iiorthnlyiriHtii. Mannmm temprraturt !,r.lrrIlag. JI I -- .
;:::::::=- I ill tleyntt; minimum fast 2t hours, .;0J J i are of special interest now #

Pro *oe 4" The schooner Pendleton Sisters f is'' Marvelous Elixir of Life Discov- to women who have Home i-

( loading cross; ties at 1'alafox wharf. ': evered by Famous Doctor- to care for.... ,f'.

> The ship Harvest jaeeti came Scientist That Cures I r
<> YOU < over from quarantine tiii .
uioruiug. j I $i> Tasteful Women

The-C. L. l.'i will give a grand | Every Known I II AFI .
NEEDt. ball at the armory hall Thanksgiving I
.J night. Ailment. | are often saving women ffiediieta

i' i they are Housekeepers of .
A small chooner bound from Key --
f j > NOT \Vest for New Orleans, put into port a successful, joyful kind.... .
0 w tO last nijjht for water. Wonderful Cures Are Effectrd( That Seen I
: They are tho-e; who bet _

H:l WANT .$. gumbo Nick and Apostle i'l',1."I'f'ui(will' at serve hU, chicken re-tau. Like Miracles Perf rmed-Tba Sent appreciate: the immensityof I

'o'ft ()AAJkJkAAjJ* (3(E'E'it rant from d! tu 10 u clock this even of Long Life of Oldtn! our stock.... !I
: .. ing. II I URi
I] {rv ---9..., limes ReviveJ. Ii
(;(-rma Lutheran Church -J undjybchool ---- i
(;, FOR ACHANGE ii.: I
jj ; at 11 a. in ; German sel- !
f vice. 1UW\ a. in.: Kiixli-h srrvice, Things for Decorating !,i
I I : 7 p. m. J. F. \\'. lleiuliariit, pastor The Ueniedr Is Free to All Who Send
J Name anti Addre&t.After t 1
i 1 All members of JJ : '-- -
Battery :are
<)K ...
urged to he present at the meeting years of patient study. and
Monday night, u this will tm the delving into the du-tv record of the vacant spot on Mantel:
lat one before going into camp on pat.: as well as following modern Table, Dre-ser oride: j'AJwaysRdhabkLEWIS
SRiUttt U! 1 -
fl| r S I II1.OF the 27th.Ladies. experiments in the realms r>f medical -
HMetce, Dr. lameV.. Kidd. board....
1 1fj interested in the hi hphy.icdl J004 Fir-t National Bink hnildngFort : ,
.:. C',1) OX T3 development of their "I'X \\' Vl1p. Ind.. mikes the tart- BEAR & CO. .-
( ) should not mi.s the two talks to be lin tD Things Useful (:; ,
: ;: announcement that he Las: sure-
.: :.'.:D_____ .. Ohio iu Clutter's Music Hall Tue- I 'aRif
; day and Wtdne-d y ftrnoon ilYi: in the Kitchen, Dining i Sole Agents for West Florida ;
: \\1 I: I L1: A :
f) () and iTthi! I at ::5oO.; No admN.-iun Room or Parlor... : .. i

ii! FRESBSTOGKGrape>> 'mf charged.There curl suppererved will baa1'hankgiving: at;;the Central' dinner 4:D> Toilet Sets (* iIALLAV&t; CO I

Chri"ti.llll'liurch next Thursday. A
f OK Ef E::1 full turkey diniiT wi.l he given for +' for the Bed Room, or I

.;. Nuts, :.. t.!". cent street.Tickets A on free sale: program at 16 KitKomaiLt will tie 3 Curio for the l"alJiuf't-in I II I C =-=.-===:== ::: ::__ __ J ;

be !i\'l.11111 the evening at >h o'clockto fact: everything for fnQ-

f:) Pettijohn, Ilm : allwho) hold ticket. rooms' proper appointment i JJ cidcl( io Seasonable 5 ? C Goods !=@ i i

E fj; Cream of Wheat, 'm i PI'II"acol1 I UiL'No.. 8:{J. K. of I1, iu UUOCHr.HY und.... 'I .
! regular meetinMoud iy night; No- I
Cook's Flaked .;': vt'Iib-r'Stlatitilo'elock;: ; :!< l:>ery -- :
Our entire line of Ladies' Jackets i iI
Rice member urged to alt"ud."nrk in i I .
f) m the Rink of K-qiure. M"mner.ofiter I
Housefunishing Goods.
>. ;oi lodfie. and transient brother- Jacket Suits, Golf Suite, Skirts ,
Vitos I
,Fillsbury's : cordiallv invited to attend. Henry i { 1

f M';) Purina Pancake (WM !:) Hosier, 1:. of R. & S. and Capes, on account of Iroken I ,
In ; << 1
Flour ; Mi. John M Grf'lIwood.11'11 {STYLE and CIIARAUI sizes will be closed out at greatly !
(rjj j known in this city died at MobileThursdny TEn that'll tempt :you to

tl::> Ralston Breakfast?! two ohiUr"n! aged, 11rs.fit> years.Alfred He E. White l leave DR.JAMES: WILLIAM KIDD.ly buy at PRICES SPECIALLY Reduced Prices :I- m !. jI I II

H; Food j m!) :i and Miss llruc: .tne! Greenwood of discovered the elixir of life. Thathe FOR.EFUJ..... I I I
:Mobile; three brothers. Harry and. is able with the aid of a mysterious -
A: Ralston Hominy;sj: Joseph'( Mobile: and Natch <.f Kohemia. compound known only to himself --- --- ------ SPECIAL IN SILKS. t

Ell 1 Grits H'ji Fla and a sister Miss CQI ] produced as a result of the I I
[(I] I rime Greenwood of Mobile. ,
: he has in for!
i years this, spent searching Ben Gerson. 19-inch Black T.itleta !Silk Guaranteed... .. ...... .. ...... ..... Toe; yard
; ii precious life-giving boon to
;, Quaker Oats ; i i The Univer alist Church-Sunday i
( ,
1-I inch Black Tatleta Silk, .
[school at 1/lUa.: in., Prof. J. H.'Swindell cure any and every disease that i is GuaranteedI.ouyard
':> Hecker's OatmealS: superintendent; Young known to the human body. There i I'I --- 86-inch Black Taffeta Silk, a Regular ?1.75 value, atinch ...... .......}1.25yarl 1'

I People'sChrithan. Union at 6:30 p. is no doubt of the doctor's earnestness :>- Hlack Peau de Koie at... .... ...... ...... ...... ... ... ....I'iyar..t!; .tAll
:(Eel::1 1 in making his claim and the
t, Battle Ax .
m. subject (Thanksgiving) "Thanks "
.. 'for : remarkable cures that he i is daily effecting ourinoh) Colored Taffeta Silk, regular $1 I grade this sale.. M yard f t
.. : Everything Eph.5. hscrip- ,;
:' Oatmeal "
to bear him Reduction all Hilk \Vai- l l'attern ,
: ture lesson. Psalm C.; prayer meet- seems out very trCorre'pondlug on our Fancy
l i Oats M J i ing every Thursday ni :ht. All are trongly. His theory which he advances -
.. Scotch t' 'cordially Invited to attend these ", is one of reason and based on Colored and Black Dress Goods. I
1 sound experience in a medical practice -
f services. i
jj; Friends Oats, (:] : I of many year It costs, nothing 51-inch liroadcloths formerly I $1 2o. for this sab at..l.k( )jail
:| There will be services tomorrowat to try his remarkable ,"Elixir of
; :& :: Our Uvular S2.00 Grade Extra Fine Broadcloth this sale at....Jl.'Jayard '
A Farina, the First Baptist church at 11 a. i Life, ai he calls it, for he sends it
;)J m. and 7:30 p. in. Preaching by the I! free to ai.yone who is a sufferer insufficient {)..I.lnch.f'nf> regular 51.25 Grade, now. s-.e yard 't
W Shredded Wheat J!J Jrj i i.i; pastor, Rev. F. Jones Morning sub i quantities to convince of Growl 2O Yearn Younger in One Year. :
Biscuit ject "The Work of Love in the its ability to cure so there is absolutely yard5
; :( ; ; : .
j ', Church of God night "'1'h" Blessj j
; non-k to run. Home of the
(B! Champion Samp. :$!J :'' ednens of Doing Good." R. Y. P. U. : cures cited are very remarkable: He Usrd IS!; Pieces 40-inch Fancy Dre-s GooJ, 7;>:J trade, at OUI}' :abe yard I. '.

service at 6:30:; |p. m. Sunday-school ,, and but for tho reliable witnesses
(:;:) 'ft at IIO:! u. m., E. D. Beugs, superintendent. would hardly be credited: The lame MrsGrate's' Specials in Black Goods. \ r i
A cordial invitation to all ,
have thrown away crutches and I
i cAuiI&& to attend these service ', walked about after two or three 5-inch I Black 1 Cheviot, R5'. reduced to oJo.cy.&ru." .1 I, ,
III) Cactico Hair GrowerTo
(;:j ., .(i3!) Central Christian Church! No. \\c trials of the rpllt'dThe sick ,jJjllchJl"ckCheviot. St reduced t... Sac y.Td I

';' "IIClSa-:"' East Roniiina I"trt'f't-Junillr C. E., given up by home doctors;, have make hit hair crnn, mil i.!-illch Black Cheviot, f-i.1:!}. tedacaJ to.fte tNiyard i
been restored to their families and
U a. III ; &lIndly.! cl\ltol, M a. Ill. reduc-'il .
I I, Jj"I ] ; inch Bl.uk Cajiul'iiKair Ji'io, to J'JOOyariE.
frii-nas in health.
f.6._. .,.....-J.--.. _"." "'. .'. I preaching I j j..cr. "Can We by RtibGod p/I"tllr.1I?"a.6 in.p., sub I. ti-m neuralgia perfect! stomach, heart Quick Gair Restorer t

Y. P. i K. C. E.: "open meeting! ;" i 11I"1! liver kidney blood and km uiV To restore the color.

in., sonR,frvice by 50 voice*, '01.>", j ea as by magic.i Headaches, backache Roth puarar.tccd bunnless ns wati-r. HALLIDAY & CO.
R. K. WHITE, anthem and special I !aon' <;s; :11 sermon
the "How *, nervousness, fevers, consumption I'riceri.U'' each. A lull line by subject
pastor tn..
i".ltl/' I il.'I. M.inn fiu'luring Jenclcr.u Become a1f'mbH of Chn-t'- ( coughs! colds, Hsthma, vat.iraliain'd preparations for sale at .I !
Church." Alt are invited to theeservices. catarrh: bronchitis and all affections TElEPHONE 193. 33 AND 35 PAUFCX STREET. t t tU
.,1< (;radiate (Ipl eian; Strangers will find a sordid of the throat, lungs or any vital: or- Mrs. A. E. McDavid's, .
gao are -i-tly overcome in a ypaceof j
: welcome.
t'i l 1'. '..\ vi I'l'aawtlaIla time that f is simply marvelou-.
Theteimhip Cayou falabeitr; :; ] Partialptra1': ''i i.lucoulutorataxin, 17 Sou'h Palafox Street or ---PHONE 208.Eyan's .-- I..

ton net h is Kerr within the scrofula and
e\p-cteit drop-y gout pile- are MrHonrrs' MillincrT :More.
I. i 10- next few dav- and will tike floral flir'kt.and[ pt"rmIlIt'lItlrt'IJ'f'J.. Mammoth Store
here cartel of cotton eq-jal to. if It purifies( the entire system, blood! Variety
B R. PIT! : MILL CO.Ehing1es not t'xcet'dillIhllt/ now I"n'htiOtt I. and Us.ue-, re-t. res; normal nerve We will launder your spreads for : ,

.- the ('.iyo Lirjro. which is a itr. power circulation and! a state of 15 cents each and make them look': No. HIS. PsOnfox St.jz ,
ship] .\* the cot tun late of ji-lir-| 'I perfect health is produced at once.I lirp! i.'w. Ktar I.mndrv. J
aticc at this port Ire now tliinu to 'I'll I the doctor all \v-tenis ire alike I J..O :lnr" ZattitiicIr'f0laa: : fox- I3tic.TOILETIETIw'tItFtrnlnr I' ,
the t h.ttnnl it i iud other large car- and equally atfe<'ted by thijrreat .. .,
: "I.! p luiv, at thatkittt.aalr .._____}T.aae
; roewill follow the !econJ i in rapid "Elixir of I.ift'" Send for the ( lY'.llfting 1".t.J. |1F..t"" ul!..OllA'lM'' M.N.VI-; ,.1:1.. ,"|LR hi .u...u.... i.aib..aC

,\ ad Jlii cr. uec",j.ion. It i i. nuder-tood there remedy to-day. It i is free to every 1il\( \r11 'IOIl\ W. your fnrniitnre } FE"I"H'\...:i't'I': 11'1:1'101Elt: i'I,i'II"II\Th't.: y'...ur".. .r t:. ; ;tortgat 'nr'>0'I. 1
deliver/ vi. ,
e\i-t siittert-r. Male what be ,
a i-ontnjct t.i you want to I 1'nl'lr 1'1'11: 1'.' 'tll i"n1i'. worth '. trn liII I In.aunul
-- .. UIIII'lIIIiIlP <>f "teatnrrati at 'onnt cured of and theure remedy for it at JTarsion $ Finch's l'n .if J... ortttxl '1t'i' Crt* tn r" ul ItlH
V IV U >1'HUJ4 MAIIHK1. of coit-Mi asr.'rejriting; about icouitl 1 I'' will be sent you free by return wail.11oit Great Furniture Empo- J.llrbt and Muft rOI"I.t'It I.inf uiai.ili Wuie ,. fiui n> ul l.< ck Kottoiu Prttaa.Ryan's .
bileboth of the routed and squarebale |
I r'. I th"'s I.r 'fhf'l Ncwa h) fc.v-tezn, and there i- a ;>rob ibilitv i: I'AI.LS .AM rium. Mammoth Variety Store. I t I

I t u il Stares On.i IIf tinIni'inehts) : !btiiia; mad noI. < B\ULY ml1'ilm: ; !
throiull I'en-.t.-.il All thin tutI! -- -
".". will be ent to Bremen.A << I
A hor-e belonging to Deputy
t. .. U :JI 6FOREJBjS" ;
I r.. Sherilf W. E. Mclntyie. while! being: f
K 1 :11 I'h.it-ian 1'1'ili'".
Ie !:. ridden! up Palafoxtreet this morning
l' ... i I" "1 have taken Kodol Iy-ppp-ia bv -mall ne!.ro biv. was taken I ,
t 1..1..x... ... 1 15 Cure and Irtve never n-ej an.VthUtT with !Mind' -tagtter-in: front of the
t, .r--,...tlti in my life th.itdid me the good; that Fn-t National H ink and fell heavily '/

did," s-ays County Pli>.*ioiaa (!eo.W. to the ii.ixemeiit, throwing the band ->y We have just received a complete line of Ladies'j j
Tut Luii-1 Night Alarm. Scrogirsf; Hall county, G.I. injiirni: his rirht leg badly.: Dr.Anderson .
t"! .-ht-r'- baby: \\:1": "Beiii; a phy.-ician I have pre-cnb- wt- -oi-n on the -cen.
1 wit*' ;Mr-i:J.C. ed it and found it to givo: the best examined the youth and, (Indiiiiiiihoti : Ruffs and Neck Pieces of every kind,
hI i E\.it r-fHlii result"." If the f.hd.Ia' eatremamsundigested "s !broken, sent iiim home in a 'I
:! t b. t I'tfcVH; could in your stomach it deC4j hack. '
A. v. ,: Dr. Kiiiir'j > there and lniIII1"; the "ll'm. The horse 1 lt\ on the pavement: as $1 to $7.50 apiece 1
>" j the quick) You can prevent this by dietiiiL'. but #tit! a-> a poker for about twenty :: i
: : .lit. \\e that m(>:1'1-; ptarvatiou Modal Jh'-- minutes befoie he was able to get to

"':1.' '.' '':111'' .- ", ,to pro aril. pepsia needntlr: Cure direst; from; what neither you dv.ptpia eat.Yon .'-. his feet. ------ -- Ladies' uAutomobile" Ties 25 and 50 cents each. r 1

\\ .: <.. .c: !: ,. ,I"Ip; ,, tfa or ptarvation. Kodol Iv''- She Didn't Wear a :Mask. I
1 '. "i "i "''Ilti.! it no pep-ia cure digests what yon t.at. But her beauty wa- completelyhidden Skirts I
.. Ladies' Walking positively S5.00 values : :
'H.' W"I..1.I 0-i\! ,.. IuIdi'I You needuller from neither ily'pepii -- by surebintches and pniU'- ,
: .,
t starvation. Tl"> "oitcae j
'''f.::: ( 'iidfhrngt nor les till -he n-ed Bucklen's Arnica
: .'.1"11/' /'I 1.._ :e,I.' .11'.1 I H.IMI.1 ,. quickly cured. Harris Pharmacy :; 11v". Then II'''" vatiihed a* will This SaleIMiiRUIDIWNGiY to K
': tr-t YV John fheppardbidney K ihli. $3. 13.15.
... .... P..Ilf.\; -Ir.:\......1'AIt"III' ;all I'lcei-Eruption. Carbuncles, Fever and Sore-Felunfrom, Boil-. 1'Wf

Fresh roasted coffee two pound itsu-e. Inf dliblA for Cuts, Corn*. Iti
"C. C. C." on Ever Tablet.d for 2": cent' it the New Orl allOm'HY BurnScnlds Pil"=, Cure guar- i

I : .. CIM .1:1- Cauly I -- -- U'l tnteed.2'Sc: r Palafox; at street.W. A.-D'Alemberte. ', f. [r m t i l' r j' "I II

: : tai.i-: ::s C. C. C. Oat TORIA.3aara F.verything in groceries; M feed I
its Kind Yon Have Alivarsfhtfx
.-K i. >. >i is f"ritaa.l : the *tutl at lowe prices at the New Orleans
Grocery. TWO pounds fresh
daatareof _
l Jl'\; .;rc of fraud. coffeR for 25 cent Try it.
lc.S roasted '- --- : Fancy Linen Scarfs, Matts, EtC. i: i :.r #1. I

'. ,. Wo; \\lIIt Column. AN IMPOKTANrDIFFERENCE. 8TOCKHOL.l! MEETIaG.PENBAe1.LA. Sheer Linens in Piece for making Handkerchiefs, Etc., 19 to 40 in. wide, L. t .
To make it apparent to thousand Kin.. XOV. J\ l:lil.Ttlfrewlll I
who think themselves ill, that they .. 'kbold- 50c to $100
f II uie"tuiijof the IO< yard. fi 1 t .
cY II the are not alllicted with any disease, ITS of Huir Naval Htnrrs t'ompnn.v at the '
ricefl'. .. .
: 'If r Credit Oil turn/? but that the system comfort simply needsekatiiulr home comp \\'*omt'ln. Kfr.mh.Iheity 1'iU.at s I fPuaaeola.on'1'ueaJay. o'clock p. 1 I

: i is to bring III. for the puroose of coniidennn IIn You will find in our Furniture Department some novel and .
co..tive'ondi- very pretty
M cured by using, byrop ,, S.UC& amendment 10 giv: the cnai- .
: I, thou l U ea-ily Shields Indian :Masks Oriental Heads Etc.
rest. by the California o"irv ,lien on each and every share of its Antique ,
of Fi0'Minufactured
h _. Capital flock for any in'l..hfoodn" thrtmay
Flit Syrup Co. only and old I." Oil ms It t.y the lioW-r: nf*ucUu.Biid
11.'lit \\ Hill.-.I. by all dru guts -t'.,- ;; '!h.nuDt lo I'-ii-prtlerred 'o<-K; Yours Truly I
41 t'oll..d..nnoe
.. -- an t alto> tor the purro ,
-- Mock, nnd.ai>
r"\.l'ul tneLapitul
*. .k eau IIH earned Ins AS'X'OHA.L" "ucll "H'-r milters B' way lJl properly'
.liiiH by ..nv j> T-on 1na tmd: Y03 Hall AII'ifS' BchI ;; brought before m: U1..t'tln ra
-i ill Irni lit-HI llfri, tot dash tb 11. L.l'at t.rmX. 4W. J. & FCRBESt* 1.
*,<.> ::n 0:13
lye \f'1York. :Secretary. I
3nlt' I I I. I '

L s

.'-.. -. .e -- __ ,. u..._.. ___._ _

:'./ .. "f..'.... :r ijnUf Jj: "' 4J."" J.. Jllj { ..mrJfi J! 1i Uij .!lTO '. t jiiiF-bf,_;: :i) l1', .'''>! f:. :ij_ .,ttiLtL L ..., J.. .



... --


[Why Do We BcMtmbrr CerUUi ; Of the Spanhh-AmcricAQ War Turbulent Demonstrations ContinueIn Say the Ceneral Is Not an Apirantfor lei the GOLD DIST mini do )Ot 'fL'I

TkUg. and Forg Other t I the Streets.

'I Tbe vagaries of memory are some of !: FIRE j Has Been Cured by Duff.y'sPure Athens. Nov. 22.-The turbulent the Senate.
Decatttr Ala.. Nov. 22.-Inquiry
|be most interesting of those connectedIMitb :, I Ii Malt Whiskey. demonstrations here growing out of terday morning the intimate

V the Luuian mind and oocl '. Why the proposal to translate the gospels among
Worst That Has Occurred In friends of GneralVheeler.: who resides -
t do we forget; certain tliUijjs. and re- i i into modern Greek were continued today -
here, and who are in close and
V V xnoniU'r others? Mjriadu of tlie.M.ir- the streets and especially in O
: I I ; ;
Many Years. constant touch with the general developed -
; 3; rtgularitU'g are as yet unaccountedfor. i front of the chamber of deputies and I
the fact that they know nothing
IVrLaps not fu-u the ilwrritir.ttapLjsician : before, the unn>rslty. There were wI
of authorized supposed "boom"for
I any
i will ever accouut many ugly rushes.
I I I the succeeding United States Ben I II
lit"ui. The military are finding difficulty in
I atorship for General Wheeler On*
l'roior Jaiues reminds us how I! the rioters. The meeting :
: Fir Originated In the Warehouse cf I gentleman particularlylose to th"
V_ wnneiljiuK which we have Iri.; -.) I m vain of the chamber of deputies today was I I Ii I
'i J. L. Rather & Co., and From There I general personally and in a business -
t V to recall! will afterward whou we Iu\e marked by a :series: of violent alterca I i I II
; 'V pin up the nlll'lUlt. 'Saunter into I Sprad Over the Entire Depot Hill I turns. i way spoke: indignantly or the report
I sent out from another town. saying
V V the wind." as IUll'I".uu a"s. as Intiottutly District i -

as. if It had never been Mini- McLaurin Spoke at Banquet I that he knew GeneralVheeler had no i. -c.J-
Tnt :22.: A .: desire to re-enter public life in ar.y.
Chattanooga .N ov :;
pc.I '
1L101jC41.4t2 I i New York. :\0\ 22.-Russell Sage .ta,

V Again bysone; experiences rill!! revive I cal! to The News from Murfreechoro! iI I and Miss: Helen M. Gould were honoied I capacity. and more especially as regarding -:
: General Pettus' seat; that
;z nft.-r ears of oblhlou. often atlie Tenn. says: I II guests at the seventh annual ban I II
I General Wheeler would allow use
cerebral dNeasi? or acci- : I of the Society of Mayflower Descendants i no
c- u ult of boiue V quet -
I I This city was visited; by one of tw1argt i iI F.r.G1. JAMES J WARD | : of his name for the scat as long as GOLD OUST t
r.t Delmonico's last night. .
I ,
t: f fJt.urh a case is the cue quoted by fIg thia mornins that Las occurred -'I Sx-rpt|Isirt' ttard M"\ S., Ya Co.., nturmil r Tl'ta-old Matlonert I he Sjouish at-I INuu I'. Senator McLaurin. of South Carolina. Senator p.ttlHwl1 and desired to Oaf! the cost of soap and with V -'a V : ..,

iu fier-!I in beveral 'f'3nbout 1SO:: ) : Aim'man \ ar bniLen, duuu in Ilt'allllrum: retain his place. I j "Housework i is bird a i I
of the sail! '
t 1 2.1tridge t'f' a (1UI1,1111111; n'l cms principal speakers/ : I I
; j I ui-ure aud the harden i* ol the tropical THEN K FARBAMCCO-V: ,
LVeV! D'An"' who) could ntither I ("hili''r vvritf. : this moining; the arohais of J. L. i maw. lias dot'IOII'ft''nt.' ." Iuff a I'ure '! There are only two men in our history ---- --- -- -- ------ -:.1...

V's: t.I:7: .. ttt who wa bald to In* |Mi-.stst.d uf aJtul Rather & Co wna disoivcrcd on Cre. : moutlis\> h.key.he After Mid h he,* h-il h.id; Usn fully 1\>.1I11 roor! it for'd two nur I who fully t-nderstooj tho s..uth-

l. : + Urn Iu f she was heard cloaned tilstem II'l Mil I Lincoln and McKmley. If Lincoln! had
i ( i e, a I'\'l'r. t heallli and

I.t a ; rat III;: in 1-atin. (!reek und in an o e'i !- I I and it was only a few minutes until I II I Iv.tutu vt'r aii'l uuliiMioii|oilier d., uud-t'ai U germs i.'td 1 II hir,'\ aa tmuhi I He cann..t : I I lived there would have been an end II ROYAL WRDm\\ \ \ \ \
hill district: : in
;? r wurv rabbinical dialed of Hebrew.I the enure depot waa s.i\ toO niurli in la\or (.I imfh' s fi.rc i to 'arpdbasgi'DI among us, and ifMcKinley

"tIlt. ,: of. !l.*'r talk Wl.tI'lltt':1 f1am's.1; tbe result of tIlt Cn alwiutjfjo.oo' I :M.>\\hl-ke: ) and "t..t it has d.>,.,- h>r bin, had lived he would have
P p'lgei I Many ol out ITIMKildiir* rttiirni'1 M> k 11 8 YEiHJ OLD in of 4 FJII[|
Cases Quarts at! $3 Per
ashes.I reunited the discordant sections of the Ciss
J- 4.1 ivn and were found to tontiit of ) worth of l"I''Y[ ii in and broken un }u-t a V'tvt \\ :wl 11101 mid ,

;.* :: .ittiices: intt.I Uisi'-ilf! in I lit ,ieIve. but: I Those: iiiTenns! trou the ( tur.laira! have lu'en restore,! to itrutt health l.> luiflv. "I south for more than any other man ---.---- -
.r : 1-ure Malt \\'In.kI'Y It is a Iili-<-iti8 < > "
t: ? fi< thin in:,; the KlijIitCNt couuetiotilh tiou are as follow: : It.imiaii'lwho iitfd a 1 Ixulv t>uildir. it rid- I, he uadfrstood: th"m. 1'111-5: WHISKKVisdi-tilledattfit.: : i N- ,

; \ .1 me aiiuthtr. To siy that she wajn.sM'SMil -. J. '1'. Rather & C:)., los SO";.COO. !jnpurance d'Uistion.thestim unuiaics ol nil din-ase the lh..1,,"rn.s.l ant and In 11 l.0'.1..I tfii ; I _ JL Ky.. Ht-tillery: and j-< fully matur \\
Dsatn of Dr. Jackson.
:- : .lt of a li'\il wa> the l'a"k.1 i $15,001)y.) ; ian''ma'i & ixitty and i>mn I It vou lirl 1 tinil aim n">'n : bpfor bottling) it i<* ab.nlutely purti ieelUd 1

IV way i.f :'lOllltin:! for llir matter. | Co.. lass $ jll.II'It0,1 by insur- out just try huh) s I'ure Malt Whiakiy, tt e i|, Kansas City, ::0\'. :22.!: -Dr. Janns i i quality by any \Vhi-key of u;. i -

At !1.I.t the mystery was ileansl 1 uply ante: III !'II & P-r.7 loss :11\1111> in P. Jackson, asjed 57 years prominent no matter where product-d. The liny, d; .- .

