,ut'4'II.I11! of that State in which bt> moat be here. tl8ld that in ail lntancraUwt State While It Is Yet Possible.A 'Trnl 1 hit ciA. .toe"1".64"';Ut' wt..,Ea. .
hall (H rhoMn'Inu I can recall they did acquire a Air tI... .
Strong Letter. | UAlvJ t.ltti .. t" ,r..
''riinjH it? k constider what I* citiienablp" and the &ectary quallfl -- .

ra.'aiit h HO .inhabitant of flute Th.-se oral Ii'.ulat..t ,".t isTUtt .
> a utloM before
uptrlr to office
., Trtaha.ere: May E,1 19u1 ,!... II >".ur In th.' i .IM' of Ilalley of Massachu
The piwky truuUr makers
results of the t
. f r.. ."-'1111 who way fU-cttM a fUprt entatlv Would Unseal Cluj.a No atID1: prlt .ary. Am nwily bud t<. t*.l J
held June 7th will be the nxtmomentotu TruU bui.
r i aver fur .Uc. luc
4 \:. SMOOTH RUN011 <> from hat iJtaif while he wa As I bar already) stated Congrt' in th<4r tfltxt ou the ;.> Art! alt ..t ,.,...I.t"" ,. \, '",

t t clerk in th. iw-partmt-nt of State m being the tae judge/ of the elect km tlltc.l cud taduMrUl futlilIf Florida lie.th-u y..u h."f I Urnthru II IolLlr., .
\\'a..hln.u and I rl.w: rte iw mire.Ilut .
mporarlly realdltiti
SOUTHERNRAILWAY and qualification of It. meottx, could{ of any political co&U..t evw rail...1
In that < in while m charge! of hnoffii
heat or uad eat Mr CUrk with loipu' In the South Irhau row Ia well twlallydNlth
ia ,I lull.... th<- t'" n,;n.w of IiiCi.itr thr.a I.'..... ut, trtth t",
ally I am clearly of the opinion that May lith wltt.'M.M tht opt-rrllu a &1- ,t+.Ir at.wt tu10 ,... J
I di 1"1."< hid: tt.at be was not
If be were elected to Cocgrr, th e of oue of th @f'ltot ktupendoui auddarlux Ar..t h.u a urliMt 'oJ gu j

T. I rant t to u -,'at Mu'rary. on Ciecii.d. State officers would not be authorized. taunt ev*r m.du by uinitlwealth +.t 1lduwlaEd. .11t4f a.GU.arr .1.,
rt. The \'ft. i. DlJ wry "tr..t.I '.. .
YORK ASHV1LLE and ".1';" ra> conclu EF to give' him rrf'ole'f l Whetherthey 1M thv HtwiAurd 011 trust to J1r ..uE...Nw pls. a In r1.rtar I ,
WASHINGTON NEW I toil 11.1 luii lu th.it +
I..IM was that an JlIa twl .,.
thn .1
would feel authorized to give his : >ltle the rotes of the pxnuie otlorl.la d.wnrl h\e4..i& a
HOT SPRINGS N. C. tuh.h'. 'tut of a Htai>'. a .thin th : >*
and 1M WT. irablcan! uppnrnt.Ir I Cheney t7 eI by the latUh MuJ overpowering prrnrp. aerie U. wow cwlWM ,

"THE LAND OF THE SKY" nil diiiiiij II th t*' i 4n-tr of the con dettlal. I am nut so certain The'', uo o( moo y In dt-LauchlaR v<* AIw war. "lCboJt6' (.-,, .$ ?
CINCINNATI CHICAGO, -vii'iii"U: I.+ oiu% Mh<. .- tmU4 tidia Tho. n ,tJvt..,.... p,+W, forlwr,
role prevails: in England that if a par U>n and leadivs of public ,.M.btiu W J
The eST. "The Sapphire Country." m :--r I th<. S: '.i1! .,"bJtICI l to ail lh H.i.h I in ix/t a mat
NORTH and .. ft! ty In dinquannod every tote cast for. In many counllei of tU. StaU AM +V*> t *i>i*.''u lit rreari.a: !

Km II'i'., iti'in of its laws, and in him U a nullity aad similar dt'ct l lIons ts. While m.,..ial thuuAaud a.& voU.Ii l lo \t I am. tt<.+ to. sty r
...... Dining Car .,
D" titItl to a the privilege* and advau r.otlr. U In rrartrt I '
.I&... .... d.r.lc.Th.. have txen male In M'me of the :! )u,ck awy
... B..t.tOUTBKM tai> which they (('Df'rCluk e' : _
... AI ...1. I State A* a whole, however thweight 8..t1la.tQt Tallafbrrv thouAa&la: more 1

RA1 WAY. H. r CART, pww h.uer.c"'cent.. Not Qualified.I i I j of American' authority I U that'there I'i yielded to the glamour of iLony, taft Ge LIBRARY HOL'kS. L :

..Nt.'. a*; SUM Jcnoivius FLAW is no oieettun! at all 80 that | glittering promise of future reward or HIT. f

W.A.'h.. P.T. ...1 se.1araaU.C. a H.Haao.Eee 0 P A. w.sgng D I n !, i 'fu, .It tUuiu Mr Clark ,: (hi KT iK-ft all we could riper,1 prbft-mot. or gate their support I toBeuttor ll.ill Itiiiklliitf.TuMkLibrary ia UateJ to the City. 11 .
%.. M.T4noa. A. C. f A Al.a u. C. ; ftOUld art. b- ()liai .Hi\ ,ii I UU v 'a h.loa" ; ou every dJ .1"'ptfusing .
tiat thi.
: dl.trlrtould not be r -p TaliafMro ia (1oDargu fut from 2Jllj f. .r.'<) In the alteriuM ,

cntltlt t. al ', : I' ..cgt- .Lr.J .ti n c'J: In Cigrc' to until the IIoui c promlA syppurt of UgJ/ ,. >n. Qhol from i (III to 9 ($> IDt.. I ;, .
own S s.u.. ) i

to ::: .i I. : : v.'utug, t,I i !I .

- - -.. "
----- _


. ",.

The DaytonalGozette-iN'ew*, Saturday, June 7, tOO .

I .
-- --- -- ---- ---- -
I, '.,e,.,I...",. ........rDaytona... ..............i..,.........,...,..........".....,.,i,.. t.)- .- -.li iliJ.- -
i I and Its Attractions ** %* |

:: Irving's Buchu Wafers .* ..)e The Queen City of Florida j i San .ateo

I1"ll' tho I 1,1.. Ka-t. ooet lUilway l Mikii't. iI

Kidney troubles caused by over-work over-eating, I I, ........... ........... ..... ......"'.......,'.....1I...._..-._._..__.._."!_'._,.-A",, _"_.._..__.._,"-_',!__._,'!_.'!__w._',_.'..'..__-"" __._'._..._ ,
over-dnnkinff. part of the human body receives i 1110 Mile from Jacksonville. The Population of Daytona

more ill-treatment than the kidneys. Load after load rare one way ... ..$J.J" !; propt'r is ahout l.u1i1.) Adiletl! to

is imposed on the kidneys until they become closed. I Round trip. . 6.60 | I this i* a suburban |population on
I main sliore and of about uitisNQT
with peninsula
Women often afflicted kidneyand 74 Miles from St. Aujrustlne.
arc ( .. Old Sea-
|UU) at Iin Nt,111ake. .
der disorders than men but frequently attribute the fare one Nay .. 3..a
cause of kidney and bladder trouble to complaints Round trip ... .. ... jO'' Slver Ifcwh l which are properly a

peculiar to their sex:, while the real t. part If the town and population

{misery is some distressing kidney disease ,141>t1I Ink)\\f the Halifax situated River upon at the its '| Daytona Beach A STOGfi

fairest expanse and midway between lie one mile east of the town. It is S6j .

BUCHU '|I Iturn' .it {Itulow Bay and its outlet approached by three goal bridges 4 GHEROOT.
IRVING'S over the river and well-grade! ave
.lt Mo-puio Inlet It IH in latitude nues and is the principal; summer E But a Full Size Pofato Shape Cigar.

:"t t. 1tt""lIt."r. milei, fn+m St Au- resort south of :St: Augustine It ,

i' WAFERSwill I.:II tot JIll' and .'.". nulo front the Atlantic I .has more tourists during the summer lade front Cuttings from the \\'ark

( >cean. mol i i9 at.knnwle'dgt'tl l llo I than all the other place south Tables of the Sari -Atfttco
of that city combined 1. and i is also: Cigar
j he without a rival for beauty among factory and therefore
becoming I a favorite winter n"J'tTbP containsthe
positively cure any cast' of kidney disease that is the village of the South. I Its nightis beach is wide; firm and "smooth same sweet, fine burning stock:

not beyond the reach: of nialiun. If you are troubled upon what ill known an high ham. J! by mail considered; the lines! in the that has nude the High Grade

with llackaclu. KhcnmalMn, Mng 'nne, Diabetes, IIRH k {lund that was crowned h l y world and the surf bathing is safe Cigars of this Factory famous .

Mn'onsncu. Isss of /-/,'>//, /'//////<' or Skim I)i.\cases, nature with a most royal growth of and excellent !summer and winter

, buy a box to-day and start on the road to health. majextK forest trees, and among People who Hinumcr'hate tried reports Northern,1'I"rt'l1al,andWestern Five Cents pays for Two of Them.

Irvine's Uuchu Wafers arc purely vcj-etable, acting their treeti ili the town of today, with there are none .*' (K-rfer-t comfort

, promptly on all parts of the human system, giving its lieaiitiful i-ottageHand wf'll-glallt-d aI I\t '1"11" UaehAutomobile Box of 50 for $1.25. I II

. relief to all affeitcd parts; at once walks and street The result is / : Race Meet. ;
t Ok! SAL.r.: Itt ALL UtALtUS.ROWI
I hat all the wide that : : .
Ining' Buchu Wafers are Dent sold in bulk. If pw druggist don| not I along avenue TinFlorida East Cojitt .1sit'- .
; Maa.tractor.d b,
I |u when t.keU for he un Ct It for you. Dotot; FREE.s I nit.TH.-ci the town are lordly live mobile .\SIIt -sttlull conducts an

I insist on gcttinj: the ululue. Sample and bookkt Address 111,1 I u.tti i ..uks ami hickoriet*. many annual rue nnvt on the beach, which S. W. FY
I / .: :l.I.O
t a
IRVING DRUG COMPANY, Philadelphia, Pa "f i linn/ lruied with gratvfui fe,}- has now a universal reputation asUHJ'greatest

t, oiis of thi- tfray Spaninh outlet that, automobile raf course 4 AA !iU in the world. The ( .T"V> ""''i11LKuunrnrnannaa!
The ATWOOD IhtytonaOnnondBeach
PHARMACY uvrntrch tinstrett; and walk, and
is hard is macatbm, and an
I ..
aji. [ g thl'*' are iiiterMiNTwi 1 Uilltr l
..\ I ideal stretch of thirty or more mjle\ tt HISSING WORD
_ -U __ -_ fl-- ] *qi| i ial 1l8lmt'tte.<. gl
w J.VZ. '..J..}.,....,.,.,........'!.......!'....... ...........'........... .............. ............ I Ij fragrant oays, and rorall racing ground I for America.

j I FINEST AND LARGEST ij; 1 1I '*'rri ' 30: anti neither 101 i
ties, while in pl.1t't'N tilt- wild >>> feet earriagw wheel,
many the
STOCK OF GROCERIES : I bicycle or |>ed t truui can make a correct solution. ,..-
Kruj, the trutuietine| and theHiujieU'
visible the Mnooth .
i hardly imprint on -- -- -
| sj'. and sand It is
among well-packed no uncommon
Tropkal MaoufKtMriaf Co. Maufacturars of the grot Health Drink ME17Qr' ;
| HAY. GRAIN and FERTILIZER. thf lmuich forming flatly bowereu' sight to hee Milriggedbicyclespeeding will pay all prUes. The contest open to ail. It's FREE to You. ,

..1! .td \\\i\u\ r.iM.ind iHuutyTb with the velocity; ---- -

i Chase and Sanborn's Famous Teas .- t.x\u fij'",+ jwtallt-l willi the of the wind In-fore a Mill' breeze .
1 i iIj along the Miioolh' bench, thus affording FIKST I'HIZE.
and Coffees. "Halifax Kivei and '-xlcudh for m-arlv
; tw" unit along the nluuv. Tbwrn the most exhilarating; jiort To the tint one hiding in the correct answer we will give a
known to man. I Widen these, miles
Agents for TETLEY'S TEAS in
I Cui l lif vfii i in "
w picture gilt frame entitled ;
$ 1'nrity. *
'r t is the delight I ; of the angler and of hard-shelled. jwilin-friiiged l oulo-* ,. x

1 1 'f Packages and Chests he y.u hiKiuui and I forms one --f ihe.tiuiin vards bring the |o>ernof the \\Iwd This picture; is symbolical of Met to, the great health drink,...

New Florida and vehicles into tlircct touch with benefit all and contains no doj"' or harmful drug _:_
Syrup--the finest ever made ; greati It II Old linn> ""-
e the mainland over the broad hrillwhi'h ** To he next 5. .
1 50 cents Tlumain axcnii.r. hal inn "u1allclwitli $ l.ddemli
1 a gallon. 1 j .
: |".111 tinsplendid: ]ILliLixRiver To the next 5 1 quart Mettn feh
or intcrsf t tinrneran* all

1 f Best line of Cigars in the City The Famous f i it I'u I !fl"+'! nit-! except! Ill-."'Ii street, Thelx-.uii from the himdy hlufln To To the the nest next ;Li 0 11. I Mttto J pint Ticket Metto tW.cftthif h

Key West : and El 'Mhuli is alMitit -i\ty-li\t- fret t. but to the lowest' point at ebbtide, utra-
t Principe, Tampa'sf has urea about ;"XX(> feel and the average .++1+41.4+++44 144.+1. +444.4.4114.44. .44.1+441..4144+4414
f | BEST CIGAR. u half-mile of oteti, U' uitifulw.ilii -
I : ; depth of lie surf' measure1 about) r
I .toutting ux'ii its eatiteni Hide, + YOGI ; .
, J .i.{ FISHING TACKLE..The kind need for these : ; two fast..1 ontinuoiis gt ntlti b\u-U *. .t.<
I you t'n ,lit' alt "avf N Nhhlutd flow rolls in from the mran from ono to -
1 I I waters. .o.a. know good .. when th. It !
r a" >
and alontf and UCHMH which ('OIUt'Mh. two feet in depth under normal tonditioijs. J f t j
1/I i E. T. CONRAD & CO., THE GRUCER. I'I'I ( .- iN'lijiK'. invigorutiugand !healtjiving making the IKW h an Attractive + ....r* of |. ,goa ."__.r. I +.1

i lirrfi'/fs from off the wide and ahsolutelv safe pL.v for t nurfbathuig. i -- -_. -
I 1 l'I I .ltlautx. which It'mllt.'r| and! render Here the uitant as well as :1'
.r the gn-y-h.-iin'd veteran of. rut out tfau t'uupou. nil In the blankNtcr.
, I the llahfax climate one of the nuwt IIkUlYtiUtulUt.l'M + ., our .orj to each blank .J&4.... amll''.. i
4ykc. tI..,.... noaitrd l>urk tN'rfrl| ft in the world, Ifctytoua I> ba of bath call safely enjoy the luxury I for opine' to lIIatl' aD aVJlroprlal.'utens'r :
-Mj sun," Mid the inmU-ru 1't'lunktu., An extraordinary ifftst <>r lclitDln! a MM throughout the larger aol\t'rthloll Mvllo and road tu the P.O.... .
patting hid many mile* of well-gnuled, marled I |tart of the while the TKOPIt'AL .M'KO. (
boy on ttut bend a* Iho tat la retorted from Lnkc OruiullU-u. in year htrongand 4 II. .
tor went forth to mvk LU fortune, i the Nantes roKlon. stolen -temjK-Ht .111'I slu'liitl I tt..t.l"l awl! streeta, you cxjicrt swimmer, C'11It't'nturo U Writ.ldatn.Nlrcr-t, ('alnly Neap' :
JAf7hOllflll. . j t
'nevtII go back uu a rich frU-ud unl w j burst over the lake, with vKM ItgLt- ell II tlxIVheelnrn's. out. farther. to test his strength and 'lorlo1. t.
be U rink .. .,. . . ..... .. _ t..
buuttxl. aud never nutrr)' a Drag and 16und, A numtvr SKIM in With t+ +++++++ ++. +. +. .AAA
F'')U Illlllf | 'r of Unitiun I'aradie.tlUl aniinjr tne inexJttuglible I - .YYTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTT... ++++++++...
girl unkw ale ha* uonvjr ant yon Went th- lake, atul wLlk- the j
tty wtr tN'wrlv..f mighty tN'etul. jIhe Kenieinber
the first 101)
will nuowd la ufal'f eorrwt answers" recei\cnlget,1 the
burr St.I
I )J la,( to l.mk there wu-i a trimoudoiM ; ItII'III" these, hut a mile. away pnzw.
f I |vul ft t&uudor. Ahnobt Ininwdintcly .11'1 iliiity uulett of smooth, haul 1'eninxuUlying I in your answers at once to the
What IkAh. Idlr I tLtTf fell the l-wat .. I Mween rh't'ltill I
>t. aiikwiig ttdtstd > ; mvan is
Job rOil bag pour butt htU uun: I I'iKlk'i* of a large flock vf wild tna. h that affords an nnrivalk'd one-half i mile wide, and I is Wingrapidly Tropical Manufacturing Company,

j No At patent each an uwtruotf mrljr date were on tuuiJ i duckn, HGiao of them roasted ta a &!oo> 4tau.t' foi' Imi),'-di-.tann'! 'ydiul and improved and I burr nro 14 West Adams St. Jacksonville
IL ty atvl Hoiue .burred FUFLORIDA'S
Tbut cure men wJJfc tu u cinder III n auioinobile line and several oodhotelH ,
they wait lloukt lug 't nw'ing {Nof many cutUiges K
tied you but IhtJ lu 0 ud.rn time diuk xxJcM by 'litnlng r s Jtiko I
Tour Coal l ttt'u h4 rtowa. a novelty, even In the freak ofmeteorology 1',NU of "-'foal Niu-. North or Smth.uuuilnTH ; an "I'n| houw, two <'l't..mI'ito I II ---
Aid In lb, [*ir. Urf. M lire I It It could only to lMah sivihon( and a largecasino '
adapted "all.htttlntt'
-I' and
Tour ptctur h4 '' I'I FAMOUS
been ehowu TRAINS-
I ___ __ to the u"quick_ _luucU"_ system'I'IIIUIII.Y1.11 ryrllug \ > .t liiM.ritr paiitime with 'I
A Remarkable" Feature "Chicago &
Stout VM> I.Itr., Vh<- toiirists siiiiitnrr and winter Florida LimitedSt.
Illinois Central Railroad T\IIIM 4 1U.1IMI 1'11"I| ;'"
'In.! .. ,, at (ttoytona has Urn the yearly improvement
i IUf''' 1ho Ikautiful Cottage Augustine Jacksonville Chicago ASt. Louis
I nilcKri: HIM i 'I i IK ID I IIIK; Major.IS'. TuriMi "t> I'tuhnrtn thai hat'sN't'tl III the style and) value of
-:n' that 'bitnilirrUiiii M Stomach and erettf-'l ilnrittg thejvist buildings. that are being cmtedfoi Thin) tmin In o t'ruLt-d ovtr the .boru..t lim 1..twl"'Ot .luizustie.,
St. Louis Exposition. I I,,T Tul-k-tn hnilom* him niotv KOIH!. year, and anU'ing huilt ureUiytonaax ; home* Men of capital of the JlkhOII\'III.! -, I'bk-utfu.: and iit. Ix>uw, ant affords the qltklfltlt NrltrtJul-bf
hall .tiithiHK hf ruuld'Iet; from tin mml. I North nearly two hour.. Thh
.l..tt.r II uH> |>h.v.Kiuu ill tliiiiK'Uutrvxv 'Inlq funioiis fur its Went Jiave becomeawakemd train U the rtiuulard \ Two Trains I>all)'. u- ubli' to i 1I1II.UIIiI l u iiiodkimtlutt tun- hoim-n i(, for lilt iH'ntitiful river I (<. its advantages for winter .nk.'t', coDJ-Uting of Pullman Vw-tibuW' Drawlog-now, Kl.-.piil. Co*

I t .II t'4"I( J |IIIHUI-I< "11..11 tiratifv wtf "'1111 It" I in tm-H awl atrnuo, anal they HIV resident; CM. and valuable) lots are Iwrtawut, Dining and UWrfutlon Cani. U-UM-H- St.u>ni*tii... 7.20 t. ..

Through Sleeping CarsI fOli.tlWltlOM: | -ttdiuiti his h troiililttv tthui u' tIBM tiilioiifiM'xM U ad"I .If r u-ldin f y.'.irly !to its alt rat lions: v Iteing 'jumhasfd and coHtly houses, Ja..omull"', H:40: .a. in.n(\* q; fcAK V 1.10 p. m.r St, Louie I :i:. |I' IaY;
aiitiful in
Sot tin- h-.ist of thi-v- design and finish, arc
IIWgI III Ilfoopati'l thM "''''lh..I.. III' F.I .'I attru 14ns
I (Grit -.I t.. 1.\. nl! ,I, '. ar'.t.. to those 1wr-5I ring hollies f the South being ,erected 1 and beautiful houim: "THS Blip "'FLYER II I
and voml the abodes of wealth and culture
oidy to healthfuliifnd arc
Jacksonville to
She Wenle4Amulcn.tat Chicago tinU! St I l.oUlS'
and of multiplying.Scahrece. ,1
< ;
fart that it population IH hit-fly; City( Beautiful I I and I HiiiHn wtUufed, rawlng.roooj> SJwplng Cans hone .11., t..utt1k M
; Lvt UKil: nmpoMtl of ,nlti\atnl I Ooodall ale "sl-M-ttletnents I \'bit o. and St. L-jui, tfa Ttftumi'iLacou
Uol I I'K: Ol Tilt t \\IIII s anti I iatellfWill theiHiansjdt Atlaritn riuauiMwd (&o
.E; = clhb-DOll |'ropl{.-. a"I'II..t.IHWcI I to the n- ol f the innuiHulii ucnN... fire out Mountain) and N1vhvUh' Leave latbonID;. 8.w:, |I' t,, trri,.. ehIlr .
hnciiK-iito f hoiiKami --K'i.II1fc'! Halifax Ki\.T from Daytona y:15ft.: iu.; St. Louw ?;<) ) a, m. the +cond woruujK): 'J
FLYER ":-iut ILuhb I \ddt'll I. thtt. f'allln'" are ynNNl At the f.It"'t of Ocean Itoulevnnl, Fur ..1..loiDj( far rt-m-ratloiw'lor fllW Uw airs.. tmu.P. ..r 11"1'" 1

___, duel want to .111I1'...hr,.. jnAM.1) mlllic' alul.ri\itk, :SoabitT '. a pier n-M'hcs (HK( I kr-tairosH I.fOlrIllBt tJD. w rite to or mrt on }:.j. \\'.\1.I.:Kit; Ha "lA l- .\jINIIIl

ArrUliu St. loui.ln the ..Morning.ii" ) drive a.af.be M h.r.1 s. ,tuna i, hoU'lit I..uulrIUt'. ,,( I the U-ach; into the swelling) > + h; lUe.! tbattaDOOjlll; A HtXo. I IG11Mar.
SMOU U Lot* ,1tth. l I.'lil..t jnarkcis' !surf of th- This .
'- rt' uovt-lty works, an 1.'C.att pier is a 212 Nest Bay hLr'1t J.1 Fla
:;:: bln-d girl C'IIl'I. tII.Ii \
ISth .. I I
; '
ty J.i\ and t.-u house, eiw trie ; favorite resort of th
dayu. __ lights for tmt and ;I .L _. . who delightin -
u ud
Two 10'r w ......1. ,,'ur.lufa.. r14 h N(' illumination, aj ACutlCl tck-uhoue,' tau bpon oi tnjiink'lten 1 he .sari +4'4444144.4+14144
month sv. iem. no fm-t4iry. Lily Water < abound! in trout +4444444+
)l1 I", MMJU elate> over to the )lay' j-omiiano, + I
..howiDe For rates hllh.I"from, your it>' uW for. I..".l fJow-r." Woikrt, and hot mid eold tJa,.. eti j yellowtoiK cavalle, whiting, drum, 1ek

{: t..1f". rlks. r1 1"'NitllC rift to hno.. !' '1'11)tlUll "Iluu t fit-J bed uU utli It. IVrtopi ami everjthiug elseau Uprwwvtl "*h\'t'J1tJwUtI| and{ many other varieties i The I

they coukln't afford pMHce onKIMW ilu' H mxcMary to make life com ; of edible fihh During the fall "MMsrn Palmsi
D. Miller, 11rr'r.." Ii.rraM,. An important feature in I the fatuous sea bass affords myall I I

Tra, Pas*;. Agent. I I Uu1 heallhfuliutw <>f the town in tiff : "purl.l and l it has h 'vu no uuumunon .4 4. '

No; thrown Bid Atlanta It Would Turk. occurrt'in[i v tft laud +
: ( V1'ater Supply a thouMnd pluuls\ : JIS N. Beach St.
1 bin" a cure ( of htUt
ifnttNo exiting s of thw I :
u..... 1 w H) ..-|| you IMMP' which is dfnvf.l fn,m uuutenltl, : i iu'i'illual".f) gamy: bbl theia in an afl lt ru "Why ilon't you UM> it younrlf A..wiu4C "fella o{ which then ranging; from I Mrs. R. t
are | I fafteen i Sands I
fOLEYSKlDNlYCUPIBltftt E "1 ko.t all uor bIOQ(') workla !t." pr 'lutbly 3IltJ lu; the corporate liuiith I to tttiny ftlt" 'IOUIIIIOI! ia !II I

Makes Kra4ya aid Klad&sr 11..1, I .. TW. flow ir vumi weight' Not doe the ,.t<;w t II
.i lii ;
'.11 1* l\t .ac I ill.lraI,\. hy boring \\-11. utter this bplemfpd) I _
\\ t to n \iiii' lnj.\ a rough hlt..i ihv fur t" the depth uf fnuu kl tu I..) ftx't Ihdtfax[ River sport but the I'KOI'WKTOKMeals '

I.... V 'I."ar f4t'" l Ill, mall InMivn \110 want <.!>. in a tu, h I ,.avsug tltmugh tru-rul, ktntta ofUH of theea only twit a mile U-k : 1
/ I vii all |pin.r' iniilkiti4inHifiiit: | >. \ u u I.. and this dt'pth is squally LUllutt" for at all hours front t
STKNVAKT & HLY, >nut ui* that not ugly tvltftvn tmt from all surfrtt l4Wlination.aMurra purity its fine fMhing. and the varieties that : for i hrstUcvssurk,
urn Um vkuut HIM- that to utKi*.. The abiMind in the + 7a m. to 0 4.
LAWYKKS I'H' nal.h. Lunutt lou want "!... that water i is slightly uuprvguiiU'U' with Ihe. r \'t'r. "l'un are Lrtbcnt in 4 p m ; 11
in t-J..ai>Atitt<>tak.' "luunUiiain .' "utchf inagncMU and irtm and h Jd | I + 4 IATs
M.oIJMIdJ mr.ts .1, HHplmr : 4Iuming and h,hin 414444.4144.44414444444i'SEE
I tli>iM> < ''lIdi.tioOil. in the iha.f t! NNI.l gx.
(ltht.e iu Hank .
IhtikiinlC. 11 1.\XIl. FlIIraINLuh.wulrrl'oI 1 | gu uhkh 11I111
TIw" in iemml)
iMklhitir M> a1.dor>> tin ,. 11JII& giudi'H and dogH 1 .
.toth.r l Utt'TnFOLEYSHONEYTM\.\ roUlCba and cokU tucMhiut to hndbi"><]. '> t. .4\\.ir. I L1I1 at nasotubleDrop : prit nay IIQ skIII\ 1.U

I __ ___ __ It u-uU-aivruun p"'\mute fwd M- (s.i
-- for t ruuji, and there M bo daag>r u hut SteamLAUNDRY
rcpt fli\.n from(It ha whooping' h,.-n u*ouch
'Hkk" .'t l t bt t disNww .
Circa Mill PrtrMU ,.....,. with y.rrl.t t !u ; Hrforv have 1
''' rest. U taukav" you 15pertrut. All work
iarauUrd' IkacbSt. fbowW. 0-30 Phone 8. \ iitachSill. j




The Daytona gazette=news
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1'-- I t .... a. -= r -......-...- -t__' __ __ .-.., -- --.AA- .._ '1 '. -." ., ,...:- .i. -- ... .
T .

tit, ..

