braue. cough ,
j croup : W. P. H. THARP, 'I
ur-olf. Only :!;.c. at W. driver who was a colored man. He''I and lung troubles. Absolutely R. A. CRKDILLE, least money is atBoston_ __ __
..rtt'V.die I I Act, immediately. Children like it. JOE FEBRO.
I made dismount and the mob,
was to '
Har d'" Pharmacy. John Sheppard.
...Kirt and waist i evidently thinking Sheriff Smith Sidney K1hn.I Chairman Sporting Committee : Shoe Store

-;ecialtes.! Star Laaa- ARTHUR MtCONNELL. i
I had reported to this ru>e to secrete '
O.A.STOn.x.A. Chairman Refreshment Committee:
| Thompson looked carefully on the!'!I dears the 1"a P4' i -sr. l lof JOE FEBRO.Caairman XATIIAX c.I'OIiCH1:1M1Ifl'rnprietur.

Furniture.:0/ inside and with matches, examined )t'I: .
Gate Committee
\\ S! tT.re
t 1 an t to PRYOR'S. I 1 every portion of the interior The pi ALBERT POURTLEd. I Leaders of Low Prices. 117 South Palafox Street.

I l
,. .

ilL : _


[ -- -

!I!1 STEAMSHIPS.M i I -Crushed- Death'by Wheel. A-

1 - ....,.. LINEMEN'S ,STRIKE Savannah. Ga Aug. 26.-George MALARIA

f Low, a negro 50 years old was caughtby Invisible

1 01 1 \ oc'E' ffiwt I I IN CRESCENT CITY the crushed a Savannah flywheel to "death.at Electric the'He power company was house cleanins anI of.I I'' comes Means from bad the air low and lands",whether and Enemy to HC'-JJt/J

.; { To NEW YORK, BOSTON Service Disabledby the wheel. Carele ely be stepped to I marshes of the country,x>r the filthy sewers and drain rand '

I Telephone one of the !spokps.! which gate the is the J
1 ( AISO AIL I towns its effect upon the human system k: '

I EASTERN RESORTS Wires Being Cut. 4, ,, wheel momentum. It slowly move!. : These atmospheric poisons are breathed into tin _

making but half a revolution. That : by the blood, and the foundation of some long, dtln'.it:: r .

l ",. (:. ) SITUATION GROVNG: SERIOUSCumberland j\e.: ; was enough to crush the life out of i Chills and fever, chronic dyspepsia. torpid and enl : ,

rher?) V _I'I. Low. howe\er. who was caught between troubles jaundice and biliousness are frequently due t" -

: { OCEAN5TEAMSHIP- COMPANY: } -- \ I I the wheel and the floor.I n i Malaria. Noxious gases and unhealthy matter colhxt: in t .

f Company Ha3 Applied tC stood band saw the accident butI into the !iii .. .
J J A N.\.TEi KRIOKMKVI.E 43O \ i the liver and kidneys fail to act and are poured -

w. Hour of Ocean Breezes Mayor for Permission to Arm Their % could do nothing to avoid death. Low I it becomes so polluted and sluggish that the poisons hu-ral:'\

Sailings each WeeK f Men-Men Imported from Nashville : was, daad when his oody was removed I the skin and carbuncles boils abscesses, ulcers and \.IO".> '
3 Ca.llffllinr J I. I from beneath the wheel. which I I indolent character appear depleting the system and tar r ,
J from Badly Beaten. a was only accomplished after great dif-I The germs and poisons that so oppress and we.kU!
: .' .t'I'"'' ,.. ..' 'hi' I' 'Ifl.tF 1.1...- ficulty. the life-giving properties of the blood. rindirin it t'mr .'
'Jt. ',or ,...r% .., '.I"ntp. ..b. n.' eOrleans, Aug.IAs a result: .
.'. 1.1.!. .. J THE THIEF OF BEAUTYIs before the .
.t t. "y. I. .1I be overcome and carried out of the system { r.
which has '
I. aih I'.""t. a of the linemen's strike no
'It. I ." .tani.jl. aL.. .. :,." ,." 'II Navigation Is Suspended. get rid of Malaria and its effects
$ 'I1 ,1 '. ....... ? .r! been on for several weeks, the, Cum Captured by I !
I Columbus. Ga.. Aug. 26.-The Colura- S. S. S. does this ant : .
. .... ... J th Bradfleld's quick j .0
: '0. ... .0. *DV aTINGI Lerland company is meeting \< great Re&ulator.Tbouanl I
MIS ItIC ...... To bus Steamboat association has decided change in the blood reaching elating \'. : \
'i 7l l I N .......... ,-.lria... "'... I...-0. II.. J difficult in operating its service herein ;;of young women are awakingto to temporarily suspend navigation on f them to vigorous health: \ -
? I'. -. ,''',. Ti.l.llC'.I Tn....... bls.ii .. spite of the blanket injunction recently the fact that inherited coinliness has
WUt...lU.Lte. I. ..al....!. lri_,lll'.H. f been stolen and instead of glowing : the urper Chattahoochee: until the river I II I possesses not only purifying '"::''

.."J( "'f- issued by Judge Parlange 12- cheeks and bright eyes, the tell-tak I resumes its normal condition. It |I and the general health improve

----- the federal court. 4S wrinkles of pain have taken their place is now lower than it has been in a.,,i increases almost from the first dose. There is no Men.:', '. .

GK.NKKAI. KKKNCli SCHEDl'LE Today the police! reported that Thee are the warning feelingsVeak I number of years due to an unprl'cei i I! or other mineral in S. S. S. It is strictly and trntiri.lv .\ \ '
f wires being stiung on Joseph street and tire.l in the morning, no life to en tel ,
and will \ .
dented drought along its watt'rshe.l.l Write us about your case our physician t\: ;
had been cut luring the tight and the their former pleasures. irritable, I
Following i* the schedule of the ends found lying on the ground at rros, dull headaches general dispiritedfeeling I i: For the present steamers will come i iI their advice to regain your health. Book on blood am! > ,,'-.

icovernm.-nt teamer (OenTi" I French sleepk-ss nights cold feet "liear- I i up no further than Columbia. Ala., i| free. THE SWIFT SPTCiriC CO.. AUn. .
daj light. The effect was to put
for the
______ which Tin NEWS prints
lug do\\n" pains. All these symptoms where freight for Columbus! will bo
of the phones in the residence i
merchant upper
ben-tlt of the many
p I indicate deranged anl weakened organs, ,Iand transferred to the railroads. It is Foley's Kidney Cure will cure all Rubber. r. a's
I i
_ their good to the \ Jriou army district of the city out of ser
exhausted energies follow the >\eak-- from diordwd
I thought: that: by the time the fell spason -i di68,1parisllll! .
oI0..t- : vice. The company is still br'ntine ened condition of the female ai D'Altmtie 1illj.i' 1ar/ ,
organs the river will!! be in its usual I kidnev* or bladder.-\V. A. i'
:frsv .0.:01" .. .. .. 71(1 s. m. opens I
nit II here from other but Hhad follows Save
pons surely as night day. your berte 1211" Palafox.
a.-.v' i.itrraica. 7:'o A. : ,
S rendition and Just coiuli- Know .
.....""". IIk4.fla .... ..' -UIJ a. m'l to appeal to the j.olicc to protect self from wore results by taking as soon as I -- iir I.
I tiors lioats will the 1ran obeti.tc -.1. 1:. .
I..",., liorrnnc" .. .. ":Is. tlw-m pwrtit. come up to !
v..'... t'Uaa44 ..._... 10l.Ja.: m. i BRADFIELD'SFemale Columbus wharf again.
_ Arrvn KHrrHiu-n 11:10 a. m. and 1hnI Yesterday three of the lII(>n who had I Pocket cutlery and scisYOU\ will have pr-i- .
mkkf> u trip Iu toil Mclteo and the ro.- Regulator; if
> dowergssrdeu' ti"
tome from NashviHt were J.ady! beattn. ; sors front the finest to the : "
larii tu ftrranczh.L.a .:...
\,-i KnrrniteHi ... Iip. m. Today Chief Journcs detaii.-il a The most invigorating menstrual regulatoi: j Ruskin Is Swept by Fire. [ lownCNutd..U'I.I .
Lra'''' Pickritb .. .. I.ft p. m. policeman in uniform onacli or th.. in the \vorlJ. It relieves painful profuse, Wa TJ'ISs. fia.. Au!:. 21!.-The principal cheapest at the illisihou\' and he c..i i

1..v..I..o.ol" .. 4.wp. in.1'iokiu structed or suppressed nit-nstruatiou. part of Uuskin. a little town 7 :' Hardware Co. though he mat. .1. .
Lt-.v. 5:15 of the which
p. iuHariMncn wa or.;; company are try .
.. 1i10 and makes nen-onsness. luaJaches.f/rf/t/vz. Eeaut miles west of Waycrobs. has been I rvery woman \\ ant-
A'ru. p. m. > i _ _
lri(. to :\Icl\.... and return. ing to repair the damaged service: NVeotiations of face and symmetry of form are the results burned. The town was formerly the.. own *sndif1e l will i nMIUWIKKUY -

On W'dzie-d.ty-andKzturdyi' the .between: the laboring pe>' of its use. OtMnisrtristsJi. Our Look home of the Ruskin commonwealth. 1' Thus. C. Watson & Co

I boat wiM leave "Harr.incas: via Pick. pie and the company for a settlementof "Perfect Health for Women." free. I !loading Real E.tatA
a colony of socialists: from Tennessee The undersigned takes this method ;
em for l' -n .icola at 6:150 in.
< > p. the strike ha'ompleh..ly failed THE BRAOFIEID REGIUTOR: CO., ATLANTA.C A. show heri..>w13rstlass
The (ifiieral French IH for army Later in the day the Cumberland but now owned by J. G. Steffes and J )f oflerinjr: her services as aif": : .

I-'flrpf4 only and auyout".der raut two other former members of the j licensed midwife, hay- | __
through :Manager } \\'t'l1. ..
people 'J I had 35 I :
have a pa-.* from the quartermaster \\h He Crl.-J. Ruskin commonwealth. The buiM- ing years ? -
o take pa-rape o i her. plied to the mayor for permission to: > Can give best of references from lillY- a JICWleading 1ardl I ,
OH Gentleuiuu'hy are you crying, Ins destroyed were the large buildirg -,,
arm their men. physicians of this city ,
from the Hillis Jut
n my little man': used as hotel and officers' head MRS. M. OlDnESS, !

STEAMER LINE SCHEDULE I Small Roy (;1oi.Jbill1 dreamed last quarters of the socialist colony. one JHf 111 South DeVilliers! | Company.

a I A YOUrG LADY'S LIFE SAVED.: night that the school burned down I store and postofSce building and on 'I -

residence. The hotel was occupied
I At Panama Colombia by Chamberlain's andOld
IVrihai-ola Gentleman (sympathetically Steffes. R. MOYFETT'S Cares -
r. r"f'f'1I anil Milton-IViatKuin Colic Cholera and Diarrhoea i by
Oh. but I don't believe that it has. DLlI'hU4hi,%,, -'.-.

IsiIy Fxcept !'oUllllay."CITV I Remedy. Small Itoy-Neither do I. I kin seethe the ; ,, ,.

OF; TAMPA." Dr. Chas. H. Utter a prominent top of it over the bill.eTr I His Sight Threatened. Childroii"A' A

I! phyidan, of Panama. Colombia, in "While picnicking lat month rry Aids bi
L? Milton, ,, ',"' am l'.n5ftcola.IJ/I'Pnt. I a recent letter states : "I.a-t MarchI I 11-year-old boy was poisoned by ; CCTHING.POWDlRSnCosts ) the Buistis. w.
Ar frc'H ola. : <'Htn Ar Milloi 'ii ;jitu > Make a I'loypr.I .

Inn, ';"c: Kiiuntl tnplli I had a* a patient a younor:: lady six i I First Caddie-I saw ye carrying for some weed or plant," says W. H'I, Only 25 cents at Druggists, the Child *rTtLTttIM,' .

teenyearsofage, who had a very the mlu't! (>r. yesterday, Donald. What .I Dibble, of Hioux City, la. "He rub : '. Or mail i* rrtU to C. J. MOFFETT M. D.. ST LOuis

bad attack of dysentery. Everything kin' o' player Is be? bed the poison off his hands ivto hiseyes A' it. *
ENTIRELY TOO CLEVER. w. h&v< hand I",.' Dr. "oll.I!', TEETHI\A Te..t( i j P'w. .aam -
I her ineffectual Second Caddie-:Man. bell never tank'c : and for awhile .
for afraidhe
-- prescribed proved i we were Ir.'J'f'. mrurf mcli 'I 8' I "r tr.4< "' it hu Ir '
ken what he now at.' it to t. > w thn" hunckr.l ,vhuk 18.' .
powffer D'je bays < icn.f per y.ar
Il."rIrn4I nf u Durtor In I'ronrrlb- and she wa growing; wore would lose hiijrht.. Finally a w eivjatf >tb m.th.r. lilt I'ur a I'ullfiit.An I every hour. Her rarl'ntwere sure when l.e misses the loa'? I neighbor recommended De Witt's i i but IUD ur ortn.jincs 10 quic lj the truu let u lr .
First Crdilll'-Xo what does he ? :I Witch TUfr.LaIAa&ht.C: \'I
; say Hazel Halve. The first uppli->
li\-ii-i.iii, who has --
nnoiiviinnis [> she would die. She had become ?o
Seouml Caddie (disgustedly) "Tut I Itutt.jl.1sgow I cation helped him and in a few dayshe
lilVioiii" for the I
wnttfli wun1 (t> ii.e1sIlliit '
weak that she could in
not turn over "
I Tinit-s. was as well as ever. For skin -
ti'iK this about hini-
i sti.ry bed. What to do at this critical -- ---- :! disease, cuts. burns scald, wounds,

....It" I moment was a study for me but I To My Frie ds. | Insect bites, DtVitrs'itch Hazel Turnthal the sipjz
1 nsfh.-i! to cull from I
a riiUfst :
rt live i i.* sure cure. Relieves piles at
i thought of Chamberlains Colic. It i* with joy I tell you what Kodol
"l i who afraid Nln-
an | .l.l* ht wis vatiI.iisi I once. Beware of counterfeits. Har-

: ",-mtr'i't ii-vi-r.. I ri'vjiornU'd .it ;I Cholera and DilrrbPl Remedy and did forme. I was troubled with my gis1 Pharmacy, John Hheppard, Sidney : and secure the most delicious fl 7 *.v

..11(.... '1 In1 puIiiMit was olio of two (.a* a Ian rert prescribed it. The stomach for several mouth Upon Kann. (

t-W.-rly sistiTs whom I hn
1 Within and words cannot tell the good it'
euht hour she
wa feeling:
fur I ln-r in the I
man> ywir I: much better; inside of three day has done mI' A neighbor had dys- !, 1'lir Iu I'ontx of 1'.."t1..r I'ltnot' 'j
fitting r'H.in mind noted IKT puUf v1ii!.} 41 drinks best sho drinksPMAH
iu the;' art of bitkin liEiiuls with h'r.J I i *he wa upon her feet and at the end pepia "') that he had tried most ]i Tho tin Punts own | owner mills Inj'I i
of one week wa entirely well. For everything. I told him to use Kodol all purts of the eountry from -

',y iu>nti> \viitj iciiutrk I rniitriil to I' *ie by all drugjri-t :and medicine Word of gratitude have come !;I lantio to the l'ul'ilk.IIII1I1 the tl.t'j In j Pab.st Beer brecJ Iron
uwkc her uhirh maliKil to from I is n uprcmllv pr.
1:111:11 me dealers. i I[ to me him bpcau rf>com-i!I
I ii Ports thom-iehes hare' ia a prurrss of'' malt malted inoccbrdnncc siih Che b. st C T"ods. -
Then I said in mended it.-Geo. W. Fry'ioIa,
MXIUT tOI111t' a j'l.iy- i I
Iowa. Health and of mind selection fur those who ire to have to1! 1- Our hops arc the best hat\ money can p '
ful tune: 'If you will jM iiio Ii :1:1-s I strength :
Long \.. 1.0 flhiP. and the stomach C'" with, the' powder: work*. The !; ;
I will tr ':it i'Hi to t."ine of my patent body depend on I Li PABST BREWING CO
OIKV upon a tinu- there was a wan and normal activity of the digestive yoiHijrsters are \\ltllll'oI, II lit 1 \\heii' Lt' '
; .
NxJa watiT.: >luiliil ,<>. put u tablet
who tluHi.'ht! liLa wanted the earth. organs. Kodol, the great reconstructive one shows ni noii>ncs in th' face of i
in 1" he drank it. I
1 : aim. -
Tlicn ho had a \ j"il.ll i and Ise dreamed tonic cures all stomach iitii: 'r la1 is lavMl s''ini-vlmere t-U'1
"1 II L.IIUthat 1 take -A 1.>0---
\\niit juu ) I he did own the (-:11 th. He thought the and bowel troubles, indigestion. dyspepsia. -I than in the poudcr mills. The rule Is :
riilf in my original; inothuiU. I try food
[ Kodol diset3 good
a""' csser eanie around and he woke up any I that a Du I'ont in p rs to - with a {.TOHo has never wantediLotiirtii : Kad \\hfne\tT thin--> iiuuiini dan
lii tlrcinl tli"isitx; uf the iliK-tor. III Pharmacy, John Sheppard, I FINE WINES LIQUORS I E'iU.S.
5III(','.-Htnl.Mii Register.V ; p-r. A nuiulH-r <>f l In Touts first and .
Ihi '''",,' all nf ni_' work unit Ut-n iduey Kahn.Not I ,
; last-and some of them imNirtant OilLfI'e ,':'
lon' without lln ilin-ft kiiowltil of
Cir'rfiil Me,.. 'I"You I Iwn killed UIHIT this rule, all.l''
il." j':,ii.'i.t :111111 f..aI'rJ ;.:'viiI over it. : *. .1..1 In Hit FAmily. I
say r"m un thankful jou Lave there repeatedly Lave been lurolr tsiIIH.'ih "- A. FRIEDMAN
S> I lm a c'lltv"ts. fr. d.-ath this i
( ui through; ?
trciuifbttrtuliuss.! .\ I'niT'-al I Kncjclopmlia! of i iI
." answered; the optimist "A pard of tb,' fear of it. re'l '*
";;h" l x.k.Ml surpriM-iI' n lid then said: [ktory. li.igrn'iy.) Art ::'dl'lI'elnll I' O. nox11M.: TF.U.l'MOM
(',,lIl i i.; one of tlr1 fl'ailna.nt... thnt ailoiti.r j The family rule is a desi>otl.!.m. and ,
'( it oourou nil! wine'uji-tairs :w,11 Llh'raturl' e'.imii.hte in :!I Iii tolP.usiiit' -
will undertake to cure strict The family always I
uowa- a very one. -- -- --
lit.. my "isirrV \"t tiMiay! ,' 1 said. I' >s Miiii-hon't lu-txl it. I marned -
il.ijs without a surgical operation. has und what ths head
a head or I
'I\n| IMT 11IY rpts.| 'Why,' she nln.toll Kirl.-Now York Weekly.licrp .
j U'asliinzton.Star. chief says the other members of the ,: ICE AND WOOD.
Mid. 'liMikin;: iny;ni" nml -1:1I"tI",1. i :
i i fatally do. This lll'lIbhip il->'s notluwssarily
how Mniii.fj! )','\1 talk!' ra iigi'ly:" I 1! FOLLY'S KIDNEY CURE. V.rr.nj>et Crnlrml. I
"1 have in 'o1l.1 descend from father to son ; WE EXPECT TO SUPPLY A MUCH L.A ':OER TI. \ .
I f'4'bt..l Vhy!: ? TM"':IUM' I M-i.t for a Hjri-rKe storo for |
Will cure light's Iiea-e. ('venli 'n there lire son?. ii>n>otinus |
JOM to I'tI'sc''ihl' for iny .blt'r i and joii tl.'IIr lie said seating hims-tlf nt thuI'l''r \! i
Will! cure Dubete it goes from nncli1 to mi>l.ew. the main THIS HUMMER THAN KVEI'KFCIIK
,li-diiH' t" M' lit'r. It ikibhcil ('\ -rmy Will :Stone in IJladder. tal.e. I
point luing to secure a l>a Pont thoroughly
uiiixl in an iu>tant. I had prc- Will cure Kidn and HUddff' "Well (Iarlin. I horx it's a utllinerystore. I NCW.
cumpdont to manage Imsi1ncs I
M-ril"- for tlif wrong M,tu. 1 was : Di-foa.f'*.-W. A. D'Alemberte 121: slie rt-"' i-omltHl !
IllllckIY.-'hi-1 >; affan-s. of the family.-New York iTribune.
t'oUrd too i-lt MT." !I' S. l'.1Jafl'X, I I.l Cit;;;.) Nous.
1 -- __ Thompson Olsen & Co..
--- --- ,

Menill BoO lloH. 1 lie 1: ""I.II..n. I
.l Ch lrdl-1 see ilefiuition of 6 tJl. : 6 f/ Manresa Street, Tele f hone 14WICKBStCO.; .
I II excitement of a lively fxercie -: n pontlo'iian .,.. -_. --. ---
lifcp b.ut-raem: or b illplayiuir.they :I is out who l1 \'l'r'ps: patti.t 5Vs filature jg on pTery tics oj t;; gen-'c I --
!'hIt tl a'.nre!< on every box of the genuine !
< :
> Itt iii-1 tli iit suppose nix dentist :
their and
w pi( -.train imi-cle noIIOIUH laxative BromoQuiaineTiiue.,
would like it if I told him that. Youk Laxative Bromo.Quinine J
litnpin aiid ore. Then theyar I the .
rtuody that
cures a col is one dar.
.. L'l.id ilify lave Perry D.ivi-' i I.
: I'ai nk illrr mi hand to soothe the ;, BANNER SALVE Doubtful Cnmiilltuent.

