21M.H) bleached heamless
liAllt office here was burglarized last night yards yard wide Do- Hose regular luc good
.Oon" ,
I II') v "" i j mestic, lo yards for 13 cents. 21)') for this sale, 6.l-iC a
r J Ladies' Madras pair1
-IT furnisced rooms at"eel. l\'I- : SARAH BEIRiE-Manafftcturer I by experta, who gained an entrance I and White 25c pair for

silt! and dealer ia Hair (liood. Hat!. Toilet i with a jimmy. The safe was blown 2000yards+ unbleached Sea Island Waists, worth i5c and |l, to close at

'1.\1.1. It LLP'ANTI :I-: street.Articles, Hair Oil, etc., K) W. Government''I 'open with nitro-glycerine and wrecked. yard wide Domestic, 10 yards for 45 45c.I 100 dozen Men's Seamless Half tr
.. The robbers secured about >400 In cents. &) pairs Lace Curtains, 2'2 yards 5c in brown, red and black, for i
\R flower a pair.
\ = .
11 I :
i : i learn barber trade
i V.neeonly eight weeks - - "UlH'ru'1 cash and a quantity of postage stamps. 2"00: yards Embroideries regular I long, regular Too goods, to close at l
45c. I 25 dozen
: pra.-iiL-e, expert Instruoj. FLOWERS In FOR boaqnets KUNERALH }n rnn1sned :, ;Several similar robberies have been reported price 7:2 to 5c,10.I yards for 4> cents. Stitched Men's French Dropped-
"pr"i,ntMwagesliatura special designs i Under Shirts, worth
Miss Violette Moreno, 8J3: | within radius of 100 25 dozen Large Turkish 40c. to .
<(raat 'd, pomtions guaran- : West Gregory ] a miles 10"0 Bath Tow- close at 25c each.
'.'e. I yards Dress Pique and Ducks els Drawers to
phone worth match.
rsjedtree. Molar Barber 2 Mdlmcui. within month. I 1 I t2, will close at $1.20. l
__ AHLa. matt I t i a worth 10 and 12, ic, 10 yards for So !I 30 dozen Men's Fancy
.l-'LO\\'JH'oo. 20 dozen Striped
------ 21x33-inch
A LESSON IN HEALTH. Bleached I Lace Under !Shirts, 45c
'> each.
>i '% NXXX< "--I I Towels for Draw
fit;t >HtVaiitfil.. this sale, at 50c dozen.
\ > .. CUT" KLOWER.4 designs ordered ant Floral for customers Deslgns- i Healthy kidneys filter the impurities }($Ot) yards Dress Cross Bar, worth 35 dozen I ers to match.'f...

\ < '0.1 solicitor: will pay Miss Violette Moreno, 3-'g Wen Gregory. 1 from the blood, and unless they S'oC, 10 yards for 50 cents 2Sxi2-incb: Towels rez- 2 dozen Ladles' Black and
ular Colored
: '1 "- >a to right one Ad IOc goods, for this 9..
phone: mlm '1 sale, laic Silk Tatfetta Waist
do this health U ,
):!1ce. mrltffe Impossible. dozen. regular price '
Foley's Kidney Cure makes sound 25 dozen Ladies' Bleached Vests $3.50 I to close at |2.W each. ,

antrit.t' Summer Law School. ,;1 j kidneys and will positively cure all with tape in neck, 5 vests for 25'I'1 &JO yards White Batiste Lawn, This sale will ;

\\. 'I UNIVERSITY OF VIRGINIA. forms: of kidney and bladder disease. cents. i regular 12Ji; quality 10yards for boc. for longer than one positively not run K'J
>> de;ervinij tale with L 'i
It strengthens the whole
i system.
''dren'! to I la Virginia nioaatatns. Sid Sammer. July
support. SewMrs.
.1': Wilson 't"aU'tt 1 to sepemb 1. li.M. By the Law Faculty. \V. A. D'Alemberte,121 S. Palafox
Helpful to beginners; to candidates for the ,street. F. E. BRAWNER'S
bar and to practitioners who have lacked ONE-PRICE CASH :; j

\\\r\\ AN"g'. 'An, tinas-o-t-empty: beer- dress systematic iostruetioa. For catalogue, ad- '|j Foley's Honey and Tar HOUSE,

.el h A.. (.lUJDJUl: (. nOTBtf C. B. 1U>OB, !Secretary thirlotttsTille, T*. I brfblldrea.safe.sure. No opiates. \ t 10;5 SOUTH PAUFOX STREET. p



_f f'i.. ". _r, ..,.. .:,, __ ....... ._-rr"H'_. ,,", ". _,....-_ .".,. .,_ ..", V -- I" = """" "' ''I!''"'''''' ": "_,,.,",,"-- ,, -1' -or_ J....,." .__" "-" ._." .. _H' .._'__ ,- -- ....... ._ ,

It'f p'

.,JOt.t f ti

: 1" 1

I: J I Io


' .f t tr i I 1III.w-: :_::. -a: ; ', Wakulla it was resolved that the!II' tieforlfj

r COOD GOVERNMENT b r:. THIRD DISTRICT i chairman be and appointed secretary a committee cf this committee to, "Stron2est 1 io d dThe

Politics andPoliticians q receive and disburse the money raised i, __

IN ESCAMBIA COMMITTEE by assessment against each of the :j 42tl Annual Statement lor Year

, Entered at the 1'of Office at PensaeolaFla. Ending December
r 3Ut loot
114'' congressional candidates. I of
.. econd-cla matter. -- ,
q.f I There being no further business before -

r alatox OFFICE: itreet:-I'IU'I, up-iiairt.Building, I'llJ, Boult I CALL ISSUED FOR A MASS i 2 i it the committee, on motion it stood : l THE f (EQUITABLE

THEY MET AND ORGANIZED AT adjourned to meet in the city of Tal

THE NEWS PUBLISHINC CO. I MEETINC NEXT MONDAY ; lahassee July 24,1902, or unless sooner

I. B. HILeON, Managing Editor. NICHT. I bJIi2i -:JIi'io TALLAHASSEE YESTERDAY. cabled together by the chairman :; UH ASSURANCE SOCIETY.

W. M. BALL Business; Manager ; The place of all placet:

I In I'entacola they say- i I -I Stood in a Draught I
Terms: Invariably in Advance. : i J. F. C. GRIGGS OF FRANKLIN 'Assets! |:; I '", -..
Oc Year by Mall .. ........K 00 The following has been issued to The place political I with my coat off and caught this Reserve and
A. H. other Liabilities
eil )lonthi" ... .. .. .. ... 2 :5-All of EscamWa county for Where the boys often get gay- ELECTED CHAIRMAN AND i I'1 wretched cold," says the sufferer. I . . . . .l.- 21.9' ._,
the democrats I He need not a heavy penalty if '
Oo Week by Carrier Payable Monday liAdrertisirg Why, it's dos n to Kfilly'e. D'ALEMBERTE OF ESCAMBIA, 1 pay ,
he follow his act of folly witn an act ---
t Hates Furnished Application I a meeting at Gutter's Hall next Monday -i Where tickets are made, CH05ETTAS SECRETARYWORKOF of wisdom. Soak the feet in hot I Surplus (from which Divi-

night, May 19: I Where political battles are fougtt. THE MEETINGRESOLUTIONS water with a few teaspoonful of i dends are J':1: i ...
TELEPHONE NO. 118. I II Perry Davis'! Painkiller in it. Takea '
Where the public pulse Is fell Paid
I Call to Democrats.We ADOPTED. teaspoonful of Painkiller in hot to Policyholders in

Cy the undersigned democrats of And where promises) are eoQgbt sweetened water at bed time and be I HKJl..f 277U-! _

tdION 6EL' Efrtambia county, Florida, request all Why, it'll down to Keilly's. -- i thankful for so simple and speedy a i Xew Insurance in 1901. .$ 24o.yi.

democrats interested in the insuringof But yon mustn't believe wbat you hear; way to break up a cold. There is I Total Insurance in force
t c tin good government: in Escambia I I Tallahassee, May 15.-In response but one Painkiller, Perry Davis'! Dec. 31, 1901 . .. .ti.ITS--: -.
Not bait what the boys do say; W. B. Henderson.I .
I ('oun1to meet at Clutter's Hall In to a call signed by
PEmOOLA, MAY l6, 1902. Pensac'ola. Florida on the 19th day They are there to have fun, I chairman, and P. G Wall, secretary" I Earl of Hepetown to Resign. Notwithstanding the greater fi: ..
I cial strength of the Society ai.d ..
of May, litOi: at eight o'clock p. m. For to rollick and play- i tne following members of the old first Melbourne, Australia May 15.-It I greater security which its p, : .

CARDINAL OIKJJONS will preside C. M. Jor.es. p Olsen TbaU wbat they do at Keiliy'e. (congressional district met at the Leon has been announced in the senate holders thereby enjoy, the RA fT1'I

the consecration ceremonies of. J. M. :Mjldon. :M. A. Dubuisson. I hotel to-day: j that the Earl of Hopetown had decided are LOW and GUARANTEES t.1 '
at L. Hilton Green. C W. Pfeiffer. Somebody better run here quick. I to resign the I ter than given by otherOOWLES Comi'1 1I 1I .
of Santa Rosa county; governor generalshipof )
the new bishop of St. Augustine in' Frank RfilJW.. B. Wright I E. Amos,
friends of Fred J. F. C. firings of Franklin; Nat R. the Australian commonwealth His
that city on the 16th inst. The occasion i Mansfield! Moreno. M. E. Clark. The alleged Myen
of !T. E. Welles. X. Colecero. I his in ibis i Walker of Wakulla; F. T. Myers, of salary ie ;10.000 per year. He resigns I
will be one extraordinary are getting campaign B1IO
of Jefferson
; .
U. Forbes II. T. Bierne. I Leon; J. S. Denham. : because the federal parliament I ,

iLterest. I John H. Jones. Harry P.lnmer. county badly tangled.The : Thomas :Mitchell, of Gadsden: Shep refused to increase this
I D. W. Reilly. .\. A. Credille. W. Clark of Calhoun, with II. B. Gas 18,000. He I General Agent,
THE attention of farmers and Thos II. Johnson I' )Jalldo't.J. I kins' proxy; H. II. Lewis. of Jackson. said his present scary! was wholly inadequate
Lamar automobile, mean 309 H. Palafox St.. PE S.-\\
1 Stockmen i.s directed to "Farmer's X. Andrews. W B. Jordan. I with proxy of J. W. Kehoe and pros; to maintain the dignity of \

Bulletin No. 47 Winter Forage I J. G(>o. White. F C. llorton. while, i is gliding safely along through of D. J. Jones of Washington.; the office.WON'T -

Cropefortherouth"issued by the Geo. T. Morgan. J Harris Pierpont the district and the road is getting I I The motion of Xat R. Walker to IT
Carl) Moller.! Albert) Riera. : organization for FOLLOWU'ICI': AFTKKPAYING LIGHTENS
of agriculture, and perfect a temporary
U. S. department Dr. W. E. Anderson.W. Meriwether.. so smooth that the car is progressingof

mailed to any address on request. It 0. M. Pryor. ? R Clutter. I its volition.! the third congressional district was FOU IT. ,
own 1
is likely to prove of great interest D. W. McMillan. W. IF. Trainer I 'adopted and J. F. C. Griggs/: was: In a recent article a prominent WOMAN'S WORK i

and much value.AND W. C. O'NVal. J. P. Goodman I I i elected temporary chairman and A. physician says' "It i i.. next to impossible '
T It. Pi-t. Jno. Pfeiffer I Persi-tent attempts to dissatisfythe for the physician to rpt hi. pa- 'i
H. D'Alemberte temporary secretary By making /her )Muiliii- I
Frank I.. :May.=. J. n.! Roberts. tients to carry out any pre-cribed ,
Mr. Gorman Maryland I
with the of
now : people primary plan The call for the mt'f.tingwas n.ao.l.antI of diet j and Pastry light Tia! .
*1 J. .*-Wolfe.. M. B. Frank. i iIt. cour e hygiene or to the : : w
is po"iugas" the discoverer of the P. Rn-<*c. A. O Moreno. I making nominations: are still going j the chairman: stated that bj smallest extent ; he has: but one" resort -

bet that the democracy will have "'. L. Mover. A. E.: !Srhmitz.W. I on in certain quarters of the state 1 reason of increased apportionment by left" numbly, the drug treat '' The Buffalo

30 stronger issue in the impending I S. Key.-..r. H. T. IVAlemberte.John entitled! to a merit, When medicine are u-ed
".' lliera. Wonder who will congress/; Florida was for chronic constipation the m congressional campaign; than the' O. Clh.:! Anthony they hope profitby i .
Nash. third congressman a-id that the legislatnre mild and gentle obtainable -uch uClmiiberlaiu'd -
s G. L. Lappington, C. F. !
trust-after half such method?
yyrationsofthebeef[ ata
Henry llellinsrer.: Jim Burns. I of ISUl! had treated the district Stomach and Liver ;
of the newspapers in the country ; )'. Linden&truth, A. C .Ellis. i Composed of the following counties: Tablets should be employed. Their N

have l Santa Ito Walton
c. I. Mar.n. C. Corner. Escambia a. a* they leave the bowel in a natural -
THE "summer normal "school for' .las.' Johnson, \\'. O. Dailey. I to throw cold water on the j: Holmes, Jackson, Franklin and healthy condition. For sale 1' axrst' r

the benefit of teachers which will beinaugurated ; Hairy 1' abn. .1.; K. Spoon I candidacy nf Hon. John .*$. Hf'ard,1 Calhoun Liberty, Wakulla Leon Jef. by all druggists and medicine deal

j.T.. Whitlr.K. X. Apostle. : 1 admitted! the I' feison, Madison and Gadsden. ers.
at the "state college at thoughtlely weak- ---- -- ---- -
James MfHujrh. J. A. Hf>nllri't. ,
Tallahassee" should be made a '' I The roll was called and nine Counties Plant a spring garden. '
: permanent Steve Allen. J. H. Berry. ; ness of Myers in his own home
institution und take the : being represented!, a quorum was
) Herrinston.las.
Thos. P'I.Iy.: M. L. I county and that other candidates I The mills Hardware Co. !
t O'Brien. O. Clopton. declared.A !.
place of the peripatetic teachers' institutes A.
: and Peabody normals here- Jeff Spottswood.! h.. Quipley. I might "go into his home county and j motion was made and adoptedthat can sell you the tools cheap. ,

tofore in vogue. Firmly established, Ben D. IeHs.Ian'in: Stearns. work for support with expectation the temporary organization be' I will repair your watches and m\M>
L Jacoby. D. W. Jones.
it should receive, as those others F. E. UrawnfT.: Chas. Riera. I of securing it." Ho, acting on this made permanent. jewelry in. flm-clagg style. J. IStephens. I

now do, the voluntary aid given i J. A. Kirk atrkk. A. Xobles. hint, General Lamar has addressed lIon. Fred T. Myers tendered his I Baking Powder:
R. Whittbead.. Arthur A. Brown. the Foley's Honey and Tar contain :
them by the Peabody fund. II resignation as a member of committee ;
fhas. Johnson. .To!'. M. LeBaron. an open letter to the voters of Leon, because of his being a candidate n<* opiates and can safely be givento (Madrur i'rnsacuiie ,

THE Gainesville News suggests" to S. Pasco! Jr. J.C.. Whitine. I showing why he is entitled to and children. W. A. D'Alemberte,
John Thompson./ J. C. Van Pelt. I I for the congressional nomination does. It is absolutely Imre. contal;

legislative" aspirants an examinationof S. Ocnzalez. Jr. Thos.! F. N'ee.II. should have their support. It is a I which resignation was accepted. The Ill H. Palafox street.Foley's no alum and makes the mo"t ill

the tax records:, so that they maybe I A. Cr"dile.! Arthur :McConnell.K' executive committee of Leon county ----- cious biscuits pastries and : .' .
I II strong argument and it will make I
able to "prescribe a remedy for I K. Rolir.pon. W. R. F.-M. I had recommended Joseph A. Kdmond- Honey and Tar I lainties.
I. llII :h-s. H. W. Si monl. friends for General Lamar in Leon.
: the ailments of the tax dodders. Joe Jacoby. fl.E.. Lewis. i son to fill t'e vacancy caused by the cures colds prevents pneumonia.If : OSCAR I E. MAURA
I The general also announces that he I
There's nothing the matter with the
Henry Hyer. J M. Roper I I resignation of Mr.: Myers, and on motion
tax dodgers. They have heretofore .\. C: Berry. Thos. Miner will later arrange for a series of : Mr. Kdmondson was accepted as a you want a nice present to give ;! HALES All EXT.
to; a friend, and look through the
enjoyed existence with a zest that I T. J. McSween. C. IX Hays. I meetings in Leon and will address I member of the congressional committee elegant line of suitable articles at
C: R. Gonzalez. A. I). Weller.
contrasted sharply with the auxie- :! "'m. Smith. Martin Johnson. the: people of the county on the national : J. Stephens, you surely can find I

thCeof the taxpayers. It i is the latter'who .F.G.-0.; White. Jr. 1. M. Davis.X I lion E. Amos of Santa Rosa, presented something to please you. If you'
; i-ups involved in the endIng want anything in the Diamond line ;
need sympathy and relief. : H. Smith. It. M. Bushnell. the following resolution, which 2 -
be sure to see him before you buy. i \
C Apostle. .1. E. Williams. campaign.
THOSE who supposed that in consequence I L. Hal'ln.! Ed. Ditniars.V : I was adopted: UctpT; '

of the recent sale of then I L. 'tinper., W .M. Ball. : Resolved That the succeeding democratic
; One of the members of the East committee: of the third\ congressional -
Brooksville Register, Col. Fred L. I' :M. Thipp-n. .\ S J. Pinney. ORANGE MINTIs
1V. H. HollifieM. H. :M. Roche, I End Democratic Club tells me they I district be composed of one
; & bertsouuhd" his talented son would Frank Judevine, J. L. Beirne, I member from each county comprising i

retire from the profession, will be A. H. Payne, Don McLellan: : I IW. are going to give all the candidates I II I such district and that such committee a New Drink'

agreeably disappointed to learn that A, Butler, C. Touirt, a chance in turn to appear before ; \\'e elected by the various succeeding 1
lliera.Win. cinty democratic committees. i
Judt-vine. :M.
they have resumed, at Live Oak, the :Shackleford. Arthur Johnson, and address them. Then, after hearing I Resolved further That the term of I Iofi'e -AT- i 1

pcblicutiou ot the Florida Crescent" Frank Pate. John Crooke, : all, the club will meet and endorse of this congressional committeeexpire .ANDERSON'S.; ;
.. ..
the first issue of which from its new Carroll George: Fred Williams ( upon the declaration of the r-r--,
candidates and give those' endorsed : nominee in the insuing congressional
home has just appeared. Every Cha J. Burke. Albert Portless, I

newspaper uiuu in the state will wish John Anderson.Joe Febro, the solid support of the full i primary election.) ....:. /, _;0-"'._ '_ '.- .. I
(ieo. W. H. nif.ly, L. Schambeau, I The following motion was presentedy r ,
It all manner of success.Ci'iA's"rerublicau ; membership. The club rooms are !
C.f.--han: ,, S..f.H'A'art. H. II. Lewis, and on motion was y W. A. Crojke, F. C. Brent, I always open and visitors: will ,. ,
: form of governnieut" F. Maura. al.1 adopted: -s-:
A Quick Lunch
well be ways be cordially greeted. Resolved. That a primary election ,
may as recognizednow ; .
i as later as simply: a steppingstone Mother! Mutters!) Mothers: : !' I hp held: at the various precincts : >> Stationery, :; I I'l j WHY NOT DO IT HKUK- '
I have heard much throughout the counties of the third
not talk of the
to ultimate add permanent llowmttcycbildrt-n Great this teuton fe-I II' OFFICE SUPPLIES 'z
congressional district of Florida on .
> Our service is '
vt-rihU Hud conMipalrd, with bail stomach ? a rapid aw
I annexation. "Annexation must and bthctiu'Le. Mothrr6ray'e tfwect FUKJtrs I West End Democratic Club recently the1th:; day of July A. D. 1902.! for waiters, perfect mana emeii'
Wisconsin (or chilUrm will always cure. If worm, Owlurpust' of nominating a clemolatic Kevsoapen 2TId! Periciicab, *
cute, says a republican are present they will certainly remuvetliein. but no doubt the boys will get together modern facilities can make it
newspaper "and with it free sugar, Al all drupel :"> cts. hampirsmaIlyd I (' candidate for representative in c; TSE THE ?> ten-minute eater can appea-.
in of time
plenty to take
HtKK. Allen S. Olui led, apull the fifty-eighth; ron rps of the Tnited hunger without hl '
but if we do not want it to come LeUoy.-N.. I ,; Parker Curve" & impairing -
at the political tug of war. States to be voted for at the general; "Lucky tion.
1 ahead of time, us It assuredly will I I election to be held on the 4th day of "

j if we force the island into bankruptcy I J. B. CLARK DIED i Cevember next. Fountain Pen. :? The 20th Century
I I do believe my young friend :Scott Resolved further That the invitation -
and revolution by strangling its I BENNETT'SI rJ
of the state democratic executive ? ltestanrantjserves
is into ,
developing an astute
industries, the relief must be forthcoming .: )' ti. I'alatnt fit. IVnxacola.TPV *
I Iolitician. committee. extended at its meetings
LAST NIGHT I miss him from & a variety of excellent .
never .. :3GEOROF
now. I ield at Jacksonville! Florida, on the r > '--T:;- specially prepared and -;suitablehaty

