t. Andrew, both a; he would in-i i ist that no other trees Not one of the negror;* are without J Willis Hanlwacr Cos.
,. tvtrypart
v in
? and freight will begreatly and would it. vi-itors ea.ti day. Relatives and O.A.B TOrt.'X.A.: '
xcent a bottl to pa engers be cut down, prevent
M \\ ..n.h.\\. Sooth- The 1'eiisacol.a friends come around to bring delicacies dear,the 1t! Y, "Il Y'1 Na.e i'na'isAwy"I
overcome. Further than this, the marshal LAKEVIEW
.t. ?-ji-r lund. : Egnattr.Gardena: # : DAIRY.
--- merchants and the German Ameri- ;i, stated, the citizens of the neighborhood ; clothing and mail. of _

cm Lumb-T Co., it seems, have inaugurated : were wrothy over the matter It was learned this afternoon thata IMIOM: .i ii.

TH TRE MEN the move and are taking; and would not like it at all if the secret order of which both Hoganand hose at the J Willis

I alone the i, i Whorley are members. will holda Hardware Co's. '
stock and asking parties men proceeded.The Get Qur Summer Prices on the
MEET TO-NIGHT line to subscribe to the enterpri-e; ;; mayor explained that the meeting soon and if other attempt -'- !

but no vessel has yet been accepted, ) work must stop so far as cutting : fail, will endeavor to secure the I huttieseThe ever ben Auld for h the re.1 I:| Best Milk in the City.

--- I althoughseveral are under in-pee-1' down trees waconcerned and Mr. two defendant'- liberty. This would M. Pryor's Furniture Our Stock have: Only Pure Water: t,,
i 'f tin. National I II not be discussed by the party m ik i Drink. No htainidnt 1'IIIc wlthlu
tion -ubjei't to approval. LeKaron said there would be no : -- Two :Mlles Of Our Dairy

tre Mue Employes I __ : more of it.Mounted. ing theasertion.EX. Lay the dust. Youcanbuy Prices to Hotels and Restaurants.Social

..: It: -pecial session hose at the
garden IVillisl -
I ; Officer Reed then stepped .1

-Id.? 'oIl I" ltt1r" rtantt I II. 'THE WEATHER% up and had his! ay. He informed MARITIME. Hardware Co. ', R. M. AVERY, Prop.

!I. utal to the beginning ,, i
the court that one tree had been

!" .il -ea-o The busiry TO-DAY cut partially through and as it stood At Almost t Cost t 641."?jay the*-fur-I next 'I VIRCINIA COLLEGE

\ member and a FORTH.
niture at O.M. Fur YOl'L..\
t .' rnjue-ted.. The wa quite dangerous. ;Mayor: J"nes for August to date ... .. t .!.4-, juHuisb.p ; Pryor's; to make room for new I tptae Ii"pt. tr. II/f fJIKS." 'Jnl'UoanokiVa.of the 'tllidlDi.
spoke to :Mr. LeBaron of the matter, stock.L !'eboola for ToD"K LBd1" in the liuthew (
t ,k. ; hct- at the C. K. : Loser Kor ea>t-Kftir toc.kbt and ranr I'LtAF1.:.. \ bUUdlnh. pianos and equpment.
but he aid if his men again: applied Endynion,1.1'etersor; fi" H Campo. ten acres. Grand rnountain.cow.
I r: ivltriet.; I dn; ii :I'/lilllbl" wind Baat..tl'o for I'".. ?(). diar.aad: Kriuicoa, : ry la \'alley of \ a.. ram..d for b*";th. Ko-
-- their axes it would be like shaking a Madi ;i>icar with !;"."J,. i's tt lumbxr. valii-i i \ Ur at a'Gno-t' the (ropeanand' Amfcrcan te"ch--i.. .011 COUrt"
w ed at al3I1Hr M Pn ooserv torT udTantagfii in Art, Aluaicand
I I next 60 newtofor
I 4 :: r..r>---e,, for the Temperature in Last 24 Hours: red rag in a bull's face and ,said; he ss Kingslana I.-W.... I tamps by P..n-ii- 1 II( UllUl u room for ock. For Elocution ciitaloIlUfolltldr".sMAl vti.rt"nt, 'n.,.. bury ncatP..
I cola Lumber Co fur Ur nock.v l.n
I 2S7uOifiumbr.
-oU i ere. wd",uMiDimum '' O. :M. TIt; P. .
P'l'I'r. Minimum "degrees; preferred the city tj cut it down if I v41.Jed at 117J i Pryor. UAIUJ Roanoke"r"&I"t'utr, V a.



? ,.. e v. .....-.r '__"' ," ,-..,, ""- :-'-.- "'__'atlc8g4t .ta r -' '.




How a German Tut Toner* to nAinrriraa Tutt's Pi Savannah Police Fail to Locate ,

Girl. man Who Got Diamonds. W'I-I No. 38 Perry Street. DETROIT MICHIGAN

"A thin? about Americans which has aanLah., Ga.. Aug. 14 -The '

surprised ins more than anything else," This popular remedy never falls to I I police and detective force of Saran I A couple: of winters ago I Win ,5f tar .

r said a (Jerman artist who has been visiting effectually cure rah. su, .lemented by the proprietors slipped on a frozen sidewalk n."'n m irfini y San

\ in New lurk citj for six months and IV* I and fell flat back On tL'
Dyspepsia Constipation Sick : and 11<'r \s of Tht-us Pros on my lug 'irw" .
past, "Is that with all your patriotism Eouiilan j<' elry stores hate beta being examined I found that A th in ,T ..,
little about the :raphj Headache BiliousnessAnd I had sustained internal CarJm SAiamedk t
sit you know bU gi'o; busily! toning for the woman who <;ot injuries a;r .
{tr if jour own country to saj nothing of ALL DISEASES arising from a after : which laid me up for more .' tin .
their! diamond! since yesterday
the rest of the world." than two months. After that ev-rv u .
tt There were be\"t Americans In the Torpid Liver and Bad Digestion : noon when they were bled to the tune : I noticed that I had pain in \ theirll\ : t

tti tARE looked rather The natural result is good appetite of $lSUt5" upon forced:; orders thit the back and groin which I j / better! n.. : : s
and stir /
circle they
and solid flesh. Dose small; elegant. signed by I had before. I doctored sist-T '
have been never f $ your
': were alleged to / ) \ .r
prised. Xone of the men ppoke. They ly sugarcoated and easy to sea at1ow. and doctored for several 1
Williams and Mrs. Henry or jour u' r
knew that they were weak in geography No Substitute. I: Mrs. J. P.
Take months but as the pains increased lyoatdmavxrrec think! of a n
and that here was a challenge ) Biun, rpeetttely.Many [ instead of growing present' t? C -,

YOU A which would have to pass. I1 Sot'''...... I'i dews hate been taken up better I decided that I was not having the than a bottle of tbi-

COMINGMOTHER Not so a bright; young woman of In tilt: mil I w..r tiuna western woman 'j worked and dropped and everybolis right treatment. Reading in the papers will bring her health .

twenty, who rushed! into the breach I as much at sea as to the identityof of the wonderful cures performed by You are suffering 1 ::
? who h..d I lost lur husband in the "
t with her head in the air! the woman as at the hour that th. Wine of Cardui I wrote to one of the rid yourself of th'I",
field and who hoped to win a livelihood .1
I : = ARE YOU "We do know the geography of our roods were stolen. It is the pewral' parties and received a very satisfactory daughter, mother eu.t If '
EXPECTANT1MOTHER'S "Of far herself cuff her little ones by writ. the reply and I immediately sent for some tick and in need of r> .. r ::5
country. she said decidedly. belief that the woman is still in \
!in;: stint to 1l:1I1wr's Magazine: a story I la a very short time I felt generally better equally great to th"i a<
FRIEND course we duo Every ('hiltlll'arns It inschool. which had no >in'ciil distinction ands'! city. for every outgoing train has been and after seven weeks faithful use I was now well, owe their Ii A.

." I 1 was returned. In the desperate ninxKlth.it i watched and no trace of her has be n I one more well and strong. I have never who brought them W u:.' ,r': c -i

_ m.-. tN childbirth easy by preparing thj !: "'Mlsht: I ask you a question or two?" followed this rejection she sat I dhwOH r..J. I had a sick hour since and I daily bless! Wine of Cardui is a. jmm .

Kteiufor;; pirturitiou an-1 thus shortening the foreigner said quietly. "Tho names down with [tn nfi-imo and told "why I I It was the smoothest and } it the : your sckadid medicine. at any age in an xti
ill or. The j,.untul ordeal is robbed of us of the capitals of some of jour states, MONIE BOTEY.T7T1IXE .
work seen I For the working
and the lfs.-.ened to both wrote it, and her story under that title crudtct piece of crooked wo-noa ..
terrors danger
.' sotherapdt, h.M the time of confinementij for Instance'"Certainly. was aeeei'ted anti 1'1I111i>hi-d. wlniiiii in Savannah for many jears. The I OF CARDUI is one medi- strength for her tall -
; I'll bo clad to answer." cine that should always la kept treatment than a doctor .
shortmed, the mother rested, aid cLik a himiiiitlit ri'''jiou-H? from all notes sere illiterate and iml"'rf.-I| W ..L
And she i.oddcd confidently at the on hand in home for immediate COit.
fully fl leiloji when female drtirrelst will
y"UI1tm..ritan man who was already u"e t* "
i1 Mc"nuij su;'HL-SS, or iiaii.M arising; of a vital n-f.ui'lit. was her one them carefully that :Mr
bottle cf Wine
j j'iaiaas Miss of ..
I from prevented ly its us*. IK Ir.uint; to fear for lu-r. I first makes its appearance. tart!
premium Y. in the magazine. Oliver \\\-n.1.11 '
story \\ nor Mrs. Ulun stool! not "S painful aa>l dangerous/ accident medicine today. Take n 'h
As ..'ii.miy a'U.iiKo, the breasts eaItri 'I "What Is tie capital of Massachusetts I would
pri loir" PS said that anybody (ti 'nlI writ I Lave resulted cf Lome. Heli.
U-corie snuKtu: an.har,1.. hawrith'n such: mashes.FIREBUGS not so seriously your \uuas Cl
LongInjure ? l..ifirit ,
f : '1. : was question ..interesting nn\('l if he could truly' 1, had she taken Wine of Cardui promptly. surely as you take It.
ihiU is lr "
: the "rII, they are prcparIB p.o<:tori: was the prompt answer !
: ,: for the secretion ot iiui.. It is important from the pirl. tell the story of his own lifc.-llarJer' | AT DECATUR, CA. :

!f tli it tluy reeeixe early attention. laazinl' I E'.* .
: .\nd of North Carolina: ? Ii
li'.eu'l: soften the skin anJ i of ARDUI 1
i;1 l..lli r'-- 'I That seemed to puzzle her a little Bold Attempt Made to Burn Heme of WINE ahajtiL n
f t :..it.itthe secretion of Life Fluid (lberi Orilerif."What I' >f '
- ., and it was a full minute before she answered B. S. Crane.
I 1101 U"j! *' 1 l>rluni-cakeil. shortly was the cause cf that awfulracket

, niur c'.i'lucrv, arc the result of nou- 'e'harl.,stop:'* and tlMurbaine in jour like I Atlanta. Aug 11.buM atteaiM

I trr..tnu-nt and likely to culminate in'I The foreigner smiled, but made no jut ln-foiv you caineV": asked one of at arson was the cause of a great

I Wimiiary Abscess, from uhuh ,n ul.lny ,. efT..rt to correct her. "What is the the tenants on the third fiuor. amount ot .vitt"im nt in Iwotui last THE NEW GROCERY STORE.WILL. .
: r utter i:xi rui i.itintj: p.mi and are left \utljthvse highest:; mountain in the United that
"Yuu know that yuuth cowboy unknown'; -- -- -----
I night At lo.S'i o'clock an
I orx-iii jt-rni mently impaired.; o I'
States? he n'ke..t"It's
1 .-. fin- -*, |.Ui' i..iv.iaJ sl''n''u1are tvpntlt1 came jesterd.ij' to loin; the study of ir.i eiidiar) bet: fire to the home of C.
.. ..* mn.rlta .r. 1 tn. M'* thus hruCimr comfort not fair to ask about mountains law with ale:" said the other. .
and< iu"ii.i an ray i>Mtr of the chiM. Tr>' itin ;." she protested. "You said Ididri S. 'rane. at the corner of Candler MOVER
drlJll."-:-S. Vr "Motherhood" free \ t,5. I and Sycamore streets I .
IhE BRABFIELD; rEGULATOR CO..ATLANTA,CA. t know the capitals. """t.ll I thought be might as well be- I
"The capital of Illinois! Is?" I A citizen who was passing!; the house j First-Class
,. ;yin at the bottom, amid I told him that i I Keeps a Complete, Up-to-Date Stock
------ flash of flame from
"Chi-Sprinpfield, I mean" was startled! by a
I down this morning the
when he came
THE FASHIONS. i "Of Montana?" first thins: for him to do would be to under the rear of the house, and as he of Fine Staple and Fancy Groceries.

---- I'or the EfoC her she could not rushed into the aryl to wake the
otlioe. lie found half )
clean the a
No 30 W. Covernment St.
Frrinrs! of rU! festooned on l I Salisbury Block.
iH :; ore think of a town In Montana. "It's he ,
; ilnzen fellows there aitiii;: for me, sleeping family, saw a man jump I
1.00111: and foru shoulder straps. i iUhiwstimi'S been an since I studied geography," TKLKPHONK
I. age; but be did it, all jht"-Chkaso Trib i over the Lack fence.A :
n-id jet arc Combined In she .
explained. une. general alarm was at once raised j|

i-oinc uf th.ornament* soon on the latest "Your answers' were better than the I and a large crowd gathered. The :

itiiHliN I In mill1It'r! ) I average; said the man. "You pot one I fire which was between the plastering ICE AND WOOD.WE

\\ hitf iijou'line ile solo js much faortM 1 right out of four As I said' Americangeography To My Friends. I .
and weatherboarding near the ground [
th-! winter mecw York It h with joy I tell what Kodol :
\ fur'I'nlllg ,
gowns ; ; surprises you '
in the ttar i>f the house was soon put] EXPECT TO SUPPLY A MUCH LARGER HULL
lure trimmiil used M,anslcd.; i iWaisH i Tribune. did for ue. I was troubled with my i xtingulsh.1er.
of hand
out with the aid a
buttoning in the back will'; tomach for several mouth*. Upon' THIS SUMMER; THAN EVEit i KFC UE
lot worn bit a majority of tinlrj! ORCHARD AND GARDEN beicur advised to ue Kodol, I did so?, When the fire was put out it was
m'ld Nhow t1.(' n-ual button fastening ; I SEND US YOUR ORDERS NCW.
tell the it
and word cannot good found that the wall had been saturated -
In tI..- front It Is safer to too little than too i
i j.fl prune ''
La* done n.e. A neighbor: had dypepia ?; with kerosene, and a pile of kindling ,
.\ "'\i|uhite house gown of white much. so that: Itf hid tried most; ; wood also saturated with oil, Thompson, Olsen dc: Co.

iTt-jH- illeliino) !; triimmil with ;RUTkimU : Moist earth and a cloudy day for evtrytbin--! told! !him to ue Ko- I''

< \iolits: ('IUUI'U'. ,'I'l'IllI whiteIIHHI' I. tiansplai.tiiifr.fiooseberries! dol.Vords of gratitude hive come was found under the Iiouspo : Ma n resa Street, Telef. h on e J': ,\ '
dew as to the identity of the Incendiary
. ""Illle dfhil" ; and currants" ere two tome from him bM-iu I r -commended :

I.jir.; crii..
.,. Iowa. Health and :strength of mind to the house of Mr Crane has been j j ESTABLISHED 1862.
t. with ihanjomN in thocenter, figureon an oHrsul'l'l ,
and body, depend! on the stomach. found. -' ----- ---- -'
tinfront (If Unhivs I and souietia.esi" i The quality and size of fruit on eldbusies '
and normal! activity of the digestive I

t'lf I "inl"! of the hhotilJcis.S : is much Improved by thinking organ; *. Kodol. the great recon- A PHYSICIAN HEALED. j McKENZIE OERTING & CO.,

; urn- pretty little cloth skirts! forp.v ;, of the fruit; or mere pruning.; tructivp tonic. cure all -tomach
.. Dr. 0(0. Ewing, a practicing phy-I D IlIALERg IN- 0
I bowel truiible- iiiflisetioiidyspepsia. ,
'i.t P irnl USOH artmado with a The cause of moss: appearing on the and -
f-oiit lircii'.tli which iiatlicsi.it' Kodol; disret* any good food siciau of hmitir Grove, Ky. f.If'
ii MN stems of apple al.d other fruit trees is
., in 1111' font and twn jjradantedt'omir I i: wet cold uhdrained land or an ixcosshely you eat. Take a do-e after meal*. over thirty year, write* hh personal Ship Chandler l l.o.aAJ. !}ar-d wan

('; uriiiiiiim'! : at the seam on each ': humid climate. liargis' Pharmacy. John Sheppard ; experience with Foley's Kidney.Cure :; j
Sidney K' !1II. I BOS '
silt, riming wider at the Laik. In sating garden seed gather when II I : "For years I had been j'rl'at.I, .

ripe lio not :.How it to shell off. The celebrated ly bothered with kidney and bladder j, .A.GENOY -- -- -
of our
Try one
PLAYS AND PLAYERS. I'I tirst matured is the best, and the f r5ttaatta'ed trouble and enlarged prostrate REVERE COPPER COMPANY JOHN A. ROKKLINU'S HON t ? i I \
I will shell brst IL $S S. Felt Mattresses. t GALVANIZED WIRE ROPE, A. RUbHEL & HON'd pnf;'.- '
i gland. I u->ed everything known to |

4''\ ,1.. itch I; now writing a play I A good mulch around fruit: trees They ner'el'Jllck or grott- the profe."ion without relief! until I I Enm Cerdigi filiti Oils Intlcil InsironsiBts, Ckirli liU //;'//

for Mary :\1.i'lIh'r ll;:. helps to keep down weeds, keeps the lumpy. etterthun a hair
I commenced to me Foley's Kidnt'I I COMPAHHES. LOOM KTU
Anln-y !:4Jlw u-iut i is vritlnj;: n pl.iy t so.l: loose. moist ;1I1111.r.uslt all times
mat 'l'ess, at half the price.Marstoit Cure. After taking three C McKenzie Oertin? Collecting Agent for Hi: Pit : It-. "r .*
IT cull.tb ir.itiouvith; a well known woman with little; labor of cultivation.
wa* entirely relieved and cured. I I ciation.
nU\'l'li"t. I The time of setting out of fruit treesis Q' }ll lllt. prescribe it now daily in my practice .

:MISH: .li.'i.! :M.-nIone will appear In I of far less imjHirtaiiee than t" set and heartily recommend its n- i

Ijomion ',rh DI'%t .MMinn in "WhenKniKuthiHiil that the riht'aril.ties are "d'Il..I, to all physicians for finch trouble I''

\ViIn; riower. :i the soil prepaied and transplanting! BEST FOR THEBOWELS have prescribed with perfectuccp"it in hundred." \V.; A.ofjcaes I, The Star Laundry,

Cora I'riiuii.irt I' tter s.ijs she is tot i \\'I'l1l1olle.
"u.L..U. D'Alemberte H. Palafox. I
t MO a i.ouiion : in "UICII11 tnt -

the biro.urs in a dozen new plajs.lli ,1 ('Rod I..... I Biggest Busiest Best !

o'I I caullos went with flllge GOUGH'S QUICK WIT. ,
<'harl Carlo, author hbrcttKt. 1 thought; !

median and MaiTe mat :i !:cr, is stasriii coaches, but a good taanj 1"'IIIle must b If .tavPn'J't a ell or li'Lv m >.pmpnt",'pr or T'the u i -

tin': |.n .luvtion entitled "My Autoi- I u.se them act" said a 1a"1''r| | who t 'J 1 ,1.{O.fjf \tt A Itrtorl Hint' "llcnonn lnlerrniIliiu l
th An (all
in* r Eu-niuu'
I. .. I on)
l! -tte." I jiointed to a collection of tanultfrksi i i) .,t raging Ute buarir In .lie .\ ,
.,.. .
all of the utility! sort, arraved nhouse u ") our 0' C'ANDYCATHARTIC .\ effort of one of John I!. Gottgh's'toire :
Ib-len Iliilnnnd, now pbyins: hlFlurud.tr 4&'k Your Snrll Frll'III! ,
.." ito be featured nest sync', furnishing: department Then nf the soot was to arouse List I ?Q;& ? ,

w're.i : and little, (11'1IlhlO'lIal l I : itnl en' \ ,'rl" to a poUtical! Liutemeut at f.i"i -1 r ',
suet in 'oliJohnson's Ute&t ii'iiian- I ; .v' .u wi'I (hul wii.! a'ysr
l.i' "I'ra.| "Tolosji.! !I, plain, practical and unprart'.r.il 1 'ies \' ni |.inluiiitiull. and ill M>\trill states I 1

Some 1IH11'r"llti trays led otm rr- bad the 1'"lilo-ialls l'I'all; to ;:i\e i-'iiiMiliTii i j ,'etv'd if viui ar- u
L-.tn'! l\ati Shipman. the author of i
none at all and some had ileices: fut hot u the crTlic distillers tutu hiunr |- ,\ .4 Jri'--cJ 'alai your I I. '.' .
"II'ro'"r. the Glutrd, has gone to
lifting the ('audio, while ..they, t rlmate di-.tli-rs a.I'" Said to hate; been too : c/ .
I. = country place: in New Hampshiretn I i x + Ie alit A wotiwr
with deep mink There :still r> ? f u'lti'iinl that they I'li.ikijitl 1 tact III f >:
dramitize his latent story, "Kalph"Jarraut. ] alw.iyiiU'f.. a II. ,., ,
I IMIII xtiple who (ling to the trudltloli- follow tinlnturer.! sit iiinon. Hie auth"ore '

of their iinei-stors and will h.ne not tad tndo.iMir to loufuuutl hen I ctinctby the cull,Inuud :
--.-- .- ---
llrr llrmnl.A I if the modern luhliiig: li\eiitn f"i EAT JEM LIKE CANDY wit :-iLfstious.. He li.idvt>rUod n hf *"....< int'. (t. ,

ti.i/i"i>."iii!.'nt \\'I'n.: "Two worn ,1 thIU t. liwd.N a,1. PfInoct'"! rrnttt' T"I'I.H| iKiiu.i audieme up to a tine I a i ,- inorcJ wltlll".ut\.

ell wmaoi. ,;111'1.1'| of a (oral ,, prefer a light in their bedrooms: until : Je. t'''V" fret ->a".,,, *ni tuuklrl 13SUl.tlMl n pitch of Mcitermtit and in his effectUe c. .iUran'i cufi.uv.! .

