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.' lIIIid Tablets curtj hi linn' tie--, contipttionii.il --- :!
te sell \ ; and 'motion! was instructedto :
:> to take and >lfa<:-iiit. in t-fr..ut. Fur .
("II'Ii.\' :Sitsrin" | L'eon of tin :Marine llo-j>itil ;S<>mceon : ];? ;!
13 .
In-tnictiiin, beN :ale| by all iiu.rizitand medicine the 'Uhjl'l.t, and the m :otter, wu'. F'i.O ES' I''
dealers. .
\nY. ".: ut.. -- further reheard to thocommittro en EJtd : '
I '
1:. COOK, KiN.ims tromp Innrl lin n A\ii'iil cimnieicana li-irhor. to confer f I. '..

1 : v MiiirnnttiHlf'it. a"n uj-ISol-iiUJ.! .the n-rta cure for cOIIII1S.no ;! with the i-iirre-poii'ling! committee [1 t II'
I. ithtl.j I iinlw: of the Cliimb-i of Commerce as a .! .)

'.-'; CTh.e", I'fgM Alarm. To- joint coiiinuttee.Tli" fullnAitr:!.ronlution was read ]fl Buy in Large Qualities Direct fron Manufactory( anil I In, riel's; irhicJtI iiJi- I '

'.. .'. V. h ti'iht'r'; ..-,* :Mi..J.C.hah'Y wi- 8. R. PJTf MILL CO. pecrefiry:unttnmou-y in-lructpd! adopted totr.Mi-mit, and coy the I enables us to place Merchandise J at your disposal at a r Very HcaMnuMe J'lice. : 4,1, t I I

., 1 .'.' ':, I.y.. hit sI.c.m of same'to: Captain KeiiiurerV : : i ;{
.. ; KDU- ,, .. :Mt-nN Hu-'nt
tuff We C"1(1|! \ '. The bung{ st.eague

\ ..'". IM' i: Dr. Killg'; ; rally departure oi I'vii-Bc-oui i-I I npt.lies u.leaned 11. 1\.1..IIIIo.r.. of :tie We Mention a Few of This Season's Most Popular Fabrics 1

.;rim ?tve i1) nick SliinglesPiEp. Mr the pa-th-uresr.ronolandtat nl thePell I.
.. ,: :C r:1h: J it. \\'" .ar..la.s'V. .nM, for "u"l!i'r field of ,
: n iiiIi -- -
tli ri-l.>r" ----- -
'I.1 -HI-* to action: I
". Cf aid Juniper Rr.oirrft.'fiatthi-leaeue.tncerely r. -
: ., press t
a"11 and
'r""l tit time imrrxiihle
: Irrl'lh..rlHl"\lo"
\' ( '''i i 'I' liav ni-tcd 1.k..l.IIIj1..ral,1 wtptiiiu French Flannels and Striped 56-inch Plaid Back t
r'1'1,1., i"" l'I: Hl <'f a li"ii"-ticml. relation that ttie. membersof Skirtings '

.,. "r' ,1101..' 1". ."ti.i' Uv.". ''t j j.!1.\' i!".,,.that,. .no 11- N orl'J-: spit Ise1 the>h.Lfrtjuc'.. rinse of and bis Hiritutriio uiluiiraliH and! Pen. rIt-cH'-'oolii; Waist Cloths, good range per yard $1.50 1 ;

I Vii' -: I > Irwlt civnof our iiitfntun tonpply to sdnuultrntlonlthe nllAits of the yard: 52-inch Oxford It
i- hereby Cloths i
not J.
Lops : :. !. 1.tl. till tlOIiolllhl"l K J. ",.*-\..'. .InUitf nf'tlm and hereby sins cordially t-xtend- bun of colors, per yard 25c '
I J I .?.t f It.... "Irruit I'ouri of K"i-''ml>m< ciiuty. 1-1..rIo18. its ioixl WI-IIM for hi* future we.fire aatlprosprnty too 'a '
ii 1"1'" tov; : :11'.lit on l.ri- >iiilit-r !!1. It.)! far Hi t."CCr" grnnting to n- itnil our H--i>riHti'". under The reoinalin. of I:. B. B:irker.Wr.i. 54-inch Venetian Cloths
; '
the yard
of ::11..1' $1.50' i'
cos naiiiM ntMsitT> ot for y cultiHlioii ',V. Hournoy and Dr. Edmuini per ..
the bums
on Every: Tablet.r \licit' to of I'II'ltll"III I fir II-MUKIIM' Itntsn( the\uuitl.ItoniMiI'Milmlic Hall were presented and accepted. black and colors, per yard $1.00 Prunilla Cloths, all shades 75c .: Ii
Church the fdllrHlum < The following applications for j
: \ tablet of (' . ( --anil. mill the fiinfrrrmK "t (tfniv. 'i upon the membership were read, and on motion
Couiplctioii suchwlaeannn.I.rKK .
k.lrtht' : M MFIU'IMKK \', were suspended and
fa t' :- \KV the by-law S
C. C.i'I .
:>l .\Ht Ix NH.A, the secretary instructed cast the Black Goods -
: in i'ulk. J !-I"IIII: .MAKV JO*l.l'II.
their fiction ; ,
: n,1j for
M-IIKK >IHY tuLOIttu>, vote of the League ______ -
___ __
otlu-r. ro\: .,-, ; :, IKJHP tlsrICK lu" DKOALKn.SIOCKHOLUKIW which W.Id.np : Louis AptTl l. 1 tI

'' :: ".. 1 tC.c1I 'tln-oa..1 w ()->car 1'dgar, P. S. Haye, Wm. H. E2-inch l\bleii Cheviot._. ... .. ...... ... ..tl.Oyard 51-Inch Water Proof Habit Cloth &eyard'r! I ,

Johnson Jas. McHuirh! Jr., P. Mc- ';-inehiwie4TatletaSilk. ._ ... ... ...._. .$ I. .
IJgryard ,
... .... ... ..
: 'l1;F T1\G. Lellan. H. P. Neunrin. J. C. Porter, ;3):! inch Unfinished Worsteds $1.3 I !> yard I
Steward. ;!i-inch Oil.I>iped Domeetic TatTeU Silk ...Jl.i! y end

i a !11 Credit the price' : 1'-S8ACO.A. nit.of the NOV.stCKkbolitr '. IWl.Th \ Oscar The Rfgi Ieligueth-ter._ C.: F.adjmirned.j 50-inch All Worted Shark: Skin avel.njyard 4'j-inch' Oil-Uiped Domestic TnlTrta :-1I1t.U.1i' liard I t"'t" ,

reuil! I.a inciting
Oil /(/rnl > t<,( Tint 'avid stores t'oinpuny the Everything in groceries or feed (
t'i'e :+at Marxian jFinch's cnnnany" ctli! in.the Pity of 1' 118".OIIt. stuff at lowest prices at the New Orleans I Cream Ecru and White Appliq-ip, :Satin and Taffeta Fold", Ualloom in the curial: 1. ,

"'., //, lot rest.Itl.XV MI rnuri Hy. life. ;h.itelat" of eon 9.:derinn o"lo "u p. ; Grocery. Two pounds fresh: The I 1NMEi1llS I Effect, Whit and Black I No tjtmplf given after 1-) 'clock tm.. I.eavo vgur Qf- .

-- "'- UMi in...iiint-nt for the ii.uriiuif> th. charier of said comimnv roasted cpllee for i" cents.Try_ It, i dtrs and we will gladly end or mail! them to you the following 1 jy. of
.ucli ainendmeni to glv" the eonipitnv .
> OTI"L-o. n Inn on exec ana every share ( f ilaI'Mpiml When,0'1 feel tint life is hardly .
--- "tuck lor any inlo.hl..rtot'* that worth tie c\ll(1I.. take a do*" ofChilmberlain' .
.. "V'!' -- Til iv I." owing It l>y the hohlcrcof.uehk. .- tit- mach and: Liver
.. ) Yours
1"1'I *
; Truly
.Ct .t't'I\II'n.o''n..r' .u' cknnd 'I..Hllll!I toi\ .uepreferNIstn'a i t .
<,:..'..'rr- ."ti.>..,'."<.-i*. uf the Hutch 1.1 HNo Our the purFOie of couttclrring TabletI'hev will cleane your {
a stork aiid.ai-o and
"UI ter ; liver re-
w iYJ rt'- nn Inrreut tbei apital stomach tone II!) your
'. : -'Irlits coatractfa such other inattcrs s. limy be prup..rl."rcu'bl > bowellH"in' feet t33Wi
.I '>>0-1. before the lII..lIng.ll. ulateyour J. & B. FRBESIci I ;
II..TY'H.t ". L. CO"IS. TMi.I like a new wan. For sale b.v: all .
\ I'" President. :
Capta n. i M.CaviNrov, : and medicine dea.ers. I
l. I-r.t-n.. J"IIH I I cccrctary, Son os\\'iv I druggists

-- --. .._- -'

( .A r ..-" tqi "( ;t' ":" _'r .J--.iW J.-< IJ j.1J W J" T, J ..r 1btc 1i .l tiIJf ji. .,.--

.' .


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of George Da.I.

COMPLEXION. George I avK tm veteran captainaanac \ Quite a strain on a child to cables but their combined length Kodol what you

: ,it BAD r of the Now York baseball !i grow. You find it about all I Is only 324 miles. municipal tele-\ Eat

team for the last few years. Is one of The new Glasrow:
} The skin is the stat c.of11 almost endless : do }live service Las r.n'Jersruuml: wires
1 I
kncwn the I**! known toners in the country.He you can to along as you pbone j.khn I
xnricty of diseases. They are for
: but all (:hue to the las always proved himself! a fast |I'Ii Iti.-oOO; miles in length. It provides
a k by various names, are arc and keep well. Your child I
: CurePeople
subsirilniN.T.y Dyspepsia
sane cause, acid and other poi*,ns in >aily player despite= his n.anaperul t I

: the Hood that irritate and nittrfcic with ""Ii .It"lls.! and K-.iJs the list of third i has to do all that and grow offering King Menelel- per rent '

f a( the proper action of the skin. bast men and shortstops fir the MMIMIII j be-I of the proceeds Italian capitali-ts! bavesuweitled : I,' used to think that the only way to nmconu in : -

? To have a smooth, soft skin, free from rereadcloned.I ;: :sides. Some children lu M-curini! ; the eschi-ive gestion was to stop outing awl many: think 10":001. I. t..

all trcptions, the Uood! \ must 1 loe kept pure Ii'ivls! has been more or lass In the privilege: of working the zM mines of I only trouble that kind of treatment !Ii the fact that t-i -
stand the
l fr' r aukbtalthy. T.e: many I'tll'aratlulis j ofarsecic of Lute because of his re- extra strain. They : western Ktlilupla for fifty years. eating means to stop living, and we ran hardly call that a .
: ; aiid"iotaali and the 1.irgc uuml: I'UIoil' eye But since Kodol l)>yspep-ia Cure liaIcoorne: known the Yo'
wf face ( (! and lotions generally : "orted slsnlns:: with an ..Inh'rlcntIcaut get weak and sickly as a result I f Only Russians and Chinese are allowed i method of treating iiiditfesUon I lias te'-n rluntMl. It
ie ; ;j' laud in this class of li.,<-iscs cuter up ; : teau. His manasemuit; of the ic | to ;.so: overland in Manchuria.It I what you eat and permits! you to eat all the p'H"t fart yi I

J! for a short tinc: },::t cannot ic move ]>ers :iothaui organization! dr.rin;: the 1)1)1.) of it. i is unsafe for any foreigners to travelin and gives the stomach: perfect re.r ; and) it-. use nn, "'n j

r '!113.Jcr.tltlC! u:1j',:: Motchts: end the rd!, set
j L diofgurinpimples.i ] to Andy rrcodman and I Ccirico: ; wa's ; This i is where Scott's Emulsion guards cauaot ;guaranty: protection.A '

f i fiornz! vigilanso is tIO grica I l that be would I hiv n.> \ oit',> II J Jnfornied i, large number of euttlctNb have recently It can't help but do you goodPrepared

}' I of a tjocztKu camxsbcn ):oxicn la nrran I;:iiiK; th' future <.inT.itiir! < of I docs some of its best 1.4-ea eau ht oft the north \ atci : by E. C. DC Witt &(.'0., Clllca o. The |l. U>ttU ivntilns!H L jft

: b--c!l remedies are mwl n:. tin tram. 1'rifdni.in Mated however I (; 'rlUnn '. As they hate never before I .
Mr I! T. Shjb-. :? -I Lures AWIMIO Tt, Look that I a\is would.I jrixen a ;;ood sali i work. It is a strong growing \been met with in these waters )tla When you suffer from l niou,ne,s or constipation.) u ..' the f tin <>t. :
.. !i, t"1 ("r\<'lft I EARLY RISERS. TLiytc .,.: .
; Mv 1Jnghterroaitii: known DeWitt's Little ,.
do.s.yc titsts'! their pills ,
on Im I.no. wuuiirouird Dry I if lie would remain with the medicine. It starts difficult to account for presence. i
t{ ,, > nth a tn-fe 1npt triifU"ii up I
4t'it till!? ttnl tlUc.l to twoLIs' Kathcr than ]
a'l! trr.ttmrrt as a shortstop. accept or- .
k-I.j health r'rn7' but ttmvt"J noN-nc- I John :Sheppard Harm's'; Pharmacy :Sidney Ka! : .
.f r K J1 b: tiny in -+t1tLr4"re "r"1. but with- !, new life in the backward child I .\ ScottMi newspaper says that people

ft ,jL.1' anlteEStunIIu'et.ecitrdlrtrv.ti5.andbyt ; l : l at lawn teunU.ii j i
1 ban- been playliu
} ttetn.ehen'-II.lle:\\."r..I. <1 I..",-''1.11<111 and the weak JINtil.'alc"II'I"" Au.nHon
"il lesran t7da ; biar \ aorta b":3 cured beg strengthens ones.Scott's ". Sundays at t. Andrews and the (fen A. Points I'pper rMi'iiu-Vv. I'I

S ayy i c 3ITrI(1) a::J 1*ft 1.. r skin l> i '.!.y ,.nnnii ol law for Sabbath breaUiiu Is still unre-1,O.. write* : "I Bare ben u-inz; F.Thpre' will be a regular r '
ta. I Emulsion
takes all
1asg't the
1 .. tEremLartu'.a'Jgut' ctt.stttrrtttrurd." II I j: pealed and awards twenty-four hoursIn ,' LESS HOX ">Y AM: FAR for I Lt..H"- i| the J'Ptl accla1..1111'31: ..

i : :o S. S. S. i? a po'.itivc, t.nf..r.ns; cure tot extra strain and carries the''' the stocks for such a crime. nci and find it thw hn-i retmdy.the;. Hoard of Health tf ,

tr &:,r a Oe worst !vrr.:s if skin tr-mUus. It is An Italian n\vay la taxes 2Jper levertriert. It stopped HIP cotigu; I ,oVlnck p, m Tue-aay.: N .
i' the pays iiiim*>dist'l\-) and rlie\ed all\ sor.Visititi! phyicUh are. ,
: -,Le! greatest tf al1.CM11cnf.tT3.: : and children until : compared! '1
. c.ily <-::e guaranteed purely'c'etabac.: along they are i I cent of bis! earnings; ness." Take none but Foley's.V.. i Invited to attend.
R }3 3t xioiia. with the P.ritishcr's y.X The iNipulatioii D'Aleuiberte. DK E t >
lUd blood makes had ciwipli stand it I
Plritit and il1\i;' strong enough to II tf Italy U IU.UHI.IHIO less than that of I

{ r..ti the old anti I Great liritain and jet the Income tax 011.9TOZtIL.Dtt.! \ :; ('.lh\\lIt.Y:

r ; ) t. 1 Sj3te -.i-akt-b\ :1\'.'. riC blood alone. i {in the former country f is made to produce lee 'idtutaiiAMtsiietfJ j 1II.tf tie' ,
'L th,: t ii":in+hes the I as touch as in the United King Beare tl1s I ,
: 4 l / J bob I. a.il Utpi th Well send v"U i little to try, ::vou 1 Ve.SCO doing .. j |

t : skin cctie and IK.ilthv; :aid 1 in proper IT .. l.U'.V.\E:, 49 J'catl; stricttw York. i 1 : :

3i3 condition to perl" 0 fill its part towards! I iI I Scaiona1

't t carr'iii'j"rt' fjaipuntu > from the 1 U>ly.. The front !is on the punlun anti the odJer's in the ,
\\'(11ill the dual: meet with Columbia ,I
Titter Acne, taltKheuw El.o 'k.
If ot );aE'z'lIIa, <
,, 4'a' fy : 1'sorasK, or our skirl! is rough \i slid not fret the varsity "1'." The men ,I AnJllvminlS now are ury sharp at five' or six

y, y't, i ardpimplvaadfuruer Ixx,ki Ii wtl.w 1 nre pleased with the raw: rule. I I o'tluL
Dttroit Free I're.s.
) + anti Skirl I II. <:a.scs: ai.dnte our physicians 1
I -- -- --
pi '" aiior.t! yo.r C.l5C.11 charge whatever II Murk on the iiuperor's larht. j I 1i&

if P: j for this service.COMPANY/ ATLANTA GA. I The first: keel plate: of the steel ::1 TO CURE A COUGH

; 4a SWIFT SPECIFIC I Fchroner yacht for llmperor William Stop cftnijliiiK.it as it irritate' the

',"- $: ;'fjf.4iv1hi I f ii'a1.0Ir.E of Oermauy: has been laid: at the yard i lun:-, IJn<1 give them no cliance to
:mOI.r- '."u "'..d. I '' hel. 1'ouHo aA lI TAR
of the Townsend A; Downey Shipb'iildin -
? .
;, *' utjlls-Is Jour wife fond of tip D VVH.dors ;: and Repair .iinipany at New York. cure without causing; ft strain in : The Original Worcestershire Sauce
I Ih'al11
tAn? from a superior on the Now York throwing ntT the phlegm-like cough
v The steel frames and plates are .>specteil -
: read instead of formulating: them him- expectorants. W. A. D'Aleuiberte. BEWARE OF IMITATIONS.
HiicslnsV t-hc to a
; ;: Strap
at the shipyard within a fewdays : (Tbk.Tl".a'.,... i ii
.. let Of l.'IJ'IL.Louks'hilalh'li'hja: liccord.niiAl off, )l'u\is: I said that be would seek: .
.St. t and the work of construction will i Butlers, Chefs and Cooks pronounce (7)
: pastures: new.
.be pushed as rapidly as possible con1Mstent i I it the best Sauce piquant and k tJI'wr.J
I a\Is started tho last with ECUL ;
.T \ "le tdiICe.IlpIt : season a Sf fiOTICES.
with! the best workmanship. I II
it enriches all dishes.
was: hard work lo I keep from wonderful spurt. Neuul h;:, principally ,I appetizing, HI:',:.VAN
I Cary Smith & Harbey, the designersof : : I
kissing you last ii zlit.t :: throisb;; the early ".'lIsatitH.alitdl j I I .
t the yachf, are supervising; ; the coubtruction.
!'. She-i11.ot must be eall'uillot tot lug of riirity Matthewson, immediately l. !

oeensert\ 3uursetf .I.iclc.-Mu.irt;: r;ct.V. junii>etl t'') the too! <>f tb. li-t, but ,I ;, Oft Chill hi( WOIfD.l The Secret of Success .

.. i slump came, and\ the would Lt l iait.s! The ate-ltnrvard Gamp. I I!

,i b I 4 ('ontrn.l.r.r 'i were ne\er for a m 'lIItl' factors In the Pant ashiell has again: been chosen'! .()""r.10NI !

r I..i.e ilo uhit nun criptin' struggle (''r tlt"I'ualUI.InllI.h umpire of the Yale-Harvard football\ and ABC of our Business.
'' liae he un'i own all iktu street; i I :\ :\' rl'O LI':NJ) .
-iS 'I ..y Oul,;.!" a (;.... _;y banjo game at Cambridge; on Nov. 1. Matthew : !. --------.

rI &. a ni..su'j Jam in' dvl, Ilnekey nt \0.:1r. McClim has been invited to acta nsl:1-TULiN-gmhou( ..hold furniture -

.''.. ; *'f r. -lOatlta Constitution.P. F.a .kct ball and 1 indoor tennis :nro en- -> referee of toe same frame. T.nth are I' l I horses, civvs and. all kind f-f ".-rmmal Clerks,
t I r *> t : tirll ly Mopl'i'ic'l; 1 at Va-
.; *' 'f c..IHI..1 I'rtilHi*. came. jnl': ; >li boi key is abj-ori-in; ) ;; the ai'ted in the capacity of umpire for :Ili! ill', "ouh Palatni street. Attentive Styles
*Jnt sot my Ill'\\' plwlugrli'h: :<. !Tine, I ,
r.ttentioii! "f the student ...
S big intercollegiate:! contests for several I \ONKV: I'D LKN'ilnii Imtiroved r.Rl.
orrn't tllt''r'1.ll.tlliol.. 1 .MSs: i Constance }I.: K. .Stlue1.'e.! a back. .il UII', ill Inr;{ttor hiuiill, ","'Iunts lit In" Materials.
"=-' Olad: told me who it ears ralesof: inter.">t. fall un Ltll ":. Brooke.ftttnrnty .
jon '
gradratp! of the I'.ritisli r"Iltt >f
r at 111'11' :\.t'2 8. 1'rtlafot be., l-l>lierbuilding.
": t b\\: was."-flehnd!: 1'hin: I'ciiltr..ni ; :ifmlin
I'hysh-al! D'wttio'i. has bit-a st \ :IS'I lceei\ .'d.Itlith i _
lottom Prices
I snr jrlvlii! : lessonin the :::111'1'. There ; -You say old, Mr. Ooidley. de- ON EY KYTOIiPo need money ,
,..c (. .... M
nre iiniy: rulrs whirl! dbtii-nNb! it l'chl'111l.lltrlwluIlJ: ] bout his; : age? 1 You PHD horror any amount you want
It }, not rtvtiCtal in t o IN'st g.ir .. 1 lo- I'm t.il.l." from the! ho-key! MI de.ir to the heart ilHIY'i'I.'. poor girl! After they berHottntiiatilroniniproT..d city rest B est Goods,
r CYRJ'.. of tl.e inenicmall; 1! buy, !but tn! inn la were married confessed that he was I e uie-from W III. Fisher, IMJi! SjutU I'nla- '
-. \"; Pntrt nous, she sots cold fwi, fox street. In-tf
iibjet i I. t.e! -to drhc the ball of i _
i > sum only sixty instead: seventyLive.Because 1- iggest Assortment.
t. .
; tt grid;:; -T w M Topics.d 1I I
; t ,, throimb% the g''aI of the i<|iio>iimclnxi'ti. :; .' YOU WANT TO KOKKO MIINKYInvent

p 1 I1d \ Kxcry afternoon has sego a jou arc better than the! man I money Insure, your propl'fIY- pro.curu&biitrHCtvnr I '
1tn.rN and 'I'hon.a. title buy or Dell|| real ft-
'ts crowd of ?:iils[ in gymnasium suit rush- you' devpise d.its not mean that jou into, rent property of any description have ompa1"e Our Stylesonsider
f t.:f"J'I. <> bitter mtihli-i! with tli* fcwwt attended
4 rents collected or tuC" to,
rIJ : rl'. In t>nmn Hi......""r.5 n p.ro 1. fIg!! u\er the field "in; tl:,' circle" wildly are nut worse than those who despiseyou. :: cull on or Rrtdrpn your Tlio 1". W t..on Co. I

1..1.. mm tee ;KJ-.P in i.miimrr's beat, hill in, with curved stick; at M>tnethii. .-Xt-w York 1'ress. i Real .....Iat" and Insurance agents feniivcola. : the Saving and
{ + Ty:I.' Iul: roil IS gun; up.t .; bidden !in tli.1 crn o:. ,, ) 114. t'har moderate fn tTHryonoUo
bus lot from will lend
t a a ns we mon..ywith
l '
5j PhilIrlphiarrss.ts
.\I prt"'tnt'leir prowess' lies chielly! Tomorrow is! not elastic enough; In which to build a house sd-tt ome Right Along] to

10 :n the .fl 1'('c ton! of tlii:!in; up turf and w inch: to press the neglected; duties of
\ f..mitIr..ir.. ( 'lir">'-si nt lie mi mi -. I
rw daretein: : tiefrh! ,ring Knuckles aid today. ....
t f \Vbnl a pity jon aie ::din;; to mare r I -
ankles but all pronounce it dili::!htftil.) -- .--- -- -- I I Ht''tt'hry-anth.pumforsale Will
Shoe StoreFor
The Boston
4 & roan of Jio family. drat: I lirertily on Novtmh T 1 nr -'. Ifave nr-
1d "\\'.'II, It'.; 1..tH than marrying; a&un I Vartr is i the tint woman's collegem Comince Aoiirsclftlrit! Kly'; Crp'un der at J. H. Iioui-Uertj'i! store, corner Koi -
s i the t'nitnd! :States to take: up the Hulm iiesurve* all that ha. ln>cn said ..nna and |ifVilh-rs ctret-ti. MN..1. KJiougherty.

: -t-; 1 with l'l ie nnyLotv i : ;:::111\1' SmltU I Is ti loam it un-ljT ills: of: it a* a mean of. quick relief_ andfinal I ----- ;rio-iiil : IJJri'e :Family Shup:

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f-iY nt Vaar tennis and c.11 lf t' :ay be played -- -
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merely for training: in hockey as i n / work 1"c. bKENT, WM.lI KNOWI.K, w. K.ln'IOt.JR... J M.IU.r. I.
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: tt pile.1 /iirlilttU a |ltlsyaoi i tit whoni giRt j or nulled hy Kly) Bro:., 51 Warren '' : on Insure re
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+} advised to a bolt of I II.-Witt'sHazlSalvt
; try Strett. New York. .
Mouth! Laura street jHOksonvillH. Kl-
:i. : tVu."t>:ar<> U. Jo'. Carter There, bet-ides the scluml and enili-fje! Mt. Ohv-p. Ark May 17, 1'JOl.Mer : !) I llnJin !*.

.. "t t Atlanta, 0". "I pr' curtd ,i boxwas tiainsvery town IIK: iu ladles': +. ELY: HROS ;-I'I"I& send : - ---- -

; : in'-1 entirely cured DtNVittVur hwh'Iull., me one battle of Cream Balm, family : t-Oil :>rr.IMJR First National BankOF

.. 4 : J. : Witch Ha..1 I Salve ii It fl'l..nJi,1 I'.y a process of w-loet'on! olwlm\ to I fize. I think it i U tne l.pct! medi- ::-.W\\-o: nll''I) furnisliud! M roonn. :

,h:; : .l.Ir : ': f<.rj 1\111'1, givillli r"lil.1 uu.taur.kr' represnit. lie! counties, the groat sec ctue for catarrh in the world. 1 We.t Roman btrt-et. ?n-lf
:. : and I hnartily rfcoiiuneiul it to I i
and. mdl.mds-and! Very respectfully,
tions-north. south LyO6 HEl: Kurnlsbed rooms! at :hl fat: I Il'
!f"5'!:1, ifr t ;all cure sutlers.: pilM.: Kunrry DeWitt's il4 Witch 1I1111..1't'lrY ffazel finally: all Knjland. are made up. The | J. M.almun BCHOLT%. I, lr.\tnry.lr..t. .n.lf PENSACOLA. FLA.DZn.23070n.Nil .