-- I town, but every now and then I hear I "th day of April In'it. to the various -- eating.
SOME one has discovered that 1 -- Congressional executive committees Our wandwiche+ and Dairy Di "

while the country's population increased of his ha'ing'isited some; country hroughotit the state to operate t\\R\ are really delightful. j
Jame K.
I Clark, a well known citi '
committee in the holding \
with said state -
during the last Census' derails neighborhood, and wherever he goes ,: I'hone "71.
zen, formerly reading on East Oad of a primary election for the nomination r.I
22! per cent, the increase in the hey want him to come again. I'' of candidates for congress tie ,. Pearl & Blumer

number of milch cows for the same den street died early last night of hear my country friends saying and the same is hereby: accepted and
216; H.
period was less than 4 per cent ; I general debility. He wa a contractor : the chairman and !secretary of this Palafox Ht.
!souse! mighty nice things about :Scott, committee are hereby appointed; a e
hence the high price of butter. And I i
by and did
a I believe that I committee to confer with said stat
80; bet that he
yet, the Congress has passed and the '' stood buine=-. The funeral will occur money ommitteo. or any committee appointed Now Is Your Time
president has signed a bill for the will represent Escambia: county in IIY said committee for any such pur
: this afternoon.For i
: exclusive benefit of the dairymen the next legislature is safe ; pose an.l in conjunction with said

taxing "the poor nan's substitute : Oer Sixty Years.MRS. THE POLITICIAN. I committee to arranep for the hnldinz, 10 Ill v \
Ii II of said primaries together; and fnrMi
I !
: for I \\ IS LOW'S M.IOTHISW SYRCP bat I to prescribe rules and regulations! tint
'. sight. Such is republican consideration i II been used tor over sixty years by iuitlion_olinolhers Holds l'|< a"At Congrcl..man. I he government of the same: provide'1 r"; j
for the interests of the masse for tteir cbiMrt-n whale terthmg I that the rules) and regulations pr- / t
with perhetsuecrss. U soothes D Di
the child "
the end of the
I luftrne for gunib.itllayt nil l''ID'url'811'lno campaign, scribed ,by the state committee for tht GOOD WHEEL rlt CUFAPLadi' t
: THE editorial review of the legal : (colic and Is for list rmml.v for l arrbo.'a writes Champ Clark, Missouri's'brilliant government; of said state and fcnim-
It will rtrlirw the poor little sufferer 1w.medIately. cougre'man'from overwork ,
shall! he ailoptei lisaid
i status of primary registration i which f old by Unions In very carl I nervoutension, loss of sleep
of the world. '1".nt1.11\l' oats a bottle joint committee far as the same ale
recently appeared in these columns Ke sure you lI"k lor"M ri. Wiasluw's>\00tb.lng I arid con-taut ,:speaking had about ,
pplicable.Resolved ..
)'rup"lud take no other kind. utterly collapsed. It seemed that all h ( he.S""S !.\
4 turned out to have been prophetic of further That this ronimi'- ; ;;;,r ": ;
the organs in my body were out of ; rJ
action taken by the campaign shall in the of Tallahasee. .
; the tee meet city I IIt's ..
order. but three bottles of Electric II :\f'lIarc-! ran'1(11
committee the state executivecommittee ENCOURAGE on the 24th day of July) 1''.':2.:! for I zu
THE fitter made "ie all right It's theet
the of deriding and declaring tw- :'e .r-. r.nll.tr J.t:. I.

\ at a meeting in Jack*oll- > all-round medicine everold" what purixise candidate: ha. been nominated\ a Mistake w',.. 1 ".,. ... . .. .. <
over a druggist's counter. Over
': ville held almost at the identical for congress from !said! district, as
WHITE ro'ked. run-down and weak '
BAND men
hour of its writin;. There was !but shown by the certificates of the result Lace-: Crecan'guaranteed(

one answer to the continued assaults I I ___ and ickly vitality women from gain Electric splendid Bitters.health or th primaries by the Bounty *>x"<-u- First-Class Western Beef fog *.. y.. A'-. t..,ui.tr p: :. 'r,

f: upon the concrete authority fry them. Only 50c. Guaranteed by fire conimittees! in' each county in aid Is grade f'.r . .. . . ,
Editor l ..... and forwarded\ the chairman -
ajy > W. A. U'Alt'mb'rte. Pal- district. to
: 121 South: Not 25 Cents
and law of the state convention and of this committee. a Pound. 1l12 Columbia-) guarjnte for
Now tha street.
._ it.< creature, the state committee, by'I : Penacola: taq a first- !: ,; Resolved further That the amount four years, RuIng at -

those who would destroy the primary -I alas; white cu-ical organization, the Elegant china closets of the assppsmor.t of the mocratie Look at our Prices, :
; candidate! : candi-lateo! for congress
in its incipiency. and white or V !:
system public should them L ; .
; encourage ;
tyf''H. w I
I fort
sideboards and leather- : from said third district to be voted

that answer was promptly made"Let by I by giving them their patronage for said primaries shall be )Wt to the Extra Round Loln..l'. .. .. .. .. >c to ]ISc&/. 2 Ibcj<)' 1 i SIMPLY' ASTONISHING:

the campaign committee. us i entertainments: where the white seat chairs at ),1arstonQuina's J : hairmap and secretary of this committee Brisket and Chuck.. tc lOc

have Peace"- mu*icilns are employed. Low prices; easy I after committee conference or with the "air.ptien tho' state'executive nib Ramp Roast.. i5C loc ihc lac .IJE

heard of one usingFoley's ynlents. r.mmittee thereof.
any pa
You never
:M rsrc. Buy Wheel Work ha beg-
1 Honey and Tar and not be- On motion of Hon. H. H. Lewis of price

t imr !':..titit'd.Y.. A. D'Alemberte, Garden tools in endless'! Jackson the chairman and secretary are this cheaper size in the than In any. other city of the streets. You can si >
121 t>..l'al.ifJtret't.:
,I - -- Tonight l.arietyand at rock'tbottom \ were authorized to purchase what do have to pay more for our ride everywhere

ft Just before retiring il your liver is prices at the Willis Hard-1 books and stationery! may ho needed meats, and have to charge more
If you are thinking of moving.see si : c:>h, it of t'r. and you tee: dull to conduct the business of the ooniittee. than formerly, but it i-n't our fault. *$ $*
call bilious, constipatt-d. take a dose of ware Co.'s.BANNER. and we are selling a& low as we possibly -
Harry Hallmark or phone ; and to pay for same out of anv can.

251 and let him quote you price He Hood's Pills -- -- -- moneys collected from the candidates PARLOR MARKET F. B. BRUGE.

SALVEj for congress: I
floats in the city. And ycuTl be all right! in the I
has the best spring u.orniIlg.I the most hulinK salvo In th1 world. I On motion of Hon. X. R. Walker of; Phone 173. .J 11 If. S. Ben jf Son.. i

.1 'J w

...... -
,, ---,, --.y -':' T_ _" .._ s<, _, -- '. < _ H._' --- .- -- -.f




r "

C. O'NEAL, President; F. c. HORTON, Cashier; I

VlS'J..fOSHEE,Vice.President; Condoneed Statement: of te M. E. CLARK A't Cashier. THE WEATHER Wednesday, May 14th, $ ,



FORECAST-Partly cloudy tonight

RESOURCES. LIABILITIES. and Saturday with occasional showers;

f'. an: ?459,1T1.47 Capital Stock J200.000.00 light to fresh southerly wlcds. .BOSTON SHOE STORE.

ntnjid ,;. -t2, f.6.1-1 Surplus 10,000.00Overdrafts . .

2,534.33 Net 7E26.61 .... ..... ..... ......
r r. Bonds and Premium... ............ W.i>50.00 121,400.00 Temperature in Last 24 Hour: - - -

Furuittreand Futures... ...... .... ...... 6.718.48 75,000.00 Maximum..... .__....................... .... 79 degree TO THE PUBLIC !
I R *. 507.75 Dividends Unpaid..... ...... ... .... .... 1500 I. Minimum....._?__.... ......................72 drgrets
cat; and Exchange..... ...... ... ... ...... 152,893.84 Deposits 360,32060 We want to thank you for your liberal support and patronage during ./

Temperature Elsewhere: the past six years and for the success we have had, which enables us to ,
$774.262.01 $774,262.01 Mai. Mln. give you the most complete line of Fine Footwear at Reasonable. Prices

<. back opened for business, October 23, 1900. We respectfully solicit and I Atlanta... ..... ........ ........... M M) carried in Western Florida. To make this Anniversary one long to be remembered -
T your patronage we will giver Bismarck ..... ......... ... ... ......5* W
... j.infcs prumpt, courteous and careful attention. Chicago_ ..... ..... ....?.... '". .... 52> v; by you,
Interest Cincinnati .........'.......... .........7d 4 iHuron. .
on Time Deposits. Galveston- .........' ....._"" it $-Wednesday May 14th from 8:30: a. m. to 6 p. m. -Q*
..... _.. ....................M 4H ,
------ Jacksonville:l: ... .... ......._ .... .. N> ..
Kansas city _...... ........... ...M it;: We will Sell ANY SHOE in the Store at 2 5 per cent Ie>''; than regular t
FAIRCHILD side, but no further damage was Key West..... ........... ........ ... K! itS l'rki" Remember the hours-not a minute sooner or later-will these .
B. H. done. NOTES OF Memphis Mobile .w K fs 72 prices be offered. We have all the latest styles in Ladies' Misses' and

I Montgomery.........................71! 68New Children's Footwear. !
u rnOLSTERER: Judge McCullagh issued a mar- Orleans...........................M 70 Thanking you again for your liberal support and patronage, we are :
riage license this Milford Sew York ... ... .. .. ......_., t;* 50
38 EAST ROMAN STREET. morning to THE Savannah .....'....'._ ..... .. wi reSt yours for Shoes only, 1 l
I Beverly Griffith and Susie Davison. DIAMOND Louis ....... ....... ...74 :6*
and Refinishing furniture a j ---
c: t Work The
I marriage will take place tonightat BOSTON SHOE STORE

Specialty. the home of G. Touart, on Eat: ,

PboJ..10 403. Intendencia street. UNDAY'S ball MARITIME.

As fast Leaders of Low Prices. 117 South Palafox Street. I
as possible the steel rails game will be

from the steamship Hornby Cattle EX PORTS

R. K. WHITE, I are being stored on cars and the latter between the For Maytodate..y .. ... K'l.vll) Don't Let Your :!,
Giants andiStonewalls.
Manufacturing Jeweler sent north to different portions of jt i ,1
iathnlater AKR1VLD. Carriage Run Down
the system. A portion of the cargois ,I Brss Cynthia, IHK DeanSantos.to W 8
mill (raJnafe Optician, held here in order that the repairsto J, Both teams Keyser A Co for want of little" repair. Taken in I

the track on Railroad street w time, the cost be trifling. "A '
now have an i may
vutb ealcloz'1 l Pe ns'rol n.! CLEAKEI. "
which had been temporarily stopped, of Id-O, I Nor PS Hlrundo.' id. OUrn.by Prnacola word to the wNe is suflicient. We I
be carried finish. average Lumber ro. for Dundee, with! i: can I
v- ,----.,-- .r.... on to a which places lumber, i,5Dni: s ft sawn tml'r, value all its branches at lowest prices, !
i I $ 'II.II and warrant all work to be strictly '.
i I Early morning a message: wa I' .
them on an i art :
first-clasp. Make vehicle equal l
: received that an individual attiredin I "\ILED.I your
equal footing and ome excellent I|I to new in appearance durabilityand 'I
Nor ss Hlrutulo,DNt-n. DundeeATQCARANTINE.
the of had boarded
NEWS J i I garb a woman motion. Jobbing promj tly executed.
,: the passenger train at Molino andwas ball playing will be seen. |j ''j

I thouht: to be coming to Pensa- Manager Oliver said this morning !! Hoe bk Lima, to I'tneacola Lumber Coaxed Lest Horse Sheer always ready. !
l / J '' : : us Atlanten, lSrtf>, Svrnsen, Vera 1
cola. The sense of the message was I that he would surprise local fans in1: Cruz to Pensacola Lumber Co J. )I. Hilliard & Co.,
It CoIunibinl.M*. I'a rO\I1, ;
,- clay* at the P. A. communicated to police ollicers, j I i Kundays game by having a new man to order 'rRiGHT J

i ,,.-.. J :.. meet at Ssharp. who watched the train but did not KrbkJ H.Marsters, 592, Frank Belize to No. 30 East Garden R. ij
behind the bat-a man who has order _____.
find any su-jpicious passenger.;
F; r' ifr t i :extette will meet caught with several pitchers of national H
| A carriage: driven by a collec.tor' THE SHIPPING. I '
:. }'. A. Ct *:;\'J this evening. I fame. C. MEUX i
I jfor the Fitter Heal Estate Agency I i 1---1 ..
I' .' tu.: iirituuuia is being: over- !i collided with an electric car at the This man has offered his services tMIUA's WSINESS COLL.KGFO: ''j

1'ilul at -r mooring, in Palafox j corner of Gregory and Palafox to the local team and commenced Span "Kranclscu: Kcbevaena, to Gulf
streets yesterday afternoon and was Trall.lt0 A6oikt The Bar = Lock Typewriter. 11
I' i il training today. Owens will do the Br Hornby Castle, SI!I.AI. Gaudge. to Gulf for j
smashed to kindling wood. It wasstated I Transit Co
I l-! O.id-den Street Methodist twirling, and this will be his first appearance : Br Vermont, 2772, Osborne to C W Ha- BOLD ON INSTALMENT PLAN.: :
the horse became
somewhat I 1! german s
Sunday school will give a basketu1C for a long time. !
beyond control of the driver and i I SHIPS. New Machines \cliangcd for Old Ones. Inquire at Colic;;e. '
at Magnolia muff tomorrow. Nor King Cenrlo, i'ouUen, to 1'ensacola ,
backed the vehicle just in front of The K. I. K. membership will be I Lumber Co ,..

There will be a oox social under the moving car. No one was hurt. on hand to encourage the Giants in : Nor Agatha. 117K,BARKS Bjonoese to S K L Co Seasonable householdand All kinds of chairs and :
: '" auspices;; of the people of Heed's Ger AdfleM77, Lang hoop to order ,
Peder N. Olen and Christian Andersen the coming game, and they promiseto j 1 Rus .o\lblon.Ii\"i. Snail to M'" LCo rocking chairs at Marston i;
'apei[ M. E. church held at Kupf- : I i Nor Blrnia,U%>,Joba>on, to order kitchen utensils at the
:lau's chool house Friday night, Norwegian seamen who ; make it as interesting as possiblefor I It Uulseppu I) Albundo\ Hardware Co.'s.We
fiasco Kroi Willis .
1 were arrested yesterday by Deputyi
May ICth. the visitors. i RUB Hera list Hoggblom.! to S K L CoI -- --- low.
i i U. t.;. Marshal Whartou, were taken I Km Lima V7U Burke, to Pensacola Lumber __._ ___ ____ _
A conference with President. I Co will launder your spreads for
The Wage Karntrs' Democratic from the county jail early this morning l It Martlnln.722, /rno.toorder 15 cents each and make them look Subscribe to the NEWS loc per
Ih will meet in the old armory j and placed on board the steam. Northup was held this morningand Boyer Nor Mirzapore, 117,"). Johnson, to H H like uw. (Star Laundry. week i iC.A.STO jicf I

,ding tonight! to discu-s plan- for i I ship Hirundo. which sailed at day- he held oUt the promise that I \fataura: 11SS, Bruuegaard, to 8 P -
!!hotter Co :IA.Beantbe .
ker and debate ,
political at and j light. These sailors deserted from better transportation facilities would :i Nor Paragon 744 Busch to 1P: Kliolter '-=- ---=- the Kid Yon hail ARalt! 8016 61
.' I I Co .,. ', i: .r-\ 'I
iv. several | .
: and
I this ship days ago were .
obtain next Sunday and a :< l.". I \oJ
probability It Saint
Antonia de I'ardova,Ml, Quarto, :t. ,0/ ....)' I Signature 1l# :
I found by Deputy Wharton, to whom to order '.1:; ._ __. I
\ !tI.I, exists that the popular 2:30 p. in. Br W ldwool. 11*, KltzgeraMtoord ., : ; f"r:' l'l" ,
interesting meeting ,!la: complaint had been made by the RUB 1 -- -----
a in tln.Rt.lI."tI. Aallonen to S V ihotttr ," ,' G .' \;.. \
\\ ... ',iht, when two cati- master I of the vessel. dummy will be put on. The facilities -j CO HKIl.S. ,, .! I I ( .1\ .f--" C'q \ The man who owns his own home

: ,:. .N,:. !l." initiated after which have been taxed every Sunday 1 It Due 150rt'll. I!.. 144i>.Cofita, to order / \\ :.H V :; insure himself against lots of
I Things were decidedly quiet with ,r ; t trouble and worry. Nobody can
,.. SCHOONERS. r'-
will be served. but different has been 'o\
: 11.1.: a
I the police last night; only one arrest Ant James A Garrteld.41\1I.11111. to H 8 LCoI ;,, ." -' 40'-# raise his rent and the rent day has
.. been made. That made now. i I Am LlzzlM K Wllley.52! Hirers, to order '.' t.r. .'"1I'O'n--.. ,,=, no terrors! for him. It's easy to own !
\ nave committee the j i was a Am Mary K Morse, SM, Ne''bury, to Jno : .;: r'i'T" : -"
(sailor who had taken to, much A MerntlA Co ,?''':''':"f": : a home now-a-days. Thos. C. i
F' I I tii.ioratic club met last ) 1
Am Peadletou Bros. 7-12, Knetland to ; d Watson & Co. can tell you how
.. : i'ininati Arthur McConuell 'liquor' for navigation. A plea of Games with ont-ot-town teams l K M I,Coi 1 b.L t ,II j dtt't' easy It is. Call and see them.O.A.STOX1.Z.A..
Br L'nion.72, Koster. to master \ -:
i '. iiliii.: and appointed a commit-i guilty was entered and a Va line wasaa have been arranged for Thursday, ,, \' \\"f 1* "e, k* I l.it rE ;IlF '"

:- :i. :a.liin-- the club next Tuesday -eed.. The woman, Christine: UPCLKAKK1: > AND BAILED FOB YEN \\ I .. JfarfmT \ : ..
! May 22, and for Hunday, May 20.; 1 bid You Haim "lIcoftlBgnature
*.. Bozeman was before the for 8ACOLA. .. Bean the
i- mayor Helma will play Thursday and Biloxi i STKAM8HIP8.Krida \. : t ol;: 'J 1l \
,. breaking jail and running away, but Horn.Ger std London March ''I \'
"I 1 1'! IHt..rurieri now enjoy the I her promise to do better in the I (Miss i will be here on the :25th. Glaucue. Br, sid Madeira April 5iXiupirak. \_" c.. .. ..: ; of ?' ,!
,MILortof serving their patrons upon ______ u Bat ftpan. sid Bilbao arch .".' tr
i future no additional penalty was 8-\.0; E'larateTonr Itoweu rfh C'mcareti. '
.ttiri-tl in the regulation; shirt wai :t. Ask Your Uraler for Allell'lIl-'oot-I-uI(". Alexander Lawrence, Nor, 11M), Rosario :
J Candy Cathartic
placed against her and she wasagain March I A Han Gas Han cure constipation forever.
tly allowed by the department: ,, some e I0c.25c. It C.C C fail druggists refund mor':y.
i put to work on the city rock A poxdertor thefeet. Itcurs8 "olll'n.'orl' Anita H, It,:r.I. at TenerHTt NoVJOBimaKliere.
,r ti-r dunn< the warmuiniiier | HotCniluus.Aching.tleeating KeetCorns It. slit !'a'o'onaIarl'h: IPCognati !
I pile. and Bunion At nil druggists and shoe it't'2.at Mamcilles Ian 11 .
.'ilitll1.Kalk | Horcs.S>c. Ask today. line Mount, It, Mil Lelth Jan 12 i is the pride of a well ordered: kitchen. .
I What Thin Folks Need I 1 Virginia, It,sid Malaia April 1'' SAM KEE'S
'- millinery store adverti-e& a I : HCHOoNEKf.Geo It is clean and neat and is not only .
:ro.ulaug'htt'r sale of hats for !' a irreater power ofdi etingand THE H. BAARS ARRIVES V Jordan. Am,sid New York April:7Nellie
to.j W Hewlett Am, Hd New lurk the perfection of u-efulness and
.row and Monday. They will ell a;imildting food. For them Dr. FROM MOSS POINTThe April 21

\ t ind $."> hats for #2; ST and S 1\ hats: King's New Life Pills work wonders. economy as well as comfort. but an ...New Laundry.*.
t They tone and regulate the digetiveorga"n The finest line of sterling silver )
r f.t.uUtlo: and $ls hats for t"; and i
; | <, gently expel all poisons from gasoline launch H. Baars. goods and silver novelties i is to, be ornament as well. There is no
-apnr hatat prices from 49! cents i I i the system, enrich the blood im- found at J. I. Stephens'. Prices to NEBUILDING
:I owned by Itaar, Dunwody & Co., modern laborsaving appliance that ,
.,>. This will hf a cahyl' D'Hi't < prove"appetite make healthy He"h. please all.

is it.luite. j, only Il South 2": c.Palafox at W. A.street.D'AlemberteV" I arrived in port last night from Moss I I I -- can be compared to the utilization of NORTH PALAFOX STREET, ;!

i I Point, where she has been used in
an exciting runaway: occur- j buying with Gas I
Save 'loney gas applied a Range.
Special communication \ yo .oC North of Court Hoiis .>< ;
I on South Palafoxtreet late yesniay the timber trade. furniture

:. I afternoon. A hor-e attached j A of F. cambia A A. M., at Lodsre 7:30! o'clock No. 15, I The H. Baars is a neat launch and at Marston $ Quina'sGreat Pensacola Gas Co. Latest 111I111'11\1\| .AhichiiMT.>'_and !

