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..i.flr.t cUum... It lelf. A G',')jJ ClHKICNMEXTPOLITICIAN. --- -- --
p > yard. i Whoa at f:.::!;. Every pair :I White awl 'oloml I"-lIirt,11I till city

I'KNSU'111.April 1. 1'JOl.A Habitual constipation i< the door url-iurh It"and, White Check'!' guaranteed. I at 25c!: to f Mm.

f, I" 11..110<< -- -- throuirh which many of the seriouilU Table D im.i-k: at \Oc yard. t 50doz"n Vrii's''e t", at six for40do7. Yard Wide Reached: D'lIlf'stic at

f,. MI. r1k-1lt fif ..rr-f' fln! opportunity to buy an e+- of the body are admitted. J IIPoccasional b t-inch Bleachc Table Iami-k: at j25o j 2c. or Joe; dozen ) 5 cents.
to : '" WBI. J.h".IIII t.ibhh.,1 grocery bu-ine; good"land : ue of Pun ICLV ASH BrrTKKS ; yard. n Ladies''est with tpP.ill : j Yard wide Hea I-land Domestic) :
JI II' ,..,,_,.III.. t to for CM-II trade ; see H. J. will remove and cure this dis- l"nhl"\rholl Pnre Linen neck and sleeve*, at throe for ";5c, I j at Scents per }'aed. II
Hannah Bro* .X-inch :
condition. !
I.i.H'i '' 10 J Unbleached! '
special: a:;enB. Table: Duinak at :;: yard.ftinch i, Hhftin at 12 .
R ,: bt rltb 'r.iulyIV nce. ; BlpachedTab'e Ijma--k at I :u dozen Ladio F.l1cv'etg., ,, cents per yard, or 'M coot t;!6rrt.
; pink blue or white, at roc; rash, two
> 4. by Ihr.11rtNr ---- 30c yard. i IO.! fiill-unlileacln-d IKhpetinjjat '
t HI'" '.64.... 'J II.. \'1'rrtJ1Hu1t:1- '1! 7 inch m..aehpd11 Linen Table : for 2!;jc.2."i : : lilt cent :yird. J
tr. : 1 1i : dozen Ladie' Li-lc l-'ini-hSilk: 1O.J full litachrd!
Damask at !S5u yard. I II hhfKit at liI !
,11 l\PffiOUP\ Paeking Go.'sDisplay i Before biivinfr your Towfl* look at i I Tape; Neck) and Sleeves, at 2: x: each I cents yard i

u4Fr: r .prrdwar nt our Ii:!*. !!'swill save you iinney. ,i .il<) dOZ":1 M!tan'* French Neck Uudrrhirts i FaHIor"d Cnlicors in lighter
-tr. ; faUlrrtlna'iti:, Our Lldip.: Sandal: and Kford* at ti>. rl'ic: SIJit.I ; dark pattern*, at 4 cent yard.Fa .

>u -lit': bur atrradyt lesson to :.tac. i. ,.. fl.ll.I.> |1,25 to'W: are I'I ;1) nzen Men's Drop-stitch Flinch .i colored 1..1\\11'4. Inv this week t
,.4 '..ward thu work is a welcome manya money savers. I I Neck: Undershirts at 4"c; drawers to at 4 cent yard

i th ,. im w<.rk. by the 1 Men !shoulJ buy their Cable (I II11'itch.I A*k to see our live of Orpandips ;
'."t *, ,'-li tl* ilotll* housekeeper of Pensacola. Screwed :Mioe from us this week at I i I h) rloz"n M I>nM !Scriven Patent I and! fine Luwn. \\'.. will nerve you
$120! pair. I I I Side: ricaoi Drawers at loc: pair. I Monday.C. J

j If. !.'tood t<> nntiri' ,+fI. I Tile AccoIllmo a1iua Lady in Charge
I'll-" tii L. A N. y

I. hk-u1 The train TROUBLE TO SHOW GOO JSt- f
7Y.NO; ;
.-ro At 4:16 p. in. will. I will continue demonstrating to housewives -
t "'ril 14. *rr vi. at 4 p. !I !
bOllr of ,depot of
.u th and
the manner many
I.... n..eoJa. Ask far Rebate Checks. I.JiiJ .

I J..aan. trudloif tin.4iu serving her canned meats, soups and

? f Jordan .\' l',)..
fur..rlMpyt bu+Inr++. delicacies. ) Ii} ;). 'm1M'!) rnl ,
I with lltlrrco P.. 1II. \ other lcr ; ;
91, J.f j !!! 2 ilw { OJV
:, |...Wdi HI. aJudjt-d foluntaryuiti ) at Come 'ToDayand t J) .

t .. dMbt. are ,.tlU1at..1

,, .ud the 111111I1u.+ take a lesson in how to serve dainty dishes, 105 South Palafox Street.

Packing Co/s celebrated prepara - -
I from Armour -
II -
t..uea i' the 'nlyltn. I
I rf.. hMlth. Tlif food Thos. C Watson & Co.. The man who owns ni3 own homeinurP3 >
\ with it costs V.
,, oil tIM bl.Hul wr have, tions. Come and take lunch us, the leading Real I Estate Aeents.take I himself again lots of THOMPSON, .-
of the
i'ti f pd* "" -ry norve, compliments. all the worry off the shoulders the tiotible and worry. Nobody can No.30S.Pal foxSt.Slalioitry .
i ti++tw Inbft body nothing-'tis free with our owners of property, manage raise hh rpnt, and the rent day: ha '
i .. rentlU,? of their houses and the no terrors for him. It's
the to
.4i< ktt appetite.iiv easy owna
| o''M--...... .... 0 lection of their rent a< conscientiomlv home aid OSes Sop liES
tont and \'I'r now-a-days. ThOR. C. ;
j ,n. and ..w.lIr". K''' WatSOn & Co. can tell you bow'' New and Ktvlih Hood at I'ricfa

'...1tat 4. \\'. T. SOL CKHN: & CO ; Their charges are. v reasonable. : easy it is. Call and see _them. l! that Make Them Oo. v
"Brookwood Rye, made in ISbj; 11:
; smooth and mellow; at a: A. tried-1! Pat McHugh's new ad on last pase. '! Agent Grand Union Tea Co. r >

v drink of "Brock 201-203 S. Palafox.Telephone No. 178. man's. I; It will pay you to read it. j jI Telephone No Sti.

.\. FrleJiaan'f.

.i t.i

----. .. -' -- '

..,. -"-'t..r ......_'..., :;>' ,"," -' :....... iz1.: -r<' '-.(! ': ':!!--"", 1i"-; $t\JJ; : ", "" ,.J-.. ,, .,...,.. "'- _yoti

APRIL 11.1901. '.

L-______ __ I I

DRUMS.t 1 To Mothers charge Families. I LABOK 11 ,

,* l.r.rfn ilon tad Cirbaogr K<:- world few
1'CON Ia this workaday womenare
llr <.rl on Somr CuuJ On-n. I, that exertionis
so placed physical DOWN\ IN PORTO RICO I E1a)
"\VlilI you're taiUii !il...ut oinucInf :, not constantly demanded of tLea .

r ," sad lInt .-X' i niing- tenor "iuayl.i. in their daily life. Labor

) nu < tit it il uli\ :i .. 'i nl uiir n .:; b>! Mrs. IMakhara makes a special appeal i the organ

, a JUI.:..- Lair 1.1'.1111 li.in ",.,"111faJ \ ." to muthers of large families whose [ Poverty Prevailing to An bama, has

"} i f |M.tr ,;()('k." rfjiltwl t'i! in : work is never done, and many of dorsement
and suilcr for lack of Alarming Extent.
fl.rtuatian editor. "Wltll'n ties differ whom sulfa : stitutional :

C'Un Itrecu a rull-r Vwil n,1 thel j intelligent .iiL I all union for Infants and Children.The .
To or old. rich or movement
: women
t .weir, ,. h i state t'j uw itT'U I poor Mrs. Pinkham, of Lynn, Mass., SOME SELFISH SPANIARDS ticket. Kind You Hate Always lloujjht lias borne the .1n.l.i
"Ir" i a wij..-r. and the oilier i H aletwrat1 j ji ;
.. extends her invitation of free atlviee. The tore ot'Clins. II. Fletcher, and Las Leon made uud,'r h. ,
f Wlmt'ii the d.fft : "
< Winer Oh, women d'> not let your lives be I executive
rriM'r I...i 1'.IOf 1J catfish: 1111.111 w ail of ) saerifioe. when a word from :'IIrs.1'11l1..h.1m Kdueitluii of .Ma-sein Pressing Problem their personal supervision for O\IT DO 3 cars. Allow nu tit,,.

!-I Lee Iut J.n.1';" at the first approach ofweiknc'ss. -(.iood Work Heliig Accomplished In pledging to deceive you 'iu this. Counterfeits. Imitation! tiled

"Not in- :. If* all l l'i th.' ru'ath. I lu That Line-Industrie1, Educational Democratic 7ustasMMl" are but Kxporimonts and Mul.inr tl.>

Why 1. a r'i'r apt'* Jaw: I'"* g'-wtto?" "" I and Kellg'.ouiOutlook.EosTO.v party health of Children-Hxperienco against IIsHTinnnt.The .

"I'till!! f lulifVUy 1+ a gitfia of i j Af'dr anything

t ..0011,1." i : faith! cun-r ,-'r.s"jjy",-" 3\: I -\prilIO.-lt \. H S. Tead of will Kind You Have Always BoughtBears
"m" classes is
; '-'
,\11111 lour i ,vi tt'hy! due* Somerville. Ma-s, who with Rev A. F Advocate's

"\ loll in Thnt mti'l rlslil. You tS Beard of New York went to Porto Pica ture of a the Signature of
ti! dot ha1answer.. Miner, about '. Illy
as representatives of the American Missionary the action
tb* .". rent rixar and the y nirg 1Io1'I.1W." | sentatives.
: associatua nag made thc following
f ,.. fur.ib.li hatch for
"It" a iiiisinkt- a ;t tII
/ Iti'ti \ i.u Wfr.'ill wro-ur. too. iUitl! : j ; reiK.rt couceniiBgcouditioa* ia 1> \

II.. filer t. 4'14 and tow |IM eopk' who IN.' : set 1 that land: : NEW

II' "In some of tha towns where the mans, for ,

$I. I It". "11"- K a crash, :and the other's a greatest poverty exists Spaniards live I Science
In Use For Over 30 Years.
I'h.Itl4n'tU.IWAlthtuylwI/, who worth all the from J100.U.XIto home in
* ., .. way I I of this city ..ae er.....u. e"....... ..un.. ...rt ..ow.".. t-t.
1.OOO.Ol"O." but they are not touched'' .
J : ,..IIe imirM-'fl' : It'IPIUIIt' the p"" : by this condition of the poor and tuey i I I illness established:\ : == ___ -- I

I I :11'> '.au.I! eras WWMI years! :ind 'It' make no efforts; to alleviate the! '
I8f2 and
.,. i l\1.i it \r ('1II111oWhy t4I tree :1'1 I the death

.\ "Bt'::,iu:: is coraaou.: and ia some

I i i .U II'' '.: tu i ".11I1;"' I""Jar.'I': ; the "10.'''s little baskets of coprx rOil i j,I Youmaus was a The Star Laundry

to )I. -, V>ti ii ..'i!11&:1'11141.' right !I">..Mlj the .shelf hold the .itnouutvnm: tuo I|j i a widow a
merchant intends to tii- that dIY.I I ,
!-j ,.( .1.1MI.V I..Mil ilif t.iltish! and tt11'i e peuse and two .
. sorts of bodily deformities and its
\: ii I.. .1.II I .. ..tit, and Dr.

I : x n- I hI: lIk,'. You can get ease such as are blindness displayed, twisted Phthose feet, beggar drop; ; -Y',, recently ;

< .ni..Hi t \\'bl doM" :rpCAPCIF. gEL.ECILLi: sore, bruised legs, paralysis women city. I 1 [ PINED l III( ifrj f WEST 1 FLORIDA !

I. -. ; : I iy thejr'i null"! carried in carts or hobbling along on >it

i i1.! \ it <.: It IMI'I uct-t h) use' may 1:11 yotr future years their haunches or tart seated by the NEW YOI -- -

"<.u> with healthy joy. wayside holding up a maimed limb and the office of ... --tlJ
Whet I Inan to take Lydia 1:. becking; for a pittance. The need of
\ ,i up .',; Y"u ran tat oue for a : I
I'mk'iam's Vogetal Compound was the island is a ;general nospita'', equipped Jersey
I ,: : v u'i! :<. it U only' the Kin-ill fry nut able! to lo my housework. I suf- I with modern appliance. A place in the ; : ;

tl j1 i.. i1!... i.tl-er" ferv t.'r'lo'y at time of menstruation could be built and equipped at hu"puall a 1'111'IXlr the ) I |

\\ ,' -I I ver heard.im nude the I s.'wl 'l! x-tors toad me they could do tI.l'lymall t:1: JelhC. Miss D:. Atknis I r ij :

"r '.. ':lu -s alfiut ihe rite| apple( and OJt't'u- .a,'. Thanks to Mrs Pink I connected with the 1'res.bytrrianmi.sii.n lie I o I I !

II. 1 h.uha'I haas'i'i 'it't' and nirdicme I am now ot ;: at' Juan, has: '.'3 to 40 calls: \\ ::- f ( IegrTRYU8.I! ',

I\.1 t ..a iturjmoe- \\II/i a resent ,: \",,'L! :1:1'i ,',.'1 t'.o tag sv,'rk fr eight in a day from putieuts who need hospital picious I i
the fin. : most rece* itated your rC .
y treatment lUalluf whoso livt-a are :ot '
nf i !i. a.yIU"a\\hr' ] driving 4t- ( .
... '. I nou'd: rei-omnnnd Lydia E. because of 1.tck; of uiediciue. a l material in order to pen n
.. I1. "ii ft's a d".I,1| gl i re a way. Why
il. .. ,. ..in" Pin''i mi's \.tthc! : ('i>:i:pound i to all 1 ht Prt-s-tlns 1'rubcut.: a fine bU : I Now wi know liettt'r rand .
': -
m:>'l.-rs w fi lar:!'.' ftiniiies.-Mas. claim to >t x'41 we will it twill <> .
1111: in the l -adir of au orclio.stra" l 1.1U I.K. l.n'U.LI.. Lul.nrton; ; Mich. "Some of the peope: are receiving; the lion of Pat )' prove y. '
l. a fact \\al,1I1 li.niH..; he I II careful rUl"id"ra'llIu of the (,f1 clais. kidnaper.

.. Dr. Brumbaugh the commissioner, of was going I
I- I' '>" U h> in aciKtuinor at d dell .-
i I..H' i stun-" TniiJi of Queer n"\PDge. education, working night and day on Eti'J iQt& mi: L CCST: C:
In ).':._'I:1l1o.l"hpn' men have more this pressing problem. At prest'ut10,- i ii
t I roan'al yeiib .II| ? l!'Tau.seI I Those
tlnit' for l'n'rythillIu'illiling 000 children are in the public schools,
/ revenge
: I,. .\ i ne a line Inn : for hit but 300KK! Little ,Ja
t htiiit queer| inotlnnls of playing even remain as yet unprovidedfor. v
j I impurities )
There art bOO teachers about 'JO
I I I''' .i.. !infiiuiiati-m\
I -i > .1':1'l hoi. wbil., Hicxrbange t I Ift Alln-rt I'ewdley! nf Leeds had a (10;; I lish are taught and the children are Hargi j.. ; ALL WORK C. O. D.
that lionliH] at nlgiit. .\ naturalist next John i h
I ,'n'd o r.-.l1li,i go Tribune.i quick and eager to learn. There is no
I, dour did nut like it, but had no legal: I high normal i:1rlustri:11cUllol or cut TELEPHONE 114. > 7 E. GARDEN 873rOOOD8

\ i; rwours-. leg in the island though Marja has

rip TO CURE A COLD I IN Orle nYk : Oiii' Jay silts' tf the minute red varlty raised 20.000: for a normal school Sixteen "\\ 011I1'11 CALLED FOR AND DELIVERED FRFR.TKI:

+t.yr tirji >... .....* Tubiet.. lit-aau to overrun IVxvdley's house. school inductors are in the saddle, great ,':\ !

Nothing that: (' uld l.e done headed vistingthedtfferentpartsof the islands, iiddphia < WALKER INGRAHAMManagertTEB

and their services are much needed to reports ,.:.. !
then off. They prow worse md worsi\
keep the native teachers to their tasks
rk lie bad iii.iilt> till his lain I to break his Rye was :
III* ".ud Itlnn.lfr. which sometimes they are disposed to
; lease and move when oil" night! l.e 5..;;-,7 ': '
; bkirk."KeliRion.
> 1. ts a cud Mit.|rr. '
?I '. heard a anise in his dinni; room. Slii ii tot allowed place in men. ; HUGHES
I I' : (1u ,'bIW"11O"'rC' to the .
1.IIIl .iMii. he found ,ilie niiiiiralistmjitj the curriculum 'ilureiia i widespread tlr. ,. ,
i' I. hat on Mi""-md that Itt
.. in": a bag i.f tats on the tloor. desire to learn Lug.isu: and at fares s'.inl to (' ) :
.11 w4f ao'l a lieUryi : tho clerks Nos. 801', 803, 835:) 807 South Pilalcu btrret.
I: In cuurt the naturalist p3t1la1113l'S.! ; in the stores meet Professor, granted to j
1 I .r '.' 1.1) kMtrlr thl'M' ,..'11'J but he did it Mnilingly.Itnuley. !: Scott m the night school that he has oiluT. Mt> -:- P. O. Box 401; Phone, Shops, 123. .
ll II .-rp" |1f Mllglltv I the
opened to study language
the l:1telnHsb, ,violinist ; patents !
I 11 II.. ''''IH' 't. "nitle I!
\\'o { hard to beat on his! pcrecianeoasaln't Doing Good \\ ork. rniU'tl :-: ; machine Boiler Works
'r tH 1 : tic ii w,,,'... IliU be- ;
one who had Incurred his ill "The Presbj tenan mission under the taken out : ,
f II 1111' M', .' iti-tn a bid fur will. wisu geiieral-hip of Kev. Dr. John M. Tl."tiiax A. I
/10MPLKTH.Y Elll'll'l'F.lIWlfU TILE 1.\TKST AM HHI M It Ii NM<
v ml) HII I ihi.
woman was: i I I:.\\ley had a quarrel wit n horse Green, the Merhodibt mi'lSlolI. led by 7lu':: 'r'1''iif'I, I Every lot-erhpttuaturStramioatsawmill: and l.iK'uin" t rte W.Irl l.n >
", t' 'I 11.1.1 'oA ,J".IJt'o1 Ii : Kev. Dr. Dret-s, tne Baptist and Episco- Genre \\' biuiplf or lutllcalt.i .
.1":11.1" named r.rant. It was a trivial
I 'r -N an..iliine hid been pal mission. conducted, respectively,
I matter but 1:0\\ tout the next house S. :M.i\lui
II'Y Ilev. Drs. McOormickandVauDiiren a: ) Pattern Making a Specialty.
r 11 it i.l' iHiiktfy uel by :: 13' and : (>:
to r.rant set up a piano bought n cornet .
t I I. ,. .tl It I I'M! rut relive glic t are doing excellent ", service in educational -
t ,1.. : an.l proceedeil to uiaUe: insomnia! and evangelistic line Their A \\'e have Employed Ont of the Rest Pattern Maker tI. .

I for I'.n.it. tlul aand weekday service; are .
I lof I Cli
t' '1" l I! oil Till the
: After i\\n assni.lt In crovrded with t'urJous.and iutcresunlisten.
one or ra-TH ,: Di:urliu11 Sawmill Specialties:
t i'iii-i t'''J.D. and .
;-t -;
court r.rant 1lon't1:1'\\ by l-oujrht suffering I
; 1 I I s
Th. .
Congregationalstt through the
I II' out the no\t door\ niihln:; \ and followisl I Wit given : LUMBER HOLLERSVOITUU'K : :
i il ..iirscv. Am..ricauItslOllary or.ation.. have : Tit <'I 1\-: I.OPdiN'l -
j with ji'ano :In.I'.nl't. I'rant wentto regular
t' "i'i ni, ; i twoexcelknt! schools at Santnrcc and 'IIIOLj ETC.. :\MANIKACTUKED
u ; youiu; II l.iw. |Im found l.e cored do i.liini! in his :HOKT NO 1'H i
lxres: and are doing as thorough work
I I Ii' ii-.ui :-in lit'. < three

r I "' .. t .. ,1..1! of nunior j. J'a IJovley:bus:;. h lnre.!- took bras a detached Lauds I 1.11"and orsin1. Then I ou m education toe island as is Tnere do'ie:is by u distinct any school and ed mg .) Complete Stork 3IicrIitI; and SESTABLISHED ', I lil" .

s tirely
< I and assailed: him. This was actionable.nnd emphatic call for a large: central Loar I .-
; .
I I I I 'IllY"r'9. :
--i \ ) III' now
Itowley t p'lld lMnfor his, revenge. jug school of the higher grade with!
t+'" I.. : th. ford, Ya. i | 1863.
i Chicago: Tribune normal and :u.mbl departments. 'by all ,
"' .1 i < ',l 'inmlcr. bite Y

ur* HI. ir cumpptiKHI1 J-ul'"ur.lu:: Outlook. ers.

i I ;.. U i.; .,.... unr .I,wa not Did .tnli(>dy J-pp: Do Thalf "The outlook for industrial educational McKENZIE OBETINQ & COOIALCR8 .
Some t.iIa"lo'i what U tait. It la anti religious, qaici-fiiiuj la encourHxins. i
t I "I. ""* f.'IN.'b, aitk
hat: feel.ns: : which iruuipts a wuni.in to Daring thi-pist two years 0 IK- ---e
> I' dl.l4'1k I'uKlki4liM If
< a IO great ad\ances have teen made. Tne :
1 1 d::f 111thl' photograph; of a friend who
people lu spar of the present disturb ..... ..
| ... | ann n l ,, 1 ..r.... is coming; to visit from the bottom bunviu antes expectant of cLauses: for tile Ship Chandlery and General Hardware.
drawer and put it ou the parlor betUr. I
Itl I L i'! r'j'licittiotirt ,trIbryaInnutt
: | Ulobe.l .
"The of that fair Ian 1 in the
hope n boa AND 605 M. PAL\I' ?. i:to t I. Mi.tll/ .fiix> i |i.iftloil of the children. By their ready a ,.iinlatioiiut : } :

.,u 1' t u only '.n.i Way to iMiif': lIa.,- Urlalltv.s. ... American idwn they constitute tile -. ---- -

t. 4. *f> -- url that 14 Ity ioiistaiir "\ sir my great-grandfather blazed groundwork of a nominal civilian order. REVERE COPPER COMPANY, JOHN. Rn HIISC1'4 HO.NH CO 'H
.. ... .r I. ...|1t-s. 1I."tlt.s.. c.uisftl 'ilV his way to wealth." That such remuneration is to come is the Mr. GALVANIZED WIRE ROPE A. RUNNEI A toION'H Pl'MPH.
| .11 tt' tlll'Ml '"", Illicit Of til" Illlln. "\Vith a pioneer's :ax?' confident expectation of those who

'u- : ..iftli. 1"t.rldllll'l'III": *. ".h ? No. lie burned turns and pot know Porto Rico. best." Can II. Csrdui, Piisti. Oils. Stiitici! lojtroaioti Chefs, iiekirt. IttiuOOMPASSE1.
1vi1 tub.- UintUiiii* li.ivc -- --- .
i- u
) y > ..
the Insurance. -Clet eland Plain Dealer. LOGS,
a rwn' 'd; '>j ".'uu>| or inij>'Tfot 'li'-.ir- Skin troubles, cut, burns, scalds I .
I 'g "' ,I I" I., n it I N entirely cl'i-Hil : C. McKenzie Oertin< Collecting Airent for Hi: I'iloW B'tI"Yul'l1t AM !
I .. ,f. -- tli.. r .'IIt, nJ unit--. and chaillu quickly heal l b1 the use lIe ciation. I
t' "1 I'I 'i4tl' CUM t III t.iki-l i Ut''I of DeWitt's Witch Hazel Kilve. Iti

1 I' I' t,t' i. r< .t.>r-vl PI its noriu.'il n tekaehDsare coined by disorder !
'. .. ill the kidneys Foi.EY's KlUXEY: : < imitated. Be sure you get De WCEIiLl'r4CIIE1)ULI
I < genii: will 10"< d.- trnyit ,
t i, i.- <4"4.-. ..ut "f t n .lit' I't'Kt:! will make the kidney nirnt. Witt's. Harris: Pharmacy, Sidney f? I /ORBTI+
''I < tturrh. ...hl.I, U n>Ilhingl i 1 I'nkP nosubsiltut*>. W. A: D'AIl-m- I Kahn John Bheppard. ..nUon wm HOP & GO.Importer DITIMON i
1. .1". ,.'Utiml aoiilltioii of the'if. d"rt... I nesday. I ft 1 .t-R.\COI.\; tLicrItIcTIILMIrAL

I I -
I I II I -* The .'n IOU. Father. i I KAII\V\Y ('H II'Y
w'1 .il.! '' "
\ fI..II..c.III.lll.lr..i Tralai leave l'mi&ool. for ib. I..tle
t f. f i ,>f U...h....+ ctiiM' il by 'JACOBY HAS 1 JUyoa, Biif naclu .rriLgU o, Nary laId
1'' and beaters m- and Kurt H rr.nc.. a' ,
I! I 'lit rtniut !li ruffii .I. ,
II ili t "rrh ('111'I: I for c.r- l Chinese TdC .. m..rrlT> .l Port harranC'a. T "a"
t i II Ir 1 ,' 'I l .. INTO THE GEOR( I- WILSON Iii' i and Japanese ill.'" a. m..rrl... al Korti tI.r''l'r". I' .Fa.r
i i 11'ap.m..rrre..tPort i K.rraaea.
I t 'u EY k c., Tole"S.I. o. Fancy Goods i I age, p. m. .rrlve &t Port Ii"rraltr.> 4 IY.ym:. Bl
'1 1 I tntmrfatu. Tfa*. PA LA FOX BTREKT.: AND HE IS .AIAu. m. rriT. m fort H..rr ai-.. ?>' t ii m
siio, m arrive.t K ort H.rr"n<-", itiiim
,..I \\ -.. "h.. Itrw.t..t HIS= PATRONS THERE. FINE CHINA TEAS. cola 1 rll atTl&n. heave fort 'ar'aoca.. for f....