<: y : I -rflT, will cur> any Ctt"c. CuU, cames are private anti no professionalplaying rrny-: Stop the" Tickling L'UltliI:04IH1J' : : Kiiovi.HKi a iUiK| part or j I II.
thocit.r, conv-nit>nt tn bimnfj cooIter.
I Is allowed. Hiich accounts excite : ,I ;
btlnsbruISPCandall wounds wdqukLly.fA LUdaaau.Wtluthr'4r.al.
I"itf., j rq Paul bray, care of \Vni. Johnson 4: I j
U'' ." r .:are al"o quickly cured by it. Itnware the lujnginatiou; of Vass.ir iuthufiia.ts : Bon. inic-tf ], WM. KNOWLE8.. W. A. BLOUNT. F. C. BRENT, W. K. H YKR,. JB
,, J oounterftii-s... Httrsis IMianiucy Ions more thun i I
P".t. % i' and make < m iI I OPERA HOUSE L"Olt ktsT-nit-gnent: <.f Klrst tUptutcnurcn.il D. O. BRENT,
"' =: 1- : ':ubu H hepprrd_ Kidney liftliu. ,I e\ er for the era of luterc.fllegl.lte! sport i I' runnn and it-cuirphnii. For I
J, ''::11' f'. i I I i i terms apply: to Ur. J. Harm 1'ivrponi 'ver >i ii
-. }t l, ; t Silt lug llno'ii ""u""". I II jti for women. i Etpre.somee, .IOt !
--- -- --.-- -- F d D Domestic Eiui Boy ht iii I\\\\L
'' I r"
I 4 M.I. ,.f i n.1.'JVlioOIIH'.> < Ilii'lc'In iliri'iiirnin! cullfil I litlli'I.'u'1h wit qatOL.- At61et-s Coln Ahroad.l FOUR NIGHTS I- FUn Al..... -j O U o I Ul4
t' utniry. : j j jh l ltr .1. K.b..lI.. th' new track! and i -
'f liroimht I liU I <:.':uly! vxiHiilrii into I COM.IKXCINO: I,"off 9.11.1-A fine residence and .tore
> trim
\ f.. : I Id : field In-slruetor of tho University of w1jntnlntt tn .4neroreepnrate. on. of
fib.;'I. Ftttw,2lI: ;:: I to'ItItt 1. i rennsjUanla. has so much faith In thepossibilltlis Monday November 18. I the b...t built houcea In tlio I'ltv : mnrlwnilmprovt _We draw oar own Hills of Kichanze on UfU' Britain Ire'al! It
>ni"nti. It: III and llrt East Wrightstreet.
I : .-at "A frii'iul! nn-nvoriMl litiln, 'lumiulctroat !! !)! .>f his eh.irt.vs that h.. I Unlreudy near dfpnt: HII excellent boarding Germany, Franco, Austria, Italy, Holland, Hpain Belgium, Ko k
t :. i i\ :t! : lH-liiul! tu! rmkniclinr ('{)untln;:; upon a Kuropan trip ,, bou.e \I..a. IIn.. home or a +.afa. grid Int'P.tm.Ot. way, Sweden, Denmark and other European countries."Voasela .
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Apply to Tat Mcilugb. tot 8.I
the 1 -
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1tt :r!1 ne\t miner. This trip Is planned for THE FA yom fEnIMJ. ni.tf11'LblINti
t IPalafox.tre.t. Most tt tiObllgatlona !
I I fi Dlsbnraed the Favorable Terse, and
t i--.t 111' I'l: vlmut our upon
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half 'l of IVnti's Ut atl.Ioi toil
a, ,I I!in "r.-n
Taken at Port of Deiunatlon Ten Klfuen OSfl
: Payable
.... 't'! Off.I by 1'r. liell. .\ drat) m.H't l>etwoonColumbia lakcn l>v II'I Luuiso nrcnn after Vessel Arrives there.
: \n e'IIIU'\119! filt'iu r..1I1H\.1 HiU tcrtiir and Pennsylvania) will! bo is<"nt for .:. ". /"d"k Jewelry ('0.. ..tw -

"H ZtCte;.h: ;i E 1 t r1M,. -at. TLou Touiuiiv Bald jilain- ''[ \held) xotlltf time ill I >oeeillb.'r.: ColUlll- mAll : Kant urcenry nrw.t. 7n-tf L rS.fety Deposit Doer for Rent in Connection

i 11.4; j lively I : lil.i has rhiHons'-d: l Pennsylvania t-> F>OH SALE-Tdn moot deelratiln lotc in with which we have a Private Apartment for the UM
$ I1f t I. TTI fonmt U." the CIY on easy terms by the KinhcrKUate
I such a oui'c to be )held in the Twentysrund ,
of Renter
'" ...I.. 1 i RPRI : Agency, 2l1t S Booth r"alafoiIIA :
.- ,'i. suit\'t'mc'lUlI.'r nillliln' piclainwil !'! ..
'\: 'i'4)1 ) reij'iueiit irinory In New I atrial mIRim ,
.. .....r|!S t h ';d Willill! dints, tlirowins: ; Yurln.'w pile for awa'tlir.'ar- ____ _.
IK ( iOOI >
tIf ;, j i m"-1A bis s un. "Cum.r hart'> pn' I'll nit) "P."?" has l."en udrtpt! l Ivt-ryathlete XQW p"cialti" ;. ,...... THE GARDEN SECTION

it' ." ir.'it' f f Ktisl tr it tv you a ''i'I.-Oh: Stalt! wh:.) t-<-orc s a tir--t! ii n Ou.dUint : :- Carload of Scenery M'n"1-, Hots. Toilet

,.t I.: ., I t SwuuaL or tinitht! trot: st*tvd. third o- 1'1(1,'.$ lrt, 2I I) /lnt! :Mc. \rLlCI\8.lIalr!. Oil. etc..II"V w. UuTornmeatitreet. oOrPensacola -..

.! i t II': fi't'r'li: in the intern'Hri.-jiit.'s: :: tills; year I -- ____n_ -

f;' j llrliatilr unit O; XIUHT r ONLY Florida.
..tt-re 'fili = ",4 pill's a pill" my* the "- w.Uacther Mir t'.iorelink:" h.ii"' .itliletes v ''I"> L'Lowlky t'II H V':-: E1t.tl.- '+ (urni.nedpros'rtlvtnhouauet.nrlpMrlui1e ,

!, tl are putt\ and julN. Von [' .1gn.
r(' } 1. } ..t1t which i* rnrtuin Thursday, Nov. 21st. MUs I Viniette JluicDo,3:3 West Gregory
a tljortn
"t pbonP S.ht :'otdlm Near East Hill Electric Railway Terminus
h'tl'tY< 4'r1 r \" and jrftitl" :Mii-tn't ::riPA,
n. H. Hausan, Lhna.O. Knsineer: -
Littl Ki till tli> t
:. r\ } DVin's Early -"r- .. .aN i'su.
,T ..:' ff1"TI"; ;f\H. Turely' vrgetaid.. !n,. not L. K.: k\V.IL n. write;; : 1 hive MR.WM. A. BRA.DYS.Magnificent --'-'ti.rFli-q .
.r hr'I-rla-n <*i. .k. Apply!
,1 li 11'1'\:1'1 hut ai-t t,. low..l; t" art.t lnu. troubled a trreut deal with ,, Park) llotf Kai: iju\tntnient. ?n-lf Beautiful Lots for Sale.

'f titr.nthrn iiiul fort,: Ifttl'. :" mall.in'tenylntake. titckicl;: ... I \\'.induced>ct to try FOLK 1'ruduction,
'JJ''t I'll ,. l H., '., Ktn\K\: ft 1 1Iotud ntu- rjottlerelieved \ \\TANTKI: -silitahiH plAf*.. !.1r n honi1
i UH Pl1'Irtnu.y It I
40x137 feet at from to according
\ \ % :$75 each
: I'1tirel\ .. .4..4.... ... mil -.tlo..s| itb the option ( ( porr'lhollli $200 ,
1L 1 f'l'{! Jol.nBhoppard, Bydncy I liihu.l. me. I "Uiilrrecommend --- -- ---- ... ---- the DfODf rlv. !-pl f.llIlJllrll'ul"n "
,l.'i l. it to ltI-one, r prciult: ; - - --- -- lit .luliu J. Li.tlc.1'.'; tt'rtC'l1tii... -i. -Hrnuklvn. to location ana surroundings.Exceptionally .
Foley's Honey ana Tar isiv trit-tiji utiioti the train Wren. > V: *.wim*
wrnire: umllyir.iUrlv alHicted." /I-\"OUIIII nii-ii and woiilf-a to
cure colds, prcvnt pncumonis..Nonets ( 'VA Y Vlli tA UfAMM l l'.j"i.-:. -< And .
I tr i -- -- \\ A. D'Alenilu.te. A & T 1 TYP""nlln ttoreormurd.foruarpupil' -pi.i.;; biioriUitinl + Good JCeigkborhoofHeauhjul I' .

halt xe tan .UDRV| fur f utter informl\- High Dry Fertile Land
6 1tltV :':::r.. KVCIM : i.vr.NciiKs :s27.-: tioueall sl )Lux. '!..//u.tr, ::i COilege. .:itf
----- ------ -- ---- -
the=e who placed! .
{ hte Arthur Quuui for enlarircilc\ Lauueli. 1/*; foot .if.--H. 1'.. cu: : ..is, 7: I 1 A.KHIIDSAK.: norvit! The grandest: opportunity for investment ever

.tTi t tur..'. Call ir f't s.in.e: It}' _Ip(.lyllr: t. run- "I'C i.t. Ti.e K cine LauneLi offered
to in
uttdrr-ittrdwho'wilt i r'.rrj' m the tie A- Plural jjl)) Tim. in New York I'un tllU' mill PoIIIIIIIU'. Pensacola.
HUH adapted by ttip } ;tn'\U1..r. "
') bu-illt'. e :\-. hisfi co...sor. ('fryrn'1'im '- in Phil.ioVplii| ;35uTune' "' .
+ picture I K-.KI Expo-itiou i in IJallab becauethey \ Tl!"" Jl'LIL LEt: \\ ill r utr nt'r
s iq: : :,->t( .1.11 1'AVNK. are tl.e Ot'-t. more reliable than in lioton tad "J"! o Timea mChicJjo. ..\ 1 |iru.. lni; and failing i>,a.a.inb.rtttnrrs Home Seekers Should See Thcsc Lots,
No.tii 1. H, : : > nffic-4. Mn-orlc Tl'lIvle0.. s on
,t I u"trtt't any other ; they are simple\ seaworthy Tu"-tlay tb"T.'l,8 to :o'clock p, m.. and no

? tie, and full guarantee.: BY LOTTIE BLAIR PARKER.F.L.UhIR.TETI !' ,'urdI\T'5fr'mlltnlllt.m.- I'-olm* .A. V. CliiblDSCorner
&-t t t t9: Thertt'ss lot= of ln,'r17 tb* inaJin LII'I\ltl'H. Hr'thpr H'III'ih, n.ar. .\. 1411 111.1tNtiLl
+ yl real etal<>--lot J of It. A rl>:ll .4.tatetiieu .. Ji.ront" from ttit tnani'factnrtr., KV J': K. (i Ills WAR. - - - .

t i* usually a f1mt>r-boird tot amid carry stock of tle-e Public ",:, [: ; CIH'S LEIHOnNd
Ooats tt all! Endorsed by Press and Pulpit.A O t'xClu-lv..ly. !'ock and tIIl' for ''''''. Garden and .tlcnniz ..Strepfx.IB .
; wealth. Thos. C. Watson 1 Co. the leading K**! Kftite firm, :,,and to IP s-htpptd at moment' { lay of univprsal sympathy, con- : -- -- -
w' t hare eorot .tf..r" wlii irh' it would notion trtalj.'en.. to wishing tdinin; lionet, homely, wealthy! CUT FL1)WEItti.
t anyone : - -
D) while to edniidarOn to humor, evoking; alternate\ tears and .. -
be ol'\b your purchae.Lll'PHAX T FLOWEP4* and Floral L igB<- TIE M COLMN !
and 8e them today, anti don't wait BROTHERS laughter. s 1.1111.11\1 ordered for caitom,ri,
mUtt I Mill V.oletW Moreno t!8 Weal Gregory,
"' tUlxo-morrow. I
:a tiarannab Oa. j I,I Prices: 50:, tae, 11.00( f 1 50. phOne .v. JWlm I


'r--' -., ) JlP. ":4i1: ...- _u. ... .. J.JJ';', JU,.:. '. +t : 1k.; .tI! )9.J I +.:: J-.I ii 9"r; ;; :;j'V: : : ::__ir.-.L.JLI.II; : .... --_ '''''-' --, .,



_. .
- -- I
::: -------- -- -


JUST'ONE I A lecturer wall once descanting on :
,Iii Count Don Uc CaV.cUanc'a Flrat Affair )!ach soap anilVatrr Is Sat I the fuptriority: U:1IUOH'r art whenan I I i Druggist t tI
EUcciicirtsyaa l the riclU
pun Honor. Oooil for tie SLia. Irreverent !listetu-r: hi the audience lorIOC flY

{ COUM, i-3l! dc Cr.sieJ'.a..t's: ilrat duel It Is R f.iilar; : boast cf Unslii'a pco- WORD that word IJ' Crcil that dJ! quest tin: at him: NT ,

ft{ )} ? was srl Lru it': 1 h.J:: jr.-t! coue f.-om srtool.1Tl plitl.at no are share oil others! a "How would you I look: ST, without TRIAL SIZE. t oLD .'

i II.. kilg l'\Jp'r, i ii an Levi l.e ',,i..l! 1 ilUsi.uot and! "
> i asbin: i.ai.cn. Sciai and rratcr I.. nsturihii Tutt's your wi;: ; c
r, In"p. <" '".lwl'lwu-! I laudle: a .s\\oiii but lm a::.. Mill: \ery !.' lSli iu Cnu; : lU-ita'-n! hilt sol.ttio "Ycuns innn." !Sn c tartlr], replied! the El'v's feet a lfrri
_.a Urij-.di: u in a it refers to Dr. Tutt's Liver f i Yllrf It 1 I
and strt,
..\ lift[ ruki jour.viry b::>lr- ratli-: jrrc-ca. At : v.i'ivu .li!':iio>-i'l to credit tI,.' lecturer lointinc! :;: his I'.user': ;: at him. It CI'nE""millin .

i ,ri, n blow, sure Iii I tl.e.1:0 to wl.:. h he iiad just: bei a.l- habitual: : deuIUf'! : cf foreigners; that MEANS HEALTH.Are "you have furnished me an apt !illustration and ht-hU the ill -

t L-r. Bull's mitttd -(.!:.e tf the lac.ivluia! !lifeniuk' : I a pate tf M'ai\ i to tl.c valise was till rc- yon constipated? : for my argument. My liaMne rn cllr>u>tl II catarrh liltliullr and It

'-. :'. P.It.: ., 1'-e. (' I..i.:1: ; to gjy: hu.! It i ti-iitly the! ; Laltitual! ccn.iianici! of r.n Troubled with Indigestion? *ian t tie trae,il to the Urum away n r..I1 16a4

,11lIO.lii' ,4iltall it v "a-j'I N-r: i.-:, |ks;, an,.:ir. I1 i.-: thvt.tt'ird nu I lM-.n.iin: : ua nis travels AH!! LlatU Sick\irtigof headache? its (of our nioilern r \' !:1rtitil'I:1IIJlh'l In t.*l.>-orr-nl.! <> < iO"-l Fiat ivIt l<

., lilt Inn V t uI ,' !'("".Ih.1Itnt\ a woni'a he of tLcurics have l.( ni : \ t-d to ammnt Bilious? the wi2 1 a ffi \'''': :!''- unit IToi.rU ILr COLD HEAD

IV 1"1.. ..KbrrmuUsm m. I lawHI..' jatll-d{ our the t..l le :mdMrt I i fur this uutiuu.il! tvinU-ucy\ t'j aMutiun.Ui.il Insomnia? hisoke iU: the windows! Itlok-"i 1Jemhrane.I.bIur. the MiiM | I t. aunt Kmillt !
r .,1,11 "111. ij&2Stf- j, :...:U ou.it tlie men. The KCS.I I day! taint diverse; cuaitu'3; LavtUea ANY! of these symptoms and many others Iildeu- tttarulair! :" nil riuc'MVlriki
l.3 .. .. i !i.e M-f-htd\ a t.iiUnc.: In ;;o\\1 t'.nthICPIH attril! utul I to i- iii-oe*>ion. Indicate inaction of the LIYEq TIll! all.: '"ceo testiUi'il: !it!* nppn'oia-: or I'jmail.. I-\: JWIMKKS:

-,1, 1.1' xtcd; : two ;:0..1! dul'uw:1 .1" Iis '1 Ul' t'.imlurty!1! uf 1 i.-lanl-rs v. !ti waster You :Need. tion of t'-e' point: \by bud apmtIiitamid of. Warr t-trrl.lrw lurk,

: !.<. Iu..l1 this the dub! ft-II.tv.; ":111 tLc u-e t.f it uecaviucu: !::; tit! the s-I eater'ini: nut Intelrupted :iga:lL

'" "::ttra Un...,,." ran only a ju:,,'. aid v.htn tue art uatiuu cutotu that led the! r.Jci.'Ut '

-. tv "e-y: notion: ] a 1'I:1'l.1"; WtIe l.inied! awl tl.e: two i'.iitoas: tu iiaint tia.il'lu\ '.e-, are hoiiiruly :- Tutt'sPills flap alum life.. .r>=GCLAY=<

,'" Vihit; I h ;.e t'aii.U\: tliliroCt'n13.tllutt! fa-e:: to fate in a lt'at1. erred as tilt ruuudat.oi of tl.e To nuM !Hi.ltf\ .. time\ 1 t3 rice. hut n t-

."!" .':"! .!) :!:is ('u'1::try.t (j\i near; the v.- the ..:.Istjlo I !; were I Kusl::.h prunes \vasliia.r.. "nd the 'I with!.iatiiiii: this there La 'otisdrnlile i Grist and Corn Meal ?Wills

< .:i :>;.::e! t) h:(':t lias d-'!-w '.:.It 111a.! :./:.t'll.n.tI l crunlis. I flloJ! ir.t.iiKxuus: : and sinuctli slclus: of \ ; Ihl ,.It.-a...' lietwern" tin1 Chinese or

.' ncro is: !stationed! an "exI'.r 'i i "111.1'. f.vn. tireer: They Crul tot youa;! l.ii: ;;lishiiicii! are held to replace Take No Substitute. .l'p:>:ie>.e lu.1 l the American ami-It" ]I. F. GOHZfiliEZ 4 CO., Prop >, .

\Lnv iimijH'N! 11m.\Th'\ f pthtT. Tlie (-luhian! : g:l\'(, a :reat cry I the inure du>!ky nud hirsute count The. former i Is: tiarktr: in iilor and in no Ifl.nnlactr'eri

'" ii.e: use of this brae nil 1 fill! ti the !Kiouud 7cai'' : : ianb I'f the Latin races because IIf EDWARD'S CORONATION. wry i-ici'itarvs witli the latter: in ll.norcr CHOlCEl\IRALA\U I'L'lt} GItOCND

:,':..t I.f the hill Is tvieli.Hl.\ I I "lI .'" latallrvc'nUil. !--as!" tV! their <-i'! ><<.r nail more frfQcut nc- -- I i qtuility. l>; the Ami-iinin. liow- STOCK KKKIJ.Patrrn.ie r

.1 !1.1' ivy tine for rrfuilC I .l''O ds t- dUH; ehoieg w:1! : IseLter. liuaintauw with the articles\ cf the Hermit H'Ilea Thai UII1 (;on'.11 the t\'t r. tlieie are a nuinter of tades.. ... of, Ilonm' Indu.try. for there li

,i \tr.i U.rM' .at a Mnsll lui'd I !i washtaud.! Conusu oil That Oc.ii>:.>n. vii.ili that ;:ro\\11 in the CaioKn.i- 9vary rsanun you should buy !your !54.11 snit
stock Kd from the Herr .I.nof..lnr..r.
,I ids Iiy tl-i' roadside: Udi-: I Ire ('n'tiluo!! fdt the hor.rt la IJtn.1 It i I" quite obvious that even !la IIus- The rules atn: n 'lI'.:ltloll;; o"C'rnn: :: titl.idmied! the: l Io.'st.Vhro for t>y sodoina you ...n'ourulIomlli;; ,,- .- '

.t v.l.ere tt.e oitra I tflrsr* \ run away 1 like tea:(r. He I.u.l '..:',1':.... f u la.iil there are I inxpli'lio cash too > what i is to 1)0 worn r.f the c+;rruitioaof : i i in::, sie that the grains l'u..d-1: try. : Your money turn are IB left indirectly in the cotnroueitTsrdyoiiiii brncnttd. .

:,,''a i ii! ::!!d! UMhtre t.e _" ::!1. It wa-s i.et puss' :!I.lt'! little it H not MI Amorally: rtrosalxtdlli.it Kin? II.\nr! I next year hauj -; plimi: and unbri> ".;.. In wI: ; In lupterini the borne nmnulactnrr yon I

': ll-Jftl t.th.Itnluttnu.. I "1:1 ndV" l.e a-'vinl' :iii.iovlr."Vis Mil.ic: puii'lc >ii -h tOll liiuth. The I Itk'.ii !'(rn issued by thectrl >hr.I, Auicn laicful uct tu break theta L L rtwit-n the: centr.huttothaeAu.eor Ub.ir.on own ..
I It t-o tbeccmrnvnlty in wblcb you live aol: .
." fail: tl.c {'IHJI;;': :ciiii i cat up : i is not lull alai eI to f-cgtcnt'; Oilier things tlicie j ii; a uiioiii nula.i-; : banns!: which i'ontnlut. to four support.i '

1 ;:rt: hung.; Siililitatioiib' ; : of watir ac-Lon-.pauii-d by hill in tin fur iriniiiiir.! .: s if the roli-i: ': I
-- -
!I'. '." MS, UTJ i rowiy!! that l he's a I TinMluiobcy: Itiokfd at the l.iurl.n! ? I (ft (''a the halt !irritating ('1'oUIIj A \\hicli! cmphasiz. 11:1': tine ttNtinciiuni'i. ; '! --- --- 'I) '

>. '.. man": i dubhie'i UlI.1lW! the joke they! had "':i.!.-i-y 1 ar'iM-s t:, maivratiou cf the <' .! tin? in the tanks u f tl.e .'rKloeraoy.All l'"':" t :

1 i.iit: it was his money that I :laJ(dun IJliII. He lfIOl'I'tI al.l taught; -UNI' rtt.-i::l jiart uf the i-iiidi! rm!<:. \vhlch! ; tin peers have iM'en imiitu'.l that t. fl TUI DQT DDAfl V'v. 3 I

. .., i the: t.orpr-c ly the ankie, t'.ras:., d it u .1 is tdd frtiui-utly; u-rumtl aid areas:i. their robe uiuet Ins of "trim>ontlut.. V.. Q/tty; J I [ I I f Qlfi&g !. '

i th-I. it \\ :!.. that unrL.au! lie | Lit ant with n suddeu j-'ic tossed It sics! prollIItuo!: rapid\ a inollforat'.ouof ; : cdp'd; with! miUl" Pl', the ape furred: l l! ,,- f' t tt.s

! ,,'J! (th.it; niatf !his moneyThoii :" : tin f''et into the ri\er. I t'f!'! i-t Us' tit the :ipighian, : laytr.: \iiih inhu\i!
!he's roa.iy!; a '_-iacl.ine I "Then 11111U1'\." said: !lie. j TL.-r'! Is :io doubt that t.my tan-s of bars 1.1' 1 rows t-f mnine, act ordmu; tll.

: i : :'i" "-I'h.IaiJUpUia: l'rl's. As the! cliiiitujn! crawled from the j jrixer rOl.uI';;l '< (d the ':kiu uf the fu-c toinofr their di'guo. -IS MADE BY- i

I .ll'il'l'I|' :; mnl eul ss :;.trr. tl.ty IIt'-l -.i t'.r: frequent appliciitiotii; uf watir. Here .lluw lie nunurieal; ;:;nduations : i

Ihp Dn%' nnil tlic 'Icvl. i!: f':MM! the juke \\::!> uil Iili11.-iaturd:1y: It !i1' a !;c
t %. I.K a mighty mid! they" said Leta:it' I'",,:. \ "l,1t! ;ieft, ii;..::n. diy tuwtl! two urthru P.arriis are all..w..1! two i.,m> of -iiuii Bakery.

.: I 'i"I''fJlI'U dry \\-n:: :.III' e1.ir .- I i.1tf.: r tiiws; a day. If, ia ndilitimi. water \iM- \C. J. Shivcly! I vilIe, 0.,1 : I
l !ii tlie sin.l\ n'! It three mlr.i-I's; three and :t half : Also Cakes Pies Etc.-: .- .
de |)iiv oon riaUiti d.it bit: n.isi : ,. : j'i I>mt inoruins; at: 'g ru'vs ; -- *. ,
I i- li l ii-\f. fi'r -I l t.I: ]. r -..::. ...' '' ''i' ''inl"r, IrrS' ;",' EH: i1F\;. "sly"' ; tin! ,!,ia will Lc I beet> t.i u Nin "I u-c d| it f. r pi-! and l it Ind lunytiro"rnnr. :
: II,." I..t ,1'1"' .. >' Vinodthaua.y'] -"giveIhaVf J l k :. < :!.cr nnd licnlthicr! state than It. mid K-lies mlUSt I lie worn over fr.'l The Eest Os.rLd.ies ,

it :;* 'M: ii ,- :M. tii.i f v j'vcr n.po. auci I liavu: tri>>d !'i 'Limiuy rent I r.- I\.f:1; : 1ll'l'U' !-I" Miiiji glad waitT; i arc ':1: "Miit In'',,i'. iiiiifunii vr r.-II\a\o.; ; :; !;

Atl.niia i*' i.: it kinoV.. r1 J'AI"II1I"rtr.! r.v."l taste IT four Unit's a ''..I.iy.Mm : Tlii- tItIIJr..hal'* on'.er l 1.tli..II..I.ul.I. MADI1 !!

are net often uiTi-iui in ties trrfi-it! pearly and ..11 jir.i; !> fiui'i l' n. I : j jI

rr-!l.t.<... Jnl'.-, tutu sparing little: title Beta !:!<;;. are ta IK.Vihr ::!:It. H: 'rUE ALLEN" T DY-C01IPANY. .

r for t'ii- ri'l.icnn-its: f.f the tsiihLVoi.: .:- raps i.f criia.i>:\ehct.. tdt'a"d PI: with: .

