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Golden Medical Folov 'IIP
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brava 1'10:11..0. . ... -:"" a. III.L..Iarrltnca. Divested of all n-potisibihtles of life. lug unpleasant < I I
i iHin't be fooled into trading: substance the total being estimated at 4,0'ioonf/ ,
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7 L..I'.n>ltcollt- ...1<':1:> .., m. he is as pKu-vd I as the oyster for whit. for a shadow. Any substitute quarters. More than an average yi :Jlis i Pocket cutlery and ..srL I You will 'if'fy'sons ,

3 11 1 makes Arrift n trip IlKrruntu11 to tortMcKt-e:1" a, III.Bad and tlirn thru rr- Ii\\'l'rs.his: native place is famed.Loudonln offered Medical as Discovery'' ]ut as is good"a shadow as "Colder of that expected in :North Germany Sax front the Attest to ///ciwn7rSLdcheapest ; !"\ '

lurn to CnrrAiuHK.l on?. Hungary: Bavaria ant Silesia!
the Willis J : holne. and
1 1 ( l>- Hurranca-i .. ..... ) :15 p. m. medicine There are cures behind even I (It i
e. l.rare 19carlla ,.. .. 1:'::> p. m. .' claim made for the Di o\"erv." whichno I j notifc'li he n.: i.
The "hnrl "IPI' Il <\\ -en. Hardware Co.MIIMVIKI.ItY
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T i-av.". 1'itki ... .">:l.ip. m. "I was in an ocean liner when she "ju;;t as good medicine can show. Going[ Europe. I tvrrywutnat
>1rtvr-nrraRi '''' 5:31 p, in. and makrl. ,, Dr. I'ierce' Pleasant Pellets cleans I New Yorl, July Z'5.-Gultl l bars to : >wc, audtfThus -' .
r.n on tie! rm'ks off the I:'i;:lisb cola
jd trip to 'L'I'U.(. return I the bowels and regulate the liver The>' the amount e>f ?">IMIO.IHMI have been engaged i : i C.Dft'.nti 'Vn t'on "
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at the office for The uuderirued : : )
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The ifiitr.il: French i-> for army !, out in my luci-mry.: illustrating the I the snipers have not yet been announced ,
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( a pI'- frmu the iuarteruutero tie ndieuii.tiVe had a fellow! on I principal shipper! is a leading bank, '
leadlli- p1 -11'111 : ;
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.' STEAMER LINE SCHEDULE >\ten we s;niek the rocks be was inns to ask her straight onto adopted Irne I New YorU! JIll :2S? ,-A puh'uat.i"'! -

.'Ii 1 usual eii.iiHtinn.Hien: eerylHHl.vtliont i >thod of soundmq: ; her which romantic I just issued gives! the number of vi *. DR. T10FFETT'6 CL:t' ,. ,

\ for si.nwe were win;: to the; iHopIo will be iiKlined to Unlit I s'ls but! in the United States: por's I

i Ilrl HO n .'("|i .n' til.i riinS 'Iilt.-n"nl 1 liittoiu. lie !':it down at the piano in rather too practical.! i during i the year ended June :SO: ai llljMf I

thealoon, and Vit:! do you --upi': "Jessie lass he said 3.9S1 gross tons
nervously. !
I' Run* IUil,h I rcpt "unilfljCITY my 11.G.I. __ i
began playing? 'Home, Swei't Home.1Soinelxxy "Ah've insured life."
k OF! Tr\ lPr\." went to him and bested himto I "Has ta, lad:" said the damsel ludiffercntlv. I Vacation Days. tj Apl lTitTHING POWDERS) A"t'

stop. Itnnltrtlately! he snitched o3 Vacation time is here and 'he ehildren y
L* Milii'ii 'mil LVYrnncnla.LUIpm Costs Only 25 ants at Dm w>ls, I .
4 AriVctkt-olH v..' am Ar Miltuu .. ,';.' "pal : from the doleful! htrains of the old song ",\3" an' Ah'tn thinkin Ah'm a fool I are fairly living out of doors
::4 : jutr mail :+ teat/ lu C J- MOFFETT M D 'T to a'
a I1r'at' Koucd trlp.CI l : t.U to the rollu-knif. nB-l.sly of 'I>ownVert for doin it""flo's's ,
There could be no healthier place for
.:. = \ )"'-(;Inty.' The absurdity of the \\', banOar i: A Or M n.rr TI1IXA T .. \t I .
mak that art?
i I ta them. You need only to guard against aDd 1..10 i i. ,.r n, arty t i [r I ,. '
thing wemed to strike eurjtody at . .
i "Why I'uppo"io'11 pet: killed in t' Dow aver i Uo,A rt IT" I 1. r tlauMihi .
i UNCOOKED FOOD. once, and a se-uer.il lau.b followed! the accidents incidental to mot open >:1. : i ti, rI" ,'r. it l "
does .
where ta think t'
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--- -- I
The ten-ion rl'l t'n'll and there .
was i ?" 11111'4 J \u & HI'''1501
Unman 'IrLur..nld li> lit largely !! go Hazel Salve for quickly stopping --
.. was jrood order alter that. -Philadelphia ""'hy. to thy fcjther for sure." of .
ltu t- lu III Kitrlifii.Tl ; pain or removing danger: serious

I .." ad *djtliitt Uoctrd."Ispepsia. "True e'iiouh! an' it ain't fair. It consequences. For cuts, scalds 1 BOYS and GIRLS! I''.'H'; t ,
: ought to be paid. to my wife." and wounds. "1 used Witt'sVitdi ... "
well\ I is done
: tin l'o..kin i
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Iy 1 II ,, .
\"II.I"I'Pt..tR Hlpl Hazel Salve for uitami WII nur Blueine. $0 pi-r enl omm It omit in it to Ud'iie! at all ILc-j I ,: "To thy wife! Why. tha hasn't got sores, h"I1.II"I.III"'. L.nouh I ..h.1.i : '. ,! II', "t' .. of t | a. ',.
would no I longer be the one, P..I1.: biuiscs" says L. 15. Johnson Swift,, Illuc natrr \ni.\-i '.-.dn. we' 111 '.1.o: I.. I, ti '
("UUI Unit th- minute it-lN go t- IA i iID. national disease America if the Tex. 'It is the bt remedy<, ...J I" ,
.!.. the of the t.'Xi i pro.pie "That's Just it" crie Hill in a burst! . Y.
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up for and) W- hen MMI n\ .u I : oil! I' '>Oi i i I. t i a n> > e'
torttn !I". Mti-ii rh-'uM\ not t>e broken !I of this: country would adopt a plain, ., of confidence. "Tlm're a nice lass, Jessie market. Sine, cure piles -Inn | iu .ot !11\ li.i' '\ rililrt > .
.,Ye. they I diet similar to that (Norway and] an' Ah want thee to ha,e that mon I skin diaeaa< tBeware, of count'r- .\ >... (.M-. \ M.VM: t \1111:1'1.11 11",1 e' IH110YAL II. .. 'If I'
by 'ulllJilU l'r..n'1i1it'that
H i feats! Hat sis Pharmacy, John :Sli:: p-
'' I Ih.tt'lIllt..t Swenlen. Gout is unknown among:; I II -
:1 4 f I .b<>iilil k f < thfin- ni.v and ready fur di j4i I Sweeles and Norwegians; and the rosy "Why couldn't ta say so at fu!" t?" I

t Festoon. i cheeks and clear complexions of the ; erieil Jessie j ij fully. I '! iui i ; STUD Ilillih\\ [ I"

I people of those countries are1 TI.e'ti the and t
1 bi'iitttife. flat :annuals which M'I. I \ouii4 happy couple embraceil 'IF YOU ARE

d.ml tit <-01.1.1; fimd, aro ii buiidivdtiruis I the result of the simple fad the chI: trotted olf to break the news to Jessie's 3 rears Old i-i Cass cf( 4 Fall: Q.irts. at! S? "

I leis likely to I... sick than corn dreu eat" the United Mates consul at mother.-Pearson's. LOOKING FOR BARGAINS ,

j ft end nitnii-u. tb.it tu invalid hrutf is a I 'rt'll. ot\a>'. hajs. "(tot roll 4 and '.

, ,1 ; ,. 61 rant). M bile inmv or !<"- ailing human i 1t white bread are rarely Fecn in Sweden. Went Him One lletti-r. fJulll' \\1JI'REYu-: III-:I : : II

.v'Inke are lu Mry lI..ihlli.rh"1<1. I Kn.ickbrode or bJrdllr'uti j is the standard A well known (.ilas; : ,ow divine related I! For the t'ext' ten dayI will -ell { K ..'.. iHtlllerittel:! h I- i '

1 OIB I4I| j-iii.iu who! has .doptitl this I article of food It is made of the following anecdote, showing that ,: .I ., !ii ittlii/, It- irKidiiti !
I ground oats and r 't'. There is ne yeastIn t you any article now ill -tuck :tt ..1discount r' :ility by any \V'n-V
; tbelht"I! of i-atni;.: altn;then and H a,1- the ready wit of a countryman was ijii

!-- t ,101111/0: nnd t''IlI'hlll others to do M> I Ic''lhllt the bread and it is rolled into thin more than a match for him: of 2 > per cent from the! r"v '. i"i, .r wl.! .-r.. ,pr.dueed. I
\.ar"\tt I butt 'Iii
to liD- If.irnvd a lossiin from i jLla wifers wliiilj are baked and husif i'jiwhere He was scorns; to the country for Illsholidays ubr I'riep. Think e lr u-.\ou will) 'I.1 ill;
"Xi"> 'lit 'jUjUtI.I- the i
b<*r<-iM.. "\\1,11I n usm'wjng moiv they will keep ferfertly drj.wedeis and was in a railway train :i save: #J"i on a diamond ring} or pill it- market :it that price. A- ,

M ; Mitt ruinsjrkl> ." I h.- n\-rs, "au.l 'ruii- > 'at this bread and drink milk when a .voun: man entered. In a short where at regular price it would COM an tti- timely pure "thi>nl in .
I tJDg tilt" II' ; h..r't"1i for two meals a d.l> and have one tllt'lIl! time the two commenced I' .
rapidly m> wife I a comma!; 2"i centon I*)hll'I'\ d I in ('I-. (''lIt..lllilll I'
(IUt). lee ; youie
.li- k. flit and us liiMlthy as CUT. I at It I ut which they eat meat and potatoesibtteMts tion, in the course of which the clergyman lull'at'. ,>iitiit If pant! ..

last made up in) inind to cut the sa unkind : are alnio-t unknown. Children asked the youth what he worked I! every dollar'worth you buy Now th,' w : Ikl'I" Ri'.t -."tiHi I w

( of thitiin that thy did and have :arc :allowed eat cllldJ only on state1occasions. at. i I ii the time to buy your diamond- or c.in: r,"tirn' tdeline at .. ii \

A ..liKV Nfti 1110 healthy js they." ." ''I am a coupler! sir," was the reply."A ;I watch or any other article in -tuck ,' will t b f' re funded.Ai1 !.

Hurt1 can IK no donU that a ;great ., couiler! So am I," replied, the very chcip. Call and examine I > : irder- --lintil I hI'I'i

drat of 011"11 St. is ('tttIstrt 1 h I3eutht.. \\ h, s|,.. \\nntrd nn Intrmlnrtlon. clergyman; with a lau;!h.I I lirood*. liemtmbf-r: this: olfnr ifor EIGHT YEARS OI.D currtie' .-. pd-tnfjiee hi-'te: \ < !

' the \\ ..-.11 tbinc 111111 often too <'b j "I taut have an introduction to that i I The looked Z pr. '" n :"i.-y lIn.h r. UV r. f'
; : ;: niu jouth at him for a minute { only ten days.' No trouble tohow lAIID'ARD Balk '.! any IU"II'f'.Hlt III !'" >

rvrn of the right thlnj The i>ioduct woman.Vhy." or so, then burst Into a fit of laughter [ g.uds. J. 1. STEI'HENS.I12i : : .

; c'f nature's |Inlwlrat41rl' ire ]in>li.ibits! "\ yes: certainly," replied her and said: "Oh I see: je'r a meenis- i
Pal ifoxtreet
j tuNirl.v right as sh- can m.ikf them friend uul at once brought; it about Ur. Ye marry folks. Put I pang farther I S. A. FRIEDMAN.

i{; i;- = 1'iithi n "" i\iliZiti'; nets its hlllllll1l loiter she asked: than je dae. I baith couple and i
': th.*y niu .1 I lead ;a ask ot' U-inu:: sjioikHj "\\'hat made you 1'0'n about meeting unroupl." I :The flue-t line of umbrella the Plt P ,
:SuI.E 'rl a1F:1; "K > N
j I1-* \ and untit for the turuan I stmuai.li how I Mrs. i S.? You ;gazed at her as intetitly I The clergyman; laughed: heartily and I city i" at J. I. rttepheus'. Go look

, }! "t,'r ph.1 1-.u.t tn ill--! inl.iti' as if pHI could not take jour acknowletl that the youth had the at them.
In th. HIM j.l.nf. tln-j anof ton adulItrated. ... eyes from her while you were talking, better of the silly.lnjor tsKesN 1O
6, f ,>, "ii t".tonttu'> get t\l then I neT found her so interesting." -1. I Ii aa rr.un.e .

I'. ..>k. In onlir to prcs.-r\c them or tit't3ake Oh 1 don't know whether she is in > llllttrlcfM >Io.kel. i If you; wish the very lest A PRIEflMAIL l.1fT"1 &!'.,.11'V tV. l I I.-

{. tb. M.II- ?lt rwt It'I' in iipjx-ar, teres-tins. but didn't you see that lo\e : The musket u-,'.1 b.v Major John P.ut* !1 ice cream freezer th every hulK i b..t:' !'. *. .h it- ,i I"

e r j tf slipY. <.r i : ',:MIU to the taste and sit any' ly tie she wurc? I just had to tint out trick at the :North bridge: in Concord lowest price, the Willis{ are WI y d' w i .

_Z M, I Isle n .r' |ptu!l'uide; to the inotiej' till bow It was made. 1 know how to make on April lt: 1775, hal..vn pusentcdbv Hardware Co. can please AGENT FOR THE FAMOUS PArs

the! d.- 1 I.' r i 'iuiitd to "ilm-tor" them one exactly like it now. Just let nit his two j.tI .,L'l.tndehildien. thonlj .' :

} i. with v .n.>I1" jir-..liii'Is of the duu clap my eyes on anj'thins of that sort remaining m>'mbi.r;; of the fami'y!! you.

t I + HMV :i'1'1 !b> nth< r means of \\hit-h then for a few minutes and I'll reproduce it to the suite of Mas-aihiiMtts, and it t WICKE&CO.Plamber

( ...un r h.t. no j.1"II so that you never could tell the cop i is to ln> deiosjted! in the statehouse ir. foi .
We will launder spread*
1 f Tit I.sat.". ..( this plan of ,'atill;: from tie Origit.: ."-New York Press. Ho-ton for permanent pre-sen ation. 15 cents:: each and make your them look

laliu tini inutile: s'nnuliis <|(w>- not I,I : htar; Laundry.
lark hi I I' jell: !, lion.anil that (eookin The llnmiiii llrnrt.Tho !, Gas and Steam Fitter,
A Cure For Summer Complaint.
1 .. .
_ si tlttpt11it.! tl .1 st.innl.tting: : to the ,
heart of man is a book-nay, i 11is t Water coolers that do not
L tan '> stliUtf >' .is to 1'1'1.1111'I bad of Summer complaint is unusually prcv'alent ,
an enclycopedia everything
. ..t li..- ii." rv.i Ales' alifiiro thei among children this season. A 1 wade ice, at the IJ'illiss No. i South PulafoT Ktr* it.
within the
has ever come range of its
> : tree i'''' '-f ,itti i I"'l''r| .ii-il other suii 'ri.' It well developed case in the writer's i Hardware Co.'s.WEir.ILY All Kinds o. Ploub>.:< ai d (I'ta 1' ,1' :ta }ht..ru/ ; n
S I m personal expw nce. preserves an .. .. ... .. .. .
.ta ('t I' I t.'I.h.!: -. 1'1:11I1111'1 :: : .I.HINJ.1 ;"
eternal record of nil!! the stories In family was cured last week by th e
1! that $I.- ... re t Ml- '..'Irer tl'i.i pni- ;
i Chamberlain's Coin. EDL: L.
of bCll *
which it has played a !part It i s timely use
et beet ii.. 1 ol.., ;'..r: .ill\ N4Hof nu! iiI I
Cholera and Diarrhoea Rpmedj-on-, :
strange what sad thing be bidderin 7
tal aid i .... :,' li I .' i ii--.it- au\ ::1,;': i its o1l'l.tlldthout giving i may any token of the best patent medicines mane FOR STEAM DIVlalONUtILWAY .Aa :&I.I A. v-e ; "V

l*.- i Arts ti 1.1 I I.) ," 1",1 t'H$(1. "I 1 II factiin'd and which is always kept ot I ..0tNHl'tt.t1tCll.1: ; :? + A t1!
: of their e\istene-e'. The heart may lit
4' r.aukt.l F1tuteu!n'nt" in Uill: Tail hand at the home of ye scribe Thu;
gay and may send the smile mantling COMPANY, -I' LUIA 'A I.Y. : l
.",, 'to MJgazli;', I ia not intended as a free puff for thee
to the face, but all the while you se who do advertise will scol. tor the Llit.
I company, not 1 I Tralni leave l'eQ IMPORTER AND JOBBER OFHARDWARE'
: only! the topmost stratum. If the graves!I us, but to benefit little sufferers wh]I M\yoll.HIj[ Bayou, Warrllgton7 Y.:

( \ t'uliriMnnrtv(. beneath! were to rive up tit :r dead, the. ': may not be within easy access of tphjsician. I and tort harrancaa at

3 1 Oa of :Ue cuiui,jlie'a of this years smiles would seem strangely out of, Xo family should be with 1\:311 a m.arrive at h' ort Bsrranckt 7:19 *.t

I.fldun lioval ai-.ul.'in>' cvhllution is I place. out a bottle of this medicine in thhOIl <,, lu.mia l.Wp..m.arrlvfat m arrive at>Fort ort Karrancvt Karr&ncai 10.48 l.tip: a.t: ng.KO

( a MU.1II 11I.1".11.1 | | a hint of slkVp on I !'/>. esno ( :ah! In sumiiHr tme-: p. m arrlvxal tort harrancf.1 .:16 p c.15

} a \ <
I }1 ti R' i ll* Ill.*." To '.r' "on the line" is a An architect of :New Yort! says thai all iiniL'g-is: and! m. 111 1111d!,'al-rs) "':11up.in.arrlveatIortlarrancal eaT, tort raacts tor tl:1Sp.aTralns ?eau) :- .. ('o'.k Il.1 a.rJII", l'II''l l .v' 1 I'

S uuoh oartoil dtst'iiiMion.! .is the baD:!- with the Modern to'l.1 1 frame a build ool a at Window lila=-. (; uu-. "B.01* .1I.t F'j- "

<, ,t tap; 't>lllllttee :I1tn! \- ;yi\0< the ltt.tI.iun. in; can I* carried to a height\ equal: I Know One 'ure Ji'm..ly 7lfi a m. arrive at Fensacola ...... : .._...
at Pensacoia 11:4t D
-.. .1 |I."' t.on 1111'..... This laud I! to seven aud one-half times the diameter 'vranotti.ate<. U. I Ij : ,wla Lt: n" .v.ld>U1I IL i::
asps' \\"h-li.! : ..f our.... \\':selected of the ba!'.. Hj tins rule 011 at p m arrive at 1'ensaeola ...... fI:46 p n trAGE FOR KIKMINMiHAM( KOLI.INi: MILI '
fe-niacoa! _...._. I,41
si without ..inkt'o\\liil;:f ,,( tLe identity I ordinary city Mock could be t'r.-<,t..J I .T.O'Jp m. .rriVl'.t.rnve.t Featacola JUt;. r Rvfre ( i.iiit :Stiteli'ml! JX'irNunlijti: = ; ; .
I'fI m.
t : p. -
; vf ii.. |mlntr.. I is the work of l'ulke I a bulldir? l.;,i nj feet hi::h. Z>*) feel CASTORIAFor .!'+atnray only! W'lu 1 U'n.. LiftinAt Hand P-iwd-r 11. JniJiLe. ', .

j \\10"1.1.! '.. .lo'ie-, :.n ordinary! member hither! than the DTe tower It woult I Infants and Children FALL FOR WICK DAT8.feniacola ." iron Kent :tInt lluck. :"It.\ ',& n.d I li: ,

c.f the If .it- i oB.Lit'nary.! He is en- have l"o::; stones and cost about $3t}.. to tort Hartacca end retort tf. (oup+ & I o. e (taw' Hide Laic L..t.r: '

. a I turf) ...If! t ui-it I I'o.i.r i Constable IIOO.lIlJ. Ole Kind You Have Always Bough' Peniaoola t't"r.l Cola to to Palmetto Navy Yard Beach and and return resrn.._ t IJ.C5DAT >. I Made P..ulrnad Color.

J'ftC"'I Isii* no ul i !ea of quitting the IK>- ICB DUbl. I Masonic Teniiilt & 1'a u ;Irl)1h lMl

- d 1Ct' for, iBronchitis The Best Liniment For Strains.Mr. Sears rte When weather permit the ruccicg c

i For Twenty Years. F. II. Wells the merchant ai t olfr: lull tin;? of open Leave couches?enaacoa L. Fort iiarranoa W. B. COUir"(51
: a 1 9 .. m. 10 i. m.
t s Mr". Minerva Smith cf Danville, Deer I'ark. Lens Island X Y !'a>'s'I U&. m, II m i rrti

l' a i i' t III., writes: "I hal bronchitis for always recommend C'!;: m',,--rian: < I p. m. I p. m. i \
J .
,.1,50.. ; t1l'f'ntyau and never cot relief until Pain Dalm as the best 1 Iii:i'. '1:* fill (ti' Ip.m p. a, i 3

,;; ;: 1 used Foley's Honey and Tar ftiains I used it last w.: '.'r fnr a L Ia CLHI'g I r' 4. a { dfir:rr. +.err flieGf in".rnoaateral' ,h ,.., I p.;. '!11.!1 ipmicra cm.i : ., : -=: LUMBER LATE&
G.aract .4 M n Jt iif -
'\ blch Is a sure .. ,:-.' Si/I': InV. ADAlemberte ;5i\ere lir.c"--s in tve .1'. rest It tattanrularL C. .C '3' C i i. If. a, ; ,
i 1 PN'a'a t. ua a. l'a.ra, an1 nt aia- fit PGBttlDATt'esiaootato 1
: -" 1:1:: Scth Talafox streetFoley's tug from a strain and was gr atljpi $ rhtEa.Cfe c-t.it._ a'at cr gniit Bt ll3, ort Karrarcai Nary .

, !. aced with the quick ref: and cure aaatno. 4 troll byntretr. Drt : 1sts.U.S.A. lard and relate_.____ J* : JL., : SATED CIPEEES SBISGIES-1: .fI
jj Tar attat to plaza wrarp'T, Prniaeola to Pat [ete ii ah tea !
: Honey and it effected" Fur sale by all drug, e{ h )r+pai.l. tutv f.*nrB.______ litNotrelgbt < .J 'ITHE
lien, trit.ttir .. PENHACOI' A t"
.; w,h i1drcn.safe.sure. XoOD13rPa gists anj medicine: dealers. i' rcui.ff tc.t .a* rrruttA firs.'Ci lTd alter fie p. D I .

