red. sundeiuian. l"tl'IHII:.'
A MAP OF FLORIDA THROWN IN. : JNO.J PEllETT[ HOLDING HIS OWN the rules the I the Stale." He I atIlt.pel ulltlmritie to enter :, when heavy cars pass over it. in hixty da.Vh Ir'JIt I iI' date of thte I |'re>. I Ch To ants Fred.i.;. Slldermna.Uuriioyii. (;a.!m-h'-i. fuiiuj.1.t. and til

I troverning trophy pi o- : j Both th- beaches are two or thin.4> ei.tK, if r.-si'I.'ntui IIf the ritatv of Fluriila.auil ot tif rs WhUD it amy cniin :-
; I vide for twice are very strirl t and no Ia\.'r is si hiowi Lu. uitliiti four month.- <.f such dale ifl'I'lIi.l..ut. You ar. htnby ii'-ti-a: i ".at a writ OfiitirnUlimeut
ayear, l/ltlii ."I| i seconds slower than the Ornumdj 1. oulsidith<- limit, of the! Stub-of : hat.1 I i.: i--.i- .l :;. ;itie alx\
New Subscribers \\ill Receive the Young Man Who Was Injured at New and South Walter Christie, who is -- -- n I j I Daytona cuinse, whose fouiteenmilei FltJ' .Jil. (<. M. itt\I.IH1. .1 ii. t eauM Charles>, and 1 1.that U-ii; :.;">...'<>jui-.'I.i.i"; '-u.-arulshewS.tbebandiof

E. L. r e is of A-iiiee of f 4'harl.., A. |110,1,111:01.; J and that LII1.! \ > uii '" Before Ula
i composed
GazeUe- I rapidly coining into fa\oras drive STEWART M. D.) ; largely cnijtiinajclatii
ws, the Florida Sun Smyrna Last'eek has Some a ; I I).iyt' :\. l Fla.lIg.. I 1-:. 1 court on or IM (. ii : ;.' 'HI'.I; tl'uf Octo-

and a Map of Florida. Changes of RewU)". I has also challenged Mr. Ross for the Physician and Surgeon :i hand shell- which, when mixed with HI"I I 1.(1'1'1I1"1111L(1I-"' ...' v.t..!!. 'I.t i.* >t- "Ii@
md'ater form -- -- -
j : of -
sort -
a ,
i trophy, and dim b ptCIlU IHhUlIvu tu 1J111"s of the I Tlii-s:e i'it'III1. i .
The I are now being I tement that is impression I I h \ is'\I' K v I Plaintiff
Gaz tte-Xews Company !has John Pellctt: the J Jo-year-old son L made to mile EYE, EA U. THROAT and I : proof against an 'KHnARNISHMM'In : T. K. KI-/J.I'a.,1

: made ariangements with Hand, Me- of f M M. Pellett, uf this city, who fur secure the a straight-away Ottlce and r"I.I"I"'?: 1'lm..tto '' osr'1 from the heaviest racing I I.JUl l-\\""l-- .'.,:''ii. .- r", I :MltlfT
course in October
:Nally & Company, map publishers, was injured at Xew Smyrna Thursday : early i- First door noitb of {'utb"Ut'I'bur.h. i I lUti.110m. I hciiii I f"ul.t..tl, .Iu.li..ial -_ _ _ --
when the will be hl'1"tfur 'ftltplwUI
foreigners i iuo
of Chicago for a number of maps of I of last week is still alive audhile i I to Mr. and Mrs John Barnes, (Cin-uit; in ansi for VOIIMI! l "oiiut -

-. Florida. The is the the Vanderbilt road race, and corner First avenue and Day tuna > Fltiiiil.i.The I :Portland Ex
map t \\ not jet out of danger, j Oregon
thjfir entries will be solicited for C. C. BOHANNON : :I street, yesterday li'ulI..I'rili Ilanirutioii I ,
issued of the Peninsular State and I recover.He i is conscious all the ]i morning, a son.
W31"j"'I''II .
the race. I'liysieiau and I > a CU"IHI I
contains so many interesting features time and i is sutfeiing considerablepai ttrgeoii.ur i j I orjfaiiireil at II ie\. I position.SAN .
that The Florida Eat Coast Automobile I O t," t1. Alw..J I'I"ulua\. B ,.h. J. C. Pettepber wiite& the Gazette- J.XtillX IIUlIlT 11u1.I .tt u .!
type .
inadequate to ? \ the Stanof
Association intt letcntly and I tlt"t"tl1nll4. FlOKIKA. News from Narraganaett Pier R. KloruJa. II I FRANCISCO CAL.
enumerate them. A copy of the It seems that the repoit that PelI 'iel edi.iie No. 74. j Plaintiff, ,
I elected ai president for the coining that he will !
J map may be sttn at the office. lettws injured on the dredgeKlou- --__ __uo_______ be home about the first' .I aruit'u LoVeli'SS" |).ffl.J.t. Los ANGELES CAL.

-I. The piopos-itiou of f the GazetteNevvsis dyke i is erroneous. He was on the )ear Asa Paine \ice-piesident of E. ] 'of next month. his family, who are r J. (i. Hi-own. ni>. U. j I DENVER COLO.
the Minneapolis Automobile Club J. Rawlings M. D B IJ.
iu Ohio will urgu.nl M.l4ru-ii.
i to ghe every MIMS-AI,\ AM tbri' l launch Cruiser, owned by his uncle! who I. visiting return to Day"tuna II(Chw.. Uuiioii.hiiiiil .J. W. : I l4:'uu' .mlii J.C.t..l', t "- :I"J I 'ii .Jl. J4))
winter home in
: U.W M'KIBLKllo A. M. owns a Day- .Office : at the same time. Wilkiu'III.Il1rui.I.: 4 ...
LNholla I lib tlw accidentoccurred. over OJIIe's Drug Store : ;
I tuna, and i io considered an energetic I I -- -- | DENVER COLO.

AME \IITHI.V 1HK .SEM '11IIHT\ D.\?, The Cruiser was towing ;aud enterprising automobilist after September 1 10.I I 1'0 Jam"-r J/.v :!ex IVfen.l.int. J. U/'OWJJ.I .. i- "
a copy of this map, a year's subscription the dredge. A strong tide was T. E. FITZGERALD II l'ha li Fuiuo /'. 1 II. M'-Lawii., :
rUll'l Sir Thomas Dewar from PIUAK 3!>I. ('lia-, Hulioutfh :,1111! j"V. Wilkinson. 'I
: writing
to Florida Sun and a mug when it was about to :, ATTORNEY AT LAW n uin.s.'es.! aud a .iili'-r I j XIM>"- iot..1 .-;- \VERY LOW ROUND TRIP RATES
year's sulscription the ( ]his Scottish castle Abercai '. --- --- ----- ,. '
to jd ctteIsews rime) IUYIONA, H.UUJUA. I r ;..Ij.:
,-. all for S 1.50 Remember th L through the New Smyrna drawbridge ,I states that lie is clearing the decks H. H. SEELYE A. M. M. D j I I It5 Yvu an hereby notitied that the iinihtrrMynm |
cffer is ; the broom became entangledwith i :udatcd with I Hanlnaiv !'
only good for thirty da) s. j i i in order that he be i roiiipaiiy. amiponuiou |
the (
may at liUj)' LANDIS & FISH !

I -------- the steering gear, and Captain l'j Florida tournament, and will probably Physician dncl. UiQCO1i. IIm.t' j jOillcc UeLanJ, fioriJa '![ 1 the I Law*,IJr/aniZl-d of the rotate and of Florida('M, tmyr: Inon hush ]I llinois Central R. R.

Notice-To >\ horn It May lnern.Painters' Pellett was unable to steer the boat o1 and 1 the 27th day of April ;iustitiiteint) m IaibiiuipMt
i bring with him a distinguished 1't"I.ldl t 197 S u HIJg-t"Wuod. :Special fal.iiiti.flJI' .
> IUUilli/Jj lalllJ T itt t.s luTt .
; u in James Ineles.madeliefeniiaiit I
it crashed
Union lUsS( emphatically into a piling ou the j hours: 7 io iu. I to 8. fi Office i 1"-
; of 111 to 3 p. iu. 1 iu Atuu'i bjix-k. 1'lioue J!. I!
] .
]party English who mil ivhere.in -
; spoilsmen, u .vut.1
:s denies having fined W. F. Oat-: bridge. Young John saw that then i Tdt"l I"I' Nij. i. 1 ciu'uiriIIlUI'lIt} il'oOUI'I1, 1m .J. Ii. 1:1'11\\ CHOICE OF ROUTES..
]have i -- i"
ley $5 for working on the Aber- crash \\as inevitable, and iiotieal-l' expressed a wish to see the __ __ _: ---_ __ ----- r'Ii.". (ti. iJurgoyue, 1).Mi<|t.ar.ui. I'liu-. 'I'"" .;' '""" !I', 'k .\' ;],,In',1;' to t.

crombie job. izing the strength of the title, endeavoied \ j famous[ Florida coast, and the race 1..O.O GO..GOGO..4G O.J Itaac l stmttn :%iiford lily I It.: .. sigh ,1It1 l J. W. \Vilkini.on. I .j i, -. i I i J ii'ii-i U .'!'i 1 u ;;; h \\ lIt \ :-

H. L. WlLeO-S, Pics. to prevent the b'"ut fiom j for the Dewar trophy. !t DR. BRUSH 'I I :"-tt.j .II a Himmoiin, ad ivspoiKlfinJiiiuw.t I I IL I :.\ 111\' Till'! ,, I !1jrnUlgleeiuig
:[ STEWART & HLY %.r. t EDAkllUIHIlJ, R. Se striking. He was caught between Among the possible owners of fast 0 1 1U \i-liiMuCouut.v( Florida,on the 27th daof i L\.I"' :'t ''snAtl.iut i u i.. :l. L ws.

the boat and piling and uas caught cars that will compete on the beach j *t "OML'OPAihK: I l'Hht"I( 0 \\'YEIIS{ I: 1 April. A. I iJ. 1)0.and! wjis tIll lli.f' 1 l-r i,, : .!' lion ilare 'fsate'f.

Pellett __ I 2 Ijl h day of (:l.II.I 11I1i. circu-
The Florida East Coast by Captain j just b hw was uo tvtuined rato- ." auJ d-s. njnive
,)! is being rock ballasted between Railway; about to fall oteihodid next mfeet are (Hon. C. H. Rolla in 1u0 10 :{ u lfj. Iii H.iuk buil.liujf.! "IthLANI). El. \ I :hat I Int tilldefefiiJailt JaillKK Loivlesn "'1111l J lr.dlln.3, .
Sir Thomas Dewar, M l. P. London 0 Cbrobic 1'I)?'..-rs a 'l't'da.tI! I biain L >,111'1'1' Postulhie.ty : not fiiinii] ill the ;State of F'l..rida. I i
Jacksonville and St. Augustine : ___ IJ.Y.U 1\\ i Ati.J you further notilied that the : F. i D. llI.LI'I I I l I:, TI"I\ 1'At.
The Coast who, has become so well known i in -- o. _ .aid allll'H Loveless!
East -
Railway i is already New and Changed Advertisements. 1 and all other ,pe.rI I 7Pr"r"; .. .\il\alI.l !
the best in the old |t DR. E. R. BRUSH J1ItKNTlsT. ioiimteie..te ballasted load in the State. The sport country and the Sti1ings City Bakery reijuirej I to I
following urn and changed I 0 j I ap| -ar. pli'ad or demur) in aiil nit oai _- --- 1
E. D. Langwoithy arrived Thur. advertisements appear in the advertising United States.-From Morgan Motoring : i I 'l II" heioie the first Monday in DeivmU r I
H I Is the Ilan'du'le \ ,'uill Dud i;i 1 1 l'.).". A. !It..
)Its being the' -Uh dam \ S. H. Gove
day from arragansett Pier, where columns of this issue of the] el1ger. :: r-a'.i L ,
iu ii Gazwtte- : Ficsh: HlIl/ Rolls, Doughnuts and,: j month otherwise default will. I. ut. ...j|
conjunction with Leon e\\"s: .
Despland, J: Xo &U'fbird Avriiue. 19a1/1"t .yol|. .1511U110h1''
he conducted the .jlvbt . . 1 J 'ake of all kinds. I \, ;. ,;: ,of' Bl.U.hK. AMlo( _
Metatoxet .Plige ,
House I
J. D. Curmtchael .. Mr. and Mrs. Roy McFaddcu[ arrived I, .1( \SUI! & I !H.! t U.d.' I. ., 4j4-.., b4I'lIl'a..trorDlrOI'
during the summer. Pa e 1] Opposite Public &Lou.! ft'' Food Pound T. .:: Fm- .
Angel Cake 'i-1.)
SotlcetorepalrslJe\\111k ..... ..Page 2 from Tybee, Ga., Thursday. t",0013$a '11111111111"1"* ;' Macaroons a specialty., and Attormeys for the Oruber-Morna klar l- J .''.". .. .-,'. .u" .,IJ..iu, a\"t-lIU !''wl

J ware i Company. 1 f'hue cU. I' .\ .I.U, flon


-". -


-' .
------- -

"G _
_- .
% .

_ . . . .1- ---- 1
...... .... .-
:' ... .1 -.t .7
f ., E. Rush I Ii
returned I -------


: : .................. 'Delicious home made Doughnuts -

illJ '::.!'pece! ) of sterling silver daintily daily at Qramling'a; bakery.Dr'JKKawlingsthis I An Interesting Budgetof New From Florida East Coast Hotel Company Subscriber to the Gazette-News Shirt and Cuff Notes on the Ball Some Residents/ of Volusia County

.' 4>ecg"'vJis useful and :appropriateIi I the Hustling Village to the Have Made, Public the Opening Will Receive the Florida Sun lames Between Daytona and Who Can Successfully Help ;

on all occasions.! week invested Out Cupid. .
: $ predated in a lralleing, horse and liaml- South.A. Dates of the Hostelries. Absolutely Free.A. St. Augustine.