: i vegetable wagon; dashed down !i itreet Friday night, :May 1C. a good sea boat. She is now moored I Furniture Empo- S 1'i rst-'la'... Work. i
: and collided with one of Work in M. M. degree. I !

: Parlor Market wagon, which''' Visiting brethren invited.HAKKY I 1 back of the. Pilots'_ office. rium. No. 3 S. Palsfox St.. Pensacola. Fli., GIVE HIM A TRIAL. !
'a" u front of the market. The :j D'C. KESSI.KK. Secretary. I Will Cure Stomach Ache in Fite ib

>". wagon was turned over on its I' W. )1.1La'411O I Minutes II I b

This is jut what Painkiller will S SaS !

10 10 .... .... 1 1 I do; try it. Have a bottle in the ..0.........*...*. j
..... .
.".... ... house for instant use as it will save G r. ....... I
you hour of suffering. Watch out ': ;. .
that the dealer does not sell you an ; Special Sale :
S Special Sale
A ....A'I'.... : imitation as the great reputation of'' .

Painkiller ( Perry Davis'), has induced .. 'J

many people to try to make ; of SKIRTS .< : I of SKIRTS .* : !
to sell, said be .
SOLCAHN&CO'SYOU something to "ju?t as .
: good as the genuine.
.N..N..NN. .. -
...... .
uV ?, ........
I --

1 .. I j Bathing in the warm gulf waters is '!
1.-- -- ___ I "
t conceeded to be the flnpst in the

world. Even-thing f,>rpleaure with ,
J.SMlTHFIELDHAMS..g I safety Good hoard and lodging by "
: 'I the day or week. Luncheon prompt-1 I

ly served at all hoar day i>r night II i iI .SPECIAL

'"- ------ --_ _: n' '_ _n. __ ____ :I,I CHARLES H. Bnnox.i SALE OF SKIRTS)! .
,."o.-"::: '. - I i 2m-tf Manager.IF .
,!.J.A ;

h and the best of everything generally ", 1

Kept in a First-Class Grocery. Store. (R i LOOKING FOR BARGAINSFor I Crash Skirts, Flared I Linen Crash Skirts j

I I .. J 1

$ ....FLORIDA AGENTS.... i the next ten days I will sell Flounce 50 ecach Flounced $1.00 each ; "

'A FOIL Tin you any article now in stock at a Qiambry Skirts Tucked i
f! I Dimity with 2 Rufles $1.00 each
discount of ; from J
25 per cent the regular :'

f. Abita Springs lineralVater., k price. Think of it-you will Circular Flounce $1.50 each I I'Black Duck with Two ;; .1

save f5on a diamond ring or pin, J
Covert Skirts Tucked
I $2.00 each
Rufles. ;
where at regular price it wuuld cost $1.75 each ,

|U(0. See ; you save 25: cents on 'Covert Skirts Plain $1.00 each 1
% Agency Nunnally's Candies. every dollar's worth you buy. Nowis j White Pique Skirts, $J.00 to $3.00 eac a

the time to buy your diamonds or -

*r.4 Corner Palafox and Intendencia Streets. watch or any other article in stock | .

very cheap. Call and examine .'

U& Telephone 178. .* j* Pensacola, Fla. = only good goods.ten Remember days.J.No I. STEPHENS.trouble this offer to is:show for W. J. & B. FORBES. '\

112 South Palafox street! I,

: 1
.f I"I t



-- L .- t .1 "- 'o," .'..rt .". ., ..i'F ,_-.. _..... .._ ......,-.- ...-._-_ r '""''',. __...4.,..'.""4. --,_-.. _. ; .-- .... __" _>.",, -=' .,.. -'

it .




------ -

.-- -- .-..... -
I .



WORD that word isTu.tt's [Original I : '

" "What's the matter, young man?" fii I! Why Bec2Ise.. ,

,.... '' ,
it refers to Dr.Tutt's Uver Pills and "\ s. there is. You'd better tell me.i: I '
Mebbc I kin help you." !i! '' 'I i of fi S Its component parts are all wholesome. : t .

MEANS HEALTH.Are Hilly: Stanwood. a lusty young fellowof : : 1 Syru p I It acts gently without unpleasant after-effects.! I: '
you constipated? I 111,
Troubled with indigestion twenty, was sitting! on the top rail ?' It is wholly free from objectionable substances. ;

sick headache? of the fence hittliau and IOQkn'tory ? :t 'II : laxat
Mrtigo? th bEs t familyIS : ivy .
z diSl'ollS/late. A man came by with a 'I
, J Bilious Insomnia? ? jaunty gait bumming u tune. lie was f' I'Ii{: j It containthe laxative principles of plants. i .

s ANY of these symptoms and many others In tatters, but his face: beamed brightly. i... 7, Iil{I ',{ ''J I! It contains the carminative principles of plants. .1))1 _

: iiulicate Inaction of the LIVER_ It was he who addressed young which !
: It contains wholesome liquids area
: ;
.b. ;;f It is pure
You Stanwood. t ,
:\ eable and refreshing to the taste. I
: ;r= [
There aln't nothbthe matter with ; "

V' P me." repeated IJUly.! 1, .. ,iI,I It is gent.e. I: .

Tuti's Pills "1 been a fortune teller In my time! Ji: 'r,1'i All are pure. I
It is .
,{ pleaalt. .
when I had better clothes. I kin tell :: I All are 1l cat IY ) blended.All. :!i '
all about it if jon'll let me see your 'I'! !; :' :' : .
hand." I :: r,; It is efficacIOus. All are skillfully and scientifically compounded .-
',.. ,', i' .
Take No Substitute. down from the fence and : .
Hilly got 'I
put out his Land. .: :' !:'!I l It is not expni\': Its va'.Ui: is due to our method of manufacture and to Ili ;;. II; .1
'1 4 .
PEDDLERS ASSAULT WOMAN. "It's a gal" said the tramp. ':::11; the originality: and t-iciplicity of the combination. I ,,
I' i- teal for Child-en .
_. !
-- "Waal, now "II r. 1

Strangled Her Because She Would Not "She"You're has wrong light! hair there.an' blue Her eyes.hair"an' : '!I'I, It is excdkm for blie. Tot: is l beneficial cfflct.- hay the genuine. ;f.:

Buy Their Goods. ;t. : I

Ti !on. tae :May 15.: ... H.M she eyes are black. : I.I -'
aust- "We can't always tell alout: them ,rt a : It is cotnensent for business me!:. Manutactured b} <' tK
declt .'d to purr ttase: any of tlutrar '
trltim matters. She's a pal .
'\\ <- >. Mrs. Stra'ider, who lives nearPraam's anyway.and q prfeetly safe under all circumlit3nces.
she won't hate )'ou. : :
turpentine .still. was diokwl "That's rL'Ut. So she won't. ; :: :: itf
almost ] l by millions of fantiiirs tit, :cold over. 0I
into msHibitjihty by two country t1x(
"ISut she loves you ail the same""Oot i mroRrf IA rD'p I I I
!o>itx-ih'lprs.! it wrong again. She don't." .
: It ftl11'ls hihest, ti a laxative, .nth physicians: ; !
Mrs: :;trauder was alone in the "11.t10 ;you know?" :' I t

liri'isf uh--n th. two "fillers ""Waal we was n- ittln' under a tree
( came
.. : ; If it have the best} laxative the WOrl tttl
use :
!her husband twin away at his woikTli : back of the barn, liD' I said, 'Now. I : you rou San Francisco Ca!. i 1\ .
*- I"| Idlers showed their stork ofJsvelr nvkoti I hain't gfxxl crouch fur 'nll: .! ,r t.. ; praluces Louisville. Ky. New York. N. Y. :I:f I I:: t. j
; :111
> aid nth.'r small ai tides. :Mrs nn' she sal-J 'Keckon you ain't hilly: : ,
Strauu.-r told them she did nut desire T ilt'!! I said, 'Wt-ll, Nan I'ci goia'! .;: 1 '. t'K JiA" i1}' ALL LEe h1.V', 1>RI'<,iJ-T.a .\ I. -

I1'J1Inil' I alai a-comin' lure 1:0'
ro main ai.y pnrfi, u es. They insist! ;, -- I Ii
j i more an she s.ikL 'Gi ckon you Utter ., .- '
I I:7
-tl a'd! again she deelin.'d She then j ji : ._ .
come Oct in awhile: ; we been surhpoo :,; _
>r.t,'re's l th-m 10 /leave the house. !Jnt'' :. '-."" ..' "., ,' .. '. ....,.; .,... .. ,. .. ..... .. ._ : -- -: '. . .. ..
l friends.: I got up fur t'l :go an'valktd ; "': ,.. .;...:, :;. ...::: .::, .:.. .:;,.:. .. ... ...:. .' :.'..... .. .'. .'.
m..It'ar.; im- was sfi/ed and poked! | seVert '
\ as fur as the gate: when shealled
ly. I IWh | c me back. "Ain't you pot nothih'! f
; I
n her husband! returned home atBight to say before partin'?' 'What's to ire ---- _._-
-- -
Mrs. Strainlt-r portiM' the oc-: !;aid; l' says I, walkin' back! to her. if
In'u'e time Billy Stanwood passed t I Dangerous Neglected. I
urrtnt-e to him. He at one placed ;: 'Coodby,' she suid. 'Good)'.' said I.utLiu' THE NEW GROCERY STORE.
Burns and othet woundsoften
without even a look for the red boust cuts .
an dearer the \ else? she asktil. 'Notliin' ,
ujion tra'k of th' as
two or the girl in the ;yard."huller" I fail to heal properly [if neglected __- -_ ___ __ _
m"a, and arrests followed soon after 1 knows of.: 'Well then, you inigLt, o-0
cried a voice behind him. and become troublesome sore*.
at this [ilucp. as well go.::; That's alt. i ;
"Oh. Hilly, come Witch Hazel Halve preents -
"Where does she live? backl"v
The too nun jjiaouii'Ier| arrest "What fur?" such consequezcrEven: WILL MOVER

charged wth! the deed ate Noljf "In the red house yonder. "I doll want you to po away. I was where delay has; aggravated the in-

}" oist' and Elias Munsapp: : The alter "I tell you what you do. You gc: only n-foolin' this mornin'! Come back : j jury DeWitt's Witch Hazel Salve: Keeps a Complete First-Class Up-to-Date Stock
home an' put up a bundle: of clotbes'IIU' fleets a cure. "I had a running' ,
tie of this section are ninth \HOlIlht'1 an forgive me. I hadn't oughter: 5
in just an hoar from this time walk sore on my leg thirty years," says; !I of Fine and
"\ over the ixvun throwed you off when my heart war Staple Fancy Groceries.
eiu e. and it the trial i by that red house as if you was H. C. Hartly, Yankeetown, Ind.
brines our that the mon under anestare somew hm-s." h'olu'I'I' your After nsins many remedies I tried
the: jni.ity; parties there is som Hilly west to his home and the Billy dropped his bundle and ran tc DeWitt's Witch Hazel !*alA few ,No.. 30 W. Covernment St., Salisbury Block.TILKPIIONK .

fear that serious results the fence. The girl leaned over the boxes healed the sore" Cures all aar: '
may follow. stranger sauntered oJ toward the red i
top rail, and the stranger from behind skin di>eaePiles yield to it atj
--- bens He barearms I 1 I
--- pa.-sed a girl: with
his tree saw one sunbonnet covering once. Beware of counterfeitHar-
Knoxville Gets A., K. & N. Office her dress" pinned back and a sun !' is' Pharmacy John : l 'I
t,vo beads. I g
?noHillt>. May 15.-An o'licul!! firmlir bonnet covering her face. She was The next day Dilly was nt work hoeing nay Kahn. -herX'ardI'IJ-1'. ICE AND WOOD.

annnuiiifs that on :May 17 the of hailing! clothes on a line in the )'ar.1. r -
I i
potatoes when the man in tatten
bees of The somial manager, tr.iflumanager "Could yon :pne ue a bite.?" hf'lIl\l'lll i came by."What. Chronic Constipation Cured. i iI I WE EXPECT TO SUPPLY A MITH I.i \OEU 1T.ADL
"1 nisi had nothin" since y{ t'rl1:1Y." i I
secretary and treasurer of ': port of a fortune teller do you; The most important discovery; of THIS :SI :MMPR
.it- Atlanta. "Sartin.: Mid! the girl. She went irtc i THAN KVE" II.. fc"t HE
KiumilKati>i Northern reckon Il.*.'? he called to I'.illy.
recent cari; i the positive remedy ,
the house and 1 bioucht:; out some bn-ad )
railroad will !b+ moved from MaiMta.Oa "You're the fortune teller fur me every .
and meat, with a cup of milk. The for constipation. Cascarets Candy I SeND US YOUR ORDERS NC1AL.
I ? in Kc.ixville The g 'n'rallas.. time. You kin work on this farm
Cathartic. Cure
stranger i.irtnok if the meal, then said guaranteed.
Bender and lVi::ht agent is already lo "1 ham't got iiuthiu! fur you, but 1Lin 1 an" Late a home here 'a long aa ;you ire tablets stamped C. C. C. GenU-I Thompson Olsen & Co.
rated want.
h -r The Atlanta. Knoxvilleand ,
1 tell jour fortune. in bulk. Druggists; IDC.
i North. But the fortui.e teller not made
rn was recently purchasedby was I IiEI1'IIERtbeC&Plaln.o..nen
"Kin you? Manresa Street
the Lo'iiMill. an.1a"h'illp for 7i'. He passed on, iumminj a I releT hone 11'.
and "Yes. Lit uie look at your band"Taking :

after the extension. from Kiiu\ult! > to the hand, Le btudied it care- lane. ACATII.Y W. ODELL. _, u nor Vi-rmoat consignees will of the b* re'l lir i;

Jelhoo is built it is t-xpected this city fully for awhile, then said: J I! Foley; Honey and 'far i tc peculiarly of(.ponsiblelordebt* eoatracted TIME TABLE.
by the said vassal)
will be the division headquarters, of "This! line mean a feller with praj adapted: for asthma. bron- crew \V. OnBORNSc j

the line from Jellioo to Atlanta. eyes an' sandy hair. This little hand! chitiand IJtar,1PlleV.. A. WlIa&erman.t- Co. I'aptnia. LOUISVILLE AND NASHVILLE RAILROAD.IN ,

., line means dtM, ratlon-that is, he's ic; D'Alemberte,121 (<. Palafox s-treet. Agents. l.iinu : EFFECT DECEMBER: I. h"l

a |peek lit trouble.! Mebbe bas in lose -I Know One
One Term Annually In Atlanta. t fnre llmp<1y New Orleans and Mobile.

Washington, May li-Soon alter This line says jou're ,pom' to do some-: Lran obot.nate: c".J, lie name b PvuvBtdsm LauiylsAgain -- -

the senate convened today a bill was thin' )ou'1I regret It looks like th .antll19 Brings 8400. SOI 4. I o... Sn?: 'I f\ o'
MU-r's( in love with you. You wont New 1 7 15 a 12l.m'tl'ti p Leay"... Penscola..Arrlve (I'! I 0 "
York 11 the ;
May -At second :
passed providing that the circuit court 11.11' a l '.r p 1.11. a Leave_.. tloma.on..n Leave 7 .
of appeals of the Fit!h judicial circuitof !have him. an' ties poln fur away. | la> it tin sale at Christies of the Para FJ 11:01 a i,:: p i c..i a Leave .... :'!ubl.. ..Leave I .. :$.n'l 12 IS I n I 5" t P
The fortune teller was occasl"nnUs; e FPh4iIm AwmnJ I -_ ,::::.p '_2: a Leave. .. N.'w11.509. 1..aVf 7" p ..!', a
thf United States, shall hold at least work of art collected! by Sir Thomas ,
looking up from the girl's hand to Lu North.
one turra annnallv in Atlanta. Ga., benning Gibson Carmichael, of the Castle
face in which he could plainly set I.W.HARPER -
on thi. first Monlay of Ucto- Craig. cables the London correspondent iti 1
satisfaction at the earlier part of tht No. d. No. 4. I No. 1 So. ;
'. of The Herald a picture of the 11aMp l' .I'jpm I Lsav' l'.n'acnla Arrive
r of ca h jear. information and anxiety at the last KENTUCKY 4pm !s:'\I'amf:15am
\ 4i; pm Arnv. Stoatgom' :y ...l./-ave 1I.15am i, '
Madonna and thUd 1\.1prK
pair.: Prom LIT face he cast I glances by Sandro Root IL51'am 9ipm -\rnV..lIlD1l.iIaD1.I..ave \.Iam
This Will Interest Man. up the road and Presentlysaw Bill} et-Hi on a panel 1 3x:01nches: : was sold WHISKEY 103 p In ::1.1" It m I ArneNaivttl.. L.."V" 4'Spm; i
to 2:111: am '1:1.a m Arrive ... Loolnlll. Nave 1)15 ;
quickly introduce! II. 15. 15.I.otaiiii1 for p m .t; am.
Manwood coining, with a stick oui fS-1IIV. ; U:5vam Arrive l:1nclnna1. l./-u. '
( Blood ]'>aliii). the fallow his Miouldir, from which hung! a bun _. Odd IlIed... I 7a0am- -.J 1:91 I p m.n_' Arrive "1 Loile 11\". 4iupii 4:15 pm 11.11'I-p pm m
Southern Mood: (cur.. into new
h'lI1p*. wi- will --end : l0lutely free die. TFW'ELINU IS DANGEROUS. r&IP.. PENSACOLA AND RIVER JUNCTION.KICK'S .

!tl(15J tn.It l trettlll"tit9: l.ot.tmc: : "The sandy haired young man '. Constant motion jars the kidneys UYJ3.

Blond Hilti. tt. li. B./ quickly cureS doomed t'l great trouble. IIc's:0:11: which are kept in place in the body SO.-Z1-lJaly- No. s-Daly I-No stop- "'h.11m!' not IbO'I'D I So. 2-Day! So is-Darr:

f old\ nicer-. -crofiili. "et-zenn itc'mig ai..ong strangirs, where Le'll not I lIE by delicate attachments. This U Sold iiy DamlieissEr Bros. lla5 pm 7:1)1 a .m Leave ... P..n\acol.. ... ...Arrlve-I-Ii.S--) -pm"-- -'to}- II-
the reason that travelers; trainmen, 11:15! night 7t.I.: .. .. Bohemia ..... p
ekin and Mood henna. cancer, eating able to find work. He'll!: get: sick nnnolKwly .. loIfi" e. N '
--- lie t} 7:1" ..... Yr.Jl'.tra ...... "
car men teamsters and all
; fptentu'ors.loilcaibunolei:: to take care of him. He'll!! l.. h:1 7:11: .........J-scalllbia: ....... IJJI1! n!\.'.'a
1 l'il1lplf'; or otTen-i\c ernptIAn paiu,. buried in the potttr's1 deal an1 tht-re'l who drive very much sutler from 11 3'i" 7'.5 ..... .... Mulat .... n.. NI I. i.i
in b.n..r joint*, rlieunnti-sin, catarrh kidney disease; in some form. Fo- LODGE DJHECTORyKNIGHTS l2to 7N ._ .... Barn .. IO;:l.' :,:.it'
be no headstone to mark his grave ley's Kidney Cure strengthens the I: b) 1:115 to .._.....G.:t'sty ......... l'II1)' 6.-
: or any hl''hiII' km troubleBot.tnic 1:'M" 1\0.: ........... .Milton .... "
!: nt UU"
TIe fortune teller cast glance 6. 'J
a .
and :
Blood Halm < B. It. 1 L'. heal kidneys cures all forms of kidney 1:1') am. _.._ioort Range ... II .
every *ore or pimple nuke* theblood the! :girl'sjes! and saw teases there. and bladder di"eae. Geo. H. OF PYTHIASPenw I''j',., '1.n" II ........... Holt. ..n.. .. ., 9dtS 4.S 4.LS: '
>ur and rich :andtoji all t "The last pl -tur' 1 s+'<." he went on Hauau, locomotive engineer Lima. !::!I) 9.:9 I "' II _.'_ Mllltgan .... 990 '.11"
j -
%:: I" MYM I" II ........ Crr4tvIMw ..... "
col Ixxlu4, Nn. 3, K of Dit 4"'J"
0. writes P.
ache and p.iinHotline liloodJUlmdi. "1'1 your huntin" fur the grave of the -Constant vibration of 3..' II M64 II ..._...DearLsad./ ...... : 'i" H.>lt"
l II. It. thoroughly tested sandy" haired man. You find it. Thererou the enjrine caused me a great dealof meets every Monday even B3"! \1:11) II ._. )10..y 111'1 M:41 ,11"
trouble with and I lag at r.<>> at Cattle 4 11'I" 1)'I.'i II _DeFaalakNprnit.! Mali "
fort'ear: to lu l my Kidneys Hall .U"
and '
i -pita1 ..
privatepractice sit wepiti' rot relief until I 1. In the Blount: -. Waioi 4:1M; ," IU ........Argyl" ... 7u II 2.1"I
sad lia- cured thousand-f no used Foiey'sKidney ; \ 44; ) \ .7' .- .. II I '
While! the stranger was drawing thislugubrious i Kalldln? third! floor. ; .Ponce de Lean 7\I"\ %:II'!
Ci'e< given up as hopcl.--.. S.ld ;it Cure W. A. D'Alemberte, Visiting!: brethren! oorll ll; 6ui: J.JIU I II .- .."etVltll ._ 711 I. 1bi .
drub -tore. Jl' per Lirgd hottU.or : picture Hilly: Stanwood was 121! S. Palafox: street.1'jnyHnnam welcomed. Ii 11'1"' IU, .. ..... Cluyvillo ........ 7:1? h 1:41
; drawim; nearer. : M. CAMPBELL, 6 :ii" H:e t I _.........L'ondey... .. .. 6.55: IT" j'
free treatment write to Itlnod Hilm I'.Piievrn Right Away I 'I H. : C. ( 1\1"\ 19:47 h... Cblp@y! 1Ifi") L" 4 I
Co., ;Atlanta ia. .Medicinent! at 1'on't see no ulcer miss! said the tad Hoa9LBSR.N. 1\\0)\: 11Ir. II -. Cottondala.. ... l\t1" 12:44: 1I1'10!
once, prepaid. De..cnhtf trouble and 1' former "lltvkon I'll co along. Sorry j makci-:a steedcad- \- okouju sad colds.SCHOOL :. 7ul II 11::'!j" .". .. .....larlatla. ... .. 11:('4 1..It..
7:' ) 11- ... "
frt a medical adive piv i
llahr. H. H. 15 I givi liferigor the uttels you give me, but fate 1- 7:5'S 1::05 noon ... l'Ilead4. ... 5:21 II loal: "
and -trt'tHth! to the bloo-l. The fate, nn' fortunes is fortunes.. Coo,! At C. "', Thompson's No. U South $2.00WILL 1J:15" 11:1ii" IArrive.Rv"rinnetlos.Lave 61' 1":1': "

finest !flood purifier nndn. 1'... anic It)... 1'aUfox. .

