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.In aid to the commaudiug {'iK.'ral: came iritlll | I -- -
"' 4 MI fr tl.r /y?" .hl"I" h'n 1nr'rtt1"n
I".1\ ;
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::: down tlw nud. He bat! loco a'arhunlfllhnr
: .1 .' \\ ilr.ON.OLSKIMcMCO. toe |I-n) wt bronchi to Llm. of role om.r.s :at West:' I --THS- a
RmRDm ijf ij I !
'flft' I...,.. ....I tht'! 11:1': wuuFl. wake up 1'iHiit. and henIxl! up when be recognl 1

flee UKflrtt wi!... and mil.led. fut Into 1 /'-U hi!* frivntl. lie toM us that hei (''Just Minute : i\\

%.|.|.1U'. TV IIl'I't tut-L ;Jumi; placed, : i had KOO-I: news; tl.-iit there bad: been asharp a Citizens National Bank

;L. ..ti the Lo.,.*-'* !urk an-! after the Ho I! cJii..vriiK'Ut! ; with the iiK'iay Ute 'H They l Must Go. + |
!lit' \In tV' atmo-iibfrf.
'i-l "!\
"? > daj 'Inform and that our llCUlh badeaptund
;j ,
of tine to remind
,. your please' : you In
E .-d) n tout\ wniM-rviult t ai l 1.111.1Itlt' '' a
.r l.UWJ pri(>Jjtt'l'i110: httd JustpntMd of how well ju '- IT
.. ., fid of :a cactus pUnt. ;
flf tbei the ln-Hdiruiuiers that moinlngon we can eerve 1 hsv recei\ed notice to vacate [}I OF PEX Af(''tlL! .
\\- it (b.pc'k..1! blo'-t.I' ti:\ one &
thHr way:' to th* rear.-9t Ixmis in one .
I you my present location< and not har1ng
of ther ,
i .i.k.-0. what !I" ttioivlit; '" n
S SALOON: : Ti! > uibtiou lultle: -Uemucrut 'y'e txirticnlar.Wehave any other store iniew In j{I:
.vM'ivl now. <| I r.
: J.J Y made a m wUicli to continue business. I [L}II L. HILTON GREEN.PRESIDENT.. JOHN. PFEIFFER,
: I ii.MlkliCi.in torn |pal'- Tosecurrtheorilutal witch hazel I .
regular study am compelled to close out my CASHIER.'
I:s a 1 so-'l '1r5*.' I'e answcn-u.. I It salve; : a;>k for DeWitt's Witch HazelSalve r of at coat one 1: nm p.1 T. E. WELLES P. M. HUSHNELL: '

I antI ( hi M"'e r" 1.loomln 'igh.: "_ I t- well known a certain cure I 1 i subject, and ENTIRE STOCK C \'Il'E-PRESIDEST. ASST. CASHIER.
IP" i I \11\ t.\ Lipn! J Ciprs. antiiu.-tou; .. Mar.In fur piles and skin diseases Ieu are the values we m ]

of worthless counterfeits. They are i Lave to offer 0' 1 DIRECTORS! :
IADKAHPECIALTV.llonal: Uilmi.i "iBiirei. dangerous.; locals PharLnacyJno. C CI h
you on that TT. E. WELLES.VM.. FI HER. RX1.: .
...::'t"At H.A. .'1.\ I La-..i. Fardr| : ..f Harrington, I SJieppard H. Kahu_ ; account are I LADIES'' AND CHILDREN'S' I C[n] of E. E. Sauaderi & Co. s

I h Ii! -, '* In- "u- turt-d ofrhrouic what d
.0' ''itiM ?( I l'itir\ --tuinlin; by 1 Pu LEV'S I Add to the beauty of your :!; :- -4-' ehunldtnakeityour Is |J L. HILTO\:BEX.
r ,/tee j. ,isF'ttKI II. It.t 'MI 'F\K I It irivM |1'u itivei. home by buying a few I busjuebS!. 35(10(> ES, (IDS! S SHOES>> > ,
i. h.f f null t-M'Miif) anhuia ?'o this l -
look mto.F.
p\5nl 1 Nd i,.... wi. "- I il.b'.d..f all it-i teirorbv this atMarstonFinch's -;..... Our special Trniis, Valises, Elc; f fc h 3 General Banking Business Transacted.
framed pictures .
? .."it nuifJy.. .Fur tale byV.A.. subject w II r.. 1

BankEHHACOLA. 1\I"II\, _r:!,, __ I ; UI c
-- 11 \VI:: A FIXE ASSOKTMKXTof :: : : n
Irrry Uutrr l ..nfrrrnrr. I --i h'me and Medium Grades all \ Vessels''r Accounts Handled on Favorable Term*, ExChange -

"I MI anwit a r,al L!,h: you are only I iI I iI egulatf Dinners Every DaySpecial U fll] for thePRret iummtrTrHCt:! N1'lrs i. recently< bought f[t!n
Bought and Sold Collections
.. "You I I u ,
a in -taii n."MMtb: 'fiyinfMi. KN W BR i iGENERAL

FL. .1".1. ".t4> ut+S'r water ouly an hour ort ., ii | THEY MUST GO 0 QUICK f fIT u Promptly Attended To.ACCOUNTS .

J.i liTI'U l M1 4 ml) tln-n yon bare t'> Crane to the i a a'

w K HYKK.JH '(a.,. 1'1 brr. -afttr." PRICES TO f111RE [CIBCUNSi INCES.a 1
1 I: ar r l HKKNT: hale. I Nt y b T > [a
'flat'all rvh': r..l"rl.1 tlio a INSURANCE !
) M 1 ['I l d SOLICITED.
"\ "II or- only\ tin Itnltntion tIl'I. I II.m: a

:MIl / &&tw 1 N!>w B 1 A uiM lt ,1 nu M' live UH.I.T nut th IIf f* I It"aster |.>ng,T than you -AMD- I; I. GUGENHEIM I I(M .

: U '
l MI ThK .1.., c\\iJ.Jr'n. tta-hrs! u>n that ''I ;
I pi
DK fh...' '" tw dwell! In uatir: flmuM nut ,
I Real Agents 1"] rUOPIUETOK. | The Star
.. .
try tu I jHit n atefll'n! ; TriLtnr.ItNrMrpltpIlea : Orders, Laundry

I, .-Ise. .u. Nr.a .unaID. Ir.lao"1 PK !UOOL.\, nul.j 1 | NEW YORK SHOE STORE. \ ,
1 I I tyvt R.Itlrta )truly\ A I tt ..
"AhrlutmlMl. Ttfya N n In.llbln:; In
r sr wsllrlrar "huelnr,.+," ..ltlll.! .- fat man.ln't j 1S2s'2.252-cc.sc, S"2.9-52S2S2.52. I I l
REPRESENT TWENTY-TWO OF THE served all hours of IK li l m Ill if f lEflCollecting fl m !
t = ..*t t'rr+., N. Trre cad thirt \ It. tlnnr.fi; nK'nt'l| the LEADING FIRE, LIFE MARINE, i,:i -- --- --- -- ------- --- .

"...\fa..11 1.. al "'th..G Va,. l Iron man \"- nacFi &A
: Ju...t hmk U IIK. r..r lnstanrn.M : 1 ACCIDENT FIDELITY, PLATE the day or night at '
< 111 arid l..t om- <.f toy 1 U >t cu!'tMn- : .. 1 iI <
[it U..*. lor ;tent tn Connection err l last w,..,k I'.v :ao.Jr""lIll1) ,' a !letter to Reasonable Prices. < and Delivering
Mm, tut JJi.lin jn"" nr) I.luy.l. -In..jJIO.I..It >
for theU
"r rl..te' AplArtl1lflnt <
ITw General Art of tteSccieli EQnitable 4 i ilife' I, < ,;/ Laundry Work '

I 111.11.1 l I l l I"y-p-p-u Cure: iaI ''
II1} httatly 'IInll wlIlI.lutul rr.ali.. Assnrance of lie I (..ff i.="Lbl"-j": __- _, v ,, i is always done promptly' to y<>ar
I It k-l"+. i'ii tin iluf. rellt-f. I i-plej-iut: : ', '-'"' = order and you never {;et other peo
AVERY : > tale aul 1 t t- truly tl-e dyspejitio's' SEA FOOD DINNERS i __ .. '3-, .
I.-t 'Irnm.l. .:ay< Hartjerink: ; Daitei States.comt.:04..osm. i l _.... ... ,:.. a I'lc'dinf'n instead o( your own.Ve
pjf- = arc cartful in both handling and
itxt-riM.1.! Mich' Iiu -.I.< what youit -
1, 5 .' ('..t uot r.ul to furr. Har 'i- I / -_, -'"';d < ..- lauuderiiig your -hirt',., collarcutl*.

1 Y ', J i"i.irnucy. Jii". Slifptrd' :S.: Hahn .:NcE HOMCITKDULEGANT I A Specialty.Pro -?., ,, ,, -:-- <::: \ 1 t; ftc., .uid end them home looking;;

.- -- ------- -- l -0_ 10; t n a< guod as, new. our) laundry work

d- vare'to. 1 ;'. i H beyond rivalry, and i ij peerlt lu
: I II r,' ,
R? 4 I l : J its cxqui-ite: color and flni"l1.It. .
t \

.,,,,, ..., "' ,..,... k I J I NEW < ,. ......,,,, i s.fO.'..,c.' r I .

> '."" *,.!<.* 8lt., < r < :

t "r I t''llFtli tt1\t.r .l I UOf'\ .,'+ I ij ij ij ),j) I# (ij(::! .)> Ii q ij ij ij : -.,. "j-7'...vethe+'.;7-.Pudding. Do our an 'I. +4 A PEXSACOLA, FLA., t'+> ,, TELEPHONE..- ALL]! CALLUlJ t 14.:WORK ffOR AND DELIVERED C.?7 O.GARDEN D.FREE S7QOODS ,

raft 'ars. A r' "' May: 12th, ]1900.
I nouncementslook WALKER INQRAHAM" Manager.
kf ..4 H". I. -.. I =. tempt-i 1 i l'fllillfJTa1/ / {'O.GEXTLEIESTo.

... u._ I, 8 Rooms, 2 Stories, l ': ing ? \Ve try -
I : whata
say >
I .I to make them : ESTABLISHED 1883.McKENZIB .
'i n..1111.' i 11,1.VIOAIi ; o-.A.T-o v"I' so. But a pudding convenience my Gas Range ..............................r.
,. j -.I. was no has been to me in the past
.. .
Terminus of East Side Electric Car Line. {G.t to ntornintetxl'dr Le lookl'l three years would be impos & CO.'fo
,, ;
I ; !
II sible.
I! file' tyTI: at merely thanK -DEALIBB IShip *- 0

sd Lots have 137'.;-foot front on Stoddart Avenue I ; i i '*$ is our 8todCl It has only been repaired

1 tlllr rIlY1i by 200 feet on Thirteenth street enclosed I "d j|' 1' jf'J/Vffi i t',' do Suppose what you roawoul.111o"ith once has and then just slightly.economical It 1 Chandlery and General aatfdware f '

r tl by ornamental wire fence with juniper ,. / proven very AOS AND 605 S. PAL LF'ox tfrnl';. r.AGENOY .
r and
a perfect treasure during
the .
1.. a .. posts, and surrounded by choice I + it.CIGARS. the summer. .

I --:- Trees!.+-'- i iI 4 A? to baking it cannot be GALVANIZED WIRE ROPE, A. RUHWEL & bON'3 PUMPH.CIDTU .

- I +4 surpassed, and during all its Gsrdegi E Paiils! Oils, Itatlcal InstronaEtj!# Chris i b hrs, tkiuCOMPARES. !
4 4 I have had the
I u-e never
L<\GR. KTC.C .
I I IS COS 'fP CTED OF THE BEST MATEir 4 slightest accident.
'flll1 11rSL'() McKenzieOertinsCVilectiag Agent for liar 1'iloti' Benevolentciatiou. A+nII"
r I tt\.l'ip..d!: \ has and wired for electric{ lights. ] 4 Thinking; you for introducing ,
-__ Iti I+ supplied with water and is i piped for hot and !

i Sole \Wholesaler. 1 M ,'. r i.: t4.i, btth N m- and in kitchen; also\ wired for electric bells. :. 4 ; the Ga Range -

1, I am, very respectfully, i

r'.n IS lliiFAMILY '; 1*41111, 1 \, DlSIICI efl'D r \ ) n 110\1 : >K a :diurt cold floors.! All double,,' j MRS. JOHN W. BELL .

-__ .....::. boarded, with heavy water proof felt be- '' ll I I r l <"!!c tiny Capsules sre superior J

!! 14fIfS! s 'f'r r rl 1H! rsrits! i h i', .I K 'To keep it warn: in winter and to receive full beneQt of 4 to Balsam of CopaiU, I
Cvlclia? old InjectionThl.'ll.'UJ'c \ @
< '
t '1it# It S l ft ''H'e' .11111, :;;., WIIIJ lu summer has been studied to the fullest degree iu ,, i la 48 hours tLc
':IUI'.flll' ( l l. < :
4 I' O Uti' :u.' siae diseases' without anyiocoo-)
< WC'llfnl SOID81'IDRh'CGISIS f;
TKADE SOLICITED 1 1 1IAS( lnEX:\: F1NISHEI[ ) .IS CYPRE Only place in Pensacola s -..t.ts
... ,.. ..." It-- '. 1\"fl'IIOI < > .. as d.
I throullout Hall and stair work in
} ) l l \ ; paneling ,
.. ..... v .ta, 4 ..,,, .. ".,.' red oak: and: Chinaberry. The entire interior. where you can get 4 > .. ''
i I" U :4111' t Ill..h are llni-lied in hard oil in a superior manner. Genuine < > I I' .YOURSELF. : I
the Tampa f r 11 ir.Ir
Endorsed all Physician: as the ,
by "
ii -- < JI L 1711 E\ r i ; ii m-tii LA
--- ---
from adul IIWN I 1.' I" *
Kcer free
only absolutely f' ,. "MM
It.. ?
I Made < 71''
teration.: w .trln-
M wrlw.'r irf recent el, who mean business, may call "( "> ".t *' 'r "
i I a1 < Geo. Pfeiffer Agent Hold lil>r> |rl>l*. i
aur&, & t !n t n wD. 11"/ he0"1' through the house any day from 8 to < \I C L\. if r..' 'r i flub ir.fpri .

Iii. Itep a Havana Ciprs < PE\ COLA. ;' .( Ur wiit iTYail.M.rk.

- # < : Try IU 0 On Tap at all! Sate ,f
tf Sew and Clean -* - -- r
----- ----- -
--""- .
< -- ------
i I KKS!
\' ,. .. r.t n. lilt FrKTHKK: IXFOn [ATlllAI'PLl' TO OR WRIrEA. < SUBSCRIBE ,
-ToI !
..., .
\\ it. Itrt 4 :,

Y. CLUBBS j"'yy'V''V'yyy..v I \\l\llis \ H W t; ( *_; ID i njloot'ind d NEURALGIA; all dl'1lrl.u or :I .
& CO. Proprietors,, I r rl [ 9 es The TI..o ).dl.1 (v. ,'t
1: Do you play eolf if not. why nAH < a Btiaa..r, S... I(,:|. j jfur t .
Jl sorts of golf goods at the Wll (
I !S-aJ! '
Pensacola Fla. Tea Celts Per Week. BuokM
IVCUXMCYT STREET. ,,. ... 1 | Hardware Co.'s. Only -----______________ _J

.b, ,




A s -.. .. ... 3 n'i .. -y, ,!f :i .. ..f4. ..v+ .. < .



I'll THB DAILY NEWS : doubt, cause many conscientious' I GREAT i

democrats to withhold: their support 3
I I1 Entered at the Post Offloo al Penucola, from the Kansas City ticket. But
rIa.. a.l4ICuncl.-clm ma -r.Orricc .
those who voted for McKinley four '

r : Pitt Building.21i;' South I'ala- years ago will not do so now. An- "t

1 ontrtK.np-itatri.- gered and indignant at the action of f

1'L'BLIrtllKD BY their representatives at Chicago, i : SALE oar.IBfroin

THE NEWS PUBLISHING I 00. they, sc ucht to emphasize their feeling ': "

and convictions in that: way in
I Terms-lnvarlably In Advance.
i l>yO. but four years; of McKinleyism'his '
I On Year by Mal.,3.. <">
bit. Munlb. :IS"I '". etlecmally cured them. __ ___ _ ___ _-__-_ __ -
lBr Month*
Das Month 5"On While it i is in ,t measure true that
E i W....., by C rrl.T, payabie Monday III the silver question; as; stated in the : f tci *

} platform i*. practically the amp, on.
j i]
the surface, as in 1VJO, it present::; in
L. KoblUh tvi.ry KrSday! at'n.'n ir year the light of other circumstance:: und :

p p> tseefrrr. event?:a very different: a-pectwhen: ) i L
l ] JAlLI'
E TELEPHONE NO. 118.drerhsng carefully analyzed:; from that of 1 --OF THE--" : l !
four years ago. Nowhere have we
Rates Fcrnshsdon Application. ,
seen this feature of the situation I .

k Thin paprr l I. on file, with the more stronsrly stated than in the following i '
BANNING ADVERTISING CO,, \ : from the Atlanta Journal: : :: 111 S. PALAFOXSTKEKT.\ i
It that there will be
Eodicott: Budding St. Tanl, Minn., where nuwaremteertaln
r labwTtbm. jvcrturrs and other: nar noorKanUHtlonof the gold democrats la !
t Ianliu It and where estimateiijl to pi-rra '! tbe present campaign. The men who were = ==== -- I
- -

'f, 1 1 f fa1 cpuneptlcelutGENERALAOVHRTISING.t rfw tbia hne mo.active with element the Influential four democratic years ago regular In lore tbe already. and bolt will In of ( at a Great Bargain, I will Close it Out at EMI I. A N N OIL

uNiONI 5EL auppurt their ticket although they have
not changed their opinions of 14 to 1.These 1. must go in the next 30 day.
/ is + men and a great majoratyC those
g I
w bo acted Yo ub them Will take this course
? '
t tt PEKBAOOLA. JULY 19. 1900. for realize two that reasons.free silver In tbe U only first a nominal place they Issue ;, ''

i Iu this campaign whereas it wan by far lH( ) FORCommencing
t f DKMOCKATIC: MIMINKKS.I'r : the most pre*.ing hsue In lsi.! In the second Thursday July
place they regard: the Issues raised by ,
.-. Electors : imperialism and the trusts as of tbe greatest -
)BARNS of liuval. !i present Importance to the country and r
i J. Kucambla. I[ Involving tbe justice and safety of our _._ _. ...,
J.8. BK.AlUiof: ; ------------------------- ------ -
'f ; M.L.w1LLIAMSoIDeauto.W. II. Kl.l.lMof: Uad. that there are some things worse than free
1' is For Conjjreaii: I silver coinage at 18 to 1 1.We 1. sale in the history of Pensacola. Wo will offer oil
FIRST! MHTKHT-*. M. BPARKMANe do not mean to say that all the democrats -
1 p AuN1) uisruiCT-K. w. DAMS.is who voted for Palmer and Bucknerin :
e by attending the sale and replenishing
} For iovernor: ls t,or the vastly greater number who Great Roductioqstances

1 +'I W'ILI.1.tMs.JFNN1N6.-M : 1 ;. I Ml their party and supported McKinley at Less than New York Cost. a
will vote for Bryan and Stevenson foine at cost t
t. Fur JUKI let* of Supreme Court : of them, but comparatively few, 111'11btlll
i '# refuse to swallowrt] tot and will either
1"lt. Clto! H.CAIUEK.
For C.imp'n ller: vote to* the republican nominees or take to t Date b d This is a Bona
1 the wood. Several newspapers which repreented ] aid? Q 09lar( nearly.
W ...H. lKYNOl.l s. the cause of the gold democrat In : l eludes our Bid
i Fur Treasurer: 1 i I 1 lsi\ 1 have declared against the Kansas City

ticket, but they will carry a small vote --- --- -- - -- ..
) JAMKS B. WHIfFIKLli.For with them. : : =-= -= :. : Silks Table I

i For saw reIkry of State: 1 The bolting democrats of l W were a host.
ly ;' JOHN", UCRAWKt'RD. The II: .I"II iof them who votes fur Palmer Cambric Undoi\|
and Buckner were few by comparison to tbe
\llorney-Oneral: 1 Era
s number who did not vote at all. or went : vv-ner.
I M WM. II. LA MA It. over to McKinley. Tbe assurance that the

Y 4 E For Saperlnlrndenl I'utillu I nut ruction bulk of the vote which held the balance of I R.IIALLTelophono :
; power four years a.oill. be cast for the '
1 I si straight democratic ticket this year ; ; ttr. C .CCCC C CCCeCCC: rC!;. CC. C. ..r.CDON'T
WM.N.O; *!! HKATS.: ;
# strengthens very much tbe prospect of Its
.i For CnmmlMionrr. ol A {ricnJinre: tuee tlon. $ 193

B. K.: MCL1S. The only criticism of this plain, ; I sfb .

E f For Ilftltroait ConuniMloner: straightforward statement that is ; II I (;SET: "IX THE rut !r

r JOHN UMllKUAN. subject to criticism is the calling of : I : by failing to purchase y..U' ,() Tho only tli

t, ,. 1 For ItrprecrntatUec 10 I.r-KI.lalu..e: ;' the ticket the "straight democratic 1 ...,:.. r Canned hoop, and all "tl er '1 this sale P J II
lls i jl C.MORENOJO\Frt.: ,ticket..'' It is far better to give it its : t m / -1* are
kind of
;* from
/ J.EMMlTWOLFE. true name and call it what it I is;, a -

s .. Plieriff: fusion ticket. The convention, I 'F 1 Corsets and Col

i s i UEOKUK: SMITH.. known to be almost overwhelmingly! ; HENTZ It Coil

c For Circuit Clerk: opposed to the injection of the silver ; .. ij/t 1 contracts proven
i 1 M. MCMILLAN. issue into the | : '1
h ANdUs: platform deliberately ::
I 111): and I&: : 1Ea these alsoSTRICTIA
t t For Tax Collector: decided for fusion with its ad'ocates i ing
I I,
A.H.U'ALKMI'.EKTE.: as presenting greater chancesfor | :: -t Uoverumcnt !'tr..r.

I For Tax \Nfiillor: the success of their chief pur- ; ; Telephone ?61. .1 1TEltMS
h F 1 t W. V.KICHARIi.For pose-to win, with Bryanand; democrats Co'M!
i. li.i i d ka ,
of all shades of ;
( county Treasurer: opinion upon ,
,!. s j JOHN W. FRATER.f that isue can well afford under all :. ;:: :

,4'1s P' For County Judge! : of the circumstances: to yield to the W. B. WRIGHT COmPANY(
'judgment of the convention and do 1
:l I THOMAS R. McCl'LLAOH.For : : ... .I d, \\ Writ, I Inu.>|i I II
everything in their power for'the ; .
School superintendent: : (I \ MAM I Frt KKKANi': li| \l J.FHIN 1 I I I'.r.1-h Hut li
'Jr N, B.CooK. election of Br"an-the strouget; political : I lik- ,in.i* Htitr li i

F'I..t'l..r'-' Criminal Couri: leader in the country-and -
.. .
{t III win; I in I I
M, !'. BON J It..,\ rtp.\'ensoIl-thA most thorough and : : i ,
i j M I id ,w. tint. i
iI' for Jan!)(.' > of I ho Peace 2 A1 District: loyal of democrats. i ti .
.' r JAlit.eR.LAN DRUM. : : I Iti}-,. S SmDCTPEESSSEIMlK-Hlt-Dml&i.S,; f.y t "i !lo I' 'l l >iI

1'rwf. Chas. P. Curd tit. Louis, I J. .. .
I f.I; I.1'I
1i For Canalalde'tllirlrll'l" : : ; i !til r.11t.
U Mo., writes! : We unhesitatingly! :: attribute -2-- PF \1" > : .\ I. \ > I |I. .
t ; the recovery and continued .. ,
.. ; w .11' .II I'l ,
J i
tI r aunt) i Sur\rjor: good health of our little boy to : I
W.O. BK.CK. TKKTIUNA: (Teething Powders.,T : r
II r Fur !MetnlHTH !Scli...>l Hoaril: .- : I T A8gR R AS
Y Yoor
f \.n.rnBs, 1'SS.l'OI.'Y: Y.\Itll. ; G ( ( 'I, U\/\"tJ 1 'in i
A.T. BUiU.NT{ ; Jit. !
K.: WArb.e '. liberal Appropriations' Maill.ir'' Con- ;: CRn .:up :! : I'ZttIIrF i. .1111' 5PvIf 11.11
'1 lit n-ing .. V.ti i .1.,1: I. '
-tlao and! ,i"i f I
ap uc Iulpr's e111 111t. i 11t'/III fury
; : ; : .AU.E>} .\::; 1
Tilt: \1rummfor"otl':1I1l1: work, The naval: appropriation bill which ( : \ ; : I'osts little I HOME MADE CANDIESi at 1'1f:: FOIl/: I

f too and >:<>od work, at thlt-\\'ill: : pared congress during: the cloin, : / ; l rutt i j4 ; : : : ; ; : : I t.. vrmtl and i A M-I : \i n .
; for r.ryan\ aUlltf'I'U.o:1: tin- year hours of the lat ;ession.: carries tach<. I )tt.M INIv
OI'pOSIU.I; I10\ I.t 1'01.
ri i elli with it an app ropri lti'JlJf1.0'1! for SEPT.:PIOR Co'M.' __ __
ii..iiimum temperature I IIII' ii
9 \'( n-acola on Monday! the pith int.; repair and improvement* to the I ; / : i irdtr"li construction plan of the l'riacolztnavy : .
i de ree1)u< > the same day in.New : : 1'KNaAlMl.A: : t...
11 w.i >> ,( .. .n.l ,
t : .r
York city the Umpf-rature; was I> yard ; 17.\1.111:\ i for a hind pillarcrane J",. : I : W lo'n.II\: rsw"

aver li'tin the sort from 11 a. in. to ; Sl.tniu for construction and ) : 1 ; J: ",. i':(! Anr.orv. :, : .r5 'or Sijc1' S i All Ltqtit Mac r i I.i ,

t repair\ of boiler :iitid engine: room in .. 'oo-, .
i in the : I I'i.I I. tc.: ', .1
v several thermometers
4 I
1 in. .
1 p.
.. -
I' -- ----
? building No. it:!I!; *!,:.U) for' cou..trul''ttlln i *'; : goads. ; i i'I./ i. -t K ')i
t.had al-o rt'i"tt'fllI10\ \ Twentyl
: ; ;
x and repair\ uf Imiltr' room ill : :lm (reezer-. : OK CD: '\i'\ Y.: Ml SMAtil,: I It!
,; l l'rll..tuti..Jo" from te heat were reorted. I building:: 55sSl.MOfor; :! one clerk ; \ \ nf -" ""' ( P.p:::l akaF. .', "nllelJ .
|' In Chicago: ;: on the! same I iSl.uuufor one writer ; SUper:! diem for : I: 1 Hardware v. n'I'" shy part nf 1',.. rely j
day three death {from the heat: were one mail me**,.n.'er, inclii Iiti:r :Sun-
irraiiJ total of *-lMi47; 1''j;; be- ---- --- Th
day ; a : : I | -- -- ------ --
the for comfort -
recorded. Truly place i
iii s-id'es which
H f : a liberal I appropriation:
fI : | ;
mid-umuier iin the South.anil
I wam.ide: for repairing! the barrack
particularly in Pen....:-ola. of the marine corp at the ':If,1. I( i.I. -
I..i In addition to thi. liberal appro ."' i Q iij Sojjusoit 1\s'Sou. f: Q
II 'II ill:: Ihl'! luket.Juite priationhad: : previon-lv been made ] fQ

:a number of democratic for the ptircha-e of machinery and : ;: [' :
tool* and for the improvement of I M [
i ut''iHI'lIl.tr!. in the North a- well as the docking and coaling facilities. \ : )! : I I / (J/Ill/ JIl! >I I'rt. U IAlj2J\\ { ( \ I I
F b' in flee =+.-uth, have >i>enly dec'ared Carload, after carload of new complicated :

hostility to the Kana City ticket and 1 valuable machinery: is ; j 1 i.