..'f I want you Li beI 1 )- j N... :;t South I'al.if.ii.. ra nrrltH at I'. n".<-,,!.. a .
11 :,.i ... ..
p. m. arrir* t IVn ''' i ucm

I : ..-I I If joii'llI laeoby QroeeryJjjJ r.\'lnrtrv omr" PEN 'C'I\J, Vi--A-. 5)pmarrivrIllP Z: p. m. arrIYe.l 1'-.n."rul"'c''v ii'. II.. I.e

'. .to I for Tutu' p. m. ,nrrlvrtl 1''D.'cu. : III..
i.it. I \' tut j'.u M rt"I : / to1 acceptable ideas. 'Ij\ p. m. nrrlT;- .; l'ea.acola; h u m
I I State If patented. 'dataraay,01117
i il In .1 dll .1 cf -
.. I ( .i u.t'!.. ".'.- THE PATENT RECORD, FAKE ro& wrti u*> sIVo
W. B. Baltimore. Mi ..*co!le to Port K er
: : ) n acoiataNvy + arG and r-tirr Y
f1\ I'en.aaolatoPa'm.ttoBeaeh..dr..ort, .'
< !!... .'I < otllt.ll I. t t Cr f n Wi will do up your Counterpanes t far IU DAY .CBKI>Ot>I

'A : .'I' f-MhlOUeri -e r ,.,Tt t ttt. t 15 cents eacb Hew Method Lsundr/ Luv.PenifteoU. LT fort r .rr.at.i
lo .,
.1..1! ; > :110111"'. but very I rr = .1 11 ". m. t1 m m

,:i I i 01.! 11 K< : h>>H ;your ,!I 1\ !\$ L-L-' ,) I p. m, rpm.

.. ild i i J rp.m ap.m
r F. .
,. > 'I .I'i-l she I I I : SAWED CYPRESS > C WILLIAMS, /D.Ct p. m p III
1 i |mMim Jonl's-t y\'::: daubttr! !jd! ';\uz. : p 11\
i ap.m.
t i when .be sat Juwn. t-U? Are you gviu./ : i.' f :sal, l.IT !'.u" ';? I :! CONTRACTOR Ip'm' Apm
\ or a. Pl.\:, .'.'.;.. AHD BUILDER; to.m
Jinks Not
on y.tur life<: \a c iu-ut. I rAasoa $CaDAr
I them >o tuakt.u yt'lIa, wu g,.t ar.Jll'l' Estimates Promptly Furnished /"ni&oo:. to artBarranca :.Irr

'. .. w1.t! w ....(.. tinia if you try to on. lie unlit; cl'.iiuo: Isis ClieJ. on I'PIIUcola tend tad to mnrn.ftiDftto._.__ _
.H..oI ...
I I' IvatlnD' .Ir dyp'-Itrl'l I'r -Net;' York. Erring Journal. H. H. iA Hnildinz of All Kind. r.ta __ .-

..; .: \ ,iiriw-H, Fbtt 111111I:1:k.-- GIVEN-UP TO- DIE -VITH CROUP. ---, ---- No fright r""fl..d after |:1(7"m
I e -. u' t-n V'>u JI wit I etttilyi PROfES3IONAL ARDS.
r \' w tr. i... m (il"ntv. of foiul Mr*. P. L. CorJier of Manuinston. I

1'" 111ll.t., .*!.',. Kai,il I I>y"p*>p-ii: Ky., write : '-My three year old : Plumber Gas and II I W. T. GORDON & CO ,

ll. i- tl I.* rr 'lIlt If yeitr IIf -ciniri girl hail: aspvereC.-t. of croup the fT\arGelluS\ meCreary.

tlfl '. '- ti fir MiniPitiin,: thai ilctoraid: she could not live and I I I Real Estate ni Skort Time i Luis.fflm
!:' "fIIIJ .1--I ..! u '! only i''Mi'PPkluentt gave: lir up to di... p want to the : .
i No. S South Palafoz Phnician
; Hnd
"f. > l taut Parry kinJ. AnJ it I* storp and K*: a 11 )ttl. cf FOLKV'S I Snrfnn.R@lld&oe 8PWIAt ImlIlOI 10 coiifpuOS

.:t I' *. .. r-iiiflv that will .t., i H HnooWT.R; : lir.-tdoejave i All Kinds o. Plumbing and Gas Fitting 111 West I.altca. ,

t llupl. l'harml"T.j11l'1/ Kihn, quick rpli..fad avej her life." W. I' D'AlemorrteDB .so. 31. I / tad Goitmmtnt .'ft....'.
-, JUDD fp!: 'ard. A D' \lembert TELETHONS I :.3. .. r Once Palafox uUd'O. IIl1'i 8oUL j
--- I Street hone :?.4. Opera lion" J.J114.1.;

P'fi t''i

t.l. Iw t p a k iiMwi mJ.f """'- "" ""' a df, "prar.a--_'-'' -- --J

(' ,..., J ---"... ..l1lIU"J.JL1'; ioti,. J ,...,., .
iij *. :-f' ; t i w. '''': .l ;''' 1. ... ... .. ... .





n__ _
--- --- - ------c---
- ---- -
-- --
lls tt4 I

1p 1 low Aeeidenttlecome Halilti. I I Tie Ciil.'rr'i Pnn. ;

As to our mannerisms says a writer i At a recent auction sale: cine of the : g$ IiThough

In the liallimore! Sun at first they are paintings had for a subject a gayly attired

1ttJf reHopFkHEM accidents, and afterward they become ;, golf girl making: a lon,drive. The

habits. It is singular bow easy it is bidding! on this opened I'err 1.rlsk-IIO. WOMEN WHO WORK.ST. i

tu convince a credulous public that a 'j $.;. STti and finally $72. ,

misfortune is a gift. just as an eccentricity ; "Sewuty-two. two, two two" cried
"" b the "'l rt dliRt 4lality a h. mark of I
=v ? eat is a genius Your the auctioneer. F' 1

i FSC :;' It mt: cr.I;. ukes It most grJtity. correspondent knows a lady who was 'Tore!" shouted some one ia the Loci Xo. A... ., .
; '
t ; r ; 1'k\1 it'r in t s':. but is preef that it is ked in marriage 1 r F
rich in a > ; by several gentle.flier rC':1r.Yth only 19 ,year clJ, I ftfercj ffmpains .;;....V I I I
l toss: ff'rcrhcs. (for where one pastures others the exception of the golfer in and frmale troubles two jf ars. 1..11"4 x. Y1I -
spring I got so bad I hat to quit work. I had -J::: =", .
will follow although she tie front : "ducked. -
) was neither raw who immediately to support myself, and could not iiJord a h'gb- ,
/:1 \ /, I 'll- beautiful nor clever nor rich, but I! ." the joke passed nnnotleeti."foul. priced doctor. I got one bott! of Wine t'tP
Cariiui and that made feel be"rr. Have _
r.6. CJ,,,,,lj'Cf' because she was affected! with a trcrn- I ." repeated the auctioneer "Do con used peveral bottles and am ..>,!n M> -= G-
.I bUng of the lids. In her inmost heart I I hear Ih'cr' mother need the Win. for Change cf L&'e and SI 1 I
wa grcaly relieved. 1 If )
I. \ she who addresses you believes the j He did not hear' "five." find a cord MISS UAEGARET WALEH. : 1j I ,

/ Ii 'J1J f trembling! began with lien ousnoss. but' sweat broke out on the brow of the !

If \:,) it was universal and after a little I last bidder as now, for the tirst time,

t. w hat was curious began to be regarded the legibility of having to buy that

: ( 5 I AN as fascinating. any rate 1 know a' picture occurred to him. Seventy-four 1Un :{ (iudiljM1

_/ I well established. jiortly lady, married i dollars fur making a pun! He made a

', I >.leg of all Cott :d eeraYbretr' to a man who secured her not without'tl.llielIlty. sol-'cin vow then and there that he

l ;' 11 from choicest:( impcrt Bohemian wlio'JO only sorrow is the I would never attempt another as with a !.)' pirls! and women fjid it nee:<.irv to earn thrir own In ire la

t" hapA family beer without an equal necessity of keeping up the ;glrllbh: ; \. sickly! grin he thought of unpaid lulls. raious kinds of emp:ooyment. Their \\.ark is oitcn so hard and confining

\ ; Prescribe by kucdi cds of "' rf habit which procured her a spouse. He The attendant was standing; at his elbow that the health breaks down. Their d -;I'.tf constitutions are unfitted I
1 ; physicians. reef Is not a ticntiiiifntallst but he wants I : tie auctioneer bad raised his for tiresome tiiks. Weakness nearly! aKu>s makes its aprearar.ce in the

y .1. VIRAL, what he paid for. He married her hammer. "One-two-th"- peculiarly deli ue womanly organs Constant standmc on the feet,
and cOIning anJ going at the beck of a sa; eruitmJent or foreman in.
I because<< her eyelids trembled and "ii v'e!
LJJ .11 I tear u rMrpe O..rman not
Snppers. tree on ,,
.1ae duces falling of the womb : .Lrerltau Un..laa t.o., s. Luule.llo. i he The ordeal
unnaturally wishes to be possessed 1 was past. The auction
of women workers is oiUiJ' so notoriously small that when sickress I
M I, of the same treasure. proceeded, with the /'rov.'dII:!warl' comes they have no money to engage skillful phjsicuns. To them wine i;

I that the punster had received proper ct Cardiii ii truly a tkssr.g. it I

.- .. I tot nntlrely Alone. punishment. UDiCS' ADVISOR DEPARTMiU.cure.. them of their lids at :a small 1

I I ('s'ntrl1'I'rndc? ( ,i As he entered the car he saw at a Tor the benefit of those who do not You.hl..lo .urar.qutrinUJWMaI cost, and they run act as their own Idlr
NOTICES.I 'otllu'li. '11" A. . :iris can :as
SfECL glance that there
was one seat with a play golf a diagram of the pun is fur- L.IIw'.4a.nr, IN/41..1IIIrl1mIW1
I-K Chi-f: humuri. : 1 I ., much for "( lroub 'S" asW
I etnJe
O Agent ts I) Hoffui young; lady In it, and he marched nishrd. "Fore" is the warning shouted uuTtelu-l'hattanunplrrns
.udJlt'e.tGuvernmentstreet. PhooeaiTtf cf CarduL
straight down the aisle, deposited his by the player when about to drhe. .ne

IL IH.OUi'o ': overcoat, sat down and familiarly ou.\\ New York Mail and Express.:
.tc Cl1'
1 WORD 1 I s( rved: .9 Druggists sell Large Bottles for $1,00.vkt ;

'II:". MAKAI1 KKlKXh-ManufactartT: !! i I lie 'luccilunian J trouble \
.1'J. 1.1.111. and dialer In Hair (iixxU, hat.. Tolkt "I entirely forgot to ask your per-
Aruetl/IlauOtleto.av W. Uovernnient I mission." I :SOFIA April 10. A Macedonian IS1 ii ;I i

vN h**|i ... ..IIY ..m< u.ittr deer i I "That's of no conse.juehce. she re armed with a revolver and a yataghan I iI I
fir .w'.DlNi .
",.-r..t J. Hit 4rrf.MItC.n. I Abort nod Sour. plied. WAS arrested yesterday at the eutrasce .,
- -
.! -t up .&air. I Th IP bud bleu a small bank failure, I "Thanks. Just arrived In the city--I to the sobranjo. The present of the ,

I awl 11.. Kink liiiil ;;niir into the Linda presume," he ventured to remark as : tobranje has received letters t.'ircaten-! j

It" Q a..4 mnoey 1 f .1 r. n i jH<.. The ii-reivot hri.l i-rovcsl I ho glanced at the bundles and gripson fug to blow up the chamber of puties New Orleans jI

"tij ..vayweaaiI I.. t t..- .U,b" iu'-t ami bul :Ilidcd the floor near by. ith a bomb.THEMOST.
... -
.oO I Fa'" "
., .1 de.1 u.'it: wh.-it r(' luiul"l of the finals of \ ea: ctty. I
>I \ '''' I
.. I n"iith 1..la. tlw i.i>..tiiutiou.lwRr }:xp"rt I.tl'.tj\l. 1 "You're all alone eh" STUBBORN COUGHS j

.. ,..... ,,T. wenn his track. and lie was jF j "Almost. hut not quite. My husbandIs rr-ultin<* from an attack of la giippecold 4\I GIorcrr:
-- --- t
\ must yield to the wonderful
t .r rI kuNALn ii 'ii tatth in a niotmtaiu io\vn awl i it the: conductor on this ear, the iiiotor-
healinsr .f FOLE "SHoNEi'
t A Ya.h, r. > letter .il.. :i "vk to the 1Il>(':Jl' of his ilur.ncialIf tnu is my cousin and my fatLrr anda properties ( I
AND; TAU. which -tr.-ngthen; ;
\1-\ .M1tt
I -- - .' brother are in the seat back of us." the lungs and make tit -iii ecu.id, J JI MES MClm i

Hm.KlWj M1,1kY wtis nfior nmliiiKlit when the lo- \ ".\ww! 1 see," gasped the man. I \V. A. D'Alemberte.: I II ,

n-u' prJVHrly (iro-. t. nu aI arrived with their jn-Uonc-r. and the floor of the car suddenly beet I I e e Proprietor.

.f..lrurInnRatw.dleetlyh. .U., hire ,1111'1 Mr. Mtans, the prinr-ipnl deixislt- ] me so redhot that he lit out without : CJJA.STOTII.A.: --l1
< .mf la.... aH. 10.1..1 |n ra .... lank aid tla'r'1'fore the i>rin- | another Word-Salt Lake Herald. I, Bears the rte K nd Yi9 Hale Assays Box;i ii G WILESAIE and RETAIL
i '.<.", f. Mar.. n a u
iradC. a4. '. f. .<... ri1{ ..1 i !1.1'. wag :awnUfiicil his UO'HP ] I Signature I
I......'.'.. f.. ." 'r"'oe aHl! formed by toK'i'houe cf the {':lllt "'Uf Over Kiiiy \para, ot t--
rn t. w f will .i.kid .,..n.., MBS. \VlN9LOW8 SOOTHISO SYRUP: bee I GROCEB
'. t S IN"r. MttfHI. i inrc. j jHe been uiud for over fifty year by millions 01 ? i
: oxprrshis' pratiflcatioa tad mothers for their children while teething, -Lt
I with pvrfect success. It soothes the child y / 1 Everything In th' iniory
I 4'U .NT. ; "PhI Iiaek t<> IH.LI POLITICAL I Lope 1'ricri.
icftenn the gums,allays all pala,cures wind t Lice at the t
!Shiutly aJtenvard ho was! aroused to I Ii colic, and, the ben remedy for IMarrnivH.
I. .. \ It, 1'1O..tltllll ,. rune. I I It .'lll relieve the poor little sufferer immediately. ANNOUNCEMENTS I Ioods lI'JlYf'rl'd to any IIAn .
I I i |. oi'abotlirr; trh Alone nu'sse to I II of the city .
's pbllUW..Malrr hy DruKEiats in every I
-. I u1t......... .IU1.h. tad the aue ffwt from a different: sourer."Thank. I Durt of the world. Twenty-five cents a bot r 1 '
-- -
e.N *<..ru.i Writtftt tad tle. Ho Bcf and ask for "!II n. Wlns.low'1 8-10 W. Intendencia St.,
.. lie paid "Lut 1 had heard For
ifc tr.w/.srr.ppiy 10 I I Soothing by: re p." and take no other kicd.Xo Mayor. '
-I. !-t feUU*.. .ltf or it already. Io.nl nisht.1" -- _. The fl tends of Hon C. Moreno Jon-s take 'Phone 105, Pens coli, Fla.
tbii method of placing lilt name h..lllr..lhl! I
Ami apalu hI' sutizht his courh.Alniut Difference I'ereeptible.JamesVery nubile a.. a Candidate for Major of the my .
..... .>,aMI 1......tar 1M..Uk.tf*noun 111 *. 2 o'< ln
  • tlec-
    \ sufTranes ot the Ti'ters at the ensuing
    ----- third time. The telephone bell was tioii ti> l>e bed on June 4lh.
    ... \ H Mtiri RKrwut .air Smith-How 1'01 I Ii
    %.> Ter...... ..1rae1.wf.tt. tollo: : BVGGIESI
    ID ten gentle frame of mind he ansere \Vh.v. you eoo, we were guessing; For City Marshal
    finundrtmis the other evening. and 1 1 am a candidate for ro-eli'ctlon to the
    I It"hello MarhIand respectfully
    till oiledof City:
    Oil .\ 1.1.. :' I-P said.rcf'xndiMl. a>ked her what was the difference between B>K tb" support of the voters al the npproucbmg i ====---==-- -=-== = -'-'-::-=-= !
    .. ... myself and a donkey." municipal election.FRASK\
    I' r. wae"a tNl 111II voice .
    Jh'l\o: through
    I d ,. era1 pbat. .H a -WellWell?" I..WII.DIC.For We have recently! replenished our Stock of'etucle*. and can offer an '
    .. ree Hann the h.hnDt': "Is this Mr. Means? I
    "V.Vl.at do v.-antr ? Why, by Jove she sail shedldil : City Marshal. Assortment ir.cindino :
    .. you 11111\ candidate for City Marshal at th"tlerlioa
    t >'.r Illl .1t1.>.1 .Irsltt!C
    \ ,_,. jHt'ji ttir 4TiMti hJ1rr. Ji'iivVe'e :?ttl that runaway re- ei- I and rep'Ctfnlly,. I am\ a re.lue Candidate It-IIl I t
    i.. !1\ i !s thev anything\ you'd like: toN I I thatiete, and Drumisotn- ,
    ... lilfolld. 1'\111111 the to tinihli.
    race a
    r. n I*' 1-M n. 'id.. the ?" f
    : 16.: \ i- 1 personally ia matter .>. ,
    K pectfullv 'llf the VERY I'I al-
    r' lor HI He Had Moiled. In ( rplt Variety Style at LOWEST H'ES : a
    ._ I., .La. t ..., It. IIn. I i "*. ..-- runred :Mr. Meaas. "Hang; np ,AHTIII Mrl'oE11...
    '" .II !'tLr: i "-"i\pr':" "That fellow is a bird." said the ad- Full Line of Harness to Suit each Vehicle.
    I Hiring stranger be looked after the For Marshal. I
    .. Iro-t ...,,,.,,", lute 1 1 1 \i I he was not disturbed again. as City
    .., h' lb. I., tbrt'lsbrts fresh young man. I am a candidate for the otliee of Citi'
    J-.I.itits[: 1 'onipaniua. i Marshal nt (ensuing: Jun.rlerllon, ninre'p.ctfully \\A] See Stick-Seat \
    y t"I )eJlh balm I I Not now." replied the native "but oliclt the votes uf th. people our Open Driving Wagon9 9

    I there was a time when your do{'ripti I ..ll'l'n-acula. A. A. CKEHILI.I. ;
    1 Tie frirtk of steel ire is -
    N e. .' t.. II. on exactly I
    n might: have been justified.
    _. _.. _. -,.. : half that of ice on ice anJ one-tenth that

    .. .7Ie4IIN...... A.SI...--.al.....".qa. ."1 i of steel on stei-L __ ::i j I: "Wh.'n"The night was we that tarred?" and feath-n-1. I HEINDERG[ BROS.R & t PIREniit 1 i olHson f & e; 01t. !

    -.---'I E The ditor of the t'ordville Ky.. Lim about a year ago.: -Chicago; I1'! ;.

    lie bras XMIM ai OiMkkcli M1*c. UHJOU*. writes IH a ttriptt 1
    i yet! .. l.iiriiipUtt' "I po cured of i; The Best Blood Purifier. nunJ q 1; fi fl"A nv THE DIG STORE. :
    .. :a :: was The blood ron-tllltlyh.ill
    -- --- -.j' | M :: pun.I i
    I .... .'"..n.TMl.. kidu y trouble bv taking Ko LEY'SKIHNM !, fled by the lung*, liver and kidneyK -. \ H k;! U"U !\ .., ,
    .". -. v. ,-. .--* ., ..-. Ci 1 r.i: Take ii'Uhiii t'l'P.I -.-p th.5 r.rpansln a healthy toi- I. i
    '. > t t: Uld 'urtu" I i W.A. f\ It'iuberte.
    diiiiiri and the bowel regular and TIME TABLE
    ', e r I" d"'I&n. ,
    vo .. .t ..," :..ry I you will have no need of a bl.<>11'I Palafos Street .
    :!lllIIDt i Uf1 n ParlorBe jniriliT. For tins thert- i- -- .
    V\r,\ rI1\r\ I I LOUISVILLE
    ;\ JLJ and l- :( nothing equal to Chamberlain'- Pensacola Florida. NASHVILLE HA2LKOAIJIN ,
    \ 11. -S A t.. ,. Stomach and Liver Tabletone io-c I I'.KKKCl: J.\"lt\ II. 101. ,.