; S: t'1 V: V' a lh.'..Il'iIII. vIi.. tiatnl: b.itU the aitrar.ct' $1 2."(>'i; Torni-kiiis & Co. loss niRE4klZR I as a hospital; surgeon in the service of !j..> pijrlit year nld when bottled, and, ; ..

0 pirl's LUi ry until i !ln> I'ti IIiL.I that at V $3.'J'i.: insurance ?:J.7t"; ll>; .1. 11. P.oad webtern railroads and for :20! joars a it-excellent qll ,lit, is the cheupt w .

4 $& 4 iI... ;1;:,. of iihuilie, was taken( to l.\o: : lush JVM. j flslI-aflD ? l"t: Mi&l Crow, I leading\ practitioner! in this!' city died the market at that price. An bvra. V .

V f.1.1 irrcat c Ions SI.'i'io. ina'jraace $;')"'. at his home lure; this morning. I>r, an ah-olutelv pure -timnlant, there i- I.< .1shipppci V : V V
.t a
V nt the l."u-f ( ai |.ivdr. % in -contdiiuiii; no mark.. \t > '. .

;, I Ihbrtw! ) Mh Holt!::! Oest-cysd 3y Fire. first hospital located at Wash
V tl.ru-IHlI:1 t:1 Lie pa-tor's death.: I It Packing the vvhNkey. I is not -ati-fiHil with th. ", .
,! Il'jLtiiKton. Yo'0\, :.:!, Ar- ington. Mo. H<> btablibhc-d: \ theVa-
Lt liad t>t ('n fur \ '.!r" tbf r .II I man's ( (1 can return the ame at our txp,-n-e at V
: 6. Co.'s house anl offices bash and Miosoiiri Pacific hlJl'pltall\E'r.
noir packing
j kV Joiii to \\ ;:Ik up and ,1.\\! 1a pi--u: <- will be refunded.

V roir: this l.iuliiii awl lead t., himself were totally! dcbtroyul by tire to VKC in this dty and he was consultinsj -.- All order r.l!>.uld be aco
'i Iu a loudoiee.. day. T\vcnty or more box cars Kudeil surgeon for the! Memphis until V: FIGHT YEA.HS OLD currency. p
that road consolidated with the Frisco lt ." ortll'r."e 'refer t.> Fir-t NKank
V :V ; b: I1I1I houl.1 wire .'1alllillt 1. and nnioustlii ; I with meirhandihe were badlj dam __ _, ;pre money V
V aged.I The Ch-sapeal.: and, Ohio stern. I. or any merchant! in IVi.sjciil:
4V in many of the p.ix ue-; > I laU'n duw u
freisht htiu.-'f was sa\ed<<1 with home
Sit tin- woman's Udi'de\ w.reiilontif.Hl.
b \ jouni!: ;; '
V 'Hie thl'I'I'or! deinonincal : damage. Lots $3iin: ,i to $ ,'".11,11), % TO CURE A CUUGH -li S. A. FRIEDMAN

StojJ ouylilnut as; it irritates the )
: : Io(,> >.f>.siin uin abandoned. louth's ,

Cot1.1iflIi'I. DEATH OF VON HATZFCLDT. will that in-ide ol two "'N'I'ou I II 11111j.; ,. and -ivt-i them no chancp tnl!' .-
I guarantee heal. FOLEY'S HONEY TAR Soi.E I'ROI'RIKTOK, PEX-i\C'i.\. Fl.. .
; -------' -- I will .hi.I.u 1 MUCH UtUT that you win =.iv uia I.I I.I AND tr' V
V- the U-t 1I1l' "'IIIC in tht' nnrhl liii H"1 h'loiir : cure; without cau>iny! a strain ml -
V Was Until Cerm3n Ambas I I
"".l'rI'r t ph'i-p. Recently ,,' 'II
I h
\ >) iim uiinnarmliildrii-) 111"'Ie| '
off the
;*. My nuthitd nf ia't'ig c.ire of ctII.al'! ; i i sador to Great Britain. I (irii.'caiiO lio>|' "-., bully .11iri'MjitWhi> Ii | throwing phlegm-like coughexwctorants. 11 I sIce'1VIUX UN. 'rII.Fl'IIo\l: ; : IT'Ihindl :
W. D'Alemberte.
wnuiivir an ) luro _
; I lt .\Iwr i key
I'Wtlrk 1'llIlI'r
LV Yl' l'I1I I-op Xov : Coiir1tlfl Ilatz- vv l I'ufl e.
( on. 12.- I t-iiinuinut mil tonic nre rntuircO rue > |i ii
'V 4 '.A/ricultnri..t. i I.< as follow i.. I In the fall, feMt-\Vili1onburg, who a fey: days\ ago i, Malt vvni-kcy ( n K Im tree .ApgO14 l.a-I every clio of Li juor- .
: aft T cuti.n: :?. I draw! : tint on to a S ul| ( n-ti.vJ from the post' of (; '!man ani- advice!UM4l'ami. I.ee MM m..I..II..J.I.1"1Ily.! I'ure Mail vvni-kc!>' 51 -1i' bulK or bottle, wholesale or retail ut j 1'1'\. .

V Lit anl M't in rows. MIUIIsixteen i: feet ha sa:lor to flrrat; 1'ntain.: du-d! at the a iiotllv IU' 4.ir-lul anil M.(> that xnn pit tin,, SfEC4LlOTCES.. are way down.
1111'. I thin it II leaves or ",'nllll1"'. umk lui tit> tr.iieVn.tr I. ami Halite 'I.i
Vi o\er \\ .
i embassy this: niornin the t.,tk i > ttlid M <- nat liu -..UI mi llir ,'m.I. AGENT FOR THE FAMOUS PABST BEER.

g 1J:1rollltIY: silmtit! file font ,!iwp, Msrsli I ('ollnt'ft1 I Ilat7f(>ldt returned\ from univvKib Hi I u>e eUl"'litutia lluj an- 11.juriuui .

V Lay is the l lst. Vln-y keep excellently! V -
< wks and sinvo that
a holiday s! c ai;<> I
V .: 1:> IliK iniier. and in the wiuter I OftE Ctjij 4 WORD.I1NIV .
tini" had only hl'l'n alile to leave his .*" The Secret of Success 4
: 4 Uien ly shnvtl oft the snow open tlietinMs : hon e onee or twice and then in a

r. ..r l l.i\ trim up( the li ':td cut oil: bath ( hair. lie M'Fcrod: greatly: from A !'rntiuitntn1lst.Johnny !..C >: *'!*.

tnaikit.Vliil iizzlctuiEIl'ctricity I la n -- and ABC of our Business.
V '4 A the ttuntps uud Jr10 aathniii On Saturday his milady do-
: pv.u thin! ?: TO I21-NJ:
; -- VV veo:>ed Into nitjt'&tion,; of the hnss. _. ,
-------- -
\'i :llie )r.neruni W-\vliy, jes. L>;f
V % V4o4crI IIliry !4u"...... V Fnirn this! attnk I ("ouutoa llatMt ?- LO\X llnhnu .hnH furnl-
V there i i-u t halt the fun hinu clectnc MOXKV Clerks
p.i> : .
: .f4. cows and all ktd 01 I'"'' ''
f" rallied but died\ l)4afUly
: : "\ .. iiillerinz from a h.id ci: e Buttons at folk front 1111,,:" that there ..."ul pn>pirtv. r eri.iay strletfsttfiiarantfwt. ,
/ this morning :in the prest-n cf his i A. A. Fisher, Attentive
Apply to
of pile* I cuii-iiltevi a ptlp.I"i! i III who I.. vulling;, the old fashioned cJooibcIlilAVnom ce-er..ey :
: f Jlh-i"t'd in*" tll try it b',s of I lIo'llt''Vitl'h -* \':if" and MJH. I II" v\ah CO.MOUI; up to Ihvl.l; > n l :\ I.,. I :'I'I 'IJUlh t'"ll\ln tr'"(. e Styles

ti\"hH'n. last uiIt.'hen he rueived the lat _. :
lI.ut-l : I. ( :2r. \ KINKY TO I.KVI> nn lmirov rt-al c..

t<-r. Atl.HIM, n t. "Iiiu ; (Jr.'turI1lt:ihit( s;:<'ranient of the ihiinh nnl then :!or|>li.-iii \\ It h I'lottirc. JI ntf. In iHr/e nr Mimll umountJtt: low i lamiraDie lYlaterlalS.I

& V : : V.Jtntir!'ly curnil. lM\Vitt'.. Iaj: '';,''1 into htat" nt!' cona 1 II Ii.i I'lh"j" V '.I have fi-iiiid a cure." paid a physician. I. : attorney ratct iflte-Vcst.M lft'A', >(l''1111, t.on 1'ulnfo 1.-11.I IH.:K.: ,Kriiolts.Fisher |

V. I (t \Vitcli ll.tz-1 :.Silvo; 14 a r.[ietnlid! will! III' l.uiiel i ij the f:1mi1y'ault in "fi r a pen-on who i 1'II't: chronically building. ilmlmMOVK

: cur f"r |\'II..-, giving r.iiet! iii-tint- Gi rxaa.iy.DR. I alilieteilithi: i iiisoiunij, lout who -I I jottom Prices ,
; V lr, .tii'l I !hfirtily' r"'I1I11".n.i it toall TO-D \\-I'o jou nti-ci money?
; cmpor.inly car.not !lCll. It i-j: a cllrl- cnn horruw any nnwunt you ..ant
piillr-r-. Suri.-ry i M uanwco''4ry Goods
V DUANC'S INVENTIOfJ.: Ills tiling; that: the pit uu'e of a pei' '>onvaunni'4 to-dnvon .a.I..t trrms ami lovtt-st rates.nyv. est
ic : to f.irnl\ !I. *. 11.'ltl''uI'h H:.ZflJalvrf here obtainithlf.on improved city real II ,
I, V will pure uny C 1.11. Cut, -- will ull\u"t! invariably iinluctsleep. (.state-rrom \\ m. tislivr, ZIH'J Hjuth '"',,- '

';k. V bun., tiriii.... jiij all otljt-r wntind- Crart.'d P tnt for New Method ol fox street. InltTK iggest Assortment.

are ii-.. (imckly! ('(Il cI l Joy! it. K"syireif Transmitting Messages.KniM "liy it jour-ilf rome time if jou
t V I i.iiiinttrf>-it4. IIrgi i; 1'1..11 IIH;: ., eonu' :1t-t'i1i-; btieh a photograph.: lorI 1
!.T. Colo. Xov. ::LIlr.'Iarr.;!! Invesit mon"Y.III.urt! your propnrtj pro-
V John! r'hi'i'jiard >iJney K iliu.f sur-al "tm.ti of title) buy or call real es- ompare Our Styles
V Iliia'ie. |pro(.' sa: 01 phjsics nl" tin, h lite el: >ou you (':lIIt help jnuniun:. ate. rent property of any description havui

state university; has just b' en pant 111"11'1' a moment jui-1 pei>i>tiitt :izill,; i reniscoliected or your taxes attended to,

V V liillip of n.II.l.ln. <'(! n patent for an invention by wt.uh :it I lii- lt'I'I'|y ln-jiil will i almost I i iniMt.tMy call tI'"II'on.state or Hddrekt and Insurance Thot. Watson agents. rViibit-AC,>. i : onsider the Saving and

e liow woiilil 'I1U liLito U drossfd en- I a larK nuriber of telcKiaph; me's.-.t' ..11.1 jou to the cuiuh for 1111:111.-" cuU. Via. Obarees moderate lo .everyone
V :\cl\' York! Tiu l':;. Who lIa\ a lot from ut we will lend moneywith to
1 1-e sent 0111''It.t" anI ome Right Along
V : tnlfintn: juur hat t to jtuir I I"Nls.( in ran: over retu.'n -- which to build a house. Kdtfll'ANTKIl
'. V at tlia samo tim ', In his!' typical' Iat....
; sianwiiK laad.' < f !iivlisUm? 'I lnnait1 : Stops the Cough i

,V ninny rtl"'s ill: ilnnniili Inuls: tint ratory in the university it is!' said! that 11t'1.. SS'aiit.l'.
and works off the Cold. Boston Shoe StoreFor
: V ; w ,-ar tl-.."., I -.11":11:: Ic.iln s fur the MIIIjilc he ha.< as man ifS circuits ,,"orkiuj i.a'.ttve Hromo-
r : r..;.M.n liat tljrit i u Iii i oilu-r in.ttclUl : on tlu same t ire itita. ...ill in one day. No Cure, No Pay. Trice 1 > work; ecoj men only. To Insure reply '
V_ of those circuits thu Mors 2 eqnts. tate wage*, tlnri'tn Klectnc: ('0., il
i\tiliMi'. S.iliu.iii t-lin. 'luninailc On many ..
fV : u !south Laura slrfet, Jm.koiiMlle.. Fl.Ilna. Low Price Family Shoes.
- --- --
o V I instiument can hi:' placed ami Used -
info lollies by tin iiiliilni.ints,; ; of .
I exa'tly as with the single wire now NOTICE -- -- -- .
$ tinlioiilicin hlioit-s of Silirii.i.: is like i '
1'ou in:>,riKKNT .
liiil in I MftmImt It : in ii.'. i Dr. ))lIan's' invention is (ba.sed U hereby given that the undersigned mil.on .
iin< -
V : iiiihiriiuv ,! WM. II KNOWLES: W. K. HYEa, JR., J, H, RKEME:
DBcemtttT 1". 1W1 apply to the Oo\trnor K.C. BRENT.
the priadp'o! of S'll( hroIlLng! cio- : -Twonlceiy furnished room*,
on .
is tI'IIllI'r- -111! f.ut. almost UK t"lIlh niliiriliinal. F s"s"F .
of tli HtHtf of rlorllH fur IcUtrs patent Incorpomtlntf I West Komana street. 7n.tfR President. ..lctl.Prtsld"ot. Ctialer. Aid l'albler
_; : V I It l Ii tljfil .u-lltiw .iixl mlitiii tori ,,, them nnd their ni-omite?, In I
V !liul,< and of the! -- ''I accordance itb tInt following proposed HEST--: 'urnl..blld rooms at y> Knit'
:ir; ; :" Milne J.arult'ul:! 'i ;"f' I charter: tre-orye-trert. "n-tf
3M: V ttr' highly urnllu'III.1. of I. The name of tbA eorporntlnn hall be ,
; )'Ir. flallent. art soiiu'thiuj a
3 jou
.: V "l b. I..b Hear 'ompHny." and Its placeof L't: ItS II'H1 UoovfHla a quiet part of i i First National Bank
:3' Th tarniruts anwwinl tositlirfwith otuilent or human nature. bc;;>iu MissIfeufuua hu'ntIrnMacol'", Florida. r the city convenient tn business
iiiii' I Hin>:iiL ali laailt of fislukiu. cojly. 2.! Tae Kcnernl 1 nnturi ot the tiaiiners) to ter. 1'aul Uray care of Wm. Job'l 'cen-I!
S i be transacted shall l>etl>.. bujlnirand <.11.| HOD.: 10 lu-tf :
j TLc outer iMlgrsi'; tile KCIUMHUA ImnU'ri-u "Ah. but now." he Interrupted.( Cash1 :: lag ot prot-erlet, "'Iuor*. toliacco, good, : I

c V ? ) I with a fl>li'.Kln loa 1111 of d.nl. ludUuLI ; ',I 1 Inc/ his bold black ejc-s upon her. "Iaui ', ware and merchandise and the conduct ota L\Il KI'.N f- ;""-IUt'nL of Hmt Ksptut I OF PENSACOLA. FLA.
wholp81i1" tuerphandUa bu'lneii. the 110Inlln' I:' Church, ;i moms and lecture bull For
.- and ilKM-- tills 111/1 tit nnl.Tli I II '
ii ,
"trll'| i a divinity student. -Philadelphia all Ib.nl.lncld..n"llo. ald huilnemand terms apply to Ur. J. Harris IMerpont rvrKipr
1 ) .. irlbo ln t->; ntirily! by liMnns: :and l'rl'!:!;. the Kciuinitiuc.| holdlni. use and dii. ".s offlce. l po0ttion of nil property! real and pernAnat. --- :)JXHBOTO.
t :I4V1 ; hunting. :'ulnivii wliili tirvtnl) tin* i Ivr --- -
which be convenient
p ttv : .* lire the stajvl> ftui.1. Mini llu> t.kili1.afur | 1h* Farmer's happy Tfcooght the carrying mav' out iiece-nary of saId purposes. for ALE IUL.I' \ >. WM. H. KNOWLES W. A. BLOUNT F. C. BRENT, W. K. H YER- JR

t :S 1 hi amount of the capital rf-ck-hnll i D. O. BRENT
l.i-liij; Irt'Rh..ll.y tlivumou.. wh j Old 1'nruier tto Iris s.nn-Nov. don't hI' nn<* hundred find nftv tbuitnd dollarshays. .iOVEKSMKNT POSITIoVS. MtfNfJ ,

/t! ;t arc a<]t>pt4. |I'r"d.II"\ I'"hl d irabterlotLcs I forgit while ye're in the city to cit ( ; .').iillleil IntobhareMifon" huuilieil MK.N: Wanted for HIIII. laY Mail\ clerks. 1;

i lit-F any om. could! ,rbI, fur. home nv them 'lectric liht plants we dollar, i 1'.01.1. eacd. anJ pbitil bn paynhie lutt-r-State Corrri. J IIst.l tld.r "..pld\. la.
In per oiml property now belonging)!: to the titov.lOt1UIt Ii I D intL BZ UA ad It
;: %; :, heern so much about. \\V kin jis' t-z tirm of 1..1.| Bear .\: ('0., amounting.. inyalucinlbrictid --- rarl' DlI !

iIri A Remarkable Machine.The ![ well raise Vm ourselves uu' have kero- lilly thousand dollar sum*ot. one buoilr 4 and i "' 'A.LI

V.- V I'lut'iuaucrapli: ( fur lie blind hiV hene.-Woman's Journal.j I. Tb! said corporation i-hall exist forninttnine -
'OK 1.1'1not residence and i>tor"
-, year from the date of granting I;
iiiaclilntnliuli uniU-r tbtS4.44
a I1trs. I letter patent to It. adJnlnll1lo.ol"tb..r. or separate. one of ..aWe draw oar own Kills of Exchange on Great Britain, lulU!!
V flnccrx 1 f tin- bbnl a S,-IK-> v( -liN IIn..ulln !'Iod....,.. 5. Tb. liuine shall be conducted by aboard the best bUilt faouse In the city: ; modernlinprofnnfnt Holland Boasts Norway
4k ., 11':, III nnd< 11-i t.ns ri.;bt Germany. France. Austria Italy SpaIn: Belgium ,
r< irfx-ut'ti ; the KUUC Milijitt III iliffi-r- Noll-1'olly !. LIT LJIIC-V is :awfully nf four directors a pretident and n
| ) j saia secretary Dnd tr..A.urer. Th. director street near depot ; an excellent hoarding l Sweden Denmark and other European countries.
3 ;;VcVp 4; < ut iM.siiiniis-iln'. briiii' of a lur. a 1 eoned I c'1. Shall be elected annually at the in..ettnK cf haUte site, a line home
t: bird nr anr otlitT ulijn t. 'llir l Mind, I lidle-la; I what wiy? I the
1. :. 111'00"11 11:1" tlir !iii'hu 1'1I-1I.0 \\h\t never once t\I.llwr that fleeted. ; tit .lAuimry.by the hoard nnl the ofdi.-ior.ata nniowr kBallbt Obligations Taken Payable at Fort of Deattnatlon Ten or FIH** DIY'
iivt4 '
: 5 "" Its ill lie is meeting to tie held on the xtnie d81'0111 \tvIl)111Ii AMIOrders l1itlIIiY l'1UliTi: after Vessel Arrirea theroiIVSafety
:, tot.t'II. Just :1" IIhul"IIIh ( :: uavvoitliy of her.-1'hiladelphu the first election Morris Hear.hall' lie > > tlten 1)1 I.. |joui".. viorenn. -

11 ; otr a binr.potiN M-nvn ,hud the iIIu.1.1.1 Kecord. -- president and Max L. Kear .M-cretarv and l-'mf. azent for K.o..sdrl; Jewelry To. at Deposit Boze for Rent In Connection
-- --- jrt G'ecorvr..at.! "n.ff1.MJK
ri ; tn tlioso with s-;ht. treapurer, Rod the sail per'ont together
Ld Adolph I'.luner. Grand Mound. la: with, Jake Hear IInalJ1l1..It."nall ball WALK-Ine must ni-sirBOl |nt. In with which we have a Private Apartment for the the
----- -- (
LI cnn,1 II IIII' the lioiinl director-. cry on easy terms by the Fisher
''wrlt""I h'I\'A
S ti.pd of Renter
_) V The> Ml KnllonJolinnj. .,. u.KY's it. the hij-he amount of indetitelne" '{eat ":Ital@ Agency. 2lM'4\ South falafoi .
3 -." nuirloil tlio teacher or the HI\F.YAM( :: > TAX in inv family and which the rorp'rUllln at any time street. 'WII''lmIIA _-S
S think i N .uIIJt'rt Itseif shall tie 'ntY'Ih"e IbouttutI -- -
tlie -
it h"-1 eOh: cure nn ----- -
rtimiiil.. 11" I.nou! alpli.i'ti'k'ni. dollars.folloamy. _
3011 juur the lit ( ( )OU .
lI1ark..t. I would n->t h* withoutit
1f.I' i. 1'hl'Riot ubsrlhf'r tthcr.1w fr the
** in uiv Inllwthlrll i# nothing fiiimunudl utotk. ti,-'' it. IlitVi. HAUMI "SIKM-; ;-Mnnefacturrand THE GARDEN SECTIONPensacola

: nnsurn-tl Jolinnv."UMI. MI {rood for ('lIuh: and coldW.. )lnrn.lI"r V if"Vf 'hare, iil dealer in hair (>IM>.I.. Mat Toilet
V tlsrn." tiiutintiiil 1 tlio h'.IChl'It:1t :-. A. D'Alenibprte. Max L. Har.. I''tiar.qJake Articles. Hair Oil, etc.,iUb!\ V.'. GovtrcnirDtI"l o-OF-Q

.. hear 1 kharr .
; li-tiiT IVIIKX nfier A'; V V -- -- -- -
V i'll1ua..1 1:001'1.11.01 I Mian? ..
VVq V 1..1..1. Fur
\ -\11 tinnt of ini.a< tho trintii Thos C. Watson & Co. .....-wL'LIiVER4 -------- Florida.
Titil --------------i.i: sharesIn
|>!utit rijly.4V the Il'adin Heal Hilt FUNERALt furnlied !,
t Aetts. take .
---- : witness whereof the ". .torl''f'nl.n'o1sutJ.cntJ"lb : I-' pmrrptlv In houijuets or special d-s n.
( tIti-- V ill the WMQ.lltftl.H shoulders of the have hereunto felkaed their Mlmlolette Moi"oo, :sat West Ciruorypbone
't Iii_ lion 'h. 4 "nl<: lei!. .. .. .. ,. ... ...... _
1. W-r... nf. vri t > > u names. X 1\!. .' Railway
-- ,
''''.' IL1aL2.I-r LlI"
'p 1"1'
F'' 'V "l\nU:1i1. .i1i.1 1101' .':,' t.J.l X.-l- )1'IIfRIo BiItt. _
reiuntiicf tt.eir liou- and the col!
1 ,j4tt ; Iil"I their
rents a" cunrcientiomly J.u H: It. --
t i Jol''iny lui> t'mUhisI In- |i:i.l.I'nj' :; :a* they would t!tl.emIves. :-A'II'PI. Ki'K'tateoUHcK ? t-. ", :- TKIK-1: 'Ir.t-o-I", co-
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-- -- -

Vib 1 ; i: a 3 :d "ll.vuiti't Iwi' mot: i ttr.anj Uf4 ou tlupbtV* MTI'L rurrv.otice .- \TANTEll4uitaei and i-aionn: a lib" place the option for a of horn.5 pjr-.- 40x137% feet at from $75 to $200 each, according

> hrrrby tbv I, the I1nd..r. .
i? :i\en dl"niI! the prortj Kei1j lull ulartin
-was the rti'Iy.: order-; with the uned. bars neen nulv appointed adniini. John .1. Liitlt-,..11) liericea street pnrtn hrnoklyn to location and surroundings.
: tri'or of i b. "' 11\1"lIr Jnc-k Itirry aeovn.ed..lm N y. 'lnplm'
-- -- --
'ate Arthur quina for enlar-p.i picturescin .. at the ttlii.. of hi il..utli "' aof inilium -, :_
H.'ji..h"", an.1 (:. Ic.V \ -- -
VfV ut : get : brikhr., -unare hoilt. dirk complexlulieil. \\fANri.! oun{ 1/1"1 nnt wom" n to
-.une *
$ I.r at\dr-unfd.whrt hiappIiI1? to Mile eyc. erav: hair and! wln.k T- > Il'lInt 1i1l1..k""IIIQ'Illortltalll; aloll Exceptionally Good Neigkborhood lleautiftil J '. r.
"A rill'a\ pill stv* tI'l'w will[ carry Hut then. .. i"tll Onto' March I ; |"J-... l-nvmi In F-v4: nl tu ncitil:! sit )1..UI..Iu.lr..I'.li..K.-: tufWASTKD
V ; want pill: which N r rtnn, tl.r- .\. H. I'AVXE.Xo. ; < >m : -
"1 cr UTll and fntl". Mustn't 2JS. ReaMr. ("llIntFI.'llllI.. rt'Ranll personal iHnp' 'nv. -A.11 >'BH of beer
.i. ) crjpeIeViff et th. personal property beini; *pprai.-d htf.i.27i.i ..empty ever
,. r, < Little Earlr Ui-nr. lil!! th" '''. and bl.la..ful h'lrif any are required I5.A. FaraD.* no.'f The grandest opportunity for investment

-. I }.,II. Purely l veifttablri. I)J v>vf There's lots of money bf made to enter "' nh me pro f of their bel r. I4bLL.'It-_ offered in Pensacola.

1 f ,\r&'A !but :i'it i K1*' h\V"AI.. t'> :aet.tt 'n fp'11 e"tate-l\t'3 of it, A real e- >OIp or ih" -aid estate will escheat to .betli.tt \ -;
of Honda UiatcorJancewati U'IIHIP. 1.:1-iL COMI tlRtWLff.JUIJK: ; -
Vt 9j rr.thpn nnd in? t'nt'>. :-111.111 tate sign i* usually fimrer-board to f. C. KKKNT.Admlnitrator. ., s.cIuth'.Iy. 'ock and tiClf' f'>r .ale.or(4 Home Seekers Should See These Lots.

ftV V 4 aud-a take H*reiIMi utuacy, wealth Thos. C. Watson & 1\oR'\\.tv .,....v.. >r. af WillhI-i&r4.irt4'- ..'.. 1o,1t -
-- -
,. l John rMiepnr rrt. **y'dn"1 K bu.Foley's Co.. the leading lieal Estate lirm.I =-- CU'.r-FLO'VEUM. !

