thing that they practically \ "
*niUloiu. invltM TOO to mMt KW Priwrak F b.184A-M .
H..Y_; I.v.e.. 'observed: though ToovRallFowl Atmft wOl ton yon aboat th* Ch p R un4 Trip demonstrate the great theoremof' '.. 4
... [uw.l.. Ra boa roar etty.which will be oa Ml. J.b.18. ,
\at yoti.iike.a wbolavlot.better' toW the Uveableness of life-RqQert; ; ,""" J. .
.. : .
m&d.e.J: Tt to.:,. : : I. .-. louis StevececTi. ," ','
...... ... I' .ii
=-- -- -- 'i ; ; ,
.. .... d',,
1'" .
S. : .
t ,2 -. ?. '. J ., ._' '.
.a .

o' '! .

.... -"l." ._ ""," \ ,,:. .. ....- ,_....,.-""' ,...___ ,.. .... .t k a., .. .. ..... ......:.. .......... ......... ..........,.., ,010 A : '40't

.'!' '' "'. .., '. "" ...."., ... ..' '...'.. '" ,' "' .. : "..,'lnV"n "R VN"p' y :' l'or"T"'OI\'P.; \ )!! W' r ."1' t t'J'l" "'I,1'1'n
', (!jTJF; ; ".. "' fG'1' '/.,. 1 W".I' '' "yt''t''I1r.. r 7I"I'I'.iji.'I't, ;; p-e.W." 'iJfl"'rao" } ;. ..; 'i'\"T'! :.lor". 'ka; "Svx7l1'OY 1'Rhl\l < Y, 'Mj,, ; ,I" 1i "1l't : ''' '' ,
: ,
: : ",'. ,\f .. ," : : : ( : I ':" '' ; ,;"' '' ''f!'',, ',; \f'j


. 14.
( ., \ "
: '

AV. B.' 11Ia0If, M.. K& F. M. GOLSON.

; THE BANNER.. GENIUS NEAR TO INSANITY e ME President, s. !ealde Cashier.

\'"I, M. E. Church 1 C'ttnroU, 80ut.b.1"reacbIDlneryI Directory'., P- .. Many Maladies Too Much Called of Highly DegeneracyJust Developed E it eipsfl! Fire N,aton41 Bank.MARIXNNA. .

I. and 8rd Sunday at 11 .. m. and 8 p. m. Nerve FLA.
L. H. Chap School Pastor. Mrs. J. P,, Daniels, of w I
W. N. Shasta,
Sabbath 10
Superintendent. a. m. Where my eugenic friend goes Sip, Ky... writes: 141 wasso Capital 50000.00 ,, r ,' ?
. Prayer Meeting Thursday nights. wrong is in failing to realize that a : .
, Young Men's' prayer,meeting Tuesday d. great many of the maladies which sick for 3 Of 4 years, Solicits Accounts of Banks Corporations Finns sac iadhld.a i .-" ,1 >,;
nights. Everybody c dl.Uyll1vlt I had to biro work "
hecalls degeneracy are just too muchof Our twenty yeara experience lu the banking business enables ua to 'offer 'J r!
Baptist Chnrch-t-Preachlntf+ every 2nd the highly developed nervous system done most of the time. you the best banking facilities of any bank in West Florida. We also have a 4

and 4th Sunday. Rev Baxter.pastor. which is the endowment I had given up ho fully equipped Saving: DepartmepJLinwhlch we pay irterest on : -
Babbath School 10 a. m., F. C. Hawk special Card by mail handled as easily: aa byipersona jntervtew.yM ':,,$
Superlnteneent.Praver of the gifted families. I began to take + ." .t endua.y rbUalnw. depoailACcount. .'. :.
t : ,
Meeting Wednesday Overcharge the battery ever .BO ..knew, right 'away.'\, fvas '" cwsq.
.. I, '" ....i. >:f {F. M. 9. :K!
'*. little and genius becomes insanity; helping me. Now, 'I am' "
k4 to'nee Directory
I give one member of the family aTolt' better than ever before In .'
Office hours 7:30: a. m.to 7:00 i ,m.; except '
Sundays:' ;\ too much and the delicate balance my life, and Cartful diditr" << 1i 1J 1fJR; >ITXtJ> f gIlIV4.J'Ii- ; :fJrida| State College For Women ; ,
Eastbound mall closes at 10:20 a.m
of phyi cal and mental qualities GAINESVILLEA TALLAHASSEE ,l''

West-bound stall closes at BtlO p.m. on which sanity depends is Superior_. .. But Inexpensive Institution for Collage of Arta and Sciences. Normal School. r .
Mall from Vernon arrives at 10 m. "'* I I
boundmall. broken down. the family .rfFlorldlt YbunrM'ek; School of Music. School of Art. School o( Kzpra .
and leaves on arrival,. of, ,..the east, ;BCARDUIThe Ion. School of Borne : :Economic I
and you will rid the world, of University Four&P'iAulturaleaperlmeDt extension. 46 professors and statloni assist First class equipment throughout. Tolttos) 1'
Sunday hours: 11:30 m., to 12:30 p. m.. but will also : ants. 80 per cent Increase In attendance last free. Other, expenses very low. For intoraaatioaaddress
some degenerate 'I
you ..
Money Orders Issued at all hours. when year. diny. and :ampu For
office Is open except Sundays-' and at, the same time rob it .of its \1&t l..ybua, ... p"' rr ED.-AID CONRADU PrtiMcsCSS.v l.t

.T P MCHEDL P. M most gifted'men..

Cia It.lac..>'!...'. ; ( My eugenist would never have let ..ww,....e............... J
Cowper, Lamb, Coleridge, Stevenson
BAHHEB: and Seml.-weekly, ',Atlanta Keats, Buskin, Henley or De I Cardul has helped thousands : : "

'Journal' per year fl.75.- < 't.' Quincey see the light. I ., ,of.weak. tlrjfd wjpnjtH.' DQ:.,. YOI4_ York
BAXHBB: and Thriceweek r New. The doctrine of should out women,back to health.It ,
World, !.6S.< ,
per year, : That now U the time to build that home or business house -
t 'BANHKB and Seml-weekly Times-tin- never be forgotten by parents or has a gentle, tonic ac- 1 you have been considering The present business depression

1 n and Citizen, per year, I1.CO. remembered by children. To the tion on the womanly.!}' S has reduced the price of lumber and building materials; labor .
t 'B. .. and Home and'Barmperyeai. ,1)1 cheap'and piMntfulr ndj-yoU'cn build now.for'25 to 50 per '
.JlB: .
first it is the assertion of their responsibility tem. It goes tf tfuj c rise l.centJeaat n-tn) "'/" "* '**

fl.26 ; to the second a re- of the trouble;:' .If helps. It {J \
: .. .. ti""r 1t : their 1 .ir"'lbNEi907: y\ ; JUNE-1908. :
r mbinder of helplessness. A. helps quickly,flurtl \ safe ; OR
Spander in the Westminster Ga ly. It has helped others.
I When think of lumber orjbuildlng- material think of us :
OFFICIALS.: '' zette., you .
Why not you? It wilL and the fact that we have completed a modern up-to-date mill-
Governor-Alber W. Gn hrln. Try It. Get a bottle today! work mill, and can fnrniah everything made of wood used in

Secretary of State;+H:.Clap .Crawford.' CHANGED CONDITIONS.The I,- a building: from kill to.. combvend. '. e that.we can .. I.,

Com Attorney Agriculture General Park. E. McLln.Trammel. New Station Master: -I'm ,\. !JfVvSash f : 4J Q' 1iEUICK." i ::

'Tre..urer-Wm V. Knott. glad to find you such a willing worker. PHOTOGRAPHY AT SEA. Mouldings Framing Bank

Supt. Public Instruction-W.,'M Hollo- I was warned that I would find Doors Casing Flooring Drug ."
Not the least attractive feature of Blinds Base Ceiling Store :
way. :you; the most ill-tempered and lazy > Frames ,l Finish Siding Fixtures,
Comptroller C. Croom. ',,' man:"'On the station." ,the modem ocean. liner V w"is the.com--. .-1 .;! ; .i+. .... ',' .I9, 'I'I" >$' '<<0 '.. IIP+"4MEstimates'
pletely equipped dark OOiii..Pi d cheerfully furnished. Freight 'paid to your station :
Court-Tho M.
Supreme Porter (anxious to ingratiate if desired.
Chief Justice; M. II. Mabrv. Clerrf. at the disposal of passengers. Oneor
selfffAn' I till corned
so was
you i rl
cabins set aside for the .
Railroad Commission Hudson Burr, more are '
eirBlack and White. '
Chairman) K.<\;Dunn;.CherH..' >./ purpose. The dark room ifl suppliedwith MARIANNA MANUFACTURING CO., ::

Judge1 first judicial -clrcalt-J.l Emmett metal; tanks, running' water, .2 MARIAININAfHere's ',li'tl.rA.' ... y
Wolfe.Pensacola..' SHOCKING! SOUNDS racks and alT .
trays possible equip-
State Solicitor:>> ttrst judicial circuit- In the earth aro sometime heark before a ': .LONa.D16TA@dc.adHON$ lIa. .- nor, ../ ,I. ;:1
+ ment

L.' Wilson., ', t. perll.terrible< Nature's earthquake warnings, that warn are Kind.of coming That; which together may' withv.electrio'rnbylamps be witched on,or ...........'..i ........... .

oft. As tale iKU'room 'will : ". .
a ; permit .
dull pain or ache In the back warn. you the "
several to1 work4
kidneys need attention If you would escape people together, "'-'
,,: :S.: Ch bbBe1leter'Qahmvllle'Fla.Shlelda'Wsrren,': l. those dangerous; malaiiies; Dropsy. DIabets if they desire., 'eiparMPOBd Tpho- ,< ." .' '''t

EecelveV6alhe8vllle.COUNTY or Bright'* disease. Take Kleotrlo Bitters ,
: at onoe and see baokaone fly and your best i ifeelings tographer > plaeediu.cbargewhowill : ,,' a Good Slogan for ..:)
I coach emateurpI ggrgpbes.-if
WASHINGTON OFFICERS. return. My son received great benefit ..
from their use for, kidney and bladder desired. A cc npleta.A ock.oi photographic } -
Circuit Cleric-W..'cTXbckey: Vernon.,
trouble, writes Peter Boudy. South RocK suppliesf ,pf'onr8e.carried Better
and Business.
Judge<< I. MHhtcalaoAVetnon.: a Bigger
County ,
: Sheriff Ct.LUonDhlA1Rl. wook, Mich. it Is certain a great kidney aboard. It J is,!a' a'opmmpn Bight :,

'reasurer-H;- : B. Tllier, 'Vern"" n.'.\ medicine., Try it; boo at 8. K. McGeacby's.IS to see a tourist who liaa.jtak'en'a snapshot .. .. .
: .. .11. .. I.I.II.' ,. -.1 'Y'
fax AssMorAj'iJ,Wjlllam" Chlpley. j I I on deck, for Instance, appeara .' '.. ,,"" \\, ." '5:

0 1I Tax CollectorW. B. G.Iner,1Cconhna.: QUEEREST OF ANIMALS few hours laier'aad'displa '&b finished DON'T BLOCK .TIIE.WAYF ,..

Supt..Public'tnsifiirction-B. F Gainer', \ mounted -photograph?

