n i I'" : : n'.rtii--areuirnit.LleandSehmidt'.vilLcnjnyale l enviable reputation :

Secondlce.Prt'tidt'nt- :-;. II. (:near, governor! Harding, of Ohio. I I : ..i.l" IlIi"! 1 : lur thex-iinjiortant f' '\fun'fl.
: Hill but a ::1\\\' :
: facetiously iiiteaptly| Our rte for 'Uurd 1 and riMiin are $:..,lt) \IIt.r day and up; s|sieial rates
f- of Daytona. T. II Fitzgerald\ and II. l B. Varlrongh to the crowd that ''Von may think; y'lIllt- .. aCsFFr .. ssC s1/.4yr..rrarr..r..t..t..Fr.rr. : I'M., l.uirilic-; a1eplie[ 'atinn. '\.1; twr hotel on the last: : Cua...t can offer :
8eerf'tary-T. M. Fitzgerald, of Daytona ttf-ingout: L.r town were wimMr to | id- "tine i '>"lr"Itanol :advantage* fur the acne out. lav of .
l I.e jelveifiexiitators, but lo' me you' apar| ............N.N......... N....................... money.
present moie like siwctators.:' The lH-l,:tnd : : IIK.MtY: & SON Proprietors. :
,r. Treasurer-Fred X. Conrad, of Day -- .;'band enlivened the c"'c'a'i"l1ulA excellent : Attention, Tourists. : ................................................. ....

f tona.Board of Dirt'ctorssa Paine, Minneapolis Died at Whitehall :'oIew'ork.. forenoon inutic and, ,-..mill returning; over in by the. hack:,rt"r".I.in the :..: \.1." '. ,p. ,' I :u-. l..I, ,I It".1" I I'I. I \ "loo, 'l.I .. :........Nei........N.. .......N.... .... ......N
; :
Minn.; J. 11 Allen Daytona; At a lute hour Wednesday evening.Mrs. 1-,; \.1 .""j :
: : i i Mr. lliil! 1i'c.mlli.Ulyihg| them on then :. .
r N. A. Lewis. Fargo, N. D.; J. 11. Parkinson Charlotte M. Stevens lectived a J return On Wednesday. I iuSim :: I'.est Quality of" Cigars at the : Hotel

f r Daytona; 1:. I_ Potter, Sra- telegrum: announcing the death <>f hr ; mona retuiA-d" to U..I..I.I'f" tli. : : i Despland

[L treezi; George II. Clark Daytona. step son, Roy I: who was attending:; t"eIJh i: company i arranging to hold sue./I..-i f[ CITY HOTEL.H:0. i I
A vote of thanks was tendered to the M-hunl at Wlliltoh.4lt.I..ut> two\ sale. .
retiring president Asa Paine, for his untiring weeks ago he was' stricken with typhoid > 'I :ii: I ; \ "" \ .. \1.." If. : i : f Daytona, Florida t
energy and efficient service as fever and passed I away at five check on t
t, president of the association for the past the afternoon of March 1.1.: Hoy: spent[ erkes: at Chri>tbn Church. : 1 .Il\ '! ,.. .. .ot 1,1-:" I'' ,-- .1 i :

two years, after which the meeting ad- several seasons in Daytonu and made. Sunday, March Ith.Ilftd. '\ :-;"-"."'l l : ; i "THE FAVORITE" t

journed. many friends among hi. -acrwrs and j jschool at 10 a. rn., F. :\I. (Sujrintendent.. : ( II. .\IA1\ I IIL\VSt Proprietor. .. .
Without leaving their seats those 1 i '
mates. Preaching 11 a. rn., subject: Faith le- : .

f, present were then invited by Mr. Bur- warded; 4" .3U p. III.. -ubjett Christ and ......_.... ... .... ....... ... .... .. : OIM-N for the SEASON 1906-07 UNDER MANAGEMENT OF
] goyne to partake (.f the tempting: the Storm. The church i i.. l 1..,- t..1 .
: on * ***** ********* .*
I ***** ****** ** ** ** *****
J i viands that had been prepared in bounteous Launching of the :\cJaleine.Tht' Palmetto avenue, ltween orangeamid t : L. M. Waite Owner
and Proprietor.
; quantities under the skillful supervision launch Nedaleine, mention 4.f ,! Live Oak avenue. The public eordiullvinviteil. i ,

of Steward Herman Dohm. which was made in the Gazette-News: ;I &. 1M! Palmetto House. i ik 1.....1.............1............................
The banquet, which was a elaborate -
very her
during construction Melkmald'sbout
at .1...N.N.. -
and elegant affair was served in yard, was :successfully launched I, Fred .Marriott IcloereJ. 4 : NN NN .. .NN.N. .NNN NNNN
courses that were plentifully interlarded Wednesday afternoon in the ofa Fred Well Known and Popular. 5
presence: Marriott the intrepid[ driver <>f "T H E PINES "
it with exhileratin nines and sparkling: number of ladies and gentlemen invited I the ill-fated Stanley :steamer that: came,
champagne. <(< )Ki-rltHikiuiT, tin- iMMiitifnl I ll-.ilifax: Ki\cr, ,
to witness the event. I I to grief during the January race meet, k : A x.IIUII"'l'' With All M'MWn Com''D t.Ik.Jln."latl'l'i,4 _.
Between the courses Mr. Burgoyne, A bountiful luncheon, with an abundance had so far recovered from hi injuries, + .'r.-. t
I );aytimi.I ; .\ iitiiiiflikf) and roinfurtalilr : >I. *::.7} a day and up. Special by week or month.
the genial host, acted as toastmaster in of liquid refreshments, had been as to leave for his home in ilee!'-ton 1.-1 l. k tie attrllf.t'lr"lI
that usually happy and felicitous man-. provided for the occasion. by the it with! I large and airy roots, hot and cold\ water
owner week. holy. rirst-rlass ill all iviu-rH.. I "" water baths .
lM'"t'miVtMMV" 'SIIirir' r.i'f t' lights frn8l't'
ner that crowns him the of of the Nedaleine F.: D. k ) ::
prince en-i W. Ho>e, and The accident that neatly cost Marriotthis k : ne. eb. aeu.t. ft.-at"tea of The I'it arre itsthe'
tertainers which kept his guests at the was served in the :spacious U>ut house, life ]has in noVo i ire dist>uragod him k I J .. J h.- trranetasand) it. Roof Jar.len.. \xlM-rejroii tan have a fine view of

zenith of enjoyment and :good 1 nature Mr. Hose himself taking: extra care to and he stated before leaving the Hotel k ; Ile.bmgh I ontry I't river and: ) .-'''all. The |Pisa; JH roared ?? lIth Ri.lw-w aud.

throughout the evening.: see that all hi? guerts were bountifully i Ormond that he would go back to raj : C. O. CHAMBERLAIN PROPRIETOR J i] .A Olll ,'i i*HIT*arenas irtivil. In "a.\.tol'" R.wmx winrlP] Itr COD white. with IIr t: i ib-

Happy and eloquent responses were supplied with all the good things with i j j I ing as soon as possible. In speaking of R1I144ss..-- .--..--CCeetlseeeeeeee'111-- ...............-........... I:, J OPEN; KIWiM" 1 NnVKMI'.KIt': : i :, TO M\Y,' 1

made by Governor Harding of Ohio; which the tables were loaded. II t II the accident Marriott +.tated the following .......................... ...*......**...**.. ....... MRS. J. B. HINSKY
John Anderson of the Hotel Ormond; The launching: took plate immediately : I Proprietress.

Major Foster, the new president Mayor following the luncheon and everything. I i 'When the accident] occcurred, I am : ;ax's: :South"\ ItidgPWlJOtI l Avenue D.\YTOX.\, FLORIDA

Greene. Hon. John B. Parkinson Dr. went as smoothly as the mo t exacting I! confident that I had finished a mile m The Stillman I : .. ......... .. ... . ...NNN........

, Bennett. Commodore .'lIeD. Mr. Kliog, I Il could dt' ire. Mr. Rose: and a party of 21 !'>second against: my last year's itcordof'JSIt < : -- -
j r.INNI.NNN.....N... ..... ..
friends .
boarded ..
the .
Mr. Blymeyer, Mr. Christian of Ohio; launch his little : I had but l,30 l |" uiids! 'd! I .
f Senator Morgan of New York and daughter Nedaleine in whose: honor the I, pressure on the "boiler, the greatest on 4. I:. .. .... .. ..; I I.I..I\\I; .! : ,iI"' L \1" ..
others. launch was named, being stationed in ,record, and I realized the tide \\L'" t setting <: Now Open for the Season of 19067. : I ThelvyLanelnnfrill

The responses were all unusually brilliant the bow with a bottle of, Florida wine I down the l I.t'adl. and it wa.my. : .

and timely, but those made by to christen the new craft as !she took her last chance--for a year at k-a-t. 4: Ile. ., It, .r. \ h:' o" \. u I ., :!. \I,.51,!, l"tl, lu.l' "ifill"- : .

Governor Harding, Mr. Christian John first dip into the waters of the beautiful "The 'Bu::' had jumped one gulf and I &I. I.J: I I'.1, t. II. "" ,. ,.e\ '' '' vy',' : t : I llltt( tn..t and I Ivy I l.a -
Anderson and Major Parkinson were Halifax a feat which was too formidablefor / came down straight. Oti the :se" .'"nil) ,

especially captivating to their auditors. the youthful actor owing to the.-tubborness gully the wind gut under the racer an : Reduced l Rates for December and January.DWKiHT : : OPEN DECEMBER I.In I. _

of the bottle, which was quickly it were an aeroplane, and turned) r i .

The meeting throughout was a most I snatched by one of maturer sears and around before the \chicte trll'! k M.-: ( R. STILLMAN\ Proprietor. 1 i tin- Mimi of iu tirst HKM.IH this house
harmonious one and its results will be 1 prO\.i i
demolished cre it wa too late. ground, although: it weighed; i..-.ir.'v'' :. : 'ft' I'Wsand !satisfy th, .....- !
far-reaching inits future benefits to the The Ned-ileine is 27 feet in length. 71feet 25, ;"K) founds. 1 recall a terrible !I.' .. .................... ...... ..... ........ ... : .11I01",1\' '''111'11''''-. desire eleganeY with af( .::1f l
< lub. fyery one present was in accord '
beam, and u fitted with 7-hoife. 1 on my head and ,alt spray striking \ :
not only with the retiring officers but the Niagara Hydraulic
power Fay A: How' en engine. She will I (gee. After that it wa day bt-l-f I I Engine \
newly-elected ones, and promi ed their : MRS. FOLTZ
> draw about :20 inches, and appears! to realized the sreI:L-h, and told the .1'", C.Ii' in :. !.ui 'Lie," .. '. ,inN Stitlrill; Proprietor.FineJobPrintingatOazetteNewsofj. -i
loyal to the club.A |i. ,
be up to all] of Mr. !:OM"S' exudations repeatedly' t'.I.xok out foi (Itl" 1\1.\ ;;,; ,. :.............. .
it N .
u t ..
.olin'" iv.pnf| :* ubsiiltiti-Iy| ,, ........
vote of thanks were tendered Mr. and he Is very justly proud of her. she which no one had ever raced hr.::, 'mv < .. .I ii' 1111& 11111..INN..... -
Burgoyne for the magnificent and ele is also for n, \\11& ire-: tor"
quite roomy a boat of her di Ha
&&collation tendered the members, menion5lind:; will make a very lom.lort.Lk make ;:.i seconds now with 'l',.: trein. t\ It'' I'i, JOSEPH OSBOHNE E

and after a few moments of felicitation pleasure 1 boat. than I did 3U r )ear so. 11W& 1', .m ''/' t' v u ,

t1sY !r.Ine nuss.u. u.-s.' ._

ft.ryo .f ..

< ,. _. ,.;. _, ,, ,o> < : .,; = ,:, ; .
: : .

R' A-

4 .
-----------T- -- -- -- -- ------ -- -

.. ................. ww DAY 4ND BOARDING SCHOOL I ;



E. C. GOULD, M. A.Oak L

E. (Successor: to E. T. Conrad & Co.) :-- ====s j .;. .,

:: I: :" -' ." 7 : : _

i Carry a Full and Complete 0 N N eVI e H Ii'Ii _' ,.:if' _. ;. .-__
:r .. -
Line of Plain and FancySOROCERIES *, 1 OPTICIAN. 1.! ; ;; .i':;:'.' "'" .. :. ; 1 f i
i t.;
r : .
.-" ': .
LIIi : :. "i'
:.::1 .
:: J, .
: ii r .. .

:: :: ... .J
-* {n] Kycs Kxainiiiril r'rt'f. :: ,: : k

** CLOVER HILL BUTTER. :1 :il: At I'lark .l"\\-lr\ :tale f :: ..
T t
n :: ru j
; ::.: .-,' i

= The Conrad Grocery Company : THE DAYTONA KINDERGARTENAND 1

.. K.: .T. Conrad V Vs.. old stand. PRIMARY SCHOOL. 1i

-- i

.. ......... I Kattnl on lla.v :Strwt

__ __ ___ _ h -- __ __ BHLI.R ABBOTT 11\YNES. l'rin. v -1f .

............ ..............'.................... ....l r .j
: DR.V.. A. GOVE, i

Curiosity is Not Always a Sin. : Dentist.

11Ii.'*-: ..>i lli>l IZeu..l itn.l \ >.ln."ii
PHONE: s' !'.
It will to .
pay you investigate ,

: the prices and quality of our jJ
Physicians Surgeons.

:: GROCERIES Or. At wood* oilier \o. .! :S. Ri.ln.-w

i r We can save you considerable R.wlingltti''t'riilJ '" drug rtmw'I'I; Avenue at Daytona Beach, will be sold at a bargain, if taken at once; houseis


'$ $ $ $ $ $ $ $ : Physician and :Surgeon.; I' completely furnished; garage and stable; hot and cold, hard and soft water;

.1 I I

: il Office! over \tw.ll'harmw_v. Ibaihstreet. bath and all improvements; furniture new; street on front and rear of prop-

S. W. CARROLL U\TOM, FioRIUA.Telephone i

.S -- Xu.-74.- I I erty; land 150 feet deep: adjoins the club house of the Florida East Coast

The North Beach st. Grocer. : E. L. STEWART, M. D. ,
Physician and Surgeon Automobile Association and gives an excellent view of the ocean. If you are

1 Telephone. 19. : I Ito1""C1.1
..... ...of the I II looking for The Real Estate and Insurance -
.................................................:1 ( attention to 'I > I a snap see Daytona Agency.
EYE. EAR THROAT( and NOSE.timcttana ,

rr.Idrncea.., I"> Mkgnoli. : N NN .NNNNNN.1 nev. \ \ U ************************* ************************** ,

.................................................. I turner Palinrllo Telephone rvruar. P. i IHOTEL ARRIVALS Luid O,. UK i \ \\.f""I"I.u..I\\if..t'I"\-1 : THE AUSTIN. S r

: l.nloun. 11. \ : *
MALLORYi; A. L. Reid, the Tailor l j ji. : I't':ln.till-I-'iii.' II. Kf.-k curl wife, I : th..J\.l..iflg\ tilt Halifax liiver.: Daytona) Florida. : +
N.N.N.N...NN...N.:1 i
i :Mt. Yeim.n Mt! .. II I II.: Ini.,11. :Miss i iJ.i.
; : 11IIId I ) l.\kriS'l; : I 11'HL 1 ) 1Tilt CITY. :
: : :
: TIlE: PAI.MITT: ; Jt.hnr.iiin,,1 .
LI N ESfJ is again .it tin- (!lolx> d..II.illg ntore ,- Il ll-..I,. :Si IjiiiiMrs.; :: J. Koliinson. : : '
I wife. lUeam.r. \ I II : A \-w Moir.ViiIi Ml/ M..lrrn| Iml'r.m' I"UllO.I"arn:; : llwitwl.V. .
ami I St. I
and' it |>ni>uriil t tn .In 'y"'lr tiilorin i Virginia Hill. : Mr-. :\. I. Me, :MM. J. I K. I MnU-rv.: : _.
: SPECIAL PASSENGER-EXPRESS I in first-t lass sliojK. I:V airing and Paul; A. 1 II ::-;-t..i.lullUlIl. : .., Kvaiirtoli :Mrs. .1'.11'. 1\.11I..1): .. :\Ir.. F.: 4 ;. Ih-nn. : \ \V. AUSTIN, Proprietor. :
I ; Ldw. II. 1'atlal, wife, si>.. and lu>aiFr. ..r..r.rtltl.....+Irrrtf.ttrlr.. *
;i\t' I
: STEAMSHIPS. prt'ol\iIlJt a Mp'ialt ( JlIf' a icons Hn.uk.. J.V.; I K.: rol.li and ..Ii',; F'. It. Ufinlen. Uil.y- ) ronit.; Iv It.Itciitingway. __ ___ ___ __ ___ f fr
i call if you want KIXH. work. wife, AttMioro\ I ; I', i:. Critlin.; Cract I.. New llavtfi l
I ; 'ohUudry
II. ,
.t'amshfps on
: (I.ar.stand most thoroughly; uiipeil| 100\nrr : i (; Muss. U. S. IloIiues! rruanmirrNrntnrtritnnirfriwnltrrntnue11tr111i111111Y111//I.
rillin. llaveihill.
I : .. IIn1I111N/111/1111/111/IIz
I :
foant.XO I J.ICkslntilll! '; F. ) :Miller Atlanta. I I'
()\'f:IU'It\\1I1XC:. S i S. H. GOVEAlCTIllTMT. wife! : ; I \\ I Ih.tit,n ami wife, New \ ...r'J.: II.
: ST.iTE1t)1)MIaARI:1'SITIV'EI.YI1AItAN1'tKI) II I :: Mw...I.I II. 11", "". Miis t fa Iyh.-, Ktlti- .. r Miller
I Uilham ami wife, Orange :MillMr: = Co.
mpor t an t ?? im\ amps t\M m> th-ketn will he old tu exitedthenumlNTof I IS Inure; Mr. an.l :Mr-. L< kft.nl :M..KMr., : .
i I Y.
Itlll.liKIt AM: CoMKUToKKi4iden B. 'il\lIra: J.tlf'o"l: 11. I.k; rm.
Urtlm, or the It'luill raj wity of l Dining> > Halls, thus InHiiring i ami :Mr.-.. TlM..if..r.l: :MIMMr( r I
.1 H.I"ihIr.: ) : I.. It. Ciiiriiin.iliMi
III.lh"ldllal..nio'e and Attention. -e und otl'nf, imrllii-ik.it corner oIRiJgrw..Ilull
< !
PAS.SKXOKHS alll'aII..lIlC..r.="' I.KAVB JACKSON="' \.II....: EVKBY THIUWIiAV.Sr ; .,, .rd. Trriit .n, N. J.. MM.: N. .\ .Anidreus *. i II.: "..|*. ", \\rt\ .. U.-\ It. Ch.iUH..I, lI"C''SSOl'S to I !
S : ( .- SrhrdulrPt.hit.i III Florl.11Tim.l'niull..) i \ tll.faatrllur. I'i \Ii": ,. .\II AXI Al.h I'CIIS1'XClitTII.. rt..t\.lu' 'lan l :MLss I II.: S. Phil I II 1'1 FOSTER. I
EOWF-ST RATES TO Phoii" H' !). K.iytona. \ i < ; \Vainwright Jaine.n anal) wife, J. 1 II.: Jann--"li, l I ill
Intlndnlgdrlightfnll.IYLIGIII'. SAM. tIrnaghtlw) :Mrs. Alw-eC. \> fork
I tk-l.l.U; 11:111. w ; .
ISLANDS." | : : I t m, :M. .; \. F. HerrtiMnn, SJ. l.niiiM
: Through tk-\Lrta./d.1 FAMOUSSP.A to \all: Nortlwrn: : point. For. full tntormatioiirvgardin \ Sj D. D. AND C. M. ROGERS I,I :Mrs. S.UH S. Ilsl.I 'r. Vu 1 Havtti[ ; :\1"',. I I5r.".. and, wife, Mnimel-vill'! .. lovi :r5 t' Family GroceriesFan I
j S f attrai-tioimoff.......! liy no otlwr lie.IiagrauisrrsrrvatGu.; C. K. Mnrrny :ind -'"I. I ltnt"ii ll.nU.r; I Ii. i -
s tk-krtM, ..I.... apply tuCtJAS. S CIVil. KNUINEKKS MUs( J"au T..ht| OwcnlK.ro,.; UnfiiMMag j ; r.llf1 ;-y { _
DAVIS 214 Went Hay Stn-et I J DAYTONA amt : .-r, :Mis: :M.ig<-.-, ."g.iii.ut" | I ml.; .1I.live' I pMiti.rili) "''slr. "I tin-. I "
'Iorlda Pre.rarr AII..III.JUI'1'I: < ,, Flw fn.n I 11t:.'>I ;a tn. until I ll'! <"I. :
(I w.II.lark:. lx 'al Agvut, Daytona and uif AiiHiry and. III: >aiH r Skerry,
.... .............................................. I Ihytona Olfii-e Kittadlisbeil: H j">. :Montlair( N. J.; J. KrctrkMi4.lt and TM! proprietorslcn l'rOOItt'ts i

i I| wife, EtlnnV.., J. \V. I'.rwkwoUtVtu.. I.. tier 1..I.li.| to 1-fijoy Ilw'..*c.m- :-.'!..>.n. >iii. >iiiui. >M.>.ii.>.>ii. < ,w mm..1'.... N..n .w..."!,.., '..'.m..m... !.ll.iiaYh'1'l'rMll'lf'' ..
++++4++t+tt++t++itittittttdeVord t '. 'rrl-' ::!I C:
+ Cri'-s: X"ltl.Ir.; :: ar..11": ( II. CWMttr -
+ : 11. \V Hifi- and. \\if.., diinunij' I
(le J. Van II
i o. \ I : : :
-- *** ** **************** a***************..*..***** *
DAYTONA +* Builder and Contractor. ++ ;; Port (Orange( t
T Till 1'INL Mrs.I .\. "'. falO.v" : I'I-
I J: E.-tiinati-H: fiirnixlH'd. No al'| 4. : ington J.\}.; Alt-xis Torry :mdi *! i GEO. P. JOHNSON j jCONTRACTOR