c Blood 15.1 hn B. B. It. ) givea i "(':In't vse do notliln'! to change; out Resides; the standard lines of stationery PAY FOR THE l WEEKLY: MCIIEUULJi 1
healthy Illoduppy to the"kill :Uld have .
we in tints, with envelopes AT.z.--
fortunes? a"ked the girl. FOR STEAM DIVISION ;
entire syteui.CA.STOr.TA.. to match : ,
i "Only by chatigin' our actions If loyal Crystal Bond. : Jacksonville ** PEN3ACOLA ELtXTTHIOTKUM

our hearts are hard. our fate must U Hurd's Holland Bond

Leantte 1.66rI19'1lacetAIMSfJL' hard. If we take pleasure! : in worryitpeople : Ladies' Art .Stationery.Foreign HAlLWAY COMPACT.Tralni .
we must expect the cons Mail. Etc. Daily leave PeniaooU
ru'uv: :' MetropolisFROM I I for the Lltlli
{.-LV/-I. 1c..4 U 'I U"lIt'l'S." Arti-ts' Material, Office. Supplies II I sad Bayoa.Blg< Fort Harraacai Bayou. W at rrlnjton,>aY7 Yare

The stranger departed; but. reaching Memorandum Books, Etc. NOW !
i MIDWIKKHV. a tree with a convenient broad trunkI All new and bri ht. I l\rJ.. m.arrive at Fort Barr ne.i fU. m
1'):'>J a, m arrive at Fort Barrancai la.w a.m
---- -
I The underi.jnedtake-itii-" I to hnje behind he waited and watched Medical Society, Attention.--- UNTIL DECEMBER I 1902 1:00 p.m.arrive at Fort Barranoai 1:44 p m
I of afleriuir her services as a dn zr rzzWILL I 8.'to p. m. arrive at tort Karranoai 4.15p m

CM-cli* iicen-ed midwife, having CURE CONSTIPATION.A. There will be a regular meeting of Restaurant *":<15 p. m, arrive at Fort Karrancn ':00 p m
j 8:})p.m.arrive at Kort Barraacai R:U p.a
t had 35 year experience. A Herren. Finch. Ark., write.Fuley'd *. the Pensacola Medical Society at : Covering the entire scope of the ;! Trains leive Fart Barrancailor rent-
Can give be-t of references from .' the Board of Health cola at
Honey and Tar is, the be.tprpparHllU at 8 : Political
Campaigns of tIe Year.
leading physicians: ; of this city. far coulcold I ,* and' I o'clock> p.m. Tuesday, May 27. luJOp.TlSa m. arrive at Peaacola .. 4:71: a. III
I m. arrive at Pen.acola.1144 ,
: lung trouble. I know that it has, Vi3itin? pnysicians are cordially I AGGRESS t:,w p. m. arrive at Peniacola .,_. l.tip.D p
1 Jltf 111 South DaVilhers Ht.Foiey's cured consumption in the first fruited to attend. i I 5:>H p m arrive at fooiacola .... 6.t3pm
'tags:." w. A. D'Alttsberte 1 DR. E. F. BRUCE, : CARTER & RUSSELL 'I'I( p. m, arrive Pentaoola_. T.iJp.
orders *
' Cure promptly S.45p. m. arrive at Peai oolaFAKK 1:101: p, s
Kidney \
:Palafox street.:! President; I PUBLISHING CO., I 'Hatardaysonlyi
5 ICS kidneys and bladder right.JtOTlCK. i filled I i I FOK Will LAT8.Peniaoola .
In Kncambia: County tir-uit Court, state or r r m25ttf Secretary. JACKSONVILLE, FLA.
,Florida., In Chnacet>. II I to Yore Barranoai and re torn 462
1 UUVJ v .""n tUVU h I Peaacola to Navy Yard and return_ Kt
v*. I Peaiaaola to Palmetto Beach and
I have been authorized to take Gorge L.'ooke.Joanu. Dehner! I i ESTABLISHED 1862. the market 1CEIDDDI.when .
l' .1 cription forVm.. Jennings1.van's Anton l't'bo"r. MorrU Bear.I I
"The Commoner." IU Administrator or Lew14I I affords waatber permit tbe ranalng o
paper Bear.de.eased, John B. open coacbe!
The price is $1.00( per year in ad mean Wm. A. Bloant. Live! I McKENZIE OERTING & COD1A.HM ,I Leave Peniaoola. Lv Fort Barruiu

vance. Those desiring the papercan I'Uullerv Co. a corporation I ., Private 1 a. m. 10 a. m. i
have it sent to them by sending and J. M. Pe.5r aria: C. M.i I a IH- 0 parlor for I'I lit. ra. u m.
Jones as executors o! Anna Ip.m
xl IAOto the undersigned.l Mesauerdrersrd.On I : dinner parties. I p. m I Jp.m p. III.I .

H. M. ROCHE. Mond v, ihe! :nd day of J tint!. A. D Ship Chandlery and General Hardware i I Spin p.m.
r Car Daily News. l" CthedrlrudaatsGw.rge L. "OOk<. Jo- : 4p.m p m
anna ""bnH.oton.* Pehceraad the! Lire I p.m. ( p.m.
citrvcY tJ47alrTtc wI Oak l>istill.Ty I'ompaay a corporation. 80S AND OOS s. PALACOX STREET r ip. ait Tp.m
are required to appear to the! bill filed PABI POBIUPDAT
ia.iist them herein.TUis AGENOY ANTALMIDYTbtR feaiMoIato Birraaen flay
I :' order to Ill' pullh.bl'\1 once each II ee'i! : REVERE COPPER lard and retnrn____ K*
consecativ* wert in THE: DAILI CO.'fc Paniaoola to Palmetto Beach andNo
. i, Nawa.anewpaperpubhhd ia atd Fs- GALVANIZED WIRE ROPE. A. RU88EL: BON'S PCMPS. tiny Capsules ire superiorBalaam UUIrD.-_ __ U.

110.k..4K 1 D.yrY sl... Cler juibis i"&I flrcult!county l'O1rt.ol.. M.Escambia MCMILLAN County. Sum Siri.i Piiiti, ills, liitleil lutriiiits, kirts, hkin, liiln \o1.o.:btU f ta lot/J.lajectioni'Copiiba" Mt frelcbt received after 1.15: p. m.

Gctluiw stamped C. C. C Ntvtr sod! In bulk. HorU: By B. H. Braros. i COMPASSES LOGS ETU \Thtj cure la 48 hoan&e .

Beware of tht dealer "*<> inn"to i
"jomtlhini just u toed. aaJawtw, elation. : : Q enta9Ylt1 Oe :CGITS
J I r- --- ---- -..--- the Willis Hardware Go's.


..w '1r

_""7 ._...,. ...... "_'''''' ,,",..- ._.. ...."... __'". 5 '1'.n' 'r' ,.'"" -....> -- "", --to- 1I

f ,I ,
r h
: M




SLEEP Operators Refuse to Grin Any of the !

Of AN INVENTOR I !! New York Miners', May Demands.14.-President CANCEROUS ULCERS I,r

I Mitchell, of the United Mine Workers. i I

!Original.) bas been in communication again with .

-w\v: Fairclukl was an Inventor. I Senator Hanna over the long distance

tv' ..J vnrkfd a munl,. r of years FOR BABYAND I telephone says a Hazelton special tot t develop sometimes from very trifling causes, and when and where you would least expect

,: .,. .rl.J: : ;s anj'tiling; of actual The World. '
them. little
I A boil, or abscess, burn, blister, wart, tumor, mole, or the simplest pimple
I.:.. u lie Lal'l't w} to fall In Senator Hanna wanted to know the ;
,i be the beginning of malignant frightful looking Cancerous Ulcer. :
point a
1 ,,'r>- i* iHrtLinj: to settle a man very smallest concessions the miners may :

>!.-.&.Iy i-nu-iical effort 8') mucli REST FOR will agree to. President Mitchell is j! Apparently there is no difference between a Cancerous and Common Ulcer when

,. ,. ..11.1 I iiiarrlasf. The first in- MOTHERSSleep said to have evinced a willingness to they first make their appearance, and for this reason every ulcer, no matter how insignificant T
made after his
U -t!I'ardl.l L,- told f''"r $3tMi. On tLlsV' en- call hr trike off if any concessions :( or harmless it may seem, and all slow healing sores should excite suspicion and cause ;

'L whatever were made by the operators.It ;i alarm, particularly if any of your ancestors ever had Cancer, or you have good reason to ; iI

\ : .r'r-ht'p: was a sinele room on is understood Senator Hanna at- I J think your blood is impure ; for the sore, after all, is only the outgrowth, the external :
communicated with the leading
I : rtu ir in a business Mock Itj. evidence of blood and check its until the tainted
polluted nothing can cancer
operators and met with a curt progress ,
;j. 'lL,'re he UMtl to po at !<
:" ? ::.; th! inorniiif! and w"rk all refusal to grant any of the miners' vitiated blood has been purified. Ail efforts to heal the ulcer by means of salves or other

,.', .! ; S.- iicn-nti.ms. In a fey inmitli* ii demands. external remedies will result in failure, for such treatment can have no possible effect upon '

t. t I. .; !*'riWt tl a uuu>)hiiu> which lit I i the deadly germs and morbid matter that form in the blood and are carried through the ,I
V ".-.; w.niUl luakt- his fortune. 1I*
.. .i v r.fiivllvnt. niotM of tht Negotiating Loans for Havana. : circulation to the sore.MOTHERTWOAUNTSANDONLY'A. 4I

:i:.1: .. _t u .tI*!l. M lib >>rass fittings, keep: I Xew York, May 14.-Former Secretary -I .1

'i' a '.r<.t and Itx-kine the rnotli1' for Skin Tortured Babies and of the Treasury Carlisle who is : I SMALL SCRE CAME ON THE WOULD SCAB OVER, BUT HOT J

I/:. u Rest for Tired Mothers, in here says a Havana dispatch to The 1 .
t ."; when imt there, so that nc : SISTER DIED OF CANCER INSIDE: OF HIS LIP. HEAL.OFTHEBREAST. ;
'; .1 p-t ut it.Vhi'ii.. however, Warm Baths withuUcur4 Tribune is said to be making negotiations I I II

.. ... : ir '"in.e: to n-k fur a patent : for placing a loan for the city I I About the f.rs-t of rtv.ruary, iSg* I Mr.Jno. Massie.Owcnsboro.Ky.writes: _

t.. -\ ,s .'.:'. r!,..-d that the Fame rna of Havana. He is a large stockholderIn bad a Cancer on my left .'rend, which I noticed a small '.im.p vuuc in--.ue; of my I About three years ago a blister came on I
: i .id I"'t'll irf ected a few days thf: National Bank of Cuba. The caused me great pam for th.ee. or four lower] lp. 1t an.nvfil I tle conMlCTU l ; the right side of my
At times the .
'.I ro. Palma loan amounts to $$15OuO.O> ,7f' :_ years and the doctor C".I..III.e.I. ant!1'ii a few davsshooting 1'no" It pi ew Mcadi- ,
were deep ;
.... '. Talrchild's disappoint! '''; pains >d 'I I. 1 ut shiTtlv arter anr.ther : I\1nfp1telol.letTo! .41"
.t \ :'Iq with the privilege of Increasing It to The ulcerdUclurjjed it trop-H i :.'
r.' ', :t ;:-n.-it. r was his surprise that $2 .or.O.oOO. ". yellow and cne :! ,broke into an open sore, and in | to heal it up; the paiuI t;r""' '.

? .. ... .,- !i I.III ta-en working on tin YSOAD 'ti_ 'k:e ; rather offensive' matspite of the large munler reiiiedies I I I at was first.nottry but increased!se\ere ; r". ) .1 i :
'. .. :i'. -. himself alllut the! sam< "', '? ,.-,;,.... .' ter I had given: up tried, v.outd nt heal. I tlieu went to I I; when the sore began:: _. ',. ,

t ..." r'l.'lt-s! l he Applied hhnsflli Col. Andrew P. Butler Dead. ,, \ ..-.....:..._. ... allhlpt'a..theIoclors another. "nl he .gi\e me *" :':ethipjr to : to inflame and discharge ", '.'
,. -d. uie Ill) n-hef. put < :I thetre, .,:. ing I.f'it 'id I not cure '
:, V .\lI'i ill the course of a >i.ni.'iulty Columbia S. C., May 13.: Colonel<'l -.F... ... ".... -,, gave tt At v
heou.d the I i hisf.tdicine.
:'IImother cut :
.- two M re "II use
'. r : ready fur patent And gentle applications of Cuti- Andrew Pickens Uutler. .-- $ times the place I would .1"
: Tu years of I .'t'., 't aunt*, and an (..nl5IS. t.t ruti-.cd no j.'nt.f.t. I de- f't- I
: \.1 11t !Ls: niis-huient to ti'H'! cura Ointment, purest of emollients ae. has just died at his home in Aiken I: !" JQ' ;:.. -"r.ter-:: "' #.. died of Cancer of Cjtir! d I a b'uMid punflorva<- \\] .it I ncoiUd, | scab ocr.iid appearto I" 'i. ;.
be well
1'. II'.-'i suine one had p
f I ::1:1. time he U-win i< to be followed in severe cases by winning rank from a private. He was J /) ,.1'/III-/ that I, too.would p..nng rllltlly. w.th snrrie pain and a drop I off leaving a 4 4
.. been : have been crawling feelitiirt:. fir't S S. i
'. it plans copiedn gOne criepin" 'I ,
mild doses South Carolina's | red all looking'ucer.
of Cuticura ResolventPills. firbt and last
done ? lie corn- I butfnr S S. Ifeitsomebctterfterthe S. seemed to ruike the sore worse. but
\ \\i-\\? so ki-pt
\ >
: had of
This is the mUsioner of agriculture ; first bottle and after bot- this and after I h.nl! taken : I almost despaired ever
.. ...:>*.da! : a safe In his shop am! most speedy, that department ( IIMDS; only seen soon chanyed: t.
permanent, and economical treat- in which he did so much for tit', was curet. This was several jear:> t se\en bottles the place kc.ikd ent.it-ly: ; I jcurinjf the Cancer when my attention
ideiice f the -afe
'. v a. i." t\ < e\er lulled S and, after
agricultural ago but lu\e seen no signs of the Cancer I my general liealth impro\ an.ll am as was to S S tatinjj a
:... ," : I..-. n penwl by any tine except ment for torturing, disfiguring, South Carolina, being since. I would urge all who are uTeriDg j well now a-, ever and no si.i: ;" of the Iii!>- I few licatles the Cancer began to gradually .

:.:- f. I i.' rmje au ins-pectloii of tliauiw itching, burning, bleeding, scaly, abolL-died by Tillman in 1S&0. from the disease to jive S S. S. a trial. I ease hi\e lutn sci.u siace.Belton I grow sm.iller.: the discharge stopped, and :

,"',!- to las: shop, but there wa* crustedand pimply skin and scalp JIo. MRS. JAMES CASSU.L.: Hollands S. C. \\'. P. FROWN. j I1 was relteved ot the terrible disease." ;

t.:. .V one door on which he had jilacW humours, with loss of hair, of infants ( Negro Gives $1,000 to Institute. j

.. :' i-t I'.it 10 "tie would be likely tr and children, ever com Tuskepee. Ala.. :May !.".-The largest Cancerous Ulcers can be reached only by a renicily that acts upon and through the ;I. .1

Ii"r"' uas nothing almt tlir pounded. gilt which the Tusk<.Jti"P institute: : blood system, aud this is just what S. S. S. docs. It goes to the fountain head of the disease, : ::

II: t!. ,t .: allY tvid.-nce of having Mil.i.iiiNmn I'tori.i- "M i in II KI -Ii 'I', has ever received from a negro was I and drives out the producing poisons which cause the ulcer and purifies aud builds ,
(..-.-h t.u:.i!>. r'-t!! \\ tilL IIv\nn'r. I'furtIIIJ..II. a-rt-I.-l h\ U n'l Kl ; ,_' II.i --kin, f..r ,'IraiiMiiir II.. re( ei\'d recently from Robert F. Hdp- This is and
( : \ ._' .,tL' platw and anuthei c -' ,11'0|. ant ; again the deteriorated blood. the only true
thet"'ii. ,1 i,tlliiiK) h.nr for ,
| | / p..tt. iiii'p list of N.
ui'iid.! e*4t> i.::zit! I fore lea\in litpliKtd u Iilti.n,1.[, aii'l MHitlilni rt..I, r.tug h, unl ....r" Ralway, Y.. who sent a I logical treatment for sores of this character.By .
the door and each luii'S. aii'l) f"i -ill th,- ,..-., th,- t.ill.t :, check fur $lOoO to Prlnc'ipalllooker T.
a M-a1 "ii on j'"q '
l'ilth.mllIur'n'; -...t ""I1I1'.t'tTlf'nl :- the use of S. S. S. the ulcer is supplied with
"f tt...- two wndows.! TLe sals wi-rt V OA rill i'Mh.f.iraiiii\III,;l>rit"".."., Washington to found a permanont !

