
Work in the South," which pointed out
many channels in which other clubs are l .' ,- :
doing excellent work, and was quite an
inentiva t nnir nwn A nar.erfolln...i "



- r -

II'roi.,;t Artlicles.

- prof s.ionally during bualiac
11, 1:3!0) :toa. in.; 2:30 to 4:30 p ai

S .i th. H-llifax River

S,., in v.ry diirection and no We

I i- ,,:... ,on.' mile from the oseal

- a'


'Phone 19.

Evaporated Fruits.

We have just received a

Wo4wown4o" ar 4nww dmpmwm a 0

New and complete line of men'sF


' .


>' 7 .' "

A, I

I I I a '-'- I :.; t 4 J, ) f .

T 1. NT %I E 1) WIN Es. BRUSH&S.

A \D T I I! L 1.:, 1*


SM I I:s-...

.MEITEan. wi _' IWT.
WMM 8 miTa4.v T 1. following s a lit of the Volhmi
S -rostWeikibitat the state fair.
EDW. fA AIA PrOmWrn.- Guavajeli adoraage prrm. Jas.
OarMn, Ormiol.
t~a~C rIPTIOI RATE: Palmetto brbhes, from saw palmetto,
S A pe wr Ammm; Strk-tly to Advanrs. Mr. Rotaier, Ormosd.
S "hm Copy Five Cents. I SpecimeM of ae hreWs, J. A. Erick.
!son, Delanad.
ADVEiRTWIN RATES: Orang treeproteetion withgrams matp
lirla'T. le p1 I"lb B I" ra- +or carpets. Mr. Erhart. West DiLand.
Mii. lo Pr I E w -h' lo'srtmo Wire grass work. Mrm. A. B. Wilkinnon,
SHawks Park.
g'roemmunisations on live topics of Thre ho goMlden ruawtt oranges. T.
ma interest elicited. Anything per- It. Reeves, DelAnd.
tai-intowaonnl griere"ncs or qua s Three l oxes hammock oranges. one
wil not tw. pubhlih i x ex-pt over the hIox lwantiful grapefruit. W. S. Hart'
wri'er'a signtnu-e. and at ,our regular Hawks Park.
advpylialew rat. Box and Idra-nche grapefruit. also Zan-
zihar ginger ldant. and pIsePrvel ringer.
n- l -."I lottthe' Osw t. I h ytt 4 H. V w Euterpriw .
,I t I o.wMait,,I ay Finest pineapples. M. Sterpns. Steaon.
Vhsrid;.. +,s, Ss-esd ('iams Maitter. "", '*

Saturday, Dec. 7, .1*-


A *eoateeiporary. waisi- is a.lwna
oly printed and folded. ,onpinjinsi if
t sl alovenly metlhds. of t mullr i1 'it-
blllra. and their cntomplaint i, well
-ised.l When we gt a pipt-r wvhii li
*. Inok a' if it was inked by a muddly
musd pi. wprited in a hloth .-p rs andi
kIn'd by a hillygnat. we f-1I a s if thaw
ppnper plan. for it is i illn lw al Is, .
Aignb of the weekly pme'r's. wl-rn. pre
It weak do amsnt require to be dsne a;

I ar-wtis l Imf ll-aio. r.i rAmt i. 1 it.
Fine cont. lMhwesu.slehaidt-k. intah-beIs
of oangsp. tWne pcanm. T. I.. KRg'ers.
S enmine l -Starn-h ,c.. t1w olt i i-year old
easiava ronts anl stailk.s and tw, jars
of stan-'. Steto)ill.
Ilottled nitsral atter. Mr. tulletn,
SmIraul' Citv.
large pi .tar vw of view.. |r. .1. F
Forl-ne. Stetinm Iniversity. Iteland.
llum0e nimdle IRava jelly. SArah l.und,
ta l ,rnxe.
'CoMiiina vym. lhiytouna Mnutifa.f-turing
Silk quilt. M-r P'nratt, Daytona.
Jar fine ppran-i. two jams Hairi's yellow

ligtlimig qrped. tido thiemelvew and thi peat-hs 4st Lucie gram, and hay of mimaw.
**IA iinjusti-e when they e-end out isheets W. H. Haskell. DeLnd.
wrh Mt, o one wint a mind trader can Two loxes of Tangerine s. I.. II. lItl,-
rva. Print a clean paper, nile there rts. OranI City.
ins imethil in it that you don t want Fine -orM s, and mslg;r oiew. 1L. 'E. 'iSanny
vead. them fold it neatly and me if a little Seville.
S est tru mile won't liny.--Msntomlerm y Lrge. hfise nigar -amie. A. I'. I'atillo,

Advert iar.


