i iiMHli-i-n, huiiya i:mal lioinHlk.' O
: finest Chefs, and Waitresses obtainable, ; J Roth and wife; SUI' 'r.or. ]0 IItlllt"I.h'r"lInl'' a !locution l'II .tOIl": '- t.oul..unt. Uhlg'I wood nt.-nu>-, Twotrnnisfourts. *
: E; Theobald Pitteburg. N" II Durfee .
... Wis. !iarig.- Uoti-1 \\1111. op. II. I.tl.- month of April. .
: Summer address: Proprietor Prospect House, Shelter Island, N. Y. ; R J Barker, Fall River :\la88.Ir. 2 Summer Resort-The Oceanside and Cottages Marblehead. Massachusetts. :

: '.....................................
Miss .... ... ...
Elizabeth Tarr, of Providence 5 5 S NN11N
....+........... :......................... .......0.0...............0.o1: I"
:\ and :Mrs. I. O. Smith. :Miss ] R. 1., and Mrs. 11. W. B.-ecke,
Eioine ..oeee....................._..NN000.NOMO
MPANYiLUMBER -- - - --- --- C. Smith and Miss :May C. of Brooklyn, who have been stepping,

.......1.1........................................... Doling of Philadelphia: form a paty for several weeks at the Oaks have I I
. registered at the Ridgewood. which taken the boat trip to Palm Beach THE PROSPECT

i iao THE PRINCE GEORGE will spend the remainder of .uhe win and will rtUirn to Daytona alter a I 109 South Ridgewood Ave.

1 Cement in SUck ter in Da.tona.Ir.: Smith is well brief; visit in the southern part of I
: : DAYTONA FLORIDA : 22 rooms-11 with baths. Two blocks from R. R. station and Post-office.
,:vA\*. known in this city the state. Steam Heat.

IALBY. Manager. : : Hilyard & Holroyd, Proprietors : I i P. J. DOYLE I
: S. B. Poole proprietor of the hotel :Mr. and :Mrs. T. J. Tread, of Proprietor. .: Conceded to be the best situated Hotel in this section. E Iroquols on 'the bedeh.Iackinac: Atlanta Ga., who have been at the i ....................................................e

.....-.-1000010000- : Two hundred foot frontage on Halifax River. : Island :Mich., is at Orange Villa for I Gables for several weeks departed i! ........................ .............................
a week or more while viewing Daytona Wednesday atvernoon for St. Petersburg .
: Pool Room. Orchestra. Sun Parlor. : and looking 'hotel site in t JACKSONVILLE. FLORIDA.
up a I where they will meet some HOTEL SENECA
J oltNKK: I'1'\'A1..1 l i' H'KAN: ",T1.+.
Steam Heat _
: Throughout. : the city. :Mr. Pooie :is consideringthe friends and spend( a month or more.: .. ,

: White Help in Dinind Room. Will Remain Open until May 1st : proposition of conducting: a I :Mr. Treadwell is an uncle of t.; H. ENTIRELY NEW. '

house here in connection wi'tli I hits Mc.eley:; of the .
I proprietor Gables.;
e Albert Bennett C. R. Bennett, ,
Proprietor Manager
0 The Prince<;'-orti<- I1 r 1, th- only IlIn.llnl! In hnytonn for t;.t.Aupustlu-und! hotel at Mackinac Island.Mr. : :
II : Palm Bench l oats.!> I'arttculiirs wtth JIIo'u'lir" : Among the recent arrivals jit. theCtrlDt'L : A NilI".!... t..l! NH--;\ i'- opb. )Hiimiiin:: ": Wat-, !s-hun' II. at :.n.l "Thou' in I h \ rvKiMiin. :

I Ii and :Mrs. :Milton 1-;. Oppen- :1I'elr8: Nelson: Item, Philadelphia : : : \\ intiH.. .1'I.-.. Tiii-i.uL'hi.nt.. ....S-i\. Mr. Foster :

:. Same Management as THE BRISTOL Asbury Park. N. J. :. lu-ini-r, maid and child, JOppen- Pa; I C Vincent and wife, .....................................................

i ........I.I.ISaS..................................... hfiiiir' and Miss S.r slt-y form a Philadelphia; Mr and Mm J S lio'iertsou -
from New York which: will and wife hiss (:lra1ft' b'-rt-
n __ __ pi-ty: : I""' .
main in Daytona the baum-e! of SO:Manchester: Coi.n :Mis j A (J JlloUhkUt H H MANWILLER. Proprietor;
.............B.BtB.B.B.a...BOB.B.B.....B.....B.B.BOB* I lor ; : : NEW SEASIDE INN DAYTONA BEACH. FLORIDA :
isbandrs fac- r the :season.: They are regi is.tt' --d at I ;. Mi.-s: :Jlai3II Golde.! t"-,
tin-: Uiti:';mw.oJ. The 1 party hi.t been' Elmira, X YJrs; : Win It Hu: hl.l1l.,, : Tins new and select: tnniily !hotel Jias )just been enlarged: and refn: lushed] J

[house Eleci i THE NEW GABLES :stopping for a time in St. Ausu. r"ine1 i I J: Elmira; Tins R Flan nary, Halt.: tool; c., for the season: 1910-11] to rrect: the requirements ot its growing; patronage.: *

:and I is ha\ing a big touring car sent :Aid; J :M Hoover, Ft.: Will';II. Tex-: :!" ; : Furnace He.it Hot and Cold IJatl.s Klectric and Ga. Ln;hts Call Bells :

-or to run it I Ito : Daytona Fla. -. tliMiugh/; from that city. J C Mane,;, Miami.; Fla ; ti; d 01Lamb i Rates S2.50 per Day and Upward.: Weekly Rates on Application *

w= -, .F f Jr, lIt'a eusoo. N C; :Mins; .An -.mini. i \.l.1i- -': ll'iThl.. I.M, II K\ AI.IKI: !. >,-. ;,u ..u.N.. .1..1.I .

II 0 l; ,X ,ate. NEW HOUSE. CENTRALLY v AnuMig recent arrivals: at the Palmetto flitand :Miss Alice, Wilbur. Cin .4................................
I : LOCATED. EVERY MOD : -- ---- --- -
; John Saunders Aurora III, .
are :
cinnati. Ohio.Baseball --- -- - ---- ----
: a I ERN CONVENIENCE AND M. L. Saunders. Providence It .;.....;........N............S.NO.......N..0......
: i COMFORT. .. .. .. : 1'1 I
I Ior Jess; Ka\*. A Sawyer, Albany: X V; I has been a fivoriten&t. \

operate :- Steam Heat Throughout -: Mir .1 Y Read, Albany X Y11"8.: Cj:i lime with some of the sjii.--rs: :: ;at tin- I "The Ivy Lane Inn" I

woman. L l"ottin. lJltrotIi; : -h. :Mr and :Mrsj I1 j I'almetto. and the in i I I :M\ Finch llorneil X Y. :Miss Finch.Hornell. Palmetto grounds=; h.r; Leen the
: i. as ralus (xe a 4ltyse! ,, :c S. H. MOSELEY : : A High Grade House catering to the most particular people. Central location. :
ell, hardly; X Y, Henry Fisher Logans- scene (.f some exciting: : contents::
: Proprietor. : $3.00 and $4.00 $17.50 and week.
: day- higher
I port lad Mr and Mrs Thos 11 Fhither. unions the younger; old men. II. O. per per
alf cent : ,,.. .. .. The .\rln 'tnn.Thnu"'lIlIll I,Ian l lPnrk. : .
an I ---S__ 55 \. 1': .. during ,iiinni of New York city Matile's powerful sti'kork has: : Open November to May. WM. W. FOLTZ, Proprietor !
It'll. U
called forth tlivenintla
great applause from *- NN............NN NN .....N..................N.

0.*............t.ISISI.0SI...............&...........-. Arrivals at the Seaside Inn include Krandstand, and ( -u. Cinir- --- ------- ---- -- ---- -- ------------
William' Charlton: and wife. voisier's work in left: fn-ld, altiouuh ...a..o..DHe............................._

Lincoln Neb William: Houseman, :Mrs at times disastrous to thtgr ,wim'Kttuce I
I ..........U.................ISI...............I..SI has all E. H. PURDY. Prop. ,
U Simon:! :Mainzer. Blanche :Mainzer plants th.- finHli ot i itlif i THE SEVILLE Da toua. .. I'-Ionda I I I
:ric Ice999999999999999 Grand Rapids :Mich, .J :M Collins. profe .;ional. E. \\'. Smith or.m-1 I

II : THE HAMILTON : :Mi.-s :M K Ashmore. :Miss RedonaRageda'le ins; from Albany N. Y".. the home GREATLY ENLARGED SINCE LAST SEASON.

I Atlanta Ga, Herbert Crab- of political strategy has proven l by Surrounded by Spacious Grounds in the most delightful part of the City I

: e New and FirstJCIass 1 tree and wife. New Brighton X V. some of hips subtle plays hat he ;s I The quests receive the best the markets afford in the dining room and every '

:Mr and :Mrs J B Dally] :Mr and Mrs a true son of the city "I'p tliei\ '\ "-r i comfort and convenience that a well regulated: hotel can voter to the public.

\ .. .- Jas! In halll. \Vayn.-4rurg: Pn.li"'s: :M j[ II. I E. Whitney'sit''h tn.m' II.-. JH> .O................N.O.OAOOOAOONOOMOOO.OOOOOOOOOOOO '

K-1hgore, Philadt'lphia11": and ;; :otion; in center field with: tin- K.ill,

: Steam Heat Electric Lights Electric Bells : :Mrs GV Biehl. Reading Pan, : } ; !I1 enshrouded with Span: '..li lI.o-- J ju:: ..t.I.I.I.IOVSIIISt070I.IOISISISISISISV.ISESISISISIE.

>-,ts the thought tint h.> mmhi !. : DAYTONA./ I.A. L'ndei: IIl1Iana, :
\\90999999999(. :M F Ban, :flies J B Cargo, Crook- g. !1: .iv 5 The Cleveland 1 : c-
: Elegant Rooms, with or nithoutjliaths : lyn X Y. !i iI been one of Collins' own, \\ hn. !1:0-! I men! LUI.dl'! 1"t..I'd! table :

I I II ton won the pennant. In fat t tli--" and I-t i-: se'J\1,1.: ,'".11:1 !''I.t: allli '
\v. J. S1MPSCN) P r .
D electru- I t "tol", II.d.1e I.IC.! Or F FISIO
in-!I after- >-lkf..t: gam' :-; :11.- p-rtmi, : :; ti": '
: I Kerent arrivals: at the Oak* ...OI.I..a. .I.ao..M..aQ..I.I.I.a ,
: whole} list of
playcis :1110! c.i.il.I
Vayl MRS. I. M. Proprietor : ;a i
clude) .1 M I McDonnell: : and wife, Clii- I
lion wliirh nuik Air ( "i.uni: i-i'i .
/ :
: II .M I Tarrahee., ..Ja'ksullIkh: i iMiss j1 :
,11.:11. .. oON..-oa"-O ee t ..ClHloeM..Hee.........
..Tile pr.>pri:: -io.-, i- --ali/ th.c ti. 1i.1::!
: Palmetto Avenue [DAYTONA. FLORIDA : : : ; I:It'llSimpfOll.. :Miss: lAtH SinpRogersville -
i cty.t of living; .,> a ft..t. raMnrI.M.i .: i i
-1':1.< :: TVnn. Henry I atlz-
4 i .ISUh..........ISISt..t....t.ISIS.I0t00ILt.t.ISI.IOt.t.ISM.t..ISI. i I"!r. llrooklyn: S C Smith: :Miss! i i a :specter of tli..- !atborIi: : ur inai.i : !.
Daily == ,
ii Marie: SlIIil h. Jacksonville. I F J Sny-1 I A pleasant----- -l : .. i OVERLOOKING THE HALIFAX DAYTONA FLORIDA I II
----- -- - - - -- proitr.t'"rd. :- fiir'yvas
i der ;and \1 if,'. York Pa1: I. 1aulII' I
.. ..B.B.B.B.B.B*.BBB.BB.B.B.fl.B.B.B.IOSCHMIDT'S and wife Dayton. Ohio; .\. S Iluum enjoyed by the uu:; ",-s.s: : at th! >' Ilextel G. W. SWAN, Proprietor. I f
11edndart .
Ilespland :
and wile. Dewall.) ) Ohio; F It peters: Electric Lights and Call Bells. Steam Heat. Hot and Cold Water.
LE I HOTEL : eight tables being K-cupieil by ah"fiHit.s I : I
;and! R ift'o l ckbourne, O. :Miss Eliubrtth 99999999999999999999999999999999999999999999S99999999THE
ti who participated in the pl.iy-!
: Faust Brooklyn, John D Webb .
Florida ------
---- - -- - - -- ---
Henry Schmidt Proprietor Daytona -
iiiR. The prizes were auard-l l a- ----- --
7:40: a. m. i and wife, Di Va, H A
: Situated on the bank of the Halifax River one mile from Atlantic : I'fl'lf-1 follows: First ladies pri/-, Mi-s I :; 99999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999MRS. ( I
suite with bath. Sleeping fer and wife Middle Valley N J. F A I IBarnes. .
9:00: a. Ocean. It has fifty rooms single en or rooms Ilughf'tPro'.idtI1(..., U. I ; .s'rondladies' i
are large airy, and nearly all have sunny exposure. The cuisine and service S Philadelphia. Rev V J.' Brown D. J. V' tMINGS.1
8'-05: p. 1 is admirable. Rates, $3.00 per day and up. Special rates for families: : Cinc' llnati. :Miss Louise A lIoh'hk'bs. : prize. Mrs. Clark (Chia.agoomolaton ; PINES
m.1 on (- : ladies prize :\11"I: I lloii!z-:: "fI
application. U Boston. Mrs W N
8:50 : Radenhurj-t: Kochester I las, Maine first gentlent-n'c. ; "-. An attractive Modern Hotel. Table and service under direct
p. 1'/ .1.1I {
......... .................IS.IUI.U.I........RI.I.ISISiSU N Y, :Mrs M H Saw( t>y. Erie; ; I
r Mr. Cornwall, Patterson, X. 1''s<' supervision of the proprietress. I J JI
Pa - find Jemen"s: priMrs: \\"a.r:.-. 338 South DAYTONA FLORIDA. )
Ridgewood Avenue
ilre.oklyn. G J .1 de (;m..htand wife.: .

shville Cincinnati, I Ilie .I............................................. :Milwaukee, John S Smith, Mcl er- |Daytona Mr.; consolation jj"tnl,l *iiieiij t' I Same manaieitn.iit; as the! Ne ft Magnolia, Asbury Park, N. J.m99999999999VQ99999999999999999 I .1,
j prize, Iharper. Otituinwa !1.ft..r Is sat; \
and New York. I 1 THE MAGNOLIA 113 South Rjdtewood' Avenue. 1 X limit Y.; C K: BishopVWthamr.tiHj.j: :' .\ the card (play.ng: r'lV'li'n: n'- __ +....+:999999999999999mThe ':ft I

LARGE SUNNY ROOMS. sere -r\ed..
Ii : : I I II
: Fresh milk, vegetables and fruit on the place. Furnace heat. RATES: S2.CO per : I I
CARS II i ................................................. .... Willmer The OSBORNE ;1 I ;
d day and up; $12.00 per week andfup.; : .
U i J'.I'\N: < II. I' t.; A. OSBORNE. Prop I

-I :. MRS. CELESTE HINKS, Proprietress. : : .. Comfortable }Kooms Rooms Only Modern Conveniences I

ionville, ..........a......................St.......ISlSISI.t0I I i .. Excellent: Table 50c 75c. and Sl.OO per day I t
Florida.1 II I : Kates: Moderate 52.50 to 6.00 per week
I I Steam Heated Rooms. 11 Orange Ave }
|(i It. : .. : THE NEW EXCURSION STEAMER: ; 312 So. Palmetto Ave Daytona. Fla. l 1
|\ Jai-khonvlll. 1.1: ( ......................*.*...........*.*.*...*...: I
---- -- -
.100.... THE IMPROVED )

: CITY HOTEL; 'I I J The HARLAN THE.'PINES Lake Helen Fla. : '

LE : American Plan Always open New Ownership and Management : ' '" : :::::1s: :;' : ":: :nilini: :. : {;- 'l-ik-:{ -; I I-) '" It I; 'fii-.

t; Renovated and Enlarged Good Service .. !;I \ ;. ,: :( : : ; / ::/.' '//nr", : :: : '' .::;;;iv'A:1:: :; ,: i

Management H. C. F. DOHA1. : . .

:. 'I! I tit: VI'-.I'-HOH I.NN .N..NS.NS.NNN..N..NNNNNS ............ ; .. I :.J"l'! Mr. Foster Mr. and Mrs. Rollins Abrams, Props. :

KK'" !:)M .. .................................4..0................ I Ie

........................ ......................... .... Ik

.. '."''I'.1 p' sera. :-....................... ...................0.....o: ................NS SS5045@.".WO.ti0.N0.0.i-NcS4M k f ;

-.. I 11:1'" :,. 2 4 4 4:KhiSST tea.>'bt : THEPALMETTO :: HOTEL INDIAN RIVERROCKLEDGE i "1'11 ] .: OAKS."AVTNA.I I >> 1'I.( ,UMl.vI !

