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prettystuddeut. * I htnted hlrruni.!..inrin."AVhr.e's does'nt bother me." This store pays particular attcn- ;:,,n lay.Ib, -..exact....0 this couditinn aster u..d...bwh.l.with w t.nld.n d.rtul'l I ''|' feor.eosu; ) Sarrarcai, ya,t ;
your watch:" a- :SAl the '" for dy-pcpma.. ln aril sad return
'iUrc -s. n norn
I tion to Summer Clothing Hot Vleathprhirt3: i P"u.I" Y.JIJJI'Itf sr'
thought I'd git! up anr observant: r..ia."Why fiAnd for "ruot\t-
bilJ the fire myself. !here: it 1.," ropl f.l the, rr.auwho Straw Hats Etc. Things that contribute in a great ;.iloT-oM>r Thn.t* man trouhtf sod itnin.uU I <1'> :not. As lei-v.Ii -mw1v its Nn fubcnbe' ......'v.d ar'Mr.f ". : ':"

Artenuis Ward. :c |pro-i l:rrlty! had hp'! :>-J a ci-;< or measure to the comfort of men. pbystctaneora'ijiml' rii"ti 111-numot-r ii'itl'l' r-ro"'taend.d r.II.<."".-. iiy

two ncenily."Rnt !/r.:.,. '.,\-TnF,
will: build the fire if yi n' that's a silver out' Th on J udlZ- of Probate Court ':..:i..r i aunty.alabam .- in tr." veil

BETSY give her a (?AS: n.\ .GE. you I:-.'.I to carry tad a Inn 1< >:s" ?: ..!.1CKP. }. roc .t wk..

I and you ran -lep anti ." Good All-Wool Blue Serge: .

"Willr -in-iri tnnr-e< .>':, ,':1 '''.
-< 'r >
breakfat i< Bl's.call al-i
ready ., Coats and Vests 83.50 KREUGER & :KUGELMAN
sletpa half hour 1.1J.r. H* the fin :ou know. -I'lil.i lei 1J a I'rt.- ,
i, Parted iu-tantly. Simply ?trik- J-'A' ..., $
A fatal policy i i. to ne ;'ect .< hark Good All-Wool Blue Serge "' Y Ol EfiALS GROC5RSAN ;
match and your fire iin full elite
., TrI t.r.Y FRF-.K AND NEW ( <
iche or other sign; of kidney TI i.'M E : STOCK OK H\N

in one second, day or night; not KOLEY'S KH: > f.Y "VKE i'u .. Pants $250 GUOCKKIJ.. I'A.NNElJ itiOU AND :SPF.CIALTFF: ..,
time in the rear. Try Our G-olcioii Fleece Xlo\n
'Plned f 'r Hri.ht' '..tf's ?avl.V.. A. II. 1. I::. '.It.'Hotm-. l'Ji-1-il: E. < in" ..: l.tJiPnt Mrft.V .
I )'rte, All-Linen Blue Suits, Zephyr \ drl I nii-i- ('. ,r. Tarragona ar.d < 'ifTp '
Over 100 Ranges now in I .
] "phone 151
Use in Pensacola. C L19 T O Yt.I: : li. Weight 85 00 _

\oan Lei; YJJ H21 hs :.;.
tg \tLH.e tIFi Better Serge if you want them! 1> H. H. WICI ICE .

Ranges Set on Trial. I,i > fs Cll : 'IT Cheaper Serges if you need them. <

eA RANGES 31 l?. CcDieclsfi free j ,1attings thai m'. fit cap .Plumber, Gas and Steam Fitter,

Peisuoli Gas Co ind at the same time of THE LEVVPCL( r? No. 5 South Palafox Street.

good, durable quality, at AH Kinds n. Plumbing an-1 Oa Fittinys Materials K";: ju li..:.

NO. 3 S. PAIATOX ST. Marstonfy Finch's. I 509.511 South Palafox Street. j 'IELE!'110SE t1S ..,. CSIbllxrLrl, )'U


-..----- ;r..... ".--"'- "";: <> = < '
.-r- ;' : '.''''-''-': ,.

I .r yyy'i


----------- -


A Styllib Costume For YIsttlagTheSummer i Ballad of the Burglar

ViVB I I Glrl'a Hat _A 1 It was a nicked burglar tk
j Who slim his jimmy pried A Princely Drinking

and Address 'Can t! Chic Toilet. I And twisted it the in.low, &
Send, \juiie To-dny---You AnJ coon he Uj inside.It todotliinJ
i The lress. represented is of lilac :, Draught: \ 4

gauze trimmed l with point 'I'e prit tulle. was the wakeful w'.fy ; health ,
Have, It Free and be Strong and \\*!M> clutcheO hir hueband'i inn I J \ :
The 1 is coven-il with
corsage; application And in voice fiat 'rt'nllj.d { v
Luxtuil lace, and the corselet /.. Told,!him: of her a"' m. 111
Vigorous for Life. i 12

I, Sl.e said: "1 heard the burjltrA
-- he uu creeping in
j l r II AnJ beard him curse the rocker
IN TRES LOVE AND A HAPPY HOME. I I I That struck upon his shin. '51.t\1W& 4CIJM1 !

I! "Since then within the pantry \ 'J
4 I Strange noia I bear him maker r\
,. I fear that he has eaten 7 V

,p/ II I Sly first my only cake. ::1J' D '
I B '
( I_ '; I '
"Oh, hubby, hasten sWiftly '

/} 7 i iI ii I I And This And hate summon breaker them cf take the our police to than prison+," 1 is drinking for health indeed ): : .

t ._1b t :,

/, \ ; I l I i It Who is the rtmeaily Until hu.t.sneers ir.d I __.A_ 1'The Worlds Triumph of Master Brewing. i. .

At what his wily tells: Mm !
And snickers at her Iciri.He c tC ct ci & Beer is thorougM ""Ii ; H

( I I fermented and of ripe 6\Q'c.lt never (: 11Ji'
I Ii ot
I .ry I says, "If this poor I'urgUi ; -
makes bilious u."g"bccrdoC5. : t7j
y "k / I I Has eaten all that calc you 4 ;
\ The curoner 1"! send for It nourishes invio'orates and ?!

'i.. ,/ I1 1 I I When rooming light doth break." ; tones. Ask for c :(c-e)2 ein') on ; .,: ;"il
; ,1r
i l Il,t.1 draudht. Order a case for home. '0 .."
I IN I Ii It ii a canen tnralxtone I ::. ,
II Which toils in letters good, /

I i I 5 .4r.1I "A Burglar. Wb the Angela, THE CHRISTIAN dJOc)relll_ BREWING CO.,CINCINNATI, U.S.A. .. {1
: : From Eat.r.; Angel Food I" a...' 1 A". Co 11
: '
; Hiluttiore Amcrltan.
I --
I I I ?I I -4I' I II I For Over Fifty Yr-.n. LEWIS BEAU CO., Wholesale Dealers, Pencacola

; I It / : been used for over ftfty years by millloni ol :tI
C .\ I If -1.fl55 j ji mothers for their children while teething
i I with perfect success. It soothes the child
i lofteat tbe guniB. llaysall pain,cures wind The Best Cooks .
4 colic end I* tbe best remedy tor 1Ilarrb ra.
\ r It will relieve the poor little infferer immediately >
r Hold by Druggists In every f .J
$ part of tbe world. Twenty-flve cents a bot in the Country recognize the
tle. Ko lure and ask for "Mrs. Willow's } superiority of tI
Soothing tlyrup.u and take no other kind. "

\ \ S At C. '". Thompson's. I'a I ; 1. y LEA&PERRINS'SAUCE '. ,,",ti

I Crane's Ladies' Note Paper and = :# ;

Envelopes to match. 't THE ORIGINALWORCESTERSHIRE vr
Cambridge Linen and Envelopes. IPRA '' ..

!'T'un"I8ITIo G IH1ES8. Hurd's Parchment. V '
I' ;SIY't
y} -J 'ti.ri uro O! CWAac Or IMITATION* ,
Invitation and
waistband Is of tulle draped with long Paper Envelopes.; = iery bottle :
Linen Tablet! For flame, Steaks. Roasts, Soups,
ends down the sides of tbe skirt. The : Frosted Velum and Envelopes. 1 and eeryarlety of nude dishes, ...;
r ,
latter Is trimmed with black tulle English Note ; Satin Wove; Tissue 1&= s. t l(:CL tlJ477 DYIa is most Invaluable. a ,.

,(\ flounces Incrusted with Luxeuil lace.- Paper; Dennison's Crepe, Etc., witha )f 'fix L i-- ;. '' JOHN Duwun'sSoNS, ACSHTS,New YOUK. :i"' ..

Paris Herald. general assortment of stationery.C. .

The Summer Glrl'i lint No. 30 (South Palafox Street. rif
man mAY quickly cur hlnmelf completely braced me up. I am just us The ever picturesque Leghorn will be --
>uTrrlnK frn.n teiual a,'sk- viKorouian when a hoy and you cannot
Itd/ty.nI.bl !....... varlpoed, rt-allze bow baopy I am." tbe favorite bat of the summer girl. fI
t ,rrle.ulall.eak TKaii to full I -l>e.r Sir:-Your m"thod worked beauti Its artistic possibilities are unlimited CASTORIAF LOUISVILLE AND NASHVILLE RAILROAD.

\ {.(nr """JlIY ...nd .tourimiuvand I fully. Resultswrreexactlywbatlneeded.. !'' and there Is such a wide range for Individual IN EKKKCT JANUARY S7, ISWO. .: eNo.
I'r U W Knai'U. :r/IS: Hull HtreDRtb; and vigor hart completely r.' r Infanta and Children.
>< l"'lwll. 1C'b.. and bi turned and enlargement is entirely tatis- fancy that its popularity Is not i'V...
<1 tI.. free wit b full d I,.111,1 factory. '
ial any man may vaoily cure ,| "l.e,.r Hlr:-Yours "a< recelvedandI had to lie wondered at The undulating The Kind You Have Always BoughtBears : 6. So. 2. :So..m. I So. I.' ;'.. }
ti' 'ni.. TbUiirrrtaiDly a mat K"n- : no trouble la maklne use of the receipt an brims may be. turned and twisted to 12:450ut'D i 11N 1 pm Lell\1' Prnsacola..Arrive (:15 p 111 6:00 a m '
!T> and to* fullo-ln< ntract*taken directed andean truthfully say It II" boon features rlbpm I 1.5Aulaht Arr".. .1(111I11100..... Arrive ::45 p m I :&amkltpm
daily mail show what turn Ibluk to ..eak men. 1 am really Improved In1I suit every and any type of taeSignatnre I I I 3.ll/am Arrh. ..Mobile ...Arrl\"e 1"ooon 'UDlllbt ;. ,
..r'JOIIY. 'I'Ii">>. strength and vigor. and there Is nothing prettier in combination of bsl: 'pm 7:40 "m Ar.h..New Urlt"aUI'.Arrl\"I' 1.6a1l1 7(5 pm ,. t
'.' Hir .l'l..aMp.-pt my >lnc<*rei I I All corrt..pondt>nc Is strictly confld.ntlal. with filmy fluttering summer j Si Ipin I OIIUam Arrh..Mnntjlomer.Arrh.1 licIain 'I' \1:80pm ;:
,I.. for your* of rrcrol dalv. I bavnur mailed In plain sealed envelope Tbe a ,,1I:50am I 1:10pm Arrl\1' _.b'.llIp..rrhe' 2:'lam DOOam .;
trratinrnt a uablr.Land receipt free for tbe asking and be wants gown than one of these picturesque 1:5: noon I rwl a m 'Arrive (..oul..ille.Arrh.tII.12pm i ::65am ;,1:
ivOt hai lircarstraurdlnary. U bat I every man to have u. flower trimmed Leghorns. : flttpm I 1:105"m Arh'p.. II"rl"" II..I.p"\.j 5.m 11Illllpm .....;oj.,1.

I I>I Large Leghorns are being ordered in

Ire ...... the 0'1.... The Jigger ID ['..ad.. great quantities in Paris. In the best SehFebniek's.HATS S J1'fjtI'

t I Marjxr I'rrry en oii! u'a'llln Several urtioyn were suffi-rlnz from: ',, ones the straw Is: very fine, tbe crowns No. !m. No 3. No. Y. No. V. :'I '
are extremely low and the brims undu- 1156 night I 'll'am ....... .... ....Pensacola. .... lIoopm 8:00pm .
that African the wboM
.t "jiKS. I .
I la the Ivtuiuac wax i>o great lw with 1::: llolgbt 7lMam: .. Milton lUUpm: 6tOpm: ..
the brims
thrratctitil the K'Ctriutlou cf1 nolcntltlcnniue of I'ulox penctrans deMTlUH lating. Usually are fllllam \I: lIam U..unlaktlprlog. 1IItlpm: 2:40pm j'
and his habits shirrs and ruehlnps of net or mous- SHOES VALISES. elOaai I IONam .... .... L'blplt"J. .. 11:63 Pol. ]tb7pm
him conciselyand :
-1 y rallniait !>rlilirtu Licit WlC in either black 1ouam lll: am _.MArlanns. 1\IKpm It:116000nl : 1"
sellne de sole or white
,.* veil. He Is an rxHct reproduction River : 10:2Oam .
I ale In Hi unMi-ailliiet, aalot I Iliam: 1II5noon Junction 6JOpm ,
I I! the sole trimmIng being large wreaths ..._ 1:4ipm ..1ail..ba 'ee_ 3:43pm ..... .._... ........ '1
r <">t<-rtM>r Tlionitu (;. Jonen. In miniature of the common flea (Pulex with much 1 m STOCK OF CHOICE CKOIHil6.Men's ....... 'li: II m .. .Jackhoovlllt. .. ::O am .... .... ...._...... :
but Insiead of loll of flowers or fruit foliage .
'r) ( ...)T |>rriM-iit ua louringlit Irrltauiti. merely I
,. I In Innocuous bite he held In place by loops of velvet ribbon }
l., Mt> ibe bridge |:0 ; a comparatively Furnishings.

i .!rul John W. Carrett ofand i burrows under the skin! dos to tbe with an occasional' algret.i I

: .' ( ililo rallr<>n

.lppr.'\:latlugthen.taut 'l't..11I to propitiate the SP| .('tes.L'ule.s i $100 RIw.um$100. Lr'Hs\'ing removed to tbe Cor-

action he gave an '1 I : he 1 U very carefully removed I The readers of this paper will be I ner of Palafox and Intendencia PABST :'t i

.. .. [ the sores muse the most Intense Irrl- ': streets we have some Rare Bargainsin K tu k aml Hnn
f f r a l " : tatlou and Every Line, that we are anxious ,
f.itiilini on a side track to may lay a man up complete one dreaded disease that science BOTTLE ,
. of at Removal BEER
tlic |,suntotite on to the ly. The usual I method of removing him has been able to cure in all its-stages! to dispose quick }

"I.t| th TV. h to \\ Idea the bole in which be has and that is catarrh. Hall's Catarrh S. A. FRIEDMAN -

iarrtt.. that l< a train riiivrcd 1 and then extract him. Intact If.Ih Cure is the only positive cure now Prices.H. HAMMERMAN ; ..
sMtil the Kal sue (.rhitcii' p./-.,ibl.| | '. \\'. a neetlle.\ care being t.ik- Catarrh Known to the medical fraternity.this 1'ioprietor. .y
being a constitutional MANAGEU.
I s-n that iw eggs or )01111:; are left l h e-
Q'f: :. requires a constitutional! treat .
liiii'l 'fI... plate should then be iii!J''s,1 --- -
i .I i.run out the carsTI iitnt. Hall's Catarrh Cure is taken AdENTS FOIL

'li.. crrat iit.t.iiT of rail In |>r<>tflil Irslorili:;. It is Hot :i I\"I"a internally. acting directly upon the IOUNTAIN MINT '

.....) !... f.tsur t.> fly: for I die lu niirc'i iinii-li aflir iemuviir4 j.,:- hloollllllll mucous surfaces of the HEALTHFUL High-Grade Liquors.

r, i.. I'hlltlll iv lirltUe.' i: KCIO. bin unt'oiiin.iici) It is ticiiueuilyUllllMIHl.lllll system, thereby destroying foun ;

i i iin saw run on lib the -. dation. ot the disease, and giving the AND Silver Brook Private !Stock Ben

i' -inn tun- win alvtl.I : I I max iiii-niioii that Lleutcnut! : ColsusI'slatsluuul.1 i patient strfiigth by building up the THE BEST 'FO'NIC! Hardm r"nul'a..II: Very Fine ; 1"

u'in c: s8t by rail iuroiM : ; omit-t told me that dur- I coii-titution and ns"i"tillg' nature in REFRESHING Friedman's! Celebrated Old Pri- r, ; ,

ft.mi' San rrnu'-lM-o. lit ins Ills UrMNt; to Uganda some tia doing its work. The proprietorime Whfl'fol ill and irritable! when a vall't"l'k: Ii Year OKI ; Old '
\ to much faith in its curativewnaethat hotllp'otollntaill : Silk Velvet l iVrfec-
I I nl IN-WI ifivivol from tit es caught a leuiiurd In one of the : Mint Tonis will lltllckY'>I '
K-IIIIIII they oiler One Hundred make you well and strong and Slot of Purity and Lots of Other
1 : pl.iuTationshose feet
"Iim-H wan :l gmit were so bolhrs for any case that it fails to bright and cbirfuI:? I'.rand-i which s-puce will not permit r'

_:<.:itt 4t of tlioififl thoroughly diseaMnl from jig;ers that cure. Sf-nd for list of tiMimoniaU ;\1.H1IItainIillt: cure indigestion 7 to mention,

11I111..1 McliiniifiitI | I.e was'nile! usable' to move or to Ue- Adciri-j-s F. J. CJIKXKY & Co, ;ar.d driv away tl> .t feeling; of languor T T IP Large'tand; let: Selected !Stock

I ''',"'f'1ft.tkT.e I" was tad himself.Iadu-rl. Toledo(). in !iunmer. 'ii L'(1ttleVhi.ky and Wines

I w.l* ilciu 'n"Riti'il I Si'lrl by Dniirjii-ts i 7,1c.Hull's'Fmiiiy It tnnt-u up the entire ".r-tfin and for family Use.uTiaileisOnrKainSfccialty.

I w.ii liy the Iliir- Curl.Marln. Pills ire the bet.O giVee One \'II"rol1" arl'itp. t e'
let that ISobstcrFtiy It hanthf.: tau"l"and uiakc.s. life Ttc In :'
a: ut"rilrtutttcluuan TOM yonns .
.3. JS 1? O Tl I./V. TRY
worth liiiiLr.Mouniain
last night until o'dook..
: 1!eirl tit A l M bid Yin Ha. AMr! Pair : Mint Tonic has made j-o e'.r A ..1rt forlhr! KnmoUK I'aliM Mil- ,_
"P.ut. tannuua. you told me I mu"tgip
S; a1I1'\I ...,. : many I'enl"eoliall= well and strong" A CASE 9-11'. .' HI- I"r. t'nI'U4'i\'ry lot.HryJ'lIrt {-- -
!< .>.. his t..,It. him time I tn proixjse. ( W I''lt. eI'
dwU' hat it ha-< become a household necrity. -
I\.x n!'. leplnne IT1'.
.Ijrtl an Ullfll ont 1;l1t the hours:

i nl hi I...." knlil tin "Why. mamma yon know he stutter 1W Hj 'hiiMr'- \Vith,; t'IIItnillHllt: : : in the Io".e A !'1.53ti'L1. FI.aAhh ..\.

\ .1 r. ".\ few )tear" I *."Cleveland: Plain Dealer. ,I illiif f i# rare. (t
Mfr; J. K.: loc & INo. 11 XPulifox ,
-- -
i" a I..,I. pwlirr. tKikT or t:1'i'1'I..ITIUnnlOlts:: : street have a 'rfectedar- able a-itantand. it does its work a-
ranreinentsfor: the iiKiiiufacture of
"n in A rar. atnl.lrimtntt Itn. the brit wiudoH'ff'toll Kiced thfroushly! and well. '
1.111I1.1. (''''t'.1 l.y }:. II. n.-hnttleI'Itr ever j' Try it and l h.. col'viUCNd. I I
> wt-n-' gath this market. claim for
upon J'hf-y '
t" !'ulT..t't't'M, For sale nt Hannnli Brn*. & hElN'SMammotll -
It it the
i 11wan p'rt to a f.lIowingdei'irabll'! feature*: '

draw in pro:rf''... Sn! POPS your Skin Itch and Burn? It can be removed und stored

without the use of tools; tile blind
timl nlk'lit the COIKnl you fool ashamed to l-e seen in coin-
and "a-h of the window can beensily
iAcme )
'- : in a ruMxT. pinDo *cili: and Scalps form on handled: from the inside without liiterference Retail Grocery
iti-i>ni.t.III11. Xrtv1 the kin. Hair ? Have
or Scalp you or trouble from the screen ; ,
1 ".+."" ili'ii.: the Keif-ma:: ? skits Sore :mcl Cracked? it is simple in construction, and the

_n! II d :"1)' k'i! _-. r if Inuoiiltl Ilki'i Pain iu tlio Skin? JSoi!*? Pimplr! reach of all. Call and E'mminftit. I ,

.' \. : "! or t iii-luv. anil lone Painhwi>!l.'n Joint'? Falling and leave: your order for any number Tolopbollo ( i

\ 'IIt:1 It *U"I.Ilnu.| Hair? All Hun Down? Skin Pale? from one to one hundred. i
Olrtnrp! *? Eating"urp ? ric-er'-? -- -- --
.. ...
"nrM>. Unit ire-

.il',-i.ln-. and All the-e Impurities are symptom and Poi-ons of Eczema in the Add to the beauty of your c5taple and Fancy Shelf Goodsof;

t' ;:MI tb*' rnitton! ofIxStt home
by buying a few
P.lood. To
< t1M' IlillM- (sir I P.. H. It. < Botanic Blood Balm of those handsome neatly
r ill cars-I boit rani.ur which makes the blood pure and ANY
alt orke,) till1: field; ti> rich. 1 P.. P.. Pi. will eau*P the sorHto s ,/'rained pictures at Jllarston

\.-o York to I 'alif..rnia heal itching of tczeina to stop $ Finch's- : Cheap as the Cheapest $;:

.'t t.i 1'lornl.i.! They fi'ItcPr, the kin to become clei'r
I anJ tli1 breath sweet. 15. R 1>. is -
i. I.it.Hi; of rli'ntl.imit Give orders to the Been
Ju't the remedy you have been look- your UKANO: IJACt'K SI0-4: I Dove brand hams and
In' :alro I liiijio.-f'l-; I drivers or phone 213 for
lug for. Thoft'ulhltp'trd ti\ro:; breakfast bacon Dulds & +
1 :I .IIa iivk: of ranis "
year. Our reader* are advised to anything in the grocery
: "i ,'OitiiH-nt ufa full try I P.. H. K. For sale by druggistsat ; line. Prompt delivery. B. THE BEST BEER SOLD IN Swift's butterine. WilHams'and '

i u :q'I.lMrh'I'<> prow lu;? .1i. SI rr large bottle (full treatment fuller's 400 South Pala- PENSACOLA. Charbonneau's '

I'r! .\ man\ hIt hat ) f.;. Complete directions with jellies and preserves at H.
1 haven each bottle. So suiTerers : fox: street. Phone 213.
IN 'n"t ran to may f' tit Muller's. 4UO South Pala-
Address BLOOD BALD: Dannheisser Bros.
:"'atfl. -K()\.'btsterI CO. tfozstrfet* }
Atlanta (ra. DI'.ribe"our trouble

and Free personal medical adviceiriven. Ifl.COO fr*. AGENTS. T0Se1maSatnrdaynizht.Jnne1P!; Kubcribe! to Tat NEWS: only 10 V
\' leaving Union depot at Iu:3u) on cents week

.'II ,.r Ml, rll.rrl>tlun.a Awarded at Fart* Also Sold by M, Perry and YD Tales round regular passenger. train. Far for per -_ -
trip: Pensacola to Selma
> thun.lt-rln sleht or.. "'GUI..
f hi UK 11.TI11NG. J2.50; from Cantonment same as; .

