r W Clark's.McCoy. services at St. Mary's Church on -- -- almost like a tissue of s-ilk.! The 1
| yang their beach cottage, haysrented be j COLir I'llEVKNTEH.: : .San Mateo Cigars.
Lijg their beautiful ]Hidge- HroH. with their elegant ,II Fridays at :3 i p. 11On Friday, Ih'( Tal a double dose ol ,ChamUrlftin'pi chemical preparation j acts'a'-i an antiseptic [ . ; 1:

|' wd trenue residence to Mr.J amiI. steamer, t the I ''t.nr Iun.," made :2 the Hector will give an address onMissionary II Colic. Cholera and Diarrhoea) llcuwnlj unmioiijuj and prt'tot'natiWlaII ap-
indication of the JiwaMa -
I&N;, P, Urayton Grand Itapids, their first excursion of the season to I Work. On Sunday, }Dec. |>i inrn taw and Brut a tliratD attack\ play hr I plit'll to old documents it seems to

?b.i who are now occupying it. the Tmnoka river Tuesday, 1 leavingCIlie's nth, Hev. C. W. Arnold will preach I warded off. Hundrvdnof with |rfifl< )| UU" 'thfrfiiwdj knit the fibre together and prevent Have Made t:
!in ibis way |* II Ut"N'tl14.
? A large I the "Observances of the further dt'<"a .
kat'Ja. m. a sermon on For salt I'jr all drujfjr>t )
; ,ITfca Wallace Curio store \\'ilIClp 'n of excursionisU made the trip. Christian Sunday" instead of the [ .-.-- io.i -

'filet ber let in them i i first door The'day party was one of the most delightful "Old Jewish Sabbath" St. Mary'si i iI, *oooooo************ ************************** I
L of Peck Foster's.. imaginable and the ride I II Church at l U l a. m. ,I .. *.. A Reputation of

,..Bereral changes in the force at i I was thoroughly enjoyed. The I Hob Milligan's motor cycle caught; *** ue&tt **,

..; East Coast dejxjt have been I Tncle. Sam" U one of the finest I lire Thmwlay night almut eigllti; .* *.1 I'

.._" recently, H. 1' Coats has (II. boats! on the river and will be a* :. iVU-k] and I was totally ruined. lieu ** ..j i Their Own. II IITlte'
lat.Ixuve .
promoted from gntemau to I I: poputar this wa'on as she wan iliad jll..t tau up to lu It's: Illull1iug .* ** ,

._ t clerk, Duke Wilder from : orders for B.,..lwiBoans liaktrl i establishment' awl l dismounted i .. .. ,r! .

iut r baggage man to gnteman and Satl1rtliaCtemooll; ( at when he discovered the machine inflames .+ .. 1 gut.(.(.cite of tho San Matco Cigar i is olin of I

Bennett to night baggage man. Gramling's every Bakery. Ii | U-hind him. lie was carry-1 I ** Satisfaction f : the greatest industrial triumphs of the East Const 1.1 i

ing a lantern and I it is: supioseU ** .. SIIII'P the freextIu *.
$Lftro fruits and i
poultry, eggs, Messrs.! D. I). C.r. Posers: broke about the machine *

Call at Everglade: Pn i i! civil engineers, is the title of a new I II that! something, letting out the gasoline, which ** A woman 'rarely feels as she looks- \( 0o. north canal, 111 North Metroes! I *
t. I firm with! ollice y in the ignited from the lantern. -* -' < .f Florida and the Inland of ( .. can produce, awl 'FBI" : J

utreet. building. Mr. C. M. Kogers having I she feels-if she l K'J with,! the rich, silky lea grown on Fat Co4ili plhtatioM, i
with his father McCrory at Daytona she usually looks as : !
._T, Men, pastor of the M. K. i I gone into partnership More Judge II. *w ..I I <- < igar industry of the world W never p.oo..t l L U.rgooik.r \

South of this place, willWhis I who l.....ated here some time ago, last Tuesday Mrs Henrietta Berry .
much work to for a resident of Oak t I shoes she looks < >r vilf by all the .leading! hotels and clulw and by t the Union "
farewell addresses to Ills but who has had so many years \ wears Queen Quality I I
fan to-morrow. In theBttg do that he ha been kept in other Hill and Seabreeze, mother-in-law of s. \. w., < ''',nt>any tin every train entering Florida.

Mr. C. M. K''fr the late Seagraves Adams! was tried a I
the of the State. I Iheron'
>' his address will be to !, parts l be found here now, however, a commission consisting of young-for she feels young. : Twenty sizes, styles: and grades to select. from. I
,members and in the evening can
:. ers ,r
ill Atwaterand J. H. '" I Ir
work anti j
for any Drs. Hennett .
does not times ready <
all )
-, ger people. at Metropolis Parkinson, Esq, for lunacy. : A I 1 OU SALt: BY I\LL [DEALERS. ,. :
to return to the Daytona his line.Miami i: J. A. Ucndi'icks : -. -
1 large number of wrtnesses! were ex Manufactured by "')
i after conference. \ beautiful line of Christmas arrived .
and novelTies amined. The commission aAx HATS'
wuvcnirs S. W.
st forget that tho Wallace goo..JFlorida Wallace Curio store first at the verdict that Mrs. Berry was : Sole Agent. : : ROWLEY. .J LOltkIDA

I and Souvenir will at the and she was discharged.Do .
store open not insane: ,
..... First door south of Peck dtPrPr south tlf l't'Cl ,t Foster' Open} Laud Record .lrrrrrNrrrrrfr.rovrrrrrlrl>wrlolailrrrfia<'N......... j

I Dec. let r


.. f
-- ..

__ II .,

..- .--- ...... ,
.t'f-" i'>> ..
,-'n !'i'o s. -
o .. -.
.;.. .. v
; .... .- -

.: J ......I..I.I.I..I..I..I..13.IS < IiGt... A CtBeft For Daytoaa Pp 1 .h
A college of dressmaking and ladice .
i j ; Daytona and Its Attractions & & &
tailoring will be opened in James Loveless.

I I; ** OB & The Queen City of Florida this same city management in a few that days baa by conducted the > t

similar colleges in all Sanitary Plumbing.Estimates < _
I From the Florida rut tout Railway iloolkt.elbfih r r
ol the rnited Stales. .\ll throughthe
- .IIIIJllle.IILJI..I II( l t F.... cheerfully gin n. Work guaranteed.
North and South there hue bcen
Masonic Building. Phone 87. 1tr
110 MBe froa Jadooovffi The PopuUUoa of Dayu.A many successful colleges, and deycome .

Fart MM way,, ......._. too proper is about l.fcCO. Added to highly recommended by all Call and fee sample board of bath-room futures, soap cups,

i Ro.trip 4.60 this is a suburban population on the business men and pupils. towel racks: etc. Open eTtn Dg. r

74 Miles- r.M St.Par main shore and peninsula of about The system taught is the Diamond f

1,000 at Kingston Blake, Old Sea ti
.. ... !?.?<> Garment Cutter which is the mobt': --- =
oocRousd -" Seabreeze and -= -=-- --- -- -=-- -- =
breeze or Goodall -- - -- -

trip. .......__.__ 4.40 Silver Reach, which are properly a effective and simple system ia use. G. S. FARLEE I

(part of the town and i.>jmhtion.D Any one who can read and write can

DAYTONA ia eitu.uJ uiuo the .>tooa Beach use!' it Only fire measures cut agarment i I Painting Decorating Paperhanging. I 1w
.+ west bant of the Halifax ilmr at iu

fairest and midway between lira one mile eat of the town. It i inapproached N* 1004-5 Wall Paper for the fair and winter trade Importedand !
expanse In the dress c
catting department .
by throe geed bridges .. -stic goods from 5c to $:;JM) per roll. KM) new deignftAtovrJevt
lJ low anti eta outlet !I.
s. lU at Hay
source over the river and vvell-gnde l avenues you are taught taking measure. m Interior) decorating a specialty. Northern mechanics I rr 0 .

at Mosquito Inlet It is in latitude and i is the principal summer cutting jtlain waists. plain sleeves, !j! employedXfke. : (4i '

20, seventy-four miles from St. Augustine resort nouth of St. AUWJ" nt". It i drafting aH kind of sleeves stoat* |I ( and Shop, 31 Myrtte Avenue. DAYTO.NA, FLORIDA. I I I a

__ _
and one mile from the Atlantic has more tnuri..tn during the summer form waists: with one or two under i

ti Ocean, and in acknowledged to i than all the other places south ana pieces cutting evening cootutaeN I The Dredge "KLONDIKE"HELTON Tri Weekly Sailings
of that city combine!l. and ii al*>
be without a rival for beauty among btroming a favorilo winter fruit. single or double-breasted ntT'tEJACKSONVILLE

4 the Tillages of the South. Ita Right The Loath is! wide, firm and M oi>th. .:ateany kiud of wraps, cutting i I : Jt CAMKKON l'rolritotonc. and NEW YOu.

i U upon what is known as high ham I by many considered) the fin.M in the} ikml skirts, any style skirt two to'thirteen I' lM+lriag June in for Halifax. Totnoka and all rivrrv up and down tl r H:a"t rool Calling at OiarWton SI IH 'm i .

mock land that was crowned' 1 by world), and the surf bathing, lit tufe<< gores, reproducing from tI Term Ri-a onabl and Sati.facdt>n Guaranteed. "I THE FINEST STEAMSHIPS IN THE COASTWISE sR rttl;. -

and excrllent suuuur and uinttrPeople !, !cWf\otNI the f'UIIoI'otoN.+ Unrtunaila. The New and
of England Southern
nature with a wottt royal growth I who have tried I N t rilru ami I j.k'tures in any magazine\ etc. I! -- -- ;I' line, -
ferret trtns and Fraud E 1,1..011. r.r.\DLlUlD 1..1U. Pir I l fvnn" 1..,1 \\ '.. I.
nujtttic among In the JDO-
Wt ,teni uiuiiH-r it. >rls ,l t.'t Lie thkt **wing department, youj i i W. Rol>iM'n I I JACKSONVILLE. BOTTOM AND

the trwa ia the town of today, with : there an laser MH |.-rfiil in miufoitas are taught basting frvni true --- : ; AND ALL, EASTERN: POINTS.FROVIDJtllCI.

itseautlfuIcottages and "ehIgrat1talks I. IKtvtouj l>**ai hAutomobile l pri ri4t| "!\ joining the different i il j;! J. N. ROBSON L SON : CaUinlratCbRrlxtuI4ti SAILIQ5.OIt1b0111A. l:\\
and .trt b. The result i is (tilt e Mert.The palt, finishing the inide ol wai ts, :|': $ . Ft00 Lewis' Wbrf. .. T
NortikCTUd. . .
1 that all along he wide avenues that H-.n-lu K-t t'? tat Aut.- prvMkiug. :and boning wai 48, teat- COMMISSION MERCHANTS I W fro. foot Catherine Itrl>:t, lit 1t._ -

interact the town are lonlly fir faad U)4lllil. .\. ...."iatnln c"f..t..l err"t mini and draping waists; iaaltdg. !.|11Jfi; Kii,t Bay and 1 & 2 Atlantic Wharf Charleston S.C.(

., water oaks and hickories, many' annual'r.MinmtMi[ I tinUM h. Nhire h all liuds .>f bJ't'l lai l jmtDHg ill.!I Isleete Ltaptrtfullculicit omsjgnments of FRl'ITS and VEGETABLES. CLYDE I ST. JOILNS KIVER LI E.