,',.1, K Well DAYTO A. FLORIDA. FLORIDA. Hotel Indian Rivi Co Prop r
lit Known and .
Popular. : . . I >'\1:1 )>> M \\IS11-. I'I .
\t\ \1' \ V 5. : II" :
: Overlooking the Beautiful Halifax River. ':. .' !_' . ': ,.: .. ... .. ... .. .. : : .. i
: i I... : i .- i I' '-i t I'; i .... IKf: ;. : _<...,; .'.--:. t.. i..;' .1.. .I1.. .. \ ' : II. \VIIITI' : *..! I I\ If C i: I:\ I :' I 'f. IHNM t .iiI "-" .
> to readers of r A Homelike and Comfortable House." First Class in all Respects.C. . I I. ,' II. !1'. ..t.! .' ,.ur.tjiry: tiii.in-i;>; | L ..T.-MP! ,i' \\'PU"l I'I'tA' 01 l I't 1 Kl 1 "."I I I.I
j '. i l-i,. '.,.' K.it .. I I- .-.. i Huiitli.-! ; . I i
\\ ti Ilk: .r ::: i-.i..j i
O. CHA lBERLI Proprietor .MI I M..'." . .1. 'I"'rt : tll' inT .1, ':':!.' I-ID ::.t' : .. : ;:: MMI: I 111'11 I I1111I. I'll\'f, 1 I.I: I MIIUK III I. t. N 1. I

.... .......0.S...0.S.S.S.................O.0...S..SNO L & W H WOOD Mana frs ....H"-c..taOO."SD..ccH.e... eae I-Ia f








'. ;,..;. : .t:= .,-';)rc-rI77-: ''''''Y ?:,,',:.:....'..\. '.1':;:;.,:.: ../..:....;,. .>"." "::....:......\, I FOOD AND DIGESTION. I Gn\ndma-Whr An Exclusive don't Lassie.you play with I ORMOND-ON-THE---HALiFpg I NOMINA I lUll(
\ AND ON. -'
i1! f f II''t u..m.cu.u-. .. ;: ( -:11:: : that little girl, across the' street Net miles
: re. t : i.( + ORMOND is 5
::': ..... ,,,: 'Civilized Man Needs Cheerful Surrounding road of life, .
f"A. l Nettle In the rough stage rot In With
. .<:'";!,.. : .: tw: t flQ\ ." .. I I i tie? I'm sure she's a nice girt ?; notthof Daytona, m.
.(14. .
.:.ti::;::. : _. I at His Meals. (aged six)-But. grandma, you so long and! yet so short there are located on the west ORMON D ing D s.kFlft.h
: Robust people so long as they gel with
; .- -=-? surely don't want me to play a furtive moments when we sit down hunk of the Halifax l'rlz
-=--=-- what suits their own uncultivated I The locationof A.
only Klver. ..
"" :--- : girl who lives in :i frame house
r taste are apt to make very light ol I play with brownstone front girls.-Chicago by the wayside and woud gladly the town permitsof valued at

DAYTONA what they call "fancies" about food I News. stop there, go no farther, seep! a gooddrainageand Sixth PrtzeI'a'
IABREEZE: and overlook their real Importance earth which wi perfect sanitation; valued at
S and DAYTONA little on the good '
CHAS. F.BUROMAN. BEACH, two enterprising the elevation Is su-
Feeding on the part of civilized mac I'ri"S'
towns the Halifax Accommodating. embrace And immediately .J; Seventh
progressive on one day us. Id 'al forwlnt..r
BEACH 'rh and ,,
f Peninsula, are geographically is not the simple procedure' which I 11 I Applicant-Did I understand you to the march-march of Bos- o homes. A 101 :0 out.Ill log did t.aluro at
I In
although incorporated as separate Is with animals, although many ant accommodate: 200 per A 'lurrlCHllt' the I'rlz'h
that Eighth
one PHARMACY say you suet out and urges us on. vide bridge con- you'Uftnd
THE The towns par- mals are particular as to their food I rings tier'. ..
I sons at this hotel? Hotel Proprietor- and quick! l'h Ormond with iii valued at
halt? Why? Up on, 'florid
southfor ha.ele.
north and and what Is called "dainty The necessity -
allel the peninsula
No I said this Hotel had capacity for200.Browning's Ormond Beach.Many 511. n' 110 ueheoa_ Priziortahi'
t REAL James F. Dobbin forward. Life Xine-tb
and one- We hark con-
a distance of from for civilized man or" ('hpprrnlcompany must I : fln- homos "-Inter
ESTATE half to four miles, and extend east DAYTONA Proprietor BEACH at his meal and for the absence Jlagazine.Smart tinues. We rise and take up our 'ir<> 'maintained on 'UIIIP gnundlasiie valued at:

and west from the surging seas of of mental anxiety Is unlvei-xallj- ; burden again. March! Marchl-! 'itht'r side of the t':?"'II.llm. hOrl'l 01 Tenth I'rlz
I MAN the Atlantic Ocean to the HalifaxRiver Everything! Usually Girl. of them , .. ; slued atEleventh
Medina First recognized as well as the Importanceof Gareue I i l\<'r most I. Ft.nr55L
the beautiful tide water Oar The Fellow Next to a man what's Jules x.
Drug Store urrounded by sut>- 1'1
Glass the
t FOR stream that sets them apart from an Inviting appeal to appetite the Jolliest thing you know of? The tropical flora and
I have close Our Prescription through the sense of smell and of I valued! at
which Illustrated
with they he's nice
self if -
Daytona Department l Complete I Girl-Mj .hrubbt>ry. besides! "'.\1.1. ex
SEABREEZEWMAfiS i effet't of the
means of three sight, while the Injurious
communion by In every Bits. Lightning:; Rods! In Prussia. I thrifty orange and tilt WRITE
bridges, as well as a half-hour ferry Respect I reverse conditions, which may lead tc I Before lightning. rods ran I lx eriMttxlIn i other citrus fruit Total .
service. Phone 193BRANCH nausea and even vomiting, is admitted Before employing a fine word find a Prussia! permits, lute to be returt'd I trees. MACON The firs
Pheae 177 Seabreeze and Daytona Beach are Even the ceremonial features of the I i
I Ormond has many
lace for it.-Joqi>et. from the police. awarded to
essentially summer and winter resorts I dinner table, the change of clothe. I --- attractions-ezcel-
and are making hundreds of I. the leisurely yet precise su<'cession ol --. II 1 l'nt, autooaoblllng.zooxt TnORNTON I !the moot Sme

SONNTAGr new friends every year among those approved and expected dishes, actotu- I' aching, safe $; )o.OO
i who desire to escape the discomforting & talk and lighthearted Citing( and many ORMOND (ContlnIt'
panted by
r INVESTMENTCOMPANY their extremes hotels of and heat boarding and cold housesare NICHOLSONFEED I I companionship, are shown by I FREE VOTINGICOUPON.I' I pleasant At Ormond drive Beach IN ANY WAY Piano. ThaINTERESTaD

now receiving splendid patronage AND LIVERY strict scientific examination to be important -.. M located the large I : : stroment ofIN
aids In the healthy digestion PIUlPJo.RTY: IN grade
from the most As high
STABLE t a separate rate from tie nominating coupon. tote Ormond OR SIOp
of tourists. of food which need not be large in lesser! sister!! the OR design, SebIle
The ocean itself, with its marvelous All Ordf Given II quantity because wisely pr 'eDed.-( I m"nm\y be sent in each week for earls contestant as can be Ittoa Inn. Theor ORSitt\D Will BE.\CH htght'6t qu.Bu"ll1t.1t1i .

DesirableLocations beach, hard as macadam and Prompt Attention Sir Ray Lankester in London Tele collected. : u..r occupies a Give Your and ofAttention
smooth as a floor, is the greatest attraction I Prompt side
in overlook-
Careful Drivers lotltlon
graph. _
earth, and sky logs and hcar'ed
of although air Familiar 1th Roads! I r\4 the HallfikT.: and
any part entered into a combination
to have ca
I seem Why Spiders Fight. :'>" t Latter has as Its
SeabreezeOfllces charm. r
to enhance its every I .
.utlook the nticn1- rounded c(
When two spiders tight there Is generally
The beach is the famous automobilerace E.A.BRANCHReal I This I :,.ant bench and the cared surfs
attack :
for the J CARNfll:
course where every world'sstraightaway Estate Agent a good reason entitles..t0 iirovd .Vtlintle.15e ts .
: Evansvllle! record has been made, Bench Cottages and the vigorous defense that follows music de.O1tMOND
j' >ldes thi' broi'dniootb FLA.ilanufactnrerof.
!p H'breeze Indiana,Florida and and all these records. it continues to H to;|Jlt'clait.o'SELDEN'S) It is not generally known that after ......... ................. .............. ..... .............. ..... !:; I beach tli. rer notseleEs I
without nvalr- time become Incapable .
hold a certain spiders .. -t in indrit s for Pure Home-Made nickel-plat
The beach has a width of 300 to : of spinning a web from lack of contest. Thi must' he in .:r':.ins' and iiuto- block ofbuilt
BUUDlCK 500 feet and can be used from two I t material The glutinous excretion The Ga/Xte-Kew-j Popularity cvipvi ; iii'>bites around ttrnionddrivs GUA V A JELLY 1:
II hours after until two hours before 'from which the slender threads are !j office by -'ulay.. ", I P. M I. of ea: ''h week. :"?3 TO* I to amiliroa MARMALADES up
high tide, thus giving ah average of'seven D\\TONBKC1I I A.'liD warranted
spun is limited; therefore spiders can ::: grovt TROPICAL
BUILDER or eight hours for automobil- Dry Goods, Shoes, not keep on constructing new xnanswhen : j i '.Jld'f oranges! ; PRESERVES composite
Cot tu ges a specialty of ca:h day. : .
t ing some part .
Est'nntesfurnishedAll Seabreeze and Daytona Beach each Men's Correct the old ones are destroyed Hut ---- ; :.ru. s through. trop- Specie' Atttntion to blued
Wear il for its to mI Family Orders
Work Guar- avail themselves of the web .. Hp on'r-1n.tng:
have a permaiie.: population of approximately they can wwuw1.'H-T
anltsd.aeabreezeFlorida. 1500. Sanitary ordi- The\rio.s..id's from. Inn producing powers' of their younger I M OMINATION:, COUPON. I ,I'*i ruins ancient; drHes(' tuu ..tot ..- };;. tlon, nero

nances are st'icily enforced, stree'sand neighbors and this they do without I ihuttt:! l>v si:i....so Js-lt. ,t India illsituaraotl. : F.i: i :,;I. heavy best
r sidewalk rc well kept, and I scruple. As soon as a spiders web Jew... ....,,i.sta.-.m5r.a.9. of lon tlon-<<'hllri..,t..n mer m.1ffk
1\1t'r 1
K-iu opened as fastas Th.f; fi{ of tliPspj .: :nt in for en;!h ( ontestintentitle :. |) i.oulbcnu l'urcha
V. C, GRANT new streets are ;! A. VAiEVORD 1 constructing:; material has beiome exhausted I ;t one xipH14 : ">. and drives to E'IN..ttlnn.l'lt.f.culs ten year'svoter
the incrc' it;* population and its. last web destioyt-d it of thee I natations of
do-I tl ,'ni tj .i,tn); I fre tote nlllone' ; coupons. i r': In S
PLUMBER mand Beside hotels and boardinghouses Contractor for sets out in search of another home ..<.-'dtald.. s..It I.'r>.
I will l alJw.J: : 'l to ear-li! contestant. ]I. : .:2 quality key
\\ater stinni nad there is' ample cottage acco- MASON WORK I and unless it should chime to find one \'h' plact'I an r''-
1 bias tltUIU: modatiou for .ii> winter visitors in 01 All Hin. li : that is tenantless u battle usually ensues I p ..to with tin Int.'r- p Rlou'nnnO\l"LI \ any. Neigh
Concrete< tirt> m;, J : -: of ,southern width (I'.tt
1'hone lily!ak with the retreator
both towuj tsidt. 'wuikB. t... which ends only defender. f no .nate Mr., Mrs. or Miss........................................ ...... ;itts.ind rio\\.'rs.i boxed (or
Ufi All the al'ra;'ivcacss: of Seabreeze . : death of the invader or I ORANGES
lL.VTOAItA! D"YTO \ Kh \< 11FITZGERALD I S '<>t time most in- ..
tj Da tara Leach, the two' I Th !< yiut ;
applies .' .'In; of theseii and

towns being sj .imil..rly situated. I i A Pretty Compliment.Ills I ................ .........of....,...................................SStat:: e..........,.. ..,... ..... I, :.' itions is at the ts ''I ;Lt.
PINEHURSTl'l'lIllI'Iulu. The dcvelojrnirat of Daytona Beach : Incessant work his avoidanceof : I :ii .:il.ru. ..rs of the Grapefruit- Tim, -1'

has been fully as phmominal as its : : nil rest and recreation and his I '! t:I fat and known Best brown i nmat
& I .
liriveDaytona sister cii the north, and each year I rigorous self denial made Joseph Pulitzer as a candidate in The tJareite-Xewa contest. t 'i- :MuunJ\ roM .It Oro'.t'on sL Augns- is rs'am no

Beach there is a b-ibs.au.ul! :: growth. They I OATES in his days: in harness the despair I Noi: .of the stn' -t tine u"OIlohll Uolarr
r . .
c- :: _rotsonthi }{oulill' MikeNorth
Mod Connltn -
rn sand dine have been leveled of his family.
great I tve0 km
I KS.<'iisonubk.Mr Rat.4H '. and h;nJiO::ic homes have been LAWYERS I In this connection a pretty; story la t i Noomiated by.... ............. ............... ...................... ............. I ': -- t'" ist of Florl- UI'TEL UItMOND of ,1,1".. '
I1 and I is amid very
*. W. H. Freeman built for both winter and all-year- Fla. I : told about the famous journalist's son ..r.tt surroundingsSio . ,
I Daytona l : Beed Knox \IBecd .t aXt'au
1'roprlt tor
Ralph Mr Pulitzer had to .
round .
occupancy. i nd-:rove Is on
.1. - take a holiday, and Mrs. Pulitzer exclaimed of ....... ....,...................................................State............................. *.a Paytoa.,-'*ilut Compar-. Ttit
-- - --- -
: I .\.L'ttmn.' road InVHPn..tumce. filei
.************************** . .#. . . .. . . . . ....* "Did you ever know your father mil facilitate i. i : a; till aui
; 1 While it is not necessary that a coupon be used it -

iI'.L Promptly executed at ** to do?" anything because it was pleasant I matters: to send one for each contestant Under no cirtumttame ,I'rlI.t .1 t..

I I Fine Job Printing Gazette News Office. >*f "Yes, once-when he married you." '* will the nominator's name be divulged 'I I Job Finely executed at I l> ti"11C1
the young man gracefully The da/ette-\ens; : Contest :Manager, Printing tatued
: : :: Post. t this office. the
U-4.54y xaxalcrrrilixs crany444.fx4 cdtX ac. ixxxxYx x :
ut'oIS t>
-- The fou'
Consists cmg
VWWWWYWM 'NNNNNNNmNMWrlwmNhWNffl'Wi"-NI\j'ir desk v

a ay purcumsnam


and ks n]

f btore

::4{ Choice Port ranV River Property and rebate Uprights value Seven P1'te as'cej (i\r J\

j tales may

muTt I
UJM.I fill

I Fronting a clear stretch of river; no marsh. Ridgewood Avenue and New Smyrna THE CON

Road on two sides. River road and street: on other two sides f I <4

Improvements being made on all sides of propertY.t.: :. 01 i

..... Ir .

f niaic (0



I.oui I.-,!

I ; I : ttra ;

n (j

JEI' .-Idiiih. I::] I : I i :1'. _____. -_.__ 13 ;: you M stlWitt
) 'fIt"i

4 !i if *' lie,

=- ; POD tIme i ipfr

::- ,.>n ujttie
13 12 11 10 I g 8 7 nom)

; JY Attractive terms will be made a I I : PRICES: 'HOW V OUSjtetTf

to anyone buying to build on : I I i Lot 1 200x346, $1,100.! ;:: Ne.

Lots 3 and 4 79x346each upon <
of these lots. I ,
any TKIt MWho

t I ; $750 for both or $400 each.

These prices will be maintained I ..a.I. .
: Z ; I I I Lots 7 8 9 10 II 1 each
I I ,
I f for thirty days but we I 4 a. .
ct I :
$300 each.
N I, z i
reserve the right to raise them "
: ; Lot
12 100x346
o I' $350. .:.
after that time. C;

I Lot 13 J 100x346 $400.
1 2 3' 4 i 5 S

t I .. I'' .
I ; ,,

I Who MPage

I CO. I q-_' p I I::] :I t j [:. _I I-_13I

I I ; I :





\. .JP
J "-" -_,, ._ -<.."" ".__" """ __ .____.._ ___ _

PM N wIP I1v _I Y\IIJY1'1\ Y y!1J l\'l\ ;JJ, u. ????? .\, .' ..I .1.1 !\ vl. _a..D. p!;) I\\ .J..I.I) . _J1.1 l!a B.n :'A. \ ..\ .J.J!

,- -
\) v \) 'J :; VJ y: v r w -


- - - -- - -

J'I- RUMINATIONS FOR CONTEST with the New Method Contest company -I'so polluted that +they have to be car]I Making a Major. :+-+................................................:

of Jacksonville, who make a ried home on stretchers." Practically; John Esten Cooke who. went into<

-ON-THE-HALIFAX I specialty of conducting' contests of every set of club rooms in the the war as an enlisted mat iu a Richmond -

T ARE RECEIVEI R C D.Ing D. this kind. This company will furnish; country maintained by a lodge ot 1 I, battery was soon afterward appointed !iA VALUABLE LOT !

6 milestone an officer on the staff of General -
prop In a competent and experienced cor-toot Elks Is open at alt times --to the I,
with meat manager who will have complete control women relatives and friends of the i J. E. B. Stuart On Stuart's stuff. : :
he west 0 R M 0 ND . . . 25.00 Mr. George Cgglestou iiHecollettions
lIaUtax Desk . . . . of the Contest Department. members and thtse women appreciate;, Cary sitars O
.1 of a Varied Life.:* In Lot at Seabreeze 150 feet street and +
ocatlon Fifth Prize. .Rebate Certificatevalued I I To the Public- the sociability of these club rooms; !I facing on Valley

permits and at . . . . . . 2 0.00 This contest is to be the greatestever offered bytheir husbands fathers.: : distinguished laughins; nonchalance himself under by a tire certain and 5 the river. Fine garden plot, orange, grapefruit and *.

age Sixth Prize..Rebate Certificate I inaugurated by any paper In and brothers. Members of the orde: *
!tatlon; valued at . . . . . . 223.C; this section. I who are in positions to understand]i by his eager readiness! to undertakeSStuart's : other fruits. House of nine rooms, furnished; bath,
1 Is s1) most perilous missions.It
cal for ... ..J; Seventh Prize..Rebate: C' rtiflc];;e I We have spared no expense to and others who are somewhat a'-I was in recognition of some spe- i toilet, electric lights; an ideal home. Price on applica- *

es. A tot U go t out old lo In did the valued at . . .. . . . 200.C'I make it a "live wire proposltior I quainted with the inside: workings of. cially daring service of that: kind thai tion. :
'.. con- 'Iurricaneyou; Prize. Rebate Certificate I that will: keep the much the the ?
II'. U..r.., llfndid Eighth community < order could tell much of < Stuart gave him his promotion.! The
: .with Thrr io'ldhasPlseeb. !... valued at . . . . . 17o.d:; interested in the outcome. We are charitable work done by this organization -' delightful way iu which the great boy : :

homes 1 ortNh">> I.. "om_ Nineth Prize..Rebate Certificate I endeavoring to give Daytona and vicinity ." but the rules of the order forbid .1 isli southerner did it is \best told In e

I'd on ."tap rounclll winter) all lie valued at: .. . . .' . . l O.OO the newest and most up-to-date that these things shall be published ,t Mr. Egglestou's own tvurd;. !i EDMONDSON & DONNELLY t

ot the tI.10111. 1I"lIr8; the%Shores. ot Tenth Prize. Rebate Certificate county paper in ::the state and we solicit or made known outside of, "You're about: myJze, Cooke* Stuart _

It them is"cv. a at . . . . . . 123.C:; !said, "but you're> not broad in
by sub- N'It1Y.RyAS7. valued the hearty co-operation of the the membership. The Elks lodge fo !.....................N....0/N..N.NNN1..0.0....
Eleventh Prize..Rebaile: Certificate citizens in this contest.To is, without question the strongest tOe thcsL""Yes.

ra andelides valued at . . . . . . 100.00 merchants who advertise withus fraternal organization in Daytona and I I I am." answered Codke. - -- -
L\I.I. ON "Let's see If you are," inid: Stuart IU........./eISISI. ..i.....I.......I.....Ii.Bf
ge and on WRITJ we wish to say that we expect I}' the membership includes many of .
fruit TO Total . . .. . . $1.830.0:; : this! contest to double our circul I the most prominent and highly respected taking off his coat as if for\ a boxing i : Do want to buy :
match. "Try that on." : The HANDPROPERTY i I you
MACON The first prize which wil: be tin and our advertisers will realize citizens of this city. Nobody; .
Cooke donned the coat wf Ii its three
excel.many awarded to the contestant securingthe that it is to their advantage to helpin I' with good sense would under any: stars on the collar. and found it a fit : E I : rent property in :

biling, THORNTON / most votes consists of a gent this work by supporting the coitestants. conditions, accuse these men< of ever I "Cut off two of the :stars;;: ." Stuart : Daytona? :

sate ine. $450.00 Chapin Upright Grand ; being "so drunk they had to be car-I''' commanded, ":iuc.l wear the coat toRicimuiuud II .

es many. ORMOND (Continued from first page) Now Is the Time- ried home on stretchers," and Tell the people in the war : SILVER BEACH : !. : We have the cheapest e

n..aeb IK JN ANY WAY Piano. This piano is a very fine instrument The contest begins with this': issue, wives, mothers and daughters ol! department to make you a major and . and the best. .

