"Id.o w bile t..tbIDiI. to discount the effect
0:"' ro. :t .oothn Ihf child.: case of kidney disease that is not i I Wood That for of a continuance let n? do something to redeem thee
... Baltam from tTetorrrern you pay extract is important
d&' the reach of medicine. .
ay..dpatfcurrii ad beyond of
..ta. ,t" r..mPdy for Uurrho. A.:D:Alemberte 121 H Palafox st. IM in rjAi'-BaUam.Uo o.ri.a cure for cohI.Foley's .. but what you get for your present conditions if thej pledges and make democratic gov-

'y "v.. cvatt a bottle. Try THE NEWS Want column ; it Honey and Tar\ J'onma cots more because of discontent and away from the
-. M r. W iov: .'.IWo': : terfuge for the politician) to get Into
..4- ..Jt4.r al: d. will pay you. cures colds, prevents pneumonia. worth more. voice of the common people, it is to office with.;"


.- .
----:;:' b '- c ,

'' .___ .. l r ... .l-L ...ll',. _l..L..IJ- .. _,L lA .... "
__ : '"--.4 >1\: "" <1'h. "' .4. -4tr"t"J ,I91t1H- _- .! "", > r- LlJ>,. = _" ->. .. r- -


----- =
.. ----
- --- ---


I I 1 Return Show Increase of About .

c*ccac *-f Large Attendance on Convention at feel it my duty to tell you what Twelve Million Dollars. | a

> Mcnteagle, medicines did for me," writes Mrs. returns ONLY SERVE AS A MASK FOR
tA! Atlanta Aug. 4.-The tax
OCEAN TRIP 1 Chattanooga; Tenn., Marshall, of Whiting, Jackson I I! 31 counties of the state have been received CONTAGIOUS BLOOD POISON t
Woman's congress held Kansas, Box J39"I was severely
( To NLW YORK BOSTON % :i: session at Monteagle at with kidney trouble and female { at the comptroller eeneral's office. They hide its repulsive form, and this serpent l-\- .

In less than three months j Of this number 55 show an in-j I stupefied by these drugs lies dormant until the tff. .t3 /
t ALLEASTERN J{ morning beginning
AND 'i i this trouble became so bad I could hardly i i crease in the returns while 36 have j have worn off or treatment is discontinued, \\'hl It

i RESORTS fcj tional exercises. Delegates around the house. I suffered almost decreased. The total amount of Increase I breaks down the mask and becomes ai full of I ltc 117 d l '

r/. tm"\tmf\ t':. ent from all the Seeing concluded your advertisement to write Dr. |I Is $4.964.131 and the decrease j I: Mercury and Potash may dry up the sores and erljt; : .; >

i rlte 3 ,' organizations.The visitors were" paper After receiving your kind ad- I is $1.438.814, showing a net gain of time they drive the poison back into the blood and *\ -.t- .- .,. .

I immediately began taking your $3,525,317 In the returns of general upon the tender tissues membranes and nerves fon...:? -

( OCEAN 5TCAMSHIP COMPANY. by a delegation of After taking two bottles of property received so far. most disgusting sores and even destroying the flrb. a' .
.J L WJ<.\.I:>- Si Ik'k ut I beaded by Miss Josephine .
of Ocean Breezes Prescription' alternately with There are }'f't16 counties to be Mercury and Potash cannot accomplish a radical an l ;.. .
JO Hour II chairman of the reception of Golden Medical Discovery,* and They have a palliative but not curative effect tm tr
heard from including all of the counties upon i
Sailings each WeeK Miss M. B. Pilcher one box of Lotion Tablets' I am like disease. These drugs mercurial Rhennn
produce :
.. 3 from Savannah Ca. board and Mr. W. D. (' : cured. I can do all my own the containing of the large cltiE's.1th The teeth and corrode the membranes of the stomach and butt: ,
exception Muscogee.
..... IJr.... ..j..'." r !, phis, chairman of the without I nation and dyspepsia nervousness and general dtrangcrir' :
"'r. : t I'q uar .. 1 I trouble. containing! the large cities almost
,...,.: r '. .i-t. '.n ....0 .'PI'. antnurd'' ..r mlttee.j j S. S. S. is a Specific for Contagions Blood Poim. and t' .
,Lair .I'I .. if ',rl\ftin r "'.. : xtr f great always show an increase in taxable
I in r' r'. u. a.. 'ill rrn !'<..T t. "J M j I j I Mrs. Newman of New i n for the peculiar virus that spreads so quickly through
01. rt '.. 1x1 t. .a'.,.,"'1 .r.11 '.. I 11uP ul j property every year. Judging by the
1 ro. ... r. ". .k. f 'i dered a vocal solo : .- I corrupting the blood and infecting tvcry organ and fibre ..! !

ro.l. .........0... aow. ...fu.r. .- :',! lowed by a recitation by Doctor present returns however it may be !I S. S. S. destroys the serpent '
..... t.c a.... To Ult'd- "I predicted that the returns of generalproperty .
r CM I : every atom of from t.e'
l 1. t .ma. fl.
( nOri.|
R f < I
.. -.4rn. ,..b. 1.>.. ,.......!.. 111.OKNKllI 'i A discussion. "The to all will show an increase ol I thorough and rad'c.il of the dI :
......a..IN.. .......1 /gal. +..1w.llM.n.. i, I 1 ii something like J8.000.000 cure
Our Midst" Vial led by f or more. same time builds the ii !
r11f"";l"j(" !""'(f"'ti 1CR''tr 'X'Zt'1 ,i ." ( up )gentt
; Campbell. Y I Good increases are expected from Ful I contains no ininrd!< of Inv km .

KHKM'H: SCUKDfI.EKollowing Mrs. Mary Jewett Telford ton Chatham Bibb. Richmond Floyd vegetable n-mc-fly and we otter ?I.O for pr.x.f tll the t "if iVrite .

< the congress on "The \ tl tlL I and other counties, as the value of ', us about your case and our ph\ 'r. un>. w'1!l < .

i Is the schedule of the ing." after which a city property has been on the upward I without charge. Our home trtatnur.t l. ><'k well! re !-. r.t .

uveriirPntsteamer General French I i. meeting was held. ii trend. I desire it. THE SWIFT SPECIFIC COMPANY Atla ,, 1.

wnlch THE NEWS prints for the ,i The feature of the : The returns of railroad telegraph
of the merchants who ;ship -
benefit "
lecture by the noted Miss telephone and express companieswhich Foley's KI.lnf'CGrf> will cure all Rubber hose .
their good to the various: army (I.
i, Carter on "The Subject are. by law made directly to dNea,es ariinz'from diordreilkidney
poet LrsYre: I'l-n'iacolft .. 7ii a. m. Hour with the Brethren." the comptroller! general will sho I or bladder.V.. .'t.1)',\tem. I' the Willis Hani t' r

Lrivr. tsrrsncs.... ... ..... 7:5 ia. m. ', rt about the same increase this year as berte 121 S. Pjlafox. .
rnjr.UI4m l.rll.
lA.lA..I"rr"nca."", "lclIf.n. .. ......_. "\0:15;Inn a.a. nLLraf m. i TWO THOUSAND .W / last. 01 about $o.oo'), Od to $6i11',0'In.( I I tad matt,a WW -i. I I

,. Pt.n..cola .. lu:15 a. m. This will make the total net increas
and then Pocket cutlery and scissors You will have rtloaergardeu '.
Arrivn f.nrmncHi a. in. i ;
State of South Carolina lIL of propprt'alul's in Georgia this .
inakrt a trip to t ort Iclt.-e and thra relarn 1 if
to liarrancai. ; Number of Office year something like Jlfi.ooo.iioo to $l:": .. \I from the rincst to the ;: 1''t
l... Karraacai ... 1:15 p. m. ;
Lar* Pii-knin ..1.25 p. m. Columbia. S. C.. .\Ul:. 4 01'fi.nti'' ulnrh is about $l2iM .iin0 lois cheapest, at the Willisl' i home and > ". i '

L IVnin.-oU ... .. i.ki p. in. just three more weeks ol than '..-tiar's" increa&r. hOUlh :." !ua:. '
t lAB"> Fick-n. ... .. 5:15 p.m.ArriVft Hardware Co.
" HnrrancnH 5:11' p. m. and makestrip campaign The state has Th. in. r'-ase in general taablnroi .- : rVtfWOIIIII, W.'
. to :McKand return. I >-'b:and If -he! wil. .
versed in great part by flaft year was about $f 7u'r.'
Ou Wfodu.-d..tv-alJd..lturda\01. the '+e FI. MllWIF'IRy.; i Thus. C. Wat, on &, Co
'B.HraIlCa.'Ia'Plck neoLe cf the : "i"i .:Mi together with the railroads
boat wl:1' l"ave United! Statfs senate the 4 < .tiii'. n--t gain for 1H01 amounted 1 The ujidfr-i, upcl tak' -t'.1- 1::t :1.,1 ; l leading Rml Fan -'. i'-
t tn* for } "UsII'ol:1: | at fiJO >. in.r .
.a *""t )tltnu;{ her -,--rvIcea- ,.58r:1 ; sliow lit,' 'W' .
The (t"iieral French is fur army itldtrfor: state offices. to more than $.!.IIOtI.'I 00.Hct .
j I ,-+ iiet-u-cd midwife, I"IV- > )Uf
rurpo-i-- only aud any out-id-r mu-t The people have had a
Wave In Kansas i I In;; had 35 year experience.Can | --
have H pa from the 'lu.lrttlmbter oratory already, and now : i i i
give beat of rf'f..rHce (turn Lily a WfM' ::ir
o take ra.qfo II i her w.ll be piled on, for there Loan Is Authorized. I Wichita Kans.. Aug. 1.-Today is I
I I'a leadinphY'oicJlu; : of thi- city.MRS. .
1rtt-sndidates in eacn of hir.itol1I_' J .-Th Mate r!c the third SU.t'i'e M'orchyr Tin M. (tiwit'xejltf f,01lthe I II'! llr': > ,'/

STEAMER LINE SCHEDULEIVrarul.i tie, seeking for county :: .' has it>r" vd| th' fnllowln!? temperature j it, above the mOo malt mSoutn JJE-VIlIa.r.'t! ('Olllflll11.'l.

traverse: the counties even i!i' ? from )lllJl-I. r S.|Iuires. ilat>>'l 1 I There have been nu hot winds to inJure

uughly than the other p Aiifj. 4th"The house hay I the c'orn. but a continuant tai .
OR. MOFFETT'& Cures Ct..a
un I" eu ai.il Millon-lloallinn state at large. In one :I 1 "' hill authorizing loan $;{;} such heat without an early lain wi.i] O..rrt : '

denies 1 premiun rate of issue. 9f! i .IIOo"1 cut down the yield materially.
II.II> h \<-rit Suiulay.CITY are advertised in per tile Ii )>

papers. Oi the Sa.yno : interest 3 per cent ; r'! eem'l "t VfILtMu'tAas ell ,; <
; state, hilly 2tMiO are ,: in forty years' j iI His Sight Threatened. Aids D. ,)IIlle

I.YI.1''I. ,' am 1.'I'.0.0Ia.1.1II'pmJu 'i 1 year. 1 "While picnicking la-t month my (TEETHING.POWDERS)! BOlo,( '
t..o..I,. ".111111 Ar Miliun .*':it>pml to Receive Kaiser. ..
11-year-old boy wajoionel by
,U" "v. Kuuii.1 trip f I.i"" i I t. Petersburg .\Ilg.1..-E\t.-nei\0 | .-ome weed or plnnt1 -ays W. H. the\\.
i Dibble ofilonx City I.i. "Hi rub ... MIY:_
-- i I __ are being mad tor th. :

SHOHT STORIES. of Emperor William on his i bed the poion nil hi-i. hands ill to his.i Whuv, tanii.dDr! JMIef'- ThETHIXT'r:: -P :.r r.. '. ..
Sixty-Per Cent of Southern i' eyes and for awhile \\,0 were afraid an, it.l if fr_l. r, u h,.. ,-.,,1.. m ,. ... tit I.
ng visit to Russia. He will'1 i .. .
,' DO" am 0to t'- '.h''I.nl'd..I-.r. "ia a..n r n. ha. J. r
Mrti,''''t nary I is the oraaU.ot la the to Combine. i by the in the 'he would love Ins isjht. Kimllyu Uinting' ''P..' nthrta.1it '. l' aniri. fifth.if ."',"'Il" .t .a ", .tur. i .
norld m >rtiou to the imputation. \\' lmin toll. X. C.. Au:< czar roadstoa 1 II, neighbor recommended DeXVitt ? bat lUll ut urrr.i mew to jUJu!? i:.?truaUri. I. -.1' t.'i-m.-
prt ;iH
:\ and together they will wu Tilt HM\K KVMil.X ilK (i I I' H
: Under ood. of New York i Witch Hazel Salve. The fir-t .ppli-
The I'liiteil Mates weith-r bureau --
I the maneuvers of the Russian cation helped him and in a few dajs
cnpl.nn mere than 1.4.W trained oiflciaU of a movement to off the Island of Carlo. I he wa. as well u* ever." For skin BOYS i ,, ,
iit \**> statiosis.Tb" yarn mills into one i ti"'a..01. cut*, burn -calls wound, and rSr; 1 : '

II ".rat"; years output of precloui : has arrived here from I j Four Killed In Collision. liu-ect bite, DeWitf Witch HazelS Ins our "Blueine.. IU |>rr rent. coninn<>.inii on nil .al. AuludiihriU .
I '
I .eholj! (/-, !erImly rn. II !htdnk.IIter1i t>nr th.! I .
I i iItluf
i 101
lurtal* for the white world Is have a consultation with \ X. Y.. : : surf cure. Relievepiles at ..,'. ,. ,. ,
I Aug. -A head-on' Hater yin. 'r u-ed Iii WH !h> \\ III '"I } l.rfi.niur r. i- \
Binrtj-ttve tons of gold and u2 0 tons ofllx.r. once. 'Seware of counterfeit Har- some nif eke 11odpeailb.id I\0 i i "J' ii.I, -e'd.|..i n | ml> iiii. e. '
.. I a special coiam.itee '! '(' between milk trains on the Pharmacy\ J.hllhtopp.lrd.. Sidney w hen you nm" auld tin-in r." .,m ..1iir... :'Intl.1. u. 1,41110.... lib .
p in the formation of the i and Western railroad at Hor- Kahu.I'MNani'. 'Ion I ho not delay: hut a nit HI "-t., .
During the eruption| of I..a ?oufrleretb I Delaware .lddr-i.GI.t' :\ )t.\\: I..U II HIM.: C. llri't CIS JlIII III
,, has
The committee is I II county resulted in
1"'I.It' .>f Klnv>towii. island tit St.Vlntvut. '1 death of four from lie >nrih.Til Wood I'I I
I S. Keinhardt. ; \\ persons thevreck ,,
t.trritrl umbrellas to keep t S for"'n l'yu-lii..1Wio Ut xra: t curt fur GOu;U. '
I: MonroeV.; L Holt ; i ij of two engines ? 'i he ditching! o? |
rte Just b"w'rs. I. I ROYAL STA DAHDrIlIS\ hhS p ,;
j F. Morrow. Ilutherfordtoa; ral cars. lie dead are all rah- ;
U"WlluJr..., has Issued its criminal 1 .
I anis. Four Oaks. emlloYt's.First IF YOU ARE j

..tati..ti'-s fur It> 11. They include U-i I i Mr. Reinhardt says the I I I Years Old, in Casts cl 4 Full Quarts, at S3 20 pernms ,

laurdkrs. HH attempted murders, 2,71(1 dcr"I I LOOKING FOR BARCAINS
thtmt'l"wr is : I
,, pra tic-ally Bale at Sumter, S. C. F
II v.iultami \ 'r.1)(0) thefts, bur-i (
i'I nearly 6.p"r r< nt of the S. C.. Aug. 4.-The first hale : <
;iriiti and s-iundlew. I wm Kr.Yi-.ii-: tllledat'I
in the oath base agreed | cotton was sold here Saturday
The buildius !II whit-h Edgar; Allan I I _L Ky., Di-tillery, an I Ifully u. i'
Itw e'ht| .M| the iutbiru Literary Mi'sI I I cents a pound. It was grown For the next ten days I willell I tJt"f..rbllttllll... it I- ab..nlnt ..i.v i IIe' '

.f'D icHt Uiiition! Va.. is still standlac : LEFT PULPIT TO ,i W. A. Bowman whose place is : you any article now in -tock .tt a I. r Ki-'l: IM ijii.-dity by :anyVhik .
-- the city. It was the earliest by S ,ii. iii.it'r where I'rfdul..t. Tli" >
;., ami it i Is pmioxed| to place a suitnt'U. Ministers and Laymen weeks ever in this market. discount of L'-'J: per cent from the re,'. \ 1 i- 'Ihtyt.ir.; ..l II when bottled III

(uw11u'iuorntive tablet on Its walls.Tb test with Sunday i, lIar price. Think of it-you will! Its ..xc"lit ut iUjity. i- the ch,. tithe ;
d'-ii' ..( the pre.idein's flag is j -- ---- -- have market at that price. .\* u loH
I i) diamond
on a ring
I! Lancaster, Ky., Aus ". "- '' 1'ruprrtir nf nlih.iue. ,
ab- int. iv this--
to l itlttivil.! It now b >ars the ctmt of HII puretimulaiit, ;i-
anus vf tin' Cnititl States on a blue Garrard. the opera house olden times cabbage was supj>o inirkjnJicui' w

t 4.L In the new flag; thirteen stars I nolr!',; livery stable with endowed with marvelous medic $ <'). See ; you -save 2.j; cent on i'..intentIf purch.i+er II;>. ,i 'x

will fiurroiuiil the eagle l and a sunburst I and twelve vehicles. virtues.; Anton? other things, it every dollar's worth you buy. Now the w'' i-k. ;y. I- ii -mti-Iiwl wit!. 'j .

shoe and clothing cunsiili'reil as I'eing the only rad- can feuin.\ the -.uiie: at our ex5i.; .-e .11 d
will radiate from the stars. esta i* the time to buy your diamond; or
'I F. cure fur Uraikfi'.i". Cato. writ- will tie Minified.All .
S 1.Tlff uTirieii of New Turk t'ft>ntlIIUS"'Ut'I..11I drug watch or any other article intock 't' .:.der- -h-'iiUi! be ic.-...11u i ,ijcurrent" b..

jury of millionaires whose I burned here jvsterday. uf the clhlrlcr..aiii. "U.tlH. U"l' very che-ip. Call and examine EIGHT YEARS OLD .' j>-,.tol1i\'l' UI'.il"\ nni' r IM k ''tl i 1ft. I

Mclth a-'Tfu..1; over a billion dollar i about $.V>nil l); insurance eablin_ialmiu: time lIa'l "dune gond... Remember this otter i+ for I !, ?'k pre,. Hi ,:.' y "r-er. \\'.- I' r..r" Iuiy N.r

Tor throe I Services In all the pbysicinujoy! or* years H.luk "! nieic.uit!' ll: I'.u! "i i
they each avernge.4 only ten day;. Xo trouble tohow !'A1DAo

$1."i'i a dsiy. and the populace Is I abandoned minister sood. J. I. :-iTEl'HEXi.II I
'I1Oi'rin joining the fire company YOUNG LADY'S LIFE SAVED.
"r.wm''' bow they squandered tie to extinjush! the flames. ; :! .Smith 1'ahfoxtreet S. A. FRIEDMAN,

y. Colombia, by Chamberlain's

"., Ik..n..ltrfal ..!' ",'r. i I Colic, Cholera and Diarrhoea ,. S i'KnF'KIEiuN I.ts.\, ,L1 II I I
: Head Almost The finest line of umbrella- the "LF
\ l.un ,' llii!,liiiid ipK-kiiis bundle Remedy. '
; up j
i Charlotte N. ('., Aug. 1. city i Is at J. Stephen: Jo look *% i <3O.
heni i .
fn ni talil." What have you t'ut-r. a prominent
.it them. ll.l.hl'IK'M
| dy. a well-knnwn colored IIOX
cute? Soiin-i :.n:.: fur meV ,j of Panama. Jol-tuibi i. in HISKEV-]
city met awful
I an death -- - --
VouiiVsfi- Yes.. drtir. I trust dawn- letter -tatf'- : "L .-t March ** MTM JT f W 1'

town this ie.r.liz -\pres-ly to buy ,| street < rossine ot the :; :is a p'ttieut a voting. Lidyix- // you; wish the leryJest a A-rmrnMAN.. fjfnull4! ,-very cU<- .if I.1, i 1'1 .

bbl'rl for i luipe rflu'lilikt' them. |' way. Haidy attempts! r bulk b I'tle.I w'1. t1r ..r -tul it ,
\iiii. : ice freezer at fh e
track in yeirof a;e, who hid a very' cream very a' dw" .
iront of an t>n I ar wiy :
Vi'iui;: llti"'l and--Like them? Of1ri'iirw
I attack <.f dy-entery. Every lowest price the Willis
I'll l like them if you bought I I Imdy was cut into pieces .. her AGENT FOR THE FAMOUS PABiT BFfcR-
1 :; I pre-crih d for proved in- i'
was almost Hardware Co.
tU-m. Hut \\ h.itire they? seveied. and !Ore wa- growing wore can pleaseyou.

Young Wife-Tht'y're nightcaps dear i iI hour. H..r parent. wereure .

lward you tell l Sparkles this morning I I! Theodore Hostetter would die. She: hid become -d lAZICKE&CO.

that '''I''I ;''<> dour to the club this i, New York.u 4.- that -he soul not turn over in

venlns with hIm and wet a nightcap, j jaud Hostetter one of the What to do at thi- cntie-il'' We will launder your spread foiIB

I made up my :uiml right away I I Ittet of Pittsbiirg. is dead of was -tuly fir me. but I tents each and make them look
: of Ch.iinberl.ini'Colic.' like uw. Htar Laundry. Plumber Gas and Steam Fitter
I'd sate you that trouble by si-e- | wa? a son of David and Di,irrl.u-1! Remedy and ,
las that hid hi the house. i and
some of
Jim gas magnate : la"'t
resort Tlie
pre-cribed it. Water coolers that do not
Just open th. pun-el 1 Iud try them on. :,, Hostetter spent cinch of wonderful rult: wttlTec'ed..
No. i South Palafoz Street
: \\ou't you. lo\ e';-- E\l'bane. i his yacht. While on one eight hour--he wa feiln;,.: waste ice, at the Willis .
All Kn( <1s 0& Plnrnbnu and (h. Kluiu.fi htertal" Ker'
be contracted the malady : : better : inside. of three diy-: Hardware Co. 'so ..;1.-10..1+ rt7s .....r. .t ". a aVL
\1"1 11111".tlllnl. fatal.I was upon her f..t and at the end

"I thought ,run +.1141 this was a life or !i week wa entirely ell. For
I \VKES1 LY eCIIfciUU L, *
!...th \1 IM1.1' "on led tli<' sleepy drug !, : tall druL' 'itanJ Medicine

bll.II"1I l I Ovation to Young FOR STEAM DIVISION .A. : A.
ft L who lw ikrned! at 3 a. m. V e ry
j I Madrid. Aus. ....-King _
l'jr a wail \\ lio \\a""' '' a two cent strike is Again Renewed. PtCOL..\ tLt.C1HIc.Ytlt1tl'l
I journey to Oviedo! ':; .
ttamp. continual \ ew Or! 'an!'. Aug. 4.-\\' nthI' KA1LWAY COMl'ANY. 51'11 > .n t 'Ie I I. I .
triumph. The
">n it k. dt'dan..llIw mall: "sj it Is. !j ot he Cumberland

1'te p't to mail this .letter to ui> wife j de< orated in honor of the showed fOI'ol'k Telephone- Trains leave n.acola for the 1.1" IMPORTER AND JOBBER OF
'' it and crowds which up to/li\ Kayou Big Karon. Warnngton. >is TJ Yar'
at tntn that .be! may get It In time to of .
th. at
non-union men wenrn and Fort bftrrancaa
jvi-Ijioue her return home long euousbfur j the town hall (' ('
the ( That action on the part ol I *:JO". m..rrIT\.t Fort Karrancn 1:10e t HARDWARE.
nit to time new mirror put in the young monarch who luiua m. arrive at Port Kirr Qc laW i..
IlCIrlur and the .all rt'I''lwr't.1. Some ot a baUony I and company reopened the strike and 1 l-.mjp.ra.arrlvf at Fort Ksrraaoas 1:45 pt
mf'n't.o were lUlU arrive at tort Karraacaa 4:15
put to work were p.m. PIl
the l the with Jions.
oys hji-nt evening me
d off. The t>lpC'trlC'31'tlfk'r! e:15p.marr1V9atPort Barrancai I:00piB : IrtI.\all..AJtI f v. ,- iwMl 11.1-'. '
;: on arrive at Fort Karrancai 6Up.D .
Lirtt.-Jude. ;IJU p in .
i.kn ai.fJ H" ,MUI :00: v. f-
Hoc llcllrr. New Mjpj'ljes
---- Orleans Railway j: Trains :eave fort fattiness for Pe&ia
The <(< oinrdr "' rrl..'... : Mikt It's nifsilf that all1'(0'11' to work. and company the St cola at Window tild--, ( uu1 1- 'i* ....J 1-1" i./ i .

l.ut'rWhat. made jou rite up so : day was Saturday. 8tteet Railway Ida am. arrive at IVnsacola yO J.. D Agate anil Tinware and HouM'furnMihu': (C. III< '"
I I Pat-And for company to. RAMP ip m. arrive at PansacoiL.11la (.&
ciety. lMm" iia? wlioy. Mike accepted the ,_,_. .
terms of its men 2:JlJ p.m. arrive at fensaeola 2:805atl : .L "
Wmoma-oh. I got so dead tired of I i ".
*,fin!; fully who are nobody\ trying to : ws;iis i\ory djyV" Death of Presiding Elder. ,, 8.45 7:0ii p p. m m. arrive arrive at I'eaiacola.aao Pensacola.. Itip p', II Giant Stltc' J J.eitnv. N..rJhalDpt..1I t'lae..Il'

art like bi>ui .t....>dy and i"'vplo who are ., "I ';:l'l'ra. I wish every : : '. Ala. Aue 4. .:\atard.710:17 \\ -.., I.qftJr..k n-II.II', wd cO'. J'>hti-n -
6t'nlt'l.\tl acting like nobmly.-I'uck. ilayl": -RMEI- razz FOK watt OATB.I -fllll l.e. Iron Kin/: und Uurk h\- -i.d Hut ?