See WILKINSON the Real Estate Man.GAZETTE. ; ,




\U 16, X o. 1 Uo*-. .!r,."' ''' .. Qt.cltet-- All -Goat, Daytona Florida. :Saturday, June 7, 11KM. oath ;Utiftll.| Me4I_ .. De,... ..! Vicinity Price 5 Cents
.. "II
::::; --- I
: -
..........................NN/.NNNN.. $ ;*


:.. Voters Beware!I IThe i.,


v J t
5' friends of Senator TALIAFKRKO: are earnestly ,/
/; i
u ; warned against the extreme danger of that overconfidence '

"," T 2 + A Contrast Made Between Robert W. Davis which has so often cost candidates a ti'
-. humiliating, defeat. ;
and Napoleon B. Browardf Who Are !
"- :1 r i While we may all feel (as we do) quite sure of

e ya Now Political Rivals. : his! triumphant) success, that

t 7 I

',\r:I': he i* a brilliant man antl8l11iuC'ndy qualified. .I

1U.t: M'I '':is: 'the nictho-k used 1 d g in>t him haw been dewapogic. mil Individual Devotion ,to His Cause on the f

leading and) false. '

r HH'AI'NK: I: In will stand for the |..'P'l"* i "f'I')- time against corporations, Part of Every One of his Supporters ;

individual-), fu-lions or hustlistu.Its. ,

Vft1 YH ,.)( \I'SK he Ijelievert in the enlargfiiM'iit of the power of tin Hailroad: I I II I to the extent of getting out

<'niumittiioii.IK'Al'SK "

[ : lie will guard) tUi- uitcn-slH.. of the people against greril and EVERY POSSIBLE VOTE FOR HIM ion .
r 4 :nvariiv and the pnhlic against any earrmwhiofnt whatever
the day of election.
Y ItI(: '.\1'--: 1:: In ownM no shock and has no intent in or employment hy

:\corporation, and has not luorl since IRO(. I If his nomination) appears to he absolutely sure, "
lU'CAl'SH:( IIIH ,'"t.in Congn'
the IKMnocrntic 1)I"tfnnlanlllli..- iVnvicracy i is without a flaw, in order) that we may p .

taint\ or imh | endentiKm. lienil his record. 4 i ii

MKC.M.'SK: he will use no false issues to fool Ute [
IK is more amhitiotiR to serve the goal iaoplo of Florida as

Senator James P. Taliaferro Ciovornor for one term than to rein in Congress for the and thus conclusively demonstrate that his right to .. .

r next ten yearn ; ; it is as secure and positive as we have all so enthusiastically -
,r Received 11F.CAVSE heearrk Itrowanl's own county, where l It e (mro'ardi) i is r''
11,111 Vote on May 10th. claimed it to be. :
known beat, for his home jioopl know that he has not the
t. Stockton Received Only 12.771. ....................................................
qualilicationH U, IMJoemor of the Great State of Florida __u
_. t
r --- HKCAl'SK: ; he marshal l under the --Star and 11.1'1'in the cause of tllf'l 'I FRANK

I OUR HEROES' GRAVES BEDECKED NO CLUE YET TO MISSING MAN Southland; a valient )hoy" fired with the, 1 jmtriotisin of the DAYTONA CAPTURES DENTISTS CLARK IS ELIGIBLESays j

hind he loves. lie is now H devoted Confederate Veteran

,". OaMenwlal Day by Loving; Friends HUN hereabout and rate Are Still BECAUSE !he has always Htoml) on the Hide of the nvwes, and all the ,They Select Chief Officers from Here ; Senator A. 0. iUcoa of Georgia.

fal...-hoodn that arc insinuated agiiinst him his record refutes i and Seabreeze WUIIM their -A Sound Lawyer familiar
Who WUI I\fr; Hold Them In Kn: >eloped In the Deepest Mystery
lie never betrayed 1 a private nr public confidence in his l life I Next Meeting Mace With Rules of Congreu.
Grateful Remembrance. to i:\ OntoTIIt'llt.t'p"f.il..1
and hiM friend defy the world to prove otherwise.!
The Florida State Dental SOfit'IJ'"llil'h Senator A. O Raton, of Georgia "
Memorial "ol connected -
II ) Day was fittingly mystery .
: -. -- -- -- \\ was in Hennion in .larkwm- regarded a sound constitutional *
med) in Daytona) last Monday, under with the sudden di rills, rt)d hrl l its 1,111.1'1'a"t} Fridayafternoon. lawyer and who knows from long '
the auspices of Joe Hooker Post, Francis J Meyer, who IliAAPP'-8I''tl]
WHY KKOWAUI SHOULD NOT (ill ().'"tS'II.() JU.MJ 7th.IlECAl'SE wrvicethe rules and procedure in \ '
,0. A n. 0 H. Matthews, mn- (rulUl D.ntoiia completely as if ho I h
The wn-iety wan pnifus- in its CongrvitM. that Frank Clark is '
mamlerbout had (Urn \vallo\\i-d hy Mother l'rtli ways :.
IM- believes making the State a tiller in liquor, advocating honors to l Ihytona and Voluia, eligible. ,,
*\ 2.1 fNl) m. the veterans on ApiilL'Sth, still rcioaiu uiiM4v p. law. Read! his reconl on this He I leas written letter
n Dinpenaary in the selection of ilK otlu 'ra a containing ,
tad other* participitting. in the epee I andi\when-nUwitH\ or the fate that county ,
11EC.11'sE no man can lie a true advocate of temperance and advocate and! its next place of mcrting.Dr thin opinion which follow: }
fciae formal a line of march at the U fell him is all much an unccitainty I
I a mM(1I'I1MIUYtl'm Dispensary. H his jft ftdicnie ) D.I I H). Iteekman. of tMneity, "Maron( Ga., Marsh 12, 1901.{
a his friends and distracted L relative -
Armory and proceeded to Pinewu! ; to
HECAl'SE (lovernorMitchell was corapclliHl to remove him from the who had previously occupied the "Col Peter Francisco: Smith 503
of itM
it the eMcurrente -
Cemetery in the following order.Citizens' : I as wan day
wen'taryship of the wn'iety was elevate Peters building, Atlanta Ga.:
HandMajor If captured} and held i for office of Sheriff of Dnval) CountyHECAFSE

Ringliam and stall. ransom hy a IKUU! of human prowlers : he \\' Iin the Ilotwo of Itrprem-nUtivM of 1901. Hrad 1 }hwnnord *1 to the presidency for the ensuing "My I Denr Colonel Smith Your
letter of the 7th! inst. is! just at hand.
Company K (Halifax Milieu). the snarls of their adventure and the pmcccdingH of the Legislature of this year on ytiitr.
Dr) Kdith: ltni..h, who alto tt..ilt1t4 hays no hesitation in my opinion .
Union Veterans carriages in this particular in! \ here, and who was the only lady .th.U your friend, Mr. Clark is eligible :
Confederate Veterans. credit on the Uulgarian I landit: here, anti mite his incoiitu'fttencyIIECACSE
mcinlxT at the M+M'ion. ua. to election a- a representative in '
Citizens. old Mawachusfthmaid effort ininlmd l ami f IIII l the pnnt
} to
made IIt'Opll.in
uharnptiiicilnn ho a desperate ', .,
l the
made arrvHfM'n41iug ltljtr.; '*, provision in the) Constitution
When the (,(,IIItIt'r'nH reached and her hum n few yearn anal saying that Hob Davis would give; away the i-oople.* land, and Hoo'ti"fil..tilh| the weretaryNot honorH thus of the State of Florida not- 1

the multitude marched to the n l. .\. and held them as Intage9 until a everybotly now knows that this would lie itnMWihle', if hew withstanding. The of '
conferrer] on this immediate locality, qualifications
R. monument and there the cere monies tlll't'lIItulI't HIIIU M'C'ul1'tl! tleirlil>eration. HO incline! (:Sopinion; of Maj St. Clair-Ahrams.) the ncighlNiriti Mihurhof -allrt'/(' a representative in Congress are delerminM -

of the day were carried out. A inuniliirnt reward Im in- of great mist and at a 'II'Opl"IJ .
HECAtTSE he is a promoter a pose was made the next place of meeting by the provision of the \
t The Kind: rendered an ov 'rlnn', duci'd a h.>..t of HcarcherH to wok' in nail" of the si eiety United States Constitution and cannot -

whuh wan followed by ritualistic vain to learn some details or gather In' added to or Liken from by

I work of the G A. It onll'r.I hoir.e information t I'''' to what Infellhim 1 kneral foster lhank the SuJJieri. any proiion, in any Suite Constitution

I Her H. F' Marsh I then read the hut their endeavor ore in vain. BEWARE The fulluwing letter has Urn of :Statute; Whatever may lie

. mailed addmw of General John CWV Ad vices from ('1'v.lantlOllio, the limited Adjiitant-Oeneral Foster the proier| construction of the word t \

\ ft\luuanll.'r.in"'c-Iid.! to the home of the mining wan record 'inhabitant' in the clause! of the F
wife HEW AnEI An attempt will be made at the t.w mon ent to poison the to each oiTK-er of the Florida State: r
comrade the arrival there! of Mn Meyer, ('nih..1itatl.: .,. (Institution, quoted .
, frantirstate mind of the people by chargw against H.n'it1.}jicronal cl-ar- TfllII"T:11Iallt4-':
: The in fl
were then decoratcil bythose of the mining I arty I understand *
graves by from
aeter. While he claim no fewer bullA than the majority of >v. Fla, May 21, lihll! ytsi. your
prew-nt, after wh'uh) the asieTnfIeil of grief at her }iiM'sMr. statement that Mr I Clark h eligiblefor ,
ided at 1 1H Holm- hit fellow men, yet his enemies are attempting to prc 'dfidfiebotMH )1)' I IearSir.I I desire to ex prow .
multhnde dispersal antI I Meyer n' .
Cleveland and am"ng the people, that do him injustice. Rob to you, and through you to the officers tegiitratioii aH a voter, and II asAUI'tE' I
wendetl! their way to their rcsnx| tivehomcn. lit'" a H'nllfnlwll in (rutH that that lu }Lis regained this
in moral David doc, not fear the truth, but hiM friend init that and ciliated men at your station
: was an exemplary man in
IN..n nothing but the truth Los l told The people must l>e on guard my wncete appreiatiun of the citizenship
1I1lu'll con-
The grads of that Jtr-utc..llllrm- n* vi 11 as habits "Whik11 am thin unreserved. in *
methods He tan personal attack earnest l given MM- in recent
and rebuke questionable no upiort[ my
wof the 0 A n, in Pinewuod l lI Jwd'tl with an extenwvc brewery tl.e expression of in
my opinion reply
G'iDMety chief tti make on hi. opponent} contot for the i U-'lu4"'rali(' nomination
there for the 11t 2."i yearn an the
| ( to (11tt'btilln propounded by
.J. a.s \.ljtltant.t'lll'ral.
amMintant, and always had the entire you, 1 prefer I hat my name 1 11** not
t J.[ Parkinson 1 am profiHindly grateful to (lie
: confidence of hit employers.) 1I1 t..I'.r quoted) in the Florida
people of Florida for the Hpicitdid l con .
Qtxn-Re\t. Murray. On the day of his Itaytuna di. ,i> Startling Facts and Figures. role: gin me, hut t'''jnvi.'illy to my tent If it were a matter in Georgia: :

W.11'etrletl.11'm pearamv Mr I Meyer and wife and I comrades in the :State's militarywirico I would Bare no hebitatioti! in the Al'ulli'atiun

Rio.unerMai9r k'wrntJltllt'r anwrtig=: wlmm for their active interest in .
of .
K. J. ALlwtt of Cleveland, inten'ltrl Davit in his home county received 793 votes my cause, which, I am Mire did my opinion u)1on) the
n. E. I.f'ff'h.CoorJtC was Mr I Udwig, along Rroward) in 1laris'county . K5 rates much toward sluping the result I qmMion inv.h'.I..l but as it is an- *
t.. take an excursion other Slate, I I be
---- shall! hoie| to merit a continuation t.ftlltir might mbj-xrtod to
E Potter. our lnwh! 'hile his wife was engageMl Majority for Dttvis in his own i.unty 710 votes confidence, and that, working adverse criticism upm the ground |1

Jaecd)11p'Ic4Irlff.Zbe in drying Mr I Meyer went .,1W&: 'fotNILvi together may tiUC't1..t in bringing that I am interfering in the local I
Rroward in his home
following of tl'\'t\'IM..I then all. county the Florida State Troops to
graven for a short! walk, and since up c'ont* U in Florida. If and
Ibtubers of the Florida State'l'n'nps h.1t'Alli..II,1 in llroward'H County ,21.13"Ott"fj and maintaining them at thv highest you
."fort' also dr'Omtf>ll.J I. trace of him powihle degree J of efrieieucy."Sineenly i your friend gather sufficient confi-

11, UotI.lilk, -- -- Majority( for Davis. in Rrowarrl' county 903 voted J'mIN, deuce from ;my o"inioH, well and f fg

l'rh H. Ma( iitAh1'ir.\ An lixcurftlon: to W..hlnrton I II I I Davis in his home pm-inei i 'verr vote cart). ... 5* rotesllrowar ".I I. ('tit till/II H F.Tt sI l, but, for the reason 11If'lItif.n\tJ.J "

I' CJ1&l\NI) Het'ker. There will I..' anxcureion to l in Davis' pn-onct
Gpt J, W non81n Washington" } and n'tllm1:\ Sea- Tracher Liimlrutlons.: quoted) in Florida in connection
I14m,1 Air Line Railway. (rom Jack- Rraward in his home pn pt Il D. Drown.
: 1Ca. The regular June I exaiuination of
#. 121 votes
and tit.ke is will U on :aWsourillc Davis in Rniwanl'h: h"nu' prw-inet there i is | .H..ihle doubt ato the
: ;; Lindberg t'adlt'tK l will IK. given hy Suj.rin- correcliteriM ---
,Ar1&ur daily, limitetltoOctolK'r.11 C : of the opinion which I have L
Johnson For tend nl Fi..II, at iK-Ijind, commencing -
Cast Your Vote
;'' ; 1 iVmhle: daily service Write to Therefore above ezprel'swl.!
f'OnBnflday union memorial ta'r'rero Tuesday, June 7. The
> MacDoi I nell, ,\. 0 P ... Jacksonville -With aiwr're regards
: httI A0. your friend
cuuduct at tho CongieChurch tcnrht-ra will he examined in the

\.o. ;"Ptional.. where Rev R F. Fla. ROBERT W. DAVIS negro school 1 building and the white "A. 0. Drcox" ,

? ibdeliverett an eloquent and rUe teachers in the High School: building
i the will The s 'a teems to be
; Tuewlay agony serpent a
ttc Afu-r next Next
sipr lon in memory of the candidates Tuesday. little behind with his annual visit.
dew heroes, IM over with the
,' i il&
i. & i


;.4JJa"'" .4.., aaeiet+_.... .-.... ,. 17"" "." .'."f.. "'- <,. -_ .",-..._- -.... .__ -...........-,- '. T- :._:,_ J* __ _,' :. -.,' ..,\ _.L

,. :- tits' lit* I.n""ItG. .ig'1iI. .",.. Ito M ft). ....., J1; ,..._ 01_ ,........ L'_, ,,_.* ll..n."I I:. .._ II lid. p_- s -!.", ... iii.. ..

I ,

I The Daytona Gazette-News, Saturday, June 4, 1901 .

__ _

9 -::

except such AI the Legislature auUiori r in eiprewilng the opinion that U>w] + .
r ST; CLAIR ABRAMS ON i.ei| to .he otherwise apl4l d, and tlwiwexivptioiin a dtur* of Florida U not tot st I

j Florida East Coast Ry. apply( pl'hl..I\'I'I to tlwnwarap I( amid l alno hin renmrkalk ,..

and ovcrUowt l landn. Tlwnv that thM (ioternor in 'IJte board at
I .,.
LOCAL TIME CARD No. 55. In Effect Apr. 12,1904. are the land grantetl to Uw $t. Johns tei+ ol this Internal iraproTeiaeat "
IIOtUHlOUllo-aUI 41." BROW ARD'S BUNCOMBEI Railway l'OWptLlll under the 13th w
lOO1HBOUIlt-RUD Dow._. .- .--= r :: = -r: tlou of its charter and the grunt i U n ho. under teal .aye'
-- -- -- strictly withiu for limit, and only of/ 1I1I1r1l\'t'lIl4'lIt, ale "W aitk
r. IM.N N.. t1 ItA non 14.t.--
>PLtIJ, DauJI Da1J. D.uy. the land named In the :iMUh! mvtioii, tk-ail/ tlwoorlwin IUDII' fuser that ,

I .. .. .. . v kttD" Ar.... . .., .. .. I"' i w. hich reserved tlw |'ow>r to the I-egula- It in true that \be ice. : _;
. .. a
.. . .8- J a.ev' L. w.
0 141.semi .... . .... .....8'-AIIII.ItD... . ... ri An Unanswerable Argument to Broward's tore to make the grant If they tentedID can till tacanciH in the
+ . . .1I..Unlt'. . .. . .. .. II'" 1O"I'
I u 1 lds ... . ... ..... ... .E. rI, .. . ., u. 4 Up the truntern, they dhl mi iibj;** t to cannot create 1' rarancwi I a

f I . .. .. . Ar..I'al.lh L' .. . .. .. a 10. Untenable Land Position. thin reserved power of the legislature to worry that Mr liroward lia take" >J'I

f s a 11 u i . . .... L.hl.lhAr . . T -00. ; dispone of them in diet maniwr and for position I Ije has, I Inxaune I coiuldwtrnabk It ll, 1

.. ... .. .... ... ... the purpose nientioDni! in the 1.1th I\t'Co I further coonkfcr
... .. . ... .. ., It
.. I a
..tq. 1101'110. .. ........ .... ... .. ..Z:5.nM/Ltair.: ; .. . .. fU& It01 Tit\ Jlk.hoDYiI M tropolUcootalned '\' I fi'rr, and that tlwj are iharired with lion of this ad.' attack upon the good falLh&Dd -
+ an 'Interview wtjh dutk-n of drainage, retlalmiuK and i 'tttknwnt "'- II... .
.. .. LY . .. 6M. nf of ,
L. lI'OjI' LLriISLATVME11T but'U."In "rj one n* who
I U"P .. .... .... .. ... .n .. . .ei I U Uroward, candid&Ulor Go\fM of the public Uudi (dutkn of a baagtrayd M4
181 I . .. . .. .. &eltK. ....- a 1 die name Jecfoion tie l'Iup..nlt'Court carried out tU policy of
. .. .. .. Ormnd .. .. ... .. .... \ 'il which be made itAteniHita ly ( purely public character), nhows that grastdag tbae .
III I .. . .. ... fI.J&on... ... . . { M1 I Stat land* that the MrtroM o lm tU-y are inervljr public agents InvenUdw repi-atj u hat ban Urn Iwld by all land to railroads and wbtk ku

i II p . . ... .. .. .... I'orlOrwa... ,. .. .. 110& ( appellate tribunals that 'tlw of suited to rt-
.". '. .. ..Nur *.nvyrt>.. .... .. .. .. .26. vrvrrrniiMiiiM.. and in order to ( i ltd an important, brant h of the State'* lwiuer tUenortnoutadfutUgief dI,>
t P". . ... .0.11 Hill. ....... . . .1121 r one U-ginlatun not 'limited) by the t State. If \lr. Broward 1M
in .
; 17 p .. . ... .... .... ..TltlUTlll. ... .... .. ...... 111 lip tlt ?r Int trim ttnn on tlw KiilpJt admlnintiation The reason' why tSupreme tersest, u..,,
i I p . . .. .. 111 lof an autm-dent one UIlIt..... tlw of "' hlewrj on of th.-
I .. .. ....(Wi*. .... 11 a t wbofe
Ht of ,
j I H p . .. .,. : "... .. .. .R<*kl U/t.. . . . ; 1)7 11 n' I lvrOiIdlVMh.il th fulloMillK Court the I'mted Stale* the first i us of stick .. i m akelliHN* land ,
0 .. .... .. .. . 11 character an to all grant*,l>*vt le*.
1e .. .... . .. . .. .. tie O&1l1e. 1M Major St dulr .\(,"1"0 !I. (II\A'IIIII thin manner upon the utatunof
I . . .. Melboorn. .. ....... ... .. It. 11 alaI into ojieralion a rnntitutioiial din ita- of talinjf die land of the top,
MM> 0116* p.. . . .. ... ...HflU'tUa.. . .... ... ... . 11 C. n w true l 1.1 |x)..Uil h\wJ'f'nlln tie :- thelMiard of trusts wan 1"'au.1t State
If II . . .. .. . .. 11U 10 W lion the* of tlw Nevoud 'I'I to railroad rorporatkini
lOt . . . At. Lucl upon| power>> M aad M
I p . .. . .Ft. Tltte. -.. .. .. .. ... .... p 10 U* tin 1f'lrovoli. hint l I..n infornKHJ was (ibpr'tarl that the State won not tlw ku
.111 sl f .. . .. .T11>h:... .. .. .._..._.. . ii .s ben a prominent factor in the ( ) Ilwl"'r&'l\ttJ'oll.1 that th' land 1-e- loternal improvement( act in not nrgnnklaw. taken a Period of more than tvntrjearn
1U I p .. .. .. .. ..1.:4\11.: ... .. .. . 1 I p 0ua On thin point SupreiihCouitnayn to lrodlJl.'t' the one
l .7. I p . .. Jentrn.. ... . . p. 60. the Stale grunting land. to ) longed Ui tlw trutep In fart procti- hot au
I leo. U p .. .. .HtntrtHot .. .. . ., . .. . p tllO.I' on png .V>'.': 'Tlw |H)wer of tlwIegilatnre ) who baA had tl* rouraat toItole U.
.'. 8l>ud. . . ." 0 06 coomderation of the latU-r d"\ rally the.onwcnutr11tkm wan made onin
I i 111 t7 U . . ... ... .tJIII'SlIr. .. .-... 1 .a the State tij building linen in IKIW net up by Mr Hrowurd, and tlw reserved in the 21uh ttion theft and pillory the tLI"' ee.
M I Ip . W hlmDn b. . Ip au. being original not Ilart..1! hit,.
4U tp . 4. Harmon.. .. .. p M llert is the k-tter and Maj.rt Jllliut wnn mi.\lllust) llw truxteeN of twinternal power | ii WHX HKOWAKU IIkrt 1"1'1111
'lal ,. l.lr.r lids (in not and could not be limited by tlw0th
I 169 p. . Yt Lsud.rdae.. p e u. reply !Improteinent fund wentlw ".\notlwr pro position w Kkh uw.e.
. .. . 1III.nd,!* .. P M wvtion M ON to prevent tiny' lulu re ;
\ < .
*? J' D D4. "JI\I lIontlll, Ha., May 10. only Mirtktt k' ally interentiil. Tlw Supreme UKli 1 thin Mr. '
. : Daf'141'
... I ,0 hpropo
< 44. .. ... . Ltmon Cltr .4 Ijefinlature from exerri tug its 'H'I&I""I" -(
TOO p ..uuu. uu. Ar .' ..... .1 v. uu u uu p oo* Major( St. ClAir .Abramii tltj: I hear Court of tlw .'..iI..1 States thus to lent* the diSp )*al of Hit laixhtotbKUkiturraud
1 power over the name II II";'.. h'. unlmnright
-- .- --- - understood that \ held that tlw
State tlie
= :&- having you wan real and "' the tourtAt. Mr. gyp .
DliROU. IlaII Kt-oni". -I'1o"'I1! arising under .
8ANTOHO DRANO'I I OHA.NUJC .CITY iurty to the Inauguration of the pros| party, and that tlw t rim ten wereruervly ,, 1 not wiynhe 1. not willing to trait U.

