i Lan, and Com man. I ot an order issued by the cotton duck' ever but they: are not giving out any "-omethmg worse than a mere war has found the last will of Mra. Charles |W>-..ll In hU. i.1. .i. I. ,. I.!."| at.
Marietta. haatenei"cetjt combination: to shut down its Greenewood information )et as to the results! of rantoon.." Fair in safe rlf'poslt'ault.. He
a refuses !n r.-ai.'t "-1.1, ai! v-
I appeal. Th-1 I mills there on September 1 ;for tneir labors. If Whorley i i.. ?uccerful in getting to make known the contents of -- .-
wish the
has begun in ear The proposed: mergers
indefinite period
i- two ships at hisit an the document. The will was prepared -
franchise of the consolidated! propertyto hi* release by the now beingtried L&H.
n 1'1'I. No less than 700 people hate process : by Knight & Heggerty: in April. : RECEIVING

Cuidad Bolivar kit the town Ins'de!, of two weeks bats be for a period of 50 years but it is a similar writ will be taken out 11<00. This Is the will of which Mrs i
thought: that the (committee does not
a \Vtni-toii. Conn., special to The in Hogau's: behalf. Far! told Mrs. Joseph Harvey and hy' CRAINSHIPMEHTS
r. minister at favor granting the franchise for more ;
I World. I>y the middle of next month which it is presumed upon the ertdence .
---- --
telegraphed\ th* than :30 A compromise bai! 1
i as I it Is estimated! that fully one-half s: jears of her statements to :Mm Harvey -- -

-' IT.he has reliable the population of the pare which !is may be reached. BIG CROWDAT her mother .
she loft legacies to .
Nearly \11" <' |ni-t! rl- i,{
ff, rt that there Is 3.50tha't! left. It is said that the committee may
brothers and sisters, aggregating the
., ports of Campano. Placards! : reading! "closing out bini i i. fat or imposing a certain tax or percent total amount of her individual fortune I been rliioii[ in nr! |,irf blue --f

.:.I! Cuirla At Ciudadthe ness" and "to rent" are already in per annum on the gross receipts. LEWIS HOUSE, variously estimate to l.eorlh 'I the I.. A N. grain -nut-.r| An ad

> : blockade is ef- store \\11I.1t'\\, and for gale" signs! : lira j of the consolidated; system commencing from $:;0,000 to $tIjO, QO, ditional khirmtut i* r...ihj( triu+-
five from date of the consultation 1j 1- I
everywhere. in years I
tacked on property j No other will was found. In Knight
pirts that the governshuwu the district known! as "I>ubm.! where It is claimed that the mergers ft-rrwi from cars to tin "JHa'or I t...
Over seventy guests from the excursion & Heggerty's office there baa been
.0 .' great court- several hundred of the mill opera. will resist this per cent tax. found the will of Charles Fair, drawn day. A portion of tb. t rMit M il) bool..udtd
In the Orino- It is not known how the committee from Chattonooga, Teun.,
MAnIA there remains but a single l .
tiles lived about the samp time. April ]\10'). This on th twinthp .'rltlulttC&od.sy
s 1..it the revolutionist family Business men already teal stands on the proposition! not to fav.)r registered at the Lewis House ;yesterday ; and the will of Mrs. Fair found In the \ .;

uiv uia;:uanlmous atwhere the effect and are planning to locafelsewhere. consolidation of the street railways !I .
and today that popular I Trust company's vault are the do'u
food supplies unless the North and South road of II I i
Truckman, however are
will be hM! the
that by attor
i iI
a big business! hauling A. 0, Bacon and W. B Sparks it in boarding house U crowded almost to I I yrlf l'rde tlull
nejs for the Fair hf>!lr. whenever It '
.. patch probably re. i household goods to the railroad stations eluded in the consolidation, or at least its capacity.This i i becomes necessary in their opposition demands that you h. ()B the alert to

: .-t difficult met oy day and night ( taken care of in some satisfactory man crowd of visitors will leave I to the petition of the public ministry! i. ..ee that you pet I'Jtlt atU.r i ferry
"",.- including! those is to be ner. Some of the committee are i Davi' .
\ removed
The Greenwood plant I at 6:30 o'clock this tor. If the public administrator dOPI when you ak tut It M'IUt!

urjiany: which operate to TaUaisiH" Falls, Als.. thought; to he favorable to the propo- for Chattanooga not Interfere the wills; will not b* filed dealers will try and p+rtuv1* you fir

II 1:2 -.ft'rrlt.i to. according to an alleged statement a ition.i afternoon. They speak well for i
where, until after the funeral of Mr. and Mre.! take ouiftliliirf else. rlatwe to be

B "Mvar II the only place of the Mount Vernon-Woodber. I i II I Pensacola, which they say is the Fair in this city. ju-t us KIVd ; Jn..i'tupnufettiog Pals-'

,aiie: U effective ani minufactur
ry cotton duck I MITCHELL SPEAKS coming city of the i Bouth. killer, the remedy which ha b..b
are showing mate be done more cheaply. The
ing can
Shake Into Your Sh.1t1I the "rU'. family doctor for
,nt of foreigner! established in New Hartford
business was : I
..asn Is relieve! of any in 1S33. TO THOUSANDS GOOD FLOOR I Allen's Foot-Ease, a powder. It years ; it never fall to stop dlarrbira,

ai dies point*. T i I cures painful, smarting, nervous feet ?ripin ( Paine In the ttotnaeh or Nowel -

I and ingrowin nails and instantly *, dysentery *tc. 1.Hj-Ittltt: YS

t i Few cents on a bottle ; takes the !sting out of corns and bun
to The Daily News:
(Special I
I- xiract will not atone fore II ions. It's the greatest comfort discovery
I Mountain Lake. Jid.: Aug -Today AND DANCK AT
MARSHAL FIGHTSpecial I I of the Allen'a Foot-
of having dessert age.
wa one of the greatest In the At Magnolia BluC Thursday night. ,. MAGNOLIA HMTFTIIUfLNUAVNIGHT.
a little otT" in rlavorMALT being the Ease makes tight or new shoes feel
history of the Chautauqua Concert and dance by the Pensacola; THAI I'! AT ..
I' first I.abor Day celebrated here. Fully : ea?y. It is a certain cure for sweat-
Concert band
has a marvelous 5.000 people gathered to listen to John I II,I lug, callous and hot, tired, aching & LAHT TRAIN ItKTl'IlNrt AT

.- to The Da.ily's: Mitchell, president of the United MineWorkers The who I I'feet Try it to-doy. Hold by all 11 :;i). T1CKKTH K: CKNTH. AT
\t hide refreshing and man owns his own home :
'Memphis Aug. 16.-A special of America pking on insures himself against lots of : druggists and shoe stores. Don't DEPOT.

take it helps asimila- The Scimitar from Jacksan. Miss "Phases of the Labor Problem," ani trouble and worry. Nobody can ':1 accept any substitute. By mail for

1 Mid by1NNl1EISSER says that Congressman John Shan Samuel Gompt r!!, president of the raise his rent, and the rent day has 25c. in Alen Trial package FREE. Many person In this cooicno&ity
I i Address h. Olmsted Le
United no terrors for him. It's
\.illtams and Edgar S. Wilson American Federation of labor on easy to owna I 1 2f. Y. are auteringfrom klJutr compUlui
States marshal had a liviy fist!. -Labor awl Capital; the Working- home now-a-days. ThoB. C. who could avoid fatal recaps (br u+-

f'e>'fs Honey and Tar ruff on the street here today. Butt.. man's Site of the Story" Excursion Watson easy it is. Call&: Co.ana can see tell them yon, how i! CONCERT AND DANCE AT tog FoUj'4 Kidney Cor. \V. A.
rtj c lJs, presents pneumonia. wen hit in the face, Wllllamt belns trains brought in hundreds of miners! I THURSDAY D'\lemlJ'rte t). PaUfoi.M ,

cut by Wilson's ring. Frlend3 eepa from the adjoining region of West Vir.ginia cA.9TtRIA.B NIGHT TRAINS AT M:30 AND .
'All kimrryorsjr.a KurnJnearly
nets and ishing rated them. Politics! and publication:' ar"r tta ire lad Iyl Hata A wale Z"IQtVt 't 9. LAST TRAIN RETURN\ AT |) of co.t,

are the alleged -- ; !!:>). TICKETS 2i CENTrs AT
Sl(everybody ats In a New Orleans paper Balsanu from the northern Wood ,* room lit

Hardware causes of the troubles. Art ia rjxj-BaUaai,Ue euuj core toe eouit*. DEPOT. new stock.
...mR...... .r -." --- -"-- r. ;;
=-r:;; .

_4 :,. <,j'7". ,.-,,,,,:-<;''-,..'.'O'...>::- :,,::> -jO-,,.<. .----<..,:....: ,,,.' f' K>r.f''l' !.. ; ..... $.'..;...; .,, ..._-""' t"i:' ,;o ;;v..c .::x" : .. eLWa-SS'. -.? r-yy < ->>'jU fc aii';i-.mr>--****_-'"'




.. .

SIt! MBHIPB. I the salve *>, fit.: r. ,
RIVAL RAILROADSAT HACKING. WEEKLY BANK Contagious i is generally kn.EASE. .'n ; ..n-
-- - ..
It H n ,t

vice or the lowvrinfrctp .. I

f AN OCEAN TRIP WAR That word hacking is expressive to STATEMENT ant lest i.4.. t

those who have experienced the aggravating I Blood PoisonIs w : .. t

I constant cough, which is called a thr.-u'h', -
4 To AEWAtiYORK, BOSTON t The Daily News. hacking cough. Sometimes it is the T drinking
Special to | Special to The Daily News. : '
I result of a cold, or of grip, and some- ,
using the same toilet :articles or otherwise
times it is a of catarrh, New York Aug. 1C!-The weekly Cumin ''.;'
EASTERN RESORTS 16. All consequence
I Pittsburg. Aug. night long who have contracted it. 4
which unchecked of the
I bank statement of the averages
( lt the forces of the Wabash and Pitts-1', has gradually involved associated banks shows: Loans $922- It begins usually with a little blister <>r 1l-r" tl" n .

YfTM and Lake Erie railroads were stationed the groins, a red eruption breaks out on "'f
I \\\ V burg lungsin I Tea ... .
@) 148.010. increase $-.63.10: : : deposits years J ?, ..
: between the AtUrbury Glass > disease. Such a $603.1-00 circulation the body, sores and ulcers appear of Blood POll..n. J. .. .1 ..
i OCEAN STHA.MSHIP COMPANY: e cough finds its $960.24COoO. Increase ; in the mouth the throat becomes ola phlltl.fa ..rH.( If.' 'T 'a
plant and South First street and trouble :?:4 4h'!: )
1 J LOW KATE-- -UII'I( & 1,1' t cure in Dr. Pierce's U..105.1(10. increase $ ; ulcerated the hair, eve brows and J do mo ants '.- Slashes
SO Hours of Ocn Breezes wan expected at any time, but Golden Medical legal tenders $76.350.100.; decrease $1.- blood becoenias's.. S. 1 omlll.1' ." '.
fall out ; the .. ', ,
Sailings each WeeK J the Lake Erie people did not try to Discovery which 233.500; specie $170,83.000. decrease ? T.ry v r ,
contaminated colored ,
more dll.a.
bronchitis copper tbo dIUI'''' ,, 4
3 from Savannah Ga. J break through the barricade erected obstinate cures coughs,, $630.400; reserve $247,188.100: ; decrease splotches and pustular eruptions anJ tIo..d tu? .n. ,, -
the Wabash forces and there was $1.753.900 reserve required R. I *
oy ; different of *"
J lung disease, hem sores appear upon pacts %
." l..f.f.1..,< .nntiKl. 31_tr 1. s of....tiu.--*..'I'opnlar.\pi.iiniiiM'iiii'Lmin,<-"1.''.r'' no vIolence. '1 orrhage, and con- $240.061.500. increase $150.750; surplus the body and the poison even destroys the t.\Dt.
*jM' i. r iti- iwihwu.vi-' /iW' The Wabash people have their prop. ditions which $7.136.600.:: decrease 1904650. I
!" iii .1.' u >.l ,.,'. ilirru, I'l.irTi. l-y > 'II S. S. S. is a Specific for this loathsome diM-a.-, .i' : .
,"', ..!..- rt. rn.tal. .'l.\rll.i..I tort fsvaouLa.d5,' < urn ..f erty surrounded by plies of lumber, I if neglected or un- worst forms. It is a perfect antidote fur the | owit-t. "*

.0.- sans. ....:.. ,o..,- -oo.T'' '''.'' } ties wagons/: and everything that will lead skilfully to consumption.treated, Will Build Railroad. the Wool and p.Ut rate. to i.: .

.. ...n.. ETC APPLY To close out intruders and behind this Columbus. Ga., Aug. 16.-It is understood Unless you get this puinon 11.
.. ..... .. 1 *Por twelve I
EW"ti Wkl.r: Int. I. l I laGKNKKAIj
'. a.a.tkn. 1.. ., ...... '..-... tI. \I are the Wabash employee armed with wa a sufferer years from : that a reorganization of the ruin you, and bun,,: .J"IlI.! .
"' .aI..II.. ,.+ M.I .......t.a.&Na.tlkFlaM11f cudgels, prepared to baffle any attempt catarrh and was treated i Columbus. Eufaula and Gulf Railroad I your children for It. ..n V ti
"" yf x'7f'x' .tl 'lt'1 'lt''ll, J by one of the be>>tphysicians
the of the Lake Erie to cfiild. S. SS. ,
on part in the State of North Carolina, who i company is to occur and that the road I coil un u.
/ people to lay their tracks over the said the trouble had reached my lung ." writes will be built through: to St. Andrew's : but is guaranteed a strictly vegetable c'>njjK>im of .
KUKNCH tlCHE11CLEFollowing Early this morning the Mr. J M. Patton. Clotho. Transylvania Co., I Write for free home treatment U* k and, .. .
property. N. CoPJ grew worse. every day until I tried Dr. Bay Fla., at once. Differences arose v our > ar! n
commissary wagon from the Wabash PIIrtt'S mediants Will say I>r. Tierce's Golden I the stockholders to certain Blood Poison. If you want medical advice give lo ,i !, ,. .'
Medical with bottle of Dr. among as
the Disccncrv one Sage's
: is the schedule General French tunnel arrived and the men were given .! Catarrh Remedy cured me. and today I am well matters but it is understood that they J and our physicians will furnish all the information \'" "
governmeut steamer The and hearty and I will ay further that my charge whatever. THE SWIFT SPECIFIC CO.
hreakfa.-t. police are AnvFoley's
their I'
which THE NEWS prints for the former physician; Dr. \V. M. Lyday recommends have been adjusted and that the road .i 1111i
-- -
benefit of the merchant* who *hip I keeping their eyes on the scene but Dr. Tierce's medicines to me and to will be built at once' \\ York capitalists i i -

I their goods to the various army i far there has been no trouble. case others.of catarrh I am Mire that your valet medicines I recommend will cure them any furnishing the money Kidney Cure will cur all Jlubbfr ho.*?' n
post? : 11'0 : to all. i I dieases ariin.r; from disordered I t

L\i JVniacoU ... ... on n_. 7:'va. m.Lrarr II I Battle With Three Negroes. J I II [I If you ask your dealer for "Golden 1 Dies From Fall Into Manhole. I kidnevorbIad: >r.--\V. .\. D'Alemthe \\lUtX\ Jldrii ,
MlHrall /l .. ......... 1:511 ift.ni. berteI1 S.; Palafox.
..**"..1 Pickens. on .._ Fe) a. in.LeaTra Columbia. S. C.. Au6.-Six mils Medical Discovery because you have | Columbia. S. C., Aug. H.-R. S. I j ...... .hoo' '
r.Hrraucat .. .. ........ -:15; a. in.L I I confidence in its cures do not allow formerly of Charleston who '" .. ....,.1... I ,
Pringle. ;
*.IVnmcola .... .... ..U':15 a. in. from Lalli(n ; George Anderson a yourself! to he switched off to a medicine I
Arrltt-t HxrrancHs 11:10 a. m. and thenDikkn white man overseeing a gang of r.e- j claimed to be "just as good" but which i was employed in the executive office Pocket cutlery and .ve/.v' yOBwiii't : '

tcrn. to n CarrancHB.Karrancas trip to tortMcKrv. and then rl'- I !:roes working the roads, was shot you did not ask for and of which you :, of the Whaley mills here and who a sors from the lincxt to the dower gar .n- r' r

Leaves ..... 1 :1:. p. m.Lratrsi'ickrna and probably fatally wounded by three: know nothing.Dr. i few nights:; ago fell into an open manhole .
at the Willis \
1:25 cheapest huuPlll".t
......,..Prn.acula on...? 4:: ip.p. III.Loa' m.. negroes, who used pistols. All of' Iierce's Common Sense Medical [I' left by the sewerage workers is '\ .
..a l'lckt-n .... f5p.m. these negroes were in turn wounded Adviser is sent freeon receipt of stampsto dead ot his injuries. Suit: against thei ,. Hardware Co. -fiooKh I t.. .
.00HI\, Harrancns ntli p. m. and makri pay expense of mailing only. Send i for .:::; OtO has r.ry W"III u a iU.
tell to McKrp alai rtiuru.in by Anderson. Their injuries, however I sewerage: contractors $: .
for the coveredtool .
21 one-cent stamps paper ''' utidlf 111 ,
i ( Wedue-JaysandSaturdays i begun. The city is also made a de-
are Lot serious. They were i
for the cloth-bound
or 31 stamps mm\nElf\' Thus. C. WaUou
\ i
:J boat wi:1 leave Uarrancas 1'ick- : i
arit-sted. i I fendant.
Pierce Buffalo.
I I- volume. Address Ur. R. V. ,
I The tn! -f5t d loading Rtlill l 1'1f .
en!\ for I'eiiiiicola at tim p. in. uuder-iguedtake. ii!
t.I;, The General French is for armypurposes X. Y. ,tIf'riDoc'Ill'r -ervir s tll a C'aDh.. w -r .
!!f; only and any outsider mu-t I Minl.ler.' )Irld.. < Boring for Oil.New flitlaBete.id lntdwife.lav. 0.

114 I have a pals from the quarteruiaster "Are you a tuiuiftcr's wife?" was a \those, 'a 11..1. i Decatur, Ala., Auj l'*>.-Xear ill;; had ;}i yearxp"-rinic

.L (> tilde py-jive o i her o.mry ciuiwntcml so frequently by a la C'm.lillal111....}'" palette rn k>- Ulanch, Tenn., about 2 miles north I Van give be-t of refrrei.eefr'-st' Jttlffl lIf'U' I'

\d.1 I i i jour? matron in search of a maid that I thou U-' I l.i .1.! \\i'ic plo\ ,10-.1 for slrin- I''! of the Alabama line a Tnue.sstv corn- leading; ptsviUiis of t1! i- c m'i '

" slier scenuil a story. i11) j :,:t 1'1<. with Mipi-ili ciimi-ics iiiil cnrtilii I I pany is boring for oil and has n m !med MKS M (Jn-iTN* 'romiHfi iijltf ,

t STEAMER LINE SCHEDULE "\\' this mania to live under the ofilk! of \-l\ct. Tl'tnttv lie.l- I a depth! of l.l'S'J: f..ft. St.ong!; Indl.I IMS) nth D..V .ju -ft, ( 't1II' IJtl11 '

dropping; of sanctuary:'' iu<;uirid ': :tt.:als .,1'ilal'l'r.! <|lilt" if loWil and rations of oil are said to bare !b.-I u --

the matron or words to that (uvtt. iII | jiilliiv.r.iscj. t luiiroiiK'ivilith" silk aril i found. The company hat I., ii 1 I .

i Hr I woe ii lYi.Mirnl.i. and Milton-Hunt II Then! it appeared that the iumi"ter's lIhl. The chairs of state were covered plenty of money and will ';::111't! m .dwells >T OR.MOPFETT'Sr ChrH: v ,

huts D, il\ I "f'I" Siiiul y. !I fauiiiy is coiisKkTed a most desirable i iI uitliloii of gold; the table Iiwl.alJ- Ii with the hope of striking a cuaI */**y = vrfWIUM .

t CITY OF l TA IIiA.s I ILT I! place because of the opportunities for | iuct.s.fre of the most costlyoo.s.| I er tef*
I i w itness fees in wedding cases. Tbt-n J Sliu-lt of the! "Ilt'lhIi| | fiiruitnn WM. I $ >

Mllinn a.a'am IxP 'n-iu'olul." ,pin I: tre few }bridegrooms who come without j 'iilili/on| wish "III)' lord's ami-: ." I II Did Whisky Cause Death ? VSgr?* Btf* ;! jjhfrCETHING MWDIUiWU .\1\1&, ..
Art.-n,iioiila.x."<'urn Ar Milliui ..:'<''j-.m I Il daps' r
a witness to lie marned. who will ln.r'II'r.l teas ii.ij.ressi-d the iariliual'.s 1 Columbia. S. C| Aug. lt .Yesterday "*
..r"V. B..un.llflp.U:'''. I | tl. '
hot hl' tow a st-nt-rous.: tip upon the hat. Tinsame ma_hilieeinv ap- .: afternoon an unknown man was found %j f jfcCsts Only 25 cents at Drafts, .f'

. I girl wlo furnishes this! small but necessary | jH-iri'd iu the Jit-orations and oru.imeats dead in bed at a hostkry! here kuoun 5ct i ri '!r Iasi' !i rests to c. j. MorrtTT M D. ST r. \I;

""hlll.r"l.r anil Mollere. I If' feature of the 'rE'llwny.-\ew' of the elinji'l but the fortyfourironri'ous as the Hill house. lie \\.'nt there !1 w., tar,. Lanll.,1)r M r.-t'. Tt TlII\ \ T..I .1' ,.,. '. '
,l A ciirroiKiiidfiit linds these notable York Tribune. I II'roin ix.>irt>s of one suit and the n-st drunk and it is thought that alt ohil-, .D.ltr.1h n.i ya>.T -ary > h r r I tnl .. r,
points i'f rt-"" 1II1laI4'iiu tinoarcvrs of I' bow am nil tae' irlt.M It .' .D. Irr ..1 ,. n r . ., .n '
of the sacerdotal lamp dis-play there !I ism caused his doata.! It is stated is=tvtng r.thr m ah.,. d t ;: ". s Ware.-.. .: T .. ; .;". .
fol.tkf'.I..lr' :timd'bdi,-rr: Hot to Colil.Dyentery 'Airiiclipsp.1 by the majesty of \Co1.ey's that his name was Johnson. ant that but sun wr vnrc iiurs .u.uv'dyP i nut I'aiI I> ti '"f -. ,
Tin- fat Iu'r of oath was In trade andBi'i''iniitlv .ubr 1IH./\I."I'I'h. "
sty r+ uiphi ut.
; 1 he from :'\t> The -
was berry ('oumy.
i I. prevalent everywhere
' di-stim-d his son to follow i The aii'jual <>f his liiju f II IIf i iu summer and i ii due to miasmatic CXIN-IICI-S I coroner is working on the case. : ..
'.. till o.r'uIatiIJII. Tinfiirl.v. (ilucationcf i poison*, and bin; abruptly with i-\i: .ilid fi1.1NNall iiiiineiis Mini for i j I BOYS and GIRLS ?. ;? I'
I I lath iii-Kliitill I, and knowLilliiiiU" ', .. .
: was ue tmo-t'lave.| IIi retinue of sal i <
I l inrtumnation of the mucous lining; perous meour"Blueine." ..,. .
A World Wide Reputation. Itl"**r rntstn n 01.i "r..1 1 ti thourhnltu
'. iu their after training:: that I iof, tiie parze bowel. Iu America the !iis klimly stlhl. his I'tlIl1l'tll'lU1"11 I | ..- bl.is Imljt . s. ,

totlfrrrrd Mil tlirin their JHTfii't di"t-a..1' j. common but properly tll'1'! .. :1 Ir.' nicntioiifil in every hi.tol'J.1 C C'liaiiibtrlain's Colic, Cholera and Blue lrr > \ .. i ...I, .
,, .
*OIII cllr III"t. '
one mill 'i.J \ .1
tE itlm1 III smiil br,"-dill.: and ,. :: treated does not rtult a* -*>riouly a* ) \Vh"'ii he rode to and from Westminster Diarrbiei Remedy ha* a world wide U hen you iirtV-' hold t'."-nI .n "'It. i I" "
rd manners'. I'ltl'r-r nf tlll'm:1* liaj in the tropic. Perry Davi*' Painkiller in his t'lmrll'Il'r of lard ch.inc-liir.! i[ reputation for it* cureIt never loll IkuiutUfljv. liulwi' t. His .
t (.:ly' in.irri.-il Ia.-h Uiiiiiiiiiin.uir, II J i.* the best known remedy and Iris mule wa attenditl liy a l"iu train !j j fail: and i io pleasant and safe to tike .\Ihlr.... (i..,.;\ \ M.IM: to \( II Ill\I. C. Ili | i I IH If.'a 1 I
For ale by all drlggi-tand deal: -
> L.1li2iCi0p-iuthetreatment ;
" tail t.<>r. a nt.T. Kadi l'r."h'.1 aou- th' m'J+ of iiul.lis and knights ui hoisebark: :,

"i ...li-riil lf! nun.lr of :autliciiticatcd I:j of dventery. his piirstv-.ant, ushers! and other oiii! I irers er?. _. -

nullworks. 1'aihsea.eai-1sih1Nnrt I j I II I led ti! .' WIIII rieli liverii-s, while! ; ''

j'ul.hslrnu hi* works.
tu do MI U-st they Miiiuld In' acted !i Our
l.y rn driniatii* foiupanU-s. flays of Jniu- is the blossom of that time >!

pal !h wi-ri' iiilliftisl by adors atul first I honored ''imitant of roast turkey, of # ... tT11I and secure the rr.o f dcitciou t;

|'ul-l!.Iiid in II iimpli-tf form after tLpt'ilth the criutta-rry.Vhdle, I.owt''r't'r '- < A YOUNG LADY'S LIFE SAVED.At of bcer 'ct produced iun,io

( of the authors. }licxly knows the lierry. few are a--- J Panama. Colombia by Chamberlain'sColic fine-t line of umbrella in the

Had: I tixichi-d up or produced plays 'l ainti>,l with the llowi-r for the peat Cholera and Diarrhoea city i I. at J. I. StephenGo; l lookit -.:- : He drinks bcstvdio drinks'fit? *

that an- lost tor of doubtful uricin. |K>JS: where it blows in the choice fellowship Remedy.Dr. them. -.; ; .

