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Title: Daytona Daily News
Uniform Title: Daytona Daily News
Physical Description: Newspaper
Language: English
Publisher: Geo. F. Crouch
Place of Publication: Daytona, Fla.
Publication Date: January 2, 1906
Spatial Coverage: United States -- Florida -- Volusia -- Daytona Beach
Coordinates: 29.207222 x -81.037778 ( Place of Publication )
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See WILKINSON, THE Real Estate Man.


Auoclated wild

Ol eI ilan. I 'lg.

L E Rntrd as iteeold ,I s Mauer in the 'iluntetr at Hti 1.nn, hlirlda -.... .

Volume 3 Daytona, Florida, January 2, 1906 Number 26



...- ,O* .--

Flying Machine to be an Attract

Twenty-five Kilometer Race-Orm

Hotel Has Large Bookings.

Everything points to one lof the ,most
i -'c-(llTfiul aitolmbhle' i li'ts' ever Ih-lil In
tile country on the Ornieloli-Daltyteniii
I ii, li, Wbegininihg Monday, Jiii. 22, niid
ic-linig tlie entire week,
Tlhe falstcat 1tciig tears in the world
inr c (iniig und nnmany of thi'n re heing
ti ill cxpre-ly for the oeatelion, to iicsish
iill pir(,viul. riecrds,
litvretst I ; biecoiing intense niied in
i,:iny ofl the big recitere dozens of cars.
I 'e,' ei t.htipped weeks in iidvanice, Ine

as Ishillill.heb1d by Ilu ('Clyilf .ihei-.ellipi
('1iillpniy llild thl Fhli1'l r l i:i- ('aibi-l
ihillway Is thl e'iise l'1 ii:1iln y pih'il ll- .
s'-e ker.'s itir iling tlhelir cars i'unilt II ad-
hilihic tieo t e t rnci'liem Ilic ilii s.
Already' hai li:e' Iintl lriiilmnd, ie1e-
de'r h' liinalllie mnllltelcl itof Anleiiiriiii .%
Prl'ice, liniikligi.s thlll will til lak c vi iup vry
lilt of ro l hic lhel l ig -i Iry, 1iill .1.
I). 'rice,. ine if lithe maiiceilsiiii ', thl: Ilil
lie is Ie In ili|lclilrity 11 ii wcliiil tcli with
the crowd.

orr that theill might arrive herv' in. Mr. Ilmtiiit, 4f tlhei i.ieiiieet I .lry,
tline for the event. lt IOrinind, fciiid it nIeesn ry l' lbrilng
I-ctoni is tending niuny iimaclilnie to his erliis tiwi week ag, in ordiri t1o ge
ii-u s'cce i iand Ihe Clyde Line has more thlin hl'ire at all.
iuked thnlii they can handle, until after .'ntor \V. J. M.uriani, wliho Is proving
tcie re s. The low rate on nmachines, i promoter if gr i'eat iilabiliity In i Ilettr

H poem for Coday
S**4* **** 44*4*

Prom **A Blled Upon a Wedding"
By Sir John Suekling

S i SIR JOHN UtCKLINO, one of Enliimcl' minor lig- *
ore, was a soldier and man of fisliloni of iheai oiirt iof
Charles I. He was borci in 10 il nIn aival tol li.eei
committed sctlde at Piarli about 114., After cieinc tn
/ at Cambrldge he served I I the nrmy of lie'4iiii'U'il
Adolphus. Later he enjioyid voice" im t ii nrnatilllt, nil U'
SIn May, 140, he bectamin i membelrr if paiirlliniiIl In
1 S41 ir John, bein charK'iled with plottin iiilnatl th th
parliament, fled from .EnIindiil. Ill driamaii iri for-
gotten, but his lyrics and ballads are still rewiul.

H I flngler was so small the rlici
Would not stay on which they did bring-
It was too wide a pl ck, 0
And, to say truth, for out it must,
it loood like the great (collar-just- .
About our youn colt's neck.
e tfeet beneath her petticoat 2
* Like little mlwe stole Ia nslid out
An if they tared the light.
: But, ob,-he datice such a wayl .
S .4o sun upon anaster day '
Is half so mne a sightt.
S Her chebek so rare n white was on;
No da y iakes comparison. :
S Who me them Is uiidone, a
S Pr streaks of red were mingled there'
* such as are On a Cath'rine pear, r
The side that's noit the san.
S Her Ups were red, and one wan thin; 0
CompaNd to that was next her chin- ll
oMe be* hbad stung It newly.
B lut, Dte k e bw sso guard hr fa ce
: I dunt no ore upon them Pgae
'ft on the ba lu n July. *
S ll1ee mouth so small, when she does spek a
OTh'dat swear her tetbh her words did break Ta
That they might passage get.
but Iso handled still the matter
S h Iam as g ood a our or better
ANd an lot spent a whit.
Noss m mlilo

LY Start the New Year Right.

1 Subscribe for THE DAILY NEWS and you will be Right

on-- all the year. Only 15 cents a week delivered at your door

by carrier every evening.
ond ;


It at4
Collins' Craft Carres Oltff First Honors
in Fifteen.Mile Contest.-Blrch.
wood float Second Place.
('ei l'll~ ,iil tIi il ,i 'k of ithe HalIfax
Iliver 'Vict lil h,aniil tilh ouiithlll Bridge,
y.Isj. l'rl:t.V liltillitii ll ie wlltllt4m tihe
I14ti14 rlhii, t e'1iilitest, in e wihlch tie ('C llihit,
Tholimhi-nii nmiil Ir'lie'hwid boits werer
til,' Vnilll'ltalil. Thi'l Ct('illi1s' i, lntl,
Which has it .Zi-hler epliwe'er eigie, ciln-
ply ilew i 11'.lll4 l it .4l1r teilr s ali'd mih, thili
lift'n miiiles in foirly-.'ie niliutes, ear-
ryii g ff it'firstl hliirs,.
Ti'h liirllhwm'aid icri iaft elinl inI for
ii ill l iil im111 1 the il t ( cell iP II
lirty-riio r iiiiicli's. Tri' Tlioinii sia ihiinilt
ilroik, iiwnii, erii'r it mui de' twi (ilf the

Thei jiudgeI iifilt, ric' were J. 0
hlloiwn, N. A. l.,wis i(il W,. l, Myer,.

,ilte New 'York, l4c. 2llth, to J. F.
llitthawiiy, say i in part i follows:
"I lihave arrniigedi thlt the irroplanlP
imcn will hi ireto inland cund give line or
twlo I liellis dil g ell t ile wellll ll e il Isee
Mr. Alillir scheme lldelsiruml of cit eing-

ing tII ihiei iic S illt edditl lidcl attrac't.ioh
for a iiiiiiiollille wveek und It Ic quite pMm-
.illh til hitt Ie. will go to C(lba as well.
At Iith leirei-il tlllie I ull predicting
lhilt w4 will nit only hIliVe e fil fastent,
eilirs in1 e worll lnbut thee grenltest nmilli-
her ilf 'iri thiOdt hImi e'vr gatlired to.
get her l oni il, -liit ioiln thil ieartli I ex-
rei' eel ii iicl iweeity-five higeitpe'rd earn
i1lls h0 bll-i3e ll, whilch will Il i le lple to
lirei'k iill irrlc'rd h tihc r'eeird hok llinow

I in ire riuly ieite'relteld II the TirnoLg
I'cihi ipr.itty ri'l voting cont' t. and I
wl-li- liat .yail wiuldi thk sp ei'idal Inter-
i ~ i i it 11 e 1i '' tiluhat Daytona li-ends In
viite- fior omi erlil there. I relleve that
riirindiiid mill Ink tliheilinitter up aitci I
cilce very iluislr-ii4ui f elAing the Tiinl-.
I'nioii (dn wel ll i lthe contact as they
flirlimhll Ihir rrriwi', ,le."
Mr. MIcg iii ys i iat It hasliii een "i-g.
geti'tel I tlioli vby tlie Nfew 'Vork Illfrald
thll i it wIelity-fivle kilometerU rie' le
hi hi i'ei if i tie nfilven mcili eharm-
)lihliihlli flor thI New Yurk Herild
trlphliy. lIe fiirthelr iaya that he thinks
It wu.iili Imc well t iiimake the change and
h'livl Ithe liliui'doiie trophy as first prise,
I llnid ii thiia Iit would he well for the
Setlitl lilprl'rieors of )Daytona teo get up a
prie iedi hi itldllllti lhavy th ncerehantie
I srllithilln, aiel for the pibreese people
to inve ril P iof tIheir own.

A Long Sail.