"Ye des? And for what ? H. Ha\\'kinl. preMdine'eider! : ol I Feniacola to Fort Karrancai retort MI f up- & I":" lUw Flii" I. u-- !., .i;.( <-r :'1.

It Need* a Tonic. lIl1rt'. and shouldn't I Lafayette district of the Southern, Fenacola to N ivy lard and return._ INi Mad Railroad Cotta
'i i Peniacola to Palmetto Beach and retcrt IbSUJIDAT
There are time* when your liver lYt'Q" day and draw m | (church died here Saturda;. ICHCOUDI. Masonic Teniulc. -1 Pensaf la.?
; ) ever after a ten da ill-
,need a tonic. Dun't give pur.ruive: '5 day before? -Exohanse.! ; ( >s' When weather permits the ronnlcg IIOl""n
The deceased was a coabee.Least .

that ?ripe and weak"n. DeWttt'Little A World Wide Re $ in his church and leading had a! f Liaool. Lv Fort Barrinca ::: W. B. WRIGHT>> COWS1( !
Early Ki-er* expel all poii>nJrom B a. m. 10 a. m,
(.'h 'ur.bcrl.uif-1''he. > He
j was
thevteti and :icy a* tonic to : a son of Or 11 .. m, ii m. ;

the liv r.V.. .Scott .V tl| Hichhndav. Di irri.ei It-'nt-dv !1:1: : O Haw\ns of Di.ievillMr! 1p.m. 'lI.mIp.m

M: 'ltnn. 1'.1. -iv"I h ire rnputiti 'r: for it- cur" I! \'hr.'a: < :.fy! ;31 years old! anti i Ip.m Ip.m.p. m. )t t "r& MA.NrFACTrkt.iuiA> : I"

c rri-i1 lj e\Vitt'< Little Eirly! Ri...' f ul- u.d: i- pleu-fit l'.I a v\ ;; an. ti! "t" (!I.::,!rI'IJ Ip.m.I p, m Sp.m.p m. f- -- -- = f LUMBER LATHS

wttb tne foreveril! years tilt wnuh For -.IIt- rutil dia'- '-r- : I p. m. r p. m. ,
not bt' without them." :-n1.111 and I : \" reron* in rhi. cnmnrtnitv Flat FOB CFDAT I :

"I"h' tak" Purely! vegetableTney "uff..rino' from kMn..y comnhint t'eaiaooi ro art Btrraooai Siry i ..'
never znyf"T <\\tre-\ H rcl erFoiey's coulj voil fatal: rsinlti bv n- hard ted retnrc! ...._.____ B. J uJ I If SA WEn CYPRESS S81ti0LE8- t. "
Kidney PDiicoa to Palmetto BeaoS acdNotrelght
Pharmacy: .:. J. D ? h"rrr.f.Oij.: FnUy'd K'dner CurV. A. ..'''rll._______ 110 =
Lt1' Jtfln.: sakes kidctys and bU 121 S. Pliifx.. caved aferlle p, m. i --.r PJo: rI.\cor, AFt \


"" :r.r'7-r:;, .. ". < -..'".' .. ,I""W" "" -".7.- .-- -" --'. T .a. -. ,-.. gPNNG + --. '-.' q n ____ _, 0..... o f ,, ,.' .





itt Naval Officer Passes


.rouuu.i'ore! ,} Is the fate of sufferers from
Pure Pale and Sparkling. Bottled Only at the Brewery in St. Louis, dj tpsla and IndI rI'.ttoc.
..t > the dpcd eon SOLD If your food remains undigested it can't build up the

.. : \\h.! cearlj cal EVERYWHERE.THE : Monthly Report of Statistician body. In fact, it does actual damage by decajlcj la the

( h" stomach and j 1'1IiiVnltJtbe system.KODOL .
i aI during tt.t1':1. -- -' rv U
- "
a.it the home ot !! of Agriculture. ( ;
his tongue nnU dallied with the collar 'OOA'r1 I
I Digests
'> :Monigamei DOCTOR
ATPLEASANT boi.e, IUd by and 1 by he said: '

.! 'iit.;oniery was born "Yon had a fall but jour collar bone !1 I t TEN YEAR AVERAGE OF 82.8. !;lAIlllli+1 .f{ What You Eat.

\ In IJI7 and [roe.: Is only bruised! What ails you is organic :I Ihll'1 i '
.. war broke out was HILL I 111"1 F Kodol: is the sensible remedy. l\ytJlj.'t''IUnjlwhstJoa\ .
weakness of
the and if
heart Except In So-ne of the Western Statesa
traffic At the bat : eat strengthens the billy and at the same time rein
you don't do exactly as I tell you : the stomach. This reel wwn restore* perfect health.
Deterioration -
'!I.' played a conspio-- ICopiright, 1:11.: :.:. L> C. B. Lewis.) I jou'll be a dead man in week.." More or Less Marked / 1\ Cathartics and stimulant only reach the syrup torn.

a:No was at the bat I 1 We misers of Pleasant Hill decided "F.ut he can't raise his arm. and that Is Reported From the Entire Kodol: cures. It Is aturt"s tonic.

.n and New Orleans to Late a din-tor When the raggvd shows u broken collar bone," protested Five years ago a disease the doctors called d j,p-p.U took such a h"M on mr that I rt>ol4
Cotton BeltWashington arcolyRo. I took quantities of peptnandother mullein-. but
tithing At.
helped mil.
.at his fU-it. He ,, disciple) of Csculapius. came to camp Tvthllill.. I drowning man grasps.5 a straw I grabbed at KudoL I felt an lnimirDiral at once,and tfMf

:'. ri!, Ld cf Jefferson I with his .lt.'Ll'l Jim Ia\h i tae comluUee's "Pots it'r" demanded the doctor as Aug. 4.-The monthly a few bottles am sound and well GEORGE S. MAKH, AVonx-y-al-L. NvxvDk. Tta.

!...- p.vps'pht! 12 years sn>l.isaiii. Kiid to him: I he felt for his pin. "I don't think it reportof the statistician of the depait. It can't help but do you good.

:r r.me had lived in "Stral.ger. do je know jir Lmieis u* dIM. If there is any one here who went of agriculture shows the eter- The Jl bottle contains 24 time i a.much<*rtul m.-aturcmf U th*trial.!,..w hloh elite f"r iOd'

II d(,dor 1" wants to pick Lie up on my diagnosis, age condition of cotton on July 23: to. l'rt-p4r.. by E. C. I>eU IK A ('0., ('Meat. hold by all d.-alrr

I w hy"- Dcwitt's ft ttxtthini, healing applloaltoa t> uI
"Is tsar any rntttr }ere as. says I have been 51.9 as compared with 84.? ailed Hazel salve akin dl.--. I"'wal'll i of cusal.rfelts r plif'l. sores
I' '" That was enouph. lie was not picked I
Street Car Strike. duu't: llt'UI1.JI' rijht Lineal wt ut back, for his up. lie dosed Tom with some of that I John Sheppard,Hargis' l'hartnacsfdney! Kaliu.Ma .
v\ \ ,1Ug.. 4.-Noi-i j j : truu.Ve 76 on August I, l&W; 84 on August 1,
"\ want who kin tell! gliiser. ordered starvation diet and
manifested here in'i somebody a 1899, and a ten-jear average of 828. .
blistered the boles of his feet to draw
broken fioni ot feer. I
-Mikp. All! the i leg n ease typhoid -
Except in Texas and Oklahoma Disln't Know Him.
the blood from his heatt. After four
onlinued Jilt if the II e
I \ :ml jc are I I
-nietn here
I and | which report averages of condition on
this chum
days of treatment
the i is The last l'I'jtll.rI
uian job
:,mi!union nun, but.unmzed 'I'I-n. '. July 25l point higher than last
him the mountain Silver
took to
:I over I
t.M.i! a ship! I..kl.e Le tl'I'uhll1'oll1 IJ.trI .1'I.
.t but little. i I City and there a doctor fixed him up. month, and Indian Territory where
him fur djs-jcpsia instiad a broken ., I
still line thE It was all in tIe collar bone. The Silver there has been: an improvement of ti I
rich mistakeas
Should make
je any ,
.' ,,mil plead with all that" e'ilIurt..r didn't fro; back on the i points and Missouri, where there is no I| ) ; S

\> M: union labor not I "I never make medical or surgicalblunders. profession, however. lie explained that ; appreciable change, a more or less It \ leit44t

.j' Their pleaJfsf ." stitllj interrupted the new all the sjmptoiiis pointed so strongly marked deterioration is repotted from ) Ii I IdIi' ",1

ill. At to heart disease that it was only by the decline I I'I I'
> pres I doctor a* his Land went back ic'.iin.; the entire cotton belt, j I

:In- no one to settle I ".\i'e j t- a (--eiu.it%e cuss?" luck and chance that lie caught on to amounting to 1 point In Virginia 2 in 11 I \

'turiLg districts! And the stranger drew his rc\oher Our doctor suffered somewhat in his G in Tennessee 7 in North and Il, l I ; h

[i u'k with eggs : from its 110L k r aud looked around him reputation now and then lint lie had South Carolina and Alabama, 8 in ,) ( li r
I been with six weeks and r
I for a human tarjit. The committee ad- us : was carrying II Georgia and 12 in Florida. There is f I
; things with n stiff: hand when Pete ,
ml'l.tll.is! action He was a doctor with a marked absence of uniformity of'l '

sand. lie was pnmd of hi>, profession Il.rpir[ was struck bj a flying stone conditions In the states making "iY y. a ;
amid Lad his skull fractured. He was
i stud would light fur It. The next day | most unfavorable showing, not a few II ';'
6 I Ij ins: unconscious when the doctor arrived ,
I he tnti-ritl ujn-n{ his "jol% and word i counties reporting a condition far ,j jaboe
and as nobody spoke of the fracture -
went about the amp that we had a the and some even

in every hoi of the goncisejiveUromo'QuinincTablets : fighting{ doctor ui.d that tlll'flwns to I observed"This the medico: volt him over and finally I reaching the average high figure of 100. I :\Iutlll'r-Juhllny, what awful Ian

,a !101' no fooling with him. lie had a guajre! Time
The rendition in the principal statesIs Preserving
...; curt a Cold In one day shanty bj hinix ttf. and Le said he had is a case of epileptic fits and Johnny Well moll.er, Shakespeare I
some of you hold his arras while I reported as follo'l'sorth : it
with him in hisatchel all uses
nect-s-ury bleed him." !-: Carolina, 86; South Carolina, I in the kitchen i* robb*J of Ito terror
r u d'tint a good Bed- drugs and surgical; instruments. It was Iothl'r-Tht'n don't play with him
"<.'II"S fits but he's bin hit on the 88; Georgia, 83; Florida 84; Alabama
Crib for the a \\etk before he had a case. Then jer any more. Ides no fit companion fur bru-inia (;.\" :ST"VK. This .. *
'r'r nice head:" shouted Pete's chum. 77; Mississippi 80; Louisiana SI; I
.11w John.sim had an attack of billuus jou.
', to Marston $ "This is a case cf epileptic fits." continued I Texas 77; Arkansas, 92; Tennessee I veritable IMMHI to the hou"ewife. No
colic-that I*. a dozen of us pronouncedIt
the doctor as he reached for his 92; Oklahoma S4 ; Indian Territory Quick Relief for Asthma Sufferers |I 1
1 bilious! {colic when the doctor arrived heat 110 dirt ; .iv-i time, labor aoiI
and felt of his pulse amid looked at histonue gun. /Indium prewired to"50 S3.; Foley'-i Honey and Tar affords im-1 i
:\ were a do/en (.f the miners. They I I I
and said it was the beginningof : mediate relief to a-tbma utlerer* in worry. With it you ban cUanHtie -
raised a jell and rushed him. The first A Cure for Cholera Infantum. the worn stage and if taken in time I I
u serious case of rll's he said --, comfort, contMiit&e and
: CATARRH move of the doctor was to throw his will effect a cure. W. A. D'AIem-,i
Druggist it his hand went bark to his :gun, and i "Last; May, says;: Mrs. i'urtisi !i I II
hu looked around and listened for protfjtntioiih pun away and the second to take to his i Baker of Bookwalter, Ohio, "an in. berte, 121 F. Palafox. I'I fC'1n.tt1y. A full Hue <>f (}*e It ing*,

ARE iYsaI hells, and, though he was pursued a I fant child of our neighbor's was uf- !
and he
tF; II t aogr BA tOtC There was none mile, lie could{ not be on.'takell.'c fering from cholera infantum. The (I for .ale at lnwe-t prlce. I.,. tho
ordered thtt Al'o should be stood on
1 'E qq 1! f..nll.IIII..ut fifty blue mass pi'ls in hid I'[ doctor had given up all hopes of re- If you want a nice present to give

FEVEgRN iBfSM w his Iliad for live i.iinutes to lit the i s.itcLil find distributed them around as I, covery. I took a bottle of Chaml.'rlain's to a friend go and look through; the
blood h his f,'tt and then stripped Pen acola Gas Co.
vAT : far as they would |.o. and the half :, Colic. Cholera and Diarrhea elegant line of suitable articln at

l p p of all Ins Indus and then wrapped In pound of ginger was tuide into tea tlavoreil i Remedy to the house, telling them J. I. Stephens, you surely can find ,

ors a water MM Ltd Hankit. The water I j that I felt sure it would do good if :something to plea*e you. If you
| with whisky wind drunk !in honorof 'I 25 and 27 Garden St., PcniaceU, Fli.
was ii-e cold at the time. and it took 1! used according to directions. In two want anything in the Diamond fine ,

e o5 four of us to srt the bl.ad.it around the ;glorious I'ourth.1.: QUAL I days' time the child had fully rei be sure to see him before you buy.

yE st tm' tin v'Uii.:': amid .trulug: Abe and Charred Found I covered, and inow i nearly a year I j;I
Body in Ruins | since) a vigorous, healthy girl. I ,.
keep\ it there fur an Lour. The cure CHOICEST
COLD'N' HEAD Charlotti X C., An?. 4.-\\'. M. Du i have recommended tins remedy frequently You house
TLt which can get
was "1111,11'11' re are things 'I your
sea Smell tin a Prominent tanner of this section I and have never known it to 0.f .'-
rutgnta even bilious colic Las tit pl\v in to, and burned 'fail iii auv single in-tance.1 For furnished complete ,;1farII -
was to death In his homeQcar
I usv llii- w.iwe orated 1 Abe would have this city Saturday night. Ih ;, sale by all drujpi-t and medicine :II ston # (Ouina's on easy paiments /- '
i-.ired tl.e fexir of
1 ?, k.J yellow out camp in | dealer. t f FRUITS AND CONFECTIQNERYA1 ij [ f
u hurry alone m the house, his wife and ----- -- -- \ weekly or inontltly.I ,

This remarkable cure of "dn pcy"w.i children being at a neighbors.; Fire 01Lf3T0 >ELIA.. 1- -
-, -;% ;'-":' one for the new doctor, but he in the Duhn home was discovered "at Bears the its Kal Ylt Ha'.l P'al'.s Bci'ddgnatnrs II '

?\ lfOR\ \ didn't! come hut quite so well with his 2 o'clmk in the morning. Neighbors : I PROFESSIONAL CARDS. C. APOSTLE'S
; 11 .. _.. ,
which first thP'8Cl'nl' ... .. .. .
next cass. was that of Joe ; on found that the house r .c' --- ,

'HE PEOPLE Singh-tun.; Joe ciunplnineil of pains in was enveloped in flames; that J9.K .i W. C. ROWE, M. D. U E-st
Dimwit St.
his luiul a teriilile backache and a In silver and a charred roll of paper ,

1 1.s rh irj II..r.\OIltleDt: dry throat; ai'd the doctor said it was I money wire found under Dulmscharred .Another on an Old Friend. j Office. : ITS, S. 1'alafos, '! Formerly Cordova: Kt ..tauullt tau!

and h ,crVtnrd i.. Read a case of catarrh of tile stomach. lie I body after the fire. Xeiga lIe raped up the steps with a glad Hours from to II: i a. m all i I to < p. n '

had his hlIi1n the butt of his pistol i l hors do not suspect foul plajbut spring II ml hating lope-.T-leapiil. I and after o'clock 0 IP car-Iii.til 1'lu..al'II.>< \t 11.7

...... H\ -JlcnhOJ) as he Itolt'llawUI.ll to Me who diflered : think the fire was the result of a lamp !i that is-raiiK the doorbell the loidy of Phono on. ,I ;o I2.0U per dozen

==;.. ;: with him but iiobody opposed! Insdijpjios's ; explosion. j the \>ue i''' -IlUuoJl't.!. I II I

.'IuNll 1O J.Il'l : He left a Powder to be I
philanthropic I
;,:In.n'r thirty niinutis. and the : ; LAW DEPARTMENT
I Henry.. rthattuck of ShplI-bur?,
\1\ '' \ \. ".' I I all"'a-. hild furni- half dozen cf us who tasted: it wa I Iowa, wa cured of a stomach trouble 1 touched tile heart of a sage "I have I,

1 .,%.LincUotpvr-Mrlctfit Mire it was nothing but jingu.t the with which he had been afflicted: for ]t h< n- a"- I .-".'-

>'PAA.t'hhrr I! end of two djs the {patunt was worse, years, by four boxes of Chamber- "[>
-- and the doctor bled Lima and a No raised iiin': "> htomach and Liver Tablet*. t i I "and I can't t-tal1tlllt're talking to y oU" John B.. Stetson University

\I x .' :.iipro\'il rtals- a blistir on the stomach and ordered i I He had previou-ly tried: many other I "That's just it, madam. I hate lure I

i nil tttiounutii low the i.ath'nt to drink two quarts of remedies: and a number physicians: of Professor Slingem's ('(>11"- Do Lnuet. Flol.tetn.
> Oa: l.f-liH t:. Kruoki. copy
relief. For ale all
without by druggist -
... I'al,dot St., Uher hot water Numbing! availed Lo vevtr. I.I i and medicine dealer- bnitt-il treatise on 'How to Hold Easy JOHN I'. FOIMUN i'ii J n ivrMiiPut .xi.ni.itr.i: v' \II ItII.. M II. l #an
Smlm and at tl.*> tad of ten days Joe expire .
Com erratum In All l'osi'-
There was 10listlon but what the 'i Tall TITIII\ ('111111111'11"1'" \\ <-iliii-..day < >..inl.i-r I. 1 If"::.
\ \ \\ -l>o you nerd monryrcaw OVER THE_OCEAN.England's Iut the door had slum to.-Baltimore
II .ny nuiouot you want Lord bad n'!>'o\.U Lin in t-i,itef sill 1 News. TWOKAKV' i OITUSK-Tli- I.aw I'epartinnntotJobll li Ml.uu 1 IIn..,.", else*
two'-y'ear cour.r.I.adnngn( ) for d-zr-e ot 1.1. K
tt-rim aid lowc-t rntcsi that miilical science could do. There I
>l..,-mprotfi city real new Pacitc cable from I'KUKKK: ADMIls lu TilE: H.\lt-TlI..II'lom"oflh..I.aw |...|,.rtm nt nf Jafct M.
might: h tale: bleu but the doctor saidit Htt-t-on Untvrreity ftiliint. to tiie liar
I slier !, Soulli: I'ulnlEU I Columbia Australia will loot;
w.is ,..,, and I..- sml it while toin! ,; t H'UrHKR ISF"It I.\TI'S-.rHII'I.a'" \nnnun..m..ut of U>J.t and .\ltI'.'''.
about 7,4JCIPIJI.. "I wa troubled with a hacking elredintormattouregardtnetb.-Laa lieparinientALHKUr ..I\r...

> .1 1" KOKKOW MD.NhY with In* gill. and 1 it sn-u.rd best to let I, iambin; ; :; is low prohibited In cafes i cough for a year and I thought I h-i<1 FAKKAII 11"11..1 Law l>..t>.itrtmrit

-.iri- you property pro- him (l.axe his \\ ij'. and other public places in Zurich consumption," sys* C. Unger, ill I r... I..d. }'14.
-l h. buy or sell real fsif A few dijs! l.m-r old Tom Ilastlnusfell / Maplest.! Champaign, Ill "I trieda I
", miv description have which is Lei-omiii? the most moral:
n\ H tin roi ks and broke his collar great many remedies and I was un-
i title attended
ur to town in S'tvitzerlarad.Sitl .
-.1'i.>.. r. Watson A Co. bona Tin d l.x.lor was sept fur, and i Iderthecareofphysiciaii for :several
> iiranco adonis, Fenna- h:' felt nf on.'s pulse and looked atOSTET1R' ; !:- \,ore possesses a curiosity inI month*. I u-ed one bottle of Foley'* : Tulane University of Louisiana.

i '. iiuxt- rate To everyone I the shape of a Chinese dwarf who is Honey and Tar. It cured me, and I ..
in u> wM will lend money .
{ been troubled since. 1.\70'\7 O..lon"-...
I a bOII ". Nd-tf : have not
\ iiu nvd not I endusttd

I slit r< .tII. ulTrrfromSick The Kamrs III the Oranze River Colony !
CELEBRATEO HeacacbeBihouscess have petitlonid! the British government I ,
I i rf< timbered laud on

,.......1 '..-room dwelling for representation: in any parliament the moat healing aaiwa th. world 1: FuilCourse, I.nruufKev+. !Hciftu-M f:nuiu.'f rm*. l...w, M..liriii+HhrB0t 'H.
< if nlil wittiln next that be te\fn: fii-paraiH JjMpimmMiiu Mxtfcc Kuildmir. K .
may formed there. ; litorari'" t...buraUrl*.
"1It.i. care police station and Workshops bylcniliJ lit-partnifnl for \A omn In
,"JI"I Flatulency, In accordance with an old Russian Marston $ Quina have \i..IO..I.'.*.
I Tulane makes l..ad..r1In all vocations It, .
reilltl fur InitruttlMt ....
I I' moot dxmrable lot In Indigestion or custom the Empress Alls is at work sonievery nice Dressers and I In the South. Kmbty..i instructor* na<\ Ita.III..MD..I..t .,..Iu.. M..ar (uewrea..1\110 laMv.
".,y t"rm., by tbe Klsher.LJ. sI on some gold embroideries which are In tlieacaJfiutcdrpitrtmcnt Lc'UIIIIUIi l toy.. Kip aw. .f ...laoi".IaIP rtagiii
\ <-.. ;2i<">, Woutn falafoi ; Constipation I to be presented to churches and mon Wash Stands very cheap. i I I17jfor Sfssion... Hoard and lOollllnl{ in dlrmltorl..t low r.,... MMnftuaiU*, a1efJ.
i academic stud nti for erir-beip. In thf
Halm t Acalrmtal'oll.a.a, no boy. If pr.i..rl, MrDai'nt
r 'i' if "OU1\III only asteries. Just the thing to go with I j for colle,-.. work willbtunn.dawaytrout Inabilatytopaytultsw: !' ." i*.iiMtB b..
tike! a doe otitiv glnl Uctobtr hi. Send for
I' 1. >V .nilf.I-. IIIIt., /a latter tetore I The Russianizing! of the Chinese at i Iron Beds. I Catalogue.Addre", It Ii.KKI'FFh.sr.t.ry.

each menl.cure Port Arthur has already begun. The ,
\,I >-ft,''guesplatni( lion neiait 11'11 ill nnsltavely I dealers -
their diNea.es Chinese and merchants now --- ---- --- .
luelijbtweelkS' MolerHH --
'. e >. I.li aunt Tin IT make a joint of adding Russian terminations

-- ITTER5 and..lt.are toryourCILsTCri1i. I to their family names besides : >**GO TO*

1 'd. 11"1.. '\.un..I. aping the Russian dress! and man- I

14\\ i ii::s"'to learn hairoressmsr, !' nets.London's. ,
..01. ma. "ngn or cbiropixlj.i'il. B 1'e K'l Yjj Ha.e I.nars B''I' 1 National gallery was visited ;
Write today. Moler -'rs the I
_n'. l.a aunt by 478,340 i.T ons last year. Ou F. E
3: sit U1I! I1-.1-- BRAWNER'S.
thirty Sunday afternoons the attendance -
\\ .\.%'rJ'u. .f
was 3j.iOThe visitors to the ,
\\ '..\ I/nol solicitor: will pay I National Gallery of British Art duringthe .
'Uh.lnn to right one. Ad. DR. KING'S year were 1ST>,434, but the Sunday
.ome... mett $-For Seven Days we will Offer the Following
attendance was 421'15.The i Prices-
\ >
\ nij: Menlrom Kscambiak' best physic-Chamberlain's
nice ti> prepare for pot
,.riunent "..rncl'lIply to THAT COLD. Stomach and Liver Tablets Easy to 20 doz Men's French Neck, drop- 2uu Pair Men New
101. Cedar Kspuls. tae take. Pleasant in effect. For sale Sewedor You should look at our line of
.-IJylmclAWU stiched, undershirts for 2-C ; drawers Cable Screwed Shoes, for this sale Ladies'
TAKE NO SUBSTITUTE. by all druggists and medicine deal match. Hlzb and Iftw Cut Hbou
N i tl-20; solid leather. W, can nave
'-AH kinai ot empty beer you money.
:t.. A.KBIIDXAH.. novstf Cures ConsumptionCoughs, 21 doz Men's Fancy Striped Lace
175 Pairs Men's Hand 1."") yard Lawn, f*,t
and Plain Silk Finished hewed Vicl colored
Colds Bronchitis Asthma Balbrigan '
I'ot iruv.V ers.CASTOR Undershirts at 43c: each ; drawers to Kid Shoe in four ditlerent shape worth jC. to clo+e at &c yard.