of t&m dniv.l with gnwefulcf f y, has now a nui\YNlI! rrpwUticxt *, making and hinging skirt/The bet guarantee that we can give for our fair dealing is that we hatxrupirtl "rey Between Jacksonville and: Sanford
i lthe same stores m the heart of the bu ine, STOITlXii; 1'lLATKlST R. ST .'R \\41:0\l 1t.R. t"1'RD.
5. the jjm11** au4 ini )J.ilr rut (UUr; tailor-nude s vtion for bill Osai: the Sjunish IIHMA talking gowns complete' slue lntlomtt.1ut' l.allthDJC..U rr Jt Hgel l ER
gray fourear and h ,ld the and
t'n the ...rkl.1"bt"{ l u'IO"UOtt4.1 I > resptvt "f all our >hipper a nil I
1.1..1! cl-wks l'OIUUkhl'lIl, TI/rWl....t'. :\'J\"I1II.t I -.t.1. I I... .. -
CftCU\-h the start' and walls, aud trash! i+ lunl a< nufaiUoi, awl an putting wnjiK, jacketrto. the o (iui.42/j in vTtr f'h wo live ,I : St.aller,

tiug tLtw iUt.'NI"r.c-J: i till I I ideal sttt'kIt tat thirty ur mure uil -* ., tngvtlier. .......................................... ........' : "City of Jacksonville" and "Fred'k DeBaf
-, trtpical | ltUrtUM. gkkfey-Wtnl. without a bark i.i it the. natural 1 Kerry later nxiliies the difllcultyte

AinerkaAt 1r : MALLORY : atappintnlGivula f"lIo\\l: I.- \\'. J... "I'IUD\i... !I., '
.. a.aguliai, fragrant lust and coraUt racing ": J\Mlfttl l for > has in ,'uttingwJ filling Wereuwte / \ : ;1\ \.Itt lsttattlir. ,
titer the i..b .rwrvd forftvt "I ::M> m Returning Wtt\"t ia'"N d.lIl.t'.t. "III.J.\j -
Kiw :
.4 nvl lh lly, and m.lD'ltht"r rarir- i this difficulty and haw cad! : at :!:3() a aRwt'a ,

wild I ;pal) and itHthvrarnaj3P} wWl pupil &ni-di \Iutpkote drrss 1 : LINES =d SCHEDULELrd h"Il. f"::
tie*, skies in many |'LMVB the hit'J lea or "t"l""trun eau make a i iI owe or : .. .... ,!

t the riue and the) TtMbi| th 4h one suit. under the ilrut-tioas f \.> ::11t. p m ............................ J lit[..,.,......._..... .. .Vmi ,. '
r gnpe truant I hardly i sail nnt tat Htu* .. t:* p m..................................I..t.. &............. Lrsq 1tIMa..
ampeLliiii climb aad chug &iu >ug wrll-juikwl and U IH Lab UTI the t* h'ler The UJy teat-hers .,: : SPECIAL PASSENGER-EXPRESS : .... :luu.., .i..............._.............=- A tort ................... .... .. 110 8 oe,a. '

d the branch foruuug &lutiynd l""t'nt ttHIIKa ail ht l 0' stj iil-ntgu,1 1 |attflttuIM an' the mot etfuiontRKlTOK : .. *Jaro I..L Yraert................ .. .280,,. ..
the h.a.'il STEAMSHIPS. nI! 1I>rL ... .
wiih : Ddt)
bit'yrltrislat.liua ) 'lop
adding gnu' aull* ulr.lite of tl e vund j U'fn a *.tilt' L east' it HH-y can hire and free J..wlll till!) : I-. ,.t ar J t *t < J': .\ t'. i'llt'l'o.'I1"r" .kam.b'loe ou tbeOAMt .\rnft.'Wa.. tui: ...... ... ......... .. :.aatorJ.. ... .. SyOaa: ,. ;,

town lies jvirullel l with the I alo4ig) th. ** ,.w.uah Uwt'h. thu* affording be E i"'f111) lady until the Opt'urn,.: \," tlU:1U.1tU\\1'I\I, :,' .. !UlNaai .... inrt1nw. . 14J1U as -
Halifax Rittr and eiteuds for marl of the t-U.w ZI>om.Any --- ---,-
tlx im e+l eihibratiag reek| rt : : TmnnrHnrsTTKR: (>OMS: ,tRE 1'I imm .UUNTKKD: : : -
: :
mile the nTLi.i kM1Nutolaalt. I'iol!: l ttte...' Ira intended will Gener I Passenger and Ticket office a
two along \ : I s ItU I one plea llllpji ?<, lbr* t..1,}w. err n., tit Ll'b will u. jj) tu ewrjnuiuUr : < ,

tt rirvr i. the delight tf the angler A1k11[ of t Lml-hbrJU'd.{ jxilm-friii 'etd II.IUI i ivarvU <: tine a 1.rtdlcariwl 1 JAOltJ tiarCntUrr : taw of t l l.>rtbM. or for wihet rapacity of iMtiflir IlaMn, t.QH 1 It- I
I bring the )" "",1'1'alha ,the}tt't"1 1 j burnt ('o. DH\tona." Florida. -uriliK; all |i.a.r, -nirx iixliTNiua) +rrrir alld attr tiooI 204 W: Bay st. Jacksonville. -
the hitman and th ;
forma f "
ya Idle ilirvtt touch h I'IssiNrik: U\\ E: J.U'KSU.N\ILLK> : : tnltnUll.: : .\\'. : -
and \ehuU-H Nit
town.. b rtvltret Attrurtious.Th ) I andue uf our managers will I : I err :S- t..lulo- ,J ..hll'" m Honda Timrr MMi ) ...}f IRUNMONI;ER.Ja..l..... f...... 1'__. fur ;:s4 'A.*t 1\01.' N
L the uuiuLuid over the Imud bridge H I t(!call ou you and explain more fully : I iiwisr: Rn TO NKUORK: .\,\lll'UI\TS NORTH. W.li. HHJi'KkJK.: "ft. .\lfl. r I' I l.HKLL.t.J-lIouanDtn.

main 1\t"Uua that ruu jaralkl whkh #)Kiu te) splendid) ILtliLixKiver. I n __ S In..likltm; iMiKhUul!,, / I'.M LIMIT S \I. thruvsrh tlte : .uut II..... >*.. J i-k-o Tlir. r-I*

{ ,,'ithorintenxvt the veteran alII j j UF ST LI'KrS F\VUHS -'>....\ IsL.tNl's.l'hr..ngh : : : .\ IlAiiEKTl.. 'wit"I .:s't'n...... Airt.. N.w l.*rt.
f'lwJ.ff. tk I..-... ".ilj to V.rtbrn |..--ints. For full tn/ortnatioQ l'L\l )lIL [. liH Krv
the rai
lOOfevt wide 1 Ik..h Mm.t The Uxu-h fn "i ; ttt JLMl..VvT L
<<, t'lC\'lot iIMNIN i ,
11nTUeio. Ttrtitla 1'I' : MRnIIUraIltN.ILW "fVrv.Il|11.\. b', Hlwr !II"; halra". th4 "ati"D". : TMEO. a EGER.:1.. P
which i it about aiityfirekrt, but to aLt lowest (port at rblaide.imH II.-as- I TMl MHttigl: IU191.itst11YM1'R, td tr(1I. a.I.| | t" 4i..Dt'ra! JjUla, r CUDE4CO./.
about f 11.1 fret. and the UI'toN: IU.\"'''' w erall4elta
Massa half-tuilo of beautifulinter I A W PVF ;-M4 w..t Bdy :'tr-t. : 1'be.rGruthNuftliltT., \'J state 3t.. NwOCEAN lurk
open| .\ "tH1rbMm. ltQ:11i I Agent
lepth of the mrf nxM .un--t aU\ut I| Uut.VrI11" : ylr.arllk.! l'J'MtJa. .
abutting ujon itt eastern wJe.wlew ouutinuoiM! world i think it i i. oDljr Haut tkat 1 I'b"uhl. i b 'il .
two fret A gentle ] : I/I r.iJl': U atu.lr, nr. [\tOoa.. ."fa. : v.
run "t.\t" tt uraJrrfril' I .&'d l1.aI..r '
the salt wart rbb anti flow' n lU in fnnu the t.-n1tt fnn fe to hlo'.rOUlCb I Ilruwd.\ b4." h"J"J '1'1.. .............................. .................... \

andabaff 1 and atness nlmhcuuirt two feel in dejita under normal o 111- ,'Jay (..klrr Ea."t.-r 1 era, IOU dl"l 1 1I Inm" STEAMSHIP CO. .-

the cooling invigorating and health- dttioii.. milal1>; 11w l I.eah an atlnr- J I witbaiokl and-ou"h that I 'l-l. n,.tw 'r ",
\ .
tbinl U able .. Florida \"
to to ul all'ut.' + rurttlirit i: East Coast of SAVANNAH 1
girxng UtrauJalo.Jutrlvtatr forMirfiutLiug Ry.
brtvirt from t ff the wile j't wv tukrtta. ulutu !lrl.
Al nthkh and! rriufcr I II..iv the itiLutt a i well an r1 by tb OiUifb 'I Iw -.larr Ji I rw. l-

Uu ILhfaz temler 11M' grcr.luiretl l Henui, of w.tnysumnte'n rtJ an onVr fn iu \011 for a NiuU--& t.. .r LOCAL[ TIME CARD No. 56. In Effect June 4,1904. t' 1ST [fl. ;UI'\J'\I 1 +. > !' \ :.:KN.K: t RiH TKTO -
climate of the 1 .
one iuo t fUUfb ItreM.l.\ at oit Mf !
| i, taw lUlU
can ly s
euj ; f
iy ) .
perfect |in the world. IVtjUou Lw of a tat lath thntuclMMit the larl'rr J wmplr.ir-oo/: t.uttloalltJ tbo.b..1.....took T.. air aUtut,lirml t1" r-*. f tNt1111 pY1aW- 9"***, w IOtiMtOUatIWt NEW YORK, BOSTON and the EAST. .

1g many miles of well-graded, uurlrd put *J the star, while tlte slnug IRf the t'Oe..rh: altol l "HM fit/1 ..?w'p! .. '..r wN a,,' ; ... .. Ie. 71'

and vhelled rode and ttrtxtt, nmdtring I alit] rte].rt "...."",r. i venture ; J.'I4..I.-'J. aDoI "La at.:.. to 1". ... t., > srlra"I. v.tr n.uz.

out further !his aad : ttrw llior, 00 iarar: J.J I k U. ,. tlbw IiI Twlaoot ... .. .... Ii., 1 i
to test (
ttrrugth 1I
it the1uelaua' I r&IM'J Rod eiv tl'.. rah tats- t 11 a l r.'a! J a .............. ........ YI l 1 Q+ a 1 ,-'r-. .. I, 1 1p
a kill Hi Itdttlmg with the iueih.tuyti : Jour l'uu,1L kVuM.J> 1 iiMltJi! l+ .. 1 I .. .. .......... .. .. 'L anaa .... ... .............. !: 'eu.a I S r .. >-
\\ PanJiM bk of the lDlhI atwltl wlt..Nlt. s a ..... ... .. ttaa; .......... ..... .. .4 a I ?t .. r rW
IIt"c-Oa| 'tan. MIIIItalMi i t.uoc I' I' 1 a .? L ra.l: a.... ....... ... .s& ,
tad added to thett, but a tails j tlulw b+ttr hwlrf.tlt'b a iud; rrllt nr .... J .w 4
away IKrIviuc I'e 1 Anrula J. llrta..tI..u.II' a 'I.&' .. .r.th ....... ... ....tt -' 1h- 13 ,
are thirty mile) of uuootb, hard L U-twrt-ii Net sluekt t inmehalf K V. l.",..u.rI- VHn 1101 U UL' .hlat a_. ... ..... .... .r. r Boa ue )P \ !