Within a few dlays, C'aptal Willilam
S1intih liad F. lD. taples, inalt Iuilderm
iof this port, will saill frol here for Or.
niunlid, Fla., In a little 31-fIoot sclioiiuer,
sny ati Portliand, Me.,*disptcleh to Ilik
ThnLle.nlihaiio. Tli.he craft ln a lbenile uf


14 I ta
No Paced Bicycle Contsts Will Take
Place 40 the Beach.-Walthour
and McLean Anxious To Race.

. ........... .... .. I It lils been iiiithoratively announced
eight feet, und draws only thr('l feet of t e tae ce
ticl lihere will be no paced bicycle races
wtlir rhdiig ir the n ilid-Daytoiia Beach a-l
The voyage lis r'ounildere'd as e'xlremiely t hi
hlariiiliies at this season of the year i,i l, Ol r'lueien't, Mass., aid Bobby
while Ilerce Northerly Biles sweept.i thi
Wiltiuntir, of AlMinntt, Ga., had al-
Atlacit e rlnit with bill muint warning i ic e ,
ee e' cr d rn pniiiileiile the cimancgeie'nt with a view
of their approach, Oldd mriiiiinei'l li a h oh ins
big ccicie eol-erryhig ehiteir of cih l 'eiicitenlhiig againt eiach other In
big rouitwIe coal-carrying schooners' d o ri the hrFlrda
not Inik forward with pile'iurtiirhheli niti.- iitill, buti. ieitor" W. J. Morgan
ipatioi to rounding ('pe(i o'rd or ie I h lll li ,
Hatteras during the winter iolnthsli sy there will ieo iycle evit of any
h ii, w ie ie ikind diirhei Ilie iiiImon-liytolnia races.
Captalitn Anteiih, iowev.,i lin iitt iat cll i, e it Fr
citiulirlcd by thue oceiiiusshake's il Ilhee i t c c r
head wlil('rkr i from lhos been a w kgreatprjw tice
e is to tart i little e rliit allowing either biryle or
iHe expect to make the voyage I liol i..u. i lut oni .Dayton

one iumoth froe the lieun o f leaving tlils
port, and look for the roughest wetiher
between Portland acnd Iilong Inlandl
The two bout builders plan to remain
at acid arouniid Oriond until about ihe
last of April, when they will return In
their craft to Portlhind.

Night Policeman.

Mayor Smith Ihiap alpinted W., I.
I.atliingr ai nigliht policeman,i with
teacli Htret iund lilnetto Aveleei o na
liil territory. The w'w oeiier began hlil
dutlee yesterday. hlie goesn o duty I.
6 o'clock ine the evening, and ie relieved
at 1.a. cn.

Name Her.

The Daytona correspondent oitf tli
Tinies-Unlon, says:
"'Thought taken fri in In action. Tihe
Daytona )Daily News widely s ggeelstc
that a lDaytina girl should crown the
Speed King at the annual automobile
meet, January 21-7. Why not? If It
in beauty or brains or culture, or all
that are required, Iaytona from lher
galaxy of pretty girls can produce what
is wanted. We are only waiting for
some one to name her, and all Daytona,i
Beabreese and lDaytona Beach will work
for the winning.

l l'lli ll" n y IIur, nf irg n, nu iuF r Sill
rec'iici It liem ilep'i der'ided to rfuse the
requeint ilr Mhi'ilan and Walthour re-
garding llie addition of one or mire
liltor-pilred hlicyclee races.' Thley hoped
te iuinipetet, li e merlies of races from n10to
IUI mile', and would undoubtedly have
aiideil a lot of new ri'cordl on the long,
stralghlt lsretchrl f hard sand. Walthour,
lit partli'iilr, was very anxious for a try
it, the str istlghtaway inill record, which
helie predletd could lie placed at 0:46 by
hlimielf if hce were aidble to have a big,
ligili-poweredl racing automobile fitted
with c whindl hield. Walthour had fig-
iireil hlcat ci wedlge-Miieal wind shield
ceciilld Ihe tllxsed at their bak of a faet
ricniig cuar, and by fliting hilm amount
wlih a very high gllar, that ih eaouih
rovelr Ithi eiilhe ii 0:4II l4 iterw How-
ever, his| theory cannot he tried out at
Ormund-iaytona eahli next iuonth.'

Given Lecture.

Two airangeiKr were brought before
Mayor Hnlith tliln morning, on the
hiarge' oil vidatiing thle bicycle light or-
dinancc. They were given a lecture by
the Muyor, nild told If they were ever
blroughit ieo li hhll again on a simnllar
ehargei that they would be fined.

Mr. and Mrs. (., J. Huflen, of Frost,
Te'xai and Frank T. Hamilton, of Phila-
delphia, are recent arrival at The



Mayor Issues Call for Election on February

14th.-Warm' Contest. is Looked

For.-Many Candidates.
Mayor etnithi hIs issued his proclama- least.
lion calling fur a regular city election, to The imiajority of thie v'iti- ie I >l 'y.
take place on Wednesday, February 14, tons, know which getilie'eiiiin i likh he,-i
at which time a mayor, tax collector, suited for public office, and they ie, ,i,
treasurer, clerk, assessor, three school lg to vote according to their iiwn il,-
trustees, and five aldermen, will be sires.
elected. The citizens of the town wainil to have
Not in many years, has so much inter- a clean city elect on, d,.elI of tiruide
est been aniiiilfeted In acolinlelect la, and abuse, and I1 i to lie hoe'l-d Ihlt all
a in the one that will be held next candidates and their workers will follow
month. Already, candidates and their this poley.
friends are out hbutlng for votes, and REGARDINI T'hll E ('ANDIIl':ATS.
telling their respective side of the case. Mayor Smith, smire thi n, ilk-, told
It in tu be hoped that the election will The Daily News tluil st w-iiili I' ia rinun-
be devoid of bitter feeling: let each man didate for reeleltin. Ili', ny e linei Ie
run on his merits, and if there is noth- has certain iniprov'enilltsl tlt li i niiits
lig good you ranm ayy about any of the to see go into effect li'fnre lich retiri-'
candidates, don't run them down In the I (continued onl lic litiegei
.................. ..........

Spoem for Coday

By Robert Jeons Burdette
OMUWHNRNout on the blue seam naling,,
Where the wide4 dance and lspin,
beyond the reach of my eager calling
over the brhakwer' din,
Out wh" the dark itora cloud are ftlititig
Out wb t* h llla toi log I drift lKg,
: Out wbw the trUcherous saud ii bshittin,
My hip is coming in.
Oh. I have watched till my eye we achblng,
Day after weary day!
Oh, I bave hoped till ay bart was breaking,
While theb log night b .eld awayl
Could I but kuew wher eU waves bad toased her,
Could I but know what storms had crossed her, 4
Could I but know where the winds had elot her 4
Out to the twilight grayl 4
But, though the atorna her curse ave altered,
Burely the port bhe'll win; 44
Never uy faithli my ashilp hba falterNdl
I know asheo Is coming in. i
For through the restless ways of her roaming,
Through the mad rushb of the wild waves fuuinug,
Through the white cremt of the billows comblng, 4i
My bship I comingl n.
p rastlug tbhe id where the pile are fying, 4
Aallews ad deep ald om dee ltyin g,
Braveiy she's icolig Ip. 4
Preciousthe love tb will in to bMsa ine, i4
suowy the arma aba will bring to caress m t
Ila the proud purple of kid sshe will dris me. l
My bip that Is comalng In.
S White e tho ahblato hbar lstll will bo glNmilng- U
e, where my shiblp como es l l
At masthead Wid peak her colors streaming,
S Proudly slha uHs aiIi. 1
Love, hope and jly an har decks are cheeruig,
S MusIo will wiloe her gld appearing,
And my heart will sg at her stately unerlg,
10 WhenA m atlp slaea la.
AAAAh AAlf aa*iaaaa, AAAAiAAAA t@aAAAAh***** ****het **


A ft A1 I &- ft it if ft ft- m A MA OAL I A A A Ale"

vwvuuuhff111w1 uwtv

. Smart Dressers ask for



South Beach Street, Daytona, Florida.