V _ _
I have some offers which it would !4ii4c Rapidly. (wn tbhu A. V.ClubbSComer
be worth your while toconaldt>r. Go BIG .OftEY : >ln ... wur Fian H"1i pCT FLOWEKH and Floral Lesigni-
___ r Honey and Tar I and see them to-day, and don't wait .s j ItisW.; Sent l/ Special desIgnS ordered for eultolDere.
nut Ans."r"lI1 eet tbll. Kill VIolette Moreno, C3 Weit
fREE'1 Ornory,
LAV t colds prevents o l& I till to-morrow.
cures pnftll
: 1363 nrySt.Bro3klyn.N.Y. I 1 phone KS. JMlai Garden and Alcaniz Streets.r' .

r --1

h__, "'..J,"' ",>111;il. ', """,'Jt'J'1L'. l. 1 -.. ".,.'._.B.r,,, ""_,'_ "" 'I.''I )"4.-: "", : ,p ; ,._..; .:: _. ..". :.'. b'., I ,,' Hfr- jui 'r ,.,- ._$. ". -_". .p

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-- 1 ,
I ----- -- --- -- "


COUGH Druggist CATARRH .' 4
WHY Collision cf Trains on the Mcbils and .
Not ) :
of the Garden. tor a Speculation, but an Investment Guaranteed :

T. i ma (Jughrup cures Cough Ohio Railroad.Jloblle. Tin-re should be upcn the farm1thl'! '; 10CNTTRIAL Y "

C' I' d at 0:11.'. Conquers.easle Croup Ala., Nov. 22.-Eleven pea a chance the location! of the pardon. |: SIZE.EIy1scrCalIBp1ID. by a National Bank. .. .; .
ujri! and ]< -Cough
1, !, .n"-Ci> pie were injured In a collision! i between putting ttc plafv u-i-tl for that imr- j! !
:1.11 rncthtr! praise it.i '
'il 1. : 1 i iilrtiBflirfatOnrr
\ :i lin-scri', '** i* for Bronchitis, an c,('coarsovluticn! and frc-ifht train pore into p'ars for a year or two ti ? SEABOARD OIL CO. ; : '

s, Grippe, Pueuaoaia and I. near Chun hill:! on the Mobile and cleanse it cfwtls.. insect |pests anti : ( .. ,, r.L.:1 .

I" ,' u. (;';ilu'o, results. I I'I Ohio rai'vxul last evening. Only one ruuiroiK d''l'l l)*. or such rlianjrt' n. :: and It C'bl"nl5'U"n.ibe.lh,8 OieHSed ._ rv' G-n1vo1'ton and I3cmi2noxat.Pat .

Rrjo-etl ik.ilr-
I IUJ i lieM'-t! to bo fatally hurt. Some of the Ami'm-nn Cultivator. It is true thai CUT.-S CHtnrrb and I ItaWa
clritrs n All l' n cum } Stosk. Vila of
zBulls l1jur'f'H sent to the in!rrcsxry in maujit the perennial crops, us iLu- In Ih""I\iqUII kl" n $5COCOO., SMrs.- $1 cash. ,
I !
|: iloliilo and et'hef'rQ rc-movtd to Mi-lt, Ksiapu[ < amyl the l.;'.<'a fruits .I".rhl'd. Ural. .

SYRUP i their: hoaies. Neither engine left thetrack. raijuot: I* i-hanscd so oftou. lut they I> and 1'n.uecuMembrane.. till' COLD' HEAD Fully Paid and Forever Non-Asestatle. ; !.

iit-ttl Uut !I., iu the >trd1PI'OI! !!. There Hrotiirra the t'.n..lul11' and 1'meil.. :
lull SizeSt.; Trial -jolZe luc' at l'rUjglslii
cures when others fail. 1 There were four ears of stock at- are ofti-n Mrlpaloas the walls or l I.j or by mail. ; Oftlcers and Directors: t

to' ;' !tocarcCunti jmUon, o-4I1. ; 10e tatted to the freight train md mos 11:11lt': cf buiM.iifs: that t-.iu be used M ELY alt'/TiIEi i J.U.Hi.Fr..id*-nt. general !Manner K. A H. R. H. ( n., (UTeMonT--. I !

- --- of it was killed. An investigation is : fur tl,'tc plants! t'ant: are iww ;put i \\'Rrr"u lrert.Nrw York.I A. \V. MII..tK, VK-e rTe<. .lInrr.. .*... 'Igr Iarnngtti.MiierLumber, (,).. lfRlvt'ItOI1. I
C. -. Ct hIlt.4 .li.t.Ceor rimy.-ion.-
"rit tftrv.
b.'tnq mu ,'f..ill'.) I'b.!.. ( JI! liana liirnton lrranlrnt tin riD Uttrrtwnrrrorornnj.UihcatoniU. Tr13)
could 11' I'.tii-d: for rulthatinn! with little j THE CALWAY CLCCTIOriS. \. ii",>. HKK, 1'irvclur Civil Englnee' talv'ertooTrxly. .
T ili r tlii-f df a b: lio.kiis. I

.' ::I".ItNI aI'ar t I l.r laliur and are uftru by their !luratiuii I EPOITORY: AS'Dfl'STtiDIASOr-'KrxnsJ, TIIH J.IR 'r SATtoS'AMsASK
Aycock cn a fertile and \vouM: I IH will :ccr.i: : ; Greater Than
.. : IU' t"'I'S': adapt tll i i Lynch's Plurality : i
: l.nt l\I : Rah h. Nov. :2.Oovernor Ayrocl OF lAL1 EaTON, TKXAS.Tho
..4l.. !L ere vfl:,: the fruits or, Iiulml. anjtliiii;;; ; VVrs Expectsd.j :
w to \ahjc tu te! and Central Thorn, th. ptatp sujjorintemlent I C7i>'panj' own ontri lit with perfect ?itl" prop?fty 911 1 PintllQ'lQT
I'M> urn' lngltt: wnnt in put iLi'iu iioia > I New to :. ?;4V. :2.-TM London
of public instflf tion. have j Height*, upon which it will brine in a IIl..her'IUilli a few wt..ki81 o
u._ ;; war the DOUM,*. they would be ('(''o- | corrcci; ondfLt! of The Tribune eays .
I extensive properties adjacent to Spindle Top. which it is boriu
hejrun a very interest, - Crcrlhlat 'I..t.f \tnicnt if acci'M from the kitchen and I| TOneoruing! the Cahvay! elections' : well-. t
tour of the northeastern cointies.
:,'.,1 IIf the U-st quality: wa< 1 ooulil: r,' l'in' the soapvU'ls and oilier "A victory for Colonel Lynch vasge.cra'.ly i MONEY IS NEEDED flY THE' COMPANY develop] its proper.
They will speak at six ixiir.ts. __._ an.l will. _.
I ; 1:1 the I'nited States in 1'-;:'_* I.OU.t' slops to stimulate: prow I Hi, wliiK' jtLcy j ar.ticirc.ted. but the pluralityis I tie, and a part of its treasury ttock is offered npi>n the following cortditiou '

.al ..IUIIIt; Cineinnati also tike a trip through the bounds would! lie LamlyvLiu it was JPsiml '! greater than his: Fappcrters had :.

li! aw :arraniiiid his broth- on' the "Virginia Dare, in ord(r tor.joy to gather a jiictins: from them j i cx;ttted. At the general election Mor- '., r
.IllMIX KtTXGi: l'rl..iJ..nt I.IKKEU.:. Vice Precideat
(' some dud 1. snouting. The ; :
II. < ::rnwl. tiitiivly from area And In.,,'., the rliul>ar!,, currant and, i,i r::, the Unionist candidate, won the \V.> IO\VElntlit-r; 1566 K. II'Ll-b.'h.'t ( nl..r. ;

I ... II ::I..I';II._. < .n-.panie toy ('onKresm Jolin II. iK-r hush fruits would often do lift-i,. stat from the Xstiocali&ts L, a i\luI I
Sna'.l' and IVnitentiary! Sjpcrlaln: tor if iii-w 1Jn.utltlou1'" wt about ratty of 127. so that! the result beans She ?irst atiorpal Bank o) CalveSto ;
:.! will be ,
tLt ann ant: absent tIll Jays. .
I.wrKrot llf, 11.111. viat in three yens end tie cr an addition to the National ]

I ...!liiiua has tUlaiet.t city Lallv { .111 K lip wLt-n the new Lad rca-LcJ full I i i i ist force in parliament.: Not much: run OI.HEST NATIONAL HANK IN TEXAS.'a' I
Bound Over for Trial.Dirminsham. II
\ ui Id.t. Uariug.! I sympathy is expressed for Mr. I'lun-1; I
I Capital $3COOCO. Surplus and Undivided Profits SI60.COO.
Ala.. Nov. 22.-The
-- negro ---- kett the defeat candidate, in thisimur'nin : '
Will Morgan. who arrested +1 1i 1 liL\ P" Trt".. October 10 .
lp' I_,... was I Rotation nf Croo rON. 10. >il.i
I j i ; a i .P\ :' I i TM, Haitt will r tur"ltlplhlnt!| d> ihe't.x. U.ijf ibw A.,.l,<>arJ mi l'omP.u IS, aad I!
.1.111,11! td lu"I"lure: last week en the charge ot having feloniously Tlc: I'lsiinins <>t a jiiliioa on Ire j ay was hold the luiuls tu truot subjrrt (o th terms of suara ''' wfurti are as follow: i I Iuh''rJpliou.lo
.--" uM.-i| tuurUa \irtu iimia it tainiiored with l till unpn'it'l rotiitlou of TIK i i. an !inicrtint; 'I EuT.cicntly anti-Nationalist: to secure "': tbw noi-k of ScHhuird Oil! Coin pan;. "lIt to or d"|H>.tt.-d with'tlierirstNnciomilBmikolCirtlvcron.uriotiehel.ini t'
Iru-t 'HhM-ribcrs until tau
> -'. | nine of the trestle at .ted. far-to in full I'nioniEtoc.. Th-
- .iunii. : .k dm lot l'rt'\"IIT,1( i for Vila t e | THIMPHU brings in n KUibir. omi) wt-ll. t'pon Itiv O'upnny lurin-liiui n i-crlilirnte, fio-
1 tuiiliin; the jla".sI'r inornin Central of Gecrsia railroad. through la nil from liar tn >'' ir. says n. nTH'swtiiTiT.t 1 government r.ay net have sr.fF.dent'evidence : I I rutnl hy roniiietcnt pHrtiethat eu,lilae oil ".ll Iiustni-u uiiiainnl, the Hank .>'.! !1
) 1 tritn>t,-r ail lur.iU to thehhtNNf1 nil < .uiiunny ''hl''rtl'h..lp i of st."-" will tx drl ivrr- j
i wliuh a freigM! fell last month was I la I'ann mal liniu. A >
ft jiri : : that Colond
i -" initsnli MI.IJI. Tli pla.M-s 1 : to sio'v lynch .(! iiloiTilHTs upon rrentatioii of receipts lu1tiy tins Hank. I
\' 1'I'r to stand trial on the! charge N 1 "Nbou'il 1:11110 hrin In well In-fore Dar.mb r :; I 141. nil funds v
' .v tin'n In- |1.,1.111! bit ui iuviviliif | lnrly 'irniusiM rotation ( f crops fought for the 1'oers.: FO that :1'! le de thtfi'oinpBiiy < a I
hl'llln uu-l will be returned to sul-crllrrs upon irvsi nl..lu.u i>: rr ripis issued by tine
1 -utlirii-nt to I1r vent The .Jqu.! sit; j of atteuijt to m.irder.Vliat the! u''I'I Kimmk-fil! ; inamiri1.! ItifTrtust inrrt'nuin > ( ids:, to disavow tlie: ti-stiriory of hi:= hank:' I
gro's 1"11':1as !U not cianif"st.I I awl IJonnl of IXrtors of lh. K.b.uI' hi are wen! known it tf ht
v H n-iiiaia. j tjDroit! kimN of fixn >, P'1 i Lathers :;e mar cfter ell be able to lime i'omtany > us te- !'
I1l&bll'llIlIl repoiiMbliand we can rocuiuineiid le L'uuIII.IIY worthy .r..ntltll'r.c..
I '
-- ., IWO r iop'i flxililll fl'o'n! (> auotL'':. au as a inricher c; puriiaraen:." W.N. $1'u VE, l'a.-b"r. .

I W..T. I5.itP.ville. O.. I! Well: unv.nl rot ti,.: s shoulil! allow! !
lnnlnu "/11111.ra. I. Shively, :: : --- The personnel of the board of director injure- tn eve!y shareholder i f

The fnvdriU1 !tniuii-iit !in S-nin is "speakinirnf; KAXXEK SAIAT. say: : i cf cu rcui4uinir.il lihtrilmtii-u! or la!'or.Tlur FI iCJ Oft THC DEPUTIES. an interest in a eomp'Uiy that will be conducted !purely! b'i itie-s iirittCirde. I I '.

the muilura of tin- ;-:..iir fawily.! Irnilh : 1 u-ed l it for pile-! and it h.itloiir; I :' hloultl: ,sat> uoii ---- .. KVKKV IHII.IiAK ::.\. / III"IW)[ Tilt SAJ.I-S OK !-'IO K WILL I;; < I III i

> : I ruv'.dm! ii I with --s lasrs U: tn i more Kp|>d t'ulllllny ?.,.!lv' 1 huvevr 1 11,1!' .v. i-l by a tea-on of 'ulIIlralln' Two cnr.cscc Murderers Gwe:r They t-1.1I1; THe.T I'M II. IT" 1'Ik-T 1t EI.Ll: A i I Ms!I NO L\'T.lIlIll Will tell! I

\1 1'1' .. :' : ud.. and I have tried '( ;:r'..itin.tny 'i iIII'II'S. Will Net Cc TrV.i.KnoxvIlU' p.i-5 into the treasury of the I'oinjtrtiiy, to be 11'1' le I IIIII.III'tll.' neces-a- I i I

kind-n VV. A. D'Alomlu. 1 1'I'ctcr 1 isir of ('fI'p" may !><' ..!- 1 ry eouipmeiit for the earrvii'i: on of it-> l n-iiif-s.! TJIK: ;IM.M-'ST IXVFBTITIOX '
Nov. :C special to
rotatiM.VIri a.\ is INVITE) AXII : '-' :I.1I1H1 iiuviiry Itln."' l I.f mad of the Kir-t j
peettd' uudor: avdl: iil.insie.j
TlB"n-atl I Inim Sneodville. Ts':n.. National H.tnk of (idl\e-tou, IVxa, any bu-Iil- huu-e iu ialvestou, I. L l'
\ : ercj's of tlic: s-a'.rc I.I.l :.r.- 1 James !> and min T'nidr .
says Wrig i ( or through any ni-n'antil a'Hey }

;role.. <-itiuuou-l.r .a the same hind ton. alleged nnrcfr.Ti of DeputySiurilT A reotiest t for infornvitiou aJdrepd the tJalve:tnu rillcMof; the Cbtu- '

tV.: :.r.- more apt to lie attacked by im..l.t j ; Clinton Log( :U'. shot and se j any will receive prompt and irtful: rejdy. :

ta.l fniv.> l--sf.-. T'-.N! \ :riI' '. I
ious ip l I'll and John: Cil-
wciun inn
lk:1i nf irJer t.ile the loud of ) Money forsub'cnptionsmay be remitted through any ba'+k, express company, I I.
awisy I Iilrerty 1c'1 Iste Vst.>rda.r r..llprnorm. or by U. >>. postal money order, either direct to the First rational Bank or to the :1'
Told by PainIf \vhi-h: !infest a partii-u'ar,: \ '''. The CMl-'ms had 1.< en deputized! to''] Company, by whom it will be turned over to the bank, *So will execute a guaranty I I

so that Iy the t!.:e this erne i j. pl.tsited! arrrrt the tv.'o men and were heavily'' receipt.

auaia the hiscui ha\e tit her lied out ,: armed. t'i hen they came rionVri; \ht .\ allotment ofvtoik i. cftVred at ('" (cent {" .hare, and i i- b'ing; rapid r .
have should look after
you pains you or :tne l'ls here in search of food. and Templeton the latter two fired i sub-cribed. Keshoaidsinek will nndoul! te ''ly iIH worth in.iuy tnnei iU l'
them Pah shows
(! JF B quickly. something is I ': present and large dividends w.'ieu its welUcoine in.
wrong. The sharper the pain the more danger about 4i' thots ct them, seven of pay E

there is in delay. There arc thousandsof TlnrL. Compontk. 1 which too r. effort !in the Oillems.! Tern- j For further iuiormation apply toCHAS. i

women today who are bearing awful In the preparation of meek! coinpo>.t<. j| plton! and \\'ri\ht then esr'aped. They A. CHOATE i',

pain almost continually, rather than tell dung or li-h i is the 1II:1:' vial\ l'Oll1nllu'lI : ,i have been hounded since Agent.

physician about tie shooting pains in their I l.v used to excite! fermentation. Ml J i when .ftf-A? was !. IJslugnst'l YES:ACOLA. FLA.

9 lower abdomen, about the agony of falling farmers prefer to make com posts in swear thy: r.1:! not l'e t f t .r
of the womb and the distress of let orrhoea-
( I
lirap*. A cotiitmui! plan is to lay tlttwn j jn :
They let the months and their trouble V
becomes harder to cure and more d llf.But lull i.f niick iix or eight feitiih" Dsr.ies.; resorted !.I;. j II [ ;

modest women can secure exemption t-llill t'u t or so thick! and cmer it with Seattle.Va.h... No.. :..-la !J intPnk' 'II Q/t (211in .

from the embarrassment of a private eumin a layer nf il'.iiu of somewliat lew talc ;- j I ; w President i Farrel!! 0: '.::e Pa- : : J 1 [ f 1 [ t f

When pain tells them of danger uses, folo-\ei!\ ; by another l.ijer of mud jaud j[I ( We I'tmrt nl\:pan ', uer.ks the pale i I !v. C i1 V r I

they can cure themselves by the use ofWINEoCARDUl so (.II. ir.fferent farmer UM- virytlilTereat of the orsan:7ation as tat'd in the i ; bi -

proj/irticus{ of uit'ck. The
jn'ai-t'K-e "seem to vary from out' i ito I was claimed that the Northern P-1 : '

1 fire puts
la the privacy of their homes. You u: be >;. U'.e! dumb from stall fed eattle Pr('ridnt Farrtllrid that West Florida Steam Bakery. ;

cured v.rhO&tr S With inm-k than that from 1 ,
ng publicity. i will feniK-i; move ;; the !I'aeifie Coast eonipany I ia aa entirely .

these facts before you there k no reason for i aaiinaN Ltb highly fed. Tinpraelieiil : ,
independent coriioratio-
'he delay which is increasing your misery and wasting the days I r'lp is to ue no more" muck tlir.u call --.- --- -- *Also Cakes, Pies, Etc.;+ \ ,

jur life. Why not stop the pain today IM- II.ul'o'II.ly r..I'I\WII".1 l lot tintun. Death cf C'arlJtlo.: 'I''I'I i

mire. Juihe ea--e of sour mwk the addition PhUadelplua. Nov. 22.-Cha'les. The Best OsinciiesAUK :
Erie t. !Tilt., J'j xeh O. 190&
I hate n.ed on- bottle ofWiseoClyduiandonepa kugeofThedfurdit of hiuall amo'iiits of lime or Otto preside of the (;PI'! tanto'i

lirauphi. Belore I began to take yo>.medicines' 1 had pains in myl. wood ashes will'I'.tt the acidly; and ba.nl.{ tied at his home today. J? \> m MADI1 BY-
lower bowels and my sum. Snurtimn' 1 Ihoofrht I would K*
'sell tijown financial circles.ieo. .
'.I. head arbni and 1 Was so weak could hsr'llyalll across the 1 L? t(2 fermentation.{ in .
Saw I ran onlrfet-lalittleff. tbeliiun mjny Gldtl and 19.10 jroiDRtorili -
enrol for 1 believe they wen rertamlyonra :
In. mill 1 Ret
...'0 married twelve rear* and am the roothc-ro! wveu ibildsba.t I Srl'rtiiK Pier.Select ( A. 1'oinN. I'pper t:it'd i:kr. :
li.r wunaerf cviU.cinc and what it has done for me.MATILDA 0. write : "I have been u your SMITH. a pc: willi the lawt even ... _
i.KYVHoxfY AMiTAi: for hoirnei -*- .

IYI .I ,1 'au' aAdrr+r, gY1"rrT.. rnL"tLn 1.a11"! A I numlK-r of U-'ts: and the saute iiumir> and find It the \\tp-t tPtiiidy r.
arnl ILe 1 luttai.out.1 ieau.liic 4.&j1....JvIcuu i I' n earl: :i.I'. so a- to avi.id half teats I ev-r tried. It ftopppd the cough QtftU !! All ft uij k lm 1s
1 !;nS a Micliman grower ill I iriu and imtnedruf-ly and relieved all forene sf \ cf 't'

Home. II'ml..! prefer M.ircU: ; piuKeeptUi'in -. ''," fake none but Kdey'V.. }\ t. ,

ti thirsty but not fit. si, that: A. D'Aleuiberte.DON'T. ,. PENSACOLA '
-- _. -- flA. '_ /_ :. I
1! ;be last two weeks: U-tore eoupliii--' !:"' '
j feed eau I be !iiK-reased l.irjrly.V. :W!! ACCOSPIT .

'- i'1t f fftfn / I pigs whui six to ciaht vccLoM.], t'n! and S M O I K E !I
fl raiUlllT ----- -- \ourLi'ea-aj i2N}
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: ;I- i 'ti: ;r.t'orenytl.eauthorities: : .1' il a.hki- A damwflk.IN ;
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;'iucp Imc of distinction: between mysterious no$ !sans \ ins one of ll e {Iir-t points. ,

I __ .
-. ..1:.. (.f tu'ntitic compound and nun characlcr. ; SEND US YOUR ORDERS NOW. ;
ih1 Kind b IJ3\ ,!.t;m Fat.t
\'t'inc..r"" Fa' r...,. care the ;<
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for the
;. .v the ht po:. .ih!. prescriptions J s I' : l < Thompson Olsen & Co I
r' +iI lie-ley thtu tley r.-ally! r.ccd to ci.-: > tQ/. 7KdIU :
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.:e \vl."': they zo Into winter; oi--:
'. >', to : \,1.d that: chemists d. sArwfeTji $1M", <. as it "ill do no liaru and: may bet. Medical lIcrt"). r.\ nt1or.. Jlfanresa Street, Telephone 147.

.rilatai':1; mJ unliritt.'d rte r' \--f .' !,.-::! awry In spring: if tl>--pa-e isf There will be n rc.rular; nipptin! ; of : I

: ;v r .:;., O,; :al:111 c\Ct- 1c2 A; 1 H,' -,!Itti (! lin-ol. ::sjs Vciumiit: ''.'t'- the Petiacrii I Vrtdical H'!!ci?ty h': -'

,.r.J T. ." iaiiktly tAll..u 't...\ .i."w., '.' 1.'I'o.t/. / ] keeji-r in "'"rm and Home. I hav had: the iioiird: of Health office at t TIME TABLE.LQUISVXLLZ !

: : .ra p..tr\;:.. '. with .! of liojej \ .''a o1 -loctr p..n 'fu( ctay. Nov :'d.Vi.itinx ,
..1. Ijlrats. f".517 .:.9 L ;,I' Hare i tavv i +'nty ;
r.-. are cordial! I
.. "H.'_'.'.,=. .., L. .,"p.,.......}.-. Cl"r.t r.-p.Y-r--. d I I>M<- sid'M -.liehhe.. v.h.::{.- iii N 1.1.'o ,I' invited to attend.iibyiciaua } AUD PJASKVILL2 HAILIiOAI). f

...._.IJ I". t..... ". .n I,. I). / .c..".1.! -------r I "li the other sitle: and were not .-''!.. DR. E. F. IMit-rr, IS -'I-'KCT APKM! I. to IrtilNo. f.I f !I

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hotel. tJE. : '
i'in. every i. > are'r fy I i 'sine 'J liU '<'J t" th'ir' 1'1,1. "r tri : :': DR. 1('. (,'. DEWSrKY, 'temv.O ; fI ino rsnul :Yt1 r/ails ;t J !!
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and m ; -0.8. No..
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I;. : \\h.:: ; :(:7I J.Ii.f 'l 1 -. I When!: you Ii2\e anytliltss: to <.;-y in WING HOP r & GO. Norh. f ,
;1/tli"C. .
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"A I 'i Ini'.JK'-s: oSe.: tire aud fall vk. ,

.' .I.. i'iIr' .' ',, 'IIJ"s WY- l ': Vour snrplcs talking should be doneIn :. No. 4 -No. 1. INo. \I-j r
No. .
rr!,. 1. --a and ctl'er.Hair's "1,1lL In a parturtlrbsuu (I lobe 1\ ,., P m 1@:r, p m Lesvo .. l'erfiaenlh A ,r., n 6:141" m I. tIO) aM. .
31 South Palafox. K:' i aIn .:';bunt Arrn... J loniI..n,... ..l '.u' lIr""m IIA'.pm I I Ii!
I"" ". ;i"-ur| : andeak ; I : 11\! urn 1i2 pntrrl".p.o' ;.w I."III.I.I'11110 4IL:
f. :1 P. cilIy ':re FORHOAFSINESS.Herj. Arrn.I'8>b'lIIp 1.11 p ra '
-ay.i .1.! scri'ing P. P. cSp' :
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I'r Mutton Ind. 2H a PI '-.:' :. inll'wa "rrn'l'h..f.oa\'III"! 1 fhvn 1I.Ipl !:4-'i .f
} f mf.J'ipm
In 1 nr"ro n AT COST !
j ;
\.r.n/! ; ",,u. .,te4j: With the druggist. prescr.oiir 7r0 "m m Arrive ncinodlJ. .L.\ II.Up ,
.1. i j. L. : chances." :
ri- .n't.i{ I know i am taking no -- pm. : I
{smedy), whi- \1l"lIlb".anll! one bottle '
1 \ : .i "- rv .. :i s.:. .i. coufid.en.e s in a standard remedy it i: 1 j'of K I.PV"per < H.'\.:Y NI> TAR rstor"d I am Sellii sOut my Entire tock of NEN'ACOLA AND RIVER JUNCTION. 4 I.

r.J y.kr::: ::>.'! thv! -.-3l public: Insl:-t upon having it. rI his voice. IU ure you get Fo- No. 21-DaiIy :0. B- .a.lv N" fitop ... u :.0. i-Ji\;.ly! No. %-!> .lr f;' I .

r) ). .. ... .I I : / ai. &,-i.J"-i.ts. $i a bottle ; sip: bottles ts- :I leys. \V. A. D'Aleuiberte. -11:55 p-m -7:'.) a-m .Laave---- f'rnsa.ofa arr,'" 111.111 -Asp- -
.. pill JIJ
L rp Ga. mt f f CURIOS m 12:15 nlgbt 7,;., ". I /Ioh..III.. 11).'7" 1If 6r. p"
PCvritl Savannah.
.J'l.\\ L4, ..
/)1'I-Ei2S! .l Ilk .. 1'II.tIU. from HIP NarllirniVo I: 7 1 III". YnlrUrn IO's I" : 11:'1 II t i
t LlI'P.UA" u ..._ 1
-..- for hs- 12 ?I" ;.11 .E.amb.1. JO':: f.ll1 f If
arc;n 1'3 Ly-Balram. tic ccna.u cure coj: ..
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li5 1.5" I Mulut ... in..3Itf.'l: 6:45 '
Uiif" 1:'. ." ....HarD .... II t-1 .1' ,
CANDY CATNA17TIc : 1:1 :. ;.a5". ..... ( .
IWE WILL FURNISH YOUR HOME FREE! Good Chance for : .. ;'... .. ... .......ialtCityMiltfn .. .. .. 11"11)1"Hi"" 6.f-n"a j t14:5M
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1.1 a m .. "m' Uo'xl Kaage .... ._ I .iI
X Nas Goods. 1:55: I f.15" .. ..... HolUMiliiira'i ... '.' ;': r 4.S3 t.
Write Inlay for tour hailunii' .. I Y:::11" 11111" ...... .. II'J" .:11 .
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3 climimf, 1,.11'of ale Ln.1 iarpL Rn re ". Beware of the dialer who tries to sell .:101") 1/:117' .. .PorredeLaon II 1:'It. I, 21"Y'II t
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Irodlrmrt.fall 711" <: 4. I .. ..
II 5 MananON. .
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i I.! rr. it I It '
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," .' .
r' .. ,' < .. ;. : .- ... '. ., .. h'4: .. : ": \ -. J'Z'v'" ,- :<-- -



u1 -_ _ _ _





r Mrs. I4ewlsVIIIi i is visiting her :II A startling story is told by gentlemen Will Come to Pensacola Aftrr ; o---: ,__ ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,__",,,,-.o
sister in Louisiana. who arrived to-day from Cottage -
1 )I the New Orleans Test. I
t Bryan Black ofAW Orleans isamong ; : Hill neighborhood, about 16 All Departments Represented

the guests at th g,, aU1bia. I I miles north of Pensacola. The caseS 1 I j in

: A. B. Halkey and wife mid Mrs. N. '' in point will be investigated by the : Prospect for North Atlantic fqua

i I Cohn of Denver Col. are among the grand jury, it is said, and will be' k Our
dron to Come Here Good if DI'f'dg.Inlt Thanksgiving Sale
) : guests at the Kscambia. ,j brought to the attention of that body
by the Coinatock U Done at anEarly
-IJ; Wm. \V. Flournoy of DeFuniak ': by persons in possession of alleged ,

;q, Springs, arrived in th> city last i facts. An Excellent Combination. Date-So Wire Senator Mai- -This Weekly!
and at the .:scam- '
,1& night registered .
Some doys ago, it is told, a negro The pleasant method and beneficial lory 10 Secrel.l'r80n.
bia. I effects of the well known remedy
I woman named Margaret Whiting, Everyone in Pensacola will reJoice -
will leivei SYRUP FIGS manufactured the
iti Benator J. Ed. O'BriM" I I OF by -
to-morrow for WasiiiuKtoti to look was accused of having made way i CALIFORNIA FIG SYRUF Co., illustratethe S over the prospect of another Carpet Department. Wash Goods.

after the interests! of tli National with a young child. an offspring; of \'alneof obtaining the liquid laxative winter visit from the North Atlaatic

HUT Pilot: association, of winch he : the principles of plants known to be ,2.0I( J Yards Fl.lOnfol..uo .., .
l Whiting wOUlau daughter. The laxative and squadron, set: forth in the following lOOKample Rugs at Cost. : \ w
is the president.! medicinally presentingthem 100 Wnue Enamel Poles with Fix- ColorV!: otter the! K/U.
0 accusations; were so strong that it in the form most refreshing to the telegram received this morniijr from Monday at 7c : :

:f; l1.tt1 Rev. H. C. Ciiihinan: of this city was decided by the people of that taste and acceptable to the system. It Senator Mallory. His prompt action tures. 2Cc each. yard.

