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14 -e:1: 'Joseph D. Hecidia;? of New York, aaa hail no IMI 1 ? his: brre at tuts! tinw has ac- v''t.r meiliLinv l,,ct h.iM not lilt likr ihcMme 1..I.1 by lliree fmv* : preariico mm lit, :fore 11.,1 l. tV'io'din Mtdmll lug. I'.i.. i-l.i! p'.iix-lia'-ed: him n it :.ty!
; oinaied the rftort tat legal; proceeding 'i-covrrv' I coiiM not eat mUI\thing; mtlu.imiful the meantime a yoinmarriemiwe-: :
.'"I". Co.
!. t'iiit-ui'. fcrf-
h from \V. c. .rxn. Jacoby Grocery
meP'f4W of M>:-.ii H.r. nr> m coiitemplatioa.To d>tre s. lnt LOW I ran Vat all\1.111: I: Iii man iivia;: near: niai toun.l nut sae .
: all m.junlkii<:iu,.; jrMstentiryeplie .. nK'iut h-ivinc iinpVi- int feelin:: I.a4 pS-e.-ed tce power of r.ie-nit-rum. >"uehapxued It i b< ilaitLcd: be Las :':1"') siHorMmuu. \ .-
"umm-r ..10 v tI..- It'rlblll': nml wao jKirCHiMrtt
; : tliat he know* ucituinxof hK"leut's h. w". ..!tIl..1 a -d',,' 'V. ;:..,.,. hint "ur : one't nay to ;:...: one ut Uruniiiu's Telephone 160.
: .. inu-utionv 111 tills regard whilepriate Mcthcil Ir.s.nirv a mid now It, ia,* httii* gm:" uaiior her inla->!;ce."nilo 1 -
ti.y;i .1Ie c-onu-un iuiu-olf wuh tilt h.a'lh"n'; wi.ll at an\' vhip'Kxl : I will -i>ea': I .."T.i f'.roir '..uttUcin hciwrxtr I have what you like cf (;:lZZ:1ID. !>utLe
: ; rl""laraal'u! tuat lie tus Homing to I'IIOllt. IU .. girlati tuiit th-re wa;: oa her :atuer'sil4ce !

l:4.U: Dr.1'"n.l 1'scrce'i I'tllcU cure sct headache. | at a certain mp.t. a larj-:: lout of : lias a In-art ot (:1k. said Kr tlti! i..

*: 1'iuiMi.il II IlK-ulty. ;oid, cuned. Fraunen: renewal his er- "That's all ri.jht.; rcpli..) I'osdick."lie The Star

y.-jr- It i* pointed out that ,UC':& a contest tort He wa- indued; at by his neighbor : lift-vis It t.) hanit'iv! ; with Lis : Laundry

:; : would present utni-tiu; I U! l'uay. Jor IK AN OPERATOR'S KICK. -, bur, to m n Ke: ualh: r, uonbly: Mire, wooden lii'.nil."-Hotroit) I'reu I'ri-s I
i41 .. lIr ('r tobsAe cot: wl:1 ueciured invalid tln.! woman of m". !menc powtis ;ot .in- ,
Er Caax-J a ::::n.. Tire That Iss ::rn'Ll other hal rl ,'.. The :lack ur Uifrjry: youteel.! the
it would b ? iiece-sary to how mat ,:: trOll auoiUer :J1IncU!-
,,f e:' ; : .. lluntiutou; < of uusouail, niuoiat tee I'ui- l"ur.. Irurn. ty who ta i not h.arlut the ;':oi-i siorv backache and :111111 down conditionBPiiprilly. Biggest Busiest Best !

i ., .. -- liu" be itiu-le the will, or tnat he was Tan:2i"a"uln: :::". \ liMi: f-r t': <' at all. :1.U.i1111. ni ler tie! Mx.ll' sue. all bean kidney disorder.FoLtv's'KiUNKV ,

It1 s %, tinder nnJne milueues. or that tne wll :::!:uu tf >r.ir.l.HJKJ! <-ua.: :.;' >l t. tjid tlitorr of the lajulous sum Crus will restore

kL ( : wl5 fur.J. ":11 the: nloliruU'l "liuialai: : L!:...>" II it t of money b\rll'\'at\ the 'Sine: p.ace.: A your <;-iittli end vigor; by making'

1 4 t The \\"111:1: < executed about two llIHt: hill.;: trjli'S ::I1 !'i icls: fa.!. v.-il; I thin girl rejatfU the :l:1t' jiopupcy the kidnevs wfll. Take no substi- -

: before Humvugtim's deasu. Tiieii that ;oid would be band at that! particular tute.V.A.. I) Alf.mbHtl' 44W
..J< year soon li .; thine i-f the I':.-t. ll"jr.fdin ;
there the ai'.uiu'.ml tact mac the place. ,
: u The
oa tie one tide: l by a wall: !! nf clay and ; Whole Procession
It 4 ; PriacfH llatzlelat was mentioufd :u L'ranuen continued his riisjr.ns.: ; aadyesterriav Cleaning 1adie* skirts and waistsis ,
) t c: the will aud was frovmrii for by giving: I I'liuiiiu down (-:1 the ether, tj water : srueir a pot of ante-bellum: one of our sptcialt es. Star: LanaI -

.. ; ,. her the interest oa 1.1).O'J')ciurllll: uer : level. it is thought: the fuel ,j alw.i ; mola wnich! contained fW.OuO: in polJ ,. ( : of Stylish People

; .. ..;. t. life time toe I riucipal to /:.> t>> ut-r lime txhaustc.1 aiwl t.st! tie! n<'\[ year w.fl! coin. \'i:t.'a or ty whom tuis treasure

: : or, failing l:>Ut.. t ) Mica persons ache -? I MV its t'Min;:uishmrr.t.Aocoidin was laid away uoto iy know-- nor does' -c-. Patronize our Strain: L .

Zd 0 : may bv will direct. Tne } rmce i to t.i- iifi>rniatiun; cf a reliable Crauuen care nU7'thlt he has the S'ECI4LJ'OTICES.OflE { laundry l\en'"CI.lr-! i i ,

.- ', cannot therefore rely ou a c>aiiu of being : authority the lirevc3 its start laugh ou his friends and neiRabors. manner th>.t k.-.-p. I'M:
i a pretfrzu.tted child. even if sue Time cdinniuuity i< wild over the find t.y tured atd Ladicf v.
to a r.njjuo caif-e. 1'otty ears aero: s
LqJ4' ti4F herald produce document* in evidence I and now that the prospects forrropart : Skirts and MHiii-h {oil! -

:i: : :. % of her Adoption la regular le.;al form.ItateIiercaednvihie. :S late .Toliu: K'.cLard: rjrter oHTati-d r. so poor. tne etiple wih spend the rainy Ciff 4 WOJD.IOT S neT that never briii),'* >
eo'1ler'tit! the uorihcrn: Iii'iaila:7: : vltjC days when can't plow. in ci .
** : ; __ tuey :::2iust Of course! you are outI .
--- f (I.\\ : Ko V7a3j 111'111-.1 e'rderr-:: for valuablehidueu probably in tCSr l'roccsIon
: It U estimated that the Huuunstoa !! iTy liy tel: tc\f': ::::-: \"in"'::.:kin"flninvostipitinn ; i, < !;; ,::iZ keep tko mnaheti! from 14( )!".....

: et tAte ha increased 4<) per cent since I getting taeui."rs".i. .f S ...--....,...,.,."..".,.... .-----
li ----
+ : rclil: niatir's: t : < -
f :: one ny ...
; : Lit death. It is in the : or rl.' td. ---
; .. ; n"---ton Jure ruM'fr' tire Jrtin bap-
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; .
? .' .' bit- tMEit-: tpoi; aarty:: (>f 1:1'jta1..;:';; c .:ai) C.MOO* ni tier VncntlAlt."Ma. t.. Nt,. I
.auyle:1tt't' !!]) moat tacre res a ( hn-l. KfWHid lur mum
from mine -nhg! Tho >nts lo : when I gi-t big; I want to work." lull
1; .t t i. trne wuicu may farce tue bnu;.ug; of I a tiit! rj ui IfHnoitrtKfr)

1'4. content for Henry 11 Hunnugrou is I r:1::11"1. I.ut 1 left Uhiml: them a fin "What do! youvatt to do Ittl,1atlhkr : ; o"T-tn miihrrlltt with" 11I'IHlltnd god! ALL WORK C. O. D.
!. ; '\ I. camfd as residuary beneficinrc uud it I \\ 1&U:!_ !they! l.rd. !ln.t; ._.t-j._ !Lu-p thtiaK'his ? I j handle. l.tt.rtHl r,-"mirO 'ur -firu tujepRlmimlm
I : : if pofub.e that he may receive (1.dP.- wr.n wliiK-:' "at woiU.'artcr ":.Mi.: I "::I'lt to wrap 1:1) carnk in a Wutrr Svurkaor iu >"LWH ollict. TELEPHONE 114. 91 E. GARDEN 8Tfi

tic ,.. '. 'i. tXU.OOO a< nis .hare. In! comparison : t \'. :1'i 11111<.11 iaccuscd. ::",1. \'. j i'l,: (.:tIlI.fa. t'ry."-Cl.itapo le'on.1.ll..t" I'Tt'MONKVIOI,:
". : : with that flcure. tae .*l.IIJ.OtjO piven tithe I I aid. 'OOODS CALLED FOR AND DELTVERED FREE.TBS
a loW:\. it is :tll.' (.I. lie win the I>'irn''i2mlitrs : UUNI'Y '() LtNU.
tt': : ... < pnnce apju-ars very jultry. and it ... : .., -. ..- .. ..- .. ... .. .
I 4 uf I lie lire ISyincr! Uuwn tinar: -- WALKER INGRAH &M. Manager.
j -i.. It not a burpn-e t<> tier rieud tuac shethould For Ov..r Filly If.r.. : FNl'on: imrrovfcl u al ft-
\ 'I/ { c 1 eTVK' ui-r disatufactiou.Kflii S.\:iy. This Imrnin; v/iwul I!:-.:!O'.I i!> I -. <.r -lnall: silo ill.Cut low
J ,w -. \I Rq. WI" ,U.W"8 KO )THTN .. 4.1 ini -r t
,l.c. j ,I. : u-ia.; Tin 1 ? first !ntinaon of the <;itro'.is i- ; rutfS
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,t ...; : 1" .&ini tu Heeen.. ..cn ns. d fur over nit, years by miiLoni 01molll..r atlurllH. at his. tuUlll 1<, :Mhtuoie T lo pit'.
. :i/ .... 'rrtft "t the- Ud.as oviUnnilsivcral fur tbur children *.blll'l..tblnl(,
:tin 1 inMdShY
. .., .; : : ': "? Wbetner' this iiistatisfaction will raateri&lize child. JAMES
.. with piTtectuccr It soothes Ibe HUGHES
'i. t'iiinths! la'i(r, \\heti a se.irv: Itt
I 'I' : ; I. : m a IJVUit I, yet to !be --on. onftcuH the !Cum"alllaH all pal'1.cur"5 wind : 10.1'.0\\-I'o\/lu I 11"*'<1 money?
s :I.zers narrowly "I il.T.th from II'"- i6t remfdy for IlIarrb.a.t1 ,
10.. There is the d.lU1l the will Wilt any- I ISCSJH- colic. iIfm'i li h"rruwllny HIUOUI.I you .. ant
'.' : '. au'.l: tun't! >.:tA ,-f t'.ie! suliiIiuriHK! tlnrnis.r.fforts ,,'lll rtiitvf. u poor little (ufT -rt-r immf lU'UII8t' ttrin and lowrH ratraa r>:
H.: .' : ': ; cue making a contest > be cut oil .'ln'. '\fi., I'; from ail hare- in the estate bu tna will v.rre at once put fortli to <-::!h pun of tiii* "' ". .J. TwfntfiTt'Cfrt' H bottl rtattsfroltiVmu.u) \I here (<.IitaittmtOi.on. huutr.inpro\t-il."l.'i! buutli city Palft"oi .:. P. o. Box 40.tj; Phone. Shops, 123.J"H.1I1XE -

, ..I( ', '.; ::- 'J of James G. Fair lia-l a Mtir.i.ir provi- ,lu- t'.if lire. hut nuii-Ii: li<>aiU\ay !I..I(d! .. h<- sure b""t R'k for I n. >* m-IO"'F, ttrt't I. lutlMONKY
,jtbloll $vrr p" and take no otherMltIKiiV. klt.d. : ( :: SHOP '@ JJOILEI! WOIIKS.
' -:. .' '; :. don and the 1 ourts Knocked it out. :ah. .lily III ,a SMI: : :!.-.1 by the tlames. lIt;''! ,
....' j: Mr:. Ciaia i'renticmother of tho uoihii Iiidav TO IX)AS ON PERSONAL riOMPl.KTKI.Y: lL'Il'l'l.-i: | WITH TUB L\TKST AM: Hl"f 'I| >
: :;; v.-is: acoon iilishoil. : : I
1. \ ; t 9t" 1't ineebs. aMrtu i- .stated that sUtiRutil ; Apply. io \. A. Fibber, HhtrKuildiDK. \ Kvt-ry I''--CI lotion for Steamboat, Sa", mill and IxK'uiiiultvi .- .,
; (ir.ny; t\> l.-ne t!..- tininniicr! II i! halafoxBtrtet. J'tfIK bimplfur tiitticuu.
1t ) ': :. 'it a iiiK-umei'.t! rchiiqui-inni! : her i : Tt>f' undHsiup.1 t.lkpQi.Qm"lodi !
t-" men! lost tlit-lr I lives; nir.on? tliem! licit: i of olleritu li. cervices a firtcl'i
(4 rt.: f. ; .t. authority ivir her Il\u.mtl': ; : and thatHuutlnptoii r a YOU WANT TIt IIOKKOW MONKV: :j>ijpattern Making a Specialty.We .
: :' : $UP'i' ItI'J\I"nt r.arni-s and t ;iifr.l: In luvini I had! ;;",
U' miitvife -
. t I" '. ::.ihy ado;>ied the child.however. : yarexprinic 1 tn\fst !1ou..y.ln>ure juur property;""
..... .. Xlrt'\rJotll'a'llIfIic1l1l1a"I"'lIfollll.i. ; hide }'<':'I':1:1:1dr .if tlo!: I.'t'ii: ". Can jjivib* -t "f i-i-fr- .!tr-an-tructJid titlr. my nr bt-il real e<- have Employed One of the I>e-t 1'.ltterliIakl.r.: n: :

., 0 J'.. lio.sriov; >K far as to say S'-iiuylUIl: :i comprny.: who t ,.t'e ovttcoino (- (eni'd from leading phyMcian-s of tiu rt-rusooll-ctf,-, imt propt-rty J or your of IIl1y'd"lutf: CflpIlOIi.HUt-ndeU ban to, Sawmill Specialties

, Ii; .-' aha couU'tlt i.r..of.-uii.jwill i*> Ix-izu'i 1-y tie ixjisouous (IIna',;. this city. Hil oa or lI<1Ur".-. 11104. "'. \Vat-on A Co.KtHl :
.., r \ kimnltautously in till, ana New :Ml. ;M. Gllnv.c. K<-tatvan.l Inourame agents Pvatola. *-
I J. city Several: !Liter IJf.rt'! Ka- ,
years .
: TIItt'1'1.01! I
Hit. Ctitirtiloucritti- 1 0 vryonebu -
York. lM.-! .atii. n \"ll1i..r" !>t.
ft i'.; >>i+ ; __ (0IIiUgJstr; tt) the (ir. eutvocIrork jar .. buys !ft lot from t1- "'.. tlllll..nllllJIO"Y '1' ''OhS.; ; i-;/'I'c.. MANfFACrURKD .\ SIIOIU': :>> > Ittiipletc \II'>

' YA: $ : RECEIVER APPOINTED. I jn.;". aud It v.-as tUt-idi-d: tl-at: Iicrol.met ..llli wlncu to huild a ho IS!'. Hd-lt
MV ( Stork .Material; ami Sii !)pIii'' ,
,,ij.t.'j .. aW' I u !beds! I;:tt: tx atioptcil in :IM th\ > : -uil 5' kLPI tii--.ti r..' Uuclunk'. curt't-r ..

, "i L*.t'* S* Si : tylranU Killninl Prf.mln In 1 1i p.iy. 1!1ilnaliU! "-!,,'rJtioJ fn...i ilannct': ; i: Kern I Incandescent II wtxtii A\rI.u.. itLd Tt-ntli 6tint.ip* -

i*.> '/ *" ', .i nn-nt ,.f Itilrrest."ll'V i 1 \\':! ; t1l..1! to cut at-riix tli vein: : ij'von ijrunii--. l.jivi:: ESTABLISHED 1863.

I-. \l I r I I. i>h'.'i.M .k>-j ii.,\ ,, ;ipoilur .
: \"l\'U".lh..Ju'le1I.-W1l1aUlX.! : ! .7 ( : loinm-! :1!II.: Gas Burner I ---- -- --
> s iiIh. r u.IIIII. mmmi' a.it "idi.5..
t t.i c .. Hobliy of S-ylvaui.i hn IXTII a:>poiiited t-sil ami tiI: tip tin- n-u-i with: clny !I Mr-. L.. U'mt1m.. i ... Nuriu talaki! .tl>.t.t.

f"! : temporary roi-civir for the Sylv.iuur.iilroa = TI! :I.: v.a- di'iic. and the: ITII: ". :.'< ta',v" ': _j'a>" McKENZIE: OERTING & CCCEALEKB .,
o.it fjr a ,l.aari: of :"i:''s f.-i-t. l.s (,rfeuiaty I "l& .' \1.r;-rD.. niiot Qfbiriitins 101IU
.:. f:;... ; '.. ;' , by tile Ki'b.-rKia1.6iuo G I --- -- 0
; iilot-Llcs 5'e! of ..
t: .
; iir---vi.j
; of ; ; At-uey: 24t nutb falafottrot.
ri ti. Central Georgia
; rauvray.It
.. .. >1" : ... [n-. ,..., .[;, ..t. 1..lm
.. ,' : t. t ;, : l toni the S-yivania rail- .. _. and General
Ship aardrnarel
t ; tll'\lulr'd\ It V..TJ tao! Mar.:: !!II v ';a \\I v.s- ; ---- --- -- ---- Chandlery
: : : nuid tae mtrrei I
upon unou a I'on iti ::::- 'I-.
.f J' ,. ;, Rtr.eki-d, :::;IJ it t.us IH..I" sfl-nItem= ; .' .... .. ...' .. .
tiia Celtralul.lW --- ---' -- -- ---- -
..1' 1' t33.WV iaort.ic; tao
I:4g.. :. 1.\110 1.J fro:: tho SVhnj-liUI! : t -; r < ,
I I half hlfl.. f'-nui I'nlntox : heir
lib. : l":;. Th aihati.n; : for a 1Jt'r.- :1tl'nt rowih 'utt a ::!,;>' n::sl froia vittrv! \ I ;:.! .9r j ) Ian;*- rufiiiainini; r "'01. kitt'lin.. t>.itli, Ao-ENOY -

i. .: I'! :, C'it Hf I I'-- :aide ct Tcuaille ouw ;| ward ntiout 15J: ysrd.C'T.vn: :., r.- < .. i ij i Jtllll. IlH tIo-t. ..."..r .llill (!H> "-('I1r- .
J ... : ti i.- \1 \l1!v to J.... I. Juliii'uii I' U in. COPPER COMPANY. JOHN A. nOIHr.r1"1': : '\ (
ti '": .: ;. Jti!.v I' --..' -_.-. I T j {il.S ,iw..-',- ..---c... _iro vVcr_,_._*_if '.'."., :;.v; i iI \ 'j Jh\ Nn.. s.tivSt (}ALIVANIZEDVIRE: ROPE A. RLVHELAKON & 1'1 :.11'
4t:1.. fit! (ojllltlslio".1.; '; --- -
11 riI..U; .
I v. li. C -- -- -
i <;ft/,(' .' iv Lively: 101111'1.1 Kxpeoie-I.; I I rrtt'.1 r.'i-U*. s.f.s! : <: islntul! I Iy t1- Lt1.'t'it\ Snm, Coriajs, Pal ltj Oils! hutiit l instromis! CUrl::, Iickcri, UIn:

-":- Ty \ivi:;. J:::HI I-Th: :iiet19g:t the .
I I l>pp.'b rf "uitist' Iltn<.." W..JIT. I.-: .. : > LK i '',MB ItRiiWN I.MHI"I: $ COM PASS! KM. LOGS. Kfl
t! Qrcn'ti jT.i.!: t'ght: \-hicl i is tj be I 0 nclii-iif-iy. vtock timid Kirn* J T ntle.J'.NK .
; ii..; n.d! Ccsctstlcn :,1n.t: i/t ,c'i'ilr i- | .
PI.. -- I :i.s*''' ''' ,I..r-III Willi'l1lTh.. at.. o.. *.tI C. McKenzieOertin. rollrtctin; A eat for U. : Pitchtion. ..- ,' B. .. ,
.... .
1 'J tuidri'8-i-ii Lt:.. erpet.i9 CjIoLyotlo: !-:utfei, I "L''". I'.... ,,"" ).,.h.,.I...".I..c.: I L-t: f)t I..:.t ..:'. I .
,' .., .
> ? iltrv Mrr'ruan antI :ati.r. r..C11-eS lcEe.l : !V-jfe.-Ta; : :a.au'u.HV: : "I'ldia ., r.iii.-i' Poultry -
1 V.i-l-Attn e f 1 "4-f..r fl >-I' Hiot
U' :, ;; j.. .. to bo a lively in.TCP Uauy Mail bafl : : ,iiliL-: :: : : -;. i nrif.iiiiis; I artr.il,- MI m- Light t>r.i-!

)., ::1 ... .J': tii: "-" :hI\VI:': an a-nvo cjiujv.r. -.-.-.-- .,1.... untie I. ( ulnl'I% thou!It l;<>Lt.i-.
..,. : ; 1: I [- *izaiu>: i iio iii-ii. tne tee' < .' ::rr4I j I1r. wr. 1.>-inorif<. W\ nii' I.. in i BDJ 5--
th -m n-lIr Kur tIan'Pri. nTitII
). -" ':; _- J ., with tl:.. 1. .. r-. : nci on the SI.H.-S Us-: ....ill..I ...... ..> .II**.. *.3.". "*,".....",*....-S.-"., .j...,.,, -'r..,, .:-- \ <

I. :. l ) t eh:1Dj.\ 1I :Ir' t.ave: len proiaat'iitiy: ti! .- on-liiitil l'I i< In thtt.iirn'n: ;: uf t!.t' f.ilias I : .._ --_. .-'---I-It-,-".,..M.-> U-...... -.....- ,
'::5 : J'l"'tt'J "a.hn! ,'a p.itn.itto. attend. 111tbonani t'w solatioii -' .IKXK-M pu'uctcr P11JtT1bel Gas and Steam
.. :". '' "-:a ,"::uot'lllJ} I-.ivmg; MP.- t Fitter
; ana tu' >uijKirt their li.'htiu: ; dra.rr .n 14 air i.imrt-. Huts-. '10,10'1.Hti

brethren n south. .\ir b.:1 oran; tvj M-ons. ... .. :tIa, haL r Oil ttc ;t-s W. ouvefaiu at ,
} -- '.
.. ii.-t.ct.
. ,. I P ized IUtt"wt! %%i$. probably Le made 1 3 \ .... ... ._ .
Eoditinfs ---- -- --- ---- --
.. "
L + Inak up the u.ttaig: C\'ipr. '...'. Ploxvi'i1'or 1"1111"1'.11-. No. 5 South Palafox

t": -_ (j'r-6: ": hntt l), a well kco'.vti : : :..- _--.... ........- .........,._, S'-.v. _...... Street
I 'LOWKK.-4 HUt tTH.\ 1.-\: \ Jnt-:" -rdt"
$- "Tho> i-tr.r-i tl.11 j p.vC tnrv.i {'ou.h Get: 'man: citizen of New Lphar."n. ;! i :r. t'r"rnrIIYIU *. -tj((..j.-* ,.ope ';'\. 'I' :feign* All Kinds ot Plarnbinif and O.ii Fittings Matcr.a.i Kf>;.t'J !

> ; i-.tmt.'. Oal 1 llnllt.. "uud: : :IU \.Ielt. )Ior..n" :{:I ,. .I l.r.-.ry .
|n' : ( 'hi.). is i :u constant! reader (,f thfr :r; : .. .T.tPIHvifo ?2& '. a.jqtsi A. J"',,,
) oli.in.r.-.i. .1<<1:UIL''IIII'
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w..11111'1I" .
C'urf' In ..1.' 1:1':0 rriN ,:,
&. t ; ; He know-
tJ Yojk-yeituiirf
'llnr. 'I'"ii" Stritfnpl. N. H -1:1"- IY'OI i :.. '
l-: :< II S r/i l. e .iiitit-ll.
':1ll. \1'- 1.1, f.mtp&I, r..I1. : 1'\11 a that mis p.iper uinto ailrf-rtiip only i ;;;; : ............... I ,
( ... if- LIitEnattd wht-n! I ,5 C4tCti.t.5 [P4E1iVWYAL<: 1 "
f .- f-tubh-rn""ui; iiou't ilr* i'II! T.P' i: t'.t- l isi ( OhnlKf hn me Aifiit K I. H-.tl-
1; ... hetw ('i 1 ::!tto1'itis! l P.un Ijni1'iverticJ !i W.-t Uuxernment su e- i'tein PILLS
3Imutf r<"iir! 'I. *lI.i' ,'ul..d "-- 1.1 -:11
will! v .u i M' .1.. ai .1 I 1 'Sinrup for butt- IlI rk. t iI P1 iiiiCi. I S4 ii..
and i I'
; .11
: ,. and* \\-1':: .. wm HOP r rhttp' &&CO1 p.5i it- I.
:3 "nrt'. H rll" l'iir, ..u-y. :'vdi.t ., .\ .lit ;n-it !n--iriti- lit lon\ in,: .i t bn'ttf'.t. :I '-" -" --- --- -.-... -.. 5 } .4 'f-' S ( IIK III.-'tII. i
"- J\ahu. Jhui. I\\: ; 1,1: I : !"i- i.j" vt-; ,,'i"1 f..r. ..izht ... "pk i THE Xi\V DISCOVERY.Cne : ; I":>M er tutu ant t !ioi rd in pr.vati.L fnn.. ..- VO..7wto..j; Etit. i.t.tt ..