-'-> -. -'r.7. ._ -< ........-_ .... .,;- '{' .' ._- ""__<-c .- ".-.._r.i.", _"'- "", y _,_ . .. a .. -- f


; ff


'J'f'ra.ot'lall'd With the \''atfol Slow Starvation i I '

That Are tern i\t>re.ilve. Mysterious Murder Committed In Chicago '

"Let .'it iii tu liar," "'&ha Wine Room. t ,
me pen
; >
Is the fate of sufferers from and
dyspepsia indigeitloa.
Chicago iS. Her face black i
July -
tlciuaii a.- Ltjoiuw ti:rte of his nc.'IUduttJl''S 11 _
If food remains undigested it can't build :
your the :
the hop flavor. Bottled i up
at the
K b lo rure only in the ho t.1 ci-fe the other from strangulation and blood flowing'[ .
bod I fact f it docs actual :
The Am.rlc4o I \. n damage bj decaying the
Brewing, 5t. Louts, Mo.
ili'it! and took a shat at a table! wih I from wound in the side of her head.I stomach and poisoning the system.KODOL 1 1'tai !

thiia."TJiat! I the body of an unidentified woman, j l .
I"'CH.1J t.\ hril W 11r.1sr.< \, .1'LC
-- -- is about the tnontUth met.i : about 32 years old and fashionably : e";N /, / i Digests !

-- .h..1 1)111. ph.'r of that sort that I hate !heard to j garbed, was found in a wine( room 011 j i ..

i .wl milk withtiifevtluT. HARDY ttixlit." answered oi.e of the others II | Henry O'Har's saloon !n WelU street ,,wlw'1M; 1->!, What You Eat.
t'.U with ":tnl it st''ws >o strange that we'' near the river early this morning. The .. its'
I'eoallarlticn or II h Kodol is the sensible remedy. By digesting, what you
..i ,.t.::%* and brains. On-ul MiMtur l' should,! I orrow so many of our figures j]I police soon after arrested James Grant eat strengthens. the lastly and at the same timeresti

-slit 6x; leaf and boil ) fr >ui the M'a. I nevir thought of it before "- and Edward Goff, said to have been the stoniach. This rest soon restores perfect health.: i

: !u.-kt-n er a kid. uwaroT.! lc,:. I intro never'' seen in company of the woman. / 1Cathartics and .stimulants only reach the symptoms. '

r :' ..\i> the li-af and ci.nimaudcr, was a '. i 1 been dl.lr! as>oclate l with the water The dead woman is unknown to the ,\ Iodolcpre*. It is: Nature's tonic. :

f' ::1 I ..f 1.011111; !houcy.tibh cant la cni. "tujU!; but > and' I doll Ulie\e any of us have, nn.11\ frequenters of the saloon, and from Fire yean ago a disease the doctor called dyspepsia took such a hold on rr.f that I .-cull
I ) I
rartelygo. wok Quantities pepsin antiothrrme.Iktn.totn.ihlnlheipedm. As al
of mind and
> is tI..rln'll IH\VIT ': jet we ;are using Mil ten.is all! of thetime. her appearance the police say they do drowuiru man grasps at a straw I grahlit'd at Kudol. 1 felt an ttni>rotcnirot at uoi'e,and afMf

1 .t tl!..- mixture! eon- which physical Iiotr"I' I I They are wonderfully expressie. not believe she was accustomed to a few bottles am sound and veil. GEORGE i>. M.utsu, AVornryat-Law, :Ntxxma Tei.

.d "IIt'h. .,1t rather couipan-d. lie had L. I I' t' o. and I dmi't. know what we enter such saloons The theory of the It can't help but do you good.

-' t t.II! gives it conir youth, but bic-iuie would! do: without( them.: police is that she was drugged, taken The 11 bottle contalns24timMas much ototualmcasun-mrDt) us the trial size whlrb Kilt for SOci I
I'rooP61'O'lt by E. C. IVWIM k Q .. rM.'ag. S..M all dvalrr
Miiuulu-4 of cold \ :: > hy _
; to l.axe teen nIle "You H aLt to put 111 'uur on r., a momeiit j into the saloon and there killed. flood
lit, of n plain diet. I Dewurs WireD Hazel salve a Mothlne. hea'lni! application tar pile, tore sad
Grtt: -ks. To I a;to Mime: one talked about beings ; I II stains were found on the (collar necktie kllI dlit aces. Rewire of counurMu, >

.- use as un ostar water were thrown o '.- adrift and I admitted: that I was | and shirt of one of the men undi.Tarrest.

u:,.r. mornins.: anil his table I 'at MM.Ve talk about our 'weather I John Sheprars1iH.ar; Pharmacy Kidney) Kahn.

t t..us a tLirum of fare which guests ",,, : I j I.'Y<-.' I lii-ing( 'spliced.' onr'Iduintay'uud -

fusttl. but d.in- not 1 j Ill that .stuff.e! know what I
:" of fat. In the sort o Great
( Damage From Cloudburst.Hornl'lls'il1e. The I lteof Iireuil on Water. t .
I! Miml l juke In the think theta it i is to 'ao:1:11 anchor to \\ in'ur .' I I ,
dress and dt'li .riled! in 1 j X. Y., July 28.-The A loaf of bread is a favorite talis l .
!b ,,1. 'Ctlou made tit : to 'back and fit. to stet r' through; to i iI
:'i I t."er.1 would' in shirt slpfves-. I !'c'C.kca aback' and to ha\e 'the wind! i ii j surrounding, country reports that the I''I man for locating a drowned, body inmost '' I 1I
ht'H-kii. liteniliy: .. cloudburst Saturday affected nearly Kuropean countries. Sometimes, X. I
of brain" The !! : i taken out of our :lIl". :' I ,
i every square mile of territory. Abroad it is found sufficient! of itself, sometimes
Hut: hU L.irdihiMKi! ; '
: "Wo the othertack. I l
ti..in t\v-hc timesi i 'I-I'ill a yarn try
had its cffift on the ]I estimate of the damage is $25',. it needs the aid of Nome other } i I
: 'L'.uiiCh'
i hire! comic potts. enterprise get Ii
I : 000. The lobs is Thus in : the loaf i
ed. lie was often crop enormous. substance. England I
'U llt'r full sT'il'and often 'wretk ....,
midnight and woul-1 i Much stock has been drowned and is Dually weighted with quicksiluT.l li ,- j
C ubttrh I tin 1.1.Ve cry for 'IIn port in a sturuL'I i
; buildings have been washed off Notes and Queries. f LktI
w.lJiiT whom he saw many -
i i !In- other day of a 'i.-.ke i ii: a I ncf, uet t-i our TOJH-'S t-nd.: '

.ntl ;i cobweb and inerciu cockcrow ,, Tun lid ore the wind' and sometimes i i: their foundations. The Krie got one I I 1 .
his early rising; I' track open late yesterday. It will bei \ Ulllenllll h on :Mn.
: So until I be t
d it r t'! t.'rfrvm; it, i oxer. it pi e> on (I if
i i i>!li 11111: low fast ISh war he hail j.: \' 1 lithe we can talk al'out almos-t everything i some days before all damages to the nlllLh'r-TII; lUau I marry must bea

attack at citcUi-row, I roadbed are repaired. brave man.fatherlie.
of &ca.t.
in tii the
'. a t utt,'r of fait l.inguage i
will be If he marries t
camp carried the you
\ L'puLlir.I I
i HI -ht- kl"f"r i "
The flttitck. however, i I Will Bore for Oil. while jour mother is Iiviug.-New YorkPress.
the die-
M'titf to
at 1 II o'cl...'k in the '\' ; I Scottsboro, Ala., July 2S.-Mr. Doty, .
.au.tilm'S'I'1l to ( }I arrangement had! ) the Ohio oil expert, who has been I
i ', word coMvibiMMkint I {parish kirk of Driochton had
I lie 1..o Ili>ocrltr. .I J
-; ;, cojwt'I! Suwari.fr, MKiKi'tin; Uvn rather unfortunate in hs minis- i making investigations! in this vicinityfor Tom-Are jou going to wear mournIng I| Kitchen '
turned hi. !I '
then out Always
some time, has returned to his
|.ii>i>:it.ly au ublire- ;! tei-s. two of them having gone off in for uncle?
jour wealthy i!
known ('ru\\'i:1::. l he home. He will return soon with thenecessary
0'" S.ixuii attercoppera7vL i decline\ within a twel\emotth of their j black
[ins; the event III the UI'I"Jintull'nt and now, after hearing( :: n i machinery for boring for oil. Jack-only News a pocketbook.Chi'cago i i j when you use a (+a. Stove. There' I

t'rcly unprepared and i I number of candidates: for the \/lcalley.I The first test will be made on the farmof I uo waste heat, no coal! or ashes tl)

t'j his forethought forward Scott Parks, near town, which
the niemUTH on I
"TUl1orl'uUllJrlllu I were looking A. R. Bass of Morgantown, led., had handle no dn-t no dirt. It ,solve
i with keen interest to the meeting at I Mr. Doty has taken an option.
7f 1 troops on the evening I I which the t I lection of the new minister I II to get up ten or twelve times in the !, the fuel problem-?ave: < time, labor
/ 1! of (Naiail. "an I I
ing j was to take place. Con"oUulO'l'bo jltt. and had backache and and
night severe worry over the rise in the price
' I\C Uromo'Quinine of coal-and it is lei eu.ive.
? t I and dress myself say ; parishioner of another as they foregathered I She Never mind dear. Think of how I j : eap .
.. coltS In I Kidney Cure. Sold by \V. A.I|
l tUft's. one
j XHI cockcrow .
one K I on the road, one day, ">vha small your salary wus-nrooklyn Life. | Ilerult to the Household : Com I
I UmaiL" D'Alemberte 121 South Palafor street, j! t
are you catin; to rote for? I 1
i fort convenience economy. ,
"I'm Just thlnkin' I'llote for none Some people take care of their mon- I I II I '
Nasal Cnrlom 1 and tbslr stomachs.-Atcbl-) If want All your needs in las Stoves, !
x firs l o' them. I'm no' muckle o' a Judge j I ey neglect you a nice present to giveto

Rome amusing i an' it'll be the safest plan. was flat | son Globe.I I a friend, go and look through; the '1 1 I Hinge, etc., supplied by the J'ena1-; i '
CATARRH QgA qBAhtDrte trlll1oIaloro11 elegant line of suitable articles, at '
\kr0 a Kipling's ".\ ; I[ !get's sagacious; reply I I The Same Old Story J. I. Stephens, you surely can find cola Ou Co. at remarkably low !, '.
h "Toots woman if that's the way o't, I I
NarfVER a "Distnuteil ..t..te'i' i J. A. Kelly relates an experiencesimilar something; to please you. If you rnef-3.
J+ tali.in editor who \ me. I want anything in the line
[ to that which Las happenedin
o "
"An" hoo to vote? I you -
are! you gaun be to him before
sal,' feat an ,\ ;; i sure see buy.
ui.-in uli.i, had killed '' "I'm :gaun to vote for the man that ; almost every neighborhood in the d Pen acola Gas Co.

bFpSL I think has the soundest lungs an" '1 11 1 I i[, United States and has been told and I
puKer .idileil an ui::\! I I
[ afrFt, no' bother us wi' deein' again in a Lur- re-told by thousands of others. He I J'No.3
I.ay, "We do u"t Toe [ Home is thewell' S. Palafox SI., Pennoolj. Fl.I .
I : -Scottish American. hippy
ry. "Last I had attack i
\\ .ldllt'r t tit- tlim; 'j' I says: summer an .
"h '.fii "t1 tn1 "r surl:1: of dysentery and purchased a bottle olChamberlain's
: : .. :.' "I am using a box of Chamberlain's furnished home. Marston
'. .j I'T.ite e\i: >edi-nt of Colic, Cholera and I CHOICEST : ::1I
: l.it..r of .per's ">-i I Stomach and Liver Tablets and find ..1 1 $ Qaina can supply I
.' Ii ,. Dlanhoea; Remedy, which I used according you t I';
\plnn! how a horse 1 them the best thin for my stomach, -010.-
; to directions and with entirely\ with all needed in the way
;. .r, "lo a l'X-n'.t." Is I ever used" fays T. "-. Ilobinson,, I
had never heard of 1 Justice cf the Peace, Loomis, Mich., '''satisfactory results. The trouble was i of house furnishings at the 'FRUITS f kMD CONFECTIONERY ij [ Y .1

-"' ''' '",. rendered! the word by 'These tablets not only correct di s-: controlled much quicker than former lowest prices cash or creel ii. ,
'orders of the stomach but regulate! when I used other remedies."I
:1'J! 1'th"I'I'r. 1't'tlng :1
{ > -- :
) \liMl FOB some expliination he the liver and bowels. They are easy Mr. Kc-ely: is a well-known citizen f i .
to take and pleasant in effect. Price! oft STLE'S :
THE P18PILi rule explaining 1I..re.l'U1L'.I'I:: !! :23; cents per box. For sale by alli I Hen'!"rcon, X. C. For sale by l .. --- JKOFESBIOSALJJARDS..... .. C. AP ,
grew to a gigantic i ) druggists! and! medicine dealers.Foley's ,
I i I druggists .and medicine dealers. W. C. ROWE.
States and that it : ( | 14
I East Garment St.
t j .. ".ts toil a Cent, bluffed : ,
place a 8\\C( Kidney Cure I Office: 1': '. S. PalafoxH ,
.f!; I1 ti n NArd is I Bean of mansion for j The nini-Jny. I F'-rr.Brl7! 'ordova IlenaurantlStand
every ;;
n. tiTihnJt. ': of \isitor, who : j One may it or patronize( according rukcs( kidneys and bl u&r right n n fromto g: ; 'a. ra aaJ 1 tdap, rf ,. Ito
and after 7:o'clock One
: -- -- -- carload of Pineapples 11.15
? ; to It to ones nature, a chipping sparrowbluebird ,
1 A taller Phouo OG.I f 2.lper dozen. f
\1"-1.\: IUl.. > I i or pha-be. but he Is Indeed I r
.." ..... i veil co'ited with self esteem who does "John: fd lade: you {II wake me nt Co'clock I
\ Itnilnrii '
:-'lIOld turns I'! "You lent him the t not feel a sense
I,xa!: ;kinds of par.I!1 mule from ?" 1 presence of a lay lie Is such catch the early tram. LAW DEPARTMENT i t I
'aytrutt..t I you '' ..hn'\\.t. and ".\II right sir: nil riu'tit.\ replied the I : :
\ :' l t" A. A.' Kuher "1'asst"ansttere, -} { aggressivej j
!1 |Ivy. "It ilot'sn't. look cr'atm'that one Is Inevitably! led t to able servitor expressively;; "all you otto --U- t Ii I- i;
-- tit!. sir (is to rill-'hiladdl'hlu : 1 !! 1
.I I the belief that he Is more of a successas !
i mo roved real est itvtre such a good
I amounts toL w 1 bet do n bird than most men are as men. i! North American. John :D. Stetson :
of trade
,. tat I University I I
-11. M.E: HrixkI'alatot Ki.herami : \aucm' de ca&h."-\\' i i i Conspicuous by voice and! action during i .\ Hrluht Slmiriit. :

inifyou I, the fall and winter, when other : Do Lauel Floi'icf
I ;i Among the! reminiscences f the class !
birds '
he becomes JOHN
(. lire quietest silint FOUItKS. Ph. II, I'residpnt
acfctlitic of 'O:' Yale AMtF.HT.I.: F.\IIUII! 1.1.. u. I '
l nfd moneya ? I "CamblerVtll, I when ther, birds ;lreO..t vooai. If 1 he at is the story f a stout i heart ,

tiymountyouaan und lowest rates trills I ho over : has a love song, it is reserved for the and healthy looking; member who was Fall Term ( 'OIMIIICIM-" \\'t.'llIu.lah O< tuber I. intr... : ;
un '.proved city real games told by his tutor that! "he was better I TWO \ ": \H&' < .ol.It"ETh.aw
: ; ear of his: mattt this season he Ilrpartntrutofiohu II.station fnlvtrMty f.
i nerAt ( t'outh'raUlDt i p.itrouizes a r.+ ; i fed than taught" "You teach I at..o.y."r- eoui". leading t'n. dfzrt-e of l.!.. H flvn ;; !
( print the Nil of fare ; even controls his fondness for owl me. J DKUKhK: .Al'\ll'> To THK: K.ltTli.diploma, 1' ;:
I I feed myself" was the retort !j Stctunt'nrvrrsit> admit tb.- Har ofthrl.awl'rparln.rntofJohn B. ,
baiting! and with it
; doesn't know word j ; vituperative .
i KOKKOW MO.NKY i a ; H'KTHI-: :M-"KM.vn \-- ,) !"' l. w Announc-nif "
.. e your property, pro- 1 -Chicago Pot I gifts., The robin the catbird and the -Irfclinforiimlion ri' ('irJiDi thriiw: I'l ..rpnrtineiit..lJJri- nt of 1 jl.anllllllnlb"r d< {I

.. hay or nell real r.- I I thrasher s
a'I\d..criptJon.. tat.. attended bare to, i The Greatest rest j I lion of their nests to every passerby, "My mother suffered a long time Land. Kla. 1

,i ., C. Walton A Co.. dun! of mind. \Ve :: '' but the blnejay: gives no evidence oft' from distressing pains and generalill i f!f.: I ty!
'.i.u-w a,("IIU. Penau'late. I !! : ; i ii
the site of his habitation
: by being seen]
To everyone 1 1 free if we will but I : health due primarily to indigestlon i ,

,, ..i!>..we.U..will.. lend mn..y id-tf !,1! I'C tlufu content take up one in its \'Iduih'-l'rauk. M. Chapman laCentury. i|' Mo. ,""Two says; L. VC Spalding Verona,, Tulane University of Louisiana. T' i'II i

years: ago I got her to try
I .' .-,'g'. Now Orloau.
--------.. .. -- --, .\ 1'rrrorlon DIploniHtlit.Hoy Kodol.! She grew better at once and i I i '
I It. !
hand, "rlt.I I 1- -Oh. mamma. I upset the saltcellar ,, now, at the age of seventy-six, eats

.. fur n-wn.nl ,;= EVERY 1 : OUT my clean clothes. anything she wants remarking that :' EDWIN A. ALDERMAN LL.D. I ,
I ..Aravyhoe 1..1 :. Iallmm-That \\ascarelvss., Go and ''she fears no bad effects, as she hasI t "j.:
r I her bottle of Kodol handDo not full Court In Lanua Hclcnces., : J
brush < Knzlneering. Law .
-- silt off, and bee you don'tn Heven .f d Iclol', I'harmaey. Art. '.
drll'llltI'.u..r soften from ''waste time doctoring H..p"rallJ..partm..nl". Mxfen Kuild.nx :
: : symptoms. Go KxieiMive* l.il.rnrie.. Laboratories
>ll the clothes. and '
I' !'- A KIrk J contipat-d b >wel j i after the cause. If your stomach i is Workshop! Splendid Drpartment for Women In the N"couitj College. +: ; 4
J '
'li ..I If : "I'.nt: lIlaJlI II iii. when any one spill Tulanemtlkrslradersinsllvocatloat !i
Neglect; U.i: matter 1 i sound, your xUth will be good. KoJol Ittfacttttir.forinstruction } I I
--- 1 ID IbeHoutb. uniurpatifi 1 :
1 salt they hate a mail aetlrabl Inn 1 o'become cl.r')mc. ; rests the itomach and strengthens 110 the academic department ttudrntslst.reton. Manv nctiolartblpt : s ,f
..\ term, by the KUber 1 :Stomach Hitter at : I, "So they x11}-." the body by digesting jour food. It fihtur.rslon.; HuarJandlodgin open to IndormitorlrsatIUw Louisiana bor9. Erprnr.: rat... ot *cbola"blp lIuden' j !'
> .H houtb Palatal i 1 I "1le1!!. then, if ''Is academic studrntforself-hrip. In opt"rtunltr.1TOrdrd: J\!'\ I
l-alm tom aud avoid [ they don't spill the nature's own tonic. Hareis' Pharrnacy for cOile".. work \\:11 h"lurnt't1 tbAralrn.te'nlir(" n? 1' ,y, It !Jlrup..ry pr..pared I '' j ,
i' It will tune up the salt they don't have a quarreL Isn't John Sheppard and Sydney gln.ucluuer Iat Send for Catalogue.away from tnablhty to IIIIY tuition Sen t..lun be. fl ;; { !'i

I n It.- n1.r I the appetite, purify I that soV" 'Kahn.1 Addre.,, K. a 1'i i i :
-- t
absolutely cur SI. : : ., K.HRUFFMecrrtary. I t j
I "Y. ;, that id so. Iut why do
f.irnuneJ room at you _ _,____ '
-reel. Bint DU/.l.NE< I "lhE J ask"' n ___ --_. .. I, i. 'i
-_ .-- i-Ki'SiA. A few dose --r :' r' t ;' 1
"Well! because mamma it wasn't ) I
tt ,
"h..I-\lIIIt' of its value
for-mm- to learn bar.....- you DRnOI51S. the salt I spilt; it \\ as the Ink." .;)tGO TO- : n I'

Ink. po-itions .a.t- ; I i
Dr.._ lIt..d, pRVatur.. : Poisoning the System. 1t, 1 ,

,'. ..ii mailed> 115 wt-ckly tr..... Mnler when It i is; through the bowels that the 1 I ; uii'

A ,"an.. Ln. 'jLytfolicilnr I body is cleansed of R E. : ij I'mli

., TJU. ,!I I STOMACH stipauon keeps these impurities.poisons In Con-the BRAWNER'S. ::::4 I }

system, causing headache dullness
< : ill) pay .I :
.. l' j' t
',10 rlillit on.d.- DR. and melancholia at first, then unsightly I ,! I
m 'r. m Seven

Men. prepare from Kcambiat for poi TRY NEW !illness unless eruptions a remedy and finally is applied.DeWitt's serious. Days we will Offer the Following Prices:-@ .,; ; I I ;i' 1

:.t spruce. Apply to. Little Early Risers prevent I ;
20 doz Men's
: Ldarltapl ", la. this trouble by stimulating the liver Neck, drop. 21M) Pair Men's New Orleans Sewed You should M .