I"'I'r broken t'Xt.t'lJt by himself when 11111.111111I11"6.lIIll'Imlllll- |wr9.irfltt..ti.| In waIttfor.'-,t.K> (ice u or'<--i-nu\e..tIe!itIte I j, scholarship at the school. liaptist was pure, strong blood, which quickly allays the inflammation "

!1.0' rttiirm-d to work in the morniu):. wt.aI.ii.-,aii'l turttninyantlvt',ilIIU."I'IC formerly A slave Virginia.. and forces out all the irritating poisons, and allows the

-ortlwt-bs w hen he applied for a pat- .ur.e'SoM thmnthuul V )hdl the r"\OhI wn,\!.| 'tiggt tour/ :!Sic tIIltflClVb.. OnmtJOr !. I sore to heal naturally and permanently. S. S. S. acts
--.t on Ln next machine he found thaiLr I'lLLs 2C. llntu", i-p..t: :tf.jn: ,('nrrhaux I
f.trestall.-il. Ixindnn. >n-nch I*pot: .5 lIuo d<- 1 la 1V", Par.. !'vI' Two Rural Routes for Pike. also as a tonic and where the constitution has become
.u.11,01I I ,
tin Ultt'u UD luui. Cunr: Sulc 1'1'01'0-0 lk lon.Rgiiiii
ll>>lilni! > to get rid of the trouble by -.- -- ----_..1 I! Barnesulle.! Oa. May 15.-Two rural I debilitated and weakened, it restores vitality and strengthens the nervous system, and helps :

( '..niKlng his! shop Fairchild rented I free delnery routes will be established I the and S. S. S. contains Potash other minerals but is
to the suop'anuNat in tne uarlc. appetite digestion. no Mercury, or ,
i. room in another building. Here here on July I. These are the first
It was a forlorn hope sittitig; there' I guaranteed purely vegetable. J I
wachi.'ie. < the
:i Uiade new ii\ins I ruial deliveries to be established In ,

; ianh to his lawyer, he awaited the re- tlie with window.only the It dim it naithItt i perhaps! gee II aca1n u'cI.tkviri !':k*> county. Those to be directly benefited Those having a chronic ulcer or sore of any kind that is slow in healing, whether I

.. tit with fe\ervh! anxiety. The r&'- sie !'t'l1l: t.) feel sleepy. She (, are delighted at the great con\ea, located upon the body or internally, will receive medical advice and such special information, I ,
; *Irt euine. as \\ ad U-ell l.nt"IIIt..1. sli.mk oil the temptation! but des-piti iencts of the s>) stem. Other routes are 83 they desire free of cost. Book on Cancer and Other Diseases of the Blood sent free. '

1'y this time he had sM'iit[ t'\'ry cent IUT i-fT'Tts her ejes became hen"y. j pending Investigation and will probably -I THE SWIFT SPEOIFIC COMPANY ATLANTA QA. :
: lit'r-ef! to keep awake. >
:She pinched i
be established later.
ad reeehed fur his l;rst, in r.'nt ion
tlll'rt.'n;; a flash\ so blinding! ;'
:Suddenly : :
l.i.l made uutl.htlCITI'. A el.iM -' ----

1 .-.'.I i )born to him and his iiotvvi"i that she was forced to <:1t). e her eji-s May Die From Snake Bite. | ,WHAT IS FOLEY'S KIDNEY CURE ? I I
second. and when she THE GARDEN SECTIONo
a ,
> < '; were Increased. Tin're Albertville Ala.. May 15.-Bernard j
Answer: It is made from a -
them all was darker than e\er. prescription
','!112: so Irritating; so weartlr Moody while gathering flowers at his .
Mr- I'alrcUUd waited awhile so a / of a leading Chicago pftyficiau -I :
. :\t some m.vsterluii.s ZJt:r- hcwne at this place was bitten by a 1 I and one of the most euiinent.
not to l1lnu any one. then stealthily! left '
'' is taking advantage! of 51ake and la in in the country. The ingredients
now a dangerous
the simp and. pu\uy\ : to the nearest police con t Pensacola Florida
li-a\in him and his '
:; tom 'I are the purest that money can buy, ,
r --, that he at last blokenTis "iie.: told the ulk..rs'Iht: : thought on !: and are scientifically combined to -
t h.r.tvere robbers in the I building value.V. I
\ prostration. He ; get their utmost A.
where her liu ; :< di\e t airency: lint as ,!
u- the 1ihtNt clew to of them accompanied her. she having Nasal '

I '. I had n.) money to pay ; the ;jrood !-t'n.e to warn them to i i I The finest line of umbrella iu the I Beautiful Lot'for Sale.
-. r .. mutter followed up'' iiakf: ii search with great caution. Theyseareheil city is t.. J. I. stephenGo lock

: t.. take the case. csery lloor. at last cowing to In alt Its tiKtt there at them.
-v ,
40x137% feet at from $75 to $200 each accord-
". ,. i a' 'in spirits sank his the one where the shop! was located.
1 .. :
". !t. ; ,' I'M !'.. was no way for any I above one below. There were but I 'IIIe@.' ,nt e'lItJllIe ;8 -

-. .. .. !puns! except, at the two rooms: on a tioor and the men directed i the! dll.... .,,,I lut'IIj.Jrine, \builders' hardware at the Exceptionally Good Neighborhood, Beautiful View, \
I. -'rtst"" 'rhalidt! veq .,
their search to the
1 J 'MI i.1 to keep a watch: rear room tht IA.ai I High Dry Fertile Lands.
a Cu.' .11
.y ,
-' i !II.! r iUb3Itlva ti>o Uuk of the shop. The door was locked 'I''''' )'. Willis Hardware Co.'s. --- ,

,. -"I j '" n, ik.u new imt-ntuin and there was no appearance of a lisht ('r.-. R.il-n !.I" red Into the ixvnri's, epeidsnv
., .. withint Mr<. Tairchild's tin The grandest opportunity for investment ever :
t i. \I' o u a IMICUS [lInn and t..tV. request the! membrane and u &l.-orl .1. le.lef uimi -

1 !.IM: I ,. !,,i..1.| ] While! it was 81)t poliei'man "bioke open the door. Direct! i,, uiiituteainlai'iirefo.loua. I'' m i'.t 'irymz-.!<>... offered in Pensacola.

,, '"' ''hH.-tion; 'i tS. Tairchild. ins; a bulKeje lantern into the apart i "I produce .'1"1'<:111::. Laree S./e. Sit cents at Druiiit ;- IIIDNEY plSEASESi ._ __ n
or liv nn 1 Tr.al SIZe, JU ccntu !> nmtLY .
". t'n' : i.ttle one in care of ln-r incut a uiau was seen cowering in a ; } Borne SeekersShoukl See These Lots.
liltoTilElts.Varren: !ret.t. New York.
In table! drawer found ----- --- -
corner. a was a
nM. \\.tit t., the hol. She enilth.ly. -

'. : : ,:, : : s
,. CM.i.ird.; :She sat in the dark of Imi.slu on the table camera.. .-V.Clubbs
Near the celling in the wall between
'.:_' |>.i-i IIIUllliht. but 1':1111"th

''' .,1.';i''il I. Tne t.f\vniCht she wentMere the room and the .hojl3'1 a hole so iiop KiDKEY CUIE ti iIfsrutiil Corner Garden and Alcaniz Streets. I

--- cartfnlly made and Mi.ppcd when not WI 811M ,

UM-d that it would never be ob'enedmilisx
I : i- Ilitir.- eatii-rh: in thN .t-e- I
soiizht for. I I Iluld.n! : ; the li:;ht to .
-. III the ,'''Ulltl'thall. all! ittli-r,. KC. BKEXT W.M.H K OWLtM. W. K. HYKR. JR.. J.r!. KEKHK, I
I Xr! Ka.rchild: refunded. Contain
\-1' I'ut together. ;uul until the p'lotiiuraplis recg. Importers and Dealers In- or money Fresldett. Vlc !-Pretid Dt. l'aHbltr.'u't Cashier, :'
'., l inil nid' .it once picture's of her husband's remedies eminent
\v p'arwa.' -tI1bitltM.I i to >e recognized by -
I>.. !F"r a frrc.it many: ye-ir model Chinese and Japanese
the best foe
l c.il di : The man WlS arrested and confessed physician u
pronounced it a ,
I'ui pre-crihed\ local I remedies, tlt! lie had been photOLTaphin' ; Fa:J1child's I Fancy Goods, Kidney and Bladder troublu. First National Bank ;

.. constantly f.iilin;; to cure by : ti'odeU ever since the In\vntor 'IlICI ... aM 11.&
.iliut'iit.I proiinuiiced I it I ill'i"IU't' i had btvn making: them by means of the ,
:>, lu-s pron ca- 31 South Palafox
[tl.-iNhhirht !proee< of photujmphy. lit
'H. ;i ,titlltioll.il; dic.le.Lire OF PENSACOLA. FLA. ;'
; Otlice. -- -- ------ .
wis .nu\tiled a'ui a.i;' of IIK patents Laundry 1'ensacola Fla. --
r-qtliI i ili-titlltiiitl.il I i
: )lI.tlCltarrh\ Cine.Mi.ii were trant.."rretl t. > r.ni.'lnld. who is NOTICE.Dr. DX _BOTon !

: liy F. J ('h"IIt'1.' .. t-iiertuoio.-ly t n filth} PARKER'S 1t WM. H. KNOWLE8. W. A. BLOUNT. F. C. linEN V. 2. HYER. JI.D. i
1 i' 1111.! i ithe only con-titu- f \lll: I'. FOLLlot :\. .
G. H. Tuttle f
r ion tlie nurket. It i i.illy i- Otam brautiiiet the ht! I I

".: in do-e (rout 1(1) Trne to !\atnr.A ... __ 1'IHlioUI N..ier Fail* loiuiint to Uestor'10111"* Ora'. I

':"' It actili- favorite Joke in cheap! theatricals It.J ".Youthful-. a bur Color.l Jui{. IrCurti.p Dr. J. G. Heard, min! ad mnU laD B l ad : I

-\-t.-i.i.li'ood' and They miicou.ur olfi-r onei Is a gay old man who is running .-- ,:'''&1 ineta.a j DENTISTS. : z 1 u glA. ,

after and
; : around theouns prettyJirls
it fail-
14.any la-
1 ior circularand te<- It's not tiue to nature. Young Every Woman.iVrfu Itonms 7 and 9. :Ma otiiu Temple.Ml .

j l't.I ...-, and, pretty pirls soon tire of an old Jp,. *5, A branch of >urKical. operative and t W"We draw oar own hills of Exchnujce on Orett Britain, Ireland j
.y s Is Interested and ilinaM know
I CHKNKfe: C,'.. wan They do not pay turn any attention at-lit the ) 'b IIII' Dentistry performed with technical Germany, France Austria, Italy, Holland, Spain, Belgium, Russia, Hoi i::

T"led"Ohill. a no say things: that hurt his feel- ,. NURUL Whirling Spray 'kill.Special way. !;we1en. Denmark and other European countries. I'
t TLIewtgI..i.rl-. I.i.-e. attt-ntion irlv.-ii to flilltlren'i. I .
; -
.1't' -- -
Inzs. Old men are rarely gay but they I
't. :1) a. : t. 'i i. tt.t--ai. T....Ih..old, and Porcelain
--- Killlrmrrowu
larVesseb DIsanrsecJ
ate usually \1ious.-At'hlson\ Globe. and Bridge Vork.ie.t i I apon th. Most Favorable Terms, and hel) I
Obligations Taken Payable a' Port of neetmatioii! Ten or Fifteen Days
AGENTS WANTED. ik ,",,dn..I.t r.plt .., Material : Competent Kiiupiiirnt: | after Vessel Arrives there .I
If ti I. :ipn.'l iuiiiuy tt.8 \ I _
Like Man.
a Urotvn'ng '" \IU H.. ai-i-ri.ino Telephone. Ci''S. -- I
Li" m I hi- .. othrr huitin ,aiMp' for II- "Safety Deposit Boxer for
Or\VITT TALMAGE, "X Five year-;.'i) a dieae; the doct. linttat Knk-Miir4 It gives i. I Rent in Connection !
,Will J lAI.MAtiKi ; .': ,-ilb-.1( dyspep: took ,such hold 1n. pOii1r.ar..t'li-flr'' In."alua with which we have.. Priva Auartxnent for the U.
f'irisiiHli II tral.I.ratitiage : 1\1 la.h.I,;,." tRI IJ..(t!.. .
Mirth.it I ci.nld si-arcely ofRentern.
: sro.
1 \ f.iliulv .' :-e- (it-. :S Mar-h. well-known Room ate Times Kldg.. =-.11' 'i orK Tge[ BeWis'ey .
,."..nt' who act UicW- :... ev .f Nocona. ftx.1 took ._- - ---- ,
\\. J MI* iuiui.'.lialelK >'
qUI.it)1' of ;i*>p.n and other njpdi- ,
l L ": '. \ .'22 S. 4th St., Philadel- ciiieh'it n 'th : helped tne. A* a PENSICOLACONSERVATORY '

:.........___.::_i i i- t>:tu>-r. u..Vii,lliii' drowning mai' trabat a traw I I WE WILL FURNISH YOUR HOME FREE!

grabbed at Kojol. I felt an im- ij ( I r ijf MUSIC I .

provi-ment at once Iud after a few % f- Bi'iii Wm It lo'otrar..1 h.,fr.r) onr h' n4.
in.r.oo fr-. bottl- am sounduid well." Kodol J __ ., amiwlnt' N-ati'ift imui.' >*..rrlumiis u*- ffAnTIlh:, : rTTTLRSfr J
'If rt tt ud
\war>lo l at Parl* ithe which E. U1L CHAFFERS Director.! we ir. e r r "" J 1.
only be.
preparation exactly ,: And tne Beat Liqnort oars''''I' u f ?! ,?, ?1 .iimi -i*w'.,lj t you,
reproduces; the natural die-- of all kinds served by pun or t-i,jwrof li ,fch ,. ':: :. ;;:.1, .rp?' y r> **t1,uic.t rU :
tlve juices, and consequently i is the Polite and Courtton .:,' to"' .' "

only one winch digestany; poodfood Piano Voice Culture, Viol'n. Pip \ttetld IlB. *l.h..OCt.n -< ;.r u"' .rjii.n't,.. Kn. .....I ..\' '.. l'.rv'rt: .
and cureany form of stomach | Ur au. Cornet, Mandolin, Guitar vflrywT'w'eSI; : Hll*.. a..l .J Jr' lJUtlf III"art. r,_. ,''&\I'. | '"< iaI.ake
lit-.,:- I w'.ufc.,.aofuyiilUix; .. .
iff ;
trouble. JlargiI'turmacy.. John Cello. etc. FULL MEASURE AND I w. a :.11-1.1..... IMonrr "pla ru
Sheppard. :Sidney Kahu.pQJN.j. t- fct'''ts iMHiiifn.mill's: -.I
Director Peu-acola Cor cert FIXE flttlllN.- It, 'If> !Lf d ,,, '
ANo : IJ'
L- '
-- -- P.RI'T"L'T.. .
.. : .
... JIt'I' !
; 'I' J ,
1 ;
.m 1' ,
mDI ;{ifj
-a"" wi ;
, WINE CORDIAL : 1 .r I .! I ; ,J : (p
Elite ?
n< for curt nf Pc'nfsJ : : and SMOKE DA.NNHEIS8ER BROS M." I: \W I' ........ "

L( Ctn, *!IOe \ourLifeawajl aid String Music Furnished AOKXTS FOR THE CELEBRATED .. r. ,I. rei.. t-. )h. .1, r" I,. a 1.-ri-. ... 1\ a..... to' / '
ea! te -gi-cn* : 'I t4fl4.. .. .. '1. ... .. I
4 D trn.ty I.
d* : f cnt > I)stem V.MI can te cored of any form ot tcljjjc'i uirg on 't /II j i.. '!.l" t\ isa AI r1".I. W 1' t., "j- '
...-''lr lit' made! "well ttrouj, nl'\l\PI.. f'I..1 ill; Occasions. I I. f HarDer Whist y. ta a t.wa).. 1.U. ... w tn. -aL. ,,- I' .... I. In, t! e ....... ari'0". wth U. .
; 4 rup ltre.untra nfw'hfc and viffor by taking MO-TO-BAC, H. Palafox :a d..lJl. Mro, A"'I.,, lUlI.JJl..l II 91\O'J fffI. laYing U.. It.." tI.t'J. !
M ain House 401 street.
R IS that mal: s wr.1. men siroug. Minv iji.aten AdlreE'cambia Hotel.Studio .
\ IL rounds in ten days Ocr 5OOOOO R. K. Exchange: p. Union DepotP. SALVONA SOAP CO., Cor. 12th PInE Sts.. ST. LOUIS.: MO. :,
clred11! tr'Jg.i'I Cure f>uarani". Ift ai-J advice tUKE AdJre's !' :'.F.1tNt.kE4EDY .iiri I.
Jhnrch. Phones 116-268.:
CO. CLaajjo cr ='t w Yotk. O I I I I I


.., _y_ """" '''' "" '0 _.._,", _=<__ r
p ,
,_ '
-- ,, ,- .. m ri --. ,_ ,! :-., -- ,
...'. "
' t



-- _: !



n The regular: weekly shoot of the
Dixie Gun club took place :at the
Kupfrian's park traps yesterday, the
- A. 11. Jones of Opp, Ala., is a guest CETS )
badge being won, after a struggle to
at the merchants. 4
settle ties, by J. M. Mnldon.
J. M. Coe will leave Huuday for $2,581.90. 4 )
Maurice Kaufman of the Peters y4
Atlanta on a business trip. i }
j Cartridge Co. and W P. Markle of i
The Misses Griffin's dancing class i
ball (Special to The e9l's.Tallahassee I the Markle Lead Co.. were guests of
will meet at St. Joseph's to-
night. May 16.-The follow-I I the club and took part in the shoot. 4 >

Mr. and Mrs. N. Bernstein are ing official communication from i! After the shoot a fob dinner was C )

f. visiting friends and relatives in I Commissioner Agriculture B. E. served under the supervision of 4 )

Milton. McLin to State Comptroller A. C. Albert Riprra, the chowder king. )

Senator S. R. Mallory is expected i Croom shows how the money derived I The individual scores, at 50 blue :

home from Washington next Ion- I;, from the hire of state convicts rocks, were as follows:

diy or Tuesday. i ii i I for the fiscal year ending; April 30, "'. K. Robinson...... .... ...... ...45 4 )
of a dollar is what you
Miss Lillie Taylor of Mobile is the : 1902 is to be divided among the ?evi V.J. Vidal.... .... .... ..... .... ...45

guest of Miss Daisy Hyer on North. eral counties, the share of Escambiaj : J.M. Muldon.... ...... .... .... ....15 can make by buying your I JUilliam loljitsou & Ion.

Barcelona btreet. I I I i I B. Forbes.. ... .. ...... .... .. ......45 }
I IJ. I ')
being : Geo. T. Morgan.... .... .. .... ......41
r;. Dowdell and Walter R. Woodof Shoes now. Cut out this
Hon. A. C Croora.Tallahassee; Kla: B. Beers .. .. ...... ...... ... ... ...36
La Fayette Ala., arrived at the Dear Kir In accordance with
:- Geo. W. Turton...... .. .. .. ........40
Mercnauts last night. section 11, 4323, of the laws Ad, bring it to the !!store 4
/ chapter M. Kaufman...... ..... .. .. ... ....4(1 )

Miss Mary Holliday of Cottundale of Florida entitled, "An act establishing F. E. Brawner... .. .. .... .... ......42! and of )
fine and forfeiture fund in on every pair
is the guest of the Mises Wood at a M. Maikld...... .. ...... ...... ......38i )

.'o Kist La: Rua street. the s-everal counties, regulating.: the i i T. E. Welles.. .... .... .... .... .....33 will 4
shoe )
payment of criminal cot authorizing I $ you buy we
W. (. Batey will leave Saturday a special tax for said costs and i Shoot on Ties for lUtlge-25; Kirds.'Muldou )

client for Tennessee with about fifty providing for the food of prisoners'aud .... ..... ... .... .... .. ......23 refund you 4 )

negroes to work in the phosphate ;, hire of convicts," approved Forbes .. ...... .... .... .... ... ....21 4

mines. April 20, li>'J5: I here hand you my Robinson ...... .... .... .... .... ....21 )

The Epworth League will give a distribution, by counties of the Vidal..... ...... ...... ...... .... ..21 t )

bay excursion next Tuesday even- money derived from the tire of Iuldon wins b3d,?e. 4 )

leg. Don't make any other arrangement state convicts for the year preceding ; Team Sh....ta-:5; Birds Eaih. 4 )

for that date. It i iHmith the first of May, 1902! as follow : i FORBES' TEAM. }

1 Alachua: ... .. ... .... ... .. .i Ss7 21''
;heritI has attack ofrheumatism : 1 2 4 )
I 4 : an i Baker .. .. ... .... .... .... 1 S2 250:
and unable Forbes. .. .. .... 21 21 4
today, was )
Bradford.... .. ... .... .... 45264
i .... .. ..
this to leave his home Vidal 22
morning on :j'Brevard .... ...... .... .... .. 3-tt 82
.... ...
Kast Kaufman 2.; 20 :
Gregory street. 1 i Calhoun .... .... ... ...... .. 143: 42
Turton.. ...... .. 20 13
John Rielly has given up his position -' Citrus ...... .... .. ...... .... 3nS 13 4 >
Beers... .... .... 13
on the tug Wm. Flanders and Columbia i( ... .... .... .... .... 8.52 91 ,, -22 trig,

will accept a position on the dredge :Clay.. ... ..... ... .... .... 4227674S i Total...... ..101 103-204 yyyy yyyyyyyyyyYVVYVVVV>
All in
Coin tock in a few weeks. Dade.... ...... .... .. .... MULDON'ri goods are marked
001 : TEAM.
I -- -
A. H. IVAleinberte and Thos. F.I i De Soto ..... .... .... .... ... 71 64 ,
j 1 Vli Not
and wife I' Duval.,.. .. .. .. .... ......... 6.06'J) OJ' 2 plain figures. > r
returned last
Wrightou Muldon ...... ... 2) 21i
from Jacksonvillewhere I Escambia. .. .. .. ..... .. .. 2.51 O. W v
night ... ..
they j Robinson .. 19 23 make ;,
attended the Gadsden.. .. ... ... ...... ... -312 93: 'i!'
grand lodge, Knights 'Morgan.... ..... 13 4J1
.. .. .. ... ...
of Houor. Franklin. 3 53 66
Welles .... ...... 21
I Hamilton ..... .... .. ...... 497 40i 13 thisONE
.... ....
Brawner 16
J. H. Fuller and daughter of Na- i Hernaudo .... .... ... ... .. 1110)1; 17 .

dawah and Miss Haznl Slaughter, I]I HilUborough... ... .... .... 1, l6j 0'Ji| Total.. ... .. 94 100-194 I

and A. McGowin of lUewton, arrived Holmes ... .. .... .... .... 2JIIJ Team shoot-15; Bird. $ BARGAINS 4 iC;

t in this city this morning and j' Jackson.. .. .. ...,. .... .... .. 1,<'21) 32 FORBES' TEAM.'Forbes .

registered at the Merchants. Jefferson .... .... .... ....... 3 3l 37'' I
< ; . .. .. '" .... ... .... .. u''
T. C. Eton of DeFuniik: secretary j Lafayette ... ... ... .... .... W3: i-5 :\1 orZ'ln.: .. .... .... ... .. ...... .... 13 I
of Wilder Lodge No. II, J. (). O. F., '!Lake.. ..... ...... .. .... ..... 539 81 Vidal .. .. . .... .. ... .... .. .. ... 11 II(

H ntre today arranging for one of Lee ..... ..... ...... .... .. 10306'Leon Kautman: .. .. .. ... ... .. ... 13

the l'enacola teams to ...... .... .... .... .... QUARTERii
degree go to 1,13 00
Total.. .. .... .... .. .... ... ....
DeFuuiak about two weeks hence to :, Levy. .... .... ...... ...... 2V 61 I j jj 1 i
initiate ten new members into hid !j Liberty ... .. .. .. .... ...... 3tf bt MULDOX'ei TEAM. i, EVERY DAY :
lodge. Madison .... ...... ...... .. Muldon. ... .... .. .. ...... .... .... .. 11 I :>
I 1',1; ; Beers.... .. ... .. ..... ..... .... ... 9 I II II
Deputy Marshal! Carrol White I :Manitee .. ... .... ...... .... 110 53 Turton ... .. ...... ... .... ...... .... 7 iI I,
took a vacation lat night and 'I Marion . .. .. ...... ... ... 1,095 W Robinson.. .. . .. .. ...... .... .... 12 - -- -- I I II S:

enjoynl Monroe .. .. ..... ...... .... 471 a T' I
the dauciugat Magnolia BlutT. Total..... .... .... .. .. .. .. ....3'J II
Nassau .. .. ..... .... ... .... 4 IS 9..j : :
During his absence Patrolman C. H. ': I
j i Orange..... ..... ...... ... 374 82'Osceola : The club will give a tournament
Barter looked after the night cap-I) 0-AT- I
'' : .. .. .. .... ...h..... 190 ;M I | July 23 and 24.! i'I
tain's duties and the ufYl'ill.lJIce of'
:he other policemen. I If Pasco ... .. .... ...... ...... S'2 j:3:; Languor: and weakness, due to the I!: Meyer Shoe Co

; Polk .. ... ... ...... ...... 37>< 36; depleted condition of the blood are :

Stand Like a Stone Wall. 1 Putnam ..... ..... ..... .. Tit 97 overcome by Hood's Sarsaparilla I

f ... ...... .. 'j'
Between your children and the i'Santa: Rosa. 32921Sumter :: I: the great viulizer.: IIC

tortures of itching and burning ecze- .. .. .. .. .. ........ .. ::::3F 81Suwatinee I II I i I
t ma. i-caldbeud or other i-Km rtiseies.How .. .... ........... W.07: Everybody has a right to a little Feet Furnisliers fur Cah Only. I II I l. FRIEDMAN

t, --riiic.x?Salve why, earth's by U-.IUK greatest Bucklen's heal-i 1 rt. Johns .... ..... .... ... 5s4: 54'Taylor. fight piece for of this it. They earth.must But; watch they must their I' .. & 00'8If

i aicke-t cure for Ulcers Fever ..... .... ...... ... 11 9-j i chance to get it, and get it.