-- PneumoniaHayFeverPleurisy match. toes; regular: $I. for this sale fU15: a fie( X-Kir 1\u111o, regular 7a
'MB BROWN LKOHORNH: pair.I good to cllle at I
.,. IY Stuck and Eggs for sail LaGrippe, Hoarseness, For Infants and Children. 10 doz Men X-Bar Undershirts, ,c yard
.i WI..H Hardware.. Iwtl Lisa) yards Unbleached
worth 50c for 4oc drawers to match. have Dom..tl"
; bought the full lineof
and Levy-
Sore Throat Croup to clo.e
at l'c.
H.\ IK (: 00 u1 .. Be Kind You Have Always Bough I 25 doz Men's Hcriven Patent, seam Pou Co. boys'! shoes that I will closeout um yands heat
"unH' Whooping Cough. side drawers, worth 65c, for this sale at cost. fan colored OlD fbatIl.
\1| HEIREMannfactnrera I regular 7c goods for
Bears the 3Sc. ,
a : 1".1 in Hair ii oods, H its Toilet NO CURE. NO PAY. /7 I' 125 pair Boys'Ea Walker this silo 6<:.

I. I'$.rumetca2v W. Government Price 50c. and $1. TRIAL BOTTLES FREE. CIgiutare of CS doz Boys Extra Size Pants, 12 to oOc goods, to close y at 35c pair.regular lo piece, White and led Table

17 years, worth 11 a pair, for this sale Linen, regular 4c good,, to close u

I lunar, I'ur 1"unCi'ul... CHICHtSTCR ENGLISH oOc. 75 pair Men' Low-Cut Patent 25c yard No one over & yard

V t K n -I-:; ( :-L'-; : twnrntioed I' PILLS CURE YOURSELF We carry a fall line of Boys' Wash Leather Shoes we have been soiling *) plfce Medicated -lnch C

,, I phi .c bnugaeUorspeclalde.igns X l. CCiL1 C.aBliefaraoa.tardYIYt.ri Pants. Call and see them. at |2.aO pair, to close at f 1.75 pair. Diaper worth b5c. for this salt
a.d 0.17ie
I" "t'tte Moreno 8iJ We t Gregory v'-V* .Orlal., .. ,. .. dircbart+ J d mm.uonr,
J ? t> La41 UI DnRlM nlcer tioact .
xwdlm 1' M CHICHKsTKK'S KX.USUi ,,,,,,, irnutioni or mrmbnnn.PtinkM. .

i KED,.. I M held........Ue bus, -AI.. Ihe M+wu Y.alelalra Co.wQea, mueoui. ud Hot UUia- This Sale will Positively Not Run
( 1'1' } 1..0V, !.. ere" Itoa T. ...t..r Be"' Longer Than Seven
- e' It._.. "....dt.d... uLlfa.. ,. EYWICNEYiGtCQIa111,0. 6ynDren6Y Days.
d... Bu of .ar Dnutfin H wai ok.w M1i ,
I F ? fi .
.flW1o.K'i and Floral teslgns- wt. "' ...I.... T.1aIo
y l E.;is ordered for cnstomrei. ...1tII.r r..1..41.Io.r n'..by ... pga, or sent la .Olin trrjpp'r.
fcT pnptid
:.r Mjrrno.lSiS: West Gregory. ..n llatl. inouwTntiiMBiu SMdtf 00 npn, a bottln. C.TS. 105 SOUTH
.:; Dnif x. (kUkMb t..I..! (.. or PALAFOX STREET.-
dlm Y.,.w 0n p.;w b.u... e...... PLIIJ. 1'1. *ClreaIar kcal oa rsliklt, I .

-- -- ,--, .......... ,- _. .._-, .:.. -- -- -.... -....

.., t"'" ."':"', ..,"' ...- ....:...."'....., 1-= ,...._-- ......i'.,. - .. J J9.4.". U I! ", "'? 3 L : .,...4F""" "r". "" q.'J..... .J..h, ..J., ,y.'P'" ...- .

.. -



,. I

SMALL FIRES :Ix Word to the Great finny &OfleStiBthi'1Vr c !\ \ t tThP :'

I a l Bl 1 k k MM MIMt k MM M k
LAST NIGHT|I of Summer Toilers. -

Office at Pensscola, I21.tnUal: ''Ia" "
KaUred at the Poet '
Fla., lecond-class matter. Low Finding Ilton''f'r tt. u
Very RatesTO
OFFICE :-Fitf. Building, :211Hfalaloi Mouth The small frame cottage; at &9 I It' You are Not as ItohiM, Vijr-
street op-stalrs. '
East Cervantes !street owned by J. 'I orOI1 and Happy as Other J THE f EQUITABLE[ :

N. Broaghton occupied by in tile Month of .t11Rt1.t

Terms: Invariably in Advance Georgia Mimms, colored, caught Mountains, Lakes and SeashoreVIA
On Year by Mall .' ,_-f3 00au fire at 7 o'clock last: evening; and on PAINE'S CELERY ASSURANCE[ WtilnAUf't '

Month .. -. ..., .. ,.., :2501OB I
Week,by Carrier Payable Monday 10' count of the long run made by the .

several< tracks was practically de I COMPOUND B.. ,
TELEPHONE NO. 118. sette and .t I
stroyed.The Louisville & Nashville R. R. tiles .

r Will Gibe You Health, Full
house was only a few doors urllu.. from wilt, ,- ..

tvIONLABEL the hill I Energy', and Happiness. dtto.h are ridl'eidtuPolier
from east track's headquarters Saturday, August 16, 1902. ,

and this was the first time I Many men toiling in office> *, stores, .h"II.hi' '.

AUGUST 5 1902 that this familia: old hose wagon was I and workshops during this hot summer ROUND; TRIP TO ..I . ., .. .
weather women weighted

I II I used since again being pressed into I are with critically the work near and cares the of breaking home, Chicago, $15.00 Cincinnati, $ 14.00 Tutu New Iu la.uraae.IatII "ur

CLAY county will send the, Bakerto service. tC. .HI, meal
I down point. The of
symptoms coming -
the next legislature-Hon. William |i I sickness and disease are inani- Louisville,$ 12.00 St. Louis, $12.00 N..t.llh-t.tht1111 t

K.-and Franklin will furnishthe EAST END DEMOCRATS '' i fested in sleeplessness nervousness, cut *trf n/th <>f the .sconty

Oven-Hon. William J. II ii tired feelings languidness, irrita- !I $18 ROUND TRIP TO FOLLOWING VIRGINIA POINTS: /at..r al- w'
i ability (
--- failing appetite, aLd poor I Ii L"IJ..rth.b" "r .

THERE will be a shower of falling i,: i blood circulation. I Norfolk, Old Point Comfort. Ocean View, Roanoke are 1,0IiIlJ nil ,\I" \
The East End democratic club will [ Paine'3 Celery Compound is a I ter than fiifn bv "
stars August 10. It will only be a precious boon to the ailing. sick.3nd Hot Springs, Virginia Beach.
hold its j
reminder of the meteoric display of regular monthly meeting at';I rundown in this August weather. A I

fallen which wit I headquarters tonight at 8 o'clock, I I''bottle or two used at once will quickly
politicians was
I bestow the needed strength, to Asheville, N. C., $J4.00 Deer Park Md., $20.00 l llilbrnrrai '
ues-ed July 15. and a big attendance i is anticipated
t I
|battle the
against weakening and
; ,
Niagara $20.00
----- Chautauqua Lake $20.00
'enervating effects of the b
to partake of the good things to be ; oppressive I ?
'THE unanimous election of Hon. offered. I e it, and will enable men and wo- ': ROD TRIP. .il.09 M l'thr'l .. .

C. Moreno Jones as Kscatnbia's ]min to go through the necessary: ]I

member of the congressional committee While it is true the campaign i-, 'J'i 'loutine of daily toil with heart, soul Tuket- gro'.l returning \rr'U'U\ st .;i. ly'''J. nuh.- \i.ThrouLrti '. -

of the Third district, wa< a practically at an end it is the pur-| and ener is specially ry. Paine di.tin.-ui.hed Celery Compound forts Sire' :;'ere Co.h'lIe' Cl.air Car 3:1.\ Dining Care. l'\tr. SURFBATHINC

deserved compliment and a wi-e selection. I 'i ability to build rundown thing the 'est. ESTABLI ""
pose of the club to collect its force j j' up -ys- -1
I terns in hot weather.
in preparation: for the municipal Mr. George W. Demurest ot I- R. W. SUBLETT, Ticket Agent, Pensacola.
West 67th New I-- w I I. Mt
i York
IK Henry K.: Day does not do Jell fight nearly one year hence. | says : I +, ..
I "I am a licensed SPLAYS vr.y \ i i: I
i stationary ell 'T:1 ..
.x :[1:::11:I I I I I X I I
up Browne iu the August primary ---- - !1 neer and although my work is notvery I Ii <'in ...rranl.thrr t.

it will b" because the people do not The finest line of sterling silveroods ;i laborious, I suflvred . br and silver novelties i i-> to be | with ** duru.., P Nt.ru.
fully understand that remarkable I found at J. I. tephen,,'. Prices to'j: {Kidneys! : severe tnat painm 1 wa compelled my! .and to i j j .... ,...... t./., L'

propo-ition to make Mr. Day secretly -1 please all. j leave l my work and remain: at home ('HErrryMdy ,\ I

of the commission and raise the -- --- for six mouth-. I suffered greatly I AND PLAYERS. ENTENTE CORDIALE DESIRED.

.ilary to ?:T u and lungs, and my joints became: i Mi s ManriHTite Sjl\a will star next 1- i
i| I Ministers of Cclorrbia and Nicaragua 1 pirrruf till r,(II i
ptitf I
felt I |
very actually was season lu "TinStrollers..
A ilL"'E: luncheon recently served i to till an old man'- grave at Workmj for Saw*. flht fur II. T'' > I. >
i AT M'DAVID I Frank J U'ilstnch: will pass his rue rb tuc" t<> lOft it.
i u 1Thus.
by A fashionable! Washington lady STATIONs ii a,;eof thirty-two. Asa lat re Washington* I-- curial
days in the Catskills.
may i>e a novelty to the smart set, I used two; bottles of Paine's habton opened in Washingiuu ., : C. Watsouto \ t thavaromPparUcul
i Celery Compound wh-n I was' able :Mr. and Mrs. Fred 1L Wright are atI'cak's :
it n the -stahistinwnt! of an .-.nt"lIloII
but to boardinghouse 'I
no novelty ;, < i
CurrneWn.1!1"IIl" | o resume my work. and after u-ungi 1 I island Portland harbor. utter jut now '
commoners who often sit down Imlpru't his- third bertham in perfect' !.(':woJ'r do Cordova Las been en- diale between the KII\'rnmt"l1tl' of c veil W cum and ,

t> luncheons thatlouk blue and havea McDavid. Fli.: Aug. I-Mr.: and j health. The value of Paine' Celery cnijfd to play I'aust with Lewis Morrisoa. ombia and Nicaragua Ministers (''"\ Via will unvvr n '

blue taste generally. Mrs. It. L. McDavid of I'ensacola,
-- -- other* afflicted aI was to u-e it." r having pent a pleasant week here I Joseph Jefferson has engaged Francis .
Tin current number of Clus.: H. II tions.: fOXCEKT AM'MAU.VOI.U
( I Carlyle as his leading support for
friends and ,
BU"s' publication. Common sense, : among relatives return next WI-OIL The news grows out of the *n.!>iro| ; lil.1 I HM(1MT. I ,

ed home Friday SIDEWALK LAW with which these two countrht bat
H handsomely and contains ( I Violet Dale l U to play Sandal )lil1l.kl'll's TRAIN \ |

: a number of excellent articles Mr. D. F. Parker, the -till man" i j : old role in "TLe Liberty Belles"ucit viewed each other of late ColonlAa f LAST TIUI1.1 I

on Pen-acola and vicinity.. Mr.llis of food Hinge has been IS I season. has asserted that Nicaragua U rMponlbe II :W. TH'KFT-: I
; -spending ENFORCED
I ; for much of the trouble on th.
U dolii { a Rood work in advertising i Frolinjun has arranged an Americantour I nt.a'uf.;
the past week here isthmus of Panama that -xpHtion! >
the and of this for Mrs She will
advantages; resources I II. II falugtry. appear
city and -urrouudiu country and I i Mr. Floyd Curry formerly the day: I I in repertory. have formed on NuaraKnao Mill ant Tkix ic&tt/i'r 114 I
.. M. Davis a prominent contractor !' that the Nicaraguan ourt of "'"rlM
should be encouraged to continue I operator at Flotation, is now at i I BtTt Coote. the comedian Is to eail is a base of revolutionary t/'a.'i'l trow. ) #,rr I
and builder operationasainjt
yesterday paid soon for Kngl:mil, tenets if his plans
tils ellort-. home on a vacation. Colombia Th.' ha'M keen / '
I I "> cutting .
I II..t *&; to Marshal Credille. satisfying a j carry, be is likely to remain for an Indefinite )lr. strong Intimations that C, ".
Olliphant Bowman: the am t i and GrrtX,1'ItPiU.1c
\ KMMNG: : fount's! popular I period. jr
__ __ I | line imposed upon him several days } would adopt counter M1>" 1.1 .u. .L "'
operator, after an absence ofj. H ////,v llarnn-are ( '<,'
Iu these strenuous days: the minds I since by the mayor for improperly i asion of Nicaraguan Mal) J
two months as an -extra," has now ) TAKE TIME.To Now. however, there .
t>f Florid democrats are almost perpetuallY sidewalk.In II ar gooi j.--
; repairiu a FRANK SECARIS '
puzzled with perplexing resumed his old place a, night j Investigate before condemning on pests that the negotiation or". I' d! i BATH H'coaip
addition to the fine the side Washington will lead
political problems. We have just operator here. Mr. Hell, who has hearsay cxidvncv. IQ mutiulM Ilerp witte -.. i. .
walk will be torn and its repair nations and I apologies) an I to an alII"mf'nt s
parted through; a heated primary been working; in his place, returned j 'i To answer jour wif 's questions liy which eaih will day, (uf Mh11. I" '.y ..
election and now we are to have an- j made in strict compliance with the about ('urrent"I.'lItS.. rigidly r" $rWiiil fur I IIflu1tt I i I
to C.lIuden1.1.., Friday. j jKev. aped th- taws of n'-nrrshty and th "* N..ale.m I I.
other VII tho Itch of tins mouth to law covering the ca-e. I To make up your mind as tot man'sdisposition .
S. H. Williams has 1 honesty. rights of th i.th. hit' ii returned and
decide who s lull; l>e railroad: cum-1 1I The ca-e is of peculiar interest to --or -- t'Pat.. t-

Tliissioner-Day or Krowue-and to from his trip to Louisiana, and was I I 1 i To explain jour proposition before A Necessary Precaution ('",. 1>V.II<>. Ii I
I' I downtown property holders. )Ir. i )l lf looking tor a favorable! reply.
lymiuate tho-e county ollicials who mingling: with his many friends here J : Don't linnet .t cr-ld. It i- 11\ "r1l..
j Davis had been served with To business affairs! before
f a notice I arrange your than It .
uni'lea-.itit. dangerou-
I -
failed to secure a majorityof thelj; '
lately. starting on a long journey 134 13-1 13<1 l,1 I
whole vote ca-t: in the July primary.'rhea '.' | (to repair a sidewalk abutting on the :j'i By u-tmig ()ne Minute ('ouirrt fare
Mr. Herbert McConimack of Celt i 'j To say yes to a proposition! which }on can cure it at once. AlUyin.
in November will come thert'ul.1r i; i empty lot at the corner of Haylen I j calls for a big expenditure of cash. i t I unm.-ttioti, cle I H04 the head. -iM.t'n-.
tury was visitor 4
a pleasant here 134 :
elmiou, and already here in duo strengthens the mucous n:"mrane. '
land Garden This he
street corn- I To think of what is best to be done !
Peu-acola the ward workers are Saturday and .Sunday.Messrs. : > Cares e.u.h.. croup, thr. &t relic1 LI
In situation that is to -
a trying come.
plied with, but instead of putting i and lute, trouble ,\J.llut..IY"lIt"
kindllii;? their *:aml' (Ices preparatory D. H. McDivid: and Jo-h i I I tIe j To consider your husband's taste In .Vets iniiiudi.itely. hJr..n like II. 134 ; < '.f.;.- 1 \
down material I "
t as required by law '
to tnr municipal contest which: (Cunning were visitor* here last: Sund I' i making up a dinner menu.-Philadelphia Har iPhirmaey.: John S'iej! 'j.arJKihu. .

is to be pulled oil next June. |t I used planks in the repair: The law Bulli'tla ? _,,. ."-** I .,,,. -'idul' .
:ly. ,I, 134 134 134 134 II.4
-- -- --
In addition to this while they will !,
requires that the property bordered ,
| --- -. -
not be elected until next November, : Mr. Lout Bowman operator at \'Ii SHATTERS ALL RECORDS. Spanish Colony Celebrates. .. .s
by Garden. Hiylen, Main and Tarragona
AlbertV.. liilchn-t, Robert )Ica.nlee i Cantonment who ha* been Twice Santiago : spending j Iw-pital, F. A. Gall -dp, .. .
{ -treet- shall be laid with i '\\ as a great 'elehratioa! b>' the Spa' for 1,111., I'
any \'erbpnaIa.., to
; | paid a vast hum
and Cromwell Cibbonare tak1lnhr several here '
days with relative?, retunE'd atrhl.ll', : N ,' !Ii I It
: material: other than wood and that doctors to cure a severe case of pilcauinarL'l ". I ish colony h.rfYPitl'rdJY on the ma' ,
time by the forelock! and are '''UIII.I.: .
1 I la-t: Saturday. I tumors.Yhen all failed casion of the owning of th. CentrRenefino .
writing to prominent democrat I 'all wooden walks which are in need Uucklen's Arnica Salve: soon cured .-
Miss, Letitii: Raggett, who has i hospital! in the butldtfig formerly
throughout the .t.ltt-e.lcll of them I | of repairs shall hive some other I IJ | him. Hubdues lull! uninution, con used as headquarter oy th GRAND EXCURSION
that they will be candidates for been attendingchool at Chattanooga miner Ache*, kill Pains. Ke-t !salve American officers Th.
'uiateml i! in the world. :!;jc. at W. A. D'Alem- rprf'mnnp-
"speaker: the next Florida house u f I i* now at home again after j, sob-tituted -- : berte' drugstore. were tindiirtej by the Arrhhahnt.Santiaeo '

rfprtentameThe jro-ps| t.o. an absence of eleven months. Her: Sliake Into Your Mi.iett I jAllen's j d.. Cuba This \ ac th. flr-t r

have it that John B. John-ton and 1'':| demonstration! of the :;Spar-ar--: :
many friends are glad to welcomeher | Foot-Ea-e a powder. It PENSACOLA CLASSICAL SCHOOL.
other- may Later enter the race. since the Spanifbmerii. war
again; in church and society dr. ] cures painfulmarling, nervous feet
For of the FrankAdam
president -euate: and uurowiny nails, and '
I instantly !
thus far the cles. 1 hint Annual !<+ebMin Itegin.. Sep.! Appointed Assistant Surgeon
is only one mentioned !
takes the tin; out of corns and buns u'llIh.r I=;. I'.KfJ. and EII.I", f11I ,
Knoxville Tenn., AUK I f>t I IINankeville
but there iiii.y l e others., delightful ice cream supper wat ""
i ions. I''s the ;greatest comfort diicovers June 1-J, KlO'i.: of Athens haI I t-:, i,
Another juicy political plum thabids given at the home of )lr.Tom ; I i II
of the
Knterj i age.; Allen's !'uutEa pointed assistant surg,i"n of th r't"+ ,
fair to keep the party worker* j jiti .make. i lui' 1It
kin on last -e ; tight shoe* feel
; or new
Saturday night by : regiment national guard state- of Ti rntFsw. JJ'li.i \' .
ii i .
a livelytew for the next two The aim of this school i is to provide a '
randpa Hrewton for the pleasure easy it is a certain cure for =weal thorough HIGH :-CHOO, I. alld with the rank of captain Th t I I .

." ruts to coin i- t. nitfJ'tatt's' s. n-1 i''of i i in;: callous and hot. tired aching .,, COLLEGE 1'HEHAKATOUY instruction. appointment roraea from Colonel 1 J \1Hldllll. sy .0 I. .
friends and relatives. !
uU>r. 1'1 Irl/l1;I h the a-lnine actions A large I ', M. 11".40t" MJ fl', t
The school
is of J. Mitchell,
fet't. Try it ttl!}, Sold by all! e"pecial of irteneville, commanding k
of Li- frienduator: J. 1'. Taliafrrro crowd attended and everyone re- j idruggists i and -ho* store Don't'!i I ititere-t to three clas-e* : the regiment on hoe stars it rXankevlllp turn>u any rurui., < i ,

was lIIhl..1t! i-u.;. in Duval 1 11!I ported a pleasant occa..inu.i i accept any sub-titute. Hy nrul for ]:I the 1. ;grades Tho-et of who the public having school completed\\'i il a will .-..ervThe reclm nt Kr I'urrha.e furtd.Mfl..r lid' "i 4' ', ,

county and the oppo-ition won out J i .\ select party of young; people enjoyed I> ioc. instimps. Tn il package FRET to pursue their stuJie- further with will go into camp at Athens the latter I I.. .

(bus Hicoura.:lit, the political! ambition '''Addres-. Alln .--. Olmsted! L Koy, out Itavin? home. part of AngutMen I' I It

of Hou. John .1. C. .Mockton' an outing on the river latj ; :, xv. : 2. Th"-e who wi-h, with the ai d :I,", .

who has already launched In- bout j ', Friday. The party consisted of )Ir j jI !lot the careful individual: attetl iou Will l> lo)+.

and entered the arena as -enatorial i Olliphant Bowman and Miss Mabel ATTENTION: : that amid can be sriven. -mailer clause In the excitement of. :j livelystr .Ill kind f>/ I" .r '
a longer; -e -ion, to advance
CiIlJiJ.ttt' for the H-t4 primary. !i': Mum, Mr. Floyd Curry and Mi-s CIIIIIl'an'li. l".i. Inlitnir)', I'O T. i i| more rapidly than is. possible! foi ci-e like boat-raciu< or hiIlUyiii..' rocking uJuur 'N If / '

The woodtoo, are full of candi- : I[ them in public schools. they will strain their niu-clem| and .'.
'H' jfjuifnt'.t.[ //1" I
-a Gibson :Mr. I). F. Parker and I' You are hereby! ordered to \ 3. Thosp who >
daUwho de-ire -uceeed JiunWum. 'I are fitting home limping and ore.. Then t- .-v
:i :'aIi ., l-;tta How mm, MNS Mattie I appear in fatigue uniform i : selves for college. [fJlI'.
B. lj.un.ir attorney-general; | N with leguin-at the: armory li t'; In addition to the u-ual instate- are ;glad: they have Perry 1)\1'

wiien he
rid many more want 'to ,;o to \VahlUK'ton I chaperone Fi-hmgon laud and in T V) 7th day of Augu-t. I'.tiC'! r"rmp.ny tory. Oe\ r.lp"Y. Latinetc.instruc- | quivering nerveto p"netra"- P,' tl. '
/) in-p -ction. comps flan otlered.' w'"III'O
with him as his privateee-sea i wa the order of the day and ( I once drill for medal and an-' in Greek.is French German and tuition Kpanih. muscle8 with warmth and t'llr ,:: BOOK-/ ':
rtary. I j I great were some of the catch-*. \ I .-,pnintment of noncommissioned i The i-ehool is i conducted at the power. It ha* relieved the pall "r

There i.* 110 -t-up in politics under t Fruiwas plentiful and all oMicerYou will I I corner of West Gad-den and Spring two generations lit Amer.<'ti.- COE'S
bring with all
rxhtiQitclrciuii-ttucr- Pen i \ you property you have streetis a buildup which is .
we / Large bottles 2G aud O" CPM
a delightful time.. belonging to the ,-tat>. By order of
be arranged to adapt it
especially to
.acolian: wl-h a rest we'll have to
I I I It reported that wedding bells C. H. PARKIIIJ.L. the needs of the school.) ..
change the time of holding our i will soon be riugiug-more about it f Capt. C..md CX K.. 1st. Inf.. F.:- .T. ', The number of pupils in attend OYSTERS AT NIC APOSTLE'SFine

tuuuUMpal t'll'l.tllln.-:1nJ there arumauy e later. PA.NSCatarrh \'. ALL WERE SAVED. I ance is limited. Hence those desiring HantmoJ.
of our best citizens who favorDiakuu' admittance should communicate
oyster- today. Trv thNn *--:' 'r ,II" I
the of "For years T suffered such untold I as; early as poible with the Principal. 0.
municipal terms office Ai'UrmI1
mi-rry from Hrouchiti writes J, .
four yearinstead of two as atpresent. H. Johnston, of t Novels.
Hroughton, GaJ|I For farther inferrnstionterms: and -

I "that often I wis unable to work.j:'catalogue, address .. ..
PINE STATIONERY.C. B. t Writer- .'
Is a ronMituti'.iru; i dilt'Ht' : Then when everything tUe failed I'[ H. CLAY AKMSTKoxn. .