Y. ell anil; ,! iLiltlitu. wklliiu.: .. nrc till \'Iminl'I! 111 ;cold tii-T-iIrt. mi 11 I'I. .

i'!ot .'....I iy! MfTit-ti'iI by sat| -rttioii ::lilutiiiii I II i jewelsr 1 i>ie<-;ulli stnes are tit I lie *',"' i I Ii I -. vi rtQt :l' I

art the vt'ry pprmiijij in ulioniiUCU : i I hi i un itim'e ncr cnunTi'rft'iK ( f I-CM-: : : r-v- r-.r :

Start Girls Right I. excess l I. tOO COIUlllOU. They iuMead oflcr: lu'lK",:! \ The no 'iinr uf cfbJ B1 7 A1&lm\ cft:& } :

i Kind! l'i tanslit; that: there are dry |:: the laticr iienuittid l (II \I'es :a nice I'IS' i : i. f

:Many[ beautiful! girls btcoms invalids for life, iiii-liiods: uf ci':iuiU-ss: as well as net of ilUtiiK: 'ti.ni. .\ I iKimn's enroll t lMirsix l. AJ

because at the crucial period! of puberty theypay cnfs.-LaiiccL .' *.i\er!! 1I:1l1s. a ,'j"I'IIIIIt"i:1I'1'1I.; : an 1 .A- PENSACOia. FLA. '.. -- ;

Q no Attention to the lots of healthMothers : (':11'1''khl., with g M straulierry I I
1: leaves lietween; a mlll lui four balk; i
protect their daughters' he nth by giv. PADEREWSKI GOT $20. '

ing them necessary information and proper Out It "ont III. fbiif to ("et III. and four lii leaves< i>o halls alternately and IIMi.nlv; a treatment. When the melOns come on a g'rl ,
( lollif Out of fan n. 1 gold! strawl-erry I leaves. ':
unawares in her inc,".< pcricncc she is either .. .. ,
'1'II\'r\'w51tl The enl lunr lal next prescribes the
frightened into convulsion: or arid: into try. i 3 HTM really imig'ortantenageuicut 8 YE&RI OLD in Casts of 4 Full I Quarts tt S3 Per Can
; as u i-ianlst\ was !in I'arlsloq rOlit'o\, intinilej OHtll'O""Idol" to l be waI'tlby I j jr

in! to check the flow. Many girls have checked ? after the dt-ath! uf his olol l the {N'r1'sims. The.e ate of the same .

t the flow: and it has never started again. AndS wife He was engaged; to play in the' matorlal-i: : as the men's with !siin hum \\'HII'\I\EYiltdi'ftillt'cintthe XeNon Co., t tI

S a result they have grown pate.fac with dra will;; 1'9"11I vf a li.ly (11I"111-} for f-rnduit.n ii> |Ilw| iniiul-vr "f 1 lyrf vffriiiini I JL Ky., Distillery: anil ill i fully matured in wuuit I .

r "crow-trscki" on their cheeks, and dark half her mtsl('ales. and his! fop. which seem- and lialls. The Ira71l1; of the beformhotllin'r.: It f is absolutely pure and nut ex- ) .

l R s moons under their eyes. A dose of til to him enormous, was $UO.t lie man- train m.iiks: the diffeienee I in la.i1!:. Aliinitit : celled i'i quality by any \V Ii kitmy of the same age, I .

ll,;tnl t.k 1"11,1 the Item!tnei;{Ollt t.. ''''v is at'imtut ;i uaUl *.f titi'ytltreo mi matter whr, prndtirpd. The Hnj-al Standard \,' I ,

S WINEo'CARDUItaken pay him in IIII":1n"I'11'1 wlion l'aI- feet \iseoiintct.s has one nail\ a : I i.; eight yearamitt when bntllfd and, coiMderiiig :

reuv'kl had roJceiiH-d his dress suit quarter: yards, a countess 1:1" oe: aii'l its excellent ;nslity, is the cheapest! whiskey
the market at that price. As a beverage, and ax lan
morning after a girl is twelve from pawn and paid for shoos, ;globes.ti : a half yard inarch ione:;.. I lias one and
every yearsold absolutely pure stimulant, there i is none better. a I 1'IohlnH'd
will the and and other "jscnti.is\ lie had no money thrce-'iuarter janU: and a iuiui.-s twMunniilnx in marks whatever
bring menses on properly! keep case rOI'tllnin; no Uinciicat '
left fur <-.Ih hire, so lie AV.IM forced In rtls. contents if purchaser examining \ r
them regular. It will help her to develop! into upon :
to n alt! to the scene of his ei..iCement.; -- the wbi-key. i is not aati.finl with the quality he I ,
attract; vomanhovd and equip her fH the duties of wife, and motherhood. 1 1
Tlie iMisie loran? amlicnct--piiiil! n Mnn.He ran return the one us cur expense and money
Ail : Its sill $1.00 bottles of ".'inc of C rdui. i
arugr : will be refunded
him.! He plajcd with: ferlin! ,. passion! -l lu yon let jour husliatnl Liars .
All order -shotilJ hA! accompanied by either.
nail m.t-tery uf his instrument as ne\- hi> Own way' : "
The Iol'wIIOII.! A-bury Park, X. J., FVbruarT 3.1900.! rlchnEARSOtn ourrei>cy. p.stollic! i: ""if-yorritr. b.mk draft orexmoney .
1 nrmhfrt.senu nt in n gardtu\itlleOf'arduliit1i' IU1' mu.rei Lt-foio. His siueessVK instant anduapi.MHkalili. SlifOli.es.. I think: it dues a ..i"i!
1,, -- ord"r. \V- refer t'l Fir".t National '
A i'.it i it f r"'l'ill-i.v illlI.rcH II l110 that on my Malt to l.al'.n.ii.rj( ; : .'. 'llie poor {layer|: had I I1o:1IIIt'lIly good to let him make a rout of hiuiVf! ,pre '
I.,IMW I purchased bottlj ( f it lorny adopted daughter; AE111A Haul or any nierc'urit, in Pcn.aeola.: .r
,' \ .-i. f. air tr..ubles. the rail been under the loctor'x tare : :, bironie the! lion! uf the hour. rust and tl\'n.-! lIIal't Set.
a"I" h< n her IR.TI. 'KT ",JIII'me! t.1I her hUUcrinjr w as si'mei I Irs: dreini had\ become u reality andfarie --.
iiuiiiceil i'' r to t"V it and th" tiM do .e lironpht on her I .
and! Outline -uritl ilim. Siiinc; Hi.n I p. S. A. FRIEDMAN i
Ic .tr. iular! \ ao eng; :o the lirections, "ad" rt-ttly wi-ie !
II' r".,11 words, -It M- vU uy Ue" \Vh-sLUV CUUi'd.:: At last. after disetr; aziir; ; himself' "Yrr.dorrues that sliort sto

"1' ir*. M!,Irc.f. riif I 'J' IIt""". "T! lad-. AJ'tory from Iailmirers.] I.,' turned to "':1\'" writer H
l .c l .at:3'It ,$ ..:. .De t..uU.I'to, tlallauuug4.: trru.YJ' b'or.c I'R.ti'KiKT. PKVCOLA! Fr...t.j .
n'-i'ii lug! lio-ti'ss. rememlieriii: withresrut "I know he was .slioit but l didn'tknow II

: the' stnailncss:! uf the fee for so that he wiote. Atlanta: Con-?. !
no't tut;. Ill.l-lIIcslI; : ;!.. "j
ti -
Y m.-ii vi-iuiis, a |iciforniince.. offered I him telhl::. j _
II r .inia-'e' fur his return home. Hut: -- ;i

Pa.1,-lewsiVi's! j ptide came to the ii'H'tie. Tlip I'clnl of Hciiirrrcd'illa (1IIIhf.. a.A nROMAN.. rs-r haIlJI., f'.fof elr, : tlf 1.ir t tin r; A n ld,1: .

I': .J"! "- courteous yet rcser\ed lien rairp'i'ir!, fMlor' an,1 l IM t hi I I bulk. <>r bottle, wioitle! : er retail, at pru-e.s that
way ,
rfif FU8NIS8 some item-n strut In" r -I.!
: : IVU YOOS1 HOME FREE I ...'.. a formal bout, an.! saj'ID:. ";\1', But her lira! I.'ur-< ,, .rma i. in .I tSfr' ,:' aio way down. t I

th !.' madanip own is wait- \\1,0I'"'' i a,ur i .i AGENT FOR THE FAMOUS FAGST! BEER.
: :: ; you ; ray
rvl:" ,. v't Write; t.w IT for pnr Vam : -I'. I I' ,: -< .. PrAV I
'!. : r. '.. .i 11 iiol it AI'. nrtl) rIt} i.gTTFRS i 1.4:. i i.. stfji'Mil: out for I.i,10t1, walk I.i I.i1
k Ul Id W'u !>-!' 'IIU1 I l" r andy
t r ..J. I. .0.. .. ,. .. liuiiii'-! :trd.I'earstlis1'cekly..
,.... ,.. .. .,
r. .;-1 1'1.. '\.\' ,' !< .\\XAH. (1.V.. A f.1I1 .I I;, I s'.l.jiviiir .I. \ f1t1t\; r- lf Ti-1 r ; !
.. ..f I 'i.. r ... u-fit tlir. bottlP- 1'. 1' l / /4lk! l l I I
;' t ... .' A I.Ist'or I:" lit. ] e rkr1 ) lJJ a I
; e ; ". iiilln' in : Int., I', fur blood aid jrt'aci.i':! I i I
i. 'in/ t I". A K-'i-vant wlni li.ll1l1t t'nd l.or; wayr impure .
.. ... ,..
W v. n.i > ai>' K I. '
k ", '.' 'r ] -il, aii'l, "r tat.n.lul I'll- .. i h. 1. : -r>' !pntnplly! I to tI.!! ivitcheii one niorn- 'veaktifatid: Ii', V'int ktived\ vn.a:; .
I....y. tt> :I u l"lMlkli., <:'!'VflUUMo. .: .-- ipv. hemfitfrom the "astn, h.ivjn; WK r.\'ifT: TO SUPPLY .\ Ml'LH! LAIUiKR Tr.ADK I
:" a :.u-q.-. r IHnnr ..t3LV a 1''i lh'.1 by her inKtretc. who
..- t. 1 tt.., MM. '.!!' t '.rci.r:fnl'ytli-f.'! ,it..1:0 .1 ;ain -d 11 pounds \\eiirlit! in fOil)r I
,. i ,dra: .. 'I.fH'l 'l/ t'ffllllij; :--.I' Ifi r n"'I h-r in l 111'<-l 1 suffering from pai-i: wetkI iakt. .rcat pleasure i ir! !
", "..... Wr11,1 l"lll'l. '. n. i, ,( j ti iniolent I 1 sicLrK'-s. She explained 1'1'I] [ TEn 1'IIAX 1IVKU: JF.KOItK.: : : j p
'.j! 1/1 n!inr.. i ,"M" Iji, '. *Jj V ; |If'p..n:1Ut"n\II'\ it to ;i'l'! unfortunatealike. : .-, ';
1 "..., uNm'nt, 1\ ,:,.1--. I k r* .. tli v .. i { Yourtruly,
I ., : : :
Shit .
r.-'t.r I' a rn SEND US YOUR ORDERS NOW: I
., .. i-iinlieine! which had li : j
.MoKi'.l.EOF '
tl 1.- fi.IIII..n.' "' 1 ii 1 U 'ii' i per : | HI ?' ei recumj JDHX -.

II .'.-.", t .. -M.n- -- t.rr-t" t'I"- .ll.-'\>1 )> '''t I'n.v:0,1011"' 1".1.. ... ,.11',.n.. 'l.m fa* j f. I: : '.',1 Par tlw i-lnldrtn. J. N. :\\t'EUtl\Y.\ ,
!I-------- r \L'tTaUiiw M.'iV. ,lay,- n : i Ifs 1 ar-1 did! t-tlie't. r.M.e-1! Olson ci Co. ,i ,1- J
I I I.i T ,. I" '\'II.'r i U ,' ."I'* .i nil II' t "I i : -.v much jot! ; Irot4 t I.t. Thompson ;
!I'll' 111'...- fl "".'y I..f..". laying ".. I*"a't.t 1 u). i ] ie: I Irec-:;: OII.M'FI) : : :'., r1pttlo.1t'1! : : .f j ,

\ ', l'\ SOAP CO. [cr. 12th & Pine Sts ST. LOUIS AO.A I \\.I-1;:, inr.m. I went by tic! ,!ireetlnnit Jpal r\1'' ; I-I +'Id there ".): rlf'.. "f \ t

''It"t !,n' ImJ.V. Tn-y!! !':llti. 'Tenll '!n';,. 1'. P. I'.. Ijiv; ,.iz.., ye-tnilty, an.rii. ( Jlanrcsa Street!, Telephone 1 : ;. I
15r .. I
r I .- hutlif.lll'lll -l'/P- lo-ll:IV.Th
a;: -I-'i.LiirlyI I : rntl5lar2111buit: "': ;. 1'l;: 1*."Pulled; I lily wife fIr ; t
: :: i ;::1 ii-Soonftil! !! fir MM i-'ri-tic.' I Ii I..r'e I '
rlrotnltian sinter Ia t. It :
...... i \;:'',:I" ::9 in .-tnt or ::(!ut.! s > I t I
'" "" 1-\ Cat! O hack I'll her Ihipat \VIItrr | TIME TABLE.
:: ... I i 1 "i'.-'it I tiiltPt! IK- :;si cnietiiand! tit-! t
'.'. ,'" ,d' ) (I (11 f'1 f.1j4\ :and> a halt both U l 1XI size relieved| ,
j ;: r. .. ;,:-rl fy :: ( :.: N-tifT !Ias pntty ir::li tunn-1 nr' tier yjrain. ;ndlie has not had a''
a. I "Vt.;... ..... r V.! ... ., : .V! lI 1t'-" Mtnllral: I'.ilf!", 'inptoininc, .. i i
I oV'
._ .... ..... '
'- 1
: EFKKCT AMU !If llcil 1 1Ni1W
II 1 -old a bottle of P. T. Y. to a friend >
i of milll'. I'll" I f hitutkeys, a Mii.iU'| tJ'

; He Is-NOTHING i Tie t'nlr.i or the llanil. on-, tookick land, hiWI'H, jravt it': Orit any and M"bil t :!

In the! !palr.i <'f the! liand! there are ,i tf.i-poonful, tli'it ain it r .\ fii- 1 --
the ... dare ini-ii. If these the !little fallow n.41. 'n.;. So.:!. dos: ;';0.1. goat. .; ; !
J:.:,.19!:) pores tu } ill!!. stud tHrl"'II''r ,
As He be-MUCK 1 7 I' a 1':8:> m II :':, p Leave..... Pen.meoI" ... Arrive' :.au It ego, P pnl p jI j
.o might j p.nts wont'.nitiil I -id to eta:, they like lwa-dmadb'ttlmext; : iu(>intnt.i ; < :.rl 11 :..' P I.or.. a Lravr_... Ilumaton( Lear : :R n +::III m I.t 7:.+: p f
\ \\os.ld nua uv nearly \\ up Itolloaiue\ .n,d well.Your 11:101: It 4U :::;... 1\ Lrnr. _.. 11I..11. .. Lrsve 1' nln't I:::i5 n Err, P : : I "
I He is a nervous Wlec ;. His life is f : = live-ides. itectfnlh!' .*. ":. ." i'III" 1..1\1. ,ti"w Ilrl."ntl l..tI\ vamp 7Smc "' !
#, ::::
,I .. :., t burden to himself, ar.d tis presence < liap .. .1. N Mi KI.II\'. Nor9h. )
; -ie iVO.
) St. '';
( 1' dread to Iii3 family and friends. --
..ifJ the [
(,h ::. f.l. wa_w ra His irritability ia ruinirg :--t. I1lo.h-1u cuul'd. !'! 'I-Ol'A CCO SPIT ; ?. ';o.4 !\o.l. So. L .1
business and ms constantly IJIIot: pUmlM! of any DON'T 1'2i L"'Ip .... l'pn'lIcn! Arriv,
;; jIJ' ct" his and SMOKEVourLifeawa 11:10; p m p 111 '' 4le t I.t m 611'' .. m
:+) increasing miseries, h lb'! f'l'l.1. $:ISaln 1I'pm 'Arnre.5lontgmnery..lravs: lIt'Iam 1IlI\pm !
'trynjw 'v r !
ql, .. are t tc ) lI\I a III :Itptl "rrJ\'... Htrnunkllaa, LenN "::'sl:Sam 4,GplU
i.,,>:- ? 4 real and imaginary, v-n can Vcurcl r f anv tiriiftobaSlautmng: 1 .. .. Arrlv" ..... .".hvlnr .. Irrte J f
-i driving him into the Stop the Cough bma' x.1. sir,.,ig. ... onpr.c. tulln 2:"flanr svnm Arrive.... Luutrnlir.Lrae ):15pmu r:4i.m' s t
XlliS t Jlil3p* and works off the Ccld. lieu IhV anif: I ,'tyUkiiu HO-TO-BAC, !) Arr".Cln inDatl.. l..-tlV" bviptn lItpm
.' f t1, ekes weal: r''" iu: nrn lsno in .. ...,... j
is only one ola aln men jRf; Many gain ArrlV" '.1.1. I. ':lipm +I:'ii pm ;. .
fie.. l .. ,
: man Tabl-t curt a
yy I.KTiitiro Kroniojainln: tea pound in fur ilars. Over 5OOOOOLiirfd. -- '
/ .. million in America. .nldInOneday. No Cureu; Fay 1'nce All dniggt't*. Hire puarauteH! t' EX COLA AND RIVER JUnCTION:
w -2 If there were no relief !cents.. ._ ___ !-t and add,'e IKI-E VMns sfhRUM' ;
for their cons iI'tlJ.1J'i CO, Chuago: or NewQ>*. 437 So.; :!1-l>aH1 :10. s-f'ady: r ;'; o.top Yo'b..rl thnr not rhowno.. 2-llall1 .No. :l'l-IJllil1 r
-- - I
tHtion they ir.irtt indeed 11fJ6 P m 1:1'1.. It m '!rare .. Prheaeor .AU"'e lu.n pm 11:00 pm'
S 9' pray for deatn. Thos. C. Watson &; Co.. 1l5 night 1'11" I .. .. l\.h..1II11I ,. IIIf1" lIfI"
;t take If ''f 1 lfI" 11u.stra 1081"
the Ipadin heal ftl1tt. Agents, : : 11:111" I
.. BctNervousnessand .. (
_-- .,. of th 1 ::2i" ; I la _._ sc41mtla. 11Jft. 6:51" t
> -
its morbid horrors all! the worry oil the shoulders 1 2:53 7:25: .._ Mulat .. 101
: :: :: :: 6fi' '
vanishing before tik, ( .u owner of i I jroperty. IDa nail'e the U.II: 7::.:i .. .. ... loll: :: 6:411 -1!. { '
; .
a arc work .x. sue. proruLL renting of their lioues and the collection 1'rl: 'j.:15" ... ... II'IU 1 617 I .
: 't y the marvelous L..w .. 7 + .......... .. ,
C. C C. Never sod: !In bulk conscientiouly : 9 10.111 6.$1 :
science. Genuine: stamped I
of their rents a
t' ) of advanced lJJI 1m..... ...... (i : "" t.6 I. .I
B. uare of thz dealer who tries to sell"scmerhmg as they would themselves. l ::..3 1 A15: .. ..... 9:35 ':::15 : \11rl .
Their charges are reaaouable.FHOFliBSlODALOAliDS. : .. !>.!iI' "' ......... Itl'l-::11 t
P. P. P. just as jood. .very tat I \;>1" ... ..._Uad1Cit--------- 11:1. It I' t:,.) ,
---- -- 8:()' A':11" ...... N,;5j": 8.111" !
of You will Lava pride In you own 9:5 I ItIII" .. ..._. 11\11" I 3:111 i t
symptoms !
's Great Rcr '.:y> overcomes at once the acttte robust; lower garden: if they are on your :) t'lot .1 I 9X, ". ".' : ":11\ I 2.4\ I
', the patnt tl SoH" .. ...,.. 7 .. M M t .. ,
N'r\ '.: .> 'tanbemcnt.and soon mpfss roots and own ground. Your nu*band can buy I! : Y: :.l ,
fa.' 1t 1 7OV"
r. 1. ia the best combination: 01 green Genera I i home, and he can do it now although Dr. ( \areellus TCCreary. fit II ,101\11': I .. 'l.l7" I 23"1"' ':
nee 1' ..' to'tth:; :r far tic C1re d 'Yeakness. Puif.l.t he mav think otherwise! 6IM: IItli .. ..... (.rY\'IIIt.-. .__. 7:1.:! 1:1\1 .. t r
,.. n ',us' a. .. i.; a :;-ood tC'td and the best :Blood 1.: home of her 6-11"' I' 10:31 I .._.".I f."Dlf,1....." .. IIM" ,t I :1 .. t
: ; : woman wan* a .. '
1lle.natShit.! Dp>PSua. rivery 41at 1":11" .... 'l.lplf1 ..... I fII1" 1:1. '
.1'. I'. i:; ::ttre'B EF'cii;a for Scrcu.ll, w :.:! : Iwo and if -he will hap a talk with Fhnici$ n Zed Se1[i6e. ,,"I" liar .. !I" mCOtlo,141t! fw I h 1!:!a Doot } .
C : :! \11 fJ:1S of mJu.:1: : i oaol auc: Thus. C. Watson & Co., the: '"I" H::$ .. ... ..Marivena. tIlI" 111" \1 t I
t. : i.1'" .. Betldence< at Hotel Esiambia ;;!O" 11:1" I I. (;1..r... ; Lw< 11f.'i aID.
.dby'r.Ucra2gicts-Si a bottle: ; eis: bottles, $SBrothers leadin? Heal F.tliteeltt*. they 1:..) 1I. : I ,_ur.o.1 Rid"e.._ I. f;l II '11 .{
I : G can show: her how easy it 1 is to get OCc?, 'Alrattrte Building, KVi Soot 7:5.1 '. ld.i noon. : ._ .ne'd' t -1" J''A'. ;J r! ..
.& l'I.O: iSSSi: ::3t..Ci:. Savannah, 'a. one. 1 i I lures Street. Phone '. 16:15 I I 13:5 IArnnRIVer J (aQCtJOD _!.en..1 [.:111" 1llO! N ) 1t


f ;


-- .... .-...... .

- :'.J;" -' '.'tlj'_, :,t'&!If I it5Jc JlfI.1! {. H><:f""F.l .>llIJClU[ ;! c"IT). "l1 TrLf: )ljJJr)t ;:h. JIlI1 ;.t i'.Jf. ;a.- 1l.IfT, .. t, t':: J..dMJ", :p. L o rt -


... ===
i -


Hardwick Bill Donna LIna. widow of Crlspl!, Is said

Is be at work on a biography of her

SIDEWALKS Atlanta. and a collection of his un
AND o BY 0

PERSONALSI vote of 17 I letters.A .

the house i woman letter carrier: ia numbered'

to disfranchise the employees of the postofflce

,3 1 : C. Pinney left! this morning for I' Marshal Credille has served quite state. Two I, This Is Miss Edith Hill Pilliam Ioljnon & Bon.

Cottage Hill ou a bunting trip. i': a number of property owners and measure only Greenwich. Mass.

: R. H. Whitehead and bride arrived: I agent with notices to repair the I II |I The Western I!' Elwtnora Due when not acting or re-

i .. in the city this morning! from Mo. I sidewalks about their abutting prop rommlttee 1\ ;: seeks absolute rest. She re-
lo build a depot : old friends and 8$-THE BIG STORE-
:: bile. erty. and the results from the notices | (' no one except (Js

Burgeon Mayers. U. R. !\oo left last are to be noticed in all parts of1 I I In Atlanta. !1 \' a few oj them.
A -
where lie lias been spasmodic Mute I-iliorl. wife of tile French law- -
nipht for Manila, the city. The attention given this
was attempted I 1 and who UI
defended Zola
ordered tot duty. who
tr matter at the last council meetinghas call of the \' i I I >i'n ;
Bcarlett of : : Specials Deparlment.t
II. F. ill S
Htates funeral i is probably been the mean, of per- The is an extraordinarily capable I pian-
1' United ; surveyor
: among the guests at the Kscambia. suadin these property holders to nounced by II I She has:: also composed several

get a move on their heretofore dormant lows: Hitch. ;::! .
Miss Lola Tate daughter; of Judge; 64-inch Broadcloths $1.50 grade
lis .
Stone. $125
i Walter Tate arrived here yesterdays ,! (gate and to institute repairs ofa I Mrs S. M. Saunders of Mount Vcr- ,
'i and Stubbs.
s '. will remain in the city.oiue broad nature. In fact ?o much ,. X. \.. has a (piece l of JtUH-n Vic
50-inch Suiting were $7.50 pattern now $6.50
1: time. tShe i Ii At present the guest of sidewalk repairing i; going on thata 1! : vveildin fake which was plven ,

E. O. Saltuurh. Jasper SaumlcMV motlirr. Mrs. .\Uloiai !
Mr Mr
prominent citizen who had been committee \> 50.inch Broadcloths Navy Grays Brown
r' The Mlses Brent euterUined: a i .. by I.a(ly Murgiave a maid at ,
'.1 arrested told the mayor yesterday for the
'r of friends at elegant dinner i 1 .' vvHdiujr.Althou.h; Green value $1.00 yard now
I :r :! r number an ral in S9c
of.: that it was next to itnpo{ *;:ibleto get college
last evening\, given in honor eighty-seven years of age::
c .
;:,... 'i.. '. !"l.t:' MU3Cay, th" crurwin. giinst of men to do the work; he was will ing I periment: farm. : IJarotfbi Umdett-t'outts still takes 45-inch Covert Cloths Oxford Mixtures
; ; -. '" ,, Mr". Turtle. Covers weio liiii fur Le said, to make the repairs and to It is ) ) ,
of lirrj
.tS ::.: : shnnIn management
build a new walk a* ordered but the I propriate $:'..... )
:.1 .t f f twenty. .. j :. and directs time distribntiou of were 75c now GOC
1-4. Jot..... only rea on why he had not done it., inspection fund ,
;\ tSDiii; of the friendof Mr. and !to li iharitl-. "'u vvhk'h .11l'
all ,\
/ ; before was the lack of carpenter
1 and theoretical I
38-inch Weave Dress Goods and
,; .Irs.V.. H. \Vrii'ht gave, them a of whom he said were occupied in the farmers' as aluniiy >(pfiit JsWWO. Fancy

."." '11' ,i. saut furprie party la-t night; all parts of the city doing identical: ; \ldlitlo' Ui.-lnri! rii-t-ntly i n-Mirnti'd: Plaids 8 yards and all linings andtrimmings
The senate
tr... ticca-ion l""ing tliH ttnrteenth.iT.niver work which he wantert done. : 1 ,
of her
t. eightieth anniversary ap-
)/it.i. \ ..ary of thur ui-: rriiie.. The The beneficial r"'ult* -ide-walk tor Spinks :
: Her mother per pattern $2.75;
t '' on the stage. ,
at the Imtn of iliDjiy: the :
.1"t4t' ; rty met ultimatums i U to l be tn.'rA widely noticed superior (
.ii .'1 d. .. ilyer and! from there proceeded to (purtious of Ninth aven'ue.1i tion rases.It :I:. an actress. ami hue future trasle
Short Ends in Silk Velvets $1.00 quality
: rtkl-neH. Till event i brmiglit the :.ta-:l'
r'- :Ii tUe Wright part of the city in which sidewalks also :: I I'I''SH upon '

;.J .f 'was greatly enjoyed: by all who at- hive for a long\ time been: conpictiotii low counties to | lit-ii n few months nld in a play per yard 75C

". t'4: %,.'J4.. t.add. by their utter absence On vari- ants. l.t'l'e u 1:110WI'; iweili'il. I
ou. and extremely dan?erou" portions 1 It Is I'q.orl.tllh:1t; .llsI hattie Scitz -
.lit ...' AN IMPORTANT DIFFERENCE.T of this!'tr t-t regulation boardwalk .
-l \' :, Tnpi-ka.p\ l 1.:111."a. recently l made
'f. '> ,oak+ it apparent to thouaii'N, i is lining laid down, and the ; deputy sheriff l,.vaii"e of her coiir- Flannelette lle1l1e.iowns \\ lace Curtaill
'. : .:: 4 wn-i think them-elvei/ ill. th.tt! they denuen? of the neighborhood do not : ,
4 ?.... ",. f: ; E[ un-i.ot atllicted with diiy di-iea e, realize what is i going to happen People From :: ;ge: and prrsKtaiKT.I :Sin* traveled tliir-

t. I,; '. ,.! 1)'Jt that tile !'yt"m simply nee.U next. The new improvement. are a mill's (iii horsi-haik lo :iirrc-t lime ( for Lidie< and Children. We have: aJlfo,1, ::1:, t \ .

:' T t.: .i't :ltM ii-in.. i Is to bring C' ini.rt! home jjreat addition to th it part of l'ena-: : St. .\ :: elm: irMi with niunltr} and i i sacCt1ltI Night: suit* for 15oy Line of lace Cllrt ILhwle'4 .. II

'.. ; ( \ I q to their li"..rt-, as a co-itive cutidition cIt and should IIP followed.This Ice in the i, in 1 iTingiiig:: thciu: :safely to jail. : Wrapper and Kitnona for Lndie I to ourEVERYTHING p't.ui'k'

f \" i- ea-ily cured by lining SyrupfKi morning Mr. Cl.ri Thieenwa hundreds of ; I.uly I'olfbriMiktf! la cleviT 1':1I'pl'n.: '- -

.. \-a.l. :' ( -j"f, .. .. Manufactured '".r tli" California : before the mayor! for failure to \I anI. and the i Ik-ides a peifi-ct' pillar boxi :
!. KipHyrup Co. only iuJ sold rebuild a siiltaJk j ; after notice had .
the cast coast hii'll ood In the hall at \hill lolI.
::1 { : ; bJ' all dru.rg'Bts., 1 been served. Mr. Thie en requested of arrivals ( i ,,, tnt mado I beautiful I pieces of
; many
JUilliam! I01)u00u
that the cae be continued until his ) OII.
:{I.j;: ...ltt: 11Cit: (.Ian s.flj attorney could arrive from Tallahassee weather: set in. '. She has A large class: ofoIltei

\ :and the assented. It i is nIle southward and uirls each week from the
;;; ; mayor
\ In my la .t cotninunicHtinu I wih-
wnether Coast railway whom
"al'fuull1iu1,111:11I11 to
.._ not known he will oppose I
; :"il/:., \j.- *d to expret.4 approval of the specialroad the city's mandates or not but it is than it was 12: lle teaches needlework and carpcntcr- I tier Henry Horn '..;:, Ilansen to Pena- --

I :: : tax on our private v"hicl.-if said that he will, us it i is claimed a er portion of cola Lumber I
_ (;ulf Transit Co r :
sidewalk on the lot thus alTected had span Ida. II':{ Orano. to
ft available meanof their own .
it the
only ;
'.; t4 \ \ were John rlngUt.lT!. WYn. to WLWittloli
been put down aud the cit.had. tornit Sends $100 to Conscience Fund. br
fruring irnod ro.i.N; I -without I which I !. | Co ; >>
: J'l t .7 4 ft. our "P'llin.: ; stock' j isalmo value- away I after. having been, built sub families! or Xasll\ iiiI' Xov. 19.-In a letter in br Margaret, :--"tr, Smith to Gulf TransitCo : j

.' ;4.; !... o;. Yuur t )eUltJ.* me Kjy "roadtakiu stantially.Citizens on \Vet, (Garden Chae smaller hotels n'IDOI' JIcMillin's: mail yesterday Am Winifred, 1H">, Arn .troag, to Gulf .