;f )fo engrave free.L. H. Huw: & Cu. tiOll1e rnbber-lire rllnaholll.SlIlUe Hardemau took Mrs. Briggs The Florida East:: U\'at; 1 lintel i K. Taylor, the noted; cartoonist, Thllr1idaafternoon the St!Augustine It is not generally known thattherea

1 l1c. $ 1 and Myron( down to Ponce I I'aik ILL Company has made public I he annomicement was in Daytona a few days ago andcloed ball tossers, twelve in number, e about 150 jiersons in Volu
handsome. ,
% p. Ladas spent Sunday and Ea: tern his boat, to visit ){ Ellison.Mr. arrived sia, county who are authorized tu '
, }Wjg. Star pins at Clark's. 11) of the opening( dates ot a .contract with the Gazette- in Daytona for the purpose

1 J 'y' "'ith her husband in Jack- its hotelsThey follows (1- News each of subscribers of playing three with the perform a marriage ceremony. Besides
:. ;)f The Wiiiu drove a well for Ed. palatial :uv as whereby our I games
$ ; returning to Daytona Mon- "Whatsoever:: (Sirls"uil: give i ) : all the regularly oniained
... D illt', Greggor, who lives south'of town. : will receive a copy of the Florida Daytona team.
l ::4g7 everifl.ir8. entertainment at the Haptist Alcazar, St. Augustine:, J. P. Sun which i is soon to, be reestablished THK OWE TIIIKSIUY. ministers of the Gospel in communion -
; church next Geo. Johnson has exchanged his with churches l'justices '
Moiulay evenin
*. judges a .
'} .' It D. Jib left Monday for (1 roaves.: manager! opens Saturday in Jacksonville, absolutelyfice The first game was played Thursday '
launch for an auto boat. I of the there at'Jt
7- .. :!femphis, Tenn., to join her hus'f Attorney Egford lily and duKlren Dec. t)I. closes Sllurday.lril( l'l.Breakers I.I 1. for one year. afternoon and\ resulted in a scoreof peace, /

'lia d whGJs; city ticket agent for returned to IeLauitlVed iies:! lay. Master: Richard Sparkman got upan I I Palm( i Bcaih: FiedSterry I There are no strings of any Kind i J to I in favor of the Wallles.The notaries public in he county who

1' the Frisco, system.g. after a short sojourn on Che beach exceedingly pleasant surprise manager opens Saui rIay. i I :attached to this proposition. The score by innings : can tio do the knot as tight it i iS [>OKs'iblo -
;. President W. F. I party for his sister:; Miss: Lena, D),'c. !>.">, closes April 7. management appreciates the patronage St. Augustine U I I 0) (0 I I (\I> (0 I II (11-1 I MX -

;:; H. Moseley was among the bums College has Wackmau, of \Vet!I1eslay evening.Mr. Royal: Palm( .Miami, I II. \\". Merrill of our subscribers- and advertisers Daytona) .. I I 0} (0 (0 II :L1 I 0) x -J JJliphfillt Of course, in all eases it is necessary -
:; mer8 Monday (',('ning. He been si>endin to have a uurriago license from
]wme few Jan. rf, closes and believes they will tAr ( pil"'Iu'd for Daytona
Island a days in Daytona and 1 Daytona and I Mrs. Will Bennett hare manager opens\ : ; tha
: been at Patchogue, Long county judge before a
'1 las Beach during the List xvevk. tuovvd from the Noiihcutt house toMrs. April :.1.Ponce. (pleasure! i i'i reading the .''aeksomilleIIJ. i Allen( for St. Augustine. be ceremony :.
the summer. I can performed. _\ complete list
"- daring ( McLeod's( house.: do I Leon, St. Augustine; : whit h will deal in news and .I- Each pitcher hit one batter. *

1Last Saturday night part of the Silas Wright, of DeLand, C. L. I Robert: Hurray, manager: opens matters rovniug I the entire State. Billy Baggett umpired. of the notaries public residing; in -
Dohn, of New There was a gn..1! .M fashioned Volusia follows
Smyrna Geo. county ;
l ,scaffolding on J. A. Hendvicks' new F. Pad- Tuesday! Jan. U), -luts Saturday, Claud L'Engle will be the editor. About L':< M) spectators were in attendance :
dison, of Eau Gallie, and other house warming at F.ivrtte Xk DanielVnew ) Da.toua-C. M. Binplum; .Jr.. T.
down. No .
j. blew damage
: building April ;3.Hotel. The following)) condensed I statement :: -
prominent house I) E.: Fitzgerald, C. II. ::: R. L. !
Masons Friday eviiiing Dancing Spencer,
the ,
; to the brickwork, however. were in city The amounted 1 18.
Baited I Ormolld.ll1ll'I ln A;: 1'rico, from i he prospectus of the gale receipt; to $ .
'- Thursday.Win. was kept up until a late hour. Smith, Lauieiu'e, Thompson, MiseFloreiKe
l and Mrs. George II. Matthews managers. opens Tuesday[ Jan. 'J. publishers! : of the Sun gives: a clear 0ilunl! [ r-tl1l-k out 1:1!: and! allowed -
Jfr. ( F. '
)Ir. Fair returned from Wiscon-Mii Maley, J. Xiver, J. B.
I: Tuesday afternoon for points M. Brown, president- the : Colonial, Xass.ui, Bahamas, I 11. E:. idea oJ what the character of the but two safe II its.
started Parkinson W. M. Shaffner C. L.
Saturday, where he has been
Fort Dallas National ]Bank of Miami visitingrelatives. Bcmis. I I will be Pitcher Allen struck out 1 12.
Mexico and Indian Territory maiia""r, ojicus: Tiie&day: I publication ; .
in New The trip Lu douv him. Smith, 11. C. William*, .JV.. Wilkinson I
they will visit for A month was in Daytona Thursday and learned 1 Jan. 'J, closes: Monday( April -. "Uur purpose: is to establish: a I Ia\tona) made two errors, one L f .
where or mue-h Hul.Thursday. F. X Conrail ami H. C.
:: MX weeks. something he tlii f not before g< I Royal 1'oiueiaua, Palm B a.h.: weekly paper in Jacksonville, original I them giving :St. Augustine' I the lone .

"" know of Mabonry. evening we had a grand( Fred Thursday iu in chalk in.nk. Thompson.Seabreee .
manager: opens conception\ bright execution -
Johnr.. Williams
{; D. Maley and Anton Maas went Jof :
J. Mrs. Stewart. I temperance rally in llulgewood: Hall, Jan. II I closes ll.lllda.rI.il :2. novel iu feature, free in opinionand Neither team made an earned! run. :
n Dr. E. L. W. S. E. CUlmore: and
{ JO ponce Park Monday morning in I which was lin"Ionltl',1\ hrlrs. A. Baggett, 1
Stewart t very l\mtint'ulaltl.mtic Beaili, H. fearless; in expression. I Its: pages: :
Lhl'r I .
I Mr. Haley's yacht with a load of accompanied two \1 C.'. H. Meeker A large itmtycaine [E. Bcmic. 'I IsrIl's: : ':.\\110.\: .J' )hn Speime. I
children, arriml from Starke manager. opens for ne.tsummer's shall bo free from the i idle! gossip of
;;. paint for some of the houses being i Thur down from Oiinond. I Davt(>na, season March L,. the streets and the offscoulings of Tho Iirst guild yesterday? was a 1I..II\.lIill.-nmnll61oou.. !i : 'I"
day to join the doctor
built there. their and make Daylona lieach anil :Sealjiee/e\ ami .I The "aIof the opening of (he (he gutters. Its mission shall be to walk-away for the Daytona boys, the DeLandK F. Oates, ba.u. ,V. 1 ,L.
Daytona home.
:Stewart Silas! i; Jr. :>ilasII. I
I Wright 1
Jfiss Celia Harris arrived home among them were the: >p.ukeis :and I (Royal: Victoria, at \;t :;all, X. P., inruuish information to tho people on score being U to 2 in their favor. : : !:
I J. Alexander Lr.. -
FUltu5(1U: () White Leghorn a juartet of line siuizvrs., I'lie mutediuiz I Tho second\ more inter- Wright, ':
-L:, Monday! evening from Xarragausett ; will i be announced later. current events and to present the gamewa ;

I"; pier, H. I., where she has been hens, and will least my house awl was: opened by llrv. Mr. PiLti 11"intndul.illg u __ opinion) of men that will be instructive es.ting, the score standing to 1 in I Bennett, Eglord\ Bly, Robert II. ,
garden. ,A great chance for the spiakcis. Rev.: favor of the home team. Boyd.J. Hall Brnm>ey, C. O. Cllfl.lringtoif ;
anyone '
: the with Mr. and and and
; ,spending summer PUBLIC[ NOTICE. elevating amusing; by Bert Fish A. II. Hutchi <
'. wishing to into poultry business. Smith M. E. cl. iivh( ) the first for j
."'. Mrs.! Leon Despland. go Daylona commenting on topics of interest, to Rodgers pitched' game
I. :II. J. Si'Koi'L, Glen wD011, Fla. Beach; Ht'Blltler. ( 'oiiyivfrational Tin- Ciii Council at its uvular session Daxtona) and Wilder the second. son, R. L. Ivey, J. Wetherell aud
endeavor make its readers think,
Qolden Wax Bean Seed-- on $'l'l.' 11 t h. oiuVritJ the JIajor to notify to S. A. Wood.Oak '
church, Ormond) I I'r: Shoemaker;! iI I The former struck out six: and .. -
E.: J. Mills has made ; result. men,
4 Hank ins, The DruggUt. a machine alll'l'lll't'I't| UoM-'i's on the )lilwillg'$ so that good may Among hiU-\\"m. C. Howe: f i
that he calls an automobile. He has I First Baptist churcl: Daytona) ; Ic: ,'. !I struts to rli-.ni: ansI nut I in repair thevulKi its features will be: A summary of the latter eleven.
: The following Day tomans who been "it" ; lIH'klerE\ dlm"lItll! :\ Kings i iioiitiiiK tlHrabiittiiiK I imls! imiii The home team made but one Lake I lelen-' W. Westlake. 4. i
trying ht1't this the of each week paragraph,
on : :; ii.itrly| or the NUll"- willi.! (loin-li.v news in Ornmnd,-James Carndl and II.
(, have- been summering at Highlands, week, and "it" works hucceaafully. ton. They all :spok: tloqiientl IS andfervontly I 1 I'I .he iity and the ei,>t :tiiinl a> aMIJC. Ii'j; I illustrated by '['aviorearttMui, bv error in the last game. _
"'. N. C., arc expected homo today Mr. in favor ,.1 1 l'I.hiLitillll I % ; "" L'rr-rtY. I B. Shaw.
The machine is! of Mr. 1Ii1lmauu | ; ., national and loud -
t wi : Taylor on : tate .
i. I II I [. F. 4
:} and 1rs. F. J. Niver. Mra. J. L. facture mill will be used :\g\ delivery and the facts stated .and argumenNbrought !i lift wl.f-I'uI'h! :M., iruin I'ainieiv to situations; editorials by L'F.ngle on Attorney Bert Fish is in Daytoua Ent4prie-1. Qiuiekenboe.Osten :: j

;: Smith and Mrs. GrahanuThompsou.Dr. wagon. "I .forward tH.ht.. In have convinced i i I I .ft tt I Uuiini-i.id-Ha\i.I I:. to Kitl(<#*vvtu. >illMiili.i..h.| live subjects of interest to )people today. _ ._._ I'' [ --A..: 1' Osteeu amid A.: T.

:. } J. II. Pierson, Dentist, Peck (George F. Crouch left I anyone who I H.Ifoitunate f I. 'l'htursdayafternoon
J j unit tilloolltll "hll'i to Ss-oni| street.5ft .
be which i'i' .1 uumvrna-Chmas.( : II. Dilzi-r
enough to &:l'ui.; ato '
;; Block, opposite South Bridge, 'Phone for New York and other prl' <; \\ iili"-Magnolia; : to railroad, !both time; carefully I selected: comment the members of the Bon Jeu Clubat I
*. the right side to votr I 1-ir. Between I ,.i.I i It,:". and R. J. Skipper.Orauie .
.... 108. eastern: points.: He will return to 1 cft"jl: ) from other publications on questions' Automobile Club House Wednesday -
I -
!' v to milwiLl.l.uthohJ\ ] .
f E. F. Dates, actuary for the Volusia Daytona the first of next month, and the speeches, the It j t.u I let sang stirring I i:I Ciil1" of the day, showing the trend of afternoon. Ten games ofmilitary : Citv-F. C. Gnlram.

songs and h1ytuii't the ilosc: i I public opinion original articles on The ;ibo\'e list is conipilod from ;
I ; euchre There
H will the of I were played. I J Jwere
County Abstract Company, opent assume position superintendent of the meeting, Rev. :Smith\ calledon I'.y or-Jt-r oi ('uii im.il.
last and in of the Ga/ette-Xews .\lest : C. L. :>\111'1IaJur.. Florida subjet ts ( illustrated ), written four tables and a prue for each the 'IDlJiuall'eport of the Secretary of : i
Saturday Sunday print
Day- HcPatillo to tell what he I' L. SMI i n. (Ivputy, Cli-rk. by Floridians; news about books State. i I
He his St. Au- ing plant.At .. table. The winners were Miss Wood,
's: tona. was on way to .J --_. -- -- ---- -- J Ii
-- - -
Mrs. Crenshaw Mrs. J. M. Jones ---- 'I '
v gu'itine, to: spend a week's vacationHarry a stated meeting of Halifax '
.g YOU SIMPLY CAN'T ami M rs. J. C. I Howard. Fruit "You can always depend on, fair 1
'j. ..' Thompson and J. Mortimer Chapter Ho.raln.h Masons[ held WRONG.
when dealat
punch, ice cream and cake was and corteous treatment j I t
;>* j !;Smit took a trip to the Inlet I.l.t: I Thursday afternoon and evening, served. Gramling's Bakery. f

(:Saturday evening, returning Sunday five candidates were elevated to the 1 Real Estate is like the Jibraltt-r. .. w Cottages on the Ocean Beach I'roni, =- --==--=- -, \: i
---- -- --- i
.?morning. They reported rather a sublime degree. Many prominent I While in these times of Fivnxied Finance .. '.' all furnished with baths and toilets 'j_ (

\J: wild trip as far as the weather was out of town Masonsere in at- things without a l Realty fouuidaREPL: ESTkTE NV1ItCMT aUllmot of them electric lighted and 1,

; concerned tendance. tion are up and down, ((generally down t.. ro. st 7.--. < -i--- having a board walk in front and (lowing An Appeal to Your "ii !
and those that have foundation 't. well a on a > "-0 \..., .....'..". deep. Judgement.Why Ji
9Be sure to call for Hot Rolls at Miss Annie Grubb, one of the "Ground"proposition are always I oni r) \ '.... \. :. : near the I I largest I hotels I on theBeach. I i :i

Gramling's bakery. Fresh every most popular young ladies in Lire I i the go "up." Tot those who buy ivalL! \ ? -7z; This property i is paying I 17 ; should y, ,u r'Jht alive .'