I ='a and platform, and signified their intention tri arriving i indication at the that yard at and no distant there; iev-davth' I : 1 ) TT i ,

x to remain neutral in th' ,. :ambition[ of Commandaut 1C. l < :1 { l :F : )

&i coming ,conte of party-t. journal The proportion.lioworr that refuse navy W. Keiinger yard one to of make the beet the Fensacola equipped < l; 1 Shirt Waists, rfm l ,

naval stations. in the youth will be : .
: 1. (Oil) '"
8 to sanction: the fusion of 1VKU is i '
realized.Uev. .
: !
very small in comparison to the -------- : Choice for $1.75..g, 4 ... .... .... __ -I
1 >
r number that repudiated the action W. E. Sitzer, W. Catou. N. :

S. S (>l the Chicago convention and contributed 1'.. writes, "I had dyspepsia:: overtwenty : I ::: choice Suits
) year, and tried doctors and ) : \: Bathing value $4.00, choice
defeat fourS
I to llryaa's medicines;; without benefit. I was for
year: ap II. Thothat have thus persuaded to use Kodol DyspepiaCure ;; .. $3.00.

refused will do *o without openly or and it helped me from the !' : = i < ', choice Choice Line Madras Cloths closing
-tart. I believe it to be a .
the panacea
secretly advocating :: ;rpl\ft..J'
{ ticket. for all forms of indigestion.; It digests ; out price O'.jc'. yard. Ono Caso Yard W
other" They
presidential! : i
.rv t 1 any what you eat. Hurgis! Pharmacy .
,1 _. l fimply diclaim any iutere.- in the Jno. Sheppard, :S.: Kahn. | Domestic for 5c pc 1.,
matter, and-*ome of them at lea"tconfidently value 25c
----- -- - I closing out
1) the defeat of ,
,,1 predict t Ono
Cloud Hasa Caso Now Fih
t43 the" ticket November.. "Every for 15c yard. 'f'
13rr /Of course it i is the silver issue: 7c
r this salo, ,
e which has ol-'eratt'd-aot it did in liflti!\ Silver LIning. >
t -to alienate a portion of the de \ :! Jute: Smyrna Rug; :m, and .
; inches for 5c.!
t mocracy's natural supporters; and The clouds of bid Mood em-eloping 0 bb.In e t Bars One Case; Ma-onville Itleact '

r p y the i ittoOi..tetlct' of Mr. Bryan upon humanity have a silver lining in the shApe ) 'I Domestic. 20 Pieces Win

that .Issue. to the extent" of procur- of specific to remove them. It is Hood'sSarsaparJla. I' A Fine Soft Domestic, co tat
America's Grei&t Medicine, j''fC yard.
its injection into the platform I
ing > I
= : AT COST.One Ca- tot Brown Doraef' _
against the better judgment of which dff;>es out all impurities from the
1 I yard for 41.I'J( ). AU
!1, t many cf the etrortjren members oftbE' blood, of either sex or tiny age.r cur S2 and $3

I party and in fact, against the! -

f better judgment of a considerable a aii Ioljn0ou C & Bon.

majority of the delegates: to the national !! i Yours

I convention, will, without - Truly W .



i$ .- r -- ... . -
-- -- -- -' - -- -- -- r. '<' ---' --

I ,, .. .. .. .
--'".-.'" <:" 1; ; -4+"''VT: *+ it't' .:_ 1.t.0J4-t'



- --
- --
-- -
-1\...... f

f FURNITURE HOUSE. T M CPo PRICES sEt !: i! r PRYOPt r ml [ .i{

I Sewing Machines, $18 up. Oak Bedroom Suites, $14. up. Marble, Top Walnut Suites; S35 up. ', t
SALE! .1 cards 6-foot Sold Oak Extension Tables, S4.25 up. t:.. I", "1111 1
Mattings and Rugs all styles. Extra Fine Line Colden Oak and Mahogony Bedrccn Suites. I ;

R.1NCEa. O o. !. P Mai 1; m-9.\' ::: i [rKI ltS.

from $9 upMattresses, Springs, Etc. Everything Kept in a First-Class, Up-to-Date Furniture St o&. --- -

iCrs. .THREE BIG STORES !'.I Nos. 40-42-44 South Palafox Street. \\VllOlc Li a Ie 1;H oil l! lleliil.NAVAI .

-- ---
-- ---
1 I THK CRY COUNCIL.A heretofore. ordered by council stat- : - -- 1
ill; that: the city electrician was TO TRH- "' 3' /"
JAlllDAY & CO. lainii Session and a l.ar2f'lIIllUllt doubtful a,?, to what poles could be "
of liusiiiefts Trall actt"ll. used for the purpose and that the l

The city council held its monthly question: whether the ue of th. i
poles of corporations that have
last with I Hil-
meeting night;: Mayor failed or refused to pay their citypole
GRAND, Q liard presiding Clerk Glackmeyer at taxes could be used without
I'ALAI'OX\ I \ STREET.! : { I .a
his desk and Aldermen Avery, complicating the matter of the collection

o Baars Cahn, Christie, Green Hall '' thereof. The opinion of the
- - - - -- -
-- -- --- city attorney on the subject was
Hays! and Pfeitfer in attendance.
read, and on motion the selection! of

public Chairman safety Daniell and Comptroller of the board Morgan of- the the poles chairman to: be of used the was board referred, and the to j

were The Minutes
'. aEMiANNUL[ present. mayor under the advice of the
I"K :\L" 1 will Closo it at corrected!! of the and last approved.A meeting.; were read, attorney, with power to make such city

)i ni the next 30 day. ---- -- --,--.- __ -::. communication from the mayor arrangements or contracts! with
J --'-- pole owners as might be legal and
-- was read
o-- transmitting information discreet.
concerning the various I

I FOB CASH = health procure the from amount the appropriated state board attemptsto by of submitted troller The financial for and the ordered report month of of the June comp-was I s

1 lay July 19 the legislature for the quarantine follows, : as
plant including the report of the i
City Attorney Jones of his trip to PE.NSACOLA Kla.,July l l tb, l\14X1.'\ : FANCY TWIST !
To the Hon. Mayor and Council, City of
9th Jacksonville in that behalf, his hill
Commencing Monday, July for the expenses thereof amounting O..ntlt'men-Below 1'enbacola. please find ttatement Sold by Sol Cahn & Co., Roberts & Dailey and ,
to $27.25, and his
recommendationthat of Receipts' and iMsbimcnients for the
the amount offered in settlement month of June, lulu, with a detail West Florida Steam Bakery.

hIs',) of Pensacola. will offer our Entire Stock at by that board be not accepted ; also ttateiuent a comimraliMi tne expenses>>l .!teluent for of the the month Floating -:: -
I ry We which ,
report was receivedapprovedand llebt oil June "' .
;ami) 11'IlId\ May "Ab olllt. l'ur. 'e<> say! : a local broker of AI..gX'C.lntli.[ :\ -*, and he
filed :aLI 1WM.
and the bill
paid I (.'",b In treasury Ma :31st. I'.xKi further averthat ALLKX'rtCandies! are the fir-t absolutely pure candies
.t; tho salo and replenishingow Great Reductions, and in many in- and on motion a committee was pro General fund ....... .. )_. t I'.KIi:: 8.: sold in ]1'en-aeol.i: in fifteen year,. I IA
vided for
to meet with a like committee PoliceanaOrelund.< .... 5(r..' I U:
York Cost. of the board of county commis Street fund Y9I5i I :;

stances at cost and below cost. ;;:ioners to prepare and transmit I The lnterrstandnulkmgfu I receipts forth" month d-. 1 uo-l Ss, ..l :so: A DISH OF

formal answer to the proposition; of of June! were as follows:
Fide Sale and in- the board. The From licenses .. _....... '
is Bona mayor designatedthe IX !Hi / Bcl atcfast
This a Taxes. _.... ..
v.lrtu\ la I
b ald (Jarly. committee to perform Fines and pound fees 7,;.:j an' l I BREAKFAST f f l FOOD
09} } Black Goods Black the said duty.In County road tat ofl-W, bal Lift\ 77 fee
cludes our the matter of oonrplaints against Miscellaneous _.. ID :"""UII.t\13\! 1 { a

the management of tit. Anthony's I Making I *iy.V\ ", 2U 1 II *Y \\' mi
Silks Table Damasks Ladies'Cambric Hospital the mayor submitted the The disbursements wre as I
opinion of the city attorney corres- I follows: band
Accounts pax-able. ..... .. t (Sji.71 :U I IInter".t
pondence with Dr. Warren K.; Anderson Postum
::$> Cereal
Etc. ,
Underwear oo bonded drbt. :?r>! ;ou-tA.5j.'i;; M:!
and statements from the city 1

undertakers end recommended that Balance cllb In treasury.. I \\1VM ::1'1 _pack a. i nrnsTiTt'TE FOB COFFEK;, '
-vv-ner. Tins
the matter be further referred to a itai dinlributedas -

a committee for complete investigation General! fund follows..._:. ._.... .5 5.KW:: u$ One cup Ralston Breakfast: :MAKES .\
R. HALLIDAY & CO. and report. The recommendation Police d fire fund. (i,' was on motion, adopted, and Intersstandstukt { land JT4 W>"Ill6u':! \ &
Yr rv'1'.. Cl'C 1'CICC.I.CDON'T the committee on harbor and sani- K\PC58k9JCNr.:' : l I'.H'O.! persons!in --there package.are: six full Breakfast Fit for a Ith( 9.
cups every
!8 Telephone 193. 33-35 Palafox St. tation was designated to perform this Uepartmentof Police Protection Public Safety Sliced dates and Ralston
duty. :
........ I
Salaries Breakfast Food make a -
9i "'"'- The mayor also reported the pro- and 1'ollce Deputies ..., ....11,11- w dessert. Our Little AN IDEAL BREAKFAST-:
i! i'.KF: IN THK: ,MM l'flt ceedings of the committee to cooperate Btalion house expenses .. !a2iu:!
n The only things excepted i in with the Young Men's Business Patrol expense...... If::! 1/:1: Book of Ralston! Rcc.i s"A Howl of Grape Nuts; ,
,' 1.1.11"1: .. I potcha.P your i1 League and Chamber of Commerce Feeding prisoners .. .. IM :\>* tells of f other dainty dishes. l lA

runes.. H" tn'>4 auJ kit oilierkti"l I j this sale are P. I). and Thomson's I concerning the revision of the. census Block Rents.pouud........ .. eipenses. ... .... .. 48 I so M coupon in every package Crisp Roll, I It
hs' II fl of the city and recommendedthe !I Stationery' .......... ... .. :5ll-llMH 41 t :secures i a copy. Fine Creamery Butter
...... ..
I'( (r ni of Fire Protection: FOR SALE BY

,. r9 Corsets and Coats' Thread. Our as fixed payment by the thecity's joint committee proportion alarienof ploy! Chief. and....._fm...:...... 1Iio.1 ROBEhTS' & DAllET, A Cup of Choice Elect Coffee

IIFTTO:t i / l which the expenses of the revision received, |tII.2.'ij; Telegraph and repairs alarm, renewals. ..... ...... 41 12 218- 1I K. Wright Kt.
from includ-- report was and
( contracts prevent us Rent of truck and 156. i
J ,, :1 adopted, and the amount appropri houses... .. ._ ..engine..... rests;; Telephone
r1 ated. Water rent .. ._ .. rv.+rr7 t ,
*' al..1| 1 U. ing these also. The mayor also reported progressof Incidental expenke*.. _.... .. W f>4'I,5.1111lbarltl..s ;;
f1 the committee to purchas,, *new Salaries I of .1
,1 .-! U.'., iiiittM Hlf\ .-l :., hose, trucks stating that they had I and A. ......physician. : .. .. ..:..,.. $ "*> TERMS: DF SALE been ordered and were expected to Medicines -.. '" 17v':5;
Fl.pAu 1" i1; Transportation of paupers. ;5 j 10-I 7i:! 1 5))
arrive early in September.The I I ,
... __.. new standing committee on Total Dept.of Public Safety I f.:''\plInept. tYi I
STRICTLY FOR CASH frauchie3 was appointed by the I .of Public Works:
mayor to consist of Aldermen Streets repairs _..... 13II: :"t l lHtreeti
cleuninii 4'" i5
W B, WRIGHT COmPANY I II I Green, chairman ; and Alderman : l Streets'. ligbtinij: .. .. .. :.TJ Si
Avery and Hays.Alderman 'treetsdrainage ., ..__.. 2uij; :JtJ)
\\v will! Utitnler > '''ir -i>readfor I It WOULD iou Crossing) and sidewalks,
Hays! chairman of the
., i i.tvh mid make them look renevtulsnnd repairs .. .. 11 :!5
i > special committee to whom
was referred -'
<' 'ii''-'A.t&r: t Laundry.: i "Kewers.cKunlng and llusliI -
I I the ordinance requiring !spark" I' ing .. ;iii!> (", I
j For 60 Cents all (tiRrba;... rciiio\nl and disposal

Arresters: on vessels, trains, etc.,
LUMBER LATHS 1:1: r.itu: I: TIKK: :*. j I .. ..... 1.'5 i iii''
operating I within the city and harI I'ublic
J M il..w. .,II fit. Ruhher TIMto Buy Inferior TEA, when I lbor. reported that the committee expense buildings* repairsand I II I -',I
.y t'did.I ajJ'it INV had held a public meeting to I Burl",. carte Iud l tools
J lSS: !p I\GLtt! K KiiC; OrSIi3! CsS. yon can buy our Choice procure ren.repairnndrtpeuev HIM

1 1,1\:, in tirki-iii :and try iuil win Blond Tens at that price>f'- information and submitted a sub | heed (if -twk! uU 4'i 5", P
V I XI :, thi totcimlcr r..fri\.r.tnr stitute for the ordinance, aNo an 1 i Parks and Muarc'| > ;1.1'> im'
I :amendment to the fir-t section of I -
w ,lr..m..II'.aw.'y-J.I U.: I K.rI 1- ': the original ordinance. ii i Total I'ept.' of Public M orks! xi. .
; I Iii-lioioiM Bradford: wat'rn: (-too i< ''I '1'hebnrdufpublic safety through 1 i! Dept.nf, lienerul i\pn: >es: 7S444. e
I I; Sul.iriHS of general oHioer,.! !N> W
from llreiitwoml; farm :
na ice at (oar its
M. TABARRA.S submitted a report ofi f ; 1..1-:111. : l expHii-i-s 75 (MI
}> 1iwl ( 'UJSIX'fJITndd Lotsspecial ilfl 1 1'iee factory. ,i a committee of the board on the extension ;- i stationery ........ _,.. II 1 of water mains in the wetern ''Incidental" exp'-'iiaea..... .. l1.1tI :
., : -
l if 1'1' 111,1 bargain sale
I ---
J.I. Stephen* haa large: a.urtflJtont : part' ol the ('ltJai per the pets !
I I. I > ,. flf Solid Silver uudn" I of !!' Total! U"pLef General Ex-
/rug 4''forylof'kill.tod.' Sterling: tion citizen*, and recommended| .. .
I "'K. rN Knives.: Forks and Spoon\ ( thE! adoption of the same. (On inn l I..n.e h t <' '
r rut: i FfJ/UfS: : STOliK.lll.V :.
IRE CANDIES )I'ept.of Health:
I the
I non matter was referred back to
the board!, to extend Ka'ariroftnpectors ... ,4 i j')4'\)
Ask : the of Its
for Tickets scope '
.. on
\ t i'1'1' .j I iz.! n'!-tin'.ttion:: to embrace the entire 1'toI8111'-I)1. Health 1' Ia1GHliS? WARDroR iJAiTY

41M'/iD t "I'IU. rust -- Silver Pitcher at Trainer's city, and report a-5; to the IlPf'Jnf ,,1'"tllll'IIIO'n.('. JUIlt'.1I!,sI. $j,: ,.
. '
-41.. r'V l"'rJt.. N ;.P I! : :: i in. .pian? : ,o i, r- other -fCtlonthereof With respf-ct; J t.\lI'Airl"t.I hTAIFMEST OF H.OVTI'..
o iir- <>l th<*! >nni Soda
;; ,; s Fountain.
i i j io t thiS" rxt''n.i"u ol the waterys
i.itnti f Hill IM r* IM>llIi HT.: :
C A. '
i ilrlil e ntrutt tl liy I Agents.
Items. :
Jum- )
.. .., ii I.IIMWJ.) May. :a.lfI \"" ,
\ "I! ,. .. i i, fhebPatL4. .l'u mowers at rwi-oti-: I Ch.'kinn.in: Dinidl of the !board| | < -taudiiiK scrip flZWW $1.21 I!< i<<
> .rn..4 t-\ able tinWilli< Jlardwaie; also called I flu. mutter of,f the Interest. on bonded
priceat : up
ri'- _
l upturnIt I 1 IJo FOFtOld
f *' h y A debt! ,.. aSit+I V,7 .'.'
I' I. -' : iii-w ti i the tir- alti .
; tiyti'm a- t''oI-acola hater (' .. 1.144:8:

___ ________nn ___ __ _ ._ ____ jl'"n.''fln .tia. Co 0 liv" m:, W,711*"" jj; Quaker Eunter: and Parole Rye Whiskeys.
-- ---------- h _ .. ... ."...n..u.r.. '..x. .".. ...-. ,

4 n %r1/. $. I\.i\.i 1: ACfiiuuis Jails psynbh pa>'ableTotal l 1.r.t.5115! ::1Q to: 15.5it.IICe:! !:.) *::D Chesterfield Bourbon Vhisiey.i .-{&

4' .W4fi.....-.1 i. *-K'\l11I! :rI.I"r.::-\ ,6',' -

$TAt(: tt..f tit TA\ ,. i i
rtH.LF.rTH = --I'IH'I'd..d
t..r"1.! !
FopbBB < MK 'n
j he < !STOKKS: ;\ltKtr.:
"' Cull.t.dII: ; :ilst. l I..
June .. .. ...--s.I'.-)I l'-./ Alili-fiiiii (Calm i.v.\" ".-,' :.... .,' rio'> I>p..r'f'I lal11 for The .Nrvri" tij '

Kalance, uncollected nt' :p.II4s.1 D 1'l1 71 1 j' iiitr: >i'iiicti.ii.? bug: rtfl'I"| "t.i, '.n "[11/-/ :Me,>t>rn. A. M If"'H 00.
Allot which ..A re-p.'clfjllv submitted' nutcraurhnrizin!! !: Win. M.K-iiiiif.I: ., ;
A Son with lt'u..rnllotrJ.tI.: bilioci.?.111110'.111I11.: 1 >. : -tati: "n (', ruin tr.i-h 1, recpt'i'-l-... .tc ''i R'lHIX.
t, .o.1. :MOK.AV, ;, .. .. I W W ._ _. .
f. ] .11d rului {11iv f call! uUci.tinn" in" J7 H II i.
ijM( 'IIII..ru.'f'r.| I _. ', __
\VO i I 1} !
the unliwful( ilunij-inu; :: of trash bythe j is.* .... -...-............ :! .tI f ..... ...__ I 1 4.tl:.
I The comptr'dler'ir; ; "! therrePipt cityart: in front of certain IM I -i'' K ._ .
iAKGAlNS t ( fa ss-i '
( MONDAYTHAT ,'f a |b-itf-r fr"in :Mr.1 Win.Kiher .dwellingrelerred: ; to the board nf.pnblk : K .._ ._..... .1I0.i u _.i.-ii
I I .... .
attorney! f'-' ,i tli-: ('i.. rnjiii' ..tiiu: ( th> ill1- i',' Aldrmiu: Avry cal'r-d :itt:>nti,.ti 1 | HPIRITIJ-Tt'a'--. 'ifl.-fl'.I, 0"Dtl.

SPEAK FOR THEMSELVES. mediitipayniH; >t..f t' .. (.j'\'"'- note i to th" d.iTiirT: f bur-tin, :; of th- drain:1
and interest ;_:'i\i-ii -n ;pujment for the in the Patode; of I'.iJafovtr: .-et: | See hose I window iicn-
: I l paving: l'. lif"\ -tt-et: ; which wa j jwhil" thn rt'pur-titi the wet-id- i's! S
\\ it iSh SPECIAI&& referred to the f nice cnlllfittte.Coniptrnller rain ar-- in progre--; : fprr -d to1I i _
1 :'l 1. r"--'in al-o agnini; : I the same hoard. If von wi-h, :anything. in the way I
: ; I
is .
4 called tilt uti'iti": : council t.1 the 1 A communication from tli" city atI ,..f kiteh"a furniiing!J pood',, iro to r.

." .. .. ." fact that hiftT'' to collect thetaxe 'itoiney I e'iueerning :a petition coin'ipiaining the Willii; Hardware; C 'V. J I
< from owiifiof electric! wire
of obstruction- rise -
Imyi -- -- -- -
poles hud: ( proven fruitless, and on I j i front in the! vicinity! of Wittifh's"'I glue :serge; ; :quit *7 :
|u ,"' t t. vnluo $-1 1,00, choicetor :,-:i----- -__ _---WE OFFER:--, ______ motion;.* prompt it WH payment- terninfd of thee that tax tinIP ,-I' I i,, recommendation wharf wa rptd.n that 1 till that nr.tttr oflicer'-: beI Jacoby-- -- --- -- t.

$3 00. was made IAn211t 1 1. the matter I referred to the city marshal: for investigation I
o::':: -:::::- -. .__ h_ .. _- ..:....- ::_:=::= -_ -=-=- _0 be referred: to the ('itattnrnp\' for i aId report wag! adopted lu. jut received a large ,
) I ,c Madras Cloths closing the commnc mel: tof legal: pro'ceedmh' Alderman Green called attentionto I i .
;:< to enforce collection.The j ; nhipmeiit; ( of genuine/ 1
Ono Caso Yard-Wide Bleached alleged violitiuus of the city ordinance
One Case Scotch Lawns, beauti- committee on ordinances andengro.ing
prtco) O'c yard. requiring! [ hotel1 etc., toi ; tl.OHlIt.C.S.. hVKlT(
( reported several ordinances provide ,uittble: fire re- (,
Domestic i e-capes 't'
for 5c per yard. ; ful designs, 10 yards for 35c. ready for final action which i :i ferred to the chief of the fire depart >guaranteed: ali.ulutely ,'
( were read anddi-po-edof: follows:: meat for and
25c out investigation report.
10 closing One Case Au ordinance prohibiting spitting; I Iou A communication from Win. Kirk pure and which he will It.\
New Figured Dimities : ; One Case Shirting Prints; 10 '
the .
I public streets etc.-pa-sed.: I I, protesting against the action off : I
I sell for '
An ordinance
: the prevention of f council at a pm iou" meeting again
7c ;
value this sale, 5c per yard. ,: yards for 36c. cruelty to children and animals: | his. claim for relief concerning, { certain :'0 ('I.; ts A (>AI.I.U\. '.
\ with an amendment to section -I-I claimed by him wai :
.. | property -j
Jlllr ,1aWrlfha Mil", .' and f. .. - '-'':::': =-- ---- ) amendment adopted and ordinance> i i read and ordered to be received and / Ju-t think of it!
It.t.... ,iu passed.An filed. I If "
rs MMt'.- V.*..tl VI.II. 111.-1" ,I ordinance authorizing the f .,| The council then adjourntd.' Phone )M f ). ''. i;
'. Pieces White X-Bar Muslin at 5c yard. Yacht Club
ittmi per Pensacola to erect a :I - ,j -.
V ,I". *.ft .iMBMttr r I'" _lar.l wharf and club house etc., with an 11 I I Your best friend can give von( noI Cleaning ladies -kim and waists -"'t

'''f' amendments-amendments adopted I ,, better advice thun thi"For\; : impure j i-one of our specialties star Laun- .'. :
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I. I ,1 t .U All our S2 and $3 Crash Skirts while they last, $1.35 disposed The following o4\: on their;: ordinances second : were s I nerves take Hfod'- i-:.parilla.- --- --- ';.t.