*Aeu*, ..- n, 2


- , r . . .

~~~~~~-~-- ~--~~~~~~~~~~~~


Lookout Aluminum Ware Display
for our


it in Orton thi1(scase tilh lat *31tuiM
btloe iu'ko heI.1-1. 1U1.tll 11H otel D s l n
full) fo llO., huttrlouthwoudri 61v i audobI DYONFLtRDA n
(l 1.1k Olltf thE' 1,.UsIialfulrI~. 4~U ~ U ~ I
cle ituhl ull o th.Iu vlbl Ili i 4
seawfwit. towiiuwdIut P DAYTOIl" viN TH AVORITE.
Ivr iiiii 'I IuiIdt-i or II a ll wo or AiD. whou Ii
it iID'V(IIiIt. Illft. It IIl'" Il 141h1IIiiI il" 1I0)(111 for Seusoii i(ofI1110-6 under mmrlIthiteinetof
11111141. tit 11 ww "I or 1141i iii ire. i IuIw 4-4111- 4,
lit iI iti3 il) It shoilu(Iliew kei .tIl ilike 4
fir fo 11111 tihuie.. Iloll' ill's IIi tuLe M W ~ A llTE ,
111l 111~4I 111.1111 111$,] ot i tli ljl l )W NIi A N[ P H )P H It 1 )i,4
it lit therefion- v'ci) uftt awl -Ii .....1*.OO04 g**1"****9***
opitimgisis Iy srnsitat u4

1.11 hI It I' fillIt ul Ile 113'Wlidt1411 5i
wilwoi. imt 413'forml. WLliJ tu Ottv t ide. I. I./i n
cot il-tv it van1be ivit .~ipje(I tuuotl, Welv Know andPopular.
woill14 l.'vSas... oo ing f I .nut iful Hailifax 1River,
11miktt.m h ivil thi-::lt ietulissslit sIItho 0 IlaYtio a. A hoiwelike stud com fortable~
S~vI1Ilv4filll lloloilel w er"othr 1111101-1 ill' all respects.
Iiii it* i i li 12.kt.m0bet ilert s
tolil of 1151 it Il Ill tl rllicit. o f I -lti~tIlvl I 40
th tlielit. It It. fly abill te' o? 4.%ItiI
sti n;uke lelt tICIIIIIIII OEicii Wi~tP,011 $ Cl. 0. CHAMBERLAIN, PROPRIETOR.
10ispe le ilk e I illlrelly i el ii.. 1t iilit 1
lid lot, there Dir.. Colln i lIlf to it i A Ii. irt
011111. 114 til l E-',3 Ii ist Il t.h )' 01ril It I-.tillP
"woDrm ~ ial s" o1'1 f the' roiit,e,'i Parkiwnson House
wuerlelw. 141mno illik" t lay 41114 igiiwii lle11S. JOHN iH. 1AR1KlNSMi, O(it %\it I II i 11111 Il
oti.e.,' li livig fiirtli i tiir y~oungM hie'
Ii tho little'r ci~til'ory are v Y-it, iUtt.
tltiOnilketl anidlneairly all water Kisimkes.0
Pyttionx i)EUIncbte thlreiggis after Illy. DAYTONA, FLORIDA

J. P. ESCH. M. D.
Illi, li',n rs 12 to 2 p.m. lihon1
s'17, him strEit, first IholiOl mno ith 0
M. I';, ('l Darl. )nytonn lhwile ', lI"I

Associated with
DeLand, Florida
soiorll l i till f i 'Hi flior XI- iiini hlllilln n titll
1ll,1' i IIlm llkak hlimsk i'hioine' 121.

I Lynn's Hotel 0
S ST'. AI'(il'S'INI', FI.A. ,
S St. (rll'K' Sitrel
S ()Oppo) ite loriin HlIIluse
S (ive I'm a Call,
* Mr. maltw Mr.. ). erntel *

(illi |d111 l|i(ledleP:
No. .I Pa'tlmtto Avenue.
llo r.s: I1 to I12 a. m.; 5 to (l p. in.
Plliilie ",*- rilla"

J. M. JONES, M. D.
Otlier nawl 0)1rating IoomiM
27 N. Ilealch St. T'elephlleilo 7;i
Will Treat bllimumalism, l)iabete.
until fjiijriie by the use of Dry l111w
Air, 1.le-trihity, Vibration and Mle-
ciliictil Mitmage'.
,Wj u to 2li0l) iII, 3111 It)U IIi P1.il
P3 1 I 1Ullll S1i. Ill4 6;U IO 1,iU o ') P.Ill,
'Tn ltMliutem Consultation Free.

(ifflpe DAYTONA andl
D)aytoni Olln i lEntalliihed 1875.

For MASON Work.
Cement Milewalka a Specialty.,

8. H. GOVE
liesidenle and Offiee, northeast mer-
aer Ridgewoot] and Volima Ave.
1liene 80

in fittin up the rooms in the Opera
How. Ilock for a Dental Olff e,
Announcement as oon as complex.
H. H. SEELYE, A. M.,M. 0D.
iffme in To ldlewod Atve Po.0io Ml
uIDeclI4 e quie.od wlm I.liil lr f 11 li pll ies
for I reitilllbel yl ( I sIvblyl5 eeiidl l 5iiu
static qnoI 'lLreiit, X l utre da ltrr h1u
presied Air nebullsation, Vs uatfllas,
anqpaDheaei r liry Air Sete.,
liiuristOlis.m,. toItalndltoto p.n.

0ae In- Atwood Blook, UpsliMr

Fine location, corner of Ridgewnoil lani Mnainlin AvEA-in..
Electric Lights, Sanitary Plumbinig. i lails i1 il all iii.rii
corinvenienres. Table th heat thle inmairketl ffllord. I.irir',
nicely fiurnilied rooni, well lightled and nlialld, ,heiillrin tit e |Il tii',

WS( ::s:: fM~ fl'" cf4IEQQ94 36Q` 0351 gaDV*%.i.

t*, O O itll



ALBTERT HIENN E'l'l, hIII-, 111ii I
S1Aliol Lo-eaolIi gmo lAelp

I'o m m iti leoar i i ul ly ,fvlfi ur i~l f lm lil d 14111't 141i11. 1 ~e .. ...
col('tall t3er;~faa niaeplen-tetoeld Ill I 111augiI61111~l 11
11I'm iithe Wilt41Ow10'M arkel.'3A lfora 'l
Whliitehelp mtil ll ewh ite wnh a'.. fr-otm IlieCle mIkttii ll toi~laitlII,

MRS. (GEO. SILVERlNAIL,Il'illi-ihliu

Situated In a (Commanding Lwx'tim (In Ifillgewood Avv Aitijet,

New House

New Furnishings Steaml Heted E.le.tri. l.iglhted


A New IHouse With All Modern ( rnvenieuv em, Avv iiriqulumie 53
liaten $2.60O per Day arnd Up. Fpceiul Ly Witk (iMut-1nil.
Ali attractive ilunowiD11 th In 1g.. it lid iilIy l' 1.IIIiP, i III i Ililt 1411411%il .11,
unirt' 11wand l'eleJhilile, 6111t watt I P tlt jh ip.E tI 4f itlii I l iip I II I *II
PIN e M n ii Some.VtI111181Ald o4il l o 11tt i i t I 'viii ii li p(it. il Jill .:' i
mf tlu ie' vi.' food, 4 I cllitpy 1110 it 11# 1 41 i Imp I ll iiJili.% 14, 11 i ,11101 41114.ip Ill-
F-lil11tv itt l fid t mItimici, I lli hall.Img U
Open rrcm Nov' rniber 15th to Miy 1st.
Mrs. J. B. IIINSKY, ProprIetress.

F"neing tin iteat-1i stri-et ie.twet'ii i"iie ti 1411 III .volld A i'ilfO4 1. I kitaiiikilig~
he' halifax mRt. eri(Joe aof l,~ etltatleiele111ilp.411t.iil1111
11. A. COON, Prepwt.Cwivs..

s. H. MOMiUY. Prmetia

Rituated on Volusla Avenue
near the Halifax River.........
... ltale on Application.. ....
...Table Board a Speclalty...

L l lUtm i UlMI*'l

pnt rally Lnnteld.
A IHomelike IPlice
with lHonims ani ..
Board by D)viy or
Week. The lnriL.A
rv ', 'n,, l inble .......
All VilIhrn Tniprov'lients.
MI|l ( 11,<. IMIST, Prop,

......h .....................................~
THE AUSTIN W. W. Al'SQ'l' S. PiiriptorL
A New IHona.with Steam lheat, Elpetrii mIli111 flliodr modern
Imnprovem~ents. ov''rlncokingdnilb:;tio River.


l Magolia Avenue, Opposlte Poatolwee liAlluC)A, FLoRIDA.
5' ~ ~ S 8. D.GREEN$'- ?roprictoit.
adin 3e~mehfb. smalleovpr umbled in


Free with every purchase for Holidays
lTh, e,,' .Ire i.w velt (ultihln r fr I ilm i, a leniilifill portrait of
our I're-i,-.ti '
W,.al,lh.r ('hnrt ('ilcnlewlarft" r Il. i, with weather Ai nals and
pn ,.li ,t nI .\T

A Reliable Prescription Drug Store.

I ea H-asi.lnnd. i HOTEL NEWS

[" "-" "--"C-. ....-- 6

~. e ..I S %Ii-- ll1,oSithIiit(I, Fargo, N. LV., Is

-J.IH.111%-I II ilillloll Itobis on o
itlle- vii' t, il- it-o
Itiiillk ~t~lei iit' D~iiiL Mr. 0 m id %r, i)ll'enivan Rbinsont, of
7.iiuri(!till b)"l. ,11.41 i t o) iiI i l li iii 141k ill ln ttnui3'o11 11udit @ s toppin

to, tI Ill IiIl

Frodeick Im ttl Ia-0i Oil 411 M iand ~ II'I ii 'ocIa Robninso, to fre
'cI~ii (Jiall Iii iiiitli 21-2llb ee~ Dshuyl~ma and are tu

I'VV it 'l I I i io I II Ill di I l ld :t