:"-", ., 1' ;;" in-te.ul of "roud taxing": : and North Ileus and Devilliers at points :: was a $IIii bill whiih tht''I'itf Transit Co I Required g

I; .! our vehicle that are : : : <\' askfd be placeil in the stateI "lillil, to order
open liSi ARDonplI.
b1 in
-.treets eem to an unpleasant Australia
.. '\ ', I., At the low fMitnatel. price of mood over: what i is claimed partiality people! than :: ,I '; )' to the credit of the conscience Nor Aletander> l.meereflee, 1131. >"u"n I SC< -. -, tPr'hf'll..d..lIvt-rt'ctuuour.trHt toi4SLCo
1) ;
: in the matter of -rvinir notices )'l'ar. i i The letter was dated Drowns; Nor Kinil: Stang "'m I. lIalllllll'rburi'luI' : ,
1 ne may; hope to .0"11 et.j j.J'y S 4I1Ie compelling:! the observance South of St. ,i '. but, was maile! at Mcmphi.i. '! PI L Co I
!L : .t., line; \iburh 'tm drive I It t-ritncisca. IDs!. K.incalurl. to 1'arodi II
ofsume. It is claimed: that phceon esrm city of I ---
tf. rthell ro.ulare highly ';:lti f:1C'- .t Co I
i-. Kills
North Iteus hav, Explosion
"..4.', titrywh"ie tI'e! luulmt; ii nut tX:- streetpeciallv iugiIla.s s" Sor Hauuesuud. Hole to order : School l Books and
never bteu: adorned with a .-idwalkof Charleston.. Va.. Nov. 19.01'er N..r :llaIIiI.I.I\II.: Lumen loonier "
$ t, treuie y ht't.y't'r them. Yet: hundreds & S L CoK I
PiJ \Yiti. II"I! of road any de.-cription and the property j ) and Frank \Vilby wore instant Nor "
: I' our rquiptnttut( : continue their $ ri" r-,7
r :
owners have up! to time pre-eut writing 'UUONKKS.Hr !: : ; ; ,
killed and Frank Lancaster of I n- tlu.'d";
; ., : machinery: and the city treasury ti,. allowed be fred the eo.u-t to ; :
: '. ; .iv allowing with road t xt.s weai.ticip.itr eu to I I<'.% : and Pearl and Koii.'it Nue, srh IIrolll..rI liS. K"lr.| to !oIL: Co
: putting down walks. 1'edestraiu- producing : I Br CliHrievciil. 4J7. Tmt)lot to lila: M hob I
: '..;., s-uch an er.i of.tr..ct im- } were seriously iujuri-.l l/y an
11I .,. fare very well in dry weather and in vat. rof the I illmiAm SLATEl'i::'<1 :n m i
I.. pr'j\I'U1\t aiiver xvithesied II l.ere I, )! of Unannte in a quarry. Julin W. Lmiiell CiabrieUon, arlIl1p.nU
4 the I but and after "
t-/ daytime, at night; u.li Bi;;< aj r. bay. ..l' I'E.XS. ,
t i ; ; during;: tiif IlIiI : century. '. :.!ht rainfall the pI ice;;, to which Of tin- ear1 !: !\(' accidentally: exploded the ilj illJ.. $AmJ..rn"'( "lonUn.i'A'';:! HeniDdI.toordi>i :.Si.o
,'i:" alii glad: to !'I'8 MHMH liIIgeri1)tilflIe.ttt1Ii reference i is made and attention Alit Miry A ilsU! .1I. Ha-kril In Jim A 1>OOKUAX. .i ,
,11 of life in tho free library the cast east
,ff! directed, are ahno-t impassable and 1 1I I --- MrrntUV; Itn.KKS.; C'!" > "\
lull!! ba. I
', e1't$ movrtiient.A :; <
iittl show of .iuolI..rn: quite danjrorouIt is understood !.oanl Uf.CLEAHEUNU8A1LEJJKOK!: VISt> EliA: rivalry :
; !>
( ; < that beat ollic.rhave been instructed i HACOLA.STEAMSHIPS.
PlI( j': *its fir iilocation might! nliinu- Ri'a--on guests.; Streets.'r
to in ike reports of all defectiveidewalks I -A 1Coc's
4.'S n. late our authorities ajipropiMte; also\ arriving
and after Mich have bpPIIrt"l'rt.j Adellieid.Oer. sailed Writ llartfe""ol'U\ '.
1 th"rt'fluir..d.tllllutI'Ulp'J/t: ( / It will within theiuct ] Tran.Bctionm lit the custom hnu" after
notices i 5
ire immediatelyi
r' adorn ind electrify iho h'i igliboz. :tl p in. IIIKT possibly not be reortd h..rtlnI riinton. 1 r, -Id \ntwero Nor I! Boot Store.
sent out. The ly all of tho 1 !
owners are 1
pioperty nextduy.]
,I. i liood ill vvich! it N emit. i iiotniarsum. Duti-li. 1\-;;, I'oiijer. liiirrjNov4
then given a oprtam: number of days !I'n opened: : I -
"Libraiy I'ark" in iKiytoti, Ohio
: to comply with conditions of the Ft PORTS. Ii udd"r1..IoI.I"! ,1,1| H tarr Oct :'..
.. n Dimply ,,11..f the public squirt**, mir-hal's: notice whether for repair :- >ovcmberto date ... .. ....._.JI 1 ;*.'.',!:.* I Loi-oersuin. 1'ufli l.IM.ni: berlinoct I .
if will, -ion"library I t. :mmI ing rooms Woman Louise Horn, l"r utVcat liartiepoolUrsula THE I I
; I and nm-miii in the centre.Fh -) or construction. If not doneit Cdlmhl 0. I Xov 2
"i I : the end of that period the owners CIF4kI) Bright Kr 21I! COO I'. Scranton: '
I f radiating" walk-> the *treot l'ul..h .'1.-. .
are arrested und yen escaped( | Io q Plu..n 'J- ft .n: E: corners ., tI I llt'dit!! fr'.* "A.II.. unI punished.S'lme mcnt of the 'ran-It Co for Antwerp. with I yn sqr !l1I1 PI.
:ft) notices ,
days ago were >-8 cotton. TK> round 1..I..s cotton I ll'l
I' J. .I.r I beautiful: shaiie! tremM litre: "II1'011' l.. It. tU Plymouth >ept itiFavorite.
= broadcasted over the city and tltereult4 last risht. i] af tnhnfco. :!711 tniM nho pbitie Avon. ('on.1it,1 ,o H iLait .
l.. aiay -it and mall! c.irn; away: urrouu'lfd MI.IMJ' s ft luinliwr, Value $ltc e:7: "'Hr. ''Hile. Buei.oi Ayreniict 15 '
felt. 3.gI
are now being Not u and( it is ) i \0\\\-10\\ tlU ot 11 i WaContinued
by velvety lawn-.- imid thefracr.iiir tr f'i ""lop! 1-.1" iturr.: Key. Vaudunra. It. iaoi. rnn
U I' day pas-es but what: some indolent ance from the .r.t Co for I'a'lni". Wit La I.IIII": .''.. ft |uiiilitr, VeRB ltil5,6ldUenoaOct: Is
'f 1'ouch-Mf-No beds.f
". < property owner i* up in police co'irt' '\. is ft awn tlmlifr. rnlui2553lBclH.Hilihtioiml : I BAPT8Avvenir Hong Similar L" :
first :
t ? "l'r !li,W'M rscopo t pJ&1I rrgu for Llv- r, It.7t2. Bt JMrtUnd. K.-fpU'S:
; .I1f(" t \Vnuliluri! ,i tran-forin.itioii ruin and unless they can )jnve a fairly mal! depart: : () .:\' Io'if. bales cotton Kottic eftIue inetil i I AlberesiIt, >'.'. 'Id ('Cflui -ept uAiMOre
,0- irnud excuse they are invariably t'ub- :1.'...:
bailed 5kini'hetI
\' It. Geiiou Kept
he '' t.f .oI serving '; i .1
.4...;:: --41 ;. ..mnd.ipur.. 'u on_" .. our uefiV .i..l'lp1----- tn-- -fine_..- *... I a } ,,. It. sld Carthairen Oct -l
t *} It'rt'1 1'lItf'rW"t'I' -.1uarsr --- -- hoija county j CI.KRHt "M> KAII.rD.Tue I IsIsy.--.5Ltld: : UlihiR'Pt 1'1'
I b.if'that! I hav.. |l'hu11t..d the I Tf'8Iili goods. She r.rltaiuim with imrga Captain Brain. Klizabetb.: tier, sid HrakeNovITIndu4.lt. c::::

1. ;;f ti r.t Ill ite.y contrih'ttiou in "rIale.nl : have A 1'hjMC.ian"I taken Kodol: DyspepsiaCure !I. Huthvcn. who I fur Scranton MissHAII.EH.! Innrx-ent.l'.bld. ultra. Id I..h.GenOa Halmasoct$rpt 11 IT FG.SACOLAin.xriruuii ()

; : Je.if" extract fur II l! iv.)rmc the Itt Table J
Nor 771 at Hay *
ulm. uly
summer for j .
1 rr.itur.'f. the ('arut'; i" ill.tituti lI. and have never u ed anythingiu j King Countv. Kns,. i-lit (ir.n'ock Ang! 21
Felix do Ab..olo,
.- : : ;t I will fill tht'r propo-u to plant the my life that did me the good that policeman : i .Span.rp ss I.arrea. Ant nceftel.l. lir. "ti, 6H Wiilerford Oct SLuiKlna. OF f MUSIC\

I -nl. iI' Jirrt HliaJ! tree, condition that itt did," says County Physician (ipf). 'i br !is!:;alopls. Burgees, Calais Lennatm. It Ru', kid I .,Newport'IL''). hid La( Koclielle etC Oct 2VMacda .

'; t l* located I-'I"t: of PalafoK street, : W. ricrogirs I of Hall county Oa. Fresh Nor, lir.".'. rid H. d..k..alll"ppil
.: and com| Icied durin;; my lifi>timp. "Beinc It physician I have prescribed for 25 cents, [: )Iarjr..lhl' Nor, IIIIJ.sl.II'lymoutb Wept il E. O'L' CHAFFERS Director,
'T-' it and found it to give the best Grocery. AT KI'AKANTINF. I Mark Twain.='or.sld1I .. I ct 7Mounter
Thi S4 has not roasted
+ ,r ; :;" yet th.e' results." If the food eat remains 1 It bk (flriana. Kazeto, Hamburg to or- Nor,Juell, eailed Port Kllzabetb:
r"v 'f President over the !live coals! of his you - :. let 10Monte
new departure in dining( room en undigested in 'our. stomach itde- 1 It bk Vermont VTT. Kazeto, LnKocbelle Allegro It, eld Cite Ort I1' Piano Voice Culture. ViolinOrgauCoriietMandolluUmm, "
; t'L cays there and poison. the system. S n L ro Northern Kmplre. It.sid (ieno dot it .
: > thn white-hourtH.
t': juitte Itt 1:' this but It bit Teocle, 74", Porzlo Trieste, to Hi Olive Mount, It. Md Aberdeen Nov U
You by dieting Cello
} ( r Jl.ing strictly !l1'er nitil and private can prevent i i I'adre Au8t.Id! Barcelona Nor Lu etc.
"\ I' J;, matter, ic nWHj! ii. ollicuil that means starvation. Kodol Dyspepsia WiNG a Kr ship Harvest queen, .Kors.rtb lapu Prospero l>avHe. I t. 'eli. sId Cork Oct loKeglna Al"o Director l'eu"acola F
; ruling and mi ht hi.ive bn harmlAiiS Cure digests what you eat. to orderHr It':oil. aid MalmjaOct 2Koseo
: ,\ }: .. if;we had not given it tM much ( You need suffer from neither dvs- bk Revolving Light Iis ItuDcorn, to It.,tier(1(27( Mrsvnlnaunm sid Genoa Sept aid siTinanU Cbarletlon Band and Elite Orch- ,
pep NovWhite"
t publicity. i IIf
l.ttl''li... It. The II"W rreident" wa< douhtlektraitird ".. cure digests what you l1t.You THE SHIPPING.VK8MKLH Kooe,Nor 1571, sid Arandal Oct 7 Brass and String Mosic Fur td '
i /lon.Ger. Lift hept UWakerteld
need -ufler from neither dypt'p..i ?- 31
1 ; t. ,} ; : t p expre-s liN prpcition, awed,sailed Trale < let 17 ill Occasions.
starvation. The wois-t ,
tll lIam..tik !& nor
word-. of
.' in that WOI ) 1 1I' .
;f";.j of the "Father! of hit country." Itt cases quickly cured. Har>:ri i Pharmacy AT .T.a wpn IN.v FORT. If you want a nice present to Rive Address: E!'caubia J II I .

; 1;'.. rroalU tll my niiiul III iiiddent' John Khepp-trd.\ Sidney Kahu. Hutch Hareiidrecht.SV.!. Vesser, to Gulf to a friend go and look through the Htudio : P-e-byterlanCliiir-: I
; which >i'currr-ldunni; the civil! war1n t --- -- ll ('1'1 levant: line of suitable articles at I
"Ii" To Hr (> Largo, 2'2':1 l, U)ntou. to Gulf I
$ ; :e. .' the hittlrtifLI III reiine- Ai I Investigate Reported Shortage. I am :Selling .. \ayn i'oKr j J. Stephens you surely can find

.. 1 \'alll\t'1' ( aitiiii. lay helplesslyiu Washington Nov. 1ft.! -A boanl of Cyrano 1415, Cogiuet. to Gulf Tnuhlt I something to plea* you. If you Cleaning ladies skirts i : i w .,
'til' : ; 'WuudHI the wildernesft"r an officers has lieon api>ointo one our 'ptcialtlt'iJ. MI'
luitch Constance,
Hi.! to B.iars
j *\I jHl;.'iiin tt when (irij broke out Fort Md'horson. Oa.. to investigate; i 111 ody & \.o I be sure to see him before you buy. dry.
m [ [ m
I } in ttif leaver an J I h'" I'rth-er fr,4.t w and reimrt upon the "i inunistancesattindiiiK ---- ---

'. Jf [j : inevitable creti tion. the reported loss of )public
i I. :t He Mtcietil-,l in r.. trlmiir' ll',> oqrif funds amo'ir.tini; to ll.TS1: hy Captain ,

t. -.I .; '._ I 41 a 1 C. Hll''n!;. paymaster United' Good
.t 111:{ n.. ; 'I'! toy tl1elf'lH.\Ilthi..hfttwli, alldllldlll't-lhllllt"III..tr.twlt: n.ivedwhen y Statos army Atlanta.. 1:1.. hetuoenXovcmhor

S and November 1", l 1uII
) \ fi f the ll iw* pm'ipj. : -
R 44,;. f; Oil reeoN ..ritis'fro'n hi. wound he and fix the rosiionsibility tln-refor." :
J. home with lil-u to thflifitig -'- CASH HOUSE
f" f. took that boy I
'4' "I" Hllek.\. ..t'Il... thn only col- Tragedy at Selrro.S'lrn.i. Norellie\

!t 1 J ur..J iiulivuUi in tint vicinity he Mn Nov. l'i I.-WhileV.. C. I
P "' \ra fu-. 'J over l>y everylmdy mid n.itton. gunsmith for the 1 ;!:ser Armscompany. : vs: Invites 2,000 Cash Buyers to Attend His ? (:

.....;$:: lt ;. treated boy-s. who auperior hail not -. ,v to.31 IliA the white cap- was examining an oil nfit1 i| AT AND
Sale Cloaks
.... ; : tain'life! this morning th loadvas ihs'narRoiia.ndiiitally. : Bargain Skirts and Shoes.
;t entering the lia'-k of tlnhfal I
\_ H.* wa* .uellt promptly ti ciool! j
tlll'l I.W 1. \ atvi indulged in thw .u'oiiiniii.itnMi .;fHe ot Claude Hi nfMI!. another ('111. 1 New Goods just arrived from New York Factories. We
.j ; :11" ...IClII\I', wa* very bright. \\\ln\e\\ of thi companv. killing! hi'ii! iu I CMnaware
give the Ladies of Pensacola Big in all
; ILt t'Cually! fa-t t t'-in.;. .pmlfd in si sri ly. lint! h a-.' young p.\I'n o: spK'iiilid Bargains

'-.\ ... ff'J.Ii; ,/\H-ral"III'I oncf: jMiJ: : him ttf"f a oodh r.llrrh-rl! n-jmtation.tomorrow Youn lUiton i:) to be i Fine _articles in our store for the Next Few Days. *

r I ir
"$ : .J .-LmJofNod" uu4 tot,'k! him :i -- --- -- nnd without I \ is) Ltl1it': Silk Wai-t. the Lar e-t j ill L'idie Jacket, worth II (5> H J'jir Huy :-.11,1 l I."

: Subscribe: to the NKU luc per ('.a-t. Call Bargain: ever fJliprt'tJ, :o. our price i'-l". worth (I.' .'). our ;prc .. t '
iJY lit t wife.HH ha tt'rllliu'tl'd hi. w..k. Learn the !'
'' ; : ': .ItIeC hI PairB..p' :-/1/ <1 L.
i .1. 2iI LadieFlannel All-Wool 59 Ladies: Fine Ker" >y IJo\ Jackets
.d '
.f C.lrrerboisterous unruly titter iiuaiitv.. "' ..rti i. .
..!k ..n: it'' drunkard.: Wai ti', a His IJu'din; for We.l.'ji : worth SIM, our price MM. f 1 I..t:.i.

... ....'r.;:':''i i Tim-. ".A'n.i *N. F: -- .."..--- .....--- ..,.-..---- ......--- ..!.--- ....--- .....--- -_..-._-- ) Ladies' FlannelVatt", All 49! Ladies Finp Irnp'.rtf'd K..r.ny jJ'lIir-:: HII\\fW tIr.; II

) .. .j.. Wool Fancy Trimmed: a U..ar.aiu3tH Jacket, worth f 10.(w, our price |7.jy.( Screwed: .. .., ..11.... t ,
s'1(1/4iI SheDidn"t Uear: a Ma>l. g! ; 1! I
1 ;v Ycn will Find b. 75: Lidi; Black: Ca-limere kirt U.r.our irice U 20.
': i IJat h..r be.iuty \\.1.. c.ii'ip'etelyhidden -
t>4 hAlf CI. IJ' t-t".fI- ; -
t..r.i i : *
1 r;> Ladi ,;' Outin? Flannel \VaUu tucked and well! tailored, woitti
blotche ,
by w>re ud puuplt i "toatl.--r. 'worth fl.ijn, <.ur '
PAT i f.2j.: ; our Si: i i.4"i ;
F" -i r Jr -< till -he u.ej Hucklvn's Arnica worth Toe, our price 4c.. price 4} Pair Mi--e" Ht ..!.-

\. 1Jlh :Salv>. Thu they! : r.ioih a< will::J J"ft 50 Ladies' Mercerized Underskirt' : Ladies Figured Silk Bkirt-; ': /Solid Leather WOrth l.aO
r f p > ill Uruption: *, ."e'tr.Ir...-, H AND
P. i tI( .{ I'lcer Culutu'lM I'oloii* from 3m) Ladies Plain Silk Hirt with Tor.L'l Pair* :7j.sa' r,lIfll'.
f..J Infilliblw f.lr Cut... l'nrn, 75 Ladies Mercerized Under Skirts. dared ,
bottom trimmed .
f 1 it< U. Full and Line of handsomely worth f l. "I, our price si
Kuril Scalds and Pil". Curt IU H. IIi l Complete heavily tucked and trimmed, worth and well tailored! worth llO.ijo You should look at .>ir

J 'i/ tt unteed. 25c: at W. A. D'Alctuborte's, :,: Best Groceries in the ; $2.tk), our price only SI 48. I our price $6. \ Children's Fine Shot

'i 11:! e. Palafox street. .

I 'j 1' O A.S T O XI.: X.A. Ii I:) And You Can Save Money by Our Cain Rebate 1:)' P. E -

t4 _' ;, ........ 8L n 'hod IIt5 .""PJils i\ Phone 183. Palafox and Romana |, BRAWNER'S ONE-PRICE CASH HOUSE,

,> i & s 'V9'tj'ysi'.. fff Sl ivf?( sii_ .Ai 8
... ,II. i ia ShTfcT { *- : *** I f. 10;; SOUTH PATAFOX STBEET. (@

The daily news
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b' _" -. '.t......... .--<."".",'".,..J.... ..._. '.r. '." ,'-"_ -_ ''" _. .. .. -... .. ,, .
... .. "' : -. . __ ,
h1" 7 .,.,.'"", _..I. ., ..... o, ,. .x .. n _. _n .

/p 79.


a ,

THE DAILY I EWS. it ii.\I *! ;

i I t ,



--- ',. f !


PENSACOLA has a Depth of 33 Feet of Water in. the Channel at the Entrance of the Harbor ; -: l n!1u.

-- --
--- -- -- -


S. J. FOSHEE,Vice-Preaident; M. E. CLARK Ass't Cashier. .. .

Coxi.clozi.aocl Stn.tom.ont of tho ---I "

'lor tho COLD OUST twins do your work! _, ;. "1


Destructive Fire In the Cotton '| FREE Send fsr roOK our;:! rr" t .: !

I I "Coiden+ RJ'M forHousevkor -' "
PEX8ACOLA, FLORIDA, AT CLOSE OF BUSINESS! NOV. .I, 1901. I IAHHJ.TS. District. i *." ... ,- I ..' .; '

-- i ifROFC.TTY j I > i

LOC3: REACHES $10 ,OO:: '

1. .'!a .... .... ...... ...... ...... .... *:{:24.947rJl Capital Stock -.-- --- i
l, I.iutu: ...... .... .... ... .. ...... 10i'm4.4' >urplu..... ..:: :::::::::::::::::::::::::: $200.00000 10KiO.OO Antcidcnt at this Pumping Staticn ', .

.... ..... ...... .. ...... .... I l,4-Ji5'.U }
.IT" I': "" Undivided Profits ..... .... .... .. .. .. .. 2.28520
i'.otute.... ...... ...... ..... .... ..... 75.iXJU.lM Rediscounts..... ...... ..... ...... .... .... fi'1,34185 Temporarily Cut Cff the Water Sup I j IIr 1'

.;. ',m of 1. H. Bond<...... ..... .. .... 5.2-VUM: Circulation .... .... .... .... ... .... ..... .... -,.;...("..") 00 p'J, 3ut It Was Restored in Time i

t- ire and Fixture.... ...... .... ...... 6.7184s Deposits .... .. ...... ...... ...... ..... ...... 281,79553 ta Prevent Flames. Spreading. ,
:\tamn*.... ...... .... .... ... .... ..... &M I.7S I itfS"X.! r Of OV I j 1.

n.d: Exchange; .. .. .. .... ... ... ... .. \9.:. i Ctariotte. X. C.. :\0\". 13.--Fire: in I /l' \ Y ,I

!l lI tii' cotton district of Charlotte eailyi; tt). ,
f&t,1: : :: .:: -> $632,425.581: : i iI IWjp .
today cle&trojed the Ilolton block, I' !
i bank opened for bu-ine October :!a. \Vere5pectfullysolicityourpatronage; and we will give ,( I
.,meii prompt, courteous and careful attention. j causing a I loss of $l II'JOO. The principal i -* x !

losers are: :;iV ,,
Interest Paid on Time Deposits. t "" s? "
11. G. Link! groc-t-rirs. $3""i; :': U. II. "nf-U T? ,

Fid, groceries. Jlo.m-ii; : U. K. Hryan. \ f = /f 'j
---- ---- \ |
groceries, $S.".mu' ; Ogiosby! BrmIlr)' b -.J \ \ ', 13/ ) l' !
(;'oods.$3.ltI!>: J. I II. Sloan, cotton factor. '"* -Ld-- ; I!
-- I t
Chard; With: Murdsr! of Cers-js: Clerk i $1,111)0.11 were insured. I /. .r
Gold Weather Sale The fire broke out in Oglesby's '
Ayres at Washington.: I
V.'ashlngtcn! :\o\'. 19.--The trial of > ,'t star at the (mrr of Trade and Col- No soap no soda, no borax, no ammcma- I I. I
lege" ..tf'ct5.n accident at the but '
Mrs Lola Idy!: I'onine on indictment:! punp1'ing nothing wztcr is needed with r
station tf'm;;Orarily cut off the | .
tor the murder of th- youriR:; census .Jt
f water supply but it was soon restoredIn i iI I II
clerk, James: Sf'mml1'1.'$. Jr., in !1 GOLD
I time to prevent the Paul. spread I .
WE ARE OFFERING AS A the lattcr's roc::i at the Penraoreottl ] 111 .
ins beyond the Holtcn block.Alabarra .
/ ia this city last May, began/: today i .
before Justice; Anderson l in cnm' to clean anything-pets, pans, furniture: clothes, wood- t.

< Ala. -. *. The entire:
I Galllon. N(; I! -
The ease was set for 10 o i lock, Lut' other cleanser and costs much less. See that
business seition of this place with the i
-+-+FOR THIS WEEK* It was several minutes afterwards b..1
fore either the edge or the prisoner the exception of one store and the } name "Fairbanks"and the "Gold Dust Twins" are on .

in the! the Southern depot, was < ompetely! destroycd the package. Refuse all imitations and r
Some Rare Bargains in Children's Jackets and appeared courtroom. At by fire Sunday! tuning. There substitutes.
first; sisaioa:; the courtroom, even THH ::. K. FAIR_ANK COMPANY, Ct".iro. St Lout New York. Boston. '.
Reefers; also Boys' 2 and 3-piece Suits. though of limited capacity: was by were seven' stores. on the block. There > .
loss t.
t htores an 1 stocks amounts to1
no means "rowJ(1.Ir.. Ilonino! and '
about $12'M.hith I id tovered with t
You do will Well to See Our Bargains in this Line Mrs. Mra< !.ani, husbunl an,1 sister; of. $Sj/n4 insurance.
Deep [
the accused, \:E'reI'nrly
the seats rest rvrd for Mrs. eOlir.p'I --- It ii a mystery why women endure ;r Ely's Cream K.ilm ; enough to cou- .';
i I CITY TREASURER SUSPENDED.i : n.1ckiicbe.1teadachf'f'CII"IW-"., vince that it i the .. .
you < f
idea-Is! as were the five attorneys irreate.t
0 1 AND3.PIE1ESU1T; JACKETS AND REEFER] i'aseil for the: iWease.At eni i I _- Hlec-plet! -ness Melancholy. Fainting; remedies>! for naval catarrh i>r cold in :

Piiiiif.; Ccrst of CuTfalo, Charged With and DizzvpfoJl:: ; when tiion-andsj: : the head. J-'nll cite "i") cenK All 1, ;
.-, ..ize,.: :; to 1', in :J5 Children'!? Reefer, in blue ten minirttb jast l' .Mrs IJor.intappcareil : I Misconduct In Office.nlnalo. have proved that Klectric: Litter driiiraits.Ve ii it it. I I t
mixed sjond, to and red, well outdo und nicely \ in time icr.irtiuom, acrompa- i will ouch tnmblix. "I 1
quicklv cure ELY BIn
j : :\. Y.. :XoIK: : -Mayor Diehl | :1; Warren *"' tre t.
.}1 0)ami trimmed sizes 6 to 14, at.. .. i r c nied by the veteran g"ard. ..lanifsV.. ;' suffered tor year with kidney !I New York. .
I today ; Tn-a I'
pringman. :She: walk? nli"tlv': suspended City urer 1'hillpGeist trouMe," writes' Mre. I'heboCherley, 153 Second lrpf't.AlIlllly.'i.y. r

4uit., ..iz"iI :3 to 25: Children's Reefer?, in blue, that her cntrauro was scarcely nuted.! i I i j 1 from ufficc. of Peter-on, In., "and a lamp hack I ;Mers.. KLV RR.--I I ?uiternd i .,
dressy, to well and nicely trimmed, and took a scat beside! !her husband In th'' rolice of ;m''en:
. .. .....: ... ..$Uj slzts 6 to 14, to go a:...... ... ..fl.-i'J I just I lark of her counsel and in front I' charges Mr.I Gerst with misconduct but Klectric hitters wholly remedif. without etlect. After t i I'
I of her slstrr. She smiled as she greeted in once and with having kept inacc.i..i. cured mIan although 73 year; j I ti-in;r fin!' bottle of your Crp:.ai Halm 'j' : L
a.si' bIg<- irro-.rt an-1 lpo>rrfi Told I now actable to do all lilyI found relief and f cannot praise .!r 'I'I
her i-.ter and the utter placed hr ;
:"suitilkmix.. jam i Children's Keeft-r, in blue I({i ally charges that from the accounts I hoaaewortc." It overcomes C'.nctl- too ni/nly such a reinedv. i ;.

