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the muscles of the, ;:-.-!'.-! one of celery. Put the H.LFALK. ::: i'IIiljl'I! '" I
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u.1 -trrs sat. a saucepan and let tluiuiini rr.>nAtoi.A. PIII..tUI, :u.Itie. ; i aI'KXSll S ypht7;: \
1'1t"ILW111'1.. !!+. -Th.. twenty neck, Luck and cheat. It I.. tinboil! in their oxvi liIIU/,:. M:. f.V.. Hmuh.Liiy: -;- nhva.v- bring their j

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.\.....iati< u of Fr. t'lueNu, ikon allowing lilt: i.rfr.lVluf viraar.. tali.1spoonful has uro\., >.-n a iirrfi-rt imDHn-a in thf Ilon.i*. I
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the llllg1'I)0m to he, inlttlliliif A ijulck n In I ( i.t'iciTlie! U.ll1"lI11" foim. l p-: old one t.iblesnionful! | of lemon tht- rtoinnili. KIII frfrci hxvr rpuulKTorMlut 'uU. b. Green & Go.'sJ
ally web! i-d t" ':1:11'1.11h': M.iyi Bullet < n of partially ) injlafcd ji-.cc. Let the oysters stand (iu t.isdri" blond h-au.-r. It ->inpy) routi nil dirn -- I I ellc.
niylh. w i I' f wari-mdi-d tu by Cii..1! ,rk itiul b>' impure IIIHH and a il1- >rlirfd -
at eadi Ircath. Itt <;t'K; on the kt for two hours.Winit .tolll.-lch. Asa >|>, C'llr for rhure i ,
\\ l' :Mi'A! f Riltum: Orjra'iiu No. 37 South Palafoz. i iIF
ready, uis the oysters with the piprciAlI.t Inrirtvntnl t. -nutbtrni' I III 61t'.
lion wa |. n '.'t.bv the! app.iintmuiftfier gives an t'rcet, manly and "Ul"ltllta"'u ut..urp..*-fJ.KttfvfltuHy.. I
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dAGj'hh'r lal..f llurrii fanlltt.I'i" dignified appearance to a. tICS; :,1'1; i'i and i-rrve. e. K. L'I \hK.
and and Matron i'enrl KHXHU liuiue. MAIN Jl/lnH. :
matt a training

rii) .lrluu Irct In A.h<>\ llle.AMILVU.F. h 1111+ H. Vfilafiix Strt.. J'lio:..
beating et/aal'to the n.. I'K\oA"OLA. la. "" 1=1. I'jm.!
artnijvr not geteared if your heart:
:\. \'.. O-t. 9.-Tu- :Mia 'rouble Io"t Mr. 1'. \V. hmltti. City: YOl' WANT TO INVF.ST
military school. It >rc you. likel011 sulMfrom I ISKANCH : Opo I'nlnn l D.-p. t I' _
: .
/ Dear Mr: I unit (>m..of rout new Itrerrate
....i..iriii \ aU'vIii".11: a-jciatio! indj.rp tKui. Kudoi! Dy-pep-ia hjJ"-fttH."lor hiLou.n.and \ ll'H MOSEY i I

Dead H* opening ...simi tbii morning 31 Ui::e.t? what you pat and gives "'t'r. W'itaont liVMtHUon I can say torpid It to

shut Batter win on P Mmlf i\m ri;t1mt'llty hotel of the The addre eity moruiii Lex..ei of Altornr welcome .<>!>: af bu-(11(1girls.the lungs in It growing]Jl'Cl.'ent.-; the that It i is worn completely the! omtnmac1 only di invparatmn;:ets ail perfect cl ies known rt-j-t.IIf the beet nifdicir.*sincerely I--\ff-KM.Crt ours);A. -. ,,\. BOKS.S >() THAT BIO IT11.1.IXTEKKST. J.YO'j, I HEINDERG[!I [ BROS.ij .1& Ci(J.) .

Geural T F. lIlTl.1"1I and on befof and corrects stoop shoulders rood ; that i- why it cure tile wor-t a-AcoLA, t'I", !:-pj., 13; imi.Mr. CALL ON

k&\ the niixUcHl profes-iou by Ir anrll'ontractcd caeof indize.tion and stomach. I'. W. "' "l1tb. City : D. HALE WILSON & CO., '

John Hey Wilhaais: : and an adilrr, b.t chests, trouble after everything ha* lifarcir: I bll'.n taking our newliver

Dr. Harold N. Meyer of Chicago. Then, and will add years to your failed. It may cd't.n'It be takfn in all conditions muutb cure "Hrpnica". and it Ktpt uluringltu nir pcrrectir' but (uminrr rliKir'ore -. SOl'TH: PAI.AFOSTREET.. ,, WH DL&L C& R RO C ,

li a Urpy attend 'l'. life. Worn by Wl and help but do you Hiking It 1 wns trimmed ith torpid ,
sexes, snort. Margin l'harmacridne.\ liver mid i-<>n'tipation.ffliag very bal
Ill1lU well DOW, thanks to you and your W. T. GORDON & CO.
xi-es and Price Olr Kahn. John Sheppard. ;
( rritt rU..I".tI'Iu. ages. (: medicine. Kerpectful! Palafox Street

AL\I i. Tei Hot. :. -:More than ;;((X() Dollar for all sues.IIJ --- -- -- 3tK .\. \V. ('A>K. M Estate tort Tims LO '
"1l fur -'ile l ns.
Add to the beauty of Smith'* -patica" i- I.y
unille hwe are still entirely hoaiele<:, ,T. TRIGG your Pensacola Florida.
the following\ dru:: : ,' Peiiii'-ol-el i :
M a rer-ilt of the harncau- Sept. S State .4 P.11t. home by buying a few Hannah I5ro.-., ridn'Kahn. R A. ffECIIlllHiliCI! GK:!( 10 BeilKIflH.: -

Itiere i* prewine amid of lumber aut Address General those handsome Everett Iud Alpha Pharmacy. for acceptable Ideas.
aber baildi: r nW l'riall.r mouvvtl Delivery,, of Price tilt 1 cents a bottle. 109 East Gorfrnmtnt Strett.FENsACOLA. State If patented. i

vbicb: to pnroliaw thera. Cil" framed pictures at llarstonf Made only by P.V.. Smith. Phar- "po :a flout.L'uiiiu.: m THE PATENT RECORD:

-- -- Wanted. macit.: \0.7 outb Palafox :street. Baltimore Mi ff
Agents Fin clt's ,
Try ink N iw* Want Column fLCd".A I'



isf.d, P i,i.. ...'.. .- .....-" ..... .' ..." --.,.... ._ >. s A'-="- _' __ .__ ." --- -. .._ ,. -

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------- -- ----- --- -
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- :.1

Fortification.I PEOPLE UNFIT TO GOVERN. .....-=:.--: A CARD. 'asjlnTrn I
A Strong The manufacturers: ; of Banner (' .er t \

t -t! 't'the body againstdiseasej .Ph.t .. the HamlltonUn Idea. Bird FROM'M' =); Salve have authorized the under ; ... 9 I IAM
Mark liana U of a Like Opfnlon.Etry skied to guarantee it for burn .

j l! '.. ;; !.t', s f0rMckhcadachcdys( :Pills, an malaria abso-- :[tpn.st| >iniler with once M In hlrh)'In x aside awhile the !real the: a cloak principles RepublicanM111 of pre-of 4)\ro i )\ _t' your and cuts it claims.money all sores skin W.back ulcers A.diseases.D'Alemberte.if, it tetter.doesn't You eczema do have all m? {T ii GtH RAL CONTR ETC a. ttI! ; :i

.turstomach ,
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. I[the Republican party have been ('0"- ) .
? PURE I! .............. -
bilious-I['rv j tion, jaundice, At C. V. Thompson's.
very KtartlinR and alarming thlngs HtAIIHFUUl! DF'Artisti= DPsin-. Estimate: :. Plans and Specifications for Build- :. f;

r .. : .f! all kindred troubles. that i.s. startling: to any cue not COQ- _,- Crane's; Ladies' Note: Paper and i ng of AU Kiud. Prepared on r'hort :\'otice. Building Hepairin;. Mantel
Envelopes to match. ,Itld Grate ; A Large and Carefully Selected Stock of Fine Mansels
Wheel of Life" initt"' l to u runaway pulley! of linperlallstn ether; :
The Ply and lr'jttlIsm. William DudIcy Cambridge; Linen and Envelopes.Hurd's : Orates and Tiling of All Kinds.PLUMBING .

i! j :: t; Your l.iver Pills: are Koultr. who i-omcsi from Indiana\ Invitation Parchment.Paper and Envelopes. ) .

the stare In wllkh! the ltunNtnt! :L!m Linen Tablets. .' I
hetl' ( f life. I shall cv'errtll DEPARTMENT :
. ) ,
i tutu its :Ni,-lys.: Las ittai* out in :at art Frosted Velum and Envelope ,

: for the accident that !bcaiN" for llnimllry\ rf thf prwt ads English Note; Satin; Wove; Tissue;; I,,I

n.lnl'--trMtii( ImtL atr'..al1 anal at h >:r.o.Mr. Paper; Dennison's Crepe Etc., witha E. B. MOREYManager.'r

i 1:1': i m to nl}' notice I feel J IVniIkf\ ni\iirt: o.:t 1J" Lest and COCOA6'AND. Q',; general assortment of stationery

C. V. THOMPSOX, LrPu.lhilz.: : rpam. Water and Ha* Fitting. A Complete A?sort.
.1,la k of life. vlnr.H! \in a pul.lio Kpt: 'Prh that thl'"t.tt'I.I'
new use Xo. 30 South Palafox Street.DKNT.UJ rent: _* Bat Tubs, Closet?, :Sink: Lavatories Gas and Electric Fixtures
ut found in the r'ts'Iaratiou: ofI CHOCOLATE .
---- --
!'u I'latteC.mnon.CoL I 11,1'1"/11:1 i r ti-rt: ":il r."i .re rrPa l.'U ': '
NOTICE.Or No. 19 S. Palafox St. :: Telephone No. 345. '
Liver Pills wjual"\ li. nut tnif. 1"hn ptatpn-r hat SOLD AT OUR STORES T.J. \\VlcU bavingust rrtarredfrom

Tutt's "all CM t'rnmcnts d.! rive their! just jiowirs 0V l'hiesgoaudNewt'ork.aacre lie has been .. ..
-- -- ----------
JRDCERS''EV[ ERE studying aDd Investigating all of the 1111..5bud t
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.* TEMPERATURES. ti..i tnu- mal r.i-vir has l'I'I'u.rll.l- .... ,,'pl''lallr1all""trll anil TU...n --THE--
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'i ..I. t" uiHittlurei | ,|,\). \\ Ion say that i':i'"piTiaK; I Is! a i ." He too!; down his bid, white! lor furniture at low prices,

i :'it' :uriii..Iilij !hoI 1'ngy and that tin-re r.rin>> is.-tars tn- l..it. nldcli v'as tV.a5rd dawn the inidlile cash or instalment plan, atMarston .

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,;,w"rllll.H.t at Halitin this larut.a'rn.Tlxiso up tight : then he IIB-M.d it #in the air. or PR N S A'ttrt.

I' CIOn....'. is a 1.1.,tk \\I,ii attrfnpttoIh..- ) the itandof With a rrackt'iK; sound it .-[-inad open

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: '- alai atmct th- Ilatallt-tulan) MI a of p'itrnwent. L. HILTON GREEN.PRKSJDSXT.. JOHN. PFEIFFER,
i i.it/it on on;ii'd shiH{ >. dee! ;11 center 1.t'ai" :iI ?f. fi CASHIER.

\ .et.ulartttsity. TI hii-Ii !is tit! I< -"that the !'I'pIL'ur. all. "You could suaU! this hat: fur a ATN N & T. E. WELLES, R. M. HUSHNELL: r

.. i Mirf, r nf tttu; .' 1:11tt: tit ::utrrL" SurJi; is Xork tae!:." he ci.tuar.HKl: : ":4 lid inn ;It out tlP r VICE-PKESIDEST. ASST. CASHIER. y

.. ...1 U. tll<- ruUt. llannu'h Mia. and it Is only! ntr! .'.*":try Cjtt: itftcrwurd. but when you t.iie: to \

I Ut\\ > i) fl$. toy for tlie I" 11.IP t.> t-ani-tiui: that !hil':1 to put it on again it v.oulu be just as \'i.uMl' b.Heal OIRKCTORS:

iilj: i Ini iii- tinlaini.! ,
It. l protf it .
Estate r. E. WELLEr. WM. FlhllER. RIX M. ROBINSOYof
i ii" .j i 1 u nhhuarys ----- .1 Women in :Mexico and ror.nd.ibmt
Tlint !.'"' Anlmel. eau.1T E. E. :iunder. & Co.
.> : < '''.' tJlI' lMtI15 'rica make the Inns u"'in gstraw K. J.
tPid .f the hi&llI'ot. u.au Is In : all that t : WllITMIP.E, JOHN F. PFEIFFEH. MORRIS BEAR
!"l" II ti,-' lllktUlliV V) thai haslitt'ii selected with limit'are L. HILTON GREEN.
I...11I..1'1.01" ts the l'i\U'--l I if the ;'..li'.ir..llklil''diilii. :
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lil >t l.-unl.fli.. the l'iu>t es; >
I.. M.UH .>l",'*'titi a tlii' m"*1 Kiiv-rlj. 11... t.in-t l'yj<:jiTitifi!! from oar dictation to smother and it I A General Banking Bu&inetf Transacted.

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tun'u nniual. "':\I'I'P t plat\. 1>H1.-; Jicuj.le
..1.\ I II tllf ('llt'n ISvIiit: ; su far altar
I.Jmu! Fur vu.hill vviiiaen. :
for tinluerv Kiket : Vessels' Accounts: Ilamlled on FavoraVrle Terms Ex-
'., t 1. "r tuU.I .- l..lltl&l:1. i2 !.. tate the r/e I: of nnctl.er C..r from ever.v Illi!:;:. are ijrii'irant t.f talc! Pensacola, :Florida. ,

I,. 4tlll Iunl''g uf M-II.-II! I'lsl.ty: is kid:i 'fashi'iiis., teed; that is why the hitstctr Chang? Bought and Sold, Colleniioa'.'

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.. .1.l 1 il-f I.. !>mall + by aimeil 1 awl urauiZl'.ll'al'l.; .". t. r 11.111I would" !IIJI1I1II11")1 it U. -

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The Innate spedes i is tip tmljvHH'ii's : buy lh"tn up at gtKKl prices."The I .. OLTctml 1 f.LaiIlldry
I'. xvaiiMn property, and can ell on "' : .
I'aiiun.a hat costs alI (
of diuiiU that plunges; to Mid I' p-'l'l-tt Instalments
monthly or quarterly ,
..1 IIIIK 'i.:i ,<>st lvi. depthf atnwity. Erse: vijier.; U'I I Ic..st !::u. and if >'ou ..11111hll\a\ K> foi' suit
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t),'I};.> J" tint kill: for rciTestiun.Xo
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'II.I not IKjrtttui sta
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IIrh 1 i hinds, and gea'!i.piiK! :No animal! I I!." folIowiUK! ; the fr.Miiest: patrons, the lowe-t current rates foi 1 i iI
I ,.ft. -'V Collecting and Delivering
1'\ecpt) M.IU! >IM'HS MI 1II'c: a partf I tory in the v uiliL L)o you urt'e'lth ire, life and accident insurance
.. ',..I'''' I
the of number IIf;
I Ills Bitches strUiil'for MtptTlority! !jtiot halo! navinx; agency a ( .
,' -: I"th': the be-t companies in existence", r
; Work
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I-tar'ri.rity \\hii-i! coiiM"ts in sinipiv! : ,&\ an ylum. He n
.1 ..... II. .;r'tfu: : on the heads I>f one's fellows tort : .! hov tl.'c-y: knew when an Idiot : 'f0 .'il--- t r ) i-s alwa.vn done\ promptly to your \0 aI
.h .. I W atfens; i Rental Heafiiinarters I : :
: rI E 7J- ,
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I ordinary tuoraiity! t.. f:11,' linvs.of ,i to sanity to tlischarMtl-! Corner I'alafnv,..) Garden Strrrl'. =- 'J. __--:;. _l It ple's linen instead of your own. We '. f. !'I'
I i" : i .1'.1 i.ie 1 !lie world !in vlilfli lie lives so littl.1" "Uh." ad: the! attondai.t.! "it is easily i'KNSACOLA.: Fl.A..AL&AA.A.A.AA.1..\. [ f =sii : : .'' ::::'L-L::"" are careful: in oth handling and :

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; :.. = laundering shirt collars cuff!
i.- iii 1' \ CM, } your ; ? ?, J
sn It, as nl.D.UmUII1i'W.; \\ hre there are swrcl! troughs.l'e. \ rif y
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I ,, 1...atrvry- ;' ** 1 fVlf:; 1 as gaud a" new. Our 'laundry work
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Two d.xiiiKtaiti, "ties 1.( ca\iarc arei and empty the ,rfluh,.. Many of theta < I ,t::=;T'PP1\ ,l. is bl'yon.ri"alry\ and i is peerless in r I
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I i lauiifafturin! Iii<].i-tlu> xriuulati : i;') tin bailii! ; away while the tap keep.* < ,X _'J' 7 :, ,' so-"/l'.r. its: exquisite color and finish.
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u : .'' t. .rii >' 1.1.-iiwS .e-.e. TU.: .mall NearI'as; in- BRIGHT'S DlbtASE. < ALL VtTORC. O. D.

: I runis :.di'l. but the! *.c\ .-\\.1.| .->. are retatiied 1 ia high \living:: ir.temperarc"ure "xl''. JI 1I V
.- t t I :(" ;:.:... : I.e i.irlr. 'Io li.e'v pure sit! is nd4.'.1 and many ether things hrtagutCritht'diPaP. I 'II 1I 1I I I: TST.TTPHOSTS: 114. 37 E. GARDEN 3T
"II"|| .11' lOra: \ : Flluy': 1\11'\1-\:
.. .u tin1: l.r"IIlIi11i111 of iiui'-tVi'mtiftli! oruu I irCa'trlrte CALL .h FOR AND DELIVERED FEEE.1WALKSS
? !(t' : !! ':::11'1 til Ct' ti }: will l prevent Drlht's 111..1allll -i/ >
'. It i Is #iuiaiiately iai\d : < .J L
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', all nthi-r nidney or II
1 '
I .It ., d I. :r..>fi 1. .tll! tU. eu::-- by llifU!<-> of a Ullld: of ..rd.'rif\ token: Hi time. Take! Ruth- 4 i -7'vIc :INGRAEAM Manager.: f :

... "M.H.den HH'iiii| The t-aviaiv !is il.i-ss: in:'eUe.V.A.. D'Meinbertf. .. .
: .
! I. I 1.t..I t'
r. v : ,! \\atiT r"-ail l I> fur "U::"atIlliiull. It is i pu.ed -- --- -- -- !> "' .,

t ill riMlud ru.talilho's: ot u'le! iiiiii a .
t ut N n |" ,, b.lI.\ .' ale I"mills, and eIM'li! >|ied IUimreliini'ut I IT > : :ESTABLISHED 1863.
1 ut H 1 :'i .r'! ,,, ,, -
for tru-ii"'un: I >>u. 'l.npnsMd KIDNEY DiSEASE -.. :
1\\ f' -t, .t I .
caviare Uetps! butti-r thau the
I' it ,i. ti.ii etory trrauulited furl, r -- MoKENZIB OERTING & CO. .. \

't.5.:1:: 1'.1, I i .irixm. ,
i To I'lilalU it the fro! "'hi ire is treated are the most fatal of all dis- 1.
l tit u-r subi -
. i .". tI -DEALERS- 0 .
with M'lui'iii of :lit at 11"01!l.'s
. i .,. r ,HI tbt lit. eases.

