;k ?I. tkj! 'mutereJ a light bref-za at be held at Christ church at 10:30 I that GeneralVnyne, commonly I Lumber It ( ante('oor L. sri, Klltippint. to Peneacola I

::3t: II a. m. Monday in latitude 1 o'ckck: tomorrow morning. !known as "Mad Anthony," was in > Klfl. llVi.: Uunderson to order .1 Feet Furnishers for Ca-h: Only.
I remits the sanest!, coolest soldier! InWashinttlu's Hal t.ilantat', GargullntoorderIt ; ; I
5s west.
;U north longitude SM)
> ; i J. C. Richardson: of Greenville, Kfllclna Kirroni. Ml: CUlazza. to

t ,, f 1 :,.::. H:30 a. m. to nOHIl1t calmw I AU., circuit judge for his district, "They; called aruiy.the Lore of Stony Point I'eniHi-nla Ital Florida Lumber, UK Co r.alerno. to I'arodl.Co I 102 SOUTH PALAFOX STREET.
Nor Jobnnue, !:::>Piilleem to rentacoU I
,- encountered, and until Tuesday is at the Mcrchahts today. und the Mjuuieu rapids Mail AnthonyWayne Lumber Co --
Am Louie Moore, TM, !Sheppard to Jno i
:; "The title
Jq t n< t'iui.j: of special importance oc- i I At M. Katharine's: church the says r.rK'arg. A. It'rrJlt&'o I
1 was orlsluatul by an Irish soldier who It Maam Mos,o, *.+.', to K <> Howe 4 Co st. ,t z
1 : Thank= service will beLeli TELE!
inns: givinj
,+ : euT>!l.\t 2 a. m. Tuesday a light: had been confined the guardhouse at ;I Nor Pioneervt, Tabli.seu, to o.dt'r '
tomorrow at 10:3.:1o'clvck. : I It I'ensacola .', fciuionettf, to i'arocli h''
wind shifed to southwest aud light; morning the order of the general, and it was I - ......

wind continued i i taken up by the people because: of the CoIt Paom .\ngelo, -quails: cane on. Heavy: i 1 Co
i Capt. Wm. D. DuBoi'e. I*. S. N., wild enthusiasm and determination Kr: Rollo!'>,Jenkins, to master
until 5:3u o'chck when Cape with which Wayne led Ms men when Port uio Iiouro Magano. to 1'enacola TO MY\ FRIENDSAND
I was at the Escambia yesterday Lumber Co I -
r p Cuuiveralwas: : passed. Wednesday: the supreme moment of battle came.
Am Kt Varv Ni Lowery to order
: I I spending the day: at the Pensacola:
t1ytr But observe that when the war of the NorHigrid lVltprsoo.[toHullivaa Co I -,
? a tight breeze continued until noon naval station on business. Nor Superb, Hoi, Miling, to order
Devolution impended 'ransacked his- Nor Tftbltlia., ImnlHlsen,to order
LRj and at 12:1) Jupiter light was *i.hted; Note the change in the advertisement tory' for accounts of battles that he RUB Waltlkka, Bloom, to order I PATRONS
Uer, VV'iudnbrunt lif llause. to master
; and the steamship Cecelu, bound tflNew of the Boston Shoe Store.t might learn military tactics, and hesave SCHOONERS.Am I
his days to the training of his! I
: x Orleau:;, was s-poken. Two big ] They have some extra good shoes at Brothers, li". Kelly, to master I
neighbors. At Stony Point he led his Am Donna Christina, 1.5, Axelacn, to .
1 ; 1 k.n,; fish, and mackerel were honked the lowest prices for this we k.I men in spite of his wound, but in preparing master I 1." -OCCUPYING NO. 327 SOUTH PALAFOX STREET. I
Am lljalmar 5T:). Axelfen, to master I
f i to a trailing; line. j Ring up H. A. Friedman and order' for the battle he applied to Am Laviaa M Snow, it*!, sawyer. to KSLCO .

1= Thursday: strong winds and rain ; some of that extra fine wine he has I the pride of his men by parading; them AmT W Dunn.i>3l, Brown: to J no A : I WHERE I CARRY OX A <
'i clean Shaved and with hair well powdered rilt 'ler.1!
jut received from Germany to add I
iJ, -ij.nils occurred clearing ab mt d jyiijtht I ,' while the prelaul' plans Br Royalist Vandersand.t3. to: order -

when Alligator Reef wapissed. zdtt: to your Thanksgiving din .er. ed even the slaughter: of the :;IneJuli'l STRICTLY EXCLUSIVE WHOLESALE j

F. E. Melvin of Vincennes Ind., is no yelp should] bttray the Startling, But True
In the afternoon
passed a
; at the Merchant He is a timber the assaulting host When in \ rnl:1.\: \
r "If one knew what a grand .
I ir.{e 3-masted schooner coursing he charged the hosts of Cornwallis I LIQUOR BUSINESS
Und speculator and will irobably medicine Dr. King's; New Life Pill* i I Ii" ; ,
with only .1(10 men to back him; whenin :
Pad ii W..S.Paired. ':1 invest some before he re- :,I
money Ohio where the honor of the nation i writes D. II. Turner Dempseytown -

1 ;t ; Tortugas Friday and en, i turns north.i and the integrity of its territory were : Pa., "you'd sell all you have : AND CAIIIIFULL 1.11OF: :
I i
v t t'* ,, ...rd gulf. At 2 p. r.l. large steam I Don't forget: that the C. L. I. boys 1'ju.rsitte.d: to his care, he took a legionof I: iu a day. Two weeks' use has made I'

I 1. !'' ip from New Orleans sighted, have Lad the armory' hall tbor 'IK' 's and miscreants' :gathered from I II I. a new man of me." Infallible for
the slums and trained them until their Whiskies Brandies
stomach and liver
7'j I Waters calm and scrubbed and made all arrangements constipation ,
Hiturdjy Sunday
w I skill with the musket equaled, if it did !
u to make the Thanksgiving ball a troubles, 2;)a at W. A. IVAfetnberte'sdrup !i!
3i e- .\ ;rile came u Jir u udayp toakinj, not surpass, that of the most noted
grand success. I backwoods Indian 1. :hters. ; store_121. Palafox street.
:I'vivy swells. The Gracie rode tin -- i Wines and Cordials\
Jt ; j A. Moog, the wholesale liquor "Mad Anthony Wayne as a leaderIn YOURlRDEBSto <: ,
,, /are with dry docks :and raced alons.," 'dealer i battle was unsurpassed, but it SEND
has a generous advertisement
i1." mountain seas until 12::! o'clock, in today's It is indici- I should! also be renumbered that his IMPORTED AND DOE5TIC.I % .
paper. 1 record as a drill niastrr is unequaled." Pearl & Dolive for carpenter: qr
'I'L.'a! the wind began to moderate,, .: tive of his generous business; method electrical work. Repair work a

I" ivini:; heavy swell, At 4W p. inI'jiiicoli .. Lock him up he i U sure to treat specialty.
r : light was sighted! and I you right.Mrs. THE WEATHER SHORT STORIES. I

h' J :':e bar: was passed at ;):H p. m. Geotz, her *r>n, George, and I

IT'r, t r v i' The schooner is a very Imtty'es... Mi Anna Huber Louisville Mr. :I American! brewers have already invosteu -. ,I Monogram No. JJ I I Brookfield Rye,
'Rufus B.lCnettandfi5S Nellie Shelton TO-DAY I J.OOf.Utaj lu and about Haiana.Theie
D9 'd. llailt in 1SS1 N ank Conn.i ... |, i I *
} at : are ::tout 114,..UO telegraph of-
Mobile all in the! to
are : city I
fie in the whop worULTi"ji.e i Jno Crabbies Celebrated Scotch Whiskey
has road a record for herself' i| attend the Massey-Gnllin wedding s now open ,
Local Koreci-t-Fnir and cooler ; < 'i"S'crl 's fair exhibit!
( may
tonight ?
races. Only one fail : tonight Mr. Barnett is to be one of
if m t lining, many i
r' I and Thursday; fresh southwesterly winds !bf tr.mifport"d all the way' tSt. I.oui-r Special Reserve 3 Stars and
i' the attendn.ts. I Pyramid
; made and that was whet:,I ;: '.
r 'j |[ iwa! becoming nortbwesieih.! 'I by water just t-> show the people of I ,

-':< lost her tnaiuma't. She is ltd\ ) : Mr*. Elmer O. Tippen of \Va hington 'I tli-- world that river navigation ii open i I

1 'tr1 set over all, bS.!} feet on tha Rate r ; D. C., and ,Mrs. Louise, N. Mixtmuiu Temperature.. .. .._......in.....Last........24.....Hours... degrees: I f I clear to Chattai: t'g'J. I! Budweisser Rye,

i' J' Postle of Camp Chase, 0., were r<>gisttred I Minimum ................. .................... degrees! With rip.uo; women it is the custom
e L r'' 1 !iiii", 21: feet beam and carries :22tu1s ::! I to starch everything white, acd a nurse I
i at the Ecambia yesterday. AND SEVERAL OTHER PROMINENT I5RANDS--AI-' .' .
IP1tiii '. of canvass.it : Temperature Elsewhere : who has recictlv! returned from Manila -
The ladies have been enjoying a six
a -------- -- Max.: : describes the first sheets; laundered I FOR THE FOLLOWING CELEBRATED BEER: *

{ lit i weeks'stay in Florida, visiting several Atlanta .. ..... .................... m Mina; for the hospital us "fearful and won
t, t9 A 1.I4.11 Hi\UT. ; lift for their !homestoJ.iy. ; )m\rck. .... .................. ...... So "
-- poiuts. They l'hireco ..... ....... .................40 d rful. Budweiser and Cu/mbacher I
F t' e...IT.'eUeaNorLttRheatTtne.: I Cincinnati...... ........_...........:5u +Uhtirreton I I In the stomach of a cow butcherednear Indianapolis mporttd.I .
...... ... ... tit fil4laroa. .
: v ki2 a "Cr't at'e served me a very hard I touiirt who at .......... ... ........-.....-..-.. 82 12 I Montro&t--:: Ta., o Rood: sized pocketbook -
'' ; doer Every stops thel 1 JacksonvIlte...............- .... bO ft2 with a brass clasp was fouud. - --- -
:urn about two y 'irs It''I. My :Merchant hotel helps to spread the Kansas lolly ......_. ._... .. by YS
r Ica :. ail i lad chioui\: dy'p"p.;u Key West................. .......".."..".. s3 ill I The pwketbook contained a roll of bills
1ti =t wi!li serums heart and ntrvou- fame of Captain Kryger's excellent I' Memphis .... ..... .......... ........ r* 41 and -I:; cents in change.; A shingle nail
I 1 from the Mobile ..... ............. ..... ........ 74 6rt
I y* :r iubieuud uothu;; wuld.CHI mu hostelry. Consequently, Montgomery; ........._.._ ......... in ;iiNew I and a hairpin were also found. Alfred Moogqi
r !l 7 i.lt-! .stl save up cc tT-.-., ..Ii.. MIJ I! b"giniiug; ; of the touri-t season to url."n5..i! &:* landmark of ancient I-os-
i H attic Williams of Birmingham. I t''orll........._.......... ......._ flu 41St. The latent
.j the (-ud. this Elegant hotel is the :savannah .......-_.._" ......... .H s3 I tall to go is the old I Hanoook' tavern, one
AiL of all the confirmed and' Louis ................ ........."..-.. :), 4] I of the eotinettin 1'nks: Utween the colonial
l $' :My stomach pit so bad: that: I coup mecca: i Mail Orders Solicited. < .< 527 S. Palafox Sirs"\.
t I s ::"t eat and I %vus !-,> neivous' tnat I transient tourit3 who vi-it our city. i period and the Boston of today.In k

s t it rl .'" i )jd! not :sietp and my iseirt was inj I")'ik Cut for I'eter. II its palmy days this hostelry had a

I ireadfulc-'uditum.! I had i !heard a Biliousness and liver disorders at national reputation and was the one

i. ": r ttt: deal about Postcir. Fo.)-l C f +
; n i*.e ind how much ;Bond people bad i I cleuniun': the ?! system with DeWitt's I earlier days during; a stay in Boston. ,
'I.t t VI'J fp,ui chaa; lCrum\; ci,.tl-e Little Early Ill-er3. There famous
a iy 9 ti II P-ictum, S..1 one ii ty I Bunt to the! I. -MORROVJAlttumgh / little pills do not gripe. They move I Advertise-in--The Reporter fur re tl.l'b. ::1 BOOT] ] AND SHE] MAKER}

jt! it 44.4 k z grocer f.r.rack a ;e. the bowels' gently but copiously, and I sults.
ft I drank helped! me, by re\-1 n of the tonic -- -
i I'iie Bret cup --- properties;, -- ft RFPAIRING NEATLY DONE WHILE YOU WAIT.
r I''r it removed thr ;gi* from my give tone and strtusrtli to the pland \ Startling! !.uri>ri.c.
"it 13 Wholesale and It tail Dealer in Shoe Leaner :.tint I I' '
--toirach <>r perhaps: me iiuKtiai!; <
ll al tint k' C'ltlee produiod the: r.-;ali, ut any been circulated it i* generally understood .i Sidney; Katm. dt A. T. Hoadl I.X.:1 Le<by, robtiit TIIO.XK sat 607 SOl' I PAIi\KX HTKF.KT
is yw Fi" ; rate in less thou a week there wa- '.1 blacksmith of TiUIen, J&d., that for
wonderful change ; no more rctlessu : that all the leading merchants I T Rpporter. r is an excellent advertising \ ten years he suffered uch tortures ITiros. J

i ht; no more pains around my In the city will close their medium. from Rheumatism ftO: few couldn- STEAMER CAPTAIN FRITZ Try one of our celebnii t/
made think I had ,
that me
dure and live. Hutl wonderful
heart trouble: ; no more sick ftomaoh.This stores tomorrow in accordance with Special communication i chance followed his taking Electric II. $ S. Felt Mattre",,: ".
: of t-cambia: L _ j e't 4t.' wat two year: ; ag;". I am now I Bitter "Two bottles cured pack s>'r< I'
the request made in Mayor Jones' : F. and A. M>j 7:30 p. m., wholly They never or
i11 # "l.Itlre1well and Po turn cured me. I IG .Friday, November2S. ;I II me" he write5 ''ana I have not fplt will make regular trips between tielter than hair
r lumpy.
; i found it was not medicine needed Thanksgiving: proclamation. "
t Work in E. A. degree.1siting a twinge in over a year. Thfy Pensacola
Point and
tu out proper food and nourishment I'I brethren: invited. ) regulate the Kidney: purify the; mattress! at half the pnMarston .;.
IUd to quit cotlf-e entirely. I i blood and Jlheurnatijm Neuralgia Freeport. Leave Bayleu !street
a I \V. D C. KtaSLEK.HAKRY cure & Quina.
My brother-in-law l.& Ct tlee drink- OFFICERS SUSPENDED W. Genus, \V. M. 'I : Nervousness, improve digestion ; wharf Thursday at 6 a. re. and arrive -

} a t ft y d "r. w.u veryick with rtoiiiachti'itible I| Secretary.: and give perfect health. Tryi 'I' at Freeport at 6 p. in. same day.
"' and all he could eat was the them. Only 50 cent 1ItV.. A.D'Alemberte's ,
Leave Freeport Tuesday at 6 a. m.
his .
hie white of an-ejr< 1 iasi ted on I drug store 121 S. Pal- ,
k crying Pustum. He said the first ccp The board of public safety con- Mother Graj's Sweet Powders ftr afox: : street. and arrive at Pen;;aeola 6 p. m. fame Seed Rye and Chicken \Vti j:
at4ra 'J ''M drank soothed his stomach ands Children I i ---- -- day. Fare round trip, f 5; one way
?, .. r was' uourishinir; in a few dlhe cluded its session about 2:30: r. m., -jece.fUllv used by Mother Gray nurse in Try Gun ther's Candies atSolomon's. $:i. l1nlm on the Mellen-Cro L'ID1IJdI.: ..
*lI *oLd food again, the Childrea's Home In New }ork. Cure
wjsable to eat
a ie OII Cowart and
suspending ;:ers ...\.rbbnt'sslIad biomaci. Teething Dis the Alcaniz: street warehou"f1.
'ud now lie uses it altogether; and SAVALlleported rulLh ate U"'Jl.
ordersmoveand regulate the How-l- ant: ,
i for 30 and 10 i Phone 334. C.: : j :.
days '
respect- .
coffee. Campbell
does n ot use l> troy Worms. Over 31.1)1) tentlmoniaU
t 1 My next door neighbor; another neat>titrntl. At all druR.tlsti.c.( t am.I Ditlj for The New foj --

,- eoffee dritkl'r. had Mitlered with catarrh :. ively. I, pie ltoy'i.1."Rddr..s Allen S.: Olmsted Le Leon e Wilson Union Naval Store Go. You can get your houre
;I tt of the stomach, and for months Milton Frank was elected captain: -
I It ; the Feet Warm anti I.08IN.WW furnished complete at Marston -
could not eat: anythia-ws3: just Keeps Dry.
living on beef tfa. I carried her of the night watch in executive session. I Ask to-daTforAHer'sKoot-Fa ,S ponder. i I _._ ...... ..... H 13 H............ ... U "OWO }$ Quina1 on payments

i f u some Postum and pave: her directions The marshal entered strenu- ltcaresl'htlblamsSwonenSwrrti: gyore: _............ .. a 75; 0 .. .. .. ... .. 1 rON i easy

i e for making it and now she can selection and shoe Aching siore, Damp, Jjc.(eel. At all druggists and Union Depot Store. i! _...... _. ....._ 8 w F. ... .. .. ..._ 15) weekly or monthly.

e-u anything; she wants and it d.ips I, GUS protest against this M......... ........._ 3i 0) E..-.. ...... ..... I .:> ------ -

U not hurt her. She sayslie feels : stated that the choice of the board Hot Chocolate with Fresh Eggs, Chickens, Turkeys I K _____ j ;; D__.._........ 1 j/J We will launder your !spreads ?'>'

,+a, better than she has for tea years. was not friendly disposed to the ( Whipped Cream at Solomon i Etc. Received L-.............__ tea C 4 below<< ..... I .1 16 cents each and make them look

t 1' A a + ln I could tell you benefited of donna of people | head of the police department.: 'i. Daily. i Ii?:airs T TasulrIJl.-5J--:: like taw Star Laundry.
rj t a who have been by leaving
r off coSee and drinking }'05tnm. It I -- 1 Fruits, Vegetables and Nuts of All I will repair your watches and -- ---
; 1 r Descriptions. j ji i iI (jewelry in first-class style. J. ] The finest line of umbrella in :: *
4t1: has done me so much good I tell i The average amount of water that PEARL & DOLIVE.
1z s everybody to usa it. I have been using should be taken daily Is from two to I Ii i Choice Plant Oysters Always on Hand .1 Stephens. city is at J. I. Stephens'. Go I 1-''>Lat

't: it now for two years and my digestion I four pints or from four to eight glasses.Mure I 1 | and Opened Day or Night. I j jQricK I them.Jfudcjm's.
Call.on them at the of Garden ;
c is fine my complexion water should be drunk: in hot and Alcaniz for MEATS AT ALL Hocus j!i Try Gunther's Candies at
I look ten years carpenter : ,
everyone says Iltr :Desl ", ,
leather than in conk i
and electrical work or 6&. Solomon's. ,
1 ?ri t { younger, | PRICES REASONABLE. i i


J Ji


The daily news
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Creation Date: November 26, 1902
Frequency: daily (except monday)
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Spatial Coverage: United States -- Florida -- Escambia -- Pensacola
Coordinates: 30.433333 x -87.2 ( Place of Publication )
Dates or Sequential Designation: Began in 1889.
General Note: Description based on: Mar. 5, 1889.
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-, _. -- -
r i1: 'rt:

r.ij.! 1I

i III i ii

i! I i. .

t '

I : M

=- '

;.; 1 ,

I t f- I"

I, 1. ;

[ : : L 1
I' I Ij r

J W ., i I', ,, ,I
;; I 1
., '
-. . n --- : I
_::-- :: -- - --- -- -
-==- -- .:=::....- -- -- =- --- I ; i

., .
--- -- -- P



i ; ;


Battle of La\'ictoriaVas the Turn= Ordered by the State Department at : ; ,I i

ing Point. Special to The Daily Xows' : Special to Tb<3 Dally News: vVashington."I"I : I

b'partasburs:: S. C., Xov. 23.: -Foit'f Atlanta, Xov. J5.i -liiere was quitea \1 I1

: a c.ikdry ,vo1a, clothing: mafi; flurry in the: house; over the to1Vt1J. I {!L \/1 11 I II 1!

.. I in'La_aioc verge: strewed aloca .,,' tilJ; )'l terJ.ilu! aa effort !

rt.rs. CAr:>C. I.L trans ot the Southern railwayat : was made to have the committee of DID! NOT CC;.;:'lIT SUICIDI. II I

the whole; house consider! and report en I : I'
INPORTO friocne the wreck near here CHAMBERLAIN! \
., wary He V.iil D; ) ( -tnrday r.oniiiie. The body of the the bill: by Mr. Folder, cf Bibb; to No: Official Opinion; on the Case win I

!, PrccU-m; Pe<:ce, uejiro Crcn has been taken chargeof work all the convicts of the state on Be Given Out at Present-Every Effort -j i: 1

.' t :.tams Most Ccrd.al RICO by his relatives: and Engineer Sol. the The public n.oton roads.! provoked; a warm de Will Be Made to Avoid Clash GOES TO AFRICA !{ :i i

onion, who was seriously injucd, :e
>, Kr trn.t:d States. improving. Iatt'pecially on rules and points of With French Experts. I ,

order, but there was: no test vote, an ; t :
The hl'cidfntlappened in this!
', ',' ; uly News: way: agrees-.ent being reached by unanimous Special to The Daily News: I II .
; : -i! Saturday Xov. floes consent to take the matter up ) ;
: the junction of the Asheville di. Paris, NovThe! independent
... c ,. 'u, in an ittcrvisw on Friday, provided: it does not displace : '
ELLIOTT MAKES HIS vision: 1 mile west of the city, and the general tax or general appropriation post mortem examination over the remains AND HIS WIFE BON ) \

came tearing through the passenger of Mrs Ellen Gore made by the i
nceived its death bills.
: ;: I II
? yard here at
REPORT. a terrific speed. The
:?y', -j. "i la spite of :su- The house decided without opposition I commission of four American doctors VOYAGE. \
operator, !
realizing the imminent danger
.. :,.'.- rebels: were defeat, -- seized his instrnnicxt in desperation : to appropriate J13.000:: to make appointed by Consul General Gowdyat i I Ii

__ ... ,:l-il: Uader was com- and wired the the much needed repairs to the state the instance of the state department ", ,1
: next station aboveto
'.:',;<:;,. In a foreign land Special to The Daily News: hod! the fast mail, but it was too capitol building, but the resolution to at Washington was made this Special to The Dally News- ,

n'.-> L.torccs under arms Washinton, '? OY. :2j.: -The annual late and the terrible crash came about appropriate $iO:; for the preservationof morning at the morgue. It tendedto London Nov "23.-Colonial Sere '

:jtiTiort: each, other and report of W II. Kliott, commissioner !&0 seconds later, at a point 1 milo: Indian Spring was only saved from establish the fact that :Mrs. Gore tary Chamberlain and Mrs. Chamberlain

a ::y uv.ied. I receive 01 the Interior for Porto Rico, announces north of Spartanburg! in a low placewhere death by tabling it. did not commit suicide. started for South Africa today
..., Ma- It was also decided! In the favoranle !
-Ltigration: : substantial
progress along all two down grades met. The The physicians! found that the bullet amid cordial farewells from a largo !

H ;, governmental lices in the island engine crashed through the freight report of tie committee on rules, entered the pupil of the right eye.going I. circle of friends. The police cordoned ;

'. .s Pen inaugurated Much, attentloa is being paid to road cars, reducing them to kindling!! WOOl!. that members of committees who visit through to tho right side ot the railroad station and permitted: buS : f ,

:,a ar.d Ciudad Boh- building and bridge construction in the: third car, loaded with ha '. beiasKmxkfd state institutions need not present the heal at less than half an inch elevation t.ckft-holders to enter the building. I I
.'. seasoned army, order to assure the labor : vouchers for all expenses, but that
the means: about one-quarter a mile trom the point of entry. The Premier Balfour Secretary of War i iBroderick i
: i ess. of reaching the markets with the pro{- it is said lack up the grade by thf itemized statements of such expenses body bore no marks of a struggle and Lord Selborne. First Lordof
Victoria was re- ucts of the soil. will! be su:::3cient. This resolution I ,
The Porto Ricans force of the impact: imparted. Tho these were no j owder marks at the I the Treasury, Lord Roberts and Lair I I''
? ..-. 'artory situastubbornly: are being! instructed \vTat to plant and mail: ('ar'a.* splintered: and the roof was introduced by Mr. Calvin, of: : entrance of the wound. Doctors Roberts Lord Strathcona. the Cara. \

:, ,> : how to cultivate most mraomlcaily shot foniaid directly: over the engine, Richmond. have been given 4S hours in hica :j dian high conrmrsioaer, Secretary I'

..... aite":. By and profitably. Sanitary rules! and where i it lay on its side, having rundown A largo number of bills! was introduced to consult the oQcial rewiL; Mr. !I j Henry White, of the United States en.i i ibasay I I II i

'. I I.. confident. 1f't regulations have been introduced and a 13-foot embankment and several unimportant 11m3a:1 Gowdy, in the meanwhile, has ordered i and many other notable perSons : I

l. ,' i>roela: i the people encouraged in habits of The dead body\ of the fireman was J resolutions: vole passed them not, to give any official opinion! I', were among those who joined I
Dy a vote of 14 to 5 the and 1 '
:L. L: '.hat Matos cleanliness In living. taken from the wreckage and the mjartd ways oa the case lie is; seeking to avoida ia wishing! the colonial secretary anJ r

'J, i Whatever Concerning! public lands! the report members of the crew were carried means commii.ee reported back to the clash: with the French experts. his wife a good voyage.

= .. .he futile, says the various! departments of the to the city. It is believed that house with the recommendation that i it Before the doctors separated they I The couple traveled in the train la i I

.1 f v. ::, (, he must federal government will he asked to somebody's carelessness is life cause be pasLPd: the Candler substitute agreed to meet later, compare theirviews I Portsmouth re they boarded til* I t
i su '. nt of th 1 make known their! wishes of the accident. the Reid fra('i i a tax bill
concerning and : i writu-u report ar.aored: ciiUer Good Hope and enter 'I 1
..s soon ac, this! was done the committee I I
,i-...; .-' ta ti lor properties at the A few several II
pace. present occupied by years ago cars ran which is not expected to be completed twined on that vessel at luncheon prior ;
.. by a vote of 13 to 4, adopted i
u : 11 .III ".X llClr.l or needed for their accommodation away in the sane manner from the before tomorrow.The to sailing. The store rooms o! I : .

