; i i::::;:i have Inrn at- The inlnV.tauts: of thin inland favor'
I guide, to the tuM-onq of the bOIl.-''. It --_ Coppersmithing.Steam Pipe and Spocla
'--I-. trnds. a dra,trio policy toward the inMirgints.! i'
prescribes: the food Iol'stitl'll to \ari- -- Copper Work. r
1 tie : The Amcncau PaCipp.aes: commission I i iI I
\ : :: yc'jac: ptanNt.r !
will non a communication to ous physical conditions. To the fat Sheet Copper, Brass, Lead and Iron. 1
pri-p.iro i I
A"d.T asd I
: n.-y >.nn a '
: President! man It offers variety cf dishes! that /
McKinley ou the character of i I'AYLTTEI'iLLF.N.C. "i1
... .ii r of I)a I'oiiii'. who : the civIl ROVirauient to I le established I I tickle his! palate! cud at the same time -::. PBILE!' Ay\ ll. SAVANNAH. OA.. "

., 1'1' "I>on (:.u.allj" m the arcuipe'iso. The natter has yet jj j check his tendency to grow fatter. The --: jACKhOXVILLK. KLA.

: ..a:t u lraJ. I received only informal con d'ration. i thin and anxiulc! _:
j ( can procure the things;: -- -- -- --------- -
,.a; n-posln.:. on the! lreatv.iia I This port will be the capital of the I i which make Mvoil and tissue and build

> wLeu the v( Sn w.ud I newly formed province, composed a I i-lands. It u situated at the :
; was platfd I there l>y |j The new way cf l,Coking at the food t1 -
-- mouth of a de"p vailoy! aui has a spleu-i mi .T ::.: .",(-J ,,!To.s speak Spanish! t
!: : ,' and !inch
I wii IH v. question health first and
1d j did Larbor. The people are thrifty a.dprosperous puts prcfcr1 fr! ,'ntit. L':'l ,.r.' ullIoI."il!. their I'rcuih CN EUROPEAN PLAN.
: '<-.'ssel s.i-e girlhood (1 afterward. It
|I' e considers the ncevlsI
and :
tucre are no insurgents mini lo'J;; arc well\ tip !a Geiui.ii.Fotro .
'. rd1.: spent iuf t cf his! I i I of tie individual and makes practical' haopis about take /
here.Major ( ae to place mil EECIil&R DIALS EiSH CiY-25 CE3TS fACt
: .t illfneu,' arsKi(} I Evan M. Johnson Jr., of the aM.lk\uion of the old saying! ;: that "one in the uniforms of the! (;ortnan army. !

: by h'; uiuIK: .. TweuI'nili.th"olnutetr ill'amrWI;) nun's meat j is another man's polsen." bright buttons I/cins replaced by lath; Restaurant Attached Open Day and Night

,1.rr.c.i: n li'iu.y for be gjveruor and Captain Albert S.Vil- It tries to uiuLe! the dirt like a well ones ::D.l 1 ti'.- pr"-s:in blue cf the tuuic ,

nil. '1-1.1:1> .t >J':';intil. :, hams t.f the same red! anent will bo treasurer PtoctvJ v.ci'irubo, offering pkcty ,>f l by a srajUh biuxvn tiLt. GWEiP, FISH OD CAME CF tLl KILOS M SEJSOH.SPSCIKL .

.- Poke a'sil Ia;'h' uf the new province. \aikty. yet designed! : for cud Ctted to ?;uce the loan of S5.: !i"0noo and the t

I' -: the >oa for whom it is intcuJt'i! sale of pans: to the Persian nvpi-nnuLt ORDERS TiT: ANY HOUR
.:'h w II sJ1t'U.I.lh' sim- Eugene J. tiny, the peer and pub I per reI I
by Knssia: the I'.is'aa! army is U-iti;
t :t lal.; co11 irmatiou, i list.traystl: 'at one du-e t.f Fouy'sI low one inn fit his diet to his own o'.M.i/i ,
tiuiiir lu -jan it tructobo
!i- !it -, irai- that the I HOXKY AND TAI: restored his \'...icoI i j needs I is a matter which the 1.J'!>lduu nn .;-.w m,;iL: ,: a i'oc--iJcraUi;: ijcnaxe t.1it I P.ATEFrom Jl.'JO to ; 1..j:1 per [)ay. Lodging:-25and;; W cent.. tk

.-s i>' \-ihs; : her ca- I when hOlr?ene"'threatened to prevent I can le-.t IfcKIe. It Is certainlyi casit! r .. UUW/I'L I 517 and 519 South Falafos St. PENSACOLA FLA rt
his Ucturo at Ctnlral Music i ,
to preserve health ,by the tit cf lrol.pr

I Hal)!, ('hijau'o.; Nothing else a; food than to regain! it by taking; ;: medi- !Bee:: Pat .rcHuh'; 's t.ew ad on List : tiI'
.; :;"a-dI.:11I: i few Critt d. .\. \lunbHte..
1 Ig.l cine, and the prescription filled la a page. It will pjy you. I IKi
tlu1 of Beer and
t "> iI US! i jssession Judges Whiskey.[
restaurant !Is j>I<"arinter to take thin!
;',',' ::. : /f a sermon tlelivMiilfni' : :Aar ,:... EJI i',
i one couiiior.ntkvl l-y the drussi-a.i _
?' : i tj tbo tai'D I it i 1-5 r, !./. ,: ." >:.-. Ili-arit that fur a : DlSEASESi
Youth's Compiiiloa.H.tb .
"i .,1 :. :Now; 11:1! :. !>shirc town i Ice,' t'ra-: i ivlllThe:; .JGuHial with I inv \Vhenyousjea man who knows
--- --
.. Li-i f : :K ia onKr! to the
: ;; i "t-t get IJCM V.'Jll fie ("0\l'1":1. ..- ---- ) goo I BeEr and Whi-key you needn't
: :: I"8 i'.t"' < f Ili-ianl jt>.',--.v,'ti-,;' rf iit-! :ahf ip. he lied the 1 "You l elit'VP., then after all teat i

... t. .Ni. \\ !L. crme over iae pap-: on t'!..> floor and tsjintlng out j i i thaue! -IR'are wrote the plays! l.im.t'f!! :" are the most fatal of all diseases. '' r 1. tall Lim whose is the best. He knows

,\ a de.'iviof. doctor of with hS ti.e. dictated cs t) what should I "Ve.-.," said she. "Hat.: to mae: Mire.j C (( our f fl

!I..- alma! 1.:1: '1has t..i ni I I I'c LISlo-1!! what changed r.r.! what ouj j I the first were I come across Lira ia

: .. I y tlut.I.ado: auJ cpi j 11.:1.-;:- ,t Xcv\-.js'lprrc!->,,'!' I :"; :'t Hat (' nIl I'll ak; Lim." U ;) IDNEY CURE 13 >CU ; / Pabst Beer

1 Li dun: ; this oni.night::: lith.c :t Lis! foot "
in the cabii [
-J of ju-: ''l' i "r.ut bupr-cii he i. ;
i' cu iiu editorial: which! should hatU'tn i "llau you can ask Lui.! "-Urook.u; !; ; L., I \} r.iactn RiLH J -a p-

1'i:1. v.ell L'ov.-a Gert killnl nlJ.hkb n'rlJon caused Life. !
: i a i iI
..' \io I died in IVrlln!, the | grievous trouble. Mr. IK-arst is but, -- c? cicnay refund;j. Contain / ;Brookwood Rye= j:

I I. t tl,' hulk of ks! furt'iiii'. j DT; jcars clt!. He has socialistic: tend- I''r Our Fifty 1 csrt-, remedies eminent .(I ;
eiM.-1, I but h-! nevertheless boon heardto recognized by \% } iwhat he wants. lie knows that r
: t t.:".Lti1'1' marks for HJLis- I :lIE!!. WlSSLOTT'S HOOTHIM4: :: :;T.H'P ta Ii L

o ',: <.f an orphan a<} lunt. say that he repmlod: Mr. Kockcfil-! beeu aced for over PIy years by million: of physicians as the best for ,' iI') drinks: touches the exact pot as

i i. ii-rri! shall be bro ,Ut uy, lr as tntcf the lest and greatest vt mothers for ti !ir children whieteethlve ?. Kidney and Bladder troubles. :; : e
,. American dtzcv; this, to, while ever with perfect 8acc ?. It soothes thu gulp aitisfactarily. We know that you
"r.::", I'rudplt-l! I softens the gm9.allays all Data.cures wind PRICE We. uA $1.30. i iV 4 i ic
the Standard Oil triKt. His ti appreciate them
pitKiiipg -0110 aaJ in the Lest remtdv for liirrhr! i
> of
i" I II'! 'ii'i Maxiui the fuoiAo ,
xplanation: : Is that such i'ncrur; 1t..1!! rUeve tha poor 1.ltle 3Uter Ita- I ,' A. D'ALE ,(HEIr .
\' : I' :.: no lml'I a rooted OUlikeI mediately. Boli: by I)rQggl ta lu very : ?
I .
wealth must bo kept lu chock and JltI I pan of the wcrld. Twenty-ajeceutaa bottle. .
I I. 'i IKfort !Lem appron-
the uu.-t uai'pre'and! t'atthe B'' sere and bnS for "Mrs. WjnsioVsanl .A. FRIEDMAN
: I',::' 1 n.vut. a painter and I ; S JOt I)1oyrap.." take no other kitd.SotSery W. T. GORDON & CO. | o ,
pvoj-lv Unn'v all al \>ut tLi-ui. dlr.I ,
-- -
':1 I I'i'j. racib tf the timo.i I
'i I v a "tinhertng" ns tie! I heart I is a Lard worker, and iii' !'.' N ltLe1cst Attention. M l Fillls! Hi Snort Tic Leas.S11E r. 0. Box us! Telephone<< 179.
I scarcely A morning: ct r.l v, h a he H not
.. < \ITSS, it. There .m bo a regular! meeting cl I'KXtL\C 'LA. FLA.
1 to bo found In the roup.i-iifr room. : the PensacclA Medical Sccifety at SPiGAt: TiLy. GnN: 19 CGmCtiO l 4r.
'. .
> 1.1 Y Lvng: : : has Just celebrated] i I __4
: J Hican ilo ai thin. en a i'::ir fro.nj 'the Board of Health: office ni f .1.1iC I
\1. < ;M.1! !Mitliilay.; and pom o f
.1..1.': '- :iilon.s I cf physical. i setting type to writing! ; (',1:1orl:1I"-\I.: o'clock p.m. Tuesday. Maich 2,>. :; fat acr rnm r.t Xfre t, I A DISCUSSION( ABOUT COAL !
K' !ia Ainslce's! Magazine.i are ccrdiall'!
i u SaEgri'L' | V'iaitin physicians .. +
House ,
Opera! BailJini
\ !Ji'r l'a flll..III'! annvertru A rl
: ::
invited to attend.I proves the fact that there i Ii only one
", :i I'I:, !inpin i '! nil Slulork to a i "t Sartan-e. I J. HARRIS I'IERPOXT. M.D., PENSACOLA. FLORIDA : :4-. t, Iw point of dia.->onioti about the (ralow -

'., ': "II'"- i:1 1:. tte't and i j.. p.w en t "TLN""? a whole! lot: of difforonco.! President. '' :ly Coal and that i; just how much

., '! t! ,, !Ii 11'r' 'LIt> tact: r.f 1-ro.lu1. rpniarkoil the! freckled! fanatic, "in! 1 I \IAREUXS :\McCREARY.. D., # 522525252525Z525aN longer; a ton will! burn than any p t u

:. : '::111(1a vi-ry Casino; rd.'nnnoa v.ishln! ; gnu were Anand: wishing! iii25f::; : Secretary. other coal you can procure. We I
you were; In hc.ivea."-InJiauapolUSua. : --- ----- FOR RENT. a'AM7 I know that a ton of well-pcreened {

r 1 r I I V.; l9Tra.v Coal, with no deleterious J

( r hr... s.t I : ,' handsomelyIIlCtEil. Ui nTOHE, with four dwelling; n. Zf.1'w matter, from our yard, that i* full j

I : I Framed PJ \ K.-oni attacl.pJ ; La ely IT weight and high grade, will give
? The" I litU;rin? couh following -i:] VJ Painted and Renovated : $ more sati-f.icticn and burn longer f

I grippe cjlid: for One Minute Couh: and ready to hang at unit in good stand for any bu-.ir.e ; njPJ J JI than any other on the market. a_

LJ( : Care. F.rtll throat and lung trouble ;i snaZZy low prices. Ma rston : corntr of \Vrignt stret-tancl Cth U] I II 1. l+. s 1s

t trat this is the only Immediate harmless result reme1y l' Finch. I PJ In Avenue.tendencia \10 Btr: oi Hoom-near on J5: rce-In- {rjPJ jj II I I p TlioipsoD Olsen it' Cog r1 -

gives rrr
:, -- !loin. Apply to I*. MOLONEY, in I ,
p'tevet "'atnption. Harris I ,
t? COa
| OIlCJ- j at Lewis House.C5' .m I Manresa street,
Kahn John
: I'hanracy, Sidney I
To Whom it :Mar Concern: v I Telephone 147.
: hCrpJfl1.I .- Suttee I I. hcrtby risen. tha' a'ttr 12 '25 !t: 5 i? c.sc.s2525" !I I
h ---
----- _
I I I I IO' IOl'k noon 'Vplneadcy. March 3tb't: \\, I _
----------- -- -
w I f DISSOLUTION NOTICE. no biJ-t will l>,. rccflirfil for the hire of
state pri'i.ers for a four traisccntracl b:- THE KINO OF I
that the
given co-
Notice hereby gmntrgJan.1. H"1. TWO SK1LOONS.
paitr.ei"hp: heretofore exi!-tin! ? be- All t-id* must be in wrKiiiK'or prlntpd A
tweni J'I.n! S. llorflli and Ed Se- l't'rill..t i-bt'Ck.illicit payable to J. I'. White Scotch lYIiiskey I.
aeldtrn-ur'r. lotho Riia.int cf *..odirerapita ,
: ni.ir. Jr under the firm name of hoe ,
furciieh unl every convict dl'nr d
relli & Senior, I; thi day cfisolvedby i by any ln.l. >.!'i.ill Bi-coinpiny the a:d ,1I"n TEE CllOXIEsWflHD: :
i '1// rautuil consent, all the right, tie tend-red, nhlob turn stinll li.- held us a for.feituretuthetate C11AI515IE.] LAST CHANGE d
in the bu-iue;# of f : should any prrson or
; tb and! iut"ret
i ,lw \tr. S9ni'Ir having been old t') Mr.lirftlli company nisor their rt-to-e bia ta lut-ntrr, bun lutoctmunt accepted L-y: at the t-r SOLD BY ALL FII'.rfT-ULASS Ccr B'iG'iit ni DcTOlnn! 'M', )I 701 1 EonUi FalaM\ Slreet.!

: who will continue the Ltiiines board. SALOON ___
The board rtirva the ruht tornfu>tr any
of seilin.r firt-clas-5: wine,
:: T I" : :;;M PMPJT." i and all buU.and to make a p-r capita rule
: lio'lore. b"ei:etc at the same stand I I upon all c'.lOnets.lb.U any and all personshlll )lord: ; A: Stern Choice Wines Liquors Beer and
Chicago; News. |I'J West InttuJeucia f treet.L pay who rrivuf roiiMcu. tdounl the ; Cigars. .
I'OIFII.I board deem it fur the IH-.I mtrrt-t f.irthf
.. :'; roi\lc-taDd (be *>tat>, -is tb" ruhtsof both \Vhok.ue! Ag-hts for Floriia.: Juc TRADEr:
1 rials t.J a Career. ED. J IMOR, JK.1VKlT are the care and duty of the tumrd to guard A SOECIAL TV.

i i ,: :L. .:.tion: Mvn yon niu$ t rartiea bidding, ; may hid for nil IT part cl
_. the convict or oil! in both \\,' ..
may > Anyperson C-an.i! I btiiekirts and waists
,'..! 11 high heaven said I butdlnGmutmaketheir, bid upon
CO .\l U .I-.I. .
the bats of the Iratff or the Ifx-itcs tx-ar- i is: "n + ?! ',ur specialties. Ht.ir Laun ;
i I.: r.
-" 1 The elegant: line: of sterling Silver ins all exptiiie of the convict from tbeIIm..of..ul..y try. PaOPRIErOR
: M .. protested the (tailing Teaets.. Fish Set, Bread| the court 10 the camp
..:. item lihtTill not strike Solid : linbon and I or work and 8111"111..n,... of guard pli>->lciunj. ;
fear Meat Ii-he hoard, cl.thinir.etc.. the! state to bin THE KING
1. i .- ,-'." Punch L'idipKnivp: *', tn\-d J I -GOLJ?Y:1 ''
Soup Liu'K; no any with airy of the txpvi see fD : tea' '' CUriE YOURSELF
[ < \ |1'1' pK \YIp! nunly pay' Fmks a'Id *-'poons-'fruiik of !valid| and charg"e n"co"'san' for the care and cusI ScotchVhiskey,1 ,
tody of the prisoner ur prisoners durln: tile
1 ,11'au,1| ; l at tau! iTojMri i1Hr. Call; "n J. Stephens and I term of leas" All payments under the Grist and Corn Meal {Sills 4 un, la' ,
i .. idea ff the trills: of a h- will show you the goods withpinusure. contract be madi ((U trteriy in aJvar.ee a fr
Th>- contract anti retain to the state vauto ..
I ;-! l''niiore: : American. through its olHers andagente.full surer g. F. GONZflLEZ' & CO., Prop, GRABBIE, E.Wr IM-iiC. """ '"
viMon of the com .ets. under" rules, ree jla
-- : kerlr 7 hy
1 J. !" : : U.Vattr, of rialem, Mo., '! -Vostcomie lion by the and boa'd.0 order that rebates may or be allowance made or given III Manufacturer SOLD BV ALL FIUT.! ..ASSriALOOXS. IlrnzcUU i,
I1R\1ITUHE >) ,
: xrr' f ff.
\' : I have ben troubled with i stock; be allow td forr<:8p";;. CHOICE ?U. .\ AND TUKKGUOUND =:;. J f I... r boidiThp rriiii.,, .1."for
All bid must be made upon the theory of ( wit ,,.
.> ii-easc for the last five years medium and cheapgrades taking all elates;; and kinds of convicts STOCK FEED. loog & Stern
of fine, they may come, no distinction or picking!;
Patronize Home Industry, for there Ii ,
: lead-
tvt doctored with all the in i of men to be considered in any bid. So bid Meal and Styles in
displayed every reason should bay roar
: ; !i.v-Kiau. and have tried all ever of less than 11:.) per capita per annum for Stock Feed from the Home Manufacturer, Wholesale: Agents for Florida. L La t test t
Pensacola. Cash or instalments. every and all convicts alit be considered.i I for by eo doing you encourage home Indai- u __ ___ Jr//lfer
.' Ji ptip': ,;ejted without any re- !i other thing being equal preferencef try. Your money is left lu the community Furniture -
..' : Finally I tried! FOLEY'S Kll- We have just what .: be give to persons who deitr to bBCOD"ICU \'" and you in tarn are indirectly benefited for acceptable Idew. and house decorations -
murkt-din their own bmlne over
In fostering the manufacturer
home you State
,tt > < I KK: and less thin two bottle? want. MarstoniFinch. $" those wishing to sublet for peculation.I contribute: to the eauie of labor. Yon owe I m If ptbn *d. at bottom prices cash
'- ''lIredtneandIamoound! you I I K.McLlN. it to thecomrarnity In which yon live and THE PATENT RECORD, ,
.... | mUd Commissioner \ vnlch contributes support. Battinor credit.
' : w-u W. A.D'Alembert*. I toyoar tY JarstOllf Finch..Jm.1..Il' .


_. .... .. -. i
"" -- J '-- ,_--,:, ,, ,? '_ ,
...to" ---- --

%;';;\< "-*,,, "' ';' -- .<-' <, o' :. & .,. _. t j4B '\ Ul F'.r: ( lW:






' Katvrtxl .i the Pot OSc .i Pelu-.co1.. !
i /Saaeareotd,euamatter. The fia?;bip Kearsarge and battleships his consular reports from the least nine-tenths of the wage 309 S. 1'alafox St., PEN ACOL.1,1'L \

Alabama and Massachusetts port of PensicoU, British Vice Coce; of Pensaeola are organized, .

.4 OFFICE: ?tit BaUdol,mi Ese" t1'ala- did not proceed: to sea this morning sal Frederick Bonn is
doing good
! I U .UtU,up-Ita,", as scch: they are looked upon as
a; scheduled. At 8:9) the? hove work: ia advertising! PensacoU's resources union men. Bnt are they Do they Insurance. Real Estate.

PCBLliHED BY anchor and sailed down to the navy and advantages for invest- patronize union made: good:? No;

TEE 55:W3 PSBLIEE1MCO.. yard, fan: dropped anchor there be- men:. Followin: : ate extracts from union
canssof there beins a bush sea on cot one in ten will ask for the ;LIFE IX VP.ACE. CITY LOTS IN I'! '. -

the! bar. They will probably sail his reports. label; when niakia; a pnrcha e. We

' Terms-lrwarlably In Advance. Thursday mornin;. According castorc house returns have in Pen?aeol.1 a little handful FIRE J INSURANCE.MARINE TIMBER LANDS.

w & OiB YEar by M&: ._.._ _Ii7t ;: b< total number of that .
.. : : snip en-
.. .
.. iol i of who
,, !I Montithr 5trnjlia? cigar:: uuker, are Ix 'rr.AXCE. FARM LAND
s .. Hoctbl" 1 &J Now is a rood time to bf?iu taking I tHHt the port cf Ptnsaeola duric; 011: on a tnkf in of a
i OIl.oIcltb" .. -Mona. -_ *19 J 1-:ood's sarsaparilla, the medicine the year l&u J was: exclasive: of coat- demand for a littla consequence better conditions PLATE GLASS INSURANCE. COAL LANDS.
} OB* Wk, by Carner parable that cleanses the blood ad wise trade, 4i5, with a tonnage of than heretofore exi tej.

clears the complexion. 471.733 tons Tbe number thatclfarej The Oiled BOILER INSURANCE. IRON LANP.S.'
' NEWS: places of thee men are
THE WEEKLY was exclusive of coatwi-e
by non-uniea workmen and members
POLICE COl'ltT. trade, 4ii I, wia tonnage( of 539 3W of EMPLOYERS' INSURANCE.LANDLORDS' PHOSPHATE LAM -
'P PebL-'t-a rry F::::18-z u li.Ui jr year t n-. the sisterorginirationare'
''r Pa+tatrf-e, ___ Porter Kin? !, Fioed SH2.5O on Thr. e 150') nrii-h 'tiJ* entered the port. s mon> scab cigars: two inditler- INSURANCE.I OCHRE LAND-;.
eta to the want* of others to inquire
Chmrg with a vi ijJ.T i *. 173:
TELEPHONE NO. 113. tonnae-e; ton .
, for the [label. I ELEVATORS'; I CP.\XCB. I FIRE BRICK <.'1. \ ,
tip!, a tonnage of ii.472 ton
g There were only rine caB on the J A dealer i? going to keep that '
lyrefiriq Roes Furnished tfplicc'i docJctt before Mayor Milliard: in the clEared vessels with entered carjro.: an-i cleared In addition at the, 2S which will ti"l* *{\ his ciistorn rs. ACCIDENT INSURANCE. ALL I IXD.- .vmm / "

therefore if the demand i* for union
police court this morning:. of which! vice consulaie;; Lavin? &10-y{ put
mad g.v ds. theustrchaat! i* sure tohave
s'r two were continued. The fines i into Pctsacola for coal, repairs, ttc. :
amounted to f 130. This make a rata of 1S1! Briti-h teem in stock. There is one L Enable! Life Assi '
cuar factory in this! city, but [ urance
Porter King; charged with tein? ships that entered the port duri: : g there are several that are employer* I. ,
drunk and disorderly asa:;ltin;? the year. .
-- Josephine Hcbacbur;;, with his fist Tne total value of export* darin? of their scab goods labor.are A sold uenerou to local* share dealers of OF Till: UNITED: STATUSBrotlier:

PyS3 :COLA, MiSCE 19, 19Q1, and f->r carrying:: concealed weapons, I the"ear amonated to 2tiO,452 !. of Andatemokedby uaioa men, bs-
was fined 5-r2j Z.). which tr-o,0i) wa: fr the l-nitd
came they !lack the moral Knovvles
J.)hn Ritchie, charged with an a-- 1 Kingdom and Iii 391 1 to British demand courage" .
to Jha
r blae label. "C.
TICK amount of gold in the federal sault: was; fined >:2j. -----
tl trta-i.ryis now Sl213r.S.: an in- The imports;; announced to 17H1 tin -
TO PREVENT PNEUMONIA D GRIP i value, neatly twice a+ mach a- Job Couldn't. Have Stood It

crease since the same date: last year I.alth" Bromoa.nios removes the last year, 1,447 i;; of which cane: from If he'd had Itching;; I'ilee.! They'r DEAREST TO TJE HONES.1 '
cf {'" (&* rtll. In a ftw years more tear. the L'Hittd Kingdom, aud ?J" t from terribly annoying; bat Bttekten's

1 ; the populists will: surt "free coin- ,>,WOWIll- tTCtSo; British colonies. Arnica Salve will cur the worst

age iif zoll" i-'iie to lake the lace There i; an opening for a brewery cat 1*" cf pile? on earth 1: has cured ----- ---
OKMI:ssYLVA ; Pea-acola, where the water is thou;ancU. For
til tLflvtr sbot.TAMPA'S InjuriePaia? cr Every Housekeeper; in naeh know-.
good It would A r ': \
prove a maner-*- ] '
ILq Bodily Eruptions i: the bet salve
1+IL board of trade has given The wonderful success chronicled! aye undertaking; a late quaii the n vrlJ. Price i.jc a b..x Cure seeding "yj=t around the corner," ..rover iu ::." : .