.re+, Salt: Rheum Cut, Burin or Volusia .. ... .. .. .... .. 101373 i Thos. C. Watson & Co. 102 South Palafox St. (

,; .!Hrui-es. Infallible' for Piles.! 23c.it ; Walton .... ...... ..... .. .. 354: 21 have: some particularly fine bargains -- II(
; iil South V. A. H 1'ai.ifox AIP1nbPrtH's strnet. drug store Wakulla. .. .... .... .... .. 141 S3 t to offer just now, and they invite --- ------ -- -

Washington ..... .. .. .... .. 3:1 S3::I vou to come and investigate same. Water coolers that do not Ell'7

3 RELIEF FOR CUATAMALAN --- You 9Jr will never regret having done waste ice, at the {Willis{ 4RACKET STORE. @ : '

ar a Total... .... ...... .. .. .? ,010 9-1 r --- -- -- Hardware Co.'s.'A. i I
i EARTHQUAKE SUFFERERS Yours respectfully. If you wish the very lest 11( ,

B. E. M( LIN.Commissioner ice cream freezer at the

t I ------ of Agriculture.lletpal lowest price, the Willis I' Wade & Son

Vice (.Vn-ul Vincent J. Vidal of Hardware Co. can pleaseyou.
a (freat S rret. '
I Ouat.imaU tai, issued an appeal for i' mmmmmmm ,
It is ftcnakadhow suchstartlitcures REAL ESTATE *
donation for the thousiiuileft: fc
i that puzzlf! the bf'-t physiciaus
liointleby the earthquake which.t."tro.t'd are effected by Dr. !sings; New Discovery i'
Rental teats aii Honey@ Brokers
I two Uimtunulan cities for Con-t utption. Here's the OPERA HOUSE ,

April 18. Every charitable l'l'n.t- secret. It cuts out the ph.lesm: and US \V"t..t (:\eminent St. I!I..+.HHNlI.N....+...............*..........+..+....
germ; infected mucus, and lets the ij 1 *
coliau Should!
suhscrtlHomutluiig. .
Donation have thus far been nude life-giving ire: the blood.oxygen It heals enrich tfce and inflamed vitil- Wednesday, May 28. I: City, Surburban Property and f $ J 0.00 Suits : $3.50 Shoes :

as follow: cough-worn throat and lung*. Hard

A.Greftihut. .... .. .. .. .. . f Ilk) colds and htubhorn coughs! ..oou Ben DunhamTHE Timbered Lands for Sale. I Ii Ie eA&
for | \ |
yield to Dr. King's New Ii i | $6.50 for
Jake Lapps.. .. ...... ... 2 <411)) the most infallible remedy-cnvery.for all l I $2.50

N. Gonzalez. .. .. .. .. ...... I (k) Throat and Lung disease' Guaranteed : WORLD-FAMED ACROBAT.AL .. ? .. ..
f \\'. J. & B. Forbes. ..... . ... I (K) bottles ;50 c and |1.Trial\ ,I Rents Collected Prompt Returns Mad !........... ...... .................:

i Morris Bear .. ..... ... .. .. .. I (O) bottles free at W. A. D'Aleii'berte's.' I i 1

,; Cash.. ... ...... .. .... ... ...... I 121 South Palafox street. THE BEAUTIFUL Ii i l Valuable City Property>> ImI S ..

r 11. L. Hoc h. .. .. .... ...... .... 1 toW DOUBLE I primal and Uiiiinproted + .
Caeb.... .. .. .. .. .... .. .. .... .... I 00' CRIMINAL COURT for Sale. ,, + ..

I; Tick Apotle.Ca ..... .. .. ...... 1 (00 IIi i Florodora Sextette, I I i An*Arabian Proverb. t

i !.'h.... .. .... .. ...... ..... .... 100 PROCEEDINGS i List with Us your Houses for Rent. I
tleo.T. Morgan.. .... ..... .... I 00 a I
P.K. Tornoe.... .... .. .... .... 11)1 PROF. E. O'L CHAFFERS' BAND.)I We Guarantee Satisfaction. ,+ I

Chris Thiesen ..... .. .. ...... 1"0 t> In the criminal court lat Y : I
Cash... .. .. ..... ... .... .... I 00 : night He that knows not and knows not that he knows not, I
Carlson & Lind.. .... ...... .... 1m I the case of Loreno Jackson, grand For the Benefit of the P. A. C. Paxson & Hall's ; i: Is a fool-shun him, *+

l Ii Lep Mayer .. .. .. . ... ...... I (M larceny was nol pro 3ed.I Curtain will Rise at 8:15 Sharp. I 1 .:* I I

J J. MuldonM. . .... .. ..... ... .. 100 I The case of Aurehus Dans, per- .
.. .... .... Tickets 50 and 75c. i Transfer. I He that knows and know *
I, Kaufman ..... 1 00 jury, is on trial this morning. : iI : not that he knows,
1". R. Po u. I 110 : Is asleep-wake him. ii
l s?. L. Clifford Ino Ladies Can Rear Shoes
: Jno.Wood. ooe .Ize soiftiler after u+tOi< Allen's Foot- PICNIC! SPECIAL ATTENTION I IHe
M 60J Ea irt,A ponder to b! shaken Into the shoos.i BASKET GIVEN TO II I
-- -- -
i makes ttijtit or newtbo -leaiy; give. f that knows and knows that he knows t
( Like Dailies (ore the Scythe' :, Instant relief to corns and bunion It., DANCE.* !
f I the greatest comfort dlncovery of till age. Baggage and Hauling. 0 Is wise-follow + !
Cures and prevents: swollen feat, blisters .
lives are destroyed in the ,
iUby sumsner I I callous and sore spots. Allen's Foot'E&e BY THE I him."I Ii i
1 cholera infantum. The Ms a certain cure for ,
by at- sweating aching 1 '
flt't. At all Liadios' dtz Machinery, Safes, Pianos and .
'I druggists and shoe stores. 2Sc. =iliarpBROTHERHOOD i I
Tjck of the disease is iu'
ti sudden Don't accept anYlubltltute. Trial p sekaga' Furniture Moved Promptly at He that knows *
FREE he can buy nil Clothes from I
i Address,AlleaS.
.. Ill.wall. : 0msed. f
is sometimes terrible and LOCOMOTIVE
progress Le ltoyfJ.1', Short Notice; also Conduct.... : McMillan and Beers at Cost and don't :
1 Mothers who have i I
; npiU. givenf'
[ BROTHERHOOD ENGINEERS I 1-1 ItElT-CLA?!...; Is an ass-(de) ride him. S !
their children Perry Davis"! Painkiller PICNIC. i + j
i' in water with a few drops ofbrandyaddedcantellhowthistreat. '' 1NNNNHNN I
; The SuprEme Lodge, United Order ACMagnolia Livery Feed and !
!] of Biotherhood, will !
Gent hue checked the diarrhuM and give a grand Bluff :
vomiting, and put the little patient picnic at Kupfrian's park June 9. Sale Stables. t !'

ClQt of danger. 25 and 50 cents. -- --- --16tn2tCleaning TUESDAY MAY 27 1902. : .t1N !.d.....*..Nl+iw i
------- ladies skirts ,
and ;
I'f Jfarston $ Quina are sole I Is one of our specialties. Star waists Laun Trains at 9:30 a. m. and 8:30 p. m.IICKETSTriaiport.t&oa Corner Zarragossa and Jefferson Streets, I i
Si.dents for the celebrated dry. I Opposite: Pfaa..I Telephone 251. $2.00 I Hats! .j I $5 Pants j

r Ice 25 CENTS I .
Odorless refrierators cream
freeers that j

" a&soliitely guaranteed or \freeze quick, at the Willis A number of handsome prizes will ,. HARRY HALL "IARK. i for $1. : : for $3II' !

refunded. ( Hardware Co.'s. be awarded a list of which will be I I f t
money printed later.
{1 I Manager Transfer Department. :.......................................f.f'..SNINH



The daily news
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Title: The daily news
Uniform Title: Daily news (Pensacola, Fla.)
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Place of Publication: Pensacola Fla
Creation Date: May 16, 1902
Frequency: daily (except monday)
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Spatial Coverage: United States -- Florida -- Escambia -- Pensacola
Coordinates: 30.433333 x -87.2 ( Place of Publication )
Dates or Sequential Designation: Began in 1889.
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Full Text
".....-.,>, ; """ .,,,.",. ...,,.- ,,,",,,_. ----' H"-. _> __' _. --". ',- '."" -, .
.. ,
.. .
-' M.,''- 0"1. '

1 Y



\ 1 :,


\ \ A'I' /4 "j
v; / iiii


:::: =:: J ..

: ii4i : i- -- :- r ,..I

.. .. ,, .;
% N \ \
--h .- '- -- --. \ ,
-------- -


-. .. ,---,- .. .-- .
--- -- --
---- -


o-or*- -o

< .* ,* <.* __ .< < ,.* _t< <_ ,..c..c..c.c__ ___ HELD -- I

I p'clal: ltO Toe StoW!. S. M. Lament: president of the ,

JKI.I Hazleton, Pa., May 16 -The delegates Southern States Lumber Company! ;i
-- -- -
to the convention of anthracite said last night that it was the intention -

Warrants Sworn Out By Marion mine workers /got down to work of his: company to rebuild the
------ ------- ---------- --- ---- -
;-- -" :& ,..c : ..c -..c -...c ..c -..c ..c .'IC ,'IC ..c- ...c again today and are busily capping burned district just as soon as possible ( ',

Ewin of Macon Qa.Kpecial out lines for the strike campaign.The : ; and this work Mr. Lamont j

miners have outlined a new said, will be commenced just a soon.j ; I

SATURDAY.... ---- --- -- I plan for fighting; the tru-t". It will j' as the architects have completed the ;'
lit, Y.r..t I I I extend throughout the United States: plans and the latter hive been ac :
j ?< AND .< to the .a- I
I and will include the co-operation of cepted.
Montreal, May !(;.-Colonel JoLnJ: ACTIONS OF LASOUFIERE I ,
.MONDAY I all the labor organization I; This fire as reported exclusively
... F. Gaynor, who forfeited his bail of I
Primarily it is to force tre courts i in 1'H.; X.ws: Monday afternoon, occurred .
f40,<(}))0 because: of '
; his disappearancefrom into doing-I
enjoining the trust from last
MAY 17 AND 19, I' } : Sunday morning and entailed -

Savannah, Ga., where he was i GREAT ANXIETY business.: Kuits are to be brought I an approximated damage of

'j ...c AT..c indicted ou the charge of conspiring I against the coal combine and other I So5OtiO with an insurance of $22,700.: :

to defraud the United States government -- trusts, similar to those instituted Mr. Lament: could not say positively
r 1 r i
Hpecitl to The lea 3.St. against the combination of meat I that this figure would cover the aggregate ;; ,
and his
Ka. partner,Captain B. D.
1 tt I FALK'SIOQ Thomas, D. W. I., May 16- packers and the Northern Pacific j losses, but said the adjusters ,
Greene reached here today and are 1
Advices from Kt. Vincent show thatit Railroad Co. were now at work and would prob'i' '
at the Windsor hotel under '
close -- --
is still impossible to get withinei ably make their report today or to'I'I :

South Palafox St. guard! of Canadian detectives until. ht miles of the volcano. STEAMSHIPSCOTIA morrow. It is looked for this after

the states' secret service operators, I The old crater of La Soufriere on noon. "'

who arrested them yesterday in a Island of St. Vincent with its AFLOAT The Muscogee mills used a dry

sensational chase beautiful lake, has disappeared, kiln and lumber sheds very much
by tug boat and --
having either sank in the bowels of I and this work will be first, perhaps. ':
$2.00 $ $3.50 $ $5-00 special: train to this; city, can get ex Special to The News.!
the mountain or been blown away. The planing mill which will be
tradition papers issued. Ponta Delgado, Azores, May 16.-
A new crater has appeared from The equipped in the most modern style,
Hamburg-Anterican liner Scotia
$10.00 to $18.00 Hats for $5.00 The warrants upon which Gaynorand I which columns of steam and scalding from Genoa and Naples for New I'I it is stated, will be placed on the

Greene were arrested in (Juebec water are thrown over the which
surrounding I spot on one
S 7.00 to $ 8.00 Hats for $3.50 ;i|I York, was towed here yesterday totally by
were sworn out by Marion Ewln of district. Fissures that have'appeared fire once stood.
disabled. She has on board
$ 4.00 to $ 5.00 Hats for MaconGa. in the side of the mountain I
$2.00 who has been for sometime 521 steerage passengers. I I
continue to throw out hot .
in this city, and were issued by vapor.A The Scotia broke a shaft on her BAND CONCERT .
SEE OUR SHOW WINDOWS FOR THE FOLLOWING continuous cannonade of subterranean
Judge I/iFontaine, who therebycompelled engine on the morning of May j
noises are heard for miles l
and found [ LAST NIGHT :
was adrift the
(100 to $2.50 them to before the from by I
Ready-to-Wear $2 Hats, now 75c appear the mountain, and the tremUUb !
: steamer Petunia ia the evening of ,

100 Untrimmed Shapes, $1 I, $1.50 and $2. now 49c extradition commissioner this morn earth indicates a possibility of I the same: day and towed into port I The '
in;. Upon their appearance they further discharges. band concert given at Magnolia

20 Dozen Flowers, worth 75c, $1 I and $2 per were remanded till Monday. It is I -- -- ---. here. --- ---- Blutf last night by Chaffer'sBand

Bunch. now 20c not believed they will be allowed ENRAGED MOB TRY THE ANTI ARRIVES was one of the most successfulthat

ever been held at the popular

"TO IS A ASH SALE ONLY I I" bail Mrs.. Gaynor arrived here shortly I I II I TO LYNCH GHOULS I AT FORT DE FRANCE : The resort.railway company: reports the .

.. after her bu-band, but, despite her !I! -- I I -- sale: of over Six tickets and every .''I.;
Special to The lea's.Fort
leading, she was notallowed to seethe i j i; Special' to the N>..1, train leaving the union depot was j

Great Clearance Sale prisoners. I j lid France, Martinique, May I crowded to the car platfOrIlB.
i Washington,
16. May ((i.-Tr.e! secretary I I
-Furiommobs of The band
--! enraged refugees : and the weather seemed
I of the navy. Wm. H. Moody.
'p"cial to The New s. and citizens
tried to lynch fifty I to vie with one another for both
has received a cablegram: from
o -- or Chicago, May 16.-Chief Wilkie of (I ghouls who were caught plundering Commander McLean of the Anti, ;i were at their very best, and this isI

the secret service bureau in discu*5- i I dead bodies amid the ruin of St. I I saying a great deal. Some of the Ii
II ;saying 6.0") refujee have come to

.SHOES. ng the Oaynor-Oreene case, said to- I Pierre. Those who have just returned i Fort de France, 4.000( of them from i I latest selections were rendered to

here from the work of rescue j the! delight of a number of music
. dav: I i Kingston in the northern lotion of ;
say it was only by a display of 'critics 1: who had
.. patronized the '
It is over two years since these I: the Island of Martinique. In't.. .
arms and threats to shoot down the I A large number of
\T- people who
?- I Vincent many have perished and'
men were Indicted for
conspiracy to infuriated mob that
the pillagers did not understand the schedules
others: are suffering for food andwatp.r.
defraud the United States govern I were lodged afely in the pri=on. I| reached the
THE BIG ORE' Great difficulty H experienced I I depot too late i and did

meat. Last February they jumpt'dtheir Muttering crowds of grief strickenI in i not have an opportunity of enjoyingthe
relieving and savin: the !
WILL BE< I\: Lauds l I I refugees; roam the streets seeking for good music.
THURSDAY, t"A Y5., 1902. ANDCONTINUE at Savannah, Oa., and i unfortunates, as they are scatteredover
j I the bodies of dear ones who have I --- -- -
went to (Quebec. Then began the such a large' :
FOR TEN DA\'5.LoT I been to=t.I i TO-DAY'S MARKET
work of the detectives which ended.!I A later dispatch announces the | REPORT
It is still feared that another attempt !
originally will be made to deal \ EXCHANGEEast ,
NO. ONE-li) Pair Baby :Slippers: summary France, also the collier Ktarline ,
49e9c planned; the dash should have been j justice to the vandals who were I I : Goterninpiit Street.

worth regular; 73; to talc pair at. ... .. made Wednesday. Frank Burke I caught red-handed in the infamous l Porto which Rico.took supplies from Han Juan, BTOCKS.Op ---- I

LOT NO. TWO-17 Pair Baby Button and Lace Shoes: in Black reached Quebec March 10th, where work of robbing the dead. The authorities -'- *>n. High.i Low Clo

Rid and Tan, sizes 2 to 6, worth regularise! and Slur, at.. .. .. 69(C he went under the name of Bennett are taking all steps possibleto S Arch..78 ugar...121 127'4:3. 1251; 127.e.
I j stop this vandalism. A WELL KNOWN\ U.H.... 1.8 7- g 7734 7734
He immediately began a ofhis -IOtt 4U'z 40' ,
LOT study 40i,
NO. THREE-6:> Pair Children's Red and Tan strap Slippers, r; I Ill. ....152'4 153 i
11)134 151\
men and the situation. For a L. AX..140> n0i,' !
"UMt to 11';, worth jegular fl and $1.2"> per pair, at. .. ... .. .. ; j BEEF RIOTS IN BANKER DIES M.O.P.99'4 9-J-4! 1391 w:, 140 99
time their
I habits were very erratic Man i I
LOT 1 NO. FOUR-22 Pair Children's Red Strap Slippers, sizes S'.. I Ht.Paul.1321. 132'4 131'". 132 '
but in a few weeks they became I 168 168'4 167 1
toll, worth regular $1.54 per pair, at. .. .. .. ..... .... .... .. .. 08 C I more firmly settled in their life NEW YORK Special to The New I HP Penn| .......149i4. 6o4 149'6o>4, Ih gsa' 14Sts Else I I i'' ;

LOT I London, May 16.-William Kidder, U. P. ..104t4 101t2 :
No. 103x8 If
Fl"EPair Children's Pat Vamp Strap Slippers, sizes there. About the time the two men of! A. M. Kidder + T. C. Iftj! 64 62', I
I fpecial' to Toe Saws Co., bankers, died' :: 621

Ii to 13. worth regular $I to $l.'j: per pair..... ..... ...... .. . 1":3 I C were arrested they began to separate New York, May If?.-Five hundred suddenly today at Manchester. He I c. F. I..10)5g! llW'i( 98S 9975 I '1

LOT so. SIX-24 Pair Children's Black and Tan Oxfords and flf oftener and did not hang together so additional policemen were de was a member of the New York !I NEW YOItK COTTON ,. J

