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1'\ I'!! ,!>Ifi''; Gf rpif you'vi' ( Lj M xon will:! ;ive a tanrydrf vrc 4,11.c i> ,, I
.. lir'I't i .' ';i.i Agrej'; 1)I..a-urp)| in having: it 1loI 1'f\ f:! and inasqueradf ball: at 417 Nn.thaenuM nrt-tfd: coR.-H f.i/1 ". ,I-* -j**. Try it. ut'Crl'! t 'An ", u" 1"1 W... t.
. :' ,.,di L1 tor you, whether you luler.d r'J on the evening! of Oct. ";), .
.. I': .,i'i.: ..| the : [ buying or 110:. jjj When the ;:..llnH'lhl will bi! uw..rded. .
i i''I, : I' ,ijnii':'.I [ .\tnt--i'1! 'Jjcent! ; fir adult?: ;
'.. \IT ulu'|!; ,. nr 6 n ':::' NO Tf.() l1l.E. r3I I I5cesitfor children. under 12 e ir# Yi ti_ '* !
I' : I ,)f rtjre. oct :i'-ld! ri f r F > Tr>

t .. I ':, I If t otlwultamc.. ___ present- to !give \\l Ortr1!'JJ r vI tcires: r 1 1L

: :. .- : .. ; ,, ,, ,,, to a fri IjI, ;:' and I look throu/h tht' : c !
'W :. "'11'1--, : .r ,. ,. \ { p' ,. p.tj, t? L flesai.t; liiie! of ,nituM.. article at

I ,'. ". I II': ..:. I :) J ,J d.:r' r r..h il: ru: J. lrtenhet'y! 'l t-iirply tan If find ....__..__........-- ""' --,... --.r-> "'"'..........",.-,.,- .".' ._. .. ,..... .
I :- I.f; rn rnprJ *>m<-tf'lnL'! to please jou. you -.,-. -" .!- ', ." ".r--t--1 !/ .. . . .,..-.. ..-. .-...,'",.'-:. d

.. 1 '; f' 1 ,. .,-.1'111:1::-,. !, rj'I \: O'G "J C' ri1 w.istt h" -u! :'unythmi,' to -ct! :him in thi before* >i ininc'l you bi y.tine j From t the. : Factories I (: ; .
.. .., !;... : L, -------- ---. I TRY A FAIR : \: .;: CL&LRE'S TEREAD: ,
h LVNIN IsOI.II l\ili r\:. H.Ve t.
: ;
I ,
: \\T--: :'" !' ( : :
-. (; -I'' :: d\.r .1 3"S.. Palafox strcet, r \ want timber !land and umi inproved [Li $1.i sj |
J.. : ,,', i2 t2..CS2.52.S2;5 5 2-o52 J! land in IIige: tractwith: t-;;i Clsatritina Gloves to ou,.' ftnnnl-prc. L- *) 2 Spools for GC. tiIlihlto l i-ii. to sell for rash.V.V VJ M \ wVijilLvi *J I' fj
-. srood i handl" such /lii-l-, exclusively.ind .... . ,. ,. ... .. .. .". ...........-{''1, L .,...,.,.. .. .' ....-,. ... ..... '
: i...,)-....- .:...........--' __.-..:____ ___..-.lAI.; :::::...._ -'t--..oo.I.--I-: "" -tt
-----1 -oliji: corre.pondetice with }

'r.=. iT 'I ouer.\. L. Y.\c PATTKS-&CO. Pretty and Stylish Silk Waists $3.75Pe I
1. j-\ LI< .;.'-" 4'';:H ISowtii .\; :Ilnr', Chicago, III.fFaUnml: .

EXCI.r( irE MILLINERY STOIiE.i1t ttf; do Soie Silk 'Waists black and colors 5.00 t

I Ladies' Flannel Waists $1.00 :1
dlCSl ( .
J WlJlU {Pinterfur- t. ,

I : S@.f : < \ j\ ;' niture, for parlor, bedroom French Flannel Waists $2.00 to $4.25 :' II"Il

I, 'r"I"' / '" omitting room, at Jlarston t
; ')'' / jFinch's.. t
All : ;;\u/!fi ; Fine Ladies' Fleeced Lined Vests & Pants, 25c piece I

--"t. .. .. i The man who own Ill" own lame ,
/ ) lots of Il ij [ [ I (Cr-3PLENDII> VALUES, WELL \VOKT1I 7r: bl
the ::: ..': \fi\7' !. Line trouble injure* and himself worry.ag.tin-t Nobody can IT.I I
i Children's Union .
50. 65 and 75c
(.1.. '.-' ::::.--- raise:: hi- rent and the rent day ha: :
Latest :: no terrors for him. It's ea*y to owna .1
; of
home now-a-days. Thos C I .
I Watson & Co. can tt'l1you how -TR'IMMINGSAppliques 1 -

it i is. Call and see them.
Styles.... i Novelties easy I
l ::
--- -
NAVAL STOHKS MAUKKT.UcihtrtM in Great Variety. ,i. Mirtow and Pane Velvets. '

Pally for ll.r e'u l>y .
I tf" ,.; ?; Union Naval Stores Co.Kisrs. Remember our Cloak and Skirt Department on second floor. We :I. 'i

1)n ::-: .- WW... .... $.! ..", H. "-, have a Large and Attractiva Assortment to Select From. i

I, f,. 'j- : '- ,.. It'1 ;"' ( Nv(a .. ., .> I. ..... J! :f': I I
uIl '. .t : f ... "5 X I ':' :
: .
: \ l ; !. V
I : 145; Ci. a II iLj d: "
.. .. __ '
-_f""" :>.:4e-s.-..-- ..1.'J.. ) u,? ?1-jj.a.i T"-I r-til' r D L.lw t rr t.1I} 1 F"i161I'I II M"a: .. i 1.4*..-'>> t J':,it B..10". ".. Ill; W. J. & B. FORBES

I __ .. '
:.rUlTli l::arxxi1:;: I

-- -

..,' s' '_. .' _..". .. -.' -'r'W p "-J. -!"<," J .J1iWl.. ". '., ,_t.l n.". l.- -.. .', -. ., ".,-L. -- >--.", ..'-'C.. ,''7.'r l '.",' Ii -. "'7 '... -'-






--- -

r FOX FIRE IN THE SOUTH7 !I A 'Er i* For Boiti. I s-
Count To-oe of Sweden has 1 Tented Diges

i S Whiskeyt Ore of the PhnnthormeeatI 1:1:1111)1. 1 an apparatus for Rtoppin? the headway KdII

1 ( ( in* That Iinprei.* tie Ignorant. .1! of boats, which, he think. wl! bo meful what you

ALL MANKIND.v 1 was ro.i.lliic;: !In one of the leading ia pre\eatug; loliuions lietneenesels

IFDICILFOL' papers .'f Japan recently! a story of \ of nil kind( The npMirntns.: Eat

\vLnt was r.:;lr.I..1 a* a. very novel) : which: Las ivot-ritly been tinted on a

find i In a certain Ja-.in] >e village," Ntill .\ large straw launch, con "ts of steel)

I \ I t.tiz.'nW( La-s travelinl very istei. plate sbvticrs. applied en Unh sides: of DYSP6 t
\\ ,, 4 II t S eII
Ilt AI" : :ia ihe : "cad the
,i :"i\ely of :tit, i:pet | the \'>wl abOut o&-t'urter of its I

: r ]i la ii'iesticu relernd to the ivwy! dn- I length f.-ora tl.e stern. These ian btj > People used to think that the only rag to overcome i.pesti : '

.. /i.. l i co\ensl thin: ; : > iCW (ill.tt00.1. j oi>faed r.ad shut by the Lelnistnan! II )n was to stop eating ant racy think so -til!. Hat .

t -. {i i It steIns that tl.irc: had teen a {.\:. j I with the aid! of a I lever Wbea the only trouble that kind cf trcittntnt is the Tart: that t ) .
v "J slide la the :,.(:ti.:1 nfernd is, aid n :launch v.-is golni: : at full speed. nine! I eating means to stop living, and \\. can hardly call that aBut

; ; d' tree lad I.I..viUd d.iwu the Ii;lShl: ; <. j I kncts an iio'.ir. It was soj1pI'IIJ.l Cftivascronda. I since IlodolltyspepiaCure: has become known the v .

;. / ':: 4IJ ,. "V 4'.l feline jLtf: iiLjgtrs: could pt at j iiI ; wliba half its length ly ieeising I method: of treating inuig':lion lis been changed. It d.,. .
-' \ r 'I .i.noed what you rat and i,c ruits y'>u to cat all:\ th-1 p/( ,'d\ food you t J
.1:1.1 the
.. b'I \'. ) ;_ r.ithoat! trrtii:e. they i.i uyoii \ \ the cuLe! cud eMeacLcs: I
i' and iire-the stomach ivrfoct rest ; unJ its tso: c.>r..tit'.itl a
es' \.<"' :.'A",. .' .-' .' "!., ,'I' t / it fi>r v. dOlI IJ1.O.I''fLI'; h-rt MVeml I Ecttcrs.I lain common sens; method of curi ..'?' d" pepsi:1 and i:1(}:?*t. .
r\ ."" 1. '. t C{,' 1 ,. ; feet <.f tie tree SII k.u; up as a

i 'j. ';'''" "-t- 'yt oei"''. ) slmI.'u u:rl.t caiu' they (\. I IIO\T tu Aiold nalilnos.Accord. : i e nfc Etclo but do t/OI ood

, 'j r .8ev1 tls-'t! tl.- : .1:11' tl.to a cur'.ou.* .iig to l>r. ivlos I'arlitr ba'.d-! If .
:I t."t.y \; I de mode I Prepared by E. C. DcWUi &Ca, Chicago. The il. bottle cuuuias:!; t::r. >t!. 5.le.
, )t ...1 Jf '1-:1V bu-h! I.:? .:. pttl' they beeuj'eery ness is entirely to our faulty I _

Ii::"!' r.b".ii: over the matter and aft. of rcsp'ratioa.! owing to wKch a certain I When you suffer from lulinu-sn- or C'tn>i i ipati.c'e the fani.: >u< uu T

1 1 ... rl'k. l.r ii &lA IIl IT bed; .T.\i.l for sjxern! limits! by the' : ,:tantity of 1l"I'a'l.tl; air; remains! pills known as DsWiit's LiltJo CAfiLY RISERS. The j' nelr ,., a.

.f : :., stias;e ]ilI nuij<'nou they iuu:> a i!is- In the lungs Anil. being absorbi-.l by

; r Ii1 the l.h'o:1. .' II'I1:3 a secrHlve.: poisonous
." I' l''rr.l chaise uxa; it with btlcla: aiiJdubs.
t. '.. .nJt I'L ? & action! upon the growth of the J.- hi !ln'j-psrd.: Hargis Phar.racv! M .ICPV X. i .
-JI- .t' p.
if I'-\ -I +ry tr r"'t; / s, ', hIt was -jlrMjdy what the nf;r-i and a hair." I>'. TarLcr has uio\iii his theory

P.._. II\ r, I..Pr.I..- (l\\I.t"..." .. ...jj.tJ.'tfi YI. 7rt-at i.iiy white::; polo iss !ia this sce- l.y'ar!.ts experiments upon :tu'- Alivy: I1.7H.OM .'I'T.i '' ( lr. ', "=Il' l 'J"{ ;rt}, ,

" ,; ;.J'I1 "' Or.' r- '. i tu.:i of the! voiil wmI1all'fos! Ere.' a !.-!. notably: a dog which became bal 1 ,. PuMit-t r-r!i.ni. I .l'.0' i _.1.,1 '.., ..' r' .
1\l.1 Ij' r :: f
t, ":'IP--4.. 'j''ll! -' -.J.r-J...-! ;"" -' bleu! : !U\Jil'I.\ ,..\,\ t ..tMMl (l.y d!. tay fourteen days. The latest cure for I VA..UT.,. l'h.! IN -1t.II', t19! J' "C. 1' .v", : _.
J. .. a.''I', r aUrti-.a II. a .
'I.'IJ' ; ;" :Ii7 bbstae! Hut it is a curious! fart i badness! tL reVrl', is vigorous Lrtaili.Mo I c lI: :H-1:e. H.ocJ o. 1",... .I 1
Ij't p J; .SJ ,' it 1 cn"'tr I':\"o1 ti"I..j. 01 t era') r.- i
itut in Ciauj jibin-s i:1 the south: th lu;. 11.1HJI :.t i.P. 1.119.J'!. -
:11 rx Atilt TAIL exrlu=\lt..o
J.T = ._ .. I i It cf l \ tl ; 1"IC1.1I.b -
i ", tf'. .. ) Herr as .otuplitely :; ) :t tow I :'lv iu the UV-t Vrp't R"f..rm I.t : Ittnt1

.I'1: Jiiii 1' I ea:'e lOi tilts pix.'Har! kind Ii. !Im'l"S'! II i :: Iflndittl!,* mo-t r tf.'etvp, faf.Jhuul. :. ,

t( '. .'.. f' In ).1 i "t' I'.y a j tl:.e II:.'! and: wi i.tvai' the .!.n.i: I 'h"r-. everywhere rrI !iOne ail I 1 :,-out! .'ly han:l'Si." \V. .\:1! DI. 11.: .

f r -.1.I \ Ji 1. ? i :-,. \::::-..;, and "fj\ :'.' as t'.ay: ( alI! I Minn** Cough Cute fur the .ut* 'ri'I- lJ'\I I lt.1 He. I t' r ..._ 1.I .
1 ;, I' ;It h.nMhvH and the lives uf their fR W.' .1..t;sl ., .
-- : it. Las DV-MT n'l*t..j t<) I IM an nve In I I .
I' rt little on** it :la- -.tn-d. t' rikt"- at the CAC ';' O et : .& n.5t1 "erBeare
f:':rn; .' ;Lt 1 \,' ..hyrnen.I it whcu
t r. 1 they tIn,( !It by the loa-IsidJ.: in tie! I ri'ut )'f the tri'uhlona: dn.wiin te 1: '. \; ]i' i'E :i i.I n: A n w n 'R ; L v K
J. t C 'J ii R A.l' the! it liur>'tti(>u. 'I h.> el.tiiir>n1; _'" \- .

;! .T J" t" ; \ U' } ;. ''. .-A.1 t.'-.., ;rqssl.r .t.\. .' I .- b.-il:;t s or !:.:uJ; b.r the trunk rf some I faenrUa r ugh! ( ur". l'aro- Pharmjcy e6-IZ o rtt.tc.'U't 1..e i! rr mo".IIJ"1.1aS:- .J H..j.' .;\BMSJ a Irdrwsc3ru

il... < 1: dls-in-uiLered tree. In il.e tie;ro's fwc- John s-!>rurdf Sidney _._--_.-
f, 1"01: .-'ire-, Aft.r n-vllns: ":t C'I"1"t I.: "-. V. V nhnMH! t eriC i 1 1n. L :-1 ir'iij" 1 tiiis lIt: of pltO'i-LoriMriitf orciiii.e.th" ; : I;IIi! 11. ; -+:: : : --CJ lirai.TllL rYt

r. i. ," rt 1 'I-uisilt a l..tt.i ol } .nr ll1! ".' V I.-- u I'llti) 1'UIX M.! '. 'n'lll>.:t / i' ,!ii't* 1 IKXIIIO'I! Hint! f'e t i:I-ti-tht'I --- --- :'I' ; ; :

v.;l.u h iiPl':*.*,! inerijilit anu) I .111 n"',v m. : HI}' "I.j' \,,-iiuu..'. 1Lta ::..loa; >..ijii... .
I wisp lit.- :.'.. it t N not urd"rt.inil SPIT L WI '
;; tTCm.CCO i : ) rt ;
j" 4 !uy thin ittle! u..mg it our cut -um| Ill l.i i tti.Uiy Jetr.i.f Q. ; n .
: 11-- ;:.!.<' anew oar. 1 lank hat i'i 1 L|I PneirorI.i Ctrc!:!. It ,'I11'\! rI-tc. and t'.t9. 'tJ ft and SMOKE m : l : .: k I

sal'!' :.J: > i .tf your trhi I k.'vw-i I v.. .it ; j"IIIII-Ih.; : ..! a.'c.cc: .- <.. ....".. I that Is .".!! they ku-w :w.i all they ;.:ej I 4 o.lrLI1irw3)'flor. : RR + .'

eO ini.t i.. :!-.'.1. I \\.I! hap' in > ir Ov.'!!< m..lont (_:;'I!_ a:.cj ]...--o 1.-. ? .. ,., i teti-l t., kuovr. | ." can tt cu-t 1 alI I t. '..i-. l i-.... ,l.i-aitii. Ill' I'"' 'II"I'\"I'1 !( : .1'l,,:oa oi'tti"! nf ) ": I : 11.tr. I j i 'aI!). b* iiiaJa wci1. Mreng uaatit-ri, full.f '\ ,, L j..li L1_ 1-1 t
.r\l.u'.I' .
i "r..t that ah1'rfinis! fattts. the willo'tb nevv life ana nc ,r l.y t.1I.int ll.J-TO-DAC .
ivy \:1"I-'I.I'\'h\'I'. C.Iu I"I"1Jl'. lJoi'! I.!'. ..,. lint{ lt.I" > Wba: t ':1.I .Ir'I t r u. ':,i t'iat ...k..sfc"1o J k Iii
I': .:;rr'II iret :rlizgei. I \.1,1 Tl'.IJ""lfui -. 1. i'!.!E12L>. that;' ,i-wl-[>, \'hieh! I Is found in i.iarshy i ten iwunilj in ten glen avs.tH'T1r.Over.joo I:?ny, eOD V"'DI I

\.-t.II'"i ) :;. 11.. .J tll..' Sg l'''1i,1., 'pi::;!. )!Irlll.. !1lj', 11th.! I:-'I. n'RioafiT'.ueaily; :\'o'a>'lu to end Crt 'i cure I't ami.. All drll:; l lti.1u.s f.IIJ t-UIII.'I.iJ: II'' rp advise 1-REK. AddT..s'TEU.I.j! t.U.
if that \i.
(:(!SlnI11: ''1-t i. tt.tk !:I'.J 1.1.1': ;e ( 1i' I r.I-oie a IUlf.1 water 3L] kill CO, LJ.CUigO or :cw0tl_ 4J7iont *
1'1\.1 meta wJ'1) hate !eta tUr d' ; isa
I "rite r1 illorm'IIIIIa! !: : h JII.III.. 'v Pieter pa.lI'lIh. !j eocntl with t1Ahyfa! .;' > growl Ii. a< -. ; cr IMITATIONS.It irY
,. Ib .lltf') s I'url :;a: rn.-kry.: i 1-
Pure '.
1o..tllI. .Cy..tr :.Iil \\ .hI. 1 WolIl,1 :
I I'.m', CIIII"!:' 1'11111... C(114. rT1'1'rf.I : if pome tbo-tly: sentinel was >>gn.'illni : : 1I .
1'1:1111. is for the delicious ... '
I highly approved 1":01.' ,
riot Lal'rk.tti liNe tn t.lyltl j y fir1 Ill{r "IJII.1 I : : 'Y' :
J.ll'lli.-illt'. I I.n;' and: ell kids: "f hrunllitt; l'alarrJ had illl ,1\.h; .5 r tIll, ;i bia l'\IJ .. It .ilso ,
>.it II.IJII : cures n rrounl '
; than
i 1I1ltil.p 1III Imiiuinli-ri'if care" .1l'tnr" : : to the: i-nt'rase i.egro lu the south k Qr"
1 have ha-1 thr<.e ot.\t'rtJ alla, E uf "Iill t11.1! !lU.1 : .Lgt"rion.Iiaive r.'Wertutlrbwilr 1 all the other t-hovjihojes-eeiuv. roM'oln- I I Soups, Fish, Game, Meats, Salads, '
1'l1eunu.l1i. a Lit l. Lave sett 10.1' f'ill. lI Lp.II>'Tt'lh au.1 (:ls'idly I ) t.. 1'1t11I Welsh Rarebits etc. .
"m ; iiJ. .\.D.; then wl.tu they t.ein. to in- J01Dl'SGS A t: Y
: IUU IL and \H'ak 1.e-.1rt 1 am fj Iran ni; Lceir"o tt.ItIN: MI.nIt 1tlpr I.
-, It LI t..n..l up :nv oj"sh'lU and "tu".1 ih.. } ,1.1 y"\n' cn-n-e :i> the! n ;bt pn-a in like the reI I OfiE cllJj ;. -___ __ '_ _' _' 2'
1 6,4: L I'i Ille YO", ; Io'r""!. It is a/SJltt': !J I
. .' LeuetrLattepn'! 1 c"nab b a ry'litl: ', 1 I n; :nMring stars whidi bunk through
. '' '' I ,lr''II1.1I i no ftl..lo:1: --
l'II!; } r'';r'L, that I .Ji.1 ant 1.11".r v 'l'r t11 ('ur.' uh\t) t lW: C.t.,' 'f C:1. ..." the blue! lt'!:IL ct flush I k. o'ii by file the The Shoes: You Want
: : )
,I '1111-k,"'. i I"I I 1' I'Hthr 3 W1!::.l :t 12" !: : !, : ;
1iJ 01.:'.e f"r nori I h/'I.i r, I:' ,1/1, I 111 il't.I!:" I.1 nl'Ir !; average r.egro will eo y..r-n-\! :,. II I' .11JNTOC! over 7.ul.itr.1".r::) it, 1.d "OCt pull the corer of his bed about him I I" roVKY 1'u I.O\N-OT li"n'hot'l furnl- i
tPt.t; :' d,, .. -!r..uituei'c: ..j :.\u': : !.'1.':' :""1"1..1-.-(. ,i' \..'..j".'1)'. d.iin-e j i.\ L turc, h'r<<>.. ci \ : und \111>:;< r>f p T- '
and to the :
to : t j.ho-ty ,
: : : :-utiU1.- .h i jt.y.I.: 11t1I"':, ;;;\11 try ; I spent pr.II-rl:. 'r"rmtrll'l.'t''
"M.." Xi'i ct h.-.v !.tat 2I I'ur.. :.. ...."..,I'J. n. : ,: ,.. Iol"Y:1 :Set tl,.- g'i. :'Ht'n. \':itch: !la go.n: ,'u In the ijuajjin.re: ; near 1 Hprt-rv urnulewl. P"I.r 103'.\. A. t l-Uvr. I II i Are the I Shoes 1 S-11 '!
: thl-ii in Jk.ly: t > -rM. II.! ne iin. I ii'l1', s.iutli l'nlhtitrt I \vo ;
.!- d,.' "i !''i'iU' and ninf.n"( h'tt'. : i!,t1''I1. < {K -.m;. nindi.! of t'eiceii.ic -. Ill!, home. 1'ut l,' ha: never been foul. ; -- -- ,

!:uui.r: ...- !l'a"ell'JII'hI"! iMd: ....1..1.rv ,. rI :' i i't ti.ii!: I'.ipiiration, are se-kiiig fun.tu.r i tsl: itinugh to naki1 :i ih.irrri 0:1 tiiesjfiaii'j i \JONLYTn I 11N'on: : lii.n'oVMl .-,. ll'I-l I
.. !I lly in i>'' i.;"'1th,' mn:,,' dllatlv.71 .il tit.. liUrs; or cct tit B.n'iunt'i P.' Ionra'ntof ; .
\ :Ii i''id. ni'-.iv..1. wn.i.r. : ii. )iv; ,:. : of the mlrsl.Intli ) C--=:. :- : :=: :
: nI
.t f l' .11:1a1 i'II \ J:, !I. far t:OIU:r;: \ ; ..' tJe,k: sjiecters; !| inter -t. ( .,!! on l.-" f.. Hr.i "k-. '
I ;t ; .11.It1fI1i011(1.1! : .1.. :< ,: lost,* ..'". i.sil.->. .. v !, i-:,'..:. II. ..,'. i loth,: I this is wlu'.v! the aien.bers of tl'O Jj:..i- j Httori.e at tee :J'i'a >I'.t'.nii.i: M., Vii'-.rr! ;
I;'terr'soft. .. buiUhng.: Suilia I I '1'111la not Store of uake-belie\es and ujrtbit .
J2.) a li i
.' .,.I. 1.-::"- .: '. a. Lr > : .i". t'> U "'.'-{ \IIIaje I..:H' nIl! the U-st of him.! ir
Airuiu i J: r.inauf M! jinM; : '::1.i iI ; :. :,1.:1.. "'ii."t: 1 1!nve ]kr.own of !Instatecs however i1I Shots of be had in all .
You CAn b 'fr. w am Utlt'ou ";int l.ihtl'.liti- may sea-ou? at U"JVfreuchoi3tintveiydirection r i!
*t El" -If \IPI are sick a..j n i ii; II. \1" the Vn,1'!: i. I. -n ;teeth ():.f'v Matti.iiti ,
; wlif-re they! w.n.1! 'Iuit] Uif t'rm; and lo 'tt m Pqasyaher.ohalnnbirunmnr'vrdt
,Viiisf..vCc.Kochsterin"'U All. .r.-j 1 "11.1. I.a.:; :rl' : ,!'i.' liuil'.oott '
: the which) fed tl.e l becaue -\, rt-ftl \ for trade, protiJe, first i>f all r- I""
io'l. rt.IesruLnwtun-gainht'atLtr! :.rulvf-Mty: ':. .b"llh-kl"I-. (. from :;'rng pool ".tato-frotnVm.. Fuber, jw /* hcutu PP-I. I.