Ja.-ll .nKardi-d novelty of pint I lir- of the stately pitcher plant Chu H. I'tter. a prominent +r.. :

ro" ill:: from \ :lr nuo: sources. 1ichilislik'sl niul the oI.K-ii! club and of many a phyieian, cf Panama. Colombia in 'l AH P.ibt floor i- !),-etl'il front H *rJ '
: I his profi-ssion.! The personal rare orchid are quite rvnmtu from the I // you wish the very best r I'J malt matted i infutbrd.urwe' with iff I. '
t tIwjiten :t recent letter '.tate"Vjt Mireh
C liar.utiT of eaiha* p 'iitlt\ kind. paths of tra\el. The cranberry ice cream freezer at the very !:u.cd+ Our la'lis art tltr In-,.t lh.if iiturx-i" I..i .
I[[ had as a patient a ; ladysix I
|.-.-n.-r<'iis. Kji.-li had a prf.foniMl knouliUv plant is a small, slcnr.. somew'1.:1 ttraili lowest price the Willis .J
PABST liKHU'l.Nf: ; CO.A
I teen: year* of age, who had .
nf lium.in natun I'.ath preferred ,,; shrub with the lu'ates-t of v .
the ideal or matter to the comparative evergreen leaves. trove amid which a I I bad attack of dy-entery. Everything Hardware Co. can please -

disregard of the matiiK-r. K.ic-h: had n few threnliile talks lift their !Uhl,lii: I: ; I prescribed for her prated ineffecttul you. -- I -{)

roiuarkalilc fi-c nudity and frrtility of tlwers.'hell fully expanded, the and ,he vngrowin wore .

l'l'olu..ti..a.! Karh died at the ae of pink !OM s of (-arli ctirolla are curleil t every hour. Her parent: were *tire We will launder your spreads for
15 cents each and make them look
tt.two.. kick like a lily's: and from the heart he would die. She had become fo like uw Star Laundry. FINE WINES.' UQUUKS{ ETf.S. ( .

cf tin m the compressed stamenfnvt- weak that i i ,
There is a wide difference In jjettln; 1 coulJ not turn or in I

,\'IIt't' tlilnfe we tl"lrw.1 getting tmlt. in the sliniKof a hpearwt or |l ed. What to do at this critical Water coolers that do not

what I In sting fur Fotuotluies.I'ittstmr .- beak The imaginative:: may see in jtltis moment was study for me, but I
us A.
: waste ice at the Willis FRIEDMAN
Ion; IN':mkt+l little lilossom n re- 1 It'I thought of Chamberlain's Colic, .
; I!.iz>-tte. ''I semblance to a tiny crane's hta.1. I(Cholera and Diarri.u-i Remedy and Hardware Co.'s.

whence wiaie hard pressed ctymnlarbtI aa last resort pn-cnbed it! 't'henot i* O. ItMX IIH II.1.1 I I
MenVill Ite n" ,,. I'
) has thought; to derive! the word eranUrry 'I wonderful reul' was eif eied.Within .-.-

In theexcitemeiit of a Ih'.lyext-r. -tliat i is, iraiie-lierry.-"Country ;, ei:.'ht liour sue was feeling KfOO fra.

ci"e like bo it-racing: IIr ill-playiu r, Lite Ii America." 1'I nuch better ; m-ide of three days Awarded at Paris
?he was upon her feet and at the end
they will strain their mu-cles and : o of one week was entirely well. Fir TRY TB NtW W i NT COLUMN !

Iicme limping and *,)r('. Then they FOLEY'S KIDNEY CURE. ale by all dru;!';{ists and medicine

are glad they have Perry Davi Will cure Uri.'ht's Di-ea-e (dealer*.
Painkiller nil hand to "outhe the Will cure Diibet"*. I

quiveruiiT uervt-* ; to penetrate the Will cure Stone in ISl.iddT., Ilnlian Itlnc*. f

Inuclewith warmth and healing Will cur" Kidney anti HladJ : Kiim'-i of Italian wuikmansbiir :'1"

puwr. It hasrelieveil the pain of Dijpisea.-W.: A. li'Alembtrw, ll! ,rtrtiijirkal'ly beautiful.Vnice ".trt.... CORDIAL WICKESCO.]

two geh.ratimof: American-: S. Palabx.PENSACOLA. I uhrly't'Il..1 in this int. In the I.ontesliorou'li Hlrhest reeorrmenditions for cure of Poorness ,
Large b'lttlf5 and (50) cent. : -- of Blood, Siomich troubles and Citncri De
<'lltftioi is a line i.-i C'i't Incrti'ses the
trr"'" strengthens
..surUIni f uh"nnn. IVctunds.Aii I CLASSICAL SCHOOL I'UI.'!" The four t-l-iws of the outer nu,: I'le nerves in j bunds up the enure asicm. Plumber Gas and Steam Fitter

>oii.: .ill jviiplii'ti! siu-knu of tlioiiinl .u "I'a'k support the settmj "1'a 22 rue liratlnt ,

\\ : !li.ls r\cr l'M"'II considered tin- sharply JM intinl pyramidal dian ."tul.11 PARIS
r hint Annual Session l.gula Sep. siu-h as wis then coveted for writ ill I. Ioukrrad ( n. No. S South Palafox Ktr" t.
I':"-t .1'\1\. riMiu-ily of Iml u i.,1 :ttr ;': .
] .
: leather !.>. I9I)'.!. a" I rj'pl'i'.iiioti fur MinUt bitiIn Alma mi _la-s 'Hishank bears a fani-itii1 All Kind Oi Plumbing and h. 'su'ite Mt ruiK .
Julie t':. lilil.i. .
I n tit'p-tii! :::: nistrumi'itt is futplnvtil ineii. : I reseiiiMamv to a seriRMit swalloviiu' .k!t.its Nnllit .. PF" a a.,5I > 'I A H -
., a turd! of which only! the claws
-rreri.of tin. kind to draw outtlit : con- WLt1iLY: ? cIIELUL1FOR

1..11..11..1 .1..1: | Til.' Ito U ills ti'llotted : The aim nf this! sch'inl M to pro intiiif, the! tine; main in siirht.::

tho SIUHliii'tliixls.. :ai.l wlirtiCatti !! \ide thoMiu'h HlttH sCHOOLauJ'COLLKUK ( It \> .is with a similar ring Ital'ih STEAM DIVIIO.N A5 :M: very

made hi. ruinioiis iiHilitionliriiu : : IMJEPAKAl'OKV in- wrote the words on u wiu.w1 1 p. ne."l'iun l.t; S-\lOI.-\ KLKCTltlCThlCMJKitUA1LWAY .

::b the senn'iit ini'i-steil African -tructh'lI. The-ch.nd is of e-pecial would! I rise lint that I fear t.i

, d.rrthe inpi| >\.-.l many savageruaki I J! ititere-t t<> three clase : 1 fall! to whi.-h Jueeii KlizaU'tb jiiMM."If I. COMPANY.Truns sCl'.'..--um: A i. ., ,

ih.tniH-rs. talh-il! "|''' Iii|| to follow l i 1. Thie who having; completed thy heart fnil tliee, drt not nat !rave P"n-scola for the Lllii.
1 the rirado.: of the p'iblic-chool with 111." Bayou, Hill rayon arrlcgton, Nary Lan IMPORTER AND JOBBER OF
; an iiuplktl wlii-li
tv! army. Thy jx-rtonuod many their eiieouragfUiflit loll Fort Hurranoa .t
to stuJie-
mt-r men who wereMtun. purue lurther with- led I\ him i a to (.'ri'I'W.
laj.strridUnti out having home. tI:*J. m.arrive it hort klarrancal 7:10.L
!but tl-e 1'!! t'a"J of their! trtMt- =?. Th...,. wI| u xi-h with the aid | :O\Ia. m. arrive at tort riarrancai 10.ii ..c
meat app irs to Late ivii-:>ti'd Ii sucking .f the careful individual attention His 1:UII p.m. arrive Rt Kort liarranoa L.3p c
Sight Threatened. USO p. m. arrivt at tort Uarraacai .:1:' p o
the wounds.MoDuffie's. that! can 5* given in
amallerpla 4:15 p.m. arrive at Karl Karranoki IUJEixip
"'hilt' picnicking I.t.t month Iron Nail*. Axe*. S1v t- raw: M.I I" ,
.md :a longer -g-\ +ion. to alvancp: my : m. arrive Kort BArrancui 8.0 \:.a I ; tn
-- more rapidly thau i., possible for *.I' 'f'ar oil boy wa poi-'>ned by Trains leave Fort Harraacaitor- Penis Supplies t'onklris aid HI'lii, .- .. I' .

Witch Hazer J J them in public ,school:. *om" weed or plant," *;*y* \\'. H. cola at Window Ub- Gun*. Pi"l .Id hi- i V .- I
Foot Healer i i.* .>ne of the rtne-t !!i 3. Thosp who TW a m. arrive at fpneaco.'a ... ":(V a. n lltl\!
fittiuz theme f.
Dibble of and Tiinvare 1IfII rrllrllllIfJl
1 SMUX: City, Ii. "He rab- 11.11) p m. arrive at P..neacol..I1: pn .A,atc and ::
baby powdnr-knowueure*' prickly' else* for coll.- t'. ism p. m. arrlre at Pensacola na
t bed the his p. n
poi-onoil hands
heat and jrive in-tai.t: relief. j i i2'n'Kxrs. In addition to the uual ill*truc' irtr In* 5:15) p m arrive at Pensacola ... 5.4J P o 0-AOENSFOH: BIRMINGHAM IlOLLINO: MIM. 1 '
tlon in pn;lih. )1.1tht'lllllticHi,, *'yeianti' for awhile ws were, afnid 7f'p.m..rrl i Feciacoia_ T.45 p.D.ip.m. I
arrive at Feaiacola __ Revere Giai.t Stitched lleltn, >
: 8:11; v s ;y \"rll.afJ1I'

Sold by Johnherp: ud, 4t.5 :S. Pale !'I itnry.tiou i Geography* ollered. ii-it/mut, Litiu.etc..in-true-, i-rirr tuition neighbor 1f' would lose recommended lit- -iirht. Finally DeWut'-- 'eatnrdaysonlyTARE FOB WEtK DATB.feniaoola Wheel Co., Loftiu A lUnd p.\vd C-. J.ir.n-. ..
I -otiiine, Iron Kin/ and Buck 'ot1..8 and lam /
afoxtreet.. i in Greek, French German and S Witch Haz..111vp.: The fit .
: [ anj &ppl to Fort Karrancas and \'
morn tt) C'-.nps & C'o.'i Haw Hide Lacl.ntf! -r -
-- j i I ih. The school i i.. conducted at the ration helped him and in a few day Pensacola to Navy Yard and return K, Color
j corner of Vest G. JJen and Sprint ')ewaawall a* ever." For *kin Peniacola to Palmetto Beacb and return IhC5DAT Mad Railroad

REMOVAL SALE !itreet*, in a building which is to ii-ea-e. cut*. burn cald: -, wound. ICHIDCDI. Masonic Templo.m P('n'--IU'uJ. t
I be arranged to adapt it e-pecially to i mect bite. DeWitf Witch Hazel When w.athr permits the running o

OF FINE JEWELRY i!i the need; of the *ch
Tae number! of pupil in attend-''nc Reware of counterfeit. H Ir- Lear<(Pe&iaeola.a. m. LT Fort 10 fiarraax a. m. W. B. WRIGHT COfllPAli) ; !!
I '
lance limited. Hence those desire ri:i Pharmacy. John Sheppard, Sid-1 11 a. m. n m. I t :
I will move my -t.)ek of jewelry ; iUl' admittance honld communicate ley Kahn. j! I p. m. I p. m..p.m I iI L .

t>tc., sometime between, now and J i,* early* po-ible with the Princi- ID 1 p. m.. I l HAMTAlTfKKM A-O' '

Sept. I, to the store now occupied by j pal.For CONCERT AND D.XCF.1' B p.m.4p.m m. I. @
Ui-* A C.>. and meanwhile will'f.. further in: 'rm.lti'u. terir$ and :>f.GXOLI.ELl"FF THURSD\Y 6p.m. Ip.m.. I LATHS

special btrdno: .1* to cl')*a opt 3"// catalogue, ad Jre* p. m. | p. m. TLUMBER ,
much of my rft' euttook as poeihee H. CLAY ARI TRt'>-O, S'K.HT. TRAINS AT 6. 8:30 AXDl fAH TOBIUBDATceniaeola ;
to save m ivin 9 l LAST TRAIN RETURNS to ort Barraocai Ran m
expene. Principal, or AT
lard and rstcrn_____ n, iL.J SlfEDCIPEESSSEHiGlES-i-
quick and get bi; b ir 'iin*. Call J PERt iV.\L H.WII.SLEY. JR., 1 1:50. TICKETS 25 CENT AT Pinaacola to Palmetto Leach tad : 2

If J I. tnI'Ht: I :1- i-taut. D F.POT. ,.urD.______ Ili :
I --. PEN .%CO! A 1 .
Ynteegbt elved after ,:IS p. !D.

j---, _

... Hi;'!Co'.&. 1., l, ''''.r "''''-iI._ ",. ; "; ":'< ',,& > ) .43' ..L-"W...,...' ''
), '.0 ,., '- 0 _"o- -p -,". .. .-: ; u"f'_ '''''>_' = ''''''''' z rer----




-. -- t



.tvtnFut G FlY'S "Uatuaris.:' said Crll Hunt, "if you ; Slow Starvation'

1 il rClit RfAhIBALMCR lIon I' ;ro for nic much ut kist
r a RRPfsha>> e..re' f, r ai.yUdy tl!'e. so why not i I Is the fate of sufferer from dY1fIt'f"'la l and IndiestloL

ArmrEe tal: rue : 1 JIM cumitu: put tip with !11Il7 ____ If your food remains uudlit'!
I 4 In- '\\.:"1H lilisii.i It is better than \'. In ta t.lt dors actual damai:.; ty dc'C41ltl la tb*

J iinUiu.: : :; u nil c-.vts." Brave Officer Held His Own CiLp stomach and 1".I.t.luiljll he "yii iu.KODOL .

:...EJJm I'marls o Vane considered a fow minutes 4

,./tnt hvr fan to IH.T lips. .cJDHfN1AN Aga nst Five. Digests i

sAO, e Otr \ory still," she said at lat, with a --
V I What You Eat.
r s'gh. "hut you must clearly understandthat : Olrtrs'

COLD 1h> HEAD there is oc thim: 1 '.aiht never Beat and Purest Beer. ARMED WITH COLT'S PISTOLS. it, II" Kodol is th< sensible! r *mMl.r Hydic tlnj wbaflfo.

,*<.* tinNa l'II.'a; gtliiu. put up with. Mini that I is a jealous Lus1'unJ. Bottled only at the Brewery. fat it.strencthHis the laxly and ar the Minn time meta

... Items Hill I'mircU NUM. I ma sure you would l>ewy THE AMERICAN BREWING" CO., Sheriff Was Riding Along the Rcac the stonuch. Thl r.-'t M m f'lOt,0' |"'rfM-t hult'-

I:"-Liiresthe When He Came
IC Itl Itriij&'lit or by Suddenly Upon
;r 'II '
Kodol: It
Is Nature
cures. st'in'
"J\.t.r nll.11. : "Try in*, he fxclaluitiL "I swear I *
,t.n 1IoTIIII: : : I will never Iv jealous." | IKV\\HIKI Men and a Fusilade of Shots Fol Five years ao adise&ce the doctors called!! dy.po..ta took wh a h.<>4 M 1M 'h,| | \M
Wwn-n ?tu-tt.Ncw Yolk.IK lively eo. I tookqunotltieiof prpHinitn-iotlivr tn* l'lux, tat a..hlat bti0J A* .j
"Swonrins: is no PHK]. I want proof." I< lowed-Ccnvicts Finally Fled. drowDiug man grasps at a straw I gr.bl..i1 .t .....1,>1. I felt oil lint>rvTrtiiriit .Mk>Y,4..t tflM*
-- 1 mouth ItofU. "' l'll. let me prove it to you." I woman of the world to-pin') with a few bottles am sound and well loEt'R"* I'. M UtlIK. A It.rhey-.t-La.. >oiv ., !.*.

I' her in one of the charmimrl's "T1iit is just what 1 want jou to do. men's hearts :;s you do." Chattanooga Tenn., Aug. 1C-A spa It can't help but do you good.

-', of riiikulclphia, :\O\\'. r$sien. I am staying on hero for i "Don't U- Umelodramatic. any rate vial to The News from Florence AI.!. Tbe II bottle contains time ae much.a-tUHlrai'ufmri ii itb*I real.i...hlfh...U.lot Mil
I hate slinxui me that I have doneyours l'I't'JlI"-.1 t>y. C. l -Wtte .V Co .('hl.- n' N.M; tI, ail dr.lr.
c.inli'iiiiiB and the raisIclpUia a little over a week, and what I siif1p I you says: ----- .

: ". fowl" are gen. ."t Is that for that time we shall both :, no bnrm. Mollie is a nice pirl. I !> "Dej/uty Sheriff T. S. White ol Dewiirs witeb Dizei salve r.ri ..,f'ri.n. : .*..ppll.1otI... .II .'osatfftetta for plies. Mr. ...

i .. n-MiU-nts. rvcitwl to the of i- I:e at If'rtaud: I shall take Ix.jiflie will l>e all you wish! for." i I!, \\ aynesbcro. Tenn., Lad a pitched bat "

.\ of tin- Iuuliii2 of the MiutJise of it by lliitins with the IIlI-I' "I think 1,1/. And '(.n. I suppose, will .le with five of the Tennessee penitentiary John t'''heppardHar I PimmacyjMdnrjr K.nii.The .

i- !Iii children had ben interesting:; man I can tiid. You, marry 11\\IIrt!." escaped convicts at the hta.<

wurU. she requested each course, must not interfere for you will "I Mipj.o 1-11." she :1illls she moved of Cypress creek, 2u miles north ol r

.. ha\I' i.o opportunity t') d.'o.. For Into tb' shulow lea \ iag; Hunt to cross >1i".i..IIII'1 IIMI.IMM Irnr \tu. ( .
.\ draw from the Jin- Florence Ala., at 5 o'clock yister wli.it w.ii'! .
the luiHinlit lawn Ii lo'..*. Did you ever uuuie:; on iproiaIelr
''. HUHof the Plymouth your part you m.iy retaliate by innkin;: afternoon.The ,
: condition of the irrcit Mi I
that lln> little follow love to any !MSly "r t'\'t'r'llIlIl.\ if }out Left alone in the darkness Damaris all
v iv i men were armed with 41Celt's lustIaei ,
r'r l\1.'MU. '1'n.
sttllMI motiulIt.s.! Footsteps came Jl
d 1 IllS ll.'HIlI. prefer that. 1 hh.m't objiTt I can 3".1 pistols and were dressed ir -\rl'-
iiHl.iMi ."'011''' s\iit': Si iciitiKt.s "11"-1 ::
." across the! lawn, aril !her hostess uji"My .
-ur'tIIl. -
w hat I is Itr solved the I : 'artel. blue jumpers.Vhite says the men that the tn>!'ion <>f ita bed wi.u -E"/'I j ..
"Very well, ho said despondently j i Ia ,
I t passed near Waynesboro coming south complis-hod by n tlliIhl.lItarad .c. ; 0 J
d Damari-s. aren't com- F/ j3f
She glided oT small I Ioccasionally t'nr you \
: int'i MIIIIP talk. .
.'in. tin want lieu I and he followed them \
jou a I or horseback which begun far down the ritw 1-10 t
I casting n glance at Hunt j In_ in? No one kw.v win re you were.SIH'I .jtil'11
'J.\\n'r" came the unex- He was riding along the road when al
it then
i I ably at the platv where < n.p| ,
\citi>nu>tit: Captain Howrml hats ;
to see what he was d?ins| Ho limited'' j
II he suddenly came upon the men sit into the gulf, and b>' pitdnal r> : PO
and i
a little discoiiM.latcly iirouml 1 him for | to lenr t"i.ltII'I'OIIIl'rnit:;: wean I ,
all his Come ting on a lumber pile at a cabin. rl< 'h'tI'l't'Sl'iulI dug out till tall' v I Igorge I- .. ...
a stcond or two and then drifted into Iwwailins; departure. I .
I opened: fire with his Colt's pistol at through: which It nu'11.-.t' ."
three things about theit a chair beside Mollie Itentlnck a pretty ami bewail it too. He has to pi t<> Ireland I c.--.l.J
to his fiaiu-oe." I close range. All five men returned That this theory is If'nnhlewar be lu ; .1
I have iH-u-r been dis- faced little I girl of (*itliteeli.Maltcr : join
I the fire and White jumped off hi.- erred from tho high wall like bluti-, .
"lli tam-w! nut I iJiiln't know he .
1 l\ w urnit is, w bat it is > wire much tllS.1II11' the nl'I I I / '
I wafiiuajjed:" Ai.d Damaris came horse. using it as a protection from features s-o characteristic of the npi" I'r:
day, when there was a large:; riding:;
forward."Neithfr. their f.re.Two part of its course.A r :
I party ti> some distant ruin. Hunt rode r

with Mullie! I'.eutinck: who showed a : OM an\ of n>." was the ser I men. who White recosni/ed a- wearing! away nf a mum-lcr c.it. jffL> ...