--- An ordinance to amend reading'l I Blue :rierge; Huits i fT.CO_at t-tone'.. "Rader is certainly -
250 and :231 of the code './.
ASon.\ amended and referred to committee Delicious Bradford watermelons!! goof to me- He

Yours W. J. & B. FORBES. on ordinances and engrossing.An I I from Brentwood farm.on i ice atl.trfield's : sells me Furniture on the

Truly, ordinance provldin;for !spark! ice factory. easy payment plan _




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II:1i.l tlf-ni In-yond uHBdurv.Gently. !. Kidney and Bladder of IDwntpnlk Why, tin-re's nothing deceive 3'ou in this. Counterfeits liutatinv-i; : ami'Jnstas.gootl" .p'

i $1.09 $1,25 $1,50 $2,00 hut1th flslon., as one'' PRICK SOc. and$1.00. new! Lately in !some an k-nt Egyptian are hut Kxperinicnts, and endanger;; tlluThthii

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their! dau;! :<' 's' anus from their shoulders Atatne.e, Milomoa.Throe sort of telephones!" You Have Always BoughtBears

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t GLOVES MlfS: BATS, )MASKS: 1 I' that ,
BALLS AND UNIFORMS. fore hate uv rvfiiM l a ""IUl-tot of the other two, but wich: I luetstvO!: that principles of ilam,nrs wlrtKssraphy. ,> tek'g-

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J. CLUBS, IALLS. TEE PAINT pcoji'! as to year aiji*. For the tnT that the woman hall I* killed. which! haw twkinged to the same -NO ....T.O.. C.......... TO ..".... .T.nT .rw ..... ,....
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AND CADDIES.: I move on fur t>'. for every time the people iLaTtfT; can h'! F&tisfVvtvitly !!(.tu.>J." 9 >em no bigger; and no less vivacious" ----- .---

r of one I jJ'Kvunld;: 1 N-jrla: to suspitt Ho tii! talHil; fur a large t"rpJt wine, today than they did when they first'' Stork' to 1:18 Pout.When .

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+r!,-t MARBLES[ TOP: BANKS AND slet"tivt'1y. \\V Lace submitted to this W\l.'. the woman nn"..Uly U-gtin' to ftnlt' tie 150 years old and the age; of the of the battles roar. .\ Ih'rstin c

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Games. \ absolutely n-fusi-!" and Ijor lhftlx checks wore an l dh.-a- China Is to II'*> counted by centuries, if uh'ch split /Us skull so that one !side

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I Chers, Checkers Cribbage, "No." o.ntliMwxl II f. l'aieh thejnda' never feel safe: without
} r Dominoes, CU" Tip, Poker Chips cvk-brate! Cough;.: Cure in the hou-e. Itaced" for ammunition! bo tan t.hi:> uiJ |"Ia. rand
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o Harper's Bazar.ECLE11.1ILGiiISG: IHT! from tin 1'VU11\.n. This! man.however. take, harmless !and gives; immediate in hisy.js.. Then he fceetned I /

Hook*. Line, FloatsSinkers. Rod.. 'bo.1 no Inclination! to
al I I Heels, Pole*, Hit Bufkets. Ln*- HUMO1I5 mil the Judge!;: UW"'UlIOI1 Lnslstrd: } ard, S. Kahn.- ---- --- for him; and lie wiilked: an ay I and lay I II Importi. 'i .. 11''. ai to
1 ttr ket. Cat :\et.-. lira-l Net-, Btit that IK' renounce el! rights to tn>r. This down and dieil. The officer declared .I .

3- Nets, Grains and m;-. l'illlplt-s Cued l-y IV 1J r.r.ottleii he willingly! did! mill so did\ I the .M.-ondr.ui'.i. aIOUNTAlN MINT that it was a broken l heart that.\ killed Chinese and Japanese w .

.'rte uf!''efer Only one claimant wtu now left. him.-Our Dumb Animals. a" ri" ..I .,'
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D Skin I'ch and Bum .cud.nIM
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l Ditrei.is Eruption,* uti .be Skin [soyou THE BEST TONIC! a4lrr.. Iu It I VI'.HI
I Nficd! that IK was her real hi'.Nband! "She has been talking: about writinga : FINE CHINA TEAS. Mal4ay.. Ice .. \
IL L $I.h( )I. fjI! ; ). H I1 Oil. f'i :u. flt'' ), feel ashamed to be :seen in company tk! jTnl,' called him. and sakl: "You novel fur years." said! one woman. .talc.. _.... 1110'" .
? Do scab* and Scale! f.nm11 !1! .\o.H South' raUf.it Hlrrri .....,. ..... ..
f .Ofi.W15.W( and *2jio.Soleo ::; the Skin, Hiir or Scalp? Have will n-'t It-I sorry for: acting: in this! Why feel ill and irritable! when abottle'of "Yes.! answered the! otherbut I ..., at ...._ eo rto." '4.
: you
anti Dekko Paper Developing Eczema e*Iin;: :Sore and Cracked:' n-anner. Have no fear for )'Iurtfl'. Mountain Mint Toni: will don't think she'll ever get It completed Laundry Office TKN-A\ h i .,.M.....,. .M.I I' .

Powder Toning: Solution, Card Rash form on the Skit? Prickling state: !'Ii'lIs' in no danger;; of death. The make you well and strong and She bas: followed) tlio plan of those 111.i.a..4ale._..!..ll N.U' ..

Mount: Printing Frames.: A H C Pain in the Skin? Bail? Pimple-? li'ltior hh she has drunk toss orc'.i-: bright and cheerful authors who study their personal' acjunintaDres l*., HI| | .
t Developing and Printing Outfits: ', Mountain Mint cures; indigestionand $=GOLA= t'! a"Ii, ,o, t".. .
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Bone Pain*? Swollen: \ JrintFalling r.nryIn('. and the i iv ilvr wbkh I (; for types of c!! aradef. i *m .. ... .
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t # Dry PlatcFilms, Etc. Hiiir? All Rim DOWL? :Skin Pale? pounxl into it was nothing but brown drives away that: feeling "Isn't the tnethod: a :good one?" I! I !I.. In .,. : ...
Old :Sore? Eating :S..m t'lcert. sugar" It tones;summer up the entire system and ":\ot in her (11-. When her husbandretues Grist and Corn Meal Mills
All thee are syinj:\toin* of Eczema:: -- --- --
1 SOaD vigorous : her anything, she! wants to put
gives one a appetite.It
and: Impurities and POHOIIS in the Humps or Bruh.l'li. .
cured take banishes nausea and makes life him in as the! \ mlln.0.1 when he doesas M. F. GONZALEZ 4 CO., Prop !s i THE HOu
Hlood. To '
cure to stay Sprains or sores, burin or !scalds; uL
g Turkish B lIh, 2Tj
1 t) Bars fA: dozen, Hoyal: Bouquet which lUll kt'* the blood pure and quickly cured by BA XR: SALvn, MountainIint Pensscolians! Tonic has and made so the hero. It keeps ler continually" rewriting : M I ..k wi.. ik. Kfclr .. ,. .41
t ;
) 1 #LUO dozen, CraJdock's Medicated rich. B. B B. will cuu-e the ,ores the most healing medicine in the many strong the first chapter. -Washington .__** A ._.
t Blti ?1.W' dozen Applet to heal, iirhiujjf eczema: to top world. Nothing; *e "j]i..tli; good." that cps"itWit'h it'.has become a ne- Star. I,i STOCK I KKII.Talronuo : ; ...- ..* .... .... ;
Blowout $1UJ dozen, Tar Soap, ((.reVrr, the kin: to bt-rorne; clear For sale by W. A. D'Alt>mberte..1'attin1s \ ,: Hor.il.du.ry.I for th.-. ;
:;;I.e. dozen. and the breath s-weet. B. B B i i5 Mountain Mint in the ueilIuts Wmnaii'i. Ihln.. :: ecervrc..onyouhoudbuyoupil. -.. I ,

iu-: the rainpdy you have: been: look- that : j is rare. utlrT all ,. ufo Htock' frd from tbr. Home >lnoafjtotL" th-e
are cheap It never fails. It is Nature'sablest Many women < rt : for by odoing von .n"uralt' allln..1! .'
lus fur. Thorlluzhlte.tl't! for SO calf'II"ft'll1al.'P"knt"! -se-" ju-t beaue : try. Your ni"ny tl.ftn i tb<> cumniut. .
Picture Frames.I'Je and at the same time of I a**j.tir.t, and it does its workthoroughly and In turn ,..r ..n. |.10'41.W.
e jj ir year*. Our -idt-rs Irp advit-d to I well. ? their: kidney are .utuf order I I you are iadiivciljr twnrlin at- >
t t try II. II B. IVrale by t1ru-its; ;. good, durable quality, at I Try it and and h" conviucf-d.: and they have: a' riir.''t tn know Fn- dininlmtf fostering the thccaa! tump.. iif ni UlMir.i nuf oturrr .J.. Ji|..t I., r. HtMI ,

at $I per large! botl<>* full l : treatment : I.'Y' KtlI. L\" Ct'KE i i- just what i i"i I It to the coinmun> In emuch you hu a'\:Iv.hteh 1IIt..a. II.. .rt
Marston Finch's. :For sale Hannah Urns., i
j life, 2'k:> ["lIe, 75c; and made: to ;;. Cvir.pleto directions with $ at : contrlhute.111enur'u DD01I.
. :, > Z leaded[ bv uio-t ailing. \\uineu. For JI.-It.. .'
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-- -- -
] Atlanta, Oa. D",.-('nhp"lur trouble Al C. V. Tlurn1..n.! ... I--- '- -" '< --< I a XIIIM ...... \II. to
Purses Curd] Cases
I i ,F aoi e 6 and Free: personal: ; medical advice "DLD SOL" ;i Crane's Ladie:, Note Paper aud Dr fI1arcelius tl', H I.I II" ><| | .

:;i ven. .. f.:1\'l'lopf'= to match. meQreary J."r. .I "I .'..' y
5;, lOc, He, -J13: :l5:, OOc: *1 and t:1.: &O. Jniit Like Man.Bls Cambridge, Linen and Envelope?. :. 'r
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Hurd's Parchinent.Invifition .
; s (to cabuiac)- "uat will you I Hd SBil'OB. K; !ti! a, u"
Paper and Envelopes.Linen
ji Tablets charse to take me and my wife to '* .rl'' IS AFTER US HGfllfl. Tablet! 1 in.dykeHnl.l: !-cawb.a ,* I'II.I.

Bland,'s hotel? Frotd1"111111 and Estvelo'ics.Kn :: ; f",,",! H'U I. t.
1i Cabman-On. dollar, sir. li-h X"lpatiJ, \\'OVI" Ti- lnte: : I'" 1'. 'at' 'rt.! tu."IJ'.l j. I :i..1" ; -ue '
6c. lite) lie, '.'5;. :Vjc in Ink and Pen ;: ; t'I.i4, :"" "Ir&t I't"o;.. .'. "
Iti;':c-i-\DlI! how much for taljln: mealone Paper; Dsnti'soM'* Crepe Etc.. with
l t1 c!! :Stock: : aNo in Old Fl ix Linen, -- ---- ..
rtm"t of -tatioHerr.:
:: a-M
Cobweb Linen and Opal: } Linen. Summer
i Men's
I Cllul1an-Tbl' tOr1t''t1C: dollar. e No. 30 Sr.uth C. V.Palau"tteet.THOM! !II"\: i DR. C. RAY MITCHELL. .t'
Bi?;;s (to his wife)-Thore, my dear, '

o.\\ Papers. you see hew much you arealued at.- A siitc ii roixrrgiinedby i
,' + ( \l1Cfl1sI11 Surgeon Dentist. I
Chicao; 's ; : : having; your bii/-v "rnriigon :I

:. All tirade*, Size*. Tints and Quali : repaired; ; ht; If,.- ulj r....1 i'ible .

1 ties. Price. : l 10;, loc, ::!::ic. 3iV) I and sty.The humid weltering ,hop; of J. M. How>!i 2S South PAlafox Sh'A6t.
Thee hit -
&:: <:,4k:) :Me; Tot.; fltHJ and Jl.uO.; pronouns 1" and! "my" are day brine to mind the need
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'rvatou.! '''1" Co dos or that; "my" r DIRECTORY "'JULY: : "'CIII-O"' 1.1.
hirt*. LODGE
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t arllad\vai.\ children! !: are MJ and) so; "my" cook Underwear, Ho-iery. Nt-ckwenr FUR "TI'AlIIIY' : II)NI'KNSVOLA !\

"III '" hou.;,,. "my" IUP1gt.s-t\.l'h! : s 1- and Supend r< our a*=rtinent- I-.I.FXTIHCTUIHIN: :

Iteration! sets terribly on the nerves cf -\ continually kept complete and KNIGHTS OF PYTHIAS. iL .
are I IiLW.1 b
Ink Stands, H.mainj, : File*. Speei : -- : ; roMI'ANV
, Box File. Clip File, the I t'nrr.: ( U-sidt i being; in wry tied ,\ are of such a nature that : Train.! l..a'l"lI I'.n''t'ola for the .
z : IVnsacola Lmlgo. Nit 3. K of I' ..
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1 s Shaunoa File*, Rulers, Check form.-Ntw'txk Tribune. I Yard you and Ps'm-uo tort har.nc..ttta.m.arrive h <-ij. wrrtBtnn NX *

Cutter, Letter: PreseCash m""I.v Monday: -Tuning ..
: ; TASTES at Kort Karracta '
Ii Boxe Letter Boxe*. Magnets! llmi.lj. t t Abb Ilutrn.81 ,at 1-01.I'H.IM:jail.V 11.01In .-st i,11'0).. m.arrurat tort f.rraara. I .
t." ; Masnifyin! ? Ula,;"*', Key ling; "This moa." said the keeper softly. Int"ndenla .:r..-:. t I i.p ra arr,,'.at tort, KuraofM > i
t: >'p. m.arrum tn ; Hanaoca i '
ti Pencil Holder, PaperS'eishts; "imagines! be ha; millions." t i CAN BE SUITED.Htxin .- ,""I'l1n iircturea. cor1.ally4ekun.d. I .4.1Sp.. I! m. arrT.; .at ton tUrranc T .
Letter "Isn't that nil t'f''f'' answered the vis .T. K ..Y..IF, :'I i p m amt.at him M.rrauca. I tt: i
Train. leave fort harraaca. for ft. ..
r: ,r itor. "\\VLH'tie\er\ > needs money all H. Hon Trays.Pencils K 1'v. A S.
he has to do i is to draw on his Ituajina-; ? I J:*'a. m. arrive at Pn'acol. _._ < I .
; at IIClIldld'\'allc..tlU-: > pecMl: liar p. m. arrlr> at I'o.a'ol. I I. t t p.a
ir tion.-Kansas! \:: : City Times.A ;. NEGLIGEE I I SlllHTS showings at -')')c'Ilk: : Jioyoui, ::;::lrB at I'IBaibrigan i :!:V' p. m. arrltt al Pwntafula v. i, ,
I and 50s to U.uJ. w o. w.tiiTC &-i>i p m arnvat t''D.a cl7.w .
: p. m. arriTr al rt>iI.a'oJ. T C t t
s .;t>te Gro?, 73s; Gro?, 51W I Ores;., nrlffloe Wrf't.''. Oak Camp Nu. Womlnian of the *,.U p. m. arrlr" al P.n.aeola p t a r ;.. ,
4 ,'tW) tiro**, |3.i; JGroJ and ftJUO "!chat: Is a skeptic paTell. "ela'ore.c" only
d ; iron!?. Colored Crayon: *. Lumber : "\\ :I. tin mot hoi{>,>less; kin-l of World. i Io r?"ct Dx l hi, I.I 1W
? Meet Br\ .t and tit"J! Fr:4e! ni.;h' In I .r D4r .cameos
Crayons in n"d. Blue :and skeptic Is a woman who has: lost her
cacti month. VUtiii; lor-r-1 ?tn cordiilly ; Lave .*..o.acl.a Fort B rraa .a>
I r Black, Program, Stenographers'and faith in doctors."-Indianapolis; Jour invstfd. W.W..0", II a. m. 14 a, r
Duwin;. nal. s. Po. T II AI Ii. CI..rlt! C. C I 11 a. m If m <
1- 1 m. It .. .. .
---- --- .

r- POcKet I)' Kflives.J.JC. { We offer One Mow'Hundred Ihi : Dollars reward \\fl\/ \ Underwear o, Just Think of It >Ip.m 5.p.m PP p.. m m ip|4pp.m. 'p.-p. n m

-2M for au:1: *" of Catarrh that Crushed( 1Iin\aJ1ph) ) :, p a :
1 :!; We. 75c. Jl.uO. $1.ad and J2AH :! (\), cannot be cured by Hall': Catarrh { From 45c the suit up, in plain ZAPS. rot W'.I Day.. A'I :
(' above iic! Uaxran: \ ed or Cure. eriishpil} ('hrl'l'if ', Pf>n..coa! to hori harr.nc.' east.to': .. .
#ri Money( ItefunJeJ.'pr. !. .F. J. Cln:\F.\'. A C<> Toledo. 0. f natural], fancy colors or pearl. Penraoola l'.nACol"to to 1'.111I"\1 San' *i ard t\l'owlI.1I4 and ,.t.r.\I1",. ...:
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Books. fcF.J.and believe him perfectly honorablein White. 'r. T Green: ( A: (Co.- for ;o : Jrt h_r'.eca' *<.'rL +Rra.
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all buine* trut*actinn4 ?
H e" '. \0 r.lilt'UQ H. .aJ
cent[ Tli.' finest flavors n.cn' acB
financially able to carry mt any obligation .,.').., .
Nove14... .;1?, lOc. l 15'. 2">e at d od< made by their firm. '' i ,
of : fruit juices.( Ice Nofr'litt '.. v.4 a'.r. 1 11 J'
: and iJl.li"4 pure m
; Tie
L' Hound Bllo1k.J: \\ !::-T&Tvrix.'hnlesale j Drawers ,
N.. .. .. ... .H i ((4 ) "
Sttl cott..I)1.1 \\ : : Dru:: ::. i-t*. Toledo. 0. ([rraiu soda( and( ic;* en: am
:Sett Duma*, ;* \I l<, .,, .. .. .. .. 1.2;) \VAi.>ix<;. KINXAV & MAKVIN.WhrtJeale I r-UIJ'I'f.b. '" t I I : \ \

Sett Chamber KncyflopeJu.12Vols Drii:.'i-t, *. Toledo. O. at 10 cents. ,
]lit' week.
r',. .. ... . .. .. .. ..... -l.\\t I 1 II tll'- C.itarnih (.'ur>- i? iakKi internally : c- 60c pair. Not the "stretchy"seam t Ut-
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;F :Stt T. :S. Arthur I IV:: <.!=. .. l;-i','.I 1 *\>-t: si:. Pi !it." TUper: t -\ttlP. Sold: KREUGER & :KUGELMAN .

t'Nt1t'.luly': .. Kn2ar: : !.;3; \-.i- ::M III.1 ;\, ,.11 drum: i i.t; *. Te-timoniaU: ire article. .., .
)Bible"; ', 1'ryer iok and Hyainal-. ')Tall':4 f.tir.ilr pill arc t-! liet.Hall's *=WIC '. ESALE GROCERS -=-: fAN I. "I"i_ "

F*:Iiy: ; Kill-. are tha' h..,t. 5.r' II .a.. ,I.
ENTIUFLV T'K-iT! ..1'11I| :\\' -T'ii' 'K "V "'' \\1: an., .to .

omce Statiolleiy.lI lI .- -- -'--- Straw Hut Specials GKUCKilfKrANKlJ: <,OMIJAM: > Pr.l J ..II.IIETry ,It. tj.p..rIe.es.t.. .

Thos. O\n-G-olclcii., Floeco Floor.Salero .t. ..... ,

rl.iuk Book?. LlIl'.1P.o'ol; : Cap'. Pebley, :! ..m-. l.jjE.; : :; (1v'ri.r.eit; :: Ttrv.trr -.-:.

Letter Cap, t I"l'rltl'll: .':Id... Blotting Rough Braids, 50c up, in white or fancy colors. \ ; '.j..f, ('. Tiirra,:' :1.4 i.. t ..rrTfiUphone ... .a. .

P.1l'pr. Letter Book Pen- ATTORXEY-AT-LA 151 J f,
s; Braids from $1 to $2. n."f.r I<
1'.11''r1I.ttU- Split
liolJtrEraer> I. "" "f .
.; era, Seal Pre=,se*. Type-writfr -ASD- f-H
Material.[ Waste Basket, Inks $ Canton Braids from 19c to 75c. (::: '".. a 'I ..f +.

and IV n,-. REAL ESTATE ACENT. H. H. WICI< E. *,. .If"".1.I!( I- -. |It I.... ,

t'' Uent. Marei; r.J .Ml: Ot>v.r ec.unts t ol- aryl. Ifj r
Ircleii and h..witiBi.i'i" Miiie j". ., .,
3 Gold Goods. \. hru 1>..lr.-.1. I I

Pens and PencilAylozraphi C Choice auJ Kuiidia Busin-: 1 U-loom for -nw for sn-ICottages Kct.JSoney THE < i Gas and Steam fitter. ., '".... 10.kIr"!" ., cI"I'

Hold I ; '
and Fountain Peu>, Shirtaist to Loin en Iiproved: Eeal Palafox I, ...."l." '. R 1 It.
Cull Button, tjcaii Pin, 509-511 South Street. No. S South Palafoz Strnet.Placioin Ir. .l alt t.
Sets .
Chains and Novelties.a'We Estate Security.Ow : AH: Kiidi I). : ? ;.ad On Fittitir M-i...ri.... K"i- H.. '" ..

guarantee: to rid you];Ir Ca'ii's Cncsj S'or, TUB BIG DOWN Towx CLOTHIERS. I&LE.t10XE ris "_ rat1..4J: .', y.
houses of Cock Roaches for 25 cent;, l/p-Stl! f'!,

,. _' ____u I ..- __ --- -_ -____ _h._ ____ '__ i

.. '" .q, -.." .. .: <'k J. ,! ....:T1IIl"T.(1 \..A".A ,. J.q.iJ"I.: ... ..J.4<1-JtJ. ._ -l.- _, .4J!.. :' ...-' ,; :" .,,, _. .. .-




--- .

THREE O'CLOCK IN THE MORNING. i jI j I Mnrbin! Made "..1.;. .. -

CURES "WEAK MEN FREE.Send I There Is a time of m"rrl I Same time ago a fellow ;got up a

when the j-jlilant. iml-ira day !1 lttl Uo'; giving hints lon how to tie ii

,, AnJ the opal tints of apcrcadun. dan funny. Co-iics; of thiit-nok are evidently -

A? yet kern far a"3J' 'I In eoii'ieon use by the fuany
In the eastern fly is raotemcnt.XA .
Address To-day---You Can men eonue-.sl with f
Nume Fall glow, but inipcniiin c(..ae. many r our news-

The honjc is tmIh ethuea; I I'"I"->.. \Ilt'S'; this! sae ;men jibe I

Fanihar rooms !
lIay'It Free and be Strong and slip back tie bolts and line them; iIe1Clo Is that ugly old wo'manovir
: Mral out beneath! the sky; 4
stand alone in :an ur.knoaa w-'I/ tbcr by the piano? 4

Vigorous for Llte.i ,"If:1:1 puri'l.I She-0u! tafs!: lime. ("ooIlcotqtP.

i the fr.nio'.s be-itrty FptcinllstTLt j'
..-- I i Stand alcne with bMod hands THE WORLD'S
'-. look tells Just how jo nafcff tM.s
: Walt for the gilt of \\'ill3" I TRIUMPHANT

INSURES LOVE AND A HAPPYHOME.. i Wait to be lifted hurlxr.Xeanr : c'aas of jokes !:> balk. Tin- suuo I l5-av.lll MASTER ERE'.V.i .,. c

1 : the heart of things. 1 'f I do fur a whole l'I.ldi. "!!'" asi:'-: Thcse: bears have f.t \ pal a l,! r. \

The heavers are pkvr anJ moonlit %ha is that ImKl'.odcd mAa'f ':c" won their wuv to t x PI' / f

i Though the rr.'in U on the utne: I. an&we.s: ",'lIt Is I r. omuhnoc.trum.the I' THE SUMMIT OF h '

The wind that waited throughout t::C t.1t Hair Uecowt-r 11:1111.ln." "lie EXCELLENCE 1 'n
II Drops with! a sigh of IaU 4 1 1f< rt
6Sks!: > .VUt is th-! matte r with t-<..v through their #
alarm is
Aague carping' a,
i Our the fit!b ant lawn; crying: t-f-tsr' And'ho" nvfrx."Their ..! -- quality Besides :

Time ;pauses night i U ocr. I c"UI'r I.us pew t<) kctBn01 I beta? a deli
I And xct it is not dawn I the training ..-hrvn.:; ." Oiuty,-tIii they ..
I Aay down In the posturej have t>)ric prop't
The cattle turn and mean; t ii I catch tie tVnju i-ai I'roJait! (-;;':':, erties and ir: t

All I living things! are troubled I things ( K"lv i'URZ.OrJ.r '"
With a arise U tV unkn-t. if )'11\1 r.na funny: 1:1:111 IIn a ifpaper a case. '.-

y : For they with eyes may see non, -\ry ChristianBrewing = -
I And they who! qu'u-'n; lnow. tune ::r.,1.tl4.r! i bolt" will! quote your

I lake the mart of the magic hour; jukes aul give yimr I Kivr cre lt! flrtlll'nI.I'lIltUr.t'r. Co,

The east U-;;ins to glow Cinciari! ..ti, My little man and I foil out.
I .
I U. S. A. Ill HI voiiHhat 'twas all about. }

I The east is a'l in tumult. 1 had v (at6aai and he hail none
The Itihclou.Inne.
The charmed hour is past. I
i For. breaking up the quiet skies. \Vlx-n H...- jKi'.k'e! In lK'u'rk find a -.. ..... And hats the way the row be ull.