.l'biut'St'IWMrs.('IIt'n door"\5 far rt.Ierry I I For the convenience of those who The Jug TradeIs Pensacola ; from Milton 50 cent ex rENNYROA I PILLS "
Uml ...
I Via the Culm-te wish to take a trip to the Gulf Heach I PNA1AROCHEWINE tra. Purchase tickets at ticket of ...*...GU.I....... ,....."..
opencede fice. Tickets Rood for 5 days! to re- f lor ('lilt 11t..nw. .; GLhll )

,. Into a laundry or ant the yacht Privateer In company i Our pecialty. hlrn0n8nyiPlnlarpaieengPitrain.I -f.\i.".IU.D',.or ant...". T..''d..whine....Ih.Man. Rcr...,..a. I
!.irazo Tribune. For further information I......... ....k.II..._. .. ..
with the yacht Dreamland City, will I CORDIAL Prompt Delivery and Satisfaction apply to "-- ..,hi ,",I........ .....1.1.. -t. .
ROBT. KING or P. 1 HOM>>: AS. .+ '. I'.rt4.l.....
l PA nil:;al.l'i leave Palafox wharf every Sunday Highest rtcommenditioni for cure of Poorness j Guaranteed. 'I Pens I C .w "It.n.r r.. ...,....T..U.I........'by_I. .
are made by l a. !" H.II 'e.a-s r__...... .
L sad General Debility. aWab .
and 11 and 3 ol Blood Stomach troubles y
at" a. m. p. m.; for ;I }
Lfedtne earlierkidney II \\ Increases the appetite, ircnihcns ; Milton I IIcuot.UI eew0lLdr..:......... ar.Mall...,
: round ::5 cent You I Dannheisser Bros. r r r
<.r bladder trip can stay I the serves ind build op the entire system.!/ ;

It "'t-tt fiul in RrI tit'a I all day or return at any time. S9 sae Dronot ,

I lab '''"'. When KOLKY'S CIIAS. BARTON, PARIS 401 South Palafox St.
A '
v C': KKmtk the Htn-lm Master. I \ A Co. TRY
kidneys E. i..grra TB ItW WAIT
w Phone No. 116. P. 0. Box mUMW !
\\ .i ""II| *hlt 'Is to RELAY. I I Am .ta.LI. 281. ,
A'tnberte. Try THE NEWS.Want Column. Railroad Exchange, Phone 268. >

a -


-"' I: -.+:......, -- ._. >. d'_ .. '-.- ---_..-. .., ...a'-'.. .. ..-.... "" .-> '-- -'- '- .. -..-. "" -, -,, ':. .,- ""'- ..

i>'-f.-; '<- ..,c:. "", .' h.no/. "'.. ",,,'; """ ',- ,.1'j. :-, -,;,.>",,,,,.,,,,,_ I;... ,".(; "-- -- !:\" ,,.,,,,,,,,,..;> ))- ._ wrvac.a.r' ,,. <




.............................. ...................... MARITIME.II -

'J >t W od M I D $ 1a 1\b\ w :=: It bk Rochelle P.9AILID.Tasso Genoa -BMMIR SRbEh I

.. Nor bk Sindbad Walls, London

. . . I'I'I
: . .
. il . . A tl 1. AT OU4RAST1M. ru

,. I'ortbk Lau renha, eta Maganooporto to
James Ilalsted started nervously as the train whistle shrieked announcing the BltarsDunwndyit Co I
H bit llcbele B. &55, Xictrola. Genoa to A.T 0
hour of departure. James Halsted familiarly known as Jimmy was a suecew- {l&q sco IlrosIt ,

tul DIYeliat-1O successful that bin last book had put a very appreciable profit in iibip Guilia R.I* Kollove, Marseilles'

his pocket and a duutdmation for bleep in bis brain that threatened to transfer :, to ltofl -co Bros '
Port bit Hella Fornmgoaa. 5>TO, Trindale
that profit to the pby idao'l bands. The doctor hid: prescribed a trip south. i ('.r.. to !Baars Dun ody it Co

The ram beat against the window blurring the landscape as he. turned with I F.
a yawn to the paper before him. Picking sp the first one at band a Boston THE SILIPI'IML. BRAWNER-

weekly known as The Illustrated Comforter that hod not as yet won g'ot'rall"4'OnitihB

be glanced over the list of Contents-"Affairs In Turkey" "Prospectof VK88EL8 IN POHIIT1AMBHIFI. ...

European Interference," "Salt Pork a Marketable Commodity" "The Vision of .

Phantom. Br Chat lld.I\ Hill to Baan Dun I -' _
a 'Ii.tdl
A Co 20 Dozen Ladies' Sleeveless; Vest, 25 Dozen Men's; French Neck Balbrijr 30-1 nch Solid and W'M-! !
Name of that last sounds familiar wonder where I've heard it before? By
; Kr Cumeao.2l. Randal, to I'.aars. Dun- Lisle Thread our price 25u each or I 'an Undershirts cents each ; our price . .
-by Erelina Montresor. Bluestocking with a romantic turn 1 suppose. I'll \ 'ody it Co $2.75 dozen. I Drawers to match.
down the then : Hr Glenmorren?. Potts to Gulf Tran- Yard-Wide Sea I-Uml
bar a try at the lady' thriller. His eye wandered Idly page; all Co 12: Dozen Men's Fancy silk Front 30 Dozen Men's Fancy or ColoredSatin at. . . . .

he started and av'aunel the paper more closely. :SorRuthS9, Hllllesen to Baarl. Dun- Bosom Shim, our price Me. each : Front Undershirts at 25 cents 1 Yard-Wide
"The deuce! Why that's my own story written when I Will at college! odv&t'oHr all sizes.! I i each ; Drawers to match. It.. .
Robert Harrowing,Jeders. to.Golf t'd. made by I.ou.ci. ,
Wonder here the lady gut it, for to my certain Lnuylcdgc itt'as, never published. Transit Co 20 Dozen Fancy and White Silk I 30 Dozen Men's French Neck BU- while it la! ts. . .

lest time I remember seeing it was that summers day at Glenn, when I Dunwody Nor ItHumit.&i: Co ; Mortensen to Basra Pleated Bosom Shirts. ourprice U.OO; brig an or Fancy Undershirtnice Pieces Latest Calico '

rowed I'd 1II"u'te no more postage on it. Some cheeky, middle aged. spinster, I I It Min .otardo. 11\00. Parodl to order all IIi;!!!!. quality at 45 cents each ; Drawers to '

suppose, is getting the credit." I Br.sisoddeld.l2vi.. t'aws'' to Hi-r Bros We carry the lar/e line of Men's I match. i I.Cadhlbun 1 11. : .
NorTeieron. l*j, Christensen to Baars Warranted . .
\\ell, my fair Evelina he added aloud "whoever you are, you won't enjoy Duo'li'ooyd: Co andBoys'Colorl'dHhirtsintheCity 10 Dozen Men's; Heavy Weight

yourself much !lunger.. Trust me for that." BAKKI. Ht the Lowest Prices Balbriggan Undershirts at 50 cents ; Jut received a full In .
36-inch Spring Percales our Drawers to match. : and Shirt VVait- ; our ,'; ,
With Jimmy Ilalsted to >luu und to :ll.ttre one a trait V> which he perhaps
| It Alberto Tfl5, (Casarano. Ro_a coBroiH price ... .. .. . .. .. . 9c Its Dozen Ladies' SleeveleVet; lowest.
owed muib of his su Bullvia.'\\.J.li11akao'lo.lO W 8: KtI.\.- 33Inch"ery Sheer White Lawn, at o'd price 6 for 25: cents or 4": c Para..oN and Umhi. .?-
late in the afternoon
Boston and reached that
the station regarding the trains to city sent Co our price. ... . .. .. . SIc dozen ; embroidered neck. fl.HO and $12.>.
of the nine day. Kus Chieftain Ml, Nesslins: cld for 27-inch
Check X"in-o.k. our 175 Dozen Ladies' Mi- es'and Ladie Irnde c"iit t I'
Hurrying to the offices of The Illustrated Comforter, he demanded<< the desired i Eusportf..ea Orlpm.lll3, R'berg.cld for Metbil price .c Childrens' sleeveless: Vetwith late*t -h d."atU'IIIi,: -

information concerning Evelina :\lulltrt'sor'ln'.1 name and identity. Awed Jr: >p h 30-inch White and olored Tare Neck. for 2ic or 9":>cdozen. i i25Doz 1 All the late-style n. I IChildren' ,

It Gsetano Caeahnua.1270II art to order . . . '
by .rands.A I > r Her Joseph 57s, Roller to order Pique our price lOc o Lidie* 2
Miss Trevor 13 : !> street. apartment you \ .Nor Kmu, tliio, Kuud&en tu order :30.inch White Corded Pi<|u<-. ')Or with ,ilk Tape Neck. 2 for 25c; or al-o oi) rolls New Set "

with hr Invalid wuth r. Young? Yes very young. And a little-*r-crude, or | It Monte A.jOlj furKlODue. to orderswed price ... . . . . . I5c 1.35; dozen at l'_'.... 15: and ?'('. per :. ,
MHrnaretha, jll. Jobunssen,
hall \\11 say obvious but a promising wi it<.r. Dahl (day sir. Don't mention It. to fen cola Lumber

Glad to U of any service to you" And he politely bowed his impatient visitor Gr Pioneer iI i4. Alberte.! to order
It I h tra.GS. Marznzella. to nosa-co Bros

front the tidy office.A little. maid opened the door in answer to HaUted's hasty ring. ISroa.i It l'1'II licola.I'o 8iuinionetti: tu HotiUbcu Remember the Place -gflg. 105 S. Palafox Street

"Yeti. Miss Trevor lives! here, but the ladies sir bo one." <. >r Kialto. 1111. Muller, to order
"Tell her I nuii-t bee her on important busiiiesn. HiiUted: in !ivtcd impatiently.The Nor ItoMdi-riu "oj. Andersen to order
\"a.ula.I'IlI..l\I"J.ln. order
link maid stared at him, then silently I inhered him into a small room
and left' him. The furniture was simple, but it had a IMZJ, homelike look which > 1 NOW DN
I'.rthena, rHJ, Cofllll. to Jno A Merrill ,
his luxurious apartments: lacked evidently she didn't reap a \"errich harvest A Cu

from her pilfering he I'PI'dl'll.! and began to wiih he had not come. Just then the SCIIOOSKR3.

door opened and a tall slender girl with sunny hair enteieil the room. Am Itliinph..T. O.'ln-Y.lo order
"Miss or Mrs. Treur'he a"ked, bowing tilHy: to the youthful apparition. rCenlennal.7S.. !McLaughlen. to S M L f o F. S. BRAWNESR'SECOTJSE.

"'Mi"s Trevor," replied a silvery voice. "You wish to vo me?* -..... lui !J dt3rashertoJno A

So this was the thief! Well if she did have xl"ii"iis hair n sihery voice anda M.,rritl Klsa A Co
in A Havles..25!. Ketihon. to master
sweet smile she should pay the IIl'I.It! just Us if bL1; had Leva the sentitte.ital kr Orient. l'l. Kilierts to order

old spinster he had |>ii lured. Hr Prmee Krt-deri.-k. M. Ircott to order

He mentioned bit came, exptnting tu see her guilt stamiMsl spun hn face Am Atn rents.Davies heraana.4-iRopaudor: eld for Mantanzas ONE-PRICE GASH .

when she heard it. Am suila, 31, Uhteuburg: loonier
"Mr.: Hal t.I." she said wonderingly "the DuvelistT' ---- --.-

"Prwi-tel I hue ci.me"- \11'. CLEARED: AND BAILED rOB
"My mother is very iI! ." she interrupted. BACOJUA.BTKAHBHIPB.: < PEN, SfE014L flOTICES.OfE .. U1J UCATIONAL.M : THE D-ACON' ... .... \'

"1 will oi.lj detain you an instant. I am anxious merely t.) 'artsy rcy curiosity Ii ALE AND FEMALE HCUOOLTW.corner I

ronct-nuue the means you employed to obtain possession "f my story, The Arm. Br. 1U70, Nicholas sid Table Bay Chaeand Ce>'allos streets. pr.. It \\'orL..ddnolaloh I ..r I'nu,
Vision of a Phantom.' i May 5I -- --- pares for college or business. J. H. Swtui lint Pale Inlrrfir..1Ojvxixitt'
I. Aiai-rag-it. Br, IW Nicbolsen, ar at Rot- i dell principal. :Night term begins Oct a.
"Your story! she 'pa>1.e<<<]. lerdnmAprn lt CENT WOID. : I : the! r.i.li.: .. '

"I am, of course, highly flattered" he pursued ironically "that yon should A.traNa, ]><*. 2110, Brack 'nburg, ar Table I{ was a J-TWITJ kept Iu .

have selected on its merits that whirh every puMi.lier in the country felled to Bay Men IJ Ct'T FLO1t'latr'CL'T : .....,....,.. .
and .
I hall I '
B 'rnlcla.ltr. 2170. Hamburi; April loi ; a we : .111.
discover! but I am none tl!:(' less mystified'She i
MONEY 'JL'O LUNI) FLOWERS an4 Moral CeniKni ,
i City of i>iouce t4>r. Kr, lain, Melburn arrived I .
looked at him with startled eves "Like a lamb in the lion's grip" he re Bremen May Ii ----- .. ... ----.- -..-,. .-. I i deigns ordered for customers. tu! train tlinr or fin.-
fleetfrh i Kriugbaiu iir, Ivtt, e\ll.to\'l', London HEAP MONEY-On improved real e.- tI.s Vlolettu )Moreno 8JJ West! Ure iltdliuH
"And you mean to denounce me?" Meyalu.karoSpan> C late 1.1\0 be obtained in any amount phcne3:9. very brUV! : with the 1..1
1571 Larrinaga! Liverpool from Wm. Usher. j<> f
"No; simply. I am curious. A pnl 5 ,_ ... all Inuisti>u-ir*. w -i t .
1'or I-'ii rul"
-- - 1..1..1.
, : "Oh, be patient' with me. I will reiaibnrto yon. I would do it now only ',\I.s larersnald.<1. Bf. J7t!. Hull March isrrHnclCB.tjpaa. - - ns n<.tli.eil tli.it stt ar. tMI'llllll ,
I the hs for vsiti > for mother who is ill. I will reimburse : lies, drnol arrived Hari MOSEY TO LOAN ON I'JoPI".L IK
money gone ne< < s 111) very Him Mv *( Apply to A. A. Fisher, Fisher 'LOWERS: KCNEKlLt: furnished III sell lilo\I. .1 it .
you afterward indeed I sill" she in! i<,tod. limiting HtiUtiMl's gesture of II uiiu trid. Hr. U-'l, Kobiusun, Grl'8t'ur- Building falafoi street. jntt promptly in bouquets special Oeitum ins a ti-iimriry| lu'ipro.idml .
dmrot. He was ginning tu regret his IIICMWO thl' "'. but a silvery voice and nioulb May !oIl""lnl..tI.. t\I. tl.iUittir '"I
sunny hair compensate for much so he staid on. 1'- knmoorBr.-.atMouth hleld April li AT I.OWE8T RATES OK1 IS.
.. \ euliuoor. Kr. :t!\:.. Annas,Genoa April I'.i IOASH r CAN ALWAYS HE OBTAISEU which f,'.*r.vtbnu ;1Jllek..1 .'
in.I. I uboin
"I will iH-si'Ws. tidal Know to the betongeil.
npuy jou; story
/.Hiizihar. Br lilU Uobinwu
ar Rotterdam BY PAKTIKI: H \VIN( OfXU .
It bid nu name illaUteil recalled having sent hill tirstlxiru forth unsigned I Apr.l is SECURITIES BY CALLING ON WII- \* 90 Anieiitlirtlr.The | lip) -" I1.1llf til .

found it in a closet at Glenn Reid when my mother noe.leil these thinS, aud I BlltP. LI AM USHER, 2W4! SOUTH PALAFOXSTKKEr. Sur-r-fiu-You Mill refuse; to take bolnw in i-ici ont. t.nl .

wa HO worried I could think of nothing to rite. 1 copied it. But 1"- l':ur+dlee. lir: JOjtl. at Swansea April I ether? 1 warn you it will IK- fully asset I leml. jnul when ijuite -
"Klsie. Elsie where are ?" lame a tremulous suite through the doter."Here I. "-It LIIIIhe.ltui.I > >s(8id Table Bay AprilBASKS.
you 2f. YOU WANT TO BORROW MONEY ere as the opt'oritli I |H>rfonneil )Dinil "voI,:.would bat -

mother dear" and she ran from the room. JK '....t money. Insure your property pro- on this same leg a month! as ). at fast lit ,tit t'> Ibv i'l.jI
cur..ahMtracis of title buy or sell rem estate. "
mrrika, >/>r, TM. Aid Hamburg Ma I i an.i .cTptlon. bareventacoWatPA I Ttte t'\\\\\\-'n\\\'\\ be nil rI \;ht1o1'lar. I \ 1"1\\ e LI1edIv
rent >
The editor of The ])) rr ffO Comlnrtrr nimti surtirwl the following do.r'to .tilt. "",.d. H ?. at TaM Hay 10'.0:1 property ''
u nni '
>>i rr>>JI>. Nor.D-H. aid LrerMarcb lo ot your v\kvvnd".v )))1' W\,'. ):n 1'1' par! ::01 I )>> )';)1>'
rwirr! it C'rr>ptll'lilillf/ publish a serial sfur.r (a lie neteu fiy Jam*!* UasftK > cell on or address Tnos. 0. Watson a Uo. I I's. "
folomOB. tarn lame flic iilll s.ii( $ .
April:lJ : for tin usher o\ and Efedua Uontrosur. The (collaboration[ the Illltl'r'Ill1l1t \IlIll't'1l the sine I >ovri. :to,. V* ddharpnesalay IItrllrllo. Rent KsUVe and Insurance agents. Vens- ,
cola. 11\. ('hares modemtn. Tot-vtrvonn youA't mo St'(' 1 IL please Thanks. ruI..llh: i hauls intri-t).. :
qua non of her fl.rJthl'lIl''S. 1 t Bid Tunis Dec !V
U.ullal.1t.: 1171. fid Marseilles March *>!S who buys a lot (rom u, we w.ll lend money '.M-i'o ahi'ail. -lix-for. I can stand it "\\ bat one tin llfl'.l "
A later the Md tf
critics commenting the wrote house.t'OIt -
year on story : with which tohul'd n _
: Sir 7N: Md .
l\.nlloIl'rn. iluckstndt March 7 '
"In former ) ears Mr. IIalsti>d fascinated by the charm of his style but left 1..tI"II\.I\II."j:, sid llnmbtirg April JSMartella uow.-Chicago Trlbuue.Diseoarnned.. "To ki* 'p !le dirt out o .1 I.

his readers hearts empty and unconvinced bv UN love pa-saeo This defeat he It.sld Hamburg Nov 2NOTICE HI :N'l'. l'nll't no d-t eit In 'I.i Him"U'as "

has remedied and the Intent: prixlm'titm from Us pen nrries its message of sincerity --- --- i it your 1111.I'a :"

to e k err 00..." TO MAU1NKUS. HIIU REXT-J-R's-e :New Krlek Ware- "}):11 you ask old plot i for bU "No. -ah I tuner'mill! h. .

The novelist smile] as he 1I'IIInl'11It tln gulden Ill'l\tIIlC'I'M'I the room; then The lil.tllnji liuoy: oft the entrance to .... on Kail road street. App'v to daughter'/" I dot idi-u if It 1a IoIJl't l 1'111 I.! :' I I'1111:1111" .
interrupting the silvery voile reading this notice, he remarked: IVniaci In Harbor bas been muted tu tileWt.t""RI't1.tI Thos. Hannah jlwxltfKiMiMrt .
"No Tl.(' lust tiling I saw when I 1' I ho d I. II'" .*i "i I it
"My (dear it's dishonest and immoral doubt but fraud i il the best ai lobe in line with the Caucus -
very no
cut entrance and lo murk Hint range. TO RENrunWe-t Ictenrt-ncm' RtfpiHtl into Ins! oi,'(' was a big; place: : : \'no'Y dill! down In t.i;I. > il'. >I' '
friend I've ever bnd. It gave me the hnppim'-s of my life mid taught me how to .\pplvtoP. M loie\". :!' III:!'" .
anl I over the plane| with these words la I hxod ',m up fur tar w (iiluiii "
talk iLun .ill""I..I.But" bat would
to justice tay? -Condensed From the
French For New Turk Comm'rrinlJ'rtist'r.. List: fall I sprained my left hip i.vlH RE'iTfhArr" houe 1\1 depot large letterI'all Main Clt'l; ; I'orm.- "'I'lie ')':1..10< (IUOH ull I.:, .
while Iialldling ? >iiie heavy box- I 1J r btihunco.l It s"'m4'llik(' an omen and hole. M'Mi't he;
W. S. uartleld.JSintf .
I called said tlrst Apply nt lie Factory
._ Doctor on at
.L. '
: I went out. -Clou-land Plain Dealer.Rrtralrd. "lie do ,,:111: yes sali In'
it slight strain and would
was a IInon
-._ 5_.._x .._.. _-._ 4UFiy all jiTe. in he nat tollm II'
be well but it and the
grew worse I 'ELY KfKSlxHEl; 1WOXH-M 417Nnrib
doctor then aid I had rheumatism.: .: Ninth avenue. ii-n-tf n.annlii i lilt he tiolitii-r dulo' .
I Old l'rll'o.I-a. n looks to me as If how den roierlolnld *.'
It continued to Crow worse and I ;: ''
RE r-New live room cottBj", one you wore p ittln< ou a lot of estri dig .
Homer mild hardly get around to work. I I.'wilt from cir II"-. tactile ![star" lie vas ailvKiil to t.il-- I
Smitfi Left wpii to a drug store and the drussi 'Iuare.o ..w t..lty.pul" to Ln.w'ncHHo oily of lute.IliH.ii.ily over to the cotton wari'limi-i' "i

': >s recommended me to try Chllmb opera hou>* hiiil
rlaIn',) Fain Balm. I tried it and badly mi-taken. I inn now in a *HC.- and In glow walk and
RJo"T-Th.1' furnished riKMH Ult- a t..t.
iii..--half of a50-cent bottle cured ms for light houtekfeplni-- Nest tion to allow my Inherent and native .
puzzled he prootdoil! to t'!.
}t "ntirely. I now recommend it to all Belmont street ni\ tf
II I dl n.ty: to come to the surface.-Indlanai bluoe.'b'n he returned It w .
trit'lId-It" A. lUm-uric, Erie, lls Tress.
M..... Smith, who it of an inventive tUI'II.f mind IxinK HI, s:.untied with the Nl J It i N for 8le by Hannah Bros., FOltT yAI.l:. ) run and his eyes hanging: ou'

ordinary void 1110/11:1' rgsrshieh: the inters arc in the hnlit of inflk-rlng oci 21 S. Palafox street. ------.---.------ ----- he reaeheil tin store lie exflnli\ .
A Modern Fimmplr.No .
their customers during the winter month, after thinkmi deeply over the matter --------- \\ GR\rl\ K\t't.T Read "Xo wonder I has pone lir
SIT ld-I wonder if miracles will ever
came to tho <...Hnrk"--i that if she |>nt the eggs in an airtight recvptade they If you wish anything in the way > > \. P.O.!BotlaiSaw honk:and see;I'IIIIY' In rent rna. Mlerprepaid. Ha. happen again./ ruptey fo'toen times an lint (..

adult ktrp An indefinite ix-rioJ. The o'd family physician being consulted! agreed i of kitchen furnishing /Rood, go to SlinlfF Todd-Ono mewls an !hogs an make! rlo oil

that while it *a-i a novel idea it al.p"urt..I"lau..il.lr| and deserved a trial. Smith the Willii Hardware Co's.You happened at my house go I'ar'fiiC: lIt air piKindwol
only the other day. A thundort-olt
in now lytlinj; for the old doctor but l.c is net to lie found. > H 'I.E-Teo god. much cowl. house -,'IH ounces aa e,.ir> ft '
furnishing goorts. 'c. on count of struck! within a few feet of my wife
Mr+. Sn'ith tried tb.. experiment oil n small wale, putting a dozen or no of can save money by 11'\'intl'ily. Apply to M r.. Id* Krombt>rl(. and she was speechless for 30 minutes. con U'llllams tins bought inn L"

large, frtvh eggs in /common fruit jsl' <4>ale<) it artfully and put it away on Marston Finch before 410 Weit Inteiiileiicia street. Dig rhancefordnlq sugar an -iHtl.-.h! he bas ii".k. .
seeing $ SonU* -Detroit Free Tivss.! .
tin > iriu t-litlf in tie! cellar aud awaited detilopments-and they came. I men-- ----- thrttpoiuiiN an a half! Slio.jjwlne .
--- -
Ore Saturday night Smith went down the cellar to get some appliM Ire :< buying furniture or L'XI.tA nlc-l ..d srnhou" for Jfrs. Calvin Ximinerinati. Mili- II) close Jp donh an put .

knew rmrtly where to t'.tid them, therefore took no light; with him-that is, to liemore house I sixteen d.>llars-siiteeu rato. Tho o' 'nuNtPd A'ln.:" M ,
furnishing goods.LEMLEY MoMillnn. limitFVR burr, 1'a., av, "As a speedy cure '
ormt, he thought Le knew where they wore. Not finding them he at- fur -- -
--- coughs roidi. croup and sure
TMiipti-d to Ktrikt A i.iat.h MI tin role! of bill shoe, but Mst his equilibrium in the > HAI
ref and lm-itl torn anl. striking thr.h.IC\ wiih Mime font. 'RENDERS DECISION. hanl .IL ten Ai-vot..tre.-t. Apply t" K.lit K' L. utit-qmlled. It i-t plea
TJ.eea* a Uriiiif i\pl: .*ion. SOTJIthing Mintk Smith a fearful blow on the : Judge Adxootit iirnerul's Interpretation dren to tnke. I heartily cr-minfnd Bargain Furniture Hou-.

bend nml with a scream (>f terror and nin: he sia;ifenM to the stairway stum- 1-OR 8ALE-Tb DI..- fle lrHl.le lots In it to innth-." It M th.. oaly I harm ,

Ming over lid-kit-th<' iipi<)le_an ho \\, nt. Ito ran a" far us the foot of the of the Personnel Act. I1 the cry on Pa.y t"rms. hv the Fox Kl'b\ .rReal !1"0\ remedy that prodtifes hnme- I I Hannah Bro,,', are a;:entWees' f f' -
l Estate Agency :iw'i tMiutb: Ir 1
WASHIXOTOS: June Advocate Cough Cure Durrtiody
6.-Judge dints r-"ult It cur'" brouchiti-i. ,
wainteu IsalmPO'
stairs aid fell eihnu>tc-1. The pain i in hilead *. nreel.l ,
: General Lemley has decided adversely nu.umnuireripr'e Hnd throat and : and Witch Hazel! Kalv. I
"I always eipeUnl lint gas to ei1mi; us SO.IMilaj.1": moanetl Smith. ,
1'ln ii i It Will guarantee all three of tlif- ;j'.r' ;
the contention of the ; Paso* prevent eon.umpti'at. -
T.rt Mail i wnudarsi-t in Laving: ; it put in: navigation I'f'1N N'A1'I'I:1). liens and will rfn I
H-ririn rn.irtnucy, JUl). chenfully
11,. bio hind big head and wleu he felt thick Mibtiinie bnreaa that in making retirements of '" ;i .
|>ut to a liM-ry.| | slimy ht.p.ird. H. K-rn. money to any one who u- -

Ir t.I-I ling down !.U forehead h. rer..id: for the that tim he na danper- officers' undo r the terms of the personnel I )) sir OKKK*" po-ltton'PKi: luinher sod "tl'no'fral'.r flrm pr..ferr 11",dKxnerlenced. I without being beneflti-d I'1:

".W)' v..lli-Ifd. 'ost'rlue his fate with I 11 i< hauls.! sobbing ijnieilv. ho beunu> act tho others should be retired in accordance References gnen. K. T. J. cents tlac h.

awa't.f a t-nibl.' stcnih."Men with their .fyw.
rank lieutenants
." ni.iI'-l! ',.,ih. "1 beard ,.f warms brains like! .
} : never :i smellius:: See those window /
for Instance being retired until all KodOlDyspepsia lI
thlt.'Ir.'y thi.. i is the! re-ult of readlu.epho:r" 'VANTE1).

