m .
1 fift !in Ito waters "f the I'o.uuiac. was lu IVr.nsjl\an'.a.: I.t>e had play: elI l blank whitewaslieil wall at the farther ::\I.UI-.IInlO"->r. Iruaand:'.. La tuastreeti. : .tury ?D

,i' ;' i I Te re' Min in Mw cool 1 company In the month of that Mile. 11i1.1 tinn,'ws of labs wli<'reabnuts ; whi'" in the 1III'kn....<. }:r..ry eye 7 rooms. u nnI"H !
tKOO-Xo. -
West Wl1gM Hn.ocl. 1 -to!
I A <'li.irge ap.ia: t1t':111 meant death I.ad; come (nun other sonn-ps. was fired on the 'wail which in a s cord i! room-. :

! ,,... to every other mat' I.ut they formed upi Tllf'fl'1 a last .-tdie wall in Thor was cuvi-n-d with a j"Tfect piotarni.f f'.7.3i-No :O1 Nest Wright street 3.tory. c
and rLargisl and ohctred! r.nd-.lhil. ( oil hfa'e ;:al'. Ile hint! it Il1n roufiileraus nature. iu all! the HUD.? color Tine pi.%- liaim-No room, lps'EastJackson. 'SFS ;
i After I:nlf n day! of bloody! figUinc: the : crouched il'; \tiled. Their twolkldpeees tare s'aom-d; the little lane Ienditi4 tiStephtn .. .
I F...1.'rlllJrl.r: rl'j.th1. lie was still 1 were iise--.ss for the want \ Can Vliet's cottage.; The diani- IU i->o. 411 Krit Intndfiica Hr'I. _,..Y'J.\.:, B. C 1n
ins hues of evening; were !I'niJ nl'Ithe stun 7 rontiis.jjtui .
: : of ammunition: and their muskets -v.> l-j-J! North '-rf."ij.
wore t jay'n utrt-i't, 1t.r: '
I openel !trtitly \\11\ ins tree tips that th- SroofsIJ50 :
I !: ; : ulune to tie deiwiukil on. .\:<1 the sinking lane.t rabbit, Tawliil 'Jllt of its Imli- ; -No. r7! K..t Uovcrotnent street 1.torn 1 .2).1\,1;
'I 1 "\"(q1 Late I "'ne''i tit last bri;'::ulti! in sun filled the ravine with d.rer| anti s(.'iriivrni! away in tii! > bushes. Then .T) w\|>i4 rl BEER. TRA q.,

the ivrpand It ;i'< certain! you are ot- gloom :3m: xlerils. made a l.i .t ohnrce. Van Vli'H 1m.Ili lien King; could liewen l.'JN. I-! North Kn.vlen ttreet I story ",
i wet by niy! a hnn.lftil of Coiife.lorIty They hid to tread tl:" trftnory -. vi.'
A ttn. :> <,',-Iru'!; iu this lnttrnluvn to do it. That was the fourth cha-ge wnlkriilowly, alons the law> t"war'lCan 7 root rI ;
f:2: .<0-No. war i.a.t ,:!tb strict, 1 >.ti .
Vlict's hntiM >iroom \ j@1
marl l.avP nnthnti IK-Vs of Ie" of the day, and it was cl'etked as the Tlicy were walkingslowlj -. V. J. >tIDAl Sole Wholesaler

i Talc lirigni'.icr! had! Mcritict .l taro men others had been. It simply cad :lPT'tfl"ltly.nrpJ'liD in low H.m-Xo.: all Ka-t: I' .mrnt strt-d 1 -tot% ,
1 Jt mount t'l-K-j. when all of U t that dav, and I lo wnJd I net iclie\e. tlt'l"ouC..I.ut. mow dead and wounded to choke that $:..,,,-:1: Fast yarrago..astreet. :-- ,t' / /-/

i loss ta lit- over Tii'. There narrow way.; Hundreds had Leendrossed cluster lnokin! of: M high n jtliiipcd bushes.out One from of l-hnil the men n *;, I.I-\"u.l: .>> KH.t (.ads'ti-n I gory.r.tns. ; j: IUDD M'IISUE' $ BHUJif3) II'ES' I1PuRiED A m mi;
t .tr.I. -i' : c.
}Il vas hot o'!" wnj' to n'nch them on the : out but hundreds still re- jumpe l IIt..billtIi lien: l'matid; i>inl S roan_.
,", nwrrc>w -\)\ "t that: $'f.t.r..all.!. lie mained.Vhen night! came down. ;'a) >nwl his arpi!;; to Lis .i.t' while! tin other -.' .Hi-Xo 4,'. ttrit Gornmfiit trv.> i \ ; Paul I Jones and Echo Ssnsiis CeleSrclii Whist.

would ,1..1\l them die v'th tit! lastthan. tore tlif I.IIi f- out of his sash and in -lory.i. roiin1 .
nr m-n with fyow d"r -taiied! fuses who cIn AJ-o antinherof.naa'lerdwltne.: .r '\.t in
'ink'114! cnaht :Stephen- Van Vliet Ly "rt. of ..... i' : I BOIIIE Of CEIER1tMc. TOIIS.I'HO.NK .
There \\:1" r:") jollity! In the IVd- had scarcely broken their fa>t or closed I (becitT.aml a I.om. aud :HI
( ral ramp that ni-'ht.! Men will sing; their eyes for ;o hour silently marched the ncvk. threw km: to the rClllnll "11 Ins nti r.It.onaloh rentalflea's a ;. J : t: t. : : : : i", O. IMI.V 5M7
hack and pIustd! the lone kiif !h' :
or Joke as they swing' Into battle line In or.t rf the gap and Leaded for the heuil'fhtn the two men'stop[."!. n as if- FtatJl Erainasrlsr?, ; .'' JUG k FAMILY TRADE SOLICITED

I the open| but tV-se! men jn-ercd into north in the wake of the! invad.ag: !htarr.rj fi'o--teps. unl after waitins: a C'.rurr I'atalox; and iardfii :. ;a. -i- 2<*} Its" "Uvery to Any Part of tbs I':llyrrl .
the latl.m" of the sap and thought; : army. There was no (colonel no cnjv few Mioiiil' disaj-pojircd nniotu the tee-. St reel". ..- y _
cf the dead l lu front of the stone wall taint, fo lieutenants.: .\ sergeant; c >mn'nnded HCIP the !picture faded, and the darkueM l'EICnL.. FL.... ;;j' : ktteadnd[ -\11 ord"nlptt. lot The fIncl.'Id' l ft: Haillb_ ..a >.

-' and sjiol.i1 to t'J'I her In whispers. the remnant and his command that -Uroiiil l the courtroom was brurhill -- 1

t It wa4 a braii" ai:;:I.t to MV them s.wlu ; wa: array as if l.y an iaiUiMe }.au.!. Al: -

Into Ilao as th' "1.:1 gilded( the tree tops. " Sin'i:> !!:: Eu-ry faiv had its pallor and everyit' : AVERY
n eis'tibrant; sin to ihe sheriff
( 1..II..Iloto tie mid.of death but .\D'I when the long; nlcht: bad passed who went to the dock and opined the lit ,
there \\n:4 no lacjin: :* or fallerln You and daylight! come again; the FtHlernls
tIe the
gate to a'v prisoner to wak: out. ('cewor a drew 1 W"I1,l
''I MW them tighttuing; their befits and found the tO:1e'all undefended and :Not ono of tie little assemblage; in the

setting their jaws a< they waited and t clamlH'iiHl over it and ran to the moutb courtroom stirred or Ft, much as moveda Cure IMPORTER AND JOBBER OFilardwareton

you held your breath for the signal cf the gap to shout! to each other: lip while Ali lien Ding: ; slowly and with

which was to send them to death. i "Lee has pas'.udand we are too lowed head made his way out of the :: :
Digests what eat.
On the other side of the stone wall later: room. -:New York Sun. you

thl'fl'113 no exultation.! The dead I ---. aati-ntfon. It artificially digests! the food and aids ,

and the wounded were comparatively The List of Wounded Medical society Nature In strengthening: and recon [ Nails, Axes, BhoTela, Saw Mill and Steamboat Hnppiies C/'lkJ.t
There will be a regular meeting' of structing the exhausted
few but hour would add the digestive or and Heating Stoves, Paint, Oils and Window
every to Glass
healed HAXNEK3AI.VK the Pensdccla Medical
who have been by Society at gans. It isthe latest diicoveredd.peht-; : !
number and only I one day of the threehad : is very Iar.e. It heals all i the Board .')f Health office at ant and tonic. No other preparationcan Agate and Tinware and Housefurnlshlng OoodOung .

vaS.l..1. The colonel knew what wounds or sores and leaves no scar. I o'clock p. m.Tuesday. Aug. 14 and 2b.j approach it in en1ciE>ncy, It intantly -

was coming: and prepared for It. When r.k>- no substitute. For sale by \\'. j Visiting physicians are cordially' !- relieves and permanently cures PiatoU and Flahln; Tackle

the blue lines ton deep came dating : A. IVAleinberte.i invited to attend. Dyspepsia, Indigestion, Heartburn
:_ __ __
forward, they met with such a hail of i D. W, MCM Iw.N. M. n.. Flatulence: Sour Stomach Nausea AGENT for
iron and lead that the first three or '! PtCI.\: President Sick Headache, Gaitraia! Cramps andall Birmingham Rolling Mills Company Revere Gla.i

tour wore blotted ot! the face of the :i I \ when you need a vehicle E. F. BBCCE. M. D., other results! imperfect dipestion.Price150c. Stitched Belting, Northampton Emery Wheel Company Laftin A laiPowder .*

arth. Then under the smoke cloud, m id.' II home, go tf err J :M. HnTell I, rlnt''"'A- 36rnt small and 11. Large size Contains:H times Company, Johnson's! Kalaomlns, Iron EIng aDd Buck's HtoT'
site. Boot aL
L wine of them wounded and all desperate he builds-everything---- -on-- wheel I RACER has a mall i Prepared by E. Co abuutdyspepcladed.edfrte DeWITT A CO.. Cbleoso.Harzis and Ranges, Wm. Coops; Co.'. Ray Hid Lace La ither, Manr/', nujl

the other lines crept forward, and Subscribe to the DAILY Niws ; i| plRce. but Oh My! He PharmacyJohnSheppard, I Male Railroad Colon.Masonic .

the wall was reached. It was a band 10j u Wttoli: i sells cheat S. Kahn. Temple, Pensacola, Fla. -

.. -- a.a ----- ;- .. .- ,' .ua u

-,. -,! q +\: th-t _.. ..r.. ,,; ;. "..iwt' -. 1'N'i,.,,;--.:;::<;:.::, .i... f.-"g"\ W. ..!f. '''';''.4'. ;,..!i" ..:.f,<:-"' r,.. .","'--;' .:.L-i.'i: rr i; ""'%,"::"-,::" ..".,.;. .< f' ""'<;" <" '1t.! of-; .- !,fP wt.i- :..l ",, -'-')... :Jl.1J ,.:."1.. e'1.fr.7 \, ,....-. -. "" .....".. -........



-- '
.. -' ----- -- -- --- -

- hand' and ascending the rude steps I 111 i n 11111 n III I n! n i n n iI i- E POULTRY. (_ SOFFETT'S Allays Irritation, Aids Dlgestlci ; ;
.with the doctor behind him. At the
HILL I I '* Poultry Yard. ,1c T u i uI Regulates the B* !J-
and looked back wtlm-
TEN MILE top hc paused
::.ON perlne."Openr. That Cameo Bracelet. ii (: ready following to sell eggs breed for set of ; TDK. I I H I I III Makes StrengtheN Teething the Child Easy,

called the physician and Ina '
V Graoe Dane Eoylaa.: .; f :[ 1 Brahmas Partridge ) VS p Powders) JA-TEETH1NA Relitvu the Bo
By second the door was slid back and a '
* V V..... ;.j.. ..;.:'.:..;.* .S., ..: o'e's'l; : in'I.: 'with ;IHnni;- .Rocks fowls, Brows '-' ( Costs only 25 cents at Druggists, THMSS AGE. '' ;

>! !I. fill I* not re- \ My are
.\ all from T.n : of the black boy. less Margaret: Sears liiit his sister urged : best strains; to be a OrB..il5fntttoC.J.MOFFETT. M. P.. ST.LOUISMO.

t. ,1 with umalso delight! by the I The arm of the young man struck out I j him to marry the rich Jenny Valken- 'i ii I invite the public to call '"

t'. ,!?.-! ;: A'-toM at tf'artcrtonV fallH like a catapult and sent the pistol i i burgh.: I II poultry- yard-about (i)

, >ln-1 "f n...l:<".)" even t'Mlar, whirling as it was dlfcchnrRed. The ."Propose tonight" said Mi>s iM:} iac. i I hand. Settings 13 Ohasl H Turner:

rabhiH.! formerly as taken by 'Tonight1 don't want BW to 7a tf
.J"' ,,i-li:; ti<- iweru I negro surprise slammed MI proi I Jl*
n,. ..ther us c..?:!.. I.f a honcytumb. down the trapdoor nnd th> toy tum- :, >o"e to a girl at a masquerade. Jo you !i
Want Column it
out \Iukr: the clIl'C'C' I It Me\ l to the floor unhurt TIlI.'reus a nuel when I dou't even know her ilisMari' ;

, ?I..n( the! thlt\I'11 l-'U-'e! an.l In-altb! coninls- sound above of a number of feet but gui'l'?" AR II BIT DCT AN G DDD N nA L t NTRA CTOI R.
mused her lb.'
t rol and :It. \\u.' ;. sled mafle less the doctor did not wait to count them. tent to)the fur ,.a It moment was IK use evnd eyes.ug i save money by
dt. a'4 II wl.ult'. I I I He was down the ladder out of the f
.Iall.r..uol, tll the (juextHJU-her brother mint Marry! i, j- Finch be- -
hut. Into the - -'"
sifter a street and toward' '
genet away
Hut a d,7cii yiarx money and hPl'e'IIS the ihaui-e. If sheerndd
rf C't".fury "f fre'' !.-m. tIlt Mak\ \ the college; at full g'>('('\ Stealthy feet 1! only get him to promise.( furniture or Lr Artistic Design, Estimates Plans and t Specifications for Building

., Inure like an .miix-us) tJowlhal. ? I followed him for awhile but the sound "If I give: Stitt u hint, will you give n toad of All Kinds Prepared Short Notice Building Rt'llalrinlante1
. ttlinri.t. ..*"". '1.1t" (r. linen with of their Ions leaps prasod as he reached your unrtcise to do the tight thins tui and Grate ettiu.... A Large: and Carefully Selected :Stock of Fine Mantel '
c .r ( the lighted i ?" lobe asked with *, Orate aud Tiling) of All Kind*;.
... g'huddles/ tocethnly fhormighfare, ami he night suppressed eagers'
t wlr 'IlI'ltIIn' ,
\\1ItlI: for the prtuSelf was for the nonce perfectly willing to .. !
, r !: Into their! go on alone, leaving his "sick" unmlnIsterfd Jjk Ietmdue JI'"iat..J. Into his f U i U
., !1iI..rty tfnH -
t4 'I kern clime a 4udJcn.\ swat throb-! PLUMBING DEPARTMENT
.\'.v real <-r h 11IIII..lllltl'ln: :: to. ,
ski of n fTi-e and MMCP that he 10t'd \" I
.,t ,,,f t1' r ngliMr siht! ; to their: I, Tlc authorities! of Charleston made \!' mommy; iiiit as be had told himself a bundnil [!
n-M-ntwl and tIt ,,- slime attempts at an Investigation but E. B. MOEEY Manager.
1'ttcrl.v ,
.I.c: ,t.:. \\ '\ tin? "*, h-1 nmJ! nit "affnrd to marry" ti
1 \" :i- 'li',!< fart w hicb ransKl U-yond determining that the attemptto Marpirr-t: JVar, amid it Wb hit busiI I .
?s .
: Steam, Water
fiTPIumbini?, and i.i- Fitting A Complete Assort-
murder the
.. phy- young doctor was made :
I .,1 i, '- T.IV': -rvp-'iisary I ns to forr.n ix-r. J meet o! Bath Tubs, Closets, Sinks;, Lavatories Ga.< and Electric Fixtures r
f'? ,! the n'!::'>t uininwus to from motives! of revenge; against the "Yes I nmisp: you ),1I1i k her :;

t'' ? ; p'"t' !it U the nil.that meh dispensary physicians for somv fancied ,, to be ni' 1 \\;('.' Now for the directionsG' [I No. 19 S. Palafox St. :: Telephone No. 345.

\. ,..,'rnll'.1 l by the nd\anml neglect nothing was done. Dr. Chester brkL"M [
it J-ald tot Nulll not tell which cabin he bad visited Irio knew her bmther'a tt'mp..r| tit{
t r'" rich! c.', find I In- t tpassed [ -- ---- ---- ---- ------- -- ---- --
will to trifle with him now' lie STIDE
b'ch sent out and no mark dlstlnstilslMxl one s
f ti! "<,111",1! w
: his word and slue could tru. j
-- .
HoUrtM from another. Nor was there a trem- : /;
'!h in Ir. '
e I -:" turn : him.
t I tr Mrl ni Sims and I>r..i bling black boy waiting with his flickering 'i'I "You know the bracelet of the ': '' I[ RDm OF f COST I Vv
generation candle to ,guide him when next Mi-s *
f. I !1"' ?: :.i tlyouns Intaglios that Vulkenl>urih I
uufI:I l'iij In Its attendance he tried to find the: Lniusons" em Ten us the other day? She will \\Vui- that *

teas t!"- ..,.1. Mile Hlll.-Detrolt News.Tosecuretheorb I her left arm" I I rn Citizens National BankOF

-t.-r nn dvn the stops of \ When the time (came Iiomoine threw Mast Go.
t "
cloak! over his dress, and with hii lUa-
t ..'.r\ awl tit t a l boy coming: I mnal:: witch; hazel ;: in his hand he stepped into the ',\ :; II _
., fr tL! .. ":3-v.: salve, ask for DeWitt's Witch hazel| lie was \:111'5 he eutend the
1H 4 a hurry rail to Ten Miimid Halve, well known a certain cure'' drawing mom his eyes licgiiu: their Mar, I ; nolleto vacate PEX A( OL1.I c

"' : tl.o lad. "One of the for piles aud akin die'tcj; a. l :wnre.' for the wearer of the cameo "nll'I'Il' .1 .. locution and not bav- I

1.1\ ,t,'; I. :- I.s'n hurt ajraln.; of worthless counterfeits. They are. I was going to Ime hu task OUT dir'l j i ) other store In view in ,i L. HILTON GREEN, JOHN F. PFEIFFER
who dangerous. Harris: PhurtttacyJno.Sheppard. He had come t Offer his hatul to J
nrth ones to continue busmeis I
H. Kahn
'r ;;:-t tl!.-' "iiirpa'ct! njrninst! the d1I" !!* VulkeiiLurgh. and. the jukker it \\ ... to close out my If[ E. WELLES, R M. BUSHNELL.:
dfitii the
".,.. r.v d-K-tors I for neglect arc they Income of A Slrrplnc Car. Ixttir.He 1.I VICE-PRESIDENT. ASST CASHIER.
did not look ct ladies .In' "t';;.
.t'r' .,s-l! the young:; man a trifleaaLuu.ly The income or earning: capacity of a liM.-! : sleeping car Is considerable. Take the i relief at each one ht haw which did G DIRECTORS:

"1 t'8, sir. And I'd l look out,If I,were run from New York to Chicago 1,000 bear what to him was the fatal ; or r J II T. E. WELLESVM.. FISHER.::; RIX M. ROBINSON:

t m. Thy tna'y I- trying to get even miles. Every road In the United States I i He felt very mean, and he despised | ,; AND CHILDREN'S' of E. E. Saunders: A Co.
"sw-Hiu you muldn't! give th'-m any sat- pays 3 cents a mile for the privilege of !: silf. He was going to ask a : i I K J. WHITMIRE, JOHN F. PFEIFFER, MORRIS: BEAR *
fji-tli'n. wouldn't CD Into that don hauling a sleeper and contracts to return about he did not Irene to marry him- L. HILTON GREEN. ) ;

at jilslit: for n dm-tur's d!|.U>ma." said car In as good shape as It Is anted her inoi:ey. |' % mEWS SHOES>> !J ------ -- -
A waltz sounded from the Land. 1
I ." will have to rv- I received and to pay for all damages. I 4Y189e19'
"Tln-n ) you
r' tin a ttl-'pfcnro! IH..V, my la L Cots I The journey: on the limited expressesto At teeing that couple mometit glided! as oft IVmoiue down the was nx..> : % Valises i Etc, [i} A General Banking Business Transacted.

rmM In1111.. ." I I: Chicago: I Is made in :24 hours; therefore : ing agaiu-t the wall moodily : I)
Tindm'tor walke.1 rapidly after he the car earns $30: a day tor travel.\ :, the forms that \l'I'utIn't him there :- [

I. ft the ctrnt ('ar. but It was almost I If It Is full, which Is! generally the a grateful figure: lull in some i m ) A FINE ASSORTMENT f Accounts Handled on Favorable Terms, ExChange ,
u dnl;:tit wl.w IH i-ntm-d the squalidqiiarttM case receipts from berths sections aud "blue robe He could only tell that and Medium Grades, all L
known as Ten Mile Hill. I staterooms amount to |18o;, making a (' was FIDpfihsinsly lovely, and he did : : fatyles Trade.. recently bought f IJm { Bought and Sold, Collections ;

There was IM distlnu'Ulshini! mark to total revenue of $125:: a day. Out of I'I L.nowI hat (character as to be Promptly Attended To.
J ;
t14'! rabies but a small boy sitting Ins this must come the wages of the porter I scntitl. i| MUST GO QUICK [ ;,
Simultaneously with the fm-liiif of
him he passed. and conductor-the latter however S 5S -
low d.orway\ as I II m
: miration that stirred in his heart he j
.'Is yu' d..1.1nh, ":Ihr' I usually having charge of several cars- :I oa one fair plump arm the coil of 10 HI m !tCiRCUISIINC! '
.Y.w." Too young; man !salted nnd theto.ls, sheets, soap. Ice, etc.. the I cameo intaglios. There was' uo ACCOUNTS SOLICITED.

j.vritl lililn. "I!; this here the sick I whole tttuountlug to but a small sum.' I!I I taking\ them. 1'h.yt'1'rl' of I'M) i i
tlJtn: 11\'I'1I? WI4.4\ lu'T" I Then there are tne wear ana tear andgeneral workmanship for ouv to forget them. -
1"1 all-te-says as yo' war to depreciation the dally clean- He did not pnuvSoftly he made
I the annual refitting and repaint way after the blue mask and the \
conic up yntMlvr. I ling. AjmuiiuuiuijI'KOlMilETOK ,
He iMilnted to tilt ladder stretching ing. Set these charges down at 10 percent :,I 1 moment he had w hi-i? >ered to her: !:. I The Star
"Make this music: still swifter Laundry
to the )ot. Tl.' trapdoor al>ove It was and give the car three trips a waltzin; with me?'* :

.shut and tin-re was no sound. I>r. i j week of l.UOO miles each and we have Tbe mask paused in w>,>min; YORK SHOE STORE. ,
Chester. saw with a sudden flash of Ins Its earnings: at over 5CO.OOO annually. tii>u. Had e reitni7ed him? He
tenvlfttn iimsrhnixiwhg that the l iycroU'lml ': Some can earn a great deal more. not tried h. the least to Jb cuix- I S 525 a
la tin' xlirvhnvs and that his Kansas City Journal. i voiie. He rather wished to lie ,' l THE f PIONEER l LADNDRY ijf WEST[ 1 FLORIDA! I
her. 1 Let her evidently
ryes \\ 'nn.lllu : and his teHh chattering by tows were
as tlmiuh; In aortal termr. Some I Iaaevesaarr. ;;1i.1 as she n-pli..llllu] placed her A..AA A AAA.oI
"Are you going away anywhere this : en his profit.ed I aim.
glut wa nn fi.'tto Injure, maybe kill
summer?" In spite of his prvwciipatioii 1> ?
tli" j.h.v,lclau. u.xl he realized it as he I! Collecting and Deliv +
"No. The people next door who have I enjoyeil that waltz and owing to K
lsdnmblrr He prnsintl the lw y by i seven children have decided to do so"Chicago ; power that lirnfely 8PllI'alto 0'l,
n>l |mlnted to a cnudlc Tlwet-Ill'raltl. "sense, the young man found ; ering Laundry Work I i it
"puttering dimly! In ti! .> corner of the J !. thinking that so graceful n woman '

fl lor"Tike, "We have old manditI'rpnt I not le wholly a I.re as a wif. '* is always done promptly to your
that I'cLt! and !RO ahead of I "Now fur'i it!" he said to himself as
cough remedies but none has given ; ordrr. and you never get other people'
r .' laP order.!. swan;; her out of the group and i .
better satisfaction than Chamber.laln' | down his tall hard as he asked her to linen instead of your own. Weare
1 I" tinH
>V Raspil piteously"Id
;, says Mr. Charlrs Holzhauer i out of the c'ro\\'tI-it was so warm. r Y!'n cartful! in both handling and a.
1 'Wu. lie lame nnaln't; walk nol.W Druggist Newark J. "It is perfectly ,
|Ice"Ite &aft: and can be relied upon in inaudible.He coughed. She aril lagged btaiitmered his pardun; ; i j L I t kt laundering your shirt?, collars, cutfj,

\\t..11.I1II, to his f.tt. all case o* coughs, colds or hoarse- j did he say? : 7"" r etc., and send them home looking
'(_. e.n"' IM- paid and the toy otieyiil nes*." field by Hannah Bros., 21 S He plunged In. : as good as new. Our laundry work w'tr

1I"IIIIoII1"1J'. taking the: candle in. his Palafox street. I! ''1 don't L.11Oho\\' to do the ( i. beyond rivalry and U peerless in

I grc--efully. Miss Yalkenbmgh, but I s + its exquisite; color and fiul n.
make my words plain. Will you be /
ELEGANT NEW There it was done! And Jvek [ ", '' H
bieathcd long sigh! and waited. { :
\ WORK C 0 "
He fancied she was agitated. It \ ; :.

ii ",Cj, #;,i'0 ) # ) J. n i j hastened a moment to before say: she spoke, and J I, TELEPHONE 114. *1 B. GARDEN ST }-

[ rfijiOOJ i I "It is not possible that you don't "

I U U U "I know you she answered, and r I
#l,0"0( $4,00i H,0))) 84,000 H,000 votoe.. no longer dispuiW. was ; WALKER INGRAHAM Manager. :f.-
knife through ,'\;: iK-moine's heart !
.. Woman\ kj>
lie tore off his mask and "\ .
Jl'tlhlfbite tll.'(>. Now the
8 Rooms, 2 Stories, I was much more compiled than be : = ESTABLISHED 1883. ; .