Wausau.. xiF Chameleon' Capabilities In Line. of r 1
j : ,
Supervisor of-/-. ReRg4on.W., ; Changlng-Colory Contrary to Pop -r4'- -- Move as fast >roce8sipn--or;: move out. Take the '
Gainer. Econflna. Jl fi'"' I' ular Belief, Are Limited. You are probably aware-thai pneumonia make :
pace of.the company youvare: ia' or' way the mabeh'lnd
County Pollcltor At'.tjafmlchael, 1, always results from a oold.,but you, never ,':1 .
.' .
: : ,
Chlpley., : beard of cold resulting In pneumonia whenChamberlain's ;
It is
popularly supposed that the .
Conch Remedy was used. :4
County veJor-Tbol,4)ollln., : Car,-
chameleon possesses the power of assuming Why take the risk when this remedy may '
vllle, Fla Commissioners ,:v\ all the colors of the rain be had for a trifle? For.snle br, All.Dealers ::" Don't standlin: t e way, of:new ideasT'l.Dontt: pause iri the'* .
County :
7 J. T. Hlgbtower, Chairman, Vernon. bow, but, as a matter of fact, its path of bettersystem., : .. Don't settle down on 'the "1 ladder of

-- A. C. Gilbert Chlpley capabilities' in that line are restricted ECCLESIASTICAL LATIN. success. DonH be a-barnacle on thV slMLof preeresa.1'' ":. ;"
S. L. Davis Wausau. ; inasmuch as certain colors are
J. H. Porter tiinVttte. attainment Ji -
l quite beyond For some time he popq and the .
U. F; Gunn Santa Rdsa. The chameleon can, however, pass Change:means progress. Progressmeausadyancetnpat': ;
Vatican authorities been .
occupied -
School Board: '- -
through a series of yellows; ,
G. B. Bush Chairman. Oranga Hill grays considering the, pronunciation
S. J. Gainer St. Andrew.W. greens and browns until it reaches a of Latin hi the/-ch' r he : While in Advancement means movement. MOVE. ... '
', "
color almost black and the c. "
unlike "
F..Bu.,1. Vernon. ; Some '
the churches of France and ., ,
.....1. .. -: leopard, the chameleon can and does In England one hears:'( 'qui-fecii{ DON'T-BIOC ; TIIK:"WAYTJL "
CHIPLEY CITY OFFICIALS.. change its spots. The chief causes coelum et terram thtr.Jtaliana '.11'.',.. :... .' .. I..JC ,.... .'- :' '
,' say r" "
Myer-1{. H.We11s., of these -
: rapid changes are linger, excitement "Deous coui fefchii tcheloum" and ..qtrI
.Marshal-H. M. Farrior,
fear heat and cold. s
Clerk and Treasurer. W. Cook. the Germans "Fetsit, tseloum." It' a '
Council-A. D. Carmichael chairman, In the full blaze of the summer follows that Roman Catholics when

-"t C. B.Dunn., It. McGeachy C. E. Tbarp sUn the chameleon takes' on a black- from home find these- er.
away 4i
W. O. Butler Jr : ish hue, with pale, pinkishyellowspots gencies on prpnunciatjon.somewhatdifficult : "

and central
a stripe,
to :follow; so the Vatican it ,
The chameleon presents, perhaps, tit t i4ity
of opinion that there should be a
the quaintest physical features ,in.all '
The Banner tmifonnity 'of .pronunciations If
;. animaldom, for -resembles nothingso
; there be any.result froth ,the Vatican! .
much as one of the mediaevalgargrfjrfia .
: deliberations-,,:ifmay; ,.'be\sumiseo' w
-; ,.:such as adorn the tower ,-
that the Italian form will be adopted

Chipley! Flap .',qf/JSotri Dame. His toes, in. their as most nearly that-of. the.ancient .

arrangement three on one side v .
u t
'ind*'two of 'thd? ohet'of' each hands 1'f, J .i .
Studs for the UpbulldlnrfofJChipley 7" S
Ad fo tare most suggestive of- L" :
birds ",i is also the manner in which .j .
fa. :, ..
1 blamed my heart for severe distress In my "ii.h'
... the risp{ the bough. upon which thelit9e'glagw.is left'side lor two yesr..-wrftei'.W, Evans, .. A handsome new style In

', resting or climbing. Dsnvllle, Va., but'know, now U was indlestion ?
: Washington County. 'they expression: of sardonic humor g >, as DrKln :n NewllfPlUsf completely I, our, Dianiond Special'Gradethat $ 00 ., .,,
';,' that seems to play about the mouthof cured'me1; >B&i"for"stomaon, liver will ghee the finishing e. ;
And Florida; and kidney trouble, constipation, heaaaca
the chameleon is
Kl curiously height- or debility; S3c: at'8. E. iloGea by'.. .. < !fI' touch to any costume.

ened by the weird effects of the independently .... .. ,' ,," .. > 1'1
moving This is only one of our new patterns.
Subscription, $1 Per Year. eyes. A.
"r. ; ,McQuag} .'e" ?;, :. I Ask your dealer to show you his styles of .

SCHOLASTIC. PROGRESS., Notary :iPulfflj( ? .l' ,. Diamond Brand Shoes. He should'fiavc: (

r We make a Specialty .
::$tate A.Aarg r'c
,, .
: them in all all prices; forincn
Tea, Johnny's, doing nicely at grades, at ;

Neat, school," Mrs. ;Lapsling said, "and he ."
and children.
as-well for women'
remembers everything he learns; AD. C RMItiD,, ,,!) ., ., ; as

s Artistic. especially in history. He told me Attorney at Law '. .cz) Q. S& JJ/4NONIJIJ/UNDIl/j ji ,.

Commercial Printing the story the other day about Alexander p.Colleetione a 8pecta tJ' Lcr.1HOENAKEHV'i .

r .. ..., ; \ ,A cutting the accordion knot" } fyilpiey} Fl.ib la ""

i When,her child Is In danger A woman : WE, MO SEEN THAN ANY
> JYibNES.AttorneyAtLaw OTHER THE WES7:
Banned); : will risk nor life to protect it. No great act : .
: ol heroism or risk of life is necessary to pro. ,
\ Mot child from croup. Give C'bamber- ,

Chipley, Fla. Iain's Cough. For Remedy sale by All and Dealers.all danger lnoWed CIIJI LEY, EL&. ", Try an.advQrtisemcnt.in; .Raul 1: 4 ,,

.' : ; .. .. :
V "J" *...'";? w --' -:-. 1e. t., 'v... 4.rsx, ""'I,(. s Tft'r *- ; ? ,



.," ....J....,' :: ":" ,:..<,,.. ...o\o', ""...".'.....". ,..-u'',: dIIi. 'i ;"1..-' ".._::':'...,:j .. ,r...


o,,, T1 rt ? .) ,

: .

I .- i : jte.'iL >-.'. _1_
'- ,
H- __-; -
r-- -
- -


Leee Estimated at $160,000,000 In One
KeepV.. M. Hollowa at fke Head of Florida year Laid to Carelessnessof

Woodsmen .
4. '
i < -
I .
"'''' Sclidtil *Sytet ." He is Advaric- With a total estimated forest fire
I .s, 1 loss for the entire country last year

> '* ranging from $160,000,000 to $200-

Montana Newspaper Halls Hbrt> the Education of State. 000,000 and causing the death of

! ::i,as the Standard Bearer of ing our several hundred persons, uneasy indeed

, the must! rest the knowledge
: Democratic. Party... upon
; ?- any woodsman experienced or amateur
..olI r Ji\f' .1\\'t:1\'l' years. Mri J IJoliowayt ,, that he caused a fire which >

i PROGRESSIVE AND ABLE MAN \\-; '". Siiiriiiriilrnt! | | of ,l-'nbtti I may have contributed in this loss of

ln>tm.-tionW" '' Ata/liu.i. ; Oumty.: ,, life and, property says Guy Elliott

o .t'; '' .'' Due i II y t'titt' time I lie Intilt i I ttjt t tlit.1 ;; :Mitchell in. the Review of Review!'.

iTrtio Patriot ante, Morally and Intel.i -. ht 'I "' rl>UMii tic that county wiil -;, On the other hand, the man who extinguished

Tactually! Fit for the High Po.|" I IT! .all1li\A| aft'' ;iimonit TlllCFiR.lT an incipient fire may..takejusf .
Won to Whltlj H. U '
.' ably Sure l of hk/ ". in the State... In N >\vin1 ,, pride in ,the act.
; ... t: ,- r 1 It ..r. ; C)l1. at the Stataj: +'air iivtJ.ick The way to prevent big fires, as '

"IJlelena (Mont)1ndependent--The\ )invillt? the sohix!exhibit IIf, Chief Forester Graves says is to put
P(oplo will nr<,me the democratio ,,; :I(;"' them out while they- are-small. Ifpeoplearecareful'not
party's candld '( '>'W < '. ''. Ala.H-ja;': CtlmtV.S tilVKM'; '
< tjla, the next \L .#< I Kl-aT PLACM al.ln ir"M )':!
democratiC convention ''t8IIIP; l1P'''<:;', mCIa or if in case' fires, do start there are
there will be no;boas whose'voice will '' '" y ,. iI l .ar'\o1ll.\ Tins' \vas-in' com etU' enough people available to fight
be heard above the otll 1 'I <
rallying : .
pal popular sovereignty; mere cry"Will {I.: k < ion ;a i rainst the whole State, and"' them they will gain no headway.The \; .

I bet no machine' which will Interfere M. I (ul1nwa)' Was! Superintendml !- forest'"service in itt posted htH '

with. the 'regla rlng of the people's i d d ; of AI"l'hllill'UlIt1l: ,). AT THAT:, tice lays down a. few- simple rules, i
X111.t7rom "
Maine. TIM 114 1 ;, :: "; to keep .in* mind when in the woods S
-California,. from r .
Minnesota to $:Texas, the, delegates and particularly- requests i in .ease (if.
wjio will assemble,to name the party's I I Ju I he office oT Stata'Suptrin- fire that the forest guards be not/-1
: S.Undard-bearer In the next campaign. U'luli-nt of :Public Instruction, '' ficd. If jthe .fire has not gained..too

wilt}.come with"but one purpose laYtb r U'+/IKvay hay J I'orcpd the projjres : l large headway it may be very.1ms.

eramant-to to restore power real In the democratic nation's capitoL got- M that niarlccd, biscarver: in thtJ lees 'sible, to check and'extinguish it,, always .,

." .-r It'-ld.' 'He hits:. been a DRVKKOPIClx' )} remembering that fire runs
Jn view of, IlilB.aHuaUon. a sltaatlon : I : (tf-l'lrl'ila.1UU., I .,.'' rapidly Upi' a ,lope, burns slowly on '

which la most encouraging to the ; S CATIONAL[ i nEOtJJ: ,_: J.R; and the ctest""'entl) travels (down 'MIl'yet' .. >':00
party, It la possible now to forecast ,_ more
slowly. Many an incipientfire
the result of 'the to.lar the school, system of the
democratic tconvenUewv -_
has been
put out by a single
and that forecast points unerringly SI'.i.\ .inn>.vi.i,. lj.ir toward that; upwar. =
to guard or ranger or an experienced"tamper
the nomination of 'Woodrow ,! planu of' KI'lelt'IIINCVIr ; -
-1r aon, ormer-'presldent.of,Princeton' using his blanket or-a green
university, and nn the lower t-, the higher/ form'4ol
governor of New ,Jersey branch fpr beating the fire or throw;
for the highest office within the'. L <,il\ 'icaliou in a manner: that'UTtAo ing, on, loose earth or sand.

right rile of democi any people.tla candidate' must be.progressive. the 'i KHlity: and' energy; uf'i ,.' .. ;

,..... a ..;/Such a man Is Woodrow i B li .ad"., T he,forward' movement ; BETTER STILL "
=. 'Wilson whose record In New Jersey of C'lticatJon\ in Florida! : is a Mirror '
; has stamped him .. .. .. ,. .
as one pf the 4 01 I bis1: All) ministration. *
f. most progressive> .men In public.Ufa.! ?
.\. :;1'he. democratic candidate tor the* .