Ftrap&hpper3sizes 5 to 1, worth regular $1, at. ... .. .. ..... CLOT closely. One of them was accustomed 'tailed to the east side of the city to !stock exchange since 1388. May ... .Open.919 High.919 Low.916.Close.. I. ;I

to take walk the preserve order. It is in this Knoxville .. .. I
NO. f-EVEN-34 a to postofflce Actionof Day at Charleston. July J..) 8'JS( : 884 &5 !
Pair Ladies' Oxfords
and Strap Slippers, the city where the Hebrews Knoxvllle, May 15-A special trainof AugustS 869 SM i
while the other are 8o9 :
60 every usually ..
regular price $1.25; to $2 per pair, at. .. .. .. ...... .... ... ...... CLOT boycotting the retail meat dealer 12 coaches carrying 420 people, Oct Sept. .. 797 815: M2U' : + 811 812 ;
remained at the Frontenac hotel. lift this morning for Charleston by 804 lass 798 I
NO. EIGHT-12 Pair Nearly 500+ proprietors of retail meat the Southern ---- :
Tan Shoes in Button and railway's Ashevllla route. I
r"'g Mr. Burke and his assistants talkedthe shops appealed for immediate police They will attend the Knout!:., CHICAGO-WHEAT. .1
day 1 I-
Lace, sizes, regular: price $1 per pair, at. .... .. .. .. .. .... .. .. ClOT case over and concluded the protection. ebratlon at the Charleston a I
I Many of the rioters are xposltlon n Open. Hi*h. Low. Close .
NINE-37 Pair Misses' Black and Oxfords -' women. The disturbances tomorrow, and will return home Mon July.. .. 75 3.$' 757,' 74*, i"I
Tap and C ijrStrap best time to make the arrests was are the .
:slippers, sizes 9 to 2, worth regular $1.75 and $:too \ I /r result of day. An additional 100 are expected I Sept .73% 74 72% V\\ i
Per pair: UliiJNO. :,() when they were thus separated." high-priced meat which to be picked up Mt.een KooxvtlU and i j| CORN.
make it I
utterly impossible Aiherille.
1.0 TEN-50 Pair Shoes, sizes 9 Chief Wilkie said there had beenno the Open. High. Low.
Boys' to 2. Close.
price $1.50 Arr to I I j i
: : poor buy.BRITISH July...

pair, at.. . . . .. ... ... .. .. .rg..l: .. .... .:.. cllJiUiam intention of kidnapping the men to1: ..".. ,-A..O.Meat ...-... -" -, -- 'a I Hept .... 6118'625J 62 6118 8 6Pi 60,. 603 61/! J .J.
I II "
the United States ,
by government IIi
All that was! wanted was to get them I I
I Report Dall-for The Newt I I
''to Montreal where extradition proceedings RESTING QUIETLY gain Union Naval 8toree Go. I' I
Ioljtt00n 1 & Son. strength i I I j _I
could be instituted X08I5.J I
II I' and Economy .I WVIf- ..... ...... H .... \I ;
I .1155
them. Special to The Newi. t I WO ..... S .., (:I -- .... ..... 1559nureTUtrarrtaa I. : .
/11-.... .. :I I.} ..
r ...
Thos. C. Watson & Co., I IBoon. Washington, May on M_.. ........-- 2 S f. '-..'".. -.. 1 %. i I
Marston 16.-The British .. .. ... i
:' $ Quina | K
:- !fading; Real Estate Agents,take I carry OA.STOH.IA.: J i..___- -- S45 U .... ._ .. 115 I
.1.1 t: worry flu ttlrla>,:IriN Ambassador! Lord Paancefote, I us U A below. 113 .
the the
shoulders of the largest line of pas tl tlI I
ow'u> of matting, GrapNuts -+;a.
property, manage the LttOf t,2"r"; ed a fairly comfortable night last
si-uug of window shades il
their houses and the col- rugs, etc.,
night and is
t\\D One Bottle
I of
of quietly this
their Burnett'aVanilli
rents as conscieny !
all t Extract
:. ;-: in the cityWe lay Grocers U better than three of
'; as they would themselves. our morning. His condition is the doubtful kll1d. ,
-,r Pyny.8alMDllteueYU Right Awn jud practically Though coating a few 'j
t more .
are very reasonable. matting free. t: oonti per
make a tyeeij eal ctcooju sad tads unchanged. ..... ........ Jt parity and great ItreD bottle,
-- .. -.. ..- ....J' T..: '1':.... :-. ,f'4 most economical brand.r. gth make U the ; _,
I( 'I''I
i '

I J"1 lii'I

_. .,. <' ,....-.... ", '''?''''''''''''' ., -- """" ._- _.. .'
-s s > cK .,- y"O!: "- ...,. 'Y-<


.L -------------------- -



Dr. Dowie, "Elijah II," Prays While

: I UP SFnlGKEN SlAND! Daughter Dies In Agony.

IrIIfJ 'Ml E'tLt i a'a ,,!, Chicago May U.-Ether Dowie.
,i daughter of "Dr." Alexander" Dowie 1
/ l J f4 iI Thousands of St. Pierre Dead i iI iI proprietor of "Zion" died last night of I

t I .. I! burns. Laving suffered for hours with. II I

Ti"l Being Cremated. :i out medical: attendance: while "Elijah

\\k: III" prayed over her.
t I A Infants and Children.
I CREWSOME SIGHTS IN STREETS !|j( Mss Dcwie was 23 years oM and a for

y : -- i student at the: University of Chicago OvtoriaN j a harmless sub>.tfiiU! for Cantor OH, Par-.

Walls of Houses Crumble at a Touch Yesterday morning her hair caught I gone, Drops amiuuthill'" SynqI; t is l'l 'u-.uit. t'
fire from a gas jet ail her head and I {'ontains; neither OI>'UHII. jMoriihii.e nor other al'I'utll

Heat Was So Intense During Erup face were horriMy; burned. Nurses i.uh tulce. It
t tion That Iron Rollers In Sugar Mill placed salve on the patient's wounds j' It (cnrr Iiarrhleaaulll'ind Colic It rclicrth'1'rrheing _
Trouhlcs and cures Constipation.i It rc ul.itfs UKStomach '
Meted; Like Wax. I INi.w as the "Dowie dJ( trio allows only i ami Borsch, \'illlwa1thy: and natural Mc-n,

.r the use of medicine: Ht(rnll: ) Man ; The Children'* Panacea-The 3Iother' I'riend.

Y.-rk. May 15.-In the destroyed while the "divine healer" was hurry-

,'it). )f St. Pierre the work among I ing to the: bedside from his new city I The Kind You Have Always BoughBears 1

the riiius ;E being continued in an unj i j of :lion at Waukeon. On his arrival the Signature of }

eatisfaitirmanner says a Fort d. the attendants V\t'redIHil'd: from

r/ I Frame dbpab h to The Herald i I the! room and Dowie sunk: to his knees i aIn

,j in prayer. His supplication: lasted all 1I

4* I IV I II day. He refused: to ceasetin to take I I '>

In ''the nourishment which his followers! II I \

t 1'I xar would hare prtsted upon him. : #

i The ratu-nt was unconscious muchof I '
Use For Over 30 Years.
the time but even this did not move .. .. .... .... .
1 .r "' .H. "o. r '"on intr. '" "01010 Cn
1 the father to break from his doctrine 1 f

and send for medical aid. The patient!

>N ? 'I died at S o'clock in great agony hav
flitvhu AuuQ P r, log returned to tonscioiibness a short The Sta-rHLaundry

; time before. News: ol the iltatli .!:1.: ,

not < on:', nut until! today \\'h":1 fl"! <

coronera..- notified. An incjut-t wa
Busiest Best
Biggest !
; i (r He'll sell you Scotch Oats willingly as 4! ri /i 1ly. Fet for II c'duck! today.STEAMSHIPS, ,

the common kind-tell him plainly what you

want-look for the Kilted Piper on every box- ..1AbYGKCVrN ,

thar's all. Scotch Oats is sold only in boxes. -- - -- \\ Gather

.. Take no other kind, for no other kind gives so !t J.K.; j,( ?" I IV e ( L'p p) TIi:: :

much strength so quickly to growing children {iAN OCEAN TRIP .' '
it J.r' From all part- "f :
i and to grown up men and women. J '
j I Our d..liHfmen will

Scotch Oats e e 37 gar i J AM3 RESORTS ALL JiEASTERN a ti'-\ where at any time tl! .it -

the only food in the world that puts its ISLAND OK ST Vl.\CiXT. Write or telephone u't'i ideavor t\
V/a l \-
whole into the Th 'pan an being; burned, the t to tt '. .
strength straight system The \\\\\\\1\ 'U serve you : :
a. riyrtjs '}"In:: !-d with pptroleurn and '

t tar Great tires are Kept going. which t OCEAN: STEAMSHIP COMPANY: K other Laundry can.

; -u !K/ \ --r t
at night light up th< entire inland, and iis0 1
Hours of Ocean Breezes
I j
Whl'h, being seen at St. Lucia led t '
th.. ',..III.f that Fort de France had o't Sailings each WeeK f: ALL WORK C. 0. D. GOCds( S Callfd for Hd nrlfLr;: : -

.. Hrlnlrd."Is PELTED WITH BAD EGGS.Scllcl bllllf-d. ,1 1 4 from Savannah Ga. f TELEPHONE J 14. 27 GARDEN ST.

th' thrain ;our : gasped Tat as Although! thoii&anils have been burn \ .. 1
11 f ro-'iI' : ''e'L | i .1 I M i :
be rushed ... ,,.. .
iiitiibi -tatinn.
I t. .
I' >y',1 '
71 I" 'ill1. \j jI :
!or Sewell New Sues Seaboard H. many still remain to tie cri-ntateil. 10- ,II I < WALKER INGRAHAM
\' ;
"It Is. rfiiifd| the agent calmly. .,i.. .. .1" eolll. I ,"e' Manager.
I (I I" r.''i I. "! 11.r' 1 i ,
Railroad fcr Searchers while :
Damages. walking; through the 1 a'4. ..
1'bw y u"iUn t j-ez tell me that wlln atn''r.. NII-.IJ..r.1 -'I"'i.' 'r I
,.. .. ,
RalKih. X. C.. -Ma N> i it Ww A Ik II
> 14.- :\-Solieltor! ashes often step upon what appears to I
01 was here yiste'day. awn Oi vrndu't, < raT.T.; ; .. ,, J
: II. J. ?'Wt'l.! of Car;tagu-s the Seaboard be a barred pillar of stone. only to 1 PISIr..Io..S AD PT SIM14 :
flv brul me beck ruumll'-Oblo :state; I J K.TT.ii ETC Urn To V =
Journal. ,, Air Line railway for Jl:;..iH'Ol l learn ae It yields grew pomely tinder B R, It......".. sollrilinr I.... I...w.l.. ll I. fw r W. B. WRIGHT>> GOffiPRNY.i
II, II. .I'". t..LoI ...., l'....rul.. H,.. w Tlf ,
,l i dazaKte. The case has ( orae up in foot that It Is the trunk of another unfortunate
T Owning ('p. !1!I Moore ('Oin.tjminor( court. I )I j I +
Mother-There were two apples In :, ;PfII&s the pi-iiuHht-iepuWican! .

the cupboard. Tommy and now there '' andidate for lieutenant sou-rnnr two Gt\tIt.\lJ FKKSCIl SCHKDt'LK: i J : TM+ LATHS

is only one. How's that'i I l i! years a_o. and wtLt to Shell., to make ,
( Tommy (who sees no way of escapeWell ) I:': a sprrr| 'T.. Afterwards he went to the ;9l Following ;ie the !"ciedule! of the : '

ma. it was so dark in there! 1 I i, J-pl.t (u take! the train and uhile waiting {govl'rnU1f-ntstt-amt-r Oeiif ral French J I SAVED); CYPRESS SHINGLESKOBPENSACOLA -lrlt: ; !sl:

'dlda't Sthe othtr.htiftftt .'_ -; I a ciowd IJtlthim with rutt'-n which THE NEWS prints for the' : .
benefit of the -.- -- : FLA.
lttiriiin.ilikiu Curt-il After !, eggs. iOiffiWKKI'TX merchants wht! hip

Foul teen Yearn i>l' uArring."i !i He claims 11'.as on railway prop- their ;o ds to the various: army

have hem ati'irted with -ciat'c'rh 'I i-rtx at the time and the company posts:

< UIl1tti"111 for fourteen y"ars." should have [rected this indignity.It II F ..hI h ti, .3 Leaves Yrolacola ..... 7; ...'a.m 4F ROYAL STANDARD n'HISKE\\
say Jo-h Ed.: ir. of OHlIli; ntllwn. i ithe L eaves KarrancHS ... .. .. 7.Si H m
suit of its kind ever I.fiis 1'itkfiik ... k.". a, m
Cal. 1 w.i.ifolf lit- around but brought in Xorth l.mvfS liarnincns .. :."iK. m 8 Years Old in Casss of 4 Fell
Carolir.a. i I Quarts at 33.20 carl
lI1iitantlyutrl-lt. I tried tverythjng -- .....:;-1'" ...::.-,.. __ i .I Luwt-H Prnsioola 1i'a. ni per
I could hear of and at h-t was Arrives HBrraacas 11:10 a, m. and .MI l -

told to try Chamberlain f VitoIJ Im. Died While Playing Chess. -. Y C t y make-. to a I'.itrrHnous.trip to tort Mclte and tut-i. return :; WHIrsKKVicli.tillfc! at t'tH Sel!|-I/i t''

which F did auJ v\ aiuniifili.it.l.firelieved I I I Lire Oak. Khi.. Ma> 14.- Win-; pa| % I.eav<* I'.arraucai .... I 1"p inL TH1- ., Ili-till-n'; a'ld i i- fully uiatur"l in W'
ami <"nviI'liktiis .. 1.:::, m
and I in a short time cute (i,1; !lr.s chess at Hotel Oak! ", :Mr N T I.H..-. lvi :"cola! ... .. to p.p. '" before bottling n i absolutely (pure and ii"'. < x
am happy" t.> gay it h.inot Clli.ttt droped dead'thorn a motn"lIt' Lt-ttves I'ickfii- ."::;.p III celled in quality b:;: a...*' 11'hi-key of the! -..inni '.
"incelretuniJ-d: Why n->t u-<- thiliiiiniem ArnvKurrnnrns 5..r I p. III. and tiiakt-t UI' matter wher' The Ik .
produced. "yall'lal n7.
;Mild L.1't well. It i" IlIr -'d- :> warning. lye hail had. a rMmot ,' trip to Me Uee and rt-turn. : .
is eight years old when bottled, and, cou-td'
hy all drug :l.t- old nn-iliriiif d.-;alpi paralysis some few wctk1auo but ()u Wedne-diysandSaturdiy6: in excellent quility! is the cheapest wbl-k' ,
"r". had tally! .1 L He boat will; leave liarrancas: ,'m'l'ick
ai-paifntly! rerovt-r. the market at that pricp.) AIt bevera; .n.if"l '
the last of several: brothi-is! ail off en!' for l'en.icola at uW p. m. an ab-oluu-ly pure stimulant, there i.. none b' '

1Jf t j whom have been prominent in Kim 'da! The General French is for army Shipped in cases c cnntaiiiin "" mark- what. \ '

and all of whom have died within tlu' plrp'I"folll,' and any out-id-r inu-t indicate contentIf purcha-er upon xuii .
have 11 pa-< from the quartermaster the whiskey is nut -ati-fied with th<- ijiial I.'
'1'\1..i! ..ture in (\nf'ry box rf the Rf>nnine last ft.ars.. He was a prominc! ntMa.ou. o take jia-f-a;'e 0I her. ,_ can return the Millie at our expense and .
Laxative Bromo-Quinine Tibia : having served as nastt-r of th) r IJ.I I will be refunded.All .

Hha remedy teat cure a cold la one ttu.E bane: lodge several times and as high orders hinild be accompanied b> .
E rjny-r-.iN.ini M"i'. tl!"Ti kltiii;, priest in the chapter and he was a zicarY'tARS01.0 currency. [io"toflicc money order, bank dr.- x

Sad JUlLkly lulUd ludW uau.ot,Ul Us'W>uO. member of the Jacksonville, Fla., commandiry. iZ pre s money order. We refer to FirN r
t Georgia Hoad Owners Meet. llelueen 1''n>081'01I and 'iltun-HOIar 1 Back or any merchant in Pell"acul:1,
H<> was chairman of the rIIONT
Augusta; Ualav: ', The sixtyPMnth : hoard of county ommissiont at the T Kims lIail)' Kvi-cpt: sumlay"CITY

ai'ii'in', : (rniin'i of the time ot h!+death. -v OP TAA1PA." S. A. FRIEDMAN
Stockholder ill th.- Ci-o-ma railroad

was held vPM"nlav Thf anniul 1 OrTRir.PF. voi <*.*M> sow IN Lv Milton h KIII I l\ 1't-nsacola i 'pm
report Murder
o.t St. Johns River. Eta I'TION ,IV CT VIM KMT.oni : A: 1'.n81'0Ia.I.'am Ar Milton 'Mil ': 5i ooJ.O; P II'RIETIR. FENSA<'nI.\ Fl LA
of th. pr-Dui-nt| showed the railroad I Aiigiihtine. Fla.. :May 14.-Sheriff Kare.0c Uounit t rl p.fl '*
and the bank\ to li.- in a highly ? rf the walls of th" hol'.*-? that
Pert/ IeputSr.owden and the sheriffs I l' O. lu)[ 4IM. Tii.KIMIOM: ; ,Pyat rfjBTl
satiafartoiv nniiium| Th- re-election ; hloorihoiii.da left here Sunday for ftlil stand crumbl and fall at tOlll'hrooIp DR. KING'S"v '"/ NISKE

Of rrpsi.l.-nt I'hitnz clod the' hoard idea nj the ternMf heat thatTPnirrd
in Armstrong m response a telegram 4 A PRIn MAAI .
directors wa unanimous The only down from Mont Pel e may h.. NEW DISCOVERY hiudle every cla*" of Liquor- -.
notiiyma him that a murder had been bulk
had when it IP i known that ur bottle wholesale or retail: at i'rll'-;
chacjEf was K.luard littler of Mad the iron
committed at Racy Point in the down.
western are way
ison. m the place of J.\ Billups who of this rollers of the Prindle uiar mils! \vcr a FOR THAT COLD. r.
part couutx. on the St.
1t-'lined reelection. 1; .lohn> ri\.r. As the telegram asked as though they had t/oen put

-- -- I I fir the bloodhounds it is s,uppueed through: a furnare. Cures Con
Don't Start Wrong. I IDon't i trat the murderer is at large. Coronpr1J'k.'y -- Colds Bronchitis Asthma WICKE&CO.
Mart the -umnier with ai j! :\ accompanied the sheriff for Hay Send Message of Sympathy.

linKeriiiij cough <>r cold. \\> all j the purpose of hotdTce Washington. May 1.:..-ly! direction PncumoniaJIayFevcrJ'leurisy -
know what ;-uininer col"' i i-. It., of the VIPI' .ffnt Secretary I lav on LaG rippe, Hoar:>cnee5,
Point is
i Racy a gnat tettlm 'nt. with Plumber
the hardest thud to curt Often it ;1 May 12 sent the following l'ahl"ramto Sore Throat Croup and Gas and Steam Fitter
"hau 1'11" through the eutir *t'a- ,, tnfltntint'amfl in the neighborj Aml>a.ssa.tor ('boatat London ,
on. Take it in hand riiht now .\ j I hiioil\ It ts not known \\ hf t ht'r the Whooping Cough.NO .
"Express to the
: Bntis-h
few don of One Minute C'otuh Cure ]principals are whites or negroes. toveninicLt No. i South Palafox 8trf'ot.
will lift,011 rl.ht. Sure cure for I j the mrathy of the pr..,I''!. it and thejHople CURE. NO PAY.
of Pries 50c. and $1 TRIAL BOTTLES FREE. All Kin-la o. Plarnbin- and Gas FittiuK* Mt- ".J"| K-'t r' M-I '
coupli*. coldcroup trip:: hronchitU i- this country in tinafflut'''n I .
Evans Takes the Oath rt'es'vtrrnR r-a "." '. .
l all throat and luni; trouhlr.1bsoIutelyafe. which has befallfn ?t Ctu' nt and! nit
Act* at on"'e Children I i Washinatun. May 1.:,.-Henry Clay
dire to share in the work\ of
aid anl
like it. One Minute 'Ii; !'i | Evans who has just retired as commissioner :

Cure is i the b"r-t rough medicine I of pensions, has taken th. rescue .A. J.\I.I.: A.7 -
ever u-ed.:' *ays J P. l.n\les. I IGroveton i oath of ofiice as consul general at Lon BOWRTHE e :cy
N. 1"I never found'anything Will Honor Fitzhugh Lee
; don. He will leave for bis
:: PIthat actedo safely : new pot ifit mingham. Ala! May 1-r.: !. n'-ra
and quickly" 11 ir;'i-' !1'h! irm.iry. I carl} in June. gr '<'KKOR 10 AVERY: I' 'r 1.1 'ii.'
Fitzhugh Lee has accepted thi inv.ta If jtVJ .illTpnt a reffuUr h 'a'ttr tr rt-mrnt of thIK
John Sheppard, Sidney ".tll11. -- --- --- -- \I. Tf tion of the old sohhers hfr to tv* Low a > .1.Ik411' e'tt t." IMPORTER AND JO3RER OF
>rl d' da() :' n t!
I \\ lumping l'.uh. his famous lecture on May :.'!/, and p.1I'q- rue \>l kt liCK the bu..if
Charaool tea a 13 l< tate
t 1Jf A woman; who has had experience sill remain I Ir. the city two days A CANDY HARD12STA.HB. ,

/ravLiT6tPPFartno with thi; .1ie'\"e. tell how to prevent grand reception I is planet ri for him CATHARTIC

b pn every hoi: ft tto Ronnir: any dan;"rouconequence* and a fund of J0": has li-en rai-'d tr

l.axati\e i Bromo'Quinine from it. She-ay.-: Our three children carry out theWan's program Iron. Nail Axe .l'iho\'d.1 Saw M ''I! 'I| .-ii'il.oat

the rtuwxly tht tares a cola to one day. took whooping iu-'h lat ?; UIl1.lII..r. .Supplies, C'nktnamid Heatn: -. ''i : OlWiudow : -
Others to Know. 01a--. (iuus, PI itolan i H ; .r,.: r tcjde.
You will have pride: in yon own. our baby b'Jb..in:! orly tlireeinoutlH '' "I have u-ed I)eVittLittle
ilOwergar.teii' If they are on ymirowuirround. old and ;:a inif tour _iviuzthem
Karly }tierfor Agate Tinware and 1Ioti (,'
Your uuband can buy Chamberliih'Cwub! Kerne- con-tipition and el'iirllishillg floods.LtI .
a houit and t 1.1 cnn do it now although d}', they lot none of tl.ur plump torpid !hvr and thy ire :all right.; T
he may think orlierwie.Every iifiand; caiiuout in much better min ;dad to iiid-T-e thin for I think AGENii FOH HIH JI (jBA)1 ROLLING MILL COMPASY'5.1Hevere

I'' woman want :r hate of her health than other children who did l when we find a cud 'tl.nrwe' otiifhtto EAT. 'EIY1 LIKE CANDY. CiiuJtititchF own'and if .he will have talk witl not u-e let other know It, writes Alfred J I'll ., I 01, .. IMtrnt. Tt., Di0, "I, 1Vieel! Co. I/iftin & Hand
: thiremedy. Our olde-t lit- Heinze[ Ill 5" k' kt .. .. V,1.. I' *".fj- P- \\ 1If- i Thts. Watson & Co., tt'I e tlf- girl would call lu-tilr for cmuhyrup Quincy They nevertripe Iwtl..I. '. f.r {:K mip ml A.t n "fllurn" Iron Bulk and Luck "'n' and IlaugF1Yu'.
: or di: leading Real Estate Ayent*. they betwfpn h/1'-J...,,1 IB llar,Pharmacy, Joiiu ura : pill*. liiiriiT 1'1!\ IiEY HALL. Sdepjurd, Made: Kailroad .
show her how it i i-tl> .Sprinuv.lle, Ala. I'olor-
can ear jet 1 :Sidney'thn. KEEP YOUR BLOOD GLEANI
hiremedy ifor *ile by :all di iu-
f k /1-t- and m"jllillt' dealer-: !. : Masonic Tempi @ Pen"arola. Fla.CHICHfSTfB I

cueCASTOR TJ.er.-'- lilt. of The II Happy line is the .
i. realtate-lotof money it. to A be made ( [I 1 p :well, I PROFESSIONAL CARPS.lt S ENGLISH ''N YOURSELF ?
+ real CURE
For Infants and Children. _. '
::ite -ijrn is n-u.illy a 1IIIrer! -board towralr'a. ---- .'