-. (nr; II wild desire to cling! to ber horse -lit- reply.'It MVIHS thiit they hai e Gus Hyatt and John Doe, stood: their rant would of toiirs-e necessarily 1"11\

C /rQ mane and whoso hair promptly came l..'t'ii eIgagMI; some time, but her papa : ground until their pistols were empt high walls or bluffs fill cither Mdi !

i j down owing to her incessant bumping.It objected to the tnatfh. so it was kept I and then ran down the road and joined These are the well known features of A New ; ,

iliiit't. llov.-fur. Captain Howard has the others Three White also the father of uioamloring "lr'lIms It
.' ire l> on every tiox cf the genuine I must lure hero kindness and nothing recognized
else ju>t had a telegram to say it is all as Fred Seguln, Robert Bridges would soci'i.! accordini: to this tbeor i '
..:'.ati\e t i LJromO'Quinine Tablets i on Miss Vans part that made I' Gas Range -f y
falls constitute the i
that St Anthonj's
,I cl run- a cold in one day.Foes jlJt'r stop as she was cantering past, riht.; and he is to ;go to Ireland sit and James Simpson from the photgraphs > ,. : t 1
remnant of what was Mice tin u ''t
--- managing her lively mount to perfec once. Come and congratulate him sent out by the prison author t
I I. stupendous cataract in the world. ILe f''r your kttrl.tit. lll iu,k.
non ities. White could have bagged

Kidney Cure I fright- some of the men if he had had sonic (,I.i estimate,' that It has t.lL.t'li the you UtU'h at the high P'ltof Nal.

oaks kidneys and bladder rieht.it "Hecause if so you had Ilt'ttrro I| \ot What HP "Pi peeled.Hero assistance or a Winchester rifle. Twc I'in'r1.MIIOI years to cane out tht'l I After you bare ...* It a abort Moue
I am. father. said the prodigal mighty: ditch through w hirh It iiuwflows. I
homo, she said. "I inn sure Mr. hunt i of the men lost their hats, and a number : you will wonder why jrov twmtnl
son. "Kn't it about time to execute .
want Bed- : will > pleased to take you back." I of 44 cartridges lost ths
a good I I I the fatttd calf':" were on ovr a hot coal raorf daring the
; "Delighted. I nm sure. said that ground where the fight occurt'l'd.The Quick Relieffor Asthma Sufferers.

Marxian gentleman. "In fact to put it selfishly "The bivf trust has plneetithat men had inquired the way to Foley'a Honey and Tar IttTrdi Im I -tartitiif a lire on a wl<<1I.'I..1mediate
to (5''I i I should prefer going; !lone. It's awfully Florence at the cabin when the battle relief to a-thina putlfrrr illworst
I' ff welcome out of reach.
sort our I whoa u touch us tnnMIt l0aktu 4bright
I hot for riding.; and the stages and if taken In time '
occurred were evidently workingtheir
You will find boiled tats andbikod ;
I some i bbixrontlnwl to euek i
It rather when will effect \Y. ymir
was aggravating; ; they a cure. A. D'Altm- '
beans at the old stand however way to the Tennessee river.
-- --- 'I I II berte 121: H. Palafox. utlii-t-N and ..t
nil came in hot and tired after the ride iiifc'; u 1tlIbllll' rout I
if you care to go in the Lou!> ."-Toledo t White left this morning with Sheriff I
to find Cyril and Mollie strolling! nlMint j whole liinlr
.-;; I P.ee. __ Hill and will make another effort to If yon want a nice present to give ..
the garden looking provokingly cOt.I''j r | capture the criminals and claim the to a {friend go und look thruu4ithe'' TRY CN/lit\i ltacola \ (IA's

'PUBLICITY\ FOR : I and fresh. I j I j reward ]i i elegant line of suitable article at '

"(1h, wo quite enjoyed ourselves!" | ; ?, you .surely can find )

THE PEOPLE. : said the latter hi reply to her hostess Iowa Henry was L.cured Khattnck: of a stomach of Shellsburjr trouble, I Kallnic 1'riim the feaiiir--. ).laC.... something to pleae you. If you I en J ) 0ns t C 0.,
in the Diamond
inquiry.Ve ate strawberries and sat | ; want anything
: under the big tree in the garden and I with which he had been afflicted for In former days it was usual for a I to see him bi>rmu buy. .25 md 27 (. Gird," St.. P.,,,.ul., FU. ;
I x 0 : 10. I..t.. You a Cent : :year, by four boxes of Chamber.b.ln' I j couple seated together to eat from one : ;
... .
; Mr. Hunt l'I'IIII"M.try to me. ] I I
.' h htnrJ i. I Reed I Stomach and Liver Tablet?. trencher more particularly If the relations -
: Damaris gave: a groan as she depart-] He had previu"ly tried many other CHOICEST
1\ I t t tint y. '' between them were of an intimate I You can get your house
CM I to take off her habit. j i remedies and a number of physicians
i I nature or, again, if it were the
;:!:.'; - -+ : without relief. For sale all furnished at Murston
'Toor ('y r11! That he I'holll(01' by druggists complete "If
) .11"01)). I I and medicine dealers.Some I master and mistress of the cfctablKliment. -
1 \ 10 descend to reading jMietrj to a schoolgirl
Walpole relates that so late as $ Ouina'soleasy payments
---- -- -
'I -",-.<1 real *sinis i she said comuiiscratingly. "How l j the uiiudle! tf the ttehttflitll centuryi weekly inontJily.PROFESSIONAL fOl1l1Q AND pnWfPflnUOy

i ." ', at low I ;:1llllw" will be when the week Is ended j \ cry Old l'rc""luc'luHonl.' I i the old Duke and Duchess: of lIamilI I I
F:. Brooks : ;
r.! .. ,.t., Klsher !' Layloek," the pronunciation of lilac | ton otTUpi'ed the dais at the head of -AT

Smlmv I It was with a curious feeling that Once \er)' ,rominoii has now almost j the room and preserved the traditional CARDS.

J -_ Damaris found herself waiting under entirely p.is.-rd' awa)". It is hardly manner)' bhariii; the same plate. It ..__...RO.S .O..'._h C. APOSTLE'S
i' .vu i : -naney? i the trees at the end of the week:, bl1 \'- i
."1 ,. .. j likl'l.to. bt> found in dictionaries or I was a token of attachment and tender
y Human i. : want 1 W. C. ROWE M. D.
fin a' d !ln....: rules ing dismissed Howard in search of a j ji ;glo.arifs! r.M-cpt Mtt-h us proft\ to rwollirtion of unri'turnablc )outh.I .- : M I Eist Gsrertitil St.
r ,.-T mprint-d i'ty real. .. ;i shawl she never had. | give provincialiriitioti of spelling.Sixty 'Oid Cookery: Hooks." Office; ITS s. I'alafoi '
u W 11 t art tray huutni Pala.In "
'He is sun to come. she kept on regating I Formerly t''rdou IUuuratitHUDdii
rI j ago bow ever it was Iy no Hours from H .
: years I toV: >) e m. i al I. 4 p. m
to herself. "I must give; him j means a iiro\iuciali or a mark of the Kuiftlnn I'ulice Ilcuulution. and after o'clock 0:1" carload "f .' *\<\.I.\ .* \\ ||1.15 1Pliolno

I long; enough lie is sure to conic." j, I ,. to #;2.W per dolt n
\ \ HUKKOW MONEY uneducated. I well rememlN-r that One of the regulations; of the Itus- I (1t
I .. {
little chance
". .. ,.YoU property. pro-. Which showed how very \\"alt..ran.e; 1.:11,1111' always spokeof I sign police refers to the censorship of
*y or *.11| real. *sf h'rcHIS vf i
she t Cyril
> it.., ilfKcrlpllon, have really thought "l.ij'locks," as did my own mother price lists of goods, notes of imitation I

\"tr. .tines. attended. to[ turning up. :; and most jiKijil "f that pi-iu'ration. ItIxlongtil I, to parties and personalisitlns cards; LAW DEPARTMENT
I C. U'atson A Co. i
nitiici' agenli.. ftintiain.Srat i At last Ju"t as she was ghing up ; to the age, now almost entirely ; also for the ci-nsufship of teals, rubber -

. ,, i, hope, a man's figure came across the I : '
> TofTtryone ] pasM-d away, which ('alll'lIlnllll' I stamps( and 1 business cards of Indixidii.ils 0. --
'n UO m will lend money lawn andh Fawilh ofthankfuhtess I 1
? a feeling | "
I K buu.... Hd-tt -Kotiin. gold 01l1c1. St. Jainrs "fit. or corporations. Another or-
I that it was the one she ] with other Miriatious! of John D. Stetson
-- OVr: r-u'iil.iti's: UK- sale of soap, starch UniversityDo
was waiting for. | pound now dieimdulLrar.1 I IUIMhoard and
i tn<'tiil>ru">hi'S and insect i owdcr
.u ac"lIt. "I thought yon wf-ro never coining: Lancet r'loi-icl/*.
father that CeorgiIV.
my say another i-uutrols the printing on the
!! she said forward.
'I -..1<- fur *:.''"i-a 'fn-ronin, I starting always spoke of "my loyal I city or pap' r u" Hl In making; cigarettes.; JOHN: I1. t'OKISKS. I'll. It. .'.f"ulrn.l.Ia.HT.f. t1 \liltII.. LL It. IHaa"
H.tIotll.l ,
11 "I hII'IItllulIlit: expect "
i" -r Inv amt Ie1'tllerc.Ixrhed.b"u.c Liinunn. wliili"olli'estHl": iud ",-0\\'-
III 'old con me to no: through the'f"I'm of coming; ," ,: I'all Ti-rni ( 'omuuenee1'eulne'oluI> Ot II.IM.r I. IIMr_.
cuinUT"viiv heard from the :1 dose
.'t'a front".> by ml fret dfrp.Hlltt A p.'i I heaiiswcrcdgrau-ly. ..y Otl have shown refuel! mouths. mot ll OSTET1ER I'-'"*''. before of the TWO Y"AR.OHIt iI:-Tu.- Law Hrtmnt of .lutai, ti 'lr("m I im.rtiti *!*.'

t11*' clearly" enough that ull is over be- I run distinctly! remember on the first | CELEBRATED 0 ;meals ft will sharp, I al.o-Y..Rr.'eour..I."tIIO.IOlh.mtlittFhAIIMil'uTuTHFB.iIt: : I : cli-gic)1> h.nf. .ll 1.1.11(.h. IIt nf I!h. .. |1"1'.rm.i.i ..f ".*. H.
twcen Htet-nn I'nivrroitv admit to the Per
I t.lt -I-AI..I- -- --:.- i' "No, us.Indeed,*' she answered hastily j Sundjy in Advent ly':'i, hearing tae i-tomaph up and fur aid H'KTHKK lNJOKMATION-: .. l.ar Arn..un.-fii, "i .,f a.J ..I .n,, 4..
tliciatin? clergyman! at St. Marv dliceation. When I sired information regarding! the Law l>r|>nrtiniit.H.I.ITH.. i
I' r rent hclnw cn.i, a line "It is mistake. I"-
| a taken ALIiKKF J. FAUKAH
'i j yts regularly 1/ulof I.itW I
Wooinoth; IleJertn.ttt
gibe: out sonorously when
L' ju-l from the factory; will I
fur? "'1110"-. ile.ks anJii i "Stop:" he said. "I must tell you reading the first lesson "like a lodge in !,1, + 1 a, euro positively D- J..il .'1.. J
b.-Itt," oost.ht I hlsbrr'a 1 that it I is nil quite over ctweeu us. '
a garden of 'Ow..ullll..rs. and .
larrngunatu. Ifi ( mv Headache
Mollie! IVntinck accepted me a few '... ,
dear old n-ctor. .liiiius Charles Han-. : Tulane
lot ID i hours ago. Too know Wc were bo'h of': Flatulency, University of Louisiana. t1
I, f moit > t"lItI'ars, later adopted the saiuipnmunii.it V/ a, ,
ay terms by the Kmber us to be quite free".Ul I \ Indigestion,
v a f.i"-y. :ft1*', Mouth 1'alafoi ion. say lmg at t.ilili', J I No"v c vIc nua.. ..
indeed Damari1'! rojilietl -
is over Dyspepsia.
Ualmv "Olilcege:; by passing tae quietly. "1 hope you will be | Constipation I _
\ as a disyllabic for uolcts.
.. \\'.. ittt-d. happy" STOMACH Malaria I EDWIN
was equally common people dint.Full
__... ..___..__o "I h..|K> so. Moll.io! is. nt any rate no among Sand I .
plOd l1l'l1tloll.-\olt.s un Fp. rt.. ncrdlnplatnRpro-: ,I '- convince you. Coursfsln 1."n2u"04. hrlcnc*. ngnim-nif: law.. MMirtD: Khartu..,. "U,
.[i.-. ,. itb retail driiKKi-tt, -- Kcvi-n f'p"rat" U..p/trtm""h. bittern Huildmm fit"n.t '" 1lb'UI.. 1..Mit.
,'loialpav. Ahl'1..1- TI.- Only "'UT. and Workshop. l"I l"OIld lirpartini-nt for Wuni-n the >..cuwb t oii>(.. 'I
I f'I. rence. E. K. Oilea A DR. KING'S Marston $ Quina have .
-tnrtI'hiladelphla. Pa.xh.tr' .\11. Reginald, dearest, slue sighed, I Tulane mak 5lad"ri In all vocation It* facilitlri fur ln : but how can I be sure that you will some z'ery nice Dressers and In the!I'\outh. Eubty- in truclor. and liautti-lmiu: l*.t t.".io. M.arrebMuaNpe "i
TRY In theacademtedepartnrntorwntoLouisiana. bo,.. F.
NEW DISCOVERYFOR tp.nIiebe4.esblenrPgq, a
I, Ilel1u11ed.. not grow weary of me after we bate Wash Stands very cheap. I J17.)for session. Hoard and lo I been married a little while?" academic' eludentforseIf-belp. Ialb.Aestenuc'ollri... Ia', hI".1f .,. s
.r.'I' t .
t'', .-.trneInlen.oIerandtrus- -- --- THAT COLD. "I don't know," he answered "un Just the thing to go with ;I for glnlUctob"r college ,,work will Send"I'for turned Catalogue.a."y Iron, inability 'et pay tUltuA. 'IL ..wwn ...

\ '" prepare for trailing t'n,I TAKE NO SUBSTITUTE. less we get married and see."Chicago 1 Iron Beds. Addre'. K E. BKI > K H.."t.Ury.
'I'.n..-. to ""1111I. Kuclo-f Cures Record llraid. 3
Consumption.Coughs -
.elope. l'reldent J. tM. ,
!I'. aciH.ru M..t'bica Its Colds Bronchitis Asthma --- ---- !

The best physic-Chamberlain's; $: -WE WILL-0*

I '. '. to learn barber trade; PneumoniaHayFcverPleu-1 Stomach and Liver Tablet;. Eay to
..rek. required: steadyteion ', take. Pleasant in effect. For sale
.. ..Ie.. tool prt risy, LaGrippe, Hoarseness, by all druggists and medicine deal-
v' !";.nliv, diplomat crantnee.l STOCK OF SUMMER
.. Catalogue: mailedf.r Sore Throat, Croup and GOODS

a i ollege, .New 4Irleanst ,

Whooping Cough. ers.CASTOR at and Below Cost to Make Room for Our Immense Stock of
"+:ng Men from carublit: NO CURE. NO PAY.

.i i'i ninient..iu'e In",prepare..r\'lc". Apply for post o Price 50c. and $ I. TRIAL BOTTLES FREE. -. *Fall Goods .- "

Cedar Kapidi. la.
lu t.
.'Ij y 1m-d.\:w' For Infants and Children

CIfICIfEITER'S ENGLISIfI The Kind You Have Booghlmm 25! doz Men's Laundried Shirts, f3; pair Ladie1 Sprint Heel KW;! .. jet your boy r"lId ff

\s .\. =,'l'l' U. I PILLS Always regular ?1, to close at 75c.ITi regular |l good?, to clo
doz Men' Colored Laundried Pair- lit Hoy''' Huit, r.Cularf'u
JS'ENNYROYAL 6eaala. Seat's th.6ClgDatW'o ; ft.!),,
( ol Mod cdll a.t to
..:"n to right l one Ad- tS4LI--tJ of tegu ?e at ooc.. b8 pair I,}die* Low ( .u t .1.(0) i 1
"mc". mot la IU.D sal Lou meate [urn raft e regular 81.2-j goods:, to close at *1.05: ;' <()ltSul'., ,pcol.r rlre
57 doz Men'
.... ....nb_ T.Ie..of\er. n..6.. ? Colored Laundried:
... J'n( ...' .... .,"..c._ ..tI I..'.... Hhirt, regular; c goods, to close at p.5ir'I i flJA latHS U.;;. close ai 11.14 Qlt.

\ '-\tt fctndt of empty beet f tl.a.. 'ow e.n P.rti"1.reraU..arajle.w..,..... T..t1..tal.V :ioc ; these goods should in 21 ;:' %
go pair Low Cut Hhoe .
.1 H A. KmiDMAl" norstf .l. .. "K.II.f for i..dha-al".y na. regular i price U to .LuI,) clo.. at ".61)
.. Mato 1 o eeu T........... d..1 by hour 11.50 goods to close at $t.2u anJ IJim:: suit.
t Ika..Ser( 1PARKER'S C.,
Irop '
I'll' i/ruv. M..Uahuat:+t 9.dla.. a.a.e. flits PA mmUM 20 doz Men's French Neck Ralbrij- pair. WtI carry the Ur/ ,t line of Jtoyt ;

""- l san Undershirts at 20c, regular lac'e I'.1ot. carried by Douse In
carry the largest line of Boy any the
\ oI\lM KKOWN: LKGHOKXST : ?oods. city.
.... Shoes of any house in I'en' acola.
Mock .
and .11'
at W illli Hardwaret'o't.Fig* for liMf YOURSELF I UM IaCIt fatal of all dte. 30 doz 1Jnd.ersbirt Men'a French Neck Balbri-- Bring your boys to us, we can fit All of oar Ladles' and Ml..f.*

CUBE .I|I ?an at SOc, regular 45c, them in any size. droptltch d VA. hoe, to clue at
IIA lit ,
I .
fjUCO rK* *u ** "*" *" We have Jut received a full line
.* KKIKVK-ManufacTnrer; imutioni or Dloerattoa All dollar line ( dot ;\1//.*&,' fall seamless hose
\K\H our of underwear ,
\1 i to of Linen and Duck Skirt We will
: ..er IB lair t.oodi, Hau. Toilet cf Pwnlew mocooi, "i mbrinea.6tnaor I Is : close at 75 cent close at lice for choice. Home to close at r..IC df x, or 4 pair for **e. ;
iIE your
not =
>awOiteta.SSe W. Government C ; 72 Pair Ladies'Sprin? Heel Low of them are wortb (1.50. 75 dos 'leI1' Heatnle half bo.. ;
regular luc !
.Ne by Dr.ad1lw Cut good, to close at Re pair.
.. I.'ur test ID pUIafer wrappt, Slippers, 2to 7, regular $1I We carry a full line of Hkirts. 1
\% er 'uIH.'rnl.. WehUe'08&rE'CE"ud.' full IIn.
,[pre-.. preptid. tot I goods to close at70 pair. Look at our window display |(of Ladle 1
a.r..r r.rvw vwv.v.n.tr Kid UloTOn .
t r tOR HjOlR.L1'furnl.lled 11.00, or 3 hut bottle on,r.lued.I $3. I I1rcalu or money t uodid. Cortilni i i ittmedlu all had...

:y In bouqaen or peclal deilgniI by !. {
rfcoffolitd >> .
Moreno, 323 \\ eat Gregory:rctdlm! DID u the tot lot Remember, we must have Room and if Prices will Sell Them, we will have Room.

1 '1' b'LU \VUICM.g'.u I HAIR. BALSAM "rh&nJ m.cId t tlOdlal! F. E.
-- - - -- ---- Chow Lad tmoufic*

WEKB-':: ordered and Floral for cnslomrei.Morroa e.lglI'-. I r4l; Promotes sner Patti t laiumol to Bettor rrowIL GrqI t u f1b S.. Item :

g j : m Welt oretory.twdlm! I CwHK-P Hall'Urodtl'VX to in diraiM TomUiTul a rh bar, "Color.a IL>J. C. I W. A. D'ALEMBEBTE. I i I lO l05 PALAFOX STREET=sg<}l 131

1, 4

.,, -"',-7 k., "'- ',! -.. _...'t .w---0r-i"JI, K__- ':. ""- 1i o""If'..... .. ..,.>--iIf''.'''K-<..



ALABAMA :I I Constipation. "Stron2e t in t the e %IWI \

S 'I I Headache,biliousness,heartburn, indii: ,

gestion, and all liver Ill, are cured byHood's .I
EXCURSIONISTS The 42 I ,\ llual"'alr'ur'\I'
i ,
bared at the I'oil Office at Fecsacola.OrriCK Undine Ihtvmtwr tl.'
"a. I.eOD4-cla Platter. Pills IItt'I .y

-Pitf BUilding Slltf South I Sold by all druggists. 25 cents 'i
.Uloi street. up-iUlrt._ CAME HERE BY THE HUNDREDS I I II : I THE( [EQUItABLE l [


kT.rmi: Invariably in Advance. I : LIFE ASSURANCE[ ijUm

OlaY.erbyMatl ___.t5a
.z MODUli" ._ ___ 2 ftOB II ....HIGH-GRADE... ,
WeekbyC rrterYayableMonday 10 Early yesterday morning two special TRANSFERS I Asset* . .

trains: from Mobile and points 1 .10 'a
I R erve and 'r I I. .t r

TELEPHONE NO. 118. I'' about Birmingham arrived in Pen- IRON STONE CHINA ltit'. . '. .rot

sacola. Four hundred people were I ARID transfers I tjurplu frll11..hlt.:. It --

sJ'v ON 5c L' on the train from Mobile, and near. r. '-.!''"7''y.'',':,-"I of Escambia county I,I ....Here are the Prices that Tell the Tale:.... deeds are paid .'. -i'

ly three hundred came from North n _jwh4" realty were recorded I I _ _ _...... Paid to Policyholier./ ,Ih

Alabama. A good from Chattanooga ed during the weekending M' 151 tNew .
PEI8AOOLA AUGUST lIS, 1902EMILAND'S I oQ.,. Ib ural.C'* in l Is I. ....
took advantage of the regular r'I Saturday, WARE THAT HAS EVER BEEN BROfOHT TO .
I Total iu*urance it, f..
-- weekend excursion, and joinedthe I :: .o<' +p Aug. 16, 1902, allot PENSACOLA. It !stands to reason;;; that we were made price eoiic--ioc* 31, 1\1111. . .reDec. t.

new ministry i3 growing I excursion train at Birminghamand j i I Y'of .I which are reportedi iu order to induce us to handle such a quantity, and we knew that Pt-041- .'-i;
tu ,
weaker each day. Attala. i I i 1 ; i.' THE Sews by cola people would be a* quick to grasp. au opportunity as we. It'. here dial .tre lutti of tJ.t- >"l ,i i-!f'Y : .: -t.