He I I.....I..I ';p.oaby; ; ; loimuwu.-l ai'd IH-IMMO n" :1:'(' of an indiMmet lightIn ; nt The the eligible judge advocate captains!!general had been holds retired.that ..--. ill:!.s at Manton. 4. Fn

the oVtan.-v. Visions of bea:itifv.l a11...tai tlowiai truins and wiuiug: moos h.. inreut, of the SITE 1 tRlICG at in Vat IntPTncia '
act was to
ilonteil throti: ;;h his biaia. lie ha.II".I.1 .fling! |I"-<'l'e! always !=ei> 1I..rt.lr I.'s"If 11L's'lb retireni..uts in preventwh } -trei"t. Mr<. 11. K. licl.Hti't :.'I",
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such tl il"<. 1hu't! ;rrsilimllv lnianu m<. .. 111111 tire ili-li-n and nt last the .Tji.-h I Cure. Thos.
mijrbt: be disastrous to the MTuiv. Lnf1'V a* miler -oiraplier bY HO Pebley
sufferer FIII beau'i'il.! lily! \-hite r.:'"i-moto bountiful. I"--.ilh! thmLt. than heh.td wherever the law Kvdfie.l tho young l.Jy. Adtlr1'si UIIc
ou'r se'n' n (U'lK !hoi.'iii!' ; .1 kernvn lrijiiji. It \;.aI u wife.Su.i nnsinrtif .fiict I I..tI
: ( >rs which should
:''" a Ifrll'!.< --I" :!'k ler wit n-t ..,j-.II.I.t--.. .!i.l :':.. ."'r..h. Smith be retire Digests what eat. ATTORNEY-AT-LAW
men you
iu grade.
had :dray ford'y amd: hp votild) IiV"; to die with a < heribiinnlo, on hili.s. -* i t't TANTED-All/ kinn ot empty caws :

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<\.'ar. If.;'; "eo.i Pier: thin:. IVili.l'ts it waf"r the l>o-t." Nature in strengthening and ream-

"Jvi'it! lit nr} ft ''.." -..'.i J I i- lire ji" .i'-r \iry severely "yo hale been Bush i TTTANTED-Old beer bottles at lancJi- stractinRthe exhausted digestive; orpans. REAL ESTATE AGENT.

:v j-iii i : Mi ':'-.l:I I.-: "-..lri'i! ..it i iilut on jour bad? And what a gas ;vfumr'il: fro-u CMrh' :(m. S. C., >_Y_ter_Broi._ ____ h .Jy U 1 t is the latest discovered djll(''.t- .
tirriMiini'\;: \\"):"' "! :'..e "'''I'M/lft. yu iloui-rY" with S. U. Tears ihargtd by a Mrs. 1----- -- ant and tonic. No other preparatioc |{. ut tt. r.awl i rd All item OthA. ''

'1 ;:.< \; 1'sdel' I J.:' -.:..i.II'.l. Sa.ith' i.ri': t'r. Ho felt hurt fciwife could es- Cru. who is here fr ai Cincinnati, with 1I I w J.I :: : I.: ::-: .._ can approach it to efficiency. It Instantly Irt i \Vheli...MI. .

pr.-.i .O' "!';:mi rp I I j. iU : tliU.l.T1 nnvaig inarrunl her in this d'while ha J j -. j." \luUK\ii. a flnu lo- ''rs+inl-. reIiew- and permanently cures ..

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I Ib. rl5:; :1n'I. Pfd the fl'Mir and t'u- (- .iJj! :::. Slt1 1 lad: watil'id those ,'ggsday : the, woman has the "" *e rv root anl-.o th. ri Flatulence Sour Stomach Nausea,

and RijLi ,ith a lit'inc av iind'r tl.! !..n-I li-jn-: tlathe had wade an tip He> ckt-Lire-i h
>'ta.t ,1i% <-.Hr-. 11i.1! the M;lt was a1;<. k to 1- 'r.Ph. Wilbur however I ._ I all other results ImperfectdigesUolb
that he
.* t'ar a yi i'i i i,*-iVi .k atV.th.. i- ,.j!"-.-. ".II-IN.NHI-r-ha gono and pt-rformed tho ears for Peters, "\ TR1.U4H REIREMsnufactarprand I Prepared E. C DeWlttaCo, Cbicapa Estate e ;untyl'.Sta

fH\il.-.l; n'l:! the tie- VMi!: f j??'.. ncd-bn': ..-I !.-il iiixitiM main-na rp to diuui :Mrs. Urn on the ceremony date cl-arged' in the; and indictment. "4rueleti..>L dotter Hair Uil In, lot.Hair:..3A ta.rs W ,Uoiiernmeaistrret. Hats Toilet I Hareu P1 UlrarJlIhh 't'i'1

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To curetvor money refunded by your merchant, so why not try it ? Price SOc,



.-. -<,," .- --'.. -.- -. ._. y, "' ': -- -'-'''' ', ....- \ .- ,. --

The daily news
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p .



: FHE DAILY NEW a sr 1

:.: ----- -
-- ===- -=- : = -.:: : -- -=-- ,


_ '__ ____ _
-- ---- : --=---- : -_ --- -- -- ---- -- -- -- -- :!I

PENSACOLA has a Depth of 33 Feet of Water in the Channel at the Entrance of the Harbor. 4

s .,
--- .
------ - ,




ALimmg; Reports Are Cur Paper Says Discon- Is Nominated For Governor Hush of Business at .w. ;;

i : i
rent In Shanghai. tent Prevails on Island. by Acclamation. the Closing; Session.

-- Makes the food more delicious and wholesome :!
-- ---- -


- --- -
Hrrt It PrrMrnl to Resist, (.OhlU' Proposition 3Iretn With Strong Chicago Platform I* Also ItraQlrnied. 'i Conferee Agreed Upon All Difference BOER FORCE STILL INTACT. TO NAME THEIR CANDIDATE. j;

i I; jiiihunrot Landing of Her OppoooIUolI-l"orto itleo'el'radeEdeueatlonal Iletwecu Two Houses Except Nevada it
J"Douncl'.I-IIIII'IIIOO Prevails Botha Retreated la Order Along National Negro Party to Put Out Prey : ;IiI

1 ,,. ul lului Held I'll-UloodyI Problem lu Philippines. In West Virginia-(Ireat Interest ;,1 'IahllPllruprl&llo Hills Acted Dcluguu Buy Kullroud. I| Idrntlal Ticket. '1!

'" niriil \\ lib Ilotrrs. Inauguration of Governor Dole. Centers In Mate Campaign. i Upon at Last Moment. LONDON June C.-Until the situation 1 PHILADELPHIA, June 6. The tInt --:

: June Alarming reports HAVANA, Jua.3 (i.-La Nacion pub- KANSAS CITY, June 6.-When the WASHINGTON-, June 6.-Tho members ia the neighborhood of Pretoria is en- steps looking to the organization of a :. -

B i h-Tf of the hurried CJinpleii. Lshes veiled threat against the United Democratic state convention convened of both branches of congress; looked tired lightened the official here as well a* national negro party have been taken iaI .

I >!>iiz ttiuu of the Japanese.Hi States, baying; iu part: there was a full attendance. and'wan as they reassembled for thtcl'jidag others will find difficulty in prognosti- I this city. Prominent negro bishops, .

-- "Surface appearances are often very The credentials committee report WM session after their arduous workI eating Lord Roberts' immediate pro- I!I' ministers, editors aud lawyers a .

t June C.-In CCJltc'qucnrt misleading, esp ;l' ally when one wished adopted without debate and the platform I I of yesterday and lat night, the him.1 .-*) gram. It appears evident that the Boer meeting-dacddad to place a presidential

t : '.
1 .; -f a large Rui.iut force at force of uudtTCurrfuts. The American The platform reaffirms the Chicago ;i 1 v> o'clock.The probably along the Dt-Ia;;oa Bay The' plan is to organize the party ia .

! i.. .'-'I to Lave been stc>ppd.. pan are mislead by the visible placidity platform of IbM, denounces the gold ;i I senate held a t-hort ex"cative session railroad with the new of joining President !,, every state of the Union and nominate

.. - of the Cuban people, and think thata standard bank act and trusts and arraigns at lliW o'clock, after \\hicbcun- Kruger. So the Transvaal forces 1 candidates for the senate and other ,I
June 6.The oldier disJU'kthf ferjnce remain practically intact, with President offices. '
10. the civil
great state of contentment exists over the Republican party for its hy- reports on sundry appropriation committee has .
Kruger and President Steyn and I An executive been appMnted '.
: I Pioxtrs have fought the blau"t:, who are more intimate pocni:! in dealing with that question.The bill, the naval academy and General llotha and Secretary:; of State "'[ to draw up a call for a convent .'
:-i! > lit clo>*' to Peking.; with them cnu assare thu American pa- platform reiterates adhesion to the the general deficiency billsbiuted were pre Reitz all safe and in a position to continue tiou and distribute circulars outlining t

; ,,1:10..1: till b.th idei jiers that there is a sifcut discontent Monroe doctrine extends sympathy to : and adopted. the direction of affairs. I the reasons for the formation of ana. '
among the Cuban people. Much could the Boers aud demands the establishment The sundry civil bill was a complete The ri.ut optimistic see in the fact that i bonal negro party. .
....-I..." .\.1.14I1C'I Itt.rll'OM Lave bi t-ii dune if the Cuban secretaries of a stable government in Onba at agreement: except ice item nlatingtoXevi'U Pre.-.ident ICauger's wife and Ot'nerulButha's j: The names mentioned for presidentwere ;
bud hail clearer ideas regarding their the earliest date and chims. The naval conft-n-es E. J. Walker of Boston .
practicable wife left ex-Judge ,
.fl u, Jane fi.-The I us, an min. says dead liwhed were at Pretoria ii an .
du'im. Cuba ha.s not been a transformed "with faith in the patriotism and cone were on the armor plate indication that the .rident does not 1 with F. B. :S. Pinchbuck, rx-lientenanl '.
-:- '.-klug. M. DeBw-rs. mule: aa- paradise. Wo hano serpents here, : age of the lion. William J. Bryan, be- pi-ovision. There w.t< a cotap'ere] agreement count on a long resistance In any case i i| governor of Louisiana, as ruuuiugmate; '
c.", apt to ib('U.a the Chinese for and, if we have a whole tribe of blood. i heving him to be the greatest exponent on the detirieucy bill. Tho Military it will probably take Lord Iloberts at 1 Bishop W. B. Derrick of New York, W.

, .F 'IALI t<) r"'lal>t Russian assist- suckiuc vunirtres, which threaten us of the principles for which the Democratic academy ball wire pursed and sent least a week to organize a campaign of | P. DuR">y as rauningmate Bishop Tnr- ; \
renrtl'rbatw far the offer with a l...m of the! life supporting thud party stands, and satisfied that he to the president.The pursuit. The military authorities |! ner, with Booker Washington of Alabama -
,j > Ihty, at last, cauuot let us." ( would perfurm the duties which he is usual routine business of the sen- ipute that the next important news will 1 as vice president, and Bishop ,
*. Wn xvptt-d.. The mob haven -- j assigned with honor and patriotism lI'e was practically abandoned. Only come from General Buller' direction. ,i i, Walters, with T. T. Alien of loui: .lAMas j
d tho Cn h.J1l11iui'lIIr.nell. Rob- <)pl.o l to (ioinrz Plan. favor him as the nominee of the Demo- two Mr.or tliree new bills were presented. Plenty of time has elapsed to complete vice president. 1
.. and X'lnuan, and mutilatod and HAVANA, June 6.-All the political iptrties i I' cratic party for president of the United Carter secured the passage of abill the turning movement at Laing's Nek. -
providing for the increa. to <375lr ,- DEWEY DAY AT COLUV.SUS. ''
.1. V ivek-d the bmtlek. The Ftatlon Statt-s. A belated
through their r'pruhentativo i dispatch from Mafeking,
of the limit of the Helen. .
building at
Tin 3 luib-i from Peking, basuned. The of the committee .
Ai I report on per.mU&rut dated May 31, announces the British occupation
>*. The British rnini.t-r, Sir newspapers, have pronounced against I! organization making temporary .!, Mon. i at llalmaul, where 200 Boers Admiral I* Greeted by the Veterans of .
:< M. McDonald! is rejiorted to be the plan of General Maximo Gomez to j j olficars pornnuinnt. tdopte ,.I Mr. Aliwa! reiortdd from the committee surrendered Three Wars. ;

r ill.WARSHIPS. amalgamate the party organizations. I I Tim nomination of state officers was ou appropriations the horse conI CoLfMErs, 0., June 6.-As Admiral '
Members of the cabinet say this scheme then taken up and Chairman Cowherd I t ferpnce resolution providing for final British Flag LLONUONJune
ORDERED TO SEA. is feasible Much election would adjournment at 3 o'clock.Mr. Dewey's special train rolled into the
not a* ia an eo.;J.'nt speech noiuiuatnl exCongntisma 6.-Lord Roberts has telegraphed -
not carry any official recognition from :! A. M. Dockery for governor. Hale presented a conference report union station, an admiral's salute of 17 .. .
M..*4rhnM-tMau Indiana Hurriedly ou the naval bill to the war office as follows from .
the United States. More than this, thea.orit'rt \ appropriation It guns b< ()mod out. The admiral was .
, l'rrl..r..1 For Service. that is was a di&igreement on all questions fh tlun.e Pretoria j
an nnuecesnorv Do4erywas nominated by acclamation greeted with cheers as he stepped from ;
'i 'n.ttzl.rmltJuneL'ndrrorlers as they have an assurance from and the> convention went wild as he been in dispute for three or four "The occupation of the town is most the train. .

., the department the battlei the United States government that a moniirod the platform to main a speech day Mr. Yale explained that the satisfactory and the Bntiih Has is now The program was inaugurated; by a .
navy convention will be culled as soon ad poi of a 'eeptane: e. nrmor plate question was the great hoisted top of the government: build- I drive to the driving pork, where ha .
Ia""u'bu.tlt and Indiana, at tho stumbling bloc to i
s-.lilo after tho elections of all the agncment.Mr. ings.
< mayors j I greeted tie old Jditrs; and sailors.
LTV I-! nd navy-yard, are being pre. to form a constitution, which will KERN NAMED FOR GOVERNOR IVnroso then offered tho following "The troops met with a much more Trains loaded down with veterans of

;&.-...11mm.. be presented for ratification by the next resolution: enthusiastic reception than I unticipaled. j three wars and sightseers from over the
Tlrder. giToiHic:.ew to what serr congress. Such a plan they argue, \\'as Nominated: on Hr-t Ballot-\\'. J. "That the secretary: of the navy ii The Third battalion of the i stare have arm til. During the morning .
would make even the friends of Cuba nr) II u I lorI. hereby authorized to procure by l'VurrU4.'t Grenadier guards j lined the square when 1 a n-uaion of old soldiers and sailorswas :
> tes-fcUmay be called into, the doubt their ability to peacefully governthemselves. armor of the best quality tor any or all the march past took place."Owing II held at the driving park. At noon te .
'. t.i Ctimnmndant Casey beings It is believed that the Gomez I\DA\APOUS, June 0. A steadyd essels ab)vo referred to, pivivid touch to their having been on duty "'Urmd the barbecue and carnival of '!
<: get the ships ready and dist party will bo a minority in the jwajMiur of rain u here to coming election. state C a4 MW as possible ILunphere -
t and winicuble, but in ca-e take part in tho ceremony. I O'lltrii I MI! Horsewhip. : '
\\ they are to ,await Atkinson Knroute to Madia.CHICAOO resolutions adjoaru at 3 o'clock ha is unable to make contracts foruriiCr "Several: of our ofli.-ers who had been :.
l b'ra.Ta.hips. June 6.-Dr. Frederick W. this! morning, having agree.1 on a platform under tho above <"iuditi" ns, he n prisoners were among the onlookers." JAI KSO.NVILI.K, rla., June 0.Ei-cansa -.

were pilotwl out of them Atkinson, recently appeared MipcrinU ,,-hiehill not be made public ht-rebyauthorized and directed to procure --- I Le opposed his marriage to his sister-in- "' f
around the Delaware river uIUl"tTere,1 to the l'IJI \'l'Ulhlll. H. F. a site for and erect thereon a factor HUGHES CAGE: 13 POSTPONED law, J. D. O'lKrii of Atlanta hor ei -; .
ntlcnt of iiistrnctu ill the Philippines
r. 1''I"noUOIllt fur di'i.irture public n ;ShiM-ly, who has IHVU implorwl by his fur the munufucture of armor, and i whipl..l FrankV.; Cbaiuv, Imuil inanagir '. '
w 1. i+ in Chu;,) ci.roire to the fri ads to pt-rmit his flume to U | vesM-li are l'UlIPcI"ith i-lands. "The ed -atoi problem in the tUiiivurion :I" aind'.dite fur for the rtctioa of Iitiel factory.1At un.l I'liPXix-ctiM Enl I city yesterday. O'Hrn alleges thai 1b"
: ultmake a trip arr >:S the 1'lr.lipjiiaes Dr. \tbn..oll, 'isouii- the minimal i.-'i for governor maintains 3 o'clock congress adjourned bued' G".J-KNVII.T.F S. Chuiii-e, by making fake statements to ; +
C. June 6. The
i ,rd, they .'Cmt"illl11rl:") auvph'M j-K'X 1 wonl uot care to outline a plan thi'Xi.neil.i.iv that he hasobsenedsiiiA .,. the young lady, saix-i-edi-d in breaking .
,rut.uI. Then-i.reiao men in uutil I have arrived on the ground cud his urri\.il yi.tenl.iy.WLen >.f .- v>u*is has came to a sa'-d.-u ca i unclji i>ff the Mjgtigcinmt. Chanc claims that ,
:rvicn.w of eat+-h ship, the bll- ..tu.Iio"1 th situation. Si far as I have t'.i": }).'I11'l'iti,: tate conventi. CLOSING SCENES IN HOUSE. ,.*. : ..:!"'. :?: ZrA a nua.b--r f tn.-mr- hf furnished the infor'nalioa at the request .
,f the <\.ini >leiuent "f 4lV sailorsmiinhIw Wn able to earn the p.-ople of the called
| a.1; to order tho report of the t :i." Ca- ; Wvncontiuufl, inclivlia! thec. uf the young Lwiy. ,.
Report ( Ivil Hill
Undii and on undry hilrll ,
< distribut
bt-ing are apt p-ople eagertolearn, .
emonqu .ni'n'ftee a ------ --
p'riiinnt organiatiouw.is I
+ naval ..'atlu!!!! after the vessels aid I an convinced that som special sab.r.itto.1 and ad >pted.Suna1 Dt-batf vn Midaiire.WASHINGTON .::..s' u>;.l lI.t Il's. Mattie A. lluht-g, \ Your best tnenJ call'I! you n<> 1-

bed her from inuklvu. tOro of study will have to !o none : M. R.el+ton was iiam-jd pi r- Jane 0.-A handful of n1 m'.'r std viol iti jii of the iksp ;iaary better advice than this ; "For im- ,
The full view were filial out with taro!. As nearly as I can learn :o.WjO 1 mauent ch.rrunu. memb'rs were ou hand when the house ins; IVfjfh Cut fir murder; JannH pare blood bad s-fomsch Iud weak
'2J men who came hero ou the Filipino children are attending the Cj.riruia'i II >'t/nau of the committee ;Snddeth, mur.ifr; Thomas Uol'lffi and It nerves take Hood'-' Sarsaparilla; :' t
:.itt llartfiird (!' Hampton Il.sari+, schools iu M.nnla alone." on ri'solntuins then auuonuwd that a rf'J,'\C:1Lt'll! at S o'clo:.-k this morning uuni')-T of d.sjKUtary and other: minor .

lm other d'-tails ordered here from platform had been un.uiiniuu.tly agreed( after being in recess for u few hours. tai.,.. j Picket cutlery fci-fors! fishirs :
.' vr lurk and Boston.Jrunt. rude of Porto Klco.WA oa and prcet-ded to rind it. The conference report on the sundry Tri m ird- r'"is"s '''':11' oy-jr frill the tackle, gun, pitoN and spirting '

:>: in>rTf all kind? at the Willis Hardware .
"'It uat Lon ( Worse. has made public a summary of a"ejancv of Iu liana D"ai'Krat> to the item covering tho claims of Nevada to ia flit laurd.T. rj *'" tia> "x-cunx-d ut this Go's, '
W ittoJune t Bad of be the in torai-not : a a uutruLvl I -- ..
n\ news con'k the regular bulletin of the division of prmciples liberty euuni-i.ifed by Jef- only one dispute. Among the -.
:!* I.. fume from Minister Congers f..r"'lll\lI/l claimed to have ben cher- important item struck out were thOo""e .\ I'uhhu CHICAGO LABOR TROUBLES.
) to Return
customs and iusular affairs! I
concerningthe ishrillilnt'e his time, hays in part: for the memorial bndge across the IVtoiuac j'I
: 1 th American naval force ha born I .
trade of Porto Rico for the w.tInOTUJune6.Ahmed
seven i "We reaffirm and pltvlge our allegiance flyer; for a revenue cutter on theSt. Pasha, Unions Are Taking Kindly to I"ropoeloo
iw.rfd rl'lnft.I't.'I't1. The minister cablw mouths ended Juno 3, 1900. The total to the principles of the Chioujro Mary's river, aud lighthooae vessel the Turkish vice admiral who was bent ': 1
tlou of Contractors.Catcmaso .
t.iiho ,.:tlU'ICOUVIU wur.u at Peking. value of merchandise imported into the platform of l&Oti aud ooinmened its dis- for the PacifL coast; for a branch sol to this to j t-
country invostigate our shipbuilding :
Muidwua flUI9lIercbi.udise to 1 tiuiiihM exponent, William Jennings dier's home in Idaho; salary of woman June Organized labor ia : :r
A RECEIVER APPLIED FOR. the value of #751.048 WitS admitted Bryan, to the people of the United commissioner at the unveiling of La.fa'ette'li ; facilities with view to placing taking kindly to a proposition of the \
fn' of The total of an order for a new Turkish battleship in .
a doty. amount import
Sates: as an able statesman, a sincere statue in Parts; legation buildings contractors for conference at which
\ttyrnc) Fur J. A. JabukontU tllpI'tU. duty collected was I6&1.B78. During| patriot and an hornet man who caa in Korea and Siam aud statue of the United States, probn.blyrill return a : i .It
>a n..1 r..lnlnlC Order ..,ul'd. the above period goods to the amount of safely be trusted to stand at all times 1uLamb'aa. to Constantinople in a short time. The the position of the Building Contractors' -

'.tl AvtA Jane Application for a !t2.493.OC9 were exported from the island, for the people and against their foes at The Mississippi and Columbia items agent here has resolved to lay the plans 'I council shall be explained: : and npgotia- .'. J.

