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ft'/-n: I weaher c'oiaa would te snscep- :..iorj' Ilt nlC'Jlo. Las; gone }"I'I; I. tIhaf For Infants and Childrel. : "alll ";.!.. a .mrrl\. ... /"oJlo..11I. 1.,1' \IlfPIII Y.en a to :
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RaJ.EDYI is the ideal medi =tl1tPd but take D" I FLORIDA I Ij i j iou" .. .. .... Argyi. ___ .. j"*1 2:31 ,. r.
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f"D 11IPPMAN'S i.'''' 4:7' .. .Ponrtl d. L 'un. ... j; 4 1: I "
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t1I'11.; TL' !i\.r "d F. M. WILLIAMS .. ..
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; H. Earl Gardner of Chiplf'Y h r "!Jut not the kind! of glass wefurmsrly I
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I.- J';i H. HUt-lriuof Indillnapoli'1. Ind.. i elltlrl'ly. In Its 1'1:1.'I' we hate baIt a :I We Have the Largest Stock Ever Brought

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,. ,-\ I rculf'mberlhe full name of the Company light; for the' other hllt. tlACOLA.STEAMSHIPS.: ,

_. printed on the front of every rack age. The bureau of thp board, oft .
: 1'hpelu-ingcohrttt of tl.04 se: son : i @.<3 .Fox River Butter a BpecialtY.j a '!'F
will b" .PII 1st 11uu..ir. Itlntt'Thurd I CALIFORNIA FIG SYRUP CO. Il'ItUII! III Nt I"Ynrk pIty bas beau ', 1m'tsd. lIulcli. Panlor ild $heids! 1rptIi
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Concert II Ilifi.Ir. LOCIVILLE KY NEW YORK, N. Y. the use of H.sIJ'N.! It has 1J''l'1I 11"1'.1 Sorsldhttldssrnt It : .J> ..
!ei1tnnBr.IdTenentre.stptisJ : J. C (irerli r Old Stand
) ... Martin lI UItIV\1l and Fereelo 11.al: Drugitsprice! SIJ:. per bottle.11APPENINGS In tuany or the I"'W 1'11.t ull"ln:::r unu,1 I. eii w rat ttl\rUt'pnol erpt 11Huth .

dau.rh.is! rdurlll"d y..t..rll.1y from to a 'I'rtnln t'Xtl'lIt. It 1:01 l'I'I".tllllyI.tlll fur. bId Berry :Sept I' 1: Our otto-Full Weight Quick Delivery.4 :

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I which would he hl"t1rirj.ntl! lighted '
Fri* ;. 1-1.; left last Alhprps. 1 I.;N'. si 11 Genoa Sept SArenuua
uignt t..r Blrllliu/I''uJI./ where l1e otherwise are rondo satisfactory I'r !its ="or. VII,!lId Port I-1.zaJp.tlt Au;

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will ft. VI.im lit n few dayiClttrnliau.trf -. RILLS OF ,JUSTICE eurruate.I or ribbed liars carious Autratlnor. .h..non'. sid Antwerp -

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14. A. (1t) .wilt!
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will lr.tV.tu.uinrrnw f'lr Mexico. I d tI.1' loll; buildings 1I0W under cons '

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Snr-1 1. III Table Hoty July ::, n
('o-uJi.I. will: ;?! n by rdll. who were convicted at the ILtttem ; tbt ,'on-tru\'t ot rootn-t tfgr.tt.r Edna-1'tui.tt ruse.. sW! urttll"ck1'; :Illillla --:.

Revs I'. J ii WLalc'y .tn.1 1 Capt.Vmn.Ilay 'If the criminal court and they are .lo.ph. finny stores III Br"'lI- ..M: ur.llp.'I..o1I'.t narltepuol tutfrvoivin t

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.Fr."t" I''', :o.I r.! \\'IHH! y 1-t': trto attend elute tlll'-! plate ::!:IS;; show tviusnw l'ullh..JIII.ur.. old HrtUl-I. AUl a r'rv
ag""t "f state: convictler. 1'00:1. lt. rid Trlo'tUII; :".
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Fine: be.n made that tJiffu".l anti rubber Iro
IJrlkill an t entESigh.; .six Ir"'e .leV; a bl'aatj't I M n-,
I 1l.t: will kll 11' quickly ns tLedirs. J. )1. Hilliard & (;0)'".
--- !south ; \\'ill11"11.. Irralht f.Iceus. germs .-., i -<:
rH ',' ;u T That; Ci4CUlT. two yetrs ; LouisVtutr. rtwl t larceny. : -. t ntye of the sun.Tht I 1 1 tr -
nlte yr.tr ; \\'. T. '1 htrmtat'b. :lriI'l! tits of glass: of this sort are !, I tT EMS OF t IERST..

1', .. ntty wcr.hl: a m:1.: tJiilliu;? l'r"I'tlt IIIH"'r false. rrt.. !steniiily lwn'Ilu!: In J11l1ulll'r and dtcrrning -- ., I tip
Intp-'j.j! T.'tI: pi:1Iwrl' 1':1': t _
t..I1.IOUII yrat1; !. Juh-op. broak'hi In 'o.t. It can now I" had : ; rT1 p' Irr
:_" 1:1: I.!\\1. : .1.1110 pound; of cotton III ?!anil. : .- ,- \1 '
foal _, I ii- shpl'd
;{ t-hit-rlll '-It r. -
ye w itIs 'orru:1tlnn' nu one pr bath !s:.des.wtt ,-.. -
t I I. hy .\It'mln. Las: 1o..rn..1 Ihat II"U" of the abu\ .!. 1p ---
Htrl'r'nt sorts of ClIII'S' 1iurt-s. tt -
: '\'. IIf'lI and riib.sl In different ways.New :-nrar exists to.t only !In tlw' n: '- 1 t !
I 1:1: r. has: 1"11 semi: l lane -I\\11 sf IH.tIt are from : bt't root amid maple' Gut i1 tae II\I\ ,..fII..j -.. r I
York T :
O".H'V' t. two frost \,1Jjuu! and Ii 1i ) tl -.--
cue r1Lrne.
d.: I 11..t! \l. Il' sl 1 lUll. and tress.Ti r "r ,'. I
froLl \'ir'"..,,.;.,.. other plant:; I raU
\ ",,'. 2J/it: SI''IIS t i III' ''. .. .. .
.1 I'ucr .rlt.hl..b 'I'nlltlillln": I t Mormons are purhln! ; a.1:1.' : ; I '-

.1'! _: :'t rt. to s ly tllt: Itut. i'')-day: ',. 'ei'.illl "f the police 1'11. IlIsl'rtron! of 11ln'l.Ittl: ,' words in PrupaCaa.I ill Ibe n.l'u oah'. 1."

',, I '. : ill.. 11:1till' al"I' ,.Dort netted a I'P\'HlUl' d 11\1:). tI.H" :;i 10:11: 1:1.-td I.r w I:_:rta, min -/11. '. mjulr; is'ng. ; ; Ilt \\'nrk.J'tlokIYI1 I --c:2:

., .. .... a lint d.Ii 1':1"0'I. having h..n the 11I111011' IIf .hIar: lOt.w"'lh --
I : :; tW"I.ly cases on ltini'. IW'lIlt: Irtl't'! :gis ;:.1.(1110 tonTLe .

..... "CkH.'foral "I the lIlItIlllHSWI'I !. tl> many state and I...rritorlo"I'f suin.rstrntture alone "C the ;;rl'lt, ........ -..- .....

v r.1 III :Ld! .Toc> l':1trh,1wm rare; di-cll.trged.i 11.,. I 'nicn;' 1'lan 1 \ttorr.y Ien-; Turtle Lridiz \\ 'lhs1.1.."' tuns. ,4 --

'11 !III' I:. brio ,1'1.) fair till' whit "f (''orinntltoach. a whit lii.a111,111. :.. 1'.11 1':1) hr. I \I'/lI1 lloII.tl'r.. 'If .1:11 urlu; for
"Tlt. l l.lII I rifer II)." 1'ontiIIIf'.1! 'ir. .
.-. ; scud! I loot.tI'r
n" kept a hOIl" IIf ill-r.-put. IInt In'al: dtlhory are scut to : --

j t't I.. I :. r than .n i 11:1"1'1',0--, \\',,- Z.trr.t:!... .1 ..trl'o-t and 11,1111111t> TIt.r.1':1': ; ; IIrlII:111) drawn ru as t'l' Irti"l' frulII the Chicago !pn"toihieret rq tr
Jrl. l EllIallInr.: ..I .'I't Ih.. ..t:1b: l't' .\iLalsa8: III 1':1:11IIn !: :
I ,I'.. ', : ; ;. AIt.II'al I:. :\hl'! } CaptainViRe try ItIllmli. I
c"hllICr..J a raid nn the lioue 1..I"ttlit.t : ; 1' :\wl': lands within Its burdrs, I I:1 Piss 'au.Ian'I'rnn'llt: ; hI'I d 'rd-: .
; IIIil the rroprietrewds asted I.t: .pkk Iv itrl..l hl\'JI.I..r If tin' unlathel.nlymast .
t t. '. :: '7' r!n by hires t. is.I i (.'1 to 1111l'ontructt..1 at unlit four I
Paitgti ; ?1:, I h. 1"hr.l woman WJ t:"' : I,'::- ikrlyl7utnI ;
'.1 : : :10,1 was bt"uhtI : \'ry 1:11':1'; passt'nrrand, ; : freight: If you are sick it will
: ::1;n''' ; tined F,. After the I It Each: Wul'1 Inha.IIII.j" .:::! .:iutrr1Ii' ,hated. ill the !l1mI', lit 101":11.1'1 '
:I ,. :..,11:, '''HIIII-t might anti wd err tn inn 1:1'\\\1'1':1 QtII'I" or '
.1"I mill m I'"wI.IJIi'1t.! 1111' \\HI'II. :11,1 tl'! make you well.
..... ; c.1.' :: 1i: 1 1"ldu:::. I,; ;. I ,'!'I,.>4' rfol..a""c1. ..h" etuHutD. 1 t.1 lunar ,.I::I'r 1:111' : j'.t after the tt I'II "..1rkaaTI lUll 1Jterp'xd and sate 7I:= mills; 1)I I
.. around public Irt'.tlAud was the \iw- York roil' an&j 31J 1'Jllr" fni cii
) very
I" win:
that u
n'c: : I" r In.'h" entered :is h bw It 11:1(11"11".1( thaI If you are well it will
nun "run a plea bus.
: r'aiu' : '.. d.1st .
nIl tt! lauds thr"I1IIII1.t the .
: ;
i Ilf guilty t'llt chdrgt of I.it..riu, this 1-\\m:1
; I :. i'p''u: ,!4'r.f C'hl' bat morning; and was forced tn 1':1-; in t'il1t".1 ;:ltl'I'n' 1lall'1. 1'11':111 I andttirnil In Now Jersey there 'lie two match keep you so.

. ., ;j'I 'I.; .r last }\:11': J'o.r.1 an IllMililln'll $:'::'.. nukl1\:: ill all Hi) m..r III th' r""I'I'I'llr\ !'taft.s.Th" t1'torlt'tf with a ttph'lt: t'JIf'llwr oftarsr

, t :.: t, ::'I I' lit lIan'III ...I. she will have to pay: IIItf the city ... 1:1l1 i:" had WI l'l'I'itl'ahll'' it I ,1,10 tII\tI'1t' a .1:1:. Till largest: The nobinson Bath Cabinet

\I..':' :. 1:. .I. :: ::!I ,. 1\ 111'.11I,1'. ii treasury btforerllr" call b. rtleal.'d. Il.lIt tit"t. h\t rslt: 't HI'II.! tI.l'ollh; ,, '.- i factory In tLeountry. It larIH'rt"n.

,. tllll :m :; ,'1' in lIarlll,1' II. :: "". 111'1111; t"IIIt': dralnuge; glary hate ;grnun itihr 0.. ('JlIl turn out lINl'O.fIl.M'' lI1ltl'lI'S: n / I H valui\b14 for .
f A crowd ofmall LP. .e\lntb or the entire eploci'llly treating,;
111':1'; bays days probably olll'
l'y )teal ;a 1 :1-1.'r. inn, Little 1.111'. Iy w"rtlIIt"lo! } tnillivui.lndialuIopis I very wur"t Ci.er! IIf Hht'umatl. lf .
I to make the air !blue with
Minstar h''..' !Kali unearthly .J..urllal. tun.umptkn.:: cab'h. C\ld+. Catarrh AqlllIUIi, I. .
\ : noise last Ili.rht: immpdhll'lv I Livery man woman and child: In the f fI) and other/ fevers ( .', '
t. .' lrl'rSUi. t'i, : \. Itaol'h't "II! rh'1'1i : after the -h'lw wai Out and ('outinu'- grippeTyphnid .
Tbp lIol'IIIlIhll"t'u" Unltttl states last ('ont'ul1l1'll 4bushrls \' _j 1CP.tioll Kidney Livers $kin 1
rids r' a (111 :II..t:: only 1111, b. nl. I"Irr Pd in their amuse Iluunt'r until they I year / al
I'01 1 III nut "II-III"IIIII. but rhr gets lreachedtime corner If OlVl'rllUleut ".\ rumpitp' t..l'1..tlJlI of the hllpln.phOIl"II" '' of \\'I\I'3t and \\'ll1'lIt Hoar and A'- Bjod! Disedtes. Obll ltv and !btomaltr' : .

I/ the luxury and ,I....s It "KI'). i :and Tarrt got't a'reets, wh..n they or al'r t'IIIII1.1 tiger." rays'tlw to 1101JI1II ot coffee and a pound ot tea Troubles ; H.othfj04 tlill Serves, Hl"lIz""
1'.It-.ur, t'timmnerciill 1 nn/wtll'. I 1'hl' l'UnuUll'tiulI uf lI'pl"1'1I and fickn' no disease resist the ofheat.
l'i"\.tllI I ht'il. !'2hon.'oftlit' i WMrR terribly 8urpn-ed to tied O icertnith pH capita circulation prpYf'nt'l ,1\1 can power

1 0<1111t.1)'" .' _, !p....11I1".1". Ilt. ha. tarn I $ in their mid=t. A ynlckeperatiuttwa8 1:1": Insn unearthed lIy th.' C':1rr"'jI.. was; 1'lstm..1 spirits! l.i ;gallons; It Rives a Beautiful Complexi'
I then i:1 order, hut III..tttfl'l.'I.! .) Inrty, In tit r""i/ bed: malt tqu'lr: 11.01 ;;:tI1..n'l. 1\.1111 wiuss.
I.I I ir .. .I I' 1..I-t \I..w f/lrlll mud will I Ioi For sale at Thompson's Book Store
lone boy llalUl'd Jllhnni Harris wasIeeuA'htafter .trn"l.a, awl wall! me 1II..lwII.,1 111tll' ..&., alloll.Rpad .
I' l.r..lIs'!; 11'.r :1:111I; : IN' prlp.lrtl 1 for d1taud he I
a .nult
I : theI
I'anll';;( lnnv'eut. It wi:1 fir'
a UI'\ ws8 tined $i tod.1The tieclsred J. W. CN51
mayor: -
-- I Iml- rn8'!n.tn of this! 111'1'1011'11"111'1 ,'wrrh.1 the IId\'prtbpment orlh
this m"C1IU; that this dl=- .xhi.Illnll: ahd wlII":I ,. iuialtiahtr New Orleans It will
II. \ ',.an't a steal Cronl. I turbauce would have to cea..p' and "n all Grocery. pay General Agent.

!'i "Wh i. :.'t U1lI.'r 011 II,.. huts thtanwrldugs' said he would puui..h an ....verely IIthlioll: 10 the 1'lI'allalclllltlJ1" you.

\ who were convicted or dl-turlJinjot :I':11 ((ill.,.ton.: Tits h..pl"lIICII"IH( -.- -

,'> .'B.) ... ... .aethaUhg: : dlilo;: msrt the rub i : Peace in this i manner.li'th Was 8 l.r'hl"llIr'l'. 1'llmal that; inhabited i

rhrl" I, -- the territory now f"rmiu;; tLt t&ternslept' :

. '\\.11. I --v ..'1.' tllIlI:. ItllllL..rj W.l'1hinton.. who :; wifely, flf the IfJ'kr: mountln! "r..I'I11. Ithas E. BRA,VN I R'St
'r .F.
j w l 1.\.1' .. .. anything {10 It e doneei and cursed the l"llic" Kot ill a fight about the SZ"! lit the! Ie'ugtt:: t.r!
everything: l1utnan '
rn I" :; I" t! 11.18t' rillte.{ curial, .n- p.8.turday ) and "'.1111'\\ hat r"1lILI,1 tLI' ti.tln: ; ,
i : afternoon. Far thl'pn' Iud
, It, g. ,.' :J., r I "j.:. Lbl.. fH.1II guru; the I cnn'lict h. war: 'is.t'.t s;'J N..I.\ n'pn''I'lItatl cs or tale family: : :'

1''',. .. : \. and a ills pt'th.pwork f'Jf tl.e!

I n __ fur tI.e next :, city -lor81 t'r.oL..
\n inCe.tour ,clu.uu'. A new 1l"llartun' !In gar'lcnia.' is cum' ,

n" : : ':. .1..1 hard III malt it (;ha-. YIIUJl tlr..w a r.'ak :It nn inz Into "UI1I'; 111'. rather a 'ery ulll

: .t t 'I. r?..j.I..1\ \\h :I Ii..; 1)1.III1.n y -t..r.1 ty eveoi2.. ou ..Ih:t t fa-hi. l I" i 1..In;; rl'\'in'J. It cotrt-ts \JrtII'

: I., you' hear of one thin! ;: pr..vtatloii uJ: tlr nll- rl clmin? :: ::1ftiIlg; uf two ur three! ditftri'ntsorts Has just Received a full line of Children's
.. .
UUilJI '
IH CllIt H.t watt th ,1.III1"u l
I :,,,, .1 tf trult afro ruses: uC tariuus iksriptlttm
F J' 11..1.1. ('lIttinin: nayr! &II' wound. ,
.tt. l' ," I' ; ". on to one -t.wk. TLIJ Rman. }
t flip old nun w a. au ill'Jf..Il-I\'f'! sort .Schoo1 GOOdS"II
t "." :+!.. I.' ruIh.. .b.l! 'r-out .)tIIJr greatly af,'cttrl this form of hortieulturt -
nC f..I1alloJ wq-.o
"rOIl"u.d Itya
n' add I! I u.'tud'u: : and l'liny drscrilies a tr.'l' -- --- ---- -- -
r ; uUI: h..r tof p' 11 'oO nilieer- h.. alttt _._ _= -_- ::. 0
I" ..II'LIIi\"I..r .. 'f -
I.- =ttled! to tl't"IIorJ rrl'utJtillu !bJrnety gr' aiaq In the gnrd.'n LU'r.tH!

I --- \"IU: .. Tt ..IHlt'r W.4 Urea Ii,' w::..dl i'r"I! urang'; .r. Io'm.n". 1"lr

Jay'soil 11PIr".:. and rt.,:,.,:. all off tlJl' semi' 'h.m. 1'heCLntrt BELOW YC WILL 1 FIX ] ) 1\ FEW PiUCES.dal .

Nasal : : rhuu' cr at skill!; In graftin
1 EY T., .. a.:! :.. .
$ 1. -"lIIlJIIJlif"I! h/J.f.P 1.11 such irt.'". !.sit t: I'Y art st hlC1I lung:
.1.! -. :i"UI" tk.t \h.. i i- r." 1"lmIHt'11 IT .l'04lr"" n'JY-' ,-...lid I '-ati.r-rSLo.-! I .1"1 I'air= \1 i-I...' P' "fo_ a t.I'I'UJ .
Jn'lt-: : : ru II :s. ctety lin- school auit !Ut! ; it.} :
tl' :111..1hllnt'lf to Wufii lit Ir! worth fi.n, our rrice sic.ilI 1 i 'Ilurtl. U.j.::: our pice ;I II"I. I.':attPr, worth I ;J. .,ur 1'': '
-tre--'mud! ba-rrtnrtd, I If ;i t..
t' la +'I + MAt fCERt In d" -". Ht' -- I i
W t-ittn uatil -11.rrl1w.. amid if lie H"t' ,' :--rilnrol'U: t-. -.Zf'1 to. j Ii. Pairs H"t'lid; LeatherShr*;. 53 Pair Ii-'f'"' !i-t''re-! I,. i.

I 1.11": llut! !,I.I:1.lth: tl!,,. :: tau an ad- WEAK HIGESTIOX worth! } 1.1i d!, our price ?1 II). flu.r'1ualtr! < worth : ':::). our price WMIII ? I.sl 1. 1.lIt prIi' itc.1'nu .

dltital! -t'nttcHl'1:1: !,; ...."t'j. I I # L:::;. ""fluId 1(1"1. at our 11:. .
t Tndi'f-ti"11 IfUti nY-rPI'-J I I an .n 1\; .. :-:'el.no1nit.size; j to I:. i I Ij Chll Jren'- FIDe Hl1o..

Jnal: Or\1)'ud wag fill"d I'' or 341lilY' washed miry first-. Peopie who worth .:! our price $1.,0. : Pair g,)>:' \ew Orleans Cah1t Jo-t rt'cfojv..d a full line lit n.

t : .. ; t. 'day fur draultiuy a fIltl111 are weak all t u'lfC..blp.houl,1 know 7 2's' School "nits. size= !I to I;. :screwed :-ho1. .iz"o 2 to 5, worth and Mis-es' \\0/)1 aDd Cotton! 11 :

..... .. With a r-1-tJI. that h"llt' w. .uldttturnif tildl......... t H.jo,'. our U.I"I suit;. !Idrole.t line In PHIUoJa!
all wool, worth til11. our price i:: U.10.AJ. rrlce
.. I .
j'T' nil r ': '11' p rti.1:! tion were iiis: normal. Ti'm-1-'fist/. I \ Just arrived ssix ditfforf'lIt i '

i (f .v-r I r r : 3..- .....1. I r.r.n.r "Sf'lUlraw:, of the :lortta." the condition 1Ht-tt..r'{ :--1'm'o1l'hnit".r .o a Full LInc of Letter :-lIit: I f.t Pair ('hill'ShrAa: f r.; to's. roils :\II.-es' Jtckc-ta) from U I'i, t.rlular .

t1r.A'E.: ".. I 1'f \ ,'-, ,: -: -e Margaret; : Ur 111'nUl: tLt'mirami : brings; abnut. It curie lOX, Price!! in Proportion. Lt 1tta'r. worth tI.I)iQ! Qur price 1"1 (', ; price EI.7b tu Sti.f"

l i I''t. .... .. .. Lqp "'.:t1..U t.3Lr..:. ,. of the X.'rtu'"' "a It large wllman TII'ATI.\X. 1ILInt'SS1.thRt'n:; (.?. -. .

f &: _' 1 ," .I\"I.I\\ of grt"it: PhY.6, al ; :.. :>iES .LIVERASDKIDNEYTBnI'BLE .
tr.g; Sbr said
:..\' t.:,. .. '. :.: less vu DVS L r.. .r T tl ; and
I that 11:1Ur. Lad 1..r.trHl'J: .1 great !mdnc..oUld. slept' It will From now until October 1st we will close out all Summer Goods at Cost
ahn Drtvent .LLUU.n'Ip.: ASD
1li1,lol&I'! Ia nut uJkIIis: ; Ltr :1 L :iI.: Si lJoci
and Below. Remember the
-\GtE. place 105 South Palafox St.
$15.00 to $18.OQ a Week was fJ.d of l:1ulj: slIOrts and t.rt'a ... ,

.1..11' cud drew 11 bow a3 well Hostetter's
.i..r" r.ltA', 'Itl' ('c""l1lnl" ur "0111&1 In as army It Has no
.....,11 tv.e. roOrnl".t pu.dtw., ILl InU binder; Stomach F. E. RRASYNFR'S" ONE.PRICE CASH HOUSE.
li per Dour hr rp tre 11m. uruulactur.r. ---
D Ia" PalirJNF.opttdawttu: Try THE 1Lw3Want cIamIl. 1F9Cd1r Bitters I I I

t .

II'I"! .... "'iI-.P.t,4 -,"'Jr.''''''''', V"" ... .......r.... . ...... -. --yaws. .,''..',..?...- .u... ... _
:} < \ -

The daily news
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Title: The daily news
Uniform Title: Daily news (Pensacola, Fla.)
Physical Description: Newspaper
Language: English
Publisher: The News Pub. Co.
Place of Publication: Pensacola Fla
Creation Date: September 24, 1901
Frequency: daily (except monday)
normalized irregular
Subjects / Keywords: Newspapers -- Pensacola (Fla.)   ( lcsh )
Newspapers -- Escambia County (Fla.)   ( lcsh )
Genre: newspaper   ( marcgt )
newspaper   ( sobekcm )
Spatial Coverage: United States -- Florida -- Escambia -- Pensacola
Coordinates: 30.433333 x -87.2 ( Place of Publication )
Dates or Sequential Designation: Began in 1889.
General Note: Description based on: Mar. 5, 1889.
Funding: Funded by NEH in support of the National Digital Newspaper Project (NDNP), NEH Award Number: PJ-50006-05
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Source Institution: University of Florida
Holding Location: University of Florida
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_.. ---" -----

-. -- -.-' -- -...__....' ,. .;,. """". ,.......... ;.....,... ..... .... ..- -.>.... .......- L. ..... .,...., .,. _-...-, V'7'--" -,._ ....- ,'" -,........,..,... .. ,_... '!" .....,. """"' ..,._-<"'....'..... ...

.r .


== -- -


'" .......-:... .--. --=--.-=--=- ---- -. _:: :..:: .- '. -

PENSACOLA has a Depth of 33 Feet of Water in the Channel at the Entrance of the Harbor.

--- -

,. 't 141. President; r. C. HORTON Cashier ; DEWEY AGAIN RAPSTUECOUgTTO

M. E. CLARK Au't Cashier.
Hl.E V ,:e.Pre"dent' ;

Cosicioneocl Stn.toxn.out or tho ORDER

._- I
Lieutenant Heilner Tells

""j 1'1'--\l'OI.\; ffHW.T (;:.O-f: : 01Hl"Ii; ;; AUiT ::, 1901.:> Naval Battle

.. .,, ... .
-" -- -- -- ----- -

.\rCr5.! LI.\nILITIE5. I Ii ---
i I Whllf'M Sall the VI a. nel\Vf'

: "'Int' . .. ... . . . tt .JI1 ) Capital tock .. .. . . ... .. . ,21LtsI4uG1I IIntl 10'Ilr.s "'1 om Ihl' leu.
. ... .. . . .. \1 \rt l'r/t1t.; .. .. .. . . .. . .... . ... .,:),, .:{:! .
Shl' L.'cw In the mCke )
.. .. . . T:3IeM/'N: Itrdi-c"uiiti .. . .. .. ..... ... ... ... 11ttril,1 l'p :
'. 1{"tnll-" . . .. .. .i'q.: ';':) 'IfcuIition . .. .. .. .. .. .... . .. .. i3.isfIkll' the Fhbt.W.S1i1 .
,1 ""IS' .. : '" . . .. II"t'D; :>/oit.. .. .... .. .. ..... ..... .. .... 21IUTCbI .
. . . . .. :'1" "" 'ETONsept.23.-The ;
: t !.II1I:'" . . . . .... HI..rfj I cf the Scnley naval 1 court of
--- found the UCl'OW1UoJallon5 the

ft iThi.i: i #Iifii.IJ( ; : thop at the tl1vyyard somewhat

t roved when 1t met there at the u
Interest Paid on Time Deposits.
hour oC 11 o'dock tway. The lone

room wi.lca iirlcrto: had been l ,

Koh HIPt1iNTS. SOUTH RN PROGRESS. I APP::AL FOR TROOPS. from :lxr to roof had been In :

-- -- -- ancle' nt 1.:101. colultely [rau.C
1ft the ulliuh Iron I hPctv (h"I... 1.1' "t.,1 in thi.outh Strt61n1'aal )torn t'auIi, I ralUblc over unl1bv tilt addition of A ;' .