The day appears at last I I man heIi.Vs.-ly: drunk !hl the streets,

Olne iluk>"orth in ClJmhcrs' Journal. !: they drive the iviiifiit In a cab to t\<. IJ B\\1nt: ;.\I ,\:: CH.. \\wealt.) ) 1)eali'r.. t'eit 'aeoIa t

station.jv IR soU-rs oil. 1'11'11
: they take him fHimo. The e:I 'mul

makes hit. cnrg! : ; '" tlk I..lk' It'.turI I
XVon Worth a Shilling to Pick
Thane Done. I makes Irk; the agents make their! clam!

Colonel Ebenezer Spro.it of nCf lu- : for special ,duty and this bill rs i \>- LEA & PERRINS'THE

\ tionarr fame, was born and bred: in sentetl to tlk- lIa.I..r,1: of the istablhhiiiiiit -

Middleboro. Mass. He was always where the dru d and took the!

fond of a joke and was quick to seize last KI.<:; that dithe! bu.:ilK-b.s. No

an opportunity to indulge \his propensity won-StT that! -iiaa! I U'.ndlurds protest ORIGINAL Mice:

as the following mcKlfUt Mated sag nag! that (prays are iusutiicioat and, WORCESTERSHIRE: .: 1

by Dr. Ilildreth. well Illustrates. Ills tit MIIIIO iJlegedktlms ftiain Intoxication

to get/ Into trouble! laa Il nlagnla.vt
father, also a Colonel Sjiront. kept' a : '
tavern. Ono day while; Ctn-m-zer was whom they haw a splto. ;:#- Tti-ware of Imitdlj.1ff ( n". .:.:...., Ixle..., I..ue ,

a nt home. on a furlough: thivc prlf3tcroldlt.'I'S. /
"i, The Point of \"It."t /.0 .'t.
iazmaw \\ It i< highly approval fur the vcri apreefllilc cst ,
their from the seat
on return lint t .
Fish Game
I (; a I\'n' (! If you want It."' es- which it im""rh to NUl" C/l/ii/
of war called for a coM luncheon.) and Cold Meats, SaladsVeiali K.IK.LIItc.. -- 'TUtT
caiii! 1 t.e jingry Mtasnul.1 can
Mrs Sproat f li'on the table some
: easily get lust !a'r wife nail I've liver JOHN U(' '.\:\'; :-u'S. Agriilx, New lore:
bread and choose with the remnants ol
loci; etaargh to lisini that I>no woman
the family dlntf'r.1l.'h her son ,
Is just us g ..l as :1wth'r-if tart l>et- .
thought rather scanty fare for hungry > W. S. GARFIELD & CO.
L. W. KNAPP M. D. terf"Yes.: ,
men. He felt ft little vexed that thedefejfclers I "
ciUmly replied! hIs better half
w "H' r. ;kly cure himself complet'ly, hrnced me up. I nm Jn.t it*i of the country v..re not! '' W. S. GARFIELD, President; R. H. TURNER. Treasurer; C. H. TURNER. Sf erf tjry.
., '. > i tram seii.fcl wenk- viuornusBs when a buy and jou4cianot sol :lnd I've lived long enoujti to know
.. \ '.. .n ni,,!it ios.rt. nrocele., reBlizt? how hanpy 1 nm." more bountifully supplied The that cue ntnn Is jut as bad as another
a" .1 .-olrih.luall.' ea .., -If not WUI"HO. Chicago No>w&
n, it.'nr ( .iiiilv > 'lid >our name and [ fully H. ultswrrrrxacttywhatt needed, atktd should ,
bun how ranch they
a .. t., l-r I.. W Klmpp. r.7.l Hull htreCRth and vigor hate coinpletaly re.turneuand pay
1\ 11101. !'..[".it. Mlrli. and be lll enlargement It entirely ball>. hcn'7'r suld In- would ask his moth.
fte will Continue to Sell Ice at 25 Cents 100 FaUD
r' .. "C, :I..- flee f"eipt with full dlreci. i ifactory. For Over Kitty 1 care : per S.
He fouud her In the kitchen.
'ml! our 1"'UlIUR\ ea-ily cure hum"D I{ ..ar -Ir-Yours: was received and I fix,!! or. MRS. WlMiLOW'8
.. I1 t 'nine 1 hies ....r.'inly" inoht nen- I no trouble in nmklnit use o( the receipt n r i "Mother." be said, "bow much is II t been Used b over Hfiv SOOTHISO years by NTRPPban millions ol OFFICE A WORKS, COU. HAY. E AND WRHiHT STItKKTS.:
,...:T., mid the f"lloaing rvtractb taken 1 Olr..N.I.UII1 can truthfully ay it In a 1roln..dadrtlrali : .
[ worth to pick those booesT mothers for their children 'II bile teelbine.
ltluw shat think toweak men. I inI
men am greatly Improved
< with pvrfnct succH8 It soothes the child, TELEPHONE 88.
..-iiero.it I I hl/e. ktreniitb and viRor." "About u bhilllug. 1 guess," she an. softens the gumsKllavi all paincurestoo
,?ear cir -rieBeirept lilY sincere All corre-pondence Is strk-tly confld. and **" .
| swerwl.i colic is the best remedy for 'iinrrbrpn. -
for of rtcenl dite. 1 have tlal.iiiatledmplain t-enled enxelnpe. Tin
our k- )ours
,. your treat inriit thorough te'l nndrtrrlptIsirret..rLbPaekblg, and be want Tlw young; otlk-er returned to the sol. I will relieve. Hold the poor by Drutiist8 little tufTerer in every tinmxdiately. TIME TABLE.

L..I.I baetwrurxtraordwarv. It has every man to ha.lt 1 die'rs. and. taking: from tt>< barroom til I part of the world. Twenty-Qve cents bot
tie Be sore and ask for 'Mrs. Winslow'a 'i
3 shillings and smiling n.-cially LOUISVILLE AND NASHVILLE RAILROADis .
'- (toothing Hjruo." and tako no other kind.
them gave each man ate and withpood ,
fur bow Vrt"Uy1U1i1 t'avt,rut a: table" I --- --- --- --- KKKKCT JANUARY: i;'o.Nod. ).
THE HOUSEHOLD. wishes sent them on theIr wag
.:XECl'TOlt1): KXtClTUIX: NO-
uiay l.e uuWk' with the piaiiM..t taile
Mrs. Sproat soon after came in aMa.kt..1
M-rvk-e if tau cloth Is wil. Itltn\o.n. : TICK II -00.2.. -00.1. ho.1.
L...k After the Kltrhrn Coarfor- ninMieztT what ho boil done with I L"H"4:1: 5ats
11:4 noon 1t11 m p In m
with article\ arraivjislvlth claw and Estate: of \V. 1>. Chipl y. deceaod.satlceIshrrthygivru II
9amnirrtiiMMi Ao4.1kOIMrnabl. the money for the sofetters' dinner. j :!:I 'PIl1 i 11i'AII.IRbt Atflrr_ 'h.ItIRloll.rrl, t4.pnt :t:E5. at
rtk-r alai there Is UVd the trnf *- that on the lath 4tl P IU :::'LIII Arfl' ._ Sluh.ll. ",Arrn'e I!::;". InMID 111.' allb&
and .rDhhtlW. In a[>i>arent amazement he exclaimed tiny of 1'ei-ember, A. |i. l feel i it .'e will apply aspus trtaln A"I' :\r' tin.an" .. ",rln' 'i:Main T/Spit
-- forming: tOll<'b of a hunch lit hkxira. : "Moni-y: Hid I not ik you whatIt to the Honorable Frolwie of K-cuni- IIl.Ipll1 '::111 a III A'rl\.. .. lolIll"m..r.Arrl\e 1I"alll aalpatGrnam
Even a knot of Bell rtiil.sU'S si'ts a seal her county Florida, for. anal discharge i11 pin' Arrl' ".b\lll.. Arrive 2cant ". III
No real in tinliou>f Is *> tin rtJ itan wa worth to pick done bones, and from the aduuni-oration of "Hid estate. ..
of 14::!. noon : ::ton \I. Arrh" 1..uI.'Uh..Arrn. 5:12 pan 2.I..1II
refini'im'iit talAjvrtA
the kttrla'tl. mill yet this Is often thvvery upon a Is you /l.ida hhllln! :? I thought It little MI not to IM dl lmh..t. In summer rt casts KiecutrU.HrsTt -
our n'lil< Ji !U niot ni'gln'U'd. It fe c-uoujrh.; for the buit 's were pretty bare If 11'1..T.Jyteamsni .
a to pretty sarirWilngs Kxecutor.
nail I haudisl the the
lust hrr.- w here tli' tt r"ItI'jIn o* io men money I Ifl'om ,
to various dbhl's and such
certainly ,
vl-tlt-r' t.i- ,...;]* U ciijiiililiitrkl tlk* touches a.M to tlir actual enjoyment the till, and they urn gone. :-00. :II. :-00 3. :-00. :!, o. %!.
I Mr S[>r<>:at could not find heart to NOTICE;: il\lgbt: iI.I..1II 1.,1.. IL ai p in Atllpm:
;. tr. YaY IHtt'fI'iitl,1 In tt.: -Ella Morils Kretsohinar in WOln.'UI'SHomo
1Mnll/bt ;::ham MI".n io.r pui 6.'I'plI1
reprove her favorite soo for this mislal.q..tati'a All creditors. legatees distributee and
"If.ii.! I4 U.r lioii*>. from tlu kltdl.111 Companion all having rlamn, or drntnndteeaituttlPestate 4udalit twain Ii-Furrokt-prings x.irtpIn ?;riplit
I of her \;<'1'11>1. and thensite persons a t ....
.. 11.1. of III:;" n III hl"loy .111111 1:6. P III
.- ..m.... IWlIlth or .r, ,'a..... n.redilttiK 1 'i of L. M. Kiniberly I" :; Slaronna 111 is
to<>. loved a and so. after an crasrdnre required to present them to the Taxis" 11:1 n to p III 1.t.Q:
pI't..1 I ..:111.. III I 12'O I"N.n lttvrr .I unruan 5.l I II ID 1111) r III
ti> wli l Ia-r the foixl I i. err 4taly \\hen 1'eollnic: 0..10_. Instant's glam Kx>k, she Laughed nnd undi"r.lgnllIthan one >enr. .
I ; Wll.l.lAM Fl ....... i :1p III 1 all..I1R" :::4.1 II lit
Ir.1' I.r hot 111.1 for uh'II"IL'i usvtl Tin' J tltJI'nt ( lor of the union Is due -lIRK t.5 .Iavk.uur1L'r: "! /.Oa
1'' said it was all right.: -1 out h's Companion .tdntini-trntor or the K:.tateuf I. M. Kim- pin m ,
'. ii ..r 4:113S..ditlg\ : is inondi+-1 1K i to a sulyJmroiis; oil whkhrajildly vohttt 1ze iHTly. lecenxil. ajly-oa"w ---- -- -

; ., ;: iliiin! mi iintld) Ul kept kltth- wlu-n the tUMUof the rey eta. I Inta i-- -- ---- -- - I

i 01! i.nliM* cnncUiin t" /LI-I-JI it | hU 1 Is hrokcti In any nuiner: ai.1il.iUy /.2'1'.... .\ Inv. :t n Wngon."There XOTli K: i* hereby given that the und..r- THE ORIGINALS

: I- '. 11-.in I mi krl Ldll'I.! mkl"1 I alb! -ts H..- dflicutsiirn > m'mhrultI'R are! a ;aril| many ants of different ijni-c IIHS taken out letterle'tHineiiiiry
j variftlfs DU the; 1 let at country under the la-t \\111111\11! te,tnnieit of Murtha PABST
1 .1' 1'.-.. lit"! i.il.-r I li irrniill i); l'. der'-a t.,i. and cniii u.ion nilireili'or

flwir. aij..araiHT. and great':' \-.T. ,-.'.I N easily avftidttt! hy st1d.l 4 j.lu-o. near Covinc'nwi, and last -. Irgett.: >. al.iriliutep>. ...11I1III KmlulRI n1h H un
.. : jxir 1 IM';.:-II to mae! a systematic Olner per-on' II\IIL' rlniint or drawn .
.H !la'r\II.ri..nl..lln! gettln a s'r.all! p'inil p.itato on the end of: thi aa.n-tth.. r-latr .nfllid: ..'e-l.ltm.. p BOTTLE BEERs ,
f fx study IIf thi-ir! hatrtts, wiys a contributor
i knife with \\hii'h the cutting Is t > ti! :New Orb-aits) TimesDemocrat. >j 11\\ .L 'J.1tr i .
'Iii.- ar.- tiii' iwn into a I chemical atlinity xvliii-li c.-uuvot toe ,ill I tin -w FxruIur: i i = .\. FlilEDMAN I ,
"Near one of Slower beds is
jx,',' -i ru.iiUiliii! should i n a ii'!Ii lily d small: red ants that are es- 1', .
:'.* 1-1, work nil hand, \, such the L'ss satl.Nfiictury III Its workings,attracts "II :

j.i' ,aUntf.! Tin- table N { tie full:...*. aid tlK-ir pn-Miicc i.siot tn-KH-lj !io'!IISlr ,v.is in cvl!lotting fetid -
I 10,000
nail 1 they t'nlul'll.II4.'rflrm, the must
'1 i I. Midi-" with a lift- : mlIIif'Sh..1! to the ojicrator till the Awarded at Part At. KM- FtiltHighGrade
u-tonlslnn: ,:; eUgnIII1ng! feats in ':\1Pairtfheavy -
I. :t. a! articles. Many of ] IMitato has reached a ccrtiUti dcjn'ce; of HEALTHFUL
burdens to their homo."Not .
I'' ;ti,n-ly iKithim: t { : 1 Hatched nfalxmt P
cal RO a party
J. M. 1'ots aii'l jmiis !i pl.Vi'ed liy atn.thrr.to AND
:. '.<' chair vhK!! a
i: a s'uall! spider! ar.il were dnis-jinj it Sutir MI-I.! C,-rv Fin*;
tend xaiH-vrs ami1 Int-ri-otlni Kltrtuti.Th" REFRESHIHTRY
t.iward I the m-st. TL- spider: had Lairy Km, ili.uu'-. ('"I.I ratl"11 JlUI 1'ri-
"hJtfgUiIy IV.n Man-he ia Tails has the InrKtst -
pigi j i\t.o:, wh't.i! stark out in every direction t..t', :S-ck. I IJ:! V.,.irs Old ; Obi
1 In th- Cii'l.lic- kitchen in the \xorld.,!
:'iiil l. es'.i'.glit on ol">taele greatly ntanl'nj -- WINE CORDIAL MlK; V. ,ixit K"f1t! ck.(11 r,-tf4 Ci -

'.I i ', the S. Tor several; min- Huh.
,j' -.nt. b' too End any- j of the !IMIIMf.fiiKi in nuinlio?. B jj, Sir iV troubles and General DC i.! :. !M-, | x'; I ii -put'' will hlltpt'l'-
uie4.! the> nuts toiled!! away with their! i
\ "'', ell\ it H !her own The smallest kettle! holds 75; Q..mrt, u Increae .theapprtrte.strentihrns !.. : '" tll"'r.ttnn.
awkward I U>oty and then stopped end F andhu.ksupt'ieentiresystem .
t ,tr.4 k I III.n! n arcatS the! Iar2": ::.TT. ijtnrt*. i":.' !I.itc'-tat.dl..-itSelj-cf: totk
"" r':tail! to tiuld a (i>nncil. .\ mlnu'efiacnuMit 2: war l.r..1PARIS'.
'lot allu vita: ku .h a state There ire ,"at fr.i'in: taut;. with It f : I:. .t'I!.. Wln-ky! bud! Winf
: of dry leif un.s 1 lying on the
\,1. which !'s capahle of holdiiii .sat: cutletsat 1:. Ionrra a / ". for l-anuly 1'e.lL .
ground, niiil prem-r.tly tlwy all lay hold! I
-' a time or of frjin?; 2"JO pouihls of trril. 1.1.AiJ .
potatoes. iihl pulled the spider on top\ of ItThen I' J;l q Trade is Our Main ftetialty
I'lflrTlr.lill- ; .
they soiziil the eilges and slid it .
.:tIl'lnl1.t shows 'Om. \Vhi-n there are i.nlhts for lirwik- --- .\ I..t'i.: ..
i a ac ,, \ i r' 1-aiiii.iis I'ol..t&L.& -
alone wit!.int iilicilty.!i ..
.cl,::,ry for !uiniwr' hours. fact 7-1': f'l'l' iNt..l. A.CASE "." Ili"; Fe I'. I.v.lyterlveylu I :
- oft
I .* mile ('t ruttanitb a The ifl'ee machine makes! T.al quarts I If a woman tries to practice;:; what us't' I I- .'. (,:'y i i 1.1.1 I '., !; ..

.. ,, of coffee drlily. her hiirfiaxd preaches! she has no tiro I I i-i S-\: 1/1.\ n.\

'. ,! There nre 1)1 'Ks.anil It"( ) kltcticnTnpfc for gossip.-Chicago; =-cws. I

;" <\ irl.! .
Oo bay; I'JI.I'J -
<{ ;: :io' ) --
-; 6 .; b. .\ Thousand Tnn> iiOK "
.i b.sairbhnl I r"'enIns:

,.'.,... ... J. "& ""r -. ;<) .."i "hcrrtf-M. Could not express the raptor.11111iI ..I! c ttti 1 "I /id 1 that n :'i, yoi.-: < : :.. ,;, pro' SHBBHAN'SBATHHOUSE
.eo, ..: ..u With tho luscious .hcrry IOnt Its ,
K. of lli'i Howid
wr.;'''';<\: ;: POMto you la-t n ..:11!it'"Not
first try this! tie:<"'I'rt of tapi .ca CHT-! -treet, Phii. delphia.: P.t.. win! -1 i
?i' : i>xattl!:. n.jiuii.ii. hut 'H-" n-k,- }
.. .. (. '''. I rlcsVa! : li use ('Ii'fnll'f |..nrl tap; .-a found that Dr. King'i : New Ii-ell"! i "
ff for an opiioii, on Ilk for ;.tii" 'JU 'rI.-
;:; ;1 4 yp; i tlr..nh: : w'veral! xvutcr COV.T with Pry for Cnn-uniptil.n hadcomt'li'tply!:

;I ttf.\l { al.' .p iol :.;."' cold. water and soak ow nuht-! Put curedherofa l b-irkinj co'iirh::: that! Clt'\'I'iu"i Plain Itt-alor.

: 1,1: ;'_' ,fi'.j'f.'r': : .If.: I [ I rn th,- fire with! one pint nf lioiliir? water for matl"far;;: hnii i made lida bur % ii\M: KM KSIOS I
\" ; Tl.rt .:-i.Y.rho den All other lenifdie-j and dictori C' [

".' '.. .. ... .r'. .." r .' Simmer MOWJ| until the tapi,.-nIs could give h'-r r.o lielp. !but ?.!.hfI -- 11 Y f FOR l LADIES[ AND N MEN.

.. .
I Sear. SI.: IH.UIHI and .
li" perfectly me a 1
; ,\ >: y< 4if this ll'iy.il I'tin-- 'itonii leinoved -

\ '..I. \. :-'oo.' : r $"' $. $: i a half of *nr t hcrr'es.tfr Into tho the jiaiu in mv ,'h--t and I ; Tic BEST OF ACCOMMODATIONS: .i

/ ;; r- ,'. I lioilin; tapioca and "' x.'w-ten to tlMe.Uemove can now slfepoiiiirfly.! I oinetliing::: I f :

t: '. '!li'/m ;' from tie fi.-.'. turn into the can: "rlfrf'rt'II.ml'.r! d..iug i ::: before. : !.&*! _, 'It Bath; 5 cents; ;

.1 'i\.. .. t ytltsrQy ei if'ej' iiiil4 dish they are to II(' xerv, d in and set I furl like *,''rmll! :;g::: in A rai-e* Acme Beer. 2Uwi.ft>-' I .
.' n.. .I....1 J'c'l_ .. {-" _-.:. away to niol. Srxe cold with whippedCream throughout the [ 'I..<. nrs"0" : will! Tn Grf-envill ;Montgonjcrind i i Towels, 5 cents extra. :.

'"-" -Ir-' t'.avonil! to ta.'tp.; This will serve very one who tn < Dr. Iving's NewIicoverv I'.iriniiijrhain: Saturday nijrlit'. AnJtli /.

., .' eight it'rslmr for 1:11tr.uh1'! of the I leaving: I'nii'ii d<- >..t at 'I.1': ,,., I j ('.snl -r FlnnJ i ISlanca; and Xarra-: t
I Throat. Chest or Lung Price ""lc. THE REST: BEER SOLD INc .
: r'-gnlar; i'apnpl 'r.I., I ire fill I block froci Klftric/ Car .
\ .
one '
... r .:;. \ i The tarp h \ eryPeople Dun). and *1 (XI. Trial bottle; free atV.. PENSACOLA.Dainilieisscr: ri.undtnp : IVn--ic. in Or i-"vn-! .
/ --:.. :- [ marvel at the mechanism of A. D'Aleinberte'-s Drugstore ; every f.IMJ:! ( ; to Mi nt2oti: >-jy. <2im- to lilt

-- the human body with its 4U2 bouts battle !guaranteed. Bros. itiingluiii.: t'i.'Xj; from ciut"linen; :. I l

< ".*Y SCVMtUroKNEUIH : and t:W arteries but man Is simple In .- aims rensiecl.j. : from Milton; CU LJIHHOPLEE
r .1 ttix Rif:: nnd 'uJi')1II..1 this respect compared[ with the carp. Saml Charles.BOOT cenl"; extra. Parties de-irin sI li- -pt-r
AGENTS. will apply to ticket a.r"lIt: in tnnc. ft.
,"I, I Ucnrritsl! out on the li1'nI' That remarkable fib moves no fewer
Purchase ticketat: s.:li.-r TH'k.-t,.
!.!.-.- with Us back to the than 4.3JM5 bones and muscles every '
.. and Also Se11i!! tv M. Perry am Will. Yates. UooJ fort iIOy. to return uany T'-K-;
!-a .I.lbtiul! vlu-ltt-r. This time it breathes It has 4,320 veins, to ular pa-,.e l;:er train. Fur further

.. ".1 r'.r ,.....1 r '>it'rt... say nothing; of Its 99 muscles. I I I SHOEMAKER The TradeIs
er J '. Jug ROBT. K'X: .. or P. TllnrS. liis

.. 11._..miliin, sad linniUtiluuii. I :MrCalvin Zimmerman. Mile I't.n--cola. : Collars ui

'.'ivr! pur-o-s ran afford! the burr; Pa., jays, "As a speedy cure Our Specialty=* MARTIN PATTKR O.V. .Milton.CaCMfiTEa'S .

. i :.-xx flowers (,.r the table In 1 t '. throat' One Minute Cough Cure i; Prompt Delivery and Satisfaction CKCLISHENHYiRQYALPJILLS '' .
divert ar.d im table '
I I un.*quall>>d. It i is plei"ant for children Guaranteed. r ALL \VOHK W.ISl1EDJIYHAND '
\' ,
.. \bout thciu. They: are 'I'
I recommend
take. heartily
-" :!filly 1n It i* th- O.jlhirtr.- .
; i it tn mothers. ; : Dannheisser Bros. f{< .. < llf-TI .> 1.\.1.1"11:
", :Ji'.t; ur tin-d l-y general ': |IP- ri'tnE'dthtt: prodnpp lirlno- t. lt.i. v I /-la .r,, ,". ... .,4 MACHINEItY1Tt'cstGosrrbl .