." '.":,r.. t ::91L'' 'lJt o1Y The bulk of property involved! comprises Junction, it bcinat said! that tramps had the Candler franchise tax amendment I provisional release of DeRydredski the warship have been w.'ll equipped, I i it

.r : .,, I.I:" ..t i' ):\f": Ir eve.r !land of Lttle present value, but started them out down the main tin,:. to the general: tax bide and thus twoivancLIse yesterday is considered as *3ulishujg and a French chef has! been shipped. ,, 1

't' .t ai:. :A't'i 1 ..isi.i'i 't. Ji5i : which may. if the island continues to tax bills: were reported "ai the view of the French authorities I. Many live sheep and chickens, carried : ,

"' ,1./ .I! I:, t!' ,. i I'': rbinon oi \u.j r.I' develop and prop, as conditions r.ov.prevail .- ARMED FORGES \i'.Ky: : to the hous' in one afternoon c-f the innocence of the Russian aboard the Good Hope as special -; 1'
I : 1
: following new bills were intr a-
.j '
4 aciJ mac'.raniiEou3 warrant the hopp, may t>eeon:" but he is still under surveillance, delicacies intended for the Chamber- ,
i>;, -i'aLd ',.e iiitt-'r can valuable.! : They need to be !Iocatn1 due, in the house: and if he attempts to leave this city !lains' table, arc alone value at $2,500.:; I I iI

,i' .. : .MH.it their lay an.l the boundaries determined. It i is QUITED STRIKERS I Ly Mr. Jlulheria, of Rlchtr.ond-T.J be will be liable to arrest as a fugitive I Two store rooms contain :200 cases oJ > 'I
r\ e, aaiend and ;
consolidate the
1': ,
: of that all
pd..ey the gov'ara questions be settled l from Justice. The American officials wine. ,
military! 1 laws of Georgia. I .
: di':' comprehensive, and pr-esiiontl.il action !secured: :in I do not expect that DeRydsew-; 1 :' j
let :Mr. Glenn of Whitflpli: -To r.-.
; wi rtty and con time! for the! 1 legislative; assembly! of ski will be actively prosecuted, although I
: .. Special to The Daily Hews: ,I::" > all pensions: to an indirect: ba. :':.
> z:* whaiev their Porto Rico to provide for the disposition Havana.'Xov. he probably will be arraien! :! TO FILL PLACE 1'
L'i.-The street cais !1j nMr.! Fields: of Doa'y-To rer.uiroh.nid ; !
i'' political views of the! it-'lanii property at the later on the minor charge of bavin? ,
are running today without interru fr to be given Leto-e I
.1 or costs paid
> "::1-lily as being! la- fusion to bf hiM ilurius January and possession of a revolver and carelessly: I I II
tion.: Xo fur.thf-r disturbance has been warrants; can inane if same is 1'lu'll'd (- OF LOMAX 1' &
!" ,
: s welfare. I February I9u3MARRIED participating in the circumstance;? I f' '
", reported. The veterans have takensteps by lHmn.z oSeors.Ry !
rains! cordial tym- which caused the death of Mrs. Gore. ,
to bring about a meeting betwe<'n Mr. O'Quinn of Wayne-To con.rod I f ,
jp! for the United the strike leaders and President Pal railroads in this state to ran at- Mr.uowdy received from: the state department Daily Tearsn ,

I nttcd i I' the States closet, whi'Ui.a'.Iy rel-i- I OVER ma. It will take place at noon.A 1 lia- one train each: way dally exceptSunday. Gores relatives today a to take request po5 for :Mr'. =. Special to ; 1 I

.- strong show of armed force made ; ; Motngomery'! Ala.. Xov. 2.".-Th3 'i i
opposed the t
a -
;; of her effects. Accordingly, he took
'?:: The TELEPHONE I hy the rural ,-;card in the suburbs ofHavana : t Hv J'r. O'Quinn of Wayne To eniarr place of solicitor! of this county, madti I
I'owers. \
charge of two trunks, a good deal] nl t
,! that, convince'! quieted the riotous feeling of the towers of the railroad com- music and a little jewelryThe! articles vacant by the death of xcnnent I/>mat. I I

.,f our cause, the Unite'l't I i tine strikers. The i>oice!! are now mini:on with! reference to locating side, shcrved the simple refine will be, and, indeed, already 1 i.s, warm I

searching all suspicious persons and! trw: !.?. ly contested by a number of the bet I
; 'Sicclal
r Venezuela :
a-s "tan('a to The Daily Xews.Carrolltoa tastes of the deice-ased. The burkl' l I
: strikers who congregate In the streets liy :Ir.. Calvin of Rchmond-To a''>r lawyers of tho city. The avowed I
.Acuities. Veil
au!r place of the remains of Mrs. Corp has
applied} the :Monroe Ga.! Nov :23.:: -Suture 0. are Immediately dispersed. The! the! :" tAe commissioner of agricultureof been changed to Bagneux cemetery. candidates are \V.V.. I'earson, Terry t :. I,

;:n'ah."t possibly haSOUGHT W. Menell. of this city was ca'JeJ! j strike, however, remains general so I this state with the consent and ipproval Richardson. Hugh M. DentV.. \V Hill r r''
owing to its being nonsectarian.Mr.
\ ." I "' to tae home of a neighbor here Friday far as the trades people are concerned, of the governor, to make an and Judge! John G. Winter. Other It. ,

I i I u eight to perform a marriage, cerp.- Xo bread or meat-- _--- can_ --- h. Imm'hf--,.--,--, -.n,1-'.1 exhibit'; at St. Louis in 1004. provided Gowdy has leased a lot there may e-nter. The position:; is one of : $
fall or five during which the realives : -
I mony over the long distance telephone! rota ice plants, arc closed! which ha* expenses of same shall be appropn. the most desirale! offices in Alabama

1'MANY+ between parties at Dowden. 12 miles cauvu much food. to b" spoiled.! stud nr.t of the funds of the department of the deceased! will decide and pays the same salary that thj II i
whether they will remove the tidy toAmerica. 1
away in this county. They wee of agriculture; governor gets.$3.f; >uO a year The race I'I'i

Harry Downs and :Miss Grate Thur BEEGER LIVED Py Mr. Kilburn of Bibb-To prouf'e! has not yet shaped up so as to give I I! it

THE OFFICE man. of Ftowdea. The idea of tdE'! for the protection of the lives and prop forth any indications of who ia In this I ;

phonic weddings in this country originated fOrty of the traveling public and em CONFERENCE OF lea'l. The case is anomalous front I it

at Bowden !last year, and since LIFE OF EASE ployes of railroads by requiring a the fact that the crowd who usually \', .

!1': o Daily News. then numerous weddings!! have hw> sufficient number of employes to operate run things of that sort ap divided i i t
so solemnized. -- trains! in this state. between the aspirants, all of whom, : : ;. 1

V.I. Xov .::>.-The Deing; near the line of Alabama! Special to The Daily News: Ey Mr. Leigh of Coweta-To prohibit -- are members of the faction now in eon. !i : 1''
.i:>!pointed 1'. O. Com'iXif where elopinar: couples [ justices of the and notaries trol. :'
many come roril'l'ne. New yO : X-v.'. 1:5.: -After peace
\ adniittl'i:
; \ :: and! ex-ot?.cio jus- ? to The Daily News. f 1
who Special
..... as soon a< they are across that for -u t )pars she had been public are justices of tho peaca :
at Pratt City, to sueiJraily. the line they evade further pursuitby ing b" ir.g letters from procuring the dismissal of crim St. I/Hiis.!: Nov" 'j
g; to p.ominent JlI'O'pi :C5.-A'jiint' conference TWO MEN KILLED j
who held the reaching llo+den telephone station! including inal warrants and to prohibit the set of ; : ;
The office !,? vaui- ne'art-st the-m recert ones to high g n-' tlements of such passenger traffic officials: of ;
ernment officials, :Mrs :flyers has any warrants before the southeastern and southwesternlines
!irop.rf.on: to its pradon : '
an investigation: to require entriesto 15 INJURED : It I '
over it i was notable, sentenced to the workhouse for.ix has been held here to consider a i
Ten months. be made on their: dockets, etc. proportion! of the southern lines that ,1: i'
'ie record! in the bullshl.1 : on a fennynil. i I'I
Agents of the charity organization colonist rates from :Memphis to poima I I ia ".
The little daughter of Mr. J. N. I I
brought about! the woman's convi'-- GERALD WAS GAME ;n the southwest: be w ithdraa. n, Thesoutheastern Special to The Daily News. I
Powell jumped on an inverted rake tion. They charge that ; lines claim that I'
she has:i a,- tie eolo- Dt-nisoa, Tex., Nov 25.-A fatal ac
CABINET CONSIDERED made of ten penny nails, and thrustone cumulated, considerable property nisi r.it'>s from :Memphis used as abasing !.j
cident! occurred the 'Frisco
on at Sealy
th:,-ugh piteous! appeals point: business of
to on the
nail well ,
entirely through her foot known -
L T., J> miles north of Frances!, I. T., : :. f
CUBAN TREATY and a second: one half way throu'h.Chamberlaiu' persons in society;; that she lived a disturb! the rat's from other gateways Sunday aiteinoon. As & result, two I I'i; 1
life of ease and spent parts of the in the south and southeast. The I
;; Pain Balm was men were killed and 13 others! were _
season at the seashore and in the Special to The Daily News: southwestern lines took the matter
promptly applied and five minute? wounded tome of whom villl die. The II a
mountains. They claimed! to hare Memphis. Ttn.n.0\. 25 The body under advisement and will notify the I
later the pain had disappeared and dead and injured were all members !I i '
: < Daily Nsws. about l.i'OO letters' signed by the woman of Kred"Gerald! lat manager of the chairman of the Southeastern Passenger of a construction of the 'Frisco \. i .
gang ,
no more suffering was experienced.In \ ; f
which had been tirnd Williford plantation, Association on Wednesday: by i
over to at Pinckney,
system. The dead are: !
Xov. ;.,, The cabinet three days the child was wearingher the \ ;
society by their recipients for the crittenden county. Ark., was yesterday wire the conclusion reached. Dan Lynch. I } i 11 f
'\ was devoted almost fs-: hoe as usual: and with absolutely purpose of investigation buried in EJaivood 1 'f I
cemetery, .n James Uro py. j,
the consideration! of tha no dicomfort.Ir.: Powell is this city. Asleep : Flaueti' Seven others I r ; t i
were seriously Injur
reciprocity treaty with! a well known merchant of Forkland, PILES. Gerald was one of the victims of 3 t
home ed.
Breaking into a blazing They were John Kelly M. M. '
f' canal
treaty with Colom Va. Pain Balm is an antiseptic and Constipation is mostly responsiblefor double tragedy enacted at Pinckneyon :Moor. Steve t',
the Byron John
firemen 1
: Les that have some lately dragged;:! Mahoney, : 1'1
ocrurrolttloiis heals}, such injuries without matura- pile:. Masses of hard, dry faeces Sunday afternoon Weaver Holmes, .
.'" wero discussed sleeping inmates from death. Fancied E. L Atli., Mike Casey and J. McCu :
a? packed in the bowels, preys on the a negro engineer at the te: '
;.' prospects of settlement.Teat tion and in one-third the time re gin on security, and death near. It's lough. Eight others were slifhtlritjured. i
quired by the usual: treatment. For veins to such an extent, that the plantation! was beathg his wife when I ; t
-- that when neglect coughs:
circulation of the blood i is interfered Gerald! interfered Weaver, who was way you The of 1 ,
virtue of Burnett's ;:ale by all druggists and medicine and colds. Don't do it. Dr. King's opening a la the Eeaiy I
\ dealers. with the veins in the rectum be- intoxicated, drew a revolver and shotGerald yards while a northbound extra wu : .
i tr.ict i* It 's' New Discovery for Consumptiongives l 1
purity. : rea twice '
through hand anJ
i i come expanded and piles is the re- passing caused the latter half of tha j ..
v u-t and nothinpr but va- The finest line of sterling silver sult.Cure through the breast near the heart. perfect protection against all l I extra to I leave the track. The derailed y

\ "L i Always: ue Kur- oods and silver novelties is to be the constipation by using :Miss Corinne Gerald, daughter of the Throat, Chest and Lung Troubles I care plunged:! across the yard ant t tj

found at J. I. Stephens'. Prices to ftEPATIUURA and the piles will manager wa standing by and as her Keep it near, and avoid suffering, plowed into a string of boarding carson '

heal themselves if not too far ad father fell she caujht him !in her arms. death and doctor's biIl A tea- the siding, where 75 'Frisco laborers

w tnt please all.
a magnificent; watch vanced. As HEPATICURA is entirely breath
I With his last Gerald drew UUrevolver spoonful stops a late cough, persist were quartered. u
:.. uey? If so, call on free from irritating effects it
with his left
: jeweler. He will ac- If you want a good Bed is well to take it in advanced canes the him hand and shot; ent use the most stubborn. Harm Quality is what makes price. If 4 4Burnctt's
negro killing Instantly. Ger
I to keep the faeces soft. Sold by all less and nice tasting, it's guaranteed
.I y"n.JrV stead or a nice Crib for the aId died a few momeata: later. TasWllBford Vanilla Extract was HO better i
W. A. D'Alemberte
to satisfy by than other extracts its .
Gunther's Candies at baby, go to Marston $ druggists.'s plantation Is one of the larg price would !
S. Palafox street. Price 50c and |1. i
"0 be the Once tried
I est In eastern Arkansas. always
OIlOU'I I I Qidna's. He t&cstor; fir. Trial bottles free. used.

'r..< .>' s
-4..1e.1 ; r L

I, i '

.-..,," .'d'7' .;..,:, ;;,, --';'' ''.'t.- :".:: ..:,.." .. .;"',,....:. ; -..;:;.... ...,. ...... ::-_ <_ _',.. '..- ._ '+ s. ." _. .

1' I 40'\




of the
BrooKlyn East
i .... End Art Club
II ... _
;"Let the 1. ... ]
fL It M"ppenetl nn, was attending ENSTRUAL irregularities
I GOLDDUST A union Thanksgiving; service will I to their Kea h 'lot
mwha, .&.-.1.--. ,:g.. ODe"D }. I went [Fri] ally the are gener icy have more
J -bi'- be held at the First Presbyterian: beginning mothers sad:! dauThrA1S'o'
J' m, my
twins from a clinic to xZ' of a woman's trou if s
do a'G I e3-: church Thursday, Nov. 27, at 10:30: I bles. With the vitality at a thy would use m t/c' ,,
chair and !
lighted in
!: the
__ to a. m. The music will be a special l low ebb, the blood weakened cines matter ;. /ft r
your petted my mother, who was co_ the digestion disordered resn;:s, thtl
cwork" feature: and will be directed by Mr. I would findthft
town at any moment she goes about Pale- the doa:>s
j Ti. Hale Wilson. The rest of thpropaln prescnpticas do
-1 "Great Scott! What's that I faced!, hollow-1'00 and haggard the not r.r

From my !bedroom came a clear, melodious will be as follows : a piteous contrast to II' credit many for.CUfes thfv4r, *,.1(11

whistle. The air was, "Oh listen thf.M-Choir. the blooming i health of .J1 "lo
A consulting
it n v '
her former self. But
( Tt ,1a to the mocking bird!" and after the Proclamation; !J'resid-t louse 1,000,000 women have found over brifrdaar.snrdn. druggist he advtscdSlrrtz: mr,

chorus came an excellent imitation of in< Read Wine of Cardui and T ..,'
welt and Governor JI t.:1' ::J's- health again by taking Wine of Cardui. ford's
the bird's note When it was finished, As a regulator of the menstrual periods and Black-Draught, and K I t:,"' It
a sweet feminine voice said by Rev. W. Q Vreelaod. have every reason to thank h -
: I I Wine of Cardui has never been known a We t'p
r \ "Why don't you do your part Billy! ?" Selection::! -Choir. j to fail. It has seldom failed to restore health new, and opened it only up took to me with rt :=<-,

My name Is not Billy, and I never Prayer-Rev. F. Jones. ocrfect health, even in the most persis- cure me." three: C1cu... *

r i -' : did any part in the song of "The Mocking Selection-Choir. Lent 'Qd aggravated case of weakness.Mf Yon
Bird. "** y Snyder of No-; 535 Ber- may secure thp eau: .e ; t
> l(
Address Rabbi Samuel Koch. : 1 \[ ,
: 133 Snyder, if 'outgo' frn 1 .
What occupied: my mind was who Belectioc-Choir. Street, ls1"Ik >J1' !N. *, has used as she took it. 1'1.. ; ,/, ,
had taken possession! of bedroomto Wine of Cardui an. tte says it helped fraught is the
I f I my Sermon-Rev. Linn Walker.. her into a new life. lie:It to M iss rom ranI n u .t'
give such a concert. I got up from Wine of Cardui and it u .
f'lection-Cboir. Snyder is worth a great deal rca U ner 41 .
my chair and proceeded to find out. : bowel regulator which ass .-, ,

The door between the two rooms opened Collection(For Charity). an attractive attainments young wodanh intellectual in effecting a. cure. If }, u -?.' ,,; .

and there stood a very pretty girl. Doxology and benedictkn.President the position of Treasurer 0 OthOCCnuplkes medicines according to iiir .

We stood looking at one another fora lyn East End Art Club. This position relief and cure is simple: I > ,

II ctJ moment equally astonished Then Maizes: Ap ointmerts.Washn.ton. marks her as a person of intellect, culture are cured quickly and oi:.'rs1..

the executed the feminine device, taken : Nov. 25.-TIic: posidhis t : and refinement and it epeak3hial J4' because: the disease has r':1 '

doubtless from the bird which buries deride: to appoint Ashley! \I. ; of the respect and trust her fellow Remember how Miss Snv :r. .,

its head in the sand to avoid being Gould. United St.ites district attornpv [ women have in her. She"lItes: cf Cardui and has ht.ti ,? ,

seen; of clappin!? her hand.- to her 'I for the District of Colttmbia: : as a.s >, (, flU women would: pay more attention medicines are offered \,MI '

fat ". elate of the supreme court of tV! 1"ise |

BOLD DUST "] !here! is evidently some mistake," I trict of Columbia to snccfeil tulate; : WINE A trillion .- .

J rf'l11arkl'll., Justice B,'adP! r. He also his decll\ i )J- : 9f 4IpyI; U.B f> ;
\\ ine
; '
\It awful mistake.!
; ; 'd J to : 'nt Francis !
solves the prcblem of dish apr M. Wright! of' .
easy washing! It cuts grease and cleans -""' --- .-...-
___ -- -
"IIdid --
a I dishes: better than anytiung! eise. Does its wtrk "U.Ckl", well you get into my bedroom? P.lir.ols.; to the vacancy on the court I h =

and economically! 1 nought it was IMlly's." of clairs, "
u r rrII : varat-Ml hy the death: i.iJv.dse 7111)vVIIIi'Y.Tle'under : .;y j ji
"Who is Kllly: ?
Made crly! by THE N. K. FAIRBANK COMPANY : > avis.: II+ was in'or.a! r}/ ; tuke-tli-iipfl;: od I i f 1' VBryan" -, b"r t I.

Ctecago, New York. Boston St. Louis.- Makers Of OVAL FAIRY SOAP. "My' br.ithcr. Hillyrannlnri. the Illinois Congressional! delegation.! : .f :Dfforing; :; herervu"..- as a4nb.criptiuie: ; j.'..
t "U hy, he's chum. ?
t : my rooms are Brt-211: =? iicpii'-fd midwife, having -!
"I I
.. .... next to IIl lW." Texas Society cf New J'yr
York I'l Td .U5 i
}. .;..; yf.-r; ex} enlace.'The price h il.ui 1 :
th I There was n kunck at my sitting Now York; Nov. 25.-Xatius an I Can give bt of fetl9'tLre3 from i vaiice Thou '"'

( room, door. The girl shrank back ini former residents of Texas now in this adiug: piiyniL-iiitts of this city. I can have it rCnt! i t" [.

I L Uf..I'I" ;:. !1m t t t'i!' .* wti' Lite, Tile: ; i'I to my bedroom, and I closed the Uoor. city have set on foot a plan t') TC-oganize MKS. M. OIDDENP, .JOO.O.,1.(1! r '

A GANiNi: BURGLAR f ::-11I"!' l l'.il ill! ..1;{;iled.. Mounting :tI'jt"dy Till'in:;:, there was a head looking into a "T -sas Society of Xcw York" jltf 114 !South DeVillitr f-'t. i I ;,

I "'.tairta-t' Viuli! the I '
t as noiseless a room- my and have sent out a calHor <
a meet in'. ; '
tr,'ad as possible! they: searched everlaadug. "Dear boy!" to be held this week. The 1)J'lIjJv. I sty' CLUES c;: f.E Y3\3RSitF 1 1 r ., J

[Onsinal: : ) !; Ou coming to the "lIear mother! I t'o-ralgafornnratar'4 1\1'\ ., :.
top story organization is to be similar! in n; .l- iD rtUc'iarci's.ir.aaainiiti.: n., 1 "ii? >'.
;: I Anlrew M.'ioAl.'j.ter.:: who liu-d in hshandionic ; and Oh if in..rlcool U smut:"'mi or iiU.-riti-" L '7; .
; nothing e.f their guide they were only n door opening purposes to several: state societies already I. I r' Ida lo ma.... I'i IB u con r.te.J"un. l .>>:. :..
uitl L' !q1 1r : ji'aei'!: i in t1.,' I link of L.iKeMchian co.ieltul.-d that they bad had their from my bedroom Into the hall! existing. I ; P"ren'a.'en4ity; 1'ulQl', *D'l art aotrin' Tltrvtiny
; ,
,, ? p : ; north of t'l+irt,'.,, carue home pains for nothing and were about I Igive to Hat: there was no such door. The girl ,'t4 a 1NEfBt.SiidE9GtCJ;:KC'heen,9. A1t.IC Besturttaiwnuua.b 7 Arm : $, to liulsaiu 'f i -r

; z Lite one night after being detained in up the chase* when they heard the could not leave my room except: : by the To Extend CrlJniztion. '. U.8... ors.btinpliawrayp! -r. ('..tleL' sled. .

I } j } Tr the city (>n business lie was: somewhat Bounds of a dog hurLing as if iu ;great: one we were in. Denver, Nov. 25.-The exeruth! tY' + ,.4 ry. 'If 1.001.tifrws ur SI"nrcatt ,", prepaid!!.'i, t%.75.tn {} -:" np 'IIC1' lL l 48 .

i I delight It occurred to MacAlister\ that "You are tired, mother at climbing! board of --''t- Q cciit oauii.l te16ey0 .
the --
astonished to find the front Western : ..
door .
Federation of ------ ..
- ... ,
f I the dog] had found its friends and was the sta.'rs.: St! in this chair! and rest" Miners! in II ..1 C.l H ..:TYI'rIC.ISH I I '-"; ., '
standing ajar: aud now: session: her. is
passing through the
( : rejoicing at the meeting."In I put her in the chair and listened: to ron E rr: HitU. I
Eidering P lt
:11 # lull to the dining room, what was hissurprise that room," he said, "I shall find and asked! the usual questions after a piai for the extension; of thecr ..... ,-'t.1 _.. _.
't. .
;am/aliou all over the of" .,'A r .I f.U l:, nt I... ..
to flnfll'\'rJ.tLln;: tamed topsy my silver." pnration. continent it ; \ I..a.. . .. I

; s : turvy and the Imtlir bound ar.J gr.gfed. "$toll here," said the cop, "while I go "I haven't nny refreshment to offer is proposed to take into this union all {I'-) ,_;:":.:. .lilt" ,...il.n.h.: 1.,1.1: ,'.. J\U"U.:: ,.. "f PAflKf.Fi :
'" .. '
tI "
t miners who have been J .... .,I..r. I. ... HAIR BALSAM I
I a .. Helensln: him :Mar A lister darted for help.1"HelpV you, mother, dear, but if you'll just step affiliated with ,F fl,,.;' r.. ,... VOn1YUn. I14a t dlta. ur n ia .
l' A.1 the American Federation of rl.-- { .' ..... ,r ,to _',.., : I ,,'... iWover j
f upstairs and, discovering no evidencef What help) do you want? next door U the rowing of tay friend Labor \ r ." ".., I"'rl'. ...:...., 1...:'... .....:, > -I

<<> the family I bavin: been disturbed, Aren't wo two armed men? While you Wily! Fanning 1 dare say I can find Organizers will be sent into Mexico. : :')0. .::. :C. :(t;..,' .I-! ; :: :,; I Cunr Hr > "

;1iI 4 I i Li went below, again Imllli.tplli'fl to thebutlt'r'g are away they might take it into their .U111'ihillg" ---- -- ,._ .. : .;, C,, "r : .(;.. : ,;. j" .

} heads, t.) iiime on." "I don't want .
anything. I have !
.! account of the rul.!>('rJ'. The t
MacA lister knocked. There was a hour to spend[ with and must
& man had been forced nt the X. Patterson, night policeman{
point of areohcr ( hutllicg lilwut inside, and after much bet; right! to work at
;r d your linen. of Nn|hua, la., writes : "I 'It winter WICKS & CO. "1
to the : safe i
open silver and its delay the door
was opened. Facing "There's not n break la it. I I lookedour I liaU a bud cold on my Inn?* and

71.1t .contents had been: rifle!. three revolvers stood a mite of a girl. everything; carefully la!'t lIi"ht." tried at leapt: half r! ,zt-n adverti-edj I

i "..l'J': :; dog is that moaning in the Within was a woman with \i baby ill ".\1.11 I'll loo1! over everything carefully cnuh medicineand had treatmentI I 'Plumber

r;s?+ S a i ) yard?" asked MaeAlis-ter. and without her arms. The dog the men had follow I this! morning." from two phv,iciaii3 without getting I Gas and Steam! Fit ;.

c I d stood in Sin1 i'uy beiufit. .\ friend recommended ,
f* waiting i fur an answer! he went out into the middle of the door arose and was going; to my bed two-
lo-tkin,? at then rooni. lihlessl! she had hand Kolpy's tionty and Tar and
) the grounds. There at a sid.- ;'ate; was I hl'r. on the I tturJs of u bottle cured me. I conH'Jer (To. Scuth Palafox
story told by the woman was drLrh: \\ iit-n I !;tc-l'pnll..r. ftreot
!, a lh; !TaU-hiiig to get out. It at onceoccurred I' itthf realest co'ijfli ana In IIInpdiciue .,
a t r that she had been up with her baby! "Mother," I EH'U: with u tremblingvico. ? ;J : :, Plnrnbing and Oa: Fittiu
+ in ir.orial
#E n w i to M IJIst'r: that the beast the world. 'V. .\. a *{iJ
who w.is ill, and .
on hearing: the knock :D'Alemberte, 121 H. Talafox .
had eon-.o with the burglars and i in hud it I : ? .Jlfr rrr" .'1.' ,"- :. r--.Y 9 Iii
( i.i..eU iu oitier to huddle on some i "Oil. my boy. what's the matter?" ..
their haste to depart they had shut off clot In-, ,*. .\,; to the dog he was a part of I "Mother, h't'on.pill go in there 1 Sewing:: :; Machine Inventor DeaC. ------ .- .. ...
y a his exit. Perhaps if he wire permitted tie f.llll ly. Wh 'U told of his having have something of importance ta com- xingtun."a... Nov. :25.-Janus '

i ,' ; i /j to go he would follow them. At anyrate dtubtless! butt in the C4nnpatiy of burglars OUttirae:' I 'cox F.. A.and Gibhs.Gibbs the seeing inventor' machine of the Wil. I i iI ROYAL STAND 11D UTf! !! :< :'

z thus all tl.e information: she "J a' tell\ and
1 !r : experiment[ wajs worth trying could! me, quick flax anythingeasy other
MacAlister I give on this su!:;;ic"'v t was that he leadbap-i !it'd'' I inventions died at his home at'Rappine :
1 w B"t l 8 Yuri
CIS in Cias: of 4 MI it S3 ;Z
Rockbndgo '
count, r
lnH-n off .Mother: ; th:=
l 1'l ; out a saddle horse:' aruted himself! witha ) occasionally: ; with a man who I'm engaged. '

: f ; 4 w revolver and then released! the dog;, had recei'tly muted! a room ou the 0ppoMte "lr a u'il: and without consulting; morning. He- -was *5 yeais of a;::.. - -

t's. whieli ran off toward;, the city., side! of the h'll. your |nor uioilier! Ub, Roger, how Ship Has Stormy- -:-Voyage.' 3 T\VHIKKEYi--di-tHl d I.iff! '-. :' I

} 7 M.ic.\ls.ter! m01llltt'lllId followed Tn/nrig; tin ir attention: to the door ('ouhl0111, ?" Plymouth. England. Not'. z: ,, -1' Ky.;: Di-tiilery, and i- fully u r.: '> :. .
It 4 a h l' The dug; M"i'i i'ltlnl into steady:: trotdonn cppoie, they kuotked!, !bat. receivingno "Aiid. mother my liancee is in[ thatroom I steamer Deutschland, New Y"I MU; :N ., 11' .' [buttlibg.' it is ab-si'lntHl\! | [I" : i i i.

street! that euatiully k-d him r" -'JlOIl.4t', broke: ir ,.pvn. Striking in.w atiuidiii!; to my linen." 14 for this port from Chfrlioi.iij! : Ii: t .j I i'i! quality by any WliMiy < i II i-
toO .a..r where pn-duct-d. TH/ "
it t a y 1' t., the north end of IJneoln )park. (Jetting match they! elude n M-iirch. but found "Your linncco in there! Then I'll h Hamburg arrived her today a;. ; I' .'r't 1: years old when battled, al.d,y.d e'l i

i throu::li the park ',';!red nothing and com'Itidtnl that lhIlltlDllf'r never speak: to her:" ported having 1 f '
i41 ? api morepu.Iia.r encountered ti ;: t i xi-' at quality, i i.s the cheapi-t: I w'i
; to him than InliowiiiR! a had not yet In-*.!! brought in. The lock "But. mother it's worse yet. I haven't t 1 weather. r 1 :h!..ri'< t at that' tlflee.1-> a hew r I T..in .

eq9 of ttraiJ.htolr..t.! but at Lie I-IJutl11'ud he to the door had been I only injured and told you alL: I'm married. It's my wife 'h-'. 'i''t, !iy pure stimulant, tin 11'1- I n Ic' i

.1 {. struck nu i.\euue :11I.1uill'r that seemed that not NO badly! but they could close it who is in there." Killed by Falling Tree. q'i; ,i .11: caves containing no mark-. :

t v t l d to know his route jH-rftelly. Omiinjr to >!"? !l.eft.riHuin: done:: so. they took Poor mother sank into my arms and Asheville X. C.. Nov. ;::.i.HO'.1 \, iii'i; t.. ntfutp.. If parclia-er, III| .M.. \

( t'a th<> Mrit-t riiiuiiiu next parallel with position in the roota of the woman opposite groaned. Ingle[ a white man :33; year ,u:.1; w .. C. I ;: the wKey! : u not !satisSed with ii! ,

4 .4: the river !I.c' tun.ttl to the right; and and wait'tl. ":\Idlll'r, when jou see her you'll be killed on his farm near Knur.: : ;,u>- can 1 i-niiii' the saute at our exj.:. -..