,uurtlte.. III.\\.It.. i I In 1\4'1I1111.1t.-\tlal'li. tuarl.MspIsosvlu.E utg at pain: w'nue cloth. Tim had

\.IL. Stopt. ::::1 -1"1:= lr\!!! CIl..TT."a.. SepL J.-At.: .nug rn' I ;. Ky.. ::::cpr. 3.TbeIofl'rno effect AI...) of impro"Iu the ): ;
I of toe hail 1"0 that me court and
'r"I16II1" rrprtit morn 1lIl'orr\llt: of the u"w lwin.trl" : : has been appealed to for troops
hall iess thus
llli'uhy : fueieny to "
I HUQutto.l f..: the rejatrteI bv Tue Tra.p.mm far I
tutwt ro hold In check the lurbul"L' co"llui m. the Wltue8.e" ,

,! the rear Ih to ship -..k "Ud"'l ::;..pt. 2: I. art the I.'lowm! ; I strikers. As the result of no armed R[. 'fhe memers: of the court

"Ia,. uv't pipe "'1.1I't.a Iottltng wore: 1.:1urd )11. prompt; ni n-U.111:1 relcOln: ;: tae
at % ; cot tack by a. quad of strikers today Judge
: aad Teuuratr' busUlm :-I.1'J, but wiwu (ney atrlycd w"y
.. toil ...iUI IU l lartii' ll' .lla and l'arrutr. J. ha1 t..l rabeJ Governor lec6 :
1.)1. 01111 ;
;: arrlet & Capt81u Lrm1Py and ilia ,,,.&!traut,
S t tad. troll tram .\l.1. Ii.. i adtvelopmentcompanvatOran! ;:e. haul a fUIIO\n: H:1UI1t.: ar. adt there Lu.ll on !,
...'r lurtlig tllt' muuta. Tex d. .ur al'1 1; I.t mill; at 1.'UIIIUU "It B mv opinion that troop are getcin;, rt'L IY for rue d.l"S wO1LAmun I
: ,1,5.3111 tons e,;alnrtU : I :Ionunl" and \\.t 1'01:1r. l\y ; a needed here at once to r-escru the ); the wrtnesrs! who ) l
..'me poorlo flu Itab I ). f.n/jOlj' h'P factory M \tIl'lI. t;. ; tat I euce.. thud morulut; were 1:!ar'lwlr.u C. I
: ti3i3b tool t..r tutltrwtuusm + art ,...:,1 ,\f'taIU plants .Ii I-u.tI.. Fli A;; au early hour this morning the i Cotton Cunimanders James! : ;

I.tact }fopucul. liv Luhul and ,echo. strikers opened tire 011 the Ielnecke I hither: A B. D.1c"1u,1 cll"11:1, :I :
'i r"r the bitt t-ollt! : I Try ; a i 10....", Irrlt.11! com} any toPrwhsrtLr. mines Cram a grove 5JO: hundred \8rdd talus 11 h. tll.Cl\il,1 and Wlham I I :
.r atneantte.i t.) aL. I 1'.1. : n f',U,0y) lullom off ant FraiuaSly c.Lwe nl'l1rer. One \\'Ise and LII'uttlIlllU! Jonn ILJo'.1 : I I :

.'.Uti tolls fur n1d l.auf' it.tUII.IUP.. Ark ; a yVottU !anti! qn'\ct of :.1 :ar jO; stri6rrs stood withia Spencer \\'uoJ.llllrl1 I I f

1'r '111 Aiabiu.t \l.ui muleruj "OmpiiI1Y at J1rlnaatT. : <, 30 :folr!.:. IIf the marl rc.i and peppered .\'\ : :Schley: nd his Oun.1 : i.!

Va of JlI,; '.\111 .HIL ; a r"l /g)l1 m.u.uill tnn.r:; nm the Hrt'I'. IInkw, ito wane lor the rived a: l0bi: o'l"uck. 1: wn ; : :
"I ; rbc nut rl"litI. !.lhV U 1..101n1.11" ; un 111 C"up.111.at : ) I guard. will uud i an"IIU_ 10 trout of a tactvrly .Utt'll..lay that rue: Jay !; :

.. ',.t 7.: .,..: t"'I' BrlUlu.n\m, \lt a r..j.UlIII ,'11 cum I Ipauy:1oI row of turnt-r e' that ne beat 1\ pertinent nlli no lutt'ttllIIll: ....'. I
i '. .ul.wta. a. t.r. ,'u } "r..r.r" ; taut. acumpaalt'tt I Laity 't'trtat. Tile none nearest tee kIU III11111Iral 'aup.ou ro \\' : :

TIn" Hj"rt lulu.i: :". K\ ; a1.jJUiIli strlkcr" wt rldl1JtoI with Lul"rs.; U'Ftol1 11, 1 wfuri, I.r III pir1 I : :

: :. .:.- !rota' : d' "Uj'IoI:' a; !'u 1".1. 'leap. ioil"' I Tao r.I"luucu thh mow.n;; by the !fur ocher matter ul IU lu'la.r\ : ;::
) :Iu.: Qu oU ,"':11.' .u.. 111 &a"l1l .ut UtR :" .trkrra WH tile mnr tl'rll1ltd yet Tilt h'.1"jo; tit tae u'riautoucd

.. .. ., '1'" I IIn. c..b1.. 1 a y'Ii; /3'1 1,11t),1',1'" aUt' t.ff..rel. Ju iveunu was l"1Il..i: to his: C0Cb srn'HillI; heck of the court i : !
;.:: II...' !'t. jn, -a1r'I.i; iX3tutcnv it \t..Jnl.: ll' 11 efiice. the -uu 1:011 txpha1 (0 hint a. II o'doek wnt'nJulral ; ;
., r II. .b,...... f11'r .ail .nop" at'llattt..i urn Mi.... ,,:11Ia and he nnm"dll j snit the abuse t..ie.jral. nth a ntrp Lip u1 nit ;l\"lI.. nl 'tl i

'. IIIr tUlli t.O.IKJO l'\J\JjMUY; a. lacatLt .ud'a... II court to '[ it-r. Th.-r. wu, lit t It.1 I.
,' : .' : .,i .:,t- UI.wuialurt t ;UIDu.lJt I.r h.lcco Lac 1 The ..hHd' U'lIl1ollin cr.ryavaily I\ ,outev at }.trctr atttii&iuflct. of
t. ..' .r.n ;PI.!01l Tort... TUI airs!.' 1\IItS tiwluie :1 :I able nhll'bJllll'o1 teats Il rue counted. !ttUt iC tI: r' there h.-ti heretofore I
i: ; .1 I.i.t'l'j nuN"J CttWIt mill 111 Aulrrlcu'tIL, i iau Till'yare brio:: arme'i 11.d wtl! b'l plm'I'(1 at n.. tjJ:1Ulh&.; ..t rite, .:ta::;;-, : : .
l l' t'rrttea t a l'oJrt..n lIJ1I: ar tguln. TxAtnon I at tug tlIUI'S to protect the ;'ruptrty tllI: .' tows C"Wlr dlttnuut-hrtt :

_. I f"lr :. :' ; t..l1i! ; the \\,1)J'utlwq t'11t ar.' I Uu' hnnt.r.d ann.1 men have Jut arnve'i a't 1 'CUYIU;; the rerertei el'1t;. : \i

w '. t ""u I..IU the COOI>tl.1;" wtlrlto: l' ).t *OO.WlI LtIliruwuud I 0:1 a "pt'cul treat lnm L'arhngi I H..k 1.0' I'.uokI'rrirnlyd.. i :;
I ton I\ud Lave rt'pJrlr to ,beurrJt! for i I II I : :
: oO ,'. :r"w.lama" J\\. ; t'nwmn I3tur) atMacJu
: 'to 11..' ..t..l (3a. ; J t::"v utt IUrLLnre 1.1.turyat dUTXo \"or'j hai .f.'Ill rl'cllvt'd from C.1I11 LOtilieT prt tne'i: the I ::;
I' 1" jr. I t ti! e Dr toertt.: : T.u: I ::
r t':. c.u, twi \bc"\lU":. C.; u ?:o.WC iamb,; the .)\'erL.r: rcrar'l to 5ruutu;; the : I I
I Ct1tae; 3t rolcntwf! :U: 11'11 i
mill at Sbrrvepurr.: La ia: ,h cool mittary.TFSr1: .
1 )1: 'j. y..ar. : a _
New : .
lalli\jIIh,. Or.IO'. : : I I I ;
sad Mind br, Cu'tt \3.. ,
at 'r. : saw
try ;.. It. .\ 1.\. July :'n. I IS'; P.mi. Ot'"rp'III. Vs:: .u, La.e. Vn: ; !
\ II m\j"It'a'on. IIbm:1 a'ld Tliat'Ull! mil.. at Marco.: Lt. : I
Dr. I'. J. :\JuFH.IIIH"ar !"Ir : ILtvi: and hrrruutw.rruw I ; ,
\ \ ihi T" -r .Ik Itf not a '"".: lta4 uewi.u.. 1.tly..t JII-tu' 10VOlt ''Inlaid'thtt\ I "hunlrlClye3'rti moat tay view .: ; !

I' !. "I!, r. Lrtn. T"nn. 111XI,,,,ti.liefWith \'fluril"lIl Juice Wl.i)1I. I : ; '
j. I -tttt..red .."..-, medic II" T I': J/T J IIi A, I \Vol::.! iU rIir :Ie me pfOl"tm I
... :' ,. ht"ultl-! V.or11r0 23 Hours a Day. Our little gill. .iu.t thirtl't'U mouth; "1 11:1"'u flU iii ,'w.n," !.. ., ; : ::

.: "I j.hl.;. I 1'111 T- '" to r..-t fur thU.H tir..lp, .1,1. ha. had touch trouble teething.Evry C.lprulI !Pm 1"" 1: to'. want to' : : '
Ii.l \ ..lrlIIUI little w'.rkPr--Ir. hutz'a Sew I.ifrP1la. : rf'I:1pclv.1" t.xhun-ted ill the tae rrICi'Ie'IU:3; 11; 1tlleu a. po 'lul. .
,', llal' ttt..t'j !! :\11111"1- are :t1 lwl'\ !body, !hepeof ltrrenptjnn, from ( tinily Prucertiu:. ltDlua I.'mi\\ !
) . tot uutll"lu..i.lt1 ('llrIHIr T .rpid I.i".. Juuodtc.:... Iil-! phyricknlit r """ ..h continurdtopuss'itpnrf ba i tug;;rite'1 sue a 19C, u, he Brook's: ,
\. 1.1\1.1...., Fl'v 1 alt: j .L I1... '1'h.yhullh : I>:",'HI Iud bunt Bred CS.I':11131 ani lie \ ,)Uhj Iu\'e ;; !

It.;.jrtev; r... : rit-k: II ..:sd r'Ile. drive out 1. fever continued for dH'- at the I'd the 11011118' C'O.1sl.i..r..i: pertluetiL i -

,\ I I.' ,'klll.... J.t. 4tIir11. \ ft.r ;.:np"' fir wtakeu.rfitall. : tlllle. jf..r Lie: wa allll.t despair.s1 : then Indicated the \1IU moat Ut 11P i

1. .t\ t+ fur atjr byI tt.tto: tlIC". work Wllllfl.. ,t. Her IlIvtter determined tnIf cO"t'rt-al Ly the matter (0 h. I .
tltedtetaP dealers. TlrV.tto.! ; ; atV.. A. II'\t'll'! \ TEErJIIX.\ ill a day ortw but Admiral chit.y's cOlluM.l I ; i ..
bertr'.I.I :"\ ..ut:1'.ilst0s-treet.: 'o there wa" a great cI.aule..uew and used teat the entire jog i : I '
ARE lOOKED: FOR.t -- --- --.. Ale C"t't left liey West until
::> -- Ille IldU fl'IUflII-UJI! bnWP I.. wPr9rrullr time
NEGRO DESPERADO: I ILLED. and. thank.. to TEETH IX A. '' tOt battle oil Daatug) be ma.ie I
.mrl h t.lln'L"f'.1 to the lithe b\lH' i i. now i/.Htli/ will.'our ble. After soma I'xrJI11ot'1i at ,

i atrut hi l"uII. had :Ol..t lIu..1 \\ Ilh u lroralulosvu \ =, de I n. \Y. art h'ttt. \Q the }'arc ot tt.c \iOUUI'.11 UI\I I

.... Editor amt Tu keega.la. et:1udnfaS reached that tuna .
t' ; ::! : rbe.addent \lura31.IIsztEttu6a1 l'roprietor =
X>wIfe -. the pots as eloper side dearei: : 1
'.iU1':" 10 tb" nauuuslornu (is. f cpt. ::3 Th" -- .- pnn. _t'u.. I

: 1\1 h did Li- town matinal was caltd Upon :S1tul1y \\ )11Idntr ..nrrenden.SAVAVAiI Captain Lemley also presented I

: Ii. arp JtntmrntaInubrtdir' bola to srrr.r Irwin Bolter\ 110 dlsor Sept, :,))3.-1-1\15 1L .\shby steam logs ot the UrodklYD. Teia;. 'I
f'"r teen were nl4'P. hti4 iachuietts.Iowa au,1 ne :' :
The tUoUshl\l secured I
deny aIIIIta4te -
negra the \\'hl a can who murdered t.ii:
:.'riba r,'molotlon smung Admiral :cblI"Y's: C-lI1USt'l aired to :
at..I".U t"IJUtlrl U"-. aud att! mped to arrest BIIoiier.: wife Friday, hIlt gvea himself up. the lug ot the :paUlsn ship ;

t .:t Maud t e tu'+ f..l..r 1 hands sad throw Ie OQ bo .r.QI\I, wao dared to the conductor. who brought well If we un tln(1 a i
r...".nblt''en _I.'. 1)1"t callnt It, and a tussle ecn"J. A ,geud him to the city and turned kith over tQ scholar to Iro rhrouh u and :
.. unapt INII1 ttte t'Jeu.} d tal 1 ftl.llAd": fvlbwtll and 10 or wore the police facts wanted" said Captain! L.: : 3

l; ..t'...:& to the pre-th nev.rroNtd runndd were 8rrli Bsksr who "ai .__ __ '_ "Admiral Scnley h a good ::! I
.. that Eton K I: tasstng: "Ita the marshal. was: shot and Cru.hr'I! Cndt'r t1t t'ull' c.". scholar and hI can make such .. !

:-.101", Jout>lh'all can'troar ln.tautly iule. and Colonel 1. P. BIR1tI'OHHI.I .. Sept. a.-Conrad a. WI msy dt'llr." flpooueJ Mr. ;

In 1 .I'i. ao,1 l:+pubtc. Smith I'ronUDeut atwruey of this Rercawriu. a horseshoer attempted to Dor. I
tor t4lnjrMH fruw fhee place, who was 4IIt1ug tb" mauna!. board a moving electric car or First aveune Conm&n\ fcbrod..r wa
h.tn" sin ,, d. It \or\ wsd 8tHi' through: UII cod by Uaney i u. the center of the Ctty. wud waiinstantly I I and asked If be .le.nre 10 male ;
: rrdl:.'nm 111\11 ILn ulnH Crawford. ILU 1l..JCI.ltll of 13J ll'f.A killed by being run OVer. Hu corresuons 111 the c.Cllal rt'c.rl I
.. .1. Ito tartiter ,f thee JCl1 'u IW'I'ueled and the ver bead was crushed and his braua were I I testimony of anlrda1' i
u.w ,. ,1m". a.\\u: dct wits that the decewed came to hisdsath scattered on the rouod. .Thf're w one ODlhSiou from \ II III
""0' JlltiJ.. J"OII 'I 1.7.E frum tnl tlt!et llf Ii guusb'Jt or Scbt'y" remarks 011 the Mai. () '
.. wound rrJDl the n"ntlr all nn et the bmbarJUlr.u
a II:". Nun V,1.1 tarty 111.:01 Shake into hour Sh"flM11t on rue cay i
n.a, MeK'nlev :\ 1nll1Hlu; snows port! wnte: re.uucl legal: arteat. \ 0'5 Font.Ear. "IJOIIHt..r. It cursepamrul Colon which I "nf"r car i whlcn I i
like he rl'phl.i "h i.
omarUIII n."u' trot nod to gn.w- oupp.y I I I
Crawford: ma's th e.cllpeaul too\;:; to tDiI( n'I l+. and In.IMlllly inks. the sting out He said wneu he rameI>o'\rd \ ,
", .'ktll:1 ..f 'II' the woods lld.el IJut' who Lave ul corn and b'IIII..n. Ie', the 1t'I."tt. nmnl :Sampson wonll 1 Ie there

-Ire ",.rllo..tidd I'" n"U tU:1 since say: tau bt' wee shut I ,ornfortdreoeervotth-wx: tight or urw .hlH"ellen'.loot.Er.n.kr + t.P1 racy. followiu dav. He male that
wt. b..11 srry ti t'1 tLrul.h both 11ID and tht rival ana I II 1.11 c..rhllle rut !" .. :hi trh.d ..'V, Il.,,) wtreeouudrreddC .... '. r.ltl! neroes.! I hut ttr..11..111111r..t Try It to ria,. Mold that he WBd gin:; intorulk: the (; 1
I\ nil tirufori.l find -hoeturf HII' mllil
.. Commander 1. O.
.f h. .ttt. ..lftrri. -- -- Lieult'nnn
fir < .ln Hllm" Trllll 1)1I'kll e naa:E
!,,'!' . i. tt.\ .. I iti \\I! y'ltt wan' Ii !'\",'''int: pl1\.jl' .\..Mrll.s.1I..u 1'Olrnl"d.l.." Uny \', nero ua""ll.tcr of tIe fears Bunn i ; !
'. brttfr Stud trV th .' n"'w rt'lu..d"h'tll1 : '. spanish! war. tested that ne hal ,
I ftor t.kal: { ..i..tI! it': and LI\.r T.tbl'ta. They ll.t. Irlatlvr, lu 'lIrollna. :0 guns tired when te :\' : t

\\ .\ I ..Alrttlberte.w. try *-,. t.e t.,!:" "t.,II'l"'L ant ill rffret. COLC'uefa, C. Sep:' ia.-The proa"ht'd Ctenfaeo. 1'0 hid: .. ... ; ;

... 4.'r t ..,....'.....n. I'ric. ::: I f'ht".. ". :-;-J1llplt free faintly f Cantau T O. Stewart cfSewberry no we effort Spanish wa fl"made., \TI'\.0 a.ce-ul.ln 10 the \\ : ;

\; L ::- r' .;1 Tbb at .tny Jru..t..r.- -. hai cisl'uvered that PreatdentLJOyflt to Qtroy Spl1nshYor;'.. there : '
,.. ,
., ,. '. ,,;., .".r"lU- ;:...rrird lit Itotel I.trlo.It.F.hiH. .. -ecuud "UII'ln. the reinnoushtp tied rhtrebt.n lIuyfort to (' I : '1 :
Ii tnrOUj:1 James tl'phl'u:: L u1. rote with lU1JlUi: u:1 share until ,
.' : : ,+ uuJr.-ou S'pt i-Th"r: was a rnn '
R loci of Ueorgu a common :lnce.or.Ir. tl11 cCalb arrived oi thc
gaud ; ;
r. : ID' :t
away lUll'n hire. tap contracrltg parties held. ; .
1.' : ... .t item \\11. "
) \ll'IiI If" 3 ('olldItIQu. 1\.1'.1
well koowu. ) \Vttnosawad n"u to
+. .", I. ... frlepaunrt to witch .It'" Iibl..l It I
j Lattie of July :I. an,1 sad: i J '
r, :.:U 111.'r, Daae; -f D-1\:11. daur 01Hro.lhl1. Ca\TQS. 0 .: : ; -Dr. P.xeyan. ,
1'1'13. cad been ueudiug !
/. : with 1tllU': .. Dakp !a:11 ;:mui, :luntt; r ofwanhtctl'n OOUIll'l'd today tcat there \s as no change :Ut: .
east when thO' ent'mWM seen (
nIlKl' :1 Drl.1m: lul1m.lr
uutr" in Mrs.: cKmley's coudttiWa durttth ; ont of 1'I.&ntl.1O. Lieutenant 1.:
'. I\n.1 U. 11. Ii-t. >o1aI.\: Ir:1\'dll a naad .
\ I I'.. In I. ," 10". Lrr.'"' i from tr.un. '! ui;:!ht. :3le continues to tear: ur wjx, was other 0f toe deer; at the
very weLL:: raug; tu ;:.) ahead, fal; speed an 1
\ ::::, -A ,'aI..nunur. .'s.r prcctred a hc.'uan't were I
qat helm nd to stub<.ani to make
... theCmwd. lnarrt.. t by He\. lHuo !:lr IIU a nrti I r
t sir Il\l'r t'lUJ 1 rare. e Wu..n lie wa uU \ Dr.. 1 aI.d' H. 'fl'dc "L.y tunlwitrae tIR'I. WI'sro'fl'ooTHIA: rtTRl'P bat 1:1E. of: what: cappeued aad I I II: y

J 3unty u.h."t' --',;. -- b..D e".d for oerr airy Y..IIU by million 01 below and as.amed: charge of the : :
:;. 111' 1iam"11I Th' J.IW. (.C health rrquirethstthPb. with mntb..rlor p"t..ct tb"lr SUCt'cbl\r"l1... it tootbri while the t@'tbIDIt.chidsotrns The captain told me mat he had .
: .ID a e..vrre stt .." ,'I I Inure "!lI'P P l'h day :11.\\ our the qumt. ailavs all pliln.cure'Iod the helm. until hI' could find out : :
;le WU elee'ed to .If the f\PI1Qltl-, f.r"I"lat; this hw colic. and ti the b..1ot r..m..dy lor 'uorrbn-a. way tnethips! \\ ere going and .
U1 piece Ii t t." I: 11 isKPett your b.I\fI'I. rprIlari.y It will rrltrre. Nlh1 tae poor by llruv'IU little surer In every 1mme'7tatety rang hat speed. I .u.IiieSled full 1 l' ,

.\ .. II J. l1.f..vl. ttktL /I d-.. IIf (h.mberl.lin' part or the "'world Twen;, .flre c..nu a bottie. He Bard toe battery was not 1
itoniarh and Liver T.iblt't when tie suns and la-II for airs. Wtnelow'iuootbtng told him It would be ready .J
..'r ..f fUlinr.a 10 the have syrup" sal take no other Ur.d. ,
11Pe .atrr and v.tn will sever _. ship was/ 1:1 position to fret and
et t" atterratlNei '% I tt.cstVrr T tins=hmt'nt mIlicII'd up. A Ann If want sata! : .i
you a nice to give
." h..t1l..s hu.tn,; "OIl: Pree. 2S!: rent:. Ff.rall! Iby I to d friend go and louk pn-pnc through; the .-\1right..' and rang full! i ,I'
:- ::..1l':1: au.l! Llvrr deal. 4;
all Jrui
\ .' ,'Ire b..lcbloI ; rle ant line of ..uitablp articles at "Look Out For 1'bl blp. .
..r". 'J. I. :-'Ohen5.. i'urelcan find
... rrelate you "Wben the second of the enemy' r
:. ':r. ,'..nt... BANNER SALVE something to please you. If you followed the tint to the ".
.. od !:zedae1I want aoythin: In the Diamond line put the helm hard to starboard. I
the mOlt healln I.lYe In the worldt be sure to see him before you bay. anew reDOr to him about Chi I

-- -

... ,
,._v.. .





t FACTS FROM FRANCE.. !Joaehim's- Wa' .

ASSASSIN GIOlGOSI .Totd1im h il the habit 0: nt'rrp -
The I'n'uc-I! are hot 'CI'Po't.J to lJI'
in; his lessons in violin rl'inwith

jrl'at t1'awlfs, yet the Touring t b or pointed: remarks. whi.1t t.hoW.

IS PLACED ON TRIAL France bt, s 1.Uut"uj'mht'r FtLta
II lively sense of humor One day
ILC'i he ins
i .. 1'11. thrift oC l'n'udl e .
--. t'I'rl'.I from tle: faet Ibt i nl..rourtlJ ct a pupil, who was a native: of itorigsber

the whcll' : depositor Insaviucs ; -r, pl.I.l the aJl.io; from
Defended by F orr.er Justices M l'f1ptatiou' :tc
y. rLI ; l.ans and tllnt tb' nr.10ullt tel the ninth ecncertn or l'oJr.! A1thnuglt -

LII:. y Lewis and Titus. thdr erl lit !Is over ;.th( 1 1.:1.1.0. :: ( :' francs. : he played it ('om'dly. it was

IL Is1 I .t r'r net conscript: Ln; !tst ll\'t'l (scnsed I I a Jlcrlormauee md .Toarim! reniarkrd for Infants and Children.Csstoria .

RENDERS PLEA OF GUILTY frc: three! 't'J.rs' scrviei' beeat"eof I. }, "My dltr( 1-n. it i5 r.o --- -

r.;:'I1'ss.! It Las: ; hl.1 that Us apIiarauce disgrace i to 'l have been born in the is a h;roll('.., i Ioollh..tilulo fur Castor Oil, Pares

s _- I .fem. woc.I! make his ('olrl.I,.; 'c t'y ci pure reason,' but: jf 1 w.'rl' rrur (', Ill olt.; mill I"octldn;: yrtip-. It i i.. I'lt'a..IIII. ttt
.\ M'Dt.1 e on'IIII or the lm1: : (1:11 taUi iJtt'rl\'rl' with: contains (
you 1 \roalJ not Ello'it in my l :ain : .\ .. 'Vi allli I.f.\t.rblllll...
t. thrOsLF I Urfrt.r (1fr'trdirli l'lilll'' This recruface: ,vasrc'.y It (l- troy's ortnl nllaj's .
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For a wOlllan's happiness in the married I.: Itrl.. tine atoraubi'.e: tt.;;tra lhilth''n'-:; PlI1 H'l'l-TI1l' JilitllI'r',, l'ril'uII.

{} i I1nnr.o. ;I'pr. ::'-LeO1!) l' Czol.sr..z state depends less, I1S a rile upon the has ol'lkn'l1 cltu .a\'t's fl r lts ehi.tftinr : 'rrto H'ry !stolidly!. and heavily! he f\- ,

k (' wa placedd a trial tour: for thet I m\1: she is to marry th:1 upon her own :. and tt! U&JI, I:: L111C.1iScu' I mrcI1.! "I b2 for the rest: lesnnhIi The Kind You Have Always Bough
enters tti'n
murder of Pn..id! It ueiihiry 0:1 Sept.f health.m1rrh.: ,The suffering woman from wommh' ,beakt4 1ll..I, have rerohed to quit; he 1na- ;;t theIns do l not 'Or-H' to \1w.t' '

+ '" fT Ir.lll was 1:1 the prl'II.1' court ; it. in; up trouble against the ('him'snoUN' than the litrsrte (1lore.ments ill ridimr:: boot,." .\n'\thrr\ youth Begs the Signature of

of Lrl8 cocay ';udee; Trunl1 C. \:Nice drv flf troupe," 1 f lb'r! 111'1"1' [:p.;.. could not exc t tt' n iiure I 1'.uit'!: : t'ar.rna ,

'. \Veal:': woman are made strong and A French: IU'tI't1Il'e company has: : :'r.tWl with IJrillint rlakes to

$ J-n.aidiDJ: : sick women aTeI:1l.lc well by the use of I just put Into operation! the LII\'t'1 idea I hi, li5factio 1:1: order to mike
i !D O'r1.1C: trta
'l'bt mal bign:: lit Ir. Pierces Fworite I'r scripti"n. It is :
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of fnurn; ; c l'n1ilIl1'J'
JaIl la'fore 1Jlt: Our thu rt.tS; In tj the one reliable re'ulator. It dries en- honors aaiust 11'fl'lt at the pjlls the character or the It;::_e clear
feel.1im drains heads i:1f1ammmun land tary to tIe! pupil .10lC'1! ::1 said. '"That
The rates vary. of ('0\1::;" tlth! the risk I -
ulceration and cures female we.lknc :!'are! i; meant for n garland with
It nourishes the nerves anti itl\-1-orateo5 iu'.ol\'l'.1 iu di"ereut C'H', the rHgrularL'y I In Use For Over 30 Years.
lIM:0B it-n't ,
the entire wOInanl oranism: It tnakeutltc : of the! 1'lIldlIt': : 1,1'!!. a preui- ha'sgin; m pota- -wee.....,a .... ...,. .. .."on ...rrr..fWO.' ("TT

hahy's a. vent practically pai11ess! IIt'ot tf'tor Iu deternlits:! : the nnomtoC t(jc.: P"- JrtJACD

: ",\ i I I an 1 gives strem'th, to nursing moth rs.I the vrL'ch:1 to I he paid: I hJ Itiill.BETEEN ----

: ;.. I "I suffered for twelve yea"", with female I IIlr".I Many ph\.i'ian flrp now pPcrib-!
: ." w. tec hc )htton grime: cf A'Llr.i .. :' I in: KOdol Ily.pt'l' h l'ufP rPguhtllrNavin !
:! t'r"uht olh..r di.rJK THE ACTS.
"which on
A iaa Co low. fOJlll1 that It i; the ben : A(30UtHf'OI'g
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: ... anti at tmie. ,.would Lr h<.,rly l'an'n..d..lIral'I.I ?eri!tint) IlIfo\ ('un write. h"elu- it i"thf' Y "\ VINi1'IiiTF ,
t. caa fr""h Clytlt' Ftl'II's! 111'\ play for ..tnneRtes I : i .I! E tlFLOUI 1
.. 11ad ... of st.macu; I "";yt onepr-pa r .tienwhicb contain<
: .ur nwdictacInine( '".t'.,< in. aU. five of'F.r'tdr all will be :111',1 1'111. Wrl anti tn tir'P-t ,."t ; :. C.\FE I. ; "; 11\: : '
Prt.cactus' f..or ..f G"Idea Medical till PIPm.PJJt" rt! cP--ary ( :
to! I 11I.r: and :w'ilI, IIf Dr, I"er't" 1'rllrtsl.Ii the.iudl'." only cmilr kind. "r fd tilt all ki"rl.:; : coFI-l: : ETC.