;,.,! ti.ius. .\ rloxxrln.; plant diate rults., It cares Ironeliti.-, 401 South Palafox St. 110.-'PJ: ..." i>i-tu-r.--ft*<.__ .u.. l.....L.<,..iiaolkrr.._. _4 Krtsirt l.iff .-
Repairing done while wiit.: Il.ar a., .f .. ... ,. 4 b. r
| -
, 'I'tutisl for cut flowers nc"t ;'t.enolligripp(' and threat and you I( ( i. .-nt Mrref.Opposite d dh
xtbi'thrr flow- diea.e it will prevent con Rubber heel put on flf.jC ; heel I Phone No.116. P. O. Box 281. r. =-1-: :.. r--::::::.TMts.aalaZ a per .a r.. t
a iJawt or .
1 ... .. ... Kipresi Otr.C"f: .\f .
5c. Work cilled for anl de- ; / ti.tL .a r-.t. HMafe -,> ""1) those sumption. Hargis Pharmacy Jno. plates. : t".. I auar.terI h....kal1.. al :I
.. without heavy S. J" livered. ttJ7 S. PJl )fox street. Railroad Exchange, Phone 26S. ''ltado.UII'.." x1.Jt... ii..a.a, I..;...'. VA. Office; 31 mittj 1'itar.i "t.
::1,11.! v eho t.II. It l l..":.o'Mtt"r. Shepard, .-"--- '

,- .-.:.. ..... ....-.. '. .-. f" "" .,.... ..:... ... ...... > ,-" ,""""'"t.- ,- ,--
tttil -' _

> ::.... .!!ii M.c.:" it.' ff-t.r :. :.....J fI! ..=. ,...' J.J.X! ..!... .. .p! A "_ -i.-4..lK JT 1f .-\..,..... 1".J -..- -4-- ....Tj









u' l

; Given DKL1G11TFVL Ijy the H H. ILCCU1ta10\K. Club (.r New MARITIME.iEAILCD. 1

City La.1 M,lit.

The young men cf the E. H. R. I
It tk Garlaao Cft.abona, rigarl, BuenojAyra '
Clabcf Sew City gave a delightfulbay ;: ,! .

excursion on the steamer Flan
ders last The boat left the I
!"j night. I Brit BoxrOTVit, Malrr. bv Wm S1KtyserA :
wharf about b: cluck and viiedtbe ( o for London with: 16 u' i ft
| ,an timber. li4.3:!,"'" s ft llmbtr."alu i1 at _. -A.T--
Life Saving Mitioa where membersof |;=>,,"" I II
d 1 Kr ss Ethlhi! ..... the party took a dip in the beautiful ., Dund. with 191 1 u" i it awn timber val-

water* of the :gulf, thn a trip was 1 I u-datJl.71 ,
Amicb Julia EL'zabatb.';0. bweetin .
by i
made on the gulf about five miles. masterforSa..aiaith: 7.i"'>7i< s ft lumber j;
Dainty refreshment, were ,served ,, ,word at 171- F. E. BRAWNER'
; dnrmsr the trip. The party returned I'a--Tu; Ecbu, Rowe, m biiat: lor Sabine

I thorns about 1: o'clock declaring! ; ,"'
it the nu'st enjoyable excursion of :
the ea-on. I TIlE Sllii'PINo.vEBaEL81N Vf
9 The members of the E. H. R, cub: .
I, are always ;:ivinu'-oiuekiLd of eLtrt4inmenta ,I PORT i\I :''Dozen'' Ladies' tledes VestUozen Men's French Neck H.-: --..t.d.o.d! .'. ; \\ r

which are 1 izhly ap- I I ITLLxaatre.Rritoxrove i ij ,: 1Ifl Thread our price 25e each or bri.;fan; Uuder-hirts.t2 i cer.t- vac:_ ur ;,ric'" ,

< predated by their num-rrous, fritn
,. :K '" I Kr tailhilde.. 1>:a, fro.dal eld forDaxee JDozl'n.n'Fanc\ risk:: Front ; JDlzen\lt'n'o'.Inc\.r C'.r.J: at.. .. .. .. .
| Mrs. Harriet EvanHin'dale: Ill., ,, Bosom shirt our price 5 I,,-M- I Ylifll.\\'jde FiktivI'! i I. 1
ACTS GENTLY ON THE write "I fail relieve j --pau dracia. ilA CirarJa. to \V L Wttichaio -
: never to
my I II all !sizes. each : Drawer to match. rd, mad bY L..tI. .. t

.:hildren fr"ra croup at once by u-- i I roan uaditano ,ll'. ocb..a. to Haarl -, 20 Dozen Fancy and Whit :Silk :3"j: Dozen Men'French; Neck Uilbrif.in White it Ia.t*. .
'1 KIDNEYS LIVER i! in? One Minute I'ouzh Cure. I )un"oc> o -.
would not feel "cafe without it." I I !o pan M :-ir.lLJ, Ka.: L: iarraga. to W L PIltedBoom:5hirt.ourrridU-J! ; < ; ; or Fancy L'ndtr-Mrt-,, flu Piece L t"t tail.lCa it
t i, WlttlPij A Cn all sue. quality at 15 cents each ; Drawer t<>
Quickly cures couzh*, colds ;grippe 1, Kr Majfi'li, 17;:;. McDonald, to to Howe We carry the lar.'tt line of :'Ien's' natch.In PaMban a It>'.1' :
AND and all throat and lunj di"*a E-s. I A Co Warranted +
and Knys1 Colored Shirts the Dozen Men's !
Br Palettro IJM; ,ArmtrontoW'LW'it- in City'
Harsh Pharmacy. J >i >ard-f.
: PO. bep; Jn-t received full I i.l.: -
a -
ttCil A LO at the Lowe PriceSriinch -. Bllbrl:: Undershirts at 5"Cf&t- ; .
, f .EANSES THE SYSTEM Kahc.Ky --- Br: Roddam. I*'. hrt;<-man. to W S K".v's spring Percale, our Drawers to match. Hud .-"binV.it : .ur j n' .. :

but in tirk..t f cisti "r4ro price ,. . . .. .. . je hat Dozen Ladies' eveleVet- |lowe-.t.
: ( r you ?paa >atarn;na! 17.1!!, Mari taos. to Gull'
EFFECTUALLYIspf "a Transit ('0 r-hter White Lawn, at old 6 for 2j cn.u.or 4V l'.raiol.and l'tnbn-iJ... It
: {:!"t c IUf'on. which eatil!*' y<.u tu a 13-3.ir.eh\ ery price
s.3 rT>v5k"f "'\,sue' riiar.ceto secure' f !rf.--upply of ice : 4 rr Co I":kmo<>r,rJOi, Daxlfj, to W Ke.r* '',' our price .. .. .. . ... *>-,.c duzen; embroidered neck. #Lieland1 ::16.

(, during August: J. ItKeller.. i! SHIP !,: 2 .inch Check :Nain-ouk, our 175 Dozen Ladies' Mlseand' L.tlies Jf1'ut..t'.nt I' ,: -
dll GO NfEVERSOVERCOMES price .Children'leevee-- yrtwith 14tp-t-bad".a'tI 75 ,,1,1.. '
-I-.J "' RJLoch1 Linnbe, I'IS', Pihlraaam 3ti-tnch White and colored Tare Neck. :H for 25c or S5c doz-u. All the U U.t\i j.-- i I.. I .

.J& 1- K-ysrr oS:0; BABKfa: i i I Pique. our price .. . .. loc 25DuzenLidie" :leevl.... \V-t-. Ctiildriitr .w- H I- i 1-
: :
SfEG/ fiOTICES .-.. 30-inch White Corded Pique our with ilk Tape Neck. 2 f..f'I: "i ai-o! '-' r. iiN! "' .- M( ,
ed Ada. Lr
, I 4BITUAL coNSTIPATION I b.-r i o i IIoJl. >d..o.. to Fr&s&coia LumNor price . . . . . . 15c $1.35 dozen. at !1.: 1". j>i 1. i _- : .
Am<>rika.T GfPERMANENTLY It Cr.lomb.a..ytagrift.. to lio.a.co Bros
r ITS 10 Nor Kinn I,{;5, Knjdifc to l'ln.acola I

6ENFF ft'tTS. fIE CEil f( JfOftD.I Lumber It l. -ti2ia.10; Ci Mrnna, to order : Remember the Place :g105 S. Palafox Street
CiAI --- it l'.<:tra. **-, MarzaieiU to Ko-a-co KroafCH ,
: ; ;: I
; TM! GMvlrtt.Maw'10 6X I MONI- I.L: J
. EruthcM. l:j. Kelly, Iiunmore to master
-- -- ---

nl <
homW'in.Ftaher. ifM Ainll-a A lSa.'I..s :!:.!. heu,on. to master !
ja -i ,,ueVrT wr, t 9. :::.t:.Ora' Vn tw 'fb4tt .. ;->.-.- I Am H arrv 1 t Barrett., ;';I. L>aieto order
Br Julia Elizabeth o, eld fur
t t nil aau II au DiMu'rL -.t "'k pa'l.l ONEY TU LOIN OX PERSONAL c-weetiug.

S) - property ppiy; to ,\.A'Flsher.Fi.brr I Na Am=saia Lena C KameLiil, Hay, to Scsr- F B. BRAWNER'SHOUSE.
11ulldOat. Faiifoiirrtrt! J(;f nIL Moreno
I Kr 1aI1 arliD2. Ill Roberts, to master ,
i'' LOCAL NEWS COTES; TK YOU WANT To BQRP.'MOSEY Am .tdh 4t. Oatenbarg;, to order '
\ 1 ln>'?st money.ILlurr your property pro- Am TUrl\gu. T". Stunning, tomlh.r
ft cuoabitract'of tr.l-. buy or s-ll rrai estate !
rmt property of any dicr.pllon. bate UP. CLEARED: AND BAILEDOH PEN. ONE-PRICE CASH
, --- tent cuiKcit'a or your iai. attended to. SAtOLA.8THH8HIP8.. .
il : cell OU or itddre" Tb<><, C. Watioa 4 Co. I I!
\ we' Jor tuI J? rNoMl'ola ...11 rsnnvF: R>-al h state and Iniuntnre a;fnti. .
.r..o.a-I, i I ---- ---- -
! ,.Y,', dead, t(, tglt awl in-lav; light tnJrtik tola. 'j" Cbart:4 m.d-rat.. T' Arzo.: Br. li 7.. Nicholas, at Bahis Itlanca --
M ho buys a lot frniu u+ we 11I1111..0:1: moneywall 31Aldersgate,13r i 1
May A Musicale.A HOIlDbSIIUKINGBy '
1 1 The fav"'ite; W ,-*- ', .
ivttJirrly tad Mimmint tfiftruttrfH'tttrday wh.ch to build ho\:,-. idL.OK -;!
I lj':. Ntchols*n. sd! baatos .
i dfyrrn, nmtmun in last J4 lug rr, Juno lCygn"t | inu-icale will b*> given by the tin expert shoer. Auy faulty III"" i* }HAIU'F) : lit a .-e

J J '.h I rUH 1tIN'1'. : Br. I*.'I.-, G>noa July J j| Ladies of the church of Chri-t. tU\' liD;: hor e,* shod at m\ -IV >- -m..th..x. J-j tte !I'as'.r I hitnatchlts ,. .
I Lm*field, Kr. HMory, urangemouthJune:9 t'i .,.,-!I-. he. 4ii+-
l I )II-< I-tlo-I: Maura went to Pine KENT ad Thursday evenin: July :!i. at the I will go all riiht.: J. M. How ell.
-roar rnr>m+ ."doin.jGu.fi .
.. '
nitllow :No
t Haf ren t',day: to vi-it friend | rCt> Market, J. M. Jt'\ oV. lj\'lw I| Moortate. Br. ?":. Harllln,:!, Barry July l* | home Jof( Mr. and Mrs.: Hearpr.316: -- -- ar.. 11' i I. r I' :
Nordpol J. Nor .'4>, htoltz, et Michaels North Barcelona street K-fre-h-l, i CHEAP MONEY AT ANY TIME tacit". Kv: rv ,Jr"I' .t rlil': H\
', M. W. McCiwff .At b.ID3 a1 I POK Ffc.NT-Cof.1 af-i: near fro> ( July 1 : PER \VHI-K:
was I
.l' .ltb gaU..r'l; '' rlt:011I'1 Ro-d. Br. l.<:;.'. [ctLal Palma ments served. .?jiy-td
i; ?Uf-ft at the Merchants la-t ui.h:. i "J.u .mix.: I AT SOLO I'.Y
I Ij' Puritan Br toI''". Wander. LeIth.June; I ;I'ult' .... -
Hlue 57 ou at .-tone's. Ii1V:- HF.I Elt; tutu'
l \v. In:. lib---Ier: l expected home pa RENT-Jront. room. uitahl for I tinpi.Ard :-erg :, D. HALEVII.ON: & CO:.-.
next wr.t from \.i- Kuro.eun tour j (,; in1; ". f..af ;, o an.G"r. l5.. ill ritterdamJune."
H Nor, 1:17. std Haiuberg JuaeilBABts WOULD YOU : REAL ESTATE AGENTSt.OlTH .
liufuHrvt jti -"et.t to l.i- former .. auger.
I fait ""'Ai J; : St llli sir bed room lilt! n r
: i house, JJrt-Rion, ti.-fiuy to \isi rela- -- :* PALAFOX 51 J EET.
T'IIR"' ILE ORvYENT-itwruly: Ier ag:ler. Nor.+u. aled! Hamburg May
j' the,;. j jA. 4Vet .\rI.."', 1111 nortb..e-t?cjrBTK'U houseI B.aucueto It, HIM G-'in M<4rcti H For 60 CentsBuy -- -- lor furniture at Ion' irn ,

trect. fdc" south s n.om. and< hah; batardNor.I1.at KmJanl 1..17. I will watches and .
.-' liold-mith.l repres'nttiizthei! !Ii rnoinelo.i.a, situwids sad IoJIII I .'.Gu-taf. Bus. ;j. 1'ab-t BI\\t-u'.ldto.dJ\. Ivahiville. ball tiiaoioui gallrrie out hous..*, '> 101.1{ I Carl H."drlc..d., bid fo>rt MuabvthJunoj Inferior TEA. when jewelry in first-cUss style. J. I. .if irsto)1 t5Fjnclft'.Il11ti \.
shade mid fruit tars nor i,loc[ f r.>n> .tr..t'' Choice''Ii Stephens.
AOdrcss P. U. &x4.4. 1Jiytf'Olt I'I'CIArS. Ix.Tre Nor :." -''-barpne !s May 0\ you can buy our ---
"' t' The Spatti-h : .-hip atur.1 f -- IUDCrag."r.:7..Id Ain>:.rdaui July i! !i i i Blend Teas at that price? ; The bet : \Ml Krl'llKIM. r
duir.ia, Nor. !?';. old Hamourz Jane IV i refrigerator for
S \I E a UK E't Ge9.drn'trr t. "I ,.
''i' niua. wa; lelta.-tcl" film ijuarjun.etciay. I I' s.condhsndbuvtoil: ter..rJlitl Urazia It, old .nt..l'ru1I June) SOL CAHN & CO. J. :>31.1.w.! di!l 1 t- .:
Mio Pairs lt.7,1. 'II T..I" lay April :saMurzapure. the least money (Marston I alrJ:1.-.I'; mm..: .aiJ ti ,.
I r: -ALK-HaMa It.nit>' water I "or.Il= >. st HHinbure June I:! -
r (t. B.-wi. S'i.ih of -Mlnrl : rp.lI;' I..I '.I.rll my vypr"j ", ..:..r t.k. cJ lti I Mar jretha.\or,1i. '.- Chrrbourij May 17Miova i M. B. Mnith. Butternut. Mich.. jFinch's..

t' .at the )ltrct.illtH"r aufterwJ'I. .\" : 1/1111010.! capacity< lor six dollars.! ThusMcMillan. ttdut-. says< : '-De Witt's Lttle Karly Ki*. ..

jylltf I'j jh Mania.! It, 'I'i SH.-"I" lone 5 ; eri are the very Les* pill! I ever ,

I' >>K sLh:-I1* lttrrr..au..nceunEa.t'rtJrn i n-ed for castivenars, liver aid bowel HARRiS SALVECares L
1 J. J. .VeCn-kiM: he Freeport arrived (,,, *tre rt. Apply to K L: L.1] :'\011...... troubles." Har;:Pharmacy.. John ,
in the uty la-t ci3'ht; on a bar- j! 1'111:1,11.Il..ot 4\lf I I '
YOloart' cordially invited to send Miepparcl. S. .Kahn.Rader ,
; Jaetup., I 1'oK\I.t-TI1" moat. o-sirabl* lot In j your old cl.tth* tn 14''t' have the all kind of fre-1.! cut* or
Rret f Laurel Hill: cry foil re.y t rms. by the risbrr bruise without allow in? theta to r
t 1E.. \\ :.1amvr.c motmid -rn and uptodatrpt..Pr.e '''?. :
Real Estate ')t. south Palafoxetrert.
ti Agency has 1
thejue-l-" : the Esetri5la'! l-almWA.NI \ will repair and return them toyou i, just ; become painful ; cureftver lure*. ,

I la-t nb-ht. I' I by our ,special delivery.Patite : received another consignment !1 aL;rene, eczema copper p"l.on. ulicer ,
\ ,
*, corn and buni.'ii : al.) a relief
\ .
Imp tir.t tr.tin of the Pena'j ._.,.__ : I). Vets pnnged.. and" pressed2"ic."! ..'iic.Coats : of those Patent I i[ for lain biict. lumba.-c, audrht>uniti r'

-cola Yac! ClUb t 1'urter'i l.all at i i \\*AVTEtt-'nlnrr1boy.about U yrarsl I .. Uc. Lawn Swings They can ,.m or any pain to which it can be

i j I 9 o'clock t- -uighr.L : !; .>E.old Hall for at offlw the work iijmnaiiuai Apulytorr"LJM. b't....<* I' Suit* cleaned and pressed, by be used for a swing, a chair,I:'' a; rlied. including poiijns from fishbone i ..
L )1 i"" VMna! Avery returned la-t aDd 1"II.m. 1'Jljli |(i the llitt process, . . $1.W or a hammock. ,?, nails in feet He.

evening fruiu 't j lea-aut virit to t All other work reasonably ihap .
friends at Alllute. II A \\ ANTED-Retbb'.tartyt) act acity' Men's suitto order, from 110 &i, up. PxwArOLA, 'ma..1'.aardenstreet.
> don ciitcber. Apply tj riaiklidtr, '
'-llv-tf Men's, pant* to order, from fi.OU To the Public:
eltcmnr.baL up.
-Funiak I II II CASTOR I AFar ;
F. Twoinof bj-rin s
i Q. MODEL TAII/IRING Co., TbM i< to certify that I .got mr dnermanrd I
t ''* t was ainonir tl.*' rnvaN 4 here uU the I tl'AMKU. August I. fin-room house, I 1 b-tween two .tirk< of tiiubr 10 a
-Jll outb Palafox +y" ,.r
; 11 o'clock train I.it ni;ht. on-.tory prrI"Tri. w..t of I "rr'oCooa I i street. Infanta and Children. i i manner that the doctor thought that umiijbt I Ir
I and north (>f Can.* Adjr".,. "rh sirrvt.number I ffDivv: u* a card and we will b* -eesiar7 to cot It off. The n..u'(

I O. P. Durant and two children :. and price .Smtlrr cnIUILY end! for your clothe The Kind You Hare Always HouPt I Ii day Im.1 met- :Mr a piece Harrlt of on bn the,.lv trert. aril: told ro!i,. NOW 13 THE TIME =@ I
kwv.: ITjlw ,
and J. Kuoule Hyer left on the |I I!
I bow to apply it. bleb I did a. .oon ai I
( + R'' xioou tram to dy for Mubue.Perry IIT.\lloN at unit. < 1..n"l/r..pl"r bvO I I Louis Ackerman Goshen. Ind., '1 Bears thegigwttJra went bom. The nut morning lh>r# wa When the thrrn
youojUdy. AIjJr".tu .:.r. care DAILY says : "De Witt's Little Early Risers df no pain nor at any um after till the fin f-r t (h
I Lathrum of Oak Grove, _.awls. !....tf i of lv! >"t entirely veil, which only r">)uirrden treper-* :
Ala., H pndin: a few ddY'4 in the always bring certain relief cure my 's"\ or ..IKbtd.... and .hn cured 1 bara i ilib. front its power wr
k"I \\fANThl)-AH unu o( empty abseil I i! headache and never irnpeThey .. p rlrct uieof th. joint. i
+ a. city calliLK!: 0:1 cldfiiends and rela- > V hiiky botil .. Ii.A. YIUKD.UI. j!(gently! cleanse and invigorate the I V* bat 1 bad left of till salve, after curingmyowndne.6l :' Cool Delicious Sofa filer.0Yoi >
nortttTTTANTED Bu1 ick-B i ,
f tht!. I I bower and liver. Hartris Pharmacy. your ice of R. Kel- /aveaaaybother. p.opie ,
that bad or *.8 ma b-J or brun d.
r'i The Pensacola DaniaticClub will -O14 bear botllet a(Lannaua-'I'!1! Jno. heppard, S. Kahn.C.A.9TORI.A.. er. which lh"T all U8.( with the tame happy I|I WILL u\ '
i meet Inc rh> r-alnt the rid nee TT set Broi. Jyli :, ice result at in my o"o ce. I I

!f : 1 of Dr. \\'. H. Mareau next Tuesday I,: : Keep cool- and CAaa'L GI'KOL. I I i W. 6. Green fr Go

evening. __ -2..I (dO1)i.. I! B. tau Ha. H'wrs' Effiffiiil I take advantage of our liberal otter i,
: : *n ty The above salve can be found only
for cdh of the i
A pretty girl' hub arriv'daan P.'.. H\UAH d-al'lr ID HF.IRF.Manufactur.rand Hair ioo1v Hu Toilet i ct:;J J1.p. 1 For ice telephone No*. 2.)9 or i3i.j I at I|I No. 37 South Palafox.I .

early morniii! caller at the home of :I Articles, Hair 011. ..(c.. Ki W. un..rom..nt f I HARGIS PHARMACY i i I i Telephone isl.,
4 .. Chester Mir. 611 E<-t La lluaMreet iifraati'LT -----
tickets of Pensacola Ice ;
I Buy your 215 south Palafox -!r..pt.Y2w .
I yeterdsy morning. I (.Trr FI.WJ-I:: i HOMES FOR ALL Delivery Co..J. R. Keller treasurer I ; 'COFFEE! DRINKERS'Attention'

Cha M. Cotton wm speak at the _. I CAN BE PURCHASED OX
' ft KniRhtsof I.aborpicui.t at Krewton .I H'KH14 ant Moral I eugnt-! Hammock* of all styles at all torts l I. I !
, t p"f'I,1 d".lSln. ordrr'M for to't"nteri.
I r + '.todayandtbeCittzeL'dlrendofthisi : MiM Vlolctte Mortrnu. S3 West ur zory. FAST: TERMS tor{ priCP5. at the W'llli? Hardware SOTICE.Taa .

city- will furnish the music. 'I.I pbon x:,. :dim I ICo. !!. '''rar 11"n"'T I I Commencing Mon'i<
M1 -. ----- FIW'l -- -- .
"t CfMnroLI ur TaLCI'aaErll.
Oeo. W. Walker state attorney. ) Flny I..r uneral-... I, > \ ; u'illlad ,
+ ( r. orT Odd .tlay1. we
Tlllhhi-t'... II_ HALE WILSON A CO., : CLOSING Lots 1
ecotil district, of : ai- | - - - WAillrTo. Ii f' JulTl'.Ui'I 1 1; .

rind in the city yesteidiy ait.-r-j, I 'L"W1'RI'OK in bouquet..r.p H> KRAlj-,141. furnl d-.Itn.hadpromptly + REAL ESTATE AGENTS and special bargain sale, I, \ KUE AS*. by ntt-'dctory evi atd ree'tettd! at the iler- <"ot'llo the unlor.ien 1. it bab rn made
chan noon: I Mass I Virurile: Moreno. "<-it Gr:-.lIm.zorypbonoj'jv. j :;o Sol-1H 1'.11.AvoSTREET.. preparatorittota1cins.ctock, ", u p..n.aeola'ln, appear that Ib..II.r'Tba h-irit Hn National.i>c,i'a Bank In the'.f \\jjound of our Moclm II

at THE FORBES STORE. county nf K caiiitnn j""I M..rna.hairuinpli .
Lieut.6eergr JI McM.inuon- ; I'HICIIOOI. .. RAOER has a small <1 "itrj all tb.- IorllnIO""r the Java coffee, and on /
inlaw of c'ul.! 'r. V. Ait of t mire been ordered! to Cl lu.f.K..lrr.l.a"l! place but Oh My He \-wla'n>n< to xtriul lL ir c"rpo.r.'I'I dred < Jon certi/inil
1\IIGE M riA\. duKUof "
w nr\ 1'.llth'ul Aiinoii
iiiiieii t. t-Ti-tenoe andfurother > ,
Manu'i" nou -:lItl..n.1It MI- 'Kra. '. -.."Uuy fur nnderrar. sells cheau Y _.. : July I:tll, I IM'SiTHE6F.F'RE purpu a;>proed entitle the holder f-
'------------------- >
CdlifoniU. Mrliarltr will leave' truer;' S.'rk I say. "' 1,1 "p..n..n i,rt. -- -- ; I. Charles (I'air,_ I
i '-t at her moO t .-r'rrH>-n.-. S'. Ka.tI He I'milMl the >u r2eunM.I Fur Sheriff.I /Ilptr..lIr| of th" I'un.ne1" herein beautiful 1'itchei. .
i .
!..: l're-1-'u v.siht.TherW '' j I I; M'riifht .rr.-..:. >t Kmdf rznr'- f"r c:>,'orra certifytha'the .--rim National: Hank '
4 h"rh* "nnounc "mewl| mn eandidatsfor "
I'r, thrf" tu -. \.nar- "I'H" j\Jm All dotors told! -iiick Hamilton.of le Pla/r.
i ni
uf .>- 0,1> wooden builvl-: the iitK<. of Sharif! of hscMiitu; County I'eDsacola In the ell\ tit I'.n< .cnl... in tli Themnnnfn
. -.-t. I \\ to.t J.-tI.r-i'ii. O., after -at tLe" county Kx-anihiH and State of tlori'lh' '
I ill: (..n't": fUy.ideticiiltr' "; 1)t\'t'14 ':'00.-1."- .. month octal Fi-tula. coming elM-tioa in NnemF.r. : i' authorized to lime sucoemon for tb. |>"'- guarantee it to l 4 1 ownedy Mr*. KIT: Ml in thi- I 1I 1- --..-..--.'....-.. -- Is from he Ir-pr" tfull' I ruxl tpt'l'In..d In 1U nni nd.-d arlicl- of ,r;-
inornintlurit..; thr 1r..'y rain I I "' 1I.r: ,.'U\I\1..P.: ", ,' ()() would die unla u cosily openton'a"I'Hf'rm..d 1 JOHN Ft'I-.N": Nsw: c..r.rr' ha-e "'IU I 4':1: i.j -rr..I". v : binv\ cured himself on Juts lu. 1Irl'
Tl.r hun-. wa" occupie.iit I.> : T'III nl tw, iru J. H. IN TIiS\ : MOW Tallied at $/jJfJ
Ktorm. j I Ih Fail a in -\l JO .t. '
I with tHe boxes: of \\ clden'rnica run SHKIMFF, .
'llf thin .. .
colfftl family bat none Jnrtell. Fn".alUniversity l lj -lln".OI\ 'I"ort III 1 '
I .\ :--al\'ttile surft Pile ..1.1.Ill" r'
clire nil'I other ii 1':11
rehv announce niyx-Sf! m a 'a' .:Ji v- A ui
were injured.Hannih Earth anti u,!:! be-t Salvit in th'1 f. -n.T, ;.f KH'tilji county ai ,- .
j; of Georgia !I.' 11-1:1.10:0 ( w. Prop 0 drocrrCofleelloa
i ii .
-- --- World. 2s cents a box. Sold byV Tit., i November elnrtion I at a reap \
f.ir D-- '
.tr-rent-' inptroilei t ttai
UP- ask: the
: fully sui'p-jrtol voter.CHAkLP.CJt
j WeeC'VJtfh Cure: Durrl>a Km I t11.0l39.: Gz.nnahnndr.dthnhecn A. D., lembent', 1Jrllo; i..t. XTER.: ling a N '.