She removed tbe blue silk covering ,, - -
her own !1Il't>. Yes, it was Range i is a pretty good I

o-A.T-o i i Sears who looked at him. Her face but that it cannot be McKENZIE OERTING & CO.

was colorless but it showed! no all cooking purposes 7DIALIB8
Car Line. otb"rw i>if'. :
Terminus of East Side Electric ]: "Yon should not ask inch vital this fact: I 0 MALL 0 .

1 tiocs at a masquerade Mr. .' Range will do any
Lots have 137/.foot front on Stoddart Avenue you should liMIt take the precaution | that a coal range will do; Ship Chandlery and General hardware .t

make sure of the identity of the lady ( it quicker cheaper and, t .
by 200 feet on Thirteenth street enclosedby How calm her voter was! '
As for rVnu.iw, his blond was on : all things, BETTER. COS AND 005 8. PALACOZ .(

ornamental wire fence, with juniper He uttered an inarticulate can prepare a full course -A.O-E3VCTSr--
lie caught the girl's hands in his : -soup, fish, roast vege \it:
posts and surrounded by choice I and held them to bU heart; he ( ; REVERE COPPER COMPANY, JOHN A. ROEBLINO'S RONS CO.8
and coffee
!!, dessert -on a
I forth a torment of passionate words ROPE BON'S PUMPS. :
-.- *Shade Trees !* -- ; enlled.himxelf HO degraded' himwlf a dolt ai a to jackass offer his to i i Bum Cirdtgi Ptat! Oils, listlcil listrBBeets Chrts iitttn, CktlnOOMPA8PE8. ':i

_.., where he could not give his heart. LOG, ETC.
lie coulJ never remember howhe 13,00 iL "
[IS CONSTRUCTED OF THE BEST MATE. \ plained matters, but it was certain C. McKenzie Oertin? Collecting Agent for Bar Pilot Benevolent Aso 'i'!
TilL' IIOUSL'[1U vials piped for gas and wired for electric lights. he he made was Margaret thankful; Pears for the understand mistake t elation. J ;if

It Is Cupp lied with water and Is piped for hot and that he loved I her nail no other. E FREE. - -- -- ---

J "*t.-r la two bath rooms and ia kitchen; also wired for electric bell. : fifteen minutes later when the
carefully masked again te-cntwd ? GasCo. DRINK LION BEER I t r

i I, SOLID BRICK AND CEMENT, IN- ballrm, a woman In gorgeous cola ,

'rill'l 1 l'OU I D(1''TI i0 0 01 sung against cold floors. All double be- of century a Ixiuis dress XIII swept nntxketeer."Tltat l>y them. on the :\0.3 S. Palafox St. ,to These Balsam tiny(Capsules of _Copaiba superior, '
felt ;
boarded, with heavy water proof whi
is my Ooiifin Jenny, \
Cvbebs and Injection JD 1 I t
e b"i m1;. To keep it warm in winter and to receive full benefit of' Margaret. "How curious that at .
i r They tyre ia 48 hours the
"vaiiiDj; wind in summer has been studied to the fullest degree in la>moment she should haw '! > diseases without "
same anyincoaMtPBYllLDRDGGISTJ
j her mind and fastened cameos on
'' .
u< )" arm!" YC1lleDC..

The rest morning Marion! who 1
[1 HAS BEES FINISHED IN CYPRESS gone homo before supjx-r asked >

IFlit[ 1 I\'TL1UIOl; throughout. Hall paneling: and stair work in : brother: > -_. .- '
-_ red oak and Chinaberry. The entire interior I "I id you propose to the girl with > CURE lvP. YOURSELF ;, 1'lass '

I" 'k. and doors are finished hard oil in a superior manner. cameos?" Endorsed by all Physicians as the m I u uq Atarts.(etruuuatard, taaamW.na,,
"Yep""And : only Beer absolutely free from adulteration. Dam, I she accepted of course? -ME- If e""a" ,f n ii ui aMW branH. fPr.
-- you .... ,, f
"Yes." a'-'e' r. r.n.it are H. au
*".. Tlto.se interested, who mean business, may call I "I congratulate you:" cried Geo. Pfeiffer, Agent, 7 Soli! !>/ Arogrl.L, w .
with sparkling eye 4 C. 9.4 "T f It 10 ywin rragp ,
'< i r be slwiI'Jl through the house any day from 3 to Jack IVvn<>5ne Sit a cigar: ami \\' i PENSACOLA. p Inva/1.t 4 '-f.r ,,
I out wisely thinking he wouH) \' t C ir else eat ao r lnrst
It. OB Tap at all Saloons
iii. i planations to the future.-Exchange.: Try ,

.... -. I I ---'-- -"* "-- ...... ,
1'tra1Jf'n.. > '
II I Tralv3farl: tintsTOOTHACHE :, '
"He isn't nearly so bright as he SUBSCRIBE I
i he is, said the young \*man -TtTHD = !
i coisses her acquaintances."No : 'j

i, ," answered Miss Cayenne; > Iw : ,. In i mlDoU; til dragfltti 4The ;

A. Y CLUBS, that's he were a,very we couldn't fortunate look at' him DAILY Y HtW S Si IS I TI-Lo Medical Cq.t

If not. wbv not!; : t
using a plea of smoked g'.ass.! play ) 2/1 Brvadwty Nrw Tart |
il Star. 1 of golf goods a: the Willi!I mrw.Hw.w..u
ington !\.o.d fur Bvtkl--t.
Per Week.
Pensacola Fla. : Co.'s. Oaly Ten .Cents Jr 4

I Try.Tai Sews Want Column r c4)

I .

,_ + -
,_ ..1L _. ,,,,, _, ; 1- -
.L& -
""' --
1"1A'l "- "" *""" -
,.. ......' -, .. ". :

!s : j- 1i.- :' ; 7-? f"f ..;.; j "'+J41''" ... L< "':;.Jr J- J. ,1f4.\f.r ,. -



'" .
----- --
----- -- -
---- -

THE DAILY NEWS : :!j City lax Absesments. tllA accompanied GR-EAT .

I The question of tax assessments W lid IIIC. nucous patches in I

ElI.l@l a.l the l'CKlm.. ...tt Ya attcott,. ar to s{edr rrlare siretr.cacrat3acs: tie craat2rtrrrg.

lra tae ttwad-ctat cct c.tc.t '-is one that is: rf*?id to become a r< BS tote! oa the skta,
flair i throat, capper
UtF1cx: t'11n d\u ,:U; Soutti.?il&rUBLI vital tree SB PKsacoLu Th charter colored sptotczes.
a Mri-vl,Opt.lr .
=.. ot the city provide* tar the transIt swollen) '33.35, aching muscles I c
3s HKD BY of deiSciptiQr.s-3nd, as s*me con- Out and bones, the disease is mating BANKRUPT
rapid headway, and far worse
THE SIWS: :PUBLISHING CO. tend, valuations-from the countytax symptoms will follow unless] the blood is i .

books, aid the practice la fact U promptly and effectually cleansed of this
Terms-lnvariabljr in Advance. to copy the valuations! thus absolutely violent! destructive poison.

L Oa Yeti by Mall. .... ..... _........ _..,;3 no S. S. S. is the only safe and infalliblecure
... ... eliminating; from the city o._ 0
a onThrw -- -- -
till Mould ---- ---- -- --- --- -
this ---
for antidotefor
Montbi . ... ..... 1 :ill revenue all semblance of a the only :
Oat )J CIIIth" ......... ". &> systtni this: specific pui>oti. It cures the
Dar Wwi, by I'arnrr,payable Monday JO city assessment, and aukm;?; the wotst cases thoroughlym xlld. permantatSy.

assessing officer a mere cl tk. TLUstraidej CcaJlilioa In the fall of J'\Q1 STOCK AND FIXTURESoOF
coa truciu>n of the tertas n FOJSOn. I \tieduue
feD i\o V! rSe. three dOt'tors but
3 Fnbllthf-4 every Krldajj at Ifl.W per yearPlssuRalrr of tte charter iin direct violationof tbetr treatment

the state: constitution, which declares did me no good; I was getting worse all the
tim: my hair came out, ulcers appeared la mv
TELEPHONE NO. 118. that "the cities and incorporated throat and colored body was" almost covered THEPEOPLE'S -
wKb copper splotches and oSensivesores .
towns shall make their own as- I suffered severely from rheumatic painsin
4 .. have been noworseonlvthoea laslwa5
upon the property within their lim- can understand my EuftenngK. had about
This paper II on EIe with the lost ill: hope of ever being well again .when STOKE 111 S. PALAFOX STREET
its. And if the construction is cor- I decided to try S. S. S.
BANNING ADVERTISING CO.. rect,then the charter is in direct but must confess 1 had ,
Endioott Building. St. Paul. Minn., where little faith left in any
violation of this clause of the ti- me r tvbKnben, advertisers and other rosy cou< -- ----- -
the thrd bottle I noticed ON :::": = :::.c:___ eeeo
examine aed where estlmntea'vill be .
it iTruBpontp&cc
fur GENERAL ADVERTISING fation, and is therefore void, pro a change in my condt-
tion. This*as truly en-
tanto. Nevertheless it has been
and deter-
considered that-instead of proceeding touregi thorough mined to ng give trial.S. S.From S.a Having bought this stock at a Great Bargain, I will Close it Out at

UNION 'LASEb under the plain letter of the constitution that time wasrapid on the impemeowent ; S.S.S. r Sacrifice Prices. Everything must go in the next 30 days.BeginsThursdayJuly .

and thus inviting litigu- :
,, teemed to hare the disease f
t wP1NSACOLA. tiou in order :o finally settle the completely under
control: the tore* and ,
matter-it will be best to apply to ulcers healed and I was!
; JULY 25. 1900. BOOn free from all signs
\ of the disorder I harebeen VI. I s
j statutory and healthy ever since. Sale 10
DEMOCRATIC NOMINEES. 1.W.SMITH.: Lock Boa 611.NoMesville,lad.
:offices to discard the present prac- is the only purely vege-

Presidential Electors: tice of adopting the valuations of table blood purifier ,

J.M. BARRSof Duval. the county tax books and make a 55 S offered known.for |iooo thatit is --_---- --. _- _..........._... ....._..._....._._.......!O
J.H. BEtKOof Ekcambta.. complete and independent valuationI proof
W. H. ELLltJofGadsden.II. contains a particle of
.L. WI LLIAMB of Ve oto. I atid assessment of city property for mercury, potash or other mineral: poison.

For Congress: i:city purposes. Send for our free book on Blood Poison; This will be the greatest sale in the history of Pensacola.

,.1 WIT DISTRICT- M. BPARKMAS. \\ When such a system shall have it contains valuable information about i
ElONU VI Tr./CT-R. W. lJ&VIIS. : this disease, with full directions for self the
been formally authorized by statute treatment. We charge nothing for medi Merchants can make money by attending sale and replenishingtheir

For Governor: stocks at Less New York Cost.
WILLIAM H.JESMXG8. ,; and it is not too soon for us to be colllectiug THE SWIFT SPECIFIC CO., ATLANTA. 6A.8UPIIKME .

For JnMlcenf Supreme Court: material for its just solution. .
---- ---- -
I "RASCI&$ B.CAR'rli:1:. In recent issue of the Birmingham
For Comptroller: News a correspondent discusses the I Remember t arty.F. |[

Ws. H. UEYXOLDS. ''question with some force-mainly Sons and Daughter rf SI. Luke at

For Treasurer: :, with reference, however, to the operation Liiriuiiignain; Aug.' (I. .

JAMES B. WHItKIELD. of Alabama's "back tax At a meetiu? of the grand council o -- -- =::::.:= "": -- ::===-= == o

For Secretary of State: law"; and that paper gives some of state grand degree, house No. 3, '

JOHN L.CRAWKGRD. I valuable information concerning the and subordinate sugreme degree,

For torney-Ceneral: !'ratios of valuation in a large number council No. 3:, of the Independent E. Bra -vvner.

I WJI. B. LA IAI:. of cities, from which it appear: :Order Sons and Daughters, of t'l :
: Luke, T. E. M. of the United; States,
for Superintendent Public Instruction that such ratios: vary widely. held last night, delegates were elect- .
-- -- I
: ;1 IP? Colorado Springs, Col., populaI -. ed to represent this state in the supreme I -- :
I i II1-tI[ ,-c": .", .'c.c .. x."It" "tx'I't' :_ .
WM.N. SHEATB. I I tion 25,000 the valuation is a fraction grand convention, which will : .

over 43 per cent of the true val- 'convene at Birmingham Ala., Aug. r DON'T
Coll1mlulonf'r Agriculture: '
For j.6, a* follows: Mrs. Call in Hubbert, : :
B. E. McLIN. I ue; in Bedalia, Mo., population, 101:1,, D. D. M.; Obey Lane D. D. S.; Mrs. v ,

For Railroad ComraUaloner: 000, it is more than 48's per cent; in Alice ClarkS.G.8.F.Geo.DixonG. GET "IX THE HOI |I'1 .

f f I I MORGAN. 1 St. Joseph, Mo., population fcO.UOO, it ,, M.A.A.G1over.G.; R. S.; Re v.W,M. Id -
JOHN Davison, G. T.M.; Isaac Sheppard, by failing to.purchase your t
is 42
| over per cent; in Lima 0.,
I For Representative to Legislature: population ,:jP. D. D. G. T. 3f.; Thos. Hurton. D. /t le Canned
i Soups and all
| 2 ,OOU, it is nearly] 65 cent f other q
per ; G. T. M. Loveless Brook T. Mrs. IJb S
July 10 1900. '
J.EMMKTWOLVE.For : in Muskegon, Mich., population 25OuO ,- Rosa Johnson, G. B.C.; Mrs. Dinch kinds of goods from .1

Sheriff; it is over 42 per cent; in Sand us.I 'Adam8, G. 8. C.; Geo. B. Green, iMr.r.V.8mitbcity. .. .;
S. (I. T.; E. P. West, S. G. M.; :\UlSRouJtng : DEAR SIR:-Your new remedy,
GEORGE E. 8MITH. ky 0., population 25OuO, all property 8-1.8.GFH ; H.John HEPATICA, has proved a perfect panacea HENTZ & CO :

For Circuit Clerk: is assessed at its full value; in son, S. G. T. M., and G. D. M. in the Home both for children :j :

Chicago it is assessed at only a little and adults. As a restorative for
For Tax Collector: \' more than lyt per cent of its real or UDIES CAl WEIR SHOESOne is torpid infallible.liver and A sluggish quick relief bowels for it I 120 and 12"! l'

A.H.D'ALEMKERTK. I actual value; in Mobile the ratio is i size smaller after using Allen's foot- acidity of the stomach a perfect East Government Street .I
: Ease, a ponder! to hot gliRken Into the felloes.
about 60 per cent; in Nashville about liver regulator and blood cleanser it "
I It makes
tight or new shoos eel
For Tax Assessor: gives
: 80 per cent; Atlanta "as near the Instant relief to corns and bunions. It's quickly routes all diseases caused by l; Telephone 261. ,1
W.W.RICHARDS.For the greatest comfort discovery of the age. impure blood and disordered stomi -
market price as possible"; in Rich- Cure and prevents swollen fret blisters :;;J:; x ;;;:S::;:::; Ji.JIi ;} ;} \
I County Treasurer: i; ach. As a specific for diseases especially -
cnllous and sore spots. Allen lootHoseUncertain .
i JOHN W. KRATEB mond the officials assess property cure for 8'i1""atlnl! hot aching incidental to a southern - -
i "at its: true value to the best of theirability" feet. At all druggim and shoe store.i5c.: climate, HEPATICA i is unsurpassed.
For County Judge: Trial package free by in ail. Address,Allen Respectfully, W. B. WRIGHT>> GOfflPflflY.AXI
; in Montgomery the ratio is 8. \ ,1
-- ----- -
1 75 per cent; in Memphis it is 70 per Matron Pearl ,
For School Superintendent: 'OI.IFJ..III'iG TAUTY.
I Icent, and in Knoxville 60 per cent. \ IAstt'ACT'REKS: I'EAI.EH" IS
N. B.COOK. h\
i j The average of these fourteen exam- Oae Alli::af.T Killed and One Cap-
For Clerk Criminal Court:
M.P. BONIFAY. i pies is a ratio of a fraction over 01 tuiril-I'lcniy of Ki.h. i:. LUMBER, LATHS,

1 cent. A jolly fi-hins uf
per party compo-rd
For J lUll Ice of the I'eace 2 JAMES LAN DRUM. | As no city assessment has been Me.-sr Drew William, Fleming jg&k SATO CTPBESSSHINGLES-Klin-DncilSc;,

For Constable 2d Disirict: made in Pensacola under its pre- Cha$. Jackson and Stone of Sthna ;:r. ___.

r County Surveyor: 1 possible to state what proportion phrey- tlis city, l left Ia..t Monday;

1v.r. KECK. the county valuation bears to the actual in Aaron Kf-lly'- oi for a li-hing
For Menitwrs Si-lmol Hoard: and huuliii<; trip up to Mr. Kf-llcy' M.
A.V.CLUBBb, ,1 value with any degree of accuracy pUce at (jra.eIlYt'. They re- Does Your Roof Leak? TABARRAS.

A.C. HI.Ol.Nl; ', J R., bat it is believed to be far below tnruH1'I'tf-nIIY afternoon and report .
>.. XVAIIU. the averaee above stated. THE the fullowJi'/pMd hick : You can stop It and pr,ilor.i; for lif- of I'ItTJZTf3.

NEws doe not advocate an increaedrate :Mr. Drew t\'illiaul! -, with a :i3Colt's the rout lit u>mgALLEN'S Cegetabl.--, Nut. Canned: > ,
pijtid. shot and killed an alligator None genuine without the signature ANT1-1M t'iT J 'P.\\.
THE Toledo: O., Dee U quoted as of taxation, but it contends that
nipasuiinaliout four fi'H. the of Julius Plllinger. If you wih ('ooJ+II till!11.1111 go'cfar.It HOMEMADE CANDIESA
I, statin the political situation: in the a just valuation of the taxable property bullet t.ikii; j; following terse and forcible style: : in the city would provide the e.\f-J. but a* t' c marsh way too thick the genuine Havana Ite-agos Cigars:: I proof and tliif proof. t 11f"r. M'KflAl.TY:

Our republican rrl..III ilnn'l strut to l.- increase in the city's revenue till victim wa- !'>,:. The party had you can get them at N. Apostle's by. smoky tt.ioks. irno ftmfstc. 01'1'OSITK' .roS ii'OT:

altogetheratisar.lait1 the woik of, the about rives up the 'gator bout and the one two three or four thousand j HlTUKIOmtd'AIST.,
which i U &o greatly tit-eJed for
IansatCitycunttutiuu. Duu'tblamd'tin. manj were retttrtting to camp when n lots at $;0, with the guaranty: that nrlers soluitj-d soil work Jon- h)

Tl l'y..m to depend mi democrats making necessary purposes.THE milling in th buhr-' wa1 1.surd they are the ;same:: old Re'aso;; that !! I'ESSC.H.IOOFI'l.: C/t. I C. A. PETTERSON,
------- -
miktakv at critical times. Tbl-t wasn't aid anothir! l..rire ':lltor ran nut and
on of lUe lime..llaaaa got fomeJ. Democracy recent convention at Atlanta: was instantly fimt l.y :Mr.V'Illl tins the people have been buying for the JOHN ti. UI-MIAI, \KtK'omn 12: W.t KorianuSi

oonu't hats to "make. drfeiihitt I t of the Southern Is.du-trhl League: The wound was very;-ljht and the last eight year I iia Armory, riniciila, Kin I!'R pars for Bicycbs S. AH Light Marl

light this year. Tilts is our agsnsslveyear. I rejected the address.s prepurr-d by its victim waCdjtnrtd/ by tl.e party -- --- !I A;:cnt fur ItHull..r. (Me*'elnnrt, 1-
Kryau: w ill Bet the pace. Manna and and broll lIt to the citv. Have you seen those elegant Oolf good. lawn mowers. ice 'loinand Clipper fbnltilc Jiu'yc!, '
I committee on the coinuiHcial conidilion An abundance of Http 11hv. freezer, hammocks '
)irKtnleywdlhavetodothedefendingandraplalning. : -real cream and ail 1 01: I.r.u-Yci: DIFSsFYGI.IIRing :
The paramount i'ulI iilmptrlalliiu. ?- i of the South; as an icd->rgf- -<.> c' tlr'lltii'J the prty dud: a line Rattan Rockers at\i\ *"rts t>f c-i-onab-) ;x'xnlat, the : '
I _
Ai.d Bryan has the patriotic I j went of the republican platform, Urns in funeral. Mr. \Vili; nle Jtfarston J' Finch's. Willis Hard.tie IV-. Phone\'rl'd ID'l;any paekagrs part of Promptly the r,!'o
Aniericau md of it. proved to be ti'C herof the hunt
and appointed a new committee to
ail J nIl *il' th tt t/i i.. tib.u.... "J"ll..t.
> <:<<<<.::<:---< <:K< <$. see';: .,;;:.r:<4..tz < <-'. <SS:;,r'f 4.S't'S Z ,

4zJCi 10 ZhuSrneur rof Suifrcriali3tl 3v..tz )J v3 j3Ml'S )71.-- "
-. --- -- -
fn tlirchtfeof 1 3I> W1,>> 1Yrairr'r PBf'KL.Tt SALE
arlticigaticr{ ..
llrni., tsell f\'nr :--u1n;:: 'rnhta -
JJsubsfanc wJ He Fooled the SmKty)n..,
the sJlJf.w)} n replace -
;;. \Yorker, who \1"1) it m.III>1-

in ohadow by announcing All dotor old JJeniefc Hamilton allystadthr! hdat better and are 'f-' OF- -- -- ..

that 'this purpose *>I the president of Wet JeQersuu. 0", after !wlIE'1 i ing less fatigued at night. Hannah Hro-j. -- -
1 18 months fNiU Rectal Fistula, he
ate is i. to act concurrently with the
I will watches and
would die unless:: co--tiy uperatioii your
other powers'1 in the solution of the In flrn-rl,' J. I.
vas performed<< ; but he cured himself jewelry : style.
Chlne-e problem. Congress i is no with five boxes of l; ckli'u's ttp.phfjus. 1'REMNANTS.tVhite !

longer regarded by iiioi us a power. Arnica .;,.1 VI!. the surest Pile cure on
Earth, and the J test Main In the
but "tbe president" U one of "tile
World. 28 ctutst box. Sold by W.
powers" of the earth,benol Jen to no A. D'Aleuiburte, Druggist.! TRADERS
I \ Goods Printed Fabrics Wool
superior, aud assumiug; to "act"with Dress Goods

the "other powers" in the disposition Crash suit |l.fiu( at Stone's.
Ribbons Laces and
-- -- -- Embroideries.
of all great affairs of tatt'. -"-- ,
Jl'Iamn Tm !3.
-- ---

THE Cincinnati Enquirer, denouncing J. M. Howell fits Rubber Tires to RYE.We
; the absurdity of the for any vehicle, old or new.J. ASSORTMENT IS LARGE

mal notification presidential nominees -
I. Stephens has: a large a'sort- irpsrsntpp trp abnB -
of the fact that have ben llu
they gudldUlGi
ment of Solid Sterling Silver and We also make Special Prices on Brown and Bleached
nominated, which they and everybody Rogers Knives Forks and Spoons Domestics.
RYE mm 13 H3 the
'be already knows, says: "It ---- "-

U rapidly I coming to this, that the Guaranteed Fgs Best Mil D offered in Lonsdale Cotton Monday and 1, 000Y11'lgRibbons, per yard2,000'Large "
From and after this I'
man with the gift"of oratory is an affliction sold by us will be guaranteed date every absolutely egg Tuesday, per yard .. .... ; 1-. Palm Fans, each

to society. This 15 pessimIsm fr ,;h. We have just receivedand any city fir tin money : 1,000 Ladies' Low Neck Vests .

pure and simple. How would put into operation a patent candling 1 yard Hide Sea Island Cotton :i
the voters ever get any enjoyment machine by the use of which Ve bailie! this Viiily Best Apron Gin-*
'' they are sorted and thoroughly 5c per yard or 20 yards for $1.00 ;; hams -
ont of a political campaign if there1 per yarl... f; I <
tested before being offered for sale.
should be no oratory There wouldbe TluJAl'OIlV OKO. & COM. Co. In Quarts, $1.00 perqt..

no chance to yell for their favorite 20jly-tf *Remember Our Great Shoe Sale 1&

candidates, and the aspiring orators In Bulk, $3,00 per gal.ITRY .

would be cruelly deprived of 1,000 Shoes for Men, Ladies and Children Sold at Half Price!

their only opportunity to demon- Hood's Pills --- - ........--
itrate their superiority to the fellows IT.=<@

who have received the nomination tary Do not r&nal.rIpe nor They Irritate act the gently tliaien-yet !Jfliilinm Ioljn0on & ion.hre.