beach, that afford* au uurhall wily "Hitalt.1 'd4 .....T ol 't. l.H4" I It .r. III ; I Ie. ,Ii::. ... ... ,.. .......... L. .
IH Iwiug T.. llMllila..rkUla 1lt4i1'ulr a '. .. ..11 '" au.a .. .. AT--I i -

course for long-distance cycling and rapidly| ilUl\nl\t'\t.l and then arc I j jluauy I Thrl niwJ) fur war bji all JriKlt ;" ;Jo. ... .. ,. ,, ...... .......... .. L, r
daring or aatumohile racing. Ko fine ,,011.10iAuJ :-.'vmil Mari! ............ .. .. ... .. SIaatla. .. ... ........... .. IK&1sea t 01 Oftf
And.100I the Z ....... lN pooL .. ........ I
town of equal sit e, North or Jx>uth, hotels an ('lit'" hou* ". two tar\du i iusUiVo err t 11.a.1 "........... .. OrlD..d ........ .............. 1. 11 r a I I -
piers, U 1k h Mulkiii and a lrrgrl'lallitl. tog' it Jivrly fur the Car Vi \ 1 It"I .......... .... Darwea ... .............. 111. t
number w many whwluten and .-...-... 1'0"01"'.... ...... .. .. .. I I :
i I with Xihil .b. ItevolatiouiNtJapaae ............. f.. $!!'n.a.... .......... ."... I'I. f I t }
x cycling i.i a famrite jwatime with I > L. .,... ... w. ........... 111 a ---; -
<< A marl.bAe featureat c, skin Last anlk-ti- .....-..... ... t'1 cyyIrLt.l: .... .... _.. 1 v.a
the touriita summer and winter. N.S..... .... .... -
......... .... ... .... ... .Ii a 1
IViTtuita i i I fill Nkk's of bitterns, 1 .... ... II -
i TW BMutiful Cottar. LU I Uvu the \earlr lm cup tWont -u. ... .. t-1 .. !............ I 1.. j
iruMueut in the steer' aed '1Iv" ........ ,. ; _.. .'. a .
r.ll'k' ing. I
that dare been enxrtol | ()fal.llulJJiug'li ...... ... ere b1U/a.. .. ............ .... 11 aaa a : BY LAND
e during the that art I U'iug rr.terlLw i .-- .. L.d. ...... .. .. fl SEA. i
', ol All [\pcrk u ........ .. r\.I'\,,.,.. ... .......... i a i 11 a
just yean and AN being built are f Itoiueo.I Men uf %'aptul) elf the -.... .w......... .. T1 .... .-. .... __ .'". fUll, a Short Rail Ride to Savannnah
North amiY ( ;m attv thing be wui>r ii! .> .... -.. .... .. I/S..... ... ........ a
mtdtring ftaytona a* faunms for it >t laTe )UxmwawaVrn I err that ....., u,.... .. .. J..... ..... ........ I t It .tft THENCE Via P ilit:a] Eiprt&s Stiahip J
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they are j(I Mrs :S. H. NewMMi, K\atur ....... w ra.. ..:JI... i it I a.ftft
adding Yearly to ita attrition *. beiug |>uitha>rvl i at.d ru.lly "h?ui, !. She \ ............ ..>,.k\a. ........ I" ,I FOUR SHIPS EVERY WEEK f fT. l
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l ising laroughveral BtraU (If'[ uf the uttan. U .equally LutwutH fur IS rtsTMU AGENT .. "--w"' hw'.n ana ttuntu i ".,, V- I Nd. a_II_T. -
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-, Uti Iuunllitlc.at.,.J sry"..> r !...L :f "DIXIE FLYER ROUTE' \\r !1t4...".I.HI..ttlr"... Traa .. .+... a& .IeAq" \OI"t... a.. .. 'atwrh kt.JeM)_I. }

buy otbrr i \' '': 1..cU. 1 ____
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j' '' 4' l' VV ; ..:. IN \\ .... .. .. u-lIIalll r.-KOUQ1an.S .. i
Bond ..
1<< .1. ..,. .. ,
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Lumber wait >.ru* a f ,. . t..I ;" .. 1---1'.. _
I Company ffJkj**>< pant, tmyiglt '.fI.} 'f' 1'.1 .t/ I tJ," t4.LT .t L j." ai[ i hl\a.." 11\1. \ : &4.. .. ..I. L, 4.. .. .../I$..-_
'rf LAW. : .. '. ... .. 1iA.. 'O... .
feftd Mil MI .,411,611purr. ./ 4 : I" r>. .I." ,'. ji.- t. .' 1A,4,1,> anti :<7 !hours to C'blraU. : ..U" \.Ia'. ...
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t= .4"'l.4n"ltt. ofRoUau legit at >kw Ibui >f l I ...1 il11s.lae,1 "uixii ; | .V 1 11M '
AND URESSEp m- L"1 frl t> ..t1.; ;;:. PLMR: ROUTE. !t WORLD'S FAIBITICKEIS TO :u :=.. t = :; ;

PINe AND C\'PRESj LUMBER .., .., f fort r ralluaa of L .k )I. aad ta P.. ; i i "a1a Kerr /A tt.aau '1..4It...,...,. aDd SA.hrilk.Irar ST. L.-tt..-a I. y. .-. .I..,.
hs. ,Jt t.f t f..J I ..s..t u-.n..*.. : | : LOUIS NOW ON SALE .r 11'0{ "p .. la -
Lathe I n.- r.i.breW ..J1Lt" aAd f bJ It 4: JM aayir/I1r,'! 7 4 Ai p. S1. \rriXi, Ia\'i1It..3.$ .. .. :1! _. s.. :&.--1' t ".. -.....Lrriub .
Shingle 1 Flooring, Ceiling ]trim, Limeand W&J.J Jw. sad JII 4 V "' .. .\:Ja.faLa 7 X a. m \rnr >t Loafe T. -- :. ---
: R M. \
A I.Tk.tI''IUFJ I. i at J .lwcl\iNt -
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Cement in Stock. .. _.2 \ ... 4 \rTI.It..tAaUrJtC&1..1t1 tt. .\mt O ra 'f.1ia:
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's',' k.Uu ud va... "uy I .,...cr.a...; WtC ,... ............,.... : I ..--to. tI' sC u.-'r. taa". \la;_ an-J :urth.-r i : From\: .> lira: \ ..,I!.. l\iIo. 1I1"4.c.. :;.- S... ;" -'" a. : '-:. .a. r 181.s.WI.h. ?-!S' 4
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,," 4orIi arut"1t1 al u.I.ON r tutka lA c.wood R). \oil Jw aw'Mik.i I II.IOO -.TftUtaa "&1 all tID.M a.r.a u..t 4: E. J. WALKER, ."..-.-._' u";_,":t"'l, 1\"llIol'blto..hrrii>> ;.' .......111-'N'aaIIL' -S..t:".!'OU a.. ..'004.._...-.*.t.___..._.......

t Ph.a SJ i Tt.-rIU" Q'.J toilarLthe.1Ltto I :: Florida I:, IrXIL
R. J. MALBY. Mannerv. vi for ..........,.. l.....I 4 Passenger Agent, : TIII'nJERTe: ) "kl T flKi : \ \ S.\LE.
.......... .. i ttiJa ttlr.UvL sLatt 1 | t Jacksonville. .
rig tb. Trowels' : -
.t..t.... ....................... ... m&.k.n di *uoa & Florida. J. CUS": Uatria Pa+sea tlieut.:IW F
eat .t f.Jl J;::), t.a. ................ 2' C. H. ACHE(r, .\ Nest 8-" Js.ltatt r fit.
........... ........ .... a \ .
.. . ...... S. M. ttAIO\\, feat, K \\ n. r">lOt o. '" ,.
..: ,. T. M. BIOO"-S S MURCtAN, .>,. 0.r.tj' .j,
:. }; .:>- .,.. .. l -
-' jf "' < "' >- ."i. *<_-


The Daytona gazette=news
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Title: The Daytona gazette=news
Alternate title: Ormond gazette=news
Portion of title: Daytona gazette news
Ormond gazette news
Alternate Title: Gazette-news
Physical Description: Newspaper
Language: English
Publisher: Edward Fitzgerald
Place of Publication: Daytona Fla
Creation Date: December 3, 1904
Publication Date: 1901-
Frequency: weekly
Subjects / Keywords: Newspapers -- Daytona (Fla.)   ( lcsh )
Newspapers -- Ormond (Fla.)   ( lcsh )
Newspapers -- Volusia County (Fla.)   ( lcsh )
Genre: newspaper   ( marcgt )
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Spatial Coverage: United States -- Florida -- Volusia -- Daytona
United States -- Florida -- Volusia -- Ormond
Coordinates: 29.207222 x -81.037778 ( Place of Publication )
Additional Physical Form: Also available on microfilm from the University of Florida.
Dates or Sequential Designation: Vol. 11, no. 34 (Feb. 2, 1901)-
Dates or Sequential Designation: Ceased in 1922?
Funding: Funded by NEH in support of the National Digital Newspaper Project (NDNP), NEH Award Number: PJ-50006-05
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-t. :- .
6 .
< ,.. rt ..
'. ., 'h... _.\' ., ....W".," ,}, ::.-_ "' :
WILKINSON, the Real Estate Man 'f' .


T 9a.. THE DAYTON GAZETTENEWS- :' :::-'/ '.:.;:

.. ) r _

.. 1 :;-
.. : ; -- - .
to. 27 0. IY'fT+tr. RwcYq :
All Daytona, Florida} Saturday, December 3--1"'-N.f ;.. .:';IaIa- aD.r.h ..a ."Ida... ...,.. ..
.. --- ... T i
11NN 1N.N. ----- -- - -- -- -
NMN..f.N N............ .
PRES. BUBGOTNE GIVES CUP.) practically every racing car of note rapidly being reserved for race .. ,...**..*.*.***.****************. ***.......'..i.l- **. :-

The Tempting Turkeypkntw and every prominent race driver in week. "
this country, besides from : SCHMIDT'S VILLA Izrt:
may The Blj Ormond many
jour palate Lut ; >DaYtona Interaction*
ttw fffcct will noon If got*. al l Race Meet Fast abroad will competitors.. Amongthe 5fxetl was Astoabhlaf : Overlooking the Halifax River, Dayton, Florida i
lint the dill** upon which. it Assuming Slupe men and machines that will beseen Parties along the lake front Sun-
t WM wrvrd rrmala Some Important Entries MadePresident : The hotel commands a roost attractive view in every direction
to plait or I II in the beach
dupWi races are expectedthe day "ht.'flu.out'T" attracted by a no finer location can be found in the vicinity. It ia only one IDdj
1 you long nf rf\"ard. I Husgone, with his accustomed following; strange toitedo-feliapcd{ craft, which) 2 from the ocean and is convenient to the depot postoffice, churches
i R 1 +ttiy The CrocVerywe : I liberality, has) announcedthat \v. Vanderbilt, Jr., with his was ploughing through the water at public HI buols. More sunny rooms than any other hotel in town.

; i moll ill he will add to the list ol trophiesalready "IK)" Mercedes and 'W Mors. a rapid s >ecd, and when lie vessel) II .rooms and lavatories, with sanitary plumbing and all modern Dathj s
$ w >U'n0ou. |
% +
| niorvrv-
: CUIMIIC unexivllfd( !fates ,!5" and
11. L llnwden tenet* $2 j>er day upwards.
tin offered fur of IWon, with tied the railroad dock it
err IOU look at it. It i i.* 'uUlldit-i up at was located .
i.il rates by the im-k The only Tennis Court in the city is ,
,_ crwUrjr which any \\oman ion at the coming January meet, a his "DO"and) 'CO" Iefl'edant.) not long until a crowd of curiousbjxvtatorj the hotel grounds )
t +. can l"* Proud "' at and to Cant Alfred "IK)" ODj
? i r r>*'y rely UUi cup $1,000, for a race at Gwynnel'auderbilt's !p had gathered.The .
i r ZS: 1 handsome pattt-rna and modish 23 miles ilr. llurgoyno has been F. I. A. T. driven by Paul Sartori. i btran vessel proved to be .: HENRY SCHMIDT Proprietor.

