... poor sofferor 1m- i And seldom takes more than reipectiullvn'k e of -'- Prt\J.dtyt.: c.lifAiir; (.J ..
.. f.r t .1\111. '. ) iV' I II ""- Te.li "*"iy. fold by lrjclsts In ; onet'tttle support the \ .I..ra
: t ,.... .... .'a\'" It., I ,I :11".11111P' \" ":':- :,ort cf tie world.! T."nty.I! cents A every hot to cure them of hoarseness. at thiS *-l rctou June I. HarU; I'f'aru: ..7t( ., v
..4e nX Nf1hetfl lid II-! ,e. -iresr.da.k for "Mrs.: Wlnflow's i have persuaded many to try thi -- -. Jons Pi it era S .Kahn. acr
.. ..-. ... .'. ,.. s.iotbnj hrrnn." and tak no other kind. -
J *" t. ''' :J\>'II I': )-.t.if valuable medicine. mid they are nil tor Alderman. I.W.HARPER
|r.. 'I"l .<"* t.i rofit \" the .. ,I It. .tI ,.x- well pimped .. DlY"fH'H the Hy reque't I licreltr -
I will as a hulioucre myself it
: repair watches ardi I II
_. .- i'1 t" 1P '':r your fur ,.
i"r.I.-ml'.lr1 l'alldl"loIl' rr.f .ciion as A 111.
rUlan al
n---ulN. For tie all
ta."rh.I". .'. Th. t .tt.-l I jewelry in first-jIaM style. J. 1. s by druggist i ? 'laree from precinct 1 h.ami te.p.'ctfull.. so- I
..... i and medicine dealers. lint the support of th-
-a -1111 \1. Ih- btrth "f the uoI "- phfins. voters at lbs June
,, 4 & riftI wwM n *. It "i'r'mr fr.'m (.l.llU>n. W. A.tltHIFMiFCK.

;1 4 '-4.. !*'<.*.iw..t Ils'tf..I St" i-n For IS: each win; d) up year Counterpzaes. For Alderman. KENTUCKY Bi4t k\\ Fid l ;rJ|.

.- iI fin *. 50 Ii Tneitrneil! with ,ra\ trio most: hcc.irvR8Slve: In tho world- I Kew Method Lasndry.Saml .\t th" r."t 0' mflny fri"nhl4 I b'r"byannounotintelf WHISKEYfoil e

: 1UII'IU"',. w. p >j ,inc ofa'irro :\111...... u..t>tt. -- ,.a ar Itieefroni us prerinci H csndUUte Ji: atd for fcollctt aldrm .
I ) '1\ .boo .1 II .bt < i flitv \','avrh'i tbe support of the voter Sash, Doors,

I .. lh. 'II'h..rll ...< .....on maJ.- th flr.rI --_W.A. D''HAi.' .
: ,-. .. l.&J'otlh'I'I of Kw tight of nrtfloi Blinds
( '5 .,-'fi tn ti()!__... t. the aimtsslonf ..f Charles 1 For Alderman. ,
14iii4tU ".... w.t, .'..rlol. gi aau. I b rphannounce myself '" a Cftndidit
1 : for Al'lermnn At large from precinct IS, and Flooring.
"- tkl 1' II I. hit:
n..s.-s li .a virtually
i respectfully wirlt tte
.l...s4oi.im of this Un on. It .ill free ; Hi South Palaljx Street. i tbe ellcUon support or every
ti< ; : cltuenm car of Janp I.It.'!.
s, UIM from th-lr m'h' .-"!Io/dll.ns aix4V J l. I -- --- h KitjK H EILLY!. Aients far J. J. HcCasllJl & C,
,J. II nil hr t'r rl.-St of ill 8.It \\1 ''iif S Quick Work and Short Profits. for Aldermin.n
... : } < .
qp > Sawn ShlnsOFFICE 1"'.
m.n. fnniUof James Cypress
Tb. ..1iI.t the K*'rdvila! Kv. : RUBBER HEELS I pounCe ...miH. n candidate fjr.Nfcllngh Alurrmani nn- ly Baartfisscr! Eros.Foley's .

a )U.II II., oa". rit..!' I.1 pot-crip} rut on for 30 to 45centeHEKLFlATESOCtr.t i -from i nr. "'"0t II. AXI !,I-I:

to hu.ln.-.. Mt: : <-11Ifa< 'lrPd 4> : *. For Alderman.

:' I.Idb.v triMiM. by taking FOI.KY'I:I:; The frl..rfll r' }'. K. ongi" h..byan. Baylen Street Whirl.! : ; ,
?hte Strirs* acd Oilircs Fre: him n. a Kidney Cure T.'pbof
t K'll'NKV I'l'RE III-to o.thin; t-I.e'. n' \l1..e csDdii< .'"' ar al:1t'rmlan: ;

*4 \V. A. H\II'II.b 'Ut'. I ___t Woik CalltdFcraLd! DeliHfld. from ..retnet 13. t.: U.. r&. 1 !'l :iC( /L.4 .\

.. .. ,...-..... . -...- ..... .._. _
---- > "- ... _!<--- + -" .- ; .-.---- ...".;. ....... '"" ',<' """" =- ".....: "",,- .. __
F'--"i1'''!''" <(< -'''''''''''' ''''''''''' -'' -- --

'. '- ......1 I.J> '. ..1.1., ..w.\A'r.MJ' -- -: ) ';> ';4-.g J..ii }. 'Zh' """ ;- > .. ...,.... .
: 7'-\ '
; ; *AA'iIMIwi J. "*': >"' !; : j> -' ;';::;: ;' H ;;'; ''' Ji; ;.W -,,>




1 NiN1 devoted exclusively to Dairy Products

and Dairypparatus.. Secret of Beautyis XWINE QF CARDUIx

ASH BITTER All the mil!; products will be exhibited i

pRICKLY In glass cases, properly refrigeratedfor health. The secret health is

% the purpose of maintaining: as far A SURE MEDICINE.
H LIVER AND BOWELS V 4f as possible! the texture and qual'ty of he power to digest and assimilate -

i > retrain m rrntw TO user rczvAttnro DISEASES.IfiClLJfOTICES. 'I the products on exhibition. Exhibitors a proper quanity of food. r#

.....N4.N111NNNNIEANNAIZ ; whose products form a portion of their! t ;
This when
can never be done : c {
State or Provincial displays will not be j

DnOfl3. Bpec1a1 llgoJZte i iI I charged fur exhibit space but individual the }liver does no': act it's part. !I HixcsoM: VA. Pec. 81.

_'_ I exhibitors! will be charged $1.50\ per I tars been Buffering from female weak.ness v 1

LIVE STOCK SHOW. square foot for space occupied. Doyouknowthis ? : for four rears, and bare tilt many
i The esLiblt cf Dairy Appliances will medicines, but Wine of Cards aDd B ck-

embody! all the recent inventions and Tutt's Liver Pills are an absolute Draught bar done more for me than nj-

alit ct fit 1 WO D. BiG! EXHIBIT PUNNED FCR THE FAN- Improvements ciado In this industry cure for sick headache, dyspepsia thing els*. MBS. CAROLINE EVAN3 ,

AMERICAN! EXPOSITION. lucludiKj; sterilizers: pasteurizers! separators r

I.1 -- coolers::, chums: etc. sour stomach, malaria I

> i I'" Mit.- .tll Electric power will be furnished lathe '
Mill Inrludf a Pcahlonalile ITorneMiun. I liver piles ,
constipation torpid ,
3 -r I. 4 ar .I. building should exhibitors desire to ,
a t'wla4la t ea'.J paid : Model Dairy Uxpoiition! Dl. r l 4 rdtSj
,.. ."1r-al". ....... to J ..,.al+..{'Il.f1ef11lts ... I i l>l*y or .tKrlrultcml I'rudarts andJUny : demonstrate!for! the the benefit work of the of visitors.their machines I jaundice bilious fever, biliousness i n f fIt r i

41 I Other Intrrratlng Featarea.TLe The exhibit: in the Dairy DivisionI and kindred diseases. i iTutt's l

/. .1. p TwI.Ilhlle.I I -shibt! of Lire Stock at the Pan- I will he a seductive one, and in point of is :a mistake to tike any and every kind rJ mt.'iclre'hm w .art

&I .j! (....I.A'.,.... .a, ..aiMl you .alU I Ami-rlcaa exposition; ct 15uffao nest i j jsufuuitr i attractiveness interest and utility will Liver Pills ; sick. There is danger in it. Most of the: -calkiJ met ff <'tweakness"
. do than deaden the : r,: !
.t taut aM ...Mi rt.i j nothing more pa.nK'rnpi MI .i -n
..la............. .wplut.d cay real I Ir will 5ddr.de all rarieth-s and j surpass anything ever before attempt. --- the effect weltS :away the patient is weaker and Sk-kortlun b_ 4. It ,

... ilia IMbx. LINyq WYtb ".. tnN of Onnestie almalrrtlj:1'! Jed. RrmarKuble Verdict. j never \\iss to take chances. You hate only one hie, and th u U. 'r e d

-----/-1 nuns late IH-CII uuule to accommodate A Model Dairy composed of representatives WILMINGTON, N. C., April 27.-A remarkable -1 rrecious. If you hat e :any pain, ache disor der or w eAnt.o in i tr".,
ic. In.v uv Ptlful1L1r of all the breeds will be htoperation nine nothing will help lie Wine cf Cordui. It 1. t
organs, lOU t
\I 4pp1YwA. A. r.....'. .......r I ;i": u.i aiiiiuals! un the prounds. Liberal case has just been decided ii I' ,
with sickness the i
during the entire Exposition l auy morning during early slices *> preg u I: J
.<*fc>. Meet )tilt in nil will be offered. here.
|in/i s ( asses! the superior court B. F. Penny
I for the purpose of determining! as far I modifies the pains of childbirth: ; recu\ery is rapid ;and iutuif i:....,D IS
.. At r'. .......w MU:> EYI A fuoIilonabU Horse Show will be a a clothing merchant of this city, sued assureJ. The Wine is purely \egetable w
as possible the cost of
* j.-, ..* itu Kt.wnfiMMiiraMfty.prv Miy we wll real ... I' ',.,'.II'nt: feature of the display end tie of certain production :and the Atlantic Coast. Line forIi20ODUdam: > being> made cf herbs whoa tAms' towasiNine DtrlttUUt

.-t-.h uf..., ....ttMl.fc. hU .v.l in lode haT.t'S! < horses. saddler;. adaptability breeds to ages. :Mr. Penny was a passenger oa a medicinal properties; act directly rrra4tlrInr..vle..4. lit! (

,., it* *_, ....* HllMfclml to jiiiiM-i| t fl. T1J exhibition! w:1 le fl, 'callinf'! of dairy! work train of the defendant company nnd oa upon the organs wominhoid.. 0111.I..'....:..on...w)0.j. ablt, .... II"INla.l'. ,,aa... t
U .
,41 WM Tb.M. f.: ttott to.h I' A. COXVEESE.Superintendent getting off at his damnation a It is a kmg-tried remeJv.ind his U UIU.U. tl.tlel... .. ,
< e' d i........ ...... r.wAcS.1. .liliiii.il min the lines of the Madison! way .
.. .M/prer T. rterha. Low and of the Live Stock and station on the line of the road was rho'twith many 3 ears of success behind it. It
"IUlUC&nlt.u will be heldat
.1 ,,, .. .. wilt Ma4 no.*) | Dairy Divisions.:; a pistol by a young neorovho fired is sure. Why take a chance: medicine when you en get a sure mtJ' it?
o/alnbare.. .d.IiI tiic Stadium.A the shot at the conductor of the
t11I II1 .''I'. ttiddtl shibitinn Dairy composed l nll'ao P-ul;; Iuoa; :: .{Iell. who had just ejocted the negro { tram'l Druggists sell Large Bottles for $1.00.

.. .. ut nil ntil.-i of nl'.k cows wil be In CHICAGO April 27.-A pool room located fusing to pay fare. The jury rave a I j
>K RAIk*i....... sad.u'oi$ raliidru rut.f "peril ion durins the sis months of the over the saloon of twoell; known verdict for the plaintiff awarding him A M ail
rJ'j"lrIull. 10,000 Suet toll m tftt OKIr politicians was raided by detectives to- |
.. er J M _""fR. Jr't not very severo. The case will be i
carj j
\ the
., -.& dU great display of varied asrieullural day and 20 men arrested. -
ried to the court.
10ft. tl .i.HH- --..--.l.bJ.-fOr pnxliu-tB from the various States, "Last winter I -was-confined-- to _supreme_ i i i't"i> J"J4ai.rRr.l.it': :-if3iii.- .}{wa aJ aoto: >>lrrl aaifaki. 'ei Mtk "t"'...
t t.n rw.'ue.adiitrl pt toTtnpwi and Countries cf the Wrst- my "I had bad I could :
piles so pet no i iII
.. .. bed with a very bad cold on the
A.Jt4 1'r aI. .t. -
tom Ili-iajsphere Wilt IK made In the
.... rest nor find a cure until I tried lie
awe I Inns*.
.Xotliiny me relief
..- .\crb-nltaral l.u.dii.! two gave Witt'sVitca hazel
'ivirics Silve. After
., ,.' 1- ..... ....... 'llMII;". ; 1 Finally my wife bought! a bottle tlf 1ERRk.aTenths
.. .. PI I using; it once, I forgot I ever had
'C 'd$ i'r ''''' I lOne Minute Cough Cure that elFect i ii
...11'n P&rfut el rtll.nett The I'lwlnjr <'f tLo Xiut'tC':1th:1.- j I ed a speedy cure. I cannot speak au. thillj! likt' Piles." K. C. Melee, II ;

hurry has witnesstvl marvelous! strides! too highly of that excellent remedy Fosters Point X. Y. Look out for = = i8
t..1' "r.nl wilt \..r ill the I ." Mr. T. K. imitiitors. lie urn you ask for DoNVitiV.
in hUf'r""t'uwr.t of iat! ods ii the Houseman. Mana
0" t .__ I.tl_ dairy .'lIrl,!. formerly! the whol 1 fiwnpy.: Pa. JlargUPhairnaiy.tiid l: Hargis Pharmacy, John !i | of Pure Juices from Natural Roofs. !
'I F..ler./leg It....... I Kahn and Jno. Kheppard. SiICP,ard, Sidney; Kahn.
duiry hI "j.tcss ws ruuduoteil LirgclyIn ney .. I
I' ?'' u. nilum tinter. --
..idiums w IIIIa slid "rt:1r' of thumb." Instead of a 0- I JE-STS.-- ('/11'1I1':1".5 cart Aerrpled.AI.B j | at! the i li1er-St: / 1
A .. ,amen Wit .&e1 DEGIilATES !hs mac1 siu Bowels: ,
..% ,,-,. ..... ,\"J Ifi 10m < -Itiou riiiuiriui: n <'ertnii apiirentiee- I \"Y. April :!Governor Ode'.l
'. !>....-. nil! I ,.il' It is fast ltc.Miiins an exact De Ills roo-'f''l'f'. has signed thu bill which authorizes: | People n Cl9?flS3s h3 Systsni t Pal if!?: .1.8 Blood, I

\ t 1(. lfllI-.r vina fci !U-ne a, In xvlileh ,'hemiKtr.7 and baoterml'isy I Ob, dtre'b Iwii an dcre's rjjpht '. .
.. .. ... .. New York city to accept the \200,000
.1. r. I.f I"'::.y n-t IIIojnil: :mt ,,:trl. The Dal is wsitm fJh tit ppnr.j .;" ., | Suffer nURES Malaria Biliousness: ; t tt
tetipalicn ]
m- An pis'atn foil de souf win' gift of Andrew Carnegie ft.ru free library : ,
in-n-nfcln : Intf-ri-st and attendance at

,..Ii- lit'1IY.- - -- -...... Ithr| \ari<;>us dairy sh'x ls throughout But To dc come one i-wlii-pfrin I men'ly notice .' ,...-t"). Sj''tcm. from u Weak Stomach! and Impaired: Digestion. |

.. Y4 MN..MA ,-.....HuK1: $ ', tl! Cuited States and Canada and the Ii as queer it Lin be; '. ', I aDiseased --- .*
.. .. COLD IN
< !! anY:.. f T .a/e.
,. i Hi. ............ .'.." ......tft \ ealatPn'e ..f great <-o-iiperative IInlc'ColIu'r'llIl It It's crows Ue tlj out I'.v foci de tree!gylhdeal! r '.:..;, :, Take" Laxative Eromo-Qulnice Tablets I I Berj:t Gstlio:! GJarsEtecd! U Gite Sai5licic!: I

I 1 1. 1 .1. i ..ryle.t'. 'W.y organizations for the .. .
-' 1
t .... .... ,.. .. ........, .- ,i2c LAYI.GI"UO': : ] 1'LI l..HYALX.VOU"J.
\ .f .. "" | c:, intifni: 'ttiro Iud sale of dairy! prod- De fur- glimpse of sunshine .' .
< .. i. Llffet Hr.6i ;\. ATs It. Price, .r Oc.' ,ss. t
i lr M tIt .. lilt cants pwkln! troo lIe clond :; o T o TIT.A. Liver
......... flvnwMith ltork. ;j 1I. are an Indl.-putsble! : testimony to __ 'I
... .. ... ......... I .'1 ..d ._ llii- :ii hleremeuts of modern scienee. Will bring: de beds. i-5milin Bears the A his M You Hale Hlwayj BongfitPalnfox -- 'I
Il. .I" '." *'**> .I'., So k>ahle In tins Brent: Industry the Government lie ustM1 frog dat lilts it & feHEINBERG #-rI----
M V III t.1111//-a.. ,j 11.:1 IIf I ( t f< --" ..... .... <1 npproprl.ite.1, vast sums of money tie moliahu s.lt, '... .
.. k.H HKIHkk.-M..uf"rliirrr in the in his and An tie col' wave shaw ail kujhta '...
lii-li dairyman work
i '-.4..l H.,i <..*.. IUU. TMIrt At le big fool ',-> '
taw Ml .$c OH >. uo'am..II' llii: li indk-atiu of Its Importance as tree.'r .\ BALE IJY W. T. GREEN .1; ( 0.

1 It 'minds me of some people < ._. .
n fin-tor of the great food problem oftbP -- --- -
[ ij BROS.ij S CO.
Who its' trines life ssraj :
I iiiwtr* 1'se r 'iun'ii- 1 \\1'1.1.
"' ..... '.s ud ol ..aiil1loh Uh chaacc ,
/ KII .itt t t .JKIUItJ. turlUaa.od '\'rriul'iallinI'9 of the dairy belt An a-workm day by iUy, \ ew} lliieaosGicciiy
t *,t,' ? i>.,Ku.h ;:
., .
\ > a. ./a. Neat trrfnry
tl'W An it's mighty tad to see ROCS t At
Wlm stutiiti l I'rovincpH In tic East GROCLRL
How de chi:tin froo' du>: Lrtch 'cm.
C ..e .i I !_*% a ". nre. drrelt li. MOITt thm nf laving In the dairy sections. In -"A'ailiinpton Star. 1 r ( f !l } ,

. I r M .1 I II"II .>_..||1H|. !'*... the Miry liuilil'.ni! ; at the Exposition Street,
tnt spate Las already! been asked for l>y And Now The, Xerrr Speak

t U "" .U. ,false and l'IiI'rnla.al1lt011:1 and Mr. l'arl..sltli'I..Whl'U a lady tells me Pensacola Florida. V I J JAMES MCHUGH ;

I r po,,.n. --.il "hI'" .....u,1tI T, \:is. The mi'iKiM-d disadvantages It Is her birthday and know she Is ., ,
I .. '.. ; '1 IetwJ .,,111.. .-i.&u elf Mid,I. \\it'T climate an.l food injmr- past ST i. I find it is best to change the

,..._hilt't'''. A....1.. ..'Ire...,.. till.* >.f North: : .\Uh'rh'11:1\'!' largely I Fiilijwt Instead of asking her how old t t\ I ? J1 Pcrrlelor. )

'e" 1....tabx, '.. !M'.n .,1'1'l;llItI'll by tu! sKillfiil dairy- sinis..
wnctHAiE iiIi RETAIL
.:*!.' 11I:11I. an.l tKlay splendid rppresentaURw3ft I Miss allyllln-Wl1al a coincidence, These! tiny Capsules arc superiorto .

.. :; jour hpcakln of it: This happens to .Balaam of ,Copaiba! .
1 M4 %Ml iq." .nAiin ': GROCER>;
L... *4 i Wri ...1 near : bo my birthday. Ccbcbs and Injections PJD.t i ,
Mitt .- !j Mr. l'lrklvl" ('lukklj-Oh. indeed IVy cure in 48 hours the I :

... 4. ...,-. buUY I: t, | What lowly v.eatlur we are harin;!- saue diseases without anyinconfienc q .It_ ..r,.. I

'. ,j N. '1.._. Jr.Iltf:1' i : Brooklyn Eajjlt1.5Jn. ., ? lO BUll DRUGGISTS I .Meet fell

.. Ii. t I I I .1 I.. l, r |>arl8tOW.
i y 1- & ......, I. J. H "f 1... I.Ity
.. t loll."V.'hat I '
I' 1 .. .1,.. <>4r .l up.ILtf ,
is the use of a man getting into WE13KL.Y: 2 CIIEDULL InttrdfPtit S,..

a. sod alt nt a crowd nuil illinj, a s he docs at i .
1. I"I ....l "I 111. ltd FOR STEAM DIVISION fhrrttCS PfHttlJ FI.Mt1I1T
., a bUM-ball wuii'V .
._ .rrt h..I1..... ''r4"a "Great, lieatons;** cxdniun-d the en- ,
d. Ie.\ ,1,1' ,. U.nI1.l ; I.! "lie's pot todo it in a: ci'O\I1.1 ItAILWAY COMPANY. I
"" ,o..b h\l).e. + It ut.i'i'e to yo away by himself t",1! Trains leave renBaco'n for the l.lttl -
'I 'I KBTOU ISiK liayim.Warilng.oa, lnra Go } l
-- yd) 1:1 that manner, they would han 1 and Fort tarrnacas at I iillgry
e A at'.1
tat, h in a lunatic asylum in loss than j jw
:n ,1.l 111. in a t:45 a.t.arrl'l' at Fort Barrancas 7:'t.a Jr.1
t... h,IrI+. c11yL4 7 ; ,'-\u.hill.tuil! : i tar.II. 11U:>.> a.m.arrive at t ort HarrnJI-HI lto I.
'to.1f, A.r l I:111p.m.SrnveatFort Hftrrniicss .l:15.lIlt I
,. ...,. ---- --- -- aat p.I'1.8rn"l'l\t Fort Barrancns :1;) pm
,-.., .. .' tll .',-t..'II., wyk vr. Presson, Perssonville: Kan., e:15 p. m, arrive Fort barrancas 1m'p rp I I Is \Vhen you cu. Procure Any tUn.: Y. "u:" .\j'; '.
tt t. Y'.",.1... I Ii i -5 I'rf = write: : "Nothing! like FOLKY'S' oboIO s Trt p ici m.> leave arrive Fort at Fort KrtrtaJCRB ISarraiic-.n for 9:45p.ir H>DU- I-"I-; in t'I' \0'I' : i : ii : .i'
II > e I H lrI Sl*% 4fe i j'IL.m.arrl\' Pensacola! ..... RS a. toIIEp.is.arrvleatpenaseo.alia.B
I nlu-t ol all who have tied it. K<- m2ill 41-THE PARLOR MARKET*

.... f. IC pf-ci.illy has this been true lit coughs j I p. m. arrive at I'ene&cnla._.... a:4 p.m
i. \11 'lit I te f.t'ls. F ri'Ft al'cnmpflll'iul(' hi sripptNot a HD- I 6i l p ni arrive at Ivnsacoia. ..... 6f 5 p m

r .. !iftd.r.lh % $ le\ bottle failed to give relief. W. I; '7:00 8:
Lig j rv fggj.co'.v. D'A"inberte.! .'. 'ewturday, only. .
I -
.f Lrl. "II' F :. :. ... for acceptable ideas. Pensaoais to Fort Harrtnetm and return .'>cl'EII&Cola I bU The lu-t xirtmont\'iii>r of ai |.i tl1l'rodIllly."I.'oald>ntc.Thn make the rat rnnr.rmnl dy.p..i' .: s

.1. .. ", i. .,' : \_ .. State li patented.THE toNftvy 1 ArJ and. return. ... l-"c ('hnicet of Krcsh .. I
-I It M of \l
---- I' i m! I'tnsmioltt to I'l\lUlOt:! B<*&:I1..nd return lie I it Rt'irt: tV'" 'r.I..t 'if VIM ria., ri'''i "I I
,. t... I'an\.d..h : .:, I Ii PATENT RECORD water; the Orl;)-.t aril K-iir-t of f-'r..1t \.".'<.ii --Ir, of K,or. \ arwv \'-' ,,, 'I, ... .
i I SUNDAY ICE.DUDE. foil Htul \inrki-i ; the rfnilHft iif I'.JuU,,-. Lkin>9.tlci',.f l -\ .' Ir-. ... ;
I" i I "f dairy auieaal3Ire fnund \\ !.< r- Baltimore. Ml Leave 1'ensacoia. LT Fort KarrsajxiB Hr.tVarietyofGaulepoesthte to procure; the lh..ut *.*. ..i o. : ,',., ..,. J !
s. m. 10 .. m. ..cnptron.Nousrkrep.re.
m,1 rii\"e
t.U''b lJt:
--- .r ;
sN .")11' I.. 11 a. m. 13 m.1p.m. 1I111"i''r"rf ere enr,I.-tUv loa.:...l t .- ,1 tel .
> ebout
known, and < ar tar lh' P I.
> .I,." 'rr R It*.' \ alinof! Biilk iToUurts arc W. T. GORDON & CO., 2 p.m. or, it tithe lurblJ-i, to send tti"irUrdrr->;:
tl.! uu-rwislnK ("onsmcl'tl.11 of milk ip. m 8p.m.