1 q.uvi.riii ner\'e- ; to peiittratP HIP I.urk lie I Ia,! I Plumber
'I tI ) iii. the moat healing sAlve lnth.4 wori Mrs. :X..w.J-Ju think of It. dear! Gas and Steam fitter
;. Iat1.icte.' with w.irmth :iu<1 healing} "Miss, Muscles: tins had jaCdO li-ft I made every bit of this cake with my ,
I" Iii- rl'iitYI',1 r
tli5 pain of
I t-) her l>y an untie v ho had ucrpr svt-n own hands.
t two gPitt.I.tTlT1< of AmericaUf.Lar : ; iNewed
1II'r. T-T1T -Is It possible? I No. & South Falafoz Street.
; :e b,'t'Ie* :' > and .V cents. never suspected '
\VelL that! explains it.-l'hihdil-: y: there was so much strength in All Kinds oi Plumbing and Gas Fittings Material K6,.' HLItpHoNSl $;.

phia P.ullttm. 1LI.j those fair. soft Lands.-Chicago News i : VVt '. "1"'Iit mlA H.*
: .. I
I lie < r.""" oKIit-r'n V.'aur.Om i -

2 > ni i.iihi ul.aritic atnuit the Korleil Murli.City I'uulUb Qamllun. I

t uiilitanuv t ill Ci'iiuaii.v; is the patcriwl i NeplieuWtll.. I'mle Josh does I Ilaskcr-IIt-llo; Crabbe, what tire I

}, !lntyr.t that the (otiu'iT art refju.nd I I New York .surpa s' jour e'eettitlons'ilntl' you going to do with the camera? j A. :3S4E.: AverY

to (;11.,' in the frugality of thi I'L I .
I I| )0.11't"l'S, l.ut I ruttier exit lIlie-Goiug' to !bore an artesian i
men The pay ,>f the soWler i? only' wonltt. well in '
i I't'Ch'tl smart S't.t our dining room with it. You (BCCCtSSOK TO VERY V WIICJLH.L
: C n-nt a ilay. tint the army regulations -t, di n't suppose I was going to take j

jrmird it jtmi I.iiii.ty. Kacb man is 1'' Cures Eczema and Itching Humor I pictures did you? IMPORTER AND JOBBER OF
'\. \I..hoJ tn keep his uionoy Iu a littl !I Through the Blood-Costs Nothing __ II i

.' loll;; sni..IimIid" from a string around ',I to Try. A World Wide Reputation. j

:;, hi. 111'('''. and any oitiwr during In- i I F. R. B. (Botanic Blood Balm) i* Chamberlain's Colic Cholera and I HARD15TARE.

::: "i..ftiou LI.&}' IfUiaml to have the ba i'l"'u'1 now recognized; as a certain and sure ;.-, / Diarrhea Remedy has a world wide

ntvl thi-ir 'OIIII'lIts s-howu. If i cure for Eczema Itching Skin Humors /
; reputation for its cures. It never I .
Iron, Nail, Axes, rho\'lh. Saw Mill and Ste i.
it tie found that a seller Is tieuJinsliis ; I I Hcab, ca1es. Watery Bli- / fails and is pleasant and safe to take. Supplies, Cooking; and Heating stoves, PaIL
pay t.x) frtfly-think of that with For :sale; : by all druggist; and deal.I
ters, Pimples, Aching Bones 1.1
I ori : Window Glass. Ouns, Pistols and FI.hjll '
tho piy at so low a mark-he is rei>- !i Joints BoiK Carbuncle Prickling To End a Coal Strike' (;f!. i flood,.

rluumltsl and punishe lie Is com- i I! P.iln iu the Skin Old Eating Sores: Agate and Tinware ana Iloiiseftirnfshiii:; (

1'1'111'\1 to make his pay cover his ei- '''t (leers, etc. Botanic Blood Balm Use Gas. 1 The finest line of umbrella in the I IAOEX8 .. -.J
ie'ass. taken internally, cures the wort and i I city is at J. I. Stephens'. Go look FOR BIRMINGHAM ROLLING MILL CO"Revere

i iTruth' iI I! n>'*t deep-seated cases by enriching; If there Is no strike on or impending I;I at them. Giant 8titch Belting, Northampton K-

llt-lio. I I Put fying and vitalizing the blood II I Wheel Co., Laftin & Rand Powder Co., Johnon s ,

"GooJ raen, you know are scarce."Yes. ." I I II thereby giving a healthy blood sup- among the miners, use gas any. ;: If wish the best !!somine Iron Kin? and Buck Stoves and Range, v\

1 know, and eten bad men ,I ply to the skin. Botanic Blood Balmis j you very I Coups & Co.'s Raw Hide Lace Leather Ma

-, hare t<) make themselves so at times." the only cure to stay cured, for how. It's cleaner, quicker, more :! ice cream freezer at the very : Made Railroad Colors.

Courier. I IDostlJu Other these awful remedies, annoying marelieve.skin trouble. but B. economical more satisfactory every i II I I!I lowest price, the Willis 'I Masonic Temple. ,g Pena"HJ:1: ,

B. B. heal -than else Hardware Co. can please _u m
Tb. KaJieuo Indians of Paraguay actually cure, every way anything for II -

,.Illod sore, and gives the rich glow of heat-I you. GOffiPA
ir jiotters. ., W. B.
J health to the skin. Builds up the inglightingand i-. king. !I _._ _______ -- WRIGHT>>
broken-down body and make1 the 1
know about the t._ -aA call in LI." .!(
Henry Shattuck of ShelUbar, blood red and nourishing. Especial- j MANCYArRER5ANDVE'LUMBER- t

lowi. w.is cured of a stomach trouble advised for chronic old cases that person or by telephone a Utter or |! PENNYROyAL PILLS

with which! he had been afflicted for I doctors, pateut mediciuee and hot I J Giui e. LATHS

years by four boxes of spring fail to cure. Druggist, fl. postal: will bring the right .iswer. I "fr\SAYE._ to, CHrCHt.YE a..a> L.1i..L..DIl'gII' t:1\o.USH : ,

f.nu's Stomach and 'Chamber.1 To prove B. B. B. cures, sample sent I.. KED sam ".14 aa.4.c bw -4d ,

He had: previously tried many free and prepaid by writinsr .Blood --- S ..1tbb..rtba..._.. "...Ta..th..Ul.U_. ..... Re 1i-,... :';:I '

remedies and a number of physicianswithout I Balm Co., Atlanta, Ga. Describe Pen acola Gas Co. Mp-... tor/Ia.f P-.ta.,...11-.. TI..aIala. .....1'" .. 1I-i 3AtD!) CYPRESS SHINGLES..K:.:

relief. For sale by all drug. trouble, and free medical aivice sent \ 1' ..1"Heller IW 1 41,.,-..tmm.., _
I ,
% ___ t.rmM.JL I...*.T__.... &.In, FLA
: gi-ts antI medicine dealers. i'in sealed letter. 25 and 27 E. Garden St., Ptnuccli, Fla. 1\taiaa% .......:,.Dn4e.. .........(.........._.... (PUU.L.beIesi. 1'1.C.... PENSACOLA

'..1. ,- <_ ._

.... ,.... ,.., ..,. .. ,. -
.--.- -"' :- .rags, "' 7t4,3.---* ""7'f". 'J' """" '-<>'-' ;
r -
: T"a""I


r ,


__ _.'
---- --- -- -

)le.tlcal society, Attention t THE HUMAN STOMACH. 'I

T .'r *::11: be a regular meeting oJ Slow StarvationIs : 1

folk Medical Society a' How It !. Overworked br Three Big

i t E.I .:j .f Health office itv. Dally Meali. .

,.r, 't. : Tuo.lay. Sept 9 and 23. the fate of sufferers from dyspepsia and indigeition It requires about five hours for the r f

\: '. "t" yaiciana are cordiailjv.f El stomach to work meal ,
/ your food remains undigested it can't build up the ou an ordinary I t

..v 'i'3.DK.W.. body. In fact, it does actual damage decaying in the and pass it out of itself when it falls
C. ,
President tr.Pl1 stomach and poisoning the system.KODOL Into a state of repose; hence if a man J t ,

eats three times his stomach II
a day
Llt }1.oCKER. Ic.r..a
Secretary. /\.q Digests must work fifteen hours out of twenty- |j ;

f ur.fte a night's sleep we wake ,
pltktu' ; What : infants Children.
You Eat. for and
I t (, up with a certain amount of bodily vigor -I
PARKER'S ("' INI Kodol is the sensible remedy. By digesting what yon which is faithfully portioned out to Cn..tnria is a lianuless I'lIb..titutc for Castor Oil, Pare- f[

.,q HAIR BALSAM eat it strengthens the body and at the same time resti every muscle of the system and every I gorse, I>n>i's and Sootlihijr Sjruix. It is 1'loa".:int. It I

Cna-r._ acd. hiB brmific.r.ot "lie mathParer btlfcft S the stomach. This rest soon restores perfect health. set of muscles each its rightful share, coutains neither Opium Morphine nor other XnrootlesiilMnnce. !

Unit to F..la0 It. Youthful Be.tore Color.Or y \ \ Cathartics and stimulants only reach the symptoms. the stomach among others. j It destroys! AVorins and allajs Fe\eriliii4 !

I it Cum .r. p itimM a 1"-h..',.trlung.Y'randt.u.t 1Kodol cures. It Is Nature's tonic. When the external body gets weary | It euros Oiarrhu'U a.nlVind: Ciilic. It relieves Teething I
Five yearsLajo a disease the doctors called dyspepsia took such a hold on me that I could after a long day's work the stomach :; Troubles mill cures Constipation. It regulates: tho !
scarcely I
BO. tookqnILDtltit'Of pepsin and other medicine, but mining helped me. A* a
crownlru man grasps a straw I grabt-ed at KodoL I felt an improvement once aDd afttl boars its share of the fatigue, but if j Stitinach and Uo\vel, h'inht'aIthy: anil natural Aleep.

a few bottles am sound and well GeoRGE 8. MABSH orney-at-LaW, Xocona,Tex. when the body is weary with the day's The Children's I'ana'cThc Mother's Frieiul. r

CURE t'se Bill G '* ">n toral It can't help but do you good.The toil we put it to bed, giving the stomach The Kind You Have Always Bough* i

dlarbarC"lodlUlJwatluo.. 11 bottle contains 24 times I ai much(actual measurement as the trial size which tells for SOe meanwhile a five hours' task which
Irritatiuu vr ulctrationi Prepared hy E. C. DeWln &Co., Chicago. Sold by all dealers.
"1 mucus mrmbranei.fmterpouonoui. must be performed, we impose upon Bears the Signature of

CDR. k'alnleaa. and out.&atrIA' vvnui'a WIIb KntSalVl\ a skin soothing dlseliMs.healing Beware application of counterfeits.for piles acres aa4 the very best friend we have-the one

bold by Draggbb John 8heppardHarKis' Pharmacy Hidney Kami.tulrk that gives us one of the largest

or I'T irDt up,in...,plaiu Brep.ld! !wrapper, fur, _ ._ __ ___ ._ __ u .__ amounts of earthly enjoyment-and if ,
f 1.OU, or 3 bol U... 12.75. this overtaxing is continued it must as j!
;,rc.i.r Sdkt on Rq"eI' < J nfpe at Aitror.Not The Word ..Jo..." certainly wear out prematurely as the

only tlic hordes but the powers "It's a mistake to suppose that 'joss'is body itself will if it is overworked every .
of the law. the London Chronicle "
says a Chinese word. says n retiredship's

KING'S are swift at .Ascot for the course h.is carpenter. "I've traveled good And day.if persons eat between meals In Use For Over 30 Years.THE :'

a Fix-cial tribunal for the punishment ..... ..... ..
bit in the orient in my time and then the stomach has no rest from ter u.'u. eon..v. u .uun n. env
NEW DISCOVERY' of evlliliii-rs. No six.ner is the! pick- I
TRY the odds
and ends of interesting
I among breakfast la the morning until 1, 2, 3 -- -
IIIH'kl.t.t'J.lwr or ticket MiatduT arresieil -
COLD.I I Information I picked up was aknoeLout or 4 o'clock nest day; hence it is that
FOR THAT than he is standing in a little of the genuineness of 'joss'as to many persons have dyspepsia.' The I GARDEN SECTION :

SUBSTITUTE. 14mm in the royal stand, whore the
TAKE NO Chinese lrJ. Chinamen
a \\ only stomach is worked so much and so constantly i|
evide'nv is heard and the verdict and know 'joss' when in I'
I i < frnsnmptionCoughs, they come contract that it becomes too weak to o-OF-o
senifiiaiiroiHiiinml f liefore the ofTendIT with Europeans." Chinese !
priest work at all I
1 i iirunchiti?, Asthma, i fully realizes that he is cauht.0; that I became chummy with in Han II I IPensaoola Florida
FC\'l'rPlcu- wherr el!-a tlurs punishment' ; so swiftly ,
kow told that
; me there was no such The |
Sawa .
Tiling Indoor.
I (ojj'rillit. as at this court which Is
I i Lt( rippe, Hoarseness, ilccnnd by cLiUM> ul of the indictable I the word word in ChilH'. e. lie explained i that One day uiy little sister was l looking I Near East Hill Electric Railway Terminus.
was a corruption of the
.. throat Croup andY out of the ANindjw and swing a man> .
ofii ISI'.t of IM'vTiii.
Spanish word 'I ios' and had come into '

Inn' ('ou h. I b; rai-e ce tnbunnl: arose cu- use through; the missionaries.: Many what cutting he; wls the doing.grass she asked mother i Beautiful Lots for Sale.

'! I'"I! :'n .lu-: h't.nth from
: ( \ l' :: wntury
early missionaries he
CURE. NO PAY. said W..fl'illan. "II e is Linn "
NO ?, dear
f i and S 1. TRIAL BOTTLES FREE.GOLA :;n a>- :uat! iijion a royal iiiTxmaw.' : In I ish priests, und their; pronunciation of swered uiotlit: r. :111'1 40x137% feet at from $75 to $200 each accord
his iiKl.. ;::nation: at the lrapos::il>intT! of 'Bios' ,
was speedily corrupted into Next day! she saw a I lady next door :
HIM.int I'liniMiniciit of the a!''''ail.int heon'.i.td 'joss' by native tongues and applied to di'ani'ig her ing to location and surroundings.

il at !In future a magistrate carpet with a carpa | -- ---
the Chinese
i deities. Its the
yGI' = >rand I ,'on! al'A'iys at;. :1.1 tl.e rny-'l ro"e Chinese sealHurd that the only word ou is understood SWi'l'l'l'r."Oh. ;I Exceptionally Good Neighborhood, Beautiful View,

c.teii:,_. ') his has ever sin by chinamen. In the interior d'litnwl.! "lyik at In;;. I'.lake Lawn High, Dry
Corn Meal Sills tli ne. and liy the Whore mentioned act the
: told the
priest: mo. Celestials mowing in her dining! room!"
the thief elaztrate of How street was .
had no knowledge of
: GONZALEZ & CO., Prop s, ctin>tituted e.oiiHo; a justice of tlie Reeord. Philadelphia The grandest opportunity for investment ever
I a & T o :XT i A..
of t hI' of I'.erks In orderto offered in Pensacola.
v nnf etcri>ri pleats ........:.. ..... -... Bean.. Ita Kind You Hail Adavs; JogIIISJguatw ,
enaiile him to hold this court at -
Ill 'I \iANnrruKOiiou ... .... II III Street Pllquette. + Home Seekers Should See These Lots
fliCK KKKO. .-\"Ivt. s --:1----: I- In meeting; a lady in a public thoroughfare t ,
'Y 01
i- Homo Industry, lor there It I 'y I America a gentleman always 4

,. ,n yon kbou'd buy your :.I"alan I nnroarnce the 111\111.101'11" Habit. waits for her bow of recognition:: I A. V-.Clubbs
1 tram the Home Manufacturer The art of laughter should surely be I
.:ng you fncourasa home lodai- I before lifting his hat or addressiugIKT. ; WEEKLY s3CIIEDULLFOR |
cultivated f.u-t. all and i
money h left In the comraanlij everything i In 1'uropo, however, the contrary '
I' '. torn are borne Indirectly manufacturer benefltfdOK you that leads to joy. The wish to be I is the established rule, it being the STEAM DIVISION i Corner Garden and Alcaniz Streets

toe eof labor. You ow happy, tilt love of gladness' and beau- PENSACOL1fLEC'IIt1CTEItMIHA1f
:c to tnc a gentleman's place to bow first
ommonlt) to which you live and ty. Is, 1 am Mire, a thins to be desirciLConsequently .
atrlbatf to Tour apport.iTESSIOSAL if the lady desires nut to Wh'II'j HAlLWAY COMPANY JT.O. BRENT, WM. H KNOWLES: W. K. HYKR. JR., J. 8, KEKSE:
is worth little cult
it a
= : him she ignores his salutations : President. Vice-President. Cashier. Alit Cashier,
is essential factor Trains leave Feneaoolk for the LUSh >
vation. Play as a
:1 giving the cut direct It Is not good Bayou Big Bayou Warrlngton, Navy rare '

CARDS. In men's lives as work. Philosophers form in any place for a lady to stop agentleman and Kort Barrancas at '

.. -_.- tt11us that no man lives his own life i In the street for the purInSe A-30 a.m.arrlve at Fort Barranoai IlSa.n First National Bank
until he Work from theexlgc11eies Ksrraneai WM
fil-iys. comes I lit chatting with him. though she 10-uu I.m.arrive at Fort a.n
ROWE M. D. of life, from the "musts" of 1-OU p.m.arrive at Fort Barranoai l: 5pn
W C, may with perfect propriety pause to I'SO p. m.arrive at Fort Barrancas .:]6 p n
this world which often push a man e:16p. m. arrive at Kort Barrancas T:UO p n
>eak If he take the initiative. Prolonged -
0 .
I'alifox.a. .
i 1 ; S. alm"t'r different paths from those '8:00 p.m.arrive at Fort Barrancai 8: 5 p.n
; talks in the street are not however Trains leave Fort Barrancai for Pena OF PENSACOLA. FLA.
... and I t:) S p. in be would cb'Htse to travel by from inclination
considered good form even between cola at

or eapaeity.' Play is, however persons of the same sex the 7:15a.m. arrive at Hensacola._ :OC a. n DtREOTon. .
1"110110 C3. his recreation and here at his 11UO p m. arrive at 'enaloolallf6 p.n:
leisure time comes out his whole soul, better plan being to walk on slowly %:00 p.m. arrive at Pensacola. 2:45 p.a WM. H. KNOWLES. W. A. BLOUNT. F. C. BRENT V. K. HYKR. 11
until the conversation Is concluded. 6:00 p m arrive at 6:45 p n
of and choice of his __ D. G. BRENT,
-: -- his power play I Detroit Free Press T-00 p. m.arrive at Hen8acoia. Tiip ,
greater or lesser necessity for it. to re- '8:.5 p.m. arrive at Pensaool_ lBOn. B

vi11 Hi) QRI Jvi;.er.lte wind awl Imdy from the .HatnrdaysonlrFABK FOB WEEK DAYS I Ifensaoola I' lld Da mutl b AIJ B rd At ad !
The bet nhv Chamberlain's 'rmi u
strain of daily; wnrk.-Chal'eluue. to Fort arrancala:1d return .*t ,, 1 Ic
\\I'ear ?EOPLE.nn Stomach and Liver Tablets Easy to fenacola to Navy Yard and return_ lit I b

.. tnkn. Pleasant in effect. For sale Feniacola to Palmetto Beach and return Ih i I
.\ "I had diahPtM in its wort form." by all druggists and medicine deal- SnSDAT ICHIDCDI. I I
j 1
t. .! ,-.I.. \ Ceat, writes: Marion Lee of Punreath ers. When weather permits the running o f We draw our own Bills of Exchange on Great Britain, Ireland