I.: ; ;-h act! Rev. R. Q. Hiker of Aryl vicinity to have the ca.e 1tokd into, is the one perfect strengthening laxative < in the matter will more than 200 Window Shades; 25(!. ___ --

1 i 1t$1 were at Miltot. ye-t.rd.iy ami Ht and the woman was arrested. The cleansing the system effectually, Hosiery.
.: ordaiut-d 11ev. O. W. Tol- fevers I ever endear him to the hearts of our
U t night they child had disappeared mysteriously, dispelling colds, headaches and
'i-t S
.-: :. ..! i'' lett as a Presbyten! iu uimiaier.K. but the woman, up to the time of gently yet promptly and enabling one people and alford the strongest! evidence Cloak and SuitDepartment. GUt' .inff Content o-. p.insrs .. 5' ".
'1 .. ofKirmingh.un her arrest, denied positively all complicity to oveicome habitual constipationperiuanen.tly. of his fitness, for the positionhe closes tim is IIiot t: .
J M. < .
: Lay, a prominent :?
: f freedom from this week.
Its want
perfect fills for his effective
;. Al.i.: aud Mi-$ Edna III us disappearance, and ) worthily ;
I.f. :"
olijectionaUe quality and sub- action in bf half of Pensacola is but .
held to this denial until after sue every
wedded -
Pari111. : 50; Misses' Reefers 10
4 I_ mfferof were to -
'J.f :i anti its the rears
wu* arrested. stance, acting: on kidneys t an illustration of what he is able
-re at noon tlld,1The ceremony at $l.2.: I Knit
1 i : without Underwear
antI bo\\els. weakening
: t r: S" J .i..k place; at tliH rt'"iJI'lIcfl of Rev.Kr After being in custody a few hours irritating them make it the ideal and glad to do fur every interest Iii W Mlst' Pvppfers.fi to 13: at $l.0.; I

":;"..:.i ': .,.. ..J. Joues, pa-tor nf.thA l-'i rtjtajiti ,1 she aid cut would tell all she knew. or laxative. his entire whole territory. which embracesthe Our Leader Jti; Jacket for $o.Thep Half Wool Ladies tid> lPtititt .I

,'!! ,'ftt.. ; ; t church, l he Militia tin ir. Mr. about the matter and ,f nt for Countable In the of manufacturing figs state.VAPHI.JTOX coiii4 in Black and Color at $I.IW' .Suit.

.\ ij !; L anti Jlrs. L t y left on the 12T: : tram ; Smith, to whom shf told arc u t'.l.process as they are pleasant to theta..tl' \ D. C., Nov. 23, I"H.Tho $7.00 Tailor-in. Suits or fo.iw. Full Bleached Cotton \ .

f where/ the body could he found. To : .C. \VftUon. .su-rctary Chamber Commerce I'ants for Ladies at KM.i...
t f
; : ;; :JT ISiriningham. but the medicinal (jilalit ics Of the : I
_ ..ne'wa. frnsaculu, r'U.
I-.i3 .24 ---- make sure telling the truth, : remedy are obtained from senna and Boys Fleeced Lined :i. ,. j

., '. \ ;, she was taken to the spot where >!hesaid other aromatic plants. by a method Admiral Crowninshield promises Dress Goods. Drawer, Soo: suit.
: KI.Y ,. Ligfiu ( ait Jl\i.M is an
:, the chill had Illinois will viit 1'l'IJSdl'ula after
S been buried, and CALIFORNIA FIG I I _
r known to the : t''Rt'PCII.
vl.1 l friend lu a new f ii 11I. It I.* pry4t.4I showed: the of Acer what :he s .id only. In order to got its beneficial :New Orleans trip. A Special Lot of Fine Black Goods Table Linens

r ,:: pared for the part l'III"r benefit ofutlerers was the exiict.pot.. Before startingthe ctFoets'anil to avoid imitations., please Projppct for squadron coins to cutZV'u this wenk. Etc.

'. % '. from n.i- catarrh: who! are work of removing the travel to remember the full name of the Company Pt'u acul:1! very good if dredge getsto Special Line JVr'd Clothes at S9cinch) ; 1I.1\1)IL"k m and 7
.1',{l.f. ueJ to an atomizer in rprnying, the ascertain if work early in December.
p J>. the child was really printed on the front of every package.;; yard. Liiv-'iO-iuch: lluck TJUiiliam t ..
1.j4 E di t'a"f'llIJtll.trautl1l.thl' ht'.tI'tS. buried "I Smith thought! the matter Signed.) fc. 11. )!.\LI.ORY.
/ ; ing and f-oothingpropertifsof Cream CALIFORNIA FIG SYRUP CO. .
I ; over and concluded that it re- -- -- -
i';;, l'.alu are retained in tlit hAW prepa w...>r. That IVnucalc I'ooiintiiffn.
< i lulled the Cervices of the coroner. SAN FRANCISCO. CAL.
'J 11 g ration. ItdutlIl1tdryul'll.atl- A IIi dealer in ouof the li1ut -
I 1 The status of the case was reported LOUISVILLE. KY. NEW YORK. N. Y. :: :
1 1 !i 1::l J tim!!!."" 1'rice Including rpraving to Coroner Levy: and I.e commanded .Fortmlo bY all Drunists.-Price Me.per bottle. 1 ish put-' > ofcw Voili was deeply butt i Ioiu0ou & BOH.
-I .j f tube c. litAt your drugii-t's: ct --" -
: '
.;; t that a jury be summoned. This was: mid badl.wurruil. \ one day I by the iuii- )
; Fly: Brothers, IG Warren ..tr\ttl'4ew
,i.1: ; ( done, and after the jury had been plaint of uiie ut' his big; customers thata
Yo'rk.Ij. ..
; I Our 'Irat lIor. ,
.. 4 ( empaneled they were all takeu to 13in- Miliiiciiliicn lie Lad sent to the
---- .
." 1 The first horses imj-oriwl Into .\mrf.ka.
; [
.. ... i I, the spot designated bv the woman, huusc for u big dinner had proved to '
; ; London \ taken
and upon digging down a few feet says a JOUI'IIl't'r"
I I'c entirely uneatable when served
.' :. .'I': S.\J\ l'aJl.LO\'K : the infant's body was found, where o\cr by Columbus on his secondoy- ow-
lug; tn a most penetrating taste of
: creo- -- -
:' I it had been thrown head-first without age in 141)3. Thirty jars later forty-

:: Tae regular monthly vi-iit of the S having been placed in any pre- two horses were lauded In Florida: but buie that pcnadetl. it. The Iisli dealer COOt Uer LuinbtrCotp Henry Horn, .<0\7, Hansen. tl I'ensa- !, .- -

ITh L. A X. pay train N. it.>w a thing of tense of a coffin at all. It had ap- they nil diet! soon after their arrival. realized, altiiuL;;I the charge; was not Ida. lw>c{, Orsno. fiuir Transit Co
1 pareutly been buried made directly, that lu \vn mores than Am Winifred IH.'i, lu Gulf
for severali Anuitroog
r- the pa: t, .-o far as the pjt month'swages lie Solo who made an expedition! to ii
i days, for the body wa badly decomposed I EuspccU'd of having sold a stal? flsh Transit Co i EVERYTHING
are concerned, n-t the 'boodle the new world in 1540--11: kft a number sntfs.
and was fait decaying. I that Lad been washed or brushed withan
1 ; wagon" arrived lit night, paid oil It was taken up and an inquest of line Spanish horses behind him! whl'nI antiseptic pivparation to hide its Hr harvest iueen, is l Korsjtb, to order \ J I

': 4': tiie num"rrtu employe at this point 1 held, when it wa found that the obliged lo hut the country after his cumlitioii. lie knew that the salmon BABK8. Required in the
I I.: skull had been broken with i-omjucst of Lou'siaua.! anil this stock; It Alberecd,5S9.AZegflO.tt) Kosasco Bros
? some
: ? ant took its dtpirturo: early this Lad [bii-ii fievli
perfectly when Le soldit.
'. .i : l' i i heavy instrument; the head having is thought to hue formed the founda-1, Nor Australia. liVt. Aanoaocn. to orderNor
: .;;. : nurr.in;* on the P. & A. division I been crushed. The after deliberating and fur days l.e [pu/zied in \ain over Altximdf Las rencc, 11:11::: Huavreea SGflOOIi ROOM.
jury tiOlll.r the wild horse if the !.outlvetrI1 to H H L I'oNor
lad'leniiiir tho hearti: of iu srmyof i the the pmblfu.! Hut !Middeuly! Le leuiemlu'lid -
j. I over matter concluded stales. III 1COI I a I'lvncli inmil-1 I Kmil btang, 1.01 I. liammerburg to
.;. '.I t-uiployes lietwet-u I'jnvtcola and that the child had been murder- : that on I lie day tin n\L \\assciit: 8 H L ('0

!L' '; c. River JlIl1rti"lI.t fd, but failed to fix any rerpor.si- grant brought to Aiadla; a number' of out a I.mk'tI DII full:! of trvosote; L.id I It Kraociaca list liancaiarl.! to 1'arodi
I .miiimls from which the Modern (.'anailian 4 CuNor
t, 1':' ttomvof the hnpineii, or at 1.:1"1: bility for time deed and the \\hiting : ; toll'jll..1 l 1ffoitliia pl.ice aii'l hat Lirait : : ""u't"'lIod.\I'i.II01P. to order School Boots ant %
t. j all w'.io-jy d pony thought: to In ( (' l'l.thh'ol. old-
iili' piy wa4 over $1.lJ4 l.7"per woman: who had( been held on suspicion ; into which the IUL was boinplated >ur 1..rl\r..oh..l\Il. l.ur-fnli
day, \er, reejbly Kurpn( ';ed was rele.sed.KKKLY IlorM's (coin riandcrs \\tie impoitcd ;: : Nor 'I"11I1t. I-wl. l.amrii. to orderBr
.! I too %
was dneitly alongside: of Hiepoueit'nl Kr\o.\ing LiijIH : !' Kuucorn Sciioal Supplies
i F ". when 'they were hanJed: a hum into Nework iu IG'J.'i.loo : I ( \.r I
!. <
,' .!. .1\ which bail !>er-n mere'in'd about $I \\' '1I.alH: -' !otnl That uppears( to have It Tooele. 7M.; Porzio. to H Pl.liuio -
'. ; over what: they wer unully l''tict been eiuu'L; to perneae, I lit' delicate ;-01' V> in lit ptKViAiJvrUold! to o !5 L Co
WKUM.SDVV:" Herd %h.bt'url.; lop a 1'upll.
,, :. I .UIJ expt-ctrsl.: The occasion of lliii MIX1C.1I.K .\ tf.Klit-r iu the D.ill.N cnuuty public i tleaL of the lisli.-Xe\v j_iirklr'ss. !>I'II 00,"i:1\,.. BI.ATKS; PENCIITA >/,1: : .-

!.i'' ; ': eurpri! waS MMIII exp'.uiiiiitliey wlt..u school rcct'ivod thc follouiiig! kiter: | Legislature Has Jurisdiction.I vr sell Brother- I Ii\! Kelly to t* H I. Co PE.NS, Hitii, i 1:01:
{ TheVedimedty musicale
T l"; wrro informed tfut the rail. I met :!, Nov. :--In the appeal raRe Hr I tiailrioix.J.T, 'la>lor, to Kit M Kub- KUOK-HAUX ASH l K\;: u -AI
t, road Comi'iiuy had oif' 1t lit to tack onaubddiiiui.il I \ u'Oih and rendered the following Sir-Will!! }'ou in tin fjture gi\e uiv con i'l-ii'r Manitoba U son
'J I 5<,11I1.' to do a: niteb? lias is nlut (lop', troii.-ht of the attorn-) general of Am Hjiltimr ;'.", \".Ison. to inaterAinJaines Rl'I.E8S, CR\\ ..INEUASKKS -
ri' ten !Ir cont to their program : Lr'n'ilolil'rs'! B .ioil.ill, ".1.! nriiiprl.tonrdri
In i jiu uo or L1in! Uitrs Ul: "If lure ;hMin if \crsus the Manitoba
PfcXH.t I iCoo's I-
rt. viril! lir. : : lihi.'
regularilary. : "-; of AIM :'ltlry.111111,-HI, llaskfil.to J 110 iMerrittt :
: tlllloiltf.elf.d P"l'tr-Be'tlw\pn's Influence I..re:1: fill thirty la i'IIIt U.It! s. Imw naiifiinii asbociation. the privy council has ilccidt'd 1 : n
.-, WOrk1ll1'1Ir and no Iu-Ical Culture Mi-s Wil-on. ( anJ l.klt: Lotties vull nii.e calhns cf litre ': PendMonHnterf.PI, I'avies. to JnoA
.1* that the legislature of Manitoba I Am I
: (
xplllulti"'l \VH irivuu .I it in advance '
-i- : Piano r,olo-;Sonata; Pathetic, Mr.llutherfoid. .-. ill" law.ARlT1E. ll'rrllt.Co
,:"" <-'r of the train.of %Well we tri.-J ami rculJ: rake mtliin of it at bas jurio'lktion: to enact a liquor

,. i Elllplllp's tills railroad: here all. aiul 1 my buy tncl ami 1 ljun-hc. .ni j ...<] leIII.1fl1 --- ,-- Of.CLEAKElJ ANU HMLEU FOB Pit-' iij5Store.
.I": if' !,. "I'm ne\er to have: citisirt to luck of I Ih Vocal roioild lose, Mrs. <)u.- dare to 1,0 l>jt k in ll.e flIOIIiIfl' uiihnuttiom HACOLA.HTIAMHHIP8.. ,
ley. it. so I luJ to co auJ liuv a nine gjluntts
1 ill treatment by the s far .
"" J' Collllt''tll. o 1'aper-Ilu-entricities of Beet he. ; tl U>rf. uhuh I <-uuld. ill afford to duo 1 and .
.t a;; money nutter? .'r concerned, veil, Irs. Ke'sler.Piann then he ui nt mill borrounl a lot If"j". and l _\dellieid.tier, sailed West Hartfcpiiol No\'
1., and tliis rffuito hUll l IHfotl the (case : tianJy liottks. We til tlifin. aud my toy put ;jI'lInl'o THE
: Solo-Farewell to the Piano
"v..r the entire system' It" thu (iire1.... the tiunitHr iown for an iaII.ueT. I dO>1\1 know lTranstions M the cu--iom hom after I r, sld Antwerp Nov
J reports IKIVH it that It I.., inere'NeHhave : MiKlue.umeIer.. ahitlur it is right cr nut 13 ..e Fptll suns "hlle t 2:'ai>o iu.IIIBV possibly not be reported hereinuntil i lot mi num. Dutch, I lid, 1'onjer Harry I
'lit Irs. C. Jv. Johnson and Mis J>ou- NoHuildersfiel.l\ 4 School! Book Exchange
: 1)'>1'11. ell->ctivt iecljlly; i ifay were elected to dUIU'IL H' Mil. Harry membership.Read T. S.-l'lealet the noit n.rae lie in water as
1t1on;; the f killed tchiuint. rt PORTS. LoDersiiin. imteti male: ,81 Ht-rlio 111 1"
4 -- -- --
am not able u l/uy uiute Urc. | Louise Horn lier kid % est ilartle'pool Conducted NQ
H' t. the advertisement of the For November to date.. ....._.IUSK.W1! I Litot'l'ltr i4UtTr4tuliyS
Novi will
: In
i \'ajluir,. of a Cot 1. I New Orleans Mobile Ucsistcr.; )
Grocery. It will pay Ursula Bright. Br. fill, Coode Bcranton..Mu
.tjtr' I SAILER. : ;
: You can iwvc-r be <|-iite ;;tir" whereacoldis you. = Continued lions Similar Lim.J .
; "Mere ilnn. Am s H"ntacol*. I.t-ech. GalvestonMrs SHIPS."avonte. .
,, i I"III to hit ?mi. Iu the John Hrtgllt. \Vyimes. Hull
HHOTJltamooJ) When you uut-t :man who describes sailed RUHHO'. Ayr's I let 15Vanduara. J .
'L 1", fall and winter it may otUe la the I j Nor ..- -
: _.
) I hluisflf would I t. liSiL bid'pn Oct II --
as :L Iutrt' man. you
bowel ., .
in. Do
( ; : producing\ s vero p KXrKKTAIXMKNT I CLKKEP.Krm : sid IS
Vega, It, ISIS, Genoa l ct
Oil..-( .1. uot be a'larinrd! nor toiiaoiit your- always do well to ask what he wants. John Bright. I7Vynes'.riT W I.Witilch .

I ;:J. .elf with fears of upp>uriicitin., At The Sinera of the United Order of fur since mllllirst swung himself trom Co for Hull with 1..VCMMI r It I HABK8.Amore. .
bs>Mi t'lnlxr.-'l.KM sftdenU. valuo IIUIW; ::1 It. sailed U"noa Sept SlitncIiettI. PENSACOLAON8ERVATORY
: the fir t oiirn of a take Perry i iHI the In the foiest rime\ul and '
cramp bough
I IIavis Brotherhood of which J. T.panr.: Dutch as Barrndrecht ndjitltlonat rnrgo ., It. sid! C"rthaen Oot 21
> :< Painkiller in warm, ilw eth has ':'for Antwerp, '&> baits (ootlon.\ hhrtsI I
stood upon his two legs he DL'\er sqr KM/atiHth.: (>.r, ski Hrak Nor 17jDdus.
toned water and relief[ c"UIAS at oncp. is president, will give an entertainment 'I left to'>IICCO. 270 tons pbospbatK rock, .',WU .it.I Ilirs. hid G..n"1 "''-1'& II

:\i#HI: } I4 tl There I:; hut one Painkiller, l'erryi at Russell hall Tuesday even. own assuuuHl private that opinion position( which for nothing.confide My to i & It cottonwood lumber, value i tI
;- : Davis'. _'Si.and5Ocents._ I ing, Nov. 2ti. There will be speak- you knowing It will go no further. Is I j AT QVAKASTI.VE.: Kings County. HUBS, sld Urevnock Aug ItLulgina. ,
It, ld Newport let II
I It shIp Avon. 11511.' HCblftlluo, Antwerp to
I'ENSACOIi11KPOUTKII)UNi ing by must of the leading pastors of that Le assumes that tone as a rule to Baam, !Dunwndy" C'o I.ennstln. Ku.;u5. sld La KoohellxOpt 2i E. O'L CHAFFERS Director
'.1 the different churches and music overawe sovereign woman. :Sarah '. Br bk Lanceneld.\, Grant, Waterford to Magda. Nor, Hr.-'. bid Hudeltswall ttept I ,
: MUKDF.UKI and singing by some of the best tal order Mark Twain. Nor.Bid Allia del 7Mnimtor
$ (:rll oJ. Xorhk Parfeon.TJii Busch, I'ernambuco NorJ usil, sailed 1'ori Eliiabetb
'1, c+ ent. Rev. J. H. Manley will sing toHPHbotttrio i let 10 Piano. 'oice Culture Violin. I'lre

!..' ; ;: \ :News was current lant night that some of his latest songs. All are A Greet Sieret.Old It bk Konin. 10-.T. Queirolo, Genoa to Monte Allegro., did Cells Oct 10Northern OrganCornet, Mandolin, Guitar.
\ '\4i' j .J CarIes Eugeno, who formerly resided cordially invited. Admission 15 Burt. Uuawody A Co: Kmplre. It.Bid Genoa Oct il Cello
J. T. Bachelor Uncle-Well Charlie, I It bk AvvcnlreC! 772, Bono Cherbourg lOire Mount, It. hid Aberdeen NOT II etc.
i. 'i { ll bere, had been murdered at Menu- cents. HTAXN what do you want DOW? via I'ortlatd to Haars. l)un",'ody & Co I'adre Aunt lId Barcelona NOT Also Director Pensacola
t Manager. I ICbnrlleOh. It bk Ortana., Ktzeto, Hauiburg to order Prospero e Marl*!*, It, ""w, aid Cork Oct 10 Concert
t; ?l j mont, Texas, where lio dad gone 1 want to be rich. Regins.it.'i114.Sld Malaga Oct gTmanta

.; some time ago. The report wa unIf''k CHICKEN (iU IBO "Ulch! Why soT !; Am Daisy.( :tu.: Diokson. to order .tier, btrathinaunm aid Cbarleitoa Band and Elite Orchestra.
It l>k Vermont, 971, Kazeio. LaKochelle Now
ti''Iii.; confirmed up to the hour of going topree AMI SPAGHETTI; Ikvause I want to be petted. Ma j i to 8 8 L Co White Itose.Nor 1571.ld Arandal Oct 7 Brass tnd String Music Ffiriistri. f fill
*. Zion,Uer. aid Lletb 11
gays you are an old fool, but must be
:3 Mr. Eufteoo had l lived io this city SHJPFDCe.i Wakefield. tSwed,sailed Trale net 17 Decisions.
: At Nick Apostle's, from 6 to 10 petted because you are rich. But It'sa THE .
?; and to /lii-t departure
.'fiJl $ *om81tarl up
I o'clok this great secret and I mustn't tell It" I i Address: Escambia HotM.
; [ ".' for Texas had conduct ft grocery I evening. Ii If you want a nice present to give

t ,t't i'; It'- { store at 1,118 Wet Government i VKB8KL8: .T.:A...IN"I-FOBTI to a friend, go and look through the Htudio: Pi byterlan Church AnDII

',;c i Jr- ... street and had his family residing Cronje Enlisting Men.. -- -- I Br C,,yo Largo, 83, Danton. to Gulf elegant line of suitable articles at --
.fi) at that place. They ar. yet in tins New York. Nov. :22.: According! to Trllollllo J. I. Stephens, you surely can find --

*ve ; t.- city, but have had no confirmation the London representative of The Kr Cyrano, 15. Cognlet to Gulf Transit something: to please you. If you Cleaning ladies skirts and walati

=.1' of the report. Tribune. The Standard's South African Bruce & King's'1 Co Hutch Constance, 1152 Oatemaa, to Baan1)uo..OOy.t want anything in the Diamond line is one of our specialties.: rStar Laun

.. \ .{l1fI-f __ correspondents are authority for Co be sure to see him: before you buy. dry.