;; tram presidency all influence mutt be of unafraid'''political> and bosses.tree j;, W.: ... .'M.. ...; tJOLLOWAY.' .;."'.. .. .. A Succeaaful Teacher., .. -A Su. ,cceesful County Superintendent of ,
t. .
Stroh a man fs| WOOdrowrWUson" who; > t':' ft
,Ia:his own state, unhorsed a political Public'Instruction. A Successful. Supcajntena: en't;pif''Public Instruction.
dictator; whose-power*ao, one.before
; had shaken. : '.' i I ________. '__n__ ._ ._.,
.' R '. .
:. People Have faith In Him., I ., ., ' 1 ;)'he democratic candidate .for the i '
W. M. 'Hollo.way.Has Educational
presidency must be. eaeenUaU1(-damoti '
,. ,
cratlo. Such A.man.la Woodrow WllSQB. or ; :7. : >
whose political ascendency! ha sbeen I
: accomplished only by reason of Ad ancemeriti''Wl; thou ? i iCotto! < the: People. .

the faith- the peoplehave-"-la him and ., .
w,to will carryInto, the, high office no i -

secret politics bargains for. 'private th thpae-'gain.who manipulate tit DISCOVEkEU ii law that enabled tn- '-portlort'of his time to visiting: and inspecting ,

I : The democratic candidate' 'muitfbte ", vestment of.the State Scbool.Fund 'in securif:, tb) e cpqotry.schools.qf the State. This ,work

t morally and intellectually" ; Dt tar the ties paying a HIGHER rate of interest. ,,. c; Isproving: a great benefit and WITHOUT. i fvact'r.P
place. Such amen lawoddow: WU- u.r
soaawaosertraiminfe efUibles' him' to''' : He was INSTRUMENTAL. IN, SE-CURj- J g ).p tie? PEOPLE. .

.gt4e' to ttii 'great problems of the ING to the School Fund 25 pier cent, oT thE; ;..J.U t;; <<:jkat3 .a Jvanced the HIGH SCHOOLS 6f Mrs Askitt-Are,, you careful to

a 4s7. an Integrity: abq a question and proceeds arisingfrom!' (the' sale.of State! 'lands, thC".St-ateJJJ; a.similar way. In 1908 a Depart- make your husband tell.you everything ';' I .
at .} entai'espaclty,and,-knowledge"of that happens'to him?
fi l publto affairs.'which- haa,;.prob'abijia' eb : '.Vntch 'troni'November 30, '1908, thedate of the merit 6f. Seco d'arv: .Ed' ucation (High Shools) Mrs. Tellitt.:-Yes,.and I'm careful' '

A 4 fft"*xcene
fq ..lac..the'd.rsot'Ie.rIOl1.: : e4: to l4"Si21S.: 'The. revenue ''thf/S" derived and toebal21e. the State Inspector of High .. : "r '., .
{is Woodrow Wilson there' amplept : '
evidence' of America's ability to d.'; will :amount: to several hundred thousand/do-. ] .,Schools] o'ropre! !'! efficiently cover tbefield, Mr. CRUSOE IN MANHATTAN: '.

ve l-ln-ee.h.orIzJatIn'tlie'nation's lars in a few yea"rs.. iHolloway -.through* the General ducation ":

O a affairs ja: man who. Js ,.eaval. to..th.- He has ADVANCED' 'the COMMON B6ajrdpRpCURED.$1,500; to apply on salary Another, reason why an. English; ;!';
emraept1caa..or; hlA.Ume:: 7Wahln toaapBeared mail is apt"to tire of New York with
- >> OD..tb'' scene; "wBeiirthdl. SCHOOLS by SECURING $2,750 annuallyfrom and expenses. of t State Inspector, and 'by unexpected Vapidity is the curious '
saUsfled-ooloola*needed-;syvtrong'inan the Southern'Educational Bodrd for eal- this means the High Schools receive: about '
isolation of the city. 'One feela-in
'V I -jtga a mll1t lTl genius to lead them to ary.of aJSta Inspector' of rural: elementary! nine-tenths of the Inspector's- time WITHOUT New York singularly cut 'off fro'm- ..

national 1n4ependeJ1cleJreraOACam., schools, and this educator devotes the' ; ADDITIONAL COST to the .people ''. ,
when the, new. .dfcmocracy needed- a ,. greater the rest of the world and' not least /1.

' mail *o tke,.therein*,, of,the vgor''' '. ." .5..."S N '. 1 from the rest of America. 'Personally ., ..
meat from.the hiada"0fi4;; enibryobllUy ; n2l ; ':].t f confess I never really regard: s: f ..

.. / Jackson; ; and came, restore.when._St.the,tQ',money.;;the;'',p power eople. f.W' 1. M. ,Hollo way: :::> iff a.Iauuidate.for'.ReElection.Let ;: myself all in the United' States untilNew .. ., I

;, ." Ant.."Ierted itself 1n.the, ,,< :,- the1' American ..government.; Lincoln HimContiriuo"Hi-s'Fnitllful Work. free of its atmosphere of concentrated ., t i*.,
\.- i same whenVthe.unioni.weaAabontJ'toupon .t' self A Lon-
ti : '. .,I .. sufficiency. .n
bte k the'rocks. of domsstlo .,: .. j doner who' Is" used to' being a.t e
atiit.. ; .'','' ..
r k;:; '' .'fhe'Maivfori.the-Oeessloh.' : '".1.1r'A .. .', : ', teniet! of things and watching! beneath 'f.'I
'. lad now,"-when greater'problems11{ '.... !. '. ," his very eyes the convergence: '
4 : ; than those; 'which confronted Wash ,; J j of) a ''thousand worldwide interests .f
r* 41 Jagiona4d, Jefferson and Jackson and .,: ( I not only feels in .New York that .he. "

JJacoln; demand courage' and ability .!. has been banished to the outer circumference .'
' 9 of almdst superhuman': character "
wheo-from.the-leafth-aWd breadth'otithe. ; ,"but feels also that he has,'

:land.there. NSACOJ left England 'without really reachingAmerica. -'. t

Pr&jer...,':aq,4., g1ve4na.agnarntBnr4 f ff .-Prom the narrative of a- ,
r plu4gerlglpLr enLltonnatAn.hlgh' places < revisiting Englishman in. Harper( ..
apdl when the Jlf8.. blood'o -tke coun- | ,1/'
's: -;:' p: try'js belni-eu6k' 7'flirvampl.r.: 'of i;i-/ iIrFLD: Weekly. l.,

4n9 ,w big business i whea greed,and ararloe m DUTY'OF HAPpiNESS. .'..s: ;5.! ?; J tim ;
:. ,, bsviibeeR....bstltptd.! iv' patJ1otJ'Di.MI d 1 '-.1 '' ..,.
-. Uce:&'lrbes.apere114" "'"and 'halfihearted 1 ; .
There is much underrate
no duty we
V) attempts, fto. irlghtexfotiVg : &
\x :i wrongs '.nlyv.aggtavaU.: :'them1; ; when f : as the duty of being happy,_ l'
B* V: : tte natlcSa *Kfc'< ,. -*' a WaabJQKt P-tUUU"4hr.\1ae! peoU 5 FEBRUARY IS-19-2O benefits upon the. world, which' ,it- rf of Jeffenoo': ;>. t 4.courage of a nedsAalaadt4Nubllmep4tMotl.mlot .5 main unknown even to ourselves ot'"' 't'
1 | j, = "Let Dull'CareGo-Astray." ..'
1' -
when they disclosed, surprise nobody -
adAnfiOln-at euch*.timers-thW It Islike' : ..,
; .- watching the band ,ot, aJbeaefMceatj I, (i '1 Everything Now! BO much as the benefactor. Ahappy1
to Woodrow Wllaon.topm + Si or is a EftP "
see woman
;Jestlny ; if The:'greatest''Tnferry-maldn& festival man ... .
'iarge ,on the scene, of" nationalpelltlcs. thing to find than a- '"
held inn the, .
,,., .:" t 4 eras He 'or she; is '8v radiating .t?cus oI :: : .
Not only.the Democratic party.:'butA Grandest Mardi Ever.
( ,' ; OAtloM ..tood..bl.aa.4 that.sucb.a S ; S Magnificent-tttreet Pageants. Amusement good willf; and their -entrance.,in ". _
;'. saan la u11aW8'*for the presidency. Attractions galore.: Confetti 11II a room ia as though another candle '

You will have the bojlleat/ time o< your life. had been lighted._ We need.. not ca1,1} ( .i.
:IIAD .8. N',ATTTHE._: BEAC",* a: t8I t, FIRST CLAS8\HOTEL>CCpMMbDATION8Th whether they could prove the :lortf.,,: tt

I' I I.ancient t'lty of rip iUhLwind rod Eornmnc*,' Wnlch h.., tflTdlftr.ntUiDM seventh proposition ; they do a J bett, ??i t t' .
f >e-WA .women"like.to.ba- oytd.' Jn Its hf( ocr aekaonlednd aUgli.ge.to th. flag.of fir* $&, than, .
dif r.nt nattoiw, InvltM you to mrt Yin Priwiak F.b.la4a.te thing that they practically .\ 'l t\
H.- Y.a.;:I'T.e' observed .. Cxc irlaRat.*from roar eitr.which will b.m..l. Fob.13. '
tatyouhke.a whola.lot.bettel *to :.. the liveablenesa '.of ,. life--Rgbet; :: )P ; .
". '
". F... /
.- "
lilt : < : II, Louis StavensoTi- i > -
r ,
... ... c' .. .
\;' -- -- -- .
-. I{ .' : ,
v.. .. 1 ,
.. J : .(

r ,, !
... eCRVWr'M.t.evmr J.T
,.., .. .. ,.
.' + yt.A+K'+dr hb+, a e.r ? r. ., r 1.. 4.Y..

I' .

.... .. .,. --r..1-"I"-r' "'V" ", .i :
-- -- '' '
'- .
,. --'I'. ', '" .4 '. 'ti" ,''', ,.:'r T"n t, ,: : :: :' '/'." ,-. :i :;' ;:'# {> ...'; d'1'", ;,, : ., ,I,
: ;; : : .
.';.". : ; ,\( : ,.. ," ,

n ..I
._ _____.__.__ __._______uu___ __.. _______

I .WRU8ftU. I .. .y.1 1

atWAL.TBR $ C. Jones Was in town Saturday. I.
I Wilson N of Chipley was here, J I
i .. .
W. Wednesday. ANNOUNCEMENT. .
I .
; Entered at the pMtafl r S. Tiller has moved to his new I .
.I MOMtd tear ran aatt<<'. three. miles west of, town. .. -. 1 .__" _' ... "

had an unusually large To our Friends Customers, and, the Pub'; :
Y :
: ... ._ : : : >: A _
........... of visitors Saturday. r
), oats TKXB, lie at Large: .! .. r .
: + > > t
SIXMOXTHS....... ... Wm. Bradly of South port, was '- .
THBXB MONTHS.... ... ". J'--' ,;,' ,, ,
caller here Saturday' '
.. We wish to callyour1attention .... .' + .
...'-. ,' .. >: ,:
it, of Holmes Val- i'c". .,. V <:;;' .... "::.. ....
- F. McKeithen one 1- \ 1 ,
.4nnJaba.ratM .,. ; ,' ,. ... .": '.- ,"" :;" ._ < ,to the fact that. 'we are short' .oti: '". ..' ... -; ,:"if"., '/
farmers was here Saturday. ,
:- : ..., .' ;
: :: ;, 'J' "
room for enormous "
: _. u ,: our newly' ' ,
s.-. ..: :
Communications on Barrow and wife spent part of 'f. '.' ... : .'.. \,,'
dally Is understood of local, Interest however,, week with relatives in Chipley. ...,'. .. "c, -- 'purchased supply of spring. :: Dry ", < ,'..""" : ".,.:.," ,.'.'. .. ,...:' .

er TH Burma: will ;, Ala. ". 0 .. '.1 ,.:.. Goods and Notions, and ;in order. i .'I..,. ".-' .. ,... ". .

for opinions expressed b Waters' with of friend Enterprise here last week., was, .. .' ."'Ii .. ""',''wJ. ,' :" to make the desired room, we' ".';. ,. ,q--. :. :.;;../:' ". "', ..
Tra BAVIHCB wants a .. Florida Nichols of Bradford .' ,,.J,: ;; M' ,have placed upon Specialcoun'tern -,. ::, J.. ,., >, : ; ." ., ;.
live and correspondent .. \ ''' ', h, '
: : ad innumerable assortment'of :" (
In the and will was shopping In town Satur- ,. -' : '. '
county '
', ; ;:; .'c' ; ,
rangements! with the : ... ,; .: ." '. Dress Goods and they MUST ., .; h

Warren, and wife of Millvllle, 7 o. ..,. GO. .: ; ."",'" .: .x.