i. Uotl hit i. 11 N.: IT Atuus/, N.I.:"i of gh'inK'ay Stau lands to ag'i, Its of tiw Suite; unit MUch I",>. 'outtl't'llk'h brought into o| Tationome Legislature, but remain* rilett
: I utoUi
!&\ll aTanus. ,. Il.Iall Ullyj1010LT p. I DdT road linen in the State, I would IOj tilt' "UJoItI. I cannot torn-rive how tlw constitutional liiuitntiou upon{ tlweieniaeof court Now, if the court bold
: f cA. (.,. . .. TttniTtll .. Ar IBCp r N. /r.rn. would give the I l -Ki lature could have diverted Diich (niwer I by future I>-ginlature. tI..l4nd
ICmt4.fullf > of
, /IAa it .. otn' : . Ar h lit I ip llll.llT: Lake .1.11 J.rlJm Ii'U you Thin in well iftiiblilwd grants are legal &a4 I ]lr{
I I I UklLt... .. XnUrprtw'Oao.ur .. .t. Ar 11 00* r II ttaLr' OraDlI. City f Ifs tI..- fats in tlie ra.... for the (Miner to 1l1..lnt. roiMvrnlnff tinHeland u (prirwlpk' award .U governor, will be rebel
I .. "."rord . h 10 lOa,, P U U*'Ar Or Aty JoN by all tlw authorities! on this sub.jli > to
I __-----,:._ -c'r: :-. I I all .\ "lit nttl'lIl1on to an *. olie/ the mandate of the touta' ft

2J ) ".. tl .... I 01 No.t POUT i Ne.l iNo. tN... n I .! Itrouurd lU- MrtruNilin| of ) I* A IIIUTIIU:, NOT I'llfcATOU."Tlw t. mud Iw n'uwrnbi'rvd that uvr cowti
ilIA Y
: I D&ur I U11n11TNvolt:: I.AM* IiIlA\
tued.T adaty lI&U"f'" [ IJU"+ L.IIJ Iud t 9I..n. (IUI, board of tni" .. of tlw) luUrnalimprotfiiient TtI. con*true tie law. and If tcowtmtio! =
only J I ,E.ad. I --v 'When tlw land were granted direct ,
Tnl..tirllC I 11111I nut iii-nuti fund 1\1I. "...1! in, tlwcnattire of our Supreme Court hi in roans vttMr. i
It) III e 10 1 Lv JarklQlImlt Ar I t }I a 10 p to the railroad, not a single' right remained -
t I
j 01 It a 1Ma ., .. Ao.1'8o"U1.. 7 Ita 4 It .. inui-ti on .\'ullrtIRI.k! > time. I am of legislative t'1I1\f.tlllt'nt. and it ( Hn ward'* con.trucUon cf 'ft, i II I

I I I ( 1 ta .. .. r Dlnlttlira I TU. M& \.M\' truly. \V It. in an axiom of law that tin- creature tented that could Inimpnrvd.. would' like to know what Iw would dj | f
HID' 0 At II.,110 .ath. T M t
TK! Mile'
to Dinnton had enabUI! I tlwtmnto
'\ 10i.. . Lr I 8i 116' cannot In *
I' O Ar Mtyport L. & M1JOU AUKM. $KH'I.Y. greater than the creator Intlwraneof governor I would further like to how f

, IIn" L.ln"'II.. Mitt I hell al.trustee to pay etery creditor of tinln)nrd. what more Mr. DavU
et could U inj
{ PENINSULAR AND OCCIDENTAL STEAMSHIP CONNECTIONS AT MIAMI.I \V It. Tarter Eel: |., I-Mitor: M. | ::01111tllt'lI the foam has hilt created l any rnj fl
of tlw internal to do than to the Ian
improvement obey pa.4"
U-arSir I have '
1I..I'ify. just \(
I '
iK-wdebt. On lie it hascumulated
contrary, a -
CtOSI CONMICTION. HAD AT MIAMI WITH STEAMSHIP OP TNt p. i 0. 1.1. CO-,AIrY ,tot your letter. httitate to rvplj, l", fund, our State Supreme Court. In :14 Uw Legislature a* construed \j tit f

!' i 1 HAVANA AND KEY WEST. i am not in xilitkn.! Still, on the Florida, use thin lantruatfe: 'In tIlt' to .k>gi.hitftp a large authority.fund w I may hkh in add subject that coiiru? f

I' I will matter of guaranteeing tlw payment of "I had always *uppo ed that tLI.
rvfern-d to in of iinjHjrtaniv
but for the Milk-y of land I
; inlen-nt on tl... Imndn in tlw null before granting die took his oath of
1 l.T"w governor oCcinwore fir
tt.. tmuwbl h Iram& b* tlpetll.Ii'd. rtI l 1Iy nith your r -<|iH'Ht. I to railroa-In UK bant'onld'
!rom n'EtI rl .flllfca t rtiir arr'" nr 4.rartur. LI th* tlm'"* .tatf> I. ol 1I1I".at'-4. tin tlie tniKteen' of the internal improvement I'rrIa to olwy any enforce tin hawk tl
.I not .*, KMd 11411 rUpuntlble} for nor dl.y or .n, fWloMqIlUNl atntl lb"" ; "I do not L.IIIIthat I took n |> \'" been able' to airuinulate)' fund,
trots fund were t..l\gt'lIl".. of tlw :State, the State. 1 do not know that Mr.D riidenerven .
.., flit {part In entablinhltiK but would hate U-en | .
- probably
, -- I..lInlC tlllIJ..r iojle. !.ly
railroad in thin grant of authority from any praise for raying bat Wwoukldo
rorOopy ottbe LOOAL TIME OABDorOtbar IoformllonSEE granting The the Kinlature.. and dealing with l'wl"I'rlyof in debt at thin time, and inxolu iniontly that whkh it wanLUdat/to
but I trrtainlj did Agnes t4i it. .
i j' THE TICKET AGENT" arethowIn 10' I wan < ", tlie State devoted to nptrial lllur. litigation.m.KnlTY tI.I. but 1 urn MHiwwbat puttied tabagiiw .

\ J. D. lUHHZn, Aaet Gen PEM. Agtnt., ST. AUGUSTINE, o' e tlio Ikniocratkcoinfrvhtloii !' PON.Thefrnt that tlw Internal Improvement "At\die: time tAlk tlw LUll policy t.UANTK.of granting i how Mr. liroward would act I W

fund was rented should\ bv vbrtetl
iov. Irrevocably governor and tilt 8.
forth is diftrlrt. urlng
in tlw trim teen naniiN] for purpom-e d.'riIgnntt'4I Und to railroa J won inaugurated In prenw Court of llw State, followlog tbprevioun t
-- adniiiiirttration he <-
1NM1 .
ilo '" not relk'te them of theiharib l.alltlwdirinionn cited except that
( construction of tU lateral ibproveineflt
of thf
forl..lu w Ilrnungh pllblu in 'U Florida
bay Ui'ii .
aln-ndy n'rhtrnd.Nobody
to rrlk-M-UK-MI. nf the lira I of what ter of State atari U In carry in r out tlw act aixi l tlw decinkia bf UtSupnme

purpvww of the tu t, or direst tlw Stateof iuentioin-d| tlw p', uer'if' llwLegislature Court of tIN wiled St&KHHild
J10\\ n n. tlw) meow decree, but unit ]
rlr. Intro-sl in the fends, 1(1111115 action rater tlw land or its power deckle that tlw I/egUlaton dUI

to do no. Alter Hloihanrn of tlw triMeew in dealing to donate tlw-ne land to .-ltl. <,k> tlwbuilding I have the .
furtvre 1U1l.1"l1t11111 in that dirty \ v. Ith it. Itt power to din pone of tlwwUfrk.
\ a clearly for of railroad} .IINIWMI tlw a< tcnating
i AH th. ft'l.n'IOf'lIlntltp..f (Jfii. Il competent tiw IA IlIMI" ItwouMUlntenting to know .ktt

ture to pn-ncrilw tlw limiU U) bit II tlwtriintnn tlw board of truntem shown courtMr.. Krnwaid would puna h
Sanford. I mode coutriw t \\
I I, might K') In binding tlw fund clearly what tilt'! purpose of tie kgi..Litit. nikheteiit.MKXAIKTO.
i iI iI Itojird for th' purchase of one authority Tin- it .If
wan. act *
iI whkh tented them pra :
wan by tlw State l'UoM'..UTT"Tlwre
a>--h-n but thin Ml through, and videtl\ for State alit
to amicanaln.
'l.L mvd th I. fur nvitled| .purpoUit.. riinl to dwjiuil.l IK another b
'l"c'lItly the Uiard reason H 11 rtfnttlw
After lie Vow dccni wan tall
rontnuthkh I Iw-artil.v n|>prove e tlw :State atandoned Its former raining of thin question Ullli<>MO(

it enalikM the tru..l....." of tin I I.X.IOl.iTI' U> Ill ItlWIH. 1, l..vau...'it hud} U-eii and wn. a failure.(plan a.r.,. of tlwM laihln haw been nold toblitidual -

tional fund to |>ay tlie meow I It must !is' IMIHW in mind ano! that tlw owiwr, thounandn of faaUU
I From all j parts of tlw State rnnw a demand
I L rvk-ane tlie land from the 1 lira ( .t creating tlw board ", ,,'n..1 to tlwgii.lature ) for tlw now reside upon tlwm and earn tbfeUtelilMNMl
('unl4trlldlull of railroad
. r>rrh0 "The next |U.f tion wan how to I<.' authority to legiclaUon Il from tlwin If Mr lirowtrflponitkm
:: wan plain that tlw 'nllit"ll'Out.Illllt!
out th IlurlNIIII'i of tlie internal 1 tern concerning tlw lu..III. and thin be Iw correct, then not one of tU*
) tt) build} IIIM-M of ratlriuidsinto
provement art of thin State It '&0"I ha* l>eeU decide. by the Supreme l lrnonn bno a gold title to the land khan ,
npnrwly w-tlk .1 territory Uinu-
parent that the plan formulated by of Florida in tlw taw of the tlwre |Hmha-d) In good faith rrimarff
.. would l>e no return for to
a i wan an utter failure To hate ,) of tlw Internal Ini|>rovement tlwiliventinellt. yearn tlw Limed It-long to tl... State. ooiUtett
Tlw credit of die
4t ",('\,'n..llllit would have Urn to ltU1Fh \ ''. St. John* Railway ,'IIIIIP"".'. State |tsar of limitations can bar a re-entry bj tWnovervign
prvvenUtl a repetition i of tlw I.iful"hit.
: HIU ntiifd tin- "lItlnlah.I..J / rids Mr. liroward says that theyt HriH-eif the -gllaturt'U4 l
; h ha proven no illnontroiin, arwl)
, tlM' State, \\ilhoutaddinjf OIH- of l'unjCn..lIltU\.ItI. s that "llw 'land nothing waislilt but to offer indiicriiwijt} no more power to dinjM.ne" .d f t>we \lab

milt-Hof! mil" II)'. I .iif -..UiJ .. Iwapplk-dexrlunitely for tin- pure than any other 10H men IU the State,
to capital in tlw Mhap of direct kind
State; lnnu> ti:!: (lllh.llllllo' bolidn .)' of nnlalmlng said land" Our every railroail land grant in iIIegJudtlw
grantn. The plan then put in foni wnnmauguratetl
build :.:-.ou mikii of railroad K \ :\ >nl" Court ha ronntnied w hat thin StAUImntiiW to m-ovcrwrj
amt carrie.1 tlw
by Miio-(
It t laud an w.11I" the railroad an ,,' ". tUlI) no power but tlw I'nited of land deeKto| the railroad toDlpu"1IIt'r
cratkpiirty through its lender I
f r Tri-Weekly Sailings for tkpaynifiit of interent and f UII $uprrm.'Court tan 'lu..U..1I| Moh 114' rliIJ lIu..t.aIrI..llt.l tlw''e grant Will M r Browwi

IMtl of the Nmdn lov.! Illosharn ( Uon. In the St John Railway if eWt'l liovernorpro.wd tf) tuna 'inns
t l'UUf'"TIIt'
r 't.
JACKSONVILL in.lee.l all otht-m to whom I 11I",1.! 's' eItd on 11n.re,4.', our :Supreme their. horns the thuulIIndl4'ho bit
mileage of riiilroajl in thin
and NEW YORK "ii urntionvtrv of tin. opinion "urt nayn '.It must I..- Imrtie( in mind -uirvd| their lathi from tl* r.llroAl
in three tines an great an it would, mice
1 m'Tiif'' ai'i'harM.. n s IH>II! tt Ill'" ,-.....Iil ol tlM'Mute would not \ n very small |>ortioii of taw land CUIIIJ"' ""'.? To 1"'un"lMtA'nt Iw mud ado

I r THE FINEST STEAMSHIPS IN THE COASTWISE SERVICE. t.. float HIM.h n larll" amount of ..*t.-d I in the tnmteen were donatetl for lm bad any other policy Iwen .purntwtn ]. thin and in trying to) do tit) pllJIII

: The Clyde New England and Southern Lines. "iipt at a nnnoun dini-ount 1 "' .- \ improvement purpow-n( not ex \ a nwndwr of tin I/eginlture I I'Ot..l thounand* of ("""" mil into l UJlAtlo.,...
to thelandn '
grant to railroad, ,,"clln
fi Minvi lin.il to think that thin ubhition .lmg .r.OO),( ") ",<-rvn; much tl..I larger Inflict upon the .eople of tlw Stolid
I S-rvi. lit'tu.\ ti doing} no think I OcUn] Wisely I do 'I
i) JACKSONVILLE.: BOSToN AND PROVIDENCE 1\'I.II-r.IUI..ic..l.! TlxTe wan, ( ( probably niiwt...'U-twcntk-thn of sotprut.osr ttorfcl a greater injury than WM toHiet -
AND to utiiltify |
nlliMir ALL ut I ASTERN hiirl: f>t> iii It .th POINTS.Un\ othiiiK ..I..- tl' do but to make were donated under the grant of IK-mocratk psdk'y'hleh myself by I assailing advocated a ,..l ujrf>n them during tlw borFfJl'riocl

, SIiMI I.\\'U: IILSAllIU5.: : .if land* dirvt't to th.* railroad and overflowed landn. When amt voted for Neitlwr of lteMil4k-nn mlrule II Ufe
do I
t Southbound From Lewis' Wharf. Bottoi tlW that would build, or j permit 1 a't domain In connidtn-d inuih, if litk'iil $ think j o- State.

I II I Northbound from foot Catherine street Jacksonville land to I tie frittered away in exp.- must of it, 'lying out of lie rvaih exigencies warrant an nnnault "AI.KX ST.CLAIKAHRiMi'

or in Kuarant, whkh would not .) beyond the intluence of development( upon a |IM.lic.y whkh han more thandoubk.l
ST. JOHNS( ) KIVKK LINK.: our |xpulation, a'lel| trthbk-d
eoinplii-h an mm h an dim land I{,, tlw gnat and leading work tnd'w'a- 1 Over-Work Weakens
our tasal'a.h..tI.) .
Between Jacksonville and Sanford TIlt' ixilk-y. tU-refore of Riving d| in the fourth Hfction, It would hate hundreds thou-
1 I $rorl'ISIiT and of acn-n of land granted hateIsrn Your Kidneys
II.TKvsmu: ::> i lit \ \11:0.: itriti: :>mm> ,dl..Lull i iillld ) grunts wan detennine I UMUI, eri singular if mime such povicr had

Intermedia Lill-lun- ".n M .lll\| | > Kl\ EllI think uWly Th rv..ult in I..11111 U-ell renerve.1. No more efficient ret'laime.1 and are producing mil- Cckilthj Mile 1t'
I:i .MJe} of lions of cratiiof vegetable* and fruitn.It c11
:STRAMKU: "City of Jacksonville iminruw' reclaiming tlm couki hate

l i-n d.-i ".ed than that of coimtnutmg I ineony now crttk-iebut t hose who Ml I the blood In your body ftaet oVmif*

IH vriiilNTKI' ru '4 \ II. tee K 'l.l.o\VM. *'* of railroad! and tanaln through do t o forgi-t that in critk-ioing they are your kidneys once every three miiuw

l,ave Joi.ls/Uuv'tlk. ... snnd.ivN. Tinhi.tnuiid. ) Thurwla.vi ulM \I' III "I am not a railroa! lawyer, and ,.. .. thus rvndrricg them oiirtuiiliw tottwrn availing Itemmratkoctn, Ikmocratkpolkkn The kldntyitcr wysblood
i neturnintr. leave Sauford not mt-ive or im-epu-d u fw. and iVmocratk purtfuerL $q"
"flcll1'c.ch..I"J" and Fndat pkllg's' IIIc'h
i n at I':'" a n4 urnlnhing trannportation for I cut tbeImpurttlea vutIfihcyantlclcrni M
ail road for
ronipany iK-arly :i0! J enabled tlw Ileiuocratn I
iiui : pro iK-tionn enhaiMing die value to redeem tlw Ia 1611-
ff nem t -- -- -- and ifinwiiufiitly I not in the
.. nJ'5CtlEDULlf l --.urt1.R.usd < tlw n.ljl..lIlll\lI.I... etc. State from Ilepublk-an misrule.TNt'STal's .

j, i,-av. -.i $-.pJpiu ..... .. .. .. Ja..If4)n\'u..... .. Arriv Ir .e: ('p gory: of tho.e law ji-rn rtf..rrvil t4i by NOT OM >m TKXT: ', cf order, they 11111th

.4. H 15 |i tnN.toam >...... Palatku l>-ave N
.. 10t a sn ..... .. ... .. Ant or. ..... ..... .......... 2: 3111'Mp III in INJtt.-r At tU-aiu f time I certainly! pagf :" IIi our SuprvmeCourt says: N.,inlatun- han Pains. achuu4JW

e. -lO.a.... .. ... .. ... .....St. Tmncki.. ... ..... .. .. 1INIpin hot I\fM't' with thone lawyer.* who in contended that the IA.lilfll1tu..llad no power of control "": com Iron**
(IIt'n.fllt.1 ,il1'Liimid I over the.1 land i* not only inconllht cess cf uric add1t *
I :: 110 In adtiw-d him that tie titk to th- ) power to male (tie
arrive SatlfnrdKnterpriw grant to tlw St. with tlte cl.",'I..kllllf i I Iwne ---- blood due to i 1UgiIc
.. .i I :UI cited I. and) nth
1000 III m tested in the truUvn of the .. IUIIway Company under the Kith I kidney trouble.
\ INI' cm i-ouM\ cite, but in
n m al-o in
linprotetunit fund rsrlu.i'sdy, and .tlIIII of itn. i.liurtwr... .. I._.,'.".'.'._ ft. __. __ co11fiictvhlh Kidney trouble causes quick; or ua4
--- -- t .'n:t 'IUIII. tie
Bit I
- -- creating tlw Inmrdof heart teats and makes fed W
trimUen one u
Generr I Passenger and Ticket office the I/H claturv of th** State of (i..latunlu..1, ] vente die hind mt of tie internal improvement fund they had heart trouble because the Mart I

tuu no more I\\.t.r authority or } in tlw Trucl-* of the Internal Thin o.t'annul In overworking In pumping thick. VtXT

204 W. Bay st. Jacksonville. trol of aid hind than any otU-r (' Fund), and) that they had) it conntrm-d otlwrw irethan poisoned! blood through veins and arttrt.
wan in tlw iWi} .ioii
huudrvd 1 HK'ii in doe State I II' : bound) to the rrtrdikrMof rendered in It used to be considered that only .**/
--- --- thin! '
- --- --- I MM, threi-yearn U-for ( troubles kihslsbut
jovernor Illos- were to be traced to the
r.'1 IftINMIiNiER JIe \1 a Ii,.1 I'll"" hI :!III tt .tl.1 a .fI' hUII'I'Fin'! agree with Ibis. Uraune tlie scat/ by tlw term of the "(contract t and hum Was eke& .trd.i I cannot now modern science! proves thai 144
comvive .
W.4i MMl'KKJii.l.NM-ri| : indlrwtly inconttht with tie "" tie 13th Mtion In amore all .
\Ill I |I' 111\ EI.I.: :'''I.t aditernon of a remarkable constitutional dixaxs hue they k

Fout HoKaiiM Ju )runt ,ill-. !I'.C.H.lltT.I !.. of tlieSuprvaie\ Court of Florid In of the fund from tlw of I'WIM..ltlulI than thata nine la kidney trouble. .

.\. ; t'1I1 I Knotnl'iiMi: .\ci.\rw \urL. ('a...' of tlie State of Florida vn Aiii uiid in, therefore purpose* tlw Ixiard of tnii-t*".*, tleretiturv of n If you are sick you can make no tnl .
''l.\ l'i: MII.XK inoperative and legislative by first Tics **
: lii-n t'tI&: Frviirhl{ Astit. N-w marl. ; .nl\'tm"ollll4 ltul'rittt to its doctoring your kidneys.
whhhwill |
lHEO.: (i. [: ) : stun Ufound In tlw iIf..au..1t : *
OER.'n imparttlw obligation and the W9
I' CL I)H & CO of, creator, and) that tie internal I eilrtordlnary effect cl Df. .
finwrnl Marnir CniU-d Stah-n Supreme Court d. ,.. irnproreinetit
G.'n..rnl, .1g..nts r- contra' act Swamp-Root, the great kidney ttaH
1'hrsrbruugh Uuil.ltnll' H'! o\tat.: St NVw Y.nl. die court says rvtrnrdm tie iMiHen* must l I.. n'nrh.lwn.that l tI'I'I'har. I' eftablilnil_ in Flornluan. imperium I I lOOn realized. It stands the I1lc'u1lc1 *

the trujtd-n that 'U... truntet-n nrv in of the St Johns Hallway In imp rio. .\11" matU-rof fa-t. I wonderful cures cf the must distrtsif\ *

-- of the" ... company am of the opinion tlmt the legislature and is sold on its merits
State, inv. u>d with Iralll..1 i after tie ,
a t
establishing han by all druggists In
legal title' of lbs land for their Inmrd tif trust of International (power to repeal that a'I. jn.t asit cent and one-dollar sU*.