11ii %I cI I II t iili Il y- alI-Ida'I "Ii i

h t cIlvr 1;141111 0~ia ii hii-

*\\'aitni,,-- 3 'iiiil iii vl,,l k ailil i. ,*UiiiiipliiMllp.lA!Wi.;
-hhlhillIltl. AI
-- I)r. W.', II. lalEr, it iprominiilt New
,.,Il I,, I il iriiiii>, 1if01 r l |l'l ditiiin I f..w oli'rk h ilili' I io t ii C ri iient arrival it,
diy 0 in llit ii'i', r'tIiri111i l t1 .lii k.-l li. r h I'l I i3k.. IIh 1 ie'i niip ilo edI liy M r .:
I ll r I II h ,1 .V Eyli. Il'l -l' ll i l Il lrv i I h lt -i m m I "
lMe ievllilt \'iiv i r f II, H lllif AI I'll. e Auei s.
IB Auil'foil rkWo1l4A(.
-- '' Tlwi ilitilly of Warren Hastianp
Jli.. It. ..wm, N imi3i. l II.t i lIIit I i Etimiter schoolboy In carving
Jll l Ii'ihs n11lnllEiihtit the clock ol the
hii: wife, ii i'1 itnl, airrivl heril liE -IivrIay wetrii''E tiier of the U bbey piale be
ill it 'p|i cial 1i'r. Thli fiIIam ily Iliil.l- fn1 11ll 'o t11 ihilli'ie ty tof alliother Wi tnlll.
ith ci'h llel flillh o oereitlie hli lf ierll
maEIIgelIr of ltheVirlrinia l & 'hilk \ 'iW>,i tiitht Ill' wIiiul ife1pI) in the abbey, not.
rn llilway. willlitdiiii tile report thllt the ghost
i'f Illl'lliShw, Ithe lresidentli of the court
i-- thel trlnll of C('rlels I.,. who in the
tIlli l iif tilt (IiiuOt Olwei@lth occupied
T olirllaigrlEnt(if i llr I)hlily Ni.sl+ r IIof il, tE'l'y, h illllilted ht bulldln He
ihi sltartedl i' doiily limilelu f ,iitIrl, whii l "Iillt tll?' flight In the abbey and oceu-
SI.I lilsc tille' iin cIIviilng his uname oni
iiiilipeirs evir iy illy tillh fil1l rl H ii,., illt ifif i r tiEi hllit l choir. t bli h bearsa to
thlilt |)iiklr, 1)n Satuiilrdy there will li till: IIIly4 toi followingll rudely cut in
two 1i111 of fare, lone fr til iiurday iv itil iii l ,ii: "'. l'Peter Abbott, slept la this
04111' f il'lih. hI t ."-I IIIndeP Advertiser,
oil, fr lls ihdy.v
A Plihk Illellaarat.
1A, "l4h rtiesturant" Is not ou aI
Ther Way eoa Do it. whiiAh il li h 1ervil eexclusively or eveili
One reads that t ll rwin never unller chitllly, but a restaurant at which a
stidl till teutiitliin, lnllid thi ihilliie IarE I speclnll.V Is made of the service of
tlhit Iiiine NNewtoin touiilil lini ,ve 11ish ih anu d at wlilch usually sloe special
e nlly examliilniitlo in lliter.tir y or nl 4 tfish dishli is offered to patrons each day.
tIhllte tilJlt lt with hi iieiin 11.1t ii l.ndoun andil arlis such rstiiurants
lim.try wi In luienious l osoliie'. anID make as their chief specialty sole. as
staltiiiry only alone lolll.s. iFlornii liPoi lmr13h In lRn1tand as to France. The
hall no alift fonlltlitihelii:tils., iiII it 1. Parlis reiitaurantii n addition, make n
n .iiiitel iuesmtlo If .NSiia.cieIonl Iiill feature of t'rayflal, cod and mussels
lillitl tOtlil s lie iu NIi in t.llliog. Itl anul the Loidon restaurants of white
i' iite >.\iltlilimoilt iouii l"iic'.li. itil I t Ibit niidl dirlinp. The variety of fib
ll itlheir abiility to (i h)win.ow e oiio tii' ,I0 plrolurble in these two cities is almost
well that ilna turnll the wol'd ipii:li witliout lluiltatlon, but a different fsh
down it various tliest in Iti forward each day requires, In fact only seven
iiarch., ilt their Inability to tindo hardly varietl. ln the prepanratlon of whieb
whallt aill I..i world. oul dom, aiol ,rate.-. tlire re mn y it ..,,',i|l.,,
you do-tlle d:'Ifferencei le Ielin tle w:iy Lacklr.
you ulo It. TlTh bi ilnitll world Is ovel' Belle--Ile wouildI l 1i good match V
tockedt with i i).t plileo l.ikliin rfor It weeen't for oue tlhhi, May-Wlat
good bposltlioils, iwhli lo llitl nill aie i that? Belle-i hias no hea
waitliig for Nood IwUolle to ilii them. Brooklyn Life






-- --,w v ----- ......----- W..... "

Hotel Colonnades

Open for Season 1905-6.
called. All Northern help. lItule on 11i. livation. hIt,,A t
Geo. H. Bennett, Manager.

1i.eee*eeoo ee*,*.emn* ee*e**** ******e

The Breakers

iThil House i Now Under the Management of THE ('l.,\ I\lo0.\
and open for guents.

The Clarendon Opens January 1.
EC. L. POTTER. Proprietor

The New Seaside
11. F. STEWlvAlT, Proprietor

Everything Modern, Ihrnlelike dl C'andO('m Inlle.

Hotel directly on

the Atlantic Const. S-f llnlihin inmid ls
' Fishing Unsurpanied.

RATES ?82.5i P'ER DAY.



lenry Schmidt,

i relitly l'hiiingel
. and liproived.


Plmetete Avenue andl v Lam.
wI ,at liy tl"owho o1.l.r elKiiin wi th n1 iln.iil inhd i i |

h lite". MRS. FOLTZ, Proprietor. j

De-Land is a Iwifi- Foitd a ei
.resort, stlrroitnd ed l ibf ihiil faor"i
anld orange groves. 26y liii l i1u11,i
from l Daytona. CIP, a lIa
healthy. Direct colle,.i,, tl lIt
East Coast Railway.

PUTNAM INN, DeLand, Florida
Comfortable anid (ofinvenliently located, with extensive gr,)llla h mi
ibroadI veralndl n, good table, grail 'aervit and everyltlhiig to ,te it
leis'Hible as a stopping place for trainsient tiests or wnwilisl .ilie
For rates and booklet, address, V. W. GOULD, Proprietor.

**************** ss* ****hs**es*e***ftC


SSee McCoyBros., Beach St., Phone 34,
and join this party which will stnrt in a few days. A fy.A Iiu
-it ines requiredd, li$ O Round Trip.
I Steamer s "ncIe Sam."

The only hi ah grade Auto's for i harder. Call and insl.ie AMili
or "Uncle Sam." We will ie pleased to show you.

This space is reserved for the schedule of

HEATH & DICKINSON, Proprietors.
Phone 6.
For Charter until put on regular run.

***44*44*4**i55I $4
I ~~~~WiMWidiMWMiiMuM

. .^AAA, $




Electrical Construction.

See W. M. SHAFFNER, another Real Estate Man
._i .... .. .. .. +, i--^- -- w"' w-e / IBP TTnInT 1Mf T %T Tr1 ,m


I ==a

,~~~H~n~, ),,),,,,~~,~~ nn ~nwHnnn







BARNES, the Novelty Man
Sells Everything
* Especially Stationery, Fishing Tuckle, Cio kery, Gnlas
Lowney's Chorolates, Soivenir Post Cardil, Dullk, Toys and
Will also Frame your Pictures, Sharpen your Snw. R nive
SMowers, Scissors, etc., and will liepair ulinst niitliiN thmI
of whack. In fact for every want remember......



's, Lawn
It is out

Daytona Dally News
Published each evening except Sunday
during IDecember, January, February
and March of each yar by
T. E,. FITZGERALD, Managing Editor.
OEORU E F.CROU'CH, Superintendent.

Subscript ton:
81.60 (In advance) per Season by mail,
16 cente per week by carrier,

plhole I Ilditor's Olilee: 124
I.. Lperhiitcldamt' t.sh.,: It

TERSELY TOLD Psth *, punlnt(, Pontd and ALL ALONG THE
LOCAL ITEMS... Plloyophlcal-Plopi'a PKull EASTrltl COAS L
wtA, ITE.,. Pkmntlyand Practically Portrayd EAST COAST...

* 40 South Beach Street, Daytona.
Telephone 40

* We take this method to thank our
, patrons for their patronage during the