IFvviLjA hm,, v. .~tesi iavw4.- ll cuE hOi
sehemity inflected 111"91s ls.'r ejlit Years
agoby the free.. rthlit .'asss.- ne-a rdee n v. v -

S 4V jssstIIse et4WM 41 miWA i-4laid se *ttsnsl.

yenr tils. almoes wissu le,:of samep..()Ia-
IseiL (if Ca lift ormain ow jais. by theconmaUltV.
Than mitssnes- iawvanl. of New SINsVIami.
find as ver.ri a h denissplmo is! %Vills--.is! fill

inagevry orangfp groove i tw tate. kiwds.
Mer Cwral yeirx Flhrida ,ranigp Mrs.. 11. Post. -of SeAnir.eze. haId a
we- very mranpe. and th.wre are nISo others 'eryfl tirune.ictie ofi hoiie oranges taxitily
worahy to ie" veimpar4i with Iit-i.. tie l with rililbon ill the IsMitli. which
TB* whole tisnmtry felt Flori, l'a mii- .-aInvw a g,-ati. deal of ttentiion.
SsreaMew. and the whole iounttryv is. halls Wall. Itg.or. 4, f oodtll. had a ,ni8e ,li"-
over Fkriela's partial .o-,,tinfiniX r,.ov- p|dly .of grale fruit and shinddhi-k, whi.hi
ery brmt it. ;ttrr-ate.d a gr.at leal of co-mm4lelt.
ne oi-rae seMasm in that State.. whii Tl'T etiwii. ,lisplla iof pini..leal,-,s <,n iN.t
has j.et Mojpen-l. larrinsg a<-ident. will |e|,i|its wyre frnni the pisery of .Jon iti .
ee wrv pruatablse. Tlren- is byv far tI Iw etmn at lIelnd..
asrgit Avop that has tIen Jnwn o iai J. '. It. nm-tt. of Ibaytiona. hal 1 vry
tieGr sw,aOd twe fruit is said 1 I of o di,|islay ,,f o .thi ,l.orn.
eNrakshu.-e 1m 1w ali lit',. At laa im, & A. Ikllosugh. iof S elre-ez-A. lihad :a
eriwdv u"alyk aea FhridIa or"ap% yit. -l..II -I on exihiblitioll which attniral-te a
at they e anreexellent.andewil at ren-onl- -Tat r ,1ea] ,,f fav.ra,.le "enbnilet.I It
able prii. We m sl Smnus have i Io eiu iin i ,t N ,,i ,,s s .t h* gr.si l4Mty. and the -oy .9 "life- will I.w
dbtiwtvl intceaI i1Y their i.i.ainia.- -

The county school board held Its l 8.) .
recuiarmeaon on Monday. all [em.o IFITIN,
ber present. = N WATER
Mr. Causy reported that he had ._E" iL em.
visited Mrs. Purdom and S a at Xa m
poria, and had advised her to 0npply. ,. .... .
the son (who isa paralytIc)wlthbookSi ih l y I_ > l--._L ,di*l
that he might study at beMe. CmAN iiH EF' a i- a-ad slppms alwnj~ as h ad.
Mr. Knapp reported that he ad I i :
consulted the patron* of Holly 11111i F. W. ~ ...
school in regard to change of teacher., Riatt,: $2 and Upward; BSpeal to S AtWWA e to MANI Werk.
and advised that no change be made. '' ,.
The superintendent reported that I-surer re r. .M pem, M .
he had appointed Miss Jennie Parham .Nbw tEmv.vNA, rLIOUA.
as teacher at Emporia.
He also reported that he had Thompson, .T. Daytona Ice Co. Adrr
granted twof trst grade certificates
as a result of thee xamination heldW. W Man r.
la..t week one.to... f. .. ...... .- High Grale Tailoring a Specialty.-.. W,. WalUao, Mamar.
last week one to Pref. t'. K. His.-
ards. of Daytona, and one to a colored Suits made to order for S18 and
teacher. Alphonso Jones. '.,.; Pants for $4 and upwards.
IR. M. Mallory was appointed trus- .. T l IE^ F
tee at Seabreeze. vice L'. F.Burgmau. P IjC E j t j
resigned. / ,ott4age Ave., rear of City Houti. I.''* .
Petition from Sand Hill asking for DAYTOXA. PLAmA. Made from Distilled Water.
the appointment of a supervisor, was
laid over till next meeting. Same WANTIc-- S'.VI:AL P o.I i or CAa-
action was taken with reference to a a.ter and gxxtd reputation in ah tate
petition from Dr. E. F. Dayton, of (one in this cont required) to wp- I
Seabreeze. isnt and advertise old establidsed
.. Whitman was appointed as wealthy business houseofsolid oBmmsl al -- mo_ l laalM*
teacher of (;Glenwood colored school. standing. Salary $18.00 weeWky with isimeI. Avm md
It was decided that all county pub- expenses additional. all payable in cash, .. at
lic schools should close from Decem h Wednetdav diet from head o mk-. MILLSJ TRAN14FE OM. I t rai
her 24) to Januar, 6. giving two week* Hmrt. and carriage furnished when n.. Hauls baggage, Wright, etW.
holiday. The chairman and superin- ceary. Referenw. Enelose elf-ad-. rates reaoabi, prompt service. Via I
tendent were empowered to draw war- dreed-s enwiope. Manager, oa..e, Bosto Barber bop. VlaI
rants in payment of December sala- :l"; ('axton Building, Chicago. Ph, i 77. Pu p
ries of teachers, providing reports h17 ML
wert sent in showing that 20 days For i
had been taught. 66e OA l A. .Icason
Arrangements were made with the Jold |,* ,
Voluia t'ountv Bank to cash all1 lHa'utifu'lly Lo-ated on RidgewootI Ave..
school warrants as presented, the! Daytona, Florida. lia t big lot of Harness. CollMr,
bank to receive 1is per cent. per an- )W (oPEN TO I.GESTS. Iatitr Strnap and Part,. Jut
.aum from time warrant was pre-
tented till paid byv the county treas- .whu tthruhout. ived larwneus$6..W0and uplwardas.
r ir\. new Io furnishIng'tlIo. iit liy lFot ._l
trer. ...ir. new finishing,. everything New Sewing Macbines for $1f ai Ind
The following permits to patronize ,"..." AI. a ., ". .. ... i.h
1 1. ., vakl to i lmk1entoiillufartalle. upwardsl. I fan furnuish you with
other schools were granted: .1. l.-.
.Jerkins. lnam|oria school: lNile\ (ties.., m uyv kind sof a sewing nmabine.