    Furniture at Jllars- i of theta will Ii morv good t' 'in .
    \I r ,n-- room i ( ) you : )
    NIb (
    i for ccccDtublc Ideas. rtf'nriii utf1 ;\IifIlltlr1. :
    t r a Pi a doll ir bottle of the best lil'imi 1'11'1- : .
    .. ton .1' .
    ., rt ii 1 i r j tl"r. Price 2-:> cents. :Snni l I.'- frat I State If patented. \n 4. \n t. '
    .11 r mlll i Nol: No \
    .. I ....'. all druggists and medicine dt..tl-! THE PATENT RECORD I, II! :ei II l:': tln : :F a lA.ave..... l'"aaacota .Arrve. heo a I ';1-, p ::41 G [
    .I' .1d 1 ;; nicely las:t ried f farI'tSt !I ers. :, Baltimore. Md. .a1i e 2: I' '..lII, 1."p... Flonaalon ..._. L"vtt :. :. t. I' '-" I p' :
    II I'I\ 4 '" I. ...
    it." .
    : I' u ten I"hh' l..ave
    p.'Ir_ .a. '; .t;!t KitY Method ldry. i -- .. .- :sl' Il ,, >t: a' II ",:a' t' I .' ...r '1:. .rasnH- I. n' i.0 t 4:. a I I.; .v. .ft. I ." I" a" 1
    h I p'Ip I t. '

    I' .. ,Sat.: 4it\itr: ClI'pOltle'JJ'YI & j I "'. h.!": !'9Pl r. ",'"' _.___ ____ Nrlrrll.So. _,
    (.j. .1 e 11 y -
    I tit: I.NVf.ST.MENTV : i *f "J' C, .;- W ,** t. So. (. I !;n lams I
    I I II :;0:, p m I :;f f p In 1."At' Pensacola! Arrive r ... .. ". 1:1 i> m I
    It'v _. Tit! !tore tock Htid fixture of I j ji ";-,'c.- tl' S' "t 1 Norit1, .' !\:. I'am 1111 lpm ArrA1mr.. om..r.v.. 'U n'H II S nl
    tt* ll:-.1 nU"D 1I'night! rrl"o' HI.IIIt. 9 tn., \1"Il., ,. I
    'I\ I.. C."n'; millinery store on I; .. : pI ; "t III
    I < .,\<- {NP(1'T.t'D 10BF.ER Of :ltJpm al'Ia m !.Armmy. N. !i. -n. ,' ''' ,1 I
    > + '*'I'f K .; hit.I uileni-iantr.v' offurert ;i :3Iam i.4 noon.Arr". .. ...I.."".' !, .. ;.-nv,' ,-.e' I ',i I.'U t i
    -- ---* .ai; bargain Tins i is au HS- :H'iam 4aeo pm Arrive .1'lnt'IIHlr'lI I"a\ I' .' I 1 f
    fur "
    4t 11 Ii'
    | .
    ,. .... iaJnl .:11' .
    i I' ( f : : a r. rr 'It' -f. t.ulh l.eate q II 'I' I .
    I... !iihil: bu'iner- at a iota bu.i.L.nd i- ] arc 'rare H' 4
    I ,- K ". i -. ;4 end would pri vf a profltm : + EN ..Acor AND RIV a'JUNC1'y'i4.. .

    a 1"\.1''<. -. I' \ fitment fur rouie lady with '' (rr *:'lily sSIos Bb v3i i.1-r t f\::'1 t3ta!:.!!))h' rtl"plfoe. Coc.t4 No. +!1-hftH1 No : -I'uh' Sn '1"1'.r.: .. 11m. n..i. eHr'wur: I1.u""l'-- !
    :Wm-tf !
    .' !t.1 -ability. P- -- -- -
    ---- -- 'i ad Toatirx :; ft T.::" n:' ;.WvJ.-.w' Glass. 11.55 night .,,' ;;' L.-'iv.- '..;-:aran: Al-.rj; ;. 1. .. :

    ft-__- -.,., T : I'' I t Styles in ttf: d ''d 'fhyr! :::. h; .: "' ;I'91dI'I; .tR ?ir :< U{ ':1 4. I 1 1.:11 l:1S: : 'I:I :: I, :: 1\ !...("jeII'I. I 11':1 hlr::: f, I (fI

    I : La es : : 7" E. i III. :! t, .
    V .. ..
    i lj'J Fur1 I .. .. I .
    1,r-l Spring \ '. I'.7a .. I .. .. ;\1. ;' ::0.,.::; '
    G'l: 'n ':! Tckla ,! !. 7 1.1' ..
    > "'J decom .. ;., .. .. 1":1 :, "
    niturc 'and house -- -- 1: I. '7 '11" '&11 I .
    l!> i 0
    i:! :. 'i.P- I ., ., .
    j -'- e -' t inn at bottom prices, cash 1 ACTNT err Biinj.r.jr 1lj; .g r.!'.'!.. Co5TT"iny. RevereStlichcdEeltinar. (flat IY! a m ... .. -- Uo.e. 4k1c,;n .. ;. .I i
    fir I'relit.JFarston ly Finch. Northani.it'- a KiLer/T.'ho ,lC.-Tfir' ny, Lan;, Ba2P. <, I JI a.' "" .:It... .. ., .'. ....... hll"/.n Hnols .. I. '.'.. I ., J I

    I .1 > Sfil 4)1.t l. .'order Comply, Juhc it-v ;{r."l'DT.tfTO; }; E.iu? ?rd Buck's! Htove: \ .',..::. ".. L.. .i .. .. 'r.'t\l'- .. .. r :.","$: i tI
    i' n '.iiit .1 nicp present to give :n ,1 I I 1 e"r Lal1ft I : .. f
    t."II : ... .- ..J. tro and ilk thronirh the and flanges: Wr.'. C'1 r.i.., 4 vui.: 'I LiesLsarior. ?Iajary'eE l 1 :4.1 I::!: "" yin.II:31{ "" !! ''' ," ',.'l\I'unlai Dar 1I1'8r1 '.. I H I", 8 I I : t i
    .. 1 a' .IH HI: line nf hiiitiblt article :at Ma!,' ':9ir"' &d Colara.Masonic I "1'1" I.:it i I... Ar',1.-. ,, I --. I."I ;. p.' '

    ..,. J.I.---t-tt'I.<. y"iunly can find :fll" 1t:17" u.n' de Lt4L i N .. ,
    I.'I't +
    Tfiiwlo Pensacola Fla.
    .. 5:'Y I" j"II tt'e.tvllle .. <. i ..
    .al I. ., : :.II' to pl.?i p yon. If you .. tta ;
    ;: .
    : : ;'+N :: IIi :: :: .. __ ( brtrlla. .. ..... 7:13" ) '1" ;
    ., \It inu fnii in tier Ii 11.. "h' i "
    btrl.Ftr. 1 !b.11. i -. ,him before you buy. d:". ill.:*, H __. I blp.v: .. e.4t !-'
    THE GARDEN SECTION Ih.j" .' lott"nd .. Ii: :I.. 'In.ot" '. ln S
    .. ,.
    :.0" 1IIio" .'tarlaaa 4
    -_ fl :Ci .. i Ilai- -- .. .. .. a .. 1.Mtypresv i I" d I
    ( :411" ,
    -OFi .:111".... .. II 11:44" '". I .". __...Great P.ldl,:" .._ ".. I ,:rl 1.I1.: .,':. a..rn r j
    : n"'t. ,
    '.,.,agrMralr Nw ram,.e. .r a Vr.i M+ }i i ( '} (' "'( !'tetC ':1 l; .' 1'i noon \rn\"t' 1t1\.rJunell'tn Ise+VHl, G'll i :" ;I'e.n I'. .. i
    i IFensacola Florida ;
    -- -
    : --

    '!Bits, + HEgglNjLPure !i,t{t Near East Hill -Electric--- ---- Railway- Terminus. Pupveyops to the U. S. Navy E i

    y Juices from Natural Roots. [ Beautiful Lots for Sale. North Atlantic Squadron I

    III I he [ 40x137:: feet at from $75 to $200 each, according -And to All I Hi
    Appreciate the M of
    .t PECULATES the liver, Stomach and Bowels, to location and surroundings. ETeryliiBi to Eat !-* j
    Tho e ho .k th" troBenjoymenti hy < ood
    Living should
    t'I \. t.1 I pic n Cleanses the System, Purifies the Blood. i' due the MCtiuii preparation or t'rrorB.t'a.lly bl m id-. other nvolde. He.>klt nd I,

    [ Exceptionally Good Neighborhood, Beautiful View, j

    lIiicr CURES Malaria, Biliousness, Constipation! \ High, Dry Fertile Lands. : t THE PARLOR MARKETJ J

    ,. rtll I e 1 u Weak Stomach__ and. -impaired- Digestion. \\ I The grandest opportunity for investment ever I Is the Place, of all otlisn t U Pf'ocirg Eyerytincz Goof to Eat.

    : I ) i elLsec1 from E3te!! Gaaruleei to Gin Satisfaction. [ : offered- in- Pensacola. The AsCortmnnt'acre displayed would mate the most WDnrmfJd ,
    M X.X.DOSE. I I bit loot vigor or dy'peptle renew :, :
    ..." I.t.kr JOT'rLN, app"ute.
    I! SO Cents :[ ;: Home Seekers Should See These Lots. The Crl.p-bland!! Meatiof AM Klnd ; th- ,... !;
    i Price, water the \'arl"tyiknuanhtu
    ( \ l" r.. Kinestof Fresh Ve."tnMesiof! the IJi, ;
    Ion andMarketthwTendHre.tofYonley! ('o"Hh: ma WMrro.",iTe nnd dMJM tb" i
    P-ep"red ly JAMES F. BALLARD. St. louis. 1 Mo, .A."V ClTlblDS. .cnpUon.HI'S VarletyofGsoteposslble to procure; the "lotiest of i>Hic e!*, of every d,. ,

    .-..--.-. ..... .... or. Houlekeepersands'atrrersare 11 time forbids 10 lend tbelrOrden eoMlalylnrtt-5tocall byI and eboose f'Jr 1111'1'1'! !,

    Corner Garden and Alcaniz Streets. f rcle hone Xo. 173.S:
    FuP: SALE KY W. T. GREEN & CO. \I I } i
    1 1i i


    _.. .. -,, --'. > ," ... ....... ......."""" -- ,- "'I'q.

    ........_ ,'"' .. .
    ,. ut.I-
    .,, '. ,':>I <"J-. "'" ? .


    THURSDAY APRIL 11 1901.

    . .
    ;: -

    . i JOo"X-:-: ;::;- GOSSll'Y CHAT ABOUT MARITIME.IIPOItTI. '- -,


    : : : lOltt'3 STORE H&'i& -

    "I have beard it laid OR the .

    For Apnllo date.__... .__....... ..-Int171!
    J J'I street, said! a prominent merchant -

    Hii thii morning "that Ca:t. Wm. U.ILID.

    p.:11: \ I I { Hayo would not be a candidate for span u Franclsca Echevarrls Liverpool

    ! I' A\.6 .... f' Ii I"I"-\ f { I. re-electiou M alrlerwan. But he -
    :4 Htrlp4"11 Art the rae In Suit:4 } 11 I must be. AU we ask Is that he I BrHl'pennymoor,174pSatin.CLBARltD.! by PeniscotsLumberCotorIreenock !
    # j jI
    { fur "IJUr.st' m.n. llrret I Iil won't positively refuge to accept the \"Ia Norfolk. jI
    I: will God profu lon \ q. : with l\'tlll.roo) a 't .a'llD timber : i.Q> I
    i you office ; we'll do the rt"st. Capt. Hays I d..I+. value 1.II.OiolI
    t In the new olin "!lades : for Hllnt'.
    . I has been Olie or the most indefatigable I
    r bl'I". r..y 1&/1.1 a dozen 1 I S&S.qr bal" collon eta rd baler CnttOfd
    I : workers for the betterment IIfr E ;; lb. sbuttle blocks 8I
    b..t" feathers
    : uth"r'. Hut ""H'ully I
    , duet like 1& "trip" t for I I r the city we have e\.r bad. The k iMija I tons pg Iron value 447,179aT

    t, I good h-altti of the ci'y hat been due
    f ill"" tI. avPthNbrnkrll: I
    tll his COI1tdllt work Iti city I
    largely Qt'ARAITIFE.It
    lUl&iI creek
    ;; the 1 I
    1,1.101. Combination. L J
    health tnt''r. 1 know It iJ irkl\me An Excellent Genoa, to
    !;! {I and the t'vt'r p"lubr ) I I bk Tfrl'lIa OllnrllIV'S. ODeLo
    \ i ie "jUrI;; to him and that ht' fet-I. likol method ana beneficial t hottt'r\'o
    Ills. rrrua. Iiw. I I utI'Jrd to' The pleasant It bk1D1'Z E:1sa,14i5. Bertolotto Genoa I
    .. f..rgnt tll ntwltiou 1'i"n- ( t tllklng rut, but we cannot effects of the well known remedy, to order
    i.! him lie i.. t'IO valuable :& THIS IS STRAW SEASON
    nil'. 1.1) III touch I I.iLi I' give up. tjYlIl"P OF Floe manufactured by the 1L bit AgostenoRepettoNrBozzoienoa'
    I .. th.. tlm..t' aed I member of the CUUlh it to r..tire. I CALIFomnA FIG STROP Co.. illustrate to W II!! K"yst'r 4: Co I
    i It hk Pros 'roso. I t.3. PsstoreatoBrliat
    11.. will allow hie
    name placed
    I hope the nlueof obtaining the liquid laxa- \'laltoHh toG BCaaero !
    It e.Ani
    / i the Strottis Yoa Want An
    I h e tic k tt. i i.1f. tire principles of plants known to be .
    ,.,..,. .9It
    L.U L' )
    '.'1'I. ... I II II medicinally: laxative and pr<'scntingthcm TILE SIIIPPIi !
    I; I' I "Ad.rman! Mlkr 0' ,." 1ry !n a in the form most refreshing to the There i"n't a head for which Wf' h\"E'n't: a good Strati 11 t

    I I : level headed couucllwau" said another : bst\1 and acec;table to the syueIn. It I every one this season' make. Straw 11at for ct,tl t. hn s ,

    ,I r : eitlz..n"but h. i:4 modest ; ti'thi'lks I i'i the one perfect strengthening laxative : v&BHELsIN: POET I: man and gelJtlt"tt:Au. l'lain. rough fmllflh; and fancy "b' .,.t. f
    ( there are Jluty of other men cleansing the system effectually, 8TJ.UISIPS.: : soft brim and "titr brim Prices that I.I.t" alll the t' ,I r.

    J ;s m J wmn mR E Ei who have not so touch bu-iness dispelling colds, headaches and fevers fir Aeolus,1515. Kerwocd to Gulf Tran-I I ihg assurance that when you bay a bat here 1ou'rp j.tll' I
    i Ii of their own tn look after who could : gently yet promptly and enabling one 81t Co latest fasbions. 1

    ! ._ he t-I'ctl'd to the (Jell-! ,'. But h.. is' to overcome habitual constipation per- !"pan AliI.'ia. 1"II. Ruz. to Gulf W Transit Iii hers..r Co 1 This is the eat!-faetorv holt "tM". Sew fitylM blOiI..nl; I i ironstantly.
    ) ;_: r- r'l the W" w.lnt. I lilt' eitv'" bust : manently. Its perfect freedom from kr BIsad.:114. Dormand to i
    .I_ ..IJ -- man ,,,4CoI : I YIU expect IIi 10 lead and we never dire; I j!
    ue" hull be dunked aftt-r')' .u'h 1 1Compf every objectionable quality and substance I tier FrIda H nrn. 11.;; Thoms.to II II Boypr Every proper new shape Is here.
    .. --_
    One hill in.ist UI'"U lj, ; brills reelected liver and bowels without weakening ber CoI

    SOCIETY EVENT\ lie is Ii man. of he pt'ople t1r irritating them, maize it the ideal I I, si'lo Brtitenroyl7fMebeganlto Gull Tran I I STR1W H1TS." ;

    J !and no min CIIII b.. t'r rf'l'rl'st'nt the laxative.In Nor Juno 1557. UrmmeitolinfTransltl; I Il.1I I I1'or
    the of manufactnrinfig's : M.'i :+1 4i'i flu. $ ." .w.,1 :
    ilitNt--tll of the trt..t maof the process
    peopb. than he. H. Is the man for arc 1150(1 as they are pleasant to the Nor Kingswoodl:0: Halvessen to 8 BI + I..t' B"\,. :it,... :k'. St S It ."., $1 SIIt
    I loCo .
    A\n PEIISONALSI the dac" ..ud \\ -l.1auhl put taste. Lutthemedieinalqualitiesof thert'm'dr IIr Botheraeid t"I:. lSamuel. to W s .,r4h..Itrlta't-_..,5111.1. and .rStgAOCAtrT
    lack." him are obtained from senna and .' IPyser t'o
    .. I other aromatic plants Ly a method HI' hprnnvmoorllttNarlntoPensacolaI I II
    I I Luu'h. r Cu1rl'rsula 1 DUNLAP STRAWS
    known to the C.\LtFOeXIA FIG STarrCo. :
    "You are rbht.aid nnothercittten. ,!IU. Coode. to Penss-I I i I Ii
    0:11In order to get as beneficial cola Lumber Co II
    "ldIHl't houldi
    we I
    .1. 'teC, \'. rr.. "f ("tHIII1I11nl htewhy ef7Ol'ts and to avoid imitations, please UIlPfoIt
    :un....' III II:.. ,try y.\t.fJ after i m..ke illY challr.'e have a 1jloj I renH'm herth full name of the Company .
    Iud r..prf'-tut stave II t.tlur-cHus It IS'I tvon, ij:: SrhiainnotoBaars lun- $300$500s600 1 1I
    u'N h.rn bu"irt r.. I printed on the front of every rack )g w, dy .r' I'll.
    pos.ibla to obtain and I think they I It CarIDI1.11r1. nrrra. to orl.rIr
    Th"III" II ('..rr ..f iuutomrry .ht.uld ail b" red..clfod.'e can- i CALIFORNIA FIG SYRUP CO. L'rCrcediooor i:a'aKennrdy. to Pensacola i

    N ae alll"fI: the arrlval4 lit tt.t' llEr: I not illl'roupou such n1Pna5llay.l: Lumber Co I In U".I I"tlt"" t
    arltoorderIto I
    I'IlIin'Ih'.. nillrolu;:. .O'Leary: Ual.lt'fbe k. Aver\,' Key-I LOUISVILLE NEW yott, 1:. Y.Forsalebya'.lDr ItEue.1t'O.OIR.:l.ocb..1f\u. Jorn". to order .a.J'7.wurbNotwithetanding

    rill "Pr. I'f..ilIl'r, n lily ana Gin 1e'?I ITt. i It :i. 1.lbflll. to order I
    11I'"l&tI. are out jI 111a11nrPLard'sett : 'I :; :: > crbttle. ,
    ...': DlY tIltd for AldHm"n and : 1t tea, /.1.5, uneto to IbMI.co Bro, i ia&i : the ee. ntinunui hf'.IvyIr"dp.. ww, k. .
    << hi t."lli\"t' rl\ \11-: IaudlIt..r I thlhk is Willi'ill ---- --- -- -- ------ 1 e. INor i lines in sized lete value .
    wd ear I.
    lall..ru"t'li. It a ;; one. I ; very coin. "n a4 CtJlh'l f (I' I
    $ "lIl"'aUAftlolY Aml'rlka. 791. )Marchusen to 1'.0-
    couldn't do better it you owned a f.lcttJIy.
    4' EI ( it1. 1.lIlIrlt) 1104' IIQlon ap- I ".\ Uhod toad. rbulEnt Politician" I III SAVES 80% I acnla Nor Axel Lumber 1\11i.Cn Tont..ns..n. loonier I

    f palmed prr.. 1I1Iolt 8t Jt..h"rt.. lit l\lllllllllcuion IU this i"uII (of Port -\tbIILroz, ?!. de t'e1ba.. to la"l'. I I Come Here for Your Straw Hats

    ,,1.. f ,r th.uth..rn t\l'rt's.; Co.M. 'fIn NEWS :-u.gt.t.", Richard B.1"bf'rt:4 : I.unwody t 1.0 !
    THE i lu'I dillu. mo' Lll1dquest. to li S r. Co I
    r J. !IL,4..b.'Pla. and Mlii NPIIP! a'l a ciJudldoite for mayor. I It Albare.P.i7e. A\'ejtno. t., Hotlsco UfOS 1
    "Olck" is a jdly good fellow popu- It rant),751.Trapani to 8 1. l 0 1i
    Haunt wrrr rnHrl.,1 lu..t .v' niugat !
    Kern IncandEScfnt II Casabnnn,12'7, :Ojl8rl.lo Ii m; Lfobwed4.artlitunc
    uJJr with tI.t and It he does
    boss, .
    ito home of the bthle at Fi.lH.IIM \1)'Ii. tSergtoPEnsaeois 1.fry
    .utr the race he will make it lively Lllwh..rCo I
    I I a
    I flr the other cwdidates. Gas Bu netT Nor" jo'rlggll.'Ie51', ro W hfY5er Ii

    Ur. W. U. Cten u" and bride are -- Ciwed I ;
    I GurU.j'I.. Nelson, to \V 8 Kt'yser 4 I !
    rl'.1 t.rM' III"hl frilln their hri- of &ehedule.Itreetlvr II
    ., t.t i L hang SAVES 10" OF YOl"l: ICo !
    c d..1 tIltH rod rrk44ertd /It the 1---: It HawkdJurv. 11":1.: Bolgrana 10 order ,
    anihlTtr II April U. train So. 1 will I It LtnceIles 73. ltl\zeto. to lilian, Dunwndy ...I"I4f i ;
    .t leave Floulaton at 2:3U p. m.. arriv- : 4: 1'0 I '" tI'j
    Rug LlI1to. 4n: Erikssoa to Pt'Dtllcola ILumber I fj :
    in.l'eu tcolaat4 instead If
    III 'ny fneud flf th' 11'"j I :- p. m. THE nw DICO"ERY.Cu'n Co 7>' i
    ilea I I. "III r": art t..I..UII that t'lfoirJ !! .J:15a at rr,, ellt.\ .i change in time :I Nor l.oul'le.IOI. LO\'entseu. to Pensacola N i YCustcftoosc
    I'J tattler' 4'"t. Iht'h. broke hI, arm : "f train I.. tying \'I'lisacllia. I Otis Cubic foot of Gas Pof HOUf.S'o Lumber Co I

    \.t. r.II" I Train leaving I'en.tcola at 12:3; I It telwle B.'i.A 1"lcola." 10 1:0JiI1'11'0 Bros .
    Chllnueyy" to II rt'll k. It Madonna dt Pumpri .51. Giacomujt0 i iI I
    will arrive In elm\ at :1:0;,: I .
    uuoa. ; .
    I :
    Mantles co not Itlecl .
    en.Rrlt..r l: IIro
    'f ,Ih. I. anl!
    t I' l'.to
    1. I tlIud..n: at 7:1i p m. 'ihia, train ban Lll'ctrlcltyal.d I It Monte A. 75.. Farlllone, to I'eoslleols !
    t ":aIL 'Tart 1".r. \.t.lAd Yf..tt.rt' I
    I Holy. Lurnrer Co I
    at-.t! makei connection lit (j. orgi InaGtr ,
    .f &t the h"lIIl' If the ; !
    11.1. .rr",11 : : It NortbernEmpireMIHazeto. 10 l't'n.
    1011.1. ....n'rnn'Athlt..aI .. .... (iruevaAla.. alliritigat G'lIt'vaI 1.10th the CCtst. I 8..0In LIIII,br t oNor
    t I U:15 p. III. last Nornsy, cl;. Henriksen to W L r
    \I ( 111, slip
    1)rv J ) n"II.1'I'tllr
    It : Rot: a Mre .tatem.'nt. but s HUlHl1ct'r Wlttlcb.\
    t ''.,i..r ,x .!rerI ttetholitchureho Ir I- I Know Oar 'lire Re medylcran I l'aJl and see tlll"111 In OI.frtIt\Jn. i Port urente! 5I. D'\IIUt'lds. to W Ltvtteh. :
    .t: : :. I ., ten i El1tk. }-209 SOUlI PAYAFOX
    ot..tmale cold. Ita name i 6 Pyny-Baleen. '
    :! B GERSO"'Yh .orllueen of scuts 14. 10\.ilSI'D. toSSLlo .
    I II
    "'ilv- :: ---- -- -
    ..r th" "Vt'IHti that hu hen t \ Tel. 10 no-asco Bros !
    oln. Quetrolo
    r( .'v'/ ROUTS TO PORT ROYAL ,
    I 1 'ith itlt..re-t i i9 = _. -
    r i"I,1 ar .rf I" It stela K. 'iI. 1'str! to orcrt'r ---- ---. .
    ,'n. "'I1''r 1.II... Kivtn atC -- -- I JOHN JEST: PLEADED CUiLTY11'as I It Nan Iidiseupl. ttiy 8111..11'0.. to order I - -- .
    1"1':10"\ ILt1u'". l tu 1-Alrllt: F rom i Ru Tb"IIII1'1 Perry. I15. )Mattson to ,
    : li.\ .r11: fit trH.t t.-
    -- .
    : tI, "'flll'l \.rltlllnf the I.ui.vlle to tine: qua.Lorivi I n lt'lIIbl'r or t.lt'r.\ullean S Ito p..n.ncol"It 1'\:0.:1.: .I.m..r aid Cofztu 4'0 to Baars Dunwody'u ;i

    + ; :.. I.' '. rin 'IUHl'.t. Admit.F : ; U', .lprl 10.-Steps arc bei Iin i HoblJrr ....11;:. I 4'? I lUiHinm oijlt on tS\ BOlt.
    ... i : L'rugaayan Mareltaoy. I:!! Iar'stal', :
    IL r ; t t. ; uOb.' tirLHi :!> ;! take to oIab! a cou:p. ny her I PlnMIxc11.Say \:1.: \l"1! IO.-Jol1 i 10 order I II
    :.'" 1 \"r \'aluta. ".,. NlelsentoM54LCoRu
    the wuvin"( and Port
    to b'OrporHu i I
    IIlival Wear who rrreste'i t'IUlerof
    I D. tics ai a 1 ) Yatalattit4AaltonentotbS: Ll'o1t1RK.TIES.
    1. .. f ,'rl'" I Lt'lt"",4 Euchre: flub rull'o1l'1. 0)1; 1 .'rgrtroin: or Gotntabcr ; the famous: :,Iiler: lU:1CUli gang ofso i ,. --

    w.. rt14f4g1 tli4 w..k .It Jiro. Neil. If the cf 1 Itas Mteh,,:niann.
    ;: ('n03 promoters Fealor 4111. to orderscnooyER'4.
    i $.111: ,t-e ,, -. I'll" 11IPt prize. n band! ll'lwer" entered a rl"1of gullY to I ,

    ''.lI,' ,.,. .. nf brie N bue. vat 'you tilt mans is lee m'l has: caked: upon n the rubbing uf the.aie of tlt, .l1u.laril : Am Clara n.uCl1, 4f1. Benton. to mils't..r The Big Storo's Offoring f.n' This \VOl..\
    i b. M Ir. Wx k...r ; "'oCIII1 I, :1 !ft\'f-h' t:m'l bt'r of Lne.aes, lUe:!. 'fue Inattlr Oil Nil.pall) i:1 the l'l'IlUllul court and I'
    ii' oat preaenwl I.I" tat: 'tti. and It i3 hely! I Ith wa" given a sentence of ::; 1U the '
    ,: let darn-Men tit-h. .tr .\II'Jir years i, AnJRBrrgin: ,6t. "'mltb. to Ii. 1. ( 0 ,
    .. '' "' r"j- t'Iub WII! next el'let at I ,'rumpuny wll! Le U'JIlILJ.l.: I IIr p<'ui:"Ilt1r: '. 'I'ni" leave lur oue JUt'm- Alit Mane Panuerl'arilsirto IUII.tt'rllr J"r
    tmdrrrto.Jll that raiirdad i3tJb' who Las Orlin Roberts, to order
    I It: C It.r..I1.s.I IS : t l'1 her uf tee gang now in e'ttody
    t )liInrn l'Jl'.t el't'j'! by lng.l-l1 cap'tul, I cot wcn tl'le.l aid he! li iiJW on trul.lhi" !. !
    ''H' CLlJ\P.EU: AND'AIL: D ron l'1S.
    I, j 'UlH a local: cl'I) parry ii only aecl'ssaryto : i i. lect Fuy. 'lne SI'ntt'It't' ;:oi\"l'u IS.\COLA. Japanese Fans
    i iI
    "t'rut lCrraltlg, Caro the rl;.:are of way ao1 tile the : Westt'.1 the eagle: ni that re" lived Lv I l

    r..r HIn'r M. J. 1t'riLt. 61' c..s.aty ine'rporrnou p.I.r.;. i: Frank lliWllrl: another member of the I CTEAYan1PS i ii

    .II ., : \1 I' m. roili.iH.d :a t..l0I' '1W lox trio urn la'Ilu the rad ,. King: upon Lem, cull\ att-d. i Alpha. lIutch. 1\.1.: LtrrrpoolMrh It WOXDEI FUI. CREATION: FW\ TilE U1\DO 1\1" < 1 1rtHI'HlISIU

    (an/ .. W..I'I"I 't.tn wunmin4: him prop..,so to \.uLI ir Irou \\'allaia. S. C.. I I Fay claim IImt he \\'anot present I ICILY MerehMnuicle.of t.Ioucester. hr. sill La, I'alllla'. ;

    s .f II .' 1 "Ut lr..tt.IIII.\' nut tl.lII.-r. to u pOllt in Ktntt! y tier: Iuuiavillt. ,, nt the tI:110 of ti..u ruh-\ and 1tli not. Br is"Isis Ro'rlfl. Feb liEleanor. l'mCf.s.1.0mJnpan .