I '
I I the statement tint Oeneral Andrles

.. :ifi : f t: AM tI AGIIKTTI Cronj" a brother of the famous Boer IS THE PLACE --
>I : I'!
rfi : 'leader, noa prisoner on St. Helena
;. .1 } :; At Nick Apo-tlt<'.. fiotu G to 10o'clocK for F. E. BRAWNER'SCONE .
; is among the ex-burghers: who are en- KO your Hicyclpa, Talking

&! : t'' ': thiseveninij.PAKKlllL.il i .._ __ lIsting! men against the HOTS anl TO I Machines, Air Rifles, Oun-
I Game JJoards ,
Wood and Willow
t ; lf 11 IS THU fil.VV who are taking up arms against their'
Toyg. Xo need to send
\.. 1 I former t'onipanions in arms and in favor ; for away PRICE CASH HOUSE

!.. .tj" t.'i.P'\ at? [Milton II1J".1 r of the! Briti h. your I, -

k ..i: Some of our contem|> !
t ::,, "tl'u ,r r: it might be aided om ihit have: all\ Gift to Harvard Um,ersiv.Boston. May Bicycle or PboBoijrapli ::C> Invites 2,000 Cash Buyers to Attend His s@j

.-",;, their interest at ftaktj ui tills immediate Nov.The: : Transcript Jut drop in at Bruce & Kin;'? Hig

& '" .K; di.trictlJa\'l> ROIH* wiLl over sajs Through th.generosity of "Sporting JooiU :Store and see them Sale of Cloaks Skirts
'{ a Bargain Waists and Shoe
\ '\ if i.it tb candidacy of Hon. W. I n. Ijun.trfitreonirrevmin : Iloston man and a Harvard( graluate.hae sell I ng FilleE: >'W |1.> (irapbiiphones ,
-'n: 'L\.. \, whit it /\\lb to with One Dozen Fine Record

\., r. (. "!' H* they would be 11'brI' 1"'II-iJi>rate %hi. for name thepresent.is withhold. Harvard from the IITII! I thrown in for *lo.HoyV New Goods just arrived from New York Factories. We

S.S lf'! S in tbfir Plld"r.HUf'ut .iii.l work f.r I n .soon I and GirU' Bicycles at all

(1lJf' I" the 11'11th.lt would b.. .it all timA.'fJ to have another building ala.'d to its priC't'>>. will give the Ladies of Pensacola Big Bargains in all

5-4 'I' : and unil..r all\ ciicumstiuiros.. for the collection The n .v strut'tur<> will be

: I di-trict and that mn i i.. r'' otli..r built on the land now o'elll'.1: by Fox i CEi3( Early Hd d Gel First Ctcice articles in our store for the Next Few Days. *
: ,
'l a. : I than H >n. C'i>' rle-s H. P-irfehill: of Croft Hedpe. The original amo'mntwas -

:>. $M Pfn-acol.i. He i. our ctuMi-- **. $ "uiiiOit l"it the gift has b-ea Bruce & :"tJ') Ladleifllk; \ai- the Largest I loll Lddie: Jacket, worth H 1)1/, 4<) Paint Hoy'Solid. L-...; -

y l,,: ....' W i.\iua: mWllf .llU: (ll neatly ':!.>ul.l.,1. King's.cvill S IUr 4*>. worth |l.i". our price fl l.",

( "
;8Pair"IJoy'S'id l | L- if
59 I.ftdifFill Ker=:* Box Jacket
4 !' 1-4: : I.\\, :GIIT 2.V: ) Lidie; Flannel All-Wool\ y fin
worth S7.GU.our $1 !f.). -r quality, worth $. 7
\\ aist?, a Hi;: Hargain, for U"c. price |1.2.1.:

t About 7'sl; ::: o'clock ,I Ij-.t t, -lt a -!."".'--- ."._-- ..._-- .",._- ..._- ...._- ...._- ._- ..._- .",.__- ..-..-- ."..:-: ljl; ) Lidie Flanuel Wai-t, All\ 49 Ladifs Fine IrnportPd Kersey 7;,2 PairHoys', XPW Iris .
i--- : _
I.VvW} number uf people s-i w *. In;:> brightirete. -' e mIJ Wool Fancy Trimmed, a liargain; Jackets, worth $10 10 J, our price $i.l.Jlj.1|i I Screwed :.shoe', wizei 2 tti. >

si.j .\r t iiir.r. fror.i thrtf..>rn ,, VQ151. Pind /Uf at ?1 l.,. 75; I.\dif"s: Black Caibmre "skirts, .&',. our price II 20.
Phi'm and travel with ..11 H Pairs Child' !-ihHP'.li';
h..a\t-u. rill III : tucked
and wIl tailored
171: Ladie> Outlo[ ? "' Wai-t woith
.* th> >k.v hm-titii with L -ath-r, worth $I.'$Jour "
S speed acro > ; aloud f! PAT McHUGH'S IjJ worth ';.}c, our price 4c.jo |325, our price $:? !w. I"
n"io alter leaving I >ii4 train I i i 4i Pairs Mi-es' !Hh > -iHolid
4-:; L- die
1. of ':pirk in its 111."kl\ The .ud.1..n ( Ladle Mercerized 1'ndertkirts, Figured Silk skIrts Leather, worth l.'!;',

0 ? phenomena frllltt'utI.n; u! more (M, "S STAPLE AND FANCY GROCERY; [ ) worth $1 50. for this: sale Sfte. worth $5 uj. our price $:i 0j.3D ( ';l<;
) Ladies Plain
ignorant perou'<. ., 1 : Silk Skirts, with 12 Pair Mfc-ps' Shn--
Sg ... .7:, Lar1ie Mererized Underskirts" I flared bottom, hiiudsouiAl? trim- worth l.oU; .
i til A $ our price KIP
: When you feel ttm Irf* is hardly! Full and: Complete line of the iJ heavily tucked and trimmed, worth I med and well tailored, worth IIfJ. lJ, : You should look at our

4. S worth tie citifi Stomach!* t.k.: and it d,\Liver 04 t>frhamberUin's !?. Best Groceries in the City. ,.;. S I 82.00, our_ price only 51.43. I' our price 86.9s. Children's Fine Hhoe

41f Tablet They will ePstie your (:j l And You Can Save Money by Our Cash Rebate Check System.I :(::1
touaach. tone up your liver and rt<''- F. E. BRAWNER'S
nlateyour bowels mtkinar you feel 1 Phone 1S3. Palafox and Rcmaaa Streets. j 'I. ONE-PRICE CASH HOUSE

1 like a new man. For sue by all I I ,

L. dIupIst4 and medicine .lers. I I I''W :! &r '\ ._ 1O3; SOUTH PALAFOX STREET.j O)

The daily news
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Creation Date: November 23, 1901
Frequency: daily (except monday)
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Spatial Coverage: United States -- Florida -- Escambia -- Pensacola
Coordinates: 30.433333 x -87.2 ( Place of Publication )
Dates or Sequential Designation: Began in 1889.
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-.. 1II. .kttP'; ,--!"_-.'".L"<. ,," "'r'. <.A" ".'-''-' '.'.._. .:,.. .._.,. ,-....;-.,,n.-, .,FY'r.r: .; ? .r.. ;!. "...1'lX .. .. 1 t'.5 .. -

1- -


1 ,..

: l j




;...--- -- .,


.u -___ ___ _u ._n__ __ __.. =-==--- __ _.. ..._ _.-'---:-- __ __ __ _

1 PENSACOLA has a Depth of 33 Feet of Water in the Channel at the Entrance of the Harbor. J 1..1

.u __ ______ __ _n -_-- _- --_-_-__- --- -.- -- --. -- -- -

Inclement Weather Brings PRESIDENT CASTRO MUST PAY $361,803 I T

Coughs, Colds and Catarrh. FEARS CONSPIRAG11 TO UNITED STATES Do You Wish I

Eas Caused Arrest of His Inheritance Tax Due From
iahTrat weather begins when Congressman Horace
The gnat objection to Port Anstln Mh'h., writes from Housnof !
ends Minister of War. i Vanderbilt Heirs.
wr Mama I"1'1 is that it alternates be. follows Ilepre-.entatt\e, Wahmton, I). I'" j I the Finest Bread
as :
of the and the
tet tropics
liNn thf 'I Irfj'Jt'S "I have found Peruna a very efficient ALSO SOME CF HIS PARTISANS i i iI DECISION. JL'3T BEEN_REACHIZD
01 rhltn.t/ --
I and speedy remedy for a persistentand
lye& lim becomes relaxed by the annoying cough resulting from Arrests Have Caused: a Great Sensation I Vandcrbilts Have Made a Hard Fight and Cake

'/TiT> of the heat and the first cold I catarrhal trouble.".Horace G.Snover. I In the: Venezuelan Capital- Against; the Payment cf This TaxI!
of winter sons the seed of
nap President Has Named Joachim Ksting: Carried Their Case to the
t>i:rum/s of cases of chronic catarrh I
Guardo to Succeed G\:errea. Highest Courts cf the Nation.
t!y..hlna large per cent. of cases will It is conceded that Royal -

'nd iJtsll), r l"al'as.o", :J, via Hajt'en! Ca- New York, Xov ::::.According: to

....- -. +. ... a .o w..oi J 11", -I'rcbiilPst Cditio. boie\n!! ; thata I Tie AVoild.! heirs of the late Corne '0 I
Powder is and
onM'iiacy to overthrow him exist i !Vanderbilt must pay J3C1M'3.43 Baking purest
...t," x2
,., !. Ryr ell, cau-eJ the aru".t today at Puntotal :: ir.to the offers of Uncle Sam. This

t !- Ho cf Kanion Uucnta the niinist : !I i is the total of the: inheritance! : tax fit strongest of all baking pow- I

I -r of \\:11'. led: by the federal government against

r r r t The piesidsr.t also brought about I the r tate. dersabsolutely free from alum t ti
the arrest at Caracas (,f a number of I The decision has just !been reachedin ,

partisans of Uamon Cuorrca anion; Washington by Solicitor
A them being Montav.ben, who claims I ammonia and adulterant. 1 1i
Mrs. Lavina: 1;:. Ci alker.who holds the of the internal revenue i every
to 1 IK' a French: ('citi/en. elpartr.1'nt.1
highest tate otfl' of the Ladies the and it has been concuned i
The arrebts have caused a great i :
i'II Illinois (L! .\. H., winh! is Department sensation. i! raLstanor! 1 \'ans. Notice has been R I" makes the I best .
Chaplain write" the following letter: | sent to tbe"and.rhllt ia :
Joarhiri! Guardo succeeds! nan .)a attorneys : I I j
IIl WESTLRX :MKINC.It.i.' .. ,
l i. Guerre as minister! ut war. this dty. The heirs have already ,
F '
\Y The Peruna Mtilicme ( 0., Columbus 0.: ;, been compelled to (pay a state tax of : and most wholesome food. S :
(;pntlt'IJwn"You have my liinoorepratitude ;:+t.!+ ;
\+ N FATE OF GENERAL PATINO.Tried $5 3.The federal! tax Just fixed
t .ti L for placing! before nufforinK: -.- i brings the total up to $bc:-.! Il1.I I / 1
l' medicine! which has
women a proven j The total
to Save Comrade From Drown I expense of lighting the I
such Peruna ha
a :; as
i tax. has been I
ing and Lest His Life. carried into the ,
-- --- --
"I have used it myself when min-h I' highest courts of the state and nation. 1-- -

F '5 5' 1trncldent worn out, and found most gratifying Now York. Xov. 22.-The 'olon. Colombia I will bring the grand total up to 1. I Bank of Liverpool Victimized. I II Two Boston Banks Consolidate.
of The Herald
and numlx-r the of
reutt women
000.000. '
.... cables the following version of the I I London, Nov. Announcement I Boston. Xu2..- The director of

U'JD. L'bclaker Uses Pe- mysterious disappearance of General 'CR. was made today that the Hank cf Liv- the Third National lank have total
i .
L runa as a Safeguard Against I'atlno: 'You;' correspondent: has boon BARNEY'S EXPERIMENTS.They I Hpool had been victimized! by the;' to consolidate! with the National Shaw-

J Inclement Weather. r informed by Colonel! Harrcra. the revolutionary i -- I i trusted bookkeeper to a large amount !j mut bank The proiHia.tion/ : has bt f upenJint 1

l_ J. - > inn i i leader, that general Pat. no I Are Brought. to Suddcn. Close | What the losses: amount to U not yet'i ? for some time a-iil the dire--

kr President of the Lake and (!<'r.<'ral Co.-itsiM. who tare re- I by Dr. Black. i i nnoun, but an official statement is tors of the litter bank have: agreed tn

..f Toroters writes from y M bPl| tlvclfirst and second in <'omman.l | revs York No\ -Tuberculosis! I sued by the bank says that through !i i'on"oli.lato. The Third National bank

::ark *t., Chicago, III., thor of the aHa Ida;; insurgent force j experiments by l>r. (;;'Ol"ll': 1) lUrniy: the lis.hor.rsty and b-tting! ; transactions -" : has lien in cvistciii. lor 31't'ant.. I

.' : left Gatt'ns.: which! is HI ni'rs'! from i of Ilioo'vlyn! which aroused consideraUP I. of a bookkeeper they may lose Francis II. Tars is |pl'l'o\.I..nt 5 Tbd
when IIP announced .! The Hank of Liverpool'' stock is. $1 t ."." i mil, surplus f
.' I IIdn 1'0., (Viluinhns. f).: here ia a small boat 1 lfir Colon. It I indignation L'lTO.i'tiO. capital .
hen iI l, t 11 + vas a very: dark night and their boat I reel rtly! that he had inoculated a shares tell !: 13: On the Sto .\ I\:.(hanll' Js4.'J47.: ; c"I"! ,! I i. r year; pat w ?
i I to wet or inclement .i + tai>si.M, in the rher. (i'uual Patino, ; JOHNS woman with the disease were I j 1 today. The defaulter has not been ': the! thirteenth bank ah"lnrhl,1 by tin :

would hurt 1I\t' and I i vim \';\urm1ed: In the arm, fit. .\. P.'ack head of the board of J m ls: !.!*'. Other foi'ibina-
to tleneral; ("orti;sol., who
.- nuli;;i-.ti.in, and 1 1i wm I I I I I
>r inlay or twucau-- could not swim. and bit; were dro\\a- !I h( alth ir the borough, who sei/ed the j; A Deep;; Mystery. tior.s have reduced the numlx-r of na .
I! ow on which ho had founded 1m tional banks to 41 from (..', the nuwb
and; pain. I Ii ed. The death of the two leaders j : It Is a mj>tery why women endure '

.t. fr,eu.\ls the theory I llack.wlHen':I of Dr. the eminent G medical I -
oral party: K'eh ?rn.aa :
.i h. .1 h.II"him, and I I 18Ieeplp:1 ines*. Melancholy fainting; | Lost With All en Beard.
authority that consumption could I
and I)izzv when thousands
,1:1.:; "'urtML l mo.i. I II! Victoria.; JJ C.. Not ::.--The Jo-
i Luego:: to Conduct Campaign. i I I, be transmitted from a lower animal have t tt'at Vtoffrif.... .. .. HitTAra...... I I .
a.tc:, I at onv.. take two : 1 I New York. Nov. 22.-A Herald dispatch ''i to a human being and with that end '! will quickly cure such troubles. "I 1 I Isutrered : neau dlspatih of N'n14 reports that .

Ill I tied it keep mp in : from Colon says that General in view he inoculated the ('o;. with II j jI for years with! kidney :;]' the -teanu-r Niilon arrived there. I '
3IRS. LinXl WALKER.l + :
r ruiii worthy-lIr i'eryXVM. -......-..-.--......-..... I l.iiego Is on his war to Colon from i iI I I the disease and kept her in his stable trouble" writes lIr-.I'hebeCherley: I 1 bringing word! I\. tt 1I'11IIIb Indian r
: ri'.F.LAKiK. lour order sulTirnii with woakui': jxculiar ?- Chnrrora to take charge of the am- I i l to \Nftt h the progress of it. The tow of Peterson, Ia., "and a limn: back ;!; camu aboard of the \'n.,1! In Glazier
I had I''l'omn'ry fid U and he was I pained: me so I could not dreg my-i tay and sail l they had I seen the wrt'1.;
li.ivv I.'n I paign. Coiont'l Ilarrura declares that preparing
.1 "flllDar"MI.!, ccunmonmaui.t to women wonderfully I II !I !
-elf but iictric;: Hitters wholly i
of schooner with l bny''a Jacket,
hold her a it : *
Boon to an autopsy on '
.' .,1.1, inclement helped andlr.1 l l hy l''runa.-La..ina the Insurgents can resist any attack '
I cured me, and!, although 73; ,
: yearsold m"s.. box and >a'kscrt',' scattered
when the of Dr. mad! pouncedorlon i
I';. Walker. by the government troops. 1 i! agents !
:'f v U ha\ Ihe.lirhteatruld.' I now um able to do all myhou
'!_. ..rant: other iutliiati: Address The IVruna Modiome Co., of 1I I. the (reatulean-l carried her "ework." It overcomes Ci'iisti- i about. There wenn<> &1In.If life

::.I I r ti!J weather," a few i Columbia., 0., for a fret, copy of Dr, !Subscribe\ to the NEWS lOc per I away to the public pound where it iaI patios, improve Appl'titp.ivt'; .. and it Is thought that a ->' hoourri Iou f

r.i will put Aim' ruht. I IIartman' latest l hook on eatarrh. Wlpk. I I sail, she will ho d, ,;lror"(1. perfect health. Only one at W. A, ,, betn lost with all on board.
-.- -- -
D'Alemberte'sdrug "tllre.121 :>. PaLtfox -
-- !
-- -- --- ----- -- .
,. ,
Old Soldier's street. :.w Y.Mr H.ot.P, :
I --- nr nntta !lr."I.I:! : U.Cnp,III. !lA_ f
W C. O'NEAL President; f. C. HORTON Cashier; CIte bee. Add P>t.hDi/Il..d'I t u I bu"eI' uc H.T. .
M. :M, Austin, a civil war veteran, Two pound frpli roa"ted colfe! at -- .,
+.1. f HEE. Vice'President; M. E. CLARK Ass't Cashier. of Winchester, Ind., writes: "M. the New Orleans (i rocel y for only I'

Con.don.aed Statement: of tho wife: was tick! a long time in spite of 23; cents.; Try it. t: All GradaS fromthechtapest I
1 good doctor's treatment, but was ---- _-
; wholly cured by Dr. King's New'! I will repair your watches and I very f iC i

AMERICAN NATIONAL BANK ,. Life Pill's, which worked wonders : jewelry in first-class style. J. I finest furniture at Marston .

for her health." They always do. Stephens. C jFinch's..
Try them. Only 25c at W. A. J
OF BUSINESS :NOV. 4 1901. ( .,
PEN8ACOLA \,.FLORIDA, AT CLOSE D'Alembtrte's drugstore, 1211 8. Pal- -
afcx street. t


; . .. ...... .. .... ... ... .... |324,947ft) Capital Stock .. .... .... ...... ... ...... .... jmoooOG FACTIONS FIGHT. I

U" '. .tl d Loan+. . ... ........... .... lO ,OIHAU Surplus... .. .... .. .... .... .... ...... .. .... 10,000.00 i Contest ta Control Governmentof BARGAINS I
.ITr dr'rt'. ... .... ..... .. .. ... . nu l.t26Pt 1? Undivided Profits un .. nu.. .... .... .... 2.285.20 City
r5. Bonds. 7o.000.00( RediscountsCirculation .... .. ... ..... ...... .... .... H,344 85 P.tbwrp.;

I'rrmhutnonU.t.Ronda. 5250.00 .... ... .... .... ... .... .. .... .... i ,OOOOO Pttsbur! Nov. 22.-For the second .
irndtureand Fixtures. g, 1R.18 DCDOdltfl............ ..... ...... ............ 2Jsl,79563 time within six months the city government o-JPOXl.-o

1 I! K. Humps. 680.78 of Plttsburg Is about to undergo ............... ............-.... ....---------o-,,-. _.-..-. -.. ;
ash and: } ;; 114,497.29 vy__..... -4wWW
an entire change. --- _oJ...__\.'_'...

$632.42..53 $632,425.58 Major A. M. Drown appointed! city

T 'k bank Opened for business; Octoh 23, 1t X. We respectfully solicit your patronage and we will give recorder last April by Governor William I
.: ; .\. Stone hat been requested to Week
Iu.lne s prompt, courteous and careful attention. Thanksgiving r
step down and oat by the chief executive

Interest Paid on Time Deposits. of the state, and J. O. Drown formerly I i

director of public safety' under I ,. '
the old: regime will assume the duties I rvrn wwr ,.,.n.wv. vnrvvnrn N rr.v.w.wAT

FAvoR ANNEXATION Hci' ntiati Get $25.000.! BURGLARS TORTURE OLD LADY. of the office. The changes In re

Rom N. V.. Xov. 22Bj a decision rorder will be followed by the resto-- -

9ert ert of Nmtty, Per Cent of Property handed down by Jus ties :Mclaughlin Burned Her Feet to Make Her Tell ration to their old places of lf 0, or

Hold ng Cubans. one-half of the estate of :Mrs. Moses Where Her Money Was. more city officials! recently removedby .

\ ': .. 1'tanl'isrnlam\ :M. Davis valued: at $S<\K)0.( will go tothe Buffalo. Nov ==.-Mrs. Christiana Major Brown. L Friedman & Go's I 1

5' '": ,,' ''10 uhim tommis-- Christian Scientists. The chargeof Haegerer. 60 years old. !living at Ham- ,I The upheaval! Is the result of a flgiti !

... m"r. hauls, Imsiness manslaughter brought against members -on-the-LaXe.. was discovered in i, for control of the city govermmntlwhich I I

.'"Iral! H-.S.I"lati\ll1ri of of the church for nil allowingMrs. an unconsrlous condition bj neighbors .! has been going on for nearly 31 I I II .
M"slab's" Dam medical attention tin Judge this morning.! I year between the stalwart RPI.nhi'1! j t I
\\ 'th peti"Jin -
r "* 'nt of trade holds is too weak. Last meat burglars forced open a cans and the old Republican! organ! (; Shoes. For the Ladies. Ir I

r,' ' i I" iv. i door of her house, and being unableto I nation under tile leadership of State,I 1 .
j. : \ i intnes. Mineral Springs Railroad.MMUesboo find mosey which It was generally Senator William Flynn. The letter of \II oOi) Pair Harrisburj LadieVrAprlnjr :-IhM". Kj:( MPCP Hilks: all colors on Bargain ;
'ii' 'j! I
11"1 \; 11 I >i r 1111' 1 !IIUlI: : !\ Ky.. Xov. 22.: -ThoAm..rkan believed Mrs. Haegcrcr; kept, they !i dismissal from the governor was re j jccived I Ii Heel in Ij.iceor Counter wt-r II :"l!:) and 'LUI t
\\1" granted liuttoii-, were \1.\:;:; \ In'I I
hISj association was ptr I '
'.,.!! SIr,. tortured the old lady by applying lighted i by Major Brown last night and I: per yard, to go at 50 and 75i.!
ouoI! co-jncil last night for pair, now ..... ...... .. r
j" ; right of way by Matches ta her han fort and hand : in tho same mail caaie the notice .
\ .. n., I' 'h' the Mineral: Springs railroa.l This and brutally boating npr. The burglars former Director J. 0. Brown of his ajv 11" Pair-? Phildr-n's hoes 11 ', to i I Jut received one of the Mandnift -
t I. :!.r"C.IOn. : road wl11\ 1 be built at once from hereto uintinent. 2, Kprin Hf-I I, Iarear, in -"> Lin4 of I,:\ !I Ir.: :>I! secured only dollar. Mrs Ilacgerer ]> I If 1
:."a: I' ,: ii.al Tenr.. where the Soith-: a Hutton, were SI I.I;:l> pet ) I')1/ I I in Ilrilliantiup*. :,ilk< and :.M( rcfrizea r I
.r I'n I't' 1 : '. t "..It : h rtranft. with branch from is in a cntral condition.ii Dead. i pair. now ... ... .. ._ui I"ltinpj.! Theca Utt bpantieu *t J '.
will join it a Senor Garnazo
.' '" \ '. \,. urn is strong oW/ Pair; .Mi-a.' erring Hfc-l I, Lace I I and -o1llI"thln" new" and we will bit rf!
.;,. .. ,'r. t'ut' 'Ih I Ijifayetto: The assoiiation a ) tres after eatinbelchiucandn'tu : Madrid. Nov .';::.Senor Oarmazo: and Hutton made: bi' II. (Ill I plea-td to show them to you jI

.; 'n,' I ,I u;", ...... \ 1lglis1! company.Darkentins. I "et; between meal are symptoms the former minister of finance iii' C. (;')I.dlHII. were fl.u'i: SI.I I I, s I
i-i- arlI !
'.., .h.!;:: I Irene:. :1 ; ,,f (Jyipfp-'i'i, which Hood' SaraparilU ; dead. I per pair, now. .... .. .. Special Price;? for the week will baI
( !
I'llha I
.. fa Overdue. |I cures. -. -. -- - i I IBoy's I niide on Fur Collarettes. "1 i
I always -
\.JUl. you ace i 6 'I I : I I
? tlir Xov. ::'.-The American -- ----- -- -- >ail.lh Pants.
I San Frar.d/ i Jiiinpril on a Ten Penny Our Line nf Tahnr.mada HulUcoii t .
Ii j i bark"atin": Ohales. overdue from Miller Will Die on Sesfold.AsheMlle little daughter of Mr. J. X. idsPair-< P.oy'Knee P.int in all -i-ts; of all the Latut Myp| and '

.,'n Addresses Sac.ety. New astlo. .Australia! for this port, has X ('.. Xo\". 22.: John Miller Powell jumped on an inverted rake Myles and Colorsiz"-s 4110( real 1 1I Color*. In this line WI IMy ComVe !

:\"\. :!:;!,-E-iwin I 1I'pn panted as overdue and rems'ir the negro who killed his: mistress: ''made of ten penny njiil-and: thru-t I I 1 value 75e; and $1. to r o at .7jo pair. l>l-tition. \ have: one <>f the! I>ar>f- I. r

made the cht'f! addrt\1.11'1, I .nee <>t ::::11 per cent offered here The I!I in August last. was yesterday found OLe nail entirely through her foot i 1: Our Stock of Hoys' Clothing !i. cnm f''t Line o( in Its City to :select From I \1 t
s- heard from sinrl't'aini anJ a ;second one mlf wathrou h.Chambl'rlain' :[ and we certainly can plaa l M ;!
been first degree.The
Chiles has not guilty of murder in the plete in every re-ptct. Call and yon. t
of .
'anqlll't| the I
Sot Pain Balm
I'tr"I and! there are p-an the mur was I Jive ui a trial and we will .uve .
Australia attending in- Dante before you .
? d p'ct purchasing i ,
: Life
last miht. lie promptly applied! and five minute.* I' '
has met with disaster. Miller killed the ; elsewhere. money. t
that she atrocious. :
the: old epi:, wa, ofu1 feats derl'rc later the pain had disappeared andno i .
: the new woman with ,an at and afterwards more eutlerinp wa experienced. 1,0(10( Pairs P.oys Knee Pants, fiz<>" I Jun received a Handoun Line of '

: ...1:1 cp'i[ was of Dropping Elevator Injure Several.St. II. used it to cut up her.body, which he In three days the child wail wearingher 4 to 16, real value 332, to 30 at 'S:'jc.. Fine Paris Ptea.ol.; for the Holidays M j ,. '

Joseph Mo.. Nov. 22.- r the I locked up in her trunk. shoe a* u.gal and with absolutely pair. j I ; something nice for your wife i I

,' dropping of an elevator cage todayin no discomfort. Mr. Powell is a f 1J

l"-tud Wders! that TKETinXA the retail diy goods House of Town For Over 60 Year Tell known merchant of Forkland.Va. J H Don't Fail to Visit!' Our Millinery Department. W! have just # '
havesivduiore: several persons are re- WlNMLOW'S KOOTHIN S\RfP hat Pain Balm is an antiseptic and I I what Prices X'f Old .1.
III all the send & Wyatt MRS. you want. flight Stock: to Hhow You or to Dispose J
I !have doctors- put \Orf"d to habeen fatally iChamberlain's been used for over flU, years while by millions teelblne.of heals such Injuries without maturation of. Everything New and Up-tn-Date. d 1
recommended mothers for their and in one-third the time re- :
\ AMi.n the doctors gave Stomach and Liver with perfect auceeaa. It.II'I'ootb" the child.wind vulred by the usual treatment. For : I

J. -Uj.i 1 it cured at once. Tablets cure biliousness constipation softens colic and the 18 the best 11 rem V8 - CO.
s WAIIIKL.. Jiul sufferer 1m. 1
: I'h. o.. They are easyto It will relieve the poor dealers. ,
and headache.
.t.. sold by DrucnUti ineTenr part ,
Ururi-t mat iy.
; nt. Loui
take and pleasant In effect. of T"ellt.lt 'enli ? bOUI'- I ryBJ'.6&JMm Bejleyr.IU.W ANy '
I Know One Mire Itemed !sale by all druggists and medicine Be sure yon ask for"M r .Wllislow..lIootla.IDI : cad hs ud cpM sTORE.II
? Byrup,"&nd take no other kind.: and makes I w ed/ : II kw> e f
It*name is Pjui.Dal+aw dealers.