Tue's~i~is .t ua!~ilelx~via~ Mrs. George aUVolrmil. prop.
been dji.conttitssct'l. ansd tht. Isuaiuingfil
oul. %I r. Chiandiler was iarsitruct.-e to, h Pa m
isee hatthesv li-.'L stad furniture were he Pa m

properly stored.
The treasurer'- tieiarterly report
was examinimtd. atidl paid warrant die.
After sirawing warrants Ior canrrcrt
rexpist'.e. l t he Ioard adjourtned. %

B UIfANM~ SAYl'hrIla has. imndlns.vi-..mit to '-tth ler
WlT K. 1 lUAN SAYS. ,,,..1 ahva l.t ast n .- s. .aovt.er .l. .............n....
of pIelole w ho ,-nia e xpteting hIavens. w
la an interview with F. Ituru-nan d so bing tlkir ,w4 aw1ia l hi de Do You Smoke?
yesterday, he said:. along wiht hnIll.in tl. iwav ofraiiiism.on- DoY
"Just as soon as our legal, troubles sitaili.ex-tation(. I %Vell. theni yvon like tiit-
are over and we know where we arc F'Prida i, rsale in man1v ~w.avp. aul its 'i'irs. Yoau will find th
at with the postolice department. ffi.-ult te unshirs.tand w ,tv sotherwism. i finest |iqualities. untl the
Will proceed with the nuildling of intllignt ;sIssletusmig ansl ssis. into l.arst aaoitm..nt at ih
#C college. We have perfectedd a mnw i,.ematry -xpl-ting the .ai i e on U1
fer the raising of funds that .liti,,.ms that exit. wier tlv ,.itame from. C ity HiOtel.
liable us to pro'eedl with the ,' mas ir v.snan who ome to .
halU li mext fall. Flrisla pl'-1--ail t, ;ms-p miil and make ,AiA* .n i 1savlV arl. they
"We have formed a tdefeni-. a.so- t of.v,r a g-ltkiig lifa. .it cnl. lifnt lras U they
cltMtn. with headquarters, in Ienver. ,miln in til i e of tlt- ini'evita.le. ll first c1lac go I.
with the purpose in view of protecting isillg hisi. ,r- le.r ti ste. jusdgemaentm anlld Geo. H. Matthews. Prop.
all those who mav he similarly ierT-- .xl.r.rii. ttiig at exanple of w hat *
cuated as ourselves are. f ig$ ottellno.iltI of life. under limitatii on .. ..w....
-We placed the Mental Science I,.ae.' a go spel is Ijgm that will do .- -
aMlciatiot upon a more sulbtantial p.,sre to ring about dewirahllt--nilitionm s TfA. Ih oitImern
bat aad we have the test aslsurance Il tl ;.ll .1the1-rr-r-hhig. v O, th e
from all. parts of the country that i.,a -i trt asht Ia fa.1slw i.m-ep.le inteo l I4ARKIE'r
whatever we may undertake will Ie .,,ri .l,,-s..l, im,,sr t hei itY vOa r i o M EAT MARKET
tucked up hy strong and sbuhstantial wany v f litinking,. llt oi a an Iprove to
movement. and that the annmyance- m is Ily a'tiaai elleionltratio, tliothat vourii
we have been put to etf late ha vei hail w i 'e ,f it a -. tiT,,i,' 'arier-
a tendency to tunifv the Ntev'ral Ifestm,.n
branches of what i- tersted thie -ilen
thourht movement.* Our a,, .ciaton i -
wilt be incormiorated uniler a r-t-ula' will Not liste My Light Under,; -
state charter. I recommended to the A Baohol. I*
4"1estral ExeMutive Roard that tihe' G: NTL.MIk.:- \ ill lta Il. v light |
asmciation iw incorlrorated under the .tler a h "s%.lel. t I iimlt 1.. o|le it
k i lo it h% ta t l i l 'l M .%l ih,'M 'a l S V r llll I
lae of Florida. and the matter will a .1 i40h.flit.' '' 4s ba.s I hawaves
be taken under advisement. \Ve "ilI ih-n atlihi-sel ith atsiona.sn. l s.oisiint st
them be in a position to i-ifue icharter- rt ait a.Vlling- to i inI ;Ine as a l misital I P-%
to etateorgani=aticon. ,- ,o1i l -il. N-lmt l ) iii,, 1k J. L. Odu n P rr t.
1.i.-11 h4l.-is ;salll it tare'dtila eaItl ii's'-l. I J. L. Odumn, Proprieoor.
"1I would like youat ;, .. t 't s ve h i ..sla ; Oa s tm ha tii--it M;,v lt ..*neit ..1 .... i ,
my indignation at the effiorl- atile ,if st 'il ciS ealsi.slie.fiml i lme ,.in ,. ,i,, 4" "6 4 1 : "
in sime quarters.. and e p t..ill osin l r-malltre ild.ath. 1 ilm a n er s Is .. -4I L si.ls
the part of Mr. .I. M .l.tv. it the I" 'la It4 v 1. llt It. SVI t Tt' -. n. t .. \\,It. 1 ".
40 0ain1niis|tin tr\ it. It -ir-- a s; e a i*
Halifax .ournal. to t.-little ti e t- re- -,,ugh, a S if ,Vy ma g, .an1 it s tih le t i.., I ,s ,
suits of our lahors. H-I plate-, ,mt at-"'wi.i,'.ti% foli t 'lwhioo, .i, ,ohi li. I'ri .- 2,
tesdance at o. My record n-ihow. an 0entsh. A'I