. TRANSFERand pn-iiliiv* einiiloyiil.Vlnn you IHost..n; .\. II. I.ivr-rttiorv ami wife, Xe,. ..
11.,111' i h "t..i ,I''II: t I.-.U"I I ""I
+ want (t IC..I) lioiipw luiilt at a + I York; I.. (>. St-olW-M t 1, (:. H'.dwy.5&11.11I' : .... ]
Th f 1..1! k .ml i
irliy <> \\ \\ .i8Wep a I&u.d.l It j!
LIVERYC. :$ asonal'U-oost. it \\iIIllla.v yon to 4.gft ('.rd, Conn.; (' I'. iriimmn :",.! wife, I*. --fnl ;,lfair.Ir.-. Wi.--<- \\.I the I'i AND BUILDER i
+ my prier. IIrj\\kwnrk. j.la.* + ,, A. Strung ail wife, Itrfrlgf-fMHt, (*.ati.; .,
.\ clever t-.t.--- for th- .K-casion: and I 111.
:: t 'rtllghells( vvoikiHimUlty. J E. A. Smith aril l wife. .n.11 r. S. : : : t
E. JOHNSTON Proprietor:1 + ; : ably a...i i-I' ,t by )''i--"II U"mi.. Ihrramr': I DAYIONA BEACH FLORIDA.Estinintp ) \
:* OflTu-o and Kcsidence e.,r.,1.lusia > I Gill..t, :Minncq.di't'rfl ami IuIhn%. Thffunetions aie a-ryjJeatatit : :

in the Ci if with white drivers familiar with ave and Second St, fatur'.- and are minhnjoyitl 1 t. } :* 1 Furnislied) 1 on Short) Not ire. *.
I have the (nest Livery I j
*+.+*.+++++++++**++Ii++++++ .
--- IHiTKL: :. I K.: UI s.:, W. II.ArnoRl. l I.y nor winter visitors.MLs CC j
all roads. Look; for the Silver Tipped Rigs. K. S. :McKrnzM-, J.1cl. OoRTIlk-; :: Mamie. Milhwrn\ < dad a M-at: x J'

TILE FINEST ', C. f.: Robertson, |II.| nn All v\ork tlonr in til' t-.Ia"
;a *
Phone 27 Opposite Public School"ElegantExcellent ('l :ainbers, Atlanta: ; C..11'. Ym-LunJ. .\. her r''I.'ly nn 1I"g w..1 :a\.I1.. M ., ,
7 BATHS \ :S. Thornton, H. (i. Wallwr aril wife, riiii..tianry was in town Satunl.iy.IN r -
-. trhrrrrir+ll+r.M.r.rlrrilrf... *.*****.****************** f \
j\V.i :S.; IV.uncy, N. w York; T. \V. 1'011.1'' L.: I. Putts-r.trov.' ilowri f r."n tinClarendon 1 1N
e "- ON EARTH n"-v and wife, :Miv Lillian .... ey. hi hi- atit<."'<.>>il.- Tmr-) l .> j
AND WOMFAWATER) j lhod{ I Islam); J. S. Ty.lin, Jr. Savan- Mr. and :Mrs. Shcnnitn and :MrSI.., ,trnan's ........................................ .NNN.N
HH ?
; nits: .: TholiU!. S. (itiffin, %Whit Tains ....i.tn.IIM: Mattie U ..Ik.-t. .|n.over .\. .
!1" LILY ;j X. 1.11'; J. (..Jr. .y, I !I"'flt't'1;&.: J. 1J.I t.. lleLuid Sunday. | Bond Lumber Company i
: I !SUli-up: TernHaut.-, In'l.V.; P. Di-: The 1..I h.-s .rf Un- M. II.: Ont I li, ,IM, migiv !
'I Tliat's what they. say when we have 1 be Bat M itcr for Table Use' ;,, ni>. Anif-ricii.1, (i ii ; \V. I II. I le-until Coronail. nig a-upper Friday night, I.. r..i.i ,. : NAZI I ACll ItI.l
8 t finislio!
|I \ r ; II. J Valkr. XPW Sitiyn.a; \\ church. I. LUMBER/ .. .. .
hear the most! critical (examination as I PLANTI i \. l Kun" iiun, ItaltinnH'-; J. : Milliiini i< -tillit: t hon ,1/.,. PINH AND: CYPRIISS

I Florida; Jtun's: :Stull' I.. I>. I;;Jr.. New aer.imi <>f the .-.mtinued nlnt ,.r
I it in done on srienlific i principles and I i ___ I YoikV.: ; T. Itanium, <(<'.>aiMTtirutV.. :Mrs. :M.thltrtthp |.rinfi|>:tl ..f tI h,> Il.i\! Ii Lath, :Sliin! ll's i Flooring; ( Viliny, Brick, Lime

affording to Military rules. ? It Wrlkbt 5. It. M'rlKbl.Jr IM.l'IeuytW.I.:: ('111114'y. IA.UISViUi- Hill ...hmiLj i sales and Yard KailKall <...u
I I 11111 1 V t. Stll's.
iiopin. C lnniUi,( Ohi) <>; t. S. ,tiH:!&*. j 11, :MiMtMMirn ,-"" 11..11.. 01 I \10- ; l'lilt III. v and Oran( ATrnuoI.M 1
J. D. Carmichael I WRIGHT & WRIGHT lio-ton: <>. A. 1 inky and 111 ifr, :Mkhiiaii : torn I .Inllrofi4-L.nd.et'I'r. | ,,. ; .'''J'- \ i4.na NI1l.Atlrnnr l'oral.Uu.R).. I'm nill.-i .outb of I lacksonvlll'- .'\.
AttOrlleS at-Law ... K.Iani.r.Mi ..n HKiit.tr.1.nrh ..r ti... K K.f. K;. ;
a.eH I; ; :-h.trtl'rigl.t., lAmd< I'ng.: ; L1. day. .
... 1 Phone No. 6DAYTONA. rLA I ,,11., : KeynoM ls, Hh OfTu-e in Telegraph off ('('. I>KL: +M U.NOR11AN5. .
vi-it .her-i.-t, \li-, I II I ,, fi
I IV.rl A. M f. Ketchani lUytia h.
-- -- --- | linggs Orange. I i... .n!.. ...........N.N................N............N-...
Baldwin, <;.t' Walter Haukin: II. I,. ::Sargent wt.'tla! Ut-n ,1f.\ t .->:i" J I.IM.Mrs h .
: Uo ,i.lf-re, F. C. HaN Dg. M. J. Ilul.:+cy : >. Sari '-.,t aeeompani'-d r -i-t-r iPa .> i f

and wife, Jacksonville: ; John: IVndfll.Civ j >to ia thiakilii tli.- .I ii-u, ,:.- imi'ht, ............................... ..................I r
I- I.iiuVat! Cullalian. ; prove
DAYTON ; I \\'tlEVOl'; ; rE CON'i I:."PI.Al1\j i :
!i \ ., S. C., Lugcnv M. Ilrm; -, TiuiK- :\ *. Willis Johnsontm.ti, ,. s. "I.) ", : :

t \I11r, II. I). lirarty: city; II. I;i. r..r.>tIman .- ,j hats tern vifitiug h-i fi t ....'.. ''rn- ,' :. _. 1\ .i..I'"I', '' I ::1 1.,1. ,k i I'',' ''. i I .. 1// 1 ; blrm". :
Diton: Oitio. J. R. Maj.rs, Herman f +I 1 w-nt home:M[ aday.I ;
I ., : .' '. I. ,rlleriiiiI. .
| Albers, New Ork-ai.s C. H. Whit- I I Mrs. Fair is having a \> -i.i.i' : fills- I 11. I.t/! / ";" : II" .1 .
Lumber. iter. J. A. :Miller: L.: C. <;rinn'"';, E. L. strutted on the front "i h. :,-"- i I' "1.
: ,! .v.ILu:.!. ; ," i 1?'. : )
Magus Jack' unviUc; Mrs. .\. D. Toile., I>ffiUi,.ton avenue. .
nurse anal child. Khod Island; \\. 11.(*. I Mrs.:! \Vn Johnson t- !...,. ,u._: ,(f.I f.- : :

Scott, St. Petersburg; Mmoo X. Brywn,, I stantial wire fence: hudt .c: ,;-i I !of i ire.identT r c. N
YELLOW PINE AND CYPRESS AMU BUILDI\O OTHER. ATlRIAI.S.Y Frankfort -\y.; W. P. YilLin9uo. New I I vn Louisville su.. t.I I I !IA: A.SON I I

Yorl.:3.: : A. lIardi.t: ) J..1. FV rum, J ,bn Druumvmd, wh.> .- -twa i;:,:; II.

ard Magnolia Avenue and F. E. C. 1Railwa Lnlll"\ills. Ky. winter at the ilardeniati Yo'1': 1. : .. :
: } IJrated l his with. Mrthday I Mon..i\ are Lr .t I-n I .u I s r: 1 '!1' .Hid; l n linblr <;t'n-w" at lair prieeI "

TilE AC.STIX, -II. E. Howell awl i r lltm. .\. T. Pattillo c.umn, :', ,111,I I r ;" ."'1.\1.\! I I' II, V .!' "' i .\s. iii-. rr..\t r6e! .Irm".ry.I !
Real EstateAND uif, Miss Houttt. Canada; C. U. Hutton -" Oren Monday and! rcturi i-.I v V '...
:Minneapolis; F. II. Pond, Syracuse;: Smyrna TII-t:, .. : I I'j i, I hi' ..t r t"Uii \\. .rk solicited. :

E. II. Lon;, New York; :Mrs. Kelky: ," ---- :.............. ...........................,........:
McDermott I Jacksonville J. X
Carrie ;
CARE OF PROPERTY. wife and l"bicajlL Hen. To 1 Augusta, (ia. "
Vallftt baby
; . . . . .
zlDg'T. Louisville; W. H. Austin, I)an : Ifciily through Pullniai. >mMi! I i- r; y
hury.C"no.Mr-.t; ( Seaman. Mr!'. M. inccar; leave J:u- ;..-..>tuillit s o.:, >
(Heal Estate Office 202 S. IJrtU'h St.
E. James, .lerico; C. u. :'t:1Ue..r.I C. m., \'IIhmtit.. ('..:.&-t I.inc .ri'l i anr.- DaytonaIce Company, .
H. EDMONDSON O. Staufci. lk-rvxick. 1'...; E.: IlipntrXcu I Augusta 6 the nvt tnt-riiiiii .,t 7. .",
W. Manager. lurk; K.: Youngnuui and wife. For Pullman nwrvaituin. f O'tlUIII', PURE ICE *

l'hiLL.ldl'hi.\] ; L, C.meU and ife1'LilaJelj'hia C"M..l iJnc -tits i" Frank i'
DAYTONA, FLA. ; Mrs. Louisa brown, Em. Ltoyfc-t ger argent I I. Made from Distilled Water.I *

metaburg, 1.:&. : (;. E Fairchild and wife,, .\tI\ftf... -..-, .?. .. .:-..i, iU-!. .;!..,. "l-.i, t- .' MI; I i': Ji, l'i an I Yolusm avenue 4
SyravU S. A. 11 tttwtis sat NUe Ott l. . . . . .

-V-....t 'TOI" s. Fire Engine Company f P

' ? ... \l ...., -- -- ----... .... ................ei;;1 t.........,.. ,J n,...........-f:" .. Fig1 f 4.4tr1t **..*.**IMHHUHHHHH ill............... ......! .!
j ... .. ......, .w
": .. : :::;;: .'i office 10 U >
4 .' ,! :'. _- ."'? : SL:1ta\: 1 blit| k "f2 .- ;
;, .
._' --J. ::: f-;:" -.\. .A: -

. oY--

> _'''' "," f: '" '" '. ;...,......,: ';"' ;;.;. W, ; -" : .', -........... ."... --, -" .....- .. """ ""' :. -..,. . .- -. .

: ":.- .- . --. 7". --- -
'- .. O"' ..- '
-1i .. c' ... '.-"'." ..... -icl ;> ',, T"t' .-
t ..

: i

: ------ -- .. .. ___.___ __ -_- __ __ ------
u I ............................ an..u..r.Eatt'r '.'url ale I the weekIwfor Holly Hill. .................i...... ......... ................:

: SEA BREEZE and : F..rnt'st'alku i-" -lping) out at the i
ii I tr, t! I{ Man
BARNfS{ i the 1
. Webster grocery after school hours. s Novelty

i |: DAYTONA BEACH, : Butler & Ronald real estate agents, R. Hubbcl came up from New Smyrna ,

i have j juat closed two sales: that they on :Saturday: ou a bit tu Bert Hcacock. .

r y .... ...................... have had on band some time. James George; Honors; moved into Ib new I: SELLS EVERYTHING. :

Seabreeze Mardi 1 1- The town ITUII- Keenan of KiK-kaw.iy head N. 1'., house f.n Hay lima avenue I thrpaM, week.W. I .

1 h f <-,1| at the regular monthly\ meeting! let had l-ought; the $. U. Parker I'I.1cc..n I Melton finished the well he wadriving > I I jitally)" Stalii'iiery. MbLiiig Tackle, Cruckerj, :

1 4 the contract fur grubbing Oandviewlioulevardfrom : the Halifax river; consideration, "JXU.: () ( ). on the Walker ,plait! Wednesday! I liliiMtwure I I/wney's (Chocolates Souvenir::) Post } :

I teas to CJI: 'nvit-w Ixnil- Truman A. Jewell, New York city, sold striking a fine How at 1 1:3: feet.IVrt .
I i r f '.ml- T.illitip i M.-icliint-M. Pitlls Toys tutee NVJt.118, :
rant to \Coy! MulLey. to J. (J. Hr'iwn a lot oil I'inirt. toii; Heacock: :ur I f.-unilv were greatly j jsurprint II r

np+ li :Mi" P.. II. C CaUway: ;is here fn.n. :,.utrration! !I."())II., Wednesday rte when thirty, ..! | 'r BARNES : .

lfyh I'ltb"lr" ..n a visit tit hrrLtrr i .Mrs.Mcri'K Mr. and !Mrs S. M. !UoU-rl-s.: ,\llIllla\" their neighbors. walked. in a-s :t ...nrt.t.-." I i .

...r \1 l 0 L ; ; "r, mil Mr. and l Mrs (V .rlf': Far- teed 'Cup'ing one of the BI- |party or mrly pull. ; .... .
CF ty roll. man cottages, have returned l t.. tk-1 Mr.I Johnson, t th* mail-earner, has! removed : Will thin frame your Pictures, sharpen your ., :

\ Mr.-. C'.l'.I.IIU'tC3I1d Mr. I'.1. fki-tt I..'tie- ui Kosnell, lllil. I fro,. hi1.1. | .|.tMiertolb. (. UIIs :: hnivs's, Sis ,rH, Lawn Mowers, Etc, awl l will :

lI sholcivchlen.prndia; | !? \rr.-il l miLsal Miss Lillif Morris, who has 'teen ajmjt ,y Linn." n' Kiir ;iIiniMIn. : anvlltio;;: dial t'''' owl' .r tI it-L. :

r + Q Ito. Johns (t>ttiKc wear tin 'lml r.\.1\ of I he. S-a.sidf: Inn for MM\"- "'t-ks\ i I,:.kiu rllmil-l.| f ""I"'X\ il.... Trim.. r

.,a 1I d 1 l I. .IH' 1'rid.iy for their I bowie- in l'(-,'ii.i. i rrturtie.) I.. .l.iekstiitXlllc .1 few d.l) !" w.i.-. \ MlinK i I.,.- ;iuui, Mrs.I IVlersoti (ihr 1 Iacl for AllVant.. RCI11CI11bcrBARNES

d C P St 1 I i 1..1 \".,. .. :SuiHl.iv I..- left f.>r '1 1..!lbnl -
Mr ll.i I MIICC.
> |>;;''od aiitl little J.tn i:litcr unlInciiil

r!y ', Mi.-si 11to\'i II(,. <>f New Yoik, are I Hy limitation tilt: 11otnn''labd\ I Idale I' to vi.sit: li. |Mrtnl.Mr iitlcnded.

... .4 I eu O\f.tlP'iug: | the Wilkinson; ,'OttI ('. : lrallg'l"il Mrs. Chailc II. Hay:; nor, I to !May longer, l hot .salt air settee! I.. ,

+ Mr. and Mr. Hough and four ihildfu I i state pi evident of the Pitlfration, will! ,atfcct his lu.v rt art {i.qt.I j j.Mi

l t are occupying one of the Cl.irrnd f'Ol-1: deliver an address., them on Wednesday I .* Ruth Srabli sort i, ..f Orwond visited i.I I: THE NOVELTY MAN. :

tagcs MI Ocean Loul \'ard. ; next.: While in that city Mrs. Hay- II I i friends here :'""d.r. I' : r

Four Sailings KarhWek Mr. and Mrs Priest, who recently ar- .. nor will be the guest .-f :Mrs. W., I n'l I Mr. and Mrs. W. J. Shafer 1 darted| 40 South Beach St. DAYTONA, FLA.

'IIITl'XJACKSONVILLE: : riH'd l from Louisville, have taken rooms Heedntr, president of the Orange: ( this week for their home at Sjiokanc, < 1.1 II i iC. I'HOXK: :lie .

and NEW YORK.rullii.KiU \vih| Mrs. Hankin on Ocean Ijoulevard. i (tub.Ex. I II I I Wetherel. .1 !"old! his IxMxe last wc k '' :. ...................g...............i.... .i........ :

.\ Congenial party cornposl I of MLvsCuxstll I : -Mayorr.rge: :. :Si-cley and w ife, I II I U1 a man on the T..m..kt.II'. Weilicrlhated .
"hmlo..t"lIl"' r. I.uth:1..\ .
;; : Mrs )Davis and children, Mr I I of Meridrn, Conn., are \ialtiii i : with i i to part with it, a< it was' a faintly' -

TII: : .FIMLST: STKAMSIIII-S: ;; IN TIII: \ST\MSI 1 : :MI\M: : I C: t'II"f''ll'f| and (children Mrs. Frank'I I,! vl Ir. anil I Mrs X. N. Bailey. Messrs.1 |n-t, but' lie had no way to t keep it | :.......... .....'..... ........... .,......... .. .... ... .,........... .......,eNM.A.; .. .......r:

: Clyde New England and Southern Lines. M"-)crs, Mr. :-aid Mrs. Priest, Mrs. Han- SH-eley and Bailey served on the aldermanic 1'through the Mtnirner, YK cxjicet-: to j

I Lin and Miss Rtxter went to the Inlet I I board of the same eouncii I .orue :. go to the mountain and did not wish ; REAL
niitUT: : IU\: II'E: rir\vii\: : : U linf-day on tI'le..f the numerous I !six years ago. I II Ito I leave the' Keene w ith strangers. i
:Mrs.' L. 1 K. ; of lltst; ESTATE
JACKSONVILLE: BOSTON AND PKOVIHFNCK. ( nr-ion I Imats and enjoyed a t"-I I I MoCraugh, Orange I II t i :'tJI..LIYfI..1 1 will lie l 'held in Wilkinson's ''

AND ALL EASTERN POINT all day outing.Mr I X. J., U visiting I her, I brother, i More bitildrttg next Sunday at _' : ;; Cottages For bale or Rent. Phone 234. II'ri.

rallinn ut n.:", !.'.'>t"l1 B"tlt.1 \ : >. and MLss Flag and ih1 1 loach, Charles H. Kaynor.: Ip.i i in., with scrties-sfolb.ling l: All :tl"i ;' : ).\ \ TOX.111111.: FI.oIUIIA. '

SH.MMVLLKL SAILINGS..SoiitliLotiml of SpringfieldMss....., are here for severalweek's ; ::1, .\ card |arty: at the Se-:side Inn one !i i ..orfWally invite to ("rur. i ..... .'.'. !-.'!,. ...,...}.,. 'i'.'aiAa.f.O.G1nf.u..1y..i: : .+i) ) ).)? .....,.,.}.. N
I"f the weekly recurring pleas;lfIt functions I
Mrs. C..1. )Unrg- _
F 1"111, I..- i... Wli.nf. I liftoiiNTorlhl 1'o1ay. :
I I of 1 Uli"I"'I'IlIn. hostelry: waif enjoyed -
g .,, / / U..iivillf iuan'cottage (>Valley street.Mrs. ( Low Tides (ot.'Iarch.I .
*lIJn,1 I ri "i I ti "(nt I'h,i 1.11" "In'u i i ; I
r 1 1ioiu]>>on and Mrs. Granger entertained I!! by the guests! and a large .t\lt..ide ...................................................

a few friend at ."><(X) I Tuesday I contingency: Tuesday evening.Mrs. I A.M. I'. .1. : :
tbi r.-v I
I E-I..h.I..I': I ; \1:11" nu are fUKht--adiu..r>
CLYDE ST. JOHNS RIVER LINE I ,'vening. Underwood and daughter of March 2:47: :{:o:> .