-ti. :* 1 ; after trar ii'g a few blocks struck a Just before dawn there was a step In delight! She's knely. Si*.'* Billy office, by a falling tree when :a.'"!N '11 I wiii he MId refunded.Ait '
; "i
r'3 region! :ui\"ii u\er almost exclusixily tocianuf.iitiniii. the h-'ll below and some one came Fallnjll ':} sister." f twisting: of the tree pinionui Ii 11" King "EIGHr HATtS: OLD accnnii-aiiK[ '
.. curr<'tie.. ;w-.tollicemoney order bl,
I .. ,.. 11
I stealthily I.I the? sfcilreasp.;: "1 dui : him almost i instantly. \,, --- -
'j i.i 1 oansetl nt canvitro she Is I'll Lave .
K rr't "- 1111': otil"r.VIJ 1:1
.. . .. Ie; JM y ifiri t. :
.l1l'UI\\'II:',' \I.\I'\lIsl'r had pkkt'l1 up the door ophite; took out a key, unlocked nothing to do with her. j jX Folp,,'* Honey and Tar for ctnh!? v L lm q Bok..r; a.y nif>iciant iu PH-.lf"Lt.:

1 rt n iiio.KittHl i ..licni.in ill the extreme the door and entered. Ia(.\lill- "\\'. I had purposely bilked sufll- i rciriitly cold: ; rf hah!", tri< H md t.t...d.

r:, uorthtTii iG.rt of the city, to whom asIhey ter U'a" attjut to move against him I loud for the girl in the next i a ife and "urp.Y.. A. D'.1l'-ub"rt.-! d

ruha i,,-!:: he ,'xillain'll'bat ho when the cop stopped him. room to hear. She did hear and lent i IlU: rt. Pnl.ifox St. ; f J S. A. FEI1DM/.. ,

; was alMiui. 'Hie cup "':1rllh'r:: (skeptical "Pt'r llllls there are more below waiting herself to my desperate makeshift. -- -- '6. i t --)

:1I": the outronie of the adventure to see if the coast is cleir." She opened the door and stepped bold- i : !) .' .= ," ti'"I, I'RnpJlUTflR. '.:NS.tul| \

till t,.f il.c t :ill 1'111 a ti'iieuicnt They waited awhile, but no one else ly out. 't. -,' --" ,, ',

i Louse \\ I I.," !. ;....I for Milne tune; been came. MaeAlister inudo another mme, "Mother this is Miss-I mean my SKEi.I' o BOX iri.i n '

'1t a y t Lcld !in ,.' ".1 'I 1 limuiiig themselves but was st;; :!ft held: Line:. wife. I know you will love her andshe If You HaveRheumatism I ..,HI. .. ., .. 118.---- -- -

4iflE tin 'i: : .I' 'I;u1. 1,1.1 .!> it could "He may not have the swag with will love yon." i .. a.A "RI..,..,O..M'Aga

!,=' k sun' t .' :. I Im1. 'M d the ting into the him. and we'd have a poor ease against The girl Walked up to mother, ki i..*. d :;::::t..nr."U'"r. r.X""i'U; .. $ UJ'"I[ handle{ every clays IIf I., i

y2 t } yj{ hi Ill. Let the dog ;o." her and asked in a01('(' into v. Im h $ ( ..;I: bulk .r b..tti*, wholesale or r ;ta.: !' ,.
{ .
OjMM.ing t'ie! she contrived 'f', ..111w.iy down.
door they put the dog in to throw a tremolo "Cm

Good.. Digs'ion: the h:'n. and he was-: ',.HHIoC'I'lt"hiI:1t| you forgive us?" 0 a AGENT FCS THE FAMOUS PACbl i '
Sii'JTE ..
ul,1 I to
y 1 f T .f. t1 0 R.11.,1 !I.nl'h. A the il,rr ipnMt'; '. I"'i (biMisr admitted "Ymi are a very swe.-t 1-x.U'
I r CELEBRATED "V ."".. tit ,"h.. HOt the w<>nN,mull 1 be p1 I iin\: In .inl"lle..i. said toy; mother\ soil; .Wll.it .If': ;'v; ';!.-..1,1."Y' 1. the oust te tp'l\ nd TIME TABLE.
| > l h".r"lII at.
y t : .' I I .. mother and wSii I k ICSl11 rn.lorsi'd; "al.form"I"
r .II insure per Zill! t ' ?- >-t .1 ..tum t v Uffl-! '101.! i J know ht Urns I ., :2"mey will cure i
'tir 1, > i j jIt's r a aa !h. \ > :'J'il ?!'! yo I it hL i < ores I. tf r. Kidn'7 fed r
t t$! ; ; !;:.. ".1"III1UII'r.'! !' :' 1111, .;.I 'h.tiltATJ -. "'1';. I'limmli." s t'.r .-.iii! :ui'l!1 I mit r.u'!\ > a.s In"I.liS. "sji! !I'I> Ik.\I U"lll'! r .:.-, ,-L COiULy\ an IIXc..s: (.f LOtf!' JVILLS AND NASHVILLE RAILIN : I'
L ,,,, ,, I .. t.nr{ at : .. u> ver taU end t.'iiWs lp !1! EFKitT I'1' t.MKKK: 1, 1.1
; 'n. It wll : j Th .il;:il i tl1rll..1I".l .
'.. .. I .\ ; 1'11' < i J.
.rJl ; ..)..... "1- C ," 1 'I" i I'1': ," ,\thc.nt; ri s'.i;,,., j i j :Moth' r r'li.I.,! Pcl) it \r.b In i' I'l'' h. r $ .', ."I'I' Ji r I)();3k ol wonderful coat ,
.. .. ,' :' ( ,.:cc p'", Ji per little For NIl! New Orlaanw and Mobi.e!
.. t\ .. ,\ :'" ..1. I 1 r \.1!i I.t in the ri .-i 1::. .!::il Mi1-1 I s :111)),'. en.ml'!: !'it. I < i 1..;lit :a AI ndr: -r t'. IInr.nlggtcteontot! -- --- -- --
I "" ... / { R..i.t.:: '. i i i ..;. .! 1.1 e uf file i ., ( -"
rei'ciptijlpnct. '
tl ( .}.."."""' < ,,, ,-..>..>... ...:..'iQ, j arciatl0a': ,I 'L. i i n I t::1.' dl:1I:11': of i 1'.1 i |j C.11\" t Ill;" it i i:1' : -* tl> ;iliili' )!.l t.:!1.: '. AdJr> a i! 1'm II : n ...aTI"Plllla- ,,<:ol.I .'\ :' o'i 1.1.\

\'' BO'l; : ':" Sb > '!1''' :' :'HI.--I\ r. n'ode the c'is.'j| "\\MI. linger. jnn'I., 1 I... n a very % u'lISCl l: CiiSffliCSl I CO.i Los a*-AgelsCal. !! 11'I::Vi"; a It 4 1-a:?! II J 2"I A A Lave.l.'av"tryhttr YI'IWlttrJlj ... J: .v-.as .. .0, -. II...

",I ;' { STOMACH .t:' c : !i t'i( m:1: coneeel! WI !I.'r l.:::'ij! 1io\ !.j io! thi< dii !i' 5.11 b. but I ,, i or Ins .i i.' _. ".:-'_'': "1'7.__I .,IIII" I +AP _:. .."w'rri-& "!" I i'nsNOrtlu .. .. .
t: .... .. O.TO *.M 'i !L''. ti I boar tin ", utation --
'rr l-i e I .t s ; tei.ee: and! vj.
Ma'-.., Fete. rej IN': ErnTIi; & Ce. NEW frl an'Li} I .
r QIT' R ", '.. ;'I'll) 1.1.1 .. III .
I i:. 71.:19.: ,1. st< [ the! piu ;'. \I ; -! : it :all rid n.'i blanitI -------

is iI i i '-In' \-.T!: )p. ''t! 'he: own ,'i-i -f the I I yo""Y i Dlstri ling Agents. !j No. 9. Vo {. :So; I
-: ;!1"- i i'"i: '' "ii-Iy! !f,'" i'n": :led Pt!: t'eii ; ". moirr": Thrua141: to my k't, 41f tt'tip m 11.Ir'p ID Loav" ..m Pra,aeoli..Arrive f'"' !> I"
j i 4:1' a In A:7 m .o\rrY6. \loatomrry .i I..av.! It i' a
p :
I .. .' i I Sllpjrd I Iift" .\.h.'a..
'i 1 II: t'o-:: r v. :Iin-.i l ':. befriend ; tuikins fore 119 aID 1' 'Ipm -\rrlv..KllmIDlbam.r.c.av .::'! bW

tit t' / ;, s ,lllW ;t"t' ::;"'rd Inn of th ;; the Miti..'j;; r.oni door, "Mti,t you go *o 1\\>1 p m San a In Arrrvr ..... \oasuv.llt' I..v .
The Beer ::.I>J" m .ji" mrrlv... .. "oJl"\"III.. .... LhAte II';:: p rn
t PILESuraafrnl'd i : \'I-7, '-.' il.q.i'i'' tt'tI iu rol 1 soon. des.: : 1t. ,
>- a ID ttEf/ IS m ArriTM llDclfll'all! Li b"e 5'r': IJ nl
l ? 'I! .., i'I ,. ,.1] .I j."t .muiiil. in t1: I "Yt- hut I've not tonch'd our linen.! 7:91sm:! !t.f'..:: p m Atrlve_ _..t. t.o'JI' t..arr __':1; p 'n

m '!n'i '! i 1" ." :'i.i: 'fly! Your rl.'tler: vvto't hate to give that That Made- f PE'N ACOL 'EO AND RIVER JUNCTION.
'i3 '' 'h tortamofthc1 damned i! M \ !r.ii.ici!: nnunsroRD.: j i il up for borne time yet. -
wlthpnnrutlip..e. i -. t ont>.> cor.mpa- When I gut feather off. I ND 21-Dotty No I-U"lI' SaBSODwhere tlw', nOL &bown I So. 2-Ua v .. .
next ] i i! _
t'.oa with Ithlfh I was a .tctrd for twenty l] U..t..r: r.. if (.!uc>.
y ;L i years I ran across four CASCAKLTS in tie< I| y,1 u'e! w ,.it'Tji"! "f! -lii'-, -ink it i inm I door where I bind Miss Fanning. HmHtlmR: 'i rAMYU i i 1 11:56 pro 1:00 It m Leave. ... j''D acol.ArrITf IOfAJ II ru .
towocf Nrweil. b.. and never found anything 'This isa ser JID! matter." I raid 12U. right 7:11 II II .. Iob..mla t: ........ !lIf' c
:r to Q\lallbl'rn. To-duy 1 al. t ntireli! free from .t ,ar's' t.l Mit'teinl. I ihnii.ughly. but to 19:9o u Ile II ........ Ynt""tra ...... .. 'f lode "
k I fUr and fed Ilka a r.eman u. ,'rw the Ili-at her "and I see but one way out of it. 11'2 u 7'111 II II ...._..xr scsmbia.- 10:11% "
a C H. K lU. Hit Jones M Sioux City la.PlM sh.ip slowly in I offer you my .-art and hand and ask -frfVICTORIA- I I 16 ":::15 'f _... .-Mulat _...._ If'jI '
I i \-l'l..1: I oil) until il I.'. uud. then mix 1 :3io" ":211 II ._ _..... Harp ._. tll1 "
.1.,r"uhl i To niin.iiHproif yon to consider my proposition as fun- j UIO": TII6 II .._.... e;: It City ...__ ;I I I 1:1:1U.J.II" :
CANDY glue,
i as we tan dwive my mother. Then TIII" _........ MIlton -. _.. i I. :10
CATHA RTI C i.-iur: v.ater over gmid sue .mil let iti i 1:1,0 a. m .. ..-food hinge i. I
Fd we must: be married or suffer the conl 1:1\6" ._.... Holtl .... p:11& .
i r.' ..::tin:! o-.ir nix'ht. tileifumy: uul.:: ;MADE BY ACME ISHEWINO: : 8:16" I
** 'i' I !' 21 11:10": IIIIUgan _. I ei0 1
.1 t .I'M 'vhite! lead: !.> r..il.t the rig.; 2t1" II ert16t.ylw.h.. '
) ; w 1,. anther KK-sr 1O.( '':N r HOT ILK HKK t eye '" ; :11 1 I
quiet for thirty 1:00" ---a er.r land ..
8:51" 05ea
i -ii :icv' This I\II: iVtand( !! tit '"
a '' 1 several: lies ,'::dl! day. IN TOWN.D&NNKEI38ER. ':1\1 II ..... 40'" Head h fUeea
: rl.Clwtan lemertew ; .; I 'iii: wt: r. I'll fasten 1 11:115" ..Dev '. -.j
: ktdprtg e
i-... .. .. :
'11 1.n lakej: il !W.tglue!, I : .-< an annonin-r-t 1 tp{agpnunt. ; BRAS I II. .:18" 9it: .. ....... Argyle .. .". Nt "
f ll--', .l 'iy a puMn 1\.1! :,::g.i" :<<1' Y:.7' i ..Ponc 1.. Lea 7 !'J
:.t .I.tli small !i. -, i' --\.i: I i' M-i -, ',. I AOESTS FOR THE CKI.EBKATErI. ; 6:00" ln.i0 I ... h. Wv.'t161H .. 7'. '
? :.v \ often' .
!r :iid: have t! .... .. 1 .. 'I IS f ftr'v I "
i. .
} .
tn' PalataWe. r 'tent, Taste C P" I. .
'd. ; v. ) .
: : thi.r Harisr tL 6. 1. I'< 'i
i't t' adkt\tlrer.ten.weateu .t G ,, .2..-.5l:. l'. Ill' .iT ih.' water<< -1 I : ;. ,. J j' .. ...oy. "1 .
'. ... CURE CONSTPATIOr.rSJ :1! witUmouthed hot j. ,,, .. to wife Main H !. > i! : : '"
: i. I )n e Wl r; Palufoz tree ::
i ..
ewrwl'u.Mrfn.p..r.fhk.r.I; '..... >.whrl.a t n: i- t : ired I 11. !' "
[ tH>ver with acetic acid s '.* : R.R. Escbanye Union : ; :I' 'i I'-, .. '
? n' F A M.: 1 1 ; : [ Opp. D po-- I .
1.t.n 'l -
< e'trnnte (! '
i t-Ta'liimr .
>t (fU'lLii1C 11\1 II UE folricco U b.u water until dissolved sad r : _o\ .. \\u I P. O. Box 2RL Pen .acola, Pb 1 ; ; .. ,. : .r : ..: ;- :: ,i ::
r" --- ; C '
the two bv f tirru! ::. I I "Huun. Phones 116-2!8. I 8:15 I 12:1 Lunye.lSlUh' '"Jlctnl1 ..t.9Io.": Y.1 .

t r t4r

I : .

Y1i 'rT
ir _

I .

- 1w

I -

II ,;. '


/,i The-Cause Sudden of Many Deaths. MACEDONIA IS I STill ,i :lo M Bora's! MediclnJI r rI SIifactury HE WON Conrse HIS Dinner BET.ServedVtituncl ,. Curse ClassIfied Advertiseinen o I : 1 :!

i L'-- I { tea uud Fork*. --- -_- --
::revailir. in this :
H : STATE\ I ,
r '-- recause so decep- IJNTiiBE! II K- \'. til nitui'i.i-, < r the! Tiipii-ta. ;

-. t ..e. Many suede'l I, "X'. ,"" Po I tiou <-ub) of lIds dtw., n siaokius a;.,! or iI I ONE CENT j A WORD. -
{,, .. .:- I I r I i1'lNIY
.- ? z'Y: are called ty "" ':S-' : ,.. i "I"I 't. J is <.vtr the :.ir'ti c:':.:a'IiT'v a I : t
heartS tsLe-i.. Spoj'aci :::) :TTpri3iii Arc Con- /'1)1)W'( : ... :
I'h ;:p I1t .r-.." f. tl "" ::;.::u. \l.! ':' 111" f'; .\.r.t:. II i

.: .mc.a.: LzrDr : I Ista .7 ( ,0.'W"11 ( J. ''''1P'\" I .iir.iHi t the *'h. r!-.-}. .-- ;: p." 'iro'.i'i. !-':,- I DRRNKCtrtLt TU 14EN11. I ;.. :
arLxy : } CDol'tcd. .rl.ll\ {[II : .. \ ----- -- ---- ----- -- :1
-" _LL, : .re : iy f', :\ \' \'.. r,{, ?: ..' "' :. 1'1 d .J'u :.:; i : i ;: i 'J
rfte.n tht< .1 ) \, \ -4..1 J..I. :
i : ui improved
-- ,:r\I,. .!' slr' : .. L' ::. : ( :- ,,; I.. .
> f dusa ..iV i \ .1. I w'n "
\.r dney i ,,1 \ I' \ '\ ... \ lanre smallh'.nonrt ; :
t"i.tsraie, in
.. or
ARMtD EA.MDS ON RAMPAGE. l .. ..\' \ \, ">- >..Yjq -""," c. \ : .. ._ \.1.1. : ....
!f. l :crey trouble: is "i ihveat i- I lI '>.1 :\ \'\,, t"1. ; MUI: : .co. ( i : I'I at low rate of interest. i : :
.. \ l a :': >: ; "'.-; I \:' '"' ,\ .' 7 \\ : I '' :*- -. '. i :-I-;
;I...' =: !vr.e-; : : /ned Encowntera .Have Tsken Place Cs- j :.:. ).,\\.\.\\\Il.I.'\ ... "'&*_ ;:-;.-.; 1\ ";.:.'. I IiF ''L.! .: willl'r n.uutlUtIesb;: i':n- I WHITE RIBBON REMEDY.AIItnste at law.in 204'g" S. Palafox hocks 8t.attorney, Fisher I j,

II 'd.ilattackthe 1 \\ .. { ", .. t 4 ':41. ,
:; the teen Eulrjzrian! Cands and Gendarmes !' < ",. \" -."." .._ .;; -.1 I i. .. Xm ''iT, tint I... nn-tu in ... v 'al or .....,." .. \ "
organs .
: I ..:.:" ." rl'fJ'1 "'" .Ml-I <-I.'ss ilinntr-: exclairaed the I I", -I.I,
: VqttT.tta, nrti'/n rot'nl"Ut i htoicittlye.W t
and wastet I
t.r :ai' acwn -Villages Captured and Pillaged \ '
I 0 : '.. tibte,. fh'm"'ll\ M0crTO.DAYD.: you ned ; 1 .
: I willcurtordittrojtli
result from ty Brigands.New : 1 l L-: f:1 .C J\ "Yidinnoi: -!; atlmh ono will not -* ilii"B.".1 acp 'llt< fir alcoholic eclmu- money? You ca'i h"rr3D\ f! i
always :
.. I I ... ,. 1
.. is I ..fIi1I e '.'I-... :i..\tto Iwtlicr with kuive f.'rlfor '1l.. u.tb..r tiepnti.nt! iconttrmed amount you wpm tod.ly "u t-t-iC't : i :
I f.': .eys ana a curs .:. ; :: briRtia "-tlpjl.-r, "icml clnakpr or .
.$ \; ..; ; .
York, Nov J.;;.-In si.itc of thcomtrrticg ; :. : 'Bi'isvh"ri' will he terms nud lowest rate anywhere I'
: pr per treatment dJ -P eierjthii: pre- drunkard I miioibifor i "n> i>n to have BDH'FUt ,
II } that the :t\ <, .. t"i' | fir nl'obolic liquors alter using obtniiiabl'- improved city real i S -
M- feeling badly you assurances 1a't"1 A=.. : n in-d in siiL-h fashion that one can sitn-- I
\\ lute K.bbou Re-nh-dy. -
t y uk.ng Dr. Kilmer's loiran! agitation is ended numerous: I 47 1 II 1-.' take! it in his lingers: and tfill not lul .is. tt l>y '...-...llt"r" i f \\'. f!. T. U; e-rate-frorn Wni. Fishtr: 204'a K.

_" S" 1;' L' ,.:,at kidney liver and and bands continue, bays a Thntb I I n ,!"re; a pail of water alongside: of Mrs. MTreore 'up-rintenrtent of \\o- 1'alafox StreH. lu-tf
mal1',, f'orlUlln 1'"m\i'rauc.* l'nlon.0. ---- ------ -
I I'I' dispatch from Salonica by way ot WJ riP him"
I tura. Cal.furnli. write"I havw tested -
t Kid urine and scal&. IF01..; want to borrow money invest .
:. Lon-lon. to hold their ground in the I "I doubt! it." said another. uln fact.I V. dite H.bbon KemeJy on \pry obstinate .
', .rid overcomes that I m' fJ riruukards. the cures have been lu.inj. money, insure your property
'I' Inacc c silile! districts and sporadic disturbances d' n'ttv h..wSuch a thing could very
f Lcir.g compelled ts.d I In many cH-es tM Kemxi.v was given -I'I I procure ab-tracts of title, buy or ,

'.-. te get up many are constantly retorted. well! IK-" cetir... 1 cbtHTtullv nconnnind. and inWhttu sell rat estate, rent property of I -
diir Ittbbonuuuedv.! Meiul>er ot
Tlis: mIld and thei In the lau fonnight there have been I "W"II." continti'tl the man who made our Knlon: are leltihtt il to 'and an eronomli any de-cripfon. have rents collected !

S l arnp-Root is soon four i-ui-oiiiittrs in the Strumitza distru So says Mrs. Josie !Irwin of the proposition "I am willing to wa- 'HI trttment" to uiil u. ill our telliperalluci' or your taxes ut.c-nd..d to, 1

'? h'ghest fr its won- I t hrtween Bulgarian hands and |! I 'i-r tit i-n-t of u (..m:(.\' that I can j p.t \\ork. call ou or address Tho- \\'at"'on' I ;
325 So. CoUese St. Nashville; (Jru ;gbts or bv'mail n. Trial pnckaetreeby & Co., R<"al E-tate and IneuraneeAgents. .
I c sire$sirg cases. 0:11in< h will call eX'l 11eit.
g.darmc. A few un l-oth fcitl'S! up joti
wilting Mrs. A. M. Townsend for
.t to take and sold I I WC'I'1 Pen-acola. Fla. ChanrMunder.re. ,
i i ; Tenn. ci Ljtiia E. Pinkfcam'sVegetable ..uidi> won't ka\o n puto of silver! on
kil'ed orour.tl d. In t\\o S
'i..-t! ai.d one-dollar :,, I years secretary of a Woman's Christian To everyone who buysii ; ;
,. r"vf : '::1" villarerfe: I1r.:! ar:1: their Luiuts Com otcd. ::11' tul.\t..\ Trmperance Ur.ior., 218 Tremont I lot from nwe will lend UKney : ; !
I Tilt- aacr v H- tt on(' takeu. and tit.- I St. Boston Mass. *win 111 115I1CQIIo u bj i iUanuab I I
\.c':o i lunJereil with which to build I house. SitfLOS
'I a ,
""' ,;. .::;. Nevt'r in the history of taeduine has I ; IS j
l" .. I 11 anotbt.1 Ui.st-: T !hillJIS; ('apttiri'iant' i eb mnl f'. irti'-r.lar n"nedy I, VOUP man :,OIl- 1t the clit'f. Nest iiizlit : Hro.. il S. Pdlafoi M 1
: the r onv I
; \>
; jfi ." I'u- i.'. <' men wt!'f again! together mid ,
:.L; .
.i1tge'1: '. II.! '. The I !
5 | a > tly r"1 for fviuale diIMS vnu.illi' that at- 1.4,1'. :
." i I i-1.''i' h.'d lr.tiiit: a \..man to palo tl, Hrf. I i ,
H.ime of Swamp-Root. suit of tlii.: outawur tIt: :.7 of tht t.in.'l > v LArtia 1'. I'inkham's I t. I. i : -w !

.r Dr. Kilmer & Co. \ .......... Were .. ..:. ".,Ib..n' J '..."..1...,...j. y. c'" ..t.c' (: ;':::IOUH!. :hwi 11'I'r iI. i i-', 1'i i l9 .1. -r&-i: :-Mi lIt I "I '. ..-l tit : I.-- ';: .' e .1,1! *. !:'s. Old- I !'--White bull tt'rrierdo.wiht I .

\ 'h ,n writing mention I to t'alon.ta. j > S. :.., luoUme of tins \\ondtrful.M I .: ':: e-il-"-. ai.d ali th-jM- pros;('iil \'oti !! c.. 'tli.] ".1. ;, j; i' .:-'...iI.l is a k'ood about :<5 !pouud One )half" ( the "

:I.r m this paper. :... :,. :: l..b t'.e dcuiiicd fur it been "i! it .. in Hi'Ct suu'i''''. The iiR'.iu ws.j .' '. '_ !
I t. It :11-1: bead amid blue-it. Reward i
: < i.
In the Salon; '.1 :: :tr'ct! an attack !I I I. ui far I -

1\\:1.- nmle o'; tnu. h'.i't.- of the hea-1] si, '-;'>':.t as the it Atlantic irrn .> t.-I:.). to the Pacific! i" fcuhtcu.vs: '-< /!.. 11'>." I JI'i: i \ I; ".losiah for return to Sidney Hale, Dinn- !

IJI"takH.ll1t re.swamp I i I s.' F'n thr h.ilf 5t!. il. to be eatin from I ; :Uo'tf' iif flu! :: ;.it I!. Ik thinks hpiFI'for Bro>. 19ulwK1XDK11GARTEN I
I of H '
the '
... floit.s ivn villarv. scaped' but 1 ;:nl tlI'tlUfhout! tIC length and breadth UKh.ll. !
I .
.5 I his wile and two : the glad 1';:':!, ju-t:: !'i. ; : i"( ioidu.;: to the --
Root and the : sonanil! tao uatis'tors Ilf es V'J.t eiintWeni come I- r.'ur.- ( UPS. I .

