i f\11'II't'u In his hours of work was a accept the druggist's: own value-less! preparation btcauso it wrTPe.-[yNPaItLlwlltapl.t! Mt iirn, : I i ." f -

deer, and In his hours of leisure hewas is a few cents cheaper than t \ w.to: hands and foot WeJlia; <; .1"1":, hl, [I..,,?? I .J Ii.v.
a dirt:' er. p'Ifh I .have talon: tike bo't;r. ?f L)4a |5.occeruure .' .
i Ue fiercUid\ constantly the two sides u. s \'.. .- Co npruaC sM fKI' n,,l ., oot I"t -. ,

ft LI* Iralu. the practical and spccu- LydIa Pinltha8n's lhaTefr.t.n-:. t..ntY.M'ft't.l.,,... .:, I M "
1Itht' bxB w47'J:;: as I r'o and nut rm f:1 able to tv -.l day ,ti the "!".,, a:t ....tt '" '
LIt tie same :tn.l. f.urP1.'J.ew PTR"-- td' InYA WO. 1 yet belle at '. : ,. .
I' >
s elnnrit eXtt" 9 *
( 'Vegetaie COin pounds 1'cka3U1: fur 'hat I.Lf ac'.fratitii'lr to Mm I '.."!i 1-s '-
::wa La.lobe' t..,
York tine. I.I.IUlllT: I'rilt.Toiu mPETIa M. LO Ya. care of L. w. : -on 111 :.' n!... 'tr4a.rrcef ,.1 ... .
--- L' s3iM
>sto.1tik1mlorerareat: : I
J O-4.n i? to the fart that acme sk >al ]II .
i frtpc
h work ou the !''.:\U- f,r the forma: 011 of a. $ R EiR\ D ': rnuisT"- .?: the t. rt.i.-v ;,"J j i ..t-TO ra'r.-.. mn.v.,.' .':)It,.;.o'to. y. .1M'C. snl .
( >iue lumber tru t. to u.i'Iude: all rho t: ",..U,1 with 1-1' Xatiocal Ciry 1-: ... rf Lynn. Mas* >'.' P .. *. t ,
j 0. above te r I' t\.d' to any psrsca who can ttcT: tint .iioniala aN not ;I.icir.?. cr Wrfe '.-at '
A pUnt in this valley: on l",)th sides! of Lie "' Y' s" Tsriters1 tpecia! p r' .-LTTIA: E. PlSEHiy iliuicL-ra Co., Lyoi iUs. r7rrr.T7gassrgg757r --4 '---.-1 ..t1.+VZ Its ,
of toe l't.ml.IUt:1.e es- ,
river. \'lIh"
r gaped tnvntortes of the pia tL .,!,." H"H. J"r.'' .:'' .. ,rJ... si:::, .. : rgijaft B&_Ciyfas; : tyaiiass{m.'Wt}E.-.t._ ;::_I i iI


;'........." .-___--.u.- ---.

-"' ." ...-! ,. .
.. <
.. .
... ." ""' '- ._ ._-- -- .


._ .
---- -, .:wI
- "

Woman'sQ Two Youns VirglnUiM:;: FIght at Close

i ime. Uauge.Ricnioxo. .

April 9.To tho pres-

enco of a small testament ia the inside

pocket of his vest Thomas Leaven '
.. owes
hu life. Beavers is a ion of Judge Alexander LARTTONPRrCTBLOOD

t if.Il Beavers of Grnady Buchanan

county Va. For a long time a fend has

eu-t..l between the youl:;:"r Beavers
and Ebb! Witten, sou of Deputy United

States MarshalVxnou..
r* The two tuta 111'ty chance and the
qairn.was renewed. Alter i; had
i Y ra K"d fiercely for a wine both drew '

II I their revolvers null ta': all to fire ns rap-i i
Idly u-, they coa'.d: l'n."the tnzpvra.: i
, Three shot struckVitteu.. Ono j jpastil
MgiSFRIEND throw;:a the kit IUD:. one lodged
1- in the thouldt'r and the other l.enetr\t->I
...l tilll aUloir.cn. But one shot struck

; Biuvori He staggered, Lnt did not

fd':.. and wuen aa e:.: milaton:1..;;

.I.. .. made later it was found tLat: the ball'
I h" 1 peuetntuil the book in hu vest
,. pocket ant end: barely pierced the slim.:
,th takII"
w "ir ""
tV MSIK WituniJ ain-oat ctrtaiiily dia.

a.1r It

.ht. xii.i r"1 1fT.'- ether and *..u-l'iltrll.\lillst- ; Father 50
r'"UC'litb iL PU RI I E R.
'.. and &uli. r
h v.'
,C a&Ualfurt) r.r.Mvcnii, A1:1.r.a: :CD.:: -A dos .

WJ.i: tan cause of a bloody dud three
.. pi"-n'i Kibe !In
"I I h err r.Mil Imt.,; below Osford: :Saturday in which -----

.. lap pr"iwr Its f ar IK rviii-, participatedJ.V.. House : ..n Indianclu.. l li.ilhlinYAMUM.I. ::. W Over Fifty Y ears F. C. BRENT WM.: II KSi ,WI.M W K it :1 I ''I, "R

:muU., Ou-, and \V. :;. JoliUM)u and \ .A, A-.T.1 : ).-T-.e: Imimn :Mit. !>. WINL'av'aYnOT9IO1 'YR 'P tM I'resldent. \ ,,,'rrnii, L&. ... .." .
his 11 ynr-ol! -'n. J!)th the Ion bureau has completed! plans for tLe ; :
Gad th! : e.d'r; Joansoa shot with teethe'tiu
I ritJ. At the cucniuu lu'titute at K.verMde, Cal. 'i : .
\Vinciv-t r rifle:, and one wa daugertU : qtrr 8 the gnu[i.:I'lavs all poi la,cures 'icdji National Bank
'I .r. SIptrh tte.I .ly wt.urs'Ji-d.! ; w iucii :., expected to be one of the finer 1' ." a'.-t is the best rtnicdy lor I),arrbl>- .
[II T:M rohwve tbd pour 1,tile Rafltror ImreJlHti.lv. -
'.i'lii; ir..au.t-aM-e over a dog of ..Tohui kukaiigs; for Indian school in th. I doll by Drug tlsts in every :
> >, wuica tin elder Hou-iO had k'.llwl. United Stales.: It nul;! tljj.uutiaii'l! I part cl the world. wenty-ftvo ants bot-
,: d.I IJ Ucf ubtur Co., J,>ui>o'i.surtnl 1:1 pursuit rf Hou! ant accommodate: about 800 pumls. The 'II te.! horrtiandatk for "!>Irs. Winslow'sbyrap.
I Jjrueratone will be laid in Soothing! ." and take DO other kl::d. J OF X3ACOLA.rJUA. .
hot n.in twiC'thrmisa: the .--toniach. Jalf. i _u_. ._ ___, I
AT ..ANTA. CA.I' tins Hi'uM'fia tae tr-i'ubp! seized: a I
s :
.' hu I ); 1 JIaridsornelll I i'D .'.; '; .
gun an: : t the /er (> ou and was; 'lI'Cl'l1lC :n o
.11..1 l buck aiitu' > .art ly: ".H I v tlii.4: old 'on "A n"isM ran: In with a bottleof l 'J. I'ranZCf1cull '
year ,
.VII. H. KKOWLEd, \\ A. RLOl'NT, i'. C. BBKXT. W k HTH* JMI
I IM "f J ,..'J. ,-;. W' i i ,c ipu'd mjury. It is Chambt-riain'* Colic (. hO f'rl: and I I
}r t..u'i.;, rail: I.Ii> r.M'.tr.. I Dinrrhu1.: Remedy when tny !on WlI I ready to hang at unitmidlij I I D. O. BltT.d .

_. .- ; .
The Best Blood Purifier. was given up as beyond Lop by inv I I' I

KALOUXCEMENTS; Ti! l 1.I'o.1! i is constantly bpin;; punII. rpg'1I1a physioi, vrhn ..t11Ids hirli',' Finch I lif.Ui; ; U-i, tt Mim; M\\ W ?lL

.- t l t.y the lunge, liver and kUuej in Iiiprofr.-ion. After admini-ter-I I Cleantngltlie+ -Kirn and wait
\ \ lit tl.t' in ink throe lio-f* of it. inv -"On rplin'1! W
-u ; a healthy con-
tp organ ed i is one of our sp ecialttr". Mar Lint _
consciousness and recovered entirely -
'.tiiontuft the bowels regular and
you will !Live no n"ed of a blood within twenty-four: hours," dry. __ ___'_ I { ""Wo tj. .w ,jnr own Kill* ('f Eicran: OB i.r..+te HM'''M ir"t'a1
fur ksrr. juinliT. F.>this purpose there i* !laY5'Mrs Mary Haller, of Mt. Crawford ::s::?:;. H.l'I1..u'cnE': .; mrThe 1: Rarmtin?. Krarco, .Vr-tria, Italy. H .1lar>J. rlp.llI. I4.4At.a+, trta..tm N.f
"1 I.)1M. fUM.n>Joflr t..,..rr 1.11.I II.. i iI Dntlnni: Mjual to ChambfrJ.iin's! Vu. This Remedy i.. for sale : r.rf-Hif--t bluely! i i-s the lJeiltr "'of'1tf. -tOW.dUl, Denmark and oilier l.lIr"l'.an ouYLilisr.rr""V .
.'. t.., iii.,., ol tt.. i-iiy I' 'l"UI'ld antI Liver Table, or,f do=eof by all druggUU antI medicine deal L.iuni-1) li( foot une-H. 1'.. rn* MX.rain I ----- --
.. .. I ers. JPI' DI-uu.oj chit J1 0.1 Y"Yt\rMti_ T.ttr 4 s. f tR$.
rti tly n>itMiit the tli m will di you more y ori than I very f.mt. Th* Itacuie I/iuiich j i+ upon
..,..1.11 IM eMl.latl siret a dollar botl'e of the best; blood puri- icf I ICABTonXA. i+ the itie adopted by th" HanAmer GijJustlr.tm 1'!I.tUI Psy.iHo M .)fI cf Deu.IU"j.t T.i. r Pttl. t IHfl"Safety

.---..--' i I Ur. !'rice:5 c"nts. at:1Dt'> free : ican r.\;>i-ition in llulf.ilo h ,'au",*' if torVt'' ft! Arm ? there ..
10? ft6ato it all drub h'iijs and medicine Je.ilTi. Bears the the Kind You H3\e A\\ar.: 83r&tEguatu8 they ar,- the he-t, more rdi il>U> than '
.. i L ODFnn; for llrnt tit Q,{r Na fioa
'nit "" II'U'rl..nd. I any ether; they ure simple, .t- : Yalt
"at .. stir 'ur rr1 1 #ll I worth, *'ife, aid; full ;yinntitef r".lth which \FO bivft ri'AfV P..h..tA At"rtrA"' t I. 'J- 0.
f f af Z{
e un-rujr Ia i ,
", tv'I I''tile 'U|>- : Iirr.il II'IJOf'I'Ralc1I. ___ __ I Lipliiii'iti Itrothei7. I"L\'annd: .. I! I. ?.(tn "rCi
'. .. \" br held "F"n'r <:f T mr pGni-'hrapnts are prcr.l are air.r.N from the tiijuuf.u-tuicx. -u. -- -
I i"- -91'? t'o ''mrirT in A-ii Foley's Honey and Tar and carry thd of h."e h....lti i al .\'I
\ Ii I' H.I'. "I'I ."> rr1. ...: Ili'n!. ">?'' rl' p'Jlh'l! tOii: tiuip*: sizes : I IS tt.l ft., -J" ft., mi. d) 56 YEWS OF SCIE$ riFC! MtEWtDC i(;:>

.' .,,,,,1. ... qt -r n d.taQtly..Y. ckildrcnsafesurc.. No opiates. hand tot be <-iipp'd! at a ii."f;..... _.
--- ----
-- -- --- -
lit in- ..' TrU. far inxtnn'v. ill!! !','" n :-,. notice trial given to any .Itt-:: v.I -
I 1111"; .. Cm.l ; Dies1Laanirisi! fr ...
1 : aes:: '
. "r .t r!'I.\! j Id.! >ts -.I 1'le.: leg to : :
I >() I'urchLll'I'I.
I f. ," ""I'; : ....Jf: iti"I'd!! dent'.1.'' t.5.e naN HelSjd hcriry. .\ HItO 111.:1!:i: .
\. ',. .... .. .. 5
S. ".:i- < f :v f.r mc.J.q of 'T"ni n- mlltf Sara 1.1 : tA
.. '. \
pr t ,1- t < ': .I.. t. ">, VR*: t':."> grave r I
1 rhtt. I' .' e ";y "!'.r ., '""I! >'. that straii;:i1 I.rlcla.'n :",:;;-GOLAYiGrist : I .l.a' (M'i'ttCCITTUO1: .' % I II1
., ..' :. .'i-ii aI'tjb! vb.. o f : l.NXKM! 'r
0 1
.II. I li-' their': him hffiirv a iruti! : and Corn {Seal l Pills ,. .f .
1 11 :.;.t\'..!-hitg hiin.-Wahingtou 1 ho entire stock and! lK i- MrL.I Cot U'S wiUuutor E pI
i JB. F. CCSZfiLEZ;; & CO., Fro? s, lii-s I IItpn t!Ida EU eet. -Te on r-d
? To bi'Cil >-luI.-I.I' molar for -:d.! at a hiirpun.: TI.-! e-! r
It lja.lHt-n shown ttnt t"t I'ntf'-Irt'i' Manufacturers t.hli'hfld Lt'-itic>-> at !- d u-i I,. .1
'l r H. '. ,'" name Las IH-<") spt'lk-d I tj rl'/lItI"lhll' CH01CI-:'!::.\Iju )'CItf:CllOL'1D ne"- >t..tid and would pr> s" -i |I.r"t italilf
h.d y ,,'ritt'1'IIIn I."M; dr.'rpr.tIF: !'. In his STUCK ITJ'.I. investment for soir.i- .., II h tv;
; I..' uwn time !L:s' conu'injiorarH'S Fjn'IUV: low-.il:' ''!, :;"nit '. 'I.' ;
rBtrrni! HoTe industry fur tier Ie. -uxaxja r
h I3 osier ill '"- dfhrtlJ1tys.ttka.. f\v.-? roil on you .houi-1 buy jour >teel arsSHtnc'lc '. II ', It 1T'rs ESfcr ift8 r l I. = rqiirDr'
Try JJr.x-kyio'ul } '
td fr<'ra t1!:e Homo :nnllctlr..r. I
1..11' .4 1;u 'limes IleratJ.t bum Indus llIlan. l'tu'--t ,- '
I'J for by .n doing you fiicouraie < alt .t:
< a- \ try.
TO A .* .
artin'me'ly! I bintLthaIn ,
in turn .
you. I + ....'. < "> Ha : r ... I f-r
,anutt.cguary rac ssna r"- accpt : In..s : .1" I' <0'
,.te lu\ut\e fc.tn.ci.lii.pv TwLleta fll lt rlnJ the ntontrIutetothacausenf you. I t"I';)
U'jor. i'1u oN' (: .
14 St. it .
;if "o.J :: c rientcd.s :
It t" tb"COIIIUUilIV in a!llch1"1 live aflciirunbi'.tb ,..
,14 IT. 1'I which to your up.ort A i7NEAT e TRECCRD, S. A. Fdt ? IED: IAN
r- I Per ((5: sici v.ii:i is :tp y;war: G:2cr: ::::! .li". '"t--: BalltrtcreiF,1.I ,
i.r rr- .

I I' .: vlt 11.1. ptr..ci'I'I!! 4 ,-I.!..Js.-l.Ln.ri. :ff J- H1lr'fica; (? 1I I 1-----.. ,'" -:" in c:;"-' ::- .;;" ;:.--r' ; 1'. O. ]>x H-. I
: 'i l'E\O\CIII.: \ Fl \
.' J -
Lrl-. t 11 tt.-.":". ] II ....a.1 ..n.i.n" !y :,;. '....n... < I ht'rif; li.ly. ":' : '.- --, -
uc'iiiiinn' y rn r' .'. 1titi 1:. .. ,.."rm 1 .J'... ,. II Ii -- ..., .
f JMt'T,,," qhfi tl \:....,{. r r 1 till Iii .r1.A. 1..I.i.-.. ... .fj.;,;.'.". .. .' "It, .
.. .
mm .. I It' 'II : '
o .tCit t .1.1 \ i is Hand
[ tr4.y'o: : I. r .r Hot Weather at !
"y ,, oi It' I ,.I. '\ ", I .... ", 3'.lr ou..,L.... It.t41.l -' 'n. !'. .1,1 I. .
l'ill',. hn I. ; ""'a.. !14t:,'r,.. '....:..IIu/1.n.. "n.1 S..ta. tr\:. .\\:L.r'! "l l.J. "' .r I '.
I n \.tt I'M' I MllllI I I (,1 G., ... J' ( l' "too.' .' 4.. ,'. .. ', '. F t. f'rMJrT J.nvr' '"
.. 3
1 .. :
,, -ff 1'i.rilfiiltr .ar.iab l
r .
t it ,
I i I \I. I. trtn l.u, ;JI. 7 I> l"Ki Ire. r.,14 !a.! ..." t'.r.,..r r.. ,, .1.... -.1 :1.J.i: nr 1\' ,"nt .'", .1. \I'' ,".', r .\\ n \VI.! : WILl. -1'; 'i' 11' I 1'1 ti
-u: "
: "rr. '"
i v it 1
"I r. v Er 1ur Mail l..IIn1? .t i- i ; .
ft n /l. l ;..H..$a..'Ca :IS ;Ir.sit .i r r' I hliurit rl i.raV.U .., /. 1':"";. fj '' '''. hr : 1.r. .
: I!.. 'I..I.UII.\.I.\: Yr/'1 >:I 11rlar M9d d r I
... .
., t'trar. 9I t .UN Palate Street --- -
: ,
41d'rn. .n.tr.
......!full.n \ .... \Vi i\rT.CVTO: :-\-\li"'t.Y.\<111'11 1.\I.t 1Hltt
.. III I". Ju'l Fonaaccla, :Florida. LAIEStz- -
II Ilaatr usls_ 'rids :-:{" MMII: THAN VKH: : Ht't'OJt.
-- y
r Ai/IRPfat
,..' ..n4. I t rrrbt I'I! ,"l SEND US YOUR ORDERS NOW.
l*... her al.h.r.J HOflc abd ...I'I! 4 H :!j bW d
'. r, 1 2 I Olsen cCo.
," .I.. Ile .- 9 J : For the benefit of our J..ady'Customers .,

I.""'.".i., r.rltalHr Saab, Doors, we have madearrangements [fl1l1'. s(( Sfrcp*, f"I'plWllt' I .' ,

I *start .',<1
I '. 0* H"t, Blinds Laths
0.. .t"I. in our store
Plc oiling. foo..., .. Shoes ny'd'J \ .
It caro \.J..

? .,Ira, "r-tll r1\ll.i.J J. J. h'UCa t'il: Q U rn'tl (

-.. -- Sawn Cypress Shingle: ?. keep: them locking: well by I CROW IJ S FIRST AND MST CJII CE

i' establishing a.T: >BEE Polishjing i i :I'mQi' ? ",!!" '.* '! 'r .. f,. ..... t"I.
II"..:, I'l'i-IC'i: : AND DEPOT: ri B) IaiEt; :! CLB; L .. diiLfb-i.: 7'7 Y' .ii! uii tJil{. ..
Don't hesitate
--- ?o.r.: Street 'A bar?. Te'iphte:) 310. system.

in it costs nothing Choico Wises, Liquors iicci* and Cil.....
pn:;, -\COT.\ to come ; you
-_. _.. -.._---
and we use only the best; Juc TRADE A SOECIALTY.THE .

> I : .. ...--:--- -- polish oils etc.i'.S iT. C-1-0I: rJ:SRI T G.

"I r' ,; "I'1 1'I : I ,
..,, I. roa.
I '-3. R: t W.. ,' \':- --.- -. -..- -._-- .. ... _____ _P&OR.n__ __ n .n. .n ._..__
-- r r1\1 i I t fj"l fL _

Yj i'\: :
8S Store
..I 'tJ! \, = ",;,;jfJ11l The Boston Slice --- ar-
\ ,
;". 7 \ :!.
... t
.\ '

,-. -_ _L ---IH. .. -- .- N. G. FOROHEIMER, Prop., jrensacola IHoricia.
,- \ I-. ..

: ...- '1.- Near East Kill Electric Railway Terminus.
--:1 -0
: L J' I'I d.
-_ I'-;::': )r\ I!J.i<- --'' "-- IL Wtt A VERY iBeautiful

j t : ... : t 'i : "
; l1E .. --'""' _
__ __3- Lots for Sale.40x1371
'. '-.- .......-..::. ll1taSC r.J Lt'C:1 4 rfc:1J1.: I .

trn I.. rU"CTE5D:: JOBBER OF
\ Aln'rltT1IlL'GCI..IRL1: feet at from :$75 to $200 ouch, according -

4': 1\,4 tlb..l. Ti.r! 1. vy ur I'lHMptn.nBUIIIV" p f' f'?' tT e; to location and surrcundiugs.
$ !
t'rows s/, Ilapiuiy.Pure ..! (.bJ> p .J
bJB '. z.=t t.:; \ ::2 .J ,

DrugsAND (". a131axes, khDTei,1W't''ll: tnd Steamboat !Baprlies: CooklniuaJl Exceptionally Clool .YtighborlioMl, tteautiful r.
I. Y Hettlrg:; Status PsJnt: Oils and Window Glass! !!, High, Dry Fertile Laml

03 per qt. PROKPT SERVICE: vt-stft ,,.:_''?-liiiwarc: and HGiisefuruialilDg. Goods.GCS.S. The grandest opportunity---- for invoatmant ever

!)O III: : nE T. ., '''.!\3 tali: Fish j.tt! Tsckh. offered in Pensacola.
)J 1-
per F

ffl f Hr; AGENT for fiirmiashara! RoUlni iliUa i Corapaa7, Revere 0iLD11 Home Seekers Should See Tlle..e Lois,

IT.: -<|. W It E a ifH: UtJ: b Stltjbei Tilting; Ncrthaxpton! Emery Wheel Company; Laftin & Band.

Powder Company: : JO IlSm'8 Kalsonine, Iron B.lnl and Buck's Stove

Popular Drug Store, and Ranges, Wm. Coaps &C>>.'?: F.a? Hlis Lace! Loatfcsr, M&anry's Beady A. ClUlDlOS

i.KRYCJEU I tftlt EalroadColcti.

No. 37 South Palafox, [ Masonic Temple, Pensacola: Fla. Corner Garden and Alcaniz Streets.

UOU BAR. Telephone 390.