-IJylm-dAw i I i TAKE NO and promote easy, healthy action of stiched to match., undershirts for 2c ; drawers: or Cable !Screwed Shoes, for this sale Ladies' high and look Low at our line of '. i

!" H k IDO. o( empty beer Cures the bowels. These little pills do not $1.21J; solid leather. WA can Cut hoe3. i j ; .1 t', j
M A rRlIDMAH. OOTttt 1 25 doz Men's save you .
I i' act violently, but by strengthening : Fancy Striped Lace money. ((1 ; i I }
Colds the bowels; enable them to and Plain, Halbrigan 175 Pairs Jf en'* Hand Sewed Vici l.OoiJ yards Lawn, fast colored !
I I perform
0' 1:1'It1'. -- ,i I PneumoniaHay their own worke'er gripe or dis Undershirts ak1Fieach ; drawers to Kid Shoe in four ditlerent shape worth 6'4'c' to close at 6c yard. i; '; ,j:I I

t .mt) VS: LKUHOKN8Jk : : tress. Hargis'! Pharmacy, John Sheppard match. toes ; regular |i, for this sale ?2.93 a &*') X-Bar Muslin, regular 7a 1 ::. t

\ <-- Harl1war.\'o's.n1 FU' tor. sal Il.tt'. I i risy, LaGrippe, and Sidney Kahn.Foley's 10 doz; Men X-Bar Undershirt, pair. goods to close at ij"2C yard. I : t Ii

-- worth 50C for 4uc drawers 1XK( yards ;il
Sore Throat, ; match. I have bought the full line of Lev Unbleached Domenld i I
1 'lit < ; OOUi'Oi. Honey ana Tar' 25 doz Men's Scriven Patent !seam Pou Co. boys' shoe that I will closeout to close at 4' c. i I 1
------ -- ------- Whooping "J'{Ii
HK.K) KMaoafactnrert side drawers, worth t 65c: for this sale at cost. l.OuO yards Best Check Gingham;; !
.. : ar itondi, H ass Toilet NO CURE. cures colds, prevents pneumonia.0n.STOXlI.A. 3sc.c fait colored regular "c goods for J ;

to If,'\j W, Uoverument I Price 50c. and S I. 23) doz Boys Extra Size Pants 12 to 125 pair Boys' Easy Walkers, reg. this sale oc. 1'1" if' t f_ I'I

-- ----- -- Bent tu _/)tt!: M Ys9 Hate >'*a I or l-'tiiicralM. 50c. regular 40c Rood, to close &9 ; ;, 1
pair Men's Low-Cut t.
1 &ll tt: e Patent 25c yard. No
-fN --- We one
carry a fall line of Boys' Wash over 5 yards r
Leather 1
H SERALM Shoes have
or.prclaldr.lgn fnrntaaIrtt IJi //Aal.X .. Pants. Call and see them. at $2.50 pair to we close at 1.75 been pair.selling 3t) pieces Medicated 21-inch Cotton : I ; J

.o. 83: West Gregory I 1ItAFE. < n* i- Diaper, worth &5c.lor this sale GOc. .
WlmIIt (''L a i" (' .,,. PARKER'S .- .. .1, I j":
I. RED ml
n' 'EIti' 0' .*n' }e T HAIR BALSAM This Sale will Positively Not I !
? -- <(-Si Vjj l>...crrv. .. **..b. '-... and tnaunc* ti. htr. Run Longer Than Seven Days. : '
a. "r .
II. y Pmuou. huurmol growth.
a.11 loran Lesions : .....ro fir : Never Ful. to Bettor l 1 !i
-1 '
:1rred for enitomrei.j.EJ \V !? ....'R"art fee... flair to in Youthful Co.or. t i ,
-A ilr M&jl. 1 .
: West Ur..gory.1I1l N Cunt tr.p d..e. A II."I. '
*- a'' r ( 1O IOa;
.ru..j- ir.ad/lwu iht' ra SOUTII PALAFOX
: .
Ell .
Yatwct nr ; a !I..I. I I STREET. @ j t

I ,1 "4\(I; ;

J 1 f
1t' t
'I it. '


""' .. .4 {, .' .. .1p-.'": _..j..l4> ,.:.J.. }.t II-i.4. .ti-L.-Jj .. .J. .... ....-r.-J :'-.IJ.I.. ....... .".,..LLJ.lJJL--LJ1J: jjtkJ lL T"- "' '"'- --




1 F. C. BRENT, Prest. W. K. HYER, Jr., Cashier. -

I IN MEMORY OFWILLIE I PAINE CELERY Vm. H KNOWLES, Vice-Prest. J. S. REESE Asst. Cashier. IlStroogest t Iethe \\\'j'\ i

_',' S WELLES j jI COMPOUNDNATURE'S The First National BankOF .! The -1'I Annual I ,. I \.

catered at tbe Post Office at Pensacola I I SUMMER HEALTH i Ending nel.'t'lnht'r :U.. I''ut "r
vf'_ i coud-class BlaUer. PENSACOLA. It

OffICE :-ntfi bunding, :suji south Last night among the numerous GIVER.It
raaa'ol street up-ttaire, friends who called at the home of I 1 THE[ [EQWTIBLE

THE NEWS PUBLISHING CO. Cap:. T. E. Welles to offer their condolences If You Want a Bank

members of the baseball Purifies the Blood and )(nlti- j ;

Terms: Invariably in AdvanceOntYnrbyMail team of which the deceased wasa plies the Number "f Vital bOCE1T

...........15 +uuBU I We Will Lend You One !

1 : Moutht" ._. .... ..... ...... Z 5" member. These former associates led Corpuscles, Feeds the I',Assets _

One Week by Carrier, Payable Monday 1U of the dead young man: congregatedabout Neresand Tissues I II Reserve and otter luth' '

I :, ities . . . _
the bier and the scene was a ,
,i TELEPHONE NO. 118. and Jhes True : bet Your and Dimes Grow Into dollars h -
tfiekles -
very touching one. The young men. I 18urplu (from whic!. Div
y I PhysicalStrength.!' i deeds . ,
i Application
i tdrtrtisirg Rates Furnished on are paid .
fit( I with sorrowful gaze, looked upon ,,'

st Iiyr4z their comrade and none of them left : Did you ever know that money can be made to grow ? It is a fact and 1 Paid to Policy-holder-. -

I not a theory and this letter will tell you all about it. : HlI. .. .. .. .. . ( -
I the parlor with dry eyes. Weak nerve, exhausted tissue, .
I poor, thin blood impaired digestion I I The First National Bank, Savings Department, has inaugurated a sys- New Insurance in ltui .'
Other friends called to offer their !
':and sleepless nights, account for !1 tern of savings that is easy, comprehensive and practical and to those who Total Insurance in f tre>'

+ I sympathy: and see for the last time t, much of the and present suffering.existing sum j adopt it, may prove a blessing at some time. It will enable men women Dee 31, 1901 -. '.:
mer misery
t PEHSAOOLA JULY 29, 1902 the young man who had figured so | Dear reader, if you are unfortunately i and children to save small: change and large change, small bill and large Notwithstanding th. j' .
j ,
: R I prominently in athletic and social numbered amongst the sickly i bills, at a time when it can be best spared: and, before you know it, you cial strength of the Sot'n ,

acd weak mortals of today, it is now I have accumulated a good sized bank account. greater security whit .

4 .f, Axi the democrats of the entire circles of recent years. i tuns to awake to a true realizationof i The Little IIOMII ION IV SA VIII i is a solid I steel bank, which is ,' are holder LOW thereby and "GUARAN(enjoy : _\ : :
: with Ou the bay front and today your danger. The weakening
t.Lj tate honored :Senator Mallory yesterday i and depressing hot weather will only kept at home and is always handy. It is so well protected that nothing i ter than given by othe!> : '

Jh the largest vote on the ticket-27. are shown many times over the J I hammer it. The slot which I
[ t i add to your miseries if you are careless short of a sledge cm destroy through! money

; EVEN the New York "yellows" I est'et'm in which the young man and and indifferent. i is deposited is protected by a patented device so that it i is impossible to I
; 1 There is absolute relief and a posi- KXOWLESI BUo".
of his father helJ. craft jolt or pry money out when once placed therein. | .
I DOW realize the true inwardness j i are Every itive cure for you in Paine's Celery .

t the YohH'$tron ; bunko game of that can rig-out a dig has the colorsat Compound. This wonder-working ] By depositing (IN I: SINCJLII DnLLAIt or more if you choose I General ,X;:rnt,.
# the vic medicine is ueces-fully conqueringsuch with The First National Bankit loans you one of these little banks and
which were primary ,
( M, they I half-mast mutely testifying their troubles as yours every day. It issues you a bankbook with ONi: DOLLAH l OK JIOKi: placed to your 309 H. Palafox St, "I'FN-

l; tim -- -- -- -- respect for the dead. E-pecially i i- is a fact verified by able physicians credit. When the bank is handed! you it is securely locked and The First --

i jxe ESTIMATES submitted by Lieut. II. this true of the large tl-ets of fishing and Paine'o thousands Ct'If'rC..mptlund of testimonials makes that National Bank keeps the key. You take it home and drop your coins or SANTA ROSA SURF

1.. Raymond, in charge of river and i schooners. ': new, pure blood, build up the nervous bills into it as you can pare them ; bring your little bank and your bookto

f ; harbor work for this di-trict, for : system, regulates digestion;,: Till'I : 1'11.1' NATIONAL I*..V MV wherein-i unlocked the money BATHINCJSTABLISrVaFih 1

1 ,1 I'jo4. include *K'5'; ,:>tt; for usacolJ Life-long a "ocittesIf Willie ,.i! whets the appetite and gives vigor; counted in your pre-eiice, and the amount whatever it may: be, placed= to
tI amid strength to combat the discom- '.
a 1 Welles will act ehowdt w.i!
as pallbearers this
i harbor. : credit the bank book.l: The bank i- then l locked and handed
._ I ',, fort of the heated term. { your on up Sunday: evening. I1'! .
fit' ': district I :afternoon, and they are requested to''', Mr?. J. N. Monran, Sfcretiry, Md., back to you. can arrange to : i\ :
Tru e: twelfth congres-ional 1 '' i
: meet at the undertaking parlors of used Paine's Celery Compound to The little savings: accumulated in this way soon grow into mighty dollars other refrestni'PtiN -. ,
j ,:, ; of Tex needs the primary method ,, banish: nervous prostration, heart time .
during the w k
J which draw intere-t at the rite of 4 centum 4
: and if
Northup & Wood at 3:30 o'clock. '' per annum : you
adjourned palpitation and lu-oumiu. The great
The convention has
badly : Ju-t term See mui.i.: ." i
I medicine quickly restored physical let it stay 'here, you will ".,ou X I : I' lOi.L.A U....
r .. r. without a nomination after i'hose who have been requested to ofathelbe-t sytlteplfor CHAII: !I.
-trenzth by pur fying the blood This has proven itself one saving; money ever

t; taking;, fi.oTl ballots.THK I serve are Charles: Merritt, Phil Caro, i bracing the nerves and! building up ,{, adopted and worthy of your attention. .

tissue ; she say- : Everybody !hai ri_ !
EJ. <
i i JMunroa Roper, lnina.I"a
mi-taken in
News i is
fi DeLaud When I began: the u-e of Paine'sC piece of this .arti'' |; I r3ght :
Railroad! Commissioner A. S. Oliver .. One Dollar Is All You Need to Start On.
3 {r' its statement that Lapping Will Lur- lery Compound I was -ullering i, for it. They mint w

1 r ''t Candidate Burr received "the i!i ton and J. ({. Oliver. with nervous prostration: had palpitation ch nice to get it. and kr't .
'r of the heart and could not Come in and get one of these little home. bankbefore they are all gone Thos. C. Watson &
it, highe-t vote of any of the live c-in- I. Co.
} I The funeral -erviees will be held! ; -leep. When I first went to bed I Or if you cannot call. .r-nd a po-tal card: and ,iif '*f
didateiu K-cambia. The votehere : at the !tiuu and iI i would sleep one or two hours, but with bank. to offer
-e immediately at its upon you a just now, and :
r W:1": Ward i.-ii; *!; Day, t MJ.5 1;; : (I would wake with atart.. 1 would

Burr 3H ; Browne, I'l-j; and Whituer. :, conclusion the cortege will move on yet up in tl'.. morning feeling worse you You to will come never and: regret invi'-ti.; : ...vo.
than! when I went to bed. Nowaft t
J the long tnarcn to the beautiful Kt.j .
-------- i u-mg Paine's Celery Componud I The First National Bank ---
i j John's cemetery. can eat :and sleep well and wake up ,
) I EVEN: the staid and conservativeSavannah
I I in the morning! feeling refreshed and
I Morning News was caught I strong." i Savings Department. FRANK SECARTSJATH HOUSE[
: I !
by the fake story about a wonderful SAM LEEVER WIRES r
I Deep water sei bathing!

_ I i t'C would magnetic be device enabled whereby to detect the the army approach i HIS SYMPATHY BUILDING TWO THREE EYED ANIMALS. PENSACOLA CLASSICAL SCHOOL compartment day for white for people ladiewit! only -

'' of a war ves-el off the coast :' :\eiv 7rnlnn I'.u.'.o". Some of tendant. Neatest, best :ami

F t during the maneuvers in the darkest When Willie Welles was reported ,i NEW CIRCUITS I These HeiiiMrkuhle Creaturen. Third Annual ehsinn lltgint.teiulirr Sel. bath housp in the city. I I'
night. !I There no mute iiiton-ting:; country 1:;. IHII:.. and KIHN| Fiu.Nh :s
Ii dead
--- ---- yesterday morning, Sam B. Cur. Cevallos and X.srram' -
!''in the' world to a biulogist! than New JUMP I'':, 11I113.
+I WHEN such a rock-ribbed republican Flynn went to the telegraph! ollice I .
Zealand mid to l'rufr-.or Iit-ndy I isi

'A I u,. the venerable Geo. ;S. .Bout- and wired the information to Sam: The Electric Light Company is i; duo the 'n..lit of having made some 134 134 134 134 134
and additional circuit The aim of tinchool \i. to
well of Massachusetts declares hi- having; a new provide
'lr.i;: Leever: an admirer of the deceased. n'TlIlIa loll' original! I rtswircLw inregard thorough: H HillCIIL! and .. ,- ,
rejection of the principles and policies erected We-1 Hill the main wire I ;
: on I
of the character-
t t7 'i ; to "'JUH more COLLEGE PREPARATORY- | .,
j This Mr. SAltec's -
morning Flynn received 134 .
'' which he 1 1
1 : j.. of the party helped tocreate extending a- far west as Dcvilliers : 1stKfiiui.u of the i-oubtry. ?struction. 1'heschool! i-, of especial ,
I it 1 J there must be good cause fort j the following: | interest to three cla ;-e- : : Teltfloce! .
; street on Belmont and -fcondary I Nearly ery one halienrd of thetuatara
; I .t'1 the R'toseveltian' hope that tintparty i "Sr. Loui--, )[0., July 2s, ll'2.! the curious, iguunalike; look- I. Tho-e who having completedthe 134 rI ItI rnrt"I'I".I.". ,. 13'
of school
the wihto
wires branching out in all directions grades public 1 1 It\ II
L4; ready for reform. "Tos ni B Flynn IVntacoIa. IVelles' I I j lug; creature now found on only one or pursue: their studies further with- ,,, .- .

I .r.t I "\ death shocked me. Convey from tint point. The circuit has !: t\V4) i>I tiioff the coast of New Zealand out having li'iine.

1 [ t.r. ",,' .\\; '.\ innumerable: have j been nude -o txten-i\e that all re-i-1 i j! and m.tiPjHoc
+ sv1, '"r begun to appear in the open for the my sympathy: to family and ; ''I I fug: ; type of animal on the face of the of the careful individual attention -- -

'. .1 < office "f attorney-general, but the team matt Write particulars.I 'j deuces 011'e"t Hill may now be ]j glolio.; One of tin1 ino'.t curious fei-: I II that can be given -mailer clas-e- Do r .u want a magtuf'!

> : fact should be remembered that Mr. I -SAM LKKVEK." 1 1I i provided with electric light with but !I: turns Is an organ on the had which and a longere--i.n. to advance for little money. If
1I more rapidly than is po ible for :Stephens.: th.. jew''b-r.
l.lIl1tr'ill: not be a congre-suiau de I 1 very little trouble aud delay. i at one t.iiKwas: "I"kl'll i of ai the them in public schools. :ommodate .

t' I't! facto until after the November election I While here Mr. Leever was a constant !'1 This is the second new circuit : l'' lIl':11 ;.:1lI1oI.I.ut which 1Ir. lion-ly dio 3. Thowho are fitting themselves you.EVERY
('u".I..1 l to l 1.- in n-jility a third (-\t'. for collt' p.
and will fike his before
1 not seat -
II.j; !
; associate of young Welles and which has lately been establi-hed, Ills pajM-r on tin subject rauitl the In addition to the u-uil instruction -
<; March 1, I l' rt. 1 here i is no good I *
'J fit he -hould retire from i I the mutual admiration of the two' the other known as the North Hill great"-t intcrc-t in s-cientinV l'irpU) >-, in Engli-h! Mathematic HI-- .
!., reason why arid! aan illu-triti of the way in tory. Geography, L ]tine.tc..iutruction i -
t : I:, ;.;: hay otlice before that time. was very great. Leever i is with his ,| line already having been lini-hed I which rc-fardi K .ptrinlfzr.l i.owa-, is otferedllonl r <->nt tuition,

r: :l'. team in :St.\ Louis and! i is holding; up and now being u-ed. days, it may IM nn-iitioiKil that while in Greek French German and Sj.an- HOUSEWIFENeeds
,,1 ,, .Lt.- Tilt political economi-ts of the i.h. The school i is conducted at the
ti t 11'1' civilized world appear to be unable j hf-u-ual good record. i, From these wires may be obtained j j ji Ilr. Iii-iiily ilfiotdl hini-clf to the corner of West Gadsden and Spring
Ji t | .tu,Iy of the third: eye one ditinguishH :; streetin building which to
e' ..'t a is
to decide whether Bu""i.prop""f'd i both iucande-ceut: and arc lights, Bolt!.
Knsli liinloiiNt is "working oltt"the a
.">I. Don't Fail to Try This. < : be arranged to adapt it especially to
I. : \ : l international tru-t conference is for 1 I'and it figured; that many We-t !skcMoii. aiioihtr the kidneys. etc. the needs of thechool..

1_ : the purpose of devi-ing method- Whenever an honest trial is given Hill re-idenctswill be illuminated More recently I I. Iiendy ha> iliscovercd The number of pupils in attend of Turpentine: '
:: to Electric Bitters for any trouble it1;, soon i is limited. Hence those de ir
"vt'rcI'Ulingl11f'rk:! !* threatening i aiioth New Xcal.ind creatureIIO.SPXMIII ance ? -
r.N' 1 I,f4., .i i tis '' with admittance *hould communicate whether for Cleaning I II-
< recommended for
I iug ;
L + of the world's Ultrket".lIr a permanent cure ; a third ('.\ '. 'lliis is the New
.. -.f capture Clothes. for
or MIH -
-1 will surely be effected. It Zealand! favorite article of :as early as possible with the Princi ;:
of I never fails ;] lamprey a ,
Ii i" : ,i conrideriugtheexpediency adopting I Cuts. IgruiPnr any:
I to tone the stomach regulate the kid food 8lit'I; the Maoris. The third eye pal.For : knows tin- ,
't '< y.; Amt'rica''p"llcy of tariff protection !! Saves a Woman's Life. further information, termandcatalogue Everybody \
f j: I I f is situated right; on top of thf head Spirits IIf .
and bowels 1, ; Turpentine r
ff-l nets stimulate the liver addnsH.
I II. to the tru-ts, that they be !
1 t : .. \ may invigorate the To have given up would have meant and b i .IIH.I..I| with a thin coating of CIA ARM TRQN(4, to r-t the ;genuine arts
... I' I able to compete with all foreign: I nerves and purify theblood. death for Mrs. Lois Cragg, of Dor ,I: skin. It i is doubtful! whether it is now Principal. it is put up by il e

jiiarket.s by wringing! the cot of competition I It's a wonderful tonic for run chester Mass. For years she had of any practical n-e fop veins, but IIP.Iienil I'ER'iv'AI.II.\VJIAi.E1-.,

\ : i. out of their !home cu-tom- down systems. Electric Bitters positively : *, elie\is! that at one time far Aitaut.
I endured untold misery from a severe
'.f ft' ers. cures kidney and liver troubles, j back; in the wllfl.!'- history, there were f)
i lung trouble and obstinate
l !t: -- -- -- stomach disorders, nervousness, sleep- two eye on the kick of the lalnprec's REGISTRATION NOTICE.
'f (
r"S the Turn'- I'mon aud VitiI "Often. she writes "1 could scarcely ,
j lessness, rheumatism neuralgia, and hcad. lie i is further of the opinion that
J:. I \ len : "It would be much better for I: expels malaria. Satisfaction breathe and sometimes could not at ono time the tu.itara also hal two The regi-tration bookwill be

r t ': i i Florida and for the democrat- iced by \\', A, D'Alcmberte, druggist.guaran- !speak. All doctors and remedies failed I errs where now only one remainIn opened at my office in the couithoue
in Petisacola Fla.
( ,
f i ; i Florida: if we had in this stile a miuonty II: Only ;50; cents.CONCERT: till I used Dr. King's New Discoveryfor 1 the tuatara it is the left eyohnu hassurvheil. : the first Tuesday in comtnencing Au u..t.'
.i ; while in the lamprey it i is the
;. i i .' party at lei-t strong enough: Consumption, and was completelycured. three days in each week-Tuesday.
i AND DANCE ATMAINGLI.1 i I rind (.11(-.
f. I t.t U put up -a tuht. It would cau-e ." Sufferers from coughs, cold, Thursday; aud Saturday.
( The KnsII-h lamprey (sac only two
BLUFF THURSDAYNIGHT. I Hud the od! tration books
: j f the nomination of the be-t men by throat and lung trouble need this regt
j r TRA INS AT S s:3:
: i'I! 1;" J' ; the democratic: party, and would \9. LAST TH.IHI.n'w..:-\ AT grand remedy for it never disap ,.I its New Zealand congener:; but it has to tho-e who have had any trouble -
IJ!! F keep down factional bitterne.." points. Cure is guaranteed by \\'. A. its {'OI1lI"'II"atioIJ". for was it not roc by their names not bing properly Buffalo C.
; ll-i TICKETS :25! CENTS Mfg .
\It f: !Ii! {t : _.t tjuite true ; but athe white republican AT D'Alemberte, druggist. Price, Mean rilcd In our hi-tory Inniks at school registered on the b<>okthat if

} i" :: alone could not hope for \ic- DEPOT. 100. Trial bottles free. that an KtulNh! kills! died from eating: : they will call at my olHce on the
1 I I' days named, I will correct: allucl.; who Guarantee on- ,
I in single Cl in thetite II I flat many 1:1111n'lt'lIoourlie I.\us-I I i
t't( 1. '1 i tory nnty errors and do my utmo-t to "gt thebooks
in any political contest there i itin WEDDING Just received a New Lot of Boys'1 I: traliai Argu; I II i I: in proper shape for the general Only 10 Cents a Bot''
!jij I
.. inducement for them to 'raUllt' White :'tUJl.1t*, worth oOj. :>- : election. T. N.Ai'AMs.
i ; '1 Fight with Moonshlners.i .
ANNIVERSARY and 51 l.lu. to b*. cli-ed out at 23, &j' Supervisor Regi-tration Cuintv.jyliid *
8. ,i Wilmington X. C. 2S ? .Allldnds clia/r "
Mobile July Q\lI:1 of
:. THE Kegiteriy# : "The _
7\ 1;" and 4-> centWm.. Johnson it :Sou. !'
: s "'- of the democratic j I Carolina constables have had a despe-. chairs at M'f ,flQuinn's.
l i I ;; managers cougresioiul ---- --- rocking
.'. A. A. M, ', ate encounter noar Marlboro with FAMILY SEASON TICKETSAT
tj I M campaign are going to I $ Prices n I"j'
tlIllJr l'aI News. I! moonshiners. The constables won
I i
I "l P I i : show that the co-t of food-tutls IS out'l
-I, The al.'red society people! of Pen- A regular; communication :I i capturing two wagons, a buggy SICARI'S BATH HOUSE low. _
i I j t-ii: :; controlled by the trusts: -that H, cost sacola of Kscambia I.odge, !!r gallons of whisky and two men. Others !

