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I ftlt 1.t.I"graph MIN| -nrtor. nlLytuliU during lib abmmce.vV tht county hub for n couple of week I kla, Motor i'oniiany.| s?
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TIlt Novelty Coiirpany
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J Wultojal Worthier i-orN-ts nt J. A.Hfiidrirki you On 11'edrwodayevlnltig the Congivgivtioniil opi-rted a dry goo I .%.' If not. enlwt by gettingN'olertuun's a .
I FoinUiUn Pen. chunh received twenty new membem building North lUwh stnrt iMirtbe the home of Mrs (i. A. Toy. lh.'dusda%
-.ixteen on profvtMton and four byletter I laundry. afternoon voted to change. rive ineetm;: -- ---
of l Had
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> I lick Kay who ioiie of the bWltJiJlI; from utter clrtirche Next Son- her day to Monday. The club. will m.-i
M'M by
Simpson, accompanied
i t (' )unt.ItlL'P. grnnttrl CUIUn\i."ltll.It'f *ule,,mrn at II. S. Mftley' hard R' day they will enter into covenant with N. J. arrived Thar- twit Monday with Mr.. W. J. atlhart
tetwil.T |.Tmi" ion to rapture two list mUifortune to drop n. maW, of Summit, : FOUNTAIN CITY PHARHACY'
bad' the ,
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store the .
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Till'mumlo. and i i. occupying
domaiiiit. day,
E tnnnnUvM within bundle of building impcr on hi,*I following>> visitors arrived Thum-
) will U-wnt henry Koome, of the .tarbtHoamer Uoodall.ThaukHgiriitg. day evening and TlwDillingham
4 '", lien rnptuntl' which put him out ol r are gwtered at
s to St\ LOUIMforrihiblllumint11Ie1Vurtu') rommi..l..n for a couple of dny*. lie i U I U no pe! ......
Fair ftbl- Iu IN unnnitl nn usual, how our oftlnbriom climate that lie luudeked the. Armory from 12 to 2 o'ckxk. TliepniHedj J. A. S'hrble! Aohley.Ohio; Mr. and MrWui. -. Ha* .Si-lf.t Sim I uf .... IIIHnil

.' now to remain in Daytona for a couple : w \ill I be for the Uneflt of PineViwtery. S. Hurt. Juliet, III.; 11 r. an.) Urn. S. J H lit I'KKS*'RIITIONS. I'ATKNTMKIWIXrIS, ItRdlSlII: +?
and .rhiKlrv" jowl- ever.
i s / Irti.LndeM'miss's ,stele rennet at ."t. The Rnnnwr washoooml : wood ( It. Fra-r. Plaifcfwkl' III.Ilev. .
rUand rwfiTHat J. A. Hetidrkkn.JUIIHH liuJu) received at F. T. I'e+'k's, n. by U-ing m.ide flag whip of tlie I'tbllk.4.tXB TOILETSOAl'S. xP

fnvoml tlieiaotthi new line of fancy Xmas China. carnival squadron at Juckmmville re- I Anton Mao \M n r)rt'01 men at ( Axbueo-l ScbaenVr will arrive .

It.\ Stnton work auting! J. N. (;lamble'n home at Dt l week,; from (iermantowii. Pa. The
rv > and Articles.
rs'tle-News with a wit nventlyand Mr. and Mr*. I I':. U. ,hmlorn.d r-yrsv.jw ; ivntly. I [ Perfumery Fancy
I Silver iV'Oih. Mr. Gamble will occupy I'\'ft'ft'lltl gentleman's& home at tie coiner '
Mr. Y. were in Day tona Tuexdayami Wilt week. the lUmdLumlier
left a NW'k of dflieiou oranjrvt N \11 we stated .
of Second and |
hill place until about the lest of Ridnew Stanton \J" Ive. will not uhf;. u"t'r 2-011) Wednesday. Mr. Owhorti repreeenUtlie Couipnoy bad tidctwded tlie I! l I.c-n wired for electrklight*. It ill '-

boie.t this year but if tow front keepM U. 11 Ilcitcock, ('o.. of I'hiladrlphiinnuuf tool tIV otnl l Company in the lurnbttusiINNM I, January. _. .. now being painted' by Anton Moo l!lt Jt .II'.:$, |.n pfietor. can l. ('unnnlted proti'Miionally dum blr

away from thetiveiithU) w illtt'r II ill Kr >*e ,,tit rrs of crockery. and was on I at Daytona. Frank.: limn I l.\Iot Sunday\ Francifl M. IVik-tt the j IKMIIV.; ..lb.. huara Sunday, 91: M) to 10: 0a. m, J :,to to I lr. m.r .

will UKOn.He his u..unl yearly round interview ing/ the, and J. It. Conrad have bought I:. I Ituntl'm L. i 14-raonthiH soon t lr f Mr. and Mm. O. J. Dr. ('ha... A. Dunham. $u 'fIU- llIj"r ;\

han altout h1A) tnvn.tfAVray .1...al..OI. TIN (iu.twS..w"I..no. \\ I Iery I. interest in the. business, Gild the. Pellet\ South Il.......h Htieet tl ...l. The of the First Regiment. Florida StarTroops. !

edirrs n \' friendly call. latter gentleman ban retired from tlw child wait buried Sunday afternoon in died suddenly at hi* home ill : ) "> "> Lamb'. T.... IB nook.
tie jeweler. In eilsrtingiiAtw Pinewood'- Ja-konville I Dr Dunham )1
(_ "he irnmling j Bakery umke. Hjr 'onpany.ti Wednesday. In this catalogues book whtrb are
line ..f mantel dell.lII. was one of the best know phy' si i UIIIN in bookiWbltaablbllaI reckon court
and ,'lIlih''i.ii-iit hn..I.\.t'ryIIA They; V"' it''and...* odd much to aThanksgiving I Mr. and Mm. K. 'r. Conrad amt Mr. .: no

Cap II. C. 1 Uritfhnm, tif (rkk-AK. ar- hate H.I.I.M! to their baking facilities amian dinner. r...... ehipmentof : and Mr*. L. H. )Ilobbin are down the J 110rldaLIII] hrtd) many friend in D'1ttooar.Isrially : cakmlars. dlrcctorlet l draught pocketbooks board(tb j

1'1..01 l m Da> tona lout week. Mm.Monday l trig' furni..h any itiantity.Thne | a just received. at (ITark' river on a trip in Mr. Ilobbin boat the 1 1t among the military men ,.._ (. ..1; "4 t" bound literary and eiwptcdi.lettered on tlio back, 'len-

.c ham and HOII. Harry, arrived hiinter( ') from Daytona recently t JoKcpbine. They ,11-\| to U- away Mr. and' Mm. J. F. Hntlmuny will ar title trratlaet. almanam, statutes a

evening, and tie f.xmlly will go oto hours went out with three dog anil I J. II. Niver nwntlynt one of bin : from Day tona about week I rive from Went Htimerv .', Mass tl..1; I \I \\ .1.l.Iulll) till 1/11., of 0"\11. large, the work of Home. Gibbon.

keeping s H4>on an tliey fan ttndamiit- mammoth Pondroa lemon* to President '' S \ ntv ..ujiviiijf th. Ial..r ,'uU" Robertson, IW ttio. Minnie Jenyna, and
( double' I bitrrelM" Mhot gnu'. Tin' 1 1.1.u.tDl'rllllttUfJ first week; in Deeeniber" an.1111 mii|<>
And bin family three Hoowvelt. Ties lemou weigh onan i J. L. Wallace will occupy the building "which
able liou..e. Tlk- Cnptain hot thirteen time and rcturt.]I I II a uiU-{ of room at the IWpland. It <',! t' C. I'imt turned from North Car- generally all those volumes oogentleman'
at TallrtptM, nIL.! ,, trio average four pound each. and atmaid Cod by the Palmetto DrugStore library should tv
have Urninitinjt of tllfJ.lltll ill be rvmembere that Mr. Ilathaw .In' stern lie i i.. 1'1001"tb
with oiniiail-and one w i Ji.' "- 'n+nt; Illti -
Thin in their) home | to lie of tie chokwt quality. Mr.Niver I with his tock of curio good this .11 blstortu of Flavin Jophua (ba
ol AuRUnt. .
imv the .1.111 .1.111111 "Moral I'bt
l1oriJlanJ till'' are more ran ha three tree of this variety and Nm on. He U now getting, the building l IfJ Jew aD rllf71
flt suit to would nut give u* tin I of taw automobile meton tlw l"-n h. 'u!:. I can
informant .
than pkoml with It* U-auty. Captain Our U nursing theta with tender (0"'. He \ in nhape fur the r ...- 'tk'n of hill utoi k. I J. W. l>uniHllof. tlk.iQQti. lanihdIn (,

Lnl1l i 114 an old war veteran, havingh.TVe.1 ; UI\II"' nt, tUgentlemen.. may swirl them to ale St. loner& IIxioilion The Christian Duleavor. S 1I.i-ty of the Ii rit liirjptixli tin week, with mud read almost anything. I ll.t m)atari
Url I Charlie IHkwood has mvurrd" a |*H r far taste catholic, BO uOl.scu1.hr
in the came n-jriment, with (;corgi r fti nClJ' knee (taut* at J..t. hire next summer.tear" l'ongn'gational: Church held a s. -tai nl and if. I uhicheigbed twenty-four 1
lUilroaJ Ml Lamb
loon with the F. f:. C. : a* -
K PorU-r. tl eritynKHi- of Haytona.WTN. Jrit-l.Ii-f\II..I..... : Furls fudge nap cream candieievery bU110 the machine bop at St Augustine the home of Mr. and lll'll. J.
reiviveil a carload Tim Collius.il.rtN A new t"t-fllot: 1ftll\I't wet-k at time Iramling Bakery. where Iw will study tW machiaixt' South llklgewtodThumdty. evening.. fur l.fot 'p"I,",
F.rN-kiton: has jut I "t. : plant -
boat wil I About thirty-live young |wopli> wereprvMcnt UIlh'ltilll t..lar."II.n A French aavcnt {Illul. out thatPQders'
lie i I.. wiling atlie arrive must any day. trail', by first learning the nante m of the Inn, i' tinrl ali
which to r )
I of furniture, Jjvkwmville hi; Vf.\ f. Moon bo then circulating i and whiled away tl .- evening "llitot.d. 8 'eb Improve the acousticViWertke
.W'ork to
.l-nrk price.. come from nll.llroD' there to the Inlet l s-tit uu along lU'&h stout this week foitlie different It/utI with flinch. Light Mnflimeiitn wereNerved. I I tie eleu.int n.'Ii stilt pitrlor. ianiiing| its of a Ir lie nays be knew
the (Clulc IJlw erevt f I I. ,I II la England a hall that was Ideal for
1.lI\' } > of raising money Mr. and Mm.Cieorgv Chamberlain have "a"\.I
: sl I n purjHim
of Fountain CityNo. It k eijuipp :
At the mtvtiu ; by nrhooner. i the of aound. In aa rrU
l of 1'.J tliiall. held Monday and ill i aid tu U abk t>lk't, 111. They are again I ( J Ont-n catwht nine td I Cf.lo to clean
TiO f }Knights How'nrd engine business, men con. Electric light! have been in.talieil in TI"'J' moment was dt'ldl th 1
rve'niugth.. following iianu wenphurtl travel m-venl, wets die
roted UNH: IVrriitCo.manufacturer triuuted o dollar each to nrw'afJ an:! receiving the greeting off iv. K. ami Mr. Owen hall ruined aa a
I. irant The wu
in nomination to Pratt is i went !err \by the ( F. Smith's .....idll,,",. S. II. G.a's residence .\ uf \tlanla lodgist piNto

tie first Monday In iVxn-iuU-r. m ottieenlurtlie of the Howard t'ulOirlt'f'an,1 Work will ire wntmenoedo.itbeitnicturnext ;, their frkntd) Miss Chainl-erUia IN i eip.ted 1I11"'anIIJolJIII', S Hey man'* iv' 1 idence. hneb| l ..l ..\> ral Llinv ID.I. Ild The savant IUlph ,
completed" -*
anti Alter it in ;
Chaikvllor Com tlieir engine week, in a few day* that cotton strings might
1' romiiiK J' *ttr: l will !*, iiwil to tarry J. f). Itolwrtaon'* home, Loslry l A. ;
< ,
com-ert*i un1.lnK
V. C. C.-II. S.Ste.f'o. for cxbibitto n .n ti IOl\n.t..r-'ltlLll. L. Smith; up anti down tlie coast J: S. II. Mom-ley will petition the City Titus' billiard hall. Thorp building K.Vby' { .iit carrying propcrttM of the t t.u..ut
M. of W.- Florida: Mow Edwards haveftbii,
Herrkk The
l'n'lnt.-\\ ; ., uMcCMlan A k .
; bi.ikling Miss Hu.JI8tore.
and l Council for the privilege a photo gallery and > hut.-l. and $eahn'eie./MM l having been

J. C. Petteplier\ ; M. at .t.O.11.Vrhawr, C-i., IIa" tinawncy for the ewrines akin' tock of pin and oak wood. i small! dOt k in front of t..8t.aowll1ou.. .... I to addretweg in the. p t the Limit. j'
i private '
M. of F.:.- ': M. HinKham. Jr.; I K.: of U UK- \East: uut. Frank E. J\t>Dt1. of IV Land, s naytonn ii n The dock to be about 25; feet lung and I 11111'1 rt.ulif Mr. Plowman (on the occasion o h
: twu
m nod 8.K Shinkn; tr\l8tt't'l'-W.1Il"r 'I Arthur Boyce brought three r.t"mime an fiftieth cmll 1)-Is fanny, MIr Peppers ;
laths as anywhere. in titI'nit..1 ) Thum lay and favored thy t' | eit-nd along the. westIikfef tlwchannH.with ;
rkk. II. ... HouKb And A. II. Carter; rf.ts good tumobilt-tt over from>> !lcn-i Mi.n'd! | Inwtek i I \ from tie I abottkl so absent mltl. botcan't I
t. l.iIWlllt't !I. \ trt
the b
hot and odd at the. 4 inrrtteews with a very pkasnatcnldir. \ a walk running out to IIILDW.t "Ia p+ } r\n tbt
t K ADd ha opened hi nutulucn. i r:1 really think what I have come
t Grand Ixxlje( ami Cl.: Ian Light plant. 2.V.: ) Hood informs o* that HoUr 'I.,ii I Inn t<>.\ tlie trip up theToiiioka.
I 8mlth'lnll W. Ilerrkk. of PbikhJephut !I. DUri lttht'f'IIIt'ftOwI..s)1'.: traveling tilt>> Thompson building on Cottii;:" aDO \>' In ml \pinj' u.-iv Mr. and J. W. hire t Me '0 abut I.
Jr.. capUaUt ) ),
lion anh, n Hotel.j Miss Pepper.--l'as't, < h? Well I can
have r.gistrndattleCity Mr. his .
ft' men IJoycehad tarn 1111"- lnp 1 .
with i D- u noel) ,
month ;I
be down next daughter ) her to
will Imef
+ ...........................1.1111...1..11.1111111: 'arty, of friend to look over the groups ,,j This ill at least tin per cent more titan pal by water from Sew lurk tn I Ifc-n-- )li.i::, 'lan !tN .and IIU. Mr. a Mrs tell rae once You to have often.come-Boaton Cone H. I Ire j