attendance of 13K. outitide e-f thet Sai-
breese folks who are inter.-te i in
thbin movement. There were unite a
member ia attendance who did noti
desire to have their natrmes p-iStuihed
ter reasoMs helt knowii to tlhesri-ie. e
and ourlelves: and others agait. w tiIe
. falle4 to respond to roll call. '"
Mr. Burgman showed i- a lii-' rI
the delegate. to the ,scoi-aenti n .td
they asumbered l;A. isi'ludisi: te-s
memOters who are residents of 'sta-
bee.e. Some of thle delegate-. c; me
0 4a before tile convention. and idid
it Mpurckhae the regular c.tiur-.ion
ticket entitling them to the conve.tn-
ti ites. Some have returned hoie.
6bM1 M 1 at Miami and live went to
VEat', T~' rty-four will remain here
tb2h bseat the winter, and thirteen
willsmali permanently. A number
hie b ested in real estate.

WAW*U0ua-VUAL I'iaMUoS i*t I*MAC--

*~R*R~**~*~* ****

* -A'
* \~" -
* ..' *
'S -
N *

5 I I-
41 -' 4~


Thisi populasl&r sonee-Rie Icardimag
loii ssp ip. tceaemtifullv suitulded illo ~N
RtenchiStreet it fa-itg tile Ialifa z

your Ptrowsage8&oase".k.

Fancv fad Worker.

live The rmn ai-r latryl al and
Ihe tale klooarni excellent.. Th. I
hos i. ..ut three blocks frsom the Ihm as Window Srvden,. I'ietu
| Mouldings made to order. All kinds of
I i s|it.fli,.t anIl ,.enveuaient to all F'umittire Repairing dntone.nmhort note
Oll- Ilhew an1l blUt onwe mile at t omuable jiricew.
frnias the. lbe-a-h. Ratesw ivwasahl*.e. i Cott.$ige 4venliul, DAYTONA, FLA.

.1. N,' )~lj.l.tt.MhProplrietosr.


S. H. GOVE. I .
Architect, Builder ARIt MT,
and Contractor. ; GENERAL CONTRACTOR
: l-midlene and ottfe. northeast corner of and Bl'ILDER.
Ridgewood and Volusia aVemlni.
S*Phrnef a9. DAYTONA. rLA.

NOW< 1'N. SiSuggestion.s of plan furnished gratui-
m t i ously. Will c-he1rfully consult with!
CentrallY l.,,td. 14t, M.lretate. !persnn dehirinK plan, and guarantee
A. U(StOltNE. I'roprietor, ai .
SOr ii Anvelne, IDaytona, Florida iat i ftion.

STOV ? Phone11.

i. vs. w.1havethe1; all, Lkind.. Seabreeze, Florida.

We -e.ll the fiti.mIOuS "'Buika Cook.
Stove.h. in mall .ize. amil att all prices

I'ti hlting m i Ite'l rmsin nothing 'an .s .I LI
h-eat at ltIannii.r il HI ate.r Thlve ai s
Si irtlIi $ .'S i

T 1 :1 II %if.f .I. ic% I r l haI lemste-r-%
The v afte grit tai-I save-s.
"-I1 I q II 1. 114em 1 tim .l 704

J.IINiver &Son,

)!ee' I 5Ie St 14 Wl.

O*You can iooti-A the people some
of the time, and somM of the
people all the time; but you
can't fool all the people all the

WE DON'T want you fooled
any of the time.
Low priced paint will always fool you.
It may look well when first put
on but will not last. It costs s
much to put on a poor paint a,
it does a good uone.



-vd all Of eultgsb
sakaf tm v


are made to tool no one. They
are honest Paints for honest peo
pie. They cover ost, holk bast,
wea longest, are most ecomnai.
cal, and Wro-s full measure.
g,.D aY
Bingham & faley.



.w~mwfiwm-lft kimd I- ,



A. Ceci. Barnott,
Stemgrapher Typewriter



Pm.. .. -

mission, 50. rved
Reserved seats on sale at allmetto Drugstore.

---- --, -----..... @@sees*.



W Tbr6uagh ticketsto New York, Philadelphia.
New Haven, New London. Stonington,
R' Providenee, Fall River, Boston and
Severy Thureday, leaving Jacksonville an follows:
the M aad........................10:10 a.m. (Metrspq"Iiti, U l1imnited.)
Plant system .....................3..... :15 p. Il.
Geaboamd Air Line................ 7:44) p.m. (Fast Mail.)
PawenmerR leave Daytona 5:29 am and
:1:22 pm, making cloe w onn, ntioit.
illustrated matter, diagramsn. re ervarions, tick-ets. ,.t,... adires,

PA4 W PYEd Agent, Ji~wailly jrllt
4;4m)..If. Clark, Loral Age-nt, Daytona. Flat.