7 t" l t haj''M abound. You errliily indefatigueable in hu efforts to \V. Gould Hrokaw'H 'W(j and an auto-launch, and it was found *.***.**e+ra<...*.**+rt+..**..mt.JHHf .ml OAHMHHHMHHH
ougU to hate tome of it for Thaultgiving :
make the coming meet a pronouncedsuccess "30" Renault care, driven by M. that the had made the run through
j -- ---- and his G. IJeniiu. .....A............*..............*******...*.*.***
to earnest efforts the canal from Fort Lauderdale a :

:Jr4sOfl & Wall Company !\ more than to any other agency, will William Wallace, of Boston, with distance of fifty muffles, in exactly : THE BENNETT. *
the Association be indebted for the his "!)u" F. I. A. T. four hours, using ju>t six gallons of i

W. M. EDMONDSON Mintjer. complete BUCCCHS of the greatest F. A. La Hoche with his new gasoline. On board were Messrs. : Open for the Season of 1904-05. Beautifully!

\\i automobile race meet ever attempted 80" Darracq. Geo. D. Dewey, of Fort Lauderdale, : Located on Kidgcwood' Avenue.

1 f*..Fboa No. u. 11U North IVoch Strvet.t i in the world. H. M. Stanley, Jr., with his 90"( and Laurence Thompson, Fred Sun- : Since last season this popular !house has been enlarged to double haw

............................. MB. AND YR& HOWARD tiuiLD cm A Mercedes, which as the property last dermau, T. IP. Collins and I). P. former capacity.. I towns single or en-suite, with or without

viu'iBLEffr; ink turn'RS. winter of W. Vanderbilt, Jr., Merrill, of Daytona. The l hoot was i Private llatlw. Hot and cold water in the new part, furnace -

.ye. 1..NNN. ..........N.......H..... President llurgoyne Thursday placed the) mile record at 39s. recently built by Mr Dewey, at : heat and all modern conveniences.
td notified the Club at this place that Iou Thery) in the "$)" Richard Fort Lauderdale, for a Daytona gentleman. It
: Menu the Best the Market Affords.
Mr. and Mrs. Howard Gould had Brasier, with which! he won the) last It isequipjiod with I 1'h.:? *

mile race, open to amateurs who own George Heath in the "!)()" IW speed 1 capacity is 13 miles per houron : :
_ ) ********************************.***-****************
hard with which he Vanderbilt
and drive their own care. !Both Mr. won the a steady run, but in a dash much i4.t

_ ;'a I I Y NEW FURNI- and Mrs. Gould have also applied for Cup races.- faster speed than this can be made, !' iiufiu' fi'+j.I! tV?!ti"i!I-t!'! !'yH'i!t I1XrM _'.;;: J
i: actixe membership in the Associa Albert Clement in the ''!)(J'' Clem- :d: some claiming that it is posxible fur

; : ;TURE of all kinds. tionThe i ntUayarcl'itlebich he finished I i I I her to make a mile in two minutes. I ) THE AUSTIN. .
t- ,
following article in reference i second in the Vanderbilt cup race. Several exhibitions were given > .
We take pleasurein I Ito the races was! taken from last i J. S. Heller, with a "00" Pope, during the afternoon, after which I On the River Front, Daytona, Florida;

Sunday's New York Herald; which he expects here for the showof the vessel pulled out for Daytona, ,w Just completed, a beautifully appointed Modern Hotel

[ showing goods "With the automobile racing season foreign cars and which! may be all of the party l being on board, f with electric J.I..., furnace. !meat, hot and cold running
i.i closed in the North, owners and driven at Ormond by Baron de Cat- with the exception of Mr. Dewey I) 5 water in every romn in the I I house.

:.:_ : and quoting you : drivers of high ft]>ml machines. are el s. who returned on the evening train Itonting. llatliliig, Fishing Huntinc and Wheel Chair .
beginning to turn their attention to "S. II Stevens with his "(,1)" Mercedes. to his, home in Foil Liuderdale. It e J Smiir IVanli fid Shadnl Drives and Walks.

our remarkably low I preiurations! for the Florida tournament is learned that it is the intention of 1
t I The decision t If the Florida }:. l U. Thomas "90") Meicedes drien the proprietors of the vptM-1 to enterit I SUPERIOR CUISINE AND SERVICE. .
.. i.
a' rte. prices. East 'oast Automobile AsMiciationto \' by K.: Haw ley. in the aut -I'lIat races next February :* W. W. AUSTIN, Proprietor.

oH'ii the tournament to tin world! Henry[ Fournier with an "W West Palm 1 teach: News *> .
I /. .
\j' !1!' I' !I. I! !-'! '!f.b rbiqr.VyYia!$!
1 has been hailed with Kitixfationamong I Hotchkiss.S .

antomobilists generally andit : F. Kdge.witha I I ""JlJ{j.t NapierII Startling LMJence ............................................****.****

'11 Ir'Bin O'hmn & MaJey. is! already assured that the race M. Stock, of Philadelphia) with Fresh testimony in great quantity "THE GABLES." i

meet: mi the l Dajtona-Orinond 1 lluath, his "SO" Darracq. is constantly coming in, declaring .

.1 January .:3\ to :L 3 next, will IJ a James I L Hnew, with a new Dr. Kinds New Discovray fur Con- i Open for the Season of Jt
190405.Located .
sumption, Coughs!' and Colds!' to be *
i4 bigger event than any of its predecessors 'fA{)) Mercedes .
..... .. .. E. J. Hirdsall's "40" Decamille) unequalled A recent expression on Yulueia A\enue, one block from the Post- _
.... .... Nt ........ .... from T. J. McFarland, Ilentorville, *
rpsidntof the driven by Guy Yaughn.JUT office and two and one-half blocks from the railroad ftta-
---- -- -- C n. llurguyne, i> Va. serves as example. He writes *
-- "I I had Uronchitis for three I : tion Fine view of the Halifax Itiuer..Sunny .
: association who went to New York AJJKRU'IS CIRri years
...w )! "'!' 'Yt. .,I '-.I!'vi'!' '!' '!.'! !'!. e,' \!' A-!'!' "
the with
'! t' jierfwt arrangements for the Of American racing machines and doctored all time out .: :: comfortable rooms :Single or En-Suite Electric
benefitted. Then I began
r tournament has had frequent con- there will be the Peerless Green taking being Dr. King's New Discovery, : Light and IlnllisTABLE.

\ New Goods 1 f faiencestith prominent automobilists Dragon) driven by Barney Oldfield, and a few bottled wholly cured me." j : UNEXCELLED.

(. during the last! fortnight as a the Winton Bullet, driven by Earl Equally effective! in curing all Lung I .
r result of which several minor changes Ki:,er; the new !oil cylinder Pope- and Throat trouble, Consumption, j : MRS. N. B. MACGRIFF PROP'R.
,,0. }la,the latest fall styles of I f k idea the opening of the races Toledo, driven by A. C. Webb; the 1 Pneumonia and (:rip. Guaranteed: 1 i *************************** **************************
Jones and At wood Phar- !
J. M
by --- -- *--
!hate been derided 75 hoi>e p power .S. A.: M I. Simplex, iliaC)'. Trial tattles free, regular I Itizt'S . . . . .
l pries tanned Goods Fruits j I One of the principal changes is an driven by its owner Frank (Crocker 3;*' and $l.
_ L alteration in the course whereby and a new Ford racer cfriven by : Lone Bay Inn I {. !iJlSrafl I ? *

S sprint race up to ten miles will befinished Frank Kulick. Tor Sate |i
$ I'mliT prates $ 1.00 and !*2.JO *
'etc. new day.
IlrrlVmlrevcry, day. ,. in front of the JIt'dub There will also be a new Franklinracer llou<*e an.llot on South llidge-J; per
New Figs 20 cents ) pound.Firifrsweet :i: I house of the Association instead of I driven by John Wilkinson or wood, business lot 50x110: on Orojige S|>ecialMvkl\' i.itcs Table the beat the market affords. White 4
per 'ook.. K(',taurant ojK'ii from :5 o'clock a. in. to 10) o'clock p. m.
in front of the Ormond Hotel as W. Winchester! ; the two White Avenue, and the complete electric I. .

wrinkled Peas, new, 15c t a, can. (:| formerly. As the club }IIOUMJ i is six bteam! racers that were not completed business and stock now owned by I. . . .4y115.. .. --

J Everything need in }Fishing '1'a( kIt. at right miles from the hotel more of the ) in time for the the Vanderbilt me. I have the best auto businesson -
you | . . . . .
( racing will bo done at the Daytona Cup race with Webb Jay and Hollin the fast: Coast and the t'lIlireLu-
Ifices.L- Hay Grain and I r L'crt,"I'11.crs. .f!;' end <>f the beach than !Vfore. T.11'lmite, the probable drivers; new siness and stork is offered for sale .: A Popular Favorite : .

I\\' want your trade and can do you good." ,\. The course has just been resurveyed Culumbia! Ixromobile and Thomas between now and April 1st, 1905. .

t ...._ ,,;- and at low tide otTf-rlJ' I II racers, and the 80 horhc power Christie J.C. PKTTIMILH: / is old 1 Santa. Ik-cause lie iM i always making f
;-- straightway stretch of twenty miles. I II driven by Walter Christie. It -- -
: "E. T. CONRAD & CO. THE GROCERS. 1: I The surface of the beach, Mr.( !Uur- is believed, also, that racing cars I In\-: .\BOn' TO III ILST FROM. SKYKIIE :I p-'iplc! happy. We do a little in the same line .
than he has : : 1111.10'I'TI'( '' : 4 "ui-ehe We strive waVe
i ii better to -
goyne says, will be sent to Ormond by the manufacturers .... you happy by .
"Ilau.] a \l'rl' IIIIOUN| attack and l f.1t
..... ; I over seen it, and with the removal ofa I of the Packard, Pierce, lib lifrtil wn giant l to l.iir.t w Iwn I s ;' the beta
my supplying
'i V!'! few: slight obstacles will afford ajperf Math.esoii and loyal automobiles I II got hold o( n her Hamplrof I I'tinmtwrIutisStttmmuh -
I : nml Liter TubU-ti I 1
w tt track for the tournament. i Mr. Hurgoyne expects that there I! took n do- of tl*'in after mip|.Tan rH\t Jai f lilt lik" n 'If'111111 amid lui\- )
R\t'ISfi; C\!a> TU t'o11rETESince : I will )be at least thirty racing cats at t..fM f..jllill happy .<,.>r Mill....." WUHli I it i- rfSKiltlltollf't. Just now our offering 1i
Drink LILY WATER. aniuiuiHfineiit of the). uP-I I the beat'h, besides many mote bt H k J. W :Smith of Juhrt 'IVxan F...r l bdi.. I
floiiuu'li trmilil, nod! ..n'l"I't\ I in '
UKII HH in- <-Hio-iillv| ileaniug( quality, variety and .
Hurgovut Hotel accomodations both I
all Mr tit .
t to circa
;t enins!. "f the races I lion then iiilili'IM hnr! : no i >|'iiaiI Inl5 I ,
m And Preserve Your Health ; i I has recfi\od assurance that ., Hrmond) and Daytona, ho bays, is I : I..nl- I I..r MillI'V all 01. uultsts I I I'i+ II" There are inany Ciir .4inM gifts ia our 0

Absolutely I freed from all impurities : 3 It c c lcllEi tiyF ircilE lc c3fc ikik F c cj1'c .c1Kr c E 31Fi14AE C cjl'circ' *cil c IcjlE*.* 1 If+ I .& lletHkm of Shoe and vow certainly otigiit to .
1 I I >4 I' th 'in, We suggest that you <:all early.
'' Schant/ Alteration Process.;

by I It is t the recommended by the most eminent ;!,, i Daytona Furniture Co. I : V If V-- :

physicians to be a L pure, healthy

and hygienic water. Plain and car- ,'s., 107 North !Heach street near canal Daytona Florida. : I The Globe

LILY WATLK BATHS. MOT and 2 5 '', : ,
bonated.l COLD .t lb. Llegrlt r tght PLet '!: : New Store, New Goods,: h 1. /, .