,' of ilirg-uerita; yin ia this, her 2r-t! ; tty of beer i; con>una-d hero which guaranteed. rid: \byV.. A. D'Aleru- for immediately needed supplies for the! Home Lor j.

concrete (:xpre--*I'.m to the opposition season as a comic open star in "TF e iall im:>lrted. I berte, 121 south Palafox street. ( as the inconvenience of sending "downjtown': fora
that Las developed all alon; the In vitaf the recent contraction ------ :
j Princess Chic, is ta be wondered at; ed and frr its The .
waiting '
New delivery. i-tabli-i.
Jacksonville by a Urlt'.lnm of a cotton n:
Cr we : c.xist to the ilea of a '
when it is considered that this Kel- impre-s;s planrnucncotton will iu NOTHING COl'XTs lit I Till1.1'.
r fair labelled "state fair," by .
';l:1n: yitl when she csxe to America lutu. e: be exported from btre to Liverpf -
its member* to raise |lu,- A generon* diconrt;; i* tempting. Roberts &
pled:iug : three years azo, coull notpe&k; ol uud other place. Dailey.
tltII r the holding of a fair in that a word of Enjjli h. In Tim export of grain is now i:1cr": :as- but after al! there is only one thing

city. j jWJIEX her own 1 ic? owinur to: the jhippip:; 1aciliti that sonata and that i?, "The Set'

country, German and trench aretke of the port-the eltv..tor and the A coafliential: live has been a 218.220 East Wright Street,
Andrew Jubn on died in I ordinarily used lan; aajes. )lit s i new ;;\"h1lf.A .
t \vlvj h'H obtiiued such a snare to the feet of Iunan nit TELEPHONE 15G.I
I'uittd for the fin ma'lery factory W.H erected here durJ J .
T5 tt.e ]
1 ntate of it is wary bayer who saw only the dicountaud --
our lanyaaze. said, that now in the for the:
jr time in it* htonwas( without shj speaks with only a slight accent: < of P1t fertilizer year from fl-h manufacture hads- lost sitit; tf price* back conv-ni?::::! to at lea-t one-half t.r- '..ouint. .'

I: liviig; ex-president.; In ltd there whicn 9trlkEthe ear as musical nit s i and ether fi-h refu-e, and proai-es of it. the wor.rferCl1l.r'Jwth: of their: family trade -:: >W's : '

,?- were live. The recent death' of Ben- i? yuahtt.rhe;; has the distinctionof i to become :l"erv remunerative in- A; a gi'od bayer you of course will location: in the h -,rt of the residence stcti 'ii Ii a; ;
benz: ; the only comic opera prima i dusty I am told, not ;give up until you hive =qae: <;2ed
) twin 11 UrrUoul tares Uronr Clte- donna who /is fjiently called upon i. It is reported: that the lireieamers out of the eeller the hrget; discountyou All the Staples, Faneand Shelf rnnl ... '

land I ia the cl*;: by himself: a3 the fur a curtain speECh! In Milwaukee) of the Hani- which hits can tret but ia the long run is it Novelties
Mis ]not more satisfactory: to you to get in Each-Frcsh Jstantly
recently ,
only livjux; tx.prtd1t11t. Sylva responded to erto ran to New Orleans, will in toy -
the plaudits of -ter ,the saving: in( prices rather than: discount Hand
--- -- ; audience b on Give
tare nn to P n-acola t.) nnhh Load us
i ::>; IllE At.LE curiurity: has been voicit., her tbaukr, Cist. in a few in;!, a= thi port has 30 feet of water i ii ?. This i h the motto cf Par McHugh. ..-
f well the Grocer M South Palafoxstreet. l
-n words in French then
circles i ovrrtttbarsnadvaatazeover; New i
minf.ettdtLrcughout legal
, in German No checks; rebates, ds-:'
and finally, in excellenti Orlean-: .
Pt in the state us to the identity u fI'QIlHi.t Enli.h. \c. unt=. or trading stamp; ; all of this
It is rumored, and I believe likely,
who has been indiutriouly I (cor.sen-e you !have to at full
: ---- that Pensacola will .. pay
r the i! The stomach controls the situa before haw" po price, as, ia this! age of clo--e competition BOSTON Phu
stirring; up supreme see a dry dock, besides the one ex- j
it t tion. Those who: are hearty! and I pected for u-e in the no man works fur fun. Buy
court justices with his sharp pencil l navy yard com- straight-and standard the tJU.
s strong are those! who can eat and digest ink from Havana. goods at I u
$ in the Jack onville Metropolis. To plenty of food, Kodol Dyspep- ., A. sawmill having a capacity: of j lowest possible price-it i-> your best

gratify th r anxious onethat paper Eia Cure digests what you eat aud I 3-'x,000 feet daily will be di-couct. Coffees fresh from the
publishes! in a recent issue an allegedportrait : allows)) you to eat all the good food I ',. erected at Flomaton, about 40 miles ,tow Come: *fer, and parched and ground daily. Are still doing all kinds of business and extend -

t you want. If you suffer from i&difrestion from Pen=acola Tne mill will see me.PAT !i
of the guilty one, which probably McHrGH. !i i163i3i the
heartburn, belching any be the largest in the United opportunity of their superior
will be recognized as that of a well other stomach trouble, this : Telephone 163.:
I ; -
preparation Mates and will to a treat extent in- !j
N known and prominent member of <;,. can't help but do you ofd. The crease the trade here and the railroad excellent work
, t the Jacksonville bar. most sensitive! stomach; can take it.f traitic. Y. 31. B. L.

John HargU Pharmacy, Sidney; Kahn and A good many frequent Penaacola ,;; Regular monthly meeting to-night UNTIL MJ\RCH: 15.

: Hail: and Farewell: Kheppard. :. as a winter resort, and there i is tea at 7 o'clock. Absence of postal card

i r The thrift monster battleships" of TH; :E1V C A I*I A I\ sou to believe that a well-managed \ :' o-: :___
ii ,, hotel would do well. At present notices' will be explained at the ___ __ o
the North Atlantic quadron, aftertheir

t two months'rendezcous in this 010' Till; KJHHSAUGi; ply there the are requirements bat two, which of the do city.not supi i meeting. Every member reading "KLAR5AROE t;,"Sice Large Photographs of the Battlj1:hir-". f! .. I

'i"; port, will depart for a cruise i in Captain B. H. McCalla, who distinguished The public health at Penacola 'this notice is urgently requested to the Hea and the Pride of"MASrfACHU.-ETTrt-and our Navy the Beautiful "A1.AEA11AG"t'isitore 3rd :1 .'

Wen Indian waters, and their goI I himself in the Cuban: has been very t good; during the past attend.

,' in? will be regretted by all cla--es of good many rumors h\e; been CHAS. A CHOATE, Nothing will Please Better ; also have for Sale View. .
r P our population. Their presence has (China has, as noted in TilE News current lately of the opening the ', Parade
" I 5. been a source of continuous pleas ;yesterday, been detached from the new railroad line, but *o far I am Secretary.You

1 t ure to our people, and not a single! Asiatic station and ordered to command nnable to report any thin;;;' on the
to .1 '
question. are come
.incidet-t ha occurred to mar, the usjoyinent : the battleship Kearsarge. A new bank called the America next BOSTON i

t 1 (If the episode.The Captain McCalla! is now in eo:n. National has recently been ttablishtd j Thursday, Friday PHOTO CO

} s'riple; fact that: Pensacola mand of the protested cruder New at Pensacola.: (and Saturday, March 21,

: ark. lie As stated (in last year's reprrt, the! 22 and 23 to Mrs.' X.Dowers' :
was cbof-n a-i tfir- l.uL'Jr of riidez will arrive in thi* county: y ,
k of ship; calling at I'ensa-
l voU'wmlJ alone have bel enoughto ; next mon'h and a.ume command ittLe cola f]r bunker coal i= increasing: : millinery parlors j Corner Palafox and Intendencia Streets.
I Kear;;tr !e in May. His = i.rj-
: a
? ,
dim: public utt-i.ti through mere and more. ,and of
see displays
tneuti-sdue i to the he one
.. po-ition nas
cut the e.ur.tryto the superior a1tautati' I am =oiry to state that crimpin? ; B. J. McDERMAND
attained on the lift of b
1 captains y at Pen-aiola. which exi<:* CIa ul'irge: ,/ pattern hats of the Operator-
of tl. port ; aid when thatwas : alvancemcnt on account of gallstry n' ,
cal, has been detrimental to Fri: :- We will also hare r _
season. -MH-TM-- __
J' j- .
;' followed by the uc-ucces-fu!i in action and because of ca=ns!l- nj- iv n i i i j*. .,
ishshipi'ia catkin
t tit=. He will relieve ; ? undue delay
W, :.1. trimmed hats
t t attempts tr secure the presence: of' Captain and expf-n;pto.=hi&&, 1JIloS.: No l le,s from $1.00up
Folder; whose bur of duty at **:a h is; The
1 the than desertions took place lure ,i to the finest.- IBatoal Life Insurance
ship evn temporarily, at othfrports
r ex;> Captain Fol;"r will be it..i ,- duriri' the pi,: yc-ir, ia ?;>itfof ___ Company:
lcau H n<>n': p' aaessul the -ijrii'-d i to liithouedutv.Captain .
I Mc'Jalla! every endeavor havitifr b t"u'mad!P "Call Cllr "I.ro'.ka'Clld R\', '' at. :S. OF hEW" YOKP I
t,* condition fuutjJ here wi Le chief of
the booty't : to
theiroocurier.ee.ISKAIi '
prevent A. Frifdaian' .
f ; ?'all of thEo North! Atlantic *'llJalr'Jtla. by the think -r bottle RICHARD A. McCUROY. President.
.u was euipha-ized. Th> visit of tll( --------- ---- ------ it I is the nicet,
well as ; uio-t) n:-llow
commaudT or rJ
ff\t\ secretary of the navy anj the chic -ir;'p. He will fern andtr tho: Kea R .H't- KM COi.LI0\ on the rcark: ....t.THE. Statement for the Year ending Dec. 31st 1900Aceor'ing

!if of the bureau of yard, and dock _Admiral.L .._ ,F.'- _J._ Hi' L:!in'on.h' : who ..will i ATMUI.INOKilKltIIAY to the S'ania'J of the Insurance Depsrtmtr.t t' .
icui-e h cur -vuiiiirai .\. 11. i'ar- --
confirmed the knowledge ofthtxistintr
quhar early in :\13)'. Captain, J. H. A local fi eight! train, known tc. KING OF Stat* of PFw rock
: conditions already} i
p -
Paytoti will succeed C'IJl'i! !! McC1la the railroad a-, third 16, collided!

fr ; the commandant of the navy in command of the Newark. with threar ut.d of ScotchVhiskey tecriyedtur i rremlum ..__.... ....INCOME.
freight train From
another Sourc.5
yard and 't1.e admiral of the Meet,
White Man Turnd Yellow. No. 2 ri i at Molino VF-:H\n- inoruiii?.
and itiiuitd the future frt Itn* <-t the IJ'jlh trains
F were traveling! toward
'" port; in the! archive? and the favor:' Great consternation was felt by tl.jtnatun when tin acid-tit OR/iBBIE. OISBURSEM,NiS.
the friends of :M. .\. lio;;;:>fty of LfciiiU'ton \- J. Ihe hap- To Policy-nol lm for Claim by lIeat!> ... .
;' p'-ee platform of To '" I
of the df tIc caboose roues-aollert
purtment.The tar -, 1d"l1dl .. .
., fc TjI side of the! c;>i-oie litg turning, Ky.yellow., when theyaw His skis he-slowly was of X" ::i'j was t'jrn oil and! the pilot of SOLD BY ALL FIRST-CLASS To All oilier* Accounts.,_. .. .. ...... r; .. ....
i the
engine haulin
third '
15 was LOON;. ,
beenqnulIy' irnttifrhi; and satis- '' .changed. color al No hi= rye-, and !..euL'erd knocked : The damage was very

j' r factory. (>ili >rs and men have enjoyed YelJ1undice.) terribly.. His He; mal.Hly71 wb \ treated'- slight and no ore was injured. Moog & Stern, J Ji First t'nitcil States H'indand other ;i ecu Iti ASSETS.,.;! .... ... .. .. .

I the hospitality, public and by the best doctors -- --- i Loans Lien L uses on '.ond Rnd YIJrtIt"! ... .. .. J
but without ; I'rMiluli .us I.f 1: *. on Bonds an i HIT :: Whol,1legent;; for
privatf. of our citizens, and thee! 1 b"nf IK Then he was advied to ir> I'loriJa./ i i j lx 'neon I'ompiLy'iown, Pohcim ..... ... ._ ..
Kt-al l
Electric Jlittfrthe wonderful HAM. UK LU'\L i XiiS No.74. ;ute: !: COJJlU'Y'4nm'.-e KnllmEila ,
: LunOon
in turn have recoivi d many delightful ] ; > ork. Hoton,1'bilaCelpLta, fttn. f.rriio. >< .
Stomach! and Liver remedy, and hr{ C. & J.OKA 1'JX8.t'oL.FLA.., '. I and other IJ-nl I Fi.n .ban". Kinaclicoitll.9>Uui-.v and Jifii! 'i.
evidences! of the tourtery and I !" '" ......_ 'n.. .. .. ..... ...
writes: "Aft-r taking two b->ttle1 I March llth, IU01. < Cast; In "nk4I1nlll ru.t I ompaai.Accrtml .,* ... ... ._.
t hospitality of the Ilal vh defenders. was wh fly cured." A trial pr* Ata meeting Local Union No.i i lotcratt, Sri i>"frrvd t'reniium, rte. .. ... .._. _

its matchless merit for all otumlch: 71, held thisevetiinjr. the fclljwin.i i ii I .' .'1

Next winter, when! the squadron Liver ..n.t Kidney troubles. Only i!,i resi.lutiowere! adapted : i I i lI\B'LlTIS! ) .
l'5c.) Hold W'A.; Wbe-oaf, It I I11U i i Uhiiity for Policy K.**rvi>c. etc
by D'Alemlxrte, bay ptead.thn:4h'q;; God In AT I ... .. ...
is ordered on it* annual: cruise in' drun'I iit, 121! Soath Palafox jtreet. !, iDlinii! ul 1"111. t-i rt-ni.n- Ir,,nioarl l,I Tin : ,I I UaLilllllurulburlL"J Liability for mtmgnt iionrantrr .'und ..:. .:::: :._._.. .: :- :-
4 southern waters the people of Pen- mi "ritivbiio\tnl, wily o! ocr br tber. (.. I Ii Hlvldvndii .... ...:
; sacola will f gl idly welcome it and WDtrtAe d.epire.piorewar: hrnth- !;llc i \ llis 1
1 (,1; r; 1 fJ"fo- i i er's great lus while "f l bra ia mbmiUn I Hardware Co S I i! Insurant anl Anr.ulli=s In force .. .. ..
its and will do their bettomakp I.
ple. .
p {ojtii!! {ti .i3 y to"iii will XV bo doctli o'l! tiling) ....II." i I bmernn-fjlly: fSurnlru-d: the forgoing
the occa-ion of ti IJ 'Th're'ore. belt {I i I il.tits: c-i-uUli-d! bj for. IL.arr. Siar.-mot and find th@ m-ir-' '
a repetition I ICrwlrrd.2bntL'aioc No 71 titenlour: '' ____ : C-H 1-'part U"LI.
; that which has j-jt eulled.h3r.VourfaceWor1h. wOrholb..r and tain.ly. o..r ba core and I i iI CH \HLl A. 1'1:1.U : \
l s It may become: chrcnic.: berth sympathy. I A. ii.aL7reeiat,'"''> ,
k. --- .-- I i H-;o.\"Ii (urtbnr:. Tba: tbe<> refolatloni I .....u..at.;! ."" :/ ) Il1U- J'tJUKiMVK LUK, ntsi'Wtb I.N>I fUA:>t-h'11'rl' I.i j"b'I<\TRO"I.1J I I'\ -

i ;? U ? ,; It may cover the body v/th;! large, i! b-j tot5el-r s.irt-ml! W'trVcV. ar.d ueIP.S.lIb.m.ur-th tn '"<*lthcort'i W'101 "', I'

Sometimes a fortune, but never, if''\ Inflamed: burning, itching: scaling: the city puperj. W. B I H H. THOR\ro" Pe-ucol.l, FU.
: ...
you !have a sallow complexion! a C. 1-: HACkLtFo8D, I 9a1, ad 6hWr.doiv
J jaundiced look, moth p.itshp; and i patches and cause intense suffering. MV.;. KFATINI,. I Insist

blotch* on the :kin-all s\yn\: of i i l."lU..llt. e. Upon
t It has .
been ;known HavingCA.3STDIE3S
to -
; '' Liver Trouble. Hut Dr. King's.; so. I Eiel.rn' 9rprr ar;-. 9las !

t' New Life Pill give Clear Skit : Do nit delay: treatment.: "Fo It's.! tLi-n. t to ycr: In:. ...:rJ'<; r.rvr j jliliary. r rI .
Rosy Cneeks, Rich Complexior.
.' Out) J5 cents at \\. A. D'Alemberte'sdrug Thoroughly cleanse the cf I I Mrs.! MuclirosV .\11, 1 ml: '
, i-toreI1: South Palafox street. : system Via DicUins end l Thsc-kficy sidisu'c. : I IIY -

- -- j the humors en which this aiirr.ent; : ds- \VLich tlo: j cu ccnsiijt! toe great. I

+.i IIOIMON ASSIGNED erof the two1' O. ., .. J'a.n / .
pends and prevent their return. I i I / .) ..JII'.O ..
1'Q ':fECI.. DCIYi' : "Oh. ray F sickens: Joslma paid: ?2.40 v rr.r 1''' I

for them Dickcnscs II
more than Le Lad
foe medicine taken by Mrs. Ma E. Ward.
L Secretary Lon, Upon: request ofj I COTe Puint, Md.. was lIood'sar'aVarillL: to give for .Thackeray's books right at I
Rear Admiral Bowler, chit f con1trucorl She writes: "I I bad a di'aereeable itching oo the same ehop."-CLJcago! T12CS! .HtrTbc Self 9oohs.I : .

't 1. has ordered Naval Constructor my anna which I concluded was salt rheum. I aid. ji i (1MI 1 ,

1 began taktLZ llo d's mar.ula! and in -
It. P. Hob !
=ou to special I !
t1 duty in the navy department. Because two day tell better It was not Iou before pain I produced ly a horaet'eto I j .

t 3 f of his recent illness Mr. Hob- 11I"n cured "and I bare cerer bad anr at sting is caused by a poison Injected in- j BIG STOCK LOfr i'fJ&S.. r

POD'S work will be comparatively ducue sitce. to the wound, and so Instantaneous! 13 i I !

?; light. It is believed it will deal particularly its effect as to cause the attack of thIs j!' II
with new inventions i Sarsaparilla Insect to resemble a violent blots In the ,, I

2 which may be brought; to the Lotice I face.

at of the bureau of construction acd repair -( Promises to care and keeps the I __ I

and con?equntly similar to i Diamonds in the rough are sometimes ,

nl1 that which he performed when on promIse It is positively: ur.equaledfor 1 1 spoiled In the cutting, just as -

ii duly in the department before the all cutaneous I some pupils are spoiled In the edocat- Pat McHugh'a new ad on last pa ge' :
I eruptions. Take (it.
rh war with Spain.
Ing.-Pittsbnrg Dispatch. It will pay you to read It. |

'. .


,f .,.. -. t r'-." DiD1,;,. .''''.'';''"_"' .'. .,- ',-... ;,U. }... 1i.?......- il" -'' -1 rd.1'.i. .' ,'-,-" --I.; *. ,',,-..-_....;. .".. 1'J. ....-"" '' 'Jlf. "" -';.-----r.'- ':' ,"- .....-' ,,' ;!' ii h_ .- f"'lW'_ 'f'r_,;,..._ M '7"p. < t=




I Family Quarrel Results In a Sad i;Ii i

Invigorating Tragedy In Alabama. I Ii r

HAMILTON-, Ala., March IS.-Mac Am- ] H

berson, white living ,
Beverage t tit :: at Piedmont', 18.I'i
miles north of here, was tilled by his

son, a boy about 1 j years old.

isn't so much because you need it, as ; It is said that the father assaulted his I(f

t p because of its delicious, cooling and invigorating son with a stick whereupon the latter it
I drew a pistol and shot him in the groin. "
1 1s qualities that! you should drink 1, Death resulted instantly. ,
I The Aaiber>ons are quite prominent I'
Sjtfl, 1 1p in that section of the country. The
family is a very old one. The trouble I' fS
between father and son grew out of *
k family affairs.

p J'J'k chooners C'clllile. .r

PHILADELPHIA' March 18.-The British I 1 I
schooner Margaret: Spencer arrived t !,
Jt LITHIA Wetter here early today and reported that she 1 I It

collided with and sank the schooner C.
A. White, from Philadelphia for Boston
yesterday off Absecon, N. J. This .3 C io '-t
It has the vim and life and sparkle without clears cp the mystery of the collision ,"
%flR reported yesterday by the crew of the
the bite. Bottled at Waukesha Wis. lifesaviiis station at Great Egg harbor,
FOR SALE HERE BY N. J. All the crew of the White were !i'I
rescued. Captain Cranmer says the
only damage his vessel sustained was u
ROBE11TS & DAILY. the loss of her ji1.J oom. The collision .rl.rlI'r
occurred at 12:15 Sunday morning.A :: .

Narrow Kseap

LEWIS BEAR & G0. COLOIEU, S. C., March 13.-Mr. endMrs.

? W. Boyd Evans: living in tho i
Bole Agents for West Florida. north suburbs, had a narrow escape.