It i- tItunly! wl.i keg rw "{;I1'I.! l-\ tl I j""'rhGlcH.l alUtIi.iI. 1'hiJi! .i guarantee.Y of a. strane su;ersntioi tlatsome 'ojx Hr, t. IntfJF I makes *>f Toot.TPir. V''e pro\idelhi wear il large variety; ofn .
----- -- --- -
. !II il.-ug.jiaU( ami t'roctrs. or dr.-ct. f.! i 'IJLlJ l I !
bad thing! would: haJli to theta I
; 1. -- .. ._--.---- -- -- -- ---- -------- ; jtn HHJ WANT TO I nR1W'Ir.-N1:1'Invrct :
t : !if they continued 1'1 I!J o. V.'Ith; the t raoirv. Inwra your prot'ert\.pro-i andqajite! :: al-vaysselecting tho-e-tyles we think will I'IPa-e y' "I -t.
I( | cirefelstriut< rf tltl*>. buy or F-I!| ra! <-<*. I I
t T.'r.jo r.r'.l Ilnin.Tbe 1aHorhnlt. ofo1 ilcrp. younger ui. mbers of the negro race the tare rent pronertvrf Pay ..' !io1.! Pave .
1 I II and cocfltiiiigour purchasets to shoes made! Best Leathers auJ fj -
follou< i s the recipe cf tli" famous I T.uitt.u HoI.M; JVr :ale ::':" is a plll'ulmcII1 K Till! inure niystifjiu; :., I r.,itBeoll -ct.' or your ta' ".. .'!ton..tt to, i iI
; ,' .
i c'l on or nfdre"H T'dO'i. r. <>r Jehn 'hwh'ru!; o{' \Va l.astuu sl'! ;i vLIch; I tea out tl.ro-i.li a rnthtr.l.rty and ia tmy iL.-iruiix's: they \brae bv('ijkujwii I Kval 'l:\. and Iii-urRure B3>nl 5. r-is\- to j'tifctiou. Tben we cap the eIina: by nakih r price )'- varefrequtntlyiuhed

j ? tvr L'olIJ11 i a !J.;-.;n. i : Ai !:tlj.v nf a luvur t\yr t -iifHHiit not ta itijtuif out ( f their !; ?.1:1o! \'{A. (niares tnwiritt' ,'(, ..eryenP '
i oho in' salot f'-oni u' wnwiil term mote for inferior jrade..1ro thefinnan-it; .
i lI
'.a Ihe ej.t .-.'!.'. In M il' the nl of the .
Y "'01.1 1 a Li.a: a la I'l.atabcrlln! tIe bouses at :ht in a' out airIwaral.ce i *ith -\! tell tobuilil ahoase. bi-tf

Ii nght! I" fore I';.f tV lain iu a tub! tf |l'"s lltnty: that It 1.:; ''..t mean ;not ( of these irrious lillIS-\t.\." n ,: run tr-J :'

n 10;I cold/ 1.-,[. Cf. Iij i art downward. klu what: it val.l ;i.l tht the dewier leslly: Orleans Tnues-I iia.ci-it. 'I .. --...I'.(.). :-.HII .- ::--> 'r." '-" -."

art Next; iromiug the lain in soil :,:.' fur bttois! a 'irtbuuo lejKirter '! IS ''Nf-1 ;-rfV'iii ''irrirtr..."iI .
; I i.p. put 'J"I
. Invest: rak-l. I 't'II'c. Apply u: :M J-. "t VT':...>rjktnt.
r i a large kit:'!" or Jet of nliI l water tuled. I' This i Will Interest Man. i lo-if l JL"IS FtP t' t IL';.
( .\ wotaau who-e {'.:.',;=: wan n iiistureif
'i 1.('t .." '.;.-::tr c t hut jrratiually! To quickly introduce 1l. 11. I*. 1 ,
l'rili 1-HI' ) uutli' a'.I-t; I..r' r.r
and < rr.::'.. > t.> <'i.i.!: tS! > J.r;m .2 n r'JIri linthiii'c Fuit aud bal su vwa aaawtr- Miitiiii i : lil-iod Halnii.' t'n fainoa'nouthern -> !1 tlnTitv, ronviiVnt t' IK'nfn cn r

it i ; lwlll.! !('}.-vly] m-'i" til-til: a "imll1t : LiS ki1Vl'li.. t-'r. l' I "You s-i'll' buttonholes hotv?" blonl: curt, into new I.' If ,
S the oi..t i u/ life: !..::'' take fie! hum pest, was ,
!Kun'f> will('ml. al-olunly free,
i 'I-I.I. I.'Ull KKTpn.fllt: nf JolrK"p",1
t; throw wt' r ::t d the put an i t.l! lulu) trill tr itmrnt-. lot; ':utc I 1 l'i"lft'h. ., rn.>mi "",It-rl'irp 1.1 I Fur
in-ie! Vni!
. "Naw. esriaimed. N. 0. FOP/JHEISIER
I -i it wit! f.-: ''i I < \..I.o'lti'r.! it the b.raback : tic foe l m\lll! Uilia il II. U. II,1 TUtUy r'rrl, liP;' I.i V. J.liau 1'"rp.II'"I'T. Prop.
, l. : n ith as ti'nh di.!>:::>-t .'D a \ .Mjue.Ly cur = : 1q1r".. 01\1 't'. .1 ." :
.i".. .
.i ;i.-.lv.\. .1 n 1 let It b..iu.-r: or I ol I Ulcer-, -fr-fiIa, ""zona.: ItClil'l,?
f sire was ca;,:.i it' of s'..)\\:;.
bolls o'\t\' !:iIt..utmore.. Then nd.l.acconlln "' "l..iU1Hhl blond huiiior-i.i cmcf-r. eat I J ( )..1'. K. t. bRENT N '1. I! KSO\'LI.I', W. K. lilKK.Vi Jlt" J. )L. ;.I''i .
!t1\ ? t' the >-:..e tf 'IurlUo o, a I \. rthe!! I.U oil tinw WiI\\' s.u'a"lvCr ill!. fH-t 'nn.-iTr'] boil-ciibui'cl-", I l'r"..
gallon! of \ ;i.u-:ar or a gall.ia! d th-.tit Liii-l! the hirjl": : FC jtiaj'ixilbaK. pimple-ur iiITrnmrntion; ', ptnu- I I I'T-'onelrlt1Prviii..onro'rlh-tarrn ,

I r, i r buti.' 10.. Ur amisgni : tlu-a "iluiner What ,!o pup want vifh s.ioV* in bi ii'f>r jviut-, riuiiniati-ni! 'II' I 4 1I'h'I""j \.',..-oU. l-i-d-r ulll. -t-'I. "9 .T.111. I.
SLc was funny persuaded: tu tell: t irrli: ( r.ioy I bi'M.ii i lit kin trouble.Kotauic I I. IlnrrI'iy r"'H.I..d 10.- uteri i t alas" \ I .
i (.r !t.< i i'\ !c r t.'.'' Lours :!tor('. Th' a to :Iercliant Holtl. A. I*. efattnra'.. : : 1
sohu-thlii b'.i..aes.ou Hlood K.ilm ((1 B. it. tt.) heal iia1nkC'
i take C.: i.i.u ut", frLiu it tt.il pet l-i n ; of lur new !? o.'ltf 1 lfSL lu LIona
"\ "... it's this I way" ft!: 1,.;::111. pvcrydie or pnnnle. makes the I
Cotd I'j. :t laorniai! tI j'lJ it audcat blood and nci! and all .
pure 'top- ; Fe)1t.I.1
. t 'Tllt.'llrklil' girl who live over hire:
\Lea ji.: are re.idjr. ticlif- and pain:. I'.ot.inic ]'!ood -
luto ilres well : .1 .!. it 0:1 : .AUTh"'a donrnhli" !->II'I'
" intty : : OI "To i ri-vii.t the I." III from teasing or little of Vai makes thtlr: ; K.ilnii(( ;. B. H.; tboioivi.lr toted I' the cl'T on rv terms. bv Ih. K-i f4rrRPRI1alate P2WSACOLA. FLA.VM. .
the WEI. c ,,u:!d'i.y! boll.i' tar f.ist it money. Mw f.'rtl) year. in h1-p1til and ptivute I Agrccy.hn;, Souta P.II)1
own fiulhf S. 1'iit they 1:1\'' rut too jd h.i-fund tl.oj-andsof I .tart 1'1'
h nits:: tn'l' t.) "W a I.t: 1' ut 'tIt1Iloth practice \ D1I'1..DCTO rL1,
r :.f'/: IIr.nllt.,' l.am !<> a < to inuih tiuie to ilo tl.- wori! III. Nv>w, if ( given r.') a< I t1pl'lt--i. Auld at I-- -- i iI
l. yon was n woman yoj'.l know that! it drug stortIfl per large oottl For __ IIAIit(1(1)x.'rb4 : H. KNOWLKd. \\ 15LOUNT. Jo'.Ij. BitEST, W, K. HY2R.
i 'ifA. U3 I n- o:; :i i.i'-e. v.11 L:-e;>
.' t\.it ,1 ) was mighty: hard to make buttonholes.HO : froe tre'tuifi write to BIdlm( I H\R\H Ioh'1Ja'.tllr"r: D. G. BRENT,
ihe inn f.l p'irl .incgl.
f 1 11."I"t -!-: illy: liy I.an.I'V"I' girls: .':/'t afford l Ie. .Atlitit, O.t. Mpiiicine sent utntuH 11..I..r.n H tir dooiKiitts Tol1..t'I
.' v\f t:.' etult la t(tt.iUi; > \rticlt.ilauUllrtc.avW. Uuverumcut
< W titer I

., boll t,.. la. y.-New York. !.ei..I.l.( buitniil.nle t.nhn'y.! They makeup frees, )('.dt.irfpji-l.! '" I advice P"'I'cHu.tru\hl..and given. Botanic .lr..d. ------ rm! ti B B i !
I fete H iklL
the .In'-"s aa.l I I.rla; "'111 or to u ? (t
1 l'.l..nd luini'U. ". It.t) are life ]'-Iu'r. Fur I'un.-rall 1d
1 :rVwor"In -.n. u:. nr:.1 we put in the! buttonh'.Ls at --
p A 't' -gn', ,7.i vj;i.r ir ttrr filth to ti.. blood.: The I + t.7KtR .. larnnaet!
an much 11U1,'. V'>rJ.is to the kind ofttult MwuF 3
a .
i Jell lion ('oii.v. lv-r JOIT Ir.S.indthe : fln t'{!"/.iiJ juiri'ler lu.ilB .tJI11C P prott.ftlrSnhouyuet' or.u.'Id"al"n4 >,
and Jaw will they wai:< it I'.one.Aad 111 ml hilm ( It. It.I H.j in" Miss Violvite )lolrno,3ts Nest (jr.wry
1 n o. t ).-.1< l'S' sau: rill lI".I'" ; r.c-We draw oar own Billi of Kxchau:s on Ur
' }i. This: iUt-.tli'i/i/ WUavucd Il.e\ v. ife nf tint's all t..I're:1 to ;t.owY i' he'lthv I'.lni.-i-pply to Uie.-kinauu I""I\- - r.o!m Frsc, Austria Italy, Holland, Kj-ain, Bflgicn! Iinaaa; l-ftl

IIl'k Tr.Lul1\. en.Ht -p.t..m. '\'.4\.1'J41). 81t'eio:1 Denmark load other Enroveau conntrltH.c'pts .
a gay .nt-.ii'j; bj a n\-I for Ins aifc '-....,._. .. _.._ ,' way. ,
tlon \\hr.ei.l..V: lag i1 :ant 1,111,1 "i..n' \\rAXTKI; > to rent for on+ nee: or moro.n '
A Jonihfnl Flnunrlrr. Ii i I S,n s.x! :. 1) plow bortfrilghtanr.AAdn| ., ,t V(* Dlsfccrsod n-nn ne Xodk FaTab! T tors"TLe I I'. O fox N'. cHv. IT'-tfUfANIKJi O Hg: Taken PayRDla at Pert cf Destiuatiou Tea or FUioea Dajiaf
A Will of : : the i-i to
r.sks : !t'I't I !
stringsevery 1'eitnir !lr.h''S' tint rones<;"):: tat some : : : n - -
Vessel Arrives there.
Tour laathenatieal jvr.i'i-es kindly: till I roar ".' ". '.'., ,' .'.:tie c :I.': f' land -\ouii! iau B:.1 1Altm..n to ; r
1.:1': f J t .'S: i J II'W roar: 'r :.s ,
I lt wk kr hn iti.'l d
me If I sin :il: Mijtey! : il'\i.id of the w i.li a Ia\.T i-.i in..iI'l: tl:::eU'ectns '. pin* >rt B
tho ,& prvt :'V. :I.e-l froLJ VIe bI i.a 1 I T\p" ntni. Mnm clfTilrtr.di fur our puns < r.vSr.fnty Dapo'ltUoros far Ilont in Ci iinfintion
y ra: Tl.nli:! famity: !l.i i.'t: In'tni:ih' I tan .ecnu puuiilr, l-''r furlhir lajrini-
to t:( nl.tr. Tt ;vas the} bust1,1't'folv' : I ..... I c',4atiraa'.nulceeiC'tir.: b.lLTA"'TI'IIII : with wliichyft L&TM n ?vi\ratt A'partainnt: for tiioUia
to stn' i! nnb tote!: fullwiu! : threecornent I .t. I ILion -
i1....t lair (:. ':ddlr,. -
trick shs'.l: 1 fay': .\ lJcnrIi ; A. ;5s f.,tu 1 ia nearly ?!1 1ftlt I )0.".. rt mp1 b..r c; L.sDtnr<;.
i "Yftir t.ui *.oil jj out of trdcr. 1:1.1 i I \\ .. .
k ] .. rf the jlol'. bin three w proUil..y in1vdi'ct neat H.A."RnD"A nnv.'tlIi
!.,1 ) :i*< : n old petitle: :oa 1:1 t:
d "It ia
Ii" :1! t1"e, 1.. ) : :;U flly. a ru _.
- -
of law that i ifit "tr.t 10: ":"tHTee..M of lnv.r.-:tc nature about -'I I. II, "'ulIl.l.
i. laid lov :i in :' n v oman a
. n ''\:. wi: you do v-Sth !'t If I C'1\'tJ' which there Is so :nU'.b [}-lery. Tiipriutiyal -. -- ,- .- THE GARDEN SECTIONNcav
4 ;! i, 1:1: \'l"Ijlrl.t to testily ugslnjlIn 'I :1 nI'o-; ''J'r..ntlt.l" t', .\; .
ron ":ie? a ked t'se old ttne Wan. fl''ta: for this remarkabli'! oav. "fon..w li'.s rtB ..
( her 1':: l.nJ: i. (
"Tern it tnto ii.ai-ptEiHi (}Uiui." u>- product 1 Ls that it esnuot \be consuued :' upa' < rrn ,"(t a."-11'n ;!.. .. (' .L. .., o-or-'J
; coi.r.-"oj.j.lt followed as the
i t-o! i 1 Yerrrtl .
: ii.
I a Il.iPC tll1' i.r.i i.ms :
iT-Le up the nun r'ua.'at LS!; : pUI"! the tKiy."llutvr by fire. t'll\nc 1\1\/I'\1II..n : .. -tt'e "t. lea -i l.--r.
panic :
-.0' da
'. wife s >i.U%. "\'.: sliottll you have I I I II I ,I, lilt t-n..iiiii.' .u ."''A" Jer"r. ...1, ." .
TraTI rent 1':1n. --- -- -
h "I f'I'I.l: to th(" l.'..''.' of tIt fair lk'atriee sbow",Jive me" tw! tanner, :d r:: soon I I,1',1 tratjart paste way l-e ole !! lir.i >\ injr mill 1'atutiii. ---- -- ---

if I bad nut iouie to your rescue !MJ y.ra. ;' c.I ,!'.* ounce of East Hill Electric Terminus.Beautiful .
. :" l.e dt'I1U1nhl. The Uy pet the mOil"). darted off toa ta : y s.iivJnrf one rum Tyi-s ..JI.II. LIE rill ro-.n !., Railway
neatly' '
Uiker's s-hep cad bought tliree- arabic end two dram of glycerin int.a .> I itn.ng i i'l fa-.ntmir c.r.i !J rf.f.uir'i
. a
"I Mn>v.Id olive sn -JlJ you were a s.trfnl ;- < Cl.Miio'8 Timu't % n. + 01.
r < r. \ i- but a rn!' rather than a : Iienny loaf with wu'.ch be returned to ?e ouareof 1. Tii.,19yth> "'.',J. alnldcu'rp.n. iii,I it Lots for Sale.0zl37
'the old ;enh'pan and l an iod"I that -s u-vi.ijMr-m !' loll a. la. l-.>:m' .
rkss: OCl' 1.11 pint OUV.
j : fa" A. iB.'alis I' i'it X. Y.
ei hI'k penni.. > -wa .

b'i rrr of :.:lJt. i. !.'w's th:-V \\,: Fait you would write:: "My wife ?nfer 'd from t'-.-. 1 ..;' .Ie'I.L .- % foot at from $75 to $200 each recording
10 1 kidney trnu&Jp f.-r ypsr'h wa : >. r.'M.-l HKUW.N I 1LCiY ., q .
; "1 obonVI think It world were) yea. make the! .:it'nr4. buo uinl.8" .;',.! ..." induce i TU ?rv }"< i.i.vs: IVID F.Y '..' I'x'lu.'I'l'ncK' HI. i Lit : :' ,"r ''''. to location and surroundings.xceptionally .

.; to haw jach a disorderly ir'.!-rml.Kiiil I ::\. The Uiktr's ca tbrpp- CURE %-rt in lc:t than a week after ---Hv.-..-ori.rs .t IV'-lijv- -KI'WHHrec.bi --."-.-'. ".. _;r.ttaj -

t.; th: reUthc who v\a> call.u; Atiie pt't Ayou've ROI thriepemv and I've -tia bi-i'j'i tt'trC! i it, '-ie TO ;rP Ith- ( 'L' r.l40\11t" -

,; boieu tot a threejM-nny 11.1(. T 3t's n ne- jinn l i'-r.J tie bcttles curtd ,: - - - : Gwl JCeigkbyrttoorJ, Keaidiful Vic" /',

. "i'\e got ns",i to it," &r.U! the per.r.'l" r.->.u'+ \Vct-kly. 1!: her," V. A. )'AU uibsrte.Ttronins {\LY J 1-'LW; df.;!..'s ordered'In'! Hortl lor cmtrnu-M.t "
: ; lady with tl- gentle il I.'i.; .,it: J!. Ie I ---------- I, \lIEi \ollUI );or Du.1I \;esi lor"'-'"ry.

p.{ lsn't n'ulf,! I !11 ru,, litu vi! Ji After <>";: "-are or HhPt! r''U feel H : Bay Oat ef tic ilin;":. -:"on"--!-t3 I.-- ,. .:.(-.i ir (1-:1" --

r: a cu,tos> ".* ;.:!. and v.n..\.r cold\ (.'!;:U: "n. t.krnp .t .!. .f Fo- V:..y L' n.-s throw tte bay cut of .; .. .. ." ; opportunity 'or investment ever

:, he taa't ,i,* T'.. i.Fv'- 1u\ht! .tN1' TAl.. t. 1vrr ctJ V : (J'l"Cl'r. .- offered
in Pcnsacola.
teea nu: n .1 tl.: :.;=gir, traa.p oa 5t asl th' n r"- -
j ivj realtor the eonl era :11 L'!! >-v'r flu; to tp.r't: | ; : ;"I' L. tl :H'. '. .. .- .
poise t
\\'. .\. If.\, 'u-li"rtM. : : e t. at i. iaj3 Nc'I::gaL'; NKITHhl.-Pcapt\;;.. .""... ---- --- --

v .. tie tllklr"-11'asblUaun Mar. I'.JL: steal!. Ih's: L.' ,.t p-aenllj: o<- 6 -f u"r r"j" .n.I{ '".._ 01 tt-- -.r Horns Seeker Skonll Sec The ; Lots,
( t -.'1It.tites'r'1:,... ..... -. 1 ". .1.it' < '.: W ;-:0 a l.trse that in a single 'lLSiII-L ;H..AnIh'p111'1 r.-Ib.! for orbtq 1\111 I.1&h ", -

1 F writ"My: b.w.I.I., fP't It,, :.,'. 1J'8: lrH way to stop t's! !II to ed by the Crew of >a.a .:.ABLE iy.. rA vOiubbsf'nrnnr

:i t\tre coed which( rcfuJ t' \ ; i CASTORIA 1. .. a J'Y.; u. 1 across tl:,' i.angr. \\.1. A'PH&1 Cn l. 'q"t.

1 t.hi y tr"-dment until w. I'.f tat: tlie 1-r: fin 'e pushed Ion.ljnrr.. ; pitHAIRRBALSAM

( FOLVY'S HONKY: AND Tv! Ii For Infants and Children. town, uiucr It. lilt Lay iELot then r"rrl".. find .f1rllnSfrll"f
was oouipl>*ulv eta. tt ".r'r. I'. j; The Kind You Have td tLrown o-L
Always Bough!
I ono bottle Tike utnl1lu. F"l< :'..- ;.

Ii W. A. D'Alemberte. C3t:3TOIIAaEelithe c1 r. &:4 beiaJW u.b '

t \ I St Bears the 'fl itWtor iltK: drelHaltkr.1s60 1 -- rvmwy P.rI. *f0.an.-t to 3e.tore fU t1Je.ee Ora; I TnY 1 TD HBW VlAI1T tijMII !

X Know On Sara Itrmod j prw 1a.Ir to ata drt YO tk1I a.ahl.i Coier., I .

J..l U ).. -_ ; .. llL1, b.:' -,,,,,,,,,, "" IIM : ,< ",--<"'- !_"""' $ : '''''';l'r., .,. _,,. 4: : :': :;-"' .( r ,..,., ..4. ....J., .. "" .

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-- i I'
-- -- ---- --

The :Motor ('. r'i t'nturr. I I: THIS{ LAND OF GOOD THINGSSome I I .
FOR THE ', Sam'l Charles i I
'' COUGH'Dr. I'
BEST Very >lion!>'. 1 1fiiiuri- to say loth t I WHY i ,

trains and iiaus will have a much! Rheumalism'Rheu:1.t of Our OrlloHoir* That Cannot

imrtMrirus! oiin-titor! In the! Inure Be Found In Kuropr. Bnll's Cough Syrup cures Cough BOOT and j I :: 1 ;
BOY/ELS/ ( I I r.r Cold at Croup
once. Conquers t
: comeiiii'iii. simpler aft-r and handier: The tide of ocean<< travel is LOW set f q
AVhooping-Cough and Meas!Cough y :'
iml.lUMS! ._ ,. : pain: are the cries cf proteil tirg! rapidly! ( westward from I'urcjio. \ SHOEMAKES 1
\ u-i- ( ; orM. ludt'd I wU: !
III'n"v m..t or the without fail. All mothers it.
. rl r,1 t .r..... k. and distress fro"i tenured muscle-: ;, achirj: : praise J It
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rr.ln II''' rhnpeaOs, say city Doctors prescribe ii:; for Bronchitis,
j jhts: uuil cscite 1 ncr\'es. Tht Wood Its
II.uerrt : tharinnn'bi' I ( ::,:uw. wbifli. with its! usual uior-- ': Lien tli rccu.ul lioa ci rope" aalmost .-,'\' U-fi.i-e.and 1 tLo"e1 i ii i I Hoarseness Grippe N Pntumonil and n
"a, b( knllut-( llie boktlt'! roiot.-l: ly i I
Iris and flurry has prondcd lt i-'f: taste Matter H thj s-<; Cl.1. r...,l can r.C 1 who have LO !flip( residence abroad are Consumption ui'1!:, sure remits.Price. .

CANDY I with n lar;::" and "[i-ni5iil sTciu "r' longer supthe rare and heat: sustainin : lUlll: to j:. t home apiin.; They are 15 cents: Rffu-tr tin. dealer's pibst.tute. J ; t I. I it1J

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,. / ..'I'I ('aui.l \; !. ,: I our I41 '-l1( <.n'!(.J by :'-. F the new mi an paLitts describes! : the 'l-oiit tlat c-h': :>.,n. Tnin't jouah Grist t and Corn Meal lilts i
'" i If"'r" ( ut.u'urr H"1:10. .. .
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concerts in ilnI'niKil Si.itcnest w.n- tf a lca(. :;;j ritJicitccl'e ti i'? :.iJ that the I big; steamer in anticipation ofAirnrii.iu i New VurkVvtLy.! I
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sppt'lyf 1 \\atermelons :
)l"t Ills !l.Jir .io\v. I In1 b.-.uz m.It'r I'.e! ;:plan .. t.:1t.; r :ihout rnxnit -igntt-l: I now *ale lit any .\. .1 11.! I iv-u l.i\\ t'i f.ilN,: lirjucNhhiii! ( ti.iii: the .\ut: 'rlt';aus will mt'ucvipt '1 1 cm it, I decline'1 to continue h1t, -e.t-rent anl nini-nz !Let !olur'.... \t dinner on the "jllJ",1! l Chambfrliin': Monvich\ andII.ivtr'1abitt I II I I rlllatren : >/>. r

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i t.r: in!:;:ba':1.! : iln: I."t' Famt'i.xly. at any! rule: has told) II.PI: -1 ia despair h<,wrvrr. 101...e. t'ic : .rjicine. a in..!, I, M-rved t.tj"! rein torn !in the 111'1:1.: iul will (prH't'lIt th> attack if )pivni! rteck1reefrtmlb.l1em rH on ou nhu'iUI t'uyvnur- !Manufacturer.'or ;Neal ftlS.

i--I \\ Lta to.U thatviitr awl iiiM.mwl tLfjra"eof .1 I. l'atli-e ml L jlit.'t alter. -rcunJ II JtaLtnal: > i critc'm' i w, a"!. .It I vc't ,rv I soon was aMe there": U. lal {pieLaps: aid in the <>!M favhionedway. 1.17 -o.m a-, the !lr-t iiulic.iTiuu! of the t'T ",'I1I>.n? you rnn'urr b" 'aiv tado- i 1 I

.\'. s:.l.oin'.iii! 'liuilill.ilrlt.inn r..chu'. ji i u'-- f..r t.eIII al. S! S. S havin t It sons ii.e; fettns!: : tie!: hails.t1 I 'IK..ar apptar*. I'rlt'rdeent9<< per trv. IAtlrmrtty :' lrir'iithec." !IV'-nertwl tnraon.tr. {ri. '
luin M.a' I il "
ere *. re "J aid \\,". All: t'lw Jiiirvs-i.ij < rivet II( the and I) 'L r .unrl.s rrf-p. ,., >
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I ji' ( corn ; In in tprinn err bc.mr iri 'i. I \ : T you ;
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.. .IIIII.ll'ih.-r! tits: Alns- The iuiia-4 1111 tt :Nonv.j are jui-! :: : Ih'l'u: corn thee! voyagers FT Ilo'ihs'!h| teat I'iT. '" .iv fc' .ifT .- 5.vntever It nhiGhc totber.'mmrCltYI4wblci: ( otrl0utet101.II'supp''t.i:: ,
tic! rcat \ cgctaLl4purj..r ; : Add Mel iLi! h. wt.'l i Ijtaili urS.r.
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i S "j"I"; ;>, taut over a I I.II.tldy ))1:1'1; in that .... Ladin all! summer. Knives and ._---- --
j :;:: : :1-1 tonic it
: nrliir artit: It-a prettily; <'n.i }I country [t'ruvidIn) ) .... that !1:1 iiitnre ally; : 11ttlb.S. the i.le'I a in, allurnatic ) I Ifotk-s fell dead. The daintiest hands:
i "
: t'.l' lufm!: Tillage'; near: i who .! "i'-ix .t nianu'il: ; ri-nicty: S< "' ed tinSii\ and Without! cere :
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,- a "\.. : .\',. jl"H Iry stun-.1* .: must! t jircMiit t.i the I pro|,,'r aiuinr-1, : : 5> <* ?' There: crc r'- opiatts cs inony tin lo\'ellrst! tl'lh1"1' )i.iiried: I' I I0
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AU New Un
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the arts of (--iUiiij.! .-\\' tn, ;::. Ur.iii.ns,! ; > I The Mt-ie l I.< describe as bedi'.erlns.w : .

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1 hr (."It Mr'Oi'i..i.i Khctmis:11: which nrrsffcrcr from :, j I :
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-; :-( i H f-c.n 100 to :11 this painful disease; sliouM: rcail. It u; the .
I to !.e rv<|tiretl, friiii men which! shall! ;cto and iatertslin Ion: cf! the culi. the n'xtuTI''i". uas'1' I
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[ trove tlat they: tie :able to su|>iiurti tlic kind in I'sistence. It vill Lecei.t> free \\atern.tI'm." :1 ',\111.1' Mmi;:,'r t.i llu-: '

': 't.JI lbtmit: i-tw"in thir wis. ,, to any mp deM-i-I ;* it. \Vrite our j>ay>:5- ope. Halt'union! iij-ks wirt.Atl: !i'i j We liwc Jubt Receded n Lnr,c In-o '. eat' i II

t'e,.:: tJ Use rtlu-ru "a"t t ciatiS fully and freely about )'dlrt'isc. WtI rtrnhers! of the four Ilnndnd ais'lUMiuri'l I i

: J. O Ipr- of l-> ,-thnrr. '",)d.. uiake i.) ('!tan!.* for nrdical nd;;lev. '' ( as !f 'at a t'lnntatinn' )picu5: : '. Ladies' Phaetons Stick-seat Stanhopes: : Road .

\ ""t'-. L. 'teE.rh.lti"rotlA"pr! : writp- : -I h:id \'r.T hid ftiifcnf 11.: E'.V.FT i.-tCinC: C3.. ATLAMTA CA. Tie! uil'ir: (It'Hiili's! the Menu a- i i

;I. nn .. nJ -y hi" .vr ., iiroimt i 1 V i iin| 'v o iiiijil iict! .i'i I tni'iJ I'"i. y',; -- -- "Iron-! :,restive; ,' ('.fl Ii! .:., 1 Ian.t I Wagons Double Open Surrys. Top Ii
". ,.::7 ."'IS e in i .ja vjl!: ; ill! In1:1 I{ tI.X 1-:V ( n.K. n hi.-h % ivf n.f i nn- I l.uiiliakc. These! .U' Lai l for '
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IHI| i
t' ::i t'.i- !Irt i .. .iii-l *> ",-dr i1 i-. 11.011:1: : 1'.1., '111"! 1 W I= ,,, I d'\ ASPir; ANiS FO ;? RED HAT. ". '
si-en no reenorn am! no wairr-i all of the Latent
: : ; \ ;.:' I ; rr'J I Itft.. r 'k'nrtwo' b Hl t1-i : ---- I Buggies, Very :
Four \.tdllr: li Hill In l'oler! of i rielon. 'Ihej ilo net raise such thin : ,
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i" i I-f' T in 1y. J.1 1 i" v.ut.ik, F'Iry' .. 's' .\. 0 Al- '
,, r. K enilien '. ( iirilui.iU. iI.n'foC' i !in runiiif.: ainl th" must freiir.intnl( : | Designs and Highest Finish ;

'\. OT. C-: C.ui i:dues for the h'jt'K hiiiiy:! know what they nre. ll f i

is.ell! that Anieriean bait piople) (.e I 1 1i ./ Fine Lot or' ttowls / Inirc in thi
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1:1111:111: ll.ey thus learn to ni'i'>rr j sec (/ ,
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date luiw, well we are fed !in this plat i

r. Pail Mail GGztteatenrngevery. :| tr;.'. CL'! how lauth we enjoy what

Start Girls Right \vutTf, their: iiamtra teeiutiiK to ciTtut1 i j nr,' ant, to Ijruore: in tu'! face for w"1 '

R in jroixirtiiiii to tilt uiatauce ', eign ,....,1. ill /. I J. M. H 1 L g A F Ill. D ,
from Komf.: Ire United! feute tor In. ,, far a
Many beautiful: giris become invalid for life, !I Take the the articles-lit-ef. : :
stance 't.11'I! the cauniuates of ioukautin ;: I
,r 4, because at the crucial period of puberty they :?, Ari-nbifhopsCorrixin fond Ire I P'een eor.n.' watermelon. coGVe and 1 lie ,

pay no attention to the bus of health-! Mothers bul WHO represent tne i>pao-ue tialiemies i 1-so plenty! in this country; the;' are al- : OFFfiHM t

should protect their daughters' health by giving la th.- American II >jiiau C.UUO' I I unknown in many parts: of lln- i

he caurok, uas on tnii occasion two ads Tope.'e often speak of England; asa : t
them necessary information: and proper WAGONS. DRAYS, DELIVERY CASOJI3: CARRIAGES, ETC.
cituniul fIr tae red hat.
pir.vnts beef taing! euuntry. and, yet beefsteak '
treatment When the meoies come on a !g'rl I 1 here fonr the ; {
are only vao'tncie in If
Anierieans 1I11.If'r.t\It1! l it. !Is
unawares in her inexperience she is either I coKfKe of i.rulanls ana tae AmericanIirett ; i
almost unknown In Inglaud'hat: Repairing, Horseshoeinp:, $ Rubber: Tiros. ,
frightened into convulsions, or scared into .e. arts Inoi1 ht to have few chances :
6t !i they ini'aii liy beef I is rump) and: loaM:
: tfiection, B3 the i< ('re Hell witha
a ta check the flow. Many girls have checked ifrinuiatiou not pope to have n'ore tnanI :i Lett.[ 1'ur the purposes of 1111111'1'1- NO. 33: EAST GARDEN STRECr. FHONE 124 .

the flow: end it his never started again. Andas I one caruttiai the United ;stare, tparin ) ran tills amounts to "neit:! f nvthiti;;," .