;. morning at G o'clock.Dr. Oak, will be missed for a month, estate in ami around I l >a\tona IMW k1 ::"--. ocr cent. on the investment but must" ; 1Fi-3., when by having a DanglerJ ,t
':there of futures like sold for good and snllirieni
i is an assurance"' be at once
she having left l>v Daytona Tuesd.iv : ia1 i Gasoline Stove or Ranjcc in -
George K. Walton arrived : those: of the "Kmorys of I'ineinuati, rt I'l'HOU-tolay: I is1 the time to act- <

bin: -this week from Vade Medium, morning to spend: that l length of : thestors of New York"and I "ShowslofSt 'l\" J'' tomorrow may be too late. ,I ._ L: -______ :; your kitchen you can keep "

time on the Halifax and seashore. I Louis" and I to those I desiring a ) -.. COOl, s\\' time, truu'Iall.\ .]
; N. C., where he has been looking 1 If cannot l'OtHtl) the "Ilice. 'r
you/ I II
Live Oak DemocratJ. !I future of this kind we would hiLtto (1'1.. 1. I They make < t.uking '
;:: tfter his interests: in a company j :show a proposition of Ten[ FUllIi..lll'd "Vl.i.1 / \. write for schedule. I .' expense.
'f which controls a famous mineral ((}. Brown, of Matshalltown, v Sm o easy that you double join ;
........ \owa --- summer enjoymeni.
and hu recently .
Daytona \\ was
spring at that place. -
Boarding Houses and Cottages for Season. Information cheerfully given. i
wedded to Miss I Harriett Fralll.isHlIIlgers :
: Refugee 1000 to i Bean Seed- TUEDINGLLR,
;: at Manhatten( (Iowa, is now : SMITH I & THOMAS '
; Hditkin, The I Uniggibt) Colorado with ,_j -- thu\ Kleen, Ktxil l Kitciien (King.J'uy :
touring in company ''e"4. '
< : Mrs.( T. E. Fitzgerald, uecompu- his bride; Theypott to arrive in Real Estate, Fire, Life and Accident Insurance. : } QUO and you will alVMVs !- ;

J; nied by her mother, Mrs. C. Lan- Dayton i about the 13th of November. I I I PETERS BLOCK, DAYTONA, FLORIDA. i iI : UnO thOill. :

: dewater, and niece, little Mi&s Florence I
ivu'ivvd I
; I Cards have boon announcing ,

i:' Cook, anived home last Monday the marriage of 1 Dr) (l'. C.Bohannon thought, of saloons. M h'. I'atillo i I :' YOIUSIA FIRST WITH ORANGES.I"i and current literature, presented in R. S. Haley.s
from points in the State Washing- of this city, to Mis( Berth.illalett : | gave us a short but cit iquicuit ;add less. I saccharine tablets for pleasant( : rapid j !, :

fI: ton, where they have been spending l at Sac City, Iowa: on the!! Sthiiibt. J|I and told us: what he had nccn in'!' and easy :assimilation; things ol I in- i j jtert'st

: the- summer. The doctor and hU bride lure: !!'tieoigia. 1 He was there under both went-five Uoxes of CutlJen Fruit to the farmer, the bustnes:. :" i :! Iti ii-\i 11.1': '. I '-

:: The city council met\ in regularIsesaicn not! yet arrived, but arc expected: !! liquor rule and }prohibition, lie i Shipped from I'icrson to Jackson" and! professional' man the women I -- --_ --- ;,

4 Monday evening and 1 tran- daily. Tho Gazctto-Xevvs eMi'iuUcongr.itulations. : savv: under the first: piopeity' in the j \illcUne Day L.ast'mk.: I and the children and a most rigid .

t sacted routine business. An ordinance :: :1 villages and towns depieciatcd, farm !II The first Klorida. or.uiges to go on censorship:: to exclude dullness I I i : dill i I Something) \ have not had before in Davtomi is a stork of l nice UaH: ;

:, to protect the health of the Leon Itapland) and son, Loon, I buildings; and fences going to ruin'''I II the m.nket w-u'\.' shipped from the il and degeneracy, as well as fraud, and I Electric ['ixtures.Ve haw them. Fifty fixtures to select, t'f'r160 I

'city was passed:: on third reading returned Monday Narragan&e-lt i and the farmer giyng. home from I'iersou groves, at I'ierson, in timevtteriu fake and feebleness. the prettiest line of Shades ever shown hcie.

i:: and made effective at once. An ad- Piety here Mr.I I Dcapland)firm and E. I D.Langworthy ). ..market drunk, and( his wagon orj I |part of Volusi.v: rounty, "The only policy that will govern None of uiy clixtric work hmmever; failc l t.; pa->.-> iii&iHX-tiou aDd i: "5 1

i :.. journment was taken until last night.'School cart with little or nothing in it. Fridaof last week. They werectflSigfleml the paper is contained in the motto
have been conducting I has ever had I to be. ehayged.I
| Afterward, they had: prohibition' to Albert I J. I Bucky: a I which will be carried on its front
tablets and atClrk'e House tile "
I supplies: the Metatoxct[ during '
: :: I
Work .
and I II l it's for il.' absolutely guaranteed to pass : cr-> iIm.1m&t&4)I1.J.R.LASHA | ;
', anil tho ullages towns grew, coiiinii-feion of Jacksonville l'iLgo-'lf rightH' are
received.ST Iri }Do \ will spend man ,
; just bc-ason: ) :;pland I
I : and improvements' the order" of I who !had no trouble ill di:.|\osing lf i "Mr. L"I'nglllill l: always o\n11;
Uome before
in tho
There will be a temperance service j 1:: time I the day, and in the countrthe farm the shipincnl ; intact they were all I pcitcuut of the stock I in the (1111|pall)' !

%& in the Congregational Church Sabbath -!i I returning to Daytona.) :1 buildings aud fences were repaired, I sold within/ two hours.Volusia I that will(( be formed to publish the i

f: -morning, Sept. 17th. Dr.Marah i: Invitations have been issued an. I land the farmers went home sober I Ii the balance( comity ot. the,:State\for years in furnishing has led I paper, securing to him absolute con Electrician, 221 Beach Street.

: will preach from the text, nouncing tho coining marriage of i and their wagons and carts were not I II oranges of a superior quality, trol." I

I There is Death in the Pot." Current Miss Bertha C. Lambd'm to Frank I ( editor of the Florida 1- _. ;
., { empty. Altogether, it was one of and they' are generally on the market L'Engle, as -,. '

:, issues will be discussed. Allp' Webber, at Jacksonville, the 27th I the most enjoyable meetings that 'along with the tir"t. Oranges) : picked Daily Sun, established a reputa- . .1I . . .4.

are cordially invited. The service. of this month. Both the young people have been held in Port Orange and! this eaily. of course, arc not as tion :n; n journalist" of singular ability ,. :

will begm at eleven o'clock. I fonder residents of thi; vi- j juicy and sweet as they will bo \later: and his will be Ice ;
. pf; promptly I I are ,! our people feel grateful to our Iriends j in the season. publication reeivcd Daytona Company, t

:,,: 'Beautiful new emblem pins in ,i cinity' and have a lu st of friends 1 1up the river for so pleasant and instructive j (' with. great favor throughout.. .

" k'' solid gold at Clark's Jewelry Store. who will wish them joy and! prosperity ,| an evening. You need Hot I I i the :State.\ The people of Florida: j PURE ICEMade + l

: I II in wedded life.Uev. : ;, go so far as Georgia to see fanners.i NO BAIL GAME WITH BARTOWJI may expert from Messrs. L'Kng'.e; +
I David Bryan, son of J. W. Bryan, !i going home from maiKct drunk, it : I from Distilled Water. .
I i tie died I J. It. Timell lurf:; been trans- is to be seen in town in Florida i and Taylor a unique and sjparkiinqpublication 4 Fal'tlll'J l'u1'II1'r lutilroad and Voiusi.i ;avi nuc.G. '\
: bridge tender at Ormond, i any . .
I and he BartoBarball Club and IWhidl will I& . . .
ferred to tho Ohio conference that supports open saloons. I II Having
last .
. '
| Saturday night of heart trouble, I -- -'
.;aged thirty Deceased had I! will leave next Wednesday: for \\'cst.i -I -- H ---- I Disbanded 1,here is :No Prospect of I II weekly watched: for with a great \..\
years. ,
i t deal of interest.
:':: not,been j in good health for some I I wood a suburb of Cincinnati, wherehe I i Holly Hill Items. I II heir Having/ I Ia) ton. S. FARLEE
-- --- -- -- I
time and had been receiving treat- has an appointment as assistant: I I r Dr.) Whitman of Orlando, (.'apt, The ( :la/otte-Neus: List week stated : Hon. Painting Decorating Paperhanging
of IVLand delivered !
|I and will make his home. Mr.Troiell 1 Rose, of Tallahassee" ami C. It. Si-1 I Kgfonl Bly,
ment at the St. : !
; railroad hospital at that had! (}
has: been pastor; of the M. E. |, moiids, of Jacksonville, were among ( arrangements! practically I an interesting temperance I NovV 1905 Wall Paper. the laigest and h.in.l! i-imsi lim- -,[ wall'pa'
H: Augustine. The remains were in- I'I for the three our visitors this week. i! been ruinpleied for a game with I IB.1rtoW''i lecture at the Baptist church last! I per sample* ever shown in Ifcrvloju lnijH>it d-and donnsti/ g'KxIn:

lt erred in the the Ormond cemetery, churdi in this city past 1! Mrs. J. M. Dickinson is spending'' t"l'ildIli'>.O bull team. The I :Sunday evening.New l from "i.' in -i.'i I JUT I .IMI| :!:1"10 i new' designs :. >< 1 h < i Ii'> ,HI. Interior

.. -?!Onday. I years, and during that time has some time at one of Dr. Brush's: cottages !, arrangements fell through at the I I decorating a "JIl'l ilIrS Northern mechaniceiin; II' -v't.'d!i.

:'made friciitls, all of whom will the beach. List however, and there i is
When many on j : Office and Shop 31 .\1) rte! Avenue. DAYIU.NA.: F1ORiU.\.
-. wanting choice baker's: I regret his: departure. I W. 11.j }EdiuondsioH: ha,,; purchased: no prospect of a ir.tme' betumi I )avtoula -I I Harness i

.. gaxUdon't, forget Gramlings bakery the property belonging to Mrs. M.( | and I'al.t,1.this .:tOI1. The ) I -
I top doors north of the GazetteNewsoffice. I \'. (C. Fuquay. of Hully Hill, was I -
:: [ Taylor.Vo hope soon to see them B.lrtobu's are the only ones that I j Steam
and Repair Shop. Water Fitting. Fitting ,
> .. painfully injured l Monday morning :..oucupying their newly I acquired !i beat the Bradontovvn: team turing its'!' J

"Vr: of scaffold house. I recent tnur throuuh the :State.; The I
Sheriff Perry, of St. Augustine, by the breaking a : upon I HWri I.
Chief which he was at work on B. F.Hough' The Holly Hill and Kingston ba,e ;, D.Lytl'l1ibl"va' were confident that I I A Chandler I If you want SUIlItttrylUmb, -
jpnd Hagen, of the ball team played Ormond boys on'' they could defeat the"outh Florida m I lug. rail I on t'r
|.Police, arrested Tonyudrew andI :) new dwelling house on Cottage : Thursday, resulting in a score of team and! are disappointed at not ; Laving bought out .1. A. Kikk-ou A. (Co. i- ,

:AnQiony! Pacetti in this city, jut a avenue. Mr. Fu
" ,\ e1 stepped off the southbound was injured in the fall and a piece Hill! and Kingston.Mrs. ; The Barlow Courier-Informant of the City Hot* 1. V. C. GRANT. 't

) t last Saturday evening. Andrew of timber struck him 01the neck, : A. 11. Carter. Mis L. B I last: week rays: j I All kinds of ,
: Hand and Mrs.V.. 11. Heath were "Manager Marquis informed the:.
wound. He I Harness and Leather U I ood : Plumber.
;to4 Pacetti it is broke into making a painful : "
-'i: alleged, the representatives of Holly Hill at reporter one' day this week that the ;I j I
* .1" ..W[08".8 store at St. AugustineJSyi is getting along as well as could be I the card party given by Mrs. Maleyat I 1 Bartow Baseball Club had disbanded Hai'uth a."uid Shoes muil an] ivpain-J.: j I -

( ? time ago. The officers: left expected, but it will probably be I' the club house on the beach. and it is hardly likely that Call on us wh n vvantint anything m I.I Box 2. Seabrec/e Avenue,

I'I..:::;*A.: their prisoners Sunday, morn- some weeks before he will be ableto j I. M. Mabbett has plans for an extensive t'I 'any more" games will be played this our li1J!'. II i I Daytoua Beach Floriila.l"1d' ; .

. !Vf 1a return to work.. addition to his house. season. ALL WORE UUAHANTEED.:

r .
"\, .
'0. :,'


-ci14 *' ) ,, '

,. ....., ... ,
., ... -to ;
.I 4"J : .. .
; \iII..)!!;!_!. _iIi"',--,.-&i1W h' i i: .Ioo.ioi: '::4I. -. --- --.-' -r- .'- < ... < _- }.

_'- ... '. .. '1.
1, "'.'"J-;<. ;""\ \-"f1t" ;-i:"'_,.",- ;";-"-.""..;...:...;..... ..;;,......;-
; ::r

$t .
S V. .. : -
: .
... t. _
""" __. --___ ._ V
-- -- .VVV. ,', ',. -.:;, ,j- : -

I ..................................t .....t. DAYTONA TRANSFERC-
4 ERICKSQN I I.......................... Wilkie Colllm Fat V1U*1.. : ,

: : Here Is a story that was told bj MALLORY :' V
(.. I Ii' Low Tide on:.=the Beach.. : Hall Calne concerning Wllkie Collins: : p C. E. JOHNSTON, Proprietor.

Cabinet Maker and DJLTB A. -a!f. M.DATP A. M.IP. M. i "Tb nxwt aucttaeful cberact lo Ti< .