I If I'n herd I. I head Ind. "I tried cifrhr physicians with open coaches Germany, France, Austria Italy, Holland Hpnin Belgium Russia No

out relief. Only three bottles of Foly's teavi feruaoola. LT Fort Barraaoa
//I I rl".I
} Hweden Denmark and other European conntries."Vessels .
O AS TO HI A.. 1 a. m. 10a.m. way ,
Cute made me a
'';;'. .:::v.---- 1ti Kidney lit Kind You Hate Hftavs Bcr3 11 a. m. II m
nun." \V. A. D'Alemberte 121: S. Sears the I p. m. J p.m i i Disbursed upon the Most Favorable Terms and tbeiii

'1"1.\ In J41'NI.- ....). ... Pul.ifox. :g atnrB.r 'p1 Ip.m J p. m l p.D. .m...... I I I i Obligations Taken Payable at Port of negtiratlou Ten or Fittest I>s i
-- ..rrri.FFoley's
after Vessel Arrives there.t0'Safety .
4 t p. m p us.
I 'J improved real ee- >lun".II'at Ilriilruritoniii.An (p. m. ( p.m.
: mall( amounts lownn amusing story is told of the e p. m. T p.m.
,. Deposit Boxes for Rent in Connection
I.r>h*< I:. Brooke Tar I I
H I'ulKfox M.. hlolier crowning of a ruse queen of a country Honey and FARI FOB 8CMDAT
Smlm eena001a to art Barrancas Narjlard I I with which we have a Priva Apartment for the U..
district near Part The selectedineen. Tnrckildren.safe.sure. A'n ooiatei and return_____ >hPeniaoola of Renter

us one of the formalities of to Palmetto Xeaoh asdrtarn t I I

A* ,t1, -1'0 you need monevt awarding their dower was asked toy J'>'ny-U"I.lun Keiirvro ICiglit! Away' .__ ___ Ih
I i. w any amount you Pant wd make a timed cud of cuiudu and cold: No frfllllbt dived alt"rlia D. to.
Tirm* and lowrH rates the Mayor for the nanio of her tianee."I .
"i..blfnn nipro\'eit city real have none," she replied. Notified ... _ _n WE WILL- FURNISH YOUR HOME FREE !
Am n'h"r. :*'* South Pala.ILf -
that a sweetheart was indispensable,
THE NEW GROCERY STORE.WILL Wrt. IfMlay for cat tiam-
the lady added titn llly. "I ,, ,
young M.be II 'nat..1. Eta 1REAh: ."1II .I10.alrlf.eahe1I .
,, ANT 141 H4IKKHW MO.NKY"j. thought the municipality provided .auulL I'll I' .at. aDd
I II .
1U1U11I1 wl Kite II.r..1( .
> Insure your pr.prrtyproof Straightway; a o=-==:::-:::-:::-=-=--= =-=-=- :-::-=-==o our c.ah6. w gvrbu.. .1.11.. "..
tttl! ., buy or sell real e.- ererytbing necessary. pun.ha..r if "I ,...U!r" of any description have young swain presented himself as an I t / or hoHln of Itrfunir .' r ?a
l tax: attended to, I MOVER c r .II"I.f ..jni..,f it..tuii.ilru
'.or 'Tbo your.. C. Watson* A Co. aspirant, and. beins! as promptly accepted po.M I' > ..In the I..r.;t. ..Ia,
ra i ..la..war.. ',..I5.1e K'i.vt ..., n u,. ale
I insurance agents. PensftnirxVrale all things became regular; and I ,.
I 1 IIr.Sre 41 H Ir..t Ii
-.. 1 g.- To everyone ttw:4-ntalmw'.Isul.V: f:;;; ".i'.
from ni ".<. will lend money in order. Keeps a Complete, First-Class, Up-to-Date Stock wr vi. a wll-l'lirr IManrr ...l. tm'lllrwil.full
.. ,
id houtix. hd-tf e.t ton. :' nr.' .1"1 I
> 11 a of Fine and Groceries.No 'i/Mnr fan. i-l' ,
ARLmL. rT ..
Synonymous. \
r.rwt pesor 'n.- r 'tam
1 vrry mo.U1 pn'ed::t ,., d..t..1 1. K. ,., i I..n. .. .
I or itt-nl. A French gentleman, rescued from a 30 W. Government St. Salisbury Block. gel up another girder La-..lit,. ar.t .... A .. '.1
Vin i.n.rll Iititw ,
I I rk* I.-HI u ran tw 1111N.IJ
river and taken to g
ducking In the allIIIjIl''nt Viiw nl.in .. .
: t II n. '
tavern was advised to drinka Tr.LKPIIONK U27.:; Grade__l.,. t."i.y. My il- tiff *:"-" 'enroomi : .
.... .., ... ,
tea ri. .u' I 1..111'e W. art a 'IX W-'ti. <; N. 'L I
"" ami |rVlllier>t, tumbler of very hot brandy and water I neb n r.l>n>|>* 'rr brlun W, .., .lar'I k -r j'-.lrr U alr v u tl. I '. I .
i.' ,J. bong In k'fMxl ron- in. few li. .. I.... ....JT95ALVONA tau. pi..-. wn* I' li 'i!* tTi>r i'.* I'- ,. at .', 1
I I )
fr..ht liy Wit-el Bi'p.. *|i- und thus addressed the waiter who ...u..iI.. < )Ir.. A".MVs lillClllNOs.- P,.,..y lf ife MT'' 'II..* l...'
""..>. allttni uas mixing it: The Star r tLOUiS.
-- Laundry I SOAP CO.. Car. 12th lI PlnE Sts. ST, MO.
"$ir, 1 shall thank you not to makeit ,

->..tI 11 :. a fortnight."

i .'r i-fiil t... n.-o t, a ;11..1 ".\ foitiiigbt!" replied Joe. "Hadn't Biggest Busiest Best !

.: )nd from the fitctor.v: you better take it directly NOTK'K. CHOICEST

.n"i tire brine. organ ro.t..t, ,desk hiilnr'sTarragoua and I:I "Oh. yew said monsieur "directly: I have been authorized to take -t1FFRU115 -

St. Ifi I to be !sure but nut a ilrtuiht-nvt:
: : '
.An Call
two week."-P iys of the Umpire. & # Evening ou (

i ,ii- moat deiiiratile' Iota ID Hryan's paper "The Commoner. f AND CONFECTIONERY f 1

'-:u".y y. term t4houtb, by the i'alaloi Kliber *.*ft/ml liouitIII. Your Swell Friends The price i, $I.OO per year in ad

maim "!h'ar Mr. Hicks" she wrote "I am vance. Tho-e desiring the paper
S will find will be -AT-
very sorry that what you aak i cannot 1 j you warmly received -I can have it sent to them by sending

III lit \\"u..I. ;:rUlt. 1 cannot liecimje your wife. \ ,; i if you are well and': neatly : I1.hOto the uuder->iztied. C. APOSTLE'S
H. M. ROCHR, ,
Yours illl't'rdltlld Harrow
"' .i tot learn bnrber trail. dressed and your linen i I.* irreproachable. -
"I 11 illol. fret> work, expert she a.M."I'. :'.-On sewnd thoughts. : M'lJfc I Car Daily News 14 East GcTtrDDciiI: St.
& A of refinement
u Neck ,,retjulretl. We dear Ueorg" I think I will marry you. I 4 woman ,
.v vmur! lav "II.IIU"rnll-: :
r il I mil iceinenti to ap-. Ito come up tonight; and see. your own : atri f always gauges a man's well breil instincts Formerly Corltl, .va K-aur u.tbtu" iOaec.irl'

H tnt. \...--*.- orlean-A rite, J.a I.K|",. true Klhel.: tem iJ by the condition of his linen i S _R. t Every Woman .:td if Pin.-, nt 11.71

B'Jl'tlullMtiir I S and he goes into her presence armored I ,: is iBltrtlie l*n<1 ilma!J know to I2.UU per doztu.I. .

A PHYSICIAN HEALED. I i: {i with beauty when his shirt, 4i' G: .a 1M ,,' .bo.'jt limn, i i.TfirM4RML I I I I.
I at
\\ .t S'l'1U.
Dr. Ot'- ElVill!:. a practicing; physician t collars< and cutTs have been done up \t i!-".,.. ilxt. '" ,.Nql.r... 1,. ,
\. ", ; will pay I at the Star Laundry. -iV *' MI".. 1',IVHt. 'Hf1k 1t
Smith's Grove Ky., for : ; and
of : v
'a to right one. Ad- .. :;: h........1......',.
,t" ', 'I over thirty year?, writes his personal .. '. .
mritf'I f r tnurl for IIIf TLee.1inyp Igaregupen. r
s.i aina. o' eiupiy beer I II experience with F,>]py'.. Kidney ,IHitl.l.at h.. .'."of 101'1'] r the .", to IitIsamf: t<< 'puv.':\.
I ALL WORK c. o. D. Gocds CallEd for and Dgliiereil Free. rptn.
'I H galrD'g i. novrfI tvdi. I t ,,
I had been uprnr .
Cure: "Fur years greatly b ;; el i-ou'I- ;;JN.Ir a k p. \ C brrr anC: inie :i 8.
*.,4iii.tr. I!, bothered with kidney and bladder TELEPHONE 114. 27 GARDEN ST. .fn.l ai.&wetufadle.PUll' ual.and MHKLLO:" ...tr. "otn_ 11.-, nrrth4hours the i is'
etUMwl \ M3_ .tin .it off 'ru I.
[ trouble aud prostratejglind. I }
I > u the i; ;It;; on all Room Si c Times bldg.. >tw 1 or. .. ..IH nHr inLaurels O"I.Gt"T'
known to WALKER INGRAHAM Manager. I
'IL' '.1110. KuKavou.lntin. i I upd everythine ,
: ::<*.<{.' the profess) >u without relief until I
_. -- : I II --- ----, -
I I commenced to n** Foley' Kidney
[I Cure After taking three ESTABLISHED 1862.

MB BKMWX I.KUHOKNSiock was entirely relieved and cured. I I
and I'ggs for cat... !I pre"cribp it now diily in my prac- I Again !
oil i WillinHarlwareiVs. lw
111 (;ooiH ). to all physicians for such troubles. I I rUfcrpo.ll ;
Pf acola Lodge No. 8, K. of P. ... doe Cicld t
\1 \ HKlKVr.Manuiactnnrir ; ; I have prescribed it in hundreds ofCl Q --DIALIKS- 0 Ftatll Award to

tAr .. : es with perfect i'uccP.c." W. A. meets every Monday T LIng
in 4> Hat Toilet
011. ..tr .w W. liOTernmentr ; I D'Alemberte. S. Palafox. Chandlery and General aa11dmaPe at Flo< at Castle Hal
- Ship In Handing the Bioant third floor.Ultlng Wattoi. -SI I.W.HARPERKENTUCKY .:

>- I'or I.'11 n era I... If yon want a good Bedstead COS AND BOS 8. PAL.\rXJl 8TIIEET. I I {welcomed brethren corfliall '

i I'UK -furnisnedi the - -- AGENOY.\. H. A. LEE
H'NKKAIJJ \ or a nice Crib for U. HORRtEB WHISKEY

.r"Do.I'I bouqaets orspeolal" en Gregory detg.. 'bubif .to llar. ton (5'Quinas. REVERE COPPER COMPANY JOHN A. ROEBLING'9 BONN CO. I, K.R. t1.:


a P 14t- ) \VEIt !I I I i 6trdii ftliti. Oils. Ititictl iBitronisti, flirts, liciiri, IksliCOMPA88E8. Seasonable household ikwal.d' N6r14sMoto Ooioeea awarded P&p ci ..

t ..1, and "oral-ioig;:' !I LOGS FTTU and kitchen utensils at the ( Ia9i.
ordered for costomres We will launder your spreads foe .
>: -i-o Si's West tiregory.ridlm. 115 tents each and iake them look C. McKeaxie Oerting Collecting; Agent for Bar Pilots' Benevolent Assc Willis Hardware Co.'s.
,I liks uw Star Laundrv. elation. | Son of Da JUtU;.&I. diOS.I .



r .- Z. ." -. '.. ..':.... ,-... ..., =, _, !-a., """ ,. -. -,- -, ,,,,,, ': ;. -_-.. .
-"" .. :;"" .. 7' "r-""" r ., ,. ., .7>." ...... ...- /",' ": -- -- -, ..,-->. ,, .. .,.... .... ,, ,
I ,



ri IT 7 Lr-. .-'- -


Not to carry over any Summer Footwear. The Odds and Ends of the Season's Business WILL HAVE TO GET OUT, and the

Prices that we have made during ourH



get them out quickly. This sale is the Greatest of all sales. Read these Price Exterminators and Profit by Them:

-- -- --- -
. '_:.. ,, ::-:: -____ __w. __ ,_ ..._______ --- --- --- --- -- -.----.A.--- --.- ----- -----. ._-" --

.. i.' $350 .* t_ $3.CO Z f2W .. 1.5 ; ; $->.5-3 ; ; S2.CO ; e c'

.1 ALL STYLE, Pat Leather" Vici Kids. ; and'ici Kids .. .. Pat Tip Turn Sole .. i Pat Leather Colonials *. .. 4.strap Pat Leather .. ; v.'' ,". ',

" *. NOW i. NOW NOW NOW NOW NOW No \ tf ,

; j $2.94. : f $2.11. : : $169. : : 112. ; : $1.96. : i $1.67. j i $115,

.. ._ _. _._ _. ._ _. ,._._ .._ :
-- --- -----
- -- --- -------.---- .-- -- --- --- -- -- -- --- -- -- -- -
'v- ----- '- --- J '-- - --- y --- --
wVici yMEN'S -
$LOU : $3.20 j $33i; ) t *2wI $200 0 $l.ii0 ., t'
T. .
.. Huckle and'HJWNOW .. .. I'at'ICI Kids Kids, All T oes. Vici Kids : *! Plain and Cap Toes J ** Plain and Cap : : T t.:. < ..


: 58 cents. i :: $2 94. : : $2.89. : : 198. : : $159. ; : $1.24. ; : 74 cents

: -- -": ':-- -=:.-.-=-- -: -: ::=-=. :::-===-:===== -:=-=..:::. -- -=- =-=- :-:- ==--===-=---- -:--= =-= --- --- =-_. ::--- = -- - _::-::-- _.:::-.: .,- '':::-':::--- ::.: =_:. ..:.- -

: IJOYs' OXFORDS .t : I\F.\: \ :

$1.To J.VL Y"'ER SE3E C. : ;- i I

: Pat and Vici Kids b"f -
NOW St11t
$1 38. | CI 27 cents

:................... 10:! SOUTH PALAFOX: STREET PENSACOLA, FLOKIDA. :..................:

- -
-- -- -
----- --- -- -- -
--- -

1 CASE FUll DESIGNER I i tion. To is visiting always physicians extended, an and invitation it V"r1 r wTNICK'S F R. POU, <=< ",ot -

would be a pleasure to the society to

MYSTERY WREXHAM I grant them the privileges of joining : : : : FEED, LIVERY AND SALE STABLEOPfu"l !

i in the deliberations. The next
DAY A! Intrmlflii -t""I'I i
I meeting will be held Sept. J.S4QtiS. -- -




.\ woman the name of whom wa Designer Wrexham, who for year" R. POU $ 4
F .
po-itively refused, wag brought up l has: been doing excellent work in I AND PEHSONALSCharles m ,

from Rig Hiyou early tlu- morning 1 New Orleans carnivals, is the gentle- DAILY MENUS .< .< FUNERAL DIRECTOR AND EMBALMER

in a bad condition, shy\ having been ;I man who has made the designs for a .
I 17 Test Ltendenda Street. Office Phone. 31. lie-idem. 1 "
the \ ictnn of lowe man'- wrath, it H dozen fantastic floats to be used ic O. Ollinger. of Mobile, is Comprise all the Up-to-

rtported.Ih9 I the Pensacola carnival next year j jI I a visitor today. He is interested in Date Dishes the Mar-
I the dry dock business in. that kets of the World
ambulance received her from !I I and those who have been fortunate j I city. Afford. .THE BIG STORE.

I "I','cl.ll train of the L. & N. rail- : enough to see thee drawings pronounce Frederick Wat-on and daughter.

rod which had hen Jf-patcl.ed them beautiful. of Selma, arrived at the Merchants o_--===--,:-:=-_ =- =-- --:- 0
this morning.. They are on their
aver the dumtulillR for her, and They have arrived, been accepted Ladies' Private Our
way to Perdido bay. Buyer is now in New York purchasing u- .
the prostrate form was carried to Ht. I and Theodore Weber has already | Immense Stock otI
Mobile Item: Mr*. M. B. Preston Dining Parlor. I
ALthnny'hrpital.. commenced work on them. Oae ""
and Mrs. E. B. Preston of Pensa- Dry Goods, Clothing, Gents' Furnishing Goods
It i* und -rtood that .he i-j hurt wtek ago lie entered the associa- cola Mi-s Ay nurd of Milton, were

very bid but no inform Ui.iu will be tiou s hall on West iriieu ;street guests of Mrs. H. G. Lomers last Carpets, Mattings and House FurnishingsTo
given out rouceruin her or the a*- week. Regular Dinner Daily.
and took up his duties.
?lilt. Make Room for the block we will Inaugurate
Designer Wrexhaiu is the same Mr. Lee Daniell returned this
It waol I o cl ick this morning when I

.tu m ''u.e from the L. & N., with one artist who for years has preparedthe morning from a trip through: Tennessee Short OrderPromptly .jt MONDAY AUGUST J.; t
Noith Carolina and other
coach, vsii switched to the dummy -IJex" and "Proteus" floats in Filled. Night or Day.

lii.e truck. P.irtifnear at the the Cie-ceut City His work on states. His family stopped in Alabama
to visit relative A Great Clearance Sale{
time stated that the iu
charge I those Las given him a world-wide I If It's Something Good to Kst
wj-re all in a ru-h and as soon ,t-; the Miss Wilhelmina! Lind inger, ofcranton. you wtsb.you'll find It ui

.witches. were thr.wn the tram aped reputation,and, a; he has: applied his Miss., sister of Fred Lin I -

on its way. It rt-turnpd in lee s than best talents to the preparation of the diner, who formerly resided here, Nick Apostle'sPopular I>UV GOODS DM'AKTMIAT; elOIIII\: (..

in hour and was met by the arabti1 ) Peusacola draw ing-, it may be stated is here visiting friend*, a guest of Restaurant. : One lot of Scotch Lawn and AII-\\>"f>1 Blue Kerf Suits I

uic" Wordwer< not spoken, and with positiveuethat the show to the family of Hen Barclay. I French Challies, 10 yards for 3.>c. Fine All-Wool Imported :.
One lot of fine imported Silk Finished : Alpaca and MohairCuatsan :
i formation refused even to inquiring be made next year will be ou an \\'. C. Oau-e, Mobile, and F. T. Madras at 21c per yard, worth at less than half price.:
otlcer! I 1-'Iv Y 't i iFoley's regular 3.: ;. .
There wa.om tilk uf making I equal: with those of the New OrleaLs Talfs, of Chatham Ontario, are at I One lot of fine imported Madras at I''I Full! Trouernow stock! of the cel 'brat, :
the Merchants on till
today. Both of these;; !
warrauts against; some parties for city.The I gentlemen are largely interested: in Kidney Cure is medicine 17c One worth lot of regular Sea Island 2oc. Percal*, full I pair sold with A guaranteSlIOI

opp" *ni2 otlicer+ in rffuiinj infor- Carnival Association! will be the timber busines. the fir t-named free from poisons and will cure any yard wide, at lOc, worth 15c. :$

oration regard,: the matter: i it'j' called in session tomorrow night for!' bring a member of a firm in this case of kidney disease that is not 51*)yards fine Hwiss Lawn, worth I r .
being rtgirdd:; : Ii; a thinK iu which regular 1> to V:>o yard, this sale 10 i I >0 pairs LadiesOxfordhlippers i : "
i: the purpo-e of taking up the incorporation city-the Southerlaud-Iunis Co. beyond the reach of medicine. W. yard for t+4c. at 7"u; a pair wort, t .
the law -iipposr-d to have a ha'id. A. D'Alemberte K Palafox
articles and some other -- st. A few of those tine, fancy Parasolsleft I 75 pairs II.it Strap SIJI'i'; .
Thi be
1Il.Ir before lIi, ht. | I which we are offering at co"t. lOu pair $1.75; Hi .
It wa- said the wounded woman matters will also be considered. STEAMER COMING RATHBONE SISTERS. Strap : '
i I (:-\ltl'''.TS AND MATTI.M;. Iii: pairs fl oti Oxford- !
had l>"m ronkinir at a imp at Hi l

H 'YIIIIIIIIII had been given a tiri! .h FOR CARGO OF WHEAT A regular m etin.r Magnolia Smith's Smyrna Hug, 21x51, for '..\TTII :\"-
i'\fril MACHINERY FORCOTTON ,i Temple So. i, RathboneM-ters, will H 15Miuth's.
ing by men. Thiwas told
5f i
I yards of
be held 1VedneduynightAuLrust27. Mattis: : i
Smyrna Rug 2tix31; for
at the Cnunty jiil and an iuv.iiti<;jti I at 7a o'clock at the K. of P. hall. $1.S5. at 17'vc worth 25;: and "

"m i ig b irg:: l'Illluct..J. : : OIL MILL'I II The British stellmhipIauchl'ster Inuations will take place. A full attendance Smith's\ Hmyma hugs, 'fltfor 5oo yards Matting III J:,
especially requested, this *2 lj. 12c, worth :2<*c.