.t ( aff "e cure t m. I can wurkvlI ,mfi.rt now. 1 1I Sail': Martnot's! 1I1'I.13Y jIt'as! witl, I Ia'd it thFi ..fort. curndi2Pc'Ion! "CERV
'f .. I but Itf iI 1 wmtl l 1"t td a1 the time aid havea U tt. Dll"ri! in II Ir. G! taiid ',
th'! : i 11:111 sinter 'heIUJ and dp-par-i i t nn mItH wI at it.
.1I7Z\ headache. it',1 I 11I\ IWI'w.IIIM 'e all U'JI.k'C :1 music \\ I
I "n.tmHe .0 I could n'.1 '....1".w I can derp: rrll'. a fool.Th !. cau.f' Iitri- I'harliJl\: Jetlll! Fancy ( ili' ct : t. I '
ff* .adda IIII ,11\'s w. 1 I .,.,at' fur Over ('liven"..r. liti,,".." new ploy, wrah' by ,T. )1. Rarrirfar bt'rt'Jfll.jdIJf-= ) -- C OOa I J Telephone 160.Tue .

1>1'. l'ierze's Corrnun tiro :' .r L.Baal :: Mi-s Mande \ms h I> UUJJL'J I

.\\'is-r.! in piper covers. stet free oni "Qllir Strati'.1mtt Thos. C, Watson l: Co. _

i r"'l'l'it; of 21 lI:1c-l'l'nt Blimps to pay expan.eOf I, :;, the it:1 I'jmt pars W'lout: th l'adill! 1.aIE-titt. \t'II: take
1LU tnailin;! ..nly. Alolre Dr. R. V. all the worry o1TtW:: shouldet: ; of tiiowtlrrs !
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fierce. HI: i.Lio. N. V.one' If pror Prty. utinare: tl e
1J1'!):!:((',) in L'r11inU. .
I r'lItlll of then non-Pa aid, ; 'IP a"i ilrctlol
: 1 t +If t "Tc! ),F1yin IutchraIn" was: 'lII; tlf their r"Ltac con'ctFnTi Star LanlldryJ

'L'n the= rtaiicg it the inui t. for the! Er.t tine: LitYagner's; home l\1..h'! :1'1 they \\'ftlllJ thFtl'.h e-.
.. IL.t t.uLaOeL, I 1t'Ur. Htj p.ie to C6o1go; .L m a lowvoice
thl':1'rl: few wct's! : :10. 1 hr it cLurg.! Ir" r' r" rf'a..onahlp.
ullInr, 1 0 f''f ci law tho x'ten tae
.ic1ntyof ta. acv. tae oJecnte !: '
asked ; ; 'h seemed .\Ut:-IJ." TtiiJic! t; :h' a II"'i \\"
prlrouer tea; pica I
of lIlany ,rurt.u; I" rsoi. Tn'yWE're ]ut lei ridt t:1.IIJ'I.a: : ha'i ben salu.Jtl.tied I "::, ,):I'/1'1.I" 1lY.:: T'H: ," Biggest Busiest Best !

s )hill: : t.) tJee l'aaae 'q of b 1:1 h ., ,
\\'mo: a ueu Jam; I ('h',1 far tlc ti'.Ir I Is: r.i: )" : KIDNEY DISEfiSE8 i

adIJIi to till' l'.lI!':f'Mm, .t'en tHO1 "Wnat have you to say:" I I'l'1I1're D<:i'f' will!! riot tcme to l. ::,'1':1 cola:: : ----- .-

.hey knew ,.ut ID' rt tst.:e t.bI I.J .1'aU I Iavatlabr W.b a mnat.u's hesitation. :1 year fru1 next Ortlit':'. Fhe Fltl ------ c= .-. ---.3

i .i'n'u tae prl,oncr'a iip m iced a. Ii In I Fire i)!y ::u rerforntcrs: !b tick;:; et .1:1-:: tee t1.: cxt std of all f I R A I I
'J'lu''JrWU9 ,'!::nJ"ps f ) the C1f I It reply, but l.t'lure he cool l do so. hIs pl" lkla Laundries

>ul1dll1'U... the ..x.JtI. II of r.at': 1 I toUU.el. lIr. Lewis. uroe to .I"'ak, not : try edSCS.F I nay
Jo'rankhu atr-rt tv.rr cuse'l al seem the NhuHr's motion. i 'r h'l'Y irr;n:; 111:10.:'.. s that t 1:0. ''' ,... I I

,spaniel.F.iiicrmrn. j .,.uetlceS'llite, bowl'\'er. Insi js ted that I "ill pro.ltct' "1il::'. ttas: time"tttr; : Klnr.EY CURE r c bo\1'' \ I' \, '{''l hand! a .',

"e' I'\"P-\'wh: rc amt' r.z: : i I Cz l,:oFzhculii swan anti rte rbl'l1l'r : ::111: the fl'rthl'omilt': : iJ 'I'WYurko F r.OlEV'fl t.\\ \ i : 0"\ 'f".1J; the procP-of wol-hin;: a 1:"''''

dll'lp.iat' wt we. or.h' of iue '(.1\ I .alt: EillrutSi' RI ;taor J -If ',r), ""rl', f. .'r 1"1; I I I.I; as a d.ir Labtirer: dot- a l'lTJ" ; .

t t qU34i. of Iin.. :n,.l men wt'rt' !>:a. I "1111.j not hear ;.11\: : hI' :1IJ.: : """ I i I
I lIont'l.1 eyrry 1,111'1\112: 1lJ 1 In a eou.iP! I D.lract Attvrlll'1''uu\ then read the Ths. Sultnni'ill .\1.:011i :,.. -; II.r l : : 1! : :i sprit bratug.

tiDe tar l'Ut-I.t' the pI''e III t'lllr.lUce tokrep bCIClaltut again iu a loud voice and tl1 I IhP ".\ Hala:' stid the! sra: rftt : money rdunded. Cootz.n.1! 1 r ,' -.L.i: I 'I 14e dntt't.
bra;: tor cross". whi1P lU -1'i'I"1 : demand fr 11 reply tai' prtonnr.tv1W : I!iota:l.tfil: eun'!iit'17Cin:1! : : cf 1'\1'\ s':I'j"1' I remedies recognized by eri / +qA 1y /111.-. \\ e'I take Ja.t\1. p0otl earl: "f l'I

sot tar away r.\"t' wtre rl'a.lv tJ retnforce for three .IIII sl..Irh srr.d: J '. ".1.. ,y..uIhnk '
; : wu toUD.llU; a: rte li.: C. Bald. In a I Gent physicians as the nut for I 4'a: if j.t were t'nr own alld ,I.
IC" 1"11 011 tlniybouid tae tit' l'renrhnna i i.. !du.iit,:" I A. ... .
tee1int:i cf t n.. : 'n:lIe be Wt' 11rIIU. '1 to Vel'I I )w voice: I and Bladder troubles. we were goin{ to wear: It to our x I
"Lj ull,,'. I \11 lit izit! pall Ii:IU. sire; '"
tbe extent 01 n Pllfg. M 1"UlJh't o;: l'.rsJoaCt'd !P"-' ca /: ding. H you like that kind of w..: tir
.inw iy IIr'l:1ntl B'l" 01 meatrnetore The p..l was: how"r, not Frtit'l: ",'a:1: : litl! : ( lu what "!::\'l''f' I PRIC1t 10.. UIA JUO.W. ( ....." ......, ..#?.. : _.. ..-__
f'vrry {A
WI are
and nQ one wa 1I:1'I'\.i: 10 I tad In ..lIud UUler tie law and "TIIC'II 1 !,1ljlII"l'; we :11" h.I ;::.o aa.n. A. D ALEMItERTE.7; t '< : your pende.: :

'I4adt'u cue 11.\'all; hr ;l1ll.HUI"If, FO "\ot lillllty". was at OtC ordere.1 by : S'r.1:1:: : I 'HiI' it fn'-! our:'' I e

that n' n ) Limwt: In" .r"W"1 I trge. I the court..Sir. "F;resh hot!t'hg: Si ad \\:1: NJ. ::: !h ____ _____._ b __ __
1 Ito one t m.lu" of tae I'u "it.iii Fl.ylb. I situ;. jlllor couH'l for the' des : the 1'. :S.urr'e 1.:1 H n'l U I'lllt:1t

'.':....n..r ;I" hoOH 1:0..,.,t Ir..m Lilt tense. ditto.are and stared tl) toe court. ,, ltdy:' / ALL WORK C. O. D.
teil 11 I IUe lacH lI.r..a'1" ILUown ::1; to hli CCUuection
Ct the rounrnOLl. S }!u ir.nalla II
\11:1:1'otlll'r'r.u: :
made u-eI f tue' :U'll1t'i of o's.: uaorr ,I, With Ih..ia. Ill'explalllei IDat i enncn'I.a was TELEPHONE 114. TT E. GARDEN STfWGOODy
the sir--t fro1I rtiP J nn. t we CI'\ the pJ81tluU ot t 1:1'u.11 gad Il'SOClae., nn'rtt',1.-Hu IIl'raJ.1.

ball. 1I'.i ('z IIJ': \v... br.,!i it 1ito taerourtr.iu Jnige L wH anti Mr. L't< ,i, w 11 peeu --f- CALLED FOR AND DELIVERED FREE. _
lllr one 1I.Ii cOII-I.tei m\1I11v lit 11I\,,' : 1 !o.';.-II"U" rhr .d hr, ,"".
olll\ 1C"W Unt'i'e
:n lnfC: 4:II"
Ib_ hour: vet '101:1': OI't'IIIU,; of hIs 111g .tlr' that ail cue forms 0' law and CH"I'rl"'I', ."',"pt"oJ -.\ H'(.::.).1 O.:.1 WALKER INGRLHAM Manager.

toLSo Ju.nc.t't..: ors.rvPd In the proecuI L'erzen wa, burned 1 H 1:1l1r.: 'l\", tre: t Q asAo.B

I"'r.'n wa u.iral ted to tar: butii I, n.Ju""t''.: \\1111..111 reply, ennlpuraehrrd I ,
mea were ki"vii. The cana!:a uuutaauuured
bJ wobuut R p.t.-, '1':11".1 by he cal;' I l'cmA-.i lor the dnlt'1i. anti Baldthat I'Vl'rallUljl1ou .
to lirour.Gen.
Pf 1,1 t"'. all'l1f was rrera-are td FU.rr t.le prl.uitt'r coni.i II"\ nO b.'Ch': NINTFeNINT -

this td '. 'rr ri iI e'L4'I 011 every Lmd. !! coon-el 11,1 \\1I\e\"t'r: rte OU'ClltlI" ntrOgid JAMES HUGHES
'\ Li tie. Prwamo. 5'ic't.write. .
( W" ::1d 1:1l'\.r. curnuar.i I i lel,c. only" credit .:od 1101Ior U9t .. iNos.
I! tJen.: : touur Iodt I Uy' pep: -la '

i 1'.111'" I;..plr.dll}' \ f:,:innt! "nratia;: III ..I' .Iurnr<, ( 'url' iel the hf-t rfomAlty for 11I'1I..1 i : yandpermaaeaay YIII 8CI. 803, 80j, 807 South Palafo" Slreet.

TaP I r.i.-t'f at fll" 11.IIr of thO'r(1url' Lion and "Iona..h: tr"tibre Ih'tt: I ryrrned. in.rri.t. 1.11 Asnrr. a .:. P. O. Box 404; Phone. Shops; 123. .:.
I The 'J\l11:1a: : oJI1I\I\.j F\"earinz in oi : Lug L..... Cv., Cr..
f'W.h r-tirlaliv 1'I1\al and lot. i the Juror war IlL'U b" gan. the rrtsuneretat For tinwi yt' irI u:rHo-cll"llllj\-.I I t'4 o ? ears.p' \'HIXJ'( }; SHOl') BUILEH WOBIS.HI .
flnlv t 1.:111111: Inv passel: tu: !erntlpttrd PPI) i'tat l''nnp"ill. ;: III" totoy / p sole ITOGL
11U: Ih taco was .worn. Toe jir-rjurul' eh' V .
I n" 1."r'.r..rllh..11....1nn''lmt.un ill bud and Call-II':' U'" I! :.cold 1 .n.S Brock SIae 1 \!1"t.I-TH.1: t'lt IPPH'II! W : rtf ruts ,1.\1'1-1':" A"cti of .i \1.III'' t II ,
I am n I".1 war:; 1'retitrtck Y. 1 l.-.vI-rripUm.I; it-aiUno.l.iai&U,4.OI.oc i..u' .M. I.II/ I,' "
- : 111tIn t" ttr r '&1. 1 tie 1l11'1.'r IIi a'ronv. I am nlet-t.it : rnr.I ii.) I IKoLlnl
I L.1u'r. E pluul-. lie W:1; f'XtUIII"I[ Z"ItI"h'or I I'HII t t 1
I lap .a\ tail a: w:1: ..: 111t. 1:1-1\1" mill I,: Ilyacpep-i I C.r" Ili r.-r. 'no uPattcrn
lore Ih' iihr' r.ll"; : :t of ttntlrn.tjI :': I I lrt.j L" tI1tj 'lI.tract attorney f.udcouu lIIell'jjl. it t'l frio-l.-( who "I.r': ::0 Making Specialty.i'V. ;:;
fi el for th' ti'IIS- Xo obpcunwas .
anti q:61WlJ t.:, r. :.I ;.: :...4;::u.: tae :I i m'\lll' aJI I.,liter war acc 'ped.' frontiudiP-tl.tl IC'w' :J'T. I :.. \ ., h"vl: EIIII'I'I'd (te: or t'. .' C..-t I'.III.'! II flak'rLit till' stud.' .
' fllh. 'I liiIl f.. 111'
(ot'l':1.I.lIl. pJrforitjilt :
ltlchar.j, i .1. llrw'lVoi 1.1,1\\:1-'
t Jrt 7"U:1'; ,j C.r"i'- :: \ f"n11"r :::'1' I I I r arcc : (nicer pd ii. Ill:,:;i' P'.nll R';_ J"I! \ l i'ti I/'c llnd fiortt Sawmill Specialties
Jrt'm'11. war ILL .UlIf.1e1I1t"i.: One 01 \ r :
J'rl'lIlt. t'. u: ; '; :i.trr '_ Lort'u I. Lnuci I 1 I Sieiiard: SiJI1"! KIIU:. 1 1d I
tar rpt:e-t rr1:1 Ut to hx\ by D-Ir.; Attururr : 1 ,' rill want Ii oldl.1'
.11.1 l I' l'ttr,' l ll.AI1J : \ '
.t' o'1 HI! 11.1 ou PI'1rn' U'IBrn rOLLER-: : :. tVOfL1-TPTCI't'ri.-lt/t'GINt! : /( li ( .flI'i
'?. sIA hint '::Ii'1 rnH rn.t'ft\I be- I I' Du you b'ii.\'u h tie rre.en' f-:i Furniture l11'1 /lll'/lishill .J 4it11... Ell'.. )i.tNII.: \1 ITJ:EIII ....1101:1' Xol'lIl':.
I for timer clr 1.:111. ,: t.f Ill" Cat. of ;':ayinr. 'n: 1'0" :cc Uar.1" Yore Tars. .r pl11'loT"' IarsinnI (C tllllilit 'tH'1i: 3! ltiriltl tllli Su
I.rt hI' h1 1:11: 111' .t: Iat' I.. T a..w 111111.1 Foley's ::nJ yrllr ) : : : : :alalies.ET.BLSHED .

e ",11 tug rr..nm, .ICI'1.It.:.:; tt !u they I fl'.I"'I"yI.! .. iurchiJdrcn,5Jf.sun: Naopi ts. 'I I Findt Cf11s1iPly: lelCllI
,. .
have \1'1 : : : In1 :; f a: t't.t I I
J,1tl; I.ed. .1t'ci[ (;. rrn1 If h. u't7t1t.
:. r.Df't''' It: n:r ., : ';'L' :::' ; catift'u?'. pint : 18 .
wl'nij acquit UI U ii It w.1' c.carlI '
t, { aL'i tor f : 1.1' :': ri.- 'Ser roIU.. I - -' -
bt r rl.: a coat n" WA 1U? ILl a: L. I.:U I : ,.
't abal.a: t t. j' ". : :n. tt 1llI' .::rr-o' I \\PG 11chil1It11111)orkc
( aberue .: In' :: 'I '1'- 'ta:. :icy bt' tae murti.r wit. l' 'mmH," J.I t n I p : r n McKENZIE OERTIIrG & CO.
:J r. tiarwnJtI relit-u rl: :" bl':111: :1. rV.I ,
14 CtWp. h' tl ; ;:. 1.1 \ .:.:\' Ii
I After a ItoW' mar' ',a' -r' ss fr'::: and nlhO' cea. O1' ihrorrl.s ,
IT HIt' ,: I. ,' '1:11111': IH' r. arsln n ; 11 tj t ij C IIrALEJ.:8 Iti --0
';ui;;,' I.tvis. (.Ga'w"i i0:1: .1..1'.1.; jb
c..ill :Ufl'.:; iC I.' 11' oa.\ ':" 'Ptl.e It.) at .Marston J'j Fl'icl( 8.
Ill" 11I1L1 of ru.et.i.: t tn'
.1 .J
le o/lrrtl."air: tll': WpNj'of Jnu;.'.:. 1'1. I Il\r lstU U Limp" \ and
1114. u it.l pure' 1. n'i llIlu etpt'rtatlmti tvai JO,!l'JI W'IUUf':. a Il1'm'r o. I t Ship Cuandieary General < I! : 'rtll CoIIUi. Ii"a uJ'r! to i.i 1stI .'
that I1. "% wlu '..h."blU.l'U pietywr '
i I i tlJ" .it.ft'lI-e anti ":::u-ed. IT l1111': \'n.I" n'.1i..It. II-
wurr.w.Lid: y,i f.\ prrut C. I. ; <<:03.\:011: (105 S. t' tt. t l'rC ETi:1:rT.AGnr.70 .
: H".r\ R'. \Y'JU H\ 1 'l"1 1:1:1' ufac: :
p"z; Lriatv..ur II': t.l.., 'r.uL a' a '
es'ted 3uNnr-etl .. .. -w-- -- r.--_ -- ---- -
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t 'It 11"lIui .
.. .na 4f11 Chinese and Japanese
ft..1r of [ : ltI; I 17tIO:1: "f 'w i aJ"I't .. :..).
i :.., i..r11elll" C.'tiUII" o-lnIOi (11 t(9ne .........:. ._ ;'4:...)' \.1
1.1n. t'ar r ell "Iaj :U\ll H:. REVERE COPPER COMPASt'JUHN: A. RCFP.LfXJ'S oI0\H! CO.8
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., E'\'li t a."):1"'. IItea' ,WMI! Ia..Ytrt .'t \ l' \.
. ''" Itty 1.3'.1 Ih.fro'.1...1.-1..1. I o, 'I.lu allity h 1t' .11.141' r C'IH ):tror" <1:1 i !>P'u :a''crntrr 'ft'l.i1h.,.. .. ...'', ,;;'J,,' 1.: .,. h.. :.. ... .'V 1ans :crl't' ;B 't1 Ics.: tai. h tj1 Is1rIi,7orLiris: hiOfl, UII12CfnH'I4"J
:;) ; 0.1'fI."a ''fill' 1 it-t nf wb'1 :.. F. :..; "' ..,' ;"- -. .; '..."_" _.. ., : .: cur-rA: TEAS.
) U. fU""ll1t.jr.lr I II.'J1trr. : tea; : utIa: .....-.....r....,.. ..__' ---1-,,{ ..r '....,....1'b I .S, lon.TI'
t. : Ar ti\ .,'1' ...." I... ''' rl,!. '.:....,:II of !I 1.1:1'1.:: : a bins. :1-:1id.: tae l"JrLI 'l'I No. u !iots' It I'allru\.. .
.4 i 1 te Watt ":I" :11\(110(1'1.1. I partied unt). :! c\,,:,, (:girt : U: ,-' .. .e" "11. p.'' -' e',1'1I ('. 'fcK"nle Ogrtint' C"o.i!,!ctIIL Ar"at i'i' Ut: I'll. Bfp.V'ol"ut4iO:

:y C1. t .. ..1 t oui.. I'.r. r, at"r'u.. I :\1..111'.1: ilrt1 Iilttr; J1t.rr e! r\,1'tr.i'iInl'e.: P.,' i''ol. FIllfl ,.\ ci in i.)fl.

,. ." .1st Ire!.ic; tt tit Go Frye.ClurIpo ..... kt. ; l I.-iv'1h:
;, Itr.JlI\ .Ii..r y1 h .ir r. I., I:: I 'It'ITlll\ 11..1' "
.. ;'; -\lX'c' 1't.i. tie 1\:1,0\ t..1. I'\\: .
i 4TI..r. phs-r.t"i \\.In t.. -.1"I.i fI: srpt. )r.r.tinderarrest 'h lit Itt : -i.q. '"

_ Jtn>r, .timlll'ilt. 'I ttlr tit tn.11 Ni 1Gv I Ca to ;:) tree. 11 the tun,; 1.e u-ilc,1 t h'I :loci: ttth.l..ts.:: ; rrh-! :) 1 ) V {
l'ICKE & CO.
.'. Cot J\.r JtlieLI':1 i.lI. Fit.: : ii'Li. Ii I IPlumbel1
' (::.aa": .tarlUwartILS" I Ixfure Jnd;:!' Cue:'!:aa today tae Jroe: t t'l : : t.i : [ I.J..1 aj"\ tJ .:S
tf .;'t ti; Ir a. J.r.-, f' :. ti nnir or.r :'1111"11. :!'-I t''I.t- :t.-. 1
(t ........i 19 I,. .. '.U..1. II.. r':a i 1n, !ai, I: t'11f1011.4.j tJ"r"\\'a_ n'Pyl.-!1'elll1astI Tld.l't- 0,1 t.r ;:; (fy ; td return "

111 l r tlYa. rre'LnL w li.n b.. Bald: I Ih"I1: ant 1.rl'tI.1: to 1I'.r mcuarn. III Lilly "':;:'llar Iii--- lip-r trals.Yurch.P \ ""rr! 4cI f v nnn iR"ni Gas and Steam ,

t 1..1 L t..' ttf.nr I ;It ,,", t on IIl".Owt ,..fLu. :unclip C. :i"11ni: !b! 1I"l'I; 1:1 Ine ease 1j'k..I.lt teket! ( tiro.ter i d y v n Fitter
: ,
'ot LUU t ,
::U"I : tae .a-\'er
r' x alt r. I1U.1 III' Wh 11'C''j, luni.t'r iuforul .rluo al: 'lily to I rNo
( 1touT. J itNror I
;.II'IIII'r.: .
I I CONUno; 1HRE T(\EO. f'rrEt HIIlUoE: !
, Pn.1afot treat 3. South alafox street
\.t 1\1\ J'J l.I..r.3'; 1\ Lasts 1:1 for .
C'. t'II1.r. "? ::: :\Ia.I.; t.. l h1m. pHf1 c q Cfil i.
I'l't'ra'h.r a'11 n 'I U 1 1I. pn.1tY'L'leaF :'I-\ !:rI\ 1'\1T1.1-1I. All K1nd OL 1'llruhlc! and: Ga FHtit hr:1li3!: KJ' on Hand
1'\'I.5=ut III th. patarr.. fir: \I :a, rlnd' p o !!lI. III. u rl'''- : "I war; trnnblyda Pen3acola. Florida.
I h !list kitty ,....Ih fur \1: I!111'1.
II d
i111'I a tPnr Itl \I'HO''i'' R:IS. ".;pJ,4I( t.A.k .'1"" .
su 1r".Jt au 11.. mad 11Im W.ll srtl () h"r'UUlht 1 rho'1: 1 hat: r"n limp: urn. Itti.(1arrrtt

! :W''I t.1 1(',.. 1.w prl.at r W J. m .1' ::"-' ..-at1 W 1- U1der ,'

.' lnr..ti III a IIt.w ;;It ot tinrn ,:ray: : thn carM.f pi'! y-ici'inc fir -gvrrJI I Florida Jrieu1tura1 olIege!

M mre .Jtrt :111.i c .I\r: :ana II .Iat: : tl1:1' 111,111111i tl-rd urP bnttIP lit Fo.I. L AVERY

ct h.wtlot. Iii. It 'r Na, e.t'dniC! a.I"a :v': BONE'( : AN I' 'f.\It. It e''r..rt

1 sad bIll h\1r: cd ,'t"1. tie ..11 tiara Li'- iii". :1111. I La".. 11".. tP...1 troubltdsuc. LAnE CITY.: : F="0ZiZDA.: : ,

1, .LiDl his 011&:1..1 with IWO 11e.r!: IJllalll : .., W\ Ir.\lfoll1lIHt... I I P.eourort.drewi 1 1P000lrrU

c1'>II1ICl IO:1t'dlolr..iy 11 iiir. Ilr I II I ; EhhtNllIth Tttu: ,. Ueiullin:; (Ilt'mher, ) :;,0,1.101! .

t a / ttancr \Hu-n..v p..lln" P!'.....t. 1.I ...\ a. r..lurltl'tllr 1\\ ria wtth (C"rar.t IMPORTER AND JOBBKR 01
I Pnnrt'tr' .mFonrlranln.t.:ricvlh: ; rxrr9anir.ItnAln.rrlnrl.n'rr4drn! ,
'and 111'1.1: '.
Cllr I .
'onOI'l'lIlinn tore'er. .
11Oc.ic.: I1C-C C ta?:. n..tt:.. II a. l ". ', (I arse III nU.n.r-1 to.' : ..uht erne-w r. 1 01 r"I It"'JI.'Y
.Ftsrrfundmontr.1)rNnr : A prt'u"u"'rv ,'hJr." ft ..n". or t". )tiiI.. ". r. 'L1trr'J. t.l lhO... 10..11.11" Iu prepare fr :Bardvvare:
Lit trip "'fill" ':::1.11. tnr ,'..11"11" r.,,,'.iraou.lr' our..llr..1 o"rrr'"d.
i i R clnrtu Lair tor :' 'nun{ tirou.nrrttuit.l. UI''I pi In... 1'0111111" rnunderr. : ntnll hani-tara. ucea ,
p grip to i'' 'apps. \\ :Lh-r, :111.1 other .
\ CELEBRATED lit l'"-'rrUali. 'titl'.nhrrrtol'ortd.atudrn. Uth-rrl.rnr.arry '''' ''
4 IniiCesao:, tal'li.nJ! S ;.rt' ":1,1;,l t 10. .!t"I".I:' HUewedtrfLtotJ.1.ilsa.datt. I.." "'jl1llolll..nt. 1 irCataloqun..1.r... IronNatlaAieaPboveleSaw! Mill and HS9l1mboaHappJl8B, CO{,. .'::2

Dyspepsia.I b .III.lIIt. A coat I Ii t"IIm.r :t.IlIII..l T. H. 1 -\1,1-\11:0, C E."II.II. p..IlIf'or.f and H&\lllg 9so.ea, Pain' 0111 and Window Glas,

hausaess.f t. o:per a 1'tIll ml:1 ear !
: !I:;.r" I'lo a
] cnw.: and t.r! : Agate a d Tinware and Uouleturulshing Goods.
or n'di'"UI II" I":):t; In'at .
I .
Df al3ta. the! 110111' of !such! :1 stall h"ulIt'IriumI W. B. WRIGHT CO DPR Y.