: -. \ i'uil' -uirfieil wth! :lIp no-t: tsrirdei earns Cbic Foot if Ccs Per Hour., \ l x.u:. mil! t'.>m"! po| ir'n"sni-.i: ( ,-1. -ipfrr'h <.. ;! .-...to'. I'.. ...... .....IoL.11... .
1 *!i furr --h: irlrttnAiMrf; 'i'--.
,' m 1.1in.m !hH.k! aiul ci.uM jrft ,.t ,, i r '
( .
1'.1' .
CATHARTIC lacet.r.;! llf" t. ''' 1'ITATED'Il rlers and Letter ia- I ** d n l.eI5 4 I Iyt I.
1I74i- lit-f. He 1\- : -\ft'r uingtl'" So rhmrnnmto Pr-ak. if .- 'I;.II.r '... I ,.II.
,_.. .....
iiun"t I Ihes '.. -S. f tI"' I. "
.f '
: 0"0 Iteer
I'.iin J .lIm f -r i .w d.iy, my wife I t'wpn -5- < hi. _..f.-
,. i..-ur itiBU K.rvt'.c.ty % % 'bOttl">. 8.A.KRIXDKAK. DOy"rCC. Chinese and Japanese
-;1 "I to me.I 1 !.- -l tniMijh b' rniiiew. : nad1.1Otht1ie.'r.!>'....
.' :an.l httortninr the; stIr .
i f J.O \\ J HC -
,n. ill co it+'ttt- of the b'lttlthe nn para. Cost. .,.,..- Fancy Goods for acceptable U"'
; .. s;... .... Dranltu.Genuine and floral
; hit" pmii. hid mtip"Iy nni.h..tlllnd: I'T FUJWFKS l.enpnsHpwmi State If pitenttd.
C. C. C. !Kcvtr scU !n hui.I Sot: a I"rpatrr..rH.. bat a GuaranteeCikH S d"g'" orrti-frt for cu'torr.cri.MI'S m|
stimjxJ -h lOild 4ii i > hr h..u-- FINE CHINA ,
: it>: : t. ;" 111'[ V.olelte .vicreco. it-t Writ (jfe orylMMKH TEAS. THE PATENT 1fi.! /R3
S'! i: E.ewjtt of the dealer! \. tries to $cI! 'II'lId dn'is., Hf i I. very t"-inkfnlit : aoo1 s"1 thriua "P*ration. ;:bOI.t.\'. :!WIlD :'if:11 | Ealtlmore. fr. .- '*'

.: "I.IU\t': :'Hn: < i ju t ij good." d I hope that all u'.Terin; likewi-e GERSON.# - South I'alarux Sr., -

'tj. : ., \\ ill h."r tot iir womii-rfiil r"' c..vfry. i' !B. : jI\'( '.\,'rloAIJ.. Lannjry Office. PEX: icon. FLAt

riinvi'riT' ) L 1 JIost com- rtJ ii- vilnl'l- Un tnet.t: is f< r tl.. hy ._-- -

; 'itL! dtut-!;: '; a.iJ: iuiloiae; Uealtr: ? PBOFESSIOJIALOAHD8.fala.'oi TKKM-\U. S!-pi. l'lMUt't u_ .
r LIJIliE I L thlete ... ._ 't ,'011..1"f llTh.4ti.y
; ( ; J stock -- ----- -----S i'u-Iii- IE
; -bn''h"IJ'"- l> b.-..'rl'ln II iiil I.Itratr.Kdn.t .- HIKE YOURSEIF !
and is here anrl lOll mt-. (if lu.inm viiI bmm!.. t.. t i u ,
: of fine chctip : marcellus 1flcreary\ .
"PIJIVIl "JII-.';* I" lIil oi "rtm-ti' K"r -}. i '.ti ( S .
grades ever displayed- i 1 1 \ :/-ill want ligii ; I..rma.. ("11 i I'0UtliPi.IMitr.-t."n .'r 11(t :
(;I'j ..

1 Pcmtacola. Cash or insialments. Furniture and furnish ing* Fhysirifl End &urrdll.Rpi4sflC I M 1 VKK i il-UM-i!: j ..' oil.ci .,- ...1Ie.. :5 r .1"". a' ...1

S what for jjirlorMarxian I ... m't' f>' i' > i .. .. ...-.t.'n"[ IT:. '1 rt4 .5
We have just i/cur \1 ,I. -
'' !! i.ice. ... .
v r' X..rt mtt .1.-
.4Tt' >* } : "- "
".'' what T..I-: ;. .' .'."" ,"' .. H.. %
3" 11 J a- 4S:1.J.:
Sitrpt'j :
tjFIJI i-.in 5t HV j
.1IarstoTII5' .
ijon icant. Jfinch. P' ,:..nllrrl" t\\ .111.. i Scs'lst C" 1.... '?&; ". 'Ui .( I1IfYl' :.
t .: .
S iii; i. I I m1ttm : r "4. ;
t. ,
JOlt I
'ct '!. .. _ ,. -- J
-- -


.,, l .. l .... _,_ <"!'" ,-.J.L ..1... ., "" "l"
.Ml. _;... ,._ .- :r-... ,..I .. '>J,:.. $ "'- J > ""y ':""'" -- :" "f"'I'_ I "


-- -
::::--- ----I I

II II I I:| THE FIREFLY.! Bertha THE! WHIRL collars of embroidered OF FASHION; batiste-- Columbus WITH S\JItI tan shoots INTENT.! Himself With : Kin,Quick Maude write'I Relief Dicken for u3erpJ Ai'.hmi.Mis Parson. ight; I HEIMBRG I B BROS.ij & CO.,

Unp.iid.Kor Pistol.Coi.otGCSGa. > cars with atnma In its worst form.
'-ar oil very many of the new :gowns.
I Oa a pleasant bright: June evening! app l'n'l1l'b'ba11! and the sheer Itcauti- I : .. June 19.! -John Floyd, I had several attacks during the last
1 Jiey wire walking htnll1 haml In tUIirk. ; ful nuns velliUKS: are proviug txxo very a white mail who formerly lived ill year through and: them.was not I beuan expected U*iD'o to: I ViH OLASL t GROCC tB S

: r.othm young: :bfautiful.. ;, favorite materials ia preparing the i i Girard, walked into pawn shop yesterday LE\'S'HONEY AND TAR and It has ,

NICK'SPACE The girl was Ioti1ns her head c:1 UU! sumtai-r outfit. ,, afternoon O buy a pi toLft rI never failed to give immediate re-

shuuldtr! ho st(x>iiin; from tiiie t'J \YLIte: Mack and xvhlte and soft ray I I selecting a pistol he rushed out of the linf.V.. A.Parlor. f'AI..mhprtf'. '.
boas have: taken! the place of asheavier : for and exclaimed Palafox Street.
t.nw fur the! purlIse of pressing ails '' feather door without: paying : it ,
kinds of neckwear.! These arei : that he was coins to kill him Restaurant
warm lips to hit \\y\A\;: !tar. plainly: .
,i but in.tancisof very many stylos. hcwi I self. II i burned into Yarbroueli's saloon Pensacola Florida.
-uuUiI 1 war LIT fiToliead. two door; away, sad hamimg the "
;i i extT. Touts de lou are het-n in all: col- WITHEATLY
SudiU-i.y in the thU-! *t Among tin I bartender a note, walked: over in the : _
| crs. stuck it FURNISHED....
comer puilfd out the pistol, to I
fragrant jasmines a \I!>rati'c; li_!.t ale ; A novel Idea In flower tr'.riminq Is a his beau and shot hiui-eli.: Floyd fell I. WEEKLY t ClIEDULE

(jK-anil follutttil ly another tlii-n l>y a 1 wreath of ivy r; ,'ranlu1 The ful'.afi-!! I to the floor and lay in a pool of blo.>J. ; PRIVATE/ ROOM FOR UD1ES. FOR STEAMPENSACOLA DIVISION 1-

third!, still clearer and iliiftllyvinscd: is extremely: delicate: lending: : itself to It was tbouga.; at first he was dead 1

rr..abb swarms of sparks 8urroul eJI any shape: and the pale pink or red but heehawed icns of lire au.i alterwards QUICK LU.'ICHHS: FOt THSVELERS. KLECTKICTKRMWAliUAIIAVAY
[ !! I '1 carried, bus COMPANY.:
i thorn."LiMik. j blossoms are IrettIn \: couibi- was brought; t> an to
j home np town, where his life is now Choice Fruits Candies : Train I..ST" l'en : The r.Kitni! :? Jmcsr"How t.ations. hanging by a threat, The ball entered Heron, K-t l':\:you.v rrlngton,> T7 Yard
pretty. mysterious and, \lizbt\: :" I|I Yi-ls! of p'.ain: nieeLlln: tlJ"1.' are tal1 !;- near his right temple and went through; Cold Drinks.C. and: Kurt harrRncas at

The' are xl'jr.itin:': as an ImxiilUaMcv.oril ins; the place of the fancy d'si-<. his h -3'iTue. lIn ".m.arrive M }' tHarrancee T$11.111: 1
: Tulle! of the same (...llr r.s the Jloxxers left the bartender 10,1 i a.m.arrive at Fort Hsrrancai IOsdLm
<.f IOM-, and they are 1'iiri.ins! ; asjussion note Floyd was 1'.-') II.m.arrln Mort Karrsnoai litfam
l.rl'a'III; Its tos." J! on the hat is considered most tastefi.l.'although !. addressed his mother and read as APOSTLE, 1I:Sp. m.arrive at fort Karrancai ':l5pm
: write lace was worn follow ASpID.&rriteatFort !: Iinpm 4
: are :
: "I-iMik: This OJIs Lnnsln u;>oi
"Dtar Mother I know this willbroa c OPPOSITE tNIODEPOT.. 'saepm.arrlveatFortHarraaeas aeOp.mTraias
3.1r fi'rclit-ad; tIat one Is your guiding: i with simpler hats. lean fort Barraocai PIIIII".
I your ol i nears but I cannot help it. cola at
ll ral
I !star I Wide ribbo-i! in plaid. < or
The r Mast PopaUi Take c.ire ot my: children, and bury me :::'am, at P..n-IIl'ola ala .. m
{l ".\1:11 the other alwvi" slilnoi greenish: I fianl1"'rns i$ In demand forti1..r: ly my brother Hob." 'X; \: /l.: i: 'I lli, p. m. arrive at l''oliacoJILJJt3 p.m

l.ktj jour eyes when'n. are (.Tit... I I 'i hats. Some pretty hats for Mornii' I loyti has a wife and several children. \ \ 'o % j S: :", p. "i. arrive at Pttneacolafiini t.ap.rnarrive
: D m arm at Pensacola t3
\ would 11t".. iiy oi.ly one, to make ilt 1 '1 nn-l country wear are trlr.iti'ed with lIe formerly worked in tao mills. I J T:0l p. m. arrive at rVnsscoiB_ Tt3: p.1D p m

; !lii-be stars ii aun-u'e about jour 1.; 1.1Lead. plain wide! ribbon wised with a straw ------ EASr /' '8:'.5 n. m. arrive at Petuacoi_ ';IO.ID ;

1." I{I braid to match the lust TH :: CROPS IN GEORGIA.KxcesaUe \ Saturdayj only. '
FARE FOR WEEK DATS.reniacola .
.\ itself in tin I I .\ French doslg": Cur making laeh --- '
t-ilvi'ry l.uis'a spivad Ihem to ron Karrancai and return -5o ,
UaluMuve Damaged
,w liu'.cd! j>:iti. [ and iiioiiitiin cost nines has the blotiuairanged I. :: i CORNrAINT\ I'Mnoacola to Navy \ and and r..lnra1OG
In Manyays. Pensacola to Palmetto Much and return Uo
"And it MI-MIS to r.:(- it i? the thtn'i I \ to represent a white slur

fl [ l ARANI 1 1In art of 'Koln-rt the l)i-vil.. : The lofft'1:1! :t'I !' waist in front under! an Don jaektt. .\TIST.June: 19.: -Thj weekly crop tQ t Leave Pen>aU iola.: DAY ICQKDUDI.Lv Fort Karraneai. t ?

M>isl.s arc l-r.rnii!<:. \\ .> \Mrovill'in;! !i
Ml the (ri'i.u-U-ry. as the wearer chooses.Dyspeptics .. yesterday for the week: e:thin.; Juno tIt Il Ip.a. m.m. u! p.m.D1, .j,

":No:; : thin: I is mitt -eniitrry.. It is tin. I I makes a poor showing; for Georgia Remotes all Corns Bunioni! and Warts, t tithout ; IP- m 1 p.111.

.summit of life; and earthly !.apply r-s. i cannot he long live(1 cocfimthe reports that have been if: .. pain,ipcccily and permanently.. 1 ip.m p.m p.m. r

: I ioxt' yon:" .\11,1111' stnppiN] !illllr\l-I\ :I I hec.ui to live require( nouri-li, i received recently by the department of / E An Dme_=o / / tiSI LlJUJ COBS I'AUrt.LIPPMAU 8 .
th.it !in tu'! dark lie iiiipat! read iron lJ1f'nt. F-'od is not tiouri-hin until j ;agriculture; of too poor condition of tuo B30S Gm p m. f m.
it .is \ A di-ordirei stom-l i FAB F1* a..DAY
tin li;;;l.t of her shinin: :; eyes a cvnlialnusver. diyestf-d. 'cotton crop all over tne state, and pea anl.l'rop., ee tip /eniaaola to art Harrancai Pen
ach cannot digest; food, it mti-tj i''trally.iieakmR, ot almost all the crops. e i stock.Sar> \\ I 1 ard and return___ ISA
Pensacola. have 15"I"tln'I')11,1: : l>y-p -p-i.i I' Feniaoola to Palmetto B aeb and
'Ill1'1',' nuu-li in l lol'ith each Cure digests: all kinds of food without The report says aain occurred daring ( .tarn.______ ISd
rains : :
(.tl1l r faithfully and sn-ercy.! I ITLoy aid from the stomach. allowing the Exeelye:week in many sections ot the state No freight rec"lT..d after.II p. m. I m

I : went farther, hlli-ntly. in the: it tn rest and regain its natural function In some (counties particularly in the
m.\-.teric si.'l'I.vs! of the \vllU.: IIHt. -. Its elements are exacth' the J eastern parr. the rainfall exceeded 5 1 ------ l

invultnit.inly: the: inei-.n ry nf the: cen-e-1, sum as the natural digestive 1111111"1 inches. lucre: uas been no opportunity

tery, as it WIT., eau-ed IM-IWII-II them and it simply) can't help but for cultivation, fur which all crops are LODGE DIRECTORY

FINE a I'ltaII"f 1'1'1':111,1 tlati! ;;iit. the iriMiil. Harris Phatnucy, Sydney |l sud'rrtnr.rass and weeds have obtained i.w.HARPER
Kahn, John Sheppard: I .
eloii'l whii-h.\ e\ei under the melting ) the lead and are I growing rapidly.The
iutluei'.ee of I'Mvonls.! "I lute you" 'HWE.AND GEE. reports
: I mncu iniorinatiou cf a Uieourajin2: nature -
I did! not t\nut to disappear. eath Hhtrons'T and little hope of improvement 1,. Penaacola Lodge, No. 3. K. of P., a '
Oysters II ; than live, and loneliness deep1er I Foundation for brood comb may be expreeawL Labor seems to ht a scarce KENTUCKY meets every Monday r''n-

than happiness. They<< writ farther, '! made from the darkest. "lJm:l. commodity and with so! much cultivation lag BtH.ui Rt faetla )lilt. ,
I looking It the pliosphorlc sparks. !i comb we that is III'Cl'hS.lrthii becomes WHISKEY t \ In the mount. W uoa
In all\ receptacles' for Imr-ey r. } : !Il: KIVED FRESH: EVERYDAYAND The ;'ir! suddenly lifted; her 1:1'1:1111I111 |: would advise full sheets of foundation.Plenty serious factor la the situation.: brethren cordl lly -
-'- -- welcomed
whispered Miftly: j I of storage; room 11:1'1IIIit'll to Quite Simple."If F. H. lUncLirr.
SERVED IN ALLl'iTYI.I.o I "l In know that tliis! inomrtt therep.iiniseenee ''I ] icilllrnif"vlli c. UOFSLKR. '
I you do in controlling: ihe 1>\\armi::;; of ItalIan I"a weather prop'iot i ," saM 'i ( c.O. t
li K. K. A 8.
I of a woman whom jon : \ i I'tli'! :NI
bit-s. the man with! sltl'l'aliin1; hskers: "I'd _. t
:.. : 1:1IlIh..1 once stands l-etnt-en us: The only way drones ran I be n tanedto get It I'j-ht once! li t" hil,'. I'll bet."
I Is !a not true' for acceptable Ueu Ii
hive is th11In 3 "Hnw.oul,1 itV"Yhetieer
a to keep ijueeaAS you manage
She ilivlnvd.! She \vis aeon>toineil t'ithinking I I i State if patented.
coloilj. \ I saw a cirrus LpaJin for m
: : :1:1.1 fielinx! in harmony: with i iI I I I PATENTRECOBa,
:1 lives should I e made lW,':::0113:; then town 1'.1illl'l)" put 1:51! my uaps an Sell I bV Dannheimr; Bras
hltat! oiiee, Intuitidii.: 1>1.(.' ante I Baltimore. MlMEUX'S
in rain -
luMiuircnts :111tart predict
I if :It any tit11"1'" roou is needed another : :
nuns i the f:* v < f a person iikno\\n tn ,
peucral principles. WashingtonStar. -
on -
I -
section! can Ue added. i <#
Regular Dinners Every Daft I."r. a stranu'i-r; of ri\tl thought! llu I .- I p..
s\i-r! <-d. ciiitirici: 1:er lucre tigItlyad.tt I Ii I I In brceilin t-et's aitilicially it !is very I ; __ __ __ ** i

i kl still for :twlli!,'. I impnitant to f.n-t t Kjro t ,,l cells from J't.'s fill" :

i "Let's so farther! she; l'al1-: : i brood that i is at th- ri;.:lit MJjje.If I I'f' I J;I
9s oiler Oi e Hundred Dollars reward s
ONLY y CENTIProve' t T "Listen. I will p.-II!1 you Jill." I the hives! are: not rnpeily niadv for any ('age of Catarrh that i t

03 I I"h j '. I l..uyou ssiiil U-r.eve.: i and the proper number! of combs u-"d, (,:\l1l1l1t be cured by Hall's: Catarrh I \

"I..stei.: i'.etr.-eea us there is this; one I, there will be trouble x-.;ih brace temps.j : I Cure. :

last street trouMIiig; aunoylug lilY F. J. Cllf: n\". & ('o T.dedo, 0. I V 21tfft'j

mind! :u<1 a nlshtinare: and I shall Hot j i "A few montns ago; looctvhich I t| Yv>, the mult r-teiicd.: hate known I .

rid: injsi'lf of this i lit Rlio.-t of the f:;r- ate for brejikf i-t wo-ald not rt"main IF.i J. <'h.-iicy, fur the last l;> years, "$
ilf bour. 1 mid believe !hcnoruldf J
on my stoin.ich for Ii lot hillll'.rf."tly
past HliU-ss I tell 1'1111:1. )
away ) u-ed one bottle: of your Kodol lys- in all l>u-ine! '='* trjn-uctiun< and SCHOLARSHIP Meux's I h ,:
"1)id jini Into hrrY' she asktd with Jiu.itips* College you can secure a
pel'-iaCnre: auf 1 can now tat mybreakfjt linancially able to carry out any ub- tiir.... uioiiti..' V .
the I -"'I u.ii. r-hip, either in SLurthanti: ur tinniercial De-
of : .
nenot'siliratioi ite.
u M I : and other meals \, ittijrelih li.;dtioi. made \b.\' tin ir !lnu. : rtinpit. f., '
r r flu; f of
I 1 : r a term c month#, j. Tuition In any
",:111'! was handsome as a fireek en--. and food! i is thoroughly di-! YVKs-i &TKI-AX. 11',
my : uf the! literary branch. pounntHhi; corrt"IHHIIII'ncp or hilling without
1 en and ahxaj.s siiiiln:: :: as :t phhless of :r.-, .'d. Nothin! !' eiiinls: I\oilo: | D\s-.. I Wholesale Druses; Toledo, (). extra (' ar.'f.v: |,,.ive spvnral pupils; who willooti\ luNh the coarse t .'

;:Pudding I.,1'ipir.i-N-! ;. Su! \\':,: eurions. pivr.t!. pepsia Cure for sto'mach tronhl..... 11 ALi)1M1, KINNAN: : &! MAUVI.N, I with u<. whom we .Ip.ire to place: with good linnLet u- hear from you. :

I.t.siu'tto..f an artistic nature. She H. r'.l'itt"'IiI1; I"n, 'IVx. Kodol j Wholesale DniL'iri-t-: Toledo, (). Call on or -iclilre-* C. O. Mtnix. 1' t
; Do our anT Cure dire-t what Hall'ii Cat.irrah Cure i i- taken in-
i.,,,-iii.-ited lue, drew ate to her, intoiit :: Dyspepsia ; you i iHtt.
.ounce'r.ent .ited inc. Wln-n she look in her \rhlt,.. Harris: Pharmacy rtid'ueyKahn I tem.illy. acting directly upon the --_ b s '
John > blood and mucous surfaceof theyrtetil. _
look tempting '.1\ Lands !.iy hea.l. my temples: burn-1 I Hheppard.NOTICE. Price j ,cc. per: bottle. Soldby W. B.

K 1 TTe try .vl l. mid\ when! she sans; in the voile of all drr:.! isl,.. Tr-tnnonials! free. WRIGHT<< GOfflPflflY, : ,

.{ + e b to make them a .srI: : I felt! that uiy will und strentli I IXol.Cf Hall's\ FaullPiu\ are the be.t. 'f"\ r l ) r.

I, BO. But a pudding we.e tailing.' MANUFACTURERS: AND DEALERS IN .
'" : i' Hereby civnn that the follow-'E \ i q-; .
war tomore "I 1 >id you lure 1:1'1': : asked the g.illllTMltlsly. : nnmi'.l person,claim the ( lln''iug Uci "I.l I.- i ift
intended ..< Iota in the rater rout i>( the city n( I'-n- -
I II. 'ncola under the aol of the 1"1(1:1"III r.- ofh I LUMBER LATHS
to be lookeil "It ser.Pl: tn me that her: line mustIn loridB,approved June .', IV. tn-vit. I IJ. I TRADERS I t f. i Vi
the greatest happiness on earth, and ...ia "'h..pp..d-IOI jr. and the .s' fret
atmerelythanr Mint of Butt Hiliuitiini nnic, bin-k I. I :
our stock. that 1 would then jrhe IlIj"lif. to guess H. K. Pitt Mill Comimny-1 i-ertnin' u1 = Sajl j g.
e I eonuiidruin of her deep, black wharf con-trojted from the shore lin. nf .
Suppose: you the hay 01 Pxn-nfola nt the south lint of : '-. -- PENSACOLA FLA.
t-\ ( I
do what Main btreetnnddNSenhedBS follows: I'.H-I I
you "LiMil;." saiil! hafter awhile: as itgathering I' ginning at ihw foot ol Hhrruok'i htrt-el. and a.
would do with running south along.-...t line of Itarrarki*I 1 L1
: ; Ms thoughts and showing :, etre,,ltoA point HI feet north of IDII'r..c-\\
the pudding. j Illt'r tlie li:;Iiteil. s'.iruiiu! : : and l moxinsmass : lion with south lln!..of Magnolia street ',
e 1\wt1t. In the thlel.it. "nnd ll.vteu to the thence westerly 2' f-. thence northerly tu i iI
i I I a point HI fcfl north ot north linn of I fdartrf We guarantee Ue abJve JUilliam & SBotu Ii
rei'iiilseei! "es of the lonn/ 1 June years of >eland 1't ftt wrnt of the fast line 011 I IKarracksrtrpKt.tbpnctt loljnsou

I for the first time northerly to a point ]I' ;
my IN ftel-.t..t nt northwest corner of block*. ; EYE mm t 11 be the
In the country, and for the lin-t! time, I thence ea tTly M.-.-t to Ivt-ginnine. i I
I W, A.lllount, Wni. H. Know... w.J. \ 8n |
on a warm evening, I saw lightning: M Will o offerel ii I HARDWARE DEPARTMENT. J
Kirk L. I: lliompson and Wni. t'i n"r- j i iI\\
Special Orders toil shinii:;; with a sharp, greenishlisht Lou 1 to"Inclusive... and 17 to Si lncluii\r..., i, .

\!: in the dark thicket! of the park. block lil.Invfdttjfttlon; o. sam! will begin on Kn- I I any city f far tis, NUT.f I E

;Child i of the city. exelte by unaccustomed day,July 6, lltil." ; Refrigerators, Ice Boxes : j!
J.::. U.NOTICK. RI.I:: I e ).anile! this Whisky ,
I ch M-d the moving light
stoles: : .
hat K t v Jun.''
Ice Cream
of Water
all hours
served \\1
and wished t j )41't'.4 such a star. to ajoa rw t.u"s: LCO"Juoi. I ,

tho day or night at hilt at it while\ It w :as 11t'lr11,1 to take i I, I In Quarts, $1.00 per qt, ; Milk Shakers, Lawn Mowers and rf
-hase made and
it for my n\en. .1. was .
I I I' Garden Hose
one of the handson'est bins: was ti!;:ht- I Notice is hereby civcn that lhw fnllnwin Rakes,
Reasonable Prices. ly shut In [;lass- l'h:1 rml'fl. 1 took my named pt-rion- claim the following ilc.i In Bulk, $3.00 per gal Garden Tools Fishing Tackle
|, I,i scnhrdlnta in the wet r front or the CUTotl'ensmol : I'
treiiMite. placed it In ivy room near my under the act or the 1-uisls-
I--.I. and In the night I drenmed orI 'turner Murlda.approved June ::. Iota to. : and many other seasonable articles.

jihiantlesin: throning; I'slit'; on all the I'. wit Kaylon: Wrwt Wharf (' )- orth :? f....t of i TRY IT=@ ;

j paths mid thickets! of the garden. i 1 lots ,.:...U and tl and allot lot "!, la i>loctnrtyt A FINE LINE OF i.
-- -
f i.n.:
SEA FOOD DINNERSA 1 "In the morning: I was awakened l>y 'i InvHstUniinn of ufth claim! 1111I b"lln01l1'u.s018)

the! first ra\s of dnwn. 1 looked I at '.J un"!.'>.IM 1.. JACOB KRYGER. ,
F: 1> tltw..c. : BUEl iIs WaE ad Other VIAi Cles :1
ors :
onei' In the direct loll of the ;:lass pal J.n.Jil. M.i'i Ec. [ ,
t:If II.TO:
Specialty. I nee; but instead of the I imprisonedi I' 1II:1loa'll'I'" l.uIIIIU"lon..u, I BIJOU BAR. ..
i star, there! api>o.ired to tut-only a "I
: miserable! black" I The Most Complete Line of Harness in the City; tl I

"lUit si.N. the woman wLoiu you
Hot Weather is at Hand :
loved:" nsked: the ;::'1'1 ji-pat.ently.: : t

CIGARS! "She was \II'IIlI1ln'ss.: wih:; the HARDWARE DEPARTMENT. [ 1i :
voice of a siren nn artist by blood J <

. 110': -.:,, a dark ejed and tempting: probleai. -

but onlv in the tulli-'ht: : l of ourtnxstenous COAL AND BEGIN TO BUY ICE JUiiliam loijnsiou & oII.

love. in theoxetheiteilsi! j<-!;

niul la--ud:: :: ; im.i;:;.nation! of to nd. ler! LARGER TRADE Ii
BRANDS.f lireeU! pror.Ie;! and sal!!.' ut'II sphn.xi :: _
1 1t l ll THE f POPULAR R i i-wleil an unnatural liLt: :! and :spar THIS !Hl'MMEIl THAN KVEIi: I'.EFOIJE. -l J. :
> kllnx!! ; animation; an artllicial spur. III' SEND US YOUR ORDERS NOiAi.Tliompson .
the usual summndit'xs.; in the !U:;:hit of A.MAVERY L
i il.iy and\ truth of life: stnr and snceie 0 sen & Co. I ,

ii sentiments! : sacritk-es! ; and pity. f Prec.+.or 10 ....., If W\IOj' LII.I

it t in Pensacola sl.e: was iviiy a black 1m;:."
Only place I Manre.m Street, Telephone 147. IMPORTER AND JOBBER OFHardware
He !Ieane i i user, and in dumb and

E get Iniuaa'e Le pu-sse.l Ltr Lands to -- -- -- -
! where you can \\ :11:1: ; :

l the Genuine Tampa his"loii lips.: are cryt: :::. my Orar. NY by? TWO SAL00NS: ,

Indeed you lave and l-e'leve':: :" ------- Iron, Nana, Axes, Flho.ebSaw Mill and Steamboat Hnppilea, Cootie*
: sik-t.t bile. then answered
She aw
Made was and Heating Stores, Paint. Oils and Window Glass
with a heartly xibration! of pity iu her THE C110XIESFIRST| AND hIlST CHANGE .

and and
To-ee: Agate Tinware Housefurnislilng Goods.