\ 1\':i.'in.: \ N. Y., ou I wore ba:. r.n :. i; it: aJ!'.g11.. byemissaries ti'!;..;::, d \V..IIanS' f'utr'rings relieved I'ri I. .- vli.t a 'l;:,'.' on the RldH >. *w.v. ihc\ an rt :.. tn.Th .' .,' I, l%.l'llh'J'J.I'al.teHc'hool. :
... .. .. ... .
.. ... .
With the alar -- -
of the .Vace'a-lan; : ( ommt.i t.\ it, and tut! : .and:; upon thousanils : : !'f i. a ljaki.il 8'1'111 b. leg in j> -- -- t S.

i t f Ittcr ar,' pouring in from ",rth'ul id; I .. 'i.t-tt- i i' T -c'aj. School will be !
tee IJsgulsed a.p.. n'l':: au s. Lamb < !" with the nds in paper
uoiat-n s.liie that it will and posi- PA VUit.rTht.u Ml'.w seems openKl at 3;) 1).,,,\Vrizht: street, !
HE SERMON. A -.and of 4fl ), attempting to invadj: I tiw1do.'s' cure the worst forms of Stuffti1kry. cap'j Oct. 1 by MHS Margaret Maclay. .
: 'I Ice cream sandwiehis. Coffee rather pert; acted sis It be knew more : J
Turkish territory from Dulgaria.! was female cuiuplaints. SOstfalo i
New York Times. than
you. .
with considerable I -- 1FOI'
repulsed loss. Th =
': i.i..r' Uti' }'or ? -
all ,
?sIrs Pinlvliam invites vt'- 1Iercbltntl1tnrally
1UU ".1"1... Invaders wore Rulsarian!; : uniforms. I .'- or lt"-iit. I
? iiK'ii "hn arc iui/.7lc ulxuittlu I Visitor-Why naturally?
,' who Another band: raided BulgaMan! vII. Imf>roIncr the He% }
:'npiod people a 147 son.-rhilalel-
i 'irlicaltitm\rittilierat! 111I. MerchantHe's !
steris told about the my .
r,1iu: !\ to the ter.I lage in the Petrich district which 1,; )1 :m-'... Iuiails it.c' SIIt'h ('lIrr('. I A singular 1'rebs. FOR HALE or Rent A country : j.
sl'pi> of the eyes of Mine. Jane Had- I phla home2'j mile from city, one mile r. :
them each obnoxious to the revolutionaries because '
K i ")111111"111' is i "('('!> },
I in;. the rrcni-h! actress, which are from car line, adjrUrninIrs..
i >, i I.\ or Post know it is subject to the Jurisdiction i an.1 Hi t'l : ruv i i.. imiaIe.NGRCES inarkaMe. They are of the clcari llnril Tlnien. J5aars' property on Bayou Texar, '

.\ <'an,; Friday has of the patriachate.! One of the pr.nclpal MTJ Lll'utrnmt-Thh pirate buslnc-ss ain't
___ _____ __ i .-.: and purest !.rown, like that of where plenty of flh are caught. ;
.' .,I thy! for the pa sM ir.haliitar.ts was kiled: and two h what it tiM-d to IK, Is it? For further particulars apply at j
mountain brooks or wave washed onyx.
1 : :\', write the ter- others were Injured.Washington : GO FROM SAVANNAH. rirateCUuf-I should say not. Why 4UJ( West KehnoDt t-treet. 31olm !
l I iiml vcllwl! with a thirk fringe; of black I
ir.-t: "!I"K.l for my little l,"yV pot more money in his ----- --- !
I IUI1.1 silky lasUev.'! lut! this is not all.
!:,:"i'_'i'ion! on tbel. Election Returns. I About Three Hundred Backs! VVi'l! toy bank than tin-iv is in that treasure I.'ur Kent. I I
Htr arc unu iully; and extraordinarily -
eyes ---"---------'
'. >, < ..:Mug! of this S 'attll'rash.. Xov 23.:; -Complete '! For Liberia. chestve Jut l/uril11.-\lW: York Her '
I lung and this: length; is due to C. K. of A. hall for rnt or dances; i

'I !-,::. official turns from every county in Sj.vacnah, Ga., Nov. ::5.The third artificial means. It is a custom among ald. _- -__ etc. Apply to Win. lilBtuer. Thos. : 'I

'j \\ .S I -t promulexteia- the state slow that the "majonty 'I of from Savannah foi II
average cargo negroes tbe Turks to U-n;.'tln'n the eyes by cut- ANXIOUS MOMENTS. Johnson cf Dan Murphy. iSolmIIA11C 1i I
w; d.: ',, given Republican candidates Liberia will sail January :X). in charge -- -
was the This is done -- -- j' I
t :,- 23.000. I I. ting coiners. wry Some of the moat anxious hours ofa .. ;; ;;: i !!
.1 i-rcpar-1 Hadley litp..) nominee for of the! ueiian Colonization Soiiftyof at the not two or three ( e ( '

:: '.. :i Many judge of the tint early years mother's life are tho-when the n.. ..._ ..__.____._... ..._.. .._.. ...._ ,
supreme court leads Cirmmgham. It i k; expected
i his \ the outer corners icing deftly split little ones of the household hive: the 1
.:. .i U'S OUI I ticket with a majority of 2I5.S62. The fully 31111 negroes will make theo\'. with a lanctt about the twelfth part of croun. There i* I!') oth"r medicinesoflfective I MRS. SARAh REIRNEManufacI :' I Ii
't I few II and dealer in Hair Goods I.
a I
Republican Donnald vi
candidates for congress age on the steamship an inch. in this terrible maladyas -
Hat Toilet! Article Hair Oil j
I I'Ia'rs. i who are elected at large have pl-j- I New York chartered for the trip. While the wound Is healing the lids Foley's Honey and Tar. It is a I etc., o'20 Wet Governmenttreet,

: .1! :'I the ;, ralltl s over Cotterill. the higher I D. J. Flummer, of the society for are drawn outward every day. Dm1'hl'll I hou-eh h1 favorite for throat and : ', I I I

1 : < -I'utI 1! Democrat on the ticket I with the International it is cured the i< fetillsiiliniittiil : lun.r troubles, and as it contains ttoori.ltf'S .
as follows: mcrly connected \\ quite rye other poisons it can l Ie ,V A l"\.1'.1':U.I ;
1 ..' t'd i or
: Jones 24.69 Cushman that sent two shiploads :I to the drawing I !
; 24,957; Hum. I \utnatiou society. I prot-i' every I safely iven. W. A. D'Aleinberte, -
,, g
; 'rad- phrey 24,042 mbeie is in uu, lay for a long time. with the result I
of negroes fro I 121: :S.; 1'alafox Ht. I WANTED-All kind of empty hoer ;

I.. II city to arrange for the departure vii : I that it becomes long and narrow. The I bottles. H. A. l''fJI ctman. i.9-tf I i I,!

\Vhen Cuban Reciprocity Treaty. i the third carjo. He said today thai. I story about Mme. Ilndin. proceeds to II If you want a nice present to giveto i

-I.< ,1 on 1! ITashintrton. Nov 25! ..Minister! QII;>- 1, all arrangements had practically beicompleted L dwlart that her father was in Turkeyand a friend go aud look through; the I WANTED-Organizer-; pay RIck, .1 i

M. he I sad]a. of Cuba.is: one of tile early and that nothing remain j I fatbe prailliv and deti'riiiintd 1 I elegant line of .suitable articles at, accidnt. death and ,,ki 'uiy benefit I ; '

-. of callPrs upon thep'sllt'nt! today. He now but to bring the ship here: alicongregate .I to try it cut his little :irl. then iiU.uttliri'e I J. I. Stephens you surely! can findjomathiL I ; t..prenewalC'-n'r rtAmen. { I 1

I informed the president that he hail '! the passengers at this pun, years old. \Vln-tlur tin- stoij' is : ? to pl"aoe you. If you .. can C. Fraternity, Wa-lunton D. ,.

inkyou 1 trno or not, oao tiling .Pt'tain-th. :td- I want anything in the Diamond line''I 2s.-oawtf 1
received a cablegram from the Cubaa of departure.! I
: miri'rs of the mtr'ss tlicl.ir. slitluib I bpeure to AAP Inn before you buy. ; .i -I
J government at Havana Informing him Uobert G. Pienc will remain in Savannah ; MOI.EJl I'.arber Coll- ge, New Orleans I !
: i :
the must beautiful 'I':' till the! st.iffe.Forrrer
.r -, 1 -1 Mr. that the reciprocity\ treaty negotiations 'I until the ship sails when h i I -- blUEHl'II ; l Li.. wants men to learn l'
;>tn : ,
I ; ;s.rI'l'm
!IS .V I were proeet-din satisfactorily. MIn- will make the trip with the negro.?* barber trade. Steady practice expert ; 1
i !ee, : Mayor Suicides. !
; I Iftf-r Quesada previously called] at the to see that they reach their dcstma .1 Following the schedule! of the, instructions, tools presented, p 'j j .
.8tnn. CamJen. N. J.. Nav. 2:..-J"' he Pra I :\ wag'pIiaturdav! board provided.Beautifully .
5 '.' or cold, state department and presented a ('opyof tion in I' fety. at time major of Caimlcr. c031:1..t.td jovernment steamer General French: II illustrated catalogue'I I I 4

r:, -I: .. his cablegram to Secretary Hay. "The negroes for this vcyae wi'i!I one : ;which THE NEWS printfor the I
free. t
hotel t:1: < particularmailed
: Miidt'f at his in ( ty ,'I
come from all parts of the "nut her, \ :oeuefit of the mel chllet-, who hif .. .
: himself through tin! head.. --- ------- --- 1 {
... ..I. ..' Evacuation Day Observed. states, and some of them will t be froi: by hEir goods to the various army -
''..I j He was :54 years of a"e. 111 heal'h! L : \WANTED ;rood man to go to ; h I
\.1' 1.thl? j Nf\\ York. Ku2..,Evacuation: thi S\\st Indies and Central Amenta i i posts
i 1 lls supposed to have caused his s. if'I Leaves PensacoU .. .. ... ... . 7Xa.ra South Africa to run H iw bench t I 4
I 1 l lilnll'l r <\.\\ \\l''ch: Is the annive:-4iry of Nov, j -uiil: Mr. Flimnii.ir.Ve hip tlnr! ) uf-nves Itarraneas.------------- 7Sia. m: and who i it able to look after a I ,

tin. !1'10"i-ti r IMi. 1 r | :J.:" 1TSJ. when Washington! and hk; | to Africa at the rate of $o''u each an>.1 !< destruetioL u J j"'Bves I'ickt-ns -... .. ... .. ._ .wa. mLeavfs moulder and to take care of knives ., I .
.. ........ tI I5 '
f'.arrancas : 1\ m
.11- .> ".'H.I.n: in.it I >- >. marched from liar:>m into New. \i thi: pa.: i-age has In en iiaid: in nJd: !I II I 1 low's This Ueares: fentac" -. .-...-.... _.rlo R, M.Armes and saws. Apply to C. \V. Hag'f'f- t i Ifl I

,'('II.! 11 in ..1': auto- 'Vc 'IT lust before the city was ex'actl. j, annunts luring the past MMT or "I We offer One Hundred Dollars'ri>-[ BurranCBt II :111 H. m. and tit-n man Theien Huildin?. uotfWANTED t : j
Fort McKee and then re-
: I :. -:: h\' the British wasobserved :,) The olon.ats will lon;:ri'sato' at :..ki'j.pi. i ward for any case of Catarrh that :, :mates arcs to a I'.urraacas.Leaves trip to .

a"! I .i., ;! ... th, ";' .*.fr usual the flag on the bat- ; ..:, and! rome to Savannah on a t'ji'; cannot be cured by Hall's Catarrh I. Karrancas .. ... .-... 1 :In p. m. -2fJl( (gentlemen! to join

I 11'1'10,:- Ii \ >.I..III.X- I S 1-oU was inn ui. I IYuIci cal:: tran TK! :,.' from Florida a'. I Cure.F. .Leaves...aT", 1'ickens Pestacola .. ... ...' ... .._... .Iii-!) p.p. tn.m. j!I the Peii-aeola Pressing Club, 9j 1 :

: .. '...i'
.. S. -''I! tin n !1.11 nl,.ir and Excited Over Elect.on Contest. We, the under ined; have knownF. Arrives harrancns 5a.u< p m. and m'l and pressed, called for und delivered ,

: .- I. IxHlkS. :-. ... :1.. \,1.l \ u, .",.-A "|H'('Ia! tL! nu; and m"i>t the main Flo-- J. Cheney for the la-t lyear-. .rlpto McR.'e and ritJrnOn for SI per month. l tanlmTHREK

: ,pi I'll 'I T1 .. ida! and u&cr jtatfnear Pavani.aii and believe him honorable Wedneidwys-aiid !Saturday the _ _ _ _ _ _ 41
.. \ iov < ;.1 _. :.eo far to : PFt IT. !u-: ,( |r Iron I>av51. perfectly oat wil leave Btrrancus via Pick-
,. will'! come' thcmaeK'N and nil" t th' in all bu-.ines-* -:ictionand : 'ttIIiI1d' 'V.'OTI'I ).
: 'i at :-'Hilarity! : : of :: .i\ that t.. V .? :n) is \MI\! ,-\ u" for l'ensicoli at 6:30 [I. m. |
main ho.h'J Ii"V< will Ian! atGre'nvilb' financially able to carry out any obligation I -
i.lio-1: t11! ti--i the ''i .nn ; a ml'tj! ,. r i then: fiim. The General French is for army youu men from Pensacola .
Sin "' l.ih"rta. : made by
( '
: !..1-1 .1 1 a i':ii"e fiUtioni I l...'iia'i; ('''t. t i 1"- i in: t c h-tnr\ iVEsr&TKCAX! jnrpo-e* only and auyoutiider must and vicinity at once to prepare for I

i it; ii M !!;p_ when a '! i u'::ii !'. : ; iu'n.)! It | xlr: Pliiimcr wi-st to Lihivla with | Wholesale 1)rnggita. Toledo U.1' aave a pa-s from the quartermaster Positions in the Qo\ennnent Her-
tl') !' (':.0" d un the stpambhin ira awhin I 3 take ,Ilifo"f- <> I I er.PEOIESSIOSAL vice. Apply to Intf rStateCorres.Int. I
.' ,
: 11! ,.t t I'i i- Ii'iii-i' the! : .J t :" p.o' ca WAI.W.KIXNAN &MAKVIS.Wholesale :: .
thu'f":--.d 1 left and h. I ., Cedar HipidIj.. 11-l.2m: :
,- sa\-j
\ I'1 1 liniii ha lid I. f .1 .. .. !.C' aoiI. i Drurei-t; *, Toledo, O. ,
that fn'iv: 8"; iu'r rent of the n<"aroi | Hall Catarrah Cure i i- taken internally CARDS. :
y ;,. ; I I. t -ht i i.l it. :I. ..' ;. t.. uA I II f.

: ::1'1 I ",ii.J it I lying;: caiTii'.l) aaar on that sh'am'hi[ an! actirg directly upon the .. .. __._n__ .______._.__ ____._.._.. roil J-.AI..J' ;. !'
,, .; .t--- I nn the !'It'am'hp! Horso. which ai.'" blood and mucouuifaco.-> of the | i '- hd- e- I r
t& M. D. I AJIARGAINcanbe i in of
!Hold\ ROWE
bottle. W. C.
I sailed from Savannah, arc p'rff ct'Vsatisfied : "y! v\ .- i' 'u':! St I.I":-,'\ -.' ''1' i. < /ir'st! nil druggist Tetimuinialfree.. the finest residence! and most desirable 1 ,

.'n I I. <>iu.. i'*'a'tai and f : ( ro.: I ; .- ., '.' :!V f !| ; with thiir new home anI 1 I by ,; Family Pills are the best.t"&re iHall' j OHice: 17 S. Talafox. I sPctlonof Northwest Hill, t

: I'a!: .i. "'.' r; ,i I ., .: .. !h ...".,.\tih.! : suricr.mlings.! II I, Hoari f'nm MtIn4 : uua.i m and 1 to 8 p. nCCf. I i-ubject to {guaranteed Iea e at fair I [ I

I I', '.. *' I O. .STCJ LXA. and artl'r 7 elocar1Ic2a I for three yearPlan of hou-e can ,
i in y. :Cay: i I -
." :in rue "'....1... !' A.... .i. f. .:-.... 'I I Warner Hill Appointed. t 5 KI' : 'ici Hle rilaiS r.Qi; I : .() I II \>f !seen at my ollice. A. V. Clubba,

1 lli'iM': : lo-.!.!., who ex- Atlanta Xov. 23.-Hon. Warner HilL! !' r41 : I Pensacola. a-2w! i'. I

I.f':;: ''''. of 5r5 -
ii.t : .I'I''x i Merriwether count> was yesterday : I
The always anxious (/A. t'lot ,
; overage man is I FOIl !HALE-The mo<.t desirable
01 l -,1'itai,> w In a pitted appointed by Governor Terrell railroad :.- ,b -.: !
to meet the fool killer for the purpose I -. in the city terms by :
: -: on easy i ;
: .
; 70
.I :
'h wiih ,
r door. commissioner! for the trm o: ... the Fisher Ueal Estate l .
<>f sending him next -Chicago; <--1.- .." ., i Agency
'. ._ai.' 1 1. ,.fd Itttweoui New A I six years bejrnnlng: Oct. i:. 1903. M I NOTICE. ._ .. -. <, ( i :12'H1' South Palafox.: lXtlm : i :

!':'_:y i:1 .-I K and sharp ,i -- .- ---- -- I mil'will succeed JIH'PI> Spent r H. i -- Ir:- n- -- _ -- -- -- ; :
'5' :i.'n If L :i.u. Ins most (ic. at'' "'C' de=ire to notify the public that -' ; : : : S "
Atkinson whose: term uill! pxpire 1 HOAHDINO HOUSE at Wheeler L
> miiM:
i .\ CJat CL'KITD 15V lUX>UI :
-. it ". .1"; v, ,I'. a Minims that time. Judpe Athinun"a.., ai>. the Gulf City Trau?ftr Ct). i- still in i ..... !iri:: : :, Springs, Mary Either Fla.. :Mrs. j It 10.
truth whatever .
i ino -
,d 1 \\ .tiltfllllllU! efi i I pointeJ by Govfn-ir. Y. AtKin! : busiu"'. and there j ..... ,. Conduit, !proprietress. All the !
All !vum aid m.'KI riseAP CUrl'II.1 circulated by our I
in the report :==::-= comforts of home at
'II.\ Ui'pl' to u man very reasonable I
son. and tinco! the i\;>:u>ticn ot th that had dl-cuu' 1' .1 I \.../
Mr. M. I.. Adam, Fredouia, AU., competitors we .
I Northern tourists will
: rate
:: ,
Id I IWloUDlTSnl ,
d l tilt 1.------' i
term of tommLBiorer ('r"r."hahas >v !.,> ., tmued. Mr. J. U. Ynie-tra ha- been :.. _d. _.1.. .. :;' I .- .:-= I II )
to xcti. ::t ,lUi'tions took 1>.)tanic Blood Kalm. which ef- --: --i, find this an ideal place topend a ;
> been chairr':!n of t::. ('oumi"l!: : employed a* manager; and will hire- I ,; I Iflf of the-e-j-jon. linlin: I \
t.'li mo I In u ii"iiy! ntrt.'< ecftually cured an t-itmjr: cancer of personally -Uui-rifttetd all I r I ::'1 portion ;
Tie! apjiointmtrt' of Mr! I.-'l: h.- I I. nexpeitetl : after 1. ,
t.\uiki :i the nose and face. The *ore* healedup business for tin firm. All t--r-<>thaxiug ,- ,\" i
Wisl'tl're"I for soiuti.n: "- In ;ta. ..'> I. I I ;
MHI-I; II 1 I. perfectly. Many doctors had ever sin'f' Mr I Kill annol"r.' ed! thatwas ; hauling; -'i! "ul"e' !him t at CHOICEST \li;

-. luii'liwl.. "1 .111- iiiven up her case as hopeless hundreds utII'i'. 0 ( T. ('u.. I
; .
a can'lu'ne! ior 'v.. > posit! '! l
I :
K. r' CuVrs.
til! :a king from n of C.1"f'IIf cancer, eating I"i.) >ue412.!: -oF- I
*: a fo.; -oWI"" :-un' t.iat '
wa :
17nlru'THANK I
:1 i l In, taore uniquely i *ore-, suppurating;; sweltins. etc., '
beea cared RlooJ Balm.!I would! recdIh,' ajJintmltt.! : i :
have by Ii
\ ':1,4o? his brother: i FRUITS AND CONFECTIONERY[ t I
; Ainon others, Mrs. K. M. Guerney,
i, "r I tether, have In- It Looks ,-: .
: Warrior stand, AI:l. Her no-c and Smith Succeeds Sullivan. lVING B BL <
n I.i' You have I
j lip were raw as beef, with offensive Augiibta. Ga.. Nov. 2-J.; Ri" -AT- ;t

11 i Ly > cr: gravity and discharge from the eating: *ore. Smith. president; of the Georgia Chf" i : "
; .\ loi 5ty': 'Saturday I Doctors: advi-ed cutting, but it I II i Up to Delight.That' 'j
ical'ork ?, has been declared th BY 1HE 4 ,
Blood H mIni healed the I
I ifji'ed. nominee of the Democratic far 13 ,:
i is party Ga Illumination a UFormerly East Government st.
u sores aud1 r* Guerney a : !> "? I
: tn' ''at mad vacant in the state -
: well as e\er. Botanic lilood I'.alin I Ial ? senate .
\", .' Ton I Ii .Cuipley. we provide it fur the home, properly 1
-an n rev -() cures eczema itching humors, by the death of Senator Patn. K .. .. Cordova Restaurant Btaaii I jt- -

d 1 from torturing dity ?. i ;scabs: and scales, bone l'ainulcer J, SnlKvan.!; No other candidate-. C \ :' sewed through non-leaking pipes ;i One car-load of Pineapples at 11.75 I m ;

oilenMve pimples, blood poi-on, car to $2.00 dozen.KNIGHTS I t
touncd.: per $
and fixture from the plainest -
y"ars' torture might fitting ,
buncles, scrofula risings:: aud bumps Light Infantry 4i t t tI
: jra'itude of any one. on the skin Iud all blood troubles. ; ;, ; : single jet' article to the most

1 n, Witt''it 1t Haztl 'DruriU.;. : ; U per l brie bottle. HE COULD HARDLY GET UP. chandelier.Gas ; :':

Sample of Botanic lilocd Balm free P. H. Dully of Ashley, 111.writes : ornate I LODGE DlRKGTORY I 'L4i
r C. Haney. Geneva. Blood Balm Thursday Nov. 27th, i still the recognizedsafest
and prepaid by writing "Thi is to certify that I have taken ;;htinz ?
i iI'I Wiu'Witch Haztl Co. Atlanta, Ga. Describe troubleand
two bottles of Foley's Kidney Cure AiARMORY illuminant and the gas we
:.:i of rile* after I had special medical advice sent inealed : OF PYTHIAS I '
worth and it has: helped me more than any
.' letter. It is certainly furnish ranks with the best.
: yi iirj curt? cut, HALL.
-. -km di-ea-t! ReI wbilt inve! tijatiu; such a remark other medicine. I tried many advertised May we have the pleasure of a call i Pen AcoU Lodge, No. 8, K. of Pnmeeti .
able remedy as Blood Balm cures: remedies; but n'ne of them

:''ifutHar.Ms1 I ; Phar- the mo-t awful worst and most gave me any relief. My druggist GOOD MUSIC v..c ,< GOOD rum! : from you. i I at every 7:30 at Monday Caitlo eren Fill, -

-S :';':mrd. Sidney Kal'n. deep->tated blood diseases.o recommended Foley's Kidney Cure Chocolate and other Refreshments I tbe hlonnt. Watiom
Hot : \

I 1a '1." 0 n :J: .A. C _L B T 3n- -i-jtv and it ha it;cured use me.I was Before In Each commencing a- will be served by Solomon. i ?Pen acola Gas Cot I;, .Ing!Ung'\ nl.brethren third toor.ooroikliy .

&ars tie 1t: Y.j Ua18 Aavst 3 I Ie shape that I could hardly get up ADMISSION: H. A. LIB S

'> ct;;&Z !g11ttre. ---.l when once down." W. A. D'Alem- LADIES FREE,125 1 I HORBLIB K. &: 8. 0. O.I ;

?+ berte, 121:: H. Palafox St.: < GENTLEMEN, 50c; and 27 E. Garden St., Penuccla, FIj I S. f i _



> i"t';;;'.:;"; "'" """' '''''- ".,-::-.." ". ', :-",, .Nor.-r-. ..... -x ,. x.'- .- nr --.- -- '" ,., -\C--. ..",. .... ., .. .' ....... .-....-. ".. ->. -



--- --- -

.. cannot. These are facts tbat may as i A\ UNPARALLED

'" -P :M.S'A-- ::: k_. well be conceded now as at any AN OFF Cherry Pectoral I REl'nI-U,

", ': #.. JUlE .- other time. And as that party is I
.1uI morally certain to remain in powers Get well before you have to

: long as it acts In unison with the SHOW WEEK geTs think of
.Catered at tbe Post Omce at Fensacala! lungs bron-
... .econd- la s matter forces that are now dominating the chitis pleurisy. .,. .. 11

OrriCt. Building, XllJi Boutb country, the people may as well Lowell,SUM.tRte 100 %

ftlkfoxttreet.: up-italrs. make the best of a bad job and continue ,
There will be nothing doing at the
to look upon lots Roosevelt as .
THE NEWS PUBLISHINC CO. a political puppet who still labors I local opera house this week. Next \ SPORTING VORLDRetirement. Till

Terms: Invariably in Advance under the delusion that he pulls his j week, however, tbe boards are to be

.. ...... ... ............_ cehaefer'i During August! E\'EiY II\F
flat Year by Mail_ to oodii own strings and dances to his own (i occupied by the Payton Sisters-an J!COiY)Y GO RY? t
: Months .... .....,. n' ... ... ... :S 50 music. The retirement of H Carroll! Srii.rf.i i the death claims paid m the! l .. <

Oas Week by Carrier, Payable Monday ID ---- I aggregation which opens December 1 i I the holder of American amateur States and Canada by r .. f K; :

with a drama bearing the curious swimming; records from twenty WlioleaUand] J I ble Life Assurance; s"y; : v...'

Idrertisir.g Rates Furnished on Application BURGLARS title of "Utah." I yards to one mile removes from the Retail (:racer:, I paid within one day after r. J'',, : :

I aquatic world one of the most remarkable proof.
Rose Coghlan will be
soon seen I1M\DQUAKTKILS 1'OIt i
athletes which this country Im "
UNION LAKE> here in her famous production of 1 .\Iltl.lllrill no month iii! !n II", .
In the last decade. Schacffer's
BOUND OVERRobert produced I Family, Fancy and Staple boar lias the pereentaa i I: |Ih..1,
"The Second Mrs.
7, ti. v5 Tanqueray, perhaps withdrawal all the more to be below "
the most remarkable and most regretted because all those! who !know jt Groceries, ," tS.A;"

PE5SAOOLA NOV 26 1902 his capabilities realize that he had by I :S criticised play of modern times, and All Kinds "f ltp-to-date Fancy : R
Caffery, William Brown no means reached his limit. Goods. I great record. It ha'v'; :
; written by the foremost living Prom the time be took swimnrnjFchaeft'cr : been ;
up ,
and John Faulk, negroes, held for approached by any; II; r
>. BREAD and meat are scarce in dramatist, Arthur Wing Pinero. Its I has been invineiMe and his We are l Hole Distributors for West

'i Havana. But the price of booze remains burglary, were given a preliminary never met his match in America. That Florida for the Celebrated Cafe du pany.
I theme is unconventional and the Monde Coffee Sweet Home Molases
unchanged hearing before Justice Wolfe yesterday the University of Pennsylvania! crack : trttnge.t in the \\ ,.rlo.|
Illini and Climax Flours, B.iyle'sDelicatessen :
character of Paula Tanqueray emi does not now hold world records in.h'1 THE EQUITABLE
afternoon and were bound over German -AumerIca; n LIKK .\-0": :.,
BARKS and his able
t J. MutDOCK to the criminal court for trial. Bail nently suited to Rose Coghlan; I Food CII.'" Canned Meats, Etc. All I AXCE HOCMTOF
j associates!: will serve political pie of which are sold by all first-class
during Jacksonville's Gala. Week. in each case was fixed at $500: in default whose performance the part Is one I Retail Grocers in the city. TUB ,':SIT.:" -I u-\

F4E j of the
-- -
artistic of
triumphs her distinguished
of which they were taken back j -I <(0i-50l< SOUTH FAIMKOX.flip .
# MITCHELL and McVeagh have

tc ; bad au interview.: The sudden fall to the county jail and locked up to : ; -career. I -- ji OWLES BKUS..