The average free American 'citizen : promptly, cleanse effectually and JACOB KRYGER : .

enjoys his political revivul.quite as ,
much as the average negro enjoys I "
his '-religious privileges.'' old by all druggists. 23 cents. BIJOU BAR. ;Big .


------- _J. > _' '. .:_


-?. -.hr 2 srAs flr ir. i >-fv ; -* ** *- AcvTHE .-, _
f +



Sideboards from $9.00 up, Sewing Machines from $18 up, Mattings and Rugs, all styles, Mattresses, Springs etc., Cooking Stoves and Ranges. '

Oak Bedroom Suites, $14 np. ,Marble Top Walnut Suites, $J5 up. G-foot Solid Oak Extension Tables, $4-2-5 up. Gotten Oakund} Mahogany Bedroom Suits. '

Leaders in Low Prices, Cash or Credit. Everything Kept in a First-class Up-to-Date Furniture Store.PRY .

a R &; F R I E S .( O. M. Pryor, Richard H. Fries. Wholesale and Retail 4'

__ __ ___ ___ H_____ T
---- --
I will return home on the sune"e,;- -

Collector J. E. Stillrnan will takea

HALLIDAY & CO.SELJING -- select party of friends out on the *
bay this afternoon on the Penro.

Local forecast for frnsaco/a and vicinity Mr?. J. Kahn and two daughter! 1
tenrrallf fair to niyla; loral ram* Ikurutuij; Misses Sarah and Mollie. will have
liyhtlnfreshs.athrastiriuda. Jfaeimumtempernat to-morrow for Lookout Mountain to
'.re yetttritay, *6 dtyrttt;minimum in last 2-1 spend the remainder of the heated
hours, 7'.'. term.
.Mrs., C.C. Ulmer left yesterday for Prof. will
Wyerl give another con-
Scranton, Miss.
cert at Kupijriau's"park: tomorrow
Father Robt. Fullerton left on the night. The program will include a
noon train yesterday for Mobile. cornet solo,song I and dance and buck
and wing dancing.
Jas. J. Hooker of Cincinnati was
among the arrivals at the Escambia The Oak Grove correspondent of .
last night.F. the Mobile Item says: "Those handsome .3. ,
Peusacola boy, the Youge
C.Brent and family have movedto brothers
are spending some time
their beautiful summer home, with their cousins, the Davis boys.

"OUT'I Brrntwood.V.. S. Gibson. of Kansas City was Miss Mrs.Pet McMillan McMillan and, who her have danghter been CAMPAIGN CHEW i

among the arrivals at the Merchant r
this spending some time at the home of
Superintendent Cook, left last evening )1 ><
I L. D. Blevins jr., of Macon, for their home in Greenville,
HT Ga., was among the arrivals at the Ala. '
Escambia last night. Col. and Mrs. J. M. Tarble will For Sale by all Wholesale and 1

B. Witkooski of Tampa arrivedin leave to-night for Kosciu"ko, Miss.! ,
the city last night and registeredat to visit relatives of Mrs. Tarble. .Retail Dealers.

the Ecambia hotel. From there they will go to Chicago. .. .
They will be absent about two
Frank A. Ross of St. Louis arrived

FORCASH.I in the city this morning and is a I, mouths. A-a A DISH OF
guest at the Escambia. Dan Shepard went yesterday to --I---
DeFuniak Springs where he will be

her Mrs.home W.at Lloyd Cottage Hahn Hill returned yesterdayafter to joined they will by proceed his brother'l'hrower.to Drayton Beach and, Dior RALSTON l [ KFOOD f 1 .

a few day visit here
near Paint Washington a ten-
Col.S. S. Harvey and two sons and I days' onting. ; 'I

Mr. L. M. Levy left to-day for a The American five-masted schooner WITHJ

Our Entire Stock will be Offered at COST fishing trip across the bay. Henry O. Barrett which is now
I I Wyer's band concert and dance at ready for sea, carries the largest o 'ind #:J> Postum Cereal, c cA & '

with the exception of P. D. and Thomson's Corsets -! Kupfrian's park last:: night was largely cargo of railroad ties ever shipped iPackaj
attended and greatly enjoyed. from a southern port-1,300,000 superficial SUBSTITUTE FOR COFFEE, 1' ;g
and Coats' Thread. Our contracts with Miss Alma Davies, after a few One cupRal.tonBreakfast MAKES A 1
Peter Simmons colored died
days visit to friends here returned Food cooks enough for five
them from offering their goods yesterday to her home at Poweltou. his home 1213 East Gadsden street ---there are six full
prevent us under this morning about 5 o'clock. The persons Breakfast fit for a lUng '
Miss Maud Batterfleld of Nash funeral will take place at 10 o'clock cups in every package. ,
the regular market price. ville. Tenn., is visiting Mr. and Mrs.D. to-morrow morning. Interment in Sliced dates and Ralston
H. Klusmeier on East Gadsden Zion cemetery.At Breakfast make a delicious i AN IDEAL BREAKFAST
I street. dessert. Our "Little
the meeting of the Pensacola
Book of Ralston Recipes"A
Nick Apostle's restaurant is Bowl of Grape Nuts: ,
being Medical Society last night Dr. J. tells of other dainty dbhes.
repapered and otherwise Improved. Harris Pierpont was elected president A in package Crisp Rolls,
The work is being done by James Dr. E. F. Bruce vice presidentand coupon
R. HALLIDAY & CO., Falkman. Dr. Marcellus McCreary, secre- : secures FOR a copy.SALE BT Fine Creamery Butter, t

Miss Charley Jones returned yes- tary and treasurer.A ROBE bps & DAUBY A Cup of Choice Blend Coffee '
terday afternoon from a pleasantvisit large: number of Pensacola Odd 1.
to relatives at Louisville and Fellows will attend the meeting of 218-:0 E. Wrieht Bt. ''
Telephone 193. $ 33-35 Palafox St. Frankfort.Mr. Mechanics Lodge at Warrington tonight Telephone 156.

when officers are to be installed .
Wm. T. Reader of the Bau- '
and veteran's jewels will be!
inisttr-Recger Milling Co. at Cot- x
tage Hill, arrived in the city yester- presented to the members. DRINK

day afternoon. The L.& N.air brake instruction

Miss Augusta Evan, a charming .car is here again and every employe r .
N. B. Terms Strictly Cash. I of the company who has not heretofore -
young lady of Mobile is the guest ot
been instructed in the of air
the Misses Langfordon South Flor- I
-- -- ---. ida Blanca street. brakes. will be thoroughly drilled
during the stay hereof the car.
Mrs. Alice Ferguson formerly of
Miss, Allie Willis entertained a
Pensacola but now of Mobile, is
"Florida number of friends last evening at a
spending a few weeks with A. D. IIf''
card the home
Alfred and family. party at hospitable
'1In I her parent, 1tMi1 North Palufux
The many friendof Mr. and 1.lrs. street, given in honor of her gue-t, /
I O. M. Pryor will regret to learn that I 1\1 i-:! Mary Pickens of Grteiir-boro,
their infant son, Richard Fries, f isjvery : .
I ill at their home Alcaniz :I
Perfection f, ;.treet.j on Mr*. !B. Kahn and daughter; Mi--
:Sarah and Mr". J. Geo. White and(
j The Perisacolr Dramatic club met two daughter; *, Mi-,..t8nnie and .t"V tf
i at the residence of Dr.V.. H. Ma- lllaucli: llt 011 the noon train to-day
rean last night to rehearse the playto for (Salbirtith :Springs, Tenn., to
(5o.) I be presented for the benf-fit of spend the remainder of the heated
the Mardi Gras Carnival Ithhtl.i term.

DELIGHTFUL AROMATIC SATISFYING. i The roridnts; along E.1"tYrj htI 1 he musicale at the! residence tf
street, from Palafov to Tarragona! Mr. ami Mrs.V.. T. Ileasrer, :::1CXitrtlj
I have been hi hly pleaded at several Jlan-eli'Ui: street, to-morrow
recent visits to that important thoroughfare I' niirht f.-r the: btiiut of the church' ,
from tin street priakler. 10 Chri-t will bone of the most 4a ,; t

A. Y..lius hH received a cablegram pl"i; "'\at -'>ci il ev'nts. of the-season.* 2G.2ESTAWARDFORPURITY. ,
I from his blight: young son, Tickets are now ):1 sale. i.r.

'J.JSoI'C(; OIT Odd Lots'Ask for Tickets on Alex, announcing: that he arrived at The body of Chas. Williams, who!
London ytsteiduy: safe and well. fell from Mn-cogee; wharf Monday
tlml spccial !Jrtl't'" ain sale' I 'I(Alex sailed from tlfrJ line i'S.! on I j and wa drlwlIHL wa found yeterdty -
silver Pitcher at Trainlireim I LEWIS
| & CO. Sole
/'((tory to t<(7v n$stock, I Inf tthe steamship Eve'ringhtin. Hi j : afternoon at ;):::101 by Pat C.lhn>. Agents.
will remain in London
: until th- th"cii\fr. The liudy, when found, !
TUKFOHiJES ATflJt'Aver's I Soda Fountain. I steamer: discharge- its cargo: andI wataadiRj up by U piling iu tins .A.LSO r oral

------- ___ _._ --------0 __ _._______ exact spot where he fell ovtr. Old Quaker Hunter and
Parole Eye Whiskeys.
W. J. Kildutf ot Mobile, who Is
the :;'utheru representative", of ? vfr.il Chesterfield '
c:) Bourbon
Whjskey..lfN.t" .-(#:
i>rolni: ent timber and trade

journals, through; winch he aids, materially -
I ThE FurhisSluri ill enlightening; the outside ..
t'o' and i-i tinni'inagKUen;: or I NAVAL. STOICS MAKKKT. ;
world the d"vdopment
as -
juogri'and i Illp l>'imc.i.. Another!: "nV.. J'. ,.'.:.
of PIIl-ac"h, is Lt-re todaygatlleritl .
:--pa'vn. n>''-''t.tly in tt.e l'I.Hh'rH.j; : i t'trtett Ih.\J f.nTh! >oWIt by
initfriu: rut his :
( : WOE kly '
un..y, I.* :ui-v ir :Siut;t I'u'iMCti: : it- !Ii ti In. A. M. ?!ori tk C'i, i
news i 1 PHI:il Li, in ('har:: of one of liif CUln- I'I'i R01I'I'. \ ,
The inot p ipnlur .-"':1; of theaYar d:iy, I piny'plants in operatio:. thiie.: : I
wwwo ...._ _..$! irt H..____ ..
introtlnreiit! t t. ivuk; lu-t I II .. ..... ... .". tl Si ..
.. '
: HI'i'Hein11 IT. Whaler rector ) 2 < t*._._.____ J 4syI )
r night by Pror.V. :. 'I'h'! name of :; .. ...... :! K .___.__._._
S of Christ church 1 in
SPEGIftk SAIiE on SMS.fE IS } the "bg: hi"h did You .. l lft yiMeriHy: fu"l i M ..7... .m...... "'. '. I ',. p...._._.._ ......_131
) 4 :Selina t.1 b at the ., ..._. .. .. .
Teach tle tn L"%.. Y"n Miit-u* ami present (''!I-P- K --. I ;: U. ___ ......_i :y> .
cration of Iii-h-elect RobertV. I ..... -.. .. ....1 .i1;
I word! by E. A. I:..d"v l ami S. 1'. ISarnwof!! tiii. iMnef-f <.f Alabama KI'IRTl1'l1kl'll Tr!" -4.! 09nt.. + '. :f
i Levy. The snug; i> j\\ mi s tie! :atClutter' -- ; ;
which take pl'ce I hero at :St.P.tul's I
!. ;: mti-ic "ioi and istun,.: ; Blue Sere t" *7..5J at, toue' 1
Dislike the Word "Bargain": applied i Epi-copal church to-day.
I 'k 'II\ to Dainty, Glistening SILKS: ; s l, like-hot cake-. I Six hi-h<)p The citalo: ,ue '.F.: but there i+ no word which better expresses I i-
I Normal and lnau-triil! school for ![ Mrs. Lewis Willis; i is chaperon of a 1..
the combination: of price-lownes -
4vc Colored students at Tallahassee", has I j jolly house party at the W. F. Crejry has just received a large
.? and quality: highness which these offerings represent been issued from the Tallahasseeunolllce. ; cottage;: at Bayou Grande, who I;I j
( iLtti. It is a creditable production, : they willJOud a Wf 'k. The party fI i iconr shipment of genuine I 1'
and contain abundant evidence of Ht- of.!i* Hazel Klli. of .
> > ;) News i
.? _1 The dainty Wash Silks, 60c quality, 29c. yard i the success i./ that excellent institution OrleanMis Mary hickeiH of i B.OHl\! \ I: SVKIT i

muter the management; of President Greensboro, AJ.! Mi"-ee Allie tVH-i guaranteed absolutelypure
A better grade of Wash Silk, corded and T. De t tr. Tucker.Prof. li*, K:1th/'riue.\\"I'ry.: P.ulllalIory, 1

+ regular 65c goods, 45c yard 1: A. F. spawn received ve-ter- Cora Me-r Mallory: Walker, Willis Krnptine Yon 'e, and which he will
Hedo JJIount,
I day from J. W. Siudorf' of Ba;dad 1, sell for .
Herbert D'Alemb?rte. A. M. Avery 41
Taffetas "short lengths $1 and : a basket of magnificent Elbprtaiipache
i Fancy : and
i 9 *, and todaanother from Jr. Robert Denhara, Tinollrent r.o CKMSI A (;ALION.Just .

$1.25 value, 75c yard: Dr. A.Urenton of Powelton,some i H. B. Hall. i '
of which were probably the largestever thick of it! /

Black Plice Silk regular price $1.00, S 75c yard seen here, or even in Georgia.Mr. : A CHIU! EXJOYSThe .I Phone Itji). It
Spawn is expectipgon: to-nignt's pleasant flavor: gentle action. -
Black Ccrded Taffeta, regular price $1.25, 98c yard train from her home in Washington, :. and soothine effect of Syrup of Figs. Cleaning ladies skirts--and-- waists .i,

Black 75c yard Mrs. A. E. Harris, president of the when in teed of a laxltlve.Iud if' iq i one of our specialties. Star Laun His
Hem-stich, Satin Stripe regular price $1.00, Tropical Fruit Preserving Co. of! the father or mother be costive or, dry. ?*\

Entire_line of Foulards worth 75 and 90c, 49c yard Central of Americamany which are well-known of the stockholders ladies -- 1 i follow bilious,its the use moot; so that gratifying it i< the results best'family - -- --- \ \
o3t9TORtg: : -j
remedy known and
II 'f commence taking Inventory in a few days and you will nnd each day Odd expects of the to capital take up city.her Mrs.residence Harris 1' family should- have a bottle. Manufactured every- Bean: the 1hr fmd fat Nate lwars.B ;tt8gutvt c'

b''f's being here, spending some time at by the California Fig 14.f6l. tF
closed out at sacrifice.
a the Es-cambu before finally settling Syrup Co. _ ___ 0' _
\ Wide Bleached C"u'Jn.-.... yard down. HP is also expecting -'| Deliciou Bradford watermelon --- --
\ Umm
miltlriin One-yard !
l \\ i Wide Sea Island 5; yard m a few from California, a 1 from Brentwood farm, on ice at Oar-

UUJ_ L\JUllU J AND l lUllllO I O 10 Yards'-yard Scotch Lawns or Shirting Prints........... --.. .... ,Sue SOD, A.here F. Spawn to assL-t, Jr.in, who the installation will remain -- ;, field's ice-factory.- ----- "Rader is cer'y '

of the evaporating plant, in the Ice cream freezer that freeze the good to meHe F

Yours & B. FORBES. large new warehouse on Intenden-I cream quick,at the Willis Hardware sells me Furniture on the ,w

al y, W. J. cia, between Palafox and Tarragona Co.'!!. easy payment plan. t,

i .. _.. ..,' st 3
... ., --
._ "''h...."', n "'f"l' ;.""-...... A..i:gL.''.* Z.Ah.A' -;n'a-F t4 r->- "s.-s. 0.>

,.;f.. ,.a s>+5.e. 'c _'r11f



---- -
.. . .. .... . .. . CtOSS CALL

: IAVE TEIUMPHZD. I KIDNEY DISEASES 13.t W1t Writ 4 M cog d 4La. ....

I I .-.'-g.'t DJ'Q ..aalta7Sl
.. ., ... ...... ..., 3.la T
:"'. i.v ::.-! :. J.
Let tfc* nrat fatal cf a3 da- ..
1tl.7 Ha:"'!v.rf r.r r 711 firs.1 aIf ..wil ..i:1:. .-

a tmat. waf. aIoL 3 GY.STf fat .-.I ;YL haww s. !.
1 a,-a.. M1 C !I i iit d :'1: : : fffa.CTS
I.r: : { -:,tlsr" 4:''' .;-\:__ {
f TW !tae !1H.-! t.t
.4 u1t r ":. Fdr : a'a.r :':,111 *

-f.UJ .U 77 an rnv 1.1 ;.p.>MItIA.r FOLETCcecccej =: A !t! tilT :v..!

b '..Q7r !..:.a, T.-! I t ...., ?3 iruMdoa i8IC f ;:. Iori

: I *" .zlt7 .r1 zr,,'tsar. is an :!fry =nci CT". ocItL : :-

PLACE u I 7101 :::1-r3' ;' 'jJ'J: I r;;.. for Infants ard Children
n&rrdri, Cct: .
:!! trtn'h4 ar tSr? r-; r rALa 04 :lilt .. i :r.a"' T 1o:' .
n7 H- rr .'i rtcognfzed fcy encent ::.- "I e.T: !'! i7 The KhH 'r'. : II.n.1'I"aTt Bcbt i** Itrs* th .. ..,:- -

*?;'* s ..::t'"', 1.1 .. 1'_ ..r.t..t the -:" V J.o:. :'P. F: tore of Ti*,- If. FlettiKr, aa4 fca.prw .i been Jn3I art+r .

14 d f :ya-1 tf",ff. *a.A..1 hysidara 22 rf fcrA. I 1:. Vjul iriri r.:.i as zt >oal *rrprrLioa: for orer 30 Inr e. W M. -

... oat y..., IGo.6;' 1 t.lv .\ ::.q aa:4 Bla la tniks.c. ) AC. Via .a fu Ilr
de in this. CI..antH"l/ ttittsfie .
to !*tToa: :
7 A is; fr oO-.a"! M/r:7 +ha.i :3YS' ::e .. xAy.yzuz !iii 61
3.r .G1 it7 Tli/.IirL11 u.. ...... .:L. IFIr u4 S1.:.. efty ;=c"': c.:.: -.aThd r "'Jat..o-rf'd": art bat ErF+rix1t! L., I-ad eJaa; p r -:

znr.7 .o.rTV y r."v.. ":Sr': ash w A. I* AL2XBE37Z.i ;r.-* ta? !t +1-- !1..Li z s: be 1th of t.'Ii;dreg-Eth.rirnte a, iaft f1[ rimrL'-

!.j.f iiiyti.1 tarts! araaiv '.J-; !..a.,3tr :.3 Jrfa ,, :?rt.OT.' -Z we Q: 2Cd

The Most PJahl 5. .i if !loa- .fjpfan. Its* asAna =- 'A 'E1'a-. t..c .:!. The Kind You Have Always Bcaz'Bea : :
iDu : E.m .. !.a.i
.a jnV- A rarlia 1aa, -fc 1\If"1A\ .. ::1r C&:: :

1.4L1 agrrtiagart rx !a uwin :, ::0: t ::.lr. : : T' P. !:-1 <<;;. the SEra tue of
; .t--? tT t1; !!.! t,: :1A+.
-- : .Tty at; sa Jk+ lo ? tarfi GiL'Y 'Y; ai@C P1' ; a ;':tzrv -:! oUo1 /
TI';:: $ Ilf tt 11.4 tk.fr r.o tCZe: a 1..
iv- ir afA :raSot "JIt: jrwiX. .{ ?""'.r:: S o-
::. tr.a::is t.o 1I s.tiab.l "ttrtlrM '1' elt/:*+: ..7 R&JSrriAL"r_ < :ffirett+'t 1V'U f.Zr. .,i'J..i : r3i

r :.,'" ., .. t..c :rt so'rj? rna? e: ; 14 .'_ f .. X L ....
RESTAURANT[ I I IIn t % t b7r 1 ::": !< :
. "'.rt.i. 5''Z *.-* '_:'H.a.d'
i iia '."o !rarailYrMyk'r L't .K. E .i tiwiiars xtnrr i oi.Stef J.rt .r
.. 1"1: !*:* -.T W ... L Arfsr*.
; 'See till4' r .l '7..t aeab .W \r.' ; ::.: Cs=;a:. r: :.i r..r.v L3Teat

.< uvr .....;, .. .... t! WI1t, 7wr; : fir. :+s' ,

..<'. .s4ry :jv/i. y..a1 atSdri is CAST02t2d.
::,..- .,' .r .. .1r1 r : : t.r.' .z1 FRCCRcSS: Or THcCAMAIC'1: In Use For Over 30 Years.

Pensacola. :. f :'--.'" .a.r ,... w.r r.';. IDit ;"-1 cLA, .. -- ......,. _... ...,.... .--.- -. ..... -
rri.ht e x I.G.. f .. ...... ____ ..
-of1 a iii lie .II sir w .I .k ..i/ P.ir.--s: Fat ta-.; t; : ad-Critr ------=- \it:; .

lr.c4V'.. -- -- (.a ::.....t.. .\r, l .>O .itat.GAur3 -
t Vn J si-,-t.t 5sx+ 71iau ;".
M-r'WrJ r. _:M iii tarx 7 .... I e.e(. Matting are cheap e. c. ::::y'Ar.. : ma OU F.it.Is WEEKLY SCUKDLP LI.T03fLLXLTLj .
f .-.' N '. tii r
Mint tea .e l4it t, I., a i -
kT Lrr J :wt J ray t..u LSCZr foe ICf Fto -.:; and at the tame time ofwl weI' cf tr* qtr.ft:ra JIA Iite 1 zXiIXl 1 "Ot". :-;- ...!,!>* c :.,.! '-=- : r
> sItooo Vr it r..) I-t :3: t. trd .. >S tCOL.f..1.Ef.'rP.IC nL l 4
$ durable quality at ad C.r.: :::-;, 1 ': ;.t.;; ='" -;- .; .
rallga !n Y. aM4> sx r 4ar ., RAILWAY COMP.CNYajj
Just Minute rt 'It M.b tarp .a a wsr. -" tolaa' 1 Marxton $ Finch's.HEPATICA.. t:" :::: tie 'V,-:.t'r J'" t::..; ,. ::... ;'';;.c ,!; !' ,.. ?'U .:,A .

a ..n airy ,t.rs _.... SIt ar ur, T rrls -' rte'Jf a''a. tl.r Sit the !M" tI.1.: ?>arr'!. !;...: ':.al '':' ::- ::-_-:. -:.:
...... via era. ttidk b r. trrrag'R. :.! 1.u:. ,p"F':: ':"=.+ !art ::.. -: :'o' ;:1 ,'_ '< :: -:;..:.. l ::'.: .l.S hM'ri: =.u4 aL ;
rf Ourns, r..w4. UaNa. :M ", .-.. .. -
<.f j'su &zs. ;1b2](., trl Viii 1'r. lMU f4. w 1. aa47.A+n' t 1 i.M II""_ 91 :A<' ; '.:'...:.d ::L ;A't _k .t..:..at ::C"j :: *:-.*:' T iij yj T ar* c? a.;- T._, s, '_':..l 'r;- in.34 -- -.t. : .