)rida East Coast RyJ

Time Table No. 8.. In t:ffect Sept. 1, 1901.

SOT BOUND o.54 %uemi. Down.4 Rad P)N@.1 DM
~ U~Da~yaiiy TATk)'NS. DiyDiy w hy
3 09195t"s v ..7 Jek*nvi0 An ....
to p0us uft oJmA--&~k vIle Lv 65. a Ma ...
11a lam ..... 55W
1 o j1147 asat ....... 54P Uj
14IM : : ....... N*% a ......... 4 IP 648:.....
7 wt* 12wp Dulplmt ......... 6frS ::
S.V l 25 ........Oruitind ............ .. 3h 6 ft....
P4 S op. I ;p ...... 41ylloaa .............. 3 2111%....
40p I C.p Prt Orange3 .&V
4 a ... 3 +: ......Titusville ...-.. W ....133p-
a ......phrnI .........040

At. Lu ie ...... 1Ila; .. .....
6 op ort Peu ce.... to ...... c o
........ tt... .. l ta W ... ..
M en 10:14A ...... ......
.. 5) ..... se n .... ......to
__ __'O ,A& ...... St a rt. .. ... v. l 1 1 l i

NA etPO ITRTS ANCII. 90 .......ua Cu a
Lv................ #21W ... A~7~a5. .....
O p.... .. ..........FotPauderdalheT. s....p'.l71........
M .,I, 11 .. AtLema tir ... ..... .. 6pfti-.
'I 5. i ..Miami .. ... Ly v A 410;4 wl

064w2%1 ,41.Da]vI PALATKA BRaNCH
oz Paltka A

Dmih~ ODaly D.U^ DuJJ )P:ly|PR>r
6:t 7s ft I pi 7
A4 l.m 7 i ?'i 1 1UOp W 70

...... ... .... Palatka Ar ... .. Ar
*8 i A.. San Mate ... _r
.. .. L p .... ........ ............
S ..Ot 5 L ......... .. ..... .......... U
4 Ar SwVCity .........r. .* 1n
S r ............ r. tnfor9 "- IAA
ThesmTime Tables ow the tim U at which trainsmay ino. 'uweted to arrive and depars
fte o the revai tatons. bat ~str arrival or departure at the ttunes stated i4 not grbam .
fm4. nor oes *e Company hold itsif respoAblet for any delay or any conaequenoes w.
ing therefrom.
live Mami M odysad a PrndF day. 10 0 pm leave Havana Weds. and Saturdays....100.
Arrive RKe Wei Tuas. ad Saturdays I ) umr Arrive Key Wet Weds. and Sats .... 60Go
eavee Key West Tups. and tuMndly- .. ,7 l eaave )Cy West Thu4. and Suns ...... 4 Z
Arrive Aiva*na WVsd-. and Mondays J. iam Arrive Miami Frilav and Mondays ... 60M4
For capy of local time card add res~ any Agent.
J. D. RAMJ R. Aest. ena. Pass. Agia. ST. AUGUSTINE.

*I*3.~fl~ To



is, IRAN"s LOf.


Tro E1:"ae t and Nsuh.
To tShe Wast n4a Nortwh*SV-wset.
The line through "The Land of the Sky," Asheville, Hot
Springs, N. TG. Finest Summer Resort Section in the
World. Through Sleeping Cars from Jacksonville to
Asheville and M.t Springs. North Carolina.
Owen of w" 0 P.AreM ExpstiMoB, B5ff.lo, n. V.
Thbreuh Vestibaled Tralas, Pullnaa Drawing-roeasn Sleeping Cats, through
Coaithe. IZcellet Di ing CW SeCvice.

1I ) II,
First Clasa*.WotJ

Daytona Steam Laundry
*Phoae S


V V v v

f ''

....... ----.v,

t3oklacT QL.14.:K

imoraftrm &Xboooto


UqCK il -t- 111L a- I. ..... I

I Ccr Board get for

to Imt a y3r "1
Gests' Collar Box t
-H11 r 1 1e-'i fi eddluloid;
a petty thing for a 1imnt. We Mla
Ow n -or Tf
GloV Box-O-4~loid; wy7 pltty...75c
amoker' s-8i.4 i eae with briar
pielMumcet h6tder, ewar holder and
r"bot ...... $1.25
Maicure Set 50e
Albumm-Flue quality ceUuloid and
pheh coves, velvet back...... 15 to 1.50
Toit Set 1.65
Fsaey OCacker Jars for your table.
Only 5Oe
A.h Trays ....15c
Fie Fish Seae Work--ll prime.
Children's Doll &et 8a
We hove dolU of all mise, measuring
up to two %ft in length.
kickel aad Dime Sving Banks ......... 9
Jewelry Bozes ......5e
ChWidYes' Water Color Seta............15C
Toy Pistols and caps-They'll make
Christus livrely 9c
Japanew Fan Sneim, for decorations,
ete 0
Silverware-Triple plated cake dishes,
coe sad tea pots, knives and forks,
spoons, etr., at all prices. Call ad see

- m a

Smith & Son, AvH- AT.