> I M N .\ I .. I iin-l, I it* i>roduct.s In-sjvnks! much for Real Estate and Short Time Loans 8 4 p.p. m m p.pro in., :;) Teichnrw) No. J 17 ;;.:.
6 m. tp.ra.Ip. .
Ui.- future of Uu dairy Imsiu, s.:. p
.. .. .., i m. 1 p. m. .
., .r.I..,'.1" h. i '.w H'plc have any adequate <-<>n- :isPWIfflTIOI S < GIVEN to CGLLECIIOIS[[ PARK paR IIUfDJ.Yi TIME

; r t.e..J". r .ptlow of the present magnitude of the i /entaccla to Jrt P. rraneaa Nllvy.rdandr..tnrn TABLE.

'. .1. ..Ill..: lat; > luilotiy. In the t'ultoil Elates 109 East Corernment !itrt''f, \ _.__ __ 2r C

..a. 1. .. m it Canada there is one dairy cow to Opi,rn house Building Peniaoola return.to_Palmetto___fnaeb__and_ liJC l LOUISVILLE AND NASHVILLE RAILROAD. f
r. .,. IFI'FCSr: JAM A in u. .an.
_11.l lltl.llI.d(
< .. lltllll.1' t..I'\' four e 'rs ns. or cows.VL No freight received alter 8:15 p. m. ,
.. .i. "- :anniinl milk jirodiK-tioii i is estimated I ITHE SAW O..II''U.TH1 SloliiloN'o. -
t I J elI i
1 at <.V ltUl"I.I.IO.,111 to this the valttv i :

of dairy tvws. $,;."I.IItJII.I'Ull. and vreU.nt -- .:!. \0.t. I Vo.fi.T Ni. a.: Mn .. 1s" f
llr, p l.J5m 'l-'i u '," 11"" .._ 1' .III"OIIl ArritAflVH ../ 4.8 i
114I.Iti. SIaIU.tKNlltlxt. To this add the iu.ini I :r a' 2.2! P I *:I5 a t.*-nv"_.... F l..martn 'I :6 y:if; ., '; a. .It ,
'tits appl'aiuvs. and we S:15: ft 4ilp II-Ml a I..avr )I"MIL.btr i! _
-rt-- III dairy !
lvMfcrt : "::t, II ":alp rt:3i p N-... .....5. I....... tII" t al 1-
-. tousle., r ..ii a grand total of W: (Hiu.OoO.OUU) iuutl r I ,1 C

.3. wt ulwiorI ,, \t" III tins treat industry in the Citizens National HanKOP NOI"h. -- -_ .
I'nittil Sat s ai.d Canada.A -
.1 4 xll*.....-. :0:0.2. So. 4. I Ian A _.
I I large, beautiful I'tiiMiu? '4 p mVlom ]tt.;r, p m Lrav .. 1'.n lIl"ul'"fi..... '"tIs" In ?a ,.I..
,, n.-ar the .\ rl'lIlturl1! buildiu;? will bu ( *3i" n m Arrive. >:onti((>tiii) ..Arrlvi1 7alp.s II. : .
I I" :School. PEXSACOLA.L. 1:11I noon adr.lzllt .. ,rl".hrtlun.bam'U'' ''.. rllpq ...
I 1:10pm f\I'III Iii Arrur .. :- ....hTU. .Au" .... .la.
i n (rt I Yon will \va t*> time; if try to 7clam l.'rJSnoouiu Arrive .__ l.ouinitl. Arrive 't... ... I 1.1 m
rplROiAII you 'IBatn .
.i F'.. : 4(151' Arrive. ilnelncnti l+mi- li :II\BM .. mpp
I. t.eaodldNrtM I cur indue"tioii or dyspepsia: by HILTON GREEN JOHN F. PFEIFFER, yr hlam 7Idam_ __Arrvo. "i. l. iol. le.f. I .''It. .. : r pM

.. to |f'''t>ll"n- tarviinr y' "HIrd That only stake PRESIDE T. CASHIER. YEN -.ACOLA AND RIVER JUNCTION.
h'.al."e IS.IIVII "- ', It wor- ", ht'D"tlll do eat heartily. T. E. WELLES R. M. BUSHNELL,
br.- You always herd plenty of foodproperly No. 21-Uailj No. 8-I"lIv 1 NoBtop !n>r tliu" not .It".a r \. -UgsIv !' .. ,..
I. ..............10-, h. duelled. Kodol I V ICE-PREDIDENT. ASST. CASHIER. I : :.! ts11:55 : .I!

I I Dyspepsiai'ure night 7nt> a m (IL ft.r.ul"OI... UrI' MI all s y ..
IH the re-ult of of scientific II
years I DIRECTORS: 14:15 7 h" R"brour !I"C: K <. .
-f !,, tx* Ill..UfI research for something that I:!':'I" .::15" YnieMrai ., n. it LII! .
-I f It. A tnt( e... Would digest not only some elementsof r. E. WELLE8 WM. FI (HER. BIX M. ROBINS01S: II": i:11" .t/. ,.,.....E.mt.lt n ,' iJTli .
liM5I3.W 1.t i4 .. .. ..
iiiattr.lloJrd t to food but every kind. And it is I of E. E. Maunders & Co. 7::: -.. _.. ..Mutate, Harp .. ,a' .I s 1 1.I w
Ihllr \\"t.OIl A: the one remedy that will do it. : K. J. WHITMIRE. JOHN F. PFEIFFER, MORRIS BEAR Iiill": 11"' 'I ... ....\jat City .. .o.I\ ,. ':r.p. .'

( .' H,.I l ri:'t4ti. linn.Iilrh Margin l Pharmacy, Sidney' Kahn L. HILTON GREEN. 1J..W;; i4:: "" '. Milton .... IV. .". i ... ..
lin am... :::::.tioal: I tUK" .. 4111 "
It mould John Sheppard. I INS ".If" .. .. .... Hollt .. i 41x6 ..
a ir h..u"eld-r. fin -- ---- !:'JII" I It- .. ......... MilllKnn .. .. .:" .:U..
.1 ar I d"n't wattl A General Banking Business Transacted'Vessels' !::t! S;:i5 t. .........('re.trur.. _. .:* .. 4,o ,
.Most comstock- 3:1" ":" ie.r 1.lInd .. .. m pd/ I
f'PR\1ITUIJE III" 1111I" ._. Mo" y lI..ad .. irl: .. $tli "
t I 4:0:1": 6:25: -befual.kSiring. *.m "
'I'I" flUat'alaat' plete 4:15 ":.14" .. .. Argvl t.MTill .. f. "
II Accounts Handled on Favorable Terms Ei- .;411" 11:41" 'I VV .Ponee d. LrClD .. 75 I. -
I j.l ni.thod online, medium and cheap I 51", .". 1111' _. .. ..Wett\'lIIp 794 .. I
el.'e. ..* II flhfI$1tr I in I ban' IIIn .. ..... ('II.VHIII ........ Id"
grades ever displayed Change Bought and Sold, Collections 631 Itl.:51 '. to _.lb.ntfry. -- 1ft, .. I .. t
hrJ 3&. y.st. I '.I" I.t: < ,. .._. .. .
.Cbtpley tl" .
; Ii ..
;,t. ..raft cef rt'flo- Pcnsacola Cash or instalments. Promptly Attended To. 6:7111:57\ .. _. .bottondtie. e.a" I h .. .
4 Plelwhet IU. ..f t: have what 1IIJ" 1:15" ....,..MitriRDOB I,1.. .. ftAt ..
tI We just ----- .:30: H:3II:4J) .....Cpr... :iIII" I' .

'.' Ot..x.. I II you want. Marstom j- ACCOUNTS- SOLICITED. .7:81:''' ..".. I I llfli: ."" .". _tranJ t5ut'lIll.K Jg" .. "R IV'I ". 4 W ,

: : I r. t. I Finch. 8:15 I l"iIj noon Arrve..R. : verjaactioa 1..n. : I.V I ..

j I

....... :... ..-T- '" 4.. -' \ _'Y -_ .5'h
........ -............. -- --" -

/__ !-<';:;> 'i ; 'J"> V :i l k'Wf. ''' ;t :f,.tt't. ,,-... .mW.' )i1i-_- _' !''it.fiK.it .-. J.<-" .'_1.', ,.-.- ,.,.,..



Shipments! to Poreisn Ports Valued Transfers For Week Ending April ; that now greets the eye ,

B..... ft! Ik* Pat Ome. at Fensacola, at $2S3H73. 27. 1001. I I 309 S. Palafox St., rE 8.lCOIJ.14..\.
the refreshIng -
....... (MeadcUts matter. Three steamships and one bark of [Report edlorTHE:YIwa: by Tbol.C.Watson i sign that's so

& Co..Real Estate Agents,No. I South
Orririt rm Bo ltaIl41111.U! BOti Pala- an aggregate tonnage of 6.209 arrived as the summer draws:
II ",.....,..talrs. week''I Palafoz street. Insurance. Real Estate.
i iPCBLI"UtU from foreign ports last O. Bronnum and wife to H. O. De
BY I and seven steam and nine sail ve- Silva-Part of blocks 56,57,58, 59 and nigh, the sign upon

THE SEWS PDBLISH11.Q 00. sets" of an aggregate: tonnage of 19,136 ''I.60 and Bronnum's wharf, WaterFront I i COOLER-, that's been LIFE INSURANCE CITY LOTS IN I'tN-v I' ,

d cleared. -f2,105.
In Advance. The to foreIgn O. Bronnnm and wife to H. G. De FIRE INSURANCE. TIM BEII LANDS. A
T.rme-ln arably| shipments ports I long laid by but now has: :
yalL ..... ......... '5001 were valued at J2S3KT3: and were i Silva-Lots 9 to 18:: and the west! 10 I
tlt..l.ar ft! ....,.by. .. ..--. .. .-... a W, di-tributed as follows: j I feet of lots 8 and 19), blocK 33 of the I MARINE INSURANCE. FARM LANDS.

,,.. Mo..11I ;...... ......._ 1 fA) Havre _. .... .. ..._ ..._ J.........;I i I Nineteenth Arpent tract-$2.103.: I come among us as we COAL LAN IK.
d to ro IsawwtlyCarn.rp.yabIOMoudar I ir".nocIt ..... ..... ... .. ............. ......... I1:1'1: 1 W. L. Xelluuis and wife to W. F. PLATE GLASS INSURANCE.
... 10 Antwerp..._.. .. ..... .. .. ... .. .. ...... S.W5 Brown-Ten acres in WI, ,! of se4 of I cry for.... 'I
_-- -I Kucno Ayres. .. ._........_... ..... _"..1." I I BOILER INSURANCE. IRON LANDS.
NEWS London ...:... ... ... ......._..... .. 1T21*' i| eec 8, tp 1 n, r 31 w-Sl.OO and other II I ,
THE WEEKLY : (tenon ..... ....._.._. .. ..._... .......... ... ft,!"* 1 valuable consideration: EMPLOYERS' INSURANCE.LANDLORDS' PHOSPHATE LAND*.
Kmme .... ._......... ... .. ...._ |jnu \V. F. Brown and wife to J. W. I -_
.... *..r, Friday at 11.00 per year Barcelona. ..._. .. .. .. 1I.TM:
h of these
t*&af' fr( .. t.rangemouib )iI.*.jlCalal. Ward-Ten acres in the W1., 1I INSURANCE. OC1IIIK LANDS.FIRE : j
d ... ....._-... ._.._. ... ......... ...... "JIM )., of sec 8, tp 1 n, r 31 w-*102.50.: I ICE WATER !
TELEPHONE NO. 118.rM1 Loanda............._. ......._...... ..........._._ 4.9.1'1 A. V. Ulabbs and wife to William ELEVATORS' IKaUXA:\CE. imiCK OI.AY I.A.
'j' Havana_ .. ......... ........ ..... ... ..._.... awry '!
} djwrfrr.p Aaf11 f'1I.d Oil Appficat"n. %aSbau .. .. ......... ........_....._...... ),i11 i McColIum-Lon block: 220: >ew City tract 11 to fronting H, in i ICE WATER !II ACCIDENT INSURANCE I ALL KINDS J1INl":'Ul.:1

-I Total...................?.. ..._ .__..... ... $ ol, jJ 100 feet on 14th street, by 137 id feet I -- --

The items of exports were: d rt>p-SSOO. ICE WATER I II

Tinier and lumber, s ft_ ... );1.11.0141 Alexander" Stoddart and wife to Life Assurance
i, 1'olunwuodlumber,sl ...h tuna Miss Mollie McCoy-Lot 4, block 4, I aanEiiiii1b1e( Sr-,;, .
t Ir link lumber tt ....... ... :1.1\01
+ h. i Main -- -- ---
I I Kovin. bbU ..... _'_'.. .. .. 8.112 I Old City fronting SO feet on I- ---..,. orIt
('ottonty haler.?. ..... IJKtl I street-$3,500. II I >)> OF THE UNITED STA TSKnoiVles :
I IrtJUCOLA. 1'buxphale met. tons ........ .... \li.iH-! E. Is!. Waters and husband to
APRIL 23. 1901. (i rca.. 1It'r. .h .. .. .. ... .. :tio1urpQtinf J; Frank Moreno-West > of lot 4 in : You're apt to find the
.. ... .. a ,
.. tbU |i"ihoDfj.eat.kfc
J: .. _. .... ..._. 251 i sec33.tp2s: r30w-$lo.I Brothers 'I
'' wife Louis I COOLER laid by-unfit
a Mami.AM> r ('rnin" fraud are --- -- ------ I E. E. thunders aud to

hiw..td have bn p.rpetraedla Many so-called "bitters" are not i Holey-Lots 3 to 10, block: 93; East J
:, i > medicine" *, but simply liquids disguised 1 i King tract Belmont No-$15.I l; I for present use. Get anew
ih- Ihhr-t mid by the conni- i Si) as to evade the )law. I King Morris: and wife to Mrs. "The Home GroceryIs

\t S vaG4e wf ti. republicans" <>f that PRICKLY ASH BITTERS is not one of ,I, Emily C. Wright-Lot 16, block 41, I one of Interlinedi

% lUto. eau are r.(r..utt'ottd Iii having this claIt f is strictly a medicine East King tract-$400.

.. ll.nj th" i-uu'Jjt-rators with : acting primarily on the kidneys, Lillian Brooks to John C.lc- I I i I Enamel, _Neatly Deco- the one nearest your home, where you nn :.;, '
pt liver and bowel*, and for the dan- D.nid-All block 1 and block 73 except -
fake ll.u of n*HIM copied from ETOUS di-eases that attack these organs two lots, Bluff rpriDgs-JOO.: ; I I rated or one ot our Tasteless thing you need in the shape of family .m/J/llif -

'r gra*. ..I.th. and other cin.ilu i it is a reinf-dy of the first !:radp. i John Severance and wife to Lillian
down for If.1ft "
out going town great con, <
There I is Brooks All block 1 and block ; Earthware Reser-
>urr. ; tb. puro| ''* 1.t'itliC to ior I! nothing objectionable iu it-> -

..,. teaf.r.ad r" presentation in the taste, it has an agrt eable flavor and 73.; except two lots, Bluff Springs I 1 voirs-the-best for all when the stock! kept there is clean, fresh, uit
Is acceptable to'the n.o-t delicate .311(). !I
I.'......'.. i'tomactJ. Hannah Bros., special C. C. Vonjre and wife to Charlesand : and in reasonable variety. Such a place it f>"

a11 tt'. Ali Bradley-Lot 8. block 19 purposes$ to $....
Ti'kI.it.litur. <>f Mlnnrtl4thh; _. .. -- .. .. --- of \Vtst King tract-SLCO.. known establishment of

p....... a .law talking it a mi
ta.....r to *..H.k., buy, aril or giveay : : IIojT.t'lXT liam Cathran Wll'Id-Lots 6 and 7,
I block S3, Wet King tract?bO.i .
Roberts &
a eir. ltp, or cigartrtte pap.I I alley
Workmen are in building i Hairiet (I'rice to M. C. Jordan <
.MI! thpn t" of Arkmi-as ha-s 1 Lots In. 19 and 2u, block LOS Xew t. ,
.. bill f.. law nuking it a large addition to the rear of PEXSACOLA
{>44M i r r a unUwtul City-0.: ;
Nick Apo;tle's popul.tr: restaurant Charles E. and wife to
driuk Raymond
f> r ray p-rMMit" intox- 218-220 East Wright Street
which when completed will g've 1 I Herman Mildou-sw'Y of the re'4 of ,
K 4lin 1 itfl..r a* a Imvcrj without Gij ON3ERVATORY( ijf MUSIC I
I ; | liim bile of the fiae'-t re-taurauts in sec 11, tp 5 n, r 32 w-;olO. .
% pet ubt iiulDy I licikr a< a dram the Ninth. The new addition will David t>. ali-bury and wire to A. TELEPHONE 156.

Jrh.k.r. ThiHM- are I hlt.t" to theivtffeUtwf :. he fitted tip with every modern i invention Wade-Lot 20, fronting on Sevillei '

<>f Florid i nuw in he--ion.tut of the culinary art and will i I, square and having; a front of N) feet E. O'L CHAFFHS, BiKCtor. All the Staples, Fancy and Shelf aOOf/'l, t be utd as the kitchen, while the on Church street by \'J 1 feet deep$3luo. -
< Novelties in Each-Fresh Pure and IltlItl.M,
they .rtU'.t Ilk 'ty t > t>t* heeded. room now used as a kitchen will bo : ,

1 'F I I Ia 'remodeled and used" as a private Louis Bolev and wife to J. B. Piano Voice Culture:, Violin Pipe stantly on Hand. Give us a Trial Order

lUi.ihi fur tiui4 Interested inp dining hall, with a Beating! capacity Vausrhu, Jr.....:X>. of lot!*25; and 116, in Organ Cornet, :Mandolin Guitar,

y .bdib| lltuitton in the! pnpreme!! for fortv. j I sec 3i5, tp 1 1 s, r ;30: -wt3t-$1'J.I { Cello etc.

rein .,p.tr* to Im in fik'it.! The The Life Insurance
tF hill ,',..,hUll I( for three comnii. .iou '' Now is a good time to begin taking j I Perfect digestion is the only foundation i Brass and String Music Furcisbed for Mutual CompanyOF
: Hood's Sarsapanlla, the" medicine 1! for perfect health. The food
# *r* I* a..i.t ibo $n-tlcr. in the 111.U.cIUOIa that cleanses the blood and we eat makes all the blood we have, All Occasions. NEW YOU .

'g ",. of ea3U. and iu the rrt-p-i clears the complexion.c.1111"3 I' which in turn feeds every nerve, I Address: Escambia Hotel. < RICHARD A. McCURDY President

_' aUIIC II' dl'f'l.IIIII'| | which .hall be''I I muscle! and tissue in the body.
Statement for the Year .
: cosncr LEASE ending Dec. 31st 10t"
I jHERBINE quickens the appetite Studio: Presbyterian Church Annex
t .,,&>>,"', to r.vlsiuD. approval audi i
C.\ AGUX COURT I i i aids digestion, gives tone and vigor i-*-' According to the Standard cf tfif InmraHtt Drfr1..*l .l ''.
a >tk n by U.jll.tlrl'-', hi pasudIbf
g l to all the functions and ensures good '
i t6.tv .u4 will uv doubt\ teItr : TALI.A.UASSEE. April 29.-W. N. I, health.: Price 50 cents. W. T.I C. V. THOMPSON, Staff of. New Itrk :I
t -- -
tame a Ida'. >ro\iJeifora Colna Camp phosphate miner of Albion Green & Co.fONEY tI No. 30 S. Palafox St. INCOME.

> .......U..h fur lush commiioiiHs :, Fla is here with hU attorney I TO LOANIN I From Received all other for Premiums Sources .. ..._ i ..,s

.11U1 IH that of the Jutices, thereby'' Col. O. T. Green, Ocala. Having/ Stationer and Office Suplies '"
,, been denied a mandamus: againstthe I TOWN OK COUNTRY :f
the 01
lnuflt< ".nlel'lI competent New and Stylish Goods at Prices DISBURSEMENTS. !

, ]>.r..*. t.. wtrP in that rapacity I Board: of State Institutions by Upon all kinds of securities mort- that Make Them Go. ToPolleyholdersforClalm8by Dratli .. .., 1 ,_
;' the :Supreme:! Court, in the matter ota I I To 1'olicy-liolders for Enduvnu"nt*. Unidrndretc ,. \ T
aDd "it iMakm. their term of service ; contract for the hire of state convicts ''gaires, conditional bills of pale 1 Agent Grand Union Tea Co. To All other Account ...... ... .. .- ...... ,.. t

lour y_if' If the clrcuintance! re* Mr. Camp i is preparing to institute I notes, portable property of every II I ..*
and furniture without Telephone No. 234.
galre. .t+uga trrm. It i in a wise similar proceedings in the I description .. ASSETS.fnited .
i removal. The strictest! secrecy guar-
F W.e.ureandwUl.olrr1h14ditllcultt Leon county Circuit Court. Stales Bonds nod other hecu Him t '..
anteed. J. H.MAC-OX, JK,
KARRANCAy, April First Lien Lt ptubUm until the ronntltution can Purify the blood and put the j l 21S, S. Palafox. FORT 1901. Sealed proposals in Loans oil Hands and other Mecuritlct .. '
Ixjanson .
x I'nllclet .
Company's own .
; t tNt anvvh'Jvtt .I,* It ta reorganize the! :,. in order for summer work 'byiiits i! | triplicate, will be received here until Kent Estate: Company. .. Kuilllngt lii I.ir>tn>. I'.",, Mli"k >p
curt i ; at this time a short course o'f I I'. & .\. M.Bpecial I, 12 m., M.iv3d, 19ol, for erecting York. Boston I'liilftdelpbiH. Han \t'rancueo. SatU. Ppp' ., Stf ..UN
,PKH-KI.Y Abu BITTERS; it is the I: Q communication of iron flag:: :tan at Fort Picken, Fla. and other Itl'al EAtate .
Cash In Banks and Trust
r 1". It ...d.l.b'.ul.t Help. greatest blood purifier on earth. : Es-canibia Lode) Xo. 15, F. I U H. reserves the right to accept or Interest, Net Deterred l'ompaoirrAccrued frrur.unu( etc

Hannah 15ros.; special agents. & A. M., at 7:30: p. m. | reject any or all proposals. Information .
Tin Nltl f. .1.l confidently asurexl
G furnished
; 'on application.
-- -- -
Wednesday, )ll y 1*t.
that If the people' of the elate, cOl.omu K\r.III.ItS: Work in 3rd degree. Envelopes" containing proposals Liability for Policy Ker 'eh. etc LIABILITIES.

.,- I AIMHti the 1.,1,1, &turt"'ulJ illUU4 i\ STATE CO.NVIMIOXPAI.ATKA ;:: I Viitmjr brethren" invited. should he marked "Proposal fori hhabllllyforContingent I.uaranlt- und .. ..... '.
+ i Flagstaff," addressed! T. N. HORN, Liability fur Authon/eJ Ln lUc ndtIiisurnnce
,.,... ult"m"lll 111 aid cf inniiitn ,
(1. )[. 2lblt: lm2t
a April 27.-The concludiiig :Secretary. -
r th' .Ur08,1. rxaudiug:
gtell a 4 4I
W. D'C. KESSLER: M. I, and Annuities force .
...! .. .l from the w>-t ; exercise of the observance of Philadelphia is
trite n Cream
i The meeting oilled for April21th.! a perfectcream. he carefully i'llIlIIln.llbe f..r"Ilnc rltatev.gaed ....... _.
lNhi bait thruuxh rh.nl.I'otl.1! \ "economic day" by the state ns"oriition has been cancelled. i i If you give u* an order we liabilities calculated by the lu.urnti-e |....'ortin.Dl

an I rtlict.ntly j"IU iu of colored teachers, in ses51011 ----- are sure to Sf'cure"ou as a constant ('HRLt'.. A. Pakl.1 a '
On iBA......, and do all lii their Mount Tabor Baptist church.n i i Yes we really make the smoothest 1 lemon customer., strawberry We have pistachio it in vanila champagne AatheabovpStatenent.how.. the Ml.Tl AI '- th. MrMllU...f i
and bet ice cream that are l'KlxJKBSlVKUrK: DiI'\1IUSl.t
produced : C tI>I'AN.n tan M..Hr
p.i-r h, Mk it .ueclu!. liiuI this city, were held Wednesday" and peach. West Florida
? in this
: by any one or any Investlgntotheir policy contract* and compare I*i-m ..t.. r.rttar'I.
r what. Uw lra4i! iu the North ni;ht. Tl.e large church was filled, other city. \\' can prove it. Letus Steam: Bakery. able companies. H. H. THOR'TON. 'g-M. ft.*'t.u .