'.f L"'"t sr"'1 .97 N IV1rS. is :t: -", ?":: .1O.G".J CI.c..s: iWl .. ar1tM10n: :O. .... --M.t t.!:5 r.G.l..7_ H..yt Al'i Sft. ( l Cp.I- ... ..! Jen fc& _
w tic:. YTT"; &'. ,.& .... :. :.,. t.- ,.... ... :. ..... .. 5X.THNEV : 7"'r. Y-.r... tom U a.:1 r,: ; ii day :t p4:4: tt4 tl'ta!. ,. 1.L p- 6. a-r.T4 a. For: 9r'a:. aei.p _
r n .'u '...... .. itait are1 !:!. L-- : .i afllTh ;.= c..a.:0:TtatFotiasa.:... .
tv. .'.!
a tooK 4ta not r.'i .T.OW LSL3:7.. M: .. ri3 :rabrtz .
lit W>'.W, r... :.;.". ,. ... ;a 1.-A / LIVER CURE t: ca:1 J IL !:j"e..CIC.4 r'..Jtd.r .. e A e' tilt of ta* daj tettI4L : r.. .s 1t-a.;:u:r..leave a-T.:a- ,:-,J'0l't.!: ,Ea.--u t- a: :aT t. .""

: 3 __.c.-l.. :vl vR u .. r1 Tan.yrat nit awi : ; '''''. ..: :. :., ::..: '!: :-t (it.Hy .-:;, }S. ws tFeT, r.. 'i wock 41 tie sci-: .... tart adrae4. ttseaa 1.:1' Paslr: eta a;

r et-s:] ..1..tan f f42 nttb oat.4 a Mrf.... !,..W.. WL w_"JS. .. L.. Ar .'.. .- .: .:: 0-::. __.: +t. :. .:. :_rA.I --"::.00,. : _:::. :0', f., ec!fblt 0Jt rrrt'01. 11'r-7 are l-
\m{ a *: ': ftj : .. ..... 4-.1- 'q. .ra. "4 si *-:-' :'IIa.1 ,. ., 't.r. ... .:'.. wu. !lr.-r.:1. r.6. sill a..tiltffiFtt'r1T.t t.LIe9. nr xlrii an ta'rtt Uc_ ,. .. m. irr.e al P!:'...ta.tava.. .__ -
3fees '-'-- c. :;'* for Ca /,roc.. ;: p. a. a--riT* M P.- --iI.- :
j I-"bJ-.t. 'I .
aLf Ss.r r,4.t r.r. .7. 11.- sm." 11 rr T '!: TcRk ; aU fc!nda u..! the. LL rr fans %j'" p. a. a rr.vt a; Ptaa'0c.4._ :::
tilt: Ta..: : p/ ',y t T.M.Qa r-- t.Atrj,1 141rti I $,.. III at.u a !'t= 1IA
: of fAnBia -
\ L:y 'Hy- {. *.* "- r'': 5.-- I$._ t Ir" .. _.at. ? aad dairy wrk Ti! pc- I
r a .
i r
1;.;.;.. tI.. G-1"1 T *'.fjt'j 1.hWJ Jajfja *I&!: y'aY f-- V.* b- t t ;it p. a. arva a; Pta/ax A ;
r. yia lore uand bare a l sa..! ail a ,, "Ltd P"I&0:0..6.__. i.
.Ta a.
t. M a
:' r4t JrL : )
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t yen a+roarw a.14 fbIIsq xrvlcr 1k Garra M *::t a t % :*Jar U to Lr.7 tt:. :. : z' :t.? d8b. .1:1 ec t rt &.IOC a ::rte asTrOCid -YI La BarGa <<;&.f _
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-7-r1 NJn,6 rwdkI :rt 1f..: na" 1 *'_", trr1dar '*d )7.v 1Ir4lll t y :atnLs tie :.TU !:HeOranla.a ; ti7ta1c.. :.natfflo. (.....,
\ .1 so : L. a : ..
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It- .n. a:: U! t 'lJ.'' P.la.o a UI Sny l at: .
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r.-4 r.A vAv. tVAt urYarti.r.1'airI'trt.a t.3..'*), it t +ri ,:.1- a a., 111.m. 1a i'; Su&
Wm'Al 1 d r tr..t:, z-1V-U Ir.trn"falotGft flirt.ad is u iiaa _
R f..) t.- The, Ip.m. ; s
: cr."u I 'jH : u.r. Oat Fraae a !bllt.
nlLtJa'Urt1D K Ip.m
Regular Dinners Every DyIM y'r. & rr.'>::"J Ica ..:.0-... eta 2 4,It.tall.artehL.. ar.1 t3 tsro3ji! RIv/J.tae k.o..;ill t II it:1Jt'l\aIT'Mt 0111 i if c: CIr.f:1 AiiLJ: yea tai: six= when Ce E;? of Par:* t-:as a1 ;.II-I. Z

P .1-311 P.4 -1 macaw .trtt wu a ta.ILa. 3-yttl I") r.or; ?!ky h":1I1 114t ,"I:' f\1,' }) q ;:: t .te Lt::a ;ltl -i of c"oroj.Ad:: Ia. m

t tart f-i9.fc cttnrr. bat.hr'11astt d.\ c, af.af. a'A4"'+ m :".ItIi. 1'lbabiutS: cf the cry iwirc'! !teta rr ITem -.
f -JIU.Jo'u w t'ar!H4f. u.'tU.t.lt' ad' )tal 11 FI IH:1T'JM1t d.L71 r -
.:. inrr t..r aa, l! 01.1 t.s Jr teII oar t.afiJt..n tiritS: ."!:.:J If!: .aV Ataeamaa,7I the: s-bcrta; : to -* the Fre:>:b ourpo :.. ; t-J t bit awe yfrt/ae 1.4 ewt.I !.w If jo-j i. e Dt4 e It a7 nee T f,fa J:1 y .-J ..::;t :i Lw39 wu sstoa; the Litter a ri .*aS t.ueoa Co on $araSts. .ry
: ''.:'" ea/14na; ,:r44 w11: a-,7 700 "II.a. PleawaS : larl .:2 :elrt.P _
OIk I y 25Special iTt itr- tsart Gar. d J4til t.c.tLamy Uolt. "ot.: :n .. t;i.P<.'td: in :.w slit":: (rueo t.t cf r.raL-y t the tirade cf lav.:; 4:
1 CrL .! 5L,7 5.nz r.: oil) 1 cite :k. lie Srerg r:?J ail tarjauliis! for 'V..,* ciTiliia un _
"W1. '. I.r..tJJf1 11ava. "I
;'? >;arii.. Iwrt I mild lairs rl11J ofr Price : oOc a Bottle.For havrfstoti.ur.yf< Jcy4,1-'i'"_ fiarpihoctr who bouSt Lii at a So fr.tj-t r'-C' wed of u I.a s a

f. f y/o. for { t/r! ." fras? a itct at the enemy= 6Ut-'u'
> JVT.t f-I'l* t Hannah Rro
j Sidney Wrn.Orr. Newark. 0..
:coma! lve- f. i'.. i i,** (;End Kihn ; ijW* SL:-;:"'(en GeLf: i i-.ra. : _.} :-rwtutted
AfJl'f't.srmacy. nTf> fret safe
.,lar.'ahIf U- .**: (11 xic or ill.: ac1v I i r without' One Minute i.e :cifrLtal! drpan=..tt of tBr.thh !
A. P> .
er :: Couzf. CUrt in the bia," It a err d
(it'J! Iif muUn" if wori: ('r "1_B ? my little jx r-' life when he had the army 14r7to, the war *;-sin: : HEINBERG G EROS O & CU
took I ,
I Orders v+rrf. '.t Lathy ZO w' of '.Ji medicine tnad'. It potts cakinr as t t'-b as 4" :r TOfrancs
iL'.aid 1m* ta **...:i<. n> .U I tA P. W. SMITH I and all! luLg: di tr -. rrii.r 11 ::> a-. *&. MHJ .? i I I WB OL tt S U L GMm S
.1 1 served all "I'! td U art a man u/
hours of *ft. tt'it fir I wranSD rn 4,.. t'ir." .r.. 7 S. f'aUf'/i Sr I'en.aonla .'Ia. ard.! .-.. Kar.a.HHj(! J'::sr :ar. Jt.fJ. -h' :>, dr'4I3 'f tbSr ccJCf -()t!) ;r.; t.-:G: ; tt :!. > ,

xt'r'1. ar.l 'II*. tia fl'\JI tzo-fAi.l.r.;: ...- ( r.IJa:e. ,.(x-c to be t'3'J y fie
the day or night at 1)0-11'11";," "poD iwr IOn; :!a.Ln .... and the sword was like a fa.r. a;. : *sesfitriHs Palafox Street.

.'rst -f aaia! ibr lrfa{Aarum (,t t.o-.::.; CfJwd nit vll I ?'. ','- fist :;

Reasonable Prices. 'h> .YIfoo: wilt ;,fA."J a DUW> l air". t-:.<)t!.lj. for a rl'-b Pars T..,:-*., iv.a3 Pensacola. Florida.
wtlK. fh.. .Tnz.'t WM ...rAH ...Ltkre
"OLD l : r.dicr by comer:; heat L. '.' .
y ----- --
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had 'n>in.[>bH o..f aFSrian it "n. (>> -
\r'j& tar the cirilmn! tiara.r: .. ,
5I tim cf jf >i u if- pna.rwt1td'rd
Ifaafaa t'J n Ida own tray. :lrdt; wit'l4 SOLIS Lrouri: dawn lerns: eeL.!:. -W
pyr rfjr or rici* w ur-ate/ is Yort 'l t" ts.
bdth.It '* .;: lIFTER USMen's AGAIi WINQHOP&r a aUiI GO

m FOOD BISNEBS wta a ri'/rv/c liT ia Joarbir .3.- ICuaian'.Itrh'; ..

rntr irgrrl weir aurnr-l it be nl4! Mars r omenur a1:: -. .. f -. M
fatL.Lrn; '. .h.Ta .be ha.1 1 JA.-i the
lrd"temalrwrakuei. .
r i i.
Jra:1I1' 411' of rhr4lhA hot ahr weir -! -)rtt: acd I users a-
cause their kidney* ar- ,ut -f r1.,
A r/mtr 'JIlI..1 Who.1' ht trt"iMl" .M hr,
Specialty. ; S Summer
1 and th'r host d' ri.'i.t f'- kmw h.>- Chinese and
tbat 1M bJ yrfnid' l a plaia r.tmfr.rtat.l"Ivirtll'In Japanese
J..' v's Kji xtv CrRE
i-t ju-t w..dt 1'nradrd
>.w Yfct do,.
i I It nai .TMniit.2 wLrn th"7it arriva4. uA Lv mot aili' ? W.-U : L. Fur *Fancy Goods"# :
eats b7 W. A. U'AteHiDf rt/.
wIt the errian >p
.rarrl7 .Jitod'AI) ',U I'iftli atnw tr.l _- @K2- :FINE CHINA TEAS.

Ana I,..Iia tau.. rat in !t<- till t', "" :(, At C. \ Tt.nmp..on'*.

"/rr,4tLun '!A Mt a.. if it w.< :a pi &w tr The-e hot. humid. a""dt..r.ino. Cr..u-' Vsdit'ote Paper: and No 31 math Pilaf ttr "

Prove the art .irxl.i*. Co'iU ;it J.r [,,,,...il,,*, ftf I y d=ir* bring to mind the nerd Envrlopei to match. ,' Laundry Oc PExA
t':' that ter pnlrt .toot I:..ftL/n ti.8 .it. .4. : of FKATHKItWEKiHT FfK- Carr.bridjo Linen and Envelops 'I a :

.. /rive Lr f'rirw. Hurd'? Fdrehment. i' - --- "f

Hiirrjint a p Pudding -
AnJ .Wi ib. t.B'l fuiibr4 a t'/ir o( 1 ; an'i "aap -ndor"u; arrtmnt Linen Tabti.! ;. ; =GOLA y={

I tamiitatioii tt>r
4.r Do our an- B,l::.srnl Jfc,. "V-rwatjorn 'if tb* TV/ID, + are of uch a nature that En;li h Note : satin Stove; TinePdpr ,!! Grist and Corn Meal Mills! ,
D riin'rtA+tntAI .1< I. f..rf. Ia ill wet. the nA.r.tnlatrd Dean
1 Etc.
i ; :! Crepe. with
1k t<>r aunt nu.r fj- i*,....i-...i/n of K, KM an.I..I I I :
i tempting iMi. "I VTi''i tL.. !.", oo fllili! TASTES a lEc.tor411ortmfrt; of IItatloner\. M. F. COJJZflliEZ 4 CO., Prsp $
f Wo C. V. THOMPSON.NO. ; .
try licit fay Iitl; ." fcU a..i<1. *IH<-.(.W it watr < a1 'I
''c rl V to rnak's th >mv .. thai I lint tut Oiffuril. but this ?South Palafox_ :reet.A I .l1l1fltgrera

', >. Iiutaj pudding I. !t fur II kin!'. '...1..,...." CAN BE SUITED. sritox; POINT j CHOICE .LAXD P'UEGIWnDSTOCK

"/ wa not "!JI. 7-in r"irt tIll"Iror r<-jtc th., faD; I I KEED

jntenrhtli li'/i.air far the 1IIt1t. of o"'r wbo bee but It gained: by having your bay or
a lorlntc heart if.>l willing biixU to rtrrr wagon r..p..ired by the old reliable 1'OD1O. Home inGWtry tor cure! .&
: to l M lukI I r' ) IJegin! at 4-ic and alv.nc* tnt{ 2 i.' f p.>ciI= I shop of J. M. Howell. ever, r...on you Si/old bujyour. M.., .nd
r you fI'lul.1 hIT b.ub"n' NEGLIGEE I I SHIRTS I Block Fd from th. Hoaw }Iwo:..t' '-'
Btmerelythari I fbowinze; at >ic ; :Bilk Koom :shirt at 40 tor by
a yt "I Gan that Its a. -mpt.-l.. Chi; hut 'I M doing you "DQ{(< irag name u" ..-
r. i* i+ our Bto -k. 1..0 M+ I,."" rlumylr...1" and JJC to U.fJ! ). try. Your money iiUftio the cemm'and .- :j >
, you ia torn are b.Dt.1
indirsecly :
1 k c I uplr.r, youdo 'liff'-r-I MI..,Q wouifi bin arms arot what her and It.I.Ir.oC lute bIo, t..Durul h-. LODGE DIRECTORY to tnc.uwof I.oor.01:1: .".

1 you red aet _i'h t>>\.> arv) bap" ,...a.. aaIl: c=4 U whica to tbecommanlty wake you live .J
would do with Balbrigan to your support
"Tlicn w.dnnir hmiir. dear Mary for
the pudding.V yell are Gale\ mintri-t"! brrf." KNIGHTS OF PYTHIAS.rrnaatnla.
Test itCIGAKS \"ba'"II.: ezclaim ]. In aMouibmrut. -

} Underwear Ledge No. 3, K. of P, !! -

"Will you lot !IuTi. nw j jtet a. wi-ll fQrl.ai..iI' \ o,
: / maetaevrry Monday ....ni i fl1araeIJu5 /T\a\ redry
--- 1.f.1 joy? Tor tbU i.. a., Inz at H at Caul Hall "
i ..t'.I.*.. I wufntl tof Iurr that yoit la flalcblron ball. wee !i 1

t hs/,4 l nil*. Miry. I am not thfrxir u-an k Int. *lenela irift. Plusician ni
that yon th'ILt. I rear hat you mil From 45c the suit up, in plain, I*l ittn<
I.3VO: i.i put tt|. ulth t!>.* in*umhraii o( J.haa..... i fteiidence. Hotel ftc.aNa, .
natural fancy colors or pearl H. HOR LFE. Phoo ,
B7 u.iumti Itt-r all. -Xw Turk N"*.. / C. : .WI
K. K. A rt. I: IJOtt. Ji'AUtnberte Hau.1ll1r. lr-, ...
White. j i FaUfoi t'ttett I'boD.:1
Sot All. -.. -.-
Tt-acb (au tlldQu"llIWbi wrote j w. o. w. i

your C" mpr, ltIJo. Johnny Lire' Oak Camp -"... 1 W dman IItthe t! DR. C. RAY MITCHELL

Jobnny-My father. .
"%VhaL nil!l of Itr"No'in. : Seriuer/5 Drawers \\ 'orld i

All IOnly 1 ( POPULAR r l BRANDS 11..1'.1 hlm.-Truth. rich M"*"m"t'l."J fir t nil IUQ"third "">"ndav"r", n.night cordi IB* Surgeon Dentist.

,,::1"-! w. W. Walfeo. I
'. : 1:1.1'. T II"'II i%. Clrk. .
Iluw HIK: 1 60c pair. Not the "stretchy"dlJ (; 4; 28 9 South Palafox Street.

1t'n utter One Hur..1r+"l Iti,IIar>* re- --

place in Ponsacoli a wlr,1 for our. ru-.- of C'atarrli that (; ; seam immitation, but the genuine KREUGER &-

cannot: bf cured by Hull's Catarrh -----u article. KUGELMAN
i where you can get Curf'. *
I..3.CitEIY.&Cu: Tulydu,0.| CROCERS&

the Genuine Tampa \V,-. for audit l ''ued hair knu'A'n AX. EXTfP.F.T.Y FKP"; H AND) NEW
K. J. Chwnt-y: forth" Iat 13: ...ar-. Straw Hat Specials) CANNED GOODS AND STOCK OF FOROUKRIEH \\' I
Made Hii'i \brIo\ iiiin -rffctly hnnoruhlp
in u',1: tuitliiHst [ran-:letlnn. and OxixOoidoii I'looco Flo'u.r.

Jinaiici.illy: alii' tll carry out any "s b- Rough Braids, 50c up in white or fancy color Lalesrootn: 131M34: E. Government .Street.Warehoue .
JI.lt\f'IIoIIIIJUe\ liv their firui.
(;or. Tarragona
and Church -'
'NiCK'S I \\'I'IT & Tln'\X. Split Braids from $1 to
1tsios Havana\ Ci g \\'ho"al.! Urugi!:!j.t..Tnteduu. $2. Telephone 151.

W.U.MNU, KI.V.VA.N A MAUVIX.VIi sit|> Canton Braids from 19c to 75c. VIEVYPOU -
< :;
\ "leal: I' Uru:;-;'I't*. Tnlydu.0.

Hall's 'utJirrah 'iire 1.* taken ins H. H. WICKS

'ternully, nctin directly upon the
hll"d] I aii'I mucous 'Urlal...* of the THE

>j>tfin. Price 7Lc.: pr l h.ltl. KnUJ E CO. plumber
Gas and
bv nil druririst". Testimonial* free Steam fitter
Ilail'I'! Family Pill art- the bet.i ,
rl f 509.511 South Palafox Street.
--- -----
No & South Palafox Street.
i HaJiU.irt for bull.!er" hard

,i waretiieVilIU Hardware Co '!. i, TIlE BIG DOWN 'row's' CLOTHIERS. All Kind 0, Plumbing and Oai. FlttJoja Materials Kept JB HaulTHE

fELE-aon: teas .
i : rtc'i5ltxw


6 is.ra

.---- -. '. "- ''::. "..'- -. -..-< ,;.- ., ,,"' -r......:' """"H ',:';:":' ._.':.""' .

jrt 4' -- : : -::;;----;:- ,- .

I 1


-- -- -- ._._ _._ ___ _
---- --- -- ----- --- -- --- --- h h n -

NOTICE OF APPLICATION TWO TIGHT CORNERS. bate to g ;blood I all over y- furniture !' "_1iv Tt Xrrdrd RerUlon."To u h 1

here. It wouldn't be nice to dirty up I whom do you intend to rve thI' -.
Permi* ion to Sell Liquor, Wines '" r- __ ,,- \i:s- ,
for the office would it? Suppose we go in I villain's art: asked the dramatist
and Beer. l(
!' EXCITING CHAPTERS IN THE LIFE OF the back room '""Walker of course,** answered the I \ Of
given that C.
nolleU h i I
poblic 1 That'll d). Come on, rejoined the manager."Wmt.
h fllrd trltti tb Board of county A POLICE CAPTAIN.A "
'I nmi-"on-M of Kicambia county, in the maniac quickly. I : That stlckr: fscl.ii.EiwI: th:*- 7\f them si $
.bi application for a per- I of
"t.I"'of tlonoR. back dramatist. !
: ...11 IIquon. ,.111..6 aDd btpr In t:1: Hard Straggle For life With aStalwart "I got up. The maniac's was '
1. .trlel N... I;. of ad county and toward me. With one bound I had ''He's the only! one a\nihhIl',"* explained '
nJb will be acted Murderer and a >arrow
." al aipllCHtion,,\ County ommls- my arms about his waist and his arms tlw manager. ; M b an: cpItsmizcJ;: susurJng t-p ofthe
.. ,alii Itoard Escape Front Dratb at the Hands of ,
II < n..1t r"lul": 111..11111 pinned' to his side. I then called for "Then ir'to! me back my play" said universal: praise! d twincis'scurs
(I' l.i>'id on the .-cond Tu.>.d"y aa Armed Maniac.
i to.
'lolt In help and two officers rushed luto my the dram.-ttNf.:
.. I""l
-' A. 1> in charcc'crizie the rtktive
\ .'.. '.t .,wi tlllY. and Iii" MiLd "Yes we have to deal with some otScc. It took four big men to put that I ur"ly. )'Im d.jn't inle'.ul: to with- ,

I .. .I j',i.\'i-.tii*:.l i I..hu iipon JII"Y'ij d citizen...lre 10 of do ueb sin' queer people and some, dangerous; peu-i maniac in a cell lIe's in an asylum !! draw it." 11I'01l-"tI'l1 the inanair merits cf

''I., ,1 alV tb.rti.... 'it the iaid, pIe." snU a police captain -and I must now."-ISuffnlo Express. !; "(Mi. no," answered the dramatist.!