a result! they have grown pale-faced, with ? hilt tat: fnc.ion cod ani.u-oui rnwuuid i i Oa the bill of fare of a resinrn' 1 I ;

e "cro\e.tratks" their cheeks, and dark half lie rtifllciilc to harmcn'.zj: and ; lurk .tairant th'riy-three liilTerent $; 55 YEARS OF SCIFJITIFIC 6IJEWINCBSE ( ;

rnnt: be Tatar tj Caltiola-isin m \ kinds of !I'H'f.-tt-ak einniternied. In ,,'
4 q moons unJer their; eyes. A dose of are - -
: i i Knd.ind: : llie) thick double r-iil.in. <>r f
: -- --- ..
b : .hr.t u'.1. a' 1"It.u.' ..n.., 1<< : I Id
9 !ltrhteat Auger \o.kc. I"l'IlIlt"11'lk.. Is virtually unknown) In y
WNEoC4RDU! t..II.. I.., ,.,...:.. '
Ntw YURt Oct. 21.-fie effevts cf ';nna"y: the ram: I N likeuNo. ( Ine tanpt !

taken : after is twelve! the strike the | tvliat is here known :i< a (Iain
every morning a girl years at binder !5ewin; jlacane Pct"! i A 1
i burg steak, but of sirloin aid: )poriir- .
olj ui":: the and I
Ir bring mines on properly keep w.irs! Kl'.zikt'thiiorf.' X. J.. are beccm- I

them regular. It";il!I hc'p! I hr to U\eop! into ins! aj-j Rr ur. The striker tmmb Clol'e. ;
rate: : wens.'nhlmd and equip her fur (re duties of ife and motKcrhood. bur Hit rt' are three tinii. tint numoer --. --- - l:

; .... 1.' .(:. : !:,,'I'.I1'ttn TV the n.i p-iKain'9: tortUt'UI ., .. \ .
A. its Sill! $1.00 bottles of Win: uf Car t.i. t
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The nol!'. "o<>i!. Ash r. Pa-t, X, J.. Ft-Vuarr *1100. I t "- r.
':r'tlrertt! sit.'inc: ',It.\: ..y.-i.t I I'..ui! in ti. 1'i .iiu-* toil m .CI.t. Tile Mi-tr: comtiatiy 11:0': : the! dose: of Ma-cli tir MI: 'Tirl; ia ,.1 I

i I. i "rn fn'TI.lv: rujin-- ,l I.. t. tnal 1u ry' .t t., I'al '"roI H.rH'lln"IIct\! IIIH rnjcrs tu.it m.lt: 9 .April l.rrfl'rIly upon a !1ii i.t snowiien.
.!. s 1 f.UTI'h.I" IK'-II-I III f.- i .i ui..pt'il Ui.pa who .
I. AIr
s iiHUMairiiiT :
iris ai' rent at utKi'-imia-K \\ aided by the tt-trl.s.! o' cmira.o
,U u hn' ...aUf ". I.'., .hrl..de! i andrlard''r'selre! : ;
.anlr.hr4Llt! ),, -H'dru. .", 1 .. .nhlr, 41trrntut, errI t > fci ;uKi n hues int-y \\ iii iif\t-r IH. alWe' sure of fu'lly eoverim! ;': t' .," ;j. d.'says I.I I I

I i i tiiecil her t. ": I r: a1 1 .t* I.-*!! dolt hr'. '//0' o;'\ hori i -. in ri.uru: to woriJ at tare lacinrr.; \ I P fire
... I'n.ffsscrVJieeler nf the K': ,>' -
!J. .. r
: : 'irrgu:1! a< Ip.III ,1rn t."I; .tl'i / 'Ai9Y'INk Ja lFr9wn 4
-" in'rowaw.T.1: : a's hit J. V.b:> !.EYCUJo&: h aim lIu-I- Iai: ii- ; .Ira < 'if in its..t.b t. Inland stat 1
..It ;du : vladn'l re '. .. the!: ;:rl'iutl'i!! vtiM slim""'" !1':11: soft but! !
'1 .. C .tl u' ; jifN, !n.l. Uj.l.Tn": A-rear. tI
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; 'i u.ii.ntr: u: JoiepnLu ; tlrnir WL': V. t :. t- :1.l t" 'I' !pimiil" ':. in'ur il > ;?) /1.1". D. l'r.Br 01. til) *-r.rks Fft{t. .. i.4. i...
: f. i-t it is 'ell tu. Lit'
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tr ni !.i re, <.ai in;: mile nsiit.! li.-- tt I

-- n at,* ..::,i lift two < II fin-1i dion'' I': {i. ,. P. O. 15.ix iK

i VET\ I ltt YOUR HOME FREE L .n-i' a''.d Lad cone to a Bail' I'l : N-ACOI.A. I-1 \ T't-iti.ut-*.

viiuiv; n ex'.wl after Tula'To: : : i >

r- -,. r- '" v.J. -. ..<,uy r's, it "l:i.' ,'t:i-< -'-Iff. Ti. : Dieis t': 'uiii'ti:: } Ttitt'OR Pills -

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; .4 iw' > !:I.W'1tI.t.: "IKS lal.t. 1 iiili'Cfudmiy
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i- .... L :.-.\..... r I' ,.r. WtJ" WI[JJ'I ft* 1:11---: H L&JJ4iLaBVE )
; i< t -'" '\ ,., M-. I11t.! Oc:. :;1. -P. L lliiu''smn TORPID LIVER. ?Ati a j J t
e 1 : I
i I :o\" ... I II'ai / torrid liver deranges the wholesjstcm.
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; HI'irctur were totally d
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II. \ II"I" "
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.' t'. ....r;;; U. : \ SlM'lirv lllnmr *..'! 1 au. .ut oue hart ijyjriu.'i SICK! HEADACHE! -
'. .t. -- ,'.1'_" t. I ," j ." "' : .!o.. ,' '. ,I ,
,, !. - D spcpsia: Costiveness Rhcu- i' HIS \vixn-i: : nx I.: vi : i : KKOJJK.SEND .
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I I I.: in r- SaMow Skin
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; I 1 1'\'' I .rv-... 1.1,111 it-wtr. x '\; ,' LM i 1 ly !" 'i 1'1\\11' lliemlhTs cf the! .Ple.-u.t; TKrcIs! ro better remedy for thc-i" US YOUR ORDERS NOinT. .
\111' ,11-t tnii'ii'',IK. I i It.-, "
d. .. .. .. . c.immon di-uiascs' than DR. TLTT'SLIER ,
.' f..Tr..I.1 l!" "I.''' "" 1' 11'.le: nf I Indian dml at 1--t: I
\\ '.1" .,..... ,,".t ..U. ,,, ... PILLS, =5 a trial \\iJl prove
.. "I! ,' 't'.r'i.-t.- W allow'R I .Ine-' I ni.' > i \JJ' | / \ It'I'l'mt.u!. iif-t.nldif I r:'I'
'. ,1..1.I ) ,. I., .li-in.r S'f < >...l ... I Vl.\l/ Tafvo No Substitute.! Thompson Olson cr Co.
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'I i :i "Kedlicadeil IniKnn.); lId nr!! :
-- --
SOAP co. [or. 12th & Pin sts ST. LOUIS MO.
hi- 'iI\!,' iiieinlMT of the tnlu- who 1 Purr Jfanrciti Street! }
: MIIICI ; Telephone 147.LOUISVILLE "
J ,:; -' *M 'i.: tl:. s is .I'.I1't') of while inan' lilniHl' in

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"' :1.l .. 11:. nuil ,rear as<' h.!' caste to I
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i.i;: 'M.-iehla. ami. rreeCuC: a small tbi'rn-.M'ho's: ii nrt kiirrturinm it tirtt

I.. 14e.:" had sK'e!! Lirulti.t: {iiiace i iC0> ;K>i&l. uatltrf th. 1\1I111-.r !iVn ,|ici inhttetrn''ttvet AND NA HVILLS!: RAILROAD.IN f
t I
-- ... : t'Jo'ECl': ti'1.1: I II. I'J'I
i -- -
-- Ii ::"Ir'-. Like must of his leer he "olent A-C u-intion. and the ti-ni-tHl attire
r .. -_. .. .... .all .-...... :\ll,,,,,, ., .', 1.'i cnnQdllt.11,1 the :and 011.1".i "'i of the !nrnri'ira'irhull hr to .
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I 't' "' I hrmm','e lie intert- HI il wxanrr: of the 1. N'lv. IrI\\U'1; anti Mnltiltiin
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.t 'Ii .' *tonl..i, fntn......h n"l earn
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-. : -. .... ., u..o. :;, h I1:1'11 knowu tliroushout! this .... .6, .n.4. Xl :.
\ f 1'1'J \ .. f .. .- ffJt j ; ij "' <1 liiixi-in altt of real of I ) >11.t.: Nn t
J. f t. :, "(1'1'n.. He was about sixty-Dint years: i in'fiisw: ar"III".r- : 7'1;, n I.'.'', m 1I'i II Leave..... r 'niift.-oli ... I 61st a .. 9..n, ,
t ,a J .i.'y' : i IfH"t \ rr i Jj !i .1. ii> ii 'All'-. Ir.. W. 1'. )I"'il'10'n. M. ,. ., .. ". .. 1"1" l.. ,"..-. F".n..tt'.b" .. Arrive .' :. x *:p'l'I p I
,, '. .L..,;. 06b.. ,/ "'"' Ur... ..r;, ) 1' Of ac. ., ''. l'l- W H n.n-'in H. T I.W141.tt. A. I II :I" H 14.::: D .:.::) n l.-ntr .._ 1foL:1:It. ... I.H.TH i I 't "', i:'(: oar" J> I 1 1I
: t ''"::. : a H 11' 'e I ". .l'n..4 I t'rint'rli.I'-.I'. i .. .. :? ?:::'a [..*nNm 'tpfkrv Ltetal I s.o'p' a p

I I':.I.. .. t.' : .:-.' 11 r", .".' .;.U'"' ". 'H..' siDi itself" In r ;ll'I' THUNDER LORE. et.'I. .*. I.eCh"n.I.! -l. Kiilwr'"i- (. HA*. I Nnrh. -
'. !'> J : k. ." -.1 I !t "I"J\I"Q.I I!. W II.. WM .
k; y t : '- \' :'J _.' :1:1 .Li c' 1:1. ;13rd 1.\o.<."..,...\!.(.'", Cl 1I'oi'; :;- 1"'p rjl'" t.. -t. '. I I.htlperL.l.I I H-.l-i: 't. K...\. i -
.. old heard in ?hn"e.t t..r.rm I I. 'a I. ill i .I"> \le. I .
is tK nations of n. !ter 4
.. Of some I
; : :, :: ;; :n :: l-'C:1.:2: sCr'J iJ: tl0l n Vi.} \ .v 'I- I .1 \!Itu. : liatid.ty.U!,: ] I No. 1. :'0. 1 1
( d' I .
i .
1o.I..M :* Art v. ) ...
: rtli / m i t.I !; mf > truer ll :ir .. m lII5p...
i. ,.t- -. .. .. h (\ (l -, .' ...:--;. !his int'f'1- 11 ..'V a M 1:I.' pmIrTl' ". .. b "'"I/IIII.! t.imc b"Cllt1I 4.A pus /
:. l' 0:<) "" .fl 11 :'\ .\rr\ ,. \it.h\11.. Leatr .
"-, .th, 1 .On1 n 5 i I. tethers thoujlt; thunder sounds of :\ou K Ill f'tTICT'JH"i. ". +' ..w "'-"'a m Arrive. I.OGIHII! ,.Jrav. 4.Iip rot ::.; i

"" ..rv a 'rI ).q "an't'eta, d by the Fjiiri-'! of ;poodand T.--'n in 1IIoo ar.i Arrive .(cinclniiiti. l.rwm 6rpnt haapm 11'11
: v ; J Ti-:I ''..- t"1 r"iniiii*.inn i>rr": "l<" M"' \j ill for over the aitk. /lip IR ":!" .lmrEN4ACLA
Lias-tory I ItlU-iHt.nlis i 'h.: :Mhtrhr.tnl
111 tf n0,1:1: .aI-al.!
tI'' onicoi'iQ '
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I .: and Fever R 'I.r TIT (Cn-ek nlltl'n'a": that tliumVr ui'lin 4 tit Flurl+ls. idr'I'r..rxtrd. AND RIV.. It JOrlCl'ION. 1No.L'adp 1-
tm ;i ">Hlf )r 1'i-j' t'r..Clu"1llId i "''iipletifinf '
'. :11. I wax: the noNe tae by' Jni'ter! wo'.iiuhi ; 'i jl- unric itii'n'iline ti> the 11'un and yo. a-La i =-"HIP"Ilt'n'IIII nut eb"nb '", :-!iailyo.. -lIa.l

CKWEST!\ iAT.AuD! \! : \ ; AGUE CUE 13: THE WORD. :r t'n..d.hJ furniture: aNjut. I -OM-ipi-ai.t.n'ii'vMivd, li> .\ldllt, ,'1 Frank I -,
l 1 1'I ihuin i'i- nintim* ,'. 11.5; n III 7u, II 'u trace .. t'.r..I\!" Arr",.' 11.. -I\
W : Siand.na\a: It wa" raid' "Thor. ': I'IHHH'lii .. -,-'Ii."lwll.pnd Iarin of con.Ire" I:.J niget i.I1" .. .. I'rtiel. .. rp"U nja'\ pen"
SJ positive end for bil2Q willbt. blvatlb.. id,;!II" I' ., .. ,
bl : never-failing specific umepns"; j acct ft'Q'J rlljurrt-d; on 10\ 1l.ratre II. a" "
:: tlie liuuiderer. !; 'laylnz at .. l\f'l rI
.. and th I! a t. 7 .. ... .. a '
-ta'*> ll<>u >'n 14II5wr at 1'j F.MPRIihia I.y .
Ions t fever, malsria:!, chills!! end fever and for ell 'Jhr IiLtnint''n'; thought; to.1..' tie \rchltppi'. o": c 1nC'ulunblaiiC.onanti I l.. >I) ; .j" I .. .. l11I..t ... 11.:3"w : :Si7:I .. I
I ". ., I!"'!. 11If" j 'r I I" .. ,
rn.'t tr II. : taru liJ 11 I. .
Skitho distressing cc.Tphints due :o living in a / I tia-hin.: : of the th'.inderer'! oyte.lu F,loh lud'l- rwnl n'.. ltb hi' vd a c.Ttl- I 19 6, .... i.IIS". I .. .. ...ctl'I'Y! .. .' I".IS" 6'1: 4 I '

hricas 'The iold; ''-n I.fcrnd" there !I" & !Ilea cheep on a ...11| kn '\\' n Imi.K in iiorMni 1 r., ; ;.:;.1" .. f1a..o: .. 10.111" 6s r
A J rr: district. I I tti- mm I.r T- thousand dnl'sre. mail. 1 :.) a m .. I ... .. .001 ..ng" .... .. ..
I rift n'ol'l' to tlie: old Uerman belieftl.at ; rn' nfi.i? to flic s Hit. fiHi'urt-r. nf Moriilnu I .' 'i".. "al .. ..... ... 11.11" .. ...... .. .,.....,.. .. I t tilt .. 1,
: 1 f-\. ".'rT.",,.,.,r. !.a0.. f'r err 'Pfk?' at'.! P.I o'h.r rnT I fTfr ti> k "1 !od i* "':Ikil! :;; oH'rLl.aJ"ttr.! i- auiirn'ili-M tli".t llt bu liHtiwBfi'f'ptt-aijo I !:::.u .. I '1tI'! ......_. IIlhcl\n ... .. 11.:1' II I 4 4:11: to I I
: .. '. tt.t] l eaw v.ur L.pj>in u'. Cmli ant Fe H'r Tonic A > ii rttrr inio c* ntrHct lit ..n"*-. lOud upon i :: tt I :JoN" ..Crrhlv'Pi.' .. 'I II'U" I ;
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'/ : it... .- I' b.'P',:. uri H bola t5lC.iVirf j a p,-rft c;"'i sod ou'd! !ing a thi.ndi" : Murui. "Lt-ritu utothe' e uirit't, Inl&lo.tn. sect-pt- tyn :;.11" .. .. Hr L"nflnk'prln.... -., .. IoU; I s >lUI to I'
*) .tk: I" ? .,'" in 'If' r7tr bt11I It It tae bfsi lon.c tiiry cm.-a."- 010... Ii 01111 ttiutn f l .. .-nt> -,i\'f. Ib"'u, I eLet! I I<:IU" ...... ,..1.9 11..91... II fj.t I 1'14"
l 1. ** !:: 'H Ml1" ';" .AajnutCil! l 4 1J1" ., ..
?- : 11V1.( fi : nn 111111111T- the fsiiiliial prrformancr r> Y;'ti" ..LJ" : .; .. :!" I ln '
F S.rs *. U'P.'i lttNr",., nrn.-si.u. Sole Proprteiori, i'rs'nl-! bl- c. i.trnctti..uiU itiw Oiillf fail tn en- I'i'I" i t.tt .. .. ..,. .ribs. '_ .. tT:41 t. 1:11 w 16M'
6R Llt'pman' Mock :MrT. KrUalMTinr It 1 *into e"1.lrectendmeA"Ihrh..ndaithtna (':b PO""" tI" !>-<.D ..
i :J5) ''' .ttn.b. ("a. I j:- I J,"
'r / r3e. ""' :.! v\\c\\ r It'h.11" tri.uivlrd wrhalt t i- -u UM1 nir acc -pii iii-'of hi'* bid. tb.- I 10.10 .' ... .. ..w.lrili.. ... -07 1 !

.)\,1'0.: ., '1Pc....... per I All dru'aists Seil :It. rh"iiii for thirtffti! ym I: 1111! b.id! ,i-, K u" tl" I... f.irfit-'t 11* 1"1/! lured dam 6:IM4SX "' I 1/:15 .' __ .m Ceryville _...._ 1:1t.. 1-u"la" I
i .f ._... IIoD"'. '_.. ''
'It.Ine: TTrttlIT.All _
L"'f t. \ ,r-. ...<.::1: .. 'rl..rl .I Illl "':\liff nf ll'i ."' .r.< Tel| ll t.ut h tit In'... ni!.d not III.r than tntlvrf)1 e.',! .. 114':110 I : I -.....' .I hlptey .. .. 1166"1\31" JIT"IAI1S ,I

1 = ==--. "-" -.jj..f. After two nt1;II! 'ntl' n'I to'It n<>' n. ..\.lhb..T U "'I. ::II".. u7.. .. ... C it'on I.. ... .. .. eia ? :'" I
ftANFH'-AI.VK: h"oI' !han I- h--Htr.' I't hr i c.iini.i--io:, r..n.tID" rrhl10; rt- tie/ 11 .:.iIi i .. ... Iul.'n.. .. .. tI u i;;u GOY H :
.-et at.t mil kit bid. 7..m" :% I" .. I
.1 .. .fjorrnrt to
grttr: xb'I! In H ,.1 ..*t t':1": ". P Wl- \V, t-. Jrtttvcq.a"'l TNf, II : '.' u .. ...': : Hn.te .. .. ;; I 6 6w UN "! JI'L. iTiI. ":! a.u m

1.tlr..I : .ur. .!. Bti.r" ,: eJUBa.ue n\'Hr.nr ua.rui.tu ijf C.p'tol' <'''">- .a1 r. Ioo'j nnr.n I .. i.!I..h. I .s. 'I" r :f" .. I
I *
i. \\'. .\. D'AI u:bt rte. i tn:" OIl. ,!.tJ I : a" 12-15 "' ,iArrivr.. 'c.verJbtctiua'Lcat ::lv It lust to


: '

___""" .......,.. ..",,,",,, ....... -.i-" Ioo,...... .:-.. =- -..,- .,. -.... "' .

.. .. ., '_
xr r. :sus. .. -q'.r' { -, a ." > "
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{ r I SOCIETY EVENTS $UPo I IERIMiT II $SHOT...d., Tr.pd7 THROUGH laY..ab..i a THE Tou&h HEART.Jolat la MARITIME !Jflilliam loljnsou & Son.3J1THE .

t fTreninrtlon at the cu_tnm boo. after
\ AND PERSONLS! I !! S.u'UJUu, Out: 21.-Victor Riven a %::kI)p.m.m.. pnnlblj not Da reported herein
until nest day.]
I nefro, WM sot through the heart and

1 instantly killed at aa early! hour yester JtXI'OKT
-- BIG
day. The tragedy occurred near the For October to daU _. .._ _Va , =
Rn. Percival H. Whaley returnedtbi I "Red Light" saloon, aa east aide resort .
morning from California. j --
: i where H.verx was employed as a piano Dutch \m.t..l., 1S.;. P->nj er, hv Ka n.DunwoJy .
Mrs. Mary E. Smith and (daughter player. Tne resort u a place m qunt- a ,'.> for noufOd.m. wile 1 F.K.iim) OUR REMODELED
s tt lumber :!:..'.uftcawnttmDerd,191eit
Miss Xlli gmitn.of Mobile are vi ed by iieafarinz men, and is well bat Lot ,
{ hewn timber,vnluvi4
lung friends here.Superintendent. favorably known to toe police. ,
Nll1 I, Tee killing was because of a negro I -. and
i 1 C. F. /aek of tt>PI : 8ArLlm.i Carpet Matting apartment
woman Emm Ureeu. one of tnt hali- i r ss'atrnP.kHaalcltMobileAuis
I .iOalCo.haarrturuedfrom ?
I rer: tees of too place, for whom it is .ap- WUII'rt"\!. Armstrong. New York
:f a business visit to Kjnton.Messrs. I I posed Rivera nad a Joudues \laiort 'lawpte Is full to overflowing with necessary articles

., F. Chipley, A. Krown and i i An Excellent Combination. A sailor called by his: companions
W. G. llitey l..tt thu morning fur "Cockney," had been attentive to tae THE sl1urIe. ::,v> for home comfort.: )
and beneficial
I method
Mananua on a few day* hunt j i The pleasant woman: aud ibis made nlyerHJi=iya- '
I effects of the well known .
remedy ly J-aJuu5. Because oe saw too woman I YSPnSLOIN: PORT Full Line of Pattern Lin*>olium and Oil
.; The Mhses Grittin Iud KPa1'sdancing i 8vnrt OF FIGS, manufactured by the j m convention wuu the sailor and hiscompanions : Cloth ranjiaj; m ;r <
cl Hoer struck: her a tmsinj :-
Ht. Joseph's hall uu riouUi liarceJona ( the vi llueof obtaining the liquid lasa- : 'bGW iu HIM face. Tilt saloon" 14 j Amitel, !;>"*, Fonjer, to Baas 35 to 75c yard.
t tine principles of plant< known to be I II Unuworty LUXor
1i street. j! located jast; tack of liaihcmse nul! aud Aquilu J..,:, Anderson, to W 8 Keyl -
medicinally laxative and presenting > VELVET CARPET .. ... ..TJcto
.ff' it ('nGerFrrdaHorn.I II.
P. a."j.tant n ji the in tue srr : Jl.nyasJBRUSSELS !
i Lieut. Jeo. Heard : them in the form moat refreshing to the ouo tousut'ot; resorts l !. Hub r:' Fur eon, U. H. A., i h a now arrival at and to the ItI I Eibevurrta Gull
taste acceptable system city.When Kpnn Fraucascabi', :; to CARPET.
t Fort Barranca, u here he i i" on duty i I I I is the one perfect strengthening1 laxa- the place closed the sailors and Trlln itCoKr Kc to Sic cat J.

1 dunnir the abt-nc' of Capt.: Tlion. J.Kirkpatrick th'e. cleansing the effectually, | the negro women left together. liveuaccomplI.nird 4laot'B, IMI. Kov..: toGl.fTrl\I'lt
i |I system Mr :>: tara, l">i, I .,II. to W t-Keyner I'oUerUn. INGRAIN .) to T3c
t. who is ab-teut 011 Il'ave'l I, dispelling colds, headaches and fryers the pany. They had not .>n..iH| Wolff to K uHnwuiitLo.Nor : yar.iJWTiMYRXA
:"' gently yet promptly and enabling one | proceeded far when a shot wa tired Iud itutn. ::!.*>. ilelnescu, tub au I>unI -
\+ Mrs. Ada Wa=ntr and her daughter.Clem t.Nter.Mies .. 'I to oveieorae habitual constipation per- Rivers fell with a bnlet throarh Eli I wody &: LU ARr :MJl'ARES.; is9( ar.d !)lxl:! f..tl.-33IXORAIX
accompanied by
t. m3u?n.thIts perfect freedom from neaic. Tne sailor known as Coccuey3cd. IHIPB.
>! Kio4-io:f4arn., will leave to- every objectionable quahty and substance but the others rcmainvd.: I( was | G..r "' !' ITSi.V uc. to H 1' MlotterCo DRL'GtiKTS, all size*, 7:> "tJlIU" y..1'.1Everything !
;q igut for Macoti U t., to visit; then and its acting on the kidneys said that the mis.iug man fired tad shot. I l>r lionrlatui'tb.h.ar, iv order
rate Fair and from there they will I Nor hKUgar, Urj. DaulcUt-n! to feoaacuiaI ia the Line
: i liver and bowels, without weakening1 but at the inquest held it developed that I I Lumber Co Wiadow Decorations UpL. ;.:> .: p
,,-.in Utive; aid: vii th: Paa-i 1, or irritating them make it the ideal : Rivers was not Killed by uilor Cockney.A .

>. _-\uH'ric expo#ition.. laxative. i negro Known a 4 Lamp Grant is now [ BAEK3.

: ;! --- In the proems; of manufacturing: Cs char
!. C. Phelps, Fore-tdila, Vt., **ysBH are used as they are pleasant to the occurred In a blind alley where the negroes i Witticb Nor i'evard at': ,, 1JI7.I I-orJ I. to order Underwear Necessities.

1 chilJ was complitnly cured of o i j:i taste, hut: melliciaalqualitiebcf" the were crowded together and the Jtr L'Hllisnn.....!, Mllf., toordjfi

t bad C I-e or Jludur UN, Tyfa, toorder

fi DMWitt''i'cn H
ware (\f all ejuutrfftN.. It ill;tlolly :[1 I Known to the C,\UFORXIA FIG SVKCP captured
i I I Am Klmaranda ; ;'J. gars, to order.CHUa.ra.
relieve pilf-j. 11 intl. Pharmacy C>. only. In order to get itsbenrlicial .. Roys' Fleeced Linedflirt" and Drawers! .. .. ... .. . . .
t t; John Sheppard, bidtiey: Kalin.IOINTS effects and to avoid imitations please! LONG PENDING CASE. Am l>avy Crot-lttU sl.Merrltt.toSS! I. Co

h______._ __ reiii-mberthafullnameoftheCompany' -- Jii'.e\"est" aad Pants .
Iti I .
;" *' ;.\.IIIIl l.t ONIIL.KO.I printed on the front of every packajjo. Florida \\ +inis: I'mrls; 1''X'5 Amoiintinz i Df, ULKAKSD .\ iL' :)Al:'El> KOKbACOLA. t'JIiI : t .

,1./ 111l': > HOCKS CALIFORNIA FIG SYRUP CO. : t. ,'!>(;,isi to.TAtinurscn. I ladies''z' Wool \. -talj Paul*, Jersey Knit .