...t sir d<>".:. a* in ty be i-rcii from u.l :.f'< r the opening devotions show you. West Florida Steam i i

.b. !..!>.>. ax. clipped b\ tll..l'JtUJ: President T. dt:>. Tucker i htrodu'd: : ; j.ikcry.Everybody: ._ -'- -----

1 HrraMaitlertdlt tt a Mmue.ipmovnnrnt : M. M. Lew\ editor of the FloKcijSi.nnel : : ha" a right: to a littlppiece

vlk ,.,... d"'l'steb : of .l'ensacola. and d. w. of this, uirth. But they mu+t *]'F.1? E. BRA U"ONEPRICE
N.r..rdtm.t..air ai1eal.hrdurrrthe Puiicun, a successful retail g-rc'er of tight for it. They must watch their ,
,_ .,If."U'' "...r..1nif uf >tt- ::'t. Al'gUti?( chance togptit. and get it. .
Editor LfeWiy's: address was; prno Thos. C. Watson & Co. '
j I.. flW..t.. Tit* lr.i.' rumiuieout
li..ltliltl con-ervative. He oktlie"
..... have some particulirly: line bargains
.11 Mia.at.cti. fu. war ye.trrdar arty broad ground that there i> 11.1 colorlira |
.. to oiler just now, and they invite
M wed aib0 rtuMnt' au UK' Ir.ttbulrs
iu bu-illt'i"; with: either race '
aM irffcm "U''H tfnrtkrra ati-l 'ortbfrn you to come and investigate sime. CASH HOUSE.
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andiippiTted ; position mimrou -
t r..."" ,..,.. "... i-....p.U.< to run two illiitrati. You will never regret having; done

S _u..... 1' ...MI' n and homr.erkrh The addr+ss lif S. W. Duncan was so.

....... .ltt....,Ii the' coy dutlUK 11.1".1 also a presentation ot practical fact $-- 105; South Piilaftfx Street -%
I.. .. "M *.I4tI. from rvntult polctit ami ills-tr:1tI'H1"
a UNte*! ..... ......1.... ryes ai fur 'I ha convoLtion closed Thursday WANTED.:

...... a'. 11t t a'",""., TMsa pru.wrtiyr and oilicerwer elected as f..Ilow-: SAllES YOU MONEY
......- .'. .._, ..".rtat>lv luokwl for Pre-idmt J. \\'. Johnson of Jlck"I1'I1t : Fivo Boys to set up Ten
P., .ao t.t pt"81', Tne gr..ally rnlui-i-a .
? \ >; tl- t vicepresident,1I.De Pins at Borelli's Bowling
....r.... I.'... lot d mr. and troy Yau/hn: of l'.u-acnl:1 ; second N! 'TIllS AVEEK WE WILL SELL d
.. ,,,.... Alley Central Saloon.
.R pr.11. r nl 4r > eaad.o raa... at* IM>IDIC .ld.l) adterp.r. Jol.n"on uf Davtouasecretary. n-, .
.. ... lb.t'e.ral, *..Kitaratii>rii and ; M-iuch Red Table Damask at IGf; The James J. Mean's LVlbrat l Wa .
C. H. I'ggams'of Palalka ; as>i i.t.iitsecretary. ; iar the......t 1.1.
Mtmiliti ,.Ial-. air mans partlw who J. G. Riley of Tallahiisee yard. Men's :Shis at $:.'!;. Every pairVhit.asd (;;.,l.r.."Ill : ,

heIrtuh.II.lrter ..ivmrat.." u though ; treasurer, Mis C. .\. Adams cf OS-inch Red and White Check guaranteed.: at S5e I..U.fJtt.
.r I..u2 ...- '''..y H.utli ar. tftky! Octll. ..A.Ti Table Dima at 30J yard. i'JiJ dozen Linies' Vests, at sis for Yard

......... to..."..11 iu. Tia t'ttl.latent iiS- !:ch leached Table Damask at i 123c:!: or 4x: : dozen Ii cettt..Wt4 Bl *ch- l'

upon ....uua.s..r Iu'ur.. In tbi> ngricul- Seven Years In Bed. 2c; yard. l0 dozen T.dies'"e
i : -ti. with
,. .. ,, i The \\Villis lIarGwarc Co'sBALLREARING tape Y..rd wife set I-I",, !
t .al teak th. r..1 lorlla".I. "Will wonders: ever cea-e?" inquire 5 -inch Unbleached Pure Linen in neck and sleeve-, at three for lie, at ttalat. ., .
'1'kr IoU t w ill IwobMtrvrU that the the frieudsof Mrs. L. P a-e. of 'T.ible Damask at i5c; yard. I] or talc: dozen. p t4

intgrAtliui r..f..rrr.l ID It* going to Lawrence Kan. 'I hey knew thatshe CG-inchRlcachedTab'eIamaskatl: I! Lti 1) dozen VHI.it's' Fancy'tet'. M>-4 L'sblareM.i Ktr f.
Lad been unable leave" her !lied iiNI" p.rystdef rr, '
lit. rttif.t cniiii-t from "theKi to I ::::Oc yard. pink blue or white at lc each two
.. in seven \'ear.u account of kidney 7.inch lUp:1ched11 Linen for =.JC. 4 full.ewW.eetrd
.t. t ..utnra-tud ..1far down a* liver LAWNMOWERS Table .
anJ trouble nervous :o'h..U".u ,
protratiou llama at 5 5c IS'.as. va
> yard. 23; dozen Ladles'
Ih.l.aruhllll.." '1 hi* 't irtliu,; 't.ttelH and ireneiul debility but, THE LATEST Before buying your Towel look at Tape Neck and Meevei Li at 2m each.
..t ill4aJr. that: the northwest "Three bottles of Electric Hitter I our lin. We will save oral yard
rru r<>a "and in three month I felt lik: derhirt at 2"jc. or 45c suit. dark .
from which the anew TH E LAWN AS SMOOTHIF at Soc, 7;5e, $1.00, U.:>j to $:!.W, are 30 dozen patters ateu1 t
u.UIt..r Men's
person. Women suturing I moneyaver. i Drop-stitch french F.t col d fetiutli,. ha. t'.n-1II a desultory and from Headache, Backache, 'Nervoune" i WITH A UA70HI ..... Men should buy their Cable Neck nder-hirts at 4:c; drawer to at I '-Mil" ysrd.Ak _

luKaitu way-inviting;; immigration &leeplenes. *. :Melancholy. ''Scrp\\t' Shoes" from us this week at'!' match. to ..aa 011Ions ..f .
t bill they arc actually invadingftituilirtutrrrltory Faintingand Dizzy Spells will findit I !! $1.20 pair. I 20 dozen Men's Hcriven latent and dun l...wn. \\'.. .11,: J
f hide Seam Drawers at 4"c ;
a priceless bll"illgTry" it. Satisfaction 'HAMMOCKS: pair. M onday.
and taki-i
; away i is guaranteed by W. A.
1t i th. ...."tb.. t.K. 'p.trre population.AlUtUratr 1 D'Alemberte, 121 South Palafox j ICE CREAM FREEZERS, i I

i, It may not very Jongtft street.' Only otic. j WATER COOLERS. i 7MNO;( TROUBLE TO SHOW GOODS.;.

' 1 >ir th,,y will even invade FlorIda I I
Carr) of p} ,llf! I,
and atttmpt to persuade in- -
The Spanish steamship Zaspisik for Rebate Checks. J
to reinov*. They would I
+ haWlant i Bat which arrived yesterday from i Have you seen the Combined Water {

potauterrdf0r many reasons. but .' Huelvu brought a cargoof 2S5 S2,9tk) Filter and Cooler? I ;

the inn '..C't that they are extend- kilos of iron pyrites. .lU!
1' JffJo.
--- ---
their field of operations into the -MIBIrl& .
lag :
Have you tried it? If not, call ........... .. .. !
to bfl enough to CRAB NETS, W
arouse -
twu.b ought phone :242 and order some of the best" _. _' 9
.f ety U'1 nt ft ue of opposition andytaliation ice cream in the city-Philadelphia. FISHING TACKLE 105
and to impel those in -- -- -- -- South Palafox
I Street.
Subscribe for the News, lOc a week ETC.

1 purer to rrorld the means for a 1 ... .=:__ _- -- -=: -_.-- -- --
.I, ., campaign Ills' will turn the tide in TIle !! I Thol. -- -

4 a r.?rr eillnctlon.Tho i Non-Irritating GOLF GOODS.Do BA UG l1NSinHammocks '; the leading c.RealE Watson tateAgentll.tak'& CO; (1PI'ING is here tlflil '
t. '
fiinon little pill. DeWitt's CatharticEasy and other seasonablegoorls '' all]l the worry off the 8boaldeu of the u'illll'lInlll ;

.1 Lltt.* Kni: lMer will remove all at .Uarston $ Finch's.'W' flf property, manage the FURll((r" and fur"' .'
I Irortrl l#.fiom your eyetemcleanse} to take you know that the best ice .: of their houses the col- .! '
-c our b ,..Ip. make them regular.HarfU : easy too>erateHoQ. cream is made from pure sweet C D. doll op fr I5c s'leetlon: of their rents a9 consciea. ,for your parlorIf"fy
s Sidney Kahn and cream. We make it.V est Florida tilD=ly as they '. '
; PItrmICY, 's Pills : .Iew 11th. LandrJ. 11"1 Their charges would them'elres.Finch cart Slip, J
steam are .
? John Bbappard. -6 very reaeoDabl you Willl.t.oO .

\ ... .
< """'- -'" -_ "" ._._ - .
'- ''-:-''- -''' ''' '---

< < ,- l llD:< (tl1. ;ii 1iJ1ti : ) "' ';:'- ; l. /r f'5' *",liIr._ ", < .!


- -- ----
_. - -.
'-'- -

At the Soda fountain bBILL''I I' R.HALLIDAY&CO.


-- o -----::.:::.::.:::::: : 0
When you want the most I I
'- "'
;/1 y,, exhilarating draught you Wolfe Kehoe and Barrs '

p. assays! want water. 'Norked in Vain. j BargainsfortlieCoffi1i1 Week.

-- I I,

Joint I.ojtiblatUe Committee say Plan

ZwieRock Was too Expensive and They Mak 1

an Vn'avnrabln Import on it, but a I Our Entire Line of

Substitute has Been OI1'<::rrd.

'r Water All the thought, time and labor I

LITHIA expended by J. Emmet Wolfe Walter BLACK DRESS GOODSat

Kehoe and J. M. Barra the committee
r served at the fountain
appointed by the democraticstate
sparkles like fine wine; it convention to prepare a state decided reductions.

is only water bubbling over primary bill, has proved in vain. I

..r with pure ozone. ,. The bill was quite lengthy and !
placed the same restrictions
Bottled at Waukesha WI.. the party primary that governs over reA'-; Extra Values in Blacls Taffeta SilKs at

1 FOR SALE HERE BY tlarelectioiis, the state to bear the
I urden of expense, and anyone vi- I

Roberts & Dailey. lating the provisions of the bill to I II 75c 11.00 and $1.25.( >
__ I e severely punished. i <
The bill was introduced in both f
houses of the legislature i : and referred -

LEWIS BEAR & !CO., turned to it down a joint and committee.offered a substitute They- I Exceptional Value in Black Beau de Soir at 8125.NE3W .

Sole Agents for West Florida. bill.
One member classed the original j
-- bill as the mot remarkable docu-j i

R. K. WHITE )I.\\' IS TO HP. A MONTH ment he ever saw and saM that if it ] GOODS !
had been enacted into law it would:
Oh' SKVKKU STORMS have cost the state'JO,000 a
f ;,..*...,. \t"ftnf.rlrlnittrlan, J."tl..r.1t4 year. I II I i

........t. ( | lit his weather: predictions for GIVEN UP TO DIE WITH CROUP. \:i Received this week a handsome line of New White
May.: A. P. DeVoe the weather ;Mrs. P. L. Cordier of Mannington.: '
rst.l.r re l'f._ .. I I.. j prigiti.-t. -a' : "The mouth of May Ky., writes: ")Iy three year old -
-. girl had a severe ca-e of croup the Shirtwaists latest Soft CuffG
will be imted for great ftoims and style' Soft Cellars.
doctor said she could not live and I ,
!.ea\y MI-IS with violent changes in rave her up to die. I went to the
[LOCAL! NEWS NOTES tI'OI'.t.lture! uun-u.tl at this reason store and rot a battle of FOLEY'S

HONEY: ,\SUTAR: the first dose
of the Floods gave
year. are probable
quick relief aru: saved her life." W. OTJLAHDINES Patterns much Handsomer
nver the! Mi-"i-sipjJ and Ohio valleys A. 'Aemberte.! .

.M ... r--... ...4 and t-hould he prepared for. "
,. "..' I.. i' U I ...,1.. From the l-t to the 4th a great storm TO REPRESENT FLOUIDAAT I than the Real Foulard Silks.

r -r W "..'' t ./.'Iff" will formuvrr'1'rx t,, and move up IIU'FALO
.... 41..... ., .lie "li..i "II'I.i'allf'J, cau-ing very "
., I..WWMW Vnr Friend nr- he.ny rain. over the southwestern Governor Jennings has appointed

.*., _fet ,.tth tl e'rgn of -111111..d -tat, :, f"llowed by anu-ually cold Capt.A. II. D'Alemberte of this cityas @ DRESSING SAQUES. .
f..h lase..ker" fur H wrathrruverthpuorthern and hot, commissioner to represent :Florida -
.'.It...... l'-.. ..II:an' over tilt Gull\ states. from othto
at the conference on taxation by
v.h, and threaten
.....e--.. ".... &tn..1 .to".. weather from showery'Jth to 11 th." 'lii.t'reate n;?.- the National Civic Federation A New Line Including the Kimonas in Whit3 and Colors, both in
..Ii to fc4ng MM MB the ,,uth -t Ibod of all he willtakr
says which w ll meet at Bullalq, N. Y.j:
.f W... |ftt.nd.eleia.trr.-t from Lawns and Silk.
[>!lice at New Orleaus June 1. Mayii'Jalid 24. Capt. D'Aiemberte : -*
.. ..
.1. ( **.au.* Central "aloonHbf
has given years of study to tax
*. *( th. rr..lf >U Light1; !skin trouhie', cuts, hums scalds questions and i U well equipped to --
and chatlin: quickly heal by the use ably represent Florida at this con
trod 'If iMWiifs Witch Hazel Halve. It ference. We would call attention to the Dixie and Climax

v. .If MMVMtn. *.il4}* Might May in Imitated. He sure you get De -- i Mosquito Bar and would respectfully
.,1 Aan rfcwk.I Witt's Harris Pharmacy, Sidney Stepped Into Live Coals.
Kutui, John hel.lrd inspection of same to show their superior
I I" t... po.h. mart ihi u. : "When a child I burned my foot ; ;
.. I frightfully." writes W. H. Joa'dil. of '; qualities. i
N .. t'm H K.: I.. Ianlrll jreti r.MTi-.n: SUtlHOl'Ur: f A
.. U>.r* w.r.- IBM *.... IIf Inch i Jonesville, Va.. "which caused horrible t
: H IS SESSION leg sores for 30 but Buck-
ryes w.r./.rt..rg.d HUll t"1 i'OII-I "
ItilN.I Tip Hnr AII"uhted to SI'I. len's Arnica Salve wholly cured me HALLIDAY & CO. ,.. .
I The special term of the United after everything; else failed." InfaLlible }.
Tt. "-'IIh1 ......toMer (' ".p atra.grin States court for the trial of civil for Burns Scalds, Cuts, Sores,
. .| t'.l. m >rnln, .ith :s cargo Bruises and Piles.
Bold by W. A. Phone 193. 33.35 8. Palafox.
convened this
.. cities morning JudgeCharles
f ir".I.< > 4I.4 psItB.. which hP I D'Alemberte, 121 South; Palafox St.,
.-< u..l .< P.!..(..* w'hllrf. 1"11. .Swayue: presiding, and organixed. 25c.
:. .r b..du.a teM.ral QI.'l't.HJI..r : .

..! "II/rPN. i i I On motion of the plaintiff in thee II.um m.I'T S.\U;. JV". B.-A New Line of Bonne Femme Net Curtains tt Arrive in a Few Day. s

II MitUr *.f I'm !lUrrMi urI I"a< of H. (i. Peters vs. A. M. Moses, Sealed bids will be received by tt e -
.r*.t..rd..}r by ""' r uty t'"it\ !: Juts;.'*- i-:wayne. ordered that herertfterttie undersigned at the olllce! of Ins a'tornejs - ------- ---- --
MMhal H. '1'. UDnrton mi HIt.f i I.nuisville and Nashville Tuntsou & Loftin, up to 4 Ring Up No. 23 I
I li. A.
.flllNic liquor without'ti. : lUilroiid company( shall appear as o'clock p. in. on Thursday, the 2ii THROUGH ij LUZON
-. ... rtr.ufl tt..rlur; thlol pl&iutit: instead ot 1'eters, as hereto- I IJtH. day of May, for the purchase of the You are hereby commanded to a- I tea
.> hrIiira ('''mmlhiolH r It. CTRVLIG I ... stock and fixtures lately beloninjto epinhle at armory hill in uniform,
./1.1 dl.t'h.,..,.J. The court then took a recess us:tit the firm of Jordan & Co., No. 104 :Wednesday, May 1, at 7:30 p. m ON I C. ll. TAYLOK
1 3 o'clock this afternoon South Palafox street. Inventory j I Business of importance. ,
wnlN ----- -. ----- and appraisement of the propertycan i By order of the ciptain.
TO PREVENT PNFUMONIA AND GRIP be seen at the olllce of E. K. 1 W. \V. CAUMICHAEL, HIGHWAYSAND No. 9 North Falafn l Street
'o pi i.uIP Brut or 1.-1- | Latalltv ttromo-iiuialnu, remover the :Nichols E,.q., Referee in Bank-t 1st Sergeant.Eat .
fv.*rv trip a until!.- ,.f CltU.r.. and stock will be shown
ruptcy to
.. ,. '
1 1 1- 1&t.t. im*t (i|>* +
tll..n.HB.\\CI.: : ISl'Ht'L'Cll prospective bidders by the uiHersigned. ice cream of acknowledgedmerit
I tt'-ctiully on the Lltl.! Terms of sale cash; bill of and qUllitPhilallelphla

11..1. .bu.. .'.. a taventi.l: I YKSTKKDAVVetrnlay site at cost of purchaser. nude in Pen..-acola!: by the West
I I. 11. $lit] tiir fHIIII+
W.H. NORTH, Florida :Steam; Bakery. BYWAYS
... i
h .f i,l In *1 twit t t> morning while services iMaUi! : T --
-imee.: -- -- -
i. ". unit" I aUloflsU(Jr/ ,*ji%t*Fthytupl. M.inil- I 1 1Wfr ? going Oil at the Scandinavian Future IMito KicanJCAX 'ti,tp m...,. "Call for "Bro<,k wood Rye" at P.
j Iceunan's, church m .s.uith 1'.lhfnx A. Friedman's the drink or bottle BY
SAN P. R. April 2?.-The
-tieet. u drunken sailor: wandered ; it is the nicest, most mellow rye
United: ::;tatcstransport Se.l; \vickswkdyesterday
.. In. !h..r'lI1lt''I'IY tli-orderly and ou the market.
tI4 > Ill RH.'tIt.IIInt'.It "
I broke "|> the ..en" ('ps until he could evening for New York, with '
\ I jl.i put out. It took about five u"ntog'thitnmtttutteI I'J Porto Ilicau youths, who are pomp: to C.A.STOrJ.J.A.: PAYMASTER W. Q. wlwor M.Bootsij"." r. ,., .... .
eralk nfurwliirh BI K r.1 Yea Hal Alrt3YS Bought
the United States to be educated. Eleven Bears the /I :; !,I
.tt tii* raral '''ltlillt.. lie foiinlit every one in sigh t of them are bound for the United States: tig1atarD! ...-.>1. I I ti'
-it twutttr. JIt.oI4l1lr1, > U!,tJI Onker H titer came along aid I government Indian training school at cf / AT Shoes
pl.it(-ed hitn under :1frt' t. Pa. The
a ill" and ...tyreIa.r. Carlisle government will assume I
the expenses of the 11 students I
-- --- referred COQ'S Book
la .ix nii.nth. to. Store. [
tnerttesed IrvIU 1..1. : > y .. rhl'ond..r. _- --.- u t5" ? r 2'ZS'252525251An Rtfair7r.rk\ JIU j sfi a Hair
TC", ful nifdiclnv tf rn ,
!I'.c The inuli cartil I'... m t cures Insomnia NOtlCK.I El'-;gant l"p.to-Date Paying

.:.. ttUIKIUtlC'' III- I ;M cnEBRATD: 2\\J *lllTVe tendies'. KtiniUIntes .lie- have been authorized to take [f I.] Brag Basinsss for Sals.! llir I insures The man himself who owns aguillt nij own lots home of H.cl P.'iti'T i: a fpecia!lIt!\ .
forVm.. JuininssBryan's
... ,. M the Itiilne -
runt IIf tli! 4/ trouble and
phi .. worry. Nobody can
I Work (
", >' "'let )1' "The Comtnoiier." Called cr aid llnffd l f..tI
,'i I vrt..m./II fit I "\\0: Ii..H b'ooo.lt piper [r]| Good reasons for S"lling. Ad- :I raise his rent, and the rent day ha ,
The is $1 UO in ad i
price per Charge. ,
.. year
4 H lilt.-rt'U.lth f 'Jr C* .r..h. -lt. nj dress at once nru I no terrors for him. It's easy to owna
f hoii trouliletJl'Jr vance. ThosH desiring the papercan J I
I' earner tnl.iur : :!" "II a home now-a-day Thou C II
wa..h"1 h t.II1P .**) such u, hive it seat to them by sending Ios'I9C City. XI I' Watson & Co. can ',teiiyou how I I'atM.-H-' '.'. ..... i.l.1 .' .
the : : I u ':
U.O to uadersisned.H.M. ; K.:
,. in ttr, ....I ... r t Dyspepsia, Rot'HE. %2.525""t:3c..s 25252.S2.52S v iea."yiti... Call and see them I''It will p.y '. .. i t r* ,.I i' I
May hHI' .I p.11'. t'j
fu,1 ".,.: I .t" ,, ; ',... -"i, Indigestion, Care, Daily News. a- -- -
-- -- --
M I.4eit>l tiitl' \\11" 1 and
FlatnleacyTry A fine opportunity to bay an establihed -
|hOot Jt4t "< II '"iit 1 '
'. it also! (orMalaria grocery business; good
K hn
Uriutor. b STOMACH stand for cash li trade; !se K J.IaaC5.jU The Forbes !
t'.lfll'r- Fever
'I i i'if m->( 5

I .ili<**'" MilLA Q D--TEI i' and Ague once. () West Belmont street at Stores.

'('" e'n.'ul- "I "for
fkiiiu 11.ilk i-i
i. ilk M.'ttltn'KH- '" "., Ir. flutk Vii:

iiM tmir>4 Milk ttuii.hii< f.rtvKtby he-u 'i it < (.r.v vo"VVVVVvv<;. : ;: !| BITS of easy-pricing which arc the fruits of good buying-not of j-oocls made

.'" Di...n.. ." 4 t tiiKAr to sell. Mistery of the Linen market has meant a growth here of

t N.YIIUUM; g IMr )I rm :> # **! i I the largest Linen business in town. It's safe in buying here, and it docs'nt make

INK or M tiClln1 > any difference whether you're an expert Linen buyer or not.

1\ .I I. utidi-r Dt-nfy ILe! iJy.I ::u"-l. ii i f MIU 2-inch B.-autiful Satin Damasks; in t j;;?-inch Herman Linen! (V>2 and 753 : White Huck ToveU, ileatinid: :aic

So. I.AucJfntOriil i' P w a DOZMI: Pattern1.CO to u:.;) a Ii a yard, worth sue and $1.CO. I and 30c; each.
l.irtu at V'tU '1) yard, Napkins to Match each Pat-Beautiful[I Hemmed Towels, Colored I Turkish Hath ToweN at Ire to
SO SStS tern I Borders 20c each. i 40s each.
1 nurch will bP from''
"1tit.. visa M4e of J LOo *
..:; .ty to :oOl'rlll 4 4 I The Following Go While They Last :
", no,( to \Vrijr.t.uti ; ) i
t\ i to TarruK .
I trr.joua to (Jre ua.I ,'ory. e....... 0 I 1 Case Scotch Lawns, .10 yards for 35c.
4 ,'.
*-itoryto ttat IIf I'alafox.I'aUfox to ( j 1 Case Shirting Prints, 10 yards for 35c.
!p DeVilillt LGIi I 1 Case Dimities and Lawns, 29 inches wide at 5c per yard.
'rninn.t to w. w.**;.t. w'

Entire Stock Sea Island Percales, worth 12% and 15c per yard, at lOc.
t I. \ <*r' to /arragn aa.
: -irf hits to ilafux and !

M.O'LKAKV, One Car Load of Refrigerators and Ice Cream. Freezers Just Received Get our
( rind Marshal.
o:= __ o Prices Before Purchasing'
i- ti tI direct cause of tJ'
k..!j.. 1 ujiidsi "f perM i I
i th. trouble Ut & CO
.. I SOL :
!Itttlp| 1'1:11.\' ASH

Ithens,4iu.tun the Hannah ttoin- :! i-VV. ; &, B. Forbes4IJlf .
Telephone No. I
I. I !., 201-203 S. Palafox.
,J I

-' ." -- ...... .. _.... _. ..-..:,_. .;.."; >"" _. :'._'--",,,,,,""' ;""""' "-"'-- -1, ... . _, _- ..s_ .. .- ,.-_ --.v. .... ...., ... d_ .. _ .Ji!

3 'c.1-i'. -<; -t..c.. .; ....."'......T .h. -t'- .,_. ':'':.'?_'.'';_ .<\t.. ..-... ':.. .- "..." :;. :-1 '.;.a-_?:;.'"< f,. tc;. .-,-._-<:.-fl"'"'<"''-tf1f: ...:....',,-_ ..,,- __<.r i"-1f'":'"$_-,....._',..':'jJ.;"..-"-'-' .. ;. .. t1.Jlll. --.'- -




Rheumatism Xot Expect Appointment In Reg.