.. .'' .'"aTn": !(hi 01. gr a.1.utfd'totbe I'iard why aptt..r..1 say, but not boastfully, that we now "I 0:11.:1. nt t>> ri'\is it. The \i.iin!

and then have to use judgim-nt: thatIs A wedding; ring should fit the finer.1: '' 1-I\'t Lillt-d i.>T until tie lj<:t act as it

I I l.f. Mount 4 ounty.of County Hi-rW Commis.nlii at once quick l and reliable. I reI I It It Is too large! it Is a .sign of shallowness :' rtauds IJOW.( you kaow.''-Cliioaw! Tost.Vhnt .
'.f I
: .' ,1..1 Jul> \.11.1"''.'. :D'm'.Jt.rC'l'rtl! :, years ago we had a of purpose; I If too tight It

A. M. IcMILLAN.I hljrhuajiuan in the station house who suggests that the union pinches some- \ is a !'i;:nitnrefWhen

% \ .. ,I. l'u z1 lIlv n.I'omnilikiimnt.U. "r\lTO? o.e.OJlI hud Shot a 111:1 u and robbed him. lIe : how. A perfect fitting; ring is symbolic Constable was requested to put A2'C3oHEiuJAM

was a daiifri-rous vrinin.il and a of a perfect harmonious union. i, bis: signature! ta one of his pictures he

i of .\I'I'IH.HIO- mislity!: jHi'iful ma:!. ami he was Ina answered! "Why, my dear tir. it is

good! |IIO sition to f si down for life or The blond is strained and purified : sism-d all over. Let the prenchir preserve -

I ,rVr I.I ..III.i'lullrli. \\lnrl! unit Ueiwutwl.. for !hN victim was at lie by the kidneys. No hope of health his personality anti his sermon

I flesir. point of cliMtli. Oc' night; lie a-Uc-d while the kidney are wrons! i, also will La "fignfd all ever. A rum-

.,..t.-. .. Li.rIygv4nIhatC.ThLO-: that I U wnt to !lit i-i-ll. I hail) arrested FOLEY'S KIDNEY CI/RE will make her Lt Thackeray's pen aud ink ketches Th superiority cf Saint Louis A. B. C. Bohemian Beer is recognized ;t

..HI i in tU- Hoard County ornof !Llm and had triitl to get a confes-! healthy kidneys and pure blood. were sold not long since in London
K.-: .ml.l'" eouotrlulb*State \' For sale by W. D'Alemberte. I by experts in its absolute: purity, its rich. creaaiy foam its pale.
to don from him. but ail efforts bad and although they lore .
.. tmanplicittlon for n prrmtt my i raoaograai
si. t 'I." .. .. '',.'.. and l_r lu KlMtlon U.I- 1 lit't'n'ain.. lie had taUen a \lolent :| or signature, 110 one disputed their gen- golda color its life and sparkling brilliancy. :
S ..111 ounly .11I1 State; Ib:1t I A Saner Dnohen. Order from
I' so.atI'Us! gUt hI' a-I-il on b, the 'dislike to Wt'. and he had laughed at I I rjiucuess. A true preacher also cannot
.1'1 When tie 1'eggur.s Opera. by Gay, i
tI.d..1 County C"nllnl..I'IR"rl III all my end.-arors. The deduction I / Le hid. .T.crxr.'si.: .,,
II, "I..r ....-..11 nil. .1I1t'1I "III b4' was produced In ITl'S It took the town ,
'II '
made whin I I That which John! bud and with
.01101 Tu..I..Y. 10 AUIlUI. ,\. heard be wished to see i teen ---J \ j
I r. I : sii positively by storm. The king still
.. aI' "III u'eIsi4I.. In the .U..rn""n 01 me was that he had thanked; his mind : his own bands bandied of the word of
,. anaih. ..Kl H""rd b.Truy call.I. clung to Handel} but the nobility with ,
} and Intended life could never be to other -
.. p.,.; ,'III..n "I ucb Kl... tiun District to (confess so I went to the Duchess of Jucensberry : any person ...
.. ".,, d. ..... to l.. '0. I.* obu*' came.lfIV the cellroom and talked with him. among just what it was to him. A preacherwho ,'II.I ;.
I.... lit tbr ....1 nut uiilar 11I..1- them flocked rapturously I to the "New- j himself ,
into his
said he In puts sermon is
sibisiulI. : Captain. a coaJdlng I as -
.. esiuil h...rd. ahy .ucli prrmUi The .
: gate }pa toral. "IVgcars Opera"had Best Cooks
.. .lIe..lIl. '1 in here readily detected in his sermon i ,
i I. cr; "Bl ji, .ird.-r III the Ilo.r'l of County Cuiiimt- a run of iK nights unprecedented else. Even his '
tit down. This secret Is making a. apprehension of : .}
,if Kamh.; i..unty Huri.lnT. in those and result of itsaue.ess f ,
4-t.. i, '. lav 1 of lui>:,,. li.li"'. wreck of me. and 1 want to tell you days, as one truth his way of looking at it, his fashion I I In the Country recognize the

A. M..'.IIIIIIIO.lon..rl Me IM. vciirfc everything.lle : .' Handel became bankrupt. Suddenly -, of delivering it, is ail his own. Let :; -:' Sr -. ., ; superiority ol /
v. .a..1"; fin.ii'B) Ii. II. iii .. 1'U"1. U. C. ** seemed quite penitent. and with. there came an order from the H3 repeat it. His sermon will be "signed
lord chancellor to flop the new piece. 4.
out any hesitation I opened the cell all o\er."Homiletic Review. : LEA&PERRINS'SAUCE
APPLICATION Why is not exactly known unless it
NOTICE OF door anj sat down on the bench beside I'
was because the prime minister considered :
Sell Liquon Wines and him. i! Why \VlRTraK Hejolced. .._,. ': THE ORIGINALWORCESTERSHIRE
For Permit lo himself to IHJ too faithfully .
Mr. Wigwag-Did the new carpet ar .
'Is Mr. going to dieT was his % (plea
( .
Beer. .
I represented therein. however that rh call ? \I _, '
first question. j right .t.s. TIf' (wane or IMITATION
IliatUoo. I O .
b..r..hy KlK'n
-i .. may have been the theater had to be ( 'i4 ..
v i i I.! .. :Mrd "HU the Kimrd. 'The doctor says be cannot IHe.' I :Mrs. Wigwag-Yes; It came Intact. : : ver- P7 .-ute For Game, fteaks, Roasti, Soup*, .
". .. .. i uf .cumbia: ..ounl, In closed whereupon the Duchess of Mr. Wigwag-Hooray! Ulp! HIp I I J : jt : It
for replied. n Jo cry taricty mad dishes,
.i I j"cI.. bi appiuallon a Queenslierry took (Jay's cause audvehemently
.. up
U >ijuurt. .nw> and Ix-rr In "Then the chances for my goIng to 'i That lets! me out! is; ; t -e.I7SGZJ Is must inalunble.. ':

.. i NM. it' of ntd rounty and championed: It. In world II. tf SONS, AGtsiusliisiw Yoiic.W. S
: the chair are better than good1 askedhe. I' Mrs. Wigwag-What the are 1"- :.rt-: : JoiSt DUNCAN'S 4
.. lll ,. acud
i 1..1 \.1. h afplicatliiu Very busy was she in those days.! I
Miiil Kourd of County funiinlim '! you talking about?
","Ir ...'I rt-uular tnrvting. driving; about in her coach asking for Mr. WI \\"ag-WhI. didn't you say it
"I replied that they were. The prisoner
i I II.. holil the Mi'iiliil lUfMlay guinea subscriptions for priutiug copies -
oYlw. In in* came In tacked?Philadelphia Record.
\ w"i. *. |i tel' at eight lapsed" apparently Into deep meditation -
., .tMiildat.. and the null Hoard of the fuibidden play. AnsI so heed-1 I
nun'' i S. GARFIELD & CO.
ucb Klwt : and while the spell was upon I .
-i"> allt uiKin any citim-n of less was Kitty that she carried her If would only on ,
t .,. ,.:i .. Li's thaT a<">ttv I.. do so. to him he paced up and down the cell lul't'.n's eggs grow eggplants
.. .. .. I*. at the -aid Dell list to the drawing room itself :. the luctiNitor would do the .
su. il an> tlif rr
,< ...i UKiinnitt ."..! Ii .arsI. V.by mchin Suddenly he slammed the door of the and had the audacity to ask the king 1 Ifor j l rest-and the old hen would have W. S. GARFIELD President; R. H. TURNER, Treasurer; C. H. TURNER, Secretary.
I... ennit.il to tllll' appil- himself before and I poor 1
cell said
>i>all hot ( placed me
a subsetiptlou.! This was a little to retire from bu neBS -S\QuJ\ Falls
Ice and Cold
V. 'd-r f>f 111" Konnl <.f COIIIUT ('isniS.t. In a rather fearsome voice: too much and her grace was requestedto Argus-Leader. Storage.
nf K.tfmuii.a county t11>rl.l.. 'I've finished one and It I do two I I
.. .r.III. withdraw from the court. Kitty announcing
.ihdnyotJuly.A.I A M. MMll.I. N, can pet: nothing wo,se than the chair.: with characteristic composure -I! BI<00!) 1'OlhON CUUKD: slY B. B. BJoetle Ye will Continua to fell Ice at 25 Cents per tOo Pounds.

I Itlk (l'OUDI I'oiiinii .iourr4.Jiy SayIng which, he leaped at me. leadIng -
bVKTuN.I'.C. ,, .that the command was very agree- I
'as ... a. H out a powerful blow as be did so. ;1 I able to her as she fad never gone \ Sent Free to Siifferern. OFFICE AND WORKS COlt HAYNE AND WRIGHT STREETS.

i Lwas.ot course up and ready tor :: there for her but I Deep-seated obstinate cases the
... own diversion to I TELEPHONE
NOTICE CF APPLICATION him and bad a billy In my band. He I I bestow civility upon the king and j{ 'kind that have resisted doctors! hot :

had nothing but his big fists feet and Words. springs and patent medicine treat- -
Wines and lucen.-Good 1
ferrVrrmtto Sell Liquor, teeth any of which he was ready and 1 ment, quickly yield to K. 11. B. (HoI TIME TABLE.

Beer. anxious to use, but be was twice a I tanic Blood Balm), thoroughly test-
li,? 1\0tt..I. bvtrtiV Inn that HettrI Storyofa Mate.To ed for 30 B. B. B. has cured
'- i I".' ail. n.' duI.sIsvr* ol .r.lIIblil cnunty In the LwldidIL Ifhebadgottbebestot be bound hand and foot for I such indications mucous patches

v.... ..f Honda lu. application for second. 1 would have years by the chains of disease is the I in the mouthsore throat, eruptions, !1 IN EFFECT JANUARY Iff, 1WO. j jo.st.
.. me just! a
a fssIfiiiiI tu worst form of slavery. Oeorge D. 1 eating sores! bone pains, itching
..,4 txr lit tlvctlon l".UI..I No. It ticvn poundud to' death; there is no skin swollen
fnaidfounly and mat; that uoh apttuawilllxtactMliin Williams, of Manchester, Mich. glandsstiil joints, copper I
doubt of that I rapped him on the I colored chancres ulcera- No. *. No. I. Xo. S.4.15pm .
'. ty (hi. said Board tells spots, ,
; how such a slave was made J
12:4 noon I 11:aip m Leave. ... Pen acola ......Arrive I 5:110 a inl5
>f lousily I.inIui..luncrsi. at Ibrir neil rrgial head time and time again with my 'free. He says : "My wife has beenso Lion on the body, and in hundred* :!: p m 12Fls night Arrh.'nmlll"I1.... Arrive %:t:'. p IU i.sSaml.V
I heist
lll the0s
uitd Uiri.t&Ud.hiCh ItiMdity In A UIlUol.* A. U.on IMII. atulito'clok billy felt his blood flying aver me helpless for five years that she (lof cases where the hair and eyebrows 4.1.'pm I :).(i5a 11Arrl ... ?.Mobilf ....ArriveArrive "'. noon I liA' night
.. .
.. have fallen out and the whole b:.ft1 p ni 7:4.' a III ...N IIrk-anM..Arrh' 7: >5 a m 7:45 p m
: in the .f i cm-Kin | aid day. heard him snarl and also felt the Imprint t could not turn over in bed alone. .
I 11:11111 ... ArriveArrive ilau
iimi in m ArrllonIIlOm..r: a III vats m
aitd. lb. ...01 lt..ard brrrhy call upon. any of Us powerful fists. It took me After using two bottles of Electric I| skin was a mast of boils, pimples 1111I Sol p I i 7:::11 p m .... Na-h ille..... Arrive 2:21: a in tJis iaiuVl''pm p

uirn nl urb lirtioii l'lalrl1 bo lilayip..rpIodsa.i.tosihsia Bitters she is and ulcers this wonderful specific i L':5: noon I ?:Wa m A I nIt II. Ix>ul .ills .....Arrive I, -;.:05 a III
euuus. If any thereI. live minutes to lay him out. and I wonderfully improvedand .
4lti 7:it"! a mArt. 5 CIncInnatI I.ea\e 6.4.ripin | II :'"' UI
pm' p
.. has the whole _
ular of raid ] completely changed
oltboBiJ ni rv< incrtni{ must that I five busier able to do her own work. This
r tmrd .. by .url> prruill ball not bt urnnl- say never spent for female diseases body into a clean, perfect condition,
minutes In life. he's in supreme remedy BETWEEN PENSACOLA AND JACKSONVILLENo.
j".iis.' applicant. my Oh. jrison I free from and skin smooth
i > oiiifi ullhn Hoard of County ('''11I11I1.- quickly cures nervousness, sleeplessness eruptions
,.ro..1 l .ramuia ....unl)". Morkla. now. He's doing 20 years."I melancholy, headache, backache with the glow of perfect health. B,
Ibi' itii dayof Julr A. Ii. i.is. remember another little experience U. B. is the only known perfect cuie ; !I. :;o :1. No. :!. No. 2!.
M 'MlLi.AN. dizzy spells. : ? p..n "C'IIIIt.. ... ii :5(5' :
A. M. < inttniehtl.5s: :I'S ui p ni 1\IlIp m
> >.. >. II) tl.II.HI'KW.II.l'. I was sitting in my private office one to weak, sickly, run down people. test B. B. B. and know for themselves 4:113 a III \1:%:; n in ,," '"k Springs .... II:'(I p m 2:4U p mli.57
1 that it cures a trial bottle *> it in iiii: a ni .. I 1111'I..Y t\:.'>:1 p ni p m
afternoon when a well built. stylishly Every: bottle guaranteed. Only : .
7i;"i a III II :1; a ui MniiNiiua 1I0! p in I?:flfi noon'
NOTICE OF APPLICATION lad: joun:: man entered, bowed pleasantly oO cent Sold byV.. A. D'Alein-, will be sent free of charge : 5:15: a III 12iinDxin! Ui\er: Junction ",::4J p 01 III'U a mPABST

of herte, Druggist.: :i For sale by druggists at $1 per .... ........ 1 .1.1 p in .lallnhna .. :.4.1 pill ... .................
and down the the
for Permit lo Sell Liquors Wines 3nd sat on edge I large bottle, or 6 large bottles (full ..... 7::/i u ni ."ck-"u' iCe: \I:'.U 1111I .. .......... .
of.i. --- ---------------
.1 Beer. -- -- I treatment) |;5. To prove our --- fl.

i II !In-r-iiy Ktivii ihitt I Iliflfl- '1 never was down in this part of faith in 1 K. B. B. we will send a i,

i I..- :mi nli-d wilh the Itiutnl>I the city before' he said. 'and. being Trial Bottle Free and prepaid to -i-I I
.. .
lIt Kwniiibm ORIGINAL
rs THE
n q i tti t'ounty rKnlu
,' ol t 5..,..1..1"I. atplic..lioii for HI here. I thought: I'd stop in and vIsit Thos. Pebley sullereis so they may test the remedy -

.1 I i iu"," v> I..... .ud bi-nn with JOIL'"That's at our expense. \ddress BLOOD
-i .tI .Vi. ..r..1 .f i.l. ailpllftl.oil Will I... il.'!...I rIlL'! I rejoined.! 'I'm al- : BALM CO Atlanta: (la.OttlCK .

-> .1 K....r.l ul oiiniy I'ouutyr wajs gl.id: to receive callers.: ATTORNEY-AT-LA --- - k1 Bunl B un .
> at ibfir lint rKUlnr IIIIHIii ,
"I looked closely at the man. I NOTICI.TiuA'ricy ..
st !... bfldou tin* ''nj Tui. Ut -AND- ; BOTTLE BEER
. .' \ I'.. I*". .i 'iiibl o'rli il. inS couldn't plate him at alL It seemed I'JfI'\JII"Xl

; "i. ,< nil of*tul upon"ant"" (aad'ltla..n..1 the --u 11..1I .-" that I had seen: him some pliK-e: too. REAL ESTATE AGENT. oh COVHIKOLI CrR txr\; : OF rue: I\ S. A. riIEDIAX! .

.: > I a 1111 madmire toflo '''.to He was: alxJut GO i) years old, v aa: stal- '
.-. i .ny ttirrl.....i the -.111 r".1I.1" K<-nt', Store I nd .Ml! Other Accounts I 01- \VA-lll.M.TON. LI. C. July! !II'. I I'HHI I'ii.i riH..r. -
.. '.1"I Itnard st hv such | TIIIUI wart and lad an attractive face that heeled and Kt'mitttlllll' \\ Hl.iK\s: : : by >.itixfartnry rvnlcnce! pro- It ,
... When Desired. ,1'nl.llo tb! un.iMr-iL'iin!, it li.ii liven niiuln
." .10.11..111. M'pll.'Ul.t. l ore slight traces of dis. II '1tlon. - -- ..
I i :ir K a.d: of i ..mtv i omniii. 101l11111'IIIhut| 'Tbe F.-I Nntioi.nl K.tuk <>' .
i 'oniliiA County. rlorwinila "T.es pardon my friend: said I. 'hoiC'p 1.lI1ldirlt I.ot for nle nn>l ( ottn<;is 1'1'11"01." in 10-city IVniHi-olH./ In tbf At. KMsH llt '
and Kuiinesis House1or Kent.ffloney .
) ul Jul\! : .\.1'. !1'111. but I really can't just place you. I county of E'C'nl'IIoIlKlld s.tnt'if Horlil.i. l
)1. h'\lIJ.uS. hnsconiphril wan i nil I Li,' provisions nf tb"Act >> HEALTHFULAND .
know we've but where'"No. High Grade Liquors.
.i'k (1"iinlT' S Conniii'Moin'r'.. met. to Loan cn Improved Real o'l'ourhs I. i > mkl> Vn'iuiinl Hiint
i.. lIt n.H.liI IiTO'\'.. we haven't met before. IIt''r inK ."H-iiliiius! to'i lid tbfir csIsssrssi. t
fiist-nc" niiilijro.l:Io'r |miH. > : ,
ijpioruJuly S'I Irotfc Private Stuck IJciiJhtrdin
Estate \'r ,
before today in life. Security.
\ saw you my l.'tb l I";
OIIC[ APPLICATIOP, I'm from lUltiaiore. I'\e heard of iou NOWIIIKKI:r:< |:.. I.lIirtrIs'-> U. I 110...*. Knur Ma-ti Very Fine ; "' ?
t'p-Slairs. Over Cahn's Grocery' Sore, I's 511011 ml let oi I UK. i'urn-MO} do li<>nlivcirtify REFRESHING Fiitdi.Kiu's Celebrates! OKI) 1'n- .
r. a lot cf times. II.in in., "I.i ir-i :.Nutioiinl Bank of '
Pirmi' to Sl!! Liquors Wines and vaiiStuck.: : 12 YfarsOl.! ; Old
The dialogue I lagged for a few moments IVMiucolM. in Ih.) ell\.t 1'.nsJt'oln.llllh.
Kttr. ,',Hlnl\1I1 KscuiuhHi untl State of FI"n.ja. Hilk V.I\pt. )(f'lItUl'kI'f'rft'( "!
,. li-r.-lnr Kitfii ihnt A.. and in that time: I scrutinized niitlinriifd I.. lutturie'ioa for t::... IIMnoil .iiui! ot I'lIIlty. il lid LuN of Other
>. .'lIIoI.lb..II..I.OI..I. ) the MraiiRiT.; Ho rnystifled mo In a Sam'l Charles.BOOT ( siKOiiiHa in iiMiftided tirticir" of iuiiiri'oratKii. t 111 tntlwnidi -IMCB will i.otn-r-

t. .1. .canii.M < Olili I) I In li! ,. nIII\: until do01 boon _son
1 1 I, aopln'iinon I for a |..-r- small degree; and I:1'> interested in .1 uJ) in. !I"'.". uiit to lilt ittiuhi, .
'I'. I iii' and t .i-r in 1.1st. him. He broke the silence: I IS TKsriMlVHhCK. : : : : .' Ttit Larce anal li--t :Selctpi| Stock
>I u I. i.l >"td i t'Uni.v unil .. and itnti niv b"n1 off
i ii application Mill IH- .1'1..1 'Sa ', captain. I've got somethingvery stis'stb' 'lth iaof Jul>'. s.i liott'c\ Whisky :and Wines

1 ai.1 ..I Cuuiiir 1'1'11I11I1-. Important to See you about I'll 1101" for l-'ainily Use.Tic .
r ..*,t ratlin" tIis-rliii.:. SHOE 'i No. l.s.: CIIAUMN: (T.Comptrolirref HAWl': ..
st .. just close this duor anllirs just as well t;
: $4uii tie P.eCulidlUs.dayIi I tbeCorr"niI .
Trade is Our Main !
Jm .
l L. hati.at rIght o'clock in the that no one knows wl.at we do or say. I:ll.Ovl.i.: TRY
) -tidday. and tIlts smut Hour.I '
t t' IMIII any iMUM of CUrb t'.lvrw'io Sow wish first to Impress you with A' ]} AKER'nPllfliril1 \ ", k t '. hrthi' t'nrnnuI'shll MllI -

.: may di',T* to do MI, to the impoitance of this meeting. It Is ; A.CASE nuker"> B' ''. I-'. !' !). l&\. ry to I.uryJ'arl .
lily tlfiwlM, at the aul neil OttlieCityf .', -
i of ..Ul Micht the most momentous occasion of my .
< why ,
o. I1..I: II' f- !I. ; 17V. .
< t... eraittiHl to the ittV1:- !life and on Its success or failure tIp"lIIls >-

(lltllrl'. the stranger I 'KX4ILV, jo'L.\ .1: t
I'-oartloI ('Olltl') "mllll" my Captain ( -

s'I.1t{ a i .in.IT. H..rhin leaned over and whispered in my Irt .. .. --
i,,) i.1.Ju"\ l. iuV ".
MCMILLAN.: ('arl. I'm ;going to cut your throat: tear It.

". i los Si I,. >"(.mnilM"ii>' -. "I was sitting with my profile to' the n.
.. !!! d"III' whil \ ,'u wait. 'IopmluiI ;:; a very: nice 1 thIng!
b* B H. HI IlTnS.IL.
s-tianger. and he was leaning! towardme. Rubber tf'f'h put on f.\r. .1". : heel In rl'HI\"in; It .lJhl'Iol''S. ta1Iar.i.!': ':

OilCt( : OF A'PLICAMON Casting my eyes sidewise 1 saw plates Work ruMed! f..r and delivered. Mrs.. No-Riicli Oi! are tl.usirevolv- i ii

for that he held an opened razor in his HI1')1; : ,f\: .1I..e log;; liooLn I fioiuM! they called! BATHHOUSEI
P ri.i to Suit! Liquors Wines and
llzht: hand. I lid not movo immedi them circulatIng libraries.--..-
.' I.- ""','11 t'itt, lianrrllnl ately. (atSU ': Cl tOS ;
I' Hub tor Imlll..1 '::\0 you're going: : to cut niy throat?' U UTHE
''.1st..i.uersi: .I l-lkllll:
"I 1 ', ul rmrulrt. Ul. uppUrn-( I said: quietly tuiuing: part way KTVLF) BR R 1&

""I" >'i| 1U"'". .. lm- unit around. ,

".1 li.'iricl '.o : i. ..1 nnl ics, captain. I have been coni- BEST OF ACCOMMODATIONS! : ::1
'I I" : lli.n _Ui ii ii"' .II'slInli!
.u lit I li.. .i>!5.1 Bmtnlnf ountyal cr.fliuk-d by Ood to do so. I'm sorry ,..

lUnr mut rt'\.ar mwilirld but It must IK done. let ready.: Bath 5 cents f
; ;
.. .
> ( on tlir it ...sissl 'rni'.- GENERAL IXSURANCE Acme Beer. .
.. ''Iltat' all friend. I'm ;!
.\ It |vt. m rmbt clock in s right, my
'.I rm4 il.111) ail'l Ui.. kaiil perfectly willing shall carry out To ireenvillp, Montgomery and Towels 5 cents extra.
'. .. ..,,1 i:. up .fl nuy cltitrii 01 uch you Birmingham, :Saturday nhht.U !. :I ,
.' ft a li Union
leaving :
at lu ;0iii
depot ;
: .
THE BEST BEER SOLD IX Corner Florida JSlanca
'I icy thi-rc( It &! invent and Zarragosi. s
ii,,'i-'liii of mul lionrd. .. hv regular pa-"pnjrer train. Fare for I
.h.n iiiu I... urnu It'll to Ilis. upI PEXSACOLA. :.round trip : l'enacola tll Grt:+hiviile. I one block from Electric Car
In Kecatubia: 'nunty Circuit Court State ,
.r ,. of Honda-In Chancery. Heal Estate Agents :2.tJO; to ;\Iont omery. |2.fW: to fir
1.1..1 Count vComnu ,
i"n' 1 1 ounty, rloridntat Mary .:. Haars and Henry Kaars, her I, Dannheisser Bros. 'minghim.fj.00: : from Cantonmenr.same I
of J lolly. ,. l>. !'..). husband a* rVn"ac"Ii ; from ;Milton, Mi Line.HOPLEE
I I8. PENSACOIoA. Jo'L.I -\.
A. it MfMll.l.N. \ i
i cent; extra. Parties deirin sleeper
f i ountt < "1II1I1I..I'.n.*. The unknown owner of an undivided I _ AGENTS. : will ,
apply to "nt in time.
liy'U. 11. hIt-KTO.S. 1>. t "n" tblrtv-MTOnil (11-rI) part of the I I I air /
----- \" s. flntado grant in section i>e.nll'pn \- 1 1 Purciia! tickeN at olit-e Tickets :
.- (17). township one (1) soub.ranie REPRESENT TWENTY-TWO OF THE Also Sold by M. Perry and! Win Tales !, gooJ for 3 days to return on any rg-

Just Think of It lion tbirty-tbree twentr-uine ctH.: (t\l townohlp, went : tec- ;. LEADING FIRE LIFE, MARINE, i I - --- ular pa#
S 1)) outb. range thirty (C3.11) 00"1' ACCIDENT, FIDELITY, PLATE information apply to I -
(f'1'1I,1U'11 pineapples, ) ht-ction one (II tnwnxblp two Jlj I GLASS AND STEAM BOILER INSURANCE The Jug TradeIs ROUT. KINO or P. THOMAS.Pens1 .

south range thirty (:till west, and COMPANIES .. *cola. SPECIALTIES! : SMrlS Mm ill :
bwctioa three (:II. township two (i)I80ulb. ,
i-u <(<1'11-.11\11 clicrrifs, range twentr-iilne ( tl "'PIt.In I I Ii Our Specia1ty. ;MARTIN PATTERPON. :Milton.'lllLA .