J.tf., Oo:. :1.: Attorney ITr"tUl1'8.: .

i TIJ-J thin lacking to make SAX FE 'YCISCO.\ CAI GeneralViiiuct B. Lamar hcs left herd I I-'o, Vor.eld !Sbtel-Uxepl 1- Ladies' Fine White Fleeced Vet* and Pants. .
; only ; LOUISVILLE. KY. NSW TOES. r. T.
fur \\' Gen.anta br ;. urtoa, eta! nit ,Vincent C V,
ForsaebyalDrsta.-1'rce5) [ tlc. aiugou where ceis :o ------
: -
1j Pen .ll nl i u typical cotton mart : p t )) represent I act InCrruln ----

from ,' ; the wlurve-jof the the sate of Florida in IM suit flffiliis: Hrlg'at, lit, all, CooUe, /aacJaai
uc on
.C ----------
railroad company, ith* absence of GI- \TIt\.3 A\IM\I< the: Florida Central and Peaiiisuiar: rull- |I ferpl SHIPS. IHilliani Joljnson & Bon.

rjaafJrlni.lil.)3baci; mi'.l
tues uutn'.d
the fide wheel rtettnPt" *o common SHOW HKKK TODAY IO..ntry's i i Avon It. eld Plymouth :>rpti5

on the Mi,is'ippi river. Moth the the suit now icaiim: ; in tie .
animal &Low, with its : United Mates supreme court.
CoHHiiandancia: : !: and Tarragona! : ,, THIS case has been ia l.irrr.rioa for 1 Avvonlro f, lt. ;;_. at Portland. F:. Sept i5Allen" :;
'! ;!!ltt rill:; wagon-: ', bespati tried poui -, I ..
41 Ftrtet docks are filled! with cotton in abu'it Ju years and is om c',f the mart i ibittrly t.lt.; I. klHi CfOC tt-ptH
; chattering monkey*, morose gorillas I .\IltOr... It. satlyd innoR Sept i| O-PHONE 208.- oRyan's
square and round bale", th-j' entire' coniescd ever brought m the i ij !IAusirallaor, Aanoosea bid Antwerp

Jut of the former cli-s beins from harking lOglnu::by elephant i I'loriia courts On tbree separate: an-i I RrptaAlexander
j and rainy other t\luive feature i: pealtroin the stare circuit court to the j Tawrence, :Nor M CbrUtlanSHIHlAUS'T Mammoth
the local Thu l big iueren-e' i Variety Store
coinpret-s. | ot Florida .
Geuer.il ,
Mjpreuie Attorney .
Franclca.ltsld Hftnihnri. H I
iii the cotton line ha: bfcosne very fr which Gentry i is; noted, arrivedthin pt ,
Lamar: has gained decisions m favor llauit-sund. Nor. I\II.J Liverpool Sept !'
noticeable within tho pit fewWfck5 nionmiir\ ,, and preparation- fur ot' the state tae last decision bavus i| Indus.lt" i 111m. slilO>-ni>n Hept 11
and onw of ta-i foiuuic-n on tllOj free .treet parade and pitching1] \ been rer.aerea IOU June 2(5( 11>UO. TCJ .1 nit.,. Nor.771. at Table! Hay J uly :S No. 111S. Palafox St.T01I.KT .
i the wharf raid to-day it tl of tentbeau! : at once. Wing rouutt. Kus.ld tirpfnock Au:; SI
ere wag '
railroad company oppcaied troth his tie- Liinorlielil. Ur. !p1I, sld WIlIo"lul vet ; :I.G DA1'S Ln'u21ch.'Y' Sonl" for s.:Jc.
", more cotton Grill,; han.lle-l lit pre The live priv Itt car were pu=tied l'i<10ll\u.i ('arrltJ'\ rue tone United I Il.ulltnl\, t-lil :s..tt port tot K :
j IET'.lth Extra (
.true !' |
Iop.tar.u.t think of
I' enth.Jllutly tnn. He down on Isirnuotutreet anl it waIV : I MiirK T\\ltln.or. hJ.\II.'Ocl" It' only
previotu ::):.Is: I lOCIhX'K l'I.It\ltlIlll-iotH: : :
court oElK.iag at
t l'> b..f-Tf IAN new* tint )1"gl1a.Our.. h'.I..hI West tiurllepool _.tugMnntPAlle ; I
J al-i !!.id: II.ut b Llr nuny injun Sentry Attorney General Lamar in brhnlf of.. **. 'E'4101l'UIII''it:1t: : r-LATKs. yours for J
had: i-ed liM! \\'IUJ! rankanvu hn| :H, i H'j liud b"rvom" bioadeatin KK;>NKI'; l'| 's L- .\\(0 I'iroHKK: worth" f! _'., gnln1! *t
f j pl |pIer the state, went \Vit2biQjrAn. ; last F.-b- It. '11lteOrt 1"" i 1'lIl"SUI'I'I:). r.vriLKi: ) '. worth .t'. fr
the furemo-t in thKnurl. the city, will in :-hort time n /irlane.Itt''>r. at Hiinibu'a Srpt 2Iri H..It\lllful l.mtnf I' '
ru iry and' s-ucceeded in haying; tile i-usa "c-orateil 1'011..1101. '- K.oInc.t t
t Tne t.II"oI: art bcii_* daupJ: Siitc :great many c'uri'jupfitatnr- had: advanced for hearing ou Oct. 'Ji Ha u Pr.-prrn.It.e'dCork"m.| Nor, sid harry inept not MKoen ;>i Largest and Must Lompltie! LInt ot liiuijitiVarr .n tii! city at i: 'IRyan's

1 }thutf"H:11 wharf, ;.1\.1 the la .-ithf! red to tike a preliiniiury review confijeiit that hB victory in tae Florida It. H:".ski inncnpt Al

borerA'irm tilt twu wlmcvcs a lit ttiH properly and .inhn-iU. supreme! court will l.e sustaiuen aid a KfxoUinir l.islit. Mr. sld Uunconi r-t-pt it Mammoth: Variety Store.
tram of mind. .\: 1'J5'!) o'cl-iek the jr.auirfi.-ent: .-anhrnmor.: 'id Gnni'.t.y AugJl
jappy Sual judgment entered vitnm tJ day !. .
Tt-ocle., .hll'rII&; I:>
} ;'>voce ,-|on beMM to movf. Headedby Tcerailroai: i co'iipanv will lie ret reeutei V.-riu nt, It. kid Ui 111'111'111'111'1 1iVlnnrhk.SrstdHabi'iHlaaea.tug

HiMiii i* coming here in 1 nf' 'ju in- the j'ri-riiett. who rod in a ; before the l United Star.->supreme '.".i )11nI I : !Y. :: -;;;-----.----,- I

titles bm tti III Inv tributarymiini. : >'ii"til fhn- pulle i by two dimiisu- court by Hon. \Vayna jIe\'e:1 oh. forcer ;|,I Zion White, >I 1O'.r.tJ'I..I.1 t'r. sa Llrtll; tsepl 11 Aruntlal "ct" : The under-'iiri t.d I

f. .;. jh' ut iVtis.lcol: i. Tti0: .-<' ln)nt- tacPpunle-.thepirade! usuved! orin attorney :general of the Utitsd states, i{I I, : of oHiriLher :-Pr''IIPa; a ;
*>T* Kiiu-lii<. Lottie, .Ariel l''lyi CT- : uri,!:sually !flr'ed I : circuit and Hon. trederck D. McKenuey of': .totE.I:". llrt-tla-s(' ." midwife, havin i' i EIRE "J.

r' (';ouJ'-ni'-'tln-rs! have arrived 'ana route: in th'- udmiiMtijti! of many Wdshmgton! b.ir. Its legal rem!!- f'h'HI..l'o. t'1:. Br, 1::. at Lm ftlllla' : s r pt :!. ; had ;;:5; y..arl fX.\t'ri"tlc I YTNI'>> G

i- dHenii tie! u-"f.il itou.f export i' who had ;:lt :l't.d on the -treetto ssnt.itives m this elate are Cclucel Joua J.MilroAm.. H Jorden..ield. sud IWto.t: LH. |.',''!t"InJlahri 1118 .t of rtft-rencfs fri.u I

C an :.11 of it will btite'i to the witne-- the ;jT'ii von. spf-ct-icle. A Ilcait'r'ou of Tuiiahasjif-e and Hon.Tuuiuas larliug.IroiH*!onu,;..\1 Key irs: : leading ph.iciah- this i'irv.IRS. Raguiredn thtSGHOOi

i11 sMriB.1. vl* :\! ( i3ulJii.. wher-j it'I' (Jtniitfir.- trucka patrol: I* C'.nrke: of MoLiictIbno oct li ) )f, ( illtKKN, a
will bs held awllitin."HClv.ll..tlf rustle, cirri iirf*. hook and ladder -- ---- jltf 111 Ninth DaVillirrs vt.
fx- will \
appear \vitu tne l\-hiItun; attoruey :
I' truck. (...i!*--, cnc!..-d co.uheetc.., >
The -tutr beiii lii > t
port : ? ;;hly ia- ,. \\T. We-on.. Chni:-on'iIlf'"a.., i ROOM.ltd I
I' darnm ,! i i- I:rp' uu I Ur careful superviriou :iiid aa iiKbrok-u: l liar of three ciaall dru2".d.t. write"Your One >! inuteCou .OTlfI'
; and will bd movoj withcare. elepliuuti alt 1 1J by at. t-xof-lleut: FANCY STOCK SHOW. To Whrni It.May "oiicernI
I bird in I Land-nine! :;h (sort sivf= perfectati* "ction. I be,. t" .Jvitilit I bivfe > trwo t ti -
This !tOlJhtlc imi ;
I drawn Annual l.xliibil (>t at Ivai My ei1 tr.rr.Pr--nr it i U tht bht rr-d t" KLO'AIllro: -. ot tin-, ; cry
hy pi/ru >nctliiid >eu> ;a* City J
nag to ido prup.irtuua efflate. po-iie-
grown rmedy fur rou{h-i. toLl. throat and all IlfM iiittir-incH Lii-in--.. ;drfqutt Bsts s utEi : ;
ciiti-trutMl I;Jt' IIUH up. iii.ikiiic up ahr vtockanii 1'uvillon.Ki n-y ) ;n 4 '.:;
i i" luiii? tnChltJiar;;l" Plninacy! friends continue
my with
t elm fi r..rlllll..r..f of the J
: oar .
J\\ \ < CITOct.. 21. Kaunas ..
\ City'sbah John Sheppard Mdney Kahn.llal i% f'.r" e '
them bi-u ; homoft-re
; placedWI'
t lart and instructive sJ.ow-i -s : F'
ft } A partial: caro will IA t.i\IUIW..r It I annual fancy stock snow opined! at nrP.tSgneJ.. k-i h- I'bu..l l1l1.. .
the road!
by the steambipViniftod, w hick] on ,..
,-: ".niki. from tlir Ni rtlt 'ru AVoniiarc '
ail' til hr-r III"w' Twoperfortr.it.cps hA ;given in tue stockyard's pavilion todayith a ; :; .) JlroH P.. HAT: "X.ollif :
on )
j j-
r iy urii"y In 1'ln.r-IkL."w.(lie u'rta curifor cu.fln.
J York. Tic sti-aiurr biviti: bee 1 > Priii..:jc. li.; The fiat will take great, array of prize \> iuuu:!;:horthorus, i ,.\' PKNCM.T: .\ '
-- -- ------ -
tng.ized to eirry bad H-iri I U po.r place : tl':3)rclork: i thi i< afternoonind Here fords and Galoways: from variousparts IJpad the pewHdvf-rti-ement oftheNew :", Si-ox= j..a il'E i-
the ..tlwr itt s o'rbck to-uL'ht.
Pilate willptopat P-irt Tun-a ai.d\
the There dose Orl It
of will ooK-H.\r.s
are alls Grocery. AND KXAI-
couurry. OPERA HOUSE pay l''
The j i- \Ve-t (Jarden tt ,d.
"''ililplr tic..rt.. lh? \Vlulfre.ltuvhich ttl: on ; -
to l.tHX) entries mid the show u ea.ily you.Foiey's BPLE88 CRA'IIS
---' ;.
. 'akin th" ;'I.tc" II! tu! :\ .}' f
... one of tilt bfat ever iieid iu rha vve-t.
A Paging, no ring Flood E1tASERI'ESIIOI.DEIta
i-; now 1:1 dry doth at tier Fi'
.1mon. rue esnibitors are John S. Kidney Curs
:: York I Irmiij; been iiuf-irliiiute III' Wahed down a telegraph line
Parks; Keno, Nev. T. W. Bran & Sou, ONE NIGHT ONLY !
,. y Aar initial trip tt" ivii. tcola, the: which Cha. C. Klli-. of I.i-bon la., ; makes kidaeys and llAoJ,; r right -ATTHE- .:
Irwin la.; G. A. Liadsav, Reu Clomi ;
facts ofwLicharewell kn'lest: i iTlte i ha j to rt'pur.htJII.1I111; : wsi.t. >
Neb ; 1WIld.. Ovid. :Mo ; George October 28th.
deep in icy water hi \vritr"gave Coe's Book
Eeunnn: HicbLiid Ky., und W. IL Cur- Store
steamer C.l rllo>.1; hi< com- Hi" a terrible cold and cough. It tic... Eminence, Ky. FKXSACOLA

pl..t..d the di-chargr of hor ctri-> of ; ::rt'w'or e d'lilv. Finally the boa It H txpectcd mat the show will develop I
lillll:: t, and will r-all thu afternoon ', doctors in O-tkland X eh., M..USCity
for Mobile to take .if lumber. and Omaha aid I hid Conutiiption into a society inncnou that will
cargo # : -
'' rival the annual tiureehow, watch will Andrew Kobson CONSERVATORY Of MUSIC i
'r nod c-ould! not lTh..u'!
l open tonight: wits over Goo animals on
The FrO'tI'1Hnrll Im liuUliP uii- Ibvetnu"ioll' Dr. KinirV New Di+- exhibition. Tha f ,
second annual
snow of School Book
;1, loadiii lift imported carauf iron I t l'.I'I'I'Iud wa wllo11l'ur..d hy !six ExchangeConcluded
rue American Angora teat' a Sl1Clatlo E. O'L CHAFFEBS Eirtclcr i
? f'p 'ritft.. and will MIOII I Im gin iikiiU ; bottles": Po-itivtly guaranteed forI'oushi. will also be lU progressuuncjftbe week. AXI HIS (OMJ'ANY I\ I

t UJI..II.lh..nllot rarjjo. I'yiitfH rock i ColJst'd all Thrott and several I no Huroofijllj
I Already carloads ofaB have
}i ci'inehfrt' from Hitrlvj, r*|pain, Hud : bung troublby W A. D'Aleni- arrived from New Mi::u-o, Texas and Piano, Voice Culture, Violin, Pipe I.at"ar Kill U-

,. i. utilizfd in the' inanuf.u-lucf. of MIphunc !- h?rtp. 121 boutti: Palalox stieet.Price tho ..outuernt..s.. Organ,Cornet :MannoliuGuitar! I ;: Continued Along Siniiir [Jul.tll .
: ', acid. TinHCU i M HII mi- JX1. Cello etc. .
. i portant niK'redient in tl-n uukini: ofvarious CHANGES: N. OFFICES. .
INJ..A Alao Director I't'n-acola Concert -
; '. jrjIt''I'f f"rtilu"'", Had 't- tasl-n.u. FKKNCIl NCI1EIULEFul1nwing -- .

.t 4 1 import here. i is bHn KrHrtly: "winented : I Jude' llruce AopolutFki lirorral Conn Hand: and Elite Orchestra.
by ii ai.u.accur ,.( f..rtil- : i i. the schedule of the' -- -- ---- ---- -- -
sea Kor the Ho;'il.
izer. Th. larger part lie th.. I'rM"1I1 ifovernnent&tesui.Tieiieri.l French Dramatization: of Win ton Brass and String Music FonUtai (for fl'omthechell/J'
I. earrowi1! be shipped to flits tJ-iuld- I which Ttf I.: NKWS print for the ; Lon; 1LLE. Olt. :il.: -President Smithof Churchill's Famous Novtl Grades

I' iug factory. I h-n-Ht of the tnerchantwho *: hip tao LouHvilU and Nashville rai.road; of that name byEDWARD ...... All Decisions. est to the rer,,

: th..ir goods to the various army has app lllt..tl Judge \V. II. Brut general Address : cambia Hotel. finest furniture at Jllarston
Cotton form* un import tut i'Am iu no-tom:
T' Nun..1 of tne road. 1ms i E. ROSE
position Studio: P-;! it the uiije''IUn'oucarno )'i.t completed (.$nre'I .n.'ol" ..?? tar'_ It. m. (
. :,: tn-diy by the ifnti-ii or. niic-r LH.var j.rrl\lh''O.. 7::>'Ii 111. !' was formerly: caUed cclof attorney.Charles '
--- -- --
LrevrtPIeken -
| -
riia.ru. -
. :; tiUnton. This vecl will Itlt" It Lear-H II..rrBiicm .. ..... ..P n. in. N. Burcu of Nftshv.lle M a> ,
dfckln.id of lumber, and <* ill move L-titvo-i. P.."...pOil' lii.i'iii in.Arrive pointed Itueul solicitor: succeediuf '
;' to the -tredin thi Itft-rii'>->'i f->r tli itpjrpo I KnrrnncH II.'II" tug and thru
ni i4i>4 A trip jo FOIL jilctit r anJ lljfH rfI, \ after limes recently made first vice
+ .. Shee. rri ; a viy valuable I
tuux tj licirr.incn- pre.idt-ut. *>]. E. BRiWMRWWe

its' n' e.iro.; I l.I.HHic,'.T"i
l.....veIVnit,'ol Warfield. formerly adjatiu .
4*%II' in. ; attorney,
t-teim-hi I'I'.II1t'i"1
ThE''p'1l1l.h Pii-km .. :>.lup. III. to be district for the road fur
i ii tlui"hing w'h.u it Pa;*tbly one of "rur.... HtrrAn,% ."...a 1'. m. anil muWe Kentuckr. attorney i
vulu'iblt 1. Hip t" McU.... ant rt-lurii. '
t c moat : hiuu arguer ,,
ever pent from IVntcoli.. film i iexpected Vi WediK-d (.v sandSatardls. ;; the T. II Harnon. Jr.. for several years ,' ;: :) r...

.. I' Thur-d tll aflt'rn..n1'11 iT'-t hi ritpiciiy-.ail: I f.'r l h y :, .b. ). twi"-l I'f P-ns If.tve ieola.1 It at'rr..I'l.I-t''ii: j p. va'l'u'knj m.; chief ti-uEtn cleric di>;nct in The attorucy.oiEce. is appointed u. :....- tl.j...,"."PJtfi1-- .:? .. !.l- :E.. 5ffJ' 1 l ( ):' .).. 'fJ' .... "

sas 'wd'
Liverpo:. Th-! Spunhfptnur..1' Tl.e 0"11"1'.1 l French! is for army \..w 3lapof KiorlJi.T ..... h__ ....._.... .' .'. .... .. '. .. ,. ....;:;.1 oJ_

aluio-t invariably p> t.' Liverpool' ptlrll'*f< only and >11,}out-idt-r mil-t
i anti are th fine-t wluci! ply ictrul.r- i'a\-.I ', -from rust! (!irttru.ier ALLAH.\?
ly from this p->rt. They als, i.tiry to take '. ':''actou Ler'- er of Agriculture B. L. McLu has re-

s'5 the not valuable car:i>o-,. e -ived the rroof of a new map of P'.oric. : We Challenge the City to Compete with Our

1:1'\HHt"IiI 1.1\Ii\"I. ; :'H' lC.\l.i'.
.1 ,\. It is work of art an 1/1 urea imrrovemeut i
S An intluPiitLil eciployn of .rite! L.
: over all former issues cf Prices in Quality.
.t ); Pxprret1 a ir'> Lt tiP. -Irs tinninrnina 1 Tho Epwort'i: LAaua: : of the M. K. Fonda niupi.: The county hnn-i are

to know what! th. hlymnu' church will\ rice a tuu.ical? at the broucnt out more prouanently, i it'.c!;

did 1 I-t ni;:;ht. He had nut rna.t tic. h' ;ne of Mr. Clii.! J.\hc.- w on Ea-t I rm.ei ta col.r., \lIe: we *evt-r2l: ralroii :-

! report! iu the nioruiui pp -rhe L.i llui btrtweeti ; ari, in ii.7t'-nr col ira. I: u tcwork EXAMINE AND COMPARE
Ninth and
-AM. anti whfn ui\pn tl: ;;i..T..f tti- av.e.ee Y..
;: ': Ik::i. j. N. puuat.er# Toa
. l1lccllta3silo : "If the biymen C"vUirt* atPVt. Knjjr.Oc.-t. jI.. '
t-'\ !.: i- wiii re! r-:1l1YIt! fee t!: :rl'
know what is :ir'oJ for than tiit-y Adui-rion 2; ceLt;. I;?!rt-.hm -tit- h.jr- -i :j \ ,r: tats.CHOICEST.
, : had btt..r'l't f'lr steun, t... wiu free. -.:J

' the r'iins; ccti'.j'etiM in <-f .'I.t'r'! 100 B.\yo' (, ::1H'll suit-. "IZI-: 1 to U'I I I i-- lair" Bays'oltd Lather SLoe ,i 4-J PairMists' S1! ; II '

. vgnallya-audtthlt l p >it*. i.: I i- tneHlvation Health F for 10 Cents. worth U.-">. our ;nee oc. worth f l.2. our price il( W.K I "Ii:! Leather wur'h 1.25. ur
y of Pen-acol t. 1'" '''\'n''r'' '

;II 01 n.- -I" h'i\ e already expr- ...".1 .n A liven Ever 1re '[>'.,. .1.' clean 1 iifj P.oy*' School !f>uita. sizp.. 4 to 14, PairHoy Solid Leather Shrfiner =. 7.V"J pair )Mi--e ultar-e' t -
n c" U WIIII1'lh.1\t: eh IIt"flh, fi IVa- -O F'FRUITS worth 11.10. our price *1 uu.fil .
l acid will do o ju r." l.ui bright c> C3, i i''r*:ct hC.l t-' quality: worth |I Tour: price worth II..X i our price Kk-
!'JCO :; a
I. d pre..'ut condition oi'tiia. I |bite Cascarcts (';ady Cat: .lrtc will;[ obtain ; };-'>v*' School poil1itiz ; to 13:: #13.: .' YOUhould I'H.li;: at ouChildren's .

.tt' been t..!ld\ by jn aterof vi_ r I U thou and secure then for you. Cienu- f AND CONFECLIONERY worth ?2.2;J, our price $1.50. .' ; Fine Shot. I!
[ r 72 Pairii.y- New Orleans Cable\ Jc'rM/'irfodafulllirl@; ; >f
'r : the! l. b-r question at IViomiia |t- ins ub'.tstaniy; :d C. C: c.cn School : I' .
r 72 Boys Kuii ijze J I to I ,, Screwed !t hnv--leas 2 to 5, worth and Mf--ts' Wool and Cotton

4 known made andeon-iJert-d' in KuitNnl and when hborn t ti irt-te sold m bulK.i: liru;;,.'ts, i :c.Ssir' all woe). worth #3.u), cur pnc2iI). i I1.&J, our price fl.-". !suit.-, laret line in Pen-a'la.
are -AT- I '.
Just arrived fix diTrent$ (
tl given attention of i'.rt.'u* m->m"tit. Alo a Full Lin of Better Suits- II b4 Pairs ChildV i '
f I hop, I 0; to S, i olid )Jj- *- Jacket* from U 1 (It) to I
and unless 1n..tl1In<< : i- dua the hJ buting Price in Proportion. L"atht.r'orth
,) place will certainly Miller." Ioner flOur furni.! C. APOSTLE'S, price 4se. regular price S1.T6 to &L1IJ. -

I J > All a preventive as -.IIIt* !n l'urlII tare at Marston $ Finch's

tin medicine. lIo oJ'* npanlln U East fomml St.

I is pre-emtneot-it's:: great ui .rit i* Great Furniture Empo- .' F. E. BRAWNER'S OM-PRICE CASH HOUSE.

. II tally established. I\ rlum. \' Formerly Cordova Restaurant Stand I
... -

The daily news
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Title: The daily news
Uniform Title: Daily news (Pensacola, Fla.)
Physical Description: Newspaper
Language: English
Publisher: The News Pub. Co.
Place of Publication: Pensacola Fla
Creation Date: October 22, 1901
Frequency: daily (except monday)
normalized irregular
Subjects / Keywords: Newspapers -- Pensacola (Fla.)   ( lcsh )
Newspapers -- Escambia County (Fla.)   ( lcsh )
Genre: newspaper   ( marcgt )
newspaper   ( sobekcm )
Spatial Coverage: United States -- Florida -- Escambia -- Pensacola
Coordinates: 30.433333 x -87.2 ( Place of Publication )
Dates or Sequential Designation: Began in 1889.
General Note: Description based on: Mar. 5, 1889.
Funding: Funded by NEH in support of the National Digital Newspaper Project (NDNP), NEH Award Number: PJ-50006-05
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Full Text
t {Y


I I !

-'. t



1 f' : i' ; 1


: j ;
-- -- - c-c- .:: =- .

I pENSACOLA has a Depth- f33 Feet of Water in the Channel at the Entrance of the Harbor. ;' I. i

__ - -- ____ h __ ___ ___ __ ___- -
--- - -- ---- -- -- --

W.C. O'NEAL President; f. C. NORTON Cashier ; I IS. i' : ,

J. FOSHEE.Vice.Presidc'It; M. E. CLARK Ass't Cashier. : ,1 J

Con.cLon.aocl Statement or tho :
ROBBED OF $78,063 !:

AMERICAN NATIONAL BANK Stamps Aggregating That: i II I: Royal Baking Powder j i ..1'i./ ; ); 'i.IS 'i.

OF l'EXSACOL.J.'LORIDA.. --,-AT CLOriE OF BUSINESS- OCT. 12, 1001.ASSETS. ,i I Amount Stolen. i iBUEGLARS made of pure crystal ?i ,:{f : 1 f


LIABILITIES. I I LEAVE NO CLUE I II I cream of tartar and is i j : I. t

j a; md Discount*. ...... ...... ...... .... 1117,9! ::! :; CapitU: Stock ...... .... ...... .. .. .... ... |200.< )OOI They Dug it 'J nnel From the Henri j!

nvtImfts.; ...... .... ...... ..... .. ...... .... 14.164:9 1 ; Net Profits .... .. ... .... .... .. .. .... 10S7tJ.10i) !

I Ill udy. ... ...... ..... ... .... ... :iIw' "Ib) Kedisoouuu i .. .... ... .. ..... ... ..T.. .... .... 141f -186 of lie IJiiIld.n: and UrllM Hole'1heouh ', beyond all question as'' 1lto 11

pre'. iuUi on I', tf. i .)nI4. .. . .. .. 5.2001'J! Circulation .... .... .... .... .. .. ... .. ... ;75ouiM : the U'Jttum of the Steel .

-.. ."ire and Fixtures! .. .. . . .. CU'I; De-j.iit .... .. .... .. .... .... .. .. .. .... 215.L27741' Manip Vault. I : .

i Mump-.... ..... ... .... .. .. .. ... o>>S>'> i I,
l'- .udl Kxchanse: . . .. . . .. 121l( : i2_ : Cur: *GO. Oct. 21.-Ear:.trslltni::ht j jitole wholesomeness andstrength. 1} ; ;i' J.

___ I '
475t':3( : worth of stamps from tne
$ ;-:2.7US.J ttith.Ufink I : .
ChicA;;) t>o.toCS aud esiapol v.ithout '!

.;; opened for bu;inp*; October 2.:!. lli,0.!) We respecta1Iyolicit; your patron: ie; and wo will l give; .IJ lea\iuc: the slightest clew. The most econoniical t ;E '

and careful attention. '
;iu-sr prompt courteous
A tunufi. whnh had tai"'u a wee';: or I

Interest Paid on Time Deposits. more to cOIl1.ea: run tram t:1'J: rear ; 1 41: : .,

of tho building and a hole was then; to use. : .
---- -
drilled ihrouzh tin stetl bottom <>i the j.
I ..
NOTED: PAC :'Ro AT M MPHIG. wnolesa'!a taiup vault. Taere were :37 i'I -

small holes around the sqairs plate cut I I
5e&i9 1 Autumn :JI..pMn" of 1 rotiln:; A.-.ooa.j" : -. -- "
apponect --- --- ----- \
VVc1J out and fome of the drilling looked I
.. '1.14 KPUIIII. I "
Sitrat-; : "!. SI.-Aurntin meeting'of : I ; ;. 1
The feet
srauip naltt"1 only six: I .
4"I" i .'daton' lior* 10 1-ui million; <'onu., U Mi .. .
// lite llerirhis Trotting! n" : : : ..
I frcra the ilter'"a which i ..
I away ca> t. George I. '
i beRn at Ijil.nct; lark this ateraixUand Ills ::'rerelari I I : '' ,, i t!
Blessings cn tjs! head | : !
.1.J i contained over $ :::}.OOJ in ca-i.! The '
will cocutn" inrousnout the week. Int'.'r evidently Had been the objective I WAi1Itsaros:! Oct. 21. President i i ON'IKA.In: Oct ::l.-H'I George .j .

r J fi\\ :, of the man v/li: i The \"nay Isis: nave bf-en well filled and point I| Roosevelt: accompanied bv Secretary I P. H..rrH of tins city au.i 111101 ?mr iiNuunuv .: I! .

1 .5, covered the i dis'I''I' high elds sport ii promised. Tne featnie So carefully hll the job been planned ;, Cortelyou. Assiiuut Secretary Bute; l I of LaGrauKf. UA, will bd J! :.