-Hit. t..t'.*!,'\D\\t MJ>. I Importer is due at Pensacola today. date being the Temple's first ann I. Mnith'3 Smyrna Kugs 3$x72, for 5"0 yard; China M."
ver-ary. Refreshments will be $;3 3j.
She i- consigned to the Uulf TransitCo. yard.
!>t>l tliuhl li) a llomtlcrM :I J. H. Wright, local representative erved. Viitmg members cordially ,I One Jot of Keystone Hmvrna ttug; 2I(.X) yard good (';.,.. I
and will load a cargo of wheat invited. 30x60, for f!.(*>.
.I..I pcoplt? are crsitures of habit. for the Southern Cottou Oil Co., said MKS. J. C. WILLIAMS, :M.: E. C. t One lot of End j I i 1.'sc yard.
for Carpet Rug, full I
The prr'on who tliiiiklit* ciuuoiiret I Liverpool.The
:iI'Mjg without iiinrniudrink :, this morning that the work on the : MRS. EDITH P i'.M'KR, M. R. C. I.j yards long, for bi*c. "\ISISS" \ .\IM-HM

lit cotfef pretty hard tj couviuct i i I Iinl !! plant had so far advauced that it I gram elevator was "teamed up ---- --------- I wnnh's Axminister Rugs with .. .
I Black Diamond I !
: .r
NOTICE OF ELECTION.To manuUcturer's guarantee, 27x70 for
h-1-treitnd i like Mrs. today and is
"-i Clam I'I storing graia in bins I
... Hotluiaii Portland Or..,, treated I IItrr j I was probable operation, would be I the -berin of hjtoambis: County State of 215. per gallon gujraiitf i "
from the cars. The cargo is expected Florida. An immense., ;, !. ,' .:
1.IIl.1Ill\! Son. Sh\ > : CUUTAIN9. ( ;
i1:1Y { commenced about the middle of Ie It known that I. H. Clay (ruwlord. ,
, ".h\'ill,: !'uth.r..J with -tomich to equal one from 11 tol..1'pH -' .
: any ever shipped from Secretary Ma-ts of the state ot "'Iorld .
Elegant stock of
trouble for --eral .,'pllr;'. I fleterinined next month. do hereby Itlt'D&tlee that a Lace and H\iss Carriage Paint u i i75c "
f to discontinue the U.A of coffee Several carload of Pen-acola.: OE);.:KAL ELECTION Curtains at 15 per cent less than t e,;- ; quart.
. and try l'..Burn Food Cutfee. necessary ma- will be held la EseanlbtaCounty Htateof ular price. Household K' .'
I irefully followed directions for j jiu chiuery have arrived and are daily NAVAL STOUKS MAltInr.t Florida on Tuesday next succeeding the
I I Stet Monday In November, \. D. Iiw2,the
kin< the result wag a beverage : laid TuenJav be In
being unloaded. A number of others ? the
very pleasing t<> the ta-te. I in-1 i I I portf'd Dally for The News bj Ot'KTH UiY t>F J.OVEMBKR,
,, ,mend my husband to give it a trial are already! on the way, and are Union Naval Store Co For one Keprevnlallve of the Third Con- I JUilliam loljnsou & Son. j
$ and soon noticed the improvement. : pxpected daily.RECULAR P08IK.WG greBsional District.st.f of t loridn. In the Hftyeiahlh .
Cosgre the I'nited
' He complained of 'he.trt trouble' ww., .. ... to'u M...... .._ ,la) for Secretary of State of statei.tbe mate of
_ but as he drank colic I felt sure I ...... a& U..... .._. .. .. I'.5 Florida. =
5 that this was the cau-e. It proved!'i sr"-" .. .. -.. xto Y..... __ III .Lomotroller of the (state of Horida I I -- ---- -

t to be ill', for after Laving used Po;. I j MEETING i IM. -....... ., 8(15 E..... ......'. Ir, the For State one of J uMice tlorlda of the Supreme Court of kinds of FurnU E I i j VIRGINIA COLLEGEFor

[ turn for a short time his 'heart trou-l K.._ .. .._......... S55 D ....._ ....... 11., tot two Kail road. Commissioner of the II I IWitrAll S at nearly cost, I' I1: IIi
: completely disappeared :, L... ..... ........ .._. 1 W C A below.. I \lMPIIUTI > State: 'or State of Horida.t I make room for 101.NCJ LAUII.M. '
: Last year we went Eat, and whitethere I Ii OF MEDICAL SOCIETY TC'.PIIIrlln-U1,. District of the senator(State of for florid l'Condenatorlal! new stock. i iIlolniH i i Opens Hept. I HKcbooli .'
--- --- fut )'' i I.
I boarded with a private family. -- For two Member! of the House of I'.tpreBt I New r.uildingp' *
of taU"I'li of the State: of lorida. from the>orthrrnV | .
[ Oar hndhdy complained -leeplessees I The man who owns his own home for Tax MM H snipun h'D ac r. .. o rI
Atv or are m PJns-Be: toe In \' of \ f..',
and_ .her_ son of ob-tiuatetotnicn For Tax w. t4.1UtAIIl9.vr ouu.4a ry alley a
I I I insures himself against lots of Collector I topes and *n. raitCon
I trouble. It was A pam cageof i The Pensacola Medical Society For County Treasurer. ,
natory a-1ai a;
, collee poisoning in both. Know ( trouble and worry. Nobody can For five County Commissioners. Garden hose at the Willis KlOCUJlOU, ..Id....'. for
ins what 1'u=; tom had done for me I j met last night and the usual amoun-t raise, his rent, and the rent day has of For Public three Instruction.members of the County IoarJ I Hardware Co's. >' catalog u"addr -s
advised H trial but the .on declared +I business was: transacted. It has i no terrors for him. It's 1 easy to own For Justice of tne Peace in and for the I I II MATT f 11AK
ie wanted none of that. 'weakwatery f I following Justice District,viz. --
been the earnest endeavor of the a home now-a-days. Thos. C. No. 1. I ( mattresses for the -
stutI. Well I had been .
) :! No.a.I'orConstsbtr I1IL tsPci t price ever sold here
Po Cortea for I Watson & Co. can tell howi !
making my-elf
to elevate and place upon :a you In and for the following O. AI. Pryor. i pA1RVr
and husband and next morning I offered I i i easy it is. Call and see them. Jnstic Districts,\it: I LAKEVIEW1MIOM
hi in a cup and he drink It. not broader plane the profession ol our >o. I..

knowing what it 'as.Well,' I said, community, and interchange new I I! All water used at Anderson's has No.1.So.s. Save IffliW buy in g\i\ : 11
You like Postuui X0.5.No.6.. yo j I
seem to after all. ;, been distilled. r furniture .
'What,' he exclaimed, 'that was not idea, theories and their practical -.
I 1- -- :the attention of the sheriffs U called to at Marston fy Quina's
Potuni, why that tJisteJ fine. \I experiences for the betterment of'1' I'or HemHOfSE tile law requiring them to cause a notice of "*
Mother, if you learn: to make it like I the said election to be published in a news I Great Furniture Empo Get Qur Summer Prices on io'4
this I will always drink it.' She humanity, preventing and curing of -" paper printed In the county, U there be a
I I DWELLlSG for sale or for p8Eir.1LllJecanty'! If there be no pap..r' rium.
next morning she watched ira and I ailments. With the invention of Instruments Apply at :K Last Oreg- n the county they shall cause at Best Milk in the City.
the importance allowing ory streit. least five ot this .
explained 3alw copies notice to be posted
it to boil long enough After of precision and the i! -- -=---=-: -0-=-= ____ In the most public places the county. I CK13W NOTICEJooJ.aN Our Stock hue (,: .,' '
thtt we all drank it regularly and I I I : the iaptaln.01l"n- In Testimony ray hand Whereof.and affixed I have hereunto set Drink. NoMatTwn v
wonderful discoveries constantly being th6rea Seal! ER the captain
our landlady and her on soon beganto aSEITHEI consignees of the [L S. of the State of Florida at Talla- consignees of the owners Br ss Miles of (Ir.! : L
get well. They continue Us Use made to recognize disease and i responsible for bright debts will be btssee.the Capital this the first i Dale will bt re- Prices to Hotels a. :
after we returned home and recently by the crew of said vessel.Consignee. contrac day of September A.1). lied.! for debt contracted
its prevention, can H. t-LAY CRAWFORD. the of said -
one readily recognize by crew vessel.
wrote me that hey are in'Jlroving I..d F. COODE,
I ;. Kener Co. Secretary of State.: CHA3.PI3KHAM.
daily." the work of this organiza I \'apta.n roan To County.George E. Smith, sheriff oan-vxl:Escambla W.L. Wlttlch Consignee.Co., Captain!"'opt R. M. AVERV > 4


J. "" .. -

The daily news
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,.T .,...-- -<--- .m ., .,-, .... '.

1 :-: A fi T ,-k






=- ,

-- ." I "

-- --- -=--- =-= =::::::.....=--.:: ---= -- __-=-.:.:: =--u __ --_ _- _-


_- ____
::=c-=== ---- -



-- -- ,


1 \, illpt to Dynamite Express Car Majority Over Johnson In Alabama


Proved Abortive. I
-- I f 25,000.

Special to The Daily News: Special to The Daily News.HaU'igh. I
Ix>\\eII.: Mass Aug 2G.-For :25! minutes :: N. C.. Aui?. -Tom Jon'i ----- -

I I unlay the city entertained: the the who assaulted Mrs. Will: -- ....-
: '.t'r: News. j ji. Special to The Daily News.
president of th- United! States and Smith near Seven Springs on Friday

.1 i.., .\11I";. :20.-Tli.' !I REPORT OFCROP then watched him depart for New has been lytched Montcomery. AU. Aug.; :j-rn th*- HEAD SEVERED
Democratic held; foi
: ,"D Pacific train wi i iI i Hampshire and! Maine giving! him a He was ca-isiht: by a posse of three primary
nomination candidate for
of m'.t.
hearty cheer as the train pulled out. taken to '?Irs Smith's house and identified.
I.nt I Idaho, Ci mla : -; CONDITIONS
I offices William D. Jelks of Harbour FROM BODY
TIlt president left Ho<;ton at 835.:
1 11 Block last ngh: I II He confessed his: crime and
I t_e present governor woa over tur
North Uillorta turned out immensecrowds
whom there ucrffneineer i I -- gave up a razor he had stolen from : .
mer Governor Joseph 1 Johnston .Ii i --- -
to stop tho : and gave a rousing cheer as his victim's hn br.n.1. Hr was put :
I'Special to The Daily News. the train passed by. At each place Jefferson for governor by a 'aAjor.t. p"clI.1 t' r.e .a.
., .: they uncoupled this! I In a barn t- await the arrival of the
!I .. .. which will probably reach 25WO.:
'1'1:0'11 compelled Washington. Aug. 26.-Fuhowicg is the president appeared on the pisi sheriff but ten men. disguised as negroes I .
they This election was the first held sire e Atlanta, tug :::e A a. I* ja rain
"r tIeulnt! of a rev.jlV !. the agricultural department's weekly form and acknowledged the preetin came from the woods and iemandfd was 1to'ntltt.4 lit fXflcM t4ads.f a*
the adoption of the new constitution
The special train arrived here at 9: 19
> me track about 3 miles report of crop conditions I I r/'m. by which the wa eliminatedas Ill. S'r nx,. .if &M: .. Mu..teia. +a4
and its arrival was signalled by negro
a, m.
Officer Walker
refused to give hits
if they! tried to wreck the As a whole the conditions east '>! a political factor in Alabama and run oc by U .11.01. tts" ssf uI
the of salute by
firing a presidential I and shot In the Beck.
up was
with dynamite. The bana of tra *4 of t*i
ar : ** ran n0 :
been the law made
have an
the Rocky mountains not the militia. The sidewalks about the new organic was
.'. tar:''il to work for some The men battered down the door. Southern U.- trsk a.V wt <.IaUaf
issue In the It in
favorable being too cool in the north station were thronged with people and campaign was
.. put Jones on a tram car. ran it into
:I." and, after spending i west lJ 1'I..lmoat street aMllit lit
its Governor
dorsud entirety by
ern districts eastward of the Missouri the common which was the scene Hi
the woods, bound him to a log and
wttli the car the robbers d.'- : o'cloi fast ulf ht
Jelks and Governor Johnston also!
I and with too much moisturein the real reception was black with hu fired of shot Into him. He
valley a volley
aJ wing the engineer to guil guaranteed to uphold it. although he It U upMM portions of tha central valleys while manity. Act'ng Mayor Badger and a was not killed at the first fire and another .
train *;itli his englnu. its ratification. hat I1*" was under ttt* iBfiit.t*. at II

>'b"r thurs had guarded tie excessively hot in the southern states committee of the city government met volley ended his misery. opposed R. ),1. Cunningham of Jefferson defeated 1UlJr and that htrmn bMnI.a the. rats
the and the g-tatioa,
president party at
Buttons and pieces of cloth
eiIr4; the passengers inside with drought of greater or less sev- were C. E, Wailer of Hale, by almost thinking that b.r au "a ... <( who Charles M. Allen
was presented by
taken souvenirs from his .
as body.DEMAHDW
rno.rs ftl l >cg the sides. XT verity generally throughout the cotton former governor of Porto Rico I ." 2<.00ft majority for lieutenant which Incvok the city st tl P;

was made to molest the pttv belt Although cool the conditions After a few words of welcome the governor.The that ne went &!<'''n nttu tfc* rf4 *

and after the engine: cants were fairly favorable for maturing party took carnages; and drov rapidlyto I nomination of state officers l>v fLort dftaac sad tfr... dt.e.wItl
'oribers left and this his mistake. rot off and .t..s belt
f 'P \ Ohio and the Innovation
crops in the valley over thp common through the _rretaarched a general/: primary was an
amf i'.t 10 Spokane Th.F .} southern portion of the middle Atlan in Alabama. to the depot &ft.' ..It.*" I**n M tit.i .
with bunting and lined wuh i
\ .u 'b. rjt' ,'f Cunctlwlor'il.!. ttctAtrt1 as well as on the Pacific cheering peopl", BRITISH IRONpeei.t The election passed off q'littlyj i curs a. tty ".**. fwiait *ya--l "'tl

; wi U-'lrna The train coast Corn is greatly: in n..ed of Arriving at the speaker's stand, th. throughout the state It R. Pole> of the shed
a.ed". The head wan r. t.4 frrm ill*
tha Man-niro commissioner of .
weather throughout agriculture.Thomas
warm, dry resident was 11'1 :.t'nted to the people
northern portion of the corn bet 4n a brief -..'I.t' uei- by the acting may to The Daily News: L. Sow ell. of Walker! for a'l- t
U ; 5 TO'CO" where the abnormally cool! weather :,\, w York All,. :Jt Ij -Increased demand dltor. and J. Craig Smith of Dallas der and I1' '. f"i..w fli. iaer

of the past two weeKs bas greatly retarded for D:'it'sli iron from Chicago for treasurer had no opposition theybeing The Mt t''tt'i a.. i .'tft.T ,.arse ,*l Ithodjr -*

or.SIGNALS ..>rt bust v mur: '. '' Tl>> fc.l New York !
its maturity ai Philadelphia has sent accorded a second term by precedent.

TO PHILIPPINES Over the southern portion of the BYSEARGHLIGHTS up prlf hen-, says a IxmJon tils- I was (".11 d! ..'s.". '' ', t. >m tMbo''y

,,L'ii, i'.' i' ; ',.. r' i. tsirt 4trnvcred .
of The Tnbuno The
corn belt; an excellent crop early patch io following coneressmen: were re-

corn is new practically assured. In A report that orders have been rev nominated! without opposition'First .

News. portions of Iowa and Central Illinois ceiwl for fci''iOO tons has not been district! G. W. Taylow ; second It wa I Itr>" ">:,, h. nmo fray

corn has badly lodged! as a result of confirmed with authority, but th> district A A. Wiley; third district! 11. ore of the I" i I MKMt f<-'
2i!.-President a ....obl" raL' ,. ..t r r'h. ..this .
local storms. Spring wheat harvest American: demand for manufarture-l D. Clayton: fourth district Sidney j ;
r r.eral Miles tc.i. Special there Nf''''s. !Iron steel father died (mf a eb.r' tiro. .. '.
Is unfinished ii. the northern portion and has biifliced to stiff" Bowie; sixth district. J. H. n"nkh.f;

hed the w ir of the lied river duty, \Unv it ha, Flrt F-'an.i X V A u:. :!<;.-F.-r I! prir. .' "ni+pensatP for declining i| pevrnth district, John I* B'lriftt.eighh ; and left U tor t.)-. ., '," I. atwwt

-ral Miles j is been interrupted by frequent showers several hours after muluignt last night trad.> nom India and Australia and 'ho I district William Richardson; $;:,.It"1

'ul Snpt. 13t : which also have seriously interfered the searchlights the army stationat I stagnant condition of South Atri(''!.. ninth! district OurarV_ Underwood i I

the army with stacking and threshing. Napatrep( point off Watch Hill "t- When the American steel combinationwas In the fifth district former Conervss- .

11 nstrurtiou.w : Sprouting and rooting in stack anJ changed signals with a light at Fort formed there was a general conYictkn man Willis! Brewer opposed Charles TROOPS PROTECT

bock are reported from Iowa and in Trumbull New Ixindon today convoylag amnng British ironmasters that W. Thompson the present !ir.cumtien:

that in that.: southern Minnesota threshed wheatis the Information to the army officers there must be a defensive movement The returns indicate the rer.f>nncatlon i i NONUNIONISTS

.pe'nor rank Genr.tfrfere damp: and discolored. Harvest is regarding the preparations for amore the manufacturers here and In of Thompson !

"'. : ; in any.' about three..fourths finished in Oregon the war game between the army andnavy Germany and Belgium. Kxports of I I -----

'I. it-ral Chaff. or' Wash- which Is to begin next Friday at iron and stetl Jrom these countri"S I
and will be completed in j
I Special to The O.uly :\.n
i-'' i Ineton during the pn'SP11t'E'ek., with have hen increasin; steadily since !I
,u: m)' in the Philip yields about the average though less a hill road near the center jf December and the effect of the American i Summit Hill! (';1. A.iit ?' R, U...
tii ally examine(' the than expected in 'ashinl-'ton. the island it is possible to look down combination Is not dreaded ac' ENGAGEMENT mint press:!> alrmc the Panther ('e..itEistrUt
rinds them dovot A decided deterioration in the condition upon the military reservation and observe It was last 'ear.I I| tllll.vr daybreak f*.o 1t,1I.