Witch Ilaz-l r lve. Theyjruar.intfp I ; s.'pteml.'r 3
I -- -
Pdyand .. .. 'l',thi ifi. H'lomi in dormitory trur !'*. -
all three >f iIi pr"t""r1 l r..Unit 'narJ in "indhill, lit .;ill
tion, and will::en fully -lund ib* dotty |itrr M."ilf. T':.. 'n' or' "n !"*>
juonev to any nun whI.-. them cmi irt> bfciitStcd. Price 2 >i i inlornuttbn writeALltUB
without bring > \\' Il.LLC; arc.llerT'rira ,

cent eacb. ._ Ans..hot.

Crash: suit; *l.fti ;It tinny''' I I

-.---' -- ...__ u --1 _1

Pockei cutlery ,fcii'or*, fi=hit'g A poUiand 5peed borne

tackle nun-, pi-tol l and sportir; f w,' C, fi w< cure Cf* of for long privaie: c1l5ehea'l,

of all kind at the Wills: Hardware from: to davj. Orders taken
rood; *
: CQ':. dres-lagCc, re l'J.rLJWil.: To cure, or money refunded by your merchant, so why not try it ? Price 50c.cf.f .



1 .
------ -
. .
.. --- --- .
uvp .Y _'t'i u ., I :. > --

The daily news
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,y. .. ra.r -_ -- --.- -.' .
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t/ t



RO1 l [EMBRMI M \ 1 1 i
0 ij ---- -- -- ---- -- --- ------- .- =-- -: : = = ---- '


-- --
N. Agents. - -- =- : -
- -
-- -- -- -

PENSACOLA has a Depth of 33 Feet of Water in the Channel at the Entrance of the Harbor.

---- -- --- --



GENERAL RISING Is Regarded as a Declaration S Old Virginia Cheroots Situation in China Does Not Caleb Powers Unfolded His

of War, Russia.
on Require His Presence.HR. .
Plans to His Banker.

Has a Well Organized Army g has a satisfied, "glad I have got it" = .. -

of 950OOO..Operations DISCREDITED--- IN. -r- LONDON expression on his face from the time i1 WU IS STILL, HOPEFUL REIOnSTtATEDVITn HIM

--- -

to Begin at Once. C'ilne-! Ay.urani"e; or Nifpty i
tern Fnll 1 1 I KI.it-1'Siuuxht tn 1 Ce u tltiinttuti
Brlht-\III..tlC. Casualtlf'i.it \f0uld.t: A. Ut Him- .
Tit lor Iin.Lay.mdOtbrrI'runtluentIepubllcda
) ,
-. t I\Vliitx, Duck MARCHING ON SHANGHAI KIKIto "tartwN.tlhrCttyof( |"MITbin : it not Be disappointed. No matter 1'it-ii Isln-Our IO.5More

. . I 1et.lsad ,
,.d. Cottouit. t .lumrn-hil Onter It Wlllioiii : Krom le.h uctluu.LO J where he buys one Maine or Texas, ': 'JT hilled ur W uu IH!"
.. . II4t ir..1 IsOI. JulJotIf tho news i< a : \VA-Hixr.Tov! July !.-The state de-
.lid I I. I hr Ollj..1 t h. I'uillt ofa Florida : Ky.. July IS. Thd
I 11..1"( Chint CaltfornHfhe knows
t I.ettchIsla ,- i< itiMiMun irf SiIT-.a: 'rn's8 true it or they (urt: u'iit ha. reci-i\i-d a diijctch from Purrs murder lose was recnined with

( ... ,..r.I'I".,'- of ( ilni- e-KorU Are will ot .'UNI', liauiruriy: cumplkwftho .
C iil ,,
)ii General Fi \\kT. Che Fun.
> at
.. I :c llrl.l l by the ,\ulinr.-. I I'ljr.iid. of the | Mtiintioa fr iu the int"OIIouII : will be just the same as those he gets : that the juujui.that .-eral minor witnesses

. -jyiura' the sovt-rnor c-f Shan Tung < would be hoard first, but that daring
H.,'ri',-"Hintti| n I I. AUrmliiS. 'point ot V1--ty. .1.enroll.n a r't.l I\of'+ts- odes that hi
at home-clean-well 1( made-burn < Courier left IVkinjr on rhr.luv .vmie very wutnithinal evidence i
1 1 .Lgh.uu I burT l (!lhpnt<*h ot July 13 I::, the Cbiriewh.il H a
,'.C ST. PiTTi-m ut* July: Iv-Adi.patih' July 9. The lcattous} were till holding mild be brought; out. John A. I'.lack'

I. of 1 "kirt4 Ir mi Cur If.iMVCrm -: ) already j :\nj !onr,ville, a hanker and a Republi .
', lu'Io11\1I.: to pert )Mr.ix-hunii lot IHI one -- -
,. ,. .o..1r
: Iffir: l' -jI. Twin bin)obih' l \YVVIIIIJT, JaY} !'.-I'nitnlStatiMMiuiUir sin of pru'uiul.Ilot"M the first wit.u .
Iluaglurd! Ib..uM I* uc'lnciouo Three hundred million Old Cheroots smoked this :
,11\1.1..llu'l i Jiff' rent if>n>s. The A Virginia ... He Saul Powtrdcunie him
!!. t'uCnlgh to }i'I' r.it"i'!h rljear ..'ii tiutry Alien at Sttml, Kon-u h-lt- to in

t 1\: *' T" 11 .r': !'' in cor;. h.i bra ordered to ext and attack H'hI IAU temtorr. Snh an M year. Ask your own dealer. Price 3 for 5 cents. grajihf- t thtbtutf (U-jiiirliututthat I'micrsiunl January tll< udvne him a.< to the propiiety -

{' i t rna K-r* (i>ia jtmar attach if it Ilea 1 Uv'u :: :.:>, of '-onrxcctmtttuios 1 1 Chiut-M aru in force \utian a few of the mountain orxanizatioa

,Iul rar.I-.l.".'.Ht.' I I.: I1)1 -- ....:n.g urniT I's divided info fourth iu itMiIf: a ilecLsrailnnof war. .ui. .0..I.e.8. _. mite: of the Korean fnuiiicr. which Pot+..r- wad yettina sip

.5v-'t "tI.b Iwi'l.-- ainl. c..r\. ,- tr o< wbi-h- Ito operateS..iist rendiTlnf f'fmul l noritication nef A attsck bv the ChifJ.IJI .
,, "trw Hnt ami "ailor- 'lI.j"III1I,1 .-l.-iir) the! r'ad t.l separate u.rtwro! proMnco of Korea Isle mnl'hnlarm. \vhtt
u M 1 RU hurt of 11'.ro\.llM was getting
+Talatru1xAttnIltisia, ncoonlmg .. ai;)
l and The
Mittih/' isir l UIGIIT PURCLAR BLOWN TO ATOMS. are tl.ing.( foreigners
.I!I.01.rlIt'.. w.tnlamt: awl thr sc'md 1 n to con- to the views eij.tvs'w-d' Eurojpe a.lJition.il are in \f..t\ and( liu said h: was organizing unarmed
ii" i : i .r y.inl
,,'ntrl1t1. a* "TVu 'in and thu thinl at. i-icwo for isolateU desi-ant on For an Kilitor: lleeoiiunenil Talent I I+.tfe 1I"IIIIU.hcd! lOud! the BiIWing1t'rrrht.l Thi- fju\vri'iuciit I is very 1I.1I1:0U: mob to gii to Frankfort. I d\*garaged
Peking and addlTtonal claim ro l..,rtpreater I
,'!1.1" colamn wimbtrtii Il'licifl". : E4 k.aa this and told him
P. k1ng, fr"in byKM.OK. tyu.tnsile it would injure the
inllunico than the other flowers WA\, July lb.-Tbi-re is no
',; 4 IIU'0':1 !I.. wiit to Wi Hal Weiit and (. "iittT ,.cinnrriikddtni when the time Krom )'InntI y News. Brevitrd,X. ( I i.", Jnly I IS-Au takuowu Iw'publicuu lqtrty"Iull b., U *ti{nia on
It be whether the ehiujyt m the 1I11 'lIti.'n' to
[ 05 S. Palafox Street, (I TII'II T'm wmJfm' fouitb fun"w.'l of st-ttlemiiir, arrives. lImN an estmnrt editor may of a question has the man whiz, attvimrting to rob the safe tn jMVsirh'ut's our end of the htaU- and ought> to b*
a newspaper right ri-tvrn to (.Vutou. lie wars in ix>u.tantiujuniui.ixtiAii
ut Nanking. um-nsln-OfS hns torn (Tratvdiuthvchaiicxllones Dep> ', litfTully bktlA'U Bu aMudoucd. Powers, however
; i -in titrati- to publicly recommend of the -w sti>re. wn insisted
by tins latest derelopnienL (\ with the intMuliers of
"Th, riu'- IMA' i>&<>")Japanese: troops; varioui proprietary medicines which I IitOIo.; Ihl'f"; demolished aul the that too mob should tie formed. Hi*
As to the :latest Cluueso anHiiranc of the r.ibuK-t t'iMiu. there by telephone and
ROM NOW ON, In (t'hiiu the wfoty of the European lE'F'.Lt1ol1at Hood the market Yf't:4: a prftveut-I bUk1ilwr..k..l by, au eiplotaui of U-li'.ntph Miid uiilavt buiuetbinK nufoixsf idiii was that it would intimidate th j

"Th- (rhuxwtilivf M ri>, 'vsltratinin Peking, they are not rrtHhtwl hers On ive of suffering we feel it a | dynainitf at an .Irlh..ur.. m t.tir> hn d
the contrary, it i is N!ievvd the* anstiranci say a goo J word for Chamberlain'sColic The explooioa arou ed the wlmtotown. to n-inuui Washington..
the fhma ant hostilities an exl .
** Cholera and Diarrhoea \lipro\f by Td lor.
Hem >
have U1' n diverted b by a dfeure to j l.i,.!diiu s treuib'tsl as though Having dtTiiUil! that the sit oath" 'HEH'SHOUSE j l save the native city of Pica Tshi. A eJy. We have known and used this'1 shaken t b.y nn mrthC Rake, willIe only a not warrant the cnllin nf an extra M.Vklou Continuing Bliu-k( said:
\I! >|ut<'h (r iu Nankin: ;; auaouuce medicine in our family for twenty ) ot dt-lTis marks win-re the ,
pile the "I Powers
I la'
c'om"/fl.tl'flt lit Shanghai orates that spot, "I< C.X1KH at thin tllllU. laid iiVV-: aw 'r, and again re-
t! .tt Prim) loan his ordered a great years and hate alway found itreli- vtore d. (] oils itt. ,'l
them is hardly a Vwibt that Sbeng the cure>li ) werev f ill:; agreed on the numlvr ollrUo"bllLlld nv>n.j-it Ml ivaiu"t the formation of the
c.ihtury. uiiivinrnt owing; ro tho appf' ar- Chines* minister of teleRr!fM) i is withholding able. In "many cases dose of this iu all dlrr4'run*, .lonie articles Uingd umnncH wliuhull but to n'wfrtl'ec mob

a"n* i'if J.\.D.\ inChiiia.( The viceroy infiw-mnnon his josni'sriou.Th reined would save hours of suffering :; oiil more! than a m.lo from tlM MXUOof full inu rn.ttiouul forces in Cliini. the Powers which told WK going to Frankfort.

Nanking ha informed the fonign nr\n of the massacre fa already cabM while a physician Is awaited. :: the fplcsioii.There p cuuoii of tin aduuubiratwu i> div with the me it was being formed
We do approval of Governor Taylor,
".nl. thtre that h* rennet !I. answer.t to the Uuitwtn tt' may be, taken not believe in depending im-1 was a coniiili-rable! snsn IIf tirnbo-tl by a {'iioiuiiicut ullifial 0. one ofwaiting. CbnrW Kiulay and other
purity on any medicine for a cur, the siii'e which ,xittred Republican
in was .
acid that thf loney
The di.
cim-wt. :pjitch re
for Cii.iin.! Nmg Pound leaders Frankfurt.
event m at Charles
Flulay I Ial
but do believe that if bottle of
we a j iu nil ihri'ctions. Mlver .'
is eMdmice! that th. Woo sung forts, at 1111111rert Authentic End reliable fI"of theM
n ..i.'\ '.r I III..'iM IIII ("h > the m"nth010 Sung nver and }10 Remedy found a Inilf: mile from tho seen, while tout ion in IVkiui i is csict.d ". n.
vi 1; '" f i. H". .IUM-. .r !1'- Th. forrtjrwri" ar+ tit'nag to Shane- were kept on hand and administered' with thorn. I l'ror""r",1 bit. 'IiPrly.
.' bat Th ..itiotn I alarming, Sistn imle north of Shanghai are l4ufjhtreuicrhened hilts were picked up all around the Until it arrives nuthing r'(wunn to l iso Pow l lie-came
lift -> p rs
tv..r. 'llIT the of attack much I very angry
'n at inception
""I'.I. an 'A'I't..kl..II\III.1III .
.1.! .. i titt.l l" -c lu-1 "f f fw I i':' I .n-igu"r' han nrmedat l Nan!lane free ainl w.ppl'.ed: with large ; muttering might be avoided ana in .; ,. done but to mobilize troojw( to lx body me on ui-count <,f the (P'1toni t .lk. I
for the forward of
N.I w..ii the
m-jt- horTin is hop-d in London that the land- very many cases presence of a SECOND ANNUAL MEETING. of the O.Ot))lmf'lI to bo 1 landed acTuku to
hii l'urlll..111l1,1 Uuul l iiud
Krf | .t .ilit.;. HAH- have iiiwoiianf physician would not be eaid good! cUi -ns, people of
and! rile required. h..hll'i.'U TMII aud insure the 111uf
mg < W.IXM! ( J.irriuiwtroops "
ual'rr.ML. influence
if crowd
Ably any was to be sent.
WMtl'Kt.\ At least
this has been
nrnvnlof Indmn will enabl the our experience Nttilliern 'liuliiitrliil League In its luu the nivwinent I\.kill'
r, b.1t'at i has taken hull of srnth- tniops I tm A oLeti from Charles Ftulay to the
IK..1.011" rill ,t'lun. Th fun-linn! at Chu Chan allies t"i trill ftrrre SluuiKnui.Admiral during the past twenty Yl'au.1For In \tlaiila.ATI I --- .- Lini>vile! and :a.l1nllruilroa l fir

'il'I Hhit Ifl; MIt'hYeaa't4a. ..I I iu t'luu/ h".. l I.'r attacked and are .lb xi 'ff report* a frfil' JnyUIMI afox sale street by Hannah Lros L'l I S P.il: .\T', .TiJy 1 is.-Tho Mxnu-.d any OFFICIALS MORE HOPEFUL: f I.teJ; cur traiisjinrtation of the rnua tvFraJikfori

Kla sit. lug \jmuic nrv!<. n. 1 tb. Pet Ho river, :.i ''1',1. from was produced by Black in re-
----- n conveutiiMi of tle; Southern Industrial
1)t l ( tottfl""fUw .MlnKli
Tiilni U-rwecn nsi>niioiiT>n': b.-h' of : .
to from the
.. 'I ''t rtJOIII "dur.'( MARCHING ON SHANGHAI. :"u: <**itus anIl.1ufII'M.-, ii which sevrv.il; AMONG 1IIK L\\V I5IIK\KKKS.: Kti-nu' i H iu "'.-.s iiui ht'rn.f1'c im .i- l.iti-u C'ro""I'! sjmn-e' qiu-htpju pnwecntion.

Kii: ''utH wi-rv 1.llt.\l.A informal rei-eptioii' to th> dolivfeuti* at WA.-liiNL.oN .Tr.lv! Thi- The defence, throng Mr. Owens,
l WI at low /*"< / .', Interesting Noie- (Ja'l.ernl 1In I'olU-e : v-- buoyant
large ll.Mly >. ( |II>.M Moil'i2. Kr>nuIliifxl ili-|jctt tcit! fi-oni Shnnv hU1 reports fivecruiHs. ie Kimla'l: lieu.., the convention na.nl! u 'print ao:iiui tin competencyof
I' C'rcle.. neat I fii-lin th i'huu
ntf ii<'1"': ; ax to > <*e
Ii l.alMMlIIl ,,, ( on Dial ( IIlfA )'. f-t tlie allied flei-ls\ iii-luding( Ooulhiu' us u witutras, ho befog under
thirVitith I iruisiT Tirriule. nsonnmtiriii '- Austin Lewi, charged! with intent wet 'tIn",1 l to order by Pre.-idmit J. K. .meek\ ), h... (IHI-II ,!'rcii;Ui,-n.wl l by tin indK-ttnent
ull.n"ith Powers and 1 othrinii
,/ July I I. lYiiii, Tuan ha* CundUr -
if ** .It.f. Orr. (nivernor delitored l an
at Shan luii Ku-ni July! 17 and tocommit rape upon his daughter, I1rlt.II..n of :a i-uiiriniiutioii clL"llItllrOlIfl| (' co-ooiisiiiratcr and having not
i.utii all ..tI.f t" ti)+ u iK-tinutu} ia! !. ft>rK found the address of welcome, which w a._ rleI iiouiled "- .
hnrtur li livd and forts
.. -\IHI\I. ; mtjul before
\ .,.. ; u preli'iiin hearing to JIlin. J. J. V.Y.lftt of AlaUima.llliiiX Orii-ul lYv> ii-r. at! Clio I-\*', tuuehing l I'5' n tried. The jury WIf'xrlnll"tl dur-
.nt-ml riHin>:. WUn ft.'01.11. ucun- :and bur t.w Chinvisible.. Jude Jones tin- morning. He was by Hid the arKiimiut of the Judge
\ 11..1. .1.t All I Ii' ; these addrihM IK! tuiu- tae I lIfl't.t the li'#.iioiuTH at 1H king point.
.. 1 i I. "if !I. ;.i' 4't bJ'Irll. {t."t it is ikuLtl..s 1 ana The ilKpH'ch ailii.itJiitUMasiiiti-iidi: d di-chbrped; for want of tullicient ev- volition Jult Isims preieuted objivtions of the defenceto
.II.j t l business the !
.t Iximlard lrlj..I.I to bv III" on
to the fort but the fleet
re- idtnceto convict him.
l Iv >ri'. f.ir IViinv, TJ.IU IS xiifl fn I )illtn'nt01.jl." it i ii uuilprstoi l that Mr. the ciimpeteiKjV of Culton as a wit.lit.
i frainrU and 1"1" 1'1'111IIr *
\ -tiou inc.i. ,, Powci"
a' ;It IItI..t
a ;
t bArr nnl>'r. the fort-{ Murvteigllsif activity. 1\ :. Turner, charged with assaulting I l'll'f; of various .otuunttlwsa1)j.11ut441lit; Fnwlvr S !iifnrinuti H front the one ..-
Tin i last year's! coiiviiuou \\ure IuW"l..t f(4iii'aiu brad ;m Mr. \\.n'* cablt',rsun, ( .0. EtlluaU'IO.: .
atrival t adds
t t-i- i iu'i- forrln tn.'II; same ili-ipHtdi that right war. Lucy Kinney with his
'\ '. i theutrra'.in. "sedan Hon. 1 lIckc 1 Smith uauit!y the tannins Yuan Chi Kai, the On .d uxaiiuiiHtion BL'iO said that
.' l.ipr nnIMIIK off: the native city of hand before [ Hilliardthis 'r. i
,.1 A.. \ !Iltr" tn .y irf <'hulr.t) i "
'-\ /. Shun.iied mid thai HUM other are be- morning but was "discharged. ad irt-oM-d the ".couvcnthiti ''u.IUt.t illl military governor ot 5huu Tang J>rov- rink-y claimed the ,niouiitain.rs wore
t t- !.I ,\'IU, I1"1 in the ilinvtnnio. Eduration of the Men nf the iUt..
Young "
: :. [ twvsnShan lmi amt Won' :5nl1f. He was also charged with disorderly Lying taken to Fniukfort to "flat-n''e"

\ : t :baudhuL 11. IIUIl1I1I he tw :1'010\> ---- conduct by quarreling for South." In the! evening the dekgates.by ke:1I1..c: of the very intimate relations the "- lsl1ture.: Power said the jmr-

turr4N ttuK rvry day. Reyutt In Ito Vuit. which he was fined $i.i0. special ill'llallo'll.'IIUt.c the play that have exlt,-d n[' to a very re- I M' v\ib to "inniiinirtto": that Uxly. At

rl'h HH ify ti .fili; with;,m! any tmiius of a4 the Grund.SHOT tent date butwwu this official and tim this ai wiT Colonel' CampU-11, attorney

.t .'.frn4l au I 151 I the farts' are i/U/C heiI ,! PAKIS, July K-Th French conuulnt IVtir O'Reily, *Nelson* Minims and j igijnal court a* Peking he having for ,tluiroMcution{ slappe l himself on

Q\ l '. I I V tie (.hll... Han Kow U'letcniphs under date of Hobt. L. Sierra, charged with contracting OVER GAME OF CARDS. been commauder of the imperial bKly- the knee which brou, ;ut forth un nbjec-

Tbr 11.)1.'r' "plrxnls. la.1 tb"ub."UI July 1U that th. hvruy aJIsiits! that bvis without a licence,were each 'd, there ii a dl .).itlou here to attach tin from the dI.ft'noe to I Ktu-h a demonhfratiou -
\ '1'rklu'. l ad I. u 'uII01w: -rw" \Vh-t: 51m Mortally and Two Xegroes moTe credence to his dl-Paxcl.sthan in the of the
fl $:-0 by Mayor Hilliard this i'n-s.-nce jury.
J i ilotiUful! of Lw ttbility to arrest too .d.
I I. thi itimmBD'ler, in-<'hif of Uitivti I Serloo-ily WwiivdeiLr would U accorded those of other Contii.uiniritiis.s said he "uever
I n-Wlhoii in Ho Nan. The consul at II o'nitig. .
1 t tnf s. Mill wan'h from iVkinj to Shanghai telegraphs under date of .* >,vtriu r3. U., .inly i>}.-AS a ''mof ChiDutw officials. This in WLVX! on tho hl'3rall'owlJ'tI make throat. against <
Jl Ntukm with th.Ta .hurrl Our July presumption that he hoe no inrtucwixmt b.l in general He
pnn- except referrwl -
.- 9 that the Rovrrnor of Tcbe Kiang, on Richard Morris, Will Jackson and a Rhoorii),; and cnttimj affray in the13au'hy way.
Tal: "hj rr IS ,, Uirn and to falsify the facts tow crowd he
iletitmy tn was getting| np
the vipnrms demand of the consul had Chas. Taylor charged with leaving
\ rb. &lIlt l rba1u., and" then the tl' taken their teams unfastened fine Fork section of this txmuty, Consul General GtindQo\rt at Shan iw a mob."