They awoke to find the roof of their ?
home about to fall in on them, end 4i* ;
I a _
R. t WHITE, ConlJn't n..ld. barely jscapcd through a window. The t
Mr. TravtH-Yes. v.e li.-d a tine time house was burned to tho ground. Mrs.
w.I'hinakrr:; )ionliaiuringJeueler: In Florida, l.rat niy wife pot dreadfully j Evans had no time to rescue her jewelrycase
.mi! l.railiiate; << Olltidilll, sick! one day. I with several thousand dollars' 3 s"t

> ,'o (Palv't ...t., Ptar&Iaria. Mr. SttytoUle-IcaIJ'? That was too worth of "u.iiuouas, nor did Mr Evans
get his detains, containing a wallet
bad.Mr.. Travtll Yes. You sue -hl"ip.r \ a with >:f.GO. A handsome old silver service I

I@ri1 HEWS {NOTES tailor;\ but one cf the liontPn-n of- stroyc and 1. the household effects were do-
feted to tale! us both out for W) rats -- '
I Jla-tlna-lu l.xtortfd Confessions.CONSTANTINOPLE aj x >.
Iustad'of ?1. Of course tliatvas a ,
--- bargain' salt:: and Mie siiiit.ly Lad ta:: go. March l'.-At the y '

I "'-"1'1 .rnr rtnaacota unit rtnmfi.: -T' iiadtlpbia Pros: : first trial of the 13: Buloar ins accnswl
( into Iff.Imitluy; frisk (.> bush /: I, of beloiiins; to the revolutionary committee
i /+.bakfgbetomngkiyk. Masiitraturt I I The Huatio rcored. at Sofia and of fomenting dior- :5f"r .
If' j/eiterday. degrees; mia" der at :tfaloaiea, Monastir and: Kossove
',II, {II/.I koara oS.ti I recently !begun at Salouica, a sensationwas '
..t w ailver- j I occasioned by a declaration by two } ;
."iI- I I of the accused that the confessions previously ; I
made them
by were extorted by
aIn No.3> the use of the bastinado and by other ,"I iih
0. I II ill treatment to which they were sub
tlvertisem. : I jected while in prison. They now deny _
the charges against them
--- --- t
I l i11
...;inCl": Pullman Cars H-.irued. ;1. ,:
,.- : '" Weekly, is a;; .xia in the city. I PaLAr1' >:A, Fla., March 18.-Two Pull. f -1 i iL
I !
: F. Skinner of Kscambia is I.IJI"I | mm sleeping cars of train No. 33 of the i

the business visitors here to- !!i I Plant system, Tampa to Jacksonville, .t' t !
i : "
.y. r, I I IJ were completely burned at an early hour I jI, 1< I J JI
T itre will he a meeting of Damon yesterday morning at Buffalo! Bluff, ?
!. .Jn'e No. 13: K. of P., to-night at miles from this citAll' that remainsof FRANK REILLY Distributor.
i "''. them is a mass of twisted iron, the I Ijt
I wheels and trucks. The sleepers were
W. C. McLauchlin of Florala was
'dU with touri-ts
filled and all of them 1S2i5.
were -
dung: the arrivals at the E cllnbi:11: asleep at the time of the fire. : U t.
.-t ni;'ht. but most of them lost their They clothing escaped -I Saves Two From Death. POLITICAL ,\ ': LAt'\Cllli: !II t:;:>>. Jli

Adiverwent down this morning; and valuables.! 'Our little daughter had an almost The rretti..t l.1.nch itlie llachio l_ 1
xamine the hull of the fishing ......,... fatal attack of whoopin cough and ANNOUNCEMENTS Launch. Hi foot one-H,1' win .lx, _r f\ t
:,uonerCarrie N. Chase. Tourist in Village (pointing to a peculiar Broke World's KeeorJ. ( bronchiti=," writes Mrs. W. K.: runs very f.."t. The Uaciix launch 1 t
chimney on a cottage, which is Haviland of Armonk, N. Y., "but, -- !N the "ne adoplui by tll"- I'allmfr.
SAX JOSE Cal. March
!:, 13.
The! m.ick Maud !purling and lK-nt and twisted in a most fantastic -Joseph I when all other remedies failed we For City Marshal. iran Exposition iu Itutfih bi-i-ati-, f g
Angelina, are in from the snapptrnks mmner-I "sny, my man does thatLlainey Downing ha broken the world's mile I saved her life with Dr. King's New 1 am candidate for re-rl 'etion t... the they art the l'...*f, more r..ii",M-. than i l \
with 29CU snappers. ( draw? gmattur road record over the Gilroy I{ Discovery. Our niece, who had theolllceiif City Mnri-bM and retpectfullynMt any other; they are ":mi'e/ seaworthy : "
.lo1n Xichol:1: charged with CUI' ItuMie-'ltt-eil: nn it doi1, sir. It course. His time was 8.49. The recordof I Conumption in an advanced statue, the support niui.k'ipp.l i .:.g and abusing, was arrested this draws the 't ution of every fool that 9.01 was formerly held by Bunt also used this wonderful medicine FRANK: WHI'E. Hrotlirr! *. h 1\ ann tL. Oa., ,it
Smith. i she is perfectly well. are agents from t..e: tlI.ltlufJrtllrtr4. F:
'rnlnjj by constable C. P. l obe. \here! : to-day
passes 1 Desperate throat and lung diseases For Cily Marshal. and carry .1 tutk of tl.c.... 1-oaMutall '
I'ie: Portuguese bark Oriente was ; AUH Not l'*e Itellevllle Rollers clines ft.. ft.. ill
yield to Dr. King's New Discovery I ant a I'l\nddll.tl' for City Markhil nt the ; sit(" : S 1M It. 21 2c nn t 1
'.-a-ed. from quarantine today: j t Different )latter.Ilo.tess Lox DOS', March 18.-A Berlin dispatch I as to no other medicine on earth. elrrtioa ti> ho held on June tl.elth.Its'I!, bund\ to l h.. chipped ut u iii'-ini iit'anotice .
.' J the barks Mara and .Al-I i! (at paity) And does I l respectfullyrtquerlIIi i-f (he
-tany your that the German Infallible for Coughs and Cold jn support) ; tri.il iveu tf i'I"II"' ) \ i-i-! '
1 re will be released to-morrow. j mother allow you to have two pieces of the reports British, has decided na'y.hke i', 50c and $1.00 bottles' guaranteed! by are voters counted I 111a on that( Iullllliatl'lulu, and until pruinise HIHotrt my ills to puri-bai-**. i. [
to abandonthe
Pie! financial statement of the !!I ie!: who you are at home Willie? i i W. A. D'Alemberte, 121 south Pala- Mends 1 am in the race to a lIol.h.It'p..clfully. l.M'I'MAX PlU.IIIKI'-. ;j. ,
M.itiul 1 LIfo In-urance Company of i I Willie (who has asked for the secondpiece ships.'i use. of the Belleville boilers on war- j fox street. Trial bottles free. Aitun'MfCoNSKl.i.. mlhf ::5n-ilunoi: !:, { iJ, ?i.tt( .. .
\ .'tt York, of which H. H. Thorn- )-No, ma'am. I -- -- -- -1 \
Head it. 1! Grand Millinery --- -- --- -
n agent, t interesting. Hostess Wfll, do ;you think FIle had arunninprsoreonmy First 4t i

I. .Ihart Turner, while serving out would like you to have two pieces seven years,' write Mrs. Jas. Forestrf ;, Opening of the season nest THE KINO OF Thos. C. Watson. & Co., >
i ?">" 'fine for a allltin r a woman, L<-re? Chi Iewa F'nllWie., "andepent and Sat- theletdingltealll) .tItP \ take 'to :
-c i-.d from his overseer yesterday Willie (coz.fikntly-Oh.) she wouldn'tcare. hundreds of d /:lars in trciu r to get : Thursday, Friday Scotch all the orry nil the "liniiI lit the rH'.! _
'ini'on while working on the I This i'-n't I her pie, you know.- it healed. 'Iwo boxes of KANNKI: urday, at .;ll1w..y.. Voiuers17SouthPalafox. Whiskey, owner cf property, manage the ;.
I't-. Tit-Bits. tiAj.VKc-utirf-ly cured it." No other renting their hou-i'HUHl' thf r >d J I. t i. i
I salve: ?o healing. W A. D'Alem- \ lec ion of their rent as curt' :1: II. :\ 't
i ," "-on- luiiliiin at the corner of "t.n',,'nC"y," t>erte. I --- CRABBIE. \ tiou'iy! as they w. uM' tl\'I1\-1! *, ,
!it t"\ !ind Main street! is being "What's your man's specialty: asked j NOTICI; TO TIII I'nn.IC Their charges are tery tea; ''milile.,
--- --- -- -- --
I' il
.u.1.1\! rtmodtled.Vhcnfin-
I it Mill! he occupied by II. O. the mayor of Hot I>og."Liftin Cl;}'; \'Ir U'1.'lCl-- !4p. ] It will ba necessary for me to be HOLD BY ALL FIRST-CLASS I ifJj
t .- .11 the clothier.i I Lorsos," said the advance : ab-tit from the city for an ir.dt-fi- SALOONS.: ,
I act-nt of the strna uinn.: ownn- 'nitp period, bf-causo of ill health. TUB K1XU OK
i -".' niMiip!\ :1Im\Or3rri\"pd: in : "Will! ," saM: the mayor "I shore' adI -- NEITHKUtlio TS nor r 'nsijuees(captain of the lr j Dnring:: my absence Charles A. Born Moog & Stern I r1; .i
; :,d- :!'i-iriui.sj from Michael'sii" / ,c Ilanmnor will! he reiponatUe | will conduct my bu-ine*s of plumb- ,
I mire: pill; frr strain: to it. lut Scotch
-I- n..d\ M the (;ulf Trail-it Com- your up tor debts contracted by the i I ing Iud llttni He NauthcrizHl Whiskey, ;
immediattly 11'11! toll yon Iv-fonhaml: that liftin crew IIf aide' sel.! ps Wholesale! ; Agents for Florida. .
V. :and went OWES Jo? E.'t. to make all collect ion* and pay all ,
.J: .hl l wh.tif :n n-evive her cargo.Hi.ry : posses is a mighty unhealthy panic la UulITraniUCo. fnuinin. I' uuutamlmg accounts in my n.imc. ]
I this here t-i'.tillll.-IUtlhIUlpoli": lies I'nn,75fPNa. HIm: H.H.Wu-Ki CItABBlE.'t
1'. L'hipinan representing; ] ml2f -- Nc.v! Thursday, Friday 1 .,
i -- -
1:1I'k.\ ,- Fi-li (.( .- NEITiiinthrcuptnin.owner- 1
Cou.piny Conle'r.JHINGTOV. -
j and iori.1Il ,r: ,
I.LEd- flay ./ :-i nor consignees of the Kui- | Their promptness and their plea*- and Saturday will SOLD AT .
\ 1 L:tnd.OIt.ifwhich: you see ALL FlltSl'-t l I. \ SSHA
: W...:: March 19. Secrotary .' : slan lik Thos. 1'erry will hI rcimi1i I :ant elfects make DeWitt'd Little : it
i- i>r>'M i I Mit and geieral man- :.e. >k- fur debts tuiuructf one of the fine! displays of ,
Morgan Risers mo-t little LOONS.3IOPS : .
with Senator Early populir
r. m mi- in tnj! city fr an ia- : Hay c .uferrcd today r>y the enwotrrnsaco.i ad vec.-L I I i
TIHTKK! in the! interest of his I in regard to Nicaragua canal matttrinnd 20. E.: M. TT"soN. i'pills wherever they are: known. millinery ever brought 't
.. Mr. Chil'lIUII[ i iaa former res- the advisability of reopening La in Con her.(iglll'e3.'n.. L"lPtlun.I'.iaut i They are pimply Perfect for !liver ai.dbowel Pcnsacola.. Come' and see I A: Stt n', r'
". ,' for with Grout { trouble Harris: Pharmacy '
rat tiiH a treaty :
city. i I negotiations the subject.me -- ; Sidney Kahn: John t Sheppard. them. oI [!'s. .,-\". Dowers. I Wholesale Agmt-s fr Fl-irida., :; .,. j j"iii'
Druam oa
'! -ihnpr!! for the June ir.nniei- I --- --- OTICtA "I,
I -- Jh
'1 f"iii! + going on at u lively Court to Take Recess.WASr.INOTOS meednsof the htockh hl..rs of thp tlut-
.I'd !II' q'ltnt quiet caucuses are I :March lS.-Chicf Justice htanTiarhrrl'ntnpanywill l>e held in the lr'i
.: 'ld"lIut! none of the partielgurruutanything I'ity of IVinacola. Horlda, at tIe otlict of
Ful'.crof: the United States surrerae mount .IauuntatI'o'clock: m..April 1'>,
turpub- that the court iwil, for the PUfP"HI.t votins upon a rf sol -
,:I. The ntily op..t1 work bring I court today announced l lution to(li'crenii-its capital Ho:k to lair I.- The tt .
-'Iv t'jtfriends' of the two an- would take: a recess from next Monday 1.,1. and to reduce the number of directors i Forbes Storeo'
from stv-u to fi\e.
i i- iii'Ji.laufor mlf-hal. for\ fortnight. It. K, Me 'ON.SELL: : :
: THE NEWS Want Column. 5cichoa: 'l* fec'y. .
i ; :.rllt; TimeUni..n and, Try : ___ r'tIt.o .
: IVn-acola DryuocK ana : ,
Mim! Company \ha* hpen inatul "- < f
; with a capital of MOW( ) Y. ; t

-\*" t ',th i in!'!!it t'amount fr.investment m thi and beginniiu makingPen of: manjt's will-- (I| SOL CAll & CO'SGROCERY For the Entire Week ci I

"ne i.f the I l.nrt..t shipbuild- I
!i'!!tt 1"III the world.
I On our Center Counter you will find a New and Beautiful Lino of Laces i)1
i-t dvprtiscd, big; : (-r. better

i' i IIt-r.;, j resented YalfVDtvil's at the opera Auew.ii I BIG* and Embroideries at 5 and lOc yard. f*

"- l I-t ni.rht to a crowded bou-e
'n.side hit One of the j

w.i-I. :attire the gill'ver with seen tbe dog on with any ii t I i : New; Parasols and llrirellas. Fancy Parasols a Specially I 1

'I i 1ru hair. The:! next attnic-
will be the "Princess Chic" I

.. : 1 1r i" STOREIs E Children's Parasols 25, 60 and 75c each. i '
t the tiual chorus practice of ,

," ',Vntrul' Chii i=tiara church at I 25 Dozen Ladies' Shirt Waists at 69c each, worth 90s.
: = hits-!il' hall t"ulltlaafter- feic"rIff :

!-- :Stan-ell I-\'II1fli: : with t Uennett a handsome presented bible 25 Dozen Ladies' Shirt Waists at 49c each, worth 65c and 75c. {t'rf.

,rt-ciution of the wo k done

\\ I-,. ."'',:''i j ily uii-t the proved meeting.during her the ability Miss meetings as Stansell an and acIIl'j.t. Headquarters for All Kinds of Tie Sale on S2 and $2.50 Ladles Ming\% Hats for SI 1 each continue. !. '

''- but cave a number of
\ "dently rendered !gel cion,
'--'lip: :; her among Pensacola3musicians.! LentenicDelicacies- -
-I aecotupli.hell .
I Bazar Glove-Fitting Patterns
l liMokwnod Rye," made in 1SS4! ; I
ii and mellow; at S. A. Fried-

- ,- II I

Encourage home indus-

fl'I--l{ 'W3 Spawn's Evapo- -v\T. 1' & B. Forbes.
Soup Vegetables.nictt 201-203 S. Palafox. Telephone No. 178. .

_. _' -" ,- ,
._ == ;; -o -
.M!" l! ?

-, "' .;' .lJI "I M'-W J1l ((8)1']{ J. j le .. '
: }j. ; .i: '' f 'Y :': ;i1--''' ''- 4..9-' ** .





i F. C. BRENT WM. H K50WLES. W. K. HTER. JR, J. H, f.PreiWenU > Ert


Kzprlnifat on Commercial Seale to ors Hooie of Common DJ..cUISH :Matters = After He Comes j ;

He >!*/!'. OATARRHg, \ppertalala: to \nr. k: First National BankO

AVAsnnriTOX. March 1?.-5o long M laC J to razes t ::e f SEW TORE, ilarch li-A Ttibrsei !t be has a hard e1oghine. Every- .1 of i
't1 i
!:Ito 'ter 1.- .
Cuba an Pcno ILoj were :.ain j Elbe Crete iab1 cu. t> help her child she should J .
1-1 tM-wt- c::;;'):YM 1.i! coia teejxiunjaU : Las: week m the coue cf cocirohs :k
rsr ions : ft do. Oe of tie rsatest blessisgs Z'NSACOLi FLA.2DIT123 .
hi-i tiers al I .
of : foriddlaUs- the culitary sesbri
fit' aaa wn A c ::1e.. I I she C3:1.e hia is health but to *

des tlw ..a=r* in tb. oondjtioa the ;JTow ;: us.! t1 their owa way is ducai=ng tie esticats I t do this, sha msst tare health terse ;* '

4t" tmmeIlt i: a dij >!)! ti zaai; L.O ; s tG J for the Enruh arziy aai the rse :k the shouli tee every means ,ek ., CTO ZTI3 1

ebjEeti. T.v ta eTa.tlon of ttt la'x. ,=sJ- cf General C!':. This week, h1' to improve her phvcalconitio2.. :4z \TIM.H.cOT1L2a'N. A. ELorjrr, F. c. BREST, ',v. K n\f .
E l :v-tts.ts! 1
rtioi ] ::s>: : fpr!
& Co\
-cici1 As p1lct 1A: 1 t.O aC 11 te coaznr.T' urs: line of uefeaa sisuld by ,U csiij, 5-?ply iharse .
e .
orr2e tEY.u ci.e s 4x.e! JA 'ftrrrt ever '
s letter L'. ni din;,* to a report r-c--xT iJrio ] J at"-eh..QOrJ. i ieertG .Z_ win Us iz? p:::tic top:; az.a tie naT Jeiprts b wrJi t :
at tag .: dela:aAfru Cued Wit tars a Ciasca to u;r. i
Stab:11 P.vlr.ly. s: Malaga, aa r.Frduaaits ;. Lj.zei'crt:a:ar.; k Mother's I DIET
;aCfLy BO.I: Tr.il S jt,:)ccau ty:_ oauiani r Fir i a l S ilf
riper .: '..' ,,:1 a '''ran crc a. c.l !Irt.e 1 Y E2GTHIES.S; KY-rea Sr*>t.Ke Y -L 'Ih eSrir lord of tie aiairaltyaia trii : i

i ( s.' ; :<:U:::;13 rs; the baa is U the cava': a usiates.. Tea rom fta Friend ? -.13:1 tri.Q ,

j sbra: t'r'4ao fox tu' firs: t.ni b: n11 pora:t. cut!:
b ':- : : .'. :!.- ';f aia :41 aiLrlrtd't TO r.E A fJ TGO .ERY. sons to be voted, a.l...', a* xo.i. v : $
-C arlanL.S rack ; n ieB with 111 i-sOUnanuiiasx t:_,. : It -l: tate her p TW clraTT isr ovn BiIU cf Czetanys on area: Bniai: .

from '. iritaL Matt COJ.T?nt;oa o* .41..btr i Demo- Hr. Fyrst: u ei?:<: i to roakaKalrafereacc rje .", 'fl; .' u g!i tie 'criiis: OdIn u 7, France. Acstria.Italr! I HGH3.ld.! Drain, Uel Jaa, l;;ei: .

a: D '! ::::.': LJ;'Z, a rich mtrchast ('a'S to .\-!
cf Ms a.'I. will te-iQ, by siting oat .. OnOOXZT.a. litres i i- A Till n boilcri aad H3:::.ai scbOrcr :a.-iLC3. ) I:is a A
o",.(U cofft* plants an tuj..aa'a l.e-_.. wW ich J : Dirtaised: U3 Mo : FaTorib. TiM' -. .
epos *
: ( f roia y', /> t srre e
Sear Istpa iuu al- : gi'es st ecg.h Obl1EatlJni Traeu PayaLts at Pert of Irefiicaiioa Tea f'jfi
e : js tatre. boiler; has tern li1 f;r or criered tv or ; '.
..' nary case K.SJ eipwrtmeat'+, ani U J Jconvin :? cf Alatami! will assemble ia this the j-.venixent. \C:: -? u EJLiad .t.Iii ii:3 vigor to thecuscles. J af:r Vfeia ArriT63 here.L .

1 thit cos car I* &alraa':- city tomorrow a: the Aclitcriia. n:3ri'i. th-ra caucot be ant t\1 ) Con.n -

I/ "wy ?r rf in tali province and else.Where The j-orposa tf the conversion :u :' r :1.>cisbfe doubt. If .the ainriltysioo.1 J Il. sense will : 8e.fcty Deposit Sores for Ron !a Connect. a

.:., An>lIau. Ot 1780 hue :; BOiniE&te focr cacdidatiM fur dtl -aei be sanf sd wit i' ; rrcn_>ea -spenuitits ." -h'oa. with whioh T7e Leo a FriTata Apart>rent Tor shell,.,
i :tee j !7 thai mere ia that the 1
u.anuJ' q-itU the : TU, toe c.zicittti -
ms: y Of V7\ntttra.
cot ts-f: .;-at baxiditr in rue Aadilu- trim tae etate.at Iar'a to tae coni:;- to aa tipeaiiture ou t-" Cj:. _- strorger the ,

tan '::'.1''. P Ctl l Ultlmf .s Q:1 t tjaieoavesUoaandorstysuenrr.- Hr:::bl cf a h.r3 nan L-r of t.*->- J muscles sre.rh.ch. .

%: aiarr' -'V: wlil t made an-J the re :3:0r.4 cf tac cosgreiiio&ai at'i s aao- 00'1 far ia tiirnaeipaT t. bear the : -
; ant !- .'.J.'ed With ?rea*. m'erest.S m! rl1 ::.::, of candidates u the can : colonel Lirliri.opera ca y 7<. ': :: .,; tiers will le,
-- -- --- 1u,7 h
aiat.. ;
.r.'t'nij:1 :;:ca are crs c---
} Ku',, "! of th* Drat. will ie cosspaseA &f r4
j ; r.v o; ;.Jtt:iaa lA vronian livi:? ia r.Waivek : ,
rot dl' .ves and the e will: urJ G./:br >.. rFAiPkSA : : i.li; .
llotber's rr. d-d:
"SiloKS, llarcn K-A report was : --- Ind sacs: : \
tr; a fa 1 tr: :sin w, a> sreat icrts,: ub
wn'es forte. Praise God fcr
1 ccrre':t :c 'au city today Uat ai an. : '.u: ni2st.>-.--4 :n :ue qsuc& of the t t v..** linnzi n* a. "; : LUMBER LATHS

f thf r.t-. :. J..uh.11tAU'r 1dsA1ei; s-., .:-; tg tl-.t.',a tor'inf aTi.n; of DUfAr.1te X*;-I Create* sensation ou f --A ;" '- f-r-i !I..e. C.'. .'. I I' 1 t.,. ,

thit t N v York Central hai BCCf.r 'Wired a < >;.v :,n.a L: tH fOOj? ; t'r.-; Jilt Elre1.4r.. 1't .
Mcihe-s Friend a bir.:: toP" ? "" .
1 :' ,: tec Maasatau Ritir'a': ] t: !!:!" M ; i IrGli : (11'G1tY"L.lr .
I co1a --.------ tJlui HAU, Ali, llar.-a I5.-F. rest .:1 M.-in"n who: 11: 1.rgo Citure's v .,; .
tAlly ,: L. jrnanuitf* o: 0 ya rout dmsis. l 1 i.JdL
Not l.'Iir: jr !o t pure to Knl Vole.CAF t cJed of chutibirth, I it .
L 4 Pr cp: 4 by that rum-). i: icay Gocd-n cc'ciactcr .oa the G. :e C.ty 'e .. PK' .-/.t nL.f r. \

,r, I.e la as a tact mat none of Lie oftCA.I ; :rMajca IS -Althoughtat : elftCT.c car lice, i l'D: :a i sercilyvrccaiei .; Gt'oater's Fricra; ct the ;

r -' '" X-iW Yor: Central rsurcu'i, fas re: "r'a bill wcicb tau.ri :ln wnile .a t
a desperito a-iro > drug store. 51 bottle
ftv .:." Mr. Dew and Presidentco itical Ltterna, ti per to
po kiflO:: ta wreck
the ia.e csrpt/inj ca:. 1: irena t;a: *
'. .1;'. a.i flU r icl1'J'Kl: 'i sail II the ciautry.. hs bxu referred t)a.,." : THE mmlD RGlLUOn CO", + H. H.! \TICKEPlanbe
co-:- --......t.03 and tu'. tae officuU of' while cullecti fares Gcodv-a waa aBU.t ?- .
. feraaco cam&uttee of ifa-* ng-'!2.. it i, AlJanta: GJ.Bon .
C'' v>*":imA i uoht'\ tU'3 report o be ab the 'd by tee ier,) 0 e a'.;:o paii fcfc 4k
x nord. not Uke.y meat-ore will rea:J a 5nairote to et-iiiion to :!s cut..-eor Vi:,. tY.ecro reeia..s!_;edboi"ietore }
'h' sic -
a: iv T.icaticet
-- --- -- pjv-eat n. eiuer r n.k or p.ayia; .U in". iecoc V. Bah b ." Gas and Steam
Trrr h ",:pl as t f .-::l of the talejrei ea-lr ,
j furl .
.... ...
C:.. .1.:. \'D. stare 15 -A ternSc esp OLe er ie;o. siitias be: ial th. ::;r ue,
in end new tl'-ctKn .. Irt kd
Ap" tv: ,
# !'.c; '. '-.' i nevi ca.s is the laboratory oftie frrc'lfi;. .n:. f-r the lower hocisa.Ta jaoipe'i ap and siyia? ta the col :a ':.)r "(.'"l.cti 10 sttt.fr-.
taa: hr cost cot ha d:-s tao y1=seab :,-:. ?To. S South ?*Iafcx Street.
+ *: *.'J:1o.l Carton works at'e wail fought cn tin reform .
t a t : tax ) rjjj hly: strnr a bIoiT Pi.rv:i, A. T. ilarra :i 1'1.