.. large INTKRKMTED: of special artistic merit of the time to enter is NOW. Get I In these men have just as much right send you back to me in a burr)'. I'll .

Id. and IN PROPKRTY Is high grade and quality, latest case the race before the others get i in as members of the order to reseat need you tomorrow." : Extending from : I : $7,500 buys one of the best residence :

\erthe ORMOND ORMOND BKAOH OR: design selected figured i> vaneered of the lead. such remarks as the one quoted 1 : River to Ocean : I : on Ridgewood Ave. Com :

The H- Will Give Your highest quality, double veneered inside Rules for the Contest- above. II How It Feels to Be Run Over. .. .. : pletely furnished and located on 1

[rlook-pity a Bustm-M Prompt and out, handsome solid moux: Rule 1. All money for subscriptions ] "When 1 was run over; writes a corner lot. Call on .

'S,and Attention ings and hand-carved trusses, hanc shall be paid the contest manager .,I LIFE IN ICELAND. correspondent, "I had not seen the car : FOR SALE OR RENT : a :

h A3 itsmagnl carved capitate and music red, I II approaching.( The first tht. g 1 knew : M. L.
was that I was on the ground, kicking : :
rounded ImdtheI.e. upward, with legs in au effort to BlNGUAM & TUOMPSON
.< JAS.J CARNEll surface, automatic extension ture must be affixed to all votes before I Often Have Earthen Floors. I get from under my the car. 1't eu 1 felt a : I I Ii : : Office People's Stale Bank. jU

music desk' artistically carved they are of any value in the I The g''."st roora in the Iceland farm- .
! broad, ORMOND, FLA. wheel going over my cb'st, which .0.....i.i.I.t...t.i...t .........u.I.........I.I.oIN
th.-re Manufactnrerofyes noiseless!. rolling fall board with! .contest. Vuse contained a narrow bed a big I i bent as it passed over. In the intervening -

for Pure Home-Made nickel-plated continuous hinge fine' I i Rule 3. Ballots cannot be bough round table and nn organ made in second or two 1 went through ---

uuto- block of selected. hard rock wafer The contest will be run on a fair Brattleboro. Our host!': producedthe several minutes' worth of feelings, I rNNR NiNWWNrWNNI
|nd Or- GUAVA JELLYMARMALADES Y usual!' box of snuff and with it a "
built up in layers and cross-banded, basis fair for all. Votes can ony: bad the sensations; of astonishment at _
i tound box of good cigars.
.t.s of AND warranted to withstand any climate, be obtained by securing subscriton.! : I II I being on the ground, of wanting to roll
TROPICAL The host and hostess then showedus
lanes ; PRESERVES composite metal frame imported either new, renewals or old or by I all over the Louse. It is a turf aside and away, of bracing myself CONRAD-DATES REALTY TITLE

[titropHpan- Special Attention to blued steel tunings ,three strings, cutting the nomination or free vote structure and is typical' of the older and my chest eSl'ecitIly-stltf: to resist ,

Fwnlly Orders. tt overstrung bass special repeating action certificate out of each issue. I farmhouses with narrow dark windowless something; whatever it migl.t be. while< [
P9 to niOHK.T AWA n ATI a lightning[ flash! of fear WitS dimly
[Oaust l'un-Anwrh'nn 11.J : .- German silver bammer rail! Rule 4. No employe or member corridors winding in lath
l'oatlon-ilulfav: I there and a subconscious query, 'Whaton AND INSURANCE CO. C.
8 la VMS \it India K: |V:;si.tion . heavy best quality imported felt: ham of his family will be allowed to participate rinthian maze from room to room.1'ISSIt'way earth next?" Yet It'as harc.llyfear.

:>f lone -Vhnrlf&tnn mer, muffler attachment for practiceten either as a nominator or ;a One ; leads to a large open I ,
J.ouhtllna because there ) time for
l'urcha'l 11'
yes to inside of mound where a fire Is made to smoke I II _
Fixpo'tk' +Mt.Lcul', years' quarters on top j voter in this contest. such durable sensation. Ii rather
Ins of cover in silver 7 ,].3 octavos, best Rule 5. Candidates will not be I meat nnd fish and incidentally the : a sense a of being, suddenly confronted CONRAD BLOCK 'PHONE 128
|ttlrre. whole house and+ everything; in it. Another ,! ;
arc c'. quality keys, made in figured mahogany restricted in securing subscription: I passage: lead to another kitchenwith i! with a grave reality oj' doubtful

Intrr- MOUXDGROVEORANGES height four feet nine inches, but may secure 'them in any place in 1! a modern stove. The walls are i obscurely terrible Import. London

hern. I width five feet two inches weight the United States. all of turf as is the roof with just I Chronicle. I We beg to offer the following

lost wars boxed for shipmer.t 000!I pounds. I Rule C. Only one nominating coupon enough; driftwood in the roof to makea I J

theseat In* andGrapefruit This is a prize well worth the effOrts entitling each covtestant to :;,00'') framework;; to hold it in pln'l'"t.'Q' I Origin of Coal. from our list of

theifif of anyone. I votes will be allowed. I Iste'p stairs lead up to the liadstof.i. Coal f Is of vegetable; oriln"h!

theUnown The second prize to be awarded! to I Rule 7. All votes: "; must be in the or sleeping' apartment.: The l>adstofafrequently i vogotaMo; matter accunmlrte underwater property:

.. Best Grown the contestant securing; the second'largest i ballot box by Friday, 5 p. in., of each forms the sitting; and common I it undergoes a slow prot-ess ofdecomposition I
. It workroom of the family t''Jtt'i i giving;. ; off It:; nitrogen. 1i1ta
Grove on Ht. Au nJ- number of volts consists:: of week.
nn.-stonth tine Auloiiol cially in 1 winter as well as the sleeping: i+ ; J hydrorrn. oxygen: ; anti some (":lrf..I.till' i.
| .- RoidlMJUi: a scholarship to Columbia; : College: Hull'S."ot08 issued cannot lit'' room of the entire |IOUM>!IO'ld.| i result of which If carried: farcnougli ; No. 12-4-5-l.ECO will buy furnished

Florl-I HOTKL.North ORMOND of the well-known instltut: on at Lake< ;! cransferred to another contestant.: Lurks: built into the wall extend, I i Is the formation of a mass of C: house on Vo'usta avenue, four bedroom

[ 1 vary City, Fla. This scholarship: ;is valued 1. I Rue! !D. No votes will be allowed! around the room and! are often llblwith l rarlKMi. I'd-at. found often in swunpytracts. and bath, five rooms on first
zings! Beed Knox $lO.J. held over more is the first in the coal! '
.. f+.fi at on subscriptions seaweed or feathers fiver which i : : !stage; : floor.
13 on
.! Reed Compar.o4alnt .-'. The third prize to be awarded 131 I than one week after beLng l secured Js I thrown a fold or two of wadma! forming process, and the further
and of eiderdown.The I formed l by, the burial, of No. 10?-$1,300, five room furnished -
ltd. BLOW Po..tomeej\ the contestant securing: the third by contestant. Subscrptioi': : mustbe a thick coverlet stages arc "

largesfl number of votes coass: !, :s ''I turned in promptly together with! floors :sometimes covered with I th'Sl''talll; (' deposits under great :: house, one acre of land, Holly Hill,
them. Vote l oard*. but more often consist! of damp I Iearth. loads: of sediment where they become fruit trees.
of a scholarship to Droughton': the money collected for
I From the ceiling: are suspended[ subject to pressure awl sometimes tolieat I
Practical business College of Jacksonville will be issued when the money is re 300
No. 119-7 land orange
Finely ex- numerous articles of domestic economy I II This effects a series of changes, acres
Fla. This scholarship is I ce\-ed.! but the contestants retain -
inting ecuted at may while large; chests!' containing I consolidation and loss of oxygen andcives peach and persimmon trees 6 room
g valued at $50:; and will give some one these votes and cast them whenever I II $2,000.
I clothing; find valuables!' are" scattered I a series of products whose nature dwelling,
this office. the chance of securing a good busi- they wish.! j throughout; the hOIl"'eflringtield Ue- depends; on the degree; to which ,
No. 103-$3000, five acre bearing
ness education free. Rule Nominators or contest publican. the[ original vegotaMe' matter has been
The fourth prize ,to be awarded I Hit's in the Gazoate-Nens' contest -i; I changed.; The products are known as!' grove South Ridgewood.No. 1

consists of a beautiful mission writing must agree to and ,accept a1! Cocoanut Trees. I lignite/ bituminous! coal and anthracite 105-$7,500, new house on
A cocoanut tree in the Islands: of I
WVlwr desk valued at $-". This desk rules and conditions. con l.
Trinidad and Tobago; begins; !' in produce Ridgewood avenue.
was purchased from the stock of the I Rule 11. The right is reserved to
nuts In four five after
or years plantIng I
Bingham & Alaley Co. of this: city. reject any name of contestants for a I. /. and reaches maturity In tw'I"eor Mixing His Dates. No. 10&-$1.200. two large deep

and Is now on exhibition at their I cause: also to alter these ruin 1 fourteen p:ar.;. The average life of n There is a story of a map who was lots on South Ridgewood.No. .
so; transported: with Joy aa he stood
store. should occasion demand. healthy tree Is fifty often
I years verymuch up at the altar rail to be married that 120-4 acres land 100 orange
Seven other prizes, consisting of I Rule 1Any question which shall longer. 1
I his thoughts reverted to n day when trees, truck land, 5 room cottage
rebate certificates, will be awarded. arise between: the contestants will; .
he stood up at the prisoner's bar in a .
These certificates are transferrabk Le determined by the contest manager The Hurricane and the Possum. $1,000.No.
I' court of justice to plead "guilty" or
and will be accepted for their face and her decision! ; will be final.Respectfully Wen de harrlcane hit de possum an' '
rtyF blow d him down ter me "not guilty" to a criminal Charge. Soowerfuly 07-$2,20J.: five room cottage

value as part payment on a Chapin I yours : I Pholy blest lat hurricane, said "Amen"ter > did that the most painful Daytona! and Cypress streets large

Upright Grand $4..0:; piano. Certificates :Miss Fay Settle, I de tre. I event of his life, obtrude Itself upon lot.

may be combined but credit for Contest: a naer, But here whar come de trouble de wool his mind that when the clergyman put
more than $:!:.O will not be allowed I I trust hit de town I Ii li the question. "Wilt thou hate: this No. 102-$1,500, 'small bungalow.
i An' I had ter burn dat friendly tree ter' I to l wedded wiff'r" and West Magnolia, lot 50x150 almost
the of one piano. man >e thy WO-I
upon purchase :I riiiii. iii"iiiiii"' iiiiiiiiii.WiiiiiiiM'' cook tint j-ossum t.rown.
I i
on the i oor dlstraottil bridisiroom new.

THE CONTEST FREE FOR ALL TO i! @I JUST GOSSIP i I But. oh, for d? great or country! Gives! iwerod with startling distinctness 1 1ot ;- '
ENTER I de possum' fine tr you ":\ [ !"rrom' No. 110-$2000, truck farm, 7! 2
guilty, so' help me
Tuck-I I
The contest is free for each aiid '' BY THE GOSSIPER.I.111111111111111111111iiiiiii ;:j jl : An de de very possum! tree too lie! roosted on ter cook I Tinan's "Personal Kecollectiwns.: : :I I acres c'ereti! 2 acres tiled, house

every contestant to enter and it :1 :';" ......... ... ..-.......... UIIIi1i111111111t-....... ........ -. '. -AU.mta"on'tltutl: n. I and barn.
: I II
', cM
costs nothing to win: all The l lieihhg: :: a in'-tuber of t't: Bt*IIt-'VOt'II': A Stubborn Opening. ir S9C03 of the best
I No one
Gazette-News asks is hearty cooperation I The Doctor's Orders. The head of the household was ;going : :
i and I'ro'pttive! Older; of like and i il: "I understand.:* said 1 the jude. "that homes :on Ridgewood: furnished, large
: of its friends and readers to through her husband's 'pockets the :
make this contest an enthusiastic and good funding. Tiff Gos.-ij t-r f* el-: a: you stole the watch of the doctor, who next morning."What : r lot, gara e.I ,t

friendly! struggle for leadership. i legitimate right to resent a remark I had just! written n prescription for you kept you out so late last No. 116-52,000 will buy a nice 1
I at the fn-e di-q in five and bath; hot
home rooms
HOW TO ENTER. I I' made: by a young man on Head to say:I to this charge: :" was the opening; of the campaign ;
Just clip the nomination coupon : street Tuesday evening. The remark and cod! wter; electric lights; sort [
"Well yonc honor said the prisoner my dear the lesser half rep -
out of each issue of the paper and i'I in question: was made: during a "it f is true, but I found myself in ilied."Well.. ;: ner lot. t

fill in the name of the person whom conversation between throe young a hole. His prescription said) a si oon- i It di ln't take tree; corkscrews No. 123-A bargain at $3.600 Palmetto .

13] you wish to enter as a contestant, i I men !standing in frort of the Elks' ful every hour and I had no watt.bi ."- to open It. did it?" avenue, 3 bedrooms bath, com

with the address! written plainly, or lodgE> room and just! after the cere- i Ladles Home Journal. And she drew the offending; ; articles pletely furnished, good condition. ; i
if nomination coup i from his side ocket and wnvol: them I l
do have
you not a cornplated Houses exactly alike in sane row i( ,
pon the name and address of the i by the lodge. Here is the : Pipes of Summer.The before? him.-Cleveland) 1'laln Dealer. valued at $6,500.

person as 'a candidate. The name of I question and reply: "Why, do they wild winds blow fierce and fast. It I
Snow drifts the house! around.
the nominator will not be divulged. I get drunk up there?" "Well. 1 I Hark! High above the wintry blast All Alike. ;: A. 25 acres near city limits; 15 '

HOW VOTES ARE OBTAINED. should say they do. They get so There comes a Joyful sound. i The following entry appeirs in thevisitors' acres fenced. and in cultivation; 6-

securing : hnea iHMik" of a hotel In Germaly house and barns $2,000.'I I''
time they :
Votes may be secured by polluted every I 'TIs like the sigh! of zejihyrs! warm I c:::;: room
,100. subscriptions to the Daytona Ga I meeting that many of them have ,toIbt' That hint <-f !summer bliss.A : "The :living here I Is I g(H.l. plain and
issuedupon stretchers." This: soft sw- -t nute above the storm ':taiitiil.: So is the wait less." B. Lot on Ridgewood in Holly + ,
zette-News" and votes will be carried' l home on .
|46'.each, the following basis: I remark i is merely another illustration: The strain tune's nn-llow hi"- 'I I Hill, 150x309, $500. \
t i
TERM PRICE. VOTES. i of the mistaken apinion which many _I I C. 15-acre hammock grove; trees ,

each. 1 year . . . $ 1.50> . . u.Oi'fl. IIW.oplt' have of the E'ks. the mot l seven years old and in full bearing; } ':

2:! years . . . ::,1I0.+ . . I2.00:! benevolent and charitable of all fralernal near railroad west of Kingston $3,000D. I

\ \ each v 3 years . , .v.o.. . . 20.0tO i orders! the best !social organization it's a New Book, ==: :

4 years . . . C.(,,) . . . SO.nyfl : in existence: and an order I F it's a Souvenir Novelty, PRACTICALLY NEW HOTEL ... l
I .I.I
5:; years . . . 7.50; . . . 40.0110/ which any woman should be proud to it's something in Stationery and EngravingCALL FOR SALE; CENTRALLY LOCATED I .

10 years . . 1-VoO: , . lOO.Oi-fl say her father brother, son or sweot ; WELL FURNISEHD; CAN I i

350. 23;) years . . . :;-0.:; . . 300,000 heal+t belongs to. The order of Elk SHOW PROFIT OF OVER $2,500 I I ;

Who} Cannot Enter or Vote- i I"* probably the leat understood l hj ON OR WRITE LAST SEASON. OWNERS WISH

400. No employe of the GazetteNewscf people who are not members "f : flyof TO RETIRE FROM BUSINESS.-

immediate relative of theirs will the fraternal organization: Th' :: $13,000 ON EASY TERMS.E. .

1 1ANY (' be allowed to enter this contest:: as idea that the Elks are "sports" uc.l:
CO. lot _
The H. & W. B. DREW >r Small cottage on corner on ,
a nominee or voter hat the members!Qn to the ordermerely Ridgewood: lot 100x150; fruit trees.. A
Who May Enter for the takef having: : a !pxu I
well, $800 on easy terms. !
I t
Any white man. woman boy or I time prevails, not only I in Dayrona. tI .

girl of good reputei is eligible to but in many other c..iein: : th'nited <' 45.49 W. Bay St. Jacksonville I:I
enter this great popularity voting States, and this idea :" entirely .. attractive river front property .-..; + :
We have some
contest. Just send in your name oj l wrone. 'Tis true tha <'iu' o If:f -: -

a nomination coupon to the (coati;l the fundament principlei th- AND YOUR ORDER WILL BE FILLED PROMPTLY AND in Port Orange that can be sold on reasonable terms Sand :_ I Ia \
It ,
Guzette-Ne--.s. of Elks is the sociabilrv' Tl. h
management: of the
; at 1 low prices.We -: I
The Judges pound always nmong i its nm-!)] :mmh':!' 'r. SATISFACTORILY. es,
The total count of votes win 1 to', and i this ;is one of the! chic:: r. ;i i..r.. 'N: i

made roimuitu* of three -hhOnle8 and club ron!< ,!u r-. I -b 0(." 1 K
by a prominent
: I
and :
F. I'e have general insurance agency N
bu.-iiit'ss: I1H'nlw will l 1'e a1 so- >wnd.. orrnpie! and rnafntjiirin: : for Goods and Scyvenirs : a
\ Headquarters Alligator
cutely di>'nt.>r'it d! :'.it: '' s Tuse':::1-! I J1'arh'Y: !l1),,1-- :n thc....I inrv; ! are 5 insure against almost everything except j

uiittee will b.1:1.: .... i a: .1! : . .. I.It"r! r.r-: <11:1"1 : i 1-1:: :: .Iat' the-} h:': | in China and Orangewood, New and 'y can 1i-
Management ". :m ', ,1' '"r it-!: .1'11lr1ll1k :' : frost and taxes.

4 For y' -. .;' . \ ;:.' 0:. Exclusive Novelties. sa'sO

con.* .,' \, 'iv the 1'r,:: I : I .JJ"J.1.%1:: !-.1 ?jJ.J I !:i.JD
WfN t.> pd: .e r "" ____ __ .- : ,JI.JI.IJ.J.1. !. .. ,. m. 1rYu..l I 1j .





-. .:- _
.i- Y'rFSSrt.yrFIi _


s 1' ? 'CBVTRar.itRlnC1:

..-- .-

..i.1011.q.1.IeI...I.I.a..s.! . 0.0.I.e.I00.1.0.0.I....... I.0.=.IiI.I.Idi.I.It0.1.1.I.. Al9et1100eeee00i000 e0eeeeet00Net DtieeeeeN.eee.... * *
. . + THE

i : SPRING' t : .: Don't Think .: BARNES : ] 7 Gen

. : THE NOVELTY MAN : i-NE", QOODSLawns. Saturdj
: U-caUM! our loOlI I sirm Utt! 'Chfiip : H.'IU' "Stationary' and t School "'Uppll'] ( "i, I O winds.
i.WASH FABRICSi Hum otln-r IClod.: [. that thy nri-. not . Phonourajih-' "H-wIni! ; Maoliln-, .
S f1r.t-HtNS.; ( '.tLITYtewlust' w. .eon . Ty".wl.lh'n..t'k"r| ', ;la-is wan-. I cc= 4I + + +
II alder in liuvlutf.; : l hut w- hav MiiallXH a ('ut"'r" > FUhlna TaokK Toy- and :
s < DM* and llifflon- can afford to . Notion.. Uatis-te. Foulards, Suiting! 'nlorpd Linens

: Our new Wash fi'iods in I It-ith: white antI colored{ are now on tit ;;lilac.N : o. kfll' on srii.-ill margin.Hinokrd :; .. : BARNES. : I Natural Linens, White Linens Our new I

N Our assortment I is complete arid. cannot h? mrpa...ed! infinality : Bu'on.guarant.! .d.JXT MOV;'" ;: I Will also franif 'your Pit-turf. II:: ; line is here ready for ymir in"pt'.tion.I I Sixth S<
I Hug"r-.urrtlllum..I..r| th..l' c your I.impniid !{ rflla.liarpfn'n .