IN RAILROAD WORLD i IOLA, Kan..ular April Army.27.-Brigadier Gen-

Rheumatism is doe to an excess cf acid in the i oral Funston, writing to a fellow: townsman -

blood. When this escapes through the ports (f the [I under date of Feb. 20, month t \a

i skin, ns it often does, it produces some furor of skin I 1 Radical Change In Manage-I J i i before the capture of Agumaldo, says
i eruption-some itching disease lee Enema: orTetttr j ,
-but when these little; talks i,r sweat glands agement Introduced j. he did not expect appointment in tne '

are suddenly closed by e cposu'e to cold and sudden 1. i regular army. He says: ,
r' chill'ng of the body, then the poisons thrown off by jJh 14.-'"-, .. "Under the operation of the law I tor Infants and Children.
M .. _
ia membranes -:- j ;. mus. be mastered out of the service
the blood, finding no outlet setU .v- BY THE SOUTHERN PACIFIC --
muscles, tissues and nerves. These parts become greatly inflamed, feverish and I July 7, as that is the last day of the vo- Castor'-i a li.rniles; substitute' for Castor: Oil Par-_

;. t *t4 hot dagger-like, maddening pains follow in quick succession, the muscles become -- 1 TIB leer army, and from that time all of gone, Props and Kootliin Syrups It is I'lei.;uit. It
1 extremely tender, the nerves break down and the sufferer is soon reduced to a state President to form Cabinet of Ad. 1 the! work will bo turned over to the reg1 contains: neither Oj imu Morphine nor oilier NanoticMibstame.

) of helplessness and misery. This acid poison penetrates the joints and seems to Advisers, to Co-islst or lle.iiU of Departments : :ars. I was not disappointed that II I It letrojsVorms and allays: cH'rl-hut'iIt"..,.
B dry out the natural oil, and the legs, arms and fingers become so stiff and tor* I. wa cot given anything; the regular It cares Diarrhtra and \\ ml Colic. It relieves IWth-
ti t 1 that every movement Li attended with excruciating: pains to n.'nlrulizeull1orlt) army as I hud 110 expectations. One i in"- Troubles and cures Constipation. It regulates the

:i t 9 Liniments, plasters, electricity and baths, while their use may give temporary and Jl'.ponslbillty.SAX so young; as my..elf.rho had never been I Stomach; and Bowels, giving healthy and natural sleep.
: A ease,cannot be called cures,fur the disease returns with every change of the weather. connected wun the regular army, could : The Children's: Panacea-The Mother's Friend.
r( S. S. S. cures Rheumatism by I FRANCISCO, April 27.-It is stated scarcely expect a brigadier generalship

t ; "Three years afrO I had a severe attack of working a complete change in I in railroad circles that President Hayes in that body over many gallant men I The Kind You Have Always Bought

t la grippe, which left me almost a physical the blood ; the acids are neutralized I of the Southern Pacific is about inaugurate I who have. been in the service, some cf
wrec:':. To add to my wretched condition, a the circulation purified and to them, for years. I am heartily glad the : Bears the Signature of
I.i, severe form of Rheumatism developed. I the rich, healthy blood that is I a radical change in the man I increase in the regular army has al- ,
tried all the physicians in our city but
tongcarried of the He will forma l I lowed adequate recognition, after
of them could do su3 any permanent goo: to the irritated, ach'narmuscles i agement system. j. many
; ( used all the rheumatic cures I could tear cf, and joints, soothes and cabinet of advisers, to be composed of years of waiting, to some of tae splendid i
a but received no benefit After beginning S.3. heals them. S. S. S.cures Rheumatism I !| oOcers who have been male brigadier ii
? E:: S.I w&s relieved cf the pains sal; have. gained even when inherited or i! the heads of practically all the priu- j I generals m the regular establish- i,
in flesh and strength and general health cipal of the road with the .
4t: Jay brought en by the excessive nsiof' departments i men during the past few wet' .3 .
it better than for: years. I cona.der S. 3. S. I I, 1
,t:! the grandest blood medicine in the world, mercury Opium, in scale since exception:: of the law department. II "My plans: after my muster-out are ,
and heartily recommend it to any one seeking form, is the basis of nearly all The object of this cabinet arrangement somewhat uncertain. though; I have in Over 30 Years.
r1. relief from till tortures of Rheumatism so-called Rheumatic Cures, I .. view many good opportunities: to do well In Use For
B. r. G2EGOEY: : Union, S. C." which deaden the pain but do is to centralize the authority and rebpousibility. by wy.-clt."_ 7Hr er NT.V. "e."y. Tr "U.." "r". NW yOU CITY
not touch the disease and lead ,I President Hayes will by i -- -'"
t to ruinous habits Alkalies and the i hulllrct'k II U a I'rauty.
potash mineral remedies: so often prescribed this means have a firmer grasp on tho
,a. affect the tender lining of the stomach and weaken the digestion, thusI I: the details of operation of the vast system I GL.\SGOr., April 27.-The Shamrocki I i

adding another burden to the already weak and impoeriahed blood. S. S. S. contains and all orders will bo issued di. i II was uudocked early this morning; and GqOCERIES E
r : + no mineral or dangerous: drug of kind but is ,
; any a simple vegetable rrcrlv by him atter consideration by theca towed to Greenock, where trysails were
remedy at.l1hc most blood on"Rheu- I
jdrtcct purifier .nown. Send for our book iet. I
't ,4 matism and witcllur physicians if you wish any information or ads ice. We would i U is understood that the cabient \ bent and her compass was adjusted. Wholesale and Retail.
I I I 1
4 i.. Lc glad to isiii jou a book free ; we charge nothing whatever for medical advice will have no authority to interfere with Shu will start for Southampton in tow of .
i I Erin this afternoon, Mr. Fife
| the
{ r THE SWIFT SPECIFIC COMPANY, ATLANTA, QA. the president in any way, but the mem- accompanying -

., l I berg will: in reality, be advisers to the i j jpresident ; the her. llesignerVrrsoa and inspected ''HIGHEST GPADE AT LOWEST PRICES.
-------- challenger expressed
who will bo ibli
re?[>oa ouly i iI
t METHODISTS AND MISSIONS' I I!I to the board of directors ].'I|' enthusiastic Thomas Lipton aprroval in the course of her.cf Sir I
I It is also stated that II. E. Huntington Co.
?!, i' I said: "I am cari-fivl I have Jacoby Grocery
will not re-election to the
Interrtln.tddrrsr ;Made ut NewOrlraiM accept
: ; Uiplumallr IiiiirmurseWASHI.NGTOV n..IW't'U Slster but the best challenger ever built, aud I I
vice presidency, that be will conI '
tyra C oiifrmirf. lt'JllIblc' lcosumptJ. I warn my American friends that they
a tiuue to bo member of the cabinet 160.
II Telephone
rY :.*tw OI.F.\N.., April 57.-The third : : April 27.-Tee Mexican E. IL Fitz'unoh, formerly of the Central have a big job .this. .time. ;
I I --- ---
; Cay'* M**>ioa of the Methtvlist missionary ')Vl'rtJUlIt has taken steps to resume Vermont will lie given a position I I

f ctmfarcLCtt wn one of special imTu diplomatic communication with South ,. of great importance, though under You cannot enjoy perfect health i! a. W. B. WRIGHT GOfflPflRY
the scheme his cheeks t ,
new coming will LO: roy and sparkling eyes if
anet I ,
American countries s the first move in i: mean the displacement of any of the your liver is sluggish and your how- II
:afternoon was: devoted to the neli that direction being the appointment of'1: present heads of tho department. I P14 clog pd. DeWitt's Little Early I \ a MANUFACTURERS AND DEALERS IX

'.A .t t tots k'. J. R Hixhim discussing the a Mexican: minister Argentine Re-1:|I -___ __i i Risers cleanse the whole system. I

t.. .. reiiou .ibility ut tOt church toward the public. For many years there has been southeastern l'a "";;er Association. [ They never sripe. Harris Pharmacy I

f f4- .1, ro., awl Dr (J. W. Hubbard and no diplomatic intercourse e between Mex-1: | ATLANTA, April :27.-The Southeastern I I Sidney: Kahn, John Sheppard LUMBER, LATHS,
OeorsiVV Waktr ednca- ice and her sister the south- :
talking republics
on on
]I Passenger association issued a notice I '
,' 1 11.uII l problnux liioKer 1' WI\ iIU- era coutiueut. as there was little commerce \VA will launder your spreads for :
of rates yesterday, and the following 15 cents each and make them look ,
1 .. t tau ma ht a tr'n,: plea for mdu,trial between them and few political
idaai:.. important occasions were covered: like new. Star Laundry. i ,
r aE ou a< a tueaoDfrt of right: and questions requiring diplomatic representation i
J- .' ..lf-mit r..st, and u>c'i .r"I".l the lutert Recently, however Argentina ; Annual meeting Tennessee Teachers' I, --.. n.A.wHfres .

"" tliv Mi-it., wet cuurcli ba taken ia made a friendly move by accredit-1 i i association July Christian workers'
|:' ; I V/% %/V XN \ > ll yNX\X<% % i i Ni *
h 1.1'. the .1.'""'.-ii: of in* !jK-<);pie. luj. a niiui>ter both torn hiaston; and !
I assembly, Montreal, X. C., July county CREAMVORMSt l li
; ;
>iu J -au Barrett turtutr minister to the City of Iexico, and Uruguy ha '
p r Sum, Mid: 1 i i"I'll i I taken similar: action. school commissioners' exhibit Athens 1; \ :

i ..'. i-itnre of mi"*>ionary work m ||I Tue election of City of Mexico as a May; state encampment Grand I|II I VERffllFUCE!
China .... for the 'I Army of the Republic, Coviugtou, Ky., I i Y 1'Q J. i'
&U\ "" two iiii;)>iraut conquertiuaa. 1 I place holding congress, cf Arn r- I K P ID'i i

"tit. (:itflen.ttr..d. r.rnt.: tut 11\1 furry man.;!m i fieiil view, of"h.md iei!: i I;i lean republics in inducing: Las Mexico had a M further extend lnfln'enee her ':i i I July yule,; G.v ISuruesville, June; Pan-American chautanqna, Barne-csposi- '' 1 d YiZ i For 20 Years has Led si! Worn: Remedies. { %> aitYaZ'' .,

; U- rut u) 1 J'tr SOLD n ALa D1\VGGJTB.

i au Me., ()l I'uh
\ ;f : tuulud tr .r"l1.ut'.i a urea; : null" .::a. ]| Argiutiaa i3 now numed and one to convention Baptist 1oaitPeople's ( I e.- __.-._ __ "'
y n4u lIu.II' 'uar. prtftairaury iiisti'iittoii, !! Uruguay; will be appointed procptlv be. .: union, Chicago July; genera ,II c f{ ii FOR SALE BY \V. T. GREEN S CO.

4, :.f'!t' what aU udiiiiirti; c-mid suuy the !! lore lang. It is expected War this will excursion rare : withdrawal winter touris 'i .... -

,. fl', '::".. hi :ury. cattoois, habits niuiot I Iri I develop speedily into an intension of : rates, April St5eubourd\.
,1i :' eoadituras ta for iu -uples Lefurune I Ii' diplomatic rel.ui.in ltrwet'lt'dco -
..JI.;' ti'lDIC th -r..1." cud all of the South A'u.nnu countries. i:<'.u'liln; Onto i Tb Star ;
k-f1 Mr, irtiit .unhcr stared tint the ;;] -- ATLANTA, April 27.-An important >, e Laundry

t ni-n<,j! try in'-'r-.taof{ tue Uiiite.1; State:: ii i i Uiiiiau.l: 15r.i7l!. meeting; of the Seaboard Air Lino passenger I 1
..-" t''uci! ..; ir.) ('il.I'I"( utidonco IU roe I I I Rio pn J"smtOpril J7! .-The Chili officials was held Atlanta yes. II I'A ,
Careful NurseIn
.j. t'nuu''IJ'.I' ot lrwndent I
| ey MdJmliy
: ,i
ian minister to Brazil had interview
an tert ay. The Seaboard:; is preparing to
1. Ui'ao uoi. 4iixiou<< t I ntaiuru )i ino
' make bid for business of almost any dilllculty a Busiest Best !II
t : with the luinitttr of foreign affairs yesterdjy. troll out At- Biggest
: "I>-n is KJT tOll Curistuniy: us for com ,
i 1 : careful nurfe sees that! it is uiore' ,
lanta, and in the future the
' Rl. !! In of 1.lHIIjl'rclepUrrllll'lIt : '
JUiTtH I spite efforts: to keep the
often i the liver than
\,; .y TIM elo-my: night session wasdeVOrc.I'l' '1 I Interview secret it is known that they! of the system will pay; particular that anything. ; eleI I'I -
is the
< cau-e of illiif; '. If
t.t attention to tiiis tl'rriror'l'n I :
.1i > to AU f ii>qu.-tt pre.enrannu of the uii. 1''Iil,cussed the Pacific question.! The "i liable Liver Tonic had been are-I
.j 'i Cuihau minter declared that entirely new policy will be inaugurated
ewutry wca by iJishou U ILKr.tr lI..lIur.t. : country 1 the illness could have
.1'A.1!; __ I i I was not opposed to the solidarity of been prevpnted -
Grading For New Koail. || and the patient saved the suffers -
j rYp"'. !'4turday'; l'"ldll. American nations but was anxious that The Whole Procession
I inland = Our idea is
| eXpen e. tojiive
aud will should CHATTANOOGA: April 27. Crandall j
.1\.''" : \'' Utu.r A\s, Aj! nl 27,-Tin fcisrthday's : peace gold exist between I you a Liver Tonic that will in every
r' { .v" the countries. Toy company have begun gra'hug on '! of Stylish
be a benefit. We People
\ 'i" fe*>ion of the MLtk: >uh-t misina< -- ---- way want you to c
J. : the 14 miles of railroad to be built from : JlEl'ATICURA"hkh "is
ttl try the
. :y :r. wry coui .rt-uce at Tu'.aao: ua'u; to.iav u-id! THE MOST STUBBORN COUGHS: ,
.. :" :. : I I I Dilton Ga., to Lumber Fields, m Murray I best Liver Tonic we know of. Patronize our Steam Laundn U
f. ultin
: its tunic ".f dirussio'iVunan'e! re ; from an attack tlf la grippe
tfJ'!..:' .10 \Voru, r.imssi uutl Hu!:!". Mrs I''cold I niu-t yMil to the wlInduCulhl couuty. (Ja .2 miles of the grading I Prepared only by laundry .len'sC"lIl1r and ( ul'manner >

\"1:11111101 North! Caroliu was! c1Jir.1 ULKY'Si having already Icel1l'Ut:1Ilered. thtt keeps them %.. I i
:-"! a, .. '. man. Mrs. S. C. Trupirtjwke! oa -Tn HONEY AND 'FAR. which I'tr'nHh: --. P, f SMITH Pharmacist, t. I tured, and Ladie,' ShirtV. .'.

;!' Aim and rojio IIf \Vomia'Foreign )h,. the unhand( make them f-or.nJ.1!; I'UKK BI.oOU CIKILVn No. 7 S. Palafox St., Pen acola, Fla. Skirts and Matifch Collars int'l. .
Pe'Iii' .: MOuary \,".ur.:," Miss iL I... ( libson dt;' \\'. A. D'Alemberte.CIGANTICSTRIKt. / npr that never brings a ci.'i -
Offering! I'rutiiig Faith SuflererB.
'f. I,4 f cu>se,i "K'luiitumalVork": and Dr. -- --- -- to y Of course you are one of t!.' too. i -

, l. a ;t', Anna \\'. Fearu "'.1e(Lical Work.: Thaleading PREDICTED l'roce'o"ioll!
eMI. : I' Mttao'iist !pulpits of the city -- Is your Blood Pure? Are you sure !
short Hours and
.te, will be filed by the visitors tomorrow. IetterVuges: :: of !it? Do cuts or scratches heal
' bilrutiiin !>""'.tn>Ic tI slowly? Does your skin itch or bum? ,
\ .. -_.'. If y"u W flit a nice present to give A;
oPTlf''. ",:'. to afri"inlKT') anJ look through theta of Sioux i City, Li.. representative of the Aching: you lions Pimples or Rack? ?Eruptions Eczema?? ONE NIGHT dXLY i ALL WORK C. O. D.

:+ : fleir.int lino of s-iitalih articlT-; at Iutl'rUaTl'.IU'll.\"Ut'anl'1l of Machinists, Old Hores? Boil.: :Scrofula? Hheui !
\i;jr:.s \ J. Stephen"! you uiely can find I addreed the Southern railway machm-i matism i ? Foul Breath? Catarrh? 'i Monday, April 29th. | TELEPHONE 114. >7 E. GARDEN SI

l. ) 'f.l SOlllPttlii.S ti> plemn you. If you '. Are you pale? If so purify I
: ists of Knoxvii'e' touigat m the interest your LAST 0}' THE SEASON? WOOOD8 CALLED FOR AND DELIVERED FREE."_
'"I f .! : want unythiuar: in the Didniond line 'i I Blood at once with B. B. B. (Botanic
} ::1? r-) be sure to see him before you buy. of the movement for ix !U-honr! day, better Blood Balm). It makes the Blood WALKER INGRAHAM. Manager.
wage scale, apprenticesaip. arbitration
Pure and Rich heals
l 1: OHIO R.VER 13 STATIONARY etc. He stated that unless the I,and I gives a clear, smooth every, healthy )
::." ;_ \') : demands were conceded all over the i I skin. Deep-seated cases like ulcers, Blind Tom'sCONCERTS. i-ic-s--

.I" ,'1 Arra":1I2o, (oiiilltioii uf 1<'10) I IOa
m the north.
" ,, I'liiriiin.itL. May 20. mostly !' lings Blood Poison are quickly I ,
'5 tp 1"1i. May 1 a district lode of represen- cured by B. B. B., made especially
:;4Gi' CISCI'iS.\T, Apnl 2?.-With a tenacity lives of all subordinate machinists'
for all obstinate Blood and Skin Not. 801, 803, 805, 807 South Palafox Street.
el j..ti'f': r 1 that is well described as aggravating :: lodges of Southern railway shops will : Troubles.! B. B. B. is different frum -@ .
:- P.
!* ;,,; ; this flood of the Ohio river maintains be organized at Knoxville. The shops : other remedies oecause B. B. B. I 0. Box 404; Phone. Shops, 123. .:
will b those Richmond
represented at
: 1y f.-"' an even staee. At 9 p. in. yester1t"'C" i' drains the Poison and Humors out
Va Columbia .
Alexandria and
and ,
' > ; of the Blood and entire system "o Machine Shop x Boiler Works
. day the register was 5i! feet. The oaina Charlestou, :S.: C.; Atlanta aud Macon the symptoms cannot return. Giveit i I Blind Tom uses: exclusively the ,j ,

t'. ..; -0 monotonous record w.i.. nude hour after Go. ; Birmingham and Selma Ala.; a trial. It cures when all else fails j; Celebrated Lester Piano. i! IOHPLETELY
!it: Ns hour until 9 IIU.. today when no sign Memphis, Jackson. Mnrfreesboro and 1 i i ( : EllCIPPElJ WITH THE I.n-IT AND HI-1T !oIACJtI .:K\ r
: Thoroughly tested for 30 Sold : ) Every U"'criptlun for
Steamboat, ..
r II. t' 1: of abutment was: vi-ible. Knoxville, Tenn.; East ::::t. Louis, Ills, at drug stores at $1 per large years.bottle I Seats on sale at Coe's Book Store i I bllnple DIn1cuU.I tla'A'mlll aDd t.ocolUothtt Work, Larg I! ,

4! : % ): This of course deliys the! resumption and Salisbury X. C. |
.i i 16 large bottles (full treatment) $5. i j-
-;; "'. of buciueM, but ns the weather everywhere 1 1-\0 sufferers Pattern Making a
test it trial bot-
| may a I .
. t j..tr. :'" alove n reported clear and warm, i 1 tie given absolutely free.
: away
,#* ,j : ituccrtaiuth.it relief must uon coriela Backaches sure c..u-ed disorder ,I Write for it. Address BLOOD F. M. WILLIAMS, i 1 We have Employed One of the Best Pattern Makers! in the Sc .
t.'r. a falling: river. Not much can .o in the kidney*. K>LEY'S KIDSKY HAL CO., Atlanta Ga. Write !i
* "+ | today -
[tts done in tile way of cluamn; up in tho CURE will make the kidneys riajht. ; Describe trouble and free med CONTRACTOR AND BUILDER Sawmill Specialties
.lei a submersed district before Monday. Take no sub-lltute. W. A:D'Aleui- seal advice given. :

berte. -- -- Estimates Promptly Furnished ,
Iipringieotlh'are; "pt'l'iully dau -- ----- i 1 \\- i u-I'*el.> Under Arrest. on LUMBER ROLLERS WOOD-TR4CK TRUCKK: LOUOINO ( ,5,

'Ytat.- perou- and uule** cured at once New: U.inih :'llaNtcr.COPEMIVGFV KNOXVILLE April 27! .Walter Under Buildings of All Kinds.: IDOLS. ETC.. )[MANUFACTURED SHORT .NOIRI
= result often Cnlln0111'
2 Pflnu I
', like April ;27.-It is generally wood and Ivan Tnomas, 21 and 15:
i&szr MinutM ( 'nth Purr alwa s ICN years ----- -- -- -- --- ---- Complete Stock Material
magic. It is rot a oniinn'-u mixture understood in political and diplomatic i : of age both white, are under arrest at anil Supplies. -

hut a high grad* indy.. Hiriri circlts that when tue Schested ministry .
Harriman, Tenu., as
suspects charged ESTABLISHED:
.jll..f.z"to.1"-". ', I'harinHi'y, sldtity: Kiliu aud John retires as it is expected to do at the won attempting to avaalt Mrs Gilbert 1883. .
,- i' Shtpp.ird.: ; end of June Heir lJr:1lUsl':1. the present Walton of that place April 13.; Under WING HOP&GO1importers & -

a An Au.trlin lii,oo\fry. mmi'ter ot the interior, will be appointed l wood is in j.v.l and Thona.i: is ou on McKENZIE OERTING
, & CO.
j"W Danish uiiuisfer nt Wa: hiiisron.; ,
YOKE.: April: :27 -conhntoa : !
Ilerr C.1Ul'CIl formerly mauascr; Lend.'I -
!1 :;: o
,'l Herald; \
.;(: *oi.ute.t., 1'Mfimw Lot tllc'r an If i I -- MEN, BdiuJ.pril ;!;.-Lightcen
: UI.p"citon \\oineu.. Chinese and Japanese Ship Chandlery and General Hardoare.
; Dr. UuWnru'h. niniouue that they 1 miners were killed: and seven injured
L x' L\HI> Pdnjab. April ;;, serious .
: KE -
wbii'Uill 1
11i&h..I.'r''l scrum
a of
f 1'rus't1 ly an explosion firedamp today m the Fancy Goods
,.. trot animai; ;.tio"t ih' fait and mouta i riot has occurred near Mal&ote due to 1' Grand Boisom dial mine at 1I'rau. "' 603 AND 605 S. PAL\ttX srRi;rT.

. .t dt:.'.,.'. Teat IIt'fum IT.lr.1.= aUI1I:1: 11' pLague inspection of women. The nob 1 miles: from this place. FINE CHINA TEAS. --- A.GENCY,__ ___ _
a-autil with u immunity tor trout four
tae pohc'3ui it becameuvces --- --
overpowered -
; to tstiut wt't'io.. a.'a.iut: attaint by the I !OrL'of : Xo. 31 South Palafox fct., REVERE COPPER COPASY JOBS A' ROEBLIXO'S i+O\ri ( ', {
to summon
arv a cavalryfrom
l e 'i. Iheat .u ttuti a' 11rs l.t\t"j.. sad >tiilU':: : \te. The soldiers restored; Tip I! Ink! Stiles in GALVANIZED WIRE ROPE, A. RU.SHEL HON'8 Pt'Mi
t tJIII; \'blt'lu'uth rC''i v'> tti" autiiorizitiou: uf II order with dScalty.; I\i t t Laundry Office. PE 2 ACOT.A. FLA Caain, Cariisi Punts Oils, liotlcal IntriButi. Clan UaU:
Fur- iithrs
1 004 f. the ,u\"t'm'W I the Ut'r'n1l'dy will I** --.-_--.-- I Spring -= :, ,

: *!'" I fwtit t a: the dtpoal ot the public "I have been tr.niblol with indi- niture and house decorations >- I PROfESSIONAL OA2DS.Plysicias C McKenzie COMPASSES. LOGY t rc.

!kf \\ur.r 15.ink Bur;' uI *. Ke tion for ten par, hive tried\ at bottom prices, cash elation. Oerting CoU..ctingAgent for HI PilQt n, 'i Y

-I re':*... TOLt"\ \;>n. ;7 -The bank at Pi.Z -- to many purpose thin;;< and until rent I much tried mon Kodol.v i : orcrediL farston. $ Finch. Dr (f11arGellus T meCreary. -
-- -
; ntr. Wiliutu* runuiy. tO mils from Dyspepsia: CUffI have taken two -

w''k bet, Wil.l entered by barchr! during bottle I\ullottt'u more relief from( Medical hwxilMy, Attention. H. H. iAHCKE.

th tiKUL Tue vaultta< wrecked by'r l j them than! : all other medicine* taken. There will b3 a regular; meeting of am Eirpoi.
{ 11 feel mere like a boy than I have Pensaccla Medical
s, .( tjturuf aDd ten snm of jl,0().) i< tail the Society at Residence 113 VTntTelephone I.aRu&
i I felt in twenty TP'rs." Auder-on i the Board of Health office! at fi No. Plumber
r.7S to tw miwuui. ;. There 18 u,> clue to the H\tz\ of Sunnv 11110.: Tex. Thou o'clock: p.m. Tuesday. May H and 2i>. OCce, r>'A.l.-mberte Building.51. ll7ti 80UrL : Gas and Steam fitter
>t have Palafox: Street.' Phone !T7*.
te-tif.d a* did Mr. RiB1*. i Visiting physicians are cordially ,
\' It ('.)ftkllu. ;.;-i-vilte.; : Oy Hirgi i* Pharmacy: Sidney Kahn, invited to attend. I

I .* *: ..r Tivt-d uior b?l1ffit from John heppard J. HARRIS PIEHPOXT, M. D., acceptable Ideas. No. & South Palafox Street.