.1'eph end j...tffirf. etsUegc'il and .enwyt-tip A second njeasures telegram to. dated repress July dinorders. o' #:.50 each In the police paid court a this Wlwpp and Pops McCarty- broth wfakc ghai. ha cabled for a warship Ills J. W. Siler a banker of Wihianw-

...., 'b.Ju'l r"p'1 11..1 not \to fngbtoor 13, aTrnnnnceii trouble in the province of morning. aw m oriticol COOd1tion."hl 1.-:lkttJ4Ial4)rl 804qnvstion WM merely pretjiatioiiury, berg, wa o.ske l civnceruinii 11.000( that
"II.! they .* oar arrival here.wny and after considering it the navy department wits Ic mul to Charles Fiuluy for tbetlrOlW'
Ho K au. Missionaries had been attackedin and John liauvan, ,
v. "* '111' r. dn\"fl the t taogrtxfi hu withheld action in view FnokfTt
r ) tut of
"\gun truii>portin' ; men to -
the of Tcbe and Thirteen cases three discharged btmJ hills in their bodie
province Kiaiig pist-ol
'I U "f.i M : ((. rr. O U tot Lei 1 th.'tuplte pt'al"t' and I of the fact that the Cattine is already at Wjtrcw wild not give the data
and O in fines trouble
., Manchuria and numbers of missionaries 'OJ was the police The arose over a game of
} and tJx .
1lnnannjtja.wtauneforpro- port foreign ships BW on ; 6? tie cbcci. -.
were impmled.htjM court record this morning.! cud Warpp McCarty wi terribly
\\ W1dlDIL
o. trill: _
"t\'t' th market pno tihWtfl.l 1141 Johnson way. _. __ W. Ii. Culton. who in hunhoU nnd!ruirlHtiiriit
aaa by with
,o.'i"j' h t ."r* rju** .I harks IVKark.Lcr negro a
n Troupe
? niiKlt-ratvly
ad an ttcttkkoryandiuppoiiedto
i Joe Robinson Wild up before Mayor nuur ocros the back of the head and on OUR LOSSES AT TiEN TS4N.
\11. MwtI will n.4 !! ., Tth. .
y be the
and witfi
tar Mof the
lullh <
yninrn ptvw.-uCioD,
.. 1IQ'f. July Us.-A dispatch from HiUiard this morning a charge of ChAt firm breast and should!ar. Pope

.1.'Ii' .f'. '"J: II'J"m | that>. can dill*U.>vr y thu duty order.. usnal.they will If 1 Shanghai son the duetnbarkatton of1MW cursing and abusing Adeline Davis, McCurty, Direly 30 years old, i u suffering IUght eea Killed, 7? Wounded ud 'i. wu called -era._ -- -- -- -.

,N l lhPA.1w1{ "t ..fl;." ) Japanow troops is proowidlng at for which he was .fined $ '. agony from a piiWnl shot by Banyan Two MUtlng.v. '
; Takes ia the aUlo.ncn.! The chance for PACOT-
18. The department .
A)rItSro1i. Judy war
Lucy Kinney, charged( with disorderly cry are donbtfaL Johnson was shot -- -
YANG TSE IN AN UPROAR.b".II..I. .. bulletined its first official report lI tii:uUhf (;.orll Dellteri aa
fined $7.50( by Mayor Hilliard this- wits shot in the leg and could of the result of the battle at Tien Or.tlOll to lrniMr*re 1.15W)(.
4 .wnl "Uh \atiV.'. tl.j \ B. C., July lie, by
morning. twt niw'L He was left in trw woodi. CIUTTANOCHU IS. Tlve ]
11 .*tl PalaHx.D1INKERS. j rt.ln. Terror t'rrmlN. the Empress of India Tsln! M follows: July leading
says -- -----
.. Casualties m attack ou TIeD Tin tutors of the first day' Mciou of the
) 1"11' .'i+1 July! u.1... rntltw r,+gtun that from all parts t wf China the refnPOM Board of Public Work Another Kurn v In Bliiil.BJ .
I I i the board of Wy W: Teunrsa.r. Bar awociation was the annual
1'eng TV I u (11 M "IL\' (.f nnrtstt.u are flockini to the treaty port and Ameetingof public VINOHXM, Ala., July .- A sub-
workswa4 held this Killwl-Colonel R H. Ijsc-ura oration by lion. Jowph R. I..amat
morning at themayor's and 17
I L : '1 : ; tlhan..t.aJ I ITWIM.I with a nati.*> up.r.s every ship u bennn them to Japan. which ci 'it foriv hiw b.,-n i'nred by the Ten- eullued
ollice at the board men. of Georgia on the subject of "A Centtun"
ki. the which first
Nagn at they
4 I ej for u thKru iroviurca are port -idered and of number Coal Iron ali i Railroad C. Ii. ', "
4t ntionf : t', amvo w crowded and Kobe is beginning eon disposed a uuM company Wonndt'd-Capt3iu Xoyw, not }FrogreM of the LHW.

aInpr.trVh.le. tray b.- the nllitl to till up. Many of them are m a of complaints concerning the condi from out.-'id point tAl operate anotherof :ulna; llaj-w J. R. 1 Reagan, st--nous The auMflon was called to order at 11

Mutton t.ll f t':.ar 'N'hry ,F rhr p....r1,. thp I imml'lh.h' de.-titate condition aixl amwah- for aid l lion of street, sidewalks, etc. The us l: <.t':1Jtr furnaces and furnace not dangerous; Captain E. V. B;
3"5 ?? .,_.fni j.f.nw of Tile! are tiling th. papers. It w generally board also considered the matter, :o. .{ ha. Un j put in Uaat, making serious, not dangerous; Lieutenant spoke of the work auc4>mphihed( in the

I "full h ntr ''1' felt that while these applications will referred to it by council last night, inns'' "ta.'ks which have resumed opera L. B. Lawton, not striouLieuUtuant; past and that marked out for future accomplishment.
jnanr ot IVu TMII is distinctly 1 H B >ni-r"U'"ly heeiled here it is incnm- of the drain on the ea-tide North (1":1: nt Holt place. Thenfornas were F. Iv. I Lang. alight, and 72 eulisteil mtu.iK .

,*< I Iill ""IIII' IIII.t l'i.lInhOC The alludfr 1.-sit on the tonijni missionary board,ou Pjlafox ,street and ordered the sameto CIIIII..U..1 c to cl .e down some wo 'kjago: Ji> -Two l'UIIil11 men The other business of the clav wa the

II, It 5r at' n..1U1nor tbrlw tllf' who- I n praiiibility the sad plight of f rebuilt from Chase to Virden on nifnunt < f a strike of stork hou.ieKills report of Tn-asurer Charles N. Bnrcll
f' I
> t. I'Y! It 14. cable nnhinited street! The matter of the dipoi- 111I-11. AilnilrHl rr". )'* (' Me. and of Chairman H. H. Ingersoll of the
II.J' aril fhe thir mile Iunanea re ts, to -
.t itH /'. .1j't "f r.1h1Cft III' rUv.the credits to meet the emergency. In t on of garbage by the contractor. Wilv.l-o\. July Jv-Tie! foilow-! central committ of. The attendance Li
"' t5 rhr..uh .
1 -tisn referred by council was al-o" O"ie r a l"rUoiHT. much larger than usuaL
1'1111' his rep rt of the fighting at Lieu Tun ii: ; ili"|uU'h l.iit; been ri. :""II u: the .
(1f' I' thoroughly di..cil..sed. two membeis N. C. I IS, -- - --
under A-HKMLI.F Jnly Chief of
-af .4 in- I... the Jai ree*r commander, dare of
: fr AdtniJ-ul I4
at '"II'mI"I'' navy ciciartielit: >in :-mey,
I// / .. 'It."tI,1: I I. tllr .1l1Ial fur June :.. na\>: "There i is no food except of the board having personally investigated Police .1. .\. Lyerly t.il.od! Jen-' Me- IMit'irVulul 1'liIo..
; p'l."I. 1 1F
.. it. and teps were takento nt ChFi ). [oIti' ; rejmrt 4Io! '4 'nor in-
'U, !B.! i %>!' i.f tin1. mi P. and niilev. eomtaunicatiou wnll U.I'h.in! the city jail with a pickax M. II Irin", Editor ,
r quarter d.l that officer M'ljor -,
JUl. ; 1 ) .h aJ ..1 t'.,. Ta.u is p-Miiuril within the two compel the enforcement of the ;\:" army : < ;
W.III mf nir I nexj contract. hauiili-. M,-Clatchey had ben placed l in Ciipuin I Ir'w'r.: Lit-ut.i.auti I.nwtc.n ( Ills.. News was afflicted for year
irlltllffltf'f t'.n; 'r1ul'al in tli. kitu.1- week there will lw cr\-it destitution. with! I'ile that ro doctor or remedy
'I 1 it the lucgcoti! lcau of the noise he Haiiiinund! anl,11011'11 I u. r<- wJulIIl..1.C..prillu |

,. i/1/ I, '16'i"f' .,- \1':11: I_ 'U.." mI.Y.., the u Keep your sy-tem in perfect order made mill was breaking out whenLyerly C. C. I;. iitiirine oirj> I.lpetiluti he tried IJacklen'* Ar 1''

.r'., 4Werminttt.ut.jdethe |1 t'liMi-tcrlnj Transports.. and you wl'l 1 have health. even in went down. McClafchey hit the wounded; S.--c ud Lit-ntentint I. IL Ifswrites two boxes

I It 'I. .U. 'e "mir n-a' iu< for l... New YI-KK, July 1 is.-Tho rharr{r.I toe inost sickly seasons. The o< eaional i uiief with a bs.gy p ring twice, whereupon L.-U1K, army, wouubl.n, aide l has wholly cured him. It's the surest I

I I.., I r h. 's.kit liiir,rfuliranny I in vf transports to troops to use of PKh'hL1 HTTTEPS i the chief strui-k, MrClatchey with cone to Tuna to pet aerura'e lufonuaim. Pile cure on earth and the bet salve
I ,. .,:t,1 the Hu'rt if ; will mure vigor and regularity in a pickax handle,i m-h.ng his skull. ." in the. world. Cure iniarantf-ed.
10..1. I China i is l'lminmuch stir in shippingcircle all the vital or :1I1". liana th I'.ro,. I : --- -- Only 2; cenu. Sold by \V. A. D AI- ,

( -.. Private caLld ad.IOPS state that Cured nrotifhi i.1 Trouble. \ nr advertised dealer i i" anrhor emberte. druJt.Ci .

I .' tPabNa5T ".-..IAtIt' [ 13 (i'num.t..amshlp.> now tiivmting; in 1 1I IF YOU WANT TO INVEST: Cha. E. Davi. 1071 W. Congress ized to guarantor B.oP.

I I."I\ | I Ih.Ilutlt' trade, have beta w'iuisitt I St. Chicaro.: ;:n."I: suiTered foryears Ai.VE for tetter eczema tiile- .A. S T O Tl T.A. '

\III.l" *NPa(v"' 'von.1.If. if.ill.you. .nel.I'ts and supplyI YOUR lOXEYO ) with bronchial trouble rind sprains. cuts, scalds. tMiriuieer: !art the Pe I t 'd Icy Fay A 5(24! Pry!

lOt .utieftra 114V. proved! I ship by the t tJennaaempi'ror. XewsisnKi i THAT IT WILL PAY YOU tried many: kind of medicine without and any open or ILls MIRE. l'r>r Bale 8raacre! rL ;.

1r I I.-< in-rit fur Mck and meetin,( shii'ping circles that the rloli..fllnlil f I l pan taking Fo- by W. A. J'AIf'lIbftoTInDII -. .' ..,

H- ..' o l-i.-.. TIt.Ilia",. Umteil l >tit' )''. girvernmeut is actively in LIG INTEREST i.tv's HUSKY \xnTAR.whioh cured

I : (ilw mlr: ;. i-hartvntij. steamers otallnationlit me.1' For -.:' tyV.. A. D Alembt G .\:/ I'P1tL"1EItlM, I It-: ,iffy tnx,rl"f; I', : 4hudP3!
.11tr"II' 111111
">""I nrtVws les on the Pacific to act a: CALL ON tte. 1:1j: l..1'"r-' at : IJ"1 1J11'I::/ : I y'tre
alt i h. i.y: to take I __ J. M. Howell hn* employed an ex
Hairs for this
and supply' ships Cos.
JlJray .1 ."t! '\ if. int. Money I tnsn-j lH.rts in onunectina with the ChiueM! D. HALE WILSON & CO., Icecresm frt-ezT* that ff-eze the pert trimmer and uphol-tner.! and: (

UI. ct :0'11' by W..1 ; country have cream quick at the \VillU Hardware will he pleased t'" name you very
1 outbri-ak. steameit
"'r Uru i> 1.t.k' t. i Twenty-two ;J-OUTH PALAFOX STREET. Co... elOpe price for firstclawork.. J. '
commercial channels. Rader selling
Nvn taken from ___u ____. ---
11 ? t' h...t e1 the I Three steamships represent a total oft I I Delicious CradT-rd watermelon? I
;tr on Hammocks all at '
"*> t ADnt( Held Krueger i UHiXVi( tons gross, and are of coarse, styles I from Brentwood farm on ice at Gar- Headquarters for tni'der hard a handsome Iron Bed {

t'r o $1.U0, I Lut ue beginning- of. the. movemcutr- Marston $ Finch's. [Oeld's ice factory ware-the Willis Hardware: Co '-. 1r31 9r



) ._9 '' ""-rite -" _'" _-._ -C,....,-....... ,.., '"-"-"" '.'...-......-.....-.-._- .._-+,g.45i-iR'+!c$"$-rI0 %'ir .,-" :--,- -", .. ,. .,............."'- -. .-...,... ... .. ,_ .y..r zry.. r_.. -

i11 I


-- -- --- --- ___ ___ ___ ___ __ _n __ __ _____ ___ u_ --- -- _. ----- --- --- - ----- -


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.. IfrwiMKTbr.- lira
i FARMEROne the! to digest and assimilate >:;'r!.\t. 1 IS'1. b:: r. I). L.'w is.' III
power 1 t... "Mu I UgllxhUn" 1Wt'uy
:r ... ............... .... Moaiiy afterno-tu last MrjorVil- I j yla. \J I b.U.! r .
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fat-tur!."" fi.r pn-H-rxiis:? : tin'!T fruit: : tIl(' liver! does no', net it's part. i datum r front CLlcr.v! : \ itlw: >*!t hurt It 1 General Metal \Wcrl.cn.FPR !: .:: the owmr .'"< an t

t aciuiic.: : jipM-ni":; to tLc srx.L"e r. Tini:'.ijur ma\Ic. a t. + la WyoruliiiJay. a' the II

e flthl ciap-irat'u: ;:. Not rile d"i > tL->-> Doy ukno\vthis ? c'.e.ib of it awl ral.t-1 1 \\udrumu. ; .,T'S tI."ufa + cf tad W.' '". ". ''* 'h "For nKtarrrs I
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cure! Turpentino p e Sliii: : for a Ian' .h: *. ''
I loe> MiituLU:. t.) sriiil t. !iiwri.i It is ouy: a MVIC.-I' : rate m,ir.-iiiaii. :in(3la 'omen are Like

)(.t alraji the I Ut-t that i K tl'.t: rtad-l lly !pt u-ia; : sour tor.J.ch: maUri /'l I tatter tia 1 nt' hlu: .lf to tillb Shell a* tin triatw' '.: -

1 t! marki; tnMf.! If tl;<' mark i is <1 '-. fir's: and! barn doTP.Wh.t flo\'ers KcaUhyaaBstrongtiey!: let 0u1fi s ilfiisoitaid[ idrpLri; ilc: !b t ralt >> p.unJ up a 1"11..11 r ,
1 constipation! torpid:' liver p'k--- bon! ; :: ynung man Nt'1"1 tl-.n '.
+ cant: fruit want! kin.Jtf y.-s<-ii
many and tlocn: 5 :::'".. theher: ; ;!: and MOBILE ALA. p.nl rile la tl. ifcHh'
4 M J""f< m out 'I". gatlli-nil lit-fun- tnhaw! jaundice bilious fever, Liii '.lo' this tow rui<:!s si (nx MJthiiig '- d.e. Every wjrn: c'-gr.t to Ixk v'en! i iA l to rtlfiu "td'? "e

acbttl tHr!: l I..t i..int f.,r ral.Lc.: and rf-ss and kindred diseases. :; Lie!: is a first eLi-v; dl'nti.t, and and :; wslL\ 1t'terr.ghtr.r.Jc\IY.'; nod was u-Le .h.III' Ibhlk! wgtwal +

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i t \( kale\ awaitnr! ,-:d- <1 .t""i !iw.t tiring out: Tutt's r Liver Pills OBI loxA.ing for a gruel irjvaiuc: In f.re wish oJ:1 as to be hialthy:! :and attractive 'him that th.Ltuest >. > .

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ujxm It.I'Drlltual. STAGE GLINTS. ue. csiJain to a deutl-t that LIs victim is infla-rrnation! : cr weakening! the aniiiial II< \. -
;: j i- tlN trite l in thtr'x: :::bcn will\ l,,'gin: Fbc M Itin;: as So"'n as! the '
1 1 drains: or sufiencg at the!: monthly! KUltlll. ) whelk .,I'tIt': "
) I'1:1tl1': ttljinMiutli of Italtinmrp "'nle'l\'t1 nrro !13 to U dnnimtlzd. tooth 4. ot.t and that he the
t, f ; : must get period arend: to it at o n.:e. Don't rliliainl .n '" .
Secures the Itj ti>
'1. 1 thtriare !1et few fact: :irs for \\'...rk.In droj on him they IIIKall intent and delay. You're one step: nearer the! To the Person who Lucky Number ride anjr kind <.f .\ '"

II 1 :? uji surplus' fnilH ainl! u-ci-taM. Sol Smith Russell's ivxt sra<*m will! dial the (' '1>I"tldt'fIt'tTL're is grave every day you put it cff.! -
I ri4n'holinmilit \l
i During the Months of July, August 'ludeptemlwl: l wt. will !!i\'l' > looking >
ro ll The cniwvri tlniv can and do, sappy only List:\ 20 \Vlt'tS.In some risk as we all knoub! t there is Women can stand a great deal but ; tli.4lllMl .

t northern! n.aikHs, until they cal obtain! ,'t IVterslranr; many of the theaters a cartload of t.'I11i'ui1i >; to be pull- they carrot Lye; brevet with disease Coupon Ticket with each DolJ.1I"'orth of lei Tll'k.'tpurehmt i t mil f>iKii ttH' !U .
dragging: at i.te most delicate and from us for CASH.!' A coupon for each ticket will to* diH' -it. '! Thlu.b
t 1 t.lr!. iTiwlucf iniin-r lime, Itt wbt-n do nut before or plugged, and a dentil with sand
midnightrrvtJerick ,
i oi'n ; vital\! organs in their: body. You may S.iundTS&C'o.: and the first "f ()..'..il--r .Ii.nl.1 he was lit. ., w s
that tiin- milieu tty! can wan-fly di- eiwld make barrels cf n lIIi'Y. l\.r: $2P with E. E. on day i u i
WarUw will add a pmlue- have been deceived in so-called: cures. .'M
taln I'lH'Hjli( : for tin-in: tn pay cost ofplitlnc. tlon of "lIamU to his rvpcrrory nest: T diiy: Ire could him ft Hum to shy' et We dun't see how you could help! it- pirty 1I'inthfl;; Lucky Number can: call on them for t1..- <_>ii< 'T'4 IIf>'l,..... '.1 I

: Mrnw'lurry fit-UN Lave l >onjilowid R'USOU. tic him. there is so much w'.rtfcle s stuff on. Hold Piece which we have deposited with T. KV.ll" '
i. the market. But y''u won't bo dis.appomteJ ,sun: fire 1"11 tel.
lip wjn-n M) luaditl with the "By Order rf the tXmjpaay" te to t* M'e in BradfieliJ'b Female Ref; TinIMI.IK. -hI fhr! I. I.after .
rljH. iM-rrlf that the jury nn downthe occasSuirally permit smne I stranger oiat-ir. We belio\ it t. the one mi'di- THOMPSON OLSEN CoCO .
r the English tit( > of the play miale-troxn with a good> ojdaioo of hlm!.>!.lf to cme ua earth furwomanlv ills.: Thrreis I Ihr! nr.1 .11I..j, .
Other fruits
furrow In Mn-am.
a "To llav anl to Hold. run us out cf our !':iiir-tum at The Kicker as much d.Aerenee between it anj II .. ".1.1 I :I'flu- ftr"'
hate: l-i l lft iiiiirii'knl. Peas! and tier alt tiled: remedies a< there idnrtwreariKh .
)i' '"Cjrtu dp KergctiK'" has firilnl at tt&re or tAke i..*8rlon of the mayor's an1uronq. lIradlidd'sI.male him ..u r' hrm"ap'rntl '
bans\ Late tarn plowed udder! as
Wyndham's: theater. I>union. In sitite menu In the city; hall As lat Regulator: soothes the pain .l rhea hi""l'"

3 I I gram IIIRTIWIV.. crojx! tbat would have of aU the efforts fe> create a NKTII for nu! iT we lrprnrirt the girenriDint.ami Mitagthens'tops the ..Ir..io'frnm.tt's, punnes and cleanse reRiiSantv,. 1td..s E. PETERSEN tnrlll',1 ..1e .1......... ...".
I bad.! nm, Iil!"Ta'li'! taste if the: cnij fend and ant ,
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e I It. the goscrmi1eivt; wards to knrw all a'.lthiquickly rasiiv, .1, to (Ihll'! rl..1
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'V ,I yet Lave Ni'tJ it they ('nM\ haveluill Ada lifluut will/ tvgln; her ni' ti.UrsTIcaa nlj it it Ulurv it (rouedown off the wlieth-r they will Le healthy: or \\11 I.. p.It.: ,I h1
tour in Ckn IaiHl early tn Sen': pinIHT. I IHTT-IL A man tunned HorUlus who is sick B:o1.ln.j'' : kcjaia'.iT lees at hya d.k'I runt
1 onimcd.Tin band bottle :
j it p.r at dnu stf CRONIES SKLOON
1 I I It Mnl:!b .IIH-S! nut tier nlon from TVWJ new nr>d'rn 11:1.111: lie a stIW "'I' to this locality triol 1 to get &aJfonf frc. Vkl..t.IKE Ih..r..iii, :it I.n' +'n". .

till 113.1. In some factions of the added to her Kiiertury.A ((1I.1I'Nlro, of tins iiv. dKMx'! tile thvy b.1foivfx : BRAOrniO BiUUIOS CO.. Atlanta, U. 0-DEALER IN-o tliKlifc'llslH... : ': tin tni..''.. :
\ 'I 1. art..1 l ltut
Bortln-ni stall! 'S the earning: faotoricstj IrwlJ n theater adverth-fK' 'bt{Mla '. and wv ",') obliged to a
i tll.JI't. a UilK-t into Llh le'i' il.ltewe ana Domestic \Wines ana h.l 1"1"l | ft,o
I t ('tlll1rftl11t1tb, fariiw!! near them "Iced !unmade frtwn: to the lady pa- ; co' Imported Liquors Ciprs.

1 ti prow iirtain crm far tli nj hn'etUMlI..I. Irons and 1 clgarutios to the pcntlcrrMai lan: It lute his !lntuir\ h.I!ly mt Mcdic l Society Attention. "'DII'II"t"11' I'fa"

I' J 1 ...1 tullll'|>l"iyiin'nt for !land l and la1 it i i (roe cf cbarpo at wiry iiertomruinoillrs. -." well but be di n't opi-' r to IK; a vicious There will be a regular! meeting of JUG TRADE A SPECIALTY.Corner fll ,lolllMI ,

k i a1 "lair that wimM Grate l lain Idle!! witlnmttbom Leslie (inter Is not ortfy cnntemi nam. HM. log uaisw!r"I.1 l all I pur- the Pensaccla Medical: Hociety at Belmont and Devilliera Sts. PENHACOLA H.K. L \ I. IW-"II' Kl:I.d.: .
p * q and have prod fatrly romum-m- >lating the inTfurmano-: Ibsen's"Whvn .
1i i III ".!> + .lll. < ,. .- <
the l'rh"J f"T what they vant,tl I, antI We lKia l Awaken," lint sIre Is hut>t>4tai that tie will make ito mt.-tii! o'clock p, m. Tuesday. July :24. a-t tltlll( I ..r( loot Ulillrclli

t the farmers, knovlnc they had a sureniarktt to haA-e a IK-VT play by the authors of !n t'uhlre. Visiting physicians are cordially C. BRENT; WM.HKXOWLK8.: :!: w. K. IMKB.: JK.. J. N. KHl 11' cir: ts''I'N' 1
invited to attend.D. .
j i ,! utarily, hl111"11 rdiertilfrtmi ( "Zaza" and anntln-r! by Santou.SIlss Our' !*teciiK .
I- the u.-<-.".,.lty <>f 1,111! ; miles toKll l'a'he Davis the actmwwtro with an article this week da criblng President. -. wired net

) : \ their |>rmltHii4 with no certainty of has played: :l tin fciadirrjr ro5.! In "tt'ay tbe advcntui-es of Its editor with an E. F. BRUCE! M. D., H lobWil of all. h"i II')! '

l realizing fair |'"iy for tlM-ir lulmr. Tim Down Bast" mope than 1/C3 tlnws utikravn KU! wmld 00 ict:L !in on Hecretary.: 2-5mt' First National Bank ytrealrIIIe.IyI Ir.\I."lb'r, .
r corn cntndug facturh-s of Maine and without bns become -- --
; missing a iwrfonuanoe, !our t stiwts. He tells l ,w IK waluut 'SPECI.Uf.