: nr designVe willle pleaded{ : : Irl-.h fotatcx-s, js| -r Irk....................:BK- pO .0 dour anno!t->un.luth'rTuul..und anything: !t i lat 14 nut whack" pn' r .. running\\'.."a iNo from hll <'...our up. nvv line of Nlilrtwiil-t-l l'loc.lt.l1n..and! culon-d
: to slio'.v them. : In fact lor :am want roll on I
. . .

... ;.. :. SHEPPARD'S GROCERY :. :: THE BARNES NOVELTY;: MAN :: I The Chas. E. Gardiner Co. I ArtCarries

West End of Ceqtral Bridge ;oil !south K.-IU-II !Htiv.-t.Mciytona." Flu. .
style )
.I.I.I.1.0.I1t1.r.. .I.I.10ISISIaR.0.IOIIIOIS .B.9.B.B9C.BC,...........&. H04t..eoMCHHN..eeoe..t OM.dM

r J" !: ........................ 0.I.I.1.0.0IHome ..............-
t .1' .

i! i lls.emehtSf Crystal Theatre : DEVOTED TO i ... - - ... BUMIJLTIMAT

-- ---. ---- -- !

I f tI Iy ----- i i Bicycles!Ii :. Produce--- :

: \; :
I 1 i i .. .

NEW I With a complete shop and competent e E Fruits and Vegetables N:

SOUVENI'RN I help we can do the most
I : Alwas Fresh :
satisfactory work.

I. bi ,/ DAYTONATHEATRE GR O ON I :. J. W. Ball & Son !

r f Opposite the Yacht ClubtteCe : No, 237 North Beach St. 'Phone 55 : .
tlI II IIA .
I A-7t4 I tlNee e0e e*e eN e .0.ISI.I.I.1.IIISI.I.If1.1 AL CAPlSULATE


The Bumming May Have Helped
Real Estate and J vl UEZJol
Wordsworth Out a Bit. .
I THURSDAY, FEBRUARY 9 To see' a [mem in the m.iliirt::. ili.>- '1)4t

I uninitiated mire opt| Itl Hall!,. -.hU\I,1! Fire Insurance up r *e m

t Thomas Wade Lane & Company I See Rowe & Co..s' WindowOpen prove an Inten-stins sislti.; Cuf.rtii thetook i|[
South Beach StreetCHILDREN'S ( an
lug or
I natcly 'tlioyvill pr "l al ly le disappointed -

In High Class Opera i if the description. iin| te.i !to>' of
the Kev.: II. li. 1:1: vmsley in "Literary non"

Reserved Seats at Hankins' Daily at 2:30: Associations of the English: lakes" tt!f 1Ien. .

i t _ -.- ,U __ -, --,--- --- -, _. Wordsworth nt work is to lie crt-iliied. lip tit) pc.:
-- -- -- -- -
---- -- -- ----- -
Au old retainer of the% family furnished toes to c:
i this mrouni of Wonlsworth wul&in bard Ui]
] ,\
up and down his terraee c'ol1lllllu; : -. l P'I.I,
"Mr. Wcrclsortbt'nr liuiuniin;: I : ,
With and Instrumental Music II' I'' <>
r Tableaux Songs I and booing: ulx! >ut. and she Miss Dorothy -
II, It a 1- 1)1" t1detr'nt
I kept Hose behind him and .. h'
'- --- -- [ picked : 1 :( .
of Palmetto Club i.l
Under Auspices Penury. VALENTINES: VALENTINES! up bits as he let fall and shed

i what take 'N!! down and put '..Ill on paper Will f tglU)
'hl.tJ-I'u. valentines
--- --- --- - -- - The Writers ( ipeinry ( Something entirely new in EYES
son, i i. for him. and you may be very well rendertt1gflus'n
? Writer-Penury my at Clark's book --tlrt'.J.: -:.!
Coming-Rounds' Twelve-Piece Ladies' Orchestra. the wages of the i pen.> sure ns bow she didn't understand. : or Cannot be too carefully safeguarded. +w.-

{I Her<0bject.Mr. make sense out of 'era. und! I doubt for they diave but one pair to lasta slid; and

: *American Beauty, Kilarney! and : Rnundlt.-uotl; : nftl'fIloOnI1sli: that he didn't bare much idea aboot lifetime. If there are indications be.-t, alit
stirmrtmr l lr Dride's for sale. :\Irt Leon 'em either himself. But howln'r.there.s .
i ruses ; child'seyes
of an'thing'ron with
Annex. (:oing;: for a walk? I hope I your
-- -- \p"plan ;:a. !t a gey lot of fowk as wad I
may accompany you. bring him or her and I will fit ConsulatesEL
:Miss Annex-Yes. Dr. Sargeant says i iTVC say. them with Glass to correct the P 1Sr.t

r He that Is ungrateful has no fault must always walk with some object "lIe would start a-bummlns% at one trouble. If medical treatment is nee- .

E PLURIBUS UNUM. but on(!. All other\ crimes may pass I and I suppose( Paso witv
1 bum. bum!
and then
t 1)r ,'Iru'In him.-Young the purpose. stopped, .
I 'Bum. bum. bum! back again. Then 1lonal t'
Dr. Neville H. Clark
t "One Among Many" Bud ''One for Many." That i is the purpose and plan I *\\\XTJof-Xeat. white girl as *Hear the inill.l'pshaw on' he'd set down and pet a bit of paper oluttonary

y r of the management/ of this bank; to serve the greatest number of people in i out and write a bit: then Kit up and II( is rel-l
? waitress in select hotel Address I "John and His Hat, at the new OptometristLook
j the most equitable and judicious manner. I 'Bum. bum. bum!' and po on a-bum- mandtug/
and enterprising seek, to Box A-G. 533tWaterspouts. Daytona Theater Friday evening.I
progressive we
Conservative and prudent yet
mlng right down the terrace and back I for the Sign of the EYE.I pos ponedhours |
combine energy and enthusiasm with strength and solidity. We guarantee
I again.:; 1 suppose the bumming helped and efficient service.PEOPLE'S II
,r. courteous William Allen! of Volusia avenue him out u bit." - I
time to pi
I A waterspout spins with enormous who was taken sick yesterday while The Feij
pjuM'il. IN velocity It the sea level is in his launch in with
STATE BANK ouv company France Has Run the GamutNo
I\ uliiiiu' six miles: a minute. Charles Van Dorn is reported to bo other modern nation has under- nu

DAYTONA. FLORIDA. I almost fully recovered tooaIr.: gone cnanges:; more frequent more I GREEN 600D4We only .:ouciv r,
WI I *Automobiles! stored at reasonablerates. : S radical more sudden, and dramatic
Allen seems' to have been temporarily bloody -
nt4I'.I.JoI.\ \\I. c..I. -r..t: i E.I'HTEH: :
1'r-sl.l .
1 In forms of
indisposed by the moton: of the government I
Vit...-1'rt...t't'ntti.It.ME.1MANM.I.\VA! ;INEit.e I hone I : 11L] tf has boxed the uow II,
: compass-has been
of :
e boat: the heat and smell the gasoline :
While' working with: the engir.o.: feudal tnonarchlal imperial The iua
I Ii Where It Went. lican and revolutionary. She repuL.'I'I are carrying a complete alt oust IK*
- - I which brought on a billions attack.SffANHELDATEAUGALtlE: .
"That dollar I pave you. James to sounded the depths of royal line of rireen; (.iroceries, including Ito r' aeoti

save up fur a .rainy day, did you putIt I lutism and of communistic anarchy:
; :
in the bank?
has made and
constitutions in
i "I-I started for the bank sir. but ; YiASllISENATE
the pathetic effort to get one that Golden Wax Beans
It came on to rain so hard that 1 was
LOCALSPERSONALS I I would fit: has known a military despotism -
4. forced to into the inn. sir."-Boston NEEDED
I tern Id. go : WAITING FOR [ COAL. which bluntly told the womento Green Beans

I t marry and bear children In order

i Z JTJ that Napoleon might be continuously!
*Miinery opening at M. Ea De. BIG STEAMER UNABLE TO COMPLETE supplied with troops: has known an CucumbersCauliflower

-FOR nl-XT-Flat of three or fourcompletely .Remember we keep everything in Voy & Co's. Friday and Saturday, I absolute monarchy where a graceful

( furnished rooms fur light ladies' and gent's wearing apparelat Feb. 3 and 4. All are cordially in. HER TRIP: NORTH AND manner was more effective at court WEDNI

housekeeping: ; all conveniences. OverC. i the Bee Hive. North Ueai-h St. :C7t: vited. 54-H WILL SAIL FROM HERE AGAIN than a hf'allH'II tilled with sense and

1 C. IJarnes' store lieach St. olu'.Mr. ; has known a government of the rabble Tomatoes CLAIM*

Coin Inscriptions. Hot baths, Hooper's Barber Shop. NEXT THURSDAY.The under which there was an insurrection

Obliterated criptious oil coins cau against and death EGATIlU
I property PeppersThey
sentences -
and :\Ir::; H. E. Haines.:: of Uc ,
i often be deciphered by placing the steamer. Swan which wasdue
passed against citizens for the
Fuel In Ancient Rome.
catur 111., afl' 'lUakiu a short Visit: j iI V.SHI1UU
coin ou a hot iron for a few minutes. I to arrive here from Palm Beach sin of wearing aristocratic names und
I' with Mr.: and Mrs. Geo. Jo'. Smith at The fuel I.f the aim-lent humans: was of) 'li !
I I ---- almost! exclusively charcoal. This was last night, is being held at Eau Gal- clean shirts." Prom "The Story of are Always Fresh.

their home on North Ridgewocd! avjenue. FOIl( SALE-Launch Xwlaline, 7i!: burned In <>i>en pans without prate or I lie. waiting for coal: which had been France" (by Thomas K. Watson ano land I

Mr. Hai'iie-s. who is aj I by _6 ft., ]0 h, p. Fay & Bowen en flue and pave economical heat for llr- ordered shipped t there and has not South American Horses. alt ion a>
of :Mrs. Smith, visited rte <> ,lll<
nephew ay-j gine. :McDonald's boat yard. 46-t'ts' '' : lag rooms and faiths. The Inconvenience arrived. The steamer will sail from I In many South .lmetiratiitilt: ries!'
tona about ten and of I! DAYTONACOLD ( ; > C ''HBID
years ago of chimneys was avoided and hate southbound, next Thursday. 'the l li:>.:rsego;: ur-lind:i or" with !sh's; onth
course tees great chm tin1 Bock Beer. I the beat could be easily regulated.FOIt .- frHVt onl\\ I 'the

i provement in 'Jie city.: :Mr. and Rock beer iso called from its association Fanny Kembh's Quick Wit. --.-----. -_. - -- II I IteeeMN0eee0e0e I STORAGE CO. U to.l'ngi'

Haines' are enroate to Havana Cuba. with KlmNi'k.: a town in Prussia HKNT:.:'rj: N. Ilidsewood Fanny Kemble bi J a fiery temper Hi.ual
..-0..1 R. D. JOHNSON. Mgr
-- at one time famous: for its l
J -I!If it s: anything: photograpliic! we :{.". I ,. . t\ u
garage. $ 1) II. Y. Stillinau. 4-tf.:: Pierce Butler and speedily brought I \I", : I '"I, 'I, I.- IIIAI's 1'"f"',: ? tigt
have: it. the I Kastmau Kodak t'pewrtt.-r.1 ,' ,Fu \t/-/, .... -1.-.
M Lesesao. ;l -I 1\ I'' //I \1"" I. t II
lubiic stenographer, : -- ---- ExperienceIs ... ,, .. ,,
about one of the most noted divorce! NI" I '' It t .1'\ t'- !! "
Dealer, 14 So. IJeach St. 43-tf: ".. I.. '.. DECLINEbv
translator the Ridgewood, phone Rapid Heartbeats.It trials reN| .rted in the lawlmokv. III I I"I"'of I.'N :
\-1 .J S-ot eod is believed by scU-utl-ts that the i
her youth she was remarkably; beautiful : !
There are several automobile drivers smaller the animal the inure rapid hits neccessary in the Ii
I in this and who and in the rout: of Juliet she was \ \
cfly vicinity are heartbeats. :
1 I I Thirty pulsations a
very careless as to the rules: of the Lucky Man. minute have been revord in the elephant I the personHeatV! of dazzling! loveliness. : proper management ol : '-U u> a

I'' road and among them is the driverof Tin certainly a lucky man." I 40 in the horse 7u; in man and l\ She was noted for her keenness a grocery store and we iiea v d.
I I "IIow !so*:" 200 in the rabbit. The heart of | of wit even in the days of her old :age. i have the i !
t a car thought to be GOt althoirtthe = I a experience. to Ui (U I
'f parties (complaining/ lilts actions "I had on my goad clothes yesterday mouse beats :(,IMP* tn 7so; times n minute. Once when an impertinent street lounger I )Yes ''I .'ov>rUlg<
morning when my wife made her collection stepped' ip to her while she was 1 .

I" r.. are not absolutely! sure as to for the ruinnmge;; sale. Shecouldn't Milinery opening at M. Ella De- looking; in the window of a brie-n-brac I IYe\ Know( I I I raps.y
the number. This driver some daysago lt-1 <)D I
,give: any but old stuff away. : Voy &. Co's. Friday and Saturday store and said ",\oe: you fond of an- Ii Iihave
M compiled another party to drive i: Detroit Frt'l'rl''s.. i ; to 1 t- 10\
Feb. 3 and'4. Alt aye in ; II
_____ Unpinned
i his machine out of the roadway and I II !I vited. 54.1t i % what you need and on CD-ti:' Ai

I around a tree on the New Smyrnaroad !!j! Ieach cottages fully furnished. I man her aged: << face (she was then sev- it in stock and ;

near that. city, in order r) i j low rent north Hotel Clarendon. Apply enty-three: asked "\rt" you??"
1 Graham Thompson; proprietor of the best of it is that !
avoid: lx'illrun/ down, although! at Cherokee cottage, opp. windmill. I
the bicycle livery: opprwJ.e: the yacht I
the time in the proper place on the 51-tf A Templ,.of Divorce Our Spring Ox-

right side of the road, ('olllinnorth./ ,!, I club more has been wheels obliged; in order to telegraphfor to keepup l 1| So long: ago: as.12.lO the wife of a ilk I Best I I Iis !

as the other fellow cut over to the Japanese regent: obtained from tbe gov- fords have
left and held his ground. Several ''A: Hair in the Head i is worth two I Ii with the increasing/ calls; of the | ernment perinissioa to rescue women just Twclc.
1 past week or more. TOllrare: from the hands of :
in the Brush. \ cruel husband The I
others seem to have had trouble thesame all we carry. It is
day. i I now pouring into the city by every I means she took were very simple. Anew arrived both for

j train the tide having: turned from i set of lluddtmrn known as the only the satisfied :

Gardi RexallHair the south, and as the bicycle is again i Zen was Just then being formed. In tomers we are CUS-I I IEor I
"LOST-In or in front of and .
; growing in popularity, there is a : the tempiof the Zen sanctuary Was: : gentlemen \
ner's: dry goods store, small black established! for fleeing wives. When _
93" constantly increasing demand for I Nice and
seal change;; purse with gun meta! they wished
separation: or divorce from
wheels vUiKow using tltsInear. :
many :
trimmings. Finder will please return 11 i their husbands tby could claim ladies. Bold
protection -
:; of getting about the city and I
to Mr. Gardiner's and receive Tonic under the wing of the temlrl.l ... ILyrnan L Grocery
\ iewinsr points; of interest at the
suitable reward. ;r;;5-2t: : I i Once across the threshold, government
sam time enjoying the healthful ex- 29iHANI
-- -- i officials: would not be allowed: to int.rfete -
50c r:(': .t-. I
1)11!) automobile for ah- i j still less the furious husbands Every Day is Bargain Day I
This "temple of divorce" I Here. I
cheap; up-to-date and fast reason SOLD ONLY AT >:t,:\! LookfTer ) !)'.l :'" ' .,t., a was supreme.
for selling am going abroad. E. U.W. > ; \\1.' . .) umpire on matters of matrimonial dis I I Ill!.. i, .II. I\\,. !it t. 1. I', I'n-t.t" j
Tn.Th tf I IYoun f's Pharmacy ; : ; : :.t agreement. The 'inlvilepe of the tetii- I I'hIh! :- lor TO-., .\\ "J:_ r ..' I!,. I'' THE FOSTER CO.
ROSE. i - .
I'l.xrk: 1'111"m .
: r. ; : pie" wa taaintalatd: for over O:.)years. : -- t..r t I. \\ t..ll'I.: Wherl
i toeosoeee.oe.a'...o.......
I It

\) V M) U )) y 'II \! y'Vv *- Vii" 4 ,

4 %

Title: Daytona Daily News
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 Material Information
Title: Daytona Daily News
Uniform Title: Daytona Daily News
Physical Description: Newspaper
Language: English
Publisher: Geo. F. Crouch
Place of Publication: Daytona, Fla.
Publication Date: February 2, 1911
Spatial Coverage: United States -- Florida -- Volusia -- Daytona Beach
Coordinates: 29.207222 x -81.037778 ( Place of Publication )
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Bibliographic ID: UF00075894
Volume ID: VID00206
Source Institution: University of Florida
Holding Location: University of Florida
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y 1-

; S

4 .A + + + + + 4f.i. + + + + + + + + ..
r + + + + + + + + + + + + +


t Generally fair Unlgtot; and ++ THE DAYTONA DAll'Y NEWS r Today :, . . . . 3'10y : i

:'.-.Freda Colder I in north portion. t + Tomorrow . . . , ,3:47 .

Variable winds. + + aturday . . . . . . 4:37:

+ + + + + + + + + + + + + + +M +'0 & + + .0. -: -c. + + + +.+ + + + +.+
51awn I Published Every Evening Except Sunday During December January February and March at the, Prettiest Winter Resort in Florida .

\ sixih eeson-No. 54 DAYTONA FLORIDA THURSDAY FEBRUARY 2i911 15 Cents per Week

I I"llrl.


l. WALLA CE' S W. H. WRIGHT :: :: DR. BOlt\"101'S IIOSPIiU and SttiiliRItM\\ RIGHT GOODS ATRIGHT School Supplies, Stationery and Havana Smokers

| .'" for Indies I Art and Jewelry 1 Store Painting First A\enue., Uatona, Fla... PRICES Books Only hrst quality well cured tobacco -
U,tun white ana Tw'iit\-MX l.i rift! itlrv; room- n.''"'l\;'
Carries an exclusive line of new Paper Hanging 1 furllhlw.lawlll'.01 I! throughoutlili... 11- l i'p>iK."ltion toTfiit You. Itiuht.L. GEO. H. CLARK used.
IIJlhO'pltlll..II\.III..II.*! Tli"roushl .
and t ( Bf Your w .It'r'! Vet Cave ManufacturerDavtona
style Postcards Daytona Decorating do "'rutinu roomoiiocroiulfloor
1\"lulpp'; |. | j | Waterman Fountain Pens, News-
View Books. 219 MAGNOLIA AVENUE Phone IS hoi, trin C.' C.t ldrt BOHANNON" ,M. D. L H. ROWE & CO. Papers and Periodicals Florida.
Co. \
er .
I \. It! I -

............ II '



.. ___


.. .i S .I. POUNDS o s NOMINATIONS We have received a shipment of MEXICAN I I II

:. 1; WHICH DID NOT EXPLODE. 1911 Tennis Balls. I I MM I ON I THE TOWN.i .