.".i.iw s;i 4 I.1.I' '..oIt" nttl Many. lui l'.iuiiie dtgrtr until cf colisideialile the hardness tgs; :.iciinrf skill This and:1 njwiatioll ii'ituin eXpericuce. 1'--- KIDNEY CURE Is I I \\\T\ C \\\T\ ant Ship Chandlery and General hardware>>

.. ,. -.. i -iM'tit hit leijllirrs rOLEY'S SuariQtisd RIIQSJ
-"h.! ., hll.. tlw If ah!! \\ti 1 to .siav !in tl.e solution ] 603 ANI> 1105 S. I'ALAKOX STHIJ'T.AGENCY .

too loti.::, the t':1\ ian' will lot too The '1OllaII
.,rut that ul.IlktWt
1,1. -- -- -- --
-tr\ tUaui *:III, aud if not loiu "II"IIh the ';-ssCiiDIlot cr money refunded. Contains < {

l>o I.reserved. The'iarl' is eminent 4 Iro. REVERE COPPED COMPANY. JOHN A. HOEBL' G'd HONH CO.'S I r
i run' ''. remedies recognized by who thinks If
then put Into Miinli sacks. \\ !.jell are GALVANIZED WIRE ROPE A. RDSaELA fcON'S PUMPH.

pn'sMil niiilrr a scre'.v press in drive physicians as the best f for < Range is a pretty good Cinm Cor da&a Paiat: QiS! Htisal: InsrGiliSftts! thrf fells Uan: I j..f
... .
.. Ilironr. out the tM-etis of l :llL It is packed iu Kidney and Bladder troubles.! <5 tiling but that it cannot be .

.1 i tri aiurt's tit tin'K barn U I-LCU'IIKM: ;: utu I.HJIJ I pounds 50c. tad $IOO. > -.ispd for all cookin? purposes C01ltP.l.om F.TO. t
". brunt..., ought TU or heft in the oii::inal saeks, vvuichtutMsun \\'. A. D'ALE.MP.l.KTB. A to consider this fact : .C .fpKeuin' Oer: .rg; Collecting ..gent for P..ir iJ; :: t'- :-i.-volent o '
.1 i i.hl. b 1.\ 'J'H iudl: '.. The averageXj : A UH will do
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i\ u.J, t attuxt ItIII. ed .\'i.1 for thethieejeais .IC
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that will do
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.! i tn" iu Hid a.i...) toili"-iii'seiti( ; ;: a \alue of JlScii'iitilic ,- > will do it quickercheap"aDJ.. ,

': i 1 l. 'i ;.iinombt. F.ltldt.-. .Amuican.. iTo ,it>nve all thins;*, BETTF.K.j clatl.lI.Kodol' ciiii

I I I. l IM'* U 4 j You can prepare a full courser

i ili.iw I Iliac mi r. liurk. / dimit-r-.oup, H-h, rnat. vegetable TLfie tiny Cap:: :JIC9 superior '

', ...1 l lu'Uil 1'utg l.jl.' I'lincii ,.f Is-laai rond j ?, dessert; and cnJIee-on alias to Daumof Xnpjuba: ,

'imkrKumiitHl I N. It. n-ei-iitly lu.l a remarkable advvntmv. Range.I : Cvbcbs! and Injections. ,JW I

lie was tlLir:,; near the \Veli-: Dyspepsia Cure They cure in 48 hours the
(ireenville.! Montgomery;;: and Cirinii' I I
,. l 1 ..I r xt :S Itfr mill, Sol rallid: and iicn.ctcdlyhhi : : -iJan.r'iitiiriJ.iy: m;;nt.: (),or. I'I! !. same ,1LYL'Pt without: wiyincon-

hhi-t-lf in the !'r.'llI'l. of a leaving; I'nioii depot at l In.;MI: on ii.:: R RK n: 110CONNECTED B n. Digests what you cat.I I C'l'eD''r ;JtO9Y41LDRUGGISTS ,

youn;; buck and a couphof dots dutitv ular ra ,,pnifpr; train. Fare for rmincl I --
Ik. ....1,.... ImplUsi' of the liioiuent I.J I le rustli trip : 1'eii-acida (reen\iil,. Kw.to : It artificially: diesis the food and aids -

tAi tu auu.tn them and got nstridi1 II"! Montronu-ry. S'JiK): to Hirming- Nature in streuiitLviuii; and reconstructing CHICHtSTEH'S ENGLISHliiYrupML
.R From Cant; .inuv'It-ante FHEE. the exaausttti: duestneorcaus. i'i'B
buck, while the frhht..III,1.lIt! onctmade ham $:! uo.
rr., It I'; tile latestdrenv.'redd.gest4 PILLS '
as IVn-Hi-iila. FroiuMiit"u i'fftit B :
ih'iiisi-h I TLe bi.ethe 's
f I s Mtircc. extra. I'.Irties drsiringlPeprr wilt I! ant and tonic. No other procurationc : r.gl.ul I'I.I..I.sly 4.rKuini. I
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ruin ln ytnuiiil! Lrt-t-ly for tnas- Penmola Gas Co. .
i al'll" to tick.t afllt: in tune. Pars Ir .'i approach It IU eftcit; t.cy. It instantly .' IS. 1 Vvvi < UK HhVlMi'i. .I-M.ILMI tV'
,:' r' .1,144. t..ry. but tinally 1.) II' \\as unhorsed!, rtlieH''ilnd fI" ; I H '..,''' .' >. l
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'. ehasf: tickett : : < : -'v2. I ),. ; o .thrr. It.r.;..
,I .. ..b.iR and! the l-uik ii.ukits t' ape. K:'.n.d fur 'A days to return on any No. 3 Palafox St.I It. lade:.;o.tion, Heartburn, I Ii-' -\, *(-A I D.-rrou.'ub.tllui..J..... . 'j.t'\ ., r ..1 Imlla-Ir. .. I \
.. --- rtguttlrpnetlgrr! ;. train. Flatu'eoce, :Sour Stomach :Nausea I .' l'.rtlpulur< '.. ..HlU' .
IN- Cnirtlvitb r ..". ; t
4'.II'rh.Inn" to It. S;,%k iieadacli": Ga<;tralifia Cranpard V TT -IxMl.rf.r. l..n. .Il.r. ->Tr ''
iulornvition ,
For further apply < -'" / Von M ( In IIMI T .ps. 44Oy ; I
t. f J W.. tt I..AI.AI'1'LIl'ATiONr. of Liar: ili-a- HOHT. KIN l ( all other results of imprfeet I..srPstion.PrlceUic. ,': s.ihM.r.i.rl%45 P. .. tiurn, 1'llLt.j !..' .1:.4; : .

tl"-l'allll'" r -.u-Ii the seat 1'. THOMAS, 4 If an-l It. L irst sue contains times .
'U|l-. ; .<.Vf.*).t 1a.4V' ",'afo. Cat.irili is a blood\ or conlUiti'Hial or JIMMIK Ktv(.. '" fm.uisue.3ooka 01 a!niutdygkp.l.ma.tlfrte: j. t /

V .,. in, tUn.. di..,:,-e. and in order to IVn-acoli: Fla If Prepor by E. C. C W1TT d CO. Cllcao.l : :;ia CURE: ;

..uklItae ...,. cur.- itt'ti inn-t take iiternal roin- :U.\I TIS PATTER-OX 4ti HarsiPhfirtracy.. John tshi-ppard, 1lRa I -.. l!, .YOURSELFyt I' .
.. Jl. ir, Catarrh Cure jt.ikeii ,- ... ... '
h'| '. Milton I \ Fla. ?. "1NIIn ."" "v .. J
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Iwn'neevlilr.I'l' "
the "'''U ."
#ntlr.1ytadI&. ti directly on .
,. .. .
: .n- ,
u_intr 1\ndol IIv' ..It.\\ .f.id l mucous surfaces.: Hall's > SUBSCRIBE i '. .
lily prrrttct' ..1II"11'I.len Cat.iiri. Cute ;is not a quack tiictlicini' lNtE'EM J'l" iSkM .
.. end tint! I i I : I.a.rlt hy I1rerCi.U, .. ; .
\ of
It vvas prescribed by ono ,'Does Your Hoof Leak 2. 30E- ,
l t ippi r
i .-m.dy. :M irlll': tliib.t pb>'sici.uis in this ciiutitry ..
\ In. drprn.I. up' nIty.prp for ar-. anil i- n regular pncriitloii. .: I
y1 You canU'p It and prolong the! tlfeotUi r > a.aV V.r il on r.-u-
in- c",
'ur-- III -
-1J \ ;. It is composed of the be.tti r
> roof IIy usingALLENi ,
hi.! It .!Ige.1- 'IIit: ,ucknovi.: combiiu'tl with the ASTI-HfST J\PAN. 4 1 -- : I.. ..'.

v you u> -it all' ti eIId heat' blmul! purifiers, acting directly for acceptable Idea; >
and rar. I
little 4
C'oi-ts gage
irovictitunn .n the mucouMtrfacp.. The perftet It 13 rust .proof 'III1\l'r proof are proof, climate .. : State If patented. f '
"ur .1f\IIIwh! ( ;ivr ct'tnbination of the two injrredietits urof und time proof. Fine !or m !
.1 I .. > rui.n-tit euro.Kahn.. ucla woiulT- smoke: stacks iron r..ne0'8.LC.. THE PATENT RECORD, i S i
l what products
4 t Baltimore Hi. ,
't.... .\ $\idnry ., for ful results tetimonialfree.in curing Catarrh.. M-nd' !1.! by i I; 9 -- -**- ; I

,t'. (VlfbratrJ\ Jr'.lyt : ., F. J. CHEXKY: & CO.. 1'ron,..O. !] l'E .\COL.IOOl'lSG CO. ,4 Hammocks all ' t;
Toledo at
:altl thlt fruit "f JrilVnittio \ I J
t '
of buttes i im Soul bv drusit; price 75c. RIoSDALL.gt. 1hvvvvvvvvv"V'> Marston i&N
|>orr t t $ Finch's.THE :
Ten Cents Per Week. .
a trial! 2oltn Hall's Family Pith are the best. Room 5, Old Armory, I'ensacola Kla. Only r 4

'i ;

.."'-' -- ...< -........._ ."" ....-: .. .. -' ,.

'-,:..:- "" .III'VII', -., '!!!II)IJIII.---.JlJJJ."Yl-U I I : '...;c<-TII, "';""- = .....--J.: "" .:>. ..-." "'--.., ,......_c\ .... JII-- ."" ... r"r -' ...... ."":"" .. ........._ : ...". ,.. __ _...,.,... --0'-' -...-- .. 111


__ ___ m___ --- --- -- -- -----7- -- -

I !Man'. Fool A;(f. : l'tIltI'Jt J.nnntlnCt'Jnent.PRDfARY GENERAL ELECTION
A med'eal! man has discovered that j WINE OF_CAROUIX .
For SlirriflI .
lone of "OJd Moor ..' Predictions I; neither in youth nor oM ae is a man ELECTION.

For the Coming Year. likely to make: the basest!: fool of himself -- for hereby the office announce of fcbentJ mytelf of KM' Ja .'&,' >, .
tin ii
In till Tendon almanac for 1000 "Old Kttreaw youth usually is con I' Woman Knows Woman. For Harbor Master. ,and ask.; the -apport of ni\ ':-i. _*!_( .
I hereby announce in>self a cand.Uate for I coming election in =-n'.mh"rK..p..f '
:rool't!" jirvJicUtl more tliau ono great sidered not to have armed at the dignity appoiQtinriit to the orfice of harbor 1.1.'

'War. the nssa-..inctlou of u uonarch of years of discretion jet a Louie-' Mailer at the Port of IVn-acola. mhjHet to IIIII'HI.? N.
the of tbedriuorratic
action nrni'rit.u- --- -
and a tl.tTILIt. fan:I no In InrLa. and ea ly provirb would !:are Ui bH.Me: that ZCBICB Km., J&nZi.. \fmberfi. DAVID 511 I.EH \N. FOR SHKKIII: :

all those i>mlU! 'tious proved true many 'there is no fool li!'e aa oil fiKil" This I used Wine of Cardnl for oerTousnebi Ji 0 ---- --- I berehv announce m-e:f a, ? A

persons not only in Lurope. but also in inedi-nl! oVeiviT hs'. bro.u-nsl! the tl'i1-! : and weaknens in the For Harbor Master. i for :snerlffof M'anibin& t-".:n- v ,- I
I j I
womb. After taking one bottle Iwas The friend biOIII. i
of M. \ T uart announe )proachini; Novemii ,i-in: >,
this untry, Lave ten for son time : ory that t1):ere l k au "abeiration jierim' well ag&in. I am a midwife \1\' arandidrttH tor tb.. oir.c of harbor Ma'ter. I fully ...:;. the supp '' .>f I i

curious to know what kind of predic- ofLii Cardui to my lady fnends during V1 primaries 01! i:'r-aiubiicoun(' I
lions Le would make in bis alicaaac ,[ and
to JWl.: TL,-lr! curiosity tan now be aniiiiatinn be made of the preu'itubled I Ererr lady who takI unds that iVI For Harbor Mstrr.
it docs e\'ell more than u :
*atisli('d, tor h'!> almanac fur the coming ::,a: ter of the Iit :il"' "l'I:" and of u for it : hi-r..b> announce n<\,<>i: a cacd.dati foi

year lias Just appeared. !i the :l:,'(':1 of those who were hull I re- MR3 V M. BOISVEHT I .. appoIntment to the lIm't or harbor maiwf I
Ihe p'ji t of 1'ensaroU. subject to 'I't III
Here are the principal predictions in punsilile I by the \erdict of ui.iLkmd of lbs people at tire ..nveni1primary' NICKSPLACE

it: for such lamentable I issues tl.cn. will elrctloii. and ak; Din support of m>' inau\
fl"nl1anJ all wtiie dfiaocrai.. voter-
In January there will be a formidable : !Ill' fot:n-1 a strange culLcidt-nce! in the pr'nll.o thlllif elected I will di- ,arnr

agitation in Trance and a severe rJJt' of their ajjcs." r 1\ln\ 4brdfljrobody 'ho- 'IUIICa. of Ih,' office: faithfulh JitHN 1'1"S arid ,mparliallv -

attack will I* niado upon the republic. Here !b au mtcteMin..: cal hlraetiealyIUexhJ1tiI'k : .

In February and Man.it: must notable :i : Held for tn\es'iiatlon.! For Harbor Muter.I .

('\Cflt will take place in the extreme i Politicians who are "a.-fn; the !government I' knows woman like woman. Men go to medial collects, Announce m>8elf a candil.it: for 111"prllllm..nl -

the luuders" lIt books and listen to l crum. Thev karn indirectly of the d.seases to the po-itiou of l l1.ttl.or ritar
>fnst and India will threaten to rise up nny trace nn study for I b.. lIort..f I'en-ai'Ola, to b>- vnl..d foi HI
against I'.ntislj dniiunatiou. Jiniuisiratluii: : to tl.e s.alt-tcr: iiri'ienc-e I' of women, but they are men and can ne\er: fully understand the ailments the 1IIlUlnlt: deiiu criitlc primarv ti> "" id
the of wives and sisters. A wonun in >o emb,' 1 ..' ....tfull% ,.. in"
the sufferings: agonies: mothers, r. r .p : a iiip-
Though tlwre will be trouble! In various of some boss who was passin.;,' throusli: of [ !
know*. Mrs. Buisvert known. She has passed through the tna'sand : port mv frinnflu and o! tn. ; tntrattlevoter .
quarters during the entire yea" the fatal period at tie time anil "le- Kent-rally bribe 'u-irion.
tribulatu uf her set She has: been near by w hen fcer sister suf- 1N\.
1. t' L ",'i
will be a-ttalili! incidents", of all kinds. In I I
April a i-omparatiuly quIet ;: Cardut Is
ferei She has: seen them relie\ed :and cured itli Wine ol

month. war or peace may It traced to their it any wundtr she recommends it1 Is it any wonder that thousands For Harbor Mailfr.i .

In Slay Ireland will follow the example true ori !llI. In time no doubt! we p ('f other women reLommend it hi'rpbv announce in\ oaiulnUcv fur ap-

of Ind.a: trul will! rebel against: shall :II'!iridate the necessty of lequiring lIlt)' knou. The have :lC.ora.IYlc.ln 'romtireot ., hurter Ma-ter of tit port uf
iOVISaUT DEPADTMtlT.f j'.t.'RcnIR. Kubleot lI'- al'liOIl' Ib- ".-IIt.
En IaD.l. all public on eliteriug the tual to rromrt them. '
: uien nrqmnnir frf mldlt experience i raiiiprimaries Nof, tlltd rtprtfuOythe !
fatal -"tion*. s'Ilr.FI.I/1Yon. !.,nii>ti nsUdln They spread the Hd.ims from a.K support of tli. v.t..rTl1uMAt,.
In June tbc an.ml.Iots will aatn: iH-nod to take a live j ears' huh ......., II', .. Ikf UlTTiMIIII: ,! 1)11 Nit' 'N-
come to the front and wKl give: the day ann to resume work oil!)" wt.en isIcliLtu, .ha'lanton Tcno. niiuth tc mouth.teilng box Wine

worM iiun-'i! tj talk II!>OI.t. Inirln the they h.ne passeil the ae of aberration. > It Cardm helpsoung"! girls helpsIA3IIS' For Timber Custodian. The [dost Populi--:
the weak of all :aces helps and cures womanly ills. .
same month tin J'uun;: !K.H.S of spain: -Ntwoik; I'less. Men'h\ announce '"\'..11 a r-ai1tlat.- nr

wilJ I* In ( arter f r.w his iwlitu! en- <-appi'intment tt) the oItlee of t u-t.'illr, n'
lad a Title .Vll Illelit. Druggists Sell Large Bottles for Sl.OO. I"i -t limber and l.unilier nt :b.> !'<>, : of
tomlp! !!. srid he is o.uitiuin-d to guard Ft-n-acoi.i. ..
; OUl1j..t'IIO 11I..IlCIHHI flf it II. moc. -
8aln't Ihltn. "I va"t you t>' nulla: i-onvction! :ttic prlniitries :::o\'>-inl..-, i,.
said! tlii- !lliI"'rilu.; !.ny.'! iwii-p':iu: into Jn-tl'H KK"WN
July wlll.e! a month of cat.istrorhr-s., I I : ] IiL1Ii RESTAURANTIn f r f1
the nMtor's! sjiit-tuiii In v'ir ri-jH>rt ;
the \vli of -ot 'A uf
our Iii lag jsu n'.iy y.>iiI'M .
this tiir-i-! with! rii-roM'nis of vanoiHklti'N I !t.-r. b. aunouue. m -ilfaa IltllI..14t.
the tliliv'JtislfM.tiJ is '\lr:'. I ;tt--r: for
iii.Oke uf
I Cutotllaii uf \1
'1:1! ':'1' viLnf j !anzi ins: t"> take: '), Mtul S"fIfIfl4'I... 1EEUL Y CIlEDULJ 1 inner
and l.umticr for the I'.rt of t"'II'..
SkiiiJi.u; itiul Xlr llruwii.u.i :.IMMih. oIB. to
a Jnurr.ev il.-.rini; thin iuoUii will tlowill 'lh1' j J."I. li II' 'i I'i;: hitu ".HI hi.i,"k.t I be \(tin for at the pnm.f 'n.II' held VoNumber' -
.'kl'hdi! LIT ttithy: n.'t nuh. .- : FOR STEAM DIVISION
,, !. a.ttI. and lor
to rcii..i'n &t 1mm.-. J ..r: : ..J' ii! 1 1I'"n.: .s of r.i.al iilih" -. .nijjH-i I -Ulliort| Pensacolu
"u II)1 r-;. Frown?" I'll t! Uloerallc. .- ..r F.l' .1II! ,n .unt>.
.\un.t'ill'l'; 1.11Ilrltln'ly tjiiiot.Innins \ 1 oj' i is |.ii.l.'i_ :,. |>ij. ,'ii I'al (!> \finp- I L'ENS.ICOIjA EIiKCTltIC ILIIMI.N o''int: .: -i in I MBTinber .
\i- ; I an Mrs. l'r<'sid.-nt i. the lui
S"I'f'\I"'r:! Ir'Va flil! again <:11111 am! .Hi u.iii'-ini.s! ,1,1'Iita'.t!
,' and Trl.t( Bro\iii. 1
r.I'rl:1I1'111: 'tollpanJ
suffer terr.bly: troMi fanti: ". iaii'.l i'i.i.t."s!: ; piwi:1::: ..m of the ijHri -\- ItAlIiWAY CO tl.\IoY.
-l'IlllHl 1.1:4:1 lrt--4. II .\t the 'olkilationof nn in i-\' fr.rd-
iHin.:g tHtoN-r! the! it>rvi!<:l'i's w'H isi-.' who has not *jll'lt n da.1'1'lIr.- I Train! leave Pcnvacola for the L'ttli b"'I0. aiiiiuunce m\-..lf aa r.".'iidat- lor
-- -- -- Bayou Biz IIn\'ou. \\ arrlcgtcc Navj iarfi
start an :::'itaton! which njjy attain i :;u; water ilown a \>'(/lIId.llek! hole on I and Fort Barrancas ati'iIta. tinpotlni i>f 1.\"I.Iall uf I.o-i limber FINE
( Cun.I''r"I. itid tutiibfrf'>r tlipor: uf I" ii->aLi!" attin
forniidabif! :i'i-< i./rt'or.s.! the hillside with a view to urontun in. arm mltoenebliiroiilt! *;:.,'iam oiiuiiiipiimar\ ii. '..InHmbfr..