(","..|,,Tlti\c More. iiUt OIK' IaJ: ailf :i they are asl.-ep.: and for this purpose: a E HI Hit InePT, Illlltc.O.r SEIf 1111:... niiiint. <-rnl: I I at the :'tar L.iuudr;

..f tln'iu wa> |i.<.;ill:: down thtreet candle Is just the thing for it will put KEEP YOUR BLOOD CLEAN r"III\'I"llIt'I'\ : Ti'inpt'mnoo! Tfru- I

SinW.lx :Mrilivd lo >.,' liel f rii'lid itself out at the time: proportioned by P.I.IIIM-: It will meats laoui-y ii jour

4. tiiih;: out of a li-eiivd :.:roitr's shuii i its l"'ngtb.-N.'tv Turk Tribune.ii pin.!ki-i. lc'tlii-s HI jour back happiness": ALL WORK C. 0. D. Goods Called fcr end Ll i ?

'1 t lux hi. Ms' r.iooii, Ji' wls n meal lfroo fr.. ininir home, and Jml In jour heart!

l.. r o' the I',..':' was her remark ':-; I I \o n"OIl I'ur -.nrllllt. Awarded at Patti I l I' leaped one of the paid interrupter I TELEPHONE 114. 27 GARDEN ST

am; hit 11.1(' yt ken this there uai Cetieral grant: was a>ked why be sod bliontinl to the audience:

shop in JJU-stii I get :sic nice l"H>f ham : never swore lie n plied "Wi-11. when "Moiii-j in your pockets: Why, feb I WALKER INGRAHAM Manager.

as in l-en-: a boy I had nn axersion to swearing low i-itizi-iis, f"I1.this marls ideas _

"cunret! >a lat-r ::Mr. Itrixni's: friend It "....mt"! .selos; <. an uniieci'v> habit l4II\ a"'| we'll be all in the p
went into thlh.p t<> 1 buy a sampl.: and lii-sIdes; 1 siw that swearing \ Tl.ink ..f the tells <.f tasseled corn TIME TABLE.

of th<, h'f him. On enterlns: the :shop : usually aroused a Mali anger. 1 early that stretch nn every Mile: Whisky! is

she az.ed l the i.ian If he would, gncli had a desire to have cuti.pUte! command WINE CORDIAL nude frum n'11I."e sell millions of i LOUISVILLE AND NASHVILLE RAILROAD

.-r ':I Anti <>' the Innf ham Mrs P.ruonpits of mr I'If. I noticed when a Uullars' worth of corn to the whisky I IN KKKKCT JiKCKMBKK t, ln
H Stsl recommendations for ol Poorness
henA quiet smile: stole o\,-r his alwaysgot cure I makers. Mop the manufacture of
got; Deb .
man angry of Blood bioirtch troubles ind General
the shopman's, f.av 'O!!, ye-..' he slid: ; ; the bettor of him. On that account '. In reises the appetite, strengthens whisky, and \\ ha I'll we do?" New Orlea.ns and Mobile.
--- -- -
'1 can oMeesre )(lU. llijou brocht a aUo I determined to refrain from 'he nerves and buiUs up the entire ijrtiem.tt 11 Then, turning: to Uuugh. h** went on: "Jo.1. :0.o.4. 'o.%. /'II" t

1".1110' w YOU?"'-IIt""w: Tmu's, swearing.; Then the swearing men of rue llrnutit "You, Mr. Smarty whnt'H we do? 7.15. 1t:15: m 11:1 o5 p Leave ".t'eneacola. .Arrl' ;, ui a .
PARIS I Tell us If. prohibition conies what'llI II:! a 1t7 I: lu.! a Leav.- Jo1nmaton8 I !o\ a t.
when a 10w'rl' not I
acquaintance 1
my F. Peui era A Co. 11:1)1 a tD! :rAS a Leave t"bll. heave I: a. '
'Inkinti .h40r) the best men I knew I never saw" any ..lgenlA.l.. I > dovlthi our corn? _::= ;"p_t. 7:5r..!._ 1.f'_&VI< "Jew rirlrana, r."T" ... p
'VhiJev"> rigid history: we nuke bis reasons for s'l'arillj11" against i "liaise more hlllI, my friend," re- North.

tory. Kury ;:rent orisH of human hislory it." plied: Gou;'U without a t-econd's lIesl.I _

I H of Tlionnnpyl:v. and tatil.n-ul1li1t hogs-I'hil.ldel.
a pass I more
No.2: So. L I !ooo I
three is always a nmidas.; and hi"r.ix The Beer phia Times. 1I:' i pm !:!:tipm I ILeave ._ Prn'acota ArrlTII l. pm'.31
if tt,,' eannot rar..l..u Girl. I I eI5a! m 1:57p m Arrl"f. MontionleryLeav, 11.. am
> M !k In it t'.m'lu'r. sea
1l:1+ am 9y.pm Arrive .Bumtagbam..L"ave s..t4am
And ..,> lm, HS liberty his one martyr: "Such ('ardnt !'s is little short ofrimlnal I 7:05 p m 11.10: a m I Arrlvll..1'.bUlle. ..

so Ions as ore drop of bl".,d Is 1.ur..lI (- ." thundered l>r. Pncv.Price ThatVICTORIA Made c8 # 2OJ. m si3: a m Arrive.... Louisville .. In'l '.I'. pm" !.I
., 'If I 7:20 a m 11\11.: m i Arrive .Ctaclnnatl II "' pm't ..
out fur hi'r.on Inii' from tint bloodysweat angrily.: I -,, _C U _.!-" .u 6:1! pm ..

of the Sony;: of humanity shah I i ;j "011: doctor" sobbed Mrs. PasletyLleder's This signature It on ercry box of the genuIne I'' 7.seaPEN8ACOLA AND RIVER JUNCTION. _

Fprln:: ho s and mighty! as tho sea.-GoorgtCr.rti for the baby's illness?" No. 2l-lJallY No. 8-1J.lJ11 j Noetop where lime not .bown ?'o. 1-Usy .
the remedy that rare a cold In one day,, -- *
\Vi1ILln1 !. I "Mo-t: assuredly. You should knowbetter 11 s5 pm 7:00 a m (Leave ..I'ln.acol... ... I I' S pm It
than to lease alone th 1I:1i night 7:1 Iobemaa. b't?
it in e
j BANNER UO" 7:1 .. ... Ynl..otr. ... I I"'4 "
TKV fK.\r--H' ILL III'trial size olEly' care of its mother even for a moment." SALVE, HGt: 7:1'1" ..........I.c.ml ..._. I 1"ati _
-Philadelphia Pres.f the most worlti 1:1I. 7.:!.') .. .._ .11I1&t ..... 1'):'.!II t
: ? Cream Balm ; enough to convince .1 healing aah In t>vt I1:3 7:2: ... .. Harp .. ..... 10:1" s

you that it is the greatest ol II I 1:1'1)1)) T\5": ......_G.iCity: ....... It 11).15"
I lM: II 7;;$1" ... Milton .._ II1N '
remedies for nasal catarrh: : or cold in NOTIC1I .. __. _. "
Foley's Kidney Cure will cure al i l MADE BY ACME BREWING CO. 180 I m i00'1 Range _
IM" 9.15! ...... ..., Holes .. .._ .. (1:116' :
the head. Full *iz* oO cent- Alldrupel 1 i diseases arisin? from di"orderedki.1nl'iI t I Notice h hereby given that the and=r. 111); t:$) .._.._. Mulligan ..._ "' i.i! .
I BKsr to CENT 0.
*. \\ t' mail: it. or bladder.-W. A. D'Alem, BOTtLE BEER signed! Intend to apply to the Honorable L,. 1:3i" 954 II ....._ Crestvltw .___ (1:11' .
ELY BRo*., iit; \Varrpn Street, berte 121 S. Palafox. r IN TOWN.DANNHEISSER. J Reeve, Judge: of the Circuit Court J-s.. 1:1)) It 8M: It It ..__beer Land .._ If 5:& I
| cambia County, Florida, at I"o'clock.. m.,. 1:2S If ":11) It Mossy Head 4, .
New Y\Tk. ---- -- --- ,
i I Aug. ::'JthI..r..t the Court House in fen.. ':11'I II (1:85 It .'Ul1laktolprlnIL" ,:1' N
15: Second :Street, Albiny X. Y., There's lots of money to be mad! BROS sacola. Ha., for a charter for the Alph ':11" (IU" _...._ Argyle __ T.. "
Me-r, :ELY BROS.--I -utlered i real e-stlte-lOB of it. A real '. AGENTS Social Club of Pensacola. Horlda. wuicl I 6:") .: 7' .....Polle. d.. Leon_ 7.!.
estate FOR
THE CELEBRATED will be an association for social anJ literari '
.. with ClturhnJ triedditfer. I 11:00" 10:10' .. _WuITllle._.._ LIT ...
?r atly is usually fingerboard t Improvement of Us members. .
sign < u
II\II II.U' .. .._ CaryvIUe._ 7:1!
I ent remedies without effect. Aftetu.in wealth. Thos. 'C. Watson &: I I. W. Harper f ttley.Main Signed-Kicbard Morns Herman Atnlel,. II 113" los) __.Rooliay..Rooliay.! _....._ 8.M '
; one bottle your Creius Balm I Co. the leading Real Estate firm cotta. Jnlian Bradley. Eugene Ba klni, 4:00 II 10:17" ," ... blpley .._ 4'Xf s S,.a
Hone 401 S. | Aefurt Lucas U. T. Oa Palafox
found relief and I c nuot rrli'eto street.!
I have some offers which it would I Thomas Hicks ail citizens of Pensacola. 1:110 It 11:2 It .........I.rl..PIl........ e"' ; -
,) highly such a remedy. be worth your while to consider G<) R. R. Eichanze: -0p.: Union Depot .I cambla County Flort ",. 7:31" 11:65" ... 6 \IIt

Miss CORA WILLARO. and see them todaand. don't wailI P. 0. Box 21. Pensacola, Fla the The office propq'ed office of charter the Clerk u this Circuit day filed court ir L 7:60 It. 11:1:: _GrandRidge_ "" g t'
fot.: 12u5 kneads I
Sept M, kt9. I till to-morrow. t Phones H6-2eS. _I Eicambia County Florida. l4yoawlwS 8IS ," 11U"noon ArrtyRT9e/anctlooLeavel: 5i..+ :10 .


,et..T- w.-..' "
s .. '- .
-. .
., t

1 !


-- ..-----

GUADALUPE SHEIXE marvelous picture hags, Ts said by experts -
to be oue of the richest and hand. ,

Cures All Kinds of somest on earth today. Its treasurescan

THE MOST DEARLY BELOVED SPOT be counted by millions. It was 1I

Kidney and Bladder Troubles IN OLD MEXICO. dedicated May I, 1700, and is 1S4 feet J. ,
long by 121' feet wide. It has vaulted ;.
roof supported by Corinthian columns. ; : 4
K liut-y and lJla: Make
try I'lUrliuaeen to the Little
,it t ail kinds of diseases produced by an \lllaicv Karh \.r-The Story! That the lantern of which is 125 feet above I|I + i i

x t'f, uric acid !. landed Down by Tradition the floor. The building cost $1.151.000. l il I
The jewels and
gold and silver plate

There is no spot In all Mexico ai other rich belongings nearly all belongto for Infants and Children. : 1

HarrisLithia Nearly bt'Ionas the little town ol the government and are estimated tl I

Guadalupe, which Is two and a half at ?2OOU.CHAt more. The Iviiul You Have Always lloti bt Lat borate thp.i.isi- II

miles north of the City of Mexico. The church possesses a very costly turn lr Clia.. I (. Fletcher, and has been made under hi. 1 j

Watere The little village has only S/JdO souls. crown for the virgin. It ia of solid IWf'tnall1lwr'hion for over :tt> years. Allow Ult Ulan r f

but many more thousands visit the gold and weighs, many pounds. Thereare to deceive you in thi Counterfeits! Imitations and

place on certain days In the when six shields on the crown for the "Ja*tasot1" are but IIxi'erimonts and endanger tho )
i--nimended the bet year six
: by : physicians all archbishops of Mexico and. they
r the United States. For sale pilgrimages: are made to the holy are all surrounded by diamonds.: Thereare health of Children-Experience against: !! llxperinient. l,

w 'i"r<>-shipped anywhere. pvery- shrine of Guadalupe.The a number of angels, each having an The Kind You Have1 Always Bough R
1st of January and the lath of Immense ruby on the brl'ast.tLile the

Nothing Can Compare each month the faithful visit this place rest of the surface of the crown is covered Bears the Signature of f

and toil up the hill on which it is said with sapphires and emeralds. This

LITHH CARBONATED WATER for table CH HARM.* Lnnuei. that the \lrgln Guadalupe appeared to crown Is surmounted by the Mexican ,
Ai.t 19 the fine-t of all alei.
Juan Diego! an Indian boy. eagle, holding aloft a large diamond

According to tradition Juan was cross.
Wratefor Free BooKlets-Full testimonial of cures, analyses The
poor pilgrims are not able manyof
trudging the hill of
over Tepeyac
L. *I;.>w to your physician. on tIn
his; way to the city on the morning of I Il I them to form an idea of the rich- I

i'C. 0, ir>31, and as he reached the ness of this church with its communion
Harris Lithia Springs Co., Harris Springs, S C, eastern slope of the hill he heard I rail and balustrades from the Use For Over 30 Years.

sanctuary to the thoir of solid silver. --r tfv&oa c".p.u on MU..T n.ftt .fw TMlt rTT6O.
sounds like music.! He tOIIp1itl to listen .. ,. .. -
-...,...-. --
and at that moment a cloud appeared They are three feet high:; with a top -

., OR TELEI'HOXK and In the midst of it a beautiful molding a foot wide and a still inure r

M. W. MARSHALL l'en.acola, Fla. lady. She told him to RO to the I all massive of base The sacred vessels are ? / f\ Woman
pure gold embedded with pre- I '
bishop in her name and to tell him that i I wm ij.1 ..
I cious stones. The choir has some tine ijr
It was her wish that a church should j 1 \\hirlinq Spray
carvings; doue in ebony and mahogany. II .
be built that wh'rl' she wouM V
on spot. :-
Elect Officers. :
Falling Timber. I I In found to aid to all in jalways j I The tiuest is a basso: relievo above the .cMrrr : :, :
give t.
\ IK 11.Yard :Ma. \Vik! bar -. I'a., AUK. 14.-The na trouble. I stalls illustrating; the litany of the Importers and lt'alersn- I I, .::.: .1. .
Juan lIil'n hurried to the )
tional ( onvt-ntiou of American !'ow.makcrs' II -
ttrur.swick and virgin. f., hr a. .
bishop with the story of the virgin but I ; III./nrlnnNl. .. .... ,1.. y-
.' nil t with a pan.! as.-oi iulion.hiih! has hewn no attention was paid; to it. l"|,on his i Artists were brought from I->:ince to Chinese and Japanese "' \.1.. .'"" .)",. It"
1 'iiiiity) fatal acci- in s,'sin! here sin10011a)'. ;riJuurne i- return home the lady appeared |I paint the frescoi's on the walls and the I t apiiiij; Fancy Goods .,. ,. ,.
i today after choosing T ro i ''I .11 it. pmt.' .I u
and the of
''lirerting a sans in the same: pj.it and urged Juan to go paiutimrs St:1tIWS"l're work >. .I.In/e.aW411K111 ill.. ..

-1. -. when several !lame. led., as the next plate of matI again: to th> bishop |I the best: European artists and sculp- FINE CHINA TEAS, C",,in'C c'l'ime. Ends %..a't oa t.!

> th*> ground. At. ing. The following ollircrs were elect 1 The follow? day vac the al.l.ath.1tln.1 I s[, turs. The organ hi itself represents! a 31 South Palafox St. .:
:iy the rhancosivrry. r fpm.1 Laundry Oilice. J'etl*JcoI.t. Fl.i 1 :WIU'IV, E EI
lie was I Pennsylvania : first vk-e IJn's and repeated the message once more. I
i Henry I,. Justice, of Fontanet Ind; I The bishop told him! to bring a sign ,, j. !I'.ive been AUth..riz> d ii, take

second vice president. Henry C. from the virgin. Juan s.w the virgin i I ally IIU Murk."IIlviMK. -alJ-cril'tiDl| for \\"tn. Jennings

.. II of New Landing: I'a. his home and I !: iii-. Ill' ere :: > .,: i": it's .
Stvies. Leighton ; secretary. ngitin ujion return !she lr. a i'- paper "The Coininoiifr.T.

A It.-John ,, James 0. CrindIe.. of Grace- promised to give him n !situ which she the maitluTV""I : Tb!".'r:pc".>r. | ..,- price I- fl.tM {5'.r .'t..r lu ads
Da.han.1 did I I sthmck a m.i yi.h''d.iv: : :n', I Igave I. Rulsata! f I
''.i'liter, fell dale. Pa.: treasurer. William on ec. 1: as lie was going; to confession I to > 'pat's. '1'ho. di -mni UK
vuiii'f. t !
me a receipt! fur it. -< I!. MateJournal. ,
"f I' American I of Olivers Mills. I'a. lie jiassed this time near the i : C"I0M an'J Ilf"i inlr4.
I (',lIt have: itn.t t" tlii'in hy =f tiding
'I, and foot of the hill!, where she appeared T- "9 'Ire! in Gh''tirstheu .
I .
i'tf: 'P was i 1)1.tk; tn tl.e ui.m tU'iied.H.M.
r.-cii, :<_ No hon-s Water Famine Is Feared. once more, andvhde in conversation !... I -"\- ..,"|..ilt 'lV' .".. Ii : H.\('MFi

1 i= ( petted to ho Greensboro N C., Aug. II.-That with Juan she stamped! her foot by.way .I HOLD IH'ST.( : I i., n N111 OHI'crI'iTI i i, ( .it> ".111\.' Ni w-
of emphasis, and water flowed atone -- -- -- ------ ----- -
Greensboro is thp\prfOofa
Physicians; on !: watar '
from ih. dry, barren hillside! and "Let the GOLD DUST toms do lour sort;'
that he was not famine was th* startling Information
which the chairman of the water anll I two holy wells mark that slat today i i THE GARDEN SECTION '
The virgin: then told Jua.ii to climb to
light comrr.'ssion has given; the puhlic1!
the summit of that barren rocky hill
at Charlottt. I through the afternoon papers here.Th I -O-
and he would find
roes growing: there. !.
14. It is entire supply is such amount
\uij. rnortMic < city's II
which he and
I was to gather Barr} In Florida
ninth district as:; may flow in a flow ft ram Cinch,::; i id his "tilma" to the bishop. Juan did as Pensacola, ,

t.ep !n a "-f,>it pi pl'. Consumers have I he was told and fuund the loveliest --- .

'- n. Hiss, who p.n forbidden! to use! water in'' roses y:'ruwllljust/ where she had told Near East Hill Electric Railway Terminus.

i'e the candidate. (,33C'Iwht'rf" it is absolutely! needrd.l I him to search fur them lie ;gathered ; e __ __ _. n

it is likely his Tho use of water for sprinkling lawns them all and placed them in his "til- i dGil naS
Beautiful Lots for Sale.
date! has not has ben fivMdden and the Southern ma." a sort of blanket: 'saec, '
't 411P,5yi .
but it will b. railway is allowed to water here onlY I \Vhen ho arrived at the house of the II "; -'

r the ensln' of its fat trains. bishop and opened! the blanket the I I BM;t 40x137 feet at from $75 to $200 each, according

. roses fill to the floor and a picture in : "'Ja.'t to location and surroundings. "
.rll.- To Raise Funds For Strikers. odors appeared on the blanket representing : I I ..1'.1.1). of' .

"vs. ." sugar f'hlfoa.ro.II; 14.-.\ movement to the virgin as she: had appeared y.+II"Hf\:)\) \ Exceptionally Good Neighborhood, Ilcatitiful View, '

orKani/e a committee and l,m, or more to Juan. The bishop fell on his kneesIn High lry Fertile Landx.

Bald citizens to raise funds for the striking ; prayer and arose with a promise to' GOLD DUST ,-- i

1 i. miners in the anthracite coal regions build a chajn-1 on the spot the virgin is a woman's best friend; when wash c .y comes
Iwid designated.I'.ihhop! 'arour.d of Pennsylvania has been started ..' ,_.. .
Takes r h :! the ':m. on' the at |
1. -.. .. Uy the union carpenters of Chici- Zumarraza set about to build Just foi.ow Uirecuon m package offered Pensacola. ,
J the church and when it was eoniplefdthe Made any t\ THE N K FAIRBANK: C' VPYChicas -- ,
:atVr go. The plan is to interest the pull'lie "tilma" was ,placed above: the altar New Y rk e.," T.. .. ... Borne Seekers Should S-e These Lots.
and solicit funds from all who ar" M-Mien 01 vllAL FAY SOAP'blyd'o0"JS ;
III a frame of gold and silver.! j I
,'!" willtns to help the strikers A ma,
That little chapel has since been replaced % V% 'O O'041
meeting is to he called on the lakefront ,, VwClubbsCorner
t by the ntal:niflte'iit church to IoeS"'II I.A.