)j KoLKY' KII>:NK\: Grits than from Wi will President I If patented. All
to Kinds
1. n nnth "' tr." Tmf: by physician*. up your Ccunterpaces for f I MARCELLC3 McCBEABY, M. D., mror PATENT RECORD, I oi Plumbing; and Gas Fittings MaUrUla Kept on tin**

1 Vf A. U'Aleuiberte. 15 cuts eab. New Method LtuodryJ I m25tf Secretary, I Baltimore Mi ... i I TELEPHONE TO > FEHgAOOLJ. n.a."iII ..


?" ...._- "''''-.. ._' '..'.. ,- .,. ,.. 3.. ,--:..,....-.-.-- :>'f".U -;_ .. ."' ....... .'A .-1 '_ _

-'- J 1.\ .d-i:, tW- -- iil..."'.- !T'F' 1.-, .J1.-'. ;:"" '. 'W .'''''''-.\.*..:. :. ;.... .11!\' ,'. .:.. j j .J.. .!!-J'i' ..-? .,.


I =-

Dele:ate, Will lircoiumeml Accept.

once of the Platt Amendment.

NICK'SPLACE I WAMUNGTOX, April i7.-Tiis mem-

bers of the Cuban commissoin called on

the president to bid him farewell Se-

nor Capote urged that something be

done at .once toward reciprocal treatyrelations bACRLO0pER
for the benefit of the Cubans.
The president replied that nothing
could be done on economic lines until
the political questions were settled; that
would be necessity for the Cubans to
form a government before any negotiations :
could be entered into. He assured
the delegation thn.li! soon as the Cuban
government formed he would )
appoint a commission to consider economic HAIRR
There is a general imp-essiou among I' WILL
tho e in close touch with the Cuban
delegates that they will reccommend
i the acceptance of the Piatt amendment
I by the costitutional convention when
they return to llavana.,
I __

The Most Popular '!'ROBBERS To.Make flan APPLY'lellnere TORTURE Ills MoneyZANEMKXE. I ICoon

1as. O.l''retl'll.AprilVith I I I RSTOR( YOUR CRAY HAIRS

tits, rs of burning his feet with a lighted I

R [ l ARRNT 1 1In torrh three robbers secured from I
\Valft-r: W ll'ward of White Cottage, a I

hiunkt'5 miles south of here, a small .
----- -
turn of money at an early hoar this :
uiurniaj. songs to Aid Church j I "STICK TO IT." BRENT WM II KNOWLES.: W. K, II\ ta.: J It. J, H. .KK,.HK.National .

The robber -nished in the door witha XVAPEMJOI50. X. C.. April 27.-A j Oeo. L. Heard of High Tower Pre ldell Ylce-rrt-eiUent. l'a.bl, A.. l&altl.r,
Pensacola. fence niL Wuo.\vanl was tied to the I novel entertainment for the benefit of : Georgia, writes: "Eczema broke out
,. bed. and then the robbers tantalized the Methodist church is advertised to I on my baby covering his entire I'
him with the torch until ho told them I be given by young ladies here. Among body. Under treatment of our family IFirst Bank
\\n -n the money was secrrted.HHSUU .
the numbers on the physician he got worse as he
program; are a negro -I I
who adjoiaiug
was sleeping in an could for
sermon and several popular coon not sleep the burning and
rkJnI.'ai awakpued by the noise, SllII''*'*, I itching Weuseda; box of "13.-\-<-
: lie aiarmfd the neighbors. but not ia
; NEB SALVE" on him and by the OF PENSACOLA. FLA.
FINE time. to prevent the escape of the robbers. "A neighbor!; ran in with a bottle time it was gpne he was well. The

_- i of Chamberlain's: Colic Cholera and doctor sefitb; it was curing him
Ih'at'ue-s C'annot lie Cured i| Disrrhipj Remedy when my son was !said"Stick to it for it i is doing him DXREOTORI
: suffering" with severe cramps and i more good than anything I have WM. H. KNOWLES, W.A.BLOU T.F.C.BREIT.Y.. K IIY} R.1R
Escambia Oysters by local applications as they cannot of the was;' given up as beyond hope by my I done for him. W. A. D'Alemberte.CASTORIA D. O. BREST
teach the clnca-rd portion i regular physician who stands high

> KOHUK-.HKVF.HY. : : DAY ,,, -ar.rUafne tion ban il There inflamed remedies., and i* only that condition:Deafness one i* by way of eonstitu-i N the to caused; cure inuI !', in his consciousness three profession.doses, of and it After, my recovered administering son regained :en-"-- rvrd o A an! Coai:1: ( C I thng I u Aad t Sole I!

: tirely within twenty-four hour?, For Infants and Children.
\M $KKVKI: : > IX ALL i I tour lininsr. of the I': tachian Tube. says MIS. :Mary Haller of Mt. Crawford -
When this tube inflamed you have : Va. This Remedy is for sale The Kind You Have Always BoughtBears
a flllnhlingsound imperfect hear- all and medicine deal 3jTWe draw our own Bills of Exchange on treat Brl'.aln. Inilltl l
I by druggists
r+TYLI::4. lug, and when it i is: entirely cloediDeafnev II era. theSignatnra d7".1 Germany, { I ,; is the result, and unites -- #- Ray &W6J3I1 Denmark and other European countries )
inflammation be taken outi I of ,
I the ; can
i :and this tube restored to its normal i PI'ctllre J Handsomely C0"Ves9el8! Disbursed upon the Mos Favorable Tercin, and shell
I j condition hearing will he destroyed I Framed -- --- Obligations Taken Payable at Port of Destination Tea or Fifteen. l)a f I
'forever; nine cases out of t"n arc Cleaning ladies skirts and waists after Vessel Arrives there.
caused by itarrli, which is nothing! and ready to hang at unusually is one of our specialties. !Star: Laundry -

'. gutar Dinners D but an inflamed condition of the I low prices. Marston Cff Safety Deposit Boxes for Rent in Connection
Every .
mucous urface ------- with which are hare a Pr Irate Apartment for tlinUsj .
We will Rive One Hundrnd: Dollarsfor I Finch.._ ::;:'iTo.. KAClNi: LAVXCJIKS $:.T.; :.. of'ilnT\t."c,
any case of Deafness (caused by I ...
The prettiest lannch N the Racine
catarrh) that cannot be cureu by : Counterpanes nicely Laundried f far Launch. 1C foot one-H.P., seats six,
ONLY N Y 3 Q C NT Hall's Catarrh Cure. :::end for ciroulir 'I' fist. The Racine Launchis i ,. :v 56 YEARS SCIENTIFIC BREWING Ci
152 K HEW Kethsd L36Qtry. I IFoley's runs'n' : OF. _. ,
-; free. flu'e -- -
R I ; i, the adopted by the Pan-Amer ...uu______,_ .._ .
F. J. CIn\E\& Co., Toledo, O.
ican in Buffalo hf> ; Exposition ( :III ,
Honey Tar material and '
Sold\ Uruggi.t,75c. and with .unfit e( "
__ ___u I are the best, more reliable: than details, bDII .,1,
for chil rensafcsurc._No_ any other; they are simple, seaworthy -
I .n safe; and full guarantee.
Lip mart Brothers;, Savannah (:a., PaW t i A
Nero day" lie \\.KMnaped by a
FIUSTOI1'TUg are agents from the manufacturers.and .
here In .1ldblm.t. i carry II stork of these teats at all'' Hi t Cdae ,
O?!:[.! i.t, Ala, April a:;.Frank la- opiates.fe time, ; size: IS It.. 21 ft., E ft., on
Special Orders I !;.am, a negro was trjed yestorday in hand to be shipped at a mou-ent's Beer 4ir
notice trial to wishing -
I given any one
the criminal court for horse att-almg.

When placed! on the stand he told thefollosiug to purclri-p.LJ1'l': RKOTIIKK, Ml Your
served all hours of : ; story in an earnest stratghtforward uilltf Savannah da. r. .., .,
uunuw: Alwav ,
the day or night at He sal i he was paasithe: stable .\ 1IAIIK: ut'POlnt.ITV: II nil.
wnere the horse in (jueiaon was. and FOrt INVESTMENT FuiC T
< "
Reasonable Prices. >eeinu thv open gate, hi tuuugut: he PIGJilG AflD PARADE I II r
The entire Hock and fixtures of _. _.
would shut it. He decided thirc wa SIll i --- --- -., --,- -
-- < -
use to cb.e the gate: if there was m Irs.I L. Cohen's millinfry store on
stock inside, so he looked tosie. Seeing Wednesday May 1, I East Intendencia ;;street ';"re offered :$ He} Drinks Bst Eh) Drinks Pabst, ;rs 1
l the hor-e there, he utaUi-d oil! to for ale at a bargain. This i is an established r
fasten the gate amt stumbled against a Under the Auspices of the bu-ines at a good bu" -
bridle lying on tile ground.: He picked ness stand and would prove a profitable i, S. FRIEDMAN
it up and discovered that the horse was Ancient Order Hiberniansi investment for some lady with ,
SEA FOOD DINNERS 1 following him. He threw the bridle at I bu&iucrs ability :;oOm-tf
i .
and the bridle __ I P. O. Box 418. T@lprl.t.t t71
the horse to :ot01'him -
caught; : on the horso's head and being I Try "Brookwood r.,-&" at t;. AFritduian's. PENHACOLA, FLA. .
, one that closed with snap, it fa-iteued. : Kupfrian's Park. Finest on earth. -

A Specialty.Prove"the j i 1 Uealu'.ng: that no one would believe i I i ____ I Hot Weather is at Hand !
o that the Iridle would fa-ten itself he t Foley's Honey and Tar
1 decided he would fasten the gate, climb HORSE RACES.
II 11 cures colds, prevents pnumonis.mfor I
the fence and flee. This he aid and the
Half Mile
I Trotting: or Pacing AND WE WILL KTOP: BUYING
horie jumped the 8 foot, fence and par.suet : Rest 2 in 3 heats; prize, fine set barness. -
mm. lie fled in terror ana me '' I acceptable Ideas.
I I horse ran him nearly a quarter ofI : Half Mile Ilunnin! ? Dash-Free to 'i If patented. COAL AND BEGIN TO BUY ICE !
mile. Seeing that the horse was gaining I
. all; prize. fine saddle. PATENT RECORD,
on him he !got to one side of the : Quarter :Mile Dash for Ponie rFirt Baltimore, Md.
road and squatted partly down to let the WE EXPECT TO SUPPLY A MUCH LAHUKK TKADK
prize bridle; second pocket
----------- --- ---
Pudding ;, horse pass without seeing him. The I knife. THIS SUMMER: THHN I'.VEU: I5EFORE.
: horse ran between his legs and caught i t.i>-GOLAY=Q
: him up on its back and carried him on, : Bicycle Races, Foot Races Etc. SEND US YOUR ORDERS NO1nL.
Do our an despite his efforts to get off. I II Half Mile Hicycle Race for Boys
I ;:.b &ounc menta I When 7 or t< miles trom the stable he Under 15 yean; firt prize, lamp and Grist and Corn Meal Mills.
e look tempt sacs: the horse became conjured, aud : bell; second prize ball and bat. Thompson, Olsen & Co.,
I We told him that he was going to throw I One Hundred Yards-Free to all P. F. GONZALEZ & CO., Prop a,
tag try ,
him off. which was done That was I amateurs; first prize $3 hat; second Manresa Street Telephone 14 ,".
1 to make them I; the last he saw of the horse. I prize, pair of vases. Manufacturer
#,, 'o. But a pudding He told the story in dead earnestness : One Hundred Yard*Boys under CHOICE MEAL AM PURE GIO1 ND ___ _. ___ __ I
d was no while the court and officers stood with 15 years; first prize pair shoes; second STOCK FEED.
more intendedto : bated breath and gaping mouth and listened prize, pair vases. Patron lie Home Industry for there It TWO SHL00NS.TIlE .
with the weird The Standing High Jump-First prize ,
la lookedat awe at story. every reason you should buy your Meal HOI
.. jury having no case against; the horse gold cull buttons; second prize, a mock Feed from tbe Home Manufacturer I
merely than for by RO doing you encourage home Indus '
the promptly convicted I
for kidnaping negro
li our stock. the negro for the strange ride. I Running Broad Jump-First prize. ,,'and try.you Your In money turn are is leftln Indirectly tbe community bent-dud CRONIES FIRST AND hAST C A.NCE
Suppose you I| pair of shoes; second prize, box of In fostering tbe borne manufacturer you

do what you Touring Through Texas. i I| cigars. 3 Jumps-First prize contribute it to community to tbe cause In which of labor.you Yen live ow.and Care Belmont and DcYilliers stJ. I 707 1 South Falarii street.
I would do with NEW Biut'XSEELS. Tex., April j.- which contributes to your support.
of the New York Merchants : watch charm, second prize, picture --- l
the pudding. The committees 1 --- ------ -- -

'l'e6tlt. association and chamber of commerce i I frame.Hack:: Race for Boys Under 15; Choico Wines, Liquors, Beor and Cigars.Juc !

touring through: Texas at the invitation Years, -First prize, suit of clothos; KIDNEY DISEASES i
' e of the state legislature; are [! second prize, 10 pounds candy. TRADE A SDECIALTY.
making a record breaking trip after Potato Race-Five to enter; first 1

leaving; the elaborate batiquet !given ;.prize, Stetson hat; second prize, ire the most fatal of all dis N. GOLDRINGPROPRIETOR 1
of San ,
them last nigh:: by the citizens silver cup. i
Antonio They were up bright and cjtaudingBroad Jump-First prize, eases.
early to inspect the cotton industries in ice cream freezer; second prize, an (H
: riGABS( this rlt .. They were given an open-air eael. I KIDNEY 1 IA II'I !
hn-akfjst in the bt-aumnl natural park One Hundred Yard Hurdle Race FOLEY'S Rig THE GARDEN SECTION IoOFQ I
hero, after winch they took their sj>ocial Fir t prize, $5 ring; second prize, ImnIIlUII1\g'l yor y
run t" ainve; in Austin at noon. There water cooler. I
t busy :ir' t > le _;;iven a formal reception Khoe-Mixinc Contest for BIY-; refunded. Contains ,
:'y Ci >\, r-K r Savers: and staff. First prize, suit of clothes; stcoud money
.---- prize pair of ..I1M-". remedies recognized by eminent Pensacola, Florida.Near I
'H E POPULAR R BRANDS R I h"tW York li.inks. Best Lady and Gentleman Dancer: physicians as the best fof
I iW"om_, April 27.-The statementth" -First; prize;', !ilk parasol; second
.': associated banks for the week prize, umbrella.Irih .. Kidney and Bladder troubles. I East Hill Electric Railway Terminus. \

f' <'::,r.g: ; Anril 27 shows: Loans 4'11- dress Reel pattern and Jig; !second DanceFirstprize : prize. I PRICE 5Oc ana '1.Ge.

4i'm; ; !, >. iniTeaK,3<7.COO; deposits pair !gilksuipeuders. \ W. A. D'ALEMBEKTK.CHIO'ESTER'S: Beautiful Lots for Sale.
plAco in Pensacola ,;<'.I.-'t.-jO'). increase iS.oi'J.SOO; : : strew '' Handicap ::hooting; Contest Dixie
lui< >'i ?;;1.31Vjo.JU. decrease $139. )tO; lepil fine gold !
Club-First prize Ef.CLISrlKtmioc
(pun ;
-- ore you can get : t. uuer *;!: .:'.!'l.tlOO. increase ::1. tll.- medal; second prize silver! medal. I E UtVROVAL PillS 40x137 feet at from $76 to $200 each, accord-
? itcn'ae13. r
b7.1d7.500; -
:.u': s-p-'eie the jrluud'fighI and
Putting ing to location
Jkt: ); reserves .7.1.457.400! incrpaEti.i.OUOi \ $:>,- : First prize, box of cigars; :-- '. 5111..U.I"t..1 x.......an.1,r.enlr.al.h Ladle.-.... .....,...i.. surroundings.
Genuine Tampa
: re-rve required J4J.637,3ii: ; prize, beer mug.Fiftyyard ; -1 ('M l I by..<::... "'or. Itl.nL.l.ol.I(.111.111.-1-:1.. ,;t........L1.....lI..1 ---- --- -

IIl' "' \10. Surplus Jl'J_733,775.\_;_ ;--increase-- ,1 1. 37ti7a.; I Race for Ladies .. -:.-'... 'i.\ Un.' .R'........ .....'hh"oDlhr..I.......Li.... ..... imla.(.".. Exceptionally Good Xeihborhood, Beautiful View,
, rocker : .
> 20 Yt'arFirst prize, one ; l t' flr 7 I racut or oiY w
The Best Blood Purifier. second prize, a brooch. I l'L. ** >.ofUrllrt unp> ;. I'nrtlculRr f.ur...Jlr.*..*Theta l.If"..oi.l Llr.UI High, Dry Fertile Lands. l
The blood is constantly being; puri- Fifty-yard Race for Girl* Under 12 Lf. .... "...11. l",IHiwT"'tira..L.ll. S.M6J. -
fied by the hirgs liver and kidneys. Years-first pr.ze, a paraol; second 'ii p.'l I IKpw.; hallo..o.e.tliILA..Yb( hirh..tr(hrmlral( The grandest opportunity investment ever I
it iUHarana Cigars Keep the=e organs in a healthy condition prize, album. ;
and the bowels regular and The lady holding the lucky coupon offered in Pensacola.
you will have no need of a blood :I will receive a fine gold belt. The s,.' a CURE YOURSELF! 1
purifier. For this purpose there i- I gentleman holding the lucky coupon hilt.l kLS.d.a da I'M hargn.Ih?si, thtlammauun.for unnatuntlirritattuc Home Seekers Should See These Lots.
to Chamberlain's receive a S5; pair of ea.r..t.N i>r ulcrationf
nothing equal i will pants. .. nirmbrur. -- --
Stomieh! and Liver Tablets, one dose sports: will begin at 2 p. m. Pm..awn.tarr.... coriott. of ramlt mncoai*, anal not a.lrta.a -
/ of them will do you more good than'I rNE6ltSCdEY citCo. gent or poisonoas. A.
best blood purl- ADMISSION-Ladies and Children 25c; Sold by Draniala, V.ClubbsCorner
dollar bottle of Cat' n. .
: r rl K [ a fier. Price 25 cents. Samples free Gentlemen 500. f C,S.A, or bf lent wpreo.in plain prepaid xnrprr, for,

: j itNK'S at u:!all. druggists and medicine deal-I One Fare on all Railroads. I' II CircuUr tt>, or 1 tent bottle on,requestFC.t:.5. Garden and dlcaniz Streets. i,

it I .


.' ......< ......,...-_........- ._ -.a... "'- k .

...,._. ...'... .... -05.................,."...,_. ...........;._"'.._., .._.''"...< .'-. "._ -t''f' _; .; "' ". !" .:;S_ (*;!...,i, ':; ::(t-q."" ...... "::::... j "; ,..If.i'. ::' i"'i. ":,- ..".:Ic""f'; "' ..1>" ... ,_ .j'-'. '>< .;t:: $'" .Ji.7. ... )w<'j ," ':..-.iill.' -...-- Jr _li..Ld_ I. ."



-- --

-- --


I (suite's Store iew5.1| i

-- Spin II ZaspUak bat, ml I. Asana.Hoelra
NEWS FOR YOU!-* S Brsaralrncrag.lWl, Gibson Vera Crux
It U said that a committee of Inspect the Terminal Facilitiesof to W ti Knler" Co

1 One handredjdozen Re- Am ch luattla George, Cbeatant Pascagoula -
prominent citizens waited upon F. the Road Here. to Hoist4i"oSAILID.
nnlble&rroW' Derby E. Brawner a few days ago and
: made to sell .
urged him to enter the race as a Double-
: I for >) cent We received the Financial Head Nor 6t Fos. Tnfte London and .
candidate for city treasurer prom August Belmont dam ;

Ig. : (: them today from a busted oiler1 l ising him their hearty support. Mr. of the U & N. Is With the Party, Hus Br ss bit Edenbrldze.AlkD Llndqul-.t.;; Appleton.I'.uenoi,Antwerp Ares J I III

manufacturer and are Brawner replied that he was not in Also 1'reoideot Smith and Other Of- fort bt AlDairoVelba.. 'alals

: i!t leI thetn r t \( j, politics and had no desire to enter; liciaU-Th>yeail on Our Beautiful CLEABCD.ItbkBanGalseppp.- II I
: (
that his mercantile business neededall i f 3. "af..irn. toVI 81
j Bay. I > I
: : --.25: Cents:- his time, and while he appreci- I KeyseraCo for AUinr. with *X).(>o 1 It ''I

August Belmont, chairman of the sawn timber value *:1.11:1\1 II THIS IS STRAW SEASON
ated the honor and thanked his It bk tella B.Ml.: \'ailt-.bv W H Keyser I
before ) board of directors and financial head I It re-
t 1 Come a running Co for Buenos Ay res with itf.ftW I
friends for suggesting it, he must de
# c' of the Louisville and Nashville railroad I sawn lunitwr, value J1.477 !
t 1 the Cream of the lot are \I cline to run for that or any other of. It bit Iadolln"dl fomprl.TJ1. Ijinarn.bv I ADd the Siraoj You Wstt An firs. : "
I ) President Milton H. Smith !I W HKeyser* Co for Marseilles, BtthM.tw ,
:' "Ine. ) flee in this campaign. sit sawn tlmhcr.value to Ml i i!
I I 11r ) j jt General Passenger Agent Charles I, Nor ss Koa, li;: i.Tufte.by Pensaaola LumbtrCo j I ,
: 1 There i in't a head for we h.'Q' a tfM>(t jwr.. It
--- i i M. titone and a number of other officials for Konaon and Uubbledam.itu
$4 I I Some of W. O. Ddiley's numerous directors and heads of I.JH.lOOI1l; lumber,XIJ.IHW s It sawn limber? every one this season' matte. Struw Nate for .Mi t. N.>> ,
and too enthusiastic: friends hare I departments valueP: \() ONor I man.8nt! grntleinin, 1'Uiu. ruu,:h, muoth *..! !.ltC'\ .
3 r+ 1 i iL i|'been to him out as a I of the road arrived here early bk Louise. 1015. Lorentsen. br Pen-R. !1 soft biitns and KtitI britr.ii. I'rtcra that JII.I ... .ni stir '
trying bring 4 r.ibg
; Lvan. with "ii *,-
I this morning on a special train o'fj cola Lumber Co for Kings;
pjffrl ; 1 iNE( J Ullln SmR[ 1. pt candidate rsistently for refused alderman to be but considered he has I I I two private cars. 'j (_<;. tt lawu Umu r.:!.>,OM sfc UeiU. value :; I assurance fashions.that when you bay a but hff '''''''* Rrt' iUtet

Mr. the
guests on iirss
trip )lIlIbo <
City ot Gloucester, in. rD.
m :3 i I as such, tor several excellent rea- I > This is the piti'tailory hit Item.w .i/l*. Mn."<
-- are A. G. Hoes of New York Win. by GuttTran.itl'o for Ir"l11"n"Ia: "w.
: =::::::
==__:::= :
I He he is has 1111 You n" to lead and we Nrrrr di-ii
ons. says young yet I Btruham aid A L Dezens of Boston. portNews.within757rdbaie5cottlll.; ." fq constantly. expect ;
no political aspirations, and all of I bairs olton.r.5 hhdi leaf tobacco. cases | Every proper new shape It here.STRRW .
He is also; accompanied by hispri1vale velar pencdslatseitrio \\"hea.ll1.10 sr
his time is occupied in attending to I secretary Mr. Fisher. j I hickory lumber. 3-UHH 8 ft walnut lum-i!.
: his buslne.-s. I ber.ii.'ivicft oak lumber, 1.)(,'''.' A ftfc A""D" HFvTS"Fo -
EVENTS pulled engine
SOCIETY special was by
S .** timber,8-Juu pes oak' staves, value t-l! ; l7 I
Xo. 129, in charge of Conductor Ed.
. To the average voter it i+ quite Markle and Engineer John Goius, I I''r ;\I..n ;wttilt SIeu''jtMr a.... "_

tP I puzzling to hear the discu-sions and it had the right of way from I AT QUAP.ANTIXE. I, .. t'ur Uu,. :w.'. 1\0':1&1: ,.1.rrrl'I'w'
PEHSONALS where teen do mostly congregate! as Norbk Iamni'il2, Jorgvasen.Cape Town .
Montgomery a nun beicg stationed l.t"'r"r.. "'I".'. ....I '
to the whys and wherefores of this to b l' [1I0t'r.0
at every mile post and at every
':city campaign. The reasons ad1 switch to see that all other trains: I' Stpll Orttrr