I Mr. and Mrs I:. 1:. Old and party New York Mrs. Keat and (daughter of March 17. 3:30 ::1< 1 I. : Stationery and :

' Between Jacksonville and Sanford I left Miami Monday, homeward bound. Vinpnia. arid Mr. Campbell( of New I Man* IS.. 4tt I 2 H) : :

STtlI'I'IX.iT;.! 1'\1. \1'1\. ASTOtt. HIJIFoHH.: : : ; (li..l.. \i"i and I lutriii..li.4t ,r and (':\| ccted to arrive here today.Mrs. I York are a party of pleasiut.ople' | |I.... March 1'J. IJO: .-, IN, Portable' Enginess .

latuhugsouSi..POIISS:; 1:1: \ 1:1: :. I I I. W. \Vethcrby sustained c .nsiilcraMc cated ou Seabn-c/e avenue. Mart* Xt.. ;3i :..-I:, : and Boilers, :

: Steamers 'City of Jacksonville' and"I-red'k DeBar)'" !. !O.M> in the destruction of alioitK'ventylive .\ violin and eel k, !selection with pianoacconiianiment I Match' 053 ti :ti '' J rv 5W MILLS 1HRESMKKS.tiHIST : .

-\atur.la\.... trees hrr I | will be given Sundaymorning Mart 22............._...._... 7:17 7u : '""f" :HII.L5 SHINGLE: :
on I ,
air appointed to Mill as (follows: lt\\ .la'l.'oun\'ilJ.! daily rte+*pt : orange : grovewear
.. at the M. K. church by Mr. and i i March :.'3.. SI7: s :SA t MACHINES and *ll kiml* ut .
fire :
at 3't 10 p. m. I turnlllg. Irate :Sjufonl.; ( ilailywpt Suuda) at tru': '' a. in, Holly 1Ii11la.o.t Monday. TIi i : ,..:oinerl and :Hill Supplir :
t.. Mrs. lVil.unold Mrs. Cushman. March 21. 9:1. 9 29.
B.lIn'J n
S.uth-Kound ea4Dotll!. I II.rave8allpui I SCHEDULE(: I\"firs I 1-.und J' discuvcn-d ina.leall: haste; by to M.iyor notify the ;family.Whcieupon a cry. "l.ead Me Lest I :Stray," recdercd 1 byMrs. I Man 2jw....._...............itfcM Itt:2i'Marrb :: : 11' b 4" IP,' f, .1 ;":" ,,. -. viceim: save you monrr. *
: ,. :
: .
I ..la< kMinvilh'.\rri\f 2.'Ml a in i llcibert and J.T..nie 11'tthIerby I Cushman la-t Sunday: iiM>tnii.g;, a;..IIO i II I .ft '1 : unlinf'-wk) : : \ddtt'ulll"ltf> tot

I X.-45: p in'........... ...................... 1'al.itkv.........................._.. !< ," th GEORGIA.ohcel. *$
:i.IM( ) {| .blur.j : p ,
; .I IV-iW..rl (U-ljiinl. 'l1 p M i 1 in cliii-Liug tli, fire. Tingroe I 2S.._.....IOJ:: I:2 :IMarsh **.***..***.*.**...**4>..4>....4>4>4>4>4>4>4>4>4>4>.4>4>4>...4>.4>>4>.
Arrive ht laiii .Sanford ; !< u in eontitiiiK I lOCI trees, and but for Mr.I iMnllt-y, 1'. Hailey, who eats. l Utii ."'(.tJj i 2 .......................12:4'l: 1 1:1: --

Il1.INlaui .Kntfiprix-: ) l>all
t. j i bate even l by the i I his (Inane in Mattcwcan, :N. J. March :tl. 2:1:!:. : ". .
PASSENGER AND TICKET OFFICE U2: VEST BAY grove might >wrpt 1I :' 'II!!( .... -
I j fire. I i J. It. wife, of Indiana .\. ."1H' .
A. rUA JKHTY: (J. li.V. AI'ier.'XiN. UtONMO.MiKK.: : ;. Jit. .\. ti. P. .\. H.Bcally.I :Mis.I I Ella: lV-atty, W t'. -

; U Xt'111'1... Javkwuutilk!I Ffcu i Mrs. Maga omit of tier Irttuic.- \ lIa\ i" alll'l Maria l Itat4 i Salt.sburj- .) I A CoronaJo.itimtid DH-lE1.rf ROM: OUR DISTILLERY
O. 11. TAY1.0U\ Pass.' Tralli.M Ir C'. C' I'.KOU: :X. ,
, IrarnhltlNw..NI Itr l ; .I.. 1) JOXrST. F..1. !I.. S. :STKOl'.u: r. 1. I and Mrs Abe f.itt.t.t.lob.. .. liaebei !
: i ii .
. lh t >g (rune New Smyrna lw- h us' .1',. ;
JavkooiivilU Flu. l L.1 l'nra Fl.i.I 'u.ling II :
f 1Vt.l'lllI'Eit'( '; F \ (n.'III-\I1I.\I..I. : :, lf Mr*. Frank dark and thre ehiMren, II left for sfrs| their! /!home: s in Indiana T"iiJay.Mr. {| 3lltfe..t : rvl) frofittfig 1'Hlfe.l .." iii 1\1I i .Et iJ P-I jI w DALE

.1 If -ksnrntl .'. Fla 11..-, :-.tJ:t :\ C I: :N'-wJ': :> .I lt. l- 1.of I. n>iug, Mich., are here <>n a visit anil Mrs. John ('.,.\ l.ave jiMt ni > inert i orean l.f-aeh; siib-iJiVMK--. '1.1 Vi

t. I I I' l.uM.I.IKntJa; ; Uonvil'-: I II"! with) Mrs. (Clark :)('ni"r.h.., is ."- tJI'Y- j i !tunieil 1 from a sliortLil lv iN-I.:m.l. I' k>t-: thnifnrnisht,l hoiiM-s on IHOIH-I I r', W- >> QiY .

_____ __ I ingthe )Kelly house for the Masoii.Mr. hey. pref r the J':'l-t Coast town-.. I t ...._ I..ttllll!: ..wner 7 1 H'W"'t.I "i ; bI

.-. M. 1" Stanley has U' -n 11'f..li"l I tlaei is :i ral.i| >tlv xroning wii.t-1 .11' I I.elran.rr

Florida East Coast Railway th s.- \\ t't.kith Dr. and Mrs Ilar in I.| iiorton's .Famous .Min.strcl.-I .........1. and Ibis 1 1'1"1"| ''I\ [r ?

itn-ir. honitt by-t Ie-L, t ..1-111101 flee {irirv u.skttt -S'O,*s.1. rL1 lV I

I. c.tITimc Card No. N. la Effect t Janarjr 9tHlNORTHBOfNDkKAU\ \J ri. U. L. OiCTttl aryl tilde inlii\e j WithevetythingiK'W will appear] ] at i I Sir "r a-Mrt-ss) I.tvtoia I n"al I !I'. : aItEY

OlJT"BOUNo-IU' rrturnidfr.nia \ 8il t'j Inv neither, ; the Opra ll.tti-e, TiK- lay. March 19tfLi and In-assure ............,. r m
DOW N. : 1. 1 I! iji _
Mi Gable; at lake loino.Miss rroiiiiiunt ari <>ng notablrj r'rr.orm"J1I .tj t. I iod
!L..9,, s.. aS No.2u.. 'J3 \, G. ,!I.\V.1*N.. ZSA.. YaU.11J r m1 4 .
Ua11J Dally Dally IT.\TIO 1l) IIIl-Ul: U.oJ Ua11J IVarte WiHiat. "Hu,>in .<( T. F.Williams j: are the 1 pretni'-rs hf romeiljr, SUIt !... t -4.
II II II A u A- B _U_ is tinnn j Jake W,H.y. Ralph:: Kiiiter and Chartsacoliti S..\..rat .of the ....IWJlio> 1':1.: :n, I ; ] EXPRESSPREPAID[
5 Tliel 4 \I :JUAIC a Miw Le.::_ .._Jahuurlile_.._.Ar 7 "J 7 1 6 3uw "pending wNar a FFaLM85
... -.. 4'= 11 2I\.uII.\ .. .. (I" ...... &.uthJatLwnrW..J.r 1 _.. 7' ... I \.iL1.. tinfamily.: with new -oiigoriginal j jukes i | "rt brrr la* -ok have 'I..!I I. mi;
r, ;Mw Ii III __._. : ,
4tklt !ll I
AtyrIllUae 621 G 4a 6 7 JlI.w
I, __ 6llirih 11 111...._... 'I"5'.I Ila4ne.__ _._ 6 6" ..... on <<< ft a'-count '>f th- in
  • .lu un ..Ii Z *. .U3:'. 0 5.iw _.._Cwt: falarta.:. _Lt 6 6 6 G ?i1w 'i .. Mlinark.: regular organist. I furious. iQ.
    IV 4 rw 7 trw 12 W.11) 1 1w,.'r..l'.w.U&L' 4 foi 4 6 6 W... .itg.! tht'llI Is 111g IIH \r .
    ! 9 w. I s4+i: ill 92.LY: .1'atatta-A 7 7 6 G tAw.. lust SabUith, MM Wi-avcr ,pre-idetl at I Kane, tinVcntrilv'|Ui.-l
    I I'i, b'-Jr: ._._.. _"':" "" __Li 1"a __ th. nrnati during the :Sunday ScloMrf' v.x- moeit Ulii|lilt? and novel acts ..f this. I! D.iisy aiitl the Unm; A % c. c wilt no marks to show contents four.fu11
    ; uiy 1 7 r.:. 7 brr LYoo.NU' ._.Ar 7 1i _. 7 7 4 wt of f WILLOW DALE RYE, express prepaid.
    ." -1 I 2:! ........- '_.__...:::-Kunnellx.! ......?.....I.\ --'Z 4S I''I''S. and H.b..>!" during theIchunh kiwi 1 er prrxfileil on the minstrelstage. --- -.--. -- .. Tr. it ;zed if yon don't find it all right and the
    .... 7 : ....... .J upoDOrmouJ ....._ 414 6" ....._.._. I Mr. Kane, in connrrtion with i J .
    :=: g.l : :S TMO.S.Mr i 4' 'S 'ii.: -t v.'ii evtr tasted send it link to us at our exinne -
    : :
    :: ::: :=
    .itluw" H ... .. 4- t
    I o 1 t.1AI s4: a sae, It :tier' ,, ...............Urmout1.."..._. a 4 1 a 4 b a -. \V. 1-1.: I IJi-a.: oho .ha.* Utii ......11- otlier iwivations, intr'flllofHftl a niitut.... J I't l || I rT ./( AKr01 D : 1'id' .onr *o2.b5111) he promptly refunded.:
    .t l bD = :+ peer 11 3uw :: ,.... nartona..._ 1. H.t2 I (6111 I! of r..hall.altlk 'I I Ii 1 ;; i tli.il a fur offer?
    ........ : n' +t ._.I :::_ rorl; rtnxe_ ... = : sl ._._. 8 ... j p.xmu |butt of the Mc1 herrn cottage ear I Figurer, among; j I TriiNGS; NEWI Rc-nn.-niln.r buy
    :!l'w 9 Tie- 1 ::It'll! 11 :...11r.........._Ncw h mjrn ...-.....-J.' 2 1 I S "4 :w1tu2t. Uri Ix'.iili, returned t.. H. tUy I'.. nt a I \\bit.b are the "Mintkiev I Irisldal11." i I i; _" ::: ..,._-".... .....: .: rh from the arc distillers so when of the you del
    -- ; us save enormous profits
    J. ,.. ,, ( ii, you
    : .
    + : 174Nt. .=iAr:=::: IaleHcle Iy T t
    : : 4 6 Mr. and Mrs. Uae: havecharge "Old IHack Joe, ;.sinffi-r ." Itbtttat ..ritl'l avoid all clianc of adulteration. You
    Io3rral: 4 : rr ......._ Ut.uceaty....__- 12 61 li-w d.tys.inee. ( are
    "t. lU 4w''' 4 M.... .....:..::::, ._",- "le11yJu_ _.... 12 61r2 t of the !g'vernnitnt life saving; ntefcilw-s. "The Guilty ParrM"and an ; t1. tri r t\\ \\ IVWL'1.1 'ore (If Letting: our whisker; just a4 it conies from
    : ; Y.ew: I 1. ..,_._.\rw ..__ I without with in
    : 0C.0'II L\ ;mrto. Ar 2' I 2 our distillery, being tinipered
    .. 9 Eo:.. I 13....... I" _..... C'.k l1AL...._.-.Ly :1 _.__ 2 4151t station and Inicpital at that planhidi -, extremely fnnnv finalentitled. T'etrTRlrphrrne .... l, ,.... \.. r \ V any
    13wa lit 3 ......... "\ : u
    t"_2 iift JijWAr Tltun elk.. 1 41W2 1 3 I7u, :
    u \\ isonH* rniie> <}f'th..f I'stliu \ sli r.
    forty n ,
    r- .. \ 54 i If prefer corn whiskey: we will send vein
    1\1 Ora.' 10 :4wt r. buy, b 50.1'11r_... .._...Of'.hl ..._...._.Lt ]135 6 '. f.\ s. l r you
    '_ ... ., _!I..3 :-...: .. 'L.!=..:=::.:::......xorunl At 6 6 6 10 10 6Qu1 l h. ;| Ttw "MUitary 11".14. i is a very t-: ; ', t four full qnartsof our ALLAN SINCLAIR'S CORN
    I ;fwa lu : 1!an I.r Tnu.rtu- i I > .; ;! : tJ } ;? WHISKEY' lor S2.8O.ixin.-sripnid.; You c..n't
    A ((V\v friends dine I with
    ; Y 1 31"dY intlf late r.md :tntmiugkit u biro krt-pN tlfaiHlKlH* ;
    I l 3t ....... I :=:: :==t: 11 t I buy-a better corn whisk! y Iroi.i am body else at
    2t 11. 33J 4 ID1l _._ ockI""K8__ 1 Oai 2 13 2I"w Mrs. 'IUI.lc.n the> 'n-rjiskin .>f Mr. in a -nnUnoal nntr of kiitrlit' r darma: : .
    ..... .... I as .my price.
    I2o(0 4O1.... ._ '
    iCaut.ame. 12T "
    f -.....- 12 11 4 1 ._ ". __lbour1l'' _._. 11 11 12 1L.Febattt I ':Uld.- birthday, March Sit' coversirr its |>rrj rn'ati"ti.Uementlr : ,- .r- >\t Our guarantee of psrfett satisfaction <.r bone
    ( ;
    ........ U' 4' _....._'..... ._ ...._._. echo led .
    : wirer
    n-s make.
    ei 7147 Il .. f every shipment Y
    .... -- \\ st and an elegant i( |i..st wa t'1I- : the strut ..t. :, r. :-i..... .t. : 11'RI | M-e ..
    14' 6 / --"L"''' _... 11 10 35n _, I I grand |I..f ... it 1. ;l 1O run no risk shin you &.Ifalt1, us as the owiicra
    r ...4.." Ml? 2 225( : = 331x". "=-tort Ttbball4 IVrcc...:::::::= : 10 10 "" 1213 10 t74W.... i"\< . IN. \:.0 1 ices o l: 1i I ( of f.ur I ":iip.inv luivere.-ouri'es of .1 million doil.ry i

    1 ...-.- 230 627v..._ "__ Ld a.......... m. ", 1019 9 bJirr. ...,.. in his graphic and I entertaining way -- .. .. -"': .d. SW117 rSii i.:..!I will do exactly as we sty.
    L .....- 2 35 6 31P11j( ___ "_Jeolell._........_... .. 101 9 47,5/.. drM-nlx an ascent made by biD>elf 1 \ \. ... a1 \,)i'"" CkCEN, I
    2 4a.. 6 41pq _Stunt. ... \-' "' I 1 MAfGNA: THE SWIFT CREEK DISTILLING
    :.:::= 314ra; 7 a :::::-.: :==,_.Hubeuand.::::== :: IO 94 91 9 ...._ and party <*f the<< .\II| while in =Switzerland I A Strong> Searchlight. 01 ir 4o tine r aa Il MACON GA. CO.,
    ....-- 33JAIIZO.\ .... .......... ....._..-.Vitrt Jiij iter..__ 9 1 ,
    r : uaut : loch 8 ( H 6 air Altect Palm I In clr__. : 30 b 10 411 sime years ago. I I, Tlw yaeht IVa'.ntiah.l'aptaiti tirvrgrI .. '.I. .,: .. I',." .I.. 0'._.. of RegMterea Dudllery No. 23.. Swift Creek" c..
    I ,* vW 8 :u. b 7rir ...__._, _.. : j.
    llch '. I
    I 10 6 30 Z4et I .-tllll..tr'r Kritton the jiostoffiic II I :. Crawxtft in cotitmand. ha-h. was anehoretl '
    rfjoirts :
    6a 83.-.V: ....._ I "
    6'f.:1: 6 r. \Veit calm l{* rh. tri
    .......- | 9 Dim .......... I;I" ..._.........11oJ'1l1011 .&.......-._ 8 7I 10 71 T 4 1o 041 henas doing a radii bigger l"isinv.x i- ;; for s-veral dayin proximity to A.: 'j ,
    63$ ...l4lr.r. ......._... 7 .. .. -
    i C V Fort I..ndtrdale....._.. 6 I than last year. The hotel and ; the. Halifax River: Yaeht\ Ouli';, h..uwj .. .. -
    ( 4- ,' jm:2 _. ...... :
    I :.--- C M q : ;_,_lUII laudale.: ...._.- Uwirding house are full and it is very j j last seek, ikparted Sunday. for St. \11- . .
    .. .fut .. Lemf>n'itjr_. = ....: : I.\ rebut that thenir/ iicoftle in 'OwI'&la... "( ,. .
    : ii/ 7 :'HUM, 10 4:4rt 7 :irM *,T. .........._.. Miami.... ... 600 :irf 6 61 more )Cilstiw. display .i'A
    S .. aeou. . ''LT ...Mani. ... 1.1'1 :St-abrei-w than in lort'\'i"u" UKcafiacity and ftViency of its stanhlight ,, .
    ::::;::. |(*j o r.. .: ... '1.:.::::::': L:1::: : :: ; <.4 : Uy; :':':"-t: : =:: JS= : -, G. H. Charles any awl baby. .., T..I- l I attraf.(1.f't I ). gmeral attention ; ,' :- s 91$

    ( Condensed Schedules; Between Jaclsoatille lid Sf. !JptiJle. uinbi.i., :'. r., are visiting Mr. 1'. I'. from UKpeoj4.' .... both .Mof. the r, I : r 1

    -- Wiliam! mi irandview I"\.arel.. I Halifax( river Fri'by night." Ohjt-cts for I I pI :
    \:' %: 'So. 29\o.'No.43\o.Jl\o.37 ti.. .. I 1.IuJ"+ ::1 I
    + 99"A u. Mr. and I
    1 ., I a 9 MrKitrhinx and .b.Mf.r. an ilte..dibI distanus- were unite |4ain- .
    U DA7oII3 Af : hat ..' I'
    nl r :
    I 1".I.G-. tai IIYI! I B 8 !DatIJ of :fttiiart, are oceupjiug the :Mi-HirD-on i Ily visiWe as tinn>werf tl rayart+- ': ,. 4
    _ r 1'.111 II-t. : Se._Yaa. .lIt.D I Da111 Yea ; rati-hr- .1I .
    r. S
    .. I y J.rh.II1'III.I. tasaiy 1 9V 1I1\1 1 :..."! ;;: 14y ..; 4s 4 :l1 8 8 _y: l'rM ittagi.! for the |l.f't'oof'Iit. fIL..aup and. down and :ITO:- the I ;: .. '\ ? PREPAID
    .: \r 1'1. \.110. 9 U... 10 J'. 1211: ,( 2 fr1,1 41 t,1 4..1 d t I. f,
    ( 6. 9 1 rn 10 4Yyo. .I.(-. It. Higlj: and wife, . :\ .. 'e. .."; 1b'\o.9ZNe.3'', -:-''\''.' ..,' ,.. ,., there I. t.u ilnlNEV ,. :. '...'. > r.
    ., I, A : I '!II"+ are n' 'rnt arrival. This r* their I ljren a dUfiniH ta-k 1'1 i an n> n.\ 7 $ ZO'r1fAIQ"
    L' u I 1: f .t 'dI;I
    DaIJ I 1'&lIy D.11 B A. SI7PACSAGE3:
    I hit \i-it to Sealtrcrze and .10. ; tnhivr avojdiil its |w-ti.-l r.itinti.: clan- r'
    I-I'aiiy 1"11y :il. Ssr lIel'L: C'" Dan, 0r: % Da11, tknr Dallf they are 1 OUNCE BOTE: 25.
    I tit Auu Une= 61.1Oi -7 411:2\ 101 : if it had. U-en a 11I1I..r it.it ( ':iptatnJann IIIfII
    ( ArJ..tronillle... 74uAlli"' ) ::: tl1: 6 6 6 Wit ligliN-d' with the lieauty of the |4a<-<- 12-OUNCE: D' .Tir ',C. 1
    : I' 84VA111 9s.: 111 1230 12 /= 71 .
    7 7431UTE K I I'. Llliwho: .iiiin.iiiil-! 'li-- .:
    \ \-Traiu Tlit r.i-.-pti...i l.y Mrs. T. Cordis, Mrs.lfnd -.s J/ .
    rla'lf'1.Ol. composed uc1l1S1fCll or rl.lllmall or l'arlor Carr tad Utla..: rf71 fro t Illllil baij-e} liMll'.lk.: \\ .i- ;pl..r\. .! \ -d.l"Ii !, yp J i I
    \ \. i4 lumor .-
    MJVO.. "t'r.
    Trains\ E n..Day 110 roach" oJ raed on these tralllS Ol whlc.h no utra rest b 11 ha.Ted. gwest In-, T. ... I! ot, lln, i.v -i.It ..I I It.!; (jEO.'RA \' I..y i I DOl1
    LQt stop aC statues&C u4icL time Si ace 4hu>rn. 01".I, thr.iiteasant fiiiirliontill' "f -1
    S DaUl .. 'VVt'i, r ,
    erteyl9uad.J !. '
    rite! > l- uii'1 "i. 'I'I.: : P 0
    \\H-k.) or. iu'
    .. 19 Duly 11 nndghandarl' I N !ik.' .. 'u J,!< ;II i tln, :, ..1: in, | i r DELIVERED FOR!