JUST LOOK AT tiER. I It originates In a crofalous condition 01the ;j: wa: wholly cared by Dr King' New I' Principal orPERCIVALH.WHALEY Kodaks.

Whence!" came that sprightly step. blood and dejH'iul on hat conJitioii i Discovery for Con atr.ption.Iy: wirButtered e JR., V. Thompson, No. 11 Sut'" !.

fsultlekin.. rich rosy complexion It often ran=es h"3t.l'bt' and dizzineinijMir : --,, intensely from Asthma, till I AF Jt nt.I .
+tnlllnfifice" "'heluoks Rood; *, feelirood. : -; I ,. tht tasle. >nn :i. a: d bearine aff it cured her and all our experience''I Palafox street, has ju-t opened t }'<*ektlj .rt.r I s
'\ I- tin rratUr'a7l: distnrlis mgt sUnua 1,1.1 I irnPs to show it !i- the best Croup
Here's here-ecret. She: use I new supply of Lir.en and Bet
. Dr. Kiiu'V; New Life Pill- Result i! It.. ,always rah aly! .I"i '<1 pt'rm:1OtntJyI medicine in the worldAtrial oil NOTICE TO CAS CONSUMERS Baseball Gcxxii.h : .
: I
in 1 by the b'.t.j.1ur.fyir.i' :, alterative convince you it's unnval for Papers white, blue and !gray, with:
alt orrfjn* active di,p.lJnnd.. n u' i arJ IIIM, action of and'Llw I I Mii II
headachy no chance for "blue-' Throat :: di-Pasra.i Gmran: Envelopes to match Oxford piz- .

Try th >m yourself. llnly'Jut. at W..1 1, Hood's SarsaparillaTbl teed bottles 5ti\ and H l"). Trill. bottles After July 31 the office and warerooms I also Foreign Mail Tablet wing Envelopes Fishing Taklc.

..:D'AIemberte's.Garden ; free at W A. D'Alemb rtl: s. of the Pen-acola Gas Co. will to match. Ir.k.: PenciU: .
tryst: medicine has
wrought the rwonderful '>'t --
b" at Nos. 25 and 27 East
cures of ail diseases Penholders Blankbook, File., 1.IIlh jIp.ILTHE -
d"l'ndhl Q etc.
mattresses for
the :Garden
hose at the Willis\I on scrofula >ir the scrofulous habit ,
Tn e e t price ever sold Her e, street'C.. F. ZEEK, I etc., always on hand. I."., '" rl
Hardware Co's. I 14"t+:>a 1'1LU are the!.t citi-JucT I O M. Pry or. 29jtf Manager. Phone 2H.; L"" .Ih'THE I. -

= -.' '-"" _. < .. ,,::,."W' .-:-- "", ,!c .,,... ,, tW'n'QiHkii&p'' .. .." (- ;' .n:'; ''''J'r"' "" '__..... ,. ., -,-- -


-- '
No. aaOB.n'EU. .
PrMident: F. C. HORTON. Cashier ; r 4 S25"2525CS252
f jSHEE.Vice-Preudent; M. E. CLARK Ass't Cithier. '

.1. Goza.doia.0oci: StAtozaaoxit: or the I 10 Yards [Dj e.m 10 Yards


PEXBACOLA, FLORIDA, AT CLOSE OF BUSINESS JULY 19, 1902, Korecast-Local rains tonight; and for 45c. & I I for 45c.

'From Report to Comptroller.) Wednesday; fresh tootbwett winds. 2S25252S2.5.J

C55asPss 2S?;

I II ..... _
- -
I Temperature in Last 24 Hour :

RESOURCES. LIABILITIES. Maximum..... .._... ...... ...... .. .... degrees
. ..... ...... ...... .... $351,698.79 Capital Stock ...... .... ...... ... ...... .... J200.000.00 I Minimum .............. ...............7i degrees
. .. ...... ...... ...... .... ..:::.= .TO MAKE ROOM.
... 29,90667 Surplus Fund... ...... .... .... ...... .. .... 10, OO.OO .
...... ..... ... ..... .... l. j6.oo Net Profits ...... .. .... ..... .... .... .... 7612.72 Temperature Elsewhere :

b.t: Premium.... ...... ...... bO,250.UO Rediscounts! ...... ...... ..... .. ..... .... .... 19. IXI.OO Max. Mia.

It..., Etc. .. .. .... .. .. ...... 2,625.00 Circulation...... ...... .. ...... .... .. .. .... 75.00000 Atlanta _.. ...... .........._........is fHlimarclt s ) KNew
i Fixtures.... ...... .... ...... 6.718.43 Deposits; .. .. .. .... ...... ..... ...... ...... 3 .973.57 ..... ............. .... ......t'3 52 rnit < i
... .. ... .... ... .... .... 499.12 Chicago ..... .. ..........,..._...... 71I \ c,
Cincinnati.........._.................M w
..... ..... ... ... ..... .
x. *w lSi,451.27 balTesion.. ...... ... _..._ ";* wl
-- Huron ... .. ,.....___ \I' M'Jacksonville
I, ..............._. .... _.W "rt Fall Stockwi
$657oE6: 129 t657u 6.29 Kansall..lty._ ..... ............... & H
!L-1 for business October 231900.: We respectfully solicit and will "K..yWl'st. .. ... ... ... ... *. HI
r your patronage we give Memphis n. .: ..... ....... .. ....... t2 7s
mjt. courteous careful attention. ,, Mobile ..... .. .... M "t
Montgomery .. ft 74
Sew York '6'

,, Savannah. .___ vi 71\
-- ----- -- -- -----
; tit. Louis" w 74
I --- ---


A Refinishing a --
For August; to date. .. .. .... f a:5a l1I I I '
r'/Jlt,. I IJ"hOUO Four pri-oners in the county jail ) MATTINGS AND RUGS. "
1 1I
-1OJ3. : \WILL RENDEZVOUS HERE DURINC were taken before Judge A. C t I IHlount i ir .iiolclen Cro's.I\tH.l'amproo. W L ALL MATTIXGS l.111FIIKE..
I \Vittirh A i'o for Genoa. with l.nv I.1I s ft
this morning, pleaded guilty awn umber.. n.*c ft hewn timber, valued'k
R. K. WHITE, and were sentenced as follows : ,, -- Gallery Rockers, $1.50.

IN COMMAND. J. .C. Brawn white, vagrancy; NOTICE TO \RISEKV.
'llIlIiJ.lurill Jeweler ; commander J H Hull. Inpeetorofthr I Willow Rockers, $2.00 up.
i thirty days in county jiil. i 1 Seventh Lighthuusrdtstnet, lias i>sueJ the I

matte Ui,tiian, i. tulluwliii ollclalllotll'l': All Wool 30x60 Smyrna $2 00
W. C. Baker white vagrancy, Prn-aeolaltayand }:i-lltrl\oce-SI\"y I Rugs .
1'ue visit here yesterday of Rear i Outer Hank Buoy No v. -ecoml-clftib can,
? r riiU. 1 1 ii I thirty days in county j ill ivai tahliitietl June :;(, 1mM! ?, on for
Irons Beds 00
Admiral. C. Wise seems to be the I I lollowlni bearings.viz: $4 up.
I II F:. A. WiUon white vagrancy, j' User 1'oint P.eajou Light i-:. by :X.
I preliminary of a big naval bittaliourendezvouin.j ivnsni-olu Llgbt: -Hou-... W. N W % \\ .
I thirty days in county j ul.Chas. End of West coal) wharf nary lard, X.i Refrigerators at Cost.
here during winter i i' ', WTlli.
Mack, colored train riding, buoy is plap... A $14.00 Size Hardwood
OTEI practices, and no other than Admiral '| pOlUt of th..II\"t -htbfm curve oil lVn.ai-ol I Regular Refrigerator
11 #P) and cots or thirty days in th:J, ,, navy yard and marks the rbtunel to ao-
JEWS Dewey: himself will be in coinnvind. county jail.: cliora-:!: ground for deep draught vessels.MlTIl I Sale Price $10.00.

The Petmcula: navy yard will be -- -- -- .K 10 M.%KIEKKegulationi -<. j New Stock of Welds' Linoleum Just Received,

/ ----- ------ --- nude headquarters for the fleet, TEX CEXT.WILL isrv trial size ofEly's
Cream Halm of the Marine Ho-pitil Service I None Better.
; enough; to convince
-ehedolwl ;ti to ar- which will be one ff the finest and r"'IUlr" the inipectioinfesiels from
that it
you is the greatest ()fft'lIIl'd'if' Inrrignpurteviadnurst1c ports north of ,
.\ 17, from Atnfftl most formidable ever fathered: together : for nasal: catarrh or cold in southern Maryland but via such ports atSbtplsiRudwherefull I --

iu times of the head. Full size fill cents All :, a southern port inspection pratique i" IS not gtveufor pre- We
peace. dru.git.1'e it. iuislte. to entranceArr1eE.: are Receiving our New Line of Fall Shoes.

( ., 'rat: ., Vtterupt. I Admiral \Vi"e left this morning; ELY Ksos, Warren Street, .

.' .- N. 11. Cook'- New York. Ultra Shoes for Ladies.
tor Mobile, and later will return and l.j.; Second street Albany. Y.Messrs. The Marine Hospital Hervicihas: i-suetlthe

k tonight. ELY JlRus. I suffered j following
remain here. His plans will
present 'VoastliiKessels which are known and
greatly with catarrh and tried different which are m regular trade with Florida Excelsior Shoes for Boys.
prty on North tike him as far west as Galveston, remedies without effect. Afterusing from domestic ports of the I'nited States

heing; beiutifiedJJciU : and it is probable be will pay a visitto : one bottle of your Cream KalmI may enter the understanding without detention that if or sickness inpectlonwith of Heywood Shoes for Men.

walk laidsteamer found relief and I cannot praisetoo any character wnatsoever shall develop
Cuban ports before finally returning hil'hl'ueh. a remedy. I during the voyage to Florida. purl shall Allen's Celebrated Children's and Misses' Shoes.
MlSSCoKA WlLLAKU.Sept. report to the quarantine officers for inspection -
tll Pellsacola.He | and dl>puhluou."
:27, 11'/!!.
:"ltlh ; said: at the hotel h-t night th it I Just Received 100 dozen Princely .

',' uhtahnret : THE SHIPPING.
'A I' ) his trip here was not intended as one Shirts at 50c each.
t. died this IN HOSPITAL WITH

of a decided nature but that, after VESSELS IN PORT .____.... ...... .....h. . .. .
t ho.-pital.;

.\.tiug will I'of'y connection he had been with shown the everything yard, its surroundings in- BROKEN BACK(, I I N IIr Hit Aumst i-lmontVi7..rEA\loHU's Rogers, to LAI W. J. & B. FORBES.

1 hr CilurnunCsthetl, to H 11 loyer
the harbor and other
J. X. .\uAu L r'aprnor,1'51. Kodham. to H It Coyer

.\ :;. !I things, he could not see where amore Emma Eldridge, white, i iat St.Anthony's .. W1It'h.\lr golden C'oss, ivn, Camerou to W L

j I advantageous: rhet headquir- hospital Buttering from a.1i I & Kr Co Uraytield,1i. Tysen, to W L Wittich If You Buy Them :at the 15.ton, Khoett'r' T'I. (; ""I .

''ter broken back said to have been -1 br KingsUcd.. James, tol'eQsaccli
3 ,. h ,:: could be obtained during thetleefs i Lumber o
by a blow received from a !"pau'inlll\. I'.KJ, Kuiz, to iulf TraQMt'Co. II
,. in the gulf and that it
I 1 -t";,; .1 stay I Satisfaction and Serviceu

IIH ;..f t could be ;fatedwith much poitive- bottle iu the hand of a party who I 'Hips.
; Km Kndymlon: I>:. Fellersin to Baar. I
: :,t.but. !i nee that Petisacola's: harbor would has not as yet been arrested. JuUI\Od\l'u I
HAKK4 .\ \ r. M 1111 :
William: McKay, a white matewas '
loll the vessels it intervals during
: 'I I Km Australia HJ. Kairerston, to order

''r idiug oil the latter of this and the arrested this morning for assaulting : Nor Anl'III'lr.111'1., lianseii to order
part year >Alexander Law rl'nc..I1t..lIalt\: Boston Shoe Store
-: .ougiugtoi'i first of next. the woman with his: fl-t. to W S Kl')'..-r.\: Co Shoes __&tI
\or hlteser1. Johnson to ord..ror I
v it .N to sold at '( He desired to plead guilty. Mayor, }'igaro,1(114. Nielsen: to order
This will be fr PenaIcoltans
great news Nor Hugo. sm. Hansen to order 1'0I'l'I.\I:.
'J uild..rfrp- i Jones accepted his plea and lined t Nor :lla.'l1a. hat Ijirs''u/.o S s L Co
.'" I was bougiit''i and thousands of iuhnd ; Nouleiiksjold, ';!<.. Neilsen, to Fr JSchre
The i is sitified with the : i finish the
: >erj eye tyle an ; f..nt I- ti-li-.l win the
..} ,1>. people all of whom will be sure to t j Nor Noreg. 1:414. Kjornsen to order
perfect and absolute comfort ; the purse -atl-tied wi: ', i .lairprice
| Nor Wunbeam.: : <41, Andersen to order
The forth
party responsible wo- :
I grasp the opportunity of again! "i..it-
j foruperior alit e- that will give' Letter rvii>
r. w -r" employed
fug and the man's condition is said to have lef;! Th. Iliii Tiirtolne. than those l-ewheri
-MI catting down viewing: bittlehipsi I I| purcha-ed e
i Though tint<>rti>i-.' is slow of foot,
.. i Kearsarge, Alab,ima, Massachusetts, town, but a warrant has been madeagaint !
I'lllfuxgllatr |
I I I It f* quick to make the Lrst of all itsavail.ll.l.

t:,tHJregrytreetiH'at -. the 1 Indiana crui-ers New York I him.Scrofnli 1 l.> inales l of ilctVnstTin- l>otortoiff \ :

of a noticeable Cincinnati Olympia Atlanta, Xa.li1 I -- ix'NM's: :; a sinjailjr ilcfcnsi\c: BOSTON SHOE STORE

b,' ab+rrved. I i 1 dypep-ia i rheuimti-m, i npiiaratus. Tim I'lj.stroii (ir shell ('.r''- ,
ville and otherwith a number of !
j' kidney complaint catarrh and gen- i vrlutf tin- under part "f the litMly is so
c"\UotI:11: iu-t'r. 'I I XVTIIVX G. r< U'III:1 :\
i, torpedo boats. 'j, oral debility are cured by Hood'sSarsapirilla. i furiiu-U that its front st' uu-nt ran beI I'topriclor.Leaders .

blue at Magnolia i The with view l !I drawn upward to protect the all !!Jal'l'
: ,
department a
27, for the navy ; of Low Prices. 117 South
\\lor. -- -- -- -- bead the iK'js.J nlrau+vhile lain; drawn : Palafox Street
i iI
has 'of jf.tti'I;:' the ves-els to a highest I Ii buk under the .
i al K44JH r I Ii carapace or shell on the

.1 'ii.an'home.. Hids i pos.ible point of efficiency has arranged TO-THE BENEVOLENT. j I back of the tni'tuise. NAVAL STOIttM \ TIIK ,, \,1.HI)" \

-rivilejf "h..ulllp that the tleet of available j The tipper and under shells then inei-t 'I
; largest -
I Dall-';:;
\1 L. AN. j' 1 i' in front, forming a kind of IH\ in pnrt..d The hl'ltK II \T11I\( iSi \l l.ISlltll1
vessels be made ftp and beginning -I The poor iu our midn are needing I which the creature is unussail.iMc., ; l'ni..n Nasal' Stores
; at New York come down theI M'lion the! l1allI'r is passetl l. the reptiley IOllt!'!. I I llathing! iu the wilful ;'uif w.itt-r-'"

I! aid. Let those who can, end none relaxes "| and the concealed to tie \\tv\ jii.t n, tit..
it- those who attend l! a IIIUM e. rai.-eil part W w. 4A55 H.
Atlantic We-t thence I world. Everything: for .
j coa-t to Key pie. ,
LlUle boit of the plastron falls, allowing: the head w(}... .. . a 4" U I urewpsisafety
lliyou : tiiNal|
to United Charities: hand to tMmnl and I
or .
: the Gulf coast to Galveston, make I DIP. :, and fore fret to come forth. This movable N -. .. ... 131 Y. .. ""_. the diy or week. I.inth ." It'IIIC at Palmetto i I Mi
J. M.; DAXXELLY.I'roni plate is fas-teiied to the M ... ...m., !.. K served prompt
'fluid attacks in mimic wart ire |plastron: fly at all h"iir-, day
ill Tadiy nuht' upon I by liiiiKe of elastic K.._ .... ...... :47 U ...., CM\KI.K fir .HI/M
a strong Iigatbont.Jekyll I > 11. 1:1:t KH
will remain at 15uclock. 1'I tnevariouseaport towns in which Hot lo fold 1........ ........ .... I '.5 l .t .. I 2m-tf M.u..r>
,; It will !1 Peusacola! is included. This I I MrlKIT8 TIIBPUTIN' 11-1':t !
place Dysentery is prevalent everywhere mill II)de Indian. ..

promptly at f> ji i j fr'Hn being made a point of in summer and is due to mianaticpoions ': It i.s said that the :-"rI1mliall-l: : are a 1 The b"", t I I "t.-a.tlt.OA.RTOnA.1'? t. s .. a.lC".ran '. ....
i relldez-I and begin* abruptly withinfl I tribe of Jekylls' and lljdes. Thej' l a t 11ri se\ pric ever !I IO. I ..1
vous, will receive much fa\'or ant. t M. rZ /
frpend the I ,
immation of the mucous"liiiin; a l'trtlllulC rear in the ;
Army. will give uti.ir the vessels will tarry here longer i of the large: bowel. In America thedi"t'a"A I lu'liihUirluMMl of the boundary line be- niture rtore.o. i / .t.ti

; .morrow barracks night and on ,|j than at any other point. They will'i dll"i i-'-common not result -enou-ly but properlytreated a"s ,, tvxeen Wlieli inirtl.ern the\/ .1.) 'and lio-O'Lower thclsel\es! California.to : \II'\ \Y ' .

',,- public to call i i i coal here and all important orders in the tropicPerry DiviPain'- peaii-ful pursuits Hid I'riolo."tln.I."t .. the 1".e k'd Y'd hale 011r: \\ ant : ; : :
killer i is the bet known iiid
remedy 4IIitnfe
k'o of snmrthiu 1; : will be disseminated from this port. ei\ili/ed eustoiu.s freiUetituorliiliu'| !
the most etlicaeiou-i in t!.r tre-ttni-nt of .
.\ plf asant eveuinirt Should there h" needed any repairs of dv-entery. as farm h.iltilon the had"IIIII"11*>n }'ish ill!: ,(f c"of(Ill J.:/mlJl

.-La attoud. Help tilt eropsire In. however, they experience
of an unimportant nature the vejseN .- reuiarkalile like Lrtthe dust. rOll and ffofticralt net ul the
a rhutge any ii f

> ,-IVIUH your mite. ,I i'r the admiral intimated, wouldbe ATTENTION, ESCAMBIA RIFLES.| the lower uniiuals with a starve of garden hose at the Willis II(in I tetter Cos.

lially Invited tnt seas-on. It is then that they have a Hardware Co.
laid up at the local yard makingof You ar requested to
by reportat wild! lonsinff'for a s avaze: life and emigrate -
x'ur-hH. gmn
that place; one of the most Impnr- I Armory Hall on Tuesday, I
to Tilniron i j.lall
i 1.
; < where they
:o-.r..t 1ethatli.t( twin-tth.Ie)2t:: at s o'dock For oallt'I AKEVIEW
1 tant naval centers for the time being f I in lead a barbarous I'Xf.tt'Ul"t.'I'U In- DAIRY.
1 1ening.. The boat p. in. fatigue At t Almost t C CoU t fit)

if '* wharf at 6li in this country. for monthly meeting and a;..d- i I duljnn:; lUI'llIlIihall.l1I. it is arcrrvl. .
'.. --. 1 L!al drill i I :M. Pryor'.s to make room IMIOM Ml
sHving i'tatiotl'l!
JAMES C. WAI',;UN, stock.:
10\ 1'1 1 beer ed oil i irii LOOK PLEASANT, PLEASE. Capti u. \liililtlon oath.

"j P who cannot I II i I Photographer C. C. Harlau. of:! PI.TEK AHT 1st Sergt.: 1, J'tpa-\lId when jou prow up would I, i| Get Our Summer Prices on the
you to Iv
I 11- niglit will bt ; 1-.1\n.O., can do so now though for a captain of industry? COXCERT AND ),-\:\
The man who owns hts own bltJ1e Johnny-Xaw: I'd rudder be Best Milk in
i hf''ouldn't. because he sutler- captain the
t1.! another ; City.
it t'X-\1 I 1 years ed untold atlnJrom:, the worst form( insures: himself against! : Ion of of de baseball tram.-Xew York Hers MAGNOLIA BLUFF TH

,laud hr the I of hldl e-tiou: All physicians! : and ,I trouble and worry. Kobody canraise aid. SIGHT THAIXAT 8, Our roIt'k h.1''' (lily lure \\at.: .r i.

medicines failed to help him till he, his rent, and the rent day h t- 9. UST THAIS la n: Drink \ 1"it.1.:, II., p., tie WIU",
: \NI DANCK AT'I.I.I no terrors for him. It's easy to owna Two :\II".J
tried Electric Kilters which worked i The white poplar can be used as a ll&J. TICKETS :l5 ,i > Out H. +y. :01"""<'IMl
\ KKTHl'U:DAY.I!' .uch wonders for him that he declares Watson home now-a-days.& CO- can teal Thos.you IK.Weasy C.' natural lightning rollSHERIFF'S DEPOT. ,i PriCM to lI"t..l.| anti H.ur.tll&a

1l I Lss.TOVAXD: ; ; U.eare a godsend to sufferers -
It 1Call and see them. --- I
\ix KF.rruNi AT i I from dyspep-ia and stomach'troubles. ; !
-- SALE. at altoco* R. M. AVERV.
: Unrivaled for di a-e of I Prop.
l'l-: % NA't't'1.H'rort and : Grass Shearsthat willcut Ly virtue of an execution Issued out of the fJ I1PfUllPLI I next ft) days
j jr the Stomach.; Liver Kidneys. Circuit Court fur the County of Kocambla: room for n
They build up and give new life to\ close, at the Willis Hardware In wherein the tint Judicial Circuit of "'I"nda.1 I O. M. Pryor. '
the whole r-ystem. Try them. Only! aily are plaintiff and VIRCINIA COLLECE
Co's.CONCERT, W.1.. Mamoml I* defendant, 1 have levle't'upon ..
=: .fl 30c. Guaranteed by W. A. D'Alem- and will sell at public outcry In front For YOCMi I\IIU,1. tl.imv.ir.
"A ,? t 3tS of the County Court House In the of'' lapros.lt
.1 a | berte druggist.; Cltv 'ItI:1V
I __ ___ I AT IVniaeola. MomUv. Ut day of I is 'if'. ",.? ,,r II.
AND DAXCE Srpttrnbrr. ....,. .......
I !oclloola .
/ / +- A II. b for ca.b to tile highest bid- - : for \ "U' ;; Lad .? ,tWJiV
zM& / ; MEAT & MALT has a marvelous )IAOOLLBLl"n' THURSDAYNIGHT. : d<>r. at li' o'clock noon the following desenhed NEIL HER tbl' :i Campus Nrw h-iildifim ten |>.*"... aid rtjuium-nl, .
property tolt Lots arm iirmid ..
11- and taouniata.e.
ai. nor COnmilnrt& of
dietetic value.1 bile refreshing and TRAINS: AT 8. k:3') AND blocs IL:i. :New City Wp.t.Jif lot 'and -j bark Klict-er alit I ry In \'ait.v of Va. lm..1 ear bats pasropeanawl.Ytlterea:4a.1.
thast I't feet Of pit !I". biocS .. ..,. ..
I LAST TRAIRETt'R :- AT t''l."Ity r fponsibl for nebte t .11. ou.
pleasant to take it helps a--imila-j: 9. Tract. Levied upon a* the property of W. '; by the crew of siiid veeiel.i I Conservator ...hanlal". I t. It! ...,.1,11
yu tUFur' 1 11:50. TICKETS 25 CEXTS, AT L. Lilamond. H. I KlOCUttOO "xt.idflllk- n. ? i- ";...
Hi- tion of {!)od. Sold byDANXHEIsSER 1 1 For catalolu.add! ..
reset ijEO K
C'4ITR.5aagoaw4w To order
l III'l| i I .
".. : e hwe-t. BRO i DEPOT. that: HAId : p..y."
i IahokA.