.r -- 1 ,hl"I '? I in.-,! on T.atmr Day. and an effort will today. There Ire al
CllllliotI be mad to get; speakers, of national churches to mark the slat on which j If You Have Garden and Alcaniz Streets. I

: I IIC tllf.iy reputation to make addr( !,f'S. the roses were gathered on the summit w

1 II tn cure and at the holy well where the virgin !

!- .y comtittlIti"n "I had diabetes<< in its worn form," last appeared to Juan. This miracle w asrccogni.cd VC BKKXT1'rtildent. WM !M KNOWUKHViet : w"I l h I. Hi I. 1..1'
I I j II': i.. ..f'd writeMarion Lee of Dunreutli, I RheumatismURICSOL .. l'l'I
t'a 1I ; in IU'3.; and in I :i4 it was I I'rceidi- I a 'f tl. i''a '/ of the 11InI nit. "I tried c.iglitp} l '''ielII1'' without fully sanctioned; and continued by a
I : relief.! three butter* of "'..- -
li'i-ttiHiian' Tube. Only -
"a"all'uIL I-ater. in I'-L'l.:: de-

"I!lall1f.t'lIl1lla!i itup,*ri1'cthcar-n! lev'a 111111."Kidney W.'A.Cure D'Alenibene made me, a 121 well:S. cred Hec. 11' to be a national holiday.Hidalgo enilnrsod the great te California
iitin-Iy closed P.ilafox. ; took( a picture t>f Uuad.tlupe Hcme.ly will cure (

-nit. anil uid,-sMI -. for his standard around which rallied you. It alto cures Liver. Kidney .and.
Bladder diseases caused by an ex v a < {
the firrt of the re\olutioni. i
< \>f taken out Briny uric acid. It never fails and builds up
t"Hj to it. normal Our Summer fa rl. and the happy I i-oue that her assistance the health and Ftr'rgbhll... ulmJt; it. PENSACOLA. FT.A. '
t'jion thn turquoisibillow: s .'rt-.**a top 81'wllitlltnl for that of wonderful certificates .
in.- will "t- ilt-stroy ;::1\ e to that: war eiideared her still :
The Mjrutntr girl the ]H.-arl of all the Price }1 per bottle. For Fale
<-.I-" out of t'-n fire eia, more to the (..,,plt'. This picture on by druggist If your druitct't ran nut C
I- 1 1'1' which i-J ttiitl.in;,* With gay abandon bobs in boundless the "tilmi" is a wonderful piece of i supply you it will he sent prepaid upon 11
"t I condition of the B:>*. Artists I receipt of price. Address WM. H. K OWLES, W. A. BLOUNT; F. C. KKKM ,V. K. HYKlt.,
work. from all over the world
The bwectest of the in-achtrlr.o crop. D, G. HJUo: T.
have examined it and have testified Urlcsol Chemical Co. Los
'II" Hundred Dollars The man who sees her yearns to be h..rI Angeles.Cal,

!. .il'iie"$b..i'euii4ed by I Kor I'rop life that is, to hold her heart Sn The that it Indian is of no pmnent known of style i.xtli of fiber painting is of; j, + Pankfo or the Co Atlanta 6a. rm! ad( mnli Aa t
i n not cured by fee lamar &, Drug R ; t a4 I 1i
cir- a coarse weave. The picture
( M". :Send for An.l ploJ to clean for thU entrancingshe appearson \ Distributing Agents.4'N'itt.ToO t
both !!
\ A- Co Toledo, (). Taa gulden wherewithal with which to> bright! as new nltholich said to i lie "\ ,'r (, NN .- --. -
J-: -. i3c.1'11OIWil: shojx ;pal years old The Church of Xuestra fCfVe draw oar own Bill.if Exchange: or. Treat J'.rltaiu: Ireland !
A brief hence lie sees this siren
cute space Seiiora d I.' 'InaTlalaiie. in whieh ii., Germany, France Austria, Italy Holland, Hpain. Bedlam I :ulh. Nor fJ'ny. I

ellavea Lean from th. window of her perfumedlair I LODGE DIHKCTOHY t5we1en Denmark and other Krirnpean: countries' .
inch we will sell Cures Eczema and Itching Humor ij
And envies, while he heaves a wistful 4 ''VeIs! Disbursed the MOE Favorable Termn./ .
Through the Blood-Costs Nothing | upon and hell ,
Mar st onvir J' (}ttillfl, The sigh liMivinthlni mute. to Try. !IB II i KNIGHTS OF PYTHIASi Obligations Taken Payable at Port of eetiraiicu/ Ten or Fifteen Dkji :
zephyr rapture
I after Vessel Arrives there 1
4I .. ... >iy. .UtMif.on That iifstlm in the tangles of her hair H. B. I iHotaiiic: Blood Balm i- j '..iM -ol issg. No. 3, K.oTP., ."I
.. She sweetly shukts athwart the sill todry. I
I' f1"11.11
:i regular meeting )
now recognized certaiiuindare
I mll"l"fry Monday even Safety Deposit Borax for Rent in Connection "
:\ Society a : I Judge. cute for Eczema Itching kill Humor log at i IHI 1 At (fasti In' I with which WA hare JII Prlvn oartzaent for thrUc d
Hulth! o3'ceat b _____un --- .--- in the mount -- W.:, .*
-', Scab-, ScaleWatery Ili.--j; R
Huildlng third floor iof ntnrH.
I -ay.\lll.: : "l'i.icitin His Threatened. I
I Sight 181t101{ br..tbreo ooru
'. are cordially ter, PimpleAehIii; IIr'|' 4 weloomed
i. ""'hilp j k'iiiekin; l.i-t in nth my JointlioiU.. C'arbuncle 1'1 iekll! :n u \ '.' t. I

.tU.. DEWKKKY, 11-year oil boy wa poi-oneil by faro in tits Skin, Old Eatlh"Ir.: : H. HORRI.KR

I're.iaeut. I some weed or pi mitt'I'" W. H. Ulcer. etc. Itotanic: JJl-mJ Bal' K. K. .f< H. WE WILL FURNISH YOUR HOME FREE !
taken ititt-rually, cures the wor-t !I.tIm.t
n ,KKK.Stcretary.: | Dibble, of :Si.mx City, IL.: "}I" rubs I !
deep--eated caeby ein ie !inu1purif. .
I bed tht ptl-on oil )lii-, huii- to hi- .. 1111; and vitalizing; ts! .. hi", ilthereby ."'f) "r' ; ,.

i''e.ve< anti fi'i awhil-- ...... r. 'Ifr. itj giving a ltf'altlJ101",1 -uplv iaurelsAlain Gf' .y 'T .' ,I'l._ III-. ILi
I HtlII1C'HI.. I H ; .
GDLA= I to tbe >kin. >.al i ini '
j lie woiiUl loip hi- -iu It. Finally-i .
i I N tilt only curt', to s-tay cur' tl ..1there ... .. .
!>eCitt'a11V'much I
neiu'lib'-r r"'lI tlh.wlt'll rue Pans Erpoaftlen0M ,
awful ti"'ib ..f. '.. .,
Corn I HazelS live I Tiiefir: .t.pphhilpeci : annoying-kin mad the Gold .. .. .,.. .
} !
Kills I
Other ; relieve bin I' Medal Award to .. .
1"lti"I' I' remedie.-may .. .. .. ... .
him and in ; few dal or. .A'
; i 1 ., ,, '..... .,. ,.
}{ 15. tl1JII1'111'1'*, IKHore. : !- \ % '
;\( .
t he wa-I< W'-ll atear.. F.>r-lilll II .-I... .' ,. -
vZALEZ 4 CO., Prop, I and give* the rich ..'low I ; I.W.HARPERKENTUCKY .. a ..It I" .. "..... ... '
dl-( ;| "", ('ut..1 urt!>. -1':11! 1-. wouiuii -. t.... II" tq'a'1F .
I health to thekin.. liuilJ- uj; : 1.. ... I
a a. r. i in-ect bite-i, HrU'itt Witch llazels.ilve .1. h .
E \ .
b(1:111 1 m-ik-- I. .
<< "
f t\lu H-.tHlOl'Jllr jjure cure. lvi-li-\e- pile at 'I I I. e' I I. '" .... .t
blood red and nouri-hiiu. Ejadvied '" s .. .
; I. .. '\ '
II ,
1111'K 1'1::1-:11.: i "!'t'''. lewire: of counterfeit Ir- for chronic, old c.i-- : it WfllSKBY 'I I. \ '" ..' .'. I "\', -. .
John Siilney '. .,. ,, : ,
for iiM l'liaimu-y: Shi-nvird; -'V." tr I i
-.aiik'.rjr. there medicinee :indUpr.i.srfail rs '. '. .. ., ... ...
.. : t Iouy your Meal oat 1 i' ::111J1.S'llsollable. doctorpatent: Iruggit1 ... .".". t..t.. :. .rt M'\,. ,u.,. t..:.. .r..tro-I.-a.... \\ .. ,.. ..i ", ''Y., 6'
M 'm< ManutHctarer.i : to cure. : Cold medal*wereawarded on' ." ." \, : I.' .% ..' \. \:
Hiiiborne Indost : 1 > pr-ivt" K 1'. 11. curetinpt'1r" "eWOrlenlr Iao at in t. !Ai' 1.... .. I' ." r .. ;. 'rJ
-t- :h.- coiumaaitj It o u .v e It old .. and prep.ud by witiuc III': (J I and b$4 '811 ta03 fLan r.. .e 1 MrAbah+ HUlIlII- 'I U., s ". .1.I' .

.1 m.IDdlr..ctly manufiicturer beol'lHl'Q 700H and kitchen utensils at the 1 lUlin l'".. Atlanta. list De--i-'ii'. 0\10'" 9.Sd1 ). SA.LVONA SOAP CO., [cr, 12th ra Pines' Sts ST. LOUIS, MO.
: .1 I"bor00 o"" tr-.uble. and free un dnvil: .h'w *. .r 1 .
,. '< to y four 0II bleb inpport you live and II 'lllis Hardware ('0. ts. Hi "i-aied: kite I 1 oy UCD' Dt1SSCI lm I "i" '



i r c

*', fAFTNu: more than any thine else:; is the great secret ot getting on in the world and If the stomach hs! b>pn abused hy Improper food it requires! a tonic

Rn.t'Y njt. j, the best Datura, tuniC

-x mudit.crf! hi.-o Mii.-s..riit :ncni" Ii ? ":,.:'s.crttore isn .it' Y ti
i : \.(\.-i HiiiJ ms tricii'i* art' tao.iiot the torjrtviiiu:: hand It is d j-ann-t. to you in the form of a sweet crisp, dtlicat* fiake of

'' :tit !.' civf the jm>; cf nounshnictst !o' al: pirtt Uiiimnn vv'.v without! '1\I1g ex'-lui.-i it's 1avor arrf i I" n--tily: to green

i; -, um ch1.' r'-hml1JI: am ic aucli: prctvr'.ioa.ii UKuwUby person C.ia ; i the crocei about it

l\ It.' -iiiziui..' in.- nas a stunw 1. "


;k;" -.". _. ... ,-- --,.rrr--o.-.r --r--,,- .-_ '.,. --'.".5.-S-xm.a.: .+rxb_____---- .-- >u-" '""".\'- ... ,.,..;. ""- :'.:' ; .......' .--




you had better not wait too long to take advantage of our great

ODD AND END <* SALEstarted

for the sole purpose of cleaning out all Summer Shoes.




\.. ,'A1'aeutTip. FrenchHeel .now $2 11 4 |: Patent Leather Colonial .. .. .. .. .... ... .. ...... .... ...,now $I 96 $3 50S3 Patent Leather Vici- .
2oO Vici Kid, Beaded Colonial*. .. .. .. .. .. .. .... .. .. .....now 202
50 I'.lIeontTipWeltExtenslonHole. .... .. .. .. ... .. ..... ...now 302 250 Patent Leather Beaded X now 2 0225ii 5"/1'iciKidAllToed. . .. . .. . . .
( Plain Sandal, French Heel- \traps. ... .. :::::: :::::: :::::::::::: :::now 202 S3.50 ljUthernTie,1andl'onm.** .. .. .

'.IMII'atplaLeathersand Vici. Kids. 211Welt 2.mi-Strap: Patent Leather .... .... ... .. ..... ...... .. .. ...now 1 .72wOnestrap .
.. I Extension Sole I 'II PatentLeather .. .. .. ... ..... .... .. .. .... ... ..now 1 <1'7! S3 (Nt :"\outhernTies I and Corure-s . .
i i ; 2.U04 strap Vici Kid . ... .. ... ........ .. .... .... .... .... .. .. ..now 1 67 #25U Vici Kid Newest Toe*._ .. .
50 Patent Vici .now I CD 15": Patent Leather Colonial*.... .. .. ...... ...... .... .... .... ...now I 14
I 1 One-Strap! :: Plain and Tip. .. .... .... .... .... .... ... .. .. .now 1 Is $2.50 'tuthetu'fie Vici Kid .
:sallLteutTipTurn I6a! l.5t) LBnttonFedera. ..... .. .. .... .... .. .. .. ... .. ...... .... ..now 1 Is $:!.l"J \'iciliid, New La-t .. .. .. ... .
t l.52.-.trapand2-Button.:! : .. .... .. ... .. .... .. .. .. ... .. ...now Site\ gl.lCicilsailCapTue*.
u :: l 50 Viei Kid Plain I ToeVelt "

r.fJl'atentTip( Vici Kid.now 1 12 i 1'111 I.e.Plain: Toe Buckle- and Bow .. .. .. .. . . .. .. .. .now DM: / ?2 50 \ I DrabLinm . . .

i 2i Patent Tip.ViciKii CPc ,, o". Boudoir :slippers . .. .. .. .. . . . . . . ... .now tec .tl"-T i n ,.auvll=s. ... . . .. . .. . ..

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Feet Furnishers for Cash Only.i; 102 SOUTH PALAFOX STRUT:
n _
'II -- -- ---- -

,f :.S....e...........er.o...e*.: :............................: r
J .i $5,000.00 ,< ; ..GREATEST VALUES.< : < "

S I rrr(1 'i,." r I't
: Worth of Summer Merehandise : IN mi: :

;. to be Sold During this Month. $. AUGUST SELLING HERE IS! YOUR GIN\ :. HISTORY OF THE STORE. :. Great Clearance Sale'Itll ,

....i1ti.........N..N1.1... ...+..............*...........

Wash Goods Department. CARPET DEPARTMENT. Embroideries and Laces. : i\\I\1. ...

HALF PUICK IN FIn r ngn IJA WX Velvet Carpet at. ..... .... .. .. ,. ... .... .. ... ... .Me yard 1,0m Yards Emb. I It
':!adintr. 5 and loc yard
White \-Bu Mulm . .lcyard JruaelsCarpet at .. .. .... .. .. ...... .... .. ... ..50c yard 2.UOU Yards Xew Emb. Edze* .
Kui" White (iood i. K'c yard Union I grain Carpet at ... .. .. .. ..... .... .. ... .o"c: yard and Inaertlngs .5 and I lOc yard Monday, August 11th lit ;

NtClquP.uh.' ,Tnnni\\*. ..n.Klinnel''{'j.lr.ts.Gtllitea He yard Wool Ingrain Carpet at. .... .. .... .. ..... .... .. .-,-)C yard 1,000 Yard* Torchon Laces :Sc yard ... .
On (',,'lnlpr.I' Rug:* 25 per cent (,tI. 300 Yards Black and White .1iCONTINUING a
Remnant Linoleum at Half Price. Lice Bands ( Fine Good-; 5c yard "*-)

Summer Underwear. Lace Curtains, odd pair, at Half Price. ;800 t Yards Linen Emb. and In-ertmx*, *

.. Lace Curtain Entire. I"toc k'U per cent off with Linen to Match, at Cot.Gents' FOR 30 DAYS.
? l> z. l.adUM: 'HV >I >S* V M--2 for fic :
:!", 11Hz. LadleMeeveluM Ye-t. :SPECIAL ON MATTINGS.
11. KliMfiifd .5 for lOc Furnishings.Men's ..
t-fl '.' !lI..z. Lidi1-! 'sleevep l *+ 't'.tIt -, ThiIIIl'all- a i"IIHal (1..arll1jC miit lit ..hi Dui" :, i "
forSJel"i Bleached Lisle Vest, Slefelestec -, .
1ppd..4 'C'4C.C.000S'CCCCCCti ;C' | Now i I- tile time t" takl' ailvutitiir*' I-f It I I- ,
{t \}.,i. I.adl"1..evt'I.s Ve-t*, V. each. .
we are detrmiiud t" hasp :, Li-l Thread : tc each '
. .'" i)?z. B..y*' f-lurt and ])rawec.; USPECIAL:: SALE ::1 Oent* Straw Hats at Half Price. I and KSPECIAL:\ ) n..pcru".ut. i...

RaibrIguI. JOc suit .... I I ..
2 i 1)z.! M-! fhirts and !Drawer-. ti. -,.( ii Shoes. i
1.tlhri..in. IV *uitWaist
l' .1 FOR
: strong Point Oxford for BI) 's..IIW $1 50 ,

and Skirt Department. L. LACE CURTAINS Ladies'Oxford, *2w! ,.. .. .. ....now $1.65
Ladies' ... .. .. .. .. I 10 Yards of Scotch Lawns for 30c
t :Ti I)nz. Wliite! A ColoredVaits..H.i .">e each l.: I straps $1-75 now $l.;3s :
!h> I hoz.Miidra-W.ii-t-. .. .. .. ... .SUe each l; -AMt/ .1 Ladies' Oxfords, .f2.50; .. .. .... ...now rl..'s ___- .._- _--
l.II'L.: (.I!:.n-ibry Wai-H "...Ith! l ::1 L'ldies':5traps.f:: 250.... .. ... now $l.s>7 G
t'l .Ml, ,II fl.! To, for .. .. .. .. .H each t; DRAPERY CURTAINS '1 Dotted :$wi-*e' in Colorworth :. ku -w .
: W'it Hn"k i-kirt*. .. .. ...'< Jl: eacl.! ; :1 Men', Low Quarter* in Proportion.Hardware. JIll
t :Stripe Jrenadiiif *. worth ,aM now . .
' C..hr.1 I Purk) skirt, $l.( Ii. were $1."in ; II
Chorea I ('Chamlirv :Skitt$1 1pw \Vii| \\'alkinlkirt.*,.. -fci: ."jOl" $7 &i) .
b-;; ..;;; ,;;; ..:: ;; -: -.=.;:= a- 'I NEW STOCK ENAMEL PAIXT. Black Fiurl'tl'wj": l ..M, worth .Sl&c. lIuw.. .. Iff

Ribbon Bargains.All ..

All Color-Collor-: "-.>.luTtpt.i'tibia fin. TaIT..ta Hibbo1' i !1 I".',.. yd yd I t t t Joljitsou I I i & ('',. on. Hammocks Pattern Sinjrle*,and Cheap.Double Lite i ( ruANxiors 'I'll I-I.F: w ?a.

z. Yard-. mi .k Uibboii a: . >t yd Enamel Ware. Blue and White, Big; Stock '

I ,
ilanty in signature, a* in this case i

IMPERFECT show the employe of the American j R. POU Ii\'
NvY'1''JI .I I! '
Bank are well up in their liu-iiie-, : 0 ,, .
and that no fraud* can 1 Ite rifely : : : : FEED, LIVERY AND SALE STABLES.

I' practiced at that popular hatkiniustituttou. .' !OPEN_ _; _DAY AD NIGHT. ir Wt Inti-ndeiu-iu Street.POU -
Thos. C. Watson
--- -------- Co., f'
| the leading Beal E-tate Agentt. take ,,
CAUSED SOME CONCERN AT ;I & GINGLES, Managers. all the worry oil the shoulders :
RURAL FREE DELIVERY owners of property manage the
-: I.i'!< renting of their hou-f:' and the ad llection A

-- IN ESCAMBIA COUNTY pctj; of their rent a* cnn-ctcn- b mw Ad

.\II imperfectuiuUirH\ at I ''F R. ot ot tiouly as they would Uftll".h't'-

A'li..nciu National J Bulk eau: Their charge are very rf'a"nuahl. .. .A

>m" concern thin inornia;. The first rural free delivery mail .. III
p rty wi: at the biuk at !10 :!! i route in 11'e-t Florida and the second EMBALMER.

o'clock and said: it wa. all right, I''I in the state ha* been e-tablihed at 17 Test Ir.kr.knci.1; Street. Oilice Phone.; Residence Phone, G a'i Hotel Camden : ntnunU7! :

:Mr. J')hn Pfeiller, acting Cantonment. Thi is a long! stride 11I MiA

teller t-'day, hrititheJ a ..I.h forward fur the people in thi. ,vi- I; to take daily papers and thus a'Jords r3iiiAI.MIXM \. A.
1 .. ..
ra..f.The: ciuity. The greaterpartjof: those"E'rv- them! an equal chance with their Is Now Open to the Public, '.. .

check wa signed by ed by this new route formerly received -I city neighbors to keep posted and jW5 NOTES ." .. DAILY MENUS ..

Addph! M. Cihen proprietor of 'II their mail at Robert. Beulah abreast with the times. Beside;; under the mana;:"im-nt ..f ... C..riof i. .
I' 4
5 and 10 cent store. at the corner and Kloudike. neither of which were they are taxed to keep up thousand I-.t.. h'-j '
I i I I l MRS. S. MIMS ..1iI A
Bonuiu and PaUfoxtrett*. I money order otlice. and the two lit : <>f Mtsilar routes all over the'United .. k-Uof I' v. AM
Complete returns, K-cambia county -
was node piyabletoa: certain ter being the terminus of star route, Mates, and why not get some of the of Pen*acola Florida. .: At': Ar
in the primary election Aug. I:!. aDt
anti lowered Mr. Ct>heu's lank received mail only two and three benefits at home. Jelfer-un B. .
I I give Browne :il and ALadles'
count U lat.1Vheu!'; times a week, respectively, a very I Tti!: route wa worked np by H.O. Henry t;. Diy 2'W' a majority for '.t te ..

the check cuiis in C1'I poor and unsatisfactory service; Wilder Cantonment, with the able Browne of hu.Complaint By the Day Week or Month .III I )rl\:11 A
.. ..
morning mail and the signature wherea on the R. F. D. route thEYwill a""istanceofHon. Stephen Ii. Mai- I is made that: the open Table Furm-hed with the B..,t t1! I '*& I Dining! I Parli, ,* A

noticed it wa- seen to be have a t r t.cl:1H daily mail, delivered :, lory. This i is another act that shows ditch on South Palafox street, near Market Atl.>rd*. tie III

different from the ono left at at their very door, or a51 why! Senator Mallory i is *o popular 'I St. Michael's church, i* so tilled with Public Patronage Solicited.Free '-=5tei A
rapid-growing vegetation that the
luuk by the gentleman in que"tl convenient as they can locate boxes I,I with the people. He is always I water is becoming; stagnant.A Sample R iorn.. Regular Dinner D, 'y ay

A econd and third on the route. The canter is ready to serve all classes when their ,.c A
author-I I has been Sunday Rate Made Trav
company formed who tit 'tuts A
wa! made and till there could ized to carry'. supply of needs are brought to his notice.I Men. :1.
I will
i I operate a passenger and freight M Sl.on Orilrr. I'r ACa
iii-tiugui-hed no Minilirity in postal cards, stamped envelops, and j i: :\ Wilder, who worked so hard I service between eit. Andrews Bay L"tS ,11.1 'jCt., t

two ris"; .ttlirta. to register letters and live receipt :j i I tv get the route established, has and Pensacola, as goon; as they can I aa

The! check beiiu for SUM for money orders, which he purchases : been appointed carrier and we feel get possession of a boat suitable for Entertainmentand 0- .... Jf
)It 'i' .In0 --
ouifethin,; too big to take : for the patron at the distributing I sure he will give the people honest, the business. ,::.. )"" _1... "
on, and Mr. Cohen wa requested post ortice. The only ex- faithful service for he has already The funeral! of Mrs. George; Bauer Dance t* <,e tT* .' .
I = NikPopular
Ap ..
took :
place at 3 o'clock this
come to the bink at once. He penile to the patron of this service is I i proved his intention to do all in his afternoon 0;; ..
i from the German-Lutheran church
I'll. but when he was shown for the price of an approved mail box power for the good of the service. I.$ Restaurr'I -
and was largely) attended. There UliifT. ;
he had been summoned, he which costs only 51.5. were many beautiful floral tributes "
nized that he had signed the The route covers a distance of 23J4 "I was troubled with a hacking sent by friends to place upon the Monday, August 18th, I'W'J J'JI'vl.J.J.J!

and then everything went miles and serves 112 families or 600 cough for a year and I thought I bad grave. _. u__, uud"autpire* uf I.