"1 pty the d .rk \\1:=. 1'erhaps-pxr- l\i\ I 131 South Pal fu Street
ni Mite
DiD Cor. Belneit
; acNiCK'S haps it also Las a soul.! i i One*. Piatola and Vlohlvz Tackle.I .
I --- --

Choice Wines Liquors, Beer and Cigars. i ii I AGENT for BlrLliIl han Rolling Mills Company Rerere Glut II
)Ir. Jame Brown nf Putsmnuth.Va. I Stitched Belting, Northampton Emery "W neel Company, Laftln A RaQ

.. over with 90 yen a bad$ of nre aje on, his ull-red face. i Juc TRADE A SPECIALTY. Powder Company! John on'lI Kalaomine! Iron King and Back's StaT"

f"f"eari De- and Ranges, Wm.Coaps A Co.'. Raw Hide Lace Leather J
Pl-Viician* could not help him. 1 Muarv'i Ready
l [ ': \Vufs Witch Hazel Salve cured him ; N. GOLDRING, Male Ballroad Colon. '
Harris; Pharmacy! I' I
PROPRIETOR Temple Pensacola
I'Sydney Kaha: John tiheppard. l 1 I


j! i iTHE ij


;:' ...< p.. ,.!U.J Jl .r. :..". ;;:, ,l. ,..4.... ",. ,.ukUJl.J "ll" I./, or ....../ 1 1 ..JJJ' Jj ,." -. .llitd( .:' .... ...ry'T .t ""J,<"'".. :..,. "" ...IA J .. .. -

., .



m& NEWS entreated us to'oJen a highway through Tae!' llAUMs' AT THE I .
tbe narrow ktrip of land that connect the :CITY BOARD
; two great continents of America but we
j 1,,,' ,,' SiIlttlai the. Post Office at Peoiaeol, have ba I at the helm of tbe imp of state PERCENT
7I ,Mssioad el.ii matter. The aerial slack wire
1a men of limited maritime information and !! : bicycle act,

ii. t'' x1 1 f : owncs: FlU BoIl4Inl.2UJ.. < 80' th Pala. aoeatf-ar has been turned to their requetU. OF HEALTH i performance and concert by Wyer'a i Daring March nearly 98 per cent. (SC..cf,, of t.e! dut
U.tr t,.pttairi.PCBLISHKU WheD our military arm eougbt opportunity band with free :
dancing will nil be claims paid; by the Equitable in for United Ma'ei II i

r'i BY fir prpmotiin (in ran our official I at Knpfnan's park tonight for white !I Canada: were paid within OLe day after proof i); dt it iwere .
rushed toaconfm / a people Of lest
I i received.
CO. !
than ten millions in population and already Health Officer Has Full exclusively.: A
City evening is assured all who attend. Nt'MP.KR.: : ,.\ 'I'I ',
bare expended in the effort to inoculate -I
hi Advance.
sti fir"! T -lnvarlably
; _15 W th..mitl1 tene\olent ."llI1l1atlon'up..ard. Power to Employ and Discharge i Claims Paid .. 193 $993.647

OMTaarbyUallUMoatbt ... .. :I I I of to'.'."" ,oe), and countless lUes. ATTINTION. BATTERY n:
)r r;; 4 t- T.... "tDtbl M .... .. -. ... -. I tat Tins money vxpenced In the other process Inspectors. Paid within one day 189 9S1 9, s
'.. tIp. e,. EY Ou Moclb ... __ -m, ... foal "comnnrriial ntiimilatioa would have A spechl meeting of Battery B ,
e. OM Weer by Carrier payable Monday 10 : will bf held at the to-night
-- armory
and AA'ERH
constructed the Nicaragaan Canal THERE OLFOUr. CLMAls TH v I

THE WEEKLY NEWS: opt'De:1l1nt': cf feteatj.sh'p numbering not Twelve plnations Filed But it Aa .ranging attshareforthe; for band purpose concert of and ar- REMAINED UNPAID ON 1'111rJt'o1: : ) Its'.
leu than II''t. each of 5..1) tons capacity
r.11. ; sir rcMUbtd *Try rlday at ll.wlper year carr>mg our own products. 1)etidettIhatThere was Only One dance to raise money for the Buffalo Total Claims Paid .. $ .U47>

? a,4 to.taaefree. The twentieth cmturv call for human 1 1'atantyandhealth Ofl.cer: HHJK trip.
order of JAS. A STEWART Total Premiums Paid
J5y 3S9
TELEPHONE NO. 118. nd\ancemnit. We, cf the Houtb, learned .6'j
Appointed Julius: Mnk to Fill Lieutenant in Charge.
at the tloHnof the war ttab we would drvelop -

UnHttinj Rates Furnished on Applicant our rt-touries the military arm. mU.1I..liub..r'l..nt i Hint. ,, AA' W. CAKMK'Secretary.HAEL. Profits to Estates of Assured. $G03,7<+if;
to the civil auttorU) -
TheCla}'tunISul"' er treaty is only a pretext Immediately after the adjournment ----- AA'here claim are not paid immediately it I- 'i-'" ,

fir delay N\e cannot concede the of the city council last 1 night The Ptronsr eat well, flt'epnll., due to day( on the part of the brntticiary in n,i :
look well. The weak don't. Hood'sSarsapanlh
right of any nalloi to dictate eltuerlucalf- the new city board of health met in ting complete papers.
: makes the weak
,. strong.
'- ty or manner ot occupation to those bott'mutultllnt..r..tt. the office of Cotnptioller Morgan; 98 S2\ of Amount Paid Within a Day.
i demand work free from
4.e i KIKBAOOLA. JUNE 20. 1901. entangling alliances. Costa RIco. Icarli- The board i i1 composed;;; ot Mayor REMOVAL NOllCi' I Ritio of Claim* paid to Premiums received . .

... gua and the United tatri America are Jones, ex-officio; Aldermen Wm. Dr. J. WhitingHargii! has moved', Per cent of Profit to Estate of A-..uml . ,

itimpcleQl: Betide x tat. It beet for their Hays John Christie; and 0. M. his office from II Vest. Government
lucid and Iali factory
% '"' N THE most -dicusfion I Interettearelcfort.iedacdbaebeen*. 1'ryor of the harbor and sanitary street the Sali-bury BuilJme, up- The Equitable Life Assurance Society.
t' interpretation of the recent I \\' 1 Informed .tair<. 13j3t
re. r E 1F committee Chairman J. M. 1\1 ul. '
l ; 'S" of the supreme court foracenturyutthatatueof a canal across .

% "i s l A. Porto Illco cases! ii hat of tie San the Isthwu. Fur ta.I: aivntury \\'have don of the board of public safety, :Everybody has a right to a little

'r, Juan l\'n.lI: urged lit conrtructanbythenatior.. '-ortyn and Chairman John G. Wood of the piece of this earth. But they must !'3urplus to rolicy-Holclcrc* SGUOOO.O)

a r \" years hap ....d ..:lre the Clayton- board of works with fight for it. They must watch their
public ,
!' Vk'" arr and are not a part of the United i City
t' *,. %. .Utr WV errand are nit a tnrrtgne"un nataleouuui nulwertreatywasratlfi.dant we end a Clerk AV. Chipley Jones as clerk of chance to get it. and get it. KNDWLES BROS. Gen. Agents
; sjrvejing the fauama Thos. C. Watson & Co. ,
I*; fi' 5 5HfcVI try. VI t> are and ar not citizfiof the of the boird.
and Mcara! "; a routes.
P \'nltfld --lalf WI'IHl' aud are not to haw --- -- have some particularly tine bargainsto .VJ\ 1 S. Palafox Street, PEX.sACOI.A: B.lUiUimn ..\
-- --- Health Officer Wm.
our money liaok. The tent Is and l I. not : City Hays oiler just now, and they unite

{* ). } 't -014. The roa.tltution dory and due not : It Girdles The Globe. stated that the! object of the meeting von to command inveatigate same. ''

% and luuitatlona do and do not .. ', was to I You will never regret having done
fc't attend, Its The fame of Kuekl n arnica appoint sanitary inpectors -

< *-r r 'y "rVly __ __ ___ :Salve;: as the bear in tae'orIJ., extends ; that there was. at present only ?u.
b: : round the earth. It's t'je! fineperlrct our vacancy, In-pector \\'ell.! .!! being Iolii0ou) & Son.
i i. lied
i T FI.tH recenttatement ? I
i a will watches and
duttl1.lt repair your
;_ : healer Cut Corn Hunt l on Mr. Walsh had alwaysbeen !
4fr A.1, by the war department it appear- UriiUes. Sores, ald- Boil:. I'leer-. Hhcient: and! attentive and ne jewelry in first-class style. J. 1

2 that stain the atiiouu* of S>>70.- Felon, AcheP'in, ,- and all :kln wi-heu to retain linn in the service Cstepheuf.

.r.. 1:9 were filed by the -6\eral -tateagaint : Eruption Only infallible Pile cure. that to be ellective the in"l't'ctor"mu..t BIG STORE.
>, M/ .f; ,' ft. :'5c.. box at W.'A. D'Aleuiherte's. be in sympathy with and under Shorthand and Typewriting work ;
for the
'*' tlii government re- -- the absolute control of the city done for the public ut Meux's BJIne1 ''

a'. e + .' imburreiiient of amounts alleged tohare "I\ OKMIEUUK health lImc r. CV,liege.

:fj-1* .f '; r s been expended! in fitting out mI.Tl'ITO: nniLi/Li TAX At hi-reque-t the clerk real the I

4T'.C. '. : and transportation of troops for the ordinance prlvidiugthat the city ,
.* health officer-hall have full powe'rto '
Lti, ; .. 4 t-panirli war of which only n :'-"'.- Shenlf Smith is in receipt of ex- employ and! dichartrie .-tn- Armory Hall

' tzi; t" 715: were allowed and paid. Oalyv plicit in-tructious from Commissioner ployesof: the board, said action to be ,

t-, .'OJ',' ., t 'p twoclaill101 wen paid in IIIII-T..Xll. of A ricultu'e I!. E. McLin. cjiilirmed\ by the board. June 24.
. t .. .. ; for Monday Night,
Application: atinitary -
.. ',,4 '. t$3atss1'uid! Oklahoma, f I. : NewYork's Tallahaef' in
",,.' t. II -. ,.. ..' ..... u-.ti. at pamphlet form : in"l'ector'Ire read from .

-1 K! ',- : ;' \ ', .. ',f claim was. the I.trge-t-(:.IN: : .. containing; the !law a* recently revi Me..,.r-. Julia Meuko, -3Hr.t.liu.: ,

yt4 : '. K: 2, of which fi..ih:2 was allowed. -etl l relttniir> to fertilizer, cottons Jsoderliud.. Jo- P. H.lrlH.. C. Corsets.

; ; ed meal cantor pomace, tobacco Whitt' 'T. A. Hu-ton Arthur McCon-
, ; .:. '. Maeeachu<4-tt-4 put in a claim <>lft4b S$2ill'O
-tetna. tobacco dust or tobacco ii 'al.
cell, Cha-. R. McGee John P. Mo-
.; :'. and 6.57.!i;;. Florida'claim .
2':: ,2 not JIit'w of the facts that the -heritf loaey, John Mounev: Frank M(. h-t.o"'llrq. ,:.

i;: ;, :..', was. for iM,4"S' of which I has given hi* promise of a strict. enforcement Smith and! (t. \\'. Pulliam. Special: fur 4">.

;;;.. ., k J ,' y'. ,. : .t-r.a was allowed.dt'fi of tne law and that nearly On motion of Major Jones it was r,
-i:... o 0-". .. ) .. 1 e\eryone. or all of the item., ate ordered that action relative to the
:!. '
;; i -f ,f" ." .a 1'1I1I.dl'll.hll& IteaIii'nna{ largely: exported! through): the port ot position held by Mr. Walsh be deterred H. A. P. l.-et; : t 'r ,

t Pen..acola, the duties of fhe-rifis: in r value fur .."J:.
results of the and that %
: :: J" Autoog! the palpable; one inspector appointed
ydtLk regard to the matter i* quoted below to fill the
{ J Houtheru Industrial Convention at vacancy.
; : ". .e
.P''s .
:c!. ;: \: : : Philadelphia was the adoption of a "The: sheriiN of the counties of City Julius Health Menko[ Officer and Hay on motion appointed of- Double \ Wai.t '' .

r1i'-:; .. ..6" ." number of resolutionVhile the this state are hereby authorized andit Mayor Jones the appointment wi s I Uirl; for We. 1.,1.t *

f 5;:.o.t.. ;'; r- '; fleet of the eame may: not be immediately is hereby made their duty to eiez- confirmed by a unanimous! vote. tfi
and sell sale, each aud I
at public : The II ?
'j' .,r' ;.., ; ; discernible, the expre "ioi e every bag, barrel or package of com meeting,- adjourned. ;

ft: '''.1.- t.C of such a body upon the (public qui"tion mercial fertilizer cotton seed meal Shake Into Your ShoesAllen's 1 f i-lf Thread Op+nUk t.

1.... '.' :--f.. :' ; involved it by no means to bo' I i I castor pomace. tobicco stems, tobacco Foot-Ea1e, a powder. It earn '' ll iCc number, tl.i- -.... .
-- dust or tobacco meal manti-
.. :. discounted or belittled. painful smarting tirrrou feet and ingrow
ftcturedimported into or sold int ing nada, and liibiantly lakes the Mini i ut I
!\. '. f The committee on rivers and hir- Us state which! *!hall not have! securely of corns and buniubti. It's the crentt-st Youtb' n:11brlt: : ji

rJ.' .. : bore submitted an excellent report I attached the tag or label aud comfort E....- makes discovery tiKbt: of or tile new ajtI.rhoft.'\II"h..I..y..1,<'* .'0(11. '. ."-hort
t embracing the following, which tamp mentioned in this section ; It in nctrtiuiirure forweatIng.eatb.ueand
:t i nrovided, that should the owners hot. tiri-d aching fm Try it to,day. too,MIn
d; ,;. .'. :, t. with ihd report was adopted by the low to theeati-faetionnf the sheriff all dru|!|!,I.ta and shoe stores l... mail 1
\ 'J .
t for 5ic.in..tamp. 1 rial package FREE..iUdrtet : ,
if' ;.. J "s. convention ; mat such: tag or label or stamp had Alien. n. Olm>lt'd. Le any,N.M .T.
;C 1 13esohd. That the Southern Induitrial; been attached and the came had be-

'tt it /,' '. : ...r Contentlollre.pclfuUyr.entnmendtothes come detached, the foht'ntfhoill release ':MMKi: TKIM.NG: SCHOoL

.i i}ea;r:! ." .,:1- t.< ',':
i ; rKll, and al violator of the ab.
'. t military nat Any )ve extract
.I.ilI", ,: 1} r |.iD"". to wblcb shall, be coininitted the upon conviction will b* tined $loi:: > Through the generous donation. MOIOLOGUE
a ..o:; ., ,.. : care and linproxt-nicnt of our riter.hnr- for the first (It'n..e, aud #'?'>U for each of the Peabody trustee, supplemented D 'i

:rt 1" ;. 1 lr and connrctlDK wateraaysln which I subsequent! lUtone.I by an appropriation made CHARACtER IMPERSONATOR

.j t( i. 4_ ". ... tenure cf office .l\ill III' i>iTin nnt.,unl.. I I by the Florida leiMlatue, :r':.ite Superintendent : TRUNKS, VALISES; ITR A v ELI N ( ; i i.. ". -.

J.. 'I if c., .'r.. Tfino\al I h iiiHilx fur cause mid In the ter- You may as well expect to run a ND1R Al; I'II'ES.OF
of Public IiMnctionAA'
e it'.t: vic* of "huh promotion ehall lie niuiltt in steam engine; without water a* to THE
. f ;1, '. accordance with abioy. find an acme ei:rrgetic man with a N. heats announce-. that there
.' a r will be a teachers'. trainingch ol Remnant Japanese Matting 15c yard.
'r's IU'M>ltrd. 1 b"t" t'la-. atilnnfthexa- torpid liver and you may know ,
( J. I terwaysofthecountryehouidb..tnadr.ande l that hi*; liver i* t.apid when he does for two months this summer at Chipley Light Infantry
.. -. \Ve 'tviIle tot white teachers onh ;
,' -'i- those of chef in.portanc..houkt rrreixe not relish his food or feeldull and
"' ; chllt'.ttt'nttollallcltbatllU\\ork.llouldht! languid sifter e.ttinoften has headache !- The in-tructor will be Prof. H. P. Parasols, Drummer's Samples < r (
1.. I : Lays and Miss Elizabeth Iluisr-.
\; <, -icnled under the Astern of continuing and! -ometimedizzit.e--. A
\ t' a; few doses of Chamberlain's Som- I Lynam eats be secured there at 'reinS'JtoS'a -
'i .. I 'I iODtrncttand lII'proprlalloll@.601l1l"Il'that
t. a Pensacola'sGreat
.I : month.
-t, 11. UDdl would lot' Ailahlo alien neededA ach and Liver Tablets! will re;;; ore

.'" resolution 1 introduced by Col. )[. Sic liver to it* normal! function-
:!; t' t : : his hi digetionand What's Your Face Worth ? /
new improve -
J. Sander of New Orleans was Maryland Casualty Company
.a' ; ,1
.I. t Sometimes fortune
make: him feel like anew a but never if House
."J;.1' .. '- ,-. ; adopted a* follows: mm. Price 23:! cent.. !Dimple! you 1 1:1: sallow comulf-vn.ii. :1' Kovelty ,

{, .. Whereas11hiY Southern lnde.tnall'on- free at any drug store. For sale oy jaundiced look, troth patch.- tai
.1 -t'. dention undt r.tuud$ that h oa'.ionut cor- all llruI-t-te and medicine dealer- tilirtcheon the skin.-all "'I.m"If OF BALTIMORE.

, .;>'S.lt' ._. .' ... '., ,'', TentioD In fupport of rnerk aria Iiart1"1jBJpro liver Troublp. Hut Dr. Kin;;'- COE'S.
irt t \ \unnt Ito be culled to m>.t: nt .V m\NCII MMlKsSI : New Life {'ill* ;:lve Clear *krn. :'

-1c1.; ; .. r: .:...:. a "" M UI* cvsirail'.ja'n! m SeptemUir net: ; I )NE\' OI'.DUtt: Ol'I'ICI3: llo-y CheekRich (' '1111 !"-M"n. y- J CAPITAL, yrr.'M i
Only! iT.CfUt-a! AA' A. J-\I..II.t.rt..
er : '. .;. ...' ., -.... ,
; .' und.W ;lijr =ore, i.'l: South Pal.tf"x -,: HAMMOL'K'S.CR011UETTS.: "
IL rfet.Of
.. j : ._ ( '. Thi Improvt-ment of ? 1U'g. ; : Surplus to PolicyHoIUer$11,43;
; .
.. 't The Southern! i: reCo.rpny,
t" ;
}' : : :\;; ------
] ..' ;.. ..;.' ninccntsist.'ralitriversandbr..iwrsofo8tcountry ; .
:t.r .-1 js ufital Importance the Inter- e\erplinunu for the con\"i nce I'ltOCfl "1 i

# .. .. ,. _,-.-."..1 tit'tcr.omictrallportatlOn'ortlll'prO.f of their puri.n-. !has f;:-!abll-had l a -- TENNIS; tiOOD.S. I j JOHN T. STONE, President.Writes .

t.. '. : 1 ducfuf our lI..hhour mines an,! our '.Iclu- branch fr\pres* money .,rdr eSIijeit I lie Citi/pn'K handceurit; Concert (OLP GOODS.: --- -- -..
: :
;: tire; Iwlt : the -torn r.f \(FOr-<. Robert & at It. I/ f.to -<|uaie llnirxvla :

.t-.l.;' +t j E..eolt.rlThat this convention hf re R'- Dailey, wit Mr. W. U. D.1it'ill! i\iMitnvr: :.. ()'"lock.. :'IL\HBLE5. the litest improved forms of Accident 'I',MlciiPJ --.
. ,
..i.ttti tembled dnei Ier.hyh.artily tndoiittf chare. Ke-i sent: = of t.it portion I. :.turcrottbeVainrs._ ", P-ooie; I' KITE 1-"I'LL IXDEMXIIY for Jo'HIZIX'.1!: 1' .. l

",ti Y( olMeclof. Ibis CUII\"t'lItllJlI.alld urges A fu:IHttrDdance d the! city cm :get expre-s: tmn y .. 'mi,HUl'OBLClroKIU in SWALI '\MAXESTHE 1'\

f '" <.f dtlevntts from aH prt- it orders [rot:! Mr. I>ai'.e: ;' at about tf'isiniH :t..1u-t! our V.m o! 1:....-rIII" hi'Kl- TOY- : 1 ICS I ...iiiJinini-terfd h\' a r. ,-ular p'ij-ici ri .

,: our oountrIn order that congress may : cn-: atnlMje luon..v order I :v"l..ra-VII'' e. .__. ...., r'.a... <.rtia' DOLLS. : PAYS; 4i tJ") ., ADDITIONAL RENE:!f11S, if iiijiirM l wML .s
vt of and f'inii-'i at-'ilute- ; 1 '.e rllcf IV:i-u>.o.8-Cllrnt-I I" .
clearly Ulalt'hllln.1 that the people the -, they i'i: I a : .. 011-\: I
l' E.O'L > l.tTtrr- \pio-MD'/ir In nr upon public r.1I11\ .ullc..I'r"r'.lIo-t( hy ; \1.
r'I. "r \'DIt..d$lal."lil'pr..I.lal.It.'alu"u.tb..lrif. : l\ !!.tfe lUP.IU-lf fi>far.tn'money.: ,. \a--! l.l.m..II'IOJ.-liranll\ n- CUTLERY.FISHIN 'I'ltlC111'nrCALLI- while riding arcL'iilHr...-.....ligerl'II'I I '
'. '.' 'k and desire that their risen R" 1fcarl oiicr'' _. ii nir.i '
heritage '
: '. if' <; TACKLE. oriuclIlI"foItuPucPofthl! P.I RXINO of a HI ILDI.Nii in winHired I"
__. .
? ('run'<"1 Flush ( \l ribi -\-njaer
I"1 .,. .' tr-". .+ 'Ii >or, IIIHV l .< Improntland in:imtaiu' Itrfi" Str.lcs a Rich:' Find .0\1..1'! m the lirrii inn. l lIy I C. ii LImliri i- in at th.* cnin ifnciiieiit of FIRE, or .l-v JXl'LH: N I' ,

.. : .' -', .; 4 to their uttnusteconouticater4idncy.: ''1.1" trm't-led: for several year* <' : rilnld.tnd ii aAbtlaaii. ERStjtioufrv( ; I.'JcIJlJJoth.llrilie: or PorubletI1HOI I A'
., 1- A resolution was adopted indois! f-o.dit-r l'lwru.I .il-aoti lui.nd 'IKA (:IlAItIE.I'.11 ( .
-., with chronic 1H.1,_'" tl,w and '. %a.c.u-.rife. rttiucstinil. ..
t X11.:: "; '- .' jug the :Il'tillllllf the indn,trial 1 (01111.'l dehllltj"! writ.., I-.J. linen, of I.r E, "L.Ch..r:1. .A.T ';S youvhil PARTMLLY D.iuled.PAYS ; .
,.'' ... i. starchBtof: New' 1'urk .Cirri ,
\II\.,: : \.f. 'r. ..:' mission: in iUH..tiltln the tiriff Larca-tci.:N. H. 'NoreneJv helped : ; all Claims! PROMPTLY.For .

; .1 \.- !. .:',.'..,. problem, "a+ looking; to the good. of Bitter-me until wiiK-h/ I lIt.l.ii-l :.nn-u-tt more_r Electric ur >odth Did l'HtKmvi it Tver Occur l'AI\.KI.I..El to Tor that a little TneVilli\ / I1ar ware CO'S'mar.mns' further particular, call (iii or address.

&* r \ -". '. the whole country through a scientific .in all the luedion.f- ever u--d. : : : on
the run of tie! fill!: -r applied one or
: ; ;" folution of the whole question They: have al-o kept[ my wife in txcellent twice to a mo-'iuito bite would counteract H. H. THORNTON, General Agent.
? ." !h"atth !or y'':4r-. he -.1_\ -
$ buintb'hly.
; : > ,. ,. by a uoii-pani-in are' tlendid the poi-nii ;and -peejily reduce PEN-Arnl.A t ; \
Electric Hitter-
j i- ; ''
: ',- Other rtf"lution* were adopted the s",..lIil';: Pain-Klllerwill HARDWARE.
v-. ," ,1 indori-ing the Lmn-iana purclu fenule tri'iibUti.a; : they are a al-o cure bite ai.Jtms. <-f other P. S.-Also inspect and insures ROILEIS: : aid ELEVAT'iUIueaallcla : :-
tonic and for weak '
Woi&- ? grand nnucra <>r well PAINTS
poisonous incest a* areptil-. ,
t'xpo'iti'II ; nulor-inj::; the movement rundown wos..ep No other medi- See: directions to use ujon wrap.pen ; ""eandmo.t lil.f-alf.jrms ..EMPLOY; FRi: 1. : '

?: 'f".' .% :i ., toestabli-li .1 i'll'llIll'hip line between chic can take it- \,1\ n-f m our. fami ":a each both. Avoidubu- OILS ITPLATE ULA>:o 5 and HEALTH politic.!
I i- hTn" thfia. 011,1.'. -satisfaction -
t '' Philadelphia city and New Oileaii tutfthere H Inn one Pan-Killer.: '
Ut! t* giuranUtd \by: W. A. l'erQ.DeIPric(' 2jC.!: and ;JOc. LASS I IE'J -
t';')'t1 : And memoralizinp southern Hate D'Alemberte. ._ : '
.. : I c., ETC.: "The
".: legislatures to improve their road-. ()1ICt:' It Home Grocery"Is

V t.. ; '. .:, resolution was. adopted, proud- :Shorthand ard Typewrrin? work I have been authorized to take -
: t '' done for the pubLe: "at Meux Ua-i- <
for a committee> to ab-cnption for AA'm. Jennings i iBryan's
/ ing coopera'ewith
; '. .: : .' the International Forester ness College. paper "The Commoner." QUICK FREFZE: the one nearest your home, where you can get lZ' )'
: -- -- '
iff.t L' "L---: The price is |I 00 per year in ad- : ICE CREAM FREEZERS thing need in W'1''
,i'!\ : ;< conceit I, to urge upon state legilatutee 1 Don't fill to tna rink of "Broolrwood rance. Those desirmif the paper you the shape of family supplies /
tJ', : the need of law to foster and n 'e"at :A. Freedman's.rheumatism. I out
'S.. :0' : can hare it sent to them by seeding going down town for it. It's a great convenient
'w't .+. fey o .;- preserve forest<. --- ------- U.1I0) to the under I-ned. |I
BEST WATER COOLERS when the stock! to-,trffe
: kept there is clean
k } ; ., : ;, The Nicaragua! canal wa indorsed H. M. Rnt IIE. I fresh, up-

.,.""t .:;-,l'J' ;:.:.,t"., r/a a t:'. and its construction urged! regard- Care Daily News i j jFezemt. Ever Made. and in reasonable variety. Such a place it the1', .I I
t'I'r'\11 ;\ } ':' t'; less of the Clayton-liulwertreaty, Qaltrnf'UDl. tetfr, chafing I known establishment ofRoberts
; What Is I the use cf te.i.ng the rheumatic all skin
: ; ivy poisoning and torturer
&J? f, -: The creation of a permanent canalcoinniitte0
/ that he let-Is: as if h.s ).'11.15'oUt' Icing dislocated are quickly cured by DeAVm's AVitch LIF.'Y
: f' to b. of TILL I
composed onesenator
,\r.; 'M.. ,e. ? Hazel alve. The certain rile core. ,
: "! .- .' from each state, with Senator Sidney Ks.hn FIHISG! TACKLE
S He knows that t.s; s'-Cerinn are very ; Hargis Pharmacy, : : I & Dailey

: 's" ...: Morgan of Alabama as chairman much l.ke the U ru:ee i.f the raf k.: John toheppard.III_ ____. __ 'I I CRAB NETS, ,

,:t\ S ; .. and Senator Cannack of Ten k'hat he wants h rotor' ::s wt.it will rr- US \\AMKD: !i i

1i 1: : i *see, a* vice-chairman, wa urged manentlr That accc.rd cure. bis iB-
!i-.. .'<" f'.: : Capt. H. C. Cobb of thi city led testimcnUK isHood's Rid for privilege! !' for ';'h of July! AND
4i" !or.' v f. picnic will be received by the Pen- TELEPHONE 15G.
f\ tbe> discussion on the Nicaragua
.loJ. A"ociatioa for all
; SarsaparillaIt sacola Carnival HAMMOCKS.What .

'! ;Sr} I': S canal In an able paper, in which he prrmptly) rpc-ra'.irfs the ecU In the kinds of sports and novelty shows: ';I' All the Staples, Fancy and Shelf Goods, and Late* '

M, ip said, in part: Mood on whfih the disease dejrd, con}- up to June 23. Novelties in Each-Fresh and Reliable- t'' n
t, ,'t Five tllo red and c!:,. rcilhirs of people pietely t'lml.t'I: i It, art: sT'-nstfcfi'S its ClIAS LEB.ut'i'd \, ,

:- "mi l '\' kiltie fir east :o: bail a cei.iury hare fyHei against: I::. rt:rL. Try HO-.U'J. I 13 Chairnan. |I Yon Don't See, Ask Fcr. j stonily on Hand. Give us a Trial Order.
+ll'.. .