-.....- --: ._ ...:..

I ---

-"" """ ., > ,,, ,, ., "'. ->10.- ;" .. ,_ r"4> 'J4-li.. _r__.
: /'iJII ,
;. !I"f:" .. _" ", - e




I, --- .



I Blair was a lawyer without FINLEY

[OrIginaL] is known as the "Blues'is practice. lIe Lad proposed for Alice Vice.President of the Palmetto Club M .mpht,. T.jIXE .,

I had wee: to the south to teach. seldom occasioned by actual exist- Howard, bur had 110 Lope that her

r JC On the ...nnluof iny urrnal :strolled ing; external conditions, but in the !' f.uiler"ould erlock: his poverty. OF CARDUI r '. '' i .

out toward the negro quarters. There, great majority of cases by a disordered tine night while lying in a sort of i \\ thoroughly f .

seated on a box, was u white Leaded LIVER. -- delirium a man came into his room nb c and ia<..
darky smoking a pipe. THIS IS A FACT who introduced himself as a lawyer ern rl> .:.."ly, c >> "'... ,

.I$ there much prejudu-e >:aillsttl'rth'rn which may be demonstrated from London and told Julian that his ing the needs of the "". I J .

pc-oj'Ie hereabout unrle' I by trying a course ofTuIt's uncle Lad died and left him $:,($\.),O..>\). woman in the uio.lern it't "' "ot .
aslutL -without the torture of .ir. '.'
"I must leave iu half an Lour for
"No, ma itm," roplitil the ilarky. operation. \Vine of o* 'j rJ
New York" Le said "but you may expect : : taj cured them in the
taking his pipe out of his mouth. "Dis invaey thrminvn ... .
.f;( place neber been L..iry Lot Vln. no'th- Pills me in a week or so. and then the of their homes anJ fcauw 'p' '
ern people brute a few years bffo' cWllb. necessary arrangements will be completed Las found a place. in the HIn S.r-\ "..t',,

I It was hot U-fo' dar dough.; for placing! you in possession of i hearts of American women FAil r 1 .. ..

I t fr \ "What caused the changeV""Mr. your inheritance." j that no other medicine has found. In I "oj rtatOf tw".h.o A\ : '

I If Archibald caused de change It They control and regulate the LIVER. ', With this the stranger: vanished, and their gratitude over lO, lV American I period. I have taken grr.t .

\\'arin autumn ob l"tH Mr. Lmcum They bring hope and bouyancy to the Julian I'.lair, as Le raised himself on women have written letters commenJ.1$ mediiiat for tb< put t. i- \ .

f Thoughts war runniii' fo1 president in de norf mind. They bring health and elasticity his elbow and looked about the room, i ing Wine of CarJui. Win brought b<*I'.h toJ Hr r4- .,

Tlie'-viei-t: pure breath of the babe iifUV ali Mr. Ureckinrid! war runuin' fo' to the body. asked himself w hethcr he was awake i meets their waiHi as no other medicine I hive oho rtcomnu'niid .1' .
t.' f .e i Inn ce:1. e .m youn girl I
de name ofcs in do St'II!. Times wur or dreaming. j of frwnii and they h
.\ thr chiMrtn! h inI' TAKE NO SUBSTITUTE.
S 11 > \<"rnln, shock of her entrance womanhood.
. ej.in1 efri, >e:: al I .n.i ihrbrautiful anJ miphty hot. Young Mr. Archibald A sudden drowsiness overcame him, 'i Women who take Wine of Cardui Lav speak of it ID the hi+bat tr. ,

it !K't,, >\i-. n. n'1Im.m t,) Lnn'4 the :, otiose down b)11r frum one ob\ de big tae oilier notiieru n en. When he and wIt'n.bl' again o-ncd his eyes itwas t little discomfort during pregnancy and l it it pin ",'cU tot '.t

.w. ti >t a;. !I.. -t inf.:lence to bear ou | Ili there! ('ul1l' ft>' to tutor. lie war murning."li"as ; .
went away, all Ue fust: citizens ob Ue I little at cLilJbirth. When the If sott' '
pain I
the MI-V i : ..f JI-T to.wruty.To :' a fine young fellah, mighty: fond ob it a dream! ?" he cried! as he ,I i idreSMHl yu :
tht'yew '' : place' gib him a recepshuu' an' tell him | i' change of life appears they enter a wrrkn";* Win vi l.Al':... ,
rti't\- pn i ami nuke easy rowin' au' runnin' nn' all $,,-ts (.1. Lim'Jf0.. It is iupossit.le.i
ef he stay an' tight fo' Ue souf deyraise iI | Lappyhealthyol: T Kvtry month u tin"Y'antrLcomes
l i-
\\ !h'n Lie burn aiu, I age
I Hll'tln'1 first sill de gentlemen an'ladies There is i the chair the man sat In. 11 .
: I '
1 l-1T 'il'" ;
a ripemint fo' him. gut he tell i iI | to the rescue to assist Nature in !| 'J.ff> '" ',
Mother's Friend I tuk a desp'ate: likiu' to him. rt-nn-niln r his features distinctly and rl'
.r.,1 "' *
j 1 (111 he ?wine to tight fo' de Union throwing t h'impurities from the body I j trratn. / '
I' Ik-re wasn't nothin' at all de matter all'j ecryord Le said and et en the toue i ..t .U :'.t li
if jopiihrh' u--fil It U a liniment easily ;i de freedom oti Ue blacks. Miss Sarah Flnl., of Mt'inpfii, | M\\, ,
: } > .
witl hii.i (Ppt one I'liis. He didn't I uf his volt' Thank: Cod, it was no tit: < ( ir : .t \!
Jmniistt-r I
t 'i ('11 tUI
hair and dan ttk little u.v.n )
i no sense to a vision! It was a reality.
1 ;
1'rten.pt.t'mtUShuui( 'ltryt1iirtmtdrri j a Yankee critttr company. 1'e fust I Club of that city, speak far herself ai 1 LI .." i Ah! ,. n !I' .r
M-liUk-Lou-c an' 'gin to beach do nib Julian found after snaking his toilet
it l undcin.tl tend .
[ hrr
to during
"- ly a
mjj i pusson I saw war Mr. Archibald. ey i many friends when she loesttJ\\ tie & ., tiMtJthat t t .e' .
( aatuu stenuof'-u-jK.-iiseanilantKijution. gabs, fn-e. that he was still! a little fe\trisii. with
If called him Major Archibald. He didn't I
f n ,thcr's friend, if used throughout: F'um C..t time all Ue jTople change a :strange fulli.e:>s in his Lead dm a
f Rt titn, ".:ill: sotti-n the: breasts tlivn.-Lv I IJrt'.nun ii right roun' If de nijalis; know ns ,;, do no harm to de fut citizens ol" de I II glance at the mirror showed that Le A r.; '
,* irakedarls.trcniplr;. All' I souf wet l.e foun' in town, an' he t'h.'n WINE of CARD "
; : much a< dere marsters, hltw }.. wiueKe was looking; unusually well. \.t
, nm tlth sir,lining; with the tmrol..n.1 | put a guard roun' some co'n : '
) ,p 'em I>slabes I lak to LnuwV ArOUJlilittet' loeloniU'I' One thing startled him not a little: in
fflax bcton-.c supple aid il.Lstk grunt isctmtnui.t.pph. I to Wetherbee.. .
went \Ir..lrehlbald an' the course of the morning. After a -
U..n.'f As I left the darky it (I'curret me --
' A': fibres in the aMomiml! region wail: ] renM>ned wad him but be war de ub- : that teaching colored people in Slat I brief interview with one of the bankersof )

resj">inl rt..I'iuv:: to the rxjun-lm; coyer fctinutPfet: man }o* eber see an' pre- : was far different from what it was in tLe town Le Walked 'nt.11 the strict THE NEW GROCERY STORE.

'f l uutatnilg rise! n.1'f"Ji Hot her'a FrienJ j| s.sted iu I'raollln' back wad de fust"Iltlo'ml'n IMI'J.' JOAN TREVOR.13otu 1 with t.V NI in his pnckct.

i* aj'jilifd r.t.nly:: .IUl1I.; j' j j in de souf. Yo' we, somej A sudden doubt struck: him as hereached --- --

6 Of all r.JIe.lm'hb:1 1 : ; i it e per bttle.IiVnte i j de rust gentlemen! didn't know any i I the sidewalk. Had Le made a
. fr 2.e 1..'' .k ..n not herhood." I II oil lib Luck.CassidySLtop .
j I too much demwUes, an it wasn't to kkkhi' about mistake in telling the l banker of his MOYER
I Ii
, l>e 't-peetinl dat dey gwine to let dere
good fortune? If the whole thing was
______________________ j i hard luck mtln'Oille! mornin' ye'll j
-- === II l ln own nips-ihs: know a Leap. Dey JI,; I wake up an" find yersel' famous. I ICasey1 only a dream, as he sometimes suspected Keeps a Complete, First-Class, Up-to.Date St icy

lI stop reasonin' wid dat young; fellah an' om he had done a very bad thing.
'alth bet whin that }
I 3 e of Fine Staple and
% Kntll Ixlntt'i Drafti. veldt away. I mornin' comes 'twill be me luck to | "('sha w." Le said to himself, "I am Fancy Groceries

William Kuius was 1.. 1l.11 by l an ar1r j "Dat night; I war settln' with LIze : orersiape' mesel'.1'hiladeli'hia I'ress. sick and nervous! How can it be a No 30 W. Covernment St. Salisbury Block

,.vv. ethir! aci-nlfiital or with murder- (Line! war ray wife: she daid nowl dream?" ; ,

on* Intent lit- died in the New for- whar I could see de schulehouse, an' I fly degrees his confidence was re. ?Ita'1I0': : 't: :t:::

i +t. Ills Ixidy was stripped by tramps says: 'Lize, jo' Fee dat light ober dar? The time comes when one feels the stored, and later In the day, when he -

f un
l":1turtlt r. who placed the naked 'Huh! Moon rlsin' in de west! end of n-toilsome day one feels the calculated to Impress the millionaire. ICE AND WOOD.WE

'; l>at's mill in de t-chulehouse roof.' need of another SIt=eD. .
. .. He told
curj o im his curt hoping; to ieclve a ---- I the story of his legacy and

, reward. tIll tin-! way to Winchester "At fust it war no blpger'n a candle; 'I had diabetes in its wort form." .I IIud. the rich man took him by the hand EXPECT TO SUPPLY A Ml't'H I. 'tutn TI.

! tWo tart was upset, and the kind's; body { don it jrrowed an' prowed till de whole writes : Marion Lee of Dunreath., and told him that no man in the wide

fr)| In the wi..... Covered with filth si-huleliou e war n-burnin'. Uy d.'ll.t! .relief."I tried Only eiu'htphyicians three bottles; of without Foj i world would suit him better as a son- THIS :M MMKR THAN EVE 1 iX KF

rail Mack with -butrttiu1, it arrived in I could see de fast citizens btandiii' in-law.
ley's Kidney Cure made me well
I a : j SEND
WtmhttT., where It was buried in the : roun'. l toy war iiisterprated by OwenYtl.erbee. man.V.:A. D'Alemberte, 121 ri.Palufox. : A week passed away delightfully. |I US YOUR ORDERS NCW.

..attwIniL A few j ears liter the towjT ; \\ .. wl.o liter near de eehule ; Clair found himself the lion of the !

Ml and 'fn..I..1 the moth and Omljrars I hou-e. He war u-talkin' to 'etu sliak- town, but he spent most of his leisure !, Thompson, Olsen clCo..

after the Puritans rifled tin- iu' he unlit r all arjjufyln'. I gut up time with his allianced.tnp .

grave and plajed football with the i an1 wont whnr I l'uulo.I'ar! an' I ( morning the young lawyer arose, Manresa Street, Tel,,i hone / ,
i hearn him tell Vm toI) an' burn de BEST FOR THE
hh.;: skull I cool and clear headed, without a trace

____ __-_ little house whnr de teacher fiber! bj of fe\er. He looked back upon the ,; -

(.rnlL..h""..'. "I'n>:In." I himself .lo"r sence lie got onpul''lar events of the past week in amazement. :' ESTABLISHED ih 83,
Marled off an' burned tie Lous' BOWELS
. There i!
little bwtvvM of how I'ruiksh.ink but Mr. Archibald didn't happen tiU > of the man from London. It McKENZIE OERTING
('OnI I If a mren't n rnpilir, h dry IT r..m..nt of thKrirp wasa & CO.
dar. fo' him. fo' I rink levI .
l' <.Iu'tl his | ittunof I'azin. the Jew. lucky ( ti..I r) '!' i I ji itHP dream and nothing eNe.

: 1 Hiring tin- tl...- In- was illustrating I put Linn in an' burn him tl". \\'iIl'I'Ill' t 1.11\... n1 4r.. ". 11.1 if wj toay "13m In a disgraceful! fix: :!" Le o 11&"L&1I1 IK -- ---'-- 0
. e' I" ;' It "'liD' ilit honest
tiali low. de
went to lan.
war dey
1 liver Twot" hispent tl.iys uun'rs- I c..aDd rleaa tee. tab groaned. "I have lied to Mr. Howard

lug the east end of London in searchof an' ",.roun' drinkiif. CANDY and to .\lir(>. I have borrowed moneyunder Ship Chandlery and General Hardware.
"MarMVitheibee's IJI.nselr !
a fa v that would vorresi md with right; CATHARTICEAT tale pr'ten t'sotbin!; will :

: bra ....tiiv|.tioH of the eharacter. Oiie i it in de track ob tie win' blow in' tiah ever convince iK-ople that I am not a : coa AND io:\ S. 1'Au.uoi HTIIHT

fun de sr-Lnli'house, an' while de ,,
while before swindler. i - .AGENOV

hid dining riwiiii '",uJUu.; fares at him [i war 1 l-urnin' Mr. Archibald's! S 5' REVERE COPPER COMPANY:; A, HOKKUNUH: 0\1'0. e

elf," 14t. to fix-uU, for the want vfwimethins I house lal'Sl'1'I1110's war a-ketrh- The card In Julian's hand bore the GALVANIZED WIRE ROPE, A. RUHhKL A i'ON'S 1TMI' *
t en halt Its own self I seen it, an' I
better to ,ll1, ho accidentally i iiiwK" address of Henry sorely, solicitor
1 Cum ficrdigi N Its Oils Italic.! lottroaiD
goes to tit fate'n, an' I says, }!arse tkirti.! hiin iuiCOMPAHtKS.
the features fur which he was ;, Middle Temple, London, and as the I Iowner ,
Wctherel.ee. li l.nusiis burnln'.
) .
looking. TLe picture therefore of ; of the card was ushered into LfXJH. KTO
| "He Ji,' turf.t',l white ha'r. (n'
I. Katjlu is really that nf Cruik.shank: him- as m.\ 'EM LIKE CANDY the office the young lawyer looked at' C. McKenzieOertin;r Collecting A;{t-nt for Hi: IM..I. |{, A .
ffi I IIP war a widower wad one lertlc hilt ciation.
>>.-.f. j jIIdti I i>lt." im raHtat.Ie, V itrnt. Taste Hi 4. fI"Goods him in blank surprise. |
-- --- --- -- sot hadn't 1:0 mndder to tek keer "bit.an' ,.."' fk We.krn t.ri(.. II, and W matt ________ ..
per Uri fur Irr aMIIIII ant tiuuLlet 'OSTtKMMi It did not take long; for Mr. Morely *
he done it ,
'rl't when he Lultl 1do lA
Notice Iniprovrmriil.An Btllln rOlf1H, HMi.Oor SEW TOllk.KEEP to state his business.
i war buinin' other >e<'ple's houses an
si.stiru 'iiaior was riding to the Ir i j j The Star
'My young (friend he said rather
oelcbratin'. He runned out ob tie taxe uI YOUR BLOOD CLEAN Laundry
capitol ". :iii I'otrl..t ear when a very I ,. pompously "it Is a genuine pleasure. to ,
II udders Iiehln' him an' i hela'uhe.
goes >>
, ,
It'llt laily, who sal lli'M to him, asKfdHue me to be the bearer of good tidings. 1.
lee fish was a'l'umill'ut ob ,Itrt.
'. gm'htion. about U'asliin;.:ton and i; ban teen two weeks!' in the country ;, Busiest
an' smoke out ob some ob de win i Biggest Best !
-, then aiHilo;:i/t ti for !IKMII;; ,It'a r. tiers. Iar WethtrU-e jis' ...toUlI11' KIDNEY DISEASES look'nj; you up. Your uncle JOhn ,

"Wh)' don \.u try' -lrieityV" h) mHltheti.uUv : Hlai. Wed recently in I.herpool wherehe ,
wrung he hands, cr.un', 'My let-tic Loy""I''re
I !, Fu::';e>tiil the M-nator. ... left a large estate, and there is halt
wasn't none ub dim fust i-lti I -
Vell.awl the! lady, "1 was struck a million for fa All E\miim ( 'all UII
zens ob do souf sot war yuunh un fitiJ cI &I2 & jou.
i !.> liKlitniiiK LA--I summer. lout I don'tw. '' Itl tM mod "Is it another dream '

( ..- that It did me any goo ob de house to de room whar de elulei
f. In.toll 'UI't.! I It (I "| don't understand," said the Englishman ]
i slejr, fo' Ue tiah an' smoke hell Vii : ;{t i '. 'II" : II 1.1 wit t I.. tv.
i somewhat mystified. "This is
'I t rUm Ue stairs, an Uey pib 1111 up foI I,1
propriolr T.*\'. : no dream. It is business." I I / jr.- ,. ,1.[ :
I i lost. All obI sudden Archibald InrutlH 1tK4JOf : o

"I(1t );Irtlul.tlu. till d.s; ole heart ob i j i i come runnln'! up. an" Jis' den u 'urlyhead Torn Le went on In his matter of ,I it It' --,.,I .tu
nine wit jo ." U'ttan the Itev. l'1:1t.j! fact make clear.
> ; to everything
way j ,
'peared at de winder an'
|: wet'i'.ld .t.; .\ W"IJlltl, .1
p foot tie last wail frum the wheezy :\ money fefundtd CoiMilni called before i
as }ou have never ou uie !
ht-ah de little Mr
boy crym'
I .v 'tea ,y \t'y .: 111,"s II III tl, w',
; ( "
F or uu t"-< ap Ml through an opeiivtn- I Archibald make a rush fo' de stairs remedies recofnizcd by tmJ-I glare jou? asked Julian. I| ,
f. duty, "ter we sit uieiiny strangers pres- ertainly not. replied the isitor. i -tun t- liy: the ttlll.III"1 '
but Ue
tlaiues tlrUhim bark. Den lie the but fa k
cent physldtns
L cut dis jtIt'ntluI.11.t.Jtl1 tuawuin'. :]1, an' : u "I lave just found you and it was uo''' + ) 'a 11 (j 1 t.. /"... ||if, |II-f ; ; -
come out, set-in' a tree wid de J p 3. 1 '
f iHt good lxH>k hit say: 'He war er branches prowin' near tie winder In- Kldiser and Bladder troublu. ;I easy matter I can tell you." //JViv L 1.'' r".' --11'' b""lt.1' *"

c stranger ::n' Ah! took him in.' l>e dea- ,', shins up oak a monkey an' walks out PXICB .. ix .&\ !! "All of this is very hard for me tI <> I iulx jSL'' "',,11-: 'tculT, l L.\ Is I ,

t'OM will now perceed tor take up de ,,j! on a l.raul'h.1lt'n he git far as he W. A. D'ALEMBERTE. !I 1k! eye." replied Julian "and it will!! o.&t '::.Ltun it.:

"1 l'ullelrolttutt-a'I.no---4I : :\cws.r '': kin he begin to teeter den jump aI I.,1 take tune to convince uie of its real- W
-- -- -- ------ --
Ions an' catch de winder sill ity.
way on
I'lTtCfllllll. I I I: I "IVI.! money ought;: to loe tangible ALL WORK C. 0. D. Gffi Celia :
"0') you thinl: perfection is OUT an' pull hisM-lf up by he arms an' In II Dr Go4 LL"ilft :
HGoo fr+ '
enough.: said the is "If feelIlk
aitually attaiued in this life?" asked. i i ijouth. i nudtler minute was in Ue room. lIeI I vyer.
Awarded at Parts) TELEPHONE
drawing fur a few thousand now, 11.1 27 GARDEN ST-
+ U! RPrhb I I I.inwerttl I tok up de boy, nil, tosslu' a blanket I "
r, "Yves!" Miss ; of'ten Ue bed to Ue men below, Uey heldit I'll arrange it for jou.
[# Cayenne; I j! aura not to be re- WALKER INGRAHAM
a prpositioll"IS ManagerTIME
between Va au' Mr. Archibald I
1 Oml' ipit'ome: : perfect bores.1Veshin'tun ,"- .
ate js': pitched de Lttle boy rigLt into It. 1llI4LIJi1i fu 'il. and in tie course of the day! _

: Ja tau had $lokO to LU credit in the
]: SoC'ti; ns Uey get him on de :;rOUl! he TABLE.

f J.,Lr Hie ,,. say mighty! mad: ba.ik. ;I I.iiid
"n Itaby. -
!;; '1'1'1"ot jo' leave me all 'lone fu'to then te broke down under the
k "Yes. l1litrt '.I;'' is a lottery, and I am :1. WINE CORDIAL EtKilM : LOUISVILLE AND NASHVILLE RAILROAD
bum fo'V"Mr.
after a prue." up 1:0 JoH''T lit;' .: )lI.1i I
Hithcst: recommendations! for of Poorness
curt ,
For l long weeks Le lay either unconMJUUS I
l Archibald was jis' climbln' out- ; __
And the r.id.ai.t } jouii father con- ot BIooJ, Stomach troubles and General De-
tinned walkn. after ,. en Ue winder when t'umlllne coal .i'n Increases the appetite, sirtniiheni I or delirious and the watchers New Orleans and Mohlle.
: the I _
;; tJalyIIII'll the nerves and bu.IJs the entire ---- -- '-
up lyttcrn.ti i la Lis U'dside wondered at Lis talk.
oil tank
reckon-sploded au' de roomi
, tH-fore him.
-Philadelphia North ..1merIenn. he run IlrnuutPARIS I When recovered, Julian, warned 0.8. !IoO.'. So,:!. .. .
iu bust
was into flames. lie
i I 7U: a UI\Q! Itr p I..""" P.nurola. Arri.I' u n a I
i; jumped into Ue blanket but 1,8 war II I b> the tricks Lib imagination Lad MS's 'I 2:27p bl a L.\ .. I"h..loa Leave I r 4. I r
burned orful. K. Kouk-rr. A ( o.Axeut. II pliyed Lira, lost no time obtaining 11\JIJa 4:22: p t: ia I"a". Muhde Ina.. I ; a n : r
FOLEY'S KIDNEY CURE. {.1. .. '"'''' ,::!!'.p 1$1 a _Lrerr.w. 'rl.ane I..... ."p a
Lis legacy and converting it into substantial -
Will cure Hri:ht's Di-iea-e. 11) do time Mr. Archibald g t well I ; North.

Will cure Diabetes. dere war a new Louse: ready fo' him investments.

Will cure :Stone iu lUaJder. i i to lib in an' de money, tOl.wot de I When this was done, he led sweet ,. .
So. !
Will cure Kidu and Rladdr 1 scuulehouse had cost him. De springob The Beer j! Alice Howard to the altar. 11'Qpm 1tI pm I Lrav" P+ntaenta Arrl" !'oil p I lll a5:15am

ni-"a-e--W..1. D'Alembeite, 121.1'.ihtox. Ivil war comin'on.. an' de wah war Once he said to her that he was In. 5:57p m Arrl' MonI(om.ry Laa.. 11.1' ato '

S. !I! a-coinm' on too. l ere wasn't swine j dei'tc-d to a dream for his greatest miser 11\11 7:00: pm'em I 0'r 1a0a pen m I Arrl'l ArflY" Huminihaul alYll1. .... I.Lave-... '.a.1II ,

fo' be any tl'arhln'l1J Ue nieahs: till That Made 1 ; and his greatest happiness. !::j.am I :Ua m Arrive Lnulnlll. L..... '.l pm am
,SS 7am! I1Saam! Arrfve l'lncIDII&U L's. .
Seasonable householdand it war all obah an" den dere was 1EF This was all that Le could be induced 'apm
i iD9NNgZS .. .
I I 1:11 a m I::tol pm.'nl'" itt !Louie Lea .:1.. pm'
!:win to be a heap. Mr. Archibald tot-ay.

kitchen utensils at the I didn't Lab. Jt- skulk away an1, .corf I R rAM oUS U i lie had passed through a terrible PENSACOLA AND RIVER JUNCTION. -

Willis Hardware Co.'s. .=-=- - j jI 1 crisis, and during the remainder of his No. 41-Daily No. 5.-Daily i Oo.top wher time not .bowa :' o, t--is"., t !

A PHYSICIAN HEALED. }I I life his greatest desire was to forget 11:5pm: 7:1)1 a .m \\.U Prn.senla Arrtv.,-b.'n-: -m .