-moothly.The 'population. A large number of the I consumption," says C. Unger, 211 SHATTERS ALL RECORDS. St. Anthony's Branch No. 160 .
I Maple at.. Champaign, Ill "I tried will repair 7 JfJ
signatures were as if citizens on this route have already: I a great many: remedies and I was under -: Twice in hospital, F. A. Gulledge, C.KS1..Ol'.1.: jewelry J I la flm-t.i-* '

by two entirely different purchased boxes and are getting the the care of physicians for several! Verbena Ala., paid a vast sum to .pbenll.:
months. I used one bottle of Foley's
but Mr. Cohen explained as a benefit of the service and we feel Honey and Tar. It cured me and I doctors to cure a severe case of piles, Tickets: luloliiE Transportation, 25c I
have causing tumors. When all failed, I t
not been troubled since.
for this imperfection thit he sure the other people of this favored Save ilooey
Bucklen's Arnica Salve soon cured ) ,
very warm and in a great section will not be slow to take advantage him. Subdues The purchaser of each ticket will } ,
Cleaning ladies skirts and waists Inflammation, con- have a chance at the elegant ,
when he wrote his name. of and: help build up this U one of stir specialties. Star Laun- quersAcLeskillsPains. Best salve! There will also be handsome prixes.prizes j tare at Marston /
in the world. 25c. W. A. D'Alem- *
at Furnitir
I The instant detection of a diil5 new service, for it will enable themi; dry. berte's drugstore for the best lady and gentleman I j Great
I dancers. j riurn.7:7" .



The daily news
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-- -""" .... .",.v '
1..4 "" '''r7''J'' "
"" '' ""


t ,


/ ; 1

f ItI I



t tJ

J t ti

t,. t

H C -


'_ _
----- --- -
--- -





supply of. Anthracite Practically !I II I Lies In State at His Home In That :

I ,
Exhausted. Special to The Daily News. Special: to The Daily News: City.

I San Fraccfoco'Aug: 11.-At !9 a. m. n.rmlngr-ata.; .. nug. 14.-Theo.fi- .

.__ I Major General Carnahan and a strong tial ('all.for the Republican state convention -- -- ;

detachment of the uniform rank at which a full state ticket .t

i will be pot out has been i Issued b) 1
'uly News. --- --- knights of Pjthias, crossed the hay Special to The Daily News.

I : to participate in a parade of the orderat Chairp.anVilliam! Vaughan of the VltroitIkh.: ., Aug. H.-Surroundtaby
14, ln< ha\ state (lopublicrn executive! committee SELLS HIMSELF
.4 pjiriia: PREPARINGFOR Oakland.( Several thousand men beautiful flowers the body of S-n:

I ..t' Tnbuue as tu tbu '_ were m line, and the streets along the The cull set.fonh the rules governing ator James McMillan, who died; suldenly l

toal on hand .it i i line of march were crowded with Sp1C' tit tondiitt of the meetings at last at Man
which delegates: are to be elected as Sunday morning FOR
:. the tast with t'altrs :!. A STRIKE ] tator.- $1,000
: i In this city the morning hours were well as the n'|)ie.j-1tation to whim ehebter.! Ma**., lies today in his homeat !

the cash roiinty is entitUd! This teat, ;513:; ; Jefferson avenue. The Buy
devotedbelly to business by
'!,' say the 'Ill I ure of the rail is especially interesting ton and :Maine funeral car in whit
I Knights and their ladies The supreme ,
practically \Laiiat Special to TLe Daily News. lodge and supreme tribunal o! as it -howsthe change which has the remains left Boston yesterday afternoon Special to The Daily Near;

T I IK railroad compi Chicago Aug. 14.-Sauth side streetcar the order the imperial palace of the i been wrought by basing the. rej1I't.'IH'n.tation arrived here at 7.43: ; o'clock Knoxville Ttnu"Aug: 14.-In a psculiar i

.: ''W to deliver only a to which: each tount enft'.ed! has 1
is! to light
} way a story come
today attached to the Michigan! Cea
men touk further steps last nightto Knights Gf Khorasan and the supreme ,
alia) recent!) and prepare for a strike in the event temple of the Uathbone Sisters This feature of the 311' is efptm'l I:; tral's Detroit and New York special which has no equal recorded sic"

MI as washed coal interes-ting:. as it shows the change the day the slave mart was abolished
of failure to bring about an amicable continued their sessions; and The members of the McMillan;: family

: ?.il in Jersey City adjustment of their differences with transacted considerable business. fthkli has luen wrought 13 basing the occupied the private car of President here Jerry Logan. the aged Janitor

vud I or Js at the the volt Melvin solj
of the state court
1I'IJI'Pi"ntaton upon supreme I
the company by the end, of the week. There also were competitive drills Ledvard, of the Michigan Central,
die taken only toi ley received in the last general t'lt'c himself to Gerald ..tuart. clerk of tin I
At a special meeting of the men the between the companies of the uniform which was attached to the same train. I
.;. ..t'rs have agenta ticn. couit for $1(qN). I'or this! gum ha j
execute board of the union was iastnicted rank at the Presidio and in the Mechanic As soon as UK train was across the !
.. ., i i'Cr they tan find Dal'as.' the great Llaclc belt county I agrees in a written contract to serve
to submit all grievances, with pavilion. river, these two cars were detached ]
>mm:; in by the car with its regio population! will have and obey Stuart as his legal master
corroborative evidence to the executive The provisions made for the pleasure and drawn into the station by a special
.iv i' reserve supply but one legate) m the convention from now until the time of Ms death.
board of the Chicago Federationof of the visitors continue to excite engine.
i -- customers withrtracts. and this is ill-istrathe! of the conditionof The origin of the unique deal ii
Labor at a joint: conference to beheld their surprise and gratification. During Gathered at the station were about .
,' Orders fo: other countit-- which bad hear)' that Logan has lately( found hlmsatf
on Saturday / the day there were exhibitions atRie 10m city county and federal officiate I'
.- 1 hate been pigeon rep'iM'i.tatmn under the old I,Ian. involved in ertan! debts which hue
The employes of the north and westside Louis Hopkins institute of art and and prominent citizens As the bearera ;
aciiot lie Clled Th.- rail designates Birmingham as worried him a great deal and to get '
lines will take similar action at numerous excursions to points of Interest lifted the casket out of the car
>.i>oits that the 1'ria the j>la''r and Si'pt lt as the time. rid of them IK sought thU means o|
a meeting to be held ton iht.: in the neighborhood of San two great Lunches of American Beau I
the only anthri, The number ot delegates! from the raising the ready mocey The thou-
Upon the insult of a conference to Franf"ifll'o. fly tonight all the knights ty roses were placed on it. Through
iLht there at pieaJ black l lit It will .be vrry small none sand dollar is to b? paid to hint at
be held this afternoon between a committee from the eat will! have arrived in this I a double line of silent and mourning
><;; pr ton and is of the large !lack! belt counties havIng I on<'c. Logan: was a SIo"P.: He :U j jill
of union street car men and city, and will! participate In the clot friends the bearers pass d out of the I
't ,..I hard coal. The more than oue or two delegates eats of age and has many white; :
the directors of the Union Traction :i ing events of the conclave station! with the casket and placed it j I
., lIng: the Lehigh friends! of the old regime.
company is said to depend in a large I in the heare The family had mean. I!
-.oa and the Del
measure whither or not a strike will! CAMPAIGN TOOPEN while taken carriages directly to the
it A Western rail. PARADE WAS
.. th- sale of an- I McMillan home, The escort of honor NEW COLD .

formed a double line ahead of the
-tl-3 and have IN KNOXSpecial I
mite arrangement with the companyand FEATURE I hearse and slowly the body of JosephVi.Mi.idu
.,.: ,< :. ?. thereby REEF DISCOVEREDSpecial
for an Increase in wages. I was laivcu tu bra loiiuer
.' tu th> ir coal ---

;' !bar., main : home j

t' I .-garding SOLVINC MURDER I Special to The Daily N ews.I to The Daily News. !, This afternoon the body lay In state j
with almost line of to The Daily News !
Knoxville(. 14.mO'l'ml'nt is.n an constant former ;
ThaiPaturtt (
Council Bluffs Iowa. Aug. 14 -
i u.t Fe;
I .I (' foot to have thtate Demoeratlotampaien friends and acquaintances slowly Johannesburg Aug -f'ol1iI.1"ri-- t'
x i .u' .. !Ol.i'l of the second caly of the re
\ : :" ':lf. ; MYSTERYSpecial 'I union of the Society of the Army of opened in this city earl I passing by foi their last looU) on :\nch.I .I Lie t'xl'!!eti >nt ha* been <'reat*,1 her I

; in the fall. On account of their unprecedented igans senior senator The flower \u' the disroverv of S new to4! reef '
;/:.\ 8 et.e i.S".y the Philippines was the military paratio I
--- il which octurret during the forenoon victory of last Thursday, that.have been sent to the McMillan! which is said to traverse a loge< extent I

when every Democratic candidate in : house are magnify ent of territory iLocal
\ ,"\ \ V ,- retail deal to The Daily News: The parade was headed by
think i ia It
the strike!
the elected
county was by handsome
.' .. Cummins and Savage anJ I
.rot exceed 200 Unit
/ Chicago Aug 14.-Inapeetor I continuation of the Witwatmtraal
majorities, the Democrats of Knox I
i t.. Ub4 they are seMi station, <- their staffs and was participated in by .
ot the IIde! Park polite u r county are jubilant and are casting ; MONTGOMERYCOUNTY main penes but the dl cov.r r. df
: -.' ton The Dela weave tlinet .. regular army troops from Fort Crook! ,
lay bt-pun 8".vsteirattcallj to have found .1 i'
about for some appropriate means of dare that they new g :I'
: impany has about of evidence in the irjstfiiou- mar the Nebraska and Iowa national guard celebrating this victory fields! that will be the equal In .Ize' ;.

i at Delason! This, dera of Mr;, Anna lUithol.n: and Ml: i high school students in this city and It is thought that no more fitting i TAX VALUES ,)f the WitwatcrstrandMen

,1 !II>' a wholesale Minnie Mitchell about Oscar Thump Omaha and the veterans of tie Phil!
-- --- --
testimonial of this big: gain for DQmo
". ir be counted on ton. who. for over 20 year wa a ippire waThe marchers were: reviewed <'rav's ranks could be made thanto I :: Will !'... U.T,,.

.'I .,wn says the Al. roomer of :Mrs Uaitholm in the Cal by the tvi governors: and Generals hpt-clal to 1 he N -
have the state campaign opened in In excitement of
a lively
r that the De.a- unut avenue death house. Hale and King MOI.IHI'IIU'iv. \:01 Aug 14 -Thereport exec
tins city. which, but a few years a,t, ciile like boat-racing hall
: : ,
societywas -playiur
1' conaiderablu A meeting of the general
as The identity of the mysterious \\1\ of thi hoard of equalization )f.uontgomery
watliH hotbed of
: .gh as 50.\1110 tone man in black, who told the inspecctJrh' held during the afternoon at the entire south Knoxville Republicanism has been for I county lor the tax rear they will strain their l u"clptnd I go .

1 his S.isquthanna diviat had been William liarthohn. O;>- wnich was taken up the routine business hone limping and -..rt'. '1 hen theyare
i >
ft'.laim' 1 iiv Democracy, as has Knox T" 2 has been transmitted to Probate
and "Old] lUu" Clay begun vesterdav General Ja. glad they have Perry Dav14'Painkiller r
tar Thompson and a number of other Haot Tennesseeeo'intii I .Judge J, It Gaston The value! of till
n', la.. correspondentgeuerai wrangling over Thoml' on's laundry! cou If. Smith! Colonel Co=grove, of on hand to '(..the the t
>. j real estate of the county is fixed at
sappily of au the of tli South Dakota and Central CharlesKing : quivering '
wagon early on mining A m'cling, of the Knox county DOIT. | niTi'5.747.; ; against $H477.5.S: in 1'jnlj : nerve ; to penetrate the
,t at point the nutria, was are mtntiomd! as i'ossbilitte! :
in cle-t
any ;Mitchell: giris 'IIIJltOS..d inu> with
I ocrats has been called! for _\u!:. 23 to j making an ir tease of J228.J19:! IV-. warmth anti t.ealintpower.
That which is cleared up: She was: :Mi- :M.iiTaylor '\ for the prisidfncv of the society It ha" relieved the pain nf
take this matter up. and to hear thepn sonal prin! runir.ated! at 3iSde; ;.
some that the She -l hh'ntifi.1Tholl11'or.'s two generation"f American
positi (
) .. : :>coons of Democrats of the rol.1'ty. IS::, against ; ",;,; in lUrtl, an in Large. bottles 2'i and 6n c -nt...
i pioiiiu-ing in theira and hors as -
wagon: MACAZINE WRITER crease of *, 1. The total V3.I'I"of
: Mime that is had seen with the mm An :i: ,
property ir: : >tmry county ts. EDUCATIONAL
,i.ltial concerns; fromi tempt to wring a rorfossum troiiThoirjKon I For 1''''2. g.'I.Il: 'c.9:: for 1'111.! gar;

iH.:* The regular; b.v putting him in the"sweat : SUICIDES MRS. DEACON Sil."S4. an '"I'''HH of $;;"'.3.;.;, STATE OF
'.,"i" and Nan get none box" !it is expettid, will iesut! i I I

t' that no distress ha. in a stati'meat! that his horse and ---

i t.uuich the margin ofi / \\,U:1I1 w ii ii-ed to onvey the body Special: to The Daily N\.,vs: DENIES STORYSpecial FIRED JAIL ..ee Flu., July I:.. life.f.!

\ i* rot a pleasant" o'i ot :M 1:1:11lIt'h: ,'H! to the lonely field New York, Au.::. H.-\cl.pnl"m F. !I Regular uuif rut leathercxim-

'"'.:'alum, Orte authi j jas si 't'l ,-'nl\; until and State streets. Washington: a magazine writer has ; Indtiotl' will b,, c.niductt-d in men

aro that there ar- | ---- tomiEitted suicide: by hanging himself to' The Daily News TO ESCAPE county of the4tatei'ept.I'rduni: .M*

n.- of coal within the BORIS bj a cord to a hook on the transom Parr Aug. 14-The Matin, whl< n deemed uniiecp-'sary by touuty

I n.dl'alers are doling DUKE of the door of his room. He had has been publishlnthe story of an boards The following tt-xt-lxxik* t
will be made
the li'i-H
.v 1ton here I alleged betrothal between the : of the que''-
;a or secret
j been ill with nervous prostration! for : Special to The Daily News.MtTblle UOIH for these eximiuatiou : 1
WORLDSpecial I Crown Prince Frederick William of ,
TOURING j I some time He was 44 tears of age : .' Ala.. A"u?. 14.-:X special ta Publi-hers ami pric-> are given. F
:' '!e the report is that ) Coroner (rlllf\.ol(ran7. said that hebelieved Germany and Miss Gladys Deacon, the I but the book may be obtained from

..v' ,u ate the stotk of an I the man was despondent be- daughter of Mrs. Parker Deacon, todaj The Item from MOM Point. Mlaa., almost any book ulr '.

i' IIMHMHJ tons This in. had been ceased publication of the storyIn lays: Ortliograpliy-KoH'i* Word Le... .:
manuscripts returned
to The Daily News. I cause many "I.ast about 1 o'clock Alexander f2j;
night Son cent Maynard. Merrill
', ::. local yards. ThfMk consequence of a letter from Mis. A.
Omaha "Neb., Aug 14.-Duke Boris, I to him! It was said also that Wilson, a negr arrested yesterday Co.. New York.
that at a meeting oli Deacon as follows
of Russia! cousin: of the czar and son i he Wag in financial difficulties In the by Sheriff Cunniaikam. tried to barn Reading-Any standard reader
,i ors' a-sociation it waswake "I have read with the most profound will
of the Gland Duke Vladimir accompanied pockets of his nightgown: wa an empty a hole in the jail. He lot control el answer.!
any advances andrn 1 vial Parted to the side of the sadness The Matin's article CoinposltI I 1"twiiitien'4 New
staff of RUT
'1 : I7.feti i for regular: by a prominent tattle pine of which I know better than any one the real : the blare and was burned to deLth.I School ft; CKtitii, Aun-rkuti Hook
I 'h'la.nd officers, will wa a paper on I
elan ( military arrive
Every effort was made to rescue hla. Co.. Atlanta
1 (Ia.ArithmeticMlltee'4.
t >r pea coal. A famine had written 'Laudanum character of the very brief relations i
here today from San Franciscoand I the man i
. but the lateness of the hour and the standard tVicents
during the meeting of IS hours at
will leave for Chicago. and the | Bought July 25. 1W2: From whom i headway the fire had when discovered ,, American RookEnglish (V
Blenheim the home of the Duke and ,
east tonight over the Northwestern Find out made It impossible and he died scream (irarnmar Metcalf'i 1\0.

FATAL road The distinguished! visitors are I Duchess Marlborough, brought about ing for help." cents t, American Hook ('<>. p
CASOLENE between the crown prince and my i United Kate
I making a tour of the world and rtcently : Ifi-tory Fild'iramiiiir "
: WAS A NATIVE daughter, who are both children. It i iI ( school U American
mate a trip through Japan. I
required considerable imagination ti Shake Into Your 11Itf'S Book Co.Horitl ,
I transform the matter into a state affair I Allen's Foot-Kae, a powder. It 'i III.tory-Or".u' '$1.2:!:*,.
I'I OF PRINCETONSpecial ." Williams, tiVilklu4 A (;0., It ltltnort
CRUISER BOSTON cures painful, smarting: nervous feet or Fairbank's 'tl.25), H. AV.. H.

I and ingrowing nail. and in-tantly Drew Jack-onvillf. Kla.

[IuJe"s! .' I Self Protection I takes the sting out of corns and bun. Geography*dwa1tataul

-\uii 14 -A gasolene 'x. RECOMMISSIONED I to The Daily News demands that you be on the alert to ions. It's the greatest comfort di!!- Advanced f1.25, American ]{.>ok; _
: Louisville! Ky, Aug. 14-W. H. (;0,
,. a !hnes.e laundry on gee that you get Painkiller (Perry covery of the age. Allen's Foot-
,aloi Physiology-Hteele' :
Yeater who was killed at A Cat. Hyfltnlc
\I avenue. east end today Davis1'J when you ask for it; some Ease make tight or new shoe feel II ,. American Book Co.
The Daily News.allejo Island. Cab yesterday In a saloon
f Special tliea
la which two persona dealers will try and persuade you to I easy. It f is a certain cure for sweating Civil (Oonrnm..t1t-T w n e n d',
* The cruiser! native of
tt ,,1 .aa: fatally! and three Cal. Aug 14 I fight! by A. H. Boyd, was a shorter Course 72 cent
- '. 1.,.troet. The Injured Boston h& been recommlssioced: at Princeton, Ind. His father, the Hon. take something glee, claimed to be 'I callous and hot, tired aching Book Co. ", Acnerictiu

t. I the Mare Island navy yard after undergoing I Henry A. Yeager, is a prominent cltiz fast as good ; insist upon (gettingPain.\ feet Try it fo-rIoy, hold by all Algebra-V-White'i school 11.

I Her bit. '. For the Iat few killer, the remedy which has been druggists and shoe stores. Don't American Book (;
Lee extensive repairs. zen of that p ace. 0.
"t a Chinaman, burned I the worIJ'3 family doctor for 60 I
, 3.,'. '0 fast: will die I tery has been fitted with modern piv I years '\\". H. Yeiger had lived In years ; it never fails\ to stop diarrhea, accept any !substitute. By mail for New Physical f1.2o Geography-Ifou'ton': ..
t raid, a workman; seriously ot mounts and all woodwork poilltlbllJ Louisville, and went to California six griping paine in the stomach or bow. 25c. instamns. Trial package FREE. Bro., PhlUdeiphia.
I Address Allen t K Olmsted Le
tie: trying to rescue Nina has ben remowl. From 70; feet in i aonthB ago els. dysentery etc. Large bottles 25 N. Y. Roy, Theory and Practice ol T 'achin/- >
and i)
length its masts have been extended I cents. White's Art ot Teaching I
'.Icam&a wa cleaning a nl to 130 feet above the water. This I The one great virtue of Burnett's The man who owns his own home MEAT & MALT has a marvelous! can Book Co.

e with gasolene when It *r. tu been done to accommodate the Vanilla Extract U purity. It Is real insures himself against Iou of I dietetic value. While refreshing!! and Htate Yours Superintendent truly, W.Public:\. HIIEATM.Instruction f

' ".atteMtit the burnJAa vapor wireless telegraphy apparatti. I vanilla extract and nothing but vanilla raise trouble his and rent worry.and the Nobody rent can ha I pleasant to take it helps assimilation vl3lirit

and !setttcg fire to th house, I extract (Always use Bur. day I of food. Hold
Crab nets and dishing no terrors for him. It's easy to owna byDAXJCHEWiER
I tifft's ) All kinds of Fern!

"E SEWS Want column ; it tackle to suit everybody, at Balsams from the Sorthem o 4 Watson home now..a& Co.-days.can teJyou Thos. how C. BROS. Fryer's s to make at nearly com for V iI
i room
1 L. the Willis Hardware Co's. I u.U1 Py j.Bs:.ni.tks ctxs n care tor Gosh easy it is. Call and see them. Try the NEWS Want Column. new stock.. .

_.- '''''-1 -J.
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... ,-,. .. ----... -=---- -- -. .- _- 1

., ...-- ... .. __. .- _..... --r'y. lS'"rpb'""esmtTt''''tYs'y"q. -
.. _
._ _" .__ _.. .- >., ., _... __.. -..- _. ..."""'"" _-_ ,



- --
The Mont Fatal Gift That Could Be .