: A. i- Woman' In White" wan not a woman U LINES I ': : Rubber Tire Carriages Fine Horses Cartful ffW .

i ttlWII io ...t.l:! I21UlTi li W but a man-Fogeo. the tat villain. '
JJJ Woodworker .. :rr ) 41)nas) uja LI itzL'fll' ,: ) areVell equipped for "Straw Rides." The finest turnout ada l
e _::: '" U 142 when the boot was produced every. EXPRESS !
.4 2 9 1214 1228 .. 15 % :tI110 body was talking about the fat villain. SPECIAL PASSENGEH-. 'Buset meet all trains and take passenger to any part of tb d* s :. ;
{ Door and Window Screens, Picture U.. aI I. 104 1462IJS, its: It 17* 825it 251 :349 315 While the author was staying with hia STEAMSHIPS. : Trunks delivered prom tly. Stables opposite Public Bebo T *|S
e.pL1 234 JM IS :: :u mother a visitor came. The lady said
.. ..
:3 : Moulding made to ord.r. All kinds.of 2 :819 :343 U 483: 8055M: steamships on the S _
.. : equipped
4' 3 40; 4375bS 30 SIS to Collins: La 8t and moat thoroughly passenger
2'. Furniture Repairing don* on abort notice ... 4 4 fill ".. :21 1101 6 41! 'You seem to hate made a great S coast.XO Telephone 27
4 II 561 61 ttt 701 7 a S OVERCROWDING. :
at reasonable prices.
! : with villain in'Tfle
II @ 50 737 23 807 863 success your POSITIVELY GUARANTEED- __
Cottage Avenue, Daytona, Fla. 4' 1 1 12 845 .. 24 114 9 W mlll'In White." I nave read the book. : T STATEROOMS; ( ARE V. V.- -
8 85 930 .". :23 101) 1054 : I have studied this villain but he Is not S important on these snips, as no tickets wI.II.be sold to exceed :
.4. 1002 1044 .. 2ai i 11 15 11 4iiI : the of berths the caparity of Dining Halls, thus insuring S
number or seating
111' 1100 11 39 ). 12l: in! half a villain. You don't know a
t a 11 1151 .4 28! 1351": ) all ) individual wervice and attention. :
i want to
time pfi
villain and the next you ,
I High tide 6 hours before or after low tkk. do villain come to me. 1 am very : (See Schedule of ..hip: in Florida Times-Union.: ) -

.......................... cloae to one. I have got one constantly LOWEST RATES TO NEW YORK AM) ALL POINTS NORTH, : 5-

in -in fact, it is my own husband S SAIL the V.i
...I OR... my eye Including delightful; DAYLIfiHT through V : & # _
-- """" -
-' -- : .

Savannah Columbia Richmond "Wllkie Collins often told this story S Through tickets sold to all Northern points. For full information : 4 .
but withheld the name of the lady.It : regarding attractions offered by no other line; diagrams. reservations, O, (/

: Camden, Southern Pines, Raleigh, II[ 'ILw ; 41 was! the wife of Sir Edward Bulwer tickets, etc.., apply to : -, 35--. _
Wt'/%t B tl't't'tl : *- # -
Baltimore Philadelphia a-v
Washington, Lytton. _ _ A W? PYE Agent Jut-ksonville- ,; Florida.Geo. ; % -
and New york. . 77 --S
! . .. v *
: t The Lone Eared Butt : H. Clark, U M'al Agent, Daytona, Fla. : / ,

The long eared bat puts itaelf to bed .................................................. /i :
of Its own wings :
*,11 In wraps not only S
but supplemented by the folding of its ,
.y : M
JUCTRADEASPKIAtiDaytona own enormous eara. Thia llttk British 5"S 1 ,

I : SEABOARD. KXI'KE&S mammal, the body of which is only LOUISVILLE & NASHVILLE I R. -'-..
anJ two inches long from the tip of the -

nose to the base of the tail, has the 1

: : SEABOARD MAIL in proportion to its size of V Citah
largest ears V
any animal the world. They are an Very Low Round Trip Summer: Tourist pickets f i 1Oj .. -

: inch: and a half long and three-quar N S crc 'ei&'Il
Pressing and teN of an Inch broad and when their On sale daily to various n !!ort-i NORTH and \VE.T Iiuntwl to Octolwr 31st to %

T Modern Pullman owner proposes to go to sleep It beuda return, including Chicago, Milwaukee, Minneapolis' St. Haul Denver, Colorado -V.

Equipment Cleaning FtuLiit! iti'flt'1.adi them outward and then backward Springs Pueblo. ( & ( % /e jj

1 ",,,, 'LIIt 1 "llt., ..t..II.. .. I. ..i.. .! ,.1'p folding them down on elthvr side of Its fly-

' Only Uno ojN.raniig .failytl.flmgL ed und! ii. e I I. u' -It': "-. in:'I '"" head and shoulders before bringing up Extremely.Low Rates to Portland Oregon
the wings to cover its sides. When ,
: sleeycis fioia Ja<;l&'''uville
BENJAMIN; I hi)1 : I l.V\S.( ) waking up it Is quite u business for the Tri.Weekly Sailings t-.
: to Xow Oi leans.Foi little bat to get its till ears! straight ,
4(37( li!.-.uli ('it. 11.\\. tlII.I'la.I account Lewis and Clark Centennial Exposition) also toLan BETWEENJACKSONVILLE :
, cued out und Into position again. They f
: -- --- .- 1 FraiK'ipco and Los and NEW YORE
-- remain fur some time at "half cock" Ailgele.bI :

Dr. WiUii1IJ.'loJiao Pile :and then are gradually set up and i Calling ut fliarlt-y'ttn S5. C., Imthan.. -1 l

S OlQtDieiitWliliure lJl\; .j.,1I' 1W1 llvl.mD'lilind rt-eotwl to serve thu animal while : I oxr.I.JX ? <>p.Titin< tJtrJu..h! :,I''' pl"r:4 (from I'luiM to l riiirayjo. THE FINEST STEAMSHIPS IN THE COASTWISE SERVICE. 'I

; full information aul slfcepervationtj l : l'IBH. F11s. 1Lkflsirti.L1jeLIIIIIIISthe : :. auke..London Nature. ONLY LINE oM'ritiiiH| ; thr/ll h ,,1'1"1''' from Floi-i-U St. I'ukV3th Pin- The Clyde New England I and Southern Lines I
till vii ctu(> Seaboard P ;oli Yl; lULiut!: ut UIK.C tit 14: ; l
as a poultice its intuiii I.liet. !- ills ear rvi '.'.
S ajTHnt.: : or write B Dr. \\ lhalli'"'Iud'KU I'I1cthul. The E'Spre.alou "Great SeetU" .' liiet i Smut1 i IMutt'UJACKSONVILLE.
ment Is prepared tor run anil In"h' BOSTON AND PROVIDENCE, I
iO.UatIHNNHI.L; of the private parts I1:vrv Lit utrarraaied. Corr >poml >nts of th6 I.onJou AllltI- Through I Touri ll: to California.Free : AND ALL EASTERN POINT>> -1.
;' \NiiJoltant ticmral t'a.. *ngt'r .ot'nt: I By aruirjnt>T 11I.,1 vu rrceipt ny bu\e been dlwuswlug the origin of I repers Calling/ liarU'ston Both \\ ab.SEMIWEEKLY :. ,
!( ot price! 60 centi and Jl.uo. WILLIAMSMlSUFICTURIMe "
: S. C. 1IOYI.STO.N: JR 1'aer-ei.ser AgeiiJACKSONVILLE t CO.. ?rop., Clcvclauu. OLIO. the American expression "Great Scott! i. : SAILINGS.From; .

FL lUlH. For sale Lee RIl..e1l One thought It arose In some obscure Ita lining Chair Cars. Finest Dining Car Service in the South. Southbound. . . . . lewis' Wbarf. Boitoi I
: by WiulleldQtt. Northbound. . . . . . . from foot Catherine street, Jacksmll ;-
_.01 A'ay from the name of Abk for t takft11,1 the L. & N. For rttg ainl '.i'l.'ilul'( to any (point N'oith or

r'T -- --- Another writes: "Surely the con \Veet aud ror rulliiiaii .
vi I \: : rc riutioiiK cull on or write ---- i .
iieetlon of thla with General Winfield

N. E. WALSH Scott, mentioned by your correspond. GEO. E. HERRING, Florida Pass. Agt. CLYDE ST. JOHNS RIVER LINE.

: tut, Is doubtful-probably a mere volkstt'ltiiologie Between Jacksonville and: Sanford

: Contractor for Plumbing Steam or story otherwise invented! understood.to account I I 206 VV. Bay St, Jacksonville, Fla STOl'I'IXt1'' l'L.TK.STOIt,. }>T. FKAM'IS UKHI{ *: FORD. (IhLAn: ) .
\\urd nut
fur a ::
-- and! -rrne'iatf Luuduigs- ST. JOHNS:; HIKl; .
; Russell's: 'Curr nt Americanisms' merely --- .
and water Heating anti Li htin
r defines It as a uphewi t1c oath of Steamer "City of Jacksonville"

h--- for Public and Private Buildings Agcut no grpat force and very uncertain ori .'

I gin. lie must have been acquainted i Florida East Coast RaiI are appoint! tu sail urfollou ?-; I"a\i- ..1.U'.I'IIII\I MjiuidTu: I .... IIndThlll'Slla.it
.: for the east coat fr the ay.
with the Winfleld Scott story and (as I :(Itu( 1'_ III. 1C..tllrIl
! Radiant Acetylene Gas Machine. he is elsewhere wry hospitable to fancy *) P'i .it !II:8> !III(> ,i. III. -; .
j derivations) must ban had reasons fl
I Local Time Card No. 62. In Effect April 1905. =
-. The Capitol Boilers and Radiators, I for rejecting this cue but It Is odd that utb.&und Ilu..i Iiowa L_c: l H E U) II E NorthKcri- ;lp; }

: he did not rewrd the fairly vb>Iww curS SOUTH.BOUND-READ DOWN. NORTH-BOUND-READ UP. -Ltoa"I- :1 10 j p in .Jatkoimuhr: .\rrl2 IiUam :

I for Steam and Water Heating awl l iif ..
.- -Irrir goods pertaining to the LU-IHt.S: : I :,No. 99 No 29!, STATIONS No.78. No. 98 :J (00 a m .\> () .130pm J
Warlike, but Polite. I DIII Dally Dally.i Daily. 4-'JOani .."'t. Train.. .5 200pm
Ernest Vedcl a Paris: literary man, '-- : .. .....................Ifcrcfioni! (IVLami I ).. .' 100pm
t Ou pi 9 40 a Lv6o7p ...............Jaflisonvlllebo. .... ....._ ArEa TOOp5Jp 8 (;Oi : .............. ............. .' c '
30 Years of Practical was once a lieutenant In the French: | \9 4ia ...__.... Jack<>nTlll9._...._ L' IS : 1 4.ll.740t. Arrive s {o a nil.. Sanfoni .. 030am >!;
At one time ae commanded a 6 IS p,10 58 &: ......... .... st &ugutine __.._ t sop lO.oo a in .M.Enteiprife: : ..... 10.00amGENEBAL 1
navy. 6 53 p,1131 a to .................. Hutlllg._..__ 'U P (4, a ,
and Business Experince small warship charged with the duty of 7 lUp.USUa : .t I'alatka...?.?.._ d 4 U p 6 28 a PASSENGER AND TICKET OFFICE 122ESTEAYT, JACKSOWUI .0
of ; .. ...:::: ::=. ,
I preventing the entrance foreign vessels ----i.i. ;; Ar ...................Palatka ....__.__ Lt 410p GOO --- - -- ---- --- -- --- --- ,
5 warrants: MM iLl sayiug that we Into a Siamese harbor. A Scaudlnatlan 00 U IJill 26 a; Lv ............... .. falatka ........_._ Ar SOOp) aesa F.M.IKONMUNUER.JK.( A.st.eiil'as.Agt.1Vtt'tlLiy(; : :'t.. .laiktivillpfl' <

is are comj' ttut to make correct 1 I ship with a Siamese commodore I 1-1-1-| ..:...J:. :Ian Mated_.._ LTAt 218 P -......-'. Buffet I W. CUOl'EK -IK., Frt..rt.. C. P. LonU. :o upt
wh> called hluiself Ariaaud Duplessisde : OvC 2 10 PI, Soua LV ......... .......S.UMlLttu......_ Slip 7 60& Foot Hu :uu :St.: JiukHimille. Fid. ff