I :A.:-.:: tud Hi and avenue early ia- blL efforts Both j parua. ars asking ttra:g coad;ctor rcA:*! frsm the bl;w. and ".> '. -. ;;"::, (.,:::a.il:1:4 nraii.--J,1..'. All Kind .. 1'lnmbL4; 'cJ '.1 F'ttlt.t-g! Maen..I KIp H. 1 C1
or.1i1I.L .
to 7c.ti.lltj
day part -lv wrecked U><: I lari brit s-- when te came face to face aiair i ', fcrcif Luid belov Y C3. wi.l: bt

r Ln'.jj.Fire broke oat tinme Lately laut.g" >U.t"I the te;ro ;aj latter hat a revolver oa:. nI..E'7Hf)1 -. plm ., L.1
: opei :o settlers today. llnh of th*
r ; niter t.tiLiiQD, bn. wair !ocn : liifcra he c.ud use i:, however, the
I ButusrjU.Ala., Mares BIn the i ll-- :try va.mble aai no : of i: hatch .-
q qvai. 1 women were c t;u: naCer .f coadzctcr hai his weapon ia haai and

t: -1.ni! > Boca were reasl ;vith- city court toe Alalaaa C>a! arl'! Cokecomrauy hai fired on the desperate ner'* The hit-d U?aa.y1 .

cut i' r.: jo* iOjary. Inns *7
tla.y: nosey d 1.11D"1llue. Tae coadnctDr ordered hi, car baike-i; aster Conger'.til-. I The] Star
.. ._ C March .S.A
-- Laundry
-- Tilt pAill :: allep-s taa: thedfendant and iattadei carrjia; the nero te the : >L- >, 1i5acm

marible Curejof RSejmalum. inner c-ja! for ceran o! its 1 police rtatioa. bat a.i of a ralien, t:a.;.;. aaaonaces the eaiua; today ) .

i fr 'i nI .<'.'.:/Jr /: ifi'rf>r;lt nt. .V c. : Lads, tal soes f>jr dams;i f'.rther ccavericn 1: thou;a des rately w.aad.d. the necro cf Unted ::ai Minister Conzer The '

+ T..ffj.or:: of tn" \\'ifiln-niitr lia* of the iIUI1 It ii all(?*j tha: i; j..IDpol G1.tan car aai mace his escape. coalm a tf Li Ilta? Oaan; has iaproved. '!

had > : : t<-t tit> rfie acv oft NJX,(iJ tons of coal were *j DIned be I -- --- __ I III LAUNDRY I OFt IU E8T!I FLORIDA. !

t ('hiHi'i; rliin's I'j.it: Earn twice tween Jan. I I, ISds. mid Dec 31, I'l'A. I MILLIONAIRE OILMAN'S COLD. I n

i with th! < in'j-'t r-iB4tkjl r-ulte fur Toe T'roper'r in dispute 15 1)73ted ic I 'es !ei\Ut Movrmrn*.
- ---- -
UJsal; of the Ei.rte.4ttraetWide.
:. ej'-fi l.-.. Kr-r. WI'II thf-auiati-rn! .Valkcr couary. LONDON, March li-A special dispatch I
i ,. -- ------ ; prfad Ittcrcst.YOKE .
f -- .
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Will { ,."t:1t ibllm.Jl M fruni Cairo, ? :?
ij :!l. rypt says a u:v .
+ f"-re T.r'i'-i ring; pdiii fir t";.i dolYWI. I NEW March !<.-Tho dlipoioel '-- -
i-r-l: ,1 with C')t.nlsiA. a. C.. March IS. Eiteasivu Dervi-h movement 1= said to harea' 11If' :
w !
< twoajpliat. of the estate of the ::e George T. G1:- i : lf '- -
carr.d iu the southern .
: > uf I'HIH lilm rubbing the prf>: .iriAtions are a>(a.Iyienginac part of coIrutib's !! .
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man of End Coan., oourmnas ta '

1 Vir bfl!:- "!-illictfed:'itid:! entire arid rf.iliziu relief in instant a very 'by Daortiters Veterans of,the Sous of Veterans and' attract attention loth ia this city Iud In >:,::I'* t'cuutry. I "ft'f J J II :i: "

I -;.'i; ':." S conJ, in rheumatism nfedera'-y for the! at EriJ;eport. C;nn. LOMVJN March R-The Vienna \cn': t. '
unTtvhn? of the oath Curoatia I (
F t in t.. :;. j sat, alm(,,'. prostrating l.eut at ChicKaraanga. The ,' It is aauonaced by one of the heir? Freie Pre5e reports a serious risin; 1:: .ah' '
..u. v. i''fer" [>iiu, whicii :1r'- wul take tate May S3 t t tha TJlcc ullli Gilman and Edward L. Tehran, Pens; beam certain r.. '.:. r f ee.rated Jour u .*
i! -v- i two appli. ttlon?. luMiiutM _
: by ( ; ; .
it'd -:', t .... iiiiim'nt on retiring at '- Hones, the administrators appointed inh forma nave ttea ;:tet:1ed by the.haa.Pneumon uttrul in urckr to open i!

t itt;'t.t. .i.d -ttiJ4 frfo from pain. Counterfeits rf De'Vitt.Wit i New \ork have discovert i f105,000 to :a folios i grippe, but y I Now we know bettr .
Hazel i S live are liable to cause bl-ioO! I the creel:: ot George T Gilaiau In the .1 ill
at ne a i ruve ii A
Fora <' by ail drug:;l ti aud triedicin ( r.Er follows the n=e of FOLEY s .> r > v* *
: p ) 4mlng" Leave them olone. Th e i National Bank of Xorth America i:1. will
' ': d'jltr! HOXLY AND TAR, the treat throat ,
1 i: i orLinal has the name -j\Vitt5 uj-- i i; New Ycri city. Aside from the $7:'.. bpd Jut.t' remedy. Take LO sub-ti-

on the box and wrapper. It i* &L{ out worth of ruts eit3e lli'l"cl.cl il tae D'AItmberte.wit :
W. ,
tHE A. .
APHORISMS. lti'l .n..titl.i in the :.sty \It'j\ r.' eaw
i harmle- ani healinghaa: fur Idr.'di pl' -lt Iaisa tiYd ".aif'' ,(1. ,
'f v1
;ea.*?. Unfqaalle-4 for pile;. L'arisisPlntrnay <" Yerr; supreme curt .as: iioaaay by
fjr I
will! ft
: i c CcB3Uraes
V'I ; -1 -1 : 'l.d1 as au evil: f 6 duey Kahn JofctTirlftr. !I I Frszier aud Tilt pUilaj Gilmau ha.f ? lay ,..

fl,::?.., !! SbE'ppird. Irothe s, this laal: accotut is tja most 15 t iiS[ ca: N p.ti ltl!E.d lfl.cdrt .

:; S.r! j' < :"<. f., --rstone of all 1 valuable asset known to have been
111'..' S:.: ii i II! 'r.; ':.-! i j I i found by the admiaistratori in their New G..dl'. i I ( 'I
| search tur uh trop; boxes and safety i ALLYORK '. O. D.T2123PH3WK .
% T!.' ""' :1 .'f! fruit; !U tO be A fana.im ciil4Krt'i' :: J'r. I I dt'pu.it'amh.. Thtre is a ;rrowiiiz bej Lute Sijles! of Paper and Er.V .
.' d i rt\l: a ("Jr.!!,'. TL.' r .' : s.. r, 11 L
: i I-
c. >
\ j liet aa'ju; tse heirs that the value of : ? 1 ::. at..n I;; [ 1I
j iItl'd: awl w jtLi:!; I' : ,.::., ;! l.ut th, iie-t quality of Tablets for >ciool! ,
It' 1 1" 'I
t : 1: ;Lan .1 ;: <'it the t fate !.. Let'ii greatly overt'i- I

,;, .' t;1. 'jI .. .' S'i' iKfijn': U". :. 'I.-ij aid taking tf th > f .-. Tli.: 1 j njaT'-.i and that it will not amount to :-", (r for coirepondi.ce.. ..g',sraoo CALLED Fug AND DELIVERED FR E.>

I : '- 'It. ':,! !1.. ii. ir ,1',. Iriroou: a htrayii::;:? jr;.;;; fi-ll'iv:: ;: snore than fS.OOO.OM( ). School Supplier, Ptt!=. Peaes.; \ AIlIT'R. TNGRA.HAMcr
InkwellBlotters De s.pd"l Cap
: ,! ,
11i' ;
*, .' i ".:I.I: .
( r I' i..yN .
At lien tlr *1ff'.
"' | 'ruroslny on ltd Iiil! Paper. --
IILr lmt'h l: it:
I'-: \.. ; tr.r.ir i '1.t: :I-n t7! I :.:;.t i! Sa;.
4'.p. I,' '. I: .... i f cti iiniv.-M.t! '.'. 'i'if' hereon gsn.1 at t5. ria.l.n: : 1, 1rcit- a* ll; 15 )cu. Filo-, C'-Hector'File*, Parer Ciip-.

t.1.. :" :i.of .-! I ITImt :.!J.jvr '.rig rt"7t Lrd! ; ;" and t-lj: ly art v t rfl; for III I:,. you l.ct JOur lifeThere ifnd-carved Purse", Il'il', jokj, the U.
l "\'Ufer }'(.!! tl.k: it Is ,.:'.I." s r ic; I'.in. I mould d: iC. &C. C. V. '--HI rp-x, Pupveyors to S. Navy
1 11'i'.I: : 'I .'1 ://fI.I'j! !I with 1I.e Id tackle r:-aer Saunders ,
blM.Pt i '!,' N.-.v. !it sL-il! 1.11'L..t:l mists !( \\1t L c! to 1.p!: In' X \ o'J :. Palafox \treet.WEiI ,

<* '* gi' .it Ti, 1.i!vTI matt- tie miss of
si' -,' ..,: v,"stay th, |icn>|! of jutiloJ Uni >n. ITJ. frm !I., f1t"ritelMt.tt tnc. i :LY MCI DUI..1 North Atlantic Squadron
: y ." I'd nut li.n Take ids rut o3Tut
aT 1 .I r, ( !:-;n !'. wirth ci"t: > H: 1linsjc ,
< '\' ; them in pi,city litab a rev;-'. anJ tiur.b! Sjlt; FOR STEAM DIVISION

t/" .... l'fID!1U"f(! "t inj1,11f'S .- bald the sr\::::, hiu'.a i ,; .,:t tit J I'd kz ixk Uin into fuitbfcrtit: :&-Ai t M Ail ft 1 Ilii Cest .'. .
; half crowns. j t lId U .awful sigLt t';"S ico LA KLKCTIICTEIMI.V\. ] ijsait2 U ( Eniilfcteji I to Ei ._

I. : !'ntth; 1 Th.tkr ymaa lookcil bL-nil.-:. ell E ; I nut votiM tackle jenklu.I RAILWAY C);!P\ Y. Tho;" whoe.fk th.. tru -1 yratI.,. H.ntinrigTnk-a; ; ; '.
(;1:1 p n". 11"(. coin, then turacj to tie! (:::1' 0::"-. I I3n with the .wx !tj (let.Y.'ho'd Trains leave Fecsscoia! for its Lt'.tl. die prfpnration b. maJ_. ut.,-re >- 1/ ''!IP[ n?t'nni.u !..:. auk S.! .f* :
In :
th kid .
lq : rpcrt 'sscinmlrji the \ICIIUH iif err jf83.ST! a\ui li-J
"Yo'i Lvwi'tX5>! il'i--J hoW yoaut "1111i'8\"e !It to r'J"a'!i---" .r sa-.!I' i ( I(o cattrr how thej'U beg. I and Hiyon.Hiz Fort : ,Hr.r.ca5 liayca Warr.ngtoa.avy lit Vard .

< :i" I'. i :'ive Mr. K'lt'tls'-s: : UVtt'ua: In ""'Lntdot'oftLnk'at. \'.: .'.' | I'd ttor tot reopen !leg o9 sta.m. i:3rd'e7aaa.a.arrlreatFort THE PARLOR

r lf j. .' ; ..-VKI.: sal:'I t h.- jl'14'1. Wt.ott lit th.yuuii; ? r i-l i '...-'.:I''',. ;I.- ADd cut il in the ttram, larrsic&3 7.U....iW.oo MARKET.<:
i bj could then 11,
Ami too
t1.i "'!1'. :": 1.1;: to think jft-ir l1 :lOr." r<>- :' brt.Ic d')? riw r. a'h<.l < :t. vc' 'j. t.." i. J!-, w::jt i happy report drum! ; ,, nQ a.p.tn.m.arrive arrive Rt at tort fort tirrbr.eaa J-rar.cif: l 1.5 Eerjtfcnz osi to EC!
1.j ji'.el '. ii'fiiswl. "(;live the Ella*." coia,<, bawlEd one LU c:>wa t) t!: { La!. ';/. iia'l. why 11 like t.) b, ,:\) p. m. arrive at Fort Uarraucai 4i5p y :? .
'. 1 Ai Lit a iran u -u 1!, :15p.. ni. arrive Fort barrancaa 7 r.> pm
; mlni1ttr lull the other h.. h I
i "\'t', ', '::d!. n-iMMil; tlw j'J.l." l>!;:.in-l- put U owing to t'!.* grudge frc sot 'eJ p.ra.arrive at Parrancn ba {.If .
.' oths.-I"'IIII.11 Tit.Hits.llntr : f.J1te Trains leave Kort hrrunc68 Pe3Ih. ThMortm th'radtspla: ) i jalt nuke th- most connrmnl JT IKDr : .
ly. c : i \] $. bid ljrnfy Die'I blilo t vigor of at iv-tit..
------- ".\ thrifty wife." fci.l the uii trr. I The kris thcj used to cal: bid cote ai : Thefhmjvstof Krrtii McaUof V!:! Kir.j<; the Kr!ib,t of Ktao Kl.b. right .' .
e !.i-J In n.p r.t"om ..f I'jtt.urlt. with! a sigh, "is her liusband'j cruvra." IT. Jtlyli; aid Mr. Hjjf.A.id I 7:95 a m. arrive at I''D'i' ol' ... 3I > a. tTit0am.arrive : 'M..r; f h. Crl'p"staaSYi-atofrrrsb \ e-tsrlraofEvery Variety kno n tot. .
k ', i fenoi.-'jia eala.DII ton nil Market;tlis Tvn l4to it of 1'.ar! .tJnrn"fll" .
II & ) aaa Wh.ro. .
b/7 getting ecenTLr all" uJd-- :
t "II: t.: t lf !! .i i Sii' p. m. Hrrive; I'ccfacJls_ i:*: p.ic bCril.llon.tiouwk1."per9and'at.
Mr P.chani.: ; : C"\\"U.-London TitPuts.. I {rues- <. ), could "IIilt rivo :.'.) pm arrive at fcn!acu'i.' f.,5c 1.1 r..ri 'U. ',,11.,1.-1'\- ,
Ib "! .1 .'t f.jJlow; you, rcpKfxI: j I jLHiini jr.J Saun6.TS. to; 7np.m.arriveaPrtdac.a..T:_,... u or. 11 time lul.td.. to5a t IlJe.r Ird." : tyY call sad CbOO for Ih '
; ",-. lr'I'bl" i 1 It U agreeable and racourasinj to learn I'd Uk<. an -M time .Lipin; ot.Itj p. in. arrive tt Featftco.t.._._. <:80 p.:r'IatnIaayd :
And a ckt.t't! two from you. only. I'eltlilolle) Xo. lJ.:
I! J "\\'. I I thought rnc\\\ must Lave j that Spool;.. N. Y.. i* jpratly Courish- If only occe 1 hai de since FARE roe WEEZ DAYS.rens4SJa e:

'r 1-cn l'. for I Mill: occasionally S in:, and inert HMUJ: in iHipnlaiurj. bi;>incssac.l ; .
:iv, 7 t." the i-t.h; blue to tort harraa:&; aril r"'torn.c
E(P au. .iilline:! in the n"wsi pcrs wblclt'tay5 nnowri hinw ii-t ri,'bt..as ref.ml to C! the run nlo ekes delight b'Ti.n'Ai& huoa/o Navy'iard &ad retciu._ xic TIME TABLE.
'I'. Hsu return.' 1'ittsburjj j I' siri1 tip its time Ui aotts! and attrHitivun bus on the slide.i I'eusacoU :o Palmetto c&h and return tic
tr sou.t"biir.4" or "l.ur; or : urg Dlet4tch. nm.\ icutuuot. ;

CJ.t.I..TeI.flt'h.. : "\ ilh.. .AIIS najii a.JUli-I. and ever '--- -- Leave I'r.io' LT fort !'arral: iia LOUISVILLE AND NA IIVILLE RAILROADix

i a: Ki .jJ old S|I"::..:-l\'t'W Y.i;': Tribune. An Honest Medicine for la Grippe. m. 13 a. m. : ... .( JAI'lta.l11.; .'. -
.\ !!..!nr.. Trnn.:.irli.n. I I -.------- (9or!9 \\'. Waitt of South Gardiner I. tl b. I;.. I! m.1p.m .

4 '.if c "No." : :.id; tli,' ilUllI.ocUli.ltu uublcraan ll'n fills! )1 P", *ay"I hive: had the p. iclo. .! p.m.p. n.f I New Ors\an and Mobile

: f. to tI," :.-tr.tf i'tti-rviowcr. "I am not in wo'-t cough, Cidd. chills and grip m P.IJI.
\\ e otter One Hundred Dollar rfi arid have taken I bits hf tra-h of c p. ini p ct. : ".. : n. '. .. .;. Not. .
bt-re no I ) .
r I
Ann i' on a pleasure tiip. p. m, 8 rj.ru.. U.io p I2-V m T l'. tt : L>-'\" Prngarola Arrive a,o '. '
,.1'.- ;.!I s'." i wars for any case of Catarrh that aeount bu profit tu tli. render 6 p. m. T p. m, 1,7. ; :r pi s.l.' n 1....\._ Finmaton, i.-acv :SI a' :i:.. JI >
t. :
'Tillt ill- !1II.11I.Imroll' the cannot: be caul hy Hall's Catarrh ChainbrrlJin'u'h Il-medy i ithn i-i FABI JOB 8U5DAT i, 1:,5 a !I'I t:.il> \> 11 u u :! I. It' .. .. Mobile _. Lrarp Ir.e I 1..S'p INorth. > .
I 1 7J111 ahran II"r' .... It.
only! thin; th.tI:'* .done anyjroi rencaaola t3 ort Karraaeii Savy -- -- -- "" | 1'1; ; s
a-tnt. rti: ,'j"r., 'iinnc'I: jftnrdiiyv Cure. white. I hav U.H,! mp hot ) and and <>tarn_. _. '_' nPetra' -< .
f: ::1 Pi Ih'! : .:( nt:on "f i---1::; !:!' 11:1tp : I'. J. CHKNKY & Co Tolrdo.! o. t:> < f it Riii the chili-. void and I i to Palmetto Heiah a:1

f h.-;; 'b'.J'UaliiujreAnn : the uuJrrbixiitd !I..lvr ;ki' 'wu D. __ IXI 'x
l ; IWI" -> r ; rri.;) have I all left nip. I ( iuratn- No. 2.ii.'i. No. 4.
. for the h- 1; i tra i 5rceetvedafter1:150.m. ." N*. '
F. J. ,
tf i .. i. Cheney \ivr lute the tnai.ufacturtrs of an bone! : p ra Lapm IrtrF. I' o.JI'ola Arrlv 5..mumT. ,
'It thll1iC\'e"Lil11" Loaf;raM ':11'| III '.'*> inIi5nliht Anne t
perfectly JlootKomeo'rrlv
-- : huvicite.: For silo by all rtrii0'-i-t'; p .. ::.PM J. a
" ;il ail l-miie'" trati:ctio-!- and! and medicine dealer"F01JL1C -. II.Jo nona7.l : rnvbiiminghnni.. *rnArrl stI p. k ,

t HEAD financially able to carry out any ob- HttiBtflG\ D BDPtQ C! V nfl, p mJ.Jnt m .H 19am: noo.1rrlv.Arnvr.. .. o Loul.vill..lIfIU.\rrl." 0 ArriveI.ae *"U:10.. m sa .
A .
tlPr' .
trade fta
; liati.ms by flr..i. l C1ju. m ai6p m % Cmclr.Lati I1Iapw .
Of all kinds
am 1 r t ':!' .m '/1\1 'rr.1.I.nui.. .
I \\ E-T &T.M-AX, \ : I. _:;rga., -
, good digestion; sound sleep! ;; aitit Wh'\lf''Jll Irus>t-.. Tol- (!It. 0.W.J.I'IX' l at aH sorh ?Er ACOL/V AND RIVER J'tJNCfION.o. .

fine appetite and a ripe old age, \Vhol-i.tic, KlXXAV DruwtToledo& M \KV1.V. O. trices. Easy terms. Mars. WU BatftY t et2P 1931OCaL1L B \ 21-Daily No. 8-Lailr No &ti-p .hf'I" llru. not .ho.n\ns-Ual.y i! s.,.

:1re son t. of the reslltsof thc use Hall' Catarrah Cure is taken in- ton $ Finch. > llii, night 7:01 i. .;:.;; Arm. I.J---;; --
I:::: 7 I: I-'I'.mll. .
ttrually. actin dir"l.t1:1'on the : .. .. "I'.J i
; --- 1.11" I ..
of Tutt's Liver Pill.. A singledose 71": Yl.lH.trn I'.
bloxl .11.1 niurousurtJ.ce of thf .
-> i: a IT" .. 1-.Clln.\'I. .
THE KING OF Palnfos t :
' will convince of their -y-teni. rrit" Toe. per bottle. Fold I Street, I: di. ,11" : :1 UID'" .tJ.a "
Kat you I! 1\1" I i" ... HbriMlltoa .
bv all dru'gi.-ts. Tt."tllln.i, : free., .. I IIII"
t v.-onderful effects and virtue. "]]airs I' .utiy! Pill :ire. : I h" Le-t. SCOTCH WHISKEY, Pan acola Florida.F. i.. '."> i."II"" I .alt t Ity. tola IfJIU"".
-- 1 D a .
: Ul ... rl Range "
-- -
Known Fact.An CUA1113IESOLD l.5 j".. I ":.:U" ... ... Holts .. 9:1.I; .
tr A THE KINO Or I %. I I it. .-._ lIl1f1AI1. .
M. WILLIAMS -'.. 1". ":3 ... Cri>tvlew ...... 11:11" ;
; absolute cure for sick heat! Scotch Whiskey BY ALL FIItoT-CLAaS ,1s: i I, s":\1" w Peer Laad ..._ h13 I
teI.Io'y Iliad h
riALOONS. ":) .
.. 'm. :
s he, <) pep-ii, malaria sour C9KTRACIOR AND BUILDER, I 4II 08. .. .! yN 8i"" .DeFunlakKfriagi.. Arttyl .. .. .iH":11. I : ,.

& Stern 4Kl" lIt ,. .. .
G AB.asdd.1aSOLD does; Ho nee de Leon ,I" 5 ,-
.t.1, 5x ) i Iwo "
stomachdizzinesscorstipatonbilious Estimates ) .. .Weitvll.e ._ 71'1". I. .
Promptly ,.
Furnished ot 5&i !1 IfI.1j .4 ...
Wholesale Agents for Florida. : Carjrvillv ..... 7:11" I U
fever, piles torrid liver BY ALL FIRST-CI\SS 5n : IOiJ" ... ..._... KoQlfuythiplejr . 7.ii I ..
Buildings of east .
All Kinds I 10:0" _._ 111" .
m I:'': r
SALOONS. for 1Ij I 111:51 .. ..,.ottnnc1all .. ,. '
and all kindred diseiises. acceptable idea.. r .4 (: I: .J'
; 7j) .
; 1:1 ...
i -Marlanna ..... '
A Stern State If patented. I Till rspair your watches 7n) I 11: ) ._.t'ypre99. .. 1;.1KS I! r.
3Ioag : am : t Ii; .t' a
Tutt's Liver Pills m THE PATENT RECORI 0! Jewelry In nrst-clasa style. J. I I 7r.7:10"" .. 1I\1"IIH" ." ...Grand Ridge... 5:1! t.
Whole ale for I ._ ., srteadi 5: 1" I',
Agents Florida Baltimore Stephens.
C 'Y I i Md. ( t+;Ii" lu' noon .trrlve..BverJunctton..Leae. $:tJ"I l' I .

-- .. ... __ .,
J' -__ "Q" _' _' c_. > & _

:"': ..._ =-"! -'" ....w- <-,' '. ""," -.,,--....-. :: ." "- .,- -. ,..,,a.- -. : ""- ----= t"'i "1I """" f.>="
r r. ?=d : t _. _. .' ,. .ri


I I.

THE GLASS OF -- ; ii i
Black IeAItdI.I :1 1UJ
on 4
ton batiste and chlf. InatomlCBl Cnrlo! Uy V.Tilch II Pn -
NICK'SPLACE A is one or the novelties in trimming Let the mother take Scott's sling Philadelphia rbrslcicni. ,iM

proper ring: to wear with The human pIncushIon walked Into
tailor IU 1 e Eurt Is one large turquoise your emulsion of cod-liver oil for the the Ilchnernann hospital a few nights THE LINK THAT BINDS. '
set H gold .
any j'wtls. ago and startled the doctors by asks,:
Ilenaissaree ana rsercerizeii grcna- two ; it is almost never super- them to take two needles out ct his -0--

dints are shown; In great variety among fluous. !lecr.. lie ia Hugh Glo?ter. about 25: j -
the tha! cotton Jicisos.Trvir: ., KO,, Z3
materials for summer; years old. who ban as lis residence" i t
gowns. One can cat for two but 1318 Wood street and told tie doctore I-iS obJect to miurrbge! for three years

Empire ribbons of varying tints are ; Le males a living: ; by swallowing nail, I t andiufteredconatantywithbackache.Iwrotato '

I I woven with cthrr silver or g'ol
I wreaths and effectively: used for chemi and hnnii3rii tacks into Lis chest I. k .
sate fronts thing it : "I ranatrcogandweUcodthemotherctaenbaby.
I and stocks. ; implies a degree of at a diuie mUt ct:1. till .

Gray suede slippers worn with gray interior "You see tonight doc," !said hs wLcn | 1.a..u f b !Mri E. N. JowE89.II i( I
;,l silk bosa are very smart. while for the strength not often the medical men hd reccverjd their 'It'VQie4brdill

ballroom! there are gilt slippers and found in woman of either ex- breaths:, "I was girln my rejuLir: show, ;, i
: black satin flippers embroidered with but I got careless when it cache to the j ;
I I :;01<1.I treme. nlrcnSLioa! ret I had just hammered 'i, .11.11Thje

.. .. I Squares of cluny Lice alternating a dozen tick into my fare and VMSprceeodin I t

I with squares< of jet galloon are used Luxurious people are not to jara a couple! of big needles i
: in the house is the Irk fut! binds to !
for Into Is no use tiling-a baby _
trimming silk petticoats, my chest: when they slipped !in
I decoration is in floral designs while another of- very strong by habit, and overworked too far, and I couldn't pet thorn outs'"Are j husband :and wife together. Nothing is sadder thin fruit l'S.\ \ edk>ck. { .
little onset thousand: time the
The prattling and cooing of the ones a :
applique velvet. people are weak from they In there yet?" nsked the I occasion.orrtes and trials of life. 11 hen a wife ts barren.there is a 1. JI
The j dost Popular Roses with most realistic dewdrops doctors seriously I 4 derangement somewhere in the genital creans: caused by one or more of.
scattered over them have been worn as exhaustion in some of their "Ye replied tie human pincushion.! those common disorders known as u female troubles" Wine of CarJuiis 'If'

hair ornaments all winter. but now you "I tried to jack them out with a darn- i the remedy.: It puts the organs of generation in a strong anJ hea'thv:
can purchase the dewdrops by the dozen functions. Between the two In needle but thry're stuck In soma condition, lilting the wife for the sacred duty of rr-rodiiini her kind.
and stick them on to suit thin hard: end won't: come out. I I Dunn the period of gestation the entire system of the expectant mother I
fancy. your own is the happy mean ; but how thought mebbe y<,use gents might! like I Ito is tint! up to withstand the ordeal of hbor anJ xt.cn: the iittt: one .