.. THUR0DAV, f spending some time here. with rel- ". ', .. ; Those of you who come early ., ', ..:; !' '"., :" f
: ': ,.., -< .. ,-
: .: : ''
will be bargains i.
to :
:.. : sure get ., ,. :t" .
'-;' County H. Brock, farmer .. .. : '
a prosperous .. Come and see that we m anw1iat.-. .. .,. .J" -. :
stock raiser of Hardlabor, was a '. '.' .. -
: The Banner :' ." we say. ,a: 1

tion of county here Saturday. -, t We are also just, in-reciept of ... :_:.f- ;- .. "
., ; ..'.. .,. ,,, :.
Laura Glen of Chipiey, spent tII". -
.... ": ,
the most oMast week here with' her aunt, JJc, < < 'pnr )rage line of Sprlng.Shoea; '". '.; :
: '
,be considered' in .M, Glen, who is quite sick, r >" ; _7 Slippers and Pxfbrd-; to see sour i. :, '. .; ... -::: : _"'. rr. : 4

county at this time : Ben returned over thi B. C. ". .\ 'r'c. display of them means sales and-'., ... :" ;: J .' J
.: more believe that if. from a trip to Southport and .. :, '. satisfied: Customers. ,: ,.. '1: ... ..: :' t..

the county were towns on the bay looking after ,!: Command: see for yourself. ," : ,,'

'tunity to express ; schools. .':. ., '. .. .,

the. county would Lee Jones ,was In our: burg ': !-. ". '
4. -
,Tbis'matter He says the letters he gets Campbell. Company. -
the glrla-at Gateswood. are
,deration{ at the '.
their weight in gold.
are sorry to note that Mrs. .M. '
: and after .a very
continue sick. Her condi
very ,
"' ;'.ion ot'the matter, serious but her friends
has become
tee refused to The Board'of County Commissioners The School Board transacted f Carlton. Jackson of Vernon;" i, I
pnt I
she '
may yet recover. were in regular monthly regular routine business in their was one of the visitors: here-

on the primary winter has.Seen very cold wet session Monday: meeting Monday.. Thursday. ,", ; '
.. This decision, disagreeable so far -the worst of .. ().
.; Kwise. We do not' 'winters. But Mrs, Ella Jones Come let us sell YOU a'Rock'Hill

campaign us that she set out 800 cabages in I ,Said about WW. I Buggy,,they are' the best made. '..'_
mary WvMournoyv "
.. l and they are doing fine, Dunn-Coleman_ Co..' ''f. may..,. -. .'
fused and "
'shows what can be done even in .. .. .. "
sue.. .. We don't worst winter., .Read the advertisement ':pf: "'. -
be brought( into the .. .. _A Credit to the District.. I the:Best Mao for Rep.-esCII.1atiye.i: ,; T.. W. Wood & Sons, Seed men; of ..

all. automoble belonging to Ben "Col. Flournoy's. formal an- "Col.. .Wm. W. Flournoy. has Richmond; Va. They sell*seed' '
To place it on the was destroyed by fire nouncement which appears in all I' his announcement in this issue. that give satisfaction. _*** ,
I lot to be voted on, distance east of Chi ley the papers in the district this : Read !it carefully and note the J. A. Hurt, a Washington' .

au expression Friday night. We are glad week is in thorough accord with I difference in the ring of the way: county ,boy who has been-,: in < .
; however that Mr. Han
people, because of bad, a thousand, dollars in-, his record as a legislator. 'Thereis he Addresses the people and the Mississippi for .a, few years, has
come back and says- he is 'now
the ballot, and on It.. nothing of the political mounte- '.t rotyped' old form of the. other satisfied to remain here. d'' -:
; ,
be considered on it. .. .. bank or the cheap appeal to pas- two. He goes about I his'business ,,".

Some claimed ANNOUNCFMENTS. sion or predjudice, but, to intelligence at all times in a businesslike About that buggy ..you.needand

."' fought out in, the and intelligence.alone: way, always using! the best "want; Dunnj-Coleman, Co. .
C.'McOeachy.'Z. sell the "Rock Hill" which is the _
the candidates for announcements. under this A man'who stands as be does in of.language.and- his. ability not best. buggy made.Tand. the' priceis

# tive. This would County will be'Commissioners K# for all county and officers members, ex this matter would and will be a to! be questioned for he is'to-dal no more than''ytfii will havesto. ; .

T pression of the. will Board which will l>e$3.150 each. credit to. the district.-DeFuniak. adjudged one of"the, best posted pay, for a\ cheap buggy. 't: '

:'on accouut of must bo paid for In Breeze,. .-,.,lion,..- .in- the State .and .If. thsorw-.... ..--- .'

candidates. And pie 'will 'follow after his talk;

would involve the For SlierHC An Able Legislator. .. tnrpugh the press from time. to .

every other office. }' of announce Washington myself county n candidate subject "In this issue appears,tbe an- time' it will be an'easy matter'' to

It seems to us- action of the Demacratlo! Primaries nouncement of' Senator Flour- see that he i is far the superior

the only way to and Influence you In, advance 1 am for your poo- -rioy for Congressman from-the and'the" best man of the -th ree to

r definitely; and get a JOHN Yours W.truly WILLIAMS." Third District. Senator' Flour- represent the people of this dist'

L -- sion of the will_ nf lives at DeFuniak Springs' rict in Congress. He is more
---- -- un noy
For Sberiar than entitled. to the position and
have a special ) announce my candidacy- and .is considered one of the Be l is going .to'win."-Laurel Hill

the county comD !connty.nomination If nominated of Sheriff: and of strongest and ablest'members of News. i ijr.

tie this matter: by I promise to faithfully discharge the bar in. West Florida. He f
'-... duties of the office, especially BO '
friends of prompt execution and service of has represented his district i in Av Vigorous. Campaign.
to it could and writ, both criminal and the It Th* simplest, lightest running,fastest ,
opposed leaning from the various conrts. of State Senate and on the floorof $ "Hon. Wm. W. Flournoy of.. cutting saw mill (trerbuilt-a mill ..... ..
campaigns and not the Senate demonstrated that DeFuniak 1 that yon can bay at tie right price and '-, \
!solicit; the support of the Springs., was ,1&our.: with which-you can fcaake big money:
matters. In the Democratic Primaries with he was as able' legislator> as has city Tuesday in the interest 'ofIs
Let all : derlre to discharge. If r. It's all in (the Taylor FeelEyerylmlliMtedwIjhwer.oabj.dre
us by { ;every duty of the office. with loy been se'nt to Tallahassee. He is candidacy for Congress. The: ;
question of county to yonr Interest. Je and has | '
a man
,Yours very truly' very courageto looks well, and says be ( l
tIed for and colonel set-out attachments?+ and adjustableIdler.
t good HENRY FARRIOR. spare. It,was he who threw e a vigorous campaign Improved eartlsge-backlng de-' :

::.i t'8 brine the For Sheriff.! down the gauntlet to' GovernorGiicb'rist from now until the end of the vies Is qiek oetimj and a MUM ""ef't j

primary campaign.
.. 'V a candidate before the Primaries for several days had diplomatic will-be found his-announcement/ W.Btanufactur Knglnes, Boilers' .

T. B. D. Gainer, held April 30th and May -28th,.'.re- relations off between:tbe Senateand Shingle,JIaebID.I'Cot.04 8a"Wood. ,
for the office of tlbllrl!. and Milton Gazette.: Splitters, etc., and d. Foundry Works; t
pqrts,prosperous If elected, prompt nad efficient the Governor's, o lce."- ..._' _...-.. Wct... IntonnMlon tm4 doM oe.otthlog! .- 3.Mallary
to the affairs or the office and .-"
; '
in town Saturday and- graftless; administration.. Havanna News., .' : .Energetic and Systematic. A Tsri.r Iron Works" .,a
route to Vernon Respectfully, : MACOH.'OO.: '. .+* '"
D A.MCMILLAN.For ;iSee the announcement on 'another -
meeting of the. : Platform dearly Defined. f

ecutive committee, 8laerlG page of Hon. .'VW. Flournoy ... ". '.
a member.V Voters: "Wm. W. Flournoy has announced of DeFuniak' Springs, for

".,- ...---- reW oi!auenn.announcemy oi! wasmuirton. candldacyfdr. county elsewhere in these cot the-Tbtrdlbistrut.,, Mr. Flouriioy'has I I Wood'sSeedsFOP :' << -

to the action of the Democratic umns as a' candidate for '.Congressman -been considered p )
TIED and I ask .
earnestly your con
and support. And If you elect of the Third District. ,able 'candidate for sonic b-I, 1912.p \
-, promlxe to give a fair and '
you His .
A. North Carolina ministration. of the office announcement .is forcibleand His a i1ity.'is.aeoerrJlyconceded Our flew Descriptive Cate' : ', )

.' a Yours JOHN truly: ,T..BRITT..... his platform clearly; defined. and his energetic and systematic is fully up-to: Ut4-and: ,.'
Greensboro. N. C.' We shall have' the pleasure -of manger of doing,: things about. the beat | ".'\: ,

1 time I was so' run peoplo of For Washington MherI8 county: hearing him speak to voters daring make bim a formidable rival of Garde. and ; .'

tated that I could a candidate for sheriff. and earn the campaign.-Graceyille the others aspirants for the ..honor. r
.. My, appetite,,wu poor request your consideration In the TaniiSeedSi: .; _
sleep nights. I had orlmarles. My past life Is Advertiser. \ .' Vernon.Nevvs.. : '
recomeuilatlon, and I assure you f Every fcrmer and .-sranleneir
called tonics without : -
I, able aDd fair administration> -
advised to try TOUT duties of the office,without-fear or Flatterlnr Votes k Holmes. -.1 Will be Successful in Jhls Too. should have! a copy of due catsw. :
': :: .: .Iron tonic. Vlnol. and should you choose me as voiie: log;;which has long been recog
iv+, ,; :;414.Jol',1& gave. roe a. make executive the race officers on my ot the own county.merits.. I "Col! W. W. FJournoyS formal "Elsewhere. in this issue will nized as a standard authority
+ __: ;f!cnnienced to nothing of political wire puking announcement 'f.o" Congressfrom be found the formal:! announce" for the full and correct informal.
and I feel strong Veil earnestly ask your .careful con- don;which it .
third gives.
l 'tlva. than I hara. for before making up your mind I the district, appears ment of.CoL W. W. Flournoy, of
; whom you-wtli support; In. double-column for in this issueof We are headquarters for 1
_ Just.glr. Vlnol a .yoursM. W. BRtilTT\; the Advertiser and we ask our tor Congress from this dist Gr&ss and hover Seeds Seed.- .< _
Potatoes Seed Oats Cow ,
Vlnol did for : Peas
It'will'do for every. For TAX.A__... readers to look it up. Col" Floursoy' rict... Col. Jflournby, is 'one of Soja BeaM and.all.Farm Seeds 1

d.blllUt d person In,t .Asseseor announce of myself... a candidate is n'o stranger. to' the. peopleof West Florida's many good law- '
_ afaow.. oar ftJth! ,we to the action of the., Democratic Holmes county and there lino. yers, .J as represented his, district Wood'ieqO19t1Vt) Catatetf mailed

_ .:;.aMm.,Bisdlcta Come free in If It and. .. ..,.and If. elected solicit shall your kupport endeavor. and to- .doubt but what he will 'receive a '.in the 'State Senate'and has free' on request.. Write' for it-...:
that term.. the justice affairs to all.of the office., with' fair very'flatter'ing'vote fn'this of .the made success' in bis. business T.W.WOOD O SONS,:: .' .