: l kw to Noon commencing wit t'.; :flopped', at the City Hotel lat year. ford>> and then brought them "\ 'rlnn
i. Edw. G. Harris ith n s .1tot.tril'faih\'l'J' Utww n Ijindkird Mattbewe think this i ill a to IV\ytona. thereby *,,\ ilIAC IIIII-I.I.-ral) !'" I i ,.. d'i .1M' :u.1 Mr. ask) )J. llrinn,
tilt' ln'lo".1 I
nn |
good indication that considerable buii- in freight charges.At Ilrason Hnooh.

i i his city nod i\.IAn.1. testy i ill being done la Daytona. -- -- Mn. Il8tt rtot -\'O.meta to I II

1 I J i t>i'TlM. time U lre when you wiine.1 i IIT a meeting of the im-mi I I.. I lhc, Ctlni Anti I PubIh.i My that you bar D about :
Specialty comfort* And blankets JUliet nn. I Dr. and Mrs. S. W. Carroll are now Ilaptistrhun'h TueMkiy" '" ..hin. I K: the tJocaOon of children T

i ii : night, and you will want nil... wit! ('un11.lrht i- I j j comfortably settled in their new home li (i iraham WM called a* ,.t I 10 1'I' used Br ad, Rolls, )n Catten n-No. I bar too many
and the doctor ili i of minixtcr fo t ak's ant ..from tin-l imentk1 &k.'I. chMrta-Town and Couutrf.
iI' with white cotton or n : on North Hear street, (.burl l.lt calling a r .
PHOTOGRAPHY. i ii filled pure I" .. FINK;. Hate t
\ .r you
GRADE looking" after himgr&Mrry i the .I'I' tr
HIGH wool bknltt an d dt'votiog his time to ore year as u.ul > I
cotton or
lies, large .
i \ date I will l-Iounc The Modern r1'ay.
friend of ( ,I
bUllillt'tlll. The many Graham won o .
u 1'1
you won'lcarv to po very Wgb. noyo Mrs. Knlcker-Aren't you fiad
: HenJrkkB. Hftrry T. Howard will be pWoced toy time. It will be pleafirabaifi'iifrfeiida / 'i >r 13r. fal a trj J&U
will hate! to KO to J. .\. >tv children are nil ettied?
i the ** learn that.he will remain with Dr. Carroll to Ire wetter U., Indeed. all
'Phone 91 : reuse lie ha the bent tame> MO* r Mrs Ioct fr-1e They're
Peck Block !Mm. nuJ assist iarondiutingthebunne! M. ma win (tLt I 8U .
: la the city. Try IU d1at D"C1-
+ INNi414..1/11............


--. --'-'.- .'- .- 7. .-_..- c"O- -- --._. _0_ ..___. .., '

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.. ... -' -- I : .
-- --- -
3 '- : #I-
-.. -- -- 'err0OF4AN }'
-- -

-!h:->uaaud haTe- Kidney Troubleand !I .tIaJ,1a Paioa, flore Than a STEAMSHIP CO .

Don't Know It. FATHER Hbeumatism, lumbago and aciatk painayiekl "Savannah Line. .'.'
How To--Find- -Out. I to the penetrating bfloene of Bollard's S AND LUXURIOUS PA r.KOEa RoiTE -
AJVD SOft Million Dollars TO
Snow IJniment. It to S
f ::1 I a be" e or r r""non glut with your penetrates

Wata .j.J .c: it sand twenty-four hours; a the nerve and bone and being absorbed New York. Boston and the Eas "

treatment or setting i into the its
blood healing properties are
[CopyrUht.! WOt by c. D. Lwta}
r Indicates an
e (. .. i t ;:; unhealthy condition men Jabot Lee had boon a widowera conveyed to every part of too body, and of Florida Capital guaranteesthis

: .... ai I. YJ of the kidneys year and a halt be straightened up in effect some wondl'rfull'urt'8. to
t -0' if It stains pure vegetable
'J r ; the
II t corrleld one day and ald to bin
} your linen It Is
r r ) evidence cf kidney on Jonah, who was booing the next True wealth doe not exult in too cure or money back.

trouble; too roW on Iii right: fault and detlciences of other. -- I
N ; '
' F' ---- -
' +. frequent desire to "Jonrr folks is enjln' that i ought tort

.',-. pass It or pain in married afia." I
0---- the back is also Trill BEST REMEDY' FOR C8OCP.

\.a"lnr\ prod that the kldneyi and bladder Twt I're boanl 'em nay M," replied (Front the" trillion, Kan., Daily Rlot'e) U ,

*; : not of order. the lion. Thin i ill the s't'..on when the woman CURES : I

3 What to Do. "And beta as folks tblnk I ought to who known the Ut remedies for froun Catarrhal ann of th* nasal
T There!; is comfort: In the Knowledge so \ill in demand" in iteigbbiirlioud. r /
git ag'ln and beln I Iion't1I"Iot every <
cf- n pressed, that Dr. Kilmer's Swamps I One of the tnimt terrible thing. in rte I iaseagte, loronchw.l tulwse rungs.. (
R 1 ':no kidney fulfills my children to say they \\111 flag sltirli. \1..i) ;
remedy every world in to U>nx\'ak *nl in the middle) of ltlMdn{ an'1 1 _
1 wh in ._jheumatism, pan! In the I 1 k'ctel, I think I'll) drop over anon set the night i I bv a whoop from one of therhiklmi. 1 o, s*" .

b:..e. Kidneys liver, badder: and every part the Wldder Hpooner this f'\'f'nln'." ) Tiie. croup renrrlis are almontnwMin .r -

rf 'ne Lrlnary pauage. It corrects Inability Jonah had l teen courting Wtlll\\! to be lost in CUM of' croup nil n .... "-' fj
t" 1'.11 1; water and sea. Jing, pslo in passing )'''\IIh'.r in nure to U loot, !in .sail ofbiirxlnri" ? .
It > rul effects following use of I Spooner himself for the last throomonths.
liquor, Tlierv UMI"I l to U nn old tnsh
w cr beer and overcomes that unpleasant iorrrlrenw..fyforenonp, known OM hive ;' I BY LAND AND SEA.

rr -es sty tof being! r impelled to go often That evening<< Jibes Lee wt out on n M\rup and tolu !but HOIIH modern NERVOUS Savannnah
cunrgtheday, a.;.J u get up many times ,, Short Rail Ride to
I courting expedition while Jonah who mother "'nj that! ('linos -rhiin's I':otighItemedv
dt-rirgtr-emr;!.:. Tl-t i ..id and the extraordinary i.. bttrr and dues not east oiiitieli. INDIGESTION t t THENCE via palatial Express St4 mshipSailings !!
eflVt' cf Swamp-Root is did not dntw up nt all wan abw AI+sent t .
soon It runes the! |>atient t4! "tlirow
rea.vel;! I: :A. .:s !C !h.ges j for Its wonderful from the house n couple of hours and tip the j,hk ftm" quaker anti Rives n>lwfm Consumption, or tiny d* is" of 1J p from Savannah

i cures cf t s: arresting cues. reached home only fire minute IM'oreIda Uhhorter tau.,, fine thin renuHly HmMMI theAS m.mbr's SHIPS EVERY WEEK
If mew: :.r. should have the muctfous .. FOUR
y-uj.etJ o j
* > father On the iiext night hU father n* the crtMipy t-ough npiienre nmklitaiffprevent n ,{
I be.1 .-.J by -r-i:,;.,: In 5-Jc. and $1. sues tlwltttnrk. ltrieverfailsnod
Y ha stayed Inline and Jonah went abroad. r0 -unn.rtions with NV\\ ork. IWtoa .:, "t I 8oe4.
may ; 3 a : .o:1.e: bottle cf this l i"II|ilm 4ttit aryl safe to tale. For To New York niakinKtloH .
y wi.-.erfv.l dU"v* It got to 1-e a regular thing for Jaunt MIl It- by nil druggists.Chame I hinei 1 II All tit:ket nx1 ear supplied 1 with montlilt' xuilitiK:. w IM duls. \\'riW let -'-. -

' ai": i a look that f : Ie to call on the Widow Spooner every sIr general information, IIIiltnllllt'lli'dultotc, .ta t.'roO/1I new rtathobs. or <'m I' "''I. :-.
'ry.. food and Manajrer. l I'.11 \\\I."I.41J.J; 1'.1. .
, nurr awutlttiab'Cl -ch. ; Wednesday evening. Home hidden \V II I'LKASANTH, Vk* ;
k one "
I. coy bee t/n,. given Uti relations" but we tGUlit NVw IVrS.'i: Sort Itire'r. New 1 urk\ N. YW .1.OJ _
Aiirtsj Cr. K.ltr.er & maettaslnpaora. behind the fence threw utonefl at make our friends A TONIC i 0 I1UKWKH: f T A I' \ Sat ..Ihflllh.lill; 4:

ti C. b,n oamton. t: 1 When writing men him on three or four occasion and MAttUFACTURCD ONLY BY Vi W SHI!I'M"AN. Ha.' Fr't an.II'aN'It. U.!: V\. Itnv Mi, ,1.1. --.i",, Intr.!

Uon reading this generous offer In this paper once be caught sight of a man skulking it Ktfw .1&I'I Il.tit.build.-. Up th" I j IiYUF l/R1N/ J. \V \\'JI.KISOS..nt.l':; aU
4 P'T.'t ,. it '" I,, I I -i.iki.. Inn rvmeinUr'm. about In the tlarkllf'M.11 of a Mid \ Hcst Liniment on E.rth. system, falnislnsthat tired fclmp.male i .

t1 i i i'ts' s\\ :I !. 1t..I. l Ilr' Kilm"r'" den one day he got an Idea. It was an Henry I). I haldwin Superintendent City tbewt"ak..t"'tnlr ,011 Jutl'I i('> KSOPKAI NVILLE, FLA U S .- -- =+ -

S.' ,I ;, ltu.it, .. .. I i .. ...111.) ![ .., Binh.am, '
Idea that made him catch his breath WaterVorkn, SbnlMiurg, Wte., writes j I
t "i N V., our ,. '.1\. !h. it tie. --- _. I II
6 and lift hit right fiet In the air and "I have'tried many kind4 J of liniment,but -- ---- -- I,

shake it and mutter to hlm elf: : i have never necked much N-Dffit until Sold ami Guamntml' by11ANfKINS I

"111 gum but that seems to captain I used! (llallnnl'ri Snow Liniment for I
: & BRADLEY.ami) : .
III! If It's so. I'll make Joner tired clear rlteuniftUwm and) pniiw. I think it tilt

tip to his chin." Uwt liniment on earth." ::K', 5c, f 1.00. Mil :: l 1UWM : I PHARMACY.!

The Idea was developed, that very Sold by J. M. June*.. - 1T-
Baly evening. When Jonah changed bill I
clothes and took a walk the father followed 1111111111111111 .101 111111111111/11111111111/111/

blm and kept,; a hot trail to tbe Character always written In inddi I

i Widow Ppooner's. Tlw murder was bit ink on A _ft', MALLORYLINES :

I Shattered Nerves out and the mystery w>lve l. The parlor iS !

curtains had not heel lower...I, eel Con.umptlon.Mm. :
and Weak Heart. +
, tho father crept up aixl mw tbat bill : +'*r*
( It. W. {;\"anClMrwnt4'r, Kan .
rival made blniiM'lf >,rry mud at home I Ii .
Too Nervous to Sleep on the very chair he himself had oeeuVied write: "My I..lonnol lay sick for thewmonths. ,] : rte

t the night Idur'Two IMMIM later The doctors said l that lie had : 1't"l. h< txto 1.11 \'nrL.. riiilailelpbui

# or Pest.t I. \i 1\,1\\ ii Sen london Stolillint.ili.. i
t as the lIOn wended hU way homeward quirk consumption. We procunnl a bot I \

a rock whizzed by hU ear and a tie of Itallnrd'n Horehound Syrup anti it i!I .1 )I' ." ..l!j. a.. Full Ihst-r. ItoHton 1 and 1 rf _

Dr.Milcs'Heurt Cure and ghostly yell from the darkness Jumped cured him. That wan fix years "K"-l i NORTHERN POINTS .: d
Nervine Cured Me. him ell feet Next day while" his hair Since then we have always kept a bottle | : ALL I ';ear I, I d
--- I: was still curling and lie was trying to in the boOM e. We cannot do without it. : at It'I l <,,'ttM I : I,ill\\| | \l\ ANY IIl11i.R.1St' \ :. Thrw ctvnniertraiiiMei ; : t c o s p .