AN i Conferred on :.Mankind. i I'; REBELS', The treatment of Catarrh with \"' \
antiseptic and 6 :
TRW Granted the J )w'r to do It, whl< "
OCEAN astringent washes lotions salves, medicated tobacco '
: would !.' the mint fatal gift that could V' .$.
and cigarettes or any external or local application is '< :; 'I J
be (-.JlJft'I1'I..1 on 111:1 iikind?
#I To NEW YORK, BOSTON jf Oinnij-oteiice without ouinisc-lence. Revolutionists In Possession just as senseless as would be kindling a fire on top of' ,t.
( the to make it boil. True these give
| A.ND: ALL V An omnipotent man with the Zest of I i pot temporary

i! EASTERN RESORTS fc intentions toward his kind could easJly" -', I I of Entire District. i"relief I but the cavities and passages of the head and the =

universe and [ I II I, bronchial tubes soon fill up again with mucus.
*, wrec-k tlie probably Ii I
VI. Taking cold is the first towards Catarrh for it
I SQCQn \ 1 T\oold! r-riuv. unlt-ss he knew cvtry- i step ,
Th. V thin-:. he would! infallibly make some When the of Chinese atrocitiesfilled .SACKING, OF CITY CONTINUES.Navy checks perspiration and the poisonous acids and

i OCEAN STEAMSHIP COMPANY: 1 mistake whkb could not fail to have the papers story and shocked the world, I i I vapors which shouts pass off through the skin, are ,
J L \\VKATE- m .KM h 1 u-ry terrible (HIMIUI-IMI-S. Next to it was the women who drew the pity and I Department Notified by Cable thrown back upon the mucous membrane or inner skin, -r; }.

JO Hours of Ocean Breezes tins would lie the imwir of fore eeiu;: sympathy of all. Doubtless many a wife II, From Commander McLean of the Arrival producing inflammation and excessive flow of mucus l-

Sailings each WeeK evt-ut.s. This Would eliminate the great-; who heard her husband's words of sympathy t I much of which is absorbed into the blood and through t1.] lrr

3 J *-t factor In human bapplm, bo'aue for these women thought with a I of the Gunboat Cincinnati at i l I reaches every part of the system, involving the Stomach Ki !In 1

from Savannah, Ga. the man who would fl.rt''I't.'I'rytbill pang, of the blindness! of men to the suf- Barcelona. parts of the body. When the disease assumes the dry turn
".. : ., .. fering under their It is true.l l j
.ar r tt.i 1"'I'.r! 1.- I.al eyes. becomes exceedingly foul headaches
I" blinding are fre-jut-
.. would have no hope. He \vould nut t
11 -.1. ..rv e.' .'1., nlnr L1.. ; r 'tr The suffering of women in China
"' .. ,.* lIOn" *. "'!. .,1'" only know his own fate, but that of all but short. wife suffers was Washington Aug. 14.-Under date., hearing affected and a constant ringing in the ears.f' n::
I If n l.i: X lt!i..rr I''lM I > a severe Many a i '
.-.1. N'* ". r!.,w vr, IoYa'lolk.Pon ." dl .,..1 '? :. .e; HI" other human U-iujrs and also oil their for years with a daily agony of pain her j of Wednesday the 13th instant Miu- j not reach the polluted blood can cure Catarrh. S. S. S i.\ .t

.... ...(.. Ien aov..r..aG ,. feeling and intentions which, of itself nerves shattered, her strength almost i Ister: Bowen, at Caracas, reports to the circulation all offensive matter and w ; r
_.n.. CTC Ar'LT TO alone would tuikest.eiety iuii"",.>ible.K gone and never hears a word of symI| state department that the situation blood is again coursing through. :
a a....-... -.lkiO.r 1='o' I.......... I i.. < iially terrible would be the pathy. i i' mucous membranes laconic ht .tlt' .
.. ,.. .. r......... II.. ] power I
a "" Tk1.rNwl there isery critical. At the time of .
I" &0110'II..L... ......1 ....t, /N4wr..INf1.. \I, of jiniluni-ins: ; life; at will shire i;..m.in To women such as these Dr. Pierce's active, all the disagreeable, painful

M !'it'yC' f'7f' lr'tr'"K'1'CXJ or woman would willingly die hfT Ion; Favorite Prescription brings the opportunity j filing his dispatch he had heard notb-j I I pear, and a permanent thoroughS. .;,
of a new life of health and happi- ing from the Cincinnati the Mat !
ns life remained even tolerable. Thisis or S. S. being a strictly vegetable Mood purified dctn t
ness. It establishes regularity dries the | f'
GKXKUAI FIIKNCH 8CHKWI.K; proved by the shnt-king conditions drains which weaken women, heals inflammation I> etta. He nays the sacking of Barcelona Stomach and digestion but the appetite and general! he.ilth : ,

under which ix-nple now consent to and ulceration, and cures i: continues and that much valuable under its tonic effects. Write us about your case and pi 11 ; ..

Following I i- the schedule of the live. The race Would probably continue female weakness. It makes weak women i I i property is being destroyed. advice free. Book on blood and skin diseases sent on apph .,1 %

I government steamer General French to multiply! indefinitely until all strong and sick women well. Accept no '1 At the navy department a cablegram !' THE SWIFT SPECIFIC t. 0.. Atlanta G..

'I which THE NKWS prints for the the habitable portiuns of the :111111' be'l substitute for the medicine which works I has been received from Commander {I -

benefit of the merchants who hip' I came -rrmwded. Thin would} commc'iice wonders for weak women. I I"I McLean reporting the arrival of the'I': Many-person- thin community Rubber hose, all vthe -
their goods to the various army had foiling of internal and had togo I II,
a .tntIo'; for exNtcnce which organs Cincinnati are O uffprlnr! ; from kidney comnliint
at Harcelona. I
post* : to bid cvrry month had irregular pencils, i I j' I JJ 2lli. Hardirnr.I .
who could avoid fatal reilts
UK human ima.'inntioti! guild jmrtray. which woull somi-ttme last ten or twelve dove The- Marietta is at Port of us-
JAo..I'f'noacolli .... .. ... .,. :' > a. m. Spain.Trinidad t!
4 LrkTrt ) allancp.. ... .....7::.I a. m.i. War would be an impossibility, since write* Mrs. Alice L Hulmes. of Coolsp ring M., :. and is subject to the ordeis in? Foley'Kidnev Cure. W. A.D'AlembertP. Know On.'cranobtuiiaiec'.J. ,nre1;" ,
Vmontown :
La vr. 1'ICkrn. .. .... ... ":II r. m. Fa Had aSo indigestion:; no could kill another tin did ,
man w not I could hardly eat anything. Dr Tierce's j of Commander :McLean.Commander __ ____ J"I.t. '
.. .vr r.nrrnuciti ..._._ -:Ui a. in. I -- n. 3
; wish t<, die, and humanity would reach FavuntePre L>-kV -< ffuntioou lea. in.Arrivtt
HhrrHccfn 11.1> n and then cured me I to 't three bottle" of the :McLean's dispatch to :' Pocket cutleni and scissors i You will have pride "
a. m. some iiK-ouct-i\able I climi'x uf Favorite T
lIIi""Q' and of the Gulden
Frocnptiou one I
nakri a trip to hort.McKre and tbt-n rrT Medical the department in part as follows] : 1 1"Bdr'elona I flower garden* if t1! ev ,
Ium to Cnrrancaa. I from which not bins: but the intenrn- IJI.cu\'ery I I \ from the. finest to the wnKround. y.U' :, n
4 !,!..>... "" ,laDl'I" ..... 1:1\ p. m. thou of a higher could Sick people are invited to consult Dr. i occupied by revolutionists. I I i "
Lri, rr l'I rki-ni .. 1:25: p. iii.Isiir I jiowi-r possiblyrelease Pierce by ]letter j'ttv. All corrt' :. They have imprisoned all c-iv- \cheapest at the Willis a home, and he can 'II .
.i t'rn-acola; .. .... ..:Il' p. III. IVarson'sVteUIv..\. though he may t1.i'd, i- ,.
Lrv...I'lctn': .. ."':!I5 p. in.f I ence is held as strictly private polld-I il officials! and mil.tary officers are in l! Hardware Co. Every woman wan- ,>
'rrl"f" HrrHiicfti O..BI' p, m. and imikrs: sacredly confidential Address Dr. :posses-ion of entire dstri! ( 1. Som.. '' ,
I and if she will ,
trip \Iclt..lil.d: return. It *ati liI I.i'lroln.Amonir l'i.-rce.'Jurf..lo! N. Y. wn, : :tv- .
OnV edne-cl tht I.inci.InV supers 1 pillag'i: : g ,';ni. but everything now : I Thus. C. Watson &
't ; jyand :Saturday 'I' HM nnruing Dr. l'i rce's 1'1E't- ant' Pellets cleanse :, MIIWIHI Co..
' bout wi-'l:l leave I!irrlnc.tvia Pick- in 1-" ::2: was a stranger sti-kin;: bc>thpcrsniial the bowels aud stimulate the sluggish 'iu;.'t. Twenty-nine bnsintss houses The uudersignedttkesthi.mrthod; : :leading Heal Katutc A.

tiir for Pfcii.acoa at >"> :;)>> p. m. and othVial as>i>tunxfrom liver. | sacked; mostly fOl'l1 gn.,0 15 private if jll,rint' her service ;4ar"lan a I can show her how > ,-

The General French i- for army the pri">ident and who brought with i dwellings. iiceu-ed uiiJwif", havI tue.
purp"-r3 only and any out-ider mu.tbltH' ; I him s'Hiie l.'ttl'rs landing his loyalty l'r.t
ti Hike a I'afroUl III the I -r.quarteruiarter I! that l-ore the signature of a former :' Senator Pi-c..-toiof VeruMtit once1 a canlegrom from Commander give bt>,.t of references from i Buy a new gar-

I'Hullf- i goverilorof Maryland. I.iix-i.la reeehed i said the liin ,i "|NHfh he ever WIII'I| McCrea. of the Alachias, dated I.Haiti..n. leading phvici.iu! Mus. M of this OIDIIKNB city. from the {Willis 11 11

1 the sii--inm-r. with some warmth that coii-.i-.tnl! lit only !' ur nun'Is. It was in I j Wednesday announcing th ,:
STEAMER LINE SCHEDULE I i, was nut chilletl even when one of the retort Senator. Ilo.ir' sarcastic littlethrust I. the hlorkade established by Admin! lit 114 4rutn DeVilhert-St Company.BOY" .

i nttaches. who had overheard the con in .i sjKfch directed at the Killick was admitted to be ineff-i r 11

i versatiun iiiterrupteil: to explain: that iI | lint-ii; Mountain smat'ir. lie said "No,,1 I j al and had! been abandoned.
Krtwrrn rrin,>acnlt and Milion-Il.,ni I the M:,:Daturv tiu>t have bttii forger; man in Vermont Is allowtil to vote' unWhcTtat -i OR. MO FFETT'S Cures Cholifa

Hum l >.il\ ""'f'|'' -II".I,,) ; inr the reason that the M.irjlanoVrinentioiied Its tie has mad $T.iMJ trading with I IMtssaehiusetts New York. Aug. 11.-CabhnK from 1 DiarrhocaD1.r the Boast Ti :
i had lien dead several : .
"CITY OF! Tr\ \PA." jcurs.The 1't."I.. : I Port of Spain. Trinidad, the Ikraidcorrespondent tA'' ( IJ1A,11ff Children/}/ t
: btrantr shnwtil ;jruilt in every fea- ] Priwt II' "said "And we all: rpt | Aids Digestion gps
L. Milton '' 'am l.vlVnsHt-olH :>A'pm turn but Lim-oln., suffuMil with that ': voti>."-('bka::.. later Ocean. I IMcrvly says I B rcrccmiNc( .POWDERS)! the Bouds, Stir
I The fall of ,
into the handsof !
IVnuhi-ctU.,'.' Miltun p
:"<'am Ar ) 'ijiur pity: for the hu-Llcss that was ever his,
the Child
and Mi
"rfM r- : Koiind tnp.fl.> cheerily observed: n Joke Venezuelan revolutionists hax Costs Only 25 cents at Druggists, TEETHING I EASDM >

I .., )!h, neu-r mind that-no'\ mind it: (;u"wr1'IIU may tlllt believe it but put renewed strength into their com Or mail ii rrati to C. J. MOFFETT. M. ST. LOUIS MO

Hi. \\ 11.1 otrnulirrrv.uilil This is far tame Intm."tlns. I would i i! I've never had an unkind word from mander. TUVTt i.l, .N
I we 1 hare ban 1ld Dr Mi>ff !!'i TEETHtSA Ttftf.'iir Powli-r'i nrr HIM us IU-: .trv
Th.. "11':1: xi In Try is xi-ry \viilrlyil rather yet a letter from a dead man i my* wife in all my life. The committee here having charm- an I trod al jir ,in- tars m>Ji ne. and jr Ira le 1-1 U tadI ta.iili! ma.rJ fr m jri a a
now AITant to tsr three hundred trus* wr .u. thigh it a vrrtr. a i It-n.. tt it*m.ri aiK '
of the | yt
interests of the
titTlI.- OM'r tinMirt.iii' of the t-aitli, than from U live one any diyT'-rhdadelphii It-iipi-ek-Oh.. dint try to spring Matcw party is .. if ,
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F luiiy loutnl iu tUihill ii-:. ions of the TiuJl's.I that old chestnut on ne. enthusiastic over:: the new success. hot sun ur.,urc trnts.o uun..lr tee truubltt u .I. -it t twihini
l.ortli .i-. well ;i< in the sunny t.-liufs (;ushr-U'hut old chestnut: ? The revolutionists now hold the cii.

t.f t1 h.- atilt It i> not a tri>i>i I'ull.lallt. .I Itoynl Iliiil In uuunge. i Ilenpc'cktiti want nii to sny."How tom ports. Ciudad! de: Bolivar. GU na. '

Lon ct.-r.iud t-\ri'it| on niountaiii titles, The 1':111 Mail ( lazcttisays it still :' did you manage; that?" and then Cano. Colorado. Coro. ('aru ano and a ti

1 i- I..t t"llllj South ..f l.tlltllil' :> drprn I remain- a mj-tt-ry haw the chief r.ai- you'll say. "1 never jot married."-De-1 j Barrelona. It is probable that Cu and GIRLS rSHSE'nix I 'm. .

". ortU. On the European eui Ur. lisp :iutlioritii s in church! and Mate trait Tret- I'rcss. j manoa will he captured Thursday our "Blueine." UI per tent. -"0111I1.101, on all -iiiAn iudisp-uab.> HI

.' i.t it ;;ro\vs extensively| from I-iji- ever "Ul\- -",".1 in riiwniiis Kin:; I jI In view of this situation hnti'i-lmlu u- F.TIT.V.: hilly ikurliit'iifcl/ 1 it oi ttn.v -.-.- 1Ou..- bit muk.Hlar ... '
the coin tinier JOU >-\' i uscil in tin ell Ii W 'iti toila hrtnryoui l..rll\l) > .. K
laud ;. id the Slit'tLiii'l blcs to Italy amilii.i'i. Ueorye: ; 1. Having ct'inifresh (ruin his lion It Happened. 1 mittee purposes to address at .IIII'IIU .-".*. mid ,. i. will crud b) i r..'iirn Matt: nor in/-n] ral..RI'I'.. "Blufi, .
I ".'. It is :ilfotiinl throughout; :, native llanuMr. the tirst nicin.irrh tit Mrs. Nexd-'i-e-My claushter was oira w'heDVOU, Gave solJ them return0. <-.. ,'.-tan. i its Imlai ,'. isle H* >.ur
memorandum to foreign nation- asUleg ; lon ISo lilt deiay hut wrIteatuu
I \\ .-L in .\>u. but is uiikiiowii in ('liina | I'.ni'isnirk dynasty was lo his new praticin her new cones rt I. t'<'C last that the revolutionists be re< o ;. .\.lIlr""", (; 1\: MAM: '.A(91 HI'I(. ( O. | >r.t. C IS 11"1II.. I'liil 1'1
ui'l .L&}'..a. It liiiii KIOXVII abundantly I j jt fulijtfN littUliftitr than a Mtl.iiic-M.in ni;:ht. ltd you hear her? ,
nizcd as beligerar.u.It .
>u UK- bleak hills of It-flaiul for ceil- !{ frum the! south ",, 'a.;. Not a word of Mrs. I't'ppr'y-Oa. yes. I i iMrs.

lure .-. it w I',,und illlIwrita from i''I lnlih: (- .111.1 he mush r. while the N"\di>re How was it? I j is generally understood thaT

1.ji i' l 1..1' uinl r.nlili Culuiuliia to thee chief .tfida I.. were almoit e
e in' n 'MH- of the soUthi-ni Mutes and I Ili''rant of < i, 1'11I:11I. Latin therefore, ; that's how it was.-Plul.idflrhia i have intimated that they favor cram: Turn in at the sitiJi

( I I.. ins the one Press. 'Ir.g the request, even in advance of ii;1' .ct

l .tut! 'I hih.irdv plant itb its tiny :I II IKI>>.'!IIIMI ditiui of tomniuijnticiii l>etween prc' or.tation.Haitien. I and secure the most delicious cfln "

1 M.iiUariii- Ix-rrv, iiux lit- Mild to xirtilf the tht'iii. .1 highly! |Himl.tr joke !;' Vit Head} lo \rhltratr. of beer in
< .i the bur of the iMilar t-iri-k and :I tirisinatfd from these singular i>roteedinzs "Stop! Lhufi tisht lioy: Can't we Rebels Cut Wires. yet produced Aincr.vjfeT :

K.-V.-I il liuii'lrLtl ni.li's: !-uulln\'ar.l. ex- \\ hit-h Mated that an Im- arhitratf tb.s thing"?"' asked one of the? Washington. Au!;!., 14.-:Mn::*'

f'i tii.it it is not louiiil }in tlit) basiu of i iiu-nsi- amount i>f had !l.umun: laJ liyMaii'U-rs. ;Pow.-!I. at Port-au-I'rlnee. Haiti i i -- lie r1r Jks bestwhodmiksPMJl j

the 1'10'1'II.ur., iu Silwria.nrinmliHiii pa.ssiIn'txvii'p the kills and his uiiul "Yes. s.r." pantiil the fellow who wan ]bled! to the state department tocM\ "" '-' -

>U-rs 0:1 tin- treat dav. on top.\ ".III..tl3 stion as I've Hacked i that telegraphic communication I 1- .. < J
hi.-, other! !"-Chicago Tribune. rt. .! AH) Pab.st Beer i.s brewed from sprrialh pr. tutrti
eye ;
) lulli-.l ,
I'ort. II tween Port-au-Prlnee and (1ona '.
\ ) malt molted in nccfr ance *, ith the b-st (," '111\0 Ilk'
I.d-l Ir'.ti.: tlil. \xlio .-Ia nu-ill.cr l I 'Ih. l.i\inu "( 111'". I had .<
been cut. It is this "
presumed \
i ods. Our hops arc the Lipsf that can ur
f) proi
tif tilhollM' ot rolllluoli was a IllOit :I Tips wen1 always out of harmony A YOIJ .'G LADY'S LIFE SAVED.At the work of revolutionists as th- ,, nioncj'

ttliMituionman, upon his promotion i iI" with the iitdejieiidewe and suit respei tIlf Panama, Colombia by Chamberlain'sColic have been particularly active !In 1'1'prir.1t \!'. 2, PABST BREWING CO.
true Americans. Cood for good L::'. '
th. 1'.I.a,.:' U"'I"I1'.llt."s enlUltletl I- pay ---
Cholera and Diarrhoea lines of rommunlcation.A -
able li.iliii. liuriii his luirz out iniI work! with no usieanied! : gratuities, inhotels. .

>.Irluurd .II'peal tll the lords to 1'",-- : it-M'turaiits and everywhere else Remedy.Dr. -.\ 1.-:0--
Chas. H. t'tter. a prominent World Wide Reputation.
{r.tllI I loin ri'jii'tiic: tin- reform bill j j should the rutoni. Tips are tlepudinv -

of I'O- "live ttiml.li-rs of uiulltil! IK.U I both to givers and reivivers. and I phy-icun, rf Panama. Colombia, in Cliamberl.iin'-, Cholera and

' Mitts a dish of liranilyvir<- brought I the whole system of tippinz' is unsound a recent letter -tate- : "L'l-t March DiarrLiei Remedy< a world wide < FINE WINES. LIQUORS ETC.S. 1

to him at intertals" \Vhrti lie came I and ineKrusablt'. It cannot endure. I had as a patient a youn ladyix. reputati":s for it- cureIt neverfails ,

lo IIH last Mnti'iii"I( warn you l''j I :\11. lob of any real di>tin<-ti"n and teen| ye.irsof age. who had a very 1 and! i pleaiint and safe to tafep.

11111.1.." .' jou->"i-a. on my l.t'IIII..1! king i j I IiiiIMi-tance i,,'rmits the giving; of tips! |bid attack of dy entery.. Kwrytiling For :ale by all druiH: and clil A.
I Mipiili'.itf'' ,'Oll- r'.j..t not this bill") within Its jurisdiction, and the prae- ( I prescribed for her proved! in- ers. .
LikinIt! tin IhiNark.. hi-iHv he ti.-e of distributing gifts for services.s
etfectu-il: and .I'e wa- ;:rrowinr wor.ePf'Q'
1 >.111'1..1| to il.i tliHir. It is ni-onksJ in wbi.-h have IK-CII amply uu.1't'U irontrnusly hour. Her parents WHf' -ure The fine-t line ol umbrella! in the F O. BOX 4IH. TILEI'HtlreP

tinl.ixcs lit the Lord Chaiuvllors"thai remuuerateil has no lasts -he would die She had become -n city H at J. I. HtephenV. Uo look .

"In* fcinaiiiiil KI.IIt' Bale as if in which is wise and wh..h..oll.'I'r weak that s\\f\\ coul not turn ovr in at them.

r.iyrr. but IIIA} fririuK. alarmed U4Lr jet has there lioen all arirument in I bed. What to d., at this critical ,,

1'11"011.1 III ill..1 bi-pott suffering piiki-d from him the up ttl'tvtstf and worth iiiKilouj a moment's for. this cllu..i.1t'ratiotl.-\ew abuse which was 'I thought moment wi of; a Chamberlain's-tu.Jfor me, Colic but I' If you wish the very best TRY TIE N2V' VENT t COLUMN !