Sold to Cblpley s, by S. .- DAVE D. DAVW.: I district.. .-Bonifa/. Advertiser." undertakings."-Mraianna' T. C. Seed ,-- en;. -. Ridiaead, V*: .,', .t r:-.-. >'"

\ .

.. k ;w ? ''
i f.a.R1d ,,+.fn Ad v.rl .+:.5 ,al 7s !'I S,dFN.jl1' ;"""'"' {
:; -wl or. {

''' .. '- '" -..,.. "<, "- n ., -.r..r ..' -",",,'''' '''. -, -,' rl .'" ". > .,.. ,- .
rr"'T; -3// .. .}.i. q..; : ;, ;,, :. ,, ; "
: : .. ,


l' ,
.. '.. '
f > -
-. '+- .
t .", y' -

1I"\ F He Will Represent:. the District. -A Resident One The of Way Chipley Way." Out.Shows Prompt(Prickly Ash Powerful, Poke Root and Permanent Potassium)

I ?c II W5' Its beneficial ef Stubborn oasee Good results are
Only bad back.
4 one way cure a fectl are tisnatly yield to P. P. P. l..tlnR--lt cures
Llmlment and planters may relive !it; O felt very quickly when other n+edl- you to stay cured
due MO u eles -
I Ye Thet.won't\) |t. :
4.; Backache means sick. kidneys. /

Dban'a Kidney PllU are for'b d'kldnev. I p S A. IL.
t +r'M .. ,
.Chipley people back them up. Makes rich ted, pure blood-cleanses the entire
'Read Case of it: yatem-clear the brain strengthens, digestion and nerves.A .

:Mrs. M. A. Davis,. Jackson St., positive specific for Blood Poison and skin diseases.

Chipley, ;Play says: "I consider 11; a Drives out Rheumatism and Stops the Pain; ends Malaria;
pleasure to agate recommend Doan'a is a wonderful tonic and bodybuilder. Thousands endorse it.

Kidney PilU in A public way. I think
just highly of this
as remedy now as I

,. did three years ago after it cured me I

have had little or no kidney trouble -

since.awhile and I was seem In to poor be health growing for worse.quite _.................. ...$

Mr nerves were a.ll, unstrung and I 0
rested so poorly that, whep.I got up in
the morning:, I was all tired out. My
appetite was poor and I always felt
r.I \ : : languid. My daughter finally procured 1 Wire Fence.J J
a'box of Poan's Kidney Pills at
McGeachy & Go's Drug Store .and I
began using this remedy. The content '
: .
H of.the first box did me so much .- ., ,.' $
good that.I continued !ts UBe and be- 1fi .. .
fore I in better health .ft. .. ", '.
long was than I 1, ,- I., ".
had enjoyed for years. 'I feel that I t g
owe much to Doan's,Kidney Pills. J ,\.' I'- ,, ," '
) ,. /0. .
For'sale:by all dealers. Price. 50 ZI -- : i3d

cent. Foster-Mllburn Co., Buffalo e \ ., .. ., -: .
New York, sole agent for the United ; '2'II
States. 51 Ihldll .
Tii-T \"
: ake Remember no other. the .name-Doan's-and 4 -. -' f .,'

4 '13t qa \ "
__ Department of the Interior. 11'\'\ (

".U.* &Land' Office January at Gainesville 6, 1912. Fla.: WW ..+.-...-..".-.t.---d-.. =....-.-=--.:..=.--= ==.1...=- ...-.=,_g.=._-= t-::::.,.=.. .-t..... ...=" .-=-1..
Notice In hereby !given that Amanda ,
,Wm. W. FLOURNOY Anderson, widow of Henry O. Aderson. -. &
deceased, ol1<'ountalnl Florida, who, on '
February 83,1909, made Homestead Entry Just a word Farmers and Fence Builders: ,
Serial No. 01104, for of "
HK SKX! and NEX & <*5'
Candidate bf SE}(, Section 24;Township 1 north, .
Ior Congressman Third District. .
bait n&nRe'1J llled notice went of, Tallah&llse Intention to make MeridIan Final : "Having made::a .deal for Ten CarLo ds :||
A; In every,paper .published m the"-Third Congressional ai. Dis- Commutation Proof to establish claimto .

trtet I have announced"as candidate.for Congressman t.heland abave described before Amos of the .Best. American Steel 1 Wire t Fence ;
: weS
K Lewla U. S. Commissioner. at Marl- JH : ,. ,||
,-J: solicit your consideration upon the principles to be published I anna;Florida, on the. 14tb day of' F bruary >"

and;discussed.in"'the 'campaign. lam 'bv' instinct. training Claimant, 1913.names as witnesses: John E.: are in position to make you better prices O

and study ah ardent,supporter of our'form government with Lytes, C. B, Plutner, June Robinson, e
its three distinctive and alluring branches:' 1, Legislative;'2,-Judicial Lott.Nichols-, all of Fountain. Fla.Henry than ever before.s ,, -

; 3. Executive; which'should be controlled of, by and for Ed,fee paid S. Chubb Register ; 0

all the people,-whether natural or artificial, without stealthy encroachments '

by department: upon the other, or upon the NOTICE FOR PUBLICATION. 0 Be sure you see .iis belo're"buying wire 0 "I '

people's rights'by;ring rule, factionalism, judicial construction .. Department of the Interior. jQfi '
U.s.. Land Office at Gainesville-; Florida< elsewhere .It saved.
; money
: means X ;
or.6tberwis. ..Let us einulate'our fathers as men, candidates December 10, 1911. ,
and as voters!! Let.us, study and realize our position, .conceive Notice is hereby given that John D. is?
'the of the of Harrell whose post office address Is e
purpose government, our as Greeohead Florida dW on the. 9th 'dayof
citizens: and be tr e.to the trust reposed-in' us,by those whose March 1911. file \ID' tots office Sworn e Co.MACHINERY

earnestness and sacrifice 'erected this great, constitutional government purchase Statement the ant NJi Application of 8WK, ,No., Section 084UOIf 24, s Chipley Hd"W' :

: / Let us not for favor or.passion circumvent the pure.pose Meridian ,Range 15 west Tallahassee ,

or.power.of the primary in the nele tion of tbe. ,best, man.I and thetlmbertbereonti -
I ....e..e .$.0
under the provisions of the act of June 3,
want to serve you -no less than you should 'want the best .ser. 1878. and acts '. known us the .
vices.. I ASK NO. HASTY COMMITTALS. I ant not be- "Timber And Stone Law,'* at such value -

f qre.you' to win so,much'as lamto, be true to self and to my a that..mtaJtt pursuant befiXedby to ouch appraisement-.application-,- end FARQUHAR' moo

government. I shall make no'statement,' either on tbe stump land and timber thereon'have been appraised .
4 i B. Bay Street,
or in the press, merely to please you or to catch your vote. I lam at Three Hundred Twenty Dol-
the timber estimated at' 80,000 JACKS VILL F, L.ORIDA.
snail appeal to-your intelligence hot to your passion, br faction. board feet at 13.00 per M. and the land
Government to be permanent must be founded upon intelli $40.0O and the land,baa a dlgtlnc.t-value. of Largest stock of Machinery

gence. It is for''the pro'tection'and preservation of individual 1.00 that said'per applicant acre for turpentine will Direr final purposes proof in Florida for saw milts and

apd public rights, not foster. and'' promote the interests of any in support of his application and sworn '.
statement on the 8tU day of February .planing. mills.. .
orfaction the and "
individual contrary to equal privileges rights
:. 1918, before the Clerk of. tlie./.'lrCI1I Conrtat '
o$ others.: If you 'award me this great trust I promise you my Vernoni'Florlda. FARQUHAR. ,. MACHINERY, .
best.. 'I shall esteem it honor to represent and Any person Is at liberty to protest this .
an District S7
you your .h 48bee built for year
purchase before entry,or Initiate a con- : -, l:>;
only when elected by your honest, loyal Voluntary bal- tent at anr time before patent Issues, by mere built todaythan .ath-
lots. til I UK m corroborated aOlrtavIt In this of- .! any
c alleging facts which would defeat ere "'Let us tell YOd why;. ":;'
It Is my purpose to give you my platform soon and also, to tbe entry, ?

usit, if time will' permit your precinct in order that I may have .Henry ti. .Chubb. Send for catalog: an
tje pleasure and honor speaking before, you in person. In Ed fed paid KeRlster.. -- -

the meantime I hope to bave.the attention of every voter through NOTICE FOR PUBLICATION. T..z

the press-the safeguard| and advisor of the electors, and the .- Department of the Interior Candidate for Goveirnoi;. .
store\ ..precursor r of civiC: improvement. Every elector. is burdened U., S. Land. Olllell. Oalueivllle.. Florida.' ..

with obligation. : to advice himself and cast his vote. Notice Is hereby given Janaary:7.1912.that James W. -
The man who is 'l'OO'BUSY, lik :,tbe man who is corrupt, is a Pippin{of Helton Florida who on May
.. 6, 1910,- made Homestead Entry Serial
obstacle .the arterial a'dvancemcnt/and safe admimsTiiatkrn -
serious ut
No. 00800. for WK. of SEH' and S>i of
i of a govern m en t'like ours. If private corporations were SW>/. Section,'.rown blp lnorthrUan2<-
ai careless in selecting their directors as the voters are in electing 13 Went. Tallahasme Meridian. has died
notice ,of Intention makit )j'lnal.CoID-
their pnblic servants, private corporations would be a fail- ,mutation Proof, to PstablUU' claim to. the
Ijfe, and likewise with"ourgovernment were ,it.not fqr your- indulgence land ibovfl described. bnforn the CollhtyJud'lIe.
at :Vernooj Florida, on the 6th
d patriotism, and .the great powerto tax. 'If all would day of March. 1913.: ,a ,4.. ,
irticipate actively,and hOd'estlvbelieve the best,man fur the Claimant names as .wltncrigcut. J. \\' .

s tion and the best good for the. District' would be bad ande. Taylor( all W.of'HestlflI.:Johns D.Florida 1.. Taylor.I.iodwln L

. if THE CANDIDATE., ,.Ed.-tee,pd.. .. ._ ltegialrr.I

- erne tuber yourself, our District and met the. polls;. NOTICE'FOR PUHLICATION.L .

aY' I baveHhjerpleasuTe l of a letter from you? : Itapartmi-iib, the interior.
I ,U .8.''LandOfflc. Gainesville Florida
.. q..., 'WH. W. FLOURNOY. January aj. ( 13. ,
!' Notice Is h ore by-given: that William T. I
." ., ." -, .. Fsrrlor Df 'Econdna-- Florida,. who. on
= ,,, ., 'November 16,;1910, made Homestead Entry -
Serial No. 076'71. fnrNEJi, Section 14.
: : N'aticinal Township 1 nOrth;Kan ire 13 West,' Talla
he i : tr t.: :Bank_; balllee MerldUm has Hied' nolle- of Intention .
'r k to maketFlnaK/otnintitatlon! proof _
'rOF, ,'PEfNJACOI. !, FLA, .. ':' ': ..toeaisbHah.e4lawtothe, berord'tb&L1'ark' land-of the above-Circuit dnscrlbed -

: ,, .. : D r, r\t. +Unteed gsw1e.:.':#'l Court -Vernort.. Fldrlda! OIl the 28tb day
J, blip ....fd..- ; o .' I -I.tbe. .. --.' ., -.' pt February,191.., ,.
....it; '" .'. Claimant pamgea.'witnessed! J. W. Y } Y .
..:t. 4pd "l.nrges 9sipk'lyi;. :WtrstJ lot' t da:; .: -Tar r'u't: ;: \\VuU1ii4hara.) r "nl.( Walsln -

'. cr.Gnrc.T: .. .-:. .: ,: .. .',',,ee0' : r. :ti4l: w. hani'/WllHs' .-Taylorr all or Ecbnflna,
I. ; Y' J<' = liAr'ilial" :cd >d -
l ;; ::1: uUenry o.? Chubb
:Capital HalMilliSip'Dallar's f. ". s- '
.. : : Ed; frepald : Register.