[d Vegetables .... V I

NEW Us "
With We Both
I 11 You Don't Trade Lose Money.


-- --- --
---- --
9 9l
!. ........... \
NEW YORK. J.'eh.The discovery I FIVE DEERARE fEVER fOUND PASO Tex., Feb.1n army
today that 'lUU.t'ou\' pounds of unexploded of Revolutionists, 1.00:; strong and

.FFNER \ Jersey City dynam, wrought.e Is by in the the ruins blowingup at I FURNISHED GAZfTTE.NfWS. AT MOSQUITO INLET.I headed by Pasquale Orozco. is within -

I J 2 tI> miles from Jaurez, the city
of oj.OOO: pounds of the explosive j KILLED ON GUNBOATI

state andfsurance yesterday when :oO; to ;oO were killed I I I i i just across the border from El Pas i.

F and 500 injured has caused experts j INTEREST IN STRUGGLE FOR I REGAL TOURING CAR OWNED BY and marching toward the city at rap-

to declare Ithat 10\\t Manhattan e\\ I id strides.
of the greatest calamitiesof BY A THEREPORT.r
caped one
Beach Street modern times. TRAIN.I I FLAMES FROM UNKNOWNi >t is reported the attack on tht
city U planned for tonight and th
Had this lynamitui! Leen detonatedthe \
skyscrapers would have toppledover COUNTY. I I i CAUSE WEDNESDAY.i citizens are building breastworks In

j like houses made of cards been'and!' DAYTONA. LOCOMOTIVE I STRIKES[ HERD[ ,j BOAT ORDERED[ [ TO KEY WEST i I t'IM.enger i ; Regal touring car .I preparation for defending the town,

thousands of people would have against the attack.
crushed to death in the winking of Miss Emily Douglas. 1 owned by Dr. E.V.. :MuUrlews.! of
t an eye. Miss Ida Pellet. NEAR BRIILEY, 1E1.[ I FOR A THOROUGH I Yarmouth, Mass., wan des Toyed or The Revolutionists, it is retorted

l a in work of badly! damaged: by fire ci the ocean are threatening to shell Jaurez within
'J Laborers engaged the Miss: Bessie Seden
beach, near the inlet. Wednesday afternoon 4S hours unless the town surren-
clearing away the wreckage in 'the
between four and five o'clock
immediate of the explosionand of } has '
. : vicinity ders. A band cavalrymen\
ViP/ .) searching for the bodies of the : Mollie: Livingston DUCTOR IS ATTACKED BY BIG t SEVERAL CASES OF YELLOW: Dr. Matthews wi, > peiJ': last win-
been sent to El: Paso with dynamite
dead today discovered the unexploded : Miss: Julia Stewart. ter here i is again; located for the
IN'S EYES BUCK AND RECEIVES PAINFUL FEVER ON MARIETTA NOW IN with hits wife to blow up the tracks of the Mexican
dynamite mixed in wi.'h thedebris. Miss: Queenie Bell Sullivan. season in com I' iy :
0 the E. S. Ha": apartment house on Central railroad and prevent the
irefuily safeguarded I Mrs C. C. Bohannon. WOUNDS. I HONDURAS.
ut one pair to last This makes the problem! of clear South Palau lJ aH nue. insurrectionists from entering: the
difficult Miss Margaret: Parker. MEMPHIS: Tenn.. Feb. 1'':"""A St.! WASHINGTON, Feb. :2:-ThF navy Weduesd.i.. afternoon Matthews:
the debris
:were; are indications .. ing away a more cJQy.
Master Rodney Kincaid. department has been notified that I made a trip down the ocean beach to
ig with your child's one as the greatest care must be Louis and Southwestern passenger: Business here U at a standstill

\>r her and I will fit taken to remove 'he unexploded dy- DAYTONA BEACH. train ran in'to.a. herd of wild deer several cases of yellow fever have Ponce Park with a party from this Soldiers ,have been stationed at the ,
been found aboard the gunboq: ; Mar II city. They left the car on the ,
namite without and laborers
river bridgeto
sfs to correct the jar are miles from this American end of the
tea Brinkley early
Miss Virginia Smith. iePtii now patroling the coast, of beach, east of Ponce Park walking
.>al treatment i is nec- .refusing to take chances on the work. prevent the rebels from entering
:Miss Ruth Keating. morning and killed five of the herd. I Honduras. across the peninsula to Uiat place, the 1'nited State*.
J r
you so. Miss: Virginia Young. The train was stopped and Con Orders have been sent o tile I where tome of the party went to the I A skirmish has been gong; on be-

ductor Kramer alight'ted. Almcst immediately :Marietta to return at once to Key hotel and Dr. Matthews: secured more
le H. Clark CLEANUP :Miss May: Finlay. I low Jaurez today, according to reports
he was attacked by a big;: \Vest for a thorough inspection gasolene, of which he found he was received here.
Miss Sallye Holland. buck and rece.ved; painful injuries short.

letristof 'J l 0 I Mrs.: Eloise Smith. before the deer, imbued with the WHEAT MARKET FIRM; I lit was somewhere between four -

of the EYE. OEOUTSIDER Miss Freeman. idea he was protecting the others in PROVISIONS THE e; AME.cmC'Go. and five o'clock when they prepared
$100,000 Miss Irene Esch. the herd from feather injury, could to return. DrIattbe': s had home: 8 PERSONS i
? I Ii Feb.The wheal mar I
; be frightened away.STOCKS little trouble in stai'Unthe motor
i I .:\IiIa"me: Swartz. ket opened firm at a half cent higher -
but finally accomplished it and the
Miss: Lena Tom 1i1lt-on. .toda)'. May being: quoted a.97..
r INCHICAGO.j ARE STRONG; (party was! all ready to enter the car ,
I Provisions were a little! firmer despite TAKE RIDE 1_ _
SEABREEZE.Miss for the homeward trip widen the
i I MARKET RULES ACTIVE.NEW a decline of five to ten centsin

.GooRil j, I : Pearl WUson.Miss hogs. (';1Itltert> weak. gasolene became ignited in some way
YORK Ft>h.I.pd=: by St. probably through a leak in the tank

Grace Burdick. Paul >ccck ruled active and strong and in automobile i _
j MAKES PROFIT i an instant Uie; was
I Miss Helen Burgman. today. Steel started l a fraction lower enveloped in flame
but soon recovered and joined the ad I
Miss' Violet Middleton. The flames were so general about
yiug a complete ;I BUT DOESN'T GET HIS PAY. Miss: Mildred Odum. vance. American Telephone! crossed}I Ky., Feb. _' John I'trlie car and the heat so intense it

Groceries, in- I 146. Cotton was at to t'J :Mullhii and Harvey Garvey arts: xwo I
easy could not be safely approached and
i ij I Miss: Grace lIomtc tt
other laoorl"rsH'rtc
lower. fatally injured I NEW RECORD ESTABLISHED
the members of the party: were obliged
1 .r INFORMED HE MUST AWAIT INVESTIGATION : PORT ORANGE. today when the boiler in a grin'' mill
I to stand by and se it burn.

Fax Beans I i TO DETERMINE :Miss; Jessie DuPont. **'\'onder'hlt': : under John's I at Bruu exploded today. I After watching il. for about -0 uj.ii BY MPLUIE i1 i1I W fRANCf.I .

I M: :js Lena Sparkman.The Hat anyhow? Come to the new Daytona I **john and His Hat" and tie invincible : i uttt they abandoned: it to it.* "tale I
Beans WHETHER HE TRIED TO "COR- I Theater' Friday night!:: and find 'pshaw the : and mad't. their way back to I"< IK'"- I -- } .
above is a list of the nominations I at new Day- I I
NER" MARKET. i!! out. It 'tona Theater Friday e'onimin. It j i I I'ark. where they secured a but and I FOUR-SEATER BL RIOT CARRIES j ]
which has been received in the
i !i returned to this city. ,
CHICAGO Io'ebJ. J, Farreliy.j Gazetitt'-Xe\\i great Popularity contest ----- --- Itr. Matthew very naturally f>-eldeeply -.

[flower j I t a rank outsider made a profit of in which $1.S. worth of prizesare tl Mr. Procrastination. the loss of his ear and has I WEIGHT OF 1,112 4

5100,000 In pork on tithe board of be absolutely free none 'to Ponce Park today to see what
to given away I II
I trade but when he went to cash in a 1 : ,,'nIains of it and find out if it is 1 I POUNDS IN AIR.
aloes I to the contestants securing the most! f j \Ve are told that the! above genti'-
,he found he must await the result]I I I'I'I I worth making oxer or Hurt ben' I itA l'. Frame. I.....>. :li!-A fourseate
of the board,'I "Otf>5. !I 'tirelv abondoned.
an investigation by I man is the thief of time. The publicI IMerwn monoplane piloted by LMiiarLin. -

pers t which will decide whether Farrelyl! All persons desiring; to nominateany \ J oz I I I' flew't'r the a..rodroouto.Ia?'
has no use for him. Mr. Do It Vow
was attempting a "corner. I friend should do so as soon as I 1 with eight pa..Menuer>. making a
the board i it seeking I BRYAN TO BE NEXT[ SENATOR I
Farrely declares possibleo as to give their favorite i is the man we all admire Promptness I I ;f cubin..d w',.ight Jot' I Ill I U': IMunrl 11
to prevent him, who should I Iit' I !
( Fresh. : the benefit of an early start. A fewdays' This tabliooh..s a 11."rld's rec- r
ways ,considered a "lamb," from sheering : is the biggest feather a man LITTLE DOUBT OF MAJORITY. ord.!
them at their own game. I : work may: be the means of waning i : .
Ii can have in bis hat. If you are go- I i ---
i the $t.o Upright Grand Chcpin I !
'ONAIRAGECO. MAJOR MORRISSEY DEAD; j I I!i Piano which is offered as the fiwt ing on a train you must be there be- ( INDICATIONS NOW ARE THAT HISi '
DOORKEEPER OF HOUSE.;1 prize in this contest. fore it starts unless you are ar> unusual i
I j 1\: UT. .SVILLK. Olil.eb. 2 :
SI I I WASHINGTON Feb. 2 Major;1 This contest; will 1 Le run in a I'emember: -The foal l you eat is i fast runner. If you wan; to -(>vr $1..11..11 I daiiiauf habeii: j I 1
George Morrissey, doorkeeper of the fair and manner. the first toward health j IN SECOND PRIMARY
SON. Mgr I 1 j strictly square !step perfect i make bay while the sun shfpes.don't I II, j done by a prairie. fire, which is art 'I Ij t
f house of representatives for the Past Three prominent citizens will act and il1l'reao'pdtalit: )., provided it LESS THAN 1.000. I j sweeping overVashinetim count i
2;) years, died today from injuries. is and wholesome. I wait until noon. Do it nor. If
at. judges and count the ballot each! absolutely pure I The nil companies have :!:uu men
received in fall Jan. S."WANTEDWoman JACKSONVILLE. Feb.I.at t : stI t
a all contestantsa Duality and purity are the most po- you are thinking of starting a bank : f.ihtrisr: the flame-. ,
thus insuring
week I report received: this afternoon show I t
tent factors of all goods) sold here. I
fair and unbiased chance to w in.win. account don't procrarnstinale. Do itNow. ] DryaD slightly 11 the lead. bu II
for generalhouse None but the best here at
I are prices *The Cw. : I
; (
i rff'a 'p.fu.l will bring;
work, family of two, white or that are astonishingly low.ICONRAD : Today. A bank account will j friend* of Blount *tQl claim viior: \ '. I I
lo'in! and H l1i ht,1
: : : H.if. F'ru1aF ;
nsidered :
result .t;
; The s noW.
colored J. King ,
; reference wanted. It is urged upon all contestants
,I enable one to keep his funds securely \ ,
111 Orange Ave.. Daytona. 52-3t that they immediately call upon their I doubt. _C.I 1-- I
\ yet conveniently. It enables him toconvert .
friends and secure their subscription j Later rtKuriis from the s"I'ulldlri'! / -I I I CHURCH[ Druggist '
it i pledged to some other i bank fiance .. ,
before is into an available .
j mary election held Tuda for a r PHONE 37 i 'I i
e d ajitkiirz4. contestant. It is important thatevery i all of bit receipts whether in lectum!' between N. P. Bryan of lack Beach Street i II II I
I '
in Volusia county GROCERY I Daytona, Florida.
person j
1I son\'il1t. and W. A. DloU t of IVn a I
h -6 : should come to the aid of their favorite 'I the form of actual money or drafts, 1 I .. t
has l h.
; cola indicate !that Bryan -t!I :'Jlcllinj tooctJr tht Bs1L/iTi

contes-tant by giving them I checks: etc. It places at bis disposal I made the choice of the voter- :.r:I'I I' .

>pring Ox- We carry the largest assortment their subscription as soon as pos I i I COMPANY all the facilities of the bank for Florida b>' a majority that Wi.l. I The Best is always the Cheapest t ;

,01! Prescription goods in this part fible so as to give the contestant a I reach about ]."H'. Return flat,l' 1
good lead in the race for the grand : with the 'convenience ,. and t that is why
have just ol the state and are therefore handling business I some of the southern and intern {

,fully prize. I t counties have been slow' in contin ,. ,
equipped to do Prescriptionwork. with ;
'PHONE 61.Daytona of making! paymFnts i
for Nothing but the very best LIST OF PRIZES: I I in and it will probably be sewers II lI I '
both I I
fd, chemicals used, and we know the i Upright - ----- ichecks. : days before the exact figures can btn < I HarrisLithia '
First Prize..One Chopin
; LodgeNo. I
t 1i I
business.Ask :: \ : out. .
Grand Piano valued at.$4..o;;" iSecond "' 1141 I
lemen and MERCHANTS The! furpr.ff.iiK; ; thin about f.::' ,
your doctor he knows. Prize" gcplarsbip! Col e- B. P. 0. E. I \j.r.u.ry eUt-'ion ,.<' that Bryan ina-1 I

..111I< ."" I
umbia College valued at. J
j .::"jlr-I'; : : ; an": 'h.Ho'Hlt: \\il'
4 HANKINS, The Druggist, Third Prize..Scholarship: Drangh- Meets Every Tuesday BANKA. 1 !:''I''d ," h. .. .:......
Evening. Visiting
I AT THE PL.ACK ton's Business: College. .. .. :.4 o tIll> A Members Invited -::1".1" ,:": : .' ..: .- the cheapest Water fr- >' r

Where Volusla Meets Beach. Fourth Prize..One Mission Writ- trs T. E. FilifieraW. E. R. D. McBRIDE. PresidentJ. -1.! '.:.1(1 '.:, SoW at the I F<>untai' -.1,
0 .
B. CONRAD Vice President
Telephone 69 = Geo. F. Crouch, Sec. ::!.. ..:', I , gad tive-iral''
(Continued on seventh pat) i : F. N. CONRAD Cajbiei r : -:
I i
I i Ill

,TER CO. t

= h


t:1 : '


'Pane -- .
-- 0111r


: .
Dealer iafIANOS ,L -
aDd county seat of

PLJYER PIANOS VOLUSIA __________ Volusia County i. STETSON

: Coacert OS FOR TaaerPIA RENT COUNTY is Daytona situated and 23 is reached miles southwest from the lat of UNIVERSITY

BANK ter city by an excellent hardsurfaceroad DELAND FLA_
recently constructed.At Four Uollt'gral and I
I FLA. T'chnIC"1 Hchool..
DeLand is located the John B. Equipment co.tln -
( nt-nrly fw,OO).
of the leading
.I -
REMIMBER: I : $100,000Surplus Stetson University, one Endowment txnjoon: }

-- ----___-=-- WOMAN'SI Capital $50,000A. educational institutions of the acuity lessors of and, 4i Pro-In- 1 >>' R.-x Di

':'- 7----- - 1XCHANGE: Soath. Because of the interest in structors.but ( hr1stlan., of the P

FhMe 77 lor :. --=- : l l" toi thlltffi D. McBRIDE, matters educational DeLand is knownas non.Flt'etartan T.'hlng. in I'rO\'id
ICE CREAMia -==---- ",uJ'PI th.. hldlt." Presldent( "The Athens of FlorWi." For Information, the Seabi
-= t: :! ';II ;; t address:
I uy qua tit,. I r J.B.CONKAD. Stetson University ha a faculty of Lincoln Hnller next Sabl
-:: .Jfolt..I'( . 15"ulu- ) >President There Ph. I>.. Litt.D.' .,
J MILLS'European 0; .III ,. 50 professors and instructors. LL. D. ting mSi:
: i' ,;r B. A. WOO).
t'r 4Jb ,..ji: .. :'..h CashierDREKA'S} are over $400,000 in buildings and President
.... .. ,. .., %. L .._._ _,__ fo.e' 'Phonetag
ItY k'fI-'Oi-':: -- "- -- --- $300,000 endow-
I Restaurant I : equipment; nearly and rl
I fact must be apparent to the most ment; a Carnegie Library alone rep-
..Vi.i.i.isisls......iSIS. By L. C. superficial observer. With such laiifrh resenting an investment in building, PERKINS
Ceo. Mregulars |
:.j of Daytona's crowning glories i I i weilth of naturqj j beauty it became DEPARTMENT endowment and books, of more than I I
Is her incomparable beaCh No an easy thing ioi the hand ctram STORE $120,000. The library is the United Attorney and guest oj
; : New Stock Just in atPeck's : one who haj ever set foot upon its : PROFESSIONAL I to g-ive the fisrishing; touch States Government depository for the CounselloratLaw day by trl

.: Bargain House : smooth, packed sands; no one its whoever *wthich have wrought out the color EVERYTHING 1 I State of Florida and contains over he wtll sp]

pedaled a bicycle over ex- and outlines of the bP; picture. TO EAT, 15,000 volumes. Science Hall one t
112 South Beach Street.
:...ISISISIIU.ISISR.IIUSIsi pan;. ; no one who ever drove a I :Man did all this i iii the laying out TO WEAR, of the newest of 16 buildings with er I S.j
of horses and listened : TO USE'
prancing pair ..
of the streets with fbvjr wide margin its furnishings represents an outlayof Will Practice InState Lunt-

.iusu.isui.uiiiisisia to the popping of their steel shoes ........................: of parkage. The entire city become S Heading Room-1 $60,000. Elizabeth Hall is one of and
WAH-CHINESE LAUNDRY : its asphaltum-like] face; no one ::
: LWG upon buildingsin FederalCourti U
a grp. t park, with tlriveways intei Elevator Service the most beautiful college
SIt HO. BEACH ST.. PAYTOSA FLA. who ever steered a high-power automobile I E. S. HALL : '
I>r88 Bhlrts 12N1ght| Hhirts 10 e.iting, miles upon miles of drivt- Rest Room the South. Jacob Ss
White Hhlrts 101 Woolen Hhirts ID down the broad stretch of : I
S Check Hhirts 8 ITnde rshlrts M. sand : Architect and Builder : ways M good as to f.tfact; motorist The city has a population of about
& CO
a Hehirtg wave-washed and surf-packed : : G.A. DREKA
New Hhirts! IS Drawers from all over the'ConUnmt. thickly settled country INLAND, FLA.
: collar att. 18 Hocks.per pair 3 : but realized that it is a world beater : No.3>9 Palmetto A\e. : IJEL.AND. KLA." 3,500with.
Collars or Cuffs :Handkerchief:, 3 DeLand proper is five Iprmal
Ladle.clotbesatcormpondlngprlee' orld-wonder. Go stand upon I DAYTONA. FLORIDA. And as for the pavements, payments "adjacent.
.......................i.iu a this wi.1e speedway and see the happy \ ..B.B.B.B.B.BOBB.B.ISISRSIsisi.isi.isisi.i.I.R.usI-. that look and act like granite miles east'of the St. Johns land River of ,the on WRIGHTINSURANCL3 t p Monies. I
mood and where else between the easter the..high, rolling pine Villa for
............... souls flit by In joyous YolusiaJCountyAbslracLCif *
............ answer whether this is not one of and wetrn; seas are so many mile great "Orange Ridge" of Florida. their wa>|

: H. C. THOMPSON Agt. : the seven: modern wonders. .. in pronortJon to inhabitants? Th> ; )The 'predominatint products are Cook l t.s ;

LAMB ENGINESHUPMOBILES : : W. C. CHOWNING. M. D. : la\eme-iit question statds with the oranges and grapefruit the estimatedcrop AGENCY P Ry ajf.OO
: The Placid, Pellucid Halifax River. Bert FUh. President ; havi
street of the chief d..1wmg from this vicinity being over
: as one
S :: General Medicine Cury D. La mils!
I cards. Till unheard of pla ..tary and.Trt' s. boxes this year. Grapes -- 4comurs.: .
: DcHOMtrition Circa at Any Time. : Where think you is'water with more :: Obstetrics : some r 300,000 "

: PHONE W : picturesque surroundings Nearly a'' Office Hours JKJtoJlI.: 7 to M' p. in. I. reports more and better, Dayton Abstracts Furnish":.. peaches, pears Japan persimmons DeLand, Florida

SSSISUSRSISIS..RSISISISIOISuoieoIsissusi mile wide. fringed with tropical vege Over Kodak Place. ?hone 39. II thrown: down the gauntlet to the ed and Titles' plums pecans guavas strawberriesand Millint

.......ia tation, artistic cottages with roomy .B.B.BeBOB.B.B.l.B.B.B.B.. I' world. Perfected |It other fruits are grown in plenty.In Voy &

verandas looking out upon her bosom Squirrels, Flowers, Birds: and Frui and Insured the way of public improvementsare OLDESTLARGEST Feb. 3 a

: JACOB ESPEDAHL : gamey. food fishes in countless numbers .i.iu.uei.isiu.i.i.iSI.1I .. \\-h.tone's shortcomings and [ \ many miles of fine shell roads an vited.