    I .N '" t I.4.1 w11.1; t'I-lIilrht. with th ,.::lIlt u their ullLL\Je: iUfl'1l1l0n fl lug to Ii" with It. lie entered a plea of MoD lit, 1114. Watson, at Barry

    e rata h" \thlel," ,I't' Ou.f. slaw this cur. Tate prom"t..ra have alert not guilty anti sated that 110 expected I I 11'"lh.'I.I.'I Gersid \\'p't ltartlrpnoi April (>,w Fang . . . . . . ., rc rrH: .

    I .t-1 .f'tn' ,: I.. I.,'rthA.-t "II the .:tsecnred: a Glad runain fr'lli Port ta l\l'v\'e that lit Wll III r.OlU over 17."n1'h"r. "r.l\Jill. Huhn.nn, I'ItrdlT.ll'h b fill( Japint' Fans, n Hh Tae..re. . . ... ..." ,
    f'I' I' '" j ll.yal ::. 0., \\1111&:111:1.: S. C., awl Oeld"r's restaurant 111 Ihii dry wht'lii 11111. "pan. ld lfuelvaSpril3I

    .\t..UI d'), wises of track will bo con- :i the robbery tok V 1Iet It \\::':4.two or i SUIPM.I tWJapanP.e Fans. very .i.thtty . . ....... ..," .

    T'C.A.4''IiA 'IJall\lIl., : "trudt"J from alhalla, In this direction.Una I three hours after this robbery lshenFrauk I .\lmpdIR. Nor. old Ahoa Ray 5eh 1:1Harrowdale. ; Lovely l-'an4, n, 23.t': : and fill t"D' wtli.
    mason for building the rtai 111'- : Miller unl Frank Duu..au were : ant. sid 1',1.1. Bay !Ich 4I

    "'f! .1" ." r...ilr tontNke-p'cial : 'Ortliill to Mr. Cergsrrom. i3 to get foal arrested by Policemen! Klrklt..y and I FavoritSor. a'.. 8t 1St Paul de Luanda

    1 aIr4.. t lh,4.. dr.Hing table bud ; fr'JU l entneky 1\11.1 Tennessee t'J Port Adans broke away trim the officers Frh:4IHelen. I Rr.sltt EII""mprllport Jan Silk Waists.

    dllrlll': 'I," .,tutm..r. l:')vli. lIt' btlI.'HIi It wtll1J.J the means while 011 theIr way to tae police tation. I KlugHounty, Br. bIll Montevldao M arch 3esass.

    W. 1'. finlWu'o. uf making: 1'Irt loyal alt tlllporlnut seaht. Both officers were fatally shot. and before .. 1I J %

    I Ilaw I ; 1'rorlrtor. ..:r i point. awl Vi Iii give 1reJ.lYlUllr.. Adams) died be idenufied Mile r. Avnulre.fI. sid Mch 4 Taffeta/ Silk. Lace .
    I aenna Trimmed all ('fll. . .. ", 4-
    kit for thousands of t..us of coal.Mr. and Duncan Ooi the men who did the I I AIIC" InrPi: 8t Port sated Dec :'nAgathe I

    A Fir. Close Coill. Iwr-trom: was forlllt'rly cone I shootiujot. Miller is under death sentence Nor. f 1,1 Lh''rp'J Dee 81Emma. Satin Liberty Wal"t. Pili'' cul"r". latest ..,.... .:, I...
    I neltod wuh the Uuiu 1'.tctlc rairoo.J. I and lJUUl"IIlllnkluoo of life imprlsonment .. It. sid IsvobaNov "5 Mercerized Silk Wai i :". 1II.lrk and Colon, leek
    Enrlcb >. It .Id
    althntiKhI tI"cc8m/ Table Bay
    1I" k t., t1'1 rhgtbr,, ,. --- -- Their ca.-.us are with the March 1 like: silk. foi'. .. . . . . .. . . . III I Ir
    ..rr J ,lilt *rh".1 Nn.t .ry n"'rveNa. 'tWILL TnERE BE A STRIKE? .c.preme lwor.WORKING Loon. Ru b73 sId Table Ray. Feb 11\ ;

    fake with patu," wrltr. C. \\'. -. -.- - Monte Moro. H. Hamburg lice 11 I.
    Be1L4". r I,gIt lottve Ilr.nian of I Cotton Mill Labor 1t1l111\JU III North'I ON THE SABBATH i MegrllanNor. II"". lit A IKC'1t Kay Jan 5

    'liar I 111,1..n. I I...II. "I wax weak: and ; (/lrol\lIl1. __._ I Imnhtf'r MltcC'a, Jl or, sId Ilro"fill LI Ilay hon.Meh loll b.aNorden.Itus.55 \ New\ SKirt Sfleets dod Pillow CasrPoi

    .. .. "I "U' .any a{'I'.m.. and all ; I\LFIGU, April lO.-There has been I : ('tn"I'\1\ns About Cottou Norman: -. :!\II'! sid Porto i'rala C C, t \ \ ,
    Meta 1:1
    eau d... ., .t" I"wet ..b..ut tll glvPup I Factory )1.hlokLCoI.CMau. I
    I task uf widespread strike of cotton T"nl..t"Gagglero.. Arg. 10.2.sldGenoa'I:
    I .c"1 I' b..ltir I.f J-I..rtrk: Biu..r some 8. C.. April }).-.\ minis. : M'b 2 De 80ir Bilk, Guaranteed to nt'.t..r than our (1 .hdlg, I"
    anti. after la kIll/ it. 1 t..1t ai well a4I.vet mill rlllpioyet'8. It is more a hint I ._____ I I Wear, Flared Bottom, U2W. tuarle .
    mill -"- -- -- tht'III anti
    ter tn cotton town in the eastern at i'r I 1
    ,1.,11" u lit,. \\'I'ak. than a Ihrrllt. It 114 a+t'rted that it will I i Mohair and
    of the hu Black Colors. l'lI- \filt'rl..IOnl .
    sate complained the
    rllil 11"11 r""jJl. Niway4 gate part to ,
    der.ll.nll for ten.hour .
    occur if a a day: IInt'dHtitcht-dat Buttons ,:tr'JI).
    I IEnglish
    new If. rtrrtah'.id ,silo from attorney general of a machinist working 16,600 frs. Itsi: Wheel" r or. l ..
    : is reCuscd. A mill I
    ',heir u.r 't'ry that h7atifaction4nlar.nt..d made by Gotnpaers i Awarded at Farb Walking klrt", n'lh! .
    aid today: on 8nu.ay and want to know if the Faced 11 *: h.toa* flit .
    tov W. .\ 1I'-\I"mbHtf'. I owner t / Coverts. Latest Cut fi.;) t,. n
    lI W.u't1 I'.I.tfox .tr..t. Price W "We dd not behave there is any cote I II Lrorporation could not b6 punt'hed j $1200. "hI" :'h..t'aftf. i. .
    mill labor orgacization now In this I Attorney General Bellmner wroe that -
    .'pot-. I too state which amount; auytluu Tae i, the l&w permitted cotton mills to have: Good \'alup In Sam. at '2i.), fl.O:; II"OO Hh..b for----- .. ,

    strike iu \lamlltlco was merely a look, :, work of uecesuyor life done on Sunday t and -i.&O. Piltux C..n .. .. : .

    Try -rth N aws Wtllt Column. out. and the deterriaed attitude of mill and that 1\ jsry would have to bll the

    owners l'u'hCJl tho organization. WhICh ,I jade as t ) the necl',; lty. Felt;: a erlm

    was nut fur anv_ reel gold of the opera. : mad act, mechanic would have to be WINE CORDIAL Men's and Boys' Straw Hats on Sale this Wet'kilI11Itiiit \

    I I ti\"es. but only tended to make them i indicted nnl'ss it w\ bhown that 3n ,..,...... ,
    ueelecttnl of their work and overbeara- officer directed the wor done and then Hiehest recommendations for cure of Poorness ------ -
    : of alwd. Stoma h troubles end General Dobilhi'
    ble to Itn insupportable degree. Daring the Jury would have to decide as to the Increases the appetite, strenrthrns

    the 'trlkt' it wai found that oper :.i,..s fact of the work oolDl necessary or not.I tie nene* and bi.ilJs up tilt tfOrs system.Y .

    'I were uegecting; piece work stir whIch I HIIT..io- \ : roe Dr.....' JolJn \ SOlt.
    Expoltlan Hands. on
    tll.nro veil paii. to Bach: au extentthat PARIS ,

    I the mill owners were l.in;; i 5 per I UrFLLO..DrilIO.The ftll amount I r.FonFera a r..

    't'nt. Even the ycun;rt employe;. be.Toniing I and mire of the tjJOWJ; Issue of second %i rnt", t.l.I .

    10 the uuiu, would reply most .
    i morta\; \! Pan Ameriean exposition HonEst
    insultingly; to any l1ireotlon Metheds1
    bonds, recently lluthurizJd 1.y the lI'is.
    The It'p.lature i11 Marc i ratified inl\ I l.. lt U .
    : tlf the mils hare rl'\\ burbai been uuit'r"rllteu.ub.:: _._ .
    the 11rI'C1Drut to i -_ .._---- _._- -- \1} -- "h
    ,.lIIalJt' hours of Ltoor and regulation of H'111JlOU were tt-t c"j.d on Saturday -
    a tanner'sdauehterwilt
    : non
    and list anti thm' momn;: It lrt" :1L; ouuced I ... comes _
    'lnll It :" not n.L..d tb.:11theo to p..I..f 'l .J; doire corn, I
    '\1:1 be acv :r't.. t.h'- .tmdcnt' tl 1') (5.uuu.; pnndenrr; "I'.t, early tr.arrtage; addressdna.r'.t <( Geed IFZL1UC5I
    I't. 1..1.. Mo. 1\\1'
    \ .r. -; t.t-L\\ !\ .1'lJ1twv.N. I

    ( "...t=: .-.:":"'.'.".":':.r.I'T1.. ..'::'.. ':::'..,.':"':... ...-::>:'. ...'='='.' .. .. .
    yr .... 1\Ien's No
    ._' '-- WJ ....., i- .r. W W I .. 1 ]jIEN'S Young .
    I: tiS' it; r:1TH Fl: the captAn! own ;

    "+ b a-A A ,! I.., "r t1. : o. .lr a -c.t r. r Jt AA"s"t art -"''- /E oI'ff \,. fyt.r ers nor consignees of the I Spring and Summer
    .. .. .. Suits
    ,''V .. .. yy..I'.VV..VV.VT.07V;': ; L :..u...' be U win

    I / (:) I:r; razei: by tSecrrw r"'ponub1e 01 said te.eI.Ct'MHLL.for debit. COD- 4))
    C.i".LL OZJ --- 0 tfi ,, The Famous Stein Bloch matte

    (> :. (inf T-lt: '.: (0. CliPI!>I!!. )
    PAT lVIcEUGH 'i } t rasigveer.: t''H
    odd suits
    ; ] worth from
    I ) ......r. :... S'ETH[ En the captain. owner ;
    i i tide Ar.d see what Hardseme and Useful Presents you can get with i .. :t-;- h nor CUj.ljtll. 0' the Brit $15 to S18, to clost out 0
    n t'rsula $$1
    llrljht hI'
    'JJ i! :UOUS SHOE, 11)) <> Teas end Coffees 4I Itom' .oonslbletot d..tu contracted re-I i,,

    .7 by the crew 0' said vessel now going for
    .1. .. \TH Hm VEN ::.. 4t Fill your Paatrics with the Best of Slape! .IId Fancy Groceries, ) 'rN : F. CooDE, l I . .
    'I not Ask and see. .\ Pen 10 ,Ia Lumber ("0.. Captain I I
    I I I I tL''' 11' FoRWOMEif (fl3:) fancy I:I] Con8IgnE'l'!' "alt I iNEIT1ER E.\GI. i"IIJHTr'" Negilrer.hd M : .

    -. : :. E1F .:i- ,t Hemi Parched Coffees fresh from the Rcaster E.e7 Coy.'J <> ,,::.. the captain own-I' 'J ; Patterns this; :;-"-oo. $ LUs to $.IJOerrh

    g'J) <> TELEPHONE: 183 Corner Rcmana and Palafox frrefs. (:I. ersnor con lgn"l'l 01 the Br.I'. 1.4.--'
    t i 3X.1 l ; HGE MIN i.1'- It..am.blpIOolul will Ik' reeponeibte 'i / SPSCIAL FOR THIS 1LEIr"corr's1t13o
    : > fordable
    l 1r t OC O $ :,." brtbe crew of laid ye..I. I'
    I ... l'.tl.lfox. + .r11 wx. .JOSEPII
    +I I _-.', ._. _.o._ ;. ...--- ,rr'Y. ,E4-'a'i.l:. ,._- ,,_- _- -'...,-.,a GIlIl Tran.lt Cn.. CaptaIn. I 1'111: StlL".L.ocu r I shau.U .
    'a .t'' rt 1. lepairlr. I =': ,=,Y t' C011lgnees. Lust I: 212 South PJl3fn. f 3. ,



    ..H "' "","I'J Q1fNt'iQ'I'' .:!!
    } DL f
    L;_: .. : .

  • The daily news
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    Title: The daily news
    Uniform Title: Daily news (Pensacola, Fla.)
    Physical Description: Newspaper
    Language: English
    Publisher: The News Pub. Co.
    Place of Publication: Pensacola Fla
    Creation Date: April 11, 1901
    Frequency: daily (except monday)
    normalized irregular
    Subjects / Keywords: Newspapers -- Pensacola (Fla.)   ( lcsh )
    Newspapers -- Escambia County (Fla.)   ( lcsh )
    Genre: newspaper   ( marcgt )
    newspaper   ( sobekcm )
    Spatial Coverage: United States -- Florida -- Escambia -- Pensacola
    Coordinates: 30.433333 x -87.2 ( Place of Publication )
    Dates or Sequential Designation: Began in 1889.
    General Note: Description based on: Mar. 5, 1889.
    Funding: Funded by NEH in support of the National Digital Newspaper Project (NDNP), NEH Award Number: PJ-50006-05
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    Source Institution: University of Florida
    Holding Location: University of Florida
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    System ID: UF00075893:00498
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    Succeeded by: Pensacola evening news

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    ,0> ""," ..... -., .'-_ P"'" kIOJIA (n !J.l"T. l ,dIlJ. ti < Hjr: _, ? __ ?'WW.J.- ,_< _",_ _.", .,, .,>""? _p'A"S ;

    nIL. ,i


    .c __. ..::___ ==--=-=== -


    ..:..:.... :_:-= :=-- __ -=-==-_-= ---h--===_. --- __ __..=_ :!I

    has a Depth of 33 Feet of Water in the Channel at the Entrance of the Harbor.

    .. -
    - --- - --

    . ..u V c."idlllt; W. C. O'NEAL, President; f. C. HORTON. Cashier; ...,........."....... .. ... .
    u ,its'D \tt." .. d."t; .. -.....,..- -- .... M. E. CLARK Ass't Cashier. DARING ROBBERY .f..i-":,"..". ....Stft. >*%!S:...>"'>;?:'i-'"' ""I".''"'."A ,.'.'.'..........<.o...."" .... .< .u...:.

    OT ON THE HIGH SEAS r.I'.1IoA ftmfj@Jl@FJfLPl! I

    AIV1EBICAMOtutoxnorit BANK "r.

    Gold Bullion Valued at $22 .FOR.> ""


    '" .-. 760 Stolen. .tJi':: m fJ;} ) )?:lt) "JM V

    -'- I...(. IP.H/h t) R.J'I :
    .\-"I.r-! : ;. LIA1JILITIE.S.H IS INVOLVED IN MYSTERY try:li .

    1'. ..... $ IO& 61 v1: Capital Stock ...... .... ...... ......... .... $200.00000:: I' i TO THE t::
    .. .. 225; Sfi Undivided Profits (net).... .... ...... .. .... 2,4-15.91: I Treasure Loom of the Meaner Kal.

    ..... jujUio; ) Rediscounts ... ... ...... ............ .... .... 150.36867 Wilhelm der Grosse Entered By F
    >mt. ... .. 3.-VJ3.7.: :i Circulation.... .... .... .... ... .... ...... .... 7Salnal Unknown
    Thief Who
    ',,1 Flltur". ...... 6.IIIj3 Deposits ..... ...... ...... ...... ........ .... 2tCo58o9( Get Away VtRY Bm 1 EST t mmN
    . . . .. cll+.:!O With hree Liars of Gold. I lei

    . . . ...$IIUtijA 57r .YEX.pril10.It ia of3cially ; .")
    ...iaad 1'.... r. ,... :+,"" 0.13-$1a4.hIA 'to -
    .t, Kimd . .. .. a/ra: uo announced that two bars o! gold ::Q
    nl rtN At COLA t!!
    were stolen during the voyaga of the "! TIC tlTY OF r P

    ;. ; ;; North German Lloyd steamer Kaiser t.
    .iIt: !:I 1. *6; 4,3y1.11
    i Wilhelm der Grosse, which left New
    .-. I THAT'S -WHAT WE ARE, AND WE :m.J1Hr :
    -- York
    -- --- --------- ----- t.
    - on April 2 and arrived at Cher-
    GAR.MtTT: PIFLEY ON Lourg on April 9. The company: has it;j
    offered reward cf for :
    10,000 '

    Ik. IN Maxta 'H.,lhirt andsea Ch"rt',1,1111; .!..r i.ouiji.icity.r Lw.:,....lu the :MurFr.ANKFJKT. their restoration or for tho discovery of .I i lliest LiQilOr Trails ID Pen acohl ; '
    kllk ........If.y" the thieves.
    TO RUN COCK FIGHTS Ky., April 10. Thowork 'dl
    ,. {Hk. .4wil 10.J. J. .
    of erecting; u jury m the case of Crime Involved la Mystery. 'v 1. We have held that position for over a year. We
    a11tH Miam* I'irghoru
    ;., I Garuett l: :ey. accused of complicity ,, NEW Yom, April 10.-The robbery at k:: propose to keep it, too, and to that end we are Can

    '_ .t.two l '* (.n tefd<' of. the afternoon tuamt 'Popular Spanish Sport to Bs in the Goeoti uinrJer was completed I:' sea of the specie room of the North { $ didates for re-election, and we want your snpp rt. :.
    y y
    German Lloyd liner Kaiser Wilhelm &J
    I It today. The jal'ri are all: Democrats 'I :;
    abut three j.-
    sop. In Manila.
    r-M Resumed
    mid are furmua Imag outside of this der Grosse seems a mysterious crime. as
    L.. U"'b the repast nIl city. j jilipley Apparently there has been complete %+ OUR PLATFORMJ
    , a ,... .ttsutea lie was shot entered a f.lt'of not guilty at failure to locate either the missing bullion "
    .". e:1a UHI br.... *mi died' WILL YIELD BIO REVENUE the conclusion cf the reading; of the in. or the men who took it, althoughthe IS ONE WHICH EVERY GOOD CITIZEN OF PEN-

    s. c --. -- dictmeat. and Judge E. G. Williams search of passengers and ship at "tot SACOLA CAN SUPPORT. ITS PLANKS ARE-.
    It.. +hu :....., tat.i in G.Tf with ;i began the oponius statement for the Bremen-llaven this morning may furnish ,
    -11Ino! Kuuil-i and Tiirce Stair Ofllcrr -
    ' ", -,,r > M" "*4 ifcy bad met on { commonwealth. The first point whichthe material for the investigations.Three 1
    r: .' ,. .t .4 b..B tti'LlBK for vtn i I of blilpino General Captured stare would prove, he claimed, was 'I bars of gold aggregating in value 1 as 1 1I FAIR DEALING,

    i' .. snppotr4 ,Me MIl rrfasrd fly life \lIIulrau-To Make Good that a conspiracy was formed to kill e22,750, shipped by the National City r'i GOOD GOODS
    ,p. :. end 4e u..re.paa "O&I.cI.-cl : Goebel and that Ilipley was connected I bank of New York were stolen from J;' ,
    .. .II i h.r. t.r* or four ..bou' l'e of Aulnalilo.Sl with it throughout.! Kipley he declared cask No. 4 of the room somewhere be l FULL MEASURE
    I. ", '. a+". that ........ the ; would be shown to have left Frankfort: i tween this port and Cherbourg. The .* ,
    .., .....11.:1 r.. alfota l \prilIO-Lieutenant JIapes the evening before the assassination, onI I advices to Oelrichg & Co., agents for the I; COURTEOUS TREATMENT. ;
    r ; ;".te&.t... 'oaoci tak'I' hn captured $!OQW worth of insurgent I information that it was to take pace : company came in German and on the FA .

    fund and has tai on prinBer three ofliIoii' the lie.-: day nUll that he contributed ro' j''I point ,as to whether the specie room Order your LlQUOR3,11'holeale and Retail from u- and

    ; arrt ..*. *bo came errs \. : :u;; to Geueral Caille's staff it by J'"'UK home and equipping: hid was broken open or entered by picking they will be Delivered in Accordance with those flanks
    nipivny, with orders :o trIll; it to : the lock admits of translation either J1 1 'of
    ,(.. n'" I tear Minili Franktortas soon as he receivedord I way. { YOURS TO WIN,
    '.f fi, .uy ear reac.-bf\cl Under ta,' old regulations, cockpits that Goebcl had been killed. I The specie room of the Kaiser Wil si
    \ l of : l I imvil.-ge )f conducting them being ?-ail curt of Kr 'ont 'toriii.EiRtfiWiHAM. I rostli strong as a v.u.lt. Its door was IItJ f:1 f:1'I

    I r Han' eat);: prautol t') the widow of Captain L'U'a.1'NaU A'a., April 10.-Mrs.\V. secured by a i>at .a.illij Mf.s t'ifg- wife f well known there but two keys. Oue of the key
    J. ciins : < a
    st r tit t'opjiia J. :;. comttaa'led the native jolico of CJrpcu'l vas kept by the thief officer, the other ;;
    <, . I result of the
    her mind as a recent storm I ,
    of ik-rived in oak casks bound with iron
    i \ tli 1tI part rue pal revenue from cock-fighting packed i' I II
    the southern section ,
    . amounted to .J<>\XcJ annually. I which swept over I hoops. Thousands of dollars in gold ;;i
    ,+-,. ewrethrtrt, fare It n stared ttt) before .uinulJo is of Biiiniufrhaui. Mrs. Sims was at home were within the reach of the man who t: ,I Telephone 374. $: & Pensacola, Pla.ItOUIS '