In .VJ\<'I.UT tl..' !Uiti"d! >/.:! of Holland : tit th:' occupant. This is .said ta ti- I 7.mi a. ro.arrive at fort Psrranca.. t:4a.u. 1l\- $ HoITi-tiN..
HI-IK a m.arrive a; tort Har'ancm li.4j a.m
will: at!fW.t ntl'lIti"n; t h y its dar;:"-os ,? >-==:> fresh tl.e ",,,.>(ld1\1I'k. and. as for th"b.ty. ittp.m.arrivsat Fort Barrancas 1.4'ip It
and n.nl 1 diilon: :atfo pnIt' nnil tlie ; t *:, "' j it tmii'liens his uiusiks as tin < ompuNory 5:-tip. m. arrive at Ion Itarrancas 4:!.i pm For Judge of Criminal Court. Escambia OystersRECEIVED
-) : *.11p. m. amv at Fort Parraccas j:'00 P n> I hereby aiiiiounci n.x cainliilurfor reappoiniriieni -
'states1' In the! \ario'.js reijn << IV-in -titt-j __. tlllr l'.nhl! .J... and it cultivates .
; .
A't0 4- I \ i i $: k' p ra arrive a' Fort barrancas :ia p.W in tli" ii.e .f lurt eof the
will ha\'e tu .xenNo all their sLill! if < : ;patience, hope and 1 persistency. (!i\ (0 Trains Iea\ Uot-hebla\e and Fort Bar I nminal i OUr of K-iainlua: ,'(JUII\', tlorid -
: i il i rancas for Peusveola *. and a-k liie .Hiutursn .
at'riIn.ni. t uf thedeniocrai
they wui.ii: moid; r vunltfttIn : ; : i! (1Y a good brook an ample h'tlt' and an in- j! ic ,..ter. at the priiiur\ be held >ovember -- ][ FRESH: I \ ,
I ...-enter there will lie Inwnrilons ( \ d'istrious Imy. a full day's work on the | arriv.' at IVn-arola .. ';. a. iiI uesi.
7:4.1 a. m. arrive at Fensacoia..... ,.! it-Mills i-i.il stnU"s in varciquarttr .!* >" it.7fJi{ \ outside amid a complat lit wuodcluiekon : Ili4i p. m. arrive at Pln.acola..Ii p.nc. NT. JR. AND SERVE> IN ',

of tLe jrli.tnA- a rnle ilnjmay } the inside be s.itelj' :?:itO p. m. arrive at Pen aeola. ....-.. ::\35 p.It;
J maj guaranUitL
CJI'CJ p ni arrive at Pensacola 5.45 p n For Solicitor Criminal Court.
n a !10.. .-f great Imlort! !II'l'. y..t "tl\iJ! tr/, -Ilarttitnl Couraiit. j 7UOp.m. arrive at Pensacom........ "M'ip.it 1 am a vandiilal fur r"-apllolnllllt'n' tot bTY I.F-: :

they w .;il 1 I'tur at thN tiae. nn.l t.Vj *H.4Sp. m arrive at P..n.OII.. ...?. :SOp.BT 'I.' fi.f Milienor nt I lie t riiinnal. ourt
rlo Iill H.iyuu onlY. of l:> 'ortl of Jo .
-carnha totiritv. .nda.
intl.e of J .\ II"n.Irs. .
will striking features the ( .tiplk-si ,
I 8Bfnrdk only. oh1
in tbe
.. : action of the I>,'nioiratlctuiinarx
lurinthAs yjj"Ar. ftr:' De Kanter You .lid you were In effect KHC Ut, I'!/?. t-lwtion ;>ovcml ''. '..<". I will I

1:1: l lip ." .-11. "( !.l M' .ortpr'' &' ,. coin; to I,.' lUt.iiiied: at YI tr o'H-e all FAKE FOK WrEE: DATS. I.that. gniliful elect. :on for the support of tie \olersat

!:1\ \
":Jl: ..' to Niry art and return------ K.'c
t.t '. 't. 11:.. htatiTiwit ii r. card in, __...\.:-w>.:;x' here weie ;'nil? l't'u'acola to Palmetto Reaob aid return UcbUSDAY Regular Dinners Every; : .

no'.1: '- ippcUly furious. and Mr. lie Kunter My dear there's no I KMEHUD2. For County Conmi;sionr.
> v ia to I'li-m: .,:m'.s wake At t-.. i...st of ..
r.'q| 11IIIIIIIY fi:-ntlI I h --
'. r ia: :. | r-i.-- are |n-//.iiiur: their! bra'nsto t':;':i:, >'T. I '.'1st .1 ':" St'IIIII your getting escitiHl. It r>*Ily Zkr.vp 85.'e.Ttacol Lv l"lrt B.rr ae a. ban:ii.un.'H. in;..ff| aa caljtt-ito. fori -

.:'i I' v :. how tii.s: : l.ttle kmpl" "-1. 10 a. in. ;'(lii ty riiinmii-ionerlriiiii i ii-t ne C ?;o .tit
"0; .iii list!. lit- :1\; : \ ii.ionce, aani 11 a. m. \i u. I.scaMib.ii Mff fl' ? !
I' IM" i;'iso ti. attrait attentionb v Ii ..t the i'\ir i.iun's iliad Oiuocltlu't Mrs. De Kanh'r-,'"by don't you answer lp. ra. Jo.ia. tinupport coti'ilv i-f t.'ie df and in',r,'J'an>|'n.tfnli,- xo'a'I -, I t.it iI-. Y .Mr',1 )

.. .. .:.i-',' r"I'S and n.tvel! dijili niaiie Lo'iill th.uk; Oi k.na to my iiuittK'ii? Sp. m 3p.m.3p.i't p.m.; pniuarii ;Nbirmliri aj.J i wi VHr.t'lSJecial 1

, I' '. \. :.io-b v, !HI willLt..,oill'm gloat over Lis rouiaics.>.*'Xcw York' Mr. De Kanter- My dear. I would 4 r. Q pm. W."HF.I: :\

ht: .i ......;n t9 I lie! **%\ t1t' at nUht JourraL answer your question! it I was sure \ouwouldn't f &4 p. 171. A p.IU. For County Commissioner.
t PU> 7 p.m.I .
I -
rhlladdi ti.-r.-lij auii'iiincf thy ,1111111.1"I"r -
question uiy nnswcr. -I PARS ispt'tttfllrl.t
\ l.lilit (ihi:..; Mrtnl. J:t-fl tI HI. >'iia l'rf s. I j/ireaco'" to )Karraacsi Navy I'l-tr i-t.NI. .ys n.f r-1-.iinbm Itflim.tii-t "iuit> -Ii I'v f..i

< : illu st !:>Kresting; problems D'\ubfo--This i" my portrait of Miss j ) fcrd and -tarn ... ... ....... .._ Sic toUir.ii lo.i of t I i-a.-in K-rnt'o III :-.III ,. .
I ITiirn j Phnii)'* to ...Imfito EcafS and :'ov. .'. ami P.-pri.ifu.it a.K the -ni .,... ol
"- ( 'p : M! ::';;? ho rlu-uiht today is pro Nuro::. 3tit tiuislu-d. What do jou f'r" >< In the U""jt'. ...... i '
i r..t'1rn'n___._.. ?"-_ .? lac m lt.iiFor I
t :;. .,; : .' t',1' new i.iital. radium. .\,> think i-t it': ; ? for cracks in a ran-.*.\ is rnidi Order ,
No freight received after *;15 D. m. county Commiuloner.I .
- ". :, <'1 !it '..is i I.IIt ij.-ii oItaIII'd| : In a pure l'\'h'nJ-\h.' Kc'gtiLir! suuin-er g'.rlpos" by taking common wood ashes, adilln: |:I her.-hv aiimmm-i- nnelf,. ,',11.unl lat..

: t-t.it- : 'i i It.NV has been able to tint Un.stlc! t.(, !t, white I.:,..' ;gown an eighth or more the quantity of si't.! ,,, fn ,..ri-appoiii'iiicni p' unmj. i'''i.HIH-III-
"-r '..r li':,lr.ct Nu. "i ..f -r-iVi'i.i ,
ut j i !h 'W near to I'lirity! the sub- aiUtn a l':11t'\'l'iJIr on 1..T cheekIme mivin: the whole to a thick! paste with ],' -iiiii- 'tto tin artion of 11,.- '|. :ii.i.iH'II"I\l\- unnai -. .

frtaij.eni.rwl at-tnally ia. It t is seui. : TLat'.s a great tjtuh ot real.sin.I cold water. Pill the crack and usually Matting* that are c lelf/> ....Xi-x'. ".. mid r>-it- .fully i '''lt.,..: IiiPI.Irt .,, served all hours (

ii ilir iii;'h a stuewlIatoul)1kattd Alibi z-4'31. rpllh.r! ? Mupul. that's the filling will remain until th<> stoAe : and at the-.s(Vile time of ni tli- \oit-, i, .it.1.ts.ILal( tun rll.Efl i\;.

Ir> -- .. iii iouiinnation with barium a diaiin>ud lairing. -. rL.l.nU'Jj.Li.i; useless.. MiocM it cnimble out. "try. I'g'oordurable at _'" - --.- the day or night ;, :
/uality For County Commissioner.
and : '!.,. >.r!arf has the Very extraordinar. !- 1'ress. try again." Blacking can applied to .
-V. t'ie umlHrsicntd: oreM .1. I.. Hotti
;; ;j'. pi'rly of gi\ in; out liLt: with- XtiltitrvH' lull In t-i..inkci.. it as will as to,he sto\e.-Cood; i Ilousi iJlfl/'slo/l. 4') I"inch's.WJNGHOP&. a cadidnte f..1 tru.ri ( "'IIIIII."I"i1,.r ReasonableSEA Price .

I ot t !I.. "I, a fait: discovered PortlY by \Vlien la-: ? internationalcommisicn I boundary Lcoping. _. !'1..1 inn lM-.trict tli.- -ujport lot KHlili.i.i of our !'(-itndand''IlIiY a r.t it-..
-- --
Miliiielit "t.1 the lines loc- vutt-ri i!. n.-rallfor nii "dnro"'OI iinluritW .
re >nrvej al ( -
:Men soJoin! or rather nft'.>r. for III'nth .
It t'l'-iuht' that radiuia. If it priniari-- No. '> 1I lt..JOH .
t ; pure t..t'tla..' i.itccl: Sd'tcs and :
Mc\icc of time :. N T.la'I "
and del.beiite! icbplasiinst : .
i-an !'" ::<,I. ma. P' !\s.ibly :give; out rlHe'r i'a'.arai.-ts In the 1,. W. i-. \
pnrty. -\iHHol'uU.
tiu'l: I:_i.t ID I..- utiliz "l Ha an niurunaiit l>1'. Mecirrsutli his assistants i relu'lbiig; si'ii against.; tiling that Jees nut l ill si ne ,' r rImpln. & GO f.K:. l..t-ttFrtIl-cgN.II.. KIIM\SO\: : FOOD) DDMK!"; >

'Ibis r.ouM Indeed be n dNcovr cti'Iectctl many spccirurs of birds anJmamicnN --" -- - l'. r. P.5l5/.lNF..

')' .,i' *':'Nt l'iNir.iuv. Usht; without tells of a ii?!:lit in the air Utweci -- Itisw ''Il to know that Io\Vi tt-' For Couity Ccmmissbner

heat i> a i IM-I;: snii::ht and mueh !L01)t'd tu.
r..ll'iirniarlt..re and aimimiii-H
rat. oalcllda.fr
a a
\\itch Hszf-1 Salvo! will: heali bum r. A
;, ,.. c' and l.al'-b .:1- :,I u-e'.at n'nt < Specialty.
for .!$! be a IMIII\
-reivjnably to re- i.ftTict
ity tl.'''r.al-e: which he 1':1'i..!:..\ exploring: and stop the p-iin: it or.cn. It will i!I I. :\... :! ?! ]:-rjin-iii ,-"'tin:.,'. -ul.-,.,
' paru-.I I ,1>1 si:,*h. since! there are ('\an- t.io t'oci.imli mountaiiih of Lower Caltoruin cute eczemi: anJkin: diMe-> and '.Chinese and Japanese ,1 tI.. clt'lioo of the aerserttlIrtinar.' ....

> ple.. i 1 ::1 in nature. ; iialy! woundanJ -,.. It i- a (vr, '101.\. .',. nnd rr-pertfulix a-L I!-upport o''ii
\ ileraai that e t-iii.1..
- No'i, ,1: UIKIWS why radIum exhibits It was in the curly! raornrng.: The bi:; tain cure for piles. C"ulitt'II.\ *=Fancy Goods =* 11.1. i" 1'"tl.l.

.' the 11:n.'ii.: *:ty lU-otTilM.tL $Soni"thii bird had 'cizcil the! snake brLid tin- may lt otf..red! jou.ee that you ( -

.' not .tt ..i 1 11i.ll'rstOftI takes!: phut HI ;hefrub !:"ad l1:1d'a3 s-trr.zlin.j upward with rftt"t.ie: otigiiul DoWu" WitchHazel i|Ii FINE CHINA TEAS, I hn.For hy aiinouiu-.Mii C'uniy Commissioner.-of B, candidate Prove the

; laI': :"id is ?roducthe of the iotTItliI deadly bnrile'i Thes Mlve. HargiPharmacy i : f-r i 'ountv ('''tui tat'.tIII i-f fro n |tt.i nt-i .
t Ii:: .t. A'tlioii! ;;li tJieio r.m"t l# S.>Uie ">.;.f's that! -iJIIPY 1't liui. John Miepjiatd. :\1I.n South Talafif 'Ir"f'r. rtire of Kscninbla r.iunf.. subject lo ttiI.tttfl *
captor apjuun-d aa1.1 :I of the ci"-morrat ''I' "rmarl", :1,i--, '.
_ l.,vs ,.r i..aJter. inine.Is* :1PI.r.'nt-jJ"t i I, vh'tuiaa tlaiigtroiTie: bi.nU ; Laundry Office PE\ AI"OLA, FL H'ter5 mil n-at",..11141..11'1'11"0.'-tfnli a.lv tuUKJ.>ri of II,.. PuddingCIGAR8

as n i'sw pcifuice! :. a r. "IH for Yl'lrS1
was hea\y. as the reptile was :ai any I s. K SI' MMf
'\1 with i.t
t<) !It. i I" <...:pi'.Mo: by the i'.ft ,!"iieateK'ale T'ie grip:; of the bird o-i t'i- ,"ti'-'s f =GOLA= r For Ccunty Commissioner.

' ::1 -. .,:t :II order that the <:i"..., -i-ry hn.h'0':1" upi f.f the IMSL .j :..- sn.i,.,' fI Nv I iipiini.ilmeiit 1\' ret\ aiimniiiiinn HS i 'LrIZt-,.It aa(.oniiinii.iirr i am'iilnt.. _

in jiiM I : '.1 <-!.Jl! jsiount ti anjiLin,' sei-jiu-d to be t.ijn'.rm.g! fro-1 ittor's <.:t !ri>m |ii-trii.-t :in? K caruhlal.'lut... -iili ... t

it i,; '.<"! ....:r>. first tbti'n: puie ra- talons at least suiS1'1:1:1'' I' i". Grist and Corn Meal Mills ;n\>n\t lo-f and ni lion re.Oeutfliilht.i uf ; 11. democratic tsiupputt: ..rIl1l8.r..of..

dluh 11,1 IK.is .1.1 cad t'war.l wLi<-h able it to strike.! Us tri.! !!".':.:'ar In-i.l I 1'ie: "",' n blUm, i.-l<-itiijii. -f

... Con man.} ".Iii ir.ists. : artworktng.Yuutlfs ". HS set u to) n'cill and dart at the mass I 13. F. COUZBIiEZ & CO., Prep s, J. w.J.\!< UK:.
of feathers. County Corrmissioner.

It da: tVs; oree or tw!-e. anl then Wfl [naratt w Us b ve I MannlnctartriCHOICIMILAM ,I h"r'h\" annuiince. in I'u..da..\ fur
I.enioiiN ti. ( hit",.. (: III.ly ( 'mllll''loC -, fur 1- n..t N... ', uf
with a shrleU.! the vulture dropped Its '.-.elllllllllllIII Ila,1 repe&tfuihak .
) I'tltEILOUNI' .lieiipput
I know a i jnt !her who !k l nar1n1: .
i Stije ileiii.KiatK'iter.
i-rt'>'. 'lb- bird was 11.hIiM.M; ) t >ctr > EYE WHISKY t t3 He Its at ibi ij.ilil -
I jneto l..- held .N.i\'. these days In shipping) ; Ki.uns to Chi STOCK i IKI> U' \1.
so nlnii<> the observers The aston- W\t. ('. .:r.r.\
na. Tiniii.tt! I is at C III'n. and the
! !--lIl',1! mi n were then triated to a !'pe('. Best mil oM i inany Patronize Home ipfis'rv\ for tai-re l lrtaon I.
fruit Is !>,nt out fu'Ki S.in l'ran .Uco! by every son -'ioui i buy xc.ir Meal aao For County Comm sionPr.IInnnl -
t..cUM'ldou Tew birds but I
the regular stuiiuirs. It was a new SIKP. aulinreior.ll I ftotk feed from tl.e n' :!!" M/iTiifacturer l"' -n .ridor-t-d liv the Whrkn;-
\ ccvonipI such a feat. : city [or iii:? mil \I for I1}' so ilonix you "ul'r:!!!.. h.o:.... Iritus mni' Lieinwratic"'Ut. air touti,.. .,fi
t'l1'\'rll'III! I' t:> no to talk! with a i un j try. Your nWII"Y s :..flw r.'** cotnniunitt I i-I oi.nt\ i'iMiiilonir of li--i "- IKU uf
" The i;'stunt the snaUe escaped: frc
i.bd in turn .ndirect: "nefltej ,Koanibia count x and nt t'ler ..
you or.
who Is ".l:;:'I:: his fruit rejrulaily and "rr.-! -niu.ilullori
the! birl's cliitelvs it dropped! eanh- ffe taasis tiui ?taiy 1 In f'ltr.oIII.- horie "J.lnuf3-.ur -r you I of nmm I. itnoI han. < .i-i-i t,trdomike
profilali'- n(*' is its luxins l.alf K'rdKtl! i 1 rontii1" to the n.eof labor. V.n ;'fit : II... 'ac- anti rip.-ctfu':, hit n...
the gil I .. i.::1 its \; ao the l'l.Il1sUtIt'r. -.n.l like a slK.t. anJ. l.ke: a shot the t<> ti-etumiiiunity in '" hirh you live alt ',,% Ir.ci.il. itt MiLliuut tt'- .-uu, u mi..
1-.1: ilroppe aittr It. catih.n; ? it !In wu,. b c..utrstut..IO your support f frrm. .it .'-. | The ;;\\I.'r 1"M use !h. rteeht-d ITI :*vragt' In Quarts $1.00 per qt .tail be fair .mil in:t'*rt a. MI"' ". :r .ill
midair! .
with n grill that caused death. .
I; ':'n.KliKt 1",1.\ .
of f': a U.x sintv the initial si'prncnt ;? i for t.ertt e 1"1 n.
At any rate. tje! snake ceased to w rude PROFESSIONAL: GARDS.I elidei.tirepouiii
t nrs n.fltC (n March 1 la-t .\.]- In Bulk $3.00 I ITRY 1.svi.Kl 'F'l.N.:
nrd the! vulture Manil away to :i per gal. .--- -- -I- -" -
Tires (r":11 the rf i'lvr .'f tteso l'uons
i.ioti'ita'U! fx-nk to IIl'\'II' Us Lard earn For Coun'y Ccmmissioner.I .
at << nt..ii, ,.; tint 1I l- .
fl :11. v are "!I1fl'llI'I'r. marcellus mereary. hereto n..lvtuIe! lily 111'1'1.:1\' f.r ..
1'4lml"ll.YOllth's 4 ')1111..1..1.1:1. r. !
tnl ler .1!:d thinner: skiiuied than i!heI ;"- iT.JACOB .-'...;. II i/p"/intin- nc its <'<.unl> <.ominiii.. r ;".i
\: I .
11- I lI rrICII."f I-'8111"1I cuuntv '
, Italia: : frt.'t r.svned at a'-toa.. TLey hr.rni irtuy.There : "lh.o, ol i to. IIIKiat ,' ui.iei
, ''
--- -- '' IimI ie-
further 'tatithat. tl'ere \\a- only one l is .1 little settlement of eIIm"t.l' \\ Physician ard iiFUCiL Snit. ...,<1 i-k th. <r> ut vt 1 i:rat

l'.IIII.r! in he m.ir\et.,! an ludundealfi | ; (H-ople Iu Kiowa countv.Colo KUYGEK, ; I:..-:0. :'{'- H...fi i-:<('lImbl&, I!ihatelHC--. iii. JilHNl,. \. Kl.sH.