--- Thos.;;; C. Watson & Co.. real estate now in the store, and the benefit of this unusual buying is all for you ;greater M-cunty WI.K- .iLt. ty
THOSE Iowa republican talk more Everyone spoken to wanted to j holder thiTfbv I9'
agents : "
"J"l' k.\
like democrats every day. take a trip on the bay and in the j I' J. H. B"ralld. wife to Henry1Handrop 'Beginning MONDAY Aug. 8th J are I.OWand (iI'\ RA :M I !H-Tf.I t......
I her than >riveuK.VOWLCS by "II. i ..
THE nI1B" are already" buzzing forenoon the tugs Columbia and Enterprise I : -10 acres of sec 38, tp 1 s, '

31 h10. --- ---- -----
I r w-$ -- -- ----- -- -- --
around the readiug clerk plum. I' carrying possibly their'

'I Henry Handrop and wife to Hugh' Baltimore Handled and Saucers :
t THE of independence in politico full capacity left the dock, going to' Shape Cups cue doz. 25 *f t of Ii UIW ..
pint HUi'st-l1-tiJ) 3 !
acre sec ?, tp 1 s, rat) w
i 5-inch Bread Pie 4iK.doz... ate ft of 6
i U abroad and is a good iB'u; of the life saving: station and visiting.,: -*7;o. or (,"nforal101"11'.
I I '! 6-inch Breakfast ''' .4 ic doz., 2.Jeft: of ,i7inch
the times. other points, treating the "iul:1udI W. T. Godwin and wife to Annie
-------- Dinner .WJedoz.etofii; : 34..19'i.. J't..x: S! I'f \ \ ,
i i. | ers" to a short trip on the gulf. t tI Neal-Lot -I in block 111 of the Max- I
I THE mayoralty race in Atlanta: S-icch Extra Large Plate> .75e doz.. Inc -et oft< -
cut tractJj! ,
,( a* badly mixed as the revolutions iu i I A grand treat for all was a saltwater j jI 1.inch Dppp Rim :Soup Plate.:.U.- doz., Hoe ="t of 6sinch SANTA ROSA SURFBATHINGJSTABUSNMm
j W. H. Kosley and wife to :Mary C.
D South America. I Ii
bath. Several hundred were fi '
-- -- I j Keyser-Part of sec 51 tp 2 *, r 3'\) w j' .
11"l"p Bakers or a.g Ilhh K- rack y-loch Hat Ul ?rat Phll.- I"' w pinch ,
. M.IJOK (iLNKKAI.: L'HAFIEE will i i in the surf at one time at the life ,Ii ; -31.1'2. .;.- I..p. r.nkcrs or KK InbPU ikntcli | lI"ulIlI Y'iIur Ih'
-!ncll r.akers or Kci: lu>.h Ic rash nujnch ..
Flat rival SI
,r d u Wright warm recertion when i i saving station, and when they came | Anna exiuer et al by master to t'-Intl Deep rsnkrrsor.itrg Ui l isli -. :IC.. rash| ': actual eat\nlu *",. ra' I I. Fi-h ch"WiUr 'A il. .. ,
l'OoICl'11 IIhh .craolt'i
B.kotso .
lie landin :New York. I back iu the early afternoon they t Lucy Fiucn-Lots 1 to 5 in block 41. ] -tuchtlatltvaiMeatlt-her JI..p Heg Seracu i '--"nth t hU 11\111 MeatM.Ii.uccual ".'. a'vac:. "" ''llId'.,. eVM.ii.rcm I'r I'

New City, less west 6u; ft-Sl,4'JO.' actual value !"c. value n;. '
; ;trr jrirff I. iitrother :
'fit; death Senator: McMillan I told of what beneficial results they T-iicli h In: i >\"al Meat bi'Q>'> ;,' each Ii-'Bch Fiat Oval 1"'III'I'I"! -. .,,' rash _.
I i II Emily C. Wright to Loveless ; mtualiilup' I:.-. actual 1\aluc ':q'inch rltfr..hm..uh r'

leate tit'lIt'ulI er possibly) the I had derived from the trip that another j' Urook--Lo; 15, block ;):1, East Ninotractlu. : "- Hat OalI..llt actunl valQf l!>i-.li"ic..;, ...- .'Bill I! I'-inch Flat Oval 81."tU81IIlu.! Men! l'h.. 'i''II.".' -tic ruth tJmt teru> fjurllur. ere the manY week 1
leader of the
i excursion had to be run in the i : ,
i CHAH: t t.
t party in Jlichi,:an_ -- : afternoon.One I B. F. Gainor and wife to M. A. Large Size, Fcy Shape, Rolled Edge Bowls & Pitchers. 65c pairSt.

TIIK convention of the International Dubui-on-Lot 13. block 6 of the i
of the gentlemen who had ellI Wet Denis Extra Large; Handled Colfee Cup and Saucer-, 7"; c doz., lo L ti OYSTERS AT NIC APOSTLES
Typographical Union at Cin- 1 King tractI5II.i. | S

cliiiuti was such a warm one that it I joyed :a turf bath the first time in .1 W. C. Norman and wife to W. S.I I Large Size, Fancy -i11'l11" Hindled Covered Di-he*.. .. . .. . .2"; each

his life said it was enough to make Norman Lot 5 i I
tt tt.e opera hou"e on fire. I ,i east Id ft lot 4 and Fin- .,)'-t. rt"d 1\. I
l a person feel ten years his junior west hUftlot6block I 27, New City- ; Cream and Water Pitchers. I Saucers, Dishes, Etc. \ .
IT i Ii the is dbheartttied I
reported cur I #I.
and he wa going to tell hi; friend; j No. . .. . -
42-1 Pllt-lze.
hi* fruttlessetlortstobuild : 7c Finch Fruit Saucer* . .. :%e do -
+ t over : in North Ahbima of it and scores i J. J. Hooton and wife to Isaiah !I \0.--1: : Pint :Size. . .. .. . v ; Ice Cream
3l.-inch Ktncer-ski
up Ku-ia and wants to throw up hi. Spears-Lot'J and u, block lug, 'l So.-u-l'lI\tSiz; .. . . .. 9cNo. ; dot FINE STATIONERY.
}vb. Don't be shocked" its only [ of others would come down two !| Ea-t: King tr.lctj.IJ.( | 24-4 Pint :-'IZP. . . . .. .loc GU't'rf'dna Di-he*. . .:'oc each

.. . . .. I Covered and HdleSujar .
pacing" symptoms of dypepsia.Ii weeks hence i iI Thomas S n. 12-(> Pint Mze 2oc;: 2-xr each
I I Charley to G-o.: P. Wentworth | No. (i-S Pint :Siz! . . .. 4dc I 3 Pint Tea pot .. . . ..5c each l'. V. Tttomp..i. \
The two specials left last night; between 0 by ;340 ft ofseclMp2s. '
look a- though/ Morgan's attack Palafnxtrert.. f,, I' (11.'
on Day let in considerable daylight 8 and !) o'clock. They were | r ao w-MO. j I ROUND DEEP BOiAiLS.Pint new .ul'(1I.f I.I.K. I

on some peculiar places in hiown held to await the arrival of No. I. ,: Burrill Solomon: and wife to Leslie I . .. .. Papery. white, glue ,4I. i .
E. Brooks,; bI''j feet of Pint Sizf 5c each 24-2 Pint M'ZP ... . Mi- each '
record which will have to be explained ,
from Mobile. : Kovelorw to iiidti-'i ittt
block iS7 and 100 by Iw ft of block !IIa
p if lieeeks: future politicaladvancement. I I aUo ForHiru Mail '1'al.lvelopM -' u
I : ?, Ea-t King tract :New City nnm- i J Flaring Shape Bowls or Salads Chambers.
to match. I .k

. I --- -- I, JUST LOOK AT HER. berinaj6.50.; ; 7-inch . . .. .. . . .. . luc r1I1l1l'izf'. Uncovered, for IMdren |- 1''l1bol.lflr.' lII.tllkb..k. t

I PAM ii county, says the Florida Whence time: that J. J. Hooton and wife to Miss/ Vio- > . . . . . .
I sprightly; step.fiultles ,
!S-iuch . . . . . . . )15c 2 l1e He. allll''Y' 111'\111
j Index, i* the first in the state to takeI I ,skin rich, complexion j lette Moreno-The s '., of block UKJ;, L'lr;'e Size. I'ncovered. . . 2.SI'ZP. .,!'

. I I *pac! at the Fair : and her enter- smiling lce She look roy* good, feel East King: Tract-f I. '!) inch . . . . . 20c LuICI fey *h pp.. covt-rt-il .."..0cBGERSON'S l'hotirylll.

1 1 (I.Wit l'uUlllli--IoueB voted: SOou: to'''j, :ooJ. Her '; hereecret.. She ue- Hines Cravey and wife to A. Green- >h. f ,
.r I
t ; make the lll.p1.I)'. rt. John. comet Dr. Kin hut & Co.-North uf lot 3, sec :1:1. .
I ;(: Sew Life PilN. Reultj t MD i1i'yei' I ,
:' next with to" to make: dhow 'j i I all organs: active, digestion good no tp 2 s, r 30 w-HWKJ. : r;:t\r.\; ,I :I. .,

: down. We need: jut forty-three :i! headache: n. chance: for ..blu!::-." J W. J. Brewtou and wife to David j jGilchrm ,

t other to dTHK lik.wie.I j Try them your-elf. Only :!fic. at W. -'j acres of sec s, tp 5 u.r l-nrybt"IJ :han rl.\ t..
107 South Palafox. .
31t w-|!2oO.Louis piece of ttil -i rtt' HIt.,
A. D'Aletnberte'e.RAID .
fl'ht for It. They II.M-V w
'1 initial -ell*atlon concerning'tte : --- Boley and wife to C. F. chance to ft It. Hint ,t, r

. love atlairs of the crown prince i i "ENDS Schad: and A. B. C'IIWlOtluth:; '4 Thos. C. Wat ton Jt Co.
l of lot l. Green Watson & Co.
of iermany has been going the Old C'ity-l. iiaveotn parti ulu ft
: L. M. Davis to Win. Mad-en-NK to otter }u.t i w i
and. i
l tie together
round press :
IN A MURDER it block'.Hi', East King Tract *13ofliomus you to cow i \
with the king of .*- who.eIlItUle You .
young paiu will u-- '
K. ILtl.I.IIt.1Y .V (;<) > OI.I .sTAM: >.
;, already on the available | : Pcbley to Mattie Ihoma- Kl
---- -- :> iby 11<" ft of block 12. Eat King
Jbt. !i r will hereafter be frequently ,

utilized to tide over dull. times. UNKNOWN I NEGRO GAMBLER IS Tract-Jtfto.Lelie Our Mr. \V. \Waison is now in New York NOTICE TO CAS CONSUME
-- -- E. Brooks to T. H. Fleet-

'riteT.tii 'a Tribune say* : Editor SHOT THROUGH THE HEAD. wood-30by: 110 ft of blk 4s. Ea-t purchasing Full Stock of Dry Goods, Notions andMen's AftorJnly .1'I .'

Jora.U1lu.- gone angling. When he King n.ict-f1u.; I room ..f the, t-* '.' '

return., guess we will have tour- Leslie E. Brooks to John W. Bowers j[ Furnishings. The ability of Mr. Watson as ,l h.. It No.. ;2'...i i F
(i.irJ-n *tr- '
rtuder the fish belt. W e recognized : Deputydheritf: McCurdy and ?ev1 -Lot 12 iu block 27! West King; a buyer is so well known that it is unnecessary to say I

the fact-oule nice ago that we Could I 1 i eral Alabama ottlcers made a raid ona '1'1 act, Belmont Numbering |.iGO. tiltf

t not hold It long when such pi-ca- T. E. Renfroe it wife to W. C. more. _
negro :iwblin. den at Flomaton a ,,, -- -- -
tori.il getuu-ei a- Jordan and La J'lm"'UII-P.Ht of sec 32, tp 6-?2a.!: This weuth'r in r' '

Foutl- weie ulwa\'" nibbling at It. .| few nights since. A dozen negro I i iI ,1 :Sol Cahn to John M. Barrow-The In the Meantime we Announce the Following Bargains fort gnifd i ro/('. Y'111 < "

I were in the hou-e at the time but : w 45 It of s 1'2! ft of arpent lot :s.t Old '1/ "
keen cutting Lnu'n %
h' freA are geniuses, Kansas is I when theyaw the officer, a:? was':' City-$2400.: < MONDAY AND TUESDAY: tOne -:
tI... emus state of the union, for: and (;rtu.Y Shear / rH'illis "
& Pat McHufc'h and wife to Newman ,
all broke and i iOoldriu
j ran away. |, Lot of Colored Liwn Dimities Piques and Gingham* at > psiyar I. Hardware '
they unearth new up tnere ii ,,}-:S W; ft of lot to, bk: b5;j, !'
i The officer* gave cha-e and followed The-e formerly old at 10, 15 and 20c per yard.
The Kau-as who
rvtry day. : woman I : East Km.,; Tract, Belmont No-

laired her umbrella, after her guests i! a {rang of the men wanted: to a creek i f.ll lJ. 4j: Dozen Ladie-, Itibbed and Lice Stripe lose formerly sold| at .<.".<'. UMWi FRANK SECARI'S BATH HOUSid :

t had departed from a banquet: and'] near the Florida line where omeof II i iI ij W. H. ividon to Mr. I. M. Pinney 20c pair.

tiwore out .-earch warrant for each'I j I the negroes made an attempt a* if to -Lot11 to 17, blk 67, Belmont i,i D-ep water. .rx 1. '

aud every gut'st is a new freak, and I i swim the creek when one of them Tract-Si. i j Our Stock of Fans and Belts at Half Price.We .y, for wu( + p....'" .
record he didn't \ cotopartiurnt! fair la'i? a
get W. F. Brown and wife to A. Green-" i
her umbrella. j I I wa seen to pitch ht..dl.naud!, take i iI Continue the !Sale: of Swiss and Kobbiuet Curtains at H.Uf Price. tentLint.eat..t. b. '
I hut & Co-Lot 4, blk hi_., Bluff bith h.b.e in ttcnt .,
i i I a few turn in the .air. Then he I -; One Lot Climax and Dixie .. .. yO '
WHArtvtu the motive, whether !I -priu -Hz* f i. Moquito Net with Frame, formerly <.1,1 I at

for political ajgtaudi-emeut or for !:,I fell in a heap and when hipursuers'! -- -- $2 uJ! and *4 ["). now *1.25; and f1,011 ..:,. >r. (Vvall .- I' I

reached him thtI..uud that of For Over Sill> Years I
1 bUUlalllt '* ;good, that leads Senator >;, one .\ Line of Fine Hobbiuet liar, formerly sold v.i \LAiylkAAdAAd AAC 1
MRS. <*
Hauua t" act a- the aportle of peace j the bullets which had been fired to OOTHISSYRIP bat :
I .
been used for ovrr.Ixtr:! :y! -..r. by milllontol i i i imotbtrs $8.50 $4
"t rtween labor and capital!, if heuc- ,'' intimidate the gang had struck him I for their cblldreu while teething '! .. now. 50. C HAVE YOU NOTII E J [

cerd Hi e-tabli-hing! a permanent : 1:1 the back of the head went clear .ith perfect success It soothes the child i isufttrnsth i! Blanket* and Comfrt.It Greatly Reduced Prices for these Two IliY-
ban for ,..t'UIaIiluturl' ditference I gums,aUars! all pa.ncures wind i i
/ through and made it* exit near the i colic and Is the brit remedy for luarrhoa WHAT IS MISSED HERE }
Our Line of Regular 60c Corsets for 25c.
tie will hove raised him-ef! to the;'I :' It 11 lll r -live the poor little scff.r
'itlac1t' of greatne*'. rezardless of 'right eye. The man wa dead when'I fold by ) >lnverr oars i .

I, patty, and will be hohured through! 'he wa reached. of the world. Tw..nty.I."l'nlS a bottle IF3/VVVV VVVVVtaIo'

; ,. t.etierttttonathe the world and by succeeding !1; An inquest filled to fix a reponi'bility I lug H- sure riyrnp.you" and ak lor take-M no n.other\'"lnsln1lIjvotb.Ic.nd.! : :: GREEN WATSON & CO. -- -

laborer's friend. IJ" 4lit 'I I. .
tor the
I, murder other than
-- for lltl" an'.n"\

. }{o.. JOHN I'- WALL ha* won out 1 I that he came to hi. death from a {| C.L.I.HOP Telephone 193. Sti-pnt-u-. )J..* ..

iu the race for the Le'i-liture from pistol bill, fired by person to the 'o/llm..ht. r''II

Puttum county but he had to state jury unknown. i THURSDAY NICHT i

over his own -L:nature tha the would : The KNIGHTS OF PYTHIAS. !' MAGNOLIA BLUFFTHURSDAY All kinds of ib-i '
1 negro wets only known a*
a dispensary, bill in order 1 I Steamer Florida and lighters with ch af M '
not support "Dick," an J he had claimed Pena- I Peuacola Lodge No 3 K. of P.Rejrul'ir .- rocking a i r,
to win, says the CtaiuesvilUSun.r i :iccommodation for Nto. Full bind: meeting Monday night, $ Ouina's, J'ricf.i "

frnll' his advocacy of the di*- | cola a* hi. home.MAGNOLIA !i for dancing. R -!rl""-hmf'nt*. \u;. Is at o'clock. Wjrk in the I NIGHTI loir. .
pen+ary bill in the last legislature.Mr. : Hank of Knizht by the Senatorial I I I
Team. A full attendance requested.
been of the best MAGNOLIA BLUFF
Member of si-ter lodges and transient dance and concert by Pn-

representative* in the Legislaturefrom brethren cordially invited to, i sacol concert band. SLOT SEAMS J<
any county in the state, and I THURSDAY NIGHT! : attend. I .

THESrxi* pleated to know drat he NIGHT I H. A. LEE, C. C. ALL WERE SAVED.
has pronu-ed' to be good" and devote Pensacola Concert Hand's repnlar1 I 'For years I suffered such untold

: concert and dtnce. misery from Hronchiti," wrltf* J.
hi* ability to more worthy object :Smooth floor ; ;
This week to each purchaser of ''goodmuric. Trains H. Johnston, of Brouithton, (14 Th. lat..t rt' t
*. as usual. LOOK PLEASANT, PLEASE. .
"that often I was unable to work .
Ions 11.01.
one pound of tea or two bottles of !, Photographer C. C. Harlan of Then, when everything ele failed, I are always .
CONSUMPTION THREA TEN( D. A Necessity Precaution i' prt.t..d Into Butt rlt k Y
I extract the Pensacola Tea & Coffee ;' EatonO., can do eo now, thougb for was wholly cured by Dr. Klur'ew

.'I watroubled with a hacking Co. will give a ticket: to the concert'I Don't neglect a cold. It i* years he couldn't because be sutIer- Dicovery/orConsnmptioD. air wlff September .UII piy
: than unplpaant. It is dans werse'l ed untold from the formof suffered intensely from Asthma, till rt'ctih-J. It will Ihav.
and I thought I had i agony worst
for ?
cough a year i
| and dince to be given at Magnolia cured her, and all oar experiencegoes .
coiwuinptl-Mi," says C. Unger. 211 ',, Hy u*fag One Minute Cough ItdUestion. All physicians and dr..IJI\lIlf'l''
hl.lt't... Ctjampaitn: Ill. "I tried Rlutf bv the Pen cola concert band.Kidney you can cure it at onc!>. Allays !In- medicines failed to help him till he to show it I* the" best Croup and look o,..r "'Ir.: .
medicine in the world.
: mtll remedies and I wa under -i rtammation, clears: the head: *octhesan.i I tried Electric Bitter, which worked A trial will
great Folev's
M Cure i* a medicine { convince it's
unrivaled for
.. strengthens the such wonders for him that he you
for several mucous -
careof mtmbranp. -
the pnjrioian '
b'.ttie of Foley i free p'i-on and will cure any ,, Cares cou,h.-. thnat they are a godsend to sufferers I Throat and Lung dl=eases. Outran THE FOUNTAIN PENH
I ued one croup
u onths. case of kidney disease that: i i" not and lunj from dyspepsia and i teed bottle [IJ.:. and 111 ). Trial t>M.
and Tar. I: cured me. and I troubleAbsolutely -afe. stomach
Honey beyond the teat:1 of medicine W. | ties free at W. A. D'AI-tnberte'a.
I a
Acts troubles. .
imm! like Unrivaled for
-diaely. Children di-ease- .
hare not_ben_ troubled since. ,i D'AIembtr.e 121 S Palafox st. : it. ; i dl. I'l'tf j"!
Harfi( Pharmacy. John 1Jf'rrard.j I the Stomacn, Liver and Kid neVi;. .
'I he flnen Hue ot sterling !silver MdneyKahn. They build up and rive. new lifer to j Ball Hearing keen cutting in it* t. 111 I'. .
, ?o. d,* and silver novelties is to be Foley's Tartborehildren.safesura I the whole svstem. Try them. Only w.et It i. a
.. I. Pr ces to ana l< Lawn Mowers at the
fou' d at J. tft-phens' Yyuy'lSallOllm ltt'I1t''U'A night Away 50c. Guaranteed by W. A. D'Alen.- aarell'a1tebe'
please all. I So oolareaM wd mskes I tpe ij ad of wad ati coldA I berte, druggin. 1 Willis Hardware Go's-

L 1

.-"'-! "Jt.: ',i" J. t.l!.J.i... ..-, .H ....:) :...., -.,.. i.of'v ., i.'f<.,-......,.._ .;'"""-;> .. .; "). ,> ;..... '''.I''... '< J JIIfIJ J. ._OL '''''''- '





No. SGO3. ed, and held him as a suspicious
,. c' EAL, President; F. C. HORTON. Cashier; I
,.;. ,Vice.President; M. E. CLARK Ass't Cashier. character. wowowowwv

Milton was the last person seen

AMERICAN NATIONAL BANKOF I with the woman and is said to have :i iI : ESBSHSHSESH 5E5ESE5E5B5E!

flr.ed at her four times, one of the ,

PENSACOLA, FLA. bullets, it was later discovered, hav- '
: ing taken effect. J;: l r

Designated Depository of the United States. I I Milton was captured at his! home

Condensed Statement at the close of business Aur.. 6, 1902. on East RolI'ana street, and as the rnrn

officer walked up to him as he was
I It. :
RESOURCES LIABILITIES. sitting on the floor a pistol with four

.t>l.- . .. ...... ............ .... $346,771.89 Capital Stock ...... .... ...... ......... .... $200.000.00
L. aus. ..... ...... ............ .... 17,91420 Surplus Fund... ...... .... .... ...... .. .... 10,000.00 empty cartridges was found. cS 2S2S2S2525252S
,.,.. i". ., .. ,....................... .... 1,023.64 Net Profits ...... ...... ...... .... .... .... 10,000.68 Constable Slocumb seat two telegrams -
I. j.and Premium... ............ 60,250.00/ Circulation..... ...... .. ...... .... .... .... 75,000.00 -- ---- -- -- ------- ----, -
... intes, etc... ...... ...... ...... 2,625.00 Deposits ............................,. ...... 354,29406 this morning to Coroner Levy'
,...d Fixtures... ...... .... ...... 6718.4 at Cottage Hill requesting him to FOR THE- J
'. ...... .... .... ... .... ...... 499.12 !; { { ...aa
. r'xct: 'u {t...... ...... ....... ..... 193,492.41 come down and hold an inquest in
l. __ I the absence of Justice Wolfe. Judge''II

f 649,294.74 $649,294.74 Levy is expected at 4 p. m. today I

-4. PER CENT I INTEREST PAID ON TIME DEPOSITS. j! and arrival.will hold the inquest upon his NEXT 15 DAYS [





Specialty. -- ,

-- -- -
--- ---
.... ... III;


I ---"-
i. Manufacturing Jeweler t
I 1 Frank M. Jolly, travelling passenger Goods to be Reserved ti : -
I t t t t
.1'1111111111' Optician, Nancy Mitchell, who went out last agent; for the Atlantis: CoastLine ._ i

'I |Vn-"roU, fit. He IkfiiHiiiiieiHlt That Water he I In'il".1 night to -ee some friend near Fra:' i' with headquarters at Montgomery :- -: -- : --- --- --- ..- !