There's lot of money to be madeIn :i Dr. Oeo. Ewin?. a practiciu physician -I all about itAla ; Ul\: night h 7.1t. I" l1ob..m. I I'. if .
I J It:'>) 7.14" taleatra "I I I" I'
real t\te-I\B: of it. A real estate : of rjtnith's Grove, Ky., for .. i U:::!! u 714 I .... .t.tcambla ... ". I. lo.ta
i* U'i" 7.ii u .._ )tglal .
sign usually a finer-board to 1' a
over thirty year*, write* his personal VICTORIA II .
wealth. I2Ya: 1'oj" Harp tea
Thos. C. Watson & experience with Foley's,; Kidney c8i 13:5): 11.5"! .. .... ..a llty .. N.IS
Co., the" leading Real Estate firm 1.54 Tr: -' lIItOO "U,'
have some offers which it wouldbe Cure: "For years I had been greatly MADE BY ACME BREWING CO. t:*) a m ..... .. ._. Uooo:1: Baal. ... _. .
worth while to consider. bothered with kidney and bladder: 1:55 S 13 h II ..... HolU .... .. I.a .
your Go BEST 10-CEXT BottLE BEKKIN i itgnatar it on every box of the g'nnine ):i') S ,tJ t I. ........,MIIUUD ", 1.lI ,
and see them to-day and don't wait ''trouble and enlarged prostrate I i Laxative Bromo-Quinine>ieu 2$1 9a4 .._.... er.n".w '.U' .
till to-morrow. 'gland. I used everything known to TOWN.DANNHEISSER. the noied/ that 1:00 8 M ..... D .IP' Land ...., a,51
ewer a cold In cue 1lS: 9:13 .Nosy
1Try the profession without relief until I lead a e: "
4:01: 11-,6 _DeVaataksprta14 It
BROS. '.11"
one of our celebratedII. commenced to use Foley's Kidney I I Know One Sure Remedy 4:19 9:44 ._, Arty to ,." "
Cure. After three 'I .
bottles .
:40 ssar
AGENTS FOR THE CELEBRATED tar&II obe,tt.ate cold. Ja tame b A .BaI.3&IDo Poace 4. T91. "
jS.. Felt Mattresses. wa entirely relieved :and cured I 11:00 10:10 .. _W'erth ....._ It ':11"
IIOI IOU II .. ..._ (:ar"III...__ to a
They never pack or grow prescribe it now daily in my practice I I. f Harper f Me?. I 1183 a 10:111 .. __.iloath,_....._. .. .TH.. .
and heartily recommend its use :All creditors legatees distributee and 8fI 10:'" y.' ._ lhDla, .._ 111' '
lumpy. Better than a hair to all physicians for ncb troubles.: I Main House-101 8. Palafox street. I all persons bavlo clams or demand 8J' 11t1T.. ." .CnttoadaIe .. 14' n b.
a;Elnt the et :eor Fred liauer. deceasedare 1:1)1) 11:25" ......Martaane .. I '
mattress at half the price. i have prescribed; it in hundred; of R.R. Exchange: -Opp. Union Depot required to present them to the underilgied T::)J It 11:1": II CIpr.ra "'.". .. Lp u' I:
I cae; ; with perfect succe; ." W. A. p, 0. Box 2S1. Pensacola. Fla. I within two' years. T"I" 1tL ": .. ..,-Brand Rid j.__ ., I I I II
Marston Quina.. \\ D'Alemberte S. Palafcx. Phones 116-26S. MAX L. BEAR 1)1": UOG noon "D"a1. .. I I.a '
__ _h JDoaw3w AdmInistrator 8U UU" Arrlyelt.yNzaetloaLem. U
-- -

_, _c. .,'h ; __ ,.

.. .-.-.- '!" :"- "", v ':''"'' '>T- >-. <;1,....-,.. '- "" ..'r-- .o ...-..._.. --.., -.-. -- ...- ._ ..,.,. ,....." '_ -r or_. ,,<,"" '" ...,...> .. ."_. T'''''' "", :_;.. ::;..t, "- ...-.., ...._L ""' ., ", .,.. >. .;. ;.". -..: :;...,.. :: ... r.--. """"


...--- --

All Kinds of A Memento! That "'a. Iniplrlnar to
Cures John Richard Green! Bone dust and ashes make fine ber
and Bladder Troubles It has boon the fate of many men of
Kidney letters to hare 111 health bearing them Keep the surface soil of newly set 1

down as they struggled/ on toward lit trees and plants mellow. e

:: lJl.ty and Bladder Trouble, Rheumatism. erary achievements. Thus beset in recent With most small fruits lack of moisture j

't ail kinds of diseases produced by an times were Stevenson, Richard about fruiting time is Injurious to I

x f_* of uric acid. Jeffries antI J. It. Grwn. Each of these, the crop.

It happened had a high hearted wife Dwarf pear trees are much Inclinedto
to keep him up even to help him with overbear. Thinning should be doneas for Infants and Children.

HarrisLithia the actual labor of writing "The Life soon as the fruit is set. '
.'toria ia liarnil"< rtiU'ttttttt for ( ..'t"r OU rare.Boric
and Letters of J. It. Green" show forth Giving the trees plenty of room will Drops mill Soothing; Sjrup*. It U IMr"... llt. It
a great and sweet man. They show, make thriftier and longer lived trees C" taiii'. iii-itlior Opium. )1"fJ"hllu' nor other ilr.'Hth''

Water too, a wife whose sympathy and forti- and larger crops of better fruit Mtb-tance. It clt.trll' 4 Wormami nll.I)'t IV"'rilul'a...

tude helped to make his accomplishment Large crops of fruit are not alwaysthe It (cur" Uiarrhu'a'IIl \Viml ( "lit'. It relies '-'' Trrlli-
possible.In in:; Troiiltlcx amid our Constipation. It rruiil.iti" tti,
:* r,>c'nnmended by the bet physicians allr copying the vast amount of manu than most profitable. Quality rather Stomach awl HowcK, Info; health)' and natural Mrrn.
quantity what counts. Large, The Childrl'u' .ural''il-The lotlu-rS Frit-mi.
the United StaterFor
ale cveryTO script of her bus-band's: books Mrs. showy fruit sells the best

shipped anywhere. Green contracted writer's cramp and Currant bushes can be started during The Kind You Have Always Bough'Bears
was forced to stop using her right the
summer. Take off the cuttings/ and
Nothing Can hand This looked like a final obstacleIn the Signature of
Compare plant them in good rich soil so as togl.'t
the way of the invalid, who did
Lmiu CARBONATED WATER well established before winter.
for table UH HARRIS. LHHIA much of his thinking in bed and could
'alt ALE is the finest of all ales.
not write himself. Hut Mrs. Green set

to work at once learning/ write with APHORISMS.
Write for Free Boohlets-Full testimonials of cures, analyses,
her left hand.
how to physician.
t your v
Daylight and truth meet with
One of her first practice pages, which I
clear dawn.Milton.

Harris Lithia Springs Co., Harris Springs, S. C. I her she was husband about took to destroy quietly with and the put rest in We get out of nature what we carry In Use For Over 30 Years.

....,j ) to her.-Katberine Ilager. ,"r r..u. ro..... .. .u.... ...... ..,. -0" r...
his pock"t. Years afterward when ill tJ.1 & _IIL
health seemed unbearable and in discouragement The best way of recognizing a benefit __ = ...

oil TKLKFHOXK he felt that he could not is never to forget Darthelemy. I

M. W. MARSHALL Pen-acola: Fla. work he usil to take out that piece ot A man cannot live a broad life if he Don p Vo : "'i'EYe y Woman
paper a living record of his wife's triumph runs only in one g-roo\"e.-J. S. White..1ge .

- over difficulty. When he saw without cheerfulness is like a U'11IR 1 I V t- A, vunm Ntihaqpr..

\ nnlI.' .r. I Profaned Himself. the painful patient strokes by which Lapland! winter without the &un.-Col- Our a Uu.I V cX ;
That waa ,curiotn sort of impromptu ton. -
'I xears old was very Mrs. Green: had learned to write with ;:

Ih! his Sunday school I coniiiation William IV.iu Iteured which! his Things maje.sty, lid King outgo her left hand, lie could work on with Candor looks with equal fairness at Importer and l>.-ittin- ......:::::: .. \. Aj) .". -.- -

".'rriiiii! ; from school sOmething near to inspiration. both sides of a subject o:1h'ef) Chinese and t '.
erv.tll Karl Japanese' KIMIII <
\ with ( Irey's government .
!In- went crying to ster.: ; : '
."II I her the teacher ,I after the s-econd reading of the $nu"nupii Made While Younlt.. Tools learn nothing from wise men, Fancy Goods, I. .'..-.I!'- I.,..*l. t...'!,' "'Y'' l\\.j J\:

,'.'iii s.I first reform bill had been carried by a The man wlu ruined a sausage mak but wise men learn much from fooU.Lavater. .- .' rtv 4>!m *l tM% ,J-

1 voii. then my dar- majority of cue in 1S.J1. and our 1'ri- er's trade h'alkln; into his !shop FINE CHINA TEAS. !H.'III t;, ,,?? rid. ,'a

diy in April they suddenly got the with a sackful of dead cats and dumping 31 South Palafox St. --- ----------
Some will ler.rn
more a count-
I angfls watch all king to go don II and prorogue pariiauient the contents down on the counter .
Office. I'PUJUC da. Fit
try stage ride than 3thers in a tofu orEllrJohnst1ll. Laundry NOIH. *,
"i .-'::1." in person. SomelnHly went off to now finds a rival-albeit an unintentional
.. ,<, the mother'B the Tower to fetch the (crown and with I one---in: the person of a London [ I .- 1 !lave h.. h out'tt.rtii! 14> take

rt"l a M-ratrh body tif attendants his majesty waiter. The latter worthy, lning.hked I "lh-eriptt/'t: '"r \\1. J1.pnllglBr

r':imma. when my drove dow to the hoti.se of lord by a customer for sausages replied OO(1) nrsT k i! :;.iii f paper flil' "'/lIUIlUOIIt.r

\-III'Y' What happened! there doseribed inJrevibe's that there was none left: but. being of -- -- -- T'at'sctiny'apu1es "re-wnw r. peke| ,- t'ri; j-.-r y' ..r it* * (: "Memoirs." "Let the GOLD DUST twins da: lour rvork. to luisuui \ ,
an obliging disl.>siti(m, he noiit on to 1)I: ,.. ,
... : ll., 1'1 1 al ,; ,.I.c'1l U, haP'''f
I 1. ,.ll ( ...Iu.... The king uu;:lit not properl.v to have say that if the gentleman did not mind (' ...'.... and InjRAte.! .I ,. Id, ., ,? i' ., : I"1:1 l It) -, citing

"t" the dead in the worn the crown, never having loco waiting for a few minutes some !should T'.rr 'tirMD48ltl V/! it ,?,"" .1' '1101, -111, -d
I I.:ale vessels of was I Crowned; but when he was in the rob l>e obtained for loim-nll'aniu of "" I Mt-r. "'lit .it *'"* '1:' f M V K.x n r

: fie! trt-Iiefit of the lag rouu Le said to Ij-rd Hastings."Lonl course, that they should: lie sent out '- .' %lil n of' &I 1l1'CGItTI: I, t'r t I. I.: :\. w+

f the marble tombs II a!'Uns, I wear the crown; for. The customer having Mgnitiedhis

.1 nut for the same where is It':" It was brought to him. willingness to wait the waiter! pro-i I

-titl'1n being that ami when Lord Hastings WIS going to ceedfd to the cuinary! department togive i THE GARDEN SECTION

_..> about the livinge put it on his lit ad.! he (lIH"IJi the now-Miry instructions, but on''

'. everything vise in i shall put the crown on my lu'ulilmt myself. arriving there he had the misfortune to oOFPensacola" i,

ted of being; spiteful ." He put it on and then turned to step on the tail of a tIll;: vhirli I.c-

done to curry their Ij'rd (Trey: and said, ow. my lord, longed; to one of the kitchen attend I Florida.

the coronation is over"! ant,;. The injr.ml animal immediately
The crown did not tit very well, we
let out a series of agonized )
II. ..tarp1 .. are told but the prorogation wa suo- whereupon the customer being 1"11':01'1 Near East Hill Electric Railway Terminus.

a goo'l ear for (','":,-ally ('11'1'Ct1.,1.-I.oI.11I1"n Chronicle. di-ntly a man of imaginative mind Snow *hite clothes ere the re '...t if usrj

'. oldgirl of Mrs. ----- -, -- turni-d pale awl left the restaurant GOLD DUST Beautiful Lots for Sale.

I.iii'-olnN HID- ('ron.A hurriedly.l'ea rson'e.

'. replied Mrs..1'ai.keverythins:. have story to |I"Abraham older than the Lincoln one lielovv would t 1 into flay day Far tetter thin Son .tt rare
s a lullaby." lose its charaeterUtio avor. As late as Isfj students in Trinity economical ing to location and surroundiugs.

,1 I !I' "lIne. In the summer of IN" :Mr. Lincolnwas and St. John's colleges, Cambridge Made only: by THE N K FARBANK! COMPANY.
Mtting in his link when he was were prohibited from wearing pantaloons New York. BO lo' S' Leu: *. Exceptionally (;or)1l.et;h"frllffd. llfautiful ftae,

,,,..,, ...... ... I
d I. r visited)' one of his 1II'Ih1".l's. an excellent or trousers, in chapel. Oxford Makers cl OVAL FAIRY SOAP High, Dry Fertile Lands.

Mldn'ti farmer, but one i jclined to increase tm-ii had already fought fur and won

the hize of his l'rl'lI'; i ten after the right to wear troiiM-rs. These were 40t0 '1 '1 1'60t
The grandest opportunity 1'or investment over
i tOld hiirr *ting. He had given on this! particular first allowed in Oxford in 1"10. when

V ? morning a skillfully kidded account Uigaud was proctor at., I his rda\.ytn: >n If You Have offered in Pensacola.

t rillnr, ',, I ill..,1 of the hay ho bad put in. of discipline gave great otTVn-e to t.ic

"l'n'\tC'eu cutting hay, too" remarkedMr. duns. OuNov.. 1M I. 1M.., William 1'111'.1': ..-- Home Seekers Should See Tinc Lots
i r.1 uo:
: Lincoln. scholar of Corpus) and afterward .in U- I
"I :1 '
"I .. : ;11"i i "Why. Abe are you fanning deacon of (Carli"t'l writes. "I hiiIHHIJ 1 RheumatismUR1GSOL i 'ClTJ."b"bsCorner
/ II' :j:11- "Yes. invited oiKV to the .
I", .. udiu ""'hut you raise?" room where I found all! wore bk -,....,

1I1It- Must hay. antilixjns and stockiiigs: and whitewaistcoats. I the great tested mi Garden and ..ilerfniIti1re1'lt.

F'I- I' 'I I Tube. ",foal crop this )'i'arT' ." evidently the disnuery !end'.rse1 1'alifornm
-n1'ii: i "have I Kcuie-ty will cure
: I he wouiilnot
T.xwllent.: cUMl: him some surprise or It also Liver,
i TOil. cures Kidney and .
'in 'I.t liar f C BRENT: WM KMl'Al.l'r *' K U > M. I. .
"How many tons?" have thought it worthy of iv.-ord. bladder diseases, caused by an en-ess of ,1rrPretid.nt.
!> U'' closed acid. It fails, and .. ,
uric never builds tip \ I'r4 i.: ft .1 i till .1
in his "Livof
-It I :and unlfsHi > "Weil. I don't tnow Just hnw taanytons. Dean I'.urgon relates the health and FtrerKtb. while using it.
I In- taken out Simpson, but my men tIlkall Twelve Great; Men" that as late a,* 1M7 Ft-.d stamp for bojk ol wonderful of-
the Kev. ndvvard Miles Kudd as senior titicates Price, }1 per bottle. For sale
'i to its normal they could outdoors and then stored
by dru Ki tKH your druggist ran not
will!I II... dptr"yeil the r'-st In the barn."-Youth's Com fellow of Oriel used to appear at the \ supply you it will 1,e sent prepaid upon First National BankOF
"lit of t' n ire pa nioii.! college "gaudy"; in black shorts.Mas receipt of price. Ad tress

whidl N nothing -- -
'Icsol Chemical Co. Los
I i'1'iutitioti of the I r.crn-inlier the linker. It Cove to Dili? Angeles.Cal

At tin txiurt of assizes' III Venice, Harold\\'illuU get uiy building or theLamar PEKSACOLA. FLA.D .
,Muinln-d! Dollars : when S'Illt'lIl'l'If death is about to Inparsed blocks mamma? & nkin Drug Co., Atlanta, 6a. -- -

il"Iflll' '''; (1'I\j..... by a man ilothed in a l.dig flack Huston Mamma-Which do you wish:; Distributing Agents. IXl M OT O n ..i
iiinot lie cureu by
i IIHMiul l for cir- rube enters the court and ndviineiu;; Harold, jour Greek or your Sanskrit %%%% w.t. KNOWLE8: W. A. BLOfNT K. G.: kln': n A K MYKH Jl.
to the lieneh bows profoundly to the t.I.cks-IIl'troit Free I'ress. D. O. BRENT

\ A- ('u ToU-Jo, O. I judges.; sain! ;;. "I ,'III"1lIh..r the baker: A. PARKER'S

.-1.. j-.c.; 'Iheii InI I IoII\\'S :atam and retires. Here .\ Fur.tKOii.Employer HAIR BALSAM
i.. the explanation of the custom: r..1...,.... and fcnuEilirt Ihr hath ad wnti ktilT t I 1L
l --What, lived six mouths in "" Mitil A 101'F'u"'". rmitA x 1 an
< Tar m
Fails Restore
ik'floncy. and Three centuries; av'o a baker was executed your Lift place! Wheie was that"jplieautOn JN-ver Hair to its to Youthful Color.Gray

I'r '1'1 'afe.sure. So ODi3fe.. :Veniee for a crime of which .\ the islalil mum fr e...vf....r-...nol.p 4>..<...".".A Tlrvri.u hair U.iu.2. -
he was not llilt.r.'ht.u his inno-
X'ew York Journal
I I 'We draw ocr owu Kill if Kxcuir. m n'I nt B.-UM "etut
oence was fully prowl, the judges: \\ lwfondeinneil
11(1I.sli"eharea Cures Germany France, Austria. Italy. H'>'!.aud. H Patu h lKlaiu Leslie Nt'
him invented a stun of Cancer Blood Poison Eating LODGE UIHEVTORYI
"',, rrli we trill sell money, the interest on which serves to i Sores Ulcers, Costs Nothing to Try. : ..J.1. Sweden. Denmark and; other ":-UIlt'tlIt.1. cO'o I.Srlu

1/1I1'sloll J' fJllillfl. keep a l.unp 1'1'11".tuall.liIt"tl! in the" Ulood pni-iou and deadly cancer I -
(Y "Veael? Dl-bnred npon ih. Macs YUMA"> renn. ,ud 'beU
a -i>ci.-tjr.tiiMii ont pal.t'-e of the does.. this Leiiu c-alliv are time wont and ino-t ileep-ejted I OF PYTHIAS Obligations Taken Payable al fort nt rt\irn\\ Tn or Klfl..t D.,.
the lamp' of expiation. In :addition ,
blood diPS(-- on parth'I't tliePUMP after Vessel Arrives then
!t- regular meeting of IVnsacola Iioil r. No. 3, K. of P.
their fatal mistake has for :tnn,
years -! to cuff when :iota nic Hb nod
.. M-dical !Society Pt been heM up as a warning to their 1'11"- Kilm i- u-fil. If you hive bloopoion I meetsevrry Monday evenIng ISTSafcty Deposit Boxes for Rent In Coon ntion
Health off.ce '. tJ(1y..111 : at ":'O At Castle H.!
'. te as41rs on the bench when they are' producing ulcers I bone pan?, j j In the Hlonnt- Wit<>' with which we hftto A PrlvM Aunrttonnt for thfU*.
i !I- > ( !: 12 ami l'iiicimid .
about to inflict the extreme itenalty ot piuipleniticuoiH patent -, falling: rtnlldlng tblrd Door of RAn t nt'lI.
are cordially !heir itching -kin. -crofuLi. old I vlMltlnlt'hrethr..n oorn''
1. tli.. 1:1 W. __ rheumatim I 1? weloomed
or offensive form of c..tirrh
,; W C. Div ERY, To My frie ds.I cio-i -cale-deadly cuiceleat- I, r :'- H. HOKBI.F.K lit !I.. E -

Pre*hleut, It i is with joy 1 tl'l1)"u what K->dolIdiJ ing; bleeding; (festering !KKU.piecretarv.. I I for mI'. I was tr,lubledwith mysoinacti ill--", lump.. ppr" =teat wart ior.. ---- WE WILL'FURNISH YOUR HOME FREE !
take Itotinic JUood Balm IL It BIt
--- -- -. f.'I' -,.vertl! months I l"p 'nl will .. .' -'
cure even the wor-t aftfeveryrning
cti-' LaurelsA .
l 1''-ii.g advised to U-H Kodol! I di'lo. .
el-e faiN. 15. B. It dr ..111-I ." .
f. GOI.AY land w.>rd- L-ami"t 1.:1!! tit,- _.ltld it ain 2Trie I r'f
=:@: i ,, the jh-i-oii out of the -y-tein iiid ',. I : ',,- -: -. : .
I h'1" donp 111. A iiPiirlibor! had dv -
I blood then Beallu.. t.
'I everyore !u. : I iM
.: I CIT"n Meal Mills L"l'o tint lit irul tried nvtWprytlni.j. the hllJot1'ur.. and rich, and Ull'.l. t.u Parts made ExttositlOll the Gold I- oJ' : : ;,IN' i .. ',,_:'.i I_
I told liia i : to uK", ill_ up tine broki'M-down bi-ih H.t.iuic tedal Award to .. .. .,. i ..>*. ......
V lid. Word. uf jrritjtnje Irivecoiae ,. .. .,. a. 1 '. .
NZAhEZ!! : & CO. Prop 1 Blood r.ahn R. 15. It. I' "1- ,r r I' I 1.-I rtrq.w.l. __
to me from "bun I bi-i-uisp I r'om >i'ihly te-ted for MO I- .'. .!.! i, _i ,," f J
v rn-nded It n.-II. \\'. Fry Viol.i, yeari'u I.W.IIARPERKENTUCKY .,, "' *_ i. I..... l.<.... ..l J I
: .
i f".a I -tore- '1 i pr large buttle. T1 al -. 7'i new., X- '
I 'it > "UI'I'la.(;HOVNI I Iowa. He.ihh :aiid.trt-tiutli.: ormind 1 treatment free by writing: UtoiJ( I I It :. ; ''J"'i
MlM'H KKI). 'and, body, d' pend on one; j-tonudi, i.Im O.. .Atlanta (la. P.--iib- .. I. Ir .,.,, ._ III ,. ;i ... r': .. .
for acidpnrnmlietitityeuf I the dijr>--tivp I trouble and free medical uivir WHISKEYCoKj 'I. I i. .. < i. ::- _
-ijiiiy I'avrn
. '' IL i !huSoarMe.lanr orsr.inKodol, tin great reoon- given until cured. It }i. H LieMO! I I- !.,.. ..' 4, v I.\ ".. .H.I ,arar. ,
/1"11I"- 1"lIu"olortr -'ni'tivtome.. curiall -toui.ic-ti ;I ,
contain mineral pol-son- n"-rcuYj' rrwdaU .* in 'IM f: l It'' 01" I _
'I. Her born t:1.1o.. mild tn,wl t"nuhl" .... indIi l'-tt"11. dyP -- ftlto awarded acre tnc --n ,I. U .\ ,
aovertiadremedie* debut
..t. ii 'bo "- -I. many In f.. day Ia.suodu ... .- : _
L- dirrctly eummnnllj hrtifflleQ 'ji-ia 1 ""1i, dte-t-env.road fo dvon ;i- ouiipo-ed>lll1f 1'urn liotatiir In .n w MJ, AI ,r mil III .... ..
m manufacturer "at. Tak":1 d.,"*. aftr nii'lilif r..dl"1lO"er SOW r 1 893u'
oc testimonial-
..I> .i uf labor } on 0't !.:iI'liarmacy.. Joun :Sheppard.Hid'iev CIUP;; by taking l>''tamc Kl ,od Balm SALVONA SOAP CO.. [or. J2t" J !> -. S:: ST. LOlS.! MOA" '

: if wblcb n rapport>oa live and K"inn H. H. B. SOld by Dannfitls tJ; bros. _u_

-- -- ---- _

( : u 1 'I' 'fI-.>>

., \, .. >'",j' :. I r'", .| .

; li.r: Sfl )

I r.ll.l IIHP I L__ ,r ., Pttfl 1l.. j

fro I'IH'Y.! ....a a .. 1.1

.' /.... "MI It Mj.Jh...'n- "
'x, ,... Gr j
." .> ,I ro'l!IUw.. fc IfJ j
-', r'r f.,, til" JmI. "'*it.U Iii ]

!L -. a [ '"4 kgt ,rfH 't* r.'Ire .....

\" \< rv 'fi'v __

A Satisfying Wheat-Malt Food that Restores Vitality Consumed by .hz FVe of Life. \OUle f..rr.1 ..


}:\>:'.>h ","", 'v .,.. ,_"""", ,,,,, >' __' _!f.t......,., _, ",..,. -: .._....p'.4t.- ..._ .. -,.-.... .... ,. K _"', ,, ,,, "-4, ."" "?,,,,.P _'< ., >-., .- -.- ",_",' -"' .-


I I -

I HON " " "I+ .+..........>...>...4.1.N.N! FEET FURNISHERS FOft. CASH ONLY
fl I .THE BIG STORE. .- _
5 !
.:1. $5,000.00 .J. 5 .. .. GREATEST VALUES ,*


Worth of Summer Merehandise : IN THE 2I

i .. .. ................................... .
; to be Sold During this Month. i AUGUST SELLING BELIE IS YOUR GAINCARPET I HISTORY OF THE STORE. j .. .. .. .. ...,....................9..... .,

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PRICE IX FIGURED LA WS i Carpet at. .. .. . . . . .. . . .. .. .60c yard 1,000 Yards Emb. Beading, 5 and lOc yard

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: Waist and Skirt Department. LACE CURTAINS Ladies'Oxford*, }: t'u .. ... ...now $1.65 .