RES[ I TAURANTIn I Metallic take a Pity at the Job and pet them nukes its advent it is lusty; and .
ribbons soft glossy and wel-f.ttd! to
un- many women have plenty of out for strong, grow maturity :siEs' tvi'orfr QraltrlTT
crushable, are one of the spring novel me. i! in perfect health. The '.,' ..10.. ".in c.v.r.qUlrlr...... .tal I
ties. They life for ? Gloster was then laid out on the op- mother, too, through the t i" . ( are submitted to some two I passes .; : ...,&p. .. lrk.IT.' : usu." .
I process which gives a metallic sheen crating table, lint considered it a here trio with little: pam and no dread J.U.lnU.... t <'11....>ut., Ti..,. ?
to the gloss and makes them a little The emulsion is almost Joke when the doctor asked if lie wanted j V/ne of Ca'.iui is truly a wonderful 1 I
different from ether. mejcine: for women. .4 .
Pensacola. other: ribbons. .
The Suva-test muffs are very large, never superfluous. ".Me esker* Le reiterated ia s.-orn. !j Large Deities for $1.00 at Druggists. 1' '
"V"hy. sag doe, give me that big! j
either in the oblong flat !shapes with We'll send you a little t?try it you l:e. I 0 I :t
ruffles at the; ends and a bow for a SCOTT & L0\\; XE, 409 Pearl street, New York: butcher Lnlfe of yours there, and I'll l lI fAij L. @ 19 '.1
I jab it into .t and '' I
finish, or, if in lODI haired furs like I any part" ( ue laugh/ :'. t
at same time.
sable made soft and round with a
finish The doctors set to work and Iu a few '
of tails. Wonderful creations (,):teen'+ Funeral
FINE Txpenses.
minute found two good sized I'fi'K1: ';
are tnaJo of sci-npa of fur, chiffon and
velvet or lace and satin! aM fur as LONDON, :UallO.-Th: civil service: : sticking:; bto the edge; of the fourth 1 KCW (Means -

you lite.Sew York Sun.A supplementary: estimates issue 1 today [ illi. They Incl Clipped cudcr \: .' -'.111I I i'if
show that the' expenses in cojnectiou and caught! iu the canlainoumatfr! :
Oysters Went"I !, wit: Qa-ci Victoni's funeral amounted around the bone. 'I1.(' doctor K 1 ( I. !

thought you said Differ could make to .t"U'I.;: of which sum 11.430 wa I 1 i them out with some little! dli.: ;lty, o irocery i
ca extra nice Welsh expended for the housing and entertain- I' hit i ;i's r. D ITtKSII KVJTvYDAYDtfnRVED : "Can't be?" rlbLltr'I I i ment of foruija guens. I '
mo\enients. e er
"I should say not. He made one for I I I I When he hall been f'rn'1 th human N ( J M f 1 CILU NOGN H

.\ \ : : IN ALL us the other night, and not a solitary : \\railRsofthetJrcen.. I pincushion sat up had eulertalmd: l 111 I Ii'\\i'

soul had tLc slightest symptom of Indigestion. I Losi\: March 16.-King Edwardand the doctors In return "for their! little
STYLES. ."-Cleveland Plain Dealer. Queen Alexandra will have a posey kindness." lie drove tacks into his w ProprisJor.ffHOLES&LEui

I of shamrock on their dinin table to- face until hU features looked like

Mr.J.W. Patterson night police at I I morrow. Dispatches from Bcili-i say those of a man with smallpox. lie '. Ct.r_._ e RETAIL l

I Nashua; la., says: "In January I had 11 that the royal palace there will be dec- likewise ran long nails into tie\ calves I
crated with shaairocki in honor of Ii of his Then he GHOCES,
a very bad cold on my lungs, and Patrick's :: legs. he said "had enJoyed I ;
used half dozen different cough med- day._. the evening immensely."-rhiladelphia I 1 t
icines and prescriptions from two I' ess. t\rrjthinn: In the c.roruJ !
Every DSpecial ?yUN doctors, but grew worse all the time.I Cong-tssni'in/ Hros'ua! D ad. .._... I Kmv Ht tbe Loaestl'rlcea. n- t' '
finally boueht a bottle of FOLEY'SHOXEY LANCASTER, Pa., March: 10. Congressman hoods 11..lh'l'r. to any park I{
AND TAR and terrains: ; two I Marriott: Erosini, chairmanof : : Seeded Xo Help. of ho city.8IOW.Intendancia. "
thirds of it, I was entirely cured..' the committee on banking and currency I Wragson Tntters-Dat's a funny sign I i St., I
W.A. D'Alemberte. :yer got up clere. boss.
HTijl died at 8 o'clock this morning Mr. Ilousekeep-What? "Look OutTor Phone f05, Pens...'., rl. i
thi I uQ u from stroke of
a apoplesr. He
--- stricken at ;3 o'clock yesterday afternoon.He was. the Dog?" __ .. .. .'uu Ii It:
Wragson Tatters-Yes. Dat dog'sbIg
at once became nnconscioul and remained
S/I'CII4L iOTICES. in that ceoJitlon until death.At enough an ugly enough ter look out

no time was thore any hope entertained fur hlsself.-I'hlladclphla Tress. J : !!
---- -
for his recovery. Mr. Eroilm Prof. Ivison, of Lonaconinp, Md. BUGGIEST
was in good health up to noon ye ttr suffered terribly from neuralgia of the
0// Cf1T 11 WOlfD. day. lie 13 survived by a widow and 3
stomach and indigestion for thirteen ..... i,
-- .. I two daughters. years; and after the doctors failed to .-_---- --- -- I i!
Ordersserved l"'() LTN u. cure him they fed him on morphine.A .
Dewey'Ul neat at Aikea. We have recently replenished our Stock of Vehicle, and can: offer an
friend advised the use of Kodol: -v
11 UUN )-A dark brown horse with foretop COLUMBIA, S. a.. March 18.-Altenit j Dyspepsia! Cure and after taking a Assortment including \-j1..
cut cU; white star on forehead. Apply preparing for Admiral Dewey. Infor few bottles of it he says, "It has

all hours of Bunter si fensscolft Uncle No.l Livery 10._S'.ablea or lstnlwMOII2V Willie mation was received there today thai I'''I cured me entirely. I can't say too Traps Surreys Baggies (flagons Etc. LI I
.. 'much for Kodol
-- the admiral' physicians had ordered[ Dyspepsia! Cure"It ,
: : U'O Li:1D. \bum south and he had chosen Aiken ai digests/ what you eat. Haigis
the day or night at -- _.__.._- ---- i is resting plaofcEverybody Pharmacy: Sidney; Kahn and John In Great: Variety of Htyle at the VERY LOWKKT PKIIT.-: *; also it l
TO-DAV-Do you need money? Sheppard I IShawn's

Reasonable Prices. today 1MONEY on easiest borrow terms any null amount lowest you want ratesnywhereobtatnableonmprovedcity Evaporated Vegetables Full Lino of Harness to Suit each Vehicle. I'i ;J
realestaterom has a right to a. little

( \V'm. t tuber,zaS boutii lU fulaoxitnct. '"! I piece of this earth. But they must; I and Cocoanut in ) .Sse our Stick-Scat Open Driving Wagon X39\
__ J I fight for it. They must watch their flavor nnd purity are equal 1 Hi 11 l

MONEY TO. Apply LO\X toA.A.I'l.ber ON PERSONAL, Fisher i chance to get it, and get It. to tlte fresh. Ask your grocers

Building, 1'alafoi street. ant/ I Tlies. C. Watson & Co. for them. Once used ,
SEA FOOD DIIEBS .Dillittin Joljuson: Sou. Hi.
IK YOU WAST TO BORROW MONEY I have some particularly fine b,irgaic* always user!. '
1 Invist money Inure your property procureab'trnotsoJ _
,. I to offer jast now, and they invite -
tltlw. buy or sell r al estate I '
rent property of any description have I Tha ma--who owns His own home 'I
to come and investigate same.
A Specialty.Prove rents collected or your taxei !attended to, insures himself against lots ( fi ,
sail im or address Thos. C.: Watson 0Co. i I You will never regret having: done trouble and worry. Nobody can :
K>-a! Jo tate and Insurance agents Friisaeoie. I
.'\1\. Charges moderate. Uo everyonewho 190., raise his rent, and the rent day has
buys a lot from us we will lend money no terrors for him. It's easy to own
with Melt to build a hou e. W-tl We will U1dHoi for home I
I r eprrad a now-a-days. ThOS. C. JAMES HUGHES
I ---- 15 cents each and make them loot Watson & Co. cun tell you how I.t :
Flt Iti'S' i like new. star Laundry. easy i: i,;. Call and see them..Ivjrf i .
"' !
- )
theI T?<>11 HEX f-Twa newly furnished: rooms I r\o 801, EO3, 505, 807 South Ptlifox ilree -
r. cheap. :\VwiCho-eSt.: malt i .
.. :- P. O. Box 4C4j; phone. Shops, 123. -
... ; I-':'-\!a :-n r.. j-4'k""c.... r4 If7 -..'1 ..-.... .4 1?
PU4EI 4- >\ J"' J Jf-.. :, '1':1 r;". .... .
iP l'OUKU p' %.L.f... ," ... ;! N. .r..< ".,.r t"-,1.. \ r ,'. I hire
'- --' -- .! "'" = ... .., ... .. .. .w" .. "4 .. I Shop r. Boiler \Works.
and nt-
>UH\LK ClIKM'-Kuri'lture I ,
Do our an- tngscotpiet., of \t'n-rooni (' las**, ..'"'"'.-.",,-,>cr .W'.- rf; S'v';.."='. '
centrally.ucat.d.. l'ottlcln he rvutel I \)MPI KTH.'t K.riP''H' ITU Tilt \TKHT; ASH VIXI M\illl> KHt 'r
nouncsmontalook : ..-. it .t811-JS. Address It. care 1'u K \FoWl -aov.TFJi ... *(:j rJj.T TI "r.t'y' ( l.vry!1.e-'rI; ,.,!ifrhIn'niorth.samIlandI.nm.ms.4nkLgr: : ., It' 1"11I.:1.: r".n
tempt- l.imlw: i i t-iiii lcur 1'111'III.! '
: d.i--bl;: ; :f 1"r '1! In2 ? We try RALE-Toe" most lots In ..:... i :It:1 -; > ; ...c_ .iTar : "
lIn : ; '
i &trtaiI :
11I'O l the cry 0:1 easy terms, by the Fisher -.:'.- tt __ i j *:) t :Pattern laahing a Specia1ty.? i @
: :
to make them i-- .
{ '
t' pj ,v.\) Estate. Agency, :'II11; South 1'aHfoxt. IS31rn : tis'. .-.....!.I..aa sj. J. F.;C:'127 q' _.. 10;;-:" ..t_." x.y -. e-n I ;
r+ SI>. Cut a pud- i atr.'' 0iro3 I II Vv'e have Kmiloyc: J Use of the flea l't:, rn ink* r< in tt:e -I.oth.
ding Will nomorelntende3 i '\'''''.=''1'BI). i
;; ( A I I ; !;*.He? Assj: Shovels, Oa>f Mil anrt Rs&sifco-it jja:'pii,:s, Cc.! lu. Sawmill

., j it Kl to be looked j| \\VSTEHOae\ solicit lulNfrtifinqlora lad) and one w gentlemanto ',.t'y pa- I ssi Haatinf R' Otavos: ?a-t, Cil3: and Wlndo".y 11i3Ss. I Specialties: > -

iyV \ Iri etmerelythan |. rer.Athletic Call Olal J. :1. t:. linll aUVin mUll IIl'\la I A-,"". U! and Tii .varo .,1L! Eeu': :,.....it1rni1ang'oo_. : LUMUEIl IIOU.KIN:, WOOD-TIUCK TKlTK-i. I.OCOINU( ; CAJd,
\\M 13 etock. '!
$4 suppose our you I, "r whia5)attlesla\.YJIi.JlA1t.. ol empty qu"rt. Gen!, cls.o1i. .IJ FJhllg Tackle.AOEST i, 'loOL", FTC, I.\ r.\fTUiKD AT -HOUT NOTIUK.

J3 do what youf ncvSt I Complete Stock 3Iitcriiil: anil Sllltllli '\.
would do Wlti I \1i ANTfc.1)-Oil bee to'.iloi tt DaM.h'-I. icr: Slrmin-jiisTU: : Billlu? Mills CO P1.y. KavcreEti52hcdBcIt2g J1a1 .i

the udding.Iy I "'I or 1m::,. JyJt' : : XortSaraptonEEoryYho:: .l Company, L 1tn K RJ.M

-. Teat it.CIGARS. I|I 1..I..t.ret l\n 1unorjilfurnished-. Pop:e. Cosipany, Jobc-i'-n' ffaljcmlcei Iron Ling and Back's Ptove ESTABLISHEDMcKSNSIE .18na. f i '
1"- and Range! W!'), Cocra &C }:', Rs- !!!!> !J-s Leather, MSS Il'l Ites.1t ; -- --- -- 'ipaOPEESIONAL

i I4 LOw'F pnnnptyIn l{! FOR bougaetcoreptcialdestZaYclrtte t'lXE\1.8 : j r.r lUrci.d Colon OEETING & CO.
: % Grplhry
\11.. lol"t.no.3: et ,
I phone S.U :\kIlm : Masonic Temple, Pensueola Fla.IaiOAimiECTIbN. i iI
__ = = o --DIAHK8 '-0
I u ii i>t'< '.\.rrlONAI I .. {

I CnNL.m1 HIl'- At .tl1l1x's HI lnl" cj Ship Chandlery and General 1ardware to
I months ;
( j! O I'olegeyoucanavcnreatheme! .
schoUrhin.'iher In the shorthand! orConimerriiil ,
for $0' or I
department .
c -QroPensacola 603 AND 605: 8. 1.,0\1. U'ox STIIKLT.
for a 'rm of six l1nlhfi.: Mght ser-
>li n. Tills *l'l'l entitle you alto to in .tru.'t- 1 -,.- -- .GENav --- __.
lon In allY otilt.! titeragbrenches,6emuan- I IPloricia
gin. x-rach: cdrrp-pondcnce\r. ,.. .MtLn-wurod or blllin Jot litiout pupils.C REVF.RK COPl'BP. COMPANY, JOHN A. ROEHUXO'8 ..ft NH CO:'H
i .
issl'.O.Mw.: Priniipa! I IJALVAVIZED WIRE ROPE A. HUK.-SJi A :! :- rUMPB.Ci .
a'.d ------- -
ill "n or

k l : Hf i ![ f POPULAR r l 111.f 'I I 1 _',;Ater,:_.1._it RIDE C t1'II\IOL.-.- northwest _corner- ;i Near East Hill Electric Railway Terminus. :!!t., Ccritjs. Fa'!;!,., nils I fiiii-csl: Ut'.ric!:'.!, Sitrli, lili; ShinCO5IP13SES. > >I (

j i Krha-.f: snd t','.-..ellu. :. pr-pnrt'i .tud"nh.. I '. IAOO tTC t
i,I l-ortnehih.'rcol monl.- '.. J.'! -II. ewlndetlpnncipalY- e.,.s.: -Tu.tlou- rY tofcjp--ttI !! Beautiful Lots for Sale. ciition.C..feKenzieO rtiu'ylbs.tinA'ntfor1 j; .1'.1 ,. -'Il I''y..I."t .\ -)o

i I IM Jl'I /!'HY- ......... I -
: v place in Pensacola 1I 1--I l'Slit- HKOWN---M.HOkNaI i iI i 40X137-1 li feet at from J75 to $200 each accord-i'
I I(1: wiMs.vflv. stock ni.d Kiss lit sV!*. : !"AS3.Dr.Tare8lu -f
v :>.rre you can get j I i.ea.. ')ni r' ut V.:l'i'! H.trdv>.areCo s. fftt ing to location and surroundings --_ -

NKJMl'ijMU. at t.,. Co, 1-rfs. l-..uHr\' \ j fl>\G WftIG IIOP&6O.&
tbo I Genuine Tampa : Itrahanaa.j1 \ .rd-' watt 'tit 1!of tjcln'is.is: gqe torllJ-I Llzht KmtiniVT. >lukl'artr.d -" --- $ reary.

\\blte .\.chins PltmiutU Hocks Exceptionally Good \ hlorhccd, Beautiful View, :
Hro\\'n U-chorns.: WynJotf. Call and s-e Phlsitt fnriOn I ,
Hade antI Fertile Lands. ll : ,
i [heat near Kuptrlnn's I'xrk.! I High, Dry -Iml ", :. ..nd II. ki .11 _
I CU'!' 1' 1..0".tH '. : Keiirtfncp 11Vft: I.ftl'.JB.
"'" : Telephone. 51. I
-- --
1! "/-"ITT- FLOWERS--- -and- Floral Leslgast I The grandest opportunity for investment ever OBce, A'li.mnerte RalMine. ila'S nouh : Chinese and Japanese
R I"'PS Item ( !! ': .] r.'rlal: designs ordered for customers.Miss Falafox Street 1'boae :YH. I
!], Spii I! Violette Moreno, &!3 West Gregory 2\ldlm I offered in Pensacola. Fancy Goods,
ptontl S'J.: I ,,, I
:i CrutrIi'1'rttd.'. ('otnu.Il... ... Dr.G.H.Tuttfe. Dr J. G. Heard. FINE CHINA TEAS
i I - .., .,. .. I I '
i C)KKICKof man1VestOovtrnmentstreet.:: Business Agent H. D. Phone Hof Home Seekers Should See These Lots. TUTTLE & HEARD ?'". 31 f;.," i. rats. It sl?

jlfl. --_a"U-:--_ DENTAL SL'IiC1v015 '' f.a"ndreOtllr. ''' PE.: '. ".r ..., ,
I II.\. lit O- }t T
J Ara I
NGK'g r --- ----- -- N V'nCIUbbSII 3<< I TE nECI.STm.aT., tcce;>UbI. ideas.
PLGFi[ iRa. (;\RHEEIlEManufactnrer .
Hair ( W.PGovernment Over Sol Cabn's. mfor If p1t! eetecf.
I Articles !, etc.,S.T 11 I PATENT RECORD, FBaltuu
street. Garden and Alcaniz. Streets. I I Phone ::30. IVnsicola, Ha: re, Ml **


..' ., ,. ',. ... .
., -
i ... ')..'JIo<- '- "-- -.<-..--.--- -' -'"'- : -- ...... .
'" -Sa<''''

";: .Cf"-f"' .... >.;.-......jte.... .. ': ...i.Iii.:... ..) ..._. \W" .; '. ....:",""", _.,.:._...W. ".!' ...... ':'<''''.' .. ..,.".. .> ,...,. "'"" .b,...".'..._.. :: '--.i'\-p_ ,..;- .......'.,." -,...." ."'.........,..."'.'<.:;'--C's. ...._.'""'.O'_... ,..' ... ..-. .>' ..,. --JL. .;.... ..... """7-. ._.... .. .--


r. -

k mm EVENTS I upoF C F I MARITIME. -, ____.. J p ti-i)w #ffrfro.f-J. -

AND P FERSONALSMr. Y-'flutJ.tOlbe--II-POST_i. .. o AT 0

AYtTLD AT t' ..AnISE.I .

-- I : bk Bseil B.7S, VaU.Genoa to order

crt bat 10!a .order. Ootmariaic*96Potler lUo J... lllilliam O ltiOJt & OU.

Jrvo. X. Hcfl-b'.nrr arriredyeittMay It bk }Mont A. ..... Fa:.dine, Geaoa. to N
afternoon to ?p:nJ a wttfc Pen+.coU Lumber Co

t. I or two To ::'i hi* tin 1y. -- - -.
: -- --- ----------- -- - -- -' ''' ''''-
A8.S.ITIC. -- --- .

,+j, Tfc At! .-tu :;e-w.* idl that Mi- E: M R&r.oooF.I:4. Jones, St Mitt:seta
Ftosjc- I.'ii1! rs Birb i3i: ta licit fl'&r..t1t CO Challies
s of
EiiaL.tJArey Ek i Silk Stripe ,
e 'I MAn
Thlt ,!; 9 JA1'1r1 .1t,nla treY" '

wltfcia : L : lv3jn:,..'iii. I i CLE UD. and
r.' ; Egyptian Novelties in Plaids Stripes. .
It t:: Asztla AaD. CTS, Breiu by W :
Gen -V Hth.-f: EKhirc.. III. Excellent Combination. L H uuci oS:0; tar J5a'f!s, rash o;u) i i

who !?.a- !><".j r.err all Whl' fo..py- ft sass um:>tr.T.U" i i N Shamrock Dimities (Exclusive Designs.) .r<:
'+ The pleasant: method and beneficial I: '!lIp )brna !hdre w. + Scii: =no, t>r
.. ., fJ__ Water
log to -t'1ie3'f tn9 ; effects of W L wmch A Co for Genoa with 7Xi e ti
( I City, 1' !: 'or Seas on tiis: i/ja sealstrrdaj. ; the well known remedy:: Us-n timber 1.T5, I i bTBCP Of FiGi, mancfactared b; the i I T.ee III ego F
:i CAuroB5iA FIG SrErp Co., illustrate i HsilpIc3ui.r.ll.Ol+*n, br WL Witticb
;i2 r EenStrr-.I:. M ll'ry! arrived at the value! obt&ir.illg- liquid laxa- 1 Co wuJiSWAf't: I a"timber for Li- i Organdies t
i tire of tno-rn bnrr Tune liAO-l M c ft hearD tin.bcr. !i iia'X Lnch.F :: : oouj
\ be
Jackwr.nllt saaliiroui: Vasbtonanl 1 principles plants to ( ,jift lawn ttnibr,15jj: t rt d*'l.fcn
: l ;h yrst-rjiyfjr visit) aedici>:ally laxative cad pre estE? sea:e.Taice 13 tiu. Total T52: h ji.AT .> ..._ _.
-- --- ------- -
- -
theo i:1 the form --- -- -
Tampa asd ileyVe+t IY.rc'! reiara- most refreshing to -
r ic.g homt. 1 nst and acceptable: to the 5'\5:.:::1. It nrasasri'z. \

c is the one perfect strecgthenin? laxative Briliip: Cr* < Qoor. 1::,. Keactiy.: Lou- .+. McOall's] Bazar Patterns Now on Sale .
Mr.Viiaa! : D. \ii:i*u of newinse.Tenet ceanoilr the system effectually, Cvn tu 'elltacola L7mber Co

a/'iv.i in the cay thu after- dlipelliB colds headaches and fevers It t. otartuEznpre. vi R.ateLir- j
noon and !<>r %'.:eral dtf'i will be *1 g r.y yet promptly and enablireone rpoul. to P n<*coJa LomS to I ; All seams are allowed; 0
U t:: LIt:etllts3. hAtetu. S: Paul del
the {?Uf.t of Ca: ;>t. 'anl! a!r*. I. H. to overtone tabitaal constipation per- Loando. tur. UunwociT i Co I j

Aiitc: on North Palifox street.s ml .,nt1r. Its perfect freedom foneO : I: LiMadoir.ai.. Potnp 731, G- :orIlO, > Exact seam and basting line shown on all Patterns.
and snb- $.YOt. to; fu:>9.'co bro t
.A rr," : f.llj'>7..M" ;;o i.. t:' a7 :i objectionable qtality It ti Ua.tibnry, 1''-*. Eoignzs! Llver-i
staace. aai its actlc oa the kidneys, stock and sizes always to be found in stock.
given 1 .-: nLjai by the LJ duo.Tner ff')> t') order f Complete
liver and bowels without weakenirz: : ..,: iv IE.p Jlirabout, Ilii GltUi. KymotstitO'crdcr
I ".- xerab'Ut forty trtaib'srs cr ir.'i:ate; then, i:ace it the ideal i
} pre
q"c pliyt- aoJ: rtfreituiieLts wersserved. la the pros <3 of mannfacturE; f-s; 'U-1'f::- H.o o. Jariietooordrr jUtu. IT.". L.QjrH: Lortaro .

s arc us:si. as they are pleasact: t-5: the Mi ,-ci' tocrlrrTHB I Call
nd sheet each month.
: aJDiiliam get :
taste, but the nedicijiai: qualities the
Mi i-< LyJ: LID of Al remeily are obtained: from wsca and SEr 'JP 4r' rl'i" '
fI1 who h*! Q -<:u *p ,! &*rewat't Mr-. L-wi.i v/ilhs, lef: a: :

Iii noon fir !,-r bom*, much to t!. C' : Ia order i its be ef
) 01 y to get :: cial
;Bret of 'v- rto-: A tiialt sue !,.ode !:li Ezrn.
etf-itsinJ to avoid ixitaUoas, please :
d'arjn.- Lee etay.Rev. loljitson & Son.A
i I! remesl-er the fall nane cf the Company Ava:mote*.lioo.Steer. :o W L WittlciA .
H. V.'. Tn >mi... D fJ. pinrcf missed: oa the front of every package. ( o j
Ldifb aeaad.: IjJll; fabler E !: to
< l.
tbt rVo.icjarati; ; ,i V\iz-' ;. CALIFORNIA FIG SYRUP CO V/ -:: Er! d who IMS ;/-,-n tt.t t'i-i- if Dr. C. t'Mar v r Aquilfc 1KT, Andsrisn. ta W d Key5rr -------- ---- -
q -:., ""*,.II.u.t ti.- IJ-FUl.t! 3A5 F2ASC"..SC, CA:.. CO -
Chaat.u(IJt I."xt ditwdty sad L:)::'! :!:. E7 S2T7 T03S. S Y.FE1SCNVJ7IE5. ;:.!'r>.r b'r L"'raU".e Co It;... Zrg"', :0 FEnsatctaL Good Cough Medicine for Children.: MIDWINTERAll

l, i pr..atl[ ;..t!: Chautaupu'ItE)4: i.r.. Fora :ebiaa Dray :1-Pr':eZ.: w.;;. po;: ;,: wc3IreceL11.EorjsihbtoW S: Ks-r "I han..'s hs,.it.:r.t't'' i:: if-:')itt-