1 vauced by some why Hilliard should were side' tracked to make: way for > TilE SlilPMNfl.VKSSZL3 ;. DUNLAP STRAWS
be elected and others
not by why
}' Mi.* l>ll., J'iiu H visiting! relatives I should the oilicialr of the road. .
| Jones not be elected are, to IN POXTATAS&Hll'i.
The Belmont special left Montgomery
: i
in Mobile.Mr say the least, unique. All admit |
ye-terdav: morning; SuperI : .
$3.00$500$00III t tI
r' 'I .Mr-. Keyer left today that it is a campaign: of queer coudii -
4 < r v san : udent J. I.MeKil-ney and Master -
41I i tions but both bides cuiifi- I ; Hpan Micln, I-C$. Ruiz to(;ulf TrRn lt CoIr
fur lUtf.lacl.I '! appear i I of Trains; Mizell joining the par-j, City of (.leueeslt-r, 1"XV.!t xilljurn, to
dent of
r Hcn-lrix i I.. ill at hU! home. success. i ty there. i Gulf Transit to
) : gaits 1! i.t-r Jupitvr, llli,Clausen, to Jaar..IJunWililY -
At the left the
Ueorgiana special :
Zw' on }::I..t <( Mobile and Montgomery division'', Nor Kong Haakon!. Larsen, to Gulf
(i. H. IVaden ,.f Milligiui is among : week there will be a number of ani and made a.?wits run over the new : Transit Cu .. ,
itaf of aldermen .ntillu ,u. lira,, If.i. }
the MrciMiiU.. I i nouuceniHits candidates for Hr Llangcllen u! Owen Valletta, to
thegua*t" at Alabama and Florida branch toi I
I from the ,various! precincts. Jlrown.t. Inplev t.o lines in sizes very roinplet1, arnl r.. fir a. v.iur U i.jcouldn't .
W. K. Hortou of Evergreen is I j Several good men have already been Geneva Operator J<>p Avingcr''I hr Koddam, lOijtt; / Freeman to FrnsacolaILumbtrCo I do better if you OWUM] a fUlUr,.
working the wires on this branch as
among itjrue.u at the Kjcambu.: ;{ announced and it will be the fault train I Nor llan.iaiT, Hansen, totaars.Dunwody I
the j lor the voters if a stronsr, efficient A <'o I Come Hero for Your Straw Hats
Iu. e. J. Heinhnri; on here this morning the 1k I iH..m lulu ye-tfinljy for Louisville, I progressive board*is not elected. party breukfasti-d, after which their ]i i Co ',

Iiy.Ufa special was run down to Mucogee
"iT- i
I All talk of a third candidate for I
a wharf where the facilitiesfurcx- i 1 It l'VB, Scliiamno. to Baarg, buni i
W. :\Iu.h oftlio! law firm of !i mayor is dying out and the heretofore ,
and rock Co.
t porting coal phosphate i w ody &
Marili it fhljiley was at Titiiivillelit unattached voters are lining up then (1! It ('arln a.llr21. 8 prrA. to order I
w,. 'kun legal busiats I either for Hilliard or Jones. The were inspected, Tarragona; ;i!: lir C'r..dmoor, law Kennedy,to Pensacola
street wharf where they inspectedthe 1,. Lumber CoItElise I
indications that it will be the
Mr.mid MM. W. K. l Koj-s r left at I : are splendid facilities for handling .1 IIO.:! OII\"arl. to order i iKus

nu0n !.. Jay for Xt'W.rk, where | prettiest political light; ever seen general cargo, then to the new Com- I 1.01'11..1'1111. JorwS, to order I
here. It Vtg.; 13 5, Oiieto. to Ho'iseo Bros j jI
r Mr. Kyr f"( treatment. mandancia street wharf and warehouse I .
; go i I I! BAaER.j I Ii Ii
I IrA the elevator etc. f I
Mw. 1-:. \V. Fowlur returucd yes- lively' interest is bfins manifested In with local officials cf..i i It Aco: ..itfnor.ept".toV.ii, : Eozzo to W Bi i' .4 h E G LOS E t-e
,, Keyser ( o i-
.e terllty Iron :&plt'a4'tut'ltt. ) Iotlt.rom..y in the possible pa-siqfe!: by the I the road the party was then taken'I Nor Amerika T'.H, >Iarcha Nen, to Punfiiicol 54.Cus1t' .
; ami otlu'rl.th.lUu citii-s. legislature of the auiemimciiH to for sail ,, Lutiib.T !
: on the steamer Simpson a on I '
the charter which will !'tor"Xt'l.111.. Toreepsen. toordtr
city create a
)a fr All the <>('I..tr f.';ikiro t:tilting! of beautiful bay \vhioh they greatly ''I It Carlo,Til, I rupitni. tos. 8, L1u w
jb-thlt of reconler
new : or police
4T the .btrt wnii hell! M lit iMveiiat II enjoyed. I It Casub rih. 1'".lj. N lga rt. tos Len
tile armory .II the oveuia..of May 2 jud.,',e. The man to fill this new of- While the party was on the bay: : trt a arl ll lice be Liiiiuber I
must a
!i practicing nttoniey.Theotlice
by lh- rti'ii'I UiMil Infantry. will be ilUd the cars were taken to the *hops.where It iia "k liurjr, b"9, Kolerann, to ori'eri I
by appoint-
they were thoroughly cleaned i Inez 1:11-s.Ii'S, Curtol'itio. tocrdt-r .
, a My i Jack nvill Mmri i>.ilK : MrJ.. went bv the city couucii-and: tint for tha trip to Mobil and :New Or- It Lincelles. ..1. i.iueto, to Baars'un-''

It. Kl: :, nf I'en'arnLt, Hi.: i VHitittf makes it more Int"restnu to some i I 1, viols. A I'0nusLiuto. ,
, Mr*. W. :-'. Wnr at ht-r Louse: interested parties: as to who shall bo I At Mobil Superintendent Mar-: '' Lii inter ('n -1:1:; Erk5soo.: to TensLCoia; t 1 ltnHe BlOtt tf)- 209 SWIHBilliniii PUAtv A

;.g 'm Ute corner of J-:llt ud Church ; elected aldt'nnell. >-hallof the! Xew Orleans divjon will 'or Louise, 1>.i"i, Lo>ent3u, to }'fi':!col3 ;
ttfM1.IL : ; In the Tallahassee: 1)tihy Capital'scrupou : Lumber
: coule.tforthe j.lnlhe party anti man will be sta- It Miiel9! It.i'JSj: Xicolii. Uo'i'O KrosItMuUonna
Hon. Joi.nV.. A Sinfcrd, who : most popului I I toned on his dtv'i inu the saute as du i'oiipn. 751, liiac'truu, -

a tf$' leU..r..Ju..h mi tl l> m-iit Di-coia- 1' i they were from Montgomery to tl.is to Kona-.cn Hro
q' .1 I It Moutw A, 7"Karldcne, to 1'ensacolu!
{ t iu.nl>.!,- uii.Jr! ..." Im.o FriJjy: I'nd : : city:. to ;give the sptciil: i rL!!:t of way I. Lnmher ('0

Mr. .*jrif.-f.i !I. ft tilj.,' for their r. xt highest, wa-U. H. llufo.-d. JH5.I.For : through to New Orieac... It Northern Cmprewe! lUzoto, to IVnsncolaLumKr } J oIjiiUIl & Son.
m i-t popular' : st.itt: piritor. -- lo
.,, M I
1 .
a' >
tgo npry.C
: i the cnntt--t is clo-e, C. Fabian Law A For Millionaire It I'rosperoho IV:! Pastorrnto. to U B

A .|rt. A. II. U'\I'IIIt"lt.! returned 1)7.J; Fred T. Myers, IftW.i (;;( I Cn liNn
: T.:1tf'lttarn'd: in London be tiW! .ront,; frt.m bt. Jviuiauj rriK i *"* could; his fond.! Early SSH ,
lie not digest
rt that the UII.I'Ct' of the It nsf-ms t3 be geiprc.lly understood It Uc>in, WI, Jiielrolo to Kn-a-co Kros
t > I u-e of Dr. King's New Life fills I I It btelln H. "'\1. \1111.,10 order ti1 u ivi? f ? I. HUM"1141vAUi
Knteh. nf Honor nru in excellent: that: CoiixrttJunr; <. ;M. !-n-I k- '
would have saved; him. They I ltt Hun Gul.pi.. fsi. I'ulB'iro. to o'd.'rI
,, I
r'IpIt1un Hurt' Ixriiit; utiout! fi'.VXI'J: luau will:! be a candidate for UhlteJ -trengtheri; the totnarh, aid digetion ; ?- |I It1eresaulltattUdGnetuto h P t lots / \ d! !1 tYNEr1tN. u! IMiyilU'ii 0 U ij.W ,

m th* K' n<>ral fund.Mr Mates: senator in I'.KKJ. I' promote assimilation, improveappetite. s i ter Co
+ S- 'I | i VKKEXTINES.:
; '. diunrr I'ricPi'Sc. :Money Lack ifti.it
*. i.It Wright give :i
i. Although! four yivrin the future, Uus Keodor, 4'1>!, Slichelmann! to orJ. r
W. IVAlemb
cold A. -
v .t.rd.iy' a III phut"utJry to "ati- by \
party \ St'r.atlli1'11 i For
frzendnf <>111:1' I'apr.! !: our .
F'- Mr. and :MrJ.S M :'i.sti.!Ly. Covt b<- druggist 121 South Talafos 4t
the id'-nt of the -fitspn.tte. .
pres-i'iit prp Am Clara I'.artonia, Benton, to taster
f, WH" laid fr ten ut I :1 menu nf.n. I !otret't.I
j are trying tl) work up a boom << K'IrNVG, and Girls and
' ..
nrven ," : % s* Ki-rrt-'l li.o: table: for him for Am Florence troadick.607. Lank to S S .
.at f \ ;i.I.t!' I\ J.ur/fI..1 in pale i, gevernnr.Forthird I LC TOR.BOYS, 1r GIRLS .
,S Mammas and'V
Incandescent i I Am 11Jammar.r.i.Axrlsontomnstrr: rry
' {sink. Ii.! > 1: all+;tIC'\ Ill' pi! etsr Kern .
congre man from Florida Am Normac, .o, <"II', to lua.terIII' "
b.i.n ",\-r I'ss it Iii II :111.1 tht: ct'lltpr .
i 'lid that the ible ll- --
it + ri po-; ( :.n< 11'1INVI'I'E: \'H I >
|>l-9. u !h>w I ,.f IIII.tlllf :('lIt ruse; ofa ditesarwT. L Cark! IIf Monticello l Gas Burner CLEARED AND BAILED FOR PKf.

the .au... :d\ ..:y ..!I.-I". 1'11I1 11I t'- Fred T. :Mytrs of Tullal. eV.. H. HACOLA.8TSAMSHJP8.. TIIIA fIUh'\ HOWfflTE
-,1"1" the cloth i
biMt i f\\'r lili; of (juiacy, L. J. leeveaof D-- : SIEKY AM' -
hero "jth..re. I liutrh.'*', I" + :.
and 'i.i i.l; v.'- UI".I < Alpha LUerpool.Mrh
II. of
Funiak and Chas.: Parkhill
; w ;.! IUlIl'I.' III ,1..1.'t.. "w.tpea. : ., Bn'd-.yBrN.tareat I; Monte\ideo Well I WKUiTHKVH : N > 1

"I",1( : /- 1'11"t..J to the Pensacola-- -- -- orn i Cluden.: Kr. II Las Pallll05I HHlrundo. i

"s KUt li.! '"n ji.r. -t.reenock Aprll91I'allas.lirr >jr.* IMI tirl< I .

( aihlMr. J. :-\. \Mlui4h-j. :Mr. .indMr hid ribs lUrtlepiKil April diktat U'*..hlUtir.
: Fl'OIl QntonlJh1. : destroys I 'IaI1weII.P.r.Fhl! Harry April II : .
Had \r-. i I. 1'.... HUrk .eat
llorr'u'sSiI. ,
*. J5iimu /aiKlOur, br, isiiv, Kub'nson .: !. Mbi'SHIPS. I:' :
wormit alto increu-ts the .
appetite . .
\\MI.\Vru5it.! Mr >t,1 I Mr1.. H. aid" US-inilalidll and tr: ns1 ;i -t _....- . .

.Ihll.J.l'.1! ClupU-y and V. H. 1 forma frail infant into one of rilI I AlmfUia, Nor, >id Alton Hay Mrb H i i 1ttaGa nArtt n"Dla IB MUM al) ).

-' Wright miastLralth. Price. 25cents. W. T. Fa\oruNor, >iJ.5, at bt Paul do Loanda. .
Fi-.b :"
,, 1'uuwill hate |>riJ" in you own 1 UreeuiS: Co.M.tItB1.1GL. I Kings County, Br, bid :\Montevideo.arch C leJtalfcrhr 1

fl'twr ir.+rilru+ if they ate on your I ----- BABKg.Aiiemore. 25A. PAIR

uwn .:rtluuJ. Your hu-hen'eanbuy !I KlX'OKl Nor, eId Gaston Dock April .. Ssurit( ut| Infn_t
a honi. :tnd tie can do it now although I An'l'nlreC.Jt.IIIIYt'nla. Mch I
Or' GNU: WKHKj Alice. Nor, mcts. nt Port Natal Dt'CII! VARRANTEDJOjjiVE SATISFACTION
u : b<* may think otherwise. I mll1&.II. sd! M vona,>ov 25 r't. coon It.rNl.r M ,
t Every wonvui wjuu a itoiDAof tier licenses issued last I; .;nrl'h..t'c ame. It, sid Table Bay ll.." llif>iur S MI v
1o: nwu. and if .h.. 'l\IU have: a talk with j Marriage were I March t ""
the week by: County J uJ;'? T. R. Mc- I I Magellan.Nor. II**, litIIll" Bay Jan IiI Tt1EcBEST
C. \Vat on & Co. Iuli Ltu. taJl. .
rI ThuB i bocce, Nor.tkl Mitoa' I'.sy Mch (I
t If'aIIII': Ueal r; tal'J Ak',ntx, they I Cullagb, as follows: I] Neptune. Nor. 117.1: at PHrnamUuco Mch 15 I.i.l fi.r..d, o,.. h W .

ran show her how R.I"yit ii to get I ,hite-W. Kendrickand Mae '{ Nordfn.ltus.S7i Kiallo. uer. old:Hatnburt. .111.,,t>on.Apl22TonleUiyOaKglero Nth 7 IFORI I.. are Asir

". 1111" j I,. Kelly William H. Derautt and Arg 1'- -- i Lydia A. Fell.C. T. Li-co and !Su-: i, Meb r BO5 4ciIRCS.' itt. :kiP ji.If.Ollq4f1DIES

.; AN IT.U.I-\ot: S.\II'H'oI ] ?I ie M. Hug i:1';. C S. Bowman and 1 1\ i lf' I WIHuk&.a.ltus,I'l.' .at Port Natal Feb

Minnie H.MerriU. ,
11'lttTIILI IWoodwardAmAbrahams
f'sr bid
I* 1 i ClorPd-Jam s A. Rogers and I April 11 .

a One uf the alluM "f the Italian j' Elisa: Black, Spencer j Jiekson and \ I 4/iD gooos'*-
r4.it' Lima Coleman. James Sharp aud o .... HEATH AT AHCADIl
bark I..nrt-llr*. flamed: iniuiqu'1, j -
fiarful fall Htf ut 'J clock 1'arlee Dean, Steve Nicholson Mid! 'j1 | OF Mil*. SAUXII L. ni'SHXKI.L: For Commcncomont Dresses'
had a I Nancy [I\Ys. CharlpHu lies Camp c: ) ? r.r I -

ttii wi iruitiiT.: He wnal<)ft, at bell and Serephiin Dolphin.
t ::
, '" *nrk (1'1 'h. in loOt, 1.\.tt hi-i hold and -- .'C..,. -.... | ;\Iri' Sarah L. Bushnell widow of SPECIAL SALB FKIHAY.{ ) JIAi i

Ml to ih" deck hrlow| HUH lit lii-! Au ounce of prevention is worth a ,.; \ Richard: 15uhnell and mother of

I ;, arm. ..1hr..Uf n and IIM had and i pound of fun, and a bottle: of I5ALLAUDS' --r: :- U. Ilushnell: assistant cashier of

to.Jr U.T.ln.Uy: tirui-.J. He w.t" HOIJKHOUXD SYIilT 'X.THE 'tliJ! : the Citizens National bank of this' Special Sale of Laces Same Day

.' Ua.t'R ti> M. .lnth')uy'a tin+p".l1 for i u
t t,....... lIt. I din with drug store or two included. i thU morning: aged; ft] year. Funeral -- --

11 t rhlin.'Im! Price 1 5 and ;50 cent \V. T. services will be i-eld at the l'ie"by-
Nmralgic PIII.H.. ,', Green & Co.MTI.XIION.. XEW DISCOVERY.One :: terian church at n qd3d and
fat* lumii 4T" and *er.lrtseptl.l'Itd to I ____ __ tempo-
, the tnll'ioii..' of HALY. Burns Cubic Foot rCos Per //cur.I rary interment will be mad here JBiiliam Sou

L.\.P Brnfli'ttitic;..GI1C 11:1MCNr.! Irirp., i:: : 1C.m:1.HlI'I.ES-: : I No rhlmiH-vs to Preac. tw-worrow afternoon Joljiioou ,

i aDd "1'111''. \". I'. (Ir.'euA Co.. ii'cinn < I Oliepr:. I| Mantles du act r.inrkn.. "
r a :
thalllectrlclty 1Q1

.. 1HKJ.T. .MA 1:1: : 9(:L1.11:10N All members are ordered to bet !" I I! and easy.I .... "T ":H.\IJ .NOTICK.FfSHNCLLlHed. .
;)f ;re.ent ArmoTHaH (.n Thursday -I! 1-lOth tho Cost.

: M*.,.... !s U :> unUv'rCo.; have, : night at S: clock s-lisrp.; : iiec- Xot a Mere Mntenit-nt. but a Gunraatee.fall April<, ."aethL.. wtttnir. at Arrndia.of HlchiirU H M" : Listen to This ( than d I.t :ant .i Li .ut"nauta.
IB lhir r"'it ar and see tli *m in Operatt'a.GERSON. OVf'rmltn. UI.I1.j; ..
I'.y order W. F. WILLIAMS mia y. orFI1.t" r-
It IIaast ..b ever caught: with hunk \ices at the l'r..Io 'll'rI9n ctr.iri! L .
i dllt1.l'.mp..rar 4t
'J Jos. r. 1Lti:cv. Captaiu.Secretary. ... {
, .. .. '
t I .: AIIIII Uot' Tlu' .rl' th'.fver.tt.rL! I :iJ----B. .- I. on the afternoon interment of j pal will.:::)teat t1. i'tusicula A Tow Stoin-Bloch Summer '
. ; tarp.V winch were c Fey:ht by l h.adl s

. ;: L r. gebtrrmlq and hr-m.;lu ii. .to tits ..nt I ..-,..,...-.---.-- -,--- -. nI .. ,..... -. ---- .. K5SS352SQSALVATION t' Suits Loft Yet jar $$10
< 1"11.-.. t..lW.\1I ..._. .. .-_-_ -- -- .".-=r.1
\ isMiy af"'ruul. I .....!,%.a..I -- '.- -.n.--- A.p. .../ .-"' ..- --" ......,--..-.. _
-, wti a-8t jkt pouuliM,'h. Tb o.--'r..c.-.r.: 19! .\I:'lY ( : \; suit .
-, silts ......1.. ttrpo.. Ih h,.! 'r" :..tiJs f4\. .. ...(' oJ"h !Y! ..J .e.. : ,. ."\o.'r ..".": ,',, .:...."; .. .
p.- y.
art thl' u" n't H..!J rn..t wit!;;I 'I."'V" v V "...vr '.I"JI.'V''FV y T> 'X MASS 111:1:1116 '

,I hook an.i 1t:1"! :.nt l ,'.'ry; ..I"H l.'ertnr : [a;) oo C11ZILs: 0:17 0 Sy (Ms:) A mats meeting will Le held at ; 60 Pairs Johnson &

; { .uh'! ..t+ "it iw mr .1 th.-c
J_i ,'attfht II t yt ar. Iii no:: l1! 'a! :s (.It : FAT McEUG-E the First Presbyterian church tonight $ Murphy Shoes
r> i 1:1: In the intere-t of the local calf, $3
II .t.. U"*"f K: h a1 ;!ut1, II ;.c.J "un. m es)

ti MB the..'.lli'Ol t!"I hl'I.t'.III'! C'llb:, G : branch the Salvation Arinv. Jt'\ \ Bala. and
ad .. anuwn III ,t'n ": A ';i Hthi- ;: Andse whatHandsoma and Useful Presents you can get with ; ; W. E. Mc-IIwain will preside! D. I Cong at .

a *; tai a.-.J. I* "Mil I.I .y'J t. '-t !:sru ti t:] Teas and: Coffees.
3 i hilly ,.f thl- l'-ii \\'.ulthy: 'li' i y and FancyGrcceriis () :: ir.:: and Stall: Captain Ilonnett will Pio8t and M..,t ( "".11.; I t I.n.. rcltyallSal
Fill ycur Pantries with the Best cf Staple \ explain! the workings of the
kii"wn : high af44for army.
hlYaIeII.1 -11..1. 1"11".r tupirai,,' a'!>- tarlaapiaandrr : f 18:) <> not I fancy prices Ask and see. < i (:, The meetJn? at Anchorage Mistou i "" Bblh,*". lint Ft 1'0[ i

v I will I rot' bly >hijthef :: ;:.. m Hare Parched Coffees fresh From the Roaster Frey Cay. <> ,=:.; iat night was largely attended. the rn-rk!, from I1.7S to HM t4) i .f

fi,It t t..l.\"plluJ, 0:u '. (Etau ::1 <1? TELEPHONE. Corner Rcmana and Palafax Streets. Jj (pj:J We ask you to buy the first orderof --- -

O.A.BTOnXA.kre ice cream. You will then: ask us
<>O$ *
r the 111! kr4 Ia Hal! Awas: B: li'Y Y Y Y'4r'yr'Qr'g O t ;, to sell you the next order. In all JOSEPH (;OLE L\ \ .

A I i.flavors.: West Florida Steam Bak- o.r.r.lhtt.. .
u. t ( I -.::.-, .:;. .;,_. ...::;.i.S.-.-..:.- .:.. _.:\i.. .".-.--'... _'w.' '..'---t i ery. i I THe; SIIW-BLOCB t 212 Scuth Pi'sfoN. ,... 1


''lP.l'tP7' ''' .__ >Y-. -_... '. .. L .- .

The daily news
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Title: The daily news
Uniform Title: Daily news (Pensacola, Fla.)
Physical Description: Newspaper
Language: English
Publisher: The News Pub. Co.
Place of Publication: Pensacola Fla
Creation Date: April 29, 1901
Frequency: daily (except monday)
normalized irregular
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Newspapers -- Escambia County (Fla.)   ( lcsh )
Genre: newspaper   ( marcgt )
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Spatial Coverage: United States -- Florida -- Escambia -- Pensacola
Coordinates: 30.433333 x -87.2 ( Place of Publication )
Dates or Sequential Designation: Began in 1889.
General Note: Description based on: Mar. 5, 1889.
Funding: Funded by NEH in support of the National Digital Newspaper Project (NDNP), NEH Award Number: PJ-50006-05
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Full Text
= ,--. ._ .. """,--', ."" .......... ,J _' _,._ .


!f a_
... .
"""" .2W-" ..

I, '" .1 P6N8AGQLA fLOWOA, MONDAY 4"I: NOON, A.-flILl9: IHI ,i. !

"II ;;;

HBW5ACOLA has n Dopth of 33 Feet of Water in tho Channel at tho Entrance of the Harbor'

------.-- -----. ....
.. - ...... t
=; "ii.,
I e t.s1uJ M. C. U P4 AL. h..llnt; ( 0fcMntomnut una tg... !d;= H

::. .. ,P1....R -- M. [. CLARK Au" C..h r .,.1 AUSTRIA AND incAiCO I HUJ0OV THE WAft IN CHINA r

I \ ( lure b>' cnnn tIIoe4 Atari

of KISS AND MAKE UP it.'t" thrive or tiim-. *.. GOES BRAVELY ON I

AMERICAN NATIONAL BANK --- j jour blood i* nrti or ,nur.I .
Estrangement of Long Standing I There i U nothing else to i\t! Frinih sad Otn ti FI1t' I

OF I'KNriArOLA.: n.ORW.AT CLOSE: OF BUSINESS: APRIL 24, 1901. Terminated. on or by.When. ing Side ty Slue: NI

. ... .r I
I strength i is full and

!' ITS. LIABILITIES. I spirits high, we are being reI -

i |I'.ec>.nuU. ..... ...... fliJ3.S2.MT7! Capital Stock .......... ...... ... ...... .... f200.000.00( tsoAU.r"ctorygret'ment Reached He- I freshed, bone muscle and brain I
'. ..... .... ........ M") 71 Undivided Profits (net I.... ............ .... 2,862.0(5 I ulIC'b troop. I.piwr.<< "".1.-
,I.t. ... .. ............ .;;.(..).iiO Rediscounts..... ...... ............ .... .... 13. .Oi7.50 weep the 1\\0 Nation, by which I tin body and mind with continual llouatsle !'*...., U kUh I ..., Afi...

r u Hsistr l............. .. S.-V.U.75 Circulation... .... .... .... ....... ...... .... 75,00000 Their Former Relations of Friend'! I flow of rich blood. I w.'lb Baud Uu Iii tlelirau saJ

lnd! FUlurea.......... G.71MS Deposits ...... ..... ...... ...... ...... ...... 223,13927: : Will .
,!!11'.. ... ... .... ,... ... filCh V ship He Rt'iUml'.I.W This is health. I untie la Urtr Preview firalltw.