.. .. .. .. .
! :;; Doz. White.. Colored Wahts-.3.;c each L 1ti Ladies'Straps, $1.'i5. now U :3s

:. 10 Doz. Madras Waists .. ... .54ceach -ANDRAPERY !)- ;j Ladies' Oxfords, #2.50.... .... ....now $U'"

5 Doz. Chainbry Wai-ts worth Ladies'Straps, $250. ..... ...... now $1 97 I
' ... .. . i II II I
?l.,,) to U.'i5. for .... II each CURTAINS \ I
,, White Duck .. .. ...:'M each l, Men's Low quarters in Proportion. Ii
Colored Duck Skirt.. .. #I.PU, were Uit) i
ColiHPIIl'hambry'klrt..H .10. were *:2 50New ) r;: TUESDAY AND WEDNESDAY. A Hardware.NEW I

: Wool Walking :Skirts..fL'f>II tolTCio .,: -'- : '''_"." ...... ._"_.,_",' ._ ".' ........)1 ; MEYER SHOE CC
Ribbon Bargains.All I

tjll"r"0.: IiI Taffeta Ribbon l:>c yd JUilliain Soljnsou( & t.r: O1t. Hammocks, Patterns Single l and Cheap Double, Latest II I rut l'unti lot I M.b /*nl,. .
All Cu1orNa.: i l' TdtFeta liibbou Luc yd
AHI Yard Fancy Ilibbon at. .. 5tyd Enamel Ware Blue and White, Big; :Stock


MONARCH SAILED rasPsa5assaasP.ss2s R. POUt -

li F < '

k -- AND PERSONALS L OPEN DAY AKD NIGHT. iWit liitviitli-iii-ia Strt-i-t. ..........

The tug! Monarch sailed at 5 p. m.

yesterday for Kabine Pass to com 52 m POU & GINGLES, Managers. .-.-

to fill the terms of a towing
mence ;
John McDavid b is home from
i'i! > 3 ..
contract for two year The Monarch pleasant: outing in Alabama.
) It
I was propelled by steam raised Miss Mamie Farrell of Mobile i is

I from oil a; fuel, and moved away the guest of Mrs. George HoSinau. F.R POU -t $ .

from her dock and down the bay a3
D. H. Klusmeier ha gone to Ken

gracefully u-> could be expected and tucky on a brief visit for the benefit k< k< FUNERAL DIRECTOR AND EMBALMER. t'F'

with not the sign of smoke arising of his health. 17 Test Id idrcia Street. Ollice Phone, 31. Residence; Phone 673.

t from her funnel.As Little Lena the !It-year-old daughter
. -- -- -- -- -
the tug's hawsers were thrownt of Alderman O. M. Pryor was

t and she began her j utrney to the painfully injured from a fall yesterday ALLOWED MINORSIN I NOTES OF NOTABLES. ..-

at her home on Alcatiiz street.
Texas port every steam whistle in :Maximilian! SLonzo Machita of Sa.I .

the tny gave her a deafening j end- Mr. T. F. Wet Milton, the nominee HER HOUSEBecause I I Luke, Japan \on the high honor of EVERY DAY ;

of !Santa I!"isa county for mem- \uludiutorian of the graduating class
.tf, all of which were answered in of Lehigh university
ber of the hou-e at the next statelegislature ; I'll"II
turn by the hoarse whittle of Peusai's i- business President Lou t..t during; his visit! to
a visitor tHe Pauline Spencer white,
St Petersburg gate $:II,("M) for distribution
I >' .1! fir-it Dilbarniugteamboat. today.
keeper of a resort at No. West Zir- unions charitable institutions F'
I Gad Humphreys, the Denial and in Petersburg: and Peterhof.
ragossa street, allowed minors to William Vanderbilt denies that he
A PRACTICE THAT accommodating night clerk at the

local postoffiee. has been granted the visit her house last night, her house will race America\ on an extensive o-A'l*_

usual fifteen day annual vacation, scale lie will maintain his breeding J
SHOULD BE STOPPED was raided and this morning the city establishment here and race in France. 4F'
beginning; with :yesterday. s
Charles J. Capen has about completed
netted a cash revenue of $2: > from
Chief White reports the (loss of a half a century as instructor in the '

.\ practice that should! be stopped flue rubber coat while going to the the proprietress and $5: from each of ISosttm Latin school, In all of which
fire Ian time le has never: lost an hour by idle- I'
before somebody gets hurt is now night. The party picking it six inmates a total of $55. :
up wild 1 be paid for his trouble if the noss. L FRIEDMAN & cossV .
being fooli-hly Indulged iu by an coat i< returned to the truck house. The house was raided by Captain Henry Cole of Denser started to''

overly inqui-itive and brainless idiotin Sanders who had, early i in the night, concert his estate of $4<.H.i,(xx) Into cash '
Mr. A. V. Dunwftdy from Paris for the poor but was halted by his F'
the: w*'-tern part of the: city. been apprized of existing conditions.
France arrived yesterday afternoonand wife, who reminded him that half of

From reports which have: been was met by many: of his Peusa- The wholesale arrest was made at it was hers. IMe I\C"I.T ST() L. Ot =_

made, it seeurth.tt -'ire individual cola reativeMr.. Dutiwody usedto 11 p. m., and five or six young gentle- Charles 1'. Luinls of Pan Diego, Cal., '

H nightly Making a habit of going to reside h, rbut for some time meta from prominent families were recently appointed to choose U new :i
has home for Warner's ranch Indians, ] J1IHIIJm
private reidencauJ turning the pat been a resident of the found to have been there. and is also :! }
speaks Spanish fluently
lHikN French capital and i ih -re on brines iV \) 'v 0 wi ,;
peering into rooms occupied Later the boys were found to have familiar with many of the Indian dia
connected with the
firm of I
viriou l'itizeuevprll .
by timesJi. I INU.lr. -
Baars frequented a dance hall in the same
Dunwod.\ & Cu.
s tlii. party be 'n detected at :\ Robert Dearln, a native of Ep- I .
------ Crult nets and (
district i jishin I'
and who
one was knownnot
blind, but by excu-mg !lnmself within sour England: eighty-four }ears of

explanrition: that IIK, wjs: mistaken CENERALLAMARASSAULTED to have attained his majority, age and the town's oldest tradesman \ tackle to suit everybody, tit IIIIIIIII r',

iu the house, he .illowej I taken saw the Derby the other day for thSl'lIt.sixth III
was to go was over to the police station. the Willis Hardware Co'.i.
nupuulshed. I -. time thus achieving: a film Ab

A charge: 'f disorderly couduct'l BY OFFICERS ELECTED record.Dr. James Hulrne Canfield. Columbia I Cleaning ladies skirts and war.ta NIMr I e i

with iu txplMiatiou: to tlio mayor Jt is one of a"r specialties, rur I.JUUI
I university librarian has been appointed rt
to what constituted the di"order will WALTER TAYLOR the world's dry IIUILUM
a delegate to conference I
serve to -top( 'his_low practice.. j BY BAR PILOTS of the Young Glens Christian I Ab

association to bo held in Norway in Thos. C. Watson k Co.. w
(.KANNV DID IT. I [i.-cial tu The Daily News. ---- August I'I the leading Heal E.U"\il"llt- t ik" Rt TAURAN7

I II I Tie! PilotBenevolent Association Walter M. Smith of New York has all the worry off the shoulder* "f the I ", = :

Knew I hI' ........ 1 hat I II rlli..IoI'II PoucrA I Tallahassee, Au.'. AtU-rney- held their sixteenth accepted the presidency of Winona owners of property nmna/e i' 9 .
annual .
session renting of their hou e* and tl" r .i l b till
General W. B. Lamar was viciously Agricultural and Technical Institute. .
gruuJmother, -tudying therrut'l'f last night and after listening to lection of their rents at c"ii-ci' : 1D. Ar
sfin-tKni\ of fo-nl cured her- assaulted in his otlice ye-terday by He is n successful rat reliant and was ,! tiously as they would thefinelvetTheir a
pelf -totnacti trouble and severe: the reports of officers on the businessof one of the founders of the Good Will :i charges are very tea'unab1e. ".-

-iii.ichf: .*. Later on *be was ableto Walter Taylor, who was armed witha I the last year, elected ollicers as farm In Maine. I : DAILY MENUS :

">.IVH hr little granddaughter beJciuo i bU stick and a revolver. General The last of the brave seamen wLoaCl'omlani..J II .. .
of her kn wleil.H of food. follows: Sir James floss in his famous I l' n.| r...- ., .
She sa"When In waHve I.'uuarrappled;: with his assailant, .. .
by Presh.lent-5.: L. Clifford expedition to the south pole died Hotel Camden = list* III.' '
mouthold -lit* was w.lIil'll onciu-e: di-aruied him and turned him over j a
Vice-President-Robert recently at Dantzic In his eighty-fourth lI..t.t t '.\
of the !>-\t-rf lue.-s of ht>r mother. J Simpson. III a
the: w\' rut "'i :1 prepared baby food to his father and uncle, who led him :Secretary-- E. O'Brien. -ear. The old sea veteran August ('..UIIH1, \B \ '11. ,JIll A" i att0
but t i.>oH lo>-t Jlt".h and color, became away from the otl ce. General La- Dolt, entered the English service In Am
hollow eyed and fretful. We changed -I j Commodore-William Bazzell. his youth.J. '-
her food several times but with mar then quietly resumed the workat Vice-Coelmolore-George Ains- K. Caird. a wealthy manufacturerat I Is Now Open to the Public, a
no permanent benefit. At last her I!i his desk upon which he was engaged I>und...., Scotland, proposes to erectin = L1dic... Praai, aM
!Umiach rebelled entirely and threw worth. i under the inana MitMd f
up nearly everything to.>k. K...e i ; when Taylor assaulted him. that city a cancer hospital at a cost -
would be wet with a cold Collecting Aent-C.. McKenzie of ;;N\O. Ile has also guaranteed the :: Dining P..rl'lr,4 ab
perspiration -
after feeding and would) cry Walter Taylor is a nephew Capt. OHtiD:;'. payment of $:j,("iu near for five years : IRS S. MIMS alrr

piteou-ly with paiu. That i I.. a dan- Dick Taylor wl.o General Lainar's for original laboratory work In Intes- ad
Committee :S. Caro, chairman
condition for a mall ; touting the disease of '
jjerom baby : : Pensacola Florida
and in this extremity I rememberedhow private secretary. He was a Myersman W. J. Oldmixon, J. Davenport, Rob M. Serpollet who won the Roths, l Regular Dinner Da rHltoM
beautifully lrape-Nuts had in the July primary contest aa
agreed with me. and suggested we ert Simpson, I.. Anderson, P. W. child cup with a twelve horsepowernew | RATES RKASONAIJLi: [, ...
I and acted as clerk at the precinct egg shaped automobile in the JIll
r the food for baby. Jones and W. A. Bell. 1 ,
try By the Day, Week or Mm.t: .
races at Nice showed terrific rate f. u",. rI'r ..
t \Ve bfiran very carefully with it, \o. H, at which it wa charged; and a t .
giving two small tea-pomtful3 at a of sit-d. His time for one kilometerwas I Table Furnished with the Ht-if.: ':. .".., ltd" 1 ati
shown affidavits that frauds .
feeding softened with boiling; water by gross Half Mourning. '.:oj1-: seconds which is at the Market Attordt. : a

and CHI in r.terili/ milk, warmed. I were perpetrated. The county executive "That's Mrs. (SlltedKe-Bonds. the rate of 47 Cs-luu seconds per oiile.Burird ar

The experiment was a perfect >uccei however prominent society leader" said the I Public Patronage Solicited. .r ...11'I.. aCp
committee counted
-. man in the crowd who knew. In Africa.In :: ', .I.fj a,
She has been on the food five the vote a; returned. "WLat'a sLe la half mourning for?" certain parts Africa it Is con I Free Sample I"'Dl. :c:.. ..
F weeks and now eat other food,
can Inquired seeral'ulces.. '. Nick A.
demanded that General sidered mark of to ..
Taylor : a disrespect bury i t Hunday Rate Made tc Truthcl JIll
for the change in this brief time is "Three of Ler six former .
wonderful. She has gained; over Lamar sign; a paper already prepared husbandsare out of doors at all Only slates are Men. ;'
dead said the :S Restaura
I man. whereupon c:: Popular
three pounds in weight, has rosy treated In such unceremonious fashIon I :
exonerating from the the crowd expressed _. :::
: Taylor chargeof great admL-ation c
--- -- -- -
Tee honored dead
cheeks bright; eye, and she has the are buried under
, appearance of satisfactorily none fraaJ. This General Lamar refused for her delicacy or feeling.-Pnl'adel- the fioor of the house. : : ISLAND, N. V. ';l'JA IIIIIIJH11111b
i phla Record. GO\-ER\on'-\
i-hed and thriving child. ---3 I : .-eiesled .
: to do until further investigation prQpQ4.I J \ ,- V
i The reason that Grape-Nuts will Sure Mutual Admiration. als, in triplicate, for furai+bio; f'>r-
i' agree with adults and babies is that whereupon Taylor assaultedhim Not Which. Miss Budd (to famous pianist)-That !, age and straw required In Dept of
the starch: of the cereals has been while he was seated at his desk. "After nIl" he remarked "it la youth music was truly divine monsieur. { the Ea9t. during year ending June| I will repair y ." .
transformed into grape sugar in the alone that has real courage." Monsieur-Cin: :JII03.! will be received hero and at ]lewelrT| in Clth.'U
maa'selle Is Indeed
of manufacture and whenintroduced "I don't indicated l I Isutd
process Kaiser Goes know returned the elderly places in Instruction U t.phenl..
r into the stomach it i* to Russia. spinster, with acerbity "whether it praise.. (pr.\rlyjbut an angel hereunder, until:: m., Aun,t'
Kiel Aug. 4.-The would,fcnow-dJrlaa
immediate assimilationand yacht music!
ready for 7 Il J2. U. S.
should te; called courage or foolhardiness reserve the riU; to |
does not tax the of the Hohenzollern with Emperor: Wmi con i I
powers but It la unquestionably true that All kinds reject or accept any or all proposal*
of Furni-
organs of digestion. The result is board sailed this morning for Reval or part thereof. Information Save MODe
any ;
, alwavs beneficial and the food has Russia, where h'j' majesty Is go the girls who marry at all usually mar. Ml PrVor's tare to at nearly cost, furnished on application. Envelope i 11 ) .
make for
quite room '
ry young.-Chlcaso Post
saved thousands of lives.
into!: pay a visit to the czar on the new stock. containing proposals will Le en- j lure at Manton *
Recipes for many easy hot weather \ dorsed for .
"Propo Forage
; aa l '
occasion of the
Russian: caval
dishes iu each package of Grape- maven' i Pjuf.Balsam Stop.the Tickling StrawatJOHSrUIP"OS.. I Great Furnitu: '

Silt!. vers I..4 eacar tart wm".t,tr


'.. j -- -
s. .. -. '" .q n ___;-" -- ....... '".-'" p',", >04'yp "T"'rr-' '-" :!. .. >, ., .. J -- p'" .-



"".....................e+: NraN/NIN I FEET FURNISHERS FOR___CASH ONLY '- -
r. i I .THE BIG STORE. r;
$5,000.00 ..4. I
: IX THi 9 J
: Worth of Summer Merehandise *

.: to be Sold During this Month. .$ AUGUST SELLING HERE IS YOUR GIN | HISTORY OF THE STORE. J. ;:: e ............................"'..6..6.4'4'.. ............. ,

1s.sNGNONNNISNWash IN/NNNi 1.111.INI.NN1.It ,
...Is..1. -- t

Goods Department. CARPET DEPARTMENT.Velvet Embroideries and Laces. THIS ,

HALF PRICE IN FIGU11ED LAWNr Carpet at... .. .. . . .. .. .. .. . .. .60c yard 1,000 Yards Emb. Beading; 5 and lOc yard t ,

White X-JSir Muslin 4c yard Brussels Carpet at . ... .. .. .. .... . .. . .. ...oocyard 2 000 Yards New Ernb. Edges I!,

FtnpSVhitP (iM.ds. loc yard Union lu;rain Carpet at...... ... .. .. .... .. ..... -.33c yard and Inserting .. ... ..e> aud lOc yard I t SPACE

i'iquPa| Tnm* FI1nll"1Ilitea/ Wool Ingrain Carpet at.. .... .... .... .... .. .. .. .. .. ;Sic yard 1,000 Yards Torchon Laces 3c yard LL'eIVill ;
CI-Hti. Woven Madras. ..... ...15c yard White
Rugs 25 per cent otf. :SOU Yards Black and
On Cnu liter.) Remnant Lineoleum at Half Price. Lace: Bands (Fine Goodj oc yard

300 Yards Linen Emb. and Inserting, j -hurtly c<,ut.tuf ..... f)
Summer Underwear. Lace Curtains; odd pairs at Half Price. I
with Linen to Match, at Cot.
Lace Curtain, Entire Stock at 3) per cent ot!. I '
.0 I).iz. LadleHl >pveles V t9.-2 for ;oci intere tin:;
\ + D,,%. Lndie Sleeveless Vet, SPECIAL ON MATTINGS. Gents' .
Hleached .. . .. ..... .. '::1 for IOc Furnishings.Men's I'I'i .
j1) Ii>z. Ladled Jsleevplnm Vt-, i SHOE W S. *
LMe Vets, Sleeveless .oC .oC >
Tap.d- . .. .. . .. .. .. .. .. 4 for 2>c s'i: Bleached *
tI : 3SC: each. | r
{ ,;, Ioz, I.adl"'. "SleevPle., Ve-ts 1 ;
1 Li-le'I'hr ;td. ... ... .. ... ..-)c each t Gents' Straw Hats at Half Price. j i '
SPECIAL SALE g: If you arts wi-e. v''u W..
.:" I) Iz. Royhsrt; and DrawerBubri'iran ,
; . ... . .. .. tOe suit V ""
a :
:i, D'>Men's Shirts and Drawers I j t, -
H.dhrizzan/ . . .. .. . .tc: suit I I
\ Strong Point Oxford for Boys..now H ;5t) |

Waist and Skirt Department. I LACE CURTAINS Ladies' Oxfords, $2 00 .. .. ..now n.65/j jLadies'Straps a ........1.4........,...........era,4: .,........ ._ ..
.. ... .1
_-, )) White .\; Colored Wai-ts..3.C each 1 : |1 .5.-.now1351 I
In Doz.oz. Madras Wants.. .. .. ..oOc each vt; -A.M.DRAPERY .- :1 Ladies' Oxford ?!'230. .. .... ....uowSll'Ladies' ->

D'iz. t'hainbryVait-, worth Straps, $2.5o.... .. ...... now f 1.97Men'
$1 ritofl.7.;,. for. .... .. .. .. ..$1! each t\ CURTAINS \
Wuite Duck kirts,. .. ... .. ...:uc each Low Quarters in Proportion. I --- -- --- --

(. .Jor.'d Duck Skirt... .. H.'owrre$1( Io
C'I.H.ll'JaIllIJry! 'kart.1. were $250 ; TUESDAY AND WEDNESDAY. Hardware.NEW I

t ;.t..w W..I 1 Walking: klrt,.. -.f 2 fi I' to *';'.fil/ ... .... .... .... '-:" ; _' ._ _.. ..... I MEYER SHOE CO .
Ribbon Bargains. .

{? All U t1 t''r. No. WTj1Ieta/ Ribbon Ikyd JUilliam luljusou & Bon.m I Hammocks, Patterns Single ,and Cheap.Double, Latent I Feet Fill'iiMier* for ('u,h Out). .

F. All t'(1"rs No. Jn Talleta Ribbon luc yd .
|I j", 1'ard- Fancy Ribbon at. .. 5c yd I Enamel Ware Blue and White, Big :Stock 102 SOUTH PALAFOX STREET.


MONARCH SAILED asasEsPsE5PsP5Psasas, R. POU oat
< '" I
tr ,


-- I AND PERSONALS DAY A D NIGHT. 1., West liitviiilfiii-iu Stn-t-t. I:I

The tus' Monarch sailed: at o p. in. II I

..e-terday f"r Sabiue Pass to commence 52 POU & QINQLES, Managers.I

till the terms of a towingoutract
John McDavid i, home from a

for two year The Monarch pleasant: outius; in Alabama. D
was propelled by team raised Miss Mamie Farrell of Mobile i is BARGAINS 5

from oil as fuel and moved away the guest of Mrs. George Hotluian. I F R. POU, I $ *

trllm/a.r dock and down the bay as
D. H. Klnsmeier; lia gone to Kentucky *
iricfully u- could be expected and on a brief visit for the benefitof ."' .< FUNERAL DIRECTOR AND EMBALMER. ''

, with not the &.i.! of smoke arising his health.
17 Vest Intendencia: Street. Office Phone, 31. Residence Phone,673.

ff'.m her funnel. Little Lena the 9-year-old daughter -I

As the tug's; hawsers were thrown of Alderman O. M. Pryor, was

.!f and -lie begau: her j gurney to the painfully injured from a fall yesterday ALLOWED MINORSIN NOTES OF NOTABLES
at her home on Alcaniz street. 1
T, Cltd port every steam whittle iubiy Maximilian Showzo Machita of Sa-1 J

her Mr. T. F. Wet of Milton, the nom.iuee HER HOUSE Luke, Japan, won the high honor of ; EVERY DAY 5
1 ;gave: a fleafeuingend: ,
valedictorian of the class
of Santa l Uisa county for member ;
" tt, all nr which were an-iwered ;iut of Li-high university.
t of the houe at the next ,'tateIt'isl.lture.
.1 I'ti liy 'h.- !.'.:arwhistle of Prnsa- President LouU-t during; his visit to
. ; h a !luiut's"'iitl.r tHe Because Pauline Spencer, white,
St Petersburg gaffe $2ii,<(.Mitj for distribution -.
I 11 fir-t iil-lunuiir: iteambnat.A today. ;
keeper of a resort at No. II West; Zarrago among! charitable institutionsin >
( Gad Humplirey?, the srenial and St. Petersburg and IVterLof. Io
PRACTICE THAT ; ;;a street, allowed minor to William K. .
accommodating clerk at the Vanderbilt denies that he

I local ponoftice, ha*been granted the visit her house last night, her house will race in America on an extensive -. 'r-o

uual fifteen day alnuallcathJj, scale. lie will maintain his breeding a
SHOULD BE STOPPED beginning with yesterday. wa raided and this; morning the city establishment here and race in France. ,

0 Charles J. Capon has about complet'
netted a cash revenue of 123 from
Chief White rportthe loss of a od half a century as Instructor in the I

V practice that should be stopped flue rubber coat while Ioing to the the proprietress aud $:) from each of Boston Latin school in all of which

; !I" t..re imbody gethurt i is now fire last night. The party pickin-; six inmates a total of $55. time he has never lost an hour by idle- I
up will be paid for hi* trouble if the ness. L. FRIEDMAN & CO.'Sj
!hrltlg f'\ indulged in The house raided '
!; oli-hly by an coat returned i to the truck [h'ue. wa by Captain Henry Cole of Denver started to !