1 1 to the con-umer. This will have to gathered last night in large A No. 15. F. & A. M., will beheld in the .
party escaped. When the
1 ofi
'. numbers at bm o'clock Frank Sigari will is-ne Hx) family GO TOCOE'S
; be accompanied by a demonstration at the home of KJward p. m. ;i: titers came upon moonshiners they

j t. :, "ty+ f ':- that the producer is i also controlled I Rl1"s and his estimable wife, invited Monday.such Aug.regular 4h.business Besides opened fire. but to no avail. By a season tickets for baths at his splen BOO KSTORE'
; .t I i I for of
did bath house a family one
'i .. bythetrn-t-y If the producer gets arakeoff as bpfore the plucky stand the constables
\ t- there to celebrate! his first anniversary -' may come lodge, there i succeedel
:: j by rea-on of high prices will b" work III the F. C. degree in baeging: the game. to three at |1.50 for the rei-on and

,iV; r 3e r- cnarged to the consumer it will be I of their marriage. The event Visiting brethren are cordiallv in- I for a family of from three up for two

':;\ i well to handle the argument with I I was greatly enjoyed and the happy |j vited. HARRY W.GIBBS. I 1 MEAT & MALT has a marvelous! dollars. These eason tickets will SO"'t.. ; .
i ii
; cire. It may prove to be a boom couple were heartily: congratulated i l- ecretary. i i|''dietetic value. While refreshing entitle the family to bathe: whenever

I t erang." But the number of consumer by their many friends.
voters, directly affected by : I I Mm Will IW I5s.. i of food. Sold by !: make you C'->n f<

M the prices cf food fixed by the trust i I | In excitement of :a lively exercise DANNHEIS'-JER BROS.
: 4cij is far greater than that of the producer : Scrofula like boat-racing or ball-playing j .

manufacturers. who guin: Jew: are entirely free from it. |i they will strain their muscles and go'I j; CONCERT AND DANCE AT Hfott Writers at :SL .
trust amid tbelr'otfS will | MAGNOLIA BLUFFTHURSDAY y. Thompson, No. 11 south \
4 4t by prices I> may develop so slowly) as to t'moe: home limping and sore. Then they !I '

y decide the i issue if properly pre. i little if any i]: turbaiue during the whole 1 i' are glad they have Perry Davi,,' ;I NIGHT. TRAINS AT H, s1:31) AND Palafox street, has just opened anew Kodaks.

u sented. Il'rd! of cbidhHht.! i ii i Painkiller on hand to soothe 9. LAST TRAIN RETURNS AT
the 11:30. riCKET-5 supply of Linen and Bond Pocket t Stereo; : ai.d, t .
It turn : CETS,
i n.ItY pru.lu.1' irresa'-mty "f the' ATI
quivering nerves to
: ttc math aid "II\' I Is. dytj>rji-ia. catarrh, ; penetrate the DEPOT. Papers; white, blue and gray with
t OYSTERS AT NIC APOSTLE'SFine muscles I Baseball Goods.Bits
with warmth
f a:"d ':'ar.rd tenderjry to consumption and healing --- .
Envelopes to match, Oxford sizes ..
; l-efo-e mai":.'<:iins it-elf in much cutaneousi power. It has relieved the rain of I ; .
I II i erjjticn ,'r ,:: : :arsardine. This Ma-ks, GI v.
f I It two generations of Americans. weather makes the also Foreign Mail Tablets with Envelopes
is t
>e>t to be sure that you are +quit ;'
I ojrter? today. Try them : tree fr.im it, and fc.r its comf.lete eradica Large bottle 25 and 5 lJ cent- grass grow. You can bum to match Iuc.! Pencils: Fishing T .
1 ti NIC Al'OsTI.E.Garden Lion you tan rely onHood's i I
t ; -- Men's and Boys' :straw: Hats for keen cutting Lawn ,,)lowers \ Penholders; Blankbook File= etc. Liner, Hook P-

4: hose at the Willis Sarsaparilla less than half price this week at'' and Grass Shears from they etc., always; on hani.: '.:1 I' 'C

r Hardware Co's. i i The best cl all tttJIcInes: for all tumors I Wro. Johnson: Son's.: Fresh !stock. Willis Hardware Co's. Phone 234. i K THE l'lu..-F


: ,, ". .. .. ,.,,4.L.:; ... ..)!:t '" > --" _. _':. ..... -,..... -.po:..:, ,'...:J.d.; ..... '" "" .J.,.,. ",, I( _, _. ,,4.'I:. .r.,," ',' --l"'J-' .t;' T .$1..". <: ..-r ..--
f fi1




< I
----- No. oooa. I

n'sEU' President F. C. HORTON Cashier ; THE WEATHER I III ;
*. .c.FOS.iEE Vrce-President; M. E. CLARK An'l Cishler.

*. Condon ed Statement of the : 'At the Soda ai'k i


OK PENriACOLA, FLORIDA, AT CLOSE OF BUSINESS JULY 15, 1902. Local J.'orecast-Partly cloudy When you want the most i

(From Report to Comptroller.) and Wednesday; light to fresh, exhilarating draught you '

southwest wtnds.Temperature. -- : ; a always want water. -

.RESOURCES.. ..... ...... ...... .. .. LIABILITIES.. . .. .. in Last 24 Hours: I .
.I.I 1351,698.79' Capital Stock .. ... ... .. J200.000.00 :
....... ....... ..
? . .. ...... ...... ...... .... 29,98667 "Surplus Fund... ..... .... .... ..... .. .... 10,000.00( Uaximam..MM Ulnlmnm: ................._............. .. 77 '
. .. ..... ...... .. ...... .... lb76.iM!: Net Profits..... ...... ...... .... .... .... 7,612.72 1y. finite/lock
'. "'. .' '. r.J Premium... ...... ..... 80,250.00: Rediscounts! ..... .. .... ..... ...... .... .... 19.500.00
,-.-., etc ... ...... ... .. .... .. 2,625.00 Circulation. ..... ..... .. ..... .... .... .... 75,00000 Temperature Elsewhere : ,
." el Fixture*.... ...... .... ...... 6,718.48 Deposits ...... ..... ..... ..... ...... ...... 311.973.57 )1 n.
.. .... Ulanta_ .. _. .__.. Water
: ,. I tote............ ... .. ....... 1151.27 499.12 bicago Bismarck...... ......- _.m 70 ) U LlTHIA

t' --- (Cincinnati ._... ...., V2
Galveston.-,... ...... ._ .. ?... Hi
l657,066.c9! 1657,06.29 ? ? served at the fountain
Huron......._._ &olackionville ,
,;sired for business; October 2J: 1900. We respectfully solicit your patronage and we will give J' .._ !oS sparkles like fine wine ; it
_.. .. i ifn
_ r rcpt courteous and careful attention. J Kansas( City: ht, -
Key West.... i
Mempnls........... ..... .... .._. NS is only water bubbling over
-I PER CENT INTEREST PAID ON TIME DEPOSITS. j Mobile _..........._......... .I'- ,1 with pure ozone.
Montgomery ...12 I
Sew Orleans...............___._ w ,
-- Sew York. .. ..... i* ;( Bottled at Waukesha Wlii.I .
Savannah .._ ..,......... vi I it
FAIRCHILD keeping the tlames from adjoining I St. Louis .. _.. ....... .... ... wi FOR SALE HERB BY
property. L. Bear & Agents ,
For Over Sixty Years.MRS. _
C.piiOL9TERTFt: Henry Young, colored, while at : ,4
Wissiow's HooTHixa tjYitrr .t
\,,1 ROVANA STREET. work at Commandancia wharf this HERE YESTERDAY !1 1I'been used lor over sixty years by .
I mothers for their children while f
morning, was struck by a swinging i with perfect success. soothes the ,
. ,. RtKmshing Furniture a I'I softens -- --- -- .
I the gamsallays all paincures !
I barrel: of rosin, knocked overboard .
'I colic and Is the best remedy for !
ydreiafty. I and painfully but not seriously in Private car No. .' .a. occupied by I It will relieve the poor little sufferer S52
mediately. (Bold by Druggists In every : q2525252525'2S'2525252 _
IMlOllO1OCJ.. I lured He was taken to his home at Milton H. Smith and his, private I II of the world Twenty-live cents a

the corner of Jackson and DeVilIiers I secretary arrived last evening froma He ng sure Syrup you," and a'k for take"M no rs.other Winslow's kind "' '{j i ,

R K. WHITE, I streets in the city ambulance and trip over the P. & A. division as'': ---

Maiiiifnilnring Jeweler was given medical attention by Dr. far as Cre tview. From Crestviewthe The best for i ; c jkd I !
Frank (! Hell_-.haw. t a t1P rer SSes. price ever old
Iln.ttr Oi'tiuan, -- car wa Shake lulu Your ',line, niture (Store.
,. PrmaroU, Fie i I the line of the Yellow River Ilail- : J 'J l ",... f I :
I Allen's Foot-Ease, a powder. It
road as far as Florala to which
--- i cures painful: i'1Hutilliner"H1: feet I i! NAVAL STOKhS MAUHhT.KpportMl E.525J-9-5..JJ t ;
< i
S5 S5E5Z5E5 l
point the I.. & X, N to build from .
and nails, and :
ingrowing instantly I .
takes the nting out of corns and bunion I Opp, the survey having already beeu Daily for The : t
Union Natal Stores CO
flOTES1 *. I t's the :greatest comfort discovery completed. II j

JEWS : of the age Allen's FootEae I Atoll! in this; paperThur..J.1ylr. .. .... I.J ,ROSIN.A'w' ''I' .Ii. .. :
makes tight or new *hne feel NU.. .11) H SENSATIONAL SALE 1 1

______-J ea-y. It is a certain cure for sweat- :Smith arranged hit rtpal.ir visit to S ...... ... ... .. .:;a F .._ ,
... ., ,
1 ing, callou-s and hot, tired, aching Peusacola: that he would have an 3d E'

\. ,,I I.i. : the Meyer 1 feet. Try it to.dl:;. i Sold by all opportunity of looking over the Aug- I a'D..... . ...... ... : .''iIJ t ,t below. .....

'--ill-}'eu.ac: ; here he found time for examiningevery NTINijt D r F0 R ON NB %VLKw-! ,

1 iv afternoon for :!;:jc. in stamp-i. Trial package; Flu:}:. portion of the vessel and tooka

xt cargo of coal to Address :S. Olm\ -ted, LeRoy, MARITIME.E i ; r
great deal of pains in so doing.
rteumer1.1iU I I
in the N.y' : -- I i :
-- ----
Capt. Higers explained .
Men's and Boys' Straw Hats:' for I rXE
\ I : -f 0.t.. less l than half price this week at to him. for July to date. ... .... J : WILL CONTINUE FOR ANOTHER WEEK 1 THE SFXSATIOXAL : :
For the next Jo Win. Johnson k :on's. Fresh stock.: The car was attached to north- '1I I v VALUE-GIVING SALEOF BUMMER HUESFABW: .

'.Iture ftt almo-t I -- -- -- I AI1KIVED. If fail to take of the choice material during this
bund train \o. 2-which left at 11 :05 :, .1 yon advantage many y '

fur new stock.n.tttreea I RUMORS OF THE 1 it night. The president is now en from Span Tampa*>s Alicia.tor Mantesput Ki7. Luzarra in'(a.for in week the opportunity will have: passed, for every yard left after Saturday !. ;

ever coal I will sale .
: be withdrawn from at these price
I route to Louisville.If I lr s Cap uor, l'l Kodham.
t' offer. them. 11 H llojer.: Lost propeller at sea;
KING'S RELAPSEI In by orbs (;olden Cross I While Last choice
,f M Ivor and you feel too tired for work or I Ir.s tioiden c-o" isii, Cameron, they your I
I I folk to W L Wlttich Co I 250 yard : :
t t- t ,rt.-d yt:-ter.11 I p'eaure, take Hood's :Sarsaparilla i of patterns at I ,

\ M.I'-fMiie- ,I to The Daily News. it cures, that tired feeling. ARRIVED IT QUARANTINE.Kr I ,

.l.: t I.lty ofi" i -- i ss lirny ..l 2'). the ofli-! W Wittich oS Co 100 DOZEN LADIES' AND CHIL- EMBROIDERIES FOR ONE DAYDREN'S 1
:'-inled.I'icted London, July Despite U mattresses for the ) i, *

'.. 'cial denial there are wild rumors: The U es1 t price ever sold herr. : { I
I O. M. Pryor. I j EiA I LV II. HOSE. : ONLY 'L: .
tiloat today that the King: his had aui.lli I i Am i-s I'ensacolaLPecb.Tantnieo =J .
I I Am bkt Hub"rt.Full..r., I\.b. :New lint'i Absolutely Fa-t Hhck. : .IIC.'IJ Yanti I.r Beautiful Etrbrnid f
rehpje:\ and! the coronation cries. actual value of which i- <>',_ ., .
The DEATH TODAY OF Regular I We Heller r tol' and 10cMONDAY .
'A ill again be po-tponed. report cLEAHLD.sptln JC Pair ,.
I: WId: 1 ". I ,
b \licia 1'1: Luznrraza. t>y
: Jf.-: : tint the king nuat undergo -econd Transit {'o fur Nantts, with iTStous : Special for Monday 5c yard.
well founded. MRS. MARTHA A. ROLLO Value *!,l.-i;
>'. .'.-7 operation seem to i50 DOZEN ALL LINEN HUCK ;
., St ;i4:: Even per-oiul friend of the King I -- NOTICE TO M \RINFKfommander -. LINEN SHADED TORCHON LACES

admit they cannot sec. ;how his aiajety I J H Bull in.pt-dor j TOWELS. i }
I | The ad death of )Ir:;. Martha A.Rollo .Seventh Lighthouse district has'.u : I AND INSERTINCS. j i
tin I and can bi- rt'adf.r the ordeal on following olllcial notice.fensacoln ', Extra Large: Size and Never Sold I
after :n protracted illness removes Hay and Kntrance-Navy ;
that thei I the lull of Augittt;, even though the J outtr Hank, buoy No 1', a ecoml-cla. for Less:' than I5c. 1H For ()Le IJ-V Only Monday"" I. i ii
i ..: .,-rooms of I the last remaining head! of was estatilishfil June tl!, I\4Ir, (\ i MONDAY.UC each run have these at ,
should be curtailed to following beartngsviz:
t '. .removed! I ceremony I one of the oldest and best known I.eer Point tt'aoll Light K. by N. I Hotel and Hoarding House Keep5C yard. 6 yards for 25C, I ; i;
hour's duration.If I r>n acola LUht-Houte. W. N W \ I I .
only one
.t, where the I families in West Florida: the de- End of West (coali wbarf. navy E'rl. here's your Opportunity: '
I.ui'HllIl 'w, or 1 P:yard* for 4ic ''I''I'i
.\ I i
; cea-ed having been born in this section This buoy Is placed at the ..' t.
.uvenil'ut oilicef If a Man Lie to You, point of the dve-fathonicurve otT 15 DOZEN TURKISH BATH
'I of the state 51 years ago. navy yard and marks the channel I WHITE QUILT SPECIALS !
And say sane, other salve ointment, I chorage ground for deep draught 1 iI
: The remains of Mr=. Hollo, will be TOWELS. 4I
:, .> the county I lotion oil or alleged healer i I. as good I I I I Wp continuA our White HpreadUleached ,
i laid to rest in the Milton cemetery NOTICE TO :M\1INEKS. Hale for One Week.
held! la-t night tu as Bucklen'srnlca Salve tell him -an Exceptional Value at : ,
t- ;
tniti"ii of a tifew thirty years of marvelous cures of f I beside those of her late hutbuld KeKUlattonsof the Marine Hospital I t.)||e_ fl.25 Spreads I .. . . . .. "i'! !;
I '
vice require the inspection of vessels I'50' SPr-ads ..11 1'5' ,
in u portion of No.iti'.n .. : Piles Burns Uoils, Corns, Felons, i The steamer Enterprise will make' southern foreign ports Maryland via domestic but via ports such I MOXn\YHr. are 1 y//1 teach #jK) iNpreads.i. .. .. . ... .. l :v> ; (:

of the law it :: Ulcers Cuts, Scalds, Bruises and Skin a special trip, leaving Palafox wharf ship hlaQd.I'ht're,full pratique u ; I or #1 iKi per doz. 2 12 ro read-$1 f S-1 ; .
for In-ptction Ib not
a port
I- cannot now be I' Eruptions prove it's the host and j tomorrow morning\ S clock fur i ij l requisite to entrance,

\ ilid. the change; i cheapest. 25 cents at W. A. D'Alem-. i I. 1 1II
!i. idf July 1. beite's drug store. j I the pnrpoe of carrying the funeral j :>' TKE. BARGAINS IN EVERY DEPARTMENT .<.< t ;
The Marine Hospital Service baa
I. ,
--- to Milton. There is
teed fire broke ample the following: All Over Our Store; you will Find Bargain in Every <; : r : i
ty 'I of "VoastlnuefckeU which are '
1 > All kinds Furui- I \\ II I
: -tr..yt-d the dwell I At I))tj'ors S ture at nearly co-r accommodation on the steamer for i'!\ from which domestic are in ports regular of the trade United with ,4 .+t Department. too iiinr.eroii to mention here. Come, f : '; i I 'j! II:

I I' 1'lllierstreet..1: I to make loom fi r all friend who may desire to attend : may enter without detention or get the pick bright and early. .: 1 1
with the understanding that If Sick ,
W.I" -..nt tn the tin,, new stock. I the funeral any character wbat'o. vir Fhall .............. ... I .
the' Juwn-town 4 during the voyage to Florida port U i i.
'I i The pa"sill of Mrs. Hollo severs report to the quarantine ottlcers
i !It'rlll the l I'IIrUII Just received a New Lot of H-\v*.' spection and disposttionJ :'
I the tie which held together the large ,; __
.' 'b.IIX a- struck on i I White'traw: Hats, worth 50c. 7"CI ; : W. J. & B. FORBES. .
: family of boys who mourn her death Ii i iI
men performer 1 I! and |1(10 1 to be closed out at :1T;;. 85I1 ; THE SHIPPING. I ..

r .:","I! work in: I and 4" cent Win JOhU-lHl & Son.f I Lawrence Alex H. Jackson, 1, it'". < .-. ,I.
--- 1 Peter, Julin, Samuel and D.lViJ-to I i ii MKAMsHIlS.Br I '11 I It
i i If You Roy Them at the Bottom Shue Store, i
They are Good !
!; whom for their irreparable los, iI i* August Belmont 3-'\; Rogers, .
f'l' N. IX KKr ; n .: I .
I extended the deep and heartfelt :, Cari.brook.Ir.o: Wallace, to K t \

\ FRESH StIlPE"T OF = 1 sympathy-of-their-many- -friend j Co.Cospan!"pan'lvllla.rrgento. I'.M., l"il.Kulz Colon. to. to Gulf Cary i Satisfaction and Service : ; j I.. f -I 1 II

.. From Hut to t'oltl HII'( < '
.. .. -. .. \
t '1
'' Km Kndymion. l-s-! engrain to !: it
--:::. Dysentery is prevalent everywhere IiunwoJy A Co IIAVI I : M I.\UI i: '1 : 'i, ;
- in summer and i* due to miasmatic'' aeaxt .1 l I ; t

5 ;,1TH I I FI ELD HAMS... poi intlunmation"on*. and begin the; mucous abruptly lining with Nor Nor lluAutrali Ale\iindiT Aviemore,,Lawrence jll lou:. Kaijer'ton.Hanson, II:;!!,, to 11 to a.\\ t Boston Shoe Store Shoes & i f! i : ;\4

.-' ft the large bowel. III America the t"WSK.H'r.tlo .. Ii t" \ '
.. .- di-eae i i" common, but properlytreated Nor Kmuro.. 1'Ul.. Nielsen, to orderNorHiiv'o. I'0 I' l' LAlf. I :
tf 'II' Hansen toordtrNor I :
tf K does not result a- seriously ain ,, Mana.. I"'I. Lari"n/o S h L CoNor .Ii IIIj
I i the tropic Perry Davi Painkiller | -'oll1..nkJold' .1.... Neiln, to The eye j is satisfied with the tyie and finish ; the foot I is *,tti*bed with the ; I

JUST RI-CI-IVKI kr is. the best known remedy and Sebr..y..rSor Noreg, I.Mi.: Hjornsen. to order I perfect fit and absolute comfort ; the purge i n gatNfied with a fair : I = .I
the mo t tilicacious:' in the treatmentof > ; t
llr s a>Tiiiioer ol.lioo""lI. to order
j price for -uperior shoe that will give better I
dyentery.i Nor funbeam. M4. AndTsr-n. to service j t h
= It Thomas rN. Lauro to order than those purchased elsewhere. 1:

Br Mabel Darling, ill Albany, to !I :
son t < oKr If

JUGS, 75cts PER GALLON. = \,I 9 NIGHT.. LAST TRAINS TRAIN: AT RETURNS S *. :30 I AND AT rnion.T.- ---. hosier-- --, -to-mai-ter-- BOSTON SHOE STORE !M

Need More Help. if
11:50.) TICKETS 25; CENTS, AT '

f wn HA.NDU: gV ':, DEPOT. i; Often the overtaxed organs of \.NATHAN. roitCHii.Mii: : I'i-i.riHr. .. J I. ''illiTHK g :
tion out for
r --- -- cry help by I iii

: Co's Corn Meal For the next pains nausea, dizziness, Leaders of Low Prices. 117 South Palafox Street
F. Gonzalez & J ; t
I :
k At Al imni t C OS t 60 Jay-at furniture O.M. liver complaints and bowel I -- .,. I t' .!. t ji, .s'I I

IXCU'SI\'II.\ Pryor's to make room for new Such troubles call for the ,i tU.NTA IIOSAi j l'ishingtackleofallkinds J I Li: t

stock. of Dr. King's Xew Life Pills. !!ICltIn.THISG KSTAIU.lsllMKNT; \, and good crab nets at the ) t' ? :
are gentle, thorough and
;' to cure. 25 cents at W. I Bathing in ;warm gulf waters H j Willis Hard waer Cos. ;:1 Ht
cut A. '
:{ SOL CAHN & COe Grass Shears that will berte's drug store. :, conceeded to be the finest in the i j L

close, at the Willis Hardware --- i' world. Everythin?pleasure with !l VIRGINIA COLLEGE 1
afety. Good board and lodging, by : Ii i
Co's.EleJant. at almost cost .) the day or week. Luncheon | For YOUNG LA I)IKS. Iloanoke, Va, _
STAPLE AND FANCY GROCERS, i fJ H111P .1 1 ure' next 60 day to served at all hour, day or night. I Open t.pc. in. I\ china closets, room fir new 1 CHARLES H. BfRTO.V, Schools for Young Ladle* in toe ntulh i- ;.
P New bulldmiif, i
pmun and '
O. M. equipment.
Intendencia Streets. Pryor.OA.STOITI.A. : .
nor Palafox and sideboards and leather- i 2m-tf Manager. Campus ten MTI. hand mountain scenery :', !
t la Valley of Va..
rj -- famed for health. Ku- I ? '
chairs at Marston : : j roprnn and Amtrcan teacher. Full course
1e 1-8. .* .'s Pensacoh, Fla.'k = I seat Van tt. irs "I'd In Haft IU2B: j The finest line of sterling silver Con.ervatorT' advantage. in Art, Music and I I I
Quina's- Low prices; easy ,. I 70od and silver novelties i is to be t Klocutlon Mndt-nti' from thirty Ktate. f'I I I
hu For cataloruPaddre.9
11 'found at J. I. Stephen. Prices to ',. 4 t
.. I MATTiK i' HA KUIS. President
; %%%%%%%% payments. ..r I please all. Roanoke \,a. is Ie:I

I ri


'. -".. ., ,._ r .. .: ,. -. --' 1 r

;s.tee -. .,..., .... ..' ... .. .. ill ,_ ,& .,., _,...,. T'-
-- >..... ., ". -"" 4>'----.1. .1.." >-- '' .. ... ....>' : .... ... .. .4I.t.l, '* ,! ; i /t "" """ ,





utt's Pills Two Ornament* That Are Rarely

HISTORIC PAINTINGS IN THE I Found Ipon Hotel W'alter Young Milwaukee Society
NATIONAL CAPITOL "I.ver see a waiter wearing glasses?"