.. '. ,.. '" '- .
... -'- '' ''-''''"' r' -" ,-




,f "


---- -- J I
-- -
-- ---
---- -- ---- --


t Capt. W. W. -LeiflDger;; : : and Sheriff The Forbes Stores. 'J

forte Kl! >' base lull; team which

will play L: l' at tie (.tnmal Mvsnc -

f :1)Cittr Fourth of July picnic! lit

Kapfran's! park acd are now in hard .
traininz: ; for the tnc:. [
CELEBRATED Cap I U-isiDger keeps the cacil lit the
niya'tI l in a constant uproar by hidatly FOR THE WEEK ;
!! d.inciog: : over it io an taraett effort
to reduce II'!*!I.
Sheriff sniifi i ii '.tkin'r dally! nrictice

I Pale at the gymnasium: 'n 'pnnlios.! : I 1,114 11:1,1hi 3,000 yards "Batiste" Muslins ( Figured ) aile yard r'
Beer i::Q jump sad thinks hn \\iIIlJe m well
i, '| liiiibered:) up by the tierc..e that he ciu !
rni. T ojtrun all other I"J>t--.b1e: ; candiilatt f jr 1,500 yards Embroideries, 5 and 6 yards lengths, at lOc yard

I' the office of herf.::

Collector! of atoms John E Still- 2,000 yards Soft, Smooth Sea Island Domestic, 5c yard
-.BOITIJI-n: BY man hay ar.,1: l to ar a" uir.j'iro ot the
I mime and sa precautionary Ieg'ure In- .
hay appealed t"lhe M-crctary Of war to
i detail detachWfiit: : of heavy coat artillery 27-inch Sheer White Lawns, 5c yard. IS!
to protect him: on the day cf the
: \ / came.ATTr.NlIOM.. '
CO. __ _h__

.:se.\)ml.\ lUFLKS! !
We call Special Attention to our Corset Department. Our 50c Corset

All members cf th's E.-raistiia: Uirtessre J t''

i (! CENTS PER BOTTLE. ordered to ni,-et :in l.ituue uirf'inn 0II : cannot be excelled.1 : ;
II at the :..rnwrhall FridtV' n!:ht, ..latel'l '
I.t, at M o'cl"ik. Kxaaii'iation: by the
rt-.mtBt. I'hyhicUu will he uel.l. hi'I
J. C. \\'"htl\.

For Sale by All Saloons. I 1st I.Ittit.! rorninandiu: :; L'o. I ISIEVK I. ;t O:: Special Sale of Skirts will be Continued for One Week. i: ;: f. y!
I LE F,1-t l tr"Io' t.

I !Shorthand and Typewriting work trJ ij-

R. K. WHITE don for the public, u: Meux's 15ui-
Look Our Counter
on Bargain
IiOGflL( NEWS NOTES nest Coll ge. _. ijl
-- --- -- -
7 1llIoIJ.U; 'Liniifattimii:.' Jcneler

-n'I: (.r.:+llalf'' Optician, i During my absence from : >.
tncal for ratf for Frmaroln and "jll"1/ '
I.' .'.. '.' ', ,. the city Miss Inna Piuggiowill .
Jlitm M r>n.ariU, Ha. '" .1 / ilr. > : ; t 'ilnt-ili,
iw .11. I uMrx t""I.trnt",.. "h day, .1- have charge c>f the .- & B. .j

jtttminimum in last ::I hours. i">. ".1.rt Xceille Work I!ff/Jls. r HUB$ :

ill\IETY[ \ EVENTS\ Tinbirk* I'niao and Atlantic Ladies are inritnl to calls : c
; were released from quarantine: : tocJ.iv. 1 --------

as usual. '
i il j

There will: hp a meeting; of :: :.\\, Mrs II. V.Hcmlall\'\

AND A PERSON h. II" Lod/f No. ::10. K. of 1'1.1h-1

-econd:night" ut rltll I'M:';. 'cluck. \\\>il h BARKER: ON--THE- STAND. 41.F. E. BRA [ I J.

-- i lie I ell* thy He Mi.it the Krv. Joan
The tt :{ imp-on towed into putt
'.I H -',.::1":1": and II sins:Lters: :hi- morning! the smack O-pray I.ellt'r.Xr.w .
.- >.*r' ",_ for New Yoik. "'Idch'a" wrecked at :::5t. Jo-epb'o ::K..Lo.e l'i.-: ,Ouce r."re today

rttral weeks ago. : the prosecution lu (:e ca-i- oflooiuas
nid MrK.: I I. Ke.'i's; hate
', il IMU.I" x.-lt! to ItUUVes at There will bp a meeting of the Jr. Darker on trial at .irr-ey

: .- n. ti iri.iry engineer- th"ir hall"ta'i I City tor tbe snooting of ltev..luh;; li-1-

A :M.'Vr nr.1111'1; cam down 7::'W o'clock Friday evening. : Kr of Arlmgtoubockcdtuetetta.eia: UnPrieE
ut-: of impurtauce.Jadge .
I at trowing: Alabama city ,, I, its efforts to bring out the story of the
'. : iriiin;': ; McCullagll ispd a mars iiutiVetnat tuvIhe pri-cutr wLenhe
ria/e, licen-e today to Xormuu: fete- attempted the life ot ate former
T II Moore,
well-known buiin
a -
inensaiid Alma :\iillH. nejr.ie, the friend barker was called to toe witue -
ol : i, the
in Mont.roii.ery at
nuptials; following soon afterward ctauti on the opening o! court to Street."w i
jiubn .
today.J.'m .
I complete his tettimony uuder cro?
In the fire
at DeFuniak
Uourke of I HI!: lad. i i.. herelay yesterday examination, and, in ie,>ly to .tions
I four grocery gyre, two dry good; of his
( on bn-tnr -. If.'a. reg.rd ->- counsel he began t-o dt.cribe bm
at the Meichitnthotel.! ( stores, one jewelry store two drag movements on FIJi :I. tne morning of : i; Lalli.'hlrt \\'at-t. -lil.htlv +oil'd.I at tJ: and I gels) !
., -tores, one restaurant and one barber: the fcuootiufr. lie, -aid h. lets borne to ;;je. 'fhe \\'ai"t sold rt-Jular at 11 i.':!:1 to :!3 (v. wide, JU
.Felo :McAllister iup the P. & A. chop were burned. buy a lIew-papt'r. As he neared the I lfi
id this week taking orders
.. fur i Prayer meeting will be held tonight corner of I>ucu street and Miamnd ayes :hO' Pair 'ofell' lcriven':: ? l'.Itellt Eastic! Drill alMl HIIJrawt'rl
'rank Keilly. tobacconi-t. at the Tenth Avenue Kapti-t une, he aloi i, he met Mr. Keller ou ilt .Jic pair. Regular I'hic. I while they l i.t

(i. F. I Fletcher, travelling freight1iifent 'church- at h o'clock tiervice\ will Beach strut, about 40 feet from the

of tl.e r+;eaboard Air Line, i- .' be conducted by Pastor Ivtmbert. corner Good lie1Ier.topped and Ftl ti": like 1 Yards Scotch Lawn, Fast Colored, J'I ynlds :: N.I..u1i.. ( / r
a' Merchants:> : hotel to-day. I A full attendance de-ired. Here nioruiag, Mr. I5arker. for -Uc.! I SPt'k :Ollli :-'( :
the wuue.-s rtraiguteued up 13:: GlIIKNI
l.d/ar Purdy is expected home Following are the highest tem,f'r. his chair and eon turned: I

f-?'lilt nllnlau.\I II., tin- utterno.il i ;attirereported for the pI..tH hour- : "I replied to Keller and (sand: 'You'"Illlt Y'ati1s Light or Dark Calico, I-I-t C..r10: I ulsl rain :
He hi* been attending! the rest 11t Yick-burg. St. Louis, Montgomery .
n. you outraged my wel'nun! I yard; for a.c. thp'lt.t at l ; Iii'
: IMIJ-S. at tint pUce. and Meridian, VI: decrees; New Or- then-" ,
lean*. Pale-tinn and Amarilh*, !') degree"
:\ I'komil! !left the train "I object! I object! :top! ;::: top!" 1
on noon o and El Pasy/ hu degrees. shunted County Pro-ecutor Erwm. :: MN' Yards "I.blt'a'h..d sea island Uut' yard n., not 'ff.
to-day for the noi them cities to arrangyfurtm:4 annual wide ; while it I."t. IlIlRrd.. for ';:.r. Thin:+ In l ;
up-to-date attractions The meeting of the countyehool Tne court ruled not to allow furtuertetiiiioay .

foj the coming theatric! s-ea-oii. board will take place: next on tillS point aua then liarLer -
1! Mondav. when" 'earljlIlpropria' I 1 startea to tell what hunptued!' after ,
(ten. . l L':. L.,ud. who is well tinn.will I be allowed sand tllA aplointmen tbe phootUl He faa be juui)>cd II:! a
known in tins .'il\'. will tleliver hi- [ : of a school principal will : car and went nluiif to the town hah, -
Ifbr.iteii aIJtr.'Iur National take pla('... Tin i is one of the motl i which wa; III contradiction of te-timo- (':= ,,' "
t ,i jnrr' at Metropolitan: Temple& l inlertantses-tuffs{ which the board j, ny lor the Mate Unit lie was arcoiupau- '-'(p' J'J :1J '= 51= )

\ will have. i leO Ly a Mr. Buckley another ueignbor.Tlie ; J.. <: ) : :
td-night..iital .. .
the popular A'l action for asiump-it damagesto : / I Wit Ul:-" tarted to tell wh.' a
jerk at It.'h'i restaurant i- allMiles the amount of *I itX! ) was: filed with h sk'eples.s nght be trail t-peiit before the ?

to-Uiy over the tact that !lie the county clerk! to-day by the Phil ; snooting nod about his Ul'r\'Io' aimi- ; 1
lip-. HuttorfT Manufacturing Co.. j cited condition, bar he was prnmpt.v'
A- i.-t :attuitieti to the iith aunt III
,, corporation under the Iaw'of the ; tonwu by the procecutor una tile objuciiun -
r iry 'oflii- tin til.: He will celeite 105 South Palafox
lav:e t"-H1ht.I -tate ut Tennesee a aill-t \\'. ItMerriwether. tu'taiata.RAILROADS_.
K. 1).1i :X- b named -

I H:. \Vil-nii has rented the Ful- attorney for pUintilf.: ) IN CUBAorit ------ ------- ---- -- --- -- -- ._ __ _, 0
i | -- -
r '-.ht'-iu, '> on the b tyiEUUt.(1.C- -
"i iVi'tie allI Chi-" -treet.ii i Information afternoon reached from the city 1h1'ntyahentfYuughnstatili yetPrdty "- i \\ of ('onMruetioii IBt5TlG )LAtlugC.tpI'l .\T 1 }:5111)\-'t B n'111.i.i : I I SUICIDE IDENTIFIED./ I: TEKTHINA: Wlotlir.t a-..,11 hUr., t

I i- f roll: will -hi'rtIy arriveMI I'rogre-. I Cbnrlen J. MI Ife't. a ;!r.llrnle of
The of alll..I. j
special attention !
that he hail! : i iMrVt.iii
l-tir.M < I.r 'iiiiil.iclnrrr Jeiler-oti .
.t. l-onvil'e. : Muliral
arcolilpalili byt left KuiaCity.: Mo. with the >> IIP. CrtA June 1'WI! : erwho; intend taking the teacher'evimitiainn roll.'ge.: "I'hiladel 't
.I I \II'. K:. UM-on. .. ..r \: .-\\' V..rk. jpbii.l'.l.iIIh1-i > \ten-ive ttl.il sijcjre
I. alleged( etllbe/zler.: I1. ("'ppedge'to i I i ham Van Horn, chairman of the iKianl on > [.t. :; I next, i- ..fug
M!1'1!< \.I\lld.I11:1I\.1: tllU;!:tf'r. cu-tody: and! would probably arrive of liinrtors: of tae Canadian 1'ar.n'crailroad called: to the following! h-tof Looks i NEW OIU.F'A'\oI.: Jn-!f' 1 19! The tin- ('(' tlcatn.Mit in of t-Lildn :i in. I '
\ the tr.'ubleincident
< orgia o f :
'.'. .i.l J "-.1 I II-t nuht tor J'tltiuut; ill PIII'Icoh thiafternoon.. ; from which the jue-tions for tld ,I known in.in via -uic.'iea ;tan Thurilay ri-i.ming 1
has I ll" .,Ub.1 fur < to teel.ing and I !hot
wno ecu -
'- \ i .. I.. -pen.l a fewveek: *., The information wt- wind: by the I ex limitation will:! !).' ti'ken. Allot in Jacs-Kia 1:1 umj -
i .!.1!I'. Ba.d.elr.! nh-ence 311-;i company's attoriiiywin.! did so im- i! oUt time ju-t super n-m;; hi- raiinaa It Will lie I.otlCed that the shoe Mjiiarc. tniiciry, j I ii'erTKF.l'! : i HI N.\i 1'eetlnn.Pow t.
i I'1., .' :I' ..;-ill hi\ r i-fiarsre! if tnediatelr after the dep-iriure: of )!r. 1 mtere.-r.-ul tins i-l:in t, siilea f.>r Buss' books th it were used in the June Ii I tame not to bt- Jat.:, Miner, a retired O'erCOU lite! actt'l"!. .. i-tfeCt >'l t I.deeather J'r

ol i : .V...Hew.nk room-. Vaughn and hicharge.. tcn ":I a fruiter im riornmz.: He sa.a exumination aU he u-ed in the.September i I car uiana'aciurer airi ueal. of J.w i!iir.in- and ,keepth. uu<-txi Ir
: in :a I ,
: ,. i-althy 'lImlll'lIj. and
exainilltiunvzII thesingle Y '. .
i he tv.trrar vple se'l won : ; t'II\ Jaci.y lHJE'r.:1 of the
\ t'n-! eta
i the !pngr..sofrairuai (
i riiikiin: Forbes gavedr- l Eight c-ises were on pdiee0cket i i | haavd the live, ..I! thou- ( ,.
of the work
court d tbiniorniaj.. Onw.is eun-trucucn m CU .L He ;: exception on -utrw. aHiIht'tt ti.oler, his souinliw. .
: ;i' uti l.i hillttli Irien.l'i .- continued un1.II/" in -* I ba< nevi r spell l>etttr rt-n.t-, coaiflerlutf Theory and Practice of Teaching.N" : caiu hero iroui New Yurie lae.ircn Laudof 1'IlJlllrl.n. in the d"etor'J(.
'' .' i : ; fines wereitnited. i
!'i noon. D-Iiciou-s I i ative-tate.wl-r' |il/' vtici.inpr1- o
John : | flee cou it-w.-e-erved the I lawn', Mcierry. a uegro.j i i scribe and all
: on inotnergive it. and
i I.' \S'Inn tlii.C'naau an.l :Spaiii-a UDur, Siipt. l P'-.blic Intrnctioi.fcTATK ttli-i':- in tr i ur'iner'ofir..-. ; it
: .. 'i"|,. oneenjoyed tilelil- '', WI- the iio-t -iirpii-ed! dark!'}' ill I! Miner ITil! !)11! ll II lr.uti"rout) -ectloH ,
11.97rn1vdbetter! than aunciriatetLSir (:1ar t cared tram ms florae it:
'. city w !hen the mayor a--es-ed a line EIiItTbiNAi. to allow (hi-itb.ibes and -
f'ttll-t I I IA I j little cSiljdrn !
: IT e\irllt. ." Wiliuu!! expects to complete tje! DEI: '.tRTIEN T. I I the) ea>t I.'l .gun.! y.! Oa Tuursay ia-t -
of #:! > on him for qu'irreling with !' to FiilTtr iiinl die
'' I roiti: bear. !- Hauia: Clan OK r I.UIJIUV. :. 'ta- M>n nc-ivei pThu i when
\ :io': ; I ijriiin, of the Ten- ; Julia Pi'aading.; l)uruc' the come n I:1tIlZ' aim u .etrer.DOitm.iri.fa I relief ei-ilv .,
-. V ,I'l.ie. h.1t1J rompany, arrived; i j witma :i ve..r, wmcn will ;hive conuec- TAI.I.\1IA-, Fl..'.. Sew Url aIIn wuu-u 111.'rlll'r matcatea fano btlih..1 liy
; of the! wr.tnj'lp.ulllf' indecent In-i, i'Iyiug'I'EI1'111NA.; : It : .
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MI, :>. M.'i'iiileiit. Walter t'. of by ritueis m the the 1-:.I:1I1. The following are tin text bioVs : he t'OUIlllijJ.atfo.i a rit"ii".-ttructlon.ilue C. or imil J"iceftto I'
-n t.r: U'-;ec-tionof ph"-ptiatr' tlei..'nborhood. lie i- n.-lied with the rro :
\ ..11.1 ttiMUirh: tinpor I - saf' Mietnmi-nt u.iu njitiu- tnoutmoK will hi made the bi-is of the qti'<- t m hurt to .scare tor Mit>er. I
!I : ; I itvtur i:;.ia CIr ltd u.s ,:rust enter- tions for the regular; rnif"im KK- Mintr an i ( )-Itrwtre not urn? neru I 1! If i-
Nom-p. 51. : 15 \ No. M want
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:ivrdv I 14 ft night! f. give ,
.tr' t-t r ; Ir1-c. VautiUFtinnb-giunu_ -'qo:. :;, I'ml! : i beftrr their attention wai cai.enj; ins 1 f'
;.. I hr\p: '('t. t.ireTilll: toti.t| !i I"c-ultr: ptill: Thur-d.iy/ : even- ___ Ortliozrapllj:...., '" \\''id! Le-, i, mici it? ot UJHtrans; mud toaav tueir f to legatit a fri-li'I.line| xi.n oftillable d look through tier ;1 if,

M.: iM.-il iiy hi- two -i-ter-. Itii.Juie: "li.7yOp.: in.I p.011 know that t11! > he ice sonXi!; cents, ), \hiynardMerrillwCoN4w w urst prneniom were rea.zdtLIt : I.r-t-IJhlll" urli.Irat t. Jf.
: I I ". i "11 -urelvrui find t"I
.\iiiiic i.id; .l.-11Ut. who !haxe 'ii I 1/\\11' ::-II :"II\\: cream"i i.. mad! from pule "weetcream. Yoik. l
'1. '.o!liuce at tile C'UlV'-nt.: i( J. L. Sv.'l:L.\K\ !'Ct'.h1tlot.Ot'ael.lQ' W.- make it. \Vt-t Florida Headil1-\I1 t Standard deader I j Dazzles The World ,' -'in"thinr to piet- ymi.; If soulwantutthiotr

\ -i r:.. 'ion. at SirunHill.; ; !. r I"tt'alu Hak'rr.tr will allwt'r.Cnmpooili'I1. i i No Pi-covery in medicine lia* "ver be bun in th<> iMainoi.d line
sure toee b'-fore
r \i. nil.-. .Alt.i i S: win ton's New criteil I one jiiartfi' of the! e.citeirseut | yiu buy ,

: Fngein L. Tucker the! mono I Iu School! : Culni'o-ti'll < :fJ cent-i', 'I t. nt hahef'ti" can-ed hfir. i
id character! 1:1. "-r- .. ____ ... American! Hook Company. New'I i Kln I :; ",* Xf w lii-cnveiy; tor ('oi.-innp-
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; .,. : -:-.-I --lP'J- ."" .-.-. .-....-.-.'. :-TTIv .
: .. ,'- ., -' "'-- PI ---" -- Yolk'lldllll.. I IAilthulatieMline's j' tum. It'- -evere tet- !r i\e bfenon :
: 'I i ui.l, appear at ;armllry-.liI :, L CASTOR
? Standard: < r.; i.opelr vir tim-'fl'u -unlpttun.
,1.,1,. unfertile au-pice-.if L: n I 11 f1 r' n I H 1q cent-1. American li: ok Company. ', 1'neninnnii, Hemorrhage: I'Jeurisv
'Iicke- ; For Infants and
1 Children.
I I. .y 1fht liifintry. 1i
!10 -M I a: .--"> ...tol". T->- ; roued Ir.Ir.. :IU : 1b ual ;:; :1 i Engii-h: / (Jrammir: -Metcalf's 60 liroiicliitithni: -"tlulaf whom''
y 1r B''Jk C I lit I hoB --toreJ The Kind
I- "? .: I.,. : to heljidetr.lV ::''e A f : cent American )llI1i'dlljo' |: to collect tf>'ilti.! | You Have Always Bought
Pai.- -. United StateHitory Field's > For roujhohl; -, Aihma. Croup.;
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,' 'tlljltllj',, .. Ii.'R A rk. r-iK 1 (Irammar'l', AmCricati, Hook; Com Hay Fev r. Hoarenesand \\111'1"- Bears the AgI'.i1ture
'L> : .11 E'jl; < pltI : k.i: ,
ti A k.L :, pany.Florida. lag C 'J"h it is the ijuickest. sur"-t cM
1 I l'r..h\'I..d..1I' :Mndayeni.1. I : I I i'( I :ibLSA'ixiii HNtory-Green'? 21.15 cur in the world. It i" old by \V.i $ of i ;tI ti

'I..a i,-. 1..11 I t"t.ly at Mt */- l nl \ : wUU A n ;i \\'illi.int-\VIlkii! "fcCo.. Hiltimore : i A. D'Alembcrte who guarantees! eats
L.i.'T. Train-pretty l writ tlil-d; I, f.fc A or Fairbink-' < U I ii: '. H. itV.. H. i i'lctionlr refunds the money ;

': : ." :ty at '.* t m. and :2 {J'.U!.. t..:...,," .,.... ,..... ..-, ..... <1 : .... ... ...:l Drew, Jack-onMlle, Fli. i Ltrire: bottles Vc and ?1 00. Trial IRE i niAlilTOLO] ?
,1., : "i I 111 lliV te.t .-|ierand pAw !- - -- :;..-- I.it"'j.rarhy-Ht'd\\'a "V Natural Adxanctd bottles free. .

: 'ili.nj with the children (Ifl I ilii: American nook Company. .:...
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!> Hol'Uinratunpillsrurcr:" t doss t.,.. ?im- I you or wiM'payyou ;
i-k 'l 1111-I ian annual itlur.i SOL CKHN & CO ; ivloly-StPtIt' Hygienic (II ), tie tree Add N-raaaltttaturt'i .''Imug'jof XVI'hilaJflphia to get your I Paint.Oils and
.1.,1 i ra' :. \ < ar it jr .ws more ibttrM American Hook Corvpany.: I Wall Paper burn
"' .""'. Civil (ioveriiment Townsend'.. Cream is a perfect J. I:. Ross: Cu. I

1'r: irried! Ladies' Euchre club 201-203 Palafox. Telephone No. 178. Shorter Cource.: ,i7icent* i, American': cream. If you Rive u= an order we 11 N. Palafox St.. or Phone a.I: :2. I
a.." etitertaini''his week by Mra'u. -. Hook Company.Algebrahlt'. are !sure to t-ecure you as a con-tact
-. ''j (' Tl,. lir-t prize. a beautiti '- School. < ,UN)) cutourer.'e have it in vanila 1
i .I i-tinning.; w',1wuU by t'.e FAMILY GROCERS. American fir..ok Company. i lemon, strawberry pistachio cham- \ Parlor
'.:'-- who! gracefully t'rt-ei.t: 'l i it I Physical (teograpbj'|-'..Houstoii'sNew. paene and peach. \Ve-t Florida mMlLllOanrf Bd.
e .'lh.-t (il the oCCfion, Mir- ;, : (ULil: ) Plldredge & Bro Pbiladelphld. : team Bdkery. i I Furniture r
room at Mars-
'''if H.lum..r Montir"i.ierv. T:." !::. .-=:!; :. ,, I Yes
..' ad i ;M/.e. a pretty bi-j'ie orin- If.' Theory and Practicp: of Teaching we really make the smoothest ton fy Finch's.

> .,'. .wtwon by 'Ir,;. lift unn : Fitch's- Lectures on Teaching '$1 :, and bet ice cream that are produced
../. :.. 11 : 1.J =1il TheMacmillau Company New York. by any one in this or any
-- -- ,- t 1 ; 'I r' 1 1L r Those books can be purchasedfrom ': other how city.V can prove it. Letus i A. jr.//! I (I. .S/AV,
J1'rl almot any book dealer in thetaie. Florida r-teati: :
PI'lltUfO\' IjalldsorrlclyI'ranted at dealer's! send Hlkt'r,'. ___. _
\I FOR k- F i IK ': If not yor.r _. _
t rlA : :f1aAID fie price named to publisher! and Try "Hrookwood R re" at H. A, 209 E. Cevernnent St..

Wd r "Id!! to hang at unit- Ii I 1 : Ib IB' n A they will be *entpostpaid.Yours ;truly,. Friedaat:',.. Finest on :uth.Foiey's PeBsaroia, F.a.: ,
t ;
r t T iI USVI
i mi \ \Y. N. :HEATS: '
i //j
""' ( (l / ,V low prices. Marston rli 'iA State :superintendent of Public In- Kidney CursczliK j z TV E Xj rtsr ,

,5' Filli.'h.r : tY :S---i: : .!J h t. .2i :; I I sruty-. ini I H:!ccrs ac-J Madte! rf ht. lliusc I'nrnith-nf and Money Uroker.4

-- .

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-- :.. .... .. -- -r' T'7 .", --L: :, '''--''-'''--__ "" "r. ", -.. -.;.. .. ...:!"" ". "..." -'s1'<". :ff. _._ 'I J"
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A BatchoLBicuit5 ] I p I NGPONGJ

?1I2 I I

,- "Isn't the w athcr awl tlT' aid

.I "011. *h > !!s a harmles;* I.ttle: cn>attro. 1:1sl.: '

." M.'S ha! rl Kunis raid t.1 1'a.r-: "1 couMn't srct :a eXIt or anything flt I

; 1<-!1:11! apn MH t>t her iuisln Kls'i'aa! and OLDPEOPLE the ftjtloii. K I hail t>> wait." d th.t st d hnf.1ges

t'iti orj'haa.n! sII1I \\ I' I.IH-JI out of lianty "1 Mipput-e jou're lIt damp?"

f1iL. >ln' i.s ii :;iiia I'Un'.fU in a'a: ln-uu; "Just a trij,.." My bat Lad made a (/?

bo 'tdltud hll'ljlal.; \Vlifu \\t. arc f1i small i'if MI!. 4' Yl1l/1f
? ?* -x wit III>lt: a maid as ..< II.! I'm ,]Jrl1fuHy00)1'1'11.. Do innkol.aMe 1 (

MI: ail the hard-lull ..( the I.itdll' ami t'uinssr.: I -
$ jx-iw ( ;set tliovut .
ol.l ae.Vith
Had Circulation i ii the cause cf no=t cf the: ills that cotne "
vvtfr falls uu iy shoul.!ff. K-.e i is t.;' ailrancinj yr" there is a ikr'.ine! cf ttrtajth and vkor-thc: machinery of the xxmton t<> play j'Inr JNMI v.tl; ICl'1at ABC'3OHEMA

P4 : ilrone I f thin: hixe." Ixwly) PIOVLS with U-.S; Si';' :1 anl accuracy. liecau: e tf the weak and irregular "\\" on far.h i is that:" .
t %: : > Not I";.!: after. 1'airlcish! \\:1" htl,1loy action of the-!: he-rt: th-- I): .,1 moves; inor_> ..iowy.: become; impure and loses rrach "You don't U.ow':" s-he a';!;cd iacrctluloiisly. '

::. % .8..r? Mi-s r.iirns: t,. t'-a. l >usn! ;': ih'altcrjttio'i. (,[ its liTe--.:.ist ::1i:::: j :-(> rv IS. an.1 nastk-j tissue and ncncs l.tcr.'llv ht.lTfor "Oh hurry lip"

I r fri'in!! a iii'i;..hlx run ajntrni"it lick of ncur.-hm. A b!U"h: aa 1 polluted circulation ii followed by: a long Aiul I iliil. Iai"il! Is always charm- < M
train (It 1\!:: a:'::lcn' e.4141! it'-t. chilly sensation up and don'n the spine, poor .
i I.., : .' hto" I i.i- hII'I'nl| ant (It the musd\'s. rheviia..ti pains, hard anti fissured
t.b,* ..s a virl of I lllsc: la; the! kltdll'1!) appetite uytsth; >:l. s''V. !:!'. and I l hid had: soKiethltu 0:1111j" :
ok face c'.irnaic u'.tw: on the lower Ems ar.d oiher parts of the
i ::!, {><*> -, ; rung
a ;msL: lion r-k till.U.K.. and Imxv lulliltinx :;}-. I""l-thc .,:11 r.;..::v n.er ti: .::....c:> p""uiar! to ,ll"'Ci'I ::.re due to a I.1c (.f iniinl! kr a ioisldcrible tluii She : _.___: You will fid it a dcliih: 'hl table beer

l-.uk. ui'l forth ,intxxii-ii t.i1" Iv ; lealthy 1,1)01 al, i::: .:=-"ct dcai ti"J. Rtvratiou t'J1hl1 rnut come through \\n,4 wziitin4: for lao as I came ilo'.vustair

it5 i1'. :. s- ; 81..II j-asitrj tarrying vnr'K! tirtuUNfi.c.ir : I the Luillin:; ip <::11 j4rjtk'ti'4a d the 1.,100.1. thu.; fiMing s.rcngth and tone to :*. ', light. sparkling ap tizi:1g. The dc

' 1 : .t:iil luittor and baking |ioxx'tjuid the "iul organs aal tick;i h.Ihy action t.) the circul.1tiun. i "I'onie alon::," she Sail!. and s'.iotooUhie : il took-rich in tmc hop flavor.OrJer .