if.. b~ -L __2


We publish on another page a legal
ais from the Kig's Court of Germany
We VC tI tth msettlemaent ofas estate
d iFrana Burmeister, who was drowned
Sthe Haliax River in 188-5.
Burmeister came here from Voluia,.
with hie wie and young children, to
plmster what was then known as the
mean House, but now the Grand Atlan-
tr Hotel. He remained here afterfinish.
in the job anad worked at whatever
Scou)d get to do to supply the needs of
eb to his wile and little ones. He was
known to the thet few settlers of this
-town as an honest, industrious, hard-
working maa.
One day news came to him that a rela-
Sve of hi had died in Germany and left
bim a lage ~ea. He had not the
Seas to take imisief ad family to the
Sfatherland, bt h sarisf his earnings
he a ecumatd enosb to buy his wile
f andchima-e debut emaro the water,
.adonebdh$July moringtheytarted
a their jMy, and bade he husband
and ther goodbye for what proved to
hb the lat time. Burmeister went pa-
tiestly oan wis his work, his ambition
bheig to sav enough so that he too
might shortly joia his family and claim
hbs inheritasre. But that was never to
lie was poling a lighter around Orange
Island (better kaown as Maaley' Is'
land) about a week aftar aad fel from
th lighter into deep water and was
drowned. He was taken from the water
t lie next day and was burWed in Pine-
wood (u'uAetry and iNs to-day in an un-
marked grave. Hon. C. L. Smith as-
isGu" at the burial and is probably the
X. grave.
The notice we are publishing is in refer-
et to the settlement of the estate. His
wile has again ma rki-d and it seems
thee in a contrtoversy lietween her and
the children as to who shouhl have the

nn6 PILES,

As per your seque4s I transmit the fol-
t Iowla, relative to the f1oatin spile in
the rir near New Smyrsa.
A interview had with J. H. Vroomai,
Itematraetr, having is charge the re-
: mai ade at the New Smyrna Bridge
nl the following information:
l disrarded spiles numbered about
la all the balance left standing In
t 1he leats where they would do no harm.
tlbe alkoughr Brtm.. of your city. w-
S-rwd all neemary spil", their coutrast
a them to tow the discarded ones
asbow instead of casting them adrift.
As this portion of their work has not
fcaeomplie4 with. their work i4 con
WieNed puflnihed. As it is, the ppiles
Ta enupare to navigation and liable
v Sa tium to damae water craft, and
lik. A effort should be made at
to colert them obstructions, as
agm now said to follow the channel
Wa my mies down the river. This in.
ito dae the public, as Mr. Vroo.
the contractor, is in no way re.
for them obstructions, as has




- Commencing December 9,-1901.


: -~

Saw ish Saws. eh ..................10c
Alligator Pursm and Pocket-book.--
lot Imitation-one of the neatest pre-
eaft you cap buy for a lady friend. The
price range from 7t5 to...............)...
Are you looking for a |>n'r'nt toi make-
to your friend who sniokes? We have
1ipe. from 75ce to 2.30--meenruchum and
French brier, with auieer stemi..
We have flno box stationery from
....................... ............... ........;15c to 1.23
The famous Franklin hard ruabBr
fountain pen. with alhnuiniun point.. (64.
We have them with gold points.. .. .2,


Overcoats S *
F* armer Satin lined sleeve, well *
m ade....................................... $8..0
We have coats lined throughout
with farmer satin.................. $10o

* nothing
We have just w'eeived a lot of th, 10
famous "Satisfaction" Ibrandl
clothing. Suits from $8.X00 to 1~

.Fare-for Round Trip $1.(0.

Launch "Yankee Doodle" for Charter.

Offices and Yards: East C.M


plans, and

M. M. Godwin,- P l -

Fine Wagonw
a*d Cappriage-

General.B acksmithing and Repairing.

Shop near Bond & Bond Lumber Yard.


Seaside Inn
Directly on the o.ean Imach opposite biaytonn. New anuud muiorn. i;:l-
and electric bells in every room. New ocean pier and casino.
DU'NKLEE & COSS08, Proprietors. GOODALL. (formerly Seabreew) FLORIDA.
Summer hotel: Ocean View House, Pigeon Cove, Mass.

(Formerly the Holly Inn)
DiO a .eon, Fiorida.
Opens December Ist.
This popular hostlery has been remodeled and enlarged to double it- sise; accomo-1
modates 200 guests; it has ieen nrfurnished and decorated; electric lighted and
thoroughly heated; has new billiard and muoking rooms., new ladies' parlor and
sun parlor. The Grand Atlantic is situated on the water front and has beautiful.
lawns, and south facing verandas; good boating and fishing from our own pier.
Rates moderate. Send for bookk't. Jas. H. Johamsoa os-, Managers