jstuaates and do good work at Riehtlleu attempted to enter! by the i i 7 60 p u 31 p LvH ....._:.-.....-...-.-.- ;":,;-,,oga_....___ L, 35TpS44p -.;. -so-a .\.A.C.HAUKKTY. Ea. 'n Tar-h. Aut.. :New York. f ;
:4 the lowest) living pric &. I alleged authorisation of the French 03 p 12 47 p ..................I5UDllolI"____ 6SS a (t'I.YJJJIIL: E.: Umeral; Fr. mlit ,\ ,-nt XewYort t
: uilulater! at ll 1Ukuk. M. Vede wrote I 8 Iu JIU, Dip: ; ." ....................DIIJNUt..._._ .. 837p I 29 a TMEO. G. EQER \\n. P. CL DE & CO., -
I .................. I
O\ II) *lp 1 J IIi UrmolJl1 _. ,.. ii :310p 4. bS a ,
q- Call and see nl e, at a note in these terms: "If you don't desist CX 5bji: 1 ja PI to ...._..._....DYUil1MV..__' :SOOp 1471 Parlor fjeneral Manager.; i 'neral AgtnttChewbrough
I shall open flre." Then Ls learu- 90lp 1 61 pa ........_._.P.rL Orillce___I .. 2 top 43:< a Building li) ::;tat tt.. 'NYw York.RAILWAY.
I that Mine Richelieu was with her husband \I.) I 1 9 26 p 15 p. Ar ..........__ "w :iUllfC&_...__ _" 130p ilia
p h------ -V.- V.
109 North Beach St. and he tied the uoto; to a maguifIwut .: 10 I. :S HI"' Ar.. ............... Lake Helen ,......__ L' 11 U < 10pS
< with CO '10U; JSSp, ...............OangeU1t._ .. 1L3Ip: Up
4 : bouquet. The commodore ..;. 10 !& 40Up| u .......Orange City J uuoUOI1..__. 32OP&4P.uq Srrl'HElt .J
DAYTONA, FLORIDA I the tllUStl ious name desisted and thanked --I -- Carsns ,
; for i' !l 1 p Lv.. .... ........iiMcw fimjriii........._ LTlAr JWp 1 05: a .
the pulite lieutenant profusely lOGOp103'Jp 2 61 P 1 .........-..... ..oat ii ni-----_._ 1 up S39a -- --- -- ---- - -- ---
the flouersGray. n 3'30 10;AI' ..................TI\lInllh'.....,,_..._ .. IlG p 304ft
1 ---- _-- I
L. --- -- I o sou a\...........1' ...................-..SunforJ"- .....___..... ..L' 1000 a 1000-* Two Trains Daily to Washington&NewYork
'4 I Eyes and Lovelight.There !/) .......... ,10 00 a, Lv .........-----.auI'rd........._...._?. 4r ..'_ 900& :
: ... ........... ............ ... :
........ .............. .. I the world 1ca '-- -, -- -- I
are no finer eyes in 'l033p!, 83up LT. ...._........... uaarllle ......__. LT 1111 P :SOO& ) "New York and Florida }':.xprt'8s"Yahiugtuu and Honda! Limited"
than those clear gray eyes of Quaker ,ill in pi 4U9p. _.._..............COoeO&......_".._._ .. 1234p 219fta !
. 51 I New Blacksmith i I rj ', 22 1'1| 4 13 pi: .. ..........,.. ...It..clohldJ:............_ 'I 12301' it a :<
Shop gray that now and then we see In some ill 63; p 4 45 p ...__..._L..I ""1118-_ ..-_- .. 11 Mil 1 44 a I' To-- No. 14 j I I'io.au; N'o.lS
g : I C 0 7p, ..........._.._"tlast1an..._ ._ I' 11 o, a nil a I NewYork }-' nK\ !I I.liuM. 1 t Limit.
: And Fountain City Wagon \Vorks. they till you with tlQIiCU desire to I. 1 /I'J a 6 A) .'. .. "................b:. Lucle...._. .. 'I 10 Hal? GUm ns2o and- -_Chicago_
ql' : I'I They are the eyes that shine a 1 65 a 6 tit: to ,...........__Fort 1'1"1'\:11.: .._...__?._ .. Id 06 a11 61 p j lv t'aytJla. I T. ';;lt0, :ap l.t' liiyi'zia 41ip"lvp
." pray 0) :218a 7 US p to ..........._.....;llllkl. _........_.._ .. 9 30 a1l|, 2-Jp 1.tAujlJ"tllIt: | :ypa I >> 11'11 LVuu..I1I11': V 6 ..
: The undersigned: has opened a Blacksmith Shop oa Orange {:[ with lon ltgbt (a beautiful old word). QJ 2 23 a 7 Up .. ........,........._tllfcD .. .......__ to 92 &|111 lip9na 2oan I JBl'k"IIII\'IIIl" I y jiiji'I ;iip 1.\ rk"IIIJ\III I ; Lip '
I 1 ............... ... --- .. 11 13 :\\Vuliliigtoit' .. .. ... 4:.11 !I.1111 Art'lIftltUlM91t. Twin \I
the light uf an exceeding kindness for J :M a 7 17 p .Je..e"_.............._ ti .1 I I
I avenue, between Ridgewood avenue and the railroadnear the Moud! \i\ ti: I \I 39 a 1 7 Ij 1', ........,......... ..1>1ua.._.......?.?._ "I 9 11 all 04 p .-\r.tuoik-V. --_ - 4 1"11| Ii : ArCliuinn.iil. u ,' J4tpI ..
all living things. 0 aj! 7 66 .. ... .....__.. .. 842.,IU 3'; .. ; Ar (iileng.", III . I I KlN _
i J Lumber Co., where the best class of work in this line will Lie done [ I V I S p .. Horn 'Jllud .. ,,_.. P ,. Nt,. :{!- "M'w York and Klofldu 1-lprh6." V VI
I The green, iris: has had a bad reputa ;a il& ait PI ........... .WbatJuDla-r uU"__ I' ; 2. alg, 1p' ,- 'al iy, .
: U 4 01 ft II 61 p! ........We..t Iaw Jj,,"" "........... .. t8 4 P t). I i- "'1'h,' 1-1vrIlJIII..lllllj'I ti I. rally, a
;: j | Everything new and first-class and the very best ; tiun. Shakespeare! ) speaks of eyes "green '- 4 :3a! 9 1j, p.. .. .................. UUIDWI1 ..............-. ". ; 2v a' ; 5 I' '-1 I >o. .ili- "The \iisliinsitoii and Florida .I 'ill. 1."TIIl'orlt.lll! i.imiii. : as leeks" and Jealousy as a green eyed 1; 4 42 IiI\ 2 s p .". .................,.. IJ.r101! ,................. .. lOt liSp .OoNo : Minilt-d." I Inllv. S liiisthruuxhl'uliDanMtti'in-i; : artoAtlaoiiBlriningliaiii.
1 : of work guaranteed. Give me a call. I 6 ;il a lo il f ............_n. LudrU&1 !.. .u........ 618 a B l I'IQ 1- V V. V Memphis_ ,1 (C.in-aeCUy. _
monster. A person with green eyea: U : 6 &6a 1U 30 1-1, .."...__... ..... V..1a ................ .. I: 10 a, S Ii I' ;U:;kt ,: --- ---- ---V. :
often stigmatized as "cat eyed" and la 6 lill a 111 tip .. ....._........JiIlIl&bdlJl ................ U II '6 I Ii ; : I'Ii Ashville and Cincinnati I Night I --0-- No.*) -
1 'i I GEO. A. FOYE Proprietor. i 2t all'; 07 pi _............. Le.o.. tity.... ........ .. 1 3. a p -'- - _Truin_ 1! Aikeii and Augusta Night
supposed tu possess: all a cat's purring 0 36 a 11 IS p Ar .................... laluL........."......... L': :; 2;; 6 1 ao JI I ..\: l'uuoiia .- V t -- I J .:(11' _ _ _ Train
L\oIt \ugu..l1l1' .... .. ..
and ingratiating Insinuation -Brown -- Ii 11'11 i .
Lv . .
rt I Lv Jack on\llle 1 I .
I C. \\L\mTGHAM: MANAGER. i Book. Daily I Daily! I > V :;;'11 l.V :>\Ugllhtlllc ,i !"
Ex. Ex. 1a")
................... ... .. Sun. Ar Hot I.e JIt k.oll1111: I .p
........ .. ....... ........... :3uE1.I I .sprinsMrCincimiati oJr.1: I J\
:-1\1111111111. 11
:\ I lp -
.. I A !Scotch Trannaetlon.A 41J. ......-.. ,.Lv ....-.... ...-.......MIa.l- -..-....-....-.-...-... Ar,-...... -6UOp I! -- -- -- ------- \i:11 I I Arlilu-k\tlk .... ..., .. I 4 :..
-- who old brovuts went .. ... ... ..... ...... J.\ IiIJII.lllt' 414r.
I bigLlaudvr B uua AT Uuucttad --- --- .h L\ S 51 I. NoJo-l: I)1I1I>Pullman I'mwlng-Kooiuand, .tlktn . .. I ;;.
into a barber ehvp in Glasgow to get o.J : = i.Buffet "viwping fHr Jucksomilje Co CmAr .\ S.::*
: .................................................... I his NO-ii-: = through "The LanOor thl'-sky .' _uniJniiaii _=-=Ia r ::-= _==-='_ --V-
uf -
shaved. The barber bought one 23 "0. 21 No. 19 No. IS No. :01 No. UNo. 24 -
i TO : I brooms and after having shaved him Daily Sunday Sunday bunday Daily MAYPOHT bHANCH. -18sund $1II4ay Dally No. :M o- \Va hinitton ami F'uridaLimitT : -
if CALIFORNIA EiSuneoop Only | Unly. j Only. h Sun Dill Only.''! Oni} Ii Sun *'U. I'lillin.'iii ..1 li-epln,. <_..,' .J!.n'k,.(,uvllle 10
CHEAP R RATES a ked the pk: of It. "Twone," aid I II '-- -- ,- ---' -,- xceleiit Dining) Car !service I11'1"' '' IIUlI' hla<' ill'| i 10 :*IkVII: and>
V I i the hlghlauder. "No, said the oth- II 45 p :100 I. 9 30 a 9 00 a Lvt ..... Jaekonvill. "......... .AI: B JOaliliOn 6 4 p: 115'< .
i and the NORTHWEST I no i 8 0111' e cap 1 w p e !jI 8 oa a Ar .. .Su Jai ksnnvilis...... LII 2J a II 11: a I& 37 p J 07 i ---- .. .J
tr. "I will give you a penny and If e top 'I 2& II 2 40 p 10 10 a U 39 a,' ........Pablo Bta.h..._.... .' 7 (u a 11 20 a S 06 III, i 35 i -
1, that does not satisfy take your 6 4Sp 7 2111'1 2 '5" 10 15 a 9.. a ....... AUantl<- Beacb....... .' 7 451L 11 16 a 6 OOp) 4 30 | i i For Sleeping Car Reservations Maps, Folders and Information !
3 DIXIE FLYER you _T_OOp 7 45 p a oo p 10 ao a 10 oo a! .... Uaypurt ... .. 7 30 1& 11 OOa 4 Sp4,_ 15i i iPENlSSl'LiK I .
: ROUTE. broom again." The highlander took it :.:...:._ ._ : VI'I'LY ru V

: | The :Nashville Chattanooga & St. Louis k'y.: | ny.and"asked bald:! the what barber.he had"1 to will pay\ Kilt, "A you pen a m OCCIBENTH SIEAMSBIlr CONECTIWS AT UAHL I J. C. LUSh Dist. Pass. Agt.

: bawbee, and if that doesn't satisfy you --- .. ,11O West Bay St Jackson ile! AI
;i; $44 I pit on my beard agaln.-Loudon Tat Close Connection MaJe at Mian! with Steamships of the P. & 0. S. S. Company For I 1---------- : -

a 2 i: I I U PRESCOTT, and SALT LAKE CITY. II\'r. is. H. HarJwkk \Valiingtoi.D.r.( W. H. la> loeM'.i mgtoii.KC!: :
HAVANA AND KEY WEST. Brooks ."organ.lil'.\. Atlai.ta. I;5a

f49 0 i ]
c Ji J and t INTERMEDIATE.'OUTLAID "Don't you sometimes think that you These Time Tables sbo"tbo tiujea ai which triUn-j may ticeiiiected to arrive stand depart !i.
i are too much attached to money?" from tbewstral, ataUvua, but tb"lr arrhal.vrd>-artiireat, the time.laed 1* not euarantoeUuor If
n ttu Cvutt>&ur tv U 1.0111 rcopuDalljlc fur any I.hlaysur any CODsuqUOllC@larlBlnitherefrom you ai'egoiiig to. NEW YORKBOSTON AND THE EAST.
t (' SEATTLE TOCOMA.'ANCtt.) "No," answered DUi t1U' Stax. "If
: c I -
5 I 0 you knew all the schemes to pry a man TAKE THE V
vu I I TER and points in BRITISH COUIfILDixie \. loose from it you'd realize; that he has lot, Copy of the LOCAL TIME CARD or Other Infonne.tIo' I

;i .-- -- ----- ---_ 4. to be closely attached: ."--Washington "SEE THE TICKET AGENT."

Star. J. D. RA1L BR. Aut. Uen'l Haw. ST. AUGU5TUiB; FLA. I
VI Atf.
is via Tiftoii Mdi! Aildnta -- --- -

ti' I Flyer Route ; \dI1'lk: .1 l-&jferleDee vr ke.I1.eence. Ktfe: .IUt> Jui'.J.: .. 1'tP., ill.' -ilinliil'$ lIul'"- fm llif :M.iin| F Kruiu aid JlolII"'lou'nlt I 1
: The Author's Wtt -How can you I-:1II..II"I..IIU\\: -h-ivni in I 1111I"I 11..10'| :N.I. '..- \\ ill I.- ohlulnl.. .nlditional truliis bt'Ing put i i
S. I Into M-i'vkr Intnt-in .1 at kinin ill I I.- nni i I Mi\inil I | auU ili< >,'n I te" l>it ui-tn Miami and !
BJV write an up to date sea story: when youhaven't llcniie>it.ul I In'in:jj i nl I llJ,'I'd luiiiit'I i 11'11111:1 I d lii\' 'l'lIdJ \ Ity. KM\li.I <. :Miami l N:'ijnu.' III. and returning
|MIlluini I I -Mtinlni i I :'imp. m-. nritMiii I !i! at :'l Ia nil at i.i.:: |'. m. hor t.t..nt'ct Ioch"d. !
been on the water for years; .
i : Ul sfettUV llj?!Ill ..1 I Illi I1" E.I.: l\ HI rco.i- IHII !k.-t llllll canlltll\lr.'"- tile A. li. 1'. A. iI i
The Author-Well, l'>e ben married I J

;. | TICKETS ON SALE SEPT. I 15 TO J OCT. 31 INCLUSIVE.E. i ii for twenty years, and yet 1 can write a .'

love story.-Life. j
AND VITALITY Ocean StcumsHip Companyc.14t'
i J. WALKER, : The Bitter End. ,
iit. 31c.zwr
gr. Florida Passenger Agent : A pupil in one of the New York pub-' NEtv1iILxN:jcj *-* K i 10 ;;
lie schools was asked to write a senttmtvj The great iron and tonic pill and restorative f or mm and women,produces I g: r If" II "" S
;I| Jacksonville Florida i containing th.'ordj "bitter UI't'"th aid t'italitIuld. : up tI.1) sJ"klll aUt] r\lIew the normal vi/lor.: .1" -1 I
briiiL'iiiu'health! and liapi'iues-J. OOiIoscsinab] <>x. F rsalebvalldruggM*,
end. He turned the followIng "A
'4... 4......4p .4..................................... dug chased a cat and bitter end." ; Into USING. or U buxca uevill for uijil$: .oo.it, secureIywrnJ.lMd.Dr. Mutt's Chemical nn rweipt of Co.jinw, Cleveland, $1.00 per OhKIn box. V V

---- .. -- =: :_--- __ .. Sold I'liviijiiu >, I I.... Kn,,..il --i A \ i I
5* -=- ------- -- -V.-- Wltb.at th. St1.ce. .. w : I
-- -
Snacks--Did your wife's mother treat ---V '

I! !) !;. !,!.!.!. i !'
luck she Just treated me with scornMOTT'S The Dredge "KLONDIKE" V