S Contractor and Builder sS beckoning, as it were to those Lowe\ f'r indifferent or even callous Maps Plats and excellent high school, electric lights "
and Craftsman :: DR. J. E. RAWLINGS : Blueprints Supplied
S Bnperlntends Designer Construction of BuildS I with: rod and reelher; bosom fleck II one may be to many things: the mere a system of waterworks that is owned and BEST ii) all I

a lags flans on "Hhort nix!Notice.Bpcrlnrutlons : ed with duck and coot and snowy- :I Physician and Surgeon : i meniica (.f "flowers and squirrel: I IIF.I.AXII. FLK.: and operated by the city supplyingthe tamed a

DAYTONA FLORIIA..zsasiusi.i.u.as.i..i.a. : winged sea birds, which sit about as I l b.rds and fruits" u ill send a thrii purest water at little cost. I1C ,1)1
: KOII.I'LA.t:
:I oKFH'K: OVKK: :
if for the sport of bobbing upon the I'lioiie "H'' : i| that is reflected iiv\ distended J pupil BONDLUMBER Nine houses of worship testify that For Florida rtnr ho[

wavesatch that lubberly old o I I j and pricked: ears. DeLand is a church-going commu honor of'
a white headed pelican pouch a fat !j For e.*ery \'isitor'i a spare goiI nity. Baptists. Episcopalians Meth- and Mrs.

: MICHAEL I I mullet, and that fish hawk strusslin I be-r thi-re ia a bunny ready to com*, COMPANYManufacturers odists (Northern and Southern), Presbyterians GROVES da. who
I Ii
: CONTRACTOR mFilling upward with his floundering load hesnatched II 1 :.ijnl. 1l" 'ept your gifl. lie will sit bolt of Christians and Catholics TIMBER or tthis cltyjow

: and : from the water : D. D. & C. M. ROGERS : i I m.jrig'lt and knaw intt< the mea LUMBER besides colored Baptists and Methodists TRUCK
GradingHeavy -
: See the beautiful launches, spick : Civil Engineers IU ('r-.timm.t: furtive, saucy. glances at y'ou: LATH are represented.The LAND **\ |

S a Hauling a Specialty. _. :aid span, witfli hampers and lockers hic.inxx: : hileI'lo SHINGLES graded school offers a ten Send for Bargain ( tier-s I

.flSIISIeIOSISUSISISISISIIM. bulging; with refreshments, both solid : DAYTONA.FL. : ! '.\'-I-.5- I'sually)) fresh! and I>!o"ll-:I Ii'u MOULDINGS years' course and the building which Hlu-et to.

.. -j-) : -m@i-; and liquid. ready for a cruise upon th I t.I..hll: h' ,;;,. Ia .1 ', : '! ; tim". year 'rounil you are retnind : Acnt.Masury's*.:: Paints it occupies is newly furnished

beautiful surface. Take out your f.eld: 11...................a.... -. 1 of (:Ild) mith's ( >:iplef where Parold hooting throughout, and is one of the most THE COOLO-[ M.-I. ovlni
i ELLADeVOY&CO.t1II \VhIt. kitlUViiuntKllioratio
the river from -- - -- - iuil! : its easiest visit paid .. I
,rl.u>3 and sweep r> >II u spring : Plat rorKitClay commodious and best equipped public > i

MILLINERY .|; Ormoud bridge to I'oace Parklight I.I.l.III.ISIS1ISISII.III II .; .Md Mimmer's\ lin ;erin:: blo>son ...>.u>l Hand UricLl KrioL.lk i schools in the State. WHEN[ CO i. andvlu |

Fall Styles *: house then say whether the I E. L. STEWART :I are tIelayes.' rLSlKLA.. I The trip from Daytona to DeLand 1-FLASH, FLIt, place I:
LIlliAre Showing l..J Halifax i Isn't! a thing of beauty and II : : :In on!*. > ad: roses'of \. riatetl; hut automobile in a little the
U Physician and Surgeon : is made by i worliRpliilll
;. No. 8 Beach St.. Daytona. Fla. and of tie! modern IU household: has
X jOfort'ver, one th.K edounii'tt
: !sp.i ,-1..1 nit- niton 1. ill- ii-. oh i . I : i!i-i ; ': over an hour, and there are many < |

_ _ _ @_ _\,! _ _ woude.'s. S : \.'....Km..Milllf Throat>.. :.iumm.iim mill No, .IM'.IIU-otiuillXl Hit' IU I ::i p<'iifhant for thQ poinretta: and tipreIiii's LANDIS & fiSH I pretty drives in the vicinity of the THE McCoy
of 1'. <>.. t. ll'pIlOll' V.!. I I' another i 13 hiien < .
m 'i) ,1t..H'| w..1 \ ) : ; ire aflame; road leads to I ttniATwo
Ridge- site. good
The EnchantingPicturesque I 111110-! tautir"; If II. III. to \f. \I.' 111. : Attorneys at LawPrnctieung county GORDONGARAGE
of tall Vane
( :n a jungle cane.
: In mmliHtate miles historic
DeLe:>n Springs. five a
j;. I East Florida wood. .isisisi.u.a.a.u.a.i.i.isiISI 1! ." the spice of life and here is where IIIt"'dt'rul
of water *
OnurtsMpecIal spot, where 60,000 gallons rI, JOllmS
Ridge wood avenue Is upon the crest :you find it. facilities for
r Telephone Company . .BCB.B.B.B.BBI and bubble from the earth every minute. % )
: .B B B B lnvm-stlgattng
of a broad ridge, straight as the crow II i I The birds flit fra. and their rwrr..f'tI titles From DeLand automobiles go south The

flies and the wide spreading branches DR. F. H. HOUGHTON :: joyous; notes help: to give fuilnes 1mFLANI' Ft.A.S1ART DeLandHeadquarters
I I to Osteen, 18 miles on shell and
Connections at Daytona of 'he heavy-trunked live oaks ex I :,iid 'rnmt\r- to ,Tie picture. I
thcSt.Johns is crossed by
marl roads;
for Long!! Distance Points tend their giant arms across the inag- Dentistn I As for fruits, choice citrus fruit; { & IILYI I IEltford ferry near Osteen and cars can then for
i nificer.f v'sta, forming an arch, and i AutomobilesAGKNTFOR
onh' n !Vk BUnkPIIONK I Dajtona \:ebds time. pain: to none fquality < Isaac A. ISle wart continue to Sanford and Orlando by
I H. C. THOMPSON, Mgr. i from these extended arms great festoons : :t:! \\'..",t Kiul south, JirImig.I and quantity per acre. There ltly I hard road. There is a shell road
i of Spanish moss sway as the .Ui.i.iIISI I t.re scores of citrus grebes in proximity : Mary t4tewartAttorneys from DeLaud to Orange City, five Maxwell Tour ..
-- trade winds from the tropic seas I at Cars and
--- -----
- -- to the ctr! branches btiidin ing
I and Notaries Public miles and a good road from DeLandto
fan them. Looking straight ahead .ISI.ISI.ISISISISISISIII RunaboutsArthurH.1I11111I11
their burdenslucious
to the erth;:
4 :; \\itji I Lake Helen, a like distance. I
i H. T. c Z.1 :lown this white shell street one has> :I T. K.: Fltz :''rnkl K.: K." Oat.: : gclden {jlobe.s, which for IFLAND. FLA. ,I

the impression of a fairy path with, :: FITZGERALD & OATES : beauty proflicacy and all desirable

.*, Mill Work j -..ifiisa draperies, but as: you move : Attorneys and Counsellors at Law : i qualities would truly astonish you. J. A.ERICKSON. I BOND SANDSTONE BRICK CO. Royal P.HaiullnHAMLIN I I
I the
*tong and cast an ftrst to
eye "txH-clnl| I Fiu-llitli* loi E:"n main tag II The Fastest Autos. and The Fines Manufacturers
'*I 'right and then to the left you i>eedistinguished HIXl IVrf.tlllK\ I...HOI Titles .
Write or ask bim about anything & CO. Light Granite, Buff, Red an/1
.11tI"'IIl'onradBulldI.I : g. 'I'lioneliN" : (Jut.
you want made of wood Everything !j: cottage homes in the : | Ljirge-t" !Mock of Drab Brick

the best. |: I most delightful settings. .B.B..B.B.B.B.B.B.B0B.B.B.I The -E>n M.h \\
r., See ,ho glistening leaf of the grand -- -- --- - --- -- .-k? feme whether from Missou:' Sewing Machines I n. utx. \\iit. f'r l 1.k1.-1 :iud I"r1c"b.
North Ridjewood Ave. Fbone1Z3IIii A ,..,! ..! i<:!,! (! ,,!a.Y '.' .-!'.!.'!\! '.' Kaamazoo! kouthlr Jnc'om|ii! .- j I LAKE I1KI.KN.: FLA.
; magnolia which nature has varnished '. i or fro'a Maine: 'roni 0 Iihl.VNIt.: KLV.ALLEN'S. t HAMLINAttorneys

. . . . ;) as no rtis's brush ever could; and DR. J. P. ESCH I T.mbm: to, und yiau will be "!Sho\\ II:' I
I I !
the cabbige palms with their burdensof and here is where tli* world's r{>(n-d for
Physician Surgeon 'j
iIJ showy fruit and swaying palms; spe - : liiiiMila.. 1-rU.'. filth h .11-" nth ofM and '
I PICTURESQUE PORT ORANGE I I see tJi-i lovely holly with its e.qUiS- !' : K:. f hurrh. om,.. hourto', j. |>. '1 I :' on. Autos, tae bit! : 'st. the fact N. xt to I'o-toUio- and guarded by lofty pine trees is Counsellorsat
.. ''l'Imu.mm.' |i'\ T iN,\
11I.1. 7 p.mmm. -MI.
ito bii r y; see the climbing vines J) ISKAIII.IADAS': and the finist ;u>- on daily;! prmde > Lake Helen a winter resort of no LawJIELANI'
OUANGK Isn tun riot in the trees; see the cryi : and the big show is as tree a,.: DRUGGISTSJEWELERS : little importance. Camp Cassadaga
?(>RT ........... . .
!'.!'!'.!' !'!' '!' !@o \! 1'I
pretty lltde village\ PORT ORANGEHOUSE '< !. iiu<>us forms which gain a foothold t.tc' p'ir- artesian wafer fro'ii: th.1 a spiritualistic camp-ground is situated FLA.

tltnated tire miles\ i>n the great oaks and iituitely .: mIm.i !' !.!. . [ -y J Ji '! inousand of flavins wells. It .* :tt' II.L.II: KLA. I near Lake Helen and at this

ronthof I'aytonn on paiiius: and surely you will join in : cont.naous;; shoe with a constant] I I place several hundred people make
iiaytonaN.wfmyrna i
the PARLOR R "
hard sur- .L'lie!' chorus and say that this is a POOL ) | snitfa;! ;; scene.Everything i winter headquarters A laige lumber fOIJTAIN'1DzLAND l'

T ice road the scenic. ( s. Fred Cummin s world wonder for beaut).. ., NOW OPEN. ". I go-?, from a :!ihorluower >t.1'.1'G.. W. FisherDrug mill and the largest brick plant in

Itighwsy of th. tlI"t: up tt a :("-htiTae power, antJ I Co. I the South are located at Lake Helen. FLA.
of Our
Surpassing Beauty Cottage !
*f'o-\st. The town isIocatdontbe Owner and Manager ; Clean and Warm and
; !I aJl! degrees of HallT4X Homes. A Good Place to Rest ORANGE CITY I
Is ) a two-mile-a-pjinute: clip. Youil:I ClothingFurnishings
and 'to
Ulver Candies
mnnfft.-d with the PORT ORANGE II Xo one of Daytona's attractions, Play Pool Now 1 i I probably} catch the. spirit;. wn. ,:r. ::o.: Huyler's Kodaks, Cigars I The principal attraction around

rrnin.nIa oppesit.i.r .. perhap' commands more nearly universal !., Checks Given do the roads and the beach art- your rL\NTi.: FLIt.A. Orange City is the many handsome Shoes _J1sI.awiwal

.hrilge.Tho town. 1!* well BEACH attention and praise than does t Myrtle Ave. and Beach St. i The Florida sunshine is free. th< : golden orange groves. The town is I

'laid out and has the artistic cottages. The owners of .; @,!
many pretty homes.A Lots for Sale. these charming villas hail from every and squiwels and flowers art A. K. IOODAIL purest in the world, another attrac-

large number of Liberal Terms corner cZ: the country and they bring ***.*.***.........*.*....': free, uie sparkling fountan: water :i: tion to visitors. It is at Orange City

tourists and winterrrffidents Allowed for their own architectural plans andbufld I. 'fro e and you will have to go dow The that passengers over the Florida East
make PortOraDIt'wlntt IMPROVEMENTSOcean : When You Are Looking for : .
>r headquarters upon them and as the archi- : i nto: : your wallt-t only for torn for) Leading Coast Ry. transfer to carriages and
River Some One to Do
or :
ne of theTWal FISHINGConvenient I.Hrture, of one section of the rountr. : auto. and bed a.d:: board. GROCER drive to Deland. The town is surrounded -

...- attraction A nlo- architecture of an- by land peculiarly adaptedto
to defers from the This is 1.0 fajiciful picture; it's al
icing f. hlnc.V : .the. excellent mobile and Kace Bridge.Apiil Course. t'her so do our homes differ in { Electrical Work :. nere It i LS drafting other thou-an: <;! DELAND. FLA. the cultivation of citrus fruits. I --PIt
-- -- -
to i outward appearance and structural enthralled rt.:1 -- -- -- --- --- -- --
short distance ( : and bo'd-ng: them I -- ---

west )f Port Oran!:.' WM. C.Atf.ntPort HOWES beauty from one another.: There are f : charm :aid LolJ# >o'i. Couie a.ndI'Ot'! < ....................................................:

nri the. remain.1. oft f>runie! FI.i.\ no monotonous rows of strikingly : PHONE 14, I.. ..
h>< old I>unla \ton similar build'ngs but the eye, as it - --- - - -- -:

,. ar mill a place- weenby., is treated to a kaleido- : : "From the Grove. to the Table : THE DAILY NEWS :
it isT1sited. "a'ry Port OrangeQISUR IFORLAWI .
whkh keeps the mind .
: rby buniredsotI scopic change INDIAN RIVER GRAPE .
urlsts. One tlm CO. wond?cil1g. "What next?" : .
r. tthecOUfltrYrst I>. 1)tPONTOrower It i is 110. only the exterior of many .
o! Port <)rant!"'. -ur- and Isealer of the** homes which rivets attention : Grown on the Halifax. !o' some three persons whose :

sounding!: the old OYSTERS and1CLAMS ; wi'h.c they are models of con- : Best Prices Best Work The finest quality of fruit for sal i : Gives Away _

:.11. was n vast In- : in smoie !boxes, or car lots. Speci I names were mentioned inthC :
: and furn- : BEACH STREET : _
cane \enience, and the finishing NORTH
illso; and sugar l't.Or"n ,'-II","t'lnnWM. : attention paid to filling orders.

1'.I"ntI1Uon.The. mill i is'hing J ivt> evidence of the eleganceand *.******* ...*..**.........t t1SIIISuIISISI : Every Day previous day'spa per '-_. :
wan operated cultivation of those who workedit

i In those early C.C HOWfSj'Real { I all out. Indeed, it. is the interior .lSI........: GROWERS AND SHIPPERS. .S ..
(i:ivs but mis been IB M
arrangement and artistic: furnishingand Four Tickets to the Crystal :
: .
il'suw!! for forty or I : JOHN P POLLITZ : Office Next to the Ridgewood Hote I.

11 ty >.'arl. InuranceI'OT. I sanding, more than the exterior : Theatre and aMerchandise :
-- -
Very lnteretlni rppearpnce that gives a surpass.n: ---

ilrlv.-from layton:. .\ Y PUBLIC I.charm to Daytona homes. Tlnf.. i- : Suchard Chocolate 9. ..f........ !'.'.'.!i i'.'. ...b...... ......-.. : Order for 25 cents'onfsomelocal : :
u i>v ocean I..adl '
In ti' approach oft Port ()raze.; 11mm. ture Justly merits proniineiKe; another : 5 and lOc Cakes : \ GITTENS & MESSING ;

!:- Port oriin.: sont'erStreets S .. . ..to. .. ." | I! to, .v OJ. : store. : : : : : : :
.. ...I..21..I.I.aO..I. I. 4
iH-tf1 '. aioro Th.t .
r'.d .' n ud t h' n I S. r URIri i I and Pavements the Most .O......... I. g..a:: 1Fresh J Fish C.
aVi ::
*!.. .u. i and Best. \ U .
through .
I' v1'
v s'.11'; : McDonald's Boat Yard :: ..:, Clams 'S .
-incipal -tr.' ..1 u.! [UIItr31lil Why time! Architeit of thf! r-: .', ..: .., a Established 1303 n and Watch
:' .1'1 ,trill I':" t. ti.u. : Rose Bay Oysters :; for Ihem--- name may :
: ...... of tim' ... :. chose to g'.ve: Daytona the mi -t ..,:. : CHAS M McDONALD:" Propii ->o your ii

: rlh..t 0 I :1 m. ': ,. r'h.mdis: I I mirable, the most picturesque I.itr.: . : Ra.lways. Boats Built Repaired :. ; Market:' on South Beach Street
4'S be
t.il.: renmlm1m._! '1. II "ttins of all the cities of th" Sor;) :. and Housed Phone ;5 Prompt Delivery next. :
,. Pert Omme. Fis.VWTV :
.1 i
I I.V t h. r. .
'tnnn I I 4
I l'I " v"
emu;) : t:1: I::..,;.: .I-; ....-' ,Is not ' that such :.s a .............m.&. ...a.lo t: ; ,!'.!' '. .!., .!'I!'_ i.'io ' !:!' '!'!( '! .. ....4c3. .. eG.......+4.. ..., ...+ .+i. ..,'....4I& .