W M. WICKING Manufacturer !; iE : i + i .:% > ,. PECK & FOSTER PROP'S. .

i oC'.:. ...;...iii,.J._..i..i DAYTOHA.FLORlnA._ ",lili_ _.i'"'I.Ii-I.-,i'li- -liJ.1-i o.!I.!' '!.".'''!'!'!\!'!) "!.! !(!'!'!'!'!'!,. /' (6 New Prices I Io :'I' .. Daytona, Florida. .

a : I. . .
1///a/e1..eeeeeee.r.rree...e............r.rrrr.... '

.., of I Water a Bit Chilly ?
iIOn1y the Best GroceriesAre ''T New Way DoingBusiness. I, '.

SS Ftfl } __ Hate to liKik. after your plumbing

'' U ./ a water! pipes running :,
.1 iS i l' right Then the bath will be a daily I ;

the kind we handle. Our rS .,p I __%.. tlt1i ght., Whatever your plomlirgii' <

= \ .., "itJtc'r or summer, we are the
prices are as low as is consistr : :
1''''11t'r pei.plto attend to them
We will be pleased to have you call and ) l
with high grade articles. : jf IM'lll} and ('f''III.llIi(1 lIy. +

[r| Dried Peaches, Apples and Apricots i inspect our stock and get prices- both for : J. D. Carmichael, I

t. 15 cents. :. : cash and on the installment, plan. .J = Phone :\o. 6DAY'TONA, FLA. w ('
-- -
S. : = New goods arriving daily from our mammoth 4P 2iE l
warehouse in Jacksonville.xn : = ,
i ) 'J!"
:'S. 'V. CAl )10IjL .. K: 1Il1.1.1 (ilfUf, Troprietor.McC +";

) .. .Remer1h",iQr ,/ -*n an d' \ oJil; .II n A Edw.rd*. M.n.IC.. ii 1

;x, The Grocer. a' |fe& x :W. ,. :I'1 .'.': I Moulding, Scroll Sawing, Turning, Inside.l'olunialCotumna ;
----:4 gets you w diRt. "\ Work and Wood Yard : ,1'otehCoataaa{ and t.1
Sf,5S..S. i I / PolU-ji }facJdo Order. '1'tw ne70. :< t19 A
.........................hh15hh551$1 ,.

-.", ,, ...:. .. :iI.j .
li- .' -w.- .. ...- r 4.ijC "
-- ... -


: -.'"
--- -- -
-". .
.- '
ft jf :Jt .. ......,..-......" ..-,......,...,......." ,....,.......
... .
..t....................... ........................ .. ......................................,.. "


;; to furnish them with poor materials to work with. It costs you too much: reflects upon the SkiI-oE the workmen. Labor;
i you '

i painttog costs money. Therefore spread the cost of it over as many years as you can by purchasing"the. most durable paints. -


!' i They are Pure Linseed Oil goods with the most lasting pigments. :1ii,;


i TeiePbone45if .. ... .. .... .... ............ It .............HN.HH.NNM.H...NH -.H.NNi NNNNHNN................... :",
..................................................N ..... .. .. .. .UU.. _:<

_._ -.-
-- n -=- l. =-. _'
--- --- _
---- .
III 1 ""In
& :ilqi: 1 "
THE DAYTONA GAZmE.NEWSPgMiabrd CouncilCouncil "roc tdiars.IbLIIDa PENINSULA SOCIAL MISCELLANY A Valuable industryDaytona in her I as Well as Men 19I/r#. Xal.ria..X. lJlillr I II i{ r'
has an industry I 1
wAre NeviDe
ErerJBetutdAJ. I FlL, Nov. 2: : 1901.1 ) midst of which very few people realize Made Miserable by H' .r./J .JJA 1 .s'Tu'. Cart ..- ,

n met in regular session Short Partrraptu of IVnooal a4 So- the importance of. We refer Kidney Trouble. I Shampoo, T;anleurt, ss.a/p I
with I'nVulent Harris in the chair.
GEO. F. CBOCCH.... PCBUSHIR. Schmdit del tventa A mooc Our Ndffc. to the Palmetto brush and mattress and facial 'll/tlllll. I .

Present A1c.It'rIDt'n.alt'y.. ofV.. F. Uotzien, at the I Want, Mol. and iup.rfiout hair re- 1
factory trouble mind
bon Halifax. Kidney upon
the preys
Subscription $1.50: per Year In Adranr. Matthews, Porter, )Hendricks( Across of the middle and north courtfti aDd lamas ambition; beauty,.db-I -inot foCI-bjr e\tlr\c\ly-...........-.. -..- ti
junction -- ----
leading NutfcM JOe Une EacbTime. Minutes of pre\iou* tufting read Dr. K. Potter went to St. Angus ) and cheerfulness w --j Iii..
iEutered p bridges. Mr. Hotzien turns out one ;1- when the J, W. Ptrk.10 Carey I).
disappear '
and tine short business LaDdl"l :: .
approved. on a trip IU .
of the finest palmetto brushes on neys are out of kid-I PERKINS &
tln'\ LANDIS
at the PuetoftVe at Daytona, Bills against the City to the am- latter |part of the \ux k. \ 'or diseased. I. .uft
the market and his fibre matressesare
Clam Wat.tIor.&t.ard".I Kidney
Florida aj Second of $1'JIM l lH'n' read and Attorneys-at-Law,
_,._._--- --- ordered paid.Ietition Mrs. f:: Hendenum made a short the best made. This gentlemanhas I 1 become that: Ills not so uncommon prevalent DELAXI. FIjORIDA. I ij I Eyes Examined F ree.I .

.3. 1004. for visit to Miami and Palm Hooch this I made a study of the palmettoand for a chili to be born Will practice (fn the state aDd rt4-rall
of II. E. Burdick R At Clark'a
t I JewelryDaytona Store
\wk.Mr.. is well posted on this valuable 1 f afflicted with Malt kid- court .,
-- --- in urk- fIe"sIf the child urinates ----- : "-
-- right to remote pint tit* > |> ::: -
And now Chicago has decided to in fruit of his jnrty tdIFirst and :Mrs. .las. Fields of In- product of Florida. i If you want a too cften. If lheI I I.uc A. ttte.art Kgford III/ -

Can't age ,Iiat Il. Fla. here for the good brush for purpose call on tithe scalds the flesh or if, when the child I STEWART & .
t, are seas In any BLY
luild a jJWrO.CKflauljwaj. avenue wa leal ani 1 the suit reaches aa ace when It should be able to : I Ice Co.:

bee the Wiody City. was referral 1 t., :Mmt ('...runiitt Tly are stepping at Jas. Ilaggett's, Mr. Kotzien. control the passage it Is yet afflicted with ;
bed-wetttnt, depend cpon It. the cause of LAWYERS, \\.w. \\'Jc L)So Hata6er.
with liner t>1 :i< t. fcl. L Taylor, of Silver lleach is' the difficulty kidney trouble, and the first I 1 I II I 9T
UK: WICK. should be towards the treatment of I Otfk iu Dank nuiMiB ?DtL.\Xf). FLA I
An Atlanta iniuit! says: "Oi ft\ Petition of II. T. Kj'mrr; lu I.I}' hobo again after a long) summer ra.1 Not a minute should I* kt wben a step these Important organs. This unpleasant Branch office over IVntoffk. DAYTOXA i 1,
lew for revival and more for fu d serer from .Mith lull of U:, I II l<.. k ill CllMI.Mr. I cliiM! ibow a itjniptoran of croup. Cham- trouble b due to a diseased condition cf the c _
U-rlain'n Cough rUnn-dy given M soon a* kidneys and bladder and not to a habit as
miuibter carries* riser lead ant! tl.! .- saim- wagrantt t.s
That was BERT FISH
to the poor. o and Mm. Fogg, who )tare tlwftilJ Uvonxhoar*-, or even after most people suppose. ..J.I .
..t if ui I Kai:.. .hall file i ,ill Women well made miserable
r prevent
level head. the croup rough apani, v as as men are -
a ... t'Cal'inLt:1'1i here l have
ndr .- slant \ ar- tlwattiuk. It n.rer fat!* and i is IIJp a- with kidney and bladder trouble, ATTOKXEY-AT-LAW t i I j'
1IlIJ and Imil'l saiiie x rvision .
9 I | rii, d and are stripping at "HilieI I ant and ugh to taU. For wife ty all and both need the same great remedy.The I ;
IVUml l'1oritla.11t'illi .
of SmitirCoiiuuitUf; I mild and the immediate effect of t.-
lilluokalaui has announced I .
Queen > idg I IE.
Is realized. It Is sold
Pfiifi.. ..f L. Ulfinui.nl I to rt'pair| Swamp-Root soon Fatalities for KiamWejr and

winUr her intention in Washington.of upending To the the city tusk at the fm>t <.f Vulnsia avenue E. Johnson is adding twenty ,I Port Orange Pickiap. by cent drucrisfet and one In dollar fifty-. Perfecting 1.001 Tithe.N PURE ICE 1Mi'k 11 1-

read moms to the :Sea Side Inn. I Horace( : sties. You may hue a i
at his own esjmwas Her Mr. Arnold will next Sun .INNNN.NNNNN.N
roods bottle mail
t'1-1 sample by I from I>i.tilUI t
:Stewart; the he hater
and the same was graHt.-.l under proprietor Bays day take for the subject of his ser free, also pamphlet tell- BOB ef .*-*.!>a** : C. Tablas Law t

auiM-rvibion of Street I'ommitU'e.Hoiignation )pect to hare a big waon this }'ror.1 I JIlfJn.tiThe Christian Sabbath." Inn. all about it. Including! many of the I I.houunds I j .V TTonT.L.W : Fur tliry Ole'O| fmal 7 to 1 i&mdaji. 4
of testimonial leers received
DlteJin' Kansas, having: grown a of .\IcIt'rut.'l11twOlitl Mr. and Mrs. W. F. Wiloox of I from sufferers cured. In: vri'.isg Dr. Khmer I I. Room 1, Unite Itlurk. 1..101.4\. .. '1'b.slit 4S

bttni[ r crop of com and helped to Mr. Winn's new hotel i is ready for & Co.. Blnghamtcn. N. Y., be sure and earn ('0\'" Nprloft*-Mood y., Tur"- Volw.U A......
vas read and bid o\er. Klmira: New York, have rt'lIt41 1 the this 1 <1.J. and W. lnr.l..T". sad Ralls N'1'or
elect a Republican president, now mith I gueots. It is a commodious) and mention paper.. - I'.yton. -Tbur..l.j., 'rW.u si4aturda .
: ---- -
Communication of Mayor f. the ...
Craig outage .r bfoson. $ If 4f
boasts the presence of a real Jack relative to sidewalk on the south I: home-like house &(r. Wino and Inr.t( pub fur &, U.t Nov.'elk. f < .... ..................... I I first Class Work.

the Ripper. I. I n. Hubbard and daughter, >fNakotna I his daughter are very pleasant peo- .t. Pit,.kln. mJ -errron..