If You Love Your Wife j jDON'T !:: -- -- - -- I I w-1;::..' _________ V V. S
-:,"""- -- -. -
PILLS MKL'IOX \ (rv\IiUO\f: (I'i-oiiri.-t.irt. .0- '
T <% S -- .......-_.: -"L." ... --.-.,-....-.iT"'". ...3< -- '_
--' ...
ROAST Sa.1. -
HER j ftj\d rellcJbU, they [)redging Join in the Hulifax TO/JIokn! finil.all r'iw'r- up and down tli.- Eat Caw r-? ':' '' -r

i ? ovvrcoma weakness.banish In. THnl" ((..a.-ollal,)" :ami ;ati-fal'ti"u: (i Ji namllt.....!. J r- _.. -
S cies vigor pains. --5 -: !: --
: By comiJtlHng; her to bake the family bread but buy it from the J? No remedy equals DR. Ad.II't': tll.. prop-i.-t'ir.! I.t) ; tou.i F1t. __ ---- -., :.->-.: .' < -_-- LJ--=- --- ,
., t 'Sold by Druggists alld Dr. Motll Most Popular awl FincsiTubleribuppIi I '(>aoot\\"i t' 't' ,.' I .. I'V- \' h.hltlC..
DAYTONA BAKERY j; _ Chemical Co.. Cleveland, Ohio, -- - rridaj
p ..
FWl1IOil\iJJJuahh'\\\: ; \:, .': \ \ '
: :
.- For sale by Lee RussellOcean ****************** ** ** **** .. .. ..****************** SAILINGS: 1-'I"OU1 .t\uuab: tu Ik.tij: i Jut'!. ti \h.ma.\! \ d;.<11..urP ,.
V V : ItV a oaviug of time, work and money Fresh Bread de- .| | C. H. POL LIT Z : with all] the Jdiu.lI."irlo that the rthiiu oral] :N.,.t-! "lI wartA

L : Uv red Daily to all parts of the city. Also Cakes, l'iv:> aud e' 'rv ? House, affoid. Tkketn bold and Ua;:jidge; ibetked throutrb tu any point ta-t

'. Paintintj. Dccuratin.g.: I PapiT I Ilanyiny. A.K for copy "GREEN FOLDER." ,l

; Other production .the modern, up-to-date bake thop.QUIGG F. W SAMS, Proprietor. # Aiufiniiii arni ltun' "I"| lIJ :St\l; 1"11.r"7'! "; I I'aintiu! ,iiiil Jt For rate of far?. rmnatioii of "tat4lOo1thetc... apply to lll.aro-r-t ta.rr'8': J IK):Li! :

: Sigu \\ritiui< a :-iltt-l'lall.V.| \ '11I1" fa\ OfuhCltttJ.! : ag.-'iit, or IldJretlllW.

; &: MILLER Props Vou::>ia AHuuee. I Rates $:tOO per Day and Upward f All work thoroughly guaianU-H! 42 Sond Avenue, B. CLEMENT: Traveling: Pat. \/it./ a7 BuIl.t.: iiHU.IJo.1b. 6L !

NCllr IJcpot. j Special to Regular Boarders. Call at Globe btoi':! or Schmidt's Villa. DA YTU( ) A. FLgRIDA. : U. PLE.\ .\XT8. Vke: Prt't andfirnlMjrr( .1. C. ll4RT'S

@. .M ...: NEW MYRNA, FLORIDA I VVVVVyyyy yVVyyyyyy f yyVyyVVyVyyyyyy l'ivr&Nitb: River, N.:w 'i\Jr ;


'1. .
4. ;
.V V L. 'V V.
-4 J b ,., ....... ... : .
.;: ; :: ..., -. .. .,. .. .. .... .
.. :..,.., .
;I' ''' ;-t's5i., .... :: ..
5- ;-- -- '-'T'0: =----< --.4'- .V--: fo| ::,,_.;,.;.. ....,....... ,-> ,, _

The Daytona gazette=news
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Title: The Daytona gazette=news
Alternate title: Ormond gazette=news
Portion of title: Daytona gazette news
Ormond gazette news
Alternate Title: Gazette-news
Physical Description: Newspaper
Language: English
Publisher: Edward Fitzgerald
Place of Publication: Daytona Fla
Creation Date: September 16, 1905
Publication Date: 1901-
Frequency: weekly
Subjects / Keywords: Newspapers -- Daytona (Fla.)   ( lcsh )
Newspapers -- Ormond (Fla.)   ( lcsh )
Newspapers -- Volusia County (Fla.)   ( lcsh )
Genre: newspaper   ( marcgt )
newspaper   ( sobekcm )
Spatial Coverage: United States -- Florida -- Volusia -- Daytona
United States -- Florida -- Volusia -- Ormond
Coordinates: 29.207222 x -81.037778 ( Place of Publication )
Additional Physical Form: Also available on microfilm from the University of Florida.
Dates or Sequential Designation: Vol. 11, no. 34 (Feb. 2, 1901)-
Dates or Sequential Designation: Ceased in 1922?
Funding: Funded by NEH in support of the National Digital Newspaper Project (NDNP), NEH Award Number: PJ-50006-05
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Source Institution: University of Florida
Holding Location: University of Florida
Rights Management: All rights reserved. Board of Trustees of the University of Florida
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oclc - 27730702
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"........"5'.-', : ,, .t,.,'". I''- .,',', ,<. ...?" :A$0",. ji" '",.;.:. _/.. .'' .. "'f'" 0 ''i" .,' .\'...t.. .I, -, __,., ..,<'1 ",'.. ' -

1 t: -
? ;. '. I,
\ : 7
-...:!:, "iTR', ,.. 4 :
ci..-".,.t.. .i' ,<., ., ,. '. ..

0. ''''' _
': '" .. ,., .

---.I- See WILKINSON, the Real Estate ]\ 'n. "' :: .'.-"' 1


I'l x t;1>''. THE DAYTONA, Gi\ZET ; f B= N1EWS. : ; # ; : j :

I '
::::=:-- -
f "o" 17 No. IK I) 6ocs E\UVQ.'bere. .
RcachsyAllCL .
}. sn \ Advertising .;Medium, in Daytona and Vicinity, _
'" -- Daytona, Florida{ Saturdayrpteinbrr 1 10( 1905.( u -- Price 5 CenfNIlNN .'
-=.--.- -.- .... .' :{,r.
--- -- -- ------
: ............................ -. "- .. "
Ctr N1NIN NNN. I : ....'f.4444f44ff.ff4f444f' f#'4 f#4 #.4.4#it4.f4 !IfEffylff44t! 444w '14t' ... H*H******************************..Ai U..*..* Htittk.


9 : Overlooking the Halifax River, Daytona, Florida. $
4 rff3Al if1 f"flll+frh"rr rrlxtrf "2 frrPts'! > r, "J" " ff1 r f'K << r
Best Cotton felt Mattresses 4 0 : 1 rill' hotel I commands a most attractive view in every direction andY :
{ i ... Y .' !liner Wati.'ii tan be fount! in the vicinity. It is only one mile*
I IJ .' ...'t_. ,...".::;f',.'h':.-.R: .<","iI...;.,. .: ,'r'";" .;1': : :'.rtan the ocean and is convenient to the depot, postoffiee, churches and **
.. .,' ", '.:.: f". : pul.lu- s Imok. : More s>unny rooms than any other hotel in town. Bath Jn
: ,made. One of these with one of ourNational i :E .oms and lavatories with sanitary plumbing and! all modern convenI.M.es -*
I : ('IIIMIU* unexcelled. Rates :lJ.511 per day and upwards. SpecJ.>
I Springs will make that : tal ralt', bv the week. The only Tennis Court in the city is located on *
._ ,
one- II" h..lt'\I !.:"\'IlIld,.
. : *

j, "I third of your life spent in bed the most'delightful I 4vr Jitm.y :. HENRY SCHMIDT, Proprietor. **# -'

3 % < ,* ,**.** ..**.*********************..... ..
ti possible. i
'" .v- & . .. v e4I .
k. 0+ s g ; *
-- -
:J k: : I If 3 i

f Bingham T Maley.The ; *** !I IJ ri: !i : Absolutely Free. :

F\ i.i .1'.1'i. ,. : .' r"5 r' i.1k !: i. A look at a new J

;r Furniture Store. i I; ... !l <# patternof. . e
J J + i 4
i .
"" \! <
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.1 u. .. \
'! .-NNIN4- .4....... .14N..1.....N...............1.... ,: : DECORATED EN6L1SU PORCELAIN : I

'l .- -,.>-- I
Ten Dollar Suits ; 1 .

which is quite attract= .'

We've: raid ihf !Miuiihml el 'J'" n .
'r", IIvItrSuitsbyt)1lrtilI I !' : ; mu tiadi- letter : g i ive both in price and : I Is
p Sails for ti It Dollar\ 1 hall: "':ill !Iii' I Mt
Ii.Xii. tNi'x\ here fur tinwmif pi i i,'"'. i *

,, it- r, OUR TEN DOLLAR SUITS I p _Y Utz : ?S 1 appearance I at +.

lather dxxjiif for talus of ntlwr. slOSuits. ; II *
I' I Mason\ & Wall Company
t ttl',Ni a 'n I .MI4 : :. 'IVfalirir. I Ii.* M>l- a tl| I tht \ .- i: ,
''' t ,( l.{ tall0l'1lhUIUIII''t'all: 1I..lIal'uit.: at : .

,, niicehtauiii llirm amu vial r i ri..fol'. f i
\ ,,1 i f W. It. EdnulndsoltMgr. 119 N. Beach St. .
tin1 |iri.v.Now. I

\ -yam :Sir.; if you want n uoo.1Suit i .4 0 1Bl

... at a IIlO. ,'I.llt! piiiv, err ray in : rr ow..__....... ... __........__ __.. i. _, Phone 9
t. ; .
u .. t1@t; qt all fIluI.III'l1l.1 l :-.iureretVt I,, t. . . . . T

t Hold On to Your Ten i PRtSiL'ENT ASA PAINE

; %\ Dollar Bill I'lie! I ;ia/ette-Xexxs Likes piC.t.ult' I PI' i ." .ui"II| !1:1":: .llIlilll11l.d. ,. ill the on H1Jge\\'Uu1 .' ....e .'. ..... ..! t !'!.! tlivtti'!t!;!,litifi1 i !,\ im.oo' r..

;,. 'I ill |,(entiiiij to its readers a ',+! :\iilh\xiM :and i is today one ot the to spend luYjoying ,'!'- .
;; d_ uitlia firm ura; ..]II i until you *<'"' uuiline. likrin-s ui .\sa.Paiut'. theeleeted most t riitlnisi.iMh' 1I1'lllri..r:, ill the I tlan. 'ot, t OLLARS .
;;, \ juesideiit of the i I \ : 1 1"I States nu, and mon I I : 0 :'
Tight, as if to shush! l -k l if : AT OUR STORE
; your securityv say tn you "nioiky you i .
I K.i:; t (1''ust .\Automobile.."i, +,IIn"II i I i ,..1, .' UMIS Mr. Paine an i ing. OUBLE -
want it :Sir'
I ; -= :
i I .\-a I'aiiuis i ; the
.l.i'nes \I. Piiiie: ,.r" Miniuapolisliu I li'm-klodire: ;and Palm l liearh. Two rite-president I'' '\II"Hi!! ; -

The Globe \\ |iif\ii'! "iis to the Ci\il \\ ..11'laS \'t'II'a; : ;1 't lI. \\iule attending the alllo-tt'luL, of Aliune.ii( ,;i .

all !'\I<'II"jn' planter: and l >!.xe'iwm r !m-ibile i.i'Vs "ll th'' I OrmomlDaytouaI'M.irh. I of the Committee I .
; 116 South Beach Street. ; luur I..lril"Iahallla.+l lad r nmoxed ; In l I" t.une infatllatl'tlith ; This club has WE ,CARRY A FULL AND .

tttw > ...- I! t"' lliuutalnlliIREP inlsou !> Daxi'iii' and her wonderful steed-laud i I low held an.'eessful '. :I :
,\sa; was born in ISii.;:'.. xxax 1..1'i m-'for ears, tho J equal ofwhn'n eontests u l' I 1:1
I t
l lf Necessary as the Keystone! Till'I 'abMOciatioii's nexv l prtsidentis I i!i' to be found nowhere in i I II satisfactory:: luiudlr rIII t I
extensive lumber dealt and ih ..aId, lie forthwith bought I resulted very la': I
-. I to the trek. U a "J\ \ ,!Im'ihiiii' ; in .*:mitation I an ( x\ I ".. :
i >-'|' t; he xxas: ani'-nu tjie ",'ry v I i,1.,I'Iiitali I'I'i i 1)1'( Iwautiful winter home tiring: efforts( of FINEST GROCERIES. F
I (; and jK'ifet' health. ill the: home.l I, .---- .- .
? ,1111' 1111 .Ih I ti l1l I I gd tilin,_g lnitIrilir () ...
r :11'1.:11'i i 1 -'1)0 t (j;
;New Telephones !ii>talled. \cw Channel Completed not fur"1'! .
allis and hungliiii; indiiU'u-nt ur '
L' .a.-j from Hay-1'!, *' mule l h>' 1 JhCompany r riSHlMi TACKLE OF ALL KI DS. .:
> Ifs- work bcM-au' ; it's a hit t t-hoajK-r.I Sinee the East Florida Tt''li-pli. 111'1 i 'ill' di.-lye Klomhke : I
f I the wt'll known t\ I
; '3 \\'e l'hargl' fairly for materials and I issued their last direelMiv"' (, ,1M \\ "!lilt'h I I has I been cutting a ehauthe t 'I, ', '

1: r rt'S dtt e : w, rk, l>ocau,,;u we:n' not' satistied t) put ,I fulloxxing phone I haxe been in : 111'1] ;1..1' ,till'j i i'tlia\.ral dub near thestUI 1| ialist, who was t E-I
jujijvhtie reaI -C
in anything but the Ijtst Jotter I 1I1.u'if !I \&, itch sulJs.rilJl'rill du i.r 1 E. T. CONRAD & THE GR .1
P t ; / ciun i! l h'Use I mi 1 15.tnan.i; LreeK' cool bllU'C I Jeax'in" "I Ixvelj ',, ., 1 1it
hill than a larger one from doi-tor! and to cut out the list and j I'h: it :: c> (.'
1 : ,'Irtt! d t lr" i-ontrart tillt't'k and ; here on a sl..i.\ : ,.
c't' \ druggiht.J.I III his tlirectory. ,., :....... ., ,., .. \!!
I \ .,:.isM-d li\ hen- on the return to 1 DayI, 2'2 and l->, I1)1 I- : !t.! !'!'! !-it-.w:(Xw: (!@:I! ':!' l!@:@ @ ,:i

t. D. Carmichael : !) Bin lu1l1, ('. \1., .It-1 ., KeMdeiiie.i .,' made I''tho I Trov U(1M,.. ..: -- : .r
i : I..HI 'I Iu l lay Iho dredge '
i it I :;:t) Pmxvlmgs, Dr. .1. K, (Olli.v. ,'ul t :.,.I II II I !It l0l initMthL'i'feet I wide, I'i I i his former })'It"I''IJ ,,II I 'f TTlTTJTTJ i" ''''''' .
Phone No. 6-1 I, DAMU.NA.rLA. 1'. I K. IJoM-h: [ .' early for a n'., : 11
I I IS'Ju: ::!t: Fitzgerald ItlI e alit a ,Ii"!? ,Iii, ,1\\"plh 1 Oi 3; feet below