,_> 'h,., .... .... .. n"j.---...__ .... -........ ---A"- .".. .....,- ",...,,". ..., .' -

fc wRSI


: KX10R1B FOR APRIL. I I I The Old Familiar Sign

'LushI.arcerThan Last Month With that now greets the eye ,
; Lalered a' th. 1'0It Offlr at reniacols,

l 4 Ft*.. M **_ooo_ u. _inaltrr._ Bright Outlook for May. the sign that's so refresh 309 I'alafox St., PIIXS.UOI A, n \ .
a The exports to foreign ports
Own nil IIClldIDI(.:11,', Ho- th I'ala.U. -
.s ..i, op-.tatn. through this port for April were ing as the summer draws Real
Insurance. Estate.LIFE
-- -
very much greater than for March
PrRLF+II t.lI BY nigh is the the .
a and the outlook for the present sign upon

+qI 'r TOE SETS PUBLISHING 00. month quite favorable. COOLER, that's been I INSURANCE. CITY LOIS 1 I\ I I \ t

tl e T mrlnvarlabty! In Advance. There entered during the month TUB liWKY DAY TIMUKIl: I.AXI"i .

) e ''e.. j,. 'M' by Mao. :! .... ? Simi' 22 steam-hip of a total tonnage of DFMOXSTUTIOX long laid by, but now Ills FIRE INSURANCE.
.. II'
Mil HoatbiTir .. *150C yt.'jul! and 9 t'ailin"es"els of an ag- J MARINE JX l"nAXCE.o'H f LAM''
Month J J"rnln'as come us as we
Parade IhU ) Very among
i ,.. ..oDtll" fill grtgato tonnage of oTT4. There The
i Ox ..k. tv l'arr.rr payable Ollda. 10 Attractive PLATE GLASS INSURANCE.: to.L.NDt4..
elear during; the month 21 steamships : cry for....
of an aggregate tonnage of 33Ml : ,- I The Ancient Order of Hibernian BOILER INSURANCE.EMPLOYERS' IRON I.ASDM.

; THE WEEKLY NEWS: and 21 sailing ve-sels! of a total headed by Wyer's band, marched to .I ....
.. at ll.i O pr year tonnage of l'JW4. : Palafox wharf this morning and met -- INSURANCE.LANDLORDS' PHOSPHATE LAM"OCHKK
1'11"1101 r.t trey t'rada -
The exports amounted to $U1301)7 ,- .
a .
f c r_..t.i_- err u_ ___ : distiibuted as follows\ : the detachment tlf artillery from INSURANCE.: U....

TELEPHONE NO. 118. Hhvre: .... ... .. .. ... .... M.'I.IMi i i>arrancu and their band and the ICE WATER .
I''Bremen ..... ... .... ....... ........ ::!ICl.JI lrho marines from the navy yard. ELEVATORS' INSURANCE.ACCIDENT FIRM HKK'K U U t
t i Liverpool .. ................... ..... .. : ,;.i l The parade marched up Palafox
d'.I'tI""g Fetes Furnished trplicet. ''t.eiJOU .. .. .... ... .. ..... ........ ..... K1.IHLrtMnnck I in thA following order ICE WATER INSURANCE.:: : ALL KIND MJNM, cIllefS :
M : .. ... .. ..... ... ;6cr *t.-eet :
/f ":' Antwerp .... .. ......... . .... .. '*2:iI'' lar"hal'ilJ and mounted po- .. -
; 1 Ijiudoii ... .. .. .... ..... K tieILorann !
f'g'1"- Wince .. .. ... SM;,"'! lice.An elaborate banner with Admi- ICE WATER !
rr ...... :
-J l: i and Dubbleduiu *10.0 Lifemrnt Sor
.-.f,.... Ku"iuis Ayres ...... .. ... ... ... :J-r'1" ,, ral Dewey s picture in tho.(center Epiiable( ; ''i '
:,.ttrrdatn ...". .. .. ..... ... ......... anu'IS.nr1 clanked by the flag of American on -- ----- -- -- --
1, Kiuiii... ... .. .... ... ..... .. ... .... .. i I and of Ireland ----r:. -
I -_ : W..t Hartlcpool _._ .... ......_...... li.'K" one fide the Has: on (I'You're TIN[ E; rMTii: STATKSBrotlieis.; \
: Karcelonit ..._... ..... .. .. .... ... H.TiM the other.Grand .
PES8AOOLA MAY 1. 1901. tUl1l'lIIoutli: ..... ... ..... ..... ... ..... I'I,fi 0'|!, far'hal\r. O'Leary and apt to find the
i I'nlni ..... .. ..... .._ ... ..... ... .. .. \I.t., 1 Peter KnoV'\Tles'
I THI-II .., ..... ..... ............. ............ ..... ...j'''' his aides, James Mcllugh and II j COOLER laid by-unfit .
.. features of ntluingne. ... .. I Murphy. i
v Ch.: of U intt-re-tiug I Inrgtla ...:.:" :' '. .:...:.:::: : >... ::::. :: T..V.T'Harwich. 1 Fort Karrancsa Artillery band. '
t'tp'onlineConf> derate: reunion atM I' ...:_. :.:.. .. .. 7.jj"i: | Detachment of for present ue. (>et anew
King' Lynn ... ..... ......._.... .. ..... ... ''.;"' I, artillery. ''
e "tnpt.i. uill Iw the presencoof the 1 Pnlernm _. ... ......_ ..._ ... .. .. \.;:i'iNewport 1 i I U. H. marinA; in white uniform; The Home Grocers
: Scorpion, lIH..IU.1 ... ..... .... ... ... ... 5I: 'and' white hemkts.Wyer'a one of Interlined
> -t lt. H. unartnotett gnu-boat . ........ .",*H* j
IWW.a it* way up the Misisipi'l.Tr TrifitB :':.::. :.... : ::: : ....a.4; ,1 I Silver Cornet i' Enamel, Neatly Deco-
Kenator Mallory and President'! Is the nearest home whfte '
.. one your y>u .111
d .. -v.-nt will bf the tlr-t of it-> kind Geiwag...::.... ::-::..... .... :::::. : :':::: .: :. ; .',. Burke of the Ancient Older Biber-.
l'/nflderatereunion, | Havttuu .. .. a Put rated, or one ol our Tasteless tiling need in the sha/ir of family
"occur at it Men .... ::..:"::.::::' :: ..:::':: : : .:: ..'..::..: { Si: I ni4ns iu a carriage.Mayor : you 'iltfll' -

Mild wry l*> tt.jtartlt'lt: as a gracefule $Stettin .. .. ..... .._.__ ....... .... ),IUII'alw' 'i Milliard and citlliclal 0 Earthware Reervoirs out going down town for it. It's 1rl4"
AIDore .... .. ... .. .. ... .. .. .. In carriage I a u"s
#. w{ liai.Ut to the vtteranfrom the NHHU .. .. ... .. ..... .... ... .. J.4J4 ,, Ancient Order Hibernian
i, I tll" imvy.UMK I!I VeraCruz .... .. .. ." ..... ft'l 1 1 I -the best for all when the stock! kept there is dean, fresh, /
aperpt4ty ... The ports will begin at Kupfrian'spark :
-- 'Total.... .. ... on . ..... tli9r7items :; at 2 p. m.i and in reasonable variety. Such a j place t '
f 1 i I ....
.- : jd..I&.t the inHguitude of the! Tile afternoon will be generallyobserved l'urpost'i'-S to $

r....t Morgan) -Ci ruegie d'-il; may Tlnil The..r fin.l lumber of export,* ft...were.. .. :....:tn,345: rlfll lUak :I i I I, a-. a holiday in the: city, all known establishment of

l+.. .ili.>,...j from the >iaument now lumber, s tt .... ..... .. .. .. :J"M> business being --impended. B. GERSON
Oak s Rve. pes ... ...... .,v3li --
got i: thf r'UtiJin the press that ( otumwixxl luml>t-rs It .._. .... *.'__) i I I
Ash hTa 9.pcs .. rot Purify the blond and put the :*y-- Roberts & Dailev
t a lbtrjr large packing trunks will be IVuar iifiioil flats, "..-.'8...... .... ._. 'W I 1 I tern in order foruuhnher work
# t the Carnegie \\ mid Imnlli-s, liaas ........ .. .... ... 1Wsiiultle by
f..t <) iran-pott lilui-k,. I>ag4. .... ....... .. 1,114S'lUltl I I i uir.'atthi* time a short course ofI ; PKXSACOLAp : t
company t )mid+ trout Pitt
.. lotktrberpuiter.dcaucrlled lllckry walnut'IUIII.'l'r.sft.lumber. ft ... . ..... :MUM$.IUI 1 |I greatest blood purifier on earth. 218-220 East Wright Street.

for tHtnds! of the new I.nit lolmcco, liltds.. .... .. S5S 'Hannah Bros.. special agents.; CONSERVATORY[ 1 OF f MUSIC
; a-.l..eh.t1'ttIJ \\'Ill-lit, I.UH ........... ... .... .. Non), i --. --- -.- --
.,..! f'. ri'i.rtio The amount I-i I.OMH.: hiiU ... .... ......... ..... tlCt! TELEPHONE 15J.
e i *"Lu I", >k*.. . .. .. 7Si sll: 1:11.Ill1.T1n:
i 'l":..'t.t1.l Icon nl hales .. ......... U.111'iVtton. I SIItIOt'scli.liGls'I O'II CHAFFERS >n irrctcr. /ill/he awl Shelf .
e ..| lialva .. ......... ...... .. Jl; 11 :I ON : I Staples, Fancy dwnfx, ,iNovelties
,\4''u" to the *tati.-.tic-.>mpi I'll; iron tons. ..._............... ........ .... ;<;'< in Each-Fresh Pure ami.W
< IliMiN, .K5 ............... ... .. ...... 3.2 I tieo. Lingly, charged with the "i
of ajnculthe ..... Piano, Voice Culture, Violin, Pipe
by the ut bureau h'rxthrr-balri. . .. embezzlement of S17.SO from JleneNelion ; on us a
x 1'1101."h"t" rock, tons lA.H>sI Organ, Cornet, Mandolin, Guitar,
r' Itq'a.' ""tI.I."Iut'! leer acre of !,.iien.Mks ... .. .. .. .. ... jr..I!.Ilirt.l' was arrested lat! night by Cello, etc. I .-
Ics .t'i
tb Maple of F1t1li J.t was as
crop the city authorities and tunud over Also Director Citizens Band.
'.11.. : T,/11aCC1/. fl 159.70; Migar, lt'honplIIg famish. ,| to the county. The f Jdntaal Life Insurance Company

: D7Mtp'; +luute.$3Lw; -ei-t in ta- I i Minnie Farley charged with the Brass and String Music Furnished (for
'i I A woman: who has had experiencewith .
t MIN, |a: :. ".; '. I.

... "". ,,; h*y. u-;; I;'''; millet $17.:;17; I dangerous consequences fromit. wa Frank arrested Sander last night by Deputy RICHARD A. McCURDY, President

it i F ..*a i.l.oJ o-ittoii, 11055; upland c. t took. She ay<: Our three last children. Chas.; Johnson, charged:: with using ,i Address : Eseambia Hotel. Statement for the Year ending Dec. 31st. l' <.,

tea f. ll ; ttol.l' Pea$9.11\ ; oat, whooping cough summer.our obscene language, was arrestedi Studio: Presbyterian Church Annex
: baby boy being' only three by Constable Robe last night. According to tie Standard the insurance D p.rrm.e '
u. H7+Y i
: corn. : months olds and owing to our givingthemCaniberlaiu's
f. '! Smith Bridges, charged with an' C. V. THOMPSON Staff of *>* York.
Cough Remedy, ,
TH ....1.-ft I'iiii'ago/ lad: week theealllefd they lost none of their plumpness ', attt nipt at carnal intercourse with a

1 nrt .l a Mct of four new i and came out in much better health 1 female arrested under sixteen years of age No. 30 S. Palafox St. It"cl'i\.d rrf-mlums ...__ INCOME.
:Sanders lat
wa- by Deputy :
\ .........*'t..1 HI>r.-.I ly to teat the die I than: other. children whose parent nik'ht. I Stationery and Office Supplies r ruin nil utber I\UUC'l': ..
fit did Hot u e this rrmt'dOur olde.-t
r.it.hlptn.at..r nvrchHhtiisefrom: John I'ioua, charged with obtaining ,,
t little girl would call lustily for cough
't'hese money under false pretenses ] New and Stvlish Goods at Prices DISBURSEMENTS.
that my tit F.utopean ports between Pix'KKVH.M.I. '
syrup whoops-JissIm To Policynoidrrstort'tatnsby froth
wa arrested last ui'ht I
t1 ehipe .r. of lull t" nuage, and mustdtra ': ., Springville, AH. This by DeputyWar.ders. that Make Them Go. Tol'olK-'liuld..rsfor KnilownicnH. UnldendaetcToAllotbrr 0

only 12: fftt In urdertopase lUmedy i U for sale! by all druf.t8 I I Agent Grand Union Tea Co. Account .. ._
and medicine dt'i\/rri./ : :
t through the \\.II.lIId canal and the ,j ----_._.. "'- "Letter out than in"-that humor' Telephone No "3L ASSETS.
that notice. To be it's out .. .
sure ,
rt.L..L\ you -- --- I'nitod Slalom Kiind and other
f \'flHr.lh"ywillhavt! j WATSON AMI )..\l1JOXr Neon 1 1 lei
take Hood's Sar'!aparilla.i ORT 1URKAXCAS, April First Litn Loans on I'.oml mid lf.rllCl:1'1.II..n
tedl.. ..hull.. :.1 rut of their cargo at [ IMCTII: LAST NIGHT ;i 1 I 1 21! 15)il.) ) Sealed proposals: in *on voids and other K H'urilli'. .

l4 Jlulttto, ,..Ioadlu.t, Montreal thus will be received here t..anM 1111 roin'nny', ore ii 1'ullclnHeal ) .
i.h MuM: TO IXIAXI triplicate until Estate: Compan'annlce Kuilillnitt l-nndatt. I'ar lutl.'. N .
.,.\1".Itah.. the claim of their promatot i Firs and Second Lieutenant of the I IX TOm COUNTRY 12! m.. May 3d, 15W1! for erectingiron }Turk Hosion, 1'liilnorlphiit'all l-rnuoiKo_*" *.lrti.., t4 M. .
!i Kscainliia; KilloH. ilagstalf at Fort Pickens, Fla. slid ntlicr Kt-al }; TateCash .
that their cargoes do not In HI\IIk91\nd 1 riM Coiiipiiini'*
: There contest at the U S. reserves the right to accept nr Accrued lul rrst, Net Hi-fcrrcd
bI"- buck bl.t.\t.t'tll'hlt'uualld the i. was a spirited t'pon all kinds of securities, mort'azei t'rrmluuik.fli-
; all
reject any or proposals. Information
armory last night in the election If condition: bill ofale,
,'oft <"( i". The expfrimentwill of furnished on application.
lieutenants tho l'-cambri )idle notes, portable property every : LIABILITIES.
M Envelopes containing: roposalshould
K N url-J with mtete-t by all description and furniture without j I.lahilityer1'oileyReervesrte
.... the victors; being James C. Watson removal. The stricte-t be marked "Proposal for I.ial.ility fiirCoiitincrnt: '. .... Fund! ...
,. he art!! UI i ted in the country V s"cn-cy guar-
for First lieutenant; and 1'ike Maddrtx l- aultt ed. J.H.I IAI'Io..JI: :., Flig-tatt/'addre "edT. N. HORN, Liability for AuthoiuoJAnnuitk 11\'ld"IUlt
'. s, : : for second lieutenant. Several n :\l. 2ia4tlm2tPhilaJelphia !
2v!:\ _. S.; Palafox. >
I -
how members were i-lected and the -_.- --. Insurance and + In force .

,% I'HK NK\VS nifti- illlcerwill; now begin; hard drilling: <' Try the new rnuejy fur cotivelie" Cream I is a perfect .ha\.rnrlfully.'mint>tJtbef.1r.t'ooI.,.. n. 's i I iit. .

t Ile : .. : .. It Un'l ...Wilt? I1U- to tit the company for encampment Chamberlain1!;! :Stomach: and cream. If you give u* an order we liutnlitif calculated l>y the luturacct I.< imiitntn' : .

,.tt, \.uu..f K'-v. :Mr. "I'n it'. i i Liver Tablet;. Every box guaran are sure to secure you as a constantcustomer. i !M \ II I >> 'l>I' .
-- -- We have it in
< ,t. I' ..i 'U. lill lit'furn hi teed. !'rice, .:.; cent For sth by vanila "cth"h"vr "lnt"m"nl'hn".II" Tt M. ".- .nUi.\i .
Jiiliou-n-'S i i. a condition ('harl('- druggists i aud medicine dealers. lemon, strawberry pi-tachio/ champagne most I'KmihfeSlYK<< ; : I.IHINsfKANi: : K; I i..MP1U" H. .
I..... > jirat! f- r it. K.'i:: i.i .- tiTi/'d b11' (turlunceof the: dig'- ; -. .- I and pt'jcl't'! -t Honda I lllVI'otlL'l'! : tin Ii'! J'"l.\'l'" i'rir!> l 'ii| r'Hiilit ,

*.. ..... .. tJ ,.: : ',t' rO' I't 11'... organThe t-tomach isdebihtid Steam; Bakery. .. .-..lIIp..liII... Inbl.
1'A. M.Special H. H. fHOBMON
I *""'. r.-.
tI.t' ., .: t't...'r.i t'r. d tliliver torpid, the hH\\.I.;
... .' "I-tij.t; :>'.!. There is a loathing <.f a enmtnunieatiutnf'Icasllbta -
a b .r. I.t. 111'1 I I I. IMIII" in the hovel, dizziic .".-, : Lode X.,. 15, F. '

f ., rfll! ,, I1 I \. :> i t-if-d I tongue and vomiting. li>t ofif lG' & A. M.. at T:30 {\. m. 'I I IONEPRltJE

.. \ 1- I .' nudir: : '-ted t or partly UijTH-n- Yl ) Wpdne-d iy, Miy lat. ;1.F.-E-:

r I .t. .. ,t .n the! f.i.jCl and then of bile. Chambi-rlait.-; Work HI and degree. BRAWJEiI'Se] [

'M l' Loxrni'. S'.tinach ad Liver Tablets alhj' Ihe',I Vi-itmg brethren invited.

.... t ilimrnt 'li-tuibauc-- the !fitotnach: and' HARRY W. OlIHW,

"1.4 u ,.' ....1..1.I. cr'af n healthy: appetite. Tlxy' ;-ecreta; I'Y. ,.
..:: alai :ti I-i tone up tie! fiver to a luultnyutlou \Y. D'C.1tEssnrn. W. )1.
.11 '
and regulate the bowels. Try ---
MI' 'I.I to 111.- CASH HOUSK
I.k ,. ..I'Ulilllore Ii! .-iu an,1 vein are e'rt.tin to bt. much Everybody Bas a right to a little

a. Ilnxrp ;d! 'a'eod with t-e! result.! For ode! by pUce of this earth. Jlut they mn-t

? I .' N. iri all druggists; : and iredicit. .. dl'al'r": tight: for it. 'fheymu-t watch their 105(): South lJalartr''I'f
-- $
;e '- ch.itice togf'tit. and! get it. ,
H. ,, w..1 .. 11.\HI \ :';. Git.xn \.I Thos. C. Wntsou & Co.

I I ." ,'::1.".' riiM'ir.\ii: ;j EY.
.. aims
.tI t r.viitol to oiler just now they invite ,
., 1'.. The Ia: .tmn')itt county school .run to mine and investigate;; game.

.a, ,.1" .t..1' board has elected Prof. Harry E. You will never regret: having done
i oor,|_ (drain as principal of public school
I) \II'n1I
._ : r. mU-r No.Ifor the utrpired portion of -I I, ;''-inch Red Table Uuina-k at l.:>: The. JamiJ.. Mean's ('.. ) r.Kr \tll i I

n I.. the present term made vacant b> yard. Mfi.'s KIOH'| at $_.2i.: :\ .
t the li,nii--al of C. 11. Dye. 1'roi.iraham fi -inch Hell and White Check guaranteed. 'i

+ '../rtut, t. i3np ( is a prominent edncati.r. AT Table Iamak at 30c yard. I 50 dozen I.a it's''est?,
: V\ .
t i ,
'.. Having been a i-tint: principal attht' 58-inch Bleached Table Damask at :!fie, or 43s; dozen. .
-If n'' that r1rnul -chool Jfl'utiinklpring
II;: state ,
.na .. ".r (.',r all FMu .. *. Prof (intliam is well J 25o yard. | 411 dozen Ladies' Ve..ti. rt .l .j. ,
TIle \Ivillis\ !lIar Cos
jftf i" I jir .| then u kn.vu and well liked here au1 hi> : i rare TiS-iurh Unbleached Pure Linen in neck and tleeveut thr" }r.1I
.. Table Dama-k:: at 2;; or We dozen
t tk i "! ilk priHluct.i appointment gives :general: satisfaction. ( yard. I { flt *
i .. p 81..d ('..ud..n"Fd
lit ; 'u *-rilt. audi 3iic yard. pink blue or white, at 15c

-i t t irniiintioa. Saves 1 \\0 Frcm Death. i:in'h Iilp1'hl'd11 Linen Table for 25c.! tir.'f.I I ..ri.
Oar little I tiuhter! had an nhr.o-t Damask at sic yard. 2.1: dozen Indies' l.1'p! "' I I 1 .
tta.l in \ "IH".I'\r"{'T fatalattat'k'.1 \vhoopnig: eou \ '
11 t..1'1 \.. unit i. :NV\I broi.elnnwrites Mr.V.. 1 K. IMTKOVEP ; s1r.4 'E& our lin*. Wt' will save: you mllnt'Our \". 5o d"z"n1"11': ; French : .m 4.. .
IL H.iMl.itiJ. \Im"hk.\ -but Ladies': Sandals: : a'nd Oxfords dershirts
at : "IC. or 4-V suit .
14'I" i .1 VE tii! :d'-. Kills when :.Il! other remcdie< failed weaced THE LAWS AS SMOOTH at fIC. Tic, $l.ou, 11,25 to f-joo, ate j. :..4) ( "7en Men's I Iri,ptitcli :.I..I.