    -ttJljCtt Ex Sue Only Only I MAirOKT BKANCU I DiL'y u oath T D6111 22: 1 1 Ft 'tl

    6 Oar 8 "ISuti 2 Crtu l 0 inw'U.. .... ji,"'t'onsiL'e.: ....._..Ar ......... 7 sai D SXmFEOHStURANB I ht.4ia IVa-h March II. \ -. !I. t .- .- .- .-.N..N.NN..H....- N....-.- .- .0.--.ewe.-ta-...-.m N N $12001
    II 2 oas In 1. Lv. '" Ix.nnila .. ....Ar .......,.. -
    7 12 KM .
    640P a 2 4\Wi. 10( W.. I.. .. .. hi,;., lt.ach..Ar .... G" 120CNHti p.ut| .\ ..f Mahie NCtMcfrrs ,ha.1 i :a l I. .v-
    6SW 8 t. 2 I 4:... I 1"I ro',.. t 6CP I
    I.\ "Uar.: T.' I'-I.b _... _..At ...._. 6'
    1S3 ale 44M4XM .
    _7UM 9 3 C0 f' .i-t .I. tic liearfc IVcac..ay: ni..tniii,; Atlantic Coast Line.
    \fa' .
    etllturtr"-- r. 'f .L'fi.' .. .-._ 6110 11 40n J CIi a s.
    Mr. ana Mr<. :'. I.. HaV aril daunh'ili.i LUJ'COl'P ANY

    OCCIBENTAl STEAMSHIP COXXEQIOXS ATjMUMI. / \ < ,rutwlthee| Johnson l",-a. h .tt.t i.11..I

    Close t! ill ttf in the tityeveral: u.rh! I 'I.I1'< 'I'AI.M: I l-.Ul.\\l\i: '; MI
    Connection Made at Miami *lth Stiamshlps! of thi P. 0. S. S.

    .. Havana, Key'est and Nassau Cocpanj. Proof..r" .Mu.4x-lntan. and.111..'. piotiuniit Blue Ribbon Beer and Lewis 66 Whiskey)
    Bahamas. I I pf. pl. t Ifjincy, III.. wh" I rte i

    TraiM Discharge> Passenjers at hips Side0 T1anaters.Tkeee I I.. > ti hrr&for some time, left !I"' I I.-. :"u' FAMOUS,' \ TRAINS
    : "r. 'I. '' '
    T'lIIeTabl.b' ..'" the tide a;-;> t. ;:. ;;a.:- rut .. ted "n 'ih. lI"rlhl..md l Tuesday A. h.0\1'll: i. ,
    from U>< ..nerat. .. >uii...n-. bas: the. C. -i.a. .|1"I.a: :,i.- .ttt.e etpe li'mfuruved: to umnk14 li'eot dci&r' Mi. al..1Ir": Walker all"1, an.1.1t -- -
    i..r G tit \ ,*Bt..U..l t ... .. c-an sl
    >Al. .a'' '_ !U :*>_- r"T'LC'U' cynenxr +&>itap2irseStottt: }I-. \iuold. tuurist-i who ha\ !I.. 'ii New York and I Florida i Special '
    For Copy of the LOCAL TIME CAKI or Other Information -M-iiding| the wiut'T at \\ hit-- :-Ol'rlll-; I'I: : I" i '

    "SEE TilE TICKET AGENT." t ..uidw Smyrna, arrived this \\e.-U! .11I01 l I .n.. .I.. ,. L. .ritrll 'irrlt, -'III', tt I'' a, r ,ill I .. .Mini; ,
    j, D. Mat. UJM.II xxhi, |It |Ilarua.k: Baraca .-u.k-d much .
    KAMiSEK Seabr = _w
    Agit. Utg-l Pass. h.ivi- ....1a.'u."onas.JD / ;avmu-- | oas I
    Agent, ST. .. I .
    AU1UST1.NE )Ft- ; ""1111. I'-.t: ::0"I! I I'lillutau: r, I. 1.\\,1' Lath piiuzaw ,.. :111.1
    --- --- .1 .I. Bishop's cottage. t"SWJ1.t"iII.

    .N. .NN...N.......... IIN..0..1...N..1.N...- :Mr. and Mr!>. J. ,'. Brown :0.1: littii'i. :! i I. I ;. ".1,1 ; 111: :rlid'. ,>: ,. n.ar ielutfite 1.:4.oI3bt. ,
    :111 .
    : '
    :" rh' I'n. ,
    i .,ught>Iy "I.1 .
    You Stop Darning Chicago and Florida i Limited i t1." 'In .,!.. ,,'c.?' I.. s h..pi'l "Irm .\s. ;
    i i .&"-.1 at tne Draach house.I :""t.v
    : t
    j The shilling oo Pin street I'1'[ .1 I It
    \ ..
    ;'. .. I. 1,1 I d:. ,I ..u.tb-. 11.\ \" :.1 i <> l I..> I .mr kt(\l this week.Ihonia.s .1 I.inv.'s.Itll'.tilnd.. -. l.atiugiiik' -' .u'IIL- !9.s i n. I.| ,, One of the Best Hotel -
    Bargains in
    51'1'1 J ..l '.ultt" :'t. .. hig"I: pl.u':1 i I tnjodall is having .K.n.M.t;, I I .. dnt.1 ,-. ( -.I. h u tin- ti.nn, ,iU- II'II'.t t

    \ .,. t\\I-I..1, tlaad. _. 'h.lt : I sidewalk of 510 feet five feet .,1., Ui.l \1. '
    :..' ; ""I !IO'-t \\.r l'.I', t.I.1. u, : in frunt of hi: handsome: pr'.p.rt\ .:, I FOIl r.it.-s. iNilliniin, i.-s-ivai.n-; ;IIP tl'| !, tuli.| inlfll1Ultt'; .\ s-ult'pt'lctly,I i)5 tu not interfere with bwlineae. If you want
    fi -1 !h.e1 wilt
    I .. line .-trcet.Hi : : gresty ideoe se ia t IW. at
    \ I'i. lJ..J htS. .11,1 I \\ I j it I.- "I! .ill nIlI i''.. I an exti I
    I : tin t',
    .. ; i "S .I!! 1j. \ll: ...t.ill, .: "urn *' Epworth League soul l.t.-t III> >- ". l"-' luiiiu, larngracy, OU South Building ._...
    : day evening realized $!> from the Mii. \ .u.I ; :a..Jrt'M.Iil.tun-) full details.
    : .1:1,1 I
    a .1 i .It g.LlIC": d.
    I "f ife t-ream. Mta LiLA 1'ret-in.in, rn.i i iMaud FRANK C. I BOYLSTOX.l

    J/s THE PECK-NENDRICKSr CO. :; Maller gave :it.4l.ti"D.Itlol l I. igene II : SOUTHERN PINES HOTEL

    ,' 'J;, : I 1 \ read an original poeni. I I'rltl i '; ; \rn- \i.t! ;. t 1. ., I I. .,,, I FOR SALE,
    ; I': ; : The l.at.lioJ will bare of'I'III1.II1.|
    I \1I \ H i at the llarroun le-taurant building this .1.\1 "k:>. +\1111| | | 1 K: |I'I| \ .' 1.1,1.1 I 't. .-"' ,,;:.1.51, :;. -:. I.. ;. 2.1. rvtl: ,. : I:e.vent I ht ? .:'I'i.\: ; ]':, :>

    .......................... .............. Jl'a ll. '.tU '.. t..re ....... .. : : .' I"," : 'rfLl Ht
    ...... ..... : U'.Il t-\ \ attar:;i ..... ................m..................1 V e i.1I I ':,j ;:-. ".lu I.Ilul+ <.L.I.a. ltulvu. -

    ,, u
    -- -- --
    goat collation tendered the members, I I mentions and will Tnaki-- K- "' -..'.- -.

    sad after a few moments of felicitation 'SorUbW picture Lo.t1" fruit tl.1JU 1 did 30 a year as u 1

    .. .
    1u.e2p .1 -
    -_ 1 ----- _
    .. .

    It.. .. .

    .- ". .... -- .' -...,:';:: :......: .. ...... -r-- v. r es. r%
    = : -:
    :; -
    __ .....-. '..-.-.._.-: :o'r' __>

    .:.-o.-' ,. ,'" .,,, -. ;-- '.', -.;:-,,- .::-... ,-,-. ...,.-_. '_ -C!'":.t'f. ,1 ."'".." J 4'o.... ........ l. ..... ... ..... .,,',.-,....", .-,', -......',"..-..". ':" _....

    (E 1 1E 1'J MC n : w

    .. -- "
    _. :
    -- -- .
    ---- .
    : ___LE. ___ -- -
    : --- -- ---- ----- -
    .................i"I ,. M. Milburn of Port Orange, D W Rosa ex!acts to leave to-I MUSICAL DAY AT

    nai in town Wednesday. day with a party in Ins new launchNedalelne. ,
    : Local Paragraphs. : Some attractive dishes made
    Easter cards and novelties atGardiner' : are
    :... I. Palmettocame
    Art Store. The auxiUiary
    tOur watcbes run right. Wfdon't up the river Wednesday: and RRR I with Lard. It's like
    have to impart this information The Leach property ou South anchored ofT the draw I'f the South :The Club Room Beautifully Decoratedand :I serving
    Ridgewoul has been j! I I .
    to people who have bought of avenue recently the Members Rewa,":" with
    Bridge. !
    ut, ':it'. the other fellow." If this : sold to Mr. Rowley. i itReduced 'i ii a Rare Musical Performance. indigestion with a
    Miss(i Cora B. Lau hrey of D.1\\-1 I sugarcoating
    means let's talk watch to i prices fin winter clothing "
    you, you. 4deh s''He compulsion dtti la muMc lie
    with Mr and !
    son, Pa is visiting
    MlltouMuounltUy :
    I,. H, Ru.r A Co. The Jeweler. at The Globe I
    I Mrs[ F J. Niver, being a tmism of I :; at the PalnwtM (' I
    :Let's go down to Gardiner Y. C. Fuquay came dunn from ]I the latter. always looked forward to l I.y ,Us nlrm-I I

    Jacksonville! the latter part of last : bcrswith more eager anticipation tI faffurdm :
    Misa.Louu Foote met with a mishap Gorton's Minstrels at the Opera How can you expect digestible the world-far superior to lard or
    the middle l ."taof nine pleaslure -
    week and remained until I j jif :a lamer '| grti |
    while out drivinu Monday that! this wevk with hi+ family at Holly : lloiibo next Tuesday One of the i than allY otherw'e-ion .>f tlx-furt- food to be made from a product obcooking butter. a

    rcMilird in a'i'|iraiiird thumb Hill tniiii&lnl. flr itlliz.lti"lIti; till i the \\ uihtJyevrtlta; which are sivm l I.\ the I tamed from swine? It isn't reasonable Collolenc vegetable, not an

    :*:l/ Finder road I Wal h for the grand street : iluUiliirins' : the }'ru 1'I1illrl.ly
    -Aca.hnierelale. And animal
    | I' : to people keep product.
    expect. yet
    1"fllaxttr: aids and Ixmkli't. .it Maliiil, -
  • return to MIK.: I K.: I K. Trail. I5ayfctreet. ; I parade at II II'II. Seals"w mi sale '
    I'lark'b I stationery store.Dr. I II | fllIIIII1 liautifully tl 'o>- on using lard-an enemy of good For your stomach's sake, use
    ) l'hanll
    I at digestion-through ignorance of something Cotlc lore for cooking. You'll never
    Lincoln Hulley, president of I Another lilies, ro es and nasturtiums added to the
    C. B. Williams, who owns a winter j shipmt'utoflle better. It doesn't Your back to lard. Cottolcne is sold
    Stetson University, to preach tower adornments with pleasing effect. pay. never
    expects .
    I chocolates. Druggist.The :
    home on First avenue, left Monday at the Baptist Church tomorrow, I Mrs. Sf'ngliltak and Mrs Shugitf; acre stomach is your best friend and 'twill in bulk-it comes only in sealed white
    for bit home at Bridge- will the and hostesses tlf the
    ball harming
    summer Daytona It-am play ecnutl
    Sunday morning. All are cordially be :a sorry day for you when it goes tin pails with a red label and band. In
    while the
    t.n. New Jersey the Collins: College team at Harrisun's day r\'-rtiMrf to charge
    invited to be present and hear him. ofIr5.. tlt,.t.n al ,t MkwSfnvi; "VeK back on y ou. the center of the label is our tradeCCJlOIt'Il'
    i Park Monday, Marth(: 18.I
    Call vat
    'What is Water?
    the electric light Lily plant. ,An import of Armenian needlework I Game called at 3 f'dOf..k..tmi...- curing"bm>)uli the, who l-.t artliotnl talf ut fur for ilit always..!*- t-vrnts rr-, is the product which will mark-a steer's head in cotton plantset

    The Pulmatto II.>u-w ounagement handkerchiefs is expected at sion ?;'. Grand stand !l'ato,0.: M'. and this year thryur[>a-sr<| all former you right. It is the best and pur wreath.
    the ARMENIAN BAZAAR. efforts in .t.t &inilll 1II1..lC'. it talent for and medium
    ( in Take substitute.
    ; est frying shortening no ,
    have selected Thursday as their card We will IK pleased to render ,
    might and progressive euchre was The Hotel Continental at Atlantic every possible assistance when yon I I Th following i> the .pri'jriin, rash

    the game enjoyed t week Beach, near Jacksonville, opened contemplate building or other im number of which w.i..Isulily:yryLu.l.d| l COTTOLENE was granted a GRAND PRIZE (highest

    Tuesday the l.th under the management provements. Write phone or ('; I and responded to: pouible award) over all other cooking fats at the
    Take: the drive over the Port 111'1 recent Louisiana Purchase Exposition and food cooked ;
    the Colo-
    of 11. E. Bemis of tf Nonuan S. Dtuiix. City 1. Ovtrturr iVjuf .fllll--Bv Hienrthestra
    Orange; bridge. tf I with COTTOLENE another GRAND PRIZE.
    Dial( at Nassau. The l location of the i
    County Commissioner! : T..1. Murray Continental is an ideal one as astopover Presiding Elder L **, Ra-lrr will i i .'. I'lalKtMil lt.arI'ar.dle. ('uuus.r- "Home Htlpt" a book of 300 choice recipe, edited e
    .T. P. Turner and M-riral other preach at the M I lchinch: in thiscity I fly Mf* Mur' [>h>, by Mr*. More, tt yours for a 2 cent stamp, tf you t
    for tonristi returning .
    point h .. oJJrttt The N. K Fairbank Company Chicago.
    the :.I t. s".g !s. l1 ( 1i f r :t ltur-.t "Iv
    well known citizens of :New Smyrna tomorrow evening.: At
    : north and enjoys a deserves ]>opularitj. I 'ng," .\llitsui Uv al r.. M.w.rt-. A NEW FEATURE The patent r-Ught top on this pail it for
    service Mr. and Mrs (''has
    wire in visitors Monday. morning I
    Daytona I. Aiinniiig| wing from II.1 if living the purpose of keeping COTTOLENE clean fresh and wholesome;
    Wilson will "supplement tlie. lII'I..i,1. 1( uli"Inn:&II, I.i/t t1'igor Kv Mi.:stngtak ; : it alto prevent it from absorbing all disagreeable odor of the r
    Dr. J. C Herman
    ;Osteopathy- 37-10w\ *We have a full line hI ladies with violin and tfllost-Kit ions. I II grocery such AI fish, oil, etc.Nature's .

    opposite the Gables I trimmed millinery. Mrs M. T. I 1 I **. Diifl: Thepsae11rSt-sl.nrty| :; l.yMr :
    and I
    A, VandeN'ord, of Daytona Beach, CJ'O'kertwolIl.l Hlock. I A full line of kodak films *. Ikhannon l :m"l Mr I ". :\1.n,rrft. .
    supplies at Oanliner's.I Gift from the Sunny South
    hat taken the contract for laying I u Maul of Edwin Blundin, who has been aguest eAAAAAARAsgAA41A1'AS
    seven hundred feet of cement walk I I and Mrs. Gartshore, of Ix>n- By Miss Brown. L
    of Mr. and Mrs W. W. Carter,
    7. Song; solo: :oanctaIaria: lautrBy -
    in front of the Goodall property on I II I don, Ontario, Canada, and theirlaughter
    the week will leave tomorrow Mrs. Wolfe.
    past Mrs. Cleghorn of Cambridge I . '
    Pine street in that place.'Dr. 1 ; : : ? '
    California \iolmseIettionH by Mijr It""11- v.ViVWWiYiVi'.ViimV'ftWW.New C' ll' .
    for his home at Los Angeles I 'IIIIIIIIIIIII.I.I.I.III.I.II..I.I :
    I Mass, guests of The Pines I ing: : (a/TraIiOler..i.) dentist Conrad
    J. II. Pierson, going by way of Galveston.Mr.
    drove Hill, the fore of
    to Holly part :MIN king Bird ,
    block, phone 103. Blundin had beenisitiug at I Jewelry. Books.
    I the week to visit their friends lr.1 I !>. Th Lift Ch'-rd. oullinlflIr'. Yy
    Mr. and Mrs. T. E. Fitzgerald returned his former home in Philadelphia and I .
    I and Mrs. \\ H. Heath and family Mt.x n', aevrmgranied bj onhestraMr ..
    : Wednesday morning: from selected the southern route for his I, I I *. \\I\-t'r aOIl"IJIIC't-d that the Ohio. ;- fs t

    their trip to Key West and Havana. i I return trip. I >.You will tee a few of our many I I,tide* of the r.ilnietto Club were car 115 fit -

    ;, after a week very pleasantly spentat I! *The best souvenir views of (Daytona 1 pretty things in our windows' but I Bally invited to attend .1 r.-citioii tlie <. ;Ie Ii 'cw I jraFM
    I In" \\hethf'r\-oll wish '
    ak you inside held ne\t: Tuesday from {to ;a p III.
    those Gardiner's
    points.03A. | at only.
    I to buy or not. atlhf' home .f MT>. I ;iwrge" I E. :bring .....

    VandeYord Daytona Beach, I tAnother shipment( "Allegretti' I till: .. H CUKH, The Jeweler in honor tI f Mr". William I'. Orr of'iyua :
    Fla., contractor and builder of cement chocolates HANKINS, the Druggist.The I Ohio, one of he directors! of the e i
    sidewalks; firl-claKs work I E.: Dillingham, who has been over I (Vneril Federation \VomenV dub jIHy

    guaranteed. 42-U I Bingham & Maley Company I. in the I.a"hhy sti<>ii for the t "-' ..

    A force of S. H Coves men were! have made a decided change in the past; ten days setting up the lit'I I Collision on the Beaih.

    engaged 1 several days this week in I interior arrangement of their store lath and shingle null will probably \ lig C;..lill.1I' from the (1.ut-l;.Is l1 -. g :

    making repairs on the Halifax. !liver, in bringing their office from the return todav IIehasl 11t'en on the garage: (tuning! south on Ihe IwaihjWwlnejdii ......
    rearof the building to the front, I .ifu-rnuon, met J. I I. ll.itlm-j i iway's
    Yacht Club ,,wharf replacing all unwound I. Bond Lumber) Co. road I, arwut three : ) .
    office forte Stanley steamer, which that g 'iilleinaii
    which will the a
    give .
    planking\ and timbers. miles from the settlement of Rogers.Call I -
    better opportunity to see and l I", I hat.lI"l1"\.1 to a party[ of friends.nn
    :A new Collins barl>er hair for make the I -' at Gardiner's: and M-P the :: its way III'| Die Ilt"adt to Olliioml i r
    seen and in many cases: i avail the.. l ('a.lil- :- e1..
    i The tide wa high fig
    mnls. I viewS frig (
    sale at a bargain (01111111.1. I'har- long walk to the hark of the sttirereship : new folding just I l.n, fearful f.r the .v,>ft >">:iiiJ, Vlti \1"'lhtIL\ \ : tie It. .t'II"" +, m.1 t "t"I"" All the !Llcstuvils: : ,list In-.ks fur the '.Ill..;

    wary, abrtee' I liit:! |!I unne,'ebary.t'l'he IO cents I vUw alx-ul turning ,ul, while! the other I .r t\11.4, .. Oil! i I'.II". toll II 'r '.."ng 1"1'1,'. :;

    / Miss Gertrude HOI/ ".., daughter:: httumers Belle Harbor and .1. W. Smith, the \rterait liNhfi-1: row bribe, INIUUMof 1 the water hall to' : Jc\Nclr>' RepairVClrh. Stationery of livery Kind. fcI

    of Mr. and Mrs. W F. Uotzien: <,fi: Cherokee run daily toTomoka nvrr nun tlf iWktkill." N, Y., LIIstht, anineteen I li nsult<-I.ll'rt.tty| that u close tiilli-aon tn the'f'un..d course: ,, with"h..tt'l.y the! :y .1 ...,... ,i.drl.'I! I InIN.si liar ill the' i'il\'. H,

    this place, was married to George !I .'. and a. half pou",1| 1 bass. I hilt the
    at *K! for the round trip. iii> our, fortunately.is injurtil I
    Klnuey.of Kock: Island, 111, last I three trout weighing six pounds II car were badly l danugnlDr : L i GEO. H. CLARK

    week. The newly married l couple I there is jour chance to buya eath and several others weighing, Mills reached the Mine ..r thoaculcut U"I I ,

    nice property on South llidge- three pounds! each during the past: shortly after sled I carried word t.> iI i 2
    will make their home at Moline, 111. Two Stores. 121=126 South Beach Street.
    wood avenue at a particularly lowligm" three weeks notwithstanding the I the Hotel Ormond for a larmje: toliei I .1' Z

    MILLS' ICE CRKAM.3F. 1. A frontage of over 250 feet fact that fishing f is far from gmtd at "stnttoionvev their hotel. the Clarendon. pirtvi" !II j JJ IIJ r1. I'J al111111f11 Yr : IIJvl'.J<> 1J lvJ .lvIJ 1.J.y..I.I, > P 11111A1 l l..I.\yvl> >!I.IN I y } }_
    builderof and 500' feet in I
    Ridgewood over
    II. Bogle Dolly Hill on present. I ;
    -- -
    all kinds of mission furniture.See .I(depth, well built cottage, flowing Edwin S Munrue and wife Beech Cottage r-or Sale. I i ................................ ..e.ee.e.e..4...e.e..
    furniture at Dai ton's Beachli well, variety of fruit trees! price I less Major { ij j I i
    1 left Wednesday for Joliet Ill. byway I .*A rtM.my, well-built flt"a..t& f."ttae,1; j| '/ :The William free
    street office. .1 I2! -:!.rt than "j I 12 per front foot. Write or :
    of Washington, after spendingten I modern and I furiashol.pplytoouner. :

    Mr. and Mrs. Philip Jaqui and see Daytona Real' Estate and S..CJ1'.1 Insurance lavs with. (his brother, (;Jet. 11.Munre I;.-,. II.| Munroe, lHnl: euooil I.: -.'t I i':tI .. '
    Company, ( S. Harris, .
    Mr. :l.mlllrs. Benjamin McCormick e. This was Mr Munroo's .

    guests of the l Palmetto }House made]I III ta r)'. first visit to Dajtona) and he expresses -, Get the habit. lily the, (}la 7-lte-\. UH :... i

    water to Rex:. .\k- :, kodak 1 l'ictorideIiti.r,. :. Sewing Machine :
    pleasant trip by For first class! finishing himself as l eiiig highly pWvd [ .

    ledge in the Lucile, leaving Daytona go to Gardiner's. i I with the lieauhes an-l i advantages c.f ,... I

    of list week returning ; .. .
    Saturday Dajtona.W 1
    i Cart Raymond (Hajdon, of the; I cc.. f'

    Tuesday. I ferry boat Yankee Doodle, while I I ('ourtrightuld wife, rf Grand The 1'.illrnetts Clot, Icn. ,llf' :.. : Is the finest on earth

    State and county taxes must be pushing oil from the dock Yolusia) Rapid, Mich, are enjoying tll 3 .. w I Ia
    paid this month. To find assessment -1 avenue Monday morning, suddenly beauties! of Dajtona in their fifty j Iioimr to OIlIlII11U'Ol .. ..

    apply to Norman S. Dayton at i' found the push pole too short and borse,power Thomas tar lr.1| .. ..