JL :;'

7 = Y TIrrrv'irrv "i T '" uuuIE1

[; m __ -




LRU[ f., -

F --.i" i if ...............e.............................+........ ;: .
C \: \: I -
f I The Worth of a Chinest Royal Gift to

f aeDILAND i ------- -=--= Li Hung Chang. j SMYRNA is situated fife
UNIVERSITY j F ]I $ FROM THE GAZETTE-NEWS OF FEBRUARY 2. 1901. ; I The late empress: dmvMKer of Cbina NEW miles south of Daytonaand ORANGES

...... 9999 ....99.99..9.Telt'phone AAAAAAIr. :. was something; of u amorist The is an ideal spot reached If iou, want the
FLA author of "lU-himl: !! tinS ones In I'e. from Daytona by a hard surface road \> r> l..-..t Orange
Four 1 :\ and :Mrs. Bljmjer celebrated: I
Uollegel communkaton between II..I nt
and I kint..ll: :; a *ti>r\. of '!III'\ 1.1 Iltin-j:: winding through one of the most picturesque -
T.-ehnleal Equipment&hOOI.co V \ e.hecth anniversary of their wed-: thj: cuv and Seabreeze was established Chang; after <-ou-li'din: : the treaty of8hhllOlillSt parts of Florida. Point Grovefor
$ ding at their home on Pa'.me:t'> last : With its ancient ruins dating backto
Endowment iooppp( avenue i Monday and the telephone! 1. was |prt'ot..h.d.. bj theempress lee Item land Innnn -
C Faculty of 49*<1op Pro-.oOO' Sunday. instrument. will be installed as rapidly with a cloth uf jru.tl; .; i IKIJ: run a time when the history of man HI\'r4.rSlllte,
lessors and ih" Dr. N'uttmg. formerly pastor I runneth not interlaced with wiresof t l h.' t h..t lit the
as possible.: taming some heavy artu-le 1'fn tre.-is -tut.".
n structors. Christian, the First Congregational churchIn the modern telegraph and telephone
of I ,
but From ure turned l lit' I ilre and -: !
t'lon.Rtctartan'T October: 8 to the presec.ttime out to a : \IMJ. situated llm.
miles of shell streets
its as
R. I., will in '
Providence preach :
For Information hlng. over two and one-half tons of The State Federation '\' LI. who \va Jin enthusiastic collector hard and smooth as a floor and over- from Daytona oa.
of 0men's the lJa.toR8.N.
Seabreeze church
address: the Congregational bass have been caught with hook and of Chinese: rerauilcs. at once sent for M. arched by hoary forest giants that Sm>rna Road
I Lincoln Hull next Sabbath at 11 a. m. Dr. Xut- line off the ocean pier. clubs convened: : in the roomsof his secretary. )Ir. IVfhirk. to come grew in stately grandeur during the Prices Moderate
C Pt.D.LHt.iJ'LL. ting is stopping at 'the Clarendon. the Palmetto Club Wednesday and and examine the ne\v n"-.iul itloni lapse of bygone centuries New
d Preslden'J. I I Thursday. :Mrs. Gertrude- W. Esch i Some time was sp 'u.l in ..a careful Smyrna is truly a place of romance
The launch NORDMANNProprietor
Phone 2S will call for your cleaning : handicap was held delivered: the address of welcome. examination to determine thp dynasty and rest

and prt-pslng. tf BURNETT.Geo. I\i i Tuesday and six launches entered. :Miss Amelia Potter of this city waselet'Ud during which this treasure: was produced ( -
P'g J. I. PERKINS : !( The Templar won first prize by six first vice president. i but the date of:' this especial I All nature here is very inviting to

M. P. Holt, one of Daytona's ;+1 seconds and the Hattie came in 1! paste was lost with Its other technical the tourist and pleasure-seeker. Here
regulars who has this season been second.: I classifications After a long time Mr I R. S I A L f Y too is to be found the best fishing and

Attorney andCounsellor a guest of the Howard hotel, left today i -- :Miss Annie Whitney, of Jacksonville -': Pethick lifted It gln erJy. placed it on hunting in the state of Florida.

C by train for Palm Beach where: Rev. J. G. A. Martin! was appointed and Pink Haney, of Seabreeze, a table put himself in front of it. The people are thrifty the busi

presiding elder of the S1:. JohnsRiver were united: in nurriaue by Rev. Mr.\ drawing a wrap round his shoulders, and all unite :
he will spend two or 'tjhree weeks re- ness men enterprising
e at Law Hobls at the Rivtr View hotel in and slowly[ very slowly, held his
turning to Daytona aboard the steamer -I: conference, Jacksonville d:strict -I in extending the welcome hand of
Jacksonville 'List Sunday. The couple hands up to it. turning them In the
thy U. S. A., of the Indian River at the recent conference held I attitude of warming/ a fire. FI.III'I'j hospitality to strangers. There are
in St. ,'. I! arrived- here San Jay .lr.e1DOn) and
Augustine. J. B. Hawk
Will PractUe la Line. : Chinese need few words Li understood five church edifices for white peopleand
of State and of DeLand, will fill the pulpit here.j will go to housekeeping: in :Mr. Ha- and was; heartbroken. The panetomime an equal number for the colored

gs FederalCourts Dry li\eoak stove:, wcod for sale. I ney's house at Ser breeze. !1 Indicated to him that the sup- population; the town has an excellent

Jacob Sspedahl So. Ridgewood A"e. I IOGt Bingham & :Maley formally open-I: '), posed priceless vase was only a clever high school. a splendid public

ntry I II ed 'their furniture establishment: last This week we adorn the Gazette- reproduction made In Paris and the library, aad up-to-date bnsiness

DiLAND, FLA. Saturday. The store was thronged'! News with a new frock and have several secretary warming bin hands beforeIt. houses.
meant !It was so fresh from the
.con I with people throughout the afternoon
Herman L. Cook and ,,wife of Des i new faces in our advertising
<- pottery: furnace that he could still There are any number of pretty
and evening. Light refreshments I columns. We have thrown all
Iowa oat:
Moines ,
are stopping at Orange
l notice the warmth. homes for the permanent population
he WRIGHTINSURANCE Villa for a time visiting this city on!: were served from :2! o'clock in the at-I i "dead" ads and will run one side which numbers close to 2,000. and

their way to the Florida Keys. :Mr. |I ternoon until 10 o'clock in the evening -! ready print for a few weeks, until w e ---- ---- some very fine winter residences. STAKBANK
C e eed : and it is estliua'i{d that fully can make arrangements for advertising
Cook Is a conductor on the C. R. 1.1 I more
I CASHES! : ROACHPEPFER* There are good hotels and boarding UIo'NfW
] 1 "0
AGENCY P. Ry. and the oldest in service of I ji'U persons enjoyed the refreshments I when the whole (paper will houses where you can find accommodations '

ucs1 500 having been with the road for I I I I i be printed at home. CONTAIN NO POISON.$'S ey Or: HAS ODOR NO F. to meet your requirements. SMYRNA

-- 43:; years. j i iI Some of Burns' Phrasss. I itaja; Kills Hatches.'.Anti rrTtt ioths;,,'?.".!--.Bedbugs. :. : 1 Adjoining New Smyrna is as fine a I JOHN:l T. HAMMOND.
l'r..hl..nt.mo l
nil ,
DeLand Florida I Here are n few specimens!' of T5iirn I I } C- Files Mosquitoes Keeps Tle<.s and Files away 100' section of vegetable land as can be
des Fifty Years Ago Today. ,. from Stock. Keep Bites it.id Sorehead oil ...,..' I L. UKANNINGihl.
Millinery opening at M. Ella De- happy phrases: "The host laid schemesof : Poultry,all Insects oft VOlre.i bles. Keeps we- l-- found anywhere. This land has been ; I ; ". rTransacts
ty. Voy & Co's. Friday; and Saturday, mice and men pang aft nplo.v Feb. 2. I A'. ells away from Corn.and pre'ents Hog Chol 'Wj $ divided into small farms which can i
era. 25 Cents a Box.DruU'M. a
ti OLDESTLARGEST Feb. 3 and 4. All are cordially in "The fear of hell's the hangman's In a contest fcr United States, ':{. tar d.I..dl 0 c anti I J e, .c.e .III p" p"W.le on l.t ntjn,rf ofRoarK / I I General
vited. 54.1t.t; whip to baud the wretch In order;;* senator fromew York to I Pen" a-0"'Moon nl'Rtl.h I I. :f Cr'IV oro =
1',': "But pleasures are like poppies spread ct."t..1Y. II. Seward HoraceGrooley I 0; **pound of Roachoe>;pr or.%.. ounrr. ol R...." -; .- K\i: ... raised on this land. All other vegetables -: Banking _ _
lor S:00
ed and BEST ;' :Mr. and Mrs. I.. J. Cowan entertained '' -you seize the flower Its bloom is: hold Crst or second place! :i.ASHE DISINFECTANT It grow ill abundance and here I I Business

fug a few friends :Monday evening shed;; "Oh wad some power the giftie for t:-n ballots, but was finally V' MIAMI. FLORIDA 'Vr' ,: : : too is the home of the famous Indian 4 I'\r ime Cent.l Deposit Interest
defeated by Ira Hams. + : I
at cards music and dancing, at,:, pie us to see ourselves as ithers: see ASHE'S RATSALT J River oranges
hat .K.IU R...Mi ..nH(t. numri tk..f, .i i I.n, .1 I w .!.. .
For Florida their home on Volusia avenue, in us;; "Man's inhumanity to man makes: Twenty-five Years Ago Today. I r'f' "W 3 e.-" &' -
u- honor of :Mrs. Isa Cowan andIr.: countless thousands mourn;:' "Nursingher ; : ',@ 1A' '....?': tv.... :: 4"f... D' J 7_, :' =
thFARMS and :Mrs. Ed hill. of Hamilton. Canada wrath to Keep( it warm;" "The General: David: Huut 'r. U. S. (. ..... >. \Zt I .

CsDROVES who are spending the season in mirth and fun grew fast and furious; A., died in Washington.. ; Hunter ................................ ... .............
"What's done v\e partly may compute while conmanding/ Federal ........................... '
or ithls city. .
lint Know not what' rest i-'II: .I." 1 ) force in lS rJ issues) theory
0' TRUCK "l'r I"es and lords are but the breathof : I fir.t vmaiulpation proclamation: :. R. H. MCDONALD j. I| The Joseph Zapf Co.l

ten LAND **Now is the time for planting kings;;' "Fhe rank is but the guinea and was proclaimed an outlawby : MEATS : .. -
Send for Bargain Cherry Laurel live fence: Box S9. stamp: n man's n man for a' that." President Davis of the Confederate .
ich Hht-et to. 46-12t i states for drilling/ slaves 4 .. : JACKSONVILLE. FLA. :-
Florida and Western .
edost The Tiny Shoes She Wanted. ns soldiers. .
THE GOULDmm ,I. Is called the and most reliable liquor :
:McCoy Brothers' steamer: Republi' "Now. madam what size shoe will The Choicest St':aka and justly largest

nb- l { cot will be dry docked and the shaf: you have?" asked the salesman as Warned."I The Primest Rcuts. * house in Florida. Sole distributors for :
noon as be was at liberty. .
I. and wheel received recently put have sent that heiress, another letter .
duo smallest and shiniest you : I .
T..It'phon.*uo> VI hat you w.int and w. Anheuser-Bush Celebrated Beer :
F.LAND, FLA, place, Ben F. McCoy looking afterthe s
have she said. protesting my affection and :asking. / i ... :
tie : : will nilt-avor to - that you !tjt It.
work. The new engine for the Tbe other women buying shoes sniffed her to marry time" said: Count Fucasb I I'lion-'i:,' : Special attention is called to the :
Republic has been .
shipped: Capt "You want to lie careful how you put .
the THE McCoy says and is expected[ any And when the clerk returned witha I' : : MAIL ORDER DEPARTMENT. :
that sort of thing; into the malls. replied POULTRY
to tlm pair of the tiniest Imaginable the : : .
GORDONGARAGE the frank friend. "The postoSice I .
I . .
tic woman accepted them with the Tli- .irliryou l \ourorjt-r tinIhttr
re-I department is strict : Price lists will be cheerfully furnished. :
ter mark "I guess baby's eyes will getting; mighty/ I : I fliimou lnof ttlni{ :
Dr. J. C Herman, Osteopath :20! about anything that looks like a *.t. I. t h.' e'hulr.-t.! . .
tc. VolusU Ave.. when she sees these on her feet. / ;:"-- i + ............................N...................4...
nth The Daytona Phone 40. tf Rnffnlo Kxrress.. rich-quick enterprise.' ...........................1

nd DeLandHeadquarters -

by en for WNirW"Nrwr'iNrWNml'mr VViViViV wmrY'WrrNm.arrwR: rl./i.'fflM Whwwrrwrw''i\I.'Ni'r


oad five d Maxwell RunaboutsArthur Cars Touring and BINGHAM & MALE.Y COMP ANY.

O. Unroll - I --
Royal Hamlin 1 t



HAMLIN .k This will show you that: New Hey= ( rr'

kes Attorneysand

no is at Counsellors Law wood=Wakefield Reed Goods.

tga, 4 +' d Ra wti ,

tn. JF.I.\ D. t"1.\. r

ke -- -- ----- -
--- --- - :
'. rc_ Y=om
her 1' '_ :1
intn. "FOUNTAIN'S"DaLAXD salt,; -


ClothingFurnishings- ."j

tad I :

me Shoes I

the ii $ 2.35 I 1 $12.35 II I

acty 1 1 1Ir ::1:1I

' t r, 1 tI i

ndare L

ted ; E M :


? I
...............:. $25.50 i

EWSpersons ..

.. I
whose J ,
t I
---- ----- -- ------- - ---
-- -- .
---- -- ------- ,
entioned -in the- *.. t V"a I '

__1jrstal I \\i

disc ....... i It is the showiest and most comfortable = : I II '

.. II I

Mme 1 1 1y

.. ...' durable and stylish. I

f $12.75 y i in

4-. $18.5 ; :n ,

-- ..




4'r \ },! n lUj ZMrt'I: \ 11.\1 1,11-1 J A.I,1a J I'" UU, 1.1,1.1.11.B, ..I..3.B\II.DUI\JU.I.DJI.J. \ \ .II..DU n J.IJ.B, u.ai, JU..i. ..i.B.!\ . .1i nJlUi II.U :; r .5 .'} t .

S, ii


J .a

-, ., .. '"a- S S S S .
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---- -- -
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THE DAYTONA DAILY NEWS Peninsula Variety' .................N.NN.H.N.0.N.N......o.a..+$fr++.. tr....
Published evening except f.in- o '.
i every '
COME' TOIANTHONY'SI day from December 1 to April I, by StoreDAYTONA i WE SELL H
THE GAZETTE-XEWS CO. BEACH.ftFLA.Kxceptlonal i Automobile accessories of all kinds. The best kinds of f

T. E. FITZGERALD, Editor.C. Mon: y*.,alngValues .
: oils the market.
lubricating on
in t
S. HARRIS City Editor.

HARRY L. ROOD Adv. Manager Enamel Ware i

I GEO. F CROUCH. Superintendent. Japanese China I i WE REPAIR i ..
: I and be properly fitted. Why be troubled with your .
I Entered as second class matter Laces
feet? Wear ANTHONY'S SHOES. both for style December 1, 1910, at the postofficeat I : Automobiles of all makes and in any condition. : ..
II III Ribbons Greatly EijJ
I I and comfort. Ladies, ilens'and Children's, all t
I Daytona, Florida, under Act of !
sires and widths. Opposite Webster's! Grocery Store i :

I I I March 3, 1879. Seabreeze Ave. I w t

r -- -- --- .
,t f I Anthony Bros. Seven Stores I If :.....4.................... ................. ........: I Central Auto Garage. i i HUI1II1K |

5 de..N.0..OOea00.e0_..0.000ONO..ON.Oe0._.._..._..._... Complete Machine r Shop : I :............................O......................1 e.....
Clarendon d G
I e..t...+....+.......+.+.+.+.....+.+....+.....****+*... I Garage g C Co. A REPAIRING COMPETENT OF ALL MACHINIST.KINDS--BY j. I .0.---- --=-... N
- -- .

e e By Rail and River. i! .: OPPOSITE HOTEL CLARENDON, SEABREEZE: FLA. *. I I Toast Your Bread in 2 Minutes a Z

I : AUTOMOBILES FOR RENT. ,T,Hr rhowrnii, mn| Kxchanye. *j I H :
:...................................................: .N..........N.....................................,.I ; e
----- -- s
--------- -

I !

Best-Service to the East S j . ANDIRONS All

Palmetto Limited. /Arrive Leave Jack.orrville.7.na.m.Hn\unn.I. :::::: : :11..Via.: : : CORNER"S t ; : | selectedl
Autiii-tii. ...... ...... ... Mp.m. TO BE READY | help use|
DAILY. Carrying through Coaches, Charleston. ............... ".:'.7 p.m. l
Richmond.. ....... ..... i.Yt a.m with all
I, Electric-Lighted Pullman Drawing Room Washington.; : .......... *'<.C'( a.m. JB. GARRISON The Electrician. Phone 71
Sleepers, Dining Cars. Jacksonville to ;; Baltimore .... ....... ".lllll.m. : | finest Cl

p. ... York. New W. Phlhtd..lphla..n.:5u.m..ne. York.. ....... ...... 150p.m.: ACCIDENT. WEEK.% {.. e.eBOND i..t : SnmroJ|

i New York and Florida Special. Dally Except Hunday.L : No.'-14 I -----
u' Jacksonville........ ........ .... l.II< 0.......l
of this train de Luxe
Description Havnnnah .. .......... ....... :i.I'-(>N I IUA
Thus train consuls! of Pullman Drawing' p.m. itMP
Charleston......... .............. n.i'5!) Mi; NYii
Boom Htatf Room.cars"Hleeplnp heated Dining by and Ut'am.Arrh't'I.l- Richmond ...... ................. 7.1)5) a.p.m.m. FIRST[ TO OCCUR AT THAT T POTTER LEASES THE E LAND ; ; !
equipped bimry-Obflfrvatlon with the new hl h-.pe.-d brakes,and Washington/ .....................ln.25! a.m. fr Is'.....
......... .
!. brilliantly lighted throughout by electric Baltimore' 11.37 a.m. Manufacturers ofJ

berth etfordln perfect bring comfort prO"ldf'd'for In writing each :: \Yt'New; *t York Phllad'-Iphla A\e.Penn.; :SSdHt...H.K.Hta.,7th ......... 3.5ft 1.4 tI p.m.p.m. PLACE THIS SEASON.TWO VING II PUT IN SHAPE. J ROUGH and DRESSED CYPRESS LUMBER i. Si ..

or for reading at night. + Laths Skivvies, Flooring. Ceiling, Brick Lime and Cement in Stack .
............. . .
Leave Jacksonville 9.15 -'- .
a.m. muffle and YarU: tut.t: ("OII"t Raill\a'; and Orange A\
Florida and West Indian Limited. Arrive Hnvannah' ................ l.sop.m : .
.. Augusta/ .................. 6dm p.m' AUTOMOBILES AND AUTO VISITORS AND ESIDENTS-SOON 'Phone 83. R. J- MALBY Manager : N
DAILY. Carrying I Through Coaches, ('hllrlt>"ton...... .......... / I .
fltxtric: -Lighted Pullman Drawing RoomSleeping r Richmond! ............... 5.p.m.5.1"a.m- TRUCK IN MIX UP AT HANKINS TO HAVE ON,?: OF THE BEST ...................................................: )
Washington....... ...... P.-tnn.lll.' ConcJWhite
Cars, Dining Cars. Jacksonville Baltimore .. ...........10jr2H.ni. -- -- :
Philadelphia! 13.Sip.ni.
to New York. \ New; York................ 1.\1) p.lII. I I .