DKLvxD, FL.A.. De. 3.-The County P'OI T ORa.;AN:. De', 6.-Mr. Luflury
Commisioners met in regular monthly and son. Robert. arrived from New York T H E P A L M E
meeting last evening, with all members and anr guests of the Port Orange House..
present. Captain Rogers, of Daytona, in t apt. Al.4nms. of St. Augustine. deputy C. O. CHAM BE
thechair. There was no special n.rt collector f, ('.tomt a nd Insp.itor. h,1..
of road work. and the only relairs f ee spending ",.v': daY A hert a u"'t
moment have been the pitting ofj pint. f our hotel N ow O p
5traw on the road from lo iel.anil t, toli
Junction. The committee to vit\-e atn| .Mi. and Mrs. 1. St.tri .iE-.1 d4 wi
report on the road from the city limits, from Daytona last w-ek and calledd (oin Electtrie' Lighted andIl Thoroughly Heated.
at the east end of New York avenue to friends here.P
Blue Lake avenue, and then.e north to Mr. Brohm is having ii tioH, yuard with
the intersection of MinnEwotn avenue, a bath in it for Joe, thi., big ir Ito4rr at the -
east, reported,and the roaid wva ordered hotel. R OSedale C cottage
advertised according tolaw. Ilil. -bonds R osedale C cottage
of Me.rs. Gould. Linmh. Hymen and Mr. Millurn i. a. siatint wapt .>ozza.i' l cwated on Palnmeto .%tenue,. near Live Oak St
Shave were approved. Applira ions for in the ston. this winter. ated. Hot and l t $
pension by A. A. Montgomnery. T1'. C. Mar- Mr d r. }1i\Ho r.td.' elowlfroz a u *t
low and Della Purdom were approve. atona to call on friedI Iher wF. G. Lindw
After payment of Criminal Court costs.
amounting to $33.83, and of the utnal Dr. Fullwood preahlie,1 n vr' exi.ll*.nt
current bills, the board adjourned until sermon last Sunday eveninmi
ia January meeting...Florida East
its asar d t im iatel ft r. and Mrs. Oliver drove doi, t rin Coast Bottling
the next meeting all county prisoners their winter ho n th.* o 1-ninsuli Mon. Tlhomaum & Burdick, Propr
should be put at work on the D-l "| Manufacturers of the finest Plain and Carbona
Land and 1aytona road. and outinue Mrs.'. N \t n I ,,, ; .** I t,wn delicious Cherry Pho1,ophate. All good.l
thereon until it i, put in goodi ortler, and Wetnes.tyl Daytona, Florida.
the clerk of the Ioard was iw;tructt.,l
to n mlI II
pany rearding the pueinhast if a i r1'ta:-. W led e.tdtty i lt Mi r ;n1 \1 :1 .!,n.,tl h
blpjail cage. to be ued for tihe, ri',n-r 'liftn
while at work on the road I DAYTONA TRAN.

CONVENTION ADJOURNS l n, >.wys.,P ,e(.> t. !.iel,t, ,.
in i, ,eih ,..,untrie. .\n .\me'ii.nui
l-annu velilil itournali.st. sighiin m a il tel ittt r in
The condannml .lonventli..n f .o !'f M : .,,. gave'e his n.'p ti,. i! .1 "ink
tal &cientists, whit-h has beens in ll siLon .ing.r and pencil pu'her 'Ti,. polie
at Seabreele.adjournflTu.l..ay evning.ld not Iuniderstamnl. so thte) ,.I.taimed tle
to meet at Kanaiirs ity next 'Thainkiiv'- ,mhli. It. tjoke r st.me. lin,,. it:ial ;in
ing day. e\pl.in: i1"ie .ul~l Ia.. ,..-,ir.l ftc 'I u
Mr. Burgman informs us that 1 1o inean'st niteti S4tatees t*l ..il -. --I'h,:r'n!,.
delegates were in attendatnme. Thlie fotl-
lowing officers were elected: 'oir presi-
dent. Mrs. Helen Wilnanm-Po.t ('re- =1-Ine Cur. Pilesl
elected); first vice-preaident. Eigen,. l-1 l- r-funin.t tat.i il ,
Mar New York City; secmin vic.-pr-i- --
dent. Prof. Knox, of &Sattle; s ,-t-rtary.
William B. Moyle, Alleg hly. Pi'.; Mrs.
William B. Moyle, treasurer, -ventral 'ex-
ecutive board, C.C. Post,. lerbert h tG-eorgle.
Dr. J. W. CormnnAy, W. l1. Ih ienniiigtO,,
(usten Jungren,. S. A. Rhodes. E 1I p 5 )
Fourteen of the delegates .went too
Miami on an excursion Wednesdlay.
Some have already r.tuirnedl homei nid n ;
number will stay until the limit of the,,ir weakens the body and de-
tiekets. An far a. we can learn they grades the mind. It saps
were all delighted with IhD ytouia andl the nervous strength that
Seabreeae. is the source of.alF health,
Mr. Burgnman de. lined r..-ele.ti on a and perverts the functions
national secretary. e hli de-ire.. to gi. of every organ. Because
ofeey organ. Because. J

attention to local ffair.-

WIeek Iseginling Ie. S I,'I a1
HIGH 'Tibi.
a its. p. i
Sunday............. .1:t *: .1
M onday............ ...... 7 1 .:l'
Tueaday.... ............ i2 ,:47
W edne day......... ... .. 7 721
Thursday. .. ... ..... 7.4,
Friday....................... ... :2 4t
Saturday ............. ..... .... .
Sunday.................... ... .. 1 1 t 1 '
M onday............... ...... 12:2 .
_ t 1 1 1 "_'7, i

of its stubborn nature, it is
often called incurable. This
is not true, There is one
medicine that never fails to
check the nervous spasms
and give new strength to
the entire system.
"My little girl bad epilepsy so bad
that in one day she suered seventy-
one fits. The doctors gave her up to
die, but I began given "ter Dr. MIiles
Neine aud now she ts perfe-tly well
It took five bottles to effect a cure.
Siloam Spring&s Ark.

nt. maes?