    :2ft:! South Beach Street. 41-St i went overboard between the }boat Courtright says he has wintered for! so.vo isnrirAi .. ..

    [and dock. This is his second l hath years. in the Mississippi !oIti"n. but i i I
    For Sale bv
    Owing to some accident on the I this winter, having made a simi- will hereafter make Daytona his sinter IIY tIll"I .. .
    Atlantic Coast Line, which blocked the landing I \ 'del .
    lat diving performance at headquartersJJLosT Have You liver ; I.
    t Thought
    line between Palatkaand Orange Ellliht'llt Sopralsn. : the
    on the other side of the river --A ladien'i ncketlOok (i n-1 ttr ale CI., n., ,iUij "u. rl I i I L., r. '0 I_r Bin
    City Junction trains of that road several weeks ago.; 'rul alert, i BB..... IK "rol i I i.r,: r r ,..1 *.' ... a. am&MaleyCo
    were run over this section of the taining a small amount of money I ELECTA (1IPPORI( : f' ...III. '\1.1, -" ,1"d" 'I': ". r' .., '. i
    Florida East Coast Railway: duringlast I :Easter post cards: 2 for 5: ('t'ntl.! and gold watch and chain supposed ; ..

    at Clark I I to have been lost on beach between ; .

    Sunday.For I I Onnond and Dajtona :;;2.. reward !; at the i I THE GLOBE : l Furniture -
    .\. B. McCoid attorney at law and :>
    'Iass'ork- Daytona "
    first ( for return to No. 10 South\ Rulgi- a ,
    Steam: Laundry, phone! S. tf alderman, of Chicago with his wife wool or at this oflicc I'alnulto rltihMontlweuiiing 1l,)sise. : Clothing, Shoes and ticntV Furnishings ,
    and daughter, is a guest; of the : I'I'Ck & lOSFhk. Proprietors. !

    A deal was consummated this White House Daytona Beach. Al- The D.1ytonauto Transit Company ( Martin IS. I ................................................... Undertaking. I

    week whereby Mrs. Mary] Spencersold derman MtCoid is delighted with will probably run their aut .. .

    to J. W. Fulgham\the place and all that is nec- bus, Tomoka, on the regular schedule o'clock. ,
    the property on this section says and Beach at eight ................................................... '.I' '''' '.' '''''' '
    known as Spencer essary to flood Florida with peopleis to Seabreeze Daytona 1

    North Beach street. It is Mr. Ful- to put the knowledge of our attractions during the summer Their two new Tid kcls<< on sate at the. Atvvnml i FIREEXTINGUIStIERS

    gham's intention to make extensive before the people of the cars will be shipped direct to James-i, I $10.000

    improvements to the property. north and west, and let them know town from the factory and l he l'hartnaer. ;
    brought from there to Daytona for
    Toledo Ohio, what a garden: spot we have here for I
    UFOR EXCHANGE- next winter's business. The erec- !
    business and dwelling property for all the country. tion of their new building: will be : 1t11I I l I 1 I I I 1I! I \I I : !. ; '1'.I I "I Ind.i : I !

    Milligan A Son sale at Fletcher commenced as soon as the season's i, - I 1DAYTONA NOVELTY WORKS. I
    Daytona property. Closing out .......... .

    503 National Union Building, To- If you you are looking for bargainson rush of work is over ( .f .: B. ,1..1', r," r' ., "' .-r 'r I I'', t. 1',.,' I I. r I'" I' Reduced to

    41.1 The Gazette-Nens is sending i'of . ,. .
    ledo, Ohio. souvenirs see us. I' The largest line I I r 1 '
    all subscribers vtho', : I
    out bills to
    M. R. Van Keuren, who sustainedan I tCopies State and County Assessments i ii 1
    are in arrears. If bills are paid I of E. D1LLINQHAM( \ at Plant. $14.00.BEST
    injury to his foot some three i together with Personal Tax within the next ten days a copy ] souvenir goods j ; : Enquire .

    weeks ago in a collision with J. W. : for 1906, covering all property south of the big Pictorial Edition will *Z* .................................................... I I Ic

    automobile is able to be of Ormond, including Holly Hill,
    Shields subscription ,
    free for each year's ,
    be given
    out and enjoy the use of the injured II Kingston Daytona Port Orange and so paid providing you to be found in Da ii I I

    member to an extent although the all of the peninsula opposite above ask for them at the office when 'i Z e******* ******* ******cccccc. *******.*************i Feed

    foot is still somewhat swollen and section. We will secure tax receiptsand If remit the : Working
    payment is made. you tone at
    trust the public will appreciateour i J The Grand Atlantic : Constructed.
    sensitive. by mail and desire a copy of the 'I
    in their behalf. Applyto j r I
    it .
    Edition sent by .
    meetingof \
    attended the '
    Joe Osborn Norman S. Dayton, 202 South ', ''uy; in.n, .linif, in south
    send eight : oOPt ::\ *
    of "ill be necessary to NI )
    the Grand Lodge Knights; Beach street. Furnish full descrip-I The Shell Boat 1 i # a i..1'1'1", 'd) \\itli, Insui- I
    Orlandoon cents to cover postage. 1
    Pythias which convened at tion of all properties, if possible as I ---- -- I: tU I I.a, x,,,:'. \\- i I''I.i I 1': i" 1 1I 1-: : aulaudan1, tit

    Wednesday, as a representative this will enable us to determine 1, FOR SALE. Z ZGlue's I ldl'"I,1:j! .1Ii'! xi:, ';aii.. I II GI. : i'l I
    of Fountain City Lodge No. 50, of : I 1-.1.! .. I rig "sr; ir' i ii.i ':UK: i'
    whether payment is applied upon i One of the most desirable cottages on Cs l-arifi r-vit :amt, x'ni I'.tii-yi: t Address Box
    this city. Mr. Osborn left your property and avoid possibletax : ( Halifax avenue, near end of South\ Dock, I II I I I''.' ",r'f 1 \ I I'.ttf'!l'r-, tIT.-I < >1'1' i.t. ,.

    Sunday afternoon in order to make sales. 9--1 Bridge opposite Daytona; eight rooms : I I I'I ** American La 99.1

    a I large survey Niagara for the ram installation at Plymouth of a, II III tSpecial sale of Souvenir view I laundry I all: modern bath conveniences furnace, fire new places and handsomely And- R. T. McFadden.J! .:, JAS. ti. JOHNSON; ; elf SONS, Propr's. *j M ; Firc Engine

    f1'and'lodi' books at.half price Gardiner's Art flai:bed. Apply to I : i ...If-.......... t4444 .I .....
    Fla., before attending thf !, 40-3t J BIXCHAM THOMPSON, I.' *N .. +. '+" +frr.lvrowoe+! f-.iH-+ "- A. _..."n' '
    1 stereo ,;,7FSssertip. .
    _. meeting. rRl' '
    l'l'a.I itl
    > ; ) f'Ireanmi
    ". T-* ..i ._. ._ ; ? : = 01fktl in 6aak1 Llnl.k -
    H BM W. !'._ i TT 1 ir **- ii-n : J- -- r=:.",.,..::-. iIiiiii.I -
    v .-. = t. 1 ii

    _, ....,0:' .. i".. ._ ; :: ., O l:. ;[ .'::: .iZ, ._'.: "!'''' ;.g; ., '':' ;; =..-...:...... ..,... "-_. .
    -F..rt I': r- :; :
    y: / ""'- ''i--Vf .L,""" .___ .t -.... ....+ 'tl.-: f. ""'- ... -' ...- .' ;- "" r '._ _?!" <$."": :" 8._ :==- .
    a .. .
    _ 1 .. .. .. : ;J; : ;::;;:; ':;;-; .. : =--
    ; -- -- ,--... "\. ..., .,. ".'T ""- :' '. '" _. ,,, .. .ii'p.: -- ::- .. -:
    a b'c : "" : :
    -f-4 ; ", ..:-S'>.. '_ t:4 .


    + 4- :
    .... i
    -- -- -- -- '- -- ---- -

    -- I ................................................... LOCAL EVGNTS. I ...u.D;.... i..; ..i ;;;;..I-......................................+ ...t. ... : !

    One Great objection !is. 3 II. GARRISON It is:' lUiigrroiii;;: t"It fool.lI. TVYLOn with rlecincity. :: I :. Legal Notices :. .. .: M. ELLA DE VOY .CO.' | I ILADIES'

    lake fire, it is a friend : t ..I.I.I.u.I.I.I.I.tl.I.I...1.;
    the Ii IiS W. II. Frozen and Peter oyle i 1. HATTERS f
    mercer but
    to when !kept in proper : (Kir-' pub' I'eb.iliar: : pub. Mar. '>" 14
    left for Island )last \xci-k.
    lollies "i! i ..buJly f"e if impr'I'll'rly| protettnl : Coney SHLRIFPS Still :J: Correct in Styles. Personal attention to Fitting. ::

    ircd cotton" deception I in I, : t 1. Dr.) F. H. Ifunrhto1i, Suite I I" Ender and l r.v \ irtuc of an execution jiucd j : Xi i ii South IV.* !h Strw t. Dajtona. .

    is that it makes" s-o uuu-h other I ii 1. I fhrNtnhgnhuilJulsi- axurk : House block, telephone ." '. tf out uf and under the seal of the .....*.....+..+.++++.+++..+.+..++.. .. ....*. +.+++.**.
    Opera -
    / I
    deception )lOSiLle. 'I : rf
    all.xxoul I : } i 1 l'o..r \\wiring ilffcctue insulation : Mrs Mary Uroxxer rt'ttlrneol l l Lt : iu a suit ending; in said Court i i .* ************************3 it*************************
    staple, '
    Taking a long l'Onnl".ti"n with tlw wherein Bernard: II. I ,oldl>rg Jk Sonvare r R
    of I. am! I'aril-1 : tteek from an extended xisit in litI I i IIaintitf5miI.1.A. Jackson<< ." IIP.-: M
    and sill fabric as the standard. I : '/ ,lIr.'. ..I 1I1'1.lv hn"" :alwMc THE MYRTLE r
    hair levied
    (Cuba} frndent upon :t:( tinprop- r
    high quality (the nse of I :a little' I : r:1 a ill' .. n ,ill- lireDnytonn : city of the: aid ,defendant J..1. Jackr! rt'
    I I t )T..ttty''s India and;Ct.}.1..11 Ta- ,.[ !i son, and will sell at puhlie auction to ..ntnnlly. Irf.'att' l. 1:4-nnt: n..nlll" nn.l hoard its to tIn a w...k. :
    "merecrize0eottnn" han es the I : '. Hlectric Co. : L"nil"n. 1"bn.l.: at yt'llr gr'Nrrs! t the highest :and Iw gt l>.idd l.r for cash, in i I : TII.ie' 1t.r' :L:1"1::: ,.tI\,. IIII...Wn. |lI.r"\'I'IItf"tlt"| :
    I 31.ld-II. front of the court lwu .l..i at IV I.: n.l. i. .
    whole character of the fabric : ( "'". Suilh, ,! Pie.kli: Shtit I : I I inl-li.I..mh on M"nd.n the hot day :
    but : Mrs. J H. Iu,/ rthatu, of M.i of .lpril.1. l P.. I'MIT' duiiiiR the l.jralnc.ilcl.ifc I r .MRS. CHAS. KOST, Proprietress.
    The weaker MXO. money .. .. ...... .. ... .>..>.........*. I 1"111" "( :0,1.,. II... r"tI""o.K' tl.zrliled r
    I'xiihingeoikui .'>.>>>.>..>*> .> > >> > > > .111 i:':h.f1n.: xx.is |lilt" giicsl of Mr+. I.. to.ill tl... u.-:-t .'+-, feel ofnoith'.Mlf.t f .f. .. .... .. ... .. .. . .. .. .. .. .. .. ..
    not him ply mi the! oittun' i .. > > > ..*.. ...** : n l..i\vs.ii: ..l :S: >iith II,.,irii'Mittl. 1 't ..f lot 7.14.k. I. :.rMiw'- --- -

    I he is able to use a ,' : AR.s 1 !I Lilxitk. I Mll.llUM.-ll'k-Vt, M.IMMI"[ 1..1| |,.V.: |II.I|ok I..111:111.111.1. ...Hit|.{. ion...fM.K . . . .*.... . . . . . . . . .

    'iheaper: bhoit-blaple xxool.l; hl'ts I :: THE REO : t,. Invtouaals.lol.taud) ; | : | J. IJIo..a.I.. : .
    IebM to,
    Fee bicycle >US: ajiplx'
    .rwne'ulidixtion; of lot? II. I:? aitd THE GLENN :
    able to dye the doll after its : .. I'r-.f .10:01. Collier. I'. It. \Ill\ .l.' lHetlie 1.1: block 53; M.IMHI A: tVUniau'addi: i .
    instead of : tion to Daytona all IM-IIIZ ill Volu.-Ma : .
    woven, "in the piece, Uli.r.vii \ou t co. .xoti,. them He them. : Joiner oilornl 1, wife IIr County, I I'-rida.! A tI"..,.. .. H.M..* with nil M'nl.Tii ('ontenietar.. f .Niril wuli ..r .
    Xnd a hcre\er xou they go.
    "in the wool. And he i is able to ,i :. : Edward Joiner, died Sunday iu :Said property will '* sold to :ttL-fy .: ", it "rat room*. ': 1 .:dIAOay. =Si| "* aM h, wk. :
    said execution ia the sum of ninety-four i : .

    do it so you eaa't tell. : : FOR A FINE DRIVE take the Reo :. \Vaycross. age ol l 17 years. The and forty-three one-hundredth (JI.I3)dollars ) > 4.. \.>rth i:tenet.. I'\t. i 11:1.\ '''11I1. i Fla. Mrs. Ella H. Glenn, Prop'r :

    All this "saving" i i- made at I I.: Touring Car. :, burial wain the colored cemetery and thereon.interest andosts J H. TfUXF.It.of proceeding :,... ..................... .. ...... .. ... .. ....... . .>>
    at Port Orange Monday morning.ttln >'hentfof Volu-ia (" )IIlIty. Florida.. ;: _
    t. the expense of the wearer; you're : --- ----- - -

    asked to buy clothes made of : They an sife. ...11t..I.|\ r.iat.I.tOtI! iioiif but firtt-.h'l.! drivers : brewing Tttley's Ten: follow die Klril pun Kill a: last pul M.r. H> a..,....... ..........S. ........... .....,..... ....!.. .. ,!.....) .....,..... .ti........ .,.,.....
    actions to obtain I wit resuits SHERIFF'S SALL.l"n .
    t ,uoiu|>.iiiy tin-in : on :
    such fabrics, and some of \on do :. For inr..nklti i .1, i.. |".''1.1'f interval rraclinl}. } Ly these cars, 4: 3l-M{ <'hHMr. ; ler and by xirtue of an execution _
    4. i: ued out of and under the seal of theCircuit : i
    t buy them Inx-anno: you "snit"a : rates. et.1 tall nil ..11tr "p'luli'' InMOTO 4: anI11rr... fleo. Sfley, of Meriden Court for Vnlii! iii County. Ha,1in I i: The Seaside Inn.

    t dollar or so.Wo I : 4::1 (" >1111., friends and former a uit I pending( in xtid Court J..1.ulurettiS J..ckiii :. .
    \\() ( ;{ IKSIT: COMPANY : :: J. TaxIorUriaintitTund
    X. ;i: (oi.h =s\iiiir/.r|: :: : : : FI \ .. til(1.11.1..I'.Ii.( f
    offer you I Hart SchalTner A I : : toxvspeople! of Mr. and Mrs. N" -< in i iHlituUnt, I hart l\i ii d UNKI| a-> ) fi

    i I t _. Marx clothes; absolutely all.w" .1!, I : I'h' lIl' 2Tirst! Slrc t. < |p '".silo the Electric Light Plant. :4B. : I Uai I{',.. are ti.itutg I the latter) nl (J.Kk-oii.lie:, props, 'and rtY of\\iII./J the "!!,li'I at d puMic ld"lI.h1t.iiurtiotii J. A. ::, .(.-n fur tin- .. ..-"II ..f I',',1; 7 !und.'r 1 1in'UHix>....-iit. tIt tl.. o n' r

    :: ''their l cautiful home at Pax) ton.: 1 i t" tlw highest/ and !"',.t l.id.ler for til.tl
    ' Landtailored.V want you lo : : I II. \\I I.IAMSON Manager. lii trout of the court hoihJ-,Kir nt !>,.- HORACE F. STEWART i%

    know that needn't I wear : .______ oil oil:; ,' 1 15eteli Mr.l Svlex is an e\-mayoi l-iii.l iu sl Count x. on Mondax the : ll.md-otif ,..-', -illllh.I I ..'I 1 ? i.'" i n.,. d. fhM I lo itiol... !
    you I of Meriden h.ixing; just retire I iron I first day of .April A. It 1'$IJ7.) during .
    !I : I 'j I,, HIXBol I 'IirunU! G\RaDd; .. all it. "I"illtm..1.| -.ltd l.iru>'. fit |1Io'n"'lltf ...,m". mfr'ooiSurf II 'itt.
    Il. cheap: "mercerued-mtton I iniita"I"I I. 1.\ 'I., I I..1 I I I XtlS ,n t''! ht. for the price. rail -in :J a secximl term in that lhW. I /the'ritxd 1 It gal real hour estate of,!'to-wit:de I the, the following\\h.t dew 3-i ::. }... '.r.all. alt.1 I "" ",. I\.al'' ,_" .'s..iu ruei .....ltll fl.- :
    I I I :
    tation lollies unless you xx.mi 10 I ., feat of north 00 feel of lot 7. I"'k' I.j 1. ..
    ) 11 la 'Iteineiiilier} the I.itoni) I'akerj( I
    j Crt; .nc's 8UlliviM' of lotII.. \2: .Hid: !,
    .'....................................................: ;!' ('.mil supply})' all your xvants: in IhlN t!I n.: of I Mo.! k :)3, :M.*yii .V (Coleiiun .idjditKHi !- J JI I Bathing is Unexcelled. ;

    I I .......................____............N.......N bakery line If I: to Djyt.ona in'e'Milxlixisou; al-o" lot- :{ :and -I.'lilotk i a .

    Anthony Bros. l I .\ forest fire threatened. several ol f I 12: and 4.13<;ir,
    s ''Ii the residenei-s on Smth. Kid: evooaxenue : i I I lu I 1- __ I What Do You Know ;(I Sunday afternfxja. The' 1 Said property xnlH-e oM: to "atifyjuid ::.--.iiiirir"tv lllII l'IIPIIII.fllll'I.11111 II II II" //I II 1I.J..t\1\\ II jII" //I f\Jj\J.' ".[11111'lllr'j\.J.-\.fIj\ ".JJ\.V",7

    execution: in the -urn of fifty and
    j ; \\if1l11It'in l <; in the west drone; the. ,
    i one-hundwltlis(500.1): 'lollarcand
    Volusia Countybstrartj j three
    fire toward the river and I a sinal i I ,I interest and 't"t''l of proeeeding* Ala R
    vestment and Title I In- | | j .1 Jthen I '''n J. I H.! Tl"lt\EH. .. Baggett and Post
    About That ? band of fire-lighters way kept busj I :lifriT! ( \oiM.i| County, Fkirula.i :
    ... suniuee Company. ; ; I ulltill.ttt. Sunday night 1s fore i il i 1-- .