The had tlw (niwer to t'ond it.
Dredge "KLONDIKE"MKI.TUN convenient odmlnUtratlon. You
and fuml, \nd tlw} jxiiut then es. may have a

State remains in every 'llI'\'t tie .. ..- 'U now nought to U- ni.i Kn Tilt Ut: ;|l"I.\TI K/ sample bottle by mall ,,.. ,
rained -
Mr. '
.Is I staled on the beginning of free, also pamphlet telling you -
: A ('.\Min: :< ).\ Prnprtl.knw. tldl\llwl'rl..lor. nubjirt to the all to the power of the l thin out If have tUdde
>cgm- letter I am not in you kidney or
politk n, and} I 111m
leer' hk h have nut
Urn mad to tlw "" and 'in Mention Dr.
done in Hite Halifax effectually nettled! 1 this paper when writing
Drfifl; TotnoU anil all rh'vr. oDd down by the aiding in elating '
BJ Uw East IW- of or defeating
t railroad bond. m-ored thervbj. of the Supreme Court & Co.. BIhlon. N. Y. '
Talus Il.'ji-nftlifc. and on page date; Lull utterly dissent from Mr. '
.ti"'dlun rt'tIlJunrlntA-J'\'Itt
Gnarantrwl,1Jdrr in the fund of the name decision, an follow: Itroward! fun t make any ft"LLt bud t'

to this State. The fait that the 'Allot the po ltion. and cannot but call I tie I> lwaml"
:" tin frmTietors lta> tnnn.Ha. ttull lands t..t..1ln the trusted attention to the I I.r nanw, :- Swaiuji-ltoot( r.
r extraordinary slur tw
I Consist of tlw governor and oilier ", pledged to the purpose* of the trust rant j I Rout and the address. J
upon -giidature of thin State
I 11 luimptln. N V ',1 every lottk



-- ----: i .1
-.. --r1-fp.'irPt. w.+ .


'the} Daytona Uazette- eewa, Saturday June 4, 1904 .

-- -.--- -- .. _. ,
- -- --

'I' LEGAL NOTICES. '' To rtlabllih An a Irgal Ordtnanc domplnK. ground for j HON. JAS. P. TALIAFERRO

z rubbish within the city llmlt, and ,
Ing Dance a :penalty furlulattuu of i pro"III'1) tr l

.:i Ijp1t pop fl as it: Iut June Q WberruU.rsr Mlcbat-l and 1T.'onred I!
NOTICE. bav, on the rnty-flrit (}li day of I 1
jt March In tb. year nlurievn kUQdrttt unit '
I-: .Neste 1I..n-b Urea that lbw under. four IIW.I) ut't"ultod and vnUml Into w rllUn i
x adallh".lrll u( lday uttuf: contract with tb- l'U.r lw
: Uma
'* iJHrVu tb. .Ua III Juu..
{ n
i.-.lll. <> iI

.k +* Wi?MtCror"aD11. .... .ppll '.UOll Jud,.to JlvJla! fu rantingluwid lot four Itl i. Work lacy liilriy-rtv rights mud.../rhll"I1'.. H(.
I J LM ... ntaniMapof I'a) Ittll., ai a Irgal dumping
( I. to pftale
I fort4Ia. rra..t. ground uudvr tl |>ru\l.U>n. uf ald con 'N
: IN', a dr.rrtbrd ly Iraq
t:fr'. yolustl bust,, rlorWa, tow It: ThrrebrrhrII ordained tb'comlllon I :.t
& 4 a by I
,. *A '" II (H' ua ."wuiid Anu and Council regular wiklmi a....mhlt'd. 1a..11 I and What\ He Is.
f ,. red '** I1 drop, .lIu.lt'd 10 lAid lot I. In ble.'" r.. dish lit- the only kcal! fi hI ?
".t .atilt II.lkweh' 4ub, dlrldow '* Cut: place for tb.. tlt-iNiklt of ruliuUh llMu tinIlnllKif ,
Lrellwi i,Tu D.blp Ii,M. tisar.f "
L salt City. and final
t' pas
f f.,. ... ltl IIr. '" .. 01 tJon 17. sale of I bht nr.ltuoc.I I.*> M syur.bnilssu." *
t.wtiab Kaa.e s. 1I..t. coutalnlittf uollr u( Mid |>a..iiii< In thi err kmpfri of lit' Sotilli.-rurr N'' huI".d.dl\ ) | the! I f
H It
I deNiguc
"'... III:11941. a (flbll
aM .-- the Clt,, Ih" ...... to In puhllshtnl for fourII I .
I lJ '* MKL1CN Atimlnliiralrli M. MUUHIitON Estate ) weeks, tkO'i t>y iMwtlnr' our >liropy at lllltyllall It.. r.Mtifllt Ulld illi'11i) ..f I' I"! ii!,I "11I,1'I I"ulle'I l Mates Treasuiy at Un tmrcynl

! of L H. Morrtwu.baud That on sod afur the .... hit ortll- his cnily laaith'XNl. ., ,MI iv-nful andhunonil l Wall sti.-rt. ItaiikerHIltr sal
.. |>a j>K u I
; toe mb day ol May. 1. 11..1. asnr4It, shish..lx a n..I.."..-....., for snyp'r.ou { IMHIIH-HM man and a stalwart udat.-d tI.) .* thiti.in 'd AT SUNRISE OR SUNSET
t" tudi>p< any ruiibuu In plurrIn
:; the city llmlti.oirepl spin the nfortMiUIIrtjalduiupiuf nnd faithful iKmmratlit Unitetf Stal S.'nRlur by t the dircft 1
,.t pub. May u; tut Jun ] round. i ilt
I d. irir Any urrMMTlolallnilhiprovUI'iiiKiiordlnaur .'1 hlh 1& ( CotiftHleraUVt. having rote of I the people.

IOTtCU.VOTICK shall, utxin trial amt eon'1.11.i4. "It'f\'eel l t>i the dclW" of thf Civil He advorat the enlargement of OXIDINE
l.ft lf that under.W la :
b bf en
U r | I
used admlnliiraiof ut the ..**(. of dollar tVOO) nor inorr than t.t-.11..II.r. \\ ar. lirnt in 1'n-lhiM.I" liuttcry ul the powers of the Interstate ('nmluerce I
! CswAs.Wtloomaid guardian of > .(. sod ipu.uu) ftirrarli orr>>nr., In the 11I"'rl'lll." 1'( IlIlh-t' and later
I Couuuiwuon.
if .ftU."UlOG tb* wb day of Jon. the Mayor, artillery UH 1& Ut'IU I IS A POSITIVE CURE FOR -I'
" A Po fry, **' application to Ib. llou. .'......| tint rftwllnif March r"th. l'." ..ll'r l of tli 1'iflh Virxiiiia a\alry i He voted for the inter'eam anal
Juag* of Volutia I'.odru..d rl..lnaI.rlllllll.( r.>.. I
UtOurr. County
4. I.Ii.t,. lur U*'*' to properly ..I.! I bedftcrtbMj 1........ tblN r..II..1C: MarrhAtb I'l-l He U'gan IIIH life \\.rk hem in bill. CHILLS FEVERS }f.

", I' illualwi to :pro'd: 1'lorid.i- a Mauler marker in a He Las always claimed for Floridaprodocere ,
P. I. H
....aOu.n17, florW..IOo.II: MIT ll.Mayor
: VM
I {"II4IIHSI'h'oa of Ixrti I and T. Block \\mill and a comimin lal>orer the same measure of pn >- :
9 and f.. HubmUlon of Lot I. .4.lItal. land MALARIA
et j JIWt'I"( Lots lAC. I'. ..std Tl. Mub-dlTtllon ut1DIII tr.w.U.IIAIUI'*. tog camp w..ariufll'tIIJ11 lotht lection aciimled by law t > manta AND

' /oatw'. Writ y of lot I. Block TI. l'r, , {Ih.IutIot&MoutbotCsuallnhkictOf J W. Wll.Kl! >y,
TLatcordUf to Hodjium'i inapand surrey Cloy Pier Ixmt that the friciri ul thiiM earl tion of the country.

[uU>oa JOHN, Florida.B. PARKIN HON.Admlolitrator lay. .f toil and |>iiuiti illll are hit He votwl 1 for the:al oliti. >n f !t.ix s IT WORKS WHILE YOU WORK.All .
-- -- -- -
I' Hate of klUW'hCet friends t< iha! ou the irculation of Slate:> lunk
raibtrlB. WII.on, utl I
luardlan Paul Tlllniao.fud of Page Abd IT'S lie "*"llat,, natuia! J.lhs ..f intelli |I He toted for the hill to n.it. the Druggist 50C 0, Writ the Manufacturer .

tali if b day of May A. I) lw*. ("'iiee, indtiHtry. fl'llgalt auid | d"'partmcnt of Comuieri-eand Lduu. ..

-- integrity to sink fp I"II I |>urM w that i Jin exact aii-ordance with the expie- I I

la'-luw aehii'Vt'd 1 an enviable! biuuiu se
.,, NOTICEOf FOR : HiittvMi, and haM long lx
iiid HH one of the must Hubotantialh !! Itr introduced and) it passed the

TO APPLY FOR LITTERS I (. ,' $ ,'f the fommunity whertIn' I Senate) a rcMtlntion providing' fin a -- ..

PATENT. I II lives i survey for a ship canal aerons I the HKMiRAPIllCAl.! 5KEIICM ,I I Ik'iii'M ,iu-1 It.irg d with violations l,

He luis HI'\.I the puhlir tu4'.1 l lce III" St.t.. of Florida.
r."IaHi Ity lLy t'VtIt'e'ro- I OFflORIDA'S I I IN: (ml.In rl.viion laws and on
,. Oo U brby jlr n tbal on tbolMhfertf YOU ]>td>ly nt a inetnln'r of the Stale I! I
Jtlne *.1) I** at Jo o'clock of sakidayII.madrraIuM.Ill.ppl a-'ixiMMnii. UIH fined in contempt
) lo lbe (>ov- lltiartl' of Ikmlth, ami han !'INn1f1 l the S.1AT1l .IlMKt'UATICkH'l UKI .
, grllN of the nut.of r lurid*,al T4UbMw, I I iVinoemtiv aite with 'dr\.iiinn >'I liitTing in o|*'n court verdict '
DorUa, tor letter patent upon ib. pro- |) "I 1 h.u..IIt't'n milijwt timelillle rbrunut' JUNIOR I'
,otad. charter lubuilllod bervwllb punuantMlatttaut and fid'litfinot in tin- i.ink* and tl.iii for }....1'1I. says I K:. II VVuMron. tit >I'f acquittal in one of those trial '

_r' Uud. IhU*Mb. daY Drink I later f<>i tle\'t'ral yeurb .H it IIII'IUI/'r tfitt..nJUlk'tkJti.I..wn.( "Mv. joint. nine I ih< M rv"d the IVmoeraey with unwearied '.I.Ii I
k.YMevIUNEHay. cliff and cave me much tl/uiimmliliwfort. ''.n
and l'utimuua.1I1! the Statiratii1 <' I"III''-
f J. Ii. ('. MOHKIK. I as Mv jointu would .rat k when I I I 1"nl11uiaMU and rare ftdelty -
L LKONKdUUBKK.:' 1r Kxwiitive I'omniitlo- I rl| 1:1""III'rlllio'lI:
miglileiwd titi UM
e 4ubscrllror..ullscorp.raor.. SENA TOR. without a thought of ]K'rHonal
, rl IIha<< IK* I IH.TU ail <>lrl''.' ranker fain Hi.lm niui Imvc tut-n tl.uruusc.ly! ;f

ARTICLES OF INCORPORATION. I the only |Kihtir.d ofliir i hehu>; ver cond. Have not ba.ln iw.ln or nd. reward. during the milw' \ilueutyeaN I.. .

from toe olJ trouble, for lluan'fI t I.... of Ih'inocratic rule and much .
ArtkUI. | held IM-IIIK the outlinh he mm woit..tfllilifll- > ) gucxl *
It in wrUinljr a most
i tills, :111I1111) which he was elected in tIWai'' Fornalel.j' all t.lruillll"I' purKe| that l he Invame the choice '
TIM ...... of Ibis eorvoratUtu hall be .
., "Ta.Orator-Morri Har..ar. iVtoibany." j 1 IS1.;I HI;) mi the liret ballot in ;immljaiKe JAMKS: 1 1' T.\ 1.1.\ FEllHU wa" of hilt frllow 1 'IIII.ratlt an a memberof i
. ta4 IU BUMlpal p4ae uf IHIUD M .La4l UalUayUwa
. wltbMUorlty : with a wcntiment which wasprll'ticully at Court MOMS, VirejitemlKT '
Volutla iV>uniy Klortda. Volusia County Feels the Same. Mutt Orange the Stale Ku-cutive Committee .
f to itabllib branch osier* and unauimon
. M,"rt. llblo and *It bout lh. note ol rlor- i j : Tlw fitiiil n-turnt from tits timt 1'ri- Finis. :fit< IS I 17, and which Italy he WM the chairman for I
Ida. WHAT HK II At* IMI.. ,.
Artkte II. I t'1Il4tl.liKlUUt'ut itiary bo\\ that while St-ruitor Tuliafcrro *|>eiit liis youth ami young inanliooil several years .
uticurvd the
He has
nm'le a "I.It'n.lul| raw utnlcr nil the in his native Stito.Ho In t 1H7I 1 Mr 'l'nliaft'rro18
Ta |_fal Saturn of .a.. bulu.i> lo I* ., of several fret- rural delivery route* mar-
, iraaiacud 1I (bat 01 e rrr Ingoa ..bol..alaadr .. eircumMtaikY'M. yet IHi1i.l not rlrrltl'enough I i.. a Mfmbiit l of lloltoit Tal- rit'llill! Mitw .it.Ilie i of Nor-
and KMtal Hub-statiens in Hardy,
Ulld alla| In llarjvan, Ylu'uWog.Thslsg I-1orjlla |
The (rent Health Drink | vote to aclhUll n nmjoritynot -
BulUlDg Hupiillvt. Kurullurw and tin MthurbN of JacLnv. liaferro who rame from 1-:010(11&1111: folk Va and establishing a homo
U44itakUt and ucb olbor meta ofttMral juitt* enoiiifh to Met ttnIHnotiiiiia! -
MATrbaodlMi in oblcb lb.ourp.ratorplrnlluu- lie has )labored imvHsaulU IN a about the your Wl1,1) .ult'll l in in tin- city of Jacksonville J
Uo. tkall d..lr. to If..... T I tion OUT all his roull.'titorslk | ever
taail alo ka" purer of buying &.....DII. meiiilier of the SeuaUI'tiiKiou Com- llinvfonUfuiutii. iMiittNkry for E* *'x county, Virginia, and who. aim* rmid.! theio. Suece! came
relay 01 ota.r.l'" julrtni,; or ..11.p..Iued I the interroU of .ill
aay and all artelt of unriuua) proprrty, "IN THE GOOD OLD mittw JHT- him und the next highest "URlIIi| tttor to wan of the Blenheim liram} of what t-i him OH the due rt'\\arllof intelligent -
red alau rl MUU .blcn: may I* uecn.arylor HOIH entitknl to |H'iisioim m Florida
M laeMontal to lb. propvrrarrjlo 1 onIUMralb run unothtT rote in theton.1 rnnuiry, has Iii.)('(* I Ux-omo a numerous fam- effort and upright deviling vtithhi4
Sonthem States
and other
kaetkefurlberjooweut.rnl0mortgagbgoe /- ntHtrtunoiital ill ily. Mr.' 'rlllitfernafalhlerwasEd.: and
He !'It'- fi-Ilovvmen honors
was largely nought
otbr.... pll'd"D' or Jl po.lugofuy mate ill lilb. J. N C t:1.t.tIlIl..f! Jink- j
of lit ...... *ttat or pr ufial prup'rly., TIME"I coring legishition gntntiti jnnHttnisU villollolineti. mend. I'emlleton Tuliaferro.: a jmim- him. He hci-ame preMidetit of tlu
atcarttir for debt owed by lb. corpora-
Uoa;af.o of any burro to( uiouxy and of trrur- I Hurviviug tioldieiv of the Si-nii- c"uuty hu wh'u.I.I.l l I.v n infAnt jihysiciau' of Orange county, Flint National ,Hank of Tamp, a
11gp.ym..l of owe la soy wsnserprrRltl note Indian and to the widows
war, .
|w'r u wit that who ilovoUtl IIIH entire.lifu to tin
by law to natural purtont.Artkk strung plttrylityrtprrewd member of the Ftori.la State Hoardof
uf such Hodi| <*r> who halt dial', the
Senator Tuliutcrro hiukl. nirunli'K to duties of his in that vi
ilL i result being the annual distribution the old IfeiiMn-ratk: rule auceeeiitu I&llIIiII.1f profession Health and vicc'premidentof tho

Ta. a>M>uatof lb. capful. dock of thus I in Florida of about hlttl!. Un +|Xileil 1 by (' '

empurtlosshell,U full. T"paid. .,and-at.ooo''IIt'a..11II TboucaudlxUiafttta.au.UDi | He procured a ruling of the war tirSUitf, 6J l u tote Mutt \liuktsl. tut lit 1f f r. Taliaferro tvig gu sl in 11('- ppNicrity| he low lived a life of ttO"hr

to be dlTUwt Into l.o buodrrd and dej rtment rating yprtxw lumber his ctlumtion in the noUschool l
tI. otrr all his com qui ring < and Melf-control for the
lietng plurality
n never
fifty ,barn iw, of One Hundred luiiiartU1 KTI'O) is ilrlu-1004. refrcliingxcra .ry ,
(|.'' tack rifiafto tbouMiid of ..blcb.couilttlaf \ tht' 1411111' as pine lumlM-r\ in IIII'j-j ..'ttlure, IIIM matte it puiin that the dis- 'of William DinwMtllc, at
uS stork of ,..ad.. iuoin* au loUrrM 11 o made f runt rill o Saw ban provihional tariff s. pant tweiity-fimr y Hit rH. having i
iirco will be paU In by the tulnatrt t1uguistud ntieniuit Wtit tli.* i holtof lrvnwwnl when the war Utvwn
tb. irauiiuf of tblit'bartvr. the oi all icrtion touehetl intoxk advantage
upon grwtly to | :
free ehiwil.There
Ilorrie Abw4ntrly t..Lisa tlie roKti-fl ;ju-t
I'alinctlo ttat+ in gnat
and U tw tubccrlUMl au
to the State* l and l left the M-hool
in thin State etmnectnl w ith began his i election to tin United States
In a* may kereaXtrr b* dtrnului by i U no iiiion but that 'in 1k I

1M Board of (anewrt.AftkU. f from jK'nucious harmful: drug the cypress numbs industry nr> iui .Primary In- will r", t-hf nti mr i in ISO I, when 17 y fln' of age, to &nlin IHIK wan an event of more

r IV. Motto stimulates tilt Liver, fluslion'I Ik wan Ruccejjsfii! in securing liberal htolminr timonial of UH. [ HiplrVm enliHt in the Confederate army in than ordinary tighifi4-awf. la tho

.. Tb. t.na'or ,bleb this ('barter. ball 01Ut I approprialtoiiH fur the IIUI'I'O\| 'C 'ua11drtkw toe nhihty nod iitt"xnty.their which ho Hormi until the cliwr of
.. the ptate'of of btubborneoiittwt
lballlllo for t uty.0v y art. the Kiiliu-yH, aftn directly on ment of the! St. .lolinn liixer; thus exciting *ri e*
pled "'.'11I11'' that right nod justice
the to hid home
.. Ankle V. Itl.iddor Makes' them orptnns |Trform oj,cning new avenued 1 ommcnt hall prvuiil, in Hpit of all th""U'IIII.tllfl war Hetiirning which had charwterizevlMinlilar
.. the after the surrender he ..ntlt avlln'41tll l
rate u> there
TbcbuilDMtof Ibis rorporatlon shall IM their functionH in a natural land rtHiucing freight caiunmieM of ,wIfe h |NilitkiansIn I pnniourto vfcwn-i, wan
ondiMtvdby a Board of lilreclori toroutlof I inliabitanU of a large terrttonwithin reHiuiH and rom[ lete bill studies calm termiirtxl
"M1l1kllllllll".tI) a
tlie Ami yet wnrntnition -
/ not Run thaa nf. (I) nor !... ban I'rmuiry gt .

lkrnIlu W r fil.r tb buaUtvM. UyLavi r.*iulr way.. HalU spchfy.nd dlr"et way thm-hy keeping: the sy'Menl in I the State tincittuum m.u..- if pUin that Mho. wan not a |>arty hut the misfortunes of war had of |III Iii t il'ltl forces iu hit

Ora to tw shroud at the rr,ul.r annual p'rft'd aii'l l withy condition I lie protested uganmt tll tIJt.11 rank inutie tw to *e*>.k toi|... made sm h linnpes! in the condition riH-iion which ie..tded( 1 in hw election
tMUaf be held ou the M' oud TunadayUjaa I thus from the hill fur a jHitnamutccnuua :
ofach: year, uulvai otb.r"l..' U.,- I prier our II..Ml.I..art..1'nntllr of his of the family that ho derided to the first buliot taken
I on
W >araU'ly -
Urmlaed. of bureau tb'.Il+pr p1'Iallu111"1 |
And until tb Brit utwtlng just rigtt.utt then let her cut'er'twrself .
U.irkbotdr. Uar1c C.tkulwr, J. 1>. i'. and publishing ""I'| >..tatifttieti alwmlon his purj)M' and enter at in the rt'Hjii-ftive IHXIM of the
MorrU tad U twine urubnr iball commute collecting with glory by gtt hill 1"t'II"tllrrabaltrru
U. Board af I*r.c ton. eat w bleb board. Ma' and hit was lurdedjond once )n tlie responsihslitie. of
prwioi tijN lafgihLtture the 16th of
Don K.Orubr ...11 b* fmtdent and Ti...., nt "leant un lIl'rI..ltlllll" IIIHHirit.v \ on April, by
'nr.sad U Uron Urubvr ..baI.'I .-. the item retained ut (till .l il! "" the 7th tli.v of J urnl l tat .*.'rltoter nunliuMl, in the Itojie of bettering a I trge- majority, aud l the formal dec- .
rre.ttrntand J, D.C. Morris thantwMrc 'I to the benefit < >| :all S.iilhi'ta ffl a ir onul int<*rrrt m this lust
"tary ; greatly IIIH own fortunes an well an thom- of brat ion like
l r iiml II.) Min- to turn out on that tilt) of a rvtwilt oil the following -
farmers 111111111&1111'1'*
Artkle VI. j unit tiNnat'ir\ Tultufcrro luxoti. his familyHetaoral. in the t.t..iUD
Tie I I lie wrut into the Cnl i>.ui t. I ii.ieiity thii lU'iiioiixiriitini< ; out (lo\i- uf 111e'' ) day, joint I

Mel 01 oele.rsot a rrt.idnt.tbeourpuralun Vlr-rr<>ildi nt.ballrOl1', H<-rrvUry Sold tt All treaty a single word l ..I tie unit ju.! 10. .iii.l "ur i mull. u'nntuu.f. all to a more pninitfting Held! when ln received I 19 roUH, a majorit -

tkt aad Hrarior Traiurr.may and rraftrr such otbvrororcriM d"t.>rwlii*. II nslut-ing the thrill on anuii.ilhcl' ".\\ lilt !!p!' "(. .1 b m.'(.">;" : |,,lnu-nl .. than wan: then offered! in his native 'f :".. and a plurality of 22, of

Any two oBle i may tw flllrd by Due ,..r..... ILT) ptMUltltk all weight I lr"in *'_' I t\. \d| i.'HiNerve- State al'IIl'ftrfOf.l] to, )lae imrmti\e, and tilt.. and ,
U be .. ---- c preNcnt VIl11ng1'ollulu'uti11u
delerwlu'd DlrrctoriArtkU -
nay Fountains. .
by Soda 1'I".d l
$ I.: > ew-h, ,old on Taliaferro came to Florida
youn the low
VII.Tk I ins tbat weight from '."i t I. -f '; thugiving uimn event-
:. 'I., d.L s.l'kiog Htich employment as might Tinn-s. !I'lti'-n and Citizen
I I :an-i .IT.' ,HITIto flfJ'ril
ktf heit amount of indrbtrdur. IUMUty Fag. ,
to wklcb tb* ourboratluu "., .( any ERICKSON all jH'iiton ellgag'4l in tIt| \I d'' I present itw-lf ami finding it, an :Mt 1. utu-red the following refAArkablc
Urn lubjwl U*.|,. iball but ANw d flfty l&u)
Percent. of II. paid lu rapllal. cattle trade of. FI nI'1.1! many another adventunnid has done, piophcry, which liAH lotil n) rc-

Artkk VUI.Tb Cabinet Maker and lie intHKluci'il all I -u-' > i >*iiiladvocated !\ If You Waste Your at the very font of the industrial htdlei markal.ly ftilfilleil l: r

..lIltllIl'II.11111'1.1 i t t 'iiemnnibuHtlaims .; Nerve Energy After

nines and mld*>nc<'i, and nuiulr ofIbsra : bill pi' i :iiu.;: '!'m th.141vfe11t Awhile You Will l'osseting no capital hut "The. whole |MNt life of Jait*tl1 P.

ludo labwrlbrd..: liy in* Ineorporslorlarru Wood Worker ( of !III'.I] Lute lie.tlth. hoio| and a sturdy determination 'fal ; ft'rl"ll Kt iiiM him a<* time aiitithoMS .