." .' < ..... .,' .. ...... '.4< .' I .. .IJ..... 'i!IIIeI"'" I!.II '..r j" >\ ', ';<,! '.. .. IiI.. t. .t-. -. ',,-' ... ...- ,' '" '. '" ---,<- ., .,;.. tl. ,- II_ ... .
; '" .... -- ,- ,.Tj.. 'r-' ,)U ,L.I..l2 -> ItI4." .A'UI! .L fJ.J1!! -- .J. -!. 4 J1 j. ..1 ( --- """' ''''' -

.. -



Senator Haradaway'8 Bill! Regardln I Retrospect. Citizen. of Elizabeth City Searchingfor Proposed Changes In Constitution! II \ ,'

Rapists Killed. I Her-River Dragged. of the Stats of Georgia. I II I "

Atlanta Nov. 22.-By a vote of S3Jto Elizabeth City N. C., Nov. 22.-:Miss Atlanta. NOT. 22.-The following!! are
7 the house today killed the bill by It is an evil; day for the wife and Nellie: Cropscy. daughter of W. H.Cropsey. I I In sab.naace! the ten new amendmentsto Hi A r
she Scans her face ,
mother When worn I II
mysteriously which will bo submitted
Senator IJard war providing for castration in the minor, and asks the question. I on I the constitution:
-'t' + of rapists; by:; agreeing to the "Does it pay? Does it pay .to sacrifice I Wednesday night.: The people and citizens I l>y the joint committee
adverse report of the coninv.tiee; { on heath and happiness I are searching for her. The rite! I That all: peujit.cs be pv.t upon an in

general judiciary. Mr. Slaton said wedded love?" But I was thoroughly;: dragged but no clew IIIgfnt: basis.That .

the state of Georgia:: was not ready to there is another question !' to her whereabouts has been found A'',, a tuurt of appeal le estab
revive Larba.-ities of the fifteenth / which rightly young man, who Las been paying at- :!, r.shett. for infants end Children.

century. I tales precedence of lention to the missing girl \Ii: the That tte tern of pmraor b The house concurred in the senate Does it pay.? It is fast person seen in her presence. lIe':1 '' from 10'ralS to four arJ that I j The Kind l You HacIWl BlIlIftt Iia. lira the\ ",_.III.

':.t t.: Tesolution welcoming the British anJ I this : to"Is sacrifice it necessary \\ ;; arrested upon uisplcion! and given '|, ho ho ineligible' for tour ycais after I II j tore IIf Clla%. II. rietrhcr, ami ha* been made\ ii id'r! |",

Southern States Cattle and Produce: health and hamnne'.s | a preliminary! : : hearing resulting in i iI j jj !I the expiration cf his term. j, personal !Mtj<'n'j..in for or ::n jrar*. .\tlun II.. ,?,,,.

;: !, company to the state or Georgia; ; and r / to wedded love? j taking Iii-;; own recognizance to appeal' ,,; That the terns of all county olT.ccrs: : I j {e> deceive you in thi... Counterfeits, Iiuit.ith( >n<. 111.1, |
: encouraging the establishment and cc Half a million women i before the mayor. Chief of Police i iI i ii 1,, be lour years instead of two. i 1 ",Tu'(.;>.;;HKl" are but l'\in-riiiH-ut, ind c-mLinuvr tlin

prosecution of the: laudable purposesof answer, Xo'! They i Lawson telegraphed to "fi'jI.:1. :'! That the entire! education! fund of i health of Children-Experience. against i\i: >frini..nt.
t.u"J' the organization which encourages ,, ) have been weak and lor bloodLuiils. the state shlll'!\ diud>.-d between the j! '

the rattle. Log and sheep industry of have been made I negroes and whites for educational :i The Kind You Have Always Bouoli

!: .I the state. strong by Dr. Tierce'sFavorite JOEL HOLT CRUSHED: TO DEATH.I' i>ur{>uces in the exact: proportioj to :| *" .

'iFt aY. On motion: of Mr. Park, of Greene.r were rrescrijition.They sick' and the amount of taxes: paid by oicS.: j; 1 Bears the Signature of
: t countios of over IT.Ono instead / tion" made them sonviile: Fla. of the legiahujre. astr.;; Co days. :
, i j I
of 73.000 as now to employ county well. It will do the Jacksonville!: Fla.. Nov 2i.-Joe: That then shall be (Marge of venue I

t.; .,>tl':1: f police. I t same for almo every I Holt: a prominent citizen: of Alarhus: in all diurnal; cases where thn3\ I
'(!tt 1a The houseoted doe n the further woman who jrivcs it (Unnt)' who was in the city today iDt, danger of bnehing.
:'-a- recommendation of the rules committee I a fair and faithful That cf the shall be
544' attendance at the Mate fair; was crush i II i justices peace
trial. It weai.tninj
..: ;. i '. '.ti i i to make four special orders for I ; d rains Mops. neaw t- I! td to death st 5 o'clock: yesterday at 'j hell jurisdiction: in ail cases for the In Use For Over 30 Years.

'. 'r'Y'i .,1i: .l'. pelt week as follows: ; infljmnation and ulceration and cures ( tot noon at the Jacksonville: southwestern I recovery of personal property here 'NC "..TOU" eeM...... ..uun ...... ..t... r... e,..
'"t"1 v'l'i 's'i ., The Soldiers' homo bill l>y Major fmale't.I.r.e!*.. It truncjuali/es the pasaengt-r depot by;) a train of ,that I the amount is $1"1"><> or less. ,
,;; : =- t- ..' Gary for Tuesday, : OHtt \'. :IV.; I I1 nerves and encourages the appetite. | eystem. He was a man of ininjens I That the genial appropriations bill -- i -
Jt. The Hlalock resolution: to apply the "I expected to bwon-e a mother, and atl1relltll'.t size; and was caught between the cart j eha'.l !be submitted to the governor at -
( A : public property fund to tho public I m!ishanr r write Mrs 1": A. NS.11011ff Wilts J>!irnT| ,
,i,1'i' t'i.'tf interest for the tame day. I Scarcy Cfi "rloan..! my olj li." :ui b..t t 4 The Houston:: child labor hill::! for I My hatband cot another doctor for me but I drag!;:;d under the cars and con.Udon: That the governor be fives the ray gone, but...
scrmc.1 to trst tag! along anJ get no Iwtfr
*'..1:tt ..q t It, Wednesday. Nov 27. I thority to scale, or veto a put of, en
.r.tf. At UM I told tic Iixior that if his me f. ) : r't The Felder Jim Crow car bill: for I not help! -.me I I(:i.10.would. and go talk by the to Pr tune picm I luJUi.l'11 snuihcine de1>ari.g train to return to his hoa. I j i r.1'i-'rGJrlaliun. instead of being required 1111S'COIE TO STAY !

'Ji'tlIt R same day. them one lunnth I could do mv own at. Nv+rbtrry.' ; to vtto a whole aKOpriauonor ; :
:t. t ; hu"-, ..ork, except wa'!Ing.' and tended :nvcan'.ra let it : tantf.
: too 1"- -toiitcr than I had ever I'eenuhlt
f tJ! t f SMUGGLCR-UNION DISASTER.; I \ nailing i''i''>.' comingincr m\ first HOYT'S JOKE ON M'KCE. Jacoby Grocery Co.
J'r i Y\f!: 1"e -- ;why came (thi- "lie wan the M\th child; :-he
f" -- -
"fi j, lvnclcvta mwnth oM and i a her.tbcluM! .
: t Search for Bodies of Miners Is Stiil; ; A. foor trey I fitl a' young now ai I did at lluir the rajivrlti I1s.il n Bit; of Cures Eczema and .I'chinq! Humor
1. ,, lYtl'-l rt frh Pro resir.J I t'i.tl"t'n'CRr.! of arC am thirty now J cair I'unilh III. Jlanncr., Through the Blood-Costs Nothing Telephone 160.
"' chcrrhlire'.mm..n,1 Pr Hen.e' iiietlitFur 10 It.
i". M&pfts3! '.f.'! "r Telluride Colo., Nov. 21'.- ::!orts a'.l: sufllriii womani..in.l On else! o'I'J-i. !ioa Maiicir McKec Try -- -
l \ I r F. R. H. ( Botanic; Blood Balm know
were resumed today! to explore the : Doctor I erc(>'s I'leasai.t! Pellets cure was w\('lIin; a !i'rrf"niuc-e funn abu > ;
; :,'" t ninth level of the ffiugr.L'ni'JJ.: : ; biliousness iu-i sid headache.( \. where Lv was seatedvith! tome recognized as a <'Ht.lillllnd pure '

"if tii 't\-;, ., mine, in v.I-ch: it is feared, then 1'rienJs.! cure for Eczema; Itching: skin, Humors The Star Laundry

.... "*." *i"*' 5 are scores Mctiiss! : of Wednesday'-; Daring tL<> Cm nu an t>lier: cine t-'abs.; ricales, 'atery; JJIiter -- ,
>''' i' disaster. There arc "2 todies at th- i QuZSTIONS; FOR DISCUSSION.Pliarrracicts to 1:1 \\\-ti! irnrnatitn tit! : a ;:. Pimple, Aching IJont or .
|l :: ;: morgue and it is stated that: all bus i! gentlcn-an V..N I ranig! ; at the door toLl Juiiite. Boil*. Carbuncle"! 1'rii-klir; '

.. :.k ;..r-'t i,&Jk. three or f;>t lu;' );taut buinos.Tel 1'nln/ in the Skin Old Eating p "rp,., Biggest Busiest Best !

;'= f known to lin..e been ia the nine when t1 restinj: Talks. I ini 1 (-:lu't i-"IiI' out-l'i \erybi Ulcers etc. liotjnie nHod! lldm! ,

f the fire brol-o tint hate ken accounted .' !. ; 4't: '_. r i Co1::mha.! S. C.. : uv. :22.:: -One of -
.1 7 ,..t : for. All parts of the uir.e excep the important questions before the usher rctn.iinl In a moment to dcep-jeatetl eaze: > L'.v enrichinr,

'I + I' 400 yards on the" ninth !level wen [tat(> rha/: .ll !'llii al <'dr.uT.tion; that say dart: the :.!::a IIM i.t IC.I cu w'rg' ;: thereby purifvinfr/siviu and;\italizinsr a hcaltiiy the!blood hln.iil/fit '!-, i jYwi See I It / i111P4t
O ;
..,,. .. t... searched }'ptrr3antl! no Iron met here jebtorday!: !is; v.huhcr a corporation ,'I 11 Ir. MoKtr v.Iw anu;: gent ltt'n,1 lily to tliefkin. liotanic'lll" ocl) );Jlm

.;I. It' bodies fcinirl.: Funeral scr\ices! ovc.; ; fan own a drug store and tim] it ua imII.--v;all.: tii sec hi;:"i. is the only\ cure to s-tay' cured; for .l EVCV: \\ lI'ft\!
-1t':f" A.- the 22: I)0dtos tt tlio v.iil beheld I Tl.e man the in tl awful : ,
rl .' morgue conduct a retell !business. Tho question tiiUuc. :! tent enic'Singi' these annoying; skin trouble--!
; tomorro'aternoon.. I is an !interesting ore and if answered ;:,,, : that Inwa; .. ::a author and: l ll'"il Other remedies may relieve, but J'.
'.% Major ]Iil er.hus has i! issued proc In the negative will al':'e( t a :1' )-L.y tl.at:: uev.&Led: : ilcIU-e; to H. B. actually cure*, lieaN: every I \ 'Ii ". .

1 : lamaticyfl! calling for an entire suspension considerable n'inibfr of drag stores. read! iimmiuaiily.I :: :core :and (jive; the rich l plow t If ty fiui-h t .. '
:. I, : J ; of business from noon until!! (G i iTI This association has been very a"1 I This incensed te: uiansger.1.3: : ad! health to tilt' !okin. J. n. r. buildup : j we put 'M: -
't t.i;, 11' I vf the dead will L4 the broken-down body and makes and culfn evtrywI.r' .\ *
( .j'; m. Si ten th<" of late in euforing; the law as to to the usher: I
the blood red and nouri-'liiii, Over
R ,tt- tuned in Lout Tree ccmt-tery and sis the" comi>cr.ding of drugs and a minter "Tell th't fool out tLcro tIlt this: ,: I is : lIOO( voluntary testimonials of; cures C foud"lI'jPIlIt.I; :'r..h... ." .. ,

i ; t :'t! :will .be shipped! : to >her points of drug store proprietors have uo time to briu;; a j pray: t<> !n, re-ail by Botanic Blood Balm Ilt.It.ll.) cnn. ,!eu )\101,

'L : .; I been indicted for < raploying men in (;:.t him out cf; the \place1 I \\c/u't Mfhim. Dru; ii-t*, |l 1. Trial treatment fred ih / i

t!. 1',' II., I 4 "'1'1 Arr.v@L lhlll ery Important positon.Fakians I won't rt'i.l !.i< j I'!"}"." and prepaid! by writing; lllood Balm ,,t All well drffd r''j j j I'r'
I, : Mobile! Ala., Nov 22-The ol"wr'l : are protesting against t' A few m'-iutess! later the usLer ('. i11' Co., Atlanta Oa. Describe trouble our .
ft. .' ..a .clan stl.'amPftlfe;. tb? fir{ T'sr'1; 1'v iruegf.U; : : prescribing! for (customers Lock! aud iLforiiifl .Mellee that the and free medical advios 1 t'ire until Fart' Luu.llrJ',1: : !

,,: I;:' ; run Letfleta yobiTe' and C- a ports'in 'I' while tt.erllgg\ :..,... on the other hand !I man!: uuiTi"! rc'fusid! ta: L-O wltImllt"l'! cured, d' a. I CoURr.

.f' ,. ', 'i. i: the interest of the Louisville! and I' Etronely prScri;!ons being ill;' Liiii csiu tL.it: Lc uust legranted!
oppose 1 Educate Tour ISoneU With (ut'auts.
:' : .! .Nashville railroad. arrived this morn- ;n I'lti-rvtew._ ni.-c; that !.e ...-;:;: quite'H..e ALL WORK
{ compounded Vy i-hysitiju-s. t C. O. D.
I' ( Candy Cathartic cure fon !ip tlon '<>re\'er.
: Ing. She will be fitted out for carry- that tlc L.t.2tr:: ,\"' M t t "iilr :, IOc.:5c. It C.C (!.ail,druggtstsCetundmoa2r.

tJ ;:' r.t fng cattle on neck and is due to tail Oar 'Iut t arrinxr 1 1, read his play but Le 7': uiJ ;::.- -> poduee -- I TELEPHONE 114. >7 E. GARDEN 87
I.. for Cuba : \'. 27. X. Y.. claims i $2" UAC1XK I\UNCIIKS $.73
0:1J Alliauy. the I Minor! ol
it. and added tLEt bo wor.U bet ..GOODS CALLED FOR AND DELIVERED
.Y.t. YKKYt.1q i
st f f ..._____
&. } h.i\lu: ; made the fir..t carriage: maun'I' ?1.CW() that Heyt & ?!dre.old: be The prettiest li'incn; is the Racine I
: .fj4fi i.4 l : : Cot Away With $175. fafturccl In this country. Scu-ral cuy! too glad! ta Kit t':..> jilar.At Launch. 1(5( foot ne-H. 1', seat six, WALKER INORAHAM. Manager
; '. _nn_. built In 1St J. and the fist. The Racine Launch '
Io.t '> r its' 7oneswille. S. ( X'IV. -Safe enut:1i duly ; that :'ItKl'h'ClIIJl' furiously run very
l'3f. : trackers at this plae blew open the noted at rte!: timo! as si l'\'I(' -!1l'l' of( i I i is the uu'e adopted by the Pan-Amer-
an: an cxcuNinj: : to
5H--a : ;ry ;;
: :; 1. safe of the! II\.J!>tur.'un'sdaj' night 1i I the sprcrd of United! Static l'nIl'rln'ist' i party, left tie los: with the !ini.n'! ;',; lean Exr ,,/1f'fc: i and secured J173 tn money and -.---- I :y arc the be-t more reliable thar '!
of : the
personally luitiij iiernsteutauthor .
; other
they are !simple seaworthy
t any ;
: stamps. The More \>as also robbedof x..AI: E CITY FLO tIDA.Fitillteentli .
Vlrtr.rv Oat fit Bttrot. to liegoue.Vl.ere's safe! and full guarantee
'tj ;i some_I ljstobaad I other_ :_articlrs The Holly! (t\ 1'.1 Stnmlird tell* us of.a "\ that Iillct: vII; !Insists; taisIC Lippm-tr Brother, 1 Savannah, Ga., Year. ]Beilillin:; :'f'lltf'lllhl'r( :au( >, I I'''UI.'!
: farmer w'.m: plowed up tuenty-iwn :II me?" l.e asKeil of tae l."casurerat are agents from th* munufacturers: ,
rtja TVEAKKID5EYS.When stock of these boats allis Knur t .. ln.'our\t"r,. .fI"'rk1l'"r.\I' 'i"; i HI, > "H'I. 1 .
lies isn IKIuiIKv.. and at "ur -s
acres tf wheat ln-<':>ti''e of the < the : TII':1! the tieaM.ierpoiated carry: .. .
ri1t ClasMi-i. tine \ -.r'* t'uur III N.u fll..uo.el" n I I' I' vt *
.. E f.y! i lantid\ 1 it to \\:1::" ir.d hn a jieMvt to s. Man atcndiu:: in the >l.a.. tn ot* ; !i tze<: I ft., 21 ft.. :25 ft., oii A pr.nrlUOr\.c..r..I.. t.o >....... .* i. -.0'(' i I-I, t..
I in tl l.ick I' This : hand to be shipped it a moment's thrt'ollrgr P.t.(iradultt.. C'"..r.... ar.."I,...Rr1-.1
.4A t : : you navep-urs '" twenty five lheli: IT :: 'rc ovvtli a rjl! of ii.LiiUNcriiit hudtrI : ,
f it ,'I notice ,' trial given to one wishing Swung tin-n and. r niilimrjrili>ripl '"" V'UHK a' in1 <,n d. <,.<; "L
," ;M '';if. and are unable uitl I I"t-r. ycur kidneys I !is worth about ?2rt per aero r..(.rc tl..a LS: snu. any at '..'I"r"lfli. Tu.ticn..r.-.. t" l.'ri.lnii.iimr.. II".It".1II"mcll"rnJulhlll1.aLlI.'I.I..I".j."J..t i ". > ,
.'t..1. are W(>lI k. Heed the.e danger I ;l crop ..' thirty: liili>-1,; of wheat IM'r It was lloyt. v.-tl; I h's net I ly t"nise.l: i|I to purchase.I Lll'l'MAX BUOH'IIERS, 1..1"I .
:t.f : fiignaU 1 1. II T'I.11IPlai/tt' l.l'h: II I' '
J. hYli\'inlnlturPt"t'dd.ht'1) acre Otlieis! Lave found con-oati! :a I' play! v.LIeli: : Le l:.: !''.i to Mcileebu: mlltf Savannah. Ca.
;r : d''XOtin! ;? the wheat laid inal.lia,t>. raid to the e prr=.ut: -- ---- ----
: this i is Hosteller's !Stomach Hitters..1
'.' Try it for ixwuKfTio.N, m>I'.SU. This! is betttr than gitmiUug: ; at bud: "It's c.UI.l'-\\I'! "ll;! v -Ilu=ve. liysVNew )((nWIFllY, 1 W. B. WRIGHT! COOIPA Y.

.. i J ;. t'OKSTIPATKI.V'IIt AM KlIlMYi: luck EUd not trylLg; to fed a nniovly. VtiU dJ't-r. The nnd>r igned! takes this methodof I
., : a'BOL'BI.tS, OK MAI.AIUA Our 1'rj- for it. offc-riii her ?nervier a'; a i iGrtclus rl
_l't :; sate Die 6tsmp is ou the lifth cf the'! 'i _.__rt i iPhrp I li."ened midwife, having \ \ il i. Mt' PA. t I' A1r. II't t t
lion'-; Illi'l: I _.
Kill AUrl.'R. had ;33; yeir-t px"eii.-nct'; ;
; I There is i-'tre: latter; cf Lillins out We otter One Hundred Dollar* reward Can: give lie-t i.f: references tram LUMBER LATHS

ln t bi08TETl'ER'S] the alfalfa; Ci-lus: what slut-p sire ;pastured for any (',I-C of Catarrh that leading: physicians of this city. T-rii'{ ,
t /t un them tb.-;:) hy tae: i>.i-, \'ring Mi tc. M. OI!>I.KX I\; .
cannot be cured Hull's Catarrh: J
ty ; -
: of (.:'.ttl... horses i r Logs. r.s the hitterdo : jltf lit South DuVillier; :'t. IllJ fe. 5iSDCIFE3SSEISOtESirsDml.7f.S \ : :
i Cure. .
s \ the plants PO tloiely KS Joj.ieri 7f.S
l not raze
.. \. 1 Stomach Bitters > c.\e't wh"11! teod is shoit. F. J. CH ENF.Y. & Co. Toledo. 0. of House Fur- ... -, -;- I.,.: .. \ t'01.H 0\

-.f"t 1. .. We, the utldH-iIICd.i; have k -TU N'e\tT\ Stock -
A -
------- intilings find
"f :.. ; 1 F. J.Chtney. forth! Kit 1"V.MTS STD: LZ1!'D 1 n3.: .
1 .TJ'l1-I <> :l1l.IIdil'\'I"him 1"1 il'e-tly: linrllilp: ] Decorations in .rcat variety
t i rUA : --1.( in ell: bu-ine>.s tttI-.lI'titJlI' awl
; financially: ahlt.! tn r.irryut any. i>!bli and at lowest prices at McKENZIE 03ETING & CO.
atioi.! ii1j..J\- tiiir! finu.WKT ,
;; ; Mai-fit $ Fini'h'sPARKER'S
Escam bla OH & '!" :i'-\X, .
: i --- --- D&ALI..I"- -
\jfllijl"! : \Vholf':rtle rii."jNt-; -Tflt] O. 0-

\ ,, \VAL!>INCt, KISA.LI'Ys.: : : "
1 Wlio--iV! Drti :zitT
\ r. r hull Caarrai! <.'I.!',' i h t Ikea internally ... .
r I''uraulii a Ins t i .wl1:
\ "j 'feting ditnetly! pua t.ft! = | ovtf Falls Ti PC-'I-P Orpy C03 AMI CO.1; H. I'\U'o,1. HItI-r.
4V llr lomDanyV |blo.wl! and ii'Ltotiti'I;)er.. of the t*''.. J1. *'3"'" >Vo-uhful* i r Color.. jig. ........ v L' GCN: G-;
&& 4 -ystein. l'rifi TLe.: per I I'ott!... Snld *' I i'1- ,..- i
'; ofl 1& 114 l U ) ) :, t>y all rtrnirslsfs.; -iiioni-tl/ -tl* rre-'. REVERE COl'PKH COMPANY. JOHN A. VdttJ.lsn:4 -I'', v- '

. { } ';: < .!f1 l t ri Hall' 1-'.. ruily }'III,; art the bet.ecixn G.tLCANIZftVIItF: ; I'.UI'K, A. nt'h'.1. HOH I'" V -

-,'" 'ri : 3 'isrl; fV n" r m a Cfn Gsfttg4 Fa3r! : Gtis, 41stial! 1.trltt1.! Chrti, iuhrt. iIIIItJiMP

.., II,,.'\. t 1'1\}: "' !In > ;,* &n.I.nta"llo:>. } I r r: ij r fh.'tJL. ..,.....M.'I.I4sGr, I tsi
i V .. ltutu; vitii! ioxv' fi-iius! : cr ivi:!:t (-.n. >: -- '""",. _.. -_. _- ,
'I- t = .
1 f "f'I C. McK nildtj; :.d'tII'c.I.: ? \-utf r n" !1' ; t. H
r It I I am (Mi, for sale' 11,0:0, : stares C. lie Coital stccX cf MiM-fptibic In;:-> e'.in v.of;iti!'.:Of\the- !*wiu..ovv'I'f'd'cattli'.11: ups\::'! are ere tits tart fat&! of all dlRICHET > rit tit)n. -

i OIL C3EPASY tli.-ia thiji-r w'tli' I'j i Ui! eeil'iir/; :: lut.- 'iriM'iiis t.c:;.
; 1 1 t tie ESCAKBIi :
; tLe II:Ikl'! at the window.Lkli ICKE&Co.Plumber

,'pi a s } if ill nii5Blisciii5i! itecX cf itij mw? will i ts tell; ss TEBiS- \\ \ !:. cviii-taiitly! going;: c/n. l.vejis. ,\' rfUEVJ CUrE Is e .
air in mu;ion tlirouiruout tl. rn.i: ,
2- 4 i. 7 iitj tn! Rlli
itt! t, i., {,t URY S1OCK.tru t:> wluiv.i- the mint;; i k higher; only thlnwrr J Gas and Steam fitter
'' l part of the air i is moved and an ,
(i' I ,i f .... !i iuitititl ::k.. of fiul auJ) bet air: is left or money refunded. Cor'talrJ ,
) .
', j 'tr'W ; '<: :I OlotlI! ;: !iu the! ;ilC':1""\' the! window remedies rccognUsd by erd-
.( t {fD: t- <| top! >. Tlii! ln.e. under the l.uv i.f diff No. 5 SmIth Pwlnfos ';tr ot.

; \ \'I: J Ji. BA.ARS i (:..i n "i cf ;:triv I.ecps actively at \\ oik.fuuliuz pent physicians ta the best fee f All R/ntfil/ oc Plan binic and tin: Kluiu Mn"riat. K .rl I' '

..r r; LIw6la! P! f fJ I tic: i'u-ah;,! cuneuts circulalir: :;; Kidney fond Bl:ddr troubles. ....,'..o1t.An..1 rJ'\ -..... ...... vt.

l IOCUl.jl1 it. PRIG me. &M !1.=aD.

.- t '1., I I/ TRUSTEE. I..n:;a.ity of IrUh JOpa.nnt.. W. D'ALEMJJKP.TE. rl
Of' .'; .. fi AVERY
f- $ : It !is curious! to Lot lev th" great: uutn- 4 .
:f' I 11'! te OFFICE:: NO 703, H. I'alafox St. PFASACOLA, Fh. f 1 her of 1'tuttiiarlans whose deaths are J

.ifi Jfey --.;. ..y0,:> ....n:; -; .. ..; -'.--: -':- .- :.- ,'. ,"" !, 1l'<.-)fIIo'.llll the otlicial! returns of IrUUi (5Metvr H JMfIKPOHTKK f .(a;nlai
,1... ( m. ; i ruial d'.tricts. As an instance of the AND JOBBER 0.'
: ..
\ ------ -- i of the lri !h
loazetity > eii-ant maybe

:L1' : t? ;,;t TIIE PAULO MARKET.JOHN I jointed out that the cleat of p,r- :1-lardware

P .,; r\I.r4: .. 1 sons upward of sixty }'l'ar c>f age: reg- ,
f < tered ia Connaupbt last, amounted
; year -
{". -t!. ...,1" S. BELL & ONS, PKuniETOK. to over So: p r went of the entire Iron, NMl*, Area, HhoYeli, Saw Mill and Httamboat Horr'1' land :'

t, .. \. fig'. dt-atLs of the province. A Heating Btotrtta. Paint, Oils and WlnJow OU*',

't\\ V Choice Refrigerator Meats, Wild Game and I Agate tnd Tinware and UousefurnhhlnK! Hood

'; 1 r:, Tender Vegetables ;!' "Seymour Webb, foiri.. N. ''., 44 Pemov es as Cams, Dunions aad Parts, GIU '. Flxtoii and Fl.hln TaatiAttlN't .,
'tJ' .J writes! : "I had been troubled with rithoupaiaitedZyi.adpermanently t u._ _.
1' r: j .1.h. --- !. my kiineyfor" t""eotv-tive years .:1 r+r' 11Q. pnLDo'ra t 1 ior P.iruiinxhsm IWlIn Mt n C"m1. I.'t'. ./MlerCotnpAcy '
ifs and had tried :,"\"erlll' phv f'i'H! irac Luis tau 1 ar ..
:J :. PLACE AN ORDER EARLY WITH Us FiJI YOURTIIAXKSGIYIXG Ivit repHjc nn relif\ until! I tW1"Lrht r+ !/s ir" 11 !3\ltehp.1 Bsltirz. ClrthamptJD Iimery V. na; (;r'mlat 1 Lab: A

r 1 1 't\. hottle of FoLKV -; KlDXKY Cl'KK r., asn s!eort; 5I- ,+s"aI J'')-''' JobL.on'. Eal( (' 'i&e..rre hlr! *s1Oalon. 1-" r i

TURKEY'li a:: After" ininir two h'itle I wa ab- and lanes; Wtn..C01:1 dlC:a Env a11e Lc. x..,"., )" "
sj.ilutejv! rUff-ft.l I earnestly recommend -
'it J' tide n1U"sd .
Folpy's KMiipy cure" Take


1M:: .