    Titles Insured. ;I Ihiar : : '! was i-oi"idere| l lwfe tit'a .* then. t j I 11 irsl puli. MAT. .': la.-t pub. :Mar. 31) i :
    : i'II"I, r\faH.: 1.\\1'1' i ', 'otic.of IpflKitHifi far T.i tired I nJcr Section .. r
    1'n.sideut. S;,,\.'.' tad 1 Tn'n*. \I : A real estate proposition in the center : I. J..I".rs. N vl Chapter 4MNH, |.(., ui Honda. : Real Estate
    Uu'ttradll' furllir liHux; Tetlej India! and tVxl"t 1
    Maps i, 1'fats and blue rriiit Supplied. |I <::j.l 'rry pun lia....r of tax certificate' No.I"i7. .. c r '
    Opixsitel'alnsiaouuty! lUtik. !, of town that earns 12 1 per cent on i TfO."I I..iliilnn, EII: I.'II'J. :II- I'h-tai| ,l.lt.llh.. -roiid day "f Jan.. .. .VI :".
    DtLANH. FI.OHII j I I D. 1 I'Mfj, ha, ',....I..aid certificate in nix andInsurance
    Mr ,. r.iuline McMillen of PIit.i .
    paste and ha-. iliad application for lax :r
    l'uH.. LlIl!! ntIIT I'I-a i :. $12,000 and yon t can buy this property : Idelpilu.anll i| Miss I .J l1st>[l'h i lit' i Kite. il'fil lo i,.-"e .in acwrdancwith I.iw. t r '
    .ndertilieate embraco the

    e- LANDIS & FISH ,;; .1: for a1 .?,,ODU. If you t haven't but $6,000 : |Illf Mrs Itr'uklvmareguetsof WV.. Carter' "n Mr.C.dui.avenue am i t l, : H pn.pertyituateil rid.i. lo-wit: I...t 't m l.l\'>.Kk.>liiiaieotnity. .j, .c:.

    i ATTORNEYS AT LAW I Orange (ily. The -stid land Irfingas1rvtl ., ..
    Mrs. Mi-Millen and I Mi-}

    t. ('uurt I'rm.+.tHn. I'lfil>? in ur all l'riminallll1sillt'l"State t an.I *Fe.Ieral* J:1\.n I'' i:, or even l i a trifle less you can buy it just :: Klee have many: friends' here, haying : \,! i-ertificate l'flJ"s.i.I.'tifk.atp at the in the late name tlf shall of is"lIanr.f, Emily lie redeemed O ti-en.uch :..5 Opera Mouse Block, SEABREEZE, FbA.S i

    rarrhdattention. Spir| 'ial f.KilitH-burl I i i x-isited Di}'ton.i; in former Masons [a''t.'f'tlillj/t"/; law. tax detil 1 wilt isiiejthere.mf.il ";E.. 11II;,

    inxexttjratingand! : >.jvrfwtmff ll.C mlll.\land. mle sIeL.lh .1: the same and the rest of the money although neither of them lain, i !\ the :H l day of April A. U.I11J07. I, :c: rOTTAOFS( : FOIl SAI.K OR nEXT, .Outside Acreage IVoS '

    0.{ "Duth last xxinter.ISigger \\itnexji inv "ifTiei.tltignattire' md -eal .. lrty, lmproxe) or rniniproxetl.: control most of the, uniinproxed) jFS

    DR. HOUGHTONI! i: will cost you but 6 per cent, so you see I'I: : and letter IntlCS al th(' tint(:'.jab the l-t d.ivof:'.\\11.1ltnm..1.: I II. JIIHII.\I). lto! ;.. .:.: |p'n'ity| in .S-nIive/p: : ; repi-espnls two of the Fire Inuranre JJM :

    I f P.ixtona l akery. 1'l.ik Cini.it! l.ii.t: \oii-ui| ('oiintxllomli ;: C'oinp.uii th:ii mule throii" the M-ui: Franc'isif) disaster l with Jp

    UENTIST.I I I ):1 you can be earning 6 per cent on the :( .:..

    II High School ;Notes. I itiit.ubIar| _', l.iat pub :Mar '-',. c aim-e
    I OfT'e: Suite I, Oi>era II".," 11l..L, : other fellow's) cash. : NOTICE TO NON HESIDENT J f >> l i j >>
    I ( the Iligli l S h iol Sttllin I Will ltiM-ul| | r I ..
    hone Ti:!. ( Man l"tli.Ve are |printing; n l.irpeinutnlN !: In ( 'ir'mll''lIrl.'t: tenth lu
  • I.I' II
    Pretty good proposition isn't it ? I Iknow : I 'r of Mges[ tin- tune :,11111..1'1.| -y, I chit' ..f I (lornl.i.! in and I r..r t \ ,,\lu-la =,",1'IlIr'lwl'"""" 'r'Y"f' .i'
    .. .1 I ( .t
    1 .c A.Ate..rt Fkford ClrS'l'EVA117' "III y.
    with l
    '. will IKnid enjoyment I.y *n
    : I & BLY II all about this and will be glad of i ii many friends. \HI1t.lI.I.a..t.,1 I l tnI :, Uanlfti INCIIANCI.IMS. I l : :

    I I I I hate others, i intere ted ill nluntlintta'i ; 'I I \"s. J I San Mateo Cigars \

    LAWYERS, IOttice. I the opportunity to tell you all about it j i i iii there"tt*'prescnteil r e\aiunie t the* taken Illl'r.directly The won fn.tn t.i t., To Kr.tK.i: "l Er.JttI lIaf1I.1, Ilanlni) '

    la hank Ituilduig, Dtl.AM I FI.X j i i d.-.. r.,11I 1'i_",: .. \ MI are hwhy' reijumtl. I to .ii[" .ir tll'i
    tlx-} Kill uf Complaint fil< herein agault
    Itratu oftk-e ox er POtltotf l'\'. 1 11.\YT>N A and show it to you. : (I'l.ins for a wxx llijli ?Hl tl'll''>l Idiiklm" ;; )'t"1 in tl, :d jXP entitled eauson or .I

    --- --- I IClapp's !i j jI I i IhaxelM-en s il.initt. ,-"l and XVe lire i ill hidore the Mh day of April .\. I U. l')07.)( 'l Have Made

    ......................... l I :I"l h'ye. ... ''lh' ''l aloni (Inxttte-Ne-; : j-. Iicrel.v '
    I II' t d>f4Riiit-1 III ulm h
    lhi. oidrt4wH) !le publisJi.d l on. i "..< K
    R. L. Smith. r..,. four iimeiitii> xx'tkv.itii A off
    Pharmacy | i I : \\ inter in :>ew >' :! I' this .Vrth I div. of Iflmurv. A. H I'HlT!(
    1'1.) ",lit.irf a!..- F.>rt Plain, \. N ,I SAMFKLO.: : JOI.'hXN: 1'I'lh

    .NN......................... .. ....CNN MuuUrd: nk hi" lw .rf rdll1lar ::'s T 1.1'117.<.;1:1\1.1.: .

    i" The Rexall i :...........................N......................... sends nut' the 4luxving nail anrnt t!tie \IHS.VHMI, f Their Own.
    : ''
    olkitors for Coinpl.iin.iTitNOIICI1. :
    Ixtii ; : ( '
    : old wfatlit-r that has f.\.ah111 t
    I : Cottagers and Tourists at Daytona tin- ninter. lie i iU.ut right nUiiiIA.II t

    . : I Drugstore I ICor t iL .. ,\ i \ : I \ -t, I'.ilm U-v| .&h wi"!' tntil I Ii : : .ta 'in ,here.neh weather .ruaht'rN' : :. i. TIu' success:" uf tlu1 San Mateo Cigar is one of
    i : .I"i..t. Notice is hereby gixen thati\ m..III.rtfo n-

    : ,i "HOTEL .. : this frightful mia ratdr, ,ti'ruumraging. .- :. due tUI.istn..I! r".i.,u'rI'. "r the greatest industrial triumphs} of the East Coast
    PALM BEACH"t *
    S lie *ill of Henry I Iblltl. l..t" "I l lo-
    -. _:, Ik'ach bt and Drauge) .\xe : : i.su"liltginttr dtmofitxery la-tt-i (County will file her filial. .itioiinfas I r since the freexe.
    I .) 't 1 I- uu 111111\i!, '!.K ..t..d I i...in,,'ii th.' '. .ati and Lake ttortli in Talin I'naih: |pr"I'| :: i "trat's tie truth.4 the .'kl !'ayia;; that executrix with the Count C Ju.i_. of j
    FlIot ol South Uridcv' 1 : "i 1 not \\'. -t I'll.! : I'M.I: ad.,1.,1.. .,, tin- inotoi boat ru.f '-i-oiin. and J "nx. ehmd b a: 's .1 s-ilxrr lining -f..reelv.iii.l Voiusia (',,linty. Florida md :1-k" :l'.r ;m, I
    r: :1'l '. .''III lit t t" Itni HI..nse n.'\r .j"".. II-. .I I-I.U.I. tie loyal !1'iMliei.ltia Motel .111,1 l la ':. : \\ I woks the wealbif In' been order "f final dischargeIYII I :Ma.lr mutt thelioJwst) gnmths} of lol aoco that the jieniasola -.
    : ardcntl Iml\ ..I) I ) .\ 1'. Il\\l II. I r I.at : v.
    I ................s......... I : -- .in .in Inn.;; M.iint.un-: 1t.lil..IItat".IlILz.U| ; t"IIrl.t. : tlatI.mo and wlnduwsa l of }Florid and the Island of Cuba and
    l i ': alltl) '.innli-t I ..-.-km_' th :,. "IM'.IaI.' NI-'f{ H l.iri- modern hotel I l.nt pr.tenns.llltt' :, ,i ;*' I.'atly rold i This Itn'h !tth, I1 07.NO j ran prtMlur-e. xvrafied '
    i ; I! :. '.. l l..-S.. otlli I ... .\ .t( l II.! l.nxie"t hotel, .lid mote llHHlel.lt.: Mtl '. ': arc kept tight a* llrtty <:iron "k cH< -- I | I with the rich silky leaf grown on Fast] Coast plantations
    I t. X. 'tnodat.-! *.o mute' \\ith l.ith ttal.oq: t.. f N1.::| ..i.il: a.r.kl\ :. her and f>>ns-' \(''ntly P emit
    (G. A. KLOCK rfM. D. :: 1"11'| .lall'.I\': :. "II.|, \\', rl.' ,.,rltln-trote.ll.kl.|| ) ( \ .t. \lv.| | : ,: hear|pure a | h?nograj>h ualer.Nle| goes to it. I : 1 IICI-' I., the cigar itidrrtry of the ", rlc1lta"! never proilm-wl: l letter p,K..:In

    :: -Motel Palm Beach" Palm Beach Florida. IIllIl' I "kIY there's "Oftte g'."I even t.. Hs\'ull.a.1 hIYI'1I'ral 111'1' Io.wlll-.j; Fur rile l IIY all the leading hotels and cluljs and liy the 1 'e.u
    lufcjnexs to L. <;. I.yman I deinto
    Physician and Surgeon. II ................................... ..................,:! a. I'allinlt'r.. But thw.e thing that close aH areuwits. l' rtit.,. hat in.<; lull- :I Xexxs ('.unwnr mi exery train entering Florida
    : .and I proKiMy itwrr than '*e, fwr will UK same ,
    :.......... ........................................: maturt thtt I eann"t d f>e "Mt, ami gain-t forpaytneritandthw'rur plea.-- present m mx' d"l.t uillnjRfer Twenty 1 sixes;, style and! grades to select from,
    W: S. ITwHie .
    ltiJ'IWoW J'i.
    : .
    I that particular thins is that many rir>' .rtthng tl. -.i'>I'> '
    Office ]Hours :--S, 1:-1 7-S. without d-Hax..
    .. : who don't have to, xvill remain in such J. \\'. H H.IIAM I 1 I'( )k SALt([ BY ALL DCALEKS.Manuf.u t .

    I IU\'TOX.1'1...\. : a "i.tioti of the iuntry as this, aDd for l Kingston:: .'1:,.. :March '). l'MP.I ;. .
    months brare'way-below. zero eath;r. threrllv
    -- --
    - :
    I Ask Mr.' Foster : blinding :storms and so-called fl-y rayjHHts' I I- rirst put.' Mai. -', I I..-' M,.. {o S. W. ROWLEY SAN MATEO:

    : P. R. BENNETT M. D. |II I : ) I lK-autiful atra w It"all xxellenoujll i .\ te: of Application for Charter. FLORIDA
    I fur't' drxils who haxen'tgot I Iot
    i : ; [l"Il'r
    I : hut :Notic"; ,- h<'rel>y gixen, t Id.it ..I if., '" "."i
    ; the price to get .ut. why inJ I 11. il.l .
    : PHYSICIAN AND SURGEON !) i I day of Ilrril..A.| b., P-O7. th!. I j.' 4'o4 l y.wj a'II..I. al1allll1h
    i : Mi I 1'.1.,1'i I i- III" 1r.I\I.III'I' (h' ?'iid'l IHV ( .lines i i thumler any -ane prr| .Nl with (ideutv of signed incorjiorators, will .1/,1; | .\ "I
    I II .
    money rill remain ,hen during the .m- I UoraMe.Minor S.J.i.,. I II _
    1 I'lione Iii. I OHuv at rt'l'" me wroth !I. 1.1"1... .., :
    : ii-- > iimx I lot ml '1'111.111"11 o| all r -rthere' the -.. i ,
    I tcoruerof Uidgexxood and Orange. ter !,< far Ieyonti l m>' think tankyrJr- I Ir'itf'uitt'"urt"r I : % : :

    : .;ien lies. Oth.f )hour. I t.\I alllli| tIt s ;, .: x..ii hill find It'"ripliw) printed matter eoncerninguaxl :. itt. for r.-a..in:;... ,, Circuit charter of of Florida ni
    .{ I i t ,'ucietv to lie known. aI' S
    Fred E. RanKin .: I exeryxxhere. Mr F.wter knows a i great deal : j Uorton'* .\'i trcI'4.anh: 1'1.
    and 'nll
    I : abut ('..La. MH.lt I Jamaica and the. uhole South'. : 1 I, for is for thPrbJ.rt.. religious tndj..tj S> ) ;, J W i 'f "t
    $ Expert Accountant, Books Open : i ta.rt.>" liltt".Jith( a brand: ne II a
    ) i ij
    : in its article- .I 1 iiKorii- .1 i
    : t" ''iititrx lie \\ ttl ,rill x.ni' about train '*eHe liileand i j-h.\v. will (if the aMr. 'ti.>ii at the. j + ..I charter lon fiI' .it. '
    rd, Closed or |.\Jjusted.Ko : j I pt e -
    I Opera[ HiMi-e, Tuesdty ex'muiK. jthelh-rk of the t'lrr'llit' ''r
    : till enii >' \. 'In' I.H.IHS. tt hotels' lie itt! ai. glad .
    ; t ,
    \ 571'; Jacksonville Florida.lUfeivnvv < ays : I I I't Th> matiagcnieiit: pn>tm wrote Tour.I tv dllrlllK; the W.\ i \
    ED11\ 1'ITLIh:: "\
    : t.> :.uisner ..iin--l l '! !! and! t- do everytliinft to make iii,,x.itioti in the sLicuiK! ..f the prodttri ('11.15 F.A1.1'11tt.tI I.
    t *: S. It. llul.Uird.JJr; till .I i i ti"ii i and the entire eomfKUiy L. !!aid t", }:KIMIAK; tutu: ( XI 1:11i ; l s t I 1'
    I II
    . ''I'4 rns! Hank uf Jaksvusilk', reo.kIVinL|: : .\""If tint i to Klond.i Loth pleasant and pn>htalilc : i Inn of excejitM'iial ability The miiiatreh i I'. 'H< >\' xiii.IKI:

    uud Trust Co, au.l therti : Mi ::) will.4 r a program c*' ttainui allthe : t:4IUt.lr1.1''I: : \ POOM& .
    r. I-oittTs >orxiifs ar- free-- no fee> an ever aske.1 l lr i t .
    --- .1' l..t anJ! nxl.t essential) feature* ttf I I .

    I : a,...e|'ted.-\ ., \\ Iwn x "n are in doubt y +n beitet' III'..k-rn. nji-t.-d minstrel y. und
    New York :, uhioL ore guaranteed to tea Mire t'utt.'
    j I ; \ \ Mi I F .
    'Mel .
    : : f..1' the "blue" The 'Upall' i.. (' .nl- ATTORNEY AT LAW ",."i.i."H.'.mS.lfW.HMA.WtW.Vm ... "
    : WijJi., ,
    ; ; i.Wi. .ft."I.. '....iin""'W"
    iq arts
    J'lK-A-d "f thirty clever t" am..ng
    IJ.\\'TO\A: FLORID :
    ; Ladies' Tailor I : H I L I PROBABLY KNOWSMr : hum area half store of popular ioniiiHtiuno : Slr,'Ltl f\o'illtlt"" for euanuuuag: lan.1) IHUl.lm -* '' : A. D. kbkIUEI're.ittcnt F \ 'ry1R 1D

    1 i :, heaJeil H> the jolly fun 11I akj tifite in :--bLUk.: .k. I'tion.. 1 121.i : Cashier

    \ f : : j err, Jake \\ dh} ILtlph lunter (tTiaile I
    J Formerly uf Fifth Avenue, has ojv : Foster's" iilln.i s anat the Sign of the t'in-, .: J.ioibs and SAIU: I.K- 1i 1--- MERCHANTS BANK
    encd for i '\r. Business Man. ;
    1\ a store L. lIIlT.IU.II) : lie: .
    ; Messrs. Caiwr aani T :Vd
    < {!. : tl i, a! Clark ill 1 'Br.n-k
    I : IN'tt and Reinoleling. or anthinsjia : lul I 'i>eratir. e |uiKbt tK', pantomime I If you are not at this moment: in need (.. Y.l et. County B

    ,, I Tailoring line. Also FrenchCleaning I : Jack>>oiuille. St. AtIgtiStille.; : 'xtr:1\'agl&lw entitled "The Ea bant d j I of some kind of commercial printing.j :.: apital StPersonal . . f. . ... '-

    F I and Pressing. : Uroitu.: winch introduces an out c>,mi I j you surely will lie in the near future : Liability... . .. .. ... . .. .. .. .. .. j 1111, ,
    In the rear ,.of Aultman a tore. Palm Beach, .'Hami.I : i: INUU. and 1 mu Neal srif-rUnto., I We whh :
    I Iteach'and I : i .g> dprratic |. you to know Hat v.t: at" doing I :: Transact: a General Banking Business
    corner : Orange l'tlmw.ttdwith I witi wotuk-ful triikof f-iit-TtwHi ptl l I
    : ..
    work& of
    Aultman.+ Special| attention toOent's Ma\anaf Cuba.Va: :ton, |D. C. ', "alm'in ulu satisfactory th.partatn' 4 t 1'rr cent. Inti-rtst
    I : ; Compounded j
    ,t k& Tailoring. Will call ft>rand : !' Chant: -(" "'i.,1 MWiry is carried 1 for tar line and our prices are alow .is the'I 1 :; I Quarterly !t. .I l tI <

    'f L deliver goods. I is. : th-tir".i1.' > 'im whulii-: .t--am'lij, "D .i I, ,. 1'ialnx will jx'run*. W.iI'! gl.ul.y.; ill Savings Atcounts.Safety .

    II- .. Cpr .rd'l '!.. ., '
    .1 l m i -n .iifi.rli. r j> INIn \ I : r.-v |I' 01.
    I' H. STfiTUND. i Deposit( I5oxr r Kent
    .:...... .............e.............................4.. ..illl'Ul.l' Ca; ttte Ncl ')liijj&u1"X\ j -1.,.. ..lmmo.I.w..am.YNNNNINm
    J <.wNHI wru t u rIll

    -:. ,t- ti .
    I t. '
    t. s

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    Alternate title: Ormond gazette=news
    Portion of title: Daytona gazette news
    Ormond gazette news
    Alternate Title: Gazette-news
    Physical Description: Newspaper
    Language: English
    Publisher: Edward Fitzgerald
    Place of Publication: Daytona Fla
    Creation Date: March 16, 1907
    Publication Date: 1901-
    Frequency: weekly
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    Newspapers -- Ormond (Fla.)   ( lcsh )
    Newspapers -- Volusia County (Fla.)   ( lcsh )
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    newspaper   ( sobekcm )
    Spatial Coverage: United States -- Florida -- Volusia -- Daytona
    United States -- Florida -- Volusia -- Ormond
    Coordinates: 29.207222 x -81.037778 ( Place of Publication )
    Additional Physical Form: Also available on microfilm from the University of Florida.
    Dates or Sequential Designation: Vol. 11, no. 34 (Feb. 2, 1901)-
    Dates or Sequential Designation: Ceased in 1922?
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    ; ;.ors ;. k'i
    .. y rt-h' .
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    ( .... : ... ...--- -. .-- -- .;"
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    0"s. 0 EO.: : 0 0 I
    Vol.I No. 42
    Poet "... .. Reaches All CU .t.. Daytona, Florid'Saturday, March( I 1 lit i. I 11H)7! ) l.c.l OtcrtUmc_ MtJIuni in l)'yl'o'.and Vicioit).. Price Cents


    T II

    __: 1
    I ,

    & ::4-: -'

    I : IIT .- .


    i _- f oI Tfis ;J

    I J f 't >am

    COfVTUV ROAD SEAR DV1TOV PIUI i lH: :''':t2l I r: SUM. "\ llll TrlllrikA 0'1' 01' UXXlONXs: C01 NTKX 1O.\n.