: r* rev for the Atlanta ComnvrculBU upon which was collected export duty to 1 home and abroad. And we instruct the were retained, the Mississippi item for and specifications he has obtained from tious: for a settlement of the long exist ;.
the amount of fooT.Immigration selected by this convention lower river reduced our shipbuilders before the sultan in ins differences
delegates toca..t being to $: ,250OOO.r1r. may: be ojitned. :. i
,\lntlabOl LIMU ...MicLiUon has bePa their"ot..8 for him at tho nationali : Canuon explained that the senate pprli n. | Theonlrahors'communication totha : 1a

: r. m the M pr>nor cvurt by Attorney of Governor Dole. Democratic convention." had added about | ,OuOOUO to the original Miort la lilt Aci-ounti. iDATTOV i various building trade unions has been *

::1 \.i'; -ru Hill rvprfsennng J. A. Johnm IIONOUT.C, June 0.-Plans for the in. j The resolutions were unaaiicou-ily f51.0X,000) of this bill and by this Tenn. June C. The productive of results. Thus far it ha '
; who kUtes in his petition that he is auguration. of Governor Dole and the, adopted. report he senate yielded about 1 1,000OtO ,- special not t:1et'ith a retusal to appoint delegate ",.J
'wQ" IIf stag. .k in the company of territorial government are well under John W. Kern: was nominated for governor and Uw house U,())(), OO. The un- committee of the city conacol of this city to the conference, as requested, .
, vin* of |t.VKX ou the first ballot. dry civil conference was agreed to has cuucladed its investigation of the and several unions have voted afHrmati ,
we'. June U. the day when the territcirial .
X ..inlwkji made on the a p int. and on the one item still open appro- books! of W. 0. Thomas, the retiring recorder ely on the proposal l
.f a rwviter, howvrer. aud Judge act goes into The effect has been declared { Harmony In Vest Virginia. pi-utiDg
I 1'! .auiktut.sue4 an order t<.) the a holiday. steamship companies P'RKER.BCRO, W. Va., June C.-Tha \'ada1r.. Newlands of Nevada moved is shun in bin accounts 4sl3 for business! Unions affiliated with the Building ..'' t :

auto to khow cause before him onr almost are arranging in the excursions islands. from Democratic state conveutkm here is themot that the house concur with tho senate 1 the past six months, the records up to Trades council have taken action authorizing > :...
every port amendment.This I. .
that time the appointment of two repre- .
> having been
M Art& thereafter at f't1tls1. destroyed in therecent y
-- -- -- attend 'f
.' v the injunction aud receiver largely): jxjlitical gatheringever brought on a sharp debate on> fire in the city halL iM'Tifativs from each ride ad delegate to .r'
APPEAL TO THE PRESIDENT. known in this It is due claims .jJ'JI1ru'wt'n
,I be granted. In the mran- state. more state Moody of -- --- the council: ,/
until of the to the interest in the United States; senatorsJiip urging that the Nevada claim >loao|>oly Cuine to nn En.!. Plumbers Journeymen _', !(
a hearing caw is MIH and Stre trr Refuses to
RecugnUf -
>rtiivr of the a.vMHiation are state ticket lUid the lei sla'uru would stt a precedent for other like WAsnNOToJune 6.-Consul Shaw Steam Fitters, Junior Steam::; Utters,
Inin iu Illinois Mate Otfclals.C.tte.tt.o than to: the pre'ideutial election. It is chums aggregating; : fco.tXXVXX. The approach Kiijklaynr: < and Stone Masons, Sheet 14
taw statue of the or a&wts any war June B.-"Judge" Niles of also reunion of factions that have net of the cl MUg hours of congressbe.m : at Baraniuilk, hue informed the state I Mital WorkiTs.. HoM'n.j Kueineerg! j ,>

t-t' uwt-ksary tu pmcH>txcepti with the li>tnct of Lake Michigan and Cap been in hU'monfor some years, and to be manifested: as the morningwore department that the Colombian monopoly J IH for that re-ison the silver question Las on. The gaUtries tilled anti the of and Jin's-
upon importation luatcln-i and 'J.irjf'HVr> rs. :
.irr of l.\1..lu..
tain Stricter founder of the
been ignon,. In culling tho cinven- floral gifts to come In for member Mr. straw matenals for manufacturing the 'H __ It-
ILnue !' have announced that they will not recog- tion to order, Holt. Andrew J. E;.lm.on- Heatwole was particularly honored with Mime ha come to an end ODd that hereafter \VnuUI Xnt nT..r *MI .tain f.r 1'ifiy v '
')1t..lnaary. .twtety. uizo tho jurisdiction of any ciil order stop cf WesU'U, chairman of the state a hu,{n rose bush in full bloom. the importation rf tiif-s articles I! Tllllh ItH P. i..... .,"
uii !. The first day' tor criminal court of Illinois. They will committee, reviewed the rev.-!'-"+ jf ri>- -_._ will be permitted by the r"I'ubli. ;i
.. n ,.f the nuDual mernnq do buMuo c.lIlvith President McKinley i-CLt yeiirs, congratalatiHl! the Wot Virpuid Favorably Reported.WASHISOTOX I I I awrkf last ni.ht with! -"vprcI }

: .1111.,1 Jt1tt[ '-1bi.lIltry or the courts.Chief Democratic pi-.rty on being <.athaiatiully Jane 6.-CongressmanTulbcrt Men may differ on politi". r..Iij..u :- I r painin my -t 'mach. I never felt t.
unite! and arraigned the a.l- | -n barely in all mr life.V'hen( : Icarne VV'jf
Jtsti 'e"ilt'I of the "Districtof or flllIDl'p.l.uttll who \l> tried
uvIiANrK .
of Smth Carolina has
kith the n x Iin,.: of a jm- ministration of President: :KiJjlp\ and just snel.t..lrll I d wn to work tfii-morning I > ,
Lake! .
Michigan fc'ho is in hILial.trl..1 : HAI.VB agreed
jail, are us to its '
1I'uiut". in whichuCb.ttr in getting favorable -It 1'0Hlik I r.S'J! :
a f hur-llv
Governor Atlinsou. report on : work. i "t
.. D. n long letter to th. president, worth ',.r fit", burnj, s' <.te*. piles I
D., KXTV"s his bill introduced in congress on Doe. ,ilvnt to Millar MiCurdyV: druz _
inking him to order the release of him- .ind kin di-r,,-e-*. It'- tt.o tr t I .,.
ty, i-reivuta ..,me of Portland larora1t"t 14, last, "to provide for thy erection of a |I store and they ie-conin: H-lf and and i.fiilinz tredicitie
imp.mious arguing thesaucee in the worlJ. W.
ufMni'.f the siety'" wrk. monument to the memory of Travis, herlain'Cf.lo.! Ch"l"n iII I Dlarrho1 .
1 li ; of the coateunon that! theca POIULAM>, Or., June 6.-C.>uirlete returns A. D'Alemberte. ; ;
wart, joulfCt of tert luhiim and COWIL- at the Alamo. It vorfed
| Unm-dy. ;: like ma/ic; it.ir
of Civk has no jet;,liction
arty over
from the of Portland show
1 city '
with a-brief 'I.us. the 1 aiifl one d a-e fixed tn rill r! '.. nth aunoal nar-tnz of territory. almg thehors. tha: the vote for mayor is. as follow CHI-a. J\"n..ncr'. CITY TAX BOOKSTO I certainly M tl,.- finest thi-ig f ever It'f(
i 'ii Hrtmnf ; torey Many a man hr.s been in-ured
A ( ''ril ti. 1110111I \' ; "' .
3,61SiWeil; ", Dimes ul. against lirizht's di-ea, diJbp.s. or CLOSE. mi I II' without it iu my home IXT"- f .
I w i-h to -.iy that I feel under other dangerous ailment by a fiifty ifter, for I should lIot" car tu pn- :.r;i
\1 'hew. H..i i.ii.rurisi.{ blijatirtii i for what Cham- dure the ""lr rj" d h.t r ;
<-tinc hits advanced and chronic forma cent bottle of Kor.KV' KIDNEY Taxes not paid on Gr before :s nlht
'. .TnH ti.-W. C'. Matthew*. l *rlainV! l'tlun Kemedy has done Ct'nE. W. A. D'Aiercberte. again for fifty times its prife.-(i. >
iralntttl' uf for our family. We have used it in cold in the held i known a; Na-al I --_--- -- June loth, 1!/{){), will H. WIL.MI.V. Livery rnau, IJurgf'tf-- 'I' '
MsrlhySr' -, rah!,}' caf '; of cough:: ?, lung Catarrh and is the recognized sourceof town Wj hin2tt.n <*.1.. p.i. Thi e
.i at th- ofiv s;i:t't M.hlatid hooping cough, and ether di-eae;;. Having stood theft EDUCATION 1)d ivh'cstised find .old. remedy is f<-r -.IP by II .nnah I'.ro*.. ',.

IT.i> A.tu uu" a iut>- tt !::." .-lways given the most: per The winter and spring term of theLitp.rary Hooks close 21 South I'alufux 5tr...:. ,
of continued: succes-ful ne. positively ont _. .
'. __ 't'
"iti. feel
Kprv uTitve> -Mil-faction, we greatly m.l department of Meux' liuIIKSS *-
lsa 't arrival snot be. .l-hted to tlietuauuficturers of this Kly's Cream Balm i; reco nixed a* a Collie will close ou Friday, ha t fbifr.J The best lawn lowers; af rftonabl s ,
!I. f the "..ki t f the remedy and wish; them to please acvrpt 'peciflc for membranal di-eases in June F. The umm<:term will open priceat tli Wiliia i..idware tt3
I? h hrlievtd Mattn- oar, !hearty thank*.-Hepect- the naval pa..?ajp;: *. and you should Jun II, and continue without inter- \ tiMch. QhKTI\ tl, Cc.:?.
'. -.aJauD. btr uuy! ia 'ally.! MKS. =>. DOTY. De* Moines; rf tt to thi-: treatment in your own mi-i<5on. Niht aid day fesrions.The City Tax Collector. -- -- --a

Iowa. Korale: by Hannah Bros.. case. It is not dryin: dots not pro. patronage of tnt general public uar.d WHO IS RADER ? The (
-- Jl.Palafox: street. dace sneezing. Price 50 cent atdr'jsrgi'tsor is solicited. 19mtfHeadquarter
a la.. t\'rt. and waist* man that I 1
: by mail. Ely Brothers. Beady mixed paint of all "1..d.- paralyzes the :
-;i'cjal:|.*. ttar Latin- IlOsS i CO.'S M Warren street. New York. Give ? f >r builders' hard a-"( colors at the! Willi HarJwa- furniture trade with low f! ;

WINDOW SCREENS. up prejudice and try it. ware-lhe Willis Hardware Co.'s. Co':. prices. ,. f

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,, '--.? ..,... Ci><'-'. _"", .. "''''' ''--'
_,,' ___,. f; ;;"-' ?': -" ,:o ., ",.X,>"':>h't: .


_. _.
--- --
-- -- - --- --- --- -

PRINTERS 1 INK{ GALORE ;; Most kinds Magnetic of clay contain et:,.. a considerable -':'' The performance.A UiieoaiUtlBg of the Entry.Shakespeare-1 i I E. :PETERSEN, -

proportion of Iron. The rl'tll'Ol-I an drama of "Hamlet" was dragging Itself -

of or of bricks for example. Is due to the slowly along. -PROPRIETOR OK-

presence of oxides of iron. Whenever The time had come for the appearance CRONIES

Vast Quantity of Public Docu- an object molded of clay is baked at !\,, cf the ghost. SALOON

ments Printed. the temperature of the potter's furnace '1 There was a slight delay owing to O-DEALER IN-o

t in the presence of a magnetic field or the tardiness of the ghost in responding

influence, the otherwise! hoaoireneous! ; to its cue. Imported and Domestic \Wines\ Liquors] and f!'

clay shoos \\'lIl't1l'Ool(1 traces of magnetism ;,, The profound stillness; that followed j,
Ii u'I iu a definite direction.! This inherent :.|: was broken by a loud voice in the front JUG TRADE A SPECIALTY.

magnetism is sufficient of the main
to show row balcony: R..lmnl't
I Cot OAr 01'11 DArilli.'o tits PENrtArf *
the direction and give an idea ss to the "Mamma, there ere C7 men dowathere
'. _. .
Prplll r Jj Intensity! of the! magnetizing force that with round white spots en top of -

; ly Respcn.lhle-Tbe Debate on the acted while: the clayas: in the fur i'their, heads." p"F--:- t !Iy ?
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('oni;reaslonal Serepa.1CASitINGTox This peculiar\ property has been used under more discouraging: ; : nnsp'ces t htr' __.-

June 7.-[ well.-! to solve !some questions of great interest than the armor dad phantom f. {

,.. to I scientific! people in general .\n tat came itslkiiig the at
Some ,.('ar>! Ago congress pa"" eil n bill: IrCul' \ upon stage T4
accurate knowledge' of the direction of this! moment.-Chicago Tribine.Pnrrot .
:=:lllizin:: the entire printing; rules I t ; .

i lit the "\'I'rnm'nt. The hill was a the earth's mrnetc: fcree In early historical 1Jg 1(4(1.( (

very l<>n;: one nnll'OuIllllut IK "irefully times has been deduced bysev. Anturnl GymnnvtC.TLe

--E: 'J.I itmsiiloml It-cause: very few si-ua- eral Italian physicists from study of curious gymnastic fl'uts'I'hl11 : O

ACTS GENTLY ON THE tore t>r roprcst-ntativos look much ia- the traces of magnetism! shown 1 y Ltru-: parrots sometimes perform In their
; have been ascribed! to the desireof
t'lau9'l'S and other objects of clay rages
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h'rp"t in it, leaving wholly
KIDNEYS LIVER !1 the committee on printir. The result exhumed from old tombs. The conclusion the birds to very the monotony of
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of that Icpblatlon was i
the earth's magnetic field has varied opinion of Mrs. Mandsley, the wife of
of the was Thompson Olsen
the printing tlepartiui & Co.
AND BOWELS curtailed, and many valuable, docui very greatly in the o.CKK or C.OOO years the Central American explorer, until ,

I represented by the age of the objects she lived in the forest region near
which always had a wide circulation -
THE SYSTEMDISPELS i I ments examined.The I Copan where she saw the parrots In a 2l2'V.Intendencia Street. I'M.-I! .
CLEANSES heretofore were reduced! to such |
: state' of )perfect freedom indulging In -
an extent that thousands of people
Strain They Suffered. I all the feats practiced by their caged
EFFECTUAUXcfC 1 ('ouhlllot obtain them. The result has | For exercise: in expression the teacher cousins.

ltnS I|, been not what the promoters 0: the '' daily asks her scholars to describe : T A. M. AVERY

G.JE/tDAQifE"E :' printing bill supposed it would be, but II i some of the happenings of the day at How They Lost Utr. ,

: this shows that an immense I did cook leave sudden
I Ik4 [I congress home. "Why your so (atuetuar te Jury f IFoolb1*,)
amount of matter has had to!*' printed i Little Minnie loquitor: "When my lyT'"She

GONSflPATIONBITUAL especially to meet the requirements. | papa went to go down into the wood- baked two cakes last Saturday, IMPORTER AND JOBBER OFIIarcl.ware

It is a notable fact that there 1m e been shed the other evening/ where it was : one for us and one to take to her married

PERMANENTLY'ITS printed during the present wssioa of dark, he slipped on the stair and strained sister. When she wasn't looking, I

,0 i congress more bills docuaieuts and reports his foot. and now he can't walk." exchanged them and took for our own

BlJE GEl"fEtTS. of the house and senate than lu Here another little girl was evidently i use the one she had intended to give ,
I'I Iron, Nails Axes, hovels Saw Mill and Steamboat
h"I'l'tofort'-thut K Times-Herald. Supplies c
any one consre reminded of something, and she raised away. -Chit-ago Iflk .*

BUT THE e tNVINt M....' 0 fly any congress of two !'I'R!
fact that this is a presidential year has teacher's attention. Law is: like a sil'A man may see Agate algid Tinware and

4LlIFNIA I [ SYRWC.rrs.v.ttd :1,I had a great deal to do with it. and : "Well?" suggested the teacher. through It. but if he gets; through it he Housefurnfshlng (Joo
has been turned out for : will find himself much reduced. CLi-
too ,$ $ r. much matter 'Tlease ma'am, when our cow came inns, Pistols and Fishing Tackle
purely campaign use that would otherwise home from last night she slipped I cajo News. -- ----
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i'ion I reports and hearings of,.committees able to walk Just the same."-Lew'ibton CATARRH
Good-Pa our teacher say th9n1' lieforo. and nil sorts of r f.Id.15s1NGA11HI.1Ll Powder Company Johnson's Kalsoinine, Iron bang! and Bud. -.. .

that "collect" and "('onregate" mean |I: speeches and addresses made before JournaL GCURE and Ranges Wm. Coups 4 Co.'a Raw: Hid Lice Leather, Yasirj iRtady

the name thin?. !i iIlev. FOIL Made Railroad Colon.Masonic .
Point of View.
house and
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r I I very likely that the large number of ancestry being strong upon her. Cream Bali K. C. BRENT W.I. II KXOWLKH. W. K. Hv'Ea.JR., HI'residfiit. -

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l'arJ.e-1 told my wife she could sell ,, election, many of them having been in- protested the youth. louse. Contains (gR0
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If she deslrefl the furniture that hailbecome tnxlueed solely to make votes. For the i iI It iiquiikly"nrb- '

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3ai7lcloo Approval. Mm-Il. Largo size Sale at Intggi.ts or by
thing left-Harper's Bazar. :, voters and raise their hopes, only to mall; Irml Bun luc >>y mall. OF PENSACOLA. FLA.
3 He Why don't you wear your new ELY JiKOTHEKSM
let them drop after the election Is over.Sproppr
} La Grippe Successfully Treated. bonnet my dear? ,, Warren street,New York DIRDaTORtBsWM.
Scene In Coagrrt..
"I have Just recovered from the There were very warm times during fhl-Oh, there's something wrong H. KNOWLE8, W. A. BLOUNT. F. C. BRENT. W K. H YKR, Jii
second attack of la grippe thiayear,' i' with it and I can't find out whr it Is. D. G.
the closing, days of congress nail some 0 BRENT,
g jays Mr. Jas. A. Jones publisher of debates occurred. Often ': lIe-Then how do you know there Is Jtyos. Q. U/atsor ,0.,

the Leader }Mexia Texas. "In the very sharp something wrong: with It?

I latter case I used Chamberlain's j times there were scrappy and snappy She-All the women In the neighborhood REAL ESTATE d D DDBStiD Uzi B
1 S 111.
Cough Remedy and I think with :' scenes in both chamU-rs when poli- say It Is just too lovely for any Fwsifi! Aaall # u :

considerable success, only being In tieIanvdocked and men of both parties thing. Chicago News. Rental and Insurance

bed a little over two days, aguinst ( indulged in fiery talk. This was 'pe- I

ten days for the former attack. The dally the case in the house over the AGENTS
second attack I am satisfied would : Louis Ackerman. Gohen Ind., ( We draw oar own Bills of Exchange on Great Britain Ireiai(

have been equally as bad as the Cr.-t trust bills when men on the opposite says: "De Witt's Little Early Risers Corner Garden and Palafox Streets. Germany France. Austria, Italy Holland, Spain! Belgium Bos ia. N> r
i sides of the political aisle clashed bring certain way, Sweden, Denmark and other European countries
but for the use of this remedy as I always ; relief cure my .
1 swords and said vicious things at each "
headachy and never gripe. Th" PEXSACOLA, FLA.
had to go to bed In about six hours y
after being'stuck with it, while in other. This class\ of debate will not gently cleanse and invigorate the 1 (rVellel't Disbursed upon the Mos Favorable Terms, and oat

the first case 1 was! able to attend to figure very much in the campaign, as bowels and liver. Hargis Pharmacy, WefurnUli you below a brief list of deeirable Obligations Taken Payable at Port of Destination Ten or Fifteen use;

business about two days before get it will he considered<< more of a )personal J 11(1. Hheppard.S. Kuhn.Powder dxelifng., which subject to weekly after Vessel Arrlres there.
change only:
tlnll' 'down.' For sale by Hannah nature than anything else. Hiring the ---- - -
Barns In Shooting Case. o.Ill.West Cervantes street, 7 rooms,
Bros. and all medicine dealers.KINK closing days In the senate tin-re was avery "Powder burns have played a curiously :!tory. *;r..l('. f Safety Deposit Boxes for Rent in Connection
No. II*. North t Spring street, 7 rooms, 2 with which hare Private
POULTRY. !sharp exchange lietween Senator' Important part before the courts." story, 551.00.: we a Apartment for the Die

Hale and other Republican senator remarked a New Orleans lawyer who !l otllj.West Chase slreet.T rooms.1-ktory, of Renter

At C. Corner's Poultry Yard.I Senator Hale has had charge of several has a large criminal practice. "Th'lrprl'elll' IJl'WI.No. 411.: North Keus street, III room :i
bills which he was anxious to get absence story,$5041.
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chickens : nark Bra hma<, Partridge great deal of nllmt)'. '\1Jl'1h,' has shootings, and they have frequently -I No.,::I4, houth. Alcanlz street. 7 ruonis I

Cochin., Light Brahma?, White appropriation) : bilN to get: through: in settled the question of suicide( story. Oar 451(10.Nu. A'est Wright street B room. I

Cochin?, Plymouth Rocks, Brow order to secure KM early adjoiirunu nt, or murder where the fact was In ilnubt. story*K"'.
Leghorn, Wyndott. My fowls arefrom he does not hesitate to criticise wnut.irs No.i}-a. East Gregory street, ; '00111 t LUIr
1 was Interested in a case of that .t"ry. .I IS..IMI.'
the very bet strains to h( severely If they! interpose\ :<(' with! di>- kind in the early days of my practice No. :!:I. \V est Government street :5 room' .
found arts I invite the | ublic to c.il! bate to delay the, measures. lint more 1 story. l"i.! (.'. J
mid pre\ahd! : a prominent surgeon I 'II .
ipon >o. ; We t Government street, 5 rooms
and free toy jiojltiy j ard-about 7i IM) than this, 1-e has taken 'W"I"jllltI ,
1 story, tl'i
of this; who Is howdead to
flue rll" I I. on hal d. hcttinp* ef 13 arouse the ire of sonn> No). 411 Ka't: Uovernmtnt street s room'tory -.
cgiisforIo.! I.ell'COI.MXS: : ; Republicans by ascertain! fir me by practical experiment 1 -- Jltui.l ( A. B. C.
7a tfSKK 1Iahager. his position! on the Poor ir.icstion. h:1in : \"- uxiTi a IM),:IJIn the dissecting No.11Tk.n-t6oveinmentstreet, *> room-, !
<'I\*hf'd with S"T.atrr Aldrich ofKhmlc 1 Hoty. U2f
-- room exactly Low far away the evplosion No.-i'il. vest lPluiontstrset 7 room'. .'
HO-o; A ('0. : 1 clan 1. who sellniit goes out ofi of a pistol w 01:11 prodi-co burn"nn'l 'Ior,' *l2/i. Htj.1Ji7't. 't1L1\
i his to i'i Nu.aCI; :, North HvViIlitri b'I'I.I: roitni-. 'l
AP.Ot'TCnll SCREENS. war encnc: a s" 1':11'1l1ht.! : ar AD.Mped
powdt : isiarlts.! : He used :! ealIbrr story- 41"441.i. ). -
1 Oa one of tl! <' rppropriatiun! 1m"11'11:1- \ revolver end fet:.e1 HIlt the faro :\ Ihr.-_-4. Kii't (..ndifrtentntt, rvid } :;It.BEER..
tor "Hale! : aroused the ire of Senators: "eliini;".4 mUll". I.t'try.TII. :
fir State C'nt'enliin. of t.e I! drt'; made a d'.stiit-t brn: No.Veit l-ullLii start, 4 n "11I'. I ,
fall fur n Mate n"'o'r,1I1' 1'0'I\I'nllfoilio Torakcr i n,Il'fo.t'r. The latter U trot'' '!.t a ilihtaait ,4 i1; feet and )pouderMarks story. I1.:'W.No i4 ,

Lr. 11..111' nt J..d.ou\, t Ia.,TutsCt,)', J u.1t' soIeous! as Senator F.taker in a ii'-. l : i V. J. VID\h! !\ Sole Wholesaler
1.' 101' bat". lat t!'e Ohio senator lee'ry'I ,
: .
Tbrdrmncrntlcinrl'vfth.' Intl of Klor- I tl.lwo.. 'a-.l". 11 numliercf 'mallei Iwtl'lnt-! ,110\11 /i -
t,1dMIuL"Iua.tulr nniiiinTlllvpn > nlJa'I.Ol' promptly ludlcrtf.1.l lilt! rest ntllI'nt of p.rt- ollheeltvai11Pn will L.- luwn .\j
< If the I'ainq1'1'1'
ful i.aute'I urnnv.Jnur 111f1'1l...: IV, lit 12 noon, fllrlh. 1 Senator: llrl'"s ciiric!?. Hat out of 4 I allv! clrlv'uur.'l':'!i '''.It.; the;: Un., as :'fey not are a< tuI it- try 1.il1lolIl1 tin- otllci'. i :; :; AlS9!) vjiKiU;S BRAiD:ES W 9E3, mmm DOli

To(ht*..v deb'air' tn rrr'e.nt the state it all Senator: Iae! link up as s'rl'lId.\ sl-nrr rangI: IIt 'the! marts were :;
In ILf tiAt'onttl ill iiu'crniicoc" ntlor* to as a rubber bnl! and smiles in a ma'i- ',1 ar'd: "not lr: '. Pan I Jaaes s anil Eclia' Smmp Celeliratei Vlwnr !:
: eoul.i be
ti held at Kur.fiKlii.v, >In.. .1 I uly 4, 1'uto'; clearly JOHN McDAVJD
numtpat.candidates"rtb I .cilice ufdovrrnor nor as; if it) "'}\'. -'You nev-r ton. lied '1 : I :
.. P:,. !!iy removed: vrrts'surprise.; at I thf ( ;. 1 A lioiiLE of cmar T w.XI5
our Jui-tirc of Ih"nJ.lI.m. (','urt. Ins nn-1 1.- get his bills throash! just j 1 .
rVM.lt. tail< it satisfied!: cic that many tr.'c/o;::
a hfcrpiory nt Mule. Attnriit'j-Uciit-ral : > '
thesame. The Maine SEAL ESTA1E AND BBQKERAGL 'I' l JI()) 151. : j : : P. O BOX ftS
lotni'trull'T. Ircamr. (-uperlutrbdrldo! senator has: loon ,i ersorer'us corch'j.iou.i had bent ,Ira\\1\\ ... ,

l'u"l1 111.IIU'.lwn.'IUIIII.'n.Uir.lroitl l'(,nnnl>'ii.ri r.r of for Agrltulture.it ltetaut out of liartnoily'.teak: Us party a-:>IIJ- from !such eviden-e: la the: past It i Ugeijorally CITY PKOPEUTY. FAIIMING JUG &: FAMILY TRADE SOLICITED