'>:, entirely J to matters of cotton IS reported generally the bustle of activity within. The British! market has not been j ers ass-mbl in ptP9.mi aeintllA1erv

.1-on and not to pnliti throughout the central and wpsternportions but no nrar approach to the fort is I converted into a dumping ground CorI I men from going t.. work

: the results of his work of the cotton ri"lt. as well as permitted Anuric'an iron and steel! and prices I II Special to The Daily News: Anticipation; trouble! MJ..r O..fhirdt -

",ned! in a set of reports.( over a large: part of the eastern districts I haw i Ii-'n; with the increased': >marrlI New York AUK. 2>> -Ala-up: is going sent t.-" companion It' K>Uir.

months agoiy, Inspector from the Carolinas! In North New London Conn.. Aug. :L1'!.-Major -- tersburR correspondent to The Herald to thl* pt rr and their f>rvtvc..

rkenndpre. who has preiminous Carolina the condition of the crop continues General MaeArthur commanding tie: to the ffcct that the Grand Duke Michael I i. pn.ienh'il a pCIo'lhlt' outbreak

set of report very promising, although the department! of the east, has arrived II DRUNKEN Alexanrtrrtv'irh. Known outsidehis Sri. r.il riciniinionha! -! (I.. "n a*.

not )rt been published. prevalence of rust is wi1lesnreFd, On here accompanied by General Harri- own country as the r/arnvitr. !sengaged tai kfit and th.- fnwr war 'fn a tiiriJKMl

.-' Mitn; for the betterment stilt 'oils in South Carolina new I son and his personal staff. The gem SAILORS ROIT to marry the second daughter: 1 lir- <,-.!,1.. i ..... ..r''d the peen hrnvfffi

i-\ service at every point growth:, U blooming and fruiticfr. but t ral! said that all details of the war I of HiP Grand Duchess Anastasia of tl- tun'. Ii 1 ar ha.! ..". "f',; art pr.t

i.itjon down to discipline, maneuvers would be perfected Just a? Mecklfcnb Srhwrrin. the D'irhp"- I I them it afftinil'rf'. whtrh 1 f'&t-
on sandy soils, rnt. shedding and premature : ,
'- and supplier ('>nlnUP prevalent soon ag possible and that the army I Cel Augustine Marie who is of tee tied! l them t" t'u"r!, r>rk

-.'IK f tram Washington ol' would give a good account of itself in Special to The Daily News.New '!
In Texas the rtetrrioation has he.'n ; I samp refined delicate type of beauty
1 ii no one at army heat the of warFIREMAN Ynrk Aug Cfi -Several sailors:,
pronounced, and under the most favorable game I as her sister i who married Prince !
'u.ly authorized to dis- who are said to have been indulging'! Christian nf Denmark WILCOX CASE
future weather conditions a jiellin ,
i:' of his projected trip; too freely In stimulants have caused a | desirable
Nothing! more -
"VAij here he will bp ac- excess t>f the average is improbable KILLED ; I fight on George W C Drexol'a yacht, |'I than this reported appear enRagemer.', !i WILL BE ARCUED

lat |least two members the Alcedo. from Philadelphia! which the The Grand Duke i
adds dispatch
The week has been favorable! I
." namely. IJ'utenunt Colo- very almost amounted to mutiny says a Michael 1 celebrates his twenty.fourth
for cutting and curing: tobacco, and
'"i and Colonel Rpber. the Halifax dispatch to The Herald. Several
the crop has pen! rally Improved, a!. birthday ='o24 next and the Due i-| i=P pal to The |)al\ii :N. a'iI
-in-law. Colonel Maul members of the became intoxicated

though It will he short In Kentucky -- I 055 Cecil enters! her seventeenth year i RaWgr N C'.c ., Ti.. tel
r.r-ection officer of the and began smashing things .
and portion of Tennessee. Virginia to The Dally News. after this monthPHOSPHATE tf--n. of the 'ip'"!!,' 'i sri I.. ran r....
:: av accompany General Special on board. The captain called in 11''
and Mar>land. I terday The (*ock ''. of 'h.. 14 l tlatrtri
r.reenvillo. s.: C. An?: 26.-Th* policeman! but he was powerless. I
It hit! been too dry far favorable arc not heavy and .
nut September 15 and a!- northbound freight on the Columbia.Newheiry : Reinforcements were called and MINES
progress:; with plo 'Ir.;:; for fall seeding I ot marked important &nt few .u.
"Jh for a tour of inspe. and I.aurens railroad was when they arrived the sailor who was
in portions of the mitlHptlantir I fly the chief in that nf JIM Wikea. tb..
principal llanr 1 of the wrecked )'f'btf'rdamornini; near I the principal cause of the trouble, retreated
rtatt-s. lake region and Oklahoma. Else '' SHUT DOWNSpecial i Klbahrth City murderer wh<'k will
fJwral Miles should: rev Slighs. a small station about 12 miles down a hatchway. The p:>
whp.rthp reports indicate that this Le argued today Th> reoeral .....
ir.pt m early in January frlml'l'herry.. Fireman Henry \licemen closed with him and after I
work has made favorable adtance- I IDartow \Ifpf\ if that the verdict" la th. ee/perb.f
Hints white, of Honea Path. was putting Irons on him brought him to j I
meet to The Daily :News court will be' auetalne9. .l1j. t> mean *
--- killed: and Engineer Oscar Land and the deck. Then they started to handcuff j I "
injllrp'l.l Fla.. Aug. 2B.-Maty of the death to \\ 100'11"1. a renaa' i
k two negro tramps seriously another sailor. Meanwhile the ] I'
\\ TRANSMIT Shake Into Your h..t'liAllen' phosphate mines in this section harp says that If H'ilros: t.l vr Kgrfcm |k.(
the handcuffs
It is supposed that the rail spread a. prisoner snapped an- "
;; Foot-Ea-e, a powder. It this point causing the engine and cars parently as easily! as if they were j I been forced to suspend operations ow. i II fate ,111 hI' (1'1". 'n the freitaf tba
ins to a scarcity of water and othershae r"wgpaiirrha, -wit ICII nit him
POWER 40 MILES cures painful smarting nervous feet to leave the track. The track was made of twine. The two prisoners cot leen able to make Thl t<..r. I.. ... nil a...."
and infjrouiuF;:; nail*. and instantly torn up far a distance of about 150 finally were taken to the station bu ] more thin '. ..
tlon for th. I"ft. I.a'/I. him
half time. At this of q:
takes: the sting out of corns and bunion yards, The engine and six box cars! during the scrimmage the policemen | season year
la not due to roe '"a.ir.g n.wsp.ere.
they generally too much
I 11> u'\:: :News: *. Ifs the greatest comfort discovery were completely: wrecked. The injured had their helmets broken and srJt rain j
cuts. They will be arraigned but somehow things are out of Joint
Little Mountain
were conveyed to 'I many
\ c :.6: .-An American of the age. Allen's Foot- and the rainy season has not come. I
where they received medical af- In court. I OF
j .-' Mvured a contract Ease make tight or new shoe feel tentlon. Stock men also report great suffering CONFERENCE !

,. >M.
.T plant which bin- callous and hot, tired, aching "I was troubled with a hacking I i j here by Observer Wade shows a rainfall 'I TOBACCOINTERESTS J

.' :.,'e power to be transit feet. Try it to-day. Hold by alldrurgist5 REFUGEES KILLEDIN cough for a year and I thought: I had of only about 2C Inches this year I
-v of Turin, northern Don'taccept I I I I so far when it should have been: near
shoe stores.
; and C. Unrer, 211 .
cower taUon'il: be consumption say ly double t-hat. i iV.ndop
Mont Cenia lake and tbs any substitute. By mail for TRAIN WRECK : Maple rit., Champaign, Ill. "I tried I; Special to The Daily Nt"".

'*' transmitted about 40 25c.Address in stamps.Allen 8.Trial Olmsted package LeRoy FREE., i a great many remedies and I was tinder For Over Sixty Years, Aajr, 26An Imp'"ta" ..... j

.* n.it.al p1&ntill hue a N.Y. the care of physicians for several I''I M as. Wt IILO\\8 HoOTHIMi 8TBUP bl Terence of the tobarro laterut. hi*

;'{ '",i1 horse power. Special to The Daily News.Bloemfontein. months. I used one bottle of Foley's i been used tor over iiity years by mlllioniolI been called to tale place la I6iJefi j

--- CONCERT AND DANCE AT Orange River Colony i Honey and Tar. It cured me, and I I mothers for their children while teething I I Sept 17. In an effort to nrt thme E.ree :

t >I Burnett's Vanilla Extract i 13 MAGNOLIA BLUFF THURSDAY August 26-A shunting engine crushed I have not been troubled since." 1 I with perfect .ac e... It soothes the wv which fio..d: the 'Offill- ;

1:1 three of the doubtful NIGHT. TRAINS AT S, 8:30 AND into a train conveying refugees to | | softens the garniallays all pain.cure.Cblld'l Un of the rival "innblc.a.! Ta e 4
colic, sad Is tbe belt remedy
"tijrh costing a few 9. LAST TRAIN RETURNS AT Johannesburg yesterday Tee front CONCERT AND DANCE AT It will relieve tile poor little ia7er im. meeting will Inrlni rpr...*Btauv..

eentbottle ll:3i. TICKETS 25 CENTS, AT cars were wrecked and a number of I MAGNOLIA BLUFF THURSDAY: I mediately. Hold by Drag juti In every cart of the American TrrablD->! 1m- j

its runty and: great DEPOT. women and children were killed. NIGHT. TRAINS S, 8:30 AND '!'of the world. Twenty-five cenu a bottle penal! Toba"ro mmpacy.! mwufattf. I; J

;cake: : it the most; ecouoiniv --- -- -- AT 1 be tare you ask for "M n.Winilow'i Booth- era, Iraport r< and wb l..a!* 4.a!. ;
All water used at Anderson's has the IOrUitUIBroom6foranewon I 9. LAST TRAIN RETURNS | lug Syrup" &ad take no other kind.Foley's ers and It I* hoped by tho<* ty.r-itJ j
been distilled. F i I, 1L i). TICKET 25 CENTS, AT
'-'-- -- e that it will r *at! In a conma<f o!

v Shears;; will cutt U The bet for the 0. M. Pryor. oc j DEPOT.All Interest TUtut.t %t.r.by tn I i

itt tt I I price ever sold here. Honey and Tar trade will be placed! cm ft more utI.
the has
> Willis
Hard- a eSSeS has water ned at
All water used at Anderson's I
s. Store. 0 M. Pryor's Furniture ,been distilled. I I been distilled I cures colds, prevents pneumonia. factory footicj.

.. ...r .-, ..f'T .'" -..-; .. .
v. '". .. 'ij"- ... .,.. 1 !


I r......._-_-_....,._--.....----.....>....:..<...i1"4.. ""'v-, :..T r..._._,;.,._...._..1.,...".,.....".'f'....".'...,.J.'". _-.__.. .W.__ .>;: ;.,:':t f.:-'--:'.- -: l:.;:>:t : fJ:., -d ,,TVTI-.---...':.}- v., -!oc.W'' .'...... y7.,."Wr'W""" ." :'.'Q''i':'_:':'''22SB-8 1

1 i'I
;: ,1


1 r;'a


. ..
r. 1 fi;)'
'i- ..I
1 :


Positive Cure for Fevers of All Kinds !

I lii.:).


I i"B

t E xy, FOR,
> (:i. -

;i Dyspepsia and Bowel Troubles of Every Character.

. i EJ;, '.
i Unsurpassed as a Blood Purifier !


i I i);)t The Only Sure Cure for Yellow Fever. Has Stood the Test for Twenty Yeas J'

i tj.ff:) !tit l' _1

: Manufactured Only by The Bosso Medicine Mfg Co., Pensacola, Fla. I II

; 7,
I Cents for 8 Bottle.
.. .50 oz. ..

1 i' /

1ti ti j FOR SALE AT::: .

.i.. :' C. APOSTLE'S ,

.t:) H
:) M,
-- -- --
; -

f ....D LR/.B C TI O '0"S....

fi AS A PREVENTIVE---Take a tablespoonful every two hours until it acts on the bowels and then take only enough to kpiU ,.
.! bowels free.

1 1f; FOR YELLOW FEVER---Take the first bottle'in two or three doses within an hour's time; then take a tablespoonful every h "
: f;) until the second bottle is used up; then take one tablespoonful every two hours until the patient has recovered. The medicine L
f ) be given with crushed ice. Let the patient have plenty of fresh air and be dressed as coolly as possible. Give plenty of ice water
:.:. small quantities and permit patient to eat as much as desired. Two to three bottles usually effects a cure.
;:: FOR OTHER FEVERS. STOMACH AND BOWEL TROUBLES-Take a wine glassful every two hours until system is thoroug'
purged, and then take only enough to move bowels freely. The patient may eat anything desired except in typhoid fever.

.m.E: FOR TYPHOID FEVER AND SMALL POX-Take medicine as directed for other fevers, but do not allow patient to eat any so h t:!
I:;3 food. Patient should be nourished with broths, soups, toddies, etc and treatment should be continued for seven days after purgir. f IJ

:i: FOR PURIFYING THE BLOOD---Take a wineglassful every two hours until the system is thoroughly purged,and then take h S! HI
j a wineglassful two or three times a day. In Scrofula and other stubborn diseases the treatment should be continued for two or thi). :)
I months after the patient has apparently been cured

FOR' CHILDREN---The above directions are for ordinary adult cases. For small children and very weak people the dose shot ..1 \'
i I be reduced accordingly. Ordinarily,one-half the above dose should be used in such cases.

I!! NO DANGER---There need be no fear in taking the medicine as it is perfectly harmless and may be drank like water. In i se ?r' fl 1
0: cases,one and two bottles have.teen given at a single dose; and babies three and four months old have been treated successfully i!
f iJ:;) it in cases of cholera infantum. I ij'

'II .- .,. .. .,.,..,.,-.'<........--- .--.,.- _._.._,-..._,....,_.",..,.,_- -.--- ...,.--._- -.. .'.... ._ ,, ., .. .. .. ., _, ..J
",:"_.:.: "':'t. :- :; a'-A.- -".'=.-'.' .. -"'-=._=-.=_"_, :::\'::,o,:<: _" _, \': .'.-.,,..c..

-. rr -
,. + ) ,
E :

. ;

.. ,... .___. .,. ., ,'.-- '.t. 1fo.:1. -jo .".,,,'---..'.. ,.,',.. '.t.'..'.>,.t.....'.,..........'..1'...,.,"-i__ .
I .'''' '.'.'--.i-_'''.>.9:1',9:''.:.:'9-''-.9L9.'.,....,.;_-;_,'..-._:.:_.:..'_- ', ? .........;:J.. -'- __...._- /J. '''!:f. :f..t.<.-....>.-=--!". ."..t..+"ov.''.:o.6.'"J."J. ..0'-' :; :- .r I .ra:.Wj"M *3 2' -
*? Jr i W *i "** '---
r-- saI

;. 'i i.

:.;I II r.1

,: L ..
r I f:l:I I


J. :
L .
iI. ".

ii Positive Cure for Fevers of All Kinds!


I(:) B


f ...
.I ;?;; tJ'...,.......,.FOR
t' f"{
r w''J
I:)> 'II.-I If
E I!;f Dyspepsia and Bowel Troubles of Every Character. I IN


Unsurpassed as a Blood Purifier !

r 1\,\ .:m: ...

! ;' The Only Sure Cure for Yellow Fever. ;* Has Stood the Test for Twenty Yea? s.

a:) a.

".*.1 1t Manufactured Only by The Bosso Medicine Mfg Co., Pensacola, Fla.

i ..t..

f E Cents for 8 Bottle.) .
S. .50 oz. ';w\

I) K.

, I'I'c. AFOSTLE'S ,

\ t:
I:: I1EI :


iI I) -- -_______.n________.___._'_n_ .. i i
---- -

r siC J ....n I: ,crI o5.... -

I' AS A PREVENTIVE...Take a tablespoonful every two hours until it acts on the bowels, and then take only enough to kPl'; i;!
E!i bowels free. ::

.H.;!! FOR YELLOW FEVER..-Take the first bottle"'in two or three doses within an hour's time; then take a tablespoonful every L. :'
() until the second bottle is used up; then take one tablespoonful every two hours until the patient has recovered. The medicine ;.. .:
be given with crushed ice. Let the patient have plenty of fresh air and be dressed as coolly as possible. Give plenty of ice watn :!.
:.1 small quantities and permit patient to eat as much as desired. Two to three bottles usually effects a cure.

FOR OTHER FEVERS STOMACH AND BOWEL TROUBLES-Take a wine glussful every two hours until system is thorout: '.
purged, and then take only enough to move bowels freely. The patient may eat anything desired except in typhoid fever. ,

E!!), FOR TYPHOID FEVER AND SMALL POX-Take medicine as directed for other fevers, but do not allow patient to eat any sc : >:4!
(E'i:l food. Patient should be nourished with broths soups, toddies, etc., and treatment should be continued for seven days after pur!t a- !J

:m' FOR PURIFYING THE BLOOD---Take a wineglassful every two hours until the system is thoroughly purged,and then take ha ''\
a wineglassful two or three times a day. In Scrofula and other stubborn diseases the treatment should be continued for two or thi .
ffi: months after the patient has apparently been cured

I FOR'' CHILDREN---The above directions are for ordinary adult cases. For small children and very weak people the dose shou! .
,,1 t be reduced accordingly. Ordinarily,one-half the above dose should be used in such cases.
i !fl
; NO DANGER---There need be no fear in taking the medicine as it is perfectly harmless and may be drank like water. In ucerfL
L C;)j cases,one and two bottles have.teen given at a single dose; and babies three and four months old have been treated successfully Wi' tJJ
f:;J) it in cases of cholera infantum. ;::1:1L'

1...T.. .Ti T .v .y-_.<,,.h.- ..-._....T_ -s-.-.--_,," _- "i_VW"_ .__ _*__ ., M p w .. M... .,. .'. ..... ... 1 ___. .._ .. -. ... -_ ,%:.''w
!._21":--Iit:ltYd r.r."" ,0.J..6 .A.,m."'.> r -'-"' .-',....-"'.:-" 'J:_-__.J. va_ _'ca___ ': ?:>>w ::}: :: ::> ::: : ": A' : :' ;;': /y":_:.A'_! 1, .'::'::>..<-..6.- ''";'vJ -: ?..;::- -*-r *
d'l" "" ;"' 'I.--

"" .. '
,, ',,- "
... -



--- -


; Armed with Shotgun Held Nineteen I
; Prisoners at Bay. Mr. William 11. Thompson will playan "Let the GOLD DUST twins do your work." i Director of the Mint Issues Hit FinalI

one where health abounds.Wlthimpurebloodthere impcrtant part In "EoUit daunt" I Estimate for 1901.
AB'O1JEERJ' I i Coungton.Tenn.. Aug. 2G.-Nineteen
I r prisoners of the county jail here malean cannot I I Marion Crawford and Espy Will lms I i I Washington.! Aug :6.-jf'OrU E.

be'good health. hare written "[norna" for Mrs. Clar 4i Robert*. director of the mint, bu ...
attempt to break out this
morning 1 With a disordered LIVER there cnce Ilruue.: suet!' his Real estimate" of the prv>Ju'V
in the absence the Jailer and
Ij' succeeded near-: i cannot be good blood. -* I, Joseph Hawoit'a will proJuie the t ,a of old and silver !in the l'nU.J

new Aztec romance, "Coii.vioa." tt ,i I tl-tts during the ral udaT fur If1.'!.
They had bored through the top o! : Salt Lake City. ?'r liooerts' statement stius that
the cage; and were about I
Ulchest Priced but to break :, Hall Calne will i during the year f-e United states pro-
e cone to t1:is countrj I
through the roof when the wife .
of .
the But Quality. : Tott's Pillsrevivify to see "Tbe Eternal City" produced at fluted 3SO".Vi, aunt -& of uiJ j. valu.}
Jailer Smith took a hand. She 'j'I
armed'a ; I I 1
Washington on Oit G.Heathe at STstlt.KTiiO. d.'rf'al of $$7M)43dtI
LVtKTWHEKE.BEST trusty" and i
1,0 negro taking her bus-1
0.C3U mtth tb
band's shotgun Gregory has Just returned ,:' rr per tent as compared *

covered the prisoners I from Europe, where be has been singIng 'I yield of Ii.O.
.. and Kept them still until her husband the torpid LIVER and restoreits
t in fashionable Louses. !, The silrer yield for IS f'l amounted
returned The prisoners were then natural action.A Don't for Cunir-l.
Paul Laurence Dunbar Is to write use soap jour I to 55.2Uullt) onnreH of the r(>mm4>r.