A shattered: nenoui rr,t'i aear'y! always I! connect that yell with his father's deep I For cough sad cold it ha rn> t"lunl.| : 'r\ 11.111..01.1.i ,} !I. .iuni; .l.n&kM>tiMlle' MS follow H: :. o yII .n
UM voice, the old-man turned
lea.. I I. f same ulrrti, I tIe heart. epec12 suddenly ,I roc, .VI-, 11.00. Sold by J. M. JO t.... \ la tin- !Sea; lxl.in.l- .lo.loa m ((11l'tl'lllMllitan| Limitdl) 1S
i \ w 'ire the pttlcut > '...:11. weak from I on him with \.m. Plant S\hU-m. ... .__. ..... .. :t I-> p ol. i
.f'r"d! urj or < thrr cap Je,. I >r. Mlles' heart "Joner If r aTri
r Cure I you was courtln' a woman \'iuS-alM ar i not onU a Meal nr"it reyvlator but and sneak of feller A wife is better than hair :
a a tried to sneaklilmnclf crying a .l".i and
it ik I MOIK liav.' I M tuna > am
-s. a tome: which:: eedilr) currecti : |I'.I"M-HKI"" I is .
an'! rc:'iife! < the hctrt'- ",-tion. enncke* the in. what would you do?" pulling one. :'t _'_' 1111. li.iklllir lone olilMI'tHUMi.. Weekly
til 1., "I an I impmvn the circulation. It will "I'd lay for him" promptly refilled .t1"! /o..t\ulillllli. tlvketS.ti .. ndiress : SailingsJACKSONVILLE
.. : illuotritted matter i .viniu-
r>j. l \ u up K did] Mr. Cra.ortl the non. 1 R1; I'N 1:1.1:
'. (i roar! fvhiws, and .. ,
greatly iropme I "That's Jt' yw.r .nrral I.c.-h: : my way A W PVR -- and NEW YCHK
..! ., 'd IKTD ...r'j iy t ticncrilcti br sir; I'd lay for blm and lick him till bvcouldn't Health in bnulutly iiupowtibk', if mil' : Agent, nut tsearttle. : : .
M. ( ,111111: fit li.irl'h: \\ 'i
r' 'r-, .r\'ant i I. I ;i'..]t. !Ml'-rt.L... but Cure remedies that I ately for ;,I II lioller. .tilleltion| IN prwu-nt. Many serious CUWHof : I li.; II l idlk: /I.." .1J! \ Ill |l'iI\ I..nll. I'll! : THE FINEST STEAMSHIPS (IH; THE COASTWISE -SEKV.i;

t. i *x.t.rv( ...rr tru'mmnHeii to ,,,ft.1 Bra t such aneakir'1'atlser liver and kidney complaint bate ..IO.e.eola/a. 1.
.sasioetaseecl The New and Southern
and ... .. 11/lseeeaene Clyde England Lines. .
\ < J i rf 1,1 u, of iHt>e metiiciKS I I son looked Into each otb sprung. from neKlected cocttipAtHiii.Km o :
wtm: t carr'! und ers for ._--- ---
141 rx>
mr nenret eyes a moment and each die ,
torn I y ,(.,i". f I 17hi my heart troubled : h a deilontble condition in unne..wMary. 1 II.I''S'I.IJACK50NVILLE. I U M.I I .
m, a ,,:'f'.t rtt. I Kvl kh I Rembled and tried to look Innocent. There in Ilerbme BOSToN ANn 1'f\OVIDE.NCI' 1
Pam m my arm I a cure fur it.
.t! .., They understood each other however Wost ? AND ALL tASTKHN POINTS. .
&j. -i I jjJer..1 t I diii.LjIty in :
sleeping 11'You .
j Will 1I11t'l'tlily remedy matter. C. A. Going 1 I I .dlll.a', ; : l I.,nli >l MI t |I.t' \.1.eSLt111.11'lilKLY i -
left i .i ie, ha i f'! ,.pnt tmo'herutg! if lls and lath set their Jaws ns they went { |
an i In., heart "vul t Putter! tad lpiute. on with U..lr"urlt.. That night wasJonah'a Lindsay, P. M.. Hronwin, .,.., writes, : ? : SAILIMe.ioulhbound I
1 i-.ul I vat '! I From t"! '. 1: ,
: niiooa wuimit 't
f 1.'h''", Arlhit ., ', :an I wu 10 ttatleu I night to go courting, and IK.. F. ... K' I'.Nili: having tried Ueriiine.. I IK l :MI.KITK( I Til( ) I Northbound from fast Catty: riiiv- sire t J. kluriNs"
I ni' I iM 1 toro lie left the house I find it lucdiri '
1 I.1 us -!Ir II little nlChtorday.w be took notice I I a Hue rOrt'l..LiI..tion. I .

N o.i I ..,m:ri ne\>'i'j !\'I i a>'i I..1 i die",nh 1 sleep my heart.well that his father was niiiwInK lie rialIxeil lIlh; l..ttlSdkl by J. M. Jon.CurnJ .-*. II I (CLVDK' [ f ) Si' JOHNS I ( i111 JJ: I 1\ ; .

r t .. ami .,c'i':'' K(>.H'i was. lam hspt at once what tbat meant awl be I Walker F. P. A.
y E.
,, ., began to I J. Between Jacksonville S it'!
rt m ti) n k': to make back the motxjrt plan. The route to tbe Widow and rd .
I s" I'\ tor d. ,.:>.is _h>' did we no pood Fpfioner!! carrlwl him over a bridge Many a Kilt w only intended a* an 11I.1 Ii| HTHPMM7 I'I.TK.o'rolt.: ST. 'H \St'll'4. ItF.' n !I'II.A.I ;
,1.t 1 1 was II!.' 1. It. (.;114""OalCeftlu., i \\ .. > 1'1.1 .lad..III.II.; Kl.i ,
: !MJ I .t U.i\
I. sea uponnlng n deep creek near her IMHISV Vetltlnent. I : Inb'tsiiirdiale Ialtnlingui .n Sr. .lol\(I <" i 1

1'I i ,rurfittt all< In.1 t piaiaatM first tats There were tw near the north end .".' 1,, & Atlantic R. R. STKAMKK Qty of Jacksonville 1
tle 1 I'" M.ie kemr'. kad fur free book making a deep shadow for many yards, nr- I UI41 toss. 1 The Western '
en Nr-vu'n IfI.t Heart I liiheatea Address and Jonah fait that Ids father I .

11r M ,,r. ttrdI! I -I !.!k-kut--., -fed-- watt. _fur. Mm.!!....... ....1. .nlnp.... .........would....1..... i I If >ou haven bad nM youn H ill VM Mal I." ., :
---- 1 .....kllOnvil........ .... ., ,, .'
lie thi-n-forv |reliable medicine like "hnllll.'rlait I .It"t' Sinitln.f. Tu- |:.i\. :m ." 1'. w
& St. Louis
removed hU( boots when Ry
.... _._ "'IIf'! -- ho WItIC yt twenty yards away and apmnrhed -I r
the n'['ot with catlike trend. and 'n allay tlM- irritation and intlamn

may be stated in advance that the lion ol MM-throat and luiigx. Formic (Dixie 1 Flyer I I !"'e"'o_" 5CI"-;UULr: ..1..1'Heal( [1 iI
D 1 t ;; \ ... fat 'r wow there lo the shadow. He by all druggists. I ,,'air a :IU I' III:...... .....................Jarki
b-ul :a i .ht.'t ready to wrap around himself I - ---- I H 4. p i'---.. .... .... .... '.4t |. ,m,, .. .

n mil :M pillow <'nsa ready to pull over Low rates lit t\\' in j fflVrt t tll ( '< 'l nauio, CaliforniaYasl.iiitfloii. ... :'HHI n m1'......... .. .. .. ... ... A-itor.... ..... .lib! ;In.
b'.i!! hi'nd lie was not only going to :' 4 HO a in .......... .... ... St I I.ram.i-..... ... : .11 (III-. it'
DR UGHTSTt H (Geo. Sou. & Fla..R' ) ami nthi-r \\ icrn States. I DoubleDaily ) .
pta) ghost. hilt the ghost would do \ Oivuou / : .... .. 1.1..1: : I.1"1..011:11 1 IMIItI| i

NODI thumping before Jonah ("uld.t I, "L'WA"'lD 1./1\1. IWLr1E." ]l N-mu*. I'ta; Srlicdulcs:\ ,, ( itiicle IwHiks. timl''i.hlt's Arrive-- -N.III') III :-.II.fllr.1.- .. .. i ,II.'U' .H ilI

..K and nw.iv, In Ihllllllll.lle deep dark shadow :i iw H Ml Wi: IM IV KKFWT: J.t\N, I'.MI.'t Gener I
fn-r. and Ticket fffice
'us n *-ml pnrty. It was an old hum !{ f 11 ami lU-M-riptiu'i !pumplilets' : I I Passenger' Ii

mule w lit li tutu been turned out to I: I.t:1: ; ;: .". am - -
--- -- -
gethis --
: .Ira.kwnvflk. 7Vl:: 7.l.; -- ---- --- --- 204 W. Bay st Jacksonville
tivniK U-Hlilt- the
POiMEDICINE; TRY highway, and be # t I
s.. had hultiHl at that >t that 'I: .1r.4aldostu..II:11.. : .. 1HHTifton i -
p night to j sM ?
I .lU'Joam: :: ; .I'.Tt; pm Are You Going North est
run.lcuti and doz lie ttood within r.mWe.......1:4t: ; I :4Hc .. 1 1I I F.M. IHO.VMONl.nUH: lit' !IW. .\>:i :ill! M.M, !tot: '. -' ',. 'IIo'a' ;

turn? fret of the man In ambush but I .\. I.. KI.tr..tnwneus. I I: \v.t 4i.; CDoi-Kiuii., i 1.AII'all'tt.n.. r. I'. l.ti11' i < Ii

made no not
fart he took no Interest whatever In : w Wrk.CLYIrK .

." "."w a L lass. 11.'l"( anrJ trw the prn.vedlngi for a time realizing I Montgomery.?.. 7:."..1" .' : MILNE:, Hen.'ml KM, >jJ 11 t \.' : NTHCO. II 'ort i if'f

.r, that be had paw*I the when be : u. H. a t: KV.Miifim (). COtR Wn. P. CLVIM A CO I
j 11 Hi! age
vr .I..I't Ie. .. Nashville .
K'U'.U'\ t . !I I'. uitM Mi-.li-! should t Iw mixed up In love ad'f'Dtul'l'A.l I :1-0 um........ 4 In pm ]Louisville & R. R. ienernl; Mntiujrer., i.,. c 1-1 I i'' L.'iItuilding n l 1 t I
'. anti It I.i.MIIK.M. U. ( ht'lIt'llrouKh ll State St. \. \.t \ >.

11. ii t .t !t'.r rrnirtirf nun nut until bis long ears detected
} .ir..IngnNGi H.H.;;
r n.,' ift the inr ------ --
approach of
orll"nl i Jonah
that his
OK u.l.Ar..ltlantu.. (Offers) miexrrlled' ) t'uJt'r >er\iee. Modern
i.; t u,' j't.; t. t rnmhtiim! .. ;::-. a n> 7:4,
Cr n' I revive anti pm .
n \ tr to-date
f.t what :1-1 111' Jonah crept forward foot I olumbui.... 7oa: trains ntrryintf. Pullman Sleeper, ui)
M I II Iai" t' rh'idoandtkaks1 .. '
bv .1)t and I
at last bill
I"' 'I.. "* v' i 11 an (104' roaches free reelinin r ears cars
1,11.1 I 'i ft'!Ir ib'tivted by the father. With H4>ft- \ M-i." :". I
-i PranphtStiKk I
amt i !l'.'ultrr! M II.HI.-, in their nest of tout.b he got ready his ghostlyKnrmrt j t.I.s$1.V.. between Southern and ? ortl..rneitit",. Tho I I D QIT JI 1
.. is anil .\ Marietta.... !illam. -S J fYK
f td, Ar. st k r4i-r raft buys was on the pout of don-1 WlQpm I Ir. !
':"" rut i l.dlf! jx'iii'J' air tight can, fling! tli'-m and tusking a rush when ,j J thatlaifga.. 11M pm........ I ::00 nmI finest! dining ear service in the South. All agents '-

t 1 In ,. fr 11hi I SI&III".IIIto.,... t.5;: <<1-0" .
!i in. a tli.lliTIT the old mule ralmil" his head flapped I, M'll tit'kt.ts'ia the L. & X. 4 cMI ItINIr
I will
i. CKVT.: !
I k't t' i I't i- .t..1! V in VlllllrHUI1 his ears anti uttered II j!
!'.. -\l"i:I f .r i> 1"\1,,", 1l"Dt! bray that the a bray. It was a j .\.r.. St Louii.... 7OHam: ......... 1:;U pm ., a, f 11 A S9S1jOUl9. iJR

1"I".l\ 1. I'r t !I'ht: t."kan.l upllt nlr with thunderon.. 19li'nW1..11:111: t. ........................ .t
'' ., sound and made things shake for rod 1._ V. .....
e I.'ir" Mi-l ii If vimMI ''OJ'' a For ""h."III 1.001, rn'> to", ; ptnu I t I. "-U.l :'i'>
.n. I.) th' ufMiutrs.. Ae sound stirred the "ghott" and Jonah to viva.iullati.... 70: h ......... 45 J. M. ILIA\HNO.
.*" 111 "Il"I.. hand f\>., CbattlP notion at the mime Instant. They went i .11.1. ,

,. mj a. fHI' I' over the railing of the bridge and Into I I I I Ar. I'hieairn....... Wl. am........... ....... .. C.: ii,','all'.c., I,:..:,.,. \PlH.; Floriiln.l'a "'r Agent, TJ p X4 D 1 1t
4 the waters of the creek almost Solid train from Jacksonville;to Ma i : I I I"t :;CHi W.*t l'ay' Ktrwt

' K<>- ii*' n'itJaa.aD,1Yf. I er and both yelling the flame 1t>tOlt"tb'l: eon. Trains from .fnlnttn_.._...__ ivkniut. __no'I&1tltlllta _nt. Jill 1.,11\ ilflorid.... if:
I \
with train
P(a. .-I r.nrht NUvk and Poultry rive minute inter father and son going north fnun I l0UWl1CU1 3 f
Jar ksonvilk'. II -- -
MrJl, the I. tbi ti.-.t i cv. r tried. Oar :, reached the bank I I --
together and
tuck VM '.-- kin, 'vl "h->n you ai>ot : tbetURrlvo pulled oeal Sleeper! ou Dixie flyer truth .r ftkNAGk WANTtD.M.rtlit _
fill the me.nt.iu mitt| now they are out As they stood gasping Mncon n.mainininlltoatuntal 7 ::'t"m" > Cl 't ,

leCtinc to ft:. 1 I-v are Io.lLf and dripping they recognized each other Pullman Buffet Sleepintr car Item( |IKi.i i:;. nil.-niiiri IOIIIHIIIU', HARRUUJY A,
portat twi'<-rCHEAP I and the father shouted Jar'kwnt ilk' to St. l" uw via nt.U\'II.t., in "iilM-.mnix* mid ad jut 11 lilt: I."raMr |I. in
: wt- \ knintn h
I 'rI\'IrO 1 "Joner Burn 3r hide, but I'lll'ir- uithout change of car on I UI m<. I- !1\ 1 nit tiJIMrnlKbt' tiw"ih<.t

[I "Hod. run .tat| hypocrite, I'll- 1'11"ehokl train also Pullman' Hnet ..I'] <'I\I.T''', n 1 .I nl .t.t i I I.v .rliivk diner. I
1 :.Ill" i i I use Illllll.' .t.'I"
name train to ('hi- without ) I t
\ I t.atJ .
the >nAt alt7 i : ;
i ; Art <
For Hi-heduleti HouthltoilOil ati'l ,. ,' ,
that .m I. I 'I''I. 11"11, Ill 11-14
moment the widow
openedDer j information address' J. II. Hut rt.n ws
TICKETS dx.r and came down the path. She I, I> .t. I'WItt.Ilt... 2111 I tin 1'\1 S ,4Rf,4N
had heard the bray and the yells and ;;, JmkwtnMll'r'j I BZ: G '
thought some traveler had met with I'. H. JpIQJxc.S
anneeklent. i> RHOHILN.: _
i'I ni/ x.1'1 I':: N4
I / i iI I i I "'ii> IIf dIMAt'I..r A/t2/
She saw the two men before (.iell'l! TUXM. Agt.. Mil. "H h.. ( ., d i i I h, in.'h Man-nun-In i ,
her, with the mule 1 I ,nut I i I'' 4
West looking down at !I' ; rt r. ut alUllII.l. JJT. / j
Northwest them I -. -- I i- old I I i- t .t' .IUly Ininlaew J7(4. LU
over the railing of the --- ,-. "r. i .. I. ..1"lIdlll1.rY I
and her woman's wit told her br1dCt"j' LEGAL I { ,mwo-k, s \' IIM7 ."II1/1I1I1.I..h I 11I