Th < niillrnti the 1.:1111'\,1'1"1'1.1| Among; other th.nis; : they b!'ouz..! }'.IDIi" : '. For county Ccmmiisiorer

i 4s,tidti- of ihe oiuii:1. trade and the : with tliei'i the New Hampshire! : aversion BIJOU BAR. 1J1r.. ... 1" Al..mh..rt... Kuild ,.:. Ii" iout.Palat.x I 'icrIn' atinouiitim t ,mil'tia' f . b" .t. l'h.lU :.;I.- inietit as I 'ttiflh \ I i IUh'IIIII, t'r Ml THE f r POPULAR r l BRANI i
Jciuri., ..f tie market!; dinarJs lIt to using: any 1lor.'flrll- In couvirsat'oa !'I!>.. 'ii.t H :irof :-. urnl'la iiiuiilx'. -..":'J -! :
... I;., tilt ,...1.,11 if".. vi, .
In. .
the < li:IUM- pints.-I.oS Anp-les uiwes.i.Ze1c. than are aliso'ittcly nec rHt.- p-nna' .
: ".\ I- till -t'-I-ht-U't-
'I wo of tlll'IHIl't on the roa.l recently .. .. atbt- mini,i I lit
.1 s.-ry. KREUGER & SUGELMAN iI \ jti rill II..II ",'lion.
.. 1...., I-r. and InJuied ia the following Hl\XK .luIi.V-ON.

The *.uei-e .s of 'tt.a-l.'ss powder in dmbgne:

iii.xlorti warlar" lti%-. !H-I ,..'u-h :is to "Mornin.! SI." l : \ ", !"o.-\:',.. ,"" CCRO: : : IJS.-- U'VIn For t..n Lcunty: ..oor.'l Commissioner.hY till' w"\"o Only place in Ponsa< .

1 l.r"I'I.t a n,a.:i of an ii:\ \entixe tum of "Moruin. J si.Vhn ." "D'tlI'"lIIo'I AX ExrntrLY nuXl> xn\v :TOCIC OF F\NCV ,,, of Iri.-teli I .
I \ bitt'n"'a'.d where
timid la'iufi'ttnr1' wder whi his -\ t'J ; you can
to > terse for
u < you give your .. -
GlOCERlECANNLI: ; (;0011:; AXIPtX'lALTIEd.: 8:11.:11' for the r.fli.t ..I. I .., I.!,
MI i.l to NaNo noh."I.s. It is the bt)15T ; "UIIII.S", I' Iff lltrict 'JIII of J- ... III'.KO I

In v.tt thu u!' a Ci-nu.-ui wurk.mr.il who. --Ttl1ll.ntlne. Try Our G-a1coai 27looco: '1Qitj-. f)'.'. -ul.j-ct (0' It,..$MtII'II. of tt.- i.ratir "" the Genuine Tan.! :
prilnarl.- ''\ Ib-r..f..n. r 'I"" "
ban "t'lillisl the ciiemStry of exjilo- "Mon.iaMnrnin.." d.\ a I. ,I... ,UPiOrl 01 tti-: v.1 't' i : ;
Salesroom: 13 iH: E. tJ\""* : ito.t. :. -n
: III11PI. ., ,
t--- _ _ .J 11. 1.- ; Made
*!l\es i.' the {'u h.1 Matts He hisli : t- .
V. n himfni. T.lrrJoUi; and Church
.. ft'adj! g:n'a a prnat" exhibition! >
!: of his !. with In.S l.ere' tl.e: hard : one 151.H.R.WICI.
prattii iliil.ty i "co\cry way u luck story fu I' '"..n..rlltlc,1.. ran* K-t-ainbia

fuh>!dra!.le 'iiet-s-i A slUl Umdeil w as toIJ: in nii.by few wordsMornln. : 'o i ty: I he --I.. .lanoun.e niih..in*...'
'urn) ...ii.nu.-nt as I'finrv l "nunil iiernun EieI0s Havana Cit :
with his; I' tn .'.tr was tin..t a tav Si I!" t'lsirn Vi i. s'iliji.1 tdttjn" 'I'I"" ;II'

r-"1 'att< .r.\.n. anti the only !''luntllJ' Mjrnin. Josh < E ::I I...- d'III.r"tc.1.. i n' FcntnliBuuiitv :
at a prin ar\ t-lfitii n to h.th. ln Noiiiibt -
ilk-at.nc tl'o \pksiun wthe falli'is -\Y.it'd you say you gave your horse ', r tl.. mi'' a-k \''>ur 'upjmr:

of the piling! 'r of t'u! shnll r',lint iis.iL for I.>ot,; .'" J"Ut..I'H.Ht-lt.: :

hitch Is the nanie t-f tie In\tnti.r has "1 .irpentla.V! Plumber Gas and Steam Fitter
for Supervisor, of Pegntra'ion.:
rot It Is aM.! j <.t s-ild the secret of the! "K'lled ume." ,
I am a catidlaate for re-nppolntment to:5eoCice
but Is 1tillu tnntj.lth II.!. "Mine .' .. of .
process, too. : of .tp.-nh"r 1.I lrIlIIOI. ofh.lector
frrrnt ju\.nii'.i-nts for Uscareou's 11'\l'dl.1.- "3Iornin" : No. South Palafox Street.All >: of E: ,(11mb... uunty. lur.da iiib.i -
I J'i ct to the ai'li'il of thy demreraLpri- NICK'S I P1A6E[ !
\\Vkly.l _. __ "\I rnin:"_ : Kinds Flambisif! : arid Ga Fittings! Mattnala Kept ca HandT.rHt1NE3 )a-) ..Ieclnn Notember ';tb.!;>.>. will be
'. fratefji for iii.YUIpOrt of tbe Mtrii at
Try Tu 11; SEWS, Uc per ank.. Try THE SEWS Waal v.olaain.: ?ENSWOLiIH'L.&. ., bat election. 11. C. UAISIIa.E.:


.. ,
----- '"--

__. ."..- UlWblIL.-.J 4.bt""""" ,. .' "m< ,,=H' ;... "r -,- .. .-
f r' .



-. --- __ u__ __ -- --- --- ._ _. _h____ f.

fopularltr ol n upbal.It Ca-l: for Primary Election .

you want to see the popularity: of CONSUMPTION The Democratic state convention
lia-fl'.nl., Bronchitis, Chills.1 Coughs, i4 '
says Sporting Life, and
un.d'r'taad of Florida held in the of Jacksonville ;
Pure Colds, Dyspepsia! >( \\haler city
: just Low
tLurouphly it is
American ex form quickly cured bv on the 19th day of June, A.
game go out into the country taking DUFFY'S nALT D. IAlO
There isn't a town of importance Malt t UHISKEY. A tablespcwnfulin for a primary election to be held / ( PFEI ) -- :

tl.ai oa-u't its i toam. It is a well g.a550r\\'atl'rthr: tiniest in said state on the 6th day of November ", ught

known fart that La'-t-liall! In the smaller Whiskey's AMdrugKistsandgrocers; A. D.19uO! for certain purpo.e I
Imitations. it : aai
Beware of is beautiful! to upin as u potable;
Hiwns and I cities this year never has *. and the state democratic exe.cntive \ '
attmrtii! - -- -- - committee of the of 1 I rcfmhing-thJt's! "
rcit-r crowd*, nor has thcrI."t'r !state .

.A U'cii n i ki cru-r Hsjilay': of interest! The Fayi-'n! Official RID!::.. Florida in pursuance of the. plat '

r V.iiin.'t pick[ up a local pal.t'r l.i- The P"P'has three pecial rings form adopted. by the democratic / ."iCPna ) ,

tvt.i. t.crc and the! I'arliic ocean that for his use. The tr.-t is generally sti.te convention having adoptedand \' v\ ff1l Jj
promulgated certain rule;* and t ( ./
I'.ivn't! itacei.iint of a lm
HAVE NEVER i- tilt true strength;: of l.asclir.11. or cameo ornament This Is called election! : ,,'

Tried the New Y'irfc I Is no refit-x! of opinion, n..rIs the papal rill:;. The second one, called Now therefore, in pur-nance of '
Mr.. :sirs! !. v.t a t.-ani of the: same the iKintitical ring; because used! only said platform and in ae-cordance B C, I
cystem regulatorPRICKLY ,-ili'; .':' on the ivii, giiiiiiil4 toni'irrow when the i.',ipe pontitlcati's or otliciatcs! with such rule* and regulations, notice &- .-1

a- t. ,'! !I.. !baI.j.UoUi' in IfcMi.: with nt priiinl ct-rcnicnii-t., Is an excedinly i is: hereby: yeu tint en tin titb \ '
day of November, A. I). ItH'-i.!( tin re !
ASH tl. i -i- I.t-,t-uaahty a:1.1 the !sinne" precious one- OIK- worn on these \ r7."AH.rUAN
( will be a primary election held 1:1 4 _
a.'' .' '.\ t-. their scrruunJinat.::11: ocoasioiis hy Pius IX was: matte during)

BITTERS.jeethay 'ti ; -- o!I., tl i.I van l lot' nia.!f that tin the reign of I'iuR11.. how :HI III.- I Itcut every Florida election for the di-trict! in ttPt ati ?i w ::1e': ; .
following t -; .
pure : ;:
ait.. '! iv." PII:'.'h the prmnt nwr.i-r oft en the: inside. 11:5: of thipurit to-wit :
: :'lS'!.;' ;::.' ;;::'!'\ .
think iTiaA5K I 1':. i I"IY: 'ic, lik nl or dikt.tlln.: gold of rt utrkahly! tine: workmanship 1. To vote upon the question! .)1 lull: a saohin i: s'sl, )'.n" :n:' I "

.:., "! -i i !-th the sate of tho! I'oloim sot with a very large ""''It'I:: diamond: the location of the future -..:lt of government -5-- -r.. _I le9ne: o1l..C ta ..1...I.a: :! y.e.ti !

an!-: .. ':'J.\l Intostwl to their casiinr It ro!>t 3uno; francs (tl.-Tiii: II and has n of the -tatc of 1' ./l'lda. tIr i'1 CrJcr framMEUX'S ti'c:

pat contrivance: on the !inriKl.y which it :.i.: To vote upon the CjUt.-th'I of i\\ ..
id violerir can In- made larger or smalU-r to tit the calling of a constitutional convention y'lit) \' ( .. /: .

for the of Florida.S. \ '\..
t1. 1'npti. III-:.n "ij-n... the Wl'II'C'I"j tin ger. state '.. '

THe .\ I''.rlff 1'... mrri'sjioiiilf'nt of tho The iKlii-ruian's! ring so called because To nominate fur appoiruim HIbv .. ,'. 'tN.

e I:, :n Trail, npt \\riti--: : "Ainitns the !t has a figure ..f St Peter ia n the governor some person to the .
,olKce of state chemkt of the state ol
I.--.t --j."i-: prlntitl ill lnlbh.re bark throwIng his net into the sea Is a Florida. "- .,, ---=-=-"

Minn ..01.\l !nil( a- of iKllin,. One plat I"ll'in ?old ring!: with an oval face, bear- 4. To nominate for appointmentby .----------

lr,1 l at 'i cafe in Plaza Cristobal Colonnluriiiiil ', lug: the name of the rt'lninlI'O; [>e en- the governor some person for the ------

citi/cens in.l traxelere that graved round and above the figure of ollice of itdjutaut-geieralof the state

the .roprietur hail fur sale 'soilu wat'or the ajlo!-.U<*. The ring; \\oijhs I'i ol Florida.To .

's-hakttl milk: .\ ;:rU<:t'r in Cri.-to ounces. It was: first! a private and not Nnmiiiftti State Aitnrnejs, i ,

They will Tell you iTis ,tr 1 t. ut the capitaf.. hail 'a constant nn otliclal! ring though it has boon There will also be held in the Second ; '

..t"'k d' groceries' aiul made a ';:ivat used In the latter was.' Unee the fifteenth Third. Fouith: and :Seventh: Judicial :

"'cta'ldisajreeable.V.' ''''pt-.'iality of 1'remli un,Spanish: pre- century and Is now the otHciiil! I Circuitsof the state; oC Florida, cfJ iJitfi(4/f :

n.'rt.'- In Sant'uive a real estate l esro
a' acure i i i appointment; by the guvtrutft someperson
oflere.1 an 'anse to let. .\ till i j i the reigns.-Gulden I'eaay.
as state attorney for each of
C 1a'iio)), Kidney plainer s-ii; IrlIwrkm occupation: said judicial circuit* rep; "-etivtly.There .
U..n"trr, tins to l>v sn-n in the naming lln- lava. i
will also be held in the counties
.Disorders if is unexce'led. ,i.f -tores, hotels aiul! casinos. 'Twenty- !! On the west coast of Africa the na- i f Duval. Kscambu, Hill-boro BUSINESS rOURSEHnulile ACADEMIC COURSE.

fifth ..f .!illy.' in h.iiior of the day the tines call the ra'r.hc'IT! a ) :1\\'. It happens Orange and Vola-ia a election BnJ Sinirl" Entry: Luokk.'epug! t'mmii.n I'.ninrln, >. M,.:> lira.
primary .
hnrtnan4nad'1'ypexntIUi t.nntc.Fr
: : niiiin.'rv.iuiii
tr'H'I'- naclieil the i-lai.il. wap.lliititl: that one of the I'lsingJh"'a. ... for the purpose of nominating relrgrany: tu-ni-, Aiitlitnetii*. 'I .\-[ >iiiy. 1.\1..1...-: >imn.Klueutiun .

4 P a'oxihi! d!-Hr of a hotel at Yaue.i. .\ that c.une out from tl.at! quarter of the for appointment by tie! govtrnorsome Plain Hiul urnHiti'-Ql.il fi-iiiiiHii-hip. I and l'ailHii.--iil.ir> ""11'.

3JB li.ir.er! at I'uerta de! Tlerra; assumed ,, ?!1..1), is charaetenr.ed\JIhl..k I' red person for the ollice of jude; of end for llaml-otneiv: lIlu: Journal. f\ ; T'-n-ncola: ,
C 1\T1'UX
.. '.SNAH BROS.. Sp*ral: A4P'.ts'. the iiaiiie: 'Washington..' In Maya- :< sjxits I that apinar on the I "I.\' and soon the crnniiKil court of record in and AiMn- U. Prl'n : t b.

. ju'-z a i asiiin 1 liiranse; 'rnt'llaUl's: grow lute jlcers about the size and fur tach of raid counties respectively.

.. 1Ion.....' ami at San Juan tin salient: bilk of the raspberry.!, So this disease .
llaril t" Itwli Drnii i4irr. | There will also be held! in the counties -
joint in our history, together! with is called the 'II\.'''. It i. ivRtasliitis:
I i. i : : '!.: I i. nt. .i-il, tin ; nir of Kscambia, llill-boro. Orange W. B. WRIGHT COMPANY
i:1 : ... .,. i tin-: MiittllIM aiU Ltrtcs are rememl'ereil by such titles]i| an-1 d'lwnrisht: I*I i"ll;eiibV.' U'hite 1' and Voltisia a primary election for ) ,

.l\ i :in ;.;. .I| a i in il.lnii as 'Mount Vernon New York. 'old sailors\ brii.g it back with them) to their I the purpose of nominating for appointment rLr1ff

!...in I' .. I; I 11,\ lir.-ttiil ii'inpati. ;I"rtl.IJ.luh..-r the Maine' 'The own discomfort and the dis;!u-t of by the overnor!'omA pf'r- \ \ yANI'FAt'Tn'IEI= ::: AL'ut; ;,* Itt IX

t. i.. I nl i 'i-iil u.M b'. ")1!;: twit I It't..).' ahd'Bub: I'tzslmniuuy'! .. those nt !home. Yaws (prevails asi In | son for the o lIce! of solicitor of the t
the i-Iids criminal court of record in and for "
and In
-- -- --- I'iji : :11:1":1.Jut In
h. .1..1 I t i.ni< it.v.ill.. : -iiiil I I 11"I't.rl. ixv.r.: \.IH.III\H: Ul' ltms LUMBER LATHS i
each of said counties
these two p'.iccs: children! mainly are re.-pectively. ,
1. w.- i 1.,1. >. i lias |... will IlrJf.r!
There also be held! ineacl1and'i
attacUed. and th. natives! regard the ,
\'\. ut U ". ii'.ki'U tli1 ether. ra-'-al. I'niiples Cured 'jy JV II. It.-Hottle dis.-jise; i in tl.e same light as! civilized j I i j every county in the state of Florida, i l Sf.;;. SUED CYPRESS SBNGLES--! >! 'E-Dried! Sap. ;

tuailv .
ti-t ti.'iiiti a !?: III. :It.t "'reriii SII 'rprlt. .wherein county commissioners;; have
look at irl.'asl1-aIinst't! r ""'"'
i v, uli! lux urin (A Imlli'adIIN, ac- Does akin Itch and Burn? persons certainty not theietofore been nominated a ""-- -
-- "
to have and the soonei over j -.. -
with HM of I'I111.1Ia fi ., i primary election to nominate for -
1 < art ;: itrf -ii:' Eruption on the !Skin so api

1 r .1 ".",II.II.m;:. you feel I Humed! to be seen in com with the letter. i pointment by the governor five per

I, :.1 l.iirutb" iKM-aliii] iftr.Kit"ii I any" Do scabs ai.d :Scales form on -OPS in and for each of said countiesrepectively. t

I n au'. work K I...o rUl.ytt the Skin l. Hair or Scalp! ? Have you Not lie."Yen i TIME TABLE.
Kczf-ina? skin, !Sore and Cracked? have a srix*! deal of assuranceh i> There will also be held in each and ---
lit ..
1'iilllii. gnu lij the llI'r .
.. lU-h form on thp Skin; ? Prickling ('Oil"(- tme for ('Ilarlt ." said the f"'Ffcounty in the .tate of Florida LOUISVILLE AND NASHVILLE RAILROAD.
! ..I ul.' .t tn II.IMil'l
.1 > : rx- wherein such
Pain in thekin'; ? Hails? Pimples? man of the! house, "with your face all ollicer! has not theretofore -
,unfit cud Unlnc tin MII uk art P.OIIP P.iin-SwoMpii; :\ Joint.F..llin been nominate., a primary IS KKKKCT JAXI'.Un ::'. lugs
-! hnngid: up from IIhlln: ;:. You re nothing -
4,> lilil I rt.r tel }' >ll how I Hair. ? All Kim Down? :Skin Pale? lint a bruiser!" < election to nominate for appoint- -

. nit'' It u .* In n ilrui store, Old I meat by the governor some person ,'. ')
; SoreEating: Sore?? I'lcers? "No. sir." :Suo o. :\0. I. ;0. I.
replied the !'C't'cly:1l'3ut.: of in and I-I; ll:5' 1.t'sl'.n'R.'olll ......Arrl"I.I ,.""
M, .i.uM' I iiiul'l RuiM- snii.i' All the-e are symptoms of Eczema supervisor legislation noon p 11\ p 11\ am
who was not wanting ia spirit "The for each of said counties ::Ii pm J:!:: 'nltllt Arn\ ..Flnl".tOIlrrl\'" ::tpm .:j, III '
: -"iiir'liliic like tlutt lust nml Impurities and Poison in the other feller! wuthe bruiser. j mpectively. -II:! pili :sttSa in \rrl\ ... .11"blltArrive I!."" noun I ::"' night
I'm the .
j jhrnisce. l .
!I.._ .k Hit-in thllU'! <. Wi-IL! I lilooil. To cure to stay cured take ':'it 1' n' 7:Av", Anv ! H. P.. R. P.otinic Blood J'jlini -Chicago Tribune. !! There will also be held in the ti.ut p m '.,,111.. III .\lrl\'. 'I\uLCIII"ry..Arrl\'" 1I.: 'lIm \illpm i Ht
. : ',' riot" I bait In tiny' :i '* tin! --- i of cambia usin ; ;." pit Ainvta-htilte \rrl\.' .Ialll it iii ''IIII
which makes the blood pure and county a primary '' arrive L"UIH II". .... Arrive M.i'
.' t a:> I'Xi'ii" '. I t..ok myn Independent. :! .onll :Sb': :a in pin a III
rich. !1. B. ]J. will t'au--e the sores election to nominate for -appoin'ment ,'L'i P '" i:0it" III. IUo !t'" I 1D'W'RIi 1.\1.. 5:4'pnl ILw.pc- ,
i tin' fctuff. nn.I up tit We admire the Independence! of a by the governor some -- --- -- -- --- -- s
to heal itching of eczema to stop
:... :ui: :ft "..r..llIlI rlsi: forever the skiff to become clear western i oct who says in a (preface to person; as custodian of lost timber BETWEEN PEKSACOLA AND JACKSONVILLE t tI

|h\\ulknl nwiy. anti al'liT and the breath bwect. n. Ii. U. is his volume! : "If the critics diln't like and lumber and some person as harbor 1.1'1II

lit U-hlllll till little 1-l.UT just the remedy you have been look- this balk I wish! to pay to them that 1 1d II. master of the port situated in No. 91. :o :t. No. -. t'o, ?!