FOR THEBOWELS i| forced to return to their cells. healthy LIVER means pure the book: of a musical comedy to be I rial value of {U3.1s.). which trot

.I blood. called "My Friend From Georgia." GOLD DUSTs I I 2.433.onn'f' or 5 p.>r fnt l.*f
< Steed Not In the Race. I than OI.
it was in lf
Martha )Morton's
Pure blood means health. I "Little Pilgrims"with I I
| Butler, Ga. Aug. 28-Hon. Walter half a dozen characters more conv nent. cheaper and better than Soar The total value of the precious! rafta's <<-
E Steed announces that he will not Health means happiness. Juvenile at any pnce. It softens hard; water. lessens labor i
will be put on the stage by Mr. Belas- and injures nothing prrxlnced by the t' ltPd >tatee In
br'tLy,9ovrnwnt.i br. krrpuuc of for be a candidate for speaker of the fake no Substitute. All Druggists. 11:0. I' 1901 amounted to $II1fi*!5.10f1. sop(,.;,
II ..ho.M rIn house of representatives. He has I MAde only by THE N. K. FA'RBANK COMPANY I
.. vas $J.! 6tlM. or 2 (tent less than
[b. mo tlCANDY > The next Drury Lane drama has Chcag3. New York Boston St Laos por
lon,'If Wu tuwvle written a letter to friends stating that 1 the jrieJd.for li '-O.
been secured by Charles Prohraan and
he would not be in the race and relieving AMOY'S GRAVEYARDS. I will l.e mounted by him in this coun Makers of OVAL FAIRY SOAP. i In 1W1 the gold production of (her'gia

those who had pledged their ___ I rn'ned' )
CATHARTIC try. was at I124&H HTW
Ike and Pie trineteririre
support to him of any obligation to CONCERT AND DANCE AT $:241. :North Carolina praiueel $16.
t 10( deltltl) Iuterminjrd.The ;;norac3:1i i,trying to engageSigpor
do so. Mr. Steed has been a prominent I I iwi poP anti $12,1x0 silver Shook Car.
city of Auny Is on au inland of : Caruso, a tenor who made a
member of several general assemblies olina $ '';,("11 gold| and tl-:" '!h'.r.1....
the awe n.iiui' 1'cr upward of 1,ftH fueee in Covent Garden last season, NIGHT. TRAINS AT 8, 8:30 AND # ;

and during! the two last sessions i. years u Las been an [migrant trading to come Auniia with hira.i 9 LAST TRAIN RETURN AT ginia J";.3M gold and $120 lih "f.
was one of the ablest leaders on tho i ---
i'I jilaet. The population of the island 't'r!.!.!>;'. 11:50.; TICKET 23; CENTS, AT ----- -

floor of the house He was renonunatwl K ps-t.maUd at our .KxifliO, and it liasItevn I "I doa't hate mi dpinioj of, these I DEPOT. Bishop Potter Reported III.ork .
? to the hon!'o from Duller count j New \ Au*. -mab..p I'ortu
: aid! ih 't tin're an something: like newfangled; woui 'ti > notions. said -- --- -

EM LIKE CANDY ty by an OMTW helming majority and 0:.(HCHMi Uij b'n Ub ['.;<'ki-d in its soil.Yut I Mr li;do when his wife t.iii.'lyi... You; can get house is suffer.cs from a alight attack ftmalarx

T 'd. picruQI will no doubt be one of the most piomn ti.ju.v t\'utu.i.'> tin I bill-ides of the I I'risked lej d-se; to j?iu the wuataasb your says a riti."n N \\

.. 14. ,"jklrt I rrIJ"nJ <.nt members of the general assembly ', cij Invc Itt''nht.t! as a biirvnygl'Ui I !f iliJpro,cn.ellt soiioty."I'.ut furnished complete at Mar d!=I''b to Thi. WniM! ..Ii"thyI...

.ifrtit. II/IU..a etc YUI..:'. .I which is to meet in OtoberI l. Xu"till' dl11.11 the ciluetti.v I we learn. so much there" yen' ston (5' Quinu on easy payments cia!.- lUclati,.n \r that rIPe UiU-,

i turrd Mrs JI .I.'. i op \\.iI be about M a few dill .o
Ill Xl"1. The
are h'Ji'l.It's-l lj gravestouch weekly or monthly.
: VOURLOODLEAKf Editor and Hotel 1 Man Fight one mother lit every point and "!lou't bel.i\e: it!" snapped MrHjde I

Oa Aus 2G. A -
Wap'ro1s. difficultybetween furor a solid white surface of rock "Won.in don't know much :

the junior editor of The Cenirg brick ,"I''d.ll:11101 ciuiuit, that's a fait but lit 'em stick to their
'" t111'''1ti0i Horald antI the of th* covering; domestic duties und learn That's
piopriftor : tin.m.

? Hotel Virdle occurred in front of the ;' cine more of than the joS WOUiO, -lluu-cs!square yn.iKW fl'l't.'ur bchlus are t':). opinion. I.et'rm follow St. Paul's ni n mTIME WANT COLUMN N !

} li You Have Phoenix hotel h<'re A rough and burinleitieall}' to san space. They injunction! stay at home and ask their

tumble fight lasted several minutes stimd on a plot of ground: of as: many :: husbands: if they want to I..nonny..

i' -.4 without injury to either party. The feet s-ijiure. I I i thing." .
newspaper man called the hotel mana The well from which tbe city drawsits : "I'.ut, John"- ] TABLE.

\ Rheumatism liar which caused the fUM/; Each water supply Ill'hallow and are !I I "{'\'c settled It, and that's enough I II

i, combatant has slight bruises in the sunk on the edge of graveyards and I. Jane." ,! LOUISVILLE AND NASHVILLE RAILROAD.
"Hut that's what Lave
face. John women
i i the tombs thc-m-elves.
been doing all this! time, and perhaps
the gn'et tester and The water is muddy and is colored by
URICSOL ..o.l"n.'d al1forIll. Southern Site. soil. that's the reason they don't knomueh. \\ New Orleans and Mobile.
i...m.I'111 core Buys Depot the perpetual turniu; up of the ." -_
a<' urn Ijvtr. Kidney slid I Atlanta, Aug. 26.-The Southern It has no setter, and the strews vary
f.(run, c uwd by an eat-rse of i AnJ then Mr. Hyde threw his boot So.8. .o.4. No.2. I No.1. I io.l. !'io.'.
ll I.,... and builds railway has purchased the Parrott and from two feet to six feet in width. 1:15 a Ul m 11:00 PI Lean..Pt'nlacolaArrln 6:0I! s I ':111 p 1:110 p
j uvrrr
cp at the cat and boxed for I Igrinuing. I I ,
ap utrrrgtli white u4.nn itf Folsom properties located on Peters No vvbeiltd vehicle can use them. Freddy's ears 8:5) a 2:7 P III a Lea\'e. Ylom.ton.. .. Leave 2:5t 8 ; r:5i P rc2q p
.n.1..1111 .-P"8 rson'8 UUtJ 8 .::tJp 2:55 a I Leave.Mobile .......Leave U:3tn'tl u'la Ii .;ue p
'>temp Fire rur. II bo tr>k ol bottle.w< For tale cert street and Madison avenue, and will:! Here and there is an open place or ,I _. __" ),:2ip 7;$) a Leave _NPw Urlpan ._ Leave MII' p -7:15.-- _

.ft '!L It your dru !I Quick Relief for Asthma Suferers.Foley's .
F It win i..rnt prtpaiil upon I tt*.t freight depot to he used by its into which the streets discharge -I
: pro Adlrterof 1 Honey and Tar affords im-
line and the Central and Atlanta and : their refuse Filth abounds No. 2. I No._ t. No.1 No. I.11tai .
J Chemical Co.. Los AngelesCal. West Point railways The price pail and its twin sister, clisoiiM1, flourishes. mediate relief to asthma !sufferers' in pm 12:1:) pm Leave._ Pen+acola .....ArrlTa 4'O pm IIIIIIIQ
the worst and if taken in time
stages _
$:15 a m 8:5 pm Arrive I\onti1omtry; heave 1115. m 1/116/ p III
Of tat for the property aggregates $11,000 The atmo-plure is lidtn with noxious will effect a cure. W. A. D'Alem- 11:5Y a m 9:05 pm Arrive_ Hlrmlallbam _1'an 11338 m 4t 6 pm

: & ?irlila Drug Co. Atlanta Ga. !snails and the burial of the dead goes berte, 121 H. Palafox.IIDNEY 7:05pm 3:1)am Arnreasavllie..Lrsve --. ... .
.. w I
2:3'J a m :It.: m Arrive ._ Louisville ...Leave IIIA II m 2.41 a IQ
on at an alarming rate. 7:10.. m 11:5Ya Arrive _.ClnclnnatlLeave II '.' 11:16
0 1 itH Outing Agents I T.vovrILLI.UY trial size of m : pm p m
7Si a m .1Cai pm Arrive _Mt. Loule .Leave .;1:1: p m ,,; a pm
L" t4S'tTN Kly's Cream Balm ; enough to con Lord *iu>nC.T'" narntn.Lora DISEASES AND RIVER -JUNCTION. ---'---

viuce you that it i+ the greatest of I Spun-cr of .\ltl1tl\')). one of the

remedies for nasal catarrh or cold in greatest of Ik collators was at &IZZ ..- io. 21-Vlllly :io, iF-Dally I No top where tune not shown No. 1-0811y No. :r.-VaJl
1--- --
q' SUNDAY Lye head. Full 'MZO GO cents All home wily in his own iiiM. OliO dayin tin foul of all dL1.C 1100 pm 7:." a m 10:50 pm 1\:11II p at
dru I tre moot Leave ItII
;:RitWe mail it. brow about Hunt street, I 'nl- I 1:1:15 nlgbt 7ti": It17" spas
sin? "
') 7:16 10H I lItII
ELY BKOS., ott j Warren "Street, thou he went into the simp of a dealer\ e ah I :::i" 7:11 II _..Escainbla.._.._ 10JtJ" /5r .. II
LIM ASSOCIATION New York. UII5" 7:2$ .. ........_ Iulat ........... bit's I 6:1.\ '
I 153 Second Street, Albany, N. Y. in I'fie-a-Itl'lc. The dealer who knew I 12IY II 7:1'1: .. _....... Harp ..... .._ 10:21" 5:41' I
Dies-rs. ELY BKOS.:-I suffered him by sight. said persuasively: SUIE-It. I 1:1:5*1 II rj) ... :.......{j..lt Clty......_ 1t:11I" I ;!7"
I rnL Y'lIID.EY .,. .
... ... "
1:1;:>'1" 7JjI _..... l\lllton. ..? 17:10 6:11:
: !greatly with catarrh and tried differ- "Hire is a line bit of i>ottiry which ." Raj ,l I:511 am. .. .....(Goo. P..nge_ ..... ../t6" I
1'.>. fifth Sunday eat remedies without effect. After j.ur hl'J"hp!| really ought to have, and 1:55 5:1% ........... HQlts..._ ._ 1133" '.116"
.. I using one bottle/ Cream Balm shall have it 2guineas. 2II":! S:$} II ......_ MII1lIan( ....,_ 'I 9::'IJ" '.11 .
latiou, apre- your you very clieait-only It "
refunded. Conttlcireincdiei 11:3:1 xss ........ .Cr..tne..__ 111' : .: .0
.: committee, I found relief and I cannot praisetoo I ." ( of manly Bap It 11:5'1 ........III't'f Land_ :55" IX': t.
:ary highly such a remedy: | So Lord !Spencer bought It and took recognized ev eminent 8:'3" 1/liJ ...... Mossy III'.d._ 8:41 to I 118"..
Miss CuKA WlLLAKD. 4U. 11:1.: .Ve"'DnlalLbprlngl. 111'1" y:4e
i It home and wt it in a high!: place. One physicians u the but lot ,.1'1" IIU .. ......Argyle. __ ru to I IN 44:4t
eld at Riy'aNet Sept. :27, bJ.!!! .
eunnuissenr of china hln 1I.r ....Ponce do> Leon._ 7\I"! 1:1' It .
of Mc- day n piiid Kidney and Bladder troublu. 6UtJ" 1!:IO II .. ,We8l"lIIe.,...._ 7:17 It IM .
mday Aug II a visit, und Lord Spencer showed LUbargain. 6U It 1':15: .. .._ C..rynll"__ 7:11" 1:49 "
"M\ 6.8 II JiIt! ) It 111\1" 1''iT''
'1UC3 .. oar 1onlfsYm.
lade :\1"Urr"ur"f< ,
5:11 'I 10i1' ,,_, .I..blpley .. ..... 8:87 It iei to
ii "".r.l... TOWlltL-llr wife used to get nervous "\' hat did you give for it?" asked W. A. D'ALEMBEBTE. 8:*) 11,17" ...Cottonl1ale..._ e:14 .''U1tI 1100.
I II ........ ._. II ,.
: 11101 lo\\n- the tonniii-MMir. 1:110 11'i": .Ma.lann. II:') 12:" ,
I j' nh r by chair- every time t-he lewd e ::: ;: = 1H to 11:15 ......._cypr\l8l..... .._ .. :IIPI" 11:45 a III7f
IoIllfS.'ut 1 a-Mind bir that it could "Two guineas answered Spencer II "
.m..Orand _
v"':t-e; by Kev. i celebrated > 11:52: Ridge 6n" 111"
Try one of our ..
> 1:1:1111 .... .._ ... It
I 0 I III nut lie burglars! I UVJUMJ they're al- rather proudly."Irm i : 1" noon tineads. 6:11 ,. 10:50'
It ..I ) "
815 U:15"rrlvlRln'p inctlon save AI' 1":1':
S. Felt Mattresses.
.: J- the duty of v\aj Ial'l'fuillt.t to make any uoi:
Irj Uiemh-ionarv, 1ru'ul.tba t ('allllt'llllt'l', tb? that price the marmalade should hate They never pack or grow
.. .
i' ;i"rformed? by L. : Tow IlC-:\I 1 ': LAW DEPARTMENT
f ff :
i I nervous every time the i1ot'u't bear I \\hat do you tueanT'
-l'Irit l (If minions : mattress at half the price. 'I .
.. '' I I any noibo.-I'liil.ultIj.lu.i I'ecss. I 'Whv. that pretioiispiorpof yours Is ,
near Aciatioi. -or'-
'h i'- .ud titht-r; by I 1 nothing; more nor less than n shilling! Marston $ Quina. I'

men, ld by M. A. II. l\fft.. marmalade p''t with a green thistle John B. Stetson University
I .It Is: too bad" I'al.lthe pirsonho painted on it." I
:. .'1 -. for dmnf-r. revt'n'incs untl
.illc d l t<> "-rJer by chair. of Maik's fill Ii if'
M i
A Cure for Cholera Infantum. i JOHN 1' rOKHKS ('ii. I)., "rtitl"nt.I.U"I T J. KA1MUII, I.U M, Dean
uonil 4-xerei-es by I). M. ".\wl'ul:" .in-wtrs: the Individual
with the weary luovv. "AwfulVb.v! "I.ast1 as'," says Mrs. Curti That Made :I I'all'l'el'ni ConiiiK.Mifvs 'rl.ttllt..tla't () '
t advl-ablr t<> put n nii-s- i it Mdrteil old man GaiUl.ilMuite, to tollIng Baker of Bookwalter, Ohio, "an infant I TWO KAKS' olJt'lt-Tht Law Department of Jolin I!, stetson I'nlverilty glv"
the tiKl of the KSim Ashy atwo-vrar.'tours... It> dtnlt to the degree of LL. KDKOKKK ,
"f his travels! all child of our neighbor's was suffering AIItU1 To TH E IUI -The of the Law
: European over : I diploma Iiepartment of John K.
J. A. Ciodwiu and again."-lialtimore AUKTICHU.liero I from cholera infantum. The DANNli1 E I SSER r AM S SIS Stetson: (' I".rhlty admits to tae liar
H KfHJ:K IN t'oKIA'fItI -r'or the Law Announcement of I\.r.i,and all other de.
:\h..all tliii; committee re- doctor had given up all hopes of re sired Infornmtiou rtinrdiD q t be Law department,ftddresi

i tl.e t'1I1I'ltlJllltut of a 1111i -.- \\ tile nuIN (.0. covery. I took a bottle of Chamber- ALBERT FARRAH. Dean of Law Depirtment: ,

f next a-iociatloti'1 by "Hero Bums tlo ball CIVIT c'e fence: lain' Colic, Cholera and Diarrlm-a Dt Land, Fla.

'i''Itr Hud r>th -rU -+. fhuult'lltl1t. kid who l had dimbi'il! a tel i iII Remedy to the house telling them -
,it I. the bet method of i :graph lade to till tl.c kids below I how j i i, that 1 felt sure it would do good if': VICTORIAIADE Tulane University of Louisiana.

tnlni'lIlary by H. C. I the came: was pr't1t-sing. | Used according to dil ectlouil. In two

011.1 I III htr... llullj jriv'!'. jillitl one of the crowd j i I I, days' time the child had fully recovered -I!, :\ BY ACME BREWING CO. i I Nov O1'lonu8. .

! wttlgrervices. then recess '; which h:ul lii-i'ii h-Uniiu to the bulb .' and is now ( nearly a year I BEST 10-CKM BOTTLE DKKK j I I
: taf
since healthy girl. I
: f r-achuiij by Hey J. T. Fil- i: tin- 'Hirevvluro vvc organize a have )recommended a vigorous this remedy frequently IN TOWN.DANNHEISSER. EDWIN A. ALDERMAN, LL.D. President.

f tt'.Irn-OLlo! State Jouinal. I
known it to
I and have never BROS. full Courses In LannnaatM: Sciences. KiiRlneerlng.' Law, Medicine Pharmacy Arl.
unday. I fall in any single m=tacce. For' i Seven separate Department,, sixteen Building KilennUe! Laborite Lauoratorlei
r l 'I 1 alp by all druggists and medicine AGENTS FOR THE CELEBRATED and Workshops. Hptnadid Department for WOlllen In the :-111 comb Cullvgn.Tulane .
uni1aycho.d: ma? ineet-
': dealers. I II makei leaders In all vocations. If {"< illtle* for Instruction are unturpuwl
i I. J. I'.owniuu and other A dose he of for theIlltl'r I ______ I I. f Harper f lisley.Main In tbe Moutn. fciifbty-stx Instructors and l:s\udt'ntel".t e-. tua. Many kcboUrkblpfla
t -\II..i..narj. -"ennon by.I 0 SrEJTER lilt'''I.. will sharp the acadrmlc department ouen to Louisiana hots. Erprnee of ttbolartblp ktadeulI17
.. H. McAually, after whichformiI.nwill !, H S ton the app..tlt... I The Suit.Lawyer House-401 H. Palafox street :>f..r session. Hoard and lodging in dormltork'S al low rate OpixirtunltlMt alordrt
CELEBRATED student for self-help. In the Academic College", no boy, if
to timid
tone the ( young woman- academic properly prvparwlforeolle4
t be taken ; stomach up and 1\111'' i i R. R. Exchange-Opp. Union Depot I I work, will hot turned away from inability to pay tuition Sen itiou b.-
r .htltu'r. i dimtion, warntaken i: Have you ever appeared as witness in 1,, P. O. Box 281. Pensacola Fla. I i IgmiUcioberist.I Send for Catalogue.Address

f n.-Ninrf and prayer ser- regularly'I: a suit before? Phones 116-263. K. K. BBUr K.M(' ,etar,.
,, will positively \oungoaian (blushing-yyrs. sir;

t I .1l.ed to order bv chairman r ..., -. : cure ,. of course. 1 ___ __ ___ ____ __ --- -- -

I HUci.f':' by SV. ]{, Uoun- fl Headache !' I'lease
I '. "." "" Lanjer- state to the jury Just : -WE WILL-@
f 1I..e. ll.ult UU business; ad- Flatulency, : what suit it was.

Will. ; l', Indigestion, I Young Woman (with more confldci -
.... invited to attend t'
: .,i'rdlally:. ,I iI: Pyspepsia. i >w)-It was nun's veiling, shirred CLOSE OUT OUR STOCK OF SUMMER GOODS !

r i D. M. IEHlmvr. -: Constipation I down the front and trimmed with a

Chairman. 'SITTERS and A Malaria trial will I i lovely blue with hat to match- at and Below Cost to Make Room for Our Immense Stock of I uI

It Nredi a Tonic. convince )'ou. I Deafness Cannot !... Cured -+ +Fall Goods,*- .

it.. tune when your liver I I by local applications as they cannot I
'''i hl('. l)un't give purgatives; There's lots of money to be made
reach the diaca-ed portion of the doz Men's LaundrieJ rihlrts C3 LadieQ' Sprin Heel Slices, Get for
and weaken. DeWitt's In real etate-Iots of it. A real es- i' 2s pair your boys ready IIcho l.
.'I Iv 1 Ui-er* expel all poison I I tate sign is usually a flpeer-board to ear. There is only one way to cure regular ?1, to close at 75c. regular fl goods, to close quick at bOc We carry a lull line of Hoys' Hnlh.i .