\M. occurred. She laughed loo t and long i ias NOTICES j I ji finiii I''n'.h'' I"'I.J I'' < -'111'llnr-i, d inch Meillieiutay. For s.__ ....
mill t'
they cowe-M. before her and ended I i i.li-tl v, li ," i ",HI\ Ui-ft'i-arrlatff nbrrr. rur-\h'n-: \I MAC Stril '
i i, ...,. .
the i ir ntiUn1 SMOOTH '
laugh by I"nl'uluhlal., :ce RUN
remarking: I Notice: of Final Dl.ch: rjf>. I I IN .rU.ru HI.. ('hlo'all". lie :. I Fwj
"I guess both of you better trot beta.- Tu Whom It May, I'oiioeru.Null. : > > I ; :P

11'a.btn.r'n .. II, \. titIrt; \\/111.. ward and go to U>d. Vou i .-.- l> In r'ht. 1(1\11! Hint ar.>r -i\ininiillo -- ; .
may get the I .
piilitl<' tl ii "f this 11..1 h'.' I nbHll I I I Cabinet Maker andI I --- SOUTHERNRAILWAY

Mdb" \\ : : : 1,11111" I Iuh,. sgerr'! __ -_ J!; QUAD.i riHitity.apply in Klorl.U.lb) "'uiiiv for final Juda'dht--hari<>( "'\a."lu iwt-.l. ,I! II I W \\TKllSxernl: ) iudiiktrioiiN| 7

New IJ..t .'U ll.Jnaua.a, rulnlll ral..r of the Ml: al.* of .\. "'un'al. air !! Wood Worker Mills in earh State to tr.ivel lot '
T., kyle Stepped .alut a Hat Stove. 'ce...-d,&1,11 ball...*.. tm the ::Goth da)' of & I I lionHtaliliHtHil eleu-n ami
ub aals r I l..I I ., ,.... ;i I year tt tl art
1 llhtba April. \ I' I
L : .\ child of Mr*. leo. T. HfDitoii, when vourbcr* for nllal pn-.nt Appmvkl my Mid orrountii apply and for ;: aUirK>' 'lIj1ilnl tll'ull!upoli men linittnari l To '1 / i
ILLI\OiSCI'I \ !; rtfe I : R getting hw UMial j .dltcbar,:,', r''. I.. ,. IITII. I gents (fur "ue<...ssf fiil l and protitalik* lin I l
Saturday !
night Iwtb. ,
\.lmIDI.c.raror Io and! Wm'l .tt N nim, 1'u tunMoulding" '- .'
Kitate of Kor nrs -
A. I l'rnuarM'ntrntrnlr.'tntnt
lfI.r- 't. I Ih"I
h of put.' I'r... xl back Iwytona na. I'''' NEW YORK /VSIIVIttE and
fCtocIIIibK; tepp surainot amt\ stove which H-i. 1 IT, I..JI. II .
fhlIrIIUII.1 ; I made t" 01.1.I 't i \ll finds) of I wilarr of $11'4>' and all traveling 1

I t>,ull.. Tmk.XnTI.t" i'ut11mc..I burned him verely. TIlt rhiW nun in -- ---- --- .---- I 1'brnitnrwRepairiugd'int' on short anti. and hotel bills iMhumvd in enh 1.1'1.| 1'.1&1 i I and the EAST. HOT SPRINGS; '\. C. ;

'or full mfon"a IID great agony and hill mother could i Flnl Pub. week. Eiperh-ini'not.ntiltl. M.'ntiot'e4u'rpnee ''
do Nov
C J : Ian Nov >>1.1) Rt nuuoa1t prit'w' CINCINNATI CHICAGO THE LANDf< T'ii S'T
ill Ulan Ri ,
I i
.UIII o nod ,
Tkkrt self
nothing to adtln Hagen I
apitir t |*cify him lW., MiU, nag < en\e-
that iM'l unit a bottle of lliatnlwttuhi'M ', NotkeI. J'hlldant and !ourltonl, CnttatfpOcean At'eUUe, Daytona Ha lup. Tnt NATION.a, :'J4 DearUirn>> t ot..1 t The NORTH and WEST... j *"" "The ; '.fv.

I ll 1 111.1 1 1). .'\lLLLJl. Pain Ilaltn In tlw- house she I turner. ofMrdiraiklauslners. { Chicago, Illinitf 1111\'j I IIt'I'IJ..X'
thought rhe H >vMith Jmllvlal ln'tri t, -- - -- --
Tia1 1 I' t. : It!,IM.V t'..ntrai R IL, would try it In !h.,. than half nn hour Orlando Kli ., Nuv.> I, l'." ) N..v..t"Pullman D..lltn Car. tllnlng S...C.t.

i \ \ I t, \ after lit .,aoi'oMnnrc It h All Art t>otltl..l ".\.n'Ilu House Tabuks! On All Train.. II,.. i.r.r.
Applying it tbe
child ,
war quiet and \ Regul1 rntotU-t-of Mr.llollM>." ,
aslwp and in !",* than two weeks WON '' ilc..approved Mar SI. I1**, you ears tn rby fucwrw ter iA T SOUTHERN I E

I....'. ,,. ,.',". Irntof well. Mrs. Ik-tiNon in a \\1'11.|| known n...i.i :uollOi-d. r>. In and llm I fir the i 11\1'IVmrtl....u..nlli of Mmllcnl Judlclnl KiMiiln-:lust tin F.V.. SASH: Proprietor.Ilat good j.i.st ilrinrnI RAILWAY ICS Vk D T-1 .f.caart H. Fb'V r r/u 1
Y to( \ JI" u'r PtK Imament Kfllnr." Vo. i'.nn Halm i. an' in of. .Hi ,stui. i.r h.riiliv. will nit".I al l ru\ f. ..t. fOU:! j..r Pat :true 1'pu.inln.Njie. I For iiiaiikin W. A. Tv.c. P T M WM! .1 ,' H : . :
"" ..'i- and enpe. I i.iJK \ i'' 1'i : ;!ii Hi' i i r ':b. > n nif oniiry Kl"rtil nu1'I. Th.-t.. in! in :; i I. u'i' f"i, .. Wu M .
ii'ii 11"11111 I
# The I for bum*, cute, bnilan.l I I" I IUH r lop ''IL. II I.. Ii h.', :\, 1.t1! t. (K:, CI 11."ii r:.Mi.i. pM |1' i : nIfi '
Health Di1nA. a ttk. by All druygista. Mir.a:' F'II J" ',1:1h lk". in HlJfJIt tug ." Ti" f .ml,,, I I li" II. .'. .Mil- uilalii.> I

L HaKau, Ht'cl"l.ar: ) ,\\ fe.MHLN.1; .tlltllt.\ :' ultp.i! a \111 AIIQiugbl: '-t -"H them wr ta..r.Lnaa


... .. .
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f -.. '
__ ?r.
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The Daytona gazette=news
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 Material Information
Title: The Daytona gazette=news
Alternate title: Ormond gazette=news
Portion of title: Daytona gazette news
Ormond gazette news
Alternate Title: Gazette-news
Physical Description: Newspaper
Language: English
Publisher: Edward Fitzgerald
Place of Publication: Daytona Fla
Creation Date: November 21, 1903
Publication Date: 1901-
Frequency: weekly
Subjects / Keywords: Newspapers -- Daytona (Fla.)   ( lcsh )
Newspapers -- Ormond (Fla.)   ( lcsh )
Newspapers -- Volusia County (Fla.)   ( lcsh )
Genre: newspaper   ( marcgt )
newspaper   ( sobekcm )
Spatial Coverage: United States -- Florida -- Volusia -- Daytona
United States -- Florida -- Volusia -- Ormond
Coordinates: 29.207222 x -81.037778 ( Place of Publication )
Additional Physical Form: Also available on microfilm from the University of Florida.
Dates or Sequential Designation: Vol. 11, no. 34 (Feb. 2, 1901)-
Dates or Sequential Designation: Ceased in 1922?
Funding: Funded by NEH in support of the National Digital Newspaper Project (NDNP), NEH Award Number: PJ-50006-05
 Record Information
Source Institution: University of Florida
Holding Location: University of Florida
Rights Management: All rights reserved. Board of Trustees of the University of Florida
Resource Identifier: aleph - 002059610
oclc - 27730702
notis - AKP7676
lccn - sn 93059208
System ID: UF00075895:00047
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1. 15. No. 25
t. Daytona, Florida November Zl, 1903 Edw. Fitzgerald, Publisher

----- ... .
- --- ----
4+4+++ + ++ + 4 ---- -- -- - -

# ++ +++1++ +4+4x ALEXANDER IS CHAMPIONED. I'.r.itv.t 'IIIArt..r.lhlt| togo, hut hieniviitlv MUCH TO BE THANKFUL FOR. !! : N H.

iii.'utiil.'r. 41 i tau t to bilt' at the .1
.GLASSW ARE. i .. 1 Gold and MOney. !
(Iw.btkII l |plant, \i | a* to Mt- nl.1f.tI, I Si.lver

4 S. S. Marsh Talks of the Candidate tlrltitnnltunl, H'nght.nulklywill .o.r Qov. Jennings Issues a Proclamation
know that tlwy nr- I in tl* race. ,1
for Congress in the Second Setting Aside a Day for Ocn- .1 A Silver Urand Shirt reprvwenti the :
We have the Best Stock in the City. I I ln-lh-Ttf in U-tng lovul to the man whoM

Dbtrkt.( I loyal to hill StaUni.-l party all the eralOoTfrnor Thanurh :1 tall rah of a ewer tth,. Th Gold :

4 4 f'tarb S ilamli. of Manatee. who ill tin*, not only when lw tUoL tltt Te Ua .I Jennings haw. issued tilt' ol- :i Brand I+i4uH reprrwetii the fad value of i r

Tuml'IHufftr < > Mhvrbeti. Buttor Jd.h': .. 4 OIM of the .hreudet and iiiiiHt .iUILpsi4U] rh/ttkw fur him to fool tl(' 'tt'Ol'-' into wing ThankngiTing lamation: :1e
lilHh. : them othVv. I fl a dollar and a half. We are eiekr lye
a. Mp.na Hulder c'4.'ting to yet a jfrratintfrM
,, Vinegar OruH*, young lawyer in !South Ho ruin, tin It It Plt't't that we nhould a. a <;u.l-| i
niin iit"'a Malt-, P rplwr diJol4.II.. .. >t in my homes county and my Mi .j "CIPD&.t in Dayt >iia for this
Wal. r 111 f" r. Hyrup rUfhtort. : w-n the Co gn>M ionAl tare in tin 'loving Getdk-\riDK p i ll""le, rw gniae at
NaN'\ Krult H.tux |'rPam l.ampl,ntrher*. 4 S.vwn.1 IKntrkt of Florida. in a recent i i.. i I tlllw..u\\'bc.y. aril frw-rxln, nor. ran I : al! tiine our dei..TKl...rx-e UMIII| Him for : f

Lanupa'Ituttw l.aotnl. lAiHernUlol + .IM of HH> Ja<-LnonviUV. MelrofioiiwManatee : lira that the l.rq.W| of Volu. ia county I the many precioui gifts He bMtOt b 4 .

V\elll't tl'1I10U any more. (;,nie and ", ,. u... .+ FU.CK-t. It, 1WKI or the Set'ond (:O n-tion&llJi"lrilt will ; safed to un, ami UW L-fore Him with : Popular Make of Shirts. :

+4 In muling the maiij Slate |Ilftl"Ti r>rrMnd either of thoM prtxligal BOUH I humble, thankful heart for the liUninghe > :/ _

.. w hk'Ii are how hug toO max b about ran w ho have d.'rrtc.111or41a and returned baa abundantly' t.i.towrd upon UK ./ -- -
4 within the ...ct to that honored 1
4 liJalt'tC who have announced themmlveiu | year Time, in its MteadLutt) round ban again .

The MASON @ WALL : { the Svond dittriu, it rrad.Iwully! pine,. in t'oiucrwibut.on theother haul, brought to u* the bountiful harvest iteaon :1 i
CO. I bate| to bear of them lining up and K'-' / _
funny to a tnnn who ha oncvliwdir with iU traditions and nweet hI"m.I ii
+ .'i.odt.JnntJt'r I
a warm
4 4 llw district, and -thoroughly arquainted ing my upport. orie It (in a IvautJul and bletit' "d
41ti + with all tIle candidate. and tom that wets aside one cllin en.h year I Iax :
It. E ruon son. lea ne t cir. + tMr titiMtut HIM! right/ to wail 0"" .... If it nhould fftU my lot to U able to a day of .|.rial tbankngittng an.11{ :I :

t Of eourne. tberv k no law to prohibit vmit the Second Duttrkt Ivforr the election prayer Almighty Got; for Ills matti- i .I :
\. tl : I will certainly. fuuod in the AlexHnder -
L I'bnlltl 110Iteaih\ ..trw tARE any one. running fur |.ublie oftkv, and it f fold bkixtmg. HH watchful tare, gaud ;' :/ a"s :
4t rank.
IM n tery Rood law but it doei look like ance and protei lion. To the. 'people' of 4.
f ++"t+++"++"++++++ ++++++ ++++++++++++++++t+++tt tI +: there ought to be nome law to prohibit Before Mr. .\lexanott'r antH>umr l him- our State thin ho Len l a year of marvel I ,, 2
.elf I favored J. M. Ham anal would
if i- couif (Kxir iMiU (nun itupoaing on thelieople unto prtierity| of prugreM, contentment : .1 TT
f that il I had
, null I furring thettixelve on tb. enupported and derektpnieut.; ayrarerowdsdntthl| ,I .1

I I l I.--oilr| nut) nLniK tlwru. to support them tern given an opiortunity.| but I cannot LI._ lljt1I. I /r ..

;i' for publu$ IItti,,.. when they fail infvt>rjipnitii'ulur Itl back on a man whom I know to be a Now", therefore, in conformity with Theacred I :1 I .
YOU friend of the .opk at all time; a I .
AWAREf poor ( our'
to iiuTit the qualification oft cuxtomt of the founders. of .

f h.- .,UI.... man who ha Urn tried and netrr found country and in mx-ordatnv with the'': I 1 .q ..

\....t I's i .| nrr taw ctttulHlftU, and w' wanting, and that man in Jame K.: .\1- prot:lamation of the President of theI'niled 4, .