Biirptu. 'and Undivided Frotltm,,, .IOOOOO. ... -. .
J.iII. '. -r-r:-. ; i .. '' I. : d. ,. : .'lJ, ..,Ji,: 11:. McJ.injor sixteen b bw
laterett fall (ia Savtof' Department.atJUte'of 4 per cent. per Annam.! ; commissioner
year of affriculture' -

THe First, National I3ailkk dt the State of Florida, drop-
sf OP PBN8AGOL.A.. ded'tfead ,Wednesday night at H Y .
M.JK5fc -. President. w: S. XliV.... Vlcv-Pn o'clock while addressing i the Elksat
M ".' "_; Ca.hler. Taos. W;'B.R"T. A..t.: Casltler." w. N.RoiBim. A....Comhter OrlaodtJ. 'wh' rc'lie in attendapce
f w' r.t F. C. $rsnt. W..A. $tm+nt. W.S. Ker er,'" Wm H. Knuwjmw W. K.. Brer.rLodjfe was -
k w. l. Forb..... KiMMrtos Hrer. Thn .W. :Brant- at the' -Orange
Wat' : county,
,. .---l: -- -- fair Hon; ,J; C. Luninjr, of Lees- i ir is
" .. I- I. O.'O. P. NOTICE: ; ( ,
._ No.- <0jiqmnlcatfonsr burl has been apoointed to fill
Ik1: A'lvl. I Until further notice out 'M.r.-! McLin's unexpired /
a ffr
.... i Chipley Lodge No56, term >
a, a Second I.,Oi O. F.. will meet at, .Oo.m. ; .. "? '
IRer4 Fourth poar nlatlt xV' -
.Ja.-, ,.
ebk atUrd sserf/rm.,togas tae wqryf and yr/ {'1C6neb'7PW"4: hs4lla. take jng.dge w. E.. ,Bollinsr. of. Troy. Ala,
each ar '" x.re rW.I.DueiwN. ari swVlsll Stomach and LlnrTableu "im.rrp. K rjooa wvas one of. tbe-visitors her Sat- ; :
"o ... '
J b*waif again For bJ .
!!h.- '.- *.. urday.
\ ; .
. w. :! ....:.
; ) .
.. \ jjjjornveilGjboj.

; @ \ .


...., '. ',-'I I"";" ," T" -"* J! !'m,::p.. '! ',.,. .;-.,- ,,4"It- "*rVTvy:;' '.&&;?< ;Z7FmFS; \ :; :: : -S...",/--""-.V, '.T.ttff". -, ; : .; ,;;. t.
..,.'' "J:,.' r, ..:: ; ,,, ,, :;?;::-'" li--i: i : >.. : < :; ;; '; '"'.: '' : '+,. i lil''L:,"A'ti ,',:; :t'.""'. : : \. ; "

I, .

j I


1 .
'' oLm..BtQm.bn4l! t dcU.lliml -,_. "

A! "HOW'' FARM ; '' 'TW'hT e T' i1'"eefdom ever ellu T1 d. i
,. TO of Another no little feature significance of the Is celebration the Do--Do SPECIALI'

', T l' 1In ball which'takea place In the spa
'I I
the next and one of the dons Armory ball on Monday even f -
r:) j addition to good. Sound Judgment, i -i ', r\> 1" 9. t's "I* inga. This is also a permanent pllla. I' .
;il and is always
J j In! the carnival program DayOffer
: Features to Profitable Farmingsisttjo : of no small amount
{ .S: Most Important ; productive I'
0'A :A All' 'I '
', bt fun to the dancing public.

: 1: have the Right Kind ,,9fl Farm' Imp\"""meIt8.!, who dressed attend In and Mardi who Gras care costumes to dance are 01 i PORTABLE
'"1' c < : "
; .
!';; s;* A k all descriptions; their faces covered LAMP
.' The various lines of Farm Implements that we handle are made with a view of j efficiency. with every conceivable kind of mask, FOR
lifetime in the study bf farm implements, and meet Many who are not dancers attend the
made men who bave-spent a HOME1STORE ]
; : They are by ry
'. ,, -' affair for the novelty, of It, for the,
i y f' ".the requirements of the farmer. ; :lI purpose of enjoying the sight'"'of seeIng I

:: J ". '-For'instance, the Wm. J. Oliver Plow i U constructed alone scientific.t", 'principals.. .,u. ,.,meicJ9STJ.' hundreds glide over the sleel OROFFICE

., for the tilling of the soil. ._ ] floors' to. the .tune of "sweet music
I,: : r the qualifications proper ,
;' ..' "' .., y necessary .... Harrows, Steel The dancers are. all unknown to one
;V-i And there is the Brinley line of implements, such as Stalk Cutters," Disc < I Ii another and no one knows,.-whetheihe. ,' :

a i+',' :1';: Plows, Cultivators Planters. Fertilizers, etc., absolutely and without'' exceptidnYthey. t. ,.I .j. ... or she is dancing with a man or a i 'J Z.48

.. .' best tbat time, money and labor can produce for effective work.: Jady. .I
'' Meawhlle there are ways too numerous

): Brinley Stalk Cutters. ., r : to mention' In .which" one can N0C..11.r.w.r 11.H..rCu 'COMPLETE

""'l., .:... .. 1 find enjoyment.. --1wLIta1
," d. S KNIVES-Are madeof the best.! ., .
'I I ', '-. '\ df*** vJl-.r-'' PRINCESS' A,; MOTOR "PAN.? This Lamp is handsomely
and carry a good edge. "
tool steel
29 inches,
nickelled height
'f"i ;' I ,
.1 .
s Princess Victoria, the'only unman .
FRAMS--All steel: .tWHEELS with automatic self-
Daughter of the late' King Edrward equipped
-High;,- steel, equipped'with ; and Queen Alexandra, is said cleaning needle,. globe and
., ,
dust proof. boxes",. ,:" S "C r *ri I** '?1''.,i; I : to be very much interested in motoring pump. Usual price $22.00.

,' 'I I S SPRiNGSThepull'' I- : and this summer has J been seen We have the best line of Man

DRAFT the-draft'equaltzingsotbdlyd i every day at Harrogate, starting,puf;, ties and,supplies in the South

comes' on' mbtio'nof' I Ij for a.:trip through the country She at lowest prices, Estimates

is no Jerk catted. by' .-i-the\ 1r stow ,f j'v'''' '' ...,,(; t tS. : has been taking the cure there this ,and expert advice; .Free.. '

S cY'lI1c' j er.5 .4 ,Biimmer,, which. may, however, not'

._ S'I'ROIE--The. : Brinley has' .a' chop j I! ;mean that she is sick* aa it is fashfanable'to Standard Light Co.

stroke the only successful way to :' take the "cure" after a I
; I t ,,:
.; cut St llili. "f1 .A winter., : in. society.Let"George. _.. Ill EAST BAY ST.

IIooI s--For raking, the stalks inline i Do It. FLPfUpA
I Ih Governor Woodrow "W11 10D of New, < :
are made of spring steel and .aret, { : Jersey,while campaigning strenuously .
with'tbec'vlirider. In interests .of'the Dem'bcratlo "
ised'automatical1v the 'r !
.. a .r
; :, ''. / .r.1MY ayA lwYn:" 1 'candidates, came to a small hostelry
,': l labor br: 8usex.County, in the northern section Spread,JW Istfom. .
and with less '
cut.them.cleaner k '
: :: :',. The BRINLEY will cut more stalks in the same time 'Of'the"state. Tell all you know and you .:WOD"

.'"::. "---: y} : on the,part of":the man or beast tban 'anv other stalk.. cutter on. the, market.' .r. "P, ... -fedly.,. "" *.Balanced,._I' ',." ; ) ''The..walter the'menu'handed the card presidentialpossibility ; 'but ..theday's bar] the any slogan knowledge,of ,an :exeeedfngly.smallnatnd left for jourselff .

# :r no, weight on the horse's neck when' in use. Governor' tired from the eam> which. If. it could bul.let, wl"e,

.,, ,;.: All the information'you, want regarding Farm Implements_ applying! to us .inMperson"}' orfcl, ''n J 1U2It. pushed. it away' and .ald': "' :would realize .knows. ,nothing;, worth '
e' I'don't
rNoWvOeorrfe, want to bothkr. -
In the,
call filing! -men iearn same?un\ea
writing. Catalog forthe asking. Write or soon. with that. Take It away and"go' ure that" hey teach .or'explain,.-

'.. .. & po. bat 'and get me a good dinner. Get make things. clear. to themselves.. ..
'Asouthern: Hardware ,. i14pp. y.., 1 the ,be.t'you\ have. That's alU .....- < -

.' ,-r .' '.1'lie"w ?ter brought JD ,thE! djnner Blooks
shlch'tbe''Governor ate. As tie Curoslty.| .
St. Louis <& Water Strees, Mobile, 44a. leafing1 the* dining room the was erIatdt' Proof against the curious"1. }-p..
ii i or Me env, elope'that'a Frenchman Jtas.IBrented. -
.__ &.._____ ....... t .' 'Ml.tag"Wlt1o11'atly: 'i The flap' each envelop
u '
friend* from down at Prlnoaton whatcanf '
kn'ti 't'eAd"nelthel< 'C niei' Up! tiltsldyrpn' _deals against the back: of the dthei'soshat
,,, dressed; hand ,.
10 ': ly the contents (cannot be removed
,-- PENSACOLA MARDI GRAS, remains,until Tuesday midnight, when who ate"'eeatWI1i"fl'tite'o'by: +9fii Jegf'send'em'em all to' Oeorc.'aI* juke without destroying:. the. cover. .. '
''FEBRUARY he beats a hasty retreat to parte 'with .sweefrsc ate** wWtnTtttw ,care p' right.
< OPENS 19,. to.himself and pages. 'the'Huulldln'* *!* ''frOnt"W
,.' ,. known only center bf
At high noon Monday King Prls S which the ns".t TpJjfe 4
: :
the dock with soldiers *.... *'*""'' EMM&TT WILSON. r.
r'' 'The Festivities Are On In Earnestt cue Is greeted at .
from Forts Barrancas and Pick- The festivities are then on in earn '
\ 'Noon 19.
r -. February ens., companies of Florida National !'est. The' 't>:nil it'timl") ] "C1flr! ;|rfa i
S Mardi Gras season proper opens on Ouard. sailors from battleships, and by 'the Mayor- slgnlfle'svthaOt' 'fs-'th. ",
S. Monday, February 19 at high noon, i city county, and state officials and time for-1 fun'm.aJdnil'pro'to"'begin '
when''Kinlf Prisoua ,XHf. will make association, 1d tltEtel '''
officials of the carnival and no time' i"Ioidt' s4thta
his 'annual appearance before his loy all In line; the officials 6fcounty, c tage of oppbrtuniiy.' .)>jruy d7, M... i 'LI.
I1 ai'people; Amid the shrill notes all seatedIn .
city, state and carnival, everybody's frleri< 'anI" .J hundreds of deep toned sirens, the handsomely deoorated automobiles. looked upon In th63sptA"of. ..ffll...ani'
cheers from *" "
c; 5 booming of 'cannon From the dock Ills Royal Highness enjoyment; 1 : ,
thousands that await .his arrival, ,
is escorted up Palafox street to Zar- Confetti the chief an4 foremost ot I .
King Prlscus steps from his Royal ragossa, thence ,east to Jefferson, {the fun-produc'eta. :ls Id''e td'i iBj6'bj' ., .....I. .
yacht "Rosepen. at high noon on 'in front of other\ cltletfold f '
thence north to a point the tons. "The two ..
date mentioned at the foot of the new municipal slmvltanebuslyvwluf'tlMPensacola i. -. ,.. \; "
Pensacola's ling carnivals''
l Prlscus .. ,
wharf called Palaforx. King building when on a beautifully, ,decorated Mardi 'Ot M *don +, pends the whole year with the exception Frank Reilly ,',,,,
stand Major :this feature, of the.celettradpn: jirid\ .
In Daho- -
: of two lone days, .
to the gates of be instrumental It .Ii.
turns over the keys ; this alone will .. ..
L mey, 'or on some other Islands In the the',pity la the most welcome of all ;turning hundreds that mlghtT'tiaT. ::: .
; S f .5 5 Sea jot Knownotwhere. On the 'Mon King Prlscus Visited othei .
visitors; His Majesty otherwise haVe: the ;
Tuesday, the day .
day' before Shrove .
the King gets
Af this point Penaacolani
i XIII. (places to 1 -
preceding Wednesday, the begin.nfng his first look in the entire year at I The throwlni" confetti, grew', out ,": '
makes his
of Lent King Prlscus I his .beautiful Queen and Ier' gorgeous- of the ancient custom ln"the old Latin .. .i.A'w '
He .
periodical bow 'to hls.lubJects. i 'cities'when.during"MardliOrasJrose sir ;ix <: x
I Catholic .'
S : ; petals 'would 'be thrown "
"y '