W1'Li2 demanded the inquisitor.No rJrEN

stimulate the TORPID LIVER, one could remember although : thouand cured 11.' '.t : \". I .

They "'t're Treated LongAber Completion strengthen the digestive organs, Just why a waiter should not be seen [T women have written I'rl.1 i Ifr t. I I ...

and When They Already regulate the bowels, and are unequaled : to tell how Wine cf sl.'al! < I 4:. \
as anANTIBILIOUS with glasses as will as any other man CarJui I stow3 the '
Showed Sign of DlaaolotluuAnArtiste s r.a u "

Carious Blunder was not apparent. blessing! of health on every \\'.'" ..f I"

MEDICINE, "(t's just like the wearing/ beards," woman who takes it, rich .- "IIlt: t-.t. ., ,,. '

It Is a curious fact that the same In malarial districts their v irtues are 1\1'lIt on the inquisitor. "The proprietors I' and poor alike. Mrs. 1,1.. w 11-: ; '.

i A 1 combination of chemicals which preserved widely recognized, as they poeotss of our Important hotels restaurants -i' Helena than, No. 13:: Seventh L ,1.1. ;_ r-1. .

in a perfect state for over 500 peculiar properties in freeing the and cafes will not permit either j: Street Milwaukee, in li,>rr,T-w .

P-4 years the remains and shrouds of King sugar system coated.from that poison. Elegantly |i beards or glasses to be worn !by their I I Ii \1 is., 13 one of the young that Natursinan. : ,. '
; women Wine of Car-
Edward I. of England have also been \\ i ipivvj ", :
i I waiters. It Is possible that In some dui
Take No Substitute.- Las rescued from
I ; : a life
..,.. w a! .' : .
> used to preserve four of the great historical ; del fashioned commercial 1 .Vri llrlmt fl: !II
family or of
suffering. She writes .
I I : health! t tI. t\ g :. :
paintings erpetuatfig! scenesin hotel the servitors be found with j I. "
the foundation und establishment of to thi' :(d... 01 II C) ;' ,:tintil.gs and aftirwa.i1 i may I I "Wine of Cardui Is certainly 'wore I chanl'e.to! to LUll. up !t1: \ \.' ..
j their noses straddled by optical helps | \\ m.' .r .
wail t this 'eminent rllI.,1! in Milt i lot rous until out' women's best friend and lam pleased themenstrual .1 .1f .
go\ I I but you won't find 'eui along, Broad- How a: .. \ '

i j '. k BEAUTY TRIUMPHS I These four paintings: occupy perhaps tlicdiiiti. v\ 'i 1' pr-ifeulv !united. The way. !I to give my experience with It. A few relieved of the dram .r 'It?: ,

the most conspicuous place for observation mi !" > in .Ilie vvaIN! uer backed with | months I cold in the niak.'. t ..,
having system
: 'TI. PrlceT.u,. "Now, this Is a fact worthy of note ago caught a severe : t tI
In the nation. They are the i-eniei.l :M.i| the'! pll1t| ills so placed organs strong! and h.di '
been in inclement aj
f :{ Beauty is woman's charm The because in every other calling in life i out weather,whichsettled : I.
: t greatest work of Colonel( John Trumbull and :in tin i.i' i !::it an could c-irctilate behind Any woman who u t HorM adores beautiful women. A prettj ,i the number of persons wearing glassesIs all( over me, particularly t I in the untold '1
bang on the eastern wall of the rotunda the i.im.isi s sprii's! doors were also rains bei'aaeh-' I ito _
woman dreads iiutcrnityforfearcif! the Increase, and In '
losing on
even our i abdomen. I was in almost constant pain. -
( ordi red til.'n-i-tl, in tin. entrances to the undergo a jfajMeian'* ,
this I <.wt-r. What can be done to perpetu the capitol. schools a considerable percentage of
I consulted and took his ant
physician .
rvtuiilii! 1'IhtaI! | Trumbull a treatment ran '
: bj :
Siuce n.
The paintings were put In place In
small children will be found
C # beautiful very medicine for and xurinjr reluf .
Hint trt-ntn'i-iit Ilx' a month without any Jut h1nhV
1324 under the supervision of the artist t paintings have
I wearing glasses and while, as I say% : U otI..rt'.1 1 tt> her.
cultured women in the crisis Hu"bani-, himself, but not without much hesita li.i-l imtlii-!! cl"l1t'! to them and t'rom'l'I"'I relief. I then decided I would: try your h"lh' deter .
} her. ELI ,
hotel restaurant and cafe i iv ,
;. 1y should invtatiijate this iu orderwRaa' proprietorsare l .;
to rc.ii-.ure thiir wiven remedy as to the ease Iron and objections on his part because <" :11'1'i| .1 nil ices they need noth- : opposed to the glasses still I haveseldom medicine and it was a lucky day for me j (.f Cardui in the privacy : .

of the of the walls and air in III:: whea I did I noticed I with h ,. '
a y'+4; with v.huh ihilJren can be born and dampness I i found a waiter whose eyes in- so. a change in a as Hiu asaiirai: : A

"f Ili,, beauty of form and figure retained.Mother's the rotunda at that time. The fears of Another (vculianty! Iu one of these I dicated that bo was in the toliLtt'stIIl.,1 few days and felt encouraged to continue ai &'' & a d\7'n.1'; fur' ',

the artist were proved to be well pictures Tinted! itt ebony I \ d > I
1 is ( out to ix-rsons being of them. taking Vine of Cardu. aad my patience >i .
Friend founded for four later shown Wine of CarJu t) Ii tr I 1.1'was
the the
jears capitol under the care of a I
"You that rewarded for in weeks
reftaurant two
may argue; my pains I '
\Vhrmttg'taz1 1 <"i 1
I, tiKnar:e'! v whuli till prepiratton is changes on the surface of the paintings guide and that is in the scene of i .
-- s :I".a ,'sn It'l.n.in.-hei: : the pain al!.:,1 tom became PO apparent that Washington nsijriiins his waiters lire generally young tact.i had left me and I felt like a new woman." of CarJui fruiu: \ ',.r '.' .,_
congress ; : commission.Th2 .
t 'h.! rh(v. : I"":.il tLr"II. .'iioat j jTignancV 'I Grant joi that Instantly, but all the
pushed a resolution authorizing their two daughters of Charles Carroll
e it I't. !:r'rr11ii sitLru-v,, lures sore Kline thousands of men of similar age A
t Jin. "t>, E..t' I'-.i: -tic all Uudons; LalieJ removal from' the walls of the rotunda who stand eiubraelntc each other, are !! have to wear them In almost every WINE of CARD c \ :: TI1T:

i, ':p 'n to !1. ,',,1 the expimlmij; : bur,len.I by Colonel Trumbull for inspection and given hive hand Washington: Star. other occupation."The : I ,

-I J S .y MUM.les! .,, "ii! .mil! rt.li\ under its lulln- remedy i if possible. It was at this i I majority of those servitors

a : .ni'l the 1-oint that Coluiitl Trumbull's knowledge Iowa.. t.rrntet Knrinj.
/ c mot c ; itiLiit antiLipates favorably !|
u commence in 11lI) Lood. and the demand
j i s the iue, m the comfort thus be-.to\ve
b ,t t } .Mother1* I'tlenJ i ii a liniment for csteni.il was drawn on. of the human race" says a writer | of their vocation causes no strain ou THE NEW GROCERY
t' the eyesight Consequently that may STORE.
!.-.itioii. It is: gently rubbed | '
ajij lu a letter to congress; dated Dec. P. in .\lllsJh: "Modern lbJsiolllsllll's:
1r I ..rthep.ahusrccrt1vtaeedandhems account ia a measure for the absence
ov 1SJS: Culoml Trumbull explains in detail that it Is the cause of m-jiiy half and i ipet '
; afwor'.H-il! 1 Llk'i ,.tr-> all! the muscles. I of any necessity for the use of specs.
his treatment of the paintings at ( 'haps lin'iv of the several hundred |
f. e1)nlggi-'> ., :.1 i u lor *i per ottle You Moreover the steam from hot viands:

mayh.iM-i :.r !1.. ....k: "rialhcrhood" free : that time, and an inspection now t>f catalogued; diseases that prey UIMJIIman. I would render them useless prolJably.cw ."- WILL MOVER

THE BRADFIELO REGULATOR CO.. ATLANTA. these four pictures shows that they ,, In our are; with its high jirts- I \ York Telegram. >

are In a perfect state of preservation sure, its hot and bitter competition and
- : _______
i Keeps a Complete First-Class
I I both as to brightness of color and condition the unrelenting struggle for survival, I' Up-to-Date Stock
111 Beet Bole !
'sr DEAD. of canvas.In : its moral and phjsteal ravages are They were discussing the amateur I of Fine Staple and Fancy Groceries.No .

the letter referred to Colonel' iu whichan
steadily increasing.; Cities I

Fr '-1; Was Recording Secretary Missionary I Trumbull says: "All of the paintings ,', ever larger proportion of our people I theatricals and Thespls of was the bewailing previous the evening hard !' 30 W. Government St., Salisbury BloCk

Society of M. E. Church. were taken down, removed from their dwell are biological hothouses and 'IolentI I
luck that had brought on a \ TILEPIu\FiY7
N>w York. July 28.-Kev. Dr. Stephen : frames taken off from the panels over for some, furnaces forcing development headache and prevented his; appearance ,

t L Hallh in. recording secretary which they were strained, removed to prematurely and encouraging .
j f cf the :Muaionary society of the Methoilltt ; a dry warm room and there separately late hours und excitement and consuniIne "Do ICE AND
you know old boy he said con. WOOD.
; Episcopal church died today in and carefully examined. The material nerve and brain." '
I fidentlally. "that was to have been the
s! I Prooklyn of typhoid fever. lit "'as' which forms the basis cf the paintIngs
effort of m)' life. I bad the love scene WE EXPECT TO SUPPLY
I 67 i, MUCH I.A'iOEU Ti. .
yearn of a
Dr. UaMwin was born at Somemlla. I, and texture are very similar! to those "I was troubled with kidney com, '; have litH-n of stone !if she failed to see THIS :M MMKR THAN EVE: J.. R I.F

t ;, N. J., and entered the ministry !in 1S3S; !! in the topgallant sails of .1 ship of war.
that I was In earnest I was willing ,
plaint for about two writes A.
'' years
From UV; until : : The substances emplojed in forming a SEND
1KS.J. with the US YOUR
e'ti II Davis, of Jit. Sterling, Ia., "but two to stake everything on the result for ORDERS NCW.
i eption of two years, he was a misf"0i.ary proper surface for the artist together
I confident
bottles of Foley's Kidney Cure effecteda was she would accept me

to China.o'or four years : with the colors, oils etc.. form n sufficient permanent cure." Sold by W. A. the moment the curtain went dow u. Thompson Olson c.Co.
a' mobile in China protection for the face of the can .
bt was suiHTintendentof D'A1em'erte, 121: South Palafox street And to think thatluy usual hard luck
; i rIll Foo Chow \.as. but the kick remains bare and exKised -
ii mlcmon, and for
sev would step in Just when all my hopis Manresa Street, Tel*hone 1 .
I edicts
r'"f to the deleterious of
Hal years he edited the Chinese n.fflrdl'r. ..- [ damp were Unit to be realized! :" .
I air. The effect of this is first seen ia --
For health :
reasons he returned "I heard Mildred refer to jour non-
(. the form of mildew. It was this which IIDNEY DISEASES ESTABLISHED
I to th* United States with 1m : appwinnce." remarked Payer. IS(13.

4 i$ familyin 15-::. In June,1SS:I, he was' I dreaded and! the examination showed .{roarssa s I "You
.U-i, h.j recording secretary of the that mildew was already! commencedand "Said you performed an act of charity McKENZIE OERTINQ &

t; 1 Mli-smrurv! society which position ln to an extent which rendered it tr. thi ?mart UtsJ l of til ds. i bj not coming: on." CO. .

i manifest that the continuance of the o __
z had (.Inn followed. nu.FOlEytt. -- IJ&AL&II. 110 h. C

same exposure for a few }ears! longer It I'liizleil 111....

: t Dr. Wilson's! Sentence Commuted '!I would! have accomplished the computedecomiiosltluii HOMY mi is i It Is said of a former Marquis. of Ship Chandlery and General Hardware.
or rotting!: of the canvas
Waiobmgtlln. Ton iislieiid that \w hen owns und eni i
July IS. lunttN
t -The life 01 and itsNJ)
the cou&etjuuiit destruction of in bottle lie 003 ANI) non S.
Itr Russell Wilson: of : paged : saw a drummer at IA1.\H HIKI.KT; :
J Ohio who Wag "
+ r the paintings. his side ki'.IM: by n cannon ball! whichscattered ........---- .A..GE'N'O'V
jjturnl with
a revolutionist party I Colonel Trumliull then explained how tduncUd. Corttlnittmtdlt |
or hU brains in direction.
: A.
Nicaragua. KOKKLIXO:
t has been saved through; be first dried S i-ONH! I ,
5 the representations of Minister Cor- and thoroughly: the canvases recognized by eminent Ills (-}(-!> were at once tired on the''j GALVANIZED WIRE ROPE A. RLVHEL A r-ON B I't' MI>
t prepared then fur the preservative. '
which seemed
ghastly object engross -
t r >a, of that country A cablegram Ou this point he continues: "1 physicians u the best lot ;/ hii thoughts. .\ superior ollicer 'Etna Ccrdiji Piliis;>i Dili liotictl loitroraioti, (Chris, litkirt HiCOMPVMK9. II

4 was reci-iwd at the state departmert had learned that few and Bltddtr trouble! I
years ago some Klclniy observing; him supi>osed he was intlm- "j MMiS. KTOC

today from Mr. Ponaldson. United i, of the eminent chemists of Trance had idatetl! at the! sight and addressed him :McKenzie CoIl .
PIUCH Mfc! uX IIJrV. \ : Oertin; etlllo< A;eat for liar l'ii"iH- .
I l ntatos consml! Managua: :Nicaramu. i examined with peat care some of for i
\ A. D'ALEMBERTE.DYSPEPS1A. in n manner to cbii-r his spirits. "Oh! elation.i .
1 l + dated" | the :2tUh! ; instant, as follows: : ancient mummies! of Egypt: with aview said the joung marquis with calm-j i i --.

I' t .\$ a riiurtot-y to thp I'nlte.l States to ascertaining; the nature of thesubstatifv 1Il'.S.Lut severity. "I am not frightened. ',

and sympathj with the !mother the emplojed bj the: embalmers I am puzzled to make out how any man ': The Star

"r"alolt'nt| will!! i.mnnitt> Dr. Kussell which the lap!'e of so many ages had uith such a quantity of brains ever Laundry

( a 'Vl1son' d..ath .-iitenee.." proved to |>ote's the power of protecting ctime to be here!" ,

M i frcin decay. substance otherwise I

F : Armour Butchers Join Union. so perishable as the human ody.l This "For fir years Ira a victimofdys- Too True to Hi l'r-?ntalile. Biggest Busiest Best !
1 tout i ,
\ prpila in us wurit form tat notLu.ptut ,
I .. t Ti ansas City. Mo, July 2S: .-Thirty- : examination had proved that after tl." milk0;\, ar d at Iime9ixi btomai.h cultl "How about that historical noxvl'-'

I I''. !;, "; :1te butchers employed by the Armour i application of liquid a'-phaltuni to the) na t 'oan retain ta.n and': CAMJAKETS digest even ibat.and Last since March then 1 asked the I'uM.shtT."No '

; l- Pa( king company have Joined the cavities of the brad I and l-ody. the have steady, : iirproved unul i am is well as I JlMlllut all" answered the readS An K\ciiinir: : ( all\ \ \ u n!

whole had been wrapped careful H' ever was m my lifeIMViDli whom it had been "The
rr to assigned.
,. kmagarnatedb! 'at Cutters and I5utcur MrKPBT, Newark. OPlenum. 17r .
:.t. : \\.-,rknt-n of .Xm''rlea. The union many envelopes! or Umihieri's: of linen i man doesn't understand h'Jto write ; ,, ":r ... 4; Your Swell I I IA HI < \

Tc bill! nf the: \ruOIlr liuti'hers makes prepared with wax. The committee of CANDY lJi"tlll"il'alllH\t.I.! >, and he hasn't perverted < "'lfr.7 '.-- #". ,

j tN chemists decided further, alter a 'are CATHARTIC the truth as we know it enough::: to ,Y. : \.i'" ;:, I: HI, I fll.li Will I II a
", (rmpl'tn orjaii'atiiii: of butchers I' '
""I' ,
: ji.
ful examination and analjsi* of thehieroirhphic ..
make kind of the
any a rumpus among; ; ', .
-. In the pnrrlpnl! IV..tl"u
4 panting houses of the ar wjr
lH t- paintings! with w lark; the critics. His book would fall flat.-i ( \ .1,I .., :
p i :< ftmntrv Th Armour
,3 hesitated .
men ( >---"d old ,.
casing; etc., are covered, that tLe colors Chicago I'ot. I your I
:+ ;'w ab ut i i"'r::q mm: they were assured : tI I I' 4.. "
i to finp'ojcd! and still retaining their TiAos wore a/srrs1W ,/ \.. t.4 [ -1..: itl- A 0111,1>i
by Chad sV VIMIOUI' that r. .
he vvouM >
3 ; ,. not tlii. ..lion. vivid! I.ril.tne"s Lad aKo been pre' T+.u llnMr Fur n ('''01. r( 1 ii .,1tfh ... alw.ly-.rllitb; a I., I' nI
uin.-i| ::
i lal'I"aut\ applied with the same sub- A novel po>ttr was seen by a recent
t tli
-- j by coti'lr
I sta iiee. sojourner in Nova "(jtiJ.: It was filj: I;
t '
"I 1 also! know that toward the close FiVibie! : Potent. Tease Good Do ed on rough; l.q'r( with red l paint.prillt'l .l'I"lilt"
Gvvo1. "T..r ?"''Weakenor Gripe, lOc :rue.:She..; j with! b"'iUI.'It
t ; 6fJf of the last century the Antiquarian ... CURE CONSTIPATION. ... childish hand and was tacked to .. J ; f \ .

Society of Ktipl.uicl had been permitted 9"nna k'..d7 ".p..,.(ktnt*,Krairtl. a.w Ttrk. Ill egraph; lade In a con-jiicuous petition.! : : r..' ."frt.;;'ii. e"ll..r- uinj <<'111f'v
+ 10 J
tT.ileee,; Y.uraid on every box cf the genuine to open and examine the stone coan -- "There will be a concert and fair in \.::;' -"..:.. ..J/- ; ...... I at ti.e!I 'httl..tut.dr.!
Un Tfl St 3 end rnnre.tteed by a'ldrngRU -
Laiath l llremc'QuinineTableta deposited la one of the vaults of Westminster I 'B 10 gists tAtl HE Tobacco U btt.lfi,00 Mrs. Parson's!: sitting room today at '- -

'i rt.al" 'art .run i t t-oia iu one dar, abbey and said to contain the o'clock: sharp. \dmlsslou-utlultil 0

body of King Edward: I., who died i in I cents; children, 2 cents; babies, two for ALL WORK C. 0. D. Mi Calkl or bill L >
lull) KrriiriH.
t July 1307.: On removing! the stone frs a cent" I 1
I: i'ii!' :. :.. ,.t u iu Uiiottod conlsin TELEPHONE 114. 27 GARDEN
t lid! of the coffin its contents were found! Awarded at ParlJ ST
IN.!:. m -.1 I'M". llu-t.irl.v: salt of I
S to be closely enveloped in a strong liar. Slitting Tree Bark
.. \
llw lIt'I. '.11: !llnr} and pievunixlyI WALKER INGRAHAM
en cloth waxed Within this envelope When a joung fruit or shade tree ManagerTIME
t I hioilii :..1 l.i\r,'ilirvrs! mi tin j"III.1;
t t were found splendid robes of silk enriched stops growing and looks as If It were -
a tq i f of Ilau':rn. in ti-! :>':ttlll1\ I\-h ;group\\ did! auiNALAROCHEWINE
t with various ornaments covering about to give! up the struggle; : for es1istviiee. :
a' jl TABLE.
:ta their MI, are: t. UIII rl'I'| "' -. 1"" feet traced]
the trouble often be |
)l 1 : the body which was found to be may
who h tlivi'l.sl into
: tong, v lengths;
to its barkbouud. In this case'
entire and to have been wrapped care being
-I *-' ch o'rri-;>-ii'' ':-' to -i ,i-trkt. I.iknots .!'". LOUISVILLE AND NASHVILLE RAILROAD
$ fully in all its! parts. even to each separate CORDIAL a long perpendicular slit In the bark ,
IN EfrfrKCT .
> and ff.itturs tied 1 along tiowrvjtl roItC lihChMBKK:: t \n\
t I c s finger, la bandages! of fine linen lij'itst Tcomtnenditions for cure of Poorness j jc will enable: It to resume Its natural
c a i ui<'::'i t which had been dipped In melted wax, growth. New Orleans and Mobile.
big y increaces the trpefie, strenjthens
t'f ,
p!!;;'I and Ii..t.s vinJilvviHKl ctrl T -
E I" and not only was the Lolly not deco yn- thencvet$3.huillsuptheentiresystem.e .
ly.ttd from tll1"\} -rs.A -0.4. So.4.. !IoO.'. \n a ...
ty posed but the various parts of tb Z7 tar PrwH Spheral."Tes 7:1\ a 1:15 m 11:u.i p Lpn. Yen.erola ".. Arrrre .1', s .