.." i 1'1. t "dacrd| ill t',' leji I". l hi r life with Dr. King's Newt li" WITH A RAZOR..... money s-ivers.: Neck l'nd"r"hirti at 4V ; ; 1 r' I
.. >i-eovery. Our niece, won had Men should buy their Cable j match.I: 1 1
lari' tl t I. '.t.h!i -ub-dl>tllCt-'. :,crpHdohl' freln1" .. ti.I
r ntnnpion in an advanced stave, s this week at 2"") il-tz-n} M"n's; Hcriven\
...... \\ .
In a i !h' :utitf* Routes to ad- ?I.:) pair.
al-I' this; wonderful medicine Side .Seam Hrawf'r.alt 1',1' ..,
I.ifM.tbt.It. ia .l-Kri JIH! todayshe i" perfectly well." 1I.UDIOCI5.ICE ,
0.. w.. .,.-.f r" Idu1.r for n tnroat ---- -- I
amid diseasesyield
=..,... .o "....,(t...+. ..11"' tn t xtrndIltis Df-perate lung; ; CREAM :FKKi:7.ER:
) 1 ,
ti> Kind's New ni-coHrI \ NO

lrauktalr prte*t.t llrlle.... t., l"gi..latorNltr.r..ral .. ;Infallible-, to iiii other for Coughs medicine and on Cold-earth.. 1 WATER COOLERS.:; ?){ TROUBLE TO SHOW GOODS::; I

cimaWtTitbU talk about
Tb..I. a Vie and $l.nbottle( guaranteed bv
.........'' bill T-n air.- -..It i I.> b- 1t'.1. D'Alemberte.Jl| South Pala Ask far Rebate Checks.

k i. .rt.t...r.4i<,ii by I lobbvitit< to fox street. Trial bottles free. Have you seen the Combined Water I

1....hltb sIIb..ntar.. ri-vi-nuf fn'mII Filter and Cooler?
1 t elp.faia.>a hall b* nppliij( to ywe really: make the smoothest I rill 'ril ,' .Elel ,' I
tr f tJ }
.. .. ti
.. 9t r
and be ice J21J.
-t cream* that are pro. : 'I.
t .dueed by any one in this or any .) ; = Maas ...-i'.U... "hlttrr are not other city. \\".. can prove it. Let j I CRABXET-, .. I
..Hriii". tent imply liquids difltflt. "-
n+ jOu. West Florida Steam : ,
.. .. t" .vad. th. law.rn Uakerv. 105 South Palafox Street. '!
.\. HlTTIiKi otieofibto ETC.
TKI\ M '14 U'>; i
....*. It I* trictiy :a medicine -

avtilm |>nMrilr on the: kt.ln 'y.t Your I inllrznznzocksr -- I 1 1I I

; uaWial ... ,t.. IIPt for Ih,' d ..n.i. Liver GOODS. B 'IJG Thos. C. Watson k Co. I
.. ... GOLF ( 1 rl1 IJ JriUow Chairs file leading r.4 here "1 I I
; i. surf'' .. that attack :heir ore Will be roused to its natural duties HeaUtate Agentstak? l1IJIlrG I
1...-<< of the llr-t oilier all l "'," '(" '
j iCM It H 11 grade. and your biliousness, headache and and seasonable goods the vorryofTthl! shoulders of the ( i
fh#.. *+ h" hltlll bjctionabb-- in it- constipation be owner' flf I."
cured if take
IZ'/llr' Intl
you at arslon $ Finch's. property *" "* the I' ,IT ( Jrtr 1 i
i i...4. i t Ioo.n .rretble tljvor and Do you know that the best ice renting IIf their hours :
,. *ti > I i.l't>> the ;i"t dMicftl. Hood's Pills cream" is made from pure sweet Counterpanes! dome up f for lit cacti|, !* rl!) of their rents a3 conscp the 1'.1. for 0'rxtr'4r II i
PL ,i .. Hai P 4* Urn < 'ecials cream. We make it. West Florida tinnily as they .t' F'z. rh '
would thfoll1' 'Iv. I r''I I I
MEtba laumdr )
"' < i u, st .J by an: druggists, 25 cents. steam Bakery. few ry. I Tneir charges are j
very re.sunabb .
VOlt l( '( .


"" '''''----->... '._ ._- -- .,. ," l i .........

.. .. .. ... _
....-::' -.." .- .....'I'.i''' '- .ac' ''' .,-_ ""' ..'"""' fV! r."""" .., ....,.. "7 r .;-...",.. ... ..." -" ". 'r..TY: ..




The Old! Oaken Bucket Nero Society 1 Pays rouble..Members Out of ,: R. HALLIDAY &; CO.o .

'J.1.3 DCBUX. Gas April 30.-It has been j

I discovered Kit there is a negro
society i,

in Dublin which pays the fines of HsI' _-=---=-.:..:::..:.:.:::::::__=.=.......__ ________::-==-- ,
f From oM oaken bucket" days members when they get into trouble

\ there has been nothing so price. and that none of the members will

1 less {In \ :llue as a cooling draught swear against any of the others. The
organization is known as the Labonn" '! Bargains for the Week\
ol) osier to a parched tongue. Frienda' bociety. In the past some Be"I'I Coining

crocs Lave paid rather heavy fines and I
i' I It was wondered where they got the i

) I I1 money.Qn '.tnrday a barber by the name of 1;i Our Entire Line ofBLACK

: r0 fjhifiRocki Henry Wilson was fined $15; for fighting. '

lIe took his arrest and conviction !'
coolly saying that the Laboring Friends' !I

s; r society would pay him o'Jt.and so it did. j DRESS GOODSat if
y The officers believe that most of the |
j ( 3 LlTHIAWaler crimes committed in this city during :

the past! few mouths by negroes can be I

t. traced.: to this society and are keeping a
.,; \ decided reductions.
close watch on all who are known to be i i iuicink

\ 1 U an exhilarating sparkling rs of it. ._ ;;
draught \\ ith the vim and life i '
I the
) day is'

Ii and not the bite. ', the unquestionably instant:relief of PA all(. -burns KIlI.lm.!scald'for?, |, Extra Val lc5 in flack Taffeta Silks at

., Mottled :Waukesha, WIs. '. bruises, etc.. and for pains in the I }
FOR SALE HERB BY stomach and bowels as well as in i

ti '. Roberts & uaiiey. I sudden attacks of cholera nioibus. 47c S10DD and $1.25.8 li
., I. No family should pretend to keep >
-,. .\;": :' ..: ',- 'i. ', :. ",".. house without it always by them.

Avoid substitutes, there"is but :

LEWIS BEAR & CO., '_Pain-Killer)<.JC. and 60c., Perry Davis.' Price one >Exceptional Value in Black Peau de Soir at 81.25.

Solo Agents for West Florida. '_ ,_ __ I 1<

NAVAL STOKtb HAKKKT.Itepnrtrd : .

R. K. WHITE, SOCIETY\ EVENTS .- Union DAily Naval for Stores The Co.Newa fcj : NEvv GOODS!

Maaalflltnru. ;; J* nebr| Rf\IIIS. 1 1WW.

.. _._.... ......t: 7" H._ ......... t' 4:,
/.tdt1KMtr tl'Ut'\... \ \\ wtL-....._ z 1.) U..... ._ .. ... 1 ,I.
AMJ) IfiiiaUSALal..ti N._._. .. .... 2 }a I 10 ..... ... .._ .. I .a I Received this week a handsome line of Mew White
.. :1.._ .. ... ...... ,
P. ta, I U.Ill :! :'I I t; .._ .. .. I :!:
K ..... ........... m.. ty: t. ...... I :"
I..... ..... .... 1J; I .B.CA II:,
-- ttrSntmTUai'srrtwtt-It: ;. i"ntl. Shirtwaists, latest style Soft Cuffs Soft Collars.OULAKDINES .
--- -
NEWS NOTES l..t-i I 1'* ii .'."Y of Olive, FlJ.. is inth
Laxative };rOIUOUIDIDIj removes the
Lee Brown fif Evergreen: is cIioU c. ___ Patterns much Handsomer:
oilUtltl( thi' vjiitois here to-day.
I' n.'llint'!. lion, J. :M. IIUIi.irJ returned Let iI J
I have been authorized to take I than the Heal Foulard Sill s. .
1Ij..V fctrivnl night (rota a bu.iiucs s visit tll Tilla1 I IBryau's
.. subscriptions forVm.. Jmninirs
.a. EI.
.. paper' "The Commoner." II k

i- .it.-* | t.,-. < I.. I. i 1 I':. r. McCa IilI uf KrrcportVttauiotiir The price is ifl.dO) per year in ad- i I <

lii 1'i-MI '.'. I... .. } the! arrivals at the Es- vance. Those de-iriuij the paper |
eatiibiit iHHt! niht.VVra. ran have: it sent to them by seeding i! DRESSING SAQUES. f I
t I tot 11.1, !.a- .I..k $I.UOto the undersigned '
III. W : ,; .....'HI I'a.I M.ViNmi of faint Wa.hInltH" H.M.Riu-iiK. i

Merchant! / was; aiuoii** b't. ni the ht.arrivals at Care Daily News I IA i i New Line Including the Kimonas in Whit 3 and Colors, both in

h' 14' unl. ,. I..rt tilt. A
Ll ut. I I. N. word. lS.. H. C. S.. '
":. If. rrc. iu' I..h' CH. & P. O. Huilding.Peusacola, *Lawns and Silk.We -*
arrival t li r.' ye-tcrday: relieve
t- t1I.I iititifii at for ) 27, 1901.! Healed proposals -,
Lieut. K. r. I'.titlt-r, m command of will be received at this building I
the iVnroi.- II 1\ ill!:: bt ordered until a o'clock
p. Tuesday, May'>
I i ..-..1. I..ct.tr.UI.ry': I''i In duty ou tlif cutttr Tyhee.Tim it, 1W1: for furui- i i n-iJ..fin .trill t to".1"-
stag party at the ?ytnna iumto water, ice miscellaneous supplies, : liar and would ask '
> ; Ul flat n.t-r *hould washing\\' I,;, hauliiu ashes and Mosr/uito respectfully
.. meht jircmi+f* to .be a very "
I. \ joyabl!s event I'rof. J. M. ]?.I sprinkling streets for this building inspection of same to show their superior ;'

', :' t l-irft : It futry will Hdtl tithes all tli\ iicinherot during the fi-cal year ending June
fl :a .1"1 j. .r.1.| 1'1141..y the 1'. .\. C. and all of Ins friend- 30, I'.HI., or such portion of the year (jualities.R. .

I o t. k u..*mt tl.ne. The as may be deemed advisable The
< 10..1" vi-ut w ill t It<. for the double purpose right i to reject any: and all bid i is reserved -

': .... \) ..1 I .'. It( ", ... 1-f ei-lf brat in ur 1'rof. Jlall's birthday by E.i the'.\ r1LLMANCusfodioi Treasury Department.JOHN ,. HALLIDAY
ttt'J II -w.' Day.
.. ,...-" ?t,' t',t ..>VIM > mleodL't
pert l ...t..rt+ly aftrtr i --- ---- e. Phone 193. 33-35 S. Palafox. '
.. It'" ..t (iult>t- I
,, h r.Atltitl( UlJ Nil} tt/ \Vhfth-r on pleasure bent or busi- SHERIFF'S SALE.Iy .
I ..u tif''+, tuk! on every trip a bottle (IfS virtue of an txocutlon Issued out of
\ rup of Fl/- as it acts most pleasantly the circuit court In ant: for the county ofrAiMtiin.ttiiteut OJ''' B. 'l New Line Donna Feuime Net Curtains if. Arrive in Pew Duis.Allpnlior 6 ..
tI. >il t" .1. .,vr th* and ':- "'Iond.'. herein i utieuIriediimii -. of a
cSTt-ctualty on kiilnyn. I\: urn plxln'Ilr- and -rholl &
,, I ir+lttll. I". ; >r u.f liver. and bowel-, preventinR sM-UHre) ili-fendum-- have levli-d upon h __ --- -
-.t''I| ,. .1.. '>1M( Illll- t*>vt*. tern lathe+. and other forms and w 111..111.. tbeliuiiesi luJiler lor t'n.b
>'I..1;>4 11. r' -i i! -' i"- .if *u'knr- K.r sale: in "ii) cent hot of in IVuncula front of the in court, luni'-r door in the city I'. Ii. A. i iI r King Up No. 23!
'!" county find -I"I".M I IlI'dork IJ
I. ,:tn, ', l.jr ti I 4 ,,)[1' ... I
tl by alll"'HIiIl'l dnu' :-t. Manufnctur II).. on the tint :Monday, hems thealdxyofJunr You are hereby commanded to a-- _
I tol: ,
.ittlt U by California Fi ) A.Ii.ltII.the' fulloviiug de- i I
;;; Jiyrup .nliiMl property, 10-WII : spiultle :at armory Inll in uniform
1 I -li" i il.'ii > ill. Co nly.You Three i.ti acre in tlioutheawt quarter of Wedne-d.iy. May 1. at 7:30 \>. m. C. 11. TAYLOR
.h dl i I r "!I. < section tan \lut wnsUip ont ill north J.USIIIP-- importance I
.. will have pride iu you own ruiife thirty-one (.tl/Nest 1 ; al-o forty ilui t
'- ?!lrt'r J.i'ii .ii order of the! I
Uinr iranli-m if acres in the toithen quarter of tileuarter By C Iptaiu.W. II I I
Palate Street
atul they are on your I No 9 North *
lt'D' ti*
I lIorlb"lI-t uf cection < igh; \V. CAKMirifAKL,
.' t.i i 1 It-< t. >t >wti ground. Your liu-Laud! can buy teen (lii, township one U> north rniiK' 1-t Sergeant.
4 h| "a.'-. and be can do it now, alMni.iK'ii thirty-one (Sli et_L all in aid cuuuty ofK I
I"U h<' may think otherwise.rv :>cnnitiiii and state (if Kloriil.-i, 1 1"t
TSeiiliove described propel V"'I..d I upon Eat: ice cream: of acknowledgedmerit
Ja.l ti -i.if.iv/ : iy W'on.iu: .vunts a home of her ft> the prop..rtor Atiilfow I'. CasM-U.
'.t I- -I-, ,!. I < 'I- "<* n, :,ilii -i'! .' wall: have a talk with one oIl h.. salt dufenuunH. and quality-l'hilllldl'hh-...
.. mid in PHIL;;.iC"l.i: l hy tlmV i.
UKO. Jo.I\IITIl.: 1
14 ,'f I'lCt.V Thus. C. Watson & Co. the
R. ii.61tIF4. MifiitT.Attorney. Florid Steam I::tkery. I
t ,1ft. .1 ki..Vkl U-adiii.? K"-,u K-.ttt-: : .\.:'guts, they mlou'4w 1I
"* ., ,11 II !J- ..f ran "i..W l h.-r II"I"j': it is to jjitHav I, t4- > tY eI
.. "Call for "L'no kwoo'J Rve", at S.
.r .ulll'
> ; '11"
SKEPIFF'S: SALE. A. Fnediiiair-by the! drink <>r b'.t-
: i i>" a-
., you trjf-d it? If not, call liy \ H!1I..r an Hxi'cnilon tsHVil' out of tie; it i- tinnice-. port nit-How ryoon ,
tin:C'lr -uitOojrt III and fur t'," ( ojuiy "1 the mark.'t. I
"I" > S4i; ml ordr acme of the bp-t
F:-ermuu.ritau- ofp'lunda.wh rxin L. :M.IMVH I ,
ice crtMiu in the city-rhi'adelphia. I n pliinitiir and Lloyd ..Mi-hue- tl<-
't (;II'.d Alia tour- -. fHii'laiit, I hnvx li'Vi.d uponanil will si-l to C.A.STO :I.A.: .\ LI C UY I lilil II '1I \\ ." ..
"it t-: i 1'-'
Vi', .J i .'..r...,. the liiulu-st bidder f.>r Ct-li, In r-,,," of tin-! Bom I1't1") Ma''a AI"21 eo tt t .
mOM Atoms. I
( tc court houst* door in the city of 1"-:11'011111I : i.tlu'unP I : Wl'it' I I' !-! tI!" JP-t 1.!-!Itt-. :'
.. A i ,tii- TI," old ldi;, tnt the body "onlrt said euuuty n'id: >tut... ut 1- clock III.. on rLh LLJ 47 t t'ickle.: lff! or"! tryii1/: > 'mr luck fill Boots u1I Shoes h

: I,! '. it.i.-.. u's a powerful dra-ti", pur- A.the 1'firsi. 1! I1:.Monday fiillj\MiiidticrilH'a ItfiiiR th. 3rd U">propvn ot .Inne, G.r : : I'tNGf t.t/'v{ I I he ti rillY': tu! ', ;,r..j"I! ,v nii--lf: with j I :! ,

'. : \\ tivp pill ha-i bt'i-u fxplotled ; for to-wit: an UT'-tn- iati ..ti li' in rdd--, !litll--;
; 1.,1, i I'. Kin: '* NPXV Lif. 1'ilU. which Lot thirteenii! ; in block tWeflt3'iZILI : ---- llie... lionl;,. r..t-1-. I iii't. ;.tm1 b'i-kct;;; I I
.1 It \ I Y'r tf. ctly liarmlc.gently ;:timtir ",. \W-t-niil I\III.tIlate r.\.t t. in the ,'ily..f Pen-ii- ciHIn !..: CCsc..s.9..525": 2 from our |itriorock of ti-ln-r- I ..
.Iu.ln t.M'Hini Itlil
c MHIAof
> )
t I f.' Nt, ..-, nisi. howeN to ""'I'd poi Florida. L-vied ca ns p'o N'rty of li.e inetr-.l-. \\'(' I'tvij'vorvtliinirin! Eersir' [ mr.T nUill [u-el "I.U:: EtHirHod ,
j: tins, Mclt... All Kl u'.Ilt 1'p-t'rlatr Paying; juE [} .
"' H-! ttirttt'-r. flt-Hii-e I th"ytein snit UtleiiuBlit Ui'.ul the Ili: of -porting ;;'i" uf t1: it
d' driy : i iH-iliit'ly cunontipation I t.K.SM11H.. E B latent Iud hn-t II'I A. t. } Fijlcj,; a Jprcially.! ,
.... ninloaw4 Crag Easirsss f fjr Saaiii .
u: :.'J fSii-k -itlachx.. 0111ic!: at ._, '. i COirri: 1:001TOHE..
'I - :: Work\ Called for and Delivered; Free
\\ \ IEAi 'mbrrtr'e drug ?tore. Good reaiH fur '.lling. Ad- -
.' t
t. NOTICI: I C. .STOrt.IA.: : of Chzrg.
di(' n
'" I ." For TrlJ I Kotice i h..r..hyelvrnthnt! tli> t '"|.>wintnnmfd !<- rn funi J the 1'J f- "1 V I to Al! 3,5 EG: 1 1i !
City urcr.II rE.oara
,.1. pfr ou" <'l"un th" lollouuii; ,10-- 2303. -IOC Ci ty.'C525'2525"'t.52525'29. ;! A i!
t .-rat..urounrr ".xlf n, riiiululnti'J. e scnlx lots Ihewutrr frunt"t ihect\.I G1 Ja'LI6i Pat :Mclf'i'.'"i'- r.-w het! oll la-t j i.It i.--.
..,....-.-I..."(ion tulhx ttU'i> of tn>'iurt'ra ofT' j I'eiisai'nln under tlie not of the., li>.i-liiurI .. ..a r : i tf (kEt u. I wi il!! pay A mi t', .nl It.
"q v M tl\ Ir'an%ar.'lxat. lilt lMl Ci .1 I of ,Florida upprovtd .Innei, 1-: to-wit. .
h :-uii. kt-M IMI June I. iind r.'lu..t' tht | Jasper IvHml-Lot MX Itli and tin1 Na- -
"\ I" t 'Init. tn.,'rt .d ay frfivJM th puWii-in grit savrtlteanllifrrlnn.l _ix i'l inches o! I I.:
,.. Jo-Kfll I. JilIINMIX. I .1'IIIe..n i 1'11,111 block thirteen d:. '
lMTUL'alli n ul will betm .I. !1.-
---- ------ ruins ( <
l! : lay. May !". tb('i. tL
For Alderman. E. I>. ISH.B-: .. .
; \ (lIdlI..r.l ud.'.. K. tf. roin(4T b..r.'y Km KIN Joy t'-. 'luhe Forbes Stol'aes.BITS
tiun. him n* n camllinlf t ir alJerman ClIA.M.tVsloNalToawlw
tram p nil't I L'ominlaiuiiiv : -

...., .'.,J... II.. e

; ... ..t

.\ ;... l.lV' -," *. r. ."\O ...... .r. .
;' 'U ;& ,". V ." V V 'WT".or. V.II :'J\ I;', of easy-pricing. which arc the fruits of good buying--not o' LOO) K made
{ '
t I w.. i.. ; "II"1] -. -''"I.,," ; ;

11 <0" tI > i < II J\: I' to sell. Mistery of the Linen market has meant a growth here of '_
i '. tI :' ... fl';" r..t'. ,As.."" **
,'f' ".,VV..T'VYVVqTTV
k Hi, ; .. OW) IMr rO the largest Linen business in town. It's safe in buying here, and it (Kies'nt make

I .', "1 .;_ \I ,..... o Ilu( ) <> 4I
-I .' -
I v :. 1 1 oo OO .
1f..1'j', [ .:!-iteh 1 iautiful.ttin IXuna-ks in Tl'-inch: German Linen, fi;> and T'/o White H tick T' wf-h, JlemnKd.: i/c

':rr I' I.. : : 4> Ip Yiii '. a Dozen Pattern*. l.Cn: to $1.,-"> a1: a yard, wort !'i '.m- and *1 1.41. and :3;)e eai-h.

.J"..Il..t.,1.',Mil" ( 6 .. o O yard, X. ;>kin-t + :Match each Pat-1 jip-iutifalllHiimed: Towels Colored Turkish lUth Towels at }fir to
ul ;I. e.ln. i iJ
"1 > ;it- i -.. I DEILCIIUIEo s <> tern I I Borden, :!Oc each. : .JI< ; each. I-

.. '. .
tot. .I." .
..I M MIIu. o

tttl (i If .nut iui :I''itT The Following Go While They Last
.. [ERIESI I [ :
.1. "'1\ .II: \ ge J : (flflj i i 3

Bit H III ; 1 Case Scotch Lawns, .10 yards for 35c.
H* III l'" .U'IIIIli.: I
N >i t< .t you 'hat> t'lO' 0o i I 1 Case Shirting Prints, 10 yards for 35c.
\I "li '. .>B lOtl' tl'f: !: ) #
;. >n :> to ugly trio.t1nr$4. > "V"'YVVVV.,lIkAA A A AAA.AAAAIo.. 19 1 Case Dimities and Lawns, 29 inches wide at 5c per yard.

.">! d'- U> lN foi'I Entire Stock Sea Island Percales, worth 12% and 15c per yard, at lOc. '

J' -,.. TtoH Hi I CITY hOne
.- t*.4ary to': More

: t!l > 1108.buU4i*K up |i.I Car Load of Refrigerators and Ice Cream Freezers Just Rece 'etl. Get our ;

I I ..dITfl"U tjr o---- ---------------------- 0 Prices Before Purchasing.
.f. .4th 11. "ui
wh..lf' ..,......n.t -

".01.:'" I Y'lI CKHN & CO
i : i I. .II.. SOL :

I t I H! t' '" ,, -v\T. J. &, E. Forbes

'. I.... ..;. 201-203 S. Palafox. Telephone No. 178


._. __ .... L_. ".... "" ",.. ., .... 4,.., I.- .- ,,,,-.-,- -- -
"' ,
.+s.--.r.- ._ __.. w. ,._ .._ R- .