I WE SELL BEDDING AS that tli'\. ar- nm! wbervlb y have 1i1't'd] exander.No : Stab of America. \\illiam :S i j I I I tf 1 ..

nod I \\ lio have the int iwt of the pe*>|>k Jennings, (io\ernorof the. Slate of Klor ..
hw vote if cart,
man can e\er n givt
nt ti.-art iii.tiuJ ,.f 6o acwi gain. Kill, do liervby d.f innate Thursday. ties I ; 1

: WELL AS BEDS? riii-n tan now the HOB. J. I*. .AWinn for JameD Alexander, nor will his wifeand JClh day .November, A. I It itxtt ana I /I .t ..

t arr.Ibd' .1.I M 1. Ilerr.. harm D*>o...h.TI l'hiIdMllu\'p him any ktm. for if it day of rent from our usual t vu|>utiuii to : r .. R

> hniiiL lurL, II 1kkI) nlald. be ill bin power they will all IN equally heobnened by thanksgiving" |.raie and / ', t p It. .. '

(mrlt H Kiltl.s and .\. O. Wright whu' In'itlt'tl fur. The poor would title andntt'nt prayer to the Supreme Hnler" and Creator j .
have annuiitKfvl. tbfiiiwUtw for tin hon of the 1'niveme, for the. blewiing wehave T"
/We: can show you sonic real Qood'alucs in tiwatera M well aw the rkh.: "Let :
IIn.t! |KMsitioii to n-prwnt tli \*-* .I'I.\ "I received, and by t>u|>i>liratioii for U. .
thrStioml l ..trMt in roiigr.- ii.ti t I' I I.. done though the Lenten may continuant of that KUArdi.D.hip that I i : .

COMFORTS BLANKETS Now out of wsrnwin I i- f, : -> LI ST1kI I S. MAH.! +tt.I hart[ kept{ UH in the t f-'" t. On thai dux j : I ..

--- let eat h thurxh notch home t'ft.h in-.art U' I Inn I .

I II I altar of t j-rivW' to Him wholi.uilie. ; : \ :.

towed KM chokvul bl.wiugt
.... : I '
ts To be a truly great a tr.IIYfMMI"! \ .

pit[ we niU'tU1 a truly rvhjjioiii* 1.,1.| | .
I' I Vlay lite publhcoDHflelHV lie quit'ki'in ilo .
I : a priffiMiiid rc.niitioii of I| |
.. I II II 1"I I .
tits goodiHttMof. CleMI.. : .
f May weadvamvin piety.moialiit aiul. i j f : .. I II

1y utellitfeiMv. May Hw pmta thug Unnd\ I' I
.' .. : Don't Think You Have
nods* and trip alive within n f.mlJn ; I

Him, lore fur our frw iiwlilutionn aiul''! : j t

r 'at ri.stir' devotion. to dutv Ma.\ thf :, t
i : Time to Burn i c I
"'" ,,,,,,.-.1 i III'UO| the wtnile\ I.. .."".. .tin, ) : : *

..I III 1\ HIM bund lend and keep u> intli,. I ,aiul that .my old finu' will do to placu your order : t

.; b to ,i tit of nghtcuu<-ih' .* foreierIn .

& -" 0 rS witMW u 'II n-'f( I hate 1a"'lIlIlo... t j jin 14)1,1 Tailcr-Mude Suit for many wise! people :

Binghmn HI\y hut. : .. 1".1! tin-jtrv'itwal nl lli ... : .
:-I.tl.i i tli\.il I II are piaciii" their oideis for suits today Miid :

.. 4 I ill. "I! I.I Ilk ..f .I'ttllnlutMMi ill"' JIt. y
: 'r'.itnro and House I urni:hi. \ k i (ts. !.t'.j' I l ".f S,scatter ill thv.ieur of 1'1'tl. wart! <|unit!)' a ptat nlll1: }' styles of cloths) are J.
.. Au a"" ,,". I"t. i lJ..t.a-';.'''':' L. I I. i IlK.II.KIul ..i...> II Illilll! I h.ilJ?tr od! only It H\ illy: )'i.u a < hoice only of what's :
S ..-4f tl! in, I 'f 11..I..I.\I..f| :il I iI1 .
.. r.
-- ----- - --- -- i I In -' i.- tin I oil.- lillllilri.l all.l I leftaind ) ui may le I yule the first t'licoers get the :

.....,..... ... I .n. | .
3r4). ..... .........4)u.... .4)n...!1." "" a..n.'!"ru." !" .aa '
I -" >w. UH 11\\t f S. J t::""..-. U'st., \\ e u i III M lit 1 1'I. \ Price & Co., Chicago'sfrirt :

bolt iimr I .
.Toothsome Things. i 'I! ;. i l'x I i > gat tntn# guaranteed to lit. :
i a ll> i .1'inir Vtl1" : I .

l't'I'I'I\.d .Its I II) 'I I I I Kl w .OKI>, : You i .1i 1 KIM' at, \t.Nt or trousers made :
i i't' Itut just t .
t' MI n I n \ of StaleI .

M to .\iiui' !I' 1"1.i :
thiseek. -
fresh .. .. ..

1 An AttrlKth 1 lt L.'d. .

Jordan Almond Meats :loluid rt. 40c ; 3I I In mrordance with II. 11..111,1,11-1 I Its ,-n, ...

t I'jvw-DKer LeiartnH-iit| ot tin' H, nU .
t I'rutws. I4Ieh.M. riant t'oaot Itailwat li.i- .*iml.ilaiidHiniely .
Fruits .
Evaporated u"J .\I"rle'uh', y SMIUI & SO4e
.p illutrate l lionklct .I|. ...i :). ..
i ::; ,..r fJuuad. f I ":iteof the Mortda I':u..t I'.....-t. n 1st. IM- .
I Grapes ruHSllING .w4) fur .fd. ,; I II .. .
Malaga rte 'I I I ut t>nce a con>,pt'n lium and gut'! fm fluhe '

a j ei I, I t.. tourist" and w inter \'iatitur. : .. ,

Tlw l ot>kfet containn lUll pnpuni! !

i tlw; cover iutifully illmtt nit tl tlinmt .
MOS I I'' \11 \ \MI .k'ituitedand pag a U-ing a reprviieutation, of t'u' -

I oft) gates at :AuglUtine with the 1 I.' : :

I I TAC1\I.C. w lik'h om IM t!in. in, >-t d.l The Last Coast Appian Way.I rend: "The East rout of Florida i> i ..SS.SS .ISISSSISSIIISISIIS.SISI/ISIS/SS.....e.I.I t i ii
I ,
l'nr"di '
Hq gaitrtL
nerving man' T> xum tl.l i I. in t. \I' ... .1 I IIIIK e'uuot.lIboule) note the tvi. I
The back cover illiHttrate tinuni'' :\ j
,. :
nutshell and t > \\i! u k iI'i 'v\ Com. i
a < sub > inot' theolo ia County ..
,.. 'Id.. of the. earth and tlie m iilc! ot t tin. .
r that they. wiv rtall\ iiiiiiniik. u u I 1. 'II. ...1.i .u. Hiid would do well to f )ll..Vi JUST RECEIVED
of I |
'urrrcunt4lnidi.tinetmaps .
& CO. i iP' I".t".u the thou .1 E \ I"IIJ.I..f1)1",1. t 'I \nnIplr| The ritiirna along UN' : .. j
E. T. CONRAD TilE I iKIM! I IIt: > cal the adjacent Coast Staten .
Hon. .1. \l Hans .f.f.Ia f
and the the work uf
l..int/: I ou t were pushing/ :
It in valuable to the tuiii'M' :
..I ... .. ............. .... / .( ks'us tile, but an to w hh-h olh- wail iiUling l h.ird unrfaml retain l' twecih enj fially .
... n. < a
'" .............,.....!...,...!'!.!.!- ..'!...! \ ) I do kn >v\ it.i': I M it given n deHcription of ea h |1'1.t. !Lu < "iibe Apples 1-1King
I know nut but :New Smyrna.Iltl
t .::: t.t it kton.t Idol npi i
K:'v t (Coaiit the distatk. 1"11. ti i! .
f.r ability and dtithfulnewt 1 h I I..tt t. iiled to the. 1'nutty l'uiumito..iUDt'fII fur .
I and list' of lmt, Uaiilloarding I
ra" ', a complete
in I to the ,pi>ople of the Set; ont | i.t' l 1.1 .u! I ; ,. t
boom with the d.ti:.v utt I
i wi It.r tli.tt the> are the once who iln u.l! I-Ih Vtllii-iaxl iiiH-tiuK of the Hoard it! I : Fresh Evaporated Fruits
nrkly 1 rate of euch. : ,
I )an t I Ii ,
Hinnil. l > taw f'O.ular"ote..III.I \\ i- ..It'.1 to loiuiuencv work on it im .
1 i IK. belies that one ur tar .. ...mtt and themimof t.tH.Hwai Several pAgmi are alit detoti .I ltn .1. t
Ip ap
'nt ni.-.liateh .
of Havana and its allra !
: Mateo t '...-*.. noble *>... will be rvwunlnl. (Ifurxf I'r"l.ru\tt..1| l fur the work Of courx thiwn >. 'KTiptioa < .

HSao an tn my prderewv I rust nut of itself complrte the. road but ion("IwrnliDformntiun*. w gin'n < ..It.:< II10K : Fresh Nuts of all Kinds. :

fi.nkU say that I would if thin. tote tin-1 itueiio; theittMelves. have taken tout i .
I k
tkkrt otttivn, redemption oi ti. < t. .
f 1, >rid work, both Uvth and t.* naiUl.irMr nl ,h.- neither lUid nil! do their chare by ..
train pnukv14lamping
J K:. Mexonder, knowing him 'LIII l PI'T"''ii.il I uititnbution Thin U one olthe f I &aggage return ticketa. lout ti I. k.irannportatiuu ts. .. ..

I 1,1,1 for man than twenty year,., or everr t iniinei hag hnkt of the Laud CUI t .
of bk-yclei' *. *li'eiiiig at .
I iviuemher, I conid not do whk-houe day t le to ex tend I
k iii-e can \ ua.v. .
| | .. .
aoJ chair car rate, and other infuui ;a
.thaw \Ic.\andtor.u horn a S"utlrru : front Jtuk-Hiutiik. tu M iami. and U-jond, .
I tion of value to the tratekr Tin Sit : S. W. :
utti s ttl j .- \Uoj IU the great Statv of TeniNttneexiurwanlH I I lad; of nhkh nearly 1 tit) mill l>e soon I I"tollll'wtt'd rite tktns. soil cllttiulf, fl.liui aiul I ln.ntg I. CARROLL. .
the (Uuiou '
he graduated at in the ountle of IHvIf lire- p
ill sports| etc:, of each Hej'.."at.-I.: .1,11'.vi t ,.
v Law S 'htH>l with high honor !II!<' thenrust t.inlandoluma) The dwtamv lnnul'a : I I'I
ill Hiterlaiiiiugly i net forth in wonN I an I .
IIIM lot in the Land of Flowerlwn *. >'toti.k to New Hui} run in the Mime ax : I 11. T. I lit )\ \d} 1)) \
ictorially de...'nl>ed. The Uiokl. t \ \tnjcr. :
\\ lie lout continuounlx III"IIII" the .h-tntnr from this city to Ha. UngH, .
\rhkhis an artletn prudatttoUas :i-
.. NOT A STOGIE. iuofor user twenty yeam. at tuiifn 111,1 I it utated, the. I'tXLoJ will be com .. 7IS

holding tome high, honon-d jm.ition pl.'t'.J l and n-ady fur tratel by January IUt..J from the r'nof The tc..unlllltoy. full ISIIIS .. ..ISSSI I. ..I II .....a............a....
I ('tll'WD be obtained I.l \ ail .
NOT A CHEROOT. .ll1.IIII'\I'r betraying a truitt. lie iuiuu a In' .ipi>ro|>nation of f u wmikir. charitter ..
t ntwing J. U. lUhner. .VMM taut (;i.-n rulAgent .
I ahilit I'tC. andit .. - -- -
with ---
gifted namerotM !I.> ttie Hoard lierv would 1. HU,\ -- -
Florida Kant I
+knger ".tJI'l
.kted he would<< eervehiscon.titlettts plonk| nted: by the. ai-tixe aid of citien
Perfecto Shape Cigar. ] | ltalhm.\. St. Auguatine.. and tl..II-1' ,
But a Full Size, l i uihliillv and honorably. ,both m Halting and thwclty.-St. Au- J..1 w UI be sent postpaid| 00 1 .'. ? ...'. ... .'.n ......,V.. !'!'!'!'!'! .!,..i.... .
laid that JauieVlexander K: ,,1 Record
It huitoften IU"w
.\uli-- from Cuttings from lhe \\'t. rk (HMttkiwe* one of the laiy.tti. 'I'lk'l\tI\lh'l I Drink LILY WATER >!

Tables of the San Mateo l.1.Jdrflory. .. .'irtn of any man in the South lie A (lood .Machine. .
Died from Mt+qulto '
and therefore contains n.-st r forwike, a friend iu trouble, amiut ; ;
I ,\ fine burninn J stork 1iR >n known eterjlnxly and otteriwb.4ler- Flagman Pate, of tlie Florida East The Florida Motor Company, of w Ito I..11 h i f'-' y And Preserve Your Health.tiMilutcly '

tilt same sweet lirmKcuiarsot tin'm lint luiiid it matter not f".y.t Kailwajr died uddnly at St.Auguittim \\i'. IVUTS fat the owner ha n*uml t fl'tltW) .: I

t that has made the llujh than' rio h or poor or w.lie t her he in a hwtSaturday Mr. Tate WOK too l agviK-y for the 1'adillat. nutomobii.i ; '.: \ fived! from all 11n lurid 'y i IJ

this I :actory f1tti nis. from Sooth l'arch aa, oud had the following countieM m Fbrtda.rungv. oJ ;
umlidutf or not t 1 > the t '(-I llltut1 1 Filteration 1'roets :

c Five Cents pays for Two of Them. : Mr h lor Barn tin-w a party food and man i II and a deaerv ban dune ing Lieeu urotln-rof about!Mr a. S year G. \\orky.here. He wu a !llrvvard, Marion J.\ \oliwia FJnier: Pratt Putnam, the hadend n-p t )I. I It i is recommended II)' the most eminent i

: man !luI an to Charter I.\lg..rt v: I : Titdetvawd wa title l-y a OKMuito n tentative of the ('"Ji1ti!- fIlUlI"\| ', wtvi :' V; Idly ician> to I.!*. a pure, healthy

for J.25. Hcteral wet4i but DO alien- Daytona Monday Hi- inforuieti Mr. .
Box of 50 $ I'rank I'hirk they may be good er., -i: : ago ; il ;and II)'gi1'lllr water.. Plain andWM. ('RI" t1
.. III was paid to the tunttvr, but.ulsr l''l"IItLat ten of the machine*, w Im''h,
but they are nut knal euy ; \1 Ii Ul.UlIl I
I ink' SAl.l.: ltt ALL I >LI.IHS.Manutachar.tI : ::! ,men ur St.U1 to be hoiioivd to sa'h 'ntly 111..1! puwoninx set In and thl b1 UK way, are the first to be tta..1out -! I t u 1IIIltl'l.! : I oUt 11th. U BAil11 ctrk-UI"U1.nt HOT Sal 25 c, 1.o .