J U .-. '<",,---, ""' ...- -

'''''.J LUL'Jj.vL; ,)UI.uI> Wi .II'J1.,4''Tf4:1t\: : '\ "- ';;J 'r >'" "r"---.l\t"J;;" .""' --r'J ".. V __ .o.....'r '''- ...-' .. .p- -- ,_- w, ..,.v. -. t








Kr Bll of an Experiment ,
.p.rr."aa Cart Tied Up on New York, New Haven i
,. I..UIIUK be MolluiW. Too bad to see the health Exprenlon "He Took HI. Life la -orAT-

r, : viiii.ui institution has retl and Hartford Road. His iUBdi." i

I the ni )>t remarkable New Haven. Conn.. Nov. 22.-The and beauty of a girl fade "The expression! 'he took his life !In
.. ; ::t existence. I It Is about freight handlers employed In the local big band always struck me as being; FRUITS AND mCIIOIRI .

1 i half in length, oral in yards of the New York, New Haven I away. This often happens to very foolish," said a bright:; young gentleman

t\\iiiMu| pink la color.i and Hartford Railroad company remain "3n.} I Lave often wondered NICK'SPLACE
out on strike today and hundreds girls: between the of twelve I
.1 t flawed. It would bo : ages why to many persons: Insist In using;

: !moils sum of mwey. but I of care are tied up here, although and I It when they want to speak! of extraordinary C. APOSTLE'S r
-...i lit condition it !is priee- i /; the railroad managers say the twenty. oughtto dangers. ;Now: extraordinary. ,

:"i.ksity. (situation is slowly improving and express be a time of perfect health. danger is one tiling and the simple, I

is made by Introducing the belief that the congestion commonplace thing; of taking one's own u East Gtraineit I f

,vax Into the! shell of a'' will be relieved Curing the day. The Pale blood-a blood diseases : life In one's hands is ai entirely different t.

>.:itr mussel, ono of those I men from Uohton. Philadelphia and thin Formerly Cordova Re! taurant Stand |
ui"ii in lu.iny rivers of i it I[.. other points are on their way here to s i is a common enemy of good'i "I work In a big building. There area >> L,

Mates t whirls fre I I At the of the railroad i health in our girls.Scott's I'I'I
rig, iM-CilNi'jtiiHy pfinlao- request cotnI I I the basement. Whenever I enterthat F. M. WILLIAMS
this kind worth many !I I pany police details were sent to the I ) building If they are running the ; L !

,loli.irs.) The nacre; secret i j I i yards today' to guard the property of : KmuWon is I having engine In the ba.setnent I take my life CONTRACTOR AND BUILDEI '

... I the company. At the railroad officesit in my hands. I : the elevator
S. of this genus is Iliu:'. ;get on on I
was stated that two trains had : remarkable: succc in Estimates Promptly Furnished oa
,nx; on salmon, and the bringing the fifth floor;; I take my lifo in my

tl from them are. among i! cone from lIarl m river and one I i back the bands. I :go out of town; the ear I Buildings of All Kinds.
I freight had been made up here and | roses: to those pale
tumble trestle
: Utifuliu the world. I I may ever a somewhere. :' ,
"if wax WHS placed near I Ptarted for Boston. i faces. I walk along the street; a sign may

the liivalvehVh., being Three engines and shifting! crews I fall on me. 1 make my way across the '

t.. nl: of fresh water wasitclie I wore said to be working; in the yards. All the mental and ,! thoroughfare; ; who knows but what I i :Y

.l. l"nd,T such eiri I{ The men in the yards at Mcridrn.I bodily ;' a street ear or a vehide i of sonic curtmay The Most PopularRESTAURANT Tle ceo1dest
i who went out yesterday, have returned trouble that with
.f course a uiollusk tries I I go pale blood li tint run me down? I cross the river I 'I II ,

.M-lf from irritation \by covurn to work. The only strike along : ; may I not suddenly f.nd: myself in 1 i-

," I object: with a suOdhi'"art i, the company's lines outside ;Now: Haven arc! relieved by this treatmentScott' the skirling stream and sinking; for I i. 1

I is! paid to be \Vestfield, where the last time I If I walk : Beer t
lung the
htllff, the Mill' 11It .\-
I1 few: men quit work last night i j ,; Emulsion. Mothers: *
which it uses for.n'ly lillin;; mar net a or a loosened I
I I 'of cornice tome crashing down Illicit me? II
pale should
Shirtwaist Makers to Strike. | sec
There are a row and a shot or two i I
what the 1:111.1 did I
New \01'1:1): ';. :!:!.-Secretary Ja- I I And the Best Liquors '"
that I !
di-serilHtl.! and the resu'.ti t I.it. the corner; may not a stray Lu'Ut! wing [ I I II .
I of all\ kinds
f o!) Solomo.. of the Indies' Shirtwaist served by
me? .1ndsoon.
\ Owing t tl
i rn.oiis ji-arl. > i i
Makers' union I is authority for the I Polite and CjurteouiAttendants.
?'AY(", .T. the WaXtTI lalll-t l II I| "l'I':;.illllsll:0.;: Ixiglc. That's all.I .
statement that strike fr union ,
I a great r c'n! lend a little! to if !
il s'a.ipc: and the pe.irl be- you try you like I I It just shows the difference between I
I wages; of shirtwaist: makers, involving : SCOTT & OWN: ::, ,0, I'eorl street, NCW Ytz ,
: fiirnt. taking one's own \fife: in ones hand I
in ; "* FULL MEASURE liD
ln.iMul 1 is Lein
i women an girls :; prepared 1 t I
and the matter of confronting extraordinary
'I! of the mussel
i :! two years ;, by the organisation.7H2 : : A Waif ?jmrro\\. 1 1I
'i out of the tank: itn I opened 1, There Is a1 lit i ;:" s:::11 I at the Plnairl: I! dangt r.. These risk are ordinary FINE OUILlTY. - :

:'III1/fIW i.f rrinmin; the pearl. I Ii DAWSON CONSPIRACY. plus; Ji'ni.sh Orp'tau: asylum who j is tt:: 1 : plain, old. everyday risks. The i 1 t

> ;:.-.rtl. togetherKith the'I'|; proud onmr if a pot sparrow. Th.l.; fireman who dashes into a burning; i' I
I building to rescue a child, the fellow | In Pensacola. D DANNHEISSER(R BROS.
\' lr:<-h ioduct.i it. to tl.e PIn; of "The Order of the MidnightSun" plat is not kt pt ii a case: but whfiieefthe t;
who grabs the bridle cf a j ,
'''tau IU litUl
rater: core, duo to dryne&si M.I' unite perch on hir shoulder.one ;. the hero who will plunge; into AUENTa FOR THE CKI.KHHATEDI : .
15. C.. ;\o\: '. :!:!.James the river to sate some person who I is1 I "
; :in rrark. day last: yprinjj during a storm
.s ti.."fortune, while diMmying its Seeley. of the secret. service of the one of the bin trein the panlen UH I Illl'olil'll about to drown--these are the prrsoin I I I. I, HarDer Whiskey. I
Yukon territory who is here bays the who confront what I would call
I extraordinary ,
.ul.ertable.! made it I'i stbie tn, and the baby birds. who had -
conspiracy formed in Dawson was dis-! i! dangers: and the worn I Ii Main Houe-401 r+. I'alafox street. '
's r' e IIi tbicklit's.s of tlie nacreousv '' their home In t':'e 1I'l'l'1'1' thrown FINE
lovered by the police! there in Sep i platitude of saying of one of these 'II!' R. H, Exchange-Opp. Union Depot.P. t
'oat.hat. hii'li U .xiiiiii'U'.at than i
: greater In'r direction.: The little jirl.seeing i
temher. It was an oreani/.ition known I took his life in his! hands would not I II II I O. Box 5M.! Pcmacola, Fla. jt
of a bhivt of ordinary letter pa- the necident, ran out to the I
I hoop
llti-2 :'HIfi.r.OO
as "The Order o! the :Midnight Sun : I I
'r St. Louts ; fit the! case beean:e there would bo in | .. I
Kepublic. I rl':<(,111'111'1\ she appeared In the pardon
i II I founded at Dawson by some American the act nn clement of heroism which Biloxi Oysters
1 1 I one of the frightened!;: babies: not ; I
Fenians, and a branch was formed at
would it -!h above the
I 'rzr In III Uiirld'o foul Outpil' her place Inn. cootImonplaee.New |
I knowing what !It dill Hew toward fr*. i !
I but the order did
Skagway. not cxtend -
;: Orleans TimesDemociat. .
total ..iimitty] of Coal taken in i 1 i nUll caught; its claws in her ouvK The Awarded at Fart ;- I
i'-n year from the :uines( till south. |: RECEIVED FRESH EVERY DAY II
little girl I jutted the bird until! it became' i I
., ': The plans were for the conspirators I I
:rid! cannot lit.'I'ry aeeuratcly'
\ and it has
with her, never
friendly !
'II. bat from the U-s availaiiiiin :i i in Dawson to rise, when the word was I Ii I II take FouHo:>na' I AND SERVED IN ALL .
I I :[ forgotten;: fiii-udship.' irpO-DAY
given after the Yukon had } P'Ifit ''
i | TAH. i'
it may lie assumed to i positively prevents -
Every day the little ;gill: fcds herbird / QWIHAIAROCHE? ",
for travel seize the barracks of thenothwest i pneumonia, or other ceritn.lresult
ibout TIHUXHUHIU tons of !i and it will hop nil over her hands.her 1' STYLEd.R ,
1| mounted polite, while their i from colds. It may he too I
:N cash fur
tin* Hunt: I Ii
year conferees after wires ': head and i.eck. 'I'lln'd;: is its favorite | ldt TO.MGItItOW.V.A.D'Alenl: I i
,. nineteenth 1....nlllrs- I I Skagway cutting i
were to surprise the mounted police i i l.abitat. tirobably because she berte. WINE CORDIAL

I ll.e COI.lbUMioll of OI1Cp.udiiiis patrol along the river. There are about I i i has thi<-k. curly I hair. .\t night; the sparrow : - Hi htst recoTimenditioM fnr cure ol Poonttt j jnl

available ener- ".*") mounted police scattered throughthe i is paced! oa tree branch, but as' PrnT-l.il.in !'i'OI'' ,iheTiektint, ;Blood.. Mnmich troubles and (iencril Dcbi'itt. -
nark cf gorse incrr.etheapente.trenphens
one soon as its liltI"lIIi tressatipearsisilit' 1 and quiiLIy' ttliuja lullauimntioi: m Ill''htaL t itj
I districts, and as there are few j the ccrvcj mJ builds up the entire $>ncm.S3 .
lull a l.ur""I"\\'r I Ir < down lies the bird and settle Dinners
In 1)awsou the scheme Every
i was thought egua1f : rue PrniintPARIS
of It
seven IIU'!!, H I
feasible. The lal.r8H seized at on her neck. t tInte t =GOLA=
ivtits lit' :s. tlie: ; I @
Tgy I Ii .
:: Skagway, but the seizure being madein in the afternoon stpitcr: is served a Koucrr.1 A 4.
I.'"KMiftM1" hour of. I! the United! States territory they i i to the orphans in the garden and the .Ik'CllU. 1.1.WEEKLY .
i. and, :illinviig ten I Grist and Corn Meal |YIills ..
: are heM by American authorities. | sparrow is always on hand for his j ONLY N Y 36 Q CC 1Ta ,
.r, and ;Ji"> working "
The secretary of the order has fed share: whiih h" prks fnun il.e littlegirl's I : .
this Is found to lu I to Soattle. \ hu'.ul. The MiiM-rintiiiduit talks IS. F. GONZALEZ & CO., Prop s, : HOIIEDUrIfi r

"'. of ::.1"1,1"1.1( ) < of I to till' sparrow and tells him lie mu>tj : M QQfactcrerCHOICKMK.XLAM FOR STEAM DIVISION 1

'"Ir. This i is about i j A Kemarkaore"//Oman.i I l he polite! sad wait for his turn at | : ) PUHKGKOUNL !

.- population of the j i New York. Nov. 22.-Th French i wh'ch! the l bird: rocks his heart on one STOCK FEED. t'ENSACOLA KLKCTIUUTKHMIJfAXtUAILWAY

\\lalzhlt'; 'I academy, says a dispatch from Parisi | side as though; lit! understands, winks; i i Patrcn'ie Home Industry, for there It COMPANY i
reason should Meal and Trains leave Pensacola for tbs LUll I'
--- i i to t1." London Times and the New: his eye cud arranges: :; himself on the | Stock every Feed from you tbe Home buyyour.Manufacturer, Prove the Bayou Big Iayou W arrlogton, A.Ty tar !

-si.:: to many casual f..r'Irtu of l.'iO't franc's to Cecil Morand 1'1'1'1'('!'':, \'ourrnon..ylsl..ftntb communityand ';.91: tmtrrlveatF'ortHerrancu Tlla.m .

y are the tv.-elations a seamstress, who is lame, and fostering you In tutu tbe borne are Indirectly manufacturer benefited.la you Pudding \0:111I.1:00' p.rn.arrlv\.t. m.arrive Kort Fort Karraneai Karraocai 10:4...... f. j j.
i :';ido'ir's library: afford-! which! in contribute to tbe c/lu""of labor. You owf i! I: p q
The jlrrow00(1. grows IIIU:
from the ape,: of 13 years has support. | : It to tbecommunlty In which live and p. m. arrive lit Fort Ifarrancai .:11. .
'f.' uicirthtil catalogueniiiplii sick 1 Australia. i is almost the only Kind ,.wblcn you -01. itlip.ni.ftrnvfa t:0apq t'
cl I a paraljtic' father a mother contributes to vour support. Do ear &n- '11:00
p.ro.arrlv"at Kort Karraacai I:.. ..a
| : eiiiKiu! rates :1 ;iud tea brothers and sibttrs.Negress I tlnowii to tie lumbermen which effectively Donncementdlook Trams leave fort Karrancai for 1'..... I I

"! !'".7rh :::!-.l1lll'r- I I __ ____ re"its the depredations! of m- cola at i

,. .' il ln.tory. :;.I lU:: t., Burned to Death. 'ct". ;Not: aa lu-ect will touch it. tempting jl l5 a.m. arrive at IVn. \roa! ._ 1:111I a. .
W arrive
I try : p. m. at l"t'nioAcoia.IJ:" !
.1 'Id 4 XI': !t1( ,toric works.Mn' Columbia S.; C.. ;\o\: '. ::!.--Florence 2:"" p. m. arrive at l"en81\1'0Ia._ f:.p.pag :It
of Beaufort sub- ('om illl'I' Yourself that Ely's Cream to make them 6im p m arrive at I'.no".ola I;.f p A
(Robinson, :
a negress
Tumbril-.. i i < IG. Butapuldlag T;'> p. m.arrive at I'.nhl\??._... t/b...
-.I" .:Rid a trunk nci j Ji-ct to fits fell in the fire andas Balm deserves all that habt'elll'aid'! Dr. //TarGelIU5| //Ie) 5reary, 8:45: p. m. arrive at Feniiaool_- .:11...
of it a; a means of quick relief and wu no ,
I horribly biirnc.l.! SheAas kept under i i i, I Hataroayi only.
'. man's l.at-
: : "that a :
final in obstinate of na-al
: cases mare intendedto FARE FOR WEEK DAT.
n, ''!io\; but as a mat- | the influence of drugs until death catarrh and! hay fever. A trial size Physician! and SnrleOn, be looked Peniaoola. to Fort harraocai and rclvrB .
: The unfortunate woman's e esI Hensacolalo Navy Yard and ml
hatlm\es tnadi came. > but retarD 'U
are costs ten cents Hold by drug-;
to Palmetto
..1.! \aridy. They are I were burned out.RECOMMENDS. Kits or mailed by Elv Hro!'., (/i War- Residence at Hotel Eacamhla at merely tha 5U1f4Y IrWIDUD.Bench and relon U* 1

::1U.I"Iu:1s! ; to form I - -- i ten I Street New York. Office, D'Alemberte Building, 119!i 8out U our vtock When weather permits the running ol ,

.. harness leather and IT TO TRAINMEN. i Mt. Olive. Ark May 17. 1901.Messrs. i! Palafnx Htrt-ft. Phone '. kppo.e yon open COI\CIit'd
"i '
ELY EROSPlease _ I Leave feniaoola. Lv fort .. t
Engineers I send n do what jtra B r. ...,
t'-r us t'l iiiaterUil! andi j 0, H. Hausan, Lima, O.. ; 1 I a. m. 10 ...
me one bottle of Cream Bilm, film! I''
i :iiics, from foxes: de- L. I-:. &; W. H. R., writes: "I hare 1 would do wltt 11 a. m- II m.
ly size. I think it N the bc t medicine I 1 I P-ni. it.m.
'1:0:.t to l-oscs for four been troubled a great deal with 'I for catarrh in the world. LODGE DIRECTORY tM DOUlBff.Special 1 p. m ,._. I 1

.' .ire iii:tie In the oval ] baekaehe. I was induced to try Fo- Very respectfully, i .1 '1W a. I p. m .... .' I!
bottle I 4 P. m ..
'i 1 a reinu\lblc center LKY'S KIUNKY: Ci'KE, and one II J. M. !SCHOLTZ. 0 p.m. i

.11'.'Inlilllls that see i entirely relieved me. I Rladly ', I KNIGHTS OF PYTHIASPermacola I a p.m. Spa p.j I

; "'- loft In. can he car- I recommend it to any one, especially NOTICE FABB F mIVH9AT i j
1 clay friends among the train Lodge. No. 8, R, of P.. feniaoola to on Barranoat navy :
I ,
''' 'lp. mllll'l lard ana r 'arn__ ..
!; w ho are usually similarly I have been authorized to take \,
meets every Monday evenIng Orders P'n a ola to Palmtlto uiT
1 Lave for Mean '
o\es a '
D'Alembeite.Flrit for Win. JPnninusBryan's ,
\V.A. aabscriptions!! at 7J" at Cattle Hall "llIfIL-
"' :an.l KO on. and in I II paper. "The Commoner." In the Blonnt WattOI I No freight received- alter -- if ..

.\ 1 U arc removable I Wlrr Drudge, The price is $,00 per year ia ad Handing third floor. I -- -- 1:111. BL I 't
\Miltlng brethren -- '
eordlall -
v the Un can be turn- I The first wire toU"p"lIsl.Jltri
,.d I iilaln case that can the Tnited Slates, if not in the world. I II can have it sent to them by seeding M.CAMPBELL, |I served all hours of i I

'. ." I was thrown acruvs the! Schuylkill river f 1.00 to the undersigned. HORBLKR. c.C I
wll -
I H'rjio.so: ten'rIt. K. R.a a I.W. ,
near the falls: of } Iklll. in Phllnilelphi.1. i H. M. ROCHE, -I the day or night at \
I -
Care Daily News.CASTORIA.
lu ISM Its use was necessarily I i

...:. tl.ih.r Mtppunt.re restricted to foot passengers;; and I OPERA HOUSE|i Reasonable Prices. HARPERKENTUCKY '
I 1 .
,rut 1'.lrall..tgm! bee only eight passengers: : were allowed to I J
i I -- """'- """'- JI
t41' I iectivt'Iy| 0: be on the bridge; at once. I II I JI

... ';r;"'1:1 und of Dean I i i For Infants and Children. FOUR NIGHTS i WHISKEY I,

II..Utld. _, I
--- --- --
.. iM-ir.ng; rf th devj I;j Belfast Is Ireland's richest and most ,!: The Kind You Have Always Bought ('< MMfi.NTIXO ] SEA FOOD DINNERSA

r an trth'IU.l'| !ir. Iavulons city. I Monday, November 18.

't. 'ml. 'I am glad: tc : Bears the71' // 1 1I

',. I is moving; at Railroad I.nntl (.rnnl. I Signature ofEverybody Specialty.

I The! biggest;; : grant e\cr made! to a THE FAVORITE

itr', :Vs. ImMin. railway! company was : If"ijJ( square 'i
:t "Ili the roof I1 | miles ;given; by the United States government \ ha* a rizht to a little I : :

I II the Union Pacific railway, piece of this earth. Hut they must ,,
I- il !!
:..1" .II"'lly uses which! was opened( 1'I Z). I! fight far it. They mut watch their I j I KIIMTHEIRN GO ij'ij'All CIGARS! Soli by B Ell eisser Bros.ANTALMID ti.j

1 1 chance to get it, and get it.

'''.li'; ,' .upunl and ,i S[>t.lt <"1 TllCllllT. Thos. C. Watson &:; Co. ; --4

raal go: y6aulp; : The American jicople are great theater have .ome particularly fine bargains

: I III. goers and spend about :SirJoOO.i) to offer just now, and they invite f(

nnnuallv! for such amusements.ll.xiU you to mine and investigutn game. Yew Specialties! .:- .1
6.1 II'fJ t'egling You will never regret having done TV"! tiny( CI"SUfr9reatlptTlOT .
Carload of !
I Ir I -:- Scenery AlL 1 THE( POPULAR r l BRANDS. Ito Iiiiu! of C +pallra, T ;
\ rriiiu I'lntr. ,30. and : >
1.,1\11',:' '1 }!'tlll,1 I'RlnlO, :21) \\C>'Mj and Injections. [ !m
t first I l-ook printed f""
/dav over that It !Is salt: that the t I.
(a am.\I: FKi\CH: SCHKDILK Thryrun-h 48 lnwn Uie
-I .tllll'h spoken oft in this country fr.nutt'r."tHI ; pl-ites 1r I
27th saris rviSr: eiUN.It anvtz
r 'e11n'tlt.;. lu c"II' was a catechi by a Mr. Watts. This schedule of theovernineutsteamer Wednesday, ,
'. Following i* the
1 i )i n flY
: dl-health rr f. Ill nKUCCISTSrURE i
,' "- IIf fe- work was: is-ncd in ;\:"w1'1.. in thl'Jl'ar General French ,
"iroihiliir- I llsl.I:: iitid) was conipiled for tin- ; I First II W
i : .., 'l.T'-, hut( 11"t M" ) benefit of the i-hildreu of 1''l'r:11l';: \\ which '1'11I''I::\\':; prints for the Lyceum Only place in Pensacola I rj
| ,
i wti-. by uverrl merchants who hip !
.. bpnpflt Event. / YOURSELf! .
of laws York ihurches.! .. I
: the | of
their goods to the various armspoes 1 I. .
where you can get .I L I. U I. k.I.'" .
1 -1 I I 1I
iut'' u coniiinv.iliJi : I p.. ,,1. ...._.. tt
,. ,.,, ..
"11 ui. I The Children's Frie nd.You'll Laare+ 1'"n'1 ola .._ ... Tfti: '111. m. the Genuine .4 r" I ." ,' .. .t I. tr..14_ I: :. iss
.' n TI.-HU j< M be n.r this winter. Leaves ;lIrrllnc i 7w' a. m. HONLUTHER tr. Tampa .' ,,' I ..U,.. ,
the sltvi-h work have a cold Leave Tickens ...... ,:,11111.' "' :; .- eilt! r. 't, ,. ,''i."', ... I. I l
"', have one Jow. Your Leaves Harrancii .. ..... t.:1a.In.!: Made :.: 71st, Ibl.l .., I:...Ir t.... I I I
wm i. gild a trte but Maybe :you Leaves r/eniicols .. ...... lui./ a. m. t ,IIIn 11' .
>tr .ii_'!hp'iin! { ton- children will Miller too. For cotishscroup : Arrive Harrancm 1\\ :111 ". m. and inenm.Ut A I "I'ro.. tr.4..r'IIlP', f f !ti t
i'i'. I' bronchitis, grip! and otl.er -. a trip to Fort McKee and then returns .1 ,., '_ t. '! ,
Prickly Ash I
r.iirranoas.: .. .. : ...:..... ti
"I' I' i-"uin the reat- winter compbiutsOne Minute Couph to ':t: p- '". iI i
Mitt i.ixi;orator in Cure never fail. Act promptly. It LeHVPitrrancas Leaves Tit-tent !::1;;:! p. m. .Rosaos Havana Cigars i!
and erfectlv .... I m.Leaves .
taste r
1 i bulkier un of wo- is pleasant to the I..a"t's Fn< \eola l .
very K.r.eor.rp\Vin. Pickens .. 5:1;) p. m. MANSHIP CMICMtSTlH PtGtiM j
hIrk' lost harmle". C. I
energy to Arrive Ksrranoas 5::ai i p. m. and males IJ.it It
'.,'rt' faded clietks Chester, Ky., write.. : "Our little girl trip to 1c1t"e amt return. P ENNYROYAL. PILLS i '

>;';>..:h... and thus; ie- was attacked with croup Ute one On Wednesdays and Saturdays the -0- ,X.... OH.1--' sY./r r .

1 :J'.at: healthy vitality night! and vas, so hoire she could! boat will! leave "Barrancas via Pick- (f L 6- a. ('IIIUIt.oTtK': ,Ii.-EMLpgg;;

''urt--. nil blood diiKlieuui'itim I Il I, hardly speak. We !rave her a few en for Pensacola at 6:30: p. m. SONG STORY. I..n.-amass.IU.'I .t.10.1.Lb..ta.raW s..M.. ..... ,.'

l; : Syphil'fula dose! of One Minute Cough Cure. It The General French i is for army. AND I Ii th- I .._ .. ,..,,_ ... ......

and all ulcerous I I relieved her immediately and she !'I.urpo e3 only and any outsider must -o- NIGIS PLAGE l = a..f=aw ':::-T:' ,
she awoke "....,M LIi'w .
"veu When w. ,
that r.
vanquishing went to sleep. Jt.
I have a pass from the quartermaster 411 _'". Ia.N _,. arawwwmr /JIO I
,' -netuy of man > next morning she had no signs of 75 cents I 811.-. ,..--( ....: r
.3' J'uagist8 sell it. Dyt ep- I toareenesa or croup." [ to take passage 01 her. Prices: 50 and I ...... ...... ..-.- nu. .. ,., { t t



.,.j.+<::.:,; Vf.J; 1;!" e U.'. ] 'lL1 t h 2aW iiilk -' iBMi 4 .
liC ij).' feiMPMiPiBi ., t.t K tf9 ai kW Mal!,1(a l<
I '

1: .