*- !

-'Has arranged- -- to escort tue president and I -

ATi1ftTHi THE PRESIDENT party to the capitol by a procession composed
P' I of regular troops from Fort Russell -

!' ,' Wy., National guards Knights

SPEEDING SOUTH Templar, city firemen and citizens in
( carriages. Governor Richards will make

i A Constitutional Affection \ > a brief address welcome from tne cap-
," ----
I. =. itol steps to which the pre,iuent will
*_-z. I"'; ." Tourists Receive a Continuous respond. The president will lay the
Ir '. ... ," :
I I. > p-.n T 1" sh'" s, M.'licated i/.r ;
of the Masonic temple.
; T a b4. .a.!Inu'tty. INn *, -1.>' ?and persistently J', .: '''. \\ "" : ".....: Ovation. I: cornerstone _i ii _____

--.t ..n"l. .h il.irrlt TUrv relieve' temporarily V,:,"0\\. '..i: S"1' :\ 1\ i Souvenirorlced: In <;old.
y tbtrnl.. 4t
Y; vm tti '"tvatli* it...rv canly
tniti iu.h .>l imj un* 1.1..1! t > tlic! ..c parts keeps up ql\\ \ have: been made to Lave the various Castoria is a 1g ric'S substitutp for Cantor nil, l'.ir.-.

,, lb imti'..* cn. ultima, !h' produces ulceration of 1 1hm \\ 11I f/j --- Colorado committees on the! presuUatial curie, Drops and XoothfufT{ S) rur'. It is I'h-uvtnt.: itcotitaunn

t: 1' the (Vend. !. the fi..tlj ln-comos exceedinglyidth \.0, -, :' t' elaborate Preparations Have llef'Ol'ufl'ctl'l reception board the train and meet < neither Oiilui'i. lorpliino nor (*thor N.inmifMiManeo.
ri.s .4htblt' it -<'!tl 1.u (Jfthe I1t..ea'C fr gentlyalintlemm.ttuntexteorer \ ... and
It dt''t.h \Vonns all.ij" IV\ITI.IH .
the i\ent: and at the !state ) .
InVfsleru Cltie* to lie- pre put
.. itrwtclti I Tin .
411 si ,
{ Ifarrhuaar(111'ind Colic It nliu Tfib.
if It
j Hue "os-ible. At titnwuedprtngs j cures
rlt'rr .ria-.i-14 th.inurtMit iii'-tnlirane or inner skin the kidneys celYeand KiiterUiu: the l'resltleut1alParty !
# i- ; stomach j Trouble and cure Con-tipution.! It rrcuLit tk.stonmcli
will *
t the president !111' entertained by the in"
f .i d |h1l' .'>' ..:" !! tit h',-tt l ; (hen!Inh:jystea soon becomes affected by the rapid4l1. i and nalnrul
Iu u Royal .Manner. millionaire mine owner. IhoiuasValth, | and Bowels {Thin?; healthy tle.-p.
J.$.ua "' in .,t.-+ Into the bk$,d, and the cluease that you had hoped raiiacea-Tlic 3IotherS Friend.
i who has arranged for a inaynillceLt roceptioii The Children's
4r.4 to nd'O.n..; If !I... il \ .. .as-iuiats a dangerous form. :rEVESSOS. Ala, April ::-The i I :
pres. be Hotel Coi!
to given a: tar j jrodo.
: 1 |u>4 r >t.rrb) about 15 ye&ri, an! I bad Catarrh eo tad was entirely 1 idential special arrived here at ;:10 : The reCinrlJu111 bi made: The Kind You Have Always Bought
trM44u.it.-*tlWK oyorylfcicc I could deaf: in cno ear and all the inside I o'clock memorable by souvel irs worked iu gold. ,
I norniiip, schedule time
k*.r o', fe"t BotbiBif J.'. mo any tooL of my r.oso and part of the bore on I i i Bears the Signature of
At IM I cau t, th c''ucuuon that ElouThed off. The physicians gave At almost every sutiou pa ed during 1 I! NEWWARSHIP FORCOLO."CI.A.lnterlean '
F CaluA Kutt b ttsrh&.4 I to .i... R. B. 3. ie tri.:. I coal I i try S. S. S., and began! to improve at the nignt crowds: of people: who had remained :i -- ,
1- Y .i UiU Im"i oT.. .'nt Cram tte drat 1 cnce. It eeenicd! to pet at the seat of i cp to IIthe presidential special i'' te.un Vac'it:: .>;",Qurn.. llai |1
t'*' bolts. old luni,mu..l it thr... or four the disease end after a few veeks' ': H..II !l'ur'h.I'.
i cheered the tram as it sped by. Several
t tnratka. or unlll I WM (;&:0<1. Iluver. treatment I was entirely cured stda1M : i !
tikaa for lit and for i hundred J GF.NO, April :s.). The American '
u-tt / yc'"u. acre than sevonearn have had people were at the station at J
....art ..m w.u w I...,""II.-n. h:AT. no ci",.i of the disease.MKS. JOSE. I Stevenson steam yacht X.1)lffi3 has been fitting
atlN. Laps .,cla. PKHJE 1'OLHILL Due West, S. C. ;' despite tho early hour. The j '

t t'a:.art'i I. I < "lut tutlfm11 dieace-a Wo-xl disease which is frequently | president, who had already arisen appeared 1 i j out foravoyagctol'anma.having; ;: beenpnrehase.d In Use For Over 30 Years.

6rfte I -.a < ...v.a Itlotui m,.dic Inc, such as S. S. S.. can remove the hereditary and bowed his acknowledges; i jmenU. by the Cobrnliaa govern Ter !,r"T'"'' "!'IMP."". TT MU. ..... U.-...,0 rtr. ...._
e I..at. ,4r.t! \ ':. |\.1"IIU that b.lleI'n ni-cuii.ulatins in the system for years lien:. Negotiations for acquiring;;' her ,. ( '\J l1] "--

j3 irrk... *t. fttuthrm ure the Wotnl In a healthy and pure condition. The inflamed I -- have been carried oat by General HerBert :, ---
; '. tnratraer9 :;r.I..t'tC'Pt"l I glands are he ilnl! by tlu- rich, pure Uootl which i-j carried HuiitsvilieIIvxisViLLt. Folk flirpr C. ffnes. who i-i lyre direcrmg -
? t 'H ..ffc.. ihs and ALi. 20. .The her llifut,;. :
st iiuM.haiTjefrom n"-e, the! terribeheadacheand April -- arr n:;?

:"--4-"". ; .rItl...tt p..B.
!! 1 If hii ta. h 4t b-rrt fund cumfjleliUancl {urniaccntly by: the u3 of S. S. S. I tbosjof : Crowds | He 1:01: rveti with distinction 1.1 the civil ,

t 1 ,,'r CoUf ly-si: l. lea* fully! .III.lit your ca>e ;.II
:,. fcv llt.f. *4>t.,. \\: cL;I'1: IlAlut1Jhatt'l"r for this !'ef\' ce. *l!
"" ...... THE SWIFT SPECIFIC CO., ATlANTA, GA. : the jawing train and every far hnn
I farmhouse and cros>n>adi had its ;group th-- chief autbor iie i, but au' toe high. HIGHEST GRADE AT LOWEST PRICES.
II i of i-aer waciera. At Hcutavillf! : wheie t..r mllt'f.r1'0,1:1011 in taei'ountrr.

a top of tt-n minutes was biaj'. upr- i The :Naouma:!. will sail l\J if r tae amen '

Ig. SWELL WEDDING IN LONDON FATHER AND SON CONFESSMnnlire rently the t- .l1r, imputation of the tJ\\"iI lean flag; until she real'Ue"Iuma., ? Co.
turned ou: t,1 'H.comc toe president. A when she will! be turned over to the Colombian : Jacoby Grocery: :

/1. AN-rr.. N.rr, ,x. the U ,uhlrr ,I ., ( ..i( r.:.!.( Miner For UK ,|11 1 ij cotton mill ii located here aud uuu i ij government gild will carry 'Ii

f .ii I. sr.L IVr-i'ii.ii I'tOf''tly.| j| dreds of the cp'rJ.ti"es'He m tho i 1 110 un.'rIlUuit.OI1of'ar.. except tour
*... "i, *: r rt1V linj-ird: Cnf '- KAN.SACITV.. A.nl; :2J.-Dr. J. L. i\ crowd. The station was dearatedwtra i iI small Httehkk-wi gnu wmehhave long; Telephone
I Amenc-m flats: and a baud was playing been her armiuient. -
I it. ... 'It\ i if iu,< l.uu.Ut..s: iarn-i; .. ,
10 : ,
Hrf. year* o'.d, tot.l) cjufo eJ i! as the tram drew up to the station. --

( It'll..,} !...*. an,1 LlT >yl il Cufff i, tn lII.t'of: Pohoe llay'-> that he killed: ,, ---- 111t1il'11IIt'lIt':0111,1 Drinorr.it ; VI. B. WRIGHT>> COfDPI1 Y .

.. *.. .' ',f tier lArA U- were'noun I At \\ heeler's ilonic. ,
.It. > /trt, j ) Ii Duieu a loor:1'1'1; miner | I ST. LOCK April SO.! -The .\prillrani '. 'I. r'T"

.:"Y at A4 Sfauuu church I \iho--f L.)iy was found in :Mnlbciry II j I i DECATUH, Ala.. April 3a-All the'jury which has been in session since \ 'I '""'" AM> I'J, il i i

t r.to I r. wrddiuc wan a comp.iraj j irt-ei. btirviwu Amnrt-twi'lXihart, Mo., team whistles screamed greeting at the first of the mouth made a partial report \ \ -

n'H. Aiir i yf.uri.uy. Tae cjufess'.on. was iu writI Decatur the home of General Joe yesterday; returning i: is said 1 j L LUMBER LATHS I

TM WAV ilr MI-il m Ivurr satin i ma.V.. P Ganrcl!, the do tor's ton, j Whl'l'Il'r.\I the president's train entered :indictments against Democrats: char j I II 1
tr ,till> ( UB ii mA itruo; ht.'e and :, his k'l.tw 1--01':0 o! the crime I ,
i the city and the fellow Uwmmenof the i big them with fraudulent voting and

a ..'.. @l. It'IUIIad n.,1.1.Wtaptta ttrnanienM.. ..t pareb1tie TwoIm4I j'j't ;; hell led to oisuoao' of the 1 I redoubtable old veteran gave the president 1'rtpeating. The names of the indicted | lIm HIVED CYPRE83 LES-Klii-Iriilfi! ? i iJ1

t a jiartienlarly eiitiiaiia reeop. persons have not been given out official-i
milt, ,1'1"1 a' Inca br.u'N There Ta men were arreftei Lv; night tion. The ] will bo made I
r I ; J tram pivsstd mdtr two bit y They public when .__ PEVrUrOI FLA I
t terry "tit "trl'DaIIIIk Joseph IL ntt-r Ir. Uart.-ell: hal .ciaaded the ,I American fiats hung above the traok.: 'capiases have been served by the sheriff. .
...l.. { -,.II'] Sitt ftiuba-sifii/r
< > 'lrl| oeui> from the sale: o: iJIllI'l1' wu-1 i -.- .
alt'1'l ':alko of fon t'ml.ahY i.-:,.:1. which! had been bold to a local ,! Uttlnj W"!(,JIIII' at Mpia.lii-. The Superlative. 1 1IToax I eWiWWPWWs % "-
; w.w eik-otti jir-MUt .>iit- <;tult>r. | :-Wlgn-as always fallal his! CREAM j I
l. C .>l tll"- bride and I MEMTI:;>, April 31>.-The city u in \7\1 !
t .. Uu'Jer sen-re 3w.'a;.n z" th-j yo1ng; ; first wife "uVisr, l Lot Lo calls his Second RAViSj! [ tJE !
,.r:1' '.i.-utir. ih 1'.i' tr (iortr'-ll coutted tail ii. lather dad readiness: to extend a fitting; welcome to Kite "dcare' ." : '
e if* i .:ii- II." of the Kll.ed ';
DoctvMa nuir President ; 1 whic.
at camp tits chantey an party - - -- -
-lv. 11 !
Joan 1 guess she: is.-rhila- -
11 j.THf Xit.urt, March 1ihea: h- >aid i.c will arrive by the Southern: road at -1:41: deli>ha; 1'ress.Prevention. f r2rsM Led alJ J W rmaar.! ias. (ruVT; i nLUK3 I
n' :P'.1 :h! nun in plac.! .> Cue b"dy iu the in. A committee of citizens left tau
p. -
fi 0 LO D :: 1a I.. :=>>:1 't7 Gr C :L-fi _
x. (
b .. '
A :L : TCRS ;OFCUDAHY > ait wn:on uati! alter di\ia;; a.11:;- moriiitg for Coriutb. Loa, where they I
"""t' '--r!-" ft 7J ciue.1 limit-; i: into the will meet the idential and ; 1'rfopl,1 breiiG J/\r".-fl z'. FaL. St. t cv. t..f.
"... ,'"t: I taa.um .'r...-.c. Tu-yth-'ii uegotiared the save: pre pirty < .v,.nn' w.v iwwv .'to'VVV". :.',' ."'' /'''".X.,.rv**it
cort them t3 tae city. At tae tl ): th"
a.d.t .. ,, .>: I.,;, dead 1l.I1U'S ouu!: to Ivau.-u3 viiiti r- wi.l Le received by the lo."p.:.t1(.Si- better than cure. Tutt's Liver KOIi SALE 15YV.. '1'. (MU'.KX: ABiggest 1'1

troy IA i .r-o dealer aid h, e-__ --
rj to
I g.tIV. cad
f'I \l': curs mt1rl:) a coupaiy ot Confederate -
: lid 1'1 >!P". Pills will not only cure, but if
r .- !J.., Vettrausactiui; 11; a pnr.ru ot
: t r
dartre'.l; u a Lvu-volont looidn l ; honor uud PSiorroti to court Nuri', taken in time ill! 4 1
.t : hl+ 11.; i-iia. II. fought: in tae otutedorure wnerc aa'ire.ts o: wchnnifvill tit! ik-- prevent Th t IJ' 1f(11'

r-t.r. ..'!ht'. ardor Ui-u. Price and upt.i: wiriua: 'hvcre-l by Govn-,r lliiliilan und Sick Headache ) "

t .', II.- -II"', !\ :u .: fsme :,I,1 had> : i' "-i.M!! I vit" ioldur.hiiuy Hi biliousness mahrip '
; Mcilinleyvjil r'",!" :i-i. The att rn'lla dyspepsia l
)( a W":i" I'-': I.e.: ili>. lk .1icno
practiced c*
will b-> devoted
.. .', tu a rtcvpti'iu cr tit"ucret'nth
i 'lf 1 .t. !"' r! > errs: and Ictely maiie aid: home ii *; Century Cnelau uie van- constipation, jaundice, torpid Busiest Best !

f t i : ;!>:: : V. -.iriu.; TJX. lie ii also lid t j uave ins: to a banquet to U- given to tlu male liver and kindred diseases.B'UTT'S ,
i i-v > i ila
> In MPXICO. ut tine ii.-ne. ambers of the dirty uhile tae ladies
j W. I': liarircll says be is 2i: n.arsoll. be eutertainni
,: ;: ::n. are tu by represtutativiMemphis i Liver PILLS :
I at i/I"S; cO:1".lh'rhy old-r. From
part winiiea. TI.O id'at nail
I pre
: l'i
: t".i 'II
s rn mi the ,VTi-onot; Uartrell it ap;)e.irs party will! return to tue train an i will ABSOLUTELY CJFE.r i i'W /'

), .' i.- I I.' : '.1"" iiiteud-.d to buy a u-jv pair ij leivo eirlv:: ill !hi uiorLiE;; for Vicksburg The Whole Procession
Virtono Tex. and New Orkana.
.' ;
t ,
: ':' '
; It 1; sal i that a lwc.1 artorney whotr
.. ----
I, : .1' I.t : .i to c.)\icS the iui,'i,,v fur tu.-- sulof To Lay a Coruerstonc.CnrYr.F. of Stylish People

: : .f ':1I t: .- :, .t.-> rod "'-,<{on wi.i be I::re=tei as t
: : V.'y., April! ;1O.-1'he comniitnf -
'v'I a ui;>!i xi.THE : .
in cnare of the arrangements f I I'atrot'is our :S'<>,itii L.', 1I
t : !'n I I" t |i FLOTiiDAEPSCOPALArJ3! for the! nvtition of Pn-,.idt'nt MrKinW I liundry '.1.1\-\ C.I: ;; ; Ii. 11

I S 1 .1, 1 ( J manner t-! .t kePt| n!h. r ,

I I ,.' !!:..( \: t If you w.itit niceprestn: to give Skirts and Manixli ,
.' ', t'.l!! i! '
.1 I i I' K tu a rri"'lld.Iud look thr''iiLri! ti":
Fi Flo. :::>. Tit lift that m-Vfr brag* i '
A '. :iiJUMrtSA, April I
HUM r fl \;ant line of suitable articles it 01 @oo''tlJ are un'. IIf I -
I- i '- iii r-, :i: ac'i: !i fity-i'ijSith annual couiicil of the ]>:>isctiiuiuiu J. I. :-'twnht'us, youurey! can liuu / y I 1.roN..h.Q
) .
\'U' tihl'C,e of 1111.1.11:1: bc.;.u pnU1..thiu. ;! to pie .*" you. If you _/ i
.. ,
t ,.' 1, ,IV' for "
want anything iii h. Di unoLd line
t n tultorrowYe Ici ::.y) in the lurch
t t t. -U;>:I.T, be him before
sure to gee you buj- I
f r 1il >'< iui .i if I'. nun:. i of"r. Peter. -- -

Tin* zaerJnff of the: cor.ncil n th'' :
of N.! <. .1. ..ub.i .. I Styles in ALL \TORJK C. ( L
ci'>-t nup',rtaat w t't.a;; o: the! cliunJ Tie[ ( Latest I t j. .

C't t t.. ;, I/, ..... )!lcl I rear, and i-> compo.oil o: rue ci t'rgycll'u Spring Fur-

U.... \ .I''. 'ii. Nationaltii. < | und icy m-L'ji, tnr.ii tutu pariau: nod niture and house decorations A Careful Nurse. 'r'ELEaQ: : 114. 9 : ::. OAK D KS 1CALLKD

1 liMdt ..!. *. f '! .f AlaejlCii ui-'ou! in tao diocee.Ftori t.rGOCD 3 FOR AND DKLIVKIiKD F1t1E'tl:
,ia is divi.li'd into two di-'cew-s at bottom prices, cask In almost! any difieulty a

awe .; wtha .: tcoutlaaoe oil" gem? u Laii inary diocese, withiii&aop or credit. Marston $Einch. careful tune i-f>i-< that it is more W/.T..TC5R TNGRAHAM. 'M'lnnrfrJAMES
red H < >"I'r ul '
inicity ; (,ray at its heaJ l. aad iii- other often the liver than anything: f-Ne'-,
real f 111. f'-l-HWioB. dells I beta; that which will meet iii tVruauj j Medical bociny Attention. i: that is the eau-e cf illiie--! !. Itt re-
rfe/ i i? W"U.onie The eras i\ .. liabli'! Liver Tense had been u-rd
e duiaen dnes lu. wHa JI/-"lt/ Ir.
o. .. N t. trw r'-udm.* of Thereill: bs a regular meeting of 1 i .
r> ; K.iwin Gardner \\ "t-d, S. T. 1)., jrej the Pensaccla Medicr.l at't ':|! the iln] ,:< could haves been prevented HUGHES
p4ia j suiin;:. Society 1 at>d the patit-ut saved th- yijtlfr- ,
the Board of Health Qtli lee f1
at I 1
I 1'ivo !: tif the council wi!! be ret mff und ,pxpfti. Our idea isto. ::ivi'
> \ \M \U.1. Ml 'I'Mr: ..tvutg reports iroa the vanmspiri o'clock! p.i Tco dav'. May 1 14 and you a Liver Tonic that will in every Ncs. S3!, C93.: EO::;, E07 South P.|jfax Mrrtl.

t .'.... 6n41I ', 111 riitt.lirn.<< "a,"< and tuuMoiis end aho to fleet the inTita-i Visit'.Ejr to atf physicians'ni. are cordially I I': way: bf tibetif-lit. \Vc WJllt"uu' to. .:. P. O. Box 404; Phone Shops, 123.Ichine .
I'lSc'TS: an i :;taUllln"mmrr.'t',. The try IIEi'TIlTIwhich ith,
1 ;
t \ t I/!la .li :1t..1 hf-ittn- J. HAKKIS PIERPOM. M. I).,
j WIll be eli-eti'd also tier d";ptisito tLe 1 I best Liver 'Ionic we know of.

1'. : c< :lltI.bl'rlin'; I I lieu sal convt'iitioii. which i* to be held MAP.rKM.r-: (; EAR\'. M.1)Prc-iiUnt., Prepared only by Shop, *i B 01 ilcr Works
., I.. ." IlfI ia San::: Fnuiclm-o: in l>:t&iWf. A board

r :-.' ..., I.! iuivMons will ai'tv e.ected. and a niJ-jtf: Secretary. P, V, EElfE I Pferaicisl' i/1OMHIKTKLV: n'"I1'I'I' WITH THK !.*TK"T AM"" J r I.
Jia.uu-t cuainittttf;. u coai'.uutee on .i fjr *>:-*'I.boat. : sago)) Bad I...< i, ji L'., '..
:. '..,\I" No. 7 H. iMIafox bt., Pensacola. I-"la. Miinp.-ur 1t1l'lauit.
:>, ;
:' I I" ----- C 1 1f Vl a f F

-I! (;O AMI r-:1-:. r..fJ--; :, 3Pattern Haking a Specialty.