]1"11 up |1.ITt'rljitlim-t. iiinlI lug for. Thoroughly tested for :'JOye.ir \ If they tear It to tatters. I shall:! said county of Kscambia.: :r.'i niJh t 7auam ... .. ...... l''O;lIl'OI.. ..... .... .... 1L topm abput,
I In thr>.* alto I'riKht" *. Our readers are advised to pick up the piecvs! and embark in the This primary' election can only be i:5" night ; :.Pail Milton luWprn (..:\' pill i '
participated in by qualified white I:1uato t rhaui 11..1 ;; .......... ":III II In ::u n p7otant nt .
: '".! tnn! thaw step| lit- try I It. It. I:. For pale by druggists{ plastering: business. I am here to stay, 0:10111 11\\ liIlI'IlI III c hiples rlag.... .. 1\:5111111 ItsCpul I
at fl per large;; bottles ( full treatment dlmocratic'oter", who -hall havevoted liiaam \11.riltnuo ..... '.:I'lptn .tIliILl..q
I f mid ntt aft<*rttard: l you bet I've made up my mind tot
?.".. Co'.npletP directions with on the day of such election 'l5nrn 1.u..1 'Lt ,'riuuehon : ':wpin I...: IIIIIII
t: 'Ht t"t have Ittb! 1 I. Jt. "Atlanta Constitution. : ,.11..1111'.1.. .
> s foi' all I the regularly nominated candidates I It: :: II II' ; 1'111 .
each !Jntl If'. :So sulferers may test .
.. .
l.a :t.c1 tuvtie :uflm .
'.. .iii.mil I IT frutitIM. j a t'
it. Addre.s BLOOD HALM"CO.; ., ; of the paity. national stateand .
they r.-n: pipe tiff nil Atlanta, ( ia. IJI'-cribe your trouble 5 I-'eelinjjs of safety pervade the county and the said primary ----

.:i ti' M ,rv.MI'luia,;* and Free per-on,11 medical advice household; that men One Minute election will be held conducted and I I
managed; under the rules and regu- THE ORIGINAL
____ Cough Cm'p. the only harmless; remedy I iribeii the state democratic
:ition- pre- by -
I... .\ i: ..rtl Hllrminn. Ormlii ii f "I titer Ibe Kiike." I that produces immediate tenlt exfcutive committee at its PABST -

I"". < r- : i-niw tu In I In flnek riythnlojiy the rose was the <. It infallible; for cough*, meeting held in the city of Jacksonville K aml H '

> .i. iii- f.tlnldaliu! <-f 'YIII,1! l i'f sileine; a< it was said that cold*, croup and all throat and lung: l'IorioJa. on the :'Ith day ol n u k1 un

i a l.tiiiihin. I Ii tt, r. rupid.! Iheon of \'I'lm.'P; thepwlofileiuv troubles. It will prevent consumption. August A. D. I'.HNI.! BOTTLE BEER ,

d! < 'I. 't JIM ,iv Ius fllof a piMen! rose as a t hl':1It'! to conceal Har i., Pharmacy, Sidney FRANK CLAim

.1 MircltiT. Tin' ,,,1.1('" the nimr.rs: of the ;:oMi'ss of love l' the. John Sheppard.Ilmt Chairman: state Democratic Ex.'cu- S..1t F2UED3IAN,
._ tiveConunittpp.Attet r
- -
-r1l".IIIII.1 I It tlictefofe. 1 the
|1.,1 wui > was. !sculptnreil on
Miiiui) f.ot Out of It.Many :
.. lia.) | cell Iii t-f Ii.-inii.etii2 halls and placed PrtlIri..tor. .
.1' only I't.I1II.n; s ; : : : were the interesting oxpeilfnces JAMFS K. CKAXK, .,. ."
Mi't.lvn a luau U ti'4 as a !si i:1; al")\\' the doors of questionalie belonging to the lest Norlhiicldconference Secretary State Democratic Execu fit -- -- :

.1 big;, w.'itfhr \\8; resorts. (;I"-I'Ilt feasts were called by 1). I* MiKidy. One live ('"mm ltf'P. AI.KNIS run .

!1--' II aiul two other ,, crowned! with roses to intimate: that HEALTHFULAND
P.IHiully! shows Mr. Moody) himself .
..I! HI. their conversations! vrl I.Ile; in their cups Ul'i; deceived i.un- High.Grade Liquors. t '
ia his v.irving; phases.: It was the conenatlon !- DON'T or :
..' Ihn..." 'I'll tllC tint to be rvpiKUtl cl.-'ewlicrc. E 1'l41v"r
1 ( 'vere \' hour at noon and about lui( bv people' who cliuin: !
!h. ''l"Ii i/irase: oi.iaiiiod rurt'.n!')' Ici -di-cnvery! of some hithHtl1111- Urook Pri'HI'tll'k.: Hen
IlJI'U"en' sitting; under: the tent on Kardiu! i-.uur Ma-h.! Fine I '
i I IH' ni-r uti nut nrt'lf I t! (;rl'I'('(' after Pausr.nl.is.: the admiral! of ,1 Hound kiirwn herb; or loot in !swump. or REFRESHINGA Very ; .
Top :1..dl.I'U1'
Celehnited: Old Pn-
sir linfll.. with the II i, the in'C k JUn-t. plotted! w.i: Xerxes to on: buttnoututu in or prairie, for thecute ;
Mr. Moody I"lnnslnrUly against vac :Stock 1'2 1 Years Old ; OKI
if tHln:1I1t! bladder troublesAny .
I 11.1! d),.1! fill fail him ht'lrt.Ih.. .' "fuse of the reeks! ; !>y sur- "'Ilk.In.t.
the h'HI.ot.: IcJ the! : tmi-ting.; :Suddenly doctor or druggi-t i wili if 11 Kentucky'1'irfec-
cut .t al 'Xrii'tJ tetulerin the chi;!;. I ilie: negotiation.-! you '
at'.t there came from Lin! the! ph'mp: that such claim-5! are fraudulent. uiii i.I l Purity and I.unf Other
< x.i- .it I li.iml. and U in;: eiRdiKttil III a !'!'I:111 b.iinn'.etin: (r.iiidwhletj -paeewillllutper-; ;
"P.retl.ici. of FoLs
question ho111:111)
tau :) KinxKCfKKimply: con
? mtt !i>"''1. \s Ir. hail the roof of nhli-h! was js ustaL lull :u incution
Late so grown In grace that you can tainiinudies! that are recognizedby .
i.1 .t..- iiK-a I!-,>'nsl eovereil with scnlpinreil! TOM-S The liar to haw your faults told?" II... mo-t 'kilful! pby-iciiis a- T l.uire-t and !J-- t :-'t-\"f'tfod' l Stock '

I 11,, li-i! if the nuiu IK- plot howevtr, was Ii.! ,'o\'t'rl'tl anti! orders Xla'.j hi'Dvls! went up. Quick :as a best f(>rthee complahits. so don't been ')l Ioltll''hi-'"\ and \Vuies / ; ,>

i- lotto jir"jh'rt.v IIPIM ;given: for the arrest of the traitor.Pausanlas flash but neither sharply nor Insultingly. ; : duloii- or t'uoii-ii. 1V'.a.D'.11- t for.IHIlt'' I's-e. .1 I

i i in-i-rrto it la il.? endeavored l to make! his; refuse .UbHh'. .
Mr. Moody turned to n >oimg Ttc Jni Trade is on'r Main Specially \
[ 1 1AI'
":11: task II II. Qalck in a temple' which! possessed' the ., minister and call: -
--- -
'. !iU! attuils slant :',: right: ol asylum. Unwilling to violate --- I
\\ "P.rotlier, you have slalom l.t tin o \iri'nt for the I-IDIH-US IVxt Mil I
the of the l for acceptable ideas. A CASE a" iniUt' Ke-r. Krr. In'!
.1.1 t.. 1.1- horror ttwvmouth sanctity place, >y forcibly Im-ry in 1.\'I'ry.'ars i
1 t! iu 13: days here and perhaps shut out of the .
removing him! and siiil more unwilling j state if patented. e'Ity ;.
nui] rounil ati: "
i, 1'J: other uUtII\1I from i-peaUn m .
: .
; ; P 0. Box 11- T. h-li-iiiw! im.
I.-t. I.. :IIIhm; to escape' his: fellow citizens THE PATENT RECORD, .
It true. The Iridbeen
was young man l-KSSACOLA, .
Baltimore Md.861100L .
'111 w ':viTins what !: nailed tip entry entrance anti presuming; and officious Hi. !L ..1
i l..r hit .. Ih! ,' dftri-tive :1 hy one urount. left him to due I: of star held up his hand but he could! ii"i. I Ii,. iti .

'. i the !. iiilinn-t man. \-ition! ; by, another killed! 1 him by un- .
chidden\ and now he stoutl\ :

>' '"r. urn ..TtM-al)! At It rortiins! ; the building and throwing: ; feuded himself! o-ily making maiieworse. ; ) !: I II
lawn the tiles! his head. ::; 1! rn r; I LODGE ) j
on vn :
.Kl.sM'll :11 cl the outer Then' another' minister In : l BOOKS ij ij1 .tt .' r I ( DIRECTORY l 1 I !

.I I :aul: 'ltlt' tht-m! so Tnrl.li.il I'.ilioiJn.lrr, forth and berated!!". Moodv for !hbhrttuess. i dn" l. I li 129tVI'H j j

The latter blushed but i. -
A trlliiti! dis-pntt'! between a Kurd i KNIGHTS OF PYTHIAS. I
,' 1. .r"I" hi' huc taken !
tened initi; the fl'prlll.f'IIS done. 1'1.1 :: i
mid Armenian! mi a strnt ia Constjititlnop'e -
'. "',: th.it !)<. iiittlil n.t he sng'41'stncly covered his fa.-.. and! i'msaiulu I.IM'XP. No" ::5. K. nfl' ,
!., went It::,)k to the the otlu r day led to nu spoke} through Ms, liUMTS. "I r III'.n. 1 \ [ : t r\Ti11 \ftj1:
amusing in-tan of jiMice a< it is dispinscil I1 I tt n."i- -viry Monday step..ug '
.... with ( ) .1 ; h h.Ut at Ht ensile hull, '
'ii a iiur.it'itrv admit: the fault my friend charges: ; iae J !1
1 by tIe'I'urki.h! jwlice.A ,
.. .l, : nul !>o.JI.I l.e'I tul!,at.t0lox was fmind t-n the pa"l"IIlt'lIt. with: but brtthrcn. I did nut hold i:; CDE'SmSCHOOL :i in Jii' 'id' i-i i". "trwt.iir.k. ball..U.

1 ;::->'11 It r ti-nuuiils mi 1cu41-lontli: s Comiwnion.An U- I ,I-. lirrtUmi cordially '
as'.Ie! ;:ed, by a 1,11I.1.i1 Ar- J. \1'.Jt-no':1.) : .
:i' t taJvi-; thevatih t.
.t ', ineiiiaiil.in.ed: the box as Ii tis... WU. lnlt".prl"lnac Lad. SUPPLIES I .... J. J\K'GIR. -
-..v. Input lii" liii l .. 1I.lIlIIhl."I!. C.C.
>u. ..
Now Orleans who
.\t'illwrl'uuht :give in, and the Jiputewaxed a hustling boy Estate K.I.tH. .
'I; OUt- il fur I' EVEKKSi! Rill I' \. figents
warm. Prom words they were I is Liaking money by a pan,! he devis! ,-.1 1i 1---- ;

near cumin. tl blows when u policeman himself! lie supplies clean apl'olllt'll' i W O. W. T!
t .......I Return came rip but he could not decide jumpers to booMmulers! printers anillithographers. School Book Exchange. P ..xscor.Flu'-. I --- ; \,
11r'c.t'I't' 5; fir I.nIhk: Caiiii\n I Woodman off l>* I
"'111,,->y Jurrn nn OPPi the question of ownership.At cents +
-- -- -- - -
a itry tOlM r..ntlyIII. last the Aimeuiau suggested that an apron and M cents for a jumper! Zulu! for Foil!! Inorm; tion. World. ." f: I
... RKPKFSEVT: : TWENTY-TWO r' THELEAlUXfJ Mi-pt1. flr.t! anti th.nl! hii'laT 1' t
het ulgbt la
\ "J.lrl it' I. :& the MiIieemau! ask! ulint was in the box. and he has about ,a) ( H toml'r.:. Ic! "
j t-acb month \ cord
i .-! .1 liurMMr.. hearing, ; "Tobacco.! ei;.::aritte paper" said! scheme reipjireil a little capital at thestart = FIRE L1F'lLIA 1tI f:, I ally !In"to-d. i-iv w. n.rrignrt W. Mf Aidox, .1 i

i ..< gnat to put a lot.! off the Kurd promptly."The as he had to have two aprons for SHEEHAN'SBATHHOUSE ACCIDENT, tlDKUTY, l L.VrEQLAiS I '--R.TII4\f1'.lh.rk.: C.C. t ;
i:M.i-'iiit, nf (art'. ,.:1IIU.t'.1I
box contains nothing: but 10piasters. each man. The work keeps him busy AND STEAM EOILEK INSURANCE : ,
i I.t the Inly \\a< ri'j'lHtt.vi ; j
|par the turf. ." said the Armenian, "mllin only on Saturdays. He goes to school COMPANIHS .. t Thos. Pebley '1

l. ; fiuKM-necr *aiJ In1 hail The oi'iccr tiptoed the box and.: find- on other days. One of his! cards I i-. I I... -- -- .

I i in hi, jxHkit on Uavl' lug the Armenian was risht. settled the fore us. reading. ".\. H. Davenjiort { iAN1

1 : lnu-r was tliaultsl anti l li dispute by. giving him the liox. Apron [l.rt'hant.'W Orleans." General Acts of tlss EiiHitLife b; ATTORNEY-AT-LAW',: .

.. i- ,.f the matter "The Armenian is the owner of the Albert Is proud of the success! which .

\' <\ t\ to hU surprise ho re- |lax:' he said. "The Kurd Is a liar.! ho: Is meeting his:, business venturu FOR [SIS l [ AND MN.[ Lmm Society cf ten t )- .i' tt i
i kin him to call at r"
; po-
Here he smote the Kurd over the This may Ina suggestion;; to other REAL ESTATE ACENT. ; :

:>-i- liuinc so. he fmniil ,head. "Allah: be praised! For my trouble American boys in large cities. Onitei states i I "
t.' i THE BEST OF fiCCOMMODflTIONS() : 1.nl8. Store I ml AH: Other AccountK ol J
I !u-fiouiT:: : Pronoh.Tiy! in deciding! this: complicated; affair I I lected and Krnti'tancei Made > 5 I
.. t mi the forge?' Mr.I French 1 will keep[ the 10 piastres." Torturing skin eruption*, burn- Bath; 5 cents; I Vt'lieo lii-,ireJ.Choieo 'I : T}

: ii .!! il''r. TJ like ti>. hut 1 and sores, are soothejt once anJ IJn'ttt"JoIt'ONn..:NCI: OnJ.fr"n Kuildinot/ for -al. and Cottages j

.,. 1 ,'t V> d.) it,' wan the n'p'.y.ii 1 The ditor of thp Fordviile. Ky ., promptly healed: hy applying Pf- Towels 5 cents extra. and lluainsss HOU>IX> for Kent. i. I,

;. -m-r M>" t'ifil! the way. Mi-ce11'tneon.write! ns a* a posticript WittVVitch Hazel :Salve the be'tknown to Loan
I for : en laproved
acceptable ideas. Heal
motaiiMii'lioTil into a :, ton bu-ine* itter : "I was Corner Florida Blanca and Zarra- i-a ; =
I I"I.. of kidney trouble by ta lolll"H.F.Y. : .. cure for pile*. Beware of State If patented. I
1 ,
i* tiHhty a'r :ltlt and act cured
{ m
CUKE." Take worthless counterfeit*. Hargi: Phair.ncy. c'w-a. one block from Electric Car Estate Security. F's'
,, "i .n B down touu precinct. :; KIDNEY Line. THE PATENT RECORD
D'Alembeite Sidney Kahn.!: Joh!! !lP'r-arj.:
ele.V.. A. I
Pt nothing; N Baltimore Ml J UF- trirs. Ofcr Cohn 's Grocery Stars, ,


.. .-' --"- ;.,", ::.-. --'--""'- ."", ....... -"-',-,"...",-- --' -- -" -- > .. -. -...,!q'U' '_ "'-"" as ..!.. ,.J: .I.-ot--: _. .,,.,... .., v """ ....

.. __..,. ... .....". ".-4. _. ....".' ........,.,...,..,-- "" '1r"' ...
.JI> -- .. ,4 <
."..." ..: ''''.'''''rh, "' :a'. '4 .:y .. <: I"P"d:: "" ... p, --,-u >4>. .. : -.I.- -'c.'OT' '





- -

'I A LETTER FROM CIIL .\. It lUpprnril In a 111'0. ,--
I "One day last int, r .
Written by Sergeant Ed. Andrews 10 j
and Spanish
Army of Ute to drujture!
my and!
a big Wife Here.I 1
\\Veterans Sleet.CHATTANOOGA. brand of .

; I lira. Andrews wife of Sergeant CL fIr 4 WOfD. Oct. 9.-The opening Norse Ran, 1944.ARRIVED Han eo. :..o"tCa tI -on- not have cough in stock mdi: : .

: Ed Andrews of the Third artillery iI business meeting of the Society of the Tyne, to liaurs, IJunwody JE C randin, the !-r.. '

: I I I now stationed at Tien Tin, China :, L.T.LOSEA Army of the Cumberland was held this SAILED. I j Ontario, N. Y.popular"SI .

I' has received a letter from him i j white bullterrier ahoUlll'D morniiifr;\, General T. J. Wood presiding. Br S3 8penn>'moar, BrlallaH Bud London 1 pointed and wanted : ,
Plans dated Sept. 3, in which he states : J Jj <>ir<, with rant cut. Reward! for ilajor W. J. Colbnrne of this city i cough preparation I .

r t j I that Tien Tain is a regular slaughter'per. return.orlnformatluuleading. Corner. to recovery.C. >2itfJ..OJIT livered the address of ,,,t'l ;ome. de-I'IIII' CLE4KED. |j mend., freely recommend I said to !h'r: i .