    HOTELS OF THE I Last winter a total of li!),S44 guests here about two years ago to grow pineapples GOOD ROADS I I the aulll amt w.11,011 loc.kc.tl wheels I the e-erth'i orbit, but the e irtii lu-<..ed MASS\ MEETING\

    were reported in the daily returns from and \1'gc-lallt'S. and has Iscn \">'r\' I i and the eon::etiiient Abrupt stop threw I that point of its orbit about four week

    :: the we' ; winter hotels in Horn' lielonging successfullargetraet if. high pine I>r. Kluckmtr the lahboird eif his ve- after the (Inlet's trepaso the colhion .

    EAST COAST. I to )Ir. Hajlir This means: .,fourse land suitable for pineapples, and I low I LEGISLATION. hide to the bridge ""..rill!:. One of the I did not take place and uol>od) I MONDAY NIGHT. :

    <. I that the s..me ]>er&on is: counted I muck land suitable for vegetables, was' .ladies who were with i him was ate knows what would hive happened if it
    IP. tr. *. ed thrown from thraat"nwbile. XIr I hl'l.l The hula f the comet had been I i r. ..
    I several tunes, but that giean average I purth by a promoter a prominent Hitlge-: j ne e> "

    Florida LntertainsOvcr 200.0001s.- <.f 3;_OJ: guests: |H'r liy for the entire I II I' lokio gentleman who brought the -<'ttl Suggestion for Amending the .Mac- way was: Jhrownfriim tilcivileinec c:id" nl:itetl to be just nbout 20,000 miles Hard Surface Road From Daytona to

    M' is.ii. TIietVn.1"mental ami UK N: ,'rso\erandest ibh-hesl theiJT:': al 1 Iii' and the wagiiti I.. .1 I o.I- hil".1 fr"ui tin in .ii.in," i n r, -" .it vveiuldliivebecn :1 1 Ke

    Itors. Who Spend Twenty Million' I sin 'holds are not imludcd .\": .I"-I I own i\|>enMljoiitfortynules.. Williams Hill to Ke Offered at runniiii,.gear. Iv lee:. IN'tiding indtupping ,.11.,\ < i 1.1 the earth and the'totmt tried 1 UeLanJ up for Consideration

    Dollars Each Season. I'I that ..:i<.li guest remained an an'rageur I .\ further down tie the Approaching Session. of thercli. :mti thrown frwm the ,|it" |I'a-- ,i: '.ru..lug" "f ,tin. .ir "I"II-. i Important Action Deferred -

    i three days, this: represents a total ofearly road is ;i c<.lony' .f Dines engaged:: in bridge: into the riser with still fmce Hie .
    William K (Curtis the noted COrrespondent Tin Tilllf'.T moii m ikes the follow; HIO.-S meeting, held at the Armory ,
    ] ( (1SOOO; !I", of the Chicago Rt'COrd-UeraIJ. i h'l-l' suggest 1 itlllS for anusiding the bill of -' WHAT WE HAVE IN tt'eduvsd.y evening to con-ider pn>- ,
    tell alone without ties 15 | :old grass| fruit its (light
    counting : .
    I lion. XX
    furnishes the following interesting data Macilliams m reference to i I jjosed action of the county commisMOIUTS

    relative to the many hotels e>n the Cast I Ids l under other management C K- allot < :trove. live imlos wutli, fir giMnl road, which\ that centlein:; will i There wets ti" mail! |,,_'bes e>u tie I in regard to a hard-surfaced roil t It,

    Coast and their,capacity for entertainingthe I The receipts of the I-lL iRler hotels: for I Miami is the residence of Knk M.mroe, uitroeluee the riming t-essiuii; tlr tin wagon and '
    hosts of visitors who flock to thisettiou the season of eighty dt'stn> fl),":W-l i who ha written Co mmy stirring: ;old legislature, a synopsis i (f witch measure I'a..tiagrs.bHt were fttill. in the wagon !I II : I largely attended, probably not over one 1 1I
    (HHI.which i'l \'alfOnt to .fU.ut wholesome I MM.ks ihmturef [..r boys! box when ro'f'f\'m..1 the U Ail I
    an 1I.tf'1XI'W" from
    it !
    to bask in our !;\IIIIIY chine rn-h f'flu average was recently |Hiblished m the .(.;\ wi I I hundred persons! being present .at any
    winter I |s,OOjja day for the six hotel !!lc lives in a prtttj Cottage!!: in sight of : river the next el:,,'. I I I Some of the load hings that Are to time during the evening = 1i

    It would be interesting tn know how ,i There u a gnat deal of curiosity as tolnetherIlagler's i a deserted awful lighthouse. \\tlichL" thesoneff lion. \\ A. 1.\\ l\iam.If\ : Johns. : The reach, the eri "",">-l,ar ..f the shafts 1! le round in Florida! the Land I II i XX lule all were heartily i ,6\'ur nf a I

    many tourists and health and ; enterprises pa} As I m 1IIa.u'r. during lhPaenliuole has long l been artfully preparing a bill I Ito and one wheel ..f the wIgt1n'r... good 1 roads movement T'/ ny direction" ,

    seekers come to Florida during I'h'a"urt"I no reports| are made, the public has no | war provide for slate aid I and ehrce.lion to "rol."n.lt'.r the, wood-work e.f the I,I of Sunshine anj Mowers ,I: and aim Ist without exception' would !
    Fifteen miles 'U low ) Uiseane I
    inform ion on this subject and I Miami un : the good roidrment for which .*. .. it ,. wt4e-eHiie hard-surfaced" road 1 from I>
    ter and how much money they -jiend, e\cr> i ihe i auto Was spd'irlh'nrl.lmt th 'rwis Our i; iod Mate f H >n
    I It is difficult to male.: more thnii a rough hotly in his empKn H exceedingly .li".1 i! l 11.13', iIraf.t. six mil.-s wpiare, deserves" the gratitude ef 'verIloiklun \' ', su-talliei Il| no 111:it'.rial d'itn: e<.. many P""I| thijivs: tint it is lI..t't'rJ Land tIt'IIIt' point on the const, there

    f-tunite In Switzerland tiny tin tell erect in tliSMI"Sing such matters. )lr.1 j known a" tlie IV mm' (.rant. This land l : TIe, *>'1.ugu>-till" eorre- I'I-}' I.. (mime'r:It.. or 'e,let't erilt floe let seas evidently a strong feeling that the .

    almost to a man:inda dollar ''If'f'allsedaily nI igle'r's mee>me> is very largt'. He is was given by Congress to Dr Pernne :i -iKMidcnieif the. Time--Ltiioti hi.4latt-ly'' .>f them for ail :in ..** rfelita'4. :m
    register arc pubh-hetl l of arnalsind om of the sir richest men in the mte-d leading IlUtani"t e.f hi-tmif. I.. t'.II.hlt.tall given the principal[ f< :iture's of the jrolIM.SP.I NEW DANGER TO :ml that tin. avenge:
    : the bank dej>es>its it the resorts States t or ill the world His interest in i I cp'rirn'fblotLtioll: em a large Maltfor bill ,bMr. lLc\\'il1iun. whieh! I fe.:ir eiirnmittitigan ffeiisr(. wen he tot Even tlie imfrt ardent friends of the

    show exactly how much money is takenin the Standard Oil Company| is H-cotid i| fruit ind tropical |plants, but he timedbefore me'111.ICM III lit 11 we h: \'' tliotiglit adiiura* I :M'kl\\to the tm>|M>..ililsa.'file IV'Litttl ['\WIIlIl.\'f111(1\t teemed 1 to have
    but there H n') :such system: Inn, onh tn thll t. Ir John D. and \\illiim lie Cnulll I elo inytlung Hie nut- I f l ble, and if we critiei-e other rl'ahln':- it little faith in any immediate work being
    ; h'r laid dormant until the, Hornli 1.1-t: '' 1 editor of (he| I utt IV-rre Tntttmr,
    and consequently 110 sound IMMS fora I'tnk*-filler. and even if his railroad andhotels I is with due "IIIIII..i..1I to the'rI't tint done, Li the necessary funds are not
    | ('u tilt nlroid i was limit d iwn t<, Miami I Iw r. rX however is :in PUt'ptio" and iMnkrlhetaptioii
    calculation Wf' Bali get at it ill :i sortof : down here' paid him an Irish di'itll'II.1 ue have not :given:; UKubjeet the careful available to eowpk'te it.
    \\liits HoruLi, : i iI
    i .
    hen TrtiniiK in {
    the heirs of I Ilr. !Terrine 1I1I.1'rtufll.l | '
    way however Then. ne "n the 1 every year he would not IxMtbhgedli stu.fy etmtnbutetl Iv )Ir. Mit'Wit-I i \ ill thee: \\ Comet :Now Coming vide- In proee-e-d- rec-itt: |, J. 1'. Turner nf Sew Smyrna was
    to out the with
    Fast: Coast Hailway ninth of Jick-on borrow Money or ipx| ':il' to Ibis i Ifriends | carry' original e-eiatrirt lianis; and yet we desire to rxpreour I i ithtitights I I I I n-setit! and! \ery fairly t-tited that all
    the I mteil, Mites Earth: XX "lioriia'as I lowest tie ath rate ..f '
    coMriiment e\- I l step' the ill 'Its Tail Burn tlie
    Mile le.I I hotels, lime are h\f'uly-fuur for :lssisLllre. But he ian { on th' -ubjert and aIs J.M' all I : his<< to\\nsj>cH'j>asked for wait an unliuml -
    .ral l intelhgint and \Hn: (mttl IIItr"'rr- state, in .sjite ." llw fact that many i ij I Ii
    in that city aeiominodititiK from JOttiliOOgucbts exce-ediu!!:!)' shrewd and long henlcdmm tile totJI.'Ial"'f| :! will !pursue' the I'tllle.t'tlur4' l'p Our Air s me lime'' ,1 any inimatioii of the two prolapsed
    itiin hive Ntn mduccit t II take up I j I i ine..rabte mxalnltn' brought Inn to ;
    .. :
    tlr .1 total of and the general opinion' is that ]i 111"1 Ixt tll"'IIt"'I.I. know what t i iei routes aiul the selection of the most
    respectively| land, and flare I in .X recent. t :ibletorv rWIII1"lIIt'.llal: )', Idle' :
    about 3, on.t) ) :;t. Augustine are his interests pay MS :v (combination :d- I I N'fII11f1'Y; I eet and prtp., ln' t" guide tin el" lil". tint Profess' Xljreliettis wm' ', ecetnotntcil and durable roan benefiting

    twenty-seven efvinnlir M/I that 1':11I though :is sepirite' projiositions tile ing work (crntions: fir their rrpres 'nt.itncs.I iixiiet say LS-Mithng tow:ml the orbit ef 'I t The finest grade i f Uiliweo is jaiaw.l I the largest numl>er of p pwple. He l'l'I
    .\ con.ichrabU beli taken |
    accommodate 3,100) pc .pic; at 1 Palm mifjit not do so The hote Is contribute I for truck ma ind upi I I I' irst-Mr. M.i.-U illianis I'ftll pexMs to I the c irth: at 'il( r ite' if millions miles j i in this state anti -rlfc* for seventy cents asked thatthee-vnimisstonerabc reejueste ;...

    heath there are fiftien with a ipieity business: III the railroads: and the railnadi i gardtmng, is plmtcd to sit up a lixird if rvs,11 1 sIntrlis.-iotiers |ier l.nlntL The city of Tampa alone I to have both lines surveyed in order
    It IS til/ time
    4'11-1 a .Iay. "\IN't'lf"f1 iteKne
    l IIe'ts
    bring down to the hotels Inrnalllt'1", ofii nis, 1"latllt":<. I mikes: mercy I Havana iigars titan the tu reftdi the facts. ,
    l Hurtonevitli ,i iJt'4 f the t
    tif ",OOJ guests; at Davloim ankh 't'III't't.r| i present OIIHIIISMOHi during March: it will IM" -e i-il.l<. to tll"raII..I,1
    and I other
    for from -D to a long daj's trip from Jaekauvilleto \ loges tt'gctabli's, areshipperl of s.t hut '1; 14: fd! flC Cuba and one-third erf that : Xfter .
    \ aecommoelations (i I rs :ite InlttulionNothing; I eye .\-tr"lt"III"r' are; > \: II a great dash 1 of controversy,
    | at the rate "f 1,1(5)( e>r :;,IHHII ) imintHg Israeth I I world
    n1.le the
    :JOG; Palatka anti Ormond han seven Palm IStaeh and two hours and a' crates a dayto Nework, Philildphit pre.Iwlilo economy e an In, |4nadeil I for tie IICHeliwoxensl! ( lutiutiirv witheoniderat4t I in wliH-h held the meeting until aUtehour,

    each with a (rai....itj of :211 to ijOO{( ), and half longer to ..Miami The railway I other miikets tin measure It M In In,. :iUI'I"t'f| cd 11 i inteTttt, and it i rprtnlslut | ; I-lurida nukes the famous N-a Is- : I'r' Pt.tier's ti..nas cudweed, and
    I11'a.hingtouuml duringI
    nt Miami are tWI.J\'f'If aliout tin -nne: (takes: a market for the 1 land and the i I I the summer; : that the I ptrsent ('timmis.su>ii< r.. e;f new th s,nes on tin cotnio-itiim"" .,f .: Llmsl...tt'-n. that sells at thirty e-ent per :., he was requested! ttl continue his efforts

    fanners furnish eight for the rulroad. i state In-titi.>nslia\e work cno'igh e n comets will result from iJH' .r\:ithiii4 ps un.l ,n hehalf Daytona's ",eff.",. It was
    \n automobile ro..L.1 I from Palm Beach I
    me.The 1SS hotels on the East: Coast Railroad Owning everything himself, and having I tei Miami M\ty',eight nnl's 1 long, has re- I their hands; at Ita.-t the tlutfs' of the I this one.Tte ."HnrwLi M the emir state in tile {I I t moved to apt-mint a coiABHttee ef two .
    accommodate altogether not to ask no one's consent or opinion, Ir.nagl..r road commissKHic'rs will I- a"'l'l l :irnleen : t nitiMi where stack. cattle do not die ofstatvati r to attend the special meet'of the : |'
    can Gently been built bMr. llagle; 'r through | calJet >rv further stated that
    auipfc un"r..1" winter. > to
    and there are afol'parate n in County OKIjfcr 1
    less than -5,000 people( the pint v..1the| orange and grij>e. I Pn fcesvr X|:.tte'ssri. the ltJQftt'f't..
    the benefit of the others and get all I hoard tll direct the building of ; if with like committees from Sea
    in this
    boarding houses in town and t ii- I die e f oM age state, they eseaic -
    every i fruit groves. pme-ipplt{ farms and truck I \'iui astrols'mtr. f":iml that Mircnetti'se j
    there is to be had out of them I the road and kt IK with :
    : it provulet butcher Mnymaawl IfeLandX .
    1 lage which charge: from ?I a day upward | gar ,'n". rurL con>ill<'r ibl*' h-tance it''I met might 4t: fin to tie I earth ati the long enough i

    You can lind a list in out of the It is an \e-eedirigly satisfactory situation lies along the banks "r hake \\ ortli, and 1 an engineer already reei gnizei! as an j i i'! iiMi" ph' <'re, whirh was thru denied. but i j "On aniujnt' of pnimity: to huge'I pleasant di emon was the good .1
    when a man can into a gnat authority l>e, a ""'t"I'r .,f the board >remployeel i I
    lo- go rOllOk talk I Mr .
    books the Ilonda has rival Crueler winter
    railway advertising giving Isis hot onlproved a gnat attraction, | !I I it rH.\"t.'rtht-k) breathes a fibhc sail northern markets no by a 'Visi .

    ations, the names of the ...roprittors.the business enterprise without considering 1 but is an important object le-sson m the "by it. i|i -e'untifir uncertainty as to tho-e wanderers I as the winter garden <.f the nited l li : for from New -ejrk state, largely inter- J 1

    number of rooms and the thirgo whetltcnt n: going to (pa}' him or not 1: art of road building It has stimulated :'.'cor"l-The .b."ar,1 l shall survey a :i e.f the universe. Astr'nunwrs i Mates The vegetable sliipmenUi !jested 1 in the manufacture. of concrete

    by day or wlock. This year tiny hue and that is )Ir. lagler's good fortune 1 the work of the <>(5I l Roads: .1-ss'iatin [ roil from 1'ensiCUkt to Miami.l \ia :: have never lie*!! able to settle on just i iimmnt to tnillnf ncrete cads: ia that

    nil llrcn filled and |Itrolle! have i>r<'n His ambition is not to make money but (If Honda. whuh is trying to I I! Jac'ks >tiv tHe, and another froth Jackson. i[ what e-oniet is (cmipscl! In tidY" 1-eeo.sily I increased I st1 ite,

    parked away on cot:*. last winter was to build up the state, and while the I much-tKitlcel improve'incut-". I'rtJ'lIotl'l I I vile to TanifKt: These are the trunk! i|i gone by it teas been :said" that the tails ofI j I I "Xo either state in the l,lion pniduces

    a poor season; it was vi warm in the gratification will be all the greater if he I a few gexxl( reads in Honda, very r.w.1 I I line's. so long .ulvoe-xttil by the Tin**- 'I I i-omtts were m;nl"up( of Liming gises, i 1 Florida ranges others may gr.w orjanges :( CITY COUNCIL : '

    north that jteople did not tom x, fir find a Imlanl'" on the right side of the and I country needs them mon, 11f'i :' I ni.>n as the wisest and cheajic-t, tart a and Iiumatilt has always feared that I belt they cannot mipt-te wi'h the'

    outh, The hotels XXn-hmgton were lodger he il n- not hesitate tin that :itcount i cause the. soil! in some |parts limitation a. to time -h
    eroweled I all winter with people who *> sand)' that hauling is very |ht\'Y, !i|I Third-lh.it the lx'. nl! shall! ccrfitrrlmeltalf ,,: the earth would set its atmophere on i anil marketed Eighteen eountK.-. owl PROCEEDINGS.

    usually come to I Flnrilla. 1 he w inter of Most! of the colonies along/ the road and ill other jx.rtions it ii'n worse ;; tliecenMets of tin gate for I fire and instantly bum up ill life 'roof. forty-six grow oranges, and ther

    1'901i wL'Ithe banner season-tlie most ha>'been well advertised in song/ and because <.f the deep muck ami delaying I' thi.- work.e!. wiuKl give: them all I Scwnti-ts claim. however, that the citrus fruits and the output cur this t *. *:

    profitable ever known.: 1 we'ausc! it was story as well as in railway folders and vegetation, which his aceiiniiilitesl 1 fur ruurthThat tin money derivedtown earth ha.ct4lnl' """' | with the tail i if a .' year given ipproximatel :i> ;t. '''>3..'?*> I the Total Millage'' for ivy t7 fixed at ,

    cold and the north and it is the columns of magazines and newspapers. Ihen t..e rend lasses.
    stormyin ages is plenty good miterul I the hire of one Italf the e-rmiMt-s. comet In-fore, with nei re! ult' worth eonnlrmg -

    estimated that more thin :10000) Florid has a large literary j opuiatum e\try where. Coralme Deli: wlmhtsseft I i I shall! l he used for the mamUmance and 'l .. I It WI&- the same a* walking 11.JricIa p ldau..plu..e, aI. fanx>u" the I 15 Mills-:Numberinzof Houses.

    strangers came into the state for pleasure Lots of northern people who easily quirriiM), arid blLrdupt'i1 i !rti|'port "f thiK> working! off: tile )ad. through a ghnet work n\er Many millii,- in* in ve''tetl : Street Lighting Contract.

    or profit and I probably each one of make their using wills their |x'ns oome e\i: >o''ure> tc, tht- air, nnel oyster! The state shoviM} feed tlonirts. i I in our phosphate land itul they are I
    I Ir- Here i is the tlH-eiry upon which dam 1 he Daytona e Icy c'(uncil met in re'gi|*
    them spent $100. That n a low estimate own here for the. winter and write shells\ cheap and \*<'ntiful vulfall rH''l'fIMrift during the term erf j age nui ht I* inflicted by cedtainn with !|, making iiiillion- more fur the owners larion XI"nd.i\' night with Prewdeftt

    because the railwayfare: from books.: and magazine articles about the the :Ot.; service and otter a set sum for good conduct ij,le-t .
    \> an attraction to city of ; :i Comet: What are known as meteors, tloTKfo ba.s the city ill ttteI iarroUiiith' 'hair and a full hoard

    Washington to Palm Beach is $U', with- country. and each I'roc'lLims the adintagesandthebtauties I .1ugll-line, which !h*' ho mad his Winter to lie paid at the e rid of the term --howers -hi..11 are romnmn during 'n 101 1 M Xugustine, ant ..ill. wheii : phew nl xcepting .\IdPmwLYIIn

    out including sleeping berths. The total \' of his favorite hometor several years, AH-ert Lewis, \\ t IttI lieve that thee hanges in the .Xtigust, become andesceut ut when they ; t"Ompktf'd'e' the only railroad I into ; was absent from the e'ity.

    for railway fare, board amusements and locality. Most of the lomes have of ilkebarr. Pa., has constructed a lull are demanded >>v public t..J ni...., ; enter the atmosphere of the earth, actually the Gulf of Mexieo which will < .t.ncct Bills mere presented against: the city J

    purchases must have aggregated:: as thus become well known and while shell road sit miles long! lit a bark on whle-hhis a right t'* hum that the : burning; up when they reach the : the island'n wbit-li "ne "f "m largest : aggregating' $1114.31. which were (*" .

    much as $20.000,000( and it was undoubtedly they are all more or I Tess alike.: some the Uenk t,f the M.itanra-s nvr. which he I Matehtmld: Hi its own convicts, denser portion near the. surface at the ,seines. Kejr \\.....t. i- I I' ...ate.I. 111.h the : deredpawiThe .

    nearer $'50.000,000. ha\c a distine individuality.1'urt has preMiite l to tit. pubtu This arms uherf this t-au 1M"l done without eemipct- 1! earth It i calculated that the same mainland Thi- Fist ('..a- (,\'"ni..nwill report e,f the.anil; II '|i." t'",.