, v>-rly mans*itive and briinles idiot Sanders, who had, early in the night, concert his estate of $4'nv.MJ into cash i
Mr. A. Duuwndy, from Pan', for the poor, but was halted by his
r i tl.a we-iem part of the city. been apprized of exi*tin coldition5.
France arrived yesterday afternoonand wife, who reminded him that half of
: From which have been The wholesale arrest made I tRr1CKET STORH.gggfotil
reports was met by many of his Ptna- wa at it was hers. j I

i ..:&,1.., it -ennthat -i>no individual cola r'latiHMr.. Duuwody used 11 p. m..and five or six youn gentlemen Charles F. Lumls of Sail Diego, Cal.. '

: .lightly making: a habit of ;going; to to reside In rbut for some time from prominent families were recently appointed to choose n now |
ha* been resident of the home for NVaruer's ranch Indians.speaks .
past a
.. ,!'ovate: peering n'.idt'uet.In,1 into ro-ims turning occupiedt'y thetiliiuN I French capital and i- here uti business found to have been there. Spanish fluently and is also | U v \) v u Y U Y U) v V)
Later the
boys were found to have
: connected with the firm of dinlees.I
vtrioii- Citizen Several times I '
Baar-, Dunwody& C-. frequented a dance hall in the same I
1 .&- thiparty b..11 detected at Mr. Dearie, native of .
I Robert a Epsom ,. ,..
-------- district, and who Crab nets and fishing \_ ( fIIIIIIIII\ "
1 /Miid, but l>y exciHing !hiiii
I i ,.\pt.tuatinu| that hi was mistaken I GENERAL LAMARASSAULTED not to have attained hi* majority, age and the town's oldest tradesman tackle to suit everybody, (it': t ,ttr r'm

i<< : the hflll't', he was allowed to go wa taken over to the police station. saw the Derby the other day for the the Willis Hardware Co's. .
time, thus achieving
8e.\piity-sixth a
utiMitil.A I _
in ;'
-- A
BY record.Dr. !I ku
charge of disorderly conduct, OFFICERS ELECTEDBY James Huline Canfield, Columbia Cleaning ladies skirts and waist 4 GK'8 *
win an tlinUioa: to) thy mayor us is one of or.r specialties. Star Laun
librarian has been
J university appointed -
t i what f'ntituteJ thedi..order will WALTER TAYLOR dry. 5
a delegate to the vorld's conference -
't-i\f to-h'p'hl: low practice I f BAR PILOTS of the Youni; Men's Christian A

I association to be held Norway in Thos. C. Watson & Co.. ,, A
(.I _\\SY: Dili 11.Knru I Special tll The Daily ;.t\' \,>. I ---- j I August; the leading Real Estate Agents, take UnAURU1

I The! PilotBenevolent Asociatiou Walter M. Smith of Xew York hasaetrpted all the worry off the shoulders of the
Tallahassee Au_. ". of )re / A
-AttorneyGeneral the
) property rnana/e
llir t-'u..llhal "( TimorA .I held their sixteenth the presidency! of Winona
annual session renting of their houses and the collection .
\V. B. Lamar wa ,viciously Agricultural nud Technical Institute. '
triiiJmother, bytudying the I Ian night and,after listening to of their rents as coucien- 111 A
pro; election| of fo'ul, cured her- assaulted in his olJice ye-terday by lie is H successful merchant and was tiously as they would themselves !;
h.-lfof -toin.ich trouble and severe i the report of olllcers ou the businessof : one of the founders of the Good Will! Their charges are very reasonable

[ ftv li..:'idache*. Later on .ih! was able Walter Taylor, who wa armed with :' the last year, elected ollicers as farm in Maine. I ,:. DAILY MENUS :aa

-.t,) ,.&\" l her little granddaughter: be- I a bu stick and a revolver. General The last of the brave seamen who
C.iu*e of her knowletlgH of food. 1 follows: accompanied Sir James Ross in his famous I I I C'JJf'rl"f\ t : :
Lamar grappled with his a" ailaut,
.Vhen five E .
Mi* say- baby wa Pre*ident-S.: L. Clifford. expedition to tLe south pole died Hotel Camden Date bi'm.'" r ','
in,tuth* old *hP wa we.ine.l oecaueof disarmed him and turned him over I I A
\ ce.l'rl' recently at DanUic In his eighty-fourth .
-ideut Robert '
the j.e\>n- i.luers of her mother. Simpson. hh of tl" UArT.fi A
('IIt prepared baby food to hi* father and uncle, who led him jear. The old sea veteran, August! t
Iih6 a'a put
Secretary O'Krien. CA3IIiALAUA )IA,
but poon lo-t 11."h and color, became away from the cilice. General Lamar Dolts entered the English service! In aA ,
hollow eyed and fretful. We changed / I CI11moJore-WilIiam Bazzell. his youth.J. aA
then reumed the workat Is Now Open to the Public
her food several times but with Vice-ColllmoJore-George! Ains- K. Cainl. a wealthy manufacturerat i ,

uo permanent benefit. At last her hi* desk upon which he was engaged Dundee, Scotland, proposes to erectin ;S Ladies'] Prhah; :
worth. under
ntuuuch rebelled entirely and threwup I the management of aA
uearly everything she took. Sae when Taylor assaulted him. that city a cancer hospital at a cost
Collecting;: Agent-C. McKenzie of S:.,o.ks1 lIe has also guaranteed the Dining Parlor.
be wet with a cold perpira- ApA
wtiuM Walter is of
tion after feeding aud would cry Taylor: a nephew Capt. Oertiu?. payment of $>,
piteously, with paiu.: That I is a danrou Dick Taylor who is General Lamir's for original laboratory work in Investigating i A
Committee--T. :;. Caro, chairman
;{ condition for a uiall baby private ;secretary. He was a Myersman I I ; ; the disease.M. of Penacola, Flurida.REASONABLE. lip
and In this extremity I remembered W. J. Oldmixon, J. Davenport, Robert Serpollet, who won the Roths- Regular Dinner Oat. y a,
beautifully (rapNuts: hadagreed in the July primary contest
with and :Simpson, L. Anderson, P. W. child cup with a twelve horsepower I RATE I a
me suggested we
and acted a* clerk at the piecinctNo. I I new egg shaped automobile In the .
try the food for baby. Jones: and W. A. Bell. By the Bay, Week or Month. !
\\> began very carefully with it. 14, at which it wa charged and races at Nice, showed a terrific rate Short Orat,.,. I'n f 'ipr II
small )oufuls at a : of sjuH-d. His time for one kilometer Table I A .
giving two teap' shown by affidavit that gross frauds Half"That's 'I Furnished with the Best the 1111.4. :\Ilthl > II
feeding, softened with boiling water Mourning was JI':' seconds, which is at the Market Affords. A?
and fed iu sterilized milk, warmed. were perpetrated. The county executive frs. GiltedRe-Bonds. the rate of 47 CMw seconds per mile. II.Jr .

The experiment ......aoa perfect uc- committee, however, count prominent society leader," said the Public Patronage Solicited.Free It't Cornell ( II,
.. man la the crowd who knew. .
et' Burled In Africa. you "lti> r-j* A
She ha* been on the food five ed the vote a* returned. "NVLat's she In half mourning for" In certain parts of Africa It Is considered Bainple Room*.
weeks and can now eat other! food, : Inquired several voices. Nick :'
for the change in this brief time is I Taylor demanded that General "Three of Ler six former husbandsare a mark of disrespect to bury Sunday Rates Made to Traveling ApoctL

wonderful. She has gained over Lamar sign a paper already prepared dead" said the man, whereuponthe out of doors at all Only elates are Men. I Restaurant ;'
treated in Popular
three pounds in weight, has rosy such unceremonious fash-
and she exonerating Taylor from the charge crowd expressed: great admirationfor Ion. The --- ---- 1IJJ11)1111111Ili
cheeks, bright eye, has the honored dead are buried under -
appearance of a satisfactorily nourished of fraud. This General Lamar: refused her delicacy of f'eling.-Phlladd. the floor of the house. ISLAND N. Y. \
and thriving child.! phia Record.Not I GOVERNOR'S
to do until further investigation J : .-Sealed propos
Grape-Nuts will
The reason Mntuatadmiratiou. j als in for .
: triplicate, furnishing forage
with adults and babies is thatthe" whereupon Taylor assaulted Quite Sore Which. I
agree I Miss Budd (to famous pianist)-That and straw required In Dept. of I -
starch of the cereals has been him while he was seated at his desk "After all." he remarked "it is youth i"tIewelry
music was truly.divine, monsieur. the East, during year ending June I will repair 7 ar a; .
into in the alone "
grape sugar that Las real
courage. Monsleur-' ," 30, 1903, will be received here and at In flrstcimHtephens. ; r
mam'gelle zat U
of manufacture, and when
process "I don't know, returned the indicated
Kaiser Goes to elderly places in instructions U- .
into the stomach it is Russia. pralse.ftravl but
introduced an angel
I spinster with "whether I sued hereunder until 12
imperial acerbity it m., August
for immediate assimilation Kiel. Aug. -The yacht would know-dmae -
should be called courage or foolhardiness iAtPrpS 7, 1902. U. S. reserves the right to
aud does not tax the of the Hohenzollern with Emperor Williaci
but it la unquestionably true that All kinds reject or accept any or all proposalsor :i t.
organs of digestion. The result is on board sailed this morning for Re- of Furniture Save Money fG'
thereof. .
al wars beneficial and the food has: val, Russia, where h'j majesty Is the girls who marry at all usually mar t at nearly cost, furnished any part Information r I r'
going on application.
quite to make Envelopes 1 J
saved thousands of lives. ry young.-Chlcago Post. room for
Recipes for many easy hot weather to pay a visit to the czar on the new stock. containing proposals will be endorsed ture at Marston (,' ,:
I occasion of the ,I "Proposals for Foraze and I" r
RUssIan ural n.
dishes iu each package of UrapeQ Pjnr-BaI Furniturnum.
: I am Stops the Tickling, Straw at-." JOHN HIM P80N Great
I I I ,
*. vers. a:;d euic: Bi trL"aana" .
r sly cot:ta g 'z
A. M. (}.
Try the NEWS Want Column. Q 10jlt45a2t .

__-': '_ o. --.,'- : ....... ""....... ', .. ....... .

The daily news
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.> '-"' "O"t.--," """"", ,,_ ,,,,,_,,,"!:'',,,,,,,j__ ,,, "': "nt \' """ 'AfSu -- : : ,.' 'II"'V, '- ,... __ >_. '.' < .' '. '_" -- -.-- .-.-

__ -- 't,
.c: "




_. .
-- .
--=-=- : -- = -





Special to The Dally News: ',
-- -
I New York "Aug 4.:'United States! -

; Senator M S. Quay has had an each

; nuc: Prepares Way For Circulat= ing experience[ here. says a dispatch! : Favors Dropping Silver and Wants a

to The New York American from A".

ink $35,000,000. lams City. He was out in a little: |

fishing smack, enjoying a day's deep I Reunion of All Democrats.

Cut icura sea sport when he was caught in ace I
-- ---- --
fier storm and swept to sea. Th" I I -- -

N x s. I senator was fishing with his old II I

I MEXICANS ATTACK friend, Captain Sooy. They were Governor, S.' Jennings: lIf Hor- be regretted. The duii'.erotic petty
l'1 Intirit .
miii >r'
about 10 miles out when the storm Lila in New Orleans i- for
Sunday the
spent + ; pe''ple. It !, the I'E-..{'le.
I. i oLsn-ab ib aj.oi. > camlTh I
sky suddenly .so
I and was shown the of the 'lit is the
sight "lily
dftt-r a Mttlna' popular
CREW or/mu'ition
dark that it wa; impossible to sea 1>

'. tlllO months Ai boat let.;th. The sea rote to a dan. I city by prominent citizen*, among r I Ei-t, \\.Pct, North and youth in ihU

ion oi th" sen ---
gerou.height.. them Mallory Kennedy, a nephew laud today. On this question of
; ar"U for tlrtlllat.1 special tu The Daily News. Sails were dose reefed and the part I
of Hetiator S. It. Mallory. ;ruts then
we can agiiu find
c ;:hout the island I a
$ to ride the The
Los ALKC.VS 'Val; I prepared storm.
I : : l.. Aug. 4,-In th>-
I ,,1 uvite; the Louie i Southern PaclCr'ar tide carried them out to sea and the A Times-Democrat man interviewed common standing ;round ; we can
s at this plaN
n of this amount. : oap ram poured In for him while there and find
: Jo.-eph Mlraao, aged t#. was accidentally a torrent over three printed a a common grievance, and w*
'" 'tt'\'.-d. will have
hours. At time it looked if
one as
killed Ly three-column article about him and can find
.. a car Acting upon room for the support of
\ nit considerablyThe
the boat would be swamped but ill.
impulse of the moment 100 Mexican
of what he said illustrated democratic
Cuban can laborers rode the storm out la safety. ; by a candidates at the nut
made a nun on the teat 9
:1 \ I-ablf to aid the whose The fishermen were many miles handsome portrait of the governor election.
crew had the
engine caused
::r.s efforts to ob Assisted by CUTICURA OINTMENT, from Atlantic
City when the
}. r'!.<- Lext session of and with spades:: shovels and I I the Great Skin Cure, for preserving puri- overtook them and were storm to Among other thin s the governor The Money l.. ue\tl
I picks pursued them across the rivets r Eying, and beautifying the skin, for obliged said : ";30 far a* the
n-ces: '
gr : spend the night at Brigantlne. money question i*
fa and ravines almost to the east cleansing the jcalp of crusts, scales, and
v.it t uf laving tie I side police: station where the learn dandruff and the stopping of filling hair, "Xaturally, I am in favor of the concerned I think that ha* been settled

>> the Cuban junta I for softening whitening,and soothing red, election of the democratic
I men fled for protection. A switch president by the changes in
of the last I"\vol'l'l en- rough, and sore hands, for baby rashes, REGATTA WEEK condition!
Sine was called out and with a coupleof in the next national election and to There Is
.!>.TAtr.j! army itchings, and chaf ings, and for all the pur- more money In the country

t. granted for the box cars startM for the scene o I cotes of the toilet, bath, and nursery. my mind the only way to secure this today and there
more of
the accident with a squad of police: I Millions of Women use CUTICURA AT COWES source
>mini. iun to nx men and a number of trainmen armed I SOAP in the form of baths for annoying I result is for the party to get to gold in the world today: than there

'n.t due tbarmy.. with shotguns, picks and other aea;>- inflammations and irritations, or too free --- I gether. We cau harmonize on the have ever been in the of
>n;rz probably will I or offensive perspirations, in the form of
ons.On washes for ulcerative weaknesses, and Special to The Daily News. issues which are now foremost in mankind. The mi-fortune of other

'! bt' authorized I reaching thr'ard the police ': for many sanative, antiseptic purposes Au-itegatta the mind of the people of this countries have
I Cowes
found the mob had dispersed and there.waa :. which readily suggest themselves to week open redounded t., our

.In American.Ji'.vear co further demon-tration women, especially mothers. No amountof ed with every prospect for a record ;I co untry. And if we cannot harmonize benefit and the benefit ha* come:
: 5
I per persuasion can induce those who have meeting, and only fine weather Is need | on i-sue let '
every us harmonizea
month Four I once used these great skin purifiers and ed to insure the complete success 01 primarily to the farmer*. Th*

tlJlhf'd t'thi! STREET CARS beautifiers to use any others. the royal yacht squadron's racing. The ? far a. we cau, and then stop there amount of money in the hands of th*

end the at,riitrr Complete Treatment for every Humour SI. precer.cr of the king has caused an If we can't agree; on finances then individual mauls tune
scerallyii I ('ouarnngoCITItLR.l SoAr(;-.:. .lollcailM: litany mornthan
the errs uf rru-t- tu l wali-?, aii'l eufu'u added interest to he taken in the event. le t's drop silver. We can find enough it
,' > at lh" rate TELESCOPED Vie tiiu-Lem-'t entitle Ctrru LKA OIVTMKVT There was much speculation as to the was some year ago.; itouut -
I (J"i-"to"ln-tantl: > allay to-king. tiiiUmiua to get together on to win the
uUUtitf Oft ... the nex teou crop have: enable the far
lion,And IrnUitton,amt ".tln| and heal, and performanrf of German Bmpe:
TtFtbruary i i'TII i H t Jt.'OIxt..r TILLS :i' '.,, to cool national "
ti| 8 l' i u 'ht.
ror'Ictf'or Ill, which to I j mars to
hoisther oil
.u,1 i cleave the bluoJ. | was | pay the mortgage; *. Increa -
,, special to The Daily News: racing flag for the first time ir. j e. it ,
CrrlerRA KF..IL\.Y PILL' (('luw'.Ls.et | ed prices for
grain and
". 6raalnt.1 g Egin, Ills., Aug. 4.-In a street caa I (4U'd l) area 1..10', tasteless, cwturlrai. .+.. British waters. J / for
!:(\,deUlUi:- collision here two cars were telescoped I twu.iealuiriAtutnfov the. crwlnt"'cI 1111'1..1 1 Tne race for yachts of over 79 feet I'lolui'itum ' ('t'7I'TRA Rt.lOl.f.Ta.'well a. fur all other I
.' : and; several persons aeriously injured.A lil ) \ul<, (>U iluses, 23c.
) contaiuing price I
.1 tL switch to a siding upon which stood George \Vaetjens Navaho both b P the: trusts is another of the things mer's bank
.. otd rtrouzhout the world Bnlith Drpol r M account and now he l*
:I I !! A W..,{ t three) empty cars was loft open and Chk terhouM Sq.London French Depot Rut del Is ing scratched. The Sybarite, owrcd
1', fftnt liirrcn lJII'U C.... : about which all democrats
.... i AVU Cohp.ftol* are prettythoroughly content. Thee
"I.i 'a"t:1\ : the car from Elgin: to Dundee crashed I tops,Uamtaa L. b.A. "A J itxwl tic skin," (n.. by Miles! B. Kennedy of Glasgow sailed condition are not

-I -nr4itgl.} Into the standing cars two being tele-1 i i --- over the course alone. agreed. They recognizethe the result of le{:'i=lotion. I.fgl-Ii-

r .(Ij w,; ;jooi 11I:11 i scoped. The pas?..nger8 were imprisoned king was on deck of the Vlrtoria : dauber of the conolidated power ioii: had nothing to do with it. but

n pl t1 'fel t' ioar for nearly an hour and every : GUESTS ATSAGAMORE and Albert all the morning I of wealth. the
They recognize theevil
development of the
a furu u> I'U11r.'JlJntitg !'. t on. of the fifteen people on the car I II j jwaa watching the yachts start. resource* ot

to injured. The most seriously tin:-t ,I I There are many steam, yachts I In which permit one man to makpall the world, the exploitation of /great

'J'. pavmtnt of are: I i j HILL the roads including Eugene Higgin'a the railroad rates in the countryand enterprise, the great dicoverie" of

t \. amuuntin,; Frank VarunaThe
Warner motorman. leg broken to make the rates on all the !great enterpries the dicoverlM of

badly cut and injured internally; : .
'nln the terms! may die. :i! -- steamship in the worlJ. They feel I fresh ;gold fif-Ms und the foreign

it and other pronititution. I i Frank Minard. Carpentersville both : Special to The Daily \l'ws. CRASHED INTO that the time has come when the wars are responsible for what has

th* legs! broken Injured Internally. I IMr rights of the people which have been brought about.
N .
'... Oyster nay. i -\UI 4.-Whit -- ,
tr rp adjourning I ...
D. C Hunter
and two children l law Reid ai.d :Mr held OIL TRAINSpecial been
were guest so long denied ought to have8.me "The eau-ea which
IKy IDtrr't .uoI! Mr*. M nberleln! and dau htcr. Lad' have brought
I today! of thtprfi'ltnt ar.dIr Rcwsr-
-.ktbt: fund to r. ., IT\ nn and bruised :; recognition ; that the individual about the relegation of the
.' Thi I velt at Saga: > ore 11:11 They a.'- moneyquestion
.. ppilialilv) rived in the bay on the yacht Electri' man ha* something which is his to the rear are {greater than
".* loan a will tamp l tai IOUTBREAK IN HAITIPRACTICALLY owned by Kldndpr T. Gerry, who to to The Daily News. i of right and that i* the privilege of any political party and are,
> they
iap *
JU"H they wee The landcj IMS A .pek-5.;: l'ul.. : "g 4.-A can.d
,, thi' party I working for a living at fair
t iiM r.-ti'H. a remuneration g;reater than
Fo any Our
; about noon at the J.7f'st Hosen't pascnger: train returning from Ildondo country.

I l I OVER pier, and \\pre driven to the pre I.ipnt' Leach last nisht;: ran through i j for hh serviceThis! position on the money (question/

,". h..+tt gubktanrt.ilr I !> country home. Later the the t' an open switch and trashed into an U denied him by the power of aggregated the two former presidential campaigns
-s .n!) the iioH oil train. Both
I guests were joined by Archbishop It engines WE'reH"Ck-
; y. wealth which clones factoriesat ; would not be
1/-\(1. \\hkh now
I Hp-oml to Tne: New i! lashii.Kton ot Phildrfelph'a.! who made tit ed as was also one coach and fouroil politically
tuiti Jlf'j"lon+ fourth gu*>t at luncheon. tank cars The fuel tank of one pleasure and limits the productive right, for the rea-on if wureilllrmed

IAn ran b" \\' Aug 4.Captaia: Mi of the engines exploded immediatelyatter capacity of the *o that it the
Mr. Reid! who arrived from Eng- country IS platforms adopted at Chicago
... i
n i .r of wtthntI | !T"d. Dl the puuboat: 'la'hl3s. Uxutallied >
1 1it laud on Saturday lea. to 0 the crash. setting fire to the in the hand of half dozen and
came a men to Kansas;;
I I' w'il be 'tID4 the .department that the ate wreck. we would be court-
Burning oil
err Hay to was scattered Ir :
Mil i '''sn dryer-s autbrt-ak in Haiti is practically over I prtsidtnt report his personally to every direction and the large oil refinery '| shut every factory door and stop ngdefeat. It would be idle for u*
I upon trip to England.
IP* IM v. rty in thofaIng The cabU-graui which is dated Cape turning wheel.
of every to
President Roosevelt: is being overwhelmed plant the Comb Refiningcompany go over all that has happened
t Th.-r,' i Haltien. Aug. \, i U &a follows: '
fa ,[tr... Ir. t he |I "Alter interviewing authorities as with indorsements of candidates was destroyed was set on fire. The plant i "This I.* an unnatural condition, even since the last campaign. \\'.
as were all the
for the vacancy' on the board ot cars and it i* a condition which
will are to deal
-i I of anairb satiafaoi with the i"
\.1 t'! vi ar pect appears:: more in the wreck 'ues of today.
except one.
commissioners of '
the District! of Columbia
rj Natiora'.es: are well, armed. Rebe's Thus far he has iCtlmatejto T. D. MartIn. fireman of the freight bring serious trouble in the future if It would be ju-t as proper for the

-- I have b..a divan from critical posltionsi I: no one whom he may appoint. He- engine! is misting( and it is thought ,I it i is not courageously met aad met democrats to in-i fit that the republican
.ttle cnthusiaam.! No fur
U LOCUTION Is going over all the in the his body is under the burned wr :t'l I soon. The democratic
papers party, which party reaffirm
lla-r dan!;<:r i-f serious disturbances. age. i the declaration

I I Captain McCna requested ptrmisJ case whose his appointment desire! being will to iflf-rt a man The Injured are: !has always been the party of the against the slave trade a* for them
command the
AT SING SING|J sion u ;go to San Juan. Porto Rico for II. F. Gardener people, the of
general approval of the residents of cgner; C. H. Andrews party popular rights, is to insist that because we once declared
coal I Thlo was granted him. and the
Washington. The appointment pro D. fireman; William Whltesidea, agreed that there is something radio i for a thing
Ma<'hia probably will come north an we mut continue
Los !
ably will be made within the next few passenger Angeles; Frank Scott, :
\ =NV .. less" theru U another outbreak in days.WORLD'S. brak can. rally wrong !somewhere in the country to declare for it or repudiate our

Halt! .. and I am sure that democrat
AuV. 4 -Aaron i every record. Silence Ii not repudiation.

I ." <% nth IB the HectnCof whatever Li- sentiments on thft "I
1'1 i J. L. TANNER i am for a reunion of all the

..' ". prtvon today for i BLIND POETPRONOUNCES j i CYCLE money question or other questions democrats (jf the country. I bel.er
:Ury )lcCarUl)'. wliomJ I
w .< \'n a New York
t. : '.ly! 17 liM'rt i I EULOGY ;i RECORD BROKENSpecial people is at stake and will rally to between the democrat of New

4, a bartender kill"d the defense and to the defense of York and the Democrats of Florida
'r'a" .
a e..t b. hate I'
.. r re Special to The Daily News those principles which have
: saved Texas
to The News Oklahoma ,
Daily : the
t T H* sought krn : J-pt>cl,,l to Tar New'. as opp.,l ltiou *
B ilin. Aug :=: Birmingham.; Ala. Aug 4.-: csls'ture.the country so often in the and
a r.na. :'Lt: "rw HoJl Now York. Aug 4.-With n min- 4 Robl. "of Jifunlch, i pat would have us belieVe. There
r-r to her! and she re ;i Ister present and surrounded by old beat the world's 6-hour cycle r.cord L. Tanner, one of the three candidates i which alone will save it ir. the fu- are certain well-deflued

Th! .a HIIP!! drew> ;i friends of his family Richard Henry at Friedenau yesterday. Heave raged for secretary of state in AlaDa I| principle* of
,. 37 miles hour. has written a strong letter endorsing democracy to which we can all tub-
'**! .. ,pral l times I Stoddard. the venerable blind poet, an Dickontmans

amly: waited! ar'l I stood beside the grave of his wife in : of Amsterdam, and Hum of Paris/T, Governor Jelks for re-election and "The individual man is the basic scribe. They are rather rusty tlIW.

u. III.. were among those defaatcd. Rob' asking his friends to cast their votes stone of the republic. The
carried on teih I Sag Harbor and pronounced the euloisy United but let us meet once more in a
for national
on June 23. won the for the present governor rather than
t t'nitP1 IatPk race cyc'@ States
'. + ad upon her life. Several times I tho: the was organized to protect the convention
Ceil, 1 appeal was eked poet broke down and wept. So championship of the world, of a did' former incumbent. Governor John and declare the

to .. .. :.or O!*H for a com feeble and so crippled by rheumatism tance of 100 kilometers (62 and 131 ston. individual from the oppression of right of the people to rule, the tight

*<-ir''c< a nn the ground that he could not stand alone, he was one- hluQndtha miles! ). His time try Slew His Father. the crown. The individual is now of every man to earn his bread In
i .. 'ula at thot time! th.. supported by two attendants at I the I 1 hour. 28 minutes and 18 second* McArthur. 0.. Aug. #.David Morris I threatened with an oppression far the sweat of his brow the tighter

u a TIE.ttd. but the api:icao head of the grave, while, with bowed I The rare was. contested. in!Berlin. a farmer aged 48, was killed t>y more dangerous than anything ev of all the people of the earth

head and trembling voice he paid I his son David aged 22: tear Plattivi"e. the
proposed by It
tribute to his life companion Ball Bearing, keen cutting The son was living with til I crown. some to be free, the right of free speech

-r "in; \ f'ar. I father and demanded: the ot 1 men seem rather careless in discussing and a free preen And if
Lawn Mowers, at the use a I we rein,
." .,* M.X>TN:"<* i*' are ha Foley's ]idnEs i* a medicinefree horse. The father refused. j the matter. if they seem rather and