*4 :: Pol 11 1 rr.llrls dress such as a scarlet satin m:1ntleand PARISh ," said the engaged girl. "Dick tvery 9 9:5 a %::::7 p l.3: a L.\_ t'OIUIHOI1 Isase : t .
Y.. Koueera A. Co.irnli methodical. lie gives kiss lIt:)} a t:::! p 3aS a Leave .. r.blill _. Lea.. ie I .
. 4" : ;':H-ilovv do you know Mrs. Inlvt a scarlet: piece of sarsenet wLicu \ VI me one ......., :;.p ral! a !..raveew IIrl."o.. I.rev._ IJ .
: was placed! over the face were in when he comes and two when he goes ---- -
Ii ,{ + Is such A handsome woman? Yo perfect North.
preservation, even in their colors." away.
,1V say you nev,T saw lu-r. ,l
Colonel) Trumbull then states that I "That's always been his way." returned
tjrl1"I, but should hoar how ,
: ; jou S0. ? 50.1. 'In! I
the ether union tall about 11'r.-lk'aj' with this knowledge; he melted common The BeerThat her dearest friend. "I've heard lI'lo'ipm 1::Upm Leers Yeonenla Arrive t'PID '

beeswax and mixed with an equal lots of girls comment on it" 415 am SbT: p mrrl'l!... Montlom.ry ...1..... 11 tt a IT' .
;I tonlransrpt.. i lIS am 9Ipm Arrl'l'e. lulI1lnCb.rn ..L..n I.ism
quantity of oil of turpentine, which Thus !it happens that they cease to 'I/jpm: / 3IO.m II Arrive. alb\'llI" 1..91

=1 s t_ Acts Immediately. mixture was applied\! hot .with brushes Made I speak to each other. Tea:>t m 1i:1. am''Arrive..Louisville. .Lr... It pin. .
72a; f a m list* a m I Arrive Clnclnbatl I.un 11'a. p ra
Colds are Eometimes more troulle- I 7:: I"m I.ol lpm_ AHIT.I __ I'It".f Louie Lear._ tI'pmPENSACOLA :

Irate In summer than !In winter it's Foley's Kidney Cure purifies the Easy l/lagaols. I AND RIVER JUNCTION.

;' 4f to hard to keep from adding to them blood by straining out impurities: and:: &AHHHtl S tn R rAM F I 1 Mrs. Fondma-Sorry to disturb you '

"hl1 cooling off after exercise.?. One tones up the whole system. Cures i| at this hour, doctor, but we can't Imaging 50. iI-V'IIJ : """;
_t Minute Cough Cure cures at one e. kidney and bladder troubles. Sold byV. j what alls the child. I 11:56: pm 8I), a m !;Leave.. "Dlaeol. Arrln 77. pro 1:1:

ii Absolutely safe. Acts immediately. \ A: D'Alenberte, 1:1 South Pa'.a-! -IS- i Doctor-Cold, perhaps. Did you have U:1511.1il1T" .I "" .. lob"m.a "" I" r.
UI TI \'OIltU. I II'..'
fax street.
Sure cure for coughs colds croup : him out today? 1 ::!3" 7:1 ..... ..Etcambta ... 1", to

throat and J Iun? trouWes. Hargis1Pharmacy i Mrs. Fondma-Yes but to his( 12:3: to Tt3" ,. ._ Mulat .... .. ll :Ya
There's lots of money to be made I ; only : ... ... ..
VICTORIAMADE I :!jg" T.oI": Harp .... .... 10i1"U :
,. John Sheppard and Sidney grandmother's. .. ......
in real estate-lots of it. A real estate ::)) 7.55 .. ( .IICU' .. .. I'll! "
; ; r t Kahn. Uoi II 75'I .... MIItOI1 ... ,
i fa a 9ner boar t | Doctor-Ah! Overfed that's alL : 11.1
sign usually to I ; -
: s BY ACME BREWING 1I! s m .... ." .....Hood !tans ..... "
CO. .
# Seasonable household wealth. Thos. C. Watson &: i Philadelphia Press 1:55 9 13" ...._ .._ Holts .. ..... .. 67 '
aA t } Co.. the leading Real Estate firm BEST 10-CEXT BOTTLE BEER 1:11) 8 s 1" .._ )IIIII..D ..__ 1t.1) "
r:5l 11.1>1" ....._ (rlll1\'I.. .__ '
kitchen utensils at have some otter which it wouldbe .. I.1I '
and the
a IN TOWX.DANNHEIS8ER. II Iron Is seven times as heavy as water tan P :iII" ........IJ tU Laud __ '.56
worth your while consider.. 00 .. ..
11':3" IM Mossy lipid a
Willis Hardware Co.'s. bulk for bulk and .. e
gold nineteen
and see them today, and don't wait ';oJI" II\! ..LeInntatlpriast. a ii
; -- till to-morrow. BROAGENTS S. times. tI'I" 9II ........._ Argyle ....._ II Loa "
a The man who owns hi* own home -. t:..) lIfl7' .". .._ eVonee de IAoza... 1:11II >
j J insures himself against lots of Marston FOR THE CELEBRATED I >)) IJN' .. .-.Weatrille.... .. 1.11'I
$Quina sole
are When Other Medicines I 6aH loin' .. ....Cuyvule__ 1.14
; trouble and worry. Nobody can: the celebrated I 1.1, Harper W iisIcy.Main I Have Failed I 83" (.);$) ....._.IoDU.J_...._ .. ..;II'e
i 4:: raise his rent and tbs rent day ha? agents for Take Foley's Kidney Cure. It tas :)) 10.7" ..... blpl"J .._ /:If' .

no terrors for him. It'sea-y to own Odorless refrigerators House-101 S. Palafox street. ; et! liar .". .? _.COBODd.le ...._ I '..1'7m" ;
1I: .)larlaDn. ...... II I
cured when
has ;
; else dis-
! j home uow-a-days. Thos. C. R. R. Exchane-0pp. Union Depol everything 130" 11:4'S .. ..... ('ypr.a I I es s 911
K WatSOn & Co. can tell you how absolutely guaranteed or P. O. Box 2sl. Pensacola, Fla. appointed. Sold by W. A. D'AIecr T"l 11:53 I _-iraad RI4e.._ t'
1Si LLS "' .. .
1100:1' .
I Call and see them. refunded. ?
ea! it : money Phones 116-263.
y i I I.\rrln
l: I berte, 1:1 Souti Palaloi street 8U" L:U" "'r h:1CllOlLunJ 6 ;.

.,....r.,. __.,,,,. _'!.>.... _."'.....0l. ,_.:"<4- ,..,...,.." .....,... t,.,. r. .I.-, -"" .........-., __ _


It t


r- ChilderV maid and IIr, Sanderson's n .. : ': I!
MISS CHILDERS'MAIDOriginal. coachman, I am free to tell you that' I i 'I !

All Kinds of this is a case of love at first sight I

A long; pause."Would t ; I ,.

Kidney and Bladder Troubles [ .] you, were you Miss Childers, 'I ;
"\re you Mrs. Sanderson's coach. consider It a roper thing to become f" .J Ii
man4'' your maid?'' j I

(udLty, ; and Bladder Trouble, Rheumatism "Yes, miss." "And would you, being :Mr. Sander1 1[ I 1.: ; ::
nil kinds of diseases
''I !: produced by an "I'm Miss Chllders' maid. Miss eon, demean yourself by becomingyour I 1 I .jl I '
'1'''e"if uric ccid. coachman "
Childers didn't come. I came instead." jt
"I would-to see; a woman unguarded I'I'f
"Yes. Step in.
who might;! be my wife." for infants and Children. J = 1!
HarrisLithia Miss Chllders' maid got into the victoria \nd what could be Miss Childers' q .

and leaning back as if she had object," he asked, "in becoming her The Kind You have Always Itoiiglit balm l>..rlu' Hit >'lsnature ; '
been barn in a victoria, rode to Mont own maid? ; i ii '
ot' CluK. H. Flotc-hor, and hart hero made under lii% :

Water view, where her mistress was expected." "Once upon a time," continued the ]>fr>onal !otllu n'hinn tier O\IT J><) jrar Allou no ono j ;i i
will mistress arrive?
your man, "a princess' was betrothed to '
to deceive in thN. Counterfeit Iinitatioii and
foil *, <4 ; .J'
asked Mrs. Sanderson when the maid t
prince tie had i
U rl' ()mmended by the best physicians all had made Miss Childers' excuses. observe him Incog.never, seen.she personated Desiringto 'JiM-u;>.;;Ood" arc but llxperiincnlsni'd ciidangcr limo .,

'/. r the United States. For ale every- "By the same train tomorrow, her own maid and went to visit the health of ChihlrC'n-lxp'ril'nl'c against( ISllt"fiult'lIt. I I II J j

: -"hipped anywhere. ma'am. prince's mother. The prince fool, '
poor The Kind You
"Singular," muttered the lady, "thatshe thinking to see his fiancee when she Have Always Bought) ; ; I ;1

Nothing Can>r y Compare should! have sent her maid ahead. was: not masiyieradlng fact, to do Bears the Signature of I '
"You can go to Miss Childers' rooms. the masquerading himself
-drove his t ;
.:- Lniiu CARBONATED WATER: for table use. HARRI' LHHU They are the suit on the second floor carriage to the elation, where, lo anJ f'f'I
IK ALE ii the finest of all ale,. to the right."
behold, he found not her, but her

Write for Free BooKlets Fell I.aterlIss Chllders' maid noticed a maid. Disappointed at net meetingthe
testtmonialofcnresanalyees. gentleman evening dress going downto
mistress he solaced himself
i ti how to your physician. I by
dinner, and during the evening chatting with the maid and-lott Ls! 0 I '
while hue was passing the time in the heart i

Harris Lithia Springs Co., Harris Springs, S. C. IN : sewing: room doing some mending he Miss Chllders' maid looked up witha I In Use For Over 30 Years. ; I I.nr !'

l J stumbled in. 1
smile. "I'.ut she was Miss Chil-I ere+ uo..u n ev..W ann. ewe. em I
"Pardon me," he said.! "I didn't mean the princes" at JIII! ". _......... .....:J_. _IL

OK TKLEPHOXK: know there was any one here." "And the coachman was Mr. San-I '

M. W. MARSHALL Pensacola. Fla ""You're, excusable, sir." moan the prince" (I I .r Every Woman : ;
\I'l' Miss Childers' maid?
Mrs. Sanderson, !
"I am, t-lr.! WI Hi 60 I. : .
h hearing:: corers in the serving: room, 1 i -l\\h fli .
I "You have nice mistress I I ,i. R% Speer
a ,
NIC REGIONS. ANNUAL REPORT SUBMITTED. told" glanced in and was inexpressibly I \\ 't' .. ..." ...._ /. ... I t .
I shocked to see Miss Childers' maid lathe ':>-' I '. '
'.n i". of lire "Ve.t Mississippi! River Commission MakesEstimates "(';\s.a1.1.' '. sir" arms of her sun The fond mother Importers and Dt'nltrs 111- .!ar I, ".".,....:,r ,

If* ?.hl.b..r. I 'Vou re imt Aery enthusiastic." Kept the secret She was not surprised ,,' ,".,......u Ar .... I .
'...' groups of the For 1904. "My mistress doosn't 1Il"a character the next morning:: when the girl, Chinese and Japanese uu ', : ..' .'.. v < r.-,- I \
Washington. July 23.-Tb Mississippi :! .
.* ..ur in live widen from her maid. making: an excuse, departed but she : '.: i i :: I.: ; '
river commission.! having i in "True. Not e\ery mt!-tress could! pet Fancy Goods, ;.r,' .'.. '"' .JH71'ioX rJ ,
was surprised' when Miss Childi-rs arrived .11 i ii
....... t 'I
charge the works! o( irr.ijroveraent j n character from her maid." t. A ''It ..
troiip of(11'a.- later at the resemblance between i !
',i. .1 I region; of west-! the river Irom the mouth of th Ohio! "They hay n man 1 Is never a hero to her and! her maid. FINE CHINA TEAS, /:",, ,!.. Imri t.hll ., tt > orka I I : ,

to the head of the panes has tilirat-- his own valet." _.1'.t. MITC1IKL. 31 South Palafox St. I t I

i !! some twenty- ted its ai-nuHl itj-Oit to the thief of "I 'iil you I pi't such sprightly; repartee Laundry Oilice. 1'ens.icola Fl i :\olln;, f :
cnginrer The estimates for the fiscal from liras I ('hilrtc'rs?" IfUJudge Itr;:ret.. t
:u v. !llcstrl'tch: :: Your H' I huv hem authorised t.. tik.. t f
., -oiuh end ofi year 1w4! are as follows: "Miss\ Childers does not pride herself Innocence Is proved. r rC iV 'TPI {r ,r
"i Continuing work under the commis on n-partee. the has matters of importance You are ncquittrthPrisober i w,?11V B tl* Jra U M g&3TLeie : 'iib>criptkns| for Wm. J'iu-iMf: 1 1. t

,,1! \ rli-an sions. $.'.UUII.OHII; protection! of banksat to interest her and keep her (to the j rn-\'crr sorry i I l'.ry.if* paper "Y1.u t'"Wft ".II' r i i !.

t' .. craters.x p-oup: Caruthf'r \Jle.: $:!U.1I0U' ; harbor t from fhal'in; her inferiors." indeed, gentlemen, to have given you. tiny Cap :1!e9 :resu'r." : The price t M fl.lll i pr year II. ..idai.Cf. .

.' .- the wtMern ".E'mpltii. Tf-nn., $i iu.t j; harbor it "I trust she hasn't the keen ede.ltor.ue ; -ell this trouble for nnthill;. tot'cbcbf lrisam of. "l"'I'UIl! : \ : Too! I,C df.iribK ibis t I'II.-r: ,1

r -i t folds of the Grl'em'illeis.: .. $.;.5iO) ; prt''f,3titl1ot of her mrd l." 1ldyeurein4hourstl.e and I. Injcni-nv" : (@I: I !!, c.in hate tt -,it t<- timer; by MI i" .1! I ::

..,1 1 frinirinir the I works at Delia: Point, La.. $:25.; "K"i'; ":-111! may nec l it. I'm told she's GOLD DC.ST. ".,. I .. i HIM to (tie U14d"1 UMI t +

.lei la. San Salva- harbor at >:at. hpl!. Miss., anti Viilalia. thinking of murri:1:;"." .......... ------ - .. etw 'tli'.it' tnyn.-.en i H.M.R.HH*. I I ii
,, "Is she! to ;get a line fellow .L' <:..f. Sill e4rltndtIG61S1t I! <(<'..tr,- 1 .ulv t'n. i
i 'I 1 :Us is s '|Kirnttlrnij I Ta.$1I'1I1.n"' ; rectification! of Red aniAtfhafalaya "Let the COLD DLST twins do "
)our work. ,
"I tri .t he will be above bandying
|! nil the north rivers! Louisiana, jr.o.no; ;
i. .utio area the isthj'I j harbor at NVw Oilear.I.a., '3f1'I..lll+ words with her maid." t to '
;>'<\ and on the south On the first of the present fiscal year "That dejiends ui 1
.. pretty and as bright as she who hast wt.
\ lanoes by the Ktli- ,
a balance of ?:.F.3l',9 la+ was available i '
here In-fore Ler-mMross would -' or-
\ !h come "'
for improvements ot the river V ;it

statement; has be.,n made showing! that tempt any man. C '
Pensacola Florida. :
The l1Iai.luw'r..tllll'r
i since the organization of the rornmlo- eyes. .
iid, 4, the "\rha t do you consider Miss Child'Ts' .I
IIO'\! \ in 1S79 until the present time th-> e
'""aribbea'iT s'a, total amount ainropriated for that potion -' best traiti" d pUS J Near East Hill Electric Railway Terminus. J

..r' tly aeros9 the of the '\Mississippi! river ucdr r 1 "That" she is fully, aware of her own t 'ote

.11.1..an. moun- lime commission has been $43.rT2.C: : faults.''How Beautiful Lots for Sale.40x137 :
=t aua I.arli- long do you think it will take .
i croup slin- The report speaks of the success ot her to become aware of the faults of '

'n termini.laska I the inrrea dreiliini* in ;thc fleet and recommends an the nun she is to marry?:" Don't use soap for ycur cleaning. % feet at from $75 to $200 each accord i .
\ and.or e number and capacity ")1"">s Childers will have the goodfcC'tiM t
ing to location and I'
which surroundings. > ;
by the
present depth
> llob- to ignore; t h 'm. All j eople have
9 feet and 230;) fret wide at low GOLD DUSTis I I
water fault It is the duty of married couple Good V .
Neighborhood I7ar/ :
Exceptionally lieuutiful I : 1
can he increased to advantage:: ? always to find excuses for each
..... ---- other." more convenient cheater and tetter than Scarat High Dry Fertile Lands. *
: I It softens hard lessens USor
any price water I i
.tine SCHWAB ONLY SLIGHTLY ILL. "You mean that if her husband passes and injures nothing r .

time that would othcnuv! hung The grandest opportunity for investment ever !
} Made orJy cv THE N K FAiRBANK COMPANY .1 t
: Stories cf His Being Very Sick Annoy heavy on his Lands chatting with her Chicago Sew York. Koston. St L;i.I.s. cffered in Pensacola. ,

'1Jt.,. 1'1 Him. maid his wife will rind an excuv for i I Ij.
i Mixers 3 I OVAL FAIRY: SOAP. I
Atlantic! City :'\. J.( .Inly! 2S.-('his. him." Rome See"e-;, SliouU. See These Lots. ,f

"Tak!' M. Schwab, president of the Unit I "1 f she does, he will not den sot liu .

:'K-U aJllC States! Steel corporation, oho is spending wife" '

Of a few days with his family at his "llK-u if you were Miss:' Childers, hey I .A. "V- ClublDSCorner I

cottage here I is somewhat annoyed 'J would! not fare so well." I If You Have al

stories printed to the effect that h'> "We are discussing: Mi.-s Childers, I Garden. find Meantz Streets.
has been seized! with not her lUa hI. !
a serious tunes
'::1 v\ \n|; .Ito,.
Mr. Schwab "In this matter let us consider thee I
arrived Saturday att"r-
.p-r. will bo 1 I noon from New York. During th malt! You blame me, gentleman! I RheumatismURIGSOL K. C BKKNT WM II KNOWLh": : W. K IM Kl.: JK. If KKKHK. I I:; t
1 th" -)4 i j.* at I lea-t for .
I evening he became silently ill and 1 chatting; lung a servant. Sup l'reaidrnt. Vtce-i'rrrdent! ( .-t".r \ t ....1.' i I
>*" tlmtcieiice po-i Miss Childers' '' were to become a I II.ltll''I'
t.. in all it..staje; .< : the physician who had been attending: and go out to service Would I -
his family! wa ailed. The patient the great li
Hall' Catarrhitiv remained in bed until about noon yesterday you expect me to "recognise; her fur |II. endorsed e'ah..n'i First KaliouaJ Batik t:
what she had been? I I"Tllat .medJ will cure
,"'- "- cure u'>w when he arose and after dressing you It also cures lever, Kidney and
i is difierent. I II ,
Bladder d.! ases, caused
MIiliral fraternityiiniMitutioiial 11lU?eif, sat for some time on rim by an en-e's of l .
"In what respect?" |'I uric &(1,1. It never fade and builds up I : ;
tli-- porch of his resirieacce. There wereso the health end Hrergth while ui'ng it. ; I
qUtitllti'.II.11, treat "Ml" Childers would be a lady who Eenrl I for book wonderful OF PENSACOLA. FJ.A 1
II IIhaJ stamp certificates
rrh Curt-i i.< takenlinetly I many and personal in- only ncently! become a servant:' I Price. U per bottle. For tale I.i 't il'il'DII"I.X:1CTOR. t
cures! recording his condition, however by druRrists. If druggist ran not
uplln the that he "How long; would she need t.> !I.. a I supply you it will your be sent I'r,paid upon : :: : ae, i.
.- -nrface+ IIf the soon Indoors anddtn'ed servant before recognition of her receipt of price. Address WM .
h..trnyittg the f.lull himself! to nE""S1al'eT reporters would be inexcusable'my H. KNUWLE9. W. A. BLUNT: F.C HHKMV I{ 1fY!<:R,11. ; It.

r-r'. alto 1 jrivinij the and other csliers. .Mr. Schwab expects .'Itw.uld ueur be Inexcusable.: j I Uricsol Chemical Co., Los Angeles.Cal D. Q. BIa::. I I ; j

its' I Ituililin;r up the to return to his New York office I or the 4 I i

i i i--i-tinjr iiatui-p in I In twe or three davs alders!"Ver.v:' well.and had Suppose only you today wviv he"Miss owe' Lamar & 33kln Drug Co., Atlanta, 6a. Trt2 id ii mntt! Lias td I 1i

mli!Tinproprietor in curative-; :/enl unit Kiiom "'." her maid." 'I Distributing Agents. : 1 tttAt It ; : : / I'I'I

"tli-rOne% Hun.ltvii.I The Outlook;: crowds an unusual I The J'irll'I"t a quick >glance at linn y 01 N f,1BODGE I ,

.-.. that it fail; to ntnoutit of practical MKiIuiu and d "?oppose," she said 111 rtpl"that i 1':1 l : t '
li-t, IIf t.. tinluniaI.I got SrWe draw oar own Bills", of Exchange on Great Britain, I
sense into the fu'owlr.! paragraph: you had! only this afternoon (IA-ore luJu' i II
.I I'ul. ::. Ft'tFU/., Germany. France, Austria Italy, Holland 1
Hfaln. >
Zeal without knowledge: often condemned Mr. liegiuald l Sanderson's: coa<'biiiau" DIRECTORY Belflnm, Urmia olway. i I i
T-.leilo.O. "Gorybc! ..a Ill. "You, being Miss Sweden, Denmark and other Karppt cooctrlfx, d
Lr 1..II..t.' .. .5l' is more valuable! than knowl I -- t
<.I :.., without xal.. often commended, I "I:
;; ST"Ve 8ela Disbursed she Mot
,; ... Cure! Eczema and Itching Humor !, J KNIGHTS OF PYTHIA SPeneat'ota upon Favorable Term, and Ihell i
for zeal without
.cl I1. urrnt on knowledge inspireslife Through the Blood-Costs Nothing | Obligations Taken Payable at Port of eetiraUoi. Ten or I'II'un Dale
i" and life acquires| knowledge; but leRlgen.. 3, 1\. of P after Vessel Arrives! there.
:i regular: meeting of to Try It. | ; h!
knowledge without zeal sits in its - -
:'-dical Society 8t ; 15. B. H. (Botanic: Blood: B.ilni t- mPPt.evnry llondsy lint fi:"Safcty Deposit Boxes for i '
with its l wks nod d Rent in I
study .
Httiith office 'it h plays >osiK'thins. I tn< atimi: HI ('a Ue J'I Connection :
now n-coL'iilzeil! a< certain and -ur. ; I In the Mount N'its', with whloh we haTe a Prb'
I '' All tlrercatct; -t thlnei in life Apartment for
'I-d'ly. Aiiif. I 1'2: ami L'tici.iiH I; cure for Kczeim, Itctimir! :kilL Huinor | Hulldlnn tulra floor : i.
have biro accomplished' by ('nthu..l.nsts l- r1fRentArA.
:cordially I IL ?, Scabs r'calt.'af"Q' BlNter ,,.t r.?: Visiting welcomed brethren or'1a ,. t
whose zeal was greater than theirLnowledw. I
2J '
Pimples Achin: Bomor
; ; H \ I, I.
I.'t.. r. DKWKKKY: ."__ __ Joint". Boils: (':lr1olll1cl(';:. Pin-kin :! c. H. HORSLKK '
President.: I'alll iu the Skin Old Katn.W. K. I:..t N. i
No False Claims. : [
M.K.: Tlceretc.. Jiotauic: l.looj; 11 dt = tj

M. S.,ersttry.UOLAY(1 The: proprietors of Foley's! H'iny taken internally, care the w.ur=- HIILJmo ; II

and Tar do not advert.se! this assure a. ' ri.tii'1; n r LaurelsAlain wr : if r < rL :-:- i1' 1;

cure for consumption.." They 1 parifv ini!; and vitalizing tl-! e hl..J t v w : [: '
; .. ;,
h bl i
do not claim it will cure this dread t i, thereby givinjj a ;ilthy < -il-i. "t ,
: i '
ply tn the -kin.! J'.oUnic Hli'i. t 1 it.. :, I : I ,
j Corn fleai WillsMaEZ complaint in advanced cases, but do'ii'sitnely n1;I !" the only cure, to stay: enl' d. fr Th nu Par made!. C-Tnoitt the .: "j .' f t
: as\'lt that it will cure i ithe ; ; Gold .. -- I : 14 !
tlie-e :atui'iyin;! kin tl .nJ. Medal Award to '
cailirr stases and never fails t i t
f i tilltimer! remedies relieve bnt! H, .2i .. .r t
it I 4 CO., Props, give comfort and relief in the | may i ; '. M. :: : I : h I.
G >JI ; 11 ;
I .5 C R. iicttully curedeal- v- r I.W.HARPERKENTUCKY > -e n ... .."r I
ra-s, !s. Folp) s Honey and 'l .1r I is' "M'. lil. r r. I! f
\t. 'M.t!'r -r' I l iore, cud ;nice* the rich slow l >t do II it.-- .1. Ira : I. '
i without doubt the greatest throat and l
'1. u \\II..t'Httol' t I, : thelbmkeu 15. H. U. Imtd- Ii'I' ., "-V vr f.-\v.v: !:! #' : : t. r r' 1
{' bun; remedy. Refuse SUhtlt1lt"S'jS"J. dUwrut Tf f 1 m ,. .. G1D 'I
1'h I'KKII.: : 1I. | 121 body and I1I.k .. i /i n 11. t i
bv .V..l. D'AK mbvrte South the hlood[ red and nourihin! .:. Or W-HISKEY ,' .. :'
I..K- IT. for three 11 ,
'. "t,.> your "..al.IC I'alaiox' tftroit.lkiN.iin4 : 'oll1ntart".timol1ial.' = if.'tile( r" t.... ,,,.. -: .. .' ;: .. I i I. f
II..in. MitucfactorerD 'bv Botanic Blood 'j '
AVmxlv : Balm B. B. B Gold meda4..e,, : \ f
hem the :00 oribrm '
.> iii. home Indusi frl1gi..t"i $I. Trial treTnvMt fre tIIlao awarded elncwOrlan ".. r. >1 V .. '
.. ( ,u '"I' .-oinrnanltjHI. > !iirjiy-lajaiu.t] : "4.rU.DC'irerorcou.riBANKER 1663 in > tr. e mJirt-ctlT and prepaid by writing Blu; >d It.+ltn pndUrm 'air I mtnduiin. ttr< Alj.tUlHIIlM.. l l4.Ui15ALVONA 1 t
n. m"uuf.. b..ntlntt'd'i I' I Ci>.. Atlanta, li j. Describe tMtibli-. la9), ? f
t.! of tabor You ow* SALVE I and free medical advice sivea until ; SOAP CO., Cor, 12th 5 Pins Sts ST. LOUIS, MO. I I (jll It
watch live and
...... -- ',' your ItIJIJOn, I the most hsaitne:8Slw In th1-v -orb-A-I cured' DJ cy? IJ .lctl1aarl tlll: 1 I I I i, I J.,,! !