!I 11 ," + 'i''. t"I ('O ...".".,," ,",,' ,,,,'.., ':-
TM:: "'gai.t !line of tt'rlinilY1- : \0,. J ;. :.C<: ,1 rlb F. M.VILL laM ...: 1 We have EJllo.\
t I ( Dm.f tl.! .- FUivtterd *.I.tier! .
.. ,
r HI- .Id 'f. ;. Set-. Fi.a! "" '". 1:1,1 l:.:dam of I *
1\: I I 1'r'iv3t,-at II;-.! es, Bonbon :1I1'! : Irjectiontn1T.fy '
:\ (" ; ani:
'l G i\Ir.AGiUt KG BiJlLOHR Sawmill
t ; ;l' i Specialties
.o.'IU"-) L>dl"ii, Ti'itli J.IIIIIJ..ni'p: -, W-sttae 1 :
.. trrcda4 3h) \.J
.t1 tid: 8 I
F i'k< mill sp v>n*-Irtyik of SolutB j
: ,.r :;drt' ., sal h"<.}..'" w-itb.t :anyncnaP.RtryClSt: -, I.tlmat..s. Pr.m:.:!y Furnished on Li'IL'EIt
Silvfr. C.illouJ.? J. and! I
>t t"WI & OLLFH1111111'1'
a* 1'11 C' ,"
ys, ,'! ., '.' :; til Ult ; I 1.1"1
*u II .li.in "[.' ( ? '
Will show the with 1111)1.-;
f. hl': tit hit" :.,ties 1 you UOOde; v Buillliu:.-- of :.Ii l"I1J... FAI Ki::> AI ai .ndtl't .t
r ,, !'i" .Inre.
011-, L-L i tu.tiv I.' fry t'.i-' .-------- -------- '
: Complete] Stork; )1;at ('ria 1 and
\ SinplirvMcKENSIE '
ef MJ t !-.. :Iff all 1Vtv.ill launder for '
it- .. .. i 'i \' I' \.r tin 1 your spreads -I LfiliGE I l' mimK \ 1 _
I 1. each an.1 make theta look 1
cent" !
'.4. f. ; \V
.' r. 1.\ .1, .:Ii, ::..:.. f; !like uew. Star Laundry. p lr nOD lw EST.&lBl.CIIED l al.J" : .
___ _,
>l-f 11 --- -- '

I i I : ORTS (}F PYTHIAS. r iu i nUl I lj :

: : <'It- OEETINQ & CO.
'n Parlor A P.t.a'a I4tTP. No. : I{, nf 1' i.1 1Import.r ,
i I Ir. '. C ::) U 2M 1
it .
I tr"l. 1)/(1. n" tttt r..ry Mondar evf nAC ::.l-ii r- .:1- :j'LCIUI Il'f--- __ ,
j..., for laiaits and Ch1 iren. >tf is: ht 1'a,tin Pall.fi.i ? .
";, ,..,d, '. .t-l rt.' It f .If. ,I." the Hl.iuntVot on
ui', .'inff hurl fioor. Chinese and Japanese Ship GteDdlsry and General HaFd'1ar?
# tra ," / v.tft The: Kins: You; Have Atoays! BooaiiB ):: 1 tit ', tn l bre.hrrn j- eurdttll_ .
.1111',1 jVv
'.j' '7 ""';'y/; BI I" I" Fancy Goods, 60S AND 003 4. I'AJ.u'O.

1&a.. .! "n.. Y" r ..._..".-........... '" .':.rsthe /7t .. H !1"f; t.c: .,...,... ....... bT1UZT.l'4QI:17Qy .
1.- t < 110.1'.I S gll:1:cI: cf W h I'tit.. x 1 K U.A: )., TINE CHIN TEAS. ---- .._' __ .

..i :" + l'r th Hd Las:1y, REVEP.E COI'PEP. COMPANY.: .
No. :tlSh l'alafuxSt.; JOI1.. UoFBf I ''H F' -
'J. I i GALVANIZED WIRE I:HOPE A.! Ut'ri:04Y.I. A $(%' Pt '.. ,
1'O1 '( -.f!v Q/rc, La',a.lryOrtc.. ENSAI: ; f>i..' Fi\ tan
: fisrfcjt fsJsti!
; Tar Eils.?\
,. . .. Foley's Honey cca --- -- .- xSct2i. Uilnrnt! titr.:, tiroilPAKsFA hf&. ; uli
tai .". : ...I...:.1..r.e' ..
; cures cords, prevsais pxs-jmcnlz. !
BOrrSSICNAL: OAS a.Dr. LOOS, ,.tu.
..\0 ., ___ __ CM5KonileOertinr'iHctin
t n t -' lor H '" ---'. ciution. ; < A'/-.tr.r It t 1'1-; ;j... v ..

/fT\a\ ( ellus (TeCreary)\ -

J Sd n'I Charles, (-, _- 4 Ftnitian tnd S>nnnn. 1-{ H. l1lICI I K E.Plumber .

1. l" trt ; .sntIi 1-alr.ljx MriMx > t:-. .'"at-f 'Crt F.allua.;
T- v1,1 .. '; i ;
:, l 1'. d' : ..:.1 r--.jt: P.--fi-. \fl.. 4 u J" :1', J1'A'-...'lie.-rte Ku.n.: ":. !11. Kouti Gas and Steam fitter
'. > ():i &trt t. I'tjie' 2T 1. ,
% ,
RUH--ZR :f'i'F.EI..t t
Iat ,
Jt 'I'; .*n for 'in: to4.jcer.t- f'
Lg. ; ;./ for occcptabb Idea Ko. S South Palafos Street.
; 111 I'l ATKSO CM.. State If patented.

:'! S'rir2! and Oiline Fre:?. m THE PATENT RECORD: All Kinda o.: PlQ21binS and Ga3 Fitting Mattrial Kept oc }IrI.A

Wk Called Fcr and Delivtred. I SoL!d ly Damstoer Bros. I Baltimore Mi """a > T EPHOXE T+5, '. p :9ACO1+A. n..a.

.....,."1'xr, a...am'..,',.z.-r-r__,- .. _
-= < --

? L __ __ .. ._ ,.
""!"7'-=-" ''''''''''''''''<" '' ':''''-'T""r-r ''' ''''e ''' ''' "'-" ',"



-- ., .-.


i : RAILWAY\ / WOULD! ) WossssnZITBICH ff t3rs

Hii1t M. r 11 1it ) f Purchase of $10,000,000 ofSeabcarcl 1 .....45., J i:1. 0;;' .6.\\. '.,,:'J

'f,1 'l? c. .t']' I nied Wine cf Cardn for Dpr. ''} ".JitJ :..
Air Lin3 Bonds.IIECOTIATIQNSCOnPLSrED. & TO-Jsccts sal w rknt--3 in tbe J 'i;,.. .. .-
:Z '. womb Alter haling one bottle t l" ='i w. ., /'
: '
"in "e'1 aja.n. 1 ara a nud-nifa 1 t ; 1, -'
Arflour 11 "r-a I and iiwaya reconmeni V>'.ie of { r j%.:,, ; 9J,\ \ \I
( Lird..i t3 lailv mend dural \,' ,
my ; '
IS [ f 11 :.... pn'gnatcyamlattcrbathasawnc. KIT. -0 ...ii .
QJ I .
\i, --- Lnr._ Udy who takes hulls thitit y t-lt Jt- st. I
e .
..t Property to lie Placed In Close Inai.ciiil .- r> "I font. ( f ;'... ..' ?yt j'
tt: r 1IH3. V. M. DOSQ\ ERT. l;!:"' ,1 '--J.. }.
1"iichiti :?'rse trot; luifi- ",f. II .

costs e ts-Co! ir"2.s Awarded Fur HottcTWnt3 i ,fl I ,
lo cool /

; } v AI1.11un; I.:ap. t..}. S5Pii! i_r'tnti'1 f :, gfa n [

f SAVANNAH April: 33 -!'r- Ti ctijualautuuntriti x" tf '::00-.. u 4t.; a c H .
learnedthatL'. -.r"erni'e '
!' *P
\ & C. :1.h,1 i & O>. t
int < > Ilallx&rtcn : I Nobody!: kows'ar.u.'llike vii;tran. :e'lo t'i nvil-cr-l; l C' ,tleets. ,

V of New Yort have cua-pleted thr;ui; 1 study hooks and l.sten to l kcturf. I.iev k.rn in.: !M'I I I i1:.: J.t'f' I

CO14fljO'F1i their! expert, the samiuar.on: oi tile ,I c.f women, bst they! are men and can neur fully. tolls\t.nt. t. ; .1 :nt .:\, 1

teabo.mlil': Lice railway propjrut-j: ..: the sufferings; : the agonies of mothers, \\i10,1; sisteikuttu \. A \\' :iraitl.etrus :J
; <(. \\rS. Bois\ert :+ult1'a, She has pisseJ Um ;dl.
\ / and accounts and have notified tlWC'J::! and tnbu'atmns! : of her sex. She his teen near "K' r,lion! her :: i.-UTS sui-

pan that they are prepared to complt'U- I fereJ. She l...s seen them relie\eJ ant cured with! V.ne to! f --.!lil. Is

(TnJ'b' the nepotutious; for the purchase ot it any viondor: she recommends it' Is it any'OIJ':1 ilnt till ,u.'lnls,

$10.000),000 of its tcii-year ptr ceut of other viiiriii Ins ,;nihl ft
t'l'.fj' hwhI"' ha\t

bonds and to is .ue them uMiply as '4 'I I latlES'rr.(139a7IE7iANEST'.)fs.h.t.-'In ,"uw.rr
I soon as the uecj: ary formalities are !It'Jh; UifVii,':.ni: >..M.I'.r,hry'I....., pvmii ftrtt'tlTiMKiLAntio .fllllI..U" Tnev. I I'rflj the :il I.:,. ,> fr.m K

} } II II completed. .h 'Uno-trA, Tftia. mouth to mtdhhteIt I 1-; ",...It' \'.,':eIi
3 '{+ kSoYcr" !t I I' i>t Ca-ii her: i
Y 7T j I It is also learned that the postp wed the wish cf all :ages, helps :and tern ah tut.cy' 1:%: .
i annual meeting of the company: will I I

'' Foi.n Le held, anil that the slate of addi.tlulal r i Druggists Sell Lcrge 3cits! fcr 'l. .

directors ii nearly male up. :
:Some: strong interests which are in cloei .- I
..t-:: "/' iJ it1 \, : 11 i if
i financial touch with the property will !> II .... v "b.::.
1 th n appear, and the uew Erectors vrulinciuae .---- ----- ---.----.

T 3 s')n b ot the UCM Kaon i>uaaUTS !< -

ami railroad nieu m the couiitrj.: 1.- = : : .. ..... ...."t'
Gontr.ii.s have been aw arui-ii bv rI" ) t
aboard Air L:tie railway lor '7JUJ( ;: ;1; -Q ? ," j 1

t. lit of tx)'pound steel raiit: 1"" new 1'' Nht., :.. !, .1 ..,, -
:: l
i1tl..1d' ,
i..iawuu-e oistribnTed along the--: fL. A .; .'
113 D" sat ll r : 11,11 1H1:1 ritjJace 30 or ilO-: ;fan 1 ,'. -i.-' -!
a !II..I!?; now in ;':trio i>t the track. \\ hUI |! Tenths "

I 1t'a .: '. ,' i.rut toe roadlvl wK !". T1 l'i1.W'l.: 'I i
.. 't

I. ptiI.'t'r,:t :. : 11.;" 'r..Bins. -ptvit. heavy The lllri.i trar I G1. Pure Jaiczc fon I jaiura!
rr:." .. i f' ,.up.mj", which u.iv-j pni- I

]v'i: : Ka LjweraMdt.au the

\\"., .- ', iioriierto get th traoL !tteUsr. tJll1r f .'-. .'Ilovsisf; ,: i

/ (.:it. ..' LJ.::: ei.;. :Ii. tiiig links of the I I < & : J
9 y'-r'' .; !It gMi''nr": will run las' rI'lxt People: Ai Clesss-stlii; Sysisir, Pcii.e: .":..1:1"_,,\.1. r

t t a1k / '. .It"l'. iin \. .i'lpemv to UMS I 1 (,

'I V or 0 z nU.ani: afvnnu.'it- 111 time, owui; to i 1 Suffer nil# ?"\r: '. :", riaft.-", r.jP"'j"1 (
: :: : s.;
'j iJ. r.itH.;
,I its short r':ate to t''inia.ICirn'n ;" ""; : 0 1 ;

0 I I 1 from. Waft; ; .otaci;: :1 c.Kl! !taffirei. Siesiion.i 't tI
ai ,
::< cf 1 lurty- Hirco I.Jnps. __

/ /--c c -....-.,-.--- ;--1. ':) Tile:;EW United Torts States, April Investor O.-\.ccr.iII'too prois to I'1 i;! :P!: Diseased. \ ftsr? Bc'Ss .C.:'2.73l(.:J [Jr KH 1 SitisUci'cc' j r t"]

\ : .1un.zOT'X'r.: : .. FII11L=a 1)LfJB.. Y .
caruiugs fir IS roads for fie: third \reek : .
IL: ;: -1"n.- .. C"11'-"- 't if
in April were f",0U.17\: sgrjiibt 4f'i.-. : I V..b 0 't.:

J.J1; frrt'.e! purd week m ,April, 1W). .
: I{ r. : '.., .'.\ :'S !'. ::)lL-\!< St.I.oJi.c. Sio. YPn11
tri lIrrt..c of ti'tiUUlI.; Tvc ny.twor.IIS
: show increase aid. 11 tli createstit'cts ; ;;:::Ari'<'" .[; I'0.,, e'aY i{ '. oY"t ",;-'.. .Jo

.. .h'l. 1 the road referred<< to aime

:oYO.v .:.'-. tarredP (;.&:;:?, sn im'reside of ?1. I FUR J., 11\ PV. '. (1IIELN"(11.

If "u li'. ,fc'W over the i74,3.'l,0'3 reported: bur ==_ .: : .; ;. .....,. !
t:in orn.t-M).amjr period of !*)J. 1'(>f

tee wiri r p nod 21 fho\v increases tad ::
.1 L'W.. .1ri .. I :F\v (
.-- LiId ar'i; ales. ---.- ( \ Ullms'f S

t''''''. A .:s--''* *'"' !s,, "t As tin.Aci .

.., ;.s; ,, (;,1. April :n.-It is now

'\:. y t'i Aucita >ontutra Iteilrua company. 1 Glf (uiy( ) ,

JMua Ia.t Thursday \\ n' a tht / "

1 l.i>!! held: by tao! S.>th C'ir.iu.i: t

I Oeorfjia railroad was aii : .i< ,I !I. ti' ::
ii/ : J Jf8 I(! MClm!
.. I courts tit An;.:u-M S nt:.' 'ii Ii!i t >.!! .a : }, i
n._. _ ____. '.p rated as ua iidt l ?no.tll: .11 .c .
.... I!, No thane: w:;.> Liauo in tae ur .al-- of i Frcprittor.o .
., t
( 1..1
s it'lL l'G TJ f ;j METHCD13T MISSiON WORK the ru. d. .a
I __ 1.,w1 1
1 L"I\, ." 'LI""hdl.!! unali 'ttiite Mouth I \\'saP+ tn lie Increased. WJII tsJiE 2rd J RETAIL S
Lost DayN ;cs-Ioiii of
1 -i'HIU tr (''m'y *tiik.; clcnui onfrreneo ate 1 ,
>! ..", 4 _r: ''''III. a bar..l.''' Ah. 'lurtic \ \* Oilcans.NEW KiA< CiTY April 30.-Tm' lvan=aa e {
"tl'rIIn. t ulh\"ulI'i GROGE
.. :'I N. Kir\atorNo. I. : Orl.E.\vs, April Ji 0.-The closing; City, Tort Scott and Mi>mthss Unlway "

r..v gala'I. I Illay's fea>l.)ns ot the mis-iouary confl'r'net' company announces that on May 1 it :
-M f \ u..w MandiM tiulorini ( of tbo Methodist Church, Soutn a'llinerca-e: the watts; of mac mists; in I't. i.ri.,', "
t I' \\ I"1 1,.M., o. Apply lit So. \I West and bolrrrnakPrs''tunlov'ed m it:, hoop II : I 1 1... -t 1'," "
.. was presided over by J. U. Crau- t
I j. .I.? I'le 'r "-I hl\\ Bishop from .*'.'.7G: to ?!.'0 a Uay."Uo y I t. 'id to ai.T part
---- btry. llov. \f. II Laabuth i
: spine nn of
I I. "" It <)!(!> liursc, tiU':sv. I airy. f
I .1 i.. Mai'ou, J t.. :i-', the growth, policy and ouook! of tao
,...$ I*. I' \ '.N, _. ull\l1 forie;;u.ork of the (church and u 1. 1'0; W. IntfrcVncu! St., :

.....- 4 "-'', wagon and all li ilreiiesvero al-'J made by H -v. Y J. CATARRH ti.t. lhrrel5. Per+acol FUI :

'" ".>>1.. I.. .tor-. cream iilaut, 41i I. Allen oil tho In:-iouary "coiiiatioa; ,* of ,I\U 111:11.'S: (, -- .--:= -, '- .-- .,
'" -" r11.", -'I-- Ml ttil. Cun.a atHiJorm; by Ksv J. C I...'. Ki>..-- CL'bl: I''t_ ECVS '

o. t, ". tt "r I. 'I' t.. ..jHi.Hi.rhu>iiti "fB ,I ton, wliiurvjed tne E'/ldr" tasty':.1i Ti'

,. .\ '. ., 1",11I mi nail l'\'llliiTi i iuiionary fit!.u. uiid by 111sit.! !' .\. \';. Ci1TnRR RJ' Tll-r. (J.o' ) :
fur WIH'I hu ? IflPl.
>:. .j; .... o; MTiiiititv ::.->.fr., \1.111.21.Uistop. V ( nr

t." it> .. ,-I I- .' ItM fiackNUd Itxturr. of E. II. Hemlnx nil jjr. ,! .e ER IWE1 V 1
over the laic se3'-ion t
y1' I ft tumiiury .ti rc atn'l'ly i' tonight. n
,-t ,,,... .it Hi" >(......:Kn Int.-n- The convontic'i ha proved to be fie EI i ?/ c 1
.. .... t ; IP::..t a 1 : r '
Y ..-- larcttst Athena? vif a religious 1ll\:-.J \\ cnv ice: irccrr,> VnyUirVir A- ,. .
.... "ti f \i h Tiii' mtnt aesintftia beta la ever hell in tliicitv.. : 'a > 1: m'M- .r V '11 Ti-t- :
I't '
4 .1.. *. '&.I ..".y if rnn. t y tn Ki&her -- .--- I ,, ,. .l> ; ,-ests iu, t'.1) ","i.1.ti. i.j J..t.Jhi" .it .
.. t ...iV..;.-.. '). ::t%', rioutb h'lUioiS1 Another Oil C.u5h'r| Mrook. It ni'mlr i"I..III.I.! \ .' Lu't'7 ;:

".. f 1Ih Im EvixsTOXVy.., April 30.-A /folshl'r ed. ,,.1\. .. .I:, .i.l. I COLD' l HEAD .-THS PARLOR r rp.Ll
.N j H' ( ." .'I.I'I. .. : t 1. '< : MAI! :!.". f
S .. "" .-- ... .- ---- of oil l ha.o l"1 stuck in the :\sV U tun- Tt npi-n- and ,1. ??'. tl.'' :N; ,- il !Ptlla --u 0 I'\- .
\- II.il..".,I, ,',..n. lb';- ,".I I I II.till- '
nilof tits Unit
:'I11'ux' PiCitie; and
liu.IJf"( ,
V -'V1-1.- .- tlirii-iiiun-.' srat cir : iii.l.I"II"I.I'.> -., ..n, ,".tIt.! -n .. .I t ia-tt J.NO. iiiELl, i SUSS I'ropri"tuw.The !
.j "- ". .". b.r )U 'h..6 fNtlt1'Ul ,. I j oitomout prt-v.ul] Tue :ii-hi..r i- in taviciuitv '" 'unt-uII'I.I !.',141. -,:.. ..' ,'. it !m._ni-i-or l I.taiiiil i' : 1
!., ..' .1 u, j'arlm"u1. fur fl,. i>r i oi the: -jrrike of the i-onina'iy sis ; n.al nay ,.", l I.. nn-i -- .
.. i Il.r !':!:I.IIM: i
a r -fa miiiiu>, { 7. Nilit si>i- \7. tfjiu.M.. .h'r' ii great iu I \sortm'if thnredigplayi-a ,,. ,.
activity woaia-nalf c. .
t xutrttld.- g. 'lal'lOtutruf.! n ''' '''ntilt'I.. ;icw YClik. 1 hK ID,t \i,i>rolap-tite. im t i 1' ; "pt. w 'f
I' ,,.., ..'tbi1 litfr>irv h"tnl'bl'.v..r.mnl>- the rii-'iv discovered rid! 1i..Iis a1'1uUctcr i j
v ".110'" !,'"e>- 'If Killini without llLJlow, Aspeiiaud 1'iuii.iour I 'J'b..I'l1ulc.'c.rlo'r'b. o' \:1: K.I "1-I't..t.r""u',1 F. .. ,F'IratrhiCn .: :,,,
." 1Ifg1t. P.niU"fl'ur..1. lor pupa !. I'ill rr p'tir yi'VT snatcher istd I 'I' .t..IUJU i."'nr.tity'r.-1 \ "::.'11\' I I.., 01 tv '. ', ,1 't ;. i',
., '". .'n .r "41')1.. .l'rillcipul. 'u. jewelry iu first-class: styleJ.. d. I. !ht-'l full al"l L'Ixletyuttiauu ilnrkrtIf: T"u'h', ,1'i.. n .' \ / dn-Vt1", ''t. t
poISe tO UttX'UTt;; tin ItfllliliH&t ul .
.NI tntc:)!h. n.:: bcripton. A HI UI f" \ 'I t -

.. ,-1 .. "'I.t \,. )<,1 :'.. W. T. GORDON & CO., I tlourk ..nPr:9n t 'a: 'rI'r. nor rnr.InIr:7r'rd;: to c h'U ..nt! cbQOlil t x tnr. ,.. .. !;
,I -........ --- or, It (ltitrIortitts. 10 5'i.rl IIltlOrd". Iy

'H.OWKIW.. .. aiJ. ..Moral. 1 i-igns- Ed 1 Estate GRd Sort Tli! lots: .. }il Jt -'a-s-.anse..n- I' ,r f
1 ... '.11\.14..11i" ordi r for customers s s; i'iIehtflle Xo. ,
'.. ," 14)'ltaI"'tl4l Moreno, XS \\'est urc ory, Ihs iT.ost: hsaiing cc've! In tfto: vrort': [) i ;a. ..

fihlt.uo.r.s, ::AH III pfll'\ 'Ai 1 'TItIn[ ; GT"f t 10 CllttfflI'rIt[ 1 !:1 ..