: i.'Uitr 1 : : pan. Tlci: slip xiK.U.II'; I, .;. S. S. J ling bine::! a \'c'-Lt.Il' 1.,1.,1 remedy aI.1 the best tode'. mJkc it : II> one of the! looms where .1 his

1 d tip her -Id'Xfs. (rum mUll.I. iillz!! -,\ hit the r.103t \'\alua1: ::nh'::'c.ic:. 'U-. of al! tr.edicine: for olJ j{.'jjilc. It is free from all font iliuiui: trillev du'I..I.'l': for I :. Irora
.,1 iiM nut in its action.: It cures blood diseases; ;
mineral 11gTe&i1e.t3, ::: p'oxnt
uria.s and tying on a laric-; saoxx'; d ) inelit \ J. MDAL 1 )
t : ; 1tllI_ lilt cexen or ::lit ugh .
contracted in life. As '
of every char.ntcr. iwa tu ,<: inhTili.'l or early system
e.4_ aprwi ai'd! \\ :&:.I in;; !tier han.1at; th: ) t-tn.tdltl SIIT'iss the middle."What's .
: l'lnlr\ : the inilucncj: d S. S. :S. there ii a tairkc-l: improvement ir. the general: 1 Oar,'a.llt' '"KU of"-." '.. C.'r
'I:: r. : sink. I4! iniild ve ho>r rotie' .. <'nMxntfr <1 hl...::'.I, ..n'l as richer sml parri "....,1 Levins: to circulate through the IKXV the I : :' that for:" I s:,'..cj. 0. rou' 1.lIorrn nn I... .Ii," t... M I '.Ii ilUill t

i t: I. \ iiuulf lln-i.i.! nd: thin l.tItoh'! :, PJlt'tc i improves, j'nil t'ltre: ij a suf-.t.-ss: an.l clastu-ity about the b1..i.n.t11.t you "I'liu: i-onu." sbthiUgi011.! .

; .- ,.. t : ilid :art...." I'M- ti>:. In-fore IKMVitli! have: Dot not'uil for ,v'.'rs<-r.s L'gm to heal pains la muscles ant joints jjraJ- ., '-SoUI.ds rhhlCse."

1\ \ ; tho ,I..ft." .... :l'I'\l iap.il'.v; ; xvh.ih: exidemid aallvcii.j1 vrv-a f.r. 1 O.at it u jmsst'itj! to lie happy and htaWiyivcninoldasje."Our "No its lln.-lis'a.: Just L'; '.e U'::ais.''

t1 .1 I :. .3; |.ra..tiii- j.ud .-,1iII' she .-!'tp4M; : 1 inc.I .Jili-p Irt:::::, ::t is in ch i-.'; of j.h\',siciauj\\ho make a study (.f blou
'1 .: A' iin'1 (.Urnd and n.lh-d! and rut and laid an'l skin' ,Ii ...11.:3.: If ) IOU \v.oil like It) have their opinion and advice in }otr "\'o'1'"I I.) ll.iy." -- --
: : ca.se, ,;rite tlx-r.i all t'lvit:! it ad yrnih:ul rt'ci ixe such miormation and advice as
.;: : ; tV .tti! ruuiiil; di.sl.s: in e\ci: to.vi\ : on found rieiltcal ilerartiaent T.ut I don't like tennis," 1 nanFttt.ted. Thos. C. Watson & Co..
i Others ha\e
on wa:::. This ".i:1: CI>-t jou notliip.g.: our :
'. -4 \' .;: tb. Iou rt.-r >l I''i':, 1.1 tliiiiliff. flu-Hi 41 1 } (if great Lnet! 11 ti.tra-their cure Kin much 1lVl'J'.piJ oa tli I: rtaiilt 01aoiue the leading UP IKstate A t-nts .t-< AHE YOt A BUFFAI1ett \ ;

., 4 1 ;:: ," thIs 0\e:\ door 11:111 i: pt.* hir hi': < III t.1 i i spt-ci.il dretti.n: r"ccI\.1 fri.iii our jhjsicuns.Don't I tLIuS It's a KnieUy sanic."I'M all tl. > worry ollil -6-hoiu.i- of tl! *-

. ( i .' 4. try the ti iiiperati'nand! I iiodili-d\ a<. 11batisl'.d I. jour o.xn ,!,oct'.f:1 y. m c.m' git medical: advice free. :Look 0:1 piiii:; to teach jou fins r.w.j.: :' owntrof propertv.. tnairuthi: \\'! : .r-'i 'tr. I.'

] t':! ; and I <'a':." li.uk to the talih1xxith 21oo and fakin: DL;..>.....s r.u-.l:: t\j all xx'.io desire it. iTMIi sh'replied.! renting: of their! In ties; and It.* c"l- :y-i. in ;:..1' :ym*r 1'.. ,

t t( : }. ': .it-: .. her !Miftliei.!.s oxer vo slightlyfushid ; i SWIFT SPLCIFIC COMPANY, ATLANTA, OA. I MimimliciL [pction of their rents as ("..-('I..U'1i.u..I U ail: 1'jpi: iroin
1 tllf"wnulll tr "Ices. J.LI.;
Ilp.l: 4t ; 1 and a few IIMIV sold tendril! "\ I'I'YI'I'U." I mr.riaured. \ as euui- I'
Their'charjre-5 reaanable.CA.STTtTA. 11 J N. Talifox
are very
;144 ': ?' .I tlndin:; tln-ir way (r..m uii-Ii-r! the da.nty : :! APPEAL uF MOLINEUX. MARRIAGE OF MILLIONAIRE. She: jrave me a ridiculotu little: battledore
'f. \ \\LIttf I.1XM1 e:::1' she xxoic.: And! a! with pari'bment sides.: 1
-- \ : : .
4J1}; 11 4 .. 'i fr I blex; lilt oai-K nnd forth with ht-r l' & P.irld H. Mill I Milrelycuirs the \\ 1.. I'l.irkr, Jr., \\ t1a Jliss ;lil>rl "\x'ii deal know INtQ play tenih! 18 II'' 1'i IUI. A aaS iT.jI; : t.n AMsi.I: I : :

1 ;. 'it 3 mils and li-;;:au t" lean; and put way I 1III\II.t,1 I I ii r.trrr. :: l-ii'ti-r. don't t you':" Bears" Tl '. .-lPi.i'it: lltif i -' -

! _I.. .' ": th. uteiixd: .l.e 11:1.111..1 slio h:1II: ;::: insliiz. I5rFr.lJaai' 1:1Tn) aritant of BI'TTF1'1 n.. June !'>.-\V. II: Clarke. I 11..1.0.,1."I'in 1 filgaittreOf!! Yi/.J di'l. l'.-i\ :M-t.. !F-! -
1 1 .,: I'M .. :Meat III.-! '! .
Tinvindow the table ;
lf' near xvai
,. 4 .. .. ; the appeal! or' l:.oa:1.i! I1 ill llueux: tl.j J:".. tne youtf!:**: son of United Matessenator :; poir.; I Is almost the l'a1I1t't; 1.-idles. I'une I
I'uirldh: could hear thei li1tiJ.I | r-oup :
: : "I'n. .; In.!h-d.T.ut I.
I alleged; pol-oner of Mr-. CatUfrlUtf J. :: : W. A. Clar.e. and :Miss Mattel lorkand -jiiimi-- 1ilv I -
I' lilies! : t.H.o.IIIt.l'Ho.IO: : .
I II I Fosler I uaUtl to have al.it vxifjoa. .- ,,11"11 J. I -
i I Vi.iuixxas reauiutu belcr- thj euurt \\'l'r1lt1'1'lel thu altcrnoon at 'r t'
i 1Y .' "Vv: !. T.. Is '1fl. ,d. ,...1 t..e I t Mi"ie.! I retnon-tntix': .. Will: SLow l .
.( Tt-al t.v. in Junt> I ot appi-als toii.iy. IX: S"aaor Dax id Ii tae home of tue bribe's parents. ] *\. lOll t'
i." :; ; ".Hi<'I'ur,!. if jou ant gout,1.1 !'l; : 'a-ure.
.. 1'v 1 I.M i l.kia: nu-lixl Ilii! ofj :. C. Ulataton! of :;t. Joua's: Episcopal p.-
> ) i for tae peoDle! nia'it: '!(? a iiumtvr .
Ami she Miiil'-d MUM-tly. tint I '
: tr
1 l'! .. Tl.Jt'* fwttllr: l4Iili lln tun"." U'tuitioiis to tht.aat.ioiities aid ,1t.1'I' church oihciuiiiz; pi'l
j I The Footer the battledore! and Wt lit t..war'h"r. .
non elaborateivd.'c- ;
'e was
;td. if .. A LlsU ra!'piiicoUe'; : cut t'e song 1>ioii reierrett to in hibrut. and th..nt.IO
: nrateJ. Tile wed.in.,: {;u.>-ts \ere lim HoncTnr
t. up tile (que-ition of the guilt of U'} Foley's
& .. fbott.'I d the !ted to :o': ). relatives aim trieiuls. Mr.Foster "I.ci.;. u lIll'n' dropped\ it," S.IKcallei: !
tcmiaiit. court ttiat not '
< rt-iuiiiaiu
,' 1.:1'1' the !.. 'UIMI salad chUJrcn.safcsure \ .
s.- ::. ; !, jou !( his :
: daughter There
onco tu Its aruuwm nai tae other si'io ;save away. iju'cMy.I :u,11 rrtuimM Tivfaiii!! .
:.s landAnd ,11.11'1 frost, t I..' <'ai-! ? bridesmaids --- -
: were no
.: I avowed the innocence of the \lI' U"J. : or gri tuismen. 'i ht'i) tin ('X\'lII'llI'lIt tmean.I' To Mobile and New Orleans, Satur. ay
TI} lilsfiiits! me in'' Then do mal I The fatuur's to I.ILbride for acceptable Weu.
I present was
lIe bx
insisted tuat! it Lii I been proved bunny ir ? Von i'a\ .
iu Ill : long | to
jou ; \ ; nijht June :!:: Couiid trip ue
#> .. und I.a..t.. and "Mt tintable.. I ian'tfor overxvneimiu evi'leueithat Moliueus check for flUO.uoO. Theroom's: ) present Mate if pat&ntrt.Baltimeari ,
& : uecxlneo of with n'lInJ"i.lltJj.: !i and I 1 attliilorca! tJ:' :Mohilf. ;Sl. ;n tl) New irleam.I, m
: the life of ine si-e what nial.es joiiso had ritseu till It-tiers and the aihire>iou vas a DDlI THE PATENT h-tO A 3,
1-: I' Mill to l n.lu..ti ) Q> a taliltintcrd t f a tl'nuli ror.rt.. Th. TUkei- Moodeood for illS il:!> tONew
[ pearly: >o at -jti: jd. nisd
: jmkj! Mr! 1'alili-uli: will I.,' h. nbefore I thi- poison pacKa3: and that UH gjii.i I "' :
f':) .. Mrs., Ch,tries; \V. Clarke, bl.lt'r.in.l\w, of Hitlo I! l-'ills naturally, !! l ounc- aiuio'iinllj t I I 1114 flfl* for two d.u!!. K'I ulnileave 12! ,
;; ., joi ;:. t exerj'tiling: ; doneox-. |I I:1.. clearly established.He I-v-
: Orleans Monday: mslii
; .p' ". aui ir not uaterial who I thu bride presented' her with a rung ec \vhcn hit I I'.v iiari-hinoiit\ wdi-! 1 \lut a-W
. ;. : mind. I dOIl't'art you coining to - I was : : with oblong diamonds budy should take ailvantaz: ff ; .
'\1 f- j Lrou. ht the hottlts-lioluer! nnd ilr.'xv at- ;: : and emeralds. tll'llOIV.My t-q
: ,
I Pp44 -4. :. 4. I'r. He I -.\'..IIt iii-t.ce you :an) 11m,' I I To secure. perfei't an has tX.nrson: ai there will be no niorr irt-e
# r: :Itentinu' to ta>! fao: that: Zeilir.; Molltitux's JTIMHS expert : ;i':.' t lail 'vamittraigl.t! for tbiNirtmlt The Latest ;;:;
r':4;: '"df ,I i; t T1.'n Miss I'.arns xli.. hIll\'j.t'ltly, Iteu searehiaz: tha *u jps of Xe\v YorK arid t'vH-day i.\oursioiis! a' thisime .ivv ,
fm 11'i hai I : '< 1wa
ami u i httJt.: : n-u-r I I cf PIa"r; \aj"h.i! ;> aiici ;ti rs.
d <'i.-
' vs P j4.b 'i .4$4q 1:11.11:1! a nap.: judiiu', : ; bi hi'r j f..r three lU.m:h< past. rites: :1% !lieri'iuforu.i !nv! urdi < ;':
? set loot m! :;"".v York: after the arrest .-, :iliiime.1: : i.r.t ":uhdm' only! laujjlml.! .lie I Ui nil ho'iorcrciHt. .
; l.ol.s ,
The brides said : t'r.ll l iainier agcr.t: | > it re (1? '
: is to hll'OS |
\. .1/i : tou"I.1 l.ai.n.l: I. o.ii! sti I.ftIv :w,1l Healboiivvflt ou tao fact that M">lineus -II. ;suwu : : "
.. t'.IO\II). "y.''ii h.t:: too hard.\ she Mid.: i-or lutormatioQ applx; to
: ; ;: ).\' iIi\" .t4'I of her sta'.elllie! xx as n ('cntiuisf, :sna ... fiOlZC; flt bollmlt! "
Tue wedding: journeyvi'.l extend:! to I turd a'':il her iu.'thod and ,M-I-CCC-! H""t.l: I 1\1.
_ : In tho' !I.> and !'haK'U.ssxr.iinr; | of I bt..ruu'V" and tile I'lvoiis"; it couaint'.LVnert Europe! anav ill cover one year.V. (-d i'l liiilin: ;; tlit a--ilimig:; and :1':. ".-t. I-\ 1'1'.111: 1'1". .,t1111'55 .\!.. .\
1"... H'I..1!) light I bine! ,':hinere! Mie \\ ort', I \ Was the ui.in. Lc txcia-weii, I I
I \ _\. .
L a i! "%Vflt.. had ta.. opn! 4 yawned aiul tooU: hcrvlf :1\\ ny. : to be worth ?:!.()JlJ.tJto J m illS own
. I to ].il5 f. 4. .. d Il i nx'H.Vhen of OF
that ( :
:, .4 a Mr. h Hili pieinred :Mo'.mecx: : a< a f ufferr ; a;.;e sic'miirt nr "jI.r! the laMo. : S:)
: : hi-ri-jesa'i iiist:tnt :i> tli-niLli mm watixed o-i him. ana. this he has 4
i I 1 iroiii a nial.my wiI"u11.\ ., himinel I I 1ln': ;!lie icputatlo: :! a.1' I IHMHJ: :i i:' .'. -_. -- -. -_. ----
ill a i.mte: appeal for \lal"II: .- '. Then ; : mve teii 1-1 nimuii! propi-rtv nail realty.
\ .itichoiy, rl'n.wl ine trouul at the Kli>:--.Tai ,Ti:,'ki>t. 1 1nlittle ttmIlah.ut :.. '
: f !'be W'Ht mi v.'ith her wtlrl!.. Hilt 1'airiiotiiiil. luil'hrb"cutl1l.t\{' club a-::i pictured I i He IS.. jvpnlar__ _vounj_ attorney.liilirl I j \\.t :. ...u..1 II.UI- ,. 1a
i l.uclilci:: ;!! and Mais.c: : .
It'hI! vx Ith ijinrr "t-eiiM aafel. n- :Moliueui! as plotun: ;: lor rcit-as;;.". :H.I .
rlun 1 I .
t I rollcy Line I ('olllhh.! >. every now and then to l'-t th" |I'>
t dll13l1t pain at his heart that I the t'IL-I! : :i ilifl.l II He said that every cireaiasta'u-o in tiu ,
I : CI.I.MI.AM: : June l!).-Tne Lea'.ersay her |M>:-id. At last I hind nu j.am i 1'. !I. I I T-s
i linked Moiin- tucr.me. :
1.1"e \ r. tn-
.- p rt
,:"IIC'. leaving her I'i'iMru! : ; \\ l hit : ; Ath
? Ciu.inituu;: fact tlia: Mt.'iiieuxlia! >! hirp.It -.: "Not satlsiied with its recent to itt."w '
.c- ami t-f! insaiii .
.. ; ; JIll more.It ,
'f') } a ;.a\vyer uaa' trmnie1: u L.antiWritWg tny suburban : yon imM K-'thcr! tlji: .1.i
co;;'i'iestm railway hell
much! efltiMoa hat M'-. C
..!.. xv.i. with extKrt K-tore: >piciou azuiLst. nun La i !:Ii"l'! i 1 hI1htlz! jon'niin>ro 1 .
..1'J:art:> nii-ixitl her calli-r.!! Mi1:1; I, I It taken! aid he 1 the EverrttaIeroyndiate has cone .
shaptlh ti"11'l: : uiiothf bl ot 1 -!.'I ilfd :llItll'lwlt..1'IH'III1I.I Ig'g : "
t :rl. r' 1"1 !.'-i.H4; !i he, n <.UIC"lIl1l'l'Urh.'r.! iitl !- went tlinaj.-'i'! tne trill.:: citluasns- at tt r r ;:: system interurbuntrollty B '
I hn,''. Tuu.:. whtii hl'Y a.i.i it to ( ; \\iih; lay hmds| in dtnr "' II' Jth1t'S
a .".:v 'i iii-lii. : !lie could hardl.v! lia\.' picii-n runt nnii !1'-::, \xi-'n.at rc.ivtn irsvtem. .
nnl-sot : It
a'a their l.tHJy) tracllun-. \\'Ili give was rtally "iin'lerlTultb' :! \A'n '
' t't ji v. in :.::1.1 nth! of her tinif had, !h., : nuTtly trxu.. ;': to ..i.rt it !ron r
\.; I tIIl'Uill""UII 1'\\ t"fmm J Putt HITO'I ><' KjJ-! relied: to.Vbvn I a ...> d.Mi'sii ,
,t. S. .1 .I- i Ii.' Not that she really disked!: i 1, tht'ir cteiit.PRETTY-.-- :Mica., t,) I'ltsLurI'.u Taree states > s::il:

j '?: ': ...I..l _. .1' so 1II1IY0ll"1! averted ; CIRL BEHIND OARS. I will,,' included the "plIie'ttrall:; ":' ..'" you tmist try and will0':\ I:1 Always E: .:...

1 tuej il.d. :.ht' had htlld.ed: the Sfienre --- i and more than' ::,000UOO ]*.i.pl.> will be M>t."

))4J .. .; ... ,: l-lie\n.:: it to lie mooosM' : tot thf, Arrest of Miss .-..Inlllt' Kllgore; JI.n within reach ,.f the lino controlled I.) -1 Illflt Jim t'liak! \\(? milt: lia.c a t Pcre. L. .

f." t. f. :'# .: niaknu and t tie!! n<:t iiatt-naike! : of :a hriI'V : : -.1 I Mirrrd Horid.i. j' tmAstern.. Negotiation;: It is learnwi, rest *:" I 511g.te1t'ILrtl.
I are ua ier way by xx hicii tin- MahIluuIlig ; .
,. -- -
; -
'!' ... 4 \ 'I'. !IH.II.I- tl..iii:: kaovvleiUe of a Ian |I T.\ir: ria: Jane -Saerifi: : Lesley ; e.ei'triLsysttni: will be ah-orhen in- tnu ".\fI'I'\\! ." slits Flllllf'1.!

o. '., 1:1;;''. To I ,. Mire. tonight; they, baa I II I, has arrived here with SIis> Fuuaie ICilIpore bu ...)'ntii"If: >. It has ai .>ur 40 miles of Ping l,,,ns evWi-nt'jr! jTotiun-d '!thns ::$ He Drinks Best {dho Drinks Fabst c:

t A..1.tIII:1: "-iiy to their ordinary fll'lilJ! I daughter; of Hon.V.. C. G. Kil- track passiiiff through \Virren. Miles, ::ss.

r'I t-UI'lwr. I Her p.in-iit-. ha-l .11\\lj'S in. :gore. county commissioner of Mimterj i Girard and Y oung tt"I1.." I I..I\!: '(' I it'l'rll\.1.! fur I :-M: -*

,L. ,' ;. .' .-isti-l mi dinii.j: 'al'lill, i tinday.: She! j county as a trivjtur Sae: i is comely I' : : \\<>'i th' fit trtini': : and tlic-i :M.' : <. S. A. FRIEDMAN

.t' -. .t /-' tit" i A as piiic I he woiiid\ inal.e allo.xaiues.Vita.nl.x. : yonns; woman ot, euucatijaau. au i SIKXI; I>VI ImItna-y's llor eV on. jui. 11m I ,> and ju-t rni't i:;' tu II!..- i-nd ,

'. 1i1'; \:. -' ( : !. 'Jhey were ;:IM,,1 to hL'.in -|: ('1:11IH: ) lti.JU. j l\I'Jllne 19.-.tthe A"cott races 'onf.naul: It;' I siiil anal ltra.umgu!: iliaiiU :,%' I'. 0. Uox 413. T

1;"-.i..' 1 f >$ I iitiMin form ally! And all (he tune: Her arrest was ciu-ed: \,v the d'-itli: of today.Vuliam: Wnituey'i. );:I/.abo'ih litre down on th> iTrr nt' i'.t: 1'ENHACOLA. FLA

'.,i 5:: I r- .' Le Ma w'>;lIkl'it;: at the tniul'orina: I Mrs. Kmuu Hur&tlu \\ till of Eugene .. .. h t.-ii.i......i....
31. (p l'tn) won tne try I tilt! staked
(itf.l : I. } ; ; .l, tion nell I t I Unshed hair j and a pron-ry, | HitticM( at 4'Ji' Wuttiii:? street, thMi-ity. l"rank Gardner's; Uma'lII 'OIi':
lall.tIl'l.tI.1, in the nnat'V The prooeediuss, werttaken mug; unstllisi 1.1"lIkil1) Vtce.I'r.asidut. rabIlH.\ .
.t % liMIn;: ;o-.xn Kilnore: by Jack IWlaray tiotutrof wassecoua anti I>>ri :Meltou third. my \I "UI'.I1'la.rt.- vxas a :jc.is.ti: I hrIUglI;
trniive: |M.rson vim hail histrmtcdIMsii i --- 1:11 ..itl i'".
Mrs. llatheld.fcome : .
'J'" ; -. 1:1 ls.! '. minus her looking; l'nl'| and tim ut;.) Mm Ilil irecatuehcre Allen Halvpraon of \Vpt I'rairie Tin afraid Pto l.roLcn! it." I iii>I.iul I.-

"If. v 'j \vi-ari.is a soft l.ttle: lawn jroxvn. came I from Wilawood to accept employm-sut \Vis., eays'P opifl oiiin \ IPM mil< gl-i.il.: First National Bank

fa*., t and went serving; them .1 IIt nt first i iI : Stun went to board at the Huttieltt. residence. t.) buy FOI.KY KtnvKY: Ci'RF." ".\ I hI\'I'1I't pot RpntluT.! Ii:!'.1

*"* '. *' .. ', Wsie Lad sheu FairleUh; a distant I: Ou atunlay! laorniu Jan t>, '. while J. A. >pro ot IhaInuetImitt.., MaMiV; : > yo! must jilay: on witli

*'r h)\, ; t,tt. .tuouli she quicklY :glaiie1: I Mrs Hattitjlii whj was la a J heicecondition say : "It is the ineilical wonder uf that.& :* ,
found a now m MI;; KiLO: I the W. A. D'J.Hllberte.I I OF PENSACOLA. FLA.
,' *. I -f Bway htie! had Io.t'llt Ill"'': look In his : age. I dub as I nastcld.Mai.ic .
: gore's room intend for her liu,band.title I -
), -:- I I'* *J**. :1 look! tat iUestii| >uiiiK ndmlriitlon I 31 Kil : A iuira.iii >l..>lir .t.. i-li4ii C4.NEw kept mi "winning: : aid! we
I ;:) Accused HJ :oreof vrntinj tiia DXItECTiLa
;.. U'J that t'roiifrht t'.K! roue'' blos ,milnj out : note and reprimanded ncr for douiR so. : YOUK June ID.: -The American ('amto 1 the ilst game: of the set. I 'IU .

'Z;.: ,. f on her t hii-ki. <)n
atvs.>D.ii i mm the mum lsnln-1 nrndeDDnii. the young woman malt atunousasMxult tairty-foarth annual meetmuig; lIt'N to- MJ.II,I.4O." :111. d 1JIIp.: D. G. BRENT,

f ;: a .* laii-iini: ; aiK>loK> for having Ulsie J upon Mr. Ha-tiirlJ. Tim mother I put iln,,'n tny Luimllaar...
.b.' walt' uU table. !I lcann cruiciiily: ill nnd died tinu'lay.: ,II\\'. Tue reports: of Seorerarv J.V. "1'1\\ J'i\l' yon this ::alll'.." saliL. i

.. ., But wMieuT! I have eookeil thl'It I. ToliCB 1'I1111111utl'r Captain had Jones been investisate-i 1 tii by Mtielair Taylor of of Ciuoasu New York and Trcainn-r city ", .,rot r"l\ol u.. 'I "'\'IIu'.I"ltl'I\' ." she lansh: !:' l. ; r rlilld! giti: Eua I n AId\ Ia L
an uoon request "
: flipper\xl.ltV .\ ileliclous suppi-r' of Ceilarny hd took srcpj to havatun 1 1I Brorts were uiivl, br spi-cMil committees (un: tills ItIlltiou"!: I nd.I...1. I Ignoring

:-roll Oil. I'm so ulad you like! It! I tvns .fl)'. I young woman arrested., Bellamy I : on IUM rel'i'ive' merits of cast iron her n lort. "that as jou hare the 4'ytii'll !

< *; Inj; when I h-ive: eiv\!Ued the supper t that I ILitlieM alloxred! the aud htifl-tireil wn..cN. on 10 rai.e: ""n' let iii:: I aM> the l.np."
'Wa i1
4. : complniua: I draw oar own Billa of Exehan;?* on Or at Britain, Ir. al
./1 .\* think It is only fair Kl.sle slimild xxnit: I young womaa'.s father to come and take tistic-s: and on cost of ronmuj hyu 1"'tJtiIJals".ur She lanplinl.! but a tinge; of rod Wff Oermany, France Austria, Italy Holland, Spain Bel
t. .;. :, at tal'le. I Have anothei biscuit Ir.f't'i" !I her away au.l .showe no inclination to ; trams.Ike-- --- .- -- ui.d her (111'1! '>". way, HweJen Denmark and other European conntrlei.