,4 lu the temperature_ is accounted fur await trial in the criminal court. I General Aacir-,

a THE pure h food bill is likely- to become Brown talks of the gang's opera- 'POLICEMENARE i 3.a t i. Palafox St.. l'//0._t''t I -

a law at the coming session uf lions with much freedom: and from !<, MOIcEL1g \ .
con r:33. Ruuett ou Peusacolahouses. his evidence alone a conviction :i
.t F boallilUO: could be made.: But other evidence I \ 'Carolina Portland

to substantiate! what Brown will \ J l mTr i i
1 leave
GENERAL: Mitts is about to I I

r t i I Manila: bur Japan and Kussla. Let I have to say at the final trial: has I B ?1 I
- The board: of public s..fetylllt. at i jr.aSSafi.-. ,. Illi Cement Co
be the been collected .. ;
tile national grandeur given and will be used by : :
11 o'clock this mornin;;. At noon f I I II
t i ; widest publicity possible.TOMUKKUW the state. This is learned from p-I; I Ii
t Officer Cowart was; on trial and Olli! BIRMINGHAM ALA.Stock
,:; !" ? is: Thanksgiving; day. lice officers and negroes who had j .
4 p ( } t I' cer had been exonerated.:
1 Look aruuud you carefully, aud you been furnished with stolen propertyby I -

{; :i nay possibly: dud a little something Brown; and other The session of the board: Is expected I / of all 1i.( : .( ;ir't.i i i \,

iit 1 1 to justify the observance.COXOKESS to last until lae this afternoon. As 1 t t t s1 I I can Portland Cement.: d.lGi '
I r >rmau ".Saturn., (iin..i
.\ uiiKUAi: OFFIK.: the trials necessitate a discussion of I !
t 3 has decided: to defy the, E. C, U\EFFER.. j CVment Km.N.. Y. ( t
1 Le president. In the sublime words of The undersigned will give a free police regulations: the doors have i lot. ail! of Ainrriraii: rn-oriN i N due to See that Each Cigar is {: Planter, Ho{ *erdll.: (V.u: .,t t. ;" '

j; + -' i the poet "they will thus it in his I sample of Chamberlain's; Htomach I been closed. j! the fact that he never had an oppur- Stamped. I i i, Savannah Norfolk. Port-in.Jack-on." .,., ciu/p:.: n-1',

, E % ; teeth." The present lucumbeut is and Liver Tablets to anyone wanting Officer Bolline was not suspended, ;tuiiy to oust any ut fie 1:11,1-.11; or !i Mobile: New Orlt.i'-. (Jil\ -',
11J / a reliable remedy for disorders I'rein-li l'hllllpitlll.; anal I Wealso niakf> .
| American
mI !
that direction. ,; atn.! '> t fl;
$ well supplied- in. .- -- ---- ., as imperfect information made this fVt-iiiiiinr has been ahl,' to I'll li h.'ni: to I FRANK REILLY :!; Mills: wherever w.. : 'i ; (Ii'; "

iu reciting the paper say yesterday. Bolline ten- tillimit.: freight; rate. She -, !Ili!!: I'1"alJama" :'. ,,:- '
, ,r- A coxiEMiiiKAKY: ; and a good All
one. druggists; ; and The foilowin1 is the compltte list of HOLE AGENT. .,".-\ ; and ".->. 11;;.,..II, l'Bralld.
l many virtues uf11'. Gorman declares medicine dealerED. *. dered his resignation but withdrewthe ," Portland
at r the swimming nn-ords which :SrliaefferIioliN ; C'ui-'it t : M _
: 'I that he never talks when her lie Hydraulic N it'n! .1 I ( .1 .
I same upon advice of other otli- ) : Twenty yards, (traisbtaway! :
kl<< t tie, ; Has nothing to say. A politician's J BYRD cers. He was on duty last night. I 10 15 second.4: >) .yards loath one I matte near Jiirinnu-i'..
i hi1* money sometimes talks I_ fur him. I --.-- turn "j 4-5 secoiuis; 5J yards) bath HARDIBRICI Correspondence Solicited.

A Violent Attack f Cri-up Cllrfll.I swimming! ; ou hack, one turn :to !-."
1 r recently DroKe out iu I
Mininihs; oil yard, hath two turn.
Ir" Buenos Ayres, when martial law WAS ACQUITTED I "Last winter an infant child of ::t1 1swoiuN; ; NI, yards, tlin> lu1
bath i'I
c I :
mine had
I : croup 11a violent form ''Savil i !
air : &i was promptly declared. There are ]I I says Elder John W. Rogers, a Christian Curl-. :U) .1-5; secuntN; lOJyanly.slraiplitiw.iy ):, 1\1\Ioney your j"1', '':-

-G c { 't places in tillS country where the Evangelist, of Filley, Mo. "I I across tidal salt water 1m. l

i f military would have to camp out alluight. I EJ. give her a few doses ot Chamber- j i i.;; o-js.; 110 yard t.: th. six turns out ( lure at Marston j' 'Jt) < > I( ;
i1 Byrd charged: with an attempted !
laiu's Cough Remedy and m a short ;, lo.: lit' cams bath live turns 1m.
___ .___ Great Furniture EHJ .
I criminal a-sault on :Sarah I 'rule all clanger was, past and the] ."1 :STi<.: 1'iKj yards, bath, nine turns, )

;l & THE "staid uld Montgomery: Advertiser j I i Norton of Blutf: :Spring;\*, wag ypstt'rI i ,child recovered.1' 'I'his" remedy uotj! "in. :Ut> 2-.">s.; 'il yards, troll, "till:1 \ rium.i t

,, ;:f t b is still booming G. Cleveland i j i ouly cures croup, but when given I ter, I'trairltt:1IY, .'ln.si 4s..; ;stet; i ""
I diy afternoon tried and acquitted. I i 'as soon as the first -ymptotns appear
11)04. Somebody yards path, eleven turns, 4m. 2s.
4 t for president in i will the attack. It cmtniusi ; 1
ought to tell Itlt old lady that there 1 The case was taken up in the after- ;i :UK opium;preveiii or ottier tja mfui; ubtuuce [, 41.1t(i jnK; oM>n water Uilt' turn.tnt.'tt:.>.; AL\VAYS\\ ON O H1XD STEAMER LINE SCfflliTonsacola '

1 has been a death iu the democraticfamily. noon, immediately after the cages: 'and may I be givtii as confidently to Tniii yards, Math tv.outy-fuur turn", Cm.: I
t I la baby as to all adult. tor safe by II :.1 a-.V: sal' }':trtls, 13m. 37 '_'-is.; KiO

against Alford and Esleman: had I j all diuggi-tsaud medicine dealers janls: ir.m. 4-:; 3-;;::.; l.IW yards, 17m.i I te'wl'e'n anil ;Jlilinn I l' iKUIIH

r 1 } A \\IIM.\N: named Koomer I is making been concluded.! Byrd was ably rep-i!! i :'.:X: ; 1.1:10:: ynnls, Una.: 1's: : ]Mhtreeds: ) .HALF. Daily 1-'\fi-pl Suniln)
21 1111. IN.: ; 1.430:: yanls. !hn..S :2-r.s. ..
e up a Canadian emigration resented by Hoa. C. H. Laney: while Ai! IMPORTANT ; I I I "CITY OF TAMPA. "
I.'i40 .
; cards 4m. 41) 4- >s; l.tlTiO yards,
1 t 'y ,r schciiie fur omeu in :Scotland, with Mr. Parkhill conducted able !1 iI3-is.
an fight i >;ia. : .
r.ryy : I ; out mllt''S1n,113-:s. .
t I .V Milton 5:1i i urn J. lVn 'er rntx, I 'I.i
loaning- a ghtttring Inducement. for the state. -- -TOMILLION- ;, irlensiicol.ii'BiM Ar \1! ni li-9 .. "111.
r tl t 1 i Come over the line, where u divorce I M. O. Baggett, county road superiutendent I, American Henley Plan. f'ut'. "'iic. ; Ittuinl: IItp'I l I.'"

i goes with the ceremony. 1 J t i The plan for American Henley) Is ONE
Justices of the Peace to oriauiize ;
1 I \ an invitation :J"sol'mtiOIJ. '
d I K President Il-io-evi-lt i is, as su'- II!Harrison and Stilly were among: the The beautiful residence of Mr.I j eonsisling c cI of the liohtou .\. A., the !'JEWELER IN HIS

I pected, really posing: ; for an Andrew I state witnesses who testified as to |i I Lewis'; Willis, at the corner of Pala- I I! ion Boat club of IU,:'ton and the rn-I

3 Jackson shadow picture, he has tltlpliia 1lrI': Club, the New York ..t.C NEW\ STANDI
fox and DeSoto
"im-I street, was -
the character and of purchased .
I t' veracity tner the Wt'hlulloJ Newell ISait flubs of I
ply barked up the wrong tree. It i i- ;I pro-ecuting witns-es. i yesterday by :Mr.: F. E.lirawtjer Harvard, (!lie l>iiniun! Mat: club! of Get Our Prices Before
: not a case u1{ old Hickory this time, I I
i, -- -- --- the consideration University of Pennsylvania. ,.
being '
moved my j 'w-'liy "r
s + j but just" common everyday old field i I 'I Harvard Yale, Conitll, Columbia
Luck In lliiitreii.By andWisconsin. 1 12iJ South Palafox, f.irniHr, .
3 pine. i about $5,<\10. Mr. Brawner will occupy j I [ Purchasing.tapaClt4' .
_u.- iI I =ending; 13: miles Wrn. rip irey, I pied by Ba+s & Co., and ells '
I 1 the residence shortly. Mr. The classes will he many, ranging ell i; better prepared than I \ -r t >
TIlE new railroad cmniuiiMon has of Walton Furnace, Vt. I
i a box --
gut of the way from Sill !le sculls: ,: great bargains in diaup11.1w I'jowelry '
:! to eight i <
R J, just soaked the L. .!e :\. for damages; I I ]Buckleu's Arnica :Salve that wholly I' Willis! can be in the city at intervals | oared crews. The orranizatioi., It j' etc. Call und -, i

?d : 'j Y t i aggregating; $7,000 in a c.l*e brought I cured a horrible Fever Sore on his only, and hud no occasion to kelp up is said), will! not antagonize! the National ( : let me convince you.J.'l.: .
1 \nthiu eke 501000 Daily 1. S'1'I:Phfl/ j .sFoiey's -
against the road by a Tallahaeeconcern. IpiC. c-uld. Positively the big house. Hi* family, it u understood .\--ol'atiIU: Amateur O.u-inen or ,
j New brooms clean cures Bruits F..JolI-, l"lcer. Eruptions : I Iiiterfvru with tll11Ifrl'l1t: -
ti sweep I B"ils, Burns; Cornaud Piles will: move to St. Lou:?. open rl"II J
4r (4 but by no nuans invariably pick up I Only 2!",c. Guaranteed by W. A. --- ---- .II (;:!ttas now siveii all over the country,
all the dust.CERTAIN.. D'Aleilhherte, dmggi-t.; 121'S.:: Pala-: I Cut this out and take it to any but the nu'inl'ers will enter tln-e races : Kidney
--- --- i I fox street. i drug !'toref medicine dealer and the same as iwfore and .it the !>o:1I111'timp kcs kiiJceys arts 1ir.t r./J.:

: clergymen have started have a Fpeeial w?<'k togi'tln-r lefiIi11an Briek Go"I I i
| iret a free sample of C'hamberlain'stomach
Il "- i what they call "a crusade" again; 'IPllOTS WILL"MEET and Liver Tablets, the best whether that place be New London or EVERYBODY LOOKS
(h l
T1- ik q' heed -'moot, the Mormon candidate j I phy-ic. They cleanse and invigorate lcagu.!;
for the United States senate. The i the *toinnch. improve the appetite Pine Barren. Fla. FOR THE BES1
l I Sh 1.:1& on PrnWeri. .._ ,
stud -
:! ref;alae the I bowels.; K'!ga-; -- -- --- --
man: is nottoblime for hN name Jar -iz*'. :!;).: i">i box. Stcinits, the late ch.-ss champions -
x ji te4 aE- and was probably: born into his religious FRIDAYi I ---- loved a problem. He said: "Th 'tll'yof) .
t NEW STORE iJ NEW GOODS II'EV I Here it is. Call "" -. .
H faith in the regulation m 1I1llt'r. this beautiful !tirancb of mr M-KIKV is
-F; --- BIG STEAMER i Creary. They are dmiu'!! t'
._ | I ettreiai'Iy: useful for the plrltn-'I' uf d't'I"I.in ,' '
t DRUGS ,'
- work that
can beturu.-i! 'it' 1'.1
i -K'k a rttlempnt \ | and Inert-asm stri'i:.:h ini '
4 1'KtsiDKM' r:8TILIIl'ALIA j i Ii i pracii'-al |i'n\! .". It illh 'Cially:.. the fac- prepared: to do any knrli r
t to be the time j i I 'of the contending pilot factions: ; will 1 i GOMiiiG FOR CARGO --
;; I seems having of hi-1' city of }ir'-<-iioiiU.Mi Iris. to lie t-x- IVbite's i They put on India rut-h. r :.

life over hi Havaui. Even the 1 'I be; made Friday, when a meeting; i -- I : !i... 'd :11.IJutdy! in tin! ,MU'ly of proli- best on the market, mi -' >'

t bakers have -truck, and by the time !i,I j will ba !held for that purpose. One I i' I .UN. \vhcni-i ii: the L.i'iic the vvili: :iin.; ; \ Pharmacy. as they have a full !lui' : .
'e the bartenders withdraw from the' : I The big steam-hip Pfcin.ii-HCi') ;tons' Ih| i .M .-" l1.Ia.v I 101' iui-tt 0:! in lIIaIYlY- tires in stftt-k.

;, activities of lice in dignified silence, 'I of the regular pilots slid: yesterday: ret, will :arrive here +h.irtly ad load !> V. t 'iiiki' !:.. Hi' n it I' -pi.! s tlic: r". .'Ii Dots your buy II'' i ''Ij" ,
that he thought; there would be noiI I II i t.t < victit: ;.'!" nf c.ih{ 'u'aiin'i'! to nilieh11t : THE undersigned; has opened a i ; lug? They can m-tk- .1- '\
he will'i*h him-elf luck mN ,
Wj an immeu C:1C.t': even: gar assin Drug llu-ineas Their price, too, !are I' '
: ute of : in the Ran haibuiMit. : :1" 'i."
I a nan to l bash i i'i
I II j
I ::1'
: 'a b Jersey within reach of Hobokeu and I j jK'ioM difficulty iu reaching a ;settlement j' sues they have ampl cant; ii t ,. .
s e I I,Jin value that carried: out two i'I! :v, an-1 the study of c .m;"i.-i; J;>ms :?. I 11 Mi+ Smith Palafoxtr"ei: i! flrsNclascarrii .. .
a !
'1.11. i ;!i- i-u.:<
a t1eehaa-, i n>w, intimating tint the terms ad- ;i weeks: ago by the :steamer Indra. \\It'I'! .' the uttermost power of tin. I with a full line of Fresh! Dra,;-'. P r- :' piiirinir: busiiu1> :;, :

.. "\el'i. Kovi.lt. nnced last: Siturday by Captain I funs Las to h.! employd in the froUOtllrst fumeboaps aud such other articles\ i.H \i call on them.
t+ I! The Pecan scheduled! to load 11. ) i iiimuVr of is !
nin-'s thin-fore Scales
k 1( kzf7 r From pre-ent indications, 1'resi-i j Perry, of the opposition,.bad been j j! tons of miscellaneous! freight and I j j I! Fpleudid! training fur the purpose." a I' are Jusine-s.usually! kept in an tiptodateIrng : i I rep.iirl'd."NI'lrzrl.tt'n. ti: ,

L a' t dent Koostvelt !is now in a fair way accepted in toto. j ; i 15 1-t-.O..lI.1. ., ,' ,
to learn what better men have learned I I she is now on her way to Pensaccla'I Ii We respectfully solicit! a share of'f Phone HI.

;<= before him-that he i is not the! Tulhe I'ul.lic. i i ii I i having sailed from this port lat Sit- NOTICE TO THE PUBLIC I the public patronage, promising, to ] -

ya aTt whole push, and that few men are I Allow me to say a few word i iprai in i j I urd.y from l.istou. Her cargo is i ;give entire satisfaction, both iu' \; PINE STATIONERY.
-eof ChaWberlain'iCough Rem goods and prices. I
> bigger than tht-ir party. I I :awaiting in the warehouses.! II \
I had i J. D. 0')-- ha- o",.u secured the The
His attitude on the tru*t questionhas edy. a very severe cough; and | by I Prescription Doparttnent is in | -

r' cold and feared I would! get pupa-i circulation manager of 1'h" Atlantai charge of our Mr. Walter II. Whit*:, '! C. V. .- '
already hopels-Iy: divided his i Thompson, No. II I l "
-' mouse but after taking the second';' Cleaning ladies skirt and waist i Dally Newto control! the Pellac.Ltdbtribcti.I' I who will try his utmost to please aliiwlw1:1aylvf'r I '
cabinet, and the conre:*ioual cot n- Palifox .
trees, i
doe of thN medicine I felt better i 13 one of CT =;.eclaliei. Star Lauu- of that paper aud will l : him wish: their order hajust "Ir
4 biuatiou: that is i said to have been new' supply of Lir.m and il;,.:, :
three bottles of it cared my cold and, ,| dry. be authorize: to receive and receipt *. A; our clock l is i entirely n< wand
;& formed against him may safely be Papers! white, blue anti wi'
r the pains in my chest disappeared I for all monies! subscriptions. Any fresh, we solicit a trial order. dray
accepted as the begicninj; of the I 'I : Envelopes to match Oxford -'/" -
[ entirely. I am most RESPECTED NEGRO communications or business in general
end, so far as the present republican i i respoctfully ;, W. H. White & Co. also Foreign :\( Tabletwit!!. i-.:.'
figurehead i; concerned. j j' yours; for health. RALPH. )IE1 ERs, j relating to the paper will be ,'
velopes to match. Ink. pjI"-
; 61 Thirty- e"euth5t.., Whaling. !j j ;:swan the best of attenti'Jnlr..
ab3 If the K. o. p. stands for one thin'1nJore i DIES rilO.VKS: : i Penholders, Uhnkbook*. Fil'c
J' Va. For sale by all druggists: and, Gos will personally see to the I
3TTTa than another, it stands for 'I; medicine dealers. i l| SUDDENLYi prompt delivery of the paper, and D.1y\oIolJ.! Night No. 41G' etc., always! on hand.
t monopoly and class legislation ; and I i j all complaints for non-delivery or 106 South Palafox Strret. ,, Phone 231.:

in flattering himself that he. of all I Lewis Cook a respected :. - --
Put an advertisement iu The Re youn -.new subscriptions should be gent -c- I
t exorcise the evil I I
men can spirit and
I porter. [, colored man died suddenly yet r- to his home at 523 East Governt QASTOnXLA -., .
rehabilitate his party in the > Bros. .
gar' Herring I .
fr lr.1 I IJloosevelt _. ( day: afternoon at !his i home on Ell- meat street Patron are especially; ) ,."r
l ton
11'4t1 merits it ; since ca-t oils ) ; : ;
warned not to the carrier (,OULI)1NG, .
r."m1nstrept. He py boys !
has simply once more put TCfRighf !: wa seized with : r
any money. u2Ut..1fudqin's /rl< :.I"'
tyA .h 3 on exhibition the incredible *..1f-! | epilertic*, and son ext ired He Have specially; constructed Waon*
Just before Miiryr.. if tort ![vet !isluesistJ. for the remi'Vil of deed auto d-
conceit and irresponsibility Jim: '! : ,out .tf tune soul you tees! dull, will: be burial today. i from the city limits.
E' e r a have always been his most conspicuous bilioas, constipau-J.: tear: : a dose ofli'aolJls -- -- -- .*" [Hie'ZBesl far 5c. I Will remove dead hor-,-. .>cows for M kinds of chairs and

and engiging characteristics Refrigerators11"ehai'efew \ n I -- .I One Dollar each. rocking chairs at Manton

) ;; p, The republican party will not Pills left, which we will sell l[ Hot Rolls, at 5 i>. m., lOc. Artdrps Or leave? orders HERRING (HROS jouUtn13j ; 4' Quina's. Prices arc rery

.,.,..yhange, and its president pro tern ) And yoa'U be all right in tin morning. at cost. Marston $ Quina., a doz at Solomon's. i j : East Intendencia street.? low.

!b 4


." ""' -- < .
;. .,'

i isjJE -



i mq

INTEHESTIN'G- PACTS PEOPLE OF THE DAYThe W. C. O'NEAL, President; No. 5CO3. M. E. CLARK, Cashier ; t ; i i '"

T f FLOBALA For Nearly Every Man Woman or S. J. FOSH EE,Vice-President; JOHN PFEIFFER, Ass't Cashier.. P ,

Child.A Sprakmhlp.

COMPANY The result! of the recent congressional
LAND short time ago we published an leaves the Ilpnublican par AMERICAN NATIONAL BANK : .

article recommending to our readers
ty in control of the hoCse of repre I'f.

the new discovery for the cure of sentatives. As I). R. Henderson of OF PEMSACOLA .:

.:al to Thu Dally News; Dyspepsia, called tituart's Dyspepsia Iowa speaker of the house !in the Fifty- I

Ci.f, uu.. .tla I .. Nov 25.-The Flofja Tablets, and the claims then made seventh congress, will not be a mem- Designated Depository of the United States. "

l Uud: Company met on the 22d:: regarding the wonderful curative Condensed Statement at the close of business Oct. 22!, lOO'o! : F

electing E. E. properties of the remedy have been I
):d n sustained the facts.
and Gen. GeorgeR by ;: Loans . .. . . .... . .. $346,31 Capital Stock .... .. . .. .. ... .. .. .. $200.000.00 : ; I'
i'r..ldpnt I
:, People who were cautious about trying C A Demand Loans . . . .... ... .. .. 119.94974 Surplus Fund.... .. .. .. . .. ... .. .. 10,000.00 1 ,

.., t..erretary: and treasurer. new remedies advertised in the h Overdrafts. .. .. . . ... . ... . 538.74 Undivided Profits . . . .. .. .. .. .. 15,256.97; j ; k

,.)1..1-"f tnfe company are now newspapers and were finally induced ,. I U. S. Bonds and Premiums--------------- 214,29687! Rediscounts: .. .. .. . . . .. . 64,071.57 I

I 1 I Stocks, securites' etc. .. ..... ... ..... 2,625.00 Circulation. .... ... .. .. .. .. .... .. .. 125000.00

,::.lfket and wiil be offered at to give Stuart's Dyspepsia Tablets a i Furniture and Fixtures.. .... ... ... .. 6.718.4S Deposits ..... .... .. .. .. . .. .. .... 455,0116,05

trial were surprised and delighted at i iI I. R. Stamps. ..... . . .. .. .. 74fc6 I
: .,.l, _.ibe price. the results. In many cases a single I Casa and Exchange! .. .... .. ... .. 17SSOo92: !
office will be
M I, (,, .r'e. Reese's package costing but 50 cents at any r !
and he 1 Ii authorized tot : r $S69.3( U9 'Sfi'J,3&1.59\
F.r1I.; .' : drug store made a complete cure j
;J: lands dis- .. This bank opened: for business October 23, 1900. We respectfully solicit your patronage and we will give i !
title to any and in instance the most beneficial
: ? j your business prompt, courteous and careful attention. .1.1I I ,
results were reported. From a 1

.. ,ii it "I hundred or more received we have 4 PER CENT INTEREST PAID ON TIME DEPOSITS. I : l

\ :tJ.'b'r: ''If> these! lots are situated I m______ j 11
space to publish only a few of the ,, '
..d. -iJc :iud are very valu-
latest but assure our readers wo receive ori-'ICEUS .VXD MEMBERS I .

so many: commendatory letters 'ylrI .WILL MOVER'S. I
t I. : will bring hundreds of that we shall publish each week a lor Okoloosa Chapter. and I'ensa- :
e<>!a No. (107, American Guild. i
i .r.d.1 and those who fresh list of genuine, unsolicited testimonials !

: and never publi.-li the Brother-This is to notify you that WEST SIDE GROCERY 1'\\ ;
W>a J: be entitled to the same one twice. I, I a joint meeting of the above Chapters i

I nox. JOSEPH a CAXSOX. I will be held Wednesday: night I I.. :
From James YE'mmeisler.LaCross, Nov. 2fi, at 7:30 o'clock at the .
_- \Vis. : tstuart's Dyspepsia Tabletsare her of the new house the question of Knights: of Pythias hall. It U specially HAS JUST RECEIVED 4 FRESH LOT t i-UTPLY OFFish i /i I II'

I i who is to be tae presiding::: officer! in the attend
that member
THE doing me more good than any- 11-'ift urged every Roe, Cranberries, Florida Syrup, Barrel Olives. 1 tl
RESENTED eighthoijr; <->s is an inttTtstin this Meeting Supreme Warden I 1

thing I ever tried and I was so pleased : one. A number. of conirrrxiuen::: sleet Steinhart will be there to inform A'I Mackerel, Buckwheat, Mincemeat\ and Everything = I : r i I

at results that I gave away several have lieeu sjiokon of for th(' position! I upon important Guild business: .