.. ...... ...... ...f 19.1:;1.2,) & April 21.comr1ctc
1.o'UlOt. A
,nit. sad Itaken.. ... w,5it.62( -$ H.7n.; ; ,' between the When wcak, in low spirit, I pill :7.Jt.r.rJuptkb
>.i Kuu...... ...... .... 3,73000; l rapproachment gOVErn.menU from iVkiagjt: tit hfci>|.*rtr .U3
of. Austria and Mexico has ben no cheer, no spring, when rest has received a t.k.ram freer a llciu.h
s G ). $ brought about ant as a result each ': is not rest and sleep i i.. not officer accoiuiaayiLf the t'rUt'O-U.'
$610,078.83!: each country is about to send a minister
man the dfHt that
tireiiuon to ua
-. to the other. This terminates an international j bleep we are starved ; our blood
I April 23 the irrmaaf erv.wd tuto #b...

estrangement dating from the ti is poor; there is little nutriment Si, through the link Nut and l'aaag

MEI I days when young Maximilian of Austria ( in it. Cueag Li lasses, in portait of the retiring -

SPECIAL liAT To the; M1 F sought to gain a foothold in :Mexico i Chinese, whom they Right wed
Back of the blood i is food
aud.lost, LU life in the v:ntur Ever I H mile, fishtiag a sharp actl l1.. The

since then Austria and :Mexico have suspondfd to keep the blood rich. When I French troop n-rauin in ortuptson
I all intercourse with each other.
0Wm of the p1 SC" The! German returned
Recently however, friendly overtures it fails take Scott's emulsion
April 25 and the Krmcu handed over
have been made to terminate the
\l7E f believe in Printer's Ink estrangement and have resulted in a of cod-liver oil. It sets the the pastes to thtm and returned tothrir
/111 and through this medium previous outpmr The ( ermaaa* art
satisfactory agreement: between them by
fmmM GO''K inform the Public that we which their old relations of friendship whole! body going again-man said to have had i men killml nod :5 officers

are Controlers and Agents of : will be resumed. A bill has passed the woman and child.We'll and 80 men wouu.it'Tnt C iu...
loss is not known
Mexican reciting the fact of a
the following brands of goods !
rapprochement and providing for a minster send you a little to try if you Me.
on which a reputation is estab- ; to Austria at a salary of $13.(>00an- SCOTT 4 nOWXE tog Pc.trlonet. New Yorl FC.UDd ('oun.,) (Jill.',

lished in this and nually. Austria will take similar action BERLIN 2i.-The Oa-
: ,
=. .wLADIES'PARASOLS : country - -- --- April Cologne
I by sending a minister to :Mexico and
when of these zette's correspondent
you buy any 'union Violinist! Dead. saj thohailnuar'
will close the long and historic -
brands you pay only value, as beparaion. UEACFORT, S. C., April ,:?.-JL IV1- ters stall has received information thai

AND :1 1 our object is to give you] best MINISTER BUCK QUITE I ILL litz r of this town has received intelli a German mounted force which ha
value for the least proceeded beyond Kalian, found the
money: gence of the death in I..1I1':OIl. England
i tCnroute to Ills Post la Jap-ir, He hTal.en country quiet. No gammons: wI'r,- .u-
; Monogram No II the of his brother Aaolpuc! Pollitzcr, the countered. The Germans only saw 'I
;rD=FOR WEEK.- : finest for the price only one Sir!; distingaiih: >.i viohuUc, seconl m the Chinese police.POSTOFFICE.
ATLANTA April 27.-Minister Buck, musical world only 13 the renowned:
dollar .
A -V A a quart.Murray.Hi11 who was to have sailed from New Yurk Joachim, and whose pHyui; nnque- MONEY ORDERSI'ayuble ,
Club- attaiLcdvnat be called
for this week is seriously ill in tionab.y may : t
jaiwn Onlt t'o".t..u
the "the fylo. When youth of 13 > un
Brookfield Rye great y
100 Gloria Silk Umbrellas at 1 his: city a WasLinptoii (D. C.) the ileudeUsohu ,.
t \ I best 75 cents a quart iu the says years he played '"io- U lioni Iliry ATP Ire i .
\ dispatch. Accompanied by his wife ha lin Concert,/' before the frrea5conipo i-r
land other brands- I WAIHVUTCSiril 2-1'b.- .. $ $1.00. $: ,r .l, i iI I and many arrived hen a few days ao; from his :ilcadfUsohu hiu-'elf, who took a lively ''troiler
J I 1 none of thtm can be excelled iutert in the g.-uius of the lal. and lu i
5 100 Gloria Umbrellas at '? i] by any house iu the South-for boLtg and was to have left the follow the following year youuz 1'olUtz r commercial money orders w puablit

f Silk" \\1 to' instance: ing cay to take the !>iterant at New gained tho first prize at tlio Vienna con ,only ly po-tma-tt rs oa whom ih'r are

? I &) ....5. d* V\ I York Ug was taken l1ddljiI with servatoire. :drawn ant tv> whom notice of iu t-u
J i The King of !Scotch Whiskey .u attack of grip which a--tred upun\ ------- thereof las b-n n sent.

I 100 Gloria Silk Umbrellas at |fj'f' I (Crnbbie.1 : Ills kidneys, and his condition is tenoiuenough Mar.\salnst: 1I-tll'rs" I It hacet n rUe 1'3<<-110' hTT- h
: to demand the aumUuiu <>: t7. News has been Ica I .
I Canadian Club, Walk- CODY Wy.pril ; -hi moi'iy orders> at |x>,,totliiv. I I'l.-r'
f &) $1.35. @i erville, Canada. the most skilled physicians in this city. received hero ot the killing of J'.ni Me- than thou oa which they are uran a and
i Only his nursed are allowed to see .
for the Mtcb .rl.'u.
j' I And what is the m-jtterwith I Ii tra bid his fnuds r.re ut:::a-as noushta Peck by Slues: Detective. D. Smithof I' .
Tint I II real condition. 113 had LO;fully recovered riles Cuy. Smith aid his possen R I
i nEE SHOW WINDOW.rrJs I I i Wilson Whiskey? from a severe counter nth arrested J.iifi Cuapiylli' charsMwituriiitlm I A : jing. Ro ring Flood
I ix nil.Ve have secured the anti taking: I 1S'ashed d wn a teletraph line
grip wueu he returned to AVa-Oiin::tou ;; were nm to a
sole aRercy for West Floridafor und he contracted ceavcoid t.uriug mmclai>..iut (;I3 miles away to tecnrjotiier i which Cha*. ('. iliof! 1.1-b. i I.. la,.
: Sbrtia: ; Ca'itafcr .. .. ......... ." 35: i I this renowned whi-key. his: journey northward.a 'Tonight thins lui-uiL"-; the! Jlnr.: On the shad I to repair. ""Minil.iu: want

'. ';a Sham 'biti tawser yard only: i8cetPej I Now for Champagnes: r. bn is no case Change n regarded in htj condition as gerious, and, his while rhyEiciaus way Pock,thrv\>hul were,>approach wa,* wanted by and Jim who Me- ;j deep iii" a in ttrribli icy water? enld, lit and wra-r...i.:'',rare It

Vusr.l' Table! then, 68 (inches wide par yard only; 25c I G. H. Mu>rmI's Extra are hopeful tnat he will ree ver begin: a ill-!tide. Thy po1 returnedthe '' } rev wur-e 1I.liI.v.OJI.I:1tlll.d F'Itially:! ,.,t' .' t..td.ct.rol
i Drv. Domestic. uudtr careful treatment. lire and JlcPeck was xiili-d. None in M.>US

k Gar.ut! Tibia hoes, 68 Itches wide per yard! rely .25c Werner- & Co's Celebrated --. -- ---- .-- of tat po"'* was badlr wuuzme>L luo I City and Oi4lia MUJ 1 hit" t viiSuniptnat aI
and couM not l lire 'J'h..nt.t'
authorities Lave seat oat mea to scour |
I Champagne: in pints the for rustlers. ,11I u-ir',: Dr. ii'ati'e New 1>1.-
'j Joz Men's Negligee Shirts, this week 4o\ and half pints. Back I. eisil (Jtiiokly Ih posed (>!' in country-._- covtry and WM- wholly cured by .lxbottle.
:-oulIi I ( arulla.t Odd Follv I',,-iti no I,)' tru.iriintf.-il for
Wo also control the -
only Pey- t.1 hl'rl, GJ.
Cold Mud nil Tlinut' and
i iMen's I I Chnud Bitters at manu Emr.Tox. Ga., April 27.-Wcile fish- GREEXTUJT.. S. C., April ?;.-The 1 I Lmijr troubles by W. .'t. D'Alern-

facturers' price, and last but iag; m the Savannah river near her homo grand lodge of Odd Fellows: in ?'(!'>ion berte, 121 .South Palafox ulieet.cale x

Balbriggan Undersuits, per suit 40\( i not least the Celebrated Indianapolis \r e ae"dl.Y" afternoon :Miss 1 ho.h1.- here: elected the following! iTk\rs: J. Price 3ik.

only I Brewing: Co's eTandor was criminally assaulted by anegro K. feathery, Columbia ranu iua-
:\I'\\ > sljsnr(l.
J..1. Davis,
ter; Kewherry, deputy
Beer; none btltir; (70/, bar workmanVilliam No
grand master; James F. Mackey. Greenville i P1n twpnl s7.-Secretary J. A.
Men's and Boys' Straw Hatsr all | ff | nni.]. The finest bottle beer in help was near. :Miss Alexander: : at grand warden; W. S.:; Brown, Columbia -'. Pryle of the international Aiuoci&tioa f
Ihto( 00 this or any other market at 10 once returned home and reported the grand secretary; II. Eudel 1 r
styles from iil) of Structural Iron workers announces
cents a bottle retail. Sold by i matter to her widowed mother. Abort grand treasurer. C. G. Leslie Greenville
I that tine the! negro himself appearedand ; J. J. Earle, Granite. ville, and B. that the American Bridge cow lIIUl1 hu
all first-class: saloons in this uttered to work six mouths :or tan K. Kreps, Langley were chosen representatives i I signed the new scale submitted by the 1.
< Kectired an Elegant Line of Men's Shoes at : city. 1 widowed mother if she would cot tell to the sovereign rand lodgeto structural worker of the different riti.,

on him. meet in ladianapohs in September. t to go into effect! Mar I, with the king]*
1 10 and $3.50.'e}\ ask your inspection of Respectfully submitted, Bejote he could leave tho prt.nii-e3 -.--- 'j I I exception of Milwaukee. The dispute

some friends appeared took charsw of If troubled! by a weak digestion, is one which may result iu trouble

--- -.--- &MOOG & STERN ; the negro and left for the river. Later lox, of appetite or n-stipntlon. try i I :
they reported that they had, turned him a few do ps of Chamberlain': StnO\-i (;etteral f rHbt'llIIrrbllar.
( "NKANDALU: YOUIlri ANXIOUS PLEASE 'J loose. It now develops that Gool-by ach and Liver Tablet Evt-r.v box GALENA, Ills .\prI127.-The twenty
The Leading Wholesale Liquor : was lynched by the citizens und tnat warrantnd. For sale by 'I
all'dIUJ-j' ninth anniversary of the birth of lien.
Louis Friedman & Co. Dealers of West Florida. his vonnan body river.was turned The mutter loose in wnsquiec the kris:l' gists and medicine dealt rs. eral Grant was celubratvd here ludaf
Close Cpou'Ibase Kobbers.
and only became known today. 1 I I The occasion wa the truth of thrw
.$> 'BRACKETPDDOX STORE.- ; ) ---- MEll'IUS.pril ST.-There have been meetings and was in every leoim a IIM
BOW-WOWS OF HIGH DEGREZ no special developments in the Choctaw cebi The city wits decoratvd la boner

1 CHIPLEYLIGHT train robbery. Detectives have found a 1 of the event whicn wai farucllt&t..1 la
U!; Hrnch Miow It to P.e Held In :, by leading citu;;: usof towu'aud,lll iffVMthiu '
Atliiut.i In October. hardware merchant who sold tae rob- a radius o! 1UO 11111..., '
j jHt KENTUCKY BEST PRODUCT. bers some shotgun shells loaded with
jI I, ATLANTA, April :27.-One of the krg-; special bnck: hoc. He can identify the "
Nearly n..h.
WHAT ITS NAME IMPLIES : evey person tonic
Il : est and most complete and comprehensive men if caught. men are supposedto inediciiif at tlm duce of to
r be in the White river bottom. Trace
r INFANTRY'SShIRTWAIST r beech shows ever seen in tue United brace up and iurig"fJ&t.< the nrvou
: States will be held in Atlanta in Octo Manager Helden the says and that their conditions ylni.. I. cleau th. btuvele| aver
u Hn MU are against capture I and! ki + : } her. It will bo held in connection with is a question of but a few hours. About lu-i-t a'd safest remedy to do this, a.
15 detectives are searching for the ban.
the Southern:; Interstate fair and under it will cure cotmtipitUon. regulate
\/ / tho auspices nntl direction of tho Atlanta dits. theI\ nor and furicli the britott
----- -- --
1vii YouFashion r' \' Kentiel club. At least ?3OCO: will International Trap Mioot. 1'ricc, M cent W. T. lifp.n A CuAI'.tb ,
be devoted to premiums A committee I _
and Fit.I' -xx: mm' h JO.lJS- I from tho kennel club has been appointed, CLEVELAND .\27.-Secretary Paul \ STOIt M MAIlkKTDally .
;:; : I with fu J power to act. in arranging all North of American Trap Shootingteam

ft I Jc SliPPERS= j juu 11IJtAl'' i BAhlt@R- of the details of the show. paid today that arrangements have i Ilell'.rt.t '..r The !N' .... tf
All of tnese matters were definitely
\ rnw J I
practically been completed bv wh-ch the I'nlnn'uaral Murr* Ibiww .
the second annual meeting
decided uoou at
| llri.lt-d Vamps contest between the American and British
I'r..... II! "MI) and X of tite'At, anta Kennel club held last teams in England: wui ta; lace I . ri i- HISKI.TRAGER&CO. tniJ.ha"i ; 'e ] .. .__ U ''I H
A bench show t'
special I I "
-ATARMORY- night: board of the finest and early ill June "Our team will hold n WO._...._. ,. K H tf 1 ,
:! on sonic _
conference m New York nest Mondav" jS..n 1 41 t tti. f

w: 1AU1V .C) ; :| HALL, country most famous will prize be run winning from New dogs York in this to I I said Mr. North, "ana if tho transportation K.-... ........, s J !fli'I K I' .:
can be secarea we will sail .....
j DISTILLERS' CINCINNATI. Atlanta for the benefit of the big eastern I eitair I. 14 c. K 4 .\ \
.'aDd \V" ar, $2 ;30MI : May 22 or May 23." 9na1TaTOarnTI!I. !,..... :
; FRO BANNER DISTILLERY! 5': i THURSDAY MAY 2. kennels and exhibitors.: -- -- .-, .-
.\TL..XT.h... :\0..7. ->7'J.Du. .'Brnok\\iO
Rye"mnde III 1..1 t tI
-- Good for Rheumatism. C. J. JIoi-FtiT-Dear Mr Ii ;
: .
smooth and! mellow atH.
VLB 0> I I ; A.1.,4.
I Lat fall I was taken with a very i I cannot too strongly I cominpnd man's.

.- N Hnloby PETER BELL I Admission, 50 cents; severe attacK of muscular rheumatism your TEETHIXA I I'e"thin, I'owder-i) I,I -- .- .,i
.. ;I to motliers u-> one of the bet mtdicines :-o'rln. I
end L'ei.MCOX.IHE
\ L.\ims which caused me great: pain
FKKII they can obtain for their debilitated .
and annoyanceAfter trying; several and ickly infant I have 1 Ii liKrchy. ylTin tit "" pnnae ,i i. .,t,,(
i j Late for I in.r r hing see nun out.'i ;: '
dummy the
201 E. Intendencia St.iSoteketfopPensaeola. accotr.modatioti prescriptions and rheumatic used it with very sati-factory re..uln : llxrk orti-nmr,i Wi. nf lh. WBUI fr... r ?'
tf1SN of patron* along that line. cure=, i decide to use Chamber the p.it sutnint-r with mr child and the.11ytien.a-.de.that tho ..rt. r. ',..rtetnappeerinh.cirrbttanurt '
: lain's Pain Uilr.2, which I had seen while we havelif-rftofornlo-t a childor I, /.rubs,
count on JT- yap
i I Most women with female weakness advertised in the South Jerseyman. two from teething under other Int..r..t thrv rue" t..t ,u.. II I..huwRh.t ttr.
c 1'.1!.I"X, mailer dreafully from piles in After two application of this Remedy remedies, cur present child, that has ', ana I.. >hiiw rmi. *li. ". r..n., 'rvlfM1 nould i
I addition to their other I nor bc,4rni', I t>. !! |,. ... '
i I' Itepairtr.drink pain. They I was much better, and after taken 'FtTHlXA. a flue, healthy '|iu ?a
Ii h curpd by u.ins T\BLER'! u-inj bottl". completelycured I. boy. I am respectfully, | Na'hVJilf _I'.KHrond. i uikiiv .It t.t 7N., }
__ -I, ''BUCKEYE and "'Ir"<> I ij'irth in a ftiiiot Iow ell :
: PILE OINTMENT: SALLIE HAPRIS Salem, N. A. 1J. BKOWX. Qe! in mid co.irt. ur .I.etM1trr.t!
., i of "ISrook 1:j I I See Pat McHugh's new ad on last Price 50 cents iu bottle, tubes 73 J. For sale by all druggists and (Brother af U. S. i enator and Ex- ; A pa.I.M Mi sl tri.a* I:1

A tn-dinan'#. j I+| page. It will pay you. I cents. W. T. Green &; Co. medicine dealers. I Gov. Joseph E.Brown. i i I April r, l'i\ tiefk t.t*trill'.'"lourt. IdT !

T Ir

'Cakes Ice ,Cream etc., ) SAUER'S---FLA V ORIN G EXIKACTSSAUER'SJ ( For dale b Y ;

.use.N all er f fi


'. -' ." '- .. ._ ........
+- --- .....*....,= q _. _

... ..., .., '' :'1';' '''''i.!: : J lJ.. ..,. .
-' < d'.i iC--J..6it1lllll;: -
'' -'V,........, ',":,;,:-:< ;:;'x. _,''lt. ., i' .. D :'
"' -' < ...:; -.; :. >. ., ;'"''"/3't..I : "' f.-j\ Jt {. t;., .,.,,, '''''' i>C1'.t',;;",:'''';-f.-t, f> V >l4J .
> < > f.JL.
'-< f.'


-- -
-- '

tleJ't., of 8.me dcnn.teiy (0repe.re fora : waiting-waiting the inevitable. The THE CATARRH

TRIBUTE: TO GRANT ; geceition-amicably, if they can. violently. winds that had swept the historic battle CLHANtlSOANDHKAL1.NG TRADERS
If thev must' fields of the south were laden with messages ::

"1 mentIon the** tuents. Mr. Chairman. of peace and sympathy from those CUIIE 1O.tCATIIRR4
SOUTH' Jr. no liP rlt of wide that the south had ni j Birth who but a few years teiore had been en
BY SON OF I ccrner on the secession market. and In norri'tt : 'S I emies. ,I
of rcrm for the failure if tr-e prlncltvlf -What visions! must have come to him flVE I
then! There from the mists I
s once a4vomtd bv trio round-heads trooping up is
I of the valley! came the Hue legions! which
Great Chieftain's Campaign who were locked In the 'cradle of the
r..volutt-n.! and which principles WHen had followed him across the Potomac; Ely's' era Balm
I like an avalanche -
nY years afterwardaJo&ted oy the and here. down the hillsides I

: For Peace ; cnv.tiler i invention Charle ton. I c.te swept the grey. There was Sheridan Easy and pleasant \S. fe Karaite !iu[ i.r.;
I them merelY" in-Hents that DI.Ithfr l and Thomas. and :'1 .lJe and Me- tou>e.! ContainsuoitsquIekly.briorb \ I
: rail in shaang the conviction- CleHan! and 'under-L and Jackson. injurious rtrue. '-" ,,,Y"1 I
AN ELOQUENT ORATION the goKtiwn" D'on'c ('''nre-nnute. and Gordon and Lor.fcftreet. The peal of I: RYE nm! t 13 !te 'tl i!

riehts art I the rlht of -e<'I'ssonlss.ldthf 1 musketry and the roar of cannon reverberate ed hlws Relief COLD h.,, HEAD

-- :. n off Tins ample room for hor.eft d.f- i la the valleys: and the mountain lit oncl' Nasal I:! Best Italy tftrri. :.1
It and cleanses the Passages
jntr t'l.ul. llowfll of Atlanta KcPon. f'rence. !but whi-h have Iren euUJ 'ur brooks become torrents of blood. The opens i
61! time tt come bv the covenant of i.e I(I clash of arms and the fierce fire of the I Allays Inflammation. Heals und Pr.tetsthe .. i|.1 cily fir I ti
Menibtane. the wnw f 1 atiand
lie-tores air
"(; Peace ; DE;
fji to IOA.I rant as a I ; ,
; ,
c'non. se tied bv the nation's blood. is very much like the :Llossom- (: conflict shakes the world! Smell. Large MZC But at I'rug 1h or bYwuIl |
at H"u'l..et of Oiawt 3Iou.orl "It was the spirit of fratTaty.: era- and; I "ISut now the smoke of battle lifts. and ; 1 rial size lite( hy m,,!H. '
.('tor of flower. Its beauty fe tackle!
ing a Ibis *
inrriurtal i; valleys ELY ItROTIIkU* j: :
lod.ed In the nur-sjKe of Grant the scene changed! There are green j .a ,
;;j IIPll'lIt .\,. ..tlDii. that ernse- rated fiat ccvenjnt and (perfection depends entirely I I: and hippy himes where peace and 50 Warren trt"et.w York. ,

-t 'lilishtd: its jsacrc-1 arl tra-n.-it byonJ upon the care bestowed upon !!! contentment reigns. High above all floats In $1.00
' :iEW YoitKrnl :.-.\ the annual -rr'aI. It was: this fint: that r innuf'eilfortxer its parent. Expectant mothers |:. the stars and stripes emblem of a GO _AM SEE. I Quarts, pe- -.

&:1 t..nqQ of tlie: Grant :ilotltlllltnt as0- the doctrine of ao-ulutp s.a- should have the tenderest care. united country stronger now than e\(lr.I .