".rIUll .:. Orulwr. Writ Palm H<-..'b.rlortdaWibarr < Suffer For It. win which ha inceUM
to e\er "
ami when oijxiMti|' ':i i. II. |l'I. .Ia.:1: of the dt'tllagIgUI'--a man ol actioti <

J.U.U Nurse, Writ Palm Uracb, 'lorlda.U Pb he mdetr.n \\.1 1 it tit> seud- Tm run wifto nervy forr by tie***, .ui'nite of his chief cluinwteri--ti-. rather than
tweeM deveh'jKtl
10 I arrs. 1).lIlr14 nixlimlu\\ S n '''*, H|< .
Leone (IruU-r. ..., Palm Bracb. KlorMa order All& Lifi!I.. l 10< adimli-, ovr-work. "rry. anxiety ftp. he t' ".k Hcniee a* a lumlM-r murkerin
I gharv. ')Illdulg$11uul' In Tou canellkl'n your.tW bjr not ratinetror.tr |H>rfi rm mon' than he d.att to proQis .
note eated l in tbf ('.urt ""f Claimthti! "
lmit ufflctnt reel ton
lU'palrin food or securing sawmill- cmunvm laimrer.wearing ,
Kurnitiiri' :a
*', fair to first hit
Btauof riorMa. loyal to
f tin' .tineud-l .
wH-urinc the I'aswag'"f >rw thp nerve cnfrpy you UM up.The
Oooaty: of VolutU. 1 at iiMmuMv iiriii'H. this RII.I'Il! and Just fTOf-ti treatment In addition to the roughest of clothing friend I i. 'liunun..1 l in uliervby
IUor K.
we p.rK"nall7.ppnued Marlon I)(i t t'utUlg".tlrnnr > wholemeal
Orator.. I). urubcr loral jhrmthttlc food, ouch u and living on the cuanm-l of fan-
c Harm and 1.1wios
bi w.Ubnuw..bowrrr.ll7s.'kiual.dK.4 j claim wan finally |' ud t" the :Mate l trial Prepared ctreaU, etc., i* I : 1..tll:\lm victoiy -H very rock in the

tut they tlBMl sod luUcrlU-J: w lie watt HUtiT*.if ul! in li.iriui.n- t>r. MUes' RcstortUre Nen tne. i !He "graduated" thenee into u Itakcreoiinty lime uf tr'ubh', but fuotkt Andpiiet

%U**ta4 afeur puru sod (*IM t>..Iula rna,cootaluwl.'..r..r and for the ibrr Daytona Ice Co. I(UH .'tm peration with the Ulll'rmenlll'nt This Is II truly a tr.)n end nerve Liggingmmp, with little-im. when Hu.ivi4 w a-'irtil. The
Ne..d.Aewluas. of the Florida delegation fooj aa any foo i you could *.t and lw. ,
.,>( I bare brr.uutOM>ljraan sides, urnUhM rtrenftb and tone of Its pr \'.'ment in hin condition, but afterMime JHi-rvitv bl' !has .LKM' left, him with
and *. Ibli rib dal of ).,. A.t W'yVi" < kiMi 1lttult4 Il'I'rPUR81CE at Washington, to whom he invariably woakcnrd nerve .I
on. Trhlrh (of to the of faithful uervicc. for
.din share! of years wide popularity bttau Iw not
( : : .* accords their .),tl'm. and iwt. it to rUhU. w a
vut.JryPublt, HtaU of rlorkla credit and honorin -.. uriiit: .1 Dr. Miles' ricttoratlve Nervine U a r.- otlu 1'1III' I 11 egan to look out for hint brass land camMiigiier| : ; but the .

OomiulMloo at Larf iplrr, No*'. It, l Ira much! brgor \-ilume I.f apprupru- (rrMhlng the train. rrvltalUlng an
Bert n., Attorney. (tons than hail lawn I pmt u IIU"I Iy ai- wnm-out nrrve tlti"ue. and fMa your the lumber bu im
.. omplrKhe' in the history .4{ the! Ur>K\ill train) with new Mo and 'lior. ground he addrer l himself t
up of Florida Duval
the m"rv Pr. Mitr Nrntn has mad .o many an itninty
Stale Hum aggregating ,
Low ck
Todd UM B *
r' -- MI -- than four million d..liarsr nn-r marvelou* curl'.. of g.enle M tick the to the attainment of the high pll4 known and, Itooor and truht-j Lim

"T&. 1, U. ... U.l UiTK. U. U. I P. Y. $_ ?7 .per eapita of the entire (popula that d-tort It li thoiurM tudjy the they standard were InruraU medicineIn *. tion therein whit h Ite 111.m ,,'I c'vetl. aUlutely."

i ; lion 8ulmtanttal1"lixideil ns follow many thousand* U American horn-*. and which provetl to lit the itafe hasin .
3 12 50iasf KMud JUOI'I f 142: 2 MIt
+ 16 8 2V.41H. a 42 Indies War 'Ialm J1.I"',"" The firat oolUt \, guaranteed to help of hid later WHttw

It .. 3.1 s.VIU.Uuh .'''' you. or druggist returna your money. 4 KMtUHTKStl. H .MF,
231 Y ? 17 and harbor
HI vi r .
t. aulM lief "Tfc eitrem h'tt elo. eonfln! rnnt During the htrtftwoM-i >criod of
304 31. IM! 512511t' Wuter .....kU... Ga'w
IId.1'' fn 1W i Cublk and Intent mental .triln Incident to Runtling.- ma+l down the tnf"
June an" 1'J 607IM rial ..uar., p.,.l >tail....., -It t"'e"I the t'IF1r.1t.. ,.ln"M. has caused ro. }tie growth a. a man a..*J a citi/.en, ,
jit 482| 441 :lU 7 a" Pu o. 14.13 ('II' II 12 Sti1Mhl)Ii I tirwln.d'' 1..11I.nuMl" :l" duTutil to Buffer with nervousness and la. om- lumHng| tuto rujtit, or a Jauu-
to that while .
ita I..IIJ'II Mr Taliaferro making
ell L. iin nice It area me nay n' "fI'-
1t --
rJc 517 52' .4 I HOi H42W45 I ., ,. with
ta.!II.>. '" I hate u d I> WUif ilnl l other an'id lenta are dayoccurrence
" It 4 004 atI012k to :11 002: ( sari coal j very .atl.f rtory rrnultt In the treat tentiions at a }n,]itician, became profoundly every
6&2 10010M(t, 10 Uto j voted the trust M:'. ; men nf ttv 'e affftlom. 1 am now on **. It I'iuves
71 :23 VolwaU u l} Stony a .'OO'R.Uro.d He for anti i my Wth tattle, and eat and Pulp l wuI mtere .Ul in the |n >liticaleentH ) every 110111
742H3J H It 24 11 .0 the inrMliPH of L aUII for nil ailMMnr;;iiciit i then I. In fart hive almost forgotten that I to have a n-lial l.- ilve awl
_,1 I bandy :
.. ___ .. ,
7 V t11 Y5114r l...*.4l. ['Of'ttf'tI't nl'M'f"Jl. K of the tim*, and plateitthtr | v'
i hi+ nefarious* C offcned hy Ue I Demon> iu tliSenate .- Bute Bank Ttiuxana. Ark. there's !
1'111 Cashier.
:lI" 5; 31 ISM: I I none a* WII..I w IhidUn's
.. the of the.
Mille ugh trying Kt-new nroiihtmction -
to will t
10 27 117 12f.: and no < | tI 1 Writs to UJI for FrM TrW I Arnica .he. Ilurrw
t It 10 iiu na; :2W :201 :20724H ,A- year in wnue turf j lie ,'nh.lnlf.unt l the hip r'uilsl' U I FREE I'arlua.n r>t Dr. Mile "' '''1I 1- 1'tiul i ahoulticr to cuts, sores" "
"ti 11 114fi ....... It % ::141 l efon he resuinw 1. bill intendwl) to wring mill.- for Patn rain.Pill. Alo the New Symptom rVtontiftc dank RemMy Our8f""ClallAt hhoulder with some <.! Florida's eczema and pita di apjuar quickly ,
1212la: 143: 1 825: aaoHlfi will dUfnoM your cav. tttU under UM ".tkllling elhn-t. 25c
.. U nclitf at
13 110)) 117 ...._., .,...... ......... Hate. fAtion. Heva' 'al'turN'd; from the taxpayer for the you w- PR.wMILZA 04 h"w to rtjht It. bravest and worthiest apiriU helping 'h11.\twtsMl IIJU
.' It Ul .I. ... .... f hrmking into the home j fl'I.apitall"h i Tri* MEPICAl. CO.. 1'liarmocy and J M.
1":1: ... ... t)|*<> a LAJOIUTOIU, EUUUAT, LND. to bear the burden- d,f th- trial '" dlug.Glre. tI
S yLwsI O. Hartrid 'i' in Jackt'on-I}\ He auiod ui defi. acuity thVl hu ti I I
ud. low Pd'
I boats Won or I
ill i i
i I ) 1


s. \ r.

.. e t
.... .. 1 1. '-
t. :!"''' t' --" ,. I J
-=: _

a.-...... -__. -
.. __ _. ... -, -

Wo Dayionti i Gazette-News,' Saturday June 4, 19W(

H r _" _
-- --- --- -- -- .
-- -
.. ................. ...........................+...........*+.*..-#..4.t .++ _
THE mm GAZETTENEWSKrerj :" ." ............... ,... ...... FAILED TO RENDER A VERDICT : + ,

: :' t I. :
l.ut.iI..l : Haturday Everyone I : 0I

i I : A Jury of fair Maids Unable to DtcUe! Edw. G. HarrisPHOTOGRAPHER

1mflTZGtR.LD., I'I-BUMIH. \\ho \\nutJI1.o agar money Upon National! Flower After ;Ii i
It and that ought to include :. ,
,ItIt .v('rjr man or woman in tturlnr the Arguments. .
HuUcrlptlon |1.50 Year In Adram
per :
: town ought to coin hen LIt
1 theprnlbt'
Line Each Time.'entered i Words utterly fail to express ii
HooadlDg .NotJw lOc Ilt'r and sham in liMO tnotrj-'ar- tIt \
: credit i is due to those : .
ing chancru this .tor,> offers I 'fjjI iI lit ..
at the Piutofflc at Daytona, during the next month B : who had charge of the preparatory : Peck Block 'Phone 91 : 1It 1-

Florida, M Second Claw Matter. Ik-low U a sample A 'Wo1 1 : I arrangements and execution of the :

man'*fine|3and f3.509hoe, I iI school entertainment given at the It :

8aturdA1, JUDt' 4. 1004.Hckle I jet handsome weighty enough enough for for dl't'tUI.ordinary I' :: Armory on Friday evening of last ...N......1............1.........................:

-- -- -
UH week When the curtain rose on -
street ueur apknpld
a and FalM "Jccnu. : { bargain In every .. that occasion there" reclined in all :..................x111111/11.1/11..1/111111111111; i

"Jrnnu" Alexander" not satisfied \\'orJ.lluJ dollar : Miss
sense of a I i her dignity the impartial judge -tl.-+ .. 1. i

with biz buffoon performance during : under Jlrk*.oDI.r btvau.e !: : Hazel! Stiling, surrounded by twelveas : \f. TWO POUNDS "Jr". : _'
want clean "b.olffs. Itg. I I I <
will continueto : we >!
}His congressional race, "good l. true and lovely" young : -
It ular f3 50 Shoe now J2 50 ;; : : : 1
act the harlequin} for an indefinite" : I*>r pair I + lady jurors as ever composed the .1KFAST j

l+eriod. Ilia race was considered" by : panel of a jury all charmingly .. .

serious-minded ]> 'ople alt a juke by : gowned in fascinating hues of pink, .. : 'j'1

the way ho cavorted around, but : blue and white : J

took him a. meaning what he Raid : Clothing, Shoes and Rev II. F Marsh made a short :. 4! ... .:-

when he so earnestly vowed Ills allegiance : Wx 1i ii explanation of the cantata in order .. j ; 1 > .
to Tal inform and Davis i 0 e Gents' Furnishings f I that. all might comprehend the different .. .. 1

Now, since his defeat, he surprises F: DAYTONA. FLORIDA. : jsirts all they were presented.The .. r : S :. -
the I to his : r'r
telegraphing .
public Iiy
J : attorneys nude their apj>earance 1

eatallcircleof adherents "I 1 am for ; in a dignified manner, and the .. ..

tlii'Thnv) hlit'u.ls Stockton, llarre j PECK Ol FOSTER Proprietors. : judge, addressing the jury charged .. Zy ..

awl llrnt ard." Wa he sincere in AAAAAtftAtAAAtAAAAAtAttlA1......................... : them that upon their verdict rcoteJ .. OFF oEF ..

his canvaw when<< he ;\lQW'rh'tl other- -- --- the responsibility of deriding what ORK t.

wish, or ili.111I' think lie would gam should be national flower
THE PEN OF DANNETTE H. MAYS A Delightful RlberTrIp.hijtsr our : i

votes I by professing to IH tiding in ) and I Ir"1: Hill llIun I After hearing forcible and eloquent : S. W. CARROLL :

the Talitfirn and IV.ivis h.'ulfltag. in behalf of each claimant ,
will IK- the objects ot kindly remembrance .
on? What do the ladies think of I U UoquentlylelJed In Behalf of the I to \he the national emblem it .
of their friendsfor
1" by a |Iilrt : THE GROCER. :
"JI't"IIU" candidacy for matrimony Uectlon of Robert \V. Davl aOovernor the eiquiiiic pleasure afforded was evident that the question would .

since this ]K>litical somersault;" ? Oh of Florida. them by this generous: and hospitable l le difficult to determine All the :11111111111111111111111..1111111.11/1111111111..*.:
false and fickle) "Jet'ms if
delicate lilies and rosesred
and lowly ,
Gentlemen Committee couple on Tuesday evening -

matrimonial convictionH art as. unstable I'ha.e express my regret at not the occasion cherished as one of the white and yellow-appeared and in DAYTONA NOVELTY WORKS
and erratic an your polities,
it ,should IK ,
able to meet the people liappieat events in which they ever torn gave a reason why .
the Gazette-News makes bold to in- being I C: I'll I.1J I I \fl, 111 I I'toprirtor
form the fair sex that you are acting Polk county today. On account of participatedOn designated a* the national McC.ll n U. Edward. Manager,
Then the clear dairies

in the role of a gay deeeher and to my long the absence from my home dur- 'chartered that by date the the Major Uncle and an Sam invitation was- in until came the stage was fairly hopping Moulding Scroll Sawing, Turning, Inside

their breach ing campaign my presence on ,
enter of units
promise was extended to a party of ahoutfifh' overflow with them and they in- 10-

against you forthwith. my farm is most necesaary. f immediate friends for u moonlight 1ml made a pretty picture in their Work and Wood Yard, .I.I.Wlll'ul"l"lt.ulul.u..l'on.II.jlumJlAud M.A. to Ufder Phone 70.

:Say; to the people of Polk county trip down the Halifax .
white dmmjsand fringed caps tied 1 119 DAYTONA. FLORIDA.
Death of Senator Quay. that I am under Lifting obligation llanjo. guitar and mandolin rendered
under their chins.A .
melodious music to the delighted -
them the
to for splendid support I
In the death of Senator Quay of guests on the trip unllll'lil'il'us weed suddenly sprang up followed )- Let There Ik Rain! S..o....a................
given i tutin the last Primary, that
Pennsylvania Florida halt lost a valued ice cream and take wt'reSl'f'Cl rapidly by so many more thatit truth DR. BRUSH
debt of gratitude to them restsnot The prerfnt prevailing I" ''i .1
my to all to render the occasionmore "
friend Although representing! looked like there would not I>eroom
I )lightly i on me. and that life will happy und joyous a rw-ord-breaker in the ineiuuv cf : IluMEut't l'IUc l'I1Y-ll'I.\\,
another State he friendof fur other but
was a warm any vegetation,
Ite far too short for me ever to repay; Host and hoMem were indefatigable the ohta-t inhabitants llavo' Ins I' .

the State of Florida and devoted that w lien I last met them my heart in their efforts to mailer the happiness time mwh-abnped onion notwithstanding barn done to the orange crop und I I i -

much time and talent in Congress to of he |pearly complete, and it his dimensions found space fir 'II. 1 ihwaMf oS|.i i.iltv
ran high with the hope that I would the amount of young; fruit that laRA I,! O
and without saying that the Majorand --- -
matters measures concerning 'goes enough to stand and I plef\d his cause --
U- their next Governor, that 1 spoketo IIWI'JIt.,1 l is beyond computation, .
tho material interests' and advancement i his charming wife Live a renowned The onion was us well arrayed as: I i. DR. E. R. BRUSH
them the purOseti| of un honest reputation ill'the role of entertainers. may otintating the loss from thissource :! o V
of our State and our teoplefoci other cliaractcr on the stage, and
heart filled with the determinationto at far 1Jot-ulllllu&U of the pr.spcctive > : KKXTISTN. :
that they were often indebted to All went merry .IK a marriage hell plead hit caiiM with Mich force and usual :
build up our fair State; to make crop
him for his active support of measures happier and contented her until the steamer's return to the effect a* to bring tears to many He Fruits, flowers, graw al1l1:1'.1": : ? 1,0 1'blrd.0....... .
mote ieople -
beneficial to this section which ; |1. I dock at 0'ii.:: I. when the happy Jtirtywended was presented with a bunch of fragrant ion of have withered.) I J
KJIt'cit1J ,,
that were I with them today I their to their every | i : Ol'( polite( I'utolh SiI milo
that body granted Indeed, he wasoften way rtatpetivehnmea | (?) onion* at his conclusion and faded "WIthv the long-contm I
would tell them that there is yet devoutly I wishing that thin and the l 1..1i. ..11.11.1..1......1....
humorously mentioned as which ho m4't"full'I't"ptt'41 tied drouth, prtwpects I
another before them their I mundane sphere wix teeming and .
asking -
-- -
1 gloiMny iudeotl for the htitxindiiian ,"
"Florida's third Senator"Although 1I thronging with such congenial IUHIIl000pitablt' The sunflower, four-leaf clover, atenigi1 I
I Hupjiort for the high office of Governor I
a stalwart Hepublicaii souls as Major liingham thistle and even the sturdy oak were ?:
-KolaTt W Davis-who I IIC-l On Tuesday: aftornoun dark and I -------1
Senator Quay was popular among lieve will Ite honest faithful: and and his ('xl..llent"if, had shown heard) for their canand each nude ominous t loud* gathered und hot I II! .

his jiolitical opponents and the most I themselves to be. u creditable showing why it should} red 1 for a time over thin vicinity, I uII

,I ardent Democrat had few tears to true to your every interest. Nominate Major I and Mm llill bam arrangedthis )I- the voted 1 cne. aceomjianicd with some trued! f II= OPTICIAN.
him and the "crown of thorns charming festival moonlight I
shed I and vivid flashes of lightning. ..
at his triumphs over his mug excursion m honor of Mr J D After the concluMon of able arguments ....
trill never l lit' pressed down on the and 1 for awhile were portent ions of, ; ..
trump opponents in Pennsylvania Male by the attorney in behalfof
brow of bl.or"u1l1inntt.. him and a M'nous hlorm and a htaIll'" n-
As to his methods In achieving his 111* thai rnm from ku miner'. hat the respective aspirants the jury but the rain failed to material; ''
the rich and the will .. I jiotir
man pour man A nmlkrr n .<4 not frar to Kr.wt.whru .
political ascendancy, wo would not .llhTKKTHN \ _lK'> -upplh.d was unable to render a decision, and tie and the clouds rolled by withouta .. 'I' t
, vouch walk side by side each bearing his No IIU with baby mU abide community. ..
for their visitation the the
squareness but we by common consent it was agreed to to on t:
just rtion of the burdens ofgovernment TKKTHINA ! opine that they were as fair and prop lat.ele.and -nets nn.>' ;2.1 real at drUCI", allow r..dc Sam to bctlle the "e1(1IUt'8tiuu j jiart+ of Jupiter Pluvinslllunders !!
mall :3Sr to inr r J MutfNt.Ml.Ioul..3IIn.
well his full s=
enjoying ----- -
'f. honest as tho>t* who sought so desft ( who did..., by naming Pa- .11. Eyes Kxaniined Frt-e. B !
stare of the'prusJk r'ty that will A 1.1lfiTU MIlT"U ..
perately to secure his downfall the The n-ster of the Halifax Rifles nnu flour as the national flower at :t At Ciurla J<'v\>lr> S ton
surely come to our State under his are irxuetiuvery e\ :t I I
I principal one of whom was the merchant now ntiiiilK'is 1 4'2: members the same time producing a sack of pen-*iye Occaoiowally life itm-li: is :INNIINIIIIII*#.....*.NNN r..1.*....*..I=4*>:::IIINIIII N,1NN.MN III.
wise and
l'rogn..iwaJmini..tn'tion. .
l' prince John Wanamaker, whoalleged that article as convincing proof. the price of a mistake; but you \\'111uet'E'r -
Elect him then hand
I h te have raised I an enormous no unfriendly man win! io. HImi All did IiO well that it would be be wrong if yon take DrKing's ..... ....1 N.NNN.H..
corruption fund for Harrison's will guide our ship of State, but one Tin *. who will persist i in rhtsingy partial to mention jvarticuhrone } New Life Pills for dyspepsiadizzmeM :

election who has safely piloted the NvondCongressional t their ear against the continualrucuniiiieudati'iti any hea.iache, liver or Inweltroiibles C. rblan Law
I.; as President, and who was : District into Democratic : of IrT King's XewDiscovery Nothing could have been lovelier They are gentle v d l : v I I i RNl.l. .\ 1 I u :
made I'ostrnaster-Gcneral for his 1 than the spectacle of those dear : 'I.tln i. "UauUt' ln,,.:k I'ii' Iae .
t for I
harbor for and! "iiiiiiiiti| illia will havealong thorough L''Kat! Tho AnvIJIKII'har
disinterested activity in the eight years &lIIllli1tt'r 'tight with their little daisies innocent .1 M ..Foiui' (.r.u t'"u 5prlup.-11.I. ...III- I I. .
premises. safely anchored her there with : or any more mae , Perhaps John wanted the ben-" no troubles if not ended I eniliei h}. fataltermination looking than the pure white lilies --- --- .. I 16) Lilli" Thuroda)a. t II ln\- andt'.1ItItLM 9.

atorial seat himself was why he opposed breath of suspicion ever aimed at (Head aluq'I'. 15 ISrull. or more brilliant than the cluster of Committee \tectln" .......).s..............I'....
his fair re-cord. Elect him, then the of 1WII, Mine has to Kiy "Last The VohiHiu
l IIt'llit
Quay. fall wife hall ; rut** The hoop drill given by the County It iati -
lands and the houses the goods and my evensymptom of Executive Conunittee will meet .u

the chattels of the IlOOple of the ['OUtmmtionoltc: h>k Dr. King ru'a* fine and reflects munchcnrlit the courthouse in the city of 1kLind H. H. SEUYE A. M. M. D.
THE LADIES favor jmintinjfthimlM tl..ir New Diacovery after everything else I upon their pri't'rptor.Ito 141t. Saturday.'
l State will be kept inviolate for their at m on .June
( .. *. and tUivforc w.> utgrvery had failed) Improvement, came at I gether the affair was a i-oicplete succew. 11, for the of raakiBg anotl'ieial
minJ U.r to anti benefit purpose Physician and Sin on.
t r>niHrawr vv" !rite a htJt'rt UI* Mire: and four+ bottles{ entirely cured 1l'1
quantity the Ionman 1larthwi not the least of which was the canvass of the turns (If the
1'llntllwRrd the j.&intinir Very truly. :W>f. Gnaratued I by The AtuoodPharmacy primary election to be held on June OIiaetied iiaidenlr' U. 1'\.. 1t1.11l' ttJUGlCt'
"old! maids, who added
Wear I and J. ..MIOUCH' much fun .
and corn liL*jjoM. druggists 7, 1901 CAN D. LVNHU.s Hour: T lo"a. m., i L..i t" p m
1I''i\ll1. II M\ ,
1100'1111\1 tl 00 a gallon for Lin- :- I'no ;!,1... andH" Tnalftti i;and merriment to the entertainment"
c Oil (worth 10WDl )) s tact you tJu wh.n )rolll1l''lI.,. FIn Mav :'U. hull 1! I :Ott1I''" The occasion will long lx remembered i'"'ar TrkpttuK-\I ,,',
l you Guy other paints In
a ran *ith a
; -- -- --- --- l h teachers pupils and -- -- -
j UU1 y audience -
paint 00 u .
THE lJ\YTOS.\ I1">I'I! I fAL
, t4 and Ii make II, The Gazette-News i is
'rvforv n |lwn DAYTONA gratified
want fouru' ...n ffalJonnof paint tmy only you TRANSFER CO. : that the Public Schuol ojteretta New Equipment l'rutedlu?'-, S. H. Gove,
I, eight of L A M. and mit ifs gallons of f
was joyed ""I much A large share Coinf "I ,
i '''
Unseed I' I'
; pure (MI! with It, and thus get I K JOHNSTON "l'ro.riHo| of the credit! of it is due to the : .\.TIaM'. )4litarr AMi 1.t\TJ\'TO')
l abt at UH than f1.:0 KaUuo. 1 kindcooperation \ml. i Ijt" ,
par .. ..1dMIft. ot
and oWk. iirtti.iyt orm-r
ManjbouHwi an- *Aiutrd\ \ with of |parents in purchasing \ \ I I
j lour Rubber Tire CirrUff fine horses Cartful Drivers ... I3tdtewuod giid \"ul..lu -"
Kallotw of L. A M. and thrw gal, 1 costume for their children Theteatliers I 1&IiU"
lone uf Und Oil mixed U..r.vv ithr -- I'IIIIIW N9. 1)0, tllllll "''flrlla
Tt-l'\'kbr"'t III\.In1ll sold by It. \\V an..lIt'1IUlfllJt'tlur| "$traw RiA Tb Must turnouts in tl* city'llu's are highly pleased at the I

4. M&J.o,. liberal support extended ,by so --
Jun.'Ol! Jull. nu'-t'iill truin and tales jtaiwenifHr to any part of tIw tits many .