..1. ciik vest .izes; j well made .inn nicely trimmed arms gently about her as she sank I i I i I of the city treasurer the amount of 'I' patmn, imrrovp AppetltP, gives IICol;.\ WIt.t.IJ. -

.; .J22J I I size ti to li, M KH at. .. ..;1,50: into lit r (':J.t.ftl'I' t'ac jirelirainaries i,i cash on hand to the credit of the city I perfect health. Only iiiic at W. A. -Sept.7, 1M'J.! !)

____ of calling th" names of vitncsses : D'Alnnhf" drug store, IIPala.: .
i -- is $:,11.111)1)i in exc-csy of the actual ,
i and of jurors were dNiuiscd\ t of Ir!;. fox street iax.lleinns Ulitnrf
duubie-bret-t..d. | 2.j; 1ituse.' Automobile:, Ill blue Ioiin! <' was skod to stand and plead' ;1!:, amount. ------ ---- Pr II'>t>t>,.' d I blue Cheviot-, 1 Tlio examination: of the treasurer's : plc l faro. AtI.1 1'11'1111I Monody c'" ,c lurMumM.r. I'
t., !,'It at...... .. ..*I.OO( :trimmod' !:! 19I'j to tho indinniciit. Sinlistened calmly (.(-(\ltnts. which ha\'.- \been in : Two pound* fresh rna .ted coffee at J
i'I progress the New Orleans for t
to Ute reading( of the do! 'ument and Grocery ouly 'j 1
when it was <'or.. ludod !pleaded "Xot several day, will be ('ontintlcd.I l"i!: cents. Try it. III GraJefl'omtltccltellp
... I i I ------ --------- I ,
double.hrea-tl'd : Children's Lon; Clunk#, the
guilty" iu low bi't distinct! tun'!:). II I
1 ( "viol.. cizt", (5( toI I late,t out in blue and red -- I 1 Old Soldier's Experience. ,( I will repair your watches and' ellarstonS'

,. I' . .. .... .... ...$1.11 ;Sues Hi to It, to pi at.. ", ..fit!',* !jewelry in flNt-claia style. J. I Ii j finest furniture 'I.J t
THE S::'.1P.E! TRIAL. Mi Mi Austin, a civil war veteran, I Stephens. |\ Finch's. I:

Winchester, Ind., writes : "M. i .
I Ic e Suit*, in *tripnnii'de I l.j: Children's Lon;; Cloak, in Taylor's Testimony Is Corroborated By I I IBredell. i I wife was ick a IOUET time in spite uf I --------.

n ; of I imported blue. catur& red handsomely : good doctor's treatment but was SOLD ON ITS t

\it to 1C., to go ut.$3.i1)) trimmed, "ize* 6 to 14, at-.;$;5.7S Philadelphia., Nov. iThe; trial! of1 i i i wholly cured! by Dr. KinjN.ew MERITS. I.

John I.-. Seraiile. the Camden law) or. Life Pill's, which worked wonders : .
Not a Speculation but an Investment Guaranteed
fur her health: They always do. ,
i ,your Children for Cold Weather. At the Price we are Oller- charged with aiding! and abf'ttingAr. them.
Try Only 25c at W. A.
goods you will du well to take advantage of this Bale. thur Taylor and Baldwin S. UrcdfH! in I D'Alemberte's drugstore, 121 H. Pal i by a National Bank.
c .1'.1'I
the manufacture of plates for eountpr. afox
- street.
f-it notes, was resumed today before :
Yours Anxious to please, Judge McPherson in the United I I Courtmartial For Meade. '

States court New York :\0\'. 13.-The courtmar- II I ;
I Or a.1-crouton. and :3eaUD:1on.t.: :
The: first hour was devoted to the j tlal ordered by the secretary of the
To: itH. I
L Friedman & Co. cross. examination of Arthur Taylor I nato Investigate the charges of II

who admitted some dit-crepancies between I intoxication and scandalous conduct I Capital Stock. $500 000. Par Valae of Shires $1 t etch. I I

his testimony given yesterday i made against Colonel H. L. :Meade, of J

: and that at fiemple's preliminary hear the marine corps, began! at the naval Fully Paid and Forever Non-Assessable. j I i

ing.! His testimony of yesterday was yard today. The court was presidedover I

*e In Steamer's Hold. I INCREASE IN CAPITAL corroborated! by Bredell. who asserted by Hear! Admiral Sumner. Colonel Officer and Direclora: I

l I"' Xoi P.! -The Rrlt- that Semple! had suggested the idea of I Denny was the first witness. He i,
J. II. II ill. ldent.irneral I\lltnUl'r!\ n. II. H. K. K.( n.. VHitnn.Tdn.] h
\ "ILa" from Galveston Stock of the Peninsular Telephone counterfeiting in prison in order to secure testified that on :March 19!i. April 2nj A.W.MlI.LEIt.Vmce1'r.xandTraa.Mgr ha'lingtoa-MtilerLumi.-, Co.. O.ln.k/g. F.
I > "M. :.!nlm bales of cot- 500000. clemency by giving up the plates i j I and June IS he \'istftColonf1! Meade C.H.Vtlxlt.I ( apt to iist. t"r..t"ry. Uttlvt-tlnn. T.r as. (
Company t Hi. >l. Bryan, I>l rector. Preiiilnnt Bryan Narliwaret'ompanytatre.ton. 1'.1"1. I
'h a erlous fire In Tampa. Fla.. Nov. 10.-Th" Peninsular to the Korprnmvnt. i in the marine barracks( and found him ; <_;. VI' H'mat'II J.-b. Uiivct, Engineer,(; lv"stoa'lH i.l .

';:f was discovered 3l/! Telephone company has just held! tha't' I in an intoxicated I condition. Colonel !
The fact mot diseases arise !, l UEPo: ITuKY AND I'CdTOhtANOFl-tNttSTHEIIKST NATIoNAI.nANK I
> v -11'lml,1 mako Itenny was still on the stan.1l'hl'n t
The meeting
meeting. i
most important
a from impure or low condition of..,
{ ,
fire had made con was haldat, the general offices of the blood! i U fully proven by HoodV .! the court, at 12:: /< !b', !1., took an hour'srcccts. 1 Of HALVEJTON. TE.YA!

.*. "i On arrival here a the company in this city and was attended I I tarsaparilla. I : I The Company owns outright with perfect title property on !spindle Top I I t.

1 ii.l.: fur discharging I] by the btovkholders to tho evj -- I I Height/ upon which it will bring iu a kniher within u few weeks ; also I i
Falls In Columbia. S. C.Columbia. .
"',htng the fire \ 'hrll'j' of than two-thirds. Snow ; To Enlarge Rogers Works. extensive properties adjacent to Spindle Top upon which it N HOW borlujr I
tent more I S. C.. :\0\ 1:1. -It 1: well I
opened I!ho tire \va.t incorporated at hasj j I New York. :\0\'. 19.- It is reportedI '. i i
The was
company been snowing here since early this J 1 MONEY H NEEDED: 1JV THE COMPANY to
i develop |lta t
than an.l I that the )Rogers LOC'OTIoth'f'orks at prop rj : f
( "
I'vpoi-t.-d I
of ,
; stock $2iM
first with a capital morning and the indications aria that! .; j lie, and a part of its trea-ury etock is uttered upon the following con
I j Paterson X. J.. recently purchased by t tI
n from the hold. It It was decided at the meeting just and '! ditions. t. i
will tcntir.'ie throughout today
it 1I t ,
Mays tO t'\ttngtiish held to increase the capital stock by; first thaI I i.i a 51II1i'ltfwill' be enlarged. A visit I ,, 1 .
is the
This snow
the tonight. to8. party of prominent railroad men ,J\JI.It"-4 Itl'NGl:. ""r"'ollltDt; 'f. I. \SKKU. \'Ira Pu.rt..nt i ;
tho addition of jjon.nixi.; making has fallen in Columbia! as early; a3: Xo i has started: considerable discussion .I'tIUWI'.la..UlI'r; 1566 I..tNDLEtAbita.blrr.the : I .
total capital stock $5"oo t
'iQ.O.oJ Bales Short. When the company was organize vcm'r.! 1 ('onc'prnllthe future of the plant. ; 9irt atiorpal Bank of ;
'itn>lle red \ There is said to be a scarcity of hi'avy Galvestorp: :
had in contemplation (( \
to the Mother and Child: Cremat:d. r rj
precto draft locomotives thrrvtghovt: the
lulyi.txiii l but now it has seen the necessity of a I'rntralia. Ills.. Nov. U'.--Mrs. Mary demand for them TIn OLliKhT: NATIONAL\ RANK IS TKVA'!*. j 'J
I country and! constant
crop :Th'i .. I gr.-at;:; deal more an.has litall-otodi\ undertakenit. !to! inertInc :Mannoring anr1i j car-old daughter. !i for all of the great height lines.I Capital S3COOCO. Surplus and Undivided Profiti, SI60.C03. : :
increasing the ('a Xenia. i
\\'el'bl1rn'd to death at
I Edith, t
stunl! the
of the occasion.This I iAL\ IRTI.X. TFXAK. (telnlwr ln. lwh\ j I I 11
I', requirements child caught her clothing: afire j .
The ; 1 P.tnk -111 rerPive'ub.erleIonStotbl| stockoftbnh.
to underk I Steamer Sinks. aMardinl
Tow :
increase is t-n account of the the Mmo and the mother in try ,i h'.l i.1 HiffuniN 1111u.1 .ubj.ct lo ih. t"rrns <,f guttr* t..whrciar.i.i folluMr i :
front : ; .
'v don puttingha"d :Memphis Ti-nn.. Xov. 19.-The tow uh.crlptlf< to toe row .t..po"t. l if
fact that the ('m'1":1nIS fatal! hurn. d. 1 uu
in to sari her was > I th. I-irsi.\i\unriHl Hunk ol/tln'lon.ar. t helc '
tar first ;; steamer Fred Harpwig! struck a hid > in tru t for Auh'II..ro until Ihn i It
in a "TI'atIpal more long distance" -- ----- rompniiv: brinks in a gubin,;oil well. I'pjn tli.Compitny jrimhing n v-rllneat.w ..
;>; >T I coutrmrlatiNl i dra iibBtnution:; at noon today\ near ciii'l b.'cnrnp-IrntpnrtI.ibatn| KU-|II.IK ml KI-II IIH* tarn UIHIII ..... ihu Hmk'will '
; !:nee than they Gold for Shipment. tro'i,f.r all fund to Hi. S."b.I'1111 and e..rtlllr..t..r! 'I
!i. tinsea- Kar.duUh. M miles:! north of Memphis: ntnuHiiy ttuck a:il 1,"- -
and at the! same tin- are pstaV.Uhing New York. :Nov.: r.i. -(;0111 engagements : eil to sub"'rh..ro upon .recantation of ceipt, In.u -d br; tliii ant.hou'd !
',.u they and I bunk in 10 feet of,111' The ". {
exchanges. They are tbH-fiinpnii7 mil tl) bang In 1& aril IH-IIITH l"crml : I Ml all|| funrl .<> NT. 1 I.
more town for f-hiimir-nts( on Tntirsdayvire bold In tru-t will l f rt-turnid to uh\'rll..rs
n'.ItUtrs. crew escaped. The Harpwig was owned upon pr.\t.tIOI of m-nuii i.ur.1 br Ibl< : t .
now practically work onpry made) at the assay office today. The Hank \ .
l"t in Putsbure and was valued at Ttie Hoard of Directors of ti.! SpHhoanl 'Ml ( art-well
\ 1 sew N's: ent. town hunt Arcadia to Tampa. Practically I fu>t sum announced was $1 1.. .noll.' SI'l"'!}". ,, sable and rr-ponslble.aaJ ..f can r icoinincMl the onnr.nv Ci: >'''IJ.'V._ oorttir known of to oonrtl u< to"Le.tm .re. j" ; f I
is i
gUll' all of this o\ur.si\e work half of whi h was for Ladcnburg Thai tl.1. grow .:. adU"r. .

t : > a .1', fr.'m I now going on and the company has man & Co. : The personnel of the hoard of director4 inures to every .hllr..tllllJt'r| I
:an.tt l'i'neits lutnd5"full in this respect. Thrrstc' I .JIIIIII" on a Ten Penny .Nail. 1 an interest in a comp my that; will be cundarted on purely huin.'. prln- ;

: ,', :.an expenditure of th- company arc I "La=t winter 1111 il1t, nt child of Tim little cliuihter of Mr. J. N. 'cipe! KVKKV, I'Ol.LAU HKAl.lKt.Ii: nfII: THE :fAI.KS: OK i-TlH K WH.L I'.K J

t T'erm':' ....!.;.tri. amounting to a considerable sum ol mine had croup in violent form'I Powell jumped on an inverted rake ',! IIEI.Ul'.1IU'STI'\fLIT'Df11taTWELLISAS!: : KM-TI.Sf; FAui.andwill\ then I Ipi
I Ullol'. t.er !.,I r.. I I..a\:1: Elder: JohnV. Rogers ChrUtnn made i>t ten envy nail, and thrust t :s into the treasury Ilf th. Com piny, to hfl u-...l in building the ne( ".a- i

:::1/-1011 to ," 11 money. -.. -.- I Jovll1'flli..t: :; of Filf'Y.10.: "Icave one nail entirely through her foot ryeouipm.ntforthecarryingonofitabuinaaa. THK t C t.U'iT: IxvrsTr. I :r I
11\; w : Filed. ; her a few do p* of number- and a eeond one half: way through.: CJATIOX is I.NVITKII; AMI K.\Pi iKii, and inquiry may be until: of the Klr-t 1 '
.s. it in relation! t ii. ;in Big Mortgage; lain'a Cou;:h Iletnedy and in a short Chamberlain'* I'aln Balm wayrouptly National Hank of (illve-tuu.1'"a-, any bU- lI"'n "home in Ualve.ton, t i .

.i The other mmi] Samlusky.; Xo)'. 10-The: Unitod: I I time all dauber: wu: pa't and the : arplied and five minute-i or through any snTcaQtil" agency; t

,1"llIn arc iusu\o: States Telephone company has tiled a i child recovered." This: remedy not later the pain had disappeared and A rf-lllfit; for information addre-sed to the: ialvtaton olilces/! Of the Com I

>'.,! D. Velajii u. i $1..KII>.....u) mortgage here to the ('1.\(>- ; only cures croup, but when given a? nomorefrufferiujf was; t-xperienced. pany will receive prompt and careful rply. ,

| land Trust Company on all its prop-; I soon us the eyinptooH appear, will In threeOjys the hild was wiring Money for subscriptions may be remited through my bank, express : i

-f i tt.it: TI'r111xtlerty: : in Ohio. prevent the attach. It contain: no her eho' a- \I"I\IlDd! with absolutely or by U. 5: postal money order either diiect; to the firtt National Bank er company to IK.. J .'
y' 'J-r- h.tve-avedMore -- opium or other harmful ,.ub-tanco no diilcomfort.Ir.. Powell is a Company by whom it will be turned over to the bank who will execute a : t
and 1)9 given see confidently to veil known merchant of Forkland.Va. guaranty {
:111 the doctor p..r Oyer M Yearn may receipt. .10 1
'i\ recommended put MK-*. WINDOW'S /IOT"ISA'Rr.1'! ha a haby as<: to an adult. For sale by Pain Balm is an antiseptic and. An allotment of !stock in offered at f;-; N.nt"llff share, and I I" belnsr npM. t I '"

\ \\ I'D HIP doctorgave I been u.ed for over arty yearn by mi.lions 01 medicinedealerae heals such injuries without inatura 1 1 Iy sub-cribed. Heaboard stock will undoubtedly b<) worth many times iu J t ".

: .!.d it curpdatonce.I mother for tbatr children It wo'hw" UHe the t"1"-cblld.IltI..I'h.t \rSTyi in Parlor I tion and in one-third the time For re- present price and pay large dividends when its wells come in. J ; '

1- "'.\ with perfrctsucreae..aIla.anIlJ1"I'nc u rewind \ vuired bv the nual treatment. For further information apply toCHA8. .
luH"nlth"llum+ sale all druggists and medicine I -J t
\ IiiarrBoea- by l
lI;;:It"t.. Ij<>Ui.., Io. colic and U the test remedy for ini- and Bed \ '
It who relieve the poor little auffMer! dealers. A. CHOATE .
-- htoldbyUrugglItIIDetrrrrpart Mars- Agent. t
mAAlat"ly. Furniture at i
('* \" a bottle.' room nDl.Balam Kcacrr*KifBt Any I .
-f the world. T."ot-Ih'e !
IinnsllnrSure ll...... PEN6ACOLA FLA r j
7 forMrs.'W'lDslow'sttootbIng sadtwid. *
He i ire you ait ton Finch's. and mates s epocdycadcLcpbe
w .,11. llc Ilal k r.lIilL'&llj, syrup,"and take no other kind. $


_i!; ;ii H.c J -. ) \\W.-'kr .l 'rJ ,." ..r"r ,'_ :. .T.4;. '-/.Q. ::Lt. >'( Iif1f, ;. I1>1 ':' hf ::''':J1. r- l '::;:..If._ :t6fTi :Z: '.C" IVJ&LI1 ..-.,'",,, ,..

.. .1'<, e



:-1 DENSE FOG CAUSES I Risking LifeTo -I TROOPS TO Sale of the Islands a Foregone Conclusion

make a living: And 'we stand and I -Price Agreed Upon,
RAILROAD LLlSIONccident ; Ftare up at the man in the clouds ,.on. I ATrAckINSURGENTSCara i New York November 1(} --Die;itches

.* Bering that any man can be so fovl- from Co;>",?nhagen ctciing that the

j lhe business man, I Modern Quick Firing nearly been concluded vniain noth
the \ :
; on Metropolitan"L" .J'J n: Ii/ who has barely time I I ing that has net been Irnowu in diplomatic -

'! Road In Chicago. j jJDNE i ir' I 1.1y'mL 11 1 IIJ1 to meal snatch and a gulps Hasty I! Guns With Them. i I circles for several months says

Gown 1 lunch of pic ,TCP Trib-oe's London (crreajmcdeLt.The !
1 a j i for Infants and Children.
sale is retarded EJ a foregone'conclusion
and, milk in a few
R t KILLED AND MANY minutes? lIe too, is as: the price has been I, Casloria i'l 0. 11u'mt" cnhctilnte! fur (':I..lflr (Iil. I'ire.

tr I S risking his life to I agreed upon, but the Danish: fow'r:1'I {:uric, Drop-; and Soothing; :SjrnpU !.> riraxiui.: It
'ft 4j j' Windy City" Is Enveloped !In Cne of 1 make a living.; Life I ;;Mews: cf a Decisive Government Victory meat i I. deliberate ia its methods and | contains neither Opium. Morphine1 nor .tln-r =.VirmtiMibttuncp.

:, 1 + i.. sustained by fo -lprotelly I Is Confidently; CxpicUd\ This I ecrtipulous: shout:: providing every itostille ; It de<.tri>> s AVurni aid all.iy lYirrMmn,*.
the Heaviest Fogs Ever Knevn-I ] digested! and I 1 safer.ar.l to business interests | It euro: Diarrlici-ii a'ultiuL ('ulic- It rrlii-\,. 'Teeth"
: 5\ in Darkr.ecs and A:- I!, as.sunil.ited. The result Week-Liberate::: Poorly! Armed '1 ati' It .
: and'l
mllIn's rrMil.iiiStouMoh
j' $ t People Grope l in the olor.'es, espei icily the sugar injr Troubles ConMii >" : .11|

r a. J cldenU Have Been Numerous. I I I I and of ir'fjjular hasty eating meals 'I Havs: S.T.all Anmuniticn: Sjcply.; planters of Santa Crl.?. The American The; hi1tlr..u's and 15" <1".lIH.U'The>\vN, git'ill? In-allliy Jklotlit atilt" Friemd-natiiful sl 1,....,,

j.s "wcuii": Moni.ich! I Colon. ColJmlJia"ia G.1IH'5ton.O minister at Cor.pnnaeeu. hin!!;!>]! )
Chlca o. Xov. ID.: -.\ dense! fot; was .1 l and a "weal; t.toi.1ncii I of Danish desccut. has hand it ciiE-; Have
Kind You
r The Always Bough
\ } IC..r.N'niILln., trait a forcejf
l responsible for numerous acudentiAnd : ineiuis a".c1: cult! on tJ.: :s account tu tast.-'a :J.gui!
man.Vhen the l.M' I well armed and! I '
nen. sap.
earl In tiationc. the of
collisions hoic } to.lay. a. ,- 1 Bears Signature

,t fr, rolllsion between two Metropolitan! I stomach the foul eaten i iseaL"! is notprop.rI l>lktlvith aisnv.in'.tion: ur.d having {I

&t elevated trains one iK-reon was killed!! l lend / )' digested {l''l rannon and modern quirk firing guns I $1COO.OCD: BRIDGE CONTRACT. I Ii

*533 ; awl cannot te ]*T- with thjm, has started to tttadc the i
12 injured. other collisions were fectlsilil.te'1. ?o I American Company V/ill Erect Twenty ,
1E31 reported on the Xorthiu s-tern. UIHLaVc I that there is a dally l loss of nutrition, insurgent fonts, hicli: are strongly I 1 Steel Structures in East Africa.

2 street and the outh Sde: (It'- Mhich in time will! result iu physical I i intnnc-hcd at Cliorrera. Half of General | Philadelphia. uH'.--The #
i Am'rl\\
hIAy': 'wrrv Ea;, rated loads: and\ on some of the! sur- collapse. I A1 jail's forte lt>Jt Panama In large I! can llridse company of this In Use For Over 30 Years.
1>r, Tierce's Ool'K-n Meilical Discovery : j secured a contract for the construction -
: >L five lines; tut it was stated that in curts diseases jf the stoiiuch and other I I launches towed by the Colonslian gunboat I I steel the : ,..r t'r"nu" ro...".. n Mu....V .,.... .r.'0" r.n
I ICII.ihlu of twenty bridges along
? =* lbeee none was seriously I lnjurct1.b (.r".lI1" of digestion! and nutrition. It l Uoyaca. The remainder: nmrrned I ---- -
i I line of the Uganda railroad:! in Ua&t .. ;:-= """'- ..
sMniilatjon of all the nutrittve --- ---- ----- ----
the -
fe1 The fog was one of the most dense I Uverlac< Th'si'----orr : !to ;1 Africa.
value of the foal\ (eaten and! so The Circus has been
;'e Chicago has experirnc-c-d in years. IVo- builds< up the 1 11011into sound health I II coralline and make a front ail rear The amount of the contract is about n\tn MM
+ C CHAS @Ar E nu C 0
y jk : {rt41; jJe etantllng: on the siilcval'cs' could I and strtjsgtli. I Ilr. attack on the insurt'ents.Chm : Jl.iHio.tMiit. Several English! and continental here and but. LLW1! UM i

,hk.ti'N s*J' peanwly see jiassng; tphie'.ps and \ .and fed Mimic Veleon, tit'_ tV-77.e R erehraPd"}Jen MrtrH.Irith CaniJen Comedian II rc-ra I is only one goad day'sinarch t firms offered! bids, but the Philadelphia !!- gone, ..
treet tars kept tluir gongs clanging: I fuldtltd d oftwelve : JeneAl: Castro company was not only tileIlowest
I X. J wntr* : "We an 'T .t constantly.t I werkt and"f the thr.t coii.lr..l.nit-u.Uli trutlinc>...,..t. cilltd gnxe1.1C 1 arcomiianirs General Alban. General i l-iddnr. but thfy guaranteed COME TO STAY!
The Metropolitan "1." rO1Ih1"n was ,|\-irp.In.il I'U'l tvueh I 11"In",! r\rr\tlitMj i.j--i.iV: to I l.uego; is in command of the iOlIrgl'nlfOI''ls. : the (Onll'll liol1! of the work in a shoner -
Iwtwren a train carrying! factory work 1 1 I ctrl It till 1:1-.t wrck, while jiiavm-? at B. P.Krilh though L'uiuingo Uiais the I space ot time than its competitors. :
/ :
; 1 u.'* and an train luaaing east: s. nijon Thr.nrr. rni1.idiinhi.i.. hi theI I I The neW hri.IC'GI'm:! replace wood'en Jacoby Grocery Co
: ers express 1 I Vi-lsun.Trio. a protofion-il !Irifihl (l mine ail- I nominal head. ;

; ; |!lr I5oth train: were crowdid. I ,.j.-c1ni...I to trial try l>it r.. and Time'OulJen, thank (;,x I.Meilical wish gOV i-dtt I IClI".TV The Liberals claim that they rot- Etrii'-tures wlkhf'I'(, l-uilt several -
: & The Killed!! : I months ago anJ found to bo iaL'nion -
>inll. fonv than tlic -
: : : sass a ftiongtr novornir.rnt's. : Telephone 100.
Thomas Maces I ]IS years oM: Dr. Pierces Common Stti-e JIfdic.ilAilviser I bat it i h cc-nerall ;:'!mt. I ad'>gaal(!.

tfep'! ;i Mantling on rear platform! of Cent: I iu paper covers, 1 i- sent fnv onreceipt I II tsil that they art inititfrrt-ntly! armed I -- ---- -- -
t g train; crushed! to jl. th. of 21 I one-cent stamps to ptycvptnse i I \ idea aken Sack.
and poorly > >ii<>'l with ammunition.N'tnvs
.J suj |
: + T r The serioiiFly ::iuiurcd.;, : I of mailing: Oiilv. Address Dr. I of a dirlsi'.o fOn'rnI'I'.t"ie. San rranei&t-o. Nov. It*.-Ac cording

A-Pt iHm' iN* Fred Jun 's!, c.!it C:JCIt head and: I R. \'. fierce, Luffalo, X. V. I' tory is ronri.k'.rtly: : t' :::('( \'d this! WOP'C.! i ,ci The examiner three uorc machine Th e Star Laundry

i..tiT J t>ody, legs tirlcn. shops in this city have taken back I.i
** \ William .Mahon, 1" years old intfr-- YORK'S: HOB SE GHOV. lot! sfcrrt until: tut' moment the! I j i their union men on the ii-tour u-h'-d-\ ,

} '.llw rI' i.r; r pll)' illjllrt'd.Chari. I I II truopbvrre il.-ml; to uicne. A inajoiitv hl!.> and an increase of 2t:: \; cents per
s Gallagher.! 17 years old foot I hour in .
Shetland: Crest;! Mare* First to Appear of tii": troops which arritrc I wag's.Curn Biggest Busiest Best !
} crusl.,1. h tic! Arera.New \ I here Succlay I ltq: ...:t t beard the Jm'1.0.lt ,
11 I
Howard t'anouting. t-w-s crushed.
Eczema fnd Itching Humor
Gi'Lc-ral Pi"'O,1i:1: remain !
YoiK, No':. 1(1. -The! Fhftland ct --- ----
j: 1 The factory train wasaitn! ? at the Blood-Costs
: Through Nothing -
tr 1 111n 1'aha.r.a in tit'r0 : t11.- ':
: (
= '' the Alan strc-t; '.itve for th.> ri'tial! ; brood: mans" were the Grit to n;>;tzar' to Try It. : You Sec it .\ 111I0"1I l
tw! burl covend at Madison j jI -- i
to itroct'cJ when! the express: train I[ Square\ U"dcn: today arena to-.ho\v! their I I AK."O i-on 1 i.ojr.tiv.o.Lcrse 15. 1\. II. (fB.tinic lil.i.nl. Balm) i is 0- : : .
t, t hit it. '
(+ now lecojrnizf d a<< a {'utainlHid Mire I
1bGL't -- -- I beauty in iia."i'l beiore the ju the hor.f sliow. Chicricnt;; L'sves Gu:;r3 on cute for Kuetna, Itcliiri! ) Skin Humors ,
lti Darmstadt Museum: f3untcd.cr : .
+ .Darmstadt Nov. !'. .--Th.' great: t I| As usual! the day I'I'OWI1's; a small Vcr.ci.-slcn I Ctfcmbcst. Kcab-f, rjfiiles' Watery Phi;- r, i r u.5 .