.! a o will b-j the that the men working m oruer parts tlf :
L( ot lO'iay' cans attempt : and one or two members of the White married in he latter city on Nov. 20, i
\ h Little w owned by C. IL Uillini.Mof: : the buii-iiu; na-l not the sii..-: tt inkling
\ / I House staff V7ill leave this afternoon. 1901, Rev. 0, A. Xuunaly the bride' 1 j.
/ of the .edunder
''fi-l'\ Cncan, to lower hu p-iciu;: record of daring: robbery: ;; \\or
the Pennsylvania railroad for Farm- lamer, the
l o alt.1o their via p" rronumK ceremony.
..";;", Y'.r'C't'! \ ; 2:0: New:!. Lrcneu Yorit.A .to a wagon, made: < recently : ____ _noses._: u_ iuj'on; C UD. General Harrison n one of the moat

I ) !, fl.. $ 1Jl' "IIt ; m ; The party will travel in a private car promim-nt ttttcruer and wanhiest and \
/tJ P i ,. Jj 'f.J" special train from L'2i: ;: ron, hiin !);;- For Oter CO Years. j' .. I
; Alabama.He
attached to one ot to ill rtjruiar train: *. mot intlarutial: l citiz-us m
1 'f-- 1 ...Il.j.. vd .r"l u.li t :: 250;;( h-jr-es, nrviTed a"-today nt thetar's. Miss W I S;LOW'" tt4OTUIS4 svnui' li.ibifii ,>1 will of honor and .
t has held otlice
.. .1. f. l' 1- \. 1 d The president aud; a rp f time a I many I
.. .. I Anionjr tae arrivals fcre *'in!:! of u- - of: I
.!1 \. .-..-...' -., "t" mathrr. for their cbillrsn whllt. -"ljine. Farnnnjrtoa: wuhh ,:it't..r. Mrii. Cowls distinction and represented this d.HtncC t ,
the mo.i! i1f t \l \! -rr.'J'l::"r, f1;i 1 : pacers With pert'-ct sucre". It >"o'hs the child !i I, before gang:: to :XeHaven, wh-re he u in consrek3 & few years 111='-. He wan .
JI : tnJ etLntrf._ _., *uf' ns the ,glint..!\1iyb ail pniii, I L'Tl1rpl : to receive tho deirr e of Lu I). fmu one 01 tuu oldent: and mo>[ prominent .
1, _. j7itA'1 ; ff>l\a. mud U tae Last r"l11"dr iHwrrlmt-a '
i I ... --= '. '-= ,.. C\,,; t"1 H,-r father.DEU'AHK. It t+.lt rflicvs for poor l.tiltt.uT-rT ini- Yale. Ina! ;much as the trip ii n private uifajlxrs of the lae couetitutioual conVtntion I Ii

e-- i !.j\l.-: I niiMiinti'lv.. l'oldby Dru !:riteIneyrrrpartStlhawurld. one, no uctjtU coactnnas it are m.tee i m Alabama
Ala.. GJ; 21.-!:: 'c: I'loTHin ::
_i .
:/ ., =--- ,Il: ik i .. .l'.nl. fti t>n!<; <\ luittlo.i '; public.\ |I I ::1hiiS Xnnualy is one of the moat bean- 1 ,
L! ) r ,i=, daughter:: of Po-tma-ter J. 15. ,i i, b'lr. ?o ss JurMrivinlwN: \ boothm _
= mixes all -
'. ..:: -" -.I -- -S_ perfectlyvtj: Lt|," i ;; :)'r.- ," awl taitenootvr: kind. )ttere.ints DjiiHiniio u lIou.... I flint anu accomplished nuns LiJiea in
t' 1. --S. it Is s. r. ijir-iu f' .1 Ilmds Las bouu appointed i )-tiu.t-ttr --- -- Georgia.; .1.1I
't'o. i .
\o. :
,: I --- -- I
Wiijjia-lURUE Oct. I
: l'a. 01. A div
t In her fatheplace, tne app mtmut -
.1 ; -
in itsc.iIhs! "I'Li
becra e : DOU3LE
; .- ; having; been maae at the I:bta.l.:" of tardly attempt t j lhup the hou y .
'. : and life v/ithout, in- IXtc.BottkdBt : ,
41' -
i\\ / ; f I .
E,5 HmdV: tiond=II1I'Tn
.' .,. ,; Captain !;! reportof i! JI-Jjr J.ul.'uif, auIII'rco1l1' In aliturrnata of ] else :llorjaa; supjrmtenaeut of the <>iidi>nt Ihunti.cy Uill r.ntfr: i j.
oJ V/aukeshs, \tiS. Captan Hind shortft;:e wa .slitatly I'
: j Jail.: and kill .
I Murray mine LIEKand family. luiii
4r 't Ia I : Klhiy appall I : 1
.j t .... .. .. in error in the sTat'-'iiiea; scat: the shortage > : I '
I :1" f. fJR <.".L.::. _.-... oJ ( r K] I ; woul i LB made food bv nu bonrts- ''' Cni-u.O.:' 0 :t. 21.-A Ficeial to Tae 1 was tcaae last Ilght.lr.. Morgan's CHAKI.OITE. N. C., Oct. 21.-I1 C. H .
J! i home u Grant SIrt! !, 0)1If the .. 1I
on -
h *
r j-i-
r. <' Hoberts, & Dai IIM' : !. men. L'Il:I'lllU lluds made Rood tau Iut .-v'-11 fro u New Orleans, La.. I dent thorju of I Ihw ll-Y. who is -up rutteu''l'lIt of the .
j / 0 t :;urares tMj city. He ha 1

-_ .. ...> .lfporYff.4ffa..... ... -.....",.-.. -, .... ...........,r' shortage: ; nimnlt' eXha.inm.! : to the lutpjctori Er.vt: :; ju-D opened tnt tats: to KO into the I Whitney reduction works at Gold Hill. .
." --r.-.r.; -Yo. ,.' .. ". .. ... t;br u they cn ckea him that I
'M...%: -' -: _1..r__\ '- ............_ .t. :_. q. .\. I he hal the money! at his residence up: ,I'i Jlfcjjr 1. L.'.i.t.Ja.lfn /..neric.1:1..ro cou3e ween a terrltieexpifrion occurred I N. C.. is having a frame bouse bails for ;

I .. hails !roarfjn Ks-aTi'ci, is reported Ube I winch nearly knoi-k- him off' hIs levt. .
where h" lend t ien it, fearing robberin / ,, I tho accommodation of SO capitalist
BEAR & CO i i.r i I IVhru he vra.5 able to collect hin.st-K ale
JEWIS ufa.- in FJ l\\ :
.. gnu o jV.i la : teurai on sttthat a .poru.Jil.of. his dweiiin had I mainly from P1tt*bur and New York.
i I 1" = i iA 1: tne ciurjjc cf d mijip; ni'iri-r. heed \Hcc.!>e'L Farther icvesti I who will be his neb at a house party .,

Tolo Agents for West Florida Ijfk-fll S..ulht".i icuu >I.>tll. LaLau :e i* a iiaiva of San 1 r.iceUco.He tna: the wuola: rear ;:itioabaowea of jl t) toe civea Nov. 2 and l iastms 10 days '

-- --- i ( ;. R, J liira-vi, ,.f **a 7 ViI!1-1. Mind.iys ocmeved usiuo..illa; I..t'dc.ty itjtais the Murray baiidii!g iia.i been portion v. r..c eJ. The n'lIiui: cupunlisti: tire tinaucialljr '

: I lily r. (')po Ciil'inr, "induct! touatry: n year vt'O :1':o, wean lie interested in the Go.ii Hill plant, whIch I Il: I

\ N T';n.'CGPv_S3. j i I
I -:....: :... j which: can \I-A rurchi"..d anything: beep snot while! J>at..;'Oilll'; tl! duties Oct. 21. Tne I that has been e abl: -bed in the south

tic l.r'iirtfl Su the ''1Ln> ('"unt)., .\1..., locust Court H.n frcirn the pnv-f-rbial "m-edl,. to an o; caief uf poiiCsit G.-:.11:111'\\/\ Ci'.y : announce. in recent ears. In addition to cold

> 1i& 1lccli. i heavy>..tlt"l.! j anchor.! Thi; store i isitu ited! ( in ::1 lie \va Lit in itifiruiaiy lur sev meat ot tne engagemeht d! the Duke of ;I mining operations, the company will develop

I I yIIt'nille inile-i from tl.e iit-are=t t'ralIUUt1Ih.. Liunitn c? ;-", t last hi liannltcii and llrand'jn' to Niua Poore : tin- tUt'II'lWMer jH,wer at the
-. L ':, :il.: -Tuo rnoro i OpriJKt, \io :21.! buck: Guitu.t.ln !
.P countyI orraizht
... riltlwartatlott and about twetity- went tu ntlicugh one of Ei};::;f ad's! beauties, has canned falls: of tue Yadcin river.
: 1:1 .,..,rie> rt|+ ued I circuit l'n. Jaiige:: A. .\. LIMUS: !pre- ,, fh'!:! Jnllfo... fr.u trig, ne.iiv.it town. : tui-s" who hul In, so D""rrup.ra wlde.prea'iuiterest. The iJaiie; of Hamilton

.. r. :or till \t eta iad a.iwiiis ,I *icn::. R'ij'>criei .'\:ur'ity.. Ine ;K'uai ; Mr. l.u-nn ,*iiy ; "I 1 am favored I. I with fit cti'toai nf f iriiit-rs within aradius party tu:> jobion.l he tver It turn_ L.l' Scotland] and I tn.-btimul nit to tired nature. It
.1 liwtcitary ktvpercf Holy- II
; : I.I jury hal! 113 cases bofore it. tn" brl'i: j jncinUr I'ab
i I i i f thirtmie": to many of Laude returned toCetirnlAuiTVawnh rood t'\i\?y. A few years aao; hI was .tlf"rd+ hA stomach complete and
1,-:.r iftcicry at Tampa ; in an'i rtttruel 01 in- th avowed luiOvtuou. cf setihu olute h.di I
I yeas, whom I hutriipplied; Ch.<'r-i ;: wa a JIOCT lienfnaut in the navy but suc- ic-l ;f'-tiiiK the food t i

1 .' 111 mid lumber comu j,j ..'r1rrriem Four' of tLesj: ar; murder: j I II I II Ictiu'.s IPtndie-<. All testify to their '1 his CUCIU1C4. 1 cecded to the! tulej and tat estates in you pat. You don't have to dirt but f J
-- --- I'
l I... Ti nn. ; a :,j.001> coi'.i.uy I| Cii"s. I 1 1i vjliio in a hnu-ehnlI where> a doc- 1VJ5.: can enjoy all tin sr flfld food you

.. ut Jlrmluu.llU1" ; I i! l'roeu.'r C. H. Spark i'nd I.n-y i'i- [ tnrV iiavict !i.* alm}'''pl'l': wia Cure in- .

1 t' VempntTut; efc- : p-r oli: are inou-ted: for the :ai.a,-iuatianj : tion.Vithia one mill
S. ot Jake and the i Of : after eating, giving you new life
Mat Georgetown, C. :j j lagersoll. a proni-.rint in- j populatiOfIperhup-ixty l'ull",1 "IKIP The f 1m" <>f ):ut'klon'l Arnica
il !>uu. ; au electric power i i i flueiitMl nejro: rn"chauic and .oarat-1 tht'-f',within the :it twelvemonthno -*, 1 Halve the l and vi !',)r. Hariri' Pharmacy John.

1 : '. ..-.'.t. cx : J250.000 jU' I or. in Phenu a shore time :as I
w -t-II.\.GaeJ'\IOthl.nl. !i I liijjersoll was the wife ot the murdered cured bv Chamberlain': : Tno Herald There ii a p-miibilur that h :
perfect < of Cats. Torn, Burn ;
**. iny n; Coiumwi*. (la.; a J| man and was au accessory to the a-51s- Cough Renu.dy. Thi mu-t ?onlybe the FUHH'Ilhaha: of Germany Hrl1i"f' : i Frost roasted cotlee two pounds
crown scald
I. I' : '', !4tTf'o. Joil", t'1'f"r, for 25 cent, ut the New, OrleansI i iI .
fld \Ciuron'a.r record. For tie all
I. at sinition.V. a $ by druggists -
company wl:1I: -lt tae Un'ted it8 al.,dt Ariilcr Felon-i. Ache*. Pain and all Skin I Grocery.
N. a Uj.( {)) luuibt'company C. Richardson was indicted, for I ; : and tnedicine dealers. i Eruption*. Only infillible Pile cure. I ___ ;
*; At .i..'i. '.U. ; a ;mmb>>r mill at Wash- killing auuther negro near Opehka and I j May of new year Kniji-ior Wi.l anti '
I'Ulul .i.,18 Two Won ndv. Ii3c a box at \V. A. D'AIemberte's. ,
.. i Try 1'H NEWS Want t
; '. N. i ,' tJ.W\J pipework: ut J. P. Cowley, white, wan indicted for J ; iiaviiig 'ii-Tiuctil n'if at a
1 rx ; ':en.a.. lia.CKx) caw mills at Lux. killing r.rady Jour a young white ,I OrEUK: Ala., Oct. 21.-As a wa;;on- Naw: Jtr.tr I/o n* v )'.1\0', or.l..r..
b ..; a i 'ur mna City, X. C. ; i\ s'ecla ml/on. near :Salem:: a snort tine iuo.' load of people: was coming to tne city lua Ui. oils ClUl::);rr ut Wain- I.

';? ar.u in (wnieujpljtion at Easier, I.I There will' have to be a spt-cisl veuuo in | and when within 1 mile of town a lu tva.He ;

.\.i.. r"1{ i .na companies at Mamiina. each case. ; named Simmons ill ..nds o'timitaly; to jL're the ,
a. a:,.i sravivi.: ,?. X. 1,,;.; a woolen I young man sitting yacht to ute cr-iwa irmc, rmioatnu I'I
When wtai a plear.int physic the rear of the wagon. tooua pIstol trove .
you .
Q.? a; lirjwmvilie.: Tent : account d 'irou. ot lintt'if the pun I {
.. try the new remedy, Chiunbetldn'estomach : | one pocket to put It in another pocket present when tre t.i-vl trip H m 4in. flu
and Liver Tablets. I when u was accidental) disccarged.saooting .
s""Ue lulu \t h, 'theyare j the .
ur > K H alto Rants prince to fiudr AmI''' t'
1 ea; v to tak and pl- in effect. ; off hu thumb. Tne buhet entered
; liuii-F !* K roster. ir Tura can methods iu -lJipbl '.ldll1ll The yacht ,
-Rinri:i., nrrrnurartandingrow- Pries, _'.i cetiU. Simples frea the back of a young man iu frontof r

_- *.i it, IOn l l :'I"nll1'l"k..< the sting out at any drugstore.Have : siruraoDJ named Gamble icfiictiug a will: ts, if ready he: m wail April The crown ."' ".. .,.... ."............'".'...."' ""-. .'."." ".... '" .. . . .. i i .;
,. ni 1 I""II"II lt'a the r."lfsl --- .- -- painful: and probably cancerous wonud. i price comer ttatcompacied ..'A.01/- "-v-;"'. . .' "" ...?..r ..it.1... .?.?...,.t..r ....."<>... C r
.. .
.' sMrr'dth a.: AIIrn't' FootusTeit I I by several natal ofloj.. I '''i' -- ,
fidvnd the IoHomp.
IL4i.; ... you j
I ttlr
{ era thew t. j Paw, i
.' .. .. '.101". ....rf.'r l\tln.:1ou.a: : Seekers' p'roblem" ic eACE }: nsZ: I Iflrtlun) t ..m l \-..ur.d.OPEI.tst l 1

'. .a Irvi tn day.! Noll! : Ala., Oct. 21.-Hoa. George TO CURE A COLD IN ONE D\Y
:\ and'HW t-trfs. |tv ain-j Kubonle l'lnlue in Poo Cti *. Take I nxatiTu Bronv ttmnlnrTab'Pt.. All
i-nf. Irul: riok x" KHKKi ; II P. Harrison of Opehka poke; at Rock. ..
.. drUII'U> refund the ni"n if it fads to
1 ti .1n1\I.: I, ";<>yV\'. Lo!>lDOS. Oct. :21.! -Th Church tale
I ford In 0.001\ county, to large and en- :,. enrr. K.: W. Oroblgnatur" h 011 tacit IIEVERYBODY
I., society has received mail reports i iI box. 2-V:.
'1..11..111. l'rp 1)ee. ionary tnnrastic audience la favor ot toe ratification --- -- --- -- I
1 I :
Ih '1. O.r :1 -T1A aa', hot I'I showing that the bubonic plague is rav-1,! of tee new coii.-ritution. Tne Killed rwrrthrart and IlIm4rlr. ;

Danneras i>;ut F.V.U hlep'ri1'] ,,, aging Fo',) Chow !\vicinity.. Fifteen eniiment among the white people isdaily :SAX I RAsc'l.eo. Oct. 19.: MabelFiatiklTU ]
,' .. t. hundred oasf* of the disease reported ,II i crowing in favor of the new con ,
rr. T fX:jo.U.j,'. ( ;\It\ralt of weeks Mayer, age-i 13, was killed!!
s I '. ::;" i '!9.11and for a couple upward itntion ana evervthicj ladicaus itoverwceluiing
,. '. ...act tr.P IJ e IJ ; CiyPa: of l.'COO coffins have been carried cut of ramcatiou.orklBK tarly today at the home of her parftit is;
1 1 : .
III'!} r\ raa'ibuldand, ths gates each day. --- -- --- John Stano.! area :22 rGai
city by: year woo then ;
Jpt rat I : !__
Utl :'I1. ANTS
1ettllcatton.! ONE
--- --- \\ A2lnitKIKMISGHAM placed the revolver to ni* own head and i :
Kal, I II i
KootuirofT p
l1'illl'.1' .} r,111 "1)\11 Itfrlr.... I j Father Ala., O;!. 2L-Hon. Joseph put an end to his life :tano wno ta

I'Jt11. !" l-c. : I ST. PETERSBi'M. O;t. 21. FathtrKochuro F. Johnson, ex-govevnor of Alabama native of l Smyrna, Turkey, a war l I.v i'' i f-
21.-Tnrye: more of the Orthodox occupation, wan formt-rir employed u
I F :?. a priest reached home fpm :: ;
'T ,"-.! .. r>. I i.-j.niiun:: : has ja lommand.intnf residing i in Caicas; >, has len c.ud usher Pacific
:0\ ... church Fraad-co po.nts PS tae ..hrt11'P'
: ; w : was: infatuated: with the ilayer i:.r1. I t.i ,A
.I'ur'wSQlmllunct>d most succe.>fui in cohecruz funds for'thl flow. The ex-gove;nor i ic emphat- ---. /1+vvvv ra'r
.11' t h.
.Ii :': !} 1"'rw&IJ\ltv:. Laa. erection of a cusreii Du-id.n- in |I icaliy! opposed to tee new conm :lOll Iron Plant Will ( h.iIIe llamt.. ''Z rr .
:: ;Ovot.1 .
.1r: :iLM'r that city. He will start! for Hume shortly ', and is usinz all his influence and political lie L I II.
KNOITILLE: Oct. 12! -A r ecu! n r'1
hen u 1111 1'aral-i : wIth a draft! for f39.UCJ.: strength; to defeat tae measure when

; ; I the election come Tae Sentinel from John-oa City says
: ) ?
) tll! N plifo. I "hk..j 'i\TLrAT
.! Charier It l-or. n--- iron furnace and .
"'it ; 1>:lrI.&lI'f&I\'I! the Carnegie; plant at .}l, '+
7111 JOYM'ii I t.l I.IVO. a
./ !L'.t th" i."" tlr "?111' i I Drrt.iv, Oa O:t. 1.-\ charter for that place H about to be becareu by the !. .
', -Ut-r :!i Whilo the nxhil iratinsrs-n-pof ren Iron and Coal
b."r > trotted be Dublin: ChauTauqua asso-miiou tins Cranberry cea.lany. The i ;:
health .
'. :-wfil :tIll jtrenjth u.l in- mate
: ; ) iiil'ltlll"r ',use ::1 f The D'-DKatiuu ha: aj conpmyexpects to many iieovtary I '
been .i-ked; rr. :
; f->rnal cleanlineswhich follow: the ; ,'.'1hh Ar.,
; I.f.: and the furnace into ..
lt1 wlf"I rrmI''rlaia' with the n at ta; increate repairs put : ;
j cuptjl of {3.000. ;; u-e of Syrup of Fieis unknown to L'.i. '.I'Yyvrvt"" '
: Pair i tctire operation at an tarly ; -'.
luim ; it to f 50,030. |>. the few who nave not rro?ro-'d b*. .. ". ; .
-: : ----- -
wn bnttlr 1 I
t of IT I-H 1 u I -- -r-- I'I i' ;
yond the old-time medicine* and tae incident travt-l. r
The Excitement to
'iiSIr-rer: fr'. indiMinn =
v'atFd.-6F5'1.IL M- I Iud !Ion;? < m :" *- ,
'!. ehtMp *tiltituter'iiPtitiiPn1TprPd! I inland cliaiiir" of fool and wa "roften
:n. Lrtjin i-i'iit.ty W. waiter (+. .\. .L.n"I'd'lr
t'! bi'! never tcceiited bthe wellinformed. brims on dinrrhoea, and for
ft.ikabl i'nOtaniItrird'T-Itly
very ('ity. M-n 'I :
t / I'.uv the eeniiiap. Manufactured thN onehonl1 t l lave home
.. fnun rea-on
rasaly-s 1 hvr been pr.'rifaHon.: 1'ut Lf'Hr tnr- Gas
i:.e tit this liniment. thiur th.t did me ?nod until: I took by theCalifornu Vi; Syrup without a bottle <>l Chamberlain'- Why a Range. ,
Co. (C'oicChoI| and:: Diarrhoea Reme t
n'. :. v known hnwt-ver Kodrl ny*t'f'r"i:1: Cure. On b'>ftlei L'k ?
For I le all and r
r i-iinvjti-in.:" sprain* cured m :. A friend who hd1utf''r- on VXD ".KK.: dy. h7 druggist's ? '

=x .; I l hy all drug;i-te f'.t i miluly! I rut .-\n the ore of 1\n. The elegant line of Sterling !Silver medicine dealer?.

.:. I: r !idol! Hvpep'i ii Cur1. H* i* sr.iinin,' Solid Tea ."' tFI*b fet*. Bread --- --- ,. ,

po/n"s ''fa' -t and will -oou he abl tn work Tray Melt Di-hes. Bonbon and A new Hop of fine pI'iMire carriage > .,... ,.::, ,rr', I
: looney and Tar Ht-fare ho used Kodol! n"rf"ph'Cur" i Souo Ladles. Punch Ladles Knives, and < at them.J. Hilliard & Go's. Go :. l ";':: : :..to:..-.:-.:-";'.-\ ..:->:.;...-:"--.: :....:.-: :......,:;-':-..:"-:.>......-:-> :,. :;:. : .:. :. ,:. I i
't ; him eee -- -- --
made a -
iih.'rcnsafe.sure. had
t\o opiates. indisetion Fork and Spoons Trunk of Solid I

i total wreck. Hsr;Phittaaey.Johu Silver. Call on J. I. Stephens and

\\\\1[\\ U rf'\'LL1S'\ and in Parlor Bed- Sheppard.1'J'oJ'.8al..m Sj.in"- T--h"n Llr\t1l. m"bt .\wayend pleasure he will _show you_the goods with Cash h or Cre it on the furnilure prices ,

r'' nukes t_speeds rd.ot.oo.IIId. cuiiwFubcribe Two pounds fresh roated cotfee at Finch'sare !
at Marston $
'* .-. Furniture at JUars- I to the NEWS lOc: per the New Orleans Grocery for only

a rnirh's. week. 1 25 cents. Try it. the lowest. I

--...- ..

1 j


1 I


--- -
UP. -- .
11 Dr. Pierce's Favorite 1 LIEUT WELLS BEFORE I I,I

i VALE CELEBRATES Eipeditloa Leave, Trlnt
Prescription'CouhIes In tr'rutLUefaNgwYORK. .
I COURT OF INQUIRY Get. 19.t'nr:11 Vecej -
BI-GENTENNIAL! a Mother'sJoys
rHER ; I zuelan cCict-rs includiuR Gciierala Peuasula .

j and HJvOD Her and Pedra. ilanccarue, have left

1 For Says Brooklyn at One Time Trinidad iu a veeel from Ikrninca. ta
:Delegates From Thirty
= Sorrows. join the rrvolunoni m YUD zuda.
Engaged Three Ships.WAS : The l "deJ'5"tre ai-compaaiei ty Mfollower (

p eignUniversiticsPresent.4A I lit docs this by a prenatal preparation ?, who were provideu with arniand ,; J a. \t.\ + L

; in which the mother finds : SCRLEY'J SEC SET...RY aiumur.ition.u marn It is on the Barcelona plan of therevolunnnits for Infants end Children.

DIGNIFIED CEEEIIOXIALOne herself growing stronger instead of n Trmiiiad.,
i The VeutZiieiuu consul
,a I Tic Hind You IIn\e Always L'ught has l> rno the ..i{in .
i with each mcr.th. Insteadof inlormed of oi
weaker bein toe departure
I on ?
I I I Naval Court Ketiiiur Ih < !ttlnj' After It' Clia.. l:. rietclu-r and his born inado
tur dint
cad the Venezuelan << <: 'r h.,
tae expeiiitiou
Hundred anil Iwruty''lvrAnler- nausea and nervous ess, there:: are
rprr.ruled.l I 1 I I Iwo l)s ut Uesl-Jlnub T'; .At- i gunboai Miranda cauled: out of dry jH-r.Min::MipervMou: for over :U) '('ars.llow no CI .
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with the body'scomfort. from Trmaid, bat returned
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'u'luml'I I There is no anxiety, no I I XWSINOTON, Oct. :::1.- ".Cc!' twodais' alter a frnnlesi t-earci. A luau: tai

NEW IliVES.: Oct. : dread of the approaching time of I: test tae Sobie" t-ocrt ol l;:.vIr7rtsaa tided the revalatioussta C"-,1l16' The Kind You
utt-nded formal vu-lcoae tocny to Always Bought
I travail.Chen the birth hour ; ''i is s-urn at 1 o'o.oca tua.iy 'f'ekiy lion!, &outeturnt. .I

ter feinruiui !son* and to the hundreds conies it is practically! painless, the The court was as usual pr jmpr; n teSttiDii >I ca\V YORK, Oar. 19.-The statementof Ecars the Signature of
of CUtiUKU'atd ;:u sts tram otht'T ill li.'j ,
recovery is rapid: and the r.iuher ;: ;;; tae procmin. au-i Ice members the associated: banks for the week

tntionof learning n tni c"umytd I finds herself abundantly :able to of tee court and counsel: were an 1 ending today shows: Loans $S4ViUO. ;:!

. ; i curse her child. j and lre Iramt I I
p.ireLtlyin brighter >aer increase, U.('3S.OO; n"posits J943- I

.'. '. "Favorite Prescription' containsno : I of iMiud t.-iau trial!. 1 14.!CO. increase ?.'..J5.CO: circnlanon I

alcohol, neither opium, cocaine ; After tc'i"ttUl'SSS of form"r days S1.376.700 increase i I..90.'o! : legal ten
derslCJ.SO'.4Otdtcrta3e31,1'O! ); !. I
r nor other narcotic. !had b> rt-cailed the MJ of : spt.cietlS1,1J41IO'J 30'
rq t 'k: ar.y :ea itr parp decrease ,StOGOO: ; refervtsj31i44i''OUlrcrrn In Use For laver
Sick worien are invited to con their U"nt nut *
r e.i14 I correc'ias testimony $,411,100
.. ,.
Ii cult Dr. Pierce by later free of B. W. We.iJr.., -retary t-i Commodore rtcerce rtquir t\: : .C7s.!i!25, (' -! >d4ti.5.7It [ TH f e.r.e eo. aV. n YU..V- 4r_iaw..,YOU:t't1 r .. _

u Fl, charge, :and so obtain: without cot Saiy iurn; toe L'Url'lU' $ liOG.lo: : c.q'hu, ; ;;. cecrease --r

N Yk I the advice of a racialist in the ; p.IIiU. resuaied the testimony waiia he $2.jl"( ,.. O. _____._
J .; y : u-iii leizuti on Fridav.: Alter few preiiniinaiirii !' 6-\' 'J.p'I A Cu.tN: for
; a. diseases peculiar to WO:11CI1.1I I : ue Offran hs n.wrftoti of John >. APKEXIS. Urn 1. p11s". I "lvIIITt':11INtrFLOC

t!' .' ,'1k.. Y wt correspondence strictly private and I tit cattle ct July: 3 and \va- tnr qnes, A. T., Got. IS.-John S 'Iit J J ;

sacredly conf.dCltial.ddre Dr. lion d at: soma leajnh ly Mr. 11..v nor lecher formerly of Dayton, O., I'.uj i I I IL'CAMCOFFL. : '-
: h :cre ne v/: 'i turned over to L.ipt.inLfta'.ey ) rn
J R. V. Pierre, Buffalo X. Y. : : aca ilr llanna for cross ream cUP (f the i rime movers ia till organization ".,( ,I! "r! J;"G1' Y j

):-;. Anmc Fl-ickir. 62, Catherine f'.IT".t. urir'on. of the/ AmPr'<'nn Linseed 0 1 ; \\ n"1\l'r Ji JI. "

...' Syr.cu'r, N..V "nl ', '"\"ur mediciiw hat : O'.i-r \viratises called for the day: | ,.. door won!" fur tnt.r \ --r my health U3*
Ii ; .L. i nn p-r:r, 1 hot tour m.carriage- .mtc here. Mr. Ll\\ '>l'l Griii.ua, tu" A--oci1 1 vi lUlrt iirense.Iagni' [)J. I
"'.... I I.ii-Hi.L. l>r Iltro' liiinrilf 11rx.ii; Hi (."!.!ru MK\U.I\ >i ti i ,I f'r .::= lih and i u\\ I heat ., fmr hcaith\! b..\>v I ior >i.ey on Inn 11)Pi\' ;} -
J 't, he\t re<'ainrutid'd! \oiir n.t.:Miltr1- toirnl irom ;ce -iDaiLso lr tee t:.:n:' u.:! a; :\"r.w YI'I i.r.; Oct. 1C -The Pas: c :rmponcifUt ...
A 1 1's t, of 11.Inl'nb 1il.1 lAt, heir '"stn I..I1000i I hrtLt : ILimniun Ihl.1' : caul us eLi' ilea m '" .J '
of Ire :Herald snja t'tra[ i'e .i t .
't : nut 3H\vard: biajrj'on, wuo .ei >'.l"1 tileEiMo.tlyn r
's 1 r t Dr. Pierce's: Plei.:: Ilt Pellets:: cure t : ftd Mr. LVuniJ.. LMnn. ![ }Iarqui. do l'olir'iinc: j* dead at Jioriuihan. n rVs5o: : -21 0,'i.1I 'J'"' (;' -. a -'

di//inv; aii.l sick headache. \Amour vas Captain the l"mictA.1"'IJ1t'r'ltCI". Coos?;"fS! ;.run ncil.tl:re- cfpi v ir.ca 4:'tic. tp:U6 rp eui>iU: of rt-ti r.-artri ur tae* 'a-t i
I 111 r:1':,. :1.1\1 01 the uni'Terrieg ol Great tar ned to tii>- said for the pur>'],e o: two j'er.ri r,
!; aid contmeutul }Jur .
UaIU ;.pi.Many making ''Siinnanva ot t.i hrw..r -- --- --

4t Ii 1!" Drlrsalch' nil llatui.sitei timmiy rt';;. rdms; the bom-.i of t.e EnIII,.! B." IGtJ1', ) 1lnrte.. Biggest, Busiest 3ebJtfull !