Trunk .1..lh..n'l1l.rllmrll., Stal'k-i\ .1.1..lh. I'ublh A bps'! patrons t ;; I Ill\ E:HT KIHI1' ,
The Di-Land Naval ..Store Company .',,' -
kfrV'' TillS naYI'1 '
I ill the I
name of a company toincorpuratt.J Telephone 27
.\ sure sign of approaching r.'v< H j>
henThe principal und s.'rioii. trouble in .. DI'Lattd, I'lorl'la
O..ti ... .... .. .,..,. ......., .... . .......... your jstciIH >>
place of business will be IV I y. !!o' '!' '!' .'!'! ................. nervousness hlcepletujncMorhioiu.uh :"t IN. 4.i j t'Mrilitias for Eanidi.t; : aDd

.j' t l Land The company ha recently f IIIM>K Electric Hitters will 1'erleetIng.and'I'itI I. r

I bought many thousaiidit of a,.n-s oil Drink LILY WATER. 1 you kly diMnemWr the troublesome) =k' -
; catiMf* It never fails I to tone he
land running fnnn Orange 1'ity to ; DR. J. If. PICRJON.IWk .
And Preserve'our stomach, regulate the kidneys and .
quite distance north of iVLund ,;;, r Health. !.. Inmels, Hlmiulatc the liver and I I' t.t i t'UrL"T.

The still will bo located! about three c larify the blood. Hun-down .I|
s .\b (llutt.)}' freed! from all) inipni itit'; ,,; sys
miles north. Several tems U-nefit jurticularly, and all the
of the :
most by the SchantFilteration} Process. '..!. .i<-nihng tubes vanish} under its i I block, opposite % ,u'L Itndpry',

prominent jn-ople of Volusia -ountv It recommended l II the -earthing and thorough effectivenessKWtric ( I tt Il1'i. Mitl \ j fv \1.\
are interested in the formation of I is y most cniiuent )- Daytooa, Fla.RITANS. 'JIIt"II' It s
: Misters is only 5 if the new company, but desire that ,3, ph>>iciaiis to t be a pure, healthy\ :; is returned if it don't give jierfectsitibfaction REFRIGERAORSare --

their names lt' not given until the i and hygienic water. Plain and l' H'i liiiarantccd )by The

article of inwrj-oration have I"'n *c i'', i)0llltte(1.t 1 COLD.uu wATI'M tt Ike tlrctrk b1Tn3 Llltt. HOT Hint...4 25 C* .;! .wood Pharmacy and J-.M I .lone, tine coldest, drye, Id-+ nn-t r, Tal.nl. -

signed etc.-De Land News -, ',! druggists pun'st 1111..t wtniuirv and l leratorn b -! !I' f rl//;- I) ifto H find

WM. WICKING Manufacturer : ever mail A guuA pri+scriiti| >i 1..
t The 11-yeur-old child of Hie hard
For lId Iwadacho Uk ChamUrUin' For mtnkindh
Stomach: and Liter Tablets and a ijulck; .. DAYTONA, "LORlnA. '., .l' ne s, toloml. of Midway, died 5-c..nt pAcki-l lu-i-nnuiili hot ,,' t.I. pt.'"

cure certain }'or..1t' bj all drag itu. '!I'! ......IJliftt'! .Y IfIf"- -'!'- -..-.t.!_.!...... .! ." ,., ".!. ...!. rJ 'iI.), Tuesday R. S. MALE ,'.1144).nTh.: lut.' fmllr ay< ut h,\lllI'tll.' |'','.?. i..T"nl&1. '


L I':

-_ '-


4 I

Daytojia Gazette-News, Saturday June 4, tOOl .

--- -- -- _
... .. ....... .. ... . ... ..... ---- --- -- u

f I .....................NNNONN.... ......... .... .. '

Look at Us !III! Ie I Paint ,

I Troubles ;:: -' -= Bargain Sale Begins
Tal ---
t, ,

.' come with poor paiat. You can't be tree from them unless yuu

We keep UK good paint. JUNE 1st! :


Fishing-ack1e, p The best good paint i"i
----- I

Too! PAINT i

I HARDWARE [r n.ilMason It is. made according to uniform ormal.T (torn pure lead J See Handbills.TPOT .

tr. pare zinc and pure linseed oil The proportion of ingredients is

--a -- -r Just right to produce the best
wearing paint j ossibe.! Grindingand
9 i'
mixing most thorough : I I

.: & Wall Company j t- i It's a paint nude to prevent : GROCERY I ; I

: trouble.Bingham .

I W. M. EDMOND50N M.urrr. i BOLD BY f J E HUSH. Proprietor i' ,

y I
Phone No. 9. 1111 forth Ita h titrwt s1N & I 107 N D4.h Street Telephone 39 t t t

.......................... ....................... i Malcy, : : I

-- ... ty4.44 ..O................................... 1 ;

l --- -- - --- -- -------- -- -
IMS SEEN HD HEARD. Capt. II. F. Douglasd; is preparing Mn Helen ---1 l
to build a fence in front of his home. is visiting with Morrif! ( her mother n.u of Soilmv/o 1 l'''tlttiicl) | W II l(d 'ornlu.k. 1'nite.l AUTOMOBILE CLUB HOUSI C. .I Easy ; ) DedJe.Tbr .
af (lake States
J Helen i deputy IlIllf'1ollalVjJ"+ III Ifciytotia -..! rake in the rornl I'riuiary for
About The force at J.A. Hendriks'store Wednesday.Thonwn ': I ,
latmrttaf Btdftt Poopspj
AA has liO\I'II.r of lloridii. i in now between
just finished taking inventory.M. Henry Titus went Ki Jat'hunyille Varing! Completion It 11 III Be.I
EviaU of More or LeulaUrttt List 1'arrott. tiavoling agent Uul..t W. lu.in, uf 1'utuum county,

Courtney, of Went Palm Bmch s'hmlay.fhere he punhaed' of the Florida Fast Coast Railway I Source I'rUetoAIUnd Reflect, and Napoleon Itrowurd, of Dural "
To Our Redu. two mule
is the guest of his brother W H. t sa ins..Mrts. ".'" in Daytona 11'oilnestlav
Credit Its Pro) to,.
on << county. TV iutrlligvut IKiuocratlcot
Kko. Wray, the tuner. 423. Comtnev.A ( .
Winga'e' of First avenue, Mm. G. Weaver and l Mn Willie, The new club hoots of the J- t"CtIQ..t t "'r. hAtinif the Ilt'd infenwUof our

" IfTbe MW national game, 1HLITJQC shark over eight feet in lengthwas went to Winter Park Tu<*why to kit Monday( afternoon for a protracted State at (hcnrt .I"m..t> !have no difficulty
visit her .\Antoiikobile -& ) i is Iktc
lor sale bj C. C. arrw.. 111.10Mia caught from Keating': Pier sister.Mr. \"iMlttitb relatives in N(>frant.

Jeanie Lynch visited) with Thursday. i f and Mrs.I C (i Uurpoyne arrived bi.'ika nearing eoinpletion, a trrrls of bus!; for thin. tinli!.:U.t offitv within the gift

t. from New painters at present beingin C.'II"-"Mgt'f" of tin 1urpk'i of Hortdtt. Jutlgv Iarl.I.uru1usharoabty U
hff friend M'IM Iis Davis, at Ibad George Williamson has putxhaM-d York Frithy 'even A" .
the! of the hour. lilt
ing ol last wivk putting on the tunuJuIng: totleht'tianti tnnn
last week.far. the Carl Not
projioity on South Kingston KkkleU.IJev. .
if u..I..olot'fIl1] titfitt ttt material for

I, J.R. Troxel in at home again, Hidgewood avenue. H. F Iiicketts: and! 11..... 1.',"..y W .\ Myen I went to the pier pride"soon to the Daytonaan: most completely"p
aDd will occupy his pulpit tomorrow Mrs. I). B. linger and her daughter J'uJ..rrt'te\ married Mondny by Thursday, and a Mian-eating shark tlieir (lubliiptHor Juti nishod and l club house foi'
C. U. equipped
and Mr J. ? [ and dcti-rmini this <|uvn by an ap-
Doming night. S. Van Duzer left last grabl>od hi-* bait. In trying to land
k k i' week automobile purl' ses that any city u (111",1 to reaMin
for the
HorHohead N. Y 'Misv of West IVmacli. monster the revered gentleman'shands )
r George E. Hamilton, infant son the Sunny Smith can Inmst of W In IV.it! HrtiWArd > >riR of Uuraliniiiity
14. the were considerably) skinned wan n M
; of Mr, and Mr*. J. L. Hamilton of Tho infant daughter of J .\. Ketitliednt i \ IK guest of her friend up. question whether such another! institutioti and on fount of huts O-D|
I i
( The
( died of Lost the Evelyn repair n Main( street are I I.
Kingston, meningitis Stewart eottlgron North \\7 exist in theS mth. withoul! :Itww Itt the fin. list lifld that year of

Saturday. The interment took place I Hooeyatrt''t. ll'ednesday.Sidney .. (toy Barnes and William I tonal Jare completed.Mr taking into consideration the mall) tie lawn of Urn State, and tlw dUvbrJ- ,
b Pinewood Cemetery Sunday'A 0 S. lime returiu' I to her conveniences and which
}home from Rollins advantages
1"- College on tog of the Governor uf Florida, who or-
Herbert and Lassie Win- their home at Fort Pierce, Wednesday, this model stnicturo will) place at ,
I tUllUmfracation.. 110.,1 him to H 'on:* the law, Iw warIrbrorwl
complete lire of Optical goods, gate drove to 1 IV-Lnul last Saturday, after a pleasant visit with her sister, the disjmsal of the public in general
from tin office of ttheriff in
at Clark's Jewelry Store. No chargefor returning Sunday evening.Mr. Mrs. S II tilenn ha moved into Mrs Kntrikin und the memtar in jwrticularPrtnident ;
lhyui |I. lmt"'II"t..t l in a n-xutar 1'riekittou -
| ;
examination. Neville H. Clark the (iarl.iml hou\>, on Palmett ) J. It Turner un North llidgo- C. U Burguyne i is to IH
ami Mrs. William linger !have : nutty cn\M! and held by lit
optician departed for Kockford, III., and will avenue, which sue recently knight. wood will in the near future, erect ('()II ralulatt'l1 on the near fruition nl ft'lua..tIJ orll'cuIr..II iK-ujoi-racy" of HUT&!

\r The adjourned l spring term of the past the hummer in that IOt'alit) Marshal Zuk-r iaaj Bonded a gray three cottages his project which he 'In liuldly c'un.c'fin"l I county, lkl( \tlin l lit' fouud that LW faction

\ Voluaia County Circuit Court was horse this wet'k which bas bcn: (' A Winninham} is jviying l and has labored! 80 indefati- -the Stc k ion. Hurr and Urowardhis

r to hare convened" on the Hth of Major Bingham and Mali Win giving n adent4eonsiderabletrouble friends in Ocala a visit gablytocarry' to a u'l-full'um- + .1-\\ ...,. 1I.f..I\I..I. I.. drftt.ratMlytswlttrt .

.' June but Jonett haa tender the membera of (10/llp:1l1)| K of I latoK t lion. his 1\10..1 h1
Judge pofltnonad (J 0. Carter is building a house )<+uty urjI\llldnjl\ ao
it until June 21. a week later a HO jt'Ulinn supper next Thursday on North lli dgewo in Kingston The structure includcH nine large, iiitK-j..iHl.-iil Hioxeiitctit In th county,
evening. E Johnson of Ooodall has iniaoiliou air Ix,,,itlen tla'
from that date Mr Boer's: house is near iinnpli } rooms mud ItiiUMfH iHHiiiiutt.il a h-riff, And
Mn ( II. I IK-CM awarded the centra"; for rebuilding lion He will have Melton Bal- I kitchen dejxirtiuent.; S. H. losewar by nkdu) with the It ,uWi.ann, by theerniw
tit is the old fashioned, but it i itest. iM Joorgc Ludwig/ deputed the Charlton Hot .1. at Mel- the contractor and the nwt of f
of hi h I.! M-curtsi t their ort
Monday for Clovcland Ohio. Mr.Luduig ( lough drive a well for him w ui>| ,
Oramlin s Bread. Istunm' the building anti improving the
i Tola / Ha ,.Iott..1! stwrtft 'n IWl 11tf"'''' aInrbtlwf
conleinplati: rcnmiiiitig inDaytona HainoM itt exptH'ted home ( '. The buiM'Mv'
ground was $ .1"
All preparations for the carpenter during the nummer 11 n Payne, uf TitUHVille, in the from a trip in TennenMV, where he .; of UM kjir.luturv of Florida,
is to )I.o IU'aIt'tIIa l furn.'vo apparatus.It
) anti JuriiijT his l IA'JlI..latint'fU'l..r \lw
been the haM been iupNirttsi -
having completed they new operator at railway station enjoying life
of L' Ii4 i( t tsquare
Miss( has a pon-h tnpau'ity ,
add Margaret HIalIll'rrs.. Adelaide II. B Jibb leave | ( aii'l 1 trill l to (anU-ii ui| commenced work oJ
Wednesday to being on
I KI| |tes Mrn.f liol way Rumor says that wt'till have feet which afford unlimited) 1
N : >orts, Mi f iAA I 1,10..1 this t SUite n di.lrn.tuy| njnU-m,
another tourist
to n neo( :
story popular electric lights a' >n. the salubrious
Ruth Holx'rls and Mirv Ahln.tt loflyoutenlay opNrtuiiity of enjoying
| aixl thin build up a jx>hti'al marhliM la
resort! The Bennett, which will adda for their 'n muter hoinot M. U.! Moore, the senior member W II Ponton baa his house on and invigorating/ breezed Florida, hik* putting tlM $tate la tbjsixltloii k.I
more majestic ap| 'rance+ to of the .tine of MI )re Brotlient left Main strict finished. which an wafted r at all time i from .I,' n"lIl1iC "' nmoKlntf lu the

that structure Tho family i I of County t rum 111 iet- Mtimiay for Sanlina, Ind t > spend Mr. Kingston *ay": "Why the nearby uvan. .1nettdlentcafe liolu..r ""..lIit.... hurinrf that nauw tliuM .

Leave your special order at the Mioncr McBri'lc has returiltdl' l to the MI miner.Mr shonltln! t we have n bchm l in our \\illl.l o run in ("( )IH1t'dionith the > .M tlw! nght in tie Hutmi' fur tin pine

Dayton Bakery.Mr. their Seville farm after, xnMilingtho| little burg Wo have wxtyfiveeliildren club hoiiM-, when the daintiest and MtK* "f IIw) 'Iis-unhbk' iDitaillty bill," .
winter at Del':md, \\hore the iliiMn-n) .. E I, Burdjnc left Sunday s4-hor.l choicest of ctlihlo can In had to
known In "ICI. divonVbill.
ago. HI* oltT -
Silvernail baa the roof of The uttrnded 1 M-hool Tallahawjoe, where! she will] \i j..i1 suit the most fastidious desires and '
lie ilaium rreJlt for
Mr f Jesse i M. Howe in paying: her great
Oak raised ita ition. for a month Ix\fure joining }her husband -
of the
all to
new tastes mast exacting epicure.
jx hiM In aid of the Culuiim.
Mr and I Mix I .1. II Mums have Miami punnt a visit i wor JacksonvilleC. Itlll.u..tl'nJll carver -
making a very impoinglookiiiKstructure. i cl< seth l their hoHpitaMo mansion on at I). : lIlt The roadway** to the place will allis ( but it i is writ LIUMTD that Hrowardwan
Smiley w bippiext man
It hail he raised in iinihlusl the
to tho jx'niiHiila ami tlt'jvuktl fur the .\ g.,,)<{ of c.'arr"nt Ml.tff(1 the in K'ligston. He lias plenty' of > nuirl.il to high- not at, .tuiLle..1 "1" i \triotkinj[>ul* >
three sections which baa Ixt-a The
of tint
HIICctMsfully Windy City on the .hon' of LikeMichigiiiTuos uuprovonicntfl on The Cltvndon ix-vhes and milk and wear broad est stale Iw'r1e i : lights to aid an "I-I| |.ft'-.J |*vtpki| struggling to

acfomplished. This will I IiyiJIrs Thumljy. When I Implant this dlnlle when meet him. will U' 'furnixhe! by nie"iiisof a private !I... fns. nisi wax only iu"|>irv
add fourteen rooms to the houo will l be II magnificent hotel you electric wire, routing the club rest.'loth. .1..1.l with iiitinition of warbv".

(' M. Jiihnin Mailed for .\ ,1. Knight, the anhittxt tROll I I $1 t 4Mlal.1rll' to entt it, anti \\ hit h. llw jiagthig IlIu..I\.1! tic1 thinking coin of
0. H. IVllett
. of the of St. Augustine her home in Havana, ( 'win last Saturday W L llcynold} 's making pit builder i i" completing the fine house will furnish light solely to this enterprise tlw rwiliii l'ts- Tubaim jsxhl him In hard

the one Florida most East popular bout conductors on after a two ,,"c..h'i"it with I (Miration* to build a cotutnotHourecideiMv he is building for J. H. TurnerJ. I In a word, everything is l'a.1I for o\<>ry trip Iw KU'Kiid tlw tlvulnt
was her luruitrt Mr. and Mr \' YuillaUUil' )- on his First avenue pn of the most modern typte awl'on.t .
the of his II P. Pel- II. wirer will erect a tinehUlIItt. >s] I'titw liM s runty and safe, LUt
lent"guest ol the Gazette-News brother force, on on North Insult Mnvt.A |party> and will make Daytona his .- on his lot in Kingston. The, lenience that human skill and I ingenuity t t.lore lhr .....,I.l"'t'r curM from the .

Bandar and waaMr I jvruuiitent home. tiNt story in of ('Otl'li' irl "k cantr+nccise or ooi.mt.Tho "r.-I. lit lhal'hn. I'rk'ndr.ltrosanl .
Monday. This I.\"n. I 1khl its l uigg: 1.\\0 I following new 1I1t'1I.1".1'twt'rt'

Pellelt first stop-off in Daytona, and oi|>enwl l their new bakery in the Many young all well' old j ple clecte l on 1<..n.tIF/ : 0. UooMAitl, \ in (lotriM, would U-1 the
he wild their the lies.-h iliant If",1 uf J. M I Barr, tl.* IIK"'t dssIu .
was mat favorably impressedth 1 ThomuH building, oil'ulu..ia; anue. \(I- *I evening oa fort Orange Pkl.lnrs.In. : Mrs K.: V (Cherry and D) MeUn-n.( | I
; .
| our city The new slaldiHhniojit} M, hunting for trails made by turtles [ rut* and uts rrut|,ulou (lollllfiaa lu

known as the I>aytona Bakery in seeking a plate t > deposit their ('otlcy. and the t hildron lave Florid, and It would lint U- many

A complete line of Blank Hooks cgg s these mOlJlth.tbt nights i game over Dunnollon>1l tovisit MrnCc I VKatIo NMll rte lOt'o,... 1 U'foiv they wuukl fasten on the I
from a pocket memorandum to a Mr and Mn J I> Ialt'\'. thrt;' ffey'jmrent* \yerr Spent. I..i>l4e of this State u wuiie' form of

kdger, at Clark's Stationery Store. children and I nurse "tnrh'tfTlaufS- Mr and Mn W C uudiii hanftturau..1 last The various teachers of the Daytona Kov Tfinvtit than. they ht\e fhwf on the

day afternoon for North ( Carolina I to their home at (Barro, Captain Alexander eaiiMover Public Schools Imvealtered 1 ,''It\ ill J..I"\ ilk1 w lib their Hoard of
Contractor G. H. llliven has the Monday to awhile on this side
Vermont Mi Ollio EmiikMsia'enitipanied stay
there toxitend the MHUnicr ** various of the .. .
they exjx-ct over j I"uts county tosjnhj lUuitl Tru t pM itlvurib) Itruw ard.autioternor.
contract for the erection' of home and *iiM a them fsr St'rent
in the mountains at Highlands) : a* as m, the vacation
Hummer ; wuiild' tund for all\ that UImd
for }fra. Jessie T. Wilder on the l' f where she IK visiting her uncle. are glad to report| that there .
Adams has
i I'l'\lf gone to Perry in tinw a) ul, mm biiiK iol liti. .. lit
property she recently purvhaaal l of Mrs. .\. S Randal! and daughter/ i* a well in our cemetery It i is a I
thin State where he will into
enter uilil\ iMitwitboUiii'liiitf! wtuit tit
J. 11 Niver., The building will be departed Monday for Chiragohei1 Some miscreant cut one of the "urf't't'll., intended for watering u > now

of a style of work that is known inrootrarton' they intend sH>n and all thee
(i blown will remain in Ifeiytona \dr lh'LL follow in tow sake of ix.b
vernacular as "pebble : 1 Kandall aixt ni| tiiiitsl thoia as htr a housed on the beach near ,drain, the WON used) for curbing. MrIli'rdouo ( the with the a .
da h" work the main part of which far an .In> ksonville, returning 'I'u- the automobile clubhouse Mr Mill 1 contributed 1 the work during summer 'j.tein; he mould ntuiid fur a nonprogrr..t1'N -
will be with will giver ID to anyone who rxjsv' >s exception of two or till<'\' week, |H>lk-yu talky <>-ntnttii{*.>iHi 40x50. two wings. day. Dr) lout
Dnllois '
the pest who did the cutting was m Tamjui "hit lr she t'111I't.tlitot\IIf'n.1 in the *- would) tnkf a Ivnrlaard

IIare you been eating the bent? nt'.J l It Tnixt-1 rdurruoclWetll1t'I'Mla ) m-k mountains ntri that wouli i IMI k our mata.'rlal..J. .