", I I The Third artilery is stationed = = -- annual reports of oflioers were r{{ I Span ss Kranci-ca. N:7. Arriba. bv Gulf I I
r Transit Co for Liverpool. ,.itn *,)1' rouullblll.s Cough Remedy and t
the banks of the Pei-Ho river Oil -1OI41-N, and adopted, one of the moot important
near cotton. :I'+I square baled cotton 'iI' take a bottle of tl.e t.
| which is full of dead Chinamen or I 111'51' OR ::!SI'OLKV Small! skiff boat. Lt'ing that of General H Y. Boynton, I tons pU:: Iron, Ui.iAOaft walnut lumber al- 7ving it a fair tn.i !

i'1 Chinks"as they call them there. J n"ml'01..11"; minted light liro-n. Kfwardifretura corresponding secretary, providing/ I red at S:"b..r4. 'find it worth the !
to Ed Spa'ks, aboard the of the records of the
i r; When a Chinaman is killed he is Mary Lee. It tug* preservation AT QCAKAXTINE.Ir i i back the bottle and I .\
At this the society ltG-I
[ thrown into the river as they would society. .es-.ion I the price paid li .
j -
pence ] -- -- --- ceptcd an invitation to attend a banquetto I, bk Kurydice->. Newton, P..rn8mh.Jco i ,
| a d'-'fr. You can see dead bodies of iday or two the lair!
.310NIY M Robinson
I'OMOXEVfn: L.ENI be at the Read House tomorrow to lit:
; -E "Chinks" lying in the streets with -. given I. \orbk: Bayard l:', Lorda:. Hio Janeiro compuny with a II .
-- night by the local members and citizen,.
\ dogs eating them. He says the outside ( IHEAP : I to order cough medicine. at: ,! .
; Improved real er This afternoon the members male: ex ,
world little knows what is go- \U late can be obtained In any amount i buy u bottle uf ri.an t t
of A\ : j from Wm. KHber. cnrsions to MisMonary Ridge, Orchard i
ingou them.bergeant JrttfM THE SlIUTLXG.IN Ketnedy. I cou-i :. '
I Knob and the national
Andrews s that the cemetery. ;( j I good recomtnenda ,
l sacs .>NEY TO J.l1.ox PKR' HVAL Thursday has been set aide a> the 'I
I "
A I city of Tien Tsiu is a city of soldier*, property Apply to \. A. Fisher Fisher time for visitiui and iuptftiiitr the ELI::! IN rOUT8TIIAX81UFB ] dy. It MOT Mli II t tI

I ;, with troops from all over the world. l Bonding Kalafoi urt-et. jittf monuments and markers at Cuickamuu ;I and all niedii-int* d> .

The Japs are the bet of all except ;:a i.irk. I HrCuprnor, 1':51.: UoUliaii' to iiiii: Transit I
Escambia 'the U. :-'. soldiers. 1 YOU WANT TO BORROW :lto.tYlII"pt :: I Co 1 Democratichave
The Third is stationed money, inure your property pro- The olening business .PS-IOU of the' 1'1 hrancuca. l,, .'. Arnl i, il,l for I.\IT. ,
office! of ; artillery cureabMractsnf. buy or sell!! real n- ,! :SuunUhAmerican:: war vet--ranthis |>""' till n '
(there awaiting orders and will proba-" ', rent property of anid.er.Plinn. barerrntscollected :I afternoon wa- well attended ultiion: : Span Miner>'a, :nu! Xa'ialu. clde,r Kntterterd.un only 1
night j bly move to Pekin in a few day*. or your tntcii attended to. is!CI'W"t '
advuvs show that the bulk of time delegates : pct r
presiding rail on or lu.hlr..Th.... C. Watson ACo.Real i Nor t'tta. :''-''-.Iruo. to taarr, VUJ'IIldy !if/II
KMate aid Insurance a enl.. Pena I : will arrive tomorrow. i & Co Jf i/acfailiii tJ,
4, !). II Clean the liver and bowels, and 1'0Ia.I-"IR.! Charaeaumoderate. ToTerone -j
'regulate the sy-tetij by UiIlZI'RII'K-r who buss a lot from us we will ii-ud money ADAMS ROBBED HIS MOTHER j' salesNor not vote .V ;r. .
: with which! ta humid a boafx. Nl-tf Elida, II1<\-\rt1D'lfon.. t.. ordertor
: I.A t{ UITTEKS. It create and ; l:"senl. ly.i: Henn. |
: sustain Hannah lros. He Mole iU i-'rui.i Her amid Went 10'' Hr Kind:
energy. 01 ounty :!I MI. halter cil for

1 I cover cot ;Special _AreMOKKY- .--.--- I'lrlt lti : 'I'. ""lurld.a. Montevideo -"ARER i, COLD \IVAVEI \ I ; \ f

that to I' lit IbINf-Two nealvfurnt-hwtroom. J ACI\\.II.U:. Ha, O'tA boy'of ; Nor i arneslt'. roi!-:!. ('''UU. to order I Ii

:.I primary -: ItAM\4. I uitalilefor! .la-lies.... or gentlemen.! ('''11 l lat Li. well dri.>,..d, registered at Th i i tr Cambric: I 1281. MNmunli. tu order i
XH W..Il'h" "' t. silt Am tnas: f Ward 8-. I'ulmer. to Yuan- I!i Take warniu,.'. :
sary to ; .\ (Onset Home AV,'tltinl Hit-. I.uwherCo.frtiltn6raulTl.l'rangle. clcthe .. twill
: iarlJ Inn, the tini--t hotel in Port Tl:1lpa. a: cola out and ? .

I the cost ;Morning.Mis I'"k KENT use or-Kir bath.tcl.ifurniilifd and other rood"rn rooms im- Fred Daur, San Fr.mci.'o. He sjniitmoney : It l-ide. T{|. Kui.'o. I.. ord..r. to onl.-r I I ISor (clean repici, J i

done all ; Jeanette nrovpinent, No. 'M, corner Wright and : operator mac;, iiri'!;.'rtoord.i- 'back to you a-;. .:". : j
? launches
Hankyoungest freely
: idaughter : 'I..n street "
paid the ITalln Nor Professor Jouusun. !""-. Ub"n. to order est prices charjji.i! '
them. of Mrs May L. Uar.kand tad making froipaent ex.-ur-ious on the' employ the mo.-t i 1
l 1'Olt 1.1 \or ::'plen. ,..:. Samueki-n. ti. or resourcefailed and
J. E. E. I;. Mt/rey, manager of the plumbin ... '. ... .....-..... .- .. __.._- ho bay.; l Uv-ame Finally ins *. tific price.-e.;

this c' j branch of C. H. Turner bu-i- "iUt **AI.K or e.xclmni" fr C'lIv I'roportv I The iiotel despondent. some'. Am Li-vlS Andrew A+.-. Alley to Jan .\ department < \I. \ i
I realizing
had I. vpipnetor I I..ts. .
wedded -my i-otmtrv place at heal of I atlwKavou. Merritt A ('., eapek. !
i-ix ness, were quietly at imifollv: located. Apply to J. I my. tery, pre.+*ii liiiu for the story, I Am Vila Y Hermauo. :,:u, Clark, tu Jno A .1.mkasg..I.i I' .e :|i
H) from 'home of the bride iil'Ve!: ?: Ielniont l'.llIrtt'r. HI L. Friedman I'oV. "linilm which lie finally told. H -:ud his name }lerruI.t lo iicit dat.guuranti. IiI <

., dates for ; street, at ti I o'clock tlii1:101'n- I was Adanit uf Pitt>barf and chat his iI j I BAHI.F.-. < .
I4nRS1LE-: nlTrT rnv re>idt>nr>>>, :j
familysui oin-e been wealthy! but wa-i I '
lumber. *' in;r. RPV. J. M. Dinnelly, pator if with tir'.- southeast cornt-r !la"-. fur i Bane Ht-nry I. tin-hg .\ I iI
t judge of i iifU" thl. Paltfoxstreet Methodist church .l-i.', fronting lintHft on [lie fli-v-tnc hn now poor; that he had tr.kcu alD belonging j' -
: : ) from ,omciltn and l:{;' f-fi on Tenth nvt>nue. 'IIV water to ins m.itht-r her eonuufrs Of CLKAHE1) AND BALED FOB I'E."C- I I I'. S 1C ., .
nt the door. I Insurnticttrnnsfpnvd fr.-,'. :
and it tbi- hi hall beea i ii i
criminal ( : Mr. and Mrs. :"forl'oY departed on Add re-. Thu,. MrMUhin.! Sifiial 11. oho f j was > money SAC'Jl.A. will c.l; .n l ; \ .
i bpcndius. Ito father hi.ifa, wits ii.
each of : the 7 a. !n. train for '1'aliahu'Pe.Jacksoivite ; STSAVBHIFS. i ;.011.:.
," 1 .[ but iiud lost hU ,-uion by
I-AI.K.'he'tii.onf COlIIl'tI .Jr.
bor -in
pervi-or ; i fssuturJ and other 1 1 .. .. .. Aprs. Br, H7T. Popbn. (,ltiif. Sept !- i
,,' i
M Fr-iiki-l. II "'+. Pa: "t. -tf.IJ'KnN I a .-trikiHi- motlii-r: wa cummuni- 1 "
from the FI )rija cute,. Lm!(lleld. Ur.Itory. Sid !iiui'-'ds $ -pt t j t'llItllI"'I.t _
biuS fated with but rt'plu'll. it l- alleged, Nordpol. Xor. L'l>, Stolu *ld Shifltitjipi; j
pro Tney will be at home in one of the for n "ru'atn'r tiuriimt- lot rrut. i that she did becaute :MI I i Owiiu: M ; t.
not care: ofj
the i Anply to Si7 North Cf mtlo-! :
( .Iu : Moreno atreit.i.iv
cottages on North Hill after the boy.COUCH. IIHIF ; Thorn.i'monthix: t' \\ -.

moval Nov. 1.Theie. | $20,000.4, .'onst ncc. Nor. *', al cape Towr Aug It .. :

Oi popular younpr; people received l"Ott SAI.s: lilt FN 'HtNiE--l'wenty: SUES FOR : lii.ra, Porti was ,} : numerous elegant pif-euts t bars truck garden and pouitrv farm. i 151t'IJ..n. I"_";. al Hamburg July -1 |i tilTliiii-.l t .
these : : ana will bia with latlrmtl-swet of court hnutiioit. ; land lie >ecki to Krpuvtr Ditmuses For !! '811'11.
a ..
|for Kii'd tiin. near I'l-n-iie ood || : \\
offleial ; '' : IWHlufi. "\ urZIDr. -- ill Cubit AUK S!
.: hand ome arti-tie and comfortably! i iequirped barn, fruit trt-..etc Kursilrnt n barKnin II Tali.- lnflrl.llllllti'UI. Australia :Nor. l7i>. lit 11t\.. $..pI1
: home. 0: w.ll txcbanetfor citv prortfrty. Ibellerue. Nor. ski fort Natal AniltI I
Bii'ti\nHAM, Ah., Oi-!. !i.-In the
the : 1 rill: NEWS: extend* to them heartycolirratulatioui. Apply ta A. M. McMillan, circuit l'I..rk at I II !'''! imti. It.!e., sld Gfmm h'-pt iT ,Vewill ; ', : i \
sjoner i ciiirt hou-f. -I'ltf! circuit court the caieof R jbert E. Concu: Coniu'-tatore. It. :)'.';'. -Id Alirnt> Kept i* .
I I I ouitancf Nor l.Vy., "lei ('s|/(. T..vin Aug 1 15 cent.- rot." i:
;d tiled 'tJlt1.I1'b.: .. neat slril>lf lots In I aysiiu-t thy .utb"fl1: lApr.? company 1 (;U.lli"dolfo.. (itr, :-...i. .id Hamburg AUK 2:;; like ntwt n .., > .
tr.e (' This j is the eeaioii when mother r 1 the city m easy terms by the Fisher!' and thl'IaUallJa Great Soutlu-ru Rail- Hudson, Nor 771. sd 1.1"'rpII"I.UI: ?'
Real Estate Ayeucy, UI2! South I'alntoxtrtt 1 Jima -IdTenrriiTfAug. at!
mended are alarmed: on account of croup. It '- .t. 1 sal 111 road cumiKiuy is ou trwl. Couch hues j i i i'I !.rids. It. ..>, at Hottcrilain AIILf 1 i.tin .1 \ \. ;

th' 'itJicia! is quickly cured by One Minine \VANTgU. ''I for $::?OOU damages for ulled false ar- luliiilii.Led Nor 7s-It. .UlKS dt1,ori std KfI,H'k-lol S.-p K.|,I.t: l IIMoinrosi 1.l The r'. P.- '. t ;
II. C. Cough Cure which children! like to ....... ..... .. ...._,..... .._ .#- rest. -, .I-US.I..i.I.U "IIY Jaly."> urary .\ I';
take : : Ion -d., Tile Micble A, It. Ml (4.-p,) AUg I.. :after ni.t.i : : r _
via : Harris: Pharmacy, Sidney VBl'SIXK-s man. re 'ul. ac- I tu e arose out of the robbery of a .
I Kaha John i n tt'i! city and oniiinv. Hook- tram the above! ostratitgloradellebetto.It.Ia tenoa ,o'clock !p. :
that 31! r. Sheppard.1iit : on niini-d nulroad at i i I1I1'pl1 ,
k.ltll..r.'lIlIt- mor. oi-ciip'jtion tnvti breflit. -
!' H iiaiiu -" - Could lurni.honie cipilal.! Rerrsnee I Cuba, .\b.U?. H, 1-.t'. (iJll..1t teas )' (11'11:111.: It. !r<.'. aid! 1111111"11'1110, Pli .
On l1Iut 'I.tll.lallllh1'<<: e\2liaiijt Address Hox ill. t'. O.oU'f 1 arrested on the charpof being laiphChted 011.IIIlIul.lI.: sld Hare.ti tin t.. tt I 17 I The l>('.\! / I' ;
: I'.nacoIR. It. .Ot.'. sld t.eaunSept :.
H'UMf- ( The hearing in the! cie of P. F.Steam" II in the rubbery aid wa in jail for i I c. ) some time The ra-e was finally doI >- Tabitlia. Nor 02!. -.M SiiiiUianin'mi .i my .1 I
county : axam-t the board of 1)111)1eenunsiuu'rs ,\'.1N'I'EII--k. larui' .r..ml hand iron mia-A-d motion of Wade Mother-: Trnio.. It. i7.id; Mar-"II.: '- --jit :.
of J. T. : sat, Bend pane.etc... tu I'. u. Hoi I uixiu 9' Fjnt'/i'.t'.
; uI.on{ aii application! : Wnlutka. itu..H.! : old SoiULuinptui. AUK I
placed on : :.. H., shed who niiide the arrest. l'vul'h'a..1 j .
011 I for a writ of tnandatnti- to compel i formerly from Atlanta, where he is well .J 11111..... i\ n. i L':. :. .:
'.i the board to reinstate the rehitor u- ITrA1ION a? ofBcf stfioicraulifr! hv atnunglady. I known I ) ,r- .
mittee, ." I F.IIi"r., ';:1. kid rcrapt I ttu I.I! ;: II' ;
the Pen-acola bar.,1" Addrc Utlirf, cartDAII.V I
a pilot on ; 1
MluvaMitii.a. It:aid favouu h'remcm. Hi.,
Ju.tI '
I ----- u.- :a
and NEW-
man: hud yesterday before Circuit Jude ia-tf |.Um ere:; Walked Jlile.. !j I flute-! .t d. .1. .,

I Maxwell at chamber Counsel bur \\rANTKD-All klr 1-\\ !> only lo
!: L Charley
11 parnsz the board-Hon. C. Ii. 1'.trkhil/-I'Il-/ t\ whisky bou> H. A. KEIEDMA.N.novvtf I 1
booths : :: Ilarnes a youth wliitu man of this cents per week.
tered u motion to qus-.li.: winch was .
"* '
of the : himself;: b1".1'; *. U.C.1'lJllb1l placevat Ib..aU1tt'tlIlUd knocked t s. It i
argued by inn tile'heal
; : ou
\\YANTEI--Od beer bottles at l> nnbei- .
mittee j CHEAP MONEY AT ANY TIME t ,1 i. ;
lIau ) and C. f"'lIo Joi.e-, ter Kroi. Intl i I by neproes near the fertilizer factory > '
coun-t-1 for the relutur. The -------- i- \
.J"I jude --- ---------- and ln> btxly placed on the track of ; ?
JJ. \ :; .. .. |i ATI T. Lewi-i- ,,. .
took the cl*e under advrenlent.Streit I'liti.i. Fu i'.nttal the Western raiiroa A .;
pacing freight
On .....-... I : ; contr,-'". i
: Volt Fl'NKltALS furaihedpr. I train ran over him and ground one of ). H.I.'II.oOX & CO.'S, ,
hen the tired C v
: kidneyand 11 I i *
I .. his iinn"ifat the shoulder. 0
mntly In l>oiiiiifloriitniil' .t--ices The juun ,
-elect purity the liver and bowel"witt.. a MKViolctte Morriio, :t.: s\ I.q Or gory j revived him and he walked to HEAL ESTATE AGENTS.: .. ail IIn : .
) few des, ; of l'JII'KI.Y A>ll P.n- phone 9.!"). :odllll t
!; 1 miltilitant.. hunted up a dr-tor and, ..
TEuIt i is an admirable kiJney -- --'- ----- Ifyout I \ *
climbing the table I
'1 mend n: tonic. Haunahl.roSp'-i-iil AgentAt -. .. UrnIII.. iiiid 1";i I ii hlnrR.t'1Sr j on. He will upon was operated ; h known I ,
; recover.
---- I
" on the -. I \ ANti i'Al TIN41 '|.5sMM : i ii I Ii Try TIn NI.Wa Wan* lntni. l"umu.

: may tent iunNric4LayersIunl1'la'erers.The m-< .1 mha I., I..-" will t'arh i-ia sea 1111 i I
The (' Iran injni>t "..mil II!:. cinainwiii'ini.Btur- '
J Wulr!'. Hricklayers and Pl.t"terpr1o'"nion lift r. ',' "hfr :1-Uli a'1 a. m. t-nrtwiif....r- .,
No. 1. will meet at their ruuUr a week. h-sjiiinfr* J.V.. mlranrtHl impiN H i
L Morgan a of pt-r month. Studio Knit Gregory street .
pi-ice Friday night.
, The (' ) oli':inI I
.t.; sill:!, J. ; .members lire urgently;; leques-ted -::. :-- -- ---- WONDERFUL.BFRGAII

. aiul i attend. Huiue; of the utmost ulatlun ur (:;all' .:, \\ _
pr. ( | irjp-'rtaiice. 1V. H.! TAM', ._ ,
: \\ \ : lt'i; ; ;
It. 1'. llor.KRTs PresUeut., I Ett I tab will pay j
.1{ by a c. I\ 'Iw..nv-fiv.. i .i"ii.h I'ollurs pvmrflmreTiileiiif .
t.t another Secletury.Tlie Unit will< cnn\irt unv "lie in i i
fi K-iaini: : Coniitv of airy vio'Rtion of the! '
in a ffw card of Mr. 14. T. Lewis nowappearing i.atiif Law-1 the t t"te of Il'irdm.. .1..1
bal tll:.-. Honton. l'n"III..ul.11..1: V. I. Vidal.SeiTftary. t. SIS
The in the Journal: in which :.'.nAslniMKHUMU' >
he-tat.-'that he won!J worktnctly
called to
it hill the union layer-and pla-tei>rie- I"O'H\ .
aidle-sof of the Central Trade* Couucil. i
was ( 1 \,1.1.1_ : S I.K .H K.SO
The Hricklayers and Platerr's i tc"IUMveStrrk| and K:;:- for ',,1.//
.- Union wl-h to correct this statement I.ea\ orders nt \Vlllis" 'llnnhtur" ('<'''. s".tf !