<>f four )cnr4. four ri>.. un and four Ht-rnaii! to l.,> toted lorn: does not disturb him !la the b'actThe AND TIMBER LANDS
must be held aianct nzaiiiFt the skin
Ibi next rf, u.nra'e, t-ltctiun. and t>iimniuft to ar4/ '
I .. f urb utherhu.ttt"-.i as may come Trn- Deflate.In 1::-ave traces of liamc and powder.Sety ."- FOIi !SALK. -:& at ttUdo\ll toMcMillan
l>rfi the g;eat trust! i>bite the
politicalparties Orleans Times-Democrat.
different fi.ui'.lifs in the Halo will Loans Placed a: Seasonable Fates
*.-n.l ilrlritati' the convention iiuii the put forth their last nn-i on eitiier 1- ----
foiln lt>!: beets 01 to|ir,write Ion: lued'IrKatrturlarhnnr skis for def.-n-e. Thus it was 21 Ea.t Government Htrec-t.
litnilxd tote ra-.t fm >\'hy So Mnnr Yonns Men Tall.
th.' that the lenders-, and
thrranddatr..n ftat ticket wborrcrixiHl especially thos
the liiti>-.t cumber of std>. .atliKilirinl leaders who I"PII' "One trouble with "!:Iny young tr.oa
rlrrtlt'liof ls,+>, and one m'nitioiiH' give attcutiua to who! start out in business Is they try to Bros. Co.Coppersmiths
\1. for lli.- fiaollun In t-J((" !> llit-r-r.' maters rare heard. Usually iu tli"legislation .
'II Iir" It amt unr in fifty or more. Tn! tInt takes (!o too many things nt once, says Het
couo.Itteehe.al.oallowrd additinunlr.'p- ; .Ia.e in congress ty (;re-en. "Tile result I is; that theyduf't

'...the..IIIOIIII'n fUctlou where of tlu!111.' vote In flay wI.,rountr lnerra.rdat fur banking men and on currenryml the ways IH.'] mom--, 1'110liS tauch as they ought; to 1 TUE[ FAVORITEPlace f ij d 111G '

apyrjpriations \ -
Mn'eotJ'.m, Threountitsurdrrtb.rut.wtll .- '' about any one thing! act! they naturally ,
te tntU'pd to rrprofiitut-on> fol : comciitt'-es of tie! IHHN- are th-
fall. The trouble with! young menwho
ones that an generally heard but
1o4lacbua II Loon. II oa a work on salaries is that they'realways General Metal Workers
Hrodforuliakrr ,i l.t-vy 4 ivestion iavclvng! the constitution and afraid of doing core than For Pensacola
I.Iberly I the laws cf the
t'ututry.'h as the
IlrrrardI'albouu -F> Manatee :1 they're paid for. They don't enter into
.. ...",,11'011 trust Problemmtn who are silent their work vrith the right spirit To to yaanfaters of iai Headquarters for the
it Buyers Buy
('1tru4 :t :Marlon . niurh of the time when the tariff and 'STILL.
get on and be appreciated\ a young man
ClaY 4 Monroet ; ..
financial <]'H'''Mons! ; are take in- '
iVlumbla 'a..iu . I up an must do more than: he's raid tj Jo.When .
little 1 Oranae .1" n"J!. Thus it Is that the lawyers:' of Celebrated McMillan Still.
1\10 t'-oeola . :: the he does something\ tLat Lis: cnirl Choice FamilyGROCERIES Seamless Turpentine
judiciary; committee of the housetcol
DUTal :-I t'asoo .... 4 <.y< r Las not thought of. \L-e shows
H fok : a l'1 :::u.1 la the trust debates
;; au-1
i 'I.Juhna ir mall the speeches of their that he \aluable.. Men are always tmpW! Ostfits iliajs on kid aM rcpiirlng Im I ia I tte csaatr}.
jW4.lru i Putnam .". . recpcctiverides. willing: to pay gocd salaries to )pwplewho
Hamilton 4 >nntai Ito 1\ .. J These arguments were nut always
jUrnsndoHllUburo : HuinterI'i' .. .. I listened; will think of things for them. MOBILE ALA.
Sunannn- .. to with care although The wan who only carries out the ,
Holnir :1: Taylor :! some of tlll'm(11'1', but all will be
thoughts l Ideas of another is nothing -
Ja fc on V Volusia! rend
Jefferson II'lItu114. 5 by the lawyers:' of the country as more than a mere tooL Men who -IS 'T- -
.1 Walton expressing; the ideas; of the
Lafayrttel.ak .4 present can be relied upon are always In de
7 Washington SLH ('.( IIIltt'r hlp of th. house
:! iclating to mand. The scarcest' thing in the world The Well-Known

any by the inanovr i eoplf w acting bleb may through bi'ohi'd..d the party br or->t Oleo Go,. Over. Up-to-Date Store HIW CD r dDV& D ;; 1

anUalionai. rwogniziKl by ibe l&tl state All efforts to amend the oleomargarine QUICK RELIEF FOIL dill IIDI.\..

conri-ntion. All diTuo-rnt. are Invited topartlflpi.tf Ianhave failed. and It is doubtful Miss Maude Dickens Parsons,
In the telrrtion of delegate.thereto -OF(1EJ1TZ -
In.ludmg tboc who b"ve become whether there will lie any possibility Kans., writes: "I suBrea eight *Everything New and Clean.The .-%
qualified to vote since tb: l last election. of passing; the rout bill! in the years with asthma in its worst form.I .

Tbvrb ,lrman held and storeturyof each county .. i-uott session as many matters of Importance had several attacks during theta-t & GO '
connection for the purpose of elecl- ( Attractive la the Entire City. Regular Meal- Sf-rv-
\live Most
gdeteeateato the ftile cc-r.VfDtl"D have been set aside iu the year was not expected to
retjaekled to send to H.'n. W. .\. RawU. anxiety: for an early adjournment. The through them. I began; tribe FILEY'S )- > and short Orders Served at all hour Hprcial Weekly its:
c-balrman.Tallahe'see. Ha.. a written or
HONEY AND TAR and It has i
printed ropy of the pro-ee'tlngi of such dairy! interests however, will lie hereIn

the county names cuoveotlon.to4eher of the county eiecuiive wnhalinot comntit4Vi force at the beginning of the next lief"never failed W. A.to D'Alembrrte.J. give immtdiate. re- q>-12O122Government-@ A. E. BAKER & CO. Proprietors

>. in which should be deflgnaled the session! and will push the bill.AnrnrR ,
Chairman and secretary of such committee ". I. Stephens has a larja"sort- E. Street, t
W. A. RAWLS. : \\ DrN.r.Try .
ment or olid Sterling Silver and
J. C. ('(tOraB. Chairman. RNMESr STREET.
-------- 14 EAST G3V.
k t'\etar1; Tat Want Column. I Rogers Knives Forks aud Spoon i TELEPHONE 261.


I i .


-- --- ___ '!:

I Two Widow. .ad a laltM Mia*. (T- DR. MOFFETT'S I Allays' Irrltttlol, AlisKgjjt! ,

fit lllltn loljnson & ion.I I A good story Is told about how two :if I r-- Ite ul.tu the Bowels, t

I prospectors had salted a mine In the EETHINATeething I Strengthens the Child.
t :
Galena district In order to rob a cou- .W1Ll Makes Teething! Euy.JL .

(>,_ ___.-.-.-:.___ ____ o ple of rich widows, which resulted in '. aAJ1r ( Powders) XJLTEETHINA Relieves the Bo .
I tie aforesaid widows becoming much lSAp rZ Treublu of Children of rE

i wealthier. I .. Costs oily 23 cents at Druggists, ANY AGE.

You Want ? i The prospectors had spent their last, ". J.. Or maU Utntl toC.J. MOFFETT. M. D., ST. LOUIS. MO.

Do a Buggy cent in digging a Lole in the ground to I

the extent of 00 feet without striking

L'IU ANOTHER: CARLOAD OX THE WAY AND WANT TO CLEAN OliTOURDEPOSITOR.)1 acything but "l'lIol'Iay.. But one of I' OhasI H. Turner
\\ them knew of two rich widows whowere
Just spoiling; to have their money
sfeg! &T A VERY LOW PRICE !sgg< > sunk In a mine. Accordingly they
i spent two nights; In salting! their mine. ARCHITECT

They hadn't sufficient money to buy :

777 I some paying dirt but they stole this I -AND-

from a neighboring mine and hauled a II

i'a '- I lot of it over to dump I IUo their mine.

: When several tons of this "paying dirt" General Contractor. ?- .

a had accumulated In the bottom of their I ,
nine, the widows were sent for, and : .

@) @J 1 I while one was talking about the increasing i --- "' .

I value of the district l the other Building, Repairing Mantel and Grate Setting Plumbing, Steam Water ": I'

.,. ..p.rJ .. I J was clumping out all kinds of load and and Gas Fitting. y ;

I zinc ore before their astonished eyes. -

I The widows bought a half interest in I A Complete Plumbing Department under the :! ;

| that hole in the ground for U,:OO. The .

(\\1 | next day there was no more ore In the Management of E. B. Morey. :{

\ I shaft and the fellows declared they
(XyArtitic Dc$ism: Estimate, Plans and Specifications; for Build. -.n
; Then the widow
would dif no longer.: :
ing of All Kinds, Prepared on Short Notice. y 1 Hj'A
i bought the other half Interest at a total

j i cost of $ ,fOO. and the men hiked out Large! and Carefully Selected Stock): of Fine Mantel. Orates J''

!' for Missouri laughing in their sleeves. Tilinir of All Kinds, Bath Tubs, Closet and Household Appliances, Steam, '" i1

1' But the women blindly believing thatthere Hot Water and Gas Fixtures.' ., aJ

TIRES Oil ANY SORT OF A TOP OK OPPEN BUGGY with the nust digging be: more and at ore a depth, of ten : No. 19 S. Palafox St. :: Telephone No. 345. '.

additional: feet struck the richest rein c _ ..i
--- --- -
-- ---------
: "We Have It '..- I. of the whole belt realizing $75.000 in s

bs: than oae year's time.-Kansas: City' '

(J==::---=:==:.:.:: ::. :=.:::::.-:;-:: =:::::::::=--===== ==------= 0lUiUinm : Journal

; ; ; I Dotlrn of a 3UuloDllry In Africa. -ia ,
ional -II

I $0ljn00n & Bon.A I i and builder He outhouses Is,a fur teacher houses have, but, cattle to Le be must pens constructedby also stores be a Citizens Bank

._-- -- the missionary. lIe must also be a

doctor of medicine and a dentist He OF PENSACOLA. ; :1
le-tod the i
dignity flux :
on my weapons.
: Two Straight Flnibet. .
Dl KL: THAT :FAILED No gcntlcmin had ever fought! must dose the sick natives, who will \" ;
I played poker for 1:: years and never \
I duel with in his hand It trust him Implicitly to cure them ot'
n a *
srjthe straight flush. A few
saw a ; nightsago L. HILTON GREEN, JOHN F. PFEIFFER, '
and be able to
he must
KV( ; .: WAS SAVED WITHOUT THE ,would degrade; the rode--degrade the woman: in a millionaires' row even leprosy, PRESIDENT.T. CASHIER. .. .

HEDGING; OF BLOOD. I < de, !iu!!, and make me a public palace held' one and, disdaining the draw the most solidly rooted molar I E. WELLES, K. M. JJUSHNELL '
stOt.... I .stormed at that that ever grew In the skull of a black ; VICE ''
.uhn2 small file of cash on the table, called I -PRESIDEST. ASST CASHIEK. ;- .
More than this, Lc must be LU t.
man. :
suh. I fintll'tlll'eatl'tll1nd .
un '
for her check. book. En'r .
body except
hluul! nonLfr T OI. How the Code ) : own cobbler and when his loots wear DIRECTORS: 'j
Ven bought; to bribe Mm to meet me old bachelor who had learned '
n.. "ulfttMrd In the Trrllmlnarlri an out he must be able to resole them ;
..4 MOM a nniiiilnftrx Outcome I with pistols or swords. Hut Le was! tin game: In the Union dub laid clown. and must be ; T. E. WELLE-j, WM. FISHER. EIX M. ROBINSON ty .
good understandings
,. ..ltertrd.rigt |I firm. lie was settled on scythes and He, !;('ol'nlu.to. tike advantage of a of E. E. Saunders A Co. a :'i'
.11.1'1'11 I would not budge.; I bowed him weak woman. said: content sometimes with nothing but a K. J. WHITMIRE, JOHN F. PFEIFFER, MORRIS FEAR,
I '
19W, C Jt Lv few Trench nails and a piece of cowhide ,
ly wtsj| I out and apiM'dlcd to the public. And I .Mrs. II, let me advise you to be HILTON GREEN. .f-.fL.

COW! to a sninll town In MNt on my honah, sub on the honah of the careful. I shall see for amount with which to accomplish it. His _. i
you any ---- '
'.. ., rest and man: who led the desperate charge at own socks he must darn and keep his I
wnpi-r.ifp snli I .
and raise The limit is off
.r ..bunt-I a* Ill n.!>tlr"ll1l glass! CYdar Mountain the public agreed with V" you. suppose temper while he does It. lIe mU3t be I A General Banking Business Transacted.Vessels' ; -r;

t' tjl.U'. "to. r.*t nod r.oj'III'.ritt i id'encral<< Blum! Yes sub the public She said It was and cast a check his own carpenter and house decoratoras I .

lioutended that It was my duty as a for $:.1)0 in the well as furniture maker. 'I -i '
: y hanl work In the state s.cn- ( put.I
But lie must also be his own lawyer, Accounts Handled
with Favorable
'KfiitkftiRan to in a duel on Terms ExChange -
I hailn't Im-u tlie-re, a lay when engage 'ih-fore I see that may I ask a question !I 1
accountant and and when
.n with n |icrM.,n who c'nll.IIIIIII' i Iwjthe-s! I brought; forward the code ?" he said to the assembled players. the takes bookkeeper the form of cowrie I Bought and Sold Collections "l
i i for 3ix) years past but it made no dif- "'! want to know this-In case currency ;
.r mfral r.luai. II. tll.lu't have the'f
sheila, as It does in Uganda, where 3iK ; .
> there are two straight flushes, each ace Promptly Attended To. ;:i-
a zi in'IB I. suli. but I ilMn't '
cowries make shilling It Is not
"art m asking cjucstlon*. I acceptecl'til "A duel with scythes sub-a meeting high, which suit wins?" tiny ___ .. 1-
I on the held of honah with farm- easy to keep the accounts right. He .
i that lie 1&\lII"4"n a Kt-ncrnl- I "Diamonds, was the unanimous re .
ins implements! No gentleman's! dlg- must marry and divorce give Judgments ; ACCOUNTS SOLICITED. i:t.
his wonl
< as a grntlethanDl
; would permit of it. I argued; and and baptize.! lie must be gardener -: ,
n.ty He handed to Mrs. B, her check and
a.t I tie linltiil I me Into the warimN | I
protested. and disputed., but general cook and dairy maid!, !grow his ;. -- f'j'
m to lm!>llN> a dvU.iil. We laying a ten. Jack queen king
.. .* ,t loll.... W lu'ii the "nrrall'alI..1! 1 Blum and the public were tlrtn. In and ace of diamonds, remarked that own toed an.llvok after his live stock. ;
standing to I lost prebt'gu.' I In addition to all this he Is the parish
fll Lv fur hls'onVr ;i my guns she was a brave woman. But
two \\ HS not very '
Star T
minister to help and comfort all who The
the encl of three days scarcely a
la other word, still. as he i 1't she assured\ him that her hand was Laundry
come to him.-From "In Dwarf Land
I man In town would nod to me, and "
il'iwn hN money time MM k- { j worth ?.> and Cannibal A. B. Lloyd.A .
: the newspapers were a&Kiii;: if ( 010i Country ,
r> 't.l! uniul\ .l. Th" ;:en"9 alt t j queen, king and ace of clubs. ,
., ippral'iisly.: l.rt I tuiniili. i upi Bunker was afiaid. It was then I "How far would you have gone?" '

;tv t would r If, pay :fur.>t hurt the: .lin-Ills: fr. Iins ;| (Mill:! lIt, 311(1.nlth'o.tie general; with, that his I own resolved weapoils to I answer some one: asked her to which she made The practice Blot to of Letter writing Writers.private letters of- : Till PIONEER l LAUNDRY r OF f wm FLORIDA I :j:1::

from the first to the
...ral P-liini yt< iiHl there I must do it to :>a';,' iu.; pi,-stige.The I "I shouldn't have thought of stepping {
I a letter sheet and then going! Lack to
a r" 1..-.-n vi'11. tint lu iliclt : public was with i..fit once. under J.VKKI.; ( and I am half angry I I'r
had I.r M d.ri.u: ." the-, I the second. page Is a matter of taste,
: : -
pick >
t In :11",11'11 in my that he didu't give me a chance to bet
\ tIiy; ": nit1 : :
uad I was dctermU'ul: Horn tli., tint but it will not do to follow that course Collecting and Deliv- :
late nah. Itr.'l1't t"11 it's smith glorious tun.-Xew York .
In fare I I... I'll !., ,' ',,1'1 t. it I wont I N'gu. ; :: nt the ;.:,'.u'r .1'" Press. of procedure In writing legal; dotumenu .

J that ho d. ..jt 1 Lana the I.! 'eli\ Hud ;.:r.idi.ally cut l.in down to ering Laundry Work :
l his nuk. No merry shuuld be sh! wn I To secure th. original witch hazel 1 The New Tori: courts have disallowed :

1 li si'c.i a case. 1'ubl.r: excitement ran .".h-... a-k for DeWitt's Witch Hazel the provisions: cf a will written in is,; always done prcmptly to your.:

''D. liiirli aif state election was be :Salve well known.s a certain cure this! way. The testator wrote the will ,
; a ill / $ order and you never get other people's i .' .
I for pil I. 4 and-kin dfcp't"t-s Beware on three shies of a folded paper commencing :
aI !u'.; held' ant when the morning of the linen instead! of We "' ,
worth counte-rf-. your own.
of *
They are
first and continuing
ca the Jo,
'dam ilnel there! were hundreds on the page
I I lea:J .,,, came: tiItu.r.; .rnii"' JUriM* Pi art acy:Jtio. the third at the tcp of'' I are cartful In both handling and t ," .
17 1'j d1r' ground: to t.ee. I set fo'th with my on page
: h"l'JU'd. S. Kahn. laundering shirts collars cuffs .. !)ti.I.J'.
and ,,
'ijtl'o on my shoulder.} was Cistru -- which was written "second page; your ,
compl.Mircj and signing! the instrumenton : i : etc., and send them home looking "
: tinground, but the ;,;,'uI'1'ala'j ]
Ionic I I a feu miumes behind Ill('. I hadI'lll'.Mid lie .8.'f'rT trrommodatloir.Apropos a page: marked "third page," which -a l as Rood as new. Our laundry work f' :

I Ir to ln'X'.u; : at his heels but his of the ready comprehension In fact was the second page of the 53 beyond rivalry, and H i peerless in iI' : ;
aol native wit attributed to the sons t \ I
1Iaun" to Inln! at head I bhcct. its '
I ; my saw with thecustouler's exquisite color and finish. '
of Erin, l'atriek's'eoumplianee The court held that the will was not f
it In his eye n we !stood there. Ye, 'I '
wish stands out in bold ap- :
sili, he annul to deiapitatc me at the signed at the physical i end as required' ; >t.
position. Patrick was a clerk in i suburban .t '
first swet'ii Mo' titan that he had by the statute. The law does: not contemplate '

spot toiw Orleans for a .siorialscjtiii1 grocery stole. It was a busy going backward In order to ] ALL WORK C. O. D. ;, ..f

season and the grocer was waiting: upon '
get forward, and the will was refusedi
: aad he hud secured one about .
I two nxl.s long. two or three customers at the same probate. The New York court of appeals -, TELEPHONE 114. 87 E. GARDEN ST -.: I .
I time. He was in a hurry and everything .
I 1 sustained the decision throwingout .
{ "I'y ai.d !>y we were irady. I felt DELIVERED
had to be where he could get this form of will.-Boston Herald.
1 j t ly loof dignity but I had to save '
without much trouble or he would boilelajed
:i n:)' houah. The word, was about to be I II I WALKER INGEAHAM, Manager.

I given, and in another moment the em- I and probably lose money so For two years Ira W. Kelley: of
when he found that the pound weight! -
I blems of time would have been swish- : Mansfield:Pa., was in poor health 'I

lug through the air. when a tncwl who was gone be was bothered. ,Ion account of kidney trouble. He ESTABLISHED 1863. '
"Patrick," he called out "where's the consulted! several physicians and I
I' v\as chased by a nigger came gall>ping -
pound weight?" spent considerable money for medicines I'
that He busted through thepeople
way. ; '
". err PO'TnITB MT M\TIIP." "The pound weight; Is it?" said Patrick without obtaining relief until McKENZIE OERTING & CO.
suh he busted his
way right; ,
he tried FOI.EY'S KIDNEY Crux, |
It's Mis-
WCerncce! ts-twpi K> a charge of cavalry along-and he struck the general andknotke.l e-omplacently. "Sure, an i I
and writes "I desire to add :
e 0(1 :a drove of incwU. When he had ther Jones has the pound weight now my
him Into ditch and thenplanted -DXALIB8 15- 0'
a testimony that it be the cau-e : o
M .,) how he I...! his ilhUion at Itoth heels stomach sn"rl'n.lpr '
on my of aiding others. W. A. D'Alem-
1 in!;. dashed forward at fj>ottsjl- by saying that Mr. Jones hat the pound
,'" mt unconscious! for half an berte. and General Uattdwatfe
'ia'.i ant i i-<'ivHl three wounds at hour. The duel didu't go on. When I weight? I thought the pound weight I Ship Chandlery ,

I' tfr>burs.: I rose up-1 rose! up to my I offered said In the More. How did Mr. Jones Do you play golf? If not. why not?
breath again, to
fr.l: hiislt. suh-and. looking him Rot my : proceed get it?" AH sorts of golf goods at the Willis BOS AND 05 S. PAbAPOX STILT ; '
from a sitting: position, and, although
ctrdxlt: U-tnwn the *f'6''I. I said: the! general was! telescoped by "\n shure, didn't! yea tell me to bo Hardware Co.'s.Price i I,I w..wBC .. ....... .., '
- ---
'1:. tral lUcm. ,-,,' will eu-u-e me.w perlite to the rigular: customers?" I.
I" the colholou. It is due to hill to say ." quality, weight, I REVERE COPPER COMPANY JOHN A. ROEKLINO'8 HON8 CO.'S
h< re tan I find )'u'r'nh rec- "Of course'
that he would have stood on one lerf
thin Mlsther Jones comes into delivery and polite
"Well I prompt
l'1'1'1' and rOIl"ht It out. Hilt it was not to
: ho roplltvl. They were NThe. public decided that all parties the store for a pound of tn). An says attention guaranteed at I:I Cum, Cariiiji; Pilali.! Oils, iislici! Isstrinents, Citrts lacier, Chin r .

t ...f me that It has.ever beena he, whin I asked him what quality of 'I
Iniluding: the mewl, hail wiped H Mailer's, 400 South COMPES., I-OC.9. KTO
toy he would ha11atin'r yez giveme I
stains on their reputation
.. : few either uords, uli, and away and we any were e.s.'oifod to town by our ,' says he 'give me the weight. So Palafox street. Phone No. McKenzie; Oerting Collecting Agent for Bar Pilots' Benevolent Association

It. >II It Mas due to my dignity to i partNuns.I I put the pound weight: in the package; 213 ,
I t
s1: ,: He rl'l'.h'tIl1e chnl- ".\\I.r, nurse you and the general with the tay perlite like an it's himself -

; and Hent his! friend to ar- i' that's goat with it."-Chicago '
I akod.of
draw: tom 'ther! ami made 1:1'1"
r- t'lnluiln to I>e a se>!- THE HEINE
; Post. WISfrMIDY.TLexM
I eo'si>. suh. of 'o'si'--tL:1t is. th"general .
':'I! luau IIP !ot.Jt'.tl'.ll'kk. didr/t invite rie, ai-l I ,'.jJJ'thim. KNL{ 1t Ru"} SO.s\orthl'atafott oItr"t'I.