..j other cooiplirattotM caused! hwLath of tbt factory of the latest mot.I.ba !
bl"" ..ide. here whetittn->' ?
: Unit Tliej only re I ,,) Nva Lippi : ,
NA7E0. J think!. there w a chati of! holding, ..,n. .' I Ih ., ... '.1 t\ L.1'1 popwirith all ablI arrive In aKwt ten days. Tbu inM : .-., It'-' ;,

S. W. ROWLEY. ,.L'I\ 'ttkv.' It eeinn to .1 \\ .' hn l l ,> "i 4 taM Md..wn death t.. same make ot machine. the 4)a.'l I J :'f:I DAYTONA rLORIDA. :e'i'i ';

... .. wad Crrorg.1I.( Foote. I :.... ..... i i'i i .. i. ..P ... .. .. ,
that both of the* '! -. I: I ..,. by l.! - - - aty .c .. ._ .._ ,...' .!-.!.!- !-'!-'!-'!-'!-'!I: 1'1'l.


a .

41; -' -- .'. .' ..f. ..,.- ;- '..- --,-,-' -- ..' -- -. .-'" -" -, -- -. c "" ..,.._..._.-,-.- -. _" -_ _---_.'....-_ _-_--.--. .-_--. -..-. '-. -c-.;' '" _- -- '."',- ". _" _-.. ,.. ": '-. ffiC -,

r K ;. -
;"" """-. -, .- -'
'- }-=-- iW----'

Eli E '; ..' _...'-----" ....--'.. 1w..",;;.". ... :.f -- .. ._ __
L -


Every Saturday. State A (l1xN1'AIA.TEU'I : )
viler, of
--- -- \.1 i J. !t --
The Daytona Opera House Will Open it '\'

ED'IT'l.GIIt.Ln.. I'taustlea. for the Season Tonight WithBarlow' St.Monday'.\ ; Rough and Dressed Pint 'pres

#1.50 Tear in Adraoce. famous Minstrels.' charged
Subscription JXT '"

Heading Notkv lOc |>er Line Koch Time. Lover of mmhtrtlayili have uu the site j>'''* f :: ace Lumber Lath Shiugiac.( .

opportunity to bear a til'ttt-d/1l1ll troupe employed ,

Eatered at the PoatoiBce Daytona, at the Opera Ilouw tonight, when liar- the oyster

Second Claw Matter. low famous niinatreU will npprar.Mr. ent City. }'oorin Siding. Ceiii "
Florida M each pound package of I :, -
ltarlo\v\ ha two voicv* with him found guilty !

this w
Saturday NOT. 21, 1903. any nudk-m-e-Joo MrAnalloo. Tlte law : Coffee TlK-ne! 83 _

tenor and WalterVoIk, IIAMHO. The guttered) ) t ; Office and Yrds: Oat Coast Railway ,Indrange ""tAtt
;. _
TU Sad Indeed. alter I i.. alf.<> interlocutor and ably fill contain J .
R. Malbv, MaDaltf
The('r111tA1 River Newt ha He following the bill. TU nest of the vocal a.orlN'| I istnadeupof und.*r thru found a FREE came. j
I ---- .
excellent article concerning a Nailevent Arthur Fulton, Iw Davenport I they are ..- ( I rent 3.mes. All new r 1

which recently occurred in Jarkeonville J. F. Welch Morey Long, J. .F. ing. I l w to

\ : Paul, Iloliert Strong and Alt. Glues. (' immi.... At Your Grocer*. I ag -

"A few day ago we read a n'r1"tW They[ are wjuippfd with many new songs lowing \ -- r, 'VI nmsT CLASS \ '( I

and pathetic! wount in the Ja<'Inonville and they gibe UH cIil l oneHinfirctrlamiKtyle. It.rIrcl" on : .................: I

Metropolis, of a beautiful nnd well cul. Mr.I ( /

lured young woman w ho wait found in Dan i. Holt, formerly an amateur at |11f' was I : BRUSH : GOT(

M/uon Oa., fills the post of ..n.lmnn liken would' f>" o
a hou > of prostitution in that city by ., ) \' 1'11\1'\\1'1\\\ :
veteran v wn well, play ft donen novel ever, to .. I
her brother. He talked to her PO rough,
and shamed her HO for Mug in such a uucical instrument dame "" 'Mft jifpi" If tlte 1 1f 1I I -- .0 I fDIR'.s\ z

place, that Kite nhdl and kilM 11t'n-.1f HO an to tiring the hoiim down and ploys of f f n' Ihmasit. a :--I| "< IILlt> 0 0

Immediately after lie had Ml tile house. the twgro likija. man who hail i uttulied tinual 1 it 0

tilt:! nuv on its na'ive heath lit' The lII'Ouoo",1 whom she had barn -
engaged E. R. BRUSH i TONSORIAl. PAR] J( Jfif.
to bod ruined Iter, and he alone will npn.u| tnip-tl.-i Edward! (Coanl.

tit responsible for I..rduwulnllnntlllt'atil.ADid l operations 0
The :
you ever liear of a man trying( to l.tJ -
when |last Coast 0 x 243 North Beach Street.
lift an unfortunate woman HHfallt 0 : < -
West Coast ; Third I .\\"-llll"-,
from the high (J..llOtItal of honor and a \...
virtueVe' think not. WI..IIIIIII... BIN' VP f "|sNiwn \. iiiiosit| | >- Pnl'lii' School 0 F' --" .; ---- _

trip and fall; from the high and l honorable bottom and ooaoooooi0....: -- ------ .
,' l
position the hiiKl I in hall!) f fmii l ,, spat

whkh no human hand l will *tni| iu nit I I rewbtm a .. ......NNNN N...N...N..N.... f:::N/N.NNNN NNNNNNN:: DAYTONA NOVELTY WORKS -

her out; huUind and fatter, and l on aa; ; 1 \ on some n 1I

alike ore deaf to Iter aponiiinKcii ira foi 1. tears e H. Clark II i: IHU.IM.JHM. Pi..pnt.i l

mercy ami) thrust Iter front tll"Ir sight) I'aV de ) ...... McC: .llan CD. Edward. Managers. f

Hut on toss otli..r hand, we ImMmvtinun w-wirattil|Wlicn tl) .- I ; H .:i Moulding Scroll Sawing Turning Inside' I

f"nIIItlW it* it w poct.it.lf fur IIIt.nto : | :.... ,
fall have lite wife lift the bun-. and make .
w e welt
; ::
baud from tile gutter and ;prenx him to factory I'n I eo:: Work and Wood Yard, C titflttt!'( t : '. 1" .*. ..11II i
b .rl}wart; we have neeii tow wife fallowtlhe eo .
ton of tlie eo 1 19 DAYTONA, rL(} (JIA. J JPlorida
hud-and 1 through htf in IIlk' 1'011"tAut :.:. 1
('. Ilayt-i i" at tli- utliiTiid !Ile! ho ai) .
whirl' of ni'iNery and w lien by the gates :::
ample\ ..hilI. of jiiLi'.. without any mow I, ..:. =
of Ml they are III'JI I'f\tA-d.' weep w.'lienlie i on thfin and otls'rl i..' rleverly add tr I :: I
can no furtl.er. We have H rn tow Fret : East Coast Ry-
KO } ; }Kxamim'd; *. :!;
the |.'rforiuiiihv. Xwk Her" Will lurk Notice in ::
mot lie r follow tho ion, nnd the lIillt..rtlte i t 1 :.:
and hue McDonald, who wen will 1 meeting of .
brother through paths man bat Primrose and Went, make a capital team I I Knox A. (IU.. \ < lurk! H J"\\f.lr} Sinn. .;N.* LOCAL TIME CARD No. 49. Corrected to Oct. 10 I IS03
.. ,
.... .
never Urn known to follow wuman. .....*.. ......* NN...NNN ,
and the rest of the fun U dwtributet!I of MftiJ | ) { I .t2t N.N1N N.N ****=N.N ;
Win lit to blame for the downfall of : $OUTH80U a-HlAD 00".. NONINutaJItUN. i
among ('hark Milton Jilea. Dutton. Y/dueIf -
a:-: ::: ::;- ==
women? I/ft tlte aDKflit' in heaven he Charles Strong and Billy Italy.Noveltie cemU-r 7, : : S. H. Gove ,,tt .*..z. ..0 ''8 M..7| t
STMKMt. 'i
the Jury amt God Almighty the judge. an idiown by Vurin anilTurenne I l,. D/! '- 1 a I 4ilj. ;!f
-- -
-- Human axe manipulator, and I Hi nnm. AMI I'IIXTR.\t'Tulf. T 600 v."hL..J"lIIOII11n. 61 COi 1 1U

May Make a New District. tin (floss lrrtliiu ."C.rllt.1'' of, 1 .. 111 & .................Ntllaak.arnlt.s !.Iu e ..iiI
: ;
P 110 W a ....... .,.......1&.AufC"U"f' 1(
Dr. C..1. }Fullwood Pnwiding 1It.krfor rfpiwentingonteMtiiliet tern gladiators,, \\.... ; 1 I \ ..".Iallll V uliihia atenaw. 111I 1 ........ ... ... ... ....Un.*. -1 ttp f t
1.11 ll ,. j tuntl J
thin district, wan here and l hell bin remarkable feat of litn.nrtb..i bat I liiixtniia... rioriila. .a p' ... . .. .. -ft.-- ,- '. a f
hvtt quarterly conference for tilt year on arcing and iu jiaraJH. liar ttxenriwi*,, i:rut .u t .. . .. ..- hI.t"u !$ }

Wednenjay night. l)r. Fullwoo.1 has which will |tlene. any audience. Kundaj..... I I C Cl\i NMOl."'.N illh K .. .. .M. Mt_.. f I'l'I
I In ha' !fat !
N ilivinion in made lie will have togo soloist of merit Will F. Stewart, add a I TWIaj..... : Meagley rf : .. .. . ......Bniinclii.: ; u18iJ !
a ,I BOp!li ttp ... ... .. .. ..... ItapoRt.. II1 I
to Home other fVld.He greatly to the generally pleawrur eftWt oltlie r WiNiMwdaj I l1Tt :N, 1. 'J.1l1U I' 1. 1 .d. .. .
Uhl' ... I
I to going to make a rmmmiMl performanee.iSmrved Thundaj.. : lt<' liinciNIL lo. ltny.ra'..t. I/, l r fur Jl

tlou to conference for the division of [: neat* may U procured at UNAt Frnlaj....... : : i .: til \..fr'plI ... t. ) lip..t'I'. Mil.. 1. i1: :? P;I
Fi :
"I: :
this district) making the Miami I Mission wood Pharmacy for ei./NI. tiaturdar.. : : I. .in i il.niii I I I.:.n: .'I::" tu 1:30 p. m. l' p illi. 0grbMttM -. h hjllf
l ) .Ii..e r : ] ....... .... .. ... ... ., "I' > ;: J
Dixtrk-t, to embrace all the territory Manager! toborn. of the Opera nou*',I .. i rid q .1 i-n .. ......... .........kll'd... -, "
lit tI' .... ... ... .. .. lau ti.lII. -ia: ,!
.. 1. p .
from Tituiill, .south with Miami iv tW ha Hevernl other good things book]:I Sunday .. : SEEIYE. 11., M, D,, : ill S4 M"P. ... . .. .. .. .. ....111011""' t .01'1{ ,
center. This' territory will take in twelve for later in the neonon. On the nth sk'eemler >!!I 11on4.,...... : : I J .1091 I li .. .. ... .. .. .. -. !1HI: I
I tlOht! t1 p ....... ..... .....It Lu le ai i f
charge amt would) l toO brge enough for [ a clever' comedy company n'ilhold I TUt'ttda.J... : I : I .\0 and Surgeon. l .111',1:1"C', : i
... I t t 191''if .... ................Tibteis :; ii.' j I (.
any one man to look after down the. stage.Ion : : I I mss" ;. iu-.- I.'T: MM UidioiHl .r1.ae. lip .. ..... ..... ...... Kdea. ::: :; 1 r
In all probability the conference will Thursday.. : ., ; !i.. I 11si .r/r1., 9tp .... ... ....Jina'n.. ::? iISMiBCPKDULES
thus -.Nth of the iiioiithTaiiktt'i : 'MI. MI. lu8.HtoMl. ::
name I i t t sw..I . .. Stuart .
adopt till: I'UKk---.tioD. anti if N>, Dr. Full famous Italian Hand will Th. J.'rid.y....... : ,iI I -'fcthiilh.i.| .i.K.'i: t9.;t 1\\' PI'. . .. .YobIP8..nd. ;.. .' ft/s-N1i 1 ltJ i {.
ol'ltrar.| t : : I .. .. .. ." "
J."P. .1 61 l's| WHtJuplt.r : aaq
wood might le ONfigned: to hiM worknglua band .:omp.U piew.., and will Iwr! Itreat I Saturday... : I : "" ..,,.. oitii imi l l'>iiU'vard $4" *. p.... .... .... ."'..' Palin B<>.<.>1 : i; q 11
although it 'ix not certain that si 1| w. ...... ...... .. ... iHnimiitp : 1 I .t I ILt' J
to music Inning people. : I : : M<> :. ::.M i |I' m 'I'Iane :!:!IiI twSl 1'1! ... .... .. ......... IMfaf ... .. i; .;: !: u
this would U> tin: caw or tlmt lie would I 011:" 1 p ... .. .It Lauderdal"'-.. : l II I
Hunting Haw kin*, a laiifthabkcomedy & : : -i I / tit JIP' .. ..... ;... / Hollan"r. ,
prefer it. Hit many friend* in hto city will presented January IU.February I w Mali .! V .... L..rna.n City .. .' 04""1
would !Is'tnotr than plead, lunsever, i if Tin St* I : | I Ballough Co. __ .7UO1.- '! IpAf '''ami. :. 06 r.

this should U- done.-Miami MetmpoltoAnrvounc :2 will he occupied by Kim. (charter ; | ( OP BRANCH LI I :. :'S.
vell.. Romeo nnd Juliet ( E-'ttblisls9I; I O.f __ _
---- 'oIllII8| Y day. \ \ \ ) -=- -c =-; aai