{ day. : -- 4 ToX cecdicg Chamberlain's Ci-Uj: : UTM-! I I
k : Ir\s :ond,1 ;'. feIeees, to ias.-s.: .
edy, says F. P. 3I )ran .1 -il-
Naval Const-actor W. L. Cipps : : l D3iwc: 5ri: (..0i :
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} I known and popaUr : 't -
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trial 'he It Indsi. IIU. O.iT". to order
has tf.pof tJ"d bittU-Sij* +tL bama. tiff vi t:: I'c.u' :hc:,..< railroad, tt::- U \Ep1; 1.w, vnEtO to I:vuo Br.,! coajh*. also whoopinz chase;. :and it
been r'1:! t.J h Sd Cltt
-. July 8 ( in; the ps{e of ti.6 iit-- J. C. MSH. j has always given perfect *iti=fac-
of 3AESS.:
(; d-pirtiiif n: i.rtiution dt
\ea I Si:. Nt-L=oa was fm?ri; assiMsat s S the { Yt-ri r.'ijy.rl. I It AI1; r oefnl:10: t? P.':>sa co Bro ,, by a drutt the best conih medicine
I ;
rrary. !!j U Ao.'fi Aecaai "7i, Iiaetu: toV L
t Fir,: I.i-ur-13nt Tieuina :-.j! Liam has ; U IHl-t) ft Co for children a? it contained no -- '-
Horn, thi .-juiil: fHiif-raliter at Kusperor officially coaj I j Xor friga.-;:'. Wiese.to W SKfjsrr: A opium or other harmful dru?." gold

Fort }'s'r1ae.t*, Win (b.> tatained at I' rml t the Lnorary: doctorate etntly: ; (0 by aU drugit3; ; acd medicine deal of my FALL SHOES must be sold at
ccafrri'd c:1 Uuiteil states : :'wedGa11,4 i, XeUoa! to VV S IeyiEtJiCo
i Fort )ld'H: Gi.. l Labasj
r"n. 1'1 tae 'ximining j j I
; .' b i lIhr V.'iiite by the IW-riui Academy of j! <"ar-J ther", fir promotion, G.3sp? sa. 0'.l't6rtlorl. to
.. tro you want a nice present to give I
j :
tr Ifeu.Hvrn'tnt" :' lra/'uJ.; at11baf :::( !:t: i' Reduced Prices :':
Part Giama, IVA Perao. to S P bhotttr Co to a friend, go and look through the
;I! p1'a,5: J :', r.,al thI, lul,,,m sUQ:!. W. I". risbback. the noted lawyer ; It ItttUfFpiCaFF&UG::a, 617, Miclittta, to eleant line of suitable articles at

Th- many frienlH of Mi hi M,?50uri I I who died at his Indianapolis home re- !i 1V BrKLUhJio.r oj Keys: -r 4 toi Pu-nhrej5. to order J. I. Stephens, you surely can find to make room for'Spring

C C'Ati'a; will r-'ret tfi, amivuncei. j n-ntly. was an intimate friend o* Lord i iCoiwll Not I.ovj"V7i, AnJ"r.ea. 10 ;? o Lto somethil to please you. If yen

.;."'at t.it: her a.l'hl il-; will not be.f I t ;p. take late chief justice of E.s- L'amher;Ka, Lutto Co til, hntssJD. to P ::!a'o:1I want anything in the Diamond liiie

.. .ven t. .:. ,!! ai' lvtlrd, it Lavcf i land, nad was fr ueuly LU gn-st i II'rit'ncl.'i iclas&aates U Micti-: B.t. yicois. to UoiiicoUrosI be sure; to see bin_before. you buy.

j:.;: ""r.j; cstad tJ:: bll H', the 1 i and of IhdoI I Ir1.st. "ort <.,rleut, CTi, ii'Aimeida, to V L'
: inability-> Httf-nJ of a->:aof tue WitlchCoI > J. S[. HiTliuTd: Co. hare ievr; jl Shoes
: Jr. the first r,ccL: I:'J. r killed l | : ITos;'cro T'udr j:, SchiajpaiSc to floe an J delivery and milkW320H1 :
r.ulti'.Iliii110 reie u a,-.,,: L r. n. &r.IJ'Daod .s "'0 oren top;
I at La Gaasinias. Cula.: !li.t;c d..<-: leJ ti I lerQnFea cf i-Cjt, 1..;'[. Sivensen, to cf their own makvitl.iut

5 1'rof.Vau.h Liulra'4 musical have a l-rvar" brrH;. I <--tt-.i to Lis Rix M t oin.oat tin, and guaranteed: which! th'yi

l"ctare recital at iluif-r'a! ruusicI I nif'orj E t Ctiio uursity.! : Ne'.v t{ iu.t J.i4rn, lam E-entssea. u s I' ::Dotter ,i !! EEIIit prices, that caunot be uu-
t Hljit: ui! ht for l!,', b' ue9t cf the !| I'llHUI
; ; Y..r plicated: anywhere. Gail and *ef Which
!: Thomas Ptrrrv, I n. iUtt-on, to are Arriving
j:'j' Un vcr% tJj] %church '.Y u ali excellent I i I r" ", cola L-.mbar Co them. Il.utf.IF Dailyif
s Dlus.e"l treat bat it W'b shtnly ate n--nry: .\. d: Ljh1w Os id in to:vewes It leuc .:(9, unto, to B&ai. Dnr.wc.Jy

+e tF!.ded. tt., {ry it bulk o! am'usctk'jr !ia Load n r ,:,.o ntv.. ..% j,roi.- .t l.U YOU tit :Il'.\GTIY : in

r .' IlIltJ ) -' KOIIIJJ 'I the opera rat ax a j-jui-t: I ia: I'.,, '.- liJra! ;; thenLr SCEOO5EB3.Aia : All yoa seed to do i is to 70 to the ', you arc need, I can suit you in styles and

f L'u-=eto'C :h., Divil'-. Auction.Payciunttr of :;..:.Jo... :. in f r..mlie Charles K Scbull W. Clare to ..rr"r Lewis Hr.ne, the Union
: .\m Geo E S Uretley,IIM, Ki=ley, to Ex M opposite :prices. Give mo' a
t.;. H. K: jV*..tt, I'. H.: X., ivr <:i-ff' f.: of L'I'- >.i-yl'-ca'3' : ; cuisi J i i itobtaaun f tpot, and pet a -=qur re r.lMl-or Ckll.y
.. Am Hen! Mcivter, ijI>. Halt: t,) Jso other ,
it-niial; : I any shape-for ij: eetts. dll-tf: .
'. I''n w-rn alvance-J two u:Hiiber, sv : r.s. A Merrill Co ._ y I 1: F\)r. :'II 0 E:".
r t tki:!..' rink !..-zt aft-r l'.i11Dlitef. Major (;..'.- .d S'.r=: II r.r:: C..:ruse: I Aml.ceyA DavIs. sx,McKotan.: tc ..r.dcr -- ---
Don't fail
to try a drii.k: of l "Brook>
/ brrr1. Jrwe-f, : fr i"uaat au v.b tcr-tally ..../:...:. .:..! i :: Nth;; dlj; j wood Rye" at H. A. Fri?j!::.: 'J'-. The

i1 ii'pi.'U'jut coiiJut in b.ittl0 oa vision of t1!.> S uth: Ajr/u: i.jl.1" force t!l'C.Jt.\n UJ CD SAILED JCT. 1'1- i -- .-- Boston! Shoe Store

Jane ?j, ::11tI"4J 2 U)). white with and ita !ia > J cf Fir Sctii da ,
: T a-t cor.::: :: a a iafaa1 1 BACOl.nZ.n"fRra..\. 5c wigs E? y-cr G.i'EUrNOTICE. -
: te! 1t'II..t "xj>"JIim uri Jcr Vice AJ- ,
If briiact ifrlT.'Ji.-r.:: ; Li3 been
,1' '. u.iral rf-J'UIJur. i p;; ts.!: E''t' UYlli211 ian4tq. N.
G. :
-_ ;,: c'';! un the r"tu..l !.-t, v:th j.ay. ; Braatingham.Erstd HamhurMch !J i FOROliEIMER, Prop.,
--- -
-- -
Th,' c-Ulti.:! i-f Fie w .-,- .- : .',-d to a '! ( :tt'fi1'oor. t'r, fid (,..ana Feb U j ji .
ilia Il' reea.i -
i i EI*fnlr.AI!. Br, 1114, V.'utsoc a! Barr) : -- .
". uSe has returnc" fron C/.I! I !It; a Cdl; !;-.-; -. < \. ',.' :i f Ie'). Charles 1H-C lY! l ---- M
your son : oce i 15 hf rf- >y eivrn: fiat the hj'I: I You will! have !ia
"4 Ic.e. baa her '. rn..cl, e IVj.M: i. -. ::ie! ..i i',r ";hens, Frt:l i Hf rn. Ger.sIJ Trsvemnnd ilch 2GltoSi I named p"r.nclIl1a thr folo! ", dower yea owe :'AVAL STOUr:> 51 VM:
ron Kr. id5t17nc.nLC: \ alci1: i gardens if they
i'S:. ivLr.v; Li? ::.' 3 r.ijc Ur.t: '! Stat.st: Joaor.. SidVeit Ksrtlep'jol, Jeb leUri fcCfibtd lots in the water Curt of tb" city ..f ownproucJ.i Yvur are: uu ,vour: _
''YanFacolaundrrtheactet: the L"7lat'ue ;J SbiH.d caubav .
"Di ho tat has tar green .ria.! .>t ''r to Ur.e A:.>'. It'- ('ju,;;L'.trv.L la BruSt;; ;;r. sd: s' a&sta ):ct l II ,cf norl(!,). app ro\1 Juno' .l,'W ova;: lt: j a h.:[Le. and ie C:' !I dt1 it 1)1..w. al. tttplrttj rj/|!j f.r i> 1 J

ll. "Ytv: 1,.. zi,t shunt E:; ..J'zrr ll.1.W I '> a .c .%..1.,.': '.-! !1.!-J != r: ..:: .-.' 'r-NY. i,i j jIIcv Parrov.-Jal Bus rid SHIPS.rat le Bat Jlcii i I!i i tSlrtre.Tiji Louts "ley-1.1'tit,thirtfcn north bait> ISo> -.in, cr block tJ: t!IOU. ;:t. he ashy t!.:1"k ('::, rwi.t t'ni'inasl.. ... ..Mop a

trKraScain! : ;: n .luirement-IIei.I Yw, t'u-: Cl.Iies.vn I : >u! g,nral I ColnarL', t'iUS. Sid BA EEiF9 Jan ;al : (ucrtetn tin.+ + 1 Lv. r- woman wants; a !hvi.je of h. ww. ....._ ,

h. ; n"/Jltj IJilpncl1. :at San I'rantlM'o, !.?, !gomint'j; bailnw \- EUf-e, ,It.Hr.1?!"":. I Klf-mert-port:r: H acre flee :JHira Jan J I: Thu Invesllgtuloaolthhrlamwi: day. 19th April. !.! :! b:zta ou own. and if *he will IMV.- a to4wit!. vra.__" .__.n j 1:{, 1

R..t'. .s as a Lreetkr of t'lrlI; !ij.-w Ltt-ce, i --. .'_"<', ,.9 Loudju Keb' K 1>. FEGf,*. I' Tbu"i.C.'Yahnn c: Co., rleading ;- -_. V : ".. .
.1 .. .'
i-f- treat "".Uiff!:, antPuforr He has bousLt: a fair f r tP""WJ: I i iwar EAKE6.: I 1\:0. Jo\r.: | Keai htt.A, ,. >.t.. tl'.f. : i:: -1'I....' f
i nreC.It.1j'noa: Mch 4 LiiiS :M.! (0.T' N.ultoavtw |Iran sLow her h iw ear is i ::- J' ,
; .. ; tog-t t .. ::::.1 ... :
t} ; aualne.a':: sake"bat'3 Soa; Jv-It(' a!: .1. :x "-;. l.apPf'Dt'f1 t., aiy njeerndiauin pip:? overseer, ,,.-Ill 'L-: ciy: (':':. |i \ *, Nor. '.">. lit I'-rtNatal Iiei<) ." T"n"JI'i.: ,
Aro-rlka >nrsldPort .astJe. :;t I Ix..l.
": Mr*. ['ul-r-Wby. d. ar, I nottml it 0. 1 \ !. Nor. sM east Ixjr.doa Jail ........ -

tt: xvas ?:fttnc! anfcliy! brown and discoi-! r.dw"Ira qnt-on !Las decUlM. it! is I ...;.-.tJlO, 1:..pt"'Q. Its aid (;. n 'or.t1 Llvtrpool bee alto )
t '. (.ff';}. .0 I put a tat of 1 bt ii white aai'1. to accept 1!:"' w.t
tI ttsam'lpllnroaltl'ItIileipllial'rt,1iF ...:!dlt't and sailors rainy fund bv !i.1U1aCl (earl hearic. $"'t'd. nId fir.nwn Kb.iCuiabota.
." *,, bij .
i t,1 ; (> noa Feb ly
\'/ Waldorf Aster. nhliv.i:;Ii !L'r Jmmi: .11. .101 bavoD >ov 25I.nicliftia

t J1. I -niuty! to the giver slate! the! Capt..ia: J Accame, It, s4! Table Cay
( l1\4JtbN'1 Sir litfrteley Mliue affair bas nit 1 I.," Fiod.ir. :'.a'. hil: Rrl-tol Feb!:
vr' I.ill iliK-tor tilt CLfl
,+ s.'DI'IJ. Inez Kli-H. It. H*. sad! Genoa ftbl UT
lose your Lualtli *i,tirly." f.'.else. Sur.sad Kbarooeis Dec vlonte AETo
1'har.1! Vato tlu- n.J'rncr fmjaol ) Moro. It. bill Hamburg; Dec II
rmi" "I aui net: here (',r my hc.slth.! .
; +. !Ii the frit native of the sinUivtT :o.I"ilf'Ia.n. :;OT. llat Algoa hiy Jan :5
con L.i't-I:1tur ti ijiitr! .-{' iiei! ;o Norway: ,Xor. lId Imudi?*, Jaa 21i .
Tribuiii-. flfted to bU! oCrt He was in' i iausur.itttl Pro;;>ero;a, It. ild J\.lf:t Dec 1 I

,- !! J.in. H, wit!,.:'j was tU err Hosin. It.-I'" -ardifl lJc J.J I
: Roca.It. +U talmouth Feb 11
Doom hf lnanrnto. :! act date cf the inauguration of bis! fa ;, sj: UuUrppt U, Md !ar.eilll:1 Ieb5Thhresadiiviiri I

tf"t.1. i "Hate joa done auytlmi; ? to boom tlirr., Ulcliani Yati'ij. as ;sovernor of the It.**. lId G<>noaFeb10 r I
1 \ stttTHt lU8. tld London Keb II MAKE
tk I your town? i j I came state 4-) yean a;o. ROOM FOR 8PR1N II 8TOCK

r..1''n,1, I rJou! II i
%::_ tlon uic( tin's! teiv |>.'rthl cs''ia; the I erg will i.* still! alive at the ae; of OS at omnuEi ur ::I

Hl1vk" IIUSIlIt.f--H"lrJt! ; Journal.g i XI'uJn.on, Ind.. 15 )rr Mary Gauo I

{. I Cobb, the dt'tci'iidant of Francis (it'rl"j Weather Observer M. J. Wright, 25 dozen Child's Ribbed Vest; *,1!( All of our Mania and ll.),' SweatMen's; _
1" n..OD .:"oull.. were 15c, to close at lOc. era and > HeavyVlntr I : :
t Maui a IIusufU refugee of 1CV Jr., received a SoolOverrifcirts to close at was 50 cents quit .
J: "Tin- king orders you executed at Itev. Job liana, one of the Ilevolii 'j telegraphic notice I COst. t no &"l"'

;. sonrl-e for offending the IIJWQ." from Washington this afternoon to ,, Child's! Half. Wool Vests, were '
tiun'sd btin cbapiains.: was lidgran.latber. .
t' "I'.Lt she wanted 1110 to ('lopeltl1 ? ,'hoist northwest storm! warnitg 'to close at :"-,2C each.IJoy'g 3.jC.// Lades' Heavy Merino Ve*:*. JIen Heavy Fleece 1I I. I

t I L,.r. II:)') tvftisod.." 'sistuN., :: These !ign il l? have been were 2" cents, now 20 cent* ; rants: to del ?Ul!*, was Jl ._ait !."u
y 'fl.at's Just !t.-I.ife. John I). Kncliffclli-r: K"
I.:111 r.jutUjiOITJ! day at nn.)n ia re- i Ualv ton! Xew Orleans, Under :Suits: were We, to close at Laflin,' Men' Heavy Mfrino 1 : : _
fiord to bis: lunch, lie eru-rs lie littleristaurant :1 Mobile and! I'ensacola. The wind ;0c. .I t Hf'ar"rico! Sik! FinHhed j was ? Suit nvw t'I ct'LI-.

I'nnarca. ab?:ltm :}dl.I1;. wakes wish : will -'lift! to high norf hwesterly and or Ribbed Ve-t. eerie Si andBoy's !
Fortieth: Trioiid! (siuv-o hreal kfast-Bl a start wllt'll tl.e ivai'i-r apyroarliej j i it wilzrow! ; colder. The etnrtn"cen : Heavy }fleeced:Lined UnfS'! ] tow *) and *:> cer'-5 plnt .frn'a Gray, \1'bitB ar I

Jove. old fcllcw, yuu've Rot a fvarfuJit'.il bits! bw'.tatrs over 1 his: ..r<1'I' and then ]ter, d JeciJ"d energy, ij in the Centrui derMiit*, were $1, now &,;c. .1 !; Wod l'r.d'r ::,nit!, tcae $:: .. 'iT'
'I ': What are you t:tJLin! for it? Mi i .
ijjppi ValJey after-
mils:! f l..ui vin.hvicli and LadiMl: Woul r. .
lways >r a : ;i d. {iriyasd :
i fgt.'s
; fc'ufftrtr (Loarsciy: ) Ad\ ((. New : ioon. All or our Jackets and Capes at White \' &ilk I.lna.! :. !
glass uf uk.! 'I ---t:; w"rf ii a I.d ti.: I.tJW also Ltmb'31Vuul w.t
,1' y. : Ii \\V-eLIy. -- --- Cost. \ L
i ihIcand'd'I; l'.lnti to Ui1t 1. !lOW St:
I Pour GIHO', '
Fatally l: irned. Open
'OOII.INf', I "( jr.-M :.i'r% ,: ';<;?fs are en sboinl- !!
i | ANXHTOV Ala/March: 13. 3rs.I Shoe Stock
I.crry-I'hwas it.a great military I Must be
jr.:1\ try'v sp-H-ialht: rec--ntly. Reduced'
S ("julltl-3(>. lisy? I Mary Morris: died today from effect of I .. ., !
., .
"i : I'" o'uLt aout tilt 1 LaveC :LOOK AT ... .
; qUR LADIES' .. . .
3 v III nll-) slniJ say so. Avon the [ being burned Oxanua. She has been I i l Mul 1 fLHJKHOE-5( I LOOKAT OUR ('CHILD'S . .
.C .
I:::: ,II" : ; matter. . '
S GUP. LADIES'. . . . 125SHOE-i
vilN: thur |
Ij .G nt.t were ilrillivl -Thicaso: blind two years end was: naatttnied: at ,. !. .1 "I 1 :. .n.tIl'rGin! .-d !>y tLtr.i. :LOOK AT OUIl J.OKA1' OUR C HI LD'S . .. r
U. \ the time of"tae accdt-at. sue reached LADIES' .ir/ ) ,
I t::. l -rtl-'ul2.y\ tlf If LOOK AT
t f'I < > : :! y"!:!I:: OUR IOY.XD '
; 'f.ti I 1 for comb oa t::<: manrie au', her dress i icau '. LOOK: AT GUI LADIES' . . -'a: ,- r.
: ;- c. "i :' i :i 5T-*>2t \1:1 I ti the t!,':!rr f-'Mj.SROES I.OOIT OCR
CD ftterpanS cicely Lu :raJ; for ; lt ou fire from an oju =ue. Parts .. t; !I. -i i !.I t.. think they Uiist have LOOK AT OUR CH1LD.i.1- SHOP'S: LOOKAT LJ1.NIM\ : .
of her body werj buried tJ :She OUR
't' a 15: eicV UrN SsUsd l.,s.ly. leaves a husband an 1 baby.CLUB crisp. ,.; ::: :p.-: i ". .i. To llM'Jr way ef ttiin't-: LOOKAT OUR CHILD'S . . . :;:;c. rtHOEri: LOOKT IOYs'ANI)1iS: '

I. t.. :: .; :\:i vw-a ga-H! is en OI-I.TJ gIn, AN JJ y. I':N ; ::.:

;j e ,, :': .1! sii.it's! all tuw is to it. S. they These. Bands Are Marked Unwng'a! 'par Cent

1.! : r :lio-ip ones ami t'ra! wondervLy! __

t; YOUR CHOICE' t OF f Ml OF f 1 THF8F[ f ', tl.I:-I.!..l classes.'tilo uM bate'

tad J HOU.SE Clir.KSE: : RAPE NUT. CRACKED WHEAT l'i the Letter and more perfect the

I U CIll'EtTI: : .:\ W.", ;HIUMr.. HORSS! RADISH. 1'OSTU.M laseshuai'i be. IZsactly: the reverseof .
lids! is actually the rase, for the i co- OMICE I [ SEA.HSALLOVm DE5T
} : BR.VXD plo who sit !In the rear !scats or In the .
i iI i balcony are usually the ones who have FITTING
I e0at -

is Coffees: Fresh Parched and Ground Daily. \,I the viewetl poorest with glasses.the naked A eye performance Is much II i C SlIllOLSE foR STYU5H

1 I'.tUFIl(1 SI
|'I more satisfactory to my way of think- '
Don't turret the rtu;ir and Collee Sale. You the IJest .
get and )IHt of it POPUlAR
at i: In,;. An opera glass gives but a limited PRICES

view, anJ only the cfce object on .
FAT McHUGH'S which it Is focused !U vUlble. I don't j

why people use even the best of Try The News
Phone No. 183.: Corner Romana and Palafox treet3.Sr tbeia.-rhlladelpbla Record I lOc Week

> -. per

!t ..tt



--, -..i r:an at.BM u......,.

The daily news
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Title: The daily news
Uniform Title: Daily news (Pensacola, Fla.)
Physical Description: Newspaper
Language: English
Publisher: The News Pub. Co.
Place of Publication: Pensacola Fla
Creation Date: March 19, 1901
Frequency: daily (except monday)
normalized irregular
Subjects / Keywords: Newspapers -- Pensacola (Fla.)   ( lcsh )
Newspapers -- Escambia County (Fla.)   ( lcsh )
Genre: newspaper   ( marcgt )
newspaper   ( sobekcm )
Spatial Coverage: United States -- Florida -- Escambia -- Pensacola
Coordinates: 30.433333 x -87.2 ( Place of Publication )
Dates or Sequential Designation: Began in 1889.
General Note: Description based on: Mar. 5, 1889.
Funding: Funded by NEH in support of the National Digital Newspaper Project (NDNP), NEH Award Number: PJ-50006-05
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"'... ..JWi.fjji- ;" ': > ;;0. _''''''';'I'<' .j/--.o'. :. .",' .. ,,,,, ,,,, ..
.i"i'0 "' ur'":::." "'-<;':-.r'i--'".,,"-. ';;:'\,-';', w.rI'H.E ';;-. '- ,;. '. ,.4. _.





-- -
-- .
jI I

PENSACOLA: has a Depth of 33 Feet of Water in the Channel at the Entrance of the Harbor.


S-, ;. FOSHEE. Vice.President---; W. C. O'NEAL, President; F. C. HORTON, Cashier; !: '

]Sp u - M. E. CLARK Ass't Cashier MINISTERS MEET ; F


1M > 1ti

Choate and:: Others Present London Thinks Too Much of United States Con J} J

American National Bank .
Their Credentials. Hade of Incident. solar Agent Baiz.: : .

1.I 1.


-- ----
,Eacll-3erubrr of the Corps Arrived Offlcl.iiy;: Stated That Great ISr'laln Not Ueli's ;i Citizen! of 'J lilt Country,

American National Bank ln'"a: Kcyal Carrl.igd Drawn by Has No intention tf Krsortm? u Our (ijvcrcnitnt May Experience J I
The of
Pensacola offers to Depositors '
every Two liorsei and \Vu4 Attended by Hostilities Whatever tha Uucum< Considerable D.Elculty la Protect. ..

facility which their balances, business and responsibility warrants, and Three Itoyat'eervauta. of Negotiation: Iu2; Mira.WASKIXOTOV.. ,Is I

its Officers would be pleased to meet or correspond with thosd rlnO Lox DOi1 March 13.-United States TIES Trfx, March! IS.-Tho Angle- Mach IS.!: -Tha stats :t

Desire to Make Changes or Open New Accounts.Has Ambassador C o.1tO and other ambassadors Russian liisj-ute.: uuchangi-d. The dcpartcient, through Minister Loomii, i

I awl ministers t) Gnat Briteiu pre. French troops are qaioter.: O"erto'a: recently: to ij--j a most vigorous protest : fj j

the Largest Capital Stock of Any Bank in the State. seated thsir credentials to King Edwardat rests have been mada.LOXDOV to the Venezuelan government against : 1

I Ip Marlborough! House at noon today. further interfere nee with Mr. Baiz. the
March 19.-Thera is a disposition
laser member of the diplomatic corp United stares con>aU-r agent at Barcelona j

{I MrsC.. E. VanDeusen, of Kil- I MISSOURI TOWN IN FLAFlLo.UUmuiok arrived ia a royal carriage drawn by : here to think too much has been \',.m'Zl1 !x It J huows nothing of ;
''! RiCHMOND bourn Wis., was alllicted with made of the Anglo-Russicn incident at 1m; .
q fU1'p stomach two hordes 11.11vu attended by three the List reported in.'ruigsniiint; of tilliberty
trouble and constipation: for a10nA'time. VMu-tl by a Uljjration. ('cna I. Tien Tin and a much more hopeful I'
'I royal servant* attired in lot;: scar et j but it ii: presumed that the
She says, "I have tried view of the affair is taken today. ThH
many preparations but cloaks.! Tile dijiLniais were levee dress, is aided by tho statement in Morrison'* cffair conmvtpJ directly with the !I
I mf FIELD done me the good that none Chamber have DE Solo, Ma, ::11<\1'01119 -DismarcS with crdors and d C0rdtufith: the dispatch from Peking yesterday to tha troubles wlm-ii,,l to tho first j.rotes:. I! I I'

: : lain's Stomach and Liver Tablets is on fire cud indications arc that haft: exception, of course, cf Ambassador London Times which is taken to mean Igaati > M. l'uz is not a citizen of the !