,. fi'{ I Daie foneO: f 'rc-ipn i; cnivfrsif'.p'? Oregon..ijitaln Cook ZltTt'Iifi, !. ?T. 1':: ".n?r.'Rl. O .t. .J. IiuF':" -. -_ --.. -- --- -

!nil SiWlctlPS atlU fr')!!! ]'J'l: \!!It'nC.lIt1 bh ?"traHlfut n.li ,1acli.iirtI Jt .
AlTrl T. I\DU:::. Cone who ,Jn'I'i the
i iii< were rfirffiit'-u d in the auni-- Captain col :
horcestn S'larn L.* .
1 l."ir
u at 'i > See it Almost
I' cross the seaVMIO ,i" here to attend envy, whim fl'.ltu every p.irt of me .ay Drooid\"u llama: HI i :::::"In 4 W.Lt.r.H .
tc-ri i. ti-v T"l r..t ii ."' ,
the I Ertntiies : the liti.. et D i. "
0 nay. recalled
be cclebranoa of itr :-reutennnLTlio : stoat chljt..i. .'
weicowi" was.e,"d ifi ..illy inrfhe :;lady: r.il; the df-Ierra'es! tare p,.iwrcd : at his own raju'; ili:\i ;n" .." cue 'LJ.H"I1..d'ly i.'r.en.t. rJ1 m. : E\'cI'. 'n ]herp!
in the nl'JliHJ ("o-.ruiai-, f1iICive 0: fuii'>vu: btsteiueut; I..il.h. ., >'rf r%.
Fartell' CIlp.j: t'.is at-rmou l.v their decree or oi their univtr lt'Iii" "1n uiy ti-stiaiony I ftsttd tinr the A 1.41!!"';; tti'i- ";v.l.'l.! .> f-! '.I", "if :r N.r

I'ruiJt'IHn ur rwmiss; Il.iiiley of enirl't trsniuifd ;;.vt3 luli hl;.>iii.ociors < f Oregon on the morning; nf J'-.v: Jv.; .;" !.\'U.: TIt.> .', :?:".lfl! 1 IPt!.,',:' i i- ':inthii'LT : V, u.
., I i if r.i1Ui iea with under all l')i>r;. unv.i.ui. tfn ti< :
rern'nit 1 WHe
the university.vuo to t.u' uivuiiiv t'I, : :: : aLd it'. ILir' '. .
) ali'p'C 4' r ; rUt:: + _' fi..iho 11\1.
boilers from tl>rw.nl1 :;. 1 -minithi ty put
the j purple of tae 1- ,.rai-.i n-jireentktve-! it :I
greetiuga &:IY\III1lJeU3lC ot i,'er':r nn.i .. nr? dcjuni'd: i f tlii'ir .t. !.:.aeLsnud ti "
I of tH I iw. tbL.u.., <>f the! doctors of from hearMy, and l.r' sura - ; and ci'fl- 'Vtrywht'i 1' w
pai'neophy, J.TP9U of the medical cifrartnifUt be correct, ai nccnuntUi? 11'r in-r terra: Iri'"s: at ubi'o.Druggist I
.. the \\hut' of the u.a.l..ri! of'arts ordinary speed. I tuu t.iata": n:... not I you don't! :ee it, it'f ai"j, ,- ".

A WEAK HACKHome uiiii lftt-rs. ton ornate of FCirure hni thified boilers tuat n.( ri ii. bJt Hut j C"BspiCH-! ;',
"I the 1 :own of clue urt and letters. Every t-De had: team ou all ner bnirs 1an: CATARRH

peopl MitfiT trim this ailment wnrre was a variety of color which tlnl'w Jil' in the Sanruc.> bioeo.i'ie: I All w -ll di-td p.w .", '. ] .. .
coailiufil wita! the While Captain John L. Ilinun-n: wai 1 itrt
iif-nrly all their liv' Tl" -yare 1I11 \'er.a biiufif the for ,
) IIf'u'nu.'alld! de-pondtnt through Yait; dec.Ir1tton.'e pteturestueues on the stand fir the puree IIi c rrrct111 1'CtNTTRIAL R fCY$ : m our :'undrT. You 1 1Mte& ;

| Joss of MeTThe fact i i- tt.eir kid to tae uvcilea ('eremoulul.1.4'llrn",1 his tfscimnur the court t.itid; n.ji SIZf. c tl BALM, S..w, cuurrr.
nowt rt toll, ..1 .tea.- _.._ ,
and unable :oPt the following qn-ftion?: Ap RES
, treys artHak are A iformIIwirpu'irrfuuetit. -. The How coon afer vcu went on bmrd Eii'jiiitfiiB'IaKS
best tneiiicii'e to rtrenutht-u tl"* kidney : desrriptive of the advance: the! Mfirimac was he abi! to n'e IIT It W r '
(.! Krlii-l.t ( flf ji L.fAVOllK C. D.
of toe pant two centime* la tee various own power to make from ;3 to 7 knots1zrne In.f. F.
li\er ami
?, etiimilitp the cure .1 Cl !!-rs "wdur.r j ,
I HiI-11I1S.. Ib\'..I'Flsl.t. -LI' .I' I aeparni-puts: < f Iffirniujf wire dehverea. was la couditi to make :5 Hill hrh,8 th d: ', '
i.ipH03ii i it4. : 1:. GARDEN 811.'t..GfJ'JDI"J
1NoI IAhJ.H..\' .I: AMI One of tiu>'9 wa3 br Prolt-for A. L. knots when I went on bo...ni. I >iia uotgiTu w'-d ii rn iiranit |
'march..r. 11.A., cf :New Yoi k, woc1l"- her 7 kuot<" Ml f CHtHllll till t
imny t .
cu"*f il Yle in is rt-larif-n to law. Mr. .
In reply to a qcestioi iron :V r R.IV. '
IfoSTETTER'SStomach I batcher spoke In U:1ttll chapel alter nor the witnthi, Mild 'it toi'tt fn rt the It Hl, .rbcd. HwN I TNGRAHAM. Manafor. F''

Ld nil i been pre-t-ntfd f<.rmaly to Ira furenoon watch of May ;." minI tueevniins nod,,,.Yn ::"' COLD HEAD

)t I oeltcitHS:: by tbo couorabie Mnieon E. ; of May SS, tt-or.-ltJ. .' .i:.ya'itni I llr-li/T'-s III" S' nteb .-. II
Kaiaivin. ill* D., n'socinre joiiice of ;jet. to 1:1:1.tJ.e repa'r, on rn' Merrnnac. t'iltrur.h.TiiNnL tit n'. Jiiui., -is riGultural
| the Connecticut: supreme ('QurtlUli ;iroferi..r IIud not now nO'i..u..: tae or tV uit.i. Florida r College,
Bittersllnivrl M: Y r.U! 'TUKKS!
vt coiirtirotionul Yaie.:
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ve--el had been totally r.:-abk'L: "jWnrr.'II'or"t' NIH 'imk.Everyhi .
1 The hymn composed bv IeDr..
I.fl01Iml'1acnn. Lieutenant Ihoaias l\ C.irtf, .vhi'.e La1.aZ: :: '; CIT:, rLOIL: +:Dd.
llnivrlTllli rI14f'A.U. t : forniirly of YaiIhl correettnghiet r<;vnii. ttiiuony.. cra'ca !Ir 111" riirht to littlepee
Ii t
[ : Candy Cathartl. cure constipation foreier.10c.3c. eruitli'n" "O. tioii. HeneAth: Thy (linens;: that he utiired tochanw tna: : 'i'"l'a! of this f.irtli.! Hltt they !r.n-t Gileeniltrt'Ilr.: Bt\illllin: ::: Iltrllller) )) au, I IIi1.

f It C.C C1 fail,tlrllI strcfunltamnw. gaud wiiitudtred with fiaetli'ett bvR cf hi* auverto a qui-sii ri by rue I'.nrr. n:'lit f.>r P. 'I hey mll-t TV cell their ,. ,,
lire.' '-ho.j-/ hiiur i nr. ,i'i l-iiur \ ri r'i I < _> '1111"r-. v. n" al! : jni'" i ; ? i 11Ci
II I iu whIch he had i:IM teat tLe twp .tin r cijnnce to r-'-t it, and ;,I..t u. '...wic, "r. \ .", ','iiiir' ':.nli-li..<.. 'im.._ i 1.riIL' ". I ,
,'t of the i ll'n had .. .. .. .. "
F boners roe ; no tv ap r u .. : M' 'nr' I'l'Mf" of III rt. aI S. I'll" Wl-i |l
tnem tvh--i tar batuuV11 Un tutiorcir. Thoi. C. Wnt 3 on: & Co the "I!:..i;,. --'tni'ltiHlt" i i i.-" "> line!.in tl ,i. I.
I. tiuve .., 1 I''t II"'f u.i: ".r BIIIH\"I'I."h.; In. i. ,i iim-i: 'n 4.-I.-' fi, n. "" .
of July 3. A; !1e partit'ulrly th.J.lrfI: I'" ,
: oine-.tc, ue .
; ,,
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AAAAA ,! A Ah & ..ta"J"le''Gy at ho-1 IT ltn'.1''I II' '> h r. itn r' 1d11.1I. 'Ititl r. t 'l. illtine
..AA lt.'I JC to 1l..r: jut 110"I; tl: vhi i .
I 'IF T -w"- YV9vyvvYYVVV il' iu' ired ice answer to TPK: I >ue !II' d..n tjailu.Ni.iil! i, -i-i'iiix "''luII"| i.i-':.: t '"i < sunn./ n.aii'' -
"Iwo attir: boners h-\ i iitti: or no ront.i ('..II:*+ anti file! i't/':'" -.alltl'Y..u -'
i <> tr T. H I'1.1'F's 1:1: :0. l' r. I-H. II I'r..I
,, water: m tat.;n. Tut'.. liri.s W" r" i:<>' '' will f.t'hr Htc.J.III; ; dote

lai i until atttr tie battle .!.-> w :e ;O. .

ESCAIBIA\ ,oun'o'd.J. L H.... ,IeY.: cLief machit.of them 'l n+J -I' (1. 1,1eu-'tf. l'ur- I; \'/. B. WRIGHT GOfflPAJlY) ;

I I 11 11I 1r3ar: \\iio ttstnleti that on ,h.'\' :U ne 1\ u'\1 i' UlJlJiiT.lldJ1\ a ; f.t\1: .i
,,as at the rl1ro;'. e of toe th r; -i Kinot _! MVM'KMl.1 ; iFiAM: It!..tr.rlt ISLUMBER

tne 1"IIxa.. wuile corc,Ling to.;< t "fnioiiy 1)ocrr'tlm7x in great runcfymtdat ,...: '. .; .-'
was a:kwl hv Jna t> Aitrt i::* L-m- ::-- <
T1 ley .t Lai oilier in': !itnlst Ira' s Allied totcr-it prices at ; -=3J. LATHS.HcKENZIS .if

<> } flT; f; in the none e.i: ':mtrroom 0:1 t.:>. '.ay oitljf Jlarvivn Fi.idi'ti- i: ,

<> 0 1.'L OOi l.L-1J{ I V bdttlr.The I' c// I l' '," eJ\d.n oLeoJ : r\,!U,,..K..n.Dfl' .. ,
witnetIi' 'i rh! Il "
> ""
I 1 1 co"(ral alarm was .,&: !:a u= .- >I."a*. ri.Ineu a.-:>- *?;:;. 1.111\1i IjAl'M I1Ht; ';.;. I ::;
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gQ Mactimm HI;.. H -'a'' ,:; ro>- The iirf-ttierti.t'uic.i. i* t.lf" R. H'IIFIiiiiiicti. -= =--;- _,.. = -,- PI:"' '': \( '0FI..,\.
! 1C fo ,t i nf-H. I'.. s e9t-< --ix.mnv .
.iy; to ,!u- -t1'm +i-v Cap'.i.iti: i 1r'iH"I" :..uru
''' yf'f'h- il cifL, "I.C'.!i.i i.
Clrta4i: Coh: ma: t""I.-': ne
ithe i.'ie Ji >ted by Hi"/ Pan-Ai.n r. }:ST.BLrD; : G:1.
:j <> Capital Stock 81,000,000. .' i i"ai, Exr' -itioll in n'Ilhl. h-('a\.-' -- -' -
. ; tt tt tt"1 l'l,1W11- 1'r- i. t4 l' ( 4%
I I1l they aid- the 1 bt.: 1.1"r" rIi iJ i- .1..41!
To'i wa isl.i:i 1,1 at 'in* : : :':lu' :
OER'l'Il"\IG & CO.
1.i ". Uip "' 1:1',1'. la"." r -iuBf 'n.. .nny. other; they arennple, --a; .
t Far Value. SLOG Share. ; .. ..rthv, 4fl" ,and full uuirant'e
| :| 1I1.1: .
l per ; s :! i 't U' t :r-i't < -i. "I..tf
Lipfmit, Urnt'terf, !Siv.iniuh, (U < U I.nr.Jii: 1- 0Ship
(\ It! > trnP,1' : i1: : if rISb.; i u t. L.I. : '
A are _l'lIt.. trim the cilia! 'tIJr"I"t
8 i'a t..r u::' -';;' :il to -:: ;> "r t'.1
F .r .. .,. "' al.tj carry H tn"k: Hf th"l -e h''t''" "t ii l. and Gsasral 1 Hardware
11. :1:1 t' 'U'Tu. u II \ i. ; 6i322dley
O Stock Issued Full-Paid and Xono 'lir.f-: : *)7.'". : 1'1 ft :!'I I fr.. i'ft... 01 ,
Le! I' cell !ta,'iu.t: 11.. .
hang: i' b-> -hippt-il it a W"ii"it'-
t 1? Assessable at 40c per !.arc. J Jj :) Itt.\1.. j'. '.\.. ..\r.t'. TC. .... ?. \11'' : iintj.'.. t'l i ii l 'ivt 11 t>> iiiy "lie IAI-IJ- on'JJ) ("'1)\ y. PMREVK'LE \.tot. !THtIT.

\:1 1 4 'wUd '.. nr1 e ;1': :lIJ :::." Fri' It.C > ," T(' '!"-' .
i".G:: :C"- -
{ ... rat .:..... ,'llr1'.I :, (,."I.t.., ..-: '. 11" 1.11 :'\1 \ '- I! ;T ( :.
Ly-" =-.ti,.c. V." r :.: r-tl gait. "( ':a.v'i '1\ lliiir: i ; :-0'\\ inn Ii I. COl'l'KR: ('O\JI\XY.JOHX: .\. HnrkLfXiVS piO10C()
:' <> ..., ,:: <. IjVASI3Kn: V/IHi: P.OPK. ?.. l.t.JI'OO'H PCMPH!

,1 i! ? ... ,. ,.\., lr..o.:."U i "".'. .!': ,". .:,' ,. p. rt i-j n ;'"t y yr.., Strrss Csrijj ?i!;!*, 5*'?. iallw: Iw'fJ'urJs: Siri! iichrt, PS'J
7 all'erillj for Salt 7-7,000 ffiarfs rfthc \ 1.1') ynr t- \r.is t-.e I. : / t '1 \"," ti ..
,,':..It'.! me run II' -.." : 'i. \ aVi.iI ..:: J lO'sfciftr ,\. ':J c> VtV*. T.O- -. 10.
( 2 Capital .Mock of ///r ESL\L\UIL1; \ OIL COMblock $ t.." 'I1.t.. .if:": f r: a a- > .,::: t ..H b't J ;. j
** .' .r.-=- =.s :.,_.__nP'O'J C. 1cKenzleOart'i'rl'I: -'".'ti ; A;:.: f"; I lit: pil.itIJ'; v'II" :,: AMICKE
\ in- \icifi ., .- > "
p."Y'r ill ; not la.., tlaa fen (10; ., ra't lti :;) P.; If"VI.
( .
.f I > / 1o..i"I WI 't" .!' ; .i ," C r :. aL'i'.1 j f ; tha mct fiUJ cf all 1L ,
; ili1:I'\i,1 ll..l i :o. j 'I'.ii- rue n-::,
t shares at cants < :0 :. pcj.share. .
4 forty ... rwfvP
c .I. !i. Hi ii. t..it lie u,11 TT i'v ; Cw: .
: I' <; This offer will remain on the nwrket open ft 01'.1',- t'l jri.' .1 '. .ui.rv n: rap 'i :lr' I & CO. -

B in H.S.:; t. '.. : .- > taecbir r ,iG;:El r i E
4> to the public front .if uu tu.j. October 'Jit1001. /;, ,:. t n. c"a-t l'0'.. ,,,,,""ed tajitr i'I' fAb J fhViO. i 1E..... .

O C;. -J"u a:',i \> .)'i woii'i oja I' L. I: t.Hft..J"ul..,.......!.!..', 1.l t to Saturday October JOYj!>01. rt. IiIrrPr', 11'wa3aruPrpdoil'iv.' Pius is< fitter

o -. .... r,5ii C': .. ai.nitult''a (Nairt.e.ore w4'!! ;;:.. ,
, ", <> i.. ",I ...ia : v n". r r&pia ire vvaeu t.trr cr r:c'if.y rf'jndcd. Contains!

] i.:1" K ,' Li'i- I...,..*-:!>. r. rcrr.>dcg! rccg:2::,! by eminent TTo & Sonth Palafos 1\troot.
hj t.ien up'cnbed the ro-r n: r'.
Street physicians! is the best f'xiii All KJnrts Pl .mtiu and (JH Slaer131a H il
<> II.. "II,. ant ne tad note..a tuiT, :; and Bladder hO' ::!::, r'CT., r 'r'F "'7" '. .'le'NU1rnr 1 r..i...
t FLA. <> % i.n tan I:r'I'U uncle ht-r turn.OT .\1
' Pa.31+. eMw. u.
t.i7i>- .:.nn.: rue bitln ta.'i, fI .
i'r;xib."J & siue.i iur u.oae, ean.;: \.II'-\I.E\IBI-.RTF.: 4 ''u] 11'as 0"1

f $ Hours: 10 a. m to 2 p. r.:., and 4 p in. to gii Uo.-: .rara_ __._ *"4: It 1Q'W "n t.. 4.,l ,..J"::.tA { La V JCh'W'14

di>iiriP t'Hliix Killoit bid !'rrtr,.

A 6 p. iu.; Daily <> Cn TTAN '( OA, Oc:. 31.-Mr. Isis, :. ( Jttry 4 NoaMUl

:: Pain.1 ed IMPORTER AND JOBBER (IF1lardware
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for HIP <>
-ci Dack'own: \:0': >'11H w>,s crota..- ,
\\ sinking cf the first well rf this <> tae trams whtn ne fil between rte" FCORN'
rail; aui v;."+ struck l...fore bt could Iron, Nallc, Axe, fiboTeIa,3aw l Mill snl t-iraboat: Hnpplies, CootlJ

I F i wnrkon same 1l'illle1in by the middle or" .Vo <> ri-e. Hi* body was hirno.y: man;.eL and Heatlnjf 8tov *?, Paint. fiu and Window Gla!!!!.

l'embtr,1901. $ !ol'.rc Alter fluftr. 2 = NINT- Asste: and llnware and lou ffurlllsbing Goods-

I ) ManastrV:> *> cf Coto: FS.J: to 0

4 {.1 1I Laic made offers t" .Icrrv Xop: 'J t i.l- Rem .u .:1 Genf. BUllio1 and'Wart.. Gun,. pl..tfJtIJ std: FJ"hlrsr Tacky,
timonHarrclt: and ..
Ilolmts cf Detn ,_ .haul aln.l eei.racGt.eraentr
4. 0lW and \VaIdron: of \Vaal.astcn.U"h ; i ..:: t>nm..l UtrTr. AGENT for Biruln/harn! F.oliic Mllla! Corrpanj, Revere Disc
I&s. 0..1. (;ul. !' .
8 ; 4. J. ERNEST BAAKS () ,a roe lijvtif.. .ipp-tite, do pot "fib LlPP"W Bt0'. :' tltcbed S"U nq:, XnrtbumjtDnEiiery ''t flfFoI l Cornnany, LaWa 1R -' 1

<> reli-h your fo.'d! 'lTJo't fel dull alt"r 'A.a i a 4 irup. II'no'r' '1 Po'.'..... !'1\r'\T:1. Il'1h'M1'2: Kal onlre Ifn Kit? and Back'! Hi IT "
TKl'STEE. 1' BIDC 5iF1:
I .' "ath"IIII, \V k', IW that "IIJ tl..1t suntRanti'ei'ArC0aISOR9-rrC.I...C9 LuHar. Maeury: Ru..l
tin-to If ,'h'illlb..rI..ill'.. !"tom..eh
6 A- f p' I1."u, CM or*.
OdI1ky VVVV 9 vvvvv qr CA 'ni L1vfrTa'JI'u. Prico. :2> eenz.I / i i Vt

gas;pb.e: free at any d'I:; ore. I Masonic Temple, Pcnsacola, Fla.


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I;, Kate T>.o" :arr. Th! r '.r'* hn han out her tieth-her teth iwLUo. i !

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.... Ijo'w"! : iI. !It a oiJ'aa" : rnuIt. I I.
> c.U Ixxl;.;c, So. 3. K. ofP, I

i-lucf! La J : .". '. rrlrt Iiflr- Jack
;r < j r li'> mAt'lI''pry Monda, .... :
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1.1'i :; :.., I-tln,1111 il. j.i'n- taI 1"iC i at ;::.M at tube IUU ... ;
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". M'iiitv 5.!:iy" i fI'I: i'e stalk tJ Ms thurhr.l ., N u'.J'hue l>trd.or. .i '
putted oat a ilun .,. ii;;.ung brethren oordifiily j .
c.: 1 \\u': :ni'-.ti, .::y. I. S ..
I And tall, "V.'ial a iiIiintLrr tm I: a .lo..IDI'Il. .
i:a 12ii.. eau! a WIl'!:: r iti a !If. C UPBnL. 1 l' j
fciJ: !'l"e to IiOurijhi'r: : "Ko-p fvn t'tu 11. HaiTtir4d C. 0. : t
.' I l/. <>iU; : cut i'l: "Ir';.j';: i'' t
.in:ml ilio-iy: :g;;!<)<-;. \;u.!J The tfI ; min, uVcOne dosherrka:: gr.w h\ eau1 *
,. l'
js I.':;< n.i.a': a j.i'.r! of II. irl t p r I ".4 a La: !" m>ti.iiv LuZidt! ) (1M. K. 0' P. .

.. :,'*. ...!:ngtil.e! T.n'ise'd ;:-, phturc to the othrr Mil, \1..11.."..." hru1i ev, 3ln\t at itt, &t Ca.ti. ..

.. '. "!\n'l tall me r t' at njm. .. Nell, In tia! nlount-W-iSoa Kalldinf, I
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bird! r. JI.r.
Or !-Oy tr nonn that ncr. ) lilting hrotlir n" 1 inomb'rt of tll tluti.rd !!
'j.I' Miss Lillie Treasurer South 1':; l..1\e ti jun p )oar !r.., "' L A E' cu..J.dilv. Ht-'c.)ui>-.t g + '
a t l'I',1: nl. !n:1rVy] haJrantou Dcfjcnlolbc: -InJnji jlis Sun. W. L. MACKKV.C.C. "41. I
\\'. L'.O( '>M\V, I
ni rv::;)(>!,,-e I., K. of It. .t S. '

!I' End Society of Christian Endeavor! 3141. .\ nrmin.lrr. !!I { -- '' .

I : Us 'CABTORJA.: ,
furt\y at
Ave. 111.! Cured Bare I lk.J Hind! You Nan Always 80 &I2
,:i tut- jiria: '; i-i-n :1. Michigan Chicago, by : .1'; 1 ,

\;.II-(,s s l.ov.w' I -- S: a thct LLV '
:' )<-.-'," <-aii-l:! t!..- j--i.. i I I Lydia l IL. Pinkham'sTcgctable:: Compound. -' : I of I-U< '

I ;jv. iue W v\r 'U.ut, I V '

Ii i "DE/.rw ? l:5.: I1NKIAM.Vl.cn: : ; life: lo:;d br;;'litvbt: to rte I I The Mast t PopaiI :

w..l:: tell:! IlwvJrd.tI.! : I \ :
: I sustained a hard fall and ir/icrr.al compiicali-r.s: : were the result. > ( .,Rlt1 i :older I.I I.
r t11 l .11t: trtif I Irf-tu' 'I.::-II. ", .

'. .!" a"lUi'd.: iinl I v:!h MI ti.f : I V.TO considerably: inflamed! did not fed that I cottlv.: ..::., and lostmy I II 4/ I'; r'lr. It 1 I IoJ' '

i )0... .... I
:1! :::',I'.t .Vel.V I',i", ::;,1 WII'J.: r
I good spirits. I spent money doctoring: ; \.itnout c.iy hap, when a / KfeC.wj
'Li11 COUldn't s it <.II de t j
't, ; ...:e !..ivar dtI'I d"i relative visited our home. She \\ass-) cat;usiuric (-\cr Ljii: :L. \.t tf Oer'i:

I Pin .:lsani's Vojft'lalilo C<>ni>>ou!, having!; Uhc.i it herself, that ,i, i '; 't-'; J)% [} tf I "' rIr)1Tx I : : \ :i : 4 I
'I in: >d U'ra.! Mw.while: !! r/\ 11 x I n-
: nothing would; her until I sent for 1ft '.!.c. I have thanked: I ...>.:'> .A- I
1 I Idr'.: .yts; ilvtted ou: ; satisfy : a ., : !, >, M t.o'1'I I And the lira Liquors' '

.: '... !> '! \ .':1"-:>\ : her a hundred: times: for it since: for it brought biased: Ixalth! to mean -.1.I.:..'. t1.0..l./' ---: .( }, -I. [ (u n l n I of all kin,1 i-i !served by '
". ..!.I l ar..i.T rap JK'rd!:1-.t I : ,1 cured me within seven v.xtks ;-r 7tJ : Polite and CourteousAtteLdants. r
:1":1! tin lur ill.'w'1! .
I I I .
'!L iii <>:M army: vs.t: ''''::s I r.o-.v wish: to thank you, } or medicine. ij a friot.J! to( suffering: ; t, '!

."I.,i !her amp{ !<' \bust tt hiiand i womcn-LII.LI D 'FCUKEASUBEMDIKE I !
::(:;rvoL: :. I
:: an c"-!,'Jns\'I: 1.'e: ; I :
',:v; :s'-.:;U'Nj.lvily ia Us : $.::.KM) roinT ITTIII: AOV:: LITTI: is rov r.\nxr. FIE CUHiTY.: .

.:: .' st''dapl"itt.LerL'n1IL'e> : \\'lien y.oim-ii are bmhhl.hh l im-,'n'.ar: M-M: !::.?: ,.,1 1'1' jninfulmonstnutio !,: "1VIl.ithat! stripy! oa your linger: ; In Ponsacola.FIXE ;.

:!, vi'J.ii.! : :-:s, ;(,-!(-- .:':'!hNl; dL-tiLtsusu'iil! 1:! 'j'rdl ni the; for'-" I i nnJtij! [ OnnQ ''I

M va- clean\ "IT I.:* Siri :- \.omIt, that 1)"-aiini-lir.\i I,.,!li': .:;, iiiti.iinM/.1: :; ; ,:! *d lite: <:\.ti':.'s, ba'ji. LiMintinsOT -, : """Y. I's urine ter i'., spring; an' ,i Ii i D'UO.CaX1H '

:. ;> shiny! : us Ills ov. n tut ( : !!atut'lH'd! ( g ner.il debility: ilrilgt'Stu i ;, .ii'l nt'rv: ii:; pr,'s- I'ze aii Piuniii'.ilid; an' .-it's, to rl,:*:!jntl II I :

I1':at ii>:u r / ai i-1-OM with f 11( i h .-.syniptcriH: / (, <, faint m-.ss. 11:'Mitido: 1 me to 1 trim:;! home tt\.) ImiLtts: of water. .\ I'tlit'ftll; ('.:Lt: KATEIJ !

:b' "l" ..r the: .;;cur.!; (,f r\inility!) jrritaltilitr; !:(:inii-.iit--;, slt-pplL-sri'rNS: u.clamholy! ; "all. I ."-;Ni'W:; York:: .louinal. i I I 4Ii :

:':t!' <" 'atty. and the! N'lIrt ni i rnat'tt awl uv.iittlK: '-lit: -illnnett fielin-'s. }bit: ,s, and Jiiij flr.v-mit, i iI i i Ii I I. V! Ejfpjr ibI5E$ .

I tluy !L u5l: lIllt.'r theiv is tried and tru- u'lntdy. Lydia 1J.i'iiiKlianfs :. I 4
.1\' :: "..ut settled! d."\\u to !liteti.it.iL j> rem cmc : Lote'1 Grammar."I I I
Main 1nuie-gill S. Pa la fox i
..! I VryetaMr: ComiMxind at (.'l(' i n-umM-s biiili trouble i i with I dated! to :1.1rUJ ln'thlt. !11. U. street. .

"rr;*, j 'il;;o. cIa! t I'!e to !buy any otlu-r inedii-iiK1, fur .rl im-il the lfstrs. : : MKs M.Il.f; : :' :I.trllil': with tn'iu- ,' 1'. 0 han\t-Ol'p.. Box: :'l.! IVn-rtcoU.FU.Union\ Depot.