* past year and especially during the
SHoliday season.

* Wishing you all a Happy and Pros.
* perous New Year,

* We are as ever, yours to please.


See J. C. Pettepher for

Auto Repnuiirs Kinid

Touring Bus for Charter for New
Smryna and all points of interest
in and around Daytona.

Garage on Orange Avenue, Daytona.
, ********


r**-**..eee *....ee..e
Has Just Received j
a New Line of...
Leather Goods,. "
Hand Painted...
China and Wood,
and ham a full line of
.....Xmas Goods..... .

puuuu-uu-uuuuuuuwu" -W

Mill's Ice Cream
Parlors i
IOR-CIREAM in any quantity.
Facy Creinam and miles of any
Sdecriptinu for llanqnuts, Wed.
Sdings, .le.: nlms, frlh creptam for
Shipping Spei'ial rat ton
Hotels. E. .1. MILLS, Prop. t
..... Id... __ -..........."

| McDonildl's Boat


Beoat Iluilt and Repaired.
Railroad Ways.
Boat lloused. lnatl for Sile.
Launeh R ldingr a Spweialty.
all Work OunrMneed.
Asm y for Fay & irwn and

"Acfrillr ite' i eC poilueli g" Is .
! Il eif 4io.-lihh' wit Ic Iio It "p r li r
elm l s." 'Ilir y'le r berfolre us i
cwillh I 4 tl, it fe1t 'for 3 61lm iny $
"le eIllthI rI-e l.l'illKg" ilm igs.1 uie
lie glt i met it (fi r l ilm i storee .
'"W'e wih ymiI lc'ltlilh fter
19011)," minld Invlte y'ill to pik- c
tlietii' lsW. \We proliik' a i
S mcell' dirlel lillld low prices.
f Wfet '. meier, yeou plire rings, nid i
l rescfript li l en irre' lym rtn(l-
piinel dlel',. li' hlcmlllly Ald l visl,
lind hl)y if itsm ,
Russel Pharmacy.

Gramling Bakery:
5 6
* *
. :

Sand CASESS IN TilE ,'ITY. :
Sllakred lIenns Every Saturday, :
. *a**oo*o****ee*******

*a .. *,- ..* -. 6* ..
*' Ornamental
Wood Worker
New Machines, Skilled Help.
Am i fixtel for i ulsines. Will rail
for veour erdr. Satiefa'tlon iguar.
SSlhop on Nertl Iliiigew(ld,
Kingslon, plnne 123.
-* *-** *-* ** *----

..tte 111111*******1.-
GEood Things

cEverytlhing the market
affrilh in the way of
S eatables will be found at
S ur astre. 'Phone 19.




Rolhrt Holmes Loses Everything la
Hil Boat, #ad Narrowly B Mape a
Watry Grave.-Said Craft.
A ril-rigged hiil called Thei' even
S i'iee' i l, \~. im Iil '.rit Helines in OmIco .
S llallll, e il li i 'ei i llepp sitei Police
IPa'rk, Sundlay veenlIng li aI liheavy quall.
lTheleesI h i ms w ('mew l l i. i mum| liIthe'l hhimg
S ;icl e rv' y llhmle l icleeglilig te ti le
M ,, em'r ame. cMlW.h4-4l hiet, ll i.eieiiim. Tlhe
!e'im l ii m emI reci e l' ferteml ,4. At. eiie tliie' Iit
SMi liand, ili slc wlimik ing l n attempt
t ii In l ht tlhe' Illll, .le II t. e lake. lt
itnllnd riiil, l iwhen Ihe' si ill struclik
he'r wimllh viloille feiree.
S Mr.1'. Ilhillis mes h l decided'i I ive i up
S le' mlle ImIndt lle i llslpilmes.l if lil' hleoat tel
lertl 'mi''tll, of lcmme Park, who will
I rtiA fll rin mlir et ifl minto I lallchil.
l'p to lthe tilllmm' if r chilling tile ill lt,
Mr. Ileleinl's repulilsihaving had a very
T pli'inalt ll1neir.

Board of Trade.

Thel lmlyteimlnm lie4rl ,f Trl'lde ip h.ld
ilK *I Ia iIc'e il' K lllg 1 iflTlceilmleeen Til'h prill-
'ripal llllll 'r o i Ic i ll lp \vll le tu o ( ll-
hltl'r the a' vi-biility ef using lboikle' s
de-l .riplive rif Ill.N hl ei.


The'i flleieril servie'.s lf Mlr'hrllee E'IIItl,
wllce' idlill iim mIlel's eillnled Iello ur
eileluemimf ye3terdily, took place yester-
ilny iiafterifnmi, mn t Whisi re'qe st wam laid tu
riest Inc I'lnewo'd ('emilttery. He had
lin t ii 1 sitfi'frr fr'emn tubere'elli ml three
iinil iin half years, iandnl his hali title for
life' hliud lIbeen mI'eirc nively Ili Arlluna,
I'Clifoiriili, lilHinolulh, ('Cloradi, Niurth
('iiroliion, I lt' Ailirndnllekslm, and last will-
Ier ine Winfelr P'ark, Fit. lFront his first
enitratre' inicl r'lorile, 'rle'ar i t he end,
le delightd ill the ,.'ounllry, and often
exprvmised lhm great I lve' fur Florida. Ai
lihe felt the eid nieerilg lie spoke again
unmd again(l of hIlls gladnes that Ihe wasl
here, IandII olld lIe laid to rest here.
His imotlhir aind sister, who have heeln
with hhn lhroullghilut him entire sickness,
will ie'lceni Ili i Dyltona through the
winter, und miy eventually make Floi-
Ida hllicr plerinumient home. His father,
'. (I. Elliott, IC. I:., is at the head of the
ID)epirlinceel of I.Land Drainage, Il tihe
|),pimirtilemlt or Agrilulture, at Wtasling-
Ion, ilnil hi: dielille take hiein away fruoi
1Icene, nit the timel., lie being sent all over
tlie emumntry whlu'iever there are difficult
preiee'eili ricelnilnatlon of lands by
eliaimIge' to I l' mlved.

ll'ersn, I'lte'rsom, Io'f Eau i la"lle, hls
retfirneeil homeen, ifte'r spending a day or
two In m)ytoiem. lie hlan just returnM'l
froen North ('arolina, where hlie attended
I he nimeriinge('if h is sister.

We have several

Gilt Ede


in improved and unimprov-
ed kelleu H treet property
tiht we would like to puti
before some one who wants
a good thing.
Won't yon get lucky and
let us t how you what there
is in it?

Smith I Thomas.


Many Artkles Belonging to Merchants
ound In Midway.-Held Over In
Delault of $1,000 Bond.
George DIavis and Will Thumas, two
colored aieak thlieven, were caught in
Midway yesterday iy lDeputy Sheriff C.
M. Kurts, iand two oluored offer, Gad
Tiaylor elied Wi1llim S1iiiiniolli, WilIl have
lhivi win'ki ofl tinhe f m' for ioinpe time.
''lihy wwrt' i vrraig ei'il liefore Jeistice Cox,
tlied ol ell S1 1,INk) lMI to awai th il
e' l he ll i ilef Cri inl r hlou (t'ert.
Tli'pme' lieroes' liave i 'en operatllig lil
tlils vicillly fer tir tlomnehe least, and It
is prtll theilre lll li lrg niiumber of tile
riibelirlsi tlimt have oe'i'ared can be
tra ed te toimeiie.
li lileir ruuml was found three pairs of
tlit,'s, two pair tof troiumHser, and three
sliirts, lie' property of Anthony IBro.
tliers, two airs of shoes and two
conts, tlie property of M. B. Aultminan.
li addilltion tlre, was a Stetson list,
raghimu ovieriult iand a pair of gold spe-'.
taucies, whiehi rouldi not bee identified.
0in se\i'l e' c 1'el'eeie c I tleVe litgroWH
lhave vislted lie tw.i stores above men-
1llme'ed lit tlllne whllei thr places were
well riiwded. mlie of till' mulmblher would
ailllirt Ifie' lattentill of till' et'rk and
tlie ilhliers gt lin tihelir nefarious work.
Wlhlil' e ffiicelllr wire' llout toe mIfike'
lw' ultink ilU tlhe hllsll,'one otitf the imIlli-
hlr ownmeril|en dIi isil l nt large. All
lier' a ri' eilb iedielle'dl young nee'groe'.
Afir lile prelimehliary ihearinlg, a telt-
granU wime reeriveld frouni (Orala, stating
llith '"'lii ie is wiu ledi tliere for jail
Davis, li Mtillier darkey itn the toils,
e'llm Il" ehi'monville' ma Is I liuoie.