.m.nt. which in eakl to br an exceptionally higelan. h I;. Ci;i\K KITTIMi.; TEAM S1NFOHD BRANCH._ II OKA, i \' i UA5CS. -

company. i / ', "'.\TJ.U IIKATIXU. holt .... I I2 L.-_. ." Nt I liT U jD.il t
It.1 plying to k-ttem of inquiry, I dcireto The I : .\ Till.IMIMN: HI'II.MXU'PlmneH7. &14"" I iDatJ! 1411y lui 11 IT kgr L
taU) that the 1 iMitoH will in com I ; f t maL. .. ...tnunl e. ...... I I !
go; I fnsa r .. .. ... MlmtOl'wn.. ..... .....Art1:101.1.. .,.. plot "" d e Jtl' i'
miraion NovemU-r l..ili.; My office on Mammoth Catch of Ba!5. i : ; I 1 tin i.,I-. .. .. ...... .. .Arfll t.ii JU;, ,"111EntcrprtM. I I'I. .\" 'I
\ 't.. .. . '. ,
& ..
will then U the of 'I A ill M* SS8i p'slst, : T Ar :0/i"I'
name at disposal: pat I I : I I .
193D1Ar S'nf >rd Lraotl..ICO >n 4 a I' :91t
Kea bum wild If __
are to biting verjfreely r I Notk ill i : ; ; i
rUM oral other desiring my prokt 'ionnrvfcvH. ,:
nc w-a-da.VH. Monday aft ruote n No.U'No.' tt ho.1$ Ho.17 11I..2011
ubr "0. II f
I ,
H F. II. ]lor.Ul1'm. i I D. Carmichael UAYPOKTBKAWOH. i
[ ('. II. of andiy $und. 11 .. tkaW
Manager Knapfie. the (larvndoiInn I held) 1 f : rI ri11y ..flatly I :) h.l1: t
| took two of his ha\
guests JafjriOwen r .tour |iluiiil.iiig done -
ik,114tural, if it land you in the Ilt'ni. of Philadelphia and Mamwl I ..1Loyd. mitiiikin to I \"- Mm 1"i.| -i. ni Mlwurk Ilp.100e1.11" p.ebo11r .. .J sa i.irffi* .... .. ..I: ".s .:.:.I17 'I "/
i in front of a1 Ml' .- .. Jo. J :iwerXt,. 1r. .:.tl,
tenUar.r.ru"t if it dm-n, you are probably ( tlf Sew York out on I'otter'i N K. .u ,i i it v If..'. I :'Ml .ICHalOlh .ff.I'I it :t lrf .. .. ..... ". L ea ISi '
12., P notot r e" .U...... lt.ude to y... .. I 'J"f Dni j
needed liter than elteW liere.B "
worxc Tier. In thn In the time .. .. '
Him gentlemen ? .loo..IUIA. 9 : __ I' '
-- -- land...l 4N luuw 'MXpouoda. .... .... -- -
weighing 1t I 40 4 4 ...4. The,. Tim. T.bl.b th. ttai: .hl,: ; tram- .1\ : ;:. -. 1 t. 1rnr.ltddrpsA
..ch: Lot For S.l.! This in one IIf the large: I from thMT.rtlitAtlor.i. but thftrt'ri.al..' ..t rll4.r';JI''- *' ; .... .. t' 1 I. a'I p.raa-
; nor' does the hold .
Oomptay .II.&I\lhIItIIa't
tteaU'flp'J.lbl'or anI.\ ,
4. J
For oak*, Ocean I lieoch lots 50 feet catches. made this year.<< I : P. Roberts \: I from- '

frontage by 300 ki-t deep, l lying M>uth of I /

the ,!Lluth UriJge, price ?.*<) enrb. Will The De plbn,! OJ' "1. .JII( ) { ( ) I : I IKi. III. \l K>MHII 0. KEY WEST AND HAVANA.

Cut W. M.( Shalffwr, real Htatt.p1It.. The Hotel iViiphuid Aliened) its dust* |ltld.IIIIIl.: Ib'imirUork of J Oomtn 'nclnr S.pt.lltb.r 80. P03.
to tlH public laMt Sunday. Tlie first t JmdiiaU- iiioniptly don<- l'rwti s=- !.* ---- ..- --- '--. r-saa
,] SOUTH 80UIID--: NOii-1 I U 'l0.' .
Rtratsof then-onon ;t.. nhoun by tin Nrlasal, at I I Il liowshocing, a "I"'mlt.} .. oiJ ( afiJiLTi..... 71. ",.H'H' Tii: u ., ufl'
1'l't'ftU Trees for tale. Ilonw or A' )q'IiIand. ...
: .
J ad Wtdju-iiUji." j U l\', \\ "'i r !'j -jif
(.olumbiaatd l'nco rnrietieii hk k. shining III'" register aiv Mr. and Mm uflkv in the l I II n I in I ;.l nod ) ::11.1,, 1111..1.. L.A.y nut b'aCn.M1T( . ... .... SlSpiL.-K.i i ;iAr t a. ', r'. .JJ2'bttn
on Louw .Adlcr l.y.. ..... .... .. ,.. d h. | Miami sl.". .,.!. .-.. lf '
ory stock, raised (,11:. WftWnm.. Ja- 1 : : lgltrntllg; -- ---
rob slot gh Awnt.Crkk RigRH, PitUbttrgh' Uuw Ouurty, ScbonN. doof ,I I ..................0 Ala .11lon to abov/ 6.n i ehip. .i11 P* nprrated;;:,;..,, : s. J K..rtatutdHff* 1
/ Y.; Mr. ntul Urx. F..t. Hill. Headernonville. bourn 8 t. JC", "'ni y1"pdiy. apd 1'r11\a1' ... 1.1,1 LIt it e -fitfi .Ujflli '(
ft. I .Al.U.nUT\1U.1&luDd8.turda .... *,
< .I.r.k. < i' >&f' '
l ) )
N.1'.: Urx. I). K:. Sprague UIH 1! f

Mm. W. L. MacKenzie J Winiieieg. Unai i amt.I i ( Ice Co Ynr "'
IIr1YJSict oo baa just received a | I rep of Loftftl 1 Tin. Card < r >"'ta'r T' f \z-

new Now line to your of picture opportunity frame to mouldings bare)your toba The, Canada.perminnel of tln hotel thin s5asoit I I i iI I i I ; : !: M U M ,,, r I J. D. RAIINJ:n. AMI. o.n. Pwu .gon!., .,T. AtJCC.TLNL--- ..i rIJ,.......

pktBiv t'G10 pretty t>b po by having mode up an follow : II. 4i. UOIIHOII, in I I! l !

flow, tbnt are not framed framed. charge of ofHcr; {-Mt Taiothy: Ithvformerly l 1 The Daytona Creamery
I i
of DoyleV Hotel at Coney Is.InnJ -: (
-- ---
N.Y.weondenok; IlowardJames,, ,"
tare i igi never enslaved but Mimetime I T I iIS'i
,1 bead waih-r. Thoo. Anderwm, formerly CL1StiI! SI.I 1 ..HII.KAnitpd.
i'r Ik i ) I r
----- -- of the Tani|'4i flair Hotel: captain, Andrew ,10<
1JERT I | IttiltJcd ,iiid. I 'I )livi-rcd.
lireen; portr. Jninex R iipr bell ,
'OU Ml.il. : | | I
-- boy. George McMillan, of the IJa+1UkJHJhl a I |

Saviinnnh. (ia. (i t'uf'R'M with I II 4
ella.krlal'. $fllah said Ut ear Tablet.l It ICE
the Denpland bust ...season how.'t'r.lNOD t

When you .....I dull after sating l *plAnd. the proprietor, anmintheUaiettfNewM I S|I"" all %" i

When you have no nppvtite. % that indication! I !',. .- ft" in |111 i llllo'd| | Ilit.'r I I Ii
iu'ry rop' Curti .in the I I'ost.i.lVR. .
Wlien. you have ba.l Uwte in mouth. 1- __ I I i ( I
n hen your liter in torpid. poinU to a big season t Ills year an.! l lto In o1. ti trunk 7 tu I J :S.indaj

When your' lxlt'll4nl.tln)UI"t4td.ht confident. that all the hotel of, |I1>ax. :!I 'J'hllllf'
>\: -" you |have headache.w \. tuna will fill up curlier Ihallllllllni 1I" I

w you frl bilious. W. RAWLINS

Theyi iimprove\\ your appetiteclean ;! Avenue and Railroad i .
and *- and Invigorate your tomarb WoulJb1..c a OuuJ One.n I \ I -.==
regulate your liver and Iwweto
J;'rice .'5 cent pi-r 1001. For Mks by all < < irge S. Adams who ban been in -- -

uruggUU.. Daytona for the {Il east couple! months. organizing s. 11. ': | STEAM !! DAYTONA TRANSFER CO.
- -
a tent of the Maccahera, in a
I I'or 13 Years candidate for the I-egwature! from) I Ii i l I I.: JoH\>T.I\' Pn.pri I "

,county and will take hw chaikv befotv :i ) ( ) ( I Yard Rubber Tire Carriages fine horses Carful Drh.rrs

The CITY HOTEL the primary Mr. AdnuiH to a very capable Now I WI' a...1 well ...luiN..lfur.| | | Straw 1:1,1.: | Tl, lit. "t ;iiim 'I Its ill tbrrW'llua

count man and would no doubt i iTCRMS _s i meet.all train and u1.. IMn_> i I ,.i... "i' wf tl*' city

Has h.'U.IJ.j I, | III"| Lot' InCLGAliS,*- "f f make a good hcgtolator. Spi-akinjfof 11I1l1I"ha 1 t "'111),.. Trunks delin| 'promr tUTelephone. >; a!,!, a ,' (hi, >" 10..,.
him, the Miami Metropolis .last w.
I thin to say: > on want tin. dry' Out 1

I "(i''ClrKdan...., when asked OK to 10-11 ..... U-mrthMo fit rla'| Hre. -

in the markt-t and in Mill doing it. : the report that he in i to be a candidate .. rlll at tlie VanI and

for the Legislature from thin county.Nikl ,'n NtiM-k . LesleyTitus 18l \ '1)rk II'Daytona
14 Different Brands.Gcu. that it to true. He nay that be to I I I u | ,lI'o.t, t .. ?

but making bU announcement M yet, E.\ IIti{ Proprietor. I I
tthlrtl'ti. Prop. but that be intend to be in t.be... mad I SNr

will make it M lively IM be ran hy hk POOL S rfLrt1J! !
ratTCts-Trn.l.onby : eti COLLAR
laxly or ltvttlr apfsfwnlm| wntiever they may pee" {
mw to
manale bud.eu
In thus .art
t'OUDIa/l.t J.1onI
MlJolntDi trrrttory for honwof INtihI nRAh- ---- & BILLIARD Steam
nettstandingAEa fn>tlit ( t }
flJN'nwlN" raId each ltratlhttabwl.ryIra Monday dlh'tt from! 'miw.kepticbatwrttean<< |'...'m tnl.-.l 1 | I Ii *\: BT,Y,

beadquarll'rL EI'M'o". tu.lney "The IVvU b IVwd," bat !n.i- .' 011'' I 0I"! i ROOMS. ,* u
a.haort'dJ I 1 I UWYEHS{ \ LAUNDRYar
Addrea I I
poUUonliklff. 111 ana In.AII6 tempt any one to bo i -' 'n
.. '. .. ,
C .
( ,
train to pr .t1lititLr' ,\Ifr: ,' tilt .. Build..hit. D.USD.PL.1. Hot LanrhM.
i served at all bqor. I 1lh 51. .:
-I't...)..B.\rrox.\. IOItttfl'ttt1WiUUt-dtt11 r "rt. i r. \, J"t t

j, -.,

T. ;: f

... ,
-- -- ... -
.: _


J'z Sr.-rye

= '" .. .

';.'lOCAL AND PERSONAL fcirMcCfeUan A : :- -- ...............................
took of ttjwanln) hare a hip Mr. and M n. J, I.. Wallace were among I i s tiV!'ii) )i.v!: pine
and oak

., l. Jltlle baa had a c,meat walk laid! Major 0. 11, Itingl lum wood. Tue'iday'e arrival I :Ip; .. I :oo SCH1SVIIDT'S VILLA Overlooking th ail firer. :

(front of hill place ofreturning' LushwmM ",..."the'r wan under H.. I'ustofllte n"I'I1.'lnr|' Fml I II. P.,T \'fM J 1 I .

atouple 'd day the Ant of thin In the rite 1..nllC. i: !' Th. Late commands a roost atrtf. view in every dna ando .
-'among the n-Kular vUlton( :Kirk: t ,.' .

&1 were Mr. nnt! Mm. IL W. Ih all. Mm H. Wilder united from CincinnatiWediHiubty FJFtN1 Ir : finer location ta t.foood in the vicinity. I b only O mf :

Abul' I l'l\rl.. S. .1. M. M. llkiiteurtrd!, of IWon. i.. eveithnr.IBUMcCMlun '!' 1 : from tin oceAQ and f convenient to th depot, p6to Ait'4, :
tlM-nM-t of Ur .lttu.htr at' and nchoobi. Mora nxmt .
.. Mm. J. .\. 7 ('hunh public sunny ;
Y = hfL !'. MncCoy and family luive .Shank: i i'IVIwiird: Ute a Loll( i % :('' i : than any other botel f town. Bathroom :

p.nrd from I lolly urn to H"jtoffaai diwcupjing Ilowanl took of fire and oak ood. ., : and ,
Mind, of n :, I atM :
h tie Porter :,
Jilt { cottage on a portion It.e.. A. Mjvr i I.. in U-Uinl tbi ., .
.. in ITiirkV I'nx.k and A. n 'I'HR hors TE" COCKT is THE Carr "I ox THE HOTKL Oalf .
'.))4rdar nueW Ktatiomry tJ luh'. \\11-1. f'ttll.IIM.tiug revival m-rvk-. (;, 11 CtlSJNE
!J Je Ji : AU nODI!c"nNE. lECI. I
'j ,, \\ JohiiMton. who ban l vn Iieie A. U Ed: wards ha U 1 his W. M. Moore WUH on th* kk I lil e Rates 1.5. ttj; pedal Iytha.aek. WlbtedbrBteetHfNJ. : J

+ _.irtbf pmnst t nUI'1to weeka in the Interest marl+l out nevvml f't UrWr float "IKlp l W..JII'I! Buttering fnmi inurnV'rtand i :+ : Henry Schmidt Proprietor. .
foftbe pn'p'0'| I winiUirium, "left Tuesday linen with tl I." IIlrl"t. it now l n lull! odd i .--' ... too c. *.......t..*tt........*......*..***...*.*.*