- Thirty Minute* lor cati, is dead thi morning, the rise : was here yesterday for the -
--- I Brill'"I ; You Know What a FORBES Bargain = :
of her death not yet having been : it was stated "f correctly
inn I'urpiihCK Till Sourre 11' (; purpose ,

l' lamination Can lie Locate" 'III'j' fixed, but it i is believed to have been ascertaining if there was any probability Always Means to You ....,.

EVES flOTESI{ --- .1 cold-blooded murder. .' of the North Atliutiequad- I

List night as train Xo. 2 came in 1 rou speiulin the idle time at thispoint IIITAh
.J In view of the numerous cases of
from the east, and jut as it pa-ed .
-'-M- I typhoid fever in this city, Mayor C. I I I Will B An Umud :
fi rt band concert I Moreno Jone- seat samples: of the over the trestle at Frascati, the pilotof | Mr. Jolly went down to the navy a M ?

M i.-uolia ISlutl Thurs- the engine; struck an object l lying yard and to Fort H\rranC.1 yesterday -
city water, taken from hydrants at ....................................... . . . 121
athwart: the railThe jar was: felt morning and had a conference
the residences of four citizens iu .
i i-oucert baud will in the engine cab and as soon a" the with the head men at the two places There is a Big Saving Awaiting You
whose homes there were cases of I &
u.t Hlull only next train had come to a standstill the in regard to getting information of -
their fever, to 1>r. A. L. Metz, the noted
Attend regul.ince. the in Attractive :Merchandise in &
engineer reported to yardma-ter the squadron's movement Fort "
: chemitef New Orleans, fir anal '=i is. is-
that his engine had knocked something Harraucis Mr. Jolly was informed All -
:n-B from interior Upon receipt of Prof. Metz's report I Departments g .
from the trestle.
that attack iu mimic warfare
were given a rare upon analysis, Mayor Jones j an ...........--..........-..--..--.--.. ... .- .- . . <
The engineer also reported that he would be made by the friendly but
('ha". H. Burton, i l
called a special session of the city
.irtle soup at his thought the object must have been I temporarily hostile fleet, and that
council for noon today, at which a =
the Santa:: liosaMERDAY quorum failed to appear. Wherf- '! clothed in skirts, as he had seen them i I the army post was apprised: that W. J. & B. fORBES. i:

as it was struck, lifted into space and such would be done at a time when
upon, owing to the importance of I
'I' deposited on the side of the road. .
I the post was thought to be not on the .
the matter, Mayor Jones, after consultation I
Quickly calling an engine, the
BSEBLL I alert.
with the councilmen I t.
.... yardma-ter directed that a quick run The information at the iiivy yard. W1vwmNM ?, IJJr :
present, decided to I ue to the public ,
be made to the trestle and to ;
try the railroad in the
the following notice, which will j I given man presence -(i iI .
find out if the engineer's suspicions
I of citizens was; that the fleet
be placed in every house in the city .
I II were true. would stay here awhile, but that so If You Buy Them at the B.I.tuu11,114. More, '1 nt'v ,try U..d
I by six special sanitary ollicers appointed '
It was brilliant moonlight at the ,
far this!
were for that purpose: .is m iking a rendezvousing'point
time and just as the engine drew !'
X011CK! could not now be finitely
i Wltvt -
1 i I
1 1i I! PENSACOI.A, Fla., Aug. IS, 1U02. near the trestle one of the crew stated. It was learned that all ships l Satisfaction and Service

To ti. Public: caught; sight of a writhing object I' of the squadron would have their
uij 115,1.;! Jr'b'IIJ I
i .:.! I./ in the i Iu view of the information contained and upon going; to it found Nancy bunkers replenished here, for which I I II 11 i: .M MM:

in the following; communication Mitchell, unable to help herself. I
the six barges. will be
I Hi I ; ,' y Danwinning from Professor A. L. Metz, M. purpose con '
The woman: was lifted to the engine structed. Contracts for different tt Boston Shoe Store Shoes .4
I I)., of Tulane Uuiversiiy, New ;

It the !same:: place'; Orleans, La., it H urged upon allu.r and carried to the Union depot. part of the material to be used were I'ol'n.\. i.i;

1 ; I Ityed the Whist- 'i ; of H VDR T water to strictly Police Officer Benjamin was on let Friday and Saturday. I II

1 I':.. latter won in a J I observe the precautions suggested byDr. the depot beat and telephoned the Mr. Jolly's object in seeking this The eye is satisfied with the style :111 j finish ; the f.x.t i i- Ht.Ii..1! will tile

Metof BOILING all drinking facts: to the police station and requested perfect fit and absolute comfort; the pure H all>tied '#itli fair I"
information was: aid to be for thee
iliit- WiI..aturp.- water for not less than THIRTY ((8nl>) I price for superior shoes" that will phe l.t'U..r'nll'l'
: that the patrol wagon: b
II MINUTES: until further advised. I purpose of arranging! for excursion than those purch.i-ed el"ewliere. f-.:

\ ir hill yesterday- I The city i is taking every necessary se nt.Acting. from inland points during thesquadron's : -' .... s ---- .,.},

liuucans defeated the step to locate the source of contamination I ; CaptainiConnors, with City stay in Pensacola bay. I llI

and when same is found the Physician J. Harris Pierpont, came -- -
i jnod game ; II to 2 BOSTON SHOE STORE
i I proper remedy will be applied. to the depot in the patrol wagon andit COLORED MEN
I NE\t-OBLEAN*, Li.. Aug.;: 11, I'M. ,
was decided to carry the womanto i
i H on.1.:. 1. Jones, Mayor, I' nba ola. lola NATHAN (;. r<)iciiii.Mii<< : : ;, rn.Ti.-i.r..
St. Anthony's hospital.She CELEBRATING
nEMOVING CELL Dear Hir-Inclosed please find certificate i
: wa- placed in the wagon and :i of Low Prices. 117 South -;
of analysis of the sample ofI !;, Leaders Palafox Street.

I water which you submitted to me carried to the hospital, where attempts i' I
for examination. were imde to save her life. I i\ The Lumbermen's Aid association j I iI I t

-- ': The sanitary analysis shows the In making an examination to ascer. a colored labor organization, is celebrating j ii i NAVAL STOUI-J* MAUHK1. 1, TIIKSIUK J.Nfr1 (pI1 !-

I I progressive changes of the organicnitrogenous an anniversary today atKupfrian' j jI I -fur The Newt KAlMIMi rs: 1.\BI.'.":\It;\rI f"
'" ..in thi* morning to tain the extent of her injuries the twpHrtf'tnallJ I
matter from albume- ;; park. Several hundred. .
; I Union Naval Store (JO.BONIN. .
steel cell\ from the void ammonia to nitrates. Fully 50 city physician, who was assisted by workmen headed by two brass I Bathing IIIllu.to h.> war tl..III tlii rule.*t wilerMconreeded :in tlm

fie i purpe of ship- per cent of the icteria isolated from I Dr. Mitchell, discovered a serious bands, paraded the streets at noon ww... .... .1"1 Ii .... .. .... ,..tI 111WJ. world.! -rrthliizfori: |<*t.uri. wftfi

htvid.v the sample were bicili coli communis. knife wound in the woman's side, today, at the conclusion of which .. .. a a; (J. ..... I .-5 II s'fety. U"<.(1 hoard hid lod.fintf, by
These two facts, either I cars were boarded for the park. !V._. _. $4.i F.... ,_ a ;:IIII the day or w.-i k. |.uiiche..n' j-roii-t-
\ recently allowedi which had bled profusely and had t .... III, E .. I Ii i fly serve i at all l "nr-, lay -.r iiiift.t.:

i i-yuuty comini+#it>u- I alone or together, indicate mostpositively weakened her. She was restored to K .. .., ...m :5" U. ._._ I I I.. ClIARI.K.-. Ji KII.,.
that the water, is contaminated L.. ._... .._... ...... 1 \411 c 111 h..lOW iii, I 2'n-tf I itl1ltt'fI
i be required to consciousness and her back was foundto
with and unfit for
I sewage PIlUT8 TURPalf lf a-II ,
I I t 1LAT0TLZLL.: :
I! drinking purposes. !have been broken in addition to
SHATTERS ALL RECORDS. I Be :'01-1' si'tur i 't
| The failure to detect or isolate the numerous tlesh wounds, caused by !I I e. &r.llecL "
U ai IT Melon I typhoid bacili does not indicate: that Twit-fin hospital. F. A. (iulld tVrbeua -. @
her heavy impact on the ground and TO-DAY :
i .f. t'aila"soclated. they were absent. In fact the lane; \ Ala., p.ii I a vi: "t uni ti.J '
1! nd grave: trouble of by the engine pilot J I doctors to cure severe*- caof lc*, i
number of coli would have ma-ked p riiM.ilur- '.,
iii-ii,'-. profuse much sutferiug.sweating [ any reaction of the typhoid. They .She. was questioned as to how she ---- i: causing24 tumor-. Whf all failed, II I r ho l lUol\\ ?

r \\r-t with vomitingiritions. i are both derived from the same came to be on the railroad track audit Local "''r.it-t-Local rani tunii-'lit Itad Hucklen's Anne Salve soon curnlhim. PkStltr4.F'is1 "

,, vlI' Tuesday. Jn-h .,,-tTemperature 'Allah. Subdues Inllunniation:
Treat :- lute-tines con
e ; i source, viz.: the of m\nor was developed that she had gone I I i ii,
.!TV I):itis'Painkiller. i I | goers aches kills Pains. Bp..t salve lackleo/'rillr4iritl.i
'l(-,1ft.. I' i' astand- animals. | out with a party (the naUle of whom in the world. 23c.; at \V. A. 11'1111'berte' tail
j The finding of s o large a number in Last 2J Hour: .. !od rm/ net at i.'ie
its5 and tlc.
Ilrnr.n I is with the police) and had drank
I Jlaximunl Pi rtfMluunuin grr.a I Willis
the bacilli cull commuuU is sufficient IItl1'IIII'flrrCfJv.lAKEVI .
--- ---
; "IEX flyway I
j some whiskey. After crossing the II
( without any other data) to I, O.A.BTOnX.A.
vs. i i prove sewage: pollution aud would trestle she claimed that she knew ant 1..e Kid Y J brie A'aars' JcjIBgU&tue : }

.I warrant anyone in authority to j not how it was done, but a knife was MARITIME. -.I-1fl.- E\V\ OAf RY

WOMAN ENACTED interdict the use of the water for i thru in her side. This brought on of .

i drinking purposes. riiosi,
unconsciousness; but she remembered --
:: As I am not acquainted with the FORTH hose at the JVillic

'T..I white. and Atelia sourceof supply aud do not know having been taken on the track i for August to date .... t .ii7"I'

I' whether or not the water is stored in :and left there. (she told who was !I I Hardware Go's.The. Get Qur Summer Prices on the
wcr before the cityan Akklt EU. II I II --------
reservoirs, before use, I am not III a with her up to that time. I KrVilbflnimi. best for the Best
intere-ting of I 24711. Bone Vera Cruz Milk in the
case City.
position to advize the remedy at thistime. When found by the yardmaster | to H H !:oYl'r l a tt ree ee price evr sold here.O. I I
j I f another. I I would, however suggestin aud insight i i pool via Cuban porn to Gum ran.it Co M. Pryor's Furniture Our :o"ck bar.. o ti, pur IVafrr t..
she was alone nobody was I _
iI store i Drlllk.
.. that: Williehatfer: the meanwhile to recommend the I I i .. So rt i..nit I'I.I.Itl"u
----- I
I so it was evident that: she had BAILK1Br >. TWI Mlle* of Oar l)irv. K..-eial
.' the other woman's I HOlLIXt! OF THE WATER before using FAR FULL the been stabbed and the assassin had !8 Kln!!sland Jsnmb.lfet'nock Lathe dust. You can buy .'rte...' t.. H.tH|_ IU.J U,.-L,4tAhli..

n i .-irving knife because! THIRTY MI.NTTES i i! -- garden hose at the Willis -
I water for drinking purposes until placed her on the track thinking I I
v.-d for kicking;: over a NOTICB 10 MAKINEKS. Hardware Co. R. M. AVERY Prop.
i( such time as the source of contamination the train would come along, mangle Kar Admiral Geo. C. Krmy.of tbeLlibt- : \ ,
T.-e! Schatler woman detected. I shall be j l I bous* board. gives notice that on or about i
I may the body and thus bide his! bloody August l". 1\410::. the IVn-acola Bar !
and the other defend- information I beacon tight will be chahged. temporarilv.ifrom For the nxt VIRCINIA
i glad: to give you any COLLECE
and cowardly deed. a ligbt of the mih order to a ICDS i M Almost t Cost t *) lay*-furniture
-, .:nI',1 :i can; upon this point. lantern li !lit. without other cbaiue. buss '! at <). For YOf.Nfj: Ul lr;", lt..*iM.kr. V*.
-- I Very respectfulry, The woman died duriLg the night ,'of notice the will!utn bit-urder given of ligbt.the rc-Tie'--9tahiisbm ligbi in locutfd :M. Pryor's t<> make room for new I il IIp..IU Nrpt J I* "-' ""' "' "" I..II.C

\ Shearsthat will cut A. L.ETZ., M. D. at St. Anthony's hospital. Her on the gulf coast of Honda on Ibt' stock. rtcboot New for Vi.m.i Lli... i, it,. .. 1.1110
noriQerly side of tbe westerly end of Pen". bllllcSl1I4' p.uu. lto" rywp.o.at.
r f the Willis Hardv. C. )I. JUS E='. bidy was then carried to Sorthup t&Wood's cola.acoht Bay lighthouse and I*.feet>SK, t;.from frn- I Campo r'a'all.ten., .of crn V.., <'ran4..nood m'ov"t.a tnt a..alll:.. ....a.-.. ...

Attest : Mayer. I at almost cost fovthe ropeaa and Amnreao lrarh.. "./ ....",.. .
undertaking parlor Conservatory ad.ata.. ,.,. .
I ? M -
;, W. C. JONES, Clerk.PynyBmnam BANNER SALVE Foroiiire ;next 60 day to make Klocntlon "ttMiruli Ir ,.. v' r ate irt,. '
/ .
I Deputy Constable Kelly at l :3U : room for hew stock. For t.lalnlu.llltdr..* ;
11 }.WI s \Vaut column; it Stop the Tickling.' ( o'clock, arrestd Torn Milton, color- the most healing:ealwo In tfv worl O. M. Pryor. MAIr.tP; H\Htl:*Itwl.Oke j I"r"'I.t..I. !
I and I"1-al!&ya ipftummauon In IL* 'uoJ& s a.

ri i

.. -, .+- .

-: ; ; r t __ ""' _"" -1--_ ,;<.j".. i'''';:;; : -!11'-"nv-. ;:'''''''' \i>- '"" T- ,. ,

r -


I ICopyrtght. t

IA Man of Nerve > I MISS FAY LEE.

SAYS. i Botha, Dewet and Delarey, Given Great

teA light purse Is a heavy curse" Reception. President of the Shakespearian Club, K & ,
[ iSCt ty C. B. Lewis.] Souttampton. Aug. 16.-OtneralsDotha. '
ruJ- -
They tad a good deal to say In the Sickness makes a light purse. Dewtt anti! l !larey arrival this I
I \ U'
Tenth native cavalry about Captain The LIVER is the seat of nine I morning and met with a great recantion Your booklet came health to my
home like a message of
I Jack Ccnton's nerve. lie Lad a recordas tenths of all disease.Tin's I lioth from government officia'scid when I had suffered with

a daredevil cf a fighter and hIs the pll LIi 1'. The Boer generals I headache,backache and bear Iing

personal atl'coture.'l.e many end look<< d remaikaLIy well and -
tnrllhn ly were muih pleased at the t'\'HIt'nt'l nervous and hysterical and

I heard a score of anecdotes: about Pills cess of the welcome accorded had not consulted any doctor, I "

Henton before we left Mysore th. thinking it would pass away '.
Cai'taia :Soon after landing they boarded .
ia time but instead I found 1 14.
fur a tiger hunt in the foothills of the where Joseph '
I steamship Niagara that the rains increased and "i"' I"'. .
(Ihauts. There were bis of us la thtIiarty. go to the root of the whole mat : Chamberlain the colonial secretaryIlirl : were more frequent. I decided [ W .. :\ b.r-: !

I with twenty natives to mind ter, thoroughly, quickly safety I Roberts and General Lord Kit< h- to try Wine of Cardul fit LM. Carandiaashorttimzwasmuch .

the horses and take care of the camp and restore the action of the ener greeted them. They also were -.-.-......-- h--ta.
: and all went well for the Urst week. condition. I improved. It seemed to act like a charm. again, as it hat; :
LIVER to normal i introduced to Mr I Chamberlain aiJ
We had bagged two boars and n tiger I kept up the treatment and the result i women: itroo:j & .
Roberts with whom chat
and knocked u\ cr a number of jackals Give tone to the system and i' Lady they was most satisfactory. Vords fad to express ins regulardrain m.
ted for some time. for the that .
I' when a native came in one morningand : the my gratitude suffering .} tew i. re1ievt1Is
SECRETS retried that two full grown tigersand solid flesh to body. No arrangement had been made t'i now saved me. I am In fine bealth, I *. The lv

I i ii I permit the generals to see the naval physically and mentally. I can only say 'won.b in !
i a cub were lying up in n nullah, orravine Take No Substitute.. -. place arLvalthy
i review but in a conference with Abraham 'thank you', but there is mucn more in j few and t rto
1 about three miles away. "
At h. Price of Suffering. heart for I
Fischer! the former lioer delegate my you.
I I A good deal has been written about itt nunnil; p '

.om1n on her Wito 'ellliin"alili.UIt I the ferocity of the lUuial; tiger, but usa captain was Still nil rijrlit and more"so who came from The hague it |EARING-DO\VN pain are thO'I I health it the r. .
in Mil by p:' Tiamy: .suiTi;. niuih jmnIjforaniv. i his I' announced that intended to LII worst that women know. Ifyou Wme of Cardui i ,
uiatur of fact he doesn't compare when we found that hand had not was they : i-
i I Ii from this Iron-
's br U> -ulTer a uno are suffering
in tiuue! .1'1,1: {, rt'iiif rcn'i.iin> m the dark; a:. toJ i I with the hill tler In either size or tem- been so very badly bitten, but a brief i proceed direct to London in order t(. i lie you need not l-e uncertain I J .>f the LettTenn. wQDlt'n I. ,

the tnc c.iu\" i::<>th"rh
; .Mother' I'rienJ tal..s the il.K-tor'- I been hunted so much that he is more I Ii The body was warm and limp. but the The generals go to Holland to pa\ and Lack that fed as if heavy weigl.ti At\'loltJfY Iewi .

J j>l.iceand she h.i no cause for an inter j i like a fugitive; cat The tiger of the heart had ceased to beat. That he could tfieir last lespects to the 111t'1l1DI01 were pulling down on the nerves of the I noog.1)loodiciMf.

\it-...... Mic B her own doctor .!i1 he hills K-ldoLi sees a human being, Is: I II not have fallen asleep] s>o quickly after fioneial I.III'asII'Yl'r.. who died ot j jheait stomach are "bearing-down: rams". ., dwcrib.' j .i

molt .,ty is j.r U.U-.1.! U..ily IIIpltl'.ti01 1 driven out only by hacters. and he Is lying down I felt certain. He must disease onu 8. _General; They may not le particularly revere at freely, and a I, -
f tr the 1.lt'l-t .iml aljilotiKii thri'i;:hon': I utterly without fear.; The I'.engal mayi have bun awake when the tigers stole present but they are pt11D1l'ur .
miiKr-io! tht Iiewet in conversation here r nfirm..1 drives sent J1.\ } il.If! her ht'a,1.lthe'hich
IK\ \ ::; ti> to That : warly r'Q
. jin.'i pei.1: 1 of r' -,!.limn :n a chcvrtul mooii i imp his tail and run away after facing -: Umii h.iii. and his idea would have i the s-tati'ment that he and his companions : distracted now u caused by the terriblettt Cart! .1 fr.I1' .
a hunter for a moment. but the other I been to play dead. That he acted _
ai'l rtat ucd.:_I:.r.l'l.Mothcr's: I ill'isit the United tSate: u I _j-. _r-f I_ -
will sure Iy spring and die lighting.I upon this Idl'u'as shown by his holdIng lore returning: to South Afiua : An

Friendis i The six of us M-t off for the ravine himself so rigid hen turned over.I I WINE of CARDUI >.

wln-ie about fifty natives had collt'ctl'dI I, believe lie vas jet tlh e when the I BOY SAVES MOTHER'S LIFE.

a ::";'iiu nt i 'r e\tknul n-e onlIt to heat the tigtrs out of their lair! and cub bit his hand and that he was waiting I __I-u- ___r_ 1 __1 _
\\oul! 1 u.'U 1 11 >' ,h.II;;< rr. u tliL s i: nfi<'e wo took up positions here and there fur the noise of the beaters tofrighten -: :;:-
,1\ '., c' tP the s.ct--- ( I Ten-Year Old Lad Brings Gun Into
.t III''' \ I" n : : the He held hH
I along the banks. Captain Ientoifsl'itrO11 :: tigers away.
ful :"i.cnth'; ..'tini'iMnn! .\l! \\":ntn Play at Critical Moment THE NEW GROCERY
was opposite wine and about nerve to that point but when the noise STORE.
ulKilttol 1'. ',.i_ l'I"lI'r: 1I..i" 11'lib\ grou'i II "'ill11in ttJn. X. C., Am. li;.-(;. \\' .
and he found !
. I twenty rods away and the was was delayed himself being -
to .t dt'.v; -' :t' a:'d lor ji i m MI ure the Hiir.dLu. bile latiii.t11s :
s\ unmercilully o -
; -----
t jin/i' ? ..'.d'"I'Ih! ti'mti'\.. lit .dtl.vl-ibi'j! I bo open that we had a fair sibtf ;; eaten by piecemeal he was 1 M> overI I '!
: I" A. :Spires his Itoardingliotis.
! ..ii 1!'..! ri" M:I : n i .iv :'Mother s 1'rit UI. each other. There was some delay rume that death came to him as from a I .
t Our !1..>llk .. riotherhood" iialvd iree I over the beaters getting to work and bullet. A weakness of the heart unsuspected | Keeper in this city early this mom : WILL MOYER

I \ him carried him off 'I ing was shot by her 10year-old son ,
f THE BRAOFiELD RECLLAT03: CO.ATLMTACA the captain lay down ou the broad of by while

I : his back on the grass undtr a tree ,. he was probably bracing himself to I I The wound is not serIous, the ball : Keeps a Complete, First-Class, Up-to-Date S' .:i

KISSING THE HAND. i while waitill Instead of emulating : stand the torture of the tiger's jaws having ttl uck his head and passe I !