The Kind You Have Always Bough) the. Thos.!leiiiin Watson & furnished home. Marston \ C. ROWE, M. D. .{ ;.,. ('}. (.Urig'.I..e'ii iii..ie.Y.Vt.lr:.',4 6.pusa..t.II'-1i,:, rrP eesI.Itr.a,., d''a1 trntau, ,+ 'a'rUD.r..eel ',r
Co., ? il+ai Ktae jfjufnu ,
tlr m. can supply youicitli "" UK1IJ 16ai4r... ... clott.ru..t.t., ( 1 eau' ar n '
t :.i.ivome I. Tara whit;; it would Oibir: 17-a N. I'slsfoi.H''ir'fr.Tn .'.. 'I'Wi" ,. 'I..L......,..... ,<.oou1?... p ... to( t.dp, Pa,'. 'a, so,A i .
Bears the all needed in the ) i'.1 Sj Ugr.rep. '.b. ..II..IO. ibtIACHIW' it if p.,. ( LLeIkCb1AtJD
/.1" rn. gi '
// b*' wort:: y. 'ir w'ilu!' '...roi.iid.'r. O,"' icuy c : .a Jt ,,
61tn:a of > d : -". : :. -d i.v. ,ud di, l't of house furnish ings at the -1" .1'a.m and : t. 'p m ', r'H"-w l'.nlr..rr.. .. Tr..Hlii..h."llivT" 9 aOI4 b> Draggi.t1. ,
wait if .. .. erflat is
'lijiirrr. DIi.r .r3l-'r.
ar.a af> 7. 'i j.'k .. !. u- "w 0.&L
-':'. T w .. .... U.ll ". .., .' 6r etD[ r', Pr.D, I, e
?lowest prices cash or credit. -- e,5: .,..1 hrBlr.M >j $ II I Ou, t.r b/IUf. 1"n
Phon.o Qu. I 1 I tn' :0... S.4..... ""..r 1':1:1-\. It w 'Circular: cm *u roA.l/t.

il it

f l ,

VtfBt__._______ -'_ __' .


"!1'! ,, >'- "" -.,_. '".- -.. .. F'-


t '




National Hardware and Metal Com i I Is the name sometimes given to what" i

R bins Falls Through. SWILL' MAKE Virginia-Carolina Company Absorbs contagiousPoison is generally! known as the BAD DISKASI' -

lilrintnsham Ala.. May 15.-A tele- Montgomery Plant : It is not confined to dens of

a r pram bcs beep received in this Montgomery Ala. May 15.-H. C vice or the lower clasi.cs. 9 The purest

'X' I announcing that the Hardware city AFFIDAVITNew Fisher Newnan; Culpepper Exnm. and best people are sometimes

y yt. 'J- known e the National Hardware combine of Birmingham and C. C. Borden all 61 ood infected with this awful malady .
d) high officials of the Virginia-Carolina through handling the clothing !
and M U1
S company had fallen through. Lease of Life l.'he drinking from the
for ar :itall'ompany. were here on May same vessels
Tb> telegram came to the local firms using the same toilet articles, or otherwise coming in contact with f
1 and
r announced that the persons'I
that had Postmaster. company
enthral rile combination who have contracted it.

ta- from RQtH1, Simpison! Vhatcher & Har- Pustmaster R. II. would: at once build a $400,000 fertilizer It begins usually with a little blister or sore, then swelling in the a
r % Randall or Dun factory. They left for a tour ofa
f r I the New groins, a red eruption breaks out on
num. York law firm that had [ lap la., says: "I have been Ten I t II
a great half dozen towns i& south Alabamaand years ago contracted a bad cat
charge of the legal phase of the combine. 'sufferer from Indigestion and result the body sores and ulcers appear ofBlo)Poison. I was under treatment .

i ing evils for years. Being unable to obtain Mississippi, including Dothan in the mouth, the throat becomes ota physician until found that he could I

1 The permanent relief, I resolved to Ala., where the new mills were con ulcerated, the hair, eye brows and do me no good. Then began taking
reason given In' the telegram Kodol Dyspepsia Cure. Before I hac tern plated. j lashes fall 1 out; the blood becoming S.S.S. commenced improve at one
for the and in a very short time all evidence of
collapse of the ,
project that taken
one bottle I knew I had fount! A few more contaminated colored
daYB since they returned and copper the disease disappeared. I took six bet
WHEtl BABYIS some of the largest hardware comps 1 j I what I had long looked for. After a it has developed that the company has splotches and pustular eruptions and ties and today am sound and well

tiles had announced their withdraws 1 1 few bottle I was< cured of a soreness it absorbed sores appear upon different parts of M'Wal1omtowu.. Teas. I i
left side that I Montgomery Fertilizer
from the scheme. There I my had not been fre the
were four'local body and the poison even destroys the bones.
COMING i: from for over ten year*. I am better to company, one of the largest independ.ent .
firms Interested May & Thomas day than for Kodol S. S. S. is a Specific for this loathsome disease and cures it even in the
I years. Dyspepsia concerns In the country and own. ,
USE company and Milner! Netty company i' Cure has given me a new lease of life Ing a 50,000-ton mill In full operation. I worst forms. It is a perfect antidote for the powerful virus that pollutes ,

Moore & Handley and the MayberryHardware I "If any suffering person will us This the blood and penetrates to all parts of the system. '

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Kodol ,
.. oho are mutually steamer Sakkarah. Captain I'ie- Dyspepsia Cure + I a:t1', TEETHING EASY.
imu-: ._ Palafox street t:; 12or mail 25: rats to C. J. MOFFETT. M. D.. ST. LOUIS MO. I
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I ,v' -, 'i i I' amhprlain's Colle. UO'"OU"'Ihtomakt'aliltle extra

11 I.'r.t; i. i I, rrhn>i Remedy forv.ir STATE PRIMARY DOUBTFUL BOYS and GIRLS!I money duiliigspart* moments? Kso.
Old Vesuvius Is Restless. .
nod .1'! rather be of | you can r..lidlh'dG so, by selling
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I [ our "Rlueine Iii per rent, commission on all sale,. An indispensable article tor
1-.'if-f ni'1 -'.--.Ir than: it. I sold five Paris May 13 -A dispatch from Naj,j household air }deer)' lady utieliKhteit when t'ev g..e it. One ell..el makes the do ')C

t'I.tile. ..f I r. :.--terda\ to threshers plats to The Journals says Mount Vesuvius |I, Alabama Slate Will Probably be .., Rlul'atl'r youever.. ustfd la the wa-U Write today. bet.,ra your territory U taken by
-' ----- -- -- I acre! one rh and Wit will seal by return mail: one ilozwn: of "
p' pai'kitijes
farther Named In Blueine.
it eoiiM l .' Convention
; and
no they shows slew of activity Lava is
For State Senator. wtjcnjou nav" soil t1..m. return usvjr., retaininj the balance. 4\r., as ywur couiuiu-
t-.r: it wurliiram: : thi morning.- flowing from the crater on the Pompeii hirrairgham! Ala., .May 15-The gen. I ,.ion lJl)not d..lay. but rltltl\t once .
H I K. Piifcu-:I J>lvmouth.Okhho-: ,i prall.lipf hire that there I|( The friends of Hon. \V. A. Itlount'hereby .lddrew,, (UiKN.N: M3\Cl':1ClClt1\G: Cn Dept. C 1H IJi <) '. 1'hila. Pa j i I
is will be
side! while hot cinders are thrown no
...I A-will:: be !'HP"U by the above up II I announce him a* a candidate I j
:! rrwnre: ahle',) keep on from time to timex i'I primary eloi nun ordered by the state for state Senator from this, the !Second .' r

C.rlf: work without In-fug "\(. iituf I'ommitu-e for state officers. Senatorial District, and respect ,,,,.- ,....,,,'..._ roF:: 'I J.it
? d l iv'- ;imp. You should keep Do you want a magnificent watch Two thirds of the committee are said fully' a-k the! support of all Democrat 'I 1 ; !

.':a pf t! rainedv: in your home. for little money: If0., call onStephen to IIP opposed( to it and almost all of for nimat the coming primary.For i i

-..' ,.II'by 1.! :j'.l. ;l dru;.,,,i-ts and med j' commodate-. -jeweler.!ymi.I'l j He will ac- the: po itll'lans in the state. I Representative.The I tUQ enable you to make! money

Tt-. state which hare
papers sp friend* of >cott M. Loftin take i
vi-j'iiuiMy! favored a primary in the thi mean of announcing him .J
as By
af j giving you good(i h;alib
ratty! i'.t.tt-Ltion. seem to have let the candidate for Representative: in the I !
. .--. 1 I
.-_.._- .- _- .> _- -. _- _- .....- unit!. r ; .it, and the people( themselves Legislature from Escambu county, '. I :'

!'I IIt J and they de-ire the support of all IlcnStb! is nt.i-.ir. [t- ', 11
alP ltioiiing; careless about the matter Democrats in the > -u. > ia hutness, anti med'.cine: : ii i ":
coming primary.For
t\i TWENTY WORDS'FOIi fj' ai.ii have about[ consented to let the cause: ol 111l"I' I in : ,. .,. l i. J
;.\ ( I the); od! rule of conventions obtain Representative.The i i
a,:3in. friend .
of Henry C. Clopton

\:\ : -= (:f This/ plan will insure the election: of announce him as a candidate for Harris 1
representative iu the
the slate: said to have been mall dur- Legislature ..
from :Escambia county, and "
\ I TWENTY CENTS. tj.J : ,in;; the sitting; of the constitutional the support of all democrats request in the :

f 'i'uxrtitinn. with .oxernor Jelks at the cominur democratic orimarr.. Lithia

A h'-ai!. -
with state o l'prs who are hold. --- 'I

11.1hst t. rm being: entitled to a wee 1 For Representative. .

and ti-rm by custom of the i The friends of J. T. Fillin im, ofj" Never fails to { '
,:a: amo.lntinn-sthl! in the DABEW;; Ole Cellt a"lumu party. Hint springs, announce him as a i,I gnc goal IKM.-.I.: rcn-s: rH-niiani>iitlr, InLz"tioD. :. .

J \ often brio; wonderful reult THere i no NEEDLE TAKEN FROM HER BODY. 'candidate for the leial.iture sub1jecttothe and all forms of : tumacl'I'rui' !". Ki.itiey! and iiiaii.lcr! : Tn.ubies! '
j ji democratic primaries of ,
method or meJium in the tate for realizitlri a wants July| !'>, and ask for him the support liheumatii-m and Lun11IOn.. : : 14

r.I-h; these clJlumu5. Alabama Woman Suffered: Pain from I of all democrats. t

! It for Years.Annieton. For Representative. i i Boof of mforn,ati:I.n..V.! '_ -. ..: 1 f ,!: 'j! t ,-t.ji., '':niaia.!: : Writo
..':}:":,. -i0;";:::::HAVE YOU A WANTGaA :; :: \ Ala., Hay 15.: -A large The friends of Chas M. Coston announce for it FIEI ..... r .. Y .7 it I

darning needle, from the effects of him as a candidate for rep-I:

which Mrs. J. W. Wagner has ueen suf- \rfr-entative in the legislature i from HARRIS LITHIA SPRINGS CO.. f '
I Kicambia county, and they a*k the
f ricg for more than 11 Harrit Springs, S. C.
years was removed -
_" ut, Wanted. i N..t..f\f-ty Wanted. support of all democrats in the comin ]

8. ..tIttrr Waut"IL; I OI' l.j'.n'allt..d.. from her body recency. i ? primary. iII ;:- ___
"' "
'''';-II': '''
Through all these Mrs. ;
years Wagner -
C 'I 1, Wanted. II P.1rtlt-r Wanted.O For County Treasurer. I .

.\'r Wantf-d. Qailters W.l1..d.! has suffered from intense pains' I announce *elf I M. W. MARSHAL. Local Ao-nnt k
in hr Sid*. Recently fie pain wor-ke.1 .. ._.., ,,_... tny. __ 0'a_ candidate! for .
EIIIIt'f'franted.: Runt::; \\'autt'd.F j eiii'uiiiiaii'ju: lui tic |'tiwiiitju 01
around to her ba k, and "PO grt'atVa!! .
county treasurer of K: Rambu -
I coun-
lulturP Wanti-d. I I 9'rrant's 11'auted ,
her Buffering that. an operation was I t y, subject to the action of the democratic
G .rllner Wanted. ; TeatsVant.d.Hi.ue performed presumably for an abscess. primary.: I,:i ,ti>=GOLA=o. Buy a new garden hose

1Vanted. UJiOlHllen Wallt..d.Illtulnttlr In thU; way the needle was discovered: J. W. FRATER. Ii I from the Willis Hardware i
\ I Vehicle'aut..d.. L i I Grist and Corn Meal Bills
: and removed. For Tax Assessor. I j I Company.
Jud'r" Wanted. Wi v... Wanted.KII .
MrsVafHT la now entirely relieved I /hereby announce myself a'I i ]M. F. GONZALEZ i
as A CO.
'.- 1Vauted. Prop t I
; er Xperience1Vantrd. -.- of the pain she has endured for
t'J' LItHt' 1Vauted. Ylu'r wanted tll l1tH': (::3] many year It Is said the needle *e"ur for 1:-canihia county subject''' Jtenatasterers

:. M IIlI 1Vanted. ZI'.d enough If' I'laN a ,.;., found its way into Ler body when she to the July action 15.: of the democratic primary -i', CHOICK .-\L A>I) 1'L'ItECROL'Nl: CHOICESTOF '

1 _ _ _ I_ _ _ _ _ El ro] was a small child. i \V. W. Rll HARPS. STOCK KKKI F
-- --I' Patronize Home Indmtry tor there li d

i\l\ SPECIAL HATES 81 THE ; Oadsd Farmers"' Ala.Greatly, Distressed. I l.f'fhannounce For Tax Collector.tny-flf a'I Stock tor every by reason ao Feed doing' from yon the should Home buy TOUT lannf..ctarer.1 Meal and I' f 9UIiS t

mnuJ I .i9D.IL I iNIS iPflI UMHS.1: WHI DR MONTH.F J,_ in this n district May have 15.become-The farmers very- candidate forE-cambia'for re-tlecton! a* Tax a Collector and try. you Your In money turn yon are is encourage Mi tnd.rectly in the borne community benefited.Icdat* AND CONFECiIONERY ij f r ;

county subject':'lc fostering the borne
11 much manufacturer
distressed over the you
._ ... .1 continued to the action of the democratic primary contribute to the cause ot labor. Yon owe -ATC.APOSTLE'S-
-1--.'.----- ....----- .------ .: ..__ .!..__,_ ....___ .;.;.,".:.....,. drouht. They haH been delayed inI July 15.; I It which to totneoommaalty which rOD live and
-- oontrlbate to
i ; your
I setting their crops in and in some locations A. H. D'Al.EMBERTE. support.
't" ). \ Xl'ANTKO Bngh'' youth I -- -- {!, :
'NI V TOM LINI ', want the has ,
. .. .. i Iron a* -..i.ijrapljnr: and pO.I-I' ground not been brokn For County Commissioner. i I
sistant: Kdpld wntfWell ,'| : l It is s-o hard that it cannot be Pocket cutlery and scissors 14 East GoTerimeit
'V St.
I.O\S-On household furni- au.leiperieuc.-J. The friend -
j | in liuiinrss. Addre.s of J.V.. Brewton of
.-,. cow, and all kinds of p..r'TOroh C O. Meux.Citv. plowed. Cotton has all been planted, ;;i finest ,
alinf ,, ditrirt0.. the
5 \ from to
easy Strictest __ announce him a, a I the Formerly Cordova
..... A \ rA\TKI u but the stand is ir-eguar.! The corn candidate for election 8tan i t .1. Apply to \. A. Fisher I : >-I'o buy .t retdenrr from said :' cheapest at the Willis
.o, lrt..t.1 foxhtreet.1) Writ or apply at No. la South Pat 1.1' crop' has not all been put in acd cannot district, subject to tre action of the One carload of Pineapples at J1.75 ''
---- I .'mil II'Fun be primaries July 15. I Hardware Co. to $2.W per dozen.F.E.Bfawner'8 ,
M \ d \ >- \ lIon unproved reals- __ until after a good rain. Pastures ,
.;:; ">MiiaU: amounts at low All:. are tailing [or lark or moisture. -
i all: on L.. lIe t;. Brook, -- -- ,
I > I. s. altos St.. Kiher8mlm I' OR S.LKTwostorbrick: tore and : --
dwelling.with w.locA'.eJ lot. cnrnt'rof Young Bride Drops Dead.
Kaylen' and Cha e street-, F"r price and
M 1 -II01YOLl need money? further particulars apply on premi-H<. Gad ilf>n. Ala., May 15.-Mrs. HenryGrin.1f'r

I. \' \I ni Any and amount lowest you want rates 1 j I I'm-1m i i wife of Henry Grinder foreman One-Pi ice \Casi House

.. + m improved city real L'Olt B LI--\ d.Hlr"hl piece of property in the railroad yards In Attalla
I' > -.ier, :M1-), Mouth Palalntt L largo lot and !sfx-rom house on '1l'IIMI' dropped dead while
tr..t. Ka.y ternn. .'or farther Information walking across
apply at NEWS office or to 1'.1\ t the hall of Mrs. Ben Steward's home

I'I I v ', t BORROW MONEYV Moloney. >IJWO'.tClla'itrO'.t.! JITtf with whom she boarded. Mr. and Mrs. .CUT PRICES IN

.- V-e your property pro. TWO !
'.. V. buy or sell real '-- I li'HALK-Tae most desirable lot In Grinder had been married only a few
.: anydttsortpttonhave't the city on easy terms, by the Kiiher in
\ .jr tales attended to, Ro'al.tIlateie:1cy: 2M-, South Falafoz days. The remains of the deceasedwere
:":' V. .. 1 i.n. C. Watson Co. IlIr.'t. halm1'O1'1.1'ItV. carried to DetroIt. Mich for In lu"0 yards Dress Swisses; worth 6c 20 dozen Ladles' Lisle Thread
I" .< Trance agents, P6n8alUod..r..te. yard, 10 yards for 3 .' 'terment. worth 3-3 cents, for 2<
,; To everyone yours ) Diaper. 10
_ yards in a
1 I. - ...1 cents. t piece, worth
V 'ii:la us house.we will lend money Sd-tf L'IS6LE COMB BROWN LKOHOKNS i Experts---Loot--Postoffice.- less)) yards Dregs Dimitys." worth I Soc, for this sale, 6-jc. '. '
t:, excluiirely. Mock and Eggs tor S&le.j I 1 I 7 ,c, 10 yards for 45 cents. lr JO Boy's and I II t2
LeavaordereattyltisliarlwareCo's. Ustf Stillrnore, Ga., May 14.-The post collars, Ifs dozen Ladies' Fast Black.