I't, kf s ... "uit.ling erected l h the harp:: : foi'leties! which! was opened! l lrwith tonight, fur IJl"al'tir ally e\ery slat has Cari'cas: < rr< r;:()Tl!la-ct sajs; : A lar Joints, I'oilOarl>tuicl."', Pt ickliug g iy'fiui..h't' rut mi 1 it *
been sold. The nwrnlnt."U'II included shiiiuent; of .Ma's-s anti 'artlrl's. i'nin (in the Skin:: Old Katiii! ;; $..tt-. n .
Oltoher 5 .
A Ml' 4 great ceremony by : and cun'r'wllf'l.. i. A !
Ulcer etc. liotunic HIIII..1 Jhlm
I has lft CSuayra 01 a'n< 1\I..lan ,
only the enthusiasts and professionals -
Grand Duke I-rnfi Ludwig ilc-
JS' 1VIA "rw was 1 who siirrutimU-il tf-e! ring rail.Ilug steamboat !otht> Colombian insur taken: internally, cures the worst and i > you don't fee it. it'f ,{bAll -. :,.". .- .
troyed by fire early this morning.
: .* r( I1w-t dt't'p.*@ated ca-es enriching!, (
i Servants employed about the building'err ; \ \ to sot a close \'il'of the judging. I i goat I'redch Castio's:: ];o:!iticn do- punf> ins and vitalizing; tlm blood I cnnspieliJu",
A. J. Cassatt, of Philadelphia, and E. pnds on ':1( SHTS of the latter. AllI
burned to death. I thereby giving) a healthy blood supply ,
9 ; D. Morgan were thc vine committeemen I Venezuela, eua hiJ! nilnisters.; : oppose' to the !skin Botanic Blond Jialin ? "'t'lIl.1rt' fil pi-i.| I. path' '

Treasure Amounts to 1000. for today and Theodore \Hitch( 1 his polio I i Iii< the only cure to stay cured for 1 our Laundry. You u. t.

KinRston. Jamaica NOT. 19.! --It i sSKIW cock. Jr.. and P. "'. Sturgis were down I The roto1tioaista! under General thfse awful, annoying kin trraible" 1 > course.
i rk-iri raining: in the ttite: 1 Other remedies in'iy relieve, but IJ. r.
y asserted that the treasure found .to serve in a liKe capacity tonight.! are
i' ,, fcy the Grand Cayman turtle hunters of Caralobo. B. li. actually cures( beaN every
v, BETWEEN THE ACTS.Mr. I sore and give; the rich glow! of ALL WORK C. O. D.
rl ,: t-: In October lat amounts to Jl.yoo; inold Special Colcmb'21; Ccirmissicn.New health to the !skin. li. H. II. buildup

Spanish sold coins. The money Kave ,\. Weis will give the ncwbojs !'?- furlo':. I.--\moll'! the: pas. the broken-down body and! make TELEPHONE 114. 1 91 E. GARDEN 87CVGOODB
i buried in reef off the island ot .
jwas a
board tb blood red and Over
of Brooklyn a theater party at the senderslio; arrived today} on : nourNhinir. .
.,;i ; a.. Jamaica.: It has hern sent to :Mobile Ci.Iuinbi.i theater TUauks: : ing day the rtealt'lkjIt; from Sar'aalliawere 3iuu! voluntary! till\.nial.; of cure CALLED FOR AND DELIVERED KKKK.-W

: Jor.Eale. in:itiuce.Cbailss. General! Dingo <> Castro spoeial by Botanic iUnIJd! H.ihn ( H. li. B.I) WALKER INGRAHAM. Manager; ,
lrus'ji-ts, $1.I Trul treatment free
';' Jntt a Urllaner.i I'rohniaii! has arrar.;?...! for u i Commissioner of Colombia and and prepaid by writing; lllt.t.d lilm:

) She-Has she ninny: friends in socieh'3 longer run ii I mdciti: of \\' litlll! CU'i-; I hio secretary Ar.tc.nio I_ Amonta. Co., Atlanta 0:1.: De+cnbH trouble,

ty* l-.-tl. in ..sU-t-look IIuliiu>K." I General I-" Castio s-a\i his mission is and fife medical advice given until Florida fricuItraI olle e
P ij lie Oh she : to pure-list o war mat::'al and to [.re- cured. ,
s. It 1'1': lIal'u't been in lou;, ( 1I:1rlr: l-'rohiuan Im decided t'i
Lk c t1 you L.now.milrt Si- keep 1.111:1: : May I.o'idoti for a yearr I rent the purchase of b'ch mat'-nnl: by LA.U'E: : CITY FLOnXD.A.

s-sM: mere! toml'l'i"a.yet ItiM 'aJ. ts: "f had bringing beta i ; b.ar-rbeck .I I the Washington revol'itioni.sts.: t., ( c.lo!:: ;'llt will:tl-e:po Cider direct New Stock of House Furinxhingst and- : Eisilitceiitli Year. Beginning i :$elitt'nlller} :$0$ 1 1'iiH' .

f-msr WEAK KIDSEYS.AVlien ran;;;eel.! Liau tllnitt'j". I'-our ( nur-os In l'-our' Rr'.II.\lrIullur.a''bRDI1l1: t:1I1.11I..r :.IK I ate -
--- Decorations in great variety Chhhll'+. tin.'tone.iCour.rInt; trnr.r.hs I tN r.. .: ra I.
it The i'i! "nIg! iMTformnnee of Maude Heirs; of Charles [Ganll.i.i Apr.oaratorvenorseofoneortwoear.e. < rrautrrdfurtWex.uhulg '" I"
i' ts + 4 you have '-tins in the i hiek Adiiu in.\v plty. "(juabty Street.! i fats: :\1!il&11.. XIlJ.Q'1i"t! and at lowest imcca at.Marston tile 1'1011"10! :"> I-liniiHiHIH | .,ur. .H*.urpHloi, inl ,
; ';,Itl1i, ,i and are ui.able tu !-I..t'n. yi nr kuliieys uhich! was! given :.t tla- Vlfitiie! preparations: anbeing niaiU In the! A- Finch's.CANDY Rt hu-it-r Hung Hull men, Tu'IronFnt.tntortdai.tudvut.. (ti-rtisu-" \. ini.n
; 3f t are wf k. Hecl these danger ater. Toledci.! O. drew Sl.TiiO.ChnilcM i I I fine mixlrrn buildings! Bud Hre-t-cla-a "'JIIII'III..nl.| l-or t utuliviHi.. '. --
3 ?+1 I hl'irs of larks! Hi/.iU! jiton <>i s.-t .
a 4 ,. kigruil-i by L'ivinir nature tie aid "IH'fE'quirt'I' T. n T.xi.iAHIKO, r i: rii. II Vri.it'
lirt-tniiin: IUl.l011.1'
Kt-ct. ,
i Joseph tl'T! of lit. I'.Htl. tl> ti:H' ;pKSM"in of
1h. l beat inrdioiti" to d.| !
: 4: Y thisU i Hoitnter's; I Stomach HittHM. Jane have J.ii! [ .1:1 rots K.Ilad.cttS i I the oil\ .11'11111 l linl.it| :g. tfit.an.! .I nil.! BEST FOR THE

t x Sa ; Try it for ixniiiK'TKiv. nvsrFi-si: : \. I (-\JIlI\,;!::)'. playii:? "11,>1\ C.isar's -- as !OliO:! as ihe Mtiif nHUtih. last no -- W. B. WRIGtfT>> GOmPA( Y
i-ti.ru" Wt!II'I's th ater. 7-l
i ::4;t l'(1NRTIPATIIINL1\Eir: ABU KID.NkYTKouKLts : : : at : n'.od to the now :htr.u tun\ The al' ,

OK M t1.A rlA Our I'ri-..1 j New York.Yinriin.i, I tion ii> planned on t'1"! t-roHiid) that :M>-. H
t j B \VELS \ \
vate iMebtainp t n on tlio neck of the I II.rncd besnn her !'t:1"rlnI ; l.i/.ila.! : it i : pro-f-sing the. n>iitot 1 \ f }IANI'FA('TI'kfl:8: AMILUMBBE : J':4UN:

c tour under <(<'Iwrlt.s! l'r..I'm's iiuiii- s'pta1.- to t!',- t.si '. i.tip'ilst t... t MI It run : a I. t. 'rn r.t ..'r Its \ L ..
bottle.HOSTBTTER'S I iicnir.t In "AliCf of Old! Viuu-iimV the Print cite! "-lii-; is. ali.tuionc! tl'! "!..... J.I ,, 3" .I ( -=-' =. -. LATHSU
at tie! cipi-ia house iu Clex-laiu I'ro".TlyI.r'.; III hit ti'-irr. it i t.' ;i- :.1 ... .71 ,
L '
I 11f. "
.. ::
i I I Kl.iw A:: Krl.ins-r will soun present : fit'rh'rl that thin: if it matter <>[( !r.' .id .r >\
u A.=' Lt''iYLD : !: LJH: t.Dri1 L
,S ; I tinr.o I ... oil!aOS ill I'" Ktivcu l .V Situ ii!I''* ; Till' !nroppity if n: tininisiiies1- t CYPP.E:3SEiO: :

t= Stomach Bitters I' lU'v uH-r| :!. "Maid! !! :::ln." a "St.tnt1 1 tu tiou Isttrilt.:: l:1 ulIn' tluclc! ::', : ,1ttJ9 CATHART5O( 'f'- Jp
t lilts: : f.SllKltUl'ISN.. "Kllllil: I HlriH[ 1 vl'ryaltuHjl'! 1t h1fli h.tt pF,1r\t'lI.A. FLA.McEBNSIB .
} l
-- -- -- -- --- (

'f'I'''."\\-tti'.fJ.I'. .. '11*, t Ii'":1'. .J &. -, M, -. . .. _...0 -'- --_, _'- '.---_.- -,.- --.. -',-..._,, The Chiidri-n's! Fr,? r.I. \ .:...w. .VP"iJ JST.&lBL&8 1 i-I) J ''IGU.; :
\It' ,- r 'fh! -- -- ------ -
.. \; ,
t ,
.. ; f! i.. ; You'll! have H e.ii.l! ell- wit ter -
,{1 I, \ IF 1 ;; ,! .,.,.
i' ) ''tr! I 1 1r ),1,1) It.- Vil h 1\- '.n" li W. \ ""' "t OEETING & CODCALCKJI ,

} XWtj"l; ; I ij Jiscam: Dia VII 1 children will -ujfer: ten Fur coxlh! ) o
: II- --- --- 0
'I" '' l'rlluirm.'inl: -. u'lip and otl.cr! EAT JErl LIKE CAfvDYu
,... .j: .,\,:,,1\,, t I ., wiii'i rpt-nipl.-'inNt! : )' \IitiutcC mji! .I. r : '... I' .
; q. Ship Chandlery General >Hardware> !
: ) I ,
: ., Cur" ju'v"i f'dl".t. imniijitly. IIi f /I'/ I .11
: "
\ n'; i.j \'pry jd...'-asn to 't1!l.- t.I-:.. :and ;P f r- SItiI.I\1. 1.1: \1H. Ile:1Apr'1'Y: V.dL.:!
ft-ctly li.iniil -. (' iifiiri-! sin 003 AND 605 S. I'AI.\I\ !4rHII'T..AOXCy : .
: -
r r'' 1 4' Company : elt."I'r: Ky wri',.-: ( /n li't; :" ;:-iil KEEP YOUR BLOOD CLEW ..............------ --- : --
S'K w i* utt.ieUeilvti! cii>ui l .tione --- -- --- -
:; .. 1'iu'it' and w;., r.' '1'111"-1' -he cnuM: REVRP.E COPPER COMPANY. JOHN A. JlOr.HLIXtTrf: taO'ti/ t t.
'. ..1, .,) her.ily si jipik.: 1v her n I w sP ; .; !tG17C F. 9 HON'h
: I I c'i :. du-p-.nf One Mfuote t' "tii'-lj! CurtIt hU! .I'r J ttl Cinm Cornea pilits! Eils! II'1tcal' : laitmaiut: Charts Jukn, tUal
tl ;y
i... 'fIi""e'! tier iruu\iat..I\! 'ilorl she t:
f I .1 WI'-II' ; to -I'{ -[p. U'huihe j. on ---="7":11 or---" =:a COMP4tSY:4.Io: (; ....w

}i i 'i:'! ii I lEEHiTemg For sa'e lio:0: stares tf I liig Cspltsl! l star: : [rf[" :: liiiar IIPXmortu'iiir..ete or rretip..hf> lini:" nu rlZo. of tba: core fattJ cf all dirWHffi elation.C. McKenzi OertiazlIectini A:!cntf.ir IU: IMoU' J.f.y"I', '"' ..

111 I 11 :: lie ESCAIBIi OIL COMPANY Pc,'.ic., 2f Stcln I Dismcnc's ound. cue; :.

PortU.n.i: (J'e.'m'. r .- S'a.'ii di.I ._

: l 1 i ill nn,(ttmibtllt11[ : C cf[ tfei! C caspam!! will L3 held' ss TRSASr P i I monrt HI }!i pins value! at ahunt11":; > n "' CUBE In WICKS&Co.Plumber .

I wer.' ;tu< (',1 up! on Park street an.; I h'L .r. 9 511ut... RIII4)c )

.Eif ;:.g: ;, URY STOCKS : bare been hh r.tififd m: jart; (J.' tb'
1 \;..,..,.... ..II, .. ;JSKi.Di-.l Jlassoalocttoa!; stol! n SiI :I. Gas and Steam fitter

'I). ". fi',,I.it 'j' )H _____ ___ .., I day night front A.V.. Lcxwcnthal's'room : tr.oncy refunded. Contains ,
;;1 ;J'>p;. 1;', ,. \ i sit lv-tand hotel. N"> inos-j. rcmcclca rcccgnlad by eial-

f.lit }I I have been ir.a-ie! in the cas,,'. bi.t de tent physicians( as the hat forKitr.c No. S South P lafoT trpot.All .

lf\ J :i{ d. E.s BAARS t'J 1 te( tires are shadily at worl. t y and Bladder troubles. Kinds o; Plumbing and Uaa FltiujT9 Mi v.ruU Kept 'in Iii j"Il'lIr..ONIi1

I ,
; : rJ'.v .., ..7..
i cc'r' Siherr.e; of Vsjnrts: Morgan. PRIca 1fk std 11."{

1 l TRUSTEE. S, New York; Xov. L'-According: to W. A. D'ALEMRERTR. T

's'r 1fff ki- the Loat'on correspondent of The
) World, The Daily Express publ!.:hi
tl 11" OFFICE: NO TCO'j' : :-\. 1'aUfox Si.toJtffw PF.X: ACOLA FI.. B g
J a runior that J. P.rtlOntorg:1n: !"

",.,t 1f,III I t'5,7 7'iY4"i:: : ..'."> -.' -.; t. ; :O------" '= t.': 1 C I negotiating! for the purchc.se of one of t I Ioca or II 4s.1 f NioJeli( )

I I the largest of the British! shipyards, IMPORTER AND JOBBER OF
i >---- i I where he can build 21-knot steamers T" ?
ill: t ?:; I
: l THE PARLOR MA11KET. I TKe Alert Sails. ::Hardware

San Diego Cal., Nov. 19.-The ,
.pftfii j Unit:
; ed States training ship Alert has So.1ed !
for : Iron Nails. Axes. Shovel Saw Mill and Steamboat Kappllei. Cock!:'
| M&gdaloaa bay for
gun pracUce. and HeatlnjBtoTw, Paint. Olli and Window OI&-! ,

tii t ; 7.i t Choice Refrigerator Meats, Wild Game and :;I PAINT Agate and Tinware and Housefurnibhing Goods

h?vmour V.Vhh. Moira. N. Y..
l wrltf@ : "I had! be"n troubled with { Rtmorei. a3 Carol, Bunions and Wira, Gnne Pistols and FUhlng Tacil.lES't ..
ri iUws:pain, ,
: J ipecdHr aad(+crmueaty s
i i I yearand had tried several"; phvaciana! Ail tiTt r>ro Ui4i? i**
:. t FOR YOUR ': b'lt re..IvP-I no r.-li-' until I rmnsrht B30S.'WftWLSt C. Stltchod Beltln !'. Northampton Emery; VV nee! 1m;any, aftln A Rat'

:irJI 1 ahattleiiiI'OLrt KIDNEY CUKK IW.i0p Pol f Company; Johtiaon'a E&lsomJc, Iron Ra! and Unck'gaud I"t r-I
.& THANKSGIVING: After niikf two I ln'tleI was abIutp
: "$<> |" cur..d. I earn*>*.tlv reeom- : Ranges, Wm. Cot: dtCo.'a flay IIMs! Lace LuUnr, Mn"rl'lltl

"n 4 5. mend F-il\v's KMnpy PUrP.'' Take aids Sillrnad Colon.Masonic .
.rIiP E 2 11 S utii
". I palafox: : St. I only Foly's. \\". A. D'.\lmbertt' I I Temple, Pensacola, Fla.


,. q ...........
-- -

:p- -- '''''' LLJJ. 'r _i- 4","..[. .. U.1l4: ..w'i.. : '"*""!'- "' ''''='''' '-'--''' '''; 'r- "' "!,> """';;' .':', : '....-. --.- : .-;..,....-. _-,-. e 4" -- -__ --4:1' ; 'f. T ,


i(;} : r'1

) J


._ r f


1 Emprsu Aogntta Victoria of C... '
Accepts Presidency of Cumberland
many, Recently Reported III. .
"" v... .,.' *'.. s-v but n
'1-' ... r> to. mean. It's ny, whom the cable! dipptitehes remitly b) Mrs. E. Sailer Birmingham, Ala., Nov. 19.-Colonel : '
t"1. s 's Frend: has ; Nat f ( :
." :. I Baxter president of the Tennessee -I : .
c. reported to have: been taken suddenly
others havnI"
:1 e "D'EAR Mas. PIXKIIAMVhen I ; Coal, Iron and Railroad i
t : h h cf child- ill at Rom In ton. nwpssltatinK her return -!i company. .
: -
: L what is known
:" '" : passed through: rs i yesterday announced to his friends !
'MjthrrMrii" I ment to be to the palace at licrlln.!! ,-elelratr change of life," I had two years' suf- |1 that he had tendered his :
:.. -- .-. I horoughly the twentieth h anniversary of her wedding ferinjr, -bitdtlen heat, and as quick
*.- : '. -.'> of tK ..i. i It gives : with Iiniicror'ilhiam on I>h. 27 chills would pass over me ; my appetitewas to the directors of the company and i I.
whet the fnal i had accepted the presidency of the : :- l
: ) ? ? :1. : (It this yoar. Sho w.-n formerly the variable and I never could tell for

*.: ..; tney revor.d quickly and IVmeess 1_=_S-_____._ ____- 1 Cumberland Coal and Coke company : ;
Victoria of Sli'swIek-IIolstoin- Y
/ Mothers Frend is I of Tennessee.Mr. :
: J
j p.n.
-. ally.:! Internal remedies.e nllJ'r"or:1u"t'tll.or\ ; :: nail thl'l I Iilaiishtor I ,
: : I Baxter announces that there has i
i" "" harm than! good.; If a > ('f the late Duke Fredcr'.ck! of i i "' been no friction between him and the ; ; \
S that principality. The Geruian cm- ,, .
directors cf the Tennessee company. : 'j
I but that he has acquired a barge interest -
i >
c i.i. -.- '_ in the Cumberland which r
,I J company
.. -- ) .
.. -..: 'q o\\cs eight coal mines and other large r

)i.tE' -..-. t( 11 properties in Tennessee, and that he f

s. believes! the change will profit him pecuniarily. -i '

f S I1 :
-. ; Don. II. Bacon the prenenthairS '

I -r4 ; 4'c man of the hoard of directors of the .
I company and its virtual manager, will -

$ be elected president it is thought. I i iI '

: I c WHEATON SHOOTS HOULIHAN. I I The Most :! : 'j .r

-- "
1, "1
.w _.r.rr7 :,IKS.Prcsiilcnt I:. S.IL1. .. I .1 ;
; (;I'nnm TIelicf A'ri..tion! Two Men. I t.
Ijoi Augi-U"i; 15'al.! Savannah, Nov. li'.-John f' \Vhea i :

". siro'.sd: w'.th: this sp'endid; : J.ni-: a day n* a time h,,w I would frol th> ton. a member of a prominent family ,

: r.sver fear rising cr selhrig ''next !llrh'.> bottles! of LAtlia I:. here, yesterday shot Thomas Houli

,. _", -.,, slCKness. or any of the I'inkhiaiti'segeta'.ile! 'utii Ititlintiehange'd han. a mail carrier. Tilt: shooting ocuned ;

wi.di usual./:: accompany; preg- all that. niyilay: hecair.c daY on I Hahersham stre-'t. where [ I I II '3

::1 U')1) 4.f health :m.II. hive: ..enjoyed every dayhint.1 \Yhcaton was a lodser at Houlihan's : i
: .i.'a.
'.etor of a large hotel in Tampa. -now : lIou t'. For some time there had been
.. \vt, have \1"*-<1 'on.j,1'ral. of your
: My wife an tmc: 'I ill feeling between the two because of
] \ !Itabl1.mptan I in our (charitable '
cnild. her secondMother's !
first During I alleged attentions that \Vheaton had
i I work, as we fiat that to restore a poorlulthicr .
'. Fnend was ued and: ... been payin his landlotd's wife.Yesterday .
"' hersolf i
health she
1Itf:1I : to so c.n support -
before the doctor ,
as born ras.ly ,
; and thi'Mj dcrn-ndeat! upun h<'r. if afternoon they were both
-j. It's certainly !great. : a'r.rssl'hl'T., \ \ ICTOSIV.pre i sach! there he. is truer charity than 1:1 I Rt the house. \Vheaton claims that I :

iff Ihtr'. Frlf nj it the. <:<; 1 is now forty-three years od! nnd :give other ai.:1 have my hearty Houlihan was advancm:? upon him I '

ilru{ .t..rc. $1 per buttle.IHE 1 has 1.4'1'1nl'a's notinl! I fur rHlou1Iwalth enlorsement.! fir yon Inve: provenyourself with an uplifted: bed slat when he In j t.I t. i

ERADFIELD REGULATOR CO., I t and Mrmi;: Atlanta Ga. Mr.c. I 1L S\i.ns. ;MHill M.. i
mea. -
exeillent bor rcand
mi ewoiian to The wound will not prove fatal. I ,
f..r oar free iUu.U.eJ bunk" ticfure 11, lftt> Angles, Cal.-J5000/or/c/f if above to
.. that e\erelM from her andrinds .
piillniod, \Vhcaton was arretted.Sheriff
lit ...... t.nionin/ not ipnsne.u {
mure ii-liht III ranteritc; tI1 I' iii \ other iterson. (':111 !ii\n !sucii I : I .t r

tl1,- back i t i
SOUTH AFRICAN PRO Lr.M. I other nut of door recreation. Tin1 mipros i arc sick us can 3Irs. IMnkliain Cedartown Ca.. XOI !.-Sheriff I FINE "

,, is the mother of M-TCIJ children for no other lia.; had such great John llutchings of this county, was I !

It Is a Corrplicated One That Cannot the ,.Iolt.--t of whom. TrinciFntlerlek : ejerien-e-lIerallre.s is Ljnii Killed Sunday night by the accidental\ I : : ,

Be Easily Grasped. I I William. is heir to the imperial I t hr.iii.'. i I )Ias, ., and her advice free-if discharge of his revolver. In stooping -t r

Now York. Nov. 19. -Mail\ advices Of the sit others the are bojs. The '. SOIl are sick write her-you are over to place some coal in a scuttle Biloxi 1 1I

?: m Natal to tho I.ontlon Tirws and youngest child 1i; tln Lithe I'rineess n.'- foolish: if you tlou't.f. the pistol fell from his pocket. thtiifjRer .' I I

XtYork Times the proh- ti.rin Louise, I born In 1'-it!'12. The mother i I !:: striking! a lump of coal. Death 'I II I
says :
I .
.,: in tI'lthfrka) I Is a complicated : I.f the imperial children I is a high type was instantaneous. For eight! years j RECEIVED FRESH! I.I I.

.. ii.il annul l 101' Krasjiod l h reading :| (If tine: C ;irIii: wnmanhood in but iiI I .'- proM'.A.l I"- t loin oat mint fn th before his election! as sherIff the deceased I I.t.
: y I
andbarieter.. ; luornliiK) to i-offee and cord.aN: I afuridinner. I ;'
beauty of Polk
-.- ttsnaiwrs.: The ( nrri'fiimndpr.t I I was treasurer county. AND SERVED
Thl'alo l eayvith !
f.,- I'.ntish must !11.' male to nn- i are He/ was a prominent Odd Fellow and f t.
Hewers. and the day of the colonial.simpliiity ,
that t!li"y have to dal with A < barmlnn Su-It-| > linir. Mason aul'us the brollwr.in.la
; i (STYLES.:; I
.. IVnees: IMxnrotikl! has lieeu seen : seems to l.a\e passed as far lleprcsentatue Newt Ttimlin. 01 Car
l i' |> <>],1. whose very olomen-1 I I as silver i iI 14 c'ollel'l'II"1. i Ii.I II
< Ian has lifen dirooUil by : Imt lillle in 1.0.1'111 Mulety this ) tar: roll county.

tipuli'Ui und ambitious this I I'in;: ,'utin.I i ) sueii-ty's loss furIMT I I Ii -- i..

"d'llinlt themSth tho l>('- lii:;:hnt'''!'. lioth asI his I'lcctwondViNou I \\rnr DOy' vhoc-.. I I II Death of Pioneer Merchant.

h.' dl"!--t popular' spinster'! III | Many young women liujins thc heavyi Kansas ('it,1:: \-. I'.'.-. .MichaelIiivelj.
i bolcd shtH's Unw vo 1IIt'hlrn Ity them of
the dominion uf South I.oiiion.! accoidiu;: to the dii-ttim of avery ". aped 7ears.:: a pioneer IIl<''r. Dinners
seek Ih.IIh'\ ,. shoe ileparinu! fur Reua \j
artS taught that the I l.iuli 1'1'1',11:1:11.1:; iis theiiV chant. ili"d! at his home here tO'l.ty. ,
.. (be purl'l! cirl! of ei;gh i I it-it re
-her I is to li" driven I (If an :accomplished Denial Kii >ian I He was born in Somerset county.I'ennsjhauiu. .
111:11'kul the other C.yy: "I t'.nd: that a :
vinu them the blacks jinn'ntnte. tins hell a tiiihiiie\ [Hi'itiou in I Ironi! which stallhi'i

of \voo-l and draw-! ,, the sreat world. M.iny imervMin:.; citherin : i I boy's list i i" much more "omf"I"JI.o'I fatter c'iiliste.1 in the 1M2:: war and be- ONLI Y ftE ,
than t that niad'1 for a ;:irl. I simplyhne
1,1 the ila)-:> rf the :'s have ta Liii i plaeiin her London wilh"II'; ('ann* a I biicadier I gi;net-al. I He I lepre. i .
f.t lilted to the lioe. : .
hiitiM'. It from thence thatas my
I was senti-d: Miiiscii'ri I at the Vienna exposition \ :
: regard to sine and they wear I longeri .
< <>rrcbponil says.' : luarrinl tli" 1-iM-Sy oldi-r ilauz'.iter! of I In 187S l > was one of lie first li- .

!)I"I' thoroughly' I I 10) al ( 'nloni-l and I Mrs. ('oniunllis-NVot to i and belter. tllIIII'\'I1I the" so called titan 'I rc'ctort. of the I Hannibal anti St. iiI )- t I.