-- ;, i
-- "f I

H, "'tt"1',. :\ J:9- -: Ji- \ I I 11;+,1 I
F' Hf: K n'JII CO. i Ii
irJo.;: : N. v .
1 .I I f'
;, -
,y J e ,, (;"IJ' f'/JiI' "u.-l 0-ik tome >a i f..klQ'e (., j ft.J .,
tt ,t: < ( )/H'! K ht4 oboe aril) ilv rinWrm were r I (;
/ ly"r &'. xi' u. 4. try it f..r ""N"'r. Ue found ititei It'f\ f.1 I t
'' D ; our paldeA laod our Bale lr.trjrir- : ,
!: #- '' s fP o ,d t'irl rinl f..r (litkrroMi cJbJi 1 be first ; f
a +, } r t t tl f tabs morning MI rt., rhtnir the bri-ak- f .
p ri t ; i; ,, f. ,t r .:." .r,,.. in ir tube Krtfflteb. !soils l j : i

\ .' r<"n.nl, tlut fluunninj FolU'K* I 11 11U' '
J f T J.: r I rcubfkat WI' mri- all in iou' .iiii ,

-. J .. ._.--_._--.._" ." c. c:.....'.>..-i..,. --,-.' I*. '. it 1 hin f>..irfui!. Voj f..nf' pnu ito !: t fJ
r."r' '. t' fork. "f tr-Miln. ... tl.: ."..; <., i, r -..,... : .
}1'1 1 iIJCE for .t'f u-, i .t.; .u. all j t
i ,tarn g-: cat it W Hk C3..mJ'le I / which delighte wise mothers a- iK.ut j

.... -,.. V ..urv< r'mrv -- _. '
: #
.. ..
-: ..' .
ule furuauia: a ..,*"' d a.

t'- '

} ; ., .. : t -; --, .f'O$" ,,:_.- ,:,,_ ,,"" """. ....-I. '__.,;',.,'?''"'.; "" "' : t :-, -'ja-t. 't-- -! ., ---._,..... _r" ,. -,




Feet Furnishers for Cash 1 Ody.



OPEN DAY ATD NIGHT. j- west Intemleneia Street. I

I ---- POU & GINGLES Managers. JOT DOWN ._* I II

A small sized riot was precipitated j ,

on Tarragona street when Officer J\ !I. I Iy l

ii Etheridge arrested two negro women : <:I' I THIS FACT !

yesterday eveuin;. j. R. POU .s. .s. t tI I
The women were Sallie Rankin F ,

_ and Virginia Henry. They had That when you want sIIOI: that

gone into a restaurant and attempted 'I .* .* FUNERAL DIRECTOR AND EMBALMER.
will give only the bet satisfactionin
to drag a man into the street for 17 West Inteofcncia Street. Office Phone 31. Residence Phone 673.
} the of beating him. Tl.e wear, fit and finish
purpose ------- -------- --- -- -- -- ;

restaurant proprietor blew a police !!
: THE BIG STORE that will suit not only your-elf,
I I whittle and this made the women I I

tl angry I J but your friend; SHOIN that will

Officer Etheridge responded to the I
-t1.0FFERS.r.SPEOIAL .- ; give you the distinction of being
+ whistle and when he caught hold cf
t ,
'! Pure and Sweet are the Skin.Scalp,

_ and Hair of Infait- irified't the females they showed fight. Officer BARGAINS perfectly dressed ; come to the

and BeautMILLION'S !::.-.
/ Miller ran up about this time j I II
store which make: a specialty ofMEYER
and assisted his; brother officer,
UticU but the of these had
two .
presence : I uu: SIlOI: ,+.c ,'c ,.c

t't not the effect of swaying the increasing I,

crowd, all nesroe: who': SHOES. I HARDWARE. I -w--------w- I II II

t g gathered around, aud by striking ; We will Continue the Clearance I A FineU2.50Refrigeratorfor. ..??.;:j ':.

and cutting at the policemen soughtto : Sale of Ladies' Oxfords Another A Fine 2 String Broom for.. .. .. 27c! | I SHOE '
Week, as do not intend to : CO.Feet
l-l we carry ... ,
secure the women's release. The A Good 3-Ktring Broom for. 20c i
over a single pair and nave adJed a I i .
{ 4 USE!: CUTICPRI SOAP, aa- officers fought them off, and by Complete Line of Ladies' Strap An. All.I p'lp HangStitchedStippers |I
; ; CITtCl'ROISnIItST, for : at the following Greatly Wagon Collar from. ..t I.U. to Z275.
(e r'.i pnervtngpurdyin.{,and I autify- deputizing several citizens held the : Reduced Prices: I A Good Webb Halter for.... ... 20c! I Furnishers for Cash Only,
I IugtLeskin, for cle-wmi,; tie! ocalji! and the! box until the ,!
prisoners wagon j All #l.25 f-'hrperilfor..U.OO.A Good Light-Weight: Buggy I
I's r the wLilt-uill"*"I ping,/ai.il I.f lo11iu soothing: ,,: hair re
},aud fur .il I All $1.75 Oxfords & Slippers for $1.3S Buggy Whips from. .....lOc to $:i ;
More +, l> >y rallies, itcliiti, and : 501
When the patrol: rolled up there'were All $2 UO Oxfords for. .. .. ... ...$1.69 I
liafint ", and fur ,
; t ;1 ; allI'UflH| s of the toilet, i ,
I 4i bath aid nursery. Millions Women at least 200 negroes on tl:9I All $2 25 Slippers for.-$1.73 !
I All 51) Oxfords -
I sj use CITICCHA S<'_\P in lutlH for annojiuirr.utiuin ; ..... .... .... ...... .... pAll ,
2 r streets and so thickly did they stand ?J.OO Oxfords for ..... .. .. .. .|240 ness for. $7 (IJ
aud iuilamuutuiiB flle fr"
; too "
>! )"l cr ufTt-iiSixe Tij.lritiou, iu washes for on Romaua street that the patrol These prices don't apply to Queen Collar Pads, good values.. ..2;; to SOc WNNmrV"VM'I

3 '. .'J ulorative rlinevnn, au 1 for nuiiy na- I Quality Oxfords, of which we have Bargains! in Crockery, Glass and' I r
,. the, autiseptic Iuqll'IIJIhioh| readJyH.jTjjfPt wagon could not pa55. Officer Fou- : r ull Stock. Granite Ware. a

4 r themselves to womeu. debilla, who had gone to the box ,II j GREAT

4 : Complete Treatment, $I. I with the wagon, jumped out, and by i! GOODS.Sun BARGAINSlilt
llIILCIL. S<,U'(::.'.J,\-Mn.e| the sUo of DRY :
1I' cruets and arales ami HofU-u limo ilili...leiiedfUKlr '| using his club freely, made an opening ,'"
+4+ '. I Ioi _.. i
HTMKA DIM-MINT ( *: ), t>> In- -- - S:(
> .uuy!' allay Iti'lilnc' ant 'lhiliiiini.iti.in and 1 although he had to fight for it.
; I.o1t.eanIuietlaadCurl.1 fKv Kt.suLvaiir Shirt Waists for Linen and White Skirts.
; I l' 1'tLLatie'tuewlaatvhitnUUleli. :.,.,-1.Crricraa !i! The prisoners were finally! placed Boys. I .MONDH.Y.

I' /5.e.tareanewtaea'leraalark.a RtsoLvrar l'ii.ui (Chocolate. ecunom.ifcl in the wagon aud then there was I Col ril.C Linen! Skirts.... J Half ; ... ...
I ... I
jb.ti1utef rthe celebrated li'juiJOuTKURi Wblte..5 c \\hlteHklrts. ( q
r fir>"LTE\TuwrU4 for all utht-rkliMd li..rn more fuu. It took three policemen I -AT-
.l hunio ire,.-"-. la..ruw.wpvlaleeunla.A.pun Challie- $1.00--.Shirt 1Vaists....(&;c
Ittftu { ,. I ....:t tlliwuVnt the ..aid Briluh DoI"'IJI, to arrive Monday at 5 and JOe
f I (>>it.r>.nu..q.1. jon Peach IKp-,1.. t lu d< another and then the clubs Lad to \Bar Nainsook. 4c yard yard. i L. FRIEDMAN OO.'SRACKET
!..h.I'tnt. !''',raeJb.'neruVew ..w1..4s. X-Bar: Lawns: lOc yard I Bee Center County.
1. j- mea 01.011,L.II.A. "4ll..ut&L.lik1a, f.. be freely used. I .a

Two negro boy, Early Johnson STor E.

,1 #f 72.S' .52.52S2S25 525 and Jim Matthew, were also arrest ... \
JBilliam OIIHiOn -- '" """ -"' .
t & Son. - "' II!
ed. Matthews was heard to remark ) 2
One Case Fitchville :
iJ SOCIETY EVENTS that unless the women were turned 4.4 Bleached Domestic 81:0:
loose he would cut them loose. go Monday 7 J ':
BATTLE WITH MOROS. only at /c yard .
1 When he wa cauhte! wa foundto WARNED AGAINST ,
f have hnJ a big knife on him and Party of American Engineers Attackedbut
25 Pieces Black Figured Brillianteens, worth 81:
seemed to have been well fixed to FUTURE OFFENSESMayor Repulse Enemy.
:2525"6"252a.52 Manila, July 24.-A party of engineers 35 50, 75c and $1.00, your 25c Iq.
carry: out hi* threat. commanded by Lieutenant! Brown choice of this lot yard %
,'l r. ilowardJerutgin, one of Milton's : at a:
The two women and Matthews: ':!, encamped Matalang: river, was attacked .
prominent young; men, N on Jones "read the law" to by Moros at midnight on Fri 10 Pieces Wash Silk worth t'
i I .)'tT street* itchy : were fined ?15 each this morning. | 97 1
4 n While of the citwitnes"t \ Harbormaster David Sheehan this day. The attack was repulsed with 35c per yard, Monday at 2C
one was
L2 rn<>r Jeuninp; will be one ofUtj morning the conclusion of the latter' out lois to the Americans. Three "- .. ..::
2 testifying Virginia Henry called i Moras were killed. Friendly natives
Pytnian excurioui-t* to San i r :
trial of
charges being
upon report that the sultan of Nauli
-CUlextmouth. a but the caution sl.e tot; :
1 from the kept l.er ; drunk and disturbing public worship. led the attack thinking tho''i> are Closing Out our Entire Stock of Flower! at : +
J : +; rime Mobile: Item say Mis MaiieMcXfon mayor quiet ; American camp was without sentries.An
A fine of $10 on the first charge was
of that city ii visiting during the entire trial. I analysis of the city water shows .< 5, 10 and 25c per Bunch. .< IlL.

1 frieuJ* at Century anJ Pen ac<)I.1. i j fixed, but the mayor suspended col that it is uncontaminated. There were ;' ---- ,
t ..
: 1 TEX CENT WILL Brv trial Mze of': lection of same in the hope a salutary Cl; cases of cholera here today. .
: t n Oar p'+pularcountv4uperiuteudent Ely's Cream Halm ; enough to convince I A cyclone at Camp Vicars on Saturday YOURS ANXIOUS TO PLEASE, ..
1 of public in-tniction, N. H. Cook. you that it io* the greatest of : etfect would be had. .
last caused much loss of property,
""j' hi* returned from a short vacation rt-medie* for naval catarrh or cold in Saturday: evening Mr. Sheehau
Many \illases were destroyed and a L. FRIEDMAN & CO. ?
:t I 1 f the head. Full size;: ,I) cent:. AH I
+ent at Either.
t.t' y Mary 1 druggist*. We mail it. was arrested for a remark made at a number of Moros were killed.

rtnator :S. Ii. Millory: left thi ELY Buo, 5(5( Warren Street |j titre when the Salvation Army was '
New York. 'i Great llrrrlBK Machine. I MwAmMwAPCrab
1 morning for Jacksonville! where he
conducting in street service. The
_. : .
11: Sec.md'trof't.: Albany. Y. t Very cli'MT is a Swedish: iunntor'lJauwtl ''
'll'i 1 i ha-; (been invited to, attend a ban: Mes-r*. ELY BROS.:-I suffered
t > remark was not an insulting or de- LLfLbvrx.! who Las oonhtructeJu .
r cjuet to be given by the bjardof greatly with catarrh and tried" tlitfer-
ri-ive but it that it machine which takes herrings: as |
i put remedies without eiftct. After one. was thought
trade in ln'iior of him elf, SenatorTihaferro "
I they coiue from the met, sorts them and :
bottle of Cream HalmI fishing
using one a
disturbed the and
I_ atiJ l"ngr"uu" :Spark found relief and "i cannot praise religiou worship Into the four sizes rtwpiizi.nl by the j 1tW rY l" .

l' rnan and Davy: too highly! such a remedy. : he was taken in charge by Officer trade, scrapes off their t
f!' Miss CO R.\. WlLLAKD. Hilton.In their heads t. splits cleans\ and washes i the Willis Hardware Co's.
L J. II. lU11;!,; old, heretofore chief I I :
Sept. 27. HII: : >. i them iii"lile nod out. I S'
f _,,1:I ; clerk to rr"-iJent Milton H. !Smith Ii i reviewing the case the mayor --------- ? MI'L'VTAN' '
; The Wiuhiiic does ull this automatically j ladies skirts and waltF.is
1< t .' of the L. & \.. ha- received an iuiM informed i the defendant that his Cleaning t
turns out \ herring PIT >
L. & N. ADVERTISERSOFF I' one of cr.r specialties. Star Laun : A
:i t..l', II"{m ;. ; { >rtaut appointment In the nUlJa ejt conduct recently had become the hour. dry. .p n
t J west of the Atlinta.: Kmixville anJXurthern Ore of the big Coating herring factories I ::II
talk of the that he had become A
I'ii"t, ; newly acquired by the L.A FOR OTHER POINTS town; \\!Jkl! 10:0 out prom Coteborg: to I Thos. C. Watson & Co., '" :JIll JIll

# I N., and will hl\"ehe.d<}uirters at almost a public nuisance, and that the hviiing banks is to equipped the leading Real Estate Agents. take tall

;\:I I Kuuxville. WvbleI.IIJther. succeed 1 such thinis must come to a stop, and with thIs astonishing apparatusLicli I the worry oil the shoulder of the p* nB f i
1 t ought; tofffct a revolution! In theprice owners! of property, manage the ;* :
f, ; him a- chief clerk to President W. H. Bury, advertising agent; of stop at once. He also told him that of blouters. renting of their houses and the collection :3-

S01ih. the L. & \., and E. B. Liusley, a ;,| if he came before the court again thepunihneut of as their they would rents as themselves.conscientiously .:III >JIll m

Th. local: branch of the :Salvation photographer in the employ of the would by no means be A Cruel Joke. Their charge are very reasonable I.:::- a ..
Army was rciuforced.4tturday\ night ,' Oswald a witty and original Tarii i
: "
1 P by Cadet McAlpun of Mobile, Ala. company, left today for New Orleans light.; sian had a mania for practical joking. i ., DAILY MENUS *i'

i She a ill renmamhert. for tome timer to secure additional data for the new : The lecture was heard by.a crowded lIe was very amusins to his friend, < I I.
r I but when his talents wore exerted to Comprise all tll! I .
1 befor" pri'i-eeJing .) Siv.uiiuh, Gi., book advertising the gulf coat. i i j, court room aud absolute quiet I a
t r a\'Ile some wrong: there was more ; Hotel Camden ==- Date DittLe; M it -
: :
} to assi i-t bt-r -i-t..r. Lieut. McAIpine.W i prevailed! during its deliverance. : p.
The gentlemen while here secured i bitterus than fun in his wit. : ketsof the Won I '
: ..
+ h r : i *> are gl id t'. live her with u.; and ----- One evpniiii: when a tuna who had i -
many views of interesting point, C.V.MiyiX, ALAI'.AMA, Afford III .
v hope she will allowed t5tt) in Captured Large Shark. not trontfd him polItely gave a rweiv i ition : '
1 and when the book is issued, which:'| Morehead City. X C, July :$.-AI lif hiuiM-lf: cruelly the !lIC '
P!nc4iola a 1.4 a-i-t. iu the /good I I 'H'n.t; Is Now Open to the Public : ..
b ii work here. will be within the course of the next I I; shark weighing; ; : 1.20U:! pounds nag mal was slightly jlefora'o.L All the I '

-' J } ---- caught at this place by Russell J_ hunchbacks of Par's. sat Iu number Ladies' Private : :
six week, this: city will receive extensive : under the management of .
t I Coles of an\lle.! Va. He used .1 presented themselves at his reception I
t Treat Your Kidneys For Rheumatism. j *
mention. !I tarpon rod and Gi'O yards of line and They had received notices from Os- J, Dining Parlor.

''IE !'; When you are suffering from rheumatism I it required two hours' time to get the wahl that If they would go to this ndi i MRS. S. MIMS :

'i4' the kidneys must be attendedto NOTICE TO CAS CONSUMERSAfter shark so he could be shot. He was dress ou this evening they would learn *III.

i at once so that they will eliminate j i uit 20 times by pistol bullets before of a legacy, which Lad been left them. I I of Pensacola, Florida *

the uric acid from the Wool. Foley's I i he gave in.Butletin. I I Regular Dinner Daily .'

I Kidney Cure is the most effective of July 31 the office aud warerooms i iI Just received a New Lot of Boys RATES REASONABLE, ."
the Peusacola Ga Co. will -
rtmtdy for this purpose. 11. T. flop be at W'iand! 27! Eat Broadway i on King's Health. White Straw Hat; worth oOc. Tic i> By the Day, Week or Month ,,'-

i! t kios. cf Polar Wis., says: After un- (Garden street Cowes. Isle of Wight, July 28.-Anj and U (-), to be closed out at 25, 35 i Short Orders Prompt I

.ccsfully doctoring three years for C. F. XEEK, I official bulletin issued today says: and 45 cents. Wm. Johnson & Hon. Table Furnished with the Best the Filled. right or lIay
1, I 29jtf Manager. The King's health continues excellent! Market Aflords. Ii'
l rheumatism with the best doctors, I j i '
I and the wound is healing rapidly.! Hismajesty Lay the diut. rOll can buy ,,
!' ( tried Foley's Kidney Cure and it | Men's and Boy's Straw Hats for was able to Le moved from Public Patronage Solicited.Free If It'al"fomethlnGoo.l t.
; cured me. I cannot speak too highlyof I. garden hose at the Willis you wish you'U it; il
.e \ less than half price this week at his couch to his wheeled chair for a Rooms. ..
Sample ;:>
t # this great medicine." Sold by W. '. Wm. Johnson & Son' Fresh stock I few hours yesterday. (Signed) Trevts.:' Hardware Co.LAKEVIEW. Nick :

A. D'Alemberte 121 South Falafoi I Sunday Rates: Made to Traveling Apostle'sPopular ;:

l street COLD STORAGE WATERMELONS To Build New Orphanage. Men. Restaurant. '

ALL PRICES: AT GAR. Raleigh. N. 0., July 23.-Work b e. DAIRY.
FIELD'S. tics today on the J30.000 main build-
EXECUTIVE COMMITTEE leg at the Methods orphany ttl*. /GOVERNOR'S ISLAND, N. Y.
ri before you buy Fur- VT H., July l92.-Sealed$ proposals -
; WILL MEET SATURDAYThe 'I P f"Or niture. His prices :: Rev. John W. Jenkins, 8uperatlfidta, 411. in triplicate for furnishing for !
m the earth. will
will throw first There
are the lowest. age and straw required in Dept. of
t be special ceremonies nut mobti Itt : the East, daring: year ending June I will repair your watc a *-'
4 Democratic Executive Committee Marston $ Quina the laying of the cornerstone. Get Our Summer Prices on the 30, 1903, will be received here and at Jewelry in first-class style. J, I
Ecambia county is hereby carry places indicated in instructions issued -
of : Stephens
i. the largest line matting Best Milk in the City. until 12
called to meet at the oflice of the! Guilty of Forgery hereunder m.t August
I 7 1932. U. S. reserves the to
i r'41 p county judge in the city of Pensaco- rugs, window shades, etc., Ashevllle.. C., July 23.-R4f ,J,.'". Oar Stock have Only Pure Water to reject or accept any or all proposalsor lJuy l n

f ?. la, Saturday evening, August; 2nd. in the city- We lay our: Austin formerly of tJii! city ft tt1lir)! Drink. No Stagnant Pools within any part thereof. Information Save Aloney bJ 1.