If not, buy Gramling's Ilread.! )' from bin trip to the The lia/eUi'-New ih III re: .upt of Mr and Mrs II Sargent Im.in Mrs I Barren bus tfone to Pulatka UMfiiM-nt for yeu'ari>

World's! Fair. Mrn. H. I. Wain- an invitation tj tAw graduating n1 1 town visiting Mr Sirgfnt's lo1rllt4.r. to visit her m >ther. Later she ltul.-rt W. lki I.i his BlUl nanny | o.l- ,

The yacht Palmetto owned 1 by colt, mother of Mn f Trotel of .\III- ercis.'s of the Training School of the 0 Stuart came down fn m Sea t'lllt..t to go to the mountain of buns irf honor nul trimt lu n..ri-Iet, and

Mr. and Mrs. T. A. Snider, of New bin, lud., re tinn...I with the reverend South t'arIlJiu.inder, rt DIiJI'. > I breeze last Tues>lny anti visited( Mr. North ( !e >rgia. aeromMnio) l by Miss bo rater prou faW t In any tll them
York baa arrived at St. Louis, afterher ciation at ( Larl *tm next T.. sday.iYviiia and Mrs. Milburn. going back next Noble}
gentleman. Member ul the Mat l
long and rircuitoua trip from uti...s Ilarriti. of lhr; i ty. wi il I II. lay Mist I Noble H now at her home at {
< Itiw lt"urr i'I
New York upwards of 3.t* $) milers.un. "Stationery II if all kind by the be one of the gradual a.Ilways Mr Wmn boarding hou.., on Like Helen ,"d .e t nuiiiittU'4iiirt lu-prvw ul lUftirilii liUillten.for Judged 1'ut-

Snider acted aa first officer ofthe single quire| orhy tin (MIX. atClark's. i ill being jlasered Miss Ai'thoriie i i.< in t'w'mk..
the Urunfins Ridcewotxl avenue / I liana i iniiity uud iiKiu'r ol t'UIIjrf"r

vwael during tho entire and nameo.itop
trip Miss J II.Kvkor will Uwh a private
Brc.ul) : iinlttar" 'Irom tliimiiptrUt! ; and la all
discharged the dutiea connected with s school) at Mount I (;trove during theMimmcr
this The Odd Fellow are arrangingto Mr and Mr Schnxiler left Sun- of tbr.- J mllloin* |III' I ban tlrnaorrtrat..4

responsible post with rnnnuuv hold a mooting some time lIt'ltWl.It.k The "IkmJeu"club wan entertained ,lay for their home near fwigl.t.n | LU .ul.rb ability and bU: aa..du deter

mate anchor skill. The Ftlmetto dropped for the pUfJllltIt'of| establishing) t by MM I Bedford iVwon. on I: They will tinir-h their house on Miss Northrup head gone to Bay tutu to tie cftuol tie! j.iiy.U. Of allnn .
for a time last December in View Mich I where she will attenda
the a lodge of that order in ]Daytona. St\\intl avenue Wednesd'iy afternoon I I ho Hliore: ..hibf'1I they return in t'loridn, not HIM in letter<]uipi -

port of Daytona There are about LTi resident i Odd Dainty iefre>,hmseuis! wore I text fall summer! university |,<, lor tbf dr t'bMjl" of tlw high and re-

The Daytona Bakery U open forlJu Fellow hertvtlMMitrt' awntl'uienl n- Io'rn'tl and a gist turn' enjoyed bv Mr Milburn euchre Mi** I.indgiiiut has. returned bt .|M>u4tblr detkst of tinoihtf! of (iomuortbita t

Paa. We nuke everything her to maintain a h ,lthy, vigorous all Mrs' C M I Bingbam, Jr.. will; 'J ruesJ evening gave TI'rot'rt' arty three her home in I It'Land. li> 1.11I.U, nor U lht>r. on who i,

to the trade. lodge" without nuioideriiig the additional ) eat rtllin the club nest Wednesday t tThe .ibles of prugreswive endure The would I t. more tltrilant iu KfJi"K ttw

and fctn-DRth that will 1 lie infux-l I, E W Bond C.. has about text party will Uat Mr I ]H I ]II.Kitapp I. Miss E. N. Buxton l left fur Ciorinnati ru;{his ol taw nun..... of the) |M';>U, Colutnbiii -

petition with is being circulated into such a hotly I by now remembers fifty haiuN at work Bailing for a IA .'s yesterilayMr. c'unt) will furu\.b the twit Ownsrr -

mini requesting alacrity the superintendentof 'It has .tond i ho te,+-t OramlingVBread. railway into its' fine timbered Ira. Mr*. Dupout and! FJnier are \'iitiig ant Mrs. l.uui'll'H\mn arrivedyesterday ....an\n fmiu this di4lrVi, Senator;
from I ILimiltan Canada. Tulbtferro w ill .UI.I biiu. If. and now
the Southern Express Company of I HMI, acre in the OaJtCt'11 f't.tiOIl 1 11 relative in JVLind Mrn.
Thin ,,,,II in to furnish the Likeleleu mother and k-t u" gt tfftbvr\" au>i make ourM fiHi ..
to ealablUh I hunter Mn Dupout's ,
a regular delivery Mr Ixm IVllei-ier
wagon taughter.Maud .
uh. allegtil to IB the liuU-riuitorUI tonU-nt by .
Bell I
William gtvid
mill M itli bogs The luniso for
for the 'anumerous companyia l lies Jessie are keeping
convenience of the company have figured in several burglaries timber tilT eient tet last for 13! ( and sim. Otis, left yettteriLiy f our miU.1 l tnU' to l>,.\ t.. and thus .... i'
lt Ir
Dttp ntThere
and alto locate
patrons, to for St Ix>uis and Buffalo on a visit
committotl in I Ibytona a year ago hint turn frtrnd in e u-b mu of il*** high i
I convenient central office in the city : oars I idea*ant beach
II was a very ..... ..
the law It.
the 1II..lu'M.of pla ('ulunitikt
winter, i it in touuty'.oi>(M>r-
Smith tofaeksuru'illeMonday |]
This Mayor went :
is a move in the right direction, one evening this wtrkMr '
iort that tivtte.t i v arty t
MVH lt
Long. i-nslirmv
for hin nefarious calling 1.1'| (hlntt" u. It. Jm kknovtlix
}practicing / and purcltams.1) team of
: a
that be promptly granted by in Jad..llI\illt., and will no doubt dryer .' I" I the occupation of hark DujMint's new oyster IHMIM-* mules for the city will hare tlie !'i.'Dat.ur iu for (vnon of i
official of the company The in Iu) the win-""lr early completed.Mi .
tuna two
. spend a few years in soitio turp'ntinu I.t j Senator Talialerm She I* nut rntlttwlto 1
txpreaa buainet transacted here his torn, h.11 Ixt-u k.-ntenoed tt 13 and Mr G Fair and the I 0(1 nun's ,, ..
camp U'fort+ ho resumes ) years A slaughter-ltoune( caught tbe (i vi-ritbii al >. l'u'lla\Lelra. I Iand

:. than certainly justifier better facilities usual avocation He wan capture in the i-eniL'iitiary ofnrth Caro'dlina tiildrvn! came home Tuesday. Mr tire Tuesday morning, and it wan Own we w ill hate our Cou rvMloaalil 1 I .

It it are accorded patrons, and be in the act of breaking into the homeof for bigamy .\ couple of m.>nth.f! ''air was punt Vaal| of the school l at I only by quick work that it was *>k .(ation Ir..114..., adiuluUtrationworking f t

hopod a deal ear will not Hon. A G Hartridgo Jacksonville ago he married MISH I tin ma J"hnson J enen and Mr Fair was! growing saved I The building is.situatiil on u..,:vtbrr in (rrVtt Larwooy for '
gig tlia for these much I
t' needed entreaty recently of Port Orange u nuatci-s at Boynton the hammock: at Pine island the good A Florida Luke City ludez'The '
1 L improTementt. ,

.. -t,. i ? a .-.. .a 4r.-
c ___ _., i


s .& 'P. 0 Is


The Daytowi Gwettc-# ews, Saturday, June 4,', 1J4 jN

...__0- ____ _
8 .
-6- -

* .1..NNN..N...N.NNN.1.1.............-..-..... i A WEIRD LEGEND. I| One Thing-Ccrwlu. I Iv ...........4 4.....4.4.e 44'NN11;N;;N.N......

I "(I'" Irtt hand ntrer knows what : .. .
I bt.1 .I.a; +. unt
t !!
. ) I !abt baud la doing" ',. .
i ', lie llr*.*K .tf Dally Cbb and ia darn 6
asenrni that <[
'It rent
Beware i can
Voters I'..", .( tlof' to... I ..sUebotty.' I II jI .- <

lilt) t .... k1.', \\ my Uh' e. .. Ci lie and I : I
go-' Oil* IK the Uwnd Th' army +
.t Iron nlod twt. r flat";)' "tbl'r flMotr ,
foro-- ,it the t-.it ...tt1'l'P and 4
: who burn
n. womAn ran ffrw.iiand ,
x The frifiids{ of Senator TALIAFERRO earnestly i marih toward .;J> t 1'- !'"unt. uf the i caul pnerre her temper U worth : -
comps, to In) their w.-j t-nf* on ..
r warned against the extreme danger of that overconfidence s rnrth ..ui .'"' ..1'"* from 'Ivir! : wntrr'ytuwb. ., marrylnff. I ]. .

Inn can IM-I'r th"r 'ruwplitjrthey "
candidates a I
which has so often cost 1 In houwcleaninfum 'l.ltJ'I
vitU it HVU wt'l.uU.a "'ml "of'' tL*' t'make : ,
who knows enoaxaj ..
.. r
humiliating defeat. "a"l'lt bt.lu!( puMbtd tin loft ,.' !actu! ::0 .
+oinments on the cull&arX, Mnnffotueuta. : j: t
TreAt enter hills, Wb ,I'd .IK.lltfcttweb t e' r \

While we may all feel (a> l'edo) quite >tire of other in their fttrto I'ul.t tram I : ': ; ;
I the e' cupU>s bt "t. ant! "I I :' M.'% EXCURSION RATESVIA : '
that I
his triumphant success 1 tmtk and burl clouds r -...1w \\ l.u- t

= I ppraj bieh la th. air .t ,> .:amtl ; I t

J .. SUCCESS CAN ONLY BE WON :i ij : j I'I the lahliijH, .!:* th.' -'\ .111::: 4. 0I!.: I : 4I :

Irma >>f th pmj; Ie'J:": \ud iJ! The Nashville, Chattanoogaand

: j yon -ttr lit >n ti> tb' \Ml nl tin{.' .t* Ii t ,

j I th st' tntauiH i>f witiT :leap op on St. Louis Railway.
AN t
rtch vUtwr. Ilwt la the pry of the
I ----- P1.a
tit (111I" of th"- mw!

" Individual Devotion to His Cause on the I !]I fIn.ii w i mi tbi n'nta an- driven, Chicago and Return, account General I .,
I{ fartlM-r mid farther then cn rOAch on Conference A. M. E. Church, May .

I land mi i the fwt of th.;' nii.-hty body 2nd to 311 1904, One Fare plua 50 .

Part of Every One of his Supporters :, ran tx bt-unl tKnpirijt! for f'>".tii! >ld va cent from all point Ticket on sale i .;

t the uniooth "bif'lnu! jH-l'1.! .>. Only April 2lh 30th and May J at and 2nd. r ;, s' P '
Final Limit May 10th But can be 2 .- r
oootb iDOomilltf ever Uiil ('''' :apr I.

to the extent! of getting! out : tbC'tr8. but It U Jttttt Tot It I.' I'be reacted ext.:ndd until Juno 10th by depositing .
ticket and paying a foe of 50 cents
: undertow art In. ai"l > ->u near 1

.' their bony feet lp! from umlcr them i
EVERY POSSIBLE ton I' aryl back they aN carried the a+'a CISCO CAL.. AND RETURN, account .

boWing them Uffbtly In in arm. es- General Conference Methodl Epleco- .

the day of eleetion.If i ,I boasted ouptltva.Tb pal Church May 3rd to 81st 1904 .
.-n talk when the Ode DM run fur National Association of Retail Grocenf i

be absolutely! : out anti .wr the prints of theft trot. U. 8., May 3rd to hth, 1901. Tr- '
his nomination Mire,
appears i sod you will know why toe ... ebb annlat, Conclave Knights Templar : ) J4- 1

then the 4Al1 E DEVOTION( ) i is: quite as necessary, i !! Bad floes! __ ____ >M pt 5i. 1'jyj! and Sovereign Grand .. # ;
Lodge. I. 0. 0. F. Sept l'Jl'5 11WI\ ra w N>o ,:
in order that we may : Low rates from all points In Florida ti
Ticket on Male April 22nd to 30th ; .,j
i I -- Inclusive Final return limit June

j i flake His flajority Phenomenal I II the \la> Iln-J lor I'.rrtrue hon' hrlr,.. Ceattrupt "')tb J904 Address me fur further I, '"

Information .1
I .
. 1 tic l>:I'\t. >4(>r\.t'iH t'nipioii-U t>) % ,

\ demonstrate that hn right to : ,, nblttf'.rtiu'-" IB hlna rarelv learn CINCINNATI. OHIO, AND RETURN I
and thus miu-luMxely
I to cull their ,-sn| lu>.Tn t,> their proper account Grand Lodge, B. P. 0'1 NAPOLEON B. BROW% ARD J :

i it is as M'eure and positive, as" we hu\e all so enthusiastically : :. ruimu in'11 uiuufiK theniKeUei" If [., July ISth to 23rd 1MI One ,
tb<' Tvl'.tf' man uuder>nndi Ohioewcttny Para, plus 23 cents from all polAIITk'kl.t" =
; claimed it to be. : err. of "1IUI'*"'. careful tu refer to ou alu July. 18th and 17th j

\ ............... him h>' NUih divpi> rfdpeitfui u-inira Final Inuit July 26th., but can ta The Peoples! Popular and Leading Can
, N1111..111N11NIN11N NN TTTTTT TTTTT 11 NIt ticket withpccUl :
eitended by d -p>"lUDj(
! a. "Homeu Horn'or Prince of .Flowvn -
-- --- -- -
, agent and payment of a
hut if be duly uiwleniundo. Eagl1'h upon i '
I fl'} of 50 centsDALLAS date for Governor of'Flori da.
II ii H.ikl that buys will t>*- tx) '4. t>utdii the cam >I. differ,'ni .

ttw> 'HI'lt' next Tb.1'f" ,-.. ,
wail on i lliltinii! wllnrb.pu. TEXAS, AND RETURN,
Humor >r often think J ; the China motion \\tinO bad nat.ve General Cumber
otf Philosophy account Assembly
Vote for Him and thus hlect lour <
I they are tovuuft.IhU lI'f\'Ultll in the nnrda>oiu I'!, IM >on! land Presbyterian Church May 19thto as \eruor

1y DUNCAN .N 1MITMCtp I lot. th9 u0It ere 'l"'kO <<'halt.Jl' One ally 27th. 1901 One Fare plus 1200 '
)cur ail\ 1 toey Invited uu .\w.'rtt.'m to dloe with Tlckota on sale May 15th to Hth. a Man in Full Sympathy with the Plain 1"'lIpll. of {

I >r1?ht. 1/1.: \ b> I>uu. an M. flmlttv Ix uUth "I'\1)t jeer IB CbliMMe. but be looked! blank f lot 1:i)1 his Native -\tatt.-fut': ou Whom the Uailnuds and f

CANNED SUNSHL ...., that k'U"tQ altboWtb be realty knew Clime! ** tln>rdunnj -- -- F
I.nlue otlM4 ongbly.Pevernl. AND JOPLIN MO. i Corporation* ui Florida have 110 Claim fur Past t
I AND RETURN, account Annual Meet
Li-C u.t Ratner up the ,uthlnLl .
dtp Uwe. tli> tnetti be
LIII4I.u &t'UhJ'Uf wry. : i Ing German Baptist Brethren, May j Favors A Man of the People Big of Hod Brain !
iu ( wrh II Into U>IFAM I tuuehed but it w,. not uut.i: It v' to ls th to 27tb, lWl! Tickets on MaleMay )
trutu i>oft It on a dray No man blocs to b<> a loj again fr) OUT tbat be uphl\! iDed II.! .. .-auM-: of bid I l'th to 2ith Final limit )fayJ'llb. i
To a Urtvrjr wUre tinned food 1: that tK uwjr have his mother cut LM odrth : but ran be i>xten.1od until June and II ,'art I
Or wht.. W *tkf>utt t<*,\ U made: .
hulr.lH "You should heui th 'iiuitul untnt-s 30th by deporting ticket
Lrt uj put It tbot market .
Tinned' sn 4 1-t.c.I..1 fur the trios the** waiter cull iw' fi"* cud The :...... .. .......i............... .1...1.1...11H.
>a'l worry over IOU iulJ Ula. batter has been I''r"l'ru.c tu toe allweoinj DETROIT, MICH., AND RETURN I

Narly r ry ulttix i>rudu(\({{'''} will do that fw I ; an 'He of tinl: l Ilt"I..n Fu1*.' count B. Y. P. U. of America, International

All flu arty txsjo unhln|ut>U>. IIIEIt: III...!

W"'b.rr. &M.) Itkty must of the meNs I n.k.rl ''.r. 'h. -"xj-i i tn t.ailed f'lt One Para, plus 50 ceoUTukttH V. \ F UTi ItHtuf. IIIUH, .K\r II K

fly UM OCt pus bi t'Orn"'t'Ol Always>t an oMl&ate man Lino hU ont 'JJhe tu; I j.,-"u; I'.T to old cm Halo July 5th 6th ant 7th
AM U Ul ttwXV .tit 4"'t tau Find limit July 12th. but can ire Moss and Fiber Mattresses.
inuol buy U Mi ,two c'tnrt Q'iOb way He will take It anyway l uck Fa,* 'Ftl: tl.. ::11.,... "f Hog I'ttendol until Auuut 15th. 1K04, by
Front lh i mt'frtWln' by tin hart I 1st.When Itig M"utl> 11.9 tlnlab.dclth lepufiktln with validating agent prior 1 1o lit.a'-r in :>'0. uo.1| ".11111 1'utictiif, :: utnl to\.t...

lV 4lblji the human raw oww a d 'Lt '\ the are win- pi....- !f t II It'tl! Eyed: July 10th an Thwt A nan I.Mwd of Ihdn. .. .
I 114 .ahrt I: : .
II. 1 h. t i"
of inFUNorthern
unitttutl.t to th. who died 50 _
With bte frlofuV upon 4 'Tffe ) i-tiU Rat.uDanlc'r flee of cents! ... 1:
will _/, wtvra h(, mciU a Tony, with all UK'if uiunkIu UK-OI .-- 8 ..------- --
"t cave a uiwhluo. rrl.. !" RETURN 'I .
on me 'JlM !. sa ttrnftn-. i. MONTEAGLE, TENN.. --11:1".1P.: ,,
And-teol th" d.i at nty the lltil.... fount U, ly TOO hUnUllKl Of UD U>lr H kHM net t lite umit wbHIH! u.. .::1.1 not see account Monteagle Bible | __ IJ\

W1U any; .M.1Ie the tarot auurntnaeharg.Ii ku."w It If marriage U a failure what Pod din life iiiNutiiu r w.\ild do School July Ith to August 4th One
Tare, glut J} out*, from all point Meat iarket
up lo pa's account" Mai until bt.ut: Tlck -te on ualo June 30th to July 2ml' ,
TlMr ar.diem. In the trntuiA Ihc iVxturbo dtcol! that t, bopelcM vt'jt"tol, / the ...n''Itt.dE Indm1lY.', and July 19th to 22n In

1'b..r. are blllloiui Iu tho ctim.. prumsi are L alihy I. tK.ulitM a tbo Of the uKeti :ju- halo N Ill"' tlu'uwr 'I'talli" Final limit August :31st !!1(11( .. ":. t J. L. ODUM. Proprietor.
Tr mltlVHit our ch"k' e.ru..et 1UI.ah1D patron Mint of the b anifi<; bott or flfealu:.' .IlIa"I' lOr whs.u! ., lair C ,. --7.. .,
LJr ..ouV) MuokBURM an4 7 .
kr'pt r. ale i'v' "'1;'. MONTEAQLE TENN., AND RE. ," "'l
or.balh..c from N
w Jersey '
IVmMJflM capital ..tll tfluf ( Lad! i" .i nivtHod tKi.ii tiuif co TURN I\r<'O'"lt Woman' Congress, ; 't..r 'V ( file Largest and 1 I'1 ill. "-t
If our riti'Ulo of A huuiuut- will dteoaot cheek Aiii t lilt to 7th 1904 One Fare, i 'f
liiduntrya mall : a date la !u. iiU LOOM' u-'jst itra .th.io Market
OkI .. gad a Ihlry .... Tickets t ftt uutb or J..k '"11 \ tie.i .
ou a bM. I The tttii'ut; .v.ii I' '.' 'J' 1..', y ..u.1n I : -tt'r plus 25 cent from a1! jvlnbt 'jC."r ). .-?,

get the raid : f''> sj\,;') -in l \\ .1+ hir(.- Mew a Compbmcal.IQrdli { If 2nFinal: limit Aug'iot:' 16th I':)'M '. t j' > ""rrrl'Ivt, vr.N'k; .' ,I
tinorkl '
owe every man a Uvlog to lixten 1ft !1Oiiilar :ncunt (but"bin 'fi I"f
"Mt+i *, 1 doii't Ri. to sty lOll kIWl' W\lb might have a baN this I boil." 'I'i Utter "ifiLl M nnfbv llchtMH can be ettended. ,until October )/' .. ......: i -'. Inn.J.i! "i if,1! W-...t... \. .1.
, list by paying th. difer 'uce b"twi ">n ,
cover oat .. with ,
; a 1. that tw'uJ TtU" I'roh It to the Jury uuo.Xi; .1 liai'pi-.K-a.: a"'f''r. I I
I "T ut the WfmttHT ..rrw t. tb.-ui" I thn rate at which the ticket way old 1 IM: North !Beach
t and he> n ..:!Id! t'h tk <-r. aat /urobtdwhen and the Summer Tour hit IUt- ,. \ :>n.etPhone
Thai mal b, but duu't yyO know \\heu i' "wu.Ul wafrkw tve nwatry the oW ,.TI. inNti-",l .-f trying to I IMONTEAOlE II .
rt b aK tiMt the law ty carryirnapunn lvol't..ll' .he frfQuentlyvuut" a divorce: soon gave til* *ooOinn "II.UII! tnd TENN.. AND RETURN I' : 4, ;37FOUNTAIN

II J )" after fur alluiuuy dotcnth'tllla! ,.... cry I 11,6 ; account Monteagle Sunday ,.... -- .
!I", ._
r1'll4wB.rA .A
""'h'lu(>. tb t awn >.i...U ..o,,? I School Institute, August 13th to JOth.l' ---- .'-.- IlL
"ben *'e Art Payhtg Fut Ii. Au cugagn16lr1 UIl1.Uttbv"l1- a 411- When's i that in.arinhi..'. r.I I !+OI One Faro, plus 25 cents from -

When we stye u.-.1 to I taste furHthel wNrln gluvteL can ... ( w'n' .. all p<'liitd Tickets on Halo An umiut we .teh u> -I k''i:: i Knij: n .v <- IN"QQ- I
i The I kturw In the ft". I lo' tin "th, 6th and Sth luclunlve Final CITY lt.ft\I Jlt\CY.
It* Caster. honwA. knitfht .n4 toners limit August am. 1W)1 Tickets can .
I "Thn rhimh with graceful fplr<\ Tko lode", "tr..l. bo oxtendod until Octob' Slot by \ ,. .
r 1.// \I! !:IT !
Put DOW tbitl *i, ar. oM r grown Mammu what U tL* ......df'llIttruiltl..1 111" Harr t.aH,,.
va)1l the dlfferenoo
They do not look ao ne, Mtituuui Ihttlubttw 1ota.idnugbter It 'I. <. i I1"t! tiltH" tintu appointedrtxlh li,I..I..I..I .. 1 k uf
l Per M ww, sue Into the name rut.) at 'hlth ticket was: sold aud the
XT* a.N the dollar getting tbo clothe* 1'hUa, uuu:'.1 >i th tn-isury wibMt Summer TourUt Ilat .
-- It'llIh.a b1lulrt'ri to vxitmlit IIa, w ..< atkitl t'> .taif th* -- --- liUM.s I OK I'ItKN: ltll'llor. { F.I'I MU: >H IM'', 1 LJ; :: -ill/.....