U I rot in ('illlf' ( thorikaut1era I'rlnrp Ileiir (It I'less. and \1/y a curl- :,, Ih.h ..hul'! for- --women.-. ...... ;I EPph r.iilroiul a nil helped to 1 bring the ; I "

,. .\( arc on I oils coirn-idel'Ci'! JIlss FleetWimdVil, -I The I'p.-sciil 'I rot of \Vcnllli.Hie I Kinsas: ('it)' and Santa IV road! into \

I KOM'S own I'lisjasjcnunt to a contintMit.ilprince : nun R'.CI' in I lie country dwilli Kansas City.Darragcs. I PLACE'i'; I.
: tia:1tMI hlll'll.Lfll'r. ruB nft a'I! \i a haughty!) time. Prove : '
was a a : I -- ---- i
:i tM muchnes Plljr.lI'n.I ..
II* < >rn< tl" nun U!In tu s or bolls;
i The ..1'111.11'I.1il -f..r ii: aih.1t It-ti to I ,
; .
!. the lrr"INIII- I II. Ii3. tulalufs ot his nan.VaU.ington. Awarded Blackburn.h1ainlriih. : f
the ordinary church marriage :1 {..I'('- \ Star.i .
that the inhabitants ; ;?.'. lia.. Nov. 10.: -ludscSiience. ;.
i| mflTl t-,, :. i-'act- ii tin- -11:1.1 1 of the ) f ,
--My! "smashed" and ; I (.f thelbany cireu.t.: is hoMini : : )
,1' it they are "smash- I i Uu-1-!I:1I1 "'!ul i:;<-)'--arou-'iil 1 a a i in hell':i* I fin haul, I'rh it. ; a two week's term nt inuit her. ....--

: 0 nt the tutiiro' ink'ta 1 aiHuiint of talk niid iiitt-n-st. uid great i' ''hildrcn In Chorus Many happy'! returns : In I the case of Mai tin I'.l.ukburn ? : '

Then wi' ho the |ileivure\ was fi It I l-y th" liriiK-'s friends 1 of the 1111\: .'. grandpa und mamma against the Alahatia Midlriid! llwaycompany :! I
l I.II0WII that -he l sajs if you give us each lift cents ,
I'.nh: : to ho generous. : when it 'i'.ine >y iii'nt'ins for injurits! nceueij in a of

":'." the l burghers ran nn-ar.t 11 aliand-jii hicinative i \\u musu't lose l it: : wieik on that ro.i.l some twr. years ;!

-, :\ I it the s<-alos of jus- land.: -London Sketi h.Srnvon'it !i aIm Blackburn was anauled verdict I Ii
Mnlny Infliirnre.Ie .
1\ !..I I !I. of ll'MHMl. lilarkhlllnas a mail clerk :
I' ram! home! from Mjnia
!" I"n..hinD" In C'nr. .
betweenVajcross ami Montgomery.The i
I i'. \\ Ilh luallh 5Um'u bat precarious. I
From tran: nt :gov.r.s tc furs is afar I 1'r\ And to inquiring;: friends he UI<1 criminal docket! will consume the : : :
C. !bic: to Honolulu. I i cry seemingly:; but the season of -( He gutaM'tJ; lie u a. Mjljjriou. I! entire week.
1 \ )I", The Commercial pt lletrolt Free Press. .
j the one Is the season of the other! a nilthe i ,
r | \JIODC: jiscusses I reaty: ,
recently or-
:1\1':111)| I
wise woman does not wait until
> :> Hi I-ir't l.iiTf. I'--The lilobe this
N ot i Londim. Nov. :
\ <>rto\ lay a cable 1
flies to settle the of I
the snow puestlon
I t-o'o to the Philippine | $hSUI'I'O"' you will coir.aiJt sulclde af'rnn'ltlli( f issues the HayI'auncpfote 1
her winter vrii f'is. Fur garments, of e\- '
? It' -
|I It I refuse you treaty In its usual ultra tone.
"i \.iidi-d the contract: for
will \be I
1 vuinn4'tt
cry conceivable length He-That bas born my iiistom. says: "t'nless Lord 1'auncefote and .
'I"! and laying< of the 'I
:, winter. A little chinchilla coat i I. Smart Set. I Secretary Hay base strictly observedthe f
: 'I.'m San Francisco tot '! made in the popular blouse shape.\ Thehi1oue I the I .
quid A
principal pro quo
an :"uiUish company i is h'ltlln at the waist! by a belt I Their l.ntt Chance. treaty is far more likely to Impair' I :

:. ,i I' II'l!'" -i the completion inlite I (if suede leather. The full bishop! sleeves Some girls marrr in the autumn, than to strengthen friendliness. If Brit .j
idiim1 When the Irairs trgin to all-
contract I
I ; 1
also terminated by a bind of ;
are ,
J .: 0, 'l"J. : n., That is If the dear girls ever Ish rights on the isthmus have beenI I I
I the wrists.. -The use of. the suede is: .I :'._ Get t chance to weO lat all.J __ I abandoned without a tangible CQiiiva- i. : t I' I.

nn excellent !Idea since it docs away Chicago tW" I II I lent it will not be long!: before Great 'I Special : .

rim : I with the clumsy iffcct: of the fur Mouse: : Financial.She i Britain Is invited to surrender the I II .

W.. ifr OUH Hundred Dollars re- as ordinarily made. .'t hung/ paletot of -Were you upset by the bank West Indies and even Canada. u'' I II'
'. sealskin! which reaches\ quite to the bottom -
w 'i r any c.t-e eof Catarrh that I failure. peace offerings to American Chauvin ;,
of the skirt and is worth a Iilnl: i iII served all
I !II.. \'I r"\d !Sy Hall'H Catarrh 1 I He-Yes; I lost my balance.-I'.oston: I ism. !: I
--- -- -
ratl.u1lIs l the other extreme In the I
I II I.'ra hl. ___ I 0-DAY take FuLEVs }fuonyANl1 j
length of fur carments. The cloak\ is -5-- T the day or
I 1'MVVI-Y.i A ('.1., T lf'lo.O. I fII'I'owllh beautiful sables: and with Setting a Prisoner "'rpI'. Itpoeitively pr -- 1 I I
\\ .' mud, r-uiH'tl have known i ic : : v 'nt* pneumonia: or other seriousreulu !
I'. f..rth.. I.t-t Ii't'ar I i it Is carried nn Immense "grannie"muff. : II IIi A man with rheumatism i< a prisoner. I from cold; It may be too Reasonable I

\ mi perf".etly honorable, ;; IVtween these two extremes I Is His fetters are none the less I: latA TO- IORImw. W. A.D'Alem- II Ii I
cTiat of sable.The I jrallin" because the are invisible. berte.
1 i,' -- transactions and :! a Ihrl'- llllrll'r length I' i ,1 :
Divjs' Painkiller! ---
'\ ,' (.> rovers are very law. and the To him Perry f
> out ob-
carry any Rubbed well!
I-l 1.1' 1 their (inn.WhTATllfAX. sleeves are in bishop t-hape. I Ii comes into the a? !a:swollen liberator.stiffened joints it Foley's Honey and Tar \ !

: :i not merely drive away the pain it forchildrcn.safe.sure. Ao opiates.I SEA FOOD I
I" I
I'-'lUKM-s'! Toledo, O.I The Popular 1'Jale. I makes the inu cle pliable su that - -

'i. \ \ \:10: AM .\ KVISNN ;, The Sbertield plate! which was found i the prisoner l-ecomes a free man. GEXIltI4 rilllNCH: CHtIH'U

''.'- ., Toled-i, O. 'ou the sild'-board; of our ;grandmothershas : There i.* but one Painkiller, I'errylJvis. I

'ure N taken in- ': \lnvn rivalled n: favor and promises I I 2;> and 50 cent Following i U the schedule of the A jI
: _
inertly the!
njMin to play an important; part III th' ;overntn"ntteamer General French
-urfaceof the(
S ; -r bottle. Sold dSplay of bridal I fifts. It comes in i I MIIHfflKKKY.The I II I which THE NEWS prints for the ;

-. i -tltu..nial. free. tiays, dishes: : turcun and puts, and i I undersigned take* this method ben-lit of the merchant: who hip i :

i'.: ..r.. tht> !bet.N tl.o ji'U hou.ekeep will find it as ; of off ril1l! her ervice* as a their goods to the various army I
did.'The \. licenced midwife !.av- .
durable as her ;great-grandmother: ( firt-c1"4: pist : !I

quaint ill shapes: have bun 1'1"'iw.I lug had 3J: years experience. 1.\1',i IVnsHColnLi .... .;011 B. m. i
C Ten V.ars. Can give be.-t of referencfa; from .M? ,
I of
.. '! \ t.> the Jy of the l ler an- of rhU city. .;I I'lCarn, i."tii It. innn. i
1:1011: n. a' : who !finds: uotliiug! of: a later tietitrn leading physician I lNv...; It'trrutfleit: .. ... ": m. '
.1 [hi ';"1'I' MRS. M. OIUDKNS; L"IIPrn.." ()I,, .. 1'i.i'ii. manil .
I hit ii 1"'ii> 1 beautiful.Kalserzinn I[ lit :South:; DeVilliersHt. -\rrll'P' H rr"ntI1Iln: a. m. Ih..n I
4 :p. !':: : retains its pularity. and I __ niiikrn trip to tort Mcltt HIturiMtu then! I'P'- : '1 .
Iturrsncai.lrutt Au ll l THE f r l J .
or H'br.! .J
: the slHipiuen derl.ire! tliat it I is almostimjo I I i OTln;. .S 11:11 rans' J !:. p. m. 'it
f "
:': '" '. .
siMe to keip :llot'.k in the store. l.-itvt-. l'iCkeul4: 1 :: i p. III.I. (
> I have !beets authorized to take .... .
\\ .\ : Li-at-si i'.nl\l'ullt 4::411 1' t
I It is handsome, durable, and iiicspeusie. .;abcriptii f'm.. Jenpimi1 L.."'..-. i'iek"n. :..l.'i I: p. Ill I.; .
'" .'. three things! ; which appeal to tho Bryan's 1 .; paper "The Comlt1 l1t>r." Arrive, "-"rrdut'tI" 1'. en. auJ m..ke. :.
to McKr*. ant! return.
buyer of wedding! ; :gift; ,, The price I U Jl.On per year in ad trip .' I.
: : On \WwinfidaysandSUur,1iy! ; : the fI.
; the
;1 The variety nf silver ppouus forksa.l vance. Tho-e de-irin{ pacercati \"il'l'ick-

!,..I" is (,;).11.."... and the-lir.li'wII. : h:1it sent to them. by sending boat en:< for wiL IViia-icol Inave Hitrrincai at 'iHO p.; in. Only place in ;. j
: I Ifl.uOtu( the : ,-
: 11' S : I r. )[. TIII The General French is for arnn'lurpot't where .
Grand Mound, la and : tnuthave you v
:. ; Adolph lilutier Care Daily News.Everybody < only anyolltiJH I I
Fot-KY's : '" from the 'Iu.trtermlter: '
..1"M wii-e i : 1 have used a pa v
\ HUNKYANI.: TAX in my family and haa rIl1t to a littleI to tak: paz o hfr.: the I : .

ftl.I. .. think it is the bet couh cure on I piece of this earth. Hut they must9gltt i i

) t mrs'4! : the market. I would not be without I 1 for it. They must watch their Made j"j"i
: 1 r.1 \\ ht: therfI i#: {n"111! ?!* and it. t .
,it in my liome as i| chance to get it, get LODGE DIRECTORYKNIGHTS
I I h"'IS"1", cmi-hs' and coldv. '
n }.", .( for Thos. C. Watson & Co. I
'"" til !I' .. 0 D'Alemberte. I'
( t. t A. have some particularly) fine bargains EIesos !!
__ _
I 'II'i ;d : .: ..11. u -- -- 'to offer jut now and they invite OF PYTHIAS .j'

CI -11 ,, same. -
and in\'e.tIpte;
volt to come -
CASTORIAFor You will never regret having done"PARKER'S Pennacola Lodge, No. 3. K. of P., I : I}

iR) .{). meeti every Monday even
Infants and Children. tag at iJI at Castle Hall .

S S \. Mutton!, Itul."fcoimwurdahove., The Kind You Have Always Bought HAIR BALSAM I It Visiting In tbe?brethren.Blount t&lrd floor.--cordially Watioihutldin i I. <\. -

!It.\\1nth! *, ami one bottle and S luuram bMotifK*growth.th* halt I I welcomed. M.CAXFBKLL NICES l I : ; 4 1 II
: i .
: AXib'j'ARreor- Bears the j/ ? Pails to Heator*> Grail CiO : I .
1k to lU yetthfui coior. i .EoIitliu. ii -
'u'evou get ,1"0A Signature! 1 i
I .
DAleiuberte. I .--. rlW..Lo r. -
I Lil.: :

,.. ;. ,, \ ".t.: 1.IJtl"1'r.' ... -J "_. ,,....... AJj- .:-<< .4 ).J14 f i lr.H.pi.jr) )Jt-: !f2 nl iI! !.-l 'Jf. : lntJifflV! ; : '>.Ji. """ .- -- -.. '




DAILY NEWS law next year. Common peu .e demands MAM ON TRIAL FOR
that a fair and impartialtrial KNTHUSIASTIG FMBEZZLEMENT aa

11akrM at the Post Office atM penlacol..1 of the law be had, and [that its PER CENT

.. M.e-d-<< Uis matter. defects if they exist, be discovered The morning session of the criminal

I and corrected.a1AYoft'd. CONVERTS court to-day was moat all taken
ttti/r0at Pitt Bnlldlnj!II% BO'thF l I in the trial of Jos. J. Howell, themoney During! Hept.? nearly per c*>nt. flMrt, (lf !hI' j,,,,
.*......,-tUiri. Ij' up claims paid by the Equitable! In HIP 1'I.llIdt1t.: .. II II \
COLKT.Will : I lender, against whom there I Canada were paid within OLe day afar proof of d. ,v -

+ FDBLI6HKD BY i is a charge of embezzlementof were received
Vane lieU as Accomplice In I I
t There Are Thousands of Them
00 and furniture.
. TIE Butler Shooting Case.VillVance.colored.has money Nr.MP.Klt. AVN[

>:-*_ \ been arrested Who Believe as This Woman The complaint is f made by a : Claims Paid ..... 1G3 $744,717

;1/ T -lnvarlably In Advance. i white woman whose home at pre :

-:: .J- J ty1 Tsar bJ' Mau ___ _'aWrt 500 as au accomplice in the shooting Does. ent is in Urewton, Ala.: and who Paid within one day... 100 73sl7r
aa".Uaa" of Officer Butler. Vance will beheld
.__. .. I f.ol charges that Howell disposed of a
!'; niM oaaMODth MODUli ......... 50 in the city jail until Oftcer: Mr. Ira Knowltonof Butte. ron- THERE WERE ONLY THKEK: : CLAIMTim I
DIM W.*fc,by Carrier payable Mondar 10 Butler i is able to be out unless he tana is a most enthusiastic convertto lot of property'I left in.his care during REMAINED UNPAID: OX THE: l-E'lPN1) 11\
The solicitor
'i au enforced >"euel?
-fl.1i can raise his bond which was fixed the virtues of 1tlart'Dypepfa -
tu-day tiled an information against Total Claims Paid .
THE WEEKLY NEWS: by the mayor at $1W. Tablets a; a cure for ob.tinate stomach Howell in which is charged a lot of S 744 1

; :,J' Frank Luckey, charged with cur- trouble, She says : "I had poor l"prilUcompbinti'" .. He was placed Total Premiums Paid G3
t' J"1dI11Ibf' every Friday at Jl.mrper year injr R. A. t-ten-on, wa- fiueit $10.Win. on trial this morning and the cavetint .0Qu

.;:. ",. t.a.weerree. Jt'WI'harled with leavinghi having been completed at 1:30 Profits to Estates of
'g r t .- -, team unfusteneit, wa-< fined f 1.Rusau 1. o'clock it was continued until the Assured$1 .l 1
{ !r' i /d srtieingRates furnished on ApplicatlM.it Miller. charged; with a=- Mte Hon H.
afternoon see-ion. C. Laney: Where claims are riot paid hiuiiHliuMy It t. ,
aultiu Col. John I> takenunder
: ( advisement; until unn, ca- : !Ili > : \ reprePnrthe defendant and the due to df lay on the part of the bei.tlirury! in: ,
to- :ulrow
..;.:: '':;:i'-- fr'uiimi.O1 prosecution is being conducted by ting complete paper.-
)I' uwruir.g- r :Solicitor: Parkhill and S. M. Loftiii.
L UNI Ni1: -- --- ----- 9926 of
% Amount Paid
I. !it The solicitor came forward this: Within a: Day.TJr .
;"Co:::-r tt't ...,.. 1 el morning and a*ked that the cae: of ti of Claim paid to Prtmunnreeely.. .
-1 \:: f llirilSDAV MG11T Tucker Thomas be nol proved, Per cent of Profit to Estate: of A-,nrtd.. . .
; : -. which was: done
NO. 118. .
NiriTjM.ht TELEPHONE 'Way Down K.t-t," po--ibly the Allen Byrd was convicted of tres- The'gEquitable Life Assurance Society.

most successful" of modem drama ? pi-i-inj on private property and was

M** ** PEI8AOOLA, NOV 20 1901 becau-H has attracted wide attention l sentenced to pay a flue of $10 and "RT nN'OFST IN T'PVORT D'"
and in default of to
"t. co-sts ; payment
not only in the theatric world
be confined hard .
at laborfur8Jdaye.R.
.: Su.rp1'ulIiI to
POlicY- OlchJJ.
i : ;: ; T1tt:5fnbile Hf'i: -tpr regard. the but from a class of people who as a A. Penton, w1)') was yesterday SGU.OOO.OOO,

1j proportion the Daughters of the rule are not di-po'ed to lo'k with convicted of ret'iilius !liquor without KNDWLES
. licenj-e was fined lid; () and cosu, BROS. Gen Agents
s" Pt Confederacy to erect memorial favor upon the tte: f is I"soon" to have ,
< and in default of same to be confined ,
w*. > -l j f'IMi arch in Richmond to the memory of its initial production here. It i is announced for l ft: day-) at hard! I h bor. ins S. Palufox: street I'Jo\-\: \Ct.n. \

__ _
!.:r'i Jeiler-onl) tvk, a: one "of doubtful for Thursday night; This --

tl ': merit" and aptly --ngjrtst: : Ih t af.ir play from the pen of Lottie Blair To the 1'alilio. -

: ," '.:,t i I t more enduring slid appropriate: 1'arker. aided by the deft t-Il )oration Allow m" to sty a few words in : & HEADQUARTERS FOR: ( :

li" v: moountHiit would be the t."tabl-h-: of Mr. JI)". K. iri-mer, has gone pr-jNenf: Chamberlain's CouL'h: Rem - -
: far towardalieriatiez the tone "f. edy. 1 had a severe cough and
f pent aud *-iid >* ment of vettraL>- very ;
.11 the :-t...:e. Fir-t pruducej under the cold and feared would ijet pneumonia. -
: 3 tif; liom1.THK. __ direction of )Ir. \I'iii.:1. Brady: hut alter taking the second dose
remained f'lrlll entire-ca-on at thtl dire-tine; nearly allll\' life. It now of thi-lnediciuo 1 felt better three

;. tl 4 .; 1 ont-liiuulredtli unni\er-ary: M.UiUt! ; Xe'V York: and tl'eni seemtn HIM that for yearI: never bottles it cured my cold and) tie
4. of the ftuindiiiiif the New YutkKvenint I kii-v what it tt :a. M h* hungry, to SCHOOL8Wo !
\. : t.' > !'.iin at Academy lit Iu.i K; for pat11in my che-t! (11-ipp: eared entirely.
'./ t g' ; 'ft' ; I o-t was fitly ce'tbratetllart J.T! represrjnt.iti'niIt fiat heeniifd !J'n'" a jri oil unttir.il petite. I am Inll-t re'j>ectfi4llv ;yours
,.1 1' r: "t.; week by a memorial .II.IUt"1 \ by huii-ireds olfrayinth. "I 1 wa- troubled wih ea-in -tom- for ht-dltli. UALI-H: S MhYnis( :I C4:
*: l v, t:1I have not I-ittted'! : to ti.ionii-lj: ach. cauiin. (prp.;:*iirp. on the .heart: Thirty--eveiith St.. Wheeling. \\'.
.r;. f : voluntarily: tendered: by out; hundred with pal p1tatton :nd ;hort breath Va. .
the delight it alf-ircSeil them: in letters Furtie i by all dru; ists. arulmediciae -- ---- --- -- ---
:: .; _. .)f the lIl\\..-t ui.il: m'-t prominent If the lii<;lll,-t CIIII\IIIt'itJltiotl Nearly everything 1 u'e soured onmy dealers.

., ,,- : : CitizenincluJlii.: ; _\hrlu: Hewitt, The play will! I I"IMVFII here with nirrfnt -tonuc'1!;, -onlrtimehad'' Have the Largest Sleek Ever Brcup b'

:;1F.. .JI.' John 0. Ciirii-le, ('h.lrltS.. K ir- c.t-t, superb scetir.ry! and! ert.lllp; in tlie.. I.m.>tuijch. which alumotreetnbletl I'nioiiTi, i;. f i C. A. .I. "I'.\. to Pcnsacola and at low Prices-
mountingall the incehanie.il et- :
;;:t! t ', child ).lIIi..I.-\:\. Lainont. Andrew feet, appurtenances; t.o notice- I->ctor tuld ir.e I had catarrh: of There will he a called meeting o'

: ..:-. ''' i' earlle?lr. J. I'lVipont{ M 1. rui.. D. (). "loll'! in the iiHtrni.iai! ; production. the' tfi.ioh.. but their medicines l'ut1u li; J hurJa'vellino; : it T; GEM' BOOK
woulJ: not mach it inJ 1 woiiM .till o'clock, > ov. 21.! Alt I members STORE.A.
: :fill,, C'luilrs Sciihsier, Edmund .5 'Way Down Ki tat" i- a "'tr,,:):: prentation are
of moral truth, 1a be a ulferer: had l I not, in. fbrrr de.- i rffjiK-rtfd! t-> be present as bu-ine-s f
Schurz.AVilHaui : pure
Carl :
I..i.::; '..}... ,-j Clarence: Stedinui. rweettory, full of homely humor peratiou: decided to try :Stiuit's: : of neat: importan.-e is to be traiiy-
t';'J1..tf'" t' J. Curti and others, atestimonial a PO! stroncly ch:iricteri-tic'of: New lay=pep-ia'Yablets.: acted. Joiix D. ItKMiALL, Complete Line of School Supplies.

e i. appreciation of the! England; life. It is a ?.n'' prt-dition "I knew they were an advertised live. m,ec.Foley's Tablets Pencils
.t. Pens Penholders
'I!... "-)i zeal and eJIortof the Evening Po-t tn.tatethttthiplay; will be -ure reined and f didn't believe anything Etc.
I read about them a* I had iio: ,
to the succe-s here that has:
.tt-: : in the interest of good citizen-hip repeat Tar
; chronicled i its pre-entation d-e. confidence in advertised remediesbut Honey and
.'. : rat. ; and its maintenance! in j.nitnali-m! where. my .-ister living in Pitt-burg forchildren.safe.sure. No opiates. SEE ME :FIND SJE MONEY.CHAS.R.JOHNS .

1 :' : .;..t, ofbi hmtlrtI"uJ literary ideal-." wrote me la-t spring telling me how t -- -- ----- -
.Stuart's Tablet had cured her little
4 Ho marked a demonstration mu-t, CITY'lCl'OmOl' IX THK CLUTTER 'U'\IQ' HOOK
., '. daughters of indirection and loss of
have caused New Yoik'.. yellow1journals TAX I.ICK.NSi: C\SK
flesh! and appetite and I hesitated no 'Incorporated.) i ON

W:;1 '. :. to turn green_with i envy.A Jeo. W. Pryor through his attor- longer. Has just received a car load of the celebrated -
"I bought a fifty cent box at my
21S S. PAla1UStreet.
L-; i} I nm ry Law Tct. ney, appeared in court to-day and drug; store and took; two of the large! Farrand Organi. In this car load .
were some Cecilians, the most popular
+' changed a previous of tablets; after each meal and found ,
r r ; : To those who, impelled by whatever plea not fruil- '' piano player on the market. The Farrand -
-. l :1' motive may to them appear ty to doing business without a license them delightful! to take: being a* & Votey Co. has for years manufactured
: pleasant to the taste a* caramel SLAUGHTER SLAUGHTER
ed obstructS to one of Kiiilty.and the mayor pianolas and for the last two years they
'. (, I i.q. justifiable are dip*>* to ctndy. Whenever during the day or '
us ti. ]: the operation of the Florida primary suspended sentence in the case on night I felt any pain or uiea>iue. have been making a pianoplayer of their
: own containing improvements all
,, over
s law, the experience of the people of condition that Mr. Pryor take out in the stomach or about the heart I previous piano players. S:O Prices Cut to Half
f';l @
f ti. th license. took one of the mall tablets and in
Minnesota is i especially commended > They are also receiving deify Kranich
.: .t.\;;: The defendant wa repreented by three weeks it seemed to me iI; ; if I

i t.: For all practical purposes tiC cuniparison ', Hnn. J. Sullivan: and was arre ted had never known what stomach & Bach'guaranteed Lester, Meger ten and alio Singer the celebrattd Pianos Freshly Parched Coffee Fresh from
, ;
, 4'U" the I Minnesota law is substantially last week bv .S;;>eial Orticer Sjti- trouble was.

"i::1-,., 't ":" <;:t- ;yb.3fr identical with that of 'df'r"fr.. Pryor, it was; !shown had "[ keep Stuart'-j Dyspepsia Tablet makes Crown a Piano combination which with never the heara Angelus our own Roaster, 2 pounds for 25c
in the house and
member of
kept a number of teams; what wi every
Florida the differences in detail be- except in a first-class: orchestra. All of' --
-tti : classed a livery stable and had paid our family tues them occasionally ___ __".__ --
:,. H!f J 1 ingsuch that the general purpose is : the' livrry table tax. As the vehicles after: hearty meal or when any of th ere tnsiruments, they are selling on UU.Ml'AKK( TiiI.-: WITH VOIU We COFFKK.: A 1.1, WK .AS)

"'-/'iJ F.; unaffected thereby. Quite recently, were kept for hire and at thepleaure m have a pain or ache in the di,;e- eesy terms at very low prices YOl'R HONEST
Clutter Music House
i. now one of
''' "j of tive ;
the organ
public, each of th..mwere
.'. member of the 51aachuetH leg-
a as I ilature. visited Minnesota alld.r\ The necessary license not havinir say,. : "I doctored: live P'ufor; poration in which such well-known firms ORLEANS GROCERY CO.

r 4b i.,StRt J' : !, thoroughly investigated the working been taken out, the defeudai't was dyspepsia, but in two months I got as Kranich & Bach, Lester Piano Company ,

jf ; of the !law. and an interview arrested fur failing to tlo), MI. Ho en: nltreben-fitfrvm 'Ilof rt's n,-pep'i.i i and Singer Piano Company are JAMES McHUOH
t f large s'Ockholders, the Kranich & Bach Proprietor.
terej. a plea! of Iot guilty, and enjra Tablets than in five years of thedoctor'
1' H: f ill the lo! tou Herald containviewtlereonateouiderableienth.- hi- .. firm being the richest piano mancfacturers -
; :;counsel to oppose the paymentof t res t Zile n t.
'. ;.:, f the required fee. Stu-ut's lI)\>pt"p-ia Tablets j is the in the United States. It does not nroiMia 100.