(1. .I The 'phone! has been taken ill I I! !-I-1 I l--x. \\;ter\ mark! in about a weeksl! ; 'asWUu the (''\', \ [ .San Mateo Cigars-
t" /.n..e.... ..................I.t1 .Ide1leoo.tle..e. .I.he Nassau.'I' : : '.i I rutting. Theeoiuracti j ;poet' talk or evI : ,
given in the }hot:II \ .
__ _ I put.pan; f GIr tlsi< work xxa c-I.iKlOe:| ,
: I'' \\bitll! "f vi'iirse. include I 1 the 1 I| tern of ueumloyvi I II i
I eX-I
| is Not Sin I llr I and I 'I rs. t I.' M.1ydlIt: t II| I tilt dtctor, r"I''I i
Always a eherpallll!
Curiosity thHlrpd
sIt 'is-- ot 'I..UHIL'!! : : Have Made
iniiond. visitex i \\ itltliiinds II.l\1' '11:1: Iironic trun1.1.)> IIf I
;il, ? ?? !, 1)t"! nips' king Ul as q l
x,'. .. I t Tuesday. Di). \\ al'.m' I ,,. I II, al..I. .- I'-t '. work of drtnlging.,1 i, Present patient' j I. '1

will pay you to investigate : one of the )pioneer settlors oi itiII..M -, ,1LIIu 1 H., t.t of 111ttC'all. bo ear"j!'! : who art; !\ i .t ': 1
I :;' 'I" of
t- : -, I ; .11.1. I has: !",'!n! .l i I' 'H I hI! n1i .I'o'! I li'Idll, ,, 111'1". I III- la-!,.'III- ..I till' awl n'-lalnm"I : !..' E Reputation 1j; :

I the prices and quality 1 of our : i,'.It"1", "'i rI! ,' .. .,
-.1 I ihi'!' !htiii I.t 1_' '. I' 'II \ Nil! ',11 irtl I'' III.

:E j GROCERIES 9 :. /J Their Own. .

7 \ : \\7: are: ::7 TG( I? \ i
i We can save you considerable :. \wmwmaS ( \, \,:;>>{,... : J" k6)) ,- ...-: ..,n. t
; Y( The success 0 the San Mateo Cigar is one of

i:. $ $ $ $ $ $ $ $ !. r REMOVED : '1. the greatest industrial triumphs of the Kust; Coast .. I

the freeze
ylllt t'

[ I I S. ,'r CARROLL I I :: m i .\. Made from the choicer growths of tobacco that the penin' f

l s .ula of Florida and the l hlalUl of Cuba can product1' and wrap- .
niNeti immense stock to the 01> 1 :a
i. ye jiaye our>I | : i .
I : m Iml xx the the rich silky leaf grown on East Coast plantations, I

Grocer.k House Block \dicre we continue to sell \ ht' cinar: industry of the world has never produced better goods. ; 1

,.1 Telephone1 *'- .. j For sale: by all the leading hotels and clubs and by the Union I .

e.............................................. .... on the Easy Payment Plan. j jm 'f News Company on every train entering Florida. I
-- -
NNIN1111111111.1114N.1..1111.......i............: 1t twenty sizes: styles and grades to select from. I

Bond Lumber Company : We buy cheap, sell goods cheap, and give you long crjjit.! ( I 101 SAI.l :: BY ALL IU'Al.1 HS? ,

;i i 1 ,II
"" J JRemember Manufactured by

I ROUGH AND DRESSED LUMBER '" 'a. :. X12 $2.OO down and a promise will get ,u j jm !r S. W. ROWLEY, SAN FLORIDA.i MATEO.
"' '
'r. '
.; PINE' AND CYPRESS 4+* $50 worth of anything in our store j!ID"lA..l.. t. l.l lt.L. tUtl1 tli .W. .... i ,

r.Lath, hingkvs Flooring, L r11lllg.1 L
.. VariU f-I I I. :'- + \
fl"und ;
and|'|.Cement in Stock. Jail"a! fnd Orangr .\\in\ : H T. McCLELLAN

MlLLS-BonU Mill Atlantic Coast Une iy.. M' nill" uuth "f Jaelaoln III' : ; ORNAMENTAL WOOD WORKER.
: SanforJ Branch of Ihf F E, T. lay .I\>1
Kalamazoo !;
Phone 83 on R. J. MALliY Manager. 4 [I Daytona Furniture Co. \', I \ trI.1 I Hi,ii n I I''lalllrr.alll' kind or Ole.: vliudowand! '>uur ,>rtriif. f'
+ : '. Oolunial t' I'onrli ColumnVVw l8 and laln.idf !
\: i : .in; IT xx'iik. Kt-: lnlllutl. : -
v .44....................... 11.4...................... ,, ,. .. fur ",(tail or (pon-h work, Brackets Troll :Saxxiu: ;r, Ktc. ,
_. --- House Block l j I i
r, Opera: New Machines and SKilled Help. ; .
: n'llot'TEHEH: : and! j
>" 'Ht .v. BRACEY )1.1XGF.tC'1'l'L'EL': II; 1111.11 ,1\1110: : B. Z. Snowden- M : t- -v :.,1'! luisin::--. Will c-iH for your order i

k. Mss and Fiber Mattresses. m :. nager. J v :Shop. \) on North Kidgewood, Kingston phone 123. '

e "r In Second Hand Furniture and :'tUH'I ,, \ cal( t8VliS7ff5\c (( i 7 i iI Yi6 i y q I "
' ; \\
Iluvt! all aTur -
l'uru tlJro'
.hi J Satisfaction Guaranteed.
: l I l 11 IS \ l R.v T :-
f_ e kSt, and Hdlt'\'lt'\\ .11'r, LIJj'tV.u r 16R"

y- J ,
.,,1/,:,. ..... ,!if
. .. If t
;-.., ) }.1'u 1,.

h. 6 i > ..... -,.> .. .-. ,. .. .. .. __ .. _ _.. . ___ _ _' .'

-- ,
L :.'.. ; .
',. -
-'-- i .:
t4 i>1iii
\ .
<- "
i- -- --- 2- -- I- T : \ '- ', .t'

: ..... ... ............ ... ......................................................... ......................................--. ."; ::r1-_.


(00 t SEASONABLE We Sell Masury's Paints.Anything t. i




: : '
a I Is Not'all Sold Yet-ther's a briihtlot of it still to be closed out, and "

'. s& HARDWARE .
a ; t. ,
it's marked at Profitless Prices. S .' ,INC&A&4eAee ._
You Want in Tools. t

....................... ..... ..................................................................... ......._-..:

u _ _
-- -
-- -



T. E. FITZGERALD, Editor Many Great Events and Noted Machines that Will Interest the Local Messrs. Flagler and Morgan Meet at Notice of Intention to Apply for Let- this Board oi 1'IUllty C.ol/llnis.ione 11 a TtJ : :
regular 11 .
ters Patent. a mwfnrf th"J'Wt .
Will Be Entered in Soldier Boys and Their Friends, Bretton Woods and Outline Notice l.s hereby given to all whom It may p it-ation Hta!; d oy 11I0re t'ljanon. r"PO

0. M. BlliGR X.JB., Presldtnt J. D. C. MORRIS, Vice president I Tournament. concern that the undersigned will on to- of the rpKi---r.Hi vottra of 'IOllnb-' .
the Races. Perhaps. wit the iHli day of W"lt lIIllt'r.I.. tJ4t.'i. 1ua "'
: T. E. FITZGERALD, Secretary .u tL Treasurer apply tu the Honorable Napoleon It Brownrd Connty. .afek-isg! that an .fectioa befJ
The Vanderbilt annual interna- The Halifax fifes holding Plans for next winter's Southei L Governor of tit. Hlate of Florida, for In I'al.t County to d-id wh ir btJ4
THE ,GAZETTE-NEWS COMPANY are tile : iiiuni-eijnielttml'ateiu totheOiuette-wile of IlittiXtttug!. 1jliNl.! niL**
tional road race is about the last two drills a week and will continueto racing circuit were determined in I ?Ne.. ws'_ Company herewith upon iitiiniI the following ted ArticlfififIncorporation pruHiiil I".chail U j.rob..itea;' f--! *
c Entered at the Postoffice at Daytona, Florida, a; Second Class Matir. important automobile function in a do so until after the annual encampment outline at a conlerence at Bretlon L ''.. 1-M.:. .iii.IT1.KALJt.I' >("fA'. J K.. in. -I It said j. onl..rttl County,tat!mpliiacion aa t-it'Ctio be htId ;:

racing way on the 1905 calendar. to be held at Orlando, I Woods on Saturday last between L J. I). (. MoKKH. | on \V"di.e.tiay purunu0,5.] ;i>; 27t da1a

Subscription $ 1.5O Per Year in Advance. Thereafter, the attention of the rac- commencing October 5th. Later on Henry M. Flagter and W. J. Morgan. N.pt .il,r. .1i. J U. 100.to) dl'tidebeth.
: ARTICLES OF INCORPORATION.er th! sale oi !'iil X k-atii.K
; ing world will be directed and the drills will probably be increasedto It is settled already that the Or'nd.Daytona or I ii.'er sha I W K'.hibnty / ,' "(".iqnor NiidC. ".,.1

SATURDAY, SEPTEMBER 16, 1905. fused on the Ormond-Daytona three a week. Company K, perhaps mo races will be run I Article Name and Principle Place ol 8usilaui, I'd-iu elation and! vat! the.r"leik; give notjee u l J

beach the January 2d"th.President? ne.l. hy iitoHKgnotJwci;; the
rt'cordholdinourse of better known the
: locally as Tins iiameof i his corporation shall 'e TIll' loaII' m one ii.-iVbttanT ,n e8l'h
2Cb harm the advice "Clean Conill of the Cuban (i'a/e.tte-Xe.wsrompany, and Its residence Kl .l County !is.I which town in
to repeat : up. t'le world, besides which all of the Halifax Rifles, has always ranked I and principle place of business shall lie In ,; a 1It\UP&Iir.
International Assot-iation the City of liHyloiitt, III the County ..Volu-- PuI ili-ltei). un \\: iHiMii uotk-eoftnl
co irses are as pigmies to the giant. with the foremost companies of the Racing l'll-C
"lit and State of "Florida hut II inn.v ismlillili -, .till1 in U i'm-lic' |1lu,-" in ta,- tow
it i is Second and with the who is at Richfield Springs, writes liranch places of business al such .I..rI'lnc"r vh.rli h no IJ' II 1I
Already that is
The Halifax oysters will soon come Lack. Tie }lobters never p reported mauufdcturers Regiment, 1.lIu'lIhili or \iI kttit the Slate I least t1urt.,1.1..r"JII\JII'.r_, ptmlljhld at ,

f away. and private individuals companies of the entire brigade for tlr. Morgan that the Havana municipality of ilriciinlni-Kloilda i u as Innecessary I he is.mrd or of i-un\i-nlnii I hln-clors may III tiiii.Don bel'oie said day rf( ew

has taken entire of r Hie eoiiti net of Its siilI affairs and business I and! or-Kt-ed I
are giving orders for racing math t matter. This year they will charge : Article II. Ucncml Nature ol Business to be l.y ii
chines which will be expected to do endeavor to maintain their good the running of next year's inten.a- Transuded.. .0I/lUlI'"I."r..r in ami ;or'on1!
Now and then the sewerage question i i. till lii"l'U"vd. Iheie i i. m ''ii, general' nature of the business to IK- County, Stat* J. Florida. in N-MiontmT
phenomenal speed work between the tation. tional race. Its date will probably!) 1I'/lII'Ul'Il..llIy this corporation shall I lie the .Mh. \. I). !);.
; nothing that Daytona is more in med of than a d system. repu printing and publishing of newsimpersamiother Jl'iK\I.' '
go sewerage ] S
be the second in periodicals and Imoks. inaiinaiiiliiy \ ; t 1. O. Jo11 ,
dates January 2'2 to 17, which are Sunday February j ,
I 'ill establishment I I for doing t job /priminc.I Oik Uniidof. l'Ollllt.I. I niiiiuiti ioin.
--- the dates granted and sanctioned to The following special order i is Senor Conill fys that a road is in lithographing engraving I stereoljplng.and 1 I I I By BtJ>FIl"'l'ut .1
H..ctr.tYlIIIJ. bookbinding I dealing I inirint I ,
.i Daytona has a fioard of trade hut of late it has shown little activity. the Florida East Coast Automobile published for the information of all I contemplation from Marie! to San ; <:'MJppli.--" I..s, machinery I blank 1cllJk.. y Cle& .
I ,t II I i.rit'r.. and lInk "tipplif< i In gt'Ii tritI. ___
E An organization of this kind can be) of great benefit to a city. All Pay tona Association by the racing board of( concerned: Cristobal. This will give a loop Tie i-iirporuilDii hall I also lu,',- the pouerof -uo
!,u\'III i ;. leasing I or otherwise t I ariiulilng I or (First pub S..pt i; la-i Iuti
I people should stand loyally by this commercial body and encourage and I the American AuUimobile As&ociatiorf. 'Post Daytona, Florida, September running from Guanjay through I tht-.se dlspo.slngof any and all other Article* ofpersonal NOTICE OF A IT ACt1.\IE sept 71))

i. assist it in upbuilding the interests of the city. 13, 1905. Special Order No. 1. two places and permit of a continuous which ina\Irollf'rly.tllli Iw necessarv also for or any I incidental n'III."UIlt I In Justice T.
Second Lieutenant '1'. Edward Fitzgmld th e proper .iirrjng on of its Inline- alum1ineiitloned. of the I'eaoe Court
.f The tournament next winter will 1 contest of about one hundred I The 1''f/I1I11U1l i shall t I haethe Mil District); ill 'and for tie
Second Rfgiiuvut of Infantry ( further( poucrof selling I I I tilt tn cagitin orotliurnlsH
Jt.t.: Editor Hudson, of the Orlando Reporter announces that }he will issue managed by a committee of seven, F. S. T., is hereby appointed: and twenty miles instead of the nll"cLt'ini Its real or 1J..dglnt personal>,r estate.li.s; |>.,as,.ing.security of nuy for of:; I of nmntyoi Florida.Voluna, and. Star

l'a daily edition after the first of October. Orlando is one of the most enterprising three of them being residents of as the Summary Court to try such run in two relays back: and I HII.V borrowing' debt I owed money by the and corporation of >>et-uring payment; also of I Jordan M-Uoluiuir.( !vs..Mary 1'laiiitiif