I distant" oi r'':" ntH'Q fruiu tit: earth. NASHVILLE, TENN., AND RETURN .
t'4tM141 .tNI|> 't'Ii.Il' Mct.\I-K,
I 1MuecuL. I Ills \\ rltlf'u.'r i wit: ";ruplj 'Not account Annual Meeting

near n.iuu'h I" .t'?."., 'b<- ftitit.ttona yfi Southern Baptist Convention and Perfumery and
: .. Art. LIVERTROUBLES ilv! 4 .udltcr !II.J |I' l..tI M Ho did Auxiliary Societies May 12th to lth. Fancy Articles: ,
i )*H One Fare, plus 25 oontu. from
: v '
"11'hltel. what i .11/1 i '\ !'i.' iu \.I4-d for emI '
I all points TIck,*U toll May 10th( to 'f '< kr
I .11"ht be calK d I t, i I'!' MI i I. "I':1: : : ; \inn ajdtedj
bus' '.' .,. '.t.. I: :out I wnl 1.0tt' 12th, fnrlunlve, ultb final limit ten 1)1 It J M \1! ,
f artiiU"'Yf << .
a .troolC '
III" tJ4 t ueuer
of TUkHn '' ''
f .v" tl days from date: Make --01.41 It
I .,-\ ,! ,t. ()luUOD
r "
j can bra ext 'od'Hl until June Mb byd'posltlnrf tin ,, I t ;o, ,' nt. .I"t I II'j'' m.
., ho drewa III "I and IVKifvHl'* Ntack.Dnq bt UI.'r, nay \ t t"'IIIr-d sight mureth with the Joint Agent and - --- -- --
tr.tn *rXiIt i. .-. t f ki upon payment of a fno of 5uNA9HVILLH r.'nt'i

thin tuoruliui }!W eared.|thd.my..ofQre KM alter ItltaUihfmex be bad tprot) i -- I C-
ioU f Uk,:' Kki CAROLINEIf : I '."1'p. d l pi TENN., AND RE : riiL N S\\
;. I M4aTlt.: hrke... +uW t'a.I i '. .t M.In.; '.",T I''utij T< atkltxi TURN, Account Peabody Normal Summer I 1 l ? S] \ ( > Ill'j I

your liver Ju.'. nit ait n-j; I U'!'jut .. tLMttt" ( : i.: School June nth to August JrdKOt .
I uta/ly g'j to j,ur ,Inia jitl iijrurf ; ', Ton *'i-.n Ml'. PIt","", UH : One Faro, plu 25 cents Ticks

They Que Tt4 Him. S > a JLJU knj- (fUilfiirJ' :I (lid ,.. ,.,j fillll ... dw 'I rho ate *ild June 5th 6th 7th lith, lath: ti(1 j ) Tu l
"1 cant undcr Uuuputata Park Draught! aij tale a 4\<..., L'a-k, t.I ,; .. ur -npaed lo 2<>th, July 3rd. 4th. 5th.Final limit
: man a.. Johuttuu i5UC .oo.1 uud-t I a..iib' fh gnat (awtlr I ttn *,, ",. fifteen (1.1) lays from date if 1M'' -
-' ''I> ; uu of th.
at the rhrtloq""Tou towels adlciua! tlr In. the pawl? Well 1 ul' tori'i .r I'I'y. Muber by depositing ,lth Joint [BIrDffi'S/ \
dU ,
tit iuok > C.l1M' of LU catuimlKu d6atL"Wtt I and uf M ratJ.leI ; a L.jJthynth.o I I.i In.uL.rn i ",'"n.l i: ,- r r.llrkln.LotrI'J1n gent>.tc' ) CUfj Iud( upon payment of a f.
TL...lfiJ < BUk I' I G

Nnd k. I will cl aiu- tho U..''' rl''raufU J im I t ,-::" '.M << lima,... I I NASHVILLE-, TENN.- -, AND RE. '

W. knead the duftgb. l'U11hl'll ai.J etr'rittbcn the kl li-. I I.t..q. I', f ::vi grow rajL. TURN, account United Confederate I ( ) \ SU11.! I lf'\I I. ( ) I
To OuJid gud '....4 bt'J. A b>r,>iJ but IU"to.I .
; Veterans R. I
rl.1. union June
lith to
\V..1 ttle MwahTo eULJA. t.ll1oIJ'In",,. dill{. and } .UI ; ; i country 16th I
punl thli.... red I '",er .uJ l6..i IUJU.I.M of kt, k. Ton' j !M! J.'k'.l! sv: ilti a''J they l'fI't' Low ratoa from all points

Wt.e"\'I' Me guI4laht. nnty andc.tl.t 'uw Wl'a klJ dw s\ '.. ; I -" .,.M.:. from tee .,.: .. 243 North Beach Street.
I.rt..htsdwe '''J' "ult! In lIl1.Lt'1 dinarwbkb tint ']I. :It .iwi I. .. r.vr., j" mutton ani LOUISVILLE, KY. AND RETURN,
and ID4Anulhcr dwaR amount Biennial Conclave 1 l. .
C1.IIII U many \It tl.l.. hi .} >caue! tl nunn 'I (Home CoinH Knightsof
------- I a* wnnlmt'ti'to .t t1.., I ('fI II .'II Pythias, August 12th to 15th 1M1: :111I.-- "III1.dI -,,- '-.s

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By faith you Buy roov mtwtuatns fraught ib. ' ..
And dump them In the cre.k the h tj .< ..,:... 0iufr '. i' to lth, tMhuh tt, final limit August
Rut aunt (unpuwdff atkd a pick "I rd ', ,11tlte Iiup.Ctr. 2ith.: iwi Ticket can be citenled
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.11I11J,1 upon payment a fcn of JO cent
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Ill. .| 1' -I"' '' torAin't be llst until 9cptuwbttr 15th, 1904
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MT of tb btuall"1ll prohtM)' looQCe M.de ,........ 'J..e bf 1tla. I Itbnrtut and quickest route to the MM: ANt) c\NRIij1 I L U I'1 BER .. .1.II("

them to co on utrlkf a lb" torabtttur &LAIDRAUGUT{- \: .",! wLk marned me b>. alvovd uontloned place. :Through

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It 1* the e i port burglar w ho takes ii-i \ f. -.1.. tv For further laformaUoo, write to .. ,Jj l
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--- I w Florida i ; i. ux it Ji4N.euurorJ4 '

H.'t. when TOO get (It pile,Agent Knlan4A/II", un f*...d... t.autht'ht- K C' Ky
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stops 'h._CCH&.h and ....b Riggs h II dldarcr! cut of YOU \l : It.I{ F 7'! -w..1J h 1 .tJlg Phone tij It j. ."ALH'anllttr) i

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-- 7 "

The Daytona 'Gazette-News, Saturday June 4, i944t

e ..
-- -- -
--- --- -- -

-. I OCEAN -STEAMSHIP CO. 6e6cmtned IU q aMi&a of quat 1" dart' or that of their" ; frwnds. r I

FRANK CLARK l INELIGIBLE l etttonwh The whole operation was demorillilng t

Ii of SAVANNAH *>a It la rftnembered that htr e'. in the extreme, but today wrflod "

> ngth of the two parties! will IM-CO. the Democracy ot Florida blessed

'* '1 FAST FKEIUUT AM) LUXl;UlUI S I'lKKMiKK Hoim: lo MAJOR airily be clove In tbe neat Hout, U.1 N wlti an opportunity to r1M in em-

ALEXANDER ST. CLAIR-ABRAMS QUOTES THE may be that a tingle vote will dter. pbatle protest agul}Jt the means and

1' NW YORK, BOSTON and the EAST. L.VW THAT DISQUALIFIES HIM mine lu organization. Iflr Clark I|, method by which thousands of voters

.. CASE CLEARLY STATED. baa uu credentials. his nam will not L were rnlsH Into casting their vote* i

be placvd upon the roil vt member for Senator Tallaferro

:.. AN EXHAUSTIVE DISCUSSION OF o THE CONGRESSIONAL If the Governor of the Sate construes '! I, for one, cannot believe that the ;

BY ONE OF FLORIDA'S FOREMOST CONSTITUTIONAL SITUATION LAWYERS. i th* laws to mean that his Republican ,I loyal Democracy of this Stat will OB jjj m

PROBABLE SEATING competitor U entitled under the 7th day of June, to
OF A REPUBLICAN FROM l say our son -\
DEMOCRATIC NOMINEE. cadre of bla. quallflcatton*, thtn Mr unless they bow and Nnid th knee t
K ( Cheney, a Republican would as ist I In to dtfupat Influence and organized <'

organizing the would De'wealth they can have 'It
"II't 1 tut hope of a !
1'IRLISIEII AS AN "U\'a: tlSt:\\'T. de facto a member until toe contwtover I political future t

hU iteat war dftt-rmtned I cannot fry
believe that
Jaclu.om\"llio'. Tit o ilia) ;:'i te1Itespondaug vantages 'iilch the law of Florida 11 I to. Democracy .,
e confer neither were givtn a u..h'1lU"1.! of Florida will Mcrtflce a
to upon her cltltensMcCrarj j.
nu nU hlqU"St then both whm,
1 would probably appearclaiming e life! has been OIM uneadlng bat- ,
made mo for an opinion "n Klectloiw. on pa;50 %1:, the tie for i;
a. toijuttotioa UP neat, and in at least one the cause of the maaves in t
uyt: "A* we bate I"*
teen the
queatiotj instance{
the .
rauud ruact>mlu 1fUal of House of lteI'fN''fItalht'flW struggle aKal& the encroach-
eligibility to be I
i IttcatloM or Mr elected to. or seated a mcmJ>ef after an lnvc menu of railroad and trust
rank Ck.rk to bold iofluencf
fur th an office. .
e"At'rally to be j
( office of liepneratat.rc to determined tlgation by Its committee, and then In Florida i
l'urt'a. by the I
from this dlfctrlct 1 hive construction of permitted a content attrward Not for ono nx wat will 1 permit I' j
this to HHBO
>>tt.A : statutory or '
1. BY LAND AND. SEA. 1 ain tBformttk Mr Cluk was titlns the qualification conitUutlou l Ih..ro.tor proVision A Republican Opportunity. myself" to betters that w. will' go to j

Short Rail Ride to Savannnah originally a citis'n of C.hor.ta I I the pull on Juan 7th and by the *

THENCE via Palatial Express Steamtbipi A number of bard ago htt moved !, Mr Clark entitled to all the privilege Is It to be doubted that if tbe casting of our Dallula, My I to the .

t to HorWa, anJ b-<-4mi a oliut-n ol aDd advanUs strength of the two parllw WM clo*> young men of this State, and to the

Is Savannah this St..t. of Florida confer which the laws la the House and the Republicans I i world V that Florida Democrats place ,
J1 SHIPS her
;. FOUR EVERY WEEK Some yean ago he inou-d from! ht tr. then If nominated and elected had a bare majority they would hesitate wlH money above manhood, or that we
1 Hunta. and buiann- for a moment in Bating MrChttuey by our ballots that the
TIJ $ew York niAktiiirrluMroBnertluMnIII! NV\\ \'urHu..I"1\ .1.11| | .,, Mound < of Ok j t would bi- entitled to receive politkal
| la and prinrlples for
bom In which
a, where keeping him John N
be voted In the
All \Ic'b&ff"Dt.. are with awl held of crodenttaU of election
J.u-. iujjj.lW monthly Millimr M 1 htilulei. Writ,- filofonunlkiD from the bteteotfltwr C Stockton
i.. g' oeraI ruing' m-JHMiuUi, utatfriHim E.-....rvuti >iiK IIr ,'ull ,nW.H. flee i seat on this single questleo ,.f 61* baa fought in stetson and ,

m\SlNTS.VIeePrvii: aDd Gent Mgr C It tl \l I Ito 1/11"1 ill C |I' .1. About a y"t'I ar e Eh+. returned u: i, qualifications? out of .oaxm fur twwity-flve years ire

f. I'kr. .1.1, North Illw \>w York .t. if ojV : Florida, and i* now MIl6g a aomhla Constitutional 1 Quite recently. )\fOOthilartt.. Mr to be surrenders by the people of 'I

W MHII'MIN! ,, HA ..r's aDd I'/W .Airt I''U:. l n.\I"" t i 1"1 I "n nur > tlou for l'ongress from this Stateit I Requirement Whitney and two other g ntieiueu Florida at the demand of the Btaad

1 0cc ____ U clear that lo abandofc-d bill Section to of article Itf ot the Con were nominated by the l>enioiiaN ol arcS OH and conmraiion. m 0-_..-,_ .'nr.MV'-'ll'l.*-.-..*- .o.IUAI-.

1,. ; = atttrealhlp! of rTorldd, and cea-wd ktltution of Florid la wor 1ed. a* fol New York on tbe electoral tick.-I Uxlay are mating their final and supreme .

t; 2 ............................. ........ .... ........ I owe any alo! Uwv: to this Slate to Iowa "The Uovernor and rtery Stat e, They art dtrt-ctor ot national! bank*1 effort to l.9t
MALLORY: It bait tn'vn ii-pt>ati'
} mitdrntd of th ti-iiit.irloi nt th I IIi c
: (UDltt Stilt' IW nut <*ltlM of to any person of laving US&.! under tbe laws of the I'nl'-i. of the young manhood of Florida I
I1 LINES : BlatN Thu the citin ..f !NowMeilro ; I b**,+n electe l to the llou e of n"Vrto&t'fllt6t1Y State to acne as guest lb*> l> mocratlc appeal to the true Democrat In every

t u nut a .tile.'n of any of the United State Con- State Committee appoint*:1 county !in this State to arouse or* .

; i State A cilUrn of the illatrkat I ,...... or the United Stale Senate three prominent lawyers to c U'l4o.:stand.

SPECIAL PASSENGER-EXPRESS Columbia U Wit a tllll"n of any State wtw has not btot"D n fire years a store. the question, aDd the*" Kt"otltlfbt-n r

i. STEAMSHIPS. : And It has iris further hold "that of tte State aol ten years a clue ported that there was AO much: d<>ubion I Money will be everywhere
of the United It aa to reader and promlMirt alluring will
p 'rmmn who rmido "lth & the boun States and a giuuOcdrotr I it alvUttbU not u I abowws-
1Arg1tand itait thoroughly .li-. .. : > but bo'tolt them
e .ulpi** |ui'iijfr rU ain | m ilrotwt dart of g Stat take the rlik As luna .n this! <>yln notReaK'mNr. :
ur a lorritory. near :
'" ,_. NOOVKttl'HOUDIMi. which th- I'ulU-d Stated tomcat i Ha Mr Clark be\ a ciiuen of th e Ion wa Str"'n. too foiu no
I tiTATKRUOkltt AHK: IH[ I1'IH:1.iI': tiLts 1'1:1:11: : > : eJt'rrt.--* Nschlstreutlsdiclltw. nuch State of Florida for live year. at rquired & promptly withdrew from the ticket! his Washington for "li yours who owe "

v I mportant these IhkrU will lie .. s as Indian atxl l military by the con tllutlonv I am of support and luduftico to the trust
on shlpM, IV* no to -\ntU .1 : rviowm. ate State Committee Should adore I
Act avark
n urn tier ol (I..rttua. or ttw rutluK tttpuiity ol Inning Hull) tluisuriiitf in got to IH il"'mtsl r'IIk'Dtll of the tbe opIfikM that he ha.. Lot aDd thateorvlequently. and power opprm> ywipolbly
,I All i rlrrrugrrr lodlvWual m-r\i k'tlluitl trillion State wherein such tnMttutiuiu art If "' ..'"..t. the GovernorvkouM It appears to me that bo [)'!DI(> a Goveru at Tallaluu- t. i

I'tHSEMlEKri; :; LEAVK: JACKSONMI.I.K: EKin.riUiSM : : !'.\ ) : atltuattod" thull.l"bit I slat be autboriiej to give hima antic Slat Commltt kUoult Iwo, who will he under the mJlueac. .
ArmrtronRSmith t
( K. lM. )uk' > ol ..I"I-In{ )'Irid'I'UIa! 'r I 'nioti ) certificate of oncasubmit of the railway! corporation
; cl.vtioD. C M89 election. as he would I tbe qut>..tlon of Mr curk'tqaallfloatlon ; of the
UATEMTI) .NEWOKK; : AM M.I. hH.NW :MiUIIIliHlmiliiintellirlitful State for tho next .
i 1'ndcr Iho not be IjIQUUtttJ U all th" privilege I to a committee four years, such
: HAVI.ICIIT SMI thn.ii>;)II Hi.KAMOl'H : constitution of idle dlat" of promfnat a machine
and will IK built!! '
: "HKl: l l.\\liS f\.td'lit'i' and habitation of within the advantdMon of the lau of the I lawyer, and gel their. opiniona up over this

Through tb lU soKJ to All \tlrtll..-tit |>oinl" hor full tnloinuiti i.u State for twelve moot hit, cud In the State, which rnjulrt* a cttUentilp otfive .' to *fc.tbr or not t.ft is qualinwl, l gT(at commonwealth that In two )

: : : regarding attra.tious olkrvil by no otUr IIIM.. ,li.iK'ikiii". reMr uu"nWORLD'S .. : county fur alt mouth, are the prl yearn I'I Personally I am fully on\'loi',1 that years from now they will elect twt

ti. 1,4.41, rtiAphly to It .. railroad rrpre EN'ntatl\e .
t Mid
> KaJlroad
may that previous to be Is not. and an .
wary qnallflratloM for tHwootlng aof (Jo- am further nalUtlud
!t' ; |i A. Y/ PYE Agent .ukNomiiu"Yinii: I { \ .. i cttllt'n FlEtrida.Transferring t lad to Oklahoma, Mr Clerk baj'o I I that If objcttlon/ .U nude to the tar n (,l'uwmlaybncn and In four yuan I
\ ,, a citizen of more thy producers of Florida
Florida for fire yearn, and I ng of crodt-ntlals to Alta the Stateofflonrs will bfl
.., (IM). II. lark, LMU! .\ireiil, l II.i) toua, I I'In : OrtVs CltlJtutfclp.In I that becauie tit such previous citUin i will be compelled to hoV\'I"Mflly ItIlthralkod

....,................................. .... .... .... ahlp be would bate decllw Do hut let the glamour ut 1 1
a right to the to iMue them From a IVuiocratlcundpolnt groat ap
.I i
the<< .American and (Cnglish Kncy .,ro rl.tloD3 blind
t' ---- --- --------7 credentials I cannot agree< with thU bo H clearly dlwjualili.x) your .>ttII to the
t'dl'IJt"11la of Law. oth :
tolume, paramount
page fk..j of
contention for if such a conducti It appears to me tfrous every producer la '
I prepo:> to hold '
32. the text cry.: "A rltlaeo of the } )iida to have the '
t the InUrstate
: >e corrtx-t ewe, then Mr Clark that a man can rnoto from one State Coax i I
United State U entltk to transfer m.\f(' f'tlltml.wtlon I
., FAIR RATES I would be entitled to bold office I li. to another* acquire cltixeiknhlp In the tal etrengtDerout) Druluarmrot /
Ala Citutefwhlp from one Sta'e to another Georgia. FWhU! of power, a*
I > and Oklahoma at any other Slate, afterward return to the to enable '
by a Chan** of domic He when u* bo m ----VIALouisville t time by Amply tran ferrlnK. bin re.l M Bfwt Stato, and, without having lived competitive traoapoit-
ever bo dt.ln" to ell! MI. and when lion ratwith t
J.-nc to el'her of them and rtKarl there the p-thud of time re-jutred h California and UU '
thenhan U e1ulppt. rival .
& Nashville R. R I !M of hh. hating icskiiuiod a differ the constitution! h* quallfli! to hold producing etttee. lluitnnb & 'I.,
; with Ibtnikt to make
a XTnuuent re'II wit T that for all !
cltlaentfetp In a&otber State or offloo because., for:."oth, heva<* an yoaxa Seaator
ilh'II(','. and tho acts of th- party Cat Territory Tallaforro! has not lifted hilt .
Inhabitant and citizen flngt r
of the fir
r Firtit clas* KxeiirMinji rates from .l.u'k-Min\ill> i iami I. a L.( ",rl-" rt ,pouvl Mlth the iwrj* n-. the Chang This atr clei of migratory and f't"'r. State before he led It. kbulit.tliII..1>l or raijxsl his! votcn to bring IhU avi- r' I
: of domicile is coinploU-d. and the law tit relief to tho ,
& return )U' {iuiung April J.;ih, Ih-,"II >lulCorrcsixtuliiHJ ,\ force I ambulating qualification hi in conflict his habitation therein and acquired a producejaa UM( >D him the character of a rnnmr* of Florida
i with the renened rights of the >States. habitation and Appropriation fort "
t Special l'''ral'Ir KuL : ou citizen of the State whro he citUeuhlp in another ,rfs I
hacboMn : | al..aJ-r.lId
limn! (k nJ" 1 I.IIIfri. and
.f Anli1 ji"iniii -,"\' I ; Involve a complete nullification territory and help fur .
roonl -tnI' limit 10 lays ) his domlcll/ althiHiKh he may of what lh<* /lAlvrlor never ,
t I. I hail always Nn a cardinalAmerican I On the 'tlon of cltlz
fromdaleofKale Tukets 1)0 9 95 5 .* :t\kl: i n.tullIlimillillll"| .\ > bare unlforml derlar that he ncverthelwii qu whlp--a If HtanJanl Oil tn"u+
doofrlrxreUting ace sad
to the citizen of Georgia kt a foreigner in the .
1 told only) on flay i Hitli; i I ron' lcl"rt'd hlmsflt art con. I lavish u u of money
{I right of are to .
expatriation The abnolutc Florida until he become btt "rmlt-
rt 7 .111> I Ueturii limit I l.'i days I quailed< forcltUenahlp
1 tl'd J
and 3111& tlDUing a citizen of thirat. h had i ileft" I right nf a man to change bit% citizenship In this State ai absolutelya to why who your Sooator and GOT .,

low rates 1 I he L. Oc \ is the UCSTUNI : 1 And In McCran .m ..:I.'rUIt'uI, and allegiance ha. always /b
tt!j from other points. I : to St. I.tnltS.k it la laid down that IJIW' who movt'!! j ] by all partle* In this country of Ireiarwl! It U truo he all nut r.4 you four hyNt for men to stairs to the front ;

his rwtidenee from: one State to an i years hence, w-h.*n th.
I I qulre-1 to take an oath formally renouiiclnx moo<7
: other<< taklnc his famHv! with him I \pewee will have brume
U Mr .
Clark su .
I II or any other man nan bU allegiance to G...mtla. IbtreocheJ
taunt be hold' to !I.a'> ahitndoni him/ I H* ti> bo well utAh
I'orwIwdukwal4n" tar r/w'rtaLN.Ildor nrtlnt! inliiiiiiatinii, unit I. more! from one State to another acluiring but he la certainly required to take impregnable?
h>rm r r..ldt.1H'C' and to Dare bix-oujf Again I appeal to
j < a cltlaen4iblp In tho or*, and an oath of allegiance. to the State ot the manhoud of

C. L. STONE J. hI I:LB\ll'O. a citizen of too lat St te Into which I: kt the rams tlmo retaining his cltlEena&lp Florida When he abandon InN citllettAhlp KloriiU to awakff and ul lUalf l
he hu marts whll*' (here
J In the other then the States! of ono State and bop and victory la 1
fl iihla tI' acquirer a
U..llt'rall..lltcl.r, +/M nn.t tg'ut:
Clark eight
Mr hating it'.unUni. his and let It
' t u such c<*9 e to axial. and inn wholeJidjry cltlitn.blp t'19t'wbl're. UIA first clilzeDahlp nut be said that this !
IAIUIt.\"ila. K\ JIM! \\-1 |It iuMm. : t i tVitldoiMx- n >rt>Ukind IH''onw State hits
a. mirrendiM-H.
: t of !
tbttm4'l'kaq! republic Is exJnguuhed becomtti absolutely eitln- without berulC
Jill k.uutlhr Il"till:. cltUeQ <.t Oklahom.1 and tht-rc-b) t Mm> **!''. In th, |IIIJ'II\ of
i guts bed It cannot IK> revived by bI. Whalen.swats I +
r5RIQ ."' ..,1 to INa cHIn of thN State 1 \\ Itb ftill faith that lh.. 1...fi.. 11._.
returning to the fint State In any r ?/ lw U'
rtttutlwd to Fktrlila alxnit, a ) otht'tban the on+ which.' wouUIbo I meet and aot-
alit the QUetitloli I N II".M *'h'ttM'r Ol r r tie this (Umm whIU they
lit the otb.*r haul I ooutind the same u if he bal never lived I yet have anto 1 Ivy
not h*' 1 IK at thin '.tii' jualifled: In bo. that ,l..>>luaU, d ) hOt, I
yIaLaaaAArair wheo Mr Clark became an In tbe first hate, or bad Mrs a cltl aiu )our. for "
g .. inhabitant .
come a m( mb >r of (wiicr from this 1 (l" ran of the cmnmua
cf Oklahoma ten of it preryle.R .
Stab I M a cltUD and votis and held of. I have ru doutt In my mind of hMdtiqualincatlon. I 1IUIWON{ UUKHolMIM. t

Constitutional Oualrfieatloni.I floe, h* et\a..od nhsolutely to b. a citizen and I am witltii. d I !

of FlorIda. and abjured/ all aiK yI tftDOe that If ho U nominal thlt I'1'I.t will t \ Kt.$'AI. 'ft1.'H'jIl"Ifl.4IIIltL' .j

I It... Contltutloi ..| the lTtLII to thin Stat.1WD be returnej be! the beating of a Uepjjhilrari iron l> "IHII.UUIt I>MKMH...AMiK Itrs4L11Y ,

'I to) 3tat.v. th<> llouae nt 1t"I'HOW.la. to Florida It beeaom n'rt.'ltlt/ity foe Ibis district In th. next llmxof Rt11r..entAlh" > frN &L l'U\j..I.\TM ,> ('"ILhk" t 1/
'h... i- "terndg"+ tof ..Nx.lKins, r"v aim to relde h..re twelve monthK In \\0.. h.., Iw.l I1l1u..I.It4......r (fall,
t'h..k ru rust l i.irtltn-u'
taro and iiialilli. jtions ,
511L 1 huudb fur ,'rNM. wi>" Mr,' J. H ,Uxike. .
I raembi t, It foh.>*x ih Tefor<'. that before be could acquire any cltlstiwtiip ,.1\edrrfauh.'rruw.f "V f I..He Ktt hW! ,

i it lep! ,<.tnK. rayon what the llouiu ofHe ol tbi.s State lly what pro- lu all nf out i blHrtnM UiveluiH u..l

| ret'i.talU" nn\ <\<'I rnilim slurtti.p *- ocas her proven b..bltatk.n and cluMbahip EARNEST APPEAL diver .... .- lor tU* i1111014 leap.-.

I iMI apiNa'lt.K'' how Its dict.imi .-, could rM
ii'vertheleath": iiulincallo&tiof L rlnik'r. If VtMiMlll !!_ ilUM .J>r... "".1 ;
renew hJbltatioii
** and --
('lttl'Diblp 1 '
It will rtlway I'an For I.. tjr Hit
a n'ltf''I'I..ntal.I -' in CnjurnHs tint .' am unable to cumpreherulTo To the Patriotic Voters of the ,II rlggLtt"

1- 1't1 bth Constitution ol the rill t hold that be Is qualified, U

i t,'d' :;tat( 1 a* folio( : ,,'- give aw-ut to and la a /uattflcattoa ton State of Florida.

I ., prr.n ..a&dl t+. a Ih'lr\'IIl. of t&e! carpetbagl. which t1f'1tJtf'd IRE FtSKV c.I.m.Oh. .

fur 'who half tint bet attained th! the South after the Civil .
I War lnd<' xl COMMISSIONER R. HUDSON BURR u. i} ..,,, sin. ut ytr..'we

a.... 'f !!5 )stet IIIh,1 I tkw'n durtsl Joan \\"Gfi'i' than that b-x-au+c the carp*<. SOUNDS! WARNING. That._4...1 ts..uy lie I
ell.t"11 of tho I niu-'J State ba Ant c ni In the tuv.*u<4U
a aw era had the law of HHi'jt' with .
--- err a. It.,. UMW hit! (
w ho ..hall nut If when iKcted an ,hkb to sustain th