:Ili'! atvrn.-Minn'a : G'zn'. Pllltol 1t1j! Fti.l'tng Tackl.
: Fever and I I Trihuae.i .

r Ague i: '"jJ Ihrlir: ... 1'112! H'W1r'' ) sure'. \I .t..I- fAoitFACTCREF.S AND DEALERS' IS AGENT for Bln.lng-h&m r.lllIn Mills Compaty RenTI Os13Uhed : ;

H LDP Hitter Fort Huront = = -- Betin7: ; W l A .,c:.j
c"!: wrltt'"I hate = Nor1bampton Trnery '1b': Conpal:1. Lahln

for llnl.a, hrlth t'lt'd. 111.111" pals: :,.t\ Ivvrivi. hit f' ; LUMBER, LATHS P'1-1er COIlP'u11, ]lln nn'8 Jiah"mtre: ;r"n 1I I iaz aid Enl .. t't
rvnry.ultrSTOMACH I) R'it'L.it f..
iv lPr.i
rrfrumsmm LIp tar : and Ranl" WmCnpa &C'J..1 Rat HICK Let Lu\hu. 3aWary r 1
clr" the b t pill. 1 b \
't' RS Ill,. n'vrr L'rl H. ITc'" 111'1Thfj l' '.Yrmaey.e' 1 I .; BEE CmmS5IXGLEHliE.TIiitHVI 'l':8 Foall.,,,, Ce.lPre.

W lre : n Sr;: rrarj ,,141's KaLL': & I J Masonic
I Pensacola Fla.
4 rE: 5.\ { L.fL..\. I Temple, ,

'-' -......._ .... --, ....;;. ire.n.a.:-;-' .,............-- '- ', .. -
i -


_, .,, .. _. __ '- _-.Y. __._ __- tl




," .

56b1fIOTICESOfE: e t T1DDftIWINK8 DuhtyspUreMall ''Whiskey i LODGE DIRECTORY


Clr 4 WORD.I'iILNA1. ,..t'nm out of 1':1t1cn c 11th! those MEDICINE FOR AEI I IAAK111.D.J I
Lodje, No. S. K. of P,
Iwo'salts Lm!!, !
meets.t.r, 'loudly IttllIng .
--. "Why so?" NICK'SPLACE I "I 911) I' ruU. Halt
.. '' In the Hloont W.huildullf .-.
namnh1N' nr ro lwl'ni
\.1 t. 1v-- "Last tigllt when that glorious moons i
third floor.!
... .. front 'ii- Drv w''I'' ,
Irn tlI IINn 'hw rr. {' of 1'Pnol"(d N. 9jpt \, : en to rn- the; f:1t IntlGul'g !11 i:1j'In ,'I"Ung brethren aordlail7wtloumnd.

r'".'....'k ......... 'and: Fla. and Itly f Nnl tf1Ov1'l'O the ; tJ: l'y wr.ks: f.CAXPBnL..

.:nor al Pena.na. rre H. Hoa"LYa. 0.0
A rat tale (..\:1st(11: c ,ertunlaes .
K. K. A tarFI1)fLI11
LL;NI; ). f'aJ: 1. "r.u wLnt ho 'C.11 : tc
.. - I ojrJSe }eau --

TO I.n' x- .., ......."""."1 h'.I- 1'oT. # WIIGI': au ti't K. U' P.

11 I t 1 '-e"N .nlallktnd. r.tpNr.n Emily! l-aaetI t.;ward te atd In alov r
tIW ,
)i.'Ptava' atria.atCaseIle
T..rr. Ns Y 1".1 yPrtdtvav.nI: {
:.. p.onrtrt.'aranlaNd' ""I) to .\. A. tl.h..r. ; Il tfltC 'f'.l'r; tnfcIJed her IINII!I In tie 1 :unt-W..I.o tlullding
? "J'h; Pa1af.I.. .,.....,. 4 1hfg third floor
1 lu : 1.111112 hrothartanl mamhrrl of itetersodet
y..I.ESII": Inln'nv4 rval' .... l.10:1:0 cjJrr-slle I E curdtapy N.....4UtrdW
\FL the: 1l tc1
\1'.' I" le'1N rr anN'1 amnU"t. .. low :: I l.: = ,,'. MACKEYC.C.w. .
: ... l ..rr..t r'e'I .." 'p-II. ': Pr"nks e'.Ls tJ L-ae: ; Lase:! ; ant soothes ?1 U.GO 1DM 1\.
..rat I.". : '..S. 1',11I1! M. irhrramlm K. 01 l .t M.TULANE .
.. '
: I I.r-n; t::at 1:0-.1t ter yr'i n IV I
t 1"" __ _
( :1(d to tlrr I"w-o: :: Bees hi: :: ati Lc
\ Tn.1I! \ -p" ""II fawn moons'1' 'pl I Ih
. 'I ? ...." hnrrnwenv, 'mnlntengN.nt... I,,..- Ii i UNIVERSI1Y OF U.
' n..t '" 'a'nl' and In- t p'
I: .."...'n""'......, 'rn......, .... ..... ....t "lIr\'C'n r. r :: L" I t r:'...:=:d. I __ _
g.t.. .._ .. Wm. tl.hrIq't' Mouth Pa'st' Now 01'101'111'1.
: oIU In.11It ".\ 4''1 !:i' n c:.::' r 1t.3: ter F( :!
- --- --
t,getter! :1UJ-W'll-t 17 gat E:Srru.1.uu .
To P.tlIlO'H" 'Y
W\ST i E. A. ALLERMA t.t. D. President
.. .. ..... ... : ,
I t ..' 11'1n c n tour pr" pro. Jr')", : The Most
." .,I "I 11.1.. "'IV o. 1..11 ,..", .... -- -- ---- ---
r ft ....S., rnnart I.f V1e'I..erinrinn. hatsU4 "YI''':' I rtpCc.: '.. ImIf: i LctorieIol Popular'I Full ('our'o' la T.NngUagP4! I>','\"nl"l'l. EaginrrringLNW.)1.
,,' : 'Uu"':ne. Four nrwchalr
.. .
rlanll.d 'n
n' It" I .
sn4rwa. Thna. i'. -"on .. f'n, ; p; ::rctty givea .It. ;;a few i' I 'lahhh..J for t. .1011. Tulane make
.. Iradrrs In all \'I\"Rllnn". [U 1..llItll'I for
s..atren4 Inso nr. ae."t.. PeAYNi caN' tll.t lut btn: I (l.:1't iu::r uudtrtaint. In.lrr.'tloll En _
t.: y Tn.t.rvnna 1:1 1(11I..rI II I( 'H" unaurpaNe.r'I.
era"N mnlwratr..... ." Cneirall'donparluntrlrtfortbN.Indrof
'ot f"r r. will lend "nn., ,
.. I h 10 hu.1 1 a hnna-. "d-It "YOIl ltow ta' ;!host ct )1lIIh-y aL1N :!ttarlhrmltry.nd Many. u'b"l"r.hlplln'III' !
I a: IIIIC1..purll1\ n' Hoard and ace
.). whist wC ::i'(' goicr tGnurruw'' ;' I'nlllll1..I..II..n at 10..1 IN'r. (lpp.irtnalttieattardlrlfircelf .

-'r. .I'I'I11r.'-.. -.- ..1t.s 11<'H'r l \'ta 1. ft a (..errs'' .hwtp Nn wvrthybot' .

'II "'Ie.- nn' I a resin 11
I ? h.rnr" ""(clog .4.wh. r..n'd I R [ESTAII I RANT !oIl..IO.. r.r.w'I NTnnaalsT.
.'. '11''1'' 11IrYhtfn.ar4.". l'l"r"n .all 1.,1':s t.I'.1 IIp 1:1 It..1":1 t II:'! SEED tea t.AT41..M: ; t..
.... "not.rr' nlNd''c a '
Iw I.t' I'n"agt.1 I: sad:: .
'If p... ..... "t4 '..h'1 n 1:1l' (.ut. tlt."ll I: K. RRI'n'.. .
', .. 1.1411' IIth1I:1": rrI\.I.y to ; a I tary.
,"n..11. N eo".1" n." <"I'.n. c'l1'\-O:
.-.. ......' n. rnn..t r,,f in.i.dof -... her
..."....... .. "-.r W.-'oo .. ... ""11' \ 111 UlIlhl
1'4\m"r\ : \
of "'''' '" '
...... II'. -..... -_.. ,._--
'" "I:It \;la:t I" the ttturl' fr tLe :gLustIt' ;

-- l'OIt HI ::"T. ctfltnnn: : I Ifl1l!r'.!. 1..t' .'q ..HI,1:11: :: v" :r nh-rrti I'n 1'tca. ,: \ w:." narih i : .. 1 j 'h !irth, I I Ii II I Dr. fT\a\ rcell uS fT\c\

.. .... .. .. .. :. HI I INII1gLI a !title He : ur wlllok\ ,11\ '': (I'.rf': :daft! W/u.kl'y eIII II reary
"YIIl hear tsil: tt.c: ll '
eau a : r. z::; ainv I
I \1' '""n' nr F'Ir't "ap''t ''II huh h"llw,1 me relit a\\.' I nut nuty m V' 111"\ I. P' .., 1:11 Jt this prt'ionge.l Lily l.l':
l ... 1..,.,. .. h.II. wall:' In Pensacola
.a.aA For
I lilY t'tinll"ltte.! t1.i:' it I I..r r .n"lIIIf'li '" mat:) ) 'arI Physician sr.d Snrlron.Itnld"or.
: I \lIIrrl l'l..rl'.r'..1"1II'I ..r I R r:5:1IitteItic: : :.1. 11.,1 I fed like a new ,,,..n. 1 Ihink that if lLa I l>:lCfl1l1:1 i.1 Cure!. 1I i J .

:'ul.n.boJV \\1. war 1:1:1.1 naaLalutal I known of )'01.1' \\'I.I-k.y N Lei Il'a at Gr'I!!l. '. -I h.i.l a -.'\f" .'n.,' of inns I .. II:. w".t ,1l1I1L
.h.fnc i ht 1 lain Ii.: ,. 1 n''IiI.1 1..1\1' 11"1' r. fur'It tn, ,l.a 1.-1 f..l and L.vr u..1 II.t: on.d..zen T."hol1" So. at.Omce .
\, ,\1. : ( Ill' "Y 't.ue one (1s3 l\: gut : 14.14. f..r my health.1 U nlllTlI. !t-'!lIN..i 3"lIr Nikta: : to :...:;i.111I1 1i 1 A'Aletnh"rte HU11<1nl(. 1194 Hoot"

I: .. ... ,..4 1.. wtrrt Iarga- rniln- IJtt'I' rind kl:1."I no .le 0:1": :' lw Market St II"nn'1'. C..:oslareIi O,1.P'1.. tip. :I11'11:1I.ltt: .1".., "h.11 )un lann Ilr il.I falol Mr-Pt Phone .

'1 _" .,n' "Pant' Inr thN 1"1' "\1111 only U:1:1: and a r ttl\ tetOllirll'llc'atl' StOPilt'd llcllurrliagcs. I y"I.r" rcrpl4'tullr.: .1 E. '[ .:-1.I'.Jnr I ::- --:: --- --
.: I IIok.1 .1.., IIIrhfN '..r :?iIII'. 111:11. 1tk,1.t'I.'
all tI.at? : -I.u N. II .. : slay OA. TOTIA.:
June .
City. 15,19.1. .
wfal wvsrtwh.rr.taka. a t I ..1. .t I. ,,, : ,t. I
., t,.d.n".. .n.. rP
uLlu s o .11( 1 .yn
..' 1 toton "'nt .Chin... Ken.. "OII \,1'q.ll' have neon elins.;: I f'ntl'nll'I\-t: smith great:; l.jl't.urc' 1tt'"I'h",1 trolls who hare "IN.r11 i Bean the 111 Klyd Yrs Have Ilwafs B.7.tJitgnatt118 :
..,. patm''nts N..r'Ira 1"1.I'.IIII 1 1 write 10 Ilotw3')11 that I Late a-,1 i.I.1 J.atj'I1' furl" .
.hlll'orl.. the Hury 1: ) Lurl' hl .c:1tula.rrost :
i'av I'trc ;
by s : 1.Itnj..ry.
lUIII.,1 Tabl.'o'k. 1".IIII'SI.f'uur I'urc.lalt11I h,'. I r uul.I Jf+ #
91. m ;: sot h'I' !been Lore t".lay only furynur none i id.'rf'tl It 1'lIr'y Cnll"Ul1IJtinn. 1I11h4.; rt1ds. grip of
t.r.l1'-it: :', "alJrrh: 111.,1 :II! di-.ca of till Biloxi w
---- ,
Just tI..u a cry ( victory and a nk'httue. I bare ued all 1..10.11 tor1I.lidll. OystepsRECEI'ED
I tR.tl. .1 ;. II.r"t and bangs. I It Id Is.) eurci lc'T\'ou-n.o: -- ---
u.II":1 lIu.I'r the Hr.Im .
l< care tor ''
nnr Hr the eO'lul'r:1: : 1.1:1lh.t ...
; I'N'dah.'tl .
- and unI, :inn. I' givt" 11'\\cr 1.1 the Lrarl1rength '
I ha"' Lad turbo severe attacks IIf gi Iil) nodpucunplllia
r Tao to..t 1'I..llrlllll. tote In the end of tat: nUll the t. tho! I
game, ; aa.a clastiii'y ) liaisee. alerI
h with
"lai have left !lutdruueh
1 n, .a.v twrmi. bY the .I..r a ; Ltu'ss 11.. I.I.? uul.. .! It h : irroo rya. '
.\prncy. ,...I" Ko tb.1'"lalol. fI..ml.ttantl ::l'rrJal'1r.l' : ; UI."Y Iw,1 l n.'ak l hart I am 1:7: years old.It \' t ) n lr..mn1rr 0: FHEbH EVERY DAY :
I, 1.-.ihh and I'a.:es .ty-, rlakt.i the ..1,1 IIunz i Awarded at Parbi
I"al mIl 0\1 two I&N'k awfully 1'IIII'r.m:' rR.marl.1 !h.l' 1\11.,1 t up my sy tl'1I WII Stu'N'II: tl I
kl'l'I'-; tlc y"111sta.tle.: It b uLiJlutt ;) :
1 t.rc'1i. : '
Lun.irrli.t, I .1111 I.a : II
lI"s lIoly. "Is I: a gunpovhr I :! alt ... ..1:1..1.:1 l AND SERVED IX ALL
.... polar rt : : : .111-1 ': I II
l 1 It (11)1) I oils rt'cr.t that I dal: n"t kJ.llw c.C yutlrl
-. .-- -.-.....--.... .- I.t'! : :" \\ l l.i.k i y I..C.!'!.. I e.nut r'xl.n"sd, \ il I I u u 11 I e 1.1''' .1I1i1.: nay case d coa.umpti 1h1th\
\11 ". .IR't..nuf"'torf'r ;, :" if' .'rn ill :::1\11'. i I i
I at:: ..!it: able .n 11csl:. ht troily is 1..1:0 ,1"ul' fur n" '. II.I .. :t to "'::Ilin. (
11 1 tTYLE
,, 0 Half'nnd.'tata' T011rta l.ra7. y.ml", r. 'l"y. )11:... II. 1'\.j ISGT1iGccllrll \. her i 1 tr1 !! ..In tyre;erb:) ; i:. l't.l ..air! \
el..rt :!14 v UO\'t'rom"nt utterly u. !1\I-1.I1:1.:, 11"11: PIG'.Alrrl)'. .
; ,'n-I ( .m'lIl'! l'l..II.1I our Dallys.tit
-5 -- -- -- :fLi' lar k: (:3 LCriblf" she ex. \''I1k..,\ !.it y..rrli.: :1',1: }h"1"'t'1\ : Caulhm.-. n buying i't.f's PuresLd: I I

,I. ., ,'-1'..,. I'ttn,'rili.. p1iii.' I sally. I ftitlfuI! !ia tat:ii.t it i 1'r 'is:: .I I.atei.., .1 Yil.i-I-'y.e) ur _ua get the II'/II.I Cnt I '
'rt1a"u' IL roo :: <. I..III": .l! uf the exce!' WINE CORDIAL
-- "1'11' r tier: :;ever m!:!.}. Colaawlth oie, ii. 'trn Lotti' -. allllIlII f."'Ittg! ; 1'III'r. s114. h '
furo.Cltod irate! ..i tLi.: !'fl'o1rntilJn.. are f: k:::; cone'I Hithet recommendations for of Poorness
It tl.\tIU4 cure
r '
rrliazt: I: iveaauu-t: "t' '''''! :11I.11 )l 1rt!:
\ II';. l'1:1 to rive harry l.i nil! the! mar.1 dll'aI' of hood,
.:,.u. "Ult""I"lllnl gcng wry !: iml.r.\.o.i. \VI 1.1.11 Ell.: j\ 1.1.. I: :; t't put upon Stom.b trouHcs end Gcncral Dc-
\. ... ...I.o.t.:1.t (.rrvory I 'dtl'. ..:: ''ih'.id"r'J.iraiietltftii.! .-i.i I c. iy. Intrca's the eppnue.strengthens
ro .1'11':t' ..t tit ':aey visa: Jo.4b.t t-: .I.i: 'II.I\I.. ,l.ll.l"l. Dinners
:'..dim !: .ret...-:I.. !1.- i.ar.lf.i.; Demand! tutTy', regular Every tiny the nerves and hutJs: up the enurc ssIem.
Sat:;: 11:111 'all l'l':1t sat. yon r'It 01,1.Akllla ,
It to. 'hr! IfweIIlarl.
: be -I't. : co'"II. : I.r :: rue Drouut
\\ .\ %: 1'11). ..:-"\\'. I \.IS Itt: !.. Ut oT: tuur last '
a J:. 1-:11111: of 51 111p. 1.11': : !abe!. I
.._ ... .., ... :! r. i.1 in.; tr.t.n t ': : un or PARIS
t ....17\,.' ...II iI.......unt"ntI.lr" Ill_ht." sail Hairy. :': :.- li II a r.' kl: a'.I rllI ,1"\ i.Whisk' l. CritP tire sl--dr..i: II'plrm.r.t' : Vuiiy1a:1': I: rot1.r .l ('ra ..

.,'. .t1 1ft.nN I1 ha'II" "Tbt supsriuritr: ..f tt': hex nl1.t be } Co..kll.hester. Y.r.. (rr .I" .\:: ,'f.r. 'I'''' ..irrnl "' .r..t" 'trntlidtue.. ; It 1iI: l .-: ijNt LY Y t T ;,-ii1..l. .

-o. N. .11.1 "lIn" arsetl UlJutalIl'll"! I rl'.II.rkl.l but hi ita 1., le:.rtl 1"tr I.. fl'"illl..nlh.: -th'Lg; tiu.tali'y! : : .l"li.Jlhi! ktl'coo! I
r" IIAILY 'W'" It j, whi-k '.I 'rt.a4cataaF4ed1Cla. ThiLi -I:1t. .
"' tIr "Illy Y ree tgtlt? by I: cII rt : : a:;
: tf .
1' oi tj.u clattd I h.lly t"Irllrll:)
\ .IrugjtatiaUI; ; grul'.r Qr diri.et $1 a bUI ta', i
"You ,1.JII't! J.tlil'i it' "' I :1sk. I.'h -
1 I" N..lfru to .Iv \100"ppl'luJ.I.thl'- :: : -- -
\ .. .. I I'VEEULY i CInaULjC
i. : : : I'utr" I.A. I c'a give harry 1
', ''ffl"l' wt t.m!..;:' ORCHARD AND GARDEN I I FOR 5TE.\.t D1VHW'f

\.I I KI .1. I: t'AX1F1 In "Itt la tI.tat d' life the 1:1:111 i U -- : I'El'iS\COlAII.1o'THIC; TtHMI A.L
..11. al !h."1 numr..lddrrs. f. ltpctrr I i Ls t'xccat! f r W"l.. and! VI ? CITflA I COLLEGEForYOL'NC !
'I". rest tit: natural I r..tl..tllr""I'.I"t' 1:_\llcW.YH'A: % Y.Trlln' .

11 'n". n' ..tuyI7 "..&. p.lr r.t',':',,:It\ n. It I..:l't SLn' sedy! plants.Tilt I, LADIES, Roanoko: Va. Pro'fe' the I I"IIVII I'.a,"col" for toe LIIUII

it. K. .\ 1'11'.0\(410. Do..U'f lIar:' If'rnI'\C't1 III.I 1!:.. \vlth a Jth: > i I" ::e1 nears OIlY! l:1 WGul wt' tae! 01"-; ?.pl _!-l 1:.." 0'1" "I the. 1..11,1':11; i and Ra.oU. lilllu\'ou.Warrlnilon' .'J Para
.n"'s grulvth.Jere ': !1'ul. i"r. \ runs! I a hr. ih.i F t'ort l1arrlluclu at
'olrt\. .1..1:11.: Ll(.ar! It.tl if y\1.; Ilr'vl.a. S i, ; .11 .Uth1rW

II'" Ill_S\ utl.. I. __ wild fr'ml .In.I.I'. ; dies t: t d lt elf IoUIIoIlIlI1'. Jian.. ail'l lIcllJllI..hl Pudding I rina.m.arrtveatPort 1a5a.m:
'l I1U 1 taie 1111' tuu
grave t taml h t rl. r" Ioran.1 Hillis lit a iti.I""Y 1 -I r..II'"I". .... N'agr. SIoo 1'1t1':11:' a of tl.e !laHII' d Ufl'"Tu "- I rat.5 au a'l'le: ; t 1 delay.The I \"LII".I.. 1.IIII-eI 'or 11"1\11. I.ur'oAran : 1:00p.al.arrlvsatFort Harranoas: ISCpm&t amt
: a .w II.. hnaaflirN sad 1III 'rttsn..hers. t nil I I e.'ii r-.'. -.J Do );.f' p. m. arrive at loft fMflUlt"
0 t1 ran.rY
: n'n"l1 1.-1 rtiar'rtrt 11.13' t itl..lt-y! nicks:"' ereJ! 111.1:3': I : curry: Ekti: a ;;god oI.: but dots I'.n'.rl"l\tur) \.1\'l\nl ..Q III Art.' UII and arts\ p, 'no IIIrlveM Fort Rarraaraa t'III,1II,..
Prman..Ilt '''''II In... 1-:Illc 110 I ..,;u'I"UI. ( UlIIl ::-- tlotLctmentalook 1: II III
(oa y states.
Ccire L:1Ue11 IJIl1isttn' bNlpm.atriveattort
1.t.1 ::1'.11g.< not 1:0: \\ I il with too .. r.arr"ociol Isbp.m
lit : :.tarn K' ACM' 1 1 f.I"IlIr'J Q IIIIII ( '1 rainn trace .'ort
.:111... A I \\ I'It. I Tie to.. it iliac to) stltct life 1I'tlofS : .\flll:: I'. H.dR Pp.idrn'. t tenptlug ', cola &t Harranciffor Y.ata .

X.t iI.i nee welt to drive over tf for see ,J is when the eui is btlag! har- I 1.1'. \ :t.WiuTEo"ur 1 Wo try 7:1-la.m.9rrlvr at Pwnsaeola t1Ma.: ..

1"1- -1.'I.1t-.vr-.,.., --- -- -"'- 11aih'y alh'y :lfklu:1"1 sad rtrri : vested.Cunswng. to make!: them 11:'.l p. m. Mr.V'! at J''r b''Ooll... _'" ii.ta p. m
.. : I-- ItgIW'...:; and" Pgt LF.I..ilIIIR", ,..r ...1..'4. lat.. iu tae! rvlyil lu::. I.IJ3' finny: had : tae (ace wlll: wLiehgl'nP' ; ISa1ES"19E" Ilnl'olaJ-'nl! thrnt'Itllrtrr c. r "). But a pud Ii 1:011:'.' p.p m arr"Nrrive at"t P"Pau'acola.na""ola ..__. !Ot:4 p p.10 III

\\ .'.I1..1..l'f.... I .I' :;r :::I'I',1 r.'rt 1.0':1. ctttIiuga grow thl'r !l.i Utte! nl" knd I"'h' r.f\.III"d for the dine wu 110IIItROdtd 1:0' p.. UI. arrlv!' at ..n.llco "_ 1:611 ,.11
'''a'ou..f I.ghull' '. I' nnw rra4c. hrndu. 'eSap m.arrtveatPen.wala_ spn
1111.ill;;: the 1111':11 t.ly bt'r( Irit'tl to ', "I's"j\ f..r !!r.fII: :!. meant. n.ta'npfurl.tnpIacautinguNand inure 'tlaturaa'lool,.

\ _,' .111.,1.. IItrro:11" ,vnU1::: souls of 1111' hoer : 1-1--: r''rl ;:I
''I. "TLF\ll\ aril nuI.ltwrNi with hturc: f tsIN Prnuoola to Fort Harraucaaad rllnra4 e1
j.rl'\\oml' I. I"'II'I' at merelythAD
.alrt or 011I. t.y H'IIln om shoots around tIll' pare ;. 1'lIlu"ool. to Navy 'lard and r"lorD_
ru"rntuu, ..\..'"" h..reI ',,'ialiy: tlll' wulin: : shade 1lIadl,,1 lu'' But t ittt',. They may lie transplanted\ In C A. F T O TL I .A. 11 our ItOCC.3.ara rell.loola to Palmetto H"lob lad reCara11111'04. "-.

I t 1III1i"'O, Het fINN ay; .IN C'IUI'. alt abIwy I hotict.It 11I1W1'\'I'r. that the tan.ICtp. t.e 1"e 'd 't Nara !'"als B:::tl 8ul'ptJl!a Jots I IORLDUDa.t.eav .

Ill'r! :1I'l't'tllf'i1.1'l' uuimiartvl.! In the : s..utun do whit/ ( Penucola. L. Fort Hsrraaaa.
the sot: around I'kJf J'OU'
young peartr lam.
i 1 llti-Itf..of ;\IC\IIU": 10 a. m.
lrillitnt Iooun..hix (1' it i Udltjrnlt .'
t a July day 4.b. would 4ow1&J.lfJlli. II a. m.
11.,1: t utiN.C'IA..1 N !' '9 'h'an :111,1 III gund tilth the tlrstyear 11 ..
1.1"(....' K".IIII.hu.. : tu harrow.AI.oi 1 p. m. s p. m.
NrlapO and give;: an application: of wood I p. ... ...
audprrmlun N.r. II.
:t III u'da that ('\"I'Iln? ;:. II i II'n Ttiilt Porn
.111 ,Iero. .1.111. rlrar'tl. ashes ol''aslolally. y tl '.ID.
.. a?.11..1. lire oUlftl' the III1.n hal 1'C'oIJI'U.bl'll! Its task ofm :i t /! ., J 'It 'I ,. m a,
I day N ,,1tI4rch K.H.t: I .... audhil The III.j..ti.m to lilIn; up m old ore 1 p. m. ,
the lu ;
'<1..tIp.: ; 1.1ll1lsc'11C 'hony 1
1'N 1,1.\1 chard with your; trl'I'S Is that usually! p' m. 1 p. m.T .
I !It !lulu half ulUurnln.1: ..
\ tr IpIJltiU;: +A5PPeg .
1 tl1' "iI? is well I'11I:1ut'Cl by the"rowtll ; .D41'reauooll
't' F'II1 \V IItt1'h.lv pretty
sail Irtlls 1 I w :is ItiseulnlC the! to art !! ..sagas vary
: f the old trl't'S. AoFIZZ! lard ..114 _
anal Floral hrH lin'- > "Uil4 _.__ lit
I dearth fkulllrnl falNrthh I
10 'almeUo pal
n' ordrrwd for cu.tom.n. 111)1 Special Orders'FOdmSparJe beack!
I. llorpuo. II' Wt'IUr""fry, ha-t. whl'n 1.I.t sister :, pi ritrhetl I I r.'a",__ __ *

+unim. n"II'.l! 1>'ave to) take It' IuIItur.M I i Nil 'r.llbl rp"I..d attar 1:11 D. a.
Fall or Information
sue .1.1...+.. ( 'IlIu'li. I I.d.h'T: IIlflulrl.tl my bust (wlr I!,
--- -.". -... J.IIdy-h sirs. Rinks at home?
; .' H ",... .4 \11"01 h. I). tn7. knows sty sister). served all hours of '

\\.1 Uuaernuirntllrtet. 1'hon. ": ::..;nl's:' rl'lllI'! Emily! gravely H'n antXo'ru.I.I.tl'an tell when she wlhbe \tr; The \ I
aU: IOU me 1a
and h.J 1111' ; WlY."Th' I lj the day or night at
rNl'E '' '1'Ira\AI at hotilc? N.tion'
y have I,''t U 1:1 half :ll 111'1r: 1 !t
.. I'n'antiI'CD n. slit gets; the pu.lor : : 1I
.. .
\ I:t: r I.I'L \ 1'1 r. 1 C1'o-O'l'tl tae lawu. temperance: t
gilt II h''I".ft ai Wl' Reasonable Prices.
I nl..t"nll..ln.-....- '. 1,1.! i dusted !rium nn' she's WUbt throuib ,
rraldNnan :CI E..I: "'f!.y t olloulJ be. .11 1'3' 1I0W'." J :r. bcvcr.ageI I
,....,... '01" FIN Nhrrealia.1{ JlOw.- cw lurk W'l'I.i1.Hectlcal II

.. fNnl W torsos ..tc.. "It..r' 11'I'I.t1. I
11.1'n Tl.c' I.IIh'J 1'I'(>t:} Yl" jitllatrtI 1:1 a Society attention.
N ..p..a -I prl\"I" will': ul the long.' I.ot used f'y tjlepr
There will be a regular of '
meeting '
.1111'1 Io>rm 11nn.INv .ut owner. :::al 1uly! lIlJ I t\'l'r(
iW ."In. .., .it :'I'I s. the Penilac\la Medical Hl'clety al 4 SEA FOOD DINNERS I
(,(:1'11 l'l '!:pdb'd to :rl'i'e our way ::1 one: ; the Board of Health office at ? Root beer I

-, 1:1 .:arl.itss: ;' o'clock p. m. Tne t1ay. t'ptf-mbpr 21 ohk.. It at boar,. !lnUp".b. I

"Ti.I' V. ,'re \II.;: 1 I', :'.1' tilt ruonl s' Visiting pbY3iclar.a are cordially .' 'D : puke .