; .'i:s. Thinkf! it. M.hitvman I invite but when a third: party M. It. t'tnith. Huttf'rtlnt.fjl'h... IJ MSS EVELENE M. HEINE Principal tiny Capsules ire superior
: laklui nvli a says: "DeWitt's Little Kirlv liters i" to Balsam of
1 1'1'1'1".1' N'f'ktJIa party w Lo'e < led MISS IDA PIAGGIO. Assistant
1 -.1. cif CII"e. 'fli''u he :'it wus tmxl at the larwe :icioirpii ar" the very bet pills and I l iwel everused kTrtJTni\Ti" Voice i CrbcU and CoPLiba.E) "
"tltleill hoc.. t.1 COttOIl i ;>d hi!;}. .\n.It to time lIIlkh''t up. troubles.for co-tivene" Pharmacy"II 6ll11lilAU G f l> .\ C CE. ").t lU: aUoiuitnr. L'xnloe dfaminin TLcy cure la 48
Hinris g
1 Inln and i" I su han- :;nh.! we lad unbilled and rt-pl.uel our Mieppard. H. K.ihn.HOPLEE; u !\l' same diseases' without anyincon- lot's

It wa i.') '.,ity under ch.M>s \-J;I':1 I looked at my late antagonist vcaPntr JlDBYUlDRUGCISTSReal .

'i''< to I'n"'H' my diu- | and said: -AND1JllllT1, ( LIO BEER ;

dMI in history
it flue Cetu-ral: Blum I cannrt doubt your
.1 it. I Insisted; that: we Estate ''
valor !',:II. Agents r' ( CURE YOURSELF '

-1"111. e>r p!>tol.! and Ire- I ".\n.1 he l.mked! at me with eyes 1 aF.. gy Cw h <; bar uuiiaturU
,"> Inni liy deliutltig his! t 5PI'COLA t.
which were moist and rcpl.ed: FIB. irnuu i.e it unTslioiii ,
1 mien ei.ncral Blum hJrit' W .nt in A m i uv ti nlrDf.Pr .
Volonel Bunker the! man who .. ...
qnest'ous C.iIHESEUUNDHY.SrECIAlTIES: : i .u i I' < !, i, | xtriD. t.
t ",- He found ..,
i.if me .
!' your chivalry I is ray enemy.: ,e r.rrtY: vEr u" x rr r p. trout.REPRESENT ,
'. rn iiic'd. Vvloncl ll'in- tmt Sold hj /Iraggl.t., : "
Then our hands met our friend TWENTY-TWO OF THI C (: era 7 yffftM

) <,' hate doubted ray \'ei rilled for three morn. and the loving : Siirts C lJHS lit d LEADI.\i FIRE. LIFE, MARINE, ., c.t., T b wrI iprM in plzeo rrri"t.wr.rrr tit, .. .

';" ,sire! to him >o'r likmel. restored and good will" ACCIDENT, FIDELITY. PI.\.TE ;d : tl '>.' U.tlf... T%
peace in Af Mill
cup JO X jur l11HKS "sty
4 It by the quart and the M. QUAD.Ms. : Ciffs GLASS AND STEAM BOILER INfUBiNCE :- .. A' ,JO".

are net a couard, yofit --- -- COMPANIES -=---r: ,__ ____ ____ n-.... --- <
Niiuri>,e across the riv- ALL WORK WASHED BY HAND Tra.I...Nart. n --
Harriet I Evans Hiiudile, Ill.,
Endorsed by all Physicians as the5I8rSl ,
1 r''trr. sob! As the chal1 write"I never fail to reiev! : my i AND FINISHED: BY MODERN : AJ6KS Of! t lie EfittitStu nly Beer absolutely free from adulteration. ) ,..A.TOOTHACHE, EARACHE I Iud t -' !

.a -
1 .r .<- scythes, g ih-scjthes :p One Minute Conirli Cure. I MACHINERY. LASD! FCC telj t d r lit l el '- s. NEURALGIA if

T':.e vjtlie! U I: an cm- woiiKI not feel safe without It." Bso Pfeiffer, Agent, fl" T3; ID. mlnutr; all druggl t ore r : -

(.'..I.j..nc Bunker and It (Jnicklr carts coughs, coldgifppe 17 West Government Street ITn'ttd; &;tat eSt! I s iil 0 The TI-I.o aledicai ('0. \ ti'

\ .)'tl... I mould clown and all throat anti lung diea-e. PENr-ACOLA. ", 2M Brot.w.7, N,w Tork. jSe .. 'jJ. f.
enruuy at ApH> j I llargi Pharmacy, J%10. Sheppard Opposite Express Office, PissicotA. FIA I It On at .
uiattos. SOLICITED.Try TaD all Saloons I 1)l J f"" Eotklft. '
1 'i"g'
: U Kahn. Office: 31 South Palafox St. I OO11UK8PONDFNCE __ ___ '.
ny dignity n '
suh-stood n --
--------------- +

a !!ilt't .4d

t ,
p .1e.
ti .


._ '. -.- '''' '' -- ''''-'- "' '
; -: -t -....-> ._, _. '.,. ,,,,_ <. -_... :'=. -"" -,, _;;-? -::t."r"- '''''' _' ;'- h--_ --- !f.'C.. 'Y" .


_. ..
-- --- ----------- -- -- -

candidate whatever is the platform. }'l\\: C1.\J. STATEMENT -

; Slavish submission, contrary to c)f ihf Hoard of I'uhlic InMrnetlnn
Entfer'd at the Host Offlr at Pensacola '' For Month Emlinlay H, 10OO RfMNANI
Fl*., a. ...cond-clais matter.Orrtcr : conscientious conviction, regarding : SA1 l
1>3. CR
political. doctrines is not to be compared -
: Pitt KoiWlnx.Sll.'i! Bootb Pala- Exercises prl 7-To balance cn

Oi itt*.-t, up-malrs.. ______ to the perfervid patriotism Commencement at. nand .. ... ( 571 (,Ipr.l
\ IS-To i6sh rum
-- -
-- PUKLHHEU- KY which impelled the ;great admiral to Opera House Last Night. H. D'Aleinbertw ... ... ..: 1Q Wlprit .

the exalted sentiment attributed \ H-l-cnsU from record '
PUBLISHING CO. pronounce certiKchtes ..... ..... .. .. ;Si SI \:t4T -
THE XEWS to hira. To affirm that it i is -- Mav '-l'o cj-li from A. H.

Terrrs-lnvariably! In Advance. party treason to reject a party decla- Graduating 1l'lOrilwlrclell to li"innett. : :,11tV'Aleiaberte 7-To cash from from A.l"\'-A... 5i2 51 : j)?. "" M ... "Ii. "" \ .

one Y jII.\r by AMU .. .... .....*:; 'J'fuMvith ration of principles on conscientious .\ ., ilc l.i Kua-H.inilscnieGolil 'Alembert from I.:J .. :!.5-I: i-f'l.l: ._" ;l'sa.U. .M B t. TF"4

.... .. .... 8Tbrt i is iuJividualfrce- CK. IJV WAKIMNTS f\lt
... Kontbi . .. .. ;." ground? destroy Mmlals Prc..f rued t > Several 1:..t..I.B Cook to casb!: atFRID7Y.
IInot Mutli iiI' dom of thought and action: and re- paid for trimming and
H 1'101JiWhit!! Others He-
Ou W wk.by Carrier. p"'lIblloudaY I-:' duce the individual ineraber of a urr b-'Xing; mea 1500
cci\ Honorable Mention. 1:1:!>. N Ii Cool:;. tupl e\- !
e .
-- party to a mere 1nchine.lthou h. I'.flSC biil .. .... .. :2115!
THE WEEKLY NEWS: l:!;.ii.L. N ii t'ouk. supt sa.nry .-
for reasons of party: policy, and The Uith annual commencementof .. ... .. .10000

rulll-r.: n?:7 Friday at Jl.tK(O ptr year through :i feeling of the most exalted the Convent schools: of tins city 12i"!tencher', Mrs* 10 salary: J WiUoa.. ., 30 0) Short Ends in Dress Goods. \

PItl&V" fr.e. and self-sacrificing loyalty to party, took place at the opera house ldtniirlit U::!K'. D K I'oiey: wood fur I tI

cho3l>> N'o \I. ... ....... i 00lift'
TELEPHONE ftO. 118. the individual! member, in order to : an I the program presented I Mrs K J Wilson, i, White and Printed Fabrics accumulated dunr ,

; ..... :
was, grejtly enjoyed by the large au teioher'italary COCO 1 I
aid in pre5erviu the autonomy
IlMl.'i, A Miller, jnrntor fur the spring conveniently ;
Mortising Rates Furnish'don Application.Th. from the results of a disastrous: and dience. tctiiiol Nos''aua il..... .. 12 U) arranged :

inexcusable blunder, smothered his Jold medals donated by Father : lii.'l.: U;11:No TuniT. 1. 4u and rcnalrjsicnoois 7u. 71 14 on-Center Counter.

scruples and remained faithful to his JlcCatferty, J. Ed. O'Hrien David lr: !.'. A M Avery. supplies ItP!
Jl" I for school No. 1.. 1 49I2JU3 t
,=, "jllLt'j : 'I'" 1AetilJ.r > party, and followed its lead under Sheehan, Father English: James Mc- !: 1I.11.I An oa. teacher's -

: --' ---Y- protest, that is no reason why he Hugh and E. Motta were awarded. 12iJ:! !. Miss salary L.Hayes teaci- 4.J 7i ID
'' should his Graduating honors were awardedto .r'a: salary ... .. .. .. .. ij WIJiiS. Specials Shirt Musts\ and Skirts.
Th., paper l I. on fit with the forfeit his right, or ignore Miss; Annette de la Kua. :! Mii 11 W..nlwortu.1t'lIcbl'r's :
dutv to seek by fair and legitimate salary.: .. s-! :ottia.
every Medals for attendance were awarded
BANNING ADVERTISING GO MuS D Ihoiuai, Fine Embroidered
,, means in his power, to effect to Misses Blanche McHugh ttaehtr's salary .. .. .. 45 W Waists, $1.75 kind for 81.35: I
Endicott Buildine. St. rj i I the corection cf the which Biebighauser $3.00 and $3.50 kind for 250.
.cnbrn, advcrtisfm and otherj ms.? error I iHiukt..P'i -0; ci ay oils, It..';; 15 '-> r
examine it and ...krre cttlmatts will t>e frivri.pvc the of himself and andIes..rs.. Gregory Quina, Thos. l:i'd. Miss Florida LOOK, All
.pa.c fur GENERAL tDVEHTISiNri: despite loyalty Johnson and Abram Diaz. teacher' salary .. 45: 1 10 our $1.00 Waists for o0c .

others like him, resulted in over- The medal for highest average on 1'JlS.l.MUs KatharineVent- our 50c Waists for JAIl
ortb. t.acher's .. .
salary. 41 4iliSrtf. .
JUNE 7 1900. ;j whelming and i ignominous defeat. test examination was awaided to
FEXSACOLA. : Miss Olive Andrews, Linen Skirts
The Chicago platform was the : Miss Josie Griffin, with honorable teacher's salaiy .. .. 45 M $5.00 kind for $3 50'
____n_ mention to Miss Lilah Touart for 121':!. Mi-s Emily Morley, Linen Skirts kind for
DKMOCK.VTIC I1\EI-S.: platform of a faction-and a popu- close tmclier's salary ..... 45 (K) $3.50 SO'SQ \\

I. listic faction, at that. Thousands of competition.The medal for Christian devotion I24 chojl Job='01.tfcutt.. jitiittor. 40 (ii) Covert Skirts, $2.75 kind for $2 25 t

.; For Congrein: loyal democrats who rejected its wa* awarded to Miss Lilah Touart. I.II<4. Miss Allle YaieMra, White Pique $7.50 kind for
$G on
teaChers .
: "Blary. j :!; t.
I BPARKMAS.KKLONl The medal for
KIRST DlSTHirr. M. declarations refused to be driven general efficiency > ,
1:H, Mrs K L Keaton,
) UlaTUICT-K. W. 1> \\'l8. was awarded to Miss lletta Hall. tenchrr's salary .. 15 oo White Pique, $4.50 kind for 83.50 tI
from the ranks because of it.
party ;. Mrs I
1IIi. A K
IterrenttiP$ l<> Ix-Rislature: The medal for stenography was buter

J. EMMt.T WOLFE.GEOUCiK why the folly of yielding to the fad The medal for proficiency in Latin teacher's salary. .. ... 451101S : I
!'of faction should be only was: awarded to Miss Lilah Touart, !"7. Miss Kthrl Clarke, sols for this Sale.
a repeated,
J-'c Ir hnur: with honorable mention to Misses I teacher's falnrj ... ... 4500

t:. 8M1TH. 1' to invite, iu a far greater degree and Josie Griffin and Retta Hall for 1-'M.teaChers Mrs salary Clara SUIIQUV.. ., Si OJU'lVJ Friday is an Off Day. To make it a Busy Day

with far more disastrous consequences close competition. Miss L McKinley

Fur Circuit Clerk: a repetition of the result ,, The program presented was as fol. teacher's salary... 45; ixi we Offer these Bargains.JUilliatu .
ANGUS M. MCMILLAN. l2lti.: Mios M Bisuop,teach
ensuing from the previous errnr. lows: I er's salary ...... 45; 10liSv I
For Tax Collector: I Entrance March. : It. Slew art. teacherssalary
I Those who remained faithful in epite Salutatory .. .. .... .......Ltule Eva: Gonzalez '. 50 w ,
\. H. D'ALEMUERTE. Graduating Honor* ... i i.MUs I 1: .!lU. Mia M I Jordan,
of the have the and it i
; right *
error .. ... teacher's salary. 40 UOl
Tax AmicsBor; Annette de la Ruts' [
I Fur their solemn duty to use every possible Hptcl&I1'rl'lDllIlII". i, : :'it. A A Martin teacher's |0lju0oit & 011. ;
W. W. U1CHARDS. I Distribution of Gold Mtrials. Hilary .. 31 50
means of preventing its repetition Piano liuet.-Pocnie Polka _. ... ... .. : I:!'_' ". JA iiubler. leucher's
I For County Treasurer: They will do this in the .. .. ..._.Misses l.Grantandi. KvnshuwOQuam salary ...... :S5 CO1JKK.
Mrs Katie
IIllt1Cta-I.lllnlllolltl-tlt'nlor iias : Scott, Jan-
JOHN \v. FUATEK. i I Kansas City convention. If they 1st solo, Ulss J. GrUTin; nd solo. Miss !Lor. seb..IOo'U. ... ...... H 111r.'lM. ,, I

For County Jude: fail the fault will lie with those intolerant ,. Music-May H.UvlU liiebiuliKUser.are Ringing ... . .,Mis teachers Belie salary Northicgtoii ......-. 15; COl.'l''T J. M. HILLIARD & CO. I

THOMAS. McCt'LLAUH. 1: factionists who have hounded ... .. ..... .Mies M.nd..r.ou Mrs b I* bampey ,
; R/cltllllull-Tbe! African Chief. ... teacher's salary . 44 45 "
For School Superintendent: the protesting democrats throughfour ... .....M."lluli.llulnB and T. Johnson 1221: :zT K Keaton teacher's
Plaao-I'.all of tbeKuuerntei... ... ... ... salary ..?. 49 40
N. 11. COOl\:. years of disappointment and ... .. ... _.............Miss: K.: Uoiualez: I.'I\I.;, MUs H 1; t5tocll.artl.tt'acb..r and :
s salary .. __. 43 mi1222S. ;: GafPiage Wagon factory.
For Clerk Criminal Court: I chagrin with all manner: of vituperation bung and. March.of the. Kindergarten Little Brownies.Pupils !! Miss, Lldtt Tippia

M.I'.1\o-oa'AY. : and with their populistic allies I| limitation .. ..Master Ed. swalne teacher's salary .. 'M W
Morning (.lories-rantaslics ... .. 12.'ia.C: F Call, teacher's salary .
For JOB!ice of the Peace 2d District! ;: in the convention. If they succeed I .. ... .. . ........lutermedlute Girls I .... .. 50 no A Splendid Line of Choice Iinirgi it>!4. right from tin- fact \ .

JAMESU. LAN DRUM. and contribute to the adoption Recitation-The Little Tableau.Kittens.. ... .I 1217MISH!teacher's salary 1'auiiaeUeese. ... .. ., 7500121W car-load Lots, at Factory Trici" ,

'4)flhitSI)1O ::d District: of a rational, reasonable and .. .. Misses U. Hrent and A. FinchonltTllere'lt Miss K u WeiUuorlh,
at-i For ( I No One Like My Mania teacher B salary .. 427512&M. *Repairing) Attended to Prompt1y.I .-: $ :
CUARLKd P. E th}:. essentially democratic platform, the hear .. .... .... ... ... .. .. Juniors I. Win Johnson & tun.
neciutloa and Hong-Our Kaby.Kiudorgnrien supplies for tchooU Nos
: j F,.r County uriejor: democratic party-rehabilitated and .... Little GirnInstruiueutal 2 and 70. ...... .. . S *} I 0 EAST OAHDEN ST. : : : : : PKXSAt:: "I \ \
reunited-will experience the greatest Duel"Maple Waltzts'Master 12-J"T. Mrs Ella Thomat O
L1 w. r. IECK.I T. and 1-;. JohuconI'.fcitatlon Itftcher's salary .. 4J; uiI1T7. -
victory.ever known in its history. -Our Fiig..Master It. Anderson t! H Dyer teacher's
For Members Scln>ol Board: ... .. ..
Piano lIull-Tbl Flight of the Witches salary 150 OJ122J9 "
U A.V.rLl'BHS! Mlines "'. and G. Uvnsliaw I Miss M K Kagsett.teacher's "BUY THE BEST.
n -
A.f. BI.of.Nr, JK., -- ----- ecl"tlon-In\\ntor's hll.l&ry. .. 3.) to)
r .. Wife.Miss H. McHughSt. I'J! :!",.A lIa".oodfoThchool
E. WAUU.gome Tlia Trobbing Headache!
; Michael's adt't.-lIrill and (Tribute! 1\0017. ...... .. ... 100
Would leave if 10 Our Flag benior lioys l:!'..!:,, H 1; Morrison teacher -
quickly .
arc predicting a dead-look in the yon you Bird hOIl;: ... Miss M. AndersuuDunce ', salary .. 57 0)lttn I :::= iiT'S ECONOMY S:
used Dr. > Life Pill;;. =
King's ew :
of th! Birds-Kud I'.irds.... . : Mus .inttin, teach '
: tttte conxrntlon. Any candidate who will Thousands of sufferers have proved tabes K. and (i. Ueushaw. K Uonzalez.K. er's salary 45; COI2r.1i. :
"anol In the ..."y to prevent the nomination their matchless merit for Sick and :. Hwaine. U. llrent M. Andl'r un. "K.: Mrs( .\ W Mclteynolds! ,
of a <-ndiuiciiudldate tboultl not lie 1 \Io.t. \elliw Kird-,.-Miss Grant. K.tSwahie :. ti-aoher'. salary.. :Ji) tot I
Nervous Headaches. make
of his ilelfgatlun. A. Finch If. Mcllugh D. bulll- 1:1". Mrs J Mijder teacher's : Our REFRIGERATORS are Guaranteed) to I II
fcoooreJrn \ ) the support own pure bllodIud strong nerves and vanA.uina.l. o'Britn. Hilary 45; (0 \I Keep
Mayo ..r..II1'.I. UII.). Mr S Daiiii'N, jiniinr. .
build health. Easy to take. 'J'ubl..au.IuslcCornh'al
up your and take lower than other
school No "n .. temperature any on the! tnnrket.
the of a deadlockin ) Or1'1111"" Master. IliaKtfvpl / 1000l.r.7.Miulhern
fo far dauber
us Try them. Only 25! cents. Money Mates Lum-
uf the Sainds.
for back if not cured. Sold W. A., tn. 1'0, school \ They have: an Absolute DUY Alit I'KOVISION CJLUJJEI: :
the nomination of a candidate by M t..es :.1.111111 K. II ail. K.and J Grltlin, r supplieK
U'Alemberte Druargist. M. Kmanuel I.. Toutrt .\. Kudilguez.M. Nol'5 .. 84)lL6..h.r : Warranted \b"olutflOJorl.f'.
governor i U concerned, the five candidates Ia"*eyC.: Murphy ..sl".ooolur I| "

for that otlice have it in fiano... . Miss I. Grant school No 17 .....?_ .... I SO I -- -- _
TUB WIS fla.s t\ IOS. ,. ltl'l'lIatLnllllUding the fishy ....... II.\: ;! :II McMillan, can-
their power to prevent any such .. . Master H. Brent cehtiCnlrtgages: .... 150 i
The Hie Telejiraph ..C'lrpClrallun111 AfUlreM by Father M.a'stf-riy. 121 U. Mi s1 t' t. Oliver, -'LOur Ice Cream Freezers !/3 5WAURANTEI
need doubt
complication, and no one G:ee-over the lii.ii> at tiltlireaK of teacher's, salary 1 Km PIthe Telerilvine 1'icM. July .. .. ........ >-euior CU--i.es I'-'I"I. Miss V Whiting.leitchtr's I
that their good sense patriotism Ksit: March. salary .. ... 45>> 00 : ) TO FIr.ZIIX 3' JI'TI'lUl'ricf" ::-,
will to avoid ?o deplorable The Western Union Telejrrjpli I-.IEI, Mies Kvtlyn:: Thornt -
operate Father McCatferty's address the learher's hahiry........ 15 00
event.A Company will eujjige in the telephone children and his tribute to the Sitfrof .
an -- ritfi.?: : : Henry IImltb.0011 .
w-Iiiml No BUTJM ... no Higher!: u-: f.r Irlnor! in ik.-. "!Ill'- :-iml 1 ,
-- -- business calo and 153
on a great : Mercy, while t.riffV'';; tluijuent -

MF.MIIKI: of the houways and tackle its great rival, the Amr-rican and appropriate. teucber's, M6S M snlary A EllI....t r J 41 ft : plain them to you.

mean* committee i is quoted as attributing Bell Telephone Company, on it- Among the features the programdf''Crvinjr : 1217 1 !1. Mi.t \I.-...- .i Imp!') ,
of "PH.II! l mention w .r.- teaobe.'ssal.iry 4i jj .SBGERSON -
the failure of cjiiRrt to own giouuds, *ays the New YorkCommeicial. l.'l'2. Mrs M A Edwards,
the "0. r.lht relief to the consumer of paper The fir-t adini--ion tirre here, the 'oig anti mlr'h: I lii:. Mi' M .\ ianurdi,

a;:aiiiit tie! i-xuctioi.s f the piper that such a tiling i i is to be done cuinc, <>f the UrovMiiethe recitation "001: ificher'ii salary .. kl fl'I I 107 Fouth Pnlnfl"x.
from one of th' leatlinj: ; director-! I-lll;, Miss Stella h lx>w.tll, I _____ _
Fla tile rn-if..tion. InvtuunVite. .
trit-: to tilt fact that the l victimdid :: leiirli.'s siiry .. I') IAI 1- ---- -- -
thl1 Wt-rtcrn I'nimi Telegraph Com \ ." the dl ill of the :;t. Michael'- l.'l I'.i, Will Me unly, wood
not taki-! I olcort.4; Idiom in tLe pan). It lit.. been k.npt :i {.rof.ir.nd cadft-, tii'. iliu-t of tijo biids aiiJ lur tchuul >'iSi .... I WI

uutt.-r. That isa.it the fl':}.-":!. Tlitfact. -, ert t ti'.a- f.ir #"> ato i give the the "Jlevel of the :ti.1JI." I)1...,salary I.. Wiliiamfncher's -,., ; 00cdfro.y I r'; W. 3. WRIGHT I COfflPABYLUMBER (

.f tl.o factare nude \Vesttri lTni.ii 'in i'pii' rtunt'y til \
-- ever l.in'.J.MisB! K:: (; ,teacher's -
l!,vtt tho -,cuntie.i..; frr.bcttitg .. .. ?:
ut-fi--t-ary .
public! -will i l I 1,.> found to bo tint toraut the 'w.ir: ami in ordr J uteil K'ldol Dysp,- .i.l Carp i:. jl- ', salary>li my fuiuMy with wonderful result'. .... \ 7_.
eITct16 tH-u-ht-r'a '/lry 41 4"; -
such n-lief i in -
only allow rival chause
its for
!: hit to ;
any it trivoa nnint; d'.iU- n-lii-f, I is [-Ieat.i[ ir.t. Miss Mi-ta .:Kllstt.acb- '
w.ly-h l rtpcalni the t.ni'f on reirt'uchln' it"( If. to take and is truly the dyspeptir'- ..r', :..allr.'j IOJ i ; LA.TRCSifEBCTPiESSFHIi8lF.Eiilr :
----- ---- UK I'. Miss t. Lxiliiu. /tch- ,
-wiild he tn iuv.idc the uo-i bp-.t frieid," ;; E. llartgerii. I -.
paper .ay .
.. er' sv al\ : 2; I 1
\\ Or, Newark. O.. ".-.ys\V( .
t-acritl of rMiH.-an! d-tctrines and Overi'fl, Mich. Digests what jnti 1J.J7.V: : \I..1 ,-colt.'eik !' b'r's rTl I
; t'/'VH ff'd l ?-.ti.ih'H!' One ;Minute, eat. Cannot fail to cure. hEari.i'harniaey lisvry: ... .. .. :)II.I : J ; .
that tl.i-: republican I.t'"l'.lier pub- Co'ttth Cure in the !h>me. It 81i. Jt1ir ]I JLO. Shepard r;. Kahn.E I li':::.; .\trs $Lan 111\111I,1... A :;
i.iiillur, s.-li..l No 7-1 I" IJI)
lilu rsvtri "$",'n"l1u'.1 induced to little boy's life when he had thf I ... I'KXSACOI.A.: 1LA.
--- --- \tiay -1Iy buiunc".. .... 1.7.,1 hit -- _
pfloUlnifli.t.Ve think it i is the b. -l: I .
refrain from iictioa, ill tl.e interest E I'OI.ICr C'OL'ItT.In ---- -- --- -- -
medicine tnr.d." It rur,'.. couj-! ; tol 17:! lIIi-IUil:
of tie p irty, until after tin election, anti all Ir.a distasps. l''a: *aat tit 'I .tIa Ca..Iilo I il>(,1 I..r Solicli lag LiiIn -- -- -- -- --- State! Cotivonthija Ultra COFFEE DRINKEfS I
:May -To balinre . ...$;iT0t( fiU
at lca-t. \ke. liarmlns:!- Lrivesrelief. intIwhatf o\ Ii.I Ti ado. I t-vrtify 14 it tbenlvtvx statement is (01- Each df"aati| : tnu'"t purchase a
-- ---- --- IIir;.:isriunnacyJao. .;'ie- r.t.1I5 is shown by the raibtilus aid treaeur Gr-t-cli-J tifki-t from this pl-ii.. ,,f"itartitiK Attention :
THE Starkw; IVlf;." nipli thus ru- arii, :-;. ICi II II. the i<.>lice court this n7i'niin':' r"a rtiwrt. N. B. COOK. top'ace' of mt-etinj II t :ii''
: .
lates n n i'lciJeut which occurred __ I there were eight; cases: tim time docket -- regular! raf ". and at the ame tin.:" 1 Commencing .1/.1! .'" '