f'O 4I'Rrf.ln tutu ( '011\1 '.-. 109 East .irernmert !Stre-t ". ?T 3 for scccpiatls iJcasti : i FJ.'IbI ATILE. ;
tJ I
-- ----------- State if : .
I* "
-VI JJ li.< *.bV V*

lIluulPJ Law ;khln1.UNfVfR31T' l. PENSACOLA.Opt-ri. IIouji- Uuil3ir- LQIlA' : : 1 agTHEPAT :NTRIC3nDVt ::: : : : LOUISVILLE: r N -Ti.I'trTr.E: RAILRO.L\). {

n. 01 VIRGINI.'. f
...1 Mummer Jti'y''In "fpl. I. linl. I-: 1'\7 O"J
... Rn" and 1'110)11. i iNn :
:.ti U 1"1.(1) Ittul lo 'Jt'llnn'r.: tocandliJati-1
.,..101'... -. .... I.' >h. n : :u.llo pruclitK'!::- !
rr. *rb.. h'Ir. IwW-il .,"t<>iulitf lii'-tiu- HEr :!. I No.4. i \l>.II. I I.-.:.. a.
.,. ''.''.. fca'.dur.nddl..etitt.E14B 11 :,3 V'' !.'..;-.rn'I 7.Ii" rft.ftVI! .... i'Prrr rnla ... AfTl".1 j ., .. fr- Su.i.
< .11\111:. ....,',. 4harlutirlle.! ; \a. 1:'C A e"! p *:GS 1\ l."tt\"_.... Kl' iret.jiMI .... L.arj I :, N i I '. P t'.
x;.: n 4:11I '! 1111 |11.1\\' :.t: I' : ....
H >
: ..
> J i '
: .
*p *i l.: i .1."ut r i' .
._- ; ; 7.N' H s::11 |i i fi:.** P I Ar'I.s.--". nr'ra, ..... I I r I. b' ". f -.ta

It\ ........... riir'f'i !"t"f ni"iioy to t"* made [ ; 1Q tifP! 1 Dm1J k N01 irh. 7. I' ,5 pi :c

.1. **. .. ION of A real 3 ..
iii t.tt ': & it. es- ti Dti -------- -- --

., 'CO i ', *-.:*. tat.. "1:111-: u-u.illv' :'t liirft-board! to &" t lg lt I 11'p No. a 111 1t No.; (. Nit. a. tn. I- \
p m I.f'ftvp. 1'1101. '
--- .1'.hll. T h C. Watson &rnv 1:r. .. .
e4.! ,
r' \ ,5
(*"j.in \3111 '+) pm A i rue 11 II'lt1Om"n"nl\ II III
.....trlra,1.i CJ. ttl6 I'-ailiii; > 1i'al1-.tatetrot.; PSXSACOLA. I 11 .:ii nooo I.3rlahtnnr... KmiiinRliHiii 1'-41'111 \1.1. .
rmi- ,
Hfs.i bar'. -iii'i.- ,.:!>-ru Iiic-'u it would I 7:1I1pm i\:;,la'n ArrntArriin- ... .Se-htiiiP.Arrit.- .1rpt ..- m I
... I 2.' )'nm 1.!;.'5 noon : .... |jr>;if>iilr..Arrlt a 111. no laarn
while ttiL'on-ider. Cio .
b* wot v v
I 7.illlfi t" u "
tnfld *w.i14aIiM <.i ; p in Arrive C1nrh.uxU < HI
.-A" anti *..t tKin t.,1J:1I1J 0 don't wait L. HILTON GREEN JOHN F. PFEIFFER, | 7"am 7:in B m ,r\'- .t. 101:1. I."J'1.1\ : 1I.IOpm e'* pmurn ,
= r. '
till to-i.iorrow. PRESIDE CASHIER i ;
i. HEN!
( T. E. WELLES ;', JllNCI'SON.No.:1Daily .
.. '
H -... 'IInA1'1F'F:111'.
i.. *M .**'.1fyi'' VICE-PRESIDEiT. ASST. CASHIER. No, I .oatupa'hrrethin'-notrhoau' I.p a \o.11:5Snight
W flMMNMW.Bv { Th* un.lf'r..i iiiedtikesthisniethodi :: :: ;!

__ ._. I i i <.f .,::.rlll', h rer\ u-t" as a fir=t- DIRECTORS: 11:11) 7f 7 it I 1 a "hi (IL..I\V6... ...1'Pnsaenla 1ll-nll.. -\rrl\l-.. 1.2,\II e.r.., pro. ,r,'!If' ptn f

Uf' J M'I... i cli+< niiilwifo, liiuiii'; >had 35 years! 12bat to 7 I;:) h. .. \'UIoI .. .. .141 .h.
.. .. I 'U"
...... .. .. -- .I 1 refer- T. E. WELLES. WM. FIFHER. RIX M. ROBINSOK I 11t1: to j 17" ... .F: .. .. .. 1fll
1tuprrimo*. (, bl''t of
r "H Ali! arsNa.iwtr.1rt :IU'e of E. E. Saunders & Co. II j ) ': 'i" 7 :t .. : ...._ Muit..a.. : r.,47"
j, e
.....i i.1i4N. phco.rrum leading; physicians of K. J. WHITMJRE. JOHN F. PFEIF 1 .1\I" 7'i" .. ......... Harp.. I If'i".1" 3" t.\.. ".
.. .. R1a" MMlfamrT thl city. FER. MORRIS BEAR, I! ni. to. 1 '14" .........GaII: Clly. l.. .. ,.
MRS M iIDDEN", L. HILTON REEN. )1'511". 7A .to. .. .......... !ol1ltoQ .. U:1U"'" '.n".
., .
....... ...",'11. 1:: am. .. to _.... UO)' 1 RIII11l': ..... .. $ "" .".
Itt 111 South DeViIHers :it.l'l'IITI'fUI'E r I'n) a I
......... ----...... ; : :.II".. .. .'. ..........lfoit+ !lS" I ,: ..
'JtJ" :I
.. >
; ,,
......_ llIliil"1 .
..1IItIt 4g-'...H...V. ,H-T-....ft. "lIost A General Banking Business Transacted. %:.;.I". .l.x I. ......_.CrPStvlrw? .. .. ,. ".:'" '..11"f',
3 (.i III
arils com- : :'il". ....._ DPer 1",0J .... .. 1:51" .. ..
L/ i f U i{ Si .. I. ..
.. \Im. _. Io'y 11.1 ..... If:" ,. j
I Ir.i : I "
\ 'flth. plete stock 4 I II:::; JieFunlakhpring... 'If.. :
4I' j. III" .. .. ....._ .. .. : 1. .
.. Ar .
t asA 'W_. tart of fine, medium and cheap Ve Sfs' Accounts Handled on Favorable Terms, Ex 1\4::,bf.' I IRm.11:41". ".'. .... .P.. acil Q. iron ". 7J ... I' tiA I: ".. ,
.i S< N r "a _WE-oI..III., _. 1.1. .
.. I
f'If'MM *trv*< grades ever displayed in1't Cliingo ought anil Sold. Collections 5.tH I Wni .. ..- t'l\r1\11I" .-.-. t ..1" 1IIt .".
I\n" 10:2.,1:: I to .. I.U.
';.1. __... I'rtthv ... ".Ie1"
< m (cola. Cash or instal :'" I 11.:::. .. ...... ... .. 1'"
Froiaptly Attenfled To. II:: I" 1"1.. .. ..... .It.y .. aM I.J ....
> M .. .. .t a .sir ments."c} \ lUlZ'cjllst what 7rtl I I 1:1' ; .. ... ......... !a.rann .. .. .11I" \ .. U"'. '....
.. : 11 : ; .
.. .
1'qr.-- I : ,
!i/oii lean!. Marstom .j- ACCOUNTS" 7t"i a l1 :-L '. .. .. ..Gr.f\J I: .1-, .. .. a ItS
.' '-p' ICITSD. : I; '! .1 ,. n..",., I .. ,
f1l1ch. Ili: to 1... : LOJ1l .len,' ._! .
nrJl"Jl1 .
.1 a6r1. : L.t !\\" : '

-- .. <. "-"--- '-- < -- -< ., .......-- < .. -'_ ..-" "' """" "'-"- --

__ ___ _' ."" .. ..; __ > .' I. ,* -. '-,-- ..,.4>. Lo. __ .-. ", -



... -. -
- -
ing the present membership 195-a net --

I : r"l} Increase of 139; or more than 248 per FOR A CHILD MARITIME.

: lre StorQ 17ew3. cent-of which number more than
100 have been added since the secretary : who is "not doing weI1"-the rTISE. ;
/ began his work under the present t rv
Br sEardsey,21.4, Care, Montevideo to _
'j arrangement. condition occurs now and then W d Keyser; & Co

..tAl'S A lIT Of } I. Refreshments! consisting of assorted -

sandwiches, mild sangare, with all children. AT QUAKANTIXE.
ht"SrO"YOU-% !i ': coffee and cigars were enjoyed followed
Nor bk lama, 61*, Jorgensen, Cape Townto
/ by a "(east of reason and tl,TW emulsion of codliveroil 8 P Bhotler to
.} o... hundred dazes Ref 1 of" eloquence, nearly every member Scott's -

f .rti l Ntrrow Derby Bilk ( : contributing to the general hilarity. TIlE SflUTDiG.
is food that begins to 'leis
tho= a
F *'-b-Il.ud.ntlet')8e11 I Among e present were Capt.W. I _
f..r IH ".ht... W. received ( W. Reisinger recently electedau VESSELS; IN FOBTTEAMSniFB.
honorary member, Prof. Harry build you up at once-ofi I
i' ..... t')-It.)' from a butted : ;i : t:. Graham, principal-elect: of the I I

.....'..ftttffrr juj are otTorft city pchooN, as the guest of the course it don't show at once. Span Alicia KV: RUIZ, to Gulf Transit Co II II
I.. ; and Tho*. E. \"lrQcrsg.III, Uibioii. to W a Kej 8er I
th......,.. League, :Secretary: Jk To I
(. Watson of the Chamber of Com "Not doing well"means Ger Jupiter! lat, Clausen to Kaars, Dun-'j
''I merce, who thoughtfully entertained *otfy Co I I
*25 Ceuts.C' .*:- : :. the meeting with some brief extracts Br: Llansollen. 21M. Owen. Valletta, to i iI i I
\ from advance sheets of his forthcoming that the child is not gettingthe Brown, blDlev A C<> .
j I It"ddswI5IIII: Freeman, to p.n"acola.Lumh..r THIS IS STRAW i
..!>... it runtiih r before ; ; annual report. I Co ihrVrlleda SEASON !
Votes of thanks were unanimously good of his food. Not 10H Tullock. to \V S Keywr '' ,
11'. i --.UJ. u.ft.... I I'l areCelebrated., S ('o

.y a .at... ,.! tendered League, for to their the services officers, to of Chair-the today, or this week ; it may I II ;pan /.aspisak Bat. I-iU: ., Asaoa. toorJerfcUIIh : AD1 the S'raxs: Yoa: Witt AN lire .-
I man Thorn tun and the members lof

the committee on entertainment have: been going on for a ,I It Avon, 1'tie; fechiofflno to Uaan, tmn-i' There i i-=n't a head f.>r which w. h "*.'t It '.""1 ">, t ..
: and to Master John Choute, the n dSCo.. order every one thi. "t'l-"U'"Jkt'. trw H .l- f4 r' tH t to .
It 'i
Carlnga. t. Herrn, to
.wmn LIt ui\'lI efficient collector.: I month ; before it begins to I Ir Treed moor, IIP/I: Keuuedytol'ensacolaI iI i man and fjentlemmi I'l.ui Mtiich. a..it".M fats
: (lJ The refreshments were furnished Lumber Co soft brims and -till (liniiis. pi n-r. HIM p..... **J fL<

STORE[ by and elegantly served under the show in the child's condition. I It HUM Eater l.uchl'tJ.I'1U ISO.:! (1l tvnrl, sjoroos.. to order to and>r (| it, :" assurance, that when you buy it hat Metes jrw 'r.. ..c"I

supervision of :Mr. W. T. Gordon of Utga, 1:1: :. Uiieto. to llofisco Bros I latest fajhions., 1
the: Cordova restaurant. You want him to get back EABZH.I This }is the =ati"'Il'I..r\ tit,.,... S... -t .. iV, tei 'H
_____ ___ __
u I It ArostenoUepeitoV-, to W 81 j ('ontllllllYllnt'.t'f't: u>> to lead abd w, f.tr d. .
t Indigestion H the direct came of to turning his usual food into I I Krj her & Co i iM Every proper new sbupe l; her.
I >r Am..rlka.13., Marcbussen to f -ni -
d-eae that kills thouiiuds of ,
per. '
t1' j MtrolA Lumber Co
l L !11.1)) L.- -ors: annually. Stop the tmubl; it strength. i I It Cnrlo 71. Tupal1l. toS! L (0 STRA3IL HPCTSIlirMrn....
the; tirt: with o little PKK-KLY Air: I 1: It eaalnl1s.I'J1. iljltrl. to b S l.To
>-wtd tail Henrie, dr"1. Berg to I'ensacO- I
t HITIEIN ; it ftrenjrthpti; the stom.iih You want the food that | la ijunilrCo M on .l ..>. "I' .. j jI'or

h .. --- and aids digestion. Hannah: | It Hawkitiury liisj; BollI"r nll.lo order ] ... I'ur IUi. l:'04.... TO-. ,..l ft. ..... a. .
JSrus.: special agents.Don't ; to build at i It Int-i Like, lens, Ik-rtoiotto, to S .
begins once
up P' .
tho't-rlo' I (CltiUlirn... 7V Ml .> t
---- !
I. \ .
.rnnary W.-':!send you a litleto try,:f you like.EtOTT It Lincellcs, TTJ; Razeto, to III.ars.IJun- t
forget the shir\vai-t lull tobe '
---- given by the Chipley Light InfdltQ' & EOWXE, 4 y I'earl atmetew York.: wody Km*Unto Co <:]!, Eriktaon, to IVnMicola |I ILumber S'Ax Orftrr DUNLAP STRAWS

'' .. CoNor ,
HLiu.. .J. -
Thursday May
; '
I.ouse,1l Loventseu to JVnsncolaLunih I
f1aM .Inaaal \ I Ire... the --- -- White Man Tuned Yellow. .-r Co

o ..w1110I li.oafuurnu and la mrl'I'r S.\Ii:. Great con-ternation was felt by It Mlfliflt I B, rtw, Nicola IT Ito_asco Kros '

I j tl a-l.w... ..( IIi ,ftk" an,) Sealed bid* will he received by the I the friends of M. ,\. Hogarty of Lexington to ItMndnnna Kosiiicu Hro do i'oiupcl 751: UUcoruo, C S3.00$0Q, Ie CJlI

underpinned; ut the olUce of I.is attorney Ky., when they saw he was It Monte A, r4 s, Farldone, to IVosacoIa
Art 16wa/.twe4' n.-1'lv.iu;: *, Tuui-uu fi Loftin. up to 4 tinning p.lInHi.; skin slowlychnned 1 I Lumtn-r Co

I i... ittr .ItrrNaauI U..d ) ..It.Itm, o'clock p. in. on 1 hur.-ii'iy, theJ ; color, also his type, and he EHrolii Northern luinlxriKu EmpireSM: .> I'azvto, to IVo- in IIJ-1 IM < ,

i Hanker sleeve It) ties: inemiaei day of Ma'. for the purchu-p of the Mitlered terribly. His malady wis: :Nordcu 577 Lundljerg. to W :S Kej wy t.AaAh
-lock and itixtures lately beloninz to Yellow Jiundiee. He moos treatedby St'l'.t CAust->
i ( ab. \'dnc 1.1,,"'+ ltl> >4 Posohlcli, <'01. Macdlcti. to S P Shot- Notwithstandingi..' c.'ii'u.'i .1- !I.' -v ttaslr w
the firm of Jordan & Co., :\o. 104South I the best doctor, but without
I 1.. *.' t.., 1 tIttn t".I"IJrati'H! ofr ; 1'al'ifox .street. Inventory bent-tit. Then he moan advised to try ter It Co Trosperoso 1JW, 1'as.torcnto, to U B lines in size very roiii ; let.-. .1',1| r.r. i. vJt I" t .

t all aunlr.r, lry of tint urln-; : and appraisement of the property F.lcctric Hitterthe wonderful L'Rllero I couldn't do better if y<>u n ul .t f 'tlr) .

MU w.. a muM .At..tI II "-\ ent, canbe-een at the oiHce of E. K. Stomach and Liver remedy, and be SNLIu Norlueen of Scots, 171: Bovensen, to .,
b. >I' All : Nichols, K-: .q., Referee in liauk- writes : hAft'-r taking: ; two bottles 1 U Io.inloa: Quclrolo. to Ko-aseo Bros I II lIt Come Hero for Your Straw Rats
'Plll'.d Uyr prr-" ut, and'jioiut ruptcy ana cock will be shown to was wholly cured" A trial proves StelU K. vll, \,11..10 order I|
sonof i It Sun: Uuiseppl, ,...;, Cafneiro. to orderIIAKkKNTl.NES.
MW" t.fuo.radi+ i : by the IIn' pr- its matchless merit for all Stomach, I
I .nd .._ riznedctll'erm14 of cash bllo f .
to th.a" tu. tubes who : sale ; Liver and Kidney trouble Only2.C. I
1M. y. .aibl.. t41 att N'1. i i ale at cot of purchaser. !; Hold by W.:A. D'Alemberte, Rims Keodor, 4ni, :Mlcbelmaan to order j

t! fctttiixif th.. ..\onillf": entermr W. H.JCoRTiitr. druggist, 121 South 1'alafox street. hCHnO.MEKI. x
t tad 1 ... the .*.lItt.I'I.I.1rp-l I I.t i iMJi3t Trustee !I Am Clara Ilivnon, 45, Bentsoa to mas- 1!' t-
p... :*. Hyr, which follows ..Jlrookwood Itye," made in 1SS1 ; I t'rj I E
: I j Am Florence Crendick, 6 57, Lank: to H Bt :
smooth and mellow S. A. Flied
.i It i We ask you to buy the! first orderof ; at t L t'I j JJIhflJ.
:' inau's. Am Normno.Hi, Cray, to master !i
ice You will then k
av xh't W iu .t tO U-l k crease.: a= u- I
7 1, 1 u sell; the next order. In all --- I ;
) I I5ACol
i4a.er-.4ij the tr- you I UP.CLKAKKI AND HAILED KOK PEN-: G THE GLOBE .,
.. r r'" .. \ .MlftJl;: tf,-n',,;! IIII-i. flavors. Wit Florida tram 15aK- ; .A.8rEA93aIP8..

C I. '(<. 1f..I.. of iu oricm.Hi ; try. Kern IncandescentGas I, I
.. -----
d_ -Hy recited ; thiih -
,,' titr The mint who own liB own home ; Alplm. Dutrli. If''i i, Liverpool Mrh :.{ '
! K v.-ar |ii nod Barns ri.iom. Br. aid 1..1' Hiiliu.iprii ;1.1 I'V'V
-'hi I t tribute! of !',- iuurs, him-elf at'jin,! lots of ( Hirumlfi. Nor. .IdUreeiiiM-k April Jt \I .
f* ., \ .It ,!" a-K-tJ in' ni- trouble and: worry. Nobody 1 pan: I'a'lHer.. vM: \\'e,t Jlun'p"o.I'nl .' ,
rare his and the 11ha >-,'il..U.1r. rid hurry April 11.auzibur
t I I u. III' *. : rent rent -- I
III" i / Itr, lain !tjhlI.uu.: Cr.rrtiH. Mch
'..' a.' OU: > protl:' no tenors: fur him Jt's v-? to' own SHU'S.linilii. .
To. ":11 to n..- peso :;pal! a hellos now-a-day. Thos. C \ Nor "M K'oa I'iy Mi'u 1 1".
c I, Ix-mjH. h..... h t-ii a i \V ntSGJ & Co. can ttli you bow ravoru.Xor, v,",, at ht Paul il- Luanda
.. r 1..1 y.n' d' ea-y it i iCull; and -ee themLo.t h.b'll Cn tGlltoHe! Bloet ----20'1; S JT$ I'L
l tung -- ------ I }rugs! County; LrstdMnutevid'<.>. March
l ii'ji in n:itino
'* E.-\RJU..
lice Purl 1'rcppIIiT. -
I i- ., Nosy't) :. .\;,::1l1:1': Americanhne 1 1vlemnre.nreld\venire C.I I.old i(tenon U-ton, Mch Dock 4 Ap-.l !ISA A ... .

v thmhntf.!: of hteatiu N-\v York wincaoikd! Mic. Nor, E.Yt ut l'urtAlht 1). : jiKiinm.
It. sill >' voiift.Nnv i"iKnnchfttft
1f .
thtl IJJ. Ir anet tram touth! :tnitiroa, oa April CO, reaebrdbcr a : .\ cnml'. It, old Table llav White Goods SaJ J '
711 1, n'l; IIIIJ'rastilltt. I March i t
hen to.ty niters
t > "'I' 4> IIlabl.! ni't pier vtryUm Ayi.. I Ma (rrluu.Nor. II1"nt MUCH I'.RN Jan 5MnccH
pass II!. Oa iloml.ty. April 22!, at :-;oroldAIgorlay1chn:
.. tinail: .m-Ut in the ;:.JU a. ju., when :>K Lours out iron Neptune. Nor. 117.;;. lit I'.rnullhuco Mch I II lu.
t ..r Hty Tlx I fti.d".Urrdd| ', ,
adjust Hiiinhure Alii'
w n' f.. hoof .--fi citizens C.i.Tbourg, ties port propeller kit the j lloiiiettl-y-iiaggifro, Arg li,:. sid (.eaoa, aI' FR1 DJ\ '( ,*,
s "'i end of thc snort itu.l win yarned away. Mch 2 j jI
". 1f1" ',. 4"1 aUIIIMrta'' Tire st auiiT pruceudeil under her sor- I. Wiitukkn. Kus f'U..t Port Xalall-'eh" I j jM
P,.' "'.' o.r;a'ji'mi-ijt of board engine: at tho rare of about 14 H tilt N Fit-. 23YJBillioin

:. : trw ;.ltWltOll and! knots; IKT h..nr. Tin're was no es.-lte- I I VoadxardAnrAbrxhams aid Baltimori',
e 't'. ... .. ," April II
.rll1l. { I\'t' t' the
meat uuuag j-.i-h-n ers --
f .."i i i..Ii-Klii?., xl i ,in,- chats flat i,"eu r_ even itcvidfut l eim;occutrt'd: a'.varo t.f, tuany ttit- loot of them the pro not. i IumtM.ro X'unl.'ic:
.1 and I hams! of the I". \:1I1I11lf'rU','J uf it by the ship's the iitiiftr.-itiiu: itilim iict of I'.AL-
t ,
-"Itd It!M in th- oUit" rs. Dcrin; ti'e whole'oyac mod- j
.. jI jI L.\ln: :-, rtNo\V; LIMMI'.NT.( :: Price,
III' adta' tae'S. .i erne wtuthtr.i, ,'\-rit-actjil.. TnoNew I
: tocents.V.. T.
., 'it th Yon lrluhr VLa'lWn; '! I .P-.... Orf't'u& Co.
i unI'-' 17') soc- .. 1
'!. 41 I *> I.,. till. I 1'\ o1Cl'abm and .V'u -tr,-ra;'v pn>er.cri.Amoui ..- The ;grandeoeial (\'I'ut ..f the : lletial a'fl' ECtlll'oitel.ips(! I.