Kscambia county. State of Flor i Cuffs
( 1'11'111111( strawberries at ida. I I Prompt Delivery and Satisfaction R'S NOLISN

IV. It ii ordered tbat tbe ald defendants appear ; General Aleuts of the Epitailei I I PILLS ALL \%'OliKVASHED BY HAND
T (:Irern & Co/s for 5 on the 3rd day. being the rule day. of i Guaranteed. fENCitV UI.I.y.
i ... .. ... .
p'rnibfr. A. D.. lIst' to tbe bill of complaint .1, fO. '
,........ ... ._..... 1..1 AND FINISHED BY MODERN '
"' .011. > -
tied. herein for the of the .
l't'lIt partition i cf
b.. Th finest flavorsfruit .. life Assurance Socisti tie Dannheisser Bros. ',f< '- it. .tfll'lU"TU Y. <<.L1..11
Ib.tI..crlb"d r..nl"lit'll. ; and that this I II I .'%t I. liii. ..4 lo.ld ......... b..... ......Is
hi order be published once a vrrk. for eight 4 .ttjt..r's.... l..a..iIr... Hi-f... MACHINERY.
IIIUt' juiees. Ice >cutlv ,......lts In the PE: (HI cons Unitel Stales j 401 South St. qg. -
SEWS. i I 17r ti.... ..!.1 ,..,.......... ...... ii-. ...
\ ..... ... .. 17 West Government
..4' p.rtl..I. T Street,
rivani soda( and ice cream A. M. :\ll" IILLAI'. I Phone No. 116. P. O. Box 281. lL J.04 -11..11.''_ 1..1.-... ...h..I.I."....J ...
(3EAL.) Clerk Circuit Court. i I I. te.. 'It.J\ .11 ..... ,_,,_,... ....... ., Opposite E;(pre 1 OSce. I'E.IJ4IOL4.I'L4 Y4JI
at I lo I'.y 11. H. Kl'KTOS. Phone ., I.t.t .1......,...4 10..1 S.
cents. : Railroad: Exchange, :26S. I ". .... .. ....
jlJcaw! l.J put) Cler I OOJ'.r.E>PONDE.NCE SOLICITED. :101I11I..1"' 11.41. P- fZ Office: 31 South FaUfn St.THE'DAILY .!




_. 1 -" -.Mw't-- .. .':l'lJIIWd' 1.c- ..:....l.of.: .s._.-.. ",.- '--. -- V-- "-

._..;...:_,-""?...-- ,.:::T,'>."-is';::'-.<'"'.. ,:]if-,"' I,.;:' "tf'>)isf' ;! ."- "_ :;"-" ".;.('T><:* ". '" .t "0.--:' ..=."--"':__,_, ._.-.:- ...."':--0__ .w. ;S: ._ "- :" :# '';'J<"" "'. ...-..trere ,.. "':.q........' .-."'"""",, ". I =.-' ,,,;, -Ii! -,...- .. '""- '




I rJ I THE I W[ I uu* CIGLRS l ij HiNE 1 I hlsAiEi-ANNIE( i I[ HELD COLUMBIA AND .RO1AI..Agents.i l EMBEM'. y

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t1Lrt/stltalatJt.: ttoujb no detail IP 1'0'A.SI TO IXVEST ; tttl:73 to!s? 6n East Hill, wai I 13Ixxa iMt'Fiaey. :-Ii Fn :..ti 3+f D'zh' Jf..a"4 Finerr c... rdiia a:. .

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r..tdY.11 D''re. iroNEY Yrba-; K'ic !r'oa. charzrfFirh all ,!Z2j :?. sash : Drawer :o nicn. cd. !!:Is.dot by Los-.- i

)(t. Tats war ,!',):Ic.r.:11 : tieing d rank ,and orlri7 aril in Rile:1 Fancy ali W! ::e 51 llk V: Dozen Men's French Neck Bal while I: w:!. fe *

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yt/Jitat. tar1Lx.eeu *1 a yscans BIG IXTEREiT. j torts sad enrd aid alad: ner. all *L es. qailuy, at t-5 hen:'* east: Drawers to 1-.1-0 P3biba; (,.:: ,

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Yen UiU ie7.razs '14:':(') an w.ytus CALL f/X Jio P.:1i-J. cosrjc.:: : dl sf. W1Jzoj aad Boy Colored ""iiru ic tee Cityat ', 1* Dvzn :Men"* H*,vy WeizhtBilbrlzzaa '
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witb its cou trey "Hr ,tLCe and D. HALE WILSON Sfx. and Snirt Waists: ::..lrr- :
i COOfTH cn3rred wi:!:. Hinz obctmbarzel Winch: apncz Perca?. osrprice to r:
tad tilts prtuxite-d th.:/.: p..".t. .;:; .' 4CttP1aL7aart, 734- \ 02iosr. ... . .. .... .. .... .. Sc5Viach 1')) Dozen; Lidie- 51evel e Ve..t: /)we-:.
with tb..cn. a J PA LA FOX TEfT. ae : .: >; lack tf feriiij: *. Very -heer' %V!:je Law:. 3: old price. 6 for 2ACen.Ur t tdoreL Par.: *-oie :and laibre..i-: -.

He ye, af'l{ eats ltttJ witt -. oar pne: .. .. ..... .... .... .. ;:iC : ; t'mroi.jH rtek:. fl.I.) uj U r5.Liae4 .

Sew York City street ei..arur.? do- T".::;:, :. i:=:: : 3L tram ;-ieb: Ct.ti; S li'i.-k. GC: tai D:1'n Laiie*' 1.iH'uj hrhi ..&c: ?s:, "

p ltrr."l'it ar.1 tad a tar'-yar extract SfEDiOTICES, 1i.e; 5.;"-.r. a* nLexfetedl7: jl:1: i .. .. .... .. ... .. .. .. .... 5c Ctldrn.tnl with ;t... tcrtt: tie.i&. tf- 3rrrneh i5c Ke dozn. All tbe la ** La .
*r.'olJ: !: be prepared f/J:an ew:: l-'ney Wniti aril Colored Tate Neck. 3 for or :" : sty: in -

a"D'I''r.t: of Fiean. ofr.l+ ki&d.: Ith"'rTI4'' 1'UHI Pique oar: price.. .. .. ... .. Ivc .j D.>re: Ia.iw': Seevele: -. Ve-t Cti13r: *n'-r4w Hi:.* 4..-1ilio .

}fr. Taaadat4 eM4iUz ;..* sc::*rac.iy for hoar Kep a. oat 31i-acct Wtr.! CcriedPjqce.osr: : 7ibilk Tape Neck.: 2 fir sic crlaw ; 5> r.H New ajr.i/: Y x3

travh.zat'.tdeii. r." JK.LT.*: tirr.e Off CENT I WOfD.Nf7. tie of K&I5-KIU.EB haoly: and ?o ;price .. . . . .. .. .. .. .. 13c dozen. a: 12 ; I'j aiii-c. ; *r-u..
't arnl.re9 ao tlez+LLnSrrn Kat 1 fcU
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JjJj, whtreMrs. 7a> now nud,. _.
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i Mr,. Tats Rat f'rmJr17 lei? Lrl =' /'J'ICJ;. *iiicome.3rprieyoa Avoid feowoiickly nb-ise relief
1.11, aitr! of \1,'. I.. Yss il: ; tiara I
i Ancl" Yelt ar.1 MJ- .- *-r*' < '*_: ".'" :-.-..-i -it\'ir4- : M bet oie pin-}ailt:. Perry i i.etx. Dui,'. Remember the Place ; E105 S. Palafox Street,

I ;:" r4.D"II. *.re a'I' :. :.&* Pric. and il1C:. .
ittteLarsenmpioaitpdttplyryLv' 1!"'.&.: wLaar "'. "'> W.ta: .. a"co1 -----
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dtvnt'dfatt.r, t..r.et.ln fsL.j ,It"rIt ...."add, ,a:say:. ....m'"ln"W1'.."1'.31. ,tat a.e.met.f.:a I'-.1, :.c.r... Cra h -anis 'U.n.-a-: =-:rate's. YDURS FDR BARGAINS FROM NOW ON
t tie Cecsal'd. Th<* of t!. ,
nuts *
r/.wR'"it of'B"IIH'.TJIJC .::...' tfnet .-
nnaa11" t :05
traj(1:17 earns a* a want .f./ck; tothfn j..u A. Wa:i,:. pr..... ...!..1' ; U ivotty: by makiz: your ice
for 'creara at hon;'!. Th* beer, qUId::
tiny blieTi HAt Mr. Tat
was rapidly''cli' rlr.r: f.U bealtn.It "!, iv :I o J K.N frezr a: rte Willis HardwareCo ,
1 __ : : !. F. E. ERA\i\iNER'S
it prohibit" that tr.: rAy wilt bbrmlzh e ( rHF.tYY.r. ,:: :V'TfvM: : ru: ari -- --- --- .
: hers for haria1.t'olcatiit tat, ct f.r u.a 'S7 tmptt t -- -'- - --- --
from Wra. >II;:*'. J4_fM'
.----- ,, I1HITIMg
Erdptton* I ':' Tu I>..\" i,Ssf YP.P.r J"iA.L ,;! !
Afrar..j.: bat :akin flraptlor. rob <,(*,t7I ptriy o A.A.Ytset.F'la>r ONE-PRICE CASH HOTJSB.
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Corn*. \Vart. Con, hroi***. Jtarc*. ', rana4ttvttnTttl.la'!. cent proN.rt1 .and hay O:-rat+tr1aM.asrtGa.nil.etM t..! teat 'Mof 4- '.' iamallk' Iron Nrve A Ma.icale. The fivorit W-.ixy: 't f,.

rtcald') Chad Hand. Chtlbliir.: c.r 1r'..t tat'"' .rttaL..'S tot PAlLLJ 'j i Was the result of hh sI ndidI A musicale will be given; by the men H HARPER B" aseiinooth. ,,'I
"i na or .'.1 .. .... ,. It >,i Isz:*, Mint. Bata.oa !! flavor be1, ij
lt*,t Fits curs on arth.! Drit** oat r < I3 < ara Co i j I Ladies of the c'vareh of exqui-ite : r
I : -t.IThcrday .
health. will
Indomitable and
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I' CDa" IIVJI1"r,: T. a.r101l..1 mecdoos lenerzy are no: flat evecinz July at -
tr x. Core ifoaraiitted. !oidb7V'. ; .b" r.JY' a sat 11A II'It sa ...tL"r."Y'1' CLG LD.A'nisTor ;t I where stomach, Liver.: Kidneys and i horne of Mr. and afar Reazr.316 rcellow aze. No wr.LJr h r. .
r1. LJ'AI.r.Jb..rtl w.tb.nit4 W r..J II bo4i >. vonte. Evervdrop-terliL.. 1, '.
I r rfor' ._ !' .:,. Yo omn;I. by I'ardt \ jBoweh; are out (.f order. It yoz North Barcelona street. P.'!freihrsent -
Co foPClrlinal.th' ., PER WHI- KEY
t w t ; lamttt.ral.erl served. /
.' want the qoalitieand the sacce;a "jayG11Ilue
i IJIi roil .
WI will l iti::>'r. a' i "
or,1.r post i> r.tch --- ----- SOLD BY
they bnnz. use Dr. Kln New Life
1 tart aeb and make UW JI'Jk [7',P.F.iYT-7rrmteTttU trn; ;t'.1; 1 I AT t' AkA5T.iK.I :. Pill They develop every power of .-lerzeait* i"j>:- at stone":. *. n.\S\ H"I""EIt: nr.f>.

like MW. ritar! Lantdr7.Y.O1fD i'pi! I rbup. Apply 'oraoat : iTkw.ai Ttm-i I "n a Loror 1*.... fcc.:.:u&. Celu- I brain and body. Only tic at W. A. Pen3C0aFia.Stylish : .
1 iI -- njj: J JI i I'A VI A L "UK. 6 CoI D'AeC'lb"reft drat store. _- -

OJ' "'(;HLJC .U'..T\'. I L'CJ'- Rr.VT-Vf C'tta{; : :;7pu() WOULD YOU bed room and : a-
j r W K O-.rr ::Jy I t TIlE t:

>..rIearhp ,:"", :th aalkry.4t'; fair.rrtt.
Protaaton.IfI, ': I'eporml On. !; I cash insialment '. '
1 j 2I'1j-U : vEtltigLB IX POST or plan. :
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you anythiaz in way
f At the re/alar meeting! ,f the PVjJt RK.VT .Yr',ns ".m. :j:.b'. fo r UZAIfUU,. .!''of kitchn fcrnisbinz zooi*, zo :a Inferior TEA. when Marsion # Finch' :

i! fx,-ird r>f public safety this rnornls .1 j{ : e", K( j ,<._J"''.''f'/i i-' t __3>:r_ I tines/iaditiMl.ii'.69n+t9tSrta Ine/i the Willi Hard'll'fCQ'*. you can buy our Choice PAINTING AM KF.IMIIUNo i
u]owoota'o Blend Teas
tit tint rJ'lttlr to .,;. j at that price
come n? was tG!: 1-01\ \ J. I[ +:pn Mkrta aril. Ar 9f. to Your, hunI -
trial of Officer U'm. JMw on ctarxesr i -.;{t:v.-, 'r'.,4' ;.; t.--I:; ;; I Wtxlj A l'nH' I HOKjKMIOKINGIJy SOL CAHN & CO. J. M. H-'welid.-ailkr :- -
}lKY. I M rS M. r.::;. JIe l>-.: ",toF' OHowKr r/airia,'. pjiutisc aud trims: .
; prtftrr by Chief Wilds of conductub ; u':i on ".'.mf'it .f -: r<",..r.II' I' .Co an '-'xrrt eh' -r. Any faulty ? it
'''11fI.a e'.IA;. ACCre,+ Xeir" "UAStr Pai*lro, LYy. W L ..... M. B. Smith. Rat
tlet&mit officer CtsL A'aitr'.to .11I I travelis nor-"* shod at my -r.o05 :"rn't. Mic.i.jy ; .. i --- $
;{ an tl.e QU of :::lylwT1I4ALE
I I tlchatn I i will go all rizht. J. M. Ho*ell. : "DeWitt's Little Early P.ier -. ,,.
violent tad lmprop-r! Far, to I Hr Yr +eSeid.I'is.cFr*. t. W a: Ky *f4 1
ORfroit Y.ENT-nweian
f ; al.D'f (;{, are tie v-ry be-t pill I ever -
JtiU "up"rior. Altar ,..sarln:{ the *:rl- ( ..fl W.....t.. "nt'tnn.. nnrtw.t.! : e'I"II.r I I <,p":1 .M f ''turnl3'. !TX*, M+rtlkaj. to f,oJ Louis Ackerman Go-hen. Ini.. ard for cnetiveae..liver and<>weltroubles. $'
1'.0. 'I' fw.s s' ttb.> 4 r rent sad rntr'r.mclo..r. :1. '
'Tnn> < "
dance the at.cu'l WII_ dIUlil4frJ 1 ', gs. ::HOI.i1.. sad Ivp it 0 | says: De Witt's Little Early RITS ," HarzH Pharciacy. Joan:& eT :Ii!
; I, Br 1'nror: .yvf. !Ian" to W. Keyt 'r |
t from th* 1'.rci. 1 b.lI. tp+. Inn4 hell-rill. oct b'"JI.. : !,.Io. j& Co \'j always bring certain relief cure my Sheppard: S. Kahn.Rader ut I IrJ
eau 't Il"
a tr.I.nIh'XA rm .tr-t headache and
J tmir* never :{npe. They .
CtI:1 F.ak'r!, char .. I IAiilillt un. Alt1t' ii 'l. !SIIIII: I.Jly.tr I "
f'f..t..d ; .. gently cleanse an1 iavi/orate
I Ral l..r.. UAJtot! J.:'. i".am.: .=-, Wraj : the has just bi
t' "ab.tltut" fo'lrlrn"ll John ; '1'*<,1S HA LK ..( ''Ii i.N'.rra: tt.*itr-..t.a' ity.r Co s I bower and liver. Harci iPharmacy.. ,
Var"Ir hting a+ ':epon hi* w-,tch.i' a"cond band iJ'Jlll lurnh.. Jilt I'P j &A&I:. '' Jno. rjbeppard.rj, Kahn.i :: received another consignfxnent r

l ari'l be. waidlimliiej irorn the forte.I IThe I Nor Am'rtia 7*. )h'I 1< to "J, {i I I
: c* i. n r
: AIK tUrloz
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: "* -3 "at"r of those
city Patent ft
i appllcatl! of Thorn* A. J..il ill sell ray rypr-*. ..&t..r t.clc, of ISM It ColynibU.;;. ,'Halla. to 1'<_.e1l Rria.I j .NOTICE.

J ,bir.-n for employment on the .11011. eapaeity :.r eat Col..r.. Tbw. ", .,...0..It'!. ; YOU are cordially invited to *end Lawn: Swings They can

police force was reared to the tnarthai. : V.c!>llliIlO.{ JyltttI Ir B"Jlb.ra.l K.IIr. Imainor* to mu;[ your old cloth? to as. We have the be nsed for a swing a chairor <

I L'fH rALK-lh Ii...r r..tTries t i,, ter mostmodern and np-to-ddteproce-*. a hammock.
L The petition of A. 11. /' /... tr+.-t. Appiy! to K. t Am P.lr>neh. :' f..lln..y.e.! or:..rAm
f'AlfHn-1 Ji'''.1'11.i Aifnl. .*'f ...." A eatl.*i. ftz. Hvovxi. toma,r.rAm We will repair and return them t.> :; -
i'' berte, " pr a*
-1 l I L.I itarryIrrelt,1'it. 1mYte. el-1 tot you by our special delivery.: :
; ; .rc14tl..n, that police powers be conferred riAl.i;'-Tb. Ui<>.( e-,trabl* I If. I'bllatl-Ipb, :.. Pant sponged and .
en L. J. Haaif wa granted. I J.-UP., ely on ...y t..rm1. br fb" Kl.h I Br J eIta t:1I,a.O.:1t. "'. Mwwtia?. eW lori Vests .. .. pre-ed-.2-.. CASTOR IA I
itl Y etate AI"D ', :r/ inth rot; U'.UI .3.JC. v
i I
The committee to Investigate the .tr"*t. halmWAMTFt I Am IvDaCK.11I.,..:,:'. m, lUy, to rare Coat" '. .. .. fJJC. Par: Infants ud CMldrta.Yd "
condition certain fire plugs made I rltl Morroo BulM cleaned and pressed by i i
u sitting that the the ,. I I Am LIIZIO B Wnley, lia. Bltentotlar- ,
report one on :
the latent iha Klnd l Haw
,, ., I retl Moreno prose'.lr) ) Always Bought : ROW IS THE
corner /arragoiisa and Jeffernonilreeti -- -- I I Br Utt>?Lawn ItLRobrtl.tn! matter All other work reasonably cheap TIME= > R..Ii.I. i it
\\'ASTKI I> nyto Ct " should bll renewed and that I I I Am Ht.ll". $l, O'l-ot>or tfJ nrarrAmTortugn1,73
> dngoatober. : suits to i
App 1a Yak order from llu 5onp.! Bears tae9igaaturs /TK f
i the water company had premised tot rat. Inal.b.. I1JI"WIII1"'j I I I 5 j.akaj, cad for Ur.I Men's to order "ftts t t I When the thermorr."t'
from :
dlln., pants $U,) up.
4 no, wa referred to the andaction. of < # I* obtreperou, to fi
mayor \\'A. TJ.i,. AQKUit I. ii-room !saute, !I I MADKL T LOBI.N(; Co., e I t I front
t city attorney for further I I I V on*'tory pr.rr'ld. writ 1.1 T"trsgoaa II I UP.CLEARED AND IUILElJ Jolt PC! Ill !South Palafox street. its power witb h
That partof the report relating! and north <<( Cbe.e A11ri... wulj atria 1 8ALOLA.
: 'Drop u? a card andwe will
I other The plug committee wan received rnvHunof and rule filed. I :4Kwa number. sad price, iM.tler, car*I1Jj.I 4ii.rStrt'ATlOX I I .TaA.11. send for your clothed, I er Buy your ice ticket of J. R. fins I I Cool, Delicious Saia iater.=(4 !