-\-tfii.atulact. as tonic toot..tt wealth. Thos. C. Watson &; i. deafness, and that H by constitutional !i 27 doz Men' Colored Laundried pair. 68 BO '!i' Hulls. regular price, H.W. ... .
\\'. :- Wl i I I1 Real Estate remedies. Deafness N caused toclot'eat 7>c suit. .
Highland Co., thE! leading arm I I shirts, regular Tic, to close" at &c. hS pair Ladies' Low Cut Slipper, ;
M i 1.1 i }'.a., gay,: "I have have some offers which it would by an inflamed condition of the mucous I regular ll.2> goods, to close at $1.05! 67 Boys Wool Hnlu' regular price ;
1 !ll.WIt.'- Little Early Risers I I be worth your while consider. Go'' lining of the Eustachian Tube 67 doz Men' Colored Laundried pair, $LBOaad.is. to clone at f 1.15 gait.

f..-t-veral years and wouldw and see them today and don't wait When this tube isintlamed have Shirts, regular 50c good, to close at 120 Boys' All-Wool HuIU, regular
,ti': ut them." Small and I I till to-morrow. I a rumbling !sound or imperkethear- I,|, 3oc ; these goods should go in 21 (3 pair Men's Low Cut Shoes, regular price $2.00 to f3.00, to close at |1.W

fke. Purely vegetable. ing, and when it is entirely clo-ed hours. $1.50 goods, to close at H.20 and $2:: 00 suit. I
---- -
Deaf i is the result and unless Neck Balbrisr- We carry the largest line t>l Boys' i.
r .cripe or di=tress II ar- ness 1 I i 20 doz Men's French
'I.lq.: John hheppard, tiid Marston $ Quina have ,i the inflammation can be taken out '' gan Undershirts at 20c, regular 25c pair.We carry the largest line of Boys' Pants carried by any house In the i i

some very nice Dressers and and this tube restored to its normal' goods. Shoes of any house in Pensacola.city' I ;

condition, hearing will be destroyed : 30 doz Men's French Neck Balbriggan Bring your boys to us, we can fit All of our Ladles' and MI8el i

I I Wash Stands very cheap. forever nine cases out of trn; are Undershirts, at SOc, regular 1.>C, them in any size.. drop- tlched "arc. hose, to close at20c. ;
Just the thing to go with caused by catarrh, which is nothing' sold others at Ooc.: p ,
by We have just received a fall line 100 dos Misses' full seamless ,
but an inflamed condition of the : hose
CASTOR Iron Beds. mucous surfaces.' All our dollar line of underwear to of Linen and Duck Skirts.; We will to close at 60c doz, or 4 pair for 2'c.'f

-- We will give One Hundred Dollars I close at 75 cents. close at BOc for roar choice. Home 75 doz Men's Seamless halt hose,' ,1

t j Infants and Children. If you want a nice present to give'to for any cae of Deafness (caused by j 72 Pair Ladie: Spnn Heel Low of them are worth 11.50. regular lOc goods, to close at 5c pair. 'F

faU a friend go and look through the I catarrh that cannot be cured byHall's ]i[. Cut Slippers, 2}a to 7, regular ?1 We carry a full line of Skirts. We have just received a full Hoe *
You Have Always Bough elegant/ line of suitable articles find at Catarrh Cure. Send for cir i,'. goods, to close atTOc pair. Look at our window display. r of Ladie Kid Gloves in all ghadei. ;l

I J. I. Stephens you surely can I culars; free. I I *'.

8 B s.+ .-racf t:1 /4 something want anything to please in the Diamond you. If line ,I Sold F. J.by CHENEY Druggists Co, 75c., Toledo, 0. j i I I I Remember, we must have Room and if Prices will Sell Them, we will have Room W
Ic I!be sure to see him before you buy. i .
tI -- -- -

Water coolers that do not' Refrigerators- have a F. E. BR2 : WNBR'S J'

Fo1e. 's Kidney Cure : waste ice at the Willis i ii few left, which we will sell I
tihct kidneys and bladder right I i Hardware Co.'s. at cost. Marston Quina. 11 105) SOUTH PAKiFOX STREET.=sgJ .'


'.t 0- ',.......,*T- ..,'" ni. .-:, c > -l. "",.- ,--....,r.--. -.-..,. ,...... ._ ..c .aLf'a. -.7.=aZ, _-.... ='"" '-. .-.,..-...-.-e _"._-__.."...-, _-.. ,--.;>+_. --. -... 'r.'F"l". '''''''''-;--. .' .

? .



i THE ANNUAL SURGICAL OPERATIONS :VJNLAP HATS 44 tcofl est t in t th e \\\'II\ ,!, ..

s I _
How Mrs. Bruce, a Noted Opera ....OPENING DAY THURSDAY, AUG. 28.
The 42.1 .., .
Annual .
Singer, EseaI fed_<< an Operation. ''''"!': r t '
KaUrcd at tbe Port Office at Pen acola, i, INSPECTION Proof That )[ Operationsfor 1 Ending Ieceul.er lIa .. ,sr
Ft*., ttcond-claii matltr.OmCK I i Ovarian Troubles any Un New Fall Styles !

:-Fllfi Building, illjj Uoutb: J I are :
faJatoi meet, np-ttalrs. I necessary. 1 THE[ EQUITABLE f l[ -

I THE NEWS PUBLISHING CO. I DEAR :\fll Pixnii.vM :-Travellingfor I .
ERAL FOSTER LAST NIGHT. yecrs: on the ro..d with irregular ---
Terms: Invariably in Advance meals sad sleep and damp beds, broke Don't Have to LIFE ASSURANCE[ tlm.I

On Tear by Malt _.__15 wINS down my health so completely two TYPHOID .
Hontbt .. _, ___ S So :years ego t'r.t the physician: advised a FEVER'
Oas Week by Carrier. Payable Monday lu The annual inspection of the local complete rent, and when I had gained Drink Boiled Water Assets ...
I Reserve and ot: ,.r :
TELEPHONE NO. UK.PBH8AOOLA military companies was held last ...GERMS.. ities... . _.

,- j i night at the armory. The showing DRINK i t -'
l- cannot remain in chI system after J 8urpJufromw\\! j
and impression made by the infantry dead
ONPEL- you have taken a dose of J j are paidPaidtoPolicytMit

w I companies were good, but the
I !- -
battery did not cone up to inspec- I! l! ,

AUGUST 27, 1902 .i tations, as only ten men and officers (l f, $ EPATICURAWhy !1 New Insurance it. i i'.

were present. l t Total Insurance n : '
Dec. 31, 1W1)
PKESJUEXT ROOSEVELT ia playing Military uniforms were to be seen ) -
with democratic issue*. Notwithtandii,f. : '
hopscotch in every direction at the armory previons j I e4' run the risk of having; a i, cial strength; of It! ,. >

will fill Jc.'.q/ long spell of Fever when you greater security w'
THE automobile our graveyards to the usual inspection. Preliminary J -
I, can make yourself absolutelysafe holders thereby Mare I ", .
but the asylums won't be so
squad drills were held, and 1.'W' I doe I LOW and (it' \l.\\l .
by taking a or two

crowded.- -- the large; number of spectators were !: [ ; : The first brewery of Jos. of 111:1"\TlClaLIt will t: ter than given byKXOWLES"

THE Sanford Chronicle says the very much iutere:ted. These pre :011\-;. G. oat;ct:. Schlitz was a hut, but' the cleanse your sy tm of all

second primary outfit to be kicked L liminaries served to show that thereis sufficient vitality, an operation for beer that brewed there malarial poison*TYPHOID HH" .

out of crt'atiIJ"m lI excellent ovarian tro'i',les. Not a very cheerful was FEVER GERMS or any other I
some material f
military "
I i. pro"p".t. to lx sure. I. however, was was honest. That was fifty ? old germ. I I General \ I .
THK enemy could not make a landing I in the local companies-and there ailriK.lttry L"Iit !]. Pinkham'sjl I

!4 o'we can now rest secure from I Voffi'taWe'OHiiiMiuinl and San- years ago. Today the magnificent 309 h. PaUfox St : '.
are some who need drilling a great jl ath'ura..i.. ; 1 did !.,, fortunatelyfor -

ire fearjf foreign- inva- -=-ion.- deal to warrant them ever competing uie. fl,'iora a month hail passed I Schlitz i brewery Price. 50 Cents Per Bottle.
felt that my p-m-iv.! health had improved SANTA ROSA SURF
WE have a pot-ll Etal railroad com- for medal* in I forms a monument to that
prize: ; in throe months more I was For hale II}' All Urlli..'...
mi-aiuu, and nuw we are looking for I Adjutant General Foster arrived ,: cured, and I hate been in perfect honesty. i BATHINCSTABLSlllld.iy I\V
xjt-metal governor and senator.; I health sin-3. I 1M not lose ail cugage- I I I
( :. I at the armory at b:40 o'clock. Com- j i went or mss a lU.:lI. From the beginningthe '!
I wry JEWELER\ IN HIS Fi'1! chuwl..c ,
TilE: merging; of the ax and grind- I ing with him were Col. Thos. Kess- Your Vegetable Compound ii cer- w
I I tainly wonderful and well worthy the main object has been to evelillij, '
fluke industry surest that monopoly I ler of the governor's stat; K. M. :|: prai.se your: a'inurindri"nt.. wh> have ; can arrange! to ; i\
will have axes to ;grind, but the public been are rt.a.tlJ. rive you. I I attain absolute purity. In I NEW STANDI other r"fre-hinen -
i liusimell: formerly captain of the
will do the work. : I always s;"'.ik highluf it, and :you Flt time during the n h
--- -__ I IE-cambist Uitle: and Ja. C. Watson will admit 1 have good reason to do i Schlitz beer pure yeast was termSee man I.F- '

H.UIII'XE and Neeley must have'1 sn."-tilts.: (J. IlurcK. Lansing. Mifh.faOW first introduced in Amrru .\-. II
captain of the Kscambia Ililles.
: a.
cane to toe cOllcJusio'u that they : fureltf above test'monial is nut genuine. have moved my jewelry tore t"

cleanse their records b.wJrclu1Jir : The adjutant general was sighted The fullest ('oun-el oft thisubject > In the Schlitz brewerirc r: 120 South Palatox! formerly occupied -
cannot by -
ieueral Wuud's.Iitat. / from the front sto ,p and the companies can lie sorurwl uitliout all the invention1men have: by Bis? iV Co., and am now OYSTERS AT NIC AP II''
( ".t by writing 1Ilrl'inkhant,
i 1 better prepared than ever to 1j I Ii
givei --
were formed. Major Cary, j Lynn, 31-i...... Your letter hilt be '
made for
EI>\\.\ ItIt is to visit Ireland ; !. protecting beer j i great bargain iu di.unundwatche*. :
coining into the hall at tins juncture entirely coufi clItial. Fine y-t Tt"d..,,
ualr-9 ne willfully/ clo-e\ his:: eyes he j from impurities. (I jewelry etc. Call and see me and ,

will pee mauy thiu;;-> that will give |I' as-urned command and ma.noeuvered I -- -- .- -.. let me convince you.

,t him food fur thoUo'ht and action i the companies so that all I|I Schlitz beer i i.- even cooled J. I. STEPHEN'SHATTERS .

two, it !, hoped.: ,' would face the tate inspector as he i FRANK SIOARFSBATH ;rin filtered: air; then it i i- filtered i FINE STATIONERYC.
-- --

Till haudiomeet: married mail at ascended the stairway and: entered then sterilized. It is ALL RECORDS. I

: the Locomotive Firemen's: picnic to I the hall. He came up a few minutes :I HOUSE well aged to avoid the cause Twice in ho-pital, F. A. Uallt'dle V. ThllIJlI''I' '

.: d.srvt/ a box of candy.: There is a ;i before U o'clock, attired in the handsome I I Verbena, Ala., paid a va-t sum to Palafox street. Ini -

ru-piciou that Lis wife had a hand of biliousness.Ask doctors to cure severe:: case of pilecauius2 -", i new s-upplf of I.ii"
uniform of his rank. Col. Editor Daily News.I '
iu ifi/uing; the prize. { tUU1'Jrs.'hell all failed, Papers, white, l blue a .
----- Kessler was in light field dre-s. I have not been in the bath: house your physician Bucklen's Arnica Salve scow cured!'I Envelopes to matH "

Now i ithe time to order your Adjutant General Foster, in company 1 'bu-iness. for twelve year, but the Schlitz, the beer that made him. Aches Subdues, kills! Inflammation Pains. BP-I, salve conquers ('i'al-u Foreign )lail'tai.: .\

winter Mipply of coal There is with captains of the respective I business accorded me this season I Milwaukee famous. I f in the worl J. 2oc. at W. A. D'Alem- vel-)pe' to match. I ,
of soft coal l
more chance advancing berte's drug store. Penholders
commands, Major Cary. Col l- In: pncoura?d me to make many I IHtukbx. 'f
when cool weather comes than thereJ .
i>f hard coal becoming cheaper. !ler and Acting Adjutant D'.11eur improvement-' ill my facilities: to ac Don't drink anything 1."> CAKE etc.Phone always 2:11.: on haiiJ&

berte, went carefully over the nun, i i commodate' the people, and it im>' I DP MONDE COFFEE. Yw kern
THE prize committee of the Locomotive -
inspecting their dress, arm, attitu ie .' intention to give th-in the only first- -f'- pure. All grocers ,sell it. JA- l

t have mellowed Kireinen'i memory picnic and evidently prop ana every detail, conducting One nf'1 i'] class bath hou-p ever establi-hed I COP.Y OKOCEIIY CO.: Di-tnbu- :' See PFVOF,\ :tfr..i: I "

*r appreciation of mother's slipper the most rigid of inspection- y. h -re for next: "*.;ion.j i. tor*. aiutf -
-- --- 1
'fbp) IPH' the haud-umt"t married '1 held. I I J j i I :nall build a oath house lOoxlnn The finest line of sterling silver Everybody: haa ru- :'

lady a pair of >aiidalTliKSt. -. When (' feet in size, exclusively for ladies good* and silver novelties is to be pll'ce'fthH.utl' I. .
this nad been !
completed i fight; for it. They i ,
found at J. I. Stephens': Prices to
Au;;u-tine li"cord i is authority I he talked entertainingly to "the1 j!Ibly and put iu a swimming pool I Wi plea-e all. chance tomtit, :aini l

fur the report of the sale of ,, and gave them deerving en- ;' feet from shore for the men an 1 boy l. -- -- .--- Thos. C. WRhll'l
I All water ued Auder-ou' ha- have some particnl.! .
at *
7utt ji acreof land t in Johns
coura.rein 'nt. He hoped that the I shall also build a pavilion atdha'e L. Bear & Co., Wholesale Agts been dl--ti1lpd. to utter jut now .
be enclosed
'UQty to ( ; : ; a hog and
| it lighted by electricity, where vou to come and nt
legislature at the next esiou would 1
cattle ranch. The hole tract will beft'n..t i Penacola, Fla. You will never ri-iri-
'I !refreshment:! will be served. Hall Bearing keen cutting to.

in with wire fencing. These be more attentive to the pre *mg i ,

are the things we like to hear of, I needs of the state's military. 'i These accommodations will be for Lawn Mower, at the"illis

and iuve.tor will tied tint Florida'!i The little lecture was received j'i white people. I Newnrk.Peter. Aug S. Hoe Cfi.-Dead.P't*>r S. Ho. }\ Hardware Co. .'s- NOTICE TO _CAS CONSU! "

will always return .;nod interetfor : with appreciation, and at its conclusion I favor the city levying a licensetax the last surviving member of the original -- After Jul\ ,11/',.. ,,..throutn' <

all ouch iuve.tlUenb.i j i of $61) a year on bath houses and firm of R. Hoe & ('0.. manufa"i THK S.T.ItOS.: .\ of the Pen-<'ni i ( I
three |
hearty: cheers were i tiirers of printing! ; proofs, I is dead a? Sl'KF BATHING FSTAIlM-sHMKNT: ; bp at Xu;. i'aii'l -:'T Ei': i '

f HERE i< some hot weather philoophy -. !given in honor 'it the dituiguihedollieer. I I am perfectly willing to pay ouch I Upper Montrlair.! N. J.. from heart Garden treet

from the Ll't'buromnwr.- hcpu*e. failure. Mr Hop was born in New Bathing in the warm 'tilf water* i* ( I /I
chi : The week in Florida ha- conceeded to be: the fiue-t in the lltjlf M
o..n-I I To all those who K liberally York SI years ao. In Tift'l he retired I
Fur -everalhours ye-terday pa- world. Everythuigforplea-uret: ith
been warm, but there other-.
are from the firm and has lived since i
eral! Foster clo-eted : tronized me this season, and to the I 1 I safety Goad board and Illllin, by This weather .
That is toay, there are other states w i with olHcer- j then in XPW Jersey.Bombarded the day or week. Luncheon promptly fur.Lra.s' '

where the weather has been hot; j companies, and it was stated that he I II I public generally: I promise that they II j served at all hour, day or uiffht.CHAKLKS '; grow. You < '

thtr placewhere the I !|I shall have the 1: Ciudad Bolivar. H. BIKTDX, '
mercuryflimb..d gave advice which, if followed, very best obtainableaccommodations keen cutting Lawn I i ,,"ashin ton. Aus, :20 2m-tf Manager.All .
high;, in the glas and where -Unite l States
the pong .>f rreenlind's icy mountain I would not only fill up the ranks but i I for deep alt *ea I. :Minister Bowen at Carara;;. Venezuela. and Grass Shear IrW"ill

I bathing next -ea-on. advises! the state department by tp1o>. water used at Anderson's ha- { ; Hardware l'"
would ougge-t; the wish to be la- .
there Hut ''ging, interest. FRANK l )(;ARI. I graph; that a go'prnmpnt'ar.-hlp rtrpntly ,
plea-ant days are the I --- -
i iI
: at LaGuira reports fortwo
rule ida."and not the exception in Flor I Col. Kes-ltr entertained him and 'I ALL WERE SAVED. days she bombarded Ciudad Ril- Fishing tackle of all kinds i FRANK SECARI'S_ BATH H ; "

several regular oticers at Tear after which she withdrew havj .
-- army j "For years I suffered such untold I Ij j Irg e\hansed hep and good craft nets at the Deep: water yea br

A JI I.t.Rol'ItS t: paper say*, "wher- i j luncheon yesterday afternoon and j I misery from Uronchitis," write* J. i' H. Johnton, of Hroughton Oa.,
Ht'f an Englishman have'planted in the forenoon ; compartment for lath'w
may took him on a trip toj
"that often [
unable i .
wa to work. Protection tendant. Neute-t t. -'
hi-. restleand pioneering j I IIrrt the navy yard and forts. Then, when everything eNe! failed. I'' bath houe
J demands that be on the alert to : in th- '
he remainloj al and true to nitr.uiberlaud. -> > was wholly cured by Dr. lit'Sew ; you Hotel Camden cents. I I- 1.
General Fo-ter left for I
eatern K-ee that you get Painkiller ( Perry
\ Does thi not aptlyUrccribe I Ii-coreryforConumptiou. My wife Cor. Cf'vall,,- II I /
our Pen"acolrt Enrli=hulen:' points this morning and gave out a sutlered intensely from Asthuii. till Davis') when you ask for it; seine
lit cured her and all our experience' dealers will and <'.UIIHX, \I.\B.UI.\
try pt'rmadeou to ,
Fanhfuland honored citi/"iis ever tatemeut that he always found the I goes to how it ithe best Croup'I j take \1"-AAAAAA A A 4% l Ie"
; identified with all movement for Pensacola companies the i medicine in the world." A trial will I Ii something ele, claimed to be
among Is Now
: convince just a- good ; in-i i-t Painkiller Open to the Public,
it's Retting
the city'good, :giving to their fo-- i you unrivaled for I upon 1 HAVE YOU NOT'' |
best in the
state. .
t Throat and Lung di-*a". *. Guaranteed this remedy which has been
I trr-coutitry true allegiance, they bottles oil;, and $1 00. Trial bottles the world': family doctor for <50 under the management of
! chen-h deep! within their h..arta free at \V. A. D'Alemberte's. I Ii .
-.: eii-iti\e I love for their native" Hnd. ii |iI year ; it never failto stop diarrr..">. WHAT IS MISSEISr |
.. i griping; pain* in the stomach or bow-
which w> ten iftt'ii :f.'id with n urpitroitim. FALL TERM. i ,
"vertp.Hlu i i I I cl*. dysentery, etc. Large bottles:
Ii The fall: term of Meux'* BU"ine" I and M cent. of Penacola, Florida. .