::7e olde5t 1 tn"k t!:. ::1 tII'o<'. Tutu 1 spptl: QuI invited to attend gel aa.,-0.h'.c!!Ii> a.i are A Specialty.

uulll tied te ddor. L'ut It was wfu' Dlt. E. F. Barre ? :)1..1.! I a I. III Ht... NU. ,

t'011:11: :: I.ac:. wl.aat' :.a.1: !:In%'. Prl: idelt.
W. C. DEWBERY.m2fitf
DR. .
I I.att: IlU filiI)'. :\1)' iuagnatlo1va! :

... ? "" buy with tLe pirt:::e d tilt: tadJluaaslP Secretary ; PARKER'S Sold by Dannheis Bros.

./ 'oJ e r -. .,1) ..;-;srl\ I l1r: lIM t!.(' (1 titut! t'o.Tllur: :\01Ict'.1'l'l11lJ HAIR BALSAM CIGARS! --
Clrpl -- -
t.1 Mm : u sae n:1.
ttwLrd 1i:! virtita latIy clue;; tight' .
!ooorIlOOJ 1'1 OSo: I .
Ola'I,. 91H'! st..pIt.,1. with II
J.I' t 111) arI. ; I L Bair (0 its Youtt.'ul Cr.'or. '
.\ Ilt the 1Itrt : .. of l'\1l11iun It Can/V'8p.i ,....a b1rI&.u.:. 1 l It'
LiquorsU cry of 1':111.: :: a I.it't. P\lInn of tl t' p1l1llc srhf are } ,. .M.. .. at "" "" ;".

: ktnd; SH\'t't1 hy : out of tilt :.::If .IJ:""l.sal.! roo.'n nr'
I hfffby IItItlllHI that l'ro;!. H. E: lira. These tiny C :pqes: :ref Grcriorh

: '::11.Itlld Courtuu, i I 111':11\.1: Ukl' a t'Toudm! r.uv.il: ."li.url'she ."bi ,('r. ham will atloOllll daily! at -I'nni: OPERA-cHOUSE fill I TIlE f r POPULAR r l BRANDS.K B.tI 5&J1 of (',jIia.a.C"rbs : i
tltlt1Lt-t :
\ :. ..(!l1lot... huildin; X".I h. J.lnll' rl1' :\1'11I.lay' :and Inj'ttifn. @) :

('(4. "i1trrr. Jdl.ity: tnOfIl !' :!'. t":'t. :,: .. at1 u'rl\\.k a TLnye+t-nt' 4b' .uu the IJYw'

wa'y'E: LZNHEIS8ER ; \t the door Lt thl' haunted flMIIn Wt .. Ullti! "rt. :,.Ih.' for the I"rl'.'' .Nv.r t, s w,, :t fUYi. :rn1'
Et"I'l't,1 and ltlnl'Cl.: I'ur a L;oinenttL of examining ;:rad.n all I'urjl I I
;JIIHn t 111 np.U
: . ,'re was 111':1". Theo fium althUc. will failed to take the tint! !'X.utl.uali"11 ONE SOLID' VEK GiSTS

.;r." :1 sharp click and 1'::tt!,.. anti bare no pr"mtolon: cer- fnDIJXlIXO ,

: ( ) "What's thlt. JohUD'r' ::-I'I't! L'aily. tillneand tLo-9 wl.1) lI'n';> n..r Only place in Pensacola _. .. -

; t DRQS. ?' :itt-n.Jfod the city I"uhlic ;;el/r.'I-: : "j." C"3TQ"3 r"4 :.rw I"c
: hIW I d. tw' : 23d.
'alb S. It Monday Sept.
: tho-e 'l\'h. faired m .m" or two ..n1- ,
1 t.." t 11(' key from lwr and ot.t ntd if'- who have aU"IHl.,1 "tttnmarchouls where you can get ;Yf VAL! PiLLs! ;

.ILL! I ELIIK11'F.A: : b' door as gain tl\l' \\I'tl! round gins = and wish tOJ try fr rrotfI-! i WINSOME PfJ r,, '.U./-....) 11.1 1.11.--{ 4. .,..: : jt..

1IIt the Genuine Tampa ft :y 4 lilt f11dEl:, J.L1..U ; .
tlnn. ""-d '" 1:1 I. .... .... j
; .J
''' a"n i
lei I 4i' Wh1 klY.i 11:" .1l'W'... had tJ 'rI1 opt,ed. and It i i.. imp o tint to aend to t.i! = i iI Miss Una Clayton .4: 1o ..' ...... Uer..a.1 I .
I t-y .'z".., ... "'.../.... ..dina
'..l' I 1-:1.aLt: LMuflght: htrcauu'd late mattl'r bc-f"rf tbprt.fll 'Pf'II'. f"f 1 Made I 'r-.i.
y :. .:=: --.;;, :
I' ...
: .
I 1'.1..fo" atraPI1rp. :. the! I'UIIIII. ILl1l' in the silver;) Cghtwe : tho=P with"nt rttficitf- will! ha Itl.d hr own carefully j [' ... : "I.II.rr.., I.."......,.. ...... ., p..
l' UII11' It"pot placed: In th" grade- they were fa I .1-1 .'." 1t..I. III r..... r. ... .. II.'r ;
:.' tilt i'VI luvrst'htyin -- c / y a,' 1 I Itl. ". r' ...... '.
l" .c.
.1 ( ,
Fla. Ii-t: and those who have : I-a.va .. ........ ,
fFvtrtattrndPd II.al.
l''U-iCula. : year : I'JlIL"_ Pa.
:. tldlev! w! : ; -? Jit: the tlLlneat ftosa 1151ldcaoa Ci !
-. I 11,14! ::... the cho'ili; and fail totand .... ars

4 LITTlE KNOWN FACT.T' this pnmildti'I'1 will have to !

IlOInpto) b' lI1.lth. .It tt!:n'aj )rite of serious dU'a : walt unt:1 :-: 'nrdJfo : for the ='hool =Frank DeLeon=GfDimtiu : CURE YOURSELF !
will begin work promptly 1 .
on flea.d4r
"f It. A real f'-' iu ciordpr! ff the .lists t. Igt1 tar uasatanf I ;
,:1t': [ 11 >board tPThnc. -c-"Iiglnate Ortub"r I l.t. and Nee cannot afford It C4... dlNhar/lad.DIU.t.ns., :
: kldupy.. FIH.EY'S Kw\t\ Ct'RE is rmcis Many. '.'..,it-4 Irnt.u c. r u.c.rattoae
; to let -1.1: tanJ idle
; or pupils t?
C. Watson & 101 La .In.&I. ,f ma. UI braless.,.
f 0. : .. \I 1-.t.\tto: firm !!'luan.pr.d. HI' sure tu !vet Foley': while one two or three are being Px- r Pnt..u ac q..a P.. ,.a., sad not ptrlo- .

4 r- w'uch:: it would \\', .\. D'.tlt-tnberte. amines to find out where they belung. Prices: 10, 20 and 30c. .a '1EE.t.tClta'I C7. trot or p.a.uoa.. }..1I

.' w to' t conadpr: Go N. B. Cool:. Matinee EaturJay at 3 o'clock.t [ GsIsan,0 t.LA. ne souay1"ig1ses.r.rot in plslo wrspp.r, Fi
I ,'u.r
I ..J..ud dQc't wait Cow AI e Kldnp lrr County Superintendent Public In- I o bl Iprw, prr psle, fat 1
nl1t".' rarwu.PI1I.cullt'&lI k.dDPrlUs. FNa' I structlon. elO-2w 1 l.rn, or 1 iottbN, ti.r1. 1 ,, .
'rrllw fut. now all
;. r. '
1 1. :' giro Add beruog lktuedy Cv.C'blcao or ptP cols Iepl ea rlgaeltip "

-". -
-...... '- "' -, -
--- -
-- -




-- ----

.. THE DAILY NEWS : I cotitents. If Ii cluohtr and morel I THEATRICAL CHAT. Ttouunde Sent Into number hile.of I
decent and conservative type ofjourialim Every year large poor 97
I su1ferH whose lung are ore and
fails to meet the public PER CENT
ttl.ed.t the Post Office at Pens.cola. racked with coughs are urged to litO
i 'ypaeou4ala.smatl.e. demand, this cla.i of newt+paper9l I to another cllmnte. Dl1ttbl U east ,
t { will cootiuue to be published ; if a The Una Clayton Company opened I I Iy aDd not always surf Don't bean During June nearly 97 per t'fnt. (i.7T4P; t of the death
L j t.OAte.....,...:, sp-aars Plat Banding. t11l Mo' tb 1'.1.\\J Jt virtuous and pIf'refopectllg public a successful week's engagement at exile when. Dr King-'s StoW Di"cov- claims pad; by thE! Equitable in the UDlttd" !Ftatee. : and
i. I dE-mat'ds something better, the pub- : ery for Consumption will cure you at. ; ('auada were paid within OLe day afar rroof of death
I : the opera house las night with the bom!!. It'll the most infallible medicine I were rec ived.

1_ PL'SL1dHED: BY I' ushers of the yellow journals will presentation of "Little Miss Military. j for Coughs. Cold", and all :5UMRER. AMOu'

SHE JEWS PUBLISHIMJ t 00, !! soon Cfaiie to flood the country with ." During the week the corn I Throat and Lung diseases f'n eanh. I

; i "literature" which a majority of the The first dose, brings relief. Astounding Claims Paid . .. ... 154 8635,27
pang will present "Amou I result from ppr1list.I'rt .
.4 Terms-Inyarlably In Advance. I I the people are ashamed to take Breakers," "Undfr Two Flags," : use. Trial bottles free at W. A. Paid within one day... : ...... ... .. 149 575,56C

W Year by \bll. _----- _1500 :! into their home;", and place in the "Sell of Sew'' D'Alemberte's, 121 Palafox 5tre t.
+ ., .. ... ........ .... 8 \!IInIN Gwynn" and "Dangers :
4'r .1& Montbs Montbs o .. .. ... .... ... .- 1 Uia I hands: of their childrfn.I York." Clean bright specialties Price We and fl.OO Every bottle THERE \\'ERF. ONLY FIVE CLAIMS THAT
o.t MODtb" .. .. .. .. fUOh. I The remedy h not to be found in guaranteed.TO. REMAINED r\PAIJ) 0\ THE PECOSD DA Yo
payable Monday 10 will be given at each performance.
Week, by Carrlt-r. --- --- -
endeavors to 5upprei the offending ;,... Total Claims Paid. .. $635,27';
nm l't'BI.IC.St.
-v1 NEWS j'urnab! but in the cultivation, The following wl'll.known artists
THE WEEKLY : Total Premiums Paid
Fy among the people, of a diegu t for are with the Una Clayton Company Anthony's hospital Ambulance 272.52

hllll.btod entry Fnday at ILOorper year '! such prurient matter a, they supply, this season; Frank DeLeon one of i ia: intended, for the use and -- -

rOt".'Irt-t!. Profits to Estates of Assured.. .. .. .
---- and II demand: for something better the best known and popular cotnedhus convenience of the pubic! by day or $362,751
.... in the i"'Juth ; Francis Borers 1
.. .
z"-"' ; allJ purer. The evil h great but Guy Hetner. lateof DeOmand-Fuller Where claims are net raid immediately It i i.; 1I"lIally
f. : given. and all orders tlllpdou due to delay on the part of the beneficiary in submitting
.J i .E ::,j the cure rests with the people themseive. Company; Ken.to Buel second sea- -
> ..:,,\; eon with the company; Laura Davis. application to the uperintendent. complete parero
: ;. who last season played leading Telephone So. 00.
: -- --- -- 90 600! of Amount Paid Within a Day.

'" TELEPHONE NO. Hli.r .A. Certain Curl fnr .Ih.pntllrv n..._.# .and.._ Di. metropolitan Lane,J a. I). Leftwich engagements Carrie i Louie Harry, ,, ------ - Ralloof l,lIIII,1_ mdtoPremIume' _HTt'nl"lI.___,_. .. . . . . . ;: ,

$rrnoea.'Some Per cent of Profit to Estate of A -urt-J. . . . . . . ,
I late star of her own company ; :Settle: :
years ago I wa one of a Ford of thp Northern stock Landreth's.NEW
I .4i"1 Rates Furnished on ApplKtlliu.PENSAOOLA COJr.I
party that intended making a longhicvclP pang KeHrer und Diamond, comedy I The Equitable Life Assurance Society.
trip" cave F. I. Taylor, of etch arti..t. ..tnlers and dancers.Mr. .
SEPT 24, 1901. New Albany Bradford County. Pa. ': : lei1f i i.. easily one of the best CROP- "sTR.nNGF.ST IN THE WORt DI"
"'I was taken suddenly with diar-' --o
singers in vaudeville, reaching the i
rhoea, and wa+ r.lJ"l\t to give up the high olD" note with comparative fAtarp1ti: to Folicy-EXolc1c1'S: SCOOOOOOQ
,; CJtlTIl'I or the yellow journal; trip, when Editor Ward of the La. ease'Al. 1

'. : f t'Olllt' with Iud grace: from the Sew ce.villf' JJe=-fnger. suggested that I TURNIP CABBAGE KNDWLES
r. York Suu, yht"e'Iciou..; attack : take a ir'f of Chamberla, Colic, G. Field who will appear here BRDSII Agents}

will long Cholera and Di.urhoea Heml'dI' next month with his excellent: com- ,
Clevflaid :
.' 'i urou l'r. -jjf'lt I bottle 3tt9 l'.lhfox Strf'f't. } F.
i purchased a and took two puny, ha= a tnor.olou; UII hi" < ', 1: be rt'lJIf-mbtrf-d fur their: \'irulE-uce: dose;, one before .tartin and one brother: "Andereou which well

.". .. .,.'1' and lack-tlf-truth.- --. ----:- on the routp.and never I lIladfl felt the any trip ill euceefully effect. -. :: constructed for laughable: purposes.Al. ,' JUST RECEIMEDAT p.r-.....-W- ...'._W. ",.;.1-W. ...,-- .-...,--. .-.,....,_. ....._-. ......_..--....':...__. ...-_- ....'.:':..

.,k feel dl.r/ll-f\ to .\gain I""t umtnF-r I wag almost going -
1 to } TIIII E wIlt' may Field j i-1 ; ; tobrin2the: PanAm..ric : ltpI1itinlil !
completely run down with nn C'-
.I rOlltrihutl'to the Atlanta Journal- 11\ expo..ition to Pen..acob. a
attack of dyentery. I bought n lint. Look for him. W. A. D'ALEMBERTE'S &
that of Hut [ oIJn501t
erection iu city
fund fur the : on.
.I tIe of this eame: rel1t'dv anti thintime ....
.. ".. : a monument to the mE-uwry: of the one doe cured: mf-" ;Sold Itv Woodward kiltuth'II have on tile ,, DRUG t-\TORE. ... t .
':..; 's IJtP prt''lIh'ut huuhl hut b..d..tf-rrt.d all druji..t-;; and medicine d"oller. road thisea-nn a farce comedy entitled @

.... ,, froIl1I'IItI"in.; by the resemblance of I. \I: chellll',
aUlldHrti..in ;
: t the project' to [ -5252525252525l
hll.I.IIX; Till': BAY when the" 'how come; here and thp'''
the fierce ri\.llry bl' E::) and Winter (:)
'. lIriglUatll in hand trikf'; III' Brothermith': J TilE Li ;rij, G;

t'f-f'n -\11.tuu', to e\'Ellihlr: &lew.- This morning a- the launch Genevive wants \I'+ all to "'yet in the push"andfoljew

=. which plies between, Pen.a-, the band wagon. House ii; mi i
paper cul.t .lUd the 'l'luantiap ;:tatiQn, .ilud -- Critter lIusic i ccd ... OOR EMBRACES! THE -BtSi C illCiiON&>' OF ..
t>t'WE Flrlde lar..re, err beFlnnln.; to (fo'A\'AX.\H. h., March IT. 1sttl.MESSa. \ :

thInk II a tltn' '' fur the! per-a 10 L. r..pr.- which i i" in contutand: of Captain : : .;. LIP\.; BH"," III) BIIOADCLOTH;:. . . . . . .. .. .. .t Lsi, tu 1.'" I yard ,[;}

A .ntt'd III the !gubrruaoliat l cblur. But ,- itLrttrrtonelt. Hiera and Dick Guinot, Wto, procHd.iug savannah. Ga. !I : ranulacturer. Agent for .. VENETiAN> . .. .. . . .. ... .. ... .. m4). t" t1... ya, !
.. tuake bun cud to the city the "Ihtt-d D" r'irs I have rn ..
a suffered
,. III1n Clr to clptalu : : fromrheumatim rn THE BESTLINE I FPIANOg ; HABII'CLOTHS. .. . ...... .... .. 7;etn > I I"H:: t1;
Gaud h..hIDt the tbron.-daclloal IhrTlur. large rattle snake in the middle of fur a lone! time awl did ( )
..)bumhdCinerc.hiuee the hay and directed the boat up to not find a cure lIuti' I found. P. P. hl !'l'PERB HEXRIEl'TAS.: .. .. .. .. .... .. .. .. Wr to $1.-11 t yard (t1'1lIP }

I Is;: thirtyfJur CitiZfll; of the TIulI..tpr and killed it. which completely rUThlll e. I tug TlII CLDIAU ': \ CORDS.. .. .. .. . . .. ... .. .. ';jjJ to FI IINI yard -:'

Florida have bees honored with Mate Captain Hif-fa ".IY" the snake was Your trimly, I 'IJlu.lr IllImp "roer. The (Ej:J. DHOI' rn: .hL\JEH. .. . .. . ... .. .. .. Fiml I yatd, (:)
about four fllld II half feet in length ELlz
F. Joxn .
I other... One tlf the-e individuals anti about four luche ill diamatH. : : h ranlcb '" Bach for. lu years Ibl'uU.ICIIADIt"a'orll. .:, FIENC'II FLEr.. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. Wc t.1 Tc; y.tfd :.
Iii Orange St. Sa\'annah. '; II cots more L ,
hasbeeu .If-ctl or arpiuted Aixtinw. When the launch drew close to the ; Ot'CIUHk\Ga.OFi1 '. : .; lib the L..&!. ra iIbaaothrrplano. (EsI tJ TRICOT FLEL: :' .. .. .. .. .. ... ..... .. :2e to -I'ard (I)

moniit"r it began to rattle and 9.ht l !i .. . .. .. .. .. .. ('
', cue tin' antes, one four time. i'1: Dra\'tou 'tr.-t. call and srr the l't-It'bra: Le.tersnItb &- rJ .. BLACK T.\FFfrA t-tILK. uto 'I ;"s yard

four three times and seven twict' at II furious rate and the launch had );AVANNA1t. GA', D..c. 16. istiJ. t .t a.arrt-s and t mgrr. 'th; pon OE !'tom. ... .. .. .. . . .. .. ..u.O to null' y.lrd 'L',
to be run over itse\-Hal tinges. before ; :lIEN LU'PIAX.H.. Our prices are the LoI: our f f )
Cot one 'A'a+ a newspaper lI1an. Oily they could get near enough tn kill it. !.: Savannah. Lit. I lerntt the 1':11011'1. Our JII-yur (it 1"o'ILK'EL'ETto'. ALL COLons. t

once wall any special etfort mide by The make wa'' in the middle IIf the Deaf Sir; : I would like to ad.1 my':' Guarantee I lij the Holtl.m '.. LrFine Line or Dregs Trimmings i tamplt'i; of these l iondt)

I the Flvtjda pre-s to secure recogui- bav betwten Town Point and the testimony to the almost miraculous j rnrn I:)J sent on Requt'.t. (El:)
shIpping. Y. m Reduced Prices fer the Next
.. effect of P. P. in the of
ca..e Mary !
tlol1 in thi direction for it con..tallt ;.. .
--- :
Ingraham, a woman living nn my i 60 Day.. m mTh Specials.
and uuwearird-and: gucct..ful-E-f.: Josh \\'hthaf.r, of LOflsroolee.Ind. .
place. She had It con"taut cough, I il3 t:) f:)
forts in behalf: of the deUJllcrltcy. ., is a pour than, but lie say' IJt sore throat debility, etc., and was; : Clutter Music RouSt ill! Dozen VHic-s' rpdium Weight Bleached Vests and Pants; t
: ..
.'t'it8Iidiul: lI..hilld the throne"toVtIl would not bl' withoutChamLerJiln'" emaciated to It degree that she was I : for evely Fall tVear fjic Suit.it :

when It occurs, wl.ich i is notolttoni. 1'.111 Balm if it cot five dollars II unable tu get out uf bed unaided being : !!1 112 and lit !-I. Palafox. If) tlJ Dozen Children's Vests' and Pants. ftdium'ight.. for (liJ,)
bottle, fur it saved him from being:,: It given up by phy-iciJn". She -15:: Suit.
an un",+faetllry and unpruitablt cripple. So external application. had taken the ruinous Io-l'alled I S S S2S2EVERYTNING ':; i :Lilt! ) Boys' Wo..1. Huit. T to 15 'earA. #:.0t( to i5.tb 'uit. ; !

occupation ; aid while all equal tll this liniment for "t'U' andS Blood )I..di'hlf'swithout elIel'l, in- ( (J

't of the democratic new-"papers of sti1Tlteckeprainsand woken jOIlJt. contracted rheumatic lIuiirle and, til put under the 1'. P. P. she immediately : ). Sea Cur Line of School Shees Bef.re Buriog ....,

nted Florida to the may ambition be .aid to uf have: tho-e contrib.who muscular rumeroucaeesof rain. It partial has al-n paraly"I cured+. ill You 8.can good began refer health to to improve mite as at ever any and in time her is now lifl'as EI I:;) See Our! Line of Men's felt }tIts Nw on Display. (:1))

have thus.erved the state none has It i" for sale by all druggists;; and all to the effect of 1'. P. P. hi the foregoing [ ,

posed all a Warwick. It i is 110 great medicine dealer- CA; e. Yours truly (:) SPECIALS. fj:
SAMUEL R quired in the I
'Wonder-now that the peoplE:' have I A Bl'"I\F.'iS 'BSS MISTAKE. Fur sale by all C1IEIItY.. ) :'r ta-o Piert' Dress FaLrie from Last '"ar'r Stock sold 1:1 .;.
rt'l'utJ1ed their rigl't to be heard it Drugbts.1ofhio r. garttie-e: oC Co t. Monday on Center Counter at 25c! yard. (rlJ ]

the nomination of candid.dEs for of 1 All business men houlJ study and I :. SG>>OOh ROOr.t. t "-2-: )tolls New Carpet Deign MattirJ at 2c yard. li!

fiCE'-that tIle claitm of the pre--, practice tcouomy- It I i' a nece'ltyto I IiC \ : ; LE'Sew Carpet, and Rugs;I. Llul'oliul\1 and Oil CII/th.
i "UCCf.flll Lu..ine" Small leak, J will be in my office on ThursJay.Frirl \ (tij j
which i-the i power Iearf''t to the 'l'cttd.:1 turn tll trefHI1;. ay. -aturday and Monday. the'

peorlr.honld df'Uland recognition. But IIIllnv ret eCIIIOU1confupd :L'!';. Lrand: ::u inst.. f('.- the purpose ctonl Bcrt3 Hd : ,
) I with stingine;\ ,;. Aan example, of clJlltrlttiul: with teacher- whose r Est! IltiUiom oI \ te oli. !iY.ft.
, 1"bllal'Pr Lh'rll. there i..l111. business hlJuoe so lI1all .thul'l begin; work on O't.! I-t prox. Fch c ool Ll1F1ics. ; ltgOIt .
but what ha; nttre or le" -
correpoidenee. X. H CIIOK.hlw
! t Mince tllf' u..a."iuatit'll of thf'pre.ilt.nt .
Thiwill or dimjoihnccording I IP
grow Yl .
County t'ub.III-t. .
; a l1umh..r lit htlllE'litial con tll the way it i is hlndt: Ll. --- '..._. ,... .... ,,". _.... .. ... ,.".-- ..-- 1'.._ ..,. ... 'sml
TA : t. / W W rW .bW rW!W iL W 'W'i
:- L.tTPINcir.s: : RLETS.l'FNs.
"ervalh'u journal; throughout the Prompt teplymm' nice paper with aneay WIII \\ ..: :'IU\"I'II.; .
country h.tve f"l1lf'.Iytakfu: up the raped Oif'ralin 'fYPpwflt"r :: I... ..F.", ,

IIf UUrto"lr.tdlhllicE-lI-e making 11 pretty. clean! : etear: and The office of the 1'Pnsuola:: 'lltH 1:. 01-1I.\1o: ; AXI' Ko.AI':<\"'K-,
Ijlll'tithlll : ons. ..tyli.h print. always ;attract, attrntiou. COlupallY i i-now at Nn. II l '\'."t (inyPrnutenttreet ln.EHS: CRAYONS. ; SLAUGHTER ... SLACGHTEH'
. the part "I the public (preand have Every letter -ent ant, everyeuvInpe vI'po.ie the Express
t, di..ru"t' it IU ., firm au.. cotlviucin aJdrf'.ed 0111 a pretty writing ..!lice. Elt.\'ER", I'E lIoI.IIEIS. ETI'T .