\rt' Kr. LTi, Meboifts at 8absa t.1.Dca You WILL fiX >
for the police and firs departments : at 11m.:.. n.n.ijr t>hir by .I{ !>I.YI: Delicious Bradford watermelon? I I KIND f
and AJJr.'Jmc..Cllr.IJAILT Cy nt. Br Ittl.-.O-no/ July 1Ltnzneld : from Brentwood Keep cxl-slop '
reported: progress was granted J'oItWJI. ( farmon ice atGar- tickets and ; 1': .'"
further time. W..1f- I L?, !.*>, Htory, '..D nioathJbb I tteld'a ice factory. I take advantage of our liberal otler i ). (:;. Green \:f 0. j
A>Tk.I>-All IWIo11 of > :t\
A communication read from \'f empty V2.rt ,, for cash of the j
was whlaklbottUa. M.A. ".11t..4JI. ytnoreate.Brwt. H rl a.1. KtrryJuly t payments *eaon.
the council referring back the pa-i I OOTttf I urIUu, Hr.-.--."% W iMr. LeithJoae 1c HOMES FOR ALL j I For Foe telephone! XfJo .2# or iW. No. 3? South t

Pen In the matter of the ..x-j ; ii IP4.A 'I Ci

ttnuloit of the water ry,tim I '.T TLsTKD-uid sat RreL s..: OO:'I.. ., 1011.1.Jyttt I I rlt znEP.rr.iaM1..14. Iptt>Um June'"t I Itauer..ur,1:17 CAN BE PURCHASED O> ; Bay ) .'. tickets: of Pt'r.i arola Ice Telephone 3'J*.
t with the action t>f council r.i' -_ -- U _-_H -_'._- ..lI...11 H..to..r":. Ju. $ EASY TEKM.S: j j Delivery Co.,J. R. Keller treasurer i COFFEE F
; .,De.tlog report upon the netdifor IIA in (; DRINKERS: '
ooi> 4.Mm I !
1 .. Ratartl.rr. li;:. a1 K)<)Jant.rl Nay ITI '
fits ,..__ ..___. _. !
protection of the entire .n. ,
yeti .rT Oo r '. Ku.UMI.toJ4 I.lra-rif May y FftOM Ha!n socks of all <>i.vl), ; at all >ort"
i tled portion of the city which was n\n\u "fIIOE-M.nu'"clu.r tart Hmdric. Kwd, ehl Tort Jllubt.&b of prices at the Willis Hardware Attention! .;
t I'; 11 rt+Al.rlnHalr.r-! H M Toil"t i
referred to committee of JunelUn.re I). HALE WILSON & CO.. i
composed tArtklteHAlr.n..iC.ai W. ( Co. ;;. I Ii.
>.ot.tnmenl.n ..
I. vur.7'n '1 Shkrpn- tart eIunc.
.. .
Mr. J. 011(>. White und Chief Baker, .eI "'>r. >u.. -:;.ur1' Aniit>r'Inru July 1i.nuitf. REAL ESTA7E AGENiri. -- 1 Commencing Monda-i.

for nuch report. .I e I;'1' ".J.( ) \\. J:: C.... :'ur.I.r.; '. .1.I HkmfDrif June 1'1l.r" : :i.
: Odd May 14
Marshal Wilde called the attcntlon "" u im. It, .lil uniuL'ruj ,HMurJApor > :l) SOUTH 1'AL.M'OX Tr.EET. CLOSING01'T Lots \ we will pack o>'
I : *. Nor; I1T4. At Hamourtt Janet I
of the hoard to the ref si'r F'LhIwKi 4 aura H.rMrlir" L"--I;Ign.- -- and special bargain I
manner sale
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( r llp.el.l '1 .itn. ... for ru'nm. i rgr lhk. Q.lJ-C'd. tbiru.ur; tiny 17Mlwr "I need Kodol Ivspepia Cure i in ,, i certificate in each nitre
,1 lentroylnx impounded'cl'i Iir.11! the Nt't Vloletto Morrno. CX W...tr I u.. .. : preparatory tola kin stock
matter wa* referred to him with Lr.. my family with wonderful reault) +. $ \\pmind of Moctui
i phone ; :JIm : a )S ruts It. std t' "naa Juce '! 1 our III'
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tIt act. ... -- .. --. -- -- .- IKev. relief I pleasant at THE FORBES STORR.r
j-ower : ::= ::: ::= I .
- - -- I IJ'vr l'l..n''r'. I'ur )..t171 em'uls. !I, W. E. Mtz-r, W. , !
..... ; .be"t friend K.; HJrtgeriuk r ._
liter I'Iff J t rare j --"- -- ------- I': V., writ*, "1 hid dyslepnla ovatwenty f-ayt ,
L".O'IK: toft Fr\F'it.s (+ fHI\b,1j' i ;i I Overi-el, )fi h. Dize-ts what I'olltlcal (100) certificates ic 1
; yo Vinioiiiir-fiiiciit.
v.'ivnuiw hart hid' |: y'rnn'I.tltriaddo'tnr andI
Mks. .- -*
,...n oil for orrr OflT jre.f, I." ", :1110.'>. I f ;lass pr"mptl\'1.1"11"I..r.ao.ln Ni'j'i'ii-u, .::". 'Huphon [ifrlniB jr''algat/nr1 I'I I rnediniin wiiiiout btriitfit. I wa s'!':'! eat. Cannot fail to cure. Harris i' .- --_.. --, entitle the holder to "'I.
molbrrt lor tbnir oblldron whll t"riiin '! Pharmacy. Jno. Sliepard.. '
t < @ 1t4. dim Iiah p. KurMierifT
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pcri'iddfj nee UyEp.p-|ia :
with par/eelaurcreI ItXHiUiMlhr rlnlU j ---- ( beuetifulIcePitcher Tt t'-
,11"0' the flU In.,..II.!! ...nil ".,n."u,... wind i '! (Jur" .1"'J it helped me from the --- I{ I b"rt>* nn"nno my.r: m a etnd.daie: I
.lIc"It n th, twit mni J
It will r..lItJ'. the pour little uIT.-rrr ItnitnmtmtflT. for all)) form of Indlza tnn." It i Bean :: IT:.j r'J Pa.' Ar.a": rS I and 11'11 thin. ).,rl of my friDdt tbetob
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Sec hose window aimings :' lr.uu Ihr... l..e-'euenrrnl ,ir-: dy' ':n. g'J)' iro in keti and\ try itrl will Pocket cutler:. "ior. fl-hin>r '
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and r Grocery <
I I .1'.7"\/1 W: i'N.a'AGA7"tt', r\;I!(H'Z- tr, Co';!. 1.IiIYUk the tupjurr of thr rotor, p !
Currit Ilr. ri< liUI Troulili., ICha. ]I : ...,...." h..rI amt VI.': H .1'''''11. CUAJ-LfSj! ; MI.K Coffee Roasting a SpecHl
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,. K. Havl1; 1 \V. Culiwtpmi" .,, ....
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Ht., Chicago, nay"I fuJIt-ri- J ..r I IYPllfli i
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out relief, until I I I.fjfui: t.ifelry F,). : A11 on&. On.It'll .

I.KY'H HONKYsi 1TA ji.whlch cured .
Oct' hnndr.dthrun I "1(1'" t'. pttmb.r
1111:'." Korialo byV, A. D'Altmf : ), 1'*"''. K'H>tU4 in (1 rriltorr f:.... hi-
(t'r.-II-nt Ixuirl to MtuJHAM m rbtdotlti |
berte' __ _
__ .u pry month. T..:Inn of nun-rr.l. *
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lul"rr.I.lloo '11"W.L1IKi
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Co.' J1m Altlt'nl.lia. "La Creoi Hair Restorer is a Perfecth Dressing and Restorer. Price $1.00.


-..::. -- ... .<-..- '. ',s

The daily news
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Title: The daily news
Uniform Title: Daily news (Pensacola, Fla.)
Physical Description: Newspaper
Language: English
Publisher: The News Pub. Co.
Place of Publication: Pensacola Fla
Creation Date: July 25, 1900
Frequency: daily (except monday)
normalized irregular
Subjects / Keywords: Newspapers -- Pensacola (Fla.)   ( lcsh )
Newspapers -- Escambia County (Fla.)   ( lcsh )
Genre: newspaper   ( marcgt )
newspaper   ( sobekcm )
Spatial Coverage: United States -- Florida -- Escambia -- Pensacola
Coordinates: 30.433333 x -87.2 ( Place of Publication )
Dates or Sequential Designation: Began in 1889.
General Note: Description based on: Mar. 5, 1889.
Funding: Funded by NEH in support of the National Digital Newspaper Project (NDNP), NEH Award Number: PJ-50006-05
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I :. '$".. ;? -' .: e "- .,,' tt i "" f ";fi ; ,, .
JJ- ,: ; .. l.Y ,_ J<... ",
'". --' -;. : : :. ". '" .' "J'r:" .. ., "" Y'I.
: : t .




-::-:-: ,_ V :J



--- -- -- -.- .
----- -

PENSACOLA has a Depth of 33 Feet of Water in the Channel at the Entrance of the Harbor. '; V

_ 'IV
-- -- --- ------ --- _
--- ---- -- --- j



REGION in roinms TBK STSTZH TO KZSBT narinas" omiits.isnos. I IeftO4 -- V

TIEN TSIN Policemen Are Attacked By 4OteeOOOeIHt$$ ftttt, eeemjA.II Dispatches Passed Between Four Out of a Party of Five

i I
Negro Desperados. .. Spocla1 .Alront President and Emperor. ; Goldseekers Perish.

and Sickne3s Menace --- -- t
Hunger -
-- -_ .. ..--


the District.FOREIGNERS I Four Troop* Knroirte to China vIa or Musicale, To-Morrow; Night Fort I i

I i Another Probably Fatally Wounded. San Franelsoo.VASHivaros Benertt of Church of Christ.At Chinese Government Is Given AuOppurltinlty ;I Ills Mead Cru>h .l \\ hll.\ \.Ipep-II

( One NegroArrested-3lobof 20,000 I \ July 24.-Four, troops the musicale to be given at the j to Prove IU SincerIty and .Proes Brownell-Buthlug Party
AT of cavalry all that remained at Fort home of Mr. and Mrs. W. T. Absolve Itself 'rom In I|
I I Armed Men iearchliij For the Other, : Reager, | Complicity Lo',e: Their Lives In Lake \Uley.I .

-- I Who Is Knowu to Be Wounded Meyer, have left for the far east within 316 North Barcelona: street, to-mor-1! the 31a..o>acre of Foreigners.WASHIXQTOS Kiigluecr: and Fireman Jilllrtl.TAC03tA. .

LUU.OII U.I1I'\'H 'fbpyre Held Iii trnctlonR to stop at Nagasaki for or. row night under the Auspices of the i I

rat .ulf"rtolfOOO& I NEW ORLEANS. July 24.-Police Cap- ders. They are Thiops: B and G ol the ladies of the Church of Christ, the July 24.-The following 1 July 24.-News from Daw-

llo-tagri. i tain John T. Day and Policeman Peter i ii will be correspondence between the p'l'-i.
Troop I : Third cavalry, which have lefl for San following program presented : eon gives: details of another tragedy,

tbr |l.- I..t.'II1tr.d Mate i J. Lamb are dead and Policeman August : Francisco and Troops II and I of the Piano Duett-Faust (;r.by Smith I.I .... .. ,, dent of the United States and the <:tu. four out of a party of five losing their

__ _
itIs ttaneII And Mr. HootOR '
M-j,l III:5 to the Far Ka.tKronrhConsul : T. Mora is in the hospital suffering from Third. The four troops mu!>t..r100 men Violin-Hujyrarlaa"' Rhapsody, ,_Mauser pt-WiT of China has been made public by lives as a re.-ult of the terrible trip

Ha ISrru llrurd From.SJUV.HAI : three wounds, one of which is very MSvcre -' and are commanded: by Major Kiusburg. MUs Courtney.Songb.rkey the state department.Tra&elation '
I Lament .. '". ..tuberV I taken to the headware' '; of tbe ttu.unver. V
: U-The following tho result of an encounter with i ifr.Ross E. hoilock.: of the cablegram receivedby .

from. July Tun T.Jn, dated July :3, two doperate negroes, Lt onurd: Pierce Piano Solo-Rustic Blauche lance Koa.V...tr.... ...AshfordMiss Minister Wn on July 20, 1 1900) from Goorge Saiholm cf (ualand: : C,.!., U

!h-patcU de. and Robert Charlt t'ong-31prry" I Kn.ira .._.V V bcbleiffortii the taotai of Shanghai, dated July la the bole survivor liens piiednpl
j bill rtv.ived here. having been 4 Mr..J, C. 1ebley. low the month of th Sni-irt ricer
tr.iri-mlv.ion: r, iuut Jules C. Aucoin au'l Patrol- Recitation'... '"'' ..... .... Selected: l&OO; : 'i floating down the Yukot Dawt .
lay <1 :*'J (lav* IU > toward

-"Taiuiaeaiit pwtileuce! are sure to : rntu Cantrelle und Mora attempted to Piano Solo..MluOlglWhite._? ... .. .. ,,,.. ,.. ,," Selected I' "Have received a telegram from Govi V u. When discovered iuj \\"Po1 Qe rly

Tien Thin soon. 'orre.it P.ervo and Charles while they Mln Jetsut CoUnKlon. ,i eruor Yuan (of Shan Tung) dated twen. dead having he expliuu'd! altt'r pun- '
ti ,,u region Of Solo-Love's Whispers .. Ileiwald i ,
> i lug his K-UVS, been > ,.K JUWWfour
fhouvimof ChinarnenaroIV1T14 were seafd on a doorsteD on Dryadesetroet. Mr. W. I H.: Gartleld. !I ty.third day of this moon (July W) who ; 1Illar as r; V

Htinilr' *- "f When tho officers: approached Violin ,-.., .... ...... .... V Selected ha ing received from the council days without unythi; to eat.
t tli ir hom.'. iu the districtsw the negroes aud askul what they were I r.)1 ax J.Helnbug I privy Tne party left Athn u the fall f

vrthout doiug Pierco and Cbarlus made an impertinent Vocal solo-Ninon-.... ... _. .V ....,ToUiMl (at Peking) a dispatch embodying an 1S:>5 aud in Noveimmtx'rseptrateu.
r\l r.4!!!ina' is going oil, ,9 Elite Grace Wentworth. I:

i an"wer. Piaao Solo ..._'.. ...__.... .... .. (Selected imperial letter to the president of the --
1'IIU4 It .np1.rt.! : I suddenly with drawn Miss Cupitoht Oovington. United MURDEREDWHILE ASLEEP.
They jumped up j States, has instructed me to
O. S. Mai- Duelt-Onfr ._, ,
'L uttiiunt Colonel! J"hu ( pistols and Charles hrttd at Mora and Vocal Thee White -- -
T f the Forty-first Uiiitod States in- Cantrelle and Pierws directed his bulletsat Tbe Mi--es White. I transmit it to your excellency. The imperial : \Y. (I. Dlxuii u Vletini of A MkU

inili- Aucoiu. The ofiicers returned the' Admission cents; refreshments message is respectfully transmitted light \"II05lu.
,lIIry ha. urmt-d here to act as .
lIre. Mora wns shot in the right thigh extra. I "as follows: WlUliUTS\'ILLE. Ga., July :31.-W. G.
t..ryI..r\<)I' 'China has long maintained friendly
tho Index
elothe hip on fingerof
1 : uc Aia.TU-.in and British COlD wanJ. ': the right baud and in his left hand. ISITUIGHT !! relations with the United States and is Dixon a farmer miles west of this '-

n Uere i ttvtb'i.ih: .>d a (,.niorship :Mora fell to the bicluwalk atid Cautrelle deeply conscious that the object of the :: ;place was murdered while a...lap. About V

,.f t'iilibtiCif: thanationalities continued to shoot at Charles and the For an Editor to Rppomiuend Patent j. United States international commerce. 1 o'clock Mrs. Dixon was aroused by the
.f Medicine ? Neither country entertain the least .
latter finally fled. leaving a trail of sue. straggling of her husband and strik.
f. th> tran-miS,,,ion of news fliat i| on
) tt\vut distrust
toward the other. Recent
| pk'ion or -
blood. Ancoiu fired twice at Pierce. The From Sylvan Valley News, Krevard.X. C. J I,
iiiteriuMotial anim'wi'ur ,, outbreaks of mutual between lug a match found hill face and head -
cht tend to kindle! : negro fired an equal number of shots at It may be a question whether the antipathy V t

*. Thebitt..r Russian prejudicesif i Anroiu. I editor of a newspaper has the rightto the people and Christian miatdocs covered with blotxL She immediately .
refu.ed and ho I I GENERAL VOSJITUAJaptn's ITKt.IIJoIi.I publicly recommend of the I caused the foreign powers to view with 'called a young man in on adjoining room'who S
.'rhlill <>f the Enph-h! :.curre.jiondeutstin His pistol to act sur- any I was living with them and sent him
rendered. ( r u.n.11I Tlcn'uio.] various proprietary: medicines which suspicion the position of tho imperial
tin a&ril'U. I I for her brother, who live a short dis
government as favorable to tile people
Charles wa. tracked to the corner of flood the market, yet as a preventjve -1! ,
tance. Dixou htittd above the left
-- : General Taylor and Baronue streets The detachment that left hat night is of suffering we feel it a duty to I and prejudicial to the misaictu. with the II eye

THE SUFFERINcs INTENSE. kcveral blocks distant from the place proceeding via Atlanta and will meet say a good word for Chamberlain's result that the Takn forts were attacked and forehead. was crushed in severalplaces.

-- where the shooting occurred, by blood II i the others at Chattanonpa They will Colic, Cholera and Diarrhoea Rem- aud raptured. Consequently there has
H. hl llundrnl III IpRatlonU1th Dixon lived about hour after being
IVo-ile spots. At that corner all traces of the arrive at San Francisco Sunday or Mon. edy.. We have known and used this been clashing oj forces with caLirjitoas discovered. an
"ut Kcxxl or VIcr.SA 'i consequences. Tho situation haa: become) _ IE.leven
nl'groTere lost. Pierce stated that day and will leave on the transport medicine In our family for twenty .

r'RAViMu. July '.'Shanghai Charles rt'h lh>d ou Fourth street. Cap* Meade ab.mt11 1. years and have always found it reli more and more serious and critical. Negroes Drowned. V

aud Yokohama new papera received by '! tain Day Sergeant Ancoin Corporal, The Fifth cavalry. under Colonel Wile able.' In many cases a doe of this 'We have just received telejjniphic BIRXLNOHAM Ala., July 24.-Meager :
1'erritr and Trent-hard and Patrolman i! ham A. Rafferty, now staioued in the remedy would save hours of suffering memorial from our envoyVu Ting; '
the American atNWlr Maru give *>melutcmtiu Larnb and several other officers went to West Indies, has been ordered to the while a physician is awaited. Ye."n: and it i; highly ,gratifying to us to details of the drowning of 11 negroes in

;; fart* rfgnnhiijf the ..itnatiun the! honso. Charles burst out of the front and will arrive next Monday. We do not believe in depending im- learft that the United Statei govtrnuieut the Warrior river at lock No. 3, near : 'i

iu Chiiu and Jupon. Of the portion of fire : medicine for hftviiiR iu view the friendly rvLvtiom Akron Ala. While '
Caev anal with an oath opened on plicity on any a cur J, have reached here.
tlae furl )rrl colony in the British: le;:a- thapollcenien.Tuo : I I (ieneral C'liafTee Xearlns Xajasakl. but we do believe that if a bottle of between the two rouutt ies. has crossing the river one negro named ::1

Lou The Japan Mail: of Yokohama says: V liNt sLot wounded Captain Day. I I .WA!'HINQTOS, July 24.-A dispatch Chatnbtrlain's Diarrhoea Remedy taken ation. a Now lefp Cnin iutcre-it driv in the.> pri-ient l Iv the iru-irri- George Moore, is said to have rocked the -..,. .
Tho negro fired in lapid sn vei'cou'and ha were kept on hand and administered a skiff in a spirit of fun which frightenedthe ,
"Thin i ii u nine when t!>>> live in Peking ? received at the war departmentfrom sUtlbIc co'irs-i <>! evmits. baA mifortnu.it'ly -
non Lamb fell mortally w ,nndl,>d. at the inception of an attack much other negroes The skiff dipped ft : I'
tit all i* to .n:Ji'r terribly from heat. Quartermaster Hyde at Nagasaki iucuiritl w.Hlli::ii uuiver-ol in- ..
| Trnfhanl! and Aucoin rerreated. suffering might be avoided and in couple of times aud then upset. All the ,
With NX furi.zntn. including many Cburl'3 came from his room and fired I:, stating:; that the transport Grant has I very many cae:: < the presence of a I diKiiiiiion.; : r itlui the lir'J'mit nei'ToesHnt down into the water and "., ..
and 'hiMitu crowded in the dilh'/iiltv Chi.'ii! !
WoW"-n ( several shots into the body of Dny. Au- rearhi the Inland sea and expected physician would not be ...J. < plitvsp.ti.il. iu. .diu.nee being so badly fnghtuutid and the river ..
flri'h li-piMuii. and 1':01-,1: to the coni ciiin and Trcncliardvaited in the ', to arrive at Nagasaki tomorrow. She this has been requirad.l I I!1 .? .' M'oo.1t'N.. swift rescued ')1'
hope At leaat 1.,1-. a--- a. > 4 f r*** 60 none could bj V ).
.! iit rirt tire (If the Chim e. the mitvry (.f getting a hot at the negro: but he has on board General Chaffee commanding ence during the past twenty years. inc -.1!;j to )0... i 11. .sjy ;.: ',jl bin- V V "" -riX. :. :,v. V -L_ 'I .

must" bt" gr>-..it.Tu encaged: to sljj ppt, lIe Oj! ppeored th- army in China. and the For sale by Hannah Bro, 21 9 Pal-j I rrrity and canilidnc;, with tta hope Engineer and ,Fireman Killed. "' .4 tC.

jTi'MMcu. question is the worst.1iert4r. tomowhrre in the block! aul all efforts: to Sixth cavalry destined for service In ufox street. : ti! :i* your t't'eli.'iieytlt LACnosaEVis.t 24. The Chi
.! IH i<. plants iu th> foreign; locafo him futile there that nr.M end take! ti- initiative: ill brinpnfr, July -
were though : l'uuntry.i
1 '.. i'i.gi' a:>d fir-y ha\'" licen Ht''n-tllm..d were fully 100 policoiurn and cit-1 i i I P. A. C. Entertainment. axi-it! a ODiuvit of tlie jxiw rfoe thoi cago, :Milwaukee and St. Paul passen. ;, ;

t- <1''p u lin. uj'.n the Chiiintarkt, tiv
f. r ttii ir rt.iilyupjilies! of h..d and mnt. cad rile* .vearching for the murderer. ATLANTA, July 24.Comjaiiy M of The event of this year's entertuin- favor of a kind reply is (-Hrut">ily rv-. 3:03 o'clock was wrecked about 5 o'clock J,11
V '>U .\ n-rtuia of presenvlii' floats H to be the one at the Pen- tl'oi amid awaiti-d with ,
quantity : the
i qu gruteat Wahatha Mint
at Kings Coolie
near ,
TLo bodies of Day ailfl Iamb were the Fifteenth: infantry, under commandof .
ivi sacohi Athletic club '
iou were tlutilitleM! !inkick" iu the Tuesday, July ': an thl". running into landslide at that 'f.Ilact'
by n -
ll..t<-l d.. JVllmr.: bat luithic,; t) ftxsl soUr that taken Day to the morgue shot three where tim it and was found Lamb Captain John Cotter has left Fort :31, at 8 p. m. It is to be the mot I I I "It K, tIoNtmre, my diity to transmit Engineer Hathaway ami Fireman V.V ,
was *
,:ia notnlx-r \.- "CI\)." I I McPherson for Sau Francisco. From artistic and refined variety show :;: the r.b >ve with tii*' wsi'it'it that yo.ir Thomas were instantly killed and I
received onu wound iu the faN, the bullet rse.erul >
San Francisco the will be taken in ever seen in Pensacola. The smartest '
men [ oxiellencr, in jKVtfil obwlienw of passengers who "were in the forward .;
pring through his bniin. Day I t
DISPATCH FROM ; to The ultimate cet of Pensacola's society, ladies hi. ,.
TIEN TSIN.rras.Ii Lamb had )been connected with the transports Nagasaki, Japan. imperialM.lu> will deliver tho cuach were injured, some seri, I II
po- '; destination of the command is and gentlemen will participate in : HAiuo to) fiS h-il::: il.jitiu.vlwu neil favcr ....., '
lica: force usI1'
C'un-ul &il3. I.c)(at lonen at many ycsirs. China. athletics cake walk. singinir. piino me with a r-uly." ,- --- -.- '

l'tklu ( Are IN !Sor Mr..It!,. The shootniR has created a tremendous ..V violin etc.. and at the conclusion, i Five People Drowned. V 1.\
sensation and 20,000 people are congregated :I Troops Leave New York. dance and refreshments. I'l'l'slt'' nt t.nult')'It ICpI3.
PAR!.., July St.-Four dijmthpj from in vicinity.EXCOVERNOR Y SttRA.. CaL, July a-i-Nr".comei
the ; NEW YORK:, July 24.-Companies I, K AdmiSbionoOcents, including! refreshment This telegram was at once com muni "-, '
the Kn-nrh ('''II..alat Tw-n Tuin dated ?. :Jjy23tf: cated to the president at Canton, 0 ,and from the. eastern! part of this county of V "
| and L of the Third battalion of the Fifteenth I( : .
-tcrally J-ily! 13. 14. 17 and H. forwarded CARR DEAD. the following is his reply: I I'I i I\\.he! drowning of five persona! hi Wiley'si
I United States left Governor's :
from Cae }'M, July H to 20, He Wa a Descendent of Governor'Jonhvon infantry Pimples on the f'd36: fife not only "w' I''i"" \'= ;t?t tjt!.ty's ml' lake. It was an exceedingly hot d/y '

h4Wn r..t'ivl'd the ruin island for the east today via San annoying! but they indicate bad s&JU Frrlll: ,; 1J. and am gk to know and a party of five went in bathing. .
by llh'r of of
Revolutionary Fume. I Francisco under command of Lieutenant blood. Hood's'.larsaparilla:: Ctfres tbit your majesty recognizes the fact which ..
Thoy went ont to a raft suddenlybegan :
f'inifc-n ,,!l'llirI.. DuIcaMW. ThP! dis- RALEIGH 24. The has I II Wild. them by the blood. that Itta and
July capitol I ___ purifying KO''fr1.TU people of the. to wobble and tome of the bathers ;. \
l IV"*t linK-h dated r..l.tO'Ol July 13 *iyg a rourif from I closed and flags are half rnasfre4 on ac. WAS CARRIED OVER THE DAM. United btatos Tei.ii-ci of China nothing : fell into the water. The others made a -;
that aince June 20 the '! but what! U and The ,
BOnOMHY LOAN WANTED. just eqniubla. to rescue their companions .
deperate .
ffceiiHieni )hud liw-nb-idwdin the 1 count of the death of ex-Governor EllasI I attempt .,
)l.gati-Hi Brit. Young Lady',.:Marvellou Escape From The Italian bark "Parenti purpose of which we lauded troops in : and in so doing perished. ..ni
ui Hnd that the marines were I CUT, at his farm in Edgecomb county. !, K.Riizeto Ch'na Wl\.i the rescio of oar legation : V

matins a rijlrtll1l
ply of ammunition was low and the pen! I health several months. I I Ga.. July 24.-At Kings- voyage: from Pensacola to larselUf's'l I I the lives and prSjftrty or AiJBMi .i t' V .. .1'I
of tip., in the poor France.. Bids will be I p i SAVAISAH 21 IVsuben
JpRation July Brown
wa srrfAt. Up while Fred Wilson and Miss Id
He was a descendant of Governor bury's park why were sojouruiug iij; China the I '.
to the time trw courier left Peking the the undersigned on the 2Sth inst. at enjoyment of them a negro WAS charging a soda fountain '
Johnson of the revolutionary period. Lula Kingirbnry were bout riding on the rights guaranteed by
l""v of the marinehad I I noon, at his consular office. Loan
been li} killed t i He time of the : treaty and by international Liw": | drug store when the V
ant 17 wounded 'j waa at one president pond. thy unwarily rowed too near secured by bottomry on vessel JJie | Jt Donnelly's fountain V
State Farmers' Alliance convention. He name purp..etI are publicly declared I
The dispatch dated July 14 announce four Gov-I I the! dam and the boat was oooa beyond freight and on cargo of about 850) all the which have landed military oy. exploded. Part of the fountain .
was powers:
governor yean preceding Into the above
the loads went room white
Ukinft of TITO Trin. of sawn timber.
That of July I ernor Russell now in office. control and wa caught by the current forces in your majesty's empire. I
the balance of it
17 wi Tirn Twin I I G. B. CAFIBRO quickly stripped off all ;
A courier WM quiet I Governor Carr was a graduate of the and drifted over the dam Mine 10 or 15 Consular I am informed iu your majlty'sliit.ter of r.-own' clothing aud put out oaf at .
and hit had bwn dispatched to Penn I Universities of North Carolina and Vir. feet high; carrying the young lady withit. Agent of Italy. tint the uialefactori who have du- his eyes. The room in which the "
21J141 fvuA.'J
waa expected in 1 tnrbed the ot who
!a3 China have
Einia.I p
"..v.>n da y.. _ tain exploded was wrecked. ..
Wiloon remarkable as it teems, escaped murdered the minister of G< Th dispatch of July 18 aays the mill.1| MISS SUSAN_LANmS DEAD. the fall and capsizing ''t the boat! NOTICE. j I a member of the Japanese legation and Killed .' II'
by a Trolley Car. :
Wy of the allied forces were at ,; without even getting his clothe. wet or The registration books!! in and for ;i wna now hold besieged in Peking those

that time deliberating M to the form of One of the Moet Remarkable Can In patting out his cigar. Escambia county, Fla., will open I, foreign diplomat who still survive. have |. CHATTANOOGA July 24.-Bud Wash I :