,1 rairleijh. It onlv I.> il.Uter: me. Yes take proceedings in the Ci>o. I Kir ('eIl.r:.'..., "rll" ngree; I n.\1.!
; I I am a tntle: proud of my tstIibi.I ." 1'he arrest his 'rl'.I,1 atr-menio-u 1 "rou11 l.-.irn I.ILK! i>ms'" slo par- _."Vessels Disbarred npon the Mont Favorable T4fm'l. an! a' .'t
i where the "1IIIJlt.ltue: l birta of hu daughter after Vessel! Arrlrea there.
yoaniefemxiut i* ttiovvu. by .. !
.:: : .. . ceth: 'r and !paid Ill) attention, but Fail- ( if I'oU'h.111'11 .
--- -- --
that! instant saw I is-uiu: aa nka-e pardoniu, : the riotous "\\" If.at fl..."- sho! started. '
lolsh.!; liK'!.in: up at yni IOU
i 'I -t This Will Interest Man. MTSafety Deposit Boxes for Rent in Conncot
I (", the Fwlnsitu; cl"l:" whs hel.l back: and' taJeuts.. t'ome of them are ex'inpieiiIrom : "\\dl'! :" I HI't'fdw,1 oct tiy l.ani: !.
.** To quickly Intro lace B.! 15. 15il'otanii tnrther mlhtan"nl.'C and ether with which we have a Private Apartment for th* UM
: of KoUU-n broxxuuit8 "TLen tan n>k aln.
Kls.e.; nmtlier plate you mae ::;; And
I I T.lood 15alr.' t!... f.umnou :* are credited with tn.'ir pino.1 ufputiubiaeut ofRtci-u.
: l>!? .- : in her hai.d. st :.t of tm-ir
: reguhum-
," '. eji's m 't tl.psuf I'airlei fa'l. .\ -southern Mood curf. Into t.exvlioines military bt'r\i.6.part Tno condition uf tno i is almost. as Obj.oratta a-

I .t'. : T::: t'.asLiLK: looi passitl 1 U-tvivn then. we will end. rib"olutfly free. c&.lrmat: her chilli entirely tai"- tie! I.i li\s I">r!? Ialls.-Ilimug. THE GARDEN SECTION

.- She bad l-eard then'! Whether! it was 10( .on) trial treitinntI'.otanic ti.-tory.
$ :, "_ tlio fptiih or Idili Faiih-u'i's: '! amnv .\ 15ood! l> ilm i B. 1 H.1 JJ.: ouK-kly] cures llilitntf'l .! '1 "rkpj'H I'all.XA o-or-o
ltt.nm.. from I hi- N 11.11" IVonaL
4:'. aa I rat'.a it: ;gti! .a e (If intelli I I i-nie tint: old ulcers, *crofnl ei-znii i. ucl.i: :?: iouihs.'HKV ,;'.ln.M: :. June 10 -Near ("rorille -.*-
a'tul i i'j i.j-Uil.-aui t t er1a lure i>r
I .listcrl.. l her KNie: did not 1.11111hlt: : Pensacolap1
I -kin and blood ui.'r. c.Cf-r. --it- this s! It'. E.ijshibtju s&ot and arida.Near .
'a. tUU I .osnent the d.nir. >xv 111 ;1:1:: i a NII'I'IO': '"
at ;
lher. .
in:?, fe-terimig-ort.; IbIiI.etiunem.-( ; kill-Vi: his br luu .
shut. the plate: dashing from liiiIiand. -- -
.c M-nt
limi'I...; or "I'"II-I\ .. "I'Ui<: ,,a"-. "alJ :---r-_ XIITH: IK fl..eptin.ofler! former is -ar-ijhtcd and his trota -r,
1 I'.uilt-iuh; >prini to her assiyt- ;;. n"r c.ni. ;n.- a.! ihtsptta lushes East Hill Electric Railway Tcrminu3
; i in tame the
I C'i ni on
in hi::*' )r joints. rl.et-'ur.i-ir.: c tturli ..' ". iitv.'ii: ,,11 h- r'-'i>on- as :a joue
: : amvh
I : ... loarn\s"lm."t. nt.d as the \"uu i n ills br'iti. iiiea mm. iurtnin ::

).% I restored the rii-oxert-tl liisctiits: ,' thethattered -very ore or I'm-I.: 1 tiukft'' .. 1'0111.l'U"'l"J .\ .... I II .non.' ), aa i out amju:: tae snrUIJW les. K.I- Beautiful Lots for Sale.

r.,( .. i ''ate lie handiil them to her I hlood pure nnd rich i.d -topicli ; :< !! I l. .... ::.. ... ," jaa urea uuu snot Jo...a taronsa: itiii

with the! vx'h.'pered: entreat: : (-- and pun- H"!'1:1.IJ'.mU: : I II Lead. _ _ 40x137- feet at from $75 to $200 each! accord

.L ; \Vlien will juu sit:,; for me na:1I: Itilm: ((15. J 15. i n. thn'o-j: :lv tH-id I How :to Avoid Trouble.
ing to location
f..rill: > in hn"pi.1: .,:.d .rv.t! >- : and surroundings.
; ': Ir love io* he! n red. i>\l rose/ yt-ars : DAVIS.
r.* I -a .1 I; "Aa''l'; :" the ...lil!. She! xv's like the rr JCIICf'. aad I'I cured oanvJi- .>r L. M. :Vowi-. tie! time to provid"! your-
CHJi ii'v! ''n un as I n; "I.[ .... x.jld! at n-.f: 1I1 fsmily with a bottle of
.f! : : .j rose I>lic" iaug; uf I in that infant Ji u.: -t'>re", fl 11't'r !lar.'t-; h. >!!I". Far ; Real Estate ChaTrii'trlain (:.lic. Cholera atd Exceptionally fowl A'eighborhwrl, Heautjttl }J' ,

"1-.4 "Asaiii.: : free trfatiiienf wu'e lo li.nod: B aIm! i niarrhof-a!! : Il"tn..-dr. It is aln.rtain .'-..: High Dry Fertile Lands-

:: 1.'1."rtlmtt"I! when! ho rille-l with his C i., Atlanta, (;ia. MC4lI1tfl4. *":it :.t Builder. e.. to bl' nefdd hr-forp tLr. ui- ,__n__ _

*f ..; newte-'i,:: t.e
out. E"I:! K.til.l! !Ln; NO lint: he hal: 1! free iMedical advive gLvec. ll. tunic may < iv& you a trip to town in t:ienUht The grandest opportunity for investment over

:i Hot v.lli-.l (":" l.er he ovplaine.l.\ He Ulood: K'lIinilS. K. 15 niva ellfp.. ; RRIIIK or in your buif-t smsoa. It offered in Pensacola.

: .. had oni'inl for Tlsio. What dine that\ vigor anti l ,.trf'utll: ) to tt.*- bl"'!i. Tl,. mm: HIRI) FGf sale j is ev.rywh admitted to 1 h.. the -- -
line-t Wood purifierd-. :'. 't lf l: JT') was! llmv, tlie: >;ory of !Insobseivatlunbiirrr.sii. : Balm Il. B H :ir-v! *, a 1 Pabf" in Blounti bowel l. i'ftiRl 11mt*, both for c'uldrpr. Home Seekers ShouldSee These Lots.
: !", i r: .\all it \\:1":1: happ.v ;girl Ot'iice T; South -
e --
No -
healthy T.lo -d -u'j; ly to t..<" ?kiuanJentire and aclulu. family can atf"rd, to --
: Mhom Lt1siwdisl that if his xvas not systeai. i i & Watson Builaa?. beta without i iFur -alp" by all druggists -

!oa' at I.rs-t: Miht it was l love all! right and medicine dealers. -V.ClubbS
OiHce Hours : 9 to 12 m. and 3 to C p.m .
sk andxouil make his iiI c :a IIwludythat's .
sweetly sung in tuue.-Chicago Foley's Honey and Tari 1 Know 0... S..r. Iemedy
Telephone 122. c.br..ueclJ. lanstlelrjJI1' J I Corner Garden and Alcaniz Streets.
;rribuue. I i CUtS colds, preYns pJI1'Jaia. 1 I rcr :

\\\ -

:r".r." it."'< .. .. -. ... .. .. . ... .h .. .. .- .. .. : ;... "



.- ---------- -- -- ---- .


The pad seat ).o; is I.ck once mere \ t
To 'fl the! .uuic: Ma!, T
And v.'I.H) t |I.t man crowd Ufcre *

The man who insures his life is J:', fun t.j hear Aim'teah; ,,

v, ise for his fcmily. -<'1." wnJ PUia D !fr.MuClte. '
I I QnPCki1i
The man who insures his health Passible AT

J II, wise both for his family and I Maporscn-Ju-t look at tLst ocean

himself. pvylioaatl ; o'Jlcrmanyes!
: I wonder If
1 insure health some rca
ou may by guard-
v trd illl."sll't twl! a tia
cat to its taiilAtrolt :-
ins it. It is worth guarding.
Jouraa: !. _.
j At the first attack of disease, I'| *-,.

*. vhich generally approaches >ot tale Kind.1 C. "%.
He "I! ... ,, ;.,
orr' a : ; i
e irutton
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P ft'<;ts 1\;:1f in innumerable ways I I 'a.l !. -"Ir u jnw.jr. : 11aa -. ...

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-< luuOt; \3.

r utt's' PillsAnd I It I I STATE- LINES. I IL

1 I Inn :yYsna! I.I: c. nw Juvenile

court l.r\; jno\i<'i'i:; for s-jioeial hrvr- i if ij

I Ins and fur ia\c!.tIlIIUlJ'J'J'! !,rIJIJ:1'

save your health. Hull liters lu <'an' of juun.le: of-

I I01 I I feld: ,'is. .nI .

\ !:.'In.ii Mini.i I I GUJ' of the lan:s of Texas: Imposes j

.:n mi: "'< :'(of'..r t I II II | l](avy tile; null iiiipu!!'oiiiiK-rt! on late

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Itji'A* Hill otwr urimratio'is or \.fco IS UARANTEED

\ ,j it t.,r. I ('Uuu't.: It :at\riu mUll')' to clients: to satire II IITWO

I .. ; '} .- :-",,}!.; I II such. cases.rrlsr .

-- I,I In Farlcnt Ia'con,1 a fi\c
It will!! Li :' 'afiiT iiiMirain'f ,
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t I: t.S in TI'uiu"-.t. a '_;J per 'i at atMi
.r >r trl (t. i t1l111 to a !jiuli .y's fa.aln', iHir maya NEGROES FOUND DEAD. WORK ON SHORT CUT. --THE

5. .t e II.JII.1n.o a'iuu m I+UMIU'n iLu Life uf Klori.lti 1'Uuicra* 1"II.tt. Plant >lstein 1,111"nw: Iteiiij I'ui'mJllh

I Hate till it I>t'tji.S. .. '. ITS
Wa.I.l.l1 :r Ir. .1.) lirr.itriint. \\ Kinrjj.jE

J t< :;>o" viiic.{ Fix Jai- K-IL Sa. "U'.vGa. June 1\-Tne s::-ictir NIOflI t

eraIPC: P'ldttr. 1I'ar'I.Uorll, two lieT ; railroaa. \II lure to }'1411 ton, t.., in ifi

<. Mo-e Max el; 1'uin'1'uoua .. I'.aut ,
: naa > 1 bUilt by I. t y teIl to -: rti'u 1s.Tt

t'( rrru.ie+i agar II. OVim'iilvit.iti. 't I the.r r utj ILI i !Florida: is bell!': rai 1.vcontraitfit .

A LITTLE l I'I I }!0":1' Maswtli was UV.UK till U"l ..lIlJ." I I|' i..' tue coutractor". McCro'rty OF FF..VSACOLA.'L. .

;tho r.aHaI.a and went too'din's 3 h"u'9 \VriKit & <\ The right; o: way isI '

c" ;...t sri otiitr for autos ,;o > t.j. wniia I'i I u."rIcl.a1'HlI aU.. an i :: mi.es of K irauea :'' HILTON GREEN JOHN F. PFF.IFFEF.,
DOES MUCH.BOOIE.\ / ? J 11t wa r.. :u-rLL. Tae lie;:ro i oalUf I'ura.:. || j: ana will ii' laia witn true t'ns: Pr.toIDEXT.: C.\SIIIER. .

f'-q "u. o'i'i: to furuaii u-r ua'-o-.it \\ eck. Iron \N :11 u.>o be lard troui'a- '''T. i I. WELLK-i, K. M. HUSJINF.LL: III ,
...) 1 \gaai in'torO'Cam'a :..111111He 1ll'1 Lauta :anti Fn.Kotou thi \'''I'Enn tins \'ICI'PREsmExT, AS T. CASHIiR.I .
:. Icw, ..fc 11 : Q uv; t .> 10lH 'Oan 1'la'r. UnJ I
a\k. r lu'l'q. U ): tame roan. err about logo j
I "Ct"nt",1" en t<*:.l v *st I har *,.dr..t '",,-- t. I'I
If SI,, .J' .r. : i I.IA" Iml1.II03 \vun-u wi- h'llI: and 10J tt>.pus :..tvor;' ou tat roai' DIRECTORS: 1;;
t r "t trDnr ":: I.'rr' IGiv">:iStriui :- ; 1
t.. W' : r ''' ; iitit(',ti 11\10), a J'; \ r; \ t/ hear hILL umanct'ii ou him i'ut' Siui- dai.y.: I'r.
d c. ii ami re<.4iiriut-aiti VV.iie" .. ,'J1Y) I) \vi-? ra.i to \vjt-re h* \\.ii: liMtu'. S''i '"' I I 'ft... cut.
.. 1 -ant f r..."Ixi'lr.tcii III. ..hat j}' / ft J t'I;"':;)i.- oarn-U: Iluta'i uutl cunu> k'1! ; l': nii.eTin- ro.uwi.1 K. E. annderi? k Co.
f Aiiirtli-: -t iJ.t' I hee.n'o lrrl .
'.l.t' aLa "IOn' IIa.Lii : till' at'r j Y / I to i M_ 'LU Ir'Ht ;:an'. tad mm lie w.11 class! fie 1!. a.d 11 oral about 14 !iie--> K. V.'HITiUP.E.. 10F: PFEIFFER! 51UP.B151EAP,
:..t3 ("l:...iLA.'dl'iiiai. / t.1nn "-,11': ro mill turn aua u.ireU hm ou'iaetile I Jrom Jesup. near Hortt'I(.... pivinj :.'1lntIjI' L. HILTON Hl; EE: J ..
raru. %: ; to Cur tart 01 couutry tact mo tLeed
i'.... iitvro \\ repeatodiy a,in'il ti> the road$. t

;' .1'iVf. air lusteaa liej-M'i! 'cu--in-, inMuuer :\Iur.lt'-t..t ror UIN Money.WlLMINi.fOS A General Banking Business Transacted.
:riu'dtli Hiuvs tnaa K-fore uiia n*" a
cr.+z -d i.eiuuu wav.l.I1S puu ri tar ar N. C.. Jtl'ie :M -At I

:n .ii nauciO'Caiu for Ill wiuiuesiiruna Ndra"w. theite of the Xavai
rma ou the uero ttnc, t>uritn I I compmy.1 niiiei trout "'llunua.u.G Vessels' Accounts Handled on Favorable Terms, Ex- i f

'' dine r f Carcw rot only cures but it acts AT () 'CE. far I Is t case lie un .-!::"ct: Having 110 more l'aIC1Uge5: I .\ tou Price, a uaitu man ITS year* of Cltwige Bought and Sold Collections ai'
I a:a : to ct-a-e tiring. ,
of tenrears'stuJinatllet"neslnck ksemadethesuTerrrferitetter, P'I a ge. was ai-i-overed munnrc'd m Ills
1,:e u-ru left the hou+e. and O'Cii.n,
and st fpej the r113n tt''me goes strait: \:ht t,) the Mat of the troublf. kill house tins nuTu.u!:. 'liie motive was Promptly Attended To. 1I
:iot talU the brutf would n turn
It :acts dirixilv urM the menstrual and genial organs. Its action u nl't aua eviuentiy robutry, as his ore couuecten -
Riler.t, :and it dttfj not tutee result. It simply dives Nature tiit'utleassAUnce nut anticipant;: any furlb..r truulI.e.I..h true tho reMdeuce was platuitred.Hi : i
uootu lOou.ocK L.vo
: that tSt sutlerer's s\.tttn lacks! A single Jo irder in the bulijr.s.Maiwti; lor U.ia ou e skull was crn-hea witnaiiax. vvhu-n ACCOUNTS SOLICITED.

feminine ivans;; rpreads many disorders all over the; bodv, anal vhrn the Was found glues by. Tht re is uo clew I
Wine Burrs the io'.urce. all tl.e! other ..I:. vanish as a matter of d)ut>e. AYovJn1.1 :, bavin wureii the aId of I (o mt criminal.MnallinK. I
his coiifaeue, iom luoma lUru.ti intiif
oui tester own FhyslcaaanICure: herself home. Local exiir.inatii J
ant-moon, ariu (" 1'atlent KM: |
ms are lari.flv things of thelAIIIS'AtfC'p110IlA1iMINT. itpfn.
*hot-uu tuiiy iKfirrmiuea t.1 tiki uoh'u New OrleaosGfftfiy
I \\
pa: ->.t the ..i'n')xiuus CIISB tm is noIi .it U'Oaiu. They tvptttteiUy; went It.traiIL June is.-A negro with R

form..lTlDruggists-. III 'awrrli.I' Kgrs! mtrer; nivevarvVrne: 6f Car Jin to the liou;f aim lIJ'1ure.i: tuewftTi- smallpox tSCIl"d from Greeiisuoro and /
auP.u. '... 04""' .... ..nrrptn., utht.'nk! perttdlrufeanas""re 1
M'''. ab-im dt O'Cuiu. Not tunimt; um :: weut to Haw river Tne ae.ihli olhetrj
,--7.'I t 111 ( iwilxl :sIT:: eetible; Wine n:adi t.-J.ay for logy -tatioiii'ti taeniwive iulfniile i I I J JJ"Mf
the cure of female: troubles: ". about a j and otner went alter him lie cursed
III trout of tuc h.m-t> liy tae >1'':N of :I: tae uifuvr and the jifiv-imii, witn him, ,I
tilt gurus. vrar they ttiun.it O'Caiu ''
Ftrnck at then } fle L The
ant COL-ID
sell Large Bottles for $:..oo.American \Miu.ii i>:\-e, tinny tut-ir jruupurin- oiJCnt; tire 0:1 linn, ana Lit him He i 1

anil ni iHinjr tureats oa O'Cuiu's wile ;ell, hut rose gulf coutinaml his tlijr.it / t MCHUGH 9
sad 'mld..u.a.al .
I I ;; J 1gJ- rurciu"Dtirt that he is dead, but ,
41 ; < at u Half: hour Ix-forc sun-.t O (imellfifi. bu i- not cru.nted. 1

..i ,ir-. h.anu.JJt' \: or I", -11. \M-nt lavi'-ttjate tn<> <\m-... "'11"11 1
MI \ an,!\'<-,l on tlifaiif tuev. louuaMOV 'FiMiIlnilli .1 lnrppclo.Tili G 4 EClESALESEflEETAILGEOCEB

aid i\ii l'h'IUb 11":1'1.. 11tA-CILi.E, Oi. Jane W! HrvanJjiacksuear 'f n

Beauties : sun tf Cuarles DiaeLtui'ar,
put a torpedo a vise and -creuecl it
--- t
C'alhJ.lrll'.I"I''' T Train ri'Ckoil InN I u\'utilit ev>inded. I!")th cv's work .
..--... 1 Cli0re : urLII i'urulina. tot'rl"u-iy injured ono ot ;iifiu uti.iI '; I ,. ., II,.. I ? .
>erora'ed bra living lr.'intUvHi.- IJb" tl L I IONr -t 1'1" .

; ,r Sunshine makes 'I H\MilT. X. C., Jcae li-Scnuv.t MphtAi.i lie terioualy unirurcd. ',Iul. I'', ,. .t t.. .! y ji it '. I
.. inhL about 1'Jo'clock:, me nortnouuaa -- of it., IIVCIOW. .

fj y& the Perfect Rose and N-abdird 1 Air LiuAtU'ita .prcai '1 h. .rrenvilie I Ire. j j Inttrd'ncia' St., .

Cir.n.NVtii.E, S. C., Jane 1-\: e"msorvatue
l1r11.,1 br off treatie
-R* ua we a into a
p. p. p. the Perfect -____ FhcnelCS, Piriltclt Fll t'I
e'tinnto of the io-i
jvn.i. nbou: 1 wile north of Ux-ivin; ; Ly yc"terdiy -

tiaiu. f nuira-.ns's lire is f 125.1M; Iithi I &I

Woman. 1.sere.., were oa board about 1:5 or 30la of thu moit proni.nent stores IU th-cu... :' $!THE PARLOR MARKET! N
u'r-. all; ot wiuiu were luniv or : ioc-xteaoa urih ilaiii streetvtro de

e"s lujureti, viral very setion-ly. an. .rro"t1.i.
'"."t>, :i wh'll' ulna \uii t n-.rr: '. ;>ri>i>;i- .1X0. S. HELL;
p P3PO.r 1.\' .:it.\. angle Ware illrcr ladle''and & SOXS Propi! ielors. ,
,. I) uu'i-r. it'-c.i! u' and il";ith folli t ,
qI.1dYJ oiiurjildrtu aljikiru IHBIof
ralz j r j !\I.'I di n.! .' luiw..1CM\ ncYirL.ttlf ', l'
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J wa"1:1.1'' ; t l'rl\ui'l' tUrf r.:,ui\' KI-I rtn lrlnlltrttlrnInll : I' J7. .J. IWufu' Slrerl.

1. he ei;.tue and two mail car la"-I'(;; : l guy 1 will '.d!01| v i.uto y-i.ttr Iii- _"_ ._ ____
Li-p:, 'I'1 firra* 1 R"-r:1c.'dJ'.) t>\', r in vitttv. Lot ti*<* (' ::llIl1llIi iut,:. ..1'Ce ;: ,
and Jlif- f'i \t-:ir' K: tn t ikin !
., a' ,, "- + t Sr TIU3:1u': ; of votren arc ; ua.iiwihi.,, tir-t ('..1-> aaa rw > <-\n- ::-nil':yi-iii. I M I u.11I'h: unary.i-y: tied: : lC-\ t ) !;l'9IJ'nr; r..l u .U,. :ilvdn'rd till' 1'rir" ...r't: 11 E'r ; e=- I'm.mails t : ui'uo\ 'r. Uu ',.:it "! .
mx- .
: R.'tut stf erin. noodlespain! and willli.i-!I llfd
: : 11"i i iC i: 1.. J"LII Sl'i'ty.ircl. j i itst .i|' t.> l'llIre: (' l ; cMitf..r 1,1-iu at.d l'.rt..r.- it- I
1 h'.l "lstionor.1; IooJ! i tar ranis tii" il-r i of tug 11"'l.t. jim ;
> ; : c.'ir-: !t..r, U.iir I ,.,
(1'r' ; ; !l'l'o>nt- for iri-k "
: tne ten At far-r : : ; \li' Banta for ( ::1111.8. '
J :
r T p -it, dtie") t'lc alicorpti/}niW WaY' ou M :1' till' cr:i-u : .I "
f I, "r im\.I-itics trait. irresutarfoisitiY'x" 1 nli ::1 r.twent our 31Jj:1', r rn-h- i. I : :M'tr: .11! \\j .mil ." ft-i'S: :11"1111.1. .

,, /Tf !La ;,4v rncn.,:'ru3tionor I';hercar.cs.Y ul't 'Il"'p ttrIUa; tae wuolw"! r 1
/ *- ', j'. v,. p. MI; put rfte. of };at .'" 11utrrrnttLtuunu-' : ({ ijDNEV DI8EASES 3 5Tli'iiioiK'! ) Xo. J i-;; :' ? \qji.r_. y hc-lth IT cheeks! (iiiiijucJI Iv iiurr r.iuiM.i. at once tui>ui.ii' I" 1.1" I

.., .. !'y : !.plea, ni'ilh, vulgarrcJi ire1i-.t f;,,-.. b-uwU. Hi- craw t : f.a'I : C r-- I II
_-y 1 ci.B o'cceni.I I and! >'l'IZ..I: a lantern, bool/i'-a UlnI .. I TIME TABLE,

I-! 1-. P. is a so: tTckr.: speci tram; nii'i tl.IIi.i; the freight; ti: r the meet fe'ol of all dla- I

f farU fora of IiiooJ '. rrt'vent i A ....lOU i-ara-'rophe. U" .: ccscs.crjr.cney. LOUIS\'ILLE :?TD h'4SIVILLE RAILROAD.
r tne treU.it train itonneU lu teas
I'uisn.Feumat! ;,;m. Caa-i: n..i-- ; .
( tic: w Af nil.! t)15QtI: va.F : I ":i r :e?r Term manle tors,.>.nut s,1.I i \". i xiiu '
Qc !'IN .:SUft rl. He felt tune .r..: ..... ... c ru{ 3 tfJ PIEiEY CURE I la t __
.. -- lieari:I .t r-'ttxsT .iKKn; Oa., belike lie nwrei'.u-d IU L'ettifi: ..rfi fi tJ Lt CC3fZtll N"l.V Ortc> ulty a",1 :llnhUf'
G') t ILK V .c'I I had n tuej lirf I n; an J r udJ:
Y''aV J "- .. :. iujn;: back to 111: tht'traul. lit i.' r..l 1to .. ,
-* run di i* I got s Lt'Ule iIi : sO I
(tii'p.. a I'. I'. t*. Mtf It "u-ed axin. a x cik' 1 b earned b4'-k on a trttiMitr.i 1 ,I ;' .I' 11\ II.. :: '.. Lrare..... I'.n".-r'l" lrn1'lI .="H. !(,. ;II...
_). _'_... :v \-r.r. I'rf.re t .at I ....:.1 net "a :I i l.'ie leWSJ..V' ..:.,.i did I. r HI* wo,:. ref waded. Contains t I II' tar: II I.rerrFI. mxtan i.-v. ..iv 7. .x s 1' I.
\ 3 nnIhtl.5. 1 tureterytseL" ... ,. ., : r .. I .. :!.'.i r L. M..I _. ;' : II
j)1: .1.N IRO L c,5at .nnaE f VJCI.rrK x' i' ai'no-r craw.Iut!orrtlwi tttrouna paoreIi tae ir','' -: ;ip 0 .:'.-1-1,1-: ; i". i: r: :edits rccgrJ2id: by cr:: !- i I ... .. .nrn s.' .. ..... I.rrr I.. ..... i I._ ..' .n'. I.