'IJz-i. nV y')' s-i-z uf I ': :11tI'r ::\!: J'ia1'ItIim.it..>, all sick: women to emit(' her fur ads ice.I I lihnc; / AoU-e! cad: v.aliVlns! thl'i.Vliy Biloxi OystersRCCKIVED I I'hOIIl'. l 11 IR .'t:'S

po: u-r Ji.l: fi-r 'teiijit: er i I SJn' has fniitled thousands to health. AdJmss, J.jnei, 3uss. I "\ don't you date to asl:: It?" tLc ,I i -'. '

: tlars ili'in K'hbeii cnlins! -- I Ii mzh'lI! said demurely I I

',i. I'f l't'; e ;: lIt Il'r p ter i I I I "JiiH'atKe Ira bee'\o' In your eyes." I FRESH EVERY DAY I 10,0(0 frc.I .
The lradly l: : .hTrl.
<;wire! tor lini'iTii tcr deny! I HGP.SE TAL:(. | "In 1 both of them?' II Awarded at Part "
Th," j. ")r l.tt'e: el lrlwelss pet no I :
', '-s d's:: v.-.ny. jed ft! I -- I "Y-j es." ,
rn'aro. I'ecl.e: l up tl.cre In the Alls in \bate !
to <
Dully: r02.::; 2.i.T.: i ii marled "
apples fr.r-i: Man I C'v's'I I i \Vcl!! I.m't you-don't you Know
!I Its "'.:JCy fuMKeiM *. it N a tauch "'ovtJtd Lilli so.I 1 to '-"raiiU! Iu"dl of Iluslui 1 ._
i I i11 tuiKS M:>lacy: I i-\o rt';atlM-s! equKalout! to I1n- 1I I .
i, I'rir. '. mill tolk:: s-till! ) li-U i nud I.tier l I.-fI r'TYLES.DaTM '
.her! gal! J.auryln.a.:: an' for SI.IMJ.It : low dare> jon, f-'rl! 'j';,kt> jour arm I WMBDCH ? i
I ; I 11':1'1: at It. 1"0 loi 1: at n 'I : (
'! ;:::11'11'i ';, 1'oajn,' HI' 1 U ieinteil; that .lai.ie: IIaury: of from roul11; waist! last::I111r!" \
; t'cd: Uii'ik! that .
i via> Mist trs seerInwnde.I
1'iovidu'ce! pa.d: KV :'J for Auduboii j '
: 1M) l.e t-rMi-esiil! ufI I Hut he cidn't.I -Chio! : ; Tribune. -
i ta !:e a et'ss.f 1-r.v.ua sat-r: ...... '
I i : f
j I
I;.ivirl :nn;:: II r Mipsj J i .lI\. 'VU.I' WINE CORDIAL \
fl"t'1; I 1'1'1: a Ic-vk at l'.e! Let bt! of 1 jI '
'TLank yo', l'o:1p. I Alpisiiuabten! ,b\\\'.; that folk: I.f tlt1 l'u'\';.oi-.s to: !his: ducat! I y Lord Iterliyof j I! V.:ticrr ::" Iiitrrrcplrd.lie I Hieti :i recommendations tor cure ot Poorness, ; I

','n tlst I Iylii't a: :1' I i llarttoid iiorilti.a: Lad won ti\il\c j I I..'. I taken en: unwannnte-l liblily t } .. ,. h nl shad, bion.ach troubles and General IVtititt .
: t .
"I'3ci 1 1-"r" curt slow jtar':> iu IJU.H- I, l" "'*!''' fictCJil lncrea. the npftue, Mrenxthena
MKs :; den l'ono.l''utin'ra'I ii -1'-,1:1: i her Lat. It uP Uii. (CU [; U.1YI
r :UH'.r: i : .: tea po- I lj f.lC iiaabuiij-* iem./y J
| Lers.Vi L41 i";.d i.oag ieilovr:: pen such! a enure ) :
'ae IT day wit tljt: Sitifc C. J. O. B:1Z':::! liotisht! Louhze! \'\ol.ft\h'I -r. SI.e! was :!,oot to say tL:'t I .1 ;
an'I 1 M it tj>at l.s cjijijatrut.I 87 r i Uniu I
r s.Nliln" 1'rsr j I 11'01'1.1. -'fl'r"cn.! ll.IT'i.I z1e! Las trotted! a mile the ilii.-'t:: :: pn/Ko-e! to be ilktatt-d:: to by I i PARIS .
Tv\aii. !l..i> written 1 li.i.n: that N r6 -
: :' 'I :In sit Uruv 1 I Li .f:11 to a read i-i.it. oar:; i'Si1. 1'utha! dida't i hay it. All! \> 6S \ ,' I ]'.. S'ou.-i-r.i A t'.. :
'ti:> better 10 diiiib nuiuir.a liClit-; : } t
': out I trucJ shed I Ill>' prosy:" 1:1''alhl'i who wnii at il.cI :Motalhij.fll.. by Miaibiino Kir! ?, sK! 1':1.1: .1vss: I yilil {63 sl tM., & 9 rrctw.L j ,

I recently trotted the list quarter: of a "1 do net p (;iose"-- ;
I grates; cr vCiaf! ; of the ilitu'iin1; ,; MI- I
:'.an, jl !gl>, Mowl st.i- j Ittla must 11:11':1.1 t'tl'i: ; truer thenwkvart workout Lie: In Su1! j beconds.Annie 'n.m he l is:ti-rn.pted Lor.

'. 'I' sties Ica,lh'n '' "If! did.:: he wnlllB: ; !'y mm'lliurl'l.i 1FO5 I ,
;: ot dues; ha; "Cui ouoV" |tin' Ili'ili-y.: : .:;s'i. was sired! by you ; I J6JJJ'JCIIfDULE: .

,. 'Liza; i.1m>' tax her :.(':Ats !itsi-ir, as It surely itiust.-I'ans .\:. tl'ln.! LUI.' AMi'Il: lain May Virllfil. ,i i I "I I-ou'.l tortilr.ly say 'yes.' r

dun :<.i'd l'lt' plsr I iuSene1'. 2'UTi.: bj .\<;lllulillkea.. 1 I Ai:u that! st'eiaed to n-tllj it-Tit- L. $TLA't LlVIHON i iucr.li'H'IUIlU.l
I "' : ': .\ ( : ; ,..
nit Mls N .
iucy'sI''t l;
: Ilior;:eV.. I.eavtt! rf Ito: toii hnc refused I ., r
II Tile t-.p". cI. I'rrnU. I ;,gym .. -,'4' ,., riwJ'i' ft UAIIAVVVTr&.cs t"OiU'.nr. .
\ oat! su! l Siiuity.i..L I r'> n rra "a
tCir .f ;:'iO fi-r the tLreeJCM.M II ..
fiu < JlT I 1Llekl): )"!)' -""'IIIIII"\H! ] h= nf'I.ct-; '. /.2.\.
'. luiaji.nc the slanirixu; : II. boat #' Ici-ve: renHftr.iin (or the Lltllf
; a
; KT iVil UrtrlwH .
mat To d! 1,1 y lslgen. 'Mt, (h W"'IIP kJndinrll"r: which ;! !'"cUU, Eh Eaymi.4angtonrT: Yard
in; V2(? I'\ tlay wit I rinrty fret toll;;. tarrjlng! a mast: 1lf:) if aliowi! ) to too l.tiir !.- a. 1'- I bud furl 1'irrnncss atI )
run r'rut -
I 1. T. 'j.hbnrne.I! I:;'i. a pacer that way : .... M '''''''
.: ..n cu lath ran'KP. -. | fut hifjli.tii\' tall: arty ili'Mlujiliiiuu : ;; has I tin ''Aitciii1!;.: races ovir the Newt : ia lifJ.li'N: : iIi-p.i-, dlttl'tr-nr I I .". .U(_.(..:'r"'.."' '-.I' I I r.'O: i.)". rlvt'.1 fort Hurrnnpni f.U..1D)
'.. 't" &:i" "I.:/a : power (' ?!> t ) iircjtrl a sis! master i : ot"ieri': in ii'td I'ftfi. fatal row- ;, 1'>:'>.) ". m.arrive ut -'ort Hrtrraucii. : 10.4...in ..
\ amid l'uiiilaiia half! mile '
I >rv .
and you Lave: the 1'1':1:0.0:1 why it be- pL.nl! POLIK1)xtr CCKI: : Do our icbs : IUUp.m.arriveatFort i..rrnnoAl ltII Pili'
i a ate tor VJIM Uui : I .. .r-- ,.I .. ..
t vacs.. ",.'a e4 r 1u 5Jl; ."t l.t,1.; ''' '' tva u't ...... I tt.Hlln.-- : "L-. nrrtt..r Fun Kurrun.tua
.. .n'J e j"-. ,
"- ti,' J in.ioot..de ." coici'N iifwssaiy to hans loo tons of I I'Vikesth0; Kidfieja'sveu.. 11'. A.1)I .l /. V.1; ( ." -" .,"-" .".. n.u.m-'rrrhtV;)" .yBarraaeae r'I.pm I
for fct\tril: jtars. i ,umberte.Tli03.. I I .aI"...(. .. < ..:.=.;, .. .. 'e'p.rt.arnvritF'nrtilarrxne! ..
lead :
? you. w- j on I.er heel.Cithuut it she! would! ) 'C\". t.- a43p.m
-- .. ( : .10' riLiaD i> the 1 crt !:&I rioOLa lor heaiav
..... If M.imlii; :;: cu lar; Lead at the t.rst I' C. Y/iitsou & Co. ( ...':..1, bg' tymiFx \'r; co.A at7:15a.na t
: ,
breath tf a ten knot Ln,'7.l'. The scl- ('athrrli' C'IIIII..t to < H.-ril iirrv' at IVnsnooln! I
'ixvairs't no' ; J
i :: t' lilt the 1.'' 1IHeJl n..tl' A "lt.t"II; taaalJ: ;j1. \:, ? 800 a). a _
of Im.ldi: : these : nuiLiaes with yc ; ; .. ll'i! P. EI. rrtit, I'-u* iioia_ _li:(8 p...
epee :!: ric'jipr! I.Ol'AI. APPLICATION .
1 tlo: l 10 r K ;
i eye; t\\ar all the vroTy ot thui-hoalder\ ? t>f the -- J... ) ? .....t -0.e":' S!: M p. m. nm\eat I'l-n-tcoJa. __ ItII p.m
..:.t satin! ,:j. I tiiiS.ri:: Las eont.'nil 1 in t1'tl'I'1IIint': at just I Iite. ,owned of j"-.i!, ercy, nni.i-'e the : '1 f :ii-t Pin arr>\i> nt IVIUHCO'R 11:(<<5 p III ,
what tb niMcil: : :, ; i a. wr..1 7:0ip.i \. arrtve at !'(...\*a IA___ 1:40 ,.
:, lust \. ha M I.zi'.tin! ; ': p'iit I'.KU of I reiitm.f ttif-ir Louse? and thin cot-lbctina ". ,-1G / 1'l1.-e i.tc.., o.45 o >n, Ii 'rIYI'.t I'IHu..cv'a' P:1O p .
his au' I lii'i'i.s! <'!I wt'ic.:! d! keels I ilj'ieeil the extra 1'I' -titllitlllll.ti"'II"i'!i and iu older to ni th'-r; rent a;* ('IIII-ci":1" itLI : '.. \ toraaynoclr.KSF "
cure it you ir.u-t take Lott rna! reindhall' I I J ,, t4 1o\1
1 j;':;' t.oiififl: 1 'Mul' er ::1:111 J by increased sa.l; crea and li'iu-lv ns Char would thpm..plve". '{. KUKWFEK JA Tol.
| tttrrh: Cure K taken' : 'S J. :..z!' t tiHierti/trca rn,,eola! to j
11.1 if m1able. t ,. & Fort h: rraiieaa ana
sial..p: > cui.i au' .::1" Jlopng just short of that! point. TLevwa '' cldrre3 are ver fe.L ; "" ..fi. /, .), ret0rB Yes j
; It j frcstcoik to I'II\VJ \ and
il1lt'rllII:11111 the (; .It and _
actdireeily un A. rmnrn III
jt cwr t
Ilah'UtI :::1' 'n. -t:; raters: are" but;! for a single! :: : ese: and blanda11d. iiiioou! < urfacllall', ..,'J'| r.--\ .',v' I'banRooU lo Palmetto Keacb and retara U4BTNDAT i

.1, Jl'\!. e. 'Lzt:11':1'1! : i are valiule&s for any otU-r.! -NationalMagazine. Catarrh Cur i i-> tint a ijnack incdi-i i i \ f J.' ..j I'ppoMi: yiyuFOalu Uheantlirr fHrtnD. I
wb pernuu the
:-l.ear Jcs' tas.u' | cine. It way ptt-cribed by one of ; OPERA HOUSE ii J 'f ? ,1'-- I OJWU COUCllfS. runolaz of
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| Iod'd'; i.* U.' treatment of eoi.titutiop It i ii ...-il of the be-t ; TwitL I 11 A. m. U m. f
: ..It) and the uM man i il *. compo ONE NIGHT ONLY r lp. m.Jp.m. 1p.m.lo. .
Sjrhili t,;.nic< known, combined with the : I
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i II I COIUPICUOHtii.in! the fir of Svpiloi : : yt: : i- what i>iodncetich wonder- : Wni. A. Bnd 's an! Jos. Crisner's: I YARPPfRMnWDIr II. iii.

l' ." a of the nervous syrttin hr [odi'lp*. fill ult* in Catarrh Hend 'II Orders Penueoat..
< :: p sa'.d: : tl-p J'J ljTil\ i r"- curing; i Special : )rt BoOrr.Doa. l'aTpI
"'ill, 'Liza: to jaI: imtil Clironio Rhmmati-in.-mil. who there I ftiT ti-timoiihl-, I PI:. IL'CTC'X i I ) art'! .u1 .tnrn...__ _...__w-_ ..
btl'I( are :. cant thick nine: of the fibruuti t'ADlatc.la to 1-iiliri.tio' bAUD ..dNn t
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I ate !iir inluJ in some otLorur Prop i .tu"n._ _.._._ .___ ii. '
u iifs> and inlljinmatury r"tpo.itilll1oo Tolniio, O. Th3 I Yak! Eiuulla!lid UcoMiDYt r tc: '...Ilrht r..'%.'t'-..<' .n.. s to.. ;
: about the: j.'iut' fndon*, j>t>riotfiim void! by druiji-t, price ids.Ftie ; I It inn : served all hours of I
1 !1 Jail: IV Uhl. Jtilqc atu1 nerve triihkis often t : ; l'CCEL' :;?, !
'I'' ':1: i'. \\'hat's I' ,> whl'; tor the Iodide Little !tetert
!; !: j: erv much b' litted by i

1 I : :' '"'I1':" the! vI.I n.aa a-ktl ;i "In cerninkiu diaes tie Iodida VCt are little titrs Ere '.; ':___'::-::"- : 6., -? _vIi7 i i the day or night at I

1 of P.tfi:,!ULi otler-s! tbe hftcllallct' i Teat in any climate thrive.! I I

'. .., i The dose of lids ii-rjrttIwrs at home are U'. I I Reasonable Prices.
:'P It the courtroom from ''! of a cure. : .
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test of the curative powers of the Iudole 1 Cur! <9 oLr rime now i if jou iaa, ., : SEA FOOD DINNERS 1I".pI
.1 : ''. zed for a moment. of Pu1alot:1'" For' you n.Hr "pcaV a 1 ore cf us u root Lard I { ; 1I
-,' in I": ti"m. ,
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1 : Ir ,1.. '-!!> ll 1:1': M'l.' M i d rid Trouble, and in conditionriijan : A. n, I. n and t', ; A Spocialty. I

: a:. I i.:,.' dun jtjt. : :i t.>:u,'. WI' are willing to'' Uta ester u.elt tro.t! < I

". ':-.::. ..:' pat 1'. 1'. P. :';-dll.t! jty remedy! in -1'nth': C sir m:en. t

..: 'I :: t.:." whole! t'i! For> world.=:11..1)\' .11 dru"l: >it": A Pro\ Pr!.. .' "":' =-: :: .,. .. :. ,
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: I.1il'lt\ liCTilEll'rcrilor; : : :: :) .1 "Papa I've pot sonio rjcndlns: : for CIGARS !
: : 11; 1 I 1.171 this! ; Sfl ) Ppiif
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you to do please; ray are J uUs\ '
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: who ord"vil'i tv'-' It's 1811:1 :,. to tutiul! :'.i'.ii''thin: now:' \: \.1
J .: The: paced &trai ; j
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.u..I. ric'tire batueas: hi-Misie J : or.Kitf TilE PTNXIE-.T. FAP'C: C"! '
". ;; 'L.ra with .\. H. 1'\'i NK.Xo. :. cntizht; tike a lii'-1 d1)1.) &\ ? ; : i
Hn.Ni.Y: AM) T.\I'. i''N'reneewillb. : !! :. Ti.I'J ': ,
.. I THAT EVER HAPI'lINKD r"IU 43 L .r the.tinP
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.. r'lifv-l aid a wapin. untefulfi'plnrz '' J'4, A"! ..
-- : ylr.c'f'D-
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'.''al. ;"'[a'. dt>y'll bo er I I hive been antirzcd: to tiieiibscripti.i's D'Alc-.''"'.', "'n, xp !tr.rr-1 y.ats on sal? at I.... .. Enok'torr.. Only place inFensacola! : i

'" ,': u'l-i'i: tor"m.. Jei: ?u.Hr .::* I ft
: '.' ':t. ;: county yo' won't be : > aa'- t.-r. "The C-iuta-nrr. : 1 .".'.. CANBV CATHAmC.t t1lOr. P jTBIOr..UJ! =.Y'Z.Dr : where you can get r-T.c/t.'\> :3TEH 3 tVCLISMfBi.HVQYAL

'."-' ; ,. The pric i L. *;1.t()) per .'tar: 1 iI adjvance. ":r. "j# PILLS t r
'l' ncn; MagaKirlr I 1 -
; the T"tr ; f' n ;U ) tho Genuine !
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pill; C.wre; of tht dea'tr vho. tries to icllinj at Hotrl Kscar.ib f' t... HYL ,.. ....... >_ .. -OJ r I
t I "ahlan.1! m'kE.1 I '' cll\'ll\ Cigars k*.Ug* to. ;.- ,..:,rlrbr.tr, /.mile.I I l a.
ownll.W''r .q
'.1 bor.'Cettaln, You wl; have pride In you ;50m ittasooa.: Office I>"\lI'mb'rIA p'ullt'IUIt. 1190; Soa M HW I *lil 1..p4. I
II} ir.-N: PluriidvyKahn. I frardeu; if they: :are on your ),&1.,0): .street. Phone --o!

.. '.1, .- : : arJ'. t.wnFround. Your nu:band can buy !, There's lots of money to b*> made ----- -- --- .-- ---- .12 Y3URSEIFIuuiialiiral
although In raal estate-lots of it.A red: estate
a home, and he can do it now I I Ilia L'( fta 6 for
C'3TOn he may think otherwise. ti ;a i I. usually a flntrer-board to F. M. WILLIAMS, I.I u s a.,.. 4.tn.ra mban..lu a,

t. I,. j Nat Aa n Every woman wants a home of herownand wealth. Thos. C. Watson & MI 6's.V al.t.1.M b unt.n( .. a r. .r a.e.t.r.-krrIW....
k -1 J A.nats:.__ .(: if t-he will have a talk with Co., the leading teal Estate firm, CONTRACTOR AND BUILDER '' ar w.. P.inln., .n t am atria.a. .

l4 /4 :t.. .z-t/ Thul. C. Watson & Co., the have same offers which consider.it would Go! NIG( 3 P1A6E l t tI t.rt11Cdtr'rLC aNtlNan.o. ). R'.1'emu er b pil/uroal.i1..aab.e.e'RLI.
while r
leadiasr Heal Estate Agents, they be worth your to Estimates Promptly Furnished ox' M tut f. pt.l. nipper, (I
'I i

&: ..,141:fiJ-M8......,. fron>B. Uut, the touka Sortfcern sat ice WOOd I can one. show her how easy it is to get I and till to-morrow.seetbem today, and. don't_ _wait 1 Buildings of All Kinds. is r .epr..r, pr pat4, tor 1.

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-- -
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:; TEl DAILY NEWS : simply because the mathematical l '' SPUtlT MKN lilCHAKU 1HE OPERA CARVED HOUs AT MONDAY

calculations are accurate if, in any 97

admissions of assessors! PER CENT
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......*t the Foil Office &lM FensicolsJas The enterprise of Manager Coe
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.' \1! the comptroller U advised that the : Monday Darin? June nearly 97 per cent. (!W.7WV of the death
ment, for one night only, ,
mow: Building Jll} Both Pala.I PARADISEI claiin ; the the United
valuations of are in : = pad by Equitable in SMte-Jard:
,: 'I' ..IIIteMaatom. violation of the property revenue law. I Oct. -JS: of the distinguished roman- Canada were paid wu.iin oLe day afttr rrllof,; of aeati;

I tic actor Mr. Andrew Robson, supported were received.
I PUBLISHED BYTHE The conditions which are WE-Ill
Fish and Game in Abundance: in ,
: by a powerful company XUSIBEK. AM!( .t NT
1 IEW8 PUBLISHIlitt known to have prevailed throughout ]
R About Molino. :; Edward E. Rose's admirable! dramatization I 1 Claims Paid ..-...... 154 $335,;
i Turns-Invarlabty In Advance. the state for twenty years or more, : of Winston Churchill's i ii ;

.... _1500' with respect to the unlawful valuation i, beautiful romance of Maryland in Paid within one day... .. 149 575,560
.....Year.. Jp .. jr-rr?.?_- "" SIX) of property for taxation and ;i ,, colonial day*. While mIr.Itub-ot1I i: ,

I N Monlbi w.._'H-_" -__ 11\0 which have been thus per-i-tently ., Henry C. Cra..I'rt.'e't.'ry III-;Molino ,I new to the South, and we are hard THERE WERE ONLY FIVE CLAIMS THAT
ae- =h.by crr e'r-p'; y.bleMondaT 10 ignored by tho=e whose duty commands glade an Important ratton-L"n. |Ito I i from make the friend leception with accorded, it is evident him in REMAINED UNPAID UN THE rEtOM !J.-\\' .
WEEKLY NEWS: them in require the faithful Distance Tl'lelho&lPl.e Crop" (1 all the larger cities throughout the Total Claims Paid ........... SG31i, ;;

THE execution of the law, directly! affect I'I1ar! Cane-oilier >ews \I.I'II of r-outblana. that fen-acolj, too, will
Total Premiums Paid... . 272,526
I'II'Uthe4 every Friday at Ji.off per year the good name as well as the ma- lutcret-t. receive him ju-t as cordially
: T.tfasfree.UNIO'J. Tlm folio* in? fr-nn the c u?en'a- '

..- .1 trial intfreats cf Moridit, and tie )fcLl-O, Oct. 21.-Such magnificent ; tine critic, .Mr. Herames of tne Profits to Estates of Assured... .. .. .. -. S3G i 51
: ->ooner they are corrected; theyimi"shtea October weather we Charleston Xew and: Courier, will ,
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------ rial attractions to immigrant '' the Academy of Music last
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'trange sportsmen: "
TELEPHONE NO. 118. will increase the ratio of gain in I nlzht by )lr. Andrew liub.-on Iud : 90 60, .. of Amount Paid Within a Day.
from do
s. population, instead of the d 'creas-e your city not come out and hi- company. Tue story of the play, '' Ratio of Claim* paid to Preuliun.received . .. . .. .. "
;a, t Mnrtiting Rates Furnished on Application. I II ''which the! cen-u-s returns show often etij-iy them.elves for a day or two; taken as it M from a famous and deservedly ,,, Per cent of Profit to Estate of A--uml . . . . . .
'f the finest bream Jog\E'\ eye tiout : popular: novel, is; familiar

r. I 4 PESSAOOLA, OCT 22 1801.ANOTHKK percent since: lil'O. i and perch ale being caught daily ., everyone.. The action of the piece i l The Equitable Life Assurance Society.
I follow that of the book with iiJeli- !

:l ." ----- Stops the Cough ,' and brought to the village ; squirrel : t). The scenery is extremely handsome "STRONOFST INto THE WGRTD'

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1.\ t a snap, and H unable to pay prom- In uu* da>. >o lure, ': t bed diuJrnds upon its 'h.tluted :l.jc..r.h. with which Mr. Hobon ba*
: nod excellent accommodations: and
-- --- KNOWLEa ] GEn.
tock. It t U the bicycle tru.t, and IilKinKVX.NT: : ItAVMOMI Tnt rood fare at U'Js' Dumotit'opposite equipped him-elf and the large and BRD5. Agents

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reduction of the capitaltock" from
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I' :1 $XUOOWK, U) about f- ItNt(4J a* the i j Captain Wilhain V. Jud*on, encineer The upon peopfo you.in the vill.ttu. the : pity \> aadmiiable.. He i i.. aw actor -

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li ;f EDITOR WATTKI: ?UX'S nnuouncfd tran-fetrmdtnduty! V/a-hinsjtoti.:. p-r-ou-illy! expre-s their thauk to dra Ill...tic porsibihtiea! the work! -- --- -.-. -'- .
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11/1 will b.ue. led Kr.tI :
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""' dent in I'J'M. :h;u deeinrm.iu: i from !1lt""lIlId in a few h.mrs To-otliv Mat.net*. MiIScrkeley --
And there will be nth i I'.UM; I-l-ind.: 111.: Jan. 14. 1UU1.Me lIl .
Maryland. 5 _
graceful : -
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----- ---- ----- lume the son: of an old Coi.ft-d"riite'comrade :jiveii Largest Drol1J.hfto
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Yours ptctfully, J. KIMUM.I.. :' \ II
republican idea of rtcipiccity ito I and run aloha the public; road.r.! ''Mrain, the delightful! voting person
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J"1 ptlectguch arraufiemeiit!: with other can be had for tde small suns of I,) au ollice etublihed! it'JIU co-t 'II he, ap Liu-e whelm greetedth" A Complete Line of School Supplies ;

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f r products into the I'nited Main flee maile.l by Kly: lirotlier., "C: Warren ," allowed: to party dtteidiii: to <'(julii: 'I f th cordial approbation (.f Tablets, Pencils, Pens Penholders, Etc.

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-retl here ht least. Like thmerear: _...., .. 13 dP ._,,_ .. .. I n T.',' .. hu....." .1t r
- -- ----- time. tn.d
ment of for tantiIJu-ill' i'Uliiug u ot.ur IJJctoday "U" ruJ t erstrp. it a u".u.J'
uovalof\ the came halll"'ritt..n by he was going! to ctuntnencegrinding M. Hilliurd & C->'#. \
eluding the command tli.tt a:-e''-nrsgball J. M. Uarrie, the of the
scene play is uext w ek. Uo,,d Florida Freshly Parched Coffee Fresh from
, I value the "*Wf> at it. "full laid in I"c'hw.l.l the peculiar laws: syrup is quite a luxury even to manyof > 1 2 5c

: casb value"tohow that the comptroller regarding maniaee the untry us piney: woods people, as! lOur : tJ ..s:_ our own Roaster, 2 pounds for ,
f.1 hung H ba-N f 'r the brir.ffinsr ttrether ->-
r has no power to require the! homemade mpply jTrnerilly runs: \ :
of thn tllJ is(H" and "LidyUihbie out about in April and we then have I \ PHOTO BUTTONS
I i enforcement of those law-. If not, ," which title* w.'re u**uni'dhvMr. tu do without u-e the ...xet'pntarti'I. !! COMPARE THI WITH YOI'K 'Jo COFFEE. ALL WE ASK! !SYOl'P.

: I who hap? TIe irovmior? Then why ,,,' Horace .Mitchell! and Misl'nuicpa .. put up in can from Louisi i L;;; Copied from any Picture from f 1' HONEST! OPINION.
Steven". "I.arjJlbUII':
'I" bas no governor ever attempted to lord ana. : !:: ac t.1): r'Jit.
i..tllfodllI.htHllf I a I ai.d di-- I regret: to inform the, mjny t'
{ Lrui-e14'grp y JoftUno teller. H(r friend nf Henry Clay Cnbtree hat l;; No. 7 Wttl Intendsncia' St. .i1.( ,

, As lung ao a< I'SU! the ollisi.il: report hf-iiitiftil fai-f ami wayjaptivjii* he 1 i-. a veryick in-in. HH and l l.N ,, _, ......... ,....- ....... ...- -_...- -- "_-- 1',.
in -.I.-t-I --"
of the comptroller!: cviitait.td'i the young mim"ter and a mxmei.t f '
nnily are out at Henry fath-r': ; JAMES McHUGH Proprietor.
uf peril -he force* him to iirknovNed 1 ,
he ha* been
the following; county H\ONf\'I ot >
1 + e. her as hi* wife in this ;'relee! ret!!:-tlatloll-iuce.one. jvi: }. r :PIION'E ::1.03.
Pmprrtytu.una counties w a ac '<' of witne In
H< the :Scottl-l! I ill-a Next month the
.t plumy ivut i>( n> vitlui. \\hil Inotbercuuutie.tb"w.wsnrut mnll gaii will
tllivus all 1! that wit, net' led t,) rontitute TliE 6J
: wan K. low -ureulfcr ; partri'l: ; .n; VtQ'1.lt'ulill:1 C
a iMirria/e.: aii'l the bunt alii I 1 EVrilYJHIXG IX THE illOCKHY LIXI: AT I\\'E"'T I Pltll-!
I ,k twenty per rent ol ilulu.>. any M'vrnii's go oi tiuniy
-cene, where the old mei.iber- the
Aud the Capital <. < that deli I can llii-h our lIr IAOcoveys. Cltitel'! .11iiitU llis
: iy pori -re':;.ition are forced to admit the t I

I : 'the coinptiolltT cuinut know the 1 loyalty: of the I.a"tH'duin- ;. i is a T'n'tuipotitiiip IMHIJ-J !ire vary nf- E LirJ Feed Stuffs of Ell Kinde.Casualty .
.4 ""true value' ur the 'full ra-h value' irriatoiie; ii u.l the ri--;>ective part? tin.1M2 the -till lit-ip run in/'it ;

vl all or of any contdtrable" p..rtiou ir" well !4-u-t.llned. an 1 dayit' cent- a gallon! i. ..IH.i J JIsiiufarturtTV' nt !or Ini.
MiStevens sustain* to p.'rfpctiou t., -tnn'jli'e .. iJ
li-nt i the\ .
of the property of lice :-tut..'." The the ofLady Ui It1li.i ." and pr. ..rier rs.Kiriineauiv {
part I 'IcKiution.im.. Ji 'r- TE Ha! lINf. U f'ii03! j
comptroller'ftattment, certiiinly :ri in'" a cle.ir and tnle! -
ouottd imrei rn.etu N Iruin .Njutii\ i.aroiii... : liii 1 : W1aFyland Company !
i :above, wa made upon the! ba-u ol --.itiuii: IIf the :gr rat J: rriij..d. /: Hl'i'tt.irsere Fiuiiii; lluitle-: U] .>Jt THIS t LIMAFJ : .-:. n

facts a-ot-rtaiu-d at at.. te convet.tiou .- tit: < :and runiM ov'r n, At.inica1. Li ?.b.olii"ly I tromp; rrtKt. T':.. Ll PJ
1'1,,' ce cirritd by the! ooin-
nary atur tue m i'icre oi ;M. Jiutholomew. [; Kinnli-li A ach :or ill }rare the Jrl J-]
of i vrthrrrfnte 0? BiLTILIORS.CAPITAL
tax tts> -"ul nu p my i I.rofu'-I' awl ciat.'iritmaud N ; .
brother) of tb-ti are tnU.I."f'fllIt' ,; i'co-i< imnn
not only authoruutlve but ,!ii- u-ed liherally. Alro/ether.! 11': i I
; ..
herote, Mr. cha B arria, 1\'. ;;: u] teat ; it"> IhH l> t. PJHj
cial. What \\ .i.. tl.rt to pretutthe eight'1,111 mrmt* one of dthjiiifulcii- eepei;*eu: IIIj in I art i ':,. ) ,'ail null pee the 4'tlebtntetl Lef- *flnj I $7 O.QOO.O(

."t comptroller! from t'USd.tlly! : rtto tiri.tiiimeiit.Vihal's. wt I. 1.111 Crdbtrm-r. t.r.mttb.kParnre and totnlli'r.l3 [m
--- --
:\. the I'liiH Hurea mili:; *>a. f.Tiwi' Our rrire-t-'' are the I-meU cur Surplus to Policy-Holder: $1,4 JS,37i3.OG
the the! of
. lOrtiu; :;:'ivr rnur n nut-* Yaur Face V.'orth?
apain; after brit.(: cl' ,,1'.1 I fur leputr- {(R "s <"? IhFlr-t. "uriuyer gfJ
6 Z: .U"eteoN who were tmii a.- -eranu'dto i :Souii'tinies f->rrvie, but u' v. r, if for ri.-ht or tn weeks. tuarantee is- 0.I(> I. Lif : '

, be lial>ituaiiy; \"i<>.I.1tiuthe I.Ltiu ro.i lia\e n -.it! ;' (',.iuu)!lrxioli. a i S'Aet-t pi>tatops are beiti. Irnaslit ji r JOHN! ) T. STONE, P: 3idcnt.Vritl'i' .