(Cholera! and Jl.1rrr..l Remedy ands ice cream freeeraI1kev'ery
York Tribune.
I'l.u-i-il L'm.i! ly ..II the wonlsai-k. l
s a last report j're-cribej r.inot '1 he lowest price, the Willis ._ --
\IMI," Walllnu. wonderful re-ult was elt'cI..J. '
titer set i.i.i'.. Within right hour* ..he WIrellil: Hardware Co. can please
The old proverb that all thing*
In trope the roxis "-,valuable. as come much better ; tti-ids of three days WICKS & CO.
to him who waits advances a \ erv you.
tlit- rattan til India ami Persia sill at preyly she was upon her f.t and at the end

a very lush past., and there are large and pleaint theory but its literal j of one week was E'lItJr.wtII.! Jour We will launder your rereads for
dirt; ri. ts of HIMjjartltiis in which men li.terprotation makes it capableof jreatmisconstruction .ale! ty all druerti; and medicinedealer l 15 tents each and make them look '
for if it is Plumbep Gas and Steam Fitter
in one
sense like uw. *?tar Laundry.
anil ,\ ..lIIt'\1 are i-mpl..yiil. tin har"t..tla"lIth ,
true its rev ersis cHjually true. Nothing ,
) InillMartli In
conic to him who waits. Nothing conies liiniirin 1'ri'codent.Ednionia Water coolers that do not
Turkey' Ibo row f \rmill:: is larselycarrtiil
to him who waits and dot's no more. -Mrs. Topuotch> is; what 1 waste ice at the Willis No. 6 South Palp-fox Street.
l on. mid a eery nut attar is cot: I ,
i There is nothing in the world that is of 'call 11lI1I'rt| lIt'IIt. All Kinds o. Plumbing and Gas Fiainga Materials Kcp .J"
from tinI'osf lawn in Kashmir | Hardware Co.'s.WEEKLY
.. | any value that has not to lie struggled JUllllda-lu what way ? wr:1ttPi4ANFI.,,"". "."' *.jifi .I A HA
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1 for. -and those Ililiuuiiia-Wh, she is not -
i who sit down and fold a Colonial
ty no In.-.ias to In1 .1.1ipi.I.&s to priee. i tlC11ELL: Ls
their hands o\pectiiig fate and fortunej Dame, but when she came to the coin-
lilt tin attar "f 1'..-.-> i la inimeiiM-ly (j
j !tiring: them what they most desire, uial reception she had on a wore elegant FOR STEAM LIvIIAtt'tVM.tCOI.A
tiKtlaud it tiU.an eu"rru'n1111111'1.'r j MAvergsl'l''U
will meet with the disapimiiituient they i frock th:11III.r vie of the Daines. I. .
of tltivvrrs to distil even a
fe'I I deserve. Detroit Tree I'rtss.Frnhlea..

brut'-, COM TAN Y. ,: tP. IA' situ v 'I IH
The atf.tr is said to have been first l I .
..,. ,..
1 The of Tonch.The ..
distt ,'ro'.1 t>\. the favorite wife of I Trains leave Pentaooia lor the LIUI' IMPORTER AND JOBBER OF
!'('USt.If touch hi man !s most Little Willie; I'a. what does this paper Kayoj, Big r.ayou W arrlagton.XaTj larfand
i Jehan .l. r. through whose sirdi'n ran ; Fort Barrancas at
t highly! developed on the skin, but mucous UJ 'I1U by taylas: it was a fruitless:
a canal of ru't- varr. tin tinurtare of i itbkli *Mi. in. arrive at fort Barrancai T:15
or serous surfaces are also ca- search? 41) HARDWARE.
\ the t.'::nm loiiiid a fixv drops'of : lu.mi a. m. arrive at Fort barranca lava a.nl.iiup.in.arrlTvkt
I paid of convt-yius: ImiircsiBious. tnimepans :: l-'ather-It probably applies, my son Fort H''rr''no... l45p 3
the preeiuuattar or mllilm Iloatin;:. : of the body are more sensitive to the quest of sjtae man who was SHO: p. m. arrive at tort Barrancas 4:15pn

than others and are usually devoid of looking: for pineapples on a pine tre .- "H:15p.m.arrUeat>sn )> p.m. arrive at Fort Jon Barraacai Karraacai B:4Spn 7Upa Iron, XaiN. Axes Sh.ly> li S-.w :Mill and sir mi'1 .I'>

\\ of runionii "lnirer.. I II hairs! as the tip of the tongue the Chicago News.It Trains leave Fort Karrancat lor Penis :Sapj'lie) ?. Cooking and H ..atitu- ivfPaiir: III'

I Mm.'. S.alehtvas in n very sI.1 way ends "f the fiuzcrs; and the 111'';. It cola at Window Ola-s. Uun FiN and Fi-unir: Tirkn

I If sln met any one who s.iuintod. gild I> will be noticed tint these are s. situ- Needs a Tonic. TiSs: m. arrive at .....n.aeola:011. a, n and Tinware ann Ilotl'el'nrnishing c.CJfJtI-. .
IliKjp m. arrive a: t'.D&IlCOI..l1: Agate
pia |
! e she wruld ;'i> ihroudi a whole h..>t of j ated as to !k'"ii us conveniently Informed There are times when your liver i:')I p. m. arrive at 1'eniscola.._,... Iet |.M

f t"'t.hti"1\ to nd lurcelf of the evilMario's 1 of what is guar;; on around u.fhlllll.'rs' .;. needs a tonic. D..n't'p purgative* *:np m arrive at fonsaecla .. 5:45 p n J I[rAUE :; FOR BIRMINOHAM: ROLLING MILL CO,, ,' .. --.1

. fl"n. Journal. that ripe aud weaken. f)"Witt'* ">1:01! :(fD p.p. m.m. arrive arrive at tt Pectaoola Peaiaooia_? -. I3j BXuc., r Revere Oiaut retched Melting: Northampton KI

foible W:1;; "lIIol.ln .lvl I Little Early Uierexpel all poisou .tur4a.onll Wheel'o., Liftm & Rai-d! I'iiwd (,;,.. Johnson- lominp. l\ .

f.mokinj was forbidden at the th.th'r.1 l '| InrTlrnhlr lle.nlt. from the-y-tem'mdact. s, tonic to FARE: FOR Wilt: DATS.febiaeolato -. Iron Kin Iud Kuc-k Stoves and Han!!..w, \\

Le would n.'\er situ a Contract untd Nell-.Iu-t one month azo today Stella :' he liver. W. Scott 1 Ml Highland Fort Harrancai and retsrt t. Coupk Co.'s Raw Hide Lace I>athcr. Ma-ur .
1 VI'.. Milton, 1'a. say"I: hive'' 1' -n;. coJ. to Navy Yard and return__ ii
t the claw*' whioh ntadf him: an exrep- and I acn-od to point out each oth- j Peniaoola to Palmetto Beach and ; Made Railroad Color;
I carried DeWitfa Little Early !Uer reiaro Id
tOIl: to the! rul. W:1,. insi-ni-d. Hevould er's faults without reserve. ,with me for several years" and would- leaner; ICHIDUDI. Masonic Temple. Pensacola. fl

i line hU valet waiting in the IU>ss-And are you still doins It? |not be without them." :'n1\11 and ;1 w ten feather permits the rnnnlng c; ?

, vir \\ i'h a IIlat11nIl a dar ami Nell-Oh. no! We haven't spoken to > ay to take. Purely veiH Ible. I open coHChes.I '

would rll*h off the stage::: take a few I II each ether for twenty-nine days.-Chi- Tney never .iripe or di-tres-. lhr.is' I I Leave lIa.feniaeola.m. Lv foil 10 Birraa.-a. m. T-wJ 1 W. B. WRIGHTLUMBER>> COIDPANYIt

I I v hiI and then n.trrn to a tender love i ago News: ,' Pharmacy. John li-' ppard. ?'id- 11 a. m. u m

i ir'ue. Tiniisir* that! IK Muokisl iotlitm i iI ----..-- :fey Kahn Ip.m. Ip.m \ .
I p.m Ip m (pif
half rod h,' '" honing: Per tFA(1TRERS ASII I'EALf.B'
a ('rt\\\ l. never mo' I lIli. I i Ip.m plm! 4
(" :.a p.- :i.illy 3l..hi>d ":It' Kten ihotriNt "What b.; words jour sister: uses CONCERT AND DANCE AT'MAGNOLIA 'i 4 c.m t m. ,.-_ \ _

l'oIn I.t n.it>ii know bin an.: Harry:" BLUFF THTRSDAYNKtH 4 t p.p.m.m. i 7 p.p.m.m., : r- ;I\ LATHS

TkiK-'i: tlif.v foilowtxl his varriajjo, "\ es: she dm,s when !'he's fkct In.trt'tlu..l. F. TfAlNSATc.eiuAN DI fARlrOBtCSBATrfniacola ,

(.'!t'! ril;:. li.' wt>uld have a handful cftoiis She'll Iv all right after 9:I LAST TRAIN RETURNS to Bartknoai Sary i. i J li.l 82e.LLU
awhile." ; lard gad rl' !grn_.___._ jj. I fitfek S0ECCIPBESSSHIN6LES-
ready to toss to thrul.Ixf 11:50.I TICKET :5: CENT AT paaaoo.a; :o P.meno! Jte e& acfl r
(ions Pyny-Thilaam Stop. the Tickling tat1lro._______ 16 Jr
I *Lt QDC:.f&::A 1. '&mI.Dt IL c..''4.r at J DEPOT.' \o" t.,11I'lnd after 11111. DI I -. : PE .-\COJ.A FLAd

11 11r

-., .. ___ .
"'!/ -- -- -- r. -
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; '


"..- ,


Nasal Don't Treat Symptoms' il
Their ltilit> In :\d\irlns the In. President [j
fflaaa Roosevelt Will Press Button ,
CATARRH I"I.t at Illinium* ];t'D.
Opening Same. Go after the cause. Stimulants cathartics will never cure indigestion. I

There arcluany l..tt.uu-es of where au.tILhle Chicago. Aug. 14.-President! Roosevelt They may temporarily relieve the system but the next meal clogs it again. Tht ; ;
(- ,1.1 lu-: \\.41 dnlJfd into food should to digested. Tl'e nourishment-health-strength it contalM J
will press a button in th > libraryof
I i*'. ,)U I. -.. i. t-n oi pt value in build-: should be appropriated: -tlworbed! by the system. A
suzraer home at Oyster Bay
i:.;.: l.u.sin. '. '1 !.l' Lost eau-ti line is

on t:u.t &... your brisiiiebs Lest, and tonight at 8 o'clock and the sign II ICO DDL 11 t

the d.eotreifcjih a Lnp i is apt to BEERS will open the first negro epostlsaevor : Children

le due L.ir.to u.>iratiou than to effort held--the Middle States am M"sissippl : <. purifies, clean-es, strengthens and sweetens the! tOt1ach. '

IE'O the noitrl!", 1I'-pih 1'kk the Uihtiui'tlve ftature of Pure Healthful, Snappy. ; Valley exposition-which will: T r-IYO This new di.co\'l'ry; digests all classes of food and assisU *

: .. fc'.wriwd. Be .@tJo 1111i jour hturk or busincfc' metLrxls and en. Fully Matured. occupy the first regiment armory nn the stomach and digestive organs assimilating and
transforming it into the kind of nourishment that is
It not 4rjm -d'",! deo to til Sept. 14. t
is ; in
'S ; exj-res it a breath.
OH taken by the blo !.&oe Size, 5'',CPDU at Dru-: I f jou can Coils a j''irise! that exlUfsses I THE AMERICAN BREWINQ CO., I The exposition! will show the progress up !
the the Kodol
....... M. Lomit. Mo. variousorganscf body. cures indigestion '
q jour u'hlral LusiLess idea or of the negro race in this country and dy-pep-la, thus removing the caue of all stomach t
.., \l irren Str t.Xcw York. '
5. I Hu;>h.ihi/ts home feature that marks from the abolition ot slavery 40 years troubles. Kodol rfves such strength to the body that : r

i your store alone jou can make good | ?sULIl IVEflYV11lR1.CURES :. I II ago. | it is: invaluable in all wasting diseases. ,

-- use of It. It puts into condensed form -- -- ------- II I Over 20! states and territories! are' 1 wish to thank you for what Kodol lias done for me." write CllftonOlrt-in.Collett, lost '
\ I!.... 1.tn.-. ---I "It cured me of dJ'pt'p..I.Io&lwrt."rnliln else bad '.!oiled. When I tried Ixodoi It helped o>i ;
an Idea that will get hold of people FOR TOOTHACHE. represented. | right away. I cheerfully recommend It." i

-,- .f tinl 1'I"s fiisU: I and inSuer.ee them it perbistently prebtnted I The exercises attendant upon open. I j Kodol Digests What You Eat. t

: .t"'rt"t ,1i..t:1I1l'l' It- to them. ()i.e fact about your I Itrinrdlm That Do Nut Appeal to tbe I ing will consist of addresses by Lieu- j I Prepared E.O.DeWltt& CO.Cbl..1 TbaIIU>ttecontatnsSmimesat! much (brae'aal. I
IM-II joints is oalUtl measurementas) the trial size which sells for Soc. t
a bu<;II,-:.>! well lodueil in th< heads of1Invple Ordinary Man Today. tenant Governor Northcutt. Mayor ,
\ liMrix. think tP.it DcWIII's Fa Pill tbe f-imou little liver pills (<>r biliousness or [
with whi.-h the in- Is as good, ub a tore that do not The man in dental anguish some- !. Harrison and Rev. John W.E.. Bowen I 13 Risers constipation. sate, tboroujn. They never trip .s}

penetrate. tiias cur>.w with Hums the \'pnomedii president of the Gammon Theological:

!, -T.-atly, fllr assist the if theyipimt You can make people In-Hove about i I }? that fcLoins his tortured gums seminary.Peary. John Sheppard.Hargis'i Pharmacy Kidney Kann. jIp j

arrowyi what you like if you ;:0 about it prop I
nlall: Souitliiiics on the other Land I
!pa >ae tliroucrh tin -
erly. If a ruall'OIll'S to jou today and j he i-rajs. Anustlne! III his "Con- Expedition Heard From.New !

--- tills jou tLere will be a panic insideof foiiwinlates how he once sufferedtrout York, Aup. H.-A letter received I lu l.etnl Troliiiloiilltlen.A I I''
MX months will! no atten-1 Ji'tfnniiHHlouian cause into the
In niilund: and Amrrlca. you psy "dolor bfutiuiii" Hiothadn-i uppiretitly today by the secretary of the f
room (>f tlit' house cuniuiittoc ('U fi
tioll to liitn. If another comes toruor-1 '
i11-! home lifu Is to lie i in an mrCTavntwI fonn. for Peary Arctic club from Captain Sata- I
t row \\iih the same btory he will get i-oulil lU. he jwnitt j not long asn. 1 i
.' u the intliifiu'c on he nut Iopl-a Thereupon uc-1 W. Bartlett, of the club's steamerWindward. .
1 walt to inquire al >ut the pension I
attciitiiin. but will idly wonder
Mini of .\Aiuoricans.' no you Sin \IlX a I'r.tjiT to tioil for tht.ithcr i
( dated Domino! Run, Labrador "
I bill of John lUanL. binsaul..
what is -ttin into folks. The third \
;: ;
St.ids lioine life is a- It> n-j't-at as s..n'I" :
July :26. four days after leaving "
"I hut bill K tloatl. ri'i'iio the clork.
The meaning of the ii.au you \\I1 ttrllt' tIns matter ; all \\.-nun Iht' r !kiitfs the I'.un I Y-c r7)'j
i Sydney "C\erjthing works
llh'I' says:
"What do inwin'j""I
'I lie fourth will pet more of :i : jou
"lit what : Lo i i"Xiver
IIl1tll'r.to..I to lU'itt' \wiit. a i-.iin sajs. i .
I smoothly and am in hopes of reaching
uii'iiii the committee will not ni-
of dis-
and will begin: to see !.igmIs -
jou I
tciiiUr had 1
shire oxi '
aw i I
Yat.kor.s. To toy
ij a
Etah Aug. 5, and there we shall it out.
u"tt'r'llllr'-df. Ij the tune the tenth port
in his!
lia\e il'tIl lu-rii'iutHl i.i (I.Kf.: Simtlu-y j
\ i always pn\ i
will'' 'have> no difficulty in crossing Smith "II..W ions will it stay there?" \
luis m.uie the statement "
!lif,.. nml 1 wrtainlyf man : jou "I.iiV lit .!"'li'i: \\ eii.-V tells! of that '
I.e rwidy to tell foiLs the same story.jourself. that I sound and findine Peary. Hope to "[ html the cud of this congress, and
ond- i-u.iiifiit r.-.n-li \\ 111/1 his own
<- ( |
joisr 'otf'rl''ll = New York :! then it dies with the ." .c'm
i ; see you in Sept. O. with the consn"Now >
'iilil) lie disastrous for | ijoUi atht-d lie i-raytd and the I'MI I, I
i '",.. th, delating ands 1'robably you jourstlf could not bejhitlueiieed !left him. best of news." The four das' run see bore, Mr. Man, said the i

I.nndnn IaiLInIr.ae run of people' are built that I! iHt-m to ha\e Mich ..1i; <-wi"ls fuith.j i I Run indicates satisfactory workof i of habeas eorpus'-Wasbingtoii St.ir. ,

way nnC will belie\e what they are ) \Vhi-i the eXi-riK-iUi ion I IM-JMIIS. they her new engines and that she has

told otU'ii enough.: That is wily an |: ru1l-t 1'i-iir hilosciihit-ally| ) and onSh.iKcsjicaiv's i!: the: increased speed expected 1I..k D..r ano! 8U..IIf': ,
the lIor"f' I Nearly :30,0uo, yards of sausage werp
expresfcive catch phrase does pood.: It
...r.. of horses would I authority toothache of the ANew
II devoured in the deicn days
comes to .,taut fur jou and jour methods ,. Work Soon ]
,. H--J and less for w hips, I finds out ju t tinwo jilaciin thIhiJosoiilnT's +' i I Construction to Begin. buck bwr season ct the Ilofbraunaust

ai.d of necessity remembered i armor of patH'iice.. Intin :I Laredo, Tex.. Aug. 14.-A Monterey, 't :
i.imore tainted in Munich the It made
past spring.
t.lobe. when jaxHlis in jour line are wanted. I Is middle I a;:t-f. the tle\tsiit whotre Mexico dispatch says that workon I Gas Range .,.

I II II I .\ ordinarily used such a phrase is I rackiil with (lain i hltlll tiM-cial! I patron the construction of the Mexican 102oliO sausages.It !

I: of lUle'ahll'. because it is not pro1'r.1 to nh'itn th-.>' coiilil call! for dtlherancv. Central Short Line to
.!. G fett 2 Inches high, I ly hammered into people./ Such a line Is every man's opinion that he : for your kitchen will make
I under :
: SL \/:1l1l1ia.| a uiartjr the United States is about to be com
t tt tie tills of his midJid fchciild po on letter heiN. billheads therrrtU'l I'I' I would have been a great man bad Le > you laugh at the high price of coal.
tineinptror l'hillp. <
ntitiimg The between Pare-
b<.low Lis knees. survey livid fifty Atchison Globe j
stationery en\dopes should jro Into years ago.-
I illdl;'llitit-s had her teeth pulled I don and Lampazos has been completed After you have used it a short time
ad. or circular should be seen ---- --
e\ery out. Ill consequence j she Ui-ame tuith- engineers; are now at work: northof you will wonder why you sweatedover I
al >ut the store and should appear on I I '
ache'b saint her ('emblems FOLEY'S KIDNEY CURE.
tutelary as
Iampazos and next week engineers a hot coal during the
6 fJfj lal.// Put it on n sticker to attach to of which "holding tooth in I
one a Will cure Kright's: Dieae.Will .
goods nnd packages. Let people see I pinchers"rulliciently! testify.tlro under the direction of Edwin Stal- cure Diabete; I heated term, or was worried over

ter will he put in the field across the I starting a fire a winter's morning
what Itsays ,
.- ire n on every hoT of th' nnir.e i everywhere.. If it means And would seem to have U-en 'I Will cure :Mmie in Bladder.
'I join to respond to it. !: boarder at El Pan with Instructions I when a touch of a match makes a
\:1: the Brorno'QuinineTibietj: people are jet another nat ityr. St. Rims ize. who Will cur Kidnpand Bladder
American Druggist I to locate a line to San Antonio.'A Dipase-W. A. D'Alemberte 121! blaze confined to cook.
.) .it curt: a void In one daFoiey's /. : took snixaiice! of the disease. lie was bright your :

-- --- i honors in the little town of St. I'.lazey H. l'alafox.It I I ing utiusels and not heating up your j

Kidney Cure An OpIlinUllc Cripple. I In Cornwall!, ", Iwr.t'lIl4l1..S! of- Cure for Cholera Infantum. I whole body. '

cukes kidct vs and bladder right. A one legged newsboy had be.en bop. I fcreil upon hi.s altar were siI.postM1 tots "Last May." ?says Mrs. Curtis 'I 1 to friend yon want a and nice look present throurh to give the,' TRY COOKING BY GAS.llSCO1 :

pin about on his crutch selling: afternoon I i > an infallible cure for tuvtLada.ClJalLl'rs' .'.- Baker of Bo kwalt r. Ohio, "an infant a go ; I
"extras," and when there was a j child of our neighbor's; was ;;ufI i elegant line of suitable articles; at '
Bed- I!
I i'vzi1 (t good Journal. I I J. I. Stephens, you surely can find Pen Gas
lull in the business ouing to a falling: fering from cholera infantum. The S Co.
II'C I Gnu for the doctor had given up all hopes of re- i something; to please you. If you ',
off in the crowds he bat dowu for a .
I'I'Ll'll'r Fruit tarts and cakes are served outlive I COVE'rI took bottle of Chaml.er.'lain's'Collc -; want anything iu the Diamond line
Marxton $' a 25 and 27 Garden St. Pansaccla Fla.CHOICEST .
t rest. ,
him before
be to
times a week to the crews on 1 Cholera and Diarrhea sure see you buy. (

l "1 low did 3 uU lose your )egT' I'' board frtearai-rs trading between Australia Remedy to the house telling them I j '

asked. I and New Zealand. Tarts are ;i that I felt sure it would do good if ,1,1oy
"(.'able ," he said, with the street You can get house J*
: car i topless pit'H. ,. i, u=ed according to diiections. In two your '
urchin's characteristic economy of
w ords.T.M. "Henry Shattuck of Shellsbury, I. and i< now nearly a year

PUBUCHY( FOR ) tIaU"! 1 remarkiL Iowa wa cured of a stomach trouble since) a vigorous; healthy pirl. I ston <$' Qiiina's on easy payments f FRUITS ANDCONFECTIONERY t
I with which he had been nlllicted for frequently I
"Oh, but it mi-ht 'a' been worse, have recommended this remedy weekly monthly. :

It PEOPLE sir." the boy replied. "The company .i years by four boxes of Chamber- l and have never known it to 1
'Iliiu'I Stomach and Liver Tablet fail in any Mtigle in?tar.ce'" For AT
paid tlu> din-tor and gave mother >'iH).
He had previously tried many other ale 1/)' all dru gi-u and medicine
t \'I .n\ L.ti 1 JU .Lend Cent, That: paid all our debts! and left us $.j . !
her\>r-rJ is leu,14)uI : in bank, and it's all there 'cept ? 10 we !I without relief. For sale by all druiri -------------------- ,

had to take out when mother was sick. i gits i and medicine dealers.A i W. C. ROWE M. D. J
JJ Ii, ,
Ih 1.r>ho.I\ : 14 East Government St.
and I sell more papers than most of ;
I j :; mamma had a birthday recently Office: 17*. S. Talafox
- the boys. ju t &UUilve a crutch. I
and r'\'in,1 as n present from one Formerly Cordova Restaurant Stand<
; \ TO J.I; % U. i There's one of Ill)' customers 110I \\."- ( Irnr (\\BrDlnc. | Hours from -> to w..na. m, nail 1 tj .( p. in !
"Younjf ladies" said an uLscntmlml.I i of her friends a ten dollar bill. .\rc01ll'I i and alt r To'clocK One car-load of Pineapples at $1.75 I
\ \ "n !lnu.-iod furnl- I New l I I ed tenchir of Latin to his cla.s In ViiI I 1.1I1}in.t; tin- mone.was. a note in Ph u.o or;. to *2.00 per dozen. F
1' -
.. I l-nil-'*. "id till".!':JuncU Strictest of per .., 'iiiiiiiI&11 Isi IiiCF"SIN. Ril "I undi-rstand that you count UJHJIIi 1!1whit'h the writer, after explaining that: I I- I

I.t *Jj)1y to-\. huber.Sji.i culling in alphabetical order I she couldn't think of an.uhing tasteful ,
.. | A. J.tlolwiu-Tht: liusband of Ill) ; on you : .
,I \ to (,U111111 had therefore sent the cash i LAW
and lessons accordingly. DEPARTMENT
mine is a most careless! imia ii. 1 :\P''t.t prepare your ,
-- made M-mi tender references to by- I
:> real 1"'I1I"t' his head>tl" t>f lliese d.ijMrs -*. I am Mirprisetl: and disapjminted at \
improved e&n.tll
,I i d.i nml dear old While I
gone s scenes.
amounts low l !:;;iiu- I sec he's lost the netn 1'114'11'IIluet.. Hereafter I warn you --OF-
I il I. on Lohll F:. Brooks. shall U' in at the other end of the ill-, the re< ipieut was sitting with the bill ,
s. ralnfox Ht., Ki'ber th :: to it-his 1Il1r.-'U'a Stones ,
and the letter In the other
1'liaLo.t .. in one hand John BP Stetson
Sat 1 oh -.u.. University
:I :.11<1 permitting toirto drip down upon !