BILL OF EXOEPTIONS boxes to my friends: who have j i but the ('uutl. -t is Udtl) ) narrow | which interests every member. Kept in a First=Cass! Grocery, ;a I'

also had the same benefit I down to two or three before the lU-pub-\ "
From Jacob Anthony Porttnar- lican IUl'U'i :t :<,'mllh's ill Dl''l'llIll1'r. .
: i J !!, >?'in and Whort i ray, New Jersey:: I have takenituart's lli1)! ;;. Just unit seems t\llol' the opinion I A. Car I.a'd if the' Iiv'v.'. P''Flrstpii! Ysi .tic flip i Just Received. I ; II::

J burglar accom- Dyspepsia Tablets: with the of a majority the political wiseacres Try Forca nt Solomon'sUcjM.it .. I ,
? : that JiK-cpli l.. Cannon of Illinois O'1 1 I ,
bill of I best results. I had Iypep-iia fur 6 i If You IJuyTliini.it ilie Hcsti-n Shoe Store. They Arc Good !
t I'.icir: excep- will be the man to handle the gavel in III' I lie 'oiulilioii III'ITA I.. I
years and had taken a great deal of ,
j It; .r this nlorniag.w the Fift -('i-hth {congress::: but it mayKO
: 63AT :

: "-eitled." Whorley medicine take: right but a hold the and Tablets I feel: seem good.to of to whom any one has of a these following;gentlemen: mere each cr rin tint B akIN DO YOU ; ; :K Kj

Alibauia: and Ho :anni'a I am a farmer and lime burner less strong: John Dalzell I'lttsburg; ,

: : .- are said to bei and I heartily recommend to everyone II Charles LittlelieM! Maine; Theodore i IMIN !" -
i:. Iturtou. Ohio and James 51.
who has trouble with his NEED.SHOES
auy i
the! continued I ii
i .ivt-r Sherman, Now York. TilE STATK OK FI.IIIlI.\\T! I'lU:
stomach to use these Tablet, '
iii;1. I I CLOSE OF UirslNKSOV.. 1
From Mrs. M. K. West, Preston, !
Man V.'Iin \VI11 Siu-o-c-,1 lr ninnitz. !
:!i5th 1:1l1J.
I Minn. : I have received surprisingly I William Lavlno. r-orresiiomlent of the Kcsonrcrs. 0)0 .1 ?. ;

WON good etlects from using Stuart'sDyspepsia I.outlou! Tines ut Vienna who is to s.uc- i iLO.IQS
HIM\ I :
and discounts .... .. T'M.i.'i' il J
Tablet. I gave one-half ceetl the famous lie I'.Sowltz at l'arl'ls Overdrafts secured and UII,, oQ

of my list box to a friend who alto a relative! the iiropriotor of the Daily cured .. .... .. .. lin.'I. '":?'.! ss I If you have a "Kim ftirchase: in j
PROCEEDINGS U. 1'. lluiKln to secure circulation b*lmJ1i
IN sutlered from indigestion and she l.ft'lt' l'Il'b-I.t\'hlI beimj: the Italian 1'reiuiaiiK.nn U. M. bonds: ... 1,41.11 WMtotks mind you are, of cjurse, l looking j
ized form of IA'\')'-ami is the son of alanehester ,becurlt,. etc .. .... 1't.77\1! 41 for the : .
had the results.
I same good and
I ) man. lie was the TeloKraph's U iikiniHioiiM.furuituru.. ... :: : jI
From Mrs. .inures. t.enie i
K. Cadillac
t .. '. ,i--iin-r C. )1. Co5tonit Agues Ralston: l'OI'rI''pouJ.'nt at I'.erlin wherehe other real ,'state owned ..... lo.i lti .C: Best Thing In Footwear i. ;
Mic. : I have been taking Due from National I ,,
the action of the remainctl for several years and was I II
I Stuart's Dyspepsia: Tablets and I am frequently u.-e
I :. ; rurhing: } members' very much better, and feel very :| medium of s-etniollu-ial coiuniuini-ations Uut.from tstattHanks I I sau-fa' tioii. Our Shoes are built 1 .
I mill hankersj 711,141Ui i for tln>rouph service und'r .
,, 'roceedin s was a for the benefit I have to his ua1. lie Is l I any I
r: ;; grateful great jUl1l repeatedly' mentioned ; Iu>- from approved- and all conditionThey I I.I.I
I are i iI
1i1JIIekl) I
serve agents
"- :. ikiti;; I'rivate $illcourt's received in so short a time. in the "Keniinisceiiees" of 111',1 Ch'k"lIl1.t other cash I in! irtt n. taclusicltyies! aid ere j ja ,

gU II1. Afterward )Ir. I.a\ino _. .. .. I ,, ,
Stuart's Dyspepsia are a certain : Item 459 :in tin i) ol1"f" art 11.: 1 I' aloe UI..kwg.
the!, judjj- transfernd to YiI'lIna'Ill're he ultimately Not"of other National [r .
cure for all forms of indigestion. I Jtanks .. .. .. ......... 8,410 (WKractlonnl '
I. seven-d his connection with the currency -
They are not claimed to be a cure- Tclesirapli( ai'.d. after a considerable i1)terval nickels pair andcents Ill Bt-itn lk h tm i
.. 47015
all, but are forfowwi
1 I r." .' ..I ""r"IIMm. :, prepared: I : he became the representative of LAir FI'l. MONEY Ilr.- i i.

i ',.,.,. \!:; a dcputa- IfoiiUt only, and physicians and the Timex.say. J.EHVKIN. BA'..IC. VIZ: t I
'I r.b..i.-' .<..n./.001..vv mi-
if l"i-ll, what's druggists everywhere recommend Lou altendcrn : I -- :
them to all suffering from S.'clalian 1. Irr..IMtlblC' ,Hes .. .. !.ftiO 00- 62.MO 00 I i RATH30NE SISTERS. i l t
In an address before the: students nt I Kmleinptiou fund with I ,
nt to l.e Nervous Dyspepsia, sour or acid li. ts. Treasurer (5'i t I.
'. ..f Yale coil.- e the other evening Dr. Ly- i i olclrculatiou) .. ........ 3W on-Mifl.iH: 7'ij I ELECTRICAL WORK Mn.ilu: TniipliNo.. 4. [tall: bOlb ; i
every stomach heartburn bloating: on i matibhnlt said: "Socialism! in this i Sister i !i-.lei I very important nn ft- :

country I I".lil'to 1* irresistible! I j TOTAL .. ... ....... ..... ............ .. iMfl.iii 11 J JI lug I.t=t Friil.tv 'ifieriiiMin. Mimbcr-. t"

: : >on -' tu you disorders.\ and I ejo\o] that it ought; not to be I I!' I.ia'iilitics. I Ring up Pearl & Dolive. pltOlip (r.o.1! are 1' r..l1v imtilipil at the rf ;ulir( i t"I.I.

I resisted. Hi'rbert Spnnccr wrote fifty Capital stock paid in .............. *ID Q.IUII.1 if have me tui: Krul i.v :uftf rnoois: Nov :2S I
: :: you :any carpenter or (
: I I Surplus uutl . llO.inmoiiI'nclivult'il lecm'l at 2:30: o'clock. Xominutions fir : 1
'It..- 1)ril:i rnrt: ln.A years asro that social >'in could be pre- :. protlts. less .1 cal work you want well dona. '
'I I 1., i'-i fxpcnsfsunit otlicers for iif-xt-ix month will take \I'
; your>t"r had limi to the theater M'tittd by i-othin but ciilvar) blood3 taxi>->tiiiil .. .. I:....jl I ; j'
01I I Members,
I' National Uink notes outstanding MEAT price are specially re- j i H,
& MALT has irvelousdietetic
,' ,. and upon his return his uncle asked .. .. . .. .. Imi.iKi'i, ) uu a m' queued U atteijil.MR.S. f ,
\ ;
".J r ; ]je paM .
Lira bow lie liked the play. II i: line to other NutiotiiilIt.iuks I II value. While refreshing and : J. C. WiuiAMo, t 1 1Mims.
i -it $ aamC5Ili f
,. "Oh" lie ri-pliwl. the play was all I Iu toStat" Ballkhluld I pleasant to take, it helps assimilation EDI'nr K.: UIIRK. )1. i;. c.M. II
'" w '.n't be getrr'n' right bet 1 didn't sw iiei-rly all of it." r. I, hankers ...... !B: ,*7 tI7 of food. Hold; by .J'.. U. !

( \ homo our "" 'lIy. how did that haiiiten?" asked Individual deposits ,1 t
\;:-;\.' '' t-ubjvcttn check 1.00000\lll I DAXNHEISNER; HROS. r
bis uncle.'F.c'tause. t neinand certificates of .. .. .... ... OYSTERS
'-: -- -- --- AT NIC APOSTLE'SFine
-- tF ,- h':!*3 t> Ll" ,' deposit.. .. .. 13.055 12 I : :
'1.111.1 ..n Tine.I answered the youngster; 1 3a\- & 1 I Certified check. ..... 5" 00
"the ruler uiu,t nave then broke, for i Cashier's checks outstanding i
I p.fturesque cus- I. 1"i: ....... ... ... .... r.J 4. I.IjtI.IOI11lI ; ; ) ) !
the window blind Ml down two or jl
I oysteroduy.: Try their t.
-i France is that of ,
torte times!"-Chuais.V I \:. .. It"".\ ( "t" .'' I i TOTAL ..... .. .. . ".I-I.,!;:! 11I4TATEOFFL0RIDA.Coe'NTYIIF Nir AP11,4TLR. ;
; in stilts. Groups of ts.ltc"'t' 'rr''''' I! : ESCA.MKIA, \

.t 1 1onien mounted on rt F t'Mir. ;-_,. ..,,: -- .. ;
Fair r.\ 'liui.ip.Editor -
'. I I... v.0.n dully: crossing I ,; ., .:- "t'.' 1'. I. \V. K. Hy r Jr.. Cashier of the above- I
: -Sec here Mr. 1'ol.in.! You ,I .I ,' ", ,'J" "" .. ;1' '1"I / I named hank do solemnlywear that the JOHN S. BEARD I ": i
.i-, Known 8S "the Lan- I I .... ..fj, .' I''...illi. : I I alMVe statement i, true to the best of my );/ptitic: Ph0t08fJaphg ,
dclm-ml me a loaJ of tray for the six 1 I ._" ; ,oO" } d ,
l..ini-i"! arc cut Into II//J/ ;"' 9 J.) .. i knowledge belief.
up ; ) : ; ;< .. 11!
owed for / .. .<, .. .'i ..
yt'nrt'ul.scrlpt un you myVapiT. v.1" "' ;r. '-' ,, II W. K. f1YER. J P. ATTOR EY.AT.LAW. I
-. pout: and hummocks, j/'r/1' ". .Ztr' -1..' ..." ; ; ''IIi.I "ahi..r. I 1 OI ; S. Pal"utI''c.t.: ,

i' in eonstgnence almost Mr. olan-Ol dill I j'. : /" /' _' 'ii _. (' :";.!.,' ;' 111., I Sub-cribed and sworn to before me this I .. OfticcI'rhiesen; BiiOtice !!:.:. '
------ -- -
:/ Sitn of Noxemher
? : tiny
: \ .
those who desire to trayS ; \, I rj"ur --" ::ail: i. Ir. to 1 ,
IMItorVtlI, my horse won't eat i 1.1( {. .f .;.t; :" X. Uo3KKTa Notary Public.Correct I p in .
'1-/1.1' ; ..' 'i; !. -Atte-t: :' ::*) ]I' in. !1)6(! ::a! ) p iii. I {
that hay. b' posh! I ,! Ili', lI / I F. e.: HKF.ST. '1 1H. I Tk G L11IN8URl1NCE ftatai\ & G I Praetioi ,1:1 nil: THe. "n
", 1...., mlit ('uniplrfrl Cnrrd.i )Ir. DulanVrlI my goat wont eat I Ikri1\: li.n'i-:' : tJ..II.Knee.IIWLFI., > Directors.WM. I I = AllliUslllill.t prnuttl.tilc l ."ut..ttwiOU..t. to m- Kill rl'l'i. ,

i ." yOU have cun.il yourct'rcd. jour l'I1Itt'r. be Iultl'uck.: lifJlI "' ..- .. .. . t tii
( -
'iilll ,
-- -- (
: Il -
1I'lunil., '' If \ NO TICK; ,0 Hl.H CliAlM. I. ,

,,' ,;.:L.t..IJ' ." For OUT Sixty Yearn I .1 ,\'II i In the Circuit Court of the I'mlcd stfttfs tit( IiPhq! (\ I I... ; $J I ,
the NorthernUisiuct
for th""l'utbl'rnl"IVl"I'Jnol
-Tuit n-liif: AM"HEAL
: MRS. WIS I.oW'MOOTHISfJ SYRCP hue I DR. LTMAX AJBOTT.I of Altibttm.i.t \ li'illr: I Iu
I ,)':!ltl -iy it wa .: Why been u!.'d for over cuty yearn by millionol rtil. O. Hone ttals i ;

'.lit', ; the niht::: tliinUinuf.rr ;: mothers for tbur chiUren wtiild teething | shc.l and do,.poti.sui. I do not agree I vs. '. N.: his Equity: : ESTATE I

": from it.'lrveH. with perfect Bocc,".. soothes the child with this. 1 believe that ibis like cv- Continental Security: lie.uls. f -c, J I k kt
dnnpti.m Ginpany "t ) No.I South Palafox Street. :
all T'nin.eur.II'lod great question, will lm debated t> I (
of'en the gum .RIIR'i try : y
\ 'f') nil whom it may concern: } I
colic and Is the best remedy for DiarrhoeaIt the Anicrican public and settled with thereby that in N I I
Notice given pursuance
i' I 1
b bG
will relieve the poor little sufferer Immediately out bluod-l.t-d." aid by virtue ol decree tiled aud. entered ; Partial List of Iiribl. Dpi"Iliag! ; j'i t
intht* above entitled cau.H on tu. l..th day I
hold uls in every part .
by !:
B FAIRCHILD I Ilr..J.hutt said be liclii vi-d in the I of,ov..mb..r.lall persona ctuiniiDg an for Rent in Virit< I' irt i I i*

of the world. Tventy-tlTe cents a ottle organization of labor: as well us in thei i,111 erest in the funds in court in the s'l.d of inn Ciii : : = : ;t tC
t. :! lie ak for "M ri. Wlnsloin'k Soothing mut me their claims properly veri- .
rozramrn.rrt: sur! you( i caise.
I j i or :(II1Zl\iCl" of capital but that! the i tern nod .. .. a ;M I ,. "? A' .
Syrcp, Ant ink* no ..tb..r kind. ntl.wah tlie un *ST F.OMANA STREET. \\U'ilo p-oiile should control both of I Meter before March I 1st. I\M\ ti, or failing .I fur hmuiiiu'. !! !',o'-' ,).Jr. ". rV \ ,
I ,. th.retn tie! aid cl um shad> h. forever pftdeJfi r*>>}inkil.>i-M i,- Polic ,lr t, ,1 1 r'l I :!
th.'! "- iiriMiiiKiHl::: ; for('(- III condm.innI ,." .,. 'J t t'1:
a"ii Furniture i, beard tram part actUstf )a in the dutribu- Leon llou- at S lit Jo" liudenttH n- : '
Rf-fnishtng c PIANOS TUNED FCR 51.50.I .
staid I "I.aw must bo alike onforml tint of ti.. funds in this cauelie s r r....t. .c t i
Specialty. Chas. W.1'res-ley, an expert who for 11. rich and the poor, the employer I Uve :
I dersaid decree are all persons who room witn all 1II.-j ra -.n\ei
"honolO: tuned piano* at the! World's Fair 1 and I lie wuployL'C"TO pal' into c'lintint-nt.'i: Security Utdempiioatcoupttuy lences.i>itiiit'e"ii N' r'; :l'... nil nt.btta'een .. 1 !: '
: Southern Uwjenturn K"demp* I Hl< ni and IteSoto'r.eti. I It2iol
i and i recently fr<>iu Fi-cher' placei 1 (ri'IIK COM) IX OBI. :>..tyTake i i ttotiCompany.; hirminiinuni Debenture Kedemotion i ) .--.'- "'..m pany. < oiumbia InvextI I c..loul11'11" room, n. ,," belt DAILY MENUS
::? K. WHITE i i in 1'hil-ulelpl111. Will give: you better National l>ebemureIMH.I ..
I Laxative i>romo Quinine Tablets Allidruijn's I I mem "'om!>" I water: and L.athr.iuvljoi. ,
I wrik tli.ii. ever had) done orI Company and American Ked. mp- I J2liK: > > I-,tory dwclunt 0:1 belt lintNo: 4'lV 1 iI i' 11
you refan-1 the if
it fails
., 'r, J III11iH.tlI'i1Iull'! r money tnitiie I tion Tronl ronipauy. corporations\ b1'I \ ".lOri'ior>, o-'w-xr. I 1'1'1" al d p."IUtr..7 .. CrImp 1.1' all tl,.. F '-to- I t ;
I n.> p.'iy.: Loa" order.- J'liiioii' K:. W. Grove's signature is ou .ac h I doDHiles areet oulin [fir original bill I \ rcM.nii. b. th. '.".ty sat. r and : .:: [
t.radii.ite; Optician, : Rook-tore. lSUlm hoI :\.. ;:.:. ID tb.o; iT.Ube, money fjr the purchtie of ga,. D.it Di=h<-s tt >, :Market t:
1 Hel-nlure ooud-" or any of bald corpnrednu5.andmnnlhlylnstallnlPntthern- fcSvw-l-toryd"flling NoVe>t '.';'right, ,
;I It will pay ;you to advertise in The, I, oi-utaiulng ruoti9, cay uan-r nuns, nf the World f
.' '. M 1'mHar.iU Fli Hot Chocolate with H" lrter. .on.. aid their tran-lere-5 who bclj theiriiuies" I gas with lar(p !lutou prominent cor- ,' ; fT.,yd. ;
; ;
'I ,
--- I .- tor a nl.d and legal 'on.ld..r.- I 'r In r t..C. .ut rlcl. ;
- -- Whipped Cream, at Soloman's I tii/n. *I7.:. -.' .dweliinijwlth ";011\.1 No. ] : : ;
Tt' I It isturlher reciuirrd hy alrt decree that I Weit Rornaatr. -t, \ 'rv ctm- .
Forco at Solcxnon's,, I A bid !fiver i i-. the cuire of nn>-t of. the foul of 111.1 d.umt! ill I .110"-1.1. The \....I"nt tO l.tl-HU" prui of! cl't. J JI. i Ii i .I, i
ainouitol nnlury paid t..tu Ihl! l..VI p"rhUon1I..lerlua '1'; r.-t tory dweUir.n! at Nu..1't. Weststreet ,i "
the III:!, with which the human Ladies' ;
: lurtv ty the claimant ; 'ml. Ihenaraj l.r..gory with '; room, on bt It Private II i .
:.u .clol oaeeetreeeeoeeeoaeaoooeoeeeoaeoeooaeeoeeose it -utTer The beet way to uvtrc .IU." of the I). fMiclant i i.rporalion tu shorn I I.II..ID good location 'I : ; ,
1C this unc'omfnrtdblo condition i* t-> md pijn.Ji.ts) ere inadr, end if aid paymeiit ,. fl'. :).-l-'tory dwnlio: corner COBSand ; j
A'i!rr laude to tt* Cuutinental) I Harceloaa streets room. I Dining Parlor. I i :
p have a liver remedy" upon which' curtly it..demp'H>O Company whether they I lid\ ;d+1-stury dil cuing No. 1"' Eat Wright \\f.
A you can depend. HEl'ATICl'KA were uttdeou" me bind, i-sued by the aid i street. 5 rooms city water and icii.H I I' t
i Hello Stranger! i; .is the thtu which will trive you a Lontmictnl security Kedeiiiplum CompH- $ !....->e,,,' l-ii0ry (Jweliinu. No 1H WestI rf; i t
I nor 01 the bonds issued U\ other lit leu- uase .street 5 rouius. city A'aier ana ( I
great: deal! of plea*llrt from if* use dant i irporattons; :"1 The number of. t:' :
1 A and speedily re-tore you to health.Mr. bui.ili b-id b> Ilie ciP.inmut au-1 how and : '1.:' i-1 <1r, dr ..'i'ig'i; : t. a I.re: ). C Regular Dinner Daily. r .
.. 'McXair of Pensacola \: by wbatnteantneclelnlaat obtained said1! I)' ..r..t.l i; r.. 1I11..n '.- Ii :1' e I
: THIS ISIBeefs' ': bond Jbetueru9uriiiiu.il purchaser by' !1-4-o y O ,.elll' $. 'u.r.-". Kii-; >' ''. ralt"ir : 19 ii,
Fla I have hid trouble
save : some < "..lgnl1l-n! : ith.! What amount of money| % 1. 1 Meftr rtt. K"U''rln'8l' f: ;
I, with my liver for about a year and If any d.t the claimant burrow from any of I ...4;.... >' r ; a half.: I have tried a good many i 1 the defendant curpurutiuua under the C' ntlitioni I lot <( on H a .veue.li Ihrmllly / Ii"tl
; priuted on said uni.Ji. 5tb. If theclaim A larg- .- atm Night ,
kind of medicine also r Day if
: physician1treatment :
Is imJe by uu u-aignce or tratsfereeot V51tdoFal'OV&CO. ; ,
!S but found no relief until the equity of tie original purchaser ; :J j
; Repository ; 1 1 took HEPATIC L'R.\. One bottle ,, state theconsideration for said a-.aiRUinent THOi. C. wAri.ead.ng ., I -- 3, t,
or transfer together with the late thereof i 1nl K-lae. He.i, nl and linuraar : If ." '
I : -
has so much improved me that The clHk will turiiiau claiinaat the i Snuti alilox "1't, 'r'01"r'lI'1."OOI1. to Eat t :
a have gained seven pound in weightin : form nre-tribed by the master under said ', AasML-s,1 .----air I jcn w.-o ycu'.i nua .: at '

three week. My appetite is good decree onHppncaion. i, 1'
4 It u furlier provided In said degree tint BARHAN"-. FLA., Nick E '
p and that had taste I had !n : r"Oltl' Apostle'sPopular l
: my allclaimaits to aid fuud -hall me "itbthe 19u2-staled !
l-t -
509-511 South Palafox Street. ;e mouth is: all ;;one. Sold by all drug-j clerk this e"urtII.tb their ,Mtidclaiin'; v. : : pr'.ueals
) will b reiviv-d
I.. I the bond 1t 4. glsts. --- I i, ba...d.ahJ nv: written Irjsuunient or transI(I 11 :;;U:1.: in., Dec. :!:i. l\XK, fur coii- Restaurant.TryGnnthfr'sCaadieaat. ,

1e ? -ri M. MM: OFtig oo Jfadqin :$. tlie 3)cstv, 5c. I ip I fer claim under will )which e received ha except way claim claim and made DO :; -'rncting: wharf For, l'iekes.1"14.. t it kPI'MAIyy

I J In said prttcribuJ form and accompanied U. S. rP3Prvp ri.'ht to r'-j-ct or accr.i
.. --- by sold buds and written luatrumtat (If.{ ally or til proposil* or any P irt -
FOlt lit1'. transfer. j tlipreof. luforination fnrei-lied on
B : I I I Dated thei:''J Xuvem&er. KC.CLAS. .
and Harness
7ies Wagons 9 SMALL store and dwelling, corner J. ALL1SOV. '' i., plication.! Envelopes containing -
.. .
i Clerk.YowsL1..a'.icstt rr -:JI" -j: I he marked Proposals
: 1 Coyle and A streets. We-t Hill : together :: ,..... "
for W : art. ailjre--*d W. E.
or separate.V.. A. Due buiiciti fur t..>.juip.ai.int
hQ .1e> ; .a ;uaw"sI COLE if. M. :il.4 t:$') 2i Solcmon's
iceoe4eoeooeeeet3eo. eeoeeeeeat@eseeoeo eeeeee,e boisoti. 2'3iim: ,

i I .- '__F'.. S tS





.. .. -

I Save
Our pran'pcr says when he was young Children
I A POSTSCRIPT The lioys and girls Uhaved ,..rhl.'I' .
Thty knew the h'i.1 to hold (h. r tongue
.. An.1 Udat niihtlThey All stomach and bowel troubles
go to rev n > --h
) uiiln't whcop and, s-tamp ;'.d "i I ,ut.Andp'Orle due toasmplecause l -Indip- <; *.'|
( <
; GArmOT BE RUBBED OUT 1( 1' '. : .\. S 1:. ;.ir .CI" J Flux
diiiu't, iHtd, rtniii! .1 colic, cholera n, ir:: ,is rt ,
1'-:1':' :., r .,..,.:1:10; In !" I' .'art V\ hen they canif in or flse \\ rt i .' all corKplaintspf like naiun- "r,. ; ,'r 1

/"J \ "' .. : -- >.- .':.' 'fa.1 j'.r: To gently close the: door behiin! :'i fo ..- fermenting in the st. ::. i', i :
1 l' 1!' T! ) : :.cir (T I.la.ter xvill of'.ea five prevent fever and
i.n ::::1lr ;-('n-1 hS"t. to cure n.<'h K '
July 13.
I 1 --. ./' 'I' y rciicl because it produces: counter I' : t'.r,.i "" '' li.iiik fjj .t juct 0":.,- yt.rt'j Our To gran'per old folks say alwus? in t.poke his limeton rcsi" otlul:" ; i t" the tin'iubranes lining: the st\r ... '
JD"-irriUti'jn or reduces the inflammation and sore I ., perfect d Igl: tijn. .
:: yOU' ; ; I ;.,' ? -urn times Thy didn't! have a mess of toys

.. 11l: S. But no sort of external treatment can have l.ori' lo';i' .. ,; -. I .. ; ., are ai tU.llly To scatter round and treat neglectful.. rl Jrn Digests
{fi--- effect whatever the disease itself for ,.. They et th.'ir vituls 'thout a kuk
.J any upon nrl.ins r.' > ilvtty: : \i w York:: Per-, .
: Rheumatism is rot a skin ctfscaso, but bij'3on < :I"\hat tu.i'oietl! by the |! And'em thought ;hey was in luck to pet L' lU11J1 ia What rOll ;' .. !

.- is due to o\'tracid condition of I..n l tliut I." 1-: '. ; "" \ K'idol Is the
\\11---- : / "\' :an the blood and I "U tremenuouily j I They didn't mind the'r bread cut thwk.I / new discovery which; -

\ )I.', ..: the deposit of irritating ciatter or Uric Acid dei ran.; ?* il to help your faI,I I And as for crusts, thej alwus et 'em.Oi'r _- and I 1'iiwcl' troubles bjrreniorin'i'thi! c '. ,

:> t \ t1 s..Its cr sediment in the muscles and joints, and tVr, in his: tour (if trouble, b-t I shculJ 'j remedy checks: fermentation, d..t'i'diirestsall -, I IIwceteDs
,I'ink! my (K.ir. that: busings and j ji.ri thc'r feet thestnmach. Kodol
all that cran'per BBJS hoj's wiped classes of
t:"' <:;j -=..:;r.' no amount of rubbing or blistering can dislodge of tiling would be such a bore to a 'I VThen he was young and lied the'r laces all ()f the nourlsllment, health and strength it contains food 1,m.d e' ", ./

rf !Zm" .;- the-e! gritty particles or change the acid blood.Khcurnalisrnoften woman.of I And kept theyselxes all f'14' in and neat ,. Cures Indigestion, Dyspepsia IInd all Stomllch ,
'. '. i And washed the'r necks well tdCf' 1IysJX'p : comeshonicandthemus- I as as !! I ju" tbl! thlDI t'r
; courstuu want to know about cvr dY'j'psla .,
:t I I .- : cles and joints permanently stiff and useless and > thins& and rvrryl.wiy.V11.: it's the i They Or swim never unless nnu"k. the'r away parents to fish let 'cm. OtCar b..lped hlnjChl'rry Ille mj'etb n.aDJlhl'\ allcy\!. r; ln & l\.Inl Sl IonJfiJ C..tI ffi Mny.. u.rreparrd "_

:-ll, 1f. "' fJ' t ', -. I the nervous system almost wrecked, because so ime old 1.1 l.i\ ur.J very nearly the same I because no decent boy \\'ould'i5h- __ !? _only by K. C. IV Witt A ('.0.. C'hkalo. Sold by all ij ,

;::' .. much time is lost in trying to cure a blood disease ou! tr.iwii particularly the m'n.'ho are I Who had good folks-to plague or fret one KicuK! ccasa: care Tb" r."O lt l"'U'lllhl" 1 r dyf"r; ,,",:

'= ..=-"- ??:?f t with outside applications or doctoring the skin.be .Kstrt-ij-inKly!: few and far between. You I 'em. ; Lr\.locUtl4i, .rlptle, \hru." 100<1 illllil tr\JU.. .
f'"lm'r that stupid little Jimmy Ear.011 -
Rheumatism must tt ted
ea : vinju: "-l nnubbmg last season? ; Our sran'per says a lot of things J t1 Slieppard.Haws: : iJ' 1'liarmucy Siduev K..
through the Mood, and no Iltc.ly Louisville, Ky., tlarch 27, 02.Gentlemen I j, 's 4jii' tin- go this > ,-Br. Even the l| About them kids when he was youthful.

l l1 rings suck prompt and l.u.tinj; relief :-! eui clad to fay that ,,;,"j j"' cf his im.v haa ehingtil a bit and i ilii : I guess they pot to sprouting wings
m in S. S. S. has cared me of RheunatiEtn. L. :. a iitrftct love of an j I And flew away-if he is truthfuL
.i> S. 5i. S. It attacks the disease I .
About two :years aso/ I suffered from I ,. uiJ K-IM il s;>ir.s with automObitc"1 j The ones here now atn't built that way;
l'. ? blood, neutralizes: the acids! and Rheumatism in wy knees and feet, ; M .-<' !;IalI Imught that red coat It I know it's long afore I'm flying : !lDn n 1 ''

.moves all irritating or jmisonousi : lay ankles ewellin? so that I could ..iik"" a siucnir.s: coatr"oIt to his dark ; Or any others round hi-re say! Un t? HJ.H \ HI r. F ''
>ui.-tances from the system. Dot put on my shoes. This continued ,': ii .. '..:1'". i II iit Don't you believe our granger's lying? 1 J t rnf 11; ; ; : : :
I I \. : i .. u.
W.IH 1\:1 1y I brought: my trolf clubs 'lIi..agoe's ,
S. S. S. and enriches
strengthens for several months, durinr which ,
i'i.i t nt. li.r liii- 1 nks ari' In bpiemlidSrrii
the! thin aciJ. blood, and, as it ('ircutime I was applying liniments and util ,!..< k F,.' fllo. the cruik golfer Tbe ('on, let'. Mot<>.