[s letttr of the law ? And what! Vi'a, juuuliced l'JlJk, math j .itchv ..ail in frey! ..I'HI'In.. ilne n pjducfd r .'tes fcr the text: -.- --- --- -- ----- --

olotchen the -kill.-ail: !-I-I ot Our eta-- ; f>t (''':ilitd-! K:] Sh
P\I.t CO \ .
.;oj there! tat prevent the <;tiv-rni, up 'n Days.Ile lr the I lit(-a improveil ffrUi..f Accident I'olicie-!
Liver Tiwiible. But I>r. Kiue'New duce thfnst -1:'e .' :r : receiptaf.nh: tUu-i.l 1otlfiall.I+ :., :: Lf" l'ili< give Clearki'i.. and tender and ate tar ai.> u>: .' fell'\' !'!'Ur. U"A '-'rrro I'AYS FKLL IXDKMXnY for e'FKKZJVG. -1'\-ICnRI: !
*"*" "'"'" r.' "' !)i'VxiNU.:: : HYlJlO'HIIILl'HClKIH: in I" .\ 1.1.O1V'I\i .1:.
; from t-U-peitdiii g the &uri:IiIl n-nt olllrials 1 H.-\.' t' !.I-I.+. P'1h (;'omplmx'.mm.cetitatV Catbngt. I CiLn
Otit.v :!.", A.D'Aleinorte'sdrwj WP all 11J end ills ; .i\EaIH1riCstwLen: I : dminitpred bye rnil |>ivin,: u. '
i' in ru'"u1ucrofhisatrnduty reirt tl\ hear of t >j d -atii! ; r:1:
j. yture. Jl! youth I'-ilalcx ...trtd.r.'I of (;"u. Kii,-t Y'IKfoj; twM-\.n\ ..I, ill 1'\y-: ADIITJOX-\L \ J. I'.nXEKnS, if i"jnr -d w'- itm trnv.ln: /
tv "take care that the I.lwbo faitii- l15i.c.: ::rr i r'2. s:2:
trt!'.? Mw'O VC .-l.J COul'T.. ,* 1" \'fl :: a pi-- n'-'er in or u:mn a [pelt he conVf' .U.( J'r"v"e.i!: Jiy: Kl'FAM ELI *
: fully t'xt'cutt'Jls he i-- coir.muiJtd tv.-cial coininuni. .tion nova !lively! rf't.H'nbrjiii'! >.t oi-i Till,1I'I'rrCAL'LI.'mrwlfieridintrii.ar'1 J irnl-rr Mi'fr 1:1.1'j':: 'll llor -

r..: to do by the tate con-iitutim; \ "f L-f-ambu: L "iir-. No. lo i>nlii'; 'lt nratvty ana the tu uiv nr.ille *- illl"'I''t'J HHirf1'lf tl.tr JH'IiXING of f\ lIIt't! U in wi.i*, I't', i iureS
> s5""t.:1i:: i iin .t t'e: pojnin-icMii- of rrHi'; -.r bv y.Xl'rIIIX 'f 1:111: i
.1)11! -
H v C'Mlle itJlurr
The Capital in . lutiiinif that C V' ':,i..t. U"i"-K in l-\.d.- timIew cHinFHiiii illl;7i. W:'.-n e (" "I' KK-, r->-it"nry. Loc-m-ttne. X irini or J'.Ibl.Y I I'I'Ot'T:1N'm hTUA
the coniptrollfi,
. ; *
; 1'oi"N.. Vi-niT I'leihrtt.a al.il otlerof U* r-il: -.,niT ti i 1l.a C"'I-: rj 4; AT THI'J CHAlHiK.
[ Lr J
county board; of ( (iu.iliZ.Uin! ale .. of E-c. t'bij:
lie reiidered "
: : -- invii- t.> Htteml.Rtv ty fii'.flll! P.Y" you wtub P'.Urr1L1s lJi.ao.J.!

.I : equally at fault with the : -.-"--m'- H \ \ G rli!e-: -er\ic---*, bin} to.diy the _\ "iJI..r I 1 W1liS!! PAYall Claim- I'KOMI'ILY.:

'I for undenaluatku.- arr tii.i \V. D'C. K >*i.f K. :r>"ct For furthEr .rttci.1. call addre-s.
-riH. i p u* on or
WM -i-oual fri<-
W. M.J5 ? my p :i.latui
'I' fore beyond the rradif .ate' liciaU. r l1ARDWHRE ] .
T''a" a.m i ttr ( with him.n' +i rJCO.'S. .. ..
P : Hicau-e tine I nt'rr,1'.1! .. I 1TrO"f'"TT" General ." t
ci&"-- \ n iuii:l'e at Tallati'ie! gcn.i .

i the law, does that t xca-e :w.t-! '! ; It. T/"..- ? rrrV1 < d'arii e (Jjijl- uam- tint tern. a 1 J'KSr-Af ..ItLI- LA

1 Aud are not county. IHlltmi--I"I..'" :,! UZffg 3 mil Jj>':i L &; 1'IAr.YVo;. j jSlrlWs
LJC -- --- -- -- --- J 6 1'. S.-A'-o it:-pect- al iu*: arcs MOIL"rid: KL-VATCI-:: *.

. i >ubjtrt violatsju-of to iipei.ioa: "> 11\\;-ial: hvrt-v.j teuovtllor r .-::, .::/.iw.ft, r--'::j *,rt. :
tt. I wi< fn.udle-l f:r several years LI (r.Jt 1'LAli: ( LAS";-; dud In\JrH; : r. :":. -.
the blame .t'-.treth': ulU tl.ere::; ec: :r.J cr sa'.t: rh jrr! pir.p'.e: : : ar.d: with cl 1.1 IIf'i ]ndlealon anti b.rt'- -L tnvniYTHixo rJrJ ,

4l' edy bd applied. caber:: : culir.sc'iio:; trupticns; ; proceed frcrr; "U- dd.lllt.! "Write-. J. (irs...11. of. ba

jJ I Suppose Ill'.I-t'-that: the c,'imtuiioiitr :-. L-ii.ca-t-r. S. H.. So remedy helped r i'ALLY ; n is
huir.ors: either; : inher.ted.; cr acqu-rt; ; : [r1 BEIffi m. l i'1it ihi ll'ome lie
G : of r..uut.b.ul.l Ilie Uiifi I bejii u.ing' KI"Ctrlc IJJ. ,; [rlly I
? # a u-pirf .
I ce
' t;: cri deftiv3 :iZes:.:a ir.d: : ::;- Hit'erwti! t,-ml i ilH tomtuore ?.>..4 ] 1: 1:1'1' I IK
i4 with the afse-"or to practically rt- th.11I all! t'ie: meilK'iues' m I ever' u-ed. furnished hlorliC. Jlflr. tri,
s si.T.i'.bn.To: :: .
-1 lieve the property of the county from I'hey t.ivc :d Uo kept my wife in x [ AT J i \\ir.

i taxation by \alnaunti of one percent ; treat the: erjpr.3; : : v'.h: : cryir.gr.5diir.es ; cellent health t'r 'VFitr'h: {, .1H' rJ H r1 R ,,:' !% wmPaiafoi "ul : : c5'$ Finrh can supply yfJ"

0/ : of the real v.iluethelei f; would: : ; is datig r-s. Electric: J5rtritre. jat;: ;ndiJ for ] riHrST-CLAS-i N tilt i with all Peeled in the wtvi

the comptroller au.t the toxrrnor brjtb.ullyd The: thirj[ ; t l da u t; hslp: the :ys- ;1tOi'mtroubtm.rand tnnh' !Iud 'ill; "I tent or,1 they Or flr are WeillL a'' [a "A HI)WAKE: Cl Street.PenRa'ola. of house mrnishings at the'

in unoriiijc their acton run down \Yl tfltl'. No other medicme ..1 rJK ; lowest prices cfish or
: ten d.schs; : : i t::'F- -_:::;:_. :;,:.j to
ry "111.. ground that they did no: Lei au- can take its pJ.l'H] JE our fJmi.I E :STORE:
-t1 thevliedtointrrfre? t:;:;:: then :it :ig.r.5t: !their: ret:;:a. I ily." Try then. Oa'y uu:. ati-. NIi .. Florida cmF

ti i it>Zbt a.l'f.t' a.i p Ilea :111 :1".t'oC Illr! ; Hoo.IV S-xr-:\r..rilU! urr;:ia''r.ty! rl.f'd J. ficlhn: sf'iarutitetd by W. A.SCHOOL AND j

t 0. limes.I"rItI ukm,11..t: ...-. nill. from wLn.btc \ldlbH tt'. r ) 'Mobile Oysters
- the itf property for tax- J LOTS [ ij a aIm CO.
' bal "UjVrtfJ for +njc t.jie; and Mi-* SfPPLIKS I [ j

tJOIr. at niiwiyprrl'Uur at twenty Aivinallber.ltusL't..Ucoa.Wk.! : tl MUI- -- IiKIIVERKinn A\Y II

::! per cent of ill" real lalueand: the rlrs ou her fi'-p and lad al'! rhafrd skin on \t C. Y. llininitMHi'ii Xo. 11 South [j OF ] PART OK THE ( ITY.THE ,

'ttnLrI.'uer3certifytothee..rrectL Lrr bt'.11. by tart; sbe hal lm-n creallytroub'.nl. l
Pala. '::1, : OTHI.: J rXXE r UZT.: :
There are tin r? t.tnlOni..I.! in and Ural-ra, la-
nt'.. ihertH.f, ju* (ran stated the >onu
by n..icf.- > standard lined ''
f.vor if this crtit mic.n tLoCl can b. ( =tat 1 [
i rui ptn>llrr i in lti'It t..!ili.:.....!.. :"nry we harmin: tiut, with envelopes THIXGo; sJi UNIOS: RESTAURANT, Chinese and Japanese

; fur ran it be con t'd.t that the \lJtI'ch : i V "
J Kesri's SzrssPrc ]:-yilCry ulH 'rL I ? .
l'11IDrtwllt'r I i" justified la oe rafylur : pnril:: HunrsHHU'liiiil.: I. Frank L. Wilde, Fancy Goods

th.. N't'.I'1'" lk lUk ::1.. "rx IInllu.S :::::?:s to cared I i-:=:s the ;:::::1- I. ,..1iArt :'t"I"-r, i i I If yon .r" a judsre of file vehicle; Pro;>r.Lnr:: O; peie i Union Depot.Fotey's .

:iSm) fotuil 1 to br correci," a* a preJriphjie f"r"I '1 'La II, l, t... ': Haitian. 4 Co. cm KOW you ,1 new- FINS CHI:;'A TEAS.ilSon'ii .

: to the i-iiiuce of a wag ice.tJa: I br.ger: pet elf trev..T.er.t. ArtitMattrul.. 0(11'.. SupAil -tyle stitihnpe: with roller wheel
j t B.:1 t. : pll..... llemoriuuum ll. i.- Ec and Honty tl.ld Tar :>iI, : I'al."o'l
: new and brtg.L: :; other convenience. i cures colJs, prsvrats pnc'jm Jrb. Landry! Oice. Pa-.t, F'N a

I Is


.. ,- -, .. -? '''- -"" .. --

-: .._.-''-' '... ''' --w- .. "' < '- '
!' .. <" .. ,_'-'' r _._ ;?
.- ._ ,_., "
> .. f .,, .,.
., v>5fa ;9.;<....t..,_. :. ." ; -7. ,I

P, i t
> e


::= :E. H. F FAIECBILD T I Ivvn -LOCAL ( 'I j jHOII I ... ..-,._..."""'"' ...-"-' .' _c.. --.'.'._- -,.._.- ".", -I ;:: i I.

JUSTEX ER JiEOIS {nOTES uSF OF STEAM K1g11 Art 1n ;;;;;:="

ROMAN STREET. I ? i ID)}! o ; ; .lj
$g EAST tJ {
._ ga; :
fijj f-
cwt ft'0* and R'fifitShlRy&ffl'ffi aSFeri Xo-viJ Jnrmuli.r ftma-'ola and riii'tu'fy: l j \ :

IfMullet/. I II I f fair riViailt tu-ktyht; minimum. Majniuum a .d in Jr"I..rlOYi/iuf I "'p'rflt"I"trl.y.I'iuurf.liykt. .11.nrthtutt-. ;'J I idrgrtti !! -- : lSe e Decoration) : (ijj: FURNITURE 1 E i : ; ;: .r]t

i The question: of introducing; !steamin
I The steamship Winifred sailed! today j (C) .f.fly I I
-F- the load i is slid AXIl
;;:. with a itenerul caigo lor New j bay to car; oe* I i.. il.'Jl Kant Garden Sirert.PflBIiORS.. :: J !
-- --,--- York via Fort Tampa. have b-en practically !settled last i i I
--- -- '--- i
nuht, when the report of the committee I : IvOVELTIES: : $ e-- FOR -' : j j!
The export fur tnis! month lavelalready i HEADQUARTERS \
was read and accepted by r ri.: e.

::1'i mirk and pad the outlouk the, is i:halt very million fuvorThe 1;. A. No. 1.in special m..eting. The I I i II"[:i Things: Useful. O..rfor IWatttogs Stair Garpetand Rags.THE .

i4l.1ie. meeting was largely attended; in ,
steamship! Hatn.ah! )!. Hell i h fact it was stated that it was the I '.il\. :: ... ll..1..1 u..l.ll 11",1 Ul.i: d.-.'-- \. .< '- .... LAKCiEST ASSORTMENT: IX i 1

'I!,, expected to-djy. :,L*: will loud i largest meeting held in a long: time. I THE ('IT1'(1 SKI.UT FROM..,.. \i I'
!..:*!-{.'nate lock and general cjrjjoiJor I It !i.; stated the committee !'uLmit-1 The Diiiinrr! r.oo,:..,
I i-. ..Manchester.There ted the report and recommendedthat I .g

I.i' wi.I be a cill-d meetlrof! ; the request of the merchants: : be I .Pfvlrp'. .. vt. ."iLL(' Bed] ----' (V.i- ...'". Our Fall Stock- $' SEventy-Two nails*, ; : :
the Dauginus of 11.1"! Kins at the .
: granted and that the same rules andffjul.ltirU
resident ht Mr,.. ttobcrts 4 u'c1ticAtoI11urluW ; j '
at ; 'fit
I! :; in force elsewhere bej i to ) ( :
: : bllcIUooll.Tb accepted. 'i : very fir*t day of bui- i. : >H.ARRln.1I ISXOW 10 TO 4icYARD. [ 1'.:It tllj : 1
0)1: s-teamsliip Cairik ha; finUhtJ ( The original committee consisted j i PROMthis tore ha* constantlym .. ON I SALE. A. .-:.. ; ,
r : di. tail III'! l>r tarjrn of ;>yrtie of eleven member?, but such favor-1 f a I.Q I.. at Cu11Uu.lbdauClt tthiitl mijilan ble expreion: toward accepting the i, m stock tho-n artieln* which appeal (; CALL AND SEE US.! O-TROUBLE T-O- SHOW GOODS. l !J .1
i'Ole t*> Jilubuv to load.1'iv.f. was heard that an IHHltiom to the rind taste, re fine iiient and
; power '
J Omry's famous fine: net ..f llineIHmh..r, ? were: iN< that quality which bear the
Q [ j puuy.how. i i- with m to-diylt.d. "'1.1 Tne duties of making this committee tw'-uty will in be imprint <>f txclui"PIlt'i"l.Arti..lic -,:,' -21 and 23 E. Garden Stzrifr & i '
f.\\ "
8IflTED: I' I .110' ou \Ve-t ti.trdfMtre t .c.\t': viLoiilJ ;/-
c (
l t I j .. ., a re l1"UU of the byLwby mak- tl'rlll"II'I.HP seldom ,,1' .d'u
UIt' witt 111I Ui -
: +.q'ttl 1'.C.lJm"int ,, i
linked! with for .
i I, I II1 : :. in=-:, UN: .T.atflMJXaw f:+f:*:* ; .':' ';' i
oj'j wtiiv-h will apply to t-teain powrr. !
A larjre fore" ..C men are at caulk The c'-i.lmittee will r-p 'tt lit the | Policywhich

'j I1 I1f : in tiie: 1-:a-acul t It\j jant buildm. utxt l leuular meeting uf the a-ocia- -. .-.--. ...........--.--.--.---- -. .. .. ....., 'r.---. ,. .. .. .. .. .. :
..' ,> { '. I
: ; I this tore l. ". t. : <. '> ; .f'.,.! _. ;.. :"
popularized '
: >
:; :ah tighterevral! uf which ti \u. ; <.-"_........".....'---> -" -J -- -- ,-- : ;-OJ" --> .-
al. imw tiui-iitd and leuJy for It would *eem from the defined I; a* the tiadinpl.tce[ for the peopleha !tt .. ---"t R.OJ Ic I
B \ On n bem determination to serve ,
launching.Anii dude; of the comn1 ttn'. that of' M
rnl amending the by-laws to cover them with! a cla?* .f merclnndi-e ;: -a+;THIS TTnE""lr' $ .: l \ :
!;,; the :attraction; C.r lItxt' at'ove the
lrlluU. team u-, tli it the! new power is no way
fl week *i the opr.i hour air Uu-h ud HUiltlN TKU'E.The f
longer attt-f of but
a l1 ; conjecture an
thr ;'h, iV. --11111-
on Kc.y
[ i
I.'I I. a--u'-ed' fact. The hours will be i ( i1
the'JlMi! ; aa4 'ioau\\s of I'
non on ; tia- Result
: fij
regtllatedalsod lid from! all points
'I f -,:'j :arr: \.11 tae 21-t. I of view tile fillt'.tioll1t'111'3 to be' 1r" P.i' JR .1T I" iS ,' I

AKD ,\1 I i1 It !* now !" lid to I IIP cerfiin that I; settled./ rebounded succf-", due to .1 c. s ttt IGdi .. .+. ; I
II the North: Atlintic c-'quairon: will Various! eKrrei.'na of approval I the keen in"iht: of a buyer who (
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:! its winter ciin-e, !lmt the 1.1:1- clay!; and it would eetn that when and the be>t way to .htaiii! them- o-\T--o ':. .
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Worn . 'I I \Vi.ilt-ylMvii!! ;; retuniiufit! >niCiIilciin.i lit ;taken at-h'the. 'next 1 his meeting.:1tentituandrely iiIi'll vote! will I Cut Glass j I r r'' i;:J 1 tf

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; told of the biymen's ctinn, aid : : of beautiful and ititrh'a:* cuttingthe r '
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I uud > [> M. resultjto the poll's a ittntte.: : Ju-t artnan-j are abuudautly ;t ; I If
Mack < el I At0) o'clock: this innming a ,, think of it-K-r.sacoIa< is the only .-ho! ,,'ti li;-ru. ; '
V l piiiail tram" hog e on L I-t li.nueutr ;port of any con-KjUeuce tint! di.es f; :' 3 PACKET STORE 'LY f ; 1 : f'
I et Wai di-CtI\! t-fttllJ be hurling; I II i I not load IN vessel by 'team. Oil ':Sterling Silver f
::1, and .1 hurry tall: was sent for the d..- both the Gulf and ..Atlantic: coista I I jklyl'z 1 ) ',". "l. 1 !
I Piirtiiifnt which! re-ponded quickly power has been u-td fur many years: '' in everything; n-efnl and i I
AT and ..xtlU.ui-.IH"\\ the H. nie.. '1 lie jitd it i is a great furpri to me that rvicedblp patterned and wrought i''l t f I
'i' h.iii-H Maoccupied hy ne r"ttlill: Pensacola has so loiiy; ; retained the 1 1! fit a fn-hiuu that will retain Itsbeauty r t Domestic Department. I j i ; \ .
11 uttered itiiiaattriai"A .lIIl.4't', honors us being the banner pitch fur generations to come. I
tl pine port. You a-k me what I think f; J IfO) Pieces Indigo Hlue (limes to !goat 10 :rHI.Jdor..1.c, l j I
Stranger In u rtrangP Land"i of the! possibility of more shipping I Finest Chinain ; IT) PieceOutin;? Flannels, in Ch'rksuluf Ktripn, only .. .. 5c f
: i< a !">:ory of a youni; IliiKli-lnii.ni: { [and I tell you candidly that I think ";5 Piece Drew (.linirSiains, formerly. sold at H and !0e yard. 5c I t ,1
SOL tl i: who being sent America. in the I the prospects good for a doubly iiicreaed dinner pet;: and other! sets f.tj ,.:
: hupe-9 that a abroad might settle ]' '
trip value of bn'iue-s. My firm, of equal desirablentf* and utility. "
linn, returns ht>me and laiiuches;; iii- which i is composed wholly of citizens I I Dainty and delightfully touched by : Dress Goods Department. .,

flif to au oc .m 4.f Ivinir with a view ofdecfcivmg !II will loud all their ve""eU here, : master; hand 11., 2"> Pieces All-Wool Ladies' Cloth, M inches wide, only..li'o yard ;.
his relative* a< to his cnn t
whereas under the present conditions 1 2PiecesAll-Wool Ladies' i
'I' f Cloth.fti invhei widn, only.-lye yard 1 :
duct abrocid. 1 ht- play i Ii' luii-'hahle i Trade Here
they are loaded at other
ports ; /?I 251'ircec AlMYool Uroadcloth:: the best value in Pen-t- 1 i
all (hiwny iliruii?h. It will appear: by !'team."Another. !c ('OIlCor-. ..... .. ... . . . . tl yard j 1 .
htae l'hutsday:" IIIHllt. good point to remember. You J gpt the heat at prices I l.a 10 Pieces All-1VOt+l French Flannel*, in :0,1'o"f"\ / aud i I

CAHN --- --- Ii :NASHvu.LI. TF.XX June 12, lta; : steam machinery to load with. The .
: 1 i.? 1UPieeesiitl' -11'outFranehFtluuela* ln'. O. .Mi-KKKTr: .wt. Loiii<< ". :Mo. m-i: .tersof vessels are allowed a certain -- -- tripes at...... . .. .. .... ..... ..... .. .. . . ...80c yard f. i
I can truly :;ay that your TEKTHINA ) amount for the aye of this ina'chiiiery. 1 '. 1 I
I s I-* the! trreat*t blf-sinsj tote.-tniiiK Now, i-u'tit; natural that Ben Gerson. I--i; ,t.
.I i children that th.. world ha* everLuown. 'thee master would rather taketheir k< I i I have ti"ed it two t
vessels to a port where they 1 I
& Co's.P1CJNE and .1!,> not like to be without a box 'c-iu derive a benefit: than to a port j' -- -- 1 j Just Received 1 KaiidsoniH-t Linn of Tailor-made Nuiu ever 4
';,1': ell th! .. time. Jly hlbHlld hardlyb where the donkeys cannot be used? uu, ,'\l'J, :fe{| shown in Pen-ucoia at Prices that Defy Competition

,! :.ve lived! through; his !econdum- ,(i! Sure; that cannot be denied. And p: |I i Phone 183. ,:|:'i I )= P La-lit-: Hf-adv-nad FKirt* in Cl.th1,1 Bilk, in lrt'at'Mitly., :
::1 nc-r if 1 had I not u-ed your powder. those captains will!!, naturally, do all I >,! t fro'n Jl 151)l to $i'f: H* Sure to J n-i'fct tluse Goods|
He i I': nowtrun and well, and has..they c m to keep from cominirto : Pia
\ 78. I: < 'Z'J""J"I
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.111'1"! tent ti I never allow an ">{1'- IVn-acol if the present method 5 i" I I II

___. .- __ ____.__ 1- 'or'. unity to l'a"'s wjtiiout!. rH' \1I1-. letuined.i !I iQOJ For .."..... I I 3 ?en's and Hoys' Clothing Department."I rtj : i
-- if -t.'lu.:;! TKRTHIXA: to mother-! The iertleman: fiirMier aid: that I
@ '-. 1LiyG.'I rewaul: you for the! ir.iod{ he was :i loyal citizfii :and wou'd' ;I. NowPreserves o '. -': ".III 7"i litIY' ]!:"r" Puit*. all :-iI.O". tli.. f"-ct i'i tnwn,. .:':'">c pair I II
-r J_ )w) t.avo ilonw teething bibie.tSrua ,,,, I 03 I, : :2'lJli .:ell JioV-1. KI.e.> Plit. ill ('llH, ji>ts Uld Scotch
you !ii: tIN! ren.edy.ll like to sue the citv grow, and the .2 j i o t;.1 I'hr-'k*, itt . . . . . .. . . . . . .:.1)1.() pair f'
: citizenhave the "" ns. hat
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aI ( '1hr.! 1'14'1' KUM-.. fi..ii . . .., .
"'S"' Ptf'illv, I II"..;> ..I-aco.t shakes off -om pf Jams I ;..1 1h.v-'n! $1 I to $:( II suit 4.Is
'tll.s.: A. (5. fl1 ::LL. i 1 i I 1 I ; ir"Uir: Mt'ck: of (;I'ut'" Karni-liiiii 4io'4 is CompletH invt. j
K. WHITE, I h-r antiquated way; ?he will! f +revrrand : c: Olives Wei I I.:. .. .1"II'lrllll"ut. r',
eterti.illy remain iu the ret: anda iU i I I:1
I \\'t. wii; I:'Uf.dr your spread* for deep one at that. Butter i iI
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I I Grape- 0. ui :.ill.. ly I H
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14- f t .t I'rrtirglz. I 15. with my coat nil and camrht: thiswrt'tellt'd ', Vitos t 0+ I : ; C'tn -' ow the !hj"lS: "ml..t lllir fjrte Una of !I''.. I'. KetA| ; (J.i..fid I.
1lil :;; 95"..S25252.52j.5: ; 2.. cold," -.Ith" inirfrer.i *& 1 j':1, i ::, of lre-s li'it', J{"..idvtoriir \ iiii''n Kr.mWe havoSli '
!I Ior ''1 rJ'I. : i need not pay a IKMVV penalty IIhe : \Vheat"d? Hatin Pen-.tcol.i. 1''a will : .,e, to titeryboily, acd '
11,1' 1\ -I\l C'1I al .. < : to
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IIl\I.TH..1: I: follow! hip act of folly with au act B Biscuit $ P" I }"I dwell t<. visit our Millinery:: tit "\j' pwlt i hI.,. l..t us try j'Depart
.:] ,. _. I ,' I 1.1. of vri-dom. ro'Ik the: feet in hot e I1' ,
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final a I II Il '1 water with few tf'1*pI1.fiJl <>f !'" r- ;.c.... Call i oPalafox : : I 1.
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.nen-I) l r 1 c.S on "t
\ :J"pJ'h I .1. ..' ...MP'j .'.By Itt>:poonful uf rain-Kill.r\ in !ho z
.. .>r.*c.' ,ti'!,.'r.*,.h".V path( *you iu !I, ,J- !': wetened w..terlt: ln.d tim aid betlnllkfl,1 .6 ': ::i I[ m! f REEUMVlverythil'r ; 'iI 8 6011(1(K( ,Qlnr.r S 1.I
: rj for -oiulplr u"t-p..t'tly away I & | Pat fflcBagh ;
Dr..in :El'Jeren. to hrp.ik '1a ('01i I. Tr.frn i< : .1. : 1 ; : td

M"1. ',."'dermatic.. :'.1 iiuc xctnafntedt ;..p,: (:and hl.1)I 'Piano: PiaYBILJ t[1S but Gnul'ain-CUhr! PrlryDavia'. I I'., ;.c r.' I ) sndPom na Sts. *. 0 l-.J I: 2' : : ; : l j I

IMXCV tlmsu: .:. Q '- --
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I ': i,. .. 1'er.: from l ] SI.tPlV PERfECT. :'I1.'InlUm. : : .'.MIMrs. -"',,- .''" I : i" focen-'s or feed Cleanhrr 1IIIIi1 skirts sad wait':! ji i
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