'iJ tlAulu. hel.l at tLo Wa orf.\ tori\: r'ghttbi >r irlt that "nqu('- .
I the restlvgho.'t: ..i s'fntliin.. :lui- >;-n.t: I and anxiety. They should; eat I I her people. Solid Tea bet. Fish Ken, Bread pe ; 3- .

a.ot l 1n thi city toui lit. Hoa. Clark (I that conxeiil the invincible foIl.er.. o." I plenty of Rood: nourii-bing food I: "The peace he would have has come, Trays Meat Di<;he?. Bonbon and

p j Jlowell eUitor of the Atlanta Constitution. ; Ix-e and 5t'n"wal Ja.cKson irt' :.cv.il I and take gentle exercises. This and resting as quietly as a babe on lIsmother's Soup Ladles, Punch Ladles Knives: ,

; rf.ponll'\1 to Iha! toast "Grant as j! sivc citzi-n! to the of a stHt reunted of that n-pu'i.'Io mtsas.and: Rc.';' .n- will po a lung way toward preserving breust the listless eyes of a closed heroIn | j Forks and Spoons-Trunk of folid'Silver. :: nTRY IT. v'i:
and |
war a patriot in peace are
and their
their health
Mr. Howell spoke as stirred bv its generous iranH-r. tile beautyas Call on J. I. t'phIIJslnd
lV*ee IVtor. and his soul takes flight to the great ,
I I well as that of the little one to I he will show the goods with
i !-< t aht the Ivoidhlter of the Has ItI.yonc hereafter to join the united band of other you
follow: i j ,' ,;siiel.: and I'i samel foMs have come. But to be absolutely sure j heroes of both sides as comrades in everlasting pleasure. JACOB JHYj
". _m not unmlnd' l Mr. Chairman |! ,tlld fit h ttor wounds of war. of a short and painless labor they glory and eternal companionship. I En.
that in fa.lna! trti'utf to th(' man in honor i iJn "At Ver":ll!!,"!'. after Sidan. O'rmar.vMend : should use I
"And \when a few days later he was
:t X ft how m m..t'ISr\! a*embej here In the phttcrinc: narapn.rnalu of lowered to his last rest by hands which in Parlor BIJOU BAR.
t<-IIIht I ,m .'nxlron by clrcum.tanccs.hl1. armored 1ant. with r.nn.l on th '
ar. :: one NE\lT\ ST\TLE
had been raised against him in war; when i I
: -J un'Ir li'im coiulitl'-ns. o-jJ em- i: ilri-t TI 1' ,In!" and :h. oth'T p..lnt:: toIt. Mother'sFrieid \...,,'ransho woic the grey stood in tears lanl Bedroom -
of on
hml" th- frank'Itel'1lnrl1 my .. hunsrv d'viirmnt demand4u! th'
t .. word. with beside t>.ose who wore the blue it proved. I I 3cc pta t. ......
- V .*nilm nt an.l clothe mv ,mcrt tviMU otis indemnity exi tint ic- Furniture at .Ala, i
; '- Import nI th !r ..". n. i turver t\a-t>-(I of prostratei.tm.. indeed that past issues were but ghosts I m tatc If p.&I"....
4 1 oome 'rtMk 'I\.th you of the VssonsJ "Xit so ...VT'pum.ittox: In trnd m ex- of.. dreams and that- ; ton Finch's. I THE PAUT WCOM
from the lift- of leader-ana I a.1 Fiiieriaaeiin 'liraxe minds, ho\\e'er at war are secretfriends !
"""'%| a j (nrtiorj-iilKr.iii'v! of .-8 ltitni.e' "'
kin of -...- i.... .(' .i".iin .t whom his :>- the tran'iuM f.elds of home, as.dn i: Their ; discord with the battle I
_ftL( 4-ton. .. r.ld t.. \lctorv and aro.un'l. the music of faml ar wat.ri': aai.i: tiv regularly during the months of pesta- ends generous: ]

h. ..hom th. "lth. rlnB *robrac r of hIs iron '' chiro of the rr.ct-i'-t: on tru h"ai ;!>5tipir I tion.is to be This applied is a simple externally.liniment It which gives In peace they wonder whence dissension ,

t& 4 fcrra "'m < I ... d In th> grip: of war. There I ,an.l the melodv of rhildrt :.s' I. .tlth- ttrencthanJvirortoth'.e muscles and 1 rose tAiFor
r I* .far. .- i \ illy In the soutlurn NthtCMh urcund the m :hl""q Ine.In-ti.id ..I St. I prevents all of thedconiortgf pregnancy And ask 'Iosouls so Iil.e could: e'er be | (@rI
| 't do' nut fhelur In its bruld Msom | 11e.-na--\ashtngtoti: Not Wish-net .. which women us"to think I otis.
r.lit. U" ni.* ir.-i! -....I..-r-4:..nrml rant. i| thi c-irra m capital: of a rrunitid! coui- j FnenJ. is used there is no meate the land and lights all sections of I I

1i.s HV.I I I I. 1\ ni-t .-..m... tu teak of the try. where victor and ''',IICIIsiu.-( mtt onjual danger Mother'whatever.Get Friend at the drugStores the nation in its holy glow. Mason and 1 1L I

Tiq .N'nnlf'I.! %. :.s' n- orar.. winch have f< tern< nf fhws'ljp.Y.lslnt': :: .:!. SI per boll,.. >ixun' line marks no mare trace in the ,
r.1I1tlh I"*. <"1 !.. name mnons tho..e of th- caniul froai x\h-h. a few.ir..-> CO. geography of our common country than the benefit of our Lady
p &1.. frrrttt ..tin .! 4 of Ihe world. I am not l.Jt-r. a feJi-ral ma for. ape. !i>nt 01 the TilE GIUDrKtn RFGtUTOR does the equator mark the silvery! surface -
:; ,.et. tu i iini a tit lure of the mighty'. United Sta:. $. wrote one day the orji-r ATlA TA. UA. of our southern seas. Customers
tliV thai .. .itid under Ms Writ for our free!look.U Before not J'.Item** we have made
c-l -" : .r> on mas- riakinz bricadHT eene'ats of th > lIf\i'.W 'Let us haw ptaie! A happy and
Irrf'Jl IHr..n iinKI:I nil \\ito npiMXi.-d i of lolrt E. Lee and the on of nmi : -- 'I I contented 1*' p.e r.vent the Leneuiction

%.renr o.h. l i",1 In in-- culmlnatlni i j jfo i S. dr.mt: -- I,I and cry ba'.k to the great heart that arrangements in our storeto
L 4 d .\ii'i itifoK. li would II; some I 1 uu\lirtl.e Appomattox: Better that It I I now is still In the DAIC that passeth all

ri, to 5. ill 1 h the memory of Ids tr.um- had cense sooier. since it had to cone: ',i*" .Ij'ma.1: l\ h.- str .r v I.t..,> if understanding. Thy peace is come!' for
"Ii I hant kd..risti i> ..victorious;; hi ts ash but better fur the greatness of our eo-jn- ,'f' "tn' ha I 1.ti 1 ti> the l""I.IIII-"I"n" ra care your Shoes and
-4 :#y rf rr. .| t.. Joyoja hntnPm under the !': try that coining late Its bloojy tit-Id of 'Li1, !j.ente >-n. \\orl. "t-i on ai

F i t Hrwunn.dinner. of Victory. ;: LattkWJ! < consecrated by the covenant t-: t. .hl of (111- at... :n' u a ijou m.. Anniversary of River Horror. keep them looking well by
I It : i.atjri! and propt'r.Ir.. fhairm of the n '-.l>!i''s peace! sujT'i.the; re,!.' Ksorvin-E, .April .-The aiiuivcr-
ra n. li ut 'ho-ie who shared bin ?ymalWr >: ''ft w.v 'i ifi'ilarly signilioant of tit! Ire "The r/ntsfrRr- fr.-.t'.rvc;: : ( : "- a. i.- I
.. HII.I ,Vu KIT that those and the sons of ieacv i.ihereiit in the man that H I cat r ,o'Its! en u-i-ount o' .a Ltra1:0 I..- !I sary of t je destruction of the poversnent establishing a FREE Polish.
t tk * Snltaaa
.. n pour I in-ii.rfb.Ri ti.c: i ndt : transport 0:1 the :ilis isrippi
e _!I r.r'. .: t...tiles. sh"mil keep for- the lurtums of war had ulno.il crowned 'ins of jiwu-e. But Mr. Steuh 'n" l...- ing system. Don't hesitateto
river bv which lSt>J lives
ft .nr tr.L' tho iimter of his military j; his arais with the Uurels of ""Uc-ces The li.\< d to the diy of 1.1" death tt u Lathf -! were
f.,.... t....1 .1 "'l.il hn f"r vr living the !: I'utrpton Kodds oonfertnce afforded theI oiruiris.sun! tot-n clothi*! \\.t.. : lost is Lt-iisjr celebrated hero today.
I ....._.*'T. if' i* ''.Vnn of his war re* I f..a: : lorijal txjrtsslon of an;: effort to D wtr. peace would have Wen u.f.(. eoi-nir\ Aujut 100 of the :jJi) .surviving; men wno come in ; it costs you noth

Lob I harmonize the warring l'ecliul1l'"r four p'i-ln-U! on a l t'8SiS of union an.] lIt inu escaped death 0:1 the boat which went

"XJ"l. "bu oft.rtJ their bullet-rlildcittixll > loni > ear the Lc \101d of \.1"'I. !..;;; I [' 'eiinj in other(.'.J.:1.-: ; of dl!!. 1 I II down ia tho Mississippi river near :Memphis ing and we use only the host

p *.- i 'iti.wark- in ih- vain iffort to had drenched the fair fifliJs of ihf s ,...n r.rr. j.'Tir1. I I from a 11 )Ier explosion were pres

4 : \tm "itiij-MrlssK lid. of his cohorts when that conference was cullt-d to put .is So: p.rhn.n.t! Pehi :.t I III ent. About CJO additional: men and

'I t.irr le tim<'.-i\ l-i his genius an-J hiTh -: !;! an end to fU 'I1'r fruitless sacrfrke. The ;: i-cfct that the war saoitlj tlra.; i: 1 I women are oartieipanng in the reunion. polish, oils, etc.

t,4: tUI'je r.. i III not today in tlie fraer.mk uj.fortu.-.itc failure In the purpose of the crt-1 Itntrth aK-n t.> us t-as'c! cuu! ;:.: :Jreveral star-s
il'J reprsatei::
pn.ntery '; of the laton horoej conference between President LIncoln, of fen. IWhaiw aV,,.,! bert OUt f.n ;;;?. .-. '. '
.. hT t nr." .< r. the ray a sirgle soldier i iho the federal government and Vice J'TSI- bo:'n arr....-t with the rcpaallc Itstlf aiM
4 pi.: .. would r.tii.h!, arm to ftill the i iiho j dent Alexander. Stephens. of the confederacy. trtt h ..oll.llt.7.C.1I"t'S; in th l. bU o : Hard on the Nativej.At.aiF.ns YOURS VKRV: REHPECTFfLLY

', f .bw-r. ...- viiiorlea ha\e won. But1 Is familiar! hi.-tory to all; but few of ji-nhtr should cn'.v r.nj its hlll:1; April '11.-According to an
nIh... din of NU'C'I"ul arms be- I know that to tieneral Grant i? due the 'tat' un th? b!<)...ly bottle; fit hi. r.Lt .on ;
r>*.th lh. If\ri"o" of filoriou! vktorles fact that the actual conference was made afior the echoes of war ha\e died away I official telegram from :Marguerite order

h*,_1 the Kl.nl ..uzx.is of a i're--<'redration : possible. :: .1 t..* etf< Hs of the conference are firioiti has been rastored there. Seven white The Boston Shoe Store

4, we1 ominK: Uti martial heroes i;. "The official records of the war hare '-' the o.M t.f r ace w II lo rrvir- civilians and three natives were killed ,
".m. in.. dlrlt# of those homileM" heroes but recently l'sl.Il.lsh"! the important fr.it t-j the menorof the treat s lJieiwtn. I
.'. 'hi) rti-r sure. ii.er.! hurietl their nlian- I'artIa.d: by Gentral rant in preventIng almost 01 the c\e of linal kt .r\'. dtariug the disturbance. Three officers I N. G. FOROHEIMER
; cM14'4 h.in with a muse fare\er lost. ; an untimely abandonment of negotiations sh. .iti; ,I h.s read sn-i.-l and Mrttil.nlout and several gendarmes were wounded. Prop.,

; .! twin me n.rn from this | m_.ntfiM. llfin .mother that U not coniplkhimnt at an offirl.il conference. s.rv.fi p-aie! In the inJ.--t! of the mu.1 outcome of monopolists bUYing up 1
:', ,,,,,|'1".1 hv the ration U.t-t (if war. i ilitt Seward had been sent to Fortress Monroe lust f .nir. leaving for a time the UacLr- the foresrs, depriving the natives of

whit. h I* ri>uncivil In the sweet anlo : early in Ftbruary. l"Oj. to meet Stephens <.)h if fiu'tai.t cohorts: drur.k wttn vn- their earning a livelihood!: by making AEM2AVERV9
4 I ..1... vrt* .if i""ie. There Is no 1 j i and Hunter and Campbell the confederate I(n. lnnself to gail ill hv tirnlon::; charcoal and selling wood for fueL .
*IW familiar with thf hlctorv of our country commissioners, under wtH-dr-ilned t.ttuni.Ut for Lionuiin.'eu eonu -t. h-.' I
", hu in "'.! aw..,.. of the nlljhl1.tIt limitations! from 1'resident Lincoln to con. i .1"! ', .itin"l lu the our of tail v. n.i.. Her :Neck: ) U'u Ilrokcn.WADE (gvoetoor Awry i7 W.-oi/IIU.)
4, : rl*r1 t'v '..n.ral l iir.mt In the c-pocli 1 fine neeoti.itions to what he termed 'the r,,l i-d for te.i'te.iitl I IMPORTER AND JOBBER
rf ths
-M IIC hl- own ".ople who realize the E had iiri-tcdtd seward on the same t'r.-.b-f.d: hosc-ni' of our southtrne \,\\- Kirby a negro woman. met a horrible
: tat.t.e Infhw-nr* hU life .. "rt..1 in the ', mission and under similar restrictions. \ \-> h. ar unwilling testimony.. t. t.1 e.!< I : :
# ? T .to rll "f pt-nii Tli'tv Is not a vchooljr ",At the preliminary conference the confederate of this srrat s. !clu as lie marc.Hdn\ death in Lilesville township the other

.jr to fcn.-.tire.rhf-* who ranno tell yoaH.nral commissioners requested eonlerence ie-t.1 the fla: of .,!ar8. every hill tiLtS I day. She had carried dinner to her ,

.".M....,....(.il the thunder of his cuaa uivc.. j'I husband. Kit Kuby, who runs the Iron, Nails, Area, Bhorels, Saw Mill and Hteanboat Ha plUt, C I I
p : ro and Cckert that the I en-I
replied mill and
giuo at Coviugtou's
I' .'" fr. .1.t1'lN Who f'an telloij how conference could b-'k tht* wf'.rom" e-joes rr his prcc'lnT: j as and Jleatinz Stoves Paint, Oils and Window U)...*,
not proceed t-xicpt Under -
t ""M" ... -lul |.. t'.. ure its pe.EeefuIfr I'/. t rh ivo i Ca. eiie .' : started to leave she stepped over thu I
+ 4e .,,, confederate the terms, out'ined commissioners! in liU instructinn.unwilling !Ihlrts of hr rx'OpIhi\" ".:uht; shafting; and her dress got caught and I Agate aid Tlnwaro and lIon efuriifRliIng (ioo '..1.1 the t Sf-4 *. 1'I ureathirftain ai.n 1I! \ she was over and over and instantly -
eern to negotiate for peace under prescnUtdlimitations I -..il of llww-niu union !.. t I
f. ,.* -' < and w iKionins killed her neck beiug broken.
'-n rountn In his Gnus I'lstola
declined to proceed with theconference. and FIhlnjj TackU.AGENT : .
( ,..,.... achievements_ tin in Ftn-nxth and \olu 1l' aa t." I
..,*' %>' rs u".i Lis I'.uw tlr.- lie and ot.'in uf ., I
V '4 e< ':nttisb.-1 bv "I'ris-tcK Lincoln in submitting the
I t.lm ant'iflltzns foar- correspondence to congress said that at nation" pt-aoe. ]POLITICAL I Ii for E1nlflhalfl Rolling M11U Corapanj. K \ II t. '
". \\ hen th- rfx-tnt c;,:'l to arms broiuli:
win g-1 s In the this stage: Stitched Eeltlc?:, Northampton Euicry Wheel
ComptDy Laftiii A u ;
..t M limtur.s to otter their: lives in the "-'>rn- ,
-. 'I.. t.rms, fU' "f,is in;: irtl-'on' ondit'i Eokert." '1 \\ji.s wnei about the following to recall tekpram Seward from and iron -au&c of the ua.on against Sjain ANNOUNCEMENTS I! Povdor Compiii-, John3ou'B HalBomlao, Ire:! KILt aDd lln k ,

.dl w i --1.. General ( rant to tile of I uatriotism! t.f our iieopte found nul...snwr ; and RangeWm.. Cnsj-s & Co.'
secretary war ? RJ.'T711ljo! L1c
LeUbtr MM K..Jtlnlc -
I Ii ar
Ptt., '" wj.s shown me.' I "'sion in me rbponlll' they made tc : =..:__ ,_ =-
t -r thaI
.....4 >. .. *--n'p at "The- telcg.am read: I the rum-beat -j( the republic and tU !i I For Mayor. KaHroad Colors.JIasonic .

I II..aH il/ M-teiir '. .-tnmvlneeil conversation sr.iis of feder.tht and confederatts a\Vv: \ The frifciNnf Jloii. 1". Moreno Jones tnhe ] >>
upon Temple
.1 *i* t \'irr with M'r..-,. Stephens and Hunter that | tiourej out their berfs blojd in the com- :i tb is iiU'iiMxl! of pl"clllllus imine l'<"'ore tlit I I Peiwiroln, Ha. I II
rtoftMw '- 'II'! tl-i-'r Intentions are good and their desire won i-aiise. None QII-stionf.l the ln.alt- puh'ic a> H raiiUid'tie fur .Vn>ur rot the city I
.. \ tI 5 V- Mm :'y to restore peace and union. I i I.T.I! i> .tnotisn of his comrade In urms.i ; of IVn'-nculB nr.d earnestly rcque'-t IliVsutlra '
h.. ..t it-It: mvselt ,! -i ct Inc toter. ui the enuir.g eectiiui -
\ i- at
s4 liberty to express i anti northern Uvvs and southern I uniarcr.ud \ ,
z. I .
I lie lied
tu Jun 4th.
.' "- .rnws of my own or to account for shoulder to snouldesr u. lor t .,
'" .
''fr .
trr ucemv This has placed in
T1 ,! .f I .,It!< ''Kisltlon which 1 would me h.tel.3ICI annsa.inl j iSl..i-s and Striuf tu tin- 111m!!:'-.! ,=:rui-i- For Mayor. J WL ( LODGE D11IEC'RsHIKNIGHTSOF )
; 1rL..'. af .t ''I'. a by not seeing them In the nrInti ofD.xie' a' -iar.ke,' O-d! .' t'ndor ii'' j At the urgent soliiiiBtuin of pmrfi..nils =
.V.-' f*, '1: ,. IK "-. I .. ir now th"irIng bat it: I tf< :> l':1 in uf Ccthi .n'l t it }'1i iivln-. I herely iunounce my rnnl.ilncv lor re-
t.- ..."t h' WI!h'Jllt ant'>. restlon from any one in I they h'iv,- 111" beta i .n them tie set c:'. ,1 eltH'Unn to the nmce nl'iinyor of the City n< I PTI4IAPcniit,1a *
'ho tty will hd\'e a bad intluc-nce. I am I rMiitacola.and l."t I
yectfullv tin-
: ark nf thi iLttlnn's i over.lit. inav > an.! .up.
;:: I UI' .i tint Mr Lincoln tannut have the I |HitnJ the voters at thH .ectliui to li>' t\1't I
t"!! 1: ll-K: | irt-f .iMl ratritallite.. m>vn1 liv' tiicir.mon on i'ue-dii.v June 4, I'.xil.h 1.iC" I IsJ' -
'I ', .. .d. .. ( iiruuNi .if t wir "niMr-- !,j\" ,
I- n:H Pe."ldont IJnco'n J.M: HIILI\I
: said ; : "
6 '. 'at ,- to con- and t';.. ,.;, -no4 e.ury': of .tj ir.is.-ii-,1' ,---- --- .. I II II "... .
1"1 .... n trt" .,- --'I. i4Jiap.it' h of lent ral Grant i "J'hiiKjSic that ";"-::
j. irnwnl : 'I 'II lbs .' .1 my rim'fse. and accordingly 1 mund h's come at last .u.d it i.; an : 1 am a ctnelidittitor ieltctui! to tinI J.s .
.t -- 1 fr mI ,, \vhfi tim as fol.ons: "Say to the alt-hag pt'art' I the flirt "City Martha! anti te>peii.iiiask >
t'* -I B t.rrren I will me- them wrsi-nilly I "It is Iii,; l"'a"N! 01,1"1'.1 binHiutlon the .upl".rl <.( tbe vntrra lit I II" npI .
;,. nr.It 1 :::M-e>!S Monroe as soon as 1 can get ;i ca<' t the h arrthe I pruotiblng tIlIIUI'Jnl h'Cli"'L). M'c
I n 'r:' \tJiJt .
1 1 onf inent. wlitn frnni amid the Polerr.nior I .. t'IIASKJ.WIJ\' c ". .. .
4 .... !lM.lt.'s tornptv-1 ti.cl he did cot: tli...... and at once and "at ,trtineK ...1'11.. I.r"/lr. the ai<;;,i'1 I For City Marshal.I tiZT ,

4 ,..t '. .' 1won,,:.. store t-f tint IM.nfnvntv in the : of i!::-all. gi-.itlj( I.\>. h. d hit sitmnmu of I i I I sra oandidati- for fily )Iar'lisl at the --
M' 0 A rt.llitt Waters of Hampton Jfiiuda. within thi-- lJi-i' t'o'r.m.iiiil.r/ 'lit it ijiil lit I election 1.1 ht. hell on June Ih..4h.II'I.
II MM riit. h .n.iis .It-'ance of thy scene where iront tome until the rau-.o of a reuniti: d ua1 'and rtipctfuly! r (jus.t the SUpport ..f "hvi.terS. '
.. *!' t .;.. fir- m' t in little In the en.-ounKr 1 lion's. vjttnu II,. to th" n1: ,,,,ij' ofnor i I nni a cuudulnt"uIIIII I lie >.o[. ;
of th- Mn iHi-r and the 11< rrimjiiffor.is are eoullhd on that iate." ainl! prc, Ill....
....i .i i'i ."' u h id f..iV: uj'J1 the 'i"r ,'Ir of trietid 1 inj
tI! <. ':>,i t 1V r zllnK recital of our un- the s.rickt lit :0. I aaitu the tie 10 a 1I111.h. Kcdol
*1 : 1 i inir T\r:ti.-: h.: r:. I epl'.e'lully \ADVKRTHK; IlEOl
; I .. "i'iiUrihim :is :.t sid.( 1>.,'1 tr' I. 1Raril. A KTIlt'K i I CCV M I.L.i \IILY .
11 f. ,' .I'I, t'ieP.O "I hi.- t. ira from Mr. Sie .hew'S ,wnlir ",Irro-. It.u In; 'I i < lit ni"ro.! a r..: ,: That is why our I'rp-Triptu
>x /lnw th siuthernomm'.ne.. dw..'f i uI5uiness
a rcr
>'. Ii., j in 'I 1 t'* 1 1 .r!"'* i i v '""i i'i: -r ; Cily Marsha
( fl... ir iti Ir. .:..tu.-t. liin a Klnnt m intillet. upona. I am a ennduiate for the i flip of City i iMnr Orows j-u R-ipidly.
1. .. "' .. '111$4s 1 .:' ti'; > i Ibm of the! tat si .pn<'d to AIVir .\I.l'BI.1'mllICI \ : 'balut tin- Cn.iIngJuc election. and Dyspepsia Cure
J iTiv.nd the ,'\,\"rln'lkh protfted hi.frit. .-' .tnctlully solicit Iht.II' uf lbs IePcof | Pure
t .I I "...,,_,1| bo.i\, frcia the beat! sea wm'la. and C'>t ('mtIi
I.-- !;" ""'. Hf .
f'I t ..spi ,t- 1 !"he h'-"l'lr.It' of [Iriii ,U.v.. ...rand.fc- siritt"jts i..ovis tint were t mfnrtcr r. T. ..,.,=..f.and lie I 1 hare not the slightest); lttiin- For Cily Tax ColI- cfo.- ANDPROMPT Digests what you c tvat'ira

.....1 i !. 1'.1 i r ,,111 1 cv in roccumendiis Chamberlain's: : I ..MI h.> a caniiiiiaiH for re-el.| ctmn ns It .
f nutn.it lv Hr"S-l. l.tuolu with t ; SERVICEDO .utl :, iAli7lI: "
Ws'rt- r.-t.... my Tux
'-1 I'"f I. 1 Collector ut th-s
1-t.1K"t 1. 1- -riti> ...irutehi..c aft-itin;, : "\\ Ii.a'.5t Sui'hp...' Cou-h; Remedy! tall \; 1.0 :aresuf ."I-' ioa. eutuir.g THE iu .,.: .11. I .. .
r > i i fN .1 .. I REST."
I -IIU '.' I"f' :: 1.1" ..: 1 _'. ::> ;. :'L..l I from -N. Mc t....4' .111':11lrot. .5. '. :\ .'. _., .c" i." .' .,' t fering: cougi-.i: or coldsays \ i It .
r\ r. i r.i'il.i| In ''IBud..I. -! t. 1
... .. "I ho'n t't, half r, : ti'il u.t Chs. M. Craaer, E-q a well known Fo. Alderman.At If I .
f. C ant aui \1
n hI' ho t. :
II : i :t.y" & UIC. UN. iCu.i !' .
e VPopular I
of tlgftl* I i ir ...' I" ., :-. .. i hi t.;d :r-T. watch maker of 'lmbo" C tlon. lbs urgent rioe if r.voter1. I ; \ approach It m 1- .
.. : --- -' ."':'. =.::' .-' tinenirn- to liTuiue n i-Hiiiliflaie fur re-
S tTw '. H .1.10' bdir. I 1.1 has been cotiie two years 'incei tlfctl"n ..* BMerinnn fiom prerirct I l.'i nr.il "'lantlY relu\f ,,flit T5"ttLIi .
... [ For Ovct rrrj\c: r the Pi. fir.t railed re-pi-cttnllv 'olicit the uf tlie
: "P f J : .rkn..na I i I City p* iiary my support vjtersat lysliep.iia. JCUIhtP'.ti4I. II.
f'I*,.. C"4t.-, d 1 .1. Klr.l\ 'n. MBS. o\"ql. nr's 'OTttl'YR"P ts, aienti. tothNaliuhle: ineilipiiHi : tinJune eleition. Drug) Store, i l'Io1tIIIIOf"f' ollr .V.iIht'< Ii.Srk .
\V. KKV-rr.:
,.. I' :MUII ', ., sl..hk'1 II i I tven o"ei1 for over fitly year by mlll.i os >II r i and I have upft-t" dly ird it uml it ; lIead..eht. (.astrt:4' ( '
-. 1f' ....$e S b Ut' -". .' 11' i'i p.1..jt.1 1 I tuather for their children while teething!, IK been betii ficial. Is For AldermanA No. 37 South Palafox I .11
." with perfect ;;ucetIt soothes the child ; s always hn- II (, ftjlt'iif Jlllfwl'' ; .
p. AtDlJti Iten it. .esrt-.t" rrf n'f" 'Jo'.' 11.rrn- I' 1,1-lllU-l> 't.rm .-.- often the gunls.iIltysa1l aala.cureswlnf I it, cured me quickly of all chest cod! <. t the r#'iiKlf.f' many friHnJ I lI..r hi' Telephone 30'! '). I t 'rljjc and II. I.mps. ",..OUfl&.t,. ,
r f
< in e
Jt/I 0')110.1\:111 u the best for Inarrbott.l' It Directive for announre >> au candidate turn I 1\,' Ii .... .
remedy 1 U especially childreni .11' 'lie < 4, '! 'ly 'f--f
l.- .l flection x* from
Ih. v j >i i-ot t