.y la I Cur u.:u ti.e tran-oia ov"- :' '..r. !| ncnt physicians:! as the best fct I I I j'9IlYr }I. '

j A leiiel train ('.Iwelr"m u i: il"r w,: i i -- ---. a *
i : Kid:; and Bhddir! trou5!: ] ;I; ... .
do.rsa-: -i anotuer :1' i K < .I.Ii i y i 0. I) C. ..,. I' J:
1 II' P III i1cr D (n Lrarr Prn I) .
Ham. Tar Hotel here i0. -xrtit5 \ ,
i 1rrr
.J'; .1-1.11 a- a PRIG r utA U.Ir. l. 1I1I!
I ,
\-.1 and a Ann .
tp m \Iunt.: aims ant. i' ; :: E'
{" ::1II"lI.ry hpitai.io.n I w. A. !f"LF.IEJ! 1 ; .. / a \'..: 11:0 rut! .. t1: ""I'J!...", Ir." .rtn.lIm ; ) .
"' ) Itrr'\ =" "' !,IoI. I'r 11"
*? '":1"1
': ( ;: to Uu i ,'m.III. I : alu -.:' a ttl Arr .. .. LuL:.t .tt.. I.'b\u- M ". a '
'Hit .
4' 4' ?V5 I BALI H.I III A.Ir /Ink"nirt I
| W Atirncnloc.: Jane ls> -I. IJai.i: .. .., : gal a r or tat '
I v | nr I : Irrv.- .t.Ir.u
-----r -- I
.... I = ..ptlil Ky. bt- ',
.- ---'Pi"' i Oil!.. t''llY. n.is [ EN ACLA AI'W JYIV/}
\ .. \t... .. "Il.'f1. : ... ] jh\it.v ':;:oi- )[ r l !,,,mu:.. i "'rciwurot iejwilou nr IL'; : Ur c1'IoN. .
Grist and Corn
/ .1... -- ------ ------ : Meal l Mills =\n. .l-lrnuy :Ou f.-I SO, -
"M. 1 ItV prp.hrrr ttmr .
1:1- pot s ntru' "
i j it ma u. host Uas Jt.u&c.u; ..orfiL I r .
ttf( \\I! ---- ---
: ; 1P 1IrJ : i
.. : :l" UlOUt::;;. Ii .:., I.m 711 A m IA'nre... .. .t'.nucml&r;; -;:. ,
I f.'f11\ ) t'l i'.ti ; l h j !IE. F. GOfiZflLEZ & CO. Prop s I. .':. t .. I .
I \ 'J. 1 --- DI..wt 1.1 1/ untr
.. .
... f' ::
.. .
'\ .N ---- ....\I. !:.I1"A : ; r; .
ii I
/. .",:,.:.:._.\ ''_7 \ :. /1 II -uth cf Mr. l'fu::rPe.Lnslns I Ye.lr11. I I' II
,\"\ :-':'''; : '" "'r'.J1' : \ I I M a:1lac.r"rICII01nI I: :: .". ': i. r'I .._......:...1111\1.111 '.. .
: 'J" : : "," June U.-Es.Governor Pt.- I 1. .-; !" ):u'.t ... ., :,, '
: 1-\1, .-\\1: > 1'1' m: GH01NP ';' !
pri- ut Hii.ii;;ia died here iant t.is'i:. I .: .: :: :: i :: .. ...'". !::.HfJ.. :: I p7c.i
I !STOCK I ii.lI : : >, .. .lia..LI.Y I I' .
1_ r i;,,;:' Milton '
:Jt.r a jroviactea illnefs. I .j' .
uaJrction i I'ntrnniic lloi" rtu'try, for tIPrar It I .. I r
1,1 a In ..._ t.OI'Jll !{ :: !
vt the lut. tiuva was tae ra-: e"-n. ron yoa o4l.uy' ynur'at.-at act I 1.>0" .. I" .... J!<'.I.allie ,. l lt
I 01 uta:a. : K-I). |" tn from fir! doing M"nofiiPtor : .. : .. .. "UI:..." '
fur by .nilii.ui: gnu nnrouraee tome lndattrr ,: .. .. .. I I" ,
rY ; "' ,
; C'I\ .. .
/lIii YI'U' many :- It.hlll the cotntnnn'.tjftn'1 ....., .. "' .. .. ... 'Yo .. I< .
i E1wlfll:: l I[In--, a well-Known Mina -'- '" > .. I) .r LII.d .. .. .
\ou turn, are .ndTt-ctlv! hPeatP Qi I ..
i : :: 1t:1" U .... ..
-- man of >.ili-htiry.! )ft\.. write: a f,>-;"vela the "am.roxnufxeturer yot i "I ,. n:+At .. .. Wo ar I..d ; w_
'" i "I wi-h i to -ay for the bent-Hi "i' "tl.- runt'hi IH to th" c,.iis>">r iahor. Yon OKI"to 1 .- h ,; I<:U ,. .UeFnai.kMpna. ... \rl/vl.. ,! I' ,
:J rt -. ,I. it I w (- -utlerf-r from lun I! : !Irrontmurtty in which >oa live cf'icb. r ; \I:,., .. 1'0n.'" tit... .. I ;; "
"! : airhutentuiuuraupporL I I .' .. I
:> i ,nil trouble and ali '. : 11",1 t.POn. ... 1:11"
:ti ki'in-y : : .. .. .. I I'"
: l' "i I .. .. .
t":iif-iii1-! : I *'>ok a.iv<- in" 11.p':. f. I :. ,; l'. h .. ...... I'"ry"Innl'\ ... .. ".1':: N ...
., II: :; "
W' 'in liif. il! t" I Fi LE1'r Ki H'v' for idea 'I Ii .. I .. ... I "If
TV acceptable .. .. .. hl :"\ ."t. : 1.1" I;..
& CO : 11 ; ..
i I
M. HILLIARD l' : -F: anti 1 if'et the 1I.t h tif State If patented. I : : : .'. h L..tlO.t) : II.a 11<11I tl:. n.
!I..: : *. I am cured." W. A.D 1m i THE PATENT RECORD '. .. I.. .. 1 I' "'' II.;,11\"' ,". Ir li.j\IIi I
'.\ : -.nbert-. I I n.: ,: I .. ...ur.t Ht',1"! .. f I ,. II III
IN:1 I I Baltimore! Md. : li.tr
DEALKK": ; : :: I.: n'OQ '"' ..,, :. .. I :
,. i : I" ;' :
.. I .;.. \r" i 1"T. : .IlctJon 1..1 :. : ..

: Mona Carts Etc. D 0 N' and TORACCOSPIT S.MOKEourlifeawavl i C. V. THOMPSON, 1"0" iiI! .
Fine Bu 2
: : ,.' :: \\\llS\ l I ., \ 1 ha. 30 S. Pzlafox St.rt'nr'f'J W. T. GORDON & CO., Thfrlot* < f I'n-x-y f b" ij. .d. f

::0',.:'.':"'. :f.a '.-:, -" i.t .t: ;" Real in r-,d I .*-tah.-I..t. Estate; asS
:'of\ : '.\1 lt Er.01" '..a:. : ,;....,?; f .'.-i..TC'W' .; 'dCS33\ IWMt SLil;I! Tae L HS.Prr.13' iilfIXD iHtiitiv u flt.ifHr.tKMiil; t"

", '" '''''' ",..h ; ';. .ttt' w"l1th. Thos. C.
': :: : Watson
FH tl';:'Cois: DHRYS, DELIVERY ERGONS, CAWJIGSS: ; ETC.Impairing. cure li- 1.;. ands.\.jr.cp--: in it:i .i. -. art;. (} : New :asitj :-tvh-1: Joor1* at Trice r.insun: G'VIS' 10 cmimita5 I[ Co.. t-: leartint'! KII "!.Iat.. IA 1&,
j.; .. i' ''cllfL ..Hire j t- tl.at! M .K" 'Ih. tno.. htv' -iinn ltff-14 fiirt It
: : ; :i.: t:1i.:: v / East Gi/errrert 're.t.a Wlitt
;., Rubber Tires 1:31L1)'i.ut: .. .. I. WlrttlIIIlr \\.t do tl ,
*! Horseshoeing zr raalu; I. :i .IIJ.r. H
_. Union Tea Co. I
,,_ -- --- -j tger.t Crand I' t l' ; .. -."I' : r'i, I i. Jiy. utJ d.-i.'t '

a riO 30 EAST G \R: EN STREET FNJ'E; ; : 123. l TrrTHt-N :.' \\" .a C'lulu. 1! L L >1' I. ._. FENSAC -A. -.o; : .LA : .: '. -I.url i'T" ;.t. : ff i.

l L f I Il Ii i

.c. l 1

'- -- ..- F .---- --;-;-.::;-;:.".-;".... Pf_ .. L ..,.,:;:..< : '. .'. ._.. '4. . (. "" r 0- ....... .. -..,. ",.> .._.,, ..:-.r"....,' ' """" -."'?"'" ". ."r. -...

i k J I Irl II I I


i :. -- -


5 + i


For June to da:*.. .._.._.___U.RRIVIIt. ; EJ

bwntb.t? ,k1. tr
I -- .
It es S'clIlan.?>t.KocaaiaaNewOrIaaQa.

j Announces Stand ) board of public works met (in toUulf Transit t.AmacliClara.'.
'r yet Mayor Jones ,Tor-
: ; { :larte>o, Li, DeBleaul

t* r,( t: }i' ing Committees. I I I regular member session being this in attendance.The morning,.all the lugas, to master BAILED.Autt I t 'i THE GLO BE .

minutes of the previous meeting i+ Redeye 'I"cl! bTrIe+teAm
pnhl- .on Man-r.uarlanJ, Boetoa
r'Y Board lit Safety Auiliorl/etl. : to I were accepted as read.
+ 't I
;.} r. R trr The clerk reported that he had reported -
lluy $l.:':W Worth of Fire Hone II I CLIARKrt.
t I I the unlighted lamp at corner It bk Franc lea R. rte: Opadrmlcn. by
'r May >r ICeuoniinenda That OriU- Parodi Co. f vueuua, with Ttto.tOO lit lumber. I
,l i ( of Alcaniz and Strong value HSUIlr I
fi He Codillod-Uon <>f Excellent Combination. : ,
An for
sneers additional cargo
'I 8* rpenn'moor
'rut: yr : AIprovt'd.1 streets to the Gas company, who Hirebnote I'ota. IUeu\ s II bann timber, t
; ; Trralurerand MarUial I The method anJ beneficial
e pleasant had promised to give attention valutllI.ClIoI I

of effects of the well known remedy, ,' .! tlr hi New fe.tle '1I3. Cpnn. by Gulf .. .. ..
., The regular monthly meeting; STROP OF Fias manufaoturol by the :at once to it. The clerk had Tran.lt'n, for f ampicu, with Slav tour Coal - -
.i 1
4 ": rr1 t L the city council! was held last night I: CU.IF'RN1.FIG SYRUP ('0., illustrate also transmitted to Chris. Thiesen a :. \aiu Aui ll5s7 rcb Hun M"i''r, 551: Gar'tnd.bvSkinner !

: '4 rj t' Present Mayor Joins, Aldermen I the "alll of obtaining::: liquid: laxative ; bill for 30 tons of rock which that )I'g Co, for Bostou.ulilumber plolo) I It I i'

f w.+ Green Pryor )Hays Io'erleHugh, Reilly, Meriwether, Wright,, ':!' them medicinally principles in the form laxative of mot plants ref and resiling kno presenting.va to ta:the!be I I gentleman pile on l.iylen had street purchased wharf.from the ,,, AT Q-AKASTISK. I'

Lc' ? Christie Broughtou, Bears and I! histe and acceptable to the system. It Mayor Jones called the board' attention Port ship rtort. DC*. Coud. St Paul de
', I 4 is i the laxative I to the fact that the L. & N. Loaudo to Bai.n, Danvtodv & ( 0 !
{ Keyi-tr. one perfect strengthening hUI bk :Neptune, 1173, oittkoff" }
r t II cleansing the system effectually! Railroad! Company had ceased paying buco to order 'tlrnam'l t
'l{ The minutes of the recent special I dispelling colds, headaches and fevers the promised rental of $100 per It bk Micht le.lli: M!an ella, Barbados to

t. : niMtu.K were read and Hpproved. i gently yet promptly and enabling; one ., year, as had been agreed upon for '' order !

1 l' Mayor Jones announced! fol- 1 I to oveicomo habitual constipation per.I I I the abutting property of the union only practical Waist on
T.' lowinir -:andin committees; : I I maoeutlIts perfect freedom from depot platform and the fence at the THE SHIPPING.VKStf .

i' t i: Finance and Taxition-II. Rears: every objectionable quality: and substance company's shops, both of which occupied I the market ; self adjusting ;

r 1 ; : \V. H. K"y'l'r and frank Kmlly. :I and its acting Oil the kidneys, portions of Wright atid Tarragona IN POSTITI4WHIF

r ,4 ; j harbor and I'\Jnit'try-Wm.\ Hays, I IJono liver and IHJW els. without wea'jenjnjj: streets. It was understood, *. suspenders invisible ; white

dk Chrl-tie an.J 0 M. Fryor.Water :; or irritating them, make it the ideal and the :general: opinion prevailed, : Br b n>khfl"ld, 17ii. Norton, tow' H Kej..e' .

4 t -W. t*. Key-rr, J. N.i i laxitue. that if the JI'! 'lI1eut3 were allowed ) and fancy
J'a L'roughon J and \\". It. Mrriwethl'r.1Ordill4.:1cp. I! In the provvssof manufacturin? figs ', to {ro unpaid the property might be! i I I StRr lilantnn. bell\ L"i.lc. to Gulf Transit Copitn I
k used t the limitation : iJHdiUno, IW. (j t I- n : -* and Eii ro-iius-J.i". :.I! arc a- they are pleasant :> claimed by the statute of i I \\'ill id) ft (..oHr
e. )lcHuI.... \\". L. Moyer aiJ O. M. tate, but the medicinal quahtioscf the ai.0 if taken to law would probably: .: l-ti-oh brightGdl.Ander.ontoRaara?,

( 1 affr J'rvor. r"l1Il.lare' obtained from henna an 1 be (If.ciJed adversely the city. It I I Ilnn".dy.\t'o I 1.50 $ ::1.75 AND $2.
rk ,' ; other aromatic plants, l.y a methol : Kr New Caetle.1'pon! to Gulf Transit ,
dttj, Krai.. hi-e< and Privil.ge-L. was decided that the clerk lookup topiin
.tai' !
i known to the CAI.IFOUMA FIG f>nn'CII.
t Hilton < !even \\'. H. Wnj'ht and the matter and CUII" lJt r same atpedal !- Orinou lt>, Duo tolBaars{ Oun" -
only In order to get ..tsbeaoik'ialelTocts"and !i ,
r meeting The dysCo
lcHIIh. a ; payments.which
: I
k James to avoid imit1tio:1", pleas,? ttpan Virgin dot Lourdes, -1i>5, Ilennaechea. NEW ARRIVALS IN
r ret'ouiinendatioii! of :Mayor are under-tood to be several .
!>, + ; The rc4iiemK'ir the full name of the Company I t. Hull Transil o
; : Jones .at. in uffonlaiict! with law, years m arrears, would come in -pin: \"1.la&.ILuurra\ ; lI.totiultl'r30- I
the front of
C + r' the ordm( .nice* of the city h" cndi- printed on every packae.: handy jut at present in the face ofc -it 10. !

!t j!, f, r tN t 's, ,1. fled a as referred t" th* oidinaoce I CALIFORNIA FIG SYRUP CO. mtemplated imj'rovemenN. i iI 8HI8. I Men's Wash Suits

a a rl ; and ( n.r; -sin'; commit t& lor" cede SAX FRANCISCO CAI.I.OUISVII.I.E. .. 'I Mayor Jones averted that the Nor.lhuedia.lltO,11fcbaelen, to H $ L Co i ,

f4 : )' ; mate 4- :n ('o-t. etc. I' KT NEW TOSS. N Y. clearing; of the plazi having been received II' BAKKK.Pneil i
\ + Clit-i.Mii.ui Green of the letmutrliniiiCM !: .. with such commendation
; t ;" For 51110 by all Drugijlsti: -P-u- &)- per It,ttl ..
9il, %*\IImi loord..rII
t-otmnittert recommended : from the /general public, it would i Atlan'T. r
t. Kactloin K->\Fllo. US l.amerl: to ho- Natural and Fancy Linens.
J'.U the payment of hills for election expense'm.d not be amito perform like changesat I a-co ririrt I

; ." -_ s uiiilry otli..r mii'iunts, I C.HIl'll.tTl\'E STATrtlr.uY: ; !lO\riN; Seville Square, including; the i Nor brut beck. V';;. to Pen acola Lumber ,

4) .t inclu.tini iti-urance on city bmll- i tearing away of the fence which now 1'1) I
; '
:Nor l ore, 7:". I.ar-.en tn'o.S: L ( 0
\,..' .. a iiv*, Led warrants were onIt.rcd'Il h"m. Maj :11.11'1.'! April :, i. ij.i'iI ; endeavirs to enclose it. The work ; It nrlcbello Acoame, V'5 I'lcasto, to $3.00 to $5.00 per Suit.
'" draw: for the amountT -. IUttatldlllg.rrp: : I...) .H { j.l\i >rluicr being; done by pri-uners,1'Ir.11'ouda I KN.l'n I
''Y. .. of the boird of public I *>"t on liondil ..tatei.( had been continued I:in Kln Mnd, Ofl, I'anlfUea. to Rears,
to,, ). .4 t' e rque-t I Qctit .. .. ...... \l.!i ..M J., VlVii up ':' uiiinMlv , t.o ." : ., -afety for an rppropri ill in to e--! i'ola Waterlo :1.1' ? ,iVl 4 .!:.: .1; through the new Palafox str..pt'pJrk'l It niaclsio K,,"U, Campodonico.to Paro-
l "1,3.a ';: .. ..) t..bi-II.rnckhnu..in! the roar ofl IVii'HcuU (;ai to li-'H' it 11'.111\! and all other public park due i'o Bathing Suits, 81.00 to $2 UIi.Men's .
! r. Jr. Htrrotr reidemon Falafox' llilU iH\ablt- II .iI''i. :Ii! ll'ij.ti; would be treated with like consideration I (tat M"ssn 4 ( n-'cco. I''':, Ventura toW
: -\.CCOUIIU. payable ... 1.$14 .I .;Io.'IlJ W"Sfan ,
\\\jf? : bill. w..; referred to thelluancecommitUe. : -- in turn. I It Mio Padre. 7u::, t'rarf (.i, to NV L \Mttnb '

Total .... .. $1,5i7.1: ; tl'n.ii: Tne sidewalk around the plaa t !'I) I
$ i. : I I Nor'Macca. l'o UI. Rrouaard, to Hensa- Boys' and Children's Wash Hats
On motion of Alderman (lrt'an the srAT.!(F..ST ut TX ril:'LtorlDNs, hidlifeiiin bid: condition and had ,
cola Lninlier lbS
: '- 1 boadotrublicsafrtyw'tuthorizPJt IS.I.nc.iUllcollretndMty/,1"''i j.-i:: i I'i>; ""> been rent+rked upon a, were others i ...r IUIIIII nil. Muller to $ -4I. Co .

&\ .: to I'urcharuLII r lined cans I I t'uilii.ed in May. _i.:_i j; .IAll I II in the city. It was ruled that the It L'ntao, *>
fire ht'-e to the amount of $I rjoo, .I city attorney draw an ordinance I !tno 11')11Ilakat'cElhuluttol'engacola
I KtUnri uocoll t't..dpnl :r>. Ire $1 i.":: : : I Lumber CO

fe-JV&ir p.lyablOllt! year from date of pur- of which l- r.p "lu"r: ,.h""th. which would. compel the repair of.idrwalk I ,... ....... ........ - - -
: M( H""ltll
chas*. I"II' *. The Idea ito have an
('1':0.1' "
; of Collector( of CustomJ.. ordinance containing elapse: \ ; which Aml'la'8 Karton l.. llr/tin! to mater
Letter j i i't l'UII1/ltftl.r. j i ; j'I
: ,
t 'It- ; Am I I' htr.-iwhrld: 7:?;. loomrts to I
"'J J K. Killinin, rc.ldtivK to the overtaxni Request of the board of j>ub.e! would create: a lien upon property Jnu.I..rrut.t 1'nAmSlaryAllall J

.. ,,+t !, :. 'ft r=. !; ofthePaIJfuC5! "w'rwi> r..1 work, for an appropriation to (rur- thu! .. atiVctt-il. I ,.ill.: Ha-i.i-11, toScarrettMorenn ; She Globe Clot i Go
,/.. ..'. :. trued back to the b-urd of public chase\ five miltetgI.t: ; c.rtdud Mr. Hutchiu-on inquired if the irg .
: .
( vv ., L'
: Am in J Lermoml ;< tiutharl to
." r \ .. work"- garbage tontrji-tor was underbond. i i (
.YI ? (equipment and for the t-rr;; :loyiuent city ,tNRR
. ... I.. '. :ltd Prn.rn (; reel) stated that it ,: ot tea abl bodied men forri e: r.nprovement Upon beii.g informed that he "AP.G'i.
:" ;' h : would ti-t about $1 I.I(I'M tt rebuild :, w.ileftrred t- tie vas, the clerk wa. in-tructed) to remind r Vin Trojan M.I, )1.IC.n.IO JJ: l+eunerr .
1. ": I .,1 thi-'i'Mnr! ; that the work couli 1 not lia:men committee. the contractoruf the nunlernns'eohlpililt t CuOP.CLEARED

,1'f, 'f' ) .. be dm>. before Itfoxt full ; tint: there '!'/:.. bond "t ('it\. Trfa:
.. '1..t' t vva* nu"Jnhun. <:>.(INMof niuppropn-: Dllleyith ynl Cal'I:. J1:0.: (i. Wood negligence: and nque-t that it b<* at H A.VL01.ABTK.AM1HIP3.Ml1LEDFOK. FEN -- -- -- --

ft. ./ ate : ll-TlE
1 t.. r 1 that ...iOB HUmed to apply on I ( :and Joi.i;; McDtuJ! : auretie > The clerk wa in-truc'ed to inform | !: -u

: f "Hk.J. J! Collector atllllil! hat the nirkha1.! Hr sd! l ( r*.HnorU. June *'
1' sewer \\ \\ :approve t1.e :11l1 unt
Coin,>troli!: -r :ltnrgtii's: monthly! n'I beitg ttU l I INli 1. uie.lti"11 regard hut tim ri',> C""lIlIu-1) llu rt Kr.lt.:. 11 a:nun. \Vrstllttrtlepool. -

.,) I r'.f'.1.t. POt.1" ,.rfo-"nt.-It a\.J ofjt'r..d 1u'iofMar'alCredUls! : !.'r(1::: .11)!. government *ewer Lad been referred i ity Join hriklit, Br, 17I, \\ yn...-. l.rt-enock. BOSTON SHOE STORE.

: : .; priateit. ,li flows! : 'vithJ.It.It'.btrt-. J.tn.--ScHu lj. council to c nairiaiuii of the liii:nice Ijinvfif Jun "II. Hr. .!"t lorry ..Tun.--

t'j : ,4 ; ': ;r t'' i'r"I'' !)(..\. H Illllrf H"II. 1'X11.) .11'1111! (1.Viniil al.relll u- conic:!ttep. ; Irltfon.Nor: wts, liri-len-rn. IIl\rry.lulI".

: l t ,C 'Jo the i'li-i \lur. and I'uuncil City or -uretje-, waipprovfa.. i iISondof j ApphrvtioncvtrP re<'pived from ;i, sniprr"'owani.r. -,.
".e..". ,. .. .. r : Jo-. I'. Ke.ver, J. M. Jolinon and
,."' ", '-.. iVlu.uola.: : City C'liikV.. C. JotiewaK'ioJ i} .\ ;: lii.dt: Kotfril.tni May .
"t. .'" : .', ,: : <.' nl:. nu'ii-UHIOW: p'Kii'.f rind fclaiKiiu : but wurefened to tl.*- J. J. llowell!! fcr ttieetupennteml- ,i )craw i, t''f\.I1">. iporlo, May !'

). \, .. : '..: '.:I fit l>f. .;tpt<> tend. I'l-hur-tMii.-ntk MI, witU n fur dHjil the city attorney f.ir t1P! i-orrt-ciic:1, 1>: utecliuic.il cut After dl-cu.-III/ tie 'ltlilif! l'I' ;, BAltiCIl.I'lIlI1plo.I' OFKEKIiMivSacrifice ] ? : ( ;
.. .1 lin>..tll i-l \ly. I:
i '. .., on.n'Ii in w\rdIt tin:I to some extent of the appli' : :
oj .t- *. hlll.II"lIt "I ter 'JI..n' bur %h. : ermr : I N \r Him at I.Merimol Mar I INI.tiiM.
'I"' '' .. t t\'; .. "IH' a 'IIIIJllrall\IV .1I".III"l1t..1 I II Ii.i 1"- i A cnmniuniritiikii: :a-k.; :.,; far an cantMr.. Iluti liinoii favitringi: : : II .. "rfi: -M ....'.iiu. \IM"; InIMItVUf.
.,.: tt.\. '. ; '\y .1 ing brit ull May 81st, bad, rod Aiill nrdmaiioe 1 l\ey-er and :Mr.Voods" favoring:; ....r. III.: rtt MoliteMileoAp'ilHiiadi 1 :!
: rtijuirintout r c-t rte: Salo of
t1 n,'. : ; \ >. \ur.-lil. mnos Avrns. MHipljon \ :'. Ladies' Tan Oxford 1E'COME : .
.. .. : Johnson, the m.it'fir moved that :illuvplications ..
,. .
J .' ,. 'idewalks ei-l.t fet wide <>i. tl.eouth / Nor, > i. at "'U.toil. Juue.lM
' '. y''J 1'asli 'rirurj April llb.I.II: : : .. be l.ud: over until next
tide f tiardentr Letweu .
,.. !11011 ti.Murrit MONim POSITIVELY '
( ,,
t : (."n.Til 1 tiirrt $!4. : .0. >S Ml :
j.1 ; .r .': (*"leer III .1 I.it-laud .. H1",1:.*110.1! !II'alafoxandTurraoa.-i: ": ore by..5. \n"l'tinlJUllt' 9.!; j I w'ChIIJ..1in.i1Burton June :!
i. 'r '. .. ."r'7:' "'tr..tld..t.. 1711V }:. TJ\'lor, A.l'luI >", andalxer! It was thousht lulvi-dhlc to have JJO1''AiT : A rllANCE KOK IJAKl.A: N-
: ,: +. Interest u.duikuigfuod. ..!'.".I MI-H'J,I'-i : lu rai.atn' t-i-t-.Tectt-d.. nun to look over and-upermtend ail
\ Ladies'
i/I' { f piop-rty M-lfUl K the ( np'ain.nnnerii Every Oxford in stock
af P s
''r 't ,..'." ,: The recruit-fui tin month was referred t-> ttuboard! '::" r ublie -tree: work in ;general: : and a iuoti?n |i nor i>itn 9 :- : olMu." irr.isfollows.Vromthx nude thatuch be ., hicil.a uiil' 1 I
a II"
J ; work* for rtport to tII"ul.e':. was peens r"'pHllol- ;'than 'ost. O)
IM :c : I d le for debts
J. contracted bthe ,
1 This
about 1.
named on or July is aditfercut
of Fiank L.laysthat
1o.rolllr.I."alhlp"u..<1' ei 410 lu-tl1'I I7 Application crew of '"iil \e--sel
\. :, 't".:' ,.. 4:\ .' the IVnir.nl.i Journal: : IH de-u.: position from that now TA-* I'o. I, <> pairs Chocolate Kid Oxford, Coin Toe. valued at I 7 "

y ''>,"..,.:"f 4 .;, Mak.rc. $:s.1YUI. natnd a* thtieial! 1f"II.r tl.( city held by Mr. Z Il kit bert. i GurTrau-111'n.; Cupiain. 111.1").
\;:,: : ,e U"i -:, t. Tliedi hl\h"II\I'nU,"" iii fr the l't-cal: year t bejini. July 1. :Mr. }llntcl.inson* i.amed a< a l'nn-ign.-r' ::O'jlla i :pairs Dark Tan Oxford, Ve-tin,; top. Hulld., \'alt.: I .

.... .- J'. i... 'I'.....: ,:, 10Jo '; x11: referred to the ordni-i.* a..d committee." to trade for a pair (Ifmull' l'IloI1'H ERtoecaptaul.ownera: day's .ale $1 -.II.
j"I ."it'. ..'"., .?! '.r. )'' .t .o\CC"UI.t. "I\yahlt-: .I.-.r 4711 47 M I en.rlin) ('()IlIlllittPP.Jotin '' now !in town. A deficiencyof I I : nor eOn lIl11"f< ..I lliellrm All *.!23!: Colored! Oxford will h.. sacrificed Mmitlav t' .