S Coast Line Florida Mail. Leave Jacksonville" ............. 7-':''p.lII. -BOTH CARS DAMAGED.Dr. WHICH TO PU Y. \ ZI ...
i Arrl\e Havnnnah................l'ia.ni.
.. ; .
I DAILCarr'mg: Through Coaches I narir.ton... .......... 5.115 ti.tn. X.V.. Francis of Ormond. Guests of the @Hotel! / Clarendon iff i I rif..Tbsi.l
I( :: Rl.'IllIIond! ... .. .... >....lt.I... : H
F Room
and Electric-Lighted Drawing n .. .. .ll-li'p. n. I and :Mrs. :M. Huston, of this: city, particular and guests and residents ;
I Sleeping Cars. Jacksonville to New York.] ".. p.iitimonW.Philadelphia: -. :::..':.-.-. .1 matx.n:,: : S .
.... :'.4'IU.III. I 1 were in a collisionvKJi: ; their cars of this community in general wi.l'' B Tl> I'rl
Stops at Meal millions. \ .. N.: .* york...... ...... .. ...I&u.m.Best : t'ai in Ha
i1 Local Sleeper Jacksonville to Savannah. at Hankins cOrner shortly before soon have for use one of the fin ", .

I Trains to the West. noon today, 1J0thlr.: ;. Huston's colt grounds in this section of the. I Machine I II .S.

I No. electric and Dr. Francis' car reeiv- country, as the result of an act on ........I
Ho. Nor.
No. 3! South Atlantic Limited : ::;::1. Montgomery Route
:.und5q i7nt>'1! ins benv axels and the latter a by \\hich E. L. I jUer. president oihe -

I ... .. I I bursted tire. ; Marendon Hotel company, h.ileiistd .- A.......
1.JII'k.on'IIIt' Ar v.I5' H ;:
8.1SIPm "III !1) pin 11.\ I sek onvltla..Ar 7.+IIHII8.JH1t1ll I
..... ..... .... I fac-I .
K.40pm Ar..\roo. ..(.Atllllltll...ul.\IIIt.. .. (I.rlit."apu.\',: .....11111I( ,i I".Inpm tltlll) Ar.Ar .. 51untFumrrv Iirminiham..l.c 1.\' *r.wlpm.ti. inn I .Jr:;. Huston was coming south on for five ye: :'t;, "i'.h i'n op:;Ten of yours were in your husband's .
1.16am Ar..Indtanai..dls..Lcl: .1111111I) ..II 1"11I Ar :-1./1\111.' / .. ..1.\ "'.:!:.IIIII | Beach street and Dr. Francis gong: of live years add innal the KOIIU: .

e.ttipin 1.10am Ar.Ar.,1'1nrluuitI..Lv..... (hl.lIg0..J., \/.1111"11"/.!MIIIIII I I: ..I4111111.'411111I \r Ar........Evan.vill.::o.t.I.'u//. ........J.\.J.\. :1.111111\1.101'111 I north, attempted, to pass the Claren- on which the ling? are located jut: I tory hefd use a Westinghouse Electric -: 7.. :
\\I.:olIl11 Hotel'l'larendon.President .
: jAr. 'hkllco..1.\ 6.DtpmNo. i north of the .
don truck, also going nm tho According PottIw.) .. p'atei: a i Sewing Machine Motor to run it. I II .

OJ. Dixie; Flyer Route" I "u. 14. I No, t- I; Semi.,. Limited;' : "u. i. I! to Dr. Francis the truck, with- number of laborers at work put ill--: don't ? ..
I ouv warning, turned to run ia.to0- the course in the best possible con you I I'I r.
R.ffi Lv ...JII'kooon\'IIIo' .. Ar 7.liam .. '' I
pm s ""t pm Lv Jack r'7.i'.ium .
10.15 pm \r.\\.uy\.ro..s ......I.it.. IIUIII I 19.45 IJJ\lI \r' "\\' ontilb..f, .. i ., : II mtlApm.r. lusla; avenue and following: it to dAion: and within a week's time tinlinks .
7tain Ar..4tliinta 1.\' H.4t'l'1II .:. 1111I i.-\r Altqnr, 1'\ 1 gram uill be ady.for use. .
.. .. I-"lIn\'I1I: )I.s Iau:: I mi.m 111I1I, .\r 'L'irntinghnui : l.v l.atpinii .: avoid cominx; into contact u ith it 1'I It doesn't take a man to I .
; 8.f8anl.\r.... .ebklllo .I.\" N':upm) I T.1ailni Ar .1'hicagu ... .. I An expert in the great Scottish operate .
7.20amr....... t.l.oul'l .... I.\' s:5 pin I ..:!lIl1m ''Ar.'t. Loui. .I.v L0optii: I1:::i :par::: I he mtt: .Ir. Huston al;o passing it, frame has arrived-t? superintend!': .
the made for
motor it is .
and whom he had the ; woman.
r"r not seen and work of putting the links in shape I .
For Rates, Pullman Reservations and'information 1 I .
Call on or Write collision occurred. and devote his time to the instru"- Expensive to ? Well hardly .
: A. W. FRITOT. Division Pass. Afit. W. D. STARK Traveling Pass Agt.r 1 : ton: of guests and !',heJ:; who d<-s.rt-; operate ; .

138 WEST BAY STREET . . . JACKSONVILLE, FLA. to learn the i the half .. -
: MAN STRUCK BY CAR game. current costs only a cent an I '
The ground: will not l-e reserved
exclusively for the us.of guests:\ <>: hour. .
'S Seminole LimitedSOLID I'' Steamers U.S.A.AND !! C. H. Smith, who was struck by I: the Hotel Clarendon, but will be open I .aiaiaiai

I an automobile while crowing Beach > to all who desire t> play there and

V J TRAIN j :street\ to the city hall Monday aftertIiin. -'I i golfers who have looked over th- ........

I Electric Lighted Throughout.CHICAGO -: Constitutionare i was more seriously hurt than I II ': ground claim the cIurse will Le one I The Schantz Electric Ice ..
I even he realized at the time. He ''I''I'I !' of the bet in .he country because'of I' ..

OSf now running betweenDAYTONA j was considerably bruised and shaken the natural roll ot the land. : .

I f i I up and suffered intensely that night I II ; and Water Co.iaaaaaaaaaaaeeaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaacaaaaaaaa ..
i I and and much of the tm,. since, though I **A little recreation i igood for I ..
I I .
I feeling somewhat L. .er this morn .
I PALM BEACH anybody and if \ : s Gladys Hendruks S
V q 4 lROP I Ii i insc. Dr. (.. AA. lock is treating Mr.\ will call at the Daily Xe\t> ..

I Smith for his injuries. edict b,-for.* tomorrow night:. she w 1 r' : Steam H

ST. LOUIS I Leaving Daytona Saturdays and I i At the time of the accident Ir. j, L,eI'ryatal presented: with t\.n\ t:ck *ts to t' .
Smith gathered himself without aaaeaaoaaaaaeaaaaeaaaa.aaaaaaaaeaaaaaao .....a.ao- .
I Tuesdays at 8:00: a. m. } up i I j ( Theat'r. : .
t AND ALL POINTS BEYOND. I bound South. i! .i;MsUiiu-e and the bystanders alll.1 I I ..

(iln..r\.alion 'ollll'lIrtlll"lIt and .H|>HInyOir -|..- Leaving Palm Beach Saturdaysand !' e""nJr.: .. Smith himself did no i'j i Feb. 2 In American History. ISouthern .
IIhlh.hlualt..rtllllch.\\ *> Fr<'" Railway .
'I i i think h was much! hurt. The fend :
Recllning'batrCiir. 1 I'lninut in. Tuesdays at 9:00: a. m. tTreaty- of pence Itetween the .
Lv. JnrkMtinlllf. "4H p. III. -r! of 'vlucar. lmolvc'ler, :?;rni 'k him .
i bound North. rnitt>t.l Static ami Me\u- sl;:m1S01 -d l
Ar. 1'hli-ano." 7IS; u n
t Ar. $t. louis. 7.2n 11.111. Prin.-t..iir_> l'lh'kREPUBL! j ill th- side and the: seems to have -The famous warorvet Kearsjirae. : J NORTH, EAST AND WEST i ii :
For th'k'fS hlicpluinrr auhlr....'-s 'ix.nlon-nd railroad t.iii-: .>d mm h of the tremble.Mr. : which \:iuKhetl the ('1'11' PalmcttSituai

H.i \NT\VKI.K.: I \ and :Mrs. Smith, who are from I j fedenite cniNer Alabama: in Wl.wre 1.
Florida I'li.. . Fla. f 41 SI.....
Act. .Iiu-kvii\ill. IC
I' :Marshall, :Mich., are occupying fort :I (-k >t.l l in the CjirililM-.m:! st'a.I 4 == Fast Vestibule I Trains Daily ==

I hc season, .\. 1-:. Shanks' cottage
I will run IN tw. .ii 1 EVENTS. i i iil
i i on Soirth Palmetto atenu1. Theythe ASTRONOMICAL. FItO11JACKSONVILLE- .......I
'C' (Troin norm t Kla> tl' tux>n tomorrow.r' .
(FO .01 H] i Iepent winter here six years aro.Mr5. ? .
I Sun sets! :5ir.: rises 71i1. moon sets U
8 The Attractive Way o ST. AUGUSTINEEarly : .1. A. Uiohard.on. of New: S-JVTV: I'm.: 0 a n).. planet Jupiter atI i I ..
I in F< i>ruai'v I I quadrature with the r.un. t-eing tHl degreen .
Haven, Conn hat' armed in Daytona .
i west thereof: planet :Mercury .
I to spend a couple of monthsiMtum ; I "The Florida Special" 7:40: a. m.1 .
tier sivfVr, Mrs: I Ocean 1 II
North and West I George Ueardsley. :The: Southern Southeastern Limited" 9.00; a. are large,]

II U 0 ........................... e OON0000........... ..0000NN N0t100000000 0LI "The Florida Limited" 8-05: p. m'l .: vice is u
South Atlantic Limited : : on apple
\ "The Atlanta-Jacksonville Special" 8:50
t STEAMERS I - p. :.aiaiiaf
S :
11 Leaves Jacksonville 8:15
A solid through train daily pm. : Uncle Sam and ::LI SWAN I i Cars- I II

For Cincinnati & Louisville Pullman Drawing Room Sleeping to Atlanta, Ashville, Cincinnati :.aiaiai!
I Cherokee
Through electric lighted deeper 0 t : LENGTH 150 FEET-281 Chicago, Cleveland, Colorado Springs Detroit, Louisville and New York. .
To Indianapolis & Grand Rapids FOR TII t.Ulnt"1i 4j .' ..

I 'I With excellent accommodations and service, lighted by i i SOUTHERN RAILWAY DINING CARS i i'i : Fresh mil
: .
Dixie Flyer :1 Tomoka electricity and capacity for sixty cabin passengers
j r
I j _.
.. : .
is -
0 now being operated between -
: I I I II .
o Leaves Jacksonville 8:25
!n pm. J City Ticket i Office, 108 West Bay Street Jacksonville FloridaIN" :.!..t.I.I
A solid through train
' ii River i .I II I Iii I I
For Chicago I : 1.| MKI-K., i.. R 1'F.T'IITA. ,

I .. .. !'. \tlniiti.i.i. |I'. p 1..ia' k-'a.sil'- Kin. ........

... \ Montgomery Route a I Every Tuesday and Sat- :: I I PALM BEACH I ;......................................... .... ..

2 -
-- - -- --- -- - -
---- -
--- -
-- -
in t II -------- ---
i J urday: January. ------- ---- - - .
I Leave Jacksonville 8:15 pm. I.. I ..

Drawing room sleeper daily I. ---- --- .. F. E. C. 'l'IME I TABLE .. American
For Evansville & St. Louis J I I .
: and Intermediate Points through the Picturesquz Halifax r. 1F1[CT JAM Al?> y. ionS .

i. o Cart all train i I II I and Indian River Route. ..
Dining on : .
n : ii I /11 p'.I"I.-I\\.t \l i I I."" s N.in: ..ism 'I. k|: \i rr .0.....
- ----- -
I II For full particulars address : 'I Leave Daytona Thursdays. 8-:00: a. m. :57 "' 7 1",1 :;'t i I 210 :1.. !t-t ".. ..w ay.p !

T. B. WALKER Fla. Pass. Agent : Leave Palm Beach Mondays 8:00: a. m.tOK I ___ __ __
t i : i ......
0 :
NEW S IYRNA Jai i.svtDe '
n : 7 i i. I :
O I 1 1 TICKETS AND: STATEROOMSASK ; .e I :/ .: <: :. :;. , :::;:. St. AvgMtiac ''C.,: :: : : ..
: . '
'. i ' l/a t mai
I. !' .
,: ; ,; : : : "
t k..cIkdte
4 i
iq .
: ,.. . S
and Friday ; \\ .MMaKcacliMiami
Every Monday MR. FOSTERAGENT. : I : ;' : i :
V V.. : . : \A e''' 1\\
: in January : i I Ii .

L W. Bay St., JACKSONVILLE 0L QoJ .. Leaves Ferry Dock at 9 a. m. ...: : I I "i I ..". ,... ,, h' >.. !I .1.... ., I"..' 1 shed as a matter, I'.I t... .' ," 0\
0i t L. E. ELLENWOOD, MirV ; : t t'!' 1 >aily News and notadvertisement. .

(b0'.C' ............................: t.....eeee.eoe..eeeG............. ......I......""Z I I ...N0.

. ,, ..
---i- jii M'"rrfj\ >> 'J V) "YI v) 11 11 VI m .rT'V v JT v ::6
y rr >> V Y V }III V v y :
_ t
'. III ....'-.'- .'- It - -'
1 1- 4

_. s --. -. .r. .- .. _. .. t .. hw



..1.....0.0 y -................................................. - I I C. C. Bullock and wife, of 3r:0h-1 :................................................,...:

"It ; tJj 1r-- ton, Ohio are touring i l.Le state on | a

'" i HOTEL : DESPLAND their honeymoon and stopping in I j HOTEL CLARENDON :
i Daytona.Mr. '
The I .,. .
best ,
kinds :
of . .
I : ; ; y y : V; SEABREEZE ..
rket. Daytona: Florida oI and :Mrs. Edward H. Rice, of : ., ''M&Tnsppgfcf. ; FLORIDA :

t. i i \11 W 'nch6ter.la5s.: ., are late arriva'sat & & .
: NOW OPEN I ,he Bennett. :Mr. Rice is one ot

: Mr. and Mrs. J. C. Cheney, regu- the officers of the Wai worth Trot j : Absolutely |

R ea L. M. WAITE, j:Owner. and Manager. : lar winter visitors in Daytona have: I Manufacturing company of Boston: (I : Fireproof

1. arrived from their home in Fort: with which firm he has been connected :

ny condition. : Greatly Enlarged. IT Cuisine and Service Excellent. Broad Piazzas on all : Dodge la., and are stopping at the for ;.10; years.E. ,. i .
Despland. : Now Open
f Sides. Rooms Ensuite. Steam Heat. Every Modern :
: : Deemer of Denver. Colt: a .

0. Convenience. Send for Booklet. : Recent arrivals! at Ithe Despland I sueti' at the Oaks is a veterau! fisherman : Booking Offices: : t -u

age. i CONCERTS DAILY.Hummer include J B King and wife Huntington and may Le seen almost every Seabreeze Florida E. L. POTTER. President *

i : i Pa, 1G Iirtsln}: and wife, Loui5- day adorning tie! ocean (pier. : Hotel Blackstone Chicago :
Address: ATLANTT HOl'MK. Narnitan| Pit r. Rhode Island. rillKy; Alexander lion Cincinnat' ; j :Monday he made a spectacular catch 1180 Broadway. New York W. S. KENNEY. Manager!! t

............. :0N11N000 tl)..............................................: G B Packer Boston. II landing; a 70-foot line and sinker' :......................o............................:
1 I
1 I. l lost the day before.A. .

...........................NNO.NO....... Senator Rufus :Magee of Logant-; NN010r 0. .0..Oh .0;a. ir.0 00.. .
,1 o port Ind., i is registered at the Palmetto P. Jones, formerly :t.ttion i t .i ; Located in the Most BeautifulSpot

THE RIDGEWOOD for the season. The senatoris : agent at this place and well inowr. j S ara o a on the Halifax River... ... .1
i ; an old guest of the Palmetto and here, came over from Palatka Wednesday J
JOHN J. McGUIRE, Proprietor.
has many acquaintances in Daytona: afternoon, and le!! a guest:; at <
i E. D. 11 TITE INVITE INSPECTION. Rooms Single or En Suite with Bath.! No better in
LANGWORTHY Proprietor. the Magnolia. Xorth nt: !ge\ud avenue ] "
:Mrs. J. A. Long. J. A. Long Jr., for a week or ten d.iys.hil* 'I Florida. Table oi( the best of everything in season. Terms as reasonable as I

C and Miss Hulda Hester make up a the service will permit giveu on applieation. Dec. 1st to May 1st. Phone No, 11299999999999999999999t999909999999999999909909999999mm
[ NOW OPEN. transacting business in the city i .
.. party from Roxtoro N. C., which .
Z will spend -ithe season at the Hid e- Late arrivals at Schmidt'ti hotel ------ ----- -- --- ---
IRONS : All departments will be managed by white Northern help, o wood. include J B Sinclair, Winnipeg.: On; !....+.*.........+.+..*+....9.9+0.........++.+...+..N

i selected from some of the finest hotels in the North and white : W A Fair Richmond 1'aMm; Bun- 'S THE BENNETT J JO
Among the recent arritak: at the !
er, Oberlin. 0 E K Lewis. Washington.
; ,
help used throughout the house. The table will be supplied Hotel Ridgewood are :Mr and Mrs Jas IJAYTONA.= FIOUIDA. J
D C :
: ; M Fichtel and w fe. S | .
Now Ofn for th. thirdnon under ThIi'wn.l : ::' mrnt of .1.11.] mill K.:
manit 0
with all the delicacies of the cooked and served the i McKelvey, Somerset Pa, :Mrs Simon ; I.\NK..: ..
season, by Hartman OC Hartman. Brooklvn. Ni |.rori-tor' oMSo-ton. Th. li nm-tt i i. tlr-t-fln in ivr> 1 pa rtlrnlar. Th.G .
n. Phone 71 : O'Donnell, Pittsburg; :Mr and :Mrs C Y T '' -;,tur.-, an -*uri
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