'.l-.. --T for ll..tnllt ,
) -
t rH..t rakes J. H. Conrad left. lat /Sunday for hi. 1 ----
9 plen, .tA. at UHf f. I
{ .,tAiI t"" underwear of all klndtntMr Iramling Uakery. home InCik-nwothl i afu-r aroupUuf" day'*
y : '
A.. JlI'II.ltkb. visit to Doytonn.I ? j I il., rl.,' ." "' ilii"iil.rrWwJ'W.J.NNJ..J.'iWf'N +4S: -
1' .
Mr. and Mr*. J. \YilUtmnrrlved,; f : Everything Necessary for the .
.. T F. Whitten and family d... Monday L. Viniant wenttoDHlAndTixwdayafUrnooa I THE DILLINGHAM [
evening from New Rixlelle Y. .
[parted l TII..1 1 for Miami to join Mr. Y., and are occupying tlieir recently. to visit with frieiMl HeexHU : : Thanksgiving Feast : 1 I

mitten, who recently embarked lathe ."',-tPlIIIUIIII' on Live Oak tn..tlayAny to n.turn t<\day.Mr ;
bui-inc** at that city. I .' !' New House.
I.'f'ry kind of cake made i to onW on *. Rink.. who has l.....,. at the Surf :;: Can lie found iu our large stock. of (!ro .TILl.!,' drtmaA and napkin at J. : ('ivt for w)me time, returned to I lnrhome I ,. =
.% nhort
notbf First Class.
at the ( anollllll l the Strictly
I iramling Hakerv. / good, or ale Fancy thioga.) We invite you to /I tep in offer ; t
1. (ITDtlrH" at K-nla Tuemlay. '
C. II. Oal..1.) traveling i |Mu>*i-nger agent :? toik we mall at prk-e whkh will\ enable the lean pirtoU< just. as tliunkful ,
Harry Wray ha l nen suturing from a for tllll Ocean Mr.I and M I'll. Win II. Ibvdnnd l Mr.f and i. block from the Will tk 'romd.
SteniiiHhip Company, wall :t f tut tie fat one The quality of every iU-m i ill of time hundred jier cent. : Ores Wpot. 0 ofl .jwar ;
tpralDt'tl aim for the toast ten days, but I In Iaytona Tnefday and Mm. JoNeph Kunta: are eiited| Il4'n'tH. (ra ,. ,; :: I

,ttl* roemlr I III now letter. He w'an mo v- a a very pleasant! rail.jmnl tile (JaKtteNew day from 11"", tinKle, Minn.nervHY ,.1 kind. .oUI'llIA. w .1'r :: IlatM, |2.50 and up. :

;log ft piano when the accident occurred.jg : VIIDtt will be i..I.J in time Flnit ., ;- :-. i
''! -- -- -- !
r ,; ?A .1"ocIILI line Table Linen, Pillowcam. I' pWt 1 tj line TIM of Graniling paltry. Bukery Have you IIOM tr a 4'Cllt cOw?- M. I:. Church at 11 a. ill., Novemlr 2U, 'J : L'. & '\II. DILLINGIIAM. Proprietors.1U11111111111111111111lIIIUIIIII11111111 |

I *. SbeeU, Towel, Quilt and Coin. on account, of Thank IIKiviDK. I 1 .1 till/11/1/IIUI., .. .4 '
| for sale' at .'. T. Pwk'a. Circuit Court won iu iH-t*"inn i Iklolmd l iT-POT GROCERY. .... ...
Mr. and Mr. 8.
last week. Tupi>er, of Morris, III.,
Very little lultlu'8 !
...... )1.roau and tier interesting hand to be arrived Monday! evening and are occupying .
diopownl In fact it '
wan ?
Wm.Curtice, have moved from their home on Palmetto avenue. : J. E. RUSH Proprietor : Spencer B.
| little win,
.lid: to I.1 > the .>h<>rt.i.t wKition of courtrv.'r ... '. GeeSanitar

,' Jackonville. to IIILYtAmalM'r husband, held in Volu"ia county The (i iramling fakery ha made a ;
: No.lO7N.Boach.il. T.I ahonn S 9. !
[ M. V \rOlLu. hating lately accepted quantity of deliciou fruit rake I for (. .
: ftmitlon with J. L. Odnm. 1QrT11I'linlllllillK nnl..rylll\Jl junt n' liankgiving. Telephone. them your .;....!I.y!)!'!'! '!t !>t--.v-f !.vt .J it!)! 11) \ !.!.!.!.! !'!'!'!'!'! '!'i.!.. Plumbing (iri t ,

celvetl a large variety of tablet Pencils, order. ... i
; tarTI handoniHft line of DreTrim and otlier whool - I ITUt.IILI I- H
and I
: wipilk4.| Hoy All tlie drygood. ttore in I Il lay tona No Waterworks, Say the Voters.
.tt. at F T. 1 Pe k.*. Several I Steam and Hot &
.. ming girls will do well'to) rail and .. the line. carload of coal have I Urn received
X > will bu clow-d oil day Thanksgiving.Supt. tie bond elector, toted l
.. Daytona thi week. Tlie on I
{ The fourth quarterly meeting of the TII@ n- I1I"r meeting of tlte W. C. T. U. JtjJ'lKkl and lie 14'nleltt'ruhnreir '*! pert Fib, of iVLand' wan in the proportion to UiiMljtlie: city of Dny Water
will W held Nov i1ygent
[ )I. E. Church 22: and will lie held in tllt'roniCn'j"tiuooU1IUrrbSon'IIII'r ) Heating.: t r
n carload.MN. lI1ytttlWt'dnt'll4ar on mhool busitwu.. won for |70MM( ) tax (fur the purpoxeuf \
at First M. K.: Chunk Presiding
2.1. :21 at .1 p. tn. Subjrtt- iuittalliug n U.m of waterworks and u 1.
ii Elder will preoih at 7:43; p. m. Quartfly "I'hy"ical lucation.: All 1n..1II1'rll C. f:. liixhop, wbo hat lien tlw Iti Vunn and AV. \V. Austin started ...fji. The I.
111"WIn..1 .rM ** II..Linn warkilled
conferemv 9 I'L. m. Monday. and friends are iir eil to !Iii' ()re'rnt.letloot "g'uMMt of Mr. and Mm. Wm Billing, I..ftMonday Jaw the river Thursday on a hunting bL rouniilerable majority.| 1'.1! j for the Ericsson

fur Cocoa wUre z.h.) will
JlI',1' trip.
, r, | rMillwillMTte Thankgiving! din wll..rhIll llmn l.ulII.tt.l'.ln..L1'1 vote<< wo .*>4 for the bond ioxue, and '.'"- I

r. .tort at tl.> CaN-. "\,(- day nt UK- Gramling llakery.lU'v. tie winter.Mr. Tlie mammoth new door wo plaivd inpoition optoing.| A total of 117 vole M>'h'I I, Engine. North RldgvwoodIff.F.EilleJF.iCo

sh amt Mre. I.. 1' Tribble, arrived in tlie vault of the )1l"n'hant"l, "'Lllt. :21! hoeing throws out by tl,,' in j
Mr Hoene
Mr and artlH..1TII'IIII l J. I'. (Graham went to Orlando
from HoMkid Ohk.. bu t ami Itaiik Thursday.
< Sunday cps' t.'rK.II illegal. :>
\)' and their beautiful home onRidgew Mond.iy. to \Ml with frknd! He will .
.: iod i ih. again on.. Mr and Mrs.Udcw return to Haytona today, nvonimoieilby | Hillngftine<
,'. n* UMiial. vp'iit the greater part Mre. iralmni; elm Itan Ut-n at Orlando this e'vts 1. in. I to look after hill orange, grove. He w )ill! The. l'mL\atll4i11ltOIIIttJ\ will "1"11 to IM! : .

r of thewumnH'ratl'uintCliauhuquaN. Y. for tie pout rOUI|4e of week. 1:. A. ik-itn UIH! family, n' New York, return next week. public IlI'ltt..l... i

arrival We>]nM Sditnidl' Villa I illl..lnJd.'oraW) with
line of rnillinery, which I III I
lofltig eingsold
tQY HATe IMIU hand.
you n new or T.L1.sheers baa pbwed a fen' ahmll.1 l
the winter at No. 405: SouthIthgeVood. 1
coat of KOIIt.\ Gwiunerare 1 Druggists
that nt Kinina: H. anew lariat ,
.; at pries plea* Homely furnUUl nom' Why not have the work. Mil 1 garden< / place on Omns .,, ", j

'r Moore it phototfraplieiJ by Ilarrw[ Studki.IVtk doing .
h _11I11.1.__ I'hutw'Jl.F. Mr. and Mm. F. .\. Hill, of Hemierxonville JI\Ult'tIl'artll'n+ Was dow n from Oriuoad J. 1 I. Mobk>y, n former rwideiit. of Datona > ........ .... ............
I h Fur Kent furnished, hl'Wt'n rtiom ; but now of timille Thur : The Largest Must (ompl4St.M'l :
\ N. C., hare rvnta) the. IWIoutfliitittAg Thursday evening attending a mating" petit < I\n
cottage with Ioulh on Kecond floor, hot I). CaH.-y, of Philadelphia wbtI rind day in tbi city. of Irtigsin In..t4D.1'n'ril.tiolll'o/- *
e on Third avenue are now of tin1 Moonk I*>dge.LTbepny .
1; and cold water. KUitrlc: light, nlmi I I. on-npying tlie Imrgoyne eottOip. on it < : ("lu".II l 1 iG l i +nds' :
W. H. Chittenden asrdpying down tlie road l Mr I *. Florida Hankin left yetenlav ) 'jtt'l"Illlmml'i.t .
to 1
k will eotMlik-t launch traio
ll'llhlllM'l'l'ly paH.-d
Hay Mivet. n
....1....... ............
RitJfI\\ftllllll\l.1t1 Int. Ate, or any agent inlii) > tonu tin NenMtn. lie hat-as.the .,1 J. II. Potter in luivinga pit built Thursday, making tie heart of tlie Iota vi.+it! with friend at liartow. Shexjot .

WrWelunethehirgvitt: toik,; of ..I.| <..-Min north |10ftI' ..f tlH-C.mrad doek.. and bitbouitefor a hot air engine to pump railway employe glad. U to (he away for a month or t w.>. : : Perfumery and Toilet Articles. t t
tisr for rental.trti.Myou water iu his mvoitd dory tank for I Ii hi*
Uajtona HIMe give jou the lrrrdlk'ourttwuuneyandguaruntretrq t will d have right lauiM-heM I Lith room, ,'Ct'. M. Aultman returned Tuesday evening H. K.: Kelly, of theKimhall Houmbar' I : Tin orl II'ET\ltc'OIil: ; IlALS\M-L'-.iiti.. : : 11 buttle ..

bn v.. trouble finding tutlonary from n very pleanant visit wiitlrienJs per slop! | of Atlanta via, will arn\ .

.p a,. pair: Just try u* and you will wvourhocucur to pk. >aM.i yell just drop in at Mr. and Mm. Arthur IVmielt eipwt to nt Wet Palm Ileach.Rev. next week to n."laot i in flea Iher'w Tom- B.ach Street. f
.) a" long u silly und) we wlltlrm 1 (Hark' and look\ over bin Mm'k. j I move to Jacknonvilh nest week Mr.IUnnett Byron F. Marsh wa Installed" rial shop during the "*'aon.Tlie :1.....1111.N.11111...........................1414/

r ri having nwvptwl a po.ition with
for ICM J. \ Hendrkkn.Mr
u\. Thin far but 12 |lt'f'ItlUIi have |poi>l Armour X Coiupttny. { OMtur tlf tlw Congregational Chimb norMa Itorfnmltan'y lion gn I",

and Mrn. flat 1 H. Kog, of New their dog tt&TI....". anover OIM- Friday evening of hot week. Johnxton the contract to build A d.\ ..k -

York artuwl Monday ftenin ant lLtto hundred dog \.nrioUII.i..... and bn
at Tlie l"' imett. Mr. and M.( .-. Fopj? In Itaytona. amt tier mayor will shore.,' on Orungv aveiimto R. Htvveira: [{ Daytona, which I III a IUtll1] indication "1/' on 36 fret long in front of th. M' Northern Meat Market
of llrnddock... Pa. They. will arrive the
; i.'iit taut winter in liiiytonu and liW InntriM-t the niamhnl to 'i' Hpv' all tlmtdo of tie pnwpi-rity the town. mvWroom.! ,

,> it s.' \\'III that they touU nut rf"H I I Mrs. (;Jeo.V.. Moore and Mr*. JcwcpbMmkk I. (!. Bradley returned Thursday r. 'n. '. ,, J. L. ODUAI Proprietor.
trw >uuion to return.J The' u ctte-NVw* I"'Mrr' have U-en ,
.. | / J. .\.
r Wk.Meiw' U-a'y uiklerwear :, mutter and aunt refpii lively of ing from a visit to Jacksonvill'. 1)111'1111.;
miming steadily. lately, tiirniiig out job I
a t .!/.I.n.lws'luk} miHH'i rap* I1t J. 4\. Hethlrkk work, but WII have always room formore. I J. B. Moore, arrived) Thursday. btitalwHee Mr. Bradley" tettbt1'n., .. firfr' The I Lar i'ht and Finest

;". IleClln., ... F. li. (Cullin of. Hn.nd! llapids| will I If you kid anything in that line Cnpt. Ceo.; U. ileuon;! of tow FiurklaIast terVHrkUe street drug stun in l.i k K
"" I mmville.Tiw& 1 Jte3vVV Market South of .larknuivilr.{
II. K llniduxv Iwmr1'igtw.l lii. jwsit lid Kpi-nd the ...>OM >II iu 1 DnytoMo, having tell tiM about it. : ('II/L..t Llite Canal and Trnnxportalion '*F' i fr \1'

Mrlrrk' II) MmtofWandlfftTiie) day arri",,lTmtla.v cif rrnoon. Mr. CullinnU II. T. Howard and family drove toIVIjind I I Company wn in tlie city Thursday. ()leis Motor Work. ..f;f Iktua( U >keeps roinplete. *to< k':j.f 1 .all 1".f.fY f fl'ivli
liu T .
for home Gcuwtusl \\ lietv he will I not n hlraiiRvr to Daytona, Mkh., mnttufacturem of tb. t iiM.. .|..iiHunrtUiut .' // s < .
his ,
at Sunday. Mr. II ward retuming Tike Halifax( ItinV" w ill give a dance at iin Florets and 11' -"L' I M t. ..it113 -.

r r<..*t ttv for a few days, and tlien ngnhi: not Uvn (Item for four )'..8"' He wivtoiii '" Monday morning. 11.... Howard nudthechiklivii I ties.trmuryTluauksgivitignight.< Muse I ha pared tlieii .u.:eiiid. >i II VW.H--

i enter tow empkiy of tlie Atliintk funlltJOt' ..lMi| at the n-iiittrkable growth of will limit with relative in willl"'luml.ll.. .,. thellfHtxinnlKT h