.t( s through the body the corroding, poiug- by wy physician's! directions, i- .I I.. r'. Hi' i.' s; m> j-hotn aiv v,.ry clev. rt.
:-n-iwing poisons: and acid deposits but derivsd no benefit. I was told v.oin'iti. I am not cure aUmt the
of S. S. S. and tried it. I immediately i '" -. but i ;OJ\\' thit litilr frilled sun-
dislodged and washed out of thr ..
e : :i'i- 1 is F" L uVn,:. And J.uk K--rris 'II.
relief and
continued the
muscles and joints, an d'. suffe got= Ii i v-s f(., s>,.:i. !.III<: ali'V" n/jll balls.! i
medicine until I was entirely well.
happily relieved from the disco | 2108 Floyd St. D. J. DUANE. "1 I lo'.nj o.it' tno I'.at\\all out.'S l.u-1 in thtuir M.;ht +whrn t corner Wi- j i u r L V"E; ,

i -r'.s and miserv of Rheumatism.External '
: t'jf ji.ioh.! Kiniffntii r tb'! turrtt iorX' -
: remedies are all right so fir ns they go, but they don't go fart : ." .1.! '.' 1 tlG'is-it: you nuilS! You'Vi -I iCI ,.MiU To AVKUY: \ViKlLKdl( /

rough. ai-l > va can't dcptrJ upon them to do the work of a blood purifier, t> '. l.i' re oft' T !nons-.i.: ii I .r know I
\ r' :. n i-r.in It' '-'...l,1 ..tvtl'i IMPORTER: AND
.y gr j t n JOBBER C'/
uad thov. who pin t'r.Lir faith to liniments and plasters as cures are bound .
tt I"r.d. ut.'imst my \\.L! >'c sliotil- ..
*= aB* to mett with t1isappcintment. and will u> rnr the nt"Ci ..h't i"i II.,- v.atcr. < r 1>' .. ..

le' nursing a case of Rheumatism the 'I. :MVan u.tlt: ; "i> r> h, >'M I'l.iyt-: I H It R D7rT 1f. R

greater part of their lives. ., If JWK ctrtni-: ,!:1 kl 1 1 ,". hih<- !,1.] I .. ,
II .:" "I D "hoi !< >1. lar: "( < .>ir.-: !( !.e kr.in.s
S. S. S. h a purely vegetable remedy,
ot my inxaj;'. nrnt to N"i 1 it. th.ni' .--;. ,
elms not contain any Potash or mineral n ,'. h., -ire |" rio-tly; P mi: in low ij'irn ) Iron, Nail-: Ax**. Shovi iS.IW Mill! and "<'J' m i

of any kind, and can be taken with ..': tin \-iutir "' :.:"HI w.il 'io Fuch things SujiphiC"iikiti: !{ and H.lttut'ol"4': -. Kuni .

safety by old and young.Rheumitic iin'i.r! a s=umrr.i-r niuon tspecially if Usen'or'ii Witiditw Via>..., Gun.- Pi-toU md FIhiliT" .. ,
'"' ,. -hind a clout
sufferers who write us about their case will receive valuable I\: tl.iway.. in his letter today Ni'd I j Agutc and Tinware and lIon efll'nishill !; ( "
aid and helpful advice from cur physicians, for which no charge is made. says th.tt hr cannot: take his vacation tin.m.'iith. .-. I I ,'

V.'e will mail free our special l">oc an Rheumatism which is the result of I know the dear fellow is so disuTiprijntnl. I TAGKNSFOIl UIRMINOHAM ROLLING MILL en'.M( : !

years of practical experience in treating this disease It contains ia a tn.... don't He had you planned know on Well being be lurewith as I Revere Uiant Htitched J'.eltia.z: ; Nortliamptmi K' "U1

condensed form niucli information alxjut Rheumatism.TH kind to him :Neil, as you i-an be and console I \Vhee! Co., Ltftin & Rind Powder Co., JOIII-T! K .

SPECIFIC CO. ATLANTA CA.M ; him in my alisc-ncc. You'll find him .omine, Iroii Kill? and Jiuck Stoves and Ilaii--' \\
:. SWIFT ,_ ,_ thv !.< ft of company on alt occasions. De- I Coup & Co.'s, Haw Hide Lace Leather. V: i ,

i I ,-olhily. TATTY.Miss Made Railroad Colors.Xasouic .

PLAYS AND PLAYERS. [I Sheets Girl, Then" Self. NtilSe Taylor to bi-r caret

C1'arll..tnn.: R. t'.. Xov. 2::;.-A frk-nd, Hiss Patricia! Douglas: Temple 3& IJCINWHla n

i'nd Lontiu.v is pLiyiiitj in a "P.urgo; j i rial; from Xkrl';::. S. C., says" flrP'1 Platt Building \\'nIl Street.

::. -; > "* <>or.aiij'. i i serious she.oting! has oeeurred thfretiling
I :New York, July Ii:>
I'IM : -rs has iMjeii i-naajMl; for : in the almost instant death I My Pear I'attTour newsy letter did The

"Tii-! i : ; -'r" by Johu t.'. Ki't y.m tiiink you Star Laundry ,

.\rt : .1'! 1'it'll wltrtiil) U'Ik'Ji ? inch not seriously: ',"OIlndIngli:1s a minute or two; but, after all. :NewYork's otv ht to liaw .- iiiit- motto und try toli'iii ,

,. Jorly! M. Hums. Two I not half bad in summer. For meIt > toit'r
: :.Vary: ;Mannerluj'sniiiijj ; wrre :
) i 1'1 : fim'. hut as to, who find them it is I is. like looking at a new t-K!<* of life.Tu Convict Yi'S. Hn\v vvoulil this do: Biggest Busiest Best !
-.tJ''t.'fduring the day are breezy and ,
Ie I'i' 1.... ;i no! well known. Ml.--.5; KUUIS .states "Wo an- hire today and gone tomorrow ,
(o\lIIlltni's. cool un.l at night noilur has all sorts of "
: ? -- -- --------
l. :'.n1I. .! 1"0 : that Sarvis fired both shots shooting !: r.diculons: surpris mnixt ted for me. -

m : I I' tU, : hir first, then tuininj! ? the revolver |I She ILLS turr.fd the roof into a miniature A Rmcon. >
or. 1'in.If.. :hrw.! .. aitont: S'iin-r laldf'11 after the housi hold column sO
;; 22!
I' 1" t: ; t I': :. I of at.y old ludks' juurnal. There are Professor was iu!>trn'til1:1! r-l.i,>- '
:.. :." 1 ," I' I. yf "i.ol.).! and w. s cnpacr.l in the- sttl< y' i isy i-ii.urs, tables, sliadowy tozy cor- df schoolboys aimut the cin-ul.itimi <.f 'iVVft Tlieyjr Spea

I I I'.r: -' '. !J" Ml 1 nf te:>!!!'al'h bort Hi.- I.limp is near !ir palms and rublti-rnn-ks; I mean tbo lloo
1 ;if 1 i r : : i 1 .. of I.oris. Horry cc'.inty.io I. !1,1.iI'!1 itu.1. o I came am becoming down on shockingly the htrert.Ve slangy "Can you tell nw," wild he. "\\ ]h.\\ I it i-. -

: i l : 'I| ''q' .: v.-i, tjM'iul n.ust of our evenings on the roof. that if 1 were to stand "n n\ !li r> .,.ultlioiv j

,. i I :II 1'1' .1 ;::" ,,'; i, Pu.vih: Professional Beggars. !( X*.d tins In i n up several times, and we would Iwn rush of l.lixnl in i: \ -h-- Tllem clres '

t i ." NYe'1. !,, Nov. :25.;:; -In hi* annual lihhim..- He brings his guitar-you never bend and tlmt thi-rc II\i no rlbh "!' .!' il :

9HE M, a I' I' '.., !J.P I r.-.:; .. ..: the work of the central conn- !! toid me and he my playtj singing-and the what popular with songs hisMusic to my frt't when stcnd: upon >Jn 1:1; ':" I:I II I'I ,

i nf ( .IP ( !haiity organization! SOd t\'. ciPn ( he n-al roof For let tln-S I ir:
: ,' !I'! : ::1 :urrif! ( ; gardens and mother mixlr.4 luomcut tIl'rl''tl Kltrm-r.; a-.d
r :: .i-r.t Koi rt DeFon-est di scribes dcioious! punch we imagine we are then and C'ut'< we Laui.dir :
'. : \ : '11'101 lic! a Itoy ansxven-d!, "It's lKfii'M;I ;
'<1 iilo giddy.List
'" !I'av- i. ta tliuil! whith has just been i' : cvi-mng Nod took mother und me feet are not tlUlltJ. &ir.**-Xi w Yiil.Times. t. I tlieni-flvis. Thf-y will Id.!
I :,," : I., : '!d"r : :". .I. 1 for lop ;ii-ii ,-i-.0 of detertiiu.i to i-iiu of the continuous: hot!=i s. Sueh a tli ci we ean. U'e wan : t :I.

; '. "... : d t '" n '.. ; h I'IIIJI"hing' ;.1'.1 -I'"::!! h'g ar!; lrk: : And toniht v.xar.' guiii to Manhattan ---- .. UMiihy tlifi Vf-trk v.1 t twliat
I : : .:: -Mi.K.-ates: :; or .: ; l>ach. It is great tun. utter ail.to I'lngpocglet For rinllel."Yes. J. V
UK iiiar.y.: It i.= .
I wt- -
i.Mi- ; v.J! MV I fill that ) .JU ar. ,i part uf the great av.ALL
'. "-,: to 'ta.l-'i! IIJI IUI. 1tlw ':ilv-l.ul.> :
e. : 1
.1 : 1.1',1111\:1'1 .
I.! ; i.i-i ill:, '. ; :niav t* as the |) .lau'iini.: jiut it. and can- i iI
.. ', i ID the rI.:: .. ( ;Lilli. : ry of tii ;r.i't I If.'i vi; town the wholt sumu r long.if 'this is the new puuc of piiisriM.ii-.li I' "
i1 ,
: i i- i'r.i- .'. I"I I! ( rrvi-rof I will do my b. st to console "Hut it Is so vi-ry lilt! .." oSjttHi.! .
i-t J. ; ;tartni'-i \\---i. ii, Mil, ,d reciN WCRK C. 0. D. GOOlS Cfclfel ffif 'di D.i:7Vl !'lTELEPKOFE
: :> 'II'! ," ('f l h. h.lv: j ii are '!\loll". Iit: ; > IIII must I I.1 I customer. "It look- !11.;;' .. ;i ii>'.." ,, : :
ircar!: .
!" d!>' i i : will; 110 I K < r- : !" tll-jr'i : : 1'1. r thi? b not l.oru'h'irsi-nn-the-! :
1 ; '1 ..L ; ..fit.il .' ''i-iK; to ir.. r !ha'.ti.t' nit-ndi-j: :S- a. I 1 avi unh > v> nln>;i<. S.urn: ly aft- "It is jnitt- i"jpi.iii'( ii'(-lir '* li.snli'lady ) 1 111. 27 GARDEN ST-
'lr'I"! aiiii Suntlaj: ? at "It i i- a lnli.tllre: !; nf tin.
,, :h r; ; : 1,1,], ill my oun ui'postii.V. !
\ ri'n in. all tne 1.1, \\ :!. 1 do < njtn it. and otlu ; iiiiii < '.. : ,. desisrit'il
;K.II.U I. :1.
,. ,; f.n.1', .(' I j' ;. fu ,.u.I' tin \ XiiLu I : INGRAHAM Manager.FOh
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if uirs lt.viii-j. .
\ i : : rn of I Aik., to lie I,li.\i: d ill :! !!.it. .'.luiluc.IIin ; :

,' Mi-i Patrirlu: Douglas to htr 1.iatlce.Ir. .- ..-
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: '' 1'1' : \' ; I
Overdraft! I
C.-sd\ Failure I
I I" ., ,, : Ni-d < ;umlMk! '
( : : I ." LonkM tieliiHim. \VJ EUI...Y t-IlI'LH.-:
r .
.. :.. I '" '..1 r u .: .. ," I ,. ._. :. ""l: lr.! l.":.Kiii.--oii-t -Si.i.! J-Jly:: 21. I ""HinvV: anti U.li'iTi: m-r l'tveu nmiW' I f

: ,. i ? "! \\' :. ': '. : ,,1 :'. D'ar Mr. 1.1 i.,:I.11"I\-i anM inig you I Ir. l"Ji.1 i > Mid Iii., rril worlli." STEAM DIVISION :

\ it l 1 :':1 X1.1.frthy .:, 11 ',, ,' -, II' Ii', 1 ti.'l-j: yi.i.r; lett-is rir.g all.! PI.I .1 ':I..;.!:... I I '.r.-:,,:" PKN8.1COUA t-i.:,CT1tljnHj\1' '.. 'j i'1ARtP""E' I., '

1 ,,;.:; :, -: j"n: ,' I :iin lonvmi'id !. :t our t ;,u J.... :n. lit has I : i ii
s Horsey TutAN ..: :.., a ..., 1': il n'\'. in 1 n a nii-.iK: 1 h.r t ..lv, .;> In :id Uiat I : thoee's Illoliliinson. He's' worth UAU.WAY COSIl'AMT. j jTr "
: $.1Ot1.INHI.! imt ii" iHKtnl of II! iju-aisers' : ,
10' .'I" !'! i In I I" 1 I. 'ijily! : m.irrid tnu-t h.ve | In. l 1..1' r'eat-uep'a' for t tip Lrc.Hayon !
I i S3 'r ( J 'r, ;;)/:.'..S1IIIJl1irt-.. r. ...i t < in l.icl. nni'--t/ Lf i-M.-t ; judsinj! ; l II y his lo..ks, would value him Big I'.HVOU. Warriagtoj N 1A"7 1 -.1' i j
,S J T' \' : : : '. .. ,... I "I: 1 : i '" ., -. 1. '. j ( n ..;' 1 1 ,I.. I" : ,'0 ,... at nioiv than! i*!I "I'iltl.-San Francisco and Fort Kar.Dca-. &t1:2II&.m.arrl'eat ;

F -! > /- .. ; :' :; AT '.G G'JiOIDC.V : :: 11.-1' : .. :.;111 tho .- ti! .'. t.i-s. Yc i 1\1.1 ... I.. ..'.. .. r.ullt'tiii. hort Harrlncl' 7:1: ? i Wi SKYt

m -- .: ,. 'r. ,J- : .. ,! 111'1' I I .f. uur ., :n.1II ,'!' "..r ------- -- IUOO.. m. arrlTt: at Kort I'.Brrikn.-ai. It "' .... .
"' .1. ,i i.ji "'. .- .! ui'.l a> :ni .. .. n. T'" .11t 1:011 o.D1arrlv. at Kort Harrano.Hi l.'6p ( ,
% :;cr: c" =, 'c': \ -. t-d Ur.t'l 1 :., ,);' Who Known f 8SO
: :I, ; : .- : > < ..on ir..rN 1 :11"1 !Ow!! ..r. H' p. m. arrive at Kort Karraucis t.U t ;' \
ts v, |1,1. ,. -j ; I' .:"..'." .'.'' '. :.-.! > "II'v i il. Y i.rii.i. . "Mamma." said little Elsie, "when ;lftp. m, arrival Korl Harraucan: 7- OJ p- 4 :'
; 8OUp m. arrive at Kort KKrri3c t ;
:nif..r "
< f :'\ : I..:., :: ::1.. :." ; '.-11 i I I'ATJSli'lA l'''f'JU3.t rcople are aMiaiutr-d they always getred Trams :ere Fort Harrkbcai for ft-: it >' fI

; I" .:" : i:. : : .. :' Ly uiisif.'tr: from :,It'. Net! in the face, don't they'/" eolaat7lAa.m I;.,' :
;; ', I I .;. ;.! I:. I .fi...i' i iivv t-j M." N'fl'A-: 'j'ji.ilwi"ll'vn "I lielievp so. di ar." was the reply. ttrriT- at I'tnshcola .. ;1. .. '

I' I. ',f ,; ,. II I -. ) .. :,;., ilnoa, Aug. 1. ''Tlien." ciiiit.nutil the little oh"-'rnor.: 111)111) rn.arrl.&tf'aa 3t>ia ... n oc.o I .1
", i : (' I : 'I"Jll" '' '' :tOO p. m. >ttrlv! ftt P'-usaooU .... 'i56:10 \
: ,
.. -01' ; M :, i t'i.i :,.' x-i-.i: > \. :" How juiy "I wonder why Uncle (irorgt only ei'ts :: ; ..
i .1- 1 "hy1H uyuid 1 l\u. "I p in arrive at P"I' CUIA ... f... p j J
,. "' .1 ;...u >. .' u" I in s> "!'..I.a ..on a Mvr ashauiod in his nose?"-Indianapolis 7ftip. m. arrlv" at i'..ns"":;.& .. .. 7.4' j. 1 -1 .1 "'l : ,
:,. J i.ttc-" n.i opiii iii p 1-' n- aid :>. l'.i L. .1 in y-iur d!> '.. whtrtftin Sun. '9:'.:5p. m. &rrlv<-it PBC'*CO.I i v *.. B I : \) ,,-_ '. .... .,
\ ct.)
: .It :, l' \ Ii' itlll'U: -. V.v. I'AI"iu ::I16tarlaJi 01111
:.: .... .. ., '. ', <', li'l: S. Palt\S.; : : : I \.il.: 1'.J..M'ijj' uf m, t\-r. minitein Broke "Record- For High Kick. I 11 -. .1 ,
I t; oJ.l. I "h.il; I lie up fjrly thi' "'Vinni FARE: rOil WEKX DATS.i'dnr -
'. :ia ili-, ... ; New York. Nov. 25.:; -Two worlJV ---- 1
L-'i : '.tin: d.! '" ll.uinl T..U.TS. ru. -in' y-u KI.what ? Ill 8 oolto Tort H' rr r.caad .. I =-=
r tcrc; t. j
., .1 > j 1.1. '; s i i/1"1'/ 'I > ; :. i. i-yvrrrs. s ,', .II lot. ihIMJI d .r..oj to bjy, records! for hih kicking have benbrokfn l'en 16COJI to NBTJ Yard ana n-tnra ... li
> .' .: h. 'f goiJ ti'i'j,,:h for th<' bratt '' & & to r&lmeUo B"a a i \
at the ana re .
semi-annual ::tli I.
It : .: v ,)'t:<| I I.I. sir:::,' : t..' pvat !i'i = ..1 '. ; .: in! th.iild.I.t"l'r and
* : :. ; ; r mi.i i -..,. f,. !II: "'. 1. The v. ?.; ?, ;t w .:..i r'ii? holI ctuld the Twenty-second rp! mf'Dt. National SCMDAT tCHIDUDI.When : !
114 '. : l.i. k ouur :. worih guard of New York by w ntb : :.-d it. i I. : ..Icattie: i j. any K S notnii.R. Ray C. Cwe)'. coaobn.Lr .
.. 1' | ;i'- : ...- 1 h.i'o, : >unlnl"r IM town' It of the NPW York Athletic rhih. in I open I
i .r ; i'1'iloiis l 11' t "I1la. i ; i.'i t\ltl"in i i'n "i tht RK tile trtati-t" tri-.iiir in vi ftataacU LT Fort Hs.rr.gue.m Famous now all O'lr
: i .-" tn .I; t:: ; f'f AIII'rr.l'thI'llr tlie tnto I \. ....1 n.' :.r.I1I.y Im.l"u,,' lutJUI:; the douMp foot kick Kxvey made a taa.ro, I

,, : ';i .i i. 'i I I. r t'j; .. '...!. 1I11I1'1'1.'a(1.. : The .:".;! > 1:1 \\all!! streit How n4KU1. mark r>f 7 feet. f11 n: inchc-s. Tin- former i i: .p..m.ro. i"Jp.mIp.m m I the Vord.F..I! .

:.'. '\\ 'h-nttui: Yuurs .m. ij.M ". record 7 ff > *'. ,,
". t hl'h
ht mh!.' i i. ha1.; i 'H. r. !liuilt i'i. !-.\ ;:1 ir. -i.r ; ;: Th't Is.m. .
:\tl., r- I IDannheissur
; !M! on : > '. it t > i j .t.- 1" fit. !I' : !.. >rln(1 ru'oj1:1: f,1' tl; jlJ ,! I i,'" .. "..m m fc.ta.p. .. I
> iai { "iTi-M'i'ndfiK'e to the CID..t p m.D..m
I. '...i y w .! i .! '. > 'hdepedent ; ; I : ,j..i" : II:'. \ lit rf.r'-'l: t : IInl fmn, 7 (I.H. ;5 ( p.m Br j;'
1-. i : CJ I. ':j ll1lr"l-Ihl- : Inh"'o j f. '; I ; ., epJl.:: Ip.m,
:: I : ; : .1 ; 1.4 "
,, Aig. 4. PASS '!lit @t'W A!' I, .. .
I" ,
: : :
.It.:1: l;;. ;' ..r" ri.spon..:'. !10 itr the I'lInl&oo', to art li T ucBtlarltad ria, -

!iiNiory! s;\I'II." of imviiu.: in 1771'. found ; ',, ... ..; t i" -un at thPI: p-Jif ri- S&nr5j3li'f : rtctn__._.__,__. __ jj, OR. KINO'SI
Fr.E"l: ,' I
: : ::! Liberal. I lif-K, rata3o'.k umHto i> .?b ii"loro
n-lirl-! '
: \\iMi.i, it-i WallTh.: i ontis tikir'K! :.f the T __.
> __. _
i."i! \ : J.I.
\ i -- : ( 'il.a"t: '
., \iif. : i v..i.l: ri i i"\i"i! :. 'd,II' \\ !L,'. :._ .' i.k Firris. i'.< craik I Ppff N" fp'qht .f .cr H'lJij: re I TRY io DISCO'ECTFOR / Y YI
i .1' l" :i- :ii i :' i i ';. .
.- >
'i; to!! :, pj' ir Uuus--I's. i lit two --
> Vri:, i'. ; !I. .- .:. \.t ;. .t- a 1 I--lit- at 1-ocf'iurst. i: W si i I iftO THAT COLD.

c',1n t. .. M:: !. : ; i. '. i .: ,' _. i 1.> not only'h'I s-i/i.:: i-'ial'le: !I Every Woman I TAKE NO SUBSTITUTu.CuresCon.uin .
.. .. .. rophi'S. 1. :.-o hus j I !tir.mat: 2 the TORPID LiV-- \
,1! .
1 '; ,
.1 i' I "l .:.. L': _' :.. .... .. lor 1)0! ,' Ii' -onvinrr.i .
"' --
] I fnn>'tltcn tIC: r.'C.ii.c:: r' '"n I ::.', :ril. I ,' .. 'oI .. ; : ti i : ,n/
\ wrM Shetland Jivi- i.in \'. i..i d!, ,;; < :Ih's "lor di ui.Lahd fi; .'..-= ,. C'.l.T r : :>-. M'-'s. "eI>:ldSI relZ"uote th !>o ..Ij, ".;.j c, liil. .. : ? ifj i { .
.'. I'i i ;, ..I't.: : .' ,:, : It m..<1" 'I MARVfL iCoMiJronohirl; ; A
> : tl.r.l:,: -> : vi.iM. iiui--; t'.e \ (; :doSuilTBLIOUS \Mirlinq' Spray ,
I x o I' .' .- -he f X1 ':1.. ', > .
-W '0" .l-.no
'-r,'!.': I : !J. :. !. :\o-i"i! n r-iiis. 'i \ / j
v."ii' ; ; ti \ : .i Pneumonialiar! !F. ,
1 t i.- : i : -*'; in the r ( MECiClSt; H h 'tti't, '< l l--t ,' | r,
i 'ott > .J.rI i -ul 1. .I..l: ., l'. .1] '. i.i:r i r l.\- t .' ; i ;l.carts. .I' { h'\1"to,.I..f... "'I
-, '-. i'i I ..' O..i, In mz'arU districts trcir \ irtatr.. .1.1 i iii.-y, Lafjrippc)\ f ll-m-i I I II
:.H ; : ; uuty as sucu l : i ; JAXE MCDEDnrn. ,.. ,..,.._ .

i \ ,11' fhttower is now one of ti-> .: 'j 1 if move pasted label fron a can wkleU nxognizeJ properties! as in t'freeing.ty p ,.v.t ;vfctuliar <. !II. 'un... .,t.l.... ". .3."...."r.rJ.1. "-r.... Y I, Sore Throat} Cro'ip .

i .. the ancient town tind is r I'Il,_ __ from Ml.rf. I. ,t..-l .i..f..rn.
:" "' II' or bottle bolJ over the steam 'A a ketf.ir I *jstt-m: tbst poisva. ll'II. ty: li.-l ril-| V V \Vhoopi'Z Coul1.;:

.! .MrV I ::> n. !i.i.'i.i.iri.U f-f in ,4.irly (..IIt'd.oll ,...t:. (11!.' a fi-\v r.iinutis, when t can; bet sugar coi tt4. I'., ....r. '-.k-.r..ai" ,-, ; ': -, '."'I,.,. (,n I NO PAY.
., I 1 no !! L 'II un. L ,
'.. to.
11".11.1.- .tt' \ ,
; 1 -:!.\ n ino\i d. Td e No Substitute.--- "
Pric -
__u__ j Room 2c Times KICg., Nw York 50c. and 1. TRiAL; BOTTLES -

-- .



1 made bicits an.! popovers from Presto, We all liked ttem, It certainly ;; excellent. It is

tbe b st 1 ever usej, There's a delicate taste to them tbat }'0'.1 C.n't get by J\e ordinary way, says of

Wuu\on, D. C, O'toter :., 1 1. (Sl :!edl Benlc Brg""n. In employ of Cic: NeICA: A. Mole..
P 36 C

.. Th H-O I =I Company Whatd Yourcoo. s y? P res t 0



: FACTS IN FEW LINES ,i r ...-.._ =!P.m rr.---- :..-:::::.! -n\l= CATARRH
:EM'DY II I DENTAL [) N'TS. .( c .;j'j'UF.

An EritlsLer is as I '
a\crape strong as
go to bed without brushing the ji f
to giV' two Hindoos. '! I'I'tl'Ctb.
: ; 1
SATISFACTIONp TLcre are four mlllioraTis: in En Don't swallow food without
'. 'i hnd to one in France.J i tion. Modern cookery by maEtica'l: I ): t ]
!b iain < Lz of Sar et. Mo. Las j
U. re. ;; possibly tication almost unnecessary is responsible 1 t' '

the shoitc sorname on record. I. for much decay of the tft'th.Don't '
J, ": !iov<' oo.iurs are allec!: 'd to le: Itt tartar accumulate on the: i1fl

Jloodnv Kora with coranterfeit ca!'h j tooth for it brinps a whole train of I ; 11'

Tlixa'ious couitr'os: t.f the worlJ i insi I evils in its wake. Have it remo\ed bya re- infants and Children.Ca I '

lu\rJ: different Linda of postage dentist at least twice a year. ..--.-- : 1 I :
COLD ''N HEAD ftalJls.Thtri'. Don't fail to rinse the teeth thoroughly >tor a U a bruinl* ,* Mib..t'uuto for Cantor Oil, Part'i.i. t ; l 1

i k4''' 31'.11'. with g tri('. I tj'1 rtnl hootlini; S\rup... It i> Ph'a..a1lt. It t I r
alkaline wash
: :ire In this an Hmeuatcr is "
1.111 unions
I> ,, country otln-r >'annti :
z" lie ftt rc of eaipfiucr and! joiners embracing; am""iUi" :ood; uftir taking: acids, such as lemon I !oHb..t. J: p. it d..tru\s: "'"rill'; allll al1a 's i"\'l'ri..II1\. {' i. i : i

:!-:1.\: >tret.UW"IIJW'i. :New Y urk. i : >bp: of HKJiKj i pcrvms.D'lruu juice iuejjar; or strong medicines. it trres Hiarrltll':1. al V. hill Colait ,rj'lu-u-s Tiuthii.S \ .

; ; ti! !' p-i-t: live mont!:,s Hixynianne : I Don't use a tooth powder uhkh contains Tr(!ult"; nntl t-urcs C'ou..tiji.uion. It ri'U'.il.itttlio l' I ;. : I

n"ln.I.... of I'rnnui. lirejien (..1th' Atlantkroait to most; women is a term of gritty acid or irritating; substuucps Sfunurl: is-:*? i;K, hiii;; II1'tlthaUlI n.ttlll'.lllolcf'l': I I
anxiety" serums thought | Tho C'li.lih'ciiS: : P.macca-Thc Jlotlu-rS J 'r ha\ as the firs-t two act injuriously
j.jiual the
I', t.I KI'> an ..irti're In e HariLe: : Iireuensuni.iii. : and suect I .