; i : t't 1902, at S o'clock p. m. matting free.ICE.COLD ter of the gospel. Las been c&arlcttd Two Miles of Our Dairy. Special furnished on application. Envelopes your future '
i J il'. B. JONES, ''of forgery In Randolph couftty icd Prices Hotels and Restaurants.R. containing proposals will be endorsed at Marston $ off'n x"J

d e Chairman. MELONS: sentenced to five years' hard labor on "Proposals for Forage; and Pmpo-
; Great
BEN D. BEERS: Straw at Furniture
t i fi r :Secretary i AT GARFIELD'S. the roads of.,.that county. M. AVERY, Prop. A. Q. M. O. 10jt&5a2t nltm.w .
."", __ ", ,,, -- ,;Il......?.


-,-,- .

The daily news
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'- ...,.", -- ,-'. "" 'F-- .. t":',""" ....... -,_,_.d.;..'_ ',-< _, ..,.,. "..r.'f__ ... -"" .'f-' -""" "" "' ''''' -." -. : ...-.:.-- .- '. __- .r..r. .". __ -"._ .. . :
t ;
j1 ,! ;1 1
{,+ ,

i II

I \

\1 A f ii .; ;, f I IIii kg

\ \\' j'6 / ;; U/ A II g

Iii 1 I,

: t ) :

f .
c:::: I )1' ..
4A:: 1:: i t :

; '

i : .

: i

"-" "J"1'" '"
I ,
-- -


.__ _9-- "__. 10. ,
----- --- ----


Heavy Rains Have Ceased. Strung to Telegraph Pole and I

i iI
.--- ,, Situation Brighter. Body Bullet Riddled !


|F runners Protection and ,, I I __ Mrs Mackay Was Too 111 to Attend

Many Lines Suffered Severe Losses John Wise, Negro, Who Assaulted Mrs. JJjhi i I .
Danger. the
i, From tne Floods, Especially the International SMIth Near Pembroke, I Is Cap ';I Ceremony. .. t t tI

and Great Northern. tired by Posse and Lynched-Iden- j I ;
----- --- -- --- ,
I II I i
Waters Claimed Four Lives. tification by Former Employer: I ,
Nows. I II i t
I Special[ to The Daily! News. I
July _'I.---Oenfiltered I 'PRESIDENT MITCHELL
Llmba MASQUERADESAS Social to.The Daily News. special to The Daily\ News: II Lend MI, July 2D.Requiem high I ;

1 'l.ia! morning; h* Dallas Tex., July 2S.-During the :Savannah Ga., July 2$.-John Wise, mass was celebrated iu St. Mary's

.: this < Ity after last :21 houia the aspect of the flooJoitiidtion : a negro who criminally aaaulted lira I IS DISCOURAGED ': : ; ,
': .'up.! under IX a- OUTLAW John Smith a young married woman, Roman Catholic church today for 1
in Tt-Jiaa: has grown bright I' :
-', r of war of the near Pembroke W4'tlnt'sJaas ,
er. The Gravy rains! have ceased : the repo-e of tl.e late John W. I
-:.1 The capitu. --- i j throughout the greater portion of the caught; last night at Pooler after a des Special to The Daily News. \ !
., t Is expected I Mackay.
fight with
ere perate
state and the water has begun to recede a posse. Wilke burt: Pa.. July 2i>.-Tb.a !
I i btt'ly! will bit at- IN [ GUISE OF TRACEY SEATTLE ;: in all the rivers and creeks. It He was wounded and carried to 2 The service was conducted with
i r tomorrow morn. torma' employer near Pembroke, for operators of the anthracite reglou l :
the fair weather continues, ot
some ,
1' f without protecAief MAN NEARLY LOSES HIS LIFE. I the Texas railroads will begin run- ; identification. He was then taken to an extreme splendor seldom allowed are testing their strength; by opening I

? : -, The gun ping their trains on time today, while a telegraph: pole and strung up until a layman. the mines and allowing an advance ,
fi was ordered to dead. His body was riddled with bul ,
t. regular traffic will be re-established
thU hasMurh ou lets. Mrs. Mackay, the widow was too of 10 per cent in wage The men '
'a 0 port Special to The Daily News: others within three or tour days.:

regret Is exn The Cotton Belt tracks washed ill to attend the are returning to work. '
Seattle, Rash:, July :::8.WUllamNixon are ceremony. Many
..r, -.:< power Is reprvtarshlp *- tried to win a woman's confidence out for 260 feet juet west of Brandon. CASE OF NINA The thrifty coal miner among; the ; ;
prominent American and
at such aI foreign
Missouri Kansas and
!In the gull of Outlaw Tracey I Land Tuasbrld strikers are becoming; discontented tat
?!![ e at Hlllsboro has been repaired) personages were present.
Is nearly deal' as! a result of his
Haltlen having received no help from the '
rape on I and trains it I
act. were run over yesterday DANFORTH i ----- i
; -.at: an army from I! union. A few mines
although the track is still In bad coj opened successfully .
He told an actress! in a music hall
a 0\-A-tlbonlte In sym- that he was cone other than the des ditlon. TWO MEN INJURED IN I II would send this class: : all back !t ,
'n, was! marchinghr
The International and Great fort h'
perado. and threatened her life 1 if Special to The Daily News. to work. A few small, ( disturbance* ,
sides The
e Fhe told. Later when he i i ern road has resumed traffic north of A
rs-entered SUBWAY
.:::i1r: command Palestine.: The damage done to the New York Ju28..- lue state aathontks I : were caused: by ?shiftle" miners, whey {
the theater ha attacked
w as by a policeman -
are puzzled as to a sitibfac:
ItEmil GarIt
:, and the proprietor Joe Williams! j>I property of that road Is said to be very tory disposition of the case of Nina I I are growing bad tempered. It J i.* allleged '
'n was
the jcunboati a brother of Deputy Sheriff Jack Wll- ;1 track great.! Is washed Nearly out 1.000 at Rlchland feet of creek their Danfoith the deformed girl, who killed I i i Special to The Daily : ews. ':i: that I're-nJent Mitchell Ii r
who i
hams was wounded In
> u troops i it in a : A. J. Every and Is now in tae Cam I IIrl'lge I plainly discouraged over the "ituaJGORONATION : -
with Trarey at Hothfll. July 3. II?, :>, aud as much more at White Rock I I Sew York. July :I.-Two men are I
house of correction!
ai t 'npa HalIa'hlas b awaiting
creek, besides smaller tion.
was pounded! n.to insensibility! and'i i| many trial, says! a Boston: special: to The I seriously injured and much property i'I! ,
has Dallas was visited by another heavy
not fully regained faculties
\ :| Press Attorney General Parker done I
t ''I downpour damage: by a subway explosion I
Themistakl' I' early yesterday. Trinity |
a Rlutlen !; yet the man's features was were compared 1; river Is coLsdrably! over its banks ir t f fffla that because of the pitiable circun.tt.iiices .- opposite the Grand Central depot !I j TICKETS ,1't
of the: rasa a Jury won! : i i'
I with a photograph at police' many places, but little damage I Is re today. A premature blat threw !
acqut her. Yet, by her own admission

R ted h..a.111uJrtprs. i iI,|I ported.Texas and Pacific railroad officials and by the testicu'ny of ej-- several workingmen down, cover Jr.;? I WITHOUT DATE : I

.- Te! I, state that the situation! at Big Syrlnjr wltct'st'she killed Emery as: te I i them with debris. !
t '- '' stoo'i I' the doorway sf his homo in I ,l.
Nu. FATAL EXPLOSIONOF Is much improved, and unless there Many fashionable residence i in
: South! Farminghara.
IFLondon I.
: ii more heavy rain they expect to !
rsoma e I special to The News. ,
\ the neighborhood show I tl.e efect of
i '.: r c \ Tne: authorities are said to have at ,
operations today or tomorrow I .
t. 0O .: ,mu..11 tb. BOILERS j The body of :Mrs J. 0. Elliott. vho l last reached the conclusion that the II the shock. The caws of the accident July 2'J.: -Aduiisu n tick- 1 !

.. .. best. ending of th1'30'1.. I
< i : TJ. (A : would
to Westminister
drowned en the
was at Hlllsboro Friday, hbeen as i is unknown. Abbey for
r' r--: *..::ted a. pur I be an arrangement which the state ,I
) could coronation ceremony are i surd. to
"s aaj Uesert.J of] : accept without establishing !
Special: to The Dally News. Mr. Hardy, who attempted to
:<> Port 1' bad precedent and would let the girl : day. They )bear no date, !are simply ,
KeyVfci.. r'I... Th- n.ainmoth cross a swollen creek at Km Spring*' SHERIFF WALLER
boiler! !in t':. i-l lei ii.I ::,' : :'t aLi was drowned. This makes five drown out ,)f the bon:?> of correction und"r worded : 'The coronation of their f

Ife plant of tie! \,il :.:..: T+ r> .>. ::=o.i l Ings which have been reported as a restraint or watch, which would njt maj.t; es." There being no date ou J$- t
be s') close as to threaten her already SAYS HOLD
HCT HER explo-le.l: ,!'i IJ.L': 'i.'J; iiii'iifiremen i \ result of the flood ,
THROUGH weak condition of mind. This beaufCipIUheti the ticket Is cltlli fug; much comment, j'
nornir.IZ, i:,. !'uiS''e! : a: 't iM:. :! H- n... j ; Lv a verdict of manslaughter -- a* it chows the otliciul uncertainty I '
THE HEART w" hi) acre "nshed, .it; 'I BIG DEMAND with a light sentence from .
to a; !. Marshal Uredille received a telegram of holding the ceremony at the data I
The hJ.tt aiiii ,. i.laut was il-n'.o! which will be taken the time alrealy t u .
I spent by! the prisoner in tho house this morning instructing( himto as now ?et. 1 t i
i+hed. Ih** lill'ffp Knit ?)*lll:.lilin J1'Joinina '\ FOR PIG IRON ol ,

,' W-H.I wrwkoH. and the curie'" correction. hold Henry Crowell, colored, fora t !
island was shakt1a.s if by an earth I, few days or until proper steps at \1 1I '
; \
-1 8.-Chnrlfos ; PAYMASTER
'1I1 .: Norwood, Mo., dynamite was anted\ i i': tae! Knight i Special to The Daily News. RUN DOWN\ I i identifying him could be taken by i 1\

Josephine She r- building/ but did n:'t t 'il.,.},!... I Ulrnln hl1m. Ala. July 21-ThaSlo I : Alabama ollicers. I

vet-tu 'art, at her .\ peers! of one of the bi>..irs., weieh-; I >s-ShfCipld Steel and Iron company I The COURT-MARTIALED i
BY AN ENGINE message was from Hl.eritfj i ,
:. shot and kiio.1; [ins 4.iii'i( pounds, was thrown :;iHfl> le ,t has blown in its No. 2 city fl
into a fish depot, whilt- ar.othl'r'ei :it.1 i 'voce with capacity of 200 tons Ira Waller Montgomery county, Ala., .I ---- I

JI-T sister were !ing IftO pounds went through: the roof i 'day after it had been given a thor and it Win that county that the Special to The Dally N.'a's.

:\ th.- back jard of the aNdrea of the Peninsular and 'ough repairing This makes: six furnaoeg Special! to The Daily News. negro is alleged to have committedmurder j f

.I..nr t"II. Mis* Occidental Steamship line, falling I in Hast belonging to the Sloss; Charlotte! N C., July 2S.-Annie Cat 01t- 1t'ahingtunJulyMd-l'harlr* II

"1 Il.tI house, I t-J amvrg) the clerks at work injuring i company two in the city, one cart and Jennie and Mamie Nelson three years ago. I P enrose, past aitatit i payma-ter ot: i I

iMt Immediately era(. Twenty-five occupants of ii\"j North Birmingham, two at ShePd ell three girls, aged 10, 12 and 14 years, Good photographs of Crowell the navy was ordered before the i I i t

When inr U. wrer-kM buildings: were and one at Florence. were run down by an engine on the were made this morning and mailed court I i
'* l-ed the spot Kh Among the morn serious are Pat Andrews L- There is such a demand for Iron Seaboard Air! Line Saturday morning martial on the charge: of care- I : i.

., the girl and I She Thomas Yates Thomas that predictions! are made for a big tr.. end all terse bodies were horriblymangled. I to Montgomery.The lenesj" i iu keeping t.e! account of j t

.',*!fhed side by I SymoneUf. Eugene Knight and crea p in the production before the I negro was captured Saturdayafternoon hi-s department i

rH: Sheridan Charles Lloyd, end: of the year. The Sloss company The accident occurred about 23 by Special OCIcers Frank I

"I}, the heart whil-( > The estimated uss !Is about $ID:;ter made during the month of :May within miles from Charlotte on a trestle that II f and Ray.iFIVE IRELAND ii i II
I heal had ben 000. 500( () tons of the amount of iron produced space Richardson's( crtak. The girl '

;probably prom(!t- by the Tennessee company the were walking the trestle! work on account .

t :o.llu Sheridan largest producer In the south and a'1 1 th. of the wagon bridge Laving! FIREMEN- I I BY SENSATION .

They tad known" CHARGED WITH in 325:: tons In June. Furnace No, 3. been ea gibed easy by the react rain. II_ i :

rear!, and U3; ton at North Birmingham, Is being relined They had gotten about midway w jn I

engaged to I beRT BOY'S i and will bp put in blast about they heard the af fclTaf trT I INJURED AT FIRE \
1 : fcpHMAl to Tner. .. !
,; September 1. The conditions In the They had a distance of about 200 I F i

.. --- I, pig iron market In Alabama today are yards to cover baton they would have! '- :\* York.: July 2g 1; A writ of conspiracy ;; i I Iw

Fa II, unprecedented reached issued byI 111.su,
SHERIDAN i safety, They ran for their Special to The Daily News. Ifilmond. ,
Special to The Daily News. O'Brien. Dillon and
j l1vii. but were unable to make it. Thaaglca atalrlt! the ,
I Valdosta Ga., July 28.-Alex lfarr '! struck all three ab eut tie cam Pittsburgh July 2U.-Five firemeninjured trustees of the now Irish UaJlorl ,; i ; t

MYSTERY a negro was committed to Jail he:BLACK' JACK time, sad their bedl" Rerr hurled to I and $300,000! damage to property trust hay created a rest unkatlon la j' ,

to await trial for the killing of the the water und.rc tb. All tire wr =i is the result of a fire in the London I Ireland, rays a Tribune dlspatfb from ,
year-old M'DONALD deal when assistance reached tbm. The Frewlman-a Journal : :
boy of Sam Smith a KILLED j
who live In the Cat CreeK district ot -- I building occupied by Stewart Bro: ?. promises that it will I... the bl Ki5 5 1 '
:N. w-. this county. ; t Co., S17 Liberty avenue; Denooa constitutional hparlcg In Ireland ticca ;. I If
-s Two prisoners, PASSENGERS HAVE the Parnell trial In 1982. t
:: Harris claims! that the killing was : Special to The Daily News.' I Bros. Paint and Varnishe* Co., \919: __ : ( ri
m McQulg, and ; i
an accident H" had been : .
,, '.of Company }I. the child for some time, and pla>lngwith becoming : El Paso Tex, July 23.-"Black Jac k" NARROW ESCAPE Liberty avenue, and Stewart Bros., Creates Uneasiness' at Pjri l i !

-4 who Vis guard- tired, told the boy to go away I McDonald, a noted border desperado: 921 Liberty avenue. The fire was New York July 2S-It 1 Ie rumor! I I j i.1 ,; ; ,
1:'i" red from Fort was shot and kilbd in'hls saloon at that the Anglo& .
&ce alliance :t
and discovered ;
not him. The child Insisted at two o'clock Ian night r*' i
.. t uf the missing Juarez. Mex., by an American whose spectfnj Cor a is creating uneasiness : :
and Harris, .
picking up a rifle : Special to The j and was not controlled J. f.&t f.
., I name Is unknown. Daily News. until eight Paris, says a Tribuc i
which i dispatch hoar : t
was In the room said! : "I am I. ,
cr.t out In The fight resulted from a game of Columbia o'clock this morning. London. It Is feared that
Iw* everyr going to kill yon" He pointed< the S. C., July'2g-An accommodation t If the report I t I' I
lv ,, + .J the wooda and dice In which "Black Jack" and three train, -- -- ----- bi conflrm d a fruit Internatlon "
gun at the boy and fired the bullet consisting of freight *
fa.lert.: Americans were engaged. Two of the al situation will: be
ft to secures ai and one created Franca i
passing through the child's brain. passenger car had a perilousexperience j :
H'I Americans fled and have not been BOERS and Russia! .
RETURNING having :
cap- already I
claims! that he had no intention f {I on the Blue Ridge road 1 futract"J I f
... .' tured. The other Is held incommuni- Corea's
i 11.:1: lu desert : Saturday Independence
Ehootlng the boy. and thought the rifle evening. There were lo : 'f t
t. + '- ri or wrhetbtr the in ;
passengers tha
wag unloaded. coach. While in
.' .. Rered by his chants The child's father swore out a warrant the middle of a high bridge over Seneca Chamberlain- Not Seriously III. ,i !, .
a: : ':..un'd Quality is what makes river London July Zi*. or : 'ti
spot gaffed against Harris charging! him with 1 price. If[ a freight car Jumped t he- tht I' .
'.r r v- "tip murdered is a murder, and he was arrested by D pu->> ]Burnett's Vanilla Extract was HO better track, falling 50 feet into the river. serious illness of Joseph Chambcrl&Ic. i l 1 !
Special: to The News. the
.'h **:'''!:rt. although the ty Sheriff Barfield. 1 than other extracts its! price wouldbe Others followed, leaving the pass a- colonial! secretary, are entirely un i : ''f J

t ,' the soldier Is 1 the same. Once tried, alwaysused. gar coach Ju.t balancing between Ufa Hamilton, Bermuda, July 29.-The true. He Is still eomw hat weak froir ; ; I I

*t that an encoua- Cut this out and take' It to any i I 1: and death. Rhea the pajs.ni ri, at steamship Roslin Castle sailed for his recent accident but bo baa beer 'i i.t ; :' '!
first paralyzed with attending to all of his! official dutl '
recov d !* J
drug store or medicine! dealer and geta I KEEP COOL WITH A REFRIQ. they crawled fron the oar of the car South Africa today with a party of for the pan fortnight. I I _
box of Chamberlain's Stomach and ; !
'. 1> DANCE AT ]FRAYED MELON: FROM GARFIELD'S. to tea trestle. 350; Boers aboard. This it the first

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will pay yoc. and 45 cents. Wm. Johnson & SOD, Try the NEWS Want Column. ,r ct Lawn Mowers, at the f

Willis Hardware ()o's.

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r A "'el h Town "'bC'rethe Femlalx Two Men Killed and Two Others Seriously I RUTCH-BOUN

:j Sri lingua Supreme. Injured. I

I IAN OCEAN TRIP t!; Away In a sequestered little nook on ,II I I I McCurtain I. T., July 28.-Two men I r. The crutch is a poor substitute f. .r 1. .. "

the IVial'rokesbire coast there is! a village were kited and two others seriousv \J inconvenient and tiresome mode of : >. m .

( 'KJRli BOSTON )! ;;:; entirely managed by women. In ,I burned by an explosion of gas in one ,'I 1J pathetic sight than a person slowly and 1...:;:
To NEW Lan; -Jia-for etch !Is the barulefs! name II I of the Sansbois Coal company's mines street supported by these artificial limbs

t rt-SO ALL V oman reigns sui-ieme. She Is the II it I 1 mile west of here. The dead: When Rheumatism settles in the 1. m"- i- '

I EASTERN RESORTS dominating;; force of the mart of trade I Andrew Dazell. I i'' it is! safe to predict that the \'ictim'Il!) event. ,

household financier! the family accountant -i I corrosive .
the James Brown. d and crutch-bound. The :, irritating m :

the\\\1 t t and, in fact, tills! nil the po- The book-k per's The names of the two injured men I in the joints! and muscles causes the must int. .

i t-itioiis which In any other community,, occupation renders have not been learned. The four men and ankles swell, and when the natural oils a-; 1 .

i OCEAN 5TEAM5HIP COMPANY. \ : whether civilized or not, are by estab him specially liable The to were in the mine 900 feet from thj II i these! parts are completely destroyed the )"\flt- .

t. 'WKE: :-r H<> KJ-fcK IlE recedent ottd to man. stomach trouble. .
*J hshcd breakfast the opening when the explosion occurred. the muscles drawn and stiff, and crutches a r.< I

5O Hours of Ocean Dree&C5C WeeK f I.insutn; has a race apart from the hasty"quick lunch", the It was followed a moment later by another The acid poisons that produce rheumatic p.unf, in'i ,'.

Sailings each world in its laws in its exclusion of the long hours spent in of less force. It is presumed distributed through the system, and lodged in the at".

3 Ga. stranger und in its utter disregard ot feet other of the body resulting < ."..
ij Ira from Savannah stooping over journaland tbe gM was ignited by one of theIr back and or parts
the vast area c5f world and things; lying with lack 10e tfft Mlon'v: I
ledger of Rheumatism
i t t T %* .l, l .. t: j I''',' .'L.r. Lu. .. l I lamp Brown was the son of Ben A permanent cure can
.*. ..u. IltllH .IIfr \I U-iorid its borders. Its quiet life Isduml:1atl'l1 of exercise, all tendto I and other
P *f lolai ( -r.n.'I'. .... .-1 net Brown of Huntington, Ark., the ing of the blood no remedy so surely accon:;
-t I '" |
L13 y | 1r.r al ,..I-n. by two all powerful factorominkii.d the derangement of I lit and
1 I'- 't> 'J \I. It neutralizes the acid effects pun 4 invigorate
southern of the Central Coal
1"f. There the stomach. I
1 II n. "" -\\ and ojsttrs. are I washed ds1oJt't1:
N. .. \ and the gritty particles are out or
r. M stomach is in and Coke and also
but exert littleor When the a healthy condition company was a
ro. h'n. Rf.1.r.1. ao. aia.a0p. r men in I.ingnui. they the after meal is of I by the new rich blood and rehtf comts to the
y feeling a one nephew of Superintendent Brown, of i
... Influence the affairs of the
".,. .c..A. TO no upon sufTercr. S. S. S. leaves no murbd
1 II (>..n.. 'I vivre tcl.. I....".I". IU satisfaction and comfort. Whenever the Sar.sbo'.s mine.: pain-racked
tr a.M, -....... ,.... ,.... .._ L.. I''". quiet little \Velsb \illae. there is discomfort after eating it is a I! irritating matter in the blood to reunite and j.rndtut
1) r _....... The men were engaged in placing
; aalI.fa..11e..L J. "la. I It The Lansruia man neither is nor pretends
disease.Dr of fre
sign of stomach derangement or another attack, but txpds'ery atom it >m
,Ihf7r [ R );" );" lrlrCICJ to l/e. He recognizes; the right; ot Pierce'sGolden Medical Discovery I' timbers to support the roof of the mine the system. S. S. S. is a purely \rjrttaMe rtnn.lv "r '

: womankind to own and rule and N perfectly cures diseases of the stomach and otherorgansofdigestionandnutritionj1erfectly at the time.Condition,
q. the digestion or general health like alkali