.t m"lInt'f, ari"JlIp;; that it j ii tiwt' C..r Typewriter i i.; all inexpen-ive advf'rti..t'IIH'II -.\ ::1 Prices Cut to Half !
: of your buinewill; NOTiCltT :.
the tlu I uill'l &t"th tn
, pry'f inerI'p: ; your l'rrt'-pnndt.-lIc"; aid I have been: attb'\riz to take
adopt a dlt!..,.! t .1111 llore .1'f'1I11\. the'moltirtcrered' him-me--, the -ab" ript 'ln.. for Wm. Jenaiii !" 'Cook Store Freshly Parched Coffee Fresh from
, 'r wd I..., ,111'.r.lh; policy. :Sollie r".ult t.f economic adverts-ing.: I utoliP Br 'all'.. parl-r. "Tltf' C"mmlll.er" : I 2 5 C
l our own Roaster 2 pounds for .
.f ,
newspaper. u..r 1.t4! tlti..tlHI by I.allll' ( your g'-n-ral; ;: The prier i. $Lm' per year In adyanee.
BWII'Y! in:1::'lypt-wri.r ::1I1l1 you will 'l'ho-e Je.irin time j aner
' Ilah..t II n.fHr..J t'J a.; haying; fur'ui.ht bl' pleased at the proutpt' and positive can: hive it giant; t.. them by .srtding \ THE
: 'd. hy lutrup; mate hmuage and rl'turn.'I fl.Ulto! the under-iced: COMPARE; THI-: WiTH }'Ol'It L'!u.) COFF.1;. AI.I'I ASii I'Yunt

't rcaimdilourlrto"m", tae incrntlyea he Hllnmnn.1: Typewriter i i- the H. M. Ib t'tfF. I' School Book Exchange IIONESi') : OPINION.I )
on.. to hlll l hee.iU"" it d..ethe L--t
: tll tilt'l.t "r which the a--a--m \\:1" '
work;;. i i.; eimn'IP; .,: in Con i built ; but hf-tla'r thi- null 1Jf' if> for I .. (' ',IrrrtLliy NEW ORLEANS GROCERY CO.
: Illflxiwril'lll'd people tonm.tertend pn-t '\1..1. r' If : .
prevent .
II 0.Ccctirwed
'i4 I'rtl\dl t'r mint. the! fact rt nisiiu: ; tll.lt and "nerat... never ;.ret- Hood'-rr-apanllisirP: : I: .. "- cur'ed : : ;; ; ::al ?

; touch "j..I2rtlall-tn" 1a" rf'pn'h tot nut Ite 11110- lIr ant: of orlll r. :and t- it I" ('lIrln. It wll! cur-. lsng 1 Sinilrr tires.dlljl JAMES McHTI'GH, Proprietor.
-"ld by a local d' tiler who' ;:-UlrlII-: : __ __ n_ _
the iut.III fore of the P"I !te, and u
t -ali.Clctnn.. who keep; tt.e machj Th.. man whn nWJ;':' II-own I \ '.'HIlP PIIONE: :: : 1O.Ev'1'R1'rliNi .
dl-grace': tnll'a prllfl'-.i'II.' ::: ---
1 p in 'r.1-r. wLn r'rtundp. .onlptly in-ures I taint-Plf: a'iiPI"t 1 1.- ...ftrllub ? "' :
P 'f/II'rt'/ 1,1'1'11 he no question of tl:1' If rl-alts are rot: a.; r. prp"eut.'d.who e and WOIfY. Nohnrty ran

r .. .. ..... ,. "f free c 'ech"vt: tt.e will rive y.l fa-c termw roLive rai-e III" rl'lt. and the rent 11.\ !,asuo : : IN TilE "IlOl'EI 1.1X ,i. AI' 1.0\\1-1': : I'IW'I'o::
up t" their pr' ,.!tnir... Call 'HI term"rsfor hi'n. It'- to'
'a "ulIullll; (It: 'I.. Per's" iu lIch a fit-: own S.s.s.SC32J t
# -
f the Ilan tnnnd .1-hey.; 'o.lZ; youth: ('
1 hH\; nnwad11'Thaw.. C Feed Stuffs cf All Kinds.
b di-eu.-lnu.' No I h" will!! toP reacted: I'lIlfoX, and .\ 'JU will 1)e trf'atl'(1rillt. rCJ
\Vats nn jL CO. c In tell y..u how =
: ;sty 1 N Nill tt' 1"\' -lIry h. correct the ; ;.:i.-Iw ea-y It I'. lill utili i ine tlCLI. I}! L3 .
-- --- ---- -
II tV11. The eircutn-taucFS Ilf the tJ tJj
C.\III 01J 11.1T. \'".
I.E1t' !ooT.II.Thppmf'p : WilihlSE
awfullrl.F.dyrractedatButft 01"; .r

C'IIIII..t/ d II: ayft0 lght a d"rf'p; .. the mar y f: i"hj. wh""l'flmf-. n1 the l'.n"a01a'atFr [j r] Maryland/( Casualty Company

Lt.j with theutteratwt-or the praetiutsj would till h; Ih ,I 1'lIlumn. who 'o ("" GJ
tllf-rllu.l. !II'1tI'h' I" \\I..u mu"/I to So. I I IV.t E >>HRDWHRE E EC GJJ
: 'IIII'lI1b''leJ 1I1dlIl"h.
j "f IIHhl'II" tw hick ('him tt' lie rppl'ctJlII' : \ t;,,v. foment :tree:. opposite [J
t..r ill her uf'.Ictinl and d.th I ex- the .. l ]
Exj're-- llle.!
: allt I't panurr tll the j- te.t l my. htaitfekthankFRAN'E.:: -, i iia2..S2S" I IeslquartErs C OF B !.LTJMORE.
+ !
prated 1 ta.tt-of the l lose-t Iud mo-t .! P.OI.F.R' [] CO.'S.

f abalillulIl'd AltIifit of the popnlatiou,1iIu c.5"CE .52.525t:52s;' : CAPITAL, $750OOO.OC
t 'rratt' a revulsion of HI.. If rn'i ar'. a jI" ;:", cf fine vehicleIittmar.l .. r, aI

t } t. CU. ciihow yon ,I Iif'W, ; G' I rn F.\'EH\'THI J Surplus to Policy.Holder $1)438,575.00
11111rlltnpOn the ran or the! virtuous -tfl.. Statthr.pa. with r.ll..r wheeh: H r fir J[iian1. C ,

and Id h-lIIlIllll'll tnt."I'''. which! will :.:uard.. ruibtr
::ep- and IU;;, and r-'AI: LYKEPT r !
t x rafrly wd furrly rr.ul ill a COlli"pith' other t'IIn\'fnitl.c.-.;. 1/1/11 ",'." if"-/i'b' II'/IIII/r'f"l. If; JOHN T. STONE, Pr sidcnt.

} ( i rt'H'luli.'u HI thy conduct and -- /0'" PI'd 1I I/'F [\ I. m lli --- --------
.I (;') .\
:\ .
Sii; '
I. .1 i..r ,1 I I'r tp the latrt improved forma oC Accident Policies.
orprati't' tiC -ncll
+ pnblicatiun
The r.
.Ieput line ef
:: : : ATFIRiT.CLA i PA'e FCL INDEMNITY: Cor J"REEZro: !: (- !o TROfiF'DROWNING ;:
The wbalPmatttr ss l.mt'IY-lI.: : Tt"l "etFi h 'It" +. Bread
r 1 r : YDHOPHOBIA, CHOKING: ill rW A LI.OWI\U anti
j UHl.t "lwIlY-IIll' d public f'nti.lIltllt. Tray:: L'dle. Meat:. Jli.t'!: IL'llb'n and STEIN WAY : : :;:; GL AN1ST'HE11C:; 'when adrnilli-tH..d bY' a rem uldr i'II) ..lcian.
If the reader-of : otmp Punch I.adI. KuiF.uk \'('!'. NIL
IIl'W"r.tpen and :-1"'I\I--1'rullk of >101ld::; rnl t, HAItDWAItEN PAYS: TOAIDfTlONAl. BENE'I1S. if injured w' Iletravelingag
t which fl.IIIht' policy e.o elU\.I1.1i-\ 'ilvt' Call on J. 1. :"tephfn" and ELEC.f : : :
tr Ct.ud..n.IH.J alt hf' will s : y IIr CAULK or whil" ridin it. Ufol'IIl.H ELEVAToIt:
; rally by right-mind' how you the goods with PIANOS 7 :TORE: ID p..hfolllH:
edand rIPrl'l'labll' people desire to pleuurP ] I i or in cnueequeuceoltheL'UItNINGof! Ii }ll'l LIH-n in which the! in-
6 AND s i cured I Ii in lit cnmmf'lCflllent oC FIRE, or by JoXI'LO..O- of BOIIERS .
the roil, it I+ with. Cl
correct entirely ( Locomotive M" WITJlOl''f ANY ENTRA
Ir Xvt. 'IiUnnt-ry. : or Purt..blel
In their! power to do so. It CUlDot General Debility Whir'You i. m LOTS (l'HAIWJo

eta 3 poe.ibly tlt a feet that every reader Day 1:1 an.I..u: there! :. that 'ITEm; of can. by l"allin in at our rn PAY you while PARTIH.LY Disabled.PAYti .
cf three dangerous and discreditable i orI ,
wlalml that makH a frdrn all Clalm PRO IPTLY.
"C ltalf. i
.h@t'1II I" anxious to see them pursue Field doer nut .tree.,:1.t-:1. I I! For further particular, call 011 or addrel; .

' their crot,ked ",'ay. Large number :-1.1' p dII's nut rl"rtl: OTHER I
i iErR
:t 4 of their rt'ad..r" must feel :hocked at It is bart tV lu. Lard to N-S. wbat J SS CB D i+i rn THINGS. LYENS1COL. IDI ) II I H. H. THORNTON, General Agent

t thtir lir"ul'f'. Ll't those who deprea plotld! I'ot' (;I.y.Y,taly Is un tLe ebb and I v(\ v.. : PESRACOLA. FLA

a 1f .. tale i j. 'f'apt' h' patronize and read the Rue whuJe this l'OI..1Iioli) item sn..era.I.'e: i I I I : P. S.-Aha inspects and Inaufla HOlLERS and ELEVA TOll!' .

I tbentj-vtionablepapere. There are Hood's PIANO AND ORGA CO'I I IPilUl1I all classes and most liberal forms of IPI.OYER: LIAR!

?' enough otherwhich are h HP.t.rinn Sarsaparilla % W A Ttn co. ITY. PLATE OLAf"= and HEALTH rllicil'

amid fqtUlly valuable in everyTeepert. It vitalizes the bhod, avcs \'lOr: mJ time 37 B. Palafox street -
-------------- ---- ----- -----
\0 alt the I1T1t! and function+. and h The offi" of the Pl'Clacola Water ,
rusitively! u\t'qnalll'd f.r aJ eta-lows Qr PHONE 91. I Company hB: been moved to \0. 11 Read SALE LEA\'F--the book Of Ve will launder your @pread /
1 l'hf' "ytlIow j journals'are printed d..billtatt or'n..itilluua rn Welt Government street opposite the 2oth cf'ntury-wlthout ad.erti+e. 15 cent each and make them J

I. jlecau-e there i i. a demand for their a l'lLLb c;." -T: : ,L. JttLtb: m5'2525'252 rc. c525252J I the Express eIDc:. I memo or CtIOD. ] like neW' tar Laundry.r .

.1)---; >'.' .:;, '!' < ;r.f.ii': ",.: .......,;,.-. ...:. ... j '. ., =.:" -"; '-- -:1SC1 ,..:, -- - ..-

..-....._ .... r. __ ..........".... ...- .- ........ '_ rl H ;"" *=+ .:4r<- ..,- .,..,.- ...,- ---.:;. ::...-...-. ..-""1"r-- --- .- --" _"''''._> 'T'T. -- t- n_ -
.I p '




-- -

- : !I I: 1'AUGHN'o PROMPT WORK A Raging flood I I.; ;i

SAVES PROPERTY FROI FIRE Washed down a telegraph line .,

which Cba. C. Ellis. of Lisbon 10..
A dlsastroua firl and much dam. had to repair "Standing waist .: '

CHURCH ace to property of the I., & 5. Hdil. DRAIN UPON ENGLAND deep in icy water" he fritt'. Ia"e II i

SOL eARN & CO'8'' road nt Century, Fla, wa3 narrowly men terrible cold and cough. It !,1 ;1

averted recently by the ptrort'! of grew world daily Finally the best ;t ti\
-- Government May Hare to Bor- doctors ill Oakland Neh.. Sioux
I Constable Vaughn and Agent Baggett City and Omaha laid I hid Consumption ; j
The and of the 1 ,
pease srHificQlioM 'I'
at that place. row More Money. aDd ,'ouldIt {live. Then
contemplated new Eri copal church I began using Dr. Knl Sew Diecovery I '
; --YOU WILL FISD--: t p'evpral days ago, while Mrs : s .
and rectory have been accepted by and wat wholly cared bv Fix i:
Vaughn wa watkinI near the railway bottli ." I'u-itiv..h' ;guaranteed to'
... thE! tru-tees. and in a few days will station! there. he aw a mall TIlE MILITARY SITUATION for : '
.. ... Cough/ Cold. l\IId' all Throat and .,,',r
'0--: .-. _-_ .._ be submitted to the congregation! of thine on a tank (car filled with spirits Lung troubles by 1V.:1. D'\leUl- ,!

-- ------- ------- ---- ---- Christ Epiecdpal; church for their of turi' ntille. The 11.m' had 10 ('&&pt Colony Ii Serious tate ur .'\r-! herte, 121 :,oath I'alafox street. 1 t

f:252S2252S2S25'252525:1SWISS approval or disapproval and jf rime started U\l.t'f the ear. and had it (.sin e l'rl'\'dlb. the Country Front I I l'rict! W'f:
ra Roman favorable the work will spread any dbt..n'. the =pirits --- -- -- ."'
are perhaps
would pos-ibly have been i ignited Orange itIverto the 'eu Bring In u Two ronnil fresh rated coffee at iff

.CHEESE- bE; commenced within the next two and an Hrlo-l.n of ?oll2e force: and Late of Upl'D or IncIpient I.belllcli. I thpI'W Orleans l]rocery for only !tj

XC:1Chaftel ] Roquefort week much dctruetjun would have. fol- : ; cent+. Try it. r. '
f An excellent painting: of the intended lowed. New Yonc Set. 23. In fa3nCl:1l: 1.

..trncture be seen in theshow )fr. Vauhnimnlediately realized : circles the cr1nion h growing that there I I"? '
:.:burger s2J[, Waukesha the danger and with! the hurried a- will have to be further borrowing Ly ----.... j ,
i5'225'225'2 : 'iYindl/'iY: of T. C. Wat"on A J.tllhN Gf Agent Baggett! .Ion had I ,'11'1.1 ,.1 i '

Co.'!' r..altate aeccr.: ; The picture the flames extinguished and the valuable the British government as the result of' ;:ll'... Phone 183 =:?1.:
- -- --- -- -- -- ,.-.--. -. -_- -- : ;: ;:1'III
'..- .. ,: -------- i i. a good one and Wili executed by l prllill.'rt;, out of daDg'er. the conli:1u\1 fhtiug in south -\trlca, I 'I ,
.- oar of the beet church architects ill .
-.- here were three box car?, two Lars the London: ecrrespoudentof The
the countr\". The church i:1 shown I ,
tin car, and the loaded: tank car on .
Tribune The only relief to the drau 10
New York Creamt: in color, and a very ready idea: a:1 the track at the rime. and the latter I ,
(0 to how the church will lo.k{ when was the depot upon the resources of the nation: is the C'l --I I ,
Stdll.Jllltr j'l-t "pl"ile 0
=: ==-- ::. --:' ::. =- = =-:: :: ::'::' 0 completed may be had from a few which ( ertainly 'ftultl have coney which IS expected to be reallzeli Gl' ,

moments of looking; at the r\jntin ., been deti"y'ed bad the fire ;gained: by the sale of farms boulng! ; tiJ those rv
and It i ii [ c.urluiQIl lilat .
: a foregoes I
any great leadwhY. have left their! 0p
irreconcilabe: Bow who I Jams
when it i5 i it will add .
Agency Nunna1y's Candies. fhe.pirit: \\I; eri! ) trued t\3 the wins and cLhareu to tae care of Lora e 'r
treat beauty to i its cho-en loc.ltion. 0 It
AI @c.ulli\"an: :'yndieate who, It hItCn( A; ha already heeu told ill there may be said, are flow "r"r..tir'; a trifling, however and it 'i hardly hkely : Butter
column will hq
the edifice erected
turpentine work in the other side of to have an awrec13be! t 1IectCummeattn '
TELEPHONE 178. Pensacola, Fla at the n"rth\\"t corner of Pala fox tilt: cuUIlt\'. TIII'd,) 1\ great "t'lll.f ; on the lil 1iru,. sitnation I, It:; I Grape- 0

...... and 1Vrittht streeton the plot now shipping; .:and thi ear hlllt jut been ,I tae corr:!spnndent sacs: Nuts ::::
bald by the alltiq'l tli.j hell hnu-". loaded U
;hir\llt'nt to Ltortht rumuke I "The newspapers are elamorin; fl'rl'uer"lil
This lot ha- beet acquired by the Vltos e*
: of the ctrngc'ass ::::
tpi-copal church and the oh:] tJu jIl- The fire ; di"coYt'red late the I prt-r0Uttuu Lord 'C
wa ; ill are pj"lSed ro tk able to print Wheat'd
;; tug now standing thereon WIll betent evening, 31111 as the car had berm i I KIcne-Ufr's unuonucl'n'ut oi the colt W I '
[ down to make ruom for the new : BlSC'UltI
ctauaiugthere for it ] i CarGhua :
a day II\ two. i"l i lure ot Koch's coin:uaado nn' tile
bUlldl\l;:. certain that m 'Inc..l.dl\r- contnaado: l aa
7 o\ Tof' ,,ecitiatior .. caB fr fici't.cia. i i.1I\ had bce11 nipped In time buJ. Nnarrestt I i "rlle lnnh: I1CCCS's are regarded ). s !
-: work III l':1nicallr.; and ,
every on
have been: made. but sire n some cVIUp'nulOli tor the ren-r.;
,, while it i. not claimed that the .tli. ,u'l.ici.'n a. t,1 '\'ho H'lll'.ll Lout: ,
theguilty party I reported b-t wc.-k. ;
tic) willI.", the flue-t in the l'iol.ilh. i-, 1:3 held by oJ\icfr! I I. 1I'lha; ha now lot a. inrt'' number .'fhr ra I[ Pat 6'
It will holt is own with any yet mcFugh 1 -
cattle. anti he roar find it 1.t.CC3.UY I
owned 1r that denomination: :old TO CURE A COLD IN ONE DIY alter lv uta .
l ; :, to c'I.i ierat plal."Kretzuigr CoI i'4
I ( ISNOW N \\tI\JJ\ will equal: if not! -lIrp"-, allY tike Take I K av-1 rnoe: IInn Ta.tlrUlgl.l ) -. AI./ r endeavored to Imitae the hllfoJl and ;
The! .
hlllldillf11I tl.tatI' treeteehave rrfunOa. I..n..y If It fatty tocure. eXlII1r1 pet him by 'mums. of cuttinghis I t., Rom na Sts.v :
:1\.11 touch careful attention 1-:. \\' brows -ignat'Ir.1uarocntox. :,: line1k -- I.
_,."... way throa.u the Brltlu :
rf tutheprelinlinari.-u and h'tlIot ,, __ __ !! f\llei. bat L'' :111 I'S scouts ,.ur..r.... eevrrrly -,"I"- ,"nor '

proceeded with any undue ha"tl- Clio.,lNh. CO.\CIIT: 01- !oil: \.O N.1T I I mu keeptug; hun "ou.u ur tae I II ;"(@) i Phone 183. : ) I' '
have taken all I
They m.ttlt'r I
rertaluina I i
OrU2: rlr. r4n\ rl+llNIw \
i, to till cnn-tructluu of tlebnlldill : M't6\OLl BLL'F.
: l'I..IIIr of .\':111111 1111 Illn.I .
,, : into "II."t..ratil-'II.1I1111 upon -
the appw&I of the plantt a work The l'flls.\cnllt t'uncert Ban: l will I "The aT patently. ll1e\ lulu tlhle sUtrl .

may I be commenced I and carried eJoI- th..i series uf concerts at Magnolia -I of IItnIUUUal"U wll\'U the hots hav.:1fI _
through: with practically: lIotltilll at Bluff Thursday night. YlstdNo. I tat'lr COlllnlma 1- the "ubjcct "t eunstd-II'raille

.:'\ \/h:: all to niullt'r rl't&rd active operatioflbeinrcarried .- -- I tak: ttutoug :teen; 1-:1CI1.lIIge mru.1)uubtless .
y ; to a ,-Jcct',;;ful 5 Bllrhnfprf..r fn: typewriter .; tae stores 1I11P.)1 red Jl'tore NEW GUNS !

and rapid tiIl ;h. for sale at t\J. Bruce ek Killg. J-Ijt I tae war have no, YI teen entirely, u"c,1

--- rip or cal cored. tlu: private IItlct'l1IJU1H LAlml' :MOCK

- C):roaicNasal; Catarrh pOi-11M every NAVAL STom AHKt.'T, I to a porsio.e ka.ae at CaIo I

breath that, drawn IIIto the lung+. Town anti other ""iUIS.to New Coats, Caps, Hats,
R. K. WHITE, o'clock. Bud the! end interment will Tht-r. i.. prol'lruhlfrom my Reported Daily for The sews lIy A f'nntH state vf tntngs prevails! In

'I1unofatturin Jt'1tltfI bn Michaet's made at the Tatutly plot ill 1St. gi-t the remedy for the cure of dflll-1' Union Naval Stores Co, Cape Colony frtlw the Orange river 10 Leggins and Gun I
'Ii' I" r. cewett'cy.: allublt'. A small quantity IIf Ely'" the spa It I" In n condition oi open or

I m.ra.Iuute Optician, 1'hharkentine' B. A. Hnnt.m has Cream Balm placed into the 110tril !'- 1101111'1.' iJriplent rtbt'i ioll. A letter from anExprees Covers.
ww... ... rd5'1 H tlYSWa. :
bl''l1 loaded aud for inflamed and correspondent at Cape I
ready yea e'v.Pral ; "prl'/td ; over un JI" u. .. 1laz
..1 n "I Peea'.la r la. days hut !III!! been detaint'd Oil angry-urface. relieving immediately t !oo onm .. ... ,: Y I 1nM. tells or pillaring comwlUGOt'. auner-
accuuut of fllnd 1'It' the Inllamfiat ion .. : ::I F.... 1 Its jag free from erlolU IDterfereDt i of
captain states painful .
.. _. .
K 1 w II _. i 1M' their rebel Fresh Shells.
i that hi. 1\11)11O'Y hat" b. chipped to cll'an-. heal4 and cure. A cold in 1-_. ..... I Ii l a hrtow. I wtlrtaiT8 farms by Vr.'l'I"-'ct.
', Lisbon from lilt ( Islands the head vauihes ors; of armored tralDI that have been
hOGAh NEWS NOTES /tJjIH\ inI ; itnmf'diatt'h' Trarr rllt &-:;". a"Lt6
I bulk before It i sent to lim.I :,old by druggi-r: or will be mailed: forced to patrol toe hnea a3 far south asPaarlur .

I for 5 ct'nthy Ely Brotht'r ; War- Everything in groceries or feed Worcester. and of the srreuJ1.E'ninlt FOOT BALLS PUNCHING BAGSIt3PORTINO
Immf'din..lwht'll the cUltainftJl Cairo Town
of the defeuses I1t itself.
stun lowest
Itr at the sea Orleans
-- '! 'I ten t-ttt't't, :sew York. pricey -
for the IIt-t time at the npt'ru house .
Grocery. Two p'Jund. fresh A\D I ATHLETIC
of r'rn'rr n 'Tr.t .rndy. la-t uittht the apparently unclVlIiz..d ; roasted coffee for ; ct'nt:1. Try it. For the fir.t nine it is uow known;; in
Xo. a; tan typewriter
1 11',1...,./".. FgAf ..n.frrter..p.Itnr occapant. nf the 'oloct'd tide -- thll country that ch'pt'n succeeded 000[>1'AU.. KINDS: .
Brucl' k Kin. :!!-it
for 8'\16 ut t.'O.!
.. 1"'l of lilt' ; 'Illt-ry hegana m..t unearthly capturing: tue loyal delegatei rnelr
-- Handsomely
.... rJAuar.:1.III \'t'lIin11,1; eei-eching. which Pl.ctured return to t\lr h.tmeY In OuriiscKorn Mail Orders .'rolllpllyIt I..t"'tl To
: continued until some nf them had TTJ-"IiTIOS. Frarned from welcoming the Dale of Cornwall
:\.lllt'! K.yrrdnuta excelled tLf'Ir"f't.. Itallll't he.till T..n. Lord ItCUetlH' mps- Bruce & King
.I II"W coat tof i'Ullt. th'it the ulahiin. 'meat "f the I'.t...,,_ f.r Public Schonl S..... and ready to hang at rims'sually 8t safe Care c..llrs up the myst'r a. to the b- i,

,.. N 1"1" r'lr arrin1 thi'd h..I1. I" tll hlamf'. Lilt "me m..I1hlIlIlllf' and .I low prices. .arston cation llf tae waterworks mentioned 1:1 SPECIAL SPORTING GOODS STORr.

pa1.1 utt the boy-. \1ClI I..(! tll fila a Hop to The dividing line between public & Finch. recent dl-i'll'b"+, reporting the capture

Inl.Ltp ('Iiut" ]i.. d\:... to such 1I1I"II..J.f"r cllndnct.I !'('hll"i.\o.. anl'\jt\ will hI: It mylenstreet -- of two irons b" tlil' Ikltr Pretoria It waH'Il'. I
'ullnu.l..r..too that tDe : wa.tl'r'orl
111.111 rockA I instead of P..lafux street aytot t'ult-cribe to the NEWS We per (
1.\ t. phphat Says He Was Tortured.Iulferrd year.'fhoe w..k. I ,; \.rt' rebel red 10. bur It Ii now I Mobile Oysters
I Itrrw.
; I : clear that If wits WI Blnenfo:1II'II:
pupilk in !grades I. ::. :1 and
r It'll lidirt'rtPI) to the inch pain" from corn, t. living! Oil the ea-tl.ro ..f Blylf'u"trf't't. : SHERIFF'S SALE. 4Ry I ..rk. fronn which tl1 ca,:urea guns ft.I.IV.HFII1'I': .\ SIva

1-.strut t'f 1hP Jt---.. 1 could hardly walk writes 11.liuhilrOI and south of \\'ri ht street, and .cort HllrtE'ci. I In' of I'll t I ITTUE \".
II ill borntlll 111-. virtue IIf IIn I'U'U Ion 1'.Uf"1 out Of the
"hut It CdD'I'lrn that
"t ". ill ttli.1U will attcudchool Nn.r. and those Ih..tunly 1 1u'h:... ,'onrl of f"IImhiRI'oUII- 1Ujlar .
U1Icklrn'ruir.! .. -\lln' coulpleteiyPeered '. l,atrrrv wnnc' list a gun near the w\ I
Oil the wetide IIf Bayleu-treet: 1\ gin. 1 \\111'.11 rot )lo (IK\ the 7th day
I 0' 1 I.I Medical r" ociPtyht : th- ii." dtlike 1I111i; :ie III an.11th! flf Wri'ht ;.Ir..t will attPnd III 'l"I..r.-\. It, I HMII.lo the illl/l1..t'ulcl-'r : tf'rWOrl\- Tile fi tlt itdarca ::1, 1t l.F:1"I,11I } UNION RESTAURANT,
the hoard of for ahIntrentufthecourt huu' dn..r.1th.
JOt cows-lit escald:. I line withta hi males uit:1li
-"raillt.rui.: Iwo 1II"re
., "chllol No. j 1. With this f'X- r..llo\\llII de..rtl..1 .
. prlll..rl to.\\II : : .
t I ttt Faire.t1icr. bunl-. .! ulcerPerfect: healer I' moutUs Ilt'r. '
l''l'tiOIthp IJtjundH: hne!: for thecity I'nrold".tVI.' piano, one plane stool one 1 Frank L. Wilde
"j. li. I.. H.lb,11 !I.. ic..d ofkin IIi-.a-: and pil... Care primacy -cllOlJloI will he the "OOk'-e:. one lounge, three Irunk.. I ftiro I ,

r -.1. T:11will hI" lire! sm'lrIIII.d,: byV.. A II'-\Iembt-rtl'. .I\m as last year. Ad'nanl.teringutorithe E.I"'ITII.l"hHIIT.meaty ',fI")"D- ,i I will: repair your watches and 1 Prop ;,etor. Opposite; Union Depot
1:1! "Ilth Palafoxtreet.. :1ic.C" j J..y. 1.1 tir"tcld:404 61ylo. J. J
r.t111IQ off tn! w'all'-' X. H. r4aiw. drr I ul.l'. a ..ORSHERIFF'S \\ :\\

..I! l I- att. County Superintendent of l'uhllcln- -- tltfpbeol'L'tT .. .. .

t I 1111"11 t.. nl'etlnh. it rth11111 o'\f; tIP; car-I) 1 CI. \ \ .i'oS Till-('/) 11'.tNV1T OI'EH\ HH'SI-: ;trl tion. :'l-Iw SALE.Ryrrturofan.XttItlnn I.surd: out. 01th.'II"Ult i \! ')-T\rLE-S\ ti- in -Parlor V. P ra tU i & BooEexs r \