THE MILITIA College. School of Shorthand. '
Typewriting : RATES REASONABLE !>.! y..want a ;
l TIMBER KNOCKED and Literature will open ANNOUNCEMENT. for little! atone

I I -- :Sept.; 11. DIY and Xi Session.: I By the Day, Week or Month. Stephen, th" weommodate ,
beg to announce that I have
nc- "
MAN'S EAR OFF :Hientl trmitk wired to Tallahaeethi This institution was established on I you.
i ceptPd position with Me<-rV.. J. Table Furni-hd with the Be-t the
:Sept. 23, I tit and will
afternoon stating that there was soon enter I I land i Fi. Forbes and will a-ume Market AtTord-i.
upon the eighth year of itsexi-teuce. All kinds of
some danger of a lynching occurringhere duties,, on Sept 1-t I will be pleasedto Public
\ There Patronage Solicited.Free '
are hundreds of :
'' young men chairs
A negro named Stall*worth =uff toniirht!: and requpted that and ': meet" my friend and respectfullysolicit rocking i Il'
women in this
city -ur-
f. It red a peculiar accident in the bay the patronage which they so Sample nlom & Quinn'.IJ. l'rll'! '
t II' I the local militia be placed at his:rounding country, who attribute '

[ yesterday. He stood ton near a command in order that proper protection j I their success IB life to having: taken liberally extended to me in the past. Sunday Rite* Mad > to Traveling low.
All order* entrusted to Men.
,] wiiik'iii< Hick of timber and one of j' a cour-e in this school. It qualifier me will receive -
be ziven the .
alleged rat i t, j especial attention auJ with
i a
; Ins ear was: torn completely oil. one for busines.A |'
I Thompson. I ISo I handsomely illustrated larger and more varied !stock at my SLOT SEAMS iPINCPONG J
: ,
The pain was excruciating. !: command. I OPERA HOUSEFRIDAY
I reply bad been received up to L' i is now in course of publication !' will be enabled to fill

! Stall=worth appeared on the streets ( o'clock, but it is reasonably certain j I which will be i,,?ued about Sept. lit, j them satisfactorily and well. My ----- EFFECTS
1 chiLI morning with bin head swathed aim will be to merit your confidence
is-ci.) :Send for
that the copy. Address C. O.
!governor's secretary: or the ,
in binJ.1 e... The accident will not ( acting governor will wire orders to i I Meux. Principal, \ml; South P.ila- in the futare a; in GEO.the past.BOXIKAY.MEAT AUGUST 29. The ldte-t j

fox !street. --- --- ions are always n.preted .
result 27alw '
not any more seriously than a commanders this after- !
company Into Button i
disfigurement for life. TIN: woxmtoi'.sHERRMANN
__ I noon. The sheriff and deputies will J For the next & MALT has a marvelous! ,I rieptembfer': supply

\Vaior Melon : be on watch at the jail again tonight. 't 'I i pSt t i C fit t 60 says- r- dietetic value. \V hile refreshing and : received. It will

and Cholera are easily associated !I M. 1 niture at O. ', pleasant to take. it help a 'imilatlon : have dre maki'/!
Pryor's to make room for new of food. Sold ,
This dreaded and grave trouble of stock. I' and look over our -'
II : BRO:;.
the bowfls came* much !'utferill Hood's Pills I I I II ...THE GREAT... I
I will repair your watches: and I I I I PENis
painful cramps, profuse sweating PynyEaleamFtop*the Tickling, THE FOUNTAIN
DC, not jewelry in first-class style. J I' aLe oar.iv IS A VASTER:' PROGRAM OF
and intense tbir-t with vomiting, jrrpe nor Irritate the alimentary I uEi wvs.on to tar'tnuL
a: a] They act gently yet .
purging; and evacuation Treat vig- promptlyleanse' effectually and New Magical Sensations an In-tr.
Lay the dust. You : o A. B ""J.1 OR..A.: more than J'
orou-ly with Perry Davis Painkiller.It can buy ,,

I 16 fffil'i-'nt and s>aft>. I i< a stand: Give Comfort garden hose at the Willis Bean: the It Ha'.e leays !oI ACCOMPANIED BY when, it is a
BptVt hn '
and rernedy. Druggists 2o and 50a.I Sold ty aij drjpBit; J5 cents. Hardware Co. # The Ins the Wat
i (Ii I I,I of J Musical Gcclmans. ..< ice best

., .
.. '" "" -




No. GGO3.C 1t

tr O'NEAU President f. C. HORTON. Cashier; I -GRAND- POLICE COURT Nasal t
j.'j'roSHEE.Vice-Pruidenti M. E. CLARK_ Asi't Cashier. ttrs

AMERICAN NATIONAL BANK Labor SESSION TODAYSeventeen chould CATARRH In aU be lu cteaulineM.stage these Mir fyfp Alas",+"_to :

Day Ely's Cream Balm o0 0rleanwesontheuimdheal6

OF PENSACOLA, FLA. defendants faced Mayor t4 t
the d'Ki-rd membrane. b0t'Sit
Jones today. Four of these! were
ciin-s t itarrh and drvea Lrb
Designated Depository the United States.
discharged, the same number had .ul a culil iu the hcal ,
E Condensed Statement at the close of business dug 2J, 1902.RESOURCES' their cases! continued until tomorrowand Balm is plied Into the nostrils, apr tda :

..PICNIC.. $56 was the amount in fines. over the memb..ne and 11 il< ort i Re'.ef. m,.... I
r mediate and a cure foaowe. It U Dot 4rying-u ;
LIABILITIES. Mary Johnson for fighting cursingand Sue,50 Bt.at Drujibts 1
sot I-arpe *# -
; ; .irreivable .. ..? ... 3M,4ffU9 Capital Stock ...... .... ...... ... ...... .... 200000.00 produce.nertina.mad ;
JL: 41\.1 Loan+. ..... ..... ...... ...... .... 9,97274 Surplus Fund.... ...... .... .... ...... .. .... 10,000.00 -ATMagnolia- general disorder on Railroad 1: ELY or BKOTUEPXii by ; 'Pr1a181ZP.10 Warren cent U..t.by mai.Xrw Yak

i,..'ir4fM. ..... .... ...... ..... .. ...... .... 46983: Net Profits..... ...... ...... .... ..... .... 10,242.94r street last night, was punished by a
Bond-iand Premium... ...... .. .... 187,171.87 Circulation ..... ...... .. ... ... .... .... .... 100.00000 --
..t. t- -fcurites, etc... ........ .... ...... 2,625.00 Deposits..... ..... ........ .... ...... ...... 390463.71 fine of $20. Many persons in this community
tureand Fixture.... ...... .... ..... 6718.48 Bluff -- -
f-stamp. .. ...... .. .... ... .... ...... b884l I LOOK PLEASANT PLEASE. are Buffering from kidney complaint

j :a. ti.d Exchange: : ..... .. .... .. ... ...... 153,256.70 I II I Photographer C. C. Harlan, of who could avoid fatal results by using
I Folry's Kidney Cure \V. A.
Eaton,O., can do so now, though for
$710,706 65; (710,706.65 D'Alemberte. 1'alafos..
Monde s Se i t,11902 i 1 years he couldn't, because he suffer

4 PER CENT INTEREST PAID ON TIME DEPOSITS. : I ed untold agony from the worst form Crab nets and ishill

f iof j indigestion. All physicians and
I medicines failed to help him till he tackle to suit everybody, at

B. H. FAIRCHILD, I negro was not found, but a more GIVEN BY tried Electric Bitters, which worked the Willis Hardware Co's.

MOB WAS frightened darkey could not have I |, such wonders for him that he declares -

UI.txc J. TI7RFR: I been made than the one who held they are a godsend: to sufferers! NOTICE.

38 EAST ROMANA STREET. the reins. He thought his time to Local Assembly [ from dyspepsia! and stomach
troubles. Unrivaled for diseases of The n-acola (greenhouse will bw
C t- .1 hire aid Rtfnishiag Furniture a I DETERMINEDi die had arrived. II, I the Stomach, Liver and Kidneys. closed for one week bt'ginulJI'01:'.

Special I II The only claim made by what Is They build up and !give new life to 27 on account of absence from the
I i II I No. 1565 the whole system. Try them. Only
r liorioR. 400. regarded as a determined mob was I oOc. Guaranteed by W. A. D'Alem- city. VlOI.fcTTK. MOKi.Ntl'
I II I I i berte druggist. -- -
I that Thompson be given a !speedy'I Try the XtWII Want Column.
--- --- --
K. WHITE !I DEMANDING SPEEDY TRIAL I trial. In view of public sentiment White Knights( of Labor. i Stock Brokers Assign.
I I THOMPSON. at present this i is regarded as unfair I Cnifaso. Aug. :26.-llerbt-rt. Hill Thos. C. Watson ic Co.,

y.', 'im.ilrr, Manufacturing; Je"l'lrr.: OF SONNY I I'' Co... well known I.aSalle street brokers the leading Heal E.t\tt' Agents! take
but the sheriff is all he to
doing can
------ --
and members of the New York all the worry oil the shoulders of the
and 1 .rattvati,* Optician, --- I I bring about such. He has wired the and Chicago Stock Exchanges and: owners of property manage tl.e

e r.Ufoi v I'rmifoU, Kit Rumors prevalent on the streetsyeterday I II governor of the situation and he expects -I THE COMMITTEE the Chicago hoard of trade today weiii renting of their houses and the collection

II that Judge )Malone from OF ARRANGEMENTS I, into the hands of Clarence Pay rj- of their rents as conscientiously
I afternoon that
an attempt I i <-. Inabilities Jl00.000 to E O J.. thewould themselves.
: as
wreak (! *d-den county will be ordered Guarantees the Public of Peiisa- 110. .... .. ... .
j I would be made to vengeanceon ; to ; ( .tt. Their charger are very rem"ouable.
here to hold court should it be cola and Escambu County a List
EWSNOTEit'tal : the negro :Soupy Thompson Ii j'
tl 1 :I caused ShrilT Smith and a cops ofdeputies deemed advisable to call an extra I I of Enjoyable :Sports never before < will Try THE XKWS Want column ; it CONCERT AND DAXC'K AT
Pic- pay ;you. I
I term. Circuit Judge Reeves of this Equaled at any ; MAGNOLIA BLVFF TH ln.u\
-< j to maintain un all-night --- I
um iu the City with
i i iI district is enjoying a vacation at C1sriSTt :ItI1i.Bean : 'j X1UHT. TKA1XS: AT M. .SilJ.U:
.' .. vigil at the county j.iil.: I ; Suitable Prizes to I ,!19.
ItETL1L'SIlliO. : AT
its M Ira Have LAST TRAIN
I I! Niagara Falls. the j* A'sats, Bd04:!
cuusent the hearing iu It was not until 5 o'clock this : TAT
The Contestant.A I 4: n&tUh'
Lucky Ji I?4-- Ii
Dunwody & Co., bankoi : 'I morning; that the guards left the I I. u"" DEPOT.

''e, bus been po-tponed till jail and some of them did not leave THAT FIENDISH GRIME ,

.. I until it was a sure thiu,{ that no I REGATTA

i -choonr Cleopatra=terday I violence would be attempted. I Editor Dmly :NV wb. I 1. Open to all ll it bottom bOlts in r
of wool from Su the of Peusacola silver !!!! :
,r. in 42 sack The bay: prize
sleep was out of the question, and negro "Sonny Boy" ThompI -
\ .. ..w* f0ribipine.nt to a Louis- cup. 1
t !trtn.A after midnight times were very ex- I who i i.* now securely behind the I 2. Round bottom boat race opento tttit _

citing. bars, charged with assaulting Mrs. all. Prize, silver cup to be sailedfor

...1 p.tOe UK department Yt"'tE'r.I.liuruing to be trash sum- Yesterday's ruu>ar3 had it that a Dixon is far beyond the pales of.1 I. under the rules of the Pensacola c1Pf IDI

to title corner of Spring and mob had formed in the country and sympathy of every reputable citizen | Yacht Club.Commodore. 1
Ward appointed as
j- .trttot. There was no dam- were earning into tie: city and that of Escambia county except every |
judges J. H. Proter, Jno G. Welsh. I
the blaze.t whatever would be done was to be law-abiding: citizen: ought to wish I I j G. )Iathii'pn.Time.keeperD.. fILI
I ru
i Mlar; ,i.2S years, a seaman expected before midnight. This for him a fair and impartial trial. ':' J. Hayes Geo.T. I Ul ...

in the hospital for rumor was heard in all part ol the His dLstardhcrime' meet the revolting Morgan. cJ "' :
died ye; terd.ty of Measurers T. : 2S25252.c2S2S2S .
city and a number of volunteerswent denunciation of every respectable ChrUtophersen .
in- i -- --- ---- IlL
remains were :S. B. Flynn. = == = =- = = ====
'. to the jail and offered the sher- negro in this community !)
c..meter I dIIMu'st
The indications point to a large .
ill their service Some! of them remained and if he were tried by a jury of his '
number of for the
entrances regatta,
t..r Herman: the Have Room !
.ipera !house at I until ll1toclockbua: ; all race he would not find one in a who are respectfully requested to :

electric Jan? 1 eeme-d: quiet on time surface: the: vol- thousand that would concur in ai make entry before 12 m. and after 2

-ling the atit'.ce. I unteens left. I verdict to acquit such a demon i i.'the :'i' p. m. Sunday to Mr. John (f. \VVMi I ....ROOM ROOM !I.... :-.::>0

Secretary Peusacola Yacht Club .-
About 3 o'clock. this morning a evidence showed guilt beyond a the 15 W. J. FOKHES, .._ '
who will furni-h any information in pa-t dayour buyerIr
\. nlvertiseViii reasonable. doubt. I' FOR been the rounds Northern: Mirk ,t- "
II. i', : : I' message for the shenlf was received relation to the yacht races.Bo.t. going: IMost (
where has been HIP Fine and -.
l largest
: / mMfg.Co. ; :
": ; .
The sooner such a fiend his .
which and fair
demanded a speedy pays entering will be measured
Complete Stock Ever: IJoiuht for this Market He iii.,
int rliw
: :iM-ly I
trial for Thomp.-ou. The ic siagewas penalty on the gallows, the better it at the ?sam time. writes : "Clean all !Summer Merchatidue Hegardle*. ..fits
/ the advicerved I Value ; must have Room for the Proper liat.dliug I
from a. King not taken seriously, being regarded will be for this community. AN EXCITING TUB RACE.Firt and Display of Fall rchiiidi-e." This order iii"!\n- lei.

More as a "bluff" thai: anything Hut lynching should not be even :,i much work for sales People ; Big bargains for You. ...
prize, gold medal. Two other Every Department Carries Attraction.. Havn't time
kIi:.* moved from i else. It was transmitted by thought of. The reputation of this suitable prizes. to enumerate, only one or two in (point of d(tI1on tratJ"IJ. ..
The uuul li-t of land with ?
I u- i.ii! street to his j citizens who are well known to city for upholding the majesty: of sports ,
suitable prizes, will be another grand ---
'\ '. at ltilJ North AlI I Hheritl: ";'mith. I the law and giving every man i il I II I features of the amusement of the - -

.. .1 I rryue-t-Ttl E NEWS : A little later another message of amore though black as the devil iu crime, a .> day.Exciting 3,000 YARDS COLORED LAWNS.All :
.:dial invitation: for all I haute of baseball. .
f til himself and wife I serious apeetVa... recwived. I chance to prove his innocence should 7'ug-of-War, 12 single men vs. 12 of tho-e Beautiful Colored Liwns that were ,s'.., In 11I/

II"This was ttat the negro must have a I be maintained.: We have the man married men.HaU1u't.'r throwing.. and I1.-: to goat. . . . . . . ."..' y.inl III:

trial and be dealt with today or .."rijom securely imprisoned ; there is no ,;I High jump. '
I. the great i is coming. He I Broad jump. WHITE CHECK AND STRIPE LAWNS. '
he tt'u..uCIInlf'r:\ liwiKet cousequ ?ucewoiJd be expectedi reasonable grounds think he has Men's loot race.

t \ :
I It :" a great show. Dou't I This menage was brought by another tain if the evidence warrants it aud Shoe mixing contest. ?
Sack race.Threeleaged.
Hu-icai iooliiiau"iii'j :
: party and the bearer wa afured .- the full penalty of the law: is as- race.
: his iea-ou.. Secure Girls foot race. 5 to 14 years. Entire Line of Beautiful: Colored Dimity Stripe MiteriaN. ;: .
that would be done sured. Hence there is
everything no excuse
-. Girls foot race, b to 16 years. I light and dark ground, were lit and 2 h* yar I. -"" .

.. L. A N. Locomotive in conformity with law aud justice deal summarily with the pri-oner. i j I Throwing the ball, h to 12 years. now . . . . . . . . . . 103 yard ......:,;:>>

and that the negro would be given Let no negro sympathize I or fail to j
Mi-rtiolia Bluff DANCING.Jigdancingand
fllr the I'eiietit of the I fair protection in any event. give any help ill his (power to see the .

', Home and The determination of Sheriff law executed. round dancing. :For Children's: Aprons and Little Drer<-<>", artu.il valueS
Orphans' Prizes for the bet looking lady :ct'J go at. . . . . . . ..".yard ..."
Home. One train kit I. :Smith evidently frightened those to A Coi.iwKit CiriXEX. and gentleman on the grounds.

at :S :.*>. Others will i whom the reply was communicated -- - Best looking baby, not over six 50 DOZEN CELEBRATED PRINCELY SHIRTS. :

:tiH 10:.4I.tired I years, on the grounds. .
Ituuiors begin to arrive ego thick THE WEATHER ...
Twoeperat Collar-: One Pair Cutf-t All Co'ors W75 ., .
'..>< for work ort I' aud fat about midnight that Sherit! A FINE TOMBOLA, Extra Special I- . . . . . .Ufk'J e.r', ..

(.*<,d'ssarsaptrilla- I Smith was ou the point of request- stocked with fancy and eostlyprize*. 11I"H .
-- -
::4 fieling.H !ling :a detail of militia Upuuecoud TO-DAY Refreshment, under the manage -- .
mept of I. A. 1uf;'j. in charge of Mr. I In SilkStins.. Black frm J.M.d- : -
I thought; this idea was indoued. i Joe Febro will be lerved at city emnall t ts I Rtuui of Evtrvtlnipt .../

C= : LAST NIGHT One of the most exciting; events to Local Forecast BUowers tonl?lit and prices. t .* .* .* .-: AT ii \ 1.1' PHie i :. ...'

i transpire during; the long and lonely ; Thursday; fresh kouthcrly 'biUiiii: tu ,-ait- ALL LABOR AND ..................-.....-....--.-...--...... ..... . .
'I i
.IRS.' F. T. MARTINM j vigil happened about 5 o'clock thisI crly winds

I;I morning. A woman was brought to I Temperature in Last 24 Hours: CIVIC ORGANIZATIONS I W. J. & B--fORBES.- I=

----- the dummy station from big K-iyou Maximum.... ..... ... .. degree! and General Public are Respectfully

: .m' died last night: : ina bad conditi n. The hospital i I Minimum .... ....._.... ....h mh' ... "degrees1! I II Requested to Pirticipate.TICKETS .

.t (.oul.liiig. She .....:\* ambulance was c.JII"Jlr the
pur-i I Temperature Elsewhere: Ih. i iMai.

M: Hlumer. The fu. I, pote of conveying Her to St. AnIthony's } n.1| f1IvJ'J\J ;

AtUaia .. ... ............_ .... MI UrtI 1 can: be procured at the Tnion Depot Ym IM"vY''JljJ}
Mi- _
; l lu-i from :St. I hospital for treatment. As I Bi.utarck .... .. .... ... ......0> *>. Ticket o Ili Ct'. 1 ,
I I Clm-nuo ..... ....... H M i] ...
at > o'clock this afrte is the case: every time this vehicle Cincinnati.h.........h.... _..._-._ I. I II Transportation from I'niou
I I h\I\.ton._h. _. .-.. ....._ .1 ;.. I' Depot and Admission to the 3.
::e moving from /goes on a call a crowd gathered i I Huron .. .. ...- ":i I>.t Grounds, . . .. .. . "c If You Buy Them at the Boston Shoe Store.: They are (O--.J
i Jiicksouville ...._ _."i qtI
Mr" Hlumer at 4:30.: about it as it stopped iu front of the :j I hauaeity: .... ... ..... '_'h"_ ;2 IiI Children. 5c. I -

:av,.s a loving husband jail: to wait for the special train. The ']I I KtyMrmpbis Wt'bt hh. .h..h....... .h_ '.........-...M.4 ;II Person coming by boat or other Biggest Shoe Sale of the Season !

T I!I I Mobile .. _.... ..-. ..."'- j. conveyances will be admittedat
mother and several: crowd collected so quickly that it Muntgoatrry .... ....._. ai -:I
\rw nrliao .h.. .... ........M isSrw 23c to the grounds. NO
urn her death. was mistaken for the expected mob I \ ork .. .. .....ii. .I '
IUST LOOK AT HER. and some shooting was almost done. : St. Louis'" 'ii LOWEST :NOtCH.

This was stopped by a rapid dispers-1 J I PENSACOLA CONCERT BAND.The Here are some prices :
:le that sprightly; step. JI
I: A Necessary Precaution.Don't I Lidies' Oxfords in Ideal Kids, Patent Leather and Vic Ki j4. all out
'ii'!li. complexion, ing of the crowd. I II Management reserve the rightof I new this year's styles and old for *3. daring! 'hisnle.. fi.Ki:
neglect a cold. It is
tike looks goods, feels After the ambulance' had deliveredthe unpleasant. It is dan erou.worsethan .. refunding the m"'ney and refusing :i'I' All our Lidies': Oxford and Colonial" in Idea! KM and Pit -nt I.lttt..rand
t're i't.'cret.Ilt, uses I I By u-ing One Minute Couch Cure admission to objectional parties..1 I Vici Kid. which sold all i-a body to the hospital and was returning Our Ladies' $.! Oxfords in all shapes, Patent Ltitht-r ti >. -Uick
\ 'w Life Pill, Re-ultuve you Cin: cure it at once Allays( in. ; lip
heaval1d light olea. now U 4s.
to the stable a crowd of 23 or hammation, clears the head soothes "
: digestion good. Ih I land! strengthens the mucous COMMITTEE OF ARRANGEMENT : These are only a few of the many sp':ci it I prices we ire ..tr..rtn.c. CIh1"
i chance! for "blue" ;ft) gathered in front and held up the i I Cares throat mem- and be convinced that the beEt place to buy tll h.clotu f/..twe