Tmn:enti-rnnw that should be given Tiea Medical Annals. Miss Kingsbury was not seriously the 6th of August; and will be kept I.i not only received no furor or encurugu-! ington a negro was run over and killed ,t if

LAXCASTCK, PEW, July 24.-Miss Susan hurt. ______ open three days in the week ; Monday fond from roar majesty but are a:tu- by an electric car near the Whit dd. J

WILL aE H. Landis of Ephrata who recovered I i Wednesday and Friday, and on ally in rebellion against the imperial aatliority. I
SENT TO TIEN TSIN.UrfItH.rs | street bridltHe had been drinking
I' Any dealer is author. the first Monday in September. The I I' If this be the case I mo.;t
her week after silence of and it is supposed that he laid down
speech a ago to guarantee BANNRK will on
district officers be V i iI
.t i|I sole-nuly urge upon your majesty's g'jv-] .j'r
l'.klDJt will Join track
the and
the went to falttp.
.\I1M KoreM nearly six yean i is dead. I I SALVE for tetter eczema, piles, appointed and the books will be i)I eminent to give the public ajaannce !I,

fndrr Ktfort.W : Miss Lftndis' cane WM one of the most! sprains, cuts, scalds, burns ulcers kept open two days in the week at I,I whether the foreign ministers! are alive, i| ('hl'\ct"df'-tUr;: Miot.J ]
MH\I; .>\. July 24.-The Chineio remarkable in medical annals. About I t and any open or OLD FORE. For sale each precinct nnd the said books', and if so, in what condition. I!! ;.

nuai't'i: a dispatch from SheuR, by W. A. D'Alemberte. will close!' on the second Saturday in : "2. To put the diplomatic repret-enta-1 J i TALBOTTOS Ga.. July 24.-Lncy POll ,. Ji

',:. ,.t..r f.f ni'.roads: aud eight years ago she was taken ill withan -- -- -- -- October. H.C.CRABTRKE, 'i tires of the powers in iiunt'diateand i i Persons 6 years old while playing with :
telegraphs at affection of the Fpine. In January, D.i"iou Bradford watermelonsfrom Sljtd Supervisor of Registration. free coaiunmicatiira {
: with their j
'hllnhal. respec.tive I her little cousin who had a parlor rifle ;
Marine that the i she lent her of and
foreign niia- 1S1M power kpeoch, Brentwood farm on ice at Oaf- --- --- -- gyverumchts and to all dan.I '
1-"l'IIare ti IJI' ... | rn the efforts failed remove j was accidentally shot. The wound la -
.U >m Peking to Xiea of physician to restore cld'a ice factory.If 'I to tbi-ir hvui ami 'I
NOl ICE. hlwrfy.
i"m H '-"" n. athat: the it. She startled her family about ten get not thought to be very serious.
r ,.'Tiiji.-m biu There will be a meeting; the E- "o.:: TorjIni-o" thimpeiial authorities I _
not only been protectj. days ago by calling for her sister, the you want the best cigar on the .
of Chiita
cambia Social Club fo-night at 7'W; eonimuni-atioa with the rvlief .
1':0: : ; I'reieiitpil 'frA .1J.
has a V ,
i j that nvupid'aruin; may i i"f ;
& Ku Ieman a21tf 'I j Timely information given Mrs. :
-- Dt''gaturrh'IDg. .. M. Mrii'ncretary.-, le secured bi-tww them f.r> Illlibtl"d.- .
IWtUh! ': tion of tile thA ; (reorgLousr.. of Nw Straitsvill, I '
MInItcrIIpariI From. :-; utiouen.; protottiomi of f
ATLANTA July 24.-Delegates to the _ _
L ; foreigners ant the re-.torati.in (If order. I Ohio, prevented a dreadful tragedyi'id .
v X The best
July :24.-The foreign office Epworth League convention which meets refrigerator for Ready mixed paints of all !shade' <, "If these objti) are aini>\liiliil it saved two live*. A frigh'ful .ff.

:.a. f'. ,v. .1 a di-jiatch from the British here are arriving on every train. and the least money at Marston and colors at the Willis HardwareCo's. it the IY.-Hei of this government that no cough had long k"pt her awake every iI

.,- .. at l'lt'uT..in. dated July :31, stat- the indications are that it will be one of Finch's.. ------.- obstacles will bo jund to exist on the II nizht. She had tried many remedies -
:; ': it M 1.' ha-1 of tho to an amicable settlement and doctor but steadily grew V f
V ju t received part powers
letter the most successful of 'attendauce tickets for
n in point > P.y buying cash
I I you I worse until urfd to try Dr. Kinz'dNew 'u
f-V Milan ,. of all the questions anting out of
i MuoDouaW, the LritMir ) ever held in the south. :pet a coupon, which entitle you to a .
"- ht 1", kiig. dated WOULD YOU chance the n-cent troubles aud the ifnclly I; JO.l I Di-covery. Onp bottle wholly
14. to free
July ai>- secure a supply of ice
uitl fbf writ this
cum her ; raarv -
f.r offices of this pjvernrnentvill, with the
1V g n 1-1. There were"euonsh
.luring Au ast. 1. R. Keller. I
Headache ,, ioua medicine also cured Mr. V'
: : ''II' at the IniMtmn List fort1 a.:$ -nt of the other powers be cheerfully! .. Long ,ji

V .; V. ..tt.-r Nul: but to thu sarris a a ii OSTETIERS Biliousness, For 60 Cents HUMMING: ANt UPHOLSTERING.: placed at your majesty's dinpjsitlon for I of a seveie attach "f Pnenrijonia.: 'V lj
w "ue-b cures ire '-itivf proof of the I..Vfr
'IL' .
u: P that purpose.II po
t.i the
.aa task
of holding out p Constipation J. M. Howell has employed an expert V
'i.atchlfm"r t of tinzrand
remeJy -
> 'V "t : Inferior TEA. when
a I Buy
4) A'Tc deternunud, attack, for many Indigestion trimmer and upholsterer, and If you have: no appetite for YOllf fbr eurug; ; al!! thtfMt, eher-t and
liaVi Wu U deaths and yon can buy our Choice I I will be pleased to name you very meals with
V .>.t : and sompthini wrong voni Inns trou-! -! only .Via and ,UlJ. k
i'ethld: number wonndivl. Blond Teas at that price? close rrice r for flrst-clfiss work. dige-.tlon. liver or bowelKICKL\ :'vry b.. tlppuirant; Trill hot- V ;j
: .*'lI.'t-'n oRii! UunU! that the .lis- Dyspepsiamean SOL GAHN & CO. Bran Bran A&n: BITTER! dean= and ftrfnzthen :!f''' free a: W. A. l>'Alon.>-rtfcV drag '

atfoct the main qnp.-riou Hint your the stomach, purifies the bowel -t..n.
--- --- -- --- ,
:"fr. a iin''icre of uitiulxirsof stomach iweak. and creates appetite, vicr anc ___ h_ : ,
V a at l V
killg' One carload
: ; It nwdi slightly cheerfulness. Hunnah Bros.liciona lilneV :; suit7 to at 5 t'"I '.,
r-tt/i the Bitters to .
: *r. y'"nr <- Bradford wattrai'Ion?'
lv" 'i wil from Brentwood farm, on ice at Gar-
I l.are
: liealth.
V even In it. Dontcipertineut I
w.t i'kl\ ....aou4. The (o'ci. with : D. HALE WILSON & CO: price. fleld's ice factory.Hammocksin. Rader is sell
'ii,i *ure v'-'or and regularity ill'' LTTER5 Insist upon REAL ESTATE AGENTS.i : all styles a/ ing; a hands mo Iron Bed
having tbegenuine.
'ot 'ltal organs.! Hannuh Bro 5 I I |i 30 SOUTH PALAFOX STREET. 502-4 S. Palafox. i 1 Marston cj- Finch's. fcr 24. V

4 I 01



i -_ '-ii 1/',''''" -''''' <""-." M, "" ......""- ..... '"'- ,- .,-..:.. "':. "' ... ;-<<_ .....r,.,".&.,.., ..,:.. .-c.;.,;;,_...... "' ,,,"-' ..:f .i:.J......._ ""''''''''' '.h. oJ' -
p"T(l tl MI] .. .t..l'

.. > i -" ,. .- "
i > ,_ Y. :
; -4"'n.'i-.'. ., ,


----- -

'I >. MARRIACE. $t-aPY> J 3.wY y b +
I.- O WoI

JU lull Art.thou.tit hen ICy in wt twos tnlne.paw EJ iota A3 darting enter tin which and ill.my..now wifa we, tmb Bilious Doctors'Say and Intermittent; Fevers ( | THE TRIAL OF N I woman's iii Cgthv& R Rn stft auraD? t ana Cffii S alll 1Q! ,

but the childhood of eternity, which prevail in miasmatic dis Z ALI! BEN DING. i
And thoa tad f. through! uui and throw tart ,

Tbt iota aDd lurrj*! cf our earthly jura. tricts are invariably accompanied I riY ':? .N ?a.H. H. JS .$. %Everything New and C\ aD.The .-%
Arc Into :
, nwirj u? a Bugle uU, Lite
fade worlmtnslnp a elnr completed whole j by derangements of the i: The oU court officer slowly withdrew. .99 :
Vide out cf twain <..r love ii 1 ut t.'IWI; I his pipe from his comb and after gaze Most: Attractive the Entire City. Regular Meal :St- \ -
cornet and terser vr arc .....,. Stomach Liver and Bowels.
Vctalor. i }ng dreamily! at the vesting; for a fiw ciiact is hard enough as 1 and Short Orders Served at all hours. special: Weekly j k -

.. .. The Secret of Health.The #=, Raul musingly: it is. It is to her that

. . "It's strange, yes very strcage, that we owe otr world
.:.&..! 'M' '_' : "
-- liver is the A. E BAKER & CO.
great drivingwheel" the storj' of the erect trial of All hen and everythingsbcM i Proprietors

;i ) G \ i : in the mechanism of Ding never apxared in print, fur that be made fur as / ,
IIIOROLGIIFAHLIr was the mit-t reiaarialle murder trial ea y as possible

i : man, and when it is out of order, ever L.-W in New Yolk cocnty.; her at the time of 14 EA.ST GOVERNMENT STREET.A .
.!. childbirth.
I "An Ecgi'-h ship arrived ia New York -
BY LLQUAD.CoyrlgLt 'j' the whole system becomes deranged just what

I [ 7 7 and disease is the result.Tutt's harbor Her early, I t1 ia! Jk April, in the the Bue!year 1'i li'Ste.. flflft
IJL*. by C. B. I.vis. -,- name ; was ;eon ; i G Mn$h m tf w J NBohTo i

t *... ..,* . * rVH* A and site! was freichtcj: to the water line MOTHER'Sr
,". ,- -. nn. -.
V it i I 4_ i"f I -:0.. 4 *", Liver Pills and Lid many ysboiivrs ab-xirj. anion; : (

's Lee was mo\lni to invade Marj1aml them All Ilea l>in;. a ctp\e of India. FRIEND II
; Cure all Liver Troubles.to the Person who Secures the Lucky Numbei.
The IIi3 took a rmall cottage on the
1 I and IVnuj1vana.! TLe mountains hid '
outskirts! of the I think In the wishborbood -
city, .
bas inarching column! from bi!;,ht of the of where Canal street is today. will do. !wilt mate During: the Months of July, August wd September w. \\:1: \

+ Federals, and at carry zaiu the Him : hasd flht now an.J l'1. : n was lie lived a'.l alone au-1 was rarely seen baby's coaiins: easy Coupon Ticket with each Dollar's Worth of Ice Ticketu: .

' JUdge Le left a force with iu."truct.1lli! a devil, and after a <.iJ.iri..: <.i ia lour in the *.tnts except about duel when and painless and that without taking from u, for CASH. A coupon for each ticket will l>e d. : _

to hold out to the la.t and give Lim of bloody fightias! the l''' ,'r-.ls held: J be red to walk! down to the riverside dangerous drugs into the svs- with E. f;. Saunders&Co., and on the first day of Octob -

, ) All the time oM-ible to reach und cross the p.jjtion.; The dead lay: three deep and watch the sun setting in the \\'( tloo.e tem.muscles It is simply of the to abdomen.be applied"tothe It party having the Lucky Number can call on them for tm -.

h the Totomae. It uas the aim! of the helms the wall, but the living Hood the Palisades. Not far from where have '
through the skin eam'- Gold Piece, which we deposited with T. E \\ -
Its and Ali Ben Ding lived was the house of penetrates
' Federals to break through at SOUKpoint open crept cheered and cheered strength and elasticity with it.
: and his acul) aan.! But the! cheering soon died Stephen Van Viet, the money lender It the whole and
k, inetrate nun ewf lit, bar rtoreJ strengthens system THOMPSON OLSEN & CO
who was reputed to away
there was fighting on every mountain away In growls, and oaths. A quarter prevents all of the discomforts of ,
of '
In his cellar! aud garret untold bags
trail and at the month of every mountain of a mike above at a bend of the ravine silver and gold, whkh he treasured beyond pregnancy.The .
there was another stuuernl.. and mother of a plumb babe in -
gap. The major general had sad! all things dear in life. Not manymonths
to the brlRaJitT! ordered to proceed to the Confederates had simply withdrawn nfter the oriental came to New Panama Mo., says: "I have usedMother's E PETERSEN:
Friend it
to the new itiQu. Tb< had Hud- can praise .
:Thoroujufarc gup: ptJ> y York be was seen waIting on the ,
"I tla nut know how many Coufrderatfs lo"t ]J"J UM>n. but the Federal brigade: pot's bank in company with Stephen highly. PROPRIETOR: OK-0

are holding! that gap, but be the was no longer a brigade. It lacked a Van Viet, both talking toother ia deepeariKtnw.
full rt> tfw! ('nt. That night the .!'. It did not take lone for the ,
Cttmber {j(1(} or 10.(.w you must break ; brigadier Get Mother's Friend at the CRONIES SKLOON
Wie to circulate stories to the effect that
had another round, and
through. That Is the ordor break again
Stephen had wild himself! to the devil! Drug Store, SI per bottle.
tbroueb. If ., of there were orders from tLe ma>jr general o-UEALEK IN-o
uly one man your command
for more bags of Rolil. the Hi lltloo conducting -
U left dire, he will bring us the I : the bargain."A .
j n stews nee I "We must have news of Lee at ectry year passed by and summer came The Bradfield Regulator Co., Imported ana Domestic Wine\ Liquors ana Ci ar'

t And the major general on the Confederate hazard. Unless you break through round again) and still the curious were .

side! had said! to the brigadier; i at once your resignation will be acteptetL" all at Iit.a as to the buMnen of Ali lien ATLANTA GA. JUG TRADE A SPECIALTY.

I Tctf will cctach' one: regiment: of Ding in "y<> ancient town of New York* Coiner Belmont and Devilliera Sta. PKNSACOLA
your command to bold Thoroughfare A dark and narrow ravine, up which The px-Mps, unable to lay their tonguesto Write for our free illustrated" book KIA
I Before is Born.
gap. It must Iw held against the Fed- only eight! men abreact! iiiukl make any EuU-tantiul story concerning the Baby
strange black man from the far east, contented -
raU for three daj-s. We can spare I their way at once; at the turn a stonewall themsdres with wagging; their -

only a single regiment If there is lid I defended by twognus; Ix-hiix ', heeds and iio<\lding :i nmoanilr, if wit Mrs. Harriet Evans; Hinsdale, 111.,
one man left elite at the end of that the ;guns the nm.lreto of UK Infantry. sotuowtint ftarfuliy! whenever Lh name writes : "I never fail to relieve my McMillan Bros. Co.Coppersmiths

time be will follow on and eni' rtake ,I "Yoti must break through," repeated was mutkHM Imagine their sati fao- children from croup at once by u-- .
ua." the brigadier over and over asain. He tion when otto morning the IlItly of ing One Minute Cough Cure. I

A narrow wagou road, twisting and : knew that he c iuld not do It. He knee Stephen Van Vliet was foiiM hi a narrow would not feel safe without it." PUt2bb '

toning Iictwivn walls from 'M to 100 i that the best ho could do was to pile lane ni'ar his hout! with a long Quickly cures cough, colds, grippe
knife of remarkable wt.rkmen.htp plunged and all throat and lung diseases.
feet high with! alternate of I up more deal in the dark ravine. ,
spots sun- When in his heart More then tine h>td Sera Harsis: Pharmacy, JPO. Sheppard.H.Kahn. .
morning came he stood
Fhlne: and jIoom-tblt on a
Thoroughfare -
knoll and looked down the that temlle and awe provoking knife ___ General Metal Workers.
upon -
As the skeleton of
gap. regiment: sticking in the wark-t sash of Ali BenDing
bronzed and \/o'aitin't'tcrlns, and It Add to the beauty of
600 Confederates entered and pressed so that not many hours pn.wd before your
forward to its western' mouth Its ruggedness was like a knife lu his heart to ,give: the the sheriff and his men went to thelIi",1ou's home by buying a few Kusfrctsrers of ttd Hu urters to the
order to attack. A slnzlo bugle raiL! whence ST1L.
and gloomy solemnity brought little house they conveyed
a feeling of awe. It reminded them of and the column dashed fonrard. Therewas him to the town Jail, where he was of those handsome, neatly

a tomb and they shuddered to think of never a cheer nor a shout Men confined in the stroog ,vt cell, which was .framed pictures atMarstonFinch's (Mated McMillan Seamless Turpentine Still

dying In the srmldarkness. Two 1kldplece who feel( that they are going! to certain farther strengthened with many new .
death do uot cbwr. They draw a long locks and boh!!.
rolled along with the regiment "The ewjuire justices of the general J G w' tAOds&1 sotfit IDM
()f Inttntrnn..) the Jar of the heavy breath, choke back tin gop !in the quarter sessions court, knowing the intense e __

wheels loosened a stone now and then I throat and rush forward with beads feeling against the oriental In the U/atsot fJ0"

to come clattering down> from far I down. In ten minutes It:1.1 all over.The town and consequently the rode crowd Jtyos. Q MOBILE ALA.

above. When a blue brigade; came (i wall had l wn poached nnd fought that would fill the courtroooi and greatly i

clattering up. it was to find the 000in i I over but it could not l>e held. As the ruffle! the judicial dignity! of tile bench REAL ESTATE,

pooM-sslt-Ti and the Position! one ji i last' few living; Fwlerals came limping when the murderer was brought! to trial
which the dullest private mint see was i back the brigadier sat down and wept. tk-ctiM to wait until late some afternoon Rental and Insurance

well nigh; regnable.. Every hour :i Orders orders orders! And yet he wlieti everbody was at rapper and f. C. BRENT, WM H KSOWLES, W. K. HYEa JU., J. H, REE5M:
then bring the itrisoner! into court and AGENTS,
was worth a thousand lives to the l't'l1- ( felt himself a murderer. More Confederate to hire Con- President. \'lce.Presld Cashitr. Ass tat ,
deal out summary justke Corner Garden and Palafox Streets.
vial army, and the lYdwal: lirigadierkwt |II < had fallen but the force was yet wjnontly (se hot evening in 'Atimi'-t All

J no time In be :inning the attack. strong enough to hold the gap. If he lien ling, was taken from his cell and PENSACOLAFLA.

lp the open he would late gobbled! lup could not carry It, he would! l>e dis brought in a roundabout way and with First National Bank

that: rlcletonjvg'iuput at a da-h. He- I graced.: Like! the brave man he was gnat mKn-4-y to the little city hall where :

hind a ruckg S-I ls'1Z: t"rrn: up ,, 'n took the one way out of It. :At high the general quarter sessions court dis-
7 TOV>--n--' .utum -- > business of the
i i the criminal !
with no way: to get at the i ii.riiy! exee1rt he cvlu.na'Iii!> formed ac.ua, pcnvfl

In front Tiis: sundus! : of men did and the brigadier: put himself at the county. OF PENSACOLA. FLA.Drn.EOTORBI .
"The pri'iier, securely hauilcufr) : to
"not ci'int.; .\t the sound of the bugle! I head of it. Officers groaned! and privates the sheriff! was trt'sht l :; into the almost! :: :

I they il.islicd forwad with beers) but murmured to see him there, but Jeitol ii>urtn>oiii anti n..rai-uo,1 U'fore
not a nun got within! f.\c: roil-i of the i he was firm lie l.-d in the dark--he tit sit '..l'mn lie wig i; ,; "d and mKiilier at. WM. H. KNOWLES W. A. BLOUNT F. C. BRENT, W. K. H YEN Ji

\val! <;ra
tore the lines; to pieces. It wasagnln trlt..1 mounted It aud cheered his men in tn! !"l. hi- ftxa si i 'iint. the tit'l ".'k;: of the

; and agnin. The orders were to i Cslit; which won it Hut when it was court, tt... -Jjerilf. Liton ..1"lo1tiaan.I
my ani'tiir., .I..lm :Null:e. omijiletivl the D mnU io tX Aau S t ad g
he ifli SIWe
dead break and thniic'i wounded: the rap.would .\he thousand a hcp won lay among retired the less dead than and half thet'Mifederates a eoirt' t."IIII'"lH"I.I.. | sip a 9 y

1'1" attarsy ;:"n'rul in a few outwitstaUl
the information l 1tI111H mile to a third wall. Two had '
price to >e 1 days the 1'it.... e'.lti.I'U''', und afterexhil' .
the other end. .lrilury was Iroughtforward passed, and yet the 1'eilerals bad nut ; ';iiii! the ku'fcwb'uh the =!i.rll! ...
t" batttr down! the wall, but broken through. Then another bnsru'.eJcsithc : : swore h" *,:;d foqnd [iu Stejilwn Van .-. ... ; draw oar: own Kills of Exchange; OE Ore-it Britani '

It oouM i:.it le -placed! to adxar.tnse. marching up, and tin re uas another 'lit t'" hia--.. i..,:nl his e3.s.. The court, .Do Of nnanv. France. Aa=tn&, Italy Holland, Hp ata:: h-nine.1r,1; -

Ti.e: |p'wi's had i-iily tilTH fire oncu I brigadier to tike command Mr- tl:'umah tli- M-si.iu.s! jtl-tif'>'. n-knl the 1I.u..bu"I.. .*-i> li(>iilil con-ult us, nwr way 8wi-Ien, Denmark and other European coantner.j .
I nr* UK\\ IAium> nut KC\TKK: >;.
, .
wheal their! ..n" ,'" lay dcid .ir {woaml saw the situation as the tI'-a.1 ;,'m cal [iriiii \ ,'j=el* Diabarsel the Mo-r ,
Favorable ,
had IHJU'l-l store.tvsUpsrtsofiii.' rMv. Wearw \>rilnejuantwl upon Ter.r: a
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