I : .. ; ;'' .. .;':::-. .-.-. ". S. : .J 'rupon'originated each In other.Italy Mardi ai'd' 'attet Oraa+9ltl'aa first. !I > "sairF -

'spread to France and thence' to this -
[country first In New Orleans, ::-which t

.; : : .Good .Cotton Crops ;elty la known as the Paris of Amer' > I "
Orleans U spread to
.' 'lea From New
,r'' ha;;' 'i'Y'b:;; \ V ..!iJ"'r.: Pensacola and Mobile these three'clues ...

being ,the oaly one*>fri the '
': ,.
,- ,' :' iUnlted States "holding :silfeh: c1ebratlona. i YS
You can't the cotton' '
\ 1S unless Pensacola' eamtal.while4( 'lt .b t
\ y supply the very:bestplant food. Armour is probable that It U not carried, out :I :

''". Fertilizer its food in a form that your plants on such 'a large scale' ai' Jrf oheAf ..

use this food from. the best of >the other bf the cities; is T conceded' I .
; can comes
tI- ao far aa gran
;:to outrank the others 1 .
c. :. oj : materials, and iris so finely ground and thoroughly deur Is concerned.: It"'groS s'Wetter'with i -,'

.r' mixed that every ounce of fertilizer has just the each year'and one might rest assured jH

;,:": ":;' .: same amount of'plant food in it.. '!Mardi that Bras the,that greatest+will havVever"beto&.witnessed and grandest I "

i .. r ..Another-thing.; Armour Fertilizer f S put* on by : here wljl ,b.'helthIa41esi I, ""Ji
on February 18 19 an4 to. "

S ':':: 17he'lnter-Cultuial Features On Monday'of Pensacola''Mardl afternbom'onle 'oT Qraa.thk' .' i Candidate for Congress )a

,. ..

.. !most lmpo.ing..feature.
-t, = I _,
: ;
will take place. "* Between"tine1
.",," Mhpd hundred and two hundred Igorgftaiisly To the White Democrats of-the Third Congressional Dist t. :
... r ; ',-' .. automoblUs'wlll'Ttte'seen'ia'the .', : ...;_..
...;_ I". decorated :: Candidate for 'from .Z: ;,,'
Congress the Con-
over the principal I'anf a Third .-.
of parade .
:.:4 '.' gives splendid results.. This method makes more streets of the city. Nearly evert automobtie jfresSujnat, l Dr tri subject. to 'the action of thee. primary _.kv,: ..", .:.
cotton with the amount( fertilizer owner In the elty'an I: :same' ? Florida and .I' election.. ; :f-
'. ," "'.We'll'have folder ready about January 20th from points In West -' '.
a South Alabama bate agreed-Ho"alldw :.believe hi*.and.ifelected. will .advocate and 'tight :- 'v

', :,.. )' > telling"aboutit. ; better send for, your. copy--it's ,their cars to be used .In the proce:: for {the progressive peficies for. which the progressive ': .
: -,, ". Yo' ,'. Won this That It wyt:\! ""eiellpM! l '
free. ,
"' '
I + >." .. \ goes'without ,ayr'ri6Each I element of the 'D mocratic partytstands. ...<,;,;..
.:)," I all former ones \ .
.. ";. automobile will be. nafidsotnely : As tlTe campaign! advances, I feljall outline in detail, I : .i: .
: decorated In carnival colors, flowers t' mv position on the matter of legislation{ before Congress! .. ,::.c, .
,- ,, '" ,, and beautiful face of Ute fair sex. ,
..l. l
.. faHy'atfectini' the whole :
:. .' ,. Prises are given to, the'mOlt' 'beau country :,

;,.,). :.? ,- ; : ,:' ":, tifully decorated cars; the winners I,have lived Jrorri, infancy |n West ,Florida, havinj, >
.; t Il.: .: '. : ;v ,., .. .. :i": being decided 'upOn by 'slx'competent ': G
.. '. c by Mperft 'mo t of my lire In WashinutoriUml; Jackson, 'sS :.
who will sit at some ,
..: it.... ARMOUR FERTILIZER; WORKS, which the parade will pass -Much' r1 tier, and the'last five': years in E' cambia r: .

d t : "* S -. valry is always: -shown ..betweenthe lieve that, t know the people thoroughly; /I'

,,' ; f' ... 'JACKSONVILLE, FLA. :' owners of machines' and all do' their th .n1"a '" .... 11'.,,.... '" court ; ....
.1 ',. to the price that '
KK, best capture "f"
"- very -Penesieola''Caijl ? &.; It _
{' I r are offered by ; nna1'1

sk! i.k Association.. Tkla-JatoCrfrrM. a.- I ,

d .
," .. ) u \

) r ; :ifI }

": ., ..::,".{ ; "


,,' < '

\"< '.

,, -....- ... ,, '
,.'- J

N ty' ) > 1ifaAu SS" LED< THE irOlUI : JOAQUIM. .: ,,MILXea- HOME.

& eo....Hloolnten" Tall,Story of'Muslolan Many years ago, soon after Jpa-
;, ': 6fiber and His Dunging, CrackingMusic. quin Miller had settled in hia present ,

I' .. home, "The Heights," I asked .
; f, f\ % I ; JOB.PRINTING
} -
t' iioi.: him where 'be lived. His reply came
"The late Thomas -'W ntWorthHiggtnson "Three
promptly: miles east, one
," said a Harvard instruct" perpendicular I" In that expression
11 or, 'loved music, but not the extremely 0
Mo .
) Waiting.Everything t, technical music of Richard you have a graphic, symbolic state .
ment of J' quin'. mental habitat.
Bar1be-rea3 Strauss Ravel and others of that
He lives the than
nearer rising sun
type. Concerning Strauss ,and his .. ,
most people and his normal dwelling
Colonel t ,
\ Up-lo-Now. banging, crashing music, place ia "a mile perpendicular.;' his :
used to tell 'f'1Ie'said .
fCggiusoa a story., I
n< Hfa> on -"Thev Heights: his eye .
Share, .. ... . .... 15c. that Strauss went one summer: b'lue ; : : '
't. Haircutting. ..:..,. 2Sc.t in the mountainsIt1 far seeing, prophetic, keen, : -; .
trip .
Shampoo .. .. ....... 25c. on a kind;, and his soul attuned, when ho Creates a good impres- ,
Massage . ....... 25c. that on a certain afternoon sings;},, to the harmony of the spheres. : / .. ,
Hair . .... 25c.vc terrific thunderstorm '
Singe, a v1i" \' sion ', ".
-National Magazine.MQKT .. among your, correspondents -.. 0 )
scended on the hunting party. Amid ,

; :. Solicit Your Patronage.Very eanpliWDg ,thunder and blinding 'INCRIMINATE, HIM! :''.'.,;, and helps < l '.'. .- .

Respectfully amid of rain ,: \
lightning, deluges 'oulr business
1. D. Pe't' r, P'ropr.' whipped by a roaring wind; 'the "Any of you at church last Sunday : ,

.iI' I d IhwttlRClsu:4ll"soaglrt r a11e1ter.1Where, evening?*,' queried the bald-headed prestige. .. : : .

though-:was-$$trauss P Three' friends boarder. .

; cdoiv <& McRAE, I set out in alarm to look for him It appeared that, nobody present I I ,'. I ,

&: + {Thor feared: that in the wild chav* had ,been there. ., 0

: '>Hi**Attorney. At La'W. of the storm he had fallen down "Well, the preacher, ,as it seemedto \ :' I r \ ,, G.)

I t *rnffle, '... see Cklpley SUM Balk. precipice. 'Ja'Jongjl while tkay i me, 'took advantage, of, my- beingin We pO Neat" Printing '

, CAnliU t.,. given all matters entrustto found him, they found him doing-1- the audience to say'this: 'Will ; f :
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air cue. Collections made.A.enttorrMi ,what dd you suppose P Strauss stood. all persona in.this :-ongregation who .: .

>onaIble tlm and Ore-tested IDlursaoeoamDanle / 'b&tUa&xf the summit of a lofty fad ..that they :are saved please .At: 1{easoriil6 Prices.Give .., .' o
1 *. crag., The lightning played about riser" ., jl/ "

him in vivid violet flashes; the rain :"Well, did, you .rise'" queried theinquisitive ". .

t ARLETT deluged him;the thunder rolled aid boarder. .

1\|Ft :S: rumbled around him; the roaring -I' ,to answer//* .

wind his coattails about his nex't : '
flap us your order.
Public. "
ulSotary head musician ramrod
; a A piece flannel dampened In Chamber- '

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Re tEstate; Handled. his high crag ,in conducting the, Mperlor; to any'plaster. Wben troubled '
thunderstorm I" with I lame; back, pains la the side or cheat satisfaction* thusmaking '
Collections a specialty. given; a trial and you are certain to be more ... .. .

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/ ) <
MOTHERS for their 'CHtLORBN WHILE Nearly1* third of a billion dollars !,
1EKTHINO. with PSRFBCT BDCCXIOOTHEB It "How do you know?" f
tn. CHILD. 8OPTKNB the Ot1ia4LAYaan Was added to the wealth of the United -
PAIN I CURES WIND COLIC and "Just heard ,her giving her hatband '
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mlutcly harmlei Be sure and ufc for 'Mrs.Wlna a. piece of it.
ow'a Soothing ynar\:3: 4 take ae"ehsftied. tins of the nuetem states during .

Tw atjr-fiT *. ALMOST LOST 1118 LUo'IG: 1910,. according to the figures of the ; ,

United States geological
8. A. BUd of Mason, Mich; will never forget ; survey. :
bU ,terrible exposure to a merciless ', This includes about ,$66,000,000 :

: term., "It gave me a dreadful cold,"' be ,worth of'cpal 'the,lD4ining'produc' '
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1G: and two boitlee completely cured on*.' Use ''Ut about 'oae fourth the total -.- OHO OOOG: I
if '
outthis I uluk. HA to.. reliable medicine, ,,for ,, 3
; q --- P ---'---- -- agricultural production of the same
|To Every' White Teacher ooufchs, colds or throat or lung trouble.. .
,* ; area, the proportion, between min. ; : ',:
Guar-teed Advise .
jln'Washington' County eral and ttu&l'ptoduction being Physicians : .;
Wtthe.ame aa for'the entire "
the use of a goodlaxattve to keep the bowels open'and 'pr Vent''the'poisons undigested -
United State*: 'The' agricultural : food ,, .
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Faith In Publicity
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at ..JJloneapolU ', includes.the belt from,.;the Dakotu Il F ill, A. .LAXAIIVE, I .t. <. ':
may' write 'on ..
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: that.the political machine upon which Quth.. to Texas'and" the territory ; '*' ">.'
subject of general ;interest'. It looks askance baa certain, very 4e4Rite .westward. ;;.; ,' ,

Ironly" request. is that', they I re- engaged connections'' In business with'on men a large who awe ue; I I C L I U LIVER SYRUP \;

k r and;;. the suspicion which attaches to How to cure a oold 1. a qnentlonl n which ;

[a from using. tb e"na, tne..of. any the, machine itself beg begun, to at. many are Interested Just pow Chamber1' ; .
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and It has Its
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them by public opinion. But, '
accordiDRly., Its news service COY .
; :
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0: 0

V at s t



"yS.hi.i-a 17an..'.

i i

l1'' .. 1 I .