_ during the :". >-:"a of the 1.1..t !legislature. Mll'r.1.. before Mayor Milliard, of which "ri"was ':!) T HI: IJIIAVK. prucnre from tll!' ti 'k' t agent a cf rtificate. -
,.hc\\ itll such c.f May 14 icilii" ,; fI
payment ice
and winch: -lould: make every YOl ancordially invitf.! to s r nd discharge and ono continued.: A startling inoidor.t u* which! Mr. and tin- I <
full fare as a delrj/atp, route
old cI.thi %
in.'O > inve tininostmodtrn
uewi-paper in Florida frit LLJIy to the your to TIe lines ainonctej to $J7 'v\ Jomi O1Jor of Philadelphia! ; was the I by which return ticket will: be de twtijicalc in fariiQiind -/ >
and .
_ uudidacy (If Hon. J. T. WilU for will repair and uptoil.iteproctxs.We return them to Ada: C.istill ), a I..wt.lYom3, onP -ubjcct.is nurr.j cd h:: him as fol- sired. Thf return tirk"i< are n.h 1pr..cm..t \ / of our M( IIf n ,
ired in court thi.s liiua Iva. iu '. dreadfuli.'ttidIttOhi.
: InPrnlng: ns It. : : tn.lit } on tie-c r..rifif'\t.: '- from
_ the attoru iyii"r.iNlii. ;> : you by our special: delivery.1'iinti \Willie ugaiLt: : J.imc11.. Smith! My kill uu: ,. uli.iurt yellow the tic't! : Hict's.. at Jaek-oaviili-( .//rWfco/j'rc(! ()/" if" <

At tbila,t .. -,k>a i'ortn! m*'mlit- '- *pon.!!cd an.I pressed--2.>. wh.l ?h.. had placpil a chareagditt Cjrs 'M'.tikeii. lotioncy.itfd.; J. c. CooPi t:. Ser-ret.tr". dred (lOU) t., /'/////'fI./. /

bored 10 nlUr t:1.nl\'UIII rate for pubi..htBg V05tS "'.':..'. for curia and abti-ing her. The! pain cor.tiiiti.illy: i i.: haul!: :uul "ilip"' Jack"onvil1t'Jlril! ::8. .
.. entitle
IicioiIi '
drliQi.iu-iit ia\ li-l at figure: lli'Ui Coats Ji> \ l'i '
2 ;
c.Suits vidpuce iiowrver. Id to tile f tct n'l aj.pctit(' :;r.i t 'ia cros-slj! un.uiit t<> the puhli ht-rs. and : rl"' :iueil and pres-spd by tint Ada L'a--tilli has! oir-ited! unlawful : weaker d.iy by diy. Three: physicians To tho=p who drink whi.kf'f'Ir i beautiful Ice Piir/n i. l > '

the lull Introduced for tills purpose c.uiie the late.-t roce----<. *l..yj trade en the public: .trct had jjivpn in- up. K rtanate- '.-Yea-! tire ; HAlUTJl Whiskey' adNze.t Plate. !

itblu thre0 votes of JJI".illl In tilt buuo/ All other work rea-oii.ibly C1IIIp.Men' from Mr. fctuilli. bhe was fined .*. i'.j.: I Iv. a frifii'i ad\i.-"j trying 'Electric to oxist.-ncTn tli.-s vi.oilrink ;Je Thc1Il(1ll"/II'

_ Mr. Wills w.is on* o( tU tow uiea in the suits to order front W &i up. Smith was hued\ $3. Hitter,' anti tu my crt'.t joy and bi-k,.v for health's cake ; era guarantee if to II/cl '

_ bouie ". ho had tile courage to raise! LisolceBgninit Men's pants to order, from }3.f \ tUU Injuttioe and who ".a8 Co.. derly! conduct, was lined ?7 5U. riiifU il'L'VfI'e.ht. I contiuueJtl.tir worth living. jjcars, < ./
not afraid t.lo hack to LU: con>titueut:> ontlie 511 South Palafox ?:rl
_ tirouJ IiUIIg' iiropo.ltiun that b.? bad lVnNp n" a card ll.d we will -. charged with loitering; ctse now a wcll:, yuan 1 kt.ow tliejsivcd ,, SOLI lhYl.NNIlIIElt I\ JAfi.) M'lll'CH.

_ Cast hU vnte on th- >ide of justice and fiiirD -end fi>ro ur chthes. ooutinued.TIIK. my lifp. and rr>thtd the jrrave of another : BIO .

_ <>M Instead of suppo. hug ;o |>:ir '>:I1UUS. victim." No .ne should fail enacola, }'h. I Prop. .'". ().\(;I'Of'rI'/' .

_ demagogical measure that \\ouM havewoikttl I will repair your watches and 011, HUsLNE&: ::> try thfin. Only .In cents yr hotI l'
_ injury to the great LI\'l'Il'l-H,; 0/ jewelry in first-class style. J. I. t'ft :H'c'. A. I'Aleaitnrtfc's: Drug -- - Coffee Roasting a /11'I

_ the" ,t"tt.-IU. I.e" '1'ILpl'r. ":.f.'ptt'I"! Union Oil Ct>. Suei-reds the 'Van Oil tJMr... I:e-Otf liNt I
OP. -- -- \\.t'lhtr1. m..rrhut tailor) l.'ilKat : '
. iar) lii ) aIi.I .-. Golfood": lawn mowers, ice If yenraiit tp! l.t char on the Joe Inftidmcia piTt.t. arinouurcto Just Think of If
Notice i is hereby given that we tn-irket :o.-k for Antic IIclJ. Krueger; :
freezers hammocks and all
Wedooot app.rhfi.d that tb..r111 lu- cream his friend that he h.i- reo.f'id

any M-rlout contention as to either! the >OiFt'if seasonable: goods at the have sold our business and rood it KUilelnai1Aghl.t5. ailtf !bio tailoring; cstabli-hm :i 11'1 dyfi Crushed I ; ( i llill.'al'l'll', i J 1 J i I i .'

Doniinre-or plaiforni at the KBH-HS Pity Willis Hardware Co'*. will to the Union Oil Co., L. I eden- .!!"'. ;1" ': N ri-aijy; to III| a'l: ..rl..r;;
t'OD.UIIOIl.11 dtllllol'raU elre the defeat back: proprietor. for ti:!," 5' "L.I':;:: r"I':1: r,;. ('Ifoallill I misJHMl( f'lu'lTi.( ',.
-- -----------
I of the republican party and the pri.scipfet WARt On. Co. *. If. Klis! i is the nun who ad. dpm pt/'. 1211I111I

advanced l>y those who control it.Whoever "Keep to Yottr Place and BY W. H. UYEK.S. verti--* 1'enssicola. He does it right (Ir l'wII) (( st I'ii" JWl'I'ip"( ill

the nominee may be. and whatt Have seen those elegant :
and dc.aerve44)j -npport.'n you \V.T. OI'N'II & l'o.fur ,
In this stock lot of
are a new
>v#r may be th platform of th4 party. It '' ea--

_Ill be the duty of all democrats to fall into Your Place will Keep You. oline stoves which we will sell at \ will ituiaf-r: your spreads for italian Mockers at ('rllts.rnl! linost fliI\tll'"

_ line and support the aotion of the convention. sacrifice price Kss than it cost to 15 cents each and make them look .JlUl'ston j- Fi/zclt'i

- To bot .u "sul the organization: of Without gxd health ti>e cannot keep make them. like new. "itsr: Laor.dry. : of litH c fruit{ juices. In-
We solicit the of the
lbe must be kept Int4 1. The loyaltyan..i patronage:
party situations nor cr/cy life. Most troubles for and lubricating Hammocks all styles at all ,ort- soda anil) ice cream'
pitriotinn of Stephen Pecatur. as public illuminating Oats, corn, hay, chops, of at the"illi HardwareCo. cream
originate in impuTe blood. Hoots Sarsaparfla oils and gasoline, delivered to prices
never qantioned yet he declared tlmf cotton seed hulls, cotton '
; at 10 f) cents.
lor bit country, -rljbt or wrong." Let the makes the Kood rich and pure, any portion of the city. H.Muller's .
bran etc. at
seed meal .
Uxiox OIL Co.
Mm patriotic spirit actuate the motives of and thus p-vmotcs good health, which w& 5Jlm 400 South Pala- Fox River butter green
those who will astenibliiat: Kaotas City to Mackerel, whole cod1i'h.
help "keep : RADER has small and roasted coffee and
you your p.xc a
conilnatr a candidate and formulate plat-I, fox street. Phone Fulton cornedbeefandmincemeat
I Market
furoi and the democracy will present a place, but Oh My He everything kept in an up- H.Muller' .

I mild opposition to the enemy. Victory will ocd Saapai/t sells cheap]!_ choice oil assortment and water of color.handsome in rich to-date grocery at H. Mnl- at

a perch upon the democratic banner, and pictures ler's 400 South Palafox 400 South Pala-
will'tf Try THE NEWS Want Column it frames, just received at O. M. Pryor' ,
ihi>rlc..lriottbe democratic party ;
Furniture House street. Phone 2 13- fox street. Phone 213.
will Bargain .
yon. .
u a:ctained and advanced w boever lie pay





H'----- --------- -- ---- ---

NOTES TO WOMEN WHO DOUBT. the supervision of the efficient com
hOGAh NEWS mittee.

Sarah Echols and John Vincent, RD Halliday Co
Should this '
Every Saffrrlnc Woman End (
--- charged with rand larceny had a
Letter and he Convlneed that Lydia E.1'inLliaiu'k pp-luninary hearing before Judge aIo
of 'W rnuacola ni ncinUv: VrgtteMe Compound: Don Jones
/1, lag fair, lij\t tn fresh Cure 1'rinalc W aku(:, to-day.
.. .. .. .,. .. ,
I/.I>...... ffiffratuft ,f"fr. The whistling buoy oil the entrance ( ; --- -- ---- ------- ----- --- '

"',.i>..m M lad H4ktniri. ';. "I have been troubled with female to 1'ensacola Ilarb-.r, has been ,
I weakness in its worst form for moved to the we-tward *0:1, to b*>
'i''Ihl Mt let night to abctt ten years. I had leucorrha-a in line with Caucus cut entrance, to Extraordinary\ Bargai11S .w a
llt.i +I Iippl.I .
?a and was so weak that I could not mark that range. i

i.'i of Urewton i is do n.y housework. I also had fall Dr. E. C. Dr. and

r- here -day. ing of the womb and intlaraination of Mrs E. T. Me McWillhra--William-, and ML-s An- Not Until You Have Personally Inspected Tliess Exceptional: Bargains .

.:.: of the Chalnpr! the womb and ovaries Die McWilliams of Oak Hill, Ala., Can You Sealizo Their Intrinsic: Values.
i : 7 o'clock this ven- and at menstrual arrived here thi- morning and registered .
pvrio'ls I buffered terribly. at the Merchants /hotel. ----

.; r from Jo-eph quarantine and Pi"!to-r.i i back very hard.. woula At times I could ache rny _' rT'i tr'., and Porter State F. of J)Health.Key Mathews West Officer and of Jacksonville I)Joseph. T.'l ,:,row Y.i'i', Sale 1 ofVliit'J f \I) Shirt t n"\\Y uist l Sale;, ; of( M I\ Sdi 4 1'\\\H\" : <

:. .;' .:- had a out I not do lift am thing _-'*: ti arrived present at in the the inef city ting la-t to-day night of to the-be All our U..j White Shirt WaNt at. ..... .. .. .. .. v.AH: "r.r' 1',40 :?1'u-k >hir \V.ii-t-ar: .. . .. .. S;R :
party Ar
or heavy
any __ Allour sl: ;:. HI.lc"Ii': 1t'ai I-M at. .. ... ...$l.4-:;
board of health. All \ :
.t..iilllJutJ.e Lit state )
2)0 White shirtVaits
bay work: u'as not able our | at.- ; : .. . .. .....yl.is; :i
All! ?J-J < i'stkhirt'Vai-t! < If.
to staid on my feet. ; =' I I Mrs. Martha E. Avery, relict ofi: Allourf2.aV.hitebhirtnaiUat. .. .. .. .... .. .ii.-. .\IlrtTTS.-- Bhrk Shirt \\..11.-I. at. .. ... .... ...$..,....c". ( '

!II U* McCreary left toiHiiie. My husband spent, II( Judge Owen Avery, died at her residence All our J3.75: White Bhirt Wai ts at... .. .. .. .. ..$2 :'"> P'y: AII.lltr ("' lr"\1! "hirt Wdit, to Clort- Out at 7 '

All., to Visit hundredscfdollars on North Spring street yes- All our $-t.ji White Shirt Waists I\t. . .. .. .. .* .: "'< .it',-ii: (:..-t staff Liihin Cor.THE .
for doctors but 4 I I I terday afternoon, aged 81 years. Pie i, --" ---- .

.. A fI \\..11-r and oou are at they did me no funeral will take place this after-! ABOVE ARE ALL OF THI SFA":'oN'sTAKEJ.; TVri.rniXU ALL THE I.TIr i.TYLES. -4 .:'t

'....itlll,{ relatives, ands After a time noun from the residence at 5 o'clock. FRENCH BACKS, DRESS CUFFS, TUOKED. II i iy- mVHE!). ETC., AND ARE R\fE iAKOAl fit;. ,j .I'! '

I I By the resignation: of Motorman I II II .... :1
I concluded to try your medicine and I I Fred Humphreys to accept a position ;:'JLadl'e5' Cambric Und ::i*,.wearv. ;S'iPi.* .... :
', I'' ='.II & Sadvertise in I can truly say it does all that you '
the force Motermen
a -".'-<:1 il-"ale for toruori claim for it to do. Mallory I on Williams police, Henry, Godwin A very Large Assortment; all Reliabli- Q tl'ttt".. ; Tj.l: C;:* ; .'dt-,'i"r 6'i *:><'*. W- welen-n Cl)-5 Inpt'c- :. .i il ":t

is: Jit.V Ten bottles of Lydia E. Pinlcham's and A. H. Hartwell have been promoted tion of Every Garment. We offer !foodof i..ui: ana a: price* th..t mike thun Exceptional Value*. 4.,, f.ts .

1'iiid totter rt and dance at Vegetable Compound and seven packages to higher grades by the Elec- == -. h
\ N5\ = ?' ''
park lu.nllIt.; Admisat of Sanative Wash have made a I tric Terminal Co. I "yS fe Percales Calicoes, Etc fz ,.' si''- ::1.,1."..

new woman of me. I have had no
Benjamin E. Clutter and family, i
f.' .t FJe: f'f Df-Funiak Springs womb trouble since taking the fifth Mrs., J. M. Clutter and children, 0. I All our 36-inch la'-c Percales now... .: .. .. :. : :. U'c' h> Yard Cotton for ... ..... ...... .... ..... .... W cAll d' i;

the arrival in the city bottle. I weigh more than I have in J. Brown and family C. )f. weenIe i our best Standard Calicoes, including SI.H-, for... .. ...... ... 51.W ;
Extra Fine Cotton
''l.iC years ; can do all my own housework, and family Mrs. Henry Monk sons, at. ..... ... .. .. .. .. .. ... .. .... . .. wAll 12 Yard 4-4 ,
'IW': : sleep well, have a good appetite and and others have gone into camp ut I I our best Blurting Prints at. .. .. .. .. . . 4j 11 Yard* Cambric for...... .. .. .. ..... ...... .. #I.CNU 't. : '",
::1' i I l tiipley left on the noon now feel that life is worth living. I I the Bexauer place across the bay for I| --- -- -- -- '..';

,j..iy fi Detroit 011 impor- owe all to Lydia E.1'inkham's Vegetable a ten-day outiu I '\ .
.1 :le .. Decided Reductions in ail our Colored Wash Goods.
Compound. I feel that it has saved L. & N. Agent Edgof DeFuniak i i
J Ifu.h: ,.... r-pre"utin; CIt my life and would not be without it for Springs has gone to Bluff Springs to I (' ) 'P.:

\'- .-klyof New York arrivedtlie anything. I am always glad to recommend relieve Miss Lillian! Brooks, station I TELEPHONE! Jilt IIALLLIIA.X C? CJ. :t-: :'.;' PALAFOX. .j ,7

,': Jllllroill;). your medicine to all my sex, for I agent there who has been granted a ; II
I'i I y It. Bettiion ai.d con retrrday know if they follow your directions, (W-day leave of absence. Miss. N. R.-Jn:t Received Line of Straiirlit: Front ('\ r-Pt.= 'the correct thin r.i New Line of H.\V'<' Cambric %)'....
tram a pier: -alit they 0 will be cured-Sfas.C Agate crooks will visit relatives in this U Waists. New Line of Ladies' Libmr silk Tie New Line! i>f l I\llm* and Khaki: Cloth! far Skirt: t r
and will then visit friends t' ,11' .
in city ---- -- -- t
Short Kentucky. -
Tuoui'sox, South Hot Springs, Ark "j'
McMillan of B.ewaiixiiig Fort Scott, Kan. State It>Hrd of Health. I {
'T James TheIontgomery Advertiser, of W. S. GARFIBL1)& CO. ,
; the arrivalouthes The members of the state board of I
yesterday afternoon. and Confederate, which were in active yesterday: says: Twenty miles oft health who reached Pensacola la-t'1' "'r.J
:*;e right-of-way of the Florida, Alabama : V!. S. GARFIELD, President: ; R. H. TURNER Treasurer; C. H. TURNER: Secretary. : :
service during the civil war. night met at the ollice of Hon. W. : *
Mi Divld, one of I'ensacola'.s: and Northern railroad have )
il ftatH dealers, hu returned J. 15. Stanley ard <=on nnd 7 o ll been surveyed and located, and the K. Hyer, agent of the board this: Ice and Cold Storage. }1 '
morning, but had no formal meet-i, ;
\\' -t Baden ."-grill;;-, Ind. Gaston ard son of Greenville, Ala., contract for the construction of that ; ; :
ing. Those State Health i
l' 'n"acola Journal is putting arrived and in the registered yesterday at the afternoon Merchant -- let portion within of the the road next will four probably or five be Officer! Jos.present Y. Porter.were Secretary i We will Coiiinue! to Sell Ics at 25 Cents per ICC Poonds.!! :i

_.e-.-tting machine and is pre. Frank II. Matthews Hon. D. T.j i .
.: tn greatly improve the paper.following Gerow and Dr. H. I. Simpson.: Mr. | :
Northern will run from Florala, : f
The picnic at Magnolia Bluff today Wm. K. Hyer, agent of the
vessel the line between Alabama'and ..
are reported a point on
board'i .
under the auspices of the First Judge Hallmark Dr. Warren '. #
olllct Florida, by of Green .
pilots' as being readya way Bay
Ha'ptNt church Sunday school wa derson, Mr. J. E.
Gnpeu,Scotia :and Albert and Bullock Ala.,to Troy, a distanceof ,
attended the out others also The
largely party going were present. uem'l
fifty-live miles. E. E. Reese,
1 .TH ill be a meeting; of R.ith- on a special: : traiu. I'I beTS of the state board DRINK /
Laurel Hill FJa. is the
general manager -
l., )dgi; No. :G) to-niglit at S officials will visit the quaran- 3
The smacks Jo-ie MJ.J.'our of the road.
'k.V rk iu the first rank andn ., tine station this morning, and
Frierds Carrie :\. Chase and LottieS. J.
The sudden death of Col. Cha P.
> Ha*kin; of E. E. Saunders Co.'s Atmore, general passenger agent: of this afternoon. It is not yet known .t"
., Edna the talent daughter Meet l\ivi arrived from the snapper the Louisville and Nashville railroad whether the president, Hon. W. B. '1'
A. it. TinuiijvMm. is ImiiipcolltgH bunks: with 0,500 snappers.The and the of
system, resignation Henderson, will attend or not, as he ,"
t" "j>eiid the aummrr : General Manager J. G. Metcalfe of' '
Mangrove Failed yesterdiy may reach here to-night if his health ,
.:Ion wait hr mother.tirt ternoon for Key Wet, where the the same system, will make many ,, permits, and if not may not be here'' f'1'

"I \\at"-rmlon -tn in this. crew will receive about $->0.
I wu: t'xilt.: :.-J ;it tl.t I'.irlor money fur a vessel captured du.':mg the Montgomery Advertiser. It is I .'
tiiis iii>rning. It was rama -,.d Spanish-American: war. highly probable that Mr. W. M.New A Thousand Tongues I I .r
lu Clifford at the Big; 15 iy.,u.u bold superintendent of the .
The children's lawn: party at the South and North division of the L. Could not express the rapture of .If

Dixon Jtffd, while in library yesterday afternoon* a & N. will succeed Mr. Metcalfe, who Annie E. Springer, of 1125; Howard |I '

II'. was I pre-eiiteil with a pleading success, realizing over ?2.j I becomes general manager of the street, Philadelphia, Pa., when she, 'I'
-I'uvetur Iud0-e: by mem- for the benefit of the library hook Denver and Rio Grande railroad, found that Dr. King's New Discovery .'.':
Or.HIIIrtIlY.. The hulje fund. Thrt little people were out in with headquarters at Denver. Then for Consumption had completelycured ;
"- a raiitren and is made 'lgre.it numbers and enjoyed them- will come the question of Mr. New- her of a hacking cough that

:..-'al i.f two giui, 1'itioa i !'l'lvel heartily with games, under bold's successor. Quite a numer of for many years had made life a bur-

the assistant passenger agents are ': den. All other remedies and doctors -
mentioned for the place of Col. At- ,, could give her no help, but she
more. says of this Royal Cure-"it soon removed i

There was no meeting of the city the pain in my chest and I
council last night because of lack of can now sleep soundly something I y't
" can scarcely remember doing before.I r a
a quorum. present wereIa"or
I Hilliard and Aldermen feel like sounding its praises 8 at i 1 +:
Green ISaar, Hays and Kahu. The throughout the Universe. Ho will
meeting I of the state board of health every one who tries Dr. King's New HIDHESTAWARDFORPURITY. t
here to-day was informally di.cII"sed Discovery for any trouble of the
Throat Cheat: or Lung Price 5
with Dr. H. L. Simpson, resident
! 1/ I' member of the hoard, and a committee and $Llkl< >. Trial bottles free at W.
consisting of Aldermen .1. D'Alemberte's Drug Store ; every
Green, Baarsand Hays was appointed bottle guaranteed.. : LEWIS BE Alt & CO. Sole Agents.
: tn present the city's claim for
I ll payment for quarantine plant toi (t uaranin'; Kmanc-rs. I ALSO porI. .

i the board. It was also announcedthat THE NEWS is indebted: :: to Mr. '
the mayor, city attorney and: Flunk 1?. :Matthew, secretary of the 'Old Quaff, Hunter and Parole Eye Whiskeys.

omptroller would attend the tnei! -tIt -tiite hoard of health, fir a ropy of

:. The interests of the county UM' tiie annual report of the board for a)Ohcstcrfiold Bourbon Whi5kQ ,-(};. ;
TO be represented by ('h.l rIIl.lu :J. I) tl.e year Ih IJ.: ju-t piibli-lml. From ---
( 'odyof the board of county pr)!i.- it w learn that the total receiptsf -- I 'J1l'W

liiis.-ioiurs. 'r the year named at tie! Pen ,colaati..u' 1 il.- iirullipr.VV'VLAAILA. : i
'f'-r-\-r EIr'.I"' \wtV.I I'M,lit. 1
= wenS.7.. ;< 7and the
C I'iLT ex- S. C., Ja-w .._.V Hugh
r-1. 1-: S R&BER has oxehisivo' pelt..-s tl9.1 Full! I') mile fr.tn h'--', n artL. G<*ir- .i t.
i gale on the greatest pat out ".f7,4Clix The act of the Io,;t-l.t- 'ilh.t\: : + W-, \\".," i ml.t-J fm"I'lr.. ,
swing in the world. :It is> ture p. .eJ in Ixj.l':I prnwi'Jesthat tFithPIIstlht"llc''t'! .-r runi'dy i; ..i.t hn-. ,';iJH.1] ('..lIn"n4 sLni! by : ;

.. the! -um of ftMuiKr "'.r> mncli !1'(:.lped; 1 until h'" t.i'.1 lII !d"II'1 hiI.I I.. t tn'i' T.!!:,. Th.itiilingwasdonettiiii .f
t'J '..;.- x71,1,4I1t1 1 Tt 1'---1'.,: ron-irusnieratieriiid rntijrtasigoataMe. thcr'! t'f as nviy: lit- agreed upon between l1 ("\ "'a I'I'. HI wiitru b"\"-- a laiKi p Ck'! 't kiiif'1: ,c\'ral ugly .
the county ronini-<-umM'* wholly ct.'fd Int.t'* thur ..li:! wtuntl having bwnnKieti' 1 ill the yic' ;.
-- tit E-cambia county lad: tli.' state> 'I'tt:! ritT.. on 'urtti and the hesta'lvein i tiui'v (u'atllII,1 just over the lu rt. ; %tAil
!PEN; SACOA FAMOUS Ire (' -cam freezers that freeze the b-Said of !ii".ith ,if Kloridi, be and : the w'Hld. Cu'f. iuarantrpdny j'' '
en". 'in quick at the \V.illHaMv..i: :"< tieaii" i* lit.rl by npnropriitfd, <'- J'fot.! .%. :-J-ll by W. A. J\ti i\ ll\tr.i 1..'vy I.Vr Libr.irj. ) 4

( :payable: out of tits -uri lat -, proceeds euibertedro! :,,:i>4l. I CiiM"rAMK, Ji.i!" I;. The city "a

-- ----=-=-=-==,,- =.;:=-==:- .- >i the! 'ii-iicoia; ittdritimo !station ,:, ; c-.ui.fil of t.i' ity hivottti extra '. ,
witlnnu: pi-rii>d IIf tljri'<' year, to'':| Lirj- ,is- .':t"1Wllt..r eleg'intooK'T : CiUP':
!'n- xpendcd in the ['aym: iiit ',f ; -, 1.'. -' -irt
the' bmUi'igs, liiiiiigating plant! : 'ryf.-.S !! u. ;.MI r iiriiittn-f Jlrr.e.Save ive'I'
iC j
"rI wharvislaluleaostltlll: ill.1t'nD.I r he FOl bes Store3)rml ; --
:! c fhtr property u-ed by said H.iDibit ;- : % It C rr ,? :... :: A I I3x1 : t.Jrm;i" will esmblLJi a Iris library
-. board of health here to cost >;GJUOJ. :
I county the j ; t::. /I I" i'i'P ; I.'o y:; "'. : : 4Igged
n-.H-ration: of Us 'quarantine nation: .
; '
+ m1i.7'1 : ( .tI
j7 .... T
f'rovcled. Tin" p.iym -it meets theappr A't-t. r. .
: ; Ut.r'.L- ,, ,.
j >val of theta:,' board of !health ; ; '" :"l.Vw.'" I : .r.lOH, Juno ;.-H. !'. Stowell.