,w the tomato rnlltll'rll'lIlIt Mas one of the walthy 'II. JtJl'!) of the to I Iw shut down wVn ba Cr>jd and II.... tiwt. f..r

In' imtaMe Instances, while in theMnelwrry stage woumJcd the ami drUblm Why when you nfed a vehicle "\'"li .!n' iit n r> i
made'at: home yo to !see'< J. M. Howell hi.rtllii.dirho'
5 ,I r-slon there are thouamlswl E. S. Wllard will opts his next off. We are the unknown and! wmild! be builds wbeels. OF PENSACOLA. FLA. an
cant iiHire. or at least: re- everything on ran ...1) iimK-r witwo. > ''
$ itiinjey
c American tour in Boston!'< in Nrocmber.ur. be. At uiWnigfct Wwlaiwlay night we .
"a celu, nmtiiMney for Catherine the ----- -- --- --- ----- ---- DI11 CTORBs ulnl ll''ll ).," !I...
: VHlIard's 1't'Pt'1'tut11 anntrtse met our esteemed as we .ctv t going .
: ; jf wild! fruit ilimi;;': til": ft-w ", ,'('ks it is fit The :'lIo1tIlftIIUl.nnit.' IfciKm'O home from e foin. : and b>> vw: gung! Jtyos. (,;. U/atsoi} 0/ ,0. WM. H. KKOWLE3. W. A. BLODKT F. C. BRENT W. K. H Y RR. J urfa
; ti puck than thvy t+tr In all the rest of city," "I>avW Garrh.t," "Tom Pla-h," humc from a p"kl'l"1UOIn. auk l fiat for D. .G. BRENT "Mint s all rtjiH.iii l I" ,, '

: l they"-nr. "The Itofesw/r's! Iyw: S )ry" and two fun we y
11 \tiwklnv. fo nlrj- Road new plays.: fwt ami struct a run, and every bill- 'r Fm'We&d mnU b An Eon Seta! can 11\: '"- lt\iimltT. nut the.,f I i II'.. '
t1 'I \\V are !luau:: an uiruvual. nur.ibi'r of % Artltsra S -l.,.ir flu If. i

A rompllIts! a1" it tin- I'n"lilln, meth- was no shouting, we
tli-, ... .1"/) I !II
"Of course tire 'Uungfftu !suM 1 ii ui < >
4 I (..1 flf' \\'f>rkins: ciniirtry r"iitls.} \\'.' j I'>re- } &AAAv the hat lie left bch Ind. AGENTS, '
i am only an nW I rums tills li m an-Mint irf the roads ,, The Kk-a that any one should want to Corner Harden and Palafox: : !Streets.' .
t .., paint for a living or to try to sell any take Ms life IDtIl.C.HJ laugh. draw oar own Bills of Exchange; on Great Britain In'11'!
lr.s ImjinvsaMe for a crentcr lenethf't : : .
of my wwb." PKXSACOI.A, FL\ Germany, France, Austria. Italy Holland. Spain, Bel;{lam. P.assla N, r ll.q@I.sis .
i t.ne! t'ii! "1"nTl than diirln: jm-vl-t ti M..Qvt\i). Hwcdea Denmark and other European coantrier.j ".\IM| iiniti, .l<.h.,- .
$ "Tlit-n ju study art for art's afcie, way
i ? out year, nod! farmers! air Just ctiwcienrln I'U-ltn .r>: inNl fit '
they fcugsustwl.; To Eneuvrnge SI.-p. _
:t I :? la iealz!! h'/\" serious: the "lbu've ;smis rtl) It exactly. HeiM>tiil Mr. Kew-pmi (OtItentat1..u..JrHwwpt.'fiSI1ut *Vessels Disbursed upon the Most Favorable Term. and IIe1.l \llll It, t'HrtW! *
iI fttt are In their. ma-l 1 iHiIhlln 1 : : jil.iiis.The Port of Destination Ten Fifteen
F : 2 m,' to s-titdy it and! Ill do anything it is to think that we will be Obligations Taken Payable at % or : Ial'! tin( man
|present "t-y-tn: of nr1.iu! ; country hone all : after Veasel Arrives there. 'Jn.t l I..ok lit iii.Went *
t-J pleasi! ArtJiur.: -CLicago/ Trj! HII.'. tor"-otter e\i'iilug
rl.a..11I l ti! ,- \\ '-tern states I 1- weak .
< ; Mrs. Newish-Why, dear, yiw Ltttv and i )bvt .,nr f
t' frrj tits III: :!'" caiivs.: Thi t>: >t of ,
w'e\'e g'X to callMr. XF"Safety Deposit Boxes for Rent in Connectionwith era 'la-t w tk lit ..101'! !
JJf'I"! i 14 tl.it ih! ....1I11"11 !; !'J Sl':: tlh'd It you are sick all over and doii'tknow rr. which have Private for the UH Mm ,.. Ml-.tiu) II',. ".
aiN it's \'ewI".p (in a Lore wtrispcr t hCan't : r. we a Apartment
t.tt.o: !I. Ii "", j jess what you tetito one .
1)Ia) s 11mi: niion<:i.f! forr dllnn'U. 1..._.
; I said that? TheNiby'a of Bentnr
your kidneys are out of order. Fo- yim !Oo'C why .'
the imvfr; r.tHrvl.tiVt': ; of. !aa'r! and! .
r. ,. 1 "'rft .. ** .' **' ", I.EKW CfKEjwill; brine yobaltli '.: listening.! I'niladelphla! 1'ress. t I u..-il H'xl.il) l I. .
..... : _.., ..:;.. ., M3.. -- :-: ... ., and energy.Cvcrbwdy ni> r.Hu.I.Willt. M
i L't4U ,U1). ,I.. tll$ in \II\. \\3.; of. .ah..r --- -- Au<*r ('hln(' Arocll).. It k'it >-. lusts,".tiat.t .

t} j .111:01: nnL' y .,: 1.0! < t'n-ni-'U t. ut: the Wants Tli' <>ni. IYrst Citb-n-What: have your dune to'lATl'IIJ A. IVI AVERY I.. tukit 4ii
: jy"'JahLa.t.: of t.'Id! rtl !r-.v.:; .'..-. In'' Tin re I is, we understand! : a \eiy pcn- the war ill Irt tuent? .. 111 l -t frioiul -a v- I I1)t

': r ninny of the a ...ti-rn taus a red'u.,< } oral: uesirv to olrtaln! the new N"> silver: S.iu>d' l'ttiu' 'n-\\'I hy. nothing! ttat Ikl. I rI (//o.: uar la Jvcrt if 7coit/, ;". .'"..,1.I MH ''i 'I'It ,


I' i tit M<- hilt tinn'flil tax is j 1':r< '; TV i-r SO; 1 Ull.-UtJej: : n'rnll.iI'ltc} tint: Clti/t-n; -Tlitu how dii It ha;>- lyi'ORTSR AND JOBBEJt OKin 1.11.111.\, Jiin. Hi l .

I Hutted! o'it )III hU ili!trk-t. This word ((0'11 that 1 Mby the: dispatches! that Htm" -Uui ti '- khoulil nf n-UII n*. n- wt. T r

f I 1< i-%milLite! at Mh-h seasons of the \ (nlliMl Lid>. the AcuTienii tniij! ; are on the way to are HK: Vl'
I y I'ar4 U mii-t 1,lat ('nlt.1It for the la ytii it TOILw'lte; 'oman ail'!.rtin) to r er Tuku?-4II'\'I.IIIHII'I.liI: : I I'ealcr.Inllphrenrd. .aUlI'.llIah.011-. in all |iiirt- of ilMvtrnMi tin i'',if'! .itwilin.Wt I ai I. .>'* 1)nudtoit ,'.i obJ \4..r..cW.

: j l'r..fIt.rt: H tiers, oftentimes! this i iJwt Is rook? r.l"lllJllllltl'j'Ih! nil p"t.i'"-t'' il-t'il upon
I l Kale 1'11 d. .l1l1d I.&oy! Rants .10. II.-e. our h'oOk1 n-n.vlfiU wiln-it all In. ( Jai)3, Area: Hhorel3, Sa'? Mill a.3. ritoamlvw: : ria/pii: ,.., t Hl.l.d \
'rij tlMtaM' of the :
j wln-ii it
i year Uth Rut fu we n-Bij ttrnrneas 1'it db: |>u9ii} t<:r taierr -p.cltnu; of +ane., \\fliriii-h, !, liclim' a few
t wo-t tuie: for the riiis! 1're- !Jut l'n.rl't'ssrr-Ulu'; gratetul for my fl'n--e de.lrahlr 1""II'h.n.V1l1t'h. we would O*' and Heating Sitt''\''es, Paint! OiI- and WitsJuv! (JIr.'j.:

t 1 .jpeplly thi, re i i.> tad >noui ln':.,r iwr; \n see ci I'M 1 lalwssiQrd by>'ol 'UM-il to show ycu.t3n1ro.i Timvare!
and and
rjkrG << HouspfuraMiisis< : ; (000'1.
: ; North Karotlena.treot. :2
t t iUhIIN'y t.1 |I'tt: III a certain fuitli>n tftUe I It locks rr little staff' bet It nwt't. U- Joe"'ln' MV a jvke. .. ID .

r' ritml t-> |nt: it In wil rotiil'tion: U111.5.Ka Miss ria\Ula-Oh, prof.>ssiir, the IJA'-No.Iui\.'!'!; Nt'itti iijoiu-tprins' trc...t. J .airy. Inns, Pitol3: and FIshing 'lack is.

I and w1ti''t! :- !is nutn! it is thereby w'i'e Pinks has some nxMvt'vut fanny K-itsii of humor is nut ability to see a 7 tin in-. ------- ---- $ 5000 RESkI ( h
..JS.V : ;.:,1 -"". i.::; \\.IIom8na street. I -loryr.ann ,
r'.fr'J: leKi.Mutb Joke. Tlie SCUMof:< humor! is ability to
I $ +,l tt jou'.e kirxkT kivrful ;POll an nw m'tgmne i ; AGENT; for JUrmisxham! ; Jlulliijr; ;Mill? Company i: t. -
-- i tj take! a joke liidian.'i: | iils! Journal! *,a\iO-Xn.Ilj', :North" spring street J i stor>. !I '
r ?*
f 7 room". Stitched Esltius; N(.rtt.:1nGtcn: Emery W h: 'I! (jor&r'iny l attar '
hnpIre Pane: An now III as how intuit; er month you ft.\5:\ ? --.---
i h:,iJ iiiti said I of the revival ffIntomt KtMO-No.' :11!I. :outll Alcanii strert,9stnryti :! I'oyierComany: Johi-if.r's, Kaloa :.t, i1)' K ng %td Burk- -
filteto .J ilars, 'eman, if loault ter \Ve havenld,, ditf. reet ruohI.
i ,11MM HI Imrw. l 11'I.-Iint:. s9ys! The U''r. > rr nro manycoasl. fMtjr.' > Km and Uiltuasticft., j -trlry.Sr'ntn.S aItili.lnes-lt1.C} ; ">U73 ftrj-i Rie'Ht La I"r "' 11j :: 8 Rooms.
1 kind: ;: retnettiot ;, but! none bn* 1 uihettT ivrn *,
) ., I'.rrMli'r'H: Nauttn.; I'nfurtunately for Twuid ]hardly buy dis cullud ;iady1] sb.> \. ; -at i-letiui, than I'liainhpr-! .t 1MW! -No." -1C.. west Chase' tt'i-et. I l--to. >', '.Ii4a! \I'd; Colors.3Iiisonic .

1 tl # iiKlu>tr>'. t'te' Rrowii'.s! ; int.>r*>t Las I nits auks t. r cheap folks tell de! tri.li ttr lainV.: .era: Mr.( ( 'harl: .. llnlzt :uipr.Druzffit. 7 roomtl.uiNn -.
I 't ( .ak ma mind [ tin. \Vrtt Wilght street I -ti n' Tclltpe)] l't'm'u'L1,1'111.THE ()
attmcbatrd! 1 'rub talli-iii { .
g e\ .TV "ai Ownt.rbto ) Newaik.N N. J. "It i-r--' l'i TOlilK. .
Il1i..erOUts at all unless I cb ooe.
l si lutesiMji.tlu. il;:'. The th.tI! <.f i 101'-i ffctly cafe aunt can: b<- r. lit d upon :11: 117.51 No. :West Wright str.- '. 'J tury, '

i c'raU..n ,..r IK-U tutu practically lilt 1 specks ;you'll Rant ir rvfrvoce an tt-r know derea'on all cao* eou.!'!:*. onlil- "r !Invcsen ruon Terminus
tIJ.lre-No.llOEastiackson;; : Hn..I.II"rrcOIll I t of l
t! IIt.'o1rWfrs. will not tiuIM to pat WIly *.,"':." :s' 1 I by H.mi.il: }Uros: :21!1 :S' a -.
1 didn't keep if job \III..fo'I 1'alafox.reft.: JI! (()-:So. ill }.nst Intendebcia- ':1. : ORIGINAL $*

ronlze the th wuiiin! nai-h
apisre Cut d you vkantj: dos I lady !ir t\r make y 1 iu matter him I plainly! t-e! market r..- pieYou'll ;,;., '- \o. i rut: N olth fay'hm street. i -:' I n havo 137 (
t 4 be kind of horse ai iKm l.'ikir! quii'ions slou.Voi C ASTOTI.J'l.: :, room-
jet t* I that will lie mousy
t I l'r1'd.'t't1 l !II>j' tlh'.e sires ( 'luipne.of\ : : Lars: tile i ire K.j: Y J J 11m '::1ikrt./ !! s'ru-No.:1i:: 'tnrr.a r.toll15Xo. Eest: Go..rnmt'nt1t..1.. I IT. t IHA. U! by 200 foot II. 'i
:r tt rns don't 'uii'y: suit nn>. but I Vimlcr !aljruur fR
L ; t.... will fill\ the! .,,'; of any kind! l of a st,)Ic.So : .gnu: !:ue tZ m l U.;.'- rooms.It'ornf'r. H. .> orlu Enipa sUe..t,1fin'1 : byornann

horso.r! littl... f>nr: hi.!.d l or tlireo if tron'il pear! tir make! de LitrVn firp .' ./ *,J.:( I II/it/ and ..lac&sontrit! t ::1' i
t I-rd. sand; 112 b* here' in dc ra niinnf lit try j'n let civhilr stun, 7 r.a-rs .
end. .
t i .r uri in .
many : ; s19! n-.o.la, : 1 'Kast; : l.'tb: street I -toiroom .\ ;" posts a:11: I 1
i t ttsiuinttie;; ... This has, always been I altos: l.Vs IT Iriw trr wV'tn I hire. -. ::4

A.f;i the c.n.M.. It v.likely\\\ continue, to lie -'.-" Orleans Tin i Dpiiocrat.Tlit HEPATICA..MITII ill 11-:';>0 nwiii, n1a-Ei: );.:. -.tr... I. I Ie -'or' :. B. C. f fr L c.

t t: the t-ase until human nature is materially $:u pi-aoa' : : -t.t.rrtigtie; .htl'f'.t. I lintt} o ....' '
blood l trained and purified r"< in* I"4
ebnuc'd: The men who jatrutiize( : ) ?
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11 of health "
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!t own i I' -<. lint when the cot' healthy kidn"v! -< and, pure b.!.,odFor !1- meeting wlt'i L.TI-HI: -1a'E:r\-t\l./rt" Al.nnnunthir' of 'iiialiiT d\ ellii-: : :."'
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+ Ml'e by W.'A. D'Alnnberte.lie tliinn v\rr maid.frr: I''I'II'\TL X A tit a i rasunablt-i 1-.1.: .!' 'r x : ..I Ilw.I 1
m-11 for a M.I'! :: the men viu. surer: ( at I \Wholesaler I I "
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The Mii.iie 1'aru'T sas that clan and I right; prose too."-Pitts- Ii iiicr<"i..-. tlii* pin-uli't.cn "' tinI I I,1' I .

I farmers are tuw' f Uown,; a prattler: LuC :'IJId..1'III'rlr! : >h. It-ihruu4Uibrirr.tlivrxiivctimulftt IIO.M'.ll UDClOllN.) .r.p;( : ic jiibaSglV j lift A Bonn CF RUHf WGb ; r. '.. ''II : J a

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r i before the li\.ial: IIa'r.: : ';iich! oners 1..... Ilrttrrw q tr. -1
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t( e the setsl i'iou'i!. to sitv it a chance, toroot "II" run you tell a bid; egg.: dear'aUed thrrvliv! r.-inlt 1 pen'1,1I" juwt, rinnl :
fr It make; tar nioM-m..nK t-H"\ it Free U,.llTry to Any Part nf th--1 ,ifAllordrr T HIE II ; mil I ; H t
1 1L The rest: year a crop of dot ) a new wife'of her. new husband uniurut. It noes not :.rUiuin.! m:..10gripirm. n { I II.

t yfT hay may lie cut and the seewu.l after they had! gone to housekeeping.; 11ten1'iran. .. of Ih" how.... IILll Ia: ,ayold. Cure .... ) left 8t Ttof \112.10\1'11\1.:12.1111.l l. ir _

crop plowed under to tit the. land: for "I don't think would try to impart attrndrd to. w, ., ".I 1 wlt ..
k It BCl on the Hli.od. l.n-p' il i.irml!: t I
: corn or the f f n>t crep may l lie plowed any ;information to a l bad egg; ," repliedhe. al;: aliiip! H.I d tbrouijb lh., blood it atu.*,,

t t under In the spring; in season to plant "I 1 would I ignore it."-Pittsburg clearing thr skin.a Lrepinj hen roinptfxiniiI u?pcrlctly. li<*atby! m, J Digests what you eat.

ti another cn p of o>.rll.Ch. Chranlcle-Tel"graph. 0'1".1*-:\>M'ti<-rtln III hnr atur.'s{loBucnct-ahhlant.- on n IIld.nalur..ln t'i: !, It artificially: d.; e"ts: tie food aLd aids 11T"",
human svtrm. I II t you arm not ick) nn n'oaiunal i Nature in strengthening and reconstructing h N Ccr rG ntauract t ana d S l MP
!Iii t the Irfhard 111I Doc.A Not: All Tht'... take dose! will :keep.vou well. Pleaituito the exhausted duestbeorems. o cv VA a ; It/ilL be ,v/" '" I/ .
Miooefsful I grower !states'< that out "What kicd of a man is Rodney! McXlbbsV lJ ITeltatrial.Price It is the latest discoyeredd.gest-

.>, &\ prchanl Le raises apples jmultry.KS. ant and tonic. No other preparationcan I'r., //".

l < grass and i>ork. He alhws the "Oh. he's the kind that would present!'< : 50c a Bottle.For approach It in efficiency. It instantly %Everything New and Clean.-#

+ hoes to work In the orcharJ., ratinj the you with the l'conJolaml..' of a book Sale by Hannah Hro. relievesacd pt-rnianeutly cures
tl fallen fruit while his:: poaitry house! and not know It."Chicago Record. Kahn: Dyspepsia; : Indice-tion, Heartburn, I-f ill
Alpha I'lurmjcy.ani : il I
Flatulence Sour 'Momach Nausea<: The rot Attractive in the Entire City. Regular Mal! rand \'- 1 km
1 seta In the criiter. In estimatins; the \V. A. Evtr.-tt.
ti, fWttIJ'4 an1ijwn i es he credits toe The list of WuundM Sick Headache, Ga>traVa: Cramps: arid .Short; Orders Served at all hour-. :SpecialV ".klC; I Fli1-: .
all other results cfiraperfect rtipebtion.
uri with! nil that it produces and PREI-AUEIXIXLY: BY
I' says who have been healed by BANNER? : Price5uc.andJL LarlE'sizecontLr.s\S; !
that the orchard pays more than any !! SALVE, i* very lirze. It heal* all' P. W. SMITH small size. Cook all atom! dyipepsia! 014!.e>jrtePreparrd A. E. BAKER & CO. Proprietors

oth T portk-n of the t.mD.-Farm Journal wounds or ores an1 If'ave* no scar. by E. C. 0) WITT A CO. Crjlcajo. ,

Tak n,i *uh*litUe. For salbr. \V. PHARMACIST.S :; Harzi,
Phfrrracy John rhE'pTJard,

Try Tat "iws Want Column i i D'Alemberte. : Palafbi; St., Tensacola. I'la. S. Kahn. 14 EAST GOVERNMENT STREET. PC! !.! .i

: I

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MGH." THE MYStERY OF "DRE MS.1'A. -i' FINE POULTRY. )MOFFETT'S I Allays Irritation, Aids Digestici!; ;

"LOPES' TOO BLOOMIN At C. Corner' Poultry )ant. a, T 111 iii lit sui' tht Bou.if.

Bros. Co.Coppersmiths --\ upt7- (............ C..e In\Vrre UTilrli Kemarltablc.the Colncldearen | I I am now ready to sell eggs tor Betting ; ;f TDK. I H I N fl Strtngthcni the Child
Ian Epntt/tpMA
n. l,r,,...K+. Tbr. III- from the following breed* of ,yd11t Iaf I II I 11I Halts Ttethinj Ean
111rp tk. Ou one occaslcn during the civil) war T
,rloJW"UI chickens: Dark Brahinas. Partridge 6 .LJLTEETH\AHtimsth
oliI I > Powders ] Bovo
a are (? ,, ( )
.Y..t lxlkGnN: I drvmned that I was: standing tx idea Cochins J plt.
Brahman, White
Light ASS
but "bD !ItroUl"l ; .- Troubles of Children of 1
tats! h..C-'I'Il" t.r.II4.\1O\ autneul road wlieu there came roarcWngalwn Cochins, Plymouth Rocks Brown ,,, t ( ,,. Costs only a cents at Druggists, ANY AOL ;
tll r..l1l11. ; a trIll ltua; !It a rtrotn column of prisoners Leghorns fowls f
\ ; ; Wyndott My are '.' ,
It t..r long: Etii i yt SJ Or n+a J re+tt !e C.J.MtFFETTMD.ST.LOUISMt). i
tboom are 1)0.A hi ur un \rtth jrnanls: lnt rals on the flunks. [from the VP.t'bt'i't strains to be T

Workers.v alb:.1) tllr uu'no' "t a br;o cattle ranch I aslvt-'l ono o< these gUlnhbQ ttm! found, and I i invite the public to call; ,
Metal! I
General tn R'yoluln,: a, t1". writer tree other pr111! ,K.iT8 wvre aM wljere they LadKin and see my poultry yard-about 700 t t y
Eby ..F..rpaaan hr'tatrrv, :a neb yuan:; 1n-: cnpturod.: Fie infortnod me that flue fowl* on hand. !Setting: of 13 .
uutin 10 mr fort eggs for |1. 7a tf Chasl ED Turner
vr.04' N1i' i "lItly erur L
; : n tLey had Uvn tal.ini In an wisnynneutwtth : : !
---- --
''':01 ot turl. Bard ,
t'iII.1 I "r1.. nutty 'Pr the (tuiuy on the day tx-tore :and THE
Try NEWS Want Column it
; rallCh 85 n ;
14wnN: 'Ut. !1f1- WaS: at I my tlmt UHIIwtn- 1.Ul1J of tl!,em. 1 then will .
1lw. < S Seaniless Tuipenline l jj jji j,', ,., the nn+! 'J'1i *"*! nbout to I AR BITt T AU f GtlitRAt iTRA T RI
",0( + It cow (punk: the I tu<>uti! it was mid! wns toM ft \\-as stab' can save money by +

I Ii : 4. .:! mail tea ab & tutt::). ??.1..1, up a l-urA.< w.ul.ll'nJ"y a a tiny: o< a Ttaiu: month some sis seeing Marston 9'$ Finch before -
? me wan :!cold) trut te I, wts later' th.iu tree date of tJP! dream ,, -- -- -- """"- ............ --
said be --------- -
P..1 rM\ la .1- -o.MkHe The \\1iole (Jrwiui was extremely dist'.mt. buying furniture or
rt'1ut! tlilly tll".mLlm'll"; I : J LrArti5ic Designs, EtimatePlan-, and :Specification-= Building -
nil-- tll and it n-Mili': a btrong; ltnprenlonmr house furnishing goods.
tlilnU; w MJ a tnrse! I I I, or All Kind?, Prepared oahort\ntier: }tutldin;. Repairinellanteland :
u.l I- .1"lu' HIV. I nlati-d it to n number of uiy The Jlost Populartill ; :
TIM' Loys n'u Grate :Setting.: : A Larpe and e:1rEful'IEI.'ted\ :Stock:: of Fine Maa-: :
t rti"U.'l: r..r J'lu -I' ccmraili's within tin? next fv\v days i, D Di tel, Grate aud Tiling: of All Kind.
Sii'vl 1'1I1i If tLc
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\ him that tb.y! aa-1 1 then tlnrtisl'.t, ; ;: rfi It no more. 'VI
1 1,1I..t }M-rw ou tin-! ,plain! : and It ILI'W l In' Sis: wr ts. lah:\ 'r. Wl the nwrulng of W Ul

i S aUO iJ Ibli t",. tll rtoh I I.r wt wd.4 onn: tot theory dllf l that:: had l been nu-ntluDod PLUMBING DEPARTMENT
: IIe u a. ai'i' nntly In- FINE.iSHOES
> al1llaal ,
in tlrt1 Ms ahilnilt \ I i
l atnit -
+thIN< :
r i| wli'-u I'p': of |1"'Jnt.rg hnd: pasn: Hl bt'fore .
rl'fcml. 3 fill uernl l that he could I ,. E. B. >MOREY, Mauagsr."Plui .
.VPS the Lucky Number.I 1 r, t Iv fc.r A sleepy( tie, I wa of >e.
ksu.l a
ri.lany, : \ from the! 'p"1wltro I Lad swu ed (. : ibinff, 2'teamlVAter and Gay Fitting.: A Complete A -ort-
." 'ilt.. i .. ,. ,,11 ," 1* |,. k.ns lr"II'oo:15" : mordmslyI ; to !I.t \\lu-n I MW t'.fin.: It was soon I merit o! Bath Tubs, Clostt, iuks, L:1\'utllrlpi': Gas: and Electric Fixture:
frmi t tin-! corral: an-1 sad: Pensacola.
I" 1 .1' kM. 1"11",1 I n-iiU out after! brcnLlast.! ntd I w-ns standingby

.. k t ill, I.t .|Ji"''it''.| ,:,,1-.l Tlwusii tl!.- t N-ast. at'ruder{,-anl In) bait the I'K side of the rood nt the fire talk- C I No. 19 S. Palafox St. :: Telephone No. 345. ,t

t, .' .1"| f