1.1' II' 1"1" :-K"O"lill1noU
.t. .1I..f! the lIalt -onI I -- .-eatlla. Iollll..r("un iti t anti Ior1!trimly". \\ h..r"l.l" "'lOt 11,0.ofI. nn 1 f llnd l1cd- ,
I J..htl-un. Tit'! l"na C1.iytou CIII111'111) bf'C'III n' 'tUitlT '
I I. \\.on I. 1,1,1'lItl i :' and .J.llllh /l1t,11O-
a bite! fur popular: fav.'rllt I night, donlcuafld a de nredefeudant-.I I II\. 1"1..1uT.n ) room Furniture at ..J1al'1
'., tin hark J.fruhu! The concert and dance at :\fan'lia KII,1,1 'II. III Iwn ..t tr. sore
'1.11:111111I"' : YrPrday' I1- !avid If the IJ\I-ilw of thn week i ikept j.. huu d..r iii Ih,' ,'n\ of rrn-acola III ..id ton J' Fi11Clt I ITALIAN *
muff TIJtlr..d.ty night will hits the CU'HIIIIhl -Iu'''. on U.."nat. Il.r 7111 Idverooo.: and I'4r allythlllg like it wai-tl.Iw'n
-N up ,;, .
I..r.-\ II. 1 I'oi. lit C: n'enek: nn.'n ofall
I t::11.. niort1411. t..I"1\I la't night: the cuulpaay: will untbsve: la-t thi" -f'a-nll. Train at 7i's:15.:;' ; lose. to Ih..llI h1 bidder for. catr, tbe'' Try Tn: X sacs \\'ant "llImn. Glanufacturcrs of macaroni
tt. 1" and 11 o'd"ck. Ticketcentsat follow lie de-'nl"1 vw..r\\. .. .. it : 1."I'l .ut-:
',"I J"-PphtIO! F.lti..tt! ar'I ally kkk eolllilli:. t"nil/II :!I-td II li I aed ,,,\11 ; ,. II ntl the lIur'1 ::feet flf i
.en' ut'r:ioon fronrnlrh I:! Th.' 1'1,11:1-1 l : 1Iht! : was; "Little Ililtlillit.lry. ." "t'rot. 1..1 0\1' :, tiled! ihr! gect .tt' fret ot In,. .olitil'' W.yt'l = I ). I Flr-t (lualll; Italian; )I'st.I : ...
." \\"III the fi,1/h yli-- oIl' r.1 of lot..I.\.n 'III ,.is.1111 block thirt-eu
I !! 11 (::I'tl tlf i.I.1. I A Fireman'I CC'I'! Call. ,; ..IIIt! Iirltint trail. HI tn" lIlr1.1 .(, -I. ur III n..x.-; IU
& ,, ( 'l.Iyto"1 a..uiiilli! the HJi"ult till. ) ', ,,, '
: I ltd coal lilt ( .try. I"'U'R'II. arr. trig In mapP' F. t' Vat.ene. : ""IIII'll t.
rltl. From tw! first: it Wanoll apIr -tnck!;: tl/ \11'U'IUP.. although; 'nett .1! .0 1".1, I.vi.d on all 111I \\ 'I. ', 1,1,, 1.r' hnni, a' .j.jT"'I Cen1 ,; n Pouucl.
I I rent that the <'HI11 i'i 1Iwli..h foalappeared every Joint :Ieltetl :tad.. CVPry I..n'" "nick.. lOt. .... -aid d.t.'nd..nt. I ,'X 110. ,', 't.r ,,, a p'.' II-

..n .In<1hnrft\t :rJl-II'liil; !I hft' jtl-t 1.t'.lr :11:". hatbrl was racked with pal.. wrlt.-l'. \\". 'IIWIW.r'T:, : "E-C'IIU"II\l'OUDI:t.iI F.M ': H,). ", u. lit At'I. <1', r r'.. b"'nf'. nnx. rf 119 South Tarragona St
.' 1\ dealt wli t'\I.-.. tae i ,II lI1atE"rJ.IIItrt'n.tl'.u....! al"t:1" 1.llamv. .1 IIIcol1oJfinIIIII.: n1hurlington.
'hl-, -PU-na. 'fr'tlna: I \\:: equal tll many III the hl.hf'fpr Iowa. "I wii: w"lk and

I,. t-5 cen'iUt :!:.' rnivu <'''11 ..h.I\\.... SOuO' tlf the old faivnriteare rIIt' Wltllllll any npp"lltt'Iud all
with the c''ntpany and run duw n. A1 wa-: about II1:1\ "

all ('IIlItrih1tt"II! lake: up a' fir.t- III'. I 1.1 a hnttle "f EI"l.tnc hitter;

'1 ,lit 'IUOU for E-Irrtir'lp,all\hh Oilwen' inP I cl.l-- fuup" Of : hf' play: j! \'PIIIt..t: ,IUd. 3flPr takiligIt.I felt :a-well .- The Forbes Stores
: new < "
forwarded I" 1\.1- :salt ht litl. ::111 h'' -,titIf am prttrular I ever did 111 11hIp.. \\'p'tk. -IrkIy. -
IIH'lIIhH,1I.tin:;. athev run d"wlI' People aln ay- ::al'l,
',11ni..ht '
;. i were 1111.n' nu.l I. acid thi-f.tctwa; flewlife.' fr..IItll: and vjeur ff\III
It work .f Ir.1tllHi
.. prep /I i'l'rPI.jt1pI'by tho audience. their uTn' Ih11I1. 5ati-faeti'"un'trahteed
: ,: all .l'IIrP. I' Specialties by IICl.n.t')1I :antl ;! /by 1l'. .\. Ir.\lHl1bt'ltl

; i.- IIf tlii' l'll..f.tr. I OI"CJjl'lUllt'r- were iltter-prr-r t tnhtl 1:1 :Snutl) l'sl.tfoxtrert.. Price '.,! Two yeflrs ago we opened oil,' doors for b11.kille.s'c. W'e ill't! !,'lful io say tli"t welllWf

-I church wIll &!Ire a 1II11..ih''h' it ere wet! rt'I'l'li..II by one of the edut...
.. I.'- r..f A. H. 11'\1- ureai1'preci.itive "t I'.n-ah :l1I,1i. -_ beet li erttlll/Jitll'fJllied h/ a. Free and .Jp/Jrtl'ialive PuUic. W e fl/JIJ/'Cl.iale

l'lIlI\\'I' t I. .1d ttt : Alesfhe plea-nl' : tratut'e: ..Ut'r'II1Il'd (;rand %1."li ht 1rnrionTo : four ]Jctl'o/lrlge sod it is Ollr cO/lstant a.im to make it both plea.sant awl lrolita&le

.., jlll'lu.tlll-' r..tr.h"I'UlL. i \, for every IIIht, :and thidn be \I\'en: Thllr-.IY! f'"ir."ptfomhpr ::.

1 Idea-out; : : "\ i- ..I".ar.II'llit I 'rr-ion au..ne-honhl teed to aid inI : :.(:. tinder the uu-pir..: ..f to trade l'ith us.

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:1.. cry are r.-1 i.--t.-d toO the Wf'l'k. : a. it will I'r"hllty: he the \Ve will Inaugurate a Ttlll Days"Ailllllrel'sal'y

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I ( 1.11'11'\', The grain ,
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.L 1.-t night' all' I" i"IIt.rlOl reni allli bfo-t hill:: !in the r"pf'rtt'irt' ttt the true and f'oniop article.Inuk One Case Standard Percales Bc yard.

'. .. dram and flit the name lit the California
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; illiuiurat-: It I" 1\
, Fig Scrimp Co. printed near the but- 25 pieces Good Canton Flannel 5c
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r'.. 11' rtrn, "r the board of pnbtic'y' ale prltni- x:15 o'clock and It wOllldtle drug l-t.. '

. ,.', th1- week will be h."t Oht at -- ---- 111 Piece .inrh Granite Cloth;. 11)1 shale' i5t: value. . . .thi alp foe yard

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could be pre-eut at tliml' Buy Try a Box onighl DRESS ;
everyouC .: "j.'r'u' iii'iijd' ;
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j I. iI11adP: 11.'t>-"ltrfr"l11 Ihrfry 1 We have a Lsrte A +ortment of Venetian9 Poplin.:

: I 'It I I .. board Ilf pila' ct'lllmi-- While you think of it, go bur a:1dtn' etc. .. . . . . . . .. .. . . . . . . ..;Jc to #J.jJ; yard f
-I'1"f which Cllpt. E. H.I'ul- box of ( Ca
The !toularh tlf lIn i. 'ul'j.'t toa a 'acarets; Candy
I ,Iii 1- .t 11,' mlt..r. will c\"fnf' inp thmic. !
but painfulaffrctjOuaay ideal toni ht.'ou'l1
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-; .. 1..1 -" --IwI t.lII'rrOW 1'1 take 1\1urbu". All tlitO LnteNt Xo eltlc'w We !-' laekTatff'taPedl-'Jip'.fuchp.: !Z, sxl j \ .

t'. .1' 1,," 'II ..1I1h.. Kwa"iud matter and dysentery cramp-cholera. that by l1elrle-ct. may never stamped regret!:C. C.it. C. Genuine Never sold tablets in lKX K I elC. You will Find Oar Line of Trimming. Sew and Complete, IH=lan Hands, Appliqu. Lace I 'twi
h.. nlade chronic and dal1lrerou. bllk. .tll 1 Boleras! and Collars. I!

I $ !llttle-.'nfMr and :yfrs.Jn-. The bpi't. handiest i'ure-H. andquiekeyt druggists, IOC. r.t r
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:k-" il tiled ."1'tf'r,1:1oftpro.'ttl remedy i" P.\t -l\II.I.r.H. Ii .
.. f..lnll1..ld..hrf.. oil- \\'I.t RiII. '- medicine which Labeen tried for A new lice of fiDe pleasure carriaeeat "Clt'nteutlimit for H.ulJ. and the r\jtl'm J. i Patent ThuT-b) fcr 11 ..'

..i. Thl'll' i- Ii peculiar more than a hair of a c..nturnnd' J. M. Hilliard k ClI'... tio Our 1l1d Gloves I fl.tO. are fnsurpased in Beauty and :Seldom Equaled in \-alue. They f..
Avoid and -t'e tt.un :
I III tl' .1. th "f :1113.Is 1'pl'n. I never failed toJ give e are Sold fnderaPoitiv': Guraetee.Wa .
-- --
fact 1.111 tl'. ln"rP poignant ;ub-titntee. there i.- but one Paln-
I r d It It'h .,f t l'IlIlJtud the art : Filler ferry D.l\"is" Price :5c and I'ISCOL.TEI CO'I1'SlOITIce -

t ,I r H' ht-! I. iv, the condolence 15t1c.I '
I' .;.. !V "f frieudThe moved to No \11Vest Government -

!,+, w.t: h.. hE'I,1t -t. I Have you solved the "Home- sree' opposte I xpre-s of- J. Ie B. FDRBESI ,
: is PACE LE.HES fice.
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ttI } '\ utt's' Pills!I: GOING BE MARRIED TO I 1-A Wife- --- Says- : I 'aJaabJtt WHEN by Lesion THE a Mtcbldau' MOON la CttGWClMT r.t..r.SHINES.Gh'.. -

i I "11) bor.; said the.o1J CUD kindly 'sere Hop flavor

"We have four ch: 2ren. With the first as he poked hi! heath through;: the back 4 -
I N*,.i., South Africa.My .
i. FOR TORPID LIVER. bra .\ut-\rC'1'1 ray 7.phy al fc.'rJ" thru 1 suffered ahnoat unbc QH pains from Parlor doorway about 11 1'. m. when

A torpid liver deranges the whole ,.., \lthCIlj: rJ 11"lutlr.tan.c Huh yeureft 12 to It hours, and had to be pLtad under his prospoct ve Ou-In-b\\ CharIc'. s t is the most beer

ii system and produces anti my late \nc'a was hmlred' tl. estt.huge d courtln; L'liza. with the ;gas turned 0:1 delightful quality a tan
.. the influence of chI: roform. I used three
SICK HEADACHE n h .a..vll.Ill.Ir. t .w .:nc'rely Jrry I t2 ..r the possess. It net only makes it most gratify
('on; ) lU d bis drah I.:., r"L.,1 Iv Inm null bottles of Mother's Friend bdor out Wt Cull forte. are you aware that i ing in taste but is that it is rich
1 i Dyspepsia Costiveness,Rheumatism yU .,.J "ur dauhl.rs ar! "h::,. UI.\I..1: child which moon li hu'lI! ; brightly this \'t'nln;? proof in
(,.;, M ".cr ncr.t, rdhe I Il:: me rspm.i111117 Ju..t sty." an.1 the old! tuav ttr.wl1 the ; tonic frcpcrt es.BJintJui.

;} Sallow Skin and Piles. in your ,thanaaJ ule l.w"re:. lh u;!,teat is a strong, bt ad gas: out. "Just oLrrve, ray Itohow i

.,,' .l+ There Is no better remedy for tbese I 1'J'l: wb nir yU may I r' .ail d aU huLhy! boy, doing +
Li common diseases than DR. TUfT'S an' I' nr.rl1ln: yncr :Iur'. '11... mat r I .., the 11I0UII'" 'l'Io\\! rays IIht: up this

i LIVER PILLS as a trial will prove. foil" a ,t'1. .t U easrr ta r.r.'a.i Ctrl air! I:,.." by my housework: cp I'c om. Truly. It I Is :1 ;giuriuu" 1'1''t:1d. -
Take No Substitute I..w r. I lute ir"tru.ld a lh'nJ '.f III :1 prr towithh! two hours Rut conic with Ill!' a woinent; I --
n tn3'ltl: t,) ...II!l 1:1"' n J"u 1.m.:3Idy and t..
I of birth, and sufI I ): 1 hare: 'II\wt"1n In the cellar which I
pt: It'e my l'tlP'hlll1\ bttort ) ,1.: L.: un.z I.
Lr I;. ur"e l :.,.:,q''o h. t'C".1 \':. ,rL.. .. Ieredbu'afewhard { (! wart: to 101.UW )'0\1." A.B.cOHEMJAM

MURJERED: BY CONViCTS.I.a The letter f'l lot::; ( rw etll la I tilt pilis. This lini1"1\1 Tlll'n the old! man tool:;:: the hun"t''el1 !

) .AII.I tlfn 10 ull ".I 1).1 I" tapir !Lttle: subutlaa'ala I.ad .I:1t' It last meal is Lye ,rand- + t':11 tI'I,1! the tray down the ('d.

i More at I'llru.'a Irst. .Ark and ia he f.ttl'l'IlOul tf tae sawe day est wne y ever\,%;. i im.th I mar stairs. do"'r fuiiuwel hy t'harhs.1y r I eB

the maid of :.::1:0::' aII.:1l'l'o1: : Mr.Georg "\ boy" fall! ho NItly as they
nIother's "
; : "KIn of all
all ::,'II:+. Sept.: : ; \ cluia: ";>e'I ; Bottled fleets.
; ; :' l'ililIi'wl: : rt'l.dlt the cellar. "I 1 know you I ,vi
( vial frvUJ P.lltJ 1ul.; : Ak sacs : i is brewed from choicest Bohemian
"Y ou cSpecal wl'. I I..L.'to:' hearsweritl Illz:1! : with till the "Ir.'nth ot yournoble + z imparted

attk I Two Url? "::u.ty" coavlcts and a l'aJ."r! I, heart and you live to meet her hcps. A family bee withcut an equaL

'r "bitt m.l IIl1m ll Duucau a:1 et.cou. ,."'." MN.: 1I1I'mt. "1.. t (lft"'I1. anil! I"t tai: say that I have: a'. 4)l!,. Prescribed: by hun.cds of fLysiiJns.c c;; :.r

sir's, have Lo'to ar'slt.I. .t1srj"d with \ j'I'tlr.11 ",1m tP\'t'r m pHr toiag: sus: 1siwpy
w. !I'1tro1::(" yut tll !nr.d: ] -t .1luh. Friend a'Lve..r. '
&s it InsrderiiiNeurv 1Xl'w... l anti wle .J. [ I.A l...
f tf'r.11ol'tI.. The".rct.tl'eanti1race.: l't'II.t you hue=t'at' n rte.
M l'iIl'IIu';: It .: :;uud.ly Tnetnrre cellar that: I taicht: give tI 11U(11 i 1' f1'Ir-f- ,:: ..t Tn'r" G" rean.'frw' ,'n'q"
the I1r:1.r.! : Mr. t'LiI you
ik.k.- uteri whi 11.; broaat; htre and Will you tac will do far every woman a hat it did for the I "n.'a..ru..... Un..II.. tv. 116 Lv..t.. de.
r1 and 11".111 !1..1\:1 In '
!inw.II' 11 r' Drl" "n"n
plat'ea m j 11! Uunetu was only receatly Mlnncsvl mother who writes the above let. ,
iuotu 1,. I Irwa I the' petutenlarr. 'T ri sii: !t'Ser)' la.d; of rill! t.,. OhsI.n! >. JO\I: g nIII.: the liftll' boa U..rIn
ter. Not tJ ue: it during pregnancy is a that :' 1I.'rt' lu' tarattl! the
Thu weave of WI ntururr wag toot !:!IC'ell' so ,,rN1pt'v.! C'ImI.1Ir : ; 'tm'r
t Xew'll fU:11I.1 of mistake to be paid for in pain and suffering. light: IIC Ii.; bnil.ryr! upon: it.'t, 11.tkat's .
wa III
'Iue p.an I'I' '. :
t :< : :;tt liar:: ;Ily-se n ::; II ktdylyad BOTTLED AT THE
1 t f@ ass 11:01'''. UI'IIu.'tlT"u about rue Head wc' .t lIJ': :1:101 c''I'"u's: Il/M"'S Frirnd equips the patient with a a ?: n" 1::..It'r. and every tlntr: that i

R. t!' and \fun fart. .H Il.r, 11.11. IU uthnriy. you ur, l:' a.uc: I mJ 1'rrl,IJ' WiX' strong body and clear intellect, which in little l.ul:1tt'r "l1Ir l'oUllll111,' spare ofthi

1'h. ":,'II.11 va4 .vttt: Ub-'UtO 1''l't' > tlnk! that..C.'r Leeptn:: turn are imparted to the child. n reLuu : dial: it iueaisl nearer the wurk- CURIOUS FACTS.R'irle.c S.;:. iiu'iiI.AL'Clil.'I: : '\
fNUI with ; caltber baL
te 1. =
I 11lU. two ,
: s, ill her bu.1'. Co'm were deal wnpafaun.I thy non (':In';;]:;... 1 /olJ.1! CUnl' tllhll the muscles and allows them to expand. II hoc=I' fur m '. i I The prettlesta''l.c .. I- \1'" J :(.
"T.IH'1'4 all ('h31'''';;. =Now WI v9ha : I it ;r.I i.e!! t.; :: :tic 1.1" LtlUI.ch. lei font "lit .11,1'.. ., at. X'IUI'
joy u"au..riL; !. :t\V wu.ue after : < relieve morning sickness and nervousness '
I'PiI'l. and! It'ft'lfh'r'llI'n: the tnn".:t In, ...tlI.I.II.J: ::11 : :Ulf- the ,1111 vI very fa=t. Tire: H cue I.auci
,I e the auuoUn'N .. :I"r: Lurtntired IIJ11 i:1 alone tt .puts all the organs: concerned in perfect __,'" .. ,n i I i i- the lIu'.adupU.d Ij.1'.1II-\U ,
Ii suninr you Wlil not furgi Illy "' 'lJiIIU"I'l'1I0m :;t. l"l\\f.- ll" I by :'
:. i TAXES: CALLED FOR $12,000. of IliatrcUr. -s. condition for the final hour,50 that the actual ;'. will ? J"IIIt'mi'r. : : lean Exposition ill Jut tL.I., hl'/tu-.
t'hilllniJrtlJ tnrmrrr1 t'Ol:01o1"11" you nytoy The Carll. ': of the sitle of \V.1.htu.ton :.- I
I.1.bcr is shert and Du1e they are the be-t. nnr: r..II..III" t11l1.
: : practically painless. : to unit Lit by ulooaight; '';I..ti. liar r orzrnLtl: 1 t.uw hunts olr.\'C'
: ..1; "lIa.l..rblit Hk the Itreur4 IiiI i. fcul.t..1 lIs: l ht a.d lo..lat! atIfurt tll any: other : they are -1U1I,1... ..eziIwnrthy -
udder uk lalitlht get of rising or hard breasts u altogether 1 GthhH: ::. but to Ii et't her I'J' :t.Iht; :: t\t Inf.11:1: rr m s. I tefe ,
Iluncuubt'ouut} :\. V. and full guarattteII.iplmvKrothere.
avoided, ad b merely matter 01 I i3 llnlwr thing. tilOtl niht:; I I
recovery a. tjute 11:1' Lire, tie
It fashion
; ;:; '
tat U thll&ht:; her worth htukit; e atni iiuwelltIiy : :1\'IUlllllh th
X. C. ; :-The Jar ,
TIII.1'o'IU'. ep: :: :; :
at. and ht vas no ert'pt11! lu the a rw days.Druggists t'II:1\'t.-;. The IIWCI1 I, Hill shiu11lqbrh :; : Gertuars tll ride! uothi.g:: : taut are ugenty from the tlntiufactur'r-

'r f\'ot I\.e! : new of tax collefors ever rule. If Illi face was nn is ,l.z: t., Liswind. sell Mother'. Friend for S I s bottl.. :;:htly! 1 ,see.. I \ult'rkall lUaI b(5 I Ia. ; andetrryusu cLafthreboatat!: ttime

m&.i" III tnli COi1uty-Umcoull'J-was J, The Bra.tfilJ Regulator CO., Atlanta, Ga. Then rho l: man .: >blithely up''I IJ.lJ' the eau In a l.cndrrd !111 tie I. : *Ize= : lS ft.. 21 ft.. 2f:: ft..

L..J.-lirauo1 t lal.J to 1.1.. !hipped lit ut"uu, .
mAde a ttl.r'av. The back staIr to JaI.1s :a
t:!II\'iOlI lIot t'trialllnnt
herald.Cures ; ) 1111\111111 W-
'. Georze
tu col! clor II check! for $12,01:0.: bt'w:; "TL proposal I lel to "Iomlt t.) i Not Worried."Can I r.t'I:1II! : 1I\\'l'lIl"'ri are deu: =sin: : I Li IPAAN Hrw Cancer, Blood Poison Eating
the am..uut. of hIs taxI'S In Buncombe you I Ii ih.s: !." Ill' 'ah1. "1alph: Wt'st. I the question; \\1'I.thl'r \\,0:1:1:1: I k:,n a milt Sa\:1l1l1a: It.L'UUVI'I'UIL' I
tltHlt'I''otaJtI nil of It.b's'
Ulcers Costs to
you Sores : Nothing Try. i
for rite 19tJI.Ir.: Pander'alt .
county year brook I+ :1 pro.p.'rous: gentleman; faroer : I rll1t to "m1' In a railway ('al'ri.el'I'sc'n'
l':1I"'s woris't'! :1fa'.l: St'JIIt'Ut.I.X.
uu'd.'r j Irec our mood poi=ulI Iud deadly cancer
bat flUW construction 1:1: more
IS I dare say yuu Inow; also Ill' is' I 1 for \fonlf.n. .1lost '
IIn.o\H'fI'lI! the ,111'1'. "nut lduti (
dpDt'" Lulalui In BII'lUore vll1n
e. the and
are worst 1I(1.t; deepseatedblood (
ru:::.;:. a bachelor and quite aline. '. I Iil'\'e! : :
t'je't't' .. troll now he111 leave Hilt- I t ht It worry HI< dJII't I 1 .
and fur some tlmt' bas I Itled fur (" '111- diseases on earth yet the Ulcers. open or oh-tiuate "nr.... plete .ct, /
more W\11 hI" wife and chti'i fur hB I 1'1.1l1.1'1'1':1r'> hltnself ('ulIl.lll:1lIIultor. I
4 ; home is I wldrr easiest to cure when Botanic Blood ='cdd aud nil.=. quickly cured hy .
Fifth avenue ho'uc' where he will prnb. l'anhnhll-I'! a Q 1'10tlll !'oHmc' t.C the thing; IIC' wrote after i! I' ; of fine, mediumlllwl f' 'I'
ably ptU'l the winter atilt"s he snuulddt'rlde sense tlI:1: : that afforded! I'y the wall : the awl! literary ('odnwcutators I Balm is u ed. If you have< blood BANNER: -\L\'f: :, tile mn..t h..alw;;
mmlt'l's: : medicine III tI.o world.V.. A. rlLdes ever displll-fed n)
u belt 1'at'omlWnsh... wb..r"he nnl furnitul'l' To It III plain' words, I
put :got borough; wltb then.Cashiugton i 1 poison, producing ulcer; bone rahl. DAlemberte
owns are leading vwk, IU:1CIJ other he wants n wlfl' i Pensacola. Cash or instil'
\ Star.1'oaotrlnq. i pimplt'. II1UCUOUi patches, falln -- -- --
real itate anti a L:1alIllicenl resll1 uct'. ".\ ft'\\ Months i I:) J.I' retelvitl with I ------ I hair itchiu.kin, Fcrofula. old thenmaticui 'nents. Jre lull'just U./t'"

WILL BALLAST SEABOARD. the- portraits IIf ,Y"lIr'llf sad! fancily: a I IDNlrn..lonll. i' IIr oifensive, fonts of catarrh, FoleyJs Kidney Cure tore want. .'[ar8Iolll.It

I p6otogradl; of "Ii'i Iera hire. andw"11 I =cans and seal..;tdeadly; cancer. eat- des I
kider: and backr! ri ht. Finely.PREPARING
About 'y; youonoU 11111 Irepent 011 l Ia. fl'll In I n',' with It.'I'r I I i iI lug! bleeding! ; fe-sterfn: ; soreswell. .