I II have." These Tablets ate for sale at of the town will be bnrne !. ilcu.liG,: Choatvwho worj ordinary evening that tae: combined efforts of the allied United Stltl:3-l fact that may udJ to '
I \1'ctleur: Trade. Must all drufrijiiU i and medicine dealers. tho hotels about tea luslus-is hoasu dre-;.. powers are having the effect of amusing dfucnhhll'h government a 14 14tho
: H iv<> It and" I am Going Price, 25; cents Samples free. and tl! Iron Mountain railr:jj-1: station. The for;:gn socre'cry. Lord Lans- Si Petersburg to check any tendency to will exjn!riouc3 In protecting him, a*' it : I :

,:> ; lie: It !,. .. ---- All telegraph: cult telephone: commauiCiitiou dole, illtr,). !:ced the visitors: to the any undua aggressiveness' on the part of determiiia I to do. its was barn in '" ..:
t, We take great pleasure in calling 13 cut off. The fire started ia the kiu,!who was attired in a field mar the Russian representatives in China. St. Thozias and is a Danish citizen; so .f'.f'is

1 I' Ibs. ( ;'ra'iiilatcil Sugar your attention to the celebrated southern pars of the town an-l a very shays uniform. The comments of the: afternoon new far a:> known here, Lat having an cieqaateur !

I WHITE ROCK LITHIA strong wind is upieadiiig tho flames ri\p- papers has repeated the news of the; ; isjCed ly tha Venezuelan governaieiit "j
A Nil- WATER, idly. The houses are all frame and FIGMT AT A NEGRO DANCE.In majority cf the cioraiaz; pacers, namely, rccoztuziii; him as a United ltJl.-l.l.1cnt
which received the Gold Medal at three is no fire department in town. that diplomacy will bo able to smooth States coii3ul.tr! agosr.! tho Mate d JI\lrt. !
i : Bst CI[[ e for l,2i=& I the Paris exposition ever all com- Bismarck is 73 miles from :5t.: Louison Trying to oppress mot County tha friction 'iaeodjials:: of the British basdt jued that he is entitled to } i :

petitors. Being charged with the Iron Mountain railroad and has Police Have Lively llui:?. loreign: ofike have net yet received old- the pr.>tecija of the: United Sates giv-: ,lif i
Artii-lein Stock
y my cxy a population of 70; inhabitants. cial cjnfimation of lu.-nu' all'g.-v] ernment. !
ATLANTA, March 13.-In attempting
in 1'roportion.Sam Ken, makes it the "Ideal Stomach backdown: la regard to Mjiaehnria Tuesday It appears that he ia engaged in bn l. \

Water." It has all the Vim, Life Lynehlug rreveatrd. to snppris a riot and arrest the riotersat and Ilongaliau! inquiries on the ness end became involved in trouble J .

Isaacs and Sparkle, without the Bite, MmILEROn0, Ky., March 13.-Threa a nee dance 1 mile from East Point subject are U.\T kin; is.z..3 at.St.Petersburg with Venezuelan militia, by resistiug an 't

Burn and S'.iu! ?, of all other charged hundred coal miners: of West Pincvilla yesterday morning a squad of county The Erituh, !IrelplOeiJ attempt to collect a forced loan from {g ;
onC:>cast. police had hand to hand is not rulax; ; iw (il...rj to eecnw a :':ore than a month ao: the state .t'him.
a desperate
water It promptly relieves that formed lat night to lynch Deputy more satisfactory amuent of tilt intentions department forwarded its instructions : 1iJ '

Sad: ) Wen UeliHOtit St.i feeling di-trc-ss, caused by overindulgence Sheriff :Frank :McCoy of this city, who fight with a crowd of drunken negro : of Russia, lut the\ oEiii.vN to Minister Loomis to represent to the ':kt E f
killed! Vance Howard, cousin of Bury men and women and pistols and knives! Venezuelan that these au'J .
of the! appetite, either deprecate the action of the British government "
Howard the Goebel suspect, who Is under were: Used indiscriminately.
It is officially said that Gnat noying interterences: with our official
_... catiuj, drinking or smoking.! AI I indictment. The miners learned One: of the ci'uuty police had his hand press.Britain has not the felightoet contemplation must cease, but so far uo results have .; : : ., ,"
I "- boon to good livers, A ;last drank that a strong guard was around the j-Ail severely ebshod with a knife and another ot ro orf.ug to hostilities against appeared. "il '
..r- j and disl-Auded. McCoy killed HoWiirdoa was f Jll l to the flexor with a
: 1; ci-li on rbbgdear:! t.e! intellect Russia whatever may be the outcome I t
a iiislit passenger tr iiu. heavy piece!: of timbor. of the nCll ations. MR. CARNEGIE'S LIBERALITY. :! }
\' and sharp.-m! the appetite.! It Two nO'fceil'l'ro cut, cue shot and --- 'l= t 1 #1 1ItC
% j mixes prr-etly: with everything DUub'iedleatner 1'cwe.llo Tort. three clubbed into subml"s ou. TO CURE: A COLD IN ON : DAY I \. Dr. 3Ic.\rthiirI>ii- High Tribute "ff _,&'1

". : from milk to champagne. it. ISLAND ASCEXMOX. March 18.ThJ The nesrccs had shot au.l cut each to Great I'hUautliroplst. U.
Try Tabitrts.
...,.,.':*r4 EritUh: stta'.atr Norhaai Castle, which ether befcro tha arrival cf the police. Tate_," Laxative iiromo-Qulalne Dr. g ;
.- ...: | Dun't be frkeptiejl.!: Tao merits of J" 1 NEwYonK.: March 18.-Tho Rev. 'd t .
T aud rioters
:1IlITlt"were made the .
1 r\ .. : -- ---
f'; c.,=,,,, !i'"WHITE RO'.I 1 fofur exceed all called frcm Southampton March 3 via: are occupyiajj cell's! at the Tower. REPORTED TRANSACTION.IlcckefctUr's Ii S. McArtbur's sermon at Calvary !t :: i
icrPortXaal Durt.nuwith
; ..' H: "" other Miueriil l a.e t, ( no imported Madagascar ( ) The 3 rair is said! to have been quite Baptist Church, Sunday, was on ".M}:! 'tto-y f
: .. ': .: I :S'j:: ? troops aud mails on board, has arrived -
: t
exciting: while it Listed and for a few luteicsts \bj.1I betl byt'aitrd "
sions. Ho J
urged a more gen i
", waters execptcdthey bear no comparnoiv. hcr-v in to'f the Eritish ;f
.... \ t. ttt.. _.... .\ "- steamer minutes. looked for the om.cel' < '
serious Stat steel
... : Corporation.NEW f
I ; .
r of both the rich
1.7 Iheie is more "WHITEROCK" Toncr.ro: from London Ft 11. 21 via Ten- It and spirit giving, among if
1 ) il rch f for Table B. required quick energetic: Yoas, March! IS. The is 'tl .
rise The Nor.hnnCatla report k
t iv. and the and commented on Andrew
yr rt,4) \ u-ed in Swell: Hotel?, Clubs work to subdue; the drunken negroes, I poor
.#' =.{\: ,.--j! and Cafesthau other water. burst her cylinder ;Then 5)C who seemed determined to kill the police crculitc.i hero that nil the itte-ests o: Carnegie's big; offer to New York e !
.. _- any miles north of Ascension.
..'-I' '"' .. / 'iid each other. John D. okofc-ler! in two iroj: La'i'\\ city.Mr. fe' it t x r
r< : "" \ /j American Progress; ; inlliK-ncee the --- -- "'- ..: railro-M.. Carnegie, in tho generosity of
;.. ;' ('111 V.'iieel Cnn-cd W rt'("',. ------ lies11: iucudtng; twine : : 't. :. I
"..,_ \ .<. ..1>t ,, ,.01.1, world.Arnariaai. 1 NO SEWSRAGZ:: FOR HAVANA. late tran'jrirtia.- lines Ere to ;'t- into I' his gifts," said Dr. McArthur has :.. t! I
( : Ala March it-A
LSCDS, defectiva
\ .;k'. : "WHITE ROCK" fits the L"\t" traces ;;.tc"l c--rpjrauou. startled the \ orld. Ha id certainly one 't' f .
.' '!.'-'. +. \i' .. life tar wit ": 1 on r.n eastbound freight train ,ouitiou: of AITairs 3ur-s 'fhl's- i:!":.- isrtiv.lu.- tile Lk:: 6ujo-; I of the most remarkable men ia his acquirement ;

: ':'I., ;. \ c,.,r taj i ;!, ;I j for this Progres12jjeodi'v: : : >n thJ S',utreru railway caused a bad: a Loan Impuvllile.HAVASA I r:<%: c'ts.,.it.rue.i r.vu iiiiiif--'. v.-J.ic! ;.: conc I and distribution of money i f f
I II I I ------ -- wreck: r.t Ltvds l aito a number of ..i-u ha- f.'ar.'abto.J k: or iJ.jJ.'v.'W.O'U. d the world has ever known. lIe has himself .. {ff
i-ii./j Fesi n" "" I t I Try "Proo'wood 1\'t: ,' at S. A. l' rs'ft> wrocki-d and passenger trains March! 11-It may be pu: which ,;.::.!>''o.1i'U J ii o.i. Iait.i:1t. 1: told me it required much thought a
j ill D Si"I I I Friedman. Finest: on eurtli. were delayed; many hours it roijiiiria down as almost a certainty that Havana ,>1it'.r! oratt'd under: tu' la1.3 OiICett and effort to distribute money wisslyas ;' j;F

.lu'i-n! of el f. all night to clear the track. The train will not be severed this spring or sumnier. J-.rsov: : ia K3to Ih'Juian.l oj.arate to acquire it freely. lIe is making; R J .1
r- ? an rty- --- --- -- \
.' n'jrs li.is beets to nuke! men all escaped: injury, but the property Owing:; to tho present unsettled inn lIP"! iu th Me THE KING OF to several thousand Miutes.-.t. 'L'hs rebuke to many churchmen who profess !
damaged amoaats company owns (:
Sold that will b ..
: 1 lie. r re- state cf affairs it will be impossibla for '
f.,r its furity. fine furor dolbrs.. ._.. .._ _. !i>ie pin: ;,,-rue:; in this rcgiiu and 1 1-wn'l a longer creed, but whose list of good 1'
loan. '
the city to negotiate a Capitalistswho saute t-: its mines to the Carnegie deeds is shorter. Thousands will rlsa I 'j i
!n:. rap excellence, and the Scotch Whiskey] BANNER SALVE. han been offering to lend the ;
',. ; city comj-auy: a;:,l other largo;: steel LI'make- I up to honor the name of this noble : ;t
has been 1
of l<
mcney are now said: to bo viewing the turei-s. Scotch-American." ; i"". ,
Totter, eczema: and kin diseases It owns the Duluth :Me-ilannd 1 "'
j in "Ur p .erlft-s fit. Louis A. situation with a deal of timidity, ..f" I
GRABBIE. yield quickly to the marvelon hea grct Northern railroad! esteadiug from I .
I I'e T. Tho-e who wi=h aid and there appears to be no doubt that MET WITH COOL RECEPTION.
lag qualities of BANNER SALVEI Duluta to: Iron Mountain, Miau., and I
: 'ippetizir.ij beverage: acd made from a prescription of a skin the city will be unable to negotiate the embracing about 130 miles of road. I
.uKltry A. U. C. Beer. I SOLD BY ALL FIRST-CLASS specialist of world wile fame. 25c. loan fcr several: month J. P. Morgan &: Co. baa affirmed the The Jlhslon of General YouVorder :! .r

V. J. VIDAL W. A. D'Alemberte. The committee which was appointedby statement that the lake iron mines, 1'rHCtlcully Failed. l\
SALOONS.: General Wood to ascertain what I &Hi
-- --- -- railroads nod lake lines
transportation EERLis.March: 19.-Parliamentary: cir ?
I source of revenue could bo set aside by owned John D. Rovketeller! to betaken .
': friJ01": : Agents, THE PRESIDENT AT CANTON. by are cles relate that General Von Worder, 'f'
JIoo & Stern, the city to meet the interest aud form a ia by the United States steel cor- i! 1 I I
sinking fund for a loan of $15, .
.A 1 di I is MX, 1I0JO 0 S, (GIG""R3, no.r Wholesale Agents for Florida.DROOIWOODRYE He Breakfasted at llarber Home. has practically reported that there is not poration.It __._ ____ I sion to St. Petersburg, this time met "I!
Death of Jlr... Aunt.CsxTos wiPsurpris, it,
McKinlcy's a source of reveuua to the city of llavuua yon-Iry
I < .iivernuiont anti Tarragon, 0., March 19. Pfeside:1McKinley's which could bo set aside for such a IT is the medicine above nil othersfor I with a cool reception at the Russian rr t
catarrh is capital and that the private mission 1
purpose. and worth its weight : l .
I'floNI:131. special car from Indianapolis -
: in gold. 1:ly':; Cieaia H urn dw all with which Emperor William entrusted 'f. {
-- -- ij [ $ reached here at an early hour this Attempt to \Vrerk Tr.iln. that N clainedforit.-B.W.Hptiry.1 i him, and which was intended to explain frt g ::2

. morning and was side tracked until T SAVANNAH, Ga., March IS.! -An attempt Harlfi.rd, Conn. away all misunderstanding that nave l1 1

My Phone -AT8. o'clockvhen the president was drivento was made to wreck southboundjnswnsrr MY SON was Blllicted with catarrh. arisen lately, practically failed ,ay lIt ;
Try ,
He u-f-U Ely's Cream Balm and the is understood that Count Lamidorf, r: ,
the Barber home to join Mrs. McKinley train Xo. 33 the Southern "
; : on the Russian minister of affair f'
foreign ,
diaugr.eablecatarrh left him.-
1 hop counted aud her sister and family at breakfast railway: j just north of Daruwell, S. C. also General Von
now have my 8. A. f FRIEDMAN'8.f( J. C. Olrmted. Arcol:1: Ill. keenly questioned I
with the Exchange ; Tn attempt was partially: successful, The Baha does not irritate or cau n, Worder regarding the German agitation t-
IUK Phone 2J when you During the night Mrs.! Harriet Saxton, the euKins being derailod. Hack and sneezing. Hold by druggists at W in favor of the annexation of AUi.'j'j
.fed me..... wife of Mrs. McKinley's uncle, died at ir,n were piled upon the track. When cts. or mailed by Ely's Brothers, 16Varreu tria'a German speaking provInce 1 ,t
If you desire an absolutely her home in this city. Up to this time No S3 arrived! within view of the obstruction \ St., New York. 'J .
pure'Old Rye Whikey you no arrangements have been made to tho speed wm too great for Statement of Temporary fit'cel'er.'f'

C. R. TAYLOR, will be Interested in knowing delay the return of the president and Engineer Drooai to bring his engine to STUDENTS VS. OFFICIALS.Certain WASHIWTOK. March 18.-The comptroller i. I
that I have secured sole party to Washington until after the a stop aud it craabod into the rocks andiron 1
>Unoticturr of Mtyllsh control in Pensacol.i for the funeral All arrangements have been with a force that caused It to leave Orders Cause Serious DI. of tho currency today received w

Celebrated Brand "BUOOK- completed>> to start touigutat 10:I'), audit the tra;::'. Fortunately no one was in from the temporary receiver of the .1
RYE. This whiskey is understood that Bach matters of lurbunces. failed First National back t i.i.
WOOD jured. of mel! .
Boots & Shoes is distilled iu the famous officIal bu-iiiu-s here boon a:range! ,: ni.rl.i; Place. EcDA-PESTir, March 18.-Serious disturbances Mich., a preliminary statement of tha r" tbank'

Nelson I County ot Kentucky, with reference to reinruias at that: timethat traie have occurred hers between coud ioll. Froii this report it )
a change cottJ nut Le ri'iiy! mad GREENVILLE, S. C., March 19W. B. q.
which i; noted throughout! .. the university officials and the studentsin appears that the amount of defalcation j'( il
No. '1 North Palafox Street. the world for its flue whiskey .. -- Webb, a plumber, while placing pipesin of orders issued by the was approximately 50,000., which had 'ft
-- --' producing qualities.: Being -ooll.q' t 1:1'-I.oI-\II..r. the courthouse between the ceiling been covered up by forged loans and .;;t
made iu the Spring of 1SS1 it EE>EMEI:. Ala March 1S.-LM' White .. and roof, found a coffin containing hu ministers of instructions for the removalof discounts. As the bank will be unable

..iicir' ; Vsrt i Stsl and EnWerHal has now attained an age) was shot ana seventy wounded by Dan man bones. The Cud was soon known all crosses from the lecture rocins of to resume business, a permanent rev ,
which causes it to be ripp and The loft I tho uuivi rJty. In spite of this prohibi cjlver will soon be appointed to close np > tits
crowds t\th'rel.
Dondlcy at this place. The men ha 1 a and : where'
mellow and when purchasing tion whou the rooms were offered this affairs '4'lon -
Piitiis a f OECTO, I found I :
[ the was was a place of
thtj-esoodstho consumer quarrel iu a saloon while drinking.Uundiey I I inoraisij the professors lucovort-d that -
klux ; ;;; :
ku it
bound to the ':' hiding for a gang during; the I ''' of the ItojaltjCOPENHAGEN -. .
was over RnuiJ the
nn had
absolutely :cis! gained and
Delivered; Free i is aurtd of receiving an and the is entrance: r
and civil supposition that the
.r" Celled for pure whiskey, and jury in the maycr's court for assault. war nailei: .-:', J? j ti the ,mils.11.lL March 18. Dowager r ,
of Charjc.! one which is unexcelled for and was also fined -J-:>o! for carrying concealed bones! are those of a momUr of the I I .)Il.cal cuinmeucetltoriruw: ': thP Empress xan.lria of Hu.so."ill! arrive .

medicinal purposes. weapons.: Both men were labor gang.: 'reig1.sembltu, but were hast led aud hen tomorrow and remain until
ers. i. insulted by the -indents. Some of the
TILE KIN OF GIVE IT A TRIAL. latter however, sup>rted the officials after the celebration of the KM anniversary
How to Cure the Grip. I i WHY ernwiiDr. and violent scenes ensued and the rf her father, King Christian IX.
"''lro\Ycc Till fee Yea Remain >: I'Jrtllrl'nre The The Kiyg end the Queen of Englandwere
I Eyfe" quietly at home and! take > j sc.pended. matter:
Scotch Whiskey, Chamberlain's Couffh Rehicdv a- Boll'a Cough Syrup euros Coughor will be discussed in pnrlhnient. expected to Le present at the celobrutlou j_

directed and a quick: leronr i hi'' Cold at once. Conquers CroupYhoopingCoush but have pobtr.oned their visit
I &. p, FriedmaQ, sure to folio. Th"t remedy C'ltW.I) "\ ; and Jicasle-Cough'! j j I Puttee stop 1'robbie'f.yaebng. until later in the year. King Christian ;I

CR ABBIE. ter:1ct'l.au,:: tffhdency of the grip to' without fail. All mother' praise! it. i iHoctors S i CiiAKLESiox, March 13. William will go to Wiesbaden in April QawnWilhtkcica 3

I ;3M; S. Palafox Kt. I II result in pneumonia, which i is really prescribe il for Bronchitis, Ford, a negro Lighwayann, entered the J of Tha Netherlands and

FII--T.l'1.\ I ._ the orlysein.tdanger.: Amonu : ho Hoar ness, Grippe, Pn umocia and her consort are expected here shortly h'
:i. :.Y ALLMoog ; store of Schwan, in this city ""*J J "
There's lots of money f) be made tens of th'.u.ands who have u\\ d it Consumption. Qti jl'k. sure results '
;.\I.O in real e.'atc-J. of it. A real estate for; the grip not one case ha* ever rricc. 5 cents! RffuM ti dc'issub'tcute.DLEB : knocked down' the prrietor: with a Headache oftEn results from a disordered a

s-igu i i i' u-uillv a ? board to been reported that did nut recover. lead ppeandrobbed broken. Ford the place Scaivan'sarm condition: of the ft-jmac.1! ,
& Stern Watson & For: sale by all druggists ? was was captured.A e.
wealth. Tfcos. and medicine 1 crowd of Schwan's friends surrounded and constipation of the bowels. A"
C... thr Kbtling; ll al K-itatw firm
the and he bound
prisoner was to atelegraph dose or two of Chamberlain's Htooi-
oilers which I it wouldbe
,', '.- ...IA'ftits for Florida. have ,some with wire. 1 ,
COUCH SYRUPAlways pole Violence I ach and Liver Tablets will correct
while to consider.
.. worth your G.o Counterpanes dace fcr might have been done hat not motor- theca dl30rdf
:! ',- -- : :-- = and ere thew to-day, and don't waittill cp f5c Eacbl a and cure the headache L
New Helliod cures when others fail. man summoned the rIot squai from the Sold by all druggists and a
#i robe for the News, lOc a week to-morrow. Ltsndry. I Dr.Bull Pals curcCcbtj utlon.jo. pills ice. stationhouse. medicine dealers.


For Cakes Ice ,Cream etc., ) S1 UER'S---FLA V 0 RIN G EXTRA CTS---SA UER'S' ( For by

...use.,. .. all Grocers.

A'ys I


><,.? t-. _, _.tl.ws_yas_. 1'o... .......- & t


... ,'. ... '_., ..'.!:---.j.. .".'"...t.J..... -L'>.<...,,:.>....-,... ...:" _,..;.... ,., __-1'_ ..- .
_"".o"p" ,_ """ ,. ," ! '" .
:.' < iI.. V.." !"" *,,':.;';';;'r ;>"" "';;;';';";"" "- .


a ; -- I)U


Evening; gloves with embroidered

Rev. Henry E. O'Grady, Diocesan j Saleswomen I i efeIetla1d facing at the top are one of

'+ r. Sliisionary( opened a mission iuSt.Joseph's II! the new fals. and It swnis to bt a 35 per cent Below Cc fAT -

x church Sunday. Father I j|I useful ose for tec-ns: tie :soves! up at .

O'Orady will explain in a plain, Dimple the! tap
manner the teachings of the IV-: !1 THE-
: ; !
Youthful Llae-k evening; gowns
LL bUn Oathu'nC Church.! I in demand this I F02!cn. all! because r
Tuesday night, 'T.e HoIyEacca"Wednesday 1 PAWN .
Ith.. rht," ycusg: v.-onrn fc,1 that they cant SHOP

!1 "Purgatory." t I, awi'vr? rore (Jist"n73a !iu n black

i'' Thursday, "The Blessed Virginand et/aL tl.ua ID c;;; e.-' :.". ..
I I Huingbought an entire Shoe Store a prominent tl-
. Image Worship." Alone | Chi:Jr3: la Pen!;.:! designs: :io') colorlrg I the public Shoes made from the best manufacturers: it; tht-! c'
Friday, "An Catholics with satin : ** are Lrongbtout
I ; ? stripe; i'ELOWCTl'.u.. COST.
i iSunday
. 1 Saved.." I .
) rliRht, general: review cf ;, a;-n In tpsjuin: ;? array. na'J tlirn! Those v.11O'hh to Buy Sh.ws! of Good Quality, Style .u ,

all subject* treated of during the'' .Lore is a 1)1nu>:'ia.! rather wiry In Save Jitney by giving us a call. Tho stock contains a full; ;
texture which shows varying tints in Lace and Ooi. ;ms in Black and Tan Shoes. Ladies' and M
. 1. A cordial invitation is extended to L I sLadod strxs.Sxis : and Lace Oxford Ties and Sandals ia Black: and Tan ; ( C 6i

:. all. I + rou"lins In great varit-ty! are Babies' hoes in all colors ; alo; House Klippfr. Meu'e. i M
and Cliildreti's Rubbers, Trunks and Valise which will blow
: ,
Seats will be provided for string'ftt. : displayed: ia the !J'pt, some with very'l Vt
t l prices. ...
realistic: dt-sn3! In ll1J11'1''S.; others I
' ti I ; Call early and get! your choice ef the stock at the
r eu-hroiutn-d with white, blm-k: or

3 DISENCHANTED. ,iL ,, the sue cclcr as tfe t ganaint and : Pensacola Pawn Shop, 402 South Pal:: vx St.
I without :'.::1a ns to (':tlterus: i
Why Clrcertae'rLn.erorcalet Grew r
Cold. : Ijrce U'glora: i tc'.s drooling: ; in front ; -- -- -- ----

Inn,) latk' are >aiJ! to te a feature of
"Mnmiua, I hate him:"
1 k the cola; inilKut-ry: for suniacr They : JACOBY HAS MOVED
94 "Whom, {'Lllln"I
! K'' "llulct MeiuneI'With 1 1rA have high! crowns ccrlrclul I,) roses
F arranged !ia a stiff manuer cud a soft (
flashing eye and a flush! of In- )
ribbon e-ant-'ht: en the e.lge of the brim INTO THE GEORGE WILSON BUILDING OX ". '
donation; : on her usually: alabaster I
w i In front Is tarried to the edge; of the
brow she turned and faced her mother. AND HE 15 READY TO .
I turn !n the lack, where it is tied In a PALAFOX STREET, :
le "I hate: him! s-he repeated.Vlmt I I I
I d -\ for. child! ?" \ e : HIS PATRONS THERE. TELEPHONE. ;
F Fhc did: net reply at once.'arl'd I Ace:;:; tLa covtltlra, in trim llI! s ]I

I \ ia luxury: without one front S cow !in u>o are the narrow; bnads: of II I I i
O r: I gold cloth! sta.IJrd' v.-th; Jet nail! heads
of her .lcate, n-nsitive Ilanard avenue -
nature unsatisfied, Glycerine! Me- .. or little C.it LSuk:: u-lvit buttons. Jaeoby (JroeeryThesa
Curly had reached the prime of young i. I'' bacJs: of Irlavk! v.->l\"<>t i-mbrohloipd! in OffipaQY.