I I I him I climbed into a tree on my-fide :I and trail i for relief to come. I| around the skull instead of fracturingit. of Fine Staple and Fancy Groceries

Ike rrnrtlrra. Inxtllutrd br the i M. QUAD i ii I liunday drinking I
i of the ravine and frankly acknowledg- was and as-
I I No 30 W. Covernment St. Salisbury Block. !
Earl)' nomaD Hulr. j i ed to myself that I felt shaky. Therewas -- II vaulted the woman with a hatchet. ,

The of kissing: the hands \ I'or Ilrcntl. I 'I1uatIlU': : :I ur
practice profound silence in the neighborhood i I, Hone* badly wounding her about the heal I

was iiistituteHl by the early KouianrulePi !: and while settling myself in a ,I There is an inUrcsting child's story face and shoulders. It was while he i -

its a mark of subjection as much comfortable jio-.ition I lost sight of the called "Jack the iliant; Killer," in had her on the floor beating her that

as one eif respi-ct and under the lirst I I captain for four or five minutes.! \\11t'1l..j whkh one of the giants Is supposed to the lad ran into the room and shot ICE AND WOOD.WE

C'j-sar the custom was kept up, but I looked across again, it was to find UM the cipres-Mon: "fe-favv-tum," or him. .

only for u time.Thei 1 I I three tigc-rs standing! OUT Urn, two old Mmicthiug like: it, w hen Jack has climbed j! liunday was sent to jail and afterwards EXPECT TO SUPPLY Ml 'CII L > UEP. 1

.e worthies conceived the ielea: :I i ones and a cub. They had left theiri : a beans-talk and been hidden by the bound, over to superior court

that th' proper homage due to their :i I lair at the fir"t alnrin and came trot- | pant's wile, the le-t of the growl be- I Mrs. Spires was sent to the hospitaL THIS :.MMKR: THAN KVK-: I fc'i l. .'

exalt.il station: called for let fanulinrlaixles :I i'.HK; down thnnizli the thickets on the iu:;, "I zwdl the liUiotl of tin KiiKlibh- Her

of oUnstuuv, so the privilege north bank of the nullah. The capi man, but lie l.e alive or l>e Le dead I'll injuries areery serious. SEND US YOUR ORDERS NC1/\: .
The brave who
boy saved his moth
{.f klsiing the emieror's hand was re- !i tain was in their path as they started take his bones to make my bread." ,
er's life by finpg the pistol when he did ,
seTveil as a spevial mark of corniest'en- i I to cross an open sj>ot. and curiosity: l'0-.Mbly it has not l'l.t'1llTetl to many I Thompson Olsen c.CQ..
was commended for his gallantry bythe .
t-loll or lli"liudjuU for othee-rs Of high hat compelled them t<> halt. It would to a'-l; win re the idea of making; LI'I\hll

rank.No. !, hate bu-n deada,.:y to pick: off one of out of bones originate-d, use do not 'I'II court and dismissed. Manresa Street, Tel! fume I. ,

M1"h restriction however, was the three bea-ts at that distance had II I often wriou-Iy inveMigate fairy tales ,

IiUii-d on the eiiiiierors tht'inches, I not been rattled. The sudden advent : It is a hi-tornil fad that during the I II Many reron; in this community

wln>, if they wished to confer signalhoimr : of the tigers;: set me to shaking. and my 1 siege e.f I'aiLbj I Henry IV.. owing to i I are suffering from kidney complaint ESTABLISHED:: 103.

on any of their subjects kisseelulher 1 teeth cli!'.tiered' sis I sat there In the l.inniif. Ll'tt.1.'hidl had been sold ]! who could avoid fatal results IJu.-

tIlt! h.ouths t>r the eyes of tho! & O.
I the>' \\ i..h'ti pK-cialIj to favor the ki ..seiierallj j old male tier! tint I'l'adletll.ut a a pound n.i- made trout the boittiii i ii ; D'Aleinberte 121 S._ 1'alufox._ I I'f'rf'h I ? l
--- 'h ---
i I inuinating m some proiueitionr i paw and turned the captain over onI the din 111.1 hoiiM> of the Holy hmo'l Ii i 0 --- --- bCALIKt Ii. ----

(. pei-Miiial satihl'.ction feir K'mcin I I his face lie was as ruul as it dead. {'l'lItS. This Ofciilled ii 15ii!. tI i niptumv i

1I"\I'1II1'lIt. The female then turned him back\: \'lrk I'rce. i "Life i!' a failure." s.iiil the tiredIn. Ship Chandlery and General Hardmar ;

, It '11I\11. fathers runsielertil the! practin I while the cub leaped over hm! back A PHYSICIAN" HEALED.Dr. ..kiii.: l1rIse1Ir in a grave uinl f.ir-
of kissing of so delicate a nature and forth in a plajful WII} Then the way A'din*. ":\11111 is n fniml. wonun aos AMI eon A. AIKH MIla...'!

:I! that thi'j liover kls-eil their wives 111 1 male tiger sirffed at the man's facei Oec. Ewing; a practicing; physician a Uiiv.I b.i'pinei-s :i lcln--i'in friemNlnp ----w AGENOY tI 9

,1 the iinseinv of their daughters.Ttu'ii I i and licked ilk (check and the female! of Huiitlfs Grove, Ky., for II liiiiiilui; I.ie U n REVERE COPPER COMPANY JOHN A.
I..... ".nIy the nearest lelativeswere striH-k him seural times on the leg : over thuty year*, write his personal j i limIt'n.ice a iiilst:t ke. u wile GALVANIZED WIRE ROPE, A. RUrHEL A hO.N d: P ,>

allowed to I.i"s their kindred t>f I with her paw.lthuuh experience with Foley's Kidney j i a trial! a chill :i lIuisaut.t':1II.l; i..1

the gentler sev on the mouth, fur iu i! .\ I was too upset! to shoot Cure : "} or year* I had been greatly \; iiurcly b.\piwri.; evil is diteitlou.'llu I Cum Csrdiet Pilits. Oils liatici! loitrouDti. Chrtj licin dm

those da.v iis now hl""itl:1"; not nmere i could hate ('allt.tllJut, but I dtrt.tIllot bothered with kidney and bladder !: > wholetem of ('Xblt'nl't'--lif".1 COM"'t LOGN, frTC

.yibitrarv 1'1:11. hut it W.T* the do that for fear of provoking the tigers. .Mi tuiil all
lunnility. s <-ty. *
McKenzie A fur IS
trouble and enlarged prostrate ; C. Oertin< Collecting e-nt ,: I i iciatiou.
"I"mtall''t'u'' language uf the aftections.vsiMfiall I Th..y1'1'1' in a pl.uful mood. that-K a bolliivv! sham. Our bo.iteilili.m .
ltud. I u-ed everything known to I
)' that of 1\ I'. I but jet they growled in a tnenacirg the profeiou witnout relief, until I ; \\ 1 i is -f.'iiti-.in: >:eii -ro-.ity I is iuiinriliiy. -

I'nder the K.unans if a lover kissed i I way.I1tl it was etident that they weie commenced to U-H Koley's Kidney 1 I Tin're i Is nuthinu! of any im-I:

4 his U-troiheil before umrii.uo she in- suspicious of my presence. 1 LopeJi Cure. After taking! three bottle.* 'i |'nii-tiiite but iiii uIl'y. :\ul(titt';- is The Star

i li'rlt..Ialf I "f his weirldly ;gi; .hls| in theevent i hat when the noise at the head of wi f'ntirelrt'liHtd and cureel. I : thill! m. aiim!. alter all. what is 1'\'I'Q'-1 Laundry

of his dniTh I before the marriage.erenimiv. ;I j the ravine began they would! slink pre-cnbf it now daily in my practice thin:: ..Ihiu! \r r-r-r-r": C- ,

I, :i'nl! U she died her heritage, ; i quietly! off, and listened for that with and heartily recommend its ue I "( Hail to inset you, !sir,'' sai
&eS4'l'ult.I I" I "r U"lrt"t relatives., I I my heart almost choking me. While I to all ptiyrieitIlt i : for -ucli troubles. I little I man with i the giiu'ir hnnl \\ ltiski I I"I' Biggest Busiest Best !

: waited the cull! lay down at full length ban prf-cnbed it in hundreds" of .'Nti-it.l litir his I liaml iiinlially to I ,
and bigan b.ting: one of the captain's eatwith perfect success. W. A.
To My Friends. ] D'Alembpfte 121 ,8. 1'alafox. tinpeakiT.. "I ha\1' tlie tly5tctSi'JuFt'tty '

I ItH with j \v I tellyouwli.it 1.J.,1tllJ I thorn bands.! the lIe day had before torn, and the there flesh was with an a li.ul at timea- 1lI-df.-t'hicao !;:. d; An\ K\ciiiiii\ i ,\ ; ( all I ;

for me. I wn troubled with mytoinach .loiinial.
unhea'cd! scratch The roudi:: tongue;
for-evcral mouths. 1'pon Yimr Snl' I
nf the beast started the blood and heI BADBREATH
tltl..;g :* VI-ekt tit LIt Ko.i| >l, I dlJ 50,, I had noo"nt'r pit the t'l: ,.:te than hi .\oilriillirn Sinn) 1I..prt. -I
it. I I The inv.tt stony} tlvMit Hid wordcinnot: tell t h. good i lose up. with tire in his c-jes, and Sturt.
tli"t'IJ\.rt"tl by Captain
tb nitA neighbor bad dy- growled sju.igcly. The old cuies ad- : was '', I If y"u ..r. ,.
lu< >ne Australian i explmer in 1..J: -.JI!. It I
tll-lt Iilrmtl: tried lli" t" \uiifcd and turned the Inwlj o\er and c. .
lr'--.u'I &itl
pepil.lo .. I II II
ullrthIt the ri' I'.ulnm uml is ; 1'ur
,. Ko-. I harrbrrn. u.lng ('A 11\n F.T8 aDd a. IS ur
everything. I told hitr III U- back again and struek at the bleedinglirmid an .t at ?P ef 7,, 'a."ve Icy are .""1.11.0I I [ .
dol.Vordnf gr'itituJe hi\ec"inetome lerli \ dautttiter ai *1 I were bothered witbt atiout ::IN) miles loim ami IIN) bKnid: 1 b' A oomaiA. .

frerm bun bc IU- I recom dei-t that with tl.t'wOre their pawsand encouraging it was1.thejoiing t tal. ik i f-.i "w- d"r in i tTcath a. nnM nasicrv we have bail iniimivedJetli After.. fdiisistin:.t of saiiily dunes or ridpsIts I I \\ '.\ ':,'UII_. .. '1 .
Viola '' < 1'1..1<' a uri-al Help In (lie fauiilj of along I h..
mendevl It.- (;" '. \\ Fry, u.int trees excejit .
: II, '
: .
t Iy I
i ore to VIa ke Ins tiist meal of si \\11'1 \11'.10 NAI.LI: i ( .I
I''wi.. Health\ ami tren4tII, of muniaiel lie K.uouiiuuse et tiuciuumiPleasant VbloI ''i" ks 1 gies tin- miitrj a i-ti-nb' upIIO.II.IIHV. \ ,
his -tiiiii.ich.. human ltdn;. llewastu:.id oiit Uginning .'! V 11 1 ...1 I. ,r '''' 1111' '
l) ny.| d'pfOu.1 on 1 TI'i'M ri l4ewiri' probably I _: JLI .
and iiormti! activity of tli" dig...tivtKevlol :t I' !tnt lina'b' laj do\\u aj..ein; .iml CANDY Hindi hy the Joint eflect of winds and ) i a i, -:;--- li.r.1 'A.t!, bf.u\ \0

n-. the great r..c..tI'trtll'tI't' -. bit and worried the hand ..isou. have RTIC a Li.iiiu.illy retiring sea. -u.J 1 c'.t. ire Mud ('uti. : "
: tonic, cure-. all -tounclil I seen 11 dog wurrj a rat. Th o0! tigers ) .
thesew at tt -Mar: i
.\ "i-onlini; to C.iptaiti Sturt, : .WII :
"| blw..1 l trouble*, I indige-ti.iti.dy- : ran to and fro. whining and groi ling,: --
;wp-II. Ktvlol Ulge-t in iS' good fooei!I : and cneourag'ug.:: and presently 1 realized itrrs wt'te ;gradually I..t by "f\npora
meal. HUll orarriell to some U'.idixwtrctlS

'H\\1 IrlZIs't't.IMiarnucy 1'akn a d'"fi, J.huht'l'I.ut afti-r !, captain that would I must be do eaten something alive: or I hadjti..t the TAE U* TU> niily \.,.- ..tltillll. :1'U\\"lII;': s(':m.Mix. ALL WORK C. 0. D. Goods Calltl! [fif de .

Miluey K ihn.urg arc pri,-kl.aijuus!. in full I I I liliM.m.l
<>t>rnod ir.y mouth to utter a shout
..1I"t" stiuittil growthVat; r is scarce
when the tenting U'pan. The natives I
( .. ...1) l'or tilling ik."Some I nnned with drums firecrackers. Palatable Potent TaOe Good Dojoul exi'"tit in the creeks which are sheltered -
were ( Never
Mikvurakrn WALKER
or Gripe Jjc 5W
, ,) this is brai'kish. Manager.
1..1'1.! wonder w hy v\o carry a l torpedo s and cjrabals. and thougl'they ... CURE CONSTIPATION. ... .11I : ,

-toe-k!. tof cluai| tandy. pe nny c-and.v." wre a mil! awiij the noise at(: 8.11.. "...d, (...p..,. t.10..... .....1..... h. fo... SI&NO.TO.S I 11 u.w tr.iM'b-rs care to .r.I\'re this inllOtpit.ililc -

t-ai ttilt' iiiaii: w ho keeps the railroad I once\ alarmed' tie tigers. The threcwere .c 1" ,oJ and f""i!n'i'<'i1 t 01 arattlHt Iit'SI'I.t.rhis TIME TABLE.
/I.... o 'lobaciTry U..bll
new < t.unl \\,11. jou see1 it's thisway I confu- for a moment, and then I

: 1 II.IM a lot of regular: eutiimiitr'I; the old male phktd up the captain's Ij j II LOUISVILLE AND NASHVILLE RAILROADIN .

who want it. They take. I body and started off: with it. He diil I one of our celebrated KH'KCT: HhCt.MBhK I 1"1

.. change. 1'or i instance, one mail hnIKTII ,I not carry it over li"J feet however.
]I. S. Felt Mattresses.
biijing two eve-nim pajK'is (ton I latt1l'tllIJ the explosions in the nullah New Orleans and MobI1i.

ne every aftirihioti for seveial jears. he lost his wits and dropped the body: They never pack or grow fll: a'.are In on erery box of the genuine -- --

If l.e luis pennies. I never see Ihem Laxative Bromo-QuinineT bieu ,;"o.fI. 50.4. NO.:!. NTi ., .
any and bolted into the thicket. Better than hair .
lumpy. a :) a 12IJim tI:11 p L..a" Pensacola .. Arrlu! ; .
lit' alvva.vs throws down a niekel. piek<; It was only when too late that I pave I the remedy tht cure a cold to one daj.STK1VS It 1:5. a :2::1 p III:! a L..a\'t .I'm"too l..ate a1lIJ
up his two papers ironi the pile au l 1 the alarm. .Two of, the hunters answered : mattress, at half the price. ) a I/:! p :t\ a I.\'e 1"bl" Lea., 1. ,
..__ .:%-p 7tI1 a 1.\ ".w u.ri..anu. I.'av. I
then takes three pune-s of e-andy. whid I and Marston $ Quina.
< my: call we crossed the ravim M.\ 9\IK. I
he chews while waiting for his tiainth North. ..
to the body. I was hopeful I that tinA Hy virtue of decree of fort-closure rendered .
( \ ,'r nun saw him eo this an-l follow by Hon. I.. J. KrevM, juds of the I II
the Circuit Court of Kicnmbia: County Honda I No 2. So. t. So .
.1 suit and now it's quite regular I
I Cure for Cholera Infantum.
The Beer lub of itii.1 lllap m lU Leave I'en'aenla Arrive '
on tnt day June, A. \) in the pm I'II.
tli'iig"! ; -I'hiladelpLin llecoid."So "I. -t Mayay* Mr*. Curtis cn-eofA. A. H..her Ihalo..t Albert Kur- I :l5 a m I\ii pm I Arrive .. :Montgomery ...Ieav.. I 11 I a .
nHtennd Maggie Hurnettc. bin "'if". and 1\:5 am has pm Arrive .. thmnilgbamn: I.. .. I e : am
iaker of Hookwalter. Ohio. in-
John Burnvtte and Virginia burnette. bu 7:06 p m 3:11m I Arrive l'ta.b\'llie I.eav. i
i tnt child of our neighbor's: was 1'.ulJ.\\lt .
: A f ring from cholera Infantum. The A. It. 1luI. &..111\1 public auction In 7tQ.m: 1.m : Arrive l'lnllnnati! Leave "I'I\ .
jou refused him?" said Maud. doctor had all of the city 01I'.n"8co\:1. lorlda, to-wit: Lots I 7II.m lflpm Arrive Mt.-Louis Leave 4i: p aPENSACOLA
given hopes re
up I
"Yet;." replied Mabel. "I told him 1 COHrI took a Untie of Chamber- p No U,*,ll3aadli eleven twelve.in block thirteen three and hundred fourteen and i I AND RIVER JUNCTION,
thall send back any letters unopened. hilt'Colic, Cholera and Diarrhea: ANNB I n r FMOV U twenty (pt.'tI, of the New City tract cf Pen- I M
Nostop where time not IbOtl'D .
"I wouldn't! II{' so rude There mllt; Remedy the hou-e. telliu them bacola according to map of said city pub. So. n-Datl1 So. I-D.ily : .--o. -J-- a.
lished: by Thos. ( Watson in I'<'1. said 3
be theater tickets in tome of them:"' : that I felt sure it would do good if i erty having a front of one hundred: prop-and tIM pm 7:00 a Ui heaTs.. .. 1'0'.1:01. ...Anl".. 1-' ''i I'IIUlii
.. ..
I ued according to directions. Intwdays' > \ sixty (IW\ )) feet on the north side of Hattonor night 7.13" .Itob"mla I..or.
18VICTORIA a ..... N
Std street by one hundred Uu"; 7:11" )Ynlestra I. .
time the child had fully re i and thirty-two I ._.. N
: Ur 7:14 .Licambla ...... I.'.'.
((1SJ) feet and t inches
six <.
TEN (CFNT WILL nt'v trial-ue of 'covered, and i i. now ( nearly a.year i iI iI i' of 14th avenue, together' on with tbe west side 12:35'0: 7:25 ... -.-. Mllla& ..... .... N 1'.31U:8'
improvements 7toI .. .. ..... Harp ..... .._ -
Kly' Cream Kalm ; enough to convince since > a vigorous. healthy girl. I thereon and the hereditaments and : IO.ti
1 'I .. -
1fI": 7.3.\ ... o.a City .._.. isis
I thereunto -
you that it is the greatest of : have recommended this remedy frequently appurtenances anywise Deeds belonging or In l;!. 1'iII .. ...... Milton .._ 1>,1.
for IlHalcatHrh or colJ in and have never known it to MADE BY ACME BREWING CO. purchaser.appertaining W.C. MONROE at cost,! of I:$) am..... .. ...... Uooo1 Kame._ ..
remedies inle innatce.: For I I IM": Ml5 ..... .._ Hells 4 a.s
fail in
head. Full !' izs M cent All any : I augtoa" Special Maner. ...... ..
the BKSI 10-CENT BOTTLE 2;%>) 13:3.: fll\lan ....._ .."
drugtt. We mail it. sale: by all dru-rgins and medIcine'd BEEn i:iH 8:itS ...__.Cren"l'. .__ ..l$
BRO 5 Warren :Street. :lIers. I| IN TOWS.iDANNHEISSER. 81"! !I'M .....lier L.nd .__ N '.S
ELY Ok FORT BARRANCAS, Fla., July 81:1";: \II) __.. Mossy 11..1._ N a'
I New York. ------ l\ :>!.-rjealfd proposal; in 4:0: 9'i.% to ..DeInnmakNpr1aj.. I .

1 Second Street Alb.lnvY.. There's lots of money to be made i BROS. triplicate will be received until 11 :3t) 4:15 \IU" .. ........ Argyle. ...__ N 7 it

Messrs. ELY BROS. :-I sutfered in real estate-lots of it. A real es1 AGENTS FOR THE CELEBRATED a.m. Aug; 22.: 1: .32, for sinking two I 1i:00"1:40' 11):11)8:51'' to... _. .POIICt.. Wun'lI1e d. a..oA...._.__ u N Ti.'"?

greatly with catarrh and tried ditler- 1 te sign i5 usually a finer-board to wells here. U. S. reserves right to 5ij" 11):15': to. .._ ary.lI1e ._ Tit.
ent remedies without etf ct. After ;j wealth. Thos. C. Watson & I I. f Harper f hisIcy.Main I' reject or accept any or all proposalsor ; 5113" l.);$) to .... I.on1.y... ...- I.%
bottle of Cream Balm 8:00" 1".7" It... .. t..blple .. .n" I 4. : .)118M"
uting one your Co. the leading Real Estate firm any part thereof. Information .. :
\. Hon e-4Il8. Palafox 11:0'1' to .. Cnttonttate. : I
I found relief and I cannot praise have some offers which it would street. furnished on application. Envelope; 7:00" 1I5": to. ..Iarlallna ....... It t 4 ," aT
I too highly such a remedy. be worth your while consider. Go R. R. Exchanze-Opp.: Union Depot containing proposals; ; should te marked ;&) 1I : 5" .....Cypr.s, .. HI', ''
t.-$ Miss CottA \VlLL\KD. I and see them to-day, and don't wait P. O. Box 2sl. Pensacola, Fla. "Proposals for Wells" addressed rt 11:52" ". _Urand RUSt_ "" I t'
7M" UU noon f ._ Hn.a.1. ._ ... I
Sept. 27, lSi 19. till to-morrow. I I I Phones 116-268. W. E. COLE, Q. M. 23jyit-20aug2t 81I.n itri: It Arrlye..ItiycI3ncUqn'''' ,.Lt..1 1-- .
-- _


......."" '""" '3f'.r ''''' .. Y+x f'v",),i.'e..- +.t> -., r- ._..;...,'";".. .......,. ?te, ,n .".." ''- .., 0 ... -, _c :,r-,__ 't-,... ....J ....,.6 ..--._., "' -'t---r.. ...., 4 '-<'or '<'....,, ........ :

tfT tf\;


-- -- -- -

Cures All Kinds of STATE OF FLORIDA Prisoner at Charlotte Burglary. Confesses to t.. ,.

Kidney and Bladder Troubles Charlotte, X. C.. Aug. 16.-James ,.

Tallahassee; Fla., July 13, 19O' Cathey has pleaded guilty in the re ,.

uniform teachers' examination corder's court to a charge which if
Kidi.ey and ]51ad,ler Trouble Rheumatism., Regular? will be conducted in each- proven will land him upon the gal I!

,ii j ail kinds (If diseases produced by an county of the state .Sept. 1902 (unless lows. I '

i-.eM 'if uric Acid deemed unnecessary by (0 lnty Burglary, a capital offense in North 1-

board.) The following textbookswill Carolina was the charge against Ca
be made the basis of the quests for Infants and Children.
they. When his name was called he
)n'l for these examinations:
HarrisLithia (Publishers and price are given, arose and said simply "uullty" ant Ca-loria is a hurinlr-s sub.litulei1r' (la..tuf Oil. I.irr ,

but the books may be obtained from sat down. The recorder apprised Ca- guru, I'rlll' ami Sootlimjr Sjriiji*. It N i I'lea...uat. It

almot any book dealer i. they of the gravity of the crime bathe contains neither Opium. .Morphine tier oilier Nuritlo
Water Orthography-Heed's Word Lessons declined to change hii plea, and 1'0' ub..ta 11('('. It d **troj <* AVorius and alta) "" l'I''rl..II..I'O*.

(c:!i> cents; ), Mayoard, Merrill & appeared to he unconcerned. It ('lIrt'. Uiarrlici'ii aul Wind ('uli.'. It rrlicti**' T.'.'lli. I
Co., New York.Readingany. lug Tnuiblo and t-urot CUII..tiJltlillll. It ri'\.:iilatc. HIM
ei; THC unmoral by the best physicians allr standard reader Johnston who sore out the Stomach and JtnueN, fi\in health)' and n.ilnral hitch.
warrant lives 4 miles from Charlotte. The Chiiilri-iiS 1'anaciM-Tlif .MittluT'o 1'rit-inl.!
the United States. For sale will answer.CompositionSwinton's. .