    '"AII& CwCb wire nrp1Yetace. liberated ho \vi.l bo required to obtain I alone and when she she went saw the to the storm house approaching of her i: forced his way into the strong room, A''j.'....... _.........,,T,.,. .,..,..-,, -_. ..'V-., _.... .....P", ...... : 1..1
    ... ....d- .. .. > r.. .1.. .
    taken. s .
    named .J.
    l'll' lt only the sum was . .. .
    ,.>. riN } tUo surrrrdi-r of U--ueral Tiuo tae In. I daughter near hy. Her own hor-r *>-- '-..<>;i.--> .y.---. .. ...'."_;..._ ''..:. .1.'N'. .---.<--4.- <-.-_"... .--.. (..,-/ ..;..'Jf'........
    8 ", r1 tIn:: y. I: i* .ar;:eut h;a:"r. Oliuial uteitieiit.
    I Ii detraction, tat hir uangater'sdweCingwas I
    .. Mr __ cape :
    + IarrY'n A the office of the North German -
    blown down, and the aged t
    t .. iat.otll cwt hnaliyi UNDER BAN OF THE CHURCH, .
    i this the following
    woman received injuries on the head LJoyd agents;: morning _
    -: '*t .iU It. .' 'UUI oftMM i .. Cremation lal ; and spmo which have dethroned her I :: statement was given to the AssIT ': r :.-=. !!:'. :.
    II 1. IT' )Its -l 31 trriagrs: seal
    > I reason. It is believed that she is beyond ciated Press: S J }
    . UtHKxioi +'Ye rUU > :iiinluu of CI ii 4d a.Mornr..I..lpril .
    ' 'tt if BMH
    recovery and that she will have to bo "T Jrcot! bars of sold, valued at fi3.700, ;
    . thl.t'i tx-caiiiu UU I III I 10.-.\ pastoral let. taken to the insane hospital at T .kalooa. were taki'n from the specie room of the .
    11.. tor from Crnch h. s beeu Kai-er: Vfilhelm der Uronso somewhere ,
    | \l'l'hbi.h.'p
    __ GO.I
    w41 iih'uuql" Ii tua I between here and Cherbourg. Thebars L{ FRIEDMAN &
    .i l*,uru. ta Rom" I I teal in all the iloman Catholic churches Trust those who have tried.I were taken! from cask Xo.t., lat we E/
    t.II" eta wh.>v. rah$ I! of tits dtocosr. and lIIkrl'&till;; rtferUC suffered front catarrh of the worst are no irtra as to how the robbery was J

    r 4 ..t the b iettetyle.t. I .s wi>ie ii.i.i I" ii it to the recent tlecisiou loud told iujvr hoped for cure, but accomplished. Our advices are brief and lJ
    ,' ."'10.. dark I'1t'111iU11 in tu'j U-jlpt: case and to the Ely' Cream Halm: speTn< to do i-ven dolot show how tae room was etifereJ. RACKET i STORE,- *
    --',* ww ftkoat :W year action of the it-gislatnro in granting: to I I that Ojdir O-trum, 4i Warren "'rlsegold was shipped by the Nationality 1
    for Mount IVtyiil cemetery the power tocr'nUI" I|An', Chira'n, Ill. ? bank of New York. We -under- i
    u' tVfl'lt-H ItatdNhniinthau Na I 1 o les lu place of burying them, I I suffered from catarrh ; it pot !50 und it vas inured, but the question
    if "I d"tlr.-cl As to the former the : bid could no; work ; I u-=ed Ely's: of responsibility will b3 passed upon
    ." ,, urclitulii. iiK-rciy restates the attitudeof I Cream ll-ilui: and am entirely wtoll.iA. ater. The ship i, due at Bremen today I We Have Just Received :
    I us church tin mixed or irregular I C. Clarke, :341 Bhawmut Ave., and we may hear further from
    \ ran a ebfll'I'flX- mlHfIl;:-'", winch cannot bo affected by Boston, Mas-,*. there. We have not recovered the gold V I'
    \t 'jm"rjr had liir- I I Ilbe judgment of civil tribunals: and I The Balm doe not irritate or I aud this office has no knowledge of the If; 500 Boys' Knee Pants 25 to 50c pair.
    1 .11'' |'.M.oul. at i warn commnuicann! not to offend.at I call-e sneezing. Sold by drucgists thc'cThe sj>ecie room is a sirougafe. ,+ I
    \' -11 tjUi aonnectinir the nsj of oevcre ecclesiastical penal. at 50 cts, or mailed liv Ely Brothers !< We will make every effort posiile -
    I .in 4t Flom.tou all I II tie*. JXJ Warren Ht., New York. ) to rrrover the money and catch thethieves."i.. r ,

    I I.t" f.ir r..niul trip to With respect to cremation, the arch. .
    ----- ---
    ... A t '* tro< J\'rmloKhul1.: Moho?'* dt-rlaratiou is of greatest interest FIRE IN' INSANE ASYLUM Working 24 Hours a Day. V. Another Lot of Ladies' Cloth Skirts
    I ,. A'
    *nre he vlrtnallycensures: the legislature There' 110 ret for those tireless ; ,
    for granting the request of the Kurt- JIcrol'iH Ui.p'aied by the F.- little workrrl-Dr. Kin 's New Life t:
    STICk IT.M Mount which i.i.i.t .Nurse*. $125 to $7.00.
    Tloyal Cemetery company "ill+. Millions ore always: busy
    '. tai ..f \\it\\ Tower u: a Proteitaut organization. The arch. IMHAXAPOIApril 10.-Fire which curing Torpid Liver Jaundice, HiliouMiess 1!

    * < e' E i-nu lirokaout ;: blsho2 cited the rulings of the church broke out in the woman's luildiujj of Fever and Ague. They There
    % are Beauties in this Lot.-
    ** i "''nnjf hiIN .. retire tu the ,ul>j(>ct, quoting Pope Leo XIIl'sruu banish hick Headache, drive out *
    Mount Jiclr.-on; ,
    .l the in his letter the iieane hospital at
    r !t-e.tm. ut.f our f.1I11' i uination 01 practice I Malar ili. Never gripe or weaken.
    % i 'f tC.tt >ir*" a* bed! fci the bishops in May ISSfi, and Cardinal just west of the city limits, a; H o'clock Small, taste nice, work wonder- .."..,a ..'J_ ...-V! .,.rMothers'
    ".- tit tliImritiDK and Richards' vigorous denunciationin this morning, wa got nndar control te- Try them. 2oc at W. A. D'AIem-
    .' .\ ..I'. I..x ,.t "n.\ pastoral letter of February 1890. I fore -it nous! \11:1111'"a duud.I berce'd, 121 South( Palafox tret>t. ,
    *** t < flat and by the the greatest dt5culty was in controlling Friend Shirt Waists for

    rl <<, I... ...il w.-ll. Th. Good for Rheumatism. i the rr.tieiits of thu two wards CA5PARRY'SCASE ON TRIAL
    .". ; it w,.. curing him Last fall I was taken with a very I and },'!mt!{! them to a place of safety. Boys, in all styles ; nothing bet
    * it f.N it i" d,>ln.: him muscular rheuma- Tins was uoct'UipIishcd by the female TlcWvt caper Who Was .jrcted From ter on the market .
    * .' i i' an .i.. thiu< I have severe attack of nurses, who ui-pl.lyed rare heroism, two a 1 rIA In. ,
    . W. A. U'Alenitierte. il-in which caused me great rain of tho nurses Margaret \Valtman and rights of brailroad
    CJlA"Lr.HOrrillO.Tho :
    and annoyance. After trying several Nate Nolan, Icing severely scratched From 25 to 75c each.
    ticket under the laws of
    i I.. right to a little pM-H-riptions and rheumatic while etiKHK-nl m 'he work of rescna. scalpers V.
    -it t Hut they mu..t I cured, I decided to use Chamber- None of th- patients were injured. Tne ,. South Carolina are at h,ue in the court
    ', t Ulii'l watch their 1.1111' Pain IJ-dw, which I had seen asylum de-j\ tment kept the firs under of common pleas here. +c t, H-& +s t !

    .nlll"tn. I adrettiard in the South Jer"Pytiiau. control ant){ help was received from Henry Caparry, a ticket broker, W:J ..

    Trio C \7nUon & Co. After two applications of this Remedy this city. from a South Carolina V. When are thinking of
    . I wa. much better, and after The loss will not exceed 1500. Tho forcibly ejecwd you purchasing -

    *' t iI.ry: ftu"bmfaln+ n-h'p 01.e bottle wail completely cuu-o of the tire .is not known.NeirlreverypeNiuneedsA. and Georgia train in 1900 because he d
    \ 4t. I medicine brace up and invigorite the nervous.. case will probably be carried through all j get it's a REED or a SACH'S Shoe that
    ;system to cn-aii"e the boa-eis, liver of the state and it even
    the courts may
    new aid oo list i OrlInal.lholltlonict l>tll.J. and kirlll,>vI. HKU15INK is i the I run the gamut of the federal tribunal I will give you satisfactory wear for I

    ,in NEW YUUK, April 10.-Thomas Little, best and ".Jf"-t remedy! to do this, a well :
    I as the money. We are Sole Agents.
    architectof it will cure conxtip-jtion. ruriilat! --- --
    I for nuny years a prominent the !liver and enrn'h the blond I Three Ofil-rs Areo OUP. ?j

    1 .:c 1\1 Ip In tic ssch, this .city is doad at his home in Price, r,0 c!'nf?. \V. T. Green & Co. B.! 'IIS llA\f, Ala., April 10.-The tj, ) ;,;ter @ ri

    .W a.f. I II Iuut.t'ruJn., N. Y. When a young; Tennessee Coal Iron and Railway com- : 11t
    man ho \\as OUl of the original abohtionHts to Kc'ir.ui/oi. : ,
    in IVnusylvauia. He taughtih paay has abs:-rb>d the Robertson ilia- ling ) WATCH FOR OUR= t1

    tilul..1( t) I frat negro Sundayschool in the I CI lISHTTI.pr.ll0.The National c":upmy and the Smita Mining: l II
    Cn't>...l it.ttea' in rJeutown, Pa., and committee of the People's party at :SL I'Ompn.uy.un the cltrical: otSces will .):
    was st< ue' 1 tiocau'e of his identification \1 Lotus la-t December provided for n be mrrge:
    iil! ijf MUSIC I with the Sv-hiKjl. Upon coming; to this referendum vote on changing the name company has owned tae two smaller l;
    : I Ii Little loimnod hUIl.>elf with'' ; for three .- bet until now
    I l'U1Ir. to l\>;:)aiiss, on puoho ownership of certain com{ mics eels l: n
    ta; Kejnioacaii: party lt'K-s.ites to the' mesa of production, and di.-tr.bn titer nave been ";I.iudepeadeutly h ....Prices Defy Competition...
    E S LIPtCI9r. c >nvr utiou wueu Lincoln was nocii- tion and other issues. National Chair : of -acii otb,;. Till- c.i-rical oSiwt of the
    i natetl inau Joseph A. Parker: has fixed the :mita "mill jcaiurauy and tee Robertson M 71"'J r. -":,-.r.:rfj.r. .t :
    -- .
    rime for thi vote ai 2 p. m. on :Saturday company have ten abolished and r.; ,
    1'1"Iln. I'tpe If troubled by a weak di."'t ion, lat, at the usual voting places. tin mire work: will be conducted by t'

    t> lug, (iuttilr, I |.,..' of appetite. ... ,'or ('n-tipat: I'. try He has also isrued a call for the national tie Tennessee company.An l,: Louis Friedman d: Co. ;
    II a few d"" of ( ) Chimberlain'-o ai- committee of the Middle-of-the l
    I .icli and I.ivr Tablets. Every !). xwarrnnted. '. Koadcrs to meet at Detroit July 4. ounce of prevention is worth a
    I For sale by ai "ur'i.!- ,I pound of care, and a bottle of HALLARDS' El :,: Racket store. Ir I
    Kate Pcraistitd (for gi it. and medicine deal-rs. 'I Running;: sore*, ulcer, boil, pim- HOREHOUNI) SYRUP ,
    :-aslas. I i ''le?, etc., quickly cured by BANNERJXVLVE used in time is worth staff of physi I; .,'
    I We will launder your "rrl'jl' 5 f.r the most healing salve i itnu in clans with a dm? store or two includ ]
    !101' I1.1.t II I 15 cents each and make thin look world. A sure cure for piles! ed. Price 25 aud 50 cents W. T. .... :s ":J. :1;ma-ai 2n. .I

    !Luft'hnllf): like new. Star Laundry. \V. A. D'Alemb-rte. Green & Co.
    ....... --

    Cream., ) UER'S--w iL j V 0 RIN G EXTRA CTS---SA TIER'S ( For all Grocers Sale leytc. )

    .sc ,

    .A_ ...._..._____ _L.i .-__....:. .' _"' ._. ,.,. ..,. ....... ............ ." .. -:._ -- .. .. .

    .- .. .... ... .. 1 t, I;[___ Jj::}._ .. a ,...lUi ). ..,. .. ..,, J -r- '
    lei ""- ,. !_......:... b.4 "--'_.." ''Of. ....,.,._..." .., ... -_ ."" .j> (, } fI.A( J "" '<; i"r !" ". .I- _


    j ,


    ----- --- -
    -- ---
    -- -- I II "CT.Y; KUIM. I.U M Ht .. .
    '' AX OIUt1N.tNCF.Enrild I
    1'1 a:t; HUMID Li'itK. T'eprrttieetla'tlr" .

    An OtTt-rlnz I'rmin;; Faith !<> tinsf.rcrr. an Ordinance folt'c-dtftlre use i It; f.t '" HI I
    And ."il'tJui'd.in run very f.t. T1! r It
    l'.o.ae .Ia HI'} It '( .
    and J* Vie "He all'.ptt- I >\ t ,
    It your mout.ll'urf:? Aee you sure OF HEATHEN CHINESETo Company Certain Ithibts Tor- PRICKLY Iran Kxj": .- itl..o ? Ii "

    fit* I> ) cut or f-cratctes heal Interest IT ami lit a CYnain tit: y arc It.. '....t ", .
    if he Water Fr.,nt rf the
    ion .,
    t .Io..h'| ? 1)"esy.urfkititch or burn? any of r ii.) Y a'
    7 City of I'ensan w..rt' v. M tie arlLiprnrii.Ilrother i ,.
    Have you riuiplKruptions? Extirpate Christianityand : ..
    > >
    Belt Ordsined bv. the Mayor and Council ET T
    Hack? Eczema?
    AchlD lionn or Expel Eoreigners.HAD tf the City of tVusacolAtectioQl. tka area;'etit* from ti n ,

    t .? Foul Breath? Catarrh? -- t the Incorporation ot the l'o>as.c.la Dry TROUBLE, INDICES limp. : Mif.. : Ihlt :'i I i

    Are you paU! If 1'(1 purify your IMPERIAL APPROVAL Un.-k 4 ahipbuiWiog Company. the Majoroftbenty TION LIVER DISORDER OR hand tit \* slipped rnotice ,
    liliHhi at once with li H.! B. ( KotanicHO.K CONSTIPATION. trial .
    of PvD.aco1a than bf>. and Is ttvb t. .
    | Hahn It Fakes the mood I "PoorHealth" authorixelanddIrected. t" -X'acvit IT CURES. IIIg to pur'hau.I. .

    Pur. and Hich. haN very ore More Than -10,000atlve Cbri!ttaa !:' and hereby Deliver to said company adred of COD- ." 'V 4N

    and jfit- a dear: PClnothhealthy t w01l\WI)!' toll :! :"
    Con- uortUand figures "
    km. I)...-p-.eated easelike ulcers, Converts Iaugbtl'r..d-Jl"rolc vrjam-e In the

    c..tic.-r, .-utiii.' orePainful tSwelllo duct of Officials of Chinese Foreign } to-wit Ftatr; of Florida HANNAH BaOP..Artut Cleaning ladl".k '

    /". 1t1".d 1'oi-m are quicklyI Office, \\ .*j rrexented 5Uacre.. |iI rouaty of Erfainhlv U one of our .Pe'sit' < j'

    I .-ill,y I IS. It. It., nudrt e-pecially I Is the worst kind of pmerty Howeerrich Know' all Men by1hrae ln-Di-nls Present" 1'a. that" ll Inconsideration for acceptable Ideas. dry.Foley's.

    f"r nil ob-tlnate lil>>o
    Trouble. It. It. L':. i N diller-tt from port of the American Bible loci ty relay j "poor" she is poor indeed. She has no I hullrtin olHdrv do.'k lAud and .|snp. .hug m PATENT Hoim, 8'" iir
    other i -iifdie uecaufJ 1:. II.drainiel'ot for food and the choicest lish.es i plautupon 1t-narrtr"at.andal! In :oniaeratl RECORft II
    and Humors outrf tire to the situation in China contains appetite < > r II'l paid Baltimore. i Ml forchilJren.safeuri \
    -nn I
    cannot her. She turns and tosses .a
    IVn-ai '
    tempt to the liy of rVnsacula t>y the
    the liloinl and entire t;y>iem "<* the following interesting statements through a restless night on a conch ', hey l)<.ck, thipbui dins Company. c..r-

    the yn.;>Min4 cannot: return. Give from its agent in China the! Rev. John which might woo an empress to slumber. ', porat\uu duly cliart..rfd. the taul fly 6fil> I
    it trial. It curewh -n all el-p.fai1 II reniaeoln dues hereby jtrLnl.I".rjaln.
    K. Hykes D.D. : She las no strength for household cart'S.no and convey onto the bald fensaeoia Dry O-TnE--1
    ufc'hl.v luted for 30 year, tfold delight in social pleasure She sits Inxikvt Stupbullding ('tnpany.fpsaueersaora .
    .- 81 large bottleR "There was a deep and cunninglylaid I a..liDs.1I1I the right title and interestof
    At drug *tor at per ; "perked up in a glistering grief wearing : and
    I bottles full ?. plot nuder imperial sanction, to ]I sa.d i Ity of Pensacola In scud to nil
    ( treitinent ; a golden sorrow." She is a wife and ,I the water front of the t Ity fcf Pen-acom.
    h.) utlrrr may teat it, a trial bot- extirpate Christianity, expel all foreigner j! mother. Cut she has no happiness in embraced within the following: : boundaries '' oston Shoe StoreIS

    tim gl\fU away absolutely free. and destroy all foreign interests. Xo either relation. She knows her hustand's to-"' u. -I>ginomiat a point on the thortlineot !
    Writfr it. AdJre--, J5UOI life and the minor P..n'.Ib"y: In high enter two
    Is set: in tune time to
    divined the fall of the iniquity feet "t'.t :
    one extent hundred i"i 1
    HALM l'O". .Atlanta G.tVritP to- music of her own mben' If her child of the IVnMii-ola <\: Yard do
    which de dberatelr contem '
    day -cnbetroubleatidfree med was laughs: or cries her nerves quiver \utli Comp.nj'a tracks; thence running south-
    ..ral.J\'I ee .:IHD. plated. ea.l..rl- parallel to and two hundredrtits DISPLAYIX(5; I'lS
    "In all. 1S3 Protestant missionaries, pain.Ask iVft ul-lant from the Centerline
    I such woman if she would like to bulkhead
    of said triuks' to the
    A FAMOUS PENSION SHARK including SJ; men 75! women and 4s be well; to be her husband's comrade line tobe ...t,b ifhed by the War Department .
    children have teen massacred. I of the I'uited States Kiiveronielit.or.
    her child's Could there 1
    With the of the playmate. line he established, then tt
    massacresat don bulkhead
    >lr .") *rnl to the I'riiltrntlary Furls but one answer? 'a of twelve (12)) feet ot water; Stock
    Ku Choo. Camese Kian. where 11' depth Ney
    \ ....r... in I Such woman can get well if !'hwin.. thence sou'hwe-terly and parpendii'ulai Spring ( \
    were killed and at liens Ctioo
    person All her indicate a diseased to the eastern line, one thousand tiww,
    l' !u.Ll.r t. \pril 9 l eorgi; > P. in Ha Nan all of the deaths occurredin t.\nptoms feet; thence north "leriv parallel. and '
    condition of the delicate womanlY or ... \
    distant one thousand, n' fret from the
    M 4jr wi "U conTKtid hre fir northern provinces."The ;
    ganism. Cure that condition and the eastern tintiodic shore line;; thence easl-
    K' n r I. ;- oat IQ nads and wu was question ha !been raided! at homeas 1 woman will be Ir'ted up to the full cnjoment eriv ulonfi the shore hue to the point ol

    .. J' ('.,nOld. to whether the Boxer uprilDiY&i I of health.In beginning.' !
    Mn1 -x !"l1r. is anti-foreign or ana-missionary in its To have and to l.o'llh.: : abate dpFcnb..dpwp..rt AND SOME OF THE SPRING

    tr. .1 ,.u.- . ', "' pensln snafusti character. No doubt exists in the mindof I nineU -fi lit cases out of1Ot) hundred ). and every part thereof unto thesaid I
    I Ir. "lerce's Favorite Prescriptionwill Ten-Hi ola Dry IlliCit *: vbip buuildmii
    .' Hr I ; '. ... uth l..1r ) IIII. any well informed person inCi1ina that 1 cure womanlv diseases will restore Company, its surcessorn and a-sign". f jr- AND SUMMER STYLES INl.LHDIES'

    11 ;j' ::.1 : .: t'-- "ut 121 uIrrtut the mov>'iueat was H-idoubtedly against the womanly health. It has cured tens e> cr. subject to tae cundUiuus hereicaltei

    .... lit his foreigners such aid the crusade was expresr(1:
    'I :\ and t as ; of thousands of women many of whom fto\'ideil. aw! sys. upon the express eonai'
    lUlU'.': n ? I r .l "'11 1'1/\11I1111"1. directed against; everything; foreign, I hold been and lion ttat thealdPeuacnlaDr) .1'iicn Rod
    given by
    Iii : .. '., -.viUIIICfL caUI Christianity, of conr.ie included 1 1I up physicians Alnpliuildiiii Loinpar.sha.l. withtnonelil( : -$ WE74.R.-
    frien It es'otlti.llld medicine for
    .. I s. is year troth the date jf ncc'rlance of the ,
    + t at .r:' J .r"W.I-hI1UWI1IU 1 \ru Heron OIlic...!.. 1 wonnn's i\1- It tines enfeebling drains.It urd nnntf authorizing tau coin -'allee.
    i t' Ill' r.' ImtlOrlaut .. coiisiruet'iincfa dn duck
    i' actual
    I inflammation and ukeration. It begin
    ,! : i' '''t rYaeuriL: Icy Hsu Chink: Chen and Yuan Chan, heaps female weaknes.and doe auil ehiphuildini plant vn HI" rOper\ are beauties too. You arc invIte; !
    two ministerof the foreign ohire.would ; cures Faring n above described mid, wiibiuai d
    I ., 1\1. '. I .:4.r" .StaLt'St'lr- not tnmsmic the awful:: edict pain: It tranqailues the nerves, restores time!, shall have expended onat, these
    I to inspect goods.
    ',r .. : )I"nfa ,11..1. the and gives refreshing site not le,s than! t1Ilu..u'lind I P'.I"
    which rviuraiHl the order appetite
    to 'painfully I aiid baa: attniu t\\o one
    '. t' 1 .U ;.u .11'r ,xt tot jl l.ty do lir= ail
    extirpate all fo ..lmH'..' l.n' tua::g$,i It ', sleep. v....frnmi'ieilHte. f said, ueceptai.ve. -hailbllIlltlht..lllnd
    11x r'Ct 9 tar
    : differs from
    I "Favorite
    t BO RJ to 'p rotect all ftr iiier-:: aim men Prescr.ption hats in woikins! order -
    II 1"bl":1ttor. almost all other medicines for on sad site a dry dock captlile nf dorkln '
    tl' tur' put tip
    sent it living over winto
    I:,. w : :.: .1 ru tnarlt't"DI : Tnerwer.. a'pncwlto t woman's use in that it contains no alcohol II:\e-at-l tf nut less titan live thousaiu: YOlO Us: FOIL .-11111-:0'
    I inirestprovrieos. > 10.1 tonsAinlth.it.:
    I :.'" :I l a'i easy field 111 ,
    and is free from
    be rut m two. )11'-lOI1':t'3 WH- the : entirely opium coCaine if fie actual contraction olthebuld
    1.,1'1' r' d11YreIn IOU Caicir and all other narcotics. It is in plant be not o.'IUlueneedwitLino1r
    Clans taut bent iited bv tui ai t of ueroi
    ,". I.' 't rii n'.:;t p.ut at- tet1 1 i' the truest sense! of the term a tern- I II >ears time, H* .pfore-aid.or the um
    :' : ve 1..1 tor prbuut'r had ,ra. The fart nat every nn>v.t>uary drift) tbuusatid Ie'.'"'I dollar be nutrxI The Boston Shoe Store
    I I'warteil rum !14 out of toe IS pronuce',, :: p'ravel' medicine.A end-d on stid: site, a, utf>r''," I I.. !a .al.l. a P"I1'\:1 t : am hr:1 t1Pgr not within said two and
    : wonul -aid I'oinpinyhall
    maica'e tea: the l'ru'.l.il. wan Dot :
    ..a43' !Hlr' Iv r mnu allli It wa, Constant Sufferer otllI..U..I".rsbll'.al.1drvdl.k.'lab.Ibbrd -
    4 a..l tIal tnt tl1,111'- purpose wa tJ.rM fclH-ria.lr: :auu-rai--K ary. I OD tn'u -It" sad In working order ai N. G. FORCHEIMER, Prop. I
    "111 the provt:ice of Chin Li and "I hid been a constant nfT Ter iron ut *nie Aret-id. in any SUCh.nr., the title
    ur.. 1111. nt..uvy tur hie p"rl'.l1.il use.ill Shan bi every tcLool. Lotpital.! chapel : tha fur tier >i' ir- ""r.I"I "rt. ?f\''m. \e tei in i>uid citnipany hy this deed 1011..11Ib..rehy
    w .n.1..rfl&l III 'm"\; such that he Lee lan Cat to %''Virginia. **: till for -irmonths cease and dHiernnne forever, and.
    !Ail r"mniU Mule' paperect and dweliia! :; was looted flue burned t>ytns pt\u us to" taka your m"tell"1"01 in the event of such foi (flture. said property .
    evi-rv Boxers and imperial troop, the only { not out of mv room und.l not walk! or -timlasthet shall revert and belong to fcaio City of -'-THE
    I. t.i- ;' !t-uui d.\tl4fIlul'm and ups woniier ; exception brine the propcrtv m tne wa. -uch pain and drawing In 11 -..I le IVn-Hcola, and mH city shall thereuponliaxe
    !:i. ii.tiUet't bas been the marvel and b anns down we,!: ill region of utenisaccompanied the right; tore-enter and take pus.esslon -
    the "'.>url j i fi>ri;:u sett.ement it Tu-u T..n.:0 with V,CIKSJ I sii'Tired ion thereof lb"i.aine as if bin deed had
    l'oillpllOl" was the ien.ol.tiou of property ,tanth with headache pain in lack. shouMer. not been niau" subject bo\\e\er. to the
    I Unilein jail a-x-aiting Iria!. McClay ''t'T these mid lanatns s that njt .t vestic' arms and chet had t>&!pitatton. ncn'ousJ.rOl'tra. right if the Hid company its successors
    t"D' a ..ner aiiirtM..ci to PreMieat Mc- lion. n-"pation *l.7inr--.. ringing in rar', and assign1*. within a reh-o'" aMe tiin nut Citizens National Ban
    K.inean t eahnCr. in whim he t>reerr. was It-fr tf) mar th" site: even the could! not t'.p.; and l.r-athing wag so difficult at e\ceedinl\ c" > months after lielnKnotiiled