And proviut-.j furtl.t-t: iti.it all ofud -: i I'tipnliit nouiiinMj fur attorney general, #'

-. property shall ut oncu b., conveyed m' ivy by making your i ice;i write.; to that thirty's h'-nlquarters: that 't 3
U l m OE1I m r mm r m r by proiv instruments of: cry:.tn at h;'mne. '1 hi bfquick l! ho was 1-dtfd with eggs after havinp t.'

writing to the !.tat'-or Fiori.l i for the freztT at the Willis llaiihvurrAtiqer's -IM,kt'll nr :Sh: ,-lby. He u.uues jxrHius ;
liS"' of the state !bjard! of r.ealth.; ; I Cu.. h t I concerned in the affair, arovng them ai
I II I i i railway official.
LiDiES: CW YEA SHOES Golden Steal Nu- -- -- .--- y.

... : ..: ) jJ {) jJ l Yf wiJYLW] ? j One size gmalltrraftfr U'11I1tl1en', foot- j deln's, broad and fine at I I|j legislature! ('<)iiiii's 'I"u*>...1ay.i '

.. J Ea e. H povul-r to hI' hbHkt- into tli. h..p.s.1 I H. Kullcr's, 400 South !i RAIEIOII, June The Dinoratitmemlx
It umbra tight or n".111.. Iceieasy: gtvrs''
'rs of the legislature called ,
are to
I II t c t I'; I r NlM-'l..1.-l : \Ji 1 ; OUT OF10111' K NO REASON \\ HA.t MUCH PRIDE 'n.-uint rtlit-J to COIrnand bUrIOIIIt'" ,
... tIlt! greatest comfort discos) of the age. I f meet in caucus next :Monday: iu order tdecide <
U I) ,' I', r I. : i Out' r (ijr'.ifnt In m'inv cie< tht-Ttd"u1I1re care experienced in the :elef- ,'lIr..l1od prevent nollcu t-t. blisters, Iron bpd..tP'id"l in freit\aripty; in the lejri>lation to be c inllilting '
t't: i he l'h'll' .f Ure want callous and sort) bion.| Allea' Foot->Mse
i a -s.'e to s-ell Underwear to these particular women. the
whit enamel: and niahoyany, hra- brief
.. acertuincure for sweatinij. hut aching ( M t>aiou, whi h bejfins t
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i -- ----- - the downs ue, KANNKK
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room par- I SALVE; if you're cut ..r brni-rd. It '

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I .-.... .._._....... 2 115 K .. .. .?. 1 yi many customer s
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l t j BPiitrT8TUBPK.risiti'i::: eecu I I'' ate. He does not hive to pay high
I I rent:: to be added to I his price He t
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they I ,
the child and it I ,
I'T up cured at once. only the Rest: in
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'f, ,



_<, .".... .., .. "'_""'f ..!... J ,_-,'..A'-hT."_' -_ "..;:. '. ,.Y._"_.'. .'-_ ""..'--.o.-o...,_ ., <<"..r ;...."" ...." ';;.-- _. .- .v,<<'_< .-- ,- .. __ .-


THE MOUNTAINA I teamstefi in: tbe mountains. It simply ,Admiralty Weak OB Geography line 'often told me they hare bet. --- -

I paralyzed me. for I didn't see anything During the Boer war of 1880 the ad- I pushed by soldiers into the gutter, anti I

but destruction for everything In the mlralty'was hopelessly Ignorant of the I have nearly always found that It I.

BOWLDER THAT WAS STARTED way. There was no turning back or geography of South Africa. simply as 1 have explained, that neither -

ROLLING JUST FOR FUN. whipping up to get out of the way for The admiral In charge of the fleet at makes way for the other, with the

t the load was heavy and the road was Cape Town received strict orders that result that the lady, being the weaker,

: rough and narrow. I stood speechless, he was not on any account to bombard I II comes to grief.-London Telegraph.
The !I..ator' story: of aArt Thoughtless '
scared white but the driver Lad seen I I the town of Potchefstroom. Now, ftJ.
TU t Barely I.p..d Knotting I
the rock coming, and, dropping off I Potcbefstroom Is a good hundred -
In a Tra ..d-A Lucky: Bound Into i I many Tokyo: Fire alkru.A .
the Air. i, the saddle mule, he broke back up the : miles from the seacoast and lies Yokohama correspondent of the
road as hard as he could run. I would on the loot river, which Is barely 200 Indianapolis Press who witnessed the

"More than 20 years ago: ," said the have run too, but my legs refused to I I yards across and dry for three parts religious ceremony of fire walking in for Infants and Children.

senator In rrinlulacrat! mood, "I was : act and I stood fast and watched the !: of the year this order was superflu Tokyo says: "There were present diplomats

doing lyrical stunts at Hamilton, Xev. great rockgo tumbling down toward ,t j and professors from the Imperial Castqria ft harmless substitute for Castor Oil, I'\rh

and bating about as enjoyable an exl.ttiice Its victims. I hadn't long to. wait of i ous.During the same period the fleet was college and an Episcopal bishop goric, Drops and Soothiug Syrup. It i< IMon!' unt.contiiins It

a. I have ever known before course, and just as I gasped at tbe last at Port Elizabeth, and the admiral and we think there !Is suiUc'eni: evidence neither Opium Morphine nor other Narcot-
or MM: *. The blue skies, the big moun- bound of the bowlder it struck an obstruction 1 headed dispatches to the admiralty to prove that several Japanese substance. It destroys Worms and allays 1'."\ ('rbhllt.>...
t a liis, the Invigorating air the whole- It cures Diarrhu-a and AVind Coli('. It relieves Teeth-
of some kind and Jumped i from that seaport. Fly the nest mail women did walk through the fire. A
some food and the Intt.tl'&tiu;; peopleall I, clean} over the team and the road and I he again sent dispatches, but happened doubting Thomas gathered up some of ing Stomach Troubles and }and Dowels cures;(ling Constipation healthy and it natural regulate" n..

around Ill!! mule my life about as i went crashing on its way down icto I II Ii l to head them Algoa bay. the salt In which they ribbed their The Children's "allacca-Tho Mother' i'ricud. sleep,
goal as lif-i ought: to be this bide of i j I the ravine below. The cabled out feet both before
i ij admiralty asking him and after their hot
the pearly ixirtak My work was not j "Then I recovered my wits, and, ,i what business he had to change; the walk, to take away and analyze. Another The Kind You Have Always BoughtBears

.ctufinlns:: that I could not pet awayon knowing that what I had been doing !,II ]i location of the fleet without Instructions suggested that the bamboo pole

mountain! walks! pretty frequently, was entirely inn curable, I skinned off '1 sublimely Ignorant of the fact that was used to make the path was the Signature of

and ute
Jog for a tuiu up Mount Tom jut beyond disappeared, trusting to Providence one and the same place. that sifted ort as It was drawn!

the town. The main highway i j I that the old Jerry hadn't Identified me. j jI By the way, the names Algoa bay backward and forward that: destroyedthe

I'-adltx !into the town from the wistpuMid ,, clipped around another way to town and Dclagoa! bay are derived from the heat The little 'amak' of my

aliiu,: the i-iilf of this mountain ; and got in all right without having anj :! outward and homeward voyages of the friend, when asked why tin fet were 0

and on over a gap into the valley be- (I questions asked where I bad been, and j i j ji I II' old East Indiamen who on their voyages not burned, replied luck pray, much I

)OLil. I'i that evening I went over to the pest : to Goa. in India, were wont to pray..' We have stated] facts. Tae interpretation In Use For Over 30 Years.SHELDON'S .

"1 had a particular object In view, I, office, which! was a general loafing I!. call at Port Elizabeth on the outward mu"t come from those ver n.\/ re....... tt M.,.... ST...., .....0.' r...v
and w !ith n:)' dog wandered along tp place, and there found Jerry telling! of voyage and at Lourenco Marques on versed in the occult sciences. --. 4.4 t ......... .b.- _-

the mountainhlcu was withoutvgp! | hU wcndnful escape. the homeward \oyajre. hence the

tatlon exrrpl; a furzy thicket ia plate i; 'It'tneI rf I didn't think: it wuz :I. II i ij names Argon (?<> Goa; ) and Ifelagoa A Great Trntli. VIEWS.

and the surface was covered with j Layntack cumin down the hill: Le (from Goa).-Stray Stories. ''I wouldn't do your hind of work
rockf viriuiis! sizes from a foot!:all said 'with somcthin alive In It. even if I could," sal: Kuliiierfoot: iU, I'.imm I'ljl.< faith i "wtf I lf.- wm HOP r & G

to a lay.t:1'k.th'r awhile, for something I 'Have jcu any idea who rolled it iI i ij I The Soltnn'n flnrha;ou. Capitol. the sandba:: l'r. "This :lere thing; of Sorrow is a iTUi-llc fur pinftatlon.Xj .

latter to d<.. I l,,>;ua to roll the I j down:: ?' I asked Innocently. ;' European ladies constantly run away pettin a man's con i'tur an then : person can IN &:llbfl'IIl'hl: n

rtout-i 2owu the iimuutaiu vKl, and it I 'la course I hain't Hf I hadn't with the Idea Lat Constantinople Is a throwin him down is tan: low for me." sick. ,

rapidly de\,-lod luto a noit exciting I I bovn in sick a hurry and left my Win civilized: town and act accordingly.: "It ain't me they hue the confidenceIn Riches ere the source of mhapplnoss. Importer and Ilenl' '

sport, for tb. iiioiint.iin was steep and cluster in the wagon I'd 'a' found out III i Then they are as-tonKhed when something ," explained (:reeag.ds George. "It .

the rocks west down with a whoop II mighty; quick, fcr I seen him run, nnd j i! (liwign-eable happens, and con- is thcirselves they are .so sure of. See?" Transgress the law and reap imhappinoss. Chinese and Japanese

and a hurrah that stirred the Mood '. he had a dog with him.1 j, tintally one h'mrs of ladies being hustles Indianapolis Journal. God can always overcome the ,,I

to watch them a* thl'" boundtil along.I ; "I was .1 little nervous, but I kept on !, pinched or ki>M.'d by Turkish soldiers. -. neur tonight of the road passing : The Ilnnurr Hnlf llonr. '
kin? question! It mist be remembered that the FINE !
Any one who knows he I Is a transgressor CHINA TEAS
along aUiut I.IHIM fed donu the hill. I \-IIt.lid you rave Ia your wagnsV > soldiers, are recruited from the wilder The hungry half hour that so often of Gixl's law cannot be happy '

t and, nil nol-xij! lilI'lh'Dt..1 to !ho going I I said. ,ii tribes in Asia Minor, where woman Is comes before bedtime! can l"> appetlzIngly lutil!! be No. Ul South Palar. sn" ?
by, my uttfiitl was not called to !tIn 'JI.vnimite. Tour ton nv it' I II Ii considered an inferior creature, who catered to by the "cheese crack- repents.1Vhat
that way :lu,11 kept on. i i 'tnod Lord:? I esclaiisiwl. There1 1l i must give way to man, besides being frs" Take any of the popular luncheon difference doos it make tn me Laundry Office l'h\-x '.

"Naturally! ,'uul';;h, my success with {l Wouldn't! ha xibeen much left of that : trained to avoid him on all possible! oc- crackers on the iiiarkit. and their Whether I have riches! or nut if I knowI --

the bmaller'ito.es made tae :ambitious (I."team. would there?' casions. name Is legion, and spread with a lit- shall have eternal life? V=GOLAYGrist = 0

and I essayed fuuiftl.;: larger. It |! Xor mi'. neither! ,' I rcc-cn," he said, |j: One can easily Imagine that such a tle butter and sprinkle lightly; with

was a dandy too, a great big round : shaking his head. soldier is: astonished to see a 1'uropt-an grated Parmesan cheese. Place on a and Corn

bonliler that would have weighed a I 'What. did you think of as you were lady unveiled. Iwldly expecting;: him to dish In the oven long enough; to brown HEINBERG f ij BROS. Z CO. : l Meal W.llsI : .

tun if it weighed a j*>und. It was a I running; up the road*' give way to her or at any rate not them slightly. They are good when! I I F. GONZALEZ &
job to pet It started but by pulling I 'Not isiiuh) uv anything I guess, avoiding; him and he naturally takes it thus prepared It kept for several daj's. co. Prop s
the rixLs froci under It on the lower | but mostly I't tiny \\"U7oin to be able (\ be au advance.or.. hei; part. Ladies New York World. WHm Att G GR OCgL 'j MauQfActuri -
tide and loosening; it up all around I i ; CIlOIC.; ItL.III'1
} to git enough uv Jerry Simpson meat -------- Medical :! .-turntion.There IIII.UMI \D
got It going at last and stood back to out of that mule meat to have a funer'alwith. STOCK IT.I.K: :
enjoy its progress down the mountain. .* will be a regular nesting cf .
Palafox Street Home ludll"' r< ,
? It went slowly at first, as If !in doubt. 1 "I don't know whore Jerry Is now," KIDNEY DISEASESare the Pen ac'b Medical ecjety at every reason you rhuuld hl.\ \ \t. :

but it struck a steep place, about 50 feet concluded the senator; "dead, I up- tie Board of Health "tf.cpt *. Pensacola Florida. Ntock for by so Feed doing from you the.-ni-ii'm liom.i, : -,\

down the hill, and It leaped out like art'tltlte = but I never told him who rolled o'clock p. m. 'fu"!!<1aj'. June 12 and try. You r inonxr is !left i:i r ,
po e.
horse __ __ ___ __ ___ andyou ia tura'arr imlu.- <
from the and fatal of all.! dis h
host, away the most 20.
that rock down the hill, nor did! I ever lu fostering tb! Loni.mu- .ta
' I It went, bounding a dozen feet Into the tell anybody in that town who did it, Viiitlnjc physicians ere ct-rdiall1 contnbutatotheeauerof ,m v
eases.FOLEY'S. ,
air and jumping over gullies and rocks : invited to attend.D. LODGE DIRECTORY Itlolh..comwuuIIYIU\\h > .
because it too being
altogether -
came near which conlntiutfu
to sour -UD' ,'
W, McMlLLAv. M. D.
} as If It were rubber. About COO feet ,
a tragedy for it ever t3: be considered KIDNEY CURE IIISuaraDtud .P.'IplfJeJ.t
down when It -
was going at tremendous -
speed It lelpt.'d10 feet Into the Remedy Secretary 25mt ,. -, .
air and 1 was just ; to let oft
tIl going
I I Tapcrrd With Rond. ---- - rensat-ola Lodge N.,. n. K of I' .
whoop when I saw a 12 mule team In I i Wall paper having an apparent valueof or money refunded. Contains EMl'IAJYMKST OF'i- If.VI. meet every Monday evening Dr. fT\arGelius| /)>crearv, .
the road below
narrow and in ,
directly $4X.UU), but In reality worth uoth- remedies recognized by eminent Ring up SSi: or call at the f.!!ico. at at C.vtl: IUU
the track of the In llutcbmion ball. W'rstt
lug, decorates tb.> M'dy of a New Yorkliiisiiiifas 11 North Hulafox ptrfft when! in itrret. 1 I i iInt'Ddtrnciit Physician sill Un' :i..
the best
"The team was drawing two I physicians
wagons, njnu. It Is coin posed of thou- as need of a c3rp ntfor. H. I). Hoffman, .t 'l.ttmgbrathran coriially j!
aa was the custom with the mountain i I sands of C per cent bonds, engraved Kidney and Bladder troubles. Business Agent IIf the l'I q.tntH'o1andJoirers' w el"'Joltod H. JlDEVINK.: : I.tdt'nc. Hotel l ,. sPhone ,
freighters and It was driven old I'titon. wjll turn h i.
by ; nnd pi luted at a cost of ?J.5 X) for acompany PRICE 5Oc. and $1.00. l- you II. Honsi.rK. C.C Office, I '.\I..mb"rtKII.I!!I > '
J:'-r. 81nr.'I':1. (":-P. of the best known with the desired htIph short no K.K. h M. i I'Ll..rOI StrcHt i-'i 1" .
which, failing to attract in- "'. A. D'ALEMHEUTE. tice. n-tf .
: n.:(lr died before it could be float.1.CLlcago ;/ --
Backache should never be neglected.
W O. W.
- -- - DR.
Chronicle. WM. C. DlaV
It Moans kidney disorder ; ;BEP.RY.
--- -
which If allowed t > lun too long; Live Oak Camp No 1 Woodman oflbfVorl
Rev.V.. E. >*itz >r. W. (':]ton. N. OrriOE-Eaazaa Bros.' Drz e'e
may result in KrisditV ili'spu-n, diub i \ "l. ;
I Y., write "'I bad. |
>tes or other serious+ and often fatal dysppU over Mneti flr.t and third hn-iav n.cht In
complaints. KOI.KY'S KIDNEY I I), twenty year*, and tried doctor* and THE lEVY.POU GO. PHI h month Visiting .o\.'iv !.. urd.- ',i RF.SIDENOE-400 E. Jacks it :-,'.-

CfRKiirike* .h..kiduertwell. Take I medicines without benefit I was IIlylnnl..I.; W.\\\y*;-n', '. iI I
I I .lt.TII"\fFs.'I"rk. I.e ;,
ele.V. jiersuadofl to u"e Ktdoll Dv*pep iu
nothing A, D'AIeinberte. .
I II I Cure and it helped! me from thet Dr. Wilmer S. Hall,
.. ,.. ,
rt. I believe it !
-- to >n H p.in.-icesi:
for ell fornn of Indigpstion.1' It Ji'pt !
I what you eat. iIa..tiPhar

:Il4CyJ.o'-'Iieppard.S Kalin.Al Masonic: Temple.! Phor,8 254.
-- -- -- ----
s LOOKING TVe challenge the world
ATiont a 'Inuuut'! .

Tfllcis: anl ilirksf s.-i.-in; ;:s banks: to produce a remedy iufl
have a ran npiwitriiity! to sfnly human i i,

nature. .\I1I"'l"tof People: with to the Matchless Mineral ,

many stinnge not l'iis..1 the 1:1- thu
and purposes of kmome before Water for the cure of Indigestion ,

tin-in. A teller of a i'.,':stun savings: ;
Dyspepsia and : 28'j South Palafox Street.
bank tells a true story of u good Irish ,
: i!
j I an woman account.who came: to the bank to open FOR all forms of Stomach, How- \

i WKISIC.L.Yj : Jtt'UIIl'Ul'
j: "]'lrlwfltl' your name on that I I cl Troubles and Skin Dis j
!line," said the official pushing toward .' Ij FOR STEAM DIVISION
the woman a book and a pen. / j eases. Guaranteed to cure\j pJo SM.rI.EI.t:<-.-ItWnamISu.i : .

"Do want me first name?" shensked I KAHAVAY COMPANY
yez ,
I F' ,or money refunded Cost ., Trains le...v. 1''ooal'ola! tor the t
taking the pen !in her hand.'Yes : Bayou, Palmetto BeacbV rrloglun N&',

-"Y OR WIrt@fr your full n-aine" and middle only 5 cents a day to use it. '', Yard 11301 a.aDd m.arrn'Fort "Harrancan at Kort Karrancai at M 'eIOIC
Initial if have .
you Iln
: a. m.arrlve at Fort harrancai ; Gem
I II I "I>o yez want me husband's: ntlller' THIN One dollar bottle last twenty l:'H p.m.arrive at Fort KarraDcai ; iiu 0
jj 8.'IOp. rn.nrrlreat >ort Knrrnnrat i o
"Yes, LU last name, but your own .
.15p. m. arrive at Fort harrancai 7 t> m
May object to Rittiti1 u,- I first name" days. .&:"I p.in.arrive at Fort i:.rr nc'.. t tt i m
Trams leave Fort Karrancai for rucu
and buildin1 the fire in "Ob, me name before I was married cola at
?" For sale by all druggists; 7S d. m. arrive/ at I'tln.al'ola. '_ < aa
the morniu', but if yoi I ll:<"V p. m arrive at Peoiaoola... ., o 5 t m
"No, your given! catne: -Ellen or I .also W. T. Green j- Co. 37 I I %:00 p. m. arrlv at Penacola C. pro
commence with her B.Xpm -
at Bridget""Sure: arrive at I'u-neacola li II

once you may be able tuverkutn < then, me nim a Is navther i S. Pala fox Street.OR *8.T:00p.m.'i p. m. arrlTf arrive at at Peoiacola Heniaeoik I" *tip p mID m
wan o' them!" ';4atardayl only,
this prejoodtes "\\V11 what U I It then?" THINGS ADDRE effect Deo. lit. ion

I regret to obsarve that 1 "Sure, It's Mary." IC2IDAT ICHIPCDE.L

didn't commence arl "'\1')' well. There are oth<>r waiting \lye 'IV \ivlLlllftiMW{) | ..Peoiaoola.9 .. m. Lv fort loam fiarrtoou

for you, K pliM-te hurry Ilt.l write I I 1t... m. l> m
\t fnut!. It wa< i ulml'11 ." j I p. m. v p m
your 9pm
i Ip m
Jf\ rather cold mornin' wbn ".\ sundo }'"z want tiC 'Mrs.f \! Every other man you meet speaks about the Greenville, Ala. i Ip.m 1pm 6p 4p m m

I fmt proposed the id.- "No.." never i.sla-I! that. Now gojh.ad. weather in that helpless "let-it-go-at-that" sort i.f way: TPIII irnonitl Krinii Judge Gaaton I 'p.m/p.m. 'p fpm m

to Be et<)'. It wasn't w..l ".\t! *n*>', !'J!=t"r. I rn'1l.! >.)"..r.t.l ''as if he could get no relief from his dl (-nnlfnrt. I'ake Seat tnltvsvlt.I.rAla.A'z plfMi'irf rt-r'ifriiiij;!,.2.I'l lof/J.'n" I FABT FOB WKEK: HATH .. .'
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to Kort
fE'ceivldllid I founr l hilt ye ,>et' I caa't wr.ti1: :"-Ycuta** What \cewant to do is to educate men up to the point{!purity..... ..nllh.Water.. infriirifVjtUiUrtr 1 his natural,,,'*inniTjI M,,ffhMtnrrul ; H -ii'>"Cf/:.. to Navy liarranret.n'I Yard and r'It.Pecsaoola r..- *'*

COllJpa!.!eu. of I dressed for comfort I'flt'cather lor.Ulomy ptrsonil kw..l..dg... it u t'tRtnfrom to Palmetto Brach and A
myself layin' on the float -_ sayingIt; am ; ; swell tbruutn.I"Se..t of