-I icnt a taw in ; the "a\oll\ 1.osetl;:era was CountStauislam =Pawl The Chiplev t Inf.in- "
I u< Ullli .)l.'tU i,'l Ml CoSa'jri-la. who I.ri!. 'i the ''trv's
1j'r shirtwai-t
rDA SlMi-l.ll Jlllfi red ha ti' Cardul; I..m'LI wOSfE. b.tllThurdjy eHU-
I !
ill w
a.r (I: d|I.f.. ir ..:. i big.layd.GIt.1u.- .- 72inchVhito Or-andios. 36. 45, 6. 7 !V '.

', Unt ,.I! ..: ':II!
t I 1 n 1.1 i ill ;h'' II i ii Tllh.ohllt r110 --: I\C" tD;ION 40-inch White Organdies, tf'e bawl tt
ti.i )
HUM (cm-
I 'I \ .In I..' "'I.s 1. R' iitr.inoiniiia.. To 50-inch
1114 111"11I't' I o'1 tJ : '-II 't.'ndu. \ht' I T. ?li itligan; Alnn.lay. )h y u. French Lawn, 45, J5c ami 761- \'
CLEBRJ9 rrrrr.. Hlnu-(
rt-.1 ; ni i'! 'i.M i .
.- -1ts: tats the kid rThprP 100 Remnants White Goods at 5c 1
I 1"rmU1 .,' ,'.! .I" \ e.ts, and punt yaM
8 :. ..al'l I I tl Hi e "I 1': a,:'\. I ,'- iheblord.IIi THEF.\\' DISCOVKRY.:
1F 1 I t ir alltuiii 1,000 yards 40-inch White Lawn .
f a value
kall ".. _
Burns Foot ,
l. It nil i -1. ...'li trnublfsEjip.Ha. One Cdbic rf Gas Per Hour.
t .- 4all.nf ..11.1 l ..' 1.1 .I'U '\;l 1!.. ouch It' lOc
r : t... .: tltrain..*.thl: sV1 i : '- Vo Chimneys to Break.Mnntlr.donnt yard.
; Itlnlien.Uriter
1' I .i' .Vat'tma r-vilnni' ; ui the tliuii Electricity 500 doz. Val. Laces and .
.* i.' And I'Ublli.t.n uf f \ .11 i ibl.. : $ ) Wi" .st.Oll. and .ntr.... I will hfl a grand excursion Inserting to t, ) i .

u'<" n.. if! r> latmK f1t-t '-Ii. <(11. \'.it ; % 1 lOth the Cost. to Milligan, Monday. Dial 20.leat-l 2,000 yards Embroidery 3 I
to 6 inches
and I the *
a KU n ataxia l.'( +t.tn, 11 +M!'. ity Iatulcncy JI i union depot at f3U a. m. at

..cit *. '1. It-tni:,. e Bun uf teal in d|, in Trjtasofr I Sot a Mere Statement. hut ft Juarantee. the following low rates for the at lOc
t M.' i iH"'. the ,tO'UDtillV Uil't 1101a b STOMACH Call and see them In operatton.GERSON. round trip good to return May 21 : yard.

f fi .tS\ .,i tads for the r -l 1.-f of the Oalvt. Q ITTV: R 5 jlal.i.a: ; leverasi I I From IVn-acola. V ; Hohemii. W 200 yards All-over

.tn, ,nf.-NI .. .titnrt and i'oli.lil\ Ague> : : B. cents' ; EioitnbiH. s; cent* ; Mulat, Embroidery, at half vi '

w II *'ff,,rls to off 01 inui'li nerd : --- cent* ; Harp, Oalt City or Milton, i 1. Latest Effect in Black and
10 cents ; Holts, 40 cent;. White Kami
ht. ti ;.llta. niil'il of :1 ,,,.sinK

p ..!>. fur miinii
.u'i'.< i h."ntts in rll' toy dniter: j| j'iI I __
.1' 0'. 'ii .4% of tmrilic effort la (o.stili: GOOD is the best 5-cent Cigar on earth. GUAM KACUIISIOX. and $1.50, your choice for $1.00
'' of the !
i -"ot"l\ut16 in tliU poll '

S MI tab'' IIql.1 rfl'l, Hisue*.IMS-i l I 600 Gingham and Percale Waists, the.J i .1r
If U n-oiiltcil iR 11A ta nt
nt4'ion < wlo: lfr
1 t'lition i if MuinKt'i'.n! ? like tYtT t, Sx{ kind, for this sale, 76c.
J- a nlllda tnt. ii "ti.d aveuueal; Silk
> and iiiilthli ;1 nin tlu1't Skirts, value $ $15.00 for this sJ* .

'"' "art is (II.: permanent &

'wIt lit,. "\\1.1.1":1- _
r "' of tbt i>t.ots \I Inch To Ii; Jreenville Montgwntrry and Remember the Oat

., rf I." l.aft,'', work i 1' t Ilirmnuiiam, I'lafurd.11, It. It. May *, Friday, May J.-
a '. I la many 'I1 t'i I' .. 1 >, t I....h. Ltcivina: : L nl..n 'd'j, it at It, : :Ij

4 .in. il COIIIOHIn II > t S LJ :: >Iht; oil rem-ul it piiii-ij. .r p.un!

;; '\> tir' I' F.ire :lor loiind trip : P> ;u-acoli, ; to
n (ik'.o nt'111e. $:! ..jij
t' I \'r1 l, > i f ; to Mnnt-foimrr, lUiiiiaiii
i "?., r...' II' \ Ir *:2 '-n I; to nirir.iiisham, (:viol; from joljiisonListen O : ;

t .' all'1 L L t l t ) ( '..mtonmentame: a> iVn-.lc..la

.. .or' 'Ut .11 .1 I v'ltM'tfJ From Milton 2-jct-r.ts; extra. I'.irtie-
. tI.itilg''It-EPH: will
I. .1 i.*aiy. ofi apply to ticket

n ..'-*. Ah'i'liU .ijeutintime. Purchafe'ticket- attuket

\ : ..ua -, la-; oflicp. Tll'kct'l"d fr :( to This !
days to return on
.J i .1 i i'I.'m pa--
. i ., !.. .1! tiH'ir -'tiger train. For further Inftl! II II'

i r .' ''I''.' ,. al.d LEWIS BEAK & ro.gl'llts., ronsacohi.V. n"u ,>pJy tu t+d
l. ,n" \ a',. Il. In. KIM.I \ a A Few Stsin-Bloch Sun

:;" -.1. .H.1| t -t0'1.'d 1'LIH: j ilu'.LtryP' .

.* ... 'L .t.4at.; ''j ro r ............ ..-r--- .. -- -... ..,.__. '-" ....--... ..._ \1,1 i IN: PAI '; :.I.M\" M Ii.t'dl. \ mor Suits Letr Y
.1 t :=t... yj4; .=.I'.s__'";;.., .. .;;.;j .0.::.: ;;. .'.:..r'. .;;;:0 :::: 4 t. I lr.I l/ : $$1
i ..U' u.,1: i t ft f i

'r < '..1'I i- p.9. ? ...r a .s"'a.t-.t 4. 11.aft rS .-. rS -"\- M-. L .'". ..: -..- ..S. .s "._ : ;1i for sccettaSle Ideas. ( '): suit .
,...hl. .\: : .' '-- .. ti -r1'7 Tt+ V'Y ""': 'wY ..t firf; 1tr wit V '".I' "":' --! 1 '.' Hate if Patented.: F

i i II' i 1,4 .;: (I' '. ) Cl'' (I'I' lji'f.tLL 3 THE PATENT RECORD!
{ CALL o.: -----oMaHUGH {!j \ \ jIv 50 Pairs
t. l.i ... ': .:. Q ( .:. Baltimore.: Hi Johnson A

s 'Py if I.i.' i. 'Gl (I]) 'F'.:... PAT : ,1'I), ,,11tl ............... cruuw. -- --rurlcLi-v -.-..... 1 ) Hurphy Shots calf, $3 5

.. ,
t.I.: ,' I"I
"' YEITIIEI.toecatt.lu .
+ 6 -.i t And see what Handsome and Usefjl Presents ycu can get vuih f fi 4: .. oxarr.III I\\ Bals.
I 11I.u : di\.l c ? ; {"o"L : ,. r "".IW tier 01 t6! Brlt1/ / and Coog. at
Y- C Bard.ec .
rs. will b.
r l '. .h.HII' f|I | Teas and Cofees. {jIt (I] sir le frJr debts cuntracted r..ponsa b1
". ,'111' i.-ai'" ihipi. the crew of paid vessel.V I
Fill your: Pantries tsithtFeBest Cof Staple: and fancy Grocerirs, 4> t f.tt..t and Il..t C tt.; I.I I.!
the ('A
1 i. attection 0\; "
3i ji last > nr ti.! .. earn |I:ttj] rot fancy prices Ask and see. <> t:) \ 8 Keyser To..lonslgnres Captain lUlU I tl Y- "II !'oi...l... ail *u, h.I > .

p hi in goo'i hUnaing. art e'as Ne'me Fcrchsd ifftesTELtPHONt Fresh Fran the Roaster: Eye] Dry <) II. - I I the """", fr"II.
,S' 4 V.st turn.n. V n.U'
I : 133. Corner Ecmana and Palafox ilree's.fit i.:: ers nor cocsuaefn of the Pu \'
f't'far"IU ftti S.aa- that (:) 3) (:) hurt ">orcen. -m be 'I -

I U .....r.. hire: bivn aol".| 4S rod!], .I .aAh .'A.AAA""" """ .... A..utyvvvv" \.\. re'ponslMe for: debts contructei ,
r. Lki* ; a tout cf ::t.l. thnv i : r : "' vvVVi V v.n.'L. V'\i r b> the crew of ald rear JOSKPII
M. A. 1-i'MiriRi COUiA:
MI.'" Dove mUnel aud .--!x ((6) .;_ ."', ..,.-- -,,.;.-- ..;.._- ...._- ...-- -- ..0.-_-_ .- .-- ."-- -'..'-- --..-.' _ia w. S.: Kejser A: 'n. L.ttain. G'pFr4tt UFO,
'0 Atr. bt"1 ln11td! fmn tlJ' ran I lent 1 I :': : !: : : -ir.LS- !! }i .r.+ 1 Con.gQIi llI1tt I Tilt Stc.-IIM.II 212 South Pilifou"


;"? "'_7"- ."t'40.\'i>____. ,.._-. ._

The daily news
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Title: The daily news
Uniform Title: Daily news (Pensacola, Fla.)
Physical Description: Newspaper
Language: English
Publisher: The News Pub. Co.
Place of Publication: Pensacola Fla
Creation Date: May 1, 1901
Frequency: daily (except monday)
normalized irregular
Subjects / Keywords: Newspapers -- Pensacola (Fla.)   ( lcsh )
Newspapers -- Escambia County (Fla.)   ( lcsh )
Genre: newspaper   ( marcgt )
newspaper   ( sobekcm )
Spatial Coverage: United States -- Florida -- Escambia -- Pensacola
Coordinates: 30.433333 x -87.2 ( Place of Publication )
Dates or Sequential Designation: Began in 1889.
General Note: Description based on: Mar. 5, 1889.
Funding: Funded by NEH in support of the National Digital Newspaper Project (NDNP), NEH Award Number: PJ-50006-05
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Source Institution: University of Florida
Holding Location: University of Florida
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oclc - 33669261
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System ID: UF00075893:00515
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Succeeded by: Pensacola evening news

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.. e "'"' -. <' "" < ..... _1>_-.-,____.., '-..,,<, -oarws-s ." '. .. .; ';'f' _"><-'.' 'e. y '. .


---.- .


-. .
------ --- '- -- --.- _. '- -. .
-- -- -- --- -- - --
-- -

PENSACOLA has a Depth of 33 Feet of Water in the Channel at the Entrance of the Harbor. I

- -- __
------- -
-- -- -- ----- ----- -- u

. ,"u \'N.p".dnl; W. C. O'NEAL President; F. C. HORTON Cashier; I
\ }H'O Viet frtudtnt; ..,.. -- ...,.,. .. M. E. CLARK Ass't Cashier.? FILIPINO LEADERS
-l\XN-- S> XS*S Mli.StatoinoxLt -



Daily Surrendering; to tho

IH .\' 'OLA. ].FLOUIDA. CLOSK OF BUSINESS APRIL 21, 1001.Concloiasocl. ) Americans.

__.. n' n._.____.____ I IIE1NNdII: : : DB-09. Spocnl ..n..ou t...

----- --
. #U'Jtl'\\: ; Papital Stnrk .. .. ... . .. . ... .. .. J200.0001/ i I
., Trial of au Army OSlcerlio Aliened lusband .\rrt' tccl. With .Another'o II. 1:. Lean Ii lit.ulI.,1 n 111--.!)'* Itt
-- M.:> 71; I'ndivided Profits (net) .. .. .. .. .. 2I- 2.W
o.Mni.im; Kedi-couriH Ki'i.D7750: atd UcceUvd LJnbcs:"oine Interesting nidii Mie I..rcapea| \ .t. eudde.CoirMnk.t .

I ............ ..... .. ::5.;.!V.7": ) Circulation ... .... .. .. .... ... .... ...... .... 73, -P.ar.iarJ

i Xti4tiCl1.. .. ..... li.1o.-1"\; : 4 Deposits :: !;),I3J! 27 lu who up to a few weeks ao: COil ucted a I E Evans lies teen a.kmed:! Uil by the
. . r"JI..ltJ
,. . ,fJf ,l l.J1) oinmi.sion busiuesi in Daoiiu, has stlaemecourt. thl'llUuuutou..; died
.. I K..k.- ibtltiLP-} $ 11ait; l.r'>!: MANILA, April 30 Gtntral: Tinio. been brousht to the city from Teuuilloud at t-i.tXK: He wa charged with ml.log

I . a,7.ji; ) iw the .Filipino leader ia Abra proviuce, } lodged in jail charged with the des Captum John J. Grilhu ou April tJ.

--- I has barreudered.TUB t>Ttion of his wife. Far several weeks! The affi ant of llvans the tint hI h3t

tt'i;III.-o.: : : $640,07S.v! report that General Alejandnno! I II Clark has Ltta absent from the city. made, was i.Mere-npg. >oui>< one had

I has surrendered is continued. 11 wai I II aturday muruiug ht returned, but dId I bent uim a ken uf l.qm anti hv tamed
--- -- I looked upou as the poasibla successor of noto to hi- borne until late iu ills Captain GrilKii to tiii rvK.ia. 1'u. .orf

.. II III I; Agnnualdo. afternoon being ou the streets most ot was opened by a i*rer ana tm-v dr.uk
I the day trite a woman \wuo registered and talked. Captain GriSftu mv.t-d hitu
%. 1 I l'.Jreg:ipp y, the txcorunuunatelI'llifiao nt one uf the uotels us :ilr. ttotea ofK"w to dine at a rrataunuit. luiMaptaiaook

SPECIAL SALE cc10111S I To o the Fu 1 Sig! :I II I priest, who preached: the I I oc. York. a drink, nun Will:.. Evans w... tak'

triaa of a hasty! war a aiu,t the Uuitedj Clark told his wife tha fee was now pun preparatory tn Kl""g to dniiier
ill j I State, hu: al-o surrendered, raveling and would be la *'ablm every 1111 heard Gratin rcx atiug pot-try IItHUO"

I : I II j The trial of Ciptam James C. Reed, Saturday. After stating; ut hu homo a thing; like-
-A.T. 0 I i I II espretdent: : of the rommi-ury at Manila few minutes he told his wise that he "11 U: not Ignobl.- die tttuL"Looking

I charged vita lohcitin mid rereiv- wouli go down to and of the stores and around IKaw Grithn with
believe in Printer's Ink, lU bribes and with oth" ollieiil send her some provisions which were his (Evans: ) pitol pointed. at nw..1r,
\FIJI and through this medium roaeia.t.: badly needed. Instead ot doing 1111 he Avails exclaimed: teat the \\'I\o'h waaloaded.

l fmmM & CO'8. inform the Public that we tinued today and was tlmvly contesteiLTuomus boarded the Wnghtt>mle aad Teuaille GnlLu coutmaiug io [I' mt tt ,

are Controlers and Agents of I H. Harries t. i>kkeopcr of tram for Macon, accompanied: by :Mrs Evans: tried tj tale: it teas him nfiia! .
the firm ol Uolin-oii t Macoudry, te,- ;btokes. did Dot release! it ana wniie iiiu engaged 1{
the following brands of goods tited that Mr. Rabtn.ou put.l Captain As soon as his wife learned of this she the pistol fire.. Grifha ec:.I. x

on which a reputation is estab- Reed .*)1))1. The firm's books contained worn out warrant against Clark, am btiot. jj for a doctor 5.1
,. r.\ charging him with desertion. The Ten Evans he nuiL. !di.ttely went to 1-
.. I \1)ll S' -""'-' '".: lished in this country and entries to that effect. says j
"V J I }'relltueouJry testified that lie arranged mile authorities were apprised of the three telephones 1:1 for IH'hhb"rlll"., o
1 when buy of these
you any to give Captain Read 10 percent warrant and succeeded in arresting call doctor. Gnfiin w'u* bi* w ui ut prrsoual :F
brands you pay only value, as on the ale; of VfgttaUda: for the raiia- Clark and the woman just as they were friend aid Eva ft.

P \UlAoULo AXn) |1IBnELUS our object is to give you: best ports.lieforu. boarding the train sn i'cuuille for Sander ; Joseph C: GrifHu, a sun of II..- deal i.
.ville. be left
Daldwm luau swore kits tathr ad-'r 11 ;
value for the least : testifying: Derry ,
money formerly United ist.ito-, r.1lr hal for Cal- Clarl and the WulIlln're placed uu- o'clock uud aw hint put a 1 true i ,11 1! < t 1+:lr.

Moncgram No. II tho iforn.a and now oi tn u Macou der :guard at one cf the hotels at Tmmile. I bills in his pocket nun t!.at .itf r ni; l -
*0 FOR THIS WEEK -< :: I IIt I finest for the price, only ono dry ci.mipauy, shipping nur'tiaun Just before the niint pa 'euper: death but one silver dollar wi iui.i on I'his

dollar a quart.MurrayHill. laCe u statement to Inc court. lie aid train passed that tows: the woman, by person.
that the aid of the clothing from the oed of Dr. Robert \\. ttld.es t..tll' i it
I ClubBroolifiold (iatt-him.atti uipt-j nil haIlwclIL.LI hi-asked) fur: the: to intnni- the ro mi iu which site was> lucked, let the face of te d>><. ..,.lit wu bru.- .j I as L.
pro'eotion .
4.v I Rye, the lerseli tj the sr-juud from the second it had b'eu >truck harl )hlouWiia: i'It
r 17 ()() Gloria Bilk Umbrellas at\il ot the court: lie had in nfiiMUf
s beet To; cents a quart in the urvpaii d, which he < Clark came to Dcblin: from New York' wero li on-dt-r ti.arkMiu thi ba"k i f
land and other brands but the uittir defiined!
\ many: to rei ivi it
.$ $1.00. (:: R of thtm be excelled r :urI.i it to i!r. IXi'uhnu uiirtvi. about toears ago and hasbetuiuho \ ; wrist From fxuencttcv, ..,|.111'V'V'Vnzht t
none can ,
f tru.t and wctJ.t.leClIlUtllIhtoul'u-I' menU and Ib ,
4 Mr miivrm toititie i K-i.-iu ; test $atn.>riu' "
to 1foOJ \ .
100 Gloria Silk Umbrellas at !: by any hou-e iu the South-for : ; beef contract. C.'pv.m K-; e'dcanu tt:ss. TiuTt. are any uuuilx r of eiiiiius: thought thu pistol cucUl b,,,.' .b... II inn

i instance : against him m the hands Dablin it.wyer u.':irtr lUll 6 tent woven .
to t:;e office and cl-m 'U"re
1... $1.25. 4. :1ht for goods sent to him on cniiMgu- lls Governor Evans MajorV 1', ;
i The Kins: f'f :Scotch WhiskeyCanadian were :: shortages n the k t ,1,11'r.-
from Savannah Auauta Gary, N. (} VJv-jiis und other
i ts, on account of whica Xr. biilwm Augusta; : A t.e i)
f i O Gloria Silk Umbrellas at \ ,,' i 'Crabbif1. save Captain Used 9.5J.'X and Florida produce merchants.Clark's family will go on the L'>a Club Walk- method wan to u,e very fine ,
i< I Adjutant: General Carlius'cm:: tmtified ;
$: $1.35. &; erville, Canadi.And that; Captain Reed said Major l\\i u was stationery and to order but a nmall If troubled by a weak dLto.r.u. tt .
I amount of produce front one firm Ina I (if -tiP, IIr iJ.
shirt! ;: ll any appt Cf\n""flltt.o. try
what i is the mutter wit! I1.i00 poundot Uti. > ad- .
t Clark's wife yesterday furnished Cuief a few d. !.- of I'lnniln'ilaiii'i' 1"1"ui
knitted from Mr. D ild-
t SEE SHOW WINDOW. n i Wilson Whiskey? TIw : win, bet receiving said the money sum he received wouldbe of Police Peacock with a list of the :ach and Livi r T.tltlt-ti l>.rv her r; .