    < uf aOlliffe ling and carried aWlTn..r" \. time. I could not lie du..u.'ords fail to descnlie by the ell) ..Ills. Intention to re-enter andlake
    mvi.Ti' when I for
    was nice d..tuctJou of uiis..ioaprojierty rings wade to you pea-tuft <-aid property to remove
    In I nU."it..n. Th "cnane\ of advice In a short time I recmrd a kind letterfrom Iber..lrolllltbuut anv damage; cost or expense
    the of Sneu Si
    i,.ar... w...,' gr".audie>s. in p-ounces 'von telling me I would be greatly litncfiled wbitte\-r to said city any and allIIIIIJro..III"lIl |
    It U-Uved the that 111 fan. Ha Nat lit pe Chang! iM, Cho if not entirely cured hv the u.e'of Ur.19erceFavonteI'rescnption. that they may have put OP PKNKACOIA.
    to by trwernmcnt W hen I hatakf '
    Kiau and Kwan rune. Relative i>* tberem.IN .
    with tii- omvicti"n of McClay oue of Cim have leti one 1.tile of tne ITescnption: together. with I>r : \'ITE'1tEI'fOt'' the said ( !tty of
    the sufferers.
    IB* m ..( tlanffvrux I"'DllloO ixr.rk> haIrrn -. -tiatis worst J'urct Pleasant TelleUand the 1D Those wno evajo-d ti.e general which von advised I could walk) .with the support name herein Slit pt aunt: IU common seal, HILTON GREEN. F. 1'FHr f t.PKKSIUE.VT. I
    fiell His .
    in > <14 from tae at tive 'aaphttr: lu the uurtiera provinces: lotabsiluttly of cane .. the drag ing and pain in ,,,t..and ..ndlt, rity clerk In nl',,-! the same, this ( t ,
    work sttij l:"ilNwtuin T. WELLES
    and of R M. I
    eUTVth'.c WSHNFI
    r h\+ bern iinpoible thus :: many I had taken th-ee bottles of the medicine the i!. lhtins o'din-nc'eshnll take I
    hevured them are jifri-h.u? from coil and star. per.were reijuht'-cl! I\, not v> rcrou.cuul .. ,.f'.II.nIV upon tin* -aid l"'llhqculli trice \ \lCE-PKEbIDE.\T. .\ip1 I a I
    tar i the aiaoaat Ly
    .tnl' .
    vation. deep well,and the pain in stdr and l-r t with
    i -hiDimildiPi; mnpany tiling
    bllll .It! Itul, ..u t lallns.1h. I tag d< won. hiuarahed I have taken MX U!- tyof rnacola.aitbm I
    The the .dayorofthet : ) DIRECTORS
    iser.rtnresdestroyed will :
    : as:re- t'e, of Favorite i're.nplion two of 'I' ih'ei .
    n'Cetv r.-'KUVs at..r the di'iof its pasftee >
    pa'e not lees titan 10 ).000 volumeand : M'iical Discmtrv and fimr ,'iil-of Ici'.rts I
    .. .....,*. I'nnv I* In ll. scab." the actual los to the wxiety will not be :I I and ir\ health is. be'ter at this tutu than it lubiert i>oiether twriit-n with nocip'unce Its "lr.IIrllt i f BI:toabi d ordinance leby r. E. WELLES. W:'!. FIHHKIi. Rl.M I.. '

    KI.tnanWlith the matter, my lessth.m00)or *IO.It) in god, in !I in five xeirs"With 1 att: tile terms find eiml 110113 ionuined of h. E. H.iunder & Co. !
    grateful thaUs for )kind adxue, '
    .. I )eir the it.ed flied herein.ApproMd K. J. WHlT IIr.E. IOHV F. I'FKIFKP.K.
    in a MdKI. -
    I ., t be In pent I
    i.i: ) Mftn to great eluding the nNS'.11'V eiptn-e of pet- sad with best wtshtsDr
    March "'tb. Ihoi. L. II
    I',' tin:: workers to piao-s of surety and : Pierce's Pleasant .. M. HLLI I RIAttest >.

    I tfcI I g d.swlllylu I lack a::ain to their stanoai' Pellet are a : Major.
    I r FI i\ ( .i.ACKirfiEK.i '
    a'i. i t hu -. ,* lll' a peat Noble \ iti\e M ir'j-M. most effective laxative /-i...... .. \ lerfc .lmoa4wj" 'A General
    ..tier for '' Bankinff I1u..incg* Trax.if ( I:
    t i.n "t'' I "\ll of fur f<.re.sai sunfntrcndentsWffp I worun hF'
    cure bill,.u-, ;; e "
    -- savitl.V? have to mourn the i They t\ i

    I "award. loss of many nuble and devoted nativew ness and sick head-! \ j

    r ", fc> .' -ir' two> men irker: ''. Tucy \\ ..re warned of then i ache. ..J=' r ; ((";t j f !!if Accounts: Handled on Favorable TVrn- t t

    ,. I. .. -.. ;Ks they were runnmc. but not a man -== I- ,
    : 1 I' .1 :-t wait till.hi- of tile noble band of IS flinched. Tneirreply ; -es ..-rXe:>t :/, CbmfJf\ Bought and Sold, Collect:

    r. \ "I (*..!! .!..t.11 wa'We po on a colport- .1t+ ... .,. < qtr r 1"
    b. age: t<'.nr. God'"Ill, be done.' Only : .f.J .' ,, '" ,' 'i I ', Promptly Attended To.

    A Ill.* I..r 'UDlIlIt.r is four of the IS nun returned from : ""i :n-'r'
    .. ...: .. ., fl
    r :: .. "" --t.1. "
    ippri'Mri t I' I-r will con- that journey. Tne." homes of these martyrs I .. /or/J Iqi- 4 :'
    k-m I : 'lj r : ?.i r" reaclHS were looted and burned and their I ; .<::. ...', \p ),' 1. _- --q I ; -- c? ? urrs ?OLICJTE ;
    t/ '
    .. tl j' \ \ _
    : .: "HI; A t.-n.-ly which families exu+rt:1in'ited. Those who -ur- Ai : :,) \ ,

    ,.d...,.. ki.uii. li-iii. nnivrr-ally mud escaped to tue mountains w ere ; r-ti<:: i4. } ,.t ".-l I i\i-r, -- --

    I UM>.t I.. s rvri.t at d| i.on.erict the! they suffered terrible prvattdns andnuaagod i ", -"- ..-. } ... ---ff I

    .rd.ct ..f WHfm W'I ujiontir'H ; in got back to Pe"; ''!S alter it i ?;' \ r r >III ::' : .!\ LOliGBIimtrByspepsi)

    r (,(ill.if." anti r I- Ioped that all was captured b:: the u.::cd antics I )1ifi 7J-.". r&iw.x& .feA .I" ill, :f II.: ." 1fl j- ; '. .; 1'IOfIGHTS I.'

    > iii.t'i'f"f' t1! !i- i-iti.niiKiitv will Of the c"lp'irteur- under m:-Lionarv say I =:.:. \oJ- !

    f1 : i': Ir.-", in I t', .d hv 'rvlsica, I'!. hear; OF < '
    trrI.| r I. i p< .ivo net one taato'aivil \ \ "
    k i >
    ,, iu i- : a- -i': "1125i complain I utterly of the same treatnii-i.t. : ... .....-. "- .... 1.I .

    < J ". r. M[ f 1-. -: "More than ;).tXO native convert S.-f f'n.t"J Contltc --... t"ln'; ) .. :i.LJ. Last

    fit: dating: Roman Catiiolic-) mgr dar'j ; A \\Ih:PClua II:h'"a i in"i'1'1:1110I"t; Careful ); Ul'3e Ji-A\ trI.- ,

    in a henii-iu"worthy of the bent age ..; l.t rt< 11.t 't', ":: -' :.' nf. :ii-] >'.rir::' th- In almost anv d.fli-al: : \ 'j11.'-, -' r a ..

    t:IP cunron. ,'n.1'Ir. u\ .' !...'..ih:! "? : t' .
    CASTOR -- i : .ni t : :r ou. fl l iiuti j. 11.! i- I' ,- u :. X : : ..! .

    I .X \\I.l'.\IIU: 51MiKItI : : ,tax 1't: : I.f tll:r Ilu!:: aI !- I.':(1\\ t1!,,.. 1 '. t r > ., n t : i i, :- "'\ ; ., ,

    F. r Ins..tl'r :ud Children. I'" C.4 anti C I t h it'l. jlr"" : \. '; .. : i tl: ir 11, tori !hit !- ti," et t: !1..I l f'I": r- -1 ,-. .
    .' :. .- i -..' .111 l,.. :.v ;I..blI"'f I' ., .v : i !i.. t ., -nittlP -

    The Kind Ycu Kate Always Eought ,. harp not the "lig'-t., !.p.:t:in- ,1, .' .. '.' ;,i! ::..,tot! ll.til'<-c"(1f.t :..lt. ,, JC, \ | t ; d -
    ri PI rtct-minfi'd< ('h'". ,i1 !.i 'bt' > I 1'.1 I 'l.P -_j
    tot tt'H -.Ull.t .
    path Ii J< -- -
    ;." :. : .< !
    /? ,>u1 \ ltMiulto! ill w. .i'i .1' I. d! .. :::::::::: : -
    .. if .1' \;.t'II"f. O'.1-mi I'l'ivri.m ::; .Zi '
    t'Y fff r' _' fri'pi I"' i' as or 11 ,.. 1'... : ,:. '.' ., '.' '" > L'v.i TOMJ tit i' wiIIU:1 ri ,. ... ::::::--:::- '.
    : -
    ....." .. r.. u:.!A t.L : ( )' ('I .. i E"I.I] w. .. I. ;'. 'Iwi : ;, .. .: ': is ,,:'I nt-fif. \\ c \\t \i ;' : ":....-_-_---

    ( h nl il t i .f i "I! "tHI. C.\, j.... ,, : i .; J.i ATflTILwU,'' Kc j

    of'I "I'i-t I ., .''. .ii ',.(, '"- --; !J." nf t' .' i't''l: ; .l.nhlt' rf .':.i'..:r'JB. Utju.. \ Tonic w( knoi' "f. I- t: \\' E ADVERT :,, :,: I EjrL\'I. : i.

    \M ...... ':. ( i r', ',' i i.. i :: .:'.
    :l I. Th
    u frl:1f.., It if
    I why our
    oly by :
    o' '.'I'I '" ', 'i *" 1 I
    --htill': ": tlr'I
    : I 1 I I.- r : t-. : i iJ '' OroT- J Kipiulv: ,
    l I' :01. ::' ..1.II .1I : i I'ttTIH FIaTTii Lit t
    "> "ii' '. .. : i ii/ l' t i'-i.I TI rcil: '. 1 : -.. J. ?

    I .I!:. I. l.iiut '": ..., !. ,.., .: 'd': '1" ;' !. :" : : ,.. I wri : .. ,' :\; : ; ., : i. : .... .\ -. -I.... I.,, I .v.( r. ; .1 ,. Pure Drugs .

    'I, 1 : -' P... : :f .' .. . r. :. HH', \ \ i '. ii" i 1 :' -I: _ __ .r. .. -PPUsar"ll.,
    t l' k : ,.1 1: 1III'V Digests whit .
    ,. ... 1't' l J.nlt iiv.i l.i'T't !:. .11 ..1:lho't1 vet in t..; i.. vppc ',. :- ..: I' J i-: "
    1. I : ( !, to ore 1/1.1/ .; i I. .'.. r-i-n-N I '.ui.. :'i: i- ; i' ;1'," 'j ., ..."' :1. AN'Di I' .,tt 'I" -.1 'J. .

    : rtlwith h'I'. "- 1).r.ll.d.f! I !!'JII'V! t" tlY : i'. arc 1:1.: i ." ;1' : l t- :': '. :\ to- 1" rnADEnS F ROM'l' 1R''IC :'\ It ::14 1 n I1ttl .

    \ .111 Hll'- 1'1 : l"i :,"', ':11,1'1\I 11 al :-r!ie l'. .. .. C' i .' .. 1tt',.:.. .. A. >o THI a'tli::g i I'.e ti. f'
    '. ... .. 11 \i: !j. .. .. : 1:1..1'. .'
    : ll .
    > \ 1'1 f\ tl-wl !li i ; ''i-> ', :.-ILl: l\ -r tIlt \ : :1.1. I* ::c-

    .. t-i'N.! :' F,''- -' :' >, l'i'' j t'i-t tnt and um.c.; ;N "
    1 Mt,.' .I. Ull'i soJ 1 \ :i ; i r
    (1 tin. 1a -" t ....- IH tir-t- > 111111":1.: ::.t. ti, :il:. r.. C1LSTDILI.i.: f ?' if:Pr &g r-1 @ 'wv. apyruat 111 tt 50Iyr .

    Ire H l.lwlfii. I'Hiiii ill .11* ... .ir- Eea.-e the .ct Y'1 i N ice *.\3>S ge:;t HYE. ? ij-I 9 .1.UllIy rdnH'" ;'11I1 I' .
    .. litl E.A L V E MK'psU, laJtit:- t.. b. j jria'II
    f f.
    Oil tee .,
    r ip.tl Ifc : < ri r- fig--.1tre g.s-;. ,. Df'*. So.r *>.< ... .

    .th.tit(.- trove 1-iJl'v' |pht-i'ull" of the rrsthaaliac; 9Slvoln th' "t'ri(!' cf l kdI'f PopularNo. Urn ;: Stlrl', !:ek: Iletd&hr.(1i'ta it I

    city E 1Jr.1"'an"I t'1 Jlo.p-1 dU itherre stiltrrf irui-; r'Prioioc .
    MKM nll.t'K\*. n 1 t \.. u .
    r-outh DrViHi.r 37 South PaIn )x, sad LL ....N. ,. vsr ..t ,
    I 114
    Its M.Mo
    ., .. ..
    ,, hktM R .. '
    --fV--- - 'M 1..r-
    -- - - - .
    -- EYE imil 13) te l Ills Telap' ",.. :W'i i
    >ll, al K-KI'If. tiltl.il.m CREAi\1 ?rtpo'rdtyC CC. *ITT 1 L .

    'rrl.r- will b. a ircKr' rvet'tiwth n< WORM.M! M f fc&y uffcret 12m .3 Hllrtll..IahuI4< I'farrr..n! JSllfi ,

    l'.ti-.ac< U Mt'dical t'f\lt\' a' ,

    ,,,. n..rJ of INalth f\r.',... 'a! f """ '''' 1' (_ : ., tea'.te. city itr tlii fl'Bsy. I.W. .

    0thwkp.al Tue.aay \prll :::\ t Fc? 20 Ycsrs Has Led eil WOT; RSSSlsEwAl { GJJ.Th: c
    Vuttmtf r hyitiiii- art cordials : : Ve fcirtic: till t: Hr.tyID

    tallt..t In :1u..nJ.J { nOLD D ALL I)1ttrt3GI: : TE3.rreptlhy HARPERKENTUCKY 1 d A ?ra "
    % : !
    q MKKI P, J RPHNT M. D.. !SO r BALLARD, St. Luls. I [ Qaarts $1.00 ,
    I 1'rr-ident.UAla >s \ per qt.

    -rl.t fn \It {'u\ft\1. D., FOR SALK BY \\'. T. GREEk ('0.

    whit Secretary.. In Bulk, $3.00 per gal. WHISKEYSeli Sash, Doors

    itinuM tit; )
    Blinds Laths
    itch ill U r..I""J t-r the C. M. ,
    Sam'l Charles r: lPnlal : tV-TRY IT.
    p. uOC'"tl'n J :' \Vedne-dar. = Flooring.

    y." I 'M t.r i- n-tf notion cf ]Ll
    l D'it. .\il bul taut hect'mt.olyd ? r Y .. - -
    ie *
    tnyil un- South \>x sti- et.r
    $ ',e the de-lcna. The :: JACOB KRYGER f ents for J. J. McCaUu..l : .

    ....+U\l..11 r..arrri th*' right to reset 'T-: Quick Work and Short Profit l. ,

    an, <>r ad, blot. F.>r furtherin- BIJOU Sawn Cj-pri'ss Shlul: !"aa
    i f"nnal.I'D apply -A RUBBER HEELS BAR. 1

    Anl'Itl'.S.OLlnR.. on for 30 to 13cent r by >; Bros.Foley' .
    ;} : &e pqt -;: Daijeiaer !1, OFFICE AM I
    h.<'r("'ary President. ? HEEL PIATES 5 Cent -
    15c -
    r Far neb will da B? ,03r {jjB8i8r.puts. -
    end Baylin Street Wharf. TelPENr'ACOLA:
    T"" nrookwooJ Rye" at 6. A. Shoe S'rtcgs and Oilinps Fre:?. New rhtb d Ituedryt.sfs..nr.rara. Honey Tar
    \Voik Called For and Delivered. cures colds
    *. Hnet on eartfc. .i prevents pneumonia

    a ',",, '--'r -- '......or.! ..( e,- --

    _- -.......-- r-A"", -4I-.l J{ f': IiIt: W,1io! ""' itl.J'.r: !' .A -- .L : "1i;: -- 't"1, ,.. i.l .t. ...,.4,..!. .,.4 ,' L ..",








    I'ietersbur-g I 5OCENTS
    is Occupied By

    w ,
    British General Plumer. i I


    Man <>flu nrlllsh Detatchmeiit '!

    li *urrouud and Captured lly a :I

    Miprrlor Korea of the Kucmy, After

    a uLhurn Kl';!it. IL i

    )vjiov, April 9.-Lord Kitchener, ''

    rfpurting; to the war office uuderdate of I

    I l'tuvna.lnl s. I!l"l'1wut'r \';: ,: INFALLIBLE REMEDY

    has occupied Pietersbnr?
    titn ..i-ht opposition lie c.lptur'itw.
    .. loooaiomes and 3 I tr. ks."

    Thf rapture[ o:1'1teraL-.t; is regarded
    Most Popu'arPonsacola. b.r<* a. imj>"rt.iiL flit place is the '
    trrmiiiUj ol the! railway.: The whole,
    N )rtL-rn railway is: cow'la the hand
    o! t.1". Hriti.il.A. .
    '< ra.u: ;: to Lord Kitchener's dis-
    !,.ur ti. .mly i'ntj officer and one man
    W-.r.- 101.1..L Tue lifers evacuated lliHtou
    l sTAu I RANT 1 ,
    uurti: ;: tie night prior to Pinmer'sj
    arrival. ntttr blowing up two trucks -
    .loI-u with ammunition.U ,
    >rd Kiti-ueut-r furtter repovts; the AGEORGIA_ -SUGAR'- REFINERY : SOUTHERN

    tail. ure of It; l.rt.lu'r>, ."0 h'.r""?,; run Cattle and * ii.- desalt of nr tore: at llo-hmaaskop, O
    Utau.-e liitfM'-olony. lie DCeioped.ATLANTA COFFER[ WORKS[ ,

    \. an /.set. the ct) nlaander-tn-chief April 'J. The Southern ,

    n-pori- that .ilvtacuui'Ut ot 100 men otin Cattle aud Improvement company com I MANUFACIt'RKHS OF
    Fiftu liiictTt nttii lm perlal .
    yco posed of a number of western capitalists \
    awry wrrftattirkfei by Slid< lloeri to'
    has purchased 01,000 of laud
    thi D..rtbwur of .tbl' l'I'II. Cape ColMIT. I acres Stills
    in Clinch: county, nt ar Dupout. oue of Turpentine
    aud taut after M.vt-r hours turning; ,
    the richest of southern
    FINK sections Georgia:
    ttau llntlth were :urrouiiJed and captwil '! rt
    This company according: to the secretary
    with tiii 1'1"1'1l0l1l of UJ, wooawt and attorney George J. Mniiroe 01 I 1 Complete Outfits and Extra KettU <.'81'-. .\run,
    vnlfti In nusiujj their e,CI:e. i| 1
    .. --._ I Joliet Ill., has options on 117,000 acres '" Worms, Furnace Door and Grated
    j mbla Oysters I ill1 hoer -VI it Iii :New Orlc.uiNnv -.. more in the same section and will probably Always Hand.
    very soon make: large additional
    Oiii.r.vNN !). The suit of !
    April -- '
    purchases.The '
    thi Boer rrprnwutative hrr.'nsaiast; the : principal industries which this a Old Stills I II S taken in part New \\\T\ otk k
    t -M KVKKVDAVU : '
    ....U!* of the steamship .\n lo-\u-tu. I I company will devote us attention are U. payment for
    Ilea of mules cane and cattle. The work to this end "
    to :
    pI'e\'t'lIt tin shipment MiatfL* -
    : IN A I.I. sad. bor_. through: New Orleans to I has already begun, aud by July 1, it is M e and Repairing Done in the Country.