    Mr. Flagler can tell exactly how many Laude'nl.lie, for example: i, a the Hauler; road from l'ttmach(' to ling; with free labor anti we believe" it is : thing might happen Ii the suhptam-e of liee-.niplf.tedeirlv 1'1 1'MKTlie was ordered placed on filcrnnmunication ,'.

    people are taken care of at his hotels! trading |post tlr the Seminoles; and the Munu are aU'ut Hw only perfect roads ; i II'U.'r that the rinunah be tnuler the a ci"mrt should em ounter the atmnnphere. c ItLtP! ..f II!,Tleia i, tilt in (t .\ from 11. 1'.aI".It.I .

    because, as I told you in a previous letter entrance to that mysterious region in the :Mate> It is ispreposee. to eixinect direct cemtrol of the oftate: tFHuls., ,I' It is .hell. Iome the..srism- that equable that ..f any Mate= Vie have flub was relents to the -,IIII.I\' other. ).

    lift gets a report every morning known as the erg'udrs: w Inch begins them and the (IIKM! Kaadssmiciation 111iNt' this is po-Mbl Taxation can ;I comets, a; least the nucl-i thereof are no blizzards i.., s lyehtir-, ti.> earthquakes Petition ..f library A.5Il ..i'.u'n ni:

    The capacity. of I dais nine hotels is as only a few miles distant. The New has uiult-rtjikeii.: to raise HM>oetobuilJ i provide the measly, but taxation: (If a composition similar to nietet.rs. anel no vu4ent chang's ,.f temperature referred tll the street cnmmltc..

    river, in which the fort was formerly hard from ;t. \iigu-s- loHur under I Tneniimenng!; II f th>. hou<'- ut the
    follows: Iroal. highway cannot give always, pmralcondktioas Here. then would.. a swirl of tieryapor Xosunstroke" .11 tlllI:1I. 1: I
    UuestsTome located, is utilized l>\' them as a highway tine- to Pihn Reacts -imilar to the Lewis and we would see toe roads I: \ which would this tern'stial freezing! in winter,"' I city was referent t'I a committee ewa-
    ........ 300 ;
    de Leon St .Xu Ustme to bring out their fish, skins, furs drne prohfcd a woos as possible fretin- :-posed| lOrltftormen Jil*, Rotre ansi.
    globe in the event of a collision with akonset.
    .......... 1.00
    Alcazar, St. St. Augustine. and other articles which they barter for It i<, belk\ed that such a roail will buyers who desire can easily God work Howard
    II far from the surface' the
    j Uer rU.
    I State Department
    Continental near Jac1..son\.il1e........ 309 supplies; of fowl and clothing Then :ialWl's soon pa\ for itself ly attra.tmg aute i from the counties building' the connecting 'I \ cvmmunieatioft from Mr Haw .....
    ........... ..... 600 atmosphere extends i; not known, hut ,
    . Ormond, Ormond a collection of 'ondestnpt-- naubdists to the Mate They now cotueto ltnk-. The 4fa<> tte- \e- kn'i.'tlg" thereceipt ;is referred to the city attotMjr.
    ( Palm Heath........... t.00; : at a height of 31 miles it is supposed to the the tr..Ikf I'he contract for street
    The Breakers: looking Indians around the railway station Ormond in large numbers everye: .rand Sow will the orethetni ..i the Mite .4 n-p'tt-of < ''tnj) hgltaiag wan
    Palm B h........ ) .jJO be so ratified Lnot to appreciable. f ,tru'i" i Aiithorued to be executed asdrawa.The << .
    Royal Poinciani, ie and the town. It is here also that hold race mintingon the ueeenlieuh lake; the, ..I..jt..1-. 1 mel superintendent > |1.111.111' n nif
    pret up of the treasurer
    was ordered
    Royal Palm, Miami....................... 500 the state authorities of Honda are beginning There is a stretch of hard, i The general theorof a comet s composition the' ..tah..r H<>n'la. tl I... f''r'r I for fifed report

    Colonial Nassau...................... ...... TOO to dig a canal to drain the lakes Miioe.th sand twelve ruties l It.'ng and two ; is that it i... a mass of fan 0" the year ending: l*'r''ml)"'i :1 J. l'!'0 .. :and The clerk was intruded to strike out

    Royal Victoria Nassau.................. 400 and swamps of the EmtfulK:; or three hundred feet wide: at that I the Klovk' stopped. I I vapor The astronomer Ilimi calculated. the 1 latter for the! two year n.ting June the words: ..bil.01:'e of :and insert"ap-

    conskUr it thefinest that on June =TO, |'tjl. the earth passedI :m, Itsa. The" r"'p"rtire; 'omplttewith i ply on" .:] f'ae! matter of warratt Net
    Total_ ..........................-......J.700 The next town called iKlraj: is settled place Many peejJe About 10 o c'lock Thursday e vcnmg of into and through the tail ,A the greatcotoet the Ill taw'! d \\"rl.ul '. n"l'ipt.; and WK), payable to the Library .\IfIOC a\ioe.
    Ik' entirely by Michigan( people, and is l beaihm the work!, and it i- (fsrrfatly last week, when returning! m his automobile : : The funeral toiling! for, IJO: eras
    Some of these hotels open in tern- fond ..f that year, ut.1 l at it distaste "f rtubur-eroeti' 'If 1h."r. : :'-' : du"'! '
    P 4i teed 11 nullthe school arflbg at
    1 to racing. (< p1 at
    ubpteil |
    suburb of I> troit. Practically from the 1 irendon 1: Hotel in Sea- I
    and the rest in January', and all of named a their automobiles about tw"-thirds of the way from the the ri"I.lIa'i', \\ .. ., \ ;i' I "nils and the sinking fund milage at Im
    e.f that kind fK| >rt bring I Ci.; .X. 1\1M'I. collided with
    of land thi vicinityis (breeze. *
    them close about the fir t of April, except every acre in lieachfrom nucleusirbodv '-11. the wi PH. tot it. ore the' dee'iclediofraphical .', '- :dune a tot.d of 15 III II.
    which is summer tillable, and trainloads of fruit, pineapples to )trmoll.I-U.tl.na the iigt\\a\ mail :lIIIlllfti\.ry wagon I Tin -' re-e.11'ommi ioner Rix was awtheriktioae -
    the Continental, a onlallegcd m;mitestatHm-re an .
    tomatoes and other vegetables all parts of the world You ran mad in which \\"a'u" itreturn trip from tins | ap|"' 1 "II of a city mule to the brat
    hotel for southern patronage ou the : unusual darknesof the itmepnere to that which t hpublilah .
    of the rue- et'
    the the paper-e\en morning; side of the river.
    sea "beach twenty miles from Jackson are seipped north every day during there the' day' IotC.r,.. 'Ill hiring the tl::\' LIt", I 1 1)1.11\ [ ,\- ..f n..rtiriI'm !"Ill- f..r ," '. "r:"! v'I If1'.I't.' tr'Itumttts''l'!ijtosfd "ct.lHftll'f{ )
    There a large cannery' here that ccurrid: The at 'idrnt cmrrtd i\u-t( next ,>i the .J I III I l'i, .d I It.'tte Hiinteil l
    is \\ '
    viue/and is open from March to Octo- season tiara i 'lgIt-.I! I 1" and Ij&.tona j ,
    for fruits and blrs. They ship outside of Ormond draw I.f the Central) br.d eery fortunately .1-' ut.u': tl: f' '- htlI.UIj;
    ber. The big Pomciana is open from \'ge can't. is no place for motor cars, and tbt y. do seriously injured I In 1s.'t.: tl'rc: ?,.. -l'-l\jl't.1IJ;' I'x' .:. t.. "t:ht" a:' i : r (t. t : ,[, -1.1.I ,, .
    what they no one was
    January 10 to March 31, an u\erageJf what they can and can into the amusement ..f the mint over F.iclas Ct.ml'tl1icb wa- ting it mildly ,,!., l II : .. i ... 1 It ',fn :: B n 01U

    ",eighty days a year, which U about( thebpU Yamato is families a Japanese which colony was of located abouttwentjfn I not pleasure-seekers enter in Florida. more although or w.all hruJ.wd the parties wad concerned aeratoh..rl were .neduled: J ,
    all the rest.... j ..- M -- ..-v.. .-. . .-. ..} --
    J -
    'I''I''I''I''I''I''I''I'yy..J ... ,
    -' ; to tt fit w11 1 I ____________ t _________
    r--- -
    se. Ioaaattl
    (Ml ..-. -__.." .... _L f.

    r ...-:' ::- : l'A:" ;- ... :: .. _' _---'. : -

    T ..,. _. ___ .. ..... .
    . .._ .o : ;;:,.. I ._- "-r ':- .v "'T 0 0 .e-p S : Y. .e a tc '1a ph..t -

    i w

    I t--

    --- .--_. ----- -- -- -- --- --_ __- ...-co,
    It I Is :Ju.tlc Tltuti Now.
    I-ast Monday Henry T. Titus received !

    EVERY SATURDAY notice of his appointment as ju.ti<* of r

    the of the Eighth district of Volu-
    T. E. FITZOERALD Editor peace ,cfs ,
    r ti
    .00. -.- sia county to !:11 tie uaespircd: term

    I made vacant by tie dcatb of Charles R.


    ( INCORPORATED ) I| Many Bicycle Thefts.

    .----0 I
    A mania for stealing bicycles certainly :
    Entered at the Postoffice at Daytona, Flonda, as :Second" } Class Matter. prevails in and about Daytona. Within

    --- --- _- tl..? past few month o\er twenty i.i icry1 i f

    SUBSCRIPTION RATES. I 1 II'3 h.ne been stolen in this city I
    Monday Ivputy Sheriff:; C. L :Smith
    One copy one year_........................._.......................... ..............................-.tl-j|I Ormond and located five the
    One sir months..... ......... ................................................ ........................ .;; went to of v- atil
    Onf evPythree copy mouths ....................... ................-.-......................... ......... I" mining, i : wheels, !but was ti<.>t successful
    in landing: auy of the culprits who stole .
    ADVERTISING RATES. lilt"' He had previously I I-'ato I .c\ rku' y
    I OAL
    ._ DISPLAY ADVERTISEMENTS.:; oral others ttU that at the piorut timeonlyjthrec A '

    Rate inch insertion; to regular advertisers....... .............................10 iTIls or four t>f the unity :in-
    Rate per inch per insertion for less than three months............... ................13 cents miss ng.; CIGAR STANDS
    N. Rate per per inch per per insertion for single insertion ........._..........................30 cents


    Rate Mr line, each insertion__....__ __......._._...........-..............10 tents I
    RATES FOR CHURCHES. LODGES, ETC. J. W. l>Dietrick of Carthage. M It.. who

    AU club society organization, lodge and church notices, otter th.u rdi"i..uIIrvicu ) was registeied this week at the City
    5 cents pr line. Cards of thanks 50; rents *.fh. Resolutions :51; cntsptrline. Hotel it: Mid to If the oldest, nielliberof .

    Legal advertising at legal rates. tKe oid'-r of ElLs iii the hUlIln'Ir j .

    GENERAL Pp.o\'l IOSS. t*&Irid i eighty-sit years! of age l but &- Clipping ExpensesTIlE

    No tingle charge' for display advertising (Amy Ltnd U-ss tarn :.0 Brut well\ ple>er\ed and a very interestiug I !
    Good advertisement. An extrahargei4; lut* q j-r tart.will
    position given
    every .. 1..I1\.t.tl".ali.t, having a large flltid of
    be made for ads with specified position'Ices '!. N. |>t'f'i:41| |Ni tio Mit givni 011 gods
    than five inches. nnei-doU s und .toriey: nt his command: I National Cigar Stands have taken cigars out of the class of expensive

    No advertisement accepted for the first page.EltTft lie carved M a surgeon during the ( '
    charge made on display advertisemMitH f"hihifl:: an ..H ta.r:: tn
    than 30 words! to the inch. t'.ur ..f the last ('...'\."t Vnd departed| them better-made and better-quality cigars besides.
    All bills payable on the first of each month. I better-kept

    -- --. ------.---- --- I his Wnliirvilay I.'UK-ward; fur way.|q.oint farther nmth on I 'Tobacco'itself i is not immensely expensive. The great cost of cigars; has always

    SATURDAY MARCH 16. 1907. -- been in the wastefuliiy\ in which they were sold.o other merchandise of such

    Ancient City to Celebrate. common use passed through so many hands and was loaded with so many profits
    I .. 1 11. i.I i i. I
    I II. liu-mUr-ili fit .ifnUrlMlnl
    C. Q. BURQOYNE IN I | I On April. ;.', :a :....1 I St.; Augustine: will I between producer and consumer.
    I eat: In theirr |1i.-li\f "li*>iu>* thrif In

    dream <>f tlir gmt-roii. Int..,pitality" and, lievs in' a In-fitting up in holiday manner attire( the and first celebrate'bndillg'of ': The National plan reduces cost: : 10by reducing quality, but by cutting off all the

    THE ROLE OF HOST glowing etii.ihly .,r lln-ir li..-t of lli.-
    I the intrepid, and adventurous; Ponce "lost motion" in handling and all unnecessary profits. National Cigar Stands cigars

    ev'-llInl: d I Floridaoil.. The .\n"if'nt.
    .eon on
    tun ( 'rtio.e! Ot i'ii ,yin; ''':4t" .1 1 tit', l.a"'I'I..t come to you straight from the roducer.
    l ty'lIa"'opar.1 neither t'oII..u.: | At a Grand Banquet Given by That '(I were to.Ii.I'o.trlen.:: lal!>or in preparing to make the celebration Just to see what this means in getting quality-for-price, try the

    Gentleman to the Members of the I : II Ludwig i of this historical. event the grandest
    I :S. H. Cove aITalr in Florida's history, and when the
    F. E. C A. A. at Club House. Louis Adler denizens of (.venerable neighboring

    The Florida East Coast Automobile !i M. B. Aultman city undertake; a project of this character << Black and Whiten
    Henry Schmidt
    I the outside! world ''
    Association held its regular annual August II. Schmidt : can rely OH it b -

    meeting for the election of officers at Ceo. II, Clark in:j an overshadow ing mere**.

    the club house on the beach Tuesday II
    evening, and the occasion was one that Laurence Thompson tentative of the celebration wajet Daytona '- Five Cent Cigar

    1\'illlonj; be remembered in the history I I W.Harry Maxwell C. Thompson Hankin I Thursday distributinc liti-rntim *

    of the club by the fortunate participants( I I Theodore Seng: ..tak; editing: to the. occasion.Visiting You will find it everything leaf-quality, workmanship and fragrance that you have had

    in The the happy meeting and was joyous one event.of the largest |I i'1 11'.1 Asa W.! t Paine;:.. Xa..b Blodjett. Chiefs.At in the best 3 /for 250; g1COLLEGE you ever bought. OP try any one of these :

    gatherings ever held in the |portals of Jeo.: E. Set-bring the regular meeting Wednesday DAYS : The best domestic cigar ever sold at 6 for 25c
    that popular and inviting club houseIn .,. W. Wells I'
    the call for the meeting: was an announcement K. S. M..leyJerome night of Odceola Trilw, X..:!'I I. Improved ADAD : A first-class domestic cigar: presenting superior workmanship 7 for 25c
    D. M.d.>y Order of Ked Men[ Crest: Tocak-n i.f
    of a banquet to be served J. S. Blymyer the I'nited States T. Smith.. c Ilicat; :S.-;a. CUBA-ROMA : Ail Cuban-grown leaf equal to any that have cost 3 for 25c.t; at 5c
    after the election, and requesting ta.hmem N'. A. I Lewis
    chem H. M. Wade and treat: I'luei ..fltett.r.IsJ.1.
    r to designate on a blank enclosed Johnndt'rY'" .. STIRLING CASTLE : Large. plump: clear Havana.: lOc. grade 6c
    J. D. PriceJ. L. lankin.! (.f nundI..r.
    whether or not he would
    attend. Before the responses had I F. hathaway present| and a>si ted in \\\11 t..lIIg. the LA I ALIA : Choice clear Havana, especially good} value at 3 for 25eCLAPP'S
    J. W. Shield
    adoption( degree upon two pale' fuItt.r : -
    commenced to be sent in Daytona'sclever \V. J. Morgan! I .
    .\ the iril.
    } aijoiimed
    and big-hearted citizen, C. G. \ CarverMr. !
    :- t :Mac's cafewh.ere .'
    noddatd theyjoyed 11
    Burgoyne conceived the happy idea of
    A. R. Foster cream and cake in |tale fucetjl It .
    the entire club his for the
    making guests .
    ., 11. 1> Koger | occasion-an inspiration which he immediately Frank Rodgers
    ., l hut is in Pott
    put into execution by i issuing T. A. Snyder j .. sojoarning Orangef :
    F. E. Stanley i r the winter; Great SachemVad iilituMi a
    invitations to sixty-six members to join ,
    I Ie Peter Seim f of Punts <(< ioid.1, and irit; <'li i
    him at the banquet. Sixty-four out of ..
    Mr. Monroe t i.f Itei-oidii: Rankin residra. in I'ul.ilUu
    the sixty-six accepted the generous invitation i- R. 1) W. Kobe i PHARMACY
    Theisiling), chiefs weretoed ait iKi
    and were present at the banquet.The Chris Coiigherly: ""
    tables arranged Willwin Wilder j lIt'Pllt| \I.y a mmittee' of Ketl: Men and ,
    were beautifully :
    leorge: 1-. Smith "I giseuacartiagrdri.emit.ut the. ntv, -mtheir SOUTH BEACH STREET.
    trimmed with green sprigs and presenting -I Senator Monroe I
    arrival: Weilm-Mlav.and afterdomi;
    a very pleading: appearance. 1At I 'MoturiniMorgan j' .
    t ,
    about 8 o'clock President Paine I Dr. J. 11: Itawliugs, i j the town some more on Thursday .1! --- -

    called the their seats Dr. WorthenA. C;".\* (purled yesterday<< for Jacksonville. t t.> . .. .. .. .. .
    assembled] host to I Dr. J. II. Pierson I meet with tlie camp of Ited Men in tli.ility. #* * a.4 w ..........11............1..........1.... ....N.......
    at the table and opened the meeting for Dr. F. H. Ilou ht !
    <>n ,
    the regular business: which was proceeded l IIr. J. P. Each: : SCHMIDT'S I VILLA. i -
    # The White House
    with in the usual order reports of Dr. 1'. K. Uenn..ttCommodore j jLi. :

    the secretary and treasurer being reads J. 11. Allen The Auction Sale. DAYTONA, FLORIDA, :
    J. n.! Drown
    condition of the club's i # : Thl" .-. and home-like house is situated the bank of the
    showing the ''flf'IaI.I.e ; : on
    The :
    treasury and other matters of concern Colonel EdwardI'hite Christian I I its auction sale of Auction ('ouq.a.vbell in I| :! : I:. L, Howard Prop. Daytona Beach. : : 'iM-autiful Halifax: Riser, one mile from the Atlantic Orean and enjoys the .:
    property Kingston : :
    : r lifiillh-giving' brwzes that! f are set coinmon' here. The view commanded i b> =
    to the The of officers Col. C. M 1. UinghMu
    body. election
    I on last Tuesday. All the advertised '. I of 'IIrua.iug Ix-atity. The, house i i.. furnNlxtl. 1 throughout in aco.mfortaille
    then took place, resulting in the electionof W..M.:Santiorn; ShatrnerMr. ;|: features of the sale were carried : I :: :> ( '1.1"". d l n ill -i I liii-l, I vi I I. ""III Ii...- .hl.mlll"' 4' .,. 1? ,,? Ii|,.. : ind. ull"llIlt': | inaHii. U has fifty ruoin.s, Dingle. etisuite or with bath. .: -_ =
    the following officers by acclamation: 'I 'I' 11.l ( --I.-" .I.IIIK :akirlnint| -< are large. airy and nearly all 'have a Wdlthern or .
    f A. II. Kling out .n. the wedding, thisj I :: i-a-I., and II.ink.'I. \ Its. il.- ln-i'l' ll.ilifax. l.'m-r: mi II..- west. llii-tr ..inliu J 1 .
    President-Major A. II. l}Foster of Major Faster | -illili.V eMiMire.The : :
    Cleveland Ohio. J. B. Parkinson < ties omitted owing to an ut tll.fIt..f candidates :: .pit-UNinter or iiimiilrliylillul: iil.es in \vliirli I !I" sn-ii"l| l tinvintiT J : |1.&rI..r, .meeekti.gr.ns.t.etre'wliilS meulnc oftcr every "' .rlfortof .
    for luatrimony. Quite a crowd j. I UKritv IIOMHThe dining hall Tear ;, sestting iauieity of one hundred undi.xenty .
    \'ice-President-t'ort'; };. S Captain J. D. C. Moilit : \ iti'wtris ,llrtfi tin'bitf ll'Ht '. Hiyl'wa( .IVwh: lies" TinrluliIinn1 : .
    sinslnni-I Ynelet.we.i i .
    to hotel
    I C. A. embled I. but the bidding. : : II"fiI..t in tlw ;SiHith.; The cuUine and
    bring of Sebring: Ohio. Captain Lieutcnant\\ II. Clark: t i i mate for ('all\t'S unknown. .\iicti"n