The Weather.
For Fiast h'lrilda: Oeceaionall shiw-
erie Tue'msly niglht and Wednlesday,

New Years Dance.

'lime New Ye'ars dance given by the
Imeiamage'mceint of tlie' Mario AImiucement
('Companly waNs success, anid there were
ahmlt thirty couples Il attendance.
(iood micnil' was furnished, and every-
oule present had a pleasant tilue. The
next dance will take place on Thursday

Oranges Plentiful.

Florida oranges are said to be very
plentiful In the northern market, and
are' bringing very fair price,. Laut week
over 32,1)110 Imixe' were received by New
York Ilmyrse. The Indian River russetl
are arrlviei at ca'itern points in large
qimmilniti's,. 'lorlda "trightf" bring
frmn $4 t1 $4.M1 lper box.

Bamboo or Rattan Goods.

Large stock just

in. Now is your

chance for Christ-

Wmas Goods.

Furniture Undertaking

f4"A~rMmnrg-p~gny, a, a wii ,, ,i ai', avu a uii aT

Graduate in Medicine, Pharmacy andlCheiistry.
Telephone 282.
Ws soMmadwwMVVU\mWN^M stt^^^^

The Daily News wants 1,(M) reporters. No, this is not
a joke. We really want them, and we won't he happy nmtil
we got them.
In other words, The Daily News waits every wperon.
male and femnle, IS year. of age and over, in Ilnyt.na and
its envirorni, to get on the staff of the paper. The Daily News
wnnts every crap of loeal news that is worth printing to up-
pear in its columns. The best way to get it i. to ask the
people who know about the news to send it to the piipeir.
So if you know of anything that has happened, or is
about to happen, tell the City Editor about it or write to him..
Let every man and woman, youth and maid in and
around Daytona become a reporter The Daily News.


C. ., JOHNSTON, Prepwiet e
I have the heat Livery in the City withwhite drivers familiar with
all roads. Look for the Silver Tipped Rigs.

Bond Lumber Company

oite and Yards: East Coast Railway and Orange A venue.
MILIA4-Hond Mill, Atlanti Cout Line Ry., 100 mille snoth of Jaiksonville
-Kalamaon, onil anford Braebh of tie F. ., Ity.
Phai ue 5. R. J. MALBY, Mir.



Blue Ribbon Beer and Lewis 66 Whiskey



1,000 Reportersl

Pre.iMdt m6dleW Ales. Ceahier
*Ie.eth Valese cousay Isak)
Capital Stock.......................................... $ ... f ),
)Jersenal Liability................. .. .................. IOA )
TraMalta a Geeaial Uatau i n igi ee.
Vor pate epingi of Papers. IMeds, Ab(tratei, Life and Fire ilnsuraneep i'nllels,
we provide absolute promotion Aaieal Are. Uson. of ourieel Iafetly
os.s la Vault ThMy slot from l Mete to 1.00 pelr anthb.

---------- i-- .~---- --- --- -

------ --------------


N Z9


'Phone s7

Opposite Public School




Motor Transit Comnpany, Touring Cars forCatr hn 8


DAYTONA I. sitlliltel upon the
wvet hltiik of thie haillf l River at Its
fairlst e.Xll|lIPii n l i\wnavy letwee'ln
IltDs 0eorye at 1lihlow liny nitl IIt outlet
vt Mosiltito Itill t. It Is in IIIInltilt
:t0., se'v.ty fourr nilles front t, Al*.
piitlthe and ol 1e nulle from the At
laiill iilteal, ait is avlcknowlediged to ;
be witlhuit it rival for beauty amull I
Ithe. lllnic.e'N f the South. Its site Is
11li011 whlt l known as high hlini.
rlllik Illlll ilhint Wl itcrowlced by
lnfliii'o with i 11 init royal grnwthl of
illijvlli* fillre'st tre'ivl, titil ail8 llW
Ilthr I'trets I thllI tloWl of .to-dl'y, with
lHt li tallt fillt l Dtlhif ll se llll well-1 lll'1d.e1
willk ei iiinl trees.. Thie result is
thllt illl llog lthe whide tlVellllls that
l 1r11 .lA 1 lflit owil Ilr" lu lly llv aud
u 4tl ,, iiiik- iiiil il tlh lll erl.ii wi0 llwh grile ftll flf'r ti *l ill
tlhe uray $1r inSli ii'neliS, that ovrilrcli
til- mtleit iind a Nvilk", nil Ioiiut 11111a tliw
lire' II,|II' rilil \tlll triiiiiv l ii liiiw lttle
uilr.eyl Inric iel h ilriiu'1. ltta r im it lilt.ii.t
miill 41-1yh ii\l l lrllgll ilrrl l rly, 1 l h1t11 "
fitl ei 'e lis lliii-"d, w lu- 11.tll I illy |il. '
ile wild 'l grill, ti tri ll ll|'t I litr lll,
t lh- r1 1 h4lll|>il1 ,1114 1 hl h IIil 4lllnl- :ll'h .
,lh Il hl legr l i' lh,. rl liil.rt i h ,. li'r
Hltl l lllin lll tMl ,'l ih l i1 l l i 'llitl.
TI'lhi tlownel li larllil w'v li Ill
lhidill' x llver, 114l .xt lsiil fr e ,I rll
twi iiilh'0s alnlh4 j t; il, ehelm'. h'li
rivr |e thl ile lliflit of tli. lllcn lier ;i
ltll- 1.th*llnl l Illlll loln iH 11 ll, l, I.
I-m i' ale gritl.lt t litllii'lJl,'ee.
T'I'liw .ll ll nlIe' t..I l t i'u i'll
iilltl wuil or liiliter et' it ih l'e r ir 1
ll!l lill feet will l e p1'4l lhll'lur lli' t ti
w l4h I.- lls lll nit l.Ity-live fNOt, lllt hll,
it hili l iif-i r h if l t ll, betllill ftlll % tllktri
llhi llttlll lu l ln il tItei 111 rllNil i ie h rie,li
llh rillt W V* i llll Illlll -1 ),1 1 llll Illllw ll
111111Ill iH n-1- 0 4 i ll I' ln t1 ill' "fi- i lglllIf.
li1i\1% rl iir lielt lll le 'ltr h11 .1 h'l- hlIln .li tt(
fr,11l fill' lh i w hl A luihlli., wllhM
It nilll'r llllfl rr llo r l htllir llfllX mlll sllh
Ili of lt iellmislt pe'rfeetl III the worlit
cily'iy 14 iiIe ell ini y iiilleiM of We l n i gr l
eI'll, imnirleel aiindl ih lhe'el riilll lnull
igtrte tl, rellilerllg It lthie
Whlieelma'si Paradise
illil 1141nledi to Ilei' bilt mi tlle' iilway
lllr' thli ty ll lhe' of miniollethi lha lilrd
fljut uforiirl 1111 llirilvnaliel olir.w foi
lnllge iltllllcI 3elyril lllall ld rlivingK Il
Miltlolllollll rl iilg. No tlown of qi'nlll
sele., otli or h etrhi ntilunimbers N
1111111.v wi'l iinili, n0tl ey1e'ling is a fa v
urlite, i4 ll.lin with tlhe toirllti IIlll
ilmer indil winter,
The Beautiful Cottatges
th't ll e lni ern'etel ll during llplstI
)Pi'i andl fre being l hinllt are relileer
Ill liaylo n H le ftlliolat fior I ll e 1111
hieiiiw Is for ls ir lifnlliflil lrver, truce
Mil nfi'llf'Ne, lnlMd tllhey lire' nAlilln
y 'i' rlv t i) ll i ills III'tleion '
Not tilhe ht!il of tlilu nttrnitlolone t
Itise secelitrllgi hueImi1 In tile l htilli
iiel rninkliig vm'iolil only to hlonllth
fill NS iiiil iiperfee'llon of reillliilit, I,
lile fillt HiIIt It i lollllltllon IN le hIollj
eeMlIHjmeII of cilltltlvitdtl andilte'llgllll
|le'|lle, Irelllteellllllll to thee ri'tlllenll 'tl
of homelle allld n o1 lil Ife., Alllded'I
tlh'l. ftei'tlireis aire gooIl lcilrlchiel'N, l oll
pIllbile andill liriate MlchooliN, tilorio
hlotele, Intillelry, ineat mainrktN, Inovetlet
worlik, lilt opera holiel, electric flight,
for r l'ret A1111l Ioue I lilinliallon, i1
licflxl t1ii4hol 11 systeiitol. Iee fletory,
I.ily VWater Worklm, amil hot 1111il 'i.ic
litlhi, etc., indl verythin'llg els' Canl Il
plrovuriel that Is ieeeii ary to inlike
llfe ,oinfortable. An Imnportant foul