; '::.1 tli" two outt'rn I II \\"itli the anticipation.cessation! of pain OM the teeth and the last on the gums.Don't The Kind You Have Always Bough* ; .: \

'I:. ) -j'-trnj.' Train I K,.try rural schcoj in Swedtn posses I necessary t o chiUlbirth, fclecp with the mouth oj' 'n. }

.:" ', 1..lio'n..l to rotate -' 's a cardoa in which the scholars there comes calm nenes., Dust and gritty particles fioa ling in the /J 1 Bears the Signature of

:-. in a Ulnx-tion: conon i receive pr:.i hiru cnteims: the trap thus s-tt : ;

: : of all the other : for them injure the cnauitl. of the

'. ,II m. Hut the t'vi- I MOTHER'S tet-th by irritation.Don't ;
Fifty |fcT4iis was the weight; of the elf.I.
1 I"> i 'itis rotate Is Imll-! I u e one side of the mouth only
heaues-t salmon caught in the liver
r''''', as the fact that I FRIEND when ('ntin for then the teeth have <
Severn, nnghind, turn! ? the part
I '. i.he Lacy ward in season.On does diminish the pain accompanyir" not all the Fame nniount cf exercise !, 8sUse/ i .
:I;. Lowevir HenriMulon :1 maternity. With its aid mothers can and and decay sets in more rapidly on one
1:1 For Over 30 Years.
? tLousanJ six: hundred and : ,
fiftyte side than the other.
> do
I i
ohsmatoryr I bring healthy, sweet dispositionedami ....... ... ,.
!>tnjy dog s were oaptarevl London "r or" "v" .0. n .OA. UWUT '''.TOW'' < .or :
I ideal babies into
Use world.Mprnng
:" ,1 ot ,1t'tt'rl1lnjn = r. "fl"4.v: FJ..nf: '."" n-.A.: ='L:>:it <
i and ta'sen! to the RatterM-a dt.gb' hoiiieUibt sickness, sore breasts and excruciatmg ;
> bv
: ppcitrov -
I montu.B I caused the : ,. ,
by xiudualh
!ieh; X'IMS itirit ,
,,, <>:)kof an edtioat'onal character! expanding organs, are rtlic-\ed by this
of I'n'.i.tjs
-< at
I and huinu-nt. Don't cry tner Eplle penetrating relaxing
aiil.otrov.iii 10) "rt. > p'r t-oi.t tif tliH'.ders > W. B. WRIGHT GOfflPBRLUMBER
"cUy liar'-ar Anon the manifold: aids to cL..JbirtSMother's :! : it isn't cream. .
grown iapopulariti 1'cople who do not [,Inn their futuregenerally I
,.' : of a ro pubLc l.Lrariea.JInr and pained h .i I
"i",1 a pn.tige anotj-r r. : women
neIT have any.If M t\1 ( }> 1 .S :\ o lj'.ALr }(!:> 1\ : :
I r""".(>p:i,|, ., th.lt byUO ;.' of the moa nor on tl'llll1:1 as well as poor; it is found ana welcomed I ., I I :
Wool ia the mmsio1to well! in hire is anything more conduche c _:- '0- .... \ .'
i''' '' i |' I'"c' < ? .re stated to be rec'r'j.t". < rth ; as the caLia.Ey I I ,
I l :: lessening thc niothcr's of tr.indfinddiminishinirpam to success thsii path: it Is "pull"It -'----- : I.ATHS I,
r i t ;s; :t'l i-" cU"\lu'e: after a Short! strvitvm ajrony : ", ;

,' '.. ,I :1! '\t 10 S.>..ih Afr.ea.; a Ijeautuul iuflucuccis is a grout dial tt"ler! to be a good I ,I .
1 I : wrought utxm the ehild and iaatcad ol critic thus to be even a passable per U' : Jf1''If1(' ;. "I\t I II"'J
Fort thr' Pu'ics the l 1'1E\lJ .f.nrd
; H' was klJ'l1:' peeLsh, m-t tlpl'rl'ci an.l sickly! forms j oi former. 'Mnhi.t:1: h' 'tl. u.f. _. ; : ,
i" 1 (J i>or'Js 5 oir.pos thi ncir'it nf a I I lJ' -" '
have healthy! liughin! hun<:ir.ity,remits ', i ;
< f "I.hn' ;. --' snake whle'i has bo"n: k lied at I iat; a besii"j), e-\er to \on an 1 its couctrj. I, Credit is a convenient garni"iit. but it -.-.,.., ;-.9l'A"- r 1'... .,.." (,Ol'.\. FJ.A, ''L!

,1! i d :M:'*'*>, '\ _Lt.t'b. Knglan-l/ All Drui::iatai-llMntKr'> hr:i :<'1 at ;'I.oo. I I is liable to buomc a little too 11.-ht for I ..- ,
1 I Write for our Iree B<'ot "JIoiHerUoccl" f r*'e m : .t l.la.':k '
II : The { 11la:1 LII'or !' of i

1 i.i : : t':. it h.iii!; !;jti.! Australia, has pa elertwl y Q'.ipe-twent.foiir .\'-I THE E3AOFi LO EICtlATOl CO.. Allaito. Ca It is a prt'ttv illlt, rate man that tlocs I HOAL APiO YJfJOD. 'i'iWE

not have drilled :
.::1'i t "-. irki-n-1 meniVrs to the kgiblature and ---- ---- - opinions on rdgioJu I

al: ': : i OJ'''i..:M; the polled -c.. >y \'otes.HaDfr.x THE TURKISH WOMAN. end politica-Xew! York American.Hie : I '

.-I"I i..1! if \! ; EX FLU T TO SL'Pl'LY A MUCH L* HGER 1RADF I
i is
coushlering a scheme for .
..' <.o .; 'i'r-, <.h:m"ii : the Her Frlilnjr I"vnrolnii establishment of hotel FEF( UK
a immic-ipal AVotxt r <,rni \VIXTCUTH\XEVr.:
:. > ,retail \\ uf .\ i
: i' 1.1 t i and a.TrUiy 'I I
r-sfciuraiit near th corporation!
; "'"i-' I -....... "It is : re tnoiratOgden.Every is the onlday on which! Multitudes are Fin?iD;! the praises SEND US YOUR ORDERS NC3J1l

Ii. .. r u bo can lurkMi women PIIJO a little hlvrty: of Kodol, the new discovery which i I
now seems to Lave afpwv'l 'I
i'r : 11.1 to sto ;:" and release froai the Ietdful scrluj-Ion is making so mary sick people well jI ; -t1- I
ncTspajHT or organ In Paris. 0 I
Thompson sen.Jr.\
1.1'; : :'. ,'' says Mr. A wf>;' !y has now been started ia theinterets in which tht y Ilro' alwajs kept and I and we ik people btron,* by digesting ., i ,

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me alioat d.iUKi.ooii) farms in the stomach and by __ .:...
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States which 3.UOO.OUQ I transforming
:.i' '.te surface aa I whie-h consist;! of a .small river runnins! of :F.5T ABL SHZD 1S33. :
kind rich blood
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produoe corn. The aTaRc cu t of purp, ,
.' !I" '.'f. <'t combustion. I about two miles Inland, with trees ami !
make:* you feel / ood all over. Mr-*.
producing acre ot corn is ?:>.;3. -
','!\.tt > for dllml'!>tlc I me-adows on each siJe. lluiulretls ofIxiats CraaOll.ofTroy, I. T., write- : For cKENZIE OERTI-IG & CO.
WIIof the ] of
working people
,,1-i j t.'UUs; largely to: ; asseniMe ami glide up and down :a number ot years I was troubled ,
Unitod Kingdom, according to official
: -u: I.e" tl'o river livery boat or eaUjue has with indigestion and dy ppp-ia :J -DKALEKS: : IK G
st.uiM.is.. sLowttl a eliH'rea<>e of $;.tr.tl.. which jrrew into the wor-t form. : i
W.to two or more Turkish ladles; on board.
\TO.\\L mio List year compartil with the Finally I was induced to u-e Kudo!
," :. : t1! medIcine ist pre- The fright Is a v 'ry fine one, as eaehrrKate Ship Gbfindisry and Genei7al Hafdi rcI 1 I
j I ee-dini; ; jear.Ilun.lreds. I :and after usiujr four bottles I am en
: :; "toil ineniIv I calijue is iao>t carefully R'tup tirfrly cured. I heartily recommendKodol : '

i i I':' "'s Cream of carcasses of sheep are and thf toatmeu wear brilliant liveries I to all sutlers from indirection 50S ? NTJ 605 S. P I LA I'OX 8IUtKT. !
I'' I. :1 rnd tlsi now being washed up on the French
i to match the cushions the .
and dyspepsia. Take a do"e after -----LA.C-DNO I
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hangs eat.Hurgis
niid it be of ; digests you REVERK COPPE-; 'JO.TPAKY. Jon .\. KOFKLIKOKo8 cutALV.NIZKD ..; t i I
.if fa-re part a jettisoned cargo of New : o\er the tera and tra.ls: In the wah'r.i Pharmacy. John bhf'pllrll.t'5illul.Y '.VrRK P.OPE, A. P.U .'. ZL A: BOS'U PUMPS.Saas I
Z .
: mutton.E'cliin. The kliedivah of I U Kahn.
I i Ctrypt one nf the
: : "aL1 1 i- tired U..fIe T"rjlu y. .!, has a municipal : finest in crimson and pold, embroidered Ill* (lur.l1oft. @3l 2 !"this 3lis:i Icltei t! !r: !ruBc.!i, ShriC. J. {.nhn. UI! !

i !' .''bit! vkflmu where o\er 15rti(, rab1. with crowns and iSht--,. IVsiJts 1-- '
'I I it ft>ru I Sisti P YOU'M' seen Mrs. Xewpop'sbabj COM1"j\ ( { c. (

arrea Ij | :..;!,: I 1. ne IM ,>n trajipetl during: the pi;:tI'd I the liveris the parasols make a wonderful ", hau-n't JOH? MiKeasio Ortinjr Hollectia; A,. ut for B ir Pilots' K r.uTolebt; A<-< ;

i : >'-nt for s'le in the northerri I !;show and here may be seen all nrotber-Yc s. but I'm afraid Mrs. ciation. !

.' '"'" i :i I'i iiinil.i! '.d markets : tho latost Parisian croations. The ladies I New poi) mat think I don't take any _... \ ,

.' ",'_..'i.....J I 11 .e "IN a marked: increase 111 the must, not speak to nion. but the I tnti re>t in bnhieii.I '
I' I. 'I'
..i.* i i'i !i "f' rue lii Tevia and L..misiIIII. careful observer: can frequently catch SiSttr-Of ('!>urif you don't ask THE GARDEN SECTION I

1.1.1; t.id that! the industry is pt.kei :, slight of veils lowered or other signal I I (Jtu>ti'>ns about it :.':.eI I

,;' .h !' .-._ li.us fi-rtd I'pjin the south Siven win Ti a particular boat is pji sin I I Hr.ill'r-Hut I d.'l; 1 rk a question; I Ij o- OS'-o ',

iM-S I IJ \i:, .1. ,i >i.t. > tu ihiN uitorriiorj-. : ?, and habitual frequenters can point I a,'i I'd .f it cgii'd >:t up on it!' hand lops I : 1'

:an T.f'; ':;..!Ut fn't Is the height; of a : out Iwiats which are vmietiim clove to : iiiiil l>i\: jet. an 1 MIOiidn't ansv. er. I "PeTI.::5i J%_i, ool_ .o t>j -.l., Trv* _".ics_ .?_TL .

his ',oI.'Nsll: "iMlllleUt; to til.- Lite Piil.ceiii \ each other. It Is a vtry Innocent diversion i Philadelphia! Pre-x _. ___ __ .1 j

,.:'L'istli': I i !'- \: 1,1' Otle.i'iNli:,eli is in be ere(..ttil and would not ':itKfy we! te rnladies. I Nonr East Hill Electric Railway Terminus. j : .

.\ IS= \ c,:i Cap St. Jacques, at the mouth An hour efor..' sunset the police I TfieVlse Drueon. I II 1

'!1 nf fio! Saigon ruer, French Cochin boots appear and force all women i "D(': ('oll h'frui the old colored parfcon. .

,..:prets: i ii.n.t.A; to lea\.'.- I-omlon TI'Il'rtl:: ; .'o jou ehl'usIlY. 'Git behind me Beautiful Lots for Sale if :

-land .. fur advo.inl I I Satan V" ,
ent eure consuniptmn -
i I's mii I <'. r ,bj. an Irish ph.siriaii.. Dr. W. C. 1 The Chanced Grlz&J,.. I "No. tiruddah. .Vh do not" said Deacon 40x137% feet at from $75 to $200 each, according t j

!i.t'I1HS, There reliable statements Green. "1.rb told Satan to git
1':11l'1.ill.: is the inhalation of the vapor are numerous to location and surroundings.Exceptionally :

>i a |I'1'It. of ;garlic juice.: The doctor claims that '! of grizzly bears bavins;; attacked behind me, hem:gut stick: me when -- .- I
.. l11il'lI/,1.| l I by this ui.-thod he has effected some men but mmadajs the jrnzzly does not Ah v,a'n't loHv'n', Ah ko rpi: him rishtin Good Ncigliborkwd, Beautiful View, i
dot' t ..nnIII tiurkabto seek out his human victim as there front wh-i'j!' Ah kin: see him.! "-Chirr
r. cures. ( High Dry Fertile Lands.Tho i
OJ. ollll.at tlh Nt .,. ,
I :many has been experimenting: are crvdiMo statements that his forefathers ,: f : jl :

it's American sybfeui of becking used to do. Neither does hehe I -- ---- :
'... opportunity 1 !
l' sjimn-jlllo, wait and hunter .\n Otn"anlftJIWt'r.. grandest for investment eve?
t b.I--.i ll, 111'it,. I"'i" .'
". '.11. t. 1::'Metiztdis I tnder the oh German systeme : fiendisjhi'esb, as the old time I loisur .-" s :ul tw tencliir."It's I j ,

.11 ID lUi ph\si- stories used to telL The change ia the 'I a pi. !-' wlhic! imrried people
1 \ <'rv man bad to look after and ideiitnj Home Seeker v Should S-e These Lots. t
1. .r\'l'.s i :
t 'ii t'i s! his own li.vgaie.Yli" gruzly's disposition is likenid by veteran n'jxiif" r'i.!:
I !t.i ,' tli" !ilirlne. hunters to tlie ch injre in the the du .;;.-l'l:;1.: it'.1!. : l--: >rd.N I I r
.. iuternntiouai life sa\iug oougre '
OJ. -s .11- il |.ics4 :.jl'tj..n.| Char-I' V'g bb ( ;
', ,' ; 1 i.ir tindrus; < .:t Xante advocates the regulain !: :, acter of the unite cousin nf the ;; 1.u U' \1. 0 I
1 the biar of the arctics. When i II
articles. "i' o'( the spwd of \esNcl in fuggy; polar JL
ct I't'n'rl..t.ry
.! the 111.! .. 1\ ;1 ithi t r. the establishment of in luterintiiiuil the stations for the Hudson I'.ay company |I ") 1f1../) .. ,,? Corner Garden and JHcanii :itr l.ts. I ,
___ I If maritime bureau and the car- were (e&tablisbed, the diaries of (i ,_

nnu. : III' a rock t appsirutus by en.ryII. : the men there often re-ferred to the l"af"IIn'l, fh cn e't"1 >x r{ the ptstoL'rcniO'Qumine

union U"I""lIn'l"tJ. ..!" !!!;i :'iid trading \ esseLAt frlsht of attacks by polar bears. Many |i wl: 1hIVt Tab: 7, 0. BKKNT. WM. H KNOWLfcH: *. K. HVFO. JR.. J. rt, KKKrEPresident. \ .

., ,' in jrlists.'." the recent annual exhibition of ,, n navigator in the arctic seas has beencLiwed the remedy liat turts a void In one Vtea-i>re.!d<;iit. Ctttilnr. An't CurltrRrst I

M-wm-l :Mr 'Ila tusi and chewed to death by ilari .
t the >.i, n>te do Phjbique' in Pariu Proi -
b'!lit! \ in V'in Kl' I ",.('i' < 'lIl'It. exhiiuted a p'.eiu of pur :i bears. Hut for nearly u century the 1 Marston $ Qaina have i
w n. IM tin a\\a\' wit : polar bear has not been n-ijarded as TO ': National EaiilWM.H.
1 1:. :.nl'!': radium. It was ulxnit an mehi some very n ice Dressers and 1
\\ .i--liuijtti'i star.NS very tierce and nowadays it is looked \
: i lLan"I'r i.'ich way and it had cost ;
Wash Stands cheap. ,
'Association rcrij
upon as a cowardly f.
;0.- mi ir.i PRESCRIBE IT. with armed men has modified the polar ,lust the thing to go with ... ,.. .. .
i 1''I.: .i M'\ ,
'.r4: .It.JtL: > "LJ. 'J' I
1 nitidt'd l'!':'-ii'ian- 1 Tho <;t I.MI. nixirt.-s that there are C"lI bear U.sj>omtion.-OutIK.Cffect : Iron Jicds. -- -- I
I ,: I's !nl"'ulI.1 1 T i;. :i,. 'I ruiN.i' il instrument factories in this .. -- .:;':I n.'H ." ; ''J ; 1 j'

"I' r r""l1d..1\ if<- ,i'uliv : '''IH! ,'. lit wlmli 'JiV are piano facto- ,, ( Medical Society, Attention.I ".. 'f' '. ., \,
!/ ,. ., /
I'j<'ni;v-Do you belie'\e in the possibility KNOWIES W A / )! .. .. ." ;
f.r, thi-ii: : : .:'d : n ''; Iho aanual pnnlucis are worth I There will be arejrnlameptlngcfh : I
: ; of tLe\ cure of diNta o IIY biisjge'stion' ; \J, .i '. I
'arr. : >-1' in I "I'l.ic. i'',..'i.Msm. The tuir-s ,.11"", a grat : i'ens'icoLt jleOiJil roiety at 1

rv, lii: S. I. : : l"\ : ho Board of nl'li iifi1yelcckp.d.TnfsrtuT 'Lt .
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:: .,d fi li.rrta'-c':; In the number of piM' Bj..iKs-\Vhy: certainly. I '.aful- : Die !9ard 2!. J:1": ill tastii i' : : F., .' I I' :
iui !-''>.tt.%" skI: III=-week ai.d hu u fesii.u Vi itJnjr' phvsicisnr are 3 rrllaIl to IsiMfj 3i: ;
--. I : \\0. ; '
II : si-tl that 1 go to a dm tor, and iv tnd tnartnd.DK.W.. : H'We
> :M Fiei'i! niIljmlir. !
I ; mN. i : it ri.rid me right aw iy.-S'>nn mileMas ; ('. DVW ERY.l'r"41den. _
[ \ STORtA li.; 1 '-ill.t..tie-J! ::;l:' '.IMIII Mal H tiind tot Journal.The .
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.. .UBT& ana Cilldret'ou |u.ipii( % a lid lv'"t's:! Ni.el'es ,n Or11 ::)pcr! tar- Germany, Ft I.TAn r..., [(. .4:7'I....,. .: o: .,. ?' .. I.ei bf: I

\ Have Always! e gw ,,, I., ::iitr-irtN .I.cl {;>,:"i.tWh> more to "Wh:ch Only do you Way thi'il to; should!t'ra\e be It.more _. ...-...-'. .._...o.>....". I)".'.' .n'.- .. ,"" -'-t:;." Fr'Vo" "; .., .. I.I I I'

: i- ( ,1'I .':re de! runce to pmxide for, aiit'i I t.
: highly esteemed, 1II.IIo'Y nr 'w.lin.- I .*-" "'Jf Q >->twrati> "
I ; to l leeturot CUBES WEAK
uiuxtihity professor
: ; "i
.,{ : "Bmins," ppsncrtd Seiia'or: Sorghum. 10'>1 : 'OI'!'..!>: ,y'.I'J"! J. ..'I .- r.,. I .- 1u .'r l-'ft tlr. ) I', .

..kh/ t 111 P..1..N. "Rut nowatbij tl i.nly way a FJt "p 1 AaIF "' : 1!'., i, '. :

] Th,' Grtat: X>rthern railroad! is ar- man can (convince people I'lat he has! : !>(>>C anil a II"I'I'Y nnlllf'I : -- -.--- t "

,l m:! :.::i'ig to 2tt rid nf lout,: Japane-c brains i ia to get moce>.''-\\" *!IugtoD; { for <\1 1I I f )A1':7: DtfJV fH ?x:*;" for Ilant ia O 2'Dj "l!",:'. I.

i Tar ti.n ntnon and substitute Ital.an* for'j Star. ;I How any man may quicklv c'ir.' n.tn-.>.ifafier ; .J"hi :'t 'P"f'J h'l'17I, ..-i-r, ., { r't or. t far tWE ?-.f'T' I\J tlf tlf"J1 I II

ral1 )' ,me! I tIn HI. The Jap- while tby work f-u, i -,----.--.... .. vfurso' suffering from <> i :il ..,.",..ik- I ''1 '''A-i!. L
( 1 nislit In'fv :".
lo-t vitnltty .
j'l : ('ntJ 1JtumocJ,1'J low \v:izi *. do "" mtieh U' N work th-it. i Folev'ot Hon ind Tar alw3.t.p. \ ;; .n-.!;. And cnlarut* small wmk or JH',,. ;,. I..J I .n }" Mr
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-- '-" '" I it tlntiigbt ruioiH.au: laborers will hf, 1! silt: mid vigor. fclmplv semi M,ur nn
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and :
".: :\ e.r.1J \ i cheaper 111 the end The Italians will I RMu"" si.b"titntp". \\'. A. D'Alem- Hull Kuildmi!. 1I"rolt.I'h.: HI i -, r WILL FURH1SHSALVONA YOUR HOME; FREEf! ; tr I
:, .. get ]'> etuliau hour.Tue bHte. 121 S. Palifox >'. 1 will gladly grd fre* rfll ep! : \I{ H I 1'1.1' i i ii ''
br. t .:-.t 4"1 I tk>n. so taut a"IT man mityfi.\ c .f' n- . .. ,
; lY = ,) y 'srnlus of Scandinavian mprats ;.selfftt borne. fhiMicertilnlr: ,i i-u-. :- WrM- ....!. ,
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" ; itf vraKSi-zsatr*j istf. ; to the United States continues .
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I GOLA Y < ..lrdily mall sholl<' '" ..at :'. ,Kc I
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i : lin < for h- t'lw"ptinIl; o< Srist and Corn Meal l Mills givn: your tr..atml'at a ibiru t. -: i I ,, .. ..:, ., }'t

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""-,}=!> 'ntv i" AmKM.; are r t vigorous when a boy ai. ," \ .:"r.1t' i...4. ..'.,::'1 .41 'r'ij'1 ;'.i '.'C"i:1i i!!o\re"t. anllfArlt"pn rt'all" h"w baopj I am" j : .' '" : -,, ,
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::' : '. 'n !IT'V-' -.:. T:: .- p> n'inlnrr I. PAtronae Hem* lcda:! 'nr, !or there Ur !Itactory." ::" ;:'. : :: 'j' I
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SOAP CO. Seconc 1 & Locust ST.
: :. dome bcslnes?. 1 ccntr'tote: o tb* r\t18eof l oor. Yon owtto I tial. mailed: In plain, sealed envi-l'.p' Tiia ., LClu! MO.THE .
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Try THE XENVS Want column.! I \\1b OOQtrbH vo-r '> V1crt -




1 A Boy with Backbone -


When a boy or girl asks his married elsters, I AKKIVID.Am I THE WEATHER
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cousins and aunts to save him tbe "sec TOMORROVI,
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HAS ARRIVEDARRIVED tions'' from GOOD LUCK" Baking Powder I i
i cane and suds any one of them b u't Using I I I I'HE' C" EAREf.It .

"GOOD tt'CK." he should insist upon her try. ship Eu I'hI'JlIR.' 1:1:,". rtolotto.: bySjuthern :
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a: td,ll ca; Why n-HiT't tiitn. XOIf"5; TO YOI'R IN.; : : : .
coin Uned that It contains the Highest Leaven. !
: YESTERDAY WITH THE ; .varui" game of football at Pdl.'l' '- i ilLED.
ing Power and is Pure and \Vholes 'me. He S\ i

shouldn't let up until she orders\ It. to Beach tomorrow the: Terminal i ..ham. fcr ZtI andam
t Am scb. iV Duan ;)Uiunn, for Boston )
i Company running/ special dummyfor I I

FLYINC"MASTHEAD. I -R_.Richmond._.ter- __Virginia.Tliank ._ .wf. .MAMf4 the occa-ion. The liua-up is as THE SHIPPING. Ladies' Lace or Button Extension Sole Shoes .. ... ... . .
-- - -- -- -- ----- -
v I follows:
"=':: --r-v--- EAST HILL. P. A. l SCHOOL.Broujrhton VKfSELS: PORT Ladies' Lace: Patent Tip Extension Sole Shoes... .... .

) TUB trim little schooner Gracie: Tii; II .. .1 e.. .. .. Harvey STEAMSHIPSDutch .

9 mil' net comuiaided: by Capt.: R. M. : ;.NEWS NoTEs ; Suarez, N..I t. .. .Leonard, W. Merrill *Amstel Co lltft fauger to John A Vldl s' Serge Shoe, Lace: or Congress..... ...... ... .. .

Morgan arrived off Petmnola lil.t Stiakell. H... ..Ig; .. .. ..Zelius, W. Br Capenor, 1651, Uodbam to Fcn=aoa
Lumber Co Misses' Button or Lice Shoes, Patent: Tip, 12to2Child's .. . . . .
at 4:30: p. in. yesterday, ping over >> Caro E 1..C. .. ... .. Moog.G. Br Cairncrag. HiM Gibson to Gulf Tran-

i \ .' .- ,, ...I .. .. .. .. E. sit CoIr
/ Smith E
-- I II r Armstrong,
t.i.br at 5:15 and anchoring oil g. l't'nto.ltli. Adams, to W H Keyer* Co Button or Lace Shoes Patent Tip,9 to 11.. . .. .. . .
J I I Tbariksghiui ..' i iI Berlin P .... ..rt.... D'Alemberte towed: Eaters" ilorndahl, to L Jc; N K R I

-;- + Warriu ton at dark. i I, : : s Tor a little more of life: Wilkers, E ..re-Wagenheim, H. Co Kr Heathfield l.iTl. Blockmoor to Gulf : Child's Patent Tip Extension Sole Lace or Battou _. 3

it ? I .L tst nUht: at 12 o'c'ock! with a i:, banks(jr UK si-uiti tu Labor Lurton H. .. ...qb. .. .. Morgan, J. Transit roliiT Pensacola I

s nuuibsr of pibs, she took her poim ; A little longer; the stnfr Broughton, C..I b b. .. Oerting X.IJurton. Lumber Hurtti l'o 1l"1. hems to Child's Patent; Leather Lace, I 9 to 11. .... .... ... . .. .

; EdarRiadall I Wittt you, iuy: nearest neighbor, ,\y..r h b. .. Scarritt, J. Br 'fbornl). li7, Major, toW L Wlttichk
relieving the : Co
> the
: ;
; on ; I Mrs 15. :Simons:;i of Jacksonville :;cholls. J ... .. .fb. ... ..Welles E. Vermont, :Sii:! t low.e, to W C Heger- Misses' Patent Leather Lice, Dull Kid Tops. . ... 1
?Ltd which his been in use for man i
I arrived last tii .:-bt.Rad Yiviat lint' Kuiz, to Gulf Transit Co i
ti = .t.." time by the regular: pilots. The.... ; I Poisons accumulate: in the system t-pnn MI I PS. Infant's Patent Leather Lace, 6 to 8. ... .. .. .. . . . .

George Wi suh'3 advertise' when the kidneys are sluggish- It Eupbemla, lad:: bartoletto, to Southern .
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