;:f ment.specter Th" II,. i with the ina-mueh Central atliey Tradeloui'Cil" are attlli.1lfd' 1 i?.Yard NKl'lirUiK\--fttirie of l.O<'. ed-for5I.5i-l'ark'i'nrrier'Poultry IK EVERY DEPAETTO) lONE l lFC

whatever laws are pa-ed by that irabum I'lirtnil gr Cnrlt'ii-. Light Hrnloilia. I
,II follows .. ,' ',' ..
: organization will adhered While !un. I'ltinouth K< -k.. I IKrown !
. be-irictly t."lhorn.'n'lo'IS.. Call and -.e I Ithfin
. ton I'rt'elll anil*1. to"by each and every member of the near Kuptrnn'i! I'urk. a7tf i >

I'r..e".t Itncklayers and Plasterers union .
err and\ Pensacola T. ( 1' l' "'I.O\It- I
XI) 1. of Fla. 15.
.f' .. : .. 1tCT I
Lewis to the contrarlIotJthtaud-
, 81UIIl. A. FLiWFland Floral
Yr.-clurt 1I11.!. \V. H. TAM t. ( Spectal ciesicns ordered for 1..12118-1 i
Si! lianiH and U. T. KoiiERTS. l'r<'-lu.:1t. Miss Vlolette Mureiin. :,-;.'i West Un-cory, |
Freeiict phom.rw. axllmVn
and J. '1'. \ :Secretary. I SOLID WEEK ( :
ITfCirct :
: ( I'n I TrtttU". COIIIK-H.< ;i
1 Jd M. '1 ..
__ _
-- - - I
I 'FI"E: n' BunAcenl H. I'. llulf-
( )
Dar Waid.l'r '
scan,l' slyest, :iiict I.:tiny Mslit ,,ii I" < hilrl..JII-\.W: il". aStf

! trff ITfLMuft and < ohi;,..u y Or..1It I 1.1"I. .
-- __
> .A.TFe ----
andCnii.. Cmi.K.-roi, Oct. 1*. Tnerc i> a _... : _. :: ___, .. i -
i'rvviia-t : I
J. ."\ ., ... .. lively a;'Ut: on henItetw"vu 111.n.vii "'\ I R". e'RiH\ )1EIR'E-Manufacturer !
_1 anddesl..rinllarGool.HutsToilet ':
I'rfiMiiPt :
4 J.i.8tf I .... I jiajcr-.aini tie jmb.io 0:1 one "t le mini l \rllt'lt.s.llalrtlI."le. W. tio..rDIU..ulSlrl'lt. l

I'rfClncl Charlt'-Ntoti l'ulIoIllat" Railway, .
and U. :\ '
, rrfcinci Gas ana Kictntcompany on the other. I.I. asii..t .It i 1-' ,
and J. t;. \ - - - -
I ,. Precinct This: has: bt'l.u ,.:oinpr 0:1 for u week: in w, -T 1"- M UiiEMA'i.A1. a graduateM ol
E. Hra.. aixl tlur.it-rest is Si. tun,' hot. ,ti I thKr'-fiiunarv fur Ktndericiirleii.T : -
rriH-ni'i : The Il"\"p.'r.. Late "!"ett-Ifireua .," Newport city, "I I open on 4. and Frank mot "I her motheritslrtfiuf, -.'i I I'n-t
the Cou-oiiiiateil ia"nu-u ct -.unc of It; tt right nrn>t. a Kindersartfii for children
,I. 'sit 1'recmct II : I alleged -liortfoniinss:: but more ei-pi-c- from .... I"ven %enrsf R"". Ii"j>3inKlNUKKl.AliriN

3' andJ.C.Precinct Precinct\ : : I rates laI"n to the a'Vouut city from of the Mount fact Pii-a that aut.the reopen M'Hltill-llr.her kiLilrrunrtta A: It- CASH HOUSE1Don't ( ) :--

and l.i,\ \' Sulhvau'k laLiml: and tae I-lo of Palms school Moudaiuct.; I. aJo'1t

ITrfinct have been raised. Ii Mount I1e.i-.Aiit

and rrvcinct Oliver ., where the fueling is very titter, the p y"- IT HEALS THE IUGS.When . . . . . . h . . _ ,

, icy Kud\V. ple have begun a boycott and auotncr
company has been orgauund to build an :su'ering; from a rackifi'oujrh. :
:\ tmkia dote .
;> nounced oppueit1OU incrfaswl more hue. than The 1W rates per have ceut btea forregular lIu"tY AM> TK Th"or!of FtlJ.\..fsbe > Miss\ This Great Sale !

:! 'til relieved and
patrons of the line. aad the ciaupiay a warn:. t-rat. :
adn'rtl l :: has shown \\"oudrf"l hspositwato .fill fcf-lnij; loud heiliiiir f the! pirt- .'

out '. I increase the rati>.. in everything. Ifectedtrill DP I'xl'Pli.nr' Take' C-'--,' ; ,
t to be ".. no substitue. \\'. A. 1i I'A !-iibt rt1. '
--- --- ---
)1.1'. .
( :tnl1d.t' MI00tiag Attray at ( hurch. --C"ilK.- M l' If'I .-.

l for the SPAITANBCIW, :S.: C., ()Jt. 9. At -- ,. ,'.
_-! NEIrn'Hrt.al.I!'i ", .'or.r'f. F. E. Eraser's Cash
; lertii's Cowers this county. nep-o hoUtmc/ a ""- -t, -u-, ... ii' ,. 'n. Hou
The .... ;: .. >
.. til 7:30 ei 1'' 1'!:j I meeting in their church: there -.tcrted a teh.. ; \ '"I'I". r j.b;A.d i.; *, ?IP",".. ;! 't. .

row. Wild disorder soon reigned. P.> thscrew of acid veejc
mttt to ,
i liceiuaa James R'tinamswent tocnurch -
Bio.rt..C a.'
His did p 105 South Palafox
tJ: restore i'ttce. presence not A .1. Street.
rain have the desired; effrct. Up tu that! time

Ibis no : r cluband fists had been nt'd! bur when

t l compl. t a policeman armed pistols wt drawn

/i./ cures q t Tee podeemanterns to have done' more t

it* ,) than Ui.. share of tie -hoo'iuff llr was

t plied to t -hot la tiio ii'-ail ar.d Lam ana E -u r

sprains. ;: j Maekbr n.r.ch>. were .hut and

t. 1 v.ud. 'I !y niui: none itttieruu-1y!
: -- -
,> short 1 '

: I I will repair your watches and I

Killer 1 jewelry in first-class style. J. I,. BaHmMHiH HE B H HHBMi HHHBHm HH l H

.t 60c. Stephens. To cure, or money refunded by your merchant, so why not try it ? Price 8Oc.f1t .

"' ..._ "'- ._ """' -. ""- ... -

The daily news
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.... -""' .. ,' ".-.Cr... M.:1.: ,.f.l ,.l'- Ii i.. .. '" .. I. ;: ., """ "'?"< >"' '--'''.'_ .,.. ., ,' :- -
'1'ft' @ .
;:! .:

... .Y G tL8 0 1 :: ;:I. i
I.., or. :
OJJ '.
: #
.' I .
y try

r'H. ;" DAILY HEWS. .1: f


-:-:;:: .. .. .
---- --- --



n.' .. .. : _:. .u_ =- = ==- = ___ _. __.. -=_- =- ==- =-___ .

PENSACOLA has a Depth of 33 Feet of Water in the Channel at the Entrance of the Harbor. .


-- _. ,
-- -
------ -- --- -- -

"' "
r., yr


Get fat; get nice and plump ; 'st.

I II I Bible Society Issues a List of i there is safety in plumpness.

I ,
Dead and Missing. Summer has tried your food- t

I works; winter ib coming to J JI 1' q LI tk 4t

trv your breath-mill. Fall is
I, .

li '\'. S. 31. lironkt \\ni Murdered In the time to brace yourself. I
rh1 1 I[I Chan TII";; l)." '. 31, m>">-!'T\' 'iity J
Jiut; weather is look
II tricky;
i I I I K n cm n to H.I\'&..n..elt.Kllle I, lucludIn I

,, ,; IfJ .\npre! +-')(hl'N1i.III_. oat! Look out for cold e pcc- 1ar

r s I| XFT YorK Oct. 9.-.\ complete: lit iaBv.Scott's. i,I Ii : lF. r t y'y : II'4 .

II if, IVotesftnt miAsicnaru-s.i liioun to i
c$ ., emulsion of cod-li\cr ,
1111\ hi tn killed host th'be;.iuuiiiK of I I

I,1 i t.n: I
1 i ren : il b" tile American EiMe s icu'tv

Y, ;zttll.rJci ira I R..v. John R. }tyke-. D. D., Cab, is food ; it is one of the ea....iot

i ., ::: : ; ; foods in the world; it is more ,

I.I ; v. S. tr 4.v

'r. 1 LrMiits: ; of the Church of England than food ; it helps you digest' -
:11'-: iiiiri"s. rid rid'y

1 IIH' "'n1!. Liabout Ju-ie 1II J--Rev.IL. your food, and get more nutriment '; .D F 31
ti. ;v' ."mti und Rev C. R,ibm-ou of from it.Pon'tget 1
: 1"11":1: .If Euglnnd; a.'iatiuu, .

4 NTT r r 'ao TineTu; Jon :;' -Rev P. K.MI !I thin, there; safety

: ]1... ,
> "dm. I'.i; Mrs S iac
t in :lumpncss. :Manoman:
L"' "'i. P.I and three children; I>r. G.I

I: Fax i' ,t'. .ii! of the Aui->ncan Prsby and child. ;: ,
r< :'ai.ii"i 1n. Taylor.villc, Pi ; Jaly I
We'!! end you a !htt:a to tr>, it you IDte I
1 I Ui Ii 'r. Pitkiu 1'htUdi! :Miss '
'v Iphu; COT & EOWNf: 4", Pearl! street: New lark !

\ V. I.;<>ul'i! !, Rubi-1 :,r".; Miss M. :S.: .1 j I '. l'

Mornll aI'.f!! : .
the Auroua! board rais-
C. )!tl.IS. ..l .:.. ti,..i, wire ma-:tcree,i I
non. Port!,i:id. )1Itv.. I;. llilUl.1; j Jr.I1.. j ,

llr,. lhyuu.1/ and three c'uli'rtu! !'! all ofi: lu the l proM.i,.e of C iih El the followi ,

Ohuuliilmd : lap: are uiw','o" nt",1 1 forM :
\ vui: mi""ion. England.At
\ I .-. Cn-riiH.: :\Mrrn", two childMi -
Hia\i hia :51 Jnue 3)-MissUliitcunic'a
: Mi-s Grog; :, ail!I of the China InI -
and Mis i ; Soarell of the i I; lau.r nu. .ion, Eiitfh-k; : pt.ploIJ'I' re- .

J II .t l'hl.I! Inlan iis-io'i, Eiidiud I| jiiitud to b.> ni tut- hands of the: liixers*.

GENERAL NELSJN A. MILES. N 'a- \t-How! l' \'er. whit,' fleeing front I|I Mr. Untlrh.lr..-. (..rittitlMr.: Ciovrui Phto 'i) i-:: I 1.1 .
1Jln1.: July ij or li(;-Rei. U. ll'Cr.I'I I[i I of r' ,. (Cln-i Iniaad nmsi"HI. J'I1nld.
": i Jorm: slut Its "Urrulgn I neil MrMel'ouuell! and one child! LADY MA-V Y SJKV1LLC.T1 / I
I|tun tippOM'd to( L. m the Jill at :S: :menTeh -
J ''I i i :I.I. i I..,;' htist ph"I':1j.J' ; and' M.-s Kmnatid MMS: Uartou, all! of the ,. ,
f s\l| sot: !i..t.>' l I"ii, ,- i \ v. \ i ,;j. 1:i :IM.itlieriit froia
u 'nut, : ( lima In!,Mid mi.-;-ion. Ein-laiM; ; Mia-j!i Rt'Y. \. M"! iirrai-h :Mrs McCur- ,
.. .1"'. K: N.itliaii. Miss :M P. N'auian. Misll.t..ui i I..id\ \!arS.H: U\ til li;: I t I' 1 I.-i.i .. i." 4'' '.i '..:t. > ::1'1! w ar i I'i"1 or
-- -- -- Ili-v. II 1'iviii Mrs. Dixo'i. Rev.IS. .
of 1t- China Inland niis-ou, l j I' HUM. :ia :uo.'t..1' :llr-. CM.! _i lililllll :Mi, I 11l; lit "n 'l' ' ... ..1'r: l1T I : \\ oi .
\V. LunalMiss; D C. l niuiit of
': .. .
i.' 'rii .: itor is ialu i
jiovur erflce. art supported to have bo.J..u. with the trtyIt.n'l !! lull1 ill tie \I. I iiiiPOBT9 ,
PAN1 EIiVALLEYMER ,. nu''i ai\ fIat they wire jus.lli islrihllil p| the Liu'lisli Bitti.-t uiHsion. Rev. Atwater ) t
: .
; ,: \b !'.j LIth" tna'ia;:emiiit r*"- 1 1 to huhl(1 th-'ir fat", but as' :Mrs. .Atv.atir Rev ';!nJlP. :.lrs'j -------- .
I : f!I-I..n"1 r ounnuo'l they are put m the ChpD Miss R U. Lord. lit i. Mark: \ I
.. indtovitM' I to of the dt'U11nLjmade .) '
I. ; ; any list of tin..ing. I! tn. Manv ii: IJ.. m !tnt. r.. ">'u Amor
I b< III"IU.EVOEtlCE I lianRev.. Divis Ipurr iproUibly) StAIN :
: : I ; i HI E ST8KEBS; [: ; |I At Km (':110, July 21 and ,''2-U"v. D. I IID Re Pr f of Lamb mi?ion arc also una I I i RiCANS u:ii..,a> their. nlriuia t-lIlIa""n.; .
h ( a'.t kit week -
liunip-i'i. MM. Thymiuuu'd two 1\\"u >inn.iu s i.iranvin i. n j
: :IN YCUTZEYCACE Y .'wry for to
i":.ilnn i, lIi-.1)rstuon'1,11a: s Manc.iej j i:' ;? !,:(H I-M I'Mv w'i'ro closclv .
i I i :In thi1 .I'M.V list tiifr. !aie I'; people,
; tir R.'\'. (;. F. ward Mi>s Ward one : I IS 1 A POLITIGAL! \ RIOT folKwe: by 1\;.. !"'', I' I' :i.u':-s with 830) ,
i I
: l hundred:; Hen Valiif i; ->'icr.illtiiess' s Festiti! .,'-I.!leuten.int '. f I very li'vr, if r.'iv. of xvnom willcape. I II onU from tilt Tnnnv.ttlltly womeuami 1'1
i.tlli/!. Miss Sherwood :ml I Mi", Tim !j 'j
I.'U'ktllon tin- -.[.uld. I o1'theM t'-ii an na'u. 7:! women h 141 mari xt j"
I Id I I !!.i-xl.-ill! ot the\ Chi".a Iiilan-.l mi.-Ivu' i i,i ri"d nit,! .II siiuiii multi :-ilnl.reii. c nhlrt.n. \Ii. trw !in lonjt to tae I
II. .' the Hinss. I I (T!:,->u.,i,TO\V'sK ',, i > t. !*.-Tai' lirsl EI'\I\I'l.! : Utter class: of B'i. r- .nil all w t ra 'Imuiid
\ i'I In the above ((.tat there are !'o \meri- : ;eriollzTrou! !Between ?edcr :
\,'it u<'s, Called! 111 thi. \ ititziy trial to- ijfou'etolIi'ikowfroniShiii Si i. July i can men.4 woim-n i Hi marru-d an I I Ii j jU'iit for Holland. They ilo not say hero

. :; :: : : '1 J :'OLLO\\' THEM dj.tol. >r. lav: ot 1'rai.firtho. told'. tn!.,.lht.ItJv-.Mi: lair: .';., :lr.tndcrs'rhil Mr. handers'; child/ .i, I-a-J,>- ;i|'i I ,Ann' in !l", a.i.l :is! t-i-iiildri; torn I li'll I 'I IKnslji"1 : :i h: and nep :.b1icm: :;. I they"To will Amenca'go afterward w tin 'luctnon] asked

<>f tin post 1U"rkm i \; iiiunution of tit + i iI' I i Kalis. !I cf them by those who au :lift behind. .
II '; \iiif :a.! :Mr- II J. fooptr: ; ,\u::. 0, '
bdsUvh and ('orrobnlf-t(> l. "ProbaLh," IS the 1111'xralilu aaiwer.
I. Onl In,! li i I 11b,11n.tni.tars.I 11, R> v. \VlnttN! iv i: < i ii : 4 .
pmitiain \% ho have; teriil"d.llxTrtuM | ..mdMrVint: liou-c. all if the E,,*. i i i! La.tvi Vr. 'I.-Tho. mped :Munci i "tibdo'nor know bnt we think wa
.1 'u i mn OlI.T O.u-r.tt >r : \VaUT Div said Youtev h-h l> ip'i-t rum'i i'in. Mrs. P.uvnanan.11ca.ldffii should,&! happier in America than else. ..

I ,, t inline 1U I't-r ( oaatry tfliitir where and WL may estublisu: our homes
fir $.!'k'. but rtfu-td to tell him Jww he : t.j MillerCii.un, :MrVil- : ciuuuof Island) I I to escla-ive: rights; in there." I.tollibtJlIII

I u '.;-. i would do it and he toll Yout/y be"wa" i ma au.1 o'ic ,';nld. Mn J. M; ...fiis uiiil II IMisxl I.1 Yuni Tse valli;', tI-'I'lal'itllat (.ere I Birth Fir thi- I'liitmltatc I .\.. the N.tulor!
1'.1. )9:' -III I 1'r i iv not thaI kind of a man : E:, Clarke' nil of the Cuiua In- I many has an mIl ri'-t to (prevent ezclasive I JL5e.'-lord *i|>rreinthr\\ \ Vi'orld I
\rthur U S'oe'h..f traukfort! said ha :, la:1.II:1Io-.loIli.:. EnjlaaiL 1!! crnrier'ial do'umatinu of any I' Lo\>O.N, Got 9.-\j'rd Charles Bere-
',r Uiity abut! ,r ,hied a 1-pound, )uI' ;4ag:' to Yuurz y t I'lio..* l'II.U'I'II\nl.,1 I'or. I i.I! 1 jxiwcr m that r' ;:i"n. The ;1,11..1' doults 'i'if 1.1:1.; Iii.n.ti: Domingo. ford has amazed the uavilv< rid by the ;I

.1 at i jal [X.l<. .&:1 for the .\chin' l.xpresai: oiiijuny J.m: *'4, ',: an tar Asiatic triple alliance (Uermany.l'rau'r I i Sin Ji; ."s, P. !t. Oi-r '. .-1'irr r>'r- brilliant strategy by w inch he won the
:, rhi' fll1'.nu\; list of the ion- I .
a mi
i Iaffiiu J are Bent troi-i l'nht'lICpllL and Ras-ii: ) Ire n tit nm-
| ho unawounted for toda. *jion,' "! IMMU a worn(:(. were; ,fcillitii'i ; sham battk in the rpu maneuvers of
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MIU : | of I'rankffirt sate Yout- lr.. ells against 'h a.nbitious
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/i>va'nut a iniunte a'ter! the shouting/ art:iv iucliil tho-e who\ wire m tha'uroMiict" --- I an 'hijml.tical! -tr<-'t rut in G.t; >- the Bn'ish feet ra the1L
.- 'inj..i'jy. Tntun.. ,' runniiu<: tur'iu.:n the[ hall ot the executive : : '* mo-t allected! bv the IoMrtro ..nfl..or..I:1I l: Kiots In .ithnin., :lam.111'.0 !J-t".1 I all w',;ht. Tau riot His tactics have l wen pronounced the i iclt.e..sl
.1"llig ibles, .. Chili Li and :lau: M i The i in naval :ihiiala. ,,
II' all m tuei.I'lfiiutniTlk. buiUiiu trma thoist entraucsj \ II. : 1
U.mltlOo.t. fi.-The district of i Il': i :;, .i 'I in a (cafe when a ii'cmber of !
: but rtr tech :1 1 pllol m hi" Imii'i ;, Lt-t word from the follo\Mufr\ ; who wfn1i I '
G.irgrL Kirnttal.. rk i !;r.itlonwl! .%n iinrthcru Sh'ins.ts flay : (iitlisau is zii vpro.ir Anti-foreign ruse ttd.-rul Iarty shut and wounded a Yon a-sunie no n-k when you tiny '
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that they wIll j ..IUI that! tl.ii. siw \out/ei and Dr John-ton I >>: >. :McK-, :\11'0;. :McK.I. ,Alison. i p'.u'ards'! are bt'n; liberally posted. A I KcpuUuan! Several of the bt\( r'* 'hamberlam's Cute Cholera and t't't I

I iv ,.r ttto | tram th" inonntaiatximiniii' : a liosif I :Mrv AU''Hlr: *. Asjideii' :Mi-s M: E :| plo has bei-n disco\ered to d..troy all I arty fri.i..Is trii'd to lynch the l'edjral' DiirrlxiKi Ileiiudy. Hannah Rro-. I !