1.lb..I. slm\l\ !:' lIf 1.11.1. l'I'rllp" Pili thin! : ::. but i I iI ii I iurs, lump" pPritent wart or sore, .

lIr.-ItI"O"i.: X. G. 'ept.: 23 1'hQal } 1I1! IUI..t n'III'II1>-'r his! ,treat ILtIiur.s i take Botanic Blood Balm I L'. B.: U. ,
I It will cllrl''t'll the worst et=e after
II..lld th..t I" :lis:
t >'..arlr ;.w! nlliroa i na.routr:1et: : txcue.atr everything! tol...,. fail... H. B. B. draiu,: ( ; .
"\: I cove to the 1"1:111." : If Jllss :
wit!) tilt A. It Stewart Contracting the poison out IIf the svtetu ulll the
11..1'.1t:111 "Ol't't: to : hil:!. ftt j jc'Ir
I c"Umpauy If Columt.IIi, :;.0.. and :'asaauah : marry blood then every -ore heal a. mak lair
,." sic vrnltl.1 tLt'n I be 1110),' b nukt'n' J the blood and rich and butLltnr .
: to) bt-IU rue work of ruck 0111.l1..nul
:y :lrrm''l.ll'nt: th.ll !'l'ml'11 I.t toLt up the bnkl'n.dnwlI b..df' 1utautc -

tote &Y U'I'.J.. ]:very line of iraeic ,' :it tu the roclf. n I.r II'r tlntlit'ratd i Blood B.IIIIl t L':. D.: n. ) thnr.ollrhh' '
is to LthlIl"I...!! Itw illtaketiveyear i : FAIT FUND ""TINTEI TRADE'
: Ioi-I"r I act ablllt 1", I..turn to : tested for ilJ: p':1r1': Drug
and theco' wllll ;).O\MI.OtcI) r
with ti,.. e'.Inny. r.:].} w .d.l t::!>.. ('lo'.rtLIt: I It =tore. U per large: INull' Trial
A r.k rrushtt'g nlaciiu'e< a I'a.t6.lty
,.f 1tP ,1I IOU; a day has: bet aerertr h'r .h.: :::; tie'! '('; u. '. :II:.) tlU her ar. treatment free by writiur; II: l 1.,1
i Balm CII.. Atl:1nta.: HI.: Up-cribe Jre are JreHtl'in1 our Flll llud JI'inlef'
i a; tll" I.l\C". and cars are hetugbniI /: trial: I sae! eol'I: 1:1j'.itlJ: rrillhls uttil: ;! t ., !
trouble! nod free 11 ejiclI advicegivru
: ,ie"'ln.i Inr tats work. It IS the wrt1!< !!I2: '
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to t'ut ::,5111) ten; of rock tll every "Trl\d I tho:;e r/ts! of ru'ls tJ r.1Jrl'i i rllr.tain mineral poison, or
'. miie. f'mlu Wt' tI"lId..r.ou quarry liil'JUI a mn bare never ...-r.i:". faltrttl! tic I i 1ussonauyadvertl: ( : lad rt'm..Jit',: tin). of same, u.'hich cmbl'lt cell fire Lutest1'p
)'" oi ro\.j i wii; he ballasted fadlVln'.
grl.: "11t vcr 1'I. d.t It." I but i i""lI1jUhE'J "f I'ute Botanic Ingredients. ;
'lnf'1\' the gn.lrrws at CuluutJlIlLY! htttdlzeu. W'lrn a eh1: t.t'l)mt'S tired of ont :
--N '1;'" L.". Itura' said! her tJol'lI'r. I : Over :8Cm: ) testinuainh, of tf-Date St flee of
: Fort lOr :annrculo'1it talc! 3l1utla'r tacit.;: cure
notal'1 Ifood! B.1lm
i = hy taklllg'
'- -- 1'\1
H1'TL: 01' OH III. ( 'ITY IIF T'.EII I. 1 ; Y,,t1 1viil 11:1: I.atj: 11.1'\11,1--1. ant -UlieagUrws.! !, ::I ( It. B. B.I. hadies' r yen's Misses' & Children's Sboes.lIlt
- -- --
Ll 1'.ti ("o\) ':Hr. I sere: la:1t: !!: IIU-t: ht' kitH! hu will! infelieltuut Ingnlllhrnc.... J yuy-I:,I..aul tteIletlIItliht.tway .

io'lA1J.: : ( 'u1si: :v 1II.lk. oath be prolbtl! for 1.:1: rtr life. and 1sall ):::llIUIl IiI'eitnr! the familiar: I'hyaidntl I anti makce a..I\\'lIy cud Ur..oI.;i::!IIIJJ cO.b.I :
!;: "I'o relieved If 1is! terribly aiSbety. !::- ''ItH.1' lIulharl'rl1t t.1 the ( tlll.k tld- Fill: will h. tl e L'If.-t ( ',Irrhl I Ot I ti: i't' .
that 1:1' i i.; th."lIi.iiip.1rtn: "r of tbe .
Yo:: c'wu.t: : .!r"1 tiC ....fll"in;: I :\111)WIFI 1: \'. 1'tld: w. are C'InI'f'lhJ! to wake hem' f..r thelil, 11"11 !. : i t. .
firth IIf I". J. l'ul'l":1I"d' to get her dog a 1.111'-
t'lerlirv : 1'11.. doing : pte1r
: .. .. d.i will '
.lIer .
-u ire t. tle Trau .ail lit our r'iuUluu'r (i. [j-
bu"too'; ill th'. ( 'itv 'If TI\.t! 1)f C..CI.SI. pat In (; 'or re Ilullaiuutth ; ::- I 1.111ie 1"1'1'I )' (who IIli: uvrrheal'd : The undersigned tike thi method Ceduc. U I'nce.. .1lrt'.tlly

(nunti. ill I ""alt' ator.lid; : allli Ihat ; slowly. 'if :lDora I.t. a 1.'i.I.,1 .', f.lnt"tltiu,1:1.; did she have n skllc', : of otferinr.her services II': II fir-t

t'ul\llrlll: wta. ;! thn olIlII..f ONE 3\1'101:1 tu tll'! !'dlt'mc' I :1m i'tire I :
'ay \ ton in Let tUII 'I1I:11.t St'l. clt; midwife. having;: hart H; y''urexperieuce. -

i IH' \\lIf-i( ; ) IlI.I.\lt fur "Iell : Uty CI'It'lltl'oulo1 It' the 1I.t: 1 :::11 tl caul-et -- I Can give i best of refHI YOUIIs:::; FJI :HOES

} und.-veryrt: -.. uf'Itarlh f hit ('allu. wish 1,1' iudllllli,11! flrt'I'tlll1 :any WlJ. .:, ..nl"l; II', I PIICt; from Irudiug lhy"lclau of

; '. :rot b.. rur.. .d by the .." 111\1.1:8 :1II.1110 III! .t'I.t! h. "''''1.1: al'ral'e; s""r-:.' I ''31e I, a wry pretty, girl hut don't this city

C.\l'tltll! l'l'Jn'. I ih,'r l\f'th.,1 nf :,"";...i :: :': JIIU nil. I you t11lIk! for the 1o"I"itlt that she I I" : MRS \1. G flDF.SO.jltf The Boston Shoe Store
FJXK J. (, 11 EXEY. lit south Jelli..r3 tt.NOTICE. .
IM that Lc b pM,1 sort ,
11014 far"j' : a ovirdres'e.l 1?
S 0.'nlUI-fuf IlItI alld"h.rrih"diu I
mr pre.race. thin kith 11:1vt Ie.rlnhr of fdow: fiu.1 t.at! If SIC: (1In"'lIt.,1Ill' 'Nut; Oil the fl\'Pr:1I': She wears: her .
(. 'r. .\. 1). b cl.; HuM Ill' derided 10 her and spurt: t.lIhill suit half the tlml'-lll"trolt Prop.
1 hoe who order' ith i the
phrecl ; \t
II" 1'\:1.' : to r1;'t);I ItiS.! her fur trusting, i'rer l'rl'I'4.! .
;:;A-i; I late Arthur ( uina for enlarc..d plc-
;' t i A. W. OLl ASON. her Itfe tn Lim." I turt'; call ;f-t same! hy applying to Y.C. BRENT. WM. U KNUWLkN. w. A. IIYEaJR.. J. H. REEHEireneut. !:,
'-.-- Notary 1'ublic.I ? A never failing cure for cut,. .
"Mother. do you want I1h' Iu gVuubl ; I : tltldl'r"I'IIf'd. who will fin the \'tee I'reedeat. Carhter AH'L Ca.blar
Hall',. Catarrh Cure i hi tIIk'H 1'1- \ !it m\iI': : you fcl safe lIul!! happy: burns! scalds. ulcer. wl'ulld and I picture busille; as his "ItCC '=er.j3tf I
tprntlh' :anti IH't.. dir..h.. thehl."t
t : 1111 alHmt the future'ttf sore; i is DttWitt' Witch llazdHal"l' A. H. 1'AYNI:.
Ii 1111 11\111"1:1.\ : slIrflll". OIf the I
tour" it'vcti:.1. II ra." A urn=ootlting and heal No. 'O S::). Reu: rtrtet. i jTynyinalwm First National Bank
eydteill. r-"I I fur teetttnt)111:11: ;. fr"p.
t F. J. CIIENEY: & Cd.'I'nl3du. 0 i "Tt! u." said the ;gill. wth: It curious ink; remedy for all shin atfretione. --- ---

I hard cote In Ilt'r.It'l'. ".iuce iJJ mother Aect'ptI.I./ the renuine Ilargts l Slop. the Tickling.I .
--- I'harmac. Jnhu hheppard. Sidney I and quirk:: s..ua uuLWlw"uoc III I.u utruaLI
du ttbout: I \\lI! Will
":111 w Illt' 1:"
:--111I ". "" trru" Iead.l'v Kahu.DON"T. ,
yon tell my c'lIlI"ln 1'1' .ohl1! I ?" OF PENSACOLA. FLA.IIItEOTO1 .

....ltl.pt.. ::J ::;::11I"'HII; ,: "1 trt1; There i.i ten u(,',1 for you towrite I, Th L atCSt t t style in

a well kii' \vii ""Inrny 1111 i ron.ntu ;. atiswerrd: illla\\"ortt.; : Iicw TOCACCOSPIT I Spring Fur- .s

.: l:1\\. ,ir and oS \ 0 K e
:oua Ii : 4 lit slop rte. Ilanngf' ill It' CJI1.! :
I \ ery our LtfeawaylVu ,. niture and house decQra- WM. H. KNOWLE9 W. A. BLOIINT F. C. BRENT, W. K. HYKR.JR
bfo'D 'rl\.n ut t 1'hur+.i/l" Mr, 1terUh .
; can he curet of any form "f IIIh3,10; 'loinit' lions at bottom cash D. (}. BRENT,
PmI.Llil.pnllJ'ulv prices
.a. In :2:1: 11.1.1I .
I .Lt. \'oY'a.: ; Ill: but over nCII the. nI' to! made well strung. In aenei! ,c. In1l..1 ,
and eca enu 'at.in III" t"l\.Ilte -cloolaof new hl and \Ilor 1y taking. 1I0-TO.SAC O1'crerUt.
; "Anrsfrm J. Fil1rh.
11'1 wlln nag on her: to In tin- .
rba' cr' tll" l"1IIVt'r'II\ clf lI"ulu.iD1 I way tlnt mikes \\'ta1. run strong. bllY gain
tn" l-ul'l'.r-lv of I 1,1..wn lacer and Hw I. :an \\'1:11:1" 1.11'Uundj III t.1I data. over 500,000 rmln d DaiU AUI UA U.ClrWe

I 1I :III\ ',waa: a'IlUI'h"1' ;o 111"Penn oar 0Iva1I III New t. I his friend stood, on tl':: I'ck! togettrr."lu ; ruretl.I loot amt All"hl'l drl1"I!: :1kEl:. :Cure Adsress 1:111'311I..1.SnERLING: I Il Mk. Sam'l Charles 0 !n rJ ; : I g in Q .

Turk i JIJ 111 1"u\ It ft'hot.rl Wl' shall l.1a.l." -he! k1.MEIv: Cu" t.lac"go.r: :':cw'ork.. 4.37CAS
I ..
\\ II .'1 U. I:....... I II 1m II I. "and thou -
draw Bills of EKcnanlCe on Urea' Brttaln, IreJaDrt
":Stall: you \be s trrr: \Lr n..II'I1. : or O II :11t.: BOOT and our own
Ittt t'tau. et..3 Ex C,net .111-ttve: "Haw these been ) Germany France Antrla. Italy Holland. Hpain Belgium, HUliala, Norway
I 1 I.:1j'\ y dty : Bean Kd;, Y3i h',1 Lea's, EM;f: t
,; Jaar= H. :-11..pard ,nt.l. 1 Sweien. Denmark and other European cOUutrlei.'IH .
t ue 3 car 1111' "I wblt Ihry ( uu; l last furr\'l'r saa rLfia t SHOEMAKER

: 111)\U'I:: Cult rr will not U' a eau4tt'aui : crlvl 1 l'a': so.trl! '. d (;a<'\ ela DJ'hurtted upon he Sloes Favorable Term and thehl

i I..r Ih' I "'m''rIr lIml IIL'l"1I for "lIl1ra. if )vU were jott: : .ct to roesIn : Obligations Taken Payable at Port ot De3\ana'lon Tea or Fl1hen Dal'

caief Ju.tt rr II':' ahoy IJ.Ucr 1MslRUn. "traJ of tu ]dnt'couiI }'uu lIIn,1: .r' after Vei8el Arrhn 11eu.!
"; t'LIlt"'I?" tGOLAY=@ -- - ---
\II"t. .t 1\, .1. ..I.tn-ir. .
I Bozete for Rent In Connection
Safety Deposit
-1t\.m..1. I.r naradlst: ;: slit 1'31.1.

Rtt, 0& J", HII'. ;Sep;' :3.: 1'nt! I IUalte..i I Shy IW '1I1 td sob 'icit'y! : d'O..II.in: ::. Grist and Corn Neal 1il1s.r with Which we have a Private Apartment for the Uu

:.:arr. .hinter Atlanta! h.t
; )use 1y. and boned forward: la: 11I! w1r.:1; : of RAnt"

:'fn.d 111 tni,1 Ulut. The crew art trot ; ':1 the !ola.loIf:1 fl'uty: 1''Jt:.:, .
'd. 8 C4.
:: F. C31ZA4EZ Prop 51
I :1110".1 to gJ u-h.'r'l"'c'm! i t' rat' :1 U'N. ,, "1'lu't. fcr 15\1t. : .Ikt.. do nt."

t Nand ease ot lime's IU WLftl.: ph"lIc..1! the I::att. "I' I:'::. I v'::= :1 brtilrto Macnactrrerl H"pairih;: dole white you' wait.., THE GARDEN SECTION
Huhblr; heel: Tnt on fur jc': 1;
- -
t\1I.oIUI rJ sO I..::::, ht I r. aIt..1: I t., CHOICE 'H\L\ J'l aOHOnmSTOCK t'I'tti5c.; \\Irk ratted for and delIv"ed -

"1 hat ::1 tllninlr. sure on my I..g see 'ou. tll !study y"u-to I... ,,::1' I hlnon. I'IEH."Mrcnze CO';' r. PJlafox HrpH"u. t, -OP-I)
nor 'It'V"1I veer". w ntt'1: r... J 1'rp"t..f -. .
nllt 1",1.; n.:; n ;1'" 1 a: I ha k.5; tome tndtHtr tot t\Jprt It
('. t :lW,1 Fall.. \\' .N.. "..H.d11m' every rea-.o )OU aouilt, toy o:r Jo'alnr.1!
\Ce.t) .
... rou ; l'OJ(; ar "oJ': :u'; t.) .:. Pensacola" Florida.
t (\ hh".r 'l1 .1\\1\ HII trciagt w'j .red from he Home UJnrflC'J"r (;l t 'Cl'I S1ONxi':3'rLyiiill'aalr.
.. I-eiitiun Neu tQr by 00 cnn, you encourage: tm..I:1\n '
1wnhS .ufli.lti-
.. : .I' ,. tr\ Your m.n"r I' Irftlft th.' OmMtnt.tr !
'. ;'ivrnlyd I B: .. - ....
Af.Kl'" I' I"I\ : I' d :u 'n turn 1Ir1' I drl'c'lv terse"led

'v'll.' ,If( . Ito.I'.1.: II A ..Lti. NO RELIEF FOR 2:y YEARS. I" I :. er'r.R I e. I: )nnru'act', ]-..r yc.t Near East Hill Electric Railway Terminus.
onihate tl' n. Cau, .r la5or Yon o.iit
: ; "I 1 1. tJ booichiti= f"r tWeJ.tyI.L II' tJ."nnllt1ul1! :) .D \'t'lc!: \'I.a Lye had

l CANDY tiis : : .... ...tii :Mr-. tin":1 t 1'-1111tn c.fn .bcacontricut. .tovruui.'.ort Beautiful Lots for Sale.

CATNApTICr, n'vl'le.Ill.' "andhiv-r C''t rentfIltll '' t'rr.f

i+ 'r.u: \ :. wl I u..d irl: ; i io F..I.EY.a ,rur. carfor... H.I'I'D- thr.ltu.l : 1)IJS.tCOLACONSERVATORY; ",t'"l-.a N.w Orlel- t" 40x137!:. foot at from 575 to $200 each, accord-

liar nihti"; !,' "!)'. leavi1'';: CII'; "'' ing to location and surroundings.
... ." !u...; dira.t-'"' W. .\. l'At'm-! De.t.. .' F'sr. f..r
I!'..' ar!)
OF f
...'. ..
bertl round trip : I'en cola: t. 'I hl'iI1

? I Cr.t"t sir ... ; C i C Nctcr tr'r! In :: ..ht J): to New Of'lin\ +. H'fr' ,,"'. E.-rcptionltlly Good Y'eijltborhoorl; lJeuliiful r"iCIl',

I Btu'u', ,,' I'le l1u't who, lilts 10 sill: 1\.I".m_ from 11u' \o:1bt'rn.ICIl )!( l'aIlt"nr.lentun"" II" Pt'uoac la. ,
.. t. ClL CB 'FFET'S T'l'"rr Gi itPiinn
: '1 ao:$, 'i'Ps I.t: ,15 !SJt': (!. ac.ar1L-at-u: ,. e.-eLc.\ur.QL';:s. Tieki-t toLbile: : rood f..r rap lli1h, Dry Fertile LandJ.

I d-iy. retunnug leave Iuble: at 12ifJ:

i i 1 I l\'r'ht.!; '1;a= It nht: to :a little :lilwergrirdee You will! harp if;'rtie they' !ar"n 'rntt Han \ ,'ice Cultur. Violin! Pipe Sunday uj ht. The graldest opportunity for investment ever
on your Tickets; to New Orleans Enid for
th.arth.! Hut the CornF-t. MandolinGuitar
I plie'rat i IIIU..1n itrlUuJ. O'i..tn, : :
own Your !tuLbInJcanhnv! .. twodtyso ; reurpinir leave New Or- offered in Pensacola.
; :\t far ir. 'ttt ntu't \tch their fnUlt' Cello .te.AI"o .
t dlal' to ., .t. and get It. 1 au.:1: h. can tio it now ::11.'Iu"h !. If-AilS a't !5 o'cl'ck [..nh\, nitt.Pertie ,
; hp may tliU;, : (Ittuwi-... Director' Citizen; Hand.
de-irin'IPepi-r will : flume Seekers Should These Lfts.
t Tho C VwYatuH1. & Co;) Et'.ry"'omin want: 9. t'F' See
a of herawn BrasJ String H-.:: Feraisya fQfAI to tictH agent iu time.Pureha --
I .' tirul..rlr"tb. and it ehe will:l ::1 ice tall .
1'11) havrsom4 : :! ) : a 'h =e tickets at ticket: (.f1cp.! .
to oSerj..' 11"0\ ant tll"y invite Th u.. C. W"1on &; Co. the Qcs :' :. I For further! IdorI:1r.tinn arple to -V.Clubbs

1 I .'.& to rnnr ..oJ inceati,:ate ...mdt le"JInI" heal Ehtt Aeus, they ROIiT. KIND')r
r \'OQ ..HI 1:. .r regret I1l\'lft; done 1. ran show her how e3.I It i is to get Address : E cambLa Hotel. P. TtfoMA't.

1 "oJ. one. Sudio : pl';:erlan Cturch Annex 1 Pensacola. i Corner Garden and Alcaniz Streets.

1\k !.


\ ...r't\, : { i f ,.; h...;_il.: 1t 1 -w I-----n'----.. -

___ - -- -.....". .. ? ''' ._ _" ". ....... .7'r '--r. < _"_ ......-r'r ,..........._= ._ ,.,... ,. ..__ .. '



BEST FOR THEBOWELS 'Ian has;. bl L.ectrc! I.trcc Door s:.Jkt1 lapreir I .

(! :I'f' r 1etg; ; jltt'rtl.t' rc'h-

Ill;: Neon.:' :m.l tLE' t.tj.c: streamiuto -

i hahr1t:! I.I he (1r3 Uvt yet i

:1\ a.l hCJ ( :t l.f t'e: nnlim'H 1 puwftwaIiI iii 10ft .
h. tb e,.. .'m.et ot tt.r NTAT1
.. h'rp Just 1'1 the n:..:I.r C-l a.
.1'' I" I h ;: ...r 40
S- T: n ,,,.r. lit.t':1: fa1! ; to :;:;:4 1' any tlaH II"s:'
I t..l..g ae 1
> t I.:: :
r l' wt'r even ::l'OlJ the ffliaeaila11far. : ;

GAUDY ,'.! .t tae tl\I

CATHARTIC !it : 1'r !. rc :.-:-:: :f""_ t" LI''I cfu"'I"iIIl"'rt

f!" -\ i:1 ti.- 1rl'l: n.

t I.. to :. I"I'f)1. c"l.\!, a ( : 'rw.tI tir

'. :-, I..., i'o'lI.1 .; t'n' ;' Iri.vs1t

(''':I''!' 1:1 that ttat.' artut: P

1....::!; It II'Ltl'il'Il)'. The :'1\Jtlr\l! ? .

rw t I : t' '!;; tll :1t\1tiu1 fur tner.t:t s at :ttI. CIlllCllre

tat iAT : .,'. Urea tale: lirItst! carve g.tt rr' {

: tI.! 11"t. %:':!4 the 111':"':. =t 8t. rW oj I
'Erli r.nM1'. f:..! to 1't it out. l"urth"rIJI'p. ill th.i

; den ;. ';;..I:1'0 t.ncra: a
:I. .
I ..J tI' I.::':!e h'll. three rcuutiig: -t: ; :
''I' S 11U' .. f' .. .I'r \uc:.. I. f .-.' uf :. ,
I : ;.J 1'.I"i: :

KEEP Y1LR BLOOD GLEAN : 1:;::IL T.l: <.! 1 ,:..y.. 5.: !I l: I" ,

-- -= =- IIr"ly (.tJ'.I,' ,1 in te! ,!h'lIl.'I
nl ill'; tI.t'! C ;. .: c'C..nera'nn. ,t.

't'-i: ::: ci ; : C. ---- '

.\ ..!\.
:' .;: \'. S ::rt' an:1 .
I .C :(:oa :I.; \aI'm! itttire ::I'a'

ICs a::.1 I.e a.::to: ..: t : 1:1:11"-: UARANTEED

.: :, ; y1.. ('::t t..:. r'.ttr it :ldh'.I.: 1'1 itrfnt ,: ::

": t y >.i;. : lU:!. I.nc'ry! 'cel! !.:har'' "r ti.,' I.1h. r ..... .

.. ., u-:. t !:" \:"': l! ':t" try 1:11111 i'l C'1'I.: !:'o:: I .:. : Iflap

... ". ". wc.l: 1al; t'ryl4l ai t ) rl..ll'i. 1'01..1:1: ,,'I t: .. :. Reccmmended and Guaranteed by Hargis' Pharmacy, Pensacola I"ia.CHILDREr'S .

..1 of It !I, t.l'tJ1! Il.tic'lt.l(' tar! l'ul..l: "::1:" -

"n: t. .\ t' tU.M'J"I: I 11:1): r'u.lct'c '.::1 I of its or.i LI !tPasch .

..lr.tJ u :'" :!:it'; i.arr a I : U\tII'f' Tla tests' l.are been I"I'

I....t '," '::.t ':-.n-c "C't I I tlc.-t.l; fur "I'\'rnl }'l'a-s aid tI"II": :lj i TE:TH.a I HuYunt' ire'! 1

.. ...reral : :1.1 Shaw D.ic. t e fl-.I I.Hly all tllp time.suter .
'.' !l' : 'r! wth: j t tryu: \It1'rs ;: that !

: t. : ",., ':'"'' :t tape i It!:.. 1.lauts ln''e! in (.Ir dill\nl('. wIii ::,' !, rl.I": : .1t ntl: h. 'r:"::.! a') trim tats IIf (,1I-f1r\.11I\l1: a All New and Up to Oate .
>: lit) 1\'C'lIt1t' 1i..11 s; t.111-1 rfitinhn.
', : ': '.. !: !::;,. fll.r' I tll- quality u; tlJl' tt.a awl the'1 1titrler !i \-1' ti,' 1.IItllh:11.h. and t..: su-Ia-i' i .I 1 e teeda tuuiC soul"thllig ,

; are e.epr f'f'.rnl.ly'ilh tae i ..f tr: full )wlu': l! shuld Lc 1.111'n' I i" \"tlfIr with !her 1,111I'.1. HuuI

',:: ':;A h.i.i h.il'-t: avPrnu: : ill tae IJric'III.-J\'r '' 'l1 I'Ilhtilltly clo.Jn them: for a I..elof'? Not at all. sty d"arir..

.. .1 : ::' ',:I:.:; :1 Lutlj"sl.1.iw.: : Tate tI'l.tb i; !cuIl lit' do iuscl 141 l"l t I. (let n..r II Ittle of 1'. 1'. I' I Pricklyash.

-I.. i,. ..:.! -- i t'I" t d.til;!}'. 1'01.1'; loot alld P"ta--inm: I the

: r'lu.-t:;, H. W. 1''Ir-,..II. I I'I'r.\'iIlp. p.,.. I 111t' best tame: tJ 'it'a:1 te ttll b T'\liic\"n' h..t Womau' HelIllItol. and ; H'v lean .JliSt Recdr'ul it Lrl1'f'e ]/U'r'q' ofLadies'
pxtaul. It react: ;''- the .ttutof '"
;?; hh-utrrrtii: 't"'I1- with pi:'! .
aftt'r 1!hI' h..t Lie l.I .
triublr alldI :
and ,1111\\ III.r'.in no r.liff until II... ; quietly tutu gaiekly! .
.. .\ !'!al1! to thL'Uo.oj:!! Fti'!!! ho; :!\ : Lt'ltlr" yuv Kann' it } our wjtr will! hr Phaetons, Stick:seat Stlnhopes: Road
Witt' 1\'i:" !1 :-;,11dT..t..tl ;a pf r I I
..I..f At-; :itar. n.3" .... 'I"I.I Lt' nsr.d. bur b1: nil and duuuw I :another! W..UHlII llltl Itlt-- tllA kind :
01'11 Pr.'u. ( 'I\II"r..rff'it.; rrPtoot"III
R'(" "II' ...4t .. ki.I.\. ..... }Idr :- P! ::1I1IIll'\: .', J..hllt. 1 I '. acrois had inside: and uutsidt; ttsJAl fate that brought!: P. 1', P. to her untc ; i Wagons, Double Open Surrys Top
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Girls !
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buutirul !become invalids for rl'HIt"1
Mary girls life .
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because at the crucial period of puberty they or tl.e l'l'atl'ot: l'n'il'l 1l'rilOutl.I rn"ro': lIt'l'Ollll.lr 1:1 caf'l "Irl-: ."

pay no attention tJ the law of hult\! Mothers I "I'UI1: ,. 01'It: BUII! ,," Ii the tame! FARM WAGOSS.; DRAYS, DELIVE Y DEACONS, CMR'ACES' ETC

should protect their caughtm'! health toy giv. "r:1 rctr masical farce ('ur.1erlr.ilulvrt .
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treatment When the i: ; 1et" the' prnc! :,al feature ur his tourthis
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unawares In her inexperience she it either TI': three Uounrc'.l Fkrt! l Is: to enjoy scawi. I NO. 30 EAST GARDEN STREET. PHONE 124,
Arthur! Ilyrnn. who Iti: IK'l'n In ..T"hnnfl''S !
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H. ilrn. odbury! Part:. !;. J.. Frhrtarr 3. t900. '1':1":I !:!It.' t tlln: ; In wI1g.: Is a bean Ii .J'''' LlI l'"ti", ,,.
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t4 :.f. 0I..t,1.1.- 1"1, l ; i 1o .i u,01 r tl.,. d' ..r', and ; ,," .lhruil.r"11) III circles motive: ;; Hur. ._ 3ReaxE I BNEWIKSr
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.." II ....!Ii. It ,I' ht !' tVELtVCItUad.J : : : 1:1:I Le Slur :t"s pane! :} i1 .. :! ,. I".i ..:} He Drinks Best rrhl! Drinks PILL (:::

..... \r. 0. .\. --tillman: a nterehantotTunl : 11-:,(',:; of :Snrliinrough! :'

..: .:u. ,. 'un. Ill., write;; : "C'nl.F.Y'SK Tl1':...., It 'I':1"I'n will vv' :.t'. .1..1.fereeis .1.la S. A. FRIEDlViAN

'.ta t I. H.' \' Cl'1a: ii wfoetill;: with wnnlI ; a"Ih'H'a-\' ,..!- .'I-"I"I' ,
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Erb tr ( '1 :alncee,,s. It ha; cured some !'I);}. lti..I: ,I F..a I iaa-b. l.i: : t. .. '. P. O. Box ti i5.: Tot' j.t:. N I 113.PF.N .

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Jt'w'touf.! ; ..\illl,'.
;,. to I""tify to it'! merits. My faced : .
---- -- -- !
I '''!.It>, ; ,, .. nf hl'altb.dcl i Hot Weather is at Hand:
.. ', 1 a 1\ i..a Ivin.t pfcuf terote T'atm'nt.
"' fJ:lJ !1"!,. 1.:1 f\;; D I. '"" : i i'..!t.\-' Kidnfy ('Uff' lea" ntaletell. In :1 fl'f".ut l'l"4 or pTJPI1nloll:1! i I .

.1 :tt'.e"r.@ L". R m Iti r I I:" W. .\. \lt-ll1bt.'nt' nrH".I"I! gdlnni of orc' II car:; .1Nl: tit: WILL ; 1'iJl' II..IUCOA.L :
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tf' .. i1ij f1j 'J ---- -- ---- Iiian ;
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OTTER ANJ PA'EI1. .. :lIIli; Poor qua ri:< or mii;!1, un'it'thin :

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