/"ll. .Among tier: things! he said : The ca-e was postponed from day safe-t: a, w..IIt.; the -implest! and matter what priced oianoyou want, or on

r.,: M t It mill bi nii that m far h> lue ntl'lII: to d'ly, on reque-t nf counsel who most convenient remedy tor any what terms, the Clutter Music House can PATKYTHIXG: I.V THE UKOCEKY: rT I.OWK-1'
# i rstrnd.coutruuou.are. u'ndru.rlr. ; xad wi-hel! to !submit authorities on the form of indigestion catarih of stomach fill the bill. The public is cc'dially: in-

t, \.:.$, -. .I al.o I bat"lmt 1111" .know \I- the cuucu. aiitrn <- ("alpp. It cattle to ;i hI-ad to-diy biliounesour ,rMinach vited to call) and inspect the immense
S <' a"I'I"Ir Aonlorrroutw' t.ov.rlhrchutee when the plea was ,'hani">J. The LIoitia> after mea's, !ymp'ithetic! stock. FEEd Stuffs nf Jill Kinds.

ft t ciu I'tlU't!; no inure lining inrthe defend ir.t, be-id the regular! license heart tr b:>.

i 34 mil; n" more fut-Biid-UiU'iltieWt-t t utfornrd ft-e, will hI' required! to ply :an :stu.irtV I Dyspf; .i.l (Tablets' i u tint a zey's Kidney Cure

.. bar rngt! : no more nnuu hat&"tifciV"Jlliroutl additional: penalty: l.crt'I"e cf Co+ pct cheap: ettliartic: but in active digE'! ;- .
'. > ty iiiliniulatKiii ; no uiurn of bf cent. 'tivelcomedy' containing the j cp-iii ,! r... .!.Ps............7"."."' ........... bf..1"t ,_,_;.....f....,

It. ttralllblt'llbllt now utukrnu manysuhetnncal --- -. ---.-- and Iii I.'a-e v. inch every weak WIapyland Casualty Company

--I'' alitl ute liulir! IIUMI Irhi-e loltttbi.il.aiutrK rainkillrr. rtoanch 1'fckants they c.irp ftnm -

t. t be ii-ixl. tin the ,-onl rury. iiainiUA- so ja-tly ('{celelirate-1: was iiitro'Iticfd! ash troubles l.eiMii-e they; die-t; the

-, ... '. : (- tiuns mill !". n-dimiitied aud d.-corou. asil: to the {public: about; fixty rears ago, food eaten an,1 give the weak: :al>ut'Verworkeil -..d The Ihipiiy Home : 1l;: OF BALTIMORE.

.'..;\l. .1' t la.raprOl'.luf\'uo-I'clioc.. aiid iow eiijoys H J'oml.rity; ; Il'iiquilied tnir..ich a chiiice 10r..t cfurnished
", f I' brut result : !lor oilit-r ineilicint-. anJ r..ruIHIIP.:
> t' Ifotilythe-e (lit. from any home. CAPITAL
Murston $7fiOfnr
'- 1 For the! cute of dytmry, on ,lerimorliu : tiMrt'3 y-ep.jy; Tabletare -old .
the Ilw.
d operation a viprimary
\ i *, rhetiuiati-ii.! c. IJGU
\ ': .. c(>u cientiou-ly I ,&lill1illi-l..rt'd. they colac t iK-! burn- tr.. i: is wi-!, : :, ( ui.iila iiiivt Urea lhitain.SCIItO with nil needed in the Surplus to Policy-Holder, $1,4') <''.7

( vtll.::: / would bo more than: enough to ju-- out an ttitiil. ;i-Jol.J b\- nl!! iii.-i-t! : way

t.. I tify pertnineut contiiuiincH. "id'II.tltlttp"-:. Harr.f' i lot Oll- /. !o 1'ainiilerPerry} : : Davi; iTice I'oo.;
tt;....,i. i Continuing! Ileprcstutative Luc and .Vie. \1 l', \. ". ht.lnp.rni'' Xi>. It SoutbPa prices, cash or credit.

k L ',-< L says: : 1:1':11.1'the- --- -- .r-:\. tb> !ht<-->t i ii";>r>v"d f 'i.-.I. .\ci-i I"lif i f'.lp[ ...-

t I', t' 11 j- e.P i '1'0 lilY query Ir"IIII't'lnpill1g at to "tiriui! l 11.to poll: klan'tf orinflunii New: Orleans newdvertizebent Jrocery.: It will ofthe p.ty B.."idPa tPtalhd! :ttl! lit.es rf station. ", "..,. -..--.r--v--v---.r--v-------- ..---vt PAYS: FULL, 1 INDEMNITY:" foor E'lil.'FINIi KIN- :.
would u' : gu (
: 'Ull. ry we have. in tint,;, with en- imoWMNO MYDltOl'lIolJlA: : ('HIIIO( 'H in rWI.I,4'A \\
,,1 '. < the cult r* lit the iTimary l'l..c- }
', JJ: ------ -- -- relnpeto inarch : J'sTHI'TIL'S: wht-ii ntim.ii--r i-% 10 r" :III.r |,li -;ri,,t.
t4 1' ;t. lion. 1 ails toU that .Iliougli; in the tinty AT THE }
: "er"CI' \ ",3' MlnniBX'l'sUciioii the |H>uiioUii9> ktp: IMi'KOX I.1.M: .. AT It .. 31 Cry til lind. ,\. 1, I'<1VS :ADiimoyAI) ,\ !, IIENE: : !" !fJS' injured '. .i. 1\

I K' er Flunt'aIlollaud! j P.jn1.: '1 p-isicujj-pr in or upon a public r'tnrptai .* iropfilrJ' oil 1 K:: vTUlLTl
pit k Ibi-ir hau.Uctl the jTl'lu H?>, IJl:'se of s: l'ICOi.: IOL'T4 [ by : \
.. ., 1ldir.ltt ,- s.l", Y or (CAliIJ'-r: : while ri"hll" fimlrtr ,... iiirr .
Paul hate already! nnr.uuuri d .hdr dvRn.if; tel'y. t. iI i < I I
\ttlr! : intenUOnof t'Jt'rCI.ln,:: contiol n far 111 Among: the! p'otnineni {geutltren: Tor-ten )11111.! lite.: i Illy HuwUQ! a ; or in f'-ii-pqiienc.-oftl.M! ININGota I I li! ILUINU( iti w"
, : ArtitMauinl.. Office Sap.pile. vii cured; is in ut tie; ('fommet.cmi of l'"I r.r. ..r by P.X'i.'i{ I"NEH"
:'. : theycau. 7hryutllget tt'gett.eragrr.: rnt arrivalat Hotel Il- 'ambu tlii
fit : .
,. I l nrntitatunt Memoranucm: I'.o >k;, Etc. : ", -I'ttlnneryL<.coiioite. M: ..urPoiabllll'III'/t i .
!' 't S i candtdanFandtlrturethrrr: tr.riiii, ; :; was Major 0;i. Whi.-tler, AH new and I,ri 'ht. r 1 Tlt.\ rilAKOK.
,sil ] >. Hut a* their prrftreIteeet'In<-t
I. l>o > < :
t { -
; l' I". S. arm '. He breakfasted at the --- -
'# !I-<'; ; inUicjtcil lit nay won. the "ml'l.li; utl- you Iiib.-/l.:
1. 'J. .f ,., 'i.'i' lot. tilt ir work iuu.t lie stunned to nrejiminary hotel and at 1U a. in. went to the TO CURE A COLD IN ONE DiY 1'-\ \' ; all Claim* PHOMPI r."-.

..11 ht: :;: argiiiueiu. 10 circularnfr" urny po-r. Tnkn*/ me i arum >v inline 'r ; drug i'tU r- .. particularcall! "u .r addrt-! -<,
t audurnlatawewbichthe fri..ud. (.f .>th.r JLljurVhi: -tler, as tattd in Tin: .. .lun'II" iii.uiHy if i it t.ul lit ,
tr't :
..... .1 .:audld..ttM raft Inc**t uii an t-<4Jll iintiliMi N t\\ ;.; yr-terday iiflelll"I'1i CIIIHt'-: fat box. :}.A:;. .y. to.vt'a "tonalcre outncb H. H.

.,ff, } Jt 1 tbat il f* \hard lo *..e hot the wll: ofCiwpeople I: l lre\ on a very important 1:1tp.. --- ; Heating Stoves THORNTON, General Agent
.It") : t\i I'' can li.. cocudiTutily IIIM- tbrrilo. II- is of th" uvular artillery Corp-, l.\\Ds SOI.III'On <;.\sn. PKN-M: "I.S! I f'

1 : The ,'rl't'l.'t."f the elimhution! : of and,: 1here preliunnary for the :purpose arratureinent.of ir.ai.in .- \1'e'vaattintwr land and uinimjTovevI r I P. S.-ANo inspect and! il\"utl" I IIIIIRIud| : KI.l.VAl: : I -

', .'$" t-., ; 1ht> "ietlarnce"of I'r.lfE'J. :!! r"'tti !. it t.11I laud in large; traetwith Stove Pipes
!'''' 'I' t :- -y-tem: of po-ition-litnliiu: good tillille null ti>"sell for ca-h.! I-snes all classes and mo-t Iiber-il f.rin lOr IIMPL: 1. |1.- I I l\ '
\ >,t< f. 1d i iticians is l'rrllIDl.rflrth: a fair and employi.u horizontal l-a-- for \\'.. handle such hind, exclusively. ITY. PLATE GLASS:: and HKALTH' f.lirl.
k trial of the primary law.Referring all the fort-at the harbor entrance. anti I rl
: -oicit 'I
currerpondeace: .--
;: with
Elbows. :
II ,..,." .. l MijorVhitler i i ILot altn:!ether a -
t') a posed ditlieultyinthr owners. <

...li',. fit;:... :;'11 I"";it\ matter of choosiai: pjliticalcommittee ,stranger in:? that here.he hiij He fleet said: -tationtd this morn-: in 4'N' Ilowea A. L. VAN Avenue PATTEN, Chicago: & Co, III.f'2Jlt >> ,< HEINBERG[ BROS.ij S CB.ij C It"it t \n 110'TiJ

.' ., -!i! ;: *. Mr. Lcc-s eay: ? : 1'.It"Jt:- l.i twenty years ,I.;'>, but did ,
,.t ., A. It worked. nut a K>.

t-.. ..,::j: :'l.T.'t.fli H;, i a.; 1 political etc out lu worker. and the cold.It*Kx couid>-U ofir.:.,l notrarr.

::4'.!.t- H awe with the cninpiUnut.. hut tbry Pa.td <.un LEAVK 1-tl1p bnokof 2J..t'n; I #,J--- I> kn eat
tortnedanadvisory cummiltecandeitJryed the 20th! l't'uturv-withou: : ad vertisemaats
.:t-ilJJ.x fiiL ii.t. lbemlC'IT..*. Th.t m.T bare been to St. ur tictiol -- -- Palafoz Street, (,r..env ,r \r
llioo b, not !Mlnn... 'ol.-l..I nol r Paints
f:4 Paul r.itij ro3TKir.\i> lusfuiBrrouOrder GO AM) Sf:.;. Pensacola. Florida. UlrnIt.ttJtUI: : r ,' !14.
ja anrr). .Anyhow h* plan put the caiuiidJuno
t 'J T I Idnw '
!>) } ;( t'Ill
.. t ) UMbbodtof Iho molD tb# potpie wanlrdt The -Ie ant line of Sterling !Silver ,,
AIt for bill Clock .
t y :, i, -postfng ail di '- XDt' un rr, ir |I' | .r' .
l' 't:1: l ? p haw run iI.and it outd ..vin shout ai tributiu 'of all kind, faithfully. and! Solid Tea Nets, Fish Set, Bread i Mobile Fare fur round :Triji }'. : -jI2.rji

l !<", .:.tf4i likely toptereuitd'funn.uuaorcentiat+- promptly executed. Trays.: Meat Dishes Bonbon and Oysters (rr'.....' ill... fo "I'' t'. M'.r I" ,
ft v y ._ nc ol. ring anj thing that bumau luf Soup Indies::, Punch Ladle, Knlve, (
: t \ O. A. \'tTO\ : ''I tn ]H'tllll..2l"l1l1 .
Cn. ; ) H > i
.... la .. Forks and Oils. I'IIIvi: tFUTO
't.tL tt.\I' Molly tan d vl tact the bo!" Member Infrnationul -roon3-Truok of tiolid { ANY L'antoiiinei.f
: 1)i
-tribntors .stns Pl'arile.i '
a- -
\3r ,!t' tJ of Mlun>tola3I1u..1 uiat'&ibtry toy Silver. Call on J. I. Stephens and PAKT OK THE < ITV.
sir Bureau
\ Oi'.lce!; :::1:; :'. Palafox.Dinner. d"ftlru.oC .lotpet w ,..
pills il) struck. alcummgnearer to letting be will show you the goods, with FINE : 'ILTJIT.TKE to ticket abut in tnoegnudfurtllysturrtilrti,
lJ i ;t tk.pt>opl control tbrlr own train baa pleasureThe ,
of wbicb t l..uD el.*wbre.Tbis Af& -- I' 'tullt
$ aything
(. gp UNION RESTAURANT p.-t, (ran, "I'tickrti
,f{ 1. evidence of the salutary: tofU man who owns nis own lameinure .. .
; at tlckfrl .
3ii fHe- I
i3 \ T a, ;t Ci -..' relieve distress: himself aganjt lots of
actual ..
rcteatteudingthe : operation of Fall .fvunlIoft
j (tnd Frank L. jjiplv in
Latest Wilde
.ty jiftitruing or cratkia:: too C&ti1r. trouble and worry. Nobody can Styles
: I' j : ..J: i.. el the Minnesota law ntlorJsdirir.ctDconrapement to f :,.... Lion,tale raUe! his rent, and the rent day has S Winter furniture Proprietor, Opposite Union Depot. 1.,..HI li, Kf. ., '

fi j to the people tf nvent'S no terrors for him. It'? easy to'own for parlor, bedroom ---- I'
; Pills
:. .:Tk>rjda who are to make the fiN :a home now-a-days. Thos. C '
\ c 1 Watson & Co. can teliyou'bow i! or sitting room, at .41 arst on BANNER SALVE
t of the
+{ ,) r \racJical test new primary sit ere,c'_;ra. : t-e.ts i easy it is.: Call and see the us. I 9' Finch's. Have you a U.d t" '
I the most healing eelrvI'ith-otory it:, bu' problem" Jo HA"I k J

'" ..... .

, ."" 4 <' Jt.Ul'irf:; $ r 4 '$4. ji_ //ilir4! H. J;<,;,4.i;;..... ,.c .. 1 5, --'xA-,"", "' """ .- "" "' ____ H' '.._. __. .'__<_ "


.- .

;0- -- ::1 ;

miry B.38 EA 1TEnER NA STREET.Furniture I IC'Cft IiOGAIi NEWS-- NOTES !,i the The Young regular:Men's NOVRMBEIt monthly Business meeting MEETING League of r nOmE GOODS IJ]I InvifTgoraiing ; ; t

Work shrug a I If. Loral forffant for renwola and ririnity: I' :
lair to-KiyM lull was held last night with a good attendance ,
ThHiuluy. henry front Ininlyl'l '
I I ; liyht iivrtlnrly trmdt prrruiling. Mast i including many of the .

::;;- mum traperntare yedrrday.iIdryrrrr; minimum I; new members. President K. are of special interest now Beverage i t tIt tt

Jk in lantM twnra, ",:). !! Jr. i to
r; {;\ 3$ Hyer, presided and Vice Presi- women who have Home

The tug Britannii will leave to- dent Keller and the secretary were j .
to care for....
isn't so much because! you need It, as
<> night for Gulf Port, Mis?. :'iu attendance. The minutes of the .K

I.) YoJ <> Quite a number improveccnh ;J0tcbr meeting were read and ap because of its delicious, cooling: and invigorating .

V 0''I i are going on at the Union depot. proved. I i 3$ Tasteful(; Women <$ I qualities that you should! drinkWhifeRock

Don't forget the meeting of Battery Communication: ? were read from ii i '

IP'NEED 4 H. to-night. A attendance Hon. J. P. Taliferro und lien. S. M.Spaikman I i are often saving WOO1PUI :
: ) isde!'IrNl.Thp .
are Housekeepers of
: promising cooperationwith

.J ?: NOT # II : machinery: the F.-<,an1hla! peivitor Mallory in thi matter a ucee: ,.ful!, joyful kind....
'. ) Oil Company i* being placed in position of the: vi.it of in North Atlantic

l! > ;l tins uwrhitt;;. s-quaJron to this! port, and the rtcmt ., They are those who best;
I 4 WANT lIttlOlIlJl commit-ee f the BarPilots'
.. The Pitt Mill! Co advertise i ; in tin'siinii" a appreciate the immensity t I IIt

t, i it > cialiou and the board ofJ'IIt of our stock....
; (:) Comini.-rionrs in
nuking anew
\t', l :&AAAA A" shin! !eSee them before placing ::1 LITHIA Wafer
ot the Caucus channel
:' arv"" "V"Y .Vy .. your order. survey ,
ana the fact that the reports relating -
ifi; FOR A 1:) \
| showpu i : -*ecl throiish: the city this; hands of equator Mallory, who will Things for Decoratingvacant

'{ CHANGE+ | morning; nnite tn Milton, where leave bhortly for Washington: and I 1 // has the vim and life and sparkle a !Ithout

l (rl they will show to-day. will ul"o have the aid of H 'I1. J. Ed. the bite. Bottled \Vaukcsha.. NVb.
!I O'lirien, the Carnival I. r
? OFI .:. representing I i
: from Flomaton dun
arrive here at o'clock Association, were inputted, by the spots: on Mantel, t
o wa-
i I? Ii hour late thiinnrtiiii':! bv waiting secretary was; ; instructed: and on to motion communicate' that o/Ucer/ raid Table, Dresser or Side: t
fruU.ll! t Fad
ij1 a for connectioiison the .M. & :M. facts to :Mer.r.Taliterro.. bparl--: board.... { A, DAILY.

i (Il Ilt The export vilne;; for the (:rt IS man and Davis rtquertulgthclrfnr-: I I "'", '.r JI
!in the
Novemfct-r A
'- day \ have pa ;ed the tlier co-operatiou nutter. I I <
I I'! YOl' CALL OX TS !-
Million d liar mark, null there! i i- a communication from the CarnivalA Things Useful
fJ': :.'.;\ \fl'" ,(Lf .'.1 1l' chance nmnth.Fishermen of this. being: the banner export +.adopted-oci.ition by, with it. was resolutions also read recently and- Lewis I \ Bear & Cot, Sole A Awais a fog? \M\ 1 Florida ...

ordered! lileu.: the Kitchen, Dining
(fli: \\1\: ii.\YI': A : ; nt present report great from l'rciient ,, ..
(f) (!J Jfj fju.tlltitip.- largfliP inallf heinraiiirht. H.A'communication. IVmpIe, of the Southern Furniture bout or Parlor....

fj: FRESH>> STOCK, 'mi 7 of to this:S; inci.cs.!-pfrieuul the roe in of lets njine in th.greatcho'.I b..JI/e insr; about ti-h- was read-urge-tilt Manufacturers in certain; ,a trade' shrill ACUtMU puhlic.i-atlvertNement ,- &:) Toilet Sets @s Ft H ALLIAV & CO.

OF are bei:,,; eauglit all ulon;; the! gall ti>ii?, (fur the purpose! of inducing
i (ii:i oo'ist.: for the Bed Room, or I
R tu"- lucition nt furniture f.ictorit-3 c = : -
y Grape Nuts, .>. Work on the Hear building the here; ati'l the s ane wag referred t>, Curio for the C.ihufot-in! 1 I

f|;] Pettijohn, f|:) rapidly northea-t Tiirr.itrmia, and cornrrof Mrerls it* cntiiplfti.ni foveriun-tit is pr ?rein H and an;. the! committee, with on power immigration from to tlation) net.C..lIIl11tIlICiljfllh : ;andaJveiiiiig roomy fact everything proper} appointmenti'aCUOCKF.UVand.for every I! Special Sale of Blankets, Down t

; Cream of Wheat r ft; early evetit. The building will bit if al .\--oaiaiioji of Credit Men and the : :! .... I Ii
jij i ... National I iociation of lleferees: inl i
t brick :iiid two .tory in h eight. with! : Comforts and Snow Flake Cotton
: Cook's Flaked : a l p.- i it'litr! of pla'lIiugIt third! Ihor l inkruptcy! it-latin? lu proposedameiidmiriits i ,
n-t demanfN: Tfic: of the biiikruptcy 1 iw,
lequire. ) buildlll
(fj:] Rice, t,:! will he occupied :a- soon a, it h corn- wti'e: ref" rre.l to a ptcul: c;>mmit- Houses mishing Goods. Comforts direct from the mills to :

..:.. pIc! ted. tee, with power to act, composed tlf i
: Pillsbury's Vitos Me--.rs. Ju.i. C. Avery, L. Hilton
(jj 1 :Mr. Chan A. Cl>oate, who reprereiitstlie (ife'n and John Kagau. ;I[ middleman's ;
thereby saving
Purina Pancake b: eiboard 0.1 l (;0. of thtlvetonwhose A letter from J. }.'. Meny, manager STYLE:: and CHARACTER consumer, -

? advertisement appears of an excursion of woiera business I i
1 E;)] Flour M daily in Trig XKWS-received meu touring the South, r-tatin-r that that'll tempt you to profit of which derive

?! Ralston Breakfast ?!. ciimp.iny tr.i- moriiMiir iiiitructin a t"lesran; him from to report the the itinerary, was read l"ouhlllot and ordered include filed.IVnsacola buy at Puic'ES SPE('IAI.LI' I you .

ID Food ;m(!) -aleof tock imuiedidtely, athe Letters from pHonlIesinu;: in- FORCEui..... the benefit. s
com piny contemplates an adv.iiice i formation about Pensacola, which ; !
Ralston ; in price. Several parties who have -- --- -- ----------
; Hominy ;;; had been answered by the secretary,
I E j Grits | not finally clo-ed their subscriptions I were ordered tiled. Also a letter I C----V:==:: : = : 0
will please! take notice. I! from the Peoples' Publishing Co., desiring ,: Ben Gerson. ..
'ft Quaker Oats :ft The remains of the late Mrs. Lucy to employ a general agent at a '
\ ( ,;, Walker arrived at 40:! p. in. yestei- salary of $1.500, to open a branch SPECIAL SALE : i

;;: Hecker's Oatmeal ..:{ I day, and were taken from the train office in Pensacola. -- -------
to Kt. Jllchael'.cemetery for litterI A communication from the Colonial -
l\ Battle Ax 1 flj;+) ment. Rev. P. H Whaley conducted I Exploitation and Trading Co., -01'r.r. ,

.. the devotional exercises at desiring a location for general distribution -
: : Oatmeal, : j the grave, and a number sorrowing ] and manufacture, was referred t : l t

l 1' Jl relatives and friends went pres- to the"'ecretliry under iostrucj spar tXfRA B RDIIV&LI& IS MLA! !
Scotch Oats, t:) ent. The pallbearer. were : !Mesr; j tious to supply desired information. I I: j

A. )f. McMillan J. W. Frater. X. C.fcMilhu Matters called to the attention of r

:J Friends Oats, fl(:) ieo. Ileee, Win. Fislier I, the League by the secretary were I .
and C. V. Tnompsou. disposed as of follows: New quartersfor ;
.:. Farina ': the two commercial bottles-re- I 26-inch Steel Rod, Close Roll, Taffeta Silk, Exceptionally

[):J E:) After prayer meeting ceremoniesare ferred to the president and secretary'for .I I
lJi Handsome Handles of Pearl
Shredded Wheat ; | over at Presbyterian church action in connection with the Grows 2O Years Younger in One Year. I

{/i;;J' Biscuit, :rSH ): :: congregational tonight/ the members I meeting will for the hold purpose a- I otlicers necessity of the Chamber for a temporary of Com.I He Usrd I I and Sterling Silver '

I coerce; '..
!:: Champion Samp. :j;? of con-ideringa very important [ collection and preservation> of cotton I I
matter, and it i H urged that
; iij number of church members a be large prevent -ztatUtics! of the port and market MrsGrain's' AT ONLY. .S1.S5 1 : I r
T'l j:] :(:J Jm and take action iu this meeting. referred to the secretary procure I I. I
information report at next meeting -
I l UK 7 PA :* This business; was to have been ; ; new edition of constitution andbylawscopies Cacti: Har Grower i
m ft tran..actplInnlaf! morning, but ItW.t.
(!) ., fc) distributed to those
delayed until to-night for obvious R. HALLIDAY CO.
& I
pre-ent' and bill of 15u'row Printery Tn male his hair iron, mil
I'llONK ITS reason i The praver meeting l;+
1 tor printing same (U >) approved
L.T.T. will be commenced at .::JII) o'clock. ordered be drawn
TOSsjR. and warrant to ; t Hair Restorer
.. a ; Quirt
-- ,.TO of Palafox street with elecjtnc TELEPHONE 103. 33 AND 35 PAUFOX STREET.
"'- :: -'- I lighting
'1 had _
lonjj'ull'ered from
indigestion (
lights resolution unamiiulouslyadopted ; To rcstorf the filor.Roth I.
," writes U. A. LeDei, Cedar follows :
City: 1L o. Like others I tried many ,i' wherra'Tliecity as cminril In report 'd to : : guaranteed bnrmp| ns nntir. N. B.--The Down and Cotton Comforts have I
prt'pln'timbut never found anythinir have incoiitrinpiucion tliforlfrliiKot elfftiic Price,5Lnpsuch. A full line of 'ro. (> r"iMltiruUIIU'1i "
that did me good, until I took rcliu I'lt'ittox ".trt'ft, from the prrparntHjiis for sale at I just been received, and comprise all the newest i
ViII!. 11.1",. .! r, .MjiniiiHliirinjr; JI'N I'ler Kodol !Iypi'piCure.. Oil*' bottle chart to J; Ii.I.ee! -iunr<-; and, 1 1
Wliercallic gateway to the citytb.itpfirliuii : I and also the extreme novelties.
.1.1;:.. i.unhialf OjilU-iaii, cured rue. A friendvlio had -ul erfd ofV ntiJ .reek between time Mrs. A. E. McDavid's, patterns t'
t M Mn
hnilarly I put on the u-e of l Ko union ivput! still ra'alo.ircrtis nf far
.. dolll.\'r'f-p..ia 'are. He is in.irr iiiip'TtHiK-i-to tin. initi-rlal: lnt -rft. !
I. m -' rrnorolfti' jraininir 1
wellb.totheliiipn I..Imprfalucedupon 17 South Paafcx! Street t
HI cr --- --PHONE 208.- --'I t I.
fa.tOu.1 will *onu !I" aide! III work. j the iiiintU of.ktrauij. and MMUir pntiTInu ,

\ II ', !-ro!iHH; KAUKK1, Ilefore IIH iietloriol !)v-r''!>'i' III.. ell), tlinu th-il portion of I'nlufoxtivHi :)Ir.. BC"'I'r; :)3illiK-n:: .tClrl'.
Cure iiidi_"ritioii I Lad: nutln l diin a trninv riyat: Mrt-t-t to lice stlt.urtlmrrtere ". Mammoth r :
Store :
litit '
.. Ryan's Variety
I rt" ,I. IailT fir :Ttifl :blip lVu.tl >> total wrerfc. Ifnrg-i" I'harm.ICJJul'U Hi".il'filThnt tllo> council Ii" npctful- ) ,

'I' Mori"! Co.SIS. r'I'.lrJ. Sidney K'ihn.Iljrular Iv, rcquciit( il to uiotlilr lt< plan' M> lit to We will launder your spreads for''
tram IVliifox
light: vV'ruht trees to the
'. union driiot in.it the dangers-" cro,..inf; of 15 cents each and make theUl look j j Ko. HIS. Pilafo t 1st.t !
ff ; eotn hum!lirat inn 1 ii little .ftn-ft in.tfivl of I!ptt portion oft'niahY.treet. lilr. i.w. "Star Tjinndrv. I I 1' .
\. iib .... .o H ft'.> i\\ i'f. K>caml>ii: Ledge, "'-01.1-:", ii'-irth of \\11'11(111 -.trct-t, un- II I 1G DnrH Lrn.t.u.clrs.r: Son}> 'ca- tlGo
t 1
I I li- hut h 11 the ifsicrs naiiica can
_.?. an'l .\. M I at .::\1' s parts _. .
K .I I :" ,1. p. lie so linlili-.i. 701 i.FTsFl: ttc'II! "' trat.nreeaopiar.u-tthukrl; tl only! '" ,.ft.J. ...
d..... I I Ian ; / '. T-I'ljy: \nleultlrr:4:; fi.; SJIVPlr' \ r lylin-in In-1i -:l.t.I'IIH.\'IE"I'I: I'lNNt-K "..l""> point hi ... p........ I III iil"c
n\-\ .
: Tht'tftlr\ CI directed attention .. -
_. 11!$ l : \ .I..I'i1"1 (lIII' I:1t I'l.ATFH.i.r: I. sty
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