side Volusia avenue wan read and! N. V., and Mr. llubljard'n j' I I.lt'. i fflcof Seventh' Hute Judicial Medical I'Utrlrt.Kiatulnrr. C. C. HOHAXXOX, fst< order
he Mayor was authorial l to sister! of 1 BulT.ilo 1 arrived Friday and : irUnJo./ KU.. ;oI.I. .%..... *
to the latest statistics j I Mr.J lioltfrtsnn has launched the I Physician and Surgeon.
According i idei.f .
rojH'rty owners 011 the hl>uth t'olullia > In rroManr with jA art 'ntltl "d \nVrt : C.I: .n the : I
the inter here.M. :
will spend i to ItrcuUlthe rrK-ttff of )JIlnf.: y
.e there are about aa many people in I II. II.large b,.at he built the past bummer. .
\ avt-pue| betMcrn lUilnad I rut ppro\rd May :|I. l' A. you are t*rrbynotinrO Ofik titer tl* AtwuoJ l'laarHl8t'.J'.11o.-oI b
the world a' John 1) Rockefellerhas build I. E. Herritk of (tango City. I hut the Hoard of MfOlol. ( Kiaiuln- i street, I \TII.M, FlXHtibA.No. I
and Second htrrts to n' i A Telrj)thane Company was organized .u In and for ih- KTenth Judicial Hitrirt I Daytona SteamLAUNDRY
I of the I+taleot "'Iortda. will mm at otZ- .
dollar but Pareon Jack i i. grad armed l past \\m-kand ill\\ male his ;
ioii gntd tl 1 sidewalk along their here} lat week to oj uallr forging ahead future iKHiiewith his sal, WtftleyHerrick. i I Ti- lajr, I>rrrmtwr is. li .. It Ix-lnc the w- 4
irojierty. village in connection with the line ond TuMlay (be mUDlb. i
I It. L. U HUH. Hrrrtary.MRS. HOSPITAL
-- Petition of hftel and liverymen to bo built from Daytona to Port

The battlrthip "Maine," wrecked relative to hacks was nod l and the I W. A. Hraggelt has M the K. I Orange.Mr. New Equiment. Trained Nurses Phone 8. i\. Beach SI .

m Havana harbor, in to be raised l !'&lnt"'a:; referrrd to Ordinance 'I C. R. BURNS, Comfort, quiet and privacy.
I. Keatin place on Valley strut to I IWIamy of flake is shipping Ambulance carriage service. A Pleasant
and towed to Coney Ittland. A com- Committee to rejlort; orllinu: }(- Dr. E. A. Hebanl f I Mirh.V. Trip to the;;
<< pany of enterprising Americans baa Petition of F. K. ('114' relative to
I \ J. Gamble, of CaClIidl.., at :Sheriff: Turner in Sunday ha* opened herDressmaking
;i purchased the wreck for 5,000 alley was read and I a cofnmilttt was was: town World's Fair
} H. H. SEEITE A. M. H. D.
rived this u tk with his family ami
1 -- apj-cintrd( to iinetttigate the -*Ubihhtnent } : shaking} liand with friends. I Ii I Par.ors ,

li of and they are nn-cupying their !iandiome I II Ii I : Physician and Surgeon.IttW III i mi Atlanta. Chattanooga, Lookout
alleys report. Mr. Lind of Charletoir! Mick i is
Meetiajcof> Educators i; ,
n>*5dence on the river front. I in the Atwood Block. and rw.'I ltn The Southern Educational A6jJ'i- Petition of property j owners to ag- i| a guest at the Hardeman House. I Hour 7 to >1a.m. toSto8p.

ation will meet in Jacksonville on irate sewerage R'toit'U1 was read 'St'minoll' I/nlge; ," Mrs. C. II. I -- -- TtJfj'! 'uNo "f5
.. Mrs.J { and I I Du
Hildy son are guea.tat
{ December I'U, M and 31. .and it was decided l that the i-oiinril I II Hurgman, proprietor has oj-erw l'II! its i I Ii I New Harness Central
I i i the Port Orange l lJouo..e.i nj
tees for the winter visitors and ,
Association as a commitU of the h"It" circu- we fOLEnIlONEY TAR

will be merged into this laU a drfmite j 14 titian among the predict a busy NWOU for one that is i i G. W. A. Peck, a former resident- I II and Repair Shop. I lit,cAU4I9., t wet air. Mt ._....s Double Track. '

semi-annual! convention, and has qualified l lx.no1 tlcrtoratr awl get as ]<<)|Hilar a loi: ttH as Mrs llur i of Port Orange, was in town Sunday.! -- -- -- .
.... .0...........t 000000 T ,, .
S.J5. ; sad R s0
abandoned the bignaturt to bate an eiigiiiH-r conic Intn.TIu: tramimlj. Lm.
K consequently meeting 1 Monday etmeAl to be Port Orange i
J. A. ERICKSON: & CO., : DR. BRUSHI'lIYMClAN : pm. .. with 1'.II..u S'lfffNtg Can bus
at Miami which was to have been to get et>timatt* Colooades Hotel will open for day in Daytona. Mr. Gesner, Mr. Atlaou! aad J-k oarilk .

held the tame date The action of tin Council at their the winter >x'a*>n on New Tear'sday. j I Carpenter Mr. Tufbmy( and Mr. II.fllJIOhf'Ct( n Han_.. nn
a. The secretary of the Southern Educational meeting NOT 1 Jtli relative to placing i and Mrs Mil burn were in that city. on North .......h trvt I Dartl.nu at Stet .. i Tt-n- -10 nay--r_",. ,_'h-EiotTMon Txi-

Association eiecutive com- of el 'x,trie lighte was mrinded .-nd of Diiiltlb I hriilKf. All km l" nf fl f : its -n _ale J.a..b: Tuesday and Thaw
I lirll"'" I I. n.II a SI M laity! :
Lat ueek Mrs. J. C. Nokea I
mittee Superintendent R J Tight, and the rt'1.orl (Street:: l'ommiU.-c The Kirial at the Parsonage! Friday gave l Harness and Leather ( ioodtv > 0 _.. 0BRUSHi day During Noverobar.witConclie nroa ;
- -- .
a pleasant card at her l
Las announced the securing of low placing one light at Fain itawl evening was the awund me very party I'Df'I! rand :-;1i.ies madt- aDd "'ll aiiv winter tee.I4'JK'e.
rate from the Southern !W>enger (>atona strut, one at half way on given this MXWHI and wan quite a I Call on UA m tk-n nantint anything in Zi ----

Wing touch enjoyed by all our lin*.. I'or full inf"fluatilln. rate and & ?.
First half Third wirct-ws ;
t Association of Railroads, and an effort avenue one way on i Wm. JoItDS pent a few days : i

will be made to secure often avenue, one at Lire Oak and Palmetto prernt.After. : in Oak Hill. ..IIj.V'ORK
concefehiorw from the I/JOHIH and I ---- 'I \? luTIJlr,1; ""111)0' : Fred D. Miller
Florida railRays :avenues one at in
a pleasant summer spent II ,
I S. Fred the land- .
that will insure a very large i'almetto, one Ce lar and Palmetto their Iowa hone Mr. Griffin and Cummings, new o.'I")1'lt.. I U I'.1. S< \" it>\ .
eon 0. A. HITCH Tra\elinjc Passcnfcr Aftfit
lord of the lapel Jarkhonville ,
attendance from this elate one east of railnad on South street, lave rt'turnnlilue for the winter. I j l. went t" IN...N.000...N.00NN0I \"> 1 \ l'M.r.-:t Atlanta, CsLouisvill !

The program, made up of the on corner Second axriiue, and Main Their many friends) are delighted toM { Monday on l business.V'Iwn Di\Ir In

most eminent educators of the street in Midway wasaccepuTreasurer -*!. f FoLFYlloNErrAiChris
them hack Mi-w Elizabeth
again. -
1 \ want 1\ lfo.sant nrgativetry GENERAL ,
i MERCHAMDISE. Mdsi Prints 11..1.
South, will soon be in circulationLIlClTIVECOMMinEE and City Clerk were in- Jriflin, and l her friend, Miss rbmulrlAin'p> Stoiii.-i.lj an>l Liter a & Nash lle

btruct-*! to rejmrt) at nut meeting ll rtLa llall tt will l le down for the ,, duce TaW&.no-U.nau TlK-y"-u ar, griping ta-y to or tale other an
J W McClung chairman, Tampa; on the condition of it names. I hrnwln alxiut the middle nf DemnThanksgiving I gn+.aU4. ..tf., t. For ..a1o> Ly' ull dru lri"L4. I.iiiris H specialty, al..,.. lap) vilk- : J. R. LA SHA RAILROAD.

HIM Clem I Hampton, urcretary President Harris appointed l on I lit'r. I 1(0)111.ltE( : ( 'KAKS; : 0*HO"' '. rLOR01.Ilertric : k

Gainesville; Mia Kowenna Long- special| coin liiittte AM,'nnaii Porter Contrary to the Puk I : \1 l Contractor.Iluu"r Fastest!! Time and Eiuel Senior to

mire, Ikrtow, Mina Carrie Urevard, Sthiuidt and Maley.J. wrvirea were held "Bertha will you kitu alwajil + alllo.iabiNORTHEAST

Tallalasw, T. F. Owens, Lake \\' WU.KI'It'rl.. here laU Sunday with a large attwidawv '- Will fuu tLhik +
day and dream of me ly Ill< --. City Bert FUh, IX Land:( W. D.Cam. --- -- There were no services on Will my name I* t-ugravrd on jour (;James. ('r*' tf"41 l Whites, Ch i ++ ++ AND
: '. +++itt+t+tt+++++++++++++++
Ocala: \\ S. Cawthorn. I>e Thurssday.I1ae. Lmrt like a Loe nUru ou a billboard I I I",IlfOIi i, Tarred Plymouth Hocks NORTHWEST.
Fcniak 'lklu 1 uiia li''me inane| Ili tiuhtiiuts! Will you curry tuy tuiaicf Ito you ID White
leghorns. Exhibition
Spring. daily at iramling Hakerv. I lour niln.1 bil. you are doing the I S. H Gave Tbroofrk Pullman l lira+iajf Room fd"P
Committee on Reception and En. t. You Rooms to Rent I I'.irU: f f'.r sil<4 I llggi: in ...ea", >n '
hOUIM'WOf i"v\lnf\ i Utoet or doing i lag; Pars Jn.m J\t IXXBirmingham. \1LLE 10
t The liazi-tU'-News is almost '. N ,rth I 1' ,i. '. -' IM '. t"II.1, "
krtamroent, Membership and lUdg- I daily up jour buck hair Mj darling plnul ? .1 \WHITU r |BIII.llt.11( AM) C'U TKU1"1JII.It .

N, and a Bureau of Information : in rMtipt of letters from Northern 1 fur all of jour tliixI to I ask too ."' Irn.w and jffi---.. Dj.rtb'ut corner ofRI Na>hville, Evansville
I i .
mucbrAt -.- -
bate \Un appointed. Jacksonvillewill jK-ojile reting sample: copier or h- spoke tbem paMlonite words .. -- I".w", ")tJ ail i \ .iu.a avenues ('Lie.,.;..,. $t. Louie, (Pea cola, .
make every effort to g \'e the AversOne I the p jiaj-er( that they may look up Jubu ."'Ddt'f'Jutt't' took ber .oft cling I I'L; 1Jp 1 Pajt'ina\ Florida.FOLEYSHONEMWR. Mobile .in.I New Orfeaa

visitor a guod time. : the boasts and ro'11\01 for n-nt in the liyc hand In bU bam-Hke fin and itrokej THE Bf T i
It a few timed wblle be waited for Finest Dininf t ar .orriN: ta lbefkwihElegant

I city. They also ak for infoniiation I ber ana Wf'f'. r .lop. th. cough a..d b.al.luD.a rr.. R.I 4'lDil! < rMIt fan.