    South .\tl1.'a far the U-K of the British stated the first sugar: refinery m Georgia Heavy CoppersmithingSteam Pipe and Sped
    '' will be completed and ready for
    army m tllft war against the Copper Work.
    tIJto. BUPM was taken; up for trial before operation either at Homer villa or at Sheet Copper, Brass, Lead and Iron
    Dnpont, both of which places in '
    Jadcv I'arlanbe of toe United States:; FAHTU\'II.U\.C.:
    ctivtm court hI.aOt'lIl.'ral IVarsou of ,t[ Clinch county. MOBILE AM.\ SAVANNAH. OA..
    tb* Bow uray' J number of British The company Mr. Mnnroe says has J.US'ILU:. FLA.

    an.army.uilnnre ofiict.r>.if were spectator included Proceedings in the large i already and will plantelloo ute this and acres whatever in sugar cane cane can, -- -- --- -- __ __ __ ___ __ n__ __ _

    wev ..!M'nl'd with dtpo-inons oa the i be procured from other planters in that prin s uihsare: specially dangerous F'. C. BllKNT WM. tI KNOWLhH. W. K. HVKH JR., J, H, KKKHK.
    ) nners Every Day turt'1 he defendants to the suit, in section in operating the refinery the and unless cured at once, l'11'8Idl'ut.'lc".l'r"6Idl'nl.. Cahler A'l t .lIler,
    wm i t II.'Y it-mini they were carrying;: 1 first year. The plant will be a small seriou re-ults often follow. One I
    n.u .r.n. "f war1111 lu which they j ouo at the start, but its capacity will be Minute Cough Cure always acts like
    i*..1 Ih...r YI.,;Miivero, not armed to re I increased as sugar; growing is developed magic. It is not a coniuiiui; mixture j
    I.l .l'a( i i., tui-y MUly[ encased in in that section. but a high! grade remedy. Hands First National BankO

    l$r 136 J CMTWIIitL1 $ !I....... 'ul tr.in-piriatiuu puriuits. l> ire-at.--.il.ilka. Sheppard-Pharmacy, bidney Kahn aud John

    PAI.UKFla. !
    April Saturday - -- ---
    \\l I 'II a fri,'nd l I Is In trouble < ') 't
    night; the Palatka Machine shops, owned QnaliHeil. O PSH3ACOLA. FLA.WM .
    J. 'fan I do anything' l>o vole
    i- : Section I'oremmil-Do think
    : by C. Stanton and the shingle mill of you ;you
    tlulI>! -\h'hlIC'1I <;iol>o.1m can boss :i :; of men?
    -- il H. Hart & Co. wero compie ly do- gal ; .

    tint hair ff \\113t you canand siroyed by tira Ey hard work Luca-.' Mr. liear-I think s.j. l'\e had my II. KNOSVLES W. A. BLOUKT. F. C. Bl ES'f. W. K YKll.. JR
    I( shipyard and the steamer EuUha, whichwas own way dnritli1 years of marred)
    run will tiurpristtl' nt your own dili- D. O. BRENT,
    moored at the Litter place, were life.-Ohio III,' .1 uurna I.'n .
    IfOlIN' saved from the flames. The null yard

    Orders 1'Iwcaunat enjoy pertect health. was full of piles of The shingles toes, which were ( Inner to Tall r si D D M k B& &t\ li n SsLd!t
    r.>..jr rhUH aiul s-pirklinj g eye il [ also machine destroyed,works and mill are on partially both tae! I II-I: -Mui'.MV: !N not a Koad ronvor- felp r ing 1 u %
    your 11\.r !islu;:i-h and your bow- iUlmli"l.
    j 1411 hours oft ,.1.! loj KJ.. DeWitt's Little Early covered by insurance."I \YlitY! : .: lie x',.'s tV! only lioy hi a
    I-U..r. deanthe whole .
    : nun' .
    nm-rKiipo. Harris Pharmacy have been troubled with indigestion : .rwp: draw car own Bills of Exchange on Great Hritalnacv. Ireland

    y or night at ."IJney i Kahn John t'ihenJird. for ten years, hive: tried I. ':uci.! (Jerr France, Austria, Italy, Holland Spain, Belgium, licanlit, her
    many; tiling and spent much money way Hvc 1en Denmark and other European countries.Dlabarwl ,
    liable Prices CROSS OF LEGION OF HONOR t.) tI.1 purpo until I tried Kodol "I had pile- ;so bad I could get nor i
    C '\'sanels the Moa FaTorab'e Term. and: lhlf
    Cure. I have taken two until I tried De upon
    Dyj-pep-ia find
    *t nor a cur
    I..t of Ir.iiiri I><.< !>r.ites Kn.sionN bottle* and irotten more relief from Wilt'- Witcti Hazel Salve. After O.Utnt.lon', ; Taken Payable! at Port of Destination Ten or KifUenArriteH V&I'

    N,n" 011I('"". i them than all other medicine* taken. uin? it once. I forgot I ever hadatn'thinrlike I ,!t;r \'f\,heel them.DciRit. -

    \iintKAVHP.i April 10President I feel more like a boy than I have I'Uee' K. C. JJ.)ice, "
    Uosea for Rent In Connection
    j Sf\retv
    felt in twenty YP1/'r*." Anderson nniers: Point, :N. Y. Look out forilnitttor" i
    1. l..t! t "liv i'lIti In. !)ftmis.ti"IIt to I HUg: hf Sunnv Lane Tex. Tholl"and. I B. cure von ark for Do I with hlon""A ?inv:. a Private Apartment for the tie

    t" .> Ka>.un ..qu I Iron and during hu! have testified as did Mr. KL'irHargi -. Witt'H..rcis Pharmacy, Jot.n fl. ....... "Q
    hilt' '" DINNERS vt-u .!",-.muccl .\.Imiral Lirilu-ff and 1 I i. Pharmacy, Sidney Kahn Sheppard, Siiney Kahn.ADMINISTRATRIX'S I ..

    hH oflir* with the rro..;of the Legion I John SIH'ppard. '
    -- -- -- -- -- _
    ul 1I.uor .\. 1l11nl KinlulV and hit NOTICE.

    l \pecmlty.! .ff, O'-ntr.irv to n-ag>+, conducted ILl THE CAPTAIN WAS AMUSED Kstatwof John Doolrjr, drrpitsed.Creditors r 11' the man who in hU I't-If'dlcu

    I ...Hllwt 1L1 -,.u.llh.' tI.i-hiD The whole! -- legatees, ilistributees and all tutpa,_..__ nur v_. _I'.ihtt__ "Ilnrt_" ami .Hru..k... _.,,_
    w|aidn>u was dr.t..1 aid yards wen! Kecent Visit of Hattleship Kentucky ner.oin h.cmgelgmsordenaods! HgHinrt:
    UMtlUud.hu tie said tnte. ate requirfd nresenlsauteto wood Bye Whisky. There I U nothing 'f
    ; ._. to Mnjrn.i.FnANTICO me willnu two gars frnin this dale (
    &-=-iueat U'UIMt susequently embarked A-:; IK A. ItoOLELAdminl.tratnx. on the market superior to them ;
    8.\s April 9.-Among: .
    on the :M; Louis aud sailed for I : hq their quality alllnned ty the mast
    Toil....... The Uu,-lau bands played the'i iM the pa-scugrs on the te..m-liip l China March 8".1.''l. m>
    P- ithe .f M"!'aie and! belt crew cheered and from the Orient were Captain Colby M. -- exacting and physician prescribe I
    \ both the HU tan and French warship \ them in many cases. In the tpriuir
    Chester t:. S. N., who took the battleship NOT1CKolice tl
    Miat.>: t. I.. nis. with the president ( the system requires a etimultnt.
    Kentucky to the Asiatic station via > ts hereby given: that on the 11thdayofMay.l9ld.lheundersigned
    on war.{. pn -ed out. will apply I Patent medicines and nostrum lire
    Pudding The Itutaua flx will remain here the Suez canal. He is returning homeon to IbM Hon. 1-:. ('. Max.,,'I.judge 01 lhHIM .
    (<>r u week! waiting orders aud will proceed direct Judicial Circuit ot l-1orldR.lllltnd d.r injurious. For toning the y'tm
    -- the Eicamblacountforanorder: authorizing: l elf. ther
    t>e our tot WHshmjiton. Referring to .. without the deleterious ct
    'I..t winter I wn confined to my of the Kentucky hi' said: tbwat1 pit"n by the uncltThUnt-d ol Anna
    uorrlaru'r. trip of i is
    Kloonn.a female child of eleven years I nothing equal to our
    i'I lf'1 with a very bad cold on the "I was amused when I heard that my BRPin arronianei' N ilh lhpraver of the i .
    )* l'Hi' tMUpt- I. u .+. :Nothing gave inn relief. ship called at Smyrna to collect claims prutlontherefornnwonfit..In. the clerk's t Pabst "Bock" Boor
    I P i-{ m,1 W.try Ktuallv mv wife bought a b'ttl.! of ; for the United States against the sultan oozy ol said K.cambiacounty.HAMILTON' CuLl

    I 4 J I "*.'"' theme On :MinntH Cough h <'urp that elfectt \ of Turkey. We simply put in there to MAK\ K.Col.K, I -.r -ASHBrookwood-
    \ i fWtMpfcib t u ..polity cure I cannot speak! i I break our journey and took the opportunity IVnsscuIa. I'la.. ;March1,1\\ iwYOURSELF ;
    I :'I drag WM no !.." 'n/h'y of that excellent rime of noinc t') Constantinople." urJOoaw *$}= Rye=:@
    ,. .., Y ,at..o..lf'l I ly Mr T. K. Homeman, Mana- i Others on board the China were E P
    "if' < t "'u-y, .'... Harris lharmacySid- Fembry the German navy, Vicomte 'N CURE !
    tO t* 1 t.krdt1il.relrthan uy K.ihn an J Jno. "Kheppard.! I', Xechen of the French diplomatic corp larva ti IliitW for unimtmunotuimnin S. A. FRIEDMAN
    c. : -- i Dr. Ilobley II. 1'rown of the British uItId... dn1 hareea..udauluuno, ,
    1 I. our .tnrk.ffkM lUrllett Much Hetter.ATI i navy and Re\ Y, J. Allen one of the au.noa.l of.rrltnti.at made ror nicml ah rl.tl r n.+ et*
    .... ., P. o. Hx US. Telephone 171.l'ENI4ACOLA .
    1'1Wa.hu' : mos't ..iisuuJuishedmei.an missionaries rn..nn tor { rHinc.| and u k.lua
    ) > Jan ANT* April ron deal ,rUletl qli.tI4C'intn,9 .
    I in China fHtlYtlsCdta'1t Ce. FLA.A .
    .1 &. what you diopitch 1iIthat Representative Bart- Void by I>roEcl **> .
    ReD:- Allen, who has re-died in or nrnt In plain.rnpprr, -
    w.xtld ..1.ttb lrtl' cond.tion has improved so much the Orient fur 5) years is making a visit a c.S.A. br *%ptx*, rrppithl._ ful DISCUSSIO ABOUT COAL
    i '
    I Ik* f'UdJIDI triftin the i T"t tllIi.HS .n. I.h i-mn. Dr.V.. W. Johnsoa, ; s rrt proves the fact that therein only one
    ; of dissension about the Otlo-
    .'" \ .i-.uru.eei of bis ultimate recov point
    cry B. Conklin. Powervil'p, O. CHICHCSTER'S ENGLISH way Coal, and that U just now much
    lays: "t received more b n-fit from r ErUIYROYAL PILLS / longer a ton will burn than another /
    OA.BTOrt.JA FOLKY'S KIDNFY Crux; than from 6r..h.e.. coal you can rr/t:ur't II
    Kind Ya Han leafs Bo tf:1: of treatment tX Vi1.: whh. I..dle. *l "mmlir P know that of well-i .
    1MR III. month by physicians J. '''i CIIICIII; .TLU-H KM.L1MI a ton >crr ntl
    "\ arre dte ..7 \V. A. D'Alemberte. (.t i7, "",IB w rr.1:111.. .".t-,hold lHkr brtailu>.......ban... ItrftiMliincrrnui ..t.001 (Oaloway Coal, with n-> tlrlttrrlQQ
    __ __ __ -
    "Ia matter, from
    u """ '.uliollull'iiii dad Imllatump ; our yard that I U full
    (kJ II...... r : .,ar ui't or.,.1 -I. .= I. l :kd {""elf J weight and high/ Trade, will rite
    T'e.tl.aen1.11r l
    : I'lrtlrnllins
    i \ .I\M r.icrr.sio.N: ,, .1l0st com" \ it' rotItril.Irorl..dle.'lCntrayrr.lava more ati>factli and burn l Itlflr.r
    1UlU' i URE 11.11. Inoou' m sent litilr.hr.trr
    I stock "\ .' < < krmlral<'n, than any other on the 1'larket.ra .
    lJlete e )I.Ji..n ..P..rr. eRiLt. I"%.
    1 !II bile and :\/'\\' Orll'an.. Saluiilay '
    \Lbt.lpril'o.: of fine, medium and cheap! I \r ? ),M, r Thompson Olsen & Co

    grades ever diSplayed in I I

    Pemacola. G'ashorinstal- I Manre! street.Telephone .
    1t'lAR BRANDS.la .
    ments. We harejust whatiou Thr c tiny Capsules :superior I\ tn>. sisal .la t 147.
    to lUlsain of Copaiba; ,
    f! want. Jllarstonj' O'bcbs and Injection @( ---.---- .

    Ft llch. They rare in 48 hours the
    TWO S 7 L00NS
    same 'liseair! without !\I1yiucon .

    tit Fttiaacolayou T -I for lire days.: return- a.arav SOt 0 BY all ORUCGISTS

    i > k r- : .JI.U pa".eu2e.. train. :
    can got t- 1 i 11 ,Jtni, to Mob.le.: f2oO: ; to KIDNEY DISEASES TIIE CROXIES FIRST AND! LflST CHANCE
    ,". .",
    N' w Oi i ji.< $ u Frt.maut.H\-;
    .It\i" TampaCps II.. ..1 -an. a" 1'I.n..H'l.ll. For sleepi tv=GOLAY- J! I
    Ccr. Belmont and Mite! Sts., 1D1 South Palaloi Street.
    .- i a 'i- ''inundation see ticket are the most fatal of all dis
    .&J J' '.e't: F'-t fuither Infoimatii'ii: api Grist and Corn Heal Mills I j -------
    i 11.\l t' eases.OLEY'S.

    1'bThu Hour. IC ixtt. IB. F. GONZALEZ & CO., Prop s!I, Choice Wines, Liquors, Beer and Cigars.

    11\\ ala (i !I I THOMAS KIDNEY CURE RlldJ I 111Butraatttd Manufacturers j Juc TRADE A SOECIALTY.
    ) handsomelyFramed
    4 I It lillturc I I CHOICE MKAL AND PUUEGHOUN1Patronlte

    STOCK; 1.1"1.1). ..-. IsT. GOLDRING
    refunded. Contains .1
    or money Home for there U
    runt ready to hang at unit- } remedies recognized by emi every reason you should buy your Meal and PROPRIETOR
    JIarston I I Stock Feed from the Home Manufacturer,
    snail// low price for by 10 doing encourage: home Indni- ----- -
    1 nent physicians as the best for you
    I r I tt H $. Finch. and Bladder troubles. and try. you Your In money turn are U left Indirectly la the community benefited. for acceptable Ideas. I will repair your watch. and
    r l I -_ Kidney the home manufacturer you State if patented.THE .
    4'i PLAGI I In fostering jewelry in flrat-clasa style J. I.
    i Foley's Kidney Cure PRICE fOc. tad $U0. contribute It to the community to the came in which of labor yon You live OWE sad (.]] PATENT RECORD, etephens.111L .

    cilkcs kJdotys rill bladder< tizltt W. A. D'ALEMBERTE. winch contribute to your inpport. Baltimort, III. ...


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    ?'" .. -.J.-.__ .' "" -'" .? y."c_ .. .- -... .,( ". _" .,.,. .

    .- I ,
    - -

    || THE DAILY NEWS : I liD the first named group but simply IT IS IMPORTANT !' Then's Usefaltess Fcacd in MostREFRIGERATORS KNOWLES BROS. '

    I tbe increase in in
    I population To Know What You ar* Taking ,.I ; ,

    ..Ur 4 .i Ik. Pat Otic a' Pen .cols, the last named group justly entitles I When Using Catarrh d'cines. 309 S. Falafox St. FEXSACOLA FLA.
    I ....w e.e.4 CUll ro.ltea them to the maximum number of ,
    Catarrh is the short route to con Tret*. bat
    representatives allowed by the con- and the of
    'to Of net.: Kill Hutldlax, :U.', HoU hla- sumption, importance Real
    n as .tr.*v,.,."i.In. ( stituiion. and judicious treatment of Insurance. Estate.
    ________ early !The Extreme of Usefulnessis
    - ---
    catarrh, v;hether located in the head,

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    THE SEWS PUBLISHING 00. j too strongly; emphasized.

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    Trfnlnv rlably In Advance. in this city premises to call as which they are administered, numerous $ORTFISTAR. MARINE INSURANCE. FARM: I.XNDS

    _. __ __ ____ i
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    t M r fcf Mtll. .
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    a matter guess as ;
    -- --- 'found it difficult to prevail uponmanagers I a
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    TELEPHONE NO. 118.ttnrtiti'j the proprietors, while making all
    in with of the
    repertoire course,
    sorts of claims as to what their medicines
    j of "Hamlet. It
    politic exception
    will do, always keep it a close
    Hate FuHiHledot Mfplicotion. istald; that "Heart and Sword" isrepete ,
    ff : secret as to what they are. i Mana Eouitaule Life j&mm to' '
    j with bright comedy and that 1 'I he success; and popularity the > ers ) ; i
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    are: -
    new catarrh cure Stuait's: Catarrh't'ablets
    interesting. Th supporting n largely because it not OF THE UNITED STATKS1
    Ira IT''A company it is :said is one of tI.E'f'tronJf"t
    i only cure catarrh but because Catarrh
    the road. It will /be
    1 sufferers who used these tab-
    pie"ented here to-morrow night. ZKno'wles BrottLer
    I ____ lets know what Mey are taking into 4'; _
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    I PEKSiOOLAFE1L.. 11, 1901. Says He Was Tortured."I : Tablets beingcompo-ed cf Kucolyp-

    suffered ueii pain from corns :tot, Hydrastin. Guaicol and similar

    t t A .>" a. t'H.D MUM, lu"lI"bt com- I could hardly walk," writes H. i.valuable and anti-eptic ingredients We'reanxionsthatyouknow "NEAREST TO THE>> >flops> ;

    pen, wh'.... t.u.tnr.I i, Olarge that U furn- Robinson, Hill:;borouh, 11I#., "butItuckleu'a : and are pleasant to taste and makeit
    about the qualities
    Arnica Salve;: completely being dissolved in the mouth they
    .... ......* nuul mtllrr thin all ,1>0r..t of '
    cured thr'In." Acts like ma,{ic on 1 take immediate eFt-ct upon the 11:11- ?<>.
    lit. i- m-riitly nvard4 -
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    *.. n'.for tl in kxn....1 year'from eohlrarl lb. joitoltire fur curry.UK and the the : burns boiN, ulcers. Perfect healer and whole! respiratory tract. *: Come Any Day j; Every Housekeeper in Pensacola know- tu- i > .t ,

    t. .. It...., ......... .:1.11.11.e.Tt '''of skin di-ease* and piles. Cure The cures that Stuart's Catarrh sending "just around the corner," ornv.>r in il t i \ -
    guaranteed by \V. A. D'Alembcrte, Tablets have accompli-hed in old ASK AS OFTKN AS: YnfPLIIAHK
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    immediately supplies !I.
    .t mu.t b* the lead.uar-: -
    r my 121 South P.. .lfox street. :X c. chronic cases of catarrh are littlerholt
    lf. "( the national fcli<>f>l book trust. __ -u_ of remarkable and the advantage : concerning this as the inconvenience of tending i "tli>w n'to* n" (ored. *. r

    i NEwsY NOTKSAIiOL'TTALLAHASSKK i of knowing what you sire one BF-T lit HMOKKAIUK. and waiting for its delivery. Th., i-tabli-Mm: t '

    K't..Ml'A forbid the iii* of rail- i LEGISI.\TIH'; fu)1M putting into your stomach i is of paramount You'll be cmirteou-ly answered

    ,....4.-* by legi-lators; and importance wnen it ii remembered aid more, tor-we'll)
    said flit that the cccaint'+' or morphine Roberts & Dailev
    f f .1. t hut tin ( r day when' a : April 10. The habit has been frequently show you the desirable feature ,

    k I HK...] ,Mattm nuprttne court justice ,' hou-e has honored J. Emmet Wolfe contracted as the result of u-lug ft <. -o you'll know what wf- c

    li.J ill- Miekrt-boi'k pliant, the by unanimously electing him speaker crt't catarrh remedie. know about it. Then you'II I 218-220 East Wright Street

    u*. .p"|M>r' announced that it con- pro ten.t'Jat.r i tU'lrt's Catarrh Tablet: Meet with not u-e a'iv other.

    tuned all of tin Biitiu,il pa>-es." 1 :\ O'Brien's l't'lI-acola tax cordial approval from pliycieian-, I!. TELEPHONE 15G.
    because their characterrender
    i I antiseptic
    ( ,nlunrnt.ppeare t., IHA superfluous. !I bill has been read the second time j I i them perfectly safe for [t.e '- Is convenient tn at least one-half the ltous in th .'

    and ordered engrossed. general public to ue and their cotnpoitiou I1WJ the wonderful growth; of their family trad. -d-.w. -

    >' u.-"1. for tit truction of A bill of e-pecial interest to news- 'j inake them u common : location in the heart of the residence icu >n i I" up! r i.

    t'IIItltd| m*
    hif app| .,iutiri>ut to bf petty otllcfKrdtr Amosof,; Santa Rosa county to require :,I! troubles.All pelf them atoOcent.- I r All the Staples, Fancy and Shelf Cowls, nn i

    Ht I... navy. bag brill.."t..bli-I..d by I railroads to publish the marks '! fur full druggists sized; packages. Novelties in EllcTt-Fresh, Pure and "'lstantly ,

    .. of I"> of all cattle killed their train I. .
    MrrUry hg; Newport by ; l on Hand. Gii-e us a Trial OJ'llf'I'
    i( I Thi* -cl/o'l is expected to The military boys of the state arevery SOMir.lt (}r.\H\nl\I'! ;
    Fi I much interested in bill introduced '
    a -
    turn 'Hit .M>d .rttlulflrers and fit I
    MVY I
    todabv Geo. 1 Ilauey of
    1. Ihrni tot tiptHiirtineiit warrant Leon. It provides for an appropriation -! r The Mutual Life Insurance Company

    E' oltlofi.. frmn which grade they will for an encampment of the Florida > Hon. Win. K. flyer agent of the ,.

    h tw rlixitWf, under for naval approph state troops m lull and ISXt i i ii Florida state board of health, has OF NEW YOMK,

    .e ".... Uw, for promotion to the There i!i is very little doubt as to the [I been notified that the summer RICHARD A. McCUROY President
    passage of the bill at an early day. |
    I er.de of ..of-IOII. '( As soon as the appropriation be- ; quarantine season will not begin\ tin- Statement for the Year ending Dec. 31st. Uh/)

    V i! comes available it is said the encampment til May 1. In accordance with a request -
    Mt kiralv IniHiodiatv relief u that this I i il ; for this year will be of the Marine hopiiaUervice. Acnrttirg to the Standard of the Insurance Dtpartmrnt of fv

    t.l .t.l.i ir. cHttd pare it laa. treating a called to be held here in May. I it was announced that the close reason Slate of ttw York.
    ..nttara.nadtbreeutLp.., who tball be.pp..ulr.l introduced '
    Mr. has also a'
    would begin April I, then it was f
    bya. governtir on the recom ; bill provide voluuter '
    I| to for militiain INCOME.
    ......d.I....' ../ our .uprejcourt judges: i 1'l rilt. later announced that the open season Itrcpitmi) PremiumsI ......._. t .
    +) would be extended to April 15.; I From all other ourc...
    .l ..taall liatroqual p..r. with the pretid i 1 I
    .Mitch! of Jackson county1has
    : Jacoby Now this is still furth"extended All flnihl i.i Fine Oak
    .., .u" -Mion ; 1
    n.d" rw..IU equaleomprn|
    introduced bill
    a to extend thepowers \
    until May I, much to the -
    very gratification A'h and other
    gad e. uld < ltl< fur lui b iiiiiuln'r of jearsM of the Florida railroad comi i of chipping merchants and DISBURSEMENTS.
    f ."&ll |H> MiflleM it! to clear up the dut trt. ImiS iOn. I To I'olk-y-holdcrs for Claims liy Kenlb .. I
    ; ,.hip owner GALVANIZED MNIID.: To rolu'bolder! for Endownteut Dmileniii, tie
    111. iuirrMH rtiurt ur., < bating the I ITO To All other .. _
    -- -- Accounts _
    ,[ !>.>.haatun.f .ni,r wllblbeta.miHiriul lliu.e ..fac mil work jin j| PREVENT PNI UMON'A AND GRIP !|I Salt rheum, or eczema, with its TILl LINED. ''' 1

    I.aiath) iiroino-iiummw remotes the icause. itching and burning, H cured bHoud' \' i
    1 h..* word are placed in the i iAX all1' ASSETS.
    ----- Sarsaparilla. S-j are GERSON t'nltedMtateaRondlfind other Sccu Itlt-s .
    f luoMtb "f 41 inuib of the If;:isla- other blond diseases.' ( First Lltm lrf>ana on Bond mud MortRnie .... 1 '
    lACITINC: CIIA K tjimn, on iionds anil other NecurlUcj ... "
    : ---- ,
    e hare by a IIl'w"IHI.-r corre 'poitdent.I l.
    (raoaun t'otnpany'sown I'olicit-s _
    11Y 15s1'1':CTORtt'IN.1 0.
    'IIIIt.lm.nT .
    if uttered connSI"'I"IU' 1 Real Ebtate: Coinpnuy's ottlc.. Huil linci
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    --- You will have: pridf in I } ork, Roston. PhiladelphiaMau reoci. ....
    you own oSratti.kyderf .netI..I.!
    teed \rtic'l. V .>f the constitution, Yesterday afternoon as the customs 1'.tundrittyrt'Murder \\ilh tlw"rardenll:" if they OIK" on I, andother teal E-tate .. .' ... ."
    your j Cash in Banks and Trust
    anil O.-n ckpUin if I.<. can, bow thevtelaturetat in-pectofrf were seated on the i KeLniiiiiienualion ol MPICJ. I; own ground. Your tiu-batid can buy I I Accrued Interest Net IMiTrrd 1''IIIJ'.ni.rT<-iiuuirn r rtrUahility

    c,'ii.titutioually- front gallery of the b:1t eoI\ce. they In the trial of Rev. Benj. F. Steven a borne ard he can do it now, although .

    t '"...r 111'_r PEr.hn. not a supreme noticed somethiiu: bobbing up and *, charged with the murder (..fCha'l. Every: :' woinati he may wants think n home otherwise of her fur LIABILITIES' .
    Policy Keiervos. -
    III.M<'<-. t<> |>*lfi titi the duties of that down hi the water which < .
    proved toby IJeese the jury brought in a own and if -l.p will have a talk with Lialiiliiy f..r 1'IIIIIIDItt'nlcu"ralllt'<- hum .. .
    t .t1e" a piece of rop. The rep a* it 1 verdict lat night of !guilty\ of inur- Thus C Watson & to.., he Liability for Authorize liuulenUi -

    jumped up and down looked as if tderm ihc fiat: degree, with :a re- It-adina1 U, ai K-it"; A ;"rit<, they

    1 ......"u.on.1 .Ipte' '.iunrnt. lute H"i mounter wa tugging at it. :, cmmnendation of mercy, which can how In r !bow pa-v; it ito,; get ( Insurance and Annuities in forpe, ..
    r Finally Jn-pector Chan. ( 'uinu couUltjnd saves his neck but means a lifesentence. onu. i Ibatecarefully rwautnrdtbaforegoiii)
    T' ro-iRtltutlun that 1"I..m.o&a."I"1 '
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    -- Irebitttrbcelculetrd
    = trieexcitfinent nn longer sea 111 the In.unltt' t.t'IJctrtlllt'DI.
    r ,. I. "i.tatutr hl1" r++apilrti.'nII cured a row-boat :Iud pulled out to Thac-Ko of James E. Concannon ) :* here and lOll ('HAUI.KK.V ,len i.)

    ti. rpri>*rutatl"I) iu that body the knot expecting to find some sea v*. the City of l'f r. aclJJ. !suit for 'II'I\rr.\ th ntl"'I"p.<': "!..mf'nt .hnw,. .
    lighter : I b. IIrl'
    \I. I. -)4I$5ll\b.:''
    *ODOdahiases for I I
    rerpent.shark or" ot "varmint.. injuries cau-'pii bya too.1VR'uptlsl1'1: '
    : LIFE: I .
    rry i>'ii year, !" Kinijiupr with : \;; -: t'ftIP1s1 In Ih. W. rill
    When ht reached the scene he fnuiid dtfi'otive side .vala. is on irial to- Furjiitiire and fill ititthings 111"ti nl.. th'lf ,,"hl'.ontr"c.h ,.. .
    I""' T flult>Ki ,l.ituro of 1'i7. f'r an 'c"IIII b 1II II II r..r.: e.
    t that a li-shing I schooner hid east a 'Jay. '' ablpl'uUtPBlli
    _____ for .
    iCitflOr. Mars/on H H. THORNTON .
    *i.m. r. iu nevi r y t uuide public. line from her stern t.) JJayltn wharf 4q'nl. P. .... 4I, I

    dix'br.vtl tli,, Iuan.late| of tint miriii in order to haul about. The insp re- ," WHITK'S craI'EmIl: : $ Finch can supply what
    ('OJ-; '
    !!.>ui, and Iu ilU'Ch.or. in 1*9.). tors on th gallery thfii gave Mr. wirin not it aim.\ iucrca-es ettfctuallrterojp thi t-i I you ten/if. Insist
    Iluinath.> "horse-ljujjli": IP was np; Upon
    I iXDondil matter altogetber. H very mucti grieve,i at !H. i.I--. tite ;aiJj imilutinn and rruiisfornis Having

    ,1..1.\tI.laIQr.! now in ->...iiii fnl-' --- a frail infant into one of ro'bii'thnilih. N JTICE.x" .