1_ NEWS i at all discouraged. The. council .To the Pablic. -,
mm : ;
k | should and doobtluI will be given f THE RIGHT THING. Allow me to say a few words in ea

r..sd al the POll Office a>t Feniacola, an opportunity-which it has not, of praise of Chamberlain's Cough Kern PER CENT

...?M 1II084-e1Ul aatter. j course, yet had-to act in its aggregate edy. I had a very severe cough and
cold and feared I would get pneumonia !I

mgt r_: Pill Ba1141AI,!1l 80' th PalaMNaare. : capacity upon the matter. The I but after taking the second dose During Kept nearly 9s per c.nt. ,>r...Ift: \ nl th. ca.."

f ..- 1 otTer of .Mr. Carnegie remains open, A New Catarrh Cure, Which Is of this medicine I felt better three I claim paid; by Kqaltabli. (In the t'sii.d :Mat. and

and he stands ready as soon as the bottles it cured my cold and the i Canada were' paid within OLe day after H>'. tI' thl",
PUBLISHED! BY maintenance of the institution! is as I Rapidly Coming to the Front. pains in my chest disappeared *n- I were rectivto.
m i TIB IEW8 PPBLISHlhtt 00. tirely. I am most respectfully your
sured-to the annual amount of ten i IlALrn b MBYKRS, 64 \I'Mhiit.: AIIHI tiT
For several year! Eucalyptol, Gn- for health
y T..lnv.rl.bl' In Advance. per cent of his promised benefac-i!jaiadol and Hydranin have been Thirty- eventh :;t., Wheeling, W. Claims Paid 103 5,19(11
Mall.t5 at
Yar by once provide recognized as standard remedies for
.. Paid within
__ 3 011 I one day leO
._ !501 i fur the erection of th? building I' catarrhal trouble, but they have always -I medicine dealers. 735.?2?
1 .as""lal n -m----. -.:1 mi i i been given separately and only :i I
.... k.bfCarderPa7ablaJondaY l0 : Attention, Sir Kni::hu: THERE WKHK ONLY THMKK: CUtMM TIMT
t.NPAin ON
1 Regular! conclave of TIlE rl'toU' tit \

tHB WEEKLY NEWS: AM SUMMARY COURT jI j| ', Coeur d? Leon COI m"/I- Total Claims Paid $
:Xo. 1. Knight 71'.217
r MUh ec1 every Friday at Jl.uoper;; year The Escambld P.itls met at the ) ,, .fiery ;
,.........h'M. Femplars. at 7:5i> p. in. Total Premiums Paid Mpg
il armory lit night and, with Judge r# t IjMondaj*, Nov. iVh.;:; _

/lrartrpitplPateafuroahedanApplicdon. Maddox presiding; ,several 1 boys were Sojourning; Hir:; Knights '
: 1I Profits to Estates of Assured.
'L $4Sl
I! are courteourlv:; invited lbl
i I .: r fined for non-payment of dues and a I .
+ good sum was; collected. After the I i i HAKKVV.. ( ua-, When claim\: are rt paid t'"lpadl.t.ly I tt i.s 6.F ,

:i NON LA3 t1r 1 GfsEiTXFX, leeorder.E.C. due tn d( layotttn.raftct,I tl.. lultrury ai < .tt. ,
court the boy.nnt up-tairs, had a ,
I .,
!, ting complrte ; j-rf
short drill and th-n formed for the
t - --- --
t 'f contest of the O'Neal medal, drill, !I II I Special communication 00 20,. of Amount Fait Within n Day.

:_ ;I ".JiTfl TELEPHONE NO. 118. which was hotly contested. Lieutenants )! of E cambia Lodse.: N: o. 15: Ratio: of Clahnt'! paid: to Pr-n iutn r"" t..f
Gin?le-! and Carmichael, of ,'. and A. Mat :\lJ
I p. Per cent of Profit 1.t:1t.: ,'
tw A
tirTheliEquitable -
($\ I iWLA, NOV 23 1901. Battery B. acted as judges and pronounced I G in. 'l'ue.daovmb..r, '!h Ii.;

: Corporal i>. Monroe the Work in *M. M. degn-f.
,-.J'I. -.. :u ;; : Life Assurance
h"" 4. winner.jfneral. i Visiting brethren are iuI Society
\ t.. .: Is the course of a >generously ful- ( ordero.. 11, A. (i. 0., was I cited to attend. "STRONOFST ..

)'>.* some eulogy upon the New York read and a meeting was called for 1 : HARRY OnaV. :;;, IKTmWQTIT 1)rf3urplus

;*.fefce f i !? Evening: Post on the occasion of the FriJay; main when an election of i \ D'C. KE>SLKR, Secretary.
i'B1;{ -* 2.t l captainullbe held. !! W. M. to I'alicy-Ilcallra.. attt3Oi.O u If.KNCWLES .
I 4t. J. ; celebration of its one-hundredth anniversary -

} the San:: of that city said : KH'IITKKN MONTHS 1OKILLICIT succeeded very recently in an combining ingenious them chemist, to-: I I 1 TO CURE--A COLD- ---IN--ONE D'VI BEDS. Gen. Agents!

1111a : "Jt hail been an intellectual force for IMSIIM.ING nether with other antiseptics iuto a I|: Tak I Hitttue: Bromoqimininc Tal>l lt*. Alldruugi'ls ,

years; it i* a clean I earne-t and virile pleasant, effective tablet. refund. the Inont-y If I'ijvut-acb fitils Incure. alJ\! }' Jf x err.. .t I FX-\( I' Ic ,
; : J. H. Albritton. a white man. said I Druggists >;>ell!! the remedy under K.V. Groves sigMiture
; : citizen of the journali-tic Ie'I' box. 2ie.:! .
: .
Bm "I rw the oftuart'.* Catarrh Tablets -'-
"i. 'I' name : -
t to be a prominent citizen of Chaire; --- - -
,. .. ( public; and, at the age of one hundred and it has met with remarkable | GO AMI: SKK. ([
Leon ; brought here la-t
fi. county :
t. ..,,.rr, 1.. it is a more interesting, newspaper success in the cur of nasal: catarrh: HEADQUARTERS FORSCHOOL
4 'f ) f than ever before." All of night in cu-toily (..f United I"tate"Drpllty bronchial and! throat catarrh and in The elegant line of Sterling; Silver
jY1 Solid T aet.\ *, Fish lrad:
Mar-hdl! Wolf aud was jailed: catarrh of the stomach.Mr. .
-:+ which quid much more-i* true- Di-he, I onbo! and
tj : t Trays; Meat > i
at the policetatiin, until tlli.lura F. X. Benton, wt.o-e ;address
c.f ." but consider the source! ii is care of Clark llou-e, Troy, X. Y :sums Lidles, Punch Ladl--, Knives,
iii : when he tran.-ftrred to the
I., J', z. Folks and i -Trunk c-solid
-. ay"When I run u\\ a aln-t any-
k' 'r-.l.t.'i1'i A WASHINGTON rllrrp"p"llpnt of county jail.Albfittnii wa: captured:: by revenue thiiiir tlrit: i i- :ood I Ilk\ to tell people :Silver.; Call on J. I. Stephenui.d: : L BOOKS
he will show tho good with !
'.i.'t a: t Jf .; 'the 15o"toii Herald hJ; been relight- f lliei'Mtvfral weeka o in Ltnncounty of it. I have been troubled with catarrh pleasure you

.' cuing its reader on the object of and at the pii'-eut-a--iuu, morn or less for some ri/llf4. .-
: tl: +I of the United Mitecourt at Talla- L'l-t: winter more than ever. Tried

-.''' : -n{ ..yr., political "condition" in the South,, rI--e..'. was Contited i <>f conductingun everal o.palleJ cure.-, but did not Foley's Honey and Tar -

..I-y ; h.!:_,;_ and states the Fitmtion: regardiu; 'e:: illicit: stilt for the illtal l ir.anuftcture get any benefit from them. About forchildrcnslJfe.surc.'oopjtt .
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:. yt( .,;;: "I the federal nttcrF) thu: ot wlii-key. 'l'nr Hvidenci1wa -ix wteknt'o I bought a > .. )_ -& -;- ,'. i ID HIV tettrrITr.trN"v I gll\- -.)11'.. Ill' very IUIIg' a,!ain,t him, :uulJudjf of+:taart'Caarrh'I'.ibl-ts and am t o.L'ltxL t' 'l'LIo.'t!
JoJ..t.r 1 : fitance.'lb.. Liml of uirii who are lining :: :hwaynwenteueed the de ;;lad: toay that they have done to Pcusncoln and at lo\c Pits-NY

;,..;l"I: :' '.._(I'nitf -tatrabltt.IIIthetouthrrnatatrs. fendant: impri'or.meut for ei,h- wonder for me an'll do not hesitate \t C, V. Thomp-.fist :\", tl !'OIIUI hl'al.I".a.
., ;w,\1. ..nd i1l..ntluu..11 nnot the dttieuRtrsf tt-fii months "t tl.> government to let all my friends know that .
i ... Prison Xa-hville, lenn., where he :Stuait's: Catirrh Tablets are the GErV1 BOOK STORE
( ', hlch Ibi' jirftiJHtit is fiuuuiiltrlng on
t: Q 4 ri.'lit thing." Be"ides the standard lines (-ft.l.. -
will be taken! ]
t. :" tba' kccuuat. To-iluy 1 hate t".III'XI..III1. tl'-llig-Itt. l'
; Mr. Jeo. J. Casanova of l-otel tionery we have, in tints, with enI -
- -

':.;:.'I.;. f'rl> Ii: ,- lq;,\j criminal ing tuy iDTfstljHMoD drl.>auclirry *lu. and the pulillc Iliii story rice of STltKKT: CAK ;MKNILh: City.Griffon writes, \\'p.t: !Jut"I street have commenced New Voik I I velopt-s Royal to Crystal match Hoed.: A Complete Line of School Supple-

'. ; '': .t;; willciturly.bowtuthereaderaullhalter- HUM IMl'OltTANt MKK1IXG !' Kurd's Holland Bond
1'- wing i :tftuait's Catarrh Tablets and Tablets Pencils
,,:",,; sM. aid tb.t Tammany Hull U not the only already/ they have given me /better Ladies' Art Stationery.Foretell Pens Penholders. Et.

'.'.' i: '. I' i criminal organization In lbt country: that The new organization of the conductors results than any catarrh cure I have Mail, mc.Arti.t -- --- -
J t many of lbdmen wbovuntrol tb..cnUt"ll! ,' Material. ()ffic"
t and motei men is called in ever tried" Supplies -
(, ;\ rvpuhli an anizHtion i'I the toutticru Mcmoranuum Hook- Etc. see ME FOND SRVB
f f-; ; regular se..ion tonight President A leading physician of Piftsburgi MONI 'rCHAS.R
vile the CroLers, the 11.- by
:' :- CI' r. t .tatea are a a 8 ; advises the use oftuart': Catarrh i All new and bright.
t'r; .rj.and the8uliv! And Menaturllan- Barry The meeting/ will be very u _
Tablet in preference to any other
; 1. t ... na ii reipookible for moat or this disgrace.Ihe : important, and it is requested that treatment for catarrh of the head, THE CLUTIKK 511 MS JlOl' -.: .JOHNS
.}. ,; :ttl'1 1. Lllt.ary Ordinance all who can conveniently do ?o, throat or stomach. (I Incorporated.)

ht\ : make it a business: to be present and He claims they are far superior to Has just received a car load of the celebrated -
tit 1t :.Ms S. Falafox
: Library '
& Members of the Pensacola inhalers, salve, lotion* or powder ,lrc''I.
1 take part in the proceeding' The FarrandOrgans. In this car load
.. .., t. .; ;$ t Association! who have been acme meeting will be hid dt the Central and are much more convenient and j i were some Cecilians, Ihe most popular -..,.

:, .f., ." ., '( in promoting the project of se Trades hall on West Governmentstreet. pleasant to take and are so nanniesthat I piano player on the market. The Farrand

', :dv'l' ," {. fcuriugadouationforalibrarybuildingirom benefit little as children they contain take them no opiate with I Votcy Co.has for years manufactured SLAUGHTER ... SLAI't( j l1TEUi .
# t Mr. Carnegie were some It is aid that the former organization cocaine or pianolas, and for the last two years they
any poisonous drug
of street car employes has dis- have been making a piano player of their
v ;'1'"i ; ; what disappointed to learn the action mlved, and that an equal division of All druggists sell stuart'sUat rrh own, containing improvements over all
Tablets 50 Prices Cut ,'f
at cents for full size pickaxe to Hnlf!
It t..i'- ;: of the city council iti the mat- the furniture has been made. .! and they are probably the *-ifet- 1 I previous piano players.

_, ; .. ter of the enactment of an ordinance -- -- and most reliabe! cure for form They are also receiving daily, Kranich

it ,;: levying a special tax of one-half "I I a i long suffered from indigestion -': of catarrh any *1& Bach, Lester, Steger, and Singer Pianos Freshly Parched Coffee Fresh from
f' .. '.'_'rj w\ ," writes O. A. LeDeis, Cedar (guaranteed ten yeara;; also the cele 2 5c
:. : ;, ;, \i; ::,( mill for the stated support of the library City, >fo. "Like others I trod many i braced Crown Piano, which with the An- our own Roaster, 2 pounds for .
: J..f: ;' the provision of which Mr. A SOUND, SAFE ANDPltOlTARLK
preparations but never found anything gelusmakesa combination never heard .
i ;"f .1ti"j. Carnegie had made a condition precedent that did me good until I took | INVESTMENT except in a fmt-class orchestra. All of .6CO -

.;l : : to the donation of a fund for Kodol Dyspepsia Cure. One bottle I these, instruments they are selling on II'Alm Till.-* WITH VOl It : ( I )HI.' Af I UF
cured nir. A friend who had suffered Ineome (>f Mutual Life Infciirarirp terms at lew
the erection ol amount. eesy very prices. Yol K 1IJ Nf M UI I iM!I' "\
l 7\\l1 ; 4 U. a building, similarly I put on the use of Ko Company is S'JOO.OOOu: Hay.XF.W The Clutter Music House now one of

$15C. t dol Dyspepsia! Cure. He is gaining the strongest in the South, being a corporation
i YOKK:, Nov. :M: Recent occurrences NEW ORLEANS GROCERY CO.
; .; the adverse report fast and will soon he able to work. in which such well'known firms
...tt: -l. Hfforn he u-ed Kodol Iypppi i have filled worldwide Kranich & Bach
1. of the finale: committee, to t as Lester Piano Company -
; Cur" indigestion hnd nude him a attention to the high character and Singer Piano Company, are JAMES McHUGH Proprietor.

re4; ; total wreck. Hargi i PharmacyJohnSheppard te! investment of the Mutual Life large s'ockholders, the Kranich & Bach ,

.,' : .. l : ; : Sidney Kahn. Insurance Company of New York. firm being the richest piano mancfac xxorcu ion.

'- ;'fl'itt: '" that it would have I been itjtcied} by i No questionable securities of turers in the United Stat ea. It does not
; f ul:. s. )I.G :: y.'Liz any matter what priced oiano you want, or on
,;. ;: the council on a third reading:, had I. kind are ever considered the EVKKYIIIINd IN Tilt
by : what terms, the Clutter Music House can liltKFKIIM! AI I UlK- '
SlY m: ii THMVDr. \
'ti', ;Y; +.' action been insisted upon, and some i c.-rr.pir.r, A: i-videac. of the thrift! fill the bill. The public iscc-dially invited

1.Ji :.., '3- : ,.J"1.; who have watched the matter very :;. M. Gonzalez say: that he I I- ir.J Fktli of the! 'r.it ti j ement i is the to call and insptct the immense Feed Stuffs of All Kinds.fVIapyland .
believe it would have d stockFoiey's
f.' closely past the man who was with l ooevelt !InCubi fact that the Mutual Life has uthei i -- ---

.; .):. : $1.I by a good mo jority. TIe) ithdraw- : ; that he is clo : '( al of the ordinance for its return to Kidney
: than: other in Florida for their benefit, mil
any man ; neaily; ninety
". t the Asgocutijn wa unfortunate, mates! 1 kidccys: acil thddcr! rirLt.is : .
that hf i is a i-mdiJate: for collectorof liutl'Nl! ,
:;:i':;1 1 'r'. t: but will not prevent it from beinj customof this port ; tut! bet i-, the entireinn evir rfOHJ\'eel by the - - -

;. :;; t3 I again introduced whenruch, a course- making .i vigircufight tn prevent company from its IJ1tlil )ors. 'ihis is

; I is deemed advisable. the rf-appolntoiiifiit: of J /In. E. nearly tour units u' inu>:li a- the! The llollie' the.well' BALTIMORE.
Xr\t\ Stilm-! that ft't Is Happy
: and : hu rontident iho rtweuty-eiB'lit other lift coni.III..Sr"pultlll ;
L The imprettii spin t ) prevail
: will Ijo appointed: to fill the office. to vli.. in-t>ritice cumiaiiMuufcrot -
; ?dl't'JlIS f that the adverse report.. f the finance: PW York eau ,.lh)1N' togather. furnished home. Marstontj CAPITAL, 7f I'' f II II

.' ', iff .1 i committee was:' hhtd upon the ]"rt-- ; '1 I.fo income the Mutual'' Finch

't'1t- !I eat financial condition tI f the I Il. city'oternutent : G01.l' :M1Ill I'JIl:. Life is :Ollrf'1..>111 two hundred can supply you Surplus to Poliry-H-vl.! ; $l.4'JK i'
L"". thousand (ttxl's't" i ullu* every with all needed in the way
: .' 1 I but if it ass, a mUup-

t: i;:.' 'T 1lit.: '; : prthension of the real rendition? ha truce nd-untetnd King: cmiipli have' : donated iile: : Inarie'r a vr-iy d.iy. ---- ---- -- -- .- of hOllse furnishing? at the JOHN T. STONE, President.Writes .

i ftt i: t, surrounding the matter niu-t In\e CHIlly IMC to ti., lVncoU ( golf "Li-t winter i-i! infant: chili <.l lowest prices, cash or credit.

v' I" t'.i'ted. Nothing! eau tic plati.cr Club, tn b.- pl.iyd fi>r in, :t -<-ri -.-, of iniiie had croup m a violent! form." the fat -: I'IJT; .r d fonu ..! A<*'' .Lnr I''hf'h'.

t\1 'ill'... ,, than the fact that the uitinIH'k: : ;guns., date of which will he puhlibfd -ai-, I1 Ider John \V IJn::praCirii't'un ", -v--Y--r-. .--.- .-- P.\\"" Vl'l.l I INDKMMTV, : : fr "n1.t ( l. Ml I'
later. .
,f> ": .ilr.rRead Kvan-4'li-t, of J-'ney, .Mo.I ,
nUO\VNINi. IIYhO'UOBf.'II"Kr!: : ) \\'AI Il t
I fl! : j; ol adequate revenue for the rKjuirpjoentevf -- -- i travi-lieru few d.-! -. III (;hutuberlain' .{ ? + '
ANKaTHKl'ICS;: : wt"-:, .fluiinl-tt-ri'd h\ ', r".'t>l Ur j' ).mPat
1 i1 j f; p }; ['t' the city in the several de :SUK LE'Fth book of ('ouch Remedy and 1:1 u .hoittitiioaU AT THKCooking
f :' m ';1 J parlmtlltlf its 'I\.t"frl1l.'ut couU the :!.ithcf utu'}.-aiti.out "d\ rrti-e- \ dipper w.i- pa-t: and the .i (S PAY4''' ';, Al)!)! I'llN,1I L IJKNK:: :! 11 S. if ti'pared W ,'. .
: 't' :, nisnts or 1'iotiot:. child rt-cmerHii." Thro'm"Itv: hot ," i jn'iisrf in or up"ii a ;>al li-' p"QJ""p"'I"; "| hjr Mi F v
!J' atTected the determination '
:" not affect, cr be by, only rUles croup, bur w !hm given H- If 'I'll ICl'I Y orCAP.LK.: 'mhli." rWiBrn. a -vut4rf
Y i : of council that soiiie HILIj 1'hTEltIt IIhllJm'TOn -" ',il a- the !-yiuit"mappear, will ftf1l11 ti or in e-'nsrquenceof! : the IM: ItNIMi: : IIf II It! II.it'4tl."' HInred s
bd ; r. time in the future-i.xt year; when prevelitilit' uttark. It contains no : 1 U ljir W r i- in at t.:.. r".n"III"'I/I.t of FIRM "-r by > XI'M1$ '

; \J fl i r the new assessment law hl! be in Orders for bill-po-tinir aul I di- opium or other !harmful sjb-tance! T C'f t Kll! <, (-'atinrtrv. L'lcniniitMf. \: uitm ur 1'ortabif "'lltl.>:

:.' lll' trb'ltimm r.f all kind: fJ.lthfulluI.d. and may b* given cjnfijetitly to IRA CHA11UK.
,1 4>peratiou-a half-tn111 tax iiuy b"
> ,aa3f ;-, i Ft4 promptly txpoutcd.O. a Inhy as tn an adult. For -ale, by PAY .Vrtii while I' 1rtTf .. U.Y I)..al.Ml.:
; In-.. "! 1; l.:' collected for the support of *o bei.fli- .\. 1'1'Cot ten.Member all drurrgi-ts and medicine dealers. 1'.Yall!I ClaimPKOMP1I.Y.: .
institution as a puhlu- IntrrnaMni.nl: li-trilutiir ------- '
: : cent an -
"i\ ljiinaii ()tice! :::1[:; :>. : Stoves, : For further p:irticular-! call -'n' r addr -*,
established in tnulJio
.J-t 'l g\1r it; ., brary. a ;: Pslafox.- I.\\U soui roil r.un. ,f \

f'Jr' ,t ; which can not but bas trrdmtand all We want timber land and umim- E. H. THORNTON, General Agont

"; -,, Ii ..UJpmeut to therity.aiid whichill! Tc 8m3iJ proved land, in large tract;:, with ,; Heating Stoves ,
4s. 1' i I'lIV": 1 *
: I ni>fhave cost the citizeusor the citytjovtruiiifiU _"otl iillihlc oil, ti> ell for each: .
,r. e i We handle ouch I.iml*, f"xclu-i\"t'I, P. S.-A I so it'*pert- and in* re- UI."P..mJ F. I \ ,v '
t f. single cent. lIch
'i'JJt i a a Stove
l and solicit Pipes (
MtJi'1i' tt l'roPositionlla4widelydisonuectrd I o J iss Bask owner, correspondence with \ Is1-!!*, all ch'J*>-- and /Un.! lib."al f..r,,'- f | NI 1'1' I -
ITY. PLAT!: iLASSand: \ i HKAI.TH: P.M.. .
,'fir"\ + f'Iif!, with the city government' present A. f.,0; PATTF.V & Co. .

far .... .,y-N f ,' lack of adequate revenue a* ttr- Thit is wher ccme: people:: feel 4>' I'.oweii A venue, Chicago, III.Ultjtf I y' Elbows.Faints. :

Li. ..ftl: North il; fmm the! South, or the last weak ail! the: time. -- -- -- -- << HEOBERG( t BROS.ij ij'IWB I\MI l\tll..I' "

', I ; Jrom the 1Vest.Theprepocedhalfmitt. -
\...; : \5ii"e.. :t. They are J h _
't\ti would
; :;"I' tax insures himself again lots of

'7l" \ 1. prcdnce, upon the prrl'it'lltnIUJt <'II, it is net ur.us.-il to find them trouble and worry. Nobody can' '

r.1r"r iaw 1 1t t..J( A ofHcifiit am unt to comply with bcrrcwir.g: trcub.e: ii if t.uy hian't no raise terrors his rent for ,him.and the It's rent easy day t0" owna has ; BuiMer's lIar ware, :j OLtSAL! onaR S,

SStwSInitiiMii 1 the Carnegie condition ; upon the! er.o-jgh: : : alrea:y. home now-a-days. Thos. C ,). Matt

? i inner -f'd valuation txpeoted a- there The WatBOn & Co. can tf"l1you how \ -
fat is their;
Hdr.eys: :are v/ek Palafoz Street
nt of the equalization of a>>. !'SS' easy it is j Call and se them. : T. (irt'flnvu: \f,
i either ; -- -- >, ,
naturally t-ecause cf sickness
ip-ll" ; :a>eot under the new tax law, a Pensacola Florida. BirllI/.llhltlll. :Mturdiv:

:. ; ; quarter-mill tax will doubtless be exposure: worry or ether iravuences.; Allen iar, Hatter K. r ?. liavinI'lidM! del .
o'cl k .
l galrif4 abundantly curHcient to produce a "I am thankful to sjy." wrte..1. L. Cmmt You are hereby ordered to assemble Far for ioun-1 trip pl J'-, .
." similar mult. One-fuurth of of' at armory Monday evening at' : : Mobile Oysters ,,
lr ,'f- one- )eamore.IlL"tta! : Hon.rMar.at>& 7:30; o'clock fur practice drill. ANDOils. Or..nvill.. n bt 10 ME ': :" .
i t: iestb t>f one cent upon each dollar of nlla has cured me. fur many rears I ass will : call>: tn liinitlLKhain f'< '
: This be the last
ineetinz: be- HKI.IVF.RKH: 10 .
troubled with f> 'ka 'he. l' { C.1ntllO/ll"ht 1' ,
il valuation does! not to be a. < At times I H so fore into .nl"' a
appear the
an going on 27th.Ky .
i. f camp PART OK Tin ('ITY.
ba 1 II had l to I be helju-d from the bed or rbiir. of }\ t I PIUUP" tJ..lrllliC -It-tp' .1.. "
.., 'aYapDt price to for the order
l \ Jflrf'SSft( : pay I am now well and .tr.ne and free from pain." A. H. D'ALKMKERTK. FINE FRUXT.TaE in ticket airmt in 11111. '

[> be eflU of an institution like the What thi+ gnat -Efdiciiie .to
IP: \ !*{ contemplated, particularly when done for ethers.Hcosl's: sergeant Captain.1st UNION RESTAURANT ular pu.>.iiir! .r train "I'

remembered that the .. ticket! .t: ticket fiflif r'" r '
t it is amount --- -

.1': f; t1it:tif juanaally resulting from 'Mich a tax SsrsaparillaPremises Parlor Latest t Styles %inFall; a'id Frank L. Wilde, iufowlaUolI apple toni!..t K" '

I Jetgv be disbursed light here in ourjaidsL to cure and NEW IJTIJliSand : ,
,'J. : f t : keeps the bedroom Proprietor, Opponte Union Depot. p TH v( *-
I : Bedroom niture for parlor .- t." v .
I ----- ---- -- -
) ', p mie. Beg.i: tr:: =ett withHacd's
r "IUK News would urge the fnecds Furniture at Jlfars-\\'or' sitting room, at ..MarstonjFinch's. BANNER
N. oJ this worthy enterprise not to be tsday. ton Finch's. Hare you ."|td U.
4 'U1 1 4 i i t tho most h'Dlin e h'e. In tho WOrldr ftl tu'IrQLlew"; in LdA' I

t ,

.... '. l ll ; -c ;.:.tlh.l.J. l ::1t: :;( ,'t. .' ., .
< ; .1 r<'''''' >'!; '-"> i..c.,. '..- .- <--" '," c'-' ''-'Hojr- _. ... .

., .- .r. #"Ii ., ;. .
"' to, r

- -

==- B. H. FAIBOHILP, I hOCAh I -- t .


vrxXOLSTEnER.JB "Bread is the Staff of Life ". ,+" .i: I : '

WNA STREET. flop coOij .

C"t.. Now and Refinisliing furnHu-e a brat JoTKnrt fir Pen*cola and ncinity. j J WEAK\ MADE STRONG i "' '- THEREFORE HAVE IT GOOD. : .: :

SFeci:iII/. I /ViiriiNi/ <-(,/