.* -*hipj'ed anywhere. every.TO School (32 cpnti)I. American; Book New to Johnston his house found open a window when he and awoke door, The Kind You Have Always Bough r'

Co., Atlanta (h.Arithmetic and an investigation disclosed the fact f
Nothing Can Compare -Milne's Standard ((65 that 75 cents in money was misting( Bears the Signature of

cents), American Book Co. from his son's trousers and several
i- Lmiu CAKP.OX\TED WATER for table UF(?. HARKI* LHHIAEK English Grammar-Metcalf's (60
jugs of wine from his closet.
Ai E Ii the finest of all ales. cents), American Book Co.
United Mates HistoryField'sirammar Cathey at first denied the offense,

Write for Free BooUets-Fnll testimonials of cures, analrsf<:. ( .School ( {It, American but the jugs were found at his! home,
i t. *how to your physician. Book Co.Florida. and later he admitted entering the 1

History-Green's ($1 25), house of Johnston. ,

Harris Lithia Springs Co., Harris Springs S. C. William*, Wilkins & Co., Baltimore ; Cathey will receive an immediate In Use For Over 30 Years.

or Fuirbink's (fl.::;)), H. & W. It. .... .. ... ..
l trial, as the superior court is now r rr. .u. enre. rr .u. af1t roo TO" r'
Drew, Jacksonville, t"la.GeographyItedway's: .Ll

"" \ OK TKLEPHOXK Advanced < 51.25)) American Natural: Book in session. I II
v. D : v Every Woman
Co. Typos Adjourn.
M. W. MARSHALL 1'emacola, Fla. Ph y i 0 I o gy-Steele's Hygienic Cincinnati.! 10.-The 46th convention -W-I iIIUP fl ': ti I

o w u send'sshorter \. .. ., ,
graphical IIni adjourned today alter ,
r 'Inn't 1'ergnl.itr.. I FROM THE LIPS OF BABES. Course ( ;2 cent-1 American .
I Ct
I :: :
a session of six daye. The reports of .. t tlI1port..n
1'I I itfu siil.HcnaslilHT -- Book Co. .. .
-\ and H-n'rra m- ; ,
.\ Ij'pbraWhite'ichool: (el 1), all committees were adopted and th-
t Mid nrkIi "' It .. -
lI.a II. U '') 1..11. ) Ilmnlnutltr 'III. .a0' It' : -
..r II nii American Book Co. routine business was cleaied rip after Chinese and '" ,
II tinruuiiiy i-ouit- u mil > Japanese "iTy"1.; \\-d _.
Houston'sNew' >
Physic'il I GeogMphy which there were several
: v "anil Uaiitlcd! him did! I.idIlf.w is it you are not prtsn r' t
($l.2j>, Kldrid0'e i Bro., Philadelphia. i'V.jT"II. .- 1
tations in connection with .
:t'or. of Fancy Goods ,, I'
i alizo the
i : eomii plnyiii g hall with the other little Toys .
t. ..' tu ."... W Ian t lt.... ,
thanks. Resolutions were adopt-.1
to jiluevidemv Small fur VauM rill de managerof : and\ Practice of i'eachiug-
the assassination of Pn TEAS I K.M1II1 r+ .. \ ",.a
..d. Zit; to enfolvP de team days nh>'. White's Art of Teaching (t1)u American regretting : mrK ntda I
!'ir 4 the weather B'wk Co. debt McKinley and dpnoU jug ar.-i- 31 South Palafox St. -

Sunday School i 'l't'whrrWhat will Yours truly, \\'. N. :SHEATS, thy .n all fam.s.Collectlcn Laundry Office. 1'ens.icola.; FU stn 11'1. t.

I. i i- ipueli lu des Irti-ome of the man who caters to his State Superintetdent Public Initructioii. I !'' its been mitli.fru-il t.iil'crij'tioof .. take:
.1 1' 1"'are Ima.N and his soul? S.131w ef: Peter Pence.
I body neglects ; fur Wtii. Jfiinuig
AII-J 1'i;.--Th.' h.'!:",,1 m
.1 tin a cir Bright, Pupil -He'll Iwcouie too fat Rome. ; .
.11'1 .. I'i t he city day collection! ol l', h-r ]fll< t n infhurrhts a iim| i r. "Tlsf CUUlUII..r
I --. ',""i'nl "'."ttil... ThrvtinyCaii .U-s .rea Ipcflr j't. .... ad
., 1 price II( u per v r ltl II IIIh.
Home d!I
't'.I. .\ U> ?KPI 'tttt :
proxev rather ( .t'rnIYI-Ho \ many times .\ J'ronpli iiniiirnliM i !:iuu< that there to Rilsara'\ d t .. II.,' .
I .
had Lea vallI'" 1'1. -e j..HIt1it aprr
e v eathtr at $5IHI"< EMKh -s- than tJpected. > '
have 1 told you to keep quiet'I Pt you are fc\v if any niimiiN which lIa:1 "'P:1oIIr.\)1) ..
.:..n. ",'i 1 nh\'IIIUI.1 1'J l'1Il ': n. ? ? ,.? I. I" III 1.\ I .du.rftl
want me to shut you up in the ilark: htgl!'er KpprecifltioM! >,{ music than .t
'. lU 1" l-t.! tllult-f-IJlu
It .I mat ion to closet? suailc i'laet some snails l on a pane ofi.'l.iR.s. i.. .. w\-... sot sat tr !. II M K.M ii v
1'I I .r I the loc'ulI. Johnny (nge l fivo)\Vnat makes youask lit' .06, iiinl Jon will find thatas I Gi D m ST I :.u Ode 4I. r..WGGItTII ( II' Ii Ili\ :N' wtil -.
I I. ,i- tae: rl'lrc.l" I.r '_ I -
such ?
fovl questions mil
papa IH'mou| OUT it they makemushal
.. -ho! .\ !'uU"llutlNy sounds iinilar to there wiir'i! "Let the GOLD DUST twins do ,cur work."

.'.if ,,' whether the "Have they any candy In heaven a person ran |iro lu<-.' ltj' wettlnu lntiiiwr 1 THE GARDEN SECTIONFensacola

mamma?" asked little fouryearoldMargie iinl then rubbing It arouml :i I

duty keeps the i who was slowly recovering {.II"* tniiiLK'r. Coinpli-te airs lie points
MM jump 1 havetctimuny from a serious illness. out have been played on tunililei-

in six or I "I think not darling! ; ," replied her this wt1111I1, he expresses the opinion I Florida :
v and to earn wit
obtained ,
that results U-
mother."Then". quite as good tan -
\-i-hs of his: salary. I II roM the little invalid Tra by using snails in,.tca
,.. are his j.T'tult awful Rind we've got such a good doe : Near East Hill Electric Railway Terminus. t

> tie hllDI\tl1IJ1ln tor."
." j II;i'leant."-'xl'"I" \\ Onr Itet nhlie.
Beautiful Lots for Sale.
"Mamma. Mid little Marie: "the The American repul.Jic niu,t lire i

inlnMer bays I got my blup eyes from Popular coiniuution awl partisan filly I
". I j ou." ml)' dash their mad waves as.uii'-t: it, I 40x137% feet at from $76 to $200 each accord !

!I. tilt' you "Yes dear I suppose you did," replied Gut they tjiall roll back, Miattm'dppont. I tltdq ing to location and surroundings. .

her mother. Persecution lull not shaltit. I '
T> s wet i c.r.' irrs1 sr VI'd every
v'r!. i..rastn3I "U'hy. mamma" exclaimed the little fanaticism distort it nor re\nlut'u liouScke re'dst Exceptionally Good JCeiglibnrliooil, Healthful View tHigh 1

"' le job miss in surprise, "diJ you use to have change: it. Nit it shall s.tan toweringliki I I twin DUSTI lry Fertile Lands.
four eyes?" 'ul.IIIII. the last inouit.lin )in tl;.- i

\I a f." c1dl1c' while the earth lock at It- \ 'jr r. a'ur-', Divide v'jefljrt -
_o by. [:llIlmt." called tour' '(>nr.ot.l Hobby feet aiiil the thunders |M>al alone its <, Subtract .' .. '. Add The grandest opportunity for investment over I
O yaur''etale
in' I'll from the nursery, "please come and head-majiMlf. immutable, iiiavjinu-; cffered in Pensacola.
) r.T N KPo' ANKr" '; iNV 1
''i see sit by my bed until I go to sleep." ('eut.-W1I1MI Phillips.! ; C'TV -

!t orumot "Mamma's busy now," was the reply. gM.t i *-* JAPfr Home Seekers Should See Thc 1'e LfJl:,. i iIA.
"Just keep quiet and the angels will \ Title 4tf llrruUni.'I I

U-: with you." went for a bath yesterday." stud I II
/*11.0'NL t+41'' 04'
.. II "You said that lfore<< mamma" rejoined Amercnnt.. "I liaJ been III fie! \& "V.Clubbs ,

f. the little fellow "and 1 kept water some time when 1 suddenly!, perceived .

,, quiet over so long, but not an angel an enormous I'harl.111 all' .:'i;; If You 'Ia re'Rheumatism I Corner warden and. Alcaniz Streets.KC "
f the showed up"-(' l'aj News. toward me with its jaws ojn'ii. What
to cure ---- was I to II.I111'11 he was nard uff.I I !

1 ...emwtittl- "I had: dialtotE'tilt:; worst k-rtn1 dived, took out my iwketl-niti, andrippel BKKST WM; ilKNOWI.M w" 1111 I K It'i : t.t t .o.President. I
cauetla \ i writes :Marion Lee of Ihmrp.ith. I
: up the belly of the monster. : I V ice rr.-i.id. < a. I a.hal;
f the
-' innII Iud.HI tried fightphy-icians: with-
ill the ua.it!
\Vh!' Then you are
t.im'Ftlbf-. out relief. Onlthrt'l' 1 bottles of Koley'rt -
f It!., wl you Have Kidney Cure made me a well of hlthillrilh your elotlies oit." wild

'I i i "jHTit'ctlioar- win." W.A. D'Alemberte PJ1 r'. one of the lb>h'lwrs.-FI' the rvuvu. > 11 n IC C ft I the irrpat tested MJf First National auk
IIKIIlMIIenl"rs'(1 C'8l1f rntll
s : In.h' closed'i \ Pal.ifox. UIllUwUiBK.-me.l7 will cure >
and u IIl.! ->-- ?pun .Ipprtglriuie to I"'h.h. TOU. It Kist cures Liver Kidney and
iii bP taken out .. .. ladder dsea.scb, causi d t. an execs ol
(; I hat In, fiolden I:uc* ilarlir.. he exclaimed "as we
'-i.-d to it- normal\ uric aril It never hills and builds up
will lit- (la.'.! UJMIU a time there was a promoter Kit: together under the hpreadiiig the health and rtrer g'b whIle ni.ne it. iud OF PENSACOLA.<< Fl-A j
d'triy.'tI \ who owned a ('common everyday breeches of this noble tree I do deelare P"- Hump for bcjk wonderful cer- _:__
-" > nut of ti n ,ire tiiioHies! l"rlce. fl per bottle For faleIi
i' Hindi l imtliintr PHIV who laid the usual, ordinary on my honor that you are the drueKWK- your dniir tit ran net DIItl'ft7TOitn.WM. : ,
KOOSO:: i'5. lie colii-oixetl the scheme only cirl I 1i1'r lo\ed. 'I supply you it will l>e ofut prepaid upon
.1 I condition f
<> tin receipt of price. Addrii H. K. OWLII3, W. A. BLOl'NT: F. C. HKKN'l V K HVKH.JI.D. .
of sjudientiim the rooso on a gold! egg And! just a suspicion uf a smile
0. KHKNT.VedraTfoarownHllUofKxchftutceou.
'in.' Hundred P..llar" I bans and pr
!I', .ifiiw- tear-rd .by He inl'oimed the trusting public that she npliid"You !) or the I

Ir not be oiireii by soon his gtMiMould lay an egg:; of :sI \ ays say such! appropriatetiling. i Ga.I rml &DG tt A g In d I
I I LI-. :purl for eird ;cold each day' and otftred for sale .lulin; this is a cheituut tree" ;I lamar & ankin Distributing Drug Agents.LODGE Co., Atlanta. o n ''ml Z c ai 1 Dgt > 01 I .

stoik !in the iioldeii Goose Ksig: comIMII.V. Italtiuiore News.Cures .
To. Toledo, O. I
limitrtl nt bedro prices. Therewa .
-- --- -
I' -
Eczema and Itching Humor
II fJI'S ]JJ\"c It ell'e (l, promoter suddenly found himself Through the Blood-Costs Nothing Germany. France Aai.tria, Italy. HoIlaLd. Hpalu KeUlar.; Uo-ul 1 .. l'\n' ,

:' if'// we will sell wealthy.Ho to Try.B. i DIRECTORY way bweden. Denmark and other Karopean c"ntitr't'". ,

continued to sell the stock as 15. B. ( Botanic Blood Balm /- I I
t II'SIrJll 1_ (!u ill(( Inn i- there were buyers, for he did ( 'VeAsels Iibnrsed upon she foes Favorable Terui "*i.d Ihell
not want to kill the goose that laid now recognized u< a certain: and -ure ,i KNIGHTS OF PYTHIAS Obligations Taken Payable at Port of fttir&doL 1 tD or Klftttc Dal' \ .
a w.CiPIy..111rnt on cure for Eczema Itching bkin. Humors after Vessel Arrives there. 1
the w::. i is goose contimied the saUte Pf'l1J1aeola (10(1,1", No. 3. K, of P,
t regular;. meeting olM .yeah; :, ScaleWatery: Bli-- '
foul before.Moral. .
ordinary as I
> m..u Monday trSafety Deposit BOeR for Rent in Connection
II every en
.. I
diciil r'Ilciel9' I : .-There are featherless! geese tern Pimples, Aching Boutor log at at Castle Utol
H-ilth otTrn "nt fd that lay golden e'K>.-New Turk Her Joints; Boil-, Carbuncles.! ; PiicKin/ A In the Iflount. WaterBolldtog. with which we haTA a Prlv A oarimnnt for th" Ute ;'
I ty.Aug. 2t li.; I ald. Pain( in the" Skin, Old Eatiug: : : .t'>.-. third HoorVUltlni I of Ren tors.WE ;
corcfia'lv Botanic Blood! lUiiii 't ; brethren cordial
.Ana are I Ulcers, etc $ welcomed
It Needs
a Tonic. ,
t taken internally, cures the wor-i and H A ,.1'
'. \\'. t'. DEWBKRV, I| There are tunes when your liver mo-t deep--eatedcase> by ftincli'iu! : I H. HORSLEK
1'reideut.N j need- tonic.. Don't ;give purgatives purifying and \'italizin Itohi" '>" K. K. .til'!. WILL'FURNISH YOUR HOME FREE !

"< iK.. j I tint ;gripe and weaken. DeU'itt's thereby giving a healthy Mood -it -

ieeretarv.UOLAY j Little Kirly Ri-ers expel all poi-on ply to the ktn. Botanic' Blond B.. 4I Wrmi . -
from the sy-teui and acr 'i- tie.le to i- the only ctire, to tay i-un d. 1. > Laurels I irr- c ... I.

the liver.V.. ::cett. wl 1 Ilighlintllive. thee awe'nl. annoying; -kin trouble! Again 2 I i '" I i' I

=<1 iII i .. :Milton. Pa. -'iy"I: !iuve: I Other remedies may relieve. bu; I. ". ,

i firried Ip\Vitt'" Little' 1:11rlli'f: B. IS. actually ciire. he.il"V Trxiu Paris trpsith, .' _. I
J Cirn Meal 1 Mills WIIlUJt.! for -..n.r.d :years ;and wouhl sore and gives the rich .-low made the Gold .-1. .." "''",,,, .' d -.
i I iiot be without tliein.'' mall ntl.lay health to the kin. Buildup' Hed3l Award to ..A ", ,. ..
to fike. I'urlly vt-get ihle. broken-down" body and meth-- I :':- :. f.: n
S'EZ & CO., Prop, I TI" y HINT jii|?eT di-tr..". I II ir. blood red and nouri-liiuir. r. E-p-!' .i uadvied I.W.HARPERKENTUCKY '. H *. i?'.....M._ ...".." ni..,f a"...i d-*I-

"a.... 'I.-..r.J .'i*' 'ph irn.ai-y.; .I'uui M"ppard.; Md- for chronic old ca- : ,IT d" > '. '.. .. -., "l.1.l.,-I!'I- I
n .
I ?
tlM: ) Ht.tiItCH'1\i1 hey Kuhn.SAN.M.ER. |, d'','ctorpatitit medicinee <
IM'h 1'1:111): : >>. fail to cure 1)ruei i-t- WHISKEY i M .1', I'!1 .:. ....; ',.;?!;:.. M3
a.i.lry. tor there tla SAS II To prove H. 1.. B. urevainj l>' "< n 'I I

1 .1.t.uyvour ;\I..alanC ho-most healing sevs In thqworseSeasonible free and prepaid by writing 111. iiliilm 1 .Isis'--.I i .. ; .. ., 1'.r t ." *: \| ; ,., \ ,
M !II. Manufacturerr I (.'o.. .Atlanta Gt. i-'erlb' Oold medal wen 11\ I --i .r [.- Hi A.
piio awarded at am't .
I '
age ;' 'meln4al. household trouble/ :and free medical alvici -.i.t r-cw Orin. 1883 In a .lew I.t t :. I I -. .. .
mi "unIaOI, !nAD' NI A..i. 1I111J1.r !> il \
-"" WorI< I '
-e.iied letter
1 .:rrctly benefited 111 w
.. [ mi Jl.ctur0r roe and kitchen utensils at the OIl 149J.olD I yA SOAP CO., Ccr. 12th i I"S's ST. LOUIS MO.
a. >f labor iou ow : rynr "lnani Stop,the Tit kit..!;. I ISM
*3t :'a you live one Co.'s. .. DY Dawneisser uro.
I .' Y. support 11 illis hardware : IIJDoClJ'&II a laAamm..at u.et'4roal I


1I6 0 j41 Q"I;:

FI1:' T CHOTPE are the wens for which 1v's( MI ,'!tag mM "FORCE "fa n rorr.Mn ,1n --f th. t.v", theY
thai is tJ the mistht! a'I': (::lees nourishment.Mr .
.' or'c Its n-v p.C'asl.1j
n i .;T ,'!I''l1" '1E oin anot diJ .1.foIlI 111..1 lwrly m..!t dt .i ie.: tr > ... aft .haunt.
a di:!. rent f(xvjnicuu ao: ill or.ior ...tv n outran 6ti... nave
'Y :lr e
the :
'!1' i-.i: ti.T'pnot ..
M 't
and n-ailv U wr\f. In INttm a -w-ti. trup. dtll
W' dioCtor'l\i :
he fnrnbhc.i in certain proix.ition : wheat any gad
Ji .. n,,' p-mr amount -T work these elements must cute flake of exnv.,iii.g' fII"a.-.u.l. tl.rur
.s and in fust the correct rrorortnns Mart 0: us a reply cave
tt' v"II (Wlt.r.w; al. the elements tor !b..am? up the w&o.e body 3a Ute gr'"u about il
Otto verworKcd: It re<:u.res a true and stance: i ULWork o! dguaon iLut
a) u-t.i ".tonucto sad this or wn .a.

e is the t<:jt tonic



-' : ."' ;"; ="- ,.... ....-:- ; '"!'...... -.-" .
..- -- :' '- '' .', \ :





So you had better not wait too long to take advantage of our great

ODD 4 AND < t END 4 SALEstarted

for the sole purpose of cleaning out all Summer Shoes.




I + fapPatentTipFrench Heel... . .... .. .. ... . ... .. ..now $:> H4iOPatentTip $22.5OPatentLeather: Colonials..... .flow1 $350 Patent Leather Vici .. .. .. . .. .. .
250ViciKid, Beaded Colonials. .. .. .. .. .. .. .... .. .. .... .. .. ..now 2 02 . . . .... .
Welt, Extension Hole. .... .. . .... ..... .. .now 302 250 Patent Leather Beaded ......-"'trap". .. ... ...... .... .. .... .. ....now" 0,-) $3 WViciiidAllToe.. .0. .00. .
251) Plain sandal, French Heel... .. .. .. .. .. ... .. .. ...... ...now 2 02 S3.50 Southern Ties and Centre; .. .. .. . .. ,
i urlatrutLsathersaud. Vici Kids.. .. .. .. .... .. .. .. .. .... .. ....now 211 ."...I14"t.5t rap Patent Leather ..... ..... ..... .. ... ..... .. .. ...now 167 .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .
.. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. ... ... .... .. .. .. :e3UtlSouthernTies: I and1onRr.; **
.... ..... 2 00 One-6traPPatPnt Leather now 167
.. .. .. .. .
.. .. .. .. ...
<-j Welt, Extension I Sole I ..... .. now 2 11 2.004 Strap Vici Kid .. ... ..... ...... .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .now 167 $: ;; Vici Kid Newe-tToe*.. ... .... .. .. .. ..

W I Patent Vici Kid .... ...... ... .. .. ...... ............. ....... now 1 fi9I 1.50 Patent Leather Colonials.... .... ...... ...... .. .. .. .. .. .. ....now 1 14 Tie Vici Kid. .
1 ;One-Strap: Plain and Tip. ... .... .... .. .. .... .. .. ... .. .now 1 In.502Button f2.5tJ Southern "" "" "
.MI'atentTip, Turn Sole .. .. ...... .... ...... .... .... ...... ... ..now 169 Fedora ... .. .... ... ...... ... .. .... ... ...... .. .. ..now 11" $2.k1ViciKid, New LatVici .. . .. .. .. .... .. ... .
1.252.strapand2-Button.; .. ... .. .. ... .. .... .. .. .. .. .....now Me.2i ?1.50 Kid, Cap Toes... .. .. ... ..... .. ...... .. .
.. i/O Patent Tip, 'I'cl'I'IJ .... .... .... ...... .. .. .. .... .. .. .now 1 47 II 1. Common. sense Spring Heels .. .. .. .. .... .. .. .. .... . .. .nowlie $15 I) Vici Kid, Plain I Toes .. .. ... .. .. . . .
.. .. .. .. .. ... . . .. .
and Common Sense now Me
I ,
IM :
,0 I'atMitTip, Vici Kid..n w 112 strap '\1 Drab LLH! ... . . .. .. . . .
IIl1PlaiuTopBuckle) and Bow .. .... .. .. . ... .... .. . ..uowe: :? w. t.
:.} l'.to'ntTipViciKid.... .. .. .. .. .. .... ...... ... ... .. .. ... .now Gi>c .5' Boudoir Slippers ..... ... .. . . .. .. .. .. ... .. ....now Sc. I#l.:! ) Tan Canva, ... .. . . .. ... . . . .. .

t -10 per cent off on all Edwin Clapp Celebrated Oxfords -< ..

, J.VLEYER SHOE 0 0 11 ,

Feet Furnishers for Cash Only. i 102 SOUTH PALAFOX STREET

__ .
--.- --- -=--. -- -- -- -

3 ei.e.e.e/e/esNe/e.01e.e.e.e eke .............................. f
l THE BIG STORE. 1 itf (
: ." $$5,000.00 v< 5 : ."- GREATEST VALUES : WNNNN'i i'iiJ"111 rf

: Worth of Summer Merehandise ? 5 (NTH r : ;

.J to be Sold During this Month. :. AUGUST SELLING i HERE IS YOUR GAIN\ .; HISTORY OF THE STORE. :. aalf-Ppice Remnant Sale ;'

f :...............s............i :Nee.e.....N.......e.S.

Wash Goods Department. CARPET DEPARTMENT.Velvet Embroideries and Laces. ..* FOR ONE WEEK .< 2,

I HALF PKIUK IN FIGURED LAWNS. Carpet at. .... ... ... .. .. .... .. .. ... .. .. .HOc yard 1,000 Yards Emb. Beading. 5 and lOc yard o-A'r-o ..