Hot and Cold Bathi.

Claw. Ratem Moderate.

reet. Every room thoroughly
$7 per week. Board excellent.
berg. Proprietor.

ted Bevernage. Try our
,ld-livered promptly.

SiFK CO. 1

K --

Daytonia House


Rate. from $7 to $10 per week.

my [)j'A Y \IA rl"F.OLISTIRER AN4D

i Moss and Fiber Mattreim
Ilealer in Second IIaunl Furniturv and Stove-.
Your 0411 Fiurnitiure .M he W Good as oNw.
S444)nd Avenno,. dqpIlkiteV S.lhmilt's Villu. Phone DAVTONA, F OI



Fully Kiln Dried Pine and Cypress Finishing
Lumber. Flooring, Ceiling, Novelty
and Bevel Siding,

Mouldings Shingles and Lath, Brick, Lime
and Cement and Plaster of Paris.

Ma.ignoia \v. At i l F. F. 1 I. ( \\',.t ,-?t l'of ti,


'li -- !M< ..' I" .n-.t m, l t,'t i l t .. .Li' n;iv ; .i. ; .I,,:, \,,rth ISb If'tw ood
avenue. It i. 1'erfi, tlv l.at.' d .l I '.v ,t-air ; .1 Ia-n l:i lth i r'oti. tmand all
modern conve-nienc'os. I isiinl t'xe 'x llh tt Rates re' ona ble;i l.'. I{t 1rs>m singly
o, ,n usit,. \ll ,u t-i!' ',m ii !iH," -.' ii.,- i:H,' :. l ,'r ridahs. 18
Daytona, Florida.


'lh~'11l1,1 t ..~ks fiwtri: D.-p.t a.Bloik ifronm Pottoffie.

Terms: $7 to $9 per WeeK.

Daytona, Florida.

.1 I i ;l'l 'l :;\ s I i,, t,.r.
'.tV.l l ). I\ l ile ,. f t\V, ;-. > i,.,k ;I !, l.. II iifu l I hl:) i l; x ,-i
'T l', It...rd F 1 -e. ll,.t l'.:1t..-: lI. I lla '. r llUi .v. 1 r .'.vii lDollatlr per W eek
1>\YTO \ \ 'I. >1;II, \


Renovated and Newly Furnished.

.I HI>WA.\RI> IIo i' I1 11..\1,NFTT, Manager.





5jr ~mat.~'I b'tmI..Z' A

T. L. RODGERS, Proprieto:..

SAN MAT" TheNation'sgar.
MHM rU Best Cgar.

It's all Florida.

WhY let1mssrt' j.ts iv -!n Iii T oictoh)tAicco, de stored with Opium
and 4itet llu.. h .-.w .m im r s .' leFlorida lomt al a 1v.rt p ..

Mixii25-v$.. ...FRE ESSY M A 114T0 ANNYDR S
N o. ;I -of) ...


--- a---wfrwqpW-% V 0 Iffir vl 0

A7 PfetHlt Bfmid

FM R58LE BY5 Ube Gramlin%,iBakery

9uTq"YYrywfrv r'v ~


. -f -,

The Columjbinu lam just been built after the most modern
is fast, safe and comTortable.


FUn ,nt iuag 11hlizu Iz\ i v.r*.

Prm.i~s.imA: & Rm~ix.Vopjrietot% -

Rubber Tire Carriages Fine Horses Careful Drivers
w\\e re well equipped for S'.'n a Ridie-." The. tine-st turnouts in the ritv.
Buses mu4t all trainlls atnd take- pa sseligwr to an1iy pa4rt of tie< cit..
TruIinks d Telephone 27





1id i4 .."' ~ .11, i- I--T$
.%j4t*dru." o 1ow er 13 ToS1i2. almiau *:' "2



p --- L- Aghl" A- -








* -,. 4

r _. jt-- -
a5i tu a g uttt. Xl I .ngty

aIm "ii sIt lot railroad ,lt-
KB E N N O = d s & a nd v. h tW e d

besk pmim* afftroed
*a emnmrs at an cause as apperillnity
I gatM Ithe ealiread eGmu-
ws. a that the empi rpes were rU-
1 t" be very careful as to d&.ta.Is
Sa to bkop a ariet reonrif the 0#n
-r to a cow death. etc. lttirtr
paed Mreports of such case had to
he tmed Is by the section muaster.
wh was required to lill out 1l.nl:iS
lattag the probable age of the ldt's,
e4 lanial, weight, color, dlstlnguigi:
l mIarks ad disposition of ca-eass..
the -alll bteilg ometitnes cut ul
and eld for beef.
Naturally It was an Ir.shi s'.-iiun
-*ehwpeuttldbher" who. like Finai-
gasl I his terse report of a wrn- k.
lWy stated. "Off ag'in. on: ag'tn- in
m." miade out the r reol of na '
taft bovine tragedy in ia (luicr.(-i liii.
WWay. Mike guessed pretty .11 -it .:!
-* abm weight and color o,,f r d1. :iii
cew. but when be came to thel I .i
Itpeitbou of carcass" Ihe s. it.-'-h.4
big head reflectively.
l@e," he mattered. "she d)icd :ai--r
ivway." Then opposite the I-" fIi.
umvwte4 "KMnd and gentle."- I-
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