/- it'/. \Ve hive: secured tli- apt,h',d to the beef ;\,'j.Apllu.lld" firms and they were Jlor: it'l that he !, urruttd. For: 1'"lfI Oall) .11 II' ,
I now ui j III Clark was under bond, gti.uld nicdiciuo dialer-i
sole nr1'1 cy furVest Florid t I has been subp a,naed as a j;

.1 lttfl.l8t c;.. 'If .23! f 1/' .hie r'uuw .d WIllI Liey.; v. tiiiL-s for the defense in a murder most of. bciidfiren u.akm a formal
tl'ud"r CALLED
n" litilv to Else sal yeater1 FO1
jvudin lu Tay TayuviLeu of
1 ltft4 fttttt Iwii, plr yard cniy 10: I Now for Champagne: I|I Il'n '...th.Captain l d .iv anit reln-vjng theniiutvea. r;
From th of the Wom-\n Uestrru Krntiick l.iinnllr ,\-ln."iLEXINOTOV
3.lk Tiili line, SI ieies! r.ii: per yard cry! 25s I G. H. Muinm's Estra Join B. Mcpinald, with 21 given Mra. Clark Description she) states that she u.etti.ttbta. .'1'Hf''h'I' .
Dry. DlltJ1 lie. men ot the ILird cavalry, recently .u-

Tnii IIMC, II hailS wide: pr yard calf 25cMeu's I .Worner & CO'S VI'I.I tacke, W lasurjjeut; ntleii"u and .10 U- knew before her she in came New Luwetu York and her that and once heriushaud. Ky., Annl :W.-O'I u-.

l luiw in tho moantains lfLr.1 prow count of a jn-'ty nomtu t:acre 110 a rowjtl I
I ebrated Champagne, in pints :: .
IU" (' 'Iho insurgents vt" defeated. .
at the w i.rii Kt-utai-ky: ;iuuatl'
Negligee Shirts, this week ( \ and half pint C.ltllulUlcDoaa: !<1 was woa.ided in the Jf b Couldn't Have Stood It

f.IOfdJ u I Wo also control the Pay.chniul uu;;, and! a private wa: Killed If he'd had itching Piles. TIi 'y'rP arylaci at Ihplulln : t!, Lad an a rv-uk.
Dr. ..
I --- --- -- E. IX McCuruuce ha beets ki>>l
; Bitters at manufacturers' IN'ifect di !'..ti.'n ii the onlv foundation terribly annoying ; but nllckl..I1'SArnicl
I price, and last, but fur perfect health. The fund Salve will i-ure the worst for his resignation by Governor
suit I' cave of piles on earth. It ha< cured Lam, which u>' has met with u -lkdc'V
4 Balbriggau Undersuits ( makps all the blood have
per PIne not least the Celebrated Indianapolis wo i' it we thousandFor Injurie-. Pain orn'hHly fur a full mtrstt.:auun. Dr.
wlnc'i'! turn feed .
!t.ly I I Brewing Co's <-in and tissue iu every tli- IUTVP.inucl bnrtyIIKRHINK I'rnptioiH: : It'; the /beat salve mick has toe Mijpurt of the Ihmrd >f i

Beer ; holly lntt< r: dOl",1/' quickens the appetite in the world. Piico2a; b 'X Cure asylum comiMsionfrjivlu> luti- requested 4fl.

aud Boys' Straw Hats, all } C | I I 'i HIThe finest bottle beer in aid-. /1Ie"tion.: gives toile.aid l lt vigor sn berte:ir all unctions and
: Inc I c lu I 00 this or any other market at 10 ) tl.e et tiregoodhealth. --- -- -. Dr. McCormick thu MUIC time declaring m
y glel from 01. Price, 50) cents. \V. T
cents a bottle, retail. Bold by i a belief lu bu good tnofiu cbiriwter. -
all first-class saloons in this I .
-------- --- I'
"J'tf'ld tn Klt<*ant Line of Men's Shoes at I city. << (.'0111 IUl'r'lut Congress.CmrrLE a IleMilt, lie <><"cs to )ll>-><>uri McCoruiick:that them ia a utfiu'-ut, declares
For Treatment.GUXESVILI.E M u i-oufpirwr ee:aiust

11 and ,:.l.';o, ll'c nsfc your inspection of Respectfully submitted, are that the, Cola meeting, April of Indications the Trans-Mis- Fla., April :3 X-Speak him at bUll the removed asylum vita a ti\w 'of ptting 't"t.l

sissippi Commercial congress to bo held i ing ot vicious brings; to mind the dip artare The woman lU th. 1'11... \\I" Mla Han- .;

MOOG & STERN m June will be the largest: (u the history recently a :gentleman by the' moueof : nah York now Mr., i' D M&nn of
MS AND AI.I.. 1tCIti.lNXltlt'STOPLE.1>I;, of the oranizltion.molll; : the Albnttam: for Nevada, Mn., w U-TB lie Canton! Inti Dr Mi-Ormu-k rspialo
the fact that he wag iu loP .um r.*>iu I
prominent men who have signified their will enter a sanitarium and bu cured uf
The Leading Wholesale Liquor with Mi; York tor u )-'n *l of |'> into-
intention to bo present are ex-Senator paralysis.The
I is Friedman & Co. I Dealers of West Florida. Thursday and William J. Bryan of Nebraika. history of hii actions for tho past uses strictly <;u ,1:1.1&1 bu-iiuM, by

Governor Savers of Texas and few days reads like n romance. A tew stating till n.tH-iii:,: wa< mud by request '
-- --- ----- -
----- --- of Miss Yor who "lflh.,1 ff
John Henry :Smith of Utah tie creient nights ago Mr. :*'jnt tarn had a \..ion, tu r*
> RACKET STORE.., I head of the Mormon council. An auditorium during the pres,,:'e': *: of which ha was main m charge if th. sam! ward in.
tend of taking: charge of ol ,
out tiir I' I.
capable of holding 5,000! people informed that there was a saiiuariutn:
I talt'. l'b'U1ild alit.:a hal 1".1\ -
.. __ ___ I CHIPLEYSHIRTWAIST will be m readiness for the convention. to which if he wonl go. ha could re- .nIt
--- .IlIIlaIP'l.TUt
--- -- -- ceive a cure from paralvsis.
PRODUT.Wb&T I No Loss of Time. permanent I iaestiou WDI'.. i" n.>w f >rfin,..tl
MADDOX KENTUl1\Y5 BEST This man has long been a sufferer from j
., I have sold Chamberlain's Colir I, > thipitjbttb.e actii.:i of the rfnvt-ruor
paralysis, and has ben practically mi- j
,1T5 NAME IMPLIES I ITHE Cholera and Diarrhoea Remedy foryear. able to exercise his body. Iu the vision : wLttner lie will \\ittKiruw hu rurit|
c$ h' .-i, and would rather he (out of fur Dr. M,.C ho of
saw a man, magnificent; phyriqne, I
1111111 I
mm NTRYS roUI'IJ and sugar tlnn it. I sold five who was dons? the laymg-on.bands i lLSht UJUll IL

bottles of it yesterday tlH('li>rii and nu would
: act patient immediately _
'H32 II \ Xf"uly Pv..y .r""n ""'fll 1 4 I"U'I"
; ., W 'U9 ? that could gnil; farther and the} arise and walk off. medicine at this tiw of y.-ar lie

are at work aziin; this taornin .-IIU. .\ day or so ago; Albnttan received brace' tip al d 1 lnvtff lIrlt.> the i.i.rv+sue

I'HKi.i'S, I'lyuPllth, OklihomAs a communication from Weltmtr I ,-Vrtrtu t.i dd/.A tho towel|.. Iivrrand
\ will be seen by the! above the Nevadi: Mo. woo B'ae.l that if he .
: ki.lnt-ys. JIKIUUNK:
: l l iOU CJ"4 yt-: \1" ::) : thre-heix were able to keep; on with woala coaie mere no won! I cure him. >.-t and f.;f.- -t r"nt"ly to do ti:.... H4'b

a and Fit. -Mr.-.vfSfeR\ tli.-ir work without loin? a tingle One :;rent condition was s-ipulated: be- it will earn r.1uilUptttlun. r.III.t.. t

:I tl-'ofthis Remedy in your home. overload, bv ream, ';o. in obeui- '
;:PEIS---t V l'riePatcents. \\ T. (irwti A ( "
/ ., .; / -BAhli'-For sale by all druggists and inedi .ncr to in.itractiou-., he purcua-fd a
: ,: { : cine dealer rradcart and horse and u now on 1m J'vreu IlIb etA ,st.plural.
H".u\.1 I V
I u. p- ---- ----- -
,-..r- t' .i .,:.,1 WfHSKeI.TR Trei5irr at Kotti'in of'-PH. way. :\ < os. April :10 -"t'hff"1 J ,r..nD
/ .lr. Albnttam says the \ision was RO ..
-- \ -- that the f>u> '" eel! f'1pret rbtierr ur. I.u
Sax Fn.\sI'IS o. .Airil 0.-All t.i": 1:1lmucc plain and perfect he was cotnpell-d ji at.i

-\GER E CO. ,.\ on the car,:>) of thireftei to heed, and ni* friend are eagerly: Atlanta last 1I11l1lt. rt'Vh@j Me. 1 .'

V <> <; ARMORY HALL, Rio Janeiro waiting to hear from him, and also! to noon, and when cjfed "-. ;J qlitli'h'" "i ....
;tf'nlUf'r ue tlJ
DISTILLERS. CINCINNATI.PRCP amounting see what the result cf his j,mrnoy will to his participation: .UiI'
4 a \\ oJ' .: re I $'M/iOj) i bas been paid. It is net knownuuw
:DST.KY.! bo. but wawtKi O. W. d. .'. ..
BAT.1.: : S : LERY 5 THURSDAY r# u 104ft
MAY 2. '-'
uini'ii lusanuicvi was earned on the :
.\\IL\XT.Y.i.\., Nov.T. 1179.DIt nor, alr-saoy in the batl4..i: w" ."" .
The i-olWtor
v. -i-l. at Honolulu wa
I I t'. J. Moi JETT-D"' Mr of being the finncipa!.
ar I I
,) over ittut' ll.o $!. ),to i in treasure: and :
; I I it was-licit insured. The steamship also cannot too f-tronjrly rcconuiiftid

-0 :.IMI tal :N '!by PETER BELL ; Admission, 50 cents; earn.'.} maiv th.iu ands in the sate, on your TEETHIXA (T-Vthiojr; I'owtJtr-/ i An ounctj I.r pr"VfJl.tlflll .' w' I

till J t "'. witch likewise there: wa, no in-uranco. to mothers as on- of th. best in -dicin pouud of cnr. and II "...H1I.It.ci.
I i I ly.unns ruti: :. The mas: valuable portion cf the cargo ** tln-y can obt tin for their debilitated I LARDS' llOltKHdl'Mt M HI I'

I I I II L-UP for was raw silk and sickly infantI have nip.f in titiift H worth It."tf..r ;, > -.
dummy tli-
I accommodation
201 E. Intendencia St. of ----- --- a-ell i U with very :'lti-fdr'Jry re'ult- ci t I tiE SSiE M4H : patron: alone: that I lino. ''HlTE'CHE.UI; VPHIMI- the p I"t 5Umll1pr with inv child an-l ..,1. 1'ri- u.'. andVi n'', W T
I Ii F'GE not only pifectually de-troys while WP have IH-tr.fore lo-t a child IOrI. ('u.
I Most women with frnule wak- al n'inerf'"f's the or two from teething under f
worms it other
t .f. appetite
\ Sole Agd for Pens acola.t't'l' | nesunVr dr'.ifully from pil< inI aide iuiilation and transform remedies, our pre,, nt tJ.ijj nljt has WANTED.
''addition to their other
I lit |'din'r pHiaTiny taken rFETHix.\, flue
a frail iuitit into one of robut healtt.v.
in'iv be cured by f-In fLEH'o'I I health. Price'J5 cents. W. T. I respectfully, Boys to set up TenPins
i 1 :... ..( lr."k Pat ;Mclluirh new ad on List Price, [;II> cent* in bottlttubes ToI I Brother af U. R, senator and E.Gov. :\- at Borelli's Bowling

\ I ii.du.tu- Plit It will pay you. i I, cents.V.. T. Ureen & Co. I Try THE NEWS Want Column. Joseph E. Brown. Alley. Central Saloon. '



3, OtC., ) --- (

use... all Grocers.


--'y' .,..,-- -- -, _. -
-'S.- .- ....y -- "- Y ,. -'- -. =


_. ___ __ .- -
'f } .. Pl"'r..O A l' ':

t NAPOljEOX'SSD )I. Jir T ---y IIi t

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( : l -i r

A.ft'. It noel for the : ruin what Ki ercireYt1
!>'9>. For 111- Mu.cl>-Therur :lights
:t.:.. #; +r.. .'. .
.I. ... !.li-n on Krliiil and
'tt! Cft y 'the I'iinl (.ri-al C'a u....
w : Man ex r' NtliS: i.u>d!<'* to in.proreIbetB. :

s' He eorut! +-s niu
|J, fellow, and rivalry! of inu< !e ends a ,

I tmicrtliar: ij.;i>ro.eiiK-nt all nr< r.-d.

| YVtet exercise does for tIC: muscles:
; ..
Ci-rQllion du.'S for the ralu l
:y /H11.t' lUllOrn.'e of dKf''iv,!I i.i Nap )' '.. .i iur ,, .aswocaamr.xreav el +.aa.awr.+.. sar rrat.x >+/emw.n+uams.r+as'a.r..

t .,... leon apprP":.ated tlioronshl.v.:: a
. "' (_ > Alt w Un he discussod. be (!Kenned!

"J Lot a big man selevntig qu<"-nuns to

-.. I'lhaiM the uiiuil and) It-ad,\ far away ,.'
Into lUIdn of conjecture andidi .tq

.r .1 t'eniatrill.i .
l .f- HI vis no dreamers brim giving! ,' .

;. i to HN'riiatKm the time net-dul for (ie -> R.- .
j Jug 1'irstuue: the real uorl of the e lr1 iiFt I' II r

. ,!' C day or Imur-ihc plaguing and liirsh. 'HI b
"'# -"t Ing of details from the di.,,:>-iK or ar ,*t

'1-Jl. ,;: lay cori'8 to tin smallest tmnl arrau;;e

i nwnU.I .
I. I Then free from actual work, '(,kincrtUtT ; r ,
t1 t from' nimvntrateil application.l \ ,
oJ."f'. ,
'i* brain sought rest in talk aorta

,,, .. ," bU... ,
I Oa UN; ntyase! to I:!:> pt d-h- n: n.-J
I' 10 waste ro time! lie <>rpun/.i: "' 1 y9 \ tit, r
; ,
tisransimi as methodical'-!' ,

J.% I <""'IBttIc I Tb d.s it"'-'.iu* '..ire n'js:.' :' :: ', '

I. .. fotQtrtlaf' '\ !. '?
I' t.K : Neec" i ii "
"i.,t,; tv v\, '" ?rid! I. : )
J -t 1,;. M I.r ,!
.. .
: h I. e IT : : :,

," ..11,' 1,1" '< ::. : c ,f' .; a
".. Pe ti ''C K
.. Ptt'I I : I,. : ,-: ;' .- l '"C '
: ; ....
: :( :: t. :
fli .. i : -i. 7 I
,.; .. .. .. ., t t
1 I ,\' -- '"" ', ,Il qtr
: t' jc.t.! > < n \Hr, :: ': -.' :: (
'L4 tfc.-i' : 'f"' 1111'01! ,t'I' i I' tthfe .. ; t itr' I

I I, -rrh.'I l ,'" '? !II ,
t t
f_ > :' : i'g hi, i.i'1nft : 's u tc F
t* nut tin: .. I f tbmiv'' t. I I.' '.

t" t-COfN'ur Ills :\I..', ;i ,1. Sl :!- I i. ,j" t. ii I
t Oat fie S kcil hM rliiiM:i .'i! !,. :0 i :
c1o'1t'1d" la'llwr the ", 1:1" !.
s jib I" t- :n J "
f.\ ihr!. .1

,\alo 11. ..J'el1sIt'tai! I :.n!" pr. '

able coding.! ; liy fie: or seat'"i-. "d
11,' liMu> wI! asn tinI'inp!' :'!!* ..fdieaim R I .
i.J and! the lahiis <>t 'gn' !'ta't. ,

Elt'UK" .
In I'rae'ifMl l.fe he ':.<1 ::11'11",1 r' cry
t' thin;; Kmiejil.te: liiit in tli-ei;- ;-.r. t "

,;; 'all nbstrai questions| Interest hii't ,
It mat !Inttiv-t jo to Know that ..3Ctiural '

a..' f It- ilenlvd p ,
b (nee of hell-I"'rhaps'' that \\.is i r-iniiiui I ... ,
) fn his ati-aad 1U:1ulalIe'that: \ tin

msu should die without confessing hi* II I .

,. loi*'t>:nlv a f,.ul says that h*< will dii- / \\ r 4d + Es

a Tilibotit a p>iiifessR>r. There Is so niii' '!'ive I /' fly .t

\ .b n""t !:now and that we canal, t I IOvrvokd rt.
.. It k (1 '4'ply charact.-rl! of Xai''iKOP's -
it! ou-ulit that he hould hive IJ!,'-

cbirrd. t. r Moliamnittliuii.i in prefer-

.s i-wc to < '!trl.tl.iiity. .
I Ile ai.iiim! the rilsi! >iu of ifuh! tit

riled "l'i iif-e; It cotniuereil! one-halt! the t
.' whereas it tool :.'"Ifu I
world" t'i a n <>T-:.

Ie1r. !' rist'nnity: : to establish it. ...... .
u ..
'- .tel.... ....g"
1..lf." fl
1'11..1'1,1 !1'1 ldl king became OUT. '.'tid I '
fcivai.'e lie thought! : the Hri-i'-ii 1 Woaie iofj Evidence! of Mrs. Plnkhaai : Cures. r.

ilo4 I'at his paw :;tlt.llu haul :Vileei ta dl
!t.'id not i-i\eled far I>" >t'd! that !Ins. J'I'IIl101 ', "
|' : .VI PEAS : ;: -.r ago I read a r r i p" t
( Id llt11tt *. iL" how iv-"h ,rood cue -\xti had tl.-\\ f r ',, I :j Ji.j I.. 1'. "," >ar>"*
maw -leKs for :.!Iv+.i-t-. >: \'ebcul! Ctl 1YJund. I l.a.1 10. t'" ,' .," ,- rand
i WIltdI'UI la '. nil willi.! ., deepl.v dssappniutitl j r.ttig le is tho nah il result of hard cork but erhau : ,,/o-- was r.iar::' ':'-t',-araifnl t, a. t'!< h" i ,,.
1 !Me errors in analyze iJ :;;::ion result firm: heal '-s. r t1.l\.4J i- rl(1'k.r Baer me 0J:: ase no :-" ., .

a thegremt I'- relhioushtuht.But : t.3 Hard work fur a weak woman is traffic in flesh sad f .. ;) '-(( 7..,t p'.i' :!at.gait It .','Jr,1 nll'I-t--h'3. :.:,'".u\';" 1't.1" ," .'. : ,. s st ,.' .

for : : ',I'D \\tr bl1l'1' there Js I 1" tm''' ") ,. t.i'u'ilft..' s'' .:: .''. t' .
f nfort in t I'' blood.It makes little difT-! \'ice what tho field of work K .' 1# 'Ij::.. ,..i'at i '.,. df>. i I' ,' I 0 I' 'i- !. t >. 1>14
NapwU r.:;' .1 with everything; csCr 1A f'7.V jlftf. 1I'I'et"I'1r.-'I ,-: '.. t i '., \ .*4
t II... i.i---i; ,' : at eause.On whether aft home or el:>,where, if there is weakness, workAbility 1'! ;.r.? Cfr 3 :nu us..do.i : ',. pee., : ,.. v : ?u '."
the much irrerei'-nt. l'ij! ..d.\.i. :, thj! "io'i .1"11.; t ..'... .
nftkt tM>! n- to stand the strain of hard work is the privilege ,
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How our hearts ache for IV! sickly women that work! f. "
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the ..h'n;. ln>autiful Mars shining down f.1 her daily round of household duties, when her back and'I La Heights, Ui: o. ___._ fi t

t In funiuic teliuUe! of the buy tlasj'brtnor % head are aching and every new movement brings out a DSAP. MBS. Pr.-r. A'-I V. ish tn 1 I-.'
i't'!..\\\ new! pain! I. Kcfclmni's;::tabJe Corn: p oanJ ,- :: ,.; .. '" ,
lIe Rtopt! :ed very abruptly the prattle from whL'h I stall'.-red ter"i''ly: 1 r"t liv i ,. HII
vt atlw-Uu'! F il! If the mere looldng on at these suffering women i' to-day if it had not been {,:r your n:<,'.<, I '.t .. .' I
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tittlt' pbu.t."Von i reiIef.-MlSS; E. SCHU.1.ti. )' :. 0.1,01', '.:, ;. : II
Their devotion to tlnty i3 a heroism which a well
nay talk as long as you please, I
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at times it seemed as though I :..hud' : -. 1.1 ,, ,I
Ito more ailn-sm! that ni Lt. } to do work which would tire a ftrorg man be mule t j see but to fail "n m: "i I f t r ;
M-ppsd every y.ar. A sh rt' r T.. :.. I v-rIlI ., tJ' t.\
The mUI'ho was to build up the ,+ that they can easily and surely better their condition E. Piaktit':/5 Vegetable Coragottd.isle tin',' : i,)..r '. :. 0"I I
t'\ItItP ='ipi'louu\ could appreciate: the medicine, I aai to- a tell ,, t
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realized tie! !lovblcness {,f man cx>i>:ugnnh ; 'e strong by LydYv E. Pinkhani's Vegetable CcrapcancI, I

,'\t'll .fie proiilems of earth. convince them of the % :irtues of this medicine ? d DEAR ?!M I'tsq v-i ai'e tl7i-.r: "" ny te'e' \ : 'I

lie Mt I'a nat laws and a Greatliiwc How. shall the FACT that it WILL HELP THEM be the h.naiit of p.: )r. suaPriug 111'1:'." Lydia E. i' ak!m&m'a 1 tga stet
\T ..,n-( .swuu and direct those C(): rctd has done r..i a Iru.t d"a! f v..l I !.,+a .' n '.
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i1! I' ;;[. :lt 1'aoll said 10 him: million ra.1ij it justice: to yourself to say, without trying i [, :;.". I :d htcniach; rtn (.:t IIf '):der. Nut 11.1..1 d. i'f.t.: ,,.. : j f.I \
e :ajk'ILtn you are WIt a modern.3ou it, I do n,,t believe it would help miPurIy "< I 1"ft :::1' ! talk liUe: the teroos of riutarch." ::l:: Jiil rLzLi tli .I :<
you cannot wih: to remain weak and sick an'1 ; i'enn.; t .',::0.\ 1.. w ft" ,
Kari"tu: ft the! old kind;:\ was In-
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jili.in IU to rule Asia from the home (IIeI'alli'ilU'nt of tho feminine: organism, and Lydia t f"I' : .trdwthWitmu; >>' .. "j ',;:r}t 1N'.t. j
Lark ct an nrnauitnted tlopaant. or as E. Pinkii nl's Vegt'table Ccmpound help you just rffJ .' b. tV'. (,! tbl! "ery t.h' '. :.. ..' <' \ 1
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muddy sliiH-s 'o enter the prl'sen1' Z Mw !, it.. ,-i The un"1. >r r. it :: .' ..t x ,. ..
the matronly Mme. 1'ermon and lten-" Kead the letters from women in i the opposite columnof j ra.r:: ?f ail my 5rknt ha bad Ii. tt I < ? : 1

lug to her fctiTies of descent from thermpvrors this paper and when you go to your drug store to buy | ) # ben .l'n'.l. but never gti wf.1 l''l't" i iI 5'l &> .

of Coustantlnople. this sterling odicine, do not let yourself bo persuaded to I 81k thzt\\\.1 :jvtw eXiU rted nl 11.:."rt of i/. >,? h, 4"
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