\ 1 ..\\-lMiyou Dfa money? Cnrrrptftl. Ma; Ted went up to her and, putting I Do Xjnncl, Florida. j:ij

nv; Any amount >ou v.aat Visitor-Oo to the pioprietor and tell his arms around her neck, tenderly .
.' I-rlll' a-id lowest rates YOUR APPETITE I JOHN I' roKHKS I'll B..l'r".lelll.J.IUnT: .1. FAliKtH, 1,1,. R., Dean
"hh'l ',m .mproved city real him to make my bill out I'roPt'rly and I skitl:
'Ill Mslier. *u'"j Mouth 1'ala-. write omelette with two 'tV and not I "U'h.it's time matter mamma? Isn't j Fall 'lYi-in CoiniiM-iMfx AV('Mla> O(-(tlIiH'l- 1 J !to:!. :

-U Invariably telU; the condlti yourt"iii; eh. If you do not nt : ,I atwo-vears' course. |einlnn to the degree of .L. KliKUKKK
.. Waiter a few minutes later)-It's all IHl'rd,1I.I't'I.ti I ier.I .
( : : -\1'Mlllu: TH t:
KAK-Tbt-diploma of
\ T KOUKOW MO.NKYinure heartH.and. enjoy it. your -toni.uhi the 1.I\w Department of John B.
your property pro. out of .ifdcr. 1'n't few do-- of riht: now sir-oumt-kt. 1 shilling; two :: Htd"n I'nlvernt admits to the Kar
>f tuln. buy or sell real -stv H'KTHKK L\F sRM.tTtlsN--portliLnwAnnouncnient; of n"L'-.f.mid all other d..
of allY description, havf lIo-tt'tt..r'- St"mac'h Hittt-r-" and notice : teas. 2 shillings.: -London Tit-Hits. 1 Quick Relief for Asthma Sufferers. I I .Ir..d lnforniattou regarding ti,- Law Ii-partiuentuilJrf-,'

'>r your taxe attended to. the ilimprovilnelit.our :appetite ALKKKT FAlCHAH, Dean of Law Department,
Tar affords
: .... Thos C.'At.on .t Co. will u.turn'our food will bepropjrly Teili of Friendship. Foiey's Honey immediate De Laud Fla.
ti I I Insurance agents. Pensn- relief to a-thma ullerer in
; : and health \\ hen ii\es notice that she -
rno(1'.-ratt4. To digested your a woman
4 "i everyone the wor-t "tll f'-! and if taken in timei -
,,' from. os wo will lend money in pneriil will b<> better It cure has moved to the top floor and there Is will effect \V.
i A.
>I. IId": -houst.I -- .. -xd-tf--- Bnt'I/I. I INSOMNIA: UKAI-: 'UK.I.MlKttMloN no ile\ator she begins; to find who her i berte, 121 S.a r"lafox.O.A.J'3TOZ'XA.cure. J\lem-i I I Tulane University of Louisiana.

: DVSI'KI'SIA: AM L'.'N-: ., true friends are, and when bhe makesit .

4II H'III. s'l ll'A'1 ION.: known that she is boarding out and! No OrlOAUS. .'

.. vile for *.'.""-n '.....roolll HOSTETTER'S has no meals served at htme she gets i Bou,the lr.e Kd 1J Hal!' '-315 &r.r f
r Cliasr niut licVilliiTi'i.'i'rt -. bull the root of the matter.
nearer '
II : : : ln>u... in nooil con 5" ue EDWIN A. ALDERMAN, LLJX, President. ;f4{
0 ,
i : front byrtfeet de.-p Ap.
-.:,,1<11I' \ nlllf STOMACH BITTERS. The foot of a horse is one of the most I, full Courses in Lan uaiPS.Heienco9.Knineerin Law. Medicine. Pharmacy Art i

ingenious and unexampled pieces of I Hfjeii Separate.. DepartmentSixteen Build.n Kttenslve 1.1Irarl.. Laboratories .
orksliop splendid epartraent for Women la the '
1'( tit C sA1.I. --- -- ----- mechanism in the whole range of animal : Marston # Juina have\\: Newcomb College. I
---- --- -- Tulane niakee leaders In all vocations. Its facilitIes for
I ) rb" most aesirable lots In DR.KINC'STRY structure. some very nice Dressers amlj In the)-;outb. EiKbty-su instructors and 151 students last '''.Mon. >Un""choUrthlM 11
In theacadt.micdipartrn..nt open to Louisiana bovs.. tlpt'n.psIJI
the KisberAgency scholarship
> 0:1m.y, terras 21Ht; South by ?&IToi : Wash Stands very cheap. t17for p"'lOn. Board allj, 10rljln In dorniltorIis at low rat..... IJprorlunltll" atTordpd Student >
NEW DISCOVERY There's no possibility "cat1..mlc students for 8..lt-b"lp. In the A.'t"IIIIC 4lor
1"lm doing witty ColIges no boy, If properly
without! a little ill nature. The malice !tjtist the thing to go with \ glnli colle UClober>::t' ,,'ork.1st./ will Send' tseturn.daassyfruni for inability to pay tultloll. .st'J &ehion be. !
I. III S, alllt..I-'lah' FOR THAT COLD. of a good thing is the barb that makesit i Iron Beds. Addre" K K. BKU n'-.I'ecretary. ';I

--- TAKE NO SUBSTITUTE. stick.-Miiridau. .. ;
V. :. to learn liarher trade -
\ I ._. ,( weeL* r quiretl -teitdv Cures ConsumptionCoughs, The best physicChambprlain'stomach i --
'II. i iirectlons. etc: tool |ire -WE WILL-
"eturttys, diplollla :rft1t. Colds Bronchitis! Asthma, and Liver Tablets. Easy to \i $t
.Olle e, New Orleans, PneumoniaHayFeverPleu- by all druggists and medicine deal- CLOSE OUT OUR STOCK OF SUMMER
\' \ ,unfi Men from K.scambm risy, LaGrippe, : GOODSat '
1 for 'l Sore Throat and I
ti once to prepare po Croup I

i-rnmeniHer\icP.- ":TIln>t.. Cedar IJyIindtI Kapidi.. Apply"la..to \Vlioopiiifc Cough.NO ers.CASTOR and Below Cost to Make Room for Our Immense Stock of .

CURE. NO PAY. -+Fall Goods+- :

\\'A'I 'l'BU. 50c.andl.
For Infants and Children.

-An- -ei- .perlenred- dairyman.nn 2s doz Men's Laundried Shirts:; fi3 pair Ladies' Spring Heel Shoes. Oet
The Kind You Have Always BougH your boys ready for school. .
I -. lir well"nt recommended., H. UaSt'Apply NGUMI'ENNYROAL i i: regular II, to close at 75c. regular good*, to clo-e quick at o,4)c I We carry a lull line of Boys' foJuft!. j

PILLS Bears thKIDNEY :: 27 dos Men's Colored Laundried pair. 5" Boys' Suits, regular price f!.oQ, '

\\ A good solicitor: will payiinutnion l shirts regularise; to clo-e at u-'ic. S3 pair Ladies'! : Low Cut Slipper, I to clo e at 75c suit. J'
_/-v_ llrllB> s4 OT .r uliiw Clgnatre of
to right one. Ad- J ... L.41e4 -. .. 67 Boys' Wool Suits J
regular $t.25 regular
goods, to close
at *1.05 price
in'ttf ., 67 doz Men' Colored Laundried I I
CrZ :i. office.TKDAlt \ < IIHllKsTKK's" t.LIiTlY U.&) and 1.7"
to close
ID In'll tu1 bald BWLIIC bom tnttt' pair. at $1.15 snL ,
Shirts regular We good to close at I
."b' .fn". Taike..tile.. R.fa.. ? I 120 Boys' All-Wool Knits;
\\ klndi ot empty beer Iturro. ".b.tIt.Il.... u. 1.1'0- 35c ; these goods should in 21 OS Men's regular !
go pair Cut Shoes
,. regular price 1200 to $3.00
Ulri H. A. KRIIDMAK. noTttfM II..... 8.,.' lI"'u' ,1 4. to close at {1.59 i
..... fS.. l.rtluli... TH'I..nt.l.'C" hour. *l.5) goods to close at *1.20 and 2W suit.

PO' 1.1'LV. -k.---'C"- ....4. .*M.ll.Ktttrf I fnr"."I'...,Jl T_..""""'...Ml,._..*. loin b, nwr DIKISESin 20' doz Men's French Neck Balbriggan pair. We carry the largest line of Boys' r
....... "I.-.11,] t"'I''.'.'..tI..S.klrkr-lrr..n..r... V..., Undershirts at 2uc, regular 25c We carry the largest line of Boys' Pants carried by any house In the
." : tXlMB BROWN I-:( HORS: goods,
Shoes of hou"e in Pensacola. city.All
-iTely Stock and Eggs lor sale.di any
... >rtat WlllIsllard.-ar..Co'li. I.estfitAlit mod fatal W all 30 doz Men' French Neck Balbrii ?. Bring your boys to us, we can fit of our Ladies' and Ml'fea'

tld.1 CURE YOURSELF i I pan Undershirts! at SOc, regular 4.Jc, them in any size. i drop-stitched 25c. hose, to close at ;
GOOU.-i.BKlKVKM Tw Big G for nnnttnrtl tasca. !I We. J
> sold by others at ;We. We I pair.
dibsrg.s.tnduWtt0nc just received a fall line
1 \K\H naf ctarer irnUMun. or Icer&twU5 All our dollar line of underwear to of Linen and Duck Skirts. We will ic I) doz Misses' full seamless hose, if

:\ ..,.1 H dealer irOii in,elO.Kalr,St'ol uoods W. ,Uovernment nau. Toilet of Pinleu.niocoof md mentanes.not Mtna* FOLEY'I LL'qL: : ; cl..'e at 75 cent close at BOc for your choice. Some. to 75 close doz at Men's ooc doz, or 4 pair for 2c. }.1'

U: 72 Pair Ladies' Spring Heel Low of them are worth 1.50.. i I regular lOc goods Seamless, to close half at 6c hose-pair. ; j

Cut Slippers, 234 to 7, regular $1 We full line of ] :
L ",,,'(Or" I.'or FtLihI.1t11$. c.entin Uia wrtppff carry a rikirts. We have just received a full line
.-....... -...- -- ..... by iprM, rf pid. (or CcrlihuKfflt&u I good, to close at70c pair. Look at our window display. [of Ladle;>Kid Gloves
in all shade,
F A'KKS FOR FUNERALS farnlsnedvptlT II.OU. or 1 bottle., $:.7S.OreiUr tJI moDI1cfuDdcd. n
wot on
In bouquets oupl'clal deilgaioletu '
by tml-
S. Moreno.: West Gregory rtcofnluH Remember we must have Room and if Prices will Sell
i, 24101 Dint phrildtnj u thi fast lot we will have Room. j

.( U'l' FLwi1I-i.- -- --"- hilt. 1CIw and BUddw froubppJ$1J.I & {i i F. E. BRMWNER'S: I

IOWKR4 and Floral Le lfni- IPARKER'S Qnj I
al detiina ordered loc caitomrei.tt Color.
\I Moreno, 8iS: West liregory : '..:...c. W. A. D'ALEMBERTE. .o 10 5; SOUTH PALAFOX
s 211<11111 ... I j I 8TREET.g2gSOr'2 ( }



-- "" '"'""" -.r ",",,"' .-<1>
,.. ,_. ,_ ,_<>.."" ',' r -,_ _. .,_'>..'... _. ; ... .. ',=r"r._ .



.. I-

-, I GRAZED FROM I "StfODgest in I the \\ orlf i i'


Eaured at tbe I'oU Office at l'enh8cola : IMPRISONMENTI i I Low RatesTO The Kndms 42(1: Annual Ieeemleril.!Mmtnup, tnu i'r \1Ir,,t

FT*.. .coocla.e matter. Very

OFfICE -mfi bunding, Mi;: tloutb I 1 THE[ [OWIABIELIFE
faiatoi ttfffct, up-ttaiffc. FRED MURKLIN A SOLDIER ISjl!I WILL BE SENT NORTH FOR THE l[ '


Terms: Invariably in Advance. --

Da Year by Mail .. .........,.to 00 j; Fred Marklin, a soldier confinedin to train XO.a, which arrived Assets . . .
gUMontbsOB to ...... : 5u .' -!)
.no lU the county jail, has lost his reason, from Mobile at 8 o'clock last Reserve aud other liu
Wk,by Carrier, Payable Monday I Louisville & Nashville R. R. ivies. . . . .. ,, _
i.apparently, and seems; to be a fit :. night;; was the fine Pullman car, the I .

TELEPHONE NO. 118. I subject for the insane ayluir. I'[I, "Alma," a drawing room car with j Hurplu- (from whici: Dideads \ ..- --

Last night piercing screams and i ii twelve sections. I Saturday, August 16, 1902. are paid 7 ,- 1

I I "
unearthly yells from the county jail This car was sent here especially Paid to Policy-holdH-J u!

ROUND TRIP TO 1H01 .. .... . < .- .
1 Arr r5pB8AOOLA i led to the opinion that someone was for use by the many excursionists I '
New Insurance 1 lid!
I in < .
i being used roughly or that there was who will leave for northern points I Chicago $15.00 Cincinnati,$14.00 Total Insurance in f,rre )
AUGUST 15,1902 j j a fight on the inside of the enclosure. !I tomorrow at 12:15 p. m., on the occasion Dec. 31, 1901Notwithstanding! . . -F
1! At some times the noise would sound cf the cheap rate excursion to j Louisville,$12.00 St. Louis, $ J2.00 ti. .,
! populist? failed to find I cml strength! of the SIM- '
THE Georgia
j '
the bark from a dog and at '
E # jhke various points.I I II _
security whit _
a Ulan willing:; to be slaughtered as $18 ROUND TRIP TO FOLLOWING VIRGINIA POINTS: greater :
I others as if some person was in great i I The Alma will go to Cincinnati j holders thereby enjoy !,.\ ,'r..
.L Ih a candidate for governor. are LOW and UUAIJAN: ; : :.. :
pain. i! ;and others for the other points will Norfolk, Old Point Comfort, Ocean View, Roanoke ter than given by oth. r .;
. How about an Ecambla county
This noise caused investigation arrive! either this afternoon or to- Hot Springs, Virginia Beach.
.' exhibit for the state fair at Lake i
and it was found that Murklin was i ii morrow morning, making a train of
November? Are we to haveit { :
City 111111
:i.t Asheville N. C $14.00 Deer Park Md. $20.00 %
or not:' i the one repon-ible for it. He had, : ;line sleeping cars from Pensacola.: iI j ?

IF our local capitalists would get I in his weak mental state objected to I These car are filling up( fast, and i j Niagara Falls $20.00 Chautauqua Lake, $20.00 General .\ ..".

t together and put money into estab- !! being locked up at night by himself, a ;glance at the ticket agent's section I! ROUND TRIP. 3\.19> :-;. Palafox St.. J'E'i

f lishlugmail indu-tnes, there would !: but the rules required it and he had ,I| .card lat night showed the names of ]iI ."I I returning until! -
ficktlj;" : August:: ;1. 1902, indusl\t'!
, somrthiug doing bed s wi.i.iug to be placed in u cell. !I SANTA ROSA SURF
'J 4)ij | the most prominent citizenwho j Throe S'< t ;i'r- Clladl.ta'r \iranl Dining Car. Tvert -

'- for timber. shipments that are slow i He has an idea that the nero- ,I I I II will patronize the outing, going j ji tLm! the'! t'-t. BATHINCJSTABLISHttiHFili /';

m coming.WAMKI -- -- prisoners about him, who I are in pos ,i j principally to Chicago and Cincisi : R. W. SUBLET Ticket Agent Pensacola.

One thou-and experi-:, se,,!-ion of their senses, are given bet- I,'[i i nati. A number have engaged transportation : chowder will i li. -

euced farmer. to till the fertile farm ': ter treatment than/ himself and he j jthinks to Niagara Falls and Old 'i ic.!.i""nI% = :-A. _' can Sunday arrange evening.to have I'- .
laud of Northern E"ClIUbliPell': I ,
that by keeping the notehe other refrehnlenttulleduring -. "
up Point Comfort, Vi. Those going to
jiacola funiHhe the market, and atgood the w"i k 1terms.
prices for all the truck they will receive more attention. : i the first named place are allowed the ."-ee nt.uiaz"r
can grow. : At the time of his trial before J!i ]privilege of ;going through a portionof CHAS.: H i

Commi'Moiif-r Tuui-on the man PENSACOLA CLASSICAL SCHOOL
Canada. NEW TELEPHONE 00. |
discrimination ,
Til KKK apparently no race II ,
I I ) be't. ,'
in the 1 lynching of a showed evidence of ?light insanity, ,! At and above FIoiu:iton the excellent See } r or' .

white man and a negro on the !same I but it was then thought he was only ] new L. & N, dining; cars will be TOBEINGOePOeATED1AND TI.i,1lIlIual S 'hKion !> ><.>iiis SfIfintier 'II- art : 1 a

tree, up in Mi-soun( ; still they g:1"ethe : shaU1min When he was locked i attached to the excur-ion train and F,. lM'J. aril gaud: '-
June I'_
white Hun precedence by stringing I Everybody haa rii. : : '
up this insanity iucrea-ed until now taken the
| i through; to mot distant of this earth.! '
him lir-t. ;piece >IK
up ;''he is undoubtedly crazy, but quite 'tharnless. i ]point on the L & N. Thee car are j WILL BUILD LINES FROM ;:, The aim of this -cho.d i- to provide fight: for it. They tJJU-i w ,

Tilt New York preacher who arrt..ttoJ :' I chance to get it, and get ':
acknowledged; to be the finest of' 'I thorough HIGH SCHOOL and
a >iloon keeper for selling him VOLUl J': PKKPAUATOHY intructlon. -
Kind words have a surpri-iug ef- anything onwheels, even far excelling haveome fir ,
tt gla-s of beer on ;Sunday, and afterward ; The ::school of e-peeial[
arre-ted for accepting a ; feet on him. He pays no attention 1 1I the fine Pullman dinerThey i iI PENSACOLA. intere-t to three cla-e : to otter just now. and t'
wa> : I 1. Tho-e who having completedthe I you to come and iuve-ti.
bribe from the aloou keeper to In I I j I to threats ef being locked in then;I It !I will bw started from Mobile. :( ---- grades of the public -clioul! w i-ti! You will never regret h.,*, ,

the matter drop, now wishes he I dungeon and even laughs in the face It was first intended that the I to pursue their studies further with. po.
i i I Application for letters patent will out leaving home. ,
i1i could bribe the saloon keeper.H 'I of the jailer. Hut when Hherilf-i iI small ) t-ction i -
be used
sleepers I be made on October 1 by the incur- | Tho-e who wi-h, with the aid!
ft'l' ., : the I energetic t:11 orts of i South goes to his cell and talks M from Penacola, but after the cars I of |lof the careful individual attention CONSUME
j porator the Southern States Telephone j;: that can be given inmailer cla-e-
iM Pcii->.&cola'- cotton factors, there is kindly to him. Murkliu become. |had bentarteJ: here the orders; and Telegraph I and a longer "*e-i i..n, advance! 1; After July ;51 the oflice ai, i1. *
I t'"t'Qrt'.1..UII to believe that this teafvu'n very quiet and -ubmi .-ive, remain- were chang and the I I more rapidly I than is l'o"-Ible for room of the.. tvn-iirol.i Gab 1 *
bu-ine-s will be nearly double upon request with headquarter in Jack-ouville, i them in public school at Nn-.and 27 Ea-t l Ir: *.
in;: that way all night. This means Garden -treet
larger ones sub-tituted. the ;i. Tho-w who are fitting themselves
Times-I'nion and
1'eiiyacola I gays Citizn.1'
wtiat it walat
year. :
c. F. ZHSi'jtf I I'
for .
j i is now resorted to when he com-1 college.In
j A noticeable fact of this year's '
frunliseto b
in the, r-outh. Growers ...l1ou1..lIUHtl.ate 'j mences to kick, rear and yell. i iMurkliu cursion is that many; negroes are |be W. S. \\_",..t. J. W. Harwick, M. thou in English. Mathematics, Hi"-

t'efoie they ell their I, is under a charge, the i taking advantage of it, and last j 1-1 tory Oeouraphy. Litin.etc.in-truc- This weather makes '
|Gillette andV..
M. Bo-twick ,
Jr.,1 tion is olfered. ii-ii/mii < '/,- tuition You
trop.Titi.. penalty for a conviction of which is in gl'lU grow. can '
i niht one was supplied with tramp1rtation and: the authorized capital will be 1| Greek, French German and Sj an-
ish.; The chuol is conducted the keen cutting Lawn Moic}
I II at
in Florida. He ;
is the
; :M. Luui Republic want to.I. man ] to Niagara; FallIt is I |ij"JOUI. The purposes of the company corner lIf"t'.t ad-den and .springtreet and Grass Shears frolh '

kuuw if "it d"t-?u't make the soul who, some months ago; is alleged tohave >I II i understood that a large number shown the *, in a building which I Is to
by announcement
I I i Willis hardware Co'
k to the Americin be arranged to adapt it especially to
.1l contru-t in
made a criminal assault i iI :
upon |hive: signified their intention of
:,made in :advance i.* to build and the needs of the -ehool.
mimetoday with the American in
j jpolitic i a young negro girl near Fort Jirrauca : i making the trip. i The number of pupil in attendance FRANK
a generation or r-oago." \Ve operate[ telephone telegraph is limited. Hence tho..e de-ir- h

don't knownine of those great and j jgtN..l -, the occurrence of which set J JI 1 The train will leave at noon tomorrow ,i'I i lines in the -tate of Florida.In I ing admittance should communicate

pats titwhoe memories are the neuhborhooJ in a ferment of : i the tickets to hold good for I the pro-pectus it is stated that :i,; early as p'>--ible with the Princi- water -" i h.it'in _
for white
I day ;i" I' ''iii\ *
uow uielloued by time, h ad only i excitEn:ent. He h is now held In de- pal.For ,
a j, ; fifteen day The tickets have beers'placed |the company will build lines from I further information term- and compartment f '! 1 1 a II

thirty-cent reputation a ;generation fault of a bond of t-HHO for his dpi > on sale in order that an expected catalogue addreH. -* tendant. eal"h.. -' i i i'
Jack-onville, to Fernandina, P
..r MI ago. I CLAY AKM-TKO.V.: bath: houe in v. r' )i.
I|,, pearauce before the grand jury in : rush will not be *o great as it sacola, to Miami and Punta Il --u-I' Principal, 1rPEri'tv'Az.H.lVttat.tv cent. h t: \ \ -