tire lu tlhe lifiM i llneii of thils teewl
Ii lhle

Water Supply
wlhlehli i derlved from aniie ron
flowlii wells, of which i there are probe
ably :i, In tliW iorlierate lnilti, Thll
Ihw In ircurld by boring wells to ftli
de'ithli of from i to 10O feet, pasnlin
irlligh sli ervil itrata of rock, uile.
hli0 il4t1et[l ) inuresi inirtity from n l.
llrfle ceonitalnliitloli. ITheo water b
NllliUy hIIiIn l'intrld with il nlnOli.
lidl Ironi, iand holds anulillur i tli.
slihilt of UlNe, wlieh sion pliam'a nway.
The epo latleo *e Dayteoa
propier IN anliout lsoo. Addted te
lili In n naliAnrlhin ioinultlon tn l11111li1
Iihere n' d a lie'I ilhict of nalont Olt lll iI I
Kinu ton, Iianke, ld enirnbresoe 01
1im1llill, ei'hilreI' se 1il nh I4Iver ihealih
whlilhl nrrle properly a part of ti', town
ani lIpoiultlon.
Daytea l***elh

lIhe ei il ll rn10ont of tile town. It le
plicieeheil lhy tlire, iood brlhlgd'
uver tIh' rh'er and well-graded ive
rino T1Tlhtl, prinlplial llummner re
sort siltlth of St. Anlagttine. It liIh
inore tourltils during thie sIniltllr thli,
all olhbr p1liie' Minth of that city coIn
hliiet, indl Ialsao iwecoiiltig a favorlhe
winter reuirt. 'The beiaeh sle wideh
Ilrl aniid Niointli, ioy lanicny onldei'r.i
thi flite't In thle World, and the surin
bathilu is safe and excellent sumimen
aud winter. People who have tried
Northern and Western summer resortt
declare that there are none so perfect"
in comfort as Daytona beach.
Automebille aee Meet.
Their Florida asit Coast Antomoblle
Assomlation conducts 'an annual racp
ieet on the beach. which ba now 1i
universal reputation as the greatest
iutomobille race course In the world
The Daytona-Ormond Beach li hard
me iicninac m, and an Ideal stretteh
of thirty or more miles without u
break makes It the .ataral racninr
ground for America.
At low tide the beach I hbaied for
800 eet and neither carriage wheel.
hblycle or pedestrian can make *ic
luirdly vinlhle hiprint on Ihe smooth
'ld wpll-.packed und. It ti no u.
common sight to ee sall-rigged bl'y
elm illeditng with the velocity of the
wihd i'for'e a stiff bnse along the
itllileth I'cll(,h thus affording the mol
ex'lillaratinga iort known to man. Re
ldes these, miles of haardh elied.ipaili
gebilld bolt ans tbh e eiaes e of





,m mum I

E. T. Conrad Co.


tlle wlieh Illtel v'eh'illln Inllt 0 llr'
tiieenb vllih tihe' iiiilinil4d ov'er tlhe
lirle d tirl ricel 'w lll h el l lii n rlie hlt ll'l
I l il fiix It I i-r.
1hi lireti' h II froli li e h llelil.v IelliTc ei
tih liowlfl l int illildlt ihlhh, iiriiisirei
iti i iili eri't, iiift l t114 ihie'- 1il'ra ele e tlih
f.' 'sitrf iceeiil'cr ileilt tttie feet'
'r Off, -hi,1111rieiit l'iite'l eeecih l eIwvo ii,
t ililltl hlli ilt gollilli, sw. ll rull lIet
liln t lhe elieill fl'rotl lllll to twl feet III
ipt lh inelir illeornl il'l etiill etlltlo illlk
Hil thll' lerilrh ,ll lllrii,'llve lllell uhll
'lll t llfllr' Itll ni f lut r ei 'fe ll lltlllt
ler t lir Ifl'it no well An Itlier grey
'illivil v tle'rilll lf Illlliy sml i llr r le illl
ariferly e'inj,-e le luxuriiy of a en'a bitlh
lirollm t lihe r l iirl e iprt f tii ylr
.irl1oliiil$Ih hirfii r in irl prt ir t wlmiu r,
iill viirlire' ouit firlther to tet lil
Iiilli lniil mIkll In ihatlllln with tlhe
iiniliiiieillhlile i eweri of the flighty

Thle Peninsula
lyllin Ieetween river andml ean I one
lialf milie wlide, nid Ii heing rnlidly
liiiproved, indti lere tliri nallny file rot.
tnge,, aniid ieevrcil moold heliet, an
1i' l Ir ile'e, two onliil pliern, blearh
*Ivillolln 1n1ll hiiruge rsinio.,
A Remaurkble rlltuve
it inii liii n heeliten thlI yinrly Inl.
iroveenliit l It li ti tyl usinld vaille of
li' hliillillnN Ihint nrte h'liing reetetiIl
,ir linioei'. M11,11 of 'enrllnl of ithle
Vorth ni nil W't live hlioline awiiaken.
'i| to li ieii'ihcinuie'k for whiter real.
hinie, iiitl venhlibilh lnot are heilnI
increallhielil nd eitly lihoi ie, bellatitiful
,ll ilit i i Amiuel liililii, inr IHwinig reret
,il, iniiil hieilfiliil hOlllc'N, the abodime
ef wellli iiild eiiltre' are uinltiplylg.,
Helriei'l'e'in (f 'lty lieuiltiflill) lnnil
1ilow1liilll iir' ictlhelii4ltllt oil tlihe Oertil
hleh of t Ilip |iinllllll| e ncroll tlhe IHall.
,nax Itver front Dyiltoniia. .
At tih' foot of Otenni Boulevard,
.'tlbrei'e. n pierr reiirlife 41i)0 feet
lieroe the h'Inellh l Into the iwelling
iirf of tIlme ocniit, 'mise pier is n
*iiverlt' report of those who delight
t tilce slport of hdlllllg. TheI surf
irro nhlolllds in trout, pompano, yl.
lowtall, envnille, whiting, driii,.
eilile'ithlndiil nidl nny other varletie'h
.if fdllilit eshi. Drliing thei fall seinton
hie fnioll lia hiass affords royal
'iort, endl it hlin hice'o no unileonitloi
eawirr'le't to lanld a thousand pounds
if tlis gIniney Bohb in an afternoon,
.nillvidtilli of raingiii froni
ifteien to tilrty-l.y pounds In weight.
tot 0111Y coe'>i Ie. oealinn offer thlot
iplc'ill ilsort tint th li e llfiif IIlvr,
einl. hinlf n ille elbck of the ocean, It
,illIilly faninoui f Ir its fine Aiilnil,
indil 'the virltl"l thaint aleound Ini tlhe
e'e'inc iri pri'reent In ttie river.
llitntiii ndIl lAlilgl good. Ex.
ioorliterlt l liilee ond tdoll mny lo hdhi
-it reliitolilelo lirleve.

I O**************aa*iiia

S LOW Tide on the Beach.

.Il, 11 iel ti Jand liin :t i i 7
ch 111 mi i em
II 1 II1 1 I t el 1 41
,, J) tn ) S" I Sl 1
S 4 t Sl itIt l ll I I" rd i L I 4f
l* o" it oi u o 2i il m i
'*" lit 1 :e- te ," ia fl 1ilI
: lir 14 i 411 I to it ;1 S
S l t e I cII ll I I T De I go
S Iom, It111 41 is" i Si 4 41 i o
I n a 4 11. 1 11 *
1 InI, ,M 11 IgoI
a i 4 c e ; s 11 ?r s
Sllch tieolobouribtforsoreafterlowtMtsd

Usestei thie. Usea I emlts.
At provincial theater In l'tlnce
whel'l opera lt given It is not "acum.
mon for untried tteor* to submit
theillsolvei to the public Judgment,
which In usually hostlelq. O of these
obscvure songiter preintia himself
and sung the Bint t L Hi did )ot
luake a et." t He jrtigrd W his drs
Ilg room, took off hais m kt* and wae
Prelnarlu to to home wb* the Ia .
ager o appeared. "eWbgtl" be criiL I
"lou are not dreaued tor tth secollnd
act, and the curtain is ji glonll upl
Thouiiadl tlhntilelers" ciThi ie i5e
actor' sid the tenor ptae1, 4 "I ranu.
not sing the swoud act I ot' know
the second act. Whenevllr Lilg I am
always kicked out aftr tf ii flir I

CItliln-What poiNbtle Une GdMi
yoU fellowi .have for aequittOig that
mntirdwertr Jurynmin-lnauilty. Ct.1
len-What? The whole twelve of iyout!
Thn art of beil able to make podI
OM of maod6ile abUlties oftmsas N&I
move Iwtl anlstail m" l -I