    J l low* i.t! r..luto"'J'llrft'f'll'l1t-. Night. Wag Her Terrsr. .'' Inch i: Co.. l'ri'e.jcenlY.T.: i-f "u t...,. !,T pn n that. Hi" r.iiio: \'Ii :
    nun 'I I.H.' n- fmnn ih .
    tnin.fng de-
    iu. rul uiil perpetuate: a Serious.. crlhrdlolIntl II
    --- -
    "1 i all aigt.e eh'rrnupfutthrItyit'VUI
    would tough nearly '.c..taunderforrrt.t ,.. .
    |! l.''
    p IIIJU4t1t'f' eft':!n counties of the long," writes Mrs. Ch.... AppNat"? I'1.. of r'Iuri'likiprced ? lv.ni Ui-nlt jiure:

    ut* and emphasize i a fpirlt of of Alexandra, Ind., "and couU :Sv, ci II r ininnniciiti.in of IP i iKcaiiibia 1. Ilk b"lo-. -I..1 ItllllH-u (1"1 and lire| .
    f"IlItm&U\'u dhrrgtrdcf the au- h-irdly get any sleep. I had C'>numpti ( : LoiU-e No. 15; F. north thlruen tf\\l\n'(,Ki. w.'iot 1.urtert: uii in block ''

    .n so bad that if I walked n' tt }L, at j:'$11>p. m. to-1' lnvfi.tiH'i..niirtt-t. r'acj'n: : ;'! I'eio: or.
    iI"' .ry of th. Ct'tiMituti'.n that cane block I would couh, frightfully: nuj <: dui !)t. :Saturday -'lib! AJ- l'.i.i." .
    i, I.. 1'" .1
    If I ....t.., the f rhdrN u..w in failed, threel.UOiattt'! of Dr. Vlsitingbrethren iiu-Ited. i! Cn.,Ii. c i.ri'iM "m.r.: iv.
    Kin:,'* Now Di-covf'ry wholly t-uri-d H.VK11V. Gimps, i tnlol.o\: l (;mlll..I"n..r /
    ..'nth l'Hi; ;.clde that the per "
    I me and! 1 \\w<\ Cb i1-t1tJI. It' :Secretary t tV ...
    ".. i\ttdi'il l i i.i i.- curt'ICOllh j -. ---_---
    1.111. rc'it iin'y: or abaclutdy guaranteed to ------ -- -
    ;. DTrssL'p.. \V. M.Seiletl .
    I i. 1 "'r.ors dcv.lff:; Cold J.a iiippe, I'.ron-l!
    : >e. > 1 ir pr" -, > ---- -- -- -

    !, :n I .n. i II"! ,..-ult of an fqu.li chill- and all Throst an-i Lung ;I: t1.ID 1'1Wl'O!,4
    Trontil.J'iiii. EUa aid ;; deal( Trial
    5 I' .,: i- .MI' : kl I rcipporunnKI proposil will bi receivedfor :
    bottn-1 fr-e at W. A. I'dlemiberte's'drug
    III u:4\: t > 'tiling! lik that store. 1'Jl ;nth Palafox street.titcnih.n the 1\iliff'. L''lbv.1 'g and Cane -
    ! Hack, Shooting iailery, L:..fresh, !I
    klu' iii-d (i, tinI I'ilo-MiiK nehedule.lu -- i i 11Ti
    flattery 1:. 'I n'ent and all other priviiegf-s hit the
    i't ;iiH fc for cf-uiu of 1W$ ; the '
    to Ami!
    r Dewey Day: picnic up 3ith.:
    I.>'ai ,-.'j>ul 1:1.! .:ii, ..r tI.,, itate being You arereqiierted to aembl" ;.t JM Hrfiii,

    >> .t'.' and ,nti'i, of appnrtioU- o'clock Armory! !in hal1Fandayalteru".n uniform for the purpn.c at I thu n ma:). i ill; \\ i'Iis! \ I1IIt\\1I1; \\ t e CD'SA S C ArDIs

    air t 'I"-r f :
    k uses ..,.)tart. t A +aw ulem'JEt>> ... bring t.. Ileai-h. -- -

    I T; : "i!.abu fit t.. rash member : ------- - -
    BROOKWCODR K U if[ Try My Phone
    i i Bt i 4 U nut onirvpreti'Qt- \Vi.r.tJnful intentn '1: I
    .i11.t.i HradfjKl Uretard. '.I. Every Exertion; Task
    ...... t III it, ,la> >>ad... 1)rtuto. by which I I..W h/\ /> I t-
    f 1a k.i.u 1;..,.......... 1101_, lafa- {, brinks cm be -..1TS. II'.tt-ij tit: t K.tirn .\

    rll. la.1*-. Let y. LI.rtJ.hll'"- Every Care a Burden In-t:iiitHtitoulyCarboiutfd : "I'i/ ..i ,- : 'it'

    t.ra.eau. llr. e.. 0..1&. 1'A'''''. by the u e of :: S. A.FIEDMAN'8.f I [ 1 IIPd tl.e1C. .
    Ie... ..' mint.. -*..!. KH*. >mur :
    \ < l ..u>i. \ ......lB. *_kulla,NVallon. There is failure cf the: strength:: to !

    east Ml ..S..iMMi-,"'. aLunt do sni the power to endure there .-. SPARKLETS. If you desire an aboluMvpure It. "f.\ YI.H;

    .. ..11114 M tao .,,,",>ns- Old Rye Win-key
    I' nr.. I ..lawrl.. J..rlnN" Itoaliton. weaknessa'.l: ever" that; is pereicter.tar.d : 1L will be interested in kn.ir. .you.,, l Mnur" i ..r M

    I...."- M. .>...... fMk ana ruean constant. ( that I have "P'UfPi"IA!
    fMV.M I1I / A. Sj-eoiul; nnttl. Still JC ample"=edOts control in l'f-n"acll" fur rhq !Boots Shoes.

    .> to. nitie4 I) tbir "pr".eataIi The v.tal; fjnctr.3: cr irrpa.rd, Cap-nli do the Work Celebrated Brand "RR'iOK' H"!

    ... Alarh... 11".1. .:..cetubta.Ia.o. food does: net nourish; and the w'oesysem \VOOI1$ InThi" wh-''-
    Hie&.borou Jark>ua.aad Made key n distilled in the famous I
    .... Marlwt- ;Ira is rjn dc.i.A A GOOD AIM Jreat for making Hish J4all"'ichy. Nelson: County ot Kentucky No. 9 North '.'Ifo. Street
    \ ;Seltzer etc ..r Carbon- which j i.< noted throuuhout I
    medicine: that: strergthens the 1, Our olject in life i< certainly sting Milk. the world for its tine whiskey

    \frorltln; to the foregoing, the stomach) perfects : : rr i-I'\\'ol thy-the supplying material producing qualitir
    dgestion. invigorates Reins
    : Repair fflrl Steel! HI izjI :
    fl\lI..IR< namenlcointiw, to which paraphernalia: for all sort i.f made iu the rtpiin! of IKM it ,
    and: tones needed. CALL AND SHE
    is outdoor and indoor "port-I| andgames. IT. has
    one ropre-rntttive only i i.* aligned.uow For that nobl pastime. which! now attained an ag ; lIe( ; Plan( ? a fieyn
    tlUt' two, and would therefore What Hood's SwsipanlU did for MM. L. B. caue it to be ripe and I ,
    r.arWl.! ?h.Jy. T -nn.. it has done for oth.r.. golf, we have club, bill: caddies Also Ice Cream Freezer. Water mellow and when purchat. : .
    I*** 1 path : lIudf'rd.l.ske.Oran3t', She look it when be and tees. The other outdoor sports ing these stoods Work Called for and DLb.r d I *
    f wa all l run down-without Coolers, etc. the consumer I
    I'atiuiR. M.; J.'hn""antl Rosa and 'pp.W*. loMne rtf b. and unable to do represented here are Iae: 1511 Ten- i ii assured of receivfosran absolutely II I of Charge

    1'olu'l Ia. the L..I1.n'illj: named to hr work It r .tor.
    .h.'m three &enutiTes each are her weight and male her well! md stron!:. show you SpalJipR's: entire line one which H unexcelled for ,
    repre with
    This is her Duality counts uc.SAE medicinal There's lot f
    own unsolicited '- tnnentHood's purposes.! ( f inmier :
    4".I.ltll"d. now hare but two ,and s BK STORE. ,
    ____ n ___ GIVE IT A TRIAL. in real estate-lot* of It. A
    wiluU therefore pain: one each : AI SarsaparillaPromises tate !sin Ji u uilly a flmr ,

    actui, .:'r.unbiJ. naJ-den, Jlills-( to : BARG( 'IN1Sinlammoc, : uErookwood Rye:! win Plca c Yea I I wealth. Thos. C. W.tiOU t:

    b rt1Ult.. J1rkolC'lI. Madison :and ilarSon. : cure and keeps the prom- { Ii "Call for "Brookwoed Rye" at F. i Co., the leading; J'ul E;.t.
    ise The earlier!; treatment is begunthe A. Friedman' by the drink or bottle S. i have some offer wMc1, *
    Th',echacfr l'! do snot nect'f. :- and other seasonable goods ; it is the nicest, mot mellow rye'' Pt Friedman, be worth your while to f .' ,

    unT i' Skate a loss of population better-begin; it today : Marston $ Finch's. .on the market. 331 S. Palafox St. I i till and to-rnorrow.see them today' n. i *

    ;.. I


    .p'a..ana..a. a._ -I.. -.-- -.- --"_..._ ,, L COLA.J.
    I : : Y 1r .dW- .I:" '{.Fr-, <'. -.._ _..._ .

    -- -- LI J. _-..--.IJII .' "i ",t;; '''"Itr" t''wA.Nr, r.; ';rky- : : -:a t.isrrpr. ..... -. .....;<'. '-. ''y..r. ?-->';' .? t ;:oIo- < ,... ....-. _....y.-. .-


    --- .- ____ _
    'ft -- ---- --


    Cntil the M. & O. Opens up Friday.

    A.prllllb.:; at a.. South PaUfox

    r Street Opposite Snuhof the Heinle-re's City Park Gro-andTwoDiwra U-NDER: : _d, t rEAIli

    try, Hale ll'slim at 10 a. m Fri

    da)"' April 1ti.. and will Positively I FRIDAY and SATURDAY !

    CloseFri< y. -\prlllIIh. at .1')1.

    $31.000 Kurt litf Tailor Made Cloth- I
    Ii o nnn OTrr '
    w,"Y y 4 w II find pate glass room. In it iv-. i -*-V ,UU w., tl! I.I. l U-r drips. Above it is an
    : <. i. I., tl. 3 r.n. 'n 5."" : through that filter. Saved from the late fire must be : I 1 1 j If yoi hive ppver attended on" of our MUSLIN PXDERWEAJLE"*, you
    .. ". I t- ..lld"J! ash sub rare caution. sold in seven days by order of the \\\T\ on'lcTil1' r II I I I !j. IJP\I do not know the a-tnnishin!: value* "-e osier If you have, then jou will be more
    I i- ,M "hUt; c tiller it, then little and seal it, I Uiliu.N than anxious to attend this Great gale.
    One of New Yotk's largest
    ir tv< ry IkHlU. N company. : -

    t tar! l-ijile prrciiti. lit Cauc.- U-cr is a saccharine manufacturers of Finn Tailor- Stop and Consider these Low Prices.
    !I. ""in ,iuu>ti|>lv if tin v hIt into u. There is no Made Clo hing for 3Ien Uoys; and
    < ", '.- |p.r,' .mil iitiiT iripuiity..ib Children consigned to a large retail Ne Viript.v of Garrn"nt3we otter and Holies the elegant flni-h and varied style?. It will convinc
    '' '.;' 'I- .' clothing house in :New Orleans two h :n'sewin'l'* tie! veriest and
    v ti i and purity is U p.r\T\lru you drudgery you will wonler how we can sell the-, irooiN i<<*
    j'u uakiuiwj: f ahim.. carloads of Spring: and Summer I \iilt) eh !np. Ea motor U-l'- you to buy your Underwear Hea-Jy Made when: you cia buy at such I'+'leci
    r'. I ,. c' Clothing for Men, Boys and Child ,11<; we oil-r in thi; vale.
    t rent Near Mobile the cars caught

    fire and the clothing ca=e I thrown from the cars, smashed and -
    infili.ered THE BEER sligbtl}' "burned The goods weie repacked ,Lot'l '
    but the firm ut New Orleans ,
    I THAT
    MADE i would not accept;: the clock, claima-g' : / Ii f,

    MILWAUKEEFAMOUS I I.A big damages when in fact the damages \ 0Can'oll
    Air were only slight. The company \ Dc;

    not being able to make a satisfactory 1 ti i
    settlement with the clothing ,
    hou=e, took charge of the entire lTonI to wise lime_mating these gimcnts oft'at 10 Onu Don't trust these euii Come anti .see the .good
    I i -
    stock and shipped ThirtyFourThcuisand

    LEWIS BEAR t CO. : Dollar worth to Pensa _
    cola to be sold in seven days at loci! s' Lot 2 ,1 ;
    / ffl
    Solo Agents for West Florida. I than Manufacturer's: Cost. N. 1'. \ x'.
    Meichant[ will '
    pay you to come1 t
    -- -R- I ,00 miles a; this stock will be re .'. \JJ : fflii
    I tailed at u 11 per cent U-s than cost to 15c. \ I \
    R. K. WHITE Mil. .\TIIK1I\G
    ;I Ia Manufacture. blow we quote a few \,: r' ,

    ,.m .ii< t. 'I..I..hrlllC' Jrwelrrl I'l RIUJ TO MOIIKOWISriu of the hundreds of pricey taken atrand.lm So tell done for so Iillle! money b a marvel. The pwmrnts speak for I msdvt'i.{ Listen 10 them.
    from this immense stock. .. .- .
    ".1 '.,atlartr Oilirian, I ; jour baket: on excursion 22': ) Men's Round and Square Cut J

    .. t. -morro'v to gather shellWill Worsted Suits, Light and Dark m. s", i
    ... friurall, 11*. I hIll party: number of miles above i Shades, good value at $10, sale nt. ':re 3 (j

    I'lur.mtii.e; ctatiou, and remain all i $2.45. .Lot ,
    rttuniinabout | Hundred Men's Hlup.Oray and 1 !,
    day o p. in. Price
    hOCU NEWS J10TE5fcrui I -und trip only cent+ on the yacht Tan Flannel Coats and Pant. IVi- II ( )
    Lf Mayme. back o( Bar 'ihtt'sutlice j feet Gain;. !Some were made: to retail 25c. l\ 'JWf
    | as 818. Price $G Uj.I I \ +
    _. I )Io+t women with female weakulI I Over M) Men's Clay Worsted and ,

    nr- ,. r dreafully from piles in I Blue Serge Units, not a suit worth
    IMMr1M. .... .._.qab addition to their other pains. They less that $15; sale price $7.45.;: 'j\ triumph of modern indu 1rv. Tale as r.a-r CT',letits in this assortrnert a" ran wi,!!. except the co. .K Only one to a customer
    ." h"" ..... ... ...rtl. : inn)' becnrPd by n-in;: TAhLBIt'riltl'l'Ii11'B i 75 lien'seut Check..d'tftl'd _u _. -' .
    ......,..,. !
    Y" .a .. : PILK OINTMENT. 1 Suits, made with Single or Double{ ,7\ :!-
    -- ...-- it ul.'lk*..ri Price, fyi cent in bottles tubes 75nt | Hrea
    c,- .. W._. T. ( r..en & Co. :| Blue tjilk fold; over the United Loh 4 "-. .. ) : A
    .... :Mate* for $U and $li.saleprice1io;: ( \ : -" r1t I l I :
    fI..al'1'.n.' '
    c.tIII \\II: \.\n-. DAY I' fJ \ } dr(
    .' ,...... Cll AT 103 I'air.Ien's Black and Blue 'l\f: .: ,
    Tilt: \\ 1-:11 nsn.1t' 1I.t. Cu-imere Pauls regularly sold for l/\\1 /:1.d .
    .,. I $. .IO, sale price !)...c.IU 50c j > ,' f"q?F'\'n. -: '1fttl' "...
    > n Wttltr'* B ad ttnry !- '.. ......... .-" "/, \ "\
    .. ,
    ti. 41iw1. The \\ wine=day musicale met Bo ';;' Long: Pants Suit, nil \ ', I 1" ".. ,;'f\'I' :.-")!>>:l" t; ", '":""" -'. :j ':--- / '
    yr-tfrtdjy afternoon with Miss Laura I Wool fast colors, worth $!U, at $:'J1)5.! ;: \, ';J.. \\ -

    ."" straw bit .MM>n and Marsh North street and it! Distinct Styles of Men's All' These pc! !or" eive but a Lint of the prcat rind cTerrd: ai this sil*. Chaw l.;;e :'- vn" '....nd. Tjke you choice.
    on Spring .
    H. k.* .|4a4l I ,,t ck ofIn selections Wool Worsted Pants retail priceo --- ---- ------ -
    some pretty from the 14LatestTstylts
    ..-rr Cecilo Chaminade wererendrrrdtts $ and $G, our price $1.95.
    ruwp rya
    Over 40 t Styles of Dark Cray
    'HI''',11 b otratl attend follow : Brown and Blue Ca? imere. Suits, Lot 575c.
    .\ cittch of theliteotCecileChanl
    : -
    lI?.ttpy l.'Iptlrt'i M u iii.ide: wa read by :\Ii-a Wittich.
    ,1htrtre at $11, $12; and $13, Bale! Price ,,
    I truuiental duet, Rigatulon, Mr.
    ,twi MfIatn..htp liong t Marion Clutter and Miss Kltl meier. '' 1 1 11,'
    Worsted and'Broadcloth
    .?rnred ofl tU" bar IUi Vocal Holo) Bosamoude Mrs. F. Clay I r 1 t w
    r .,11(11( .1. 1':. Brawner.Initruinentul. Princo Alberts well tIl 1 4
    Bolo, Scarf Dance, worth $25, only 12 Suits of this lot. t .

    .i M A U. Hr ...a.. H' <'I.th.| MM.I .11'.11.1 art h u p. sale price SlO.OO. If YOU have any doubt bout great value for tittle money, come and see our foods Only at this ale an you jet so gnat tilue.
    2<.iO Men's Round and Square Cut I
    ill Meta t-iuurr w N Vocal solo, Love's Garden, Miss
    Blue Coats and Vests, Pnre'!
    tf.f' 'ft." Iaurall1r?h. Serge :
    Alzarine made with Military .
    .f.., n.M .oBna.>il and In"truaiputulsolo, Air De Ballet, Shoulder, regular price $5, Hale Lot.6.
    <.. ww the police court )Rutherford Price 45. r
    *: /
    Local !*lolo On the Shore, Miss ,
    111.0'''''', Patti Baker. KM Men's Blue Middlesex Suit, ; rI
    worth $12 00, Sale Price So "js.So .
    truuiental olo. The Flatterer, Pairs 11en'at'orsted and Cassimere ., I(
    Hit'C. :
    1lr! ". Mariou Clutter. tl I .
    Pants, retail price $: 25.; our .'
    .. Inight.. Tl r next meeting will be with { '"" ';' .' :.
    i ic. 1
    price ;' :';
    :\lr4. W. J. Hannah oa Ka-t Ureg- .
    75 Men's Sack Suit?, worth $;;;..UOl ..
    tts rraprn 1'rtrin orvtr t.B'lbtuteiu. and ..... If you fail won't another .
    Sale Price, $I 2;:;. to supply yourIf now you get chancy r.b. few trbde thrf |i.,
    ,-r *t lat-aM :' ., i N the composer selat'trd r" --- -- _
    -' t'.1 t'ct ....... I -l 400> Boys' Knee Pant Suit, "jUt- -
    I 4 to 17, worth 51 ,*>0, !Sale Price c, I
    m.. e huerl. fell from Lu'iti HELKN :MAKSII 500 pairs fur;' Knee Pants, regular

    11.' .I .'." ..npsgPM'twhart I"'t'CIILiUY I I"I"f'.in price -ttlc) Sale Price 8r.:

    < ,,.t.t* |>*infttlly injured.t.tirtln. ;; tf Computi) II.U Look for Large Fire Signs on The Forbes Stores. -

    charKHl with a* rONEPRICE
    :a meeting of Company K, IVn-1 --- .
    ? It.ttffjr. *M .rr !i.li- l by sicoli LUht Artillery, held List I Ini
    Neuralgic pains
    i 0I,1i. HaiiiiVr* tbU niortih. b to fix thc |
    ;;bt. the >yi agreed lumbatro and sci.ictic painssold to
    inontl.ly due IIr each member at J5;: -
    the penetrating influence of 1JALLAUn.iSNOW :
    'I"lIof6.. .\.latinn Pout+ ; al"n to i til PII-.H a tiny on eaclllm"lIIiJ..r I.I DlEXT. Price

    0 trrfs IrtplriaKGr lu- who i i-i absent from reirulir'drill 2', and :cents.! \\.1'. On'en& Co. '
    i iflil Three new inembeisWfrc ,
    "'u"fil' .h i H "lIr.tlHtI T
    rifctt'il. All! members of \ e
    STOCKS M'\I KtT.
    ( B :nrarPquatrdtoa< pmbleat the
    ,. ""a"dY" Fourth etA Arnii'iy litll: Sunday afternoon at 1 U&\1-- ; a !
    .. III ,, I",;;f.r .ntl i> tier o\ !Lickharp ii> uniform. l/it night lkprtrd Therwa 6r
    .i1 0411\ ref atiMrt, tlphtt one IIf the pl-t.l U wa taken from niun8111:' llIrrM CoN .

    the hill and Optain D'Alembt-rte ('+(!II.WW .

    will give a Mutable reward for its .. ........ ..i'Si 11.._.... I tai
    + P, b Ille.nlftftlL8\t\tIUl WU..__._.__......_. III ( .. I :.1 CASH HOUSE
    u. I I" .,.ii..d off 1'.1. return. Th battery IKH accepted __..... I IL'1. <' _.. .... I I' L L10
    i t>\ tlie. t"lila. It" invitation Iron the ladies of the ; M ._.. .... ._.... I ,.. t: _. 1 ,
    ) Mnuori.il Kucifty to participate in K .... .. \ "" 1\ -..... I : ; y
    the l parade mi tl. 'fith.I I 1...-.-. .. .m........ ..... l 6.i C R: Lrlon ._" .. I :)1I

    i.-d r it tfi. l'Itarp I -- I tPlatrATONPEltIIE-YPOtlatl] : $- :) South Fulafox Street,-* r. ;
    dtt lull..r *..ttir hull I-Oil '1.\YO 1:. -
    .t-t, ti.iintripai nat loC.\\Ut \ llll-'I.KS 3
    J' I I' tttrnt111... Thi-iiuny frieud< of Mr. Richard 10 Ki.i-xrr .\ CAITAI.V
    I(. Hubert. popularly known a< I SKVES YOU MONEY.
    ft t 1.1"I 1 and Will :!| "hiPk"I have at last after much j
    'i 1'U I Iw4 _lid b.- A meetin of Co. I. lt Regiment1
    '' per+u.-ion. obtained hi* conent tn Ks-cambia Kifle. will bit
    .. 1'. S. T.. :
    .t w re tore''"' r. fa t' i- tiutruiiu.up I'I head for municipal ticket will and feel the called in Armory hall Friday April I I12th *:\ -- -_- ---rIll},"' I 'E"ElrrE' WILL 'SELL h : -/h
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