\V ite \ .Bar Muslin 4c yard Brussels Carpet at .. .. .. ... .... .. .... ... ... .. .. .500 yard 2ONtYards New Emb. Edges 11II

. Fuse Wnitn (loud . .. .. .. loc yard Union Ingrain: Carpet at.. .. .. ... .. .... ...... .... .:33c: yard and Insertings .. .. ..5 and lOc yard

I'l'pi"*. 1'folllllFhnn..l., Gillttea 1VoolIngrain Carpet at. .. ... ..... .. ...... ... .... oic yard 1,000 Yard* Torchon Laces 3c yard L. FRIEDMAN & GO'S :
l'1-it!: \\ .,veil Matins .. . ..I5c yard
i OnSummer COil n tf'r.1, Rugs 25 per cent otf. 3JOVards( Black and White ,
Remnant Liueoleum at Half Price. Lace Bands ( Fine Oood) 5c yard .

Underwear. Lace Curtain odd pair at Half Trice. 300 Yards Linen Emb. and Inserting, COMMENCING MONDAY'! lit
with Linen to Match, at Cot.Gents' .
Lace Curtain, Entire Stock, at Lt 0 cent oIL .
". per -- .
I l Liulielepvele- V' *t-i for ::;c
::', I).'Z. LldlrSlreVHleii Vetiileicliftl -. SPECIAL MATTINGS.. 10 Pieces Silks worth $1.00 ..
.::3 for lOc Furnishings.Men's per yard, ,

'.'"> U.-z. LuditV: Sleeve* \'ets. this sale at 50c.
. .. ... .. Bleached J.i.le'eti'; :.Metrveles3c -, :
Taprd . .. .. .1 for 2"c: i7''C. 5r.sc>r.c.lc, . ". Ve I
""/ Latllt.1..e.t'le.- it*
l.i-I. I'hn-ad.Lite each 3t Gents' straw Hats at Half Price. There are Remnant Silkfrmii -I I t<. yt i i --
.'" I 11"1 I:",.-' -htrt* and J>rawer.iti -> ; SPECIAL SALES There are HelJluU t04 of riOmul- ..

H/ibrl:,. .40c suitMI'I 3 from. ... .. . . . .''., to... \' c i ")
', \\7.. :' : : .IIIJlJrall.'H I l: -II Shoes. III .
I There I
are {KMnnutit- C..l'h.j l.m u-
H ,lhrl.: 'in ";(' suit: II I from ..... ...... . 2 t""j'.r.l-t ._..
:-'trot ? Point Oxford for Boys..now $1 &> I; : I'

Waist and Skirt Department. ';. LACE CURTAINS Iadiei'Oxfords. fJuo; '. . .. ...now $I.Iij; There from are.Remnant. .. .. .*.of. White. .. .I....i.w. .n.| totyoii 11EI

:1L ..... .. .... .. .
Ladie5\'l'trap!" fl.7-5 now Jl &
.". l) .. \VittColor! *.! \\.ai..t.i: -'.a each Z In fact there are Remu-int of all kind and iu >&.. ...
I i" l>nz. MiJruWaits. .. .. .. 50e each -AN'DRAPERY 1 Indies' Oxfords $2.vu.... .. .. ...now 51.'AS which will he Mild atone-half prio. ...
". !II"z l'al'lbn''aht.!, worth Ladies' Straps, $2.5o.. ... .. .... now U.JiMen' 00. lit
t.'utt f L-;;", ; .$1 each |t. CURTAINS
\\' :,it \Dock :J:kirt-.. .. .. ""0e eachl..lir 3 Low (Quarter* in Proportion. Remember till i I.. I'j+itl\'foll. th. lint I r. ,r *
IIIT..rfoj thlo IV.. .
-klrt.. . ILluwere$1 ; !t0l)1I. .1' I'
Duck jii
) "-a :
TUESDAY AND WEDNESDAY. f fJDilliam out nil or thj. Summer. (iiiixN i ifft
preparatory i
r ( "l.r.J ('lIu1I111"\ t-il>.irti.$1 .Vi. were 2 oU;t Hardware.

I I N-w \\'".'I.I W.ilking' Skirt$2.50: to *7 :>0 :........ -: -..;: --:,", 0.:00.,:': .,: ..... '" : . .,. ": ..... ._...,..A Fall Stock. You will do well t.. come early :UIJ III
Secure your Pick of this Lot!

Ribbon Bargains. Hammocks, ingle and Double Late-t

.\ Ill'',llor- N". I WT.ilTeta Ribbon, 1 l"f yd l Soljnsou, & ion.cola Pattern, Cheap.\ YOURS .\ XIOl'To: I'l F.XKL. *
All ( .Ior. N4n T.ilfeti Ribbon, loc yd .
{ \'arll- .1-auo Ribbim :i< . 5c yd Enamel Ware Blue and White, Big Stock *

? C"s I n_ __.____ FRIEDMAN & CO. ;

f szsz5252saaasaass25 and she i i.. t.he congratulated; I

on the success made. I F R. POU ",ot .LS MMcIMcIIP J
MiVelma Maura i* vi-itit2 :
friends in Greenville AU.Mers. i! : : : : FEED, LIVERY AND SALE STABLES.

; A AND PERSONALS m A. dreenhut and Alex i I OPEN. DAY AD 1\1GHT. lf- VtM H.toi..U.iHa\ Mm-L Thos. C. Watson & Co., .
; the Real Estate take
, a LichkotT left yesterday f..r French leading Agent* ; 1/
I will POU & GINGLES all the worry otf the shoulders, of the
!.1i25S2S2S2525252.525252S2l Lick Spring, where they remain I Managers.
about ten days.: Hon. W. A. :, owners of property" manage: the \ al

:t.. H. I. It ill. 't win-key drummer Itlount is enjoying a vacation at the : $- -0*; renting of their houses and the collection ;4'T A
I of their rent a* conscientiously wr
i- fr tulLtii-vill<', i.; at the Merchants same place.
I b
rt t. Jay. as they would themelve
Jud,*> L. J. Reeves and wife are at : R. POU Their charges are very reasonable.

IJ Mitl.rtha and Cora ri :Saratoga N. V., where Jude Reeve F "' .
I I.i' II I
t for Mobile to of the American AA
Lit ttuafternoon! i attending a meeting ,
I iiJ.line time with the Mi--e\ Rar A-ociation., They will : ..01. ." FUNERAL DIRECTOR AND EMBALMER. Hotel Camden :snt TAurUT, :

i Erry.: vi-it many other point l before returning -' 17 Test Ir.kndencia: Street. OHice Phone 31. Residence Phone, 673.
here next month. <---.. ..
+ .\ tine -on arrived ye-terd.iy at the I CAMIHI.V, AI.AIIAJ1A: .. .

l 1 "me nC Mr.: Iud Mr*. F. F. P.inshamt. S. W. Burke and wife Mrs. E. : c.. A
r.. gladded:: the: hearts: of the proud : Webb and Mi-s Webb formed a I INSPECTING THECUSTOM STEVEDORES Is Now Open to the Public, <:
t ::;y DAILY MENUS :
I ,'' irnt. happy party from Birmingham, who ;
were at the Merchants yeterday.They CELEBRATE under the management of A
HOUSE <: L" ii 1&.1 t
: i'rt.e
J.M..Inhtrongof Riy I .. A
3 returned this afternoon, carrying :: ,. .
the Merchant.* today. He I .. Date Ikn.i.f)| ( : Au
; Al i i- at MRS. S. MIMS
great:: buuche*of*eapra gather G" .. 0
\ ileavily interested in the sawmill ,. -- ANNIVERSARYThis t' ..
ed on Santa Rosa Ilaud.Mr
a, bulne,... at that! place. E. A. Robert of Baltimore is here of Penacola, Florid: =- Atf.it
*. Thomas lujrram: returned to -- :..- AA .
.E Mr W. .\. :McLeod MIPS, Mag- today: and is at the Merchants hotel. -- .. .
Aymard and May Bealey of Milton this afternoon on the City of is the thlrtY-f qrtn anniversary I RATES REASONABLE, ..
: ) I Mr. Roberts is an inspector\ of government
Tampa. She came down Satuaday Ladies''I"
Milton were among the excursioni of the organization of thetE'"edores' By the Day, Week or Month. III rl\ :th: A
morning to be at the bedside of her I buildings and early this oa:::
who went to Mobile today.Mr
i i.h
L sou, Police Otlicer John Ingram, morning,in company with CustodianJ. Benevolent AociationNo. Table Furnished with the Be-t the Dining Parlor.< :

J k *. H. Rees and Mj;; Iaiy who wa eriuiy ill. }Ir. Ingram F:. i"tillmln. went carefully over 1. and they are celebrating it by Market Allord*. A

-i Beers of Milton, who came down was able to leave his bed this morn. taking a holiday, there being no Public Patronage Solicited.Free '==.. -- .
returned this afternoon. the custom house examining and
ft They stayed at the Mereh tut*. jug I making note of every defect. He work in the bay in conequeuce. Sample lt?oms. S Regular Dinner Dai y :
Cha*. H. Bliss will leave tonight I Stevedores' Benevolent Association ..
r o Spend a delightful evening at for Birmingham, where he was particularly careful in notingthe Sunday Rate Made to Traveling A

tt Magnolia: BluJl at the entertainment cote and continue the .willla'i walk surrounding the big building So. 1 was organized Augu-t IS, Men.Entertainment. I "hurt IrI..r. I'r f'''V II

t to br ,:iven by the C. K. i L. of A.tonuht. his paper: "Common "Sense," ne having and the seams and holes in 14i.: and it has ever been the strongest J Flues .NiKIn ,r I'I! AA
Tram leaves at o'clock most influential labor
F31 received great: encouragement I front of the house were carefully union of I
-- -
fharp. from the businept'ople of Birmingham this city, for its
caring members in I
noted and will be
probably repaired
{ .
II Jf f Mmet At
The Mi I-e.; Julii and Virginia to move hi* publication to that at once. illness and burying them when dead i I II I "t" .,.10 ) c a,]

who are gueU of Mr. J. A. point. and Danced
Creary at the time tit *
doing a great workof *
Mr. Roberts is ai
ChitHn's family, returned today: The Oadsden Street Methodist I exceptionally ,, Nik Api :tL.
Milton, where have been tine !specimen' of manhood. Tippingthe charity wherever occasion arose
from they church will run two excursions next -AT- j '
for their Popular Restaurant
v'ISltln relatives. beam at nearly 300 pounds, builtin ;
; Tuesday, Aug. 19. Tickets, adults, Magnolia: :Filuf.

23 cents; ; children, 15 cents. Tte proportion, he is nearly head and "
W. A. Hood, a turpentine operator The past, present and fature of .t
from Ramsay. Miss., is at the Merchants 'first will leave Palafox wharf at 4 shoulders taller than Mr. Stillman Hood's Sarsaparilla: are: It has Monday, August 18th, 1902 i i JJ1ir JJ IIHJ11lt'I

today. Mr. Hood atone time 1'. m., returning at 7:15; the other under u,plcJ of
: who is himself not a small man by cured it is curing, it will cure.mattresses '--
resided in Santa Rosa county and is leaving at 7:30 p. in. and returning -
well known in this city. at 11 p.m.Mrs. any means. for the St. Anthony's Branch No. 160, will\ rep&ir your rs: t'ewelty :

Th isi price ever sold here. C. Iv AL.. OTA.The 'J In Grn.cl.... ;. J
Miss: Fannie Bouifay, the popular T. J. Butler arrived home c.E,. a T O Ft x.4i. ViJi O. M. Pryor. otephsns.

trained nurse of Bt.:: Anthony's hospital yesterday afternoon from Bellville, n."t o l e Kra Ill Pals t eylq EIS TiCketS.Ificlutiog Traus r1 tioa115c --- -

q left last ni;bt for Chicago to I Ala., where she enjoyed a pleasant 8.J t1! '#+-J1.. CONCERT AND DANCE AT f'l s

enter Bt. Joseph's Hospital Training; I stay with relative. :She was accompanied MAGNOLIA BLUFF THURSDAY: Save Moue) ; : ,

School for Nurses, where she will I by her sister, Miss Kittie NIGHT TRAINS AT 8, 6:30 AND purchaser of .,ach ticket will yn I
: take a finishing course. Miss Boni- J I Shaw. Miss Lurline Butler, the Cleaning ladies skirts and waists: 9. LAST TRAIN RETURNS AT have a chance at tht elegant prb8'1.I ture at Marston 6- .
There will also be handsome
fay was one of the first young ladies t oldest daughter, remained for a ]; la one of of r specialties Star: Laun 11:50. TICKETS 25 CENTS, AT I i for the beat lady and gentleman prize Great Furniture t'rr .j-

iCfc ta take up this noble work in Pensa-j short stay at Bellville. j dry. DEPOT. I dancers. I rium.

-. .-- .... I
i' ...

-*..:;- .

The daily news
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k kl l

AT1G !


= :i",,:. ,
:::: ...




no ,t. I' ,,,

= -
= = = -
-- -- -


,. ,_._ -- ,
-- -- -- -- -
. -- ------- --
..- ----- --- -




Shock I
I Account
prctJent Forces Still Hold I, The Cheffeur's \g ;

( Special to The Dally News: sued I Accident.
The Town. A writ of habea corpuwas

Albany Ga. Aug. 1C.-Morris Son- i I I'
out this morning to secure the release -
theimer. a respectable salesman, aboltI i ..

::5;:; years of age, was arrested here on from the county jail of Allen
Special to The Dally News. I .
a charge of assaulting a little 5-year- "
.'y News. I H. '\'hmlpy, charged with being an
old girl Paris Aug. 1G.-The chaffeur of th-
.: It-IIt'linll.. i!, I MAY GO The crimp is alleged to have been accessory, after the fact in the bur ( automobile in which Mr. and M't SWEPT BYTIDAL

\,1 at the nary commuted more than a month ago, Charles Fair were killed, whose name ,;
glary case*. I
:unt: Cu.i.niai.i!< ri : but the child's mother only learned of is Biotey, returned to Paris this mor-i

.. Ka. dated i I'm'. : She immediately swore The writ wa; heard on its merits In .
TO $14 A TON it testerday. ing. an interview with the corr-' WAVE
i i iI
? t' d th, lui-i'i. I out warrant before: Justice: d<.Craf enreld this morning before Circuit Court I spondcnt of the Associated Press I:.'

1,1: .M1 OKI of Ill. threw further I \
Mime light the
I Commissioner Costou. on cause
-- I
:.a[ 1'orto Call a Sheriff Edwards and Deputy Sheri saying:

i1.e hands of the Special to the NewX -, Goodwin being out of the city, the Whorley is represented by I. L\\ "When we left Trouulle! Mr. Far l'd'liI to The 1'.11) 11exa

-'t'day \\hpnt! 1C. .. in the hands of and John .
w York. Aug. -AnthiaiiteH warrant was placed Purctl, Esq., Eagan, > was suffering from bronchial catarrh.

:,. ne careful stilly $ a ton is in protect here, accurring Officer R. T. Raley who arrested Son In the petition to the court, Whor- He coughed' frequently on the nvU Culiaran. )Mea Aua. l< -Tb. to.er
j* a |..ObsibKmis: to one firm of miners and dearer: theimer when he returned from dinnerto and had fits of coughing which produced portion of the city of .Italia urn ftw
1 placed on it.I'.t.hrg ley avers that he is being unlawfully Pacific rout just west at CuiiavABta
:i This Is, of course, contingent on his place of business. dizzinebs. I noticed that the

I gabled Com- continuation of the strike for a te. Sontheimer was taken to the courthouse detained ; that the offense; of tire of onu of the hind wheels was been 'ofllJ-lttt.l .t.1", ..I by 4

.....IIhHhc'r tha weeks Inure.V'hile ar.t'.I"\< a. where the mother and ('billlwc which he i is charged U not a misdemeanor deflated. I realized the danger, and tidal care and nut !b... tfeiR 31. r-o....

i 'II Ion was turret t. which has been bought at $:'.f'I :.1 :. rt; waiting. He protested his inn> jumping to my feet, leaned forwardand are known to hat* l>m B 4ro-. o.>l Tk.

:,1.. morning read wholesale' : ia expected to be I..l cence and endeavored to have the or felony ; that he as a defendant shouted in Mr Fair's ear in Eng I logs of life may Iw several teats that

the market In a week or s-o at fll a. woman withdraw the warrant againsthim t: .ha not violated any law, lish: niimlwr Th- property Imo I I. ba r

iailt for Curacoa. I I $11.50 a ton retail, so'ce o, ii; but she declined to discuss th and that his release is prayed on "Stop qukk Tire m good!" It Is reported that ..n ral of the rall--

dealers have: raised the pre.>t'::I :., matter with him, and he was taken tc Mr. Fair glanced bark, but he did f'r'C'uIJlt towns utiutM above Attat-
: is quiet at Porto prK* at $10 a ton. A member of ti- jail where he is now confined awa't grounds alleged as purely his individual not reply. Apparently he tried to ta were n>mpl.tt'v! wahr a..y by

I.,! tor Curacoa. for firm mentioned, sail: I in? his cnmmitnunt trial' the time foi rights. stop but in doing so be must harp the fame tidal -ave, and tlat th_ I"..

'. I ,tart tonight. A "All the coal that has been buar'e I which has not been set. Whorley and the other alleged accessory made the wrong steering movement as of life In tbex smaller places u very

.,i will remain here up is practical! cleaned up. and t'oho : ,- Sontheimtr is a German by birth. Jhe machine swerved across the road hPli1..11..1 fer the uffertCK at
locked in a
.e happen to hate small stocks o He has lived In Albany for a number I Hogan, were I and went In a straight! lira for a trte.Mrs. Attalta wi'l!1 ti* suit from Culiaa.,

:rum the abodl:\- hand are rot patting with It except I ot ) ears, is about bo: years of a.1 cell at the county jail when a deputy Fair, as she taw the direction! th-r and it Is \x tii d that th. ttat *.Jfr

s i s of Castro still favored customers. It is impost!i'i! and is unmarried. He was employed went to the bars: and attempted to I machine was taking, clasped her hu.v -
The Topeka sail- to fix now a price Anthracite s t'll. as a clerk in a mercantile establishment ; Neitherof band's shoulders with her arms and 'linn I..i ft. >;::1.I f "f any dfatitntion
lance with ads read the warrant to them. I I
simply for ,\hat it will bring. It j u turned her face back toward me with and l ,'ift'; i I' t' a1 ma exist l>y ra"ouot

.!..i Nickels and a luxury, and is only! bought by 11eO!.:. The charge upon which he has been them would stand and listen to ,! a look which said plainly "We are tlu ,ii I -' -i ,
h received ti -
who mutt: hate it and who hate th arrested is a serious one, He asserts the paper being read and as the officer : lost!" The next moment came t b.' !
which is only
i Porto Cabello. money tu pay for It." that he is innocent and will provp his read the charge*, in conformitywith ; 'rash'hen I recovered, which 1 4

The !cpo uSt'r.tath'e of another Ian;' I Irnonnee despite the story of the lit did quickly I limped to the side of mv : MANY MAYBE
.iUes: aboard the law both of them walked
i Crru :said lip gill who is the allegedictira./; master and mistress and with the

', '::0 and lu "1 w'. nt along the line of the Delaware The case I is nee of the most sensational back into a corner of the! cell and heir! of the cba'f-S" pM'pnppr'e r'!'fextricated ,
: l.ackawanr.a and Western railroad .. in the history of this city, and said they would dr nothing; unless! I the bodies from the wrec
and ,
t: between Jersey City and BO! on'.1 is of such a natine that its future des Asked if either of them shown: any --- ,
,t port. their attorneys. were present.A .
ton and found all the yards empty telopments will watched with inter- I sign of life Hrotey replied: I 1

elora There was not even coal dust in them.1 est. made the keener by the old age second object of the writ is to Hirth seemed to be dUll but 1 wa Special to The Hall;, Nrvd.

a';naha At other places I found barges lade I of Sontheinn-r and the extreme )OUt:1: secure a reduction of the 51,000 bond I in Mich a dazed condition from the I New Yo-k: AUK It. 'F A 'il rattan

with anthracite. I of the alleged VH'tim. shock and MJ affected by the ghastly rli! -e prenliletit ,.f u. !i4inirumpuny II&btlG'
t v 3arc in order that a release can be had
it1 "\Vhat they carried might seem x" "pei'tai le prej-ented by the w minds i,>n In \Vnrer ...)nt) thisptatr

>rtr.c: h'i largo quantity to laymen, but it wool:::; MACON MERGER with less dilliculty. TVhorley's attorney I the hearts of both Uitims. that I did: 1'1II tbfcl murderers ">B'i-ni rtt I.)

i .-.fl'y, be only! a drop in the bucket as far "i \ said today that the reason not .:IIt!<.e whether either moved >n die in tb. .le..lrlr chair nr_ fiqurat- I I I II

.r t ..:o..t H 'th the the needs of New York are concerncd. nit The gatekeeper's wife aid alter-
his client had not been able to make I ly net klllf.I by the *l N-trlr curreat.Hnd .
: "I tre iii! .w at ." i NOT SETTLED wards that Mr Fair mined h; font that they imM >..> btirird all,.
: "-,11' kf been i bond was the fact that everybodyhad and that his wife moved !her hand
n Presidents of the coal carrying com m if It wt>r<* not for th* autopsy klrU

1'1'1 :\Id..an a3 I panics will not undertake to predict been persuaded into refusing: to they lay on the ground, but I did! nut follows the .1"! Iru'ultub Mr S*
rtii, ig Harcelot.a \ when the strike will be oter. Thj r I Special to The Daily News. -ecurity.. Several gentlemen had see these moves The woman did nt ton 110\}..

general mstruc-- are inclined to extend( tha prohablt! say whether the man or his ode "'Nearly ...r,. _*.k w. hu1I11*.
Mai01. :01"u.;:. H..-The finance even volunteered, tie said, but since
'0 go where: his time when it will end from StrtE'mbCi r stirred last. men who have twin nhorkmi bjr hlithrr

,:oal) but gennuixements I 1 to October 1 I and jiilmance oon.mittft of city council pressure had been brought to bear on t The bodies! are due to arrive In voltage current than are used IB lit.,

are has held another meeting to con them they cannot now be induced to I Paris at 3.53: this afternoon. They ...1..1rlcd.alr at King tits. ;<>t tb.jf ,
ontrol of eider! the framing of an ordinance to will he deposited in the vault >f the I, *
Ih'\\ : I t come anniml all right after a few .s.
the onsolMation of a'on'[ i the bond.
,, TOWN BEING cotern; ; sign I..
s \vral dan Church of the Madeleine until they treatment This ....'.f tli* < aa+, lee

.i-, t..I" raphing in street. railways The committeeti The state's interest is attended by i i are shipped to the United States. it not prutMhie that .....8"tb... mere
: very good progress bu it is i
a warstfp to go to DEPOPULATED Mayor C. M. Jones and County Solicitor i <1(>rers who .1.: fntrine III th* *!.rtru -
not positively known if they will cord
c 1\ ied; that he ha I WILLS OF MR. AND MRS. FAIR.
hair r.tlll IIf'l uiiiaini if '''.
i C. 1;. Farkhill. When the yre
ai'll either the Mat !- 1'1,11' their work in time for the or-
( i ivi-d prompt mwlli il aMxiimn abttbi
ill 1 It li surmisedi.ed ,, riir.nnco to he submitted on next Tu's- mayor was informed that Whorley Documents Will Not Be Filed Until teamtan tli.it t* t MH t,, .>w jf

communkatfoaj I "'p'clal tOol rile :0\\; -. day night at the regular meeting of refund to hear the warrant read hei j jt After Funeral. lilt PiKiitit! affi-r !., n't. with uan
Auc Ifi. The il popuU! the mayor and council. The committee -
Newo'k '
'I. about the onto I San Franctsl'o.11I !< .
> .
said is working to this end, how \
\lc.1 of New Hartford the result:
Commander : lion as :
Charles Heggerty announces that h* ,. .
a KI' II ma'I.t I. ,> w >