icl' rlii ls tl i i n ill Stilhliiuli
t elll it ewl llill l Iiil f r rl i il
ait hinllie.

W i'. e l i.11l ,' f .l:lk .i ll ,, i..
oily loll lllln lll,.-.,

M rs I' A I. i,ii,. hi ., riurl,,..l

h.1 ii.t I it Murgilin ni l fititl y hlinve .arriv%,i
.\lppl from li eiir, Illi l sll'd iarei ee' Ilt yi' il
O ""'."lil Ih e iivri n l i talll,,I f
in l lli ve --1

I,. 11, 1ih l. A lllt la 'iril fillr i,
'Engil Are't' le'i g (li (!ilile, rat ll', lili at
i t I lliy ilwil I Ihi yto i t l W 'wek hi l

'td I 9t 4
h.l i ei&qOR tMtlii5
t'gudA ran yu~
055 oml~g.4
ilt. t'IB. ( a

Th'l' I)cy lillIki iehtdruniriiin rt-uei'iliiI
tomhiy. tfteir eii tlnday's v'enlihiiI, Mrs.l i
hityne'si Iii 'h |iirsl' iil il hei' is si.s'< etidi
bl Iy I ttes1 ith illie Ii teii 1111 l M l Illiiii
Tliniillslonl h llI fll f whlti li r i arc ,e t.) leii.
ally llttledIl r ihtO werik.

Our V

Mlnadam, we n sk
can't help hut iiinotih
Most store. well. 'I'l

A 'ade foi

.L'p a... s

Ir 'i. ii II son m y e te' I ui III lt' rilsifonl
iiytlnillen iieli.-.n-JeHsinvillc 'T'uiti'e. Aliolt'T THE VOTES,.
I'lihtn. AntI hl st city election about 137
SVolte'l 'ere'' cast, while It is the opinion
(ivt yr i.t> n rs of rttr f Ihetlsll wh m ti are Ipted that more thin
'*1 l l i'ee t .l ir ie''ow Thi, ne''w iiI rlet'w ulkl, Iti het tillh imi litln eeea
leg aiitinhere'l. Stc ik tin ihail.tl tIf -ni-htalf ure eheiered.

., .T ...T.. y.

v *""'

' oo 'r''Y'Y'YVY 7Y 7y7Yy

Vomen's Shoes

liit yilui tInke look at nur new Shom. Yon
i how iliffrrent liey are from the kinid of Slioes
n.y hiavt'e n a hanlisoine

r You Alone Appearance."
We claim our Women's Shoes to bI
the wrrfection of Shoe making and we
nMniiine all risksa.

'Patent Kill. Patent Calf, Vici and 4
(tin Metul Calf are aome of the good leather StraiRhlt or et hg ini hli---
nitilitni or narrow toes, Cuban or regular heela-lace, thiltei ,ir Ilhither
Our talk inny h, similar to that of other Shoe stores, hlii yu'ii'llwe at
u0eit lh.it our Shoes are dliffieint.

The Globe,

116 South Beahstreet. Daytcns, Fla.
LALA.L6XsA". A.".&Lh.hA-A-A AAJ-

Our Stock is Complete and Why So?



We make a specialty of handling only the


:asW~1pumumuhu3PQ~:M6e4,ItV leOPPDWeigeth

.9, ***ti

9,,..,**00* *** .4** .*.* 44***.**4**0,ee,

We aiv ishowilng n arnlfwhillyv 1eleI h d nttck fie
Millinery Goods. Ifndy-lo.Vtnar Illis. iliI titd biim ., ti ie .- il
turlaii TourifsI ('np in 1.i,ll iIi, l lit: n and pateintl h ll,;
children'ss Wear in lthe ollihg thil iloi middy c 'apO 'I 11i ,
Slianters, Napoltona and C(nntinntial hapem, hi- '
I nfanl 'while milk ntd mull loniela.
W i'l' lo i III- 1h i .'1 I ,cetlatI Il i n ilt l 4l tI ii i tltig ll "Idi t, n'l lliK 4lit ii I.it .
( ii.lic u t I leeolee llt I f i e.ftl liia oll,.0 l Inei*, fll% i Ii. nil Il ii I.
'l l l.B l h rih i iiiii f ei ll aivii i( ri c rid, it% %ill Iht' iiir I lin toii i ill I 11
| Iitteil e lt the lltille., No I, 'l( utlh hlih 11ih t lIa.vttoll I ni ,

* 0

: A BON BONS and


Books, Geo. H. Clark,

! News. JEWELER and :


S0 n CutGlass and Silverwarc.

Fine Jewelry Repairing
Magazin's a Specialty.
******* ***********f4


Dancing tl'aitno, Bowling Alley and ishlng Pier are now In op'rti
Skatintl Rink will e opened Jan. Ond, every day and evenlii, nl
an orchestra vry evelnin. lHot water malt batbh after Jan. 1, v
SMARtTLIN A LOT.o ,mrtfee. v
*el6 1 ***AAti ****A*fAAAtft*ii iAA iHA i A AAA ***

Steam Laundry, Phone 8.

Agent for Tirrill Gas Making Machines

For Lighting, Heating and Cooking. Call at
laundry and see machine in operation, can't be beat.

-* 9$***4i*he***,*4*,,,...*,4,,*e

I New Seven Room Furnished Cottages, with 1Ht I
and Electric Lights, located on Cedar and Palnmetto
A venues. Apply to
. r.- BURNn i 14 ei ar t,. i
^********< e *** **

1 _


0 ~ n -~ u~---~~~~~~~~~~. W ~www -b


AiAA AA A AA AAA A &, A,1, .,I

v v r r w r y w w w e v

IW IV IT y vyIr


- -"'" -TVTVYmmmm

from We'sti ,,|,ll i hllr li, li ilhnte'i elf h ii t i (iriIp i init..i.l from irst page.)
-- City Election Next Month.
T'hietll I iltii f eif N r 1 :i, tilt,. niitl Mr<. I'. M. Ihilghi iii, liW h s hm has
ccI nes Iiagl 1An the u i i st 1 iBy- 'll hit li uIIleidedl, lut it Ie a positive
rul I,. Mur'li, wTlre hll gilnts Ill dilii r
Se ir i fit 111 l iieI t thiit lih will have oppoiltlon. The
(lrlt h i1). 1i l 1iin r .inhedi i Si \ it. y'it l 'lly I l Mr'. ild .ii. All rl ein l i 11. ove and Jates it
ll htine yesterday aferitoti, li The ill iiveliervrn lproiiieiiiitlly ni tiloned, but
',-iili t lli fiorIlner niceptedt the superin.
Felix MIlEIrny iiil Ihildllplih Itiw e, *'iFr Salle er ieCiii.-lrI'irl-hd tei. tnleliyi f itic' le'tcirce Light Plant, It
borough, if I)el.a:il, ; s itnt Mll oil ii.v ii ina ilin rcl viind Aveliin tiair Itihlge- haItsti hli frliiii hhilling it city position:.
Daytona wMiil; rnf illite, Ileat,ileirir lilit, slili. lhenry iteiildite, J. A. Hlendricks and
~je elmand liel 4eiirinillt sillilliary pliInnhiiK. .I 1 tal,irv, are slted as being candl-
Thi .tenin.rlr ,I'nl,... ii f liif li ,l rn.- (hi,.,e i4letl ii, c,.r. 2ned itilKgew.d...ll ti f elhie ti lit i Ilie nelrrml ilc board for re-
ilg on thie li tli.iklt Iril, i Tllrr 1 nh ieg- ,i|i, llionS W.' (' irre ill will alis make
tw'etnly t itl ni(ite igel r r, t e rsi 1 epparentlyin ili' elfh Plinoi,.
\|.|r.l.itleruIllitv 1 i1i111 .lieieieiit liit'ei Iiii
I I. I i e,, ilip l ti e li ll i l i< t iti sithfe in eil l4il, Ilil II I )llit is w1 'll lil held the po-
H. 1. h hli l l i,, ih ivall l i ee eti iii e I t l iiih ii I i iihlite, Milt ifti a co itllector for a long term of
k& (o'olnpllly, ef lhi.k .ioniill., i, i i l -i-i t ii I nue e ,ee '? tivc, h t hite yl's -i will lie. i uvandidate for reelection.
lilte visl itor l t l 1 et illW Ih I ,, 1chi,1 e, wlial iill Ir* 'eiltk T. Peck, i' treasurer; Jay Wil-
u-- eillhl hl,' ll-irecl? A.%il It 'wouitlel I.i kli-.n,. ih;rk; ('. Hllnghaml Jr,, as.
Jnill W .e SlieIlc lil i c il iluiiyI"Il e l'-. i. it er.sr, ifder mnl hl>.tter ti ilrstlruct tl ilt r: Ihv. '. St. HIingham, Rev. B. F
ipretel hertir li tA Ililiy rieiiih I'iii e111lr Ic ,et, ,o i lee'd I'een'u l el I li l tI Ne w t iMhi ustil (ivo. It. Ludwig, are three of
lld will 'ipy ih.I hlii,-,n.,, lii, 1 York. toi Phill adlp i I I Cih,l 1>, le sh iIl trustee' s, and it Is probable
lii Volumfiti Av'leiii'. Ih hin wai l fen tir ht ii airship. Aill tlils iat their lhiarge l t (f friends will again
... ..... .. .... 'rlruietli' Ihan to run for the office.


C .C ..

... .. ..

. '. -.'* .


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