Nw testa Mlle to Key WestOn : dose of Ayer's Cherry ;, which it is impossible in many in- *lve.r John" said the t.satitul young I n Rout of tijrChicago

Pectoral at bedtime prevents sLaix-cs to supply, owing to the lai'k tblnx at last a smile lighting up bet N. ERICKSON
Wednesday the railroad com- night coughs of children.No I ..f knowledge of the availabe rentsin fair aDd dhltC.'Jo.1nr the four" dollar all t Florida. Limited.t
lax In her trout tet th, you know I
im 4 ion, application of the bronchitis. A I
upon croup to"n. lore jou. but do you reallz wbat you Cabinet Maker and !I'. sun your tn, 'lob real ti.. the L 1
Florida Eau CUat lUilway granted I bate afckfel? I ahoald ja.t Ion to do
The Garette-Xews al Y I receives I \. For ftotI. .. 1..1uIiI1. sad full
that road tU Cherry that better than anything I ran think WOMEN
foar-ctut- privilege of charging a I many calls from i*.,r n rile

ir- mile passenger rate Pectoral nuns and es[ ...-ially for member of the union and bj KJ rule IT EO. E. I HERKIXO I ,

Utnten Hou e6tad, the preix-nt terminus we are forbidden to lore a man for If JUG are nerr. .3 af d tied out I' 1'11 andID.|.. > ..
light hlu't'lt..pin! People ha'iagfurt1i M tnile, 1 | turrT.a.i. Florida Agrot
and I more than eight boon a daj conl.noalijr v a I Law no .
Key West, Mys a Talla- doctor's medicine for all ht..l l houses, furuishcd rvjoins, jlnnr.tra.nff W. Bay M .rarkft; 'nville, FUG.
has re dispatch.The affections of the throat, bronchial and thII.4'with Potiiak Esphnatkn.what I ,"-!"tin female tr> uI *& I' ...: Ikla.nngt" u* "m>hi>rtnotkx
am1Cl1l11ll' with Imarvl
; ( L. :STONE\ Liie0.
pawrnger rate on the line of : tubes, and lungs. Sold: made the tower of Plaa lets r /o not wait until yoe suffer nnlearable ..t ra.i' .t' Pt'TIt ,
the Florida for over 60 years. rooms fitted fill light housekeeping uktd the teacher.Wai : lain \.f ITX a trktn' tnBt. < 'tapAt' l'l" DIl.1t..nl.. Fia.FoLEYfioNErT < ; Pii:. .Igt I..'UI,\ Illt. Ky.
Eaet Coast Railway now ..... .,.... ... luu nerdthe of ( arluinow -
t .
would do well
-I ifr't 1 rrf |V __,, just u ttmh u If the treble
in operation is thrwj <'tot81'tr centsper (r..I.darht..r.. N f.r_... .k4 r-.M..p.n.11 Th.r.h.a'.ru.. f..r rkli.1. advertisement' in the columns of this tfkrrl a little girl in the back were amore drvel l li>1.1 and tie tor Pint Pi+'. J.D II .
mile. The drr.Y.a n 11,11',111&1he.IoJ, At* .hl of S.4ke ..
railroad duoruVrtd RtJ.IIN.cllattt.
commission turner lount men
,r !9M/IM! I ".fUATI "XNight ( it would \he wen by --- eto..the cough aa4 hew .. \1tlcrl III" _
itruatiun, beann I. b..I that
allows the higher "" .'+.rt.... 1..11 III... iio n &ins, luntfJ I \. ,1\ II. '
{ rate on the exten- r 0 r visitors and th*e intending to cometo sign of Youth.'Prow I leucorrLtea Uckacbe andache brad- ++++ ari.rd.ur.tu. -"i: .II tn. ;;b da, 011"-...
++++++ -f .
ion, because the I dri, + +++++++++++++++ \ 1 I l will jivrul ya M
work of extension sere uHI U> tin unfailing taaa
Daytona for the winter. Such advertising oM 1. Mia Jwikar"She + "unt. I. .VlmiriMnitfc! *
will CoughsKeep relief UotWine c I< Cardoi l' tb. rtu* U l.-.n. .1.,. l-d t tk.Haa'
very expensive, and the road moat be pretty younj. I beardber La I. )I..tttry..I. ),. .. \"Iu.saC8fJS
is not ensive, and it I brought hundreds of UkMuaad .1"
1 \1111 traverse exj telling wbat the man moat t* like of w \nj ,.. U 1.ktrids.ant r.lf,," shnaldttaa'V1.aW
men .
an un *ttl d ? : bring Ton The
The country the bowels open with one of will certainly reach the Uople you whom the would narr* Wine of (' rdni will drive oat Nassaj.Jls .1ad..I.tnt.. : rI'sytoaaFlUrJr, Junr7 ......
question of Arof'3 Pill at bedtime. lust ono ..
constructing a all PualaswW
T -- wish to see. tra.* of wcalum and Uuuhutrvoui + ." J.-HX U
railroad to Key W tat has been cone - PLEASE YOI'R F.MILn+.! r4k LaJaoL and Wkaiie I + / ui1nl/UStN- --....

wdered in railroad circle for wme ...................N.....N.......N..NN...... house by fn-m and rrr nt the irmrtomi + +.+ Notke.
; .i preserve your pah.ttingwith quxklr dt eljmc tuft Jan. : N. Beach St. .
years, but this i i. the first official information L A: M. Paint. Its lead with troo'.itt' that wiU tot' hard + + Xotlce a. lIf'r' t>% K.\"H hat "I tt.oaWafterdateo.
f ( : to ch.xk ST urc a 11 1 ()) U locking to that end. zinc n-chaUable. Mfticjsarer. Wine of CaNal Wa .. Jt A D..1'4D.i. I alit yrr.rhttsyuady

} Edw. G. HarrisPHOTOGRAPHER Fullest measure Talcs least deal's dues not ki't.'p it, ind.TOOT the I Sands J \ t'eUt 1't.' orrtlOll.*.Mimlul d.cf.<.r...-(.l. I.. thO' fVo4a Ht."J _
i i mroey to tie Llift' I at sad ... fMnaafi
.JTiLq '"a Count KlorlUa.
Ue-Kew,, on account Call on R. S. :\hl l.I Drp't.The Clatt.t.nIt'i i, )le4iclnt d/seb.rv. .. u. .. ad..llal..ratrtL1'lt4"d
of the Ormond-Da tone. automobile I Co., t'hattan.Iga, Tena, and themedicine *+ I'nul'RiFTOR.Mels : I tot vtb .1.., .,f Jul,.' 'alotaa.J 14H .

ruse, will occupy the centercf i : I Real LsUte. wul U stmt ToA.Wl 4* at all hours from t* ---.. ldmtstUslrl.....-- ....

the stag the fir st monUi of 19<(.5. *
: I :Sturm house for rent frt.ni $J'UIIi 4 .
The Gazette-Newt t 40 .am M fl ln Ocean House
knows, however, : ''t0 : p ,
Peck Block 'Phone 91 -frio) for six months.! + +
exactly how to do it and Ii +

will be left out when the story nothing iaI T hoarding I OUH ; for the NI'a..toOn- i+.!.++t+!+t-++++++:t!+!+t_+tttifoLEflKwETc 1 F. W. SANS. Proprirtor

finished.-Palm Beach Kewa. I 1t'1t'u to fourteen nom i e.JlallJ I IMk Rats U.OO I..r Ilay I aad LPTrard
NNNN.N............. ii .
3 NNNNNN NN N N.*4 R, L Slim, Aril J c,r.l sal t<> it iti.itr lt I
.. KWMrs aM Bta4dI
.. lW SYYRS!,


... _
'0# > T'" "c-


t cgs-


::s AND RECORDED F. 12. Bond, of De Land "* *" I BM 1 1i RC T I l'1' .! .....
was a (0. n. 0h'ver..sad
,, Daytona visitor wife left for The Pickertfin high claw raudc-
": Wednesday.N. Rahw:,, N.-J. fora abort ,tact. vine all next week at the [ AN'Consumes r ltiers
r- Budget About Peopto Daytona. M. Bennett of De Land was in T. J. Johnson received a span of house. A MATTER OFREALT!! IltJovtd _

ji i of More or Leu on business a few days this spirited bay horses
Our Readers. week. Wednesday John Alexander Dowie, the "un is than oMsUlffth* fad otter tot f require to beat < room tIt

'\ To Fine T. J. CordU received an auto kissed" prophet from Chicago, lus n ill bold fire tbirty-ali boar, tad with ean-wo,1d trice go oat

i? Ynj, the tuner 423. at jewelry, all goods guaranteed from Springfield, Mass., tterday. invaded Florida and is, now st< r- Will bans (Up*, sbaricM, bark roof, cons eob+ or
I Clarke. jewelrytore.. cord wood, and ITM nsortt iq,feM drew 634 ..4ta4s
t..; salt ping al hotel! f
ala and Ferns for Fancy china a in Tampa. The pet.-
John at ClarkV 11' fc a p-r tbaa any stove ever Bad
US Beach street. Arnold, of Richmond, Ken- pie Tampa have the sympathy of 81 the patent Inttbod of tatlag the air from U. top
I f tucky will spend the Mrs. J, 11. Cook arrived Thursdayand .. abiGhat.1-J
**. winter in Day. the balance of the state.Be were urea prtlrctAlrfgbtfeatergtvlaga
3 ( received' a fine new ton* i is stopping at the Hotel J>sPland. control) of the flit. Oar draft Urisf obtaised boat des _>
Jlast. She sure to call for Hot Rugs a tQnuuliug'lI rtuiiiic turrtotii, a likli an foil ol fiBporiUc, Wd+
J. A. Erickson owns a cottage on tl.<*> b atfr the U.t of ventilatro Tbt air befog
,1 '- 01 De Land was aPr was over from De Hidgewood. bakery. Fresh'every gradually heated ..I it pam U ro>jb UM drat pipe cad
looking after his morning at o'clock. t tbfrMorr enters the tn at UM right tflDpua.t.tlrt, KJppV
ifitor this week. : business interests nt this The Daytona Ice Company i is out I I ipg the proK| amount of oiyntn to prodoM aDd isai- '
place. with The Pickerta in high vaudeville tamp a ir| -rWt rumbuetfoo, and saving M t Lad wig spent i Sunday See the and a wagon newly painted and ns grade 4kiN6 I I our darn|"r, w. bar ruaiplct control of tbs Bf.. Tw
\6 this new up-to-date line bright aa one of Cache: Sain'n will be at the opera houseone hot: air draft coming from stove tgnltrt and etililM as t
ota at placet new
, of Men'a Caps at Moore BI'tIR, silver dollars. week commencing Monday, ::1l----; : curl all tl.. trains !io the stove which In other ttorH gee
cards floral I I to kaktr. Tbuexplaina wbjtU Wii oa coa-
Tally I Decembers
... Mrs. A. J. Liflge( Palatka, arrived tAt Gratuling'i The company is a POWDERHotel t unK"s lOUt)h I I.*. Slit than oilier stoves and .U tl -trforc nor coaomicalI .
. .designs at Clark a. Wednesday Bakery you will good one and deserving of Itmr.- I I Tin iiM'ciianiralroiii'lrurtinnitf our l water bojil>rto Impro BatlHtfa 1 BO* aa ., "
morning and will always find the best that's ; _" (..., weLnovr bow bolted through
very to be I near [ t as to make it. Our east iron rIpe cellar y
4 "ittith, of Richmond, Ken- spend Borne time with friends this had. age. lh tip to rant Iron ring nihlrrn tho nmle a perfect and todVatractibW joint

it pending; .{ the winter inuuuty place. An exceedingly handsome hole I whit h will not rust oat or tJO''Ufllt' runty from condensed] mobtorr.! We bat
c The first : MrvnjftlM-iMtiourotovr HttUrantrlbow bj platinjf a cut (iron plat. around the
( M. K Gruber, of Palm meeting of the Palmetto booklet descriptive of the "Colon .-lt ow, ou the in.ilr l of the L.- t.'r. This part of tile heater will but aa long a* anyotber
t Beach, a Club, for the season will be held on i nade," the portion of tlw ..to1'Iw *t top
Oray"iIIlauM n Confirmtf member of the firm of the Gruber- Thursday" December 8th 2:30 popular re*>rt at the Arrival girra.full pnittiou Ui tin uut"i.1ta l l>()(),. All our \Vibon' Heater will bar m
Sc )IIIrr's Church on Tues- Morris( Hardware Co., of this place at p. "City Beautiful" has been received The Gazette-News this week inaugurates fAAt iron swan g lid.
ra. Grace .
I) '
'Gilt( at 3 p. in. was in town Wednesday.High.grade Bingham, Sec. at this office. It is really an artistic a new department of ho Sold Only by R. S. MALEY. Daytona.
Henry J. Kaiser has his piece of work. Messrs Kimball
.:' photograph A tel arrh'alt.11 the hotels are not