T inland towns of Florida. The city already has one daily, but Ormond and three residents of Day enlisted men at this Post as may)( forth on the same road as was donelast of law the to Mime natural III persons.any manner permitted by K. Sands airs! ItoU-rt{

: Editor Hudson will make two blades of grass grow where vine grew before. tona, with an independent resident propelly' be brought before the year. Article III.-Capital Stock.The I 'i'. ;Ullls, IMt'll.allti

, f Success to the Orlando Daily Reporter. of the Florida East Coast as chair Court charged with breach of discipline It is not likely that any attemptwill be 'J\..capital Thousand stock'of$JtJ1 this i irporatioii dollars, dU shall ided To Mary( K. Sands and! Robert T. &uj '
in violation the laws governing Into Four Hundred shares of the par nlhlt'ut D.'fI'IIfJautJo1)11 :

; man of the committee. The general the Florida State Troop, and I lIe made to run races on Paulo n'III..f: Tweiity-ti\e Ilie capital ill. slock I hollars shall each.be paid Ten In per lie- \ aiv heieby notified that a Writ

k ................0.lt4............................. management of the tournament has will act as such Summary Couit I Atlantic beach, near Jacksonville, asa fore the transaction of any hu hI II""". The: of f \ttadlllH'lIt lias IH-CII issued agaimt
p. balance shall I I Upayable in cash at the call I I I you and! your property attached to satHV
t : : been entrusted to W. J. Morgan, until fuither orders. part ,of the regular circuit, though I, of the directors i tlu'dcimuuloft-aiii 1'laintiffamount--
: : "C. M. HIVUUM: JH Article. IV. Period of Existence. j j inj tu *"'!.-"is.
r I who managed the 1903 and 1904 aft er conciliation I with Mr.J Flaglcr, 'I lit- it-mi for ti lilrli.thi-i corporation shall i |;: Xuw. unless jou ghall-
Lieut-Colonel, 2nd Inf., F. S. T., exist shall lie ninetx-nine. I t'fnears from. uiear bi-lotv the Jiit-tiie of the Peat
: i Edw. G. HarrisPHOTOGRAPHER : tournaments, who will at once prepare Commanding Post." it is possible that some ort of contest ,- theilute! of Ihe b ua"".,' of Letters Patent to i'. I in and for Niid diftrkt at Daytona, Fla., j

\I plans and organize a working may be found possible at St.Augustine. "Article V. Officers; and Annual rUctings. t| on tin --'ml day of October.) A. D., I'M( -
4 judgment ill be
1 itt' buslnes of thi. corporation shall beCOIlduVlrd w rendered against you
19 f force to prosecute the vast preliminary Carpenters are at work making LtV a pIVMdellt \lce-presidellt, and your prorty| s-old for the debt

i j ii I work such a tournamentbe substantial improvements on the The Atlantic City beach pioved a be secretary appointed agents and or 11"'I..ur'r.IIII.1 as electeil.ma\' from.\ l l/lmr.1 such tiinto I otherolllceraand of director time-- IIO h Datwl;;. thi.s :i\tlth( day ot August, A. D.

I elltai:3. He will correspond with] Armory. a'iccess as a place for tests of ex-: to the numliiTiif mil 111011* than ii\f4 nor; .(uJiuiuMt1oLLui,
I.s hull Lhr.iiiilI
i Peck Block 'Phone 91 \ drivefrs from all over the world and I III tieme speed la week, as did the of the slock is.l.vt.ti holders, uhich at the shall nil II unlJ.lllIg U Plaintiff.!
lurid III .
tinprlliclplf' ,
place of lU.-Jll'-1Ml ---- -
is al\eady in communication with The field and staff officers, at the one at Cape May shortly before.Automobile the ThinJ'liuoIIiV' of July of each ysa r. The| --- -- -
presid--lil. Mce-p-ehii-t.| I. -\'nillry Olid Notice of Application for
si Fiiul
I the famous drivers of Europe and l lo cal post of the Florida Slate i i enthusiasts are only satisfied tr [ in.-' lug of the directors U-
t: ............................................... America looking towaul their attendance :- i Troops thiosek I received ue\v s>ervkv i when burly flying. ami beach]I held.on Anv the Third Moliduv of July of to eachear. aft Notice er date.is to hereby wit: 0:1 slxt.i Un| .tid that day bl'1 of niout&l)Mari'6

-- _- _- -_ -_ _ _-_- on the (Ormond-Day a I uniforms made of English serge I speeding[ / i is infinitely safer than road'I I > pii-Hdeiit the \lce.pi-Kili lv.oottic.es, with| nt.th'ninytw exceptionof held I I I j Nl.will or iiiak'-as soon my th final"r. Hf reuirnsn.ixtcuior I o-r as1 I L-a'u be ht.nj,
I by same or[
: I beach battle ground. J cloth They also have the new reg-: !'j and liiti k racing.i Ihe liiimen t.r".h"of ih.lie..rs and directors I. tbe Last Will and T"- rblJl"l.r of Henry
FREIGHT DEPOT FOR DAYTONA. NEW HOME FOR GAZETTENEWSAbout i "bo are to conduct tinbusiness(fri tht corpoiallon Ket-ch. deceased to the ruu..ry; Judge of"olui'ln
As both the New York shows will] 1 ,I ulation service caps to match j i Ik-ai-h racing Lids fair to become until t I I t thus- elected at the firsttKcll ; t'OUlltFillri ll. and at>k that thesame
"ii shalljiuilifv I { be allowed and approved and tbAtI
close January :O, an exodus of race I Seven* moie popular, now that speedi I- I Jr.. piesident : j. n. ore c. ;Morris t'1.. \it-i-presi-.0 lilllgllillll !I filiAl, discharge he $*rant.s.i nn- ftS suth "i-
I Us-l1t ltilll T. i j i ttr. C. M HI UIIAJ,Jr
: K.: Kli/g -ruld,
Material is Now Arrhing for a Structure the First November the PlAnt"iiI followers and spectator will head'HEALTH|j jsuuthwiud CERTIFICATE REQUIRED i! i4 on tracks seems to have come to.a : trea-urer. and ull I tin- !In'uq.rl1t..r..udl-s.cretary and foo pt :. I lic: ExivurorP
r I' I re* iArticle-. .
that Will Be Larger Than be Mined to the ftcw Shanks and it la arranged t ul,!I I <; uH 1/I.dlJI t. Lecau!\ motor cars I I.--Amount InJvbtiiJniJSS. -- -
, the BuilJing Now Used. r Building. I make Monday, January 2'2t a day of'pieparation !' !-!-I have grown tuo fast for the turns. liability 1'11. lilpli which"ni amount I Ib" "nrll1.| of indebtrtliii shall nt ss any or i''lr- | pub. St-jjt. .': lii-r puii Sept Ji|

One Ua}tonian Spent Eight Days I in !! lit tle"ubjt I is-f| | .haji |w. Ten Thousand AN ORDINANCE
and the actual Although not the racing to.commence j to long as courseUrniniiillkiytuua
Material has been all |
arriving this I II
Arrangements were coi1dtod Article
\11.- :
t week for I the day following. There!i I Detention at Camp Perry on II I at lh > stretches of i iabar.II. .. and Kesidenccs (if Sub J Prohibiting the Sale of Liquors in the
a new freight warehouseto week for a new home for the Gazette.Xes ..- IIUIll and IV-idi
of the
I will be three das' racing one dayof !I Return from Alabama. beach that JavelJlJe to light ilt Ihe amount ofI.'subscnbeil IICeM Sllbstrllland for by- City of Raj tona.
t be erected in Daytona The new and the Daily Xews. The' Cape May and Atlantic City, on the each are as tullow.i:
f structure will .be erected south oi L Hezette- ews Company has 1/ased gymkhana sports and a day of' I i II' Hoy MiClellan armed home coast of New Jersey, afford everyopjK'rtuuity 1'. K.,Hl/f.-rul.l 111111. I Kesidi-lice.lay Loon. "'I.X.. ). SItitr.t t.' Unit, orda'ii'-d] i-v the I i'ir\. t'uun'ilof

the and I record trials. It is quite possible I ne&day from to well-I' fur fast woik C M. J'.liighaui. Jr. I'avloiiii. "' :iti the City of la.\ tuii.r5eitioii :
ware-house will be the a trip with
present the
f. upper story building under I I powerdriven J. D f. Morris I..nUIIII. Kla. s I. That the >a'". "iT! plrituoQ'inUOIIS ,

r a strictly modern building. The l erection by J. A Shanks A Son, that the tournament management !I and points Alabama.. \.' machines: without the dangers !uh"crlljt'lh..II'The utidersigurd names uu-orponiior to the fir..goinu*. hereby I r \ alllll11ut! iKinnr.- the City olDaytona

I next will time for !: that are on the road, j clesof 111'11-1 is hereby II!
Gazette-Neovs is unable to learn the on Beach street and the plant will year only officially started from Alabama he failed to present IIIClJrtJOrullulI: prolch.i: Anj ir-
T. K. t
m/JrUVLI sun who shall M-H limits of
: and rack.I wniuu Hit
records the drivers that compete I in'!! provide himself I with I health n.rtiti.i t'. M. Hi XI;11\\. J U.
I the
eiact dimensions, but it will extend be moved abuut the lust of Novem, ; a The beaih at Cape May is about, .1. 11. C'. Mi'UlLI ('it t\ of Dayioua any sintuuus: vin"uotib
i the open races. And a day for :I !' Hi ate of Florida or mall lisihior--i .i..lii I in- dttiutdguilty
and 1
lesull he |
from the cate, as a detained II
present building toVolusia h her or possibly a little before. A was two :and a half miles long, and I I "". oi di.-ordfily coiiilui; I i. and bliall

atenue on the south. One) brick pressroom \\ill Le elected in i[ records will follow the three daa'a t Camp Peiry for eight da\s by the j i aquarantine a' gotwl mile stietch, with a I I Counu IWsoiiully' of "'ulu..11l U-fore I he uildersitflicU$ lie puiii ia-d by' a line um in, ext-etd FIVIHundred"
upixnred }
L comer will be occupied b an office the iear. New machinery! and type racing. II! otn,'ials. 31 11. Mi Ch-IIan ;! slight turn and an excellent kiloj :|!luiul.l T.' i Kit/nerald.I li.C .l f"rJl"caelatJf"'hllllllu'kuu"l.J 1'\1: lUii-ihain. Jr.I Ii'd :.1 not h to exceed Dollars"ixtJa or an..I imprisonment

for the freight agent. The. office! I uill be installed, and other ubstanI The most iinpoitant contet of the stales that he was c' ,mf.JI laLly taken: j meiie da: h. Over I it an automobile: I I' 18(111 his aud signature'to that he saute the is foregoing hiM act and IU! Passed tit>t r'a.iiujugl11'ot> 14. 1005

will have hierl'OvlU ; I i I meet i is that of the one mile national caieofat the but neeilheless 1 has traveled a mile I in thirty-eight for the puriiosesaiid "- herein! :" "lru-1 1'u.'W.'tII i tutu nadinii; iii>t I*1905.
a ca and will]I I lial improvements made, hick l will i L I camp, seconds, which has only twice beenexcelled III I slimonwhereof, I iia\e alli'xed l'us"11 thin) readingWM 21.1M5.rin .
be supplied with suitable desks and I enable the Gazette-N'ews race for the 62,< KX O) Sir advises all coming I toFloiida ; hand and oilu-ial val thi.sL'Isi: div. of Au I .\tt4'ltt HtKKlN
Company persons and then only on the beach| |I! lu..I.O.IIto.I .. : ] \ li.
I Thomas Dewar) international chain- have l"IALJ I F. .NlVKK C. L. :: Ml ill. I'leciileht oi I'uumil.Depnt .
fixtures. t! the ertilate. at Da\tona I'each.A .
to turn out the finest kind of job necessary :i- Notary Tublic State of Florid. \ i !,.rl-

Work' on the building will probably printing, to say nothing of greatly I I pionshij| trophy which is open to c It will, save much inconvenience I- trifle mure than three miles r of N3 i-omnil..i.nspires; .\lip i K !i.'i :\pprll\l'll:
__ _
all and which last ood l beah is supplied at Atlantic uu _ __ I*. L S .
was won winter I and g \llili. lla.\ -/
: be commenced in of f embarrassment. "TI '
a couple i improving l both the weekly andtourist I : it- i I
by Louis loss of the Cit.yllidl gives a little longerslurt. Assignee's Notice to Creditors. -- --- -
f.p weeks. The material already on the? daily. I Hay health officer boards t the train at: all
Automol lltllllUgh races on it are I Vhereas Cluirlec .\. D"M'in. hii, made
1! ground consists of tuo carloads of r The front suite of offices in.the I i Association, Uoston. wlitl '1] Camp l'l"'lTY'lit> i-niaiuumJ, ":umd if 1; |limited j ) to a kilt llwtre or a mile. At an a-ssi iuin'nt to rue of all his property.save Notice of (larni.->hment.

t; lumber, two carloads of brick, two new building have been leased for will shortly be called upon, in allaprobability ;, fdlllw is not well known and cans both placen there is about tWIT liii ii- : what tnav \he .\.'inpt 1.\. law. 1; I County Mi nis- Ilf of"'h V.Uisia rh/I I/ ('l'uur J_ "i! ;, u-Ih'.
I defend the died feet h.r..lII"i ive notice of ttie fact of Mich flu.- 1 I IiUrk-t' Xo IN. I "" t 1'1\'
of sand and one of slate. l law offices to T. E. Fitzgerald. to same, not show a clean bill of health, he i is of riding surface at low si gt.Iiieiut 1l1l.I/I'Jtih'. all "-rwlitor.ol the. F. .
Henry Ford, the Detroit maI4ufal'- 'I I i tide' and the beach is so hard that saiiJ Uiailcs L'olrB.l'laht\l.
,- --- s urt' to ht dumped off at that puint t, \ l>nj/in! | > to Hlc with IHH ,I.
I .
t urer, has challenged Ross for it and f