1).I; { _. ; >' "il-' if l"'Il tilerRill IICt,11! Wlltrft mini.it'o dr.ht :!,iMH.l-J j ) ,IHt7 I llisrui.:: : K-q: tf'rer.tii..; C. *1'H) e\i-ted, !but one-half! th tallount ::: .iNi-ob IlrUtil 11111 tut rt-spon- A Hand-'nine Line of 5L!.Viand) 1275;; Oxford: '.1'1' \ -

': f ---- Thie-en, addr"eit, tt.e couitOil re! k- will l.rt advanced by Mr.Woods I tb. crew of B Ihl".id| .for...."t.at)0li coiiiracted by have no equal} in the city they tilsogu: Monday<< for U 1 ;> a'l. : f

& -V.-.M; Kalacc CBS"!! In treasury ",941) u7' tive to reijue that IXI.n:; ordininces for the purcha-e it being under I. A. D. It.s. I will in the future !have a liarzaiti Site Evf't11I1IJv. w

&I \ .:'... -'' Ibis tulance. was dutributrd I : be amended a; hot t" require -tood that the council be asked I Baar, Uun"oilT It ('0., taptaln. eoodsnt prices unheard of in our city. Watch this i pace : .
Ae T. |lo"a.tirnerul : lonIIl'I"+ 10JIsmttrlJ.J.K \ I
the needed 1W.i offerings.
f day
: ", lund.. ... .. .. | !..":..uora : that the lower willot tie :
ft. Pohrrun4Cretuna ."liHtrrrt. c I 'lhie-en five->tory building he t!:ittyitich I The matter of feeding city stock Ihn """t"n.owlI. YOURS FOR SHOES,

: .. lu''I. .. ::>0\1 IHT "s thick and'rantin; ti'eu: permission was discussed. I.iJs for the supplyof ; "..*. of the Au I
,'S- r' } Intrrtkttlu.l Muklng fund +,,'js; ,,! juiWi ,17IH first-class! : bran oats and Lay will will h r-s|>nnl-
, for the stone column-! jut The Boston
..' contracted by the Shoe Store
; 't' .. F.IPg.eEi M.\'. wn. out fourteen inches on the ,iJ..w.ils. l> udverti-eil for. It wag stated erw of taut *..*..1. ;
' ;. vM' .; ,
?;$,: -'.' =f. < >p rtm nl'>f Public utfUtyl' Referred to a s-pecial couiuuttcomposed ..e that about $2't: per mouth had been Hl.F<'im.Baars .
''1: : '. .'. Pwl.o iTOU'Ctli'ii. of Aldermen Green Hays saved since a lock had been placedon Duowody t'unelgnee.A Co.l taptmn.I7JK i N. G. FORCHEIMER Prop.

it' a. .'' 4 13alarie.otIar.hal. lleputi the feed house door.Dlr.l'OOd ,
,.: l,17' j-; aud Uglily, who are to re;-'rt t-> a
117 S.
r if i'olice Pahfox
and Street
.. : till" njHfiin ltuPain.l > ,special meeting to be called for thatpurpose. reported the need of N KIT: H !.K tb. tapialn. ow neri
:..i4 '.' a .. : .i'.w rip.-n.". .. Ili r" t'deals for crciiug*, but no action s.m nnrennlgnrroof d..1..urd"ialll the Span b., re-MMrmii 1 'I.1' t'l'.IIJ prl.uoer. ., IM !4) '! taken in the nutter.The .. NAVAL 8TOUK8 MAUKKI,
I .. ..11'01.r" The council! then adjourned. pon-Ih.) for debts contracted PEXSACOLA; ()
\I. '" I Stork "uundetpenO. .... JI -- marshal was ordered to put t>y Ue crew of said \1'.1.l lN. 1
. ,; r .' ;. KeutslncidrDtal :a K-IUI.i le all able-bodied prisoners; to work I : H'tKHAmiKA.: Reported Dally for The New bj
>-\p"u t .ft-fr' ". .. a "'Ir" I'rlt ciion: Cindy Cathartic cure con,ipi'ioo forever. and a resolution i enforcing the order l ro...nee.. CaptAIn.Cun,1 Inn i Union Naval Store Go.silt. .
! .,; balm. <.C'hlrf and Km- I 10c,: c. Ir C. C.C. fail.druggi.ar; ; ;rUQJ IIIOO!'. was nude: into 4 liw. All prisoners i a I I GONSERVATORY ij ( ijf MUSIC I

.y plo,** ...... ILNd 1 I refusing to-work were to confined I ww __ $.Iu H SimI .
; NK1THLP. the WO.,_._...._ :! wI U .
..,,, ,", trarada. captain own- 1.1
.'. ': Trl-Krttvh r t I')I Shorthand and Typewriting: work in the dungeon and (placed on a crj nor con-un.ctof the Roe !1.__ h % till Y._ ... 1 .>i i '
,\ i. ; Ai'I.arat..a"IIIII'bln..r rrplnreatllrvp.-n-e..I. ,, done for the public at Meax i Husi- i bread and water diet. The board 1I hr"O..ptun will brn j N-. .. ...... ...... i Is... .. 1 Ii II E. O'L CHAFFEBS, DM':
} : I" .I. >>Don'ibli* for debts contracted .1"" I' ...
!II audrrpelr< firs College congratulated the nurhal on the I6.
.0. :'j i i : by the crawof acid ve'.el..l5ITTFntE.. lfS t hciow
1' '
:: and !
He lt III tear removal sidewalk obstructions
v r of I 11"j
.. ..,1 fit :; KPlalTi TU.U.Tt"-IUJ. Nail f .
; boosi' I'uno. \Voic ulture \
1 ,, ". at *N CFUCIbNT l'Olln: auda6 hint additional order Toorder .
r.-fit ._ I):' I / """.all\ .
'"' .,,. ? .' ,.;' .. Incidental Rater ripen.e. 171 tl-II.:;"; 11,1 OITICKI: : r.Kiir.KsHy : A petition addressed to lion. C. ivj u I ::.:\. 11.4C11.41'CIIFY t : OrIJI1.C.rr\f't. \IntHlOlio. -. .

". ....I. ."' ." ..1 Charitir* Moreno Jones and bis noble cabi -- --- The prettiest launch !1-4 the t'I\'I / e'.
.r.;; '_ Y i t -. Sal.tr.rt, j-bTuriaa; N the election vrterday, .r Mr. net." w:<" retd. 1'etitioners reque-t- nur conlan.of" "alltalo.the own"Portuguese ri >- Launch. foot one-H. I'. Alan Director t iti/-" I. .
f'Af' I ;; enIA lII4II ed the .lacing of !h. front hark bora rum fast. The Racine .
a lamp will Im
: gas ren -
..... XI j;> \ '. C. White adeftity, ;Lal.Deputy j Brass Stria '
\ ,
l utr I i: Mare hrM"a ;
.tx .'. '. Ho.pltRI tOI.nn 10 ,-. of Mount Olive Baptist church nn ibie for di-litj contracted i{I.. the one adopted by the Pan-Atn r. ; !
*, .tli; .. .. h'l1.clII Louts, Ander-in was reduced I>y the crew of >.ald.1.|. I II
I!! U
t.11 'Iran-puruiion ot ;p"ul'rli 11 w-i Alciniz rtreet. The matter will be JUI>F. Kol> .rrz, Iran Exposition in Buffalo becausei ill BecauesAd .

.... .ri-; I. -;Jlrl: wi; to the rank, but. b-taf, offered attended to when available tuuds I To order l'81.1.n. i they are the bet, more reliable than 1

1--: r ,1. Total rn'Ubllc511.tY Works. I a better po-itioft ia rrivite are had. i 1:1) II any other ; they are simple, f-m- Jre.. {.:*, al.I, !" I'I"

.' lirpt.o( fuhllt he last injht tendered I.f, r..i. TIe board then adjourned.CILSTQ11I.] worthy, site, and full truHranten. I
hlrrrirretalr. t ;by I! ;- \ :ITHF'11 the raplnio own. MuJn. : Pr. bvt-, glSam'l
P'U''V: ., .. ..,. <; FtresIY' UC.III11I.{ ... ;}if.j ., nation us a police otl;>er. Mr. Aader -- - < ...I. nor oii'-ixne.., of im Rr.t Lippln'Ii.ltrother*. Karaunnil.?
\-l'l ,: ryf.. .. I x"* I aitln will) !>.. are au'enU" from the manufacturer. .
', .:.J t "'tr"t't-.h..blln i on has i h"t-lIonl'? tlf ti. ij.i>- ;tei .& rfjionihe -

-j 1' ). .. .. t i tr..tt..tIUII". "..IJraailrri.rwuannd .. ut: i live and i-Iliiient \I1.I.h"l- f tl!:e Bean tie I.1! ti-d IJ 113,3 .)' BCt;t tEatcre the crew of t.ilil. | \1.for debts contract by and carry -.tnrV of these IM.HIat alltime.f I

.kr., I .. ', .r., t.'rll..IOj : r"lI\I. >.i :rt : fort P and by cl..,<* ;.itte'iti': :. to duty d ; JA<-. I.e.nv. ; UP.,; Is It., 21! ft.. 2: ft. on Charles

"."r_ ,' ', f'\.r.. ".pans t.) 10 i, he huttst:tali-Led :. tncord t1! it I 1- Ck.h. (.ilfTran'it: ,'(',. IBP'*:11.l"on"I1" hand to bn Chipped at a IIIftU1font'lklu.ticp I
... .", :-..",..... <.!...:IIIII: :ul (14: .. .: AI.. a. reflected credit uses!! 1: :-\-tl.:; a.id any I BOOT .
tnp to
( 1' lug pure-hue.
(.art.0:0'. :"hIO\.1 and lllh. the city.
t' S ... I., "Ih'l LllTMAX: ItKOllll' I
i. .t 4 u-tl K> erv citizen w1! o !'u-: : .i1! I'u.i.

tit. : ': .' .t I'ubn nod,-,."n..:...n!d.e:njs. rri.airi. II ISHor l\f'- \\ ith the deputy\ in nldtin: : \:.j """ __- -r.: "" ..1J11""! !-.l'--LJY-'I' ----II!! =- li:lltf bavauuu, diNOI1LIL SHO

n" ..:.' _. .',., ', -..>. seta uu.I to.K >'!Ander-on'i" ;admiii.-tui I

f..t. of:. ; r..n""I'"rall.I.'v.n'l", l:14r' : that otlice has found Lt.:. L.f' i IM..: A ,
!-i the
r.q'iPfrom liar) ,
'. ... 4> 11Hllll > ):
1..11 (1 -: c. I
I : .f.. q : .;. "IuCldrntllrxpru-ea.i i .. polite, courtfuti- and! 5,rn1L.: : i :: >. tYsBE; SURE TO 0 I Union, !Local :ND. ;ii> ij JVi1:: i i

.. ,i. .' 'jiotid'.iiu'itJ tl't (':Ill l'! ua:'.. t. r.. u.h the (pri.prietor have -ijrreed t. ..

; T.I..lll.I'I.dl'llblkWo11o.1I--I 1.11..1.164J winch h* has m ide ll: :! !. : w :*ii:. their d.K Ti tl,. .
> during '
.( :.q. DrututtrnrrnllSpra-rs: : .1. 'riii'.ntnaroiiiuieniiiiK
.1.i 5 friend*, all! d wlntv !L.>; .. !t. :r.: j .
.v gonrraiuXDCdrd S :N '" IHI i |., j.J. ,.
&p j, ...\, .> :+: SJInIr In.UIIIII" .. ...... .. t:! 17Li i roperouand 'lice- : i i*. t: :>. i :.- at 1111: : y. w.
:' : p III. i .lIHoj. \ \
; .
.. .''' '-1 '; ', : ;iI t;'Cllrta u. Wjl! : \.r lu-iar '! ....._: t..t,: ._* ':-r-t-d ; Ii II. 1"11-, vi.t-r U.- I
'.t-- f e tt ;. ., tllu..r" ....... ....._ ai.
:.. ill. 'iteiii.-1! N: .
; 'I. 1 lnc.r.t. i !It'n.- .4 ,I Llr1tHI.t. f,
iT.'A .
'" ::' : \ -- i 'h7.l.t. t.:1.: Clair '{' :.".Hi I' JulIIatl. I : :

.'k11.; ':\i" ; :: i. t? Total :1. f'. of Graera! tae: 1 ('.\1:11 ( I\-' TM\M: ;; :\ C'.a! *. I...'iti. J. .1 ., )' I: .' '

1 *. -1:Y'! "r. p.u.t. 51,1x13.: ; SPACE M. Ilarr.-. I; \ Ki.ri.ot!. J. |, ;. & \\

'. a- 4t a t. ? ]it>p:. ot lliaUiiNi'iin : !1 I, the uniler-itriitd( w::>i."W ..' t'': Coillns..Urx (".,1111I.. J' ,t' T''uar: i,,t'r. I 'I i ,
<\ ". ..! i i.ptclo"iTotal : 5 I:"" 'Ulacul .
) f' .t '. 1' : lite -:eward t-f tl'e -te'm-1:. .: La--: -
'.1.'it' ; ;: "' t .n' .1. 1 of"I'HcnIMi"'''''' l1 tO t 1 u. 4," fond who W.IS tiurd"r: '-,J :,' :Mu-i. You will Ia-rl"I: j Ilrit1fO In y.. ",. ,
,..t"Wi.. 'f.l l'rp OF TEG n<>wf-r ltrtl@a .
DPENlfJq if tI. ', itr'
It ; .' h :-: I :gee wharf on tnt II"f M:iv Lit, fOR ifi"s : are CM % F. WILLIAMS,
;; ;:; .
It i :. Totalttptn'e: MiOlvi: 1.7U \vi-h to ti: ink all: ti! "->- wl! i were -.: own ;,:n und \ 'ur hu-t.a'1 o:buy

: ., .' doa. 1'bera"!; a uome, and he can do It now. ..I. j
.. .': kind a- to it : o : ti sand :e CONTRACTOR AND BUiUU
:'! Th bilious: tired, nervous nun my ch.l. Iren in t.r rtctu:: thouti! :; be May I"U.k Clthfo .I-..
5Vf; : with trouble.: .EEKSACOLA MUsicjco.r ;: Every woman waste h !.omfO "f I *r .
'' J'a 1 Ilr.o ":uciefutlv: compete atdif K:.tJmratH. ft ,11' : t i iR
'iZJ: >..\. ';.. l.U l. !ihhv rival. UaWttt'ri.I.ittlp MR;*. Olin, \ .v RA!'MI'S-EX. Thus.awns she will hUll a talk wit:, I

: at'. JIarly Ki-er#, the lamous pills t for C. Watson & Co, tt.. : Uu/hflll' r" ,
: /\1.-' We will launder t'e.lj)1 leading; Iteal E.:u" t"nt&, they
it t constipation will removetlla cause : your :
'.,1 ; gtDw
: I each and make looJ. can her how M&f t: t. :ott ., ,
...t '' of your: trouble Hariri-, rbHIIII: Icy,' li cent! : teui "!le. I ..d tt e t 4 w

'e" ". ":'\ f, : ; Byclttfy Kahn, John\ Sh! \Ppartl. I like new.. star: L3Uj:;r. I j teInTHC :-f. .

1.1' ,,' -. .
'' 1 .'
m i-oI.i"

;1 -

The daily news
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Title: The daily news
Uniform Title: Daily news (Pensacola, Fla.)
Physical Description: Newspaper
Language: English
Publisher: The News Pub. Co.
Place of Publication: Pensacola Fla
Creation Date: June 20, 1901
Frequency: daily (except monday)
normalized irregular
Subjects / Keywords: Newspapers -- Pensacola (Fla.)   ( lcsh )
Newspapers -- Escambia County (Fla.)   ( lcsh )
Genre: newspaper   ( marcgt )
newspaper   ( sobekcm )
Spatial Coverage: United States -- Florida -- Escambia -- Pensacola
Coordinates: 30.433333 x -87.2 ( Place of Publication )
Dates or Sequential Designation: Began in 1889.
General Note: Description based on: Mar. 5, 1889.
Funding: Funded by NEH in support of the National Digital Newspaper Project (NDNP), NEH Award Number: PJ-50006-05
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""""" .. jt-'f'. :::-11111.' :,,,....,..I".t...,.,..,... ...i'.r __"" ,, ,.,,. ., ......, ., .""..::: -. .;;:"""' ....,""" .. <>.lf .. r. '"''''-1/'' -
.z : r- :7" :
( ..
'. ', '" .r. T"L.. -. -.._ ._...,-...,,.,..;. :" ___. a. a ':.._""-'.:.-.-..... ..... .......___. "._.rn:. JF .
'. r..;. ."P ; 1': : .


< ,.

o "


;. !



PENSACOLA- has a Depth of 33 Feet of Water in the Channel at the Entrance of the Harbor in

-- ------- ----- -- -
-- ---- -- J
-- - --------- t !
Sj. fOSHEE.Vice.President; W. C. O'NEAL, President; F. C. HORTON. Cashier; I' "

;\). McDUID. Vice-Prelident; .......- _..... M. E. CLARK A"' Cashier. !CASE OF MUCH ADO 1 Free Admittance @ fi

StAtonaexit or

ABOUT NOTHING i t For Whites Only !


}'EX8ACOIJ.FLORIDA.. AT CLOSE OF BUSINESS APRIL 24, 1901. Alle ad Army Frauds I:! San:
(FROM KLPORT TO COMITKOU.LK.) Francisco. i jj !

: '1

Cou.: dou.: "0 ct. GEN. SHAFTER EXPLAINSSoldiers

.'Discount 1 *. U.)35.167! Tapital Stock ,. $2"irt" .. fold:: Clolhlo;; ti> Old Junk "
-4 84)71: Undivided Profits (net). 2V)2.d;
:" It >I u1-. . ): I)1).U( > K di-counu ... 1J: : .hI /I .i0 I< Dealer-, Viho la turn Kriold It, And Saturday Matinee at 5 p. m. ;

i I'..: on UomN. 3.VA1.75" Circulation... .... ...:.... ... .... ...... .. .. 75, I/) 01 I I For \\ hlrh They Mere Arrested by I ; '
and Future*. b.71 4S .
2'2),130 27i I '
i rraup OW.U: jf )'I'dl'ruthorIUe\. I !1'

.. .. .. .... ..... .. .$19.151.21) I i THE MARVELOUS '
I WASHINGTON. June l-The! war department
,; takd and };.jnkt'r..... ... i,1).fj -$ 14i. :31.S: :! I
:, IU Fund .... ..... ... 3jIHiO;; ; today made public two tele- '. j -, '_.--..r-->-. Y-- i ,+f t
cram;, dated yesterday, relating t,J the : -------'q .: -a-- _.:t'f.f 9
--- ----------
alleged! clorhin fraud &au Fran 3 9
: ; a: :
$1I.0j f ,.1\.1
__ __ __ _. cisco. Tu3 first is a message; tram Gen- -
un ---
----- nil Corliiu General ; .
ti> :: Suafter a-laDg BHVMS1 1

for informatiou on the ,subject and ;

SLAUGHTER SALEo .tatiu that '-I is desirable from ..
BEST FOR THE ;: ; Very .
-'- -
q' __ .._ __...1
-. -
point of view taat detailed facts of auyil1lJurun..e :-- .::.;::. .: ; j
be given the department -! II

o .AT BOWELSr fore "being; exploited m tae new"pa JAMES AND ALFERETTA,

: rnti hurn't s ziilar.. healthy moTpmcn. of the pers.
bOlt il I. firiry ilir.....)"u re HI or .JI I... Ktrjt yuur General Sil1fr :'t reply is as follows.'llefereace : ; IX THEm STARTLING ,ta I
bowel-iopin ULll t"'p.lllh. eh.Ie of vio-
Wilt phyMi*'Ti'iil|.".Min,u ilan.'i'ronTh" ....o..tI,
h'i.A.it*... tntx-t|H rffrt way of kerning he bo.elsI..r to your telegram today:
: and clean id to take. I have retrained from uiukiUT: t. report High Wire Entertainment i!] Nj
joHig f FRE1DMN[ & 6O,81 CANDY regankng clothing; 1'15.1, by Colonel 41j
because the
CATHARTIC quantity was very i
'small and It all appeared to have corns i j Change of Acts Each Night. <. f LHi

from the name nom a junk dealer: woo .
di'i busmen I\tu1a111 the Presidio. The i The Patron* of tin!* Rp-ort who have not yet Mritne,,"ed the Daring FeatS: ...... #
o RACKET STORE. C; clothing had evidently been said to Ihuft'.l.ilt'r i of the BACShhouldnottnl: this chance of being treated to '
,"owethin.11 aud sensational thliVyer.s .
bv soldiers and recruits. The i! thrilling as !
\ and his who sold u have
jams man son :
1 been arrested by the federal authorities :1: \ Full Silver Cornet Band i; [

and their is considered .
case being tuJay.o

EAT 'EM LIKE CANDY \ h"'I"!;",

EVERY ARTIGIiE A BARGAIN.] riruant.. huLTi Palitahlp.tyeaLen.I'ntrnl itr ..",Tut... 10.Rou'. .n.,l IM W GoadNtfvtT real:. "There is no shortage in anv of the Dancing Until II p. m. it
lit r liux. Urittt for fre. nauil'1'' ant booklet ">n departments her Tnis seized tlotmns
bi-ulth ITIBUM.. Ald'3 LHHir inirixT. iiiiino.r >rn tuukKEEP .. undoubtedly' represents the accuiuula- Performance 8 p. m. Admission Free. || .
I i I noil uf articles which have been cold
1 YOUR BLOOD CLEANNow from time to time Burin me -
? ? past yearor
VtllilllM HAVE BEEN CUT IN 1JALFJ '- two by the thon-auds of ol.hcr3 who The man who owns his own home I I William Woodward, of Decatur, !
have passed thrown San Trancisca'I inure lmnelf againt lots of Ila., write: "I was troubled with '
d,) not regard this: matter ol nntioitanco. trouble and worry. Nobody can !' kidney disease for several years and )
though: it hi- been widely exploited raise his rent, and the rent day has :, tout one dollar size !bottles of FoLEY i
Come Early and Secure Your Pick of this Lot. by rue teus-itiouil uewspara-rv 110 terrors for him. It'soi-yto own i V> KllKNr.Y C'UKK cured me. I ; 9
however, the seizure of the- articles a home now-i-day" T1 os. C I would recommend it to anyone who j
Ciash Skirts at 2fie, worth' 30cI and the arr,;ts probibiv w ill have the Watson & Co. can tell you how 'I, has kidney trouble.:' W. A. D'Al- ; "
tlTcct of 11I'onra:1U1; ;; toe lurcl1\-c nut easy Jt is. Call and see them. I, mberte. .t
'rash (111(1lucltSkirts at Me; worth $1.00 FlIi thebottles with IIIRF$. a.i." of oolaurs' wearing ai-pirel rule .

( '((1.,11 an(1lickSkirlsit .S'-'A'-: irorth $] .:;0 lirinktlnowk rveryglaasful MI'imtv heroafttr "Call for "Jliookwooil live' at i:. : We ak you to buy the first order { !! l
contrtbutes to good ., }'ullowlU;j l+ an exact:: li-t of the ar- A. Frud'iunN by the drink or foot- of icy cream.ou will then ask mtnsell ',t. i
( 'nt lt Sklrat !)!} worth 81 .7 Ii .
< c .
. tealtti. I'urlins t; '. ,:;""d. 1:11111; .. 11 pairs: le- tie; it is the nicest, mo-. mellow rye you the rext order. In all ; .
j i Colored Duck Skirts nt Me, irorth $ I.7ti the blood. cle.ra 1 guts; j |airs; b.niflannel khirr. b; on the market. i, tlaors.Ve=t Florida SteauiBak- ,i I.
: the complex, bloa / worth 3J.OO
]lJ\ llfctlllfl'olfJrctlIJi'lueSkirts, > .. j -
i makes bacieaifsut.lutei! T pairtan andru I'ynjHal*im ?toII. Tit kling, jami ':
t'i !II'ranjtcrs, all colors, at .. 4,>c, worth 00fiJ3 c1tki Make rosy <e ar- .' :
j II'raspers, all colors, ltt. t3c, worth $1.30 It a!Some.tpatione Charles llul1onac"tic.c, are now.. la then- .Js of the j'roi or NOTICK.' : j I j i the most_heating. salve the world

Those who order with the
:: a r t..r E.Hires
One Lot White Organdies in Short Lengths Iwatrn. Company fleeunt'le Call at any of dru, store and :st a I hte Arthur ({nun: for enlarged picture D ,t UGAINSinHcunmocks, :
erne for htomacb f
MiUern.Pa. call fretame l"y applying toundersirtied.who d I
Gig utter. and Liver Tablet. 'llev are an willl'arr\ the
at Actual New York: Cost. elegant phy!"ic. They also mi- picture hu-ine--- I.H Micce";;or. and other seasonablegoods : i'

Ill dure-tinti prove }the and appetite reirulate, -trVnptl'ni the: liver and the jltf:: A. H. 1'\n. at Marston g Finch's. t

r b,,\\eN. Theart! ea"to take and ----- -f

25 Pieces Colored Dimities at Set Yard. LRootbeerPARKER'S druggists 1ltoasll1t and in etfept medicine- -For-dealer-:--:lle by. all :BOIL 1i ;! fi

10 Yards Shirting Calico for 35c. \\ ill ><.II! For One and JI. IC in
('nils In C..I.
CI Promuu_. and a luiumnl briulifiei".the.wth.htlr :MNM.rJune 13: -ThM are over '

Great Reductions in Our liner Fail to Bcstore Omj S.CXH acres o: cotton piantfdtnisearm :
Millinery Department.
Hair to It. youthful Color. !
,.. ...
Curt valp il a half!.:linf. Nicaragua. Pantersl1ow estuuare chat
*>c..ndlm I Dnjf'i.U
Every Article a Bargain. they will be able: to sell the produc at ALL AT ONCE. j.

. 4'j cents ptr pound Nicaragua; currency j

VIRGINIA COLLECE or about 1'j ceuti m Koid, at the | ( 0' I
present rare ot exjnangu.Tbe .
YOU US ANXIOUS TO PLEASE, For YOUNG LADIES Roanoke Va. Ilauprsore inexperienced in re- I L I jJ
tlpeDi8"pt Ul.luil. On" 01 the Il'lIdllll card to the rulti\aou uf cotton and it I IIi
Bcoools fur \ouug Ladl.- in Ibo 8uutliNew '
that .
pointed our they WllIlio. tue alt
buildmijn, ptanoc| and )4VL4\ :
rqutpmrnt.Uautpustell jl
Here. Urnnd muunlHiimivnery Ihe-year. ar mn In \ittkvof1'a.tant.d fur hcolth. European lug of the p.iiut: to te in direct opposition I _
wm mlmMI ijl \Jons..n..tory..dvIIDt8K"and AniuriCMQ ivHChwrt.. In Art.lull M u.c cour.and.... to their usual agricultural cur ". IJii
Klocutlon Hiudenu from Hum tilnlrp, toni o' working durin only one-fourth :
lot catalogue address of each yeaTue laborers, it n aBed, : I
1.\1'111': 1'. HAURIS. PrciidTi', will no; submit to constant daily labor r
Uuunukefl. i and ii her are not naai-ruas euougu to bo j ,
tV RACKET STORE. @ relieved
i by re'ay '
l.lpiuii hr.'V. It to Lolyanl. I .: .
-------- -- -- -
----. -- --- -. LONDON: June 13 -It u not probablethat Attacked by Mil AIIt "'or. *a ;

A \\ >M>i.lUU.: HtlK.NUON : Medical Society Attention. sir Thomas: Linro:i will accept the j E.RtoW.a.; ., June I-C"ptain! T.I I .

: I'ALAt'OSTREET There will ba a regular meeting of offer made by au American ina';iiine W. Gray was attacked bv an alligatorone r L. Y

the Pensacola Medical Hociety at for a $a.tk10 cap rica: or the !same night rec lltly. Hd was going home '
ace found that there i. a time the Board of Health office at 8 ciurse after the America' CUD met He from the South l'orldalllltary institute -
lug*-aud this 14 the time o'clock p.m.Tl1 .c1ay.June 2". ha, however lets toe wnole'matt..r.1ll and had to pas, the lake: east of the -
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: :. pound of cure." I IIOIM and tone up the liver. HK- with Pneumonia ; but for Ch'\ml>pr- used 1!.\\NjfK :;\1.imnudiately
1'ATICUKA 1the best liver lain 4 Couch Remedy we woul i have aud in tt.re week'-- time itwa< al-
Ii VNXAH: BU03. i tonic ; it will make ynur torpid hid a serious time of it. It 'alto m')-t entirely heil-d. J want to '

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J. K:. IG.s+\l CO.. *. Har.pi pharmacy, Sydney was at the White House this coruim;. *: :3nlefho for many weeks has
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Ha stated that Mr*. :McKinley coutiuues baZerwt from blood! poisoning; in
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f&Z ter the downs use BANNER SALVEif
Florida Steam Bakery.
", you're cut or bruised.! It hejh, Rye," made in 1S&;
..,..,..Bal. m Rellevra Right the hurt '
Away quicklv. Take m subni- smooth and mellow; at S. A Fried
1111: Xtws Want Column. taj suke a tpxtf cad of cou;;h,tad told tu'ej. W. A. D'AlembertJ. i man's, ('I No. 3 South Palafox Street.
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MAY APPEAL TO COURTS \ ThejPace I SEARCH CAUSED A LAUGH Ira K.VI-V..TJ Wa the \iir.c: : mI.Hf',-
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\\1'11:1:1.: Ills Lories woi ?J.T7I' : -,. { .imi (
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