)\wm, of Marshall llall, tablets with envelopes 1 building on North leach Faunce, the proprietors, announce yet Opl.'U| but it is our intention to .....N.................o/d.N.N..*.***........*.*.*.
.,iited Friday and will occupy to match at Clarks. street nearly completed. He has that their house will be thrown them
avery open fast
us us they are o| ,1Bpe ctr's house on North Horace Stewart has built a twenty neat and cosy place. to the publicon New Year's day.LOST. ed. BAKER'S STUDIO, i

F erect room addition to the Seaside Inn, at The Johnson Brothers are push .-A jed leather covered I DK.S: 1'LAXD-A. ( Gordon Mm and 2J2 SOUTH BEACH STRtCT.

B., StiUm4n arrived last Satur- Goodall, making the house much ing work rapidly on the repairs to memorandum book, on Ridgevvood : Misr)i Uonlon. llaittrJurillf fOOD, Mn J ... Tine__. Portraits._ u [Developing_ I and Printing, .. "

i | will again take charge of more desirable for th/ accomodation the Grand Atlantic Hotel. This or Live Oak avenue or Beach ...trtlit.l B r.aw,1'roridener, U. I..MranJMr L t Photo .sl1Ppli l s Souvenirs, Etc. :
blouse Mrs Stillman of guests. C Lazurd, New Orleans. La., Mr E Dlolton : '
i I house expects to open in a week or l Reward for return of same to Henry ilil t DAYTONA. I -LORI DA. t
\uulw W
1.oestf. later W. F. Uotzien came back from two. Schmidt at Schmidt's Villa. hiss James,\Concord, Ma.t., ''., Mm It J and II ...........................oe.................. ...... .

I fore Bros line of holiday the Tampa Fair last Saturday. He 'Huyler's candies said J. MOBTIMER SMITH. CooL, Brooklyn, X. V.. Jamr Dawmn ;
.,. I now on exhibition reports a fine attendance at the fair fresh shipment, just received at, The Palmetto Club have again New York, IVnj Hoffman, Bremen, Germany . . . . . .
and I A tsttiurt, De Land Mr and Mrj + .
of Michi- a varied lot of exhibits of Florida Clark's. placed the citizens of Daytona under Miller, Peoriu, III.

'JJA.laherwOOtI She will products. obligations to them by donating a .
Mrs. Seagrave: and Mrs. Bryant, of Tim l'1NEa-MranJ: MM S Smith,
.. ju winter with her sister Pecan Trees for Sale;;Home or Cleveland, and Dr. Terrell and lams number of galvanized: iron "rubbish"cans 'hiladelpbia, U 1 and"krk. Montclair, X. + .

:jLB ohigton.jhfclajMrs.Heed. Columbia and Past ,varieties thin iI ly of' the same city, are uccupJingadJollllug for the use of the public. These J., Jaw.I'la Kol.ler. (GaiiH-Mville.DAGood.: .
,.,. shelled and early bearing. : cans take the place} of the barrels year and nife, Saratoga, WI"n(! A Good- 4f
[ of Hastings, cottages on Magnolia av
Chicago. +
the arrivals 11-19-1'm!) ? K.: N.11'aldrun.Mrs that have been in use some time .
r"( were among enue.H. Place[ your rubbish in these recept- THEGA: LF:'-;- trt! FM and 'apt J1v

; They are occupying Sallie Wilcox Weht and Master i i Y. Thompson and wife, of acles and keep the streets free from Iteniwtt Mackitioc Ulonjn, Mr andMrs "Frenzied' Finance"is ,

Wr', residence on North 1 teach Warren Wileox, of( Paris! Ky., Bridgeport, Conn., arrived Thursdayand the litter. I A.Luw, Grand Rapids, Mkh., C M + .
\ Shatter, ColumhuH. 0.. Louis R IWtanu
1. are spending the winter in Daytona are at home in their cottage cor- I n popular with American peouo -
You Cincinnati 0., Krnettt: H and IwnardulMTt
and can always depend on .
I is are stopping with James Wilcoxon ner Hidgewoxl and Magnolia aven .. and I find that the clothes I
Kitchell building n comi First and courteous treatment when dealing Paris, III.. 'apt Frow, Miami + + at present,

i collide on the peninsula! avenue. ues. at Gramlings Baker *. THE: IIOWARI5lr) and Mm Rockwell a;) making are popular with Daytona peo- .

V opposite' nJ.tollAt prt'*. On Tuesday, Dec..
'4)1r, aDd Mrs. Mitchell are guests will open Salary's Hall on Orange among the late Daytona arriv The auto business this year is a )non, III., Mm. C. C. Whitteri, Grand) '' + t!: )r me**iren and in ten days deliver to
(! little more brisk than last A Inpidn, Mich.. Mr and Mm i L II Allen I I .. )
year. ticm! ixrfect( fitting and l
There )
I it.It lk Bennett avenue. will be a public reception als. Mr. Schilling has: accepted a. a :
large number of machines have 1Vooslt'r, (II\""., MrN J Wl Sitr'IinKtone.tls '
at 7 to 9 p. m. All are cordially position with W. A. flea J Per> the arrive I I1 0r
l Tlffll
_ttTut J. IL Pienton, Dentist, Peck: *], among the late arrivals beinga I. :; Thoroughly Satisfactory Gasment
,opposite South Ilridge. 'Phone invited. C. W. ARNOLD. Hector. North Beach street barber.
r handsome auto car belonging to THEOAK.S-RW: Ikuth and wif., I! liner
.. 11'antedA I; small furnished BaKer's Studio and Mrs.I Chat H. J. B. Moore. Tourists are also buy 't'roy, X. Y., MM F Oi'is) -nhofer, JlrOOk'i' t I vn.uld: be most happy to show you my

...a:3.Chamberlain arrived fromWe'boro house for two months\ January and Hums, drcsamaker, have new ads in ing. H. .\. Bereman has bought a lye, X. Y., MiM I It M I'lunte, : FU tuple*. :

.(.. ,, Vermont, last week, and February, 11$L;. State I particular*. today's I'a1K'r. I Both of then housesare l'nion of J. C. l'ettepher. The new : Y., \Vm U Gentry, Cbkago. I 0 : ( 'turning, pressing and repairing attended men'sur i
'women's I to
/ :: ) s garments promptly
[:wO open the old nod popular Pal- HeCcrencc (urni heJ. Clifiord( Creen- deserving of patronage and it machine id exj>ected to arrive iu a Tin: lIeS: Irr-f B Xerin, Sew 1 i t

iitt&b. House about the middle of nan, Wilmington, Del. will }jay you to call on them. few days and enthusiasts can look : Yutll l Roliertatnl Miss Jenkins, 1'itUIHIIV : I + R. L. SMITH I
I II ., Min. S Thorj*, la'II'.k', X. .
t, month. The writer was out again the forepart ;i "Waterman's Ideal Fountain jien' for something swell. Frank I: Atihley, East Orangv) X. J.. J..1

x.Ili.,. .tad Mrs. Qeo. II. Mourue, and of the week with Mr. Deacon ona I positively guaranteed, Ueo. H. '. and }ln111Iit.dwtl.tiLury I'ark, X. J.SCHMIDT'S \ Phone 104, Peters Blk [ DAYTONA.

Fuller, arrived from Juliet, IlL, h'hing trip. About forty pounds I Clark, exclusive agent. Robbed The Journal OfficeS I + .
VIU.A-Cha Wartran,
.- I \ . . . . '
flight and will spend the of the finest fish in Florida waters J. 11. Fitzgerald and wife, nnd1iK.'i +mte miscreant who was no re- K;".eJi, Conn.. F II 1'enoi, I Itoiton, Mass ,

iW with Mrs. Monroe mother, were caught in a little over two sjH-ctor of Arsons forced! an entrance J X Maxwell. I'itttlitinr. I'n. W C Olden
May Pennelton of New Yorkarrived
L-"':"'se\e, of luugeworxl avenue. hours. into the Journal. office Thursday New York, E: M I \\111 I....Springfield( DAYTONA TRANSFER CO. ,
: and will
l Thursday, occupythe I Get F stirs, taw 'i ileAxon( :tSt .\IIKUN'
and carried off
'TaIl and Dinner cards large J Hurd'a! !' Panama Fibre, the latent George Heardsley cottage on night a Waturbury tine, M EGruUr: Went 1'ulm. IIo>6.\h. XV c', E. JOhNSTON, I'roprietor.
&r. ..... ) n"JO. watch and |!UWJin( cash. They also
in stationary at Clark's.] Orange avenue for the winter.C. Kirby rush wile, New Turk,; F E: l llond,
Rubber Tire Carriages Fine florae Careful Drivers
i took revolver from the Halifax
a Ih Ijind. II It Ix-rrke, S.1rnm.ah Ga.,

t: F. Hathaway ar- Tho East Florida Telephone ('0. S. Haigh, formerly a resident Printing ('II. next door. Don't leave E: .' KVniHtly) t' XV Downer. II I E Hark- XX'e arc well e<]iiitit|
r &turday from New York.4lewd lufTt'rt'4llJya firo Friday morning.trough of Daytona} has been spending] a few such large laying around louse' .liiiiM-r, J M I Smith, J It Flynn.. Jiu'k-
sums 'Hum* iiMft all\ train aud take | i *-it .""er to any part of the city.
f Mr, HathawaY I is an enthusiastic auBobnist tho supjtossod crossing of days the past week on tlie) East Bro. Steu-ns. It's too much of a Honville,.Mrnnd Sirs F M I GOIHT, South Trunk dflivervd promptly. S.abksoppositel'uh' he School.: l 3

and has been instrumentil wires the line running into tho cenral : Coast. Mr. Haigh is at present living temptation to cracksmen. No dueto Carolina.TROY m

|1. h doing muci good l for the sport office was burned! out. The cable at Cat Cay, Bahama Islands.! the j perpetrator has been: discovered l1or( .:-I X Hattttt and wife Telephone 27

f h hatirt1. I pole, en* arms! and all werodestro'oo. I "Ham" Smith lho has been in we understand. Wellington, 111., A II IVrkfnaih] wife,
Danna) wife i ainl
r.- I Sherrill daughter,
.1. Bttford* "* Deaconship f four Ixii- Repair work is being i Daytona for the last (few years, is in .- -- Hoo|.i.ton. III., Will .\ Donald, Mornia, FOUNTAIN CITY PHARHACY s

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