!... )
womanhood! with several months to colors fW. Persian tinbroidi-rj on

. ._t "par.. an.l life still loonietl before her I white cloth. Laces dotted! vith gold or .------
) Lte: a grand, lofty, gorgeous I.attK jet Lends ca-1 ecibroldorcd: with gold I

panorama iu a circular! brick, l.iv'J'ng! : In the vast retail establishments of large cities, many7omen threat are_ also very {H.>puar.! -New f1! ."W7fiij ;ijUC1 \ d f.' ;y;il;r H a 7 :; ; f
York: : Sun .. 4P4 .
f' at M cents per, children half: price and \ \'hBJ ..if S
saleswomen. _
\ are employed as 1
.... .',. ,.., .'
free INt! .? 'ta&d. Years before '' ....
I'Min-ly si
: -.. rrlto U'L
"yiahalrSiiC! ? G: i. t -- :
Men formerly held the positions that women now hold, SIDE LIGHTS ON LIFE. i ; ::.\ '., C"JiI"IJ..I.
t : vhile i I-j h'T care free, ang.'l :ike .Balsam of I & ,'. .. .
Copaiba, t i. !:.KI> : i iN.
r! *tag", !she! had met 1: lI't Mi'lunc cnJ and while women's organism is less strong than men's, theyare Crbeha and Injccticra @ M. "... ..,:-': 0- I. :. .
No ranch ia love V. ,
fallen pass-liinaU'ly: deliriously In IOTA expected to do the same work. Their duties compel themto max was ever so I .l.- ,'?,j ,I'-!. *-:.:raa<, ,' ,? l
.TLPycurela4 Loan theIseases .. .
tbat it lnte ifcred with ts! apjsciite.! ur ''" l>-...i. .
k Wondrous jeriodof gushing girlhood! bo their feet from to and cf I -:. jT,. "lZMUIfc.I".d ...'
on morning night many them I The young uan who has to scratchfcr 3t:1" ,... witberlalireal! ... ..,.... 'I!<6i1. ... : "

t.r Jowll when the Qti"-.T-. ?..-- f'IY'U: ORU C'Sfl. _' I ,.,._. ,.1_f., pa.' ;' .., u..u.w.:. C"'oI.. ..-.. ..

I "female diseases. ; We have three I.ln.1 cf b the
{ a roar and expands Into the radiant -.v ... _
Then irregularities suppressed or painful menstru- world-thc t". ms. the vrcn't and the -- -
p I>(':uty of-Lowt-\, this does not advawe occur ,

t the cctioa of the story and is ation, weakness, indigestion, leucorrhoea, general debility, 'I can'ts. _.
contrary to the amended rules undor and nervous prostration. The nan who tates! no thought of tomorrow --' rjieJL. : -

f x,hli-b the rl' \lIar operative with a' is apt to wake up some incru-
beset with such dizziness faint-
They are symptoms as ,
card of the FIction lttiih ers' union In log and lard it yesterday.

hta Iii'I jxicket must work. Lit us, ness, lassitude, excitability, irritability" nervousness, sleeplessness I Some men use Sundays as a sort of rlqfinn t m> ij

1 therefore, break away my dears, anJ : melancholy, "all-gone an want-to-be-left-alone" i sponge to wipe! out the sins they committed

grapj-lo again with narrative. I feelings. blues, and hopelessness. during; the previous six d3fit.'II t tI Ciflz&'iEi'l ; ;

"Why do you hate him, child" asked: I In such cases there is one tried and true remedy. LydiaE. There are times when one should *

e: the mother "Has he"I I Pinkliam's Vegetable Compound at once removes I.'II I, speak gently; but, as a rule It Is necessary I \ ..' '-" 1 r-t. .
"Lfctenr: .. t.
Injuriously! ciclalmed the | ; :.u. .tl :
such troubles. The following letters prove this They also to use a megaphone if you want I
daughter. 1t Is not a story of pert i
tie worW bear News. Ii
| to you.-Chicago i -
the value of Mrs. Pinkham's advice. I
fidy. I could bear that. It is not that prove

i- Ills love has grown cold. I could en- | AVLat lie AVtrrlrd About. i HILTON GREEN, JOH? -I-i

1 duro even that. It Is worse. You remember "I think" said the baby's Aunt Grace I PRESIDENT. CASH tLI.r !.
*tfr I went shopping down town DEAR MRS. FIXKIIAM :-I take pleasure in writing you a few lines "that she has her papa's nose and hemamma's T. E. WELLES, R. M. BUdHNELL,
thanking for advice. I did just as told me m taking I VICE-PP.EGIDENT.
this ?" you your you your eyes. : ASST. CASH! IKK.RIX .
_ morning
t ; medicine, and life to You are Iflce mother to I "
owe my you. a your sex. "Well. replied Mr. Xewpcp, "I'll nocare t
"Yes. eick, all down and felt sick all I looked like
was awfully was run over. a DIR C' ORS:
so much about that It she onldoesn't
Jj i "At noon feeling hungry, I went into I person brought out of the grave. My face was as white as the driven snow.I 9"
** a convenient restaurant for a lunch- : was always tired after doing a little work and would have to sit down.I ha ie her grandmother'stongue.Chicago If. E. WELLES, WM. FIHHEB.!::! M. P.OI!INSA !
Ir troubled with headaches and TImes-nerald. of E. E. Baundsrs & Co.
eon. I was terribly my appetite was good ;
|jrf- "Yes! also, troubled with shortness of breath something awful for about a month.I I K. J. WHIT nRE. JOHN F. PFEIFFER, 1fOP.RltLF' I :
"I sat down nt a little table In one could not go up one flight of stairs without being tired and having to V.'htre lie Cot It. L. HILTON GREEN.
,i I stop to get my breath I was feeling just as miserable as could be. I took I "I see that Jones the northern writer .ems
,i ('orner.t a table some distance: away two bottles of Lydia R. Pinkham's ctable Compoundand has made quite a success with I

1 waa Kulot Mtlone. His back was turned i cannot express my thanks to you for what your medicine has done fo.rme. I southern dialect! stories." \ General Banking' Buaincts Transacted

toward me, and he did not see me. i ."-MISS M. F., 35 Devon :bt, Grove Hall, Boxbury, Boston, Mass I "Yes: he once passed through the I

;What do you think Le was doing I 1 Can Work Every Day in the Week Now." south In a sleeper and heard a white
: A shudder ran through; her frame, .
e I. maD cussing; a nigger! : in Tennessee !
''1 and her voice! had a choking sound. DEAR MRS. PINRUAM-I: write this letter for you to publish for the Atlanta Constitution. ? Accoants Handled Oil Favorable Terr: F?.

.+ f "I Bin sure I cannot Imagine: child. benefit of poor, suffering women. Lydia I:. Pinkham's Vegetable I U CRn r o a mot and geld CoSlccyAcrAtt
a, "lie was puttlu molasses on his Compound has done me a great deal of good. I have taken three Srrlon Cnie.y ,

fc v. fler'-Chlcago Tribune. I bottles and feel like; a new woman When I began the use of your medicine I Prom,Hy 'nde f TixACCOUNTS
I was hardly able to bo up ; could not do half a day's work. I ached I

1t.lul" of rtrohrrBread UI\'L.t'T, i from head to foot, teas almost crazy, had those bearing-down pains, and II I -- -. n

U de staff: cr life, but do po' | stomach was out of order. Now all of these troubles have left zue and I --.. r l!:' \
work in the week and feel tired." [;] SOLIC1T1I\
can day -
every '
Y man all time :wur! rt-un' tn crutches.DU !. 11. :
? worl' Is n.i fr'ea tcr grace wVn FREEMAN, 402 Pennsylvania Ave., Lima, Ohio. .I.Vt "7'l' --l : i

Lit sue jrar.> c'.uu! evil tie: cjntribu1 !: 8 --- '

i, : tloll Iox. in? to the fact that onc skeptic*! I 1 @J [;il 1

1 I>e fool la. t"-p clays U so wise he : RE -1 1 RD poP! hae from uetoume questioned !' b ffJlr I
'it Vi\I : thclcnuncnt'Uohhe( t.st! cn.alletters : iltty J.lb, Y\ LODGE ..DIHElfIHYHUIGH'rc ( '
;e fpou' al! his time: in tcllla:: '!e wise man v V. n 0 0 we ire tor.j'.antly: publiibing. KC have I !
; deposited .ith the National Cry earls of Lynn M....., $;uQ whr.t he don't! Lnow.-Atlanta: : Cvn tl! i ./
ijfi-g vi.ii.-h wil! be pad to any per-n wno ran sox that the :toTe : Ii ,.;_
h >, tutloiur testimonials are not lenuir.e.or irtrc.J'uhl-j.4! Wore obu...iog tie r .ltcta ; :
.l., _.- -.--- tl"ners' specie*permusi.".-Lv!>t...,.. PIMKHAM Mst-iciM t;0. I rt(1 I II. t..i !\\ CFPYTTt; .VS.

,, ..,..... .. __ .tJ\;! -
7" \
Ilrsrt f rnl1ut "" "' = "'- 'W : P" rttacolatothr. ':-. :t. HI'm@N4
toE "Brooks !::tw a cigar -- t1&
Ft. rv "
t "Thanks, eld fellow." .". '. '. I The Tlsur n"n In Ctlro.In Mother-\Vherf bayou been, Micktr Q> IUK t.i ai ,
""* I'lo-i- '
(Lights!: ) i .. .. :. I' coui'.tli-sa: ways is the w..rldrot':. ? ) MiiUiiii HIM! ,. .
': : >: C : :.i L,
"IKm't out Rivers, forlieavcn's 'L '
:?;) Just yet '" I',
IL ah. ing more and more like: nn'- htv.v city 'ting o.
; Falel""Why : .: i.-" .: :r.i.- : 1 J.. Hiua'.- Mieicy-Sittln: up: .
'I remarks the Newark Sunday ( ::ol.! Xtr: Mother-Go en: Who's that \ aIcutu.'F
t '
? hv !l. '
not rvi T.-
-r rvct II 11 .x'lr Nii IL HI11
coats the news that: the dine: iPll hn
1e a .'I d1't3ut to he haft alone with '1 : t : : Mickey-Terry lJu au. Ih.',; jury 1 1 3 kK.WO. B .
i.4: appoariil in faroff 'airo and teat it is 1:
iL"-Chicago; Tribune. :. : :. : 'II dropped rt 12: smoked his_! _erst____cigar.__h.Chicago__ Sew
aututnatk.ily :
r j sop! r-i :ionre of D. C"y mul h.:, w ,";! i iI m. cvor,;y; '' When you or I hilion-! use thot,<
Late in
day. this
month the tlmo 1 I
....; niK: HLOOD crm: i shop reliici i Cl"l;,H'.l by Houry | : fain' u< littlepillsknown: a- DeWitfi: II V7.
will: I
:::tour au( a ,!lr"r."iU hi a 1\1-8' of 1 icnnstr begin business Alexandria.. lu: :t Little K rly{ Risers: to rlei.cepthilv Ii
t' rt An Offering Proving Faith to Snf-j! .:c'taa b.louging: to It II fer\ wore than this they have just crt.ibWieil ( r and b'l'nl. Th-"y IIPVPI r i, tic Oat; Ticip No. 1 \V .' !'J;!i

,,,: 1'ffCM. & C,'. the l"i.'is: e-tuiu!:'>l .t about'' 'l an Intert Lan ge vrcathcr tt 0- irripp., : itarsrH Piianr.acr, dohcry 11 I WorM.fet'rc .

t tJ i I? your Ilion Pure? Are you sure $(!),(7J0, wi: t H.lOOihsarexco.j jams font out at S .iA.-K-t! er .; 1It'1'&lard. Sidney Ka.r.! i WE ADVERTISE: ; '. '. IlLV. t; ,?:ct "".\ tit; d t .

I.I.I siornln! ;. between Cairo, AlesaadriaAthens. I. t ti .'M1 GUn."', 1"1'".11.6' 1
: of it? II.) cuts or scratches heal i That i- why Pre .
I CHfA? .S'JRAf'CE.:. I'.riiullsi, .111'\'I"-. i our :eHrti'3; my.T ; W. '. ..
j IWrut and Malta! .
1 lowly? Dors skin itch burn? I' I' I. Tieuncrt.' } u'ir.e;: Gww, K. K. Tu.txr .CI 1..11;.
your or Many man hs bten insured! Th' latest N that Omdu:'aan. w Bch'! -igndtakP=tld, f lMllf\1 d : ; FO P.lri: '. -- ,
i Have ? Irulions"Aching of pilerlnir: her *; ervicf as aci fin -- --
you Pimples i .ir.t Kltcheiicr toch from the
i IJii ht'ri dieaedabct- cr' Dwlouiiis BO
a s
ISones or Kick Eczema? : short a time! is rend =s tv.idwife:: ha\ij:? had :3" ypxprri s': Pure DrugsAXD
ago petting fvr .
vtherdangeron* ailment by a fifty ; i n no". Can give \be-tofnfer Wemfa 14Jyspepsia
'1 Old H.rp.? i;. !JN l ? Scrofula Rl.eajuatiitn time I all like; .
Alexandria .
t ) :, cent bottle! "f For.r.v's l- J MY I,I u! J Cciro.J ; f'I,1.: -= firm hading: i-hysiciaas: !: o f
? Foul Breath! ? Catarrh? ]' 'fin.V.. A. IVA! ?ulK-rte. I I 1 ,. -:. ..... (
J: Like Oliver: Twist i c-idr..n !)"k '.. .. M
Are 3't) pal? It-o: purify yourlil'nJnt"e"nithlt.ll.ltIi'tnnic jI i T' >-, :>. .. ....,1" ;>; -, z' ROMPT SSR.VrCI LtV f.J U
for more v/hsrii: sivrn OaM": 1 .;.'p jiff IMSt; : < [) Viliii3 St.for .
le'uteheonlon: \\ e'.J.: JA Couzh Curs. Mothers BO ,
J f-r.icrv i TIM: r.K.s .
Rio t till .lri! I. It I makes the lin! <>d its !
Slncai j highly! (..r P : : l acceptable Idea Cures
-j-.viu.r, N. C., March! 14 crcup. quicl'nCTI
and Pure K''I\"II Hii'l a l;i"t clir.:. .hiarvery smooth: 1 I3"itthy!'Prc''a. I, hiurriv?. ]her', John T. McOctheiD, :!ial coaan! 'l c--l.li .!!. I Fv. :y rn. j "'"Jrn tsts if patented. : \\l] n n II
threat! auit !Int.-1-. I
p a THE; PATENT !; 1,
k1: Do P-'I iti-d eas's: likp ulcers, I the artist of Chicago, has m.!do cue ur- ; ''h : .. a ti' 1 ? iincsts eat.
j \, cific for : .: .1 wtI ,. -. Phn \
can r, i i'.!!..4ni.'j, IVinful HWt 1- ': (i'i- ::J'! :; !! !-.Z !Ut.m.. M:!. 'f x + UJ you
aging:: in He ka I-njrbr-nj. I'h''wi!' I .. -- .. ..,.
progre-s many
h IInBI" : ways. ; a w : r' > iiv Ir-------- - It alt (;..illid.) e .s the 1.\1. 01::
: "tl! I'HIMMI : .
: urn qnfckly
rented coruiuodious hcuie anj ; .. .
a \vi-i .
ample : r > Jl.rjiI'i'S; .a'
cur d i by l It l B. H., r.iida .'ci Ill 1'; ." ; ire In stre.lthtllIl t 'I !
.. P'jmhH' ;
i--p ) ; :;rolluh. :| Ill I\\ r .It. .- i. i .ni Jno.! SW = Urns t tl)1'r .
I for all t.l-'I' ;te m.1! and HkinTroub1. : ._. ar.i. : a I i structt'Ig! tic esmi: : t> tl dir -: I

It. I 11. 1 1':. is dilli rest< !r.:.: I l'uilUt K1I!"- -
j"I Olll'T liL'-Jl.- ;" 'e.ttt'N H. 15.I I!. : DCSVFR March 11.-Jimmy Cocgan, :' '-ifTfl1DEflS :: ; / 17' P l\f.j!. ant and tonic. J'o o'litt: 1 jf-i .: ', !

dram-: n,,' I'. ,.. ;,,:li Humors oat: j I' :1'/:1'1 / I, T'.ier.ttJ\! ( : :) ). c?n approach it in ctICi"? !,-y. J' .tr
a local lightweight rngi>r, was shot 4)4ji
) I stoutly ralievesarid : i
of the HId ;1..1 1 t ,.tirt> y.ieia '0 ; ----v perzuaru.td

the -y;:!,t"m- ciiir.ut f..turll. (live through the hen and m=tautly killed: } ;.J'.:) ...."....ftlt.l.'C-, .,..>.**..,...-7T( : Itj'"pcpJla, ladlf"lu.D: il'alt.frI'tarlience : : ,
it a tri.il. I h: r.ir. w hl'lI all tlsef! ilTln -. :1 by frank ea'.tcr: letter known ns i ii .1 to. 11\\ \ C I ,. : : boor Stomach. N-: tShkleadacbeGasttai.aLrtt.i

>r.>4.' \ \" : "-ii-i; f.'r jtlye i 11 M Sold i Plunk" Walter, early today, in a sa- I] t:-\-.,/I c; /. I--. \ !(\-. -...." ..A. CarJ to Gentlemen : ;. 1 ,
i at dru ; -'"- at $i pt r !hrge bolllt Ixu. : \ r-- '" ,'....;"- V ...O-_ .1.*, cherish all other results of ioipirftrt 'I f '. .
: ,
t. 6 hr,'"' bi>f'i"( :Tfull: tr. ntn >Ui ) t.>. J I -- -- -- -- RY '->(. ) fr- Q9ali1 : -?.manciaa.Itoni rltaSac !r.d U. I.ai'te:1.:oon:..:!; "-.'t 'II .
$oauJtrr-tuivtt-t ir, a tti-illj-Jt- : AFTER t A CR1 .... 1.1 Jtl 1r ;all&bontd:: pf rid 'c ;
?? -\H\l; ? ; :
... t tlt > : E. .'
s I ;:. r2po fcy: C.Da1I1TACOC;; : :;a
tl* ii \\.lY I.'J ttuttiv I free. 'l .
pjvt ? I I
C'I1II1)l racking Cf ugh: :< d! a |I ( l II 'r {l it Piinnrai-v :1.! .: :
\Vri'f..r it. A.Mitss: I'JJODItAI.M .. ;l r- ;
i l ,u ..
.: 1"tl 'rrtlfreti'trofwetkn l'.luy's ; \' V f :; I. S .1\hn'
I tlAthia.i.ia. .
Wilt* t<>- I Vo; 111L.taC t c 20R1 .
; ; .
diy. !>,.-> tin.'troatde'tud free mi-d I HONEY AXI TAR piiant--.1 tu I '' '- .
kiln" cure tlio "'Jrii'pe rough" ::1\(1! tn-.hc II -24t
I' given. I mfi !
I RYE THBKT {3 1)511)8M ) ) ( 1 I .
I v>!> -tr >tpd w-11 T .ke m subtitntes. r.I fi l

}i H 9- th it you e-c-t the original D?.1 ;; W.If.___ ._llt'"lbrlte._ I : da .. ; d'I t rf: fV
_. ;
Witt'sV.ci! !tzvl Silvivl rn > ->u : h ?titfy, cJrrel! 1.iam A Careful !,* ur; & I i u ,, ..i\'S: .. ,? .. .
l'a'k .. / \ O'
for it. I'1; }:<-: uL! <' i is a c' ri'ain( COMMENCE THE NEW \TAB : t

; tur f.:T 1'Ik-| .I' rc-j and o.j! ,:i,- 'jvi- r:, :\SPA\VN\S: r.v.vro- j cily is? Ill I ; Dcusy; Y In nhi.! t ;c-_' '"<.i ; ; ,.- ., .. I.

t, FAPd. 11 n.ii; Piim: >T, Su- .\ ciif.fnl r.'iif' ..; i M I u1. i' .* *< i
> |;
( ),ahn.J'rSl: :':'"\f. i 1 n.1..TED:0:::: n \ ;':G r.T.\L E: We Mb 1 ttis VMb; .:it' n tho.vr t!. ,,n mri\\ I 4 t';r$e& .:. I Sab:: Doers,

--- --- \ND DF ICA TIm CGCOANt'T. that i is the c;-ute .If Pli-ts-! If ? re .r..i 15..... ..., H11 i... o t

THE KING: OF ; :O.D liY ALL OROCKHS. j In Quarts $1.00 t lublo: Liver Tonic tad been V--d i Blinds, Lithe,
: EQUAL TO THE FRESH: IN per q the ine-4!! ci'uJ! have tccu prey, n! Soli} iy DsEteiscr! : Lr"lCt. ; .\.

Scotch QU.\LITYl'CIUTY u I ed and\ the patitct s ved the gu0fi! I Flooring.I .
;"s Whiskey, ''TIT)'. Ql'AX- In Bulk $3,00 pep gaJACOB Jl I s.ndesptrt--e.--e. Oarl'eaistngi: i\
I you a Liver Tonic that! will(;} in ever: ; : that will keep :
Comfort'l I IgtttJfcrJ.J.HcCssEl&C
i l
--- -- ;
11l CS&BBIE. I way be nl tr.ffit. \Ve want you t I
'T"c handsomest -TRY- IT_I'" t.y 11 EPATIC'I:: R.t which is th e you comfortable
i > yI .: Liver Tonic : Sawn Cypress Shingles.
best know
HOLD I'.Y ALL FIRST-CLASS: I IlL! hJ ir.c a'l'l at the we or. during the cold weather : (

ri kl trALOONS.Hoog I Prepared only by I} OFFICE AND
cheapest and at such low DEPOT:
prices ever offered t prices

1 & Stern, I in Pensacola. See our dis-I JitYGEBIJOU ,I P, W. SHITE, Fteist? that you can afford to buy B1yIen; Street Wtarf. Te8phonj30PENriACOLV.! -

ej lVboe{ ale Agents: for Florida. I play. vl/a rston fin c h. I BAR. '. No. 7 :::3. Palafox St., Pensacola, FI] 1'1seleral.. Marston $ Finch 11 .



.. .. .. ___ _.. .
,.. "'
4 -
'. _. .....:...- \ -- ... ----- .-'V : --= '" .r L '''''( J" ii --- I

;',. ,"' : ;; >"- ,.. ,
", t.4f. q* C'V. .. .. __._._
.. -
a' Ya..a r. ",1. ., w4 Xc a "C"r- _.;..,!Oo-/"M.---_- ':""se ;" <

: f

-- .-

Dufiy's; Pure Malt Whiskey

am.rlea'a Greatest lled1ctae. NATIVES ANXIOUS


t 1'Marinduque| Ready to Accept PLANTATIONgSAMRILI'A

American Sovereignty. I


Island \Mll \ot Be Attached to

Tayaba, us the People Favor it !

EM Separate l"ro\'lnce-1IaJJr Johnsou i

to He Governor. i iROMBLOX. !
CURES Consumption General De-

j' ,ty. La Grippe, Colds Bronchitis : Island of Romblon, March :

Mi ana, Dyspepsia Depression, andweakness 17- mail !
from whatever causes. (By from Beach, Island! of
Marlndcque March IS -The
11 u a ifii r nuf. H<) lure yon get the ) questionof ;
.Inu'tftt end KWtvr <.r dirrct Jl.00 1 attaching this island of :
.: <.rn.o.Ilai biMtkUH&nd tfftimon'*:,, iliriaduqtwto
Hay ....It"hl.ke> <<'0.. IIucbeter,1. t". the provincaof Tayabas. discussed by i, s

___ _ ____b_ the American Philippine commission :
during their arrival here, was decided i;

... :.L! ::; in the negative. The sentiment of the

people was wholly in favor cf fon.ing
: ; t1 !h.:< tl s': ani
; ; a A PERFECT 505
separate proviu&j. A population JL BLOOD PURIFIER.c
i .u.il !iitii vt'a; i'.t-!
'10,000:13 represented daring the dis- .
.L.: : \ u'eL Le is very pare'
i cussion aud tho commissbn has met intelligent
representatives from all tho
.> t:5:1: 1 i.i tae Gt'f-
towns. There 100: -- -
are insurgents still
i 'II tuutd !!t:1rr at in the mountains of but
Manadcqae !
Cetns .
; liy Prescription.Most
:. .r of lC:: Lo is still:! otherwise the inhabitants are anxious who ia SOUTHERN
people are good health
for the pacificatiou of the island and to know In a Jor.eralt'J>" what ails, theui. ]Ic IinallBrOB., .Co. III
ac'eptmerkll sovereignty.! Ju ite
.' i.hLrati.! the new. Taft has announced Captain liindholtr; Some of them knov.what kind of food COPPER WDRKS
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