I t1ho l.rldJo.s.l m,1 lJohns! said hI would !' 'lllfh.. Mr; Per>son, 111"; C. ,\. Lir-oi i the ir.is-i ins The ucir.,.y has: uat tat were jdtieiitrd by n ht Aiitncaus.1h and all medicine dealer* will refund l' t
t ; if not satisfied,
t'.ntlrr.ul money
41vun.e. takt Miss Lumi., Mrs EnK: 'ah, E Ftttir- your you sue
tl' t-irtnlos as they ntte troops a.ttFor
j'l I s I 't .\, Z. n'un I.1\&fOJaat .1.ihu lli kft's of Knox i|i son, (r. E. KnrllM-r,{, A. Jiihniin-eii and --- -. .- -._ -- Funerals, from .Airo\o h.i-tou to after Usin:; it. Ill- \erywhere admitted .. '
.' .. county 1..11111. about Vout/ey tell- ,''Mr: Hi-dluiid. all of China Inliiid iaisi niufor.-e the Fi'dt-rals in iuayama and tll be the mo-t fcticceifulrentdy ,1
I' "I+ ralug tilt Coloh. iiorj -prams, swellingand Iiine1 : in u-pfor bowel !
.... in;: hilL in the agricultural office: that i si in, England 1! .- there jo;: iiotniii-jr t -I. .'ri.and C.ilin The lat word from the following! the only one that npr fail;. It
ih conti-st wan to :Mr. (ruelxl wi I
put out Clianiberlain's Pain JS.ilm.: it. The' rioting the
Try was } uji during; is plea-ant :and -afe and! reliable.
> a r* of the Litnaiv uI' tiif ; that he I lYotitzev) had $10Hut June :.'011': : Ogreu.: Mr.OL: 'fii, :\lr.i ,
way i For sale by Hannah Uro-. and all
.t night and ihre} uin and \\ 'nnu wire ,
Unnw: q-> irvn.rrtu? his own m.m..y to help put him oat i i Peat, !.Ir P'Ir.lis: lVbMiu, :Mi-s dealer- I
i .\ in w :..:..< tn it of tl'.f way allot a dozen others would Horn, Miss: E X'lrhll111: ;- :M. P. Na j i i medicine -. i killed while :,!,) other, including !
VL. i''' ar* uo'.v ahoy\ p\e a hk.* 1l1U.lTlllt; that Ooebtl could : than. Miss Uaman.hs: Young: MrYouuc -. :|! ruhl't.JI'u.'t're wouuvitd. Und Ei.: P\-o Tee., O,.t. !fl -Iwmtyuanun (3i. '
Vi: tail! .>l.rator3. 1:1 thi !Ise killeil! front the twcutite buildiuj :Mr. Barrrtt.1r.: \Vo.nlroff. and IS NOW CITIZEN J OF FLORIDA.II. will die :
and Ita.'i.ius! have bets \ f'
lb'! .vt AiTi'ivil th*> m and the mall who tired the hot could: Or He'itt.tHo! ChIna Inlan, mi"-ion, -- Armed baud para'I-.I the street- later jailed .
'.n:.*. i m'"vi-r, arti.x- tK< Ap' through the laietm.'ut; that iiuYoutzt'y'i En.'laiuL |{ M. tU:;Irr Urgl-trr: atP4t lihuo'inp and yelhtij. ttrronzing tIlll hyn., rho-gent with b"unlawfully in j i j

.. word his been reco.vtd! fro-n the : fairs P.oarh.JviKsiNMUf Tlio! whole district u armed I -r
'a. Wl00:' 'u hJ ( 1 Jib" depended on this cou. No town. an tlie Ui'i'ed S'n'i:: '- Hundreds of eicilauts I t

,.w .1.1.:>,., tent and hi want-d\ it -ettl,>d his way. : following sui(II, I : :, Fla, Oa 9.-HtnryM ; the people art umbi'i to cope with the ;; bare maUi their way a 'nm the t .j,

i l Mrs E. Ol-,eu, and 11 J. ('wr's clill.l; 1 FlaifKr rh. New York millionaire rioters The parties are abo-t e-i'ailly Mi-si,'.in birder and :..- Eat as captured ,

"' .I.Int lljr Inert-.... The ky to liH, ltli i- in the kidneys 1 :\u,:. 17, nen'f Mr. Luttlchtldrrn; won Laup 'nd! rhi1 of di'illetiu nUIll }\'r.;. Luaders ot the by the cnsfonii nfl'd- are l being deKirt .1 .

I'.i. u-t. 9 Th, and hv. r. I l\>-.-ji t h"-e organs actie.ctl i all of the China Inland nil,ion, lug-; i I ID, ea-t i-oast ,' Hi'imbliuius are uriu their follow'* r- | .L '1'u: y 1)r'- _-I ins ;zr 'a* trouble ito

1 :a \oii !have licalth.trei,Kth andctirrrful I.L:1<1.I 1. 1"lul'l'la bv il'-ttiny the o .:!-r with l.otels not ru engage lu rioting, but the Federals i i thi-ir vfuiird, w:..) ar<. uiat'uH to coa- .,

.11 t Up..ll:1": isi' -pirn-. l'IW'lil.A"H I BIT1CRIt I I At Tui Yuoi Fu hhau Si i. June : !- j j II i and by building a railr.j.iltern; coa- are clet"rllllUtd to"'NIIt' the shootIUU' I trot thera '
ii'i.vhauii ra.iro.il! Miss GxiiiioF. .\ Indt 'ardent | j.
: : -tin:u!:Hit tor the kidney*, ; [n netting: all of the: )pinuipal' towns and
.'i '.:" turrti"ill.l'il: au- tieItlllr-., tl I.e liver -toinach atid i i li'.ptist, KuKhih:: nil"mni : orange;! Lippiiig pmituas biinunucedi AuimosJty bet.pen the Fedi'rals and :?shli-lmlldiii-: li.HI nth {'a roll 11*. ." i;

1 ;...1' orllt lii-r.-a.j h..w.d- A :;.itlil'ii hoar-('hold remtayH.I i The evidence of her death IH altttT i, his cnitii.hip ia Florida! und has re,:iiI Rfpubluaus\ is increasing :as the time C<>1.CMBTA.: S. C, 'At 9.-Vessels to ; :

..a' uorkrri tent Dim Uu.th l.io-: SIreial; Airent- : in (h'rniau. dart July, and set n by i I 1 tried' m th West Palm: I g".ldl! (precinct for the elections approui' a aiulallo\er sail the seas and at-amera to ply themirsare i '

'f'ir lit,; coal -itrrv- Mrs. J-uven- of the China Inliiid; 1 of I>a.If eo.ii' the i-Luid are ed>'u,:>.'- that the troub lash in two 1,1"1'1':1 m south 4 t
tho tudil'i3J : mis-ioa. in wlu 'h it i is stated th.u there !I break out at ni jiatnt :
.1.: i iiy op- WINDOM CLACIERiBREAKS UF < I litw-ill m thf..tur? 9\111 I the sreater may any
i I was a riot June :27! in which lr lwardj !! part if ins rive :m tn.tatf. H. I.; now CaI'ul1nn-llar Conwav, ou the Wacca- .' i

I K,. I i Mlrf Plant.liiil. i I'jil uf It slip* Iito tin- :<0.11 -I'lioilllll'1 I j Joseph's hU'1'1l1l1I'M destroyed and bnildiiu; u Jl.U.O.iKy) hotel at Piblolifach BOERS COMING TO AMERICA. maw nrd I\t uu'k'"ofllt'r., on Cooper .. .
| ri\'l'r. Ateauierhaptstbeen :launched I
Miss U-xmibs killed. l Ioy being throwtint. '
I tu riiii-\\.iiiT. near Juck-oii\ile! : and other v .. (}:t. 'l-Thn opi-n the burning; buiWinjf I industrial im;>ro\vti>.nts; are b *m;j made hundred, of hem I..-a\lu:;: the 1'rllll at Mouck's curlier to ply between I
I' ifantr bl, I'rl"'II TVI.M. O-t !i Ktici'iciT: (J.V.. It i is Inlii'M'd that ijl the Illl."ion\rlt undo( r his fauancul j.lli.I.tl.ll'o' \a.il For I liU ( ouiitrx.LoKENn '. Charleston_and all 1 pu:utf on tho river, ;

.. .' .,. I'.1.\". and aii ( ..tr-iii,. wlii: :Hartuniid to JuneiiuI 1: n' TV: Y.li Eu at thf death of :\jh; I MARVILOf; fl -Hu-i' .:CIiIUI"14 .\\\1111 I'lightM. .
II viuers Knruiite It, I'lillailelplnn.( (
: u" i 111 I )Iun 1'.II.I1I1I..t.; r"-p. rttint he foundUu I I dredof Ikxr-with rn'tr fasnih"are
-- -- ---- ---- --- .
% of tlansoudirfuhy 1--- i NMV Yorit, Ut. 'i I. The lured I M. HI;,JH-. Editor r'enpca,
"Miaii' .
iijii j fleeing from the mutrv ',f t I' u birthto i
o .u ..a l"v ltd lippiii' Into tin1: ot I btatfs toriWo: Loat StiUbl's Utt'i! err toe I Ir life ''Illi .., i News was afflicted for year- .
| Weak pin a;: un inlU't 11 r i
\1 CATARRHlW8aS ..;,.1 i ni:' it th" L>uViudom ;:1.&<=It'f. J Nerves j day for I'hiladelpuu bv the ont-iile : inI II i wit!I. 1'ilethat ro doc'or nr remedy ;

I : i ".n'u'x' the ; !llell'I' has been I .> !'i"d| until ti'. tried Uackl-n'-i Ar-
: nute which It hoped hut- -\ ill! 'e' aLl I II .j f
iuiiuli\tiidtd! the
n .101 i u It into 1 Weak nerves mean thin blood and to travel by Lof.V"i: el 1 s: :ii fin .!. r-iey :'i'; ,1 -ahe.: He .writt '\-o boxes. \'
.. iniiiiti.se itiMVi.thuptil
ii 11-.1.i n i- no UL o.i tll,' Uu, though. thin blood me.ins an i unhealthy I I 'OI1t. Shva: -> 1>.'n:1r ii.un thr''tt-r I V D Bwls wl.'I.- cured him. ItV the *ure;at : '

I'1' ,hi'r. niitnx xt.irtiirsu'o! -toniaeli. To strew:!then the herxt"-! i, man ; ivtrunu-ut and bruaght; a'r..s' thI1.II.III' Pit I.' CHIP
tiY.cA4pR r .1 i all i-iau,'..d. Iiisttal ail and purify HIP blood Ho,ti'tti-r'- !. .\ on the deck of an .icea'i! liner 'i' lit thworld. Cure irnarantped. J t t

wrtvo, dv ut tle toe Is tkating! with Moinich Bitters should be takenL'lithfu1iy. Tl.e. ;oinrs. ; 'nh ra 1'.1 -mutthinR O. I 1.; :!-. 'Mlt. Hold hyV.. A. D'AIrt. ,
?; 1w 11:11I .--:'U:I : but t COUGH SYRUP f' I II
r,. au'l ..1ide chuimel hast : It will not fail to cur' -n c a-t i >\a- f"'iini ill r .1. I' dru'jIt.; ;; .I
CAl u;' ,
: Hnll fn.iutwink was -o weak that it tadbadly I s? cures clacking Coughs, ----. "
:i :n 'i.n qll Ill' bar: to tidi'watT. i r
1PEI'sl.toNTIP.ITIOX sprung] and an ei rninati ri ot Sure Luna, Grpe.l'neu '
/ sF1:101'ssI'.andprevrtttMALARIA. .
: -' ( 'i' ladle
\ itrIing ;skirts and walati
l .
KIT inajhiU'-rv riAiali 1 :
lIl.tn"th'r de- monia nUll Brout: Htl' in a
Ittrl. I e'1.111. IH&; MMI ( 0111' FEVER ASD: .IOCE.Vhy I.- tIt
S our our specialties Star: Laua- h
b ft'tSloe hen: bet: HI: t It r;:oiii;' r'" )ii.uitiou fevdaV jv p."nisi .
: >, a t uk t t.t. \\1-1'. II. (.ilhuo'.V: not get well at once bv trvir.ir r tne the Urojuhn dry, ,
;: at ua\\vard ; .* .
Raters Our 1'matp Itrienuo: Stamp Con&ump a 'uiadeath' _
11 :'>r nt/a'terhport! (X. J.) I ( .1 Ir Dull : : t
neck of the bottle.
COLD'N' HEAD I 1',11 i .npi).\'. aIlUo:1nl'I..>Ila) covers TO CURE A COLD IN ONE DAY Cough !-vrni; i'r ">. J> /lemocrat'f tter's-1OIL 'IJ. j t

\i .. ,. l.tM H.' fi : "1.! tnal \\ :. .a' 1 :>: cnriLUr a 1'uUlgel.rk BE SURE Hostetter'sYOU dr Take l.nxatlIr-is r'fuihl' I: i1)".<,;..,:.Iaiii., Tahli.,-. Ah j Don't Ih"be n) Kised[ upon.Ki.us Jifire on'n till ()ct. 12 to reg : I ,{ .
IR in \ r i: tai.i- ]
r.I \.. M. : tu u.U k. \\ ia irtaaltr to the ucure. ,,' inter anil !
I ,
Stomach F 1i.ort' _:...: un i. on eae n ;; Jt i; i ibiltation I. '.riy,1/OUPPOlt tai /:,' '
t; .. !ol I. .' \iI':i ..in i ".' *.:.\I'OIhI. aut that th batik die GET bu\ :'0', Oil lures hirumcti.."" .
'I '' .\U-It'Iti''t. ,' : :-III r, r-'au mautxo' the aiuoaat cf GENUINE Bitters Ache ana fains. 15 ot 25 ctl It' you ail in this you can- .. : if/ ,
,-, \, It \ k ti.Ibrtage.. Try TIIE'.EWi; 1Vantlunrn. I I twt (:ole.l\_'"01'. Ii. ar .,i f

-- --- _- ---. ;

r I 1':, ice:.use.PS.C etc.. 1)) SAUER'S---FLA VORING EXTRACTS---S UER'S ( ForS all Grocers.le by J I hJ. \\\J" ;\"

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Florida 'Orange; Cropill lie the =a Bye Ye:?, censored w;et;

Largest Mneo 1S'J4.jACK.v3vvii.LE II is every ton "f 0''' .
Symptoms; Fla., Oct. 9. The arc sweet uoris but how much I yard Wesf.-t'u :

ana su:.:r.g they used ts mean. It'sderen 4I
orange crop promi>e to be the largest pair S.ri-o Master's I Friend has well-scrr-ened. !M.u .

W. R. Hearst Touched Button The blood nay be in bad condition, produced since the great free/e of lv4.A bc :>:r.e known nisi espt cant nwtners havetsn full weight for :Oo' .' .

prominent railroad who kijat ;, of the of ch !'ob fnm. .
yet with no external: : signs no skin man spared much: anu-sh: i they buy

Starting; the Press. eruption or sores to indicate it. Thesymptoras returned from a trip through the orange .rh. 5oter's! I r'.er.; is a I n.treit So. bsaapled I iMcMHIan coal you can't in .r .
sr.eriu'!: '. I 1:3 r-jtbed tr.crcLr.iv
ia such cases being a variable belt estimate the crop at 1.000.0..10'b.X" ( ( !:: : as low as the 1\\ '
:.i"o tae musses'of: the a:dom!n. !: g' :-s .
which tdmi,, valuulilcaathe
HAS A GOOD NEWS SERVICEI'ttllry appttite, poor digestion an indescribable one iirecvdia/, ; is year r a of? the freeze.Dide elastc.ty: : a-d ctr-;:.:t. and when!; ths final: !

weakness and nervousness loss of flesh countTill tits add about great: strain rar.es.sy: : re rent'qu'ck.y arj (
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Toper a rear ta: '-" '..r.tt'r. '. I I-"'::'1,1 nr.ei.Kat
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IMIIor: ItolvardFlrtlttllbrr system r.i.3 t.ir.s da ir.j.-e :._";: than b:c J. If a
agcct the market.: .
lost its nutritive qualities, has become thin 22'V.. I"
The for rile fruit fir the
( 0111.111HI 1'dgr. VUth ManyMUI average prier|
and watery. It is in just such cases that coming erup will bv abut: ;L.rJ per t> ion ,:-:' TelephoneI
Freturrs-1 lie Mulf.AiLtxu. -
: S. S. S. has done some of its quickest and the tree, or f. a bIt t a b. The r.- ,, '\

U t. .-Thu Daily New, cost cflcctivc work by building up the t"rnwti'nu ;- rest-ivfrotu a buyer f..r aNew (;:j I..,.. ..-/\ft. \1
:; York iid Oliioap t"'ill'.i. I'l.iru :.jof-=;.,...\..- l.. --
Atlanta u, w afternoon. pa-ir, iua
.ij i P.I;LSOn make it strong and ,'i orcu;;. ot t 'he rim!> will e [iial the big ',r.u1 :" J. 'rf'>/" \. -'' h t,$"" ';' ''' t"I"\-\ 1..lt.P-i'" \ -
the tlL -t IKUV tU" upin-r! Lit hand \'. .ir, v ftt-n t.ie ciup anou.t'li to .i.onl., .. '-- ,, JR, :''.;' t'o'f.., hIt
wife used ,
sev .
.1y t"JfJ.ffrall I I'M !b"1' .. the! oliuliu:': :; .. ( -\I' )i"'l ." Brost C
coru>-r u occupied l>y a picture of \V. I;. + :s of S. S. S. avenu; jii.j- r.; ''' '',,' '' 1;' (
'ad I'ai iu! ab aiti cents i"-" boo f"-,' tiL.. I. ;:;. ).7f'J.
Heur, the upper| | right baud com r bye a purifier and' -- .
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to trOT" t : \W. 1J1t. ,
l"I'IQ t. I.f the 1"'rft'Ctill': ut ttetlsystemwilh v, : '11' i'imit hv e uinties ;si< folnw*; liI'l ... r. I l :;-J ,
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rbl-'!! 1'u.H will lie priut.;?. I*'- enla :: 'i.1 ;{ Maruti'I b.xeU >, ::" '"- 1J '- ,,/-t.. ,4
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effect byway : / .. LopperSi11 tl
very narked k- : '': S't '. i
0)-) lit,MnrMO.ori: Pi tni.! 1WMV1.: I '
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twtru la t\\ < picrurt-s nj pi:r the! of improvement." J. +} -- j '
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<)- ;ijki'. i."i.oooOiLtHia; lj,0j-i; scattCUUL' / -
tonic and Dtood'pura.er.J.I.DUFF General Metal WeCelebrated
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reading "I, '"' lt.n)1.HOMESICK. ":, "r,,:: ; ( j ;
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Princeton (t '" "
tiltt.in thattort.. tU.. -. of luUai.y .<1. I" YOUNG LADIES
pi- Mum: :m of m Ne2lifr: :: J
>>..w. In Atlult.t i the greatest of all e.1Iih his! spl-nd'' T- SitU
"C::.. \uu. ilk! 0 't. .i.i I.- hey Lot heir 1111.1:1110\11011 Get tliUetter "No.n: seep .
and will r.td'r.avsr v
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N\\"al'r li.>war I..trlaut.Irt.-, Atlaiiiii S SS1s of 'Ilictr .J u" uipiit. ., '
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( ;in : \. C. 0. Thu .
HIC-KUKY : Oct. story which usually! accorr.py pre,,- ,
"11..1" y.u \\"ll1l:1l1le !prvas: -.:<' H at once,strength
recently MUt out Innu J >ae-nllot S. (J., ,
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in Vwur lifw 1M un l 1 urn .ur.'oU returns, and nervousness vanishes a1 new tri id fca b tti
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will Your record nth Tue J.iuriain: circulates fetatni? that two young Lu lies, from tLat i The proprietor of a large in

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through all parts, of the system.S. with! her f.rst child. During her second MOBILE ALA.
U\'rn.; ,1 p..IJ'1..l\'e. IutrHrI' !l. o :
; against their will isj.. luUrtprertutatioa ,
.. S. S. is, the only plnly'cgetatle ; ; > Friend was ied :u:d
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and that I u'MiiKtaiid i> \\liat you piou blood purifier known. It contains no min- The lactn are thai Profevscr Hatt.ut the baby: was born earthy befcre." the aoctor
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J.lhAI-r. (i, .l1o': r's Friend at the
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young Indies. n. .r to art them return K. C. BKKXT. WM. \'S"\vi.K H. W. K. 11" UI'resideut.
ia the t.owuij: ",li.Tial."It !. physicians for any information or advice REGULATOR CO.
hi line. He did however. i''fu t to I let THE E2ADFIELD /H-rrfiidt-nt. i i0V -
i. lI'uol uu.l > for a n''w for medical advice.
pr jnr jan w3I1te(1.0 charge teem leave the colleRtr until he could Atlanta, Ga.

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