I,ENERaLJon :N B. (iHO.IIwho: i November i i otherwi-e would be. 'i' : J U., Cor. CVvalloii"t: t /.u i i
with many: stationintervening.; ,
-- -
it Unlay the i lol of the Confederacy, |i The I'nited statemarshal lately I j Among tho-e who have already i &itaut.ATTENTION
fhe applicants for the patent are
bas wiitten a book of -ketcheand i iptTi'otialiuer'uf 134 134 134 134 134

the civil war, which : received order- have hi- clothing j secured ticket and Pullman berthsare I well-known bu-iae-s. men of Georgii' CHIPLEY LIGHT IN- t .'_ .
and other effecteut 'I
H now ready for the :>re.*- The love | up I : and Floriida. FANTRY.The 134 |S'Anton's 13-1

Mud reverence given to General Gordon Harranca-. This property haall i it For Chicago; -Mrs. J. C. Cater, I ,:: Telepto! :,

,,here\er tie known, will enhance !been received at the jiil. ji Mrs. Jeo. W. Turton, A. A. Brook, JUST LOOK AT HER.
j member of
; the vari'lu" .
j ) 1 "I. 134
the popularity of the book ]: Whence came that =printlytep.. ; ; "V 'M"
MrA.. F. William, Mr. J. CM for the /grand moonlight hopto R\
and make po--e--ion a distinct; i l 'faultle-s kin, rich, ro" complexion, '
: BAND CONCERT ATMAGNOLIA ; Pebley, Dr. W. A. J. Pollock. Frank be given Thur-day. the :t-t iu-t. :
hal'I'IIIt'tu ins admirer. smiling face0 She looks good, feels M34 134 134 134 134
are requested to meet at the '
I Mar-ton, MrV.. J. Vidal, Mrs.; N. 1! good. Here's hereecret.. She' ue armory -
'i 1 tonight; at .::ilJ o'clock. It i* important -
itt "re- .
TIll: Tampa heraldays Dr. New Life Pill. .
. BLUFF A. I'i..iu.*, Gen.entworth, Mrs. King' Re*tlltI that every member attend. Do .want a magmfii :
ol the probability -
crtit anuouiicbment I all organactive, dige-tion good noI for little If
W. A. D'AIeinbvrte, I.Mayer. JudgeJ. Jxo. MA& EY, i money
of UoveriuT Jennmgbeing; the | 1i I headache, no chance for "blue" Stephen, the jeweler H11'
1 t'mted Mateeiiator from this E. Wolfe, Capt. Dixon Heed, Mis- !1 Chm'n Arrangement Coumitt -ommodate you:
next !
, them I 2jc. W.
I Try yourself. Only at
.j Clutters'Concert: Band entertainI'ed -
-tate meeting: with many reponeafrual ) Genevieve Coupon. 1 i A.

the -tate '". The worth and several hundred people at Mig: :, D'Alemberte'i and
" prr
Cincinnati-0-car Maura, Mr*. t REMOVAL SALE All kinds of chair
ability of Florida' chief executive I i nolia Bind Ii-t night ou the >ccaion :,
Ut'- W.
I ) Clutter Nathan G. For- BAY EXCURSIONS rocking chairs at J1 arsffinQuinct's.
recognized oil all rides, and it ispeculiarly i, of the regular weekly concert. \! OF FINE JEWELRYI
tUtmg that the of I cheimer, Adolph Cohen: Max Mey- ij1 Prices arc rrrif

the ttateDould take advantage press of j]i j With each ticket old was given I ersou. Mrs. L. J. Reeve*. N. Wei- NEXT SUNDAY willll1'\'e low.
of .
the of mytock J"w..lry.etc.
his itt>- -iice from the state to hay r-o j;p' guarantee a good breeze by land, Mr. Ad.uns Mi- Annie )1,1.- ., sometime between now and i

many good thmg" < about him." tl.e I genial ticket agent.; Such a {I roe 1 The steamer Enterpri-e will run Sept. 1, to the store now occupied by:

i;i thing a. that, however was: unknown ]{a"s & Co. and meanwhile will give SLOT SEAMS oi
Tin-iwhat might be called ai I For :'t. Loui.-F.. Mar-h, J. S. two excursion Sunday: to the Life special bargain: : so as to close out a-

"ptH>," opinion ot u;. It is credited ;! in the city. Aylward and wife. ;j :Saving station, Navy Yard and out much of my present stock a- posible *i PING-PONG EFFECTS

11( CJiaK.:. Waller, candidate !! The crowd enjoyed dancing after to save moving expense. Call
to r. For Other Points-Mi i-s around the bell
Morgan, |[ buoy, one leaving quick and get big: b irarain; .

for Iinitenant-4o\ernor; of .\I.tl.&lna.br the concert program had been reu- I Mi-s Wheat, MiAuon; Will Kun- 1 at u a. in. and returning at 1 p. m. tf J. I. STKI-HKX- Tho Iate-t aii'l '
th* Kvergreeii Couraut : "II !* ----
dered.Foley's. : and the other leaving 2-o and t
: E. Wilson. returtling ionare alway- mini' ipreted
told hi- tieartrthat the 1t u I-lature yau. i OYSTERS AT NICTPOSTLE'S .
i I| ;at 7 p. m. Those who go on into JSntterick P.
bill looking toward the ; Kidney Cure: i ia medicinefree
pa-red: a pur- from ').ironand will cure any LOOK PLEASANT. PLEASE.: ; the ui'irnin trip maytop at the i :Septemberuppy! ,-

cha-e otNet Florida and the)' hall ca-e of kidney iie| oy tertoday. Try : 'em.N
nothing but poor landami pOllrcIIlIJrt'lI. beyond the r : : of medicine. Photographer C. C. Harlau. of '
\\1 if theyo de-ire. Refreshmentwill A have
and a mairmriceiit harborat A.'l) Alemberteli'l&cI" S Pilafox-t.: Eaton. U., can do so nuthlluilh foryears trip i IMILK.FINE :. dre-sum'ikmg in'
I : couldn't. because. h" suffered be sold on board at city prices.. and 111.k'f'r our -t" :. .
1'ru-.iculaaudthat we would have ; untold agony from the worst form Round trip ;.15 cent. al2d

to be lived to pay for their 'chool- RAILS LOADED of iudietion.11 physician* and : j STATIONERY.C. .
lug. I't"l1.&l.'vlH.uIJ want to retain medicines failed to help him till he ALL WERE SAVED. THE FOUNTAIN
tried Electric Hitter*. which worked
the whole of her revenue for school FOR REPAIR WORKTwo -uch wonders for him that hf declares "For years I suffered such untllidmt..r V. Thompson. No. 11 South i an ui-truim ',' *
Mobile doing \' from L'ronchitiwrite
w a. to J.
l'url'lI"t':1" they are a .rod-end -utterer-* Palafox ,<' '
street, has ju-t opened more than it e" -
from d and H. J hn"ton. of Broughtou, Ga.,
day. -flPp"la
trouble. Unrivaled for dieaeofthe "that often I was unable to work. new supply of Linen and Bond I when it ia -,,1I1t

PK, tK>M>K AMiKEWS. SUperillteudeiitof carload- 7"; pound rail- Moaiach Liver and Kidney. Then when everything ele failed. I Paper, white, blue and ;gray, with 10 fie, \Vat"r.: > fjGRAND

i ublic schools! Chicago I I were l loaded: from the re-erve They build up and give new life tll was wholly for cured by Dr King's NewDicovery Envelopes to match Oxford <-ize. ; the be-m
supplyon ( Consumption. My wife
the wholeyftem. Try them
Chocked the teaching fraternity by Only suffered al-o Foreign Mail Tablets with Envelope -
;, North Alcautztreet yesterday' 5'IC' Guaranteed by \V. A. D'Alem- intenely from A-thmi. tillit
In* H' ertion tint the uunurrled individual berte. drug i.t. cured her. and all our experiencei to match. Ink Pencil
nadrfrct- <>f character ; in : and ent out for u-e ')i, the diviion. i to show it i* the beet Croup Penholder, BlankbookFile*, etc.. EXCURSION.

I A bit supply ha. been medicine in the world." A trial will etc., always hand.
ub-tauc he iniMutethey, ; are placed on FISH SUPPER convince you its unrivaled for on

moral degenerate and have no place Alcauiz street from the steamerat 'Throat and Lang di-ps..Pil Guaran Phone Y:#.

i (Iu rocIety.Vill the learned pro- riving from time to time, and the BY THE SEASHORE 1 teed free bottle*W.:*):. mid 11 'J""). Trial bottles From Hut to Cold
at A D'Aleinberte's.
inform mit the
muchly-nur-j I pile drawn upon ju-t athe railare | Dysentery is prevalent
rid uiembt of society mere.i-es hist '! Mrs. R. H. Turner will give a fish In summer and i is due everywhere:

morality and lI..efuluewith each i II need. Tke yinallf-r rail* are ued supper at the Turner Camp Friday | SPECIAL ORDERS TAKEN. poisons, and begin abruptly to miasmatic with
i in the limits and the P. & A. To Marianni and Jliv
city on
I .U\'ct't'dIIlO marriage? A man ill( night for the benefit of the Ladle*' inflammation of the mucous liningof
division. Aid I"ocietof I will leave in a few day for New I the large bowel. In America the :Sunday morning, Au,;u-
i Xt'W''Ik aocu-es a woman whoa the Pre-byteriau Union at 6
:1 depot a. m
i'i church. Fih and crabwill beerred York and other Eatern market* to disease is common, but properly <-
W14 lII JIWttoll tie uurried nt'rIi buy Fall goods and will be I treated doe nual excursion over
in alltries.. Train will pleased! not result as serienslv as ,
s of hiving nurr'ed sex min afterhe Your Liver leave Union depot at .:30 and I to take special! order for anything I Ii in the tropic. Perry DavN' Painkiller Round trip to Mami "
p. m. Junction ; Fr
; I.1.; W. '
T;' M him. I* tin- Wl'Ul.IU eiiriu! times return at M. A deli htful evening; i wanted, which I will buy for myi j i* the best known remedy and Mariantia. *25 : tfl P.-,
11 \\',.i be =tij its natural l all customers to the be-t advantage. ; the most tllicacious in the treatment '
{ more tit to grace society and the rou to duties promi-td who attend. Fare {3. Ticket* good for fly :
and b headache and i 143: JuVO EAS. of dysentery. .
ur for
y jiii'fs the mOLd
'Jf field ,.f letterthan the unmarried I 1 ocsnpati-n be -ured if you takeHood's children. 10 cent trip. adult 20 Hatf cent*; ___ j r turn on any regular ; oPurchase -,It, ,
tickets at'
If b- (fcboolteachei, :' Ball Bearing, keen cutting j The finest line of sterling silvergood For further inforu.'

i Pills Foley's Honey and Tar Lawn Mowers at the I ; and silver novelties I is to be ROB h
I'JDJ'I\t&I..m "f'IIf'U' f"fIt Aaay.lad found at J. I. Stephens': Prices P. J-.
saga a ryrn\r rod of rel...t IUoJ ce1d. I Sold by all druggists. 25 centi. .i i1r: chjJdr nS8fesure.'oODI"ffJ.. Willis Hardware Go's- 1 please all. to Excur51'1 '


tie .

.- > -

11: ...,. ,- >".....A, .-c"' "" -- '"",,:.- .--.."..... """'-......, .__. ",,"'_'"Y'Y'r'' ,'T./. _. > ..., ,., "'"" """"4 >"''''''' -; ,.... -.. --.-...-...._.,,-_.,-..,,,"-..,,..'- ",,..,...- io.'. ", -, ."" :

rr.- fH




.- .

No. SQO3. i It was necessary for the tree to come I ;
C.O'NEAU President: F. C. HORTON. Cashier; I
fj. f ,Yice.Prnidenti; M. E. CLARK Ass', Cashier. down: at all. ;

When Chairman Wood was seen rwwwwww

AMERICAN NATIONAL BANK !' :about the occurrence he said he had '

.< given permission to nave the trees f Jr r
OF PENSACOLA, FLA. \\1 removed. They were directly in the P S/r "

street, dangerous to vehicles and especially -
Designated Depository of the United States. : ; so to trucks answering fire
Condensed Statement at the close of business Aug. 6, 1902. I'I alarms. He ordered the trees cut

level with the ground. He added to

| RESOURCES. LIABILITIES. his! statement that "men should be
Receivable fH: ,7jl.fc'J Capital Stock ;200.000,00Ipaud
-Jill $$
17,91420 allowed to conduct the affairs of the \15SSESH5H5 ESHSESESZ5Z5HS
Loan Surplus! 10,000.00
odf&ft..... : .. ...... 1,023.64 :Net 10.000.68 I Ir city government and cot women
Ii Bond" and Premium... ...... ...... &J,2O.X) Circulation...... ...... .. ...... .... .... .... 75.00000 -- -- --------- --------- ---. ------ -
E tot' k'. Mcuntes 2,625.00 .54'9406tunitnre :and children.

LB. and*.Fixtures. 6.jl.l..lataUp 499.12 The marshal said that it was up to ,, $-FOR THE-(

tM! led Exchange........... ... ......... ....,492,41 him to carry out the council's

-- I orders, and that the reolution,
*!64J,294.4: J649.294.74
broad as it was, would be his guidein

4 PER CENT INTEREST PAID ON TIME DEPOSITS. all matters! of this kind. He was NEXT 15 1 DAYSEVERY

he his and
.. I! 'sure was doing duty
I would do it.

B. H FAIRCHILD, ONE MORE CITY BOARDANDJOUNCIL1 I The matter is expected to turn up

u r II: 0 I.I: B TEn En.: some new features when the council DAY WILL BE
38 EAST ROMANA STREET. : convenes.

It. I Refinishing Furniture a I Hood's Sarsaparilla builds up a BARGAIN DAY !

specialty broken down system. It begins; its

Phono -1OCJ. GIVEN A TASTE OF PENSACOLA A CLASH OF AUTHORITY NOW work risht, that is, on the blood. -- -- ------ -. -. -- -- -- -
---- -- -

R. K. WHITE, II Not a DollasWorth of Summer
I ----

r Manufacturing. .Jeweler I Charles Clau-ell, colored, was j A clash of authority between the EFFECT ON WOMANKate <$ & Goods to be Reserved <* <-: :;a

-"llIill. Optician, I'given the limit of punishment in the i city council and the board of public ;;0
1'cnvarnU, 1'1. I city court toiiay, =o f ir pertains to -- -
work with
neelJ1" imminent Nichols, colored waa ..-
impri-onment, when he was sentenced
I the oddgreatly! iu favor of the coun- patron of Saturday nisrht'- eXcur-ton You Know What a FORBES Bar
by :Mayor Jones! to work iu
5252525252525 cilmanic body. :' to Mobile. to'he cause back :itt p. m.
days on the streets. The negro! did I gain Always Means to You!
EVENTS; .,: The chopping down of a few apparently yesterday and twenty minutes later
1 flY _
not reli-h this conclusion of judgment
worthless trees will be the ,she; was in the city jail on a charge;
at all, but he could do nothing

'; \1)) PERSONALSSZS252525252J I II. other those than in the cowl room.at the court and I I bone number of detailed contention.of oak herein trees, yesterday which had a I j jAs !' of the When fighting.depot she she went found to a her woman!home named near Ti51!; wm/ Di An ijDU;ud O n p !

As soon as he had been so sentenced i % ::;::.
r::). : been standing for years on Wright i Mamie Dirlmg there. It wasn't,; ..........-.--.......-.-..-....----....-----....-..-.. ...
he made an excuse to go I a
Lie ten is visiting street unmolested were ruthles-Iy any of her "darling," so she begin

..1.I ., .\1." 'I down stairs.: It was thought: that he ,i iI cut down yesterday morning;, and !j tolimba-t Mamie and was arrested There is a Big Saving Awaiting You

i W1)uhllJ1akt: a break for liberty, but ,
; K I:, IaI "'\!.' the the colored workmen who did it by Ofllcer Miller. in Attractive Merchandise in
I outside of taking longing glances
: :are today.Mberg up II were arre-ted for a violation of section I j She secured bond and was paroled
and down the -treet from the front ,
of Mobile i; I lit! of the city code. :, until today. Early this morning she All Departments !

!_' and -Mrs. K.; D. door of the station house he made no The negroes were Ueorge Carr got a razor and chased a negro man .................._- .-.........._._...._...........
other He will be on the
move. put
Tom Davis, Shad Jou!:'-. and Bill I named York Davidson with blood in

Minor DeFuniak streets this afternoon Gordon. They did not appear this I her eye. York ran the faster after a' ?
Mi-, a. II. Millinberte Clau-ell's connection in the teal- W. J. & B. fORBES.
morning, but in their stead and in : chase of three block. He informed
fug business was detailed in THE I
their behalf Local Manager LelJarou I Ollicer Spottswood of his troublesand
: H home XKWS vesterdiv afternoon. It was I
was present.Mr. : they hunted up the woman. She
t t"he attended that he had furnished Tol-
the Mis-es i (proven I LelJaron was sworn and explained tried to run away but was; captured. !
iy bert with two watches which had UwJMUU WN'v1m11'If
I that after permission to :Mayor Jones assessed a fine of SU>
been stolen from railroad men inl
,1 I V. ,. M change the telegraph line was ob for cursing and fighting.NO I .
'I: :Mobile. These watches when presented _
i district, tained he had gone to the chairmanof

,....uviII" I to Tolbert for iJeutfficatiouyeterdaywera the board of public works, the I You Buy ThPin at the Boston shoe Store, They are Good ._

I : quickly recognized I Ii. BONDS
i. I city attorney, the mayor and Mr. i
'[ and tint defendant went on to tell
I' 1. 1-; u'! 1 \V. H. Hutchiu-ou, a member ol the

': .Is t...... :. '- :| the time, place and circumtancesi I Ii board, from all of whom he had re- YET SIGNEO : Satisfaction and Service

4 h/1.1. W lrre i i i when he first received them from
received the reply to ahead and
.- i ..J.\'. 11\\1: 'MM:
I the defendant, ClaiHt-H. ---
run the line us it was laid out.
I'r: and ;MmM Clan-ell wis in :Mobile at the timelofTolbfrt's
Further than this he engaged a BURGLARS AND ACCESSORIESYET
!i :r rrrr wedded : : arrest, and when it wI1..1 *: Boston Shoe Store Shoes ;
li--. J.V.. Sen- carriage and! rode out to the place
... told to him that he was to be broughtto IN THE COUNTY JAIL ; :-
i happy couple"iry. I with the board member, showing I'oi'U.Ai.
1'ensacola the new acqui-ition to
them the trees in the way and asking :
this of thieves hurtled I The eye i is 5ati.t e,1 with the style an I fini-h ; the'foot i is satisfied with the
.' Ely 'If this city, : city's gang II how about cutting thtul'n.. 1"p to noon today none of the negroes I
; perfect fit and absolute comfort; the pure i H !satisfied with a fair
theatrical: manMuta around, got enough money to buy a Both of them agreed that to remove imprisoned in connection with I price foruperior -hoes that will give .lietterservice
.\ ; till week : ticket and hurried here to listen to : I
them would be a ;good thing the burglaries had secured bond, than those purchased elsewhere.
-- -u the new llijotiu the trial. H,. -nd !h.. knew Tolbert's i i ......., .
I ''. he I" the le'.t i.. i Mr. LelJaron said he called the and it seems as though securities /
wife very well but did not know herPrnug I
: will pen :4Ppt.1'. : foreman of the work. :'olr.Vel h, will be hard to get. I
hu"' bind. :
i. :dif iff in:il ;Mitch : -- I: and informed him of the permit just It was thought that Jlogm and I'' BOSTON SHOE STORE

iii'I.$. brother of laz : obtained from the representatives of' Whorlewluld. be able to get out in ,

>.ity. will regret tow A NEW PASSENGER : the cia'r.. Wel-h thanked them. ; a short while, as each of them are I! :\TII.\Ii: /:. I't/lt'llllIMIIf: : I'Wllrit'tul'

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S"iNC PARTY ST. ANDREWS, APALACHICOLA'I hauled to the Pearl Kagan Orphans' !J amount of bond in each case; from i ifc i Union Na\al Store Co. Bathing in the warts nilf\ waters Is

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i.id. Major Harris, : der"tundthat IIt''lthtion3 are I! I'pon this explanation, the mayor will again be Increased to-morrow. I.._. n... ...... n_' IIII l' ,t hI'IO.1 ,0MrtalTa I 2m.lf ;Manager.
pending for the purchase of a large the of The charges against all of them are i oJL
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