."' .

r! ;:- [ Personal [ Pursuant Call for to County a call Primary.of chairman'i ] Town Topics.We'll IT ..e..ol1e.o..elleL'0I101l..GIIG..e..e..en..

W. C. Lockey, the County Demo-

S. S. Carter of near Wausau, cratic Executive Committee met have to issue five papers Our i
I PurposeIt
was in town Friday. at the court house in Vernon this month; five Thursdays in ;

from Yen" last Saturday and issued a cal February won't happen again ina ., ...,... .....
Boy Register was
for the county 'primary, and fix- long time. "
on business Tuesday. ,- ;
.- ed the amount to be assessed is our purpose to handle any business
Win. M< Holloway, present AU I
'" foe Williams of Graceville, against candidates 'for the var- is a candidate for re:. entrusted to us in such a fair and liberal .
j..: ent the day here Tuesday. xL. ious county offices, at 5 per cent. State superintendentof .
election as to make
manner as
'.'." S. Alford is spending several Seventeen out of twenty-six school, has an annoucent elsewhere \ I

',,.,. days this week at Pensacola members of the committee were in the Banner, which you t i'' the customer's relation -

,"'l& 1 Miss Kathleen Rollins is the present, and participated in the should,read. He is to make an "' with this
meeting, beside a goodly numberof
here this week aggrissive campaign for the nomination bank
of friends satisfactory
guest ,
citizens visitors and
a sprinkling 1'
in the ,approching prim
A'' D. Campbell spent a day or of candidates and prospective aries. : and profitable.. ,

two at Tallahassee; on business.. candidates. The dates for bolding ;i ,
Your attention iScalled to the Aside from the excellent facilities offord-
the ,
made short bus. the primares are same as "
G.'A. Danley a
fixed the State Committee-- announcement of M. W. Brett, bank has the advantage of a large
;"- iness trip to-Live Oak last week. by 'ed, .this .
who is a candidate for Sheriff.Mr. J.
30th and 28th.
Aprial May "
Tax Collector W. B. Gainer is and ',, J Capital and Surplus. ;
-tJ Among the important business Brett a young man ,

t. spent. Friday here collecting tax- before the committee was the this is his first entrance into pol ,
i', es. itics. ,He will make an aggressive i. The
....Ii. selection of a Registration officer ,
Mrs. W. C. Lockey visited Mr. J. M. Simmons was declared campaign' and every one will' -

r;>}"t .with friends at Vernon Satur- by ballot.to be the choice of the have opportunity to see him before First "

f'" ,. \ committee' for that important the primaries. .

'< day.W.. W. Gainer Jr,'of Econfina, position, so be will berecommeneded We see that the papers and I National ,: ."

was one of the visitors here Sat- to the Governor for appoint- people everywhere are up in arms I j,

I urday.A. emeht. against the use of the honored Bank'
Another question that consumed name pf Robert E. Lee as a ofChipley.
L. Williams of Panama City the major portion of the Committee's brand for certain i whiskies.
was a business visitor in the City : .
time of this meeting
was This use of an honored name by I
.... Saturday. """ the matter of county division. the manufacturers is but another

/" Dr. McKinnon of DeFuniak, The questions was tbrougbly evidence of the nefariousness of

/was a professional caller here Discussed pro and con and the the men behind the traffc. Someof

( Tuesday.! sentement seemed to be in favorof them would not hesitate, to 'so I J. M. Simmons Registration Officer. years ago When he resigned that

{sterling Ships of Millville, was division, but when finally the use the,name of the Lord God if The 'Democratic. Executive place to become a' member of th]

circulating among freinds here aye and nay vote was taken the they dared. board of county commissioners. ,
its at Ver-
Committeeat meeting
Is"i. Tuesday. result was 12 to 5 against puttingthe The Committee made, a wis
question on the primary bal One of the most important real non Saturday, selected Mr. J. M. '
choice Mr Simmons will
-Attorney. W. Keboe of Pen- estate deals that has taken placein Simmons for County Registration as givj

sacola, transacted business here lot.The Banner will publish a *full Chipley for some time was the officer, and will recommend the istration people a Registration satisfactory Office admi

Tuesday. report of the meeting as soon as one coqsumated last'week wherein his appointment.' to Governor Gil- as .

Charlton' Reddick of Holmes the Secretary furnishes us with C. E. Tbarp came into posses- christ. -

county, was one of the 'visitors it. sion ofthe, property on the cor- The place ot Registration officer Read the announcementJohn

here Friday. The meeting was adjourned ner ot Sixth and Railroad streets, is very important, and no bet- T. Britt, who, this wee

Jule Saloman in Saturday subject to the call of the chair Southeast, now occupied by Har- ter man for the office than J. M. makes public his candidacy f
was town man. reU & Co. Mr. Tharp tells us Simmons.could have been select! 'Sheriff. Mr. Britt is too we

shaking hands with his' --.:---_ .. ..- he contemplates removing the ed. Mr. Simmons is thoroughly known to'our people to need a
numerous Many of us miss the joys that buildings now' on the 'lots,, and familiar with the registrationbooks recommendation from -us.

Ai Hogeboon oue of Panama might be ours by keeping our putting in their'stead a block of and affairs partaining to elected he promises to give a fi

City's properous merchants was eyes fixed on those of other peo- handsome brick buildings. registration in Washington coun- and square deal to everyone

in town Saturday morning. ple. No one can enjoy his own ty, having served in this capacity -.the administration. of 'the sh4

Miss Blanche Williams is i opportunities for happiness while Notice of Election. forseveral years, until a few I iff's office.

pending some days with friends tie is envious of another's. Vernon Fla. Eeby.: 1913.
At a meeting of the Board of .publicIutruct.lon
.. ..
and relatives in Pensacola. of Washington. eoulJt,. Fla., !
Fatal Automobile Accident held at Vernon Monday, February Sth. High Class Saw Mill Machinery.
/ L. 0, Geeting of KoKomo Inck : 1012 It was ordered that -an election. beheld
at the usual voting. place In tne town ,1 1N
/ a\ We carry at our new warehouse
arrived in the city Tuesday on Monday afternoon witnessedthe of farther Sth. day of March, 1913. and 410 East Bay St., a large stool
I visit to bis brother L. K. Geeing /. first 'automobile accident of said It was election. be published ordered that each notice week. for of Portable and Stationary Engines;
'. anyconsequence that ever 'happened four successive weeks prior to March Sib, comotlre and Horizontal Return r
V. 1912. in the. Chi pier Banner a weekly Boilers; Saw-Mills Planers Edg
Quite number of Chipley about Chipley. newspaper published In wuhingtoucounty .,.. Saws, Belting and Mill Supplies;
a Fla., and having a general circu- engine and saw-mill repairs. We
citizeus attended the meeting of Monday afternoon Buell Cook i lation throughout. : the county.. handle the celebrated line of Ht
I returning from Vernon The purpose of said election la to elect VANCE. AM*
I was accompanied -
Executive Committee
; I the at Verno three trustees and to determine the number J
,,'. by Dr W, E. Coleman of ralllM to be assessed and collected I ICAN and DELOACH Saw
for each of the succeeding two years In'
and E. M. ,Newman. Mr. Cook Special Tas School District. No. 11,which SOUTHERN Engines and Boilers. PERKINS Shingle Mill Machinery
X'E. M, Wilson of Jacksonville, his I will hereafter be known a. Special Tax!: clal Stare Machinery for Turpentine Plants. i
was speeding car at a pretty District. No. 1.
here week Large stock carried for Immediate Shipment. Get our price. before buj
I spent a day or two last lively clip, and when be reachedthe I The following persons were appointed We can save you money. A postal will bring our Traveler., '
I the of his father Dr. F. Inspectors and Clerk: A. L. Wells T. .
2 guest Cv curve on the hard road near : L. Richards C. E,' Tharp,, Inspectors Write for literature covering your special requlrementa.Moisby
V Wilson sm<\ family. /' Eb Standerfer Clerk. Machinery Co..
I the 2-mile post, the car refused I ,' O. B. BUSH, Chairman,

Newman, ot Bayhead i to take it, and plunged out of the Attest B.:1<'. Gainer Secy. & Co.-Snpt. 4O8,& 410 B. Hay St. Jacksonville, Plo '
spent several days here last week,, road, striking some obstruction Long Dl tott 1.t.phon. No. B7 4. _

"a and attended' the executive committee which causee the car to turn a..

; meeting. at Vernon Saturdays summersault. Dr. Coleman and

"'j Mr. .Newman wire both thrown

'.;' T.'E. Brock, who. has been ,in from the car and received very

.7'/ the naval stores business at painful injuries. Mr. Cook, being -
Crestview, has returned to' Washington behind the steering wheel, The three best things in the world .

county and is now locatedat was caught in the turn-over'' and. ,

Ebro. received very serious internal inJuries Atld"e Sell THem. .
Chas. wife ,
Burnham and who ,
so serious that his recovery .
has been spending sometime. is despaired of.
here left via Pensacola ..where'; '
,,), they will spend a few days, for Marshal Roberts, who had beento Wm, J. Oliver Plov s.: : .' Page Steel' Wire,Fenct

their Michigan home, ,,Tuesday.G. his farm came, along a few .t. .,. ." .
minutes atter the accident .' ', '.
picked .
M. Myers and wife and
{ ;
;, H{ a
A. A. Myers and children re- up Mr. Newman and brought ',( -rt"

turned Friday evelng from Albany him in, and spread the news of ; "-,;, .
r \ Ga., where they bad been the'accident. Mr. Angus Miller, '
for several days to at tend,:a family .
at once took his car and went out .
reunion.: :
after Mr. Cook and Dr. Coleman.

Attorney,'J. R. Wells,,.of Panama This deplorable accident casta
City spent Friday'night in pall of sadness over the entire Studebaker Wagons

the City the- guest, of relatives, town '.
going out Vernon Saturday to '. I
'attend the meeting of the executive Mr. Cook was a young: man, \ .

committee. prominent in social and business ,, ..' ', I
circles, bad attained prominencein .. "
Repensentative R. L. McKen- ,'r'-'r. af
his profession of law, and wasa ,
tIe of Panana City, was in the '\ "
city Friday night, and went out Mason and a K. of P. He was : .... ,I ', !. '
also State senator from this Dis' '." '
to Vernon Saturday morning to .. ",, ; "
: .
attened the meeting i of the Executive trict. ., ,
committee. S "

GIN' NOTICE. On account of moving ,my bus- .H '.1' Dunn-Coieman Company cII

/r/ .,- We will run our gins for the iDes 'to Lynn Haven, I have turn ,
,; last time i this season,Wednesday ed all my accounts over to C. E. h

,., and Thursday, February 15th rharp to collect. If you owe me A. 6. McQUAGGE.. General Man;
and 16th. Bring in your cotton. anything please see him and'set

CUIPLBY Gm Co. tle same at once. -

r rI

: (I

LM.: ..; :,,"' \...
... 'kJ. ,.!I'

The Chipley banner
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"", "."""" 'W'.rI .mt2''r.wv.1, ,(' $" ,.. i"t 7R"' '":::MI LJJ,: ;:': :"', "S' t.. ,. ,'.m;:"::,";.._J'!l' .' ,.r"" ? \

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L ._____. _
Vol. XIX Chipley Washington County, Florida February 8th. 1912. No. 32

--- -----_._- ____...;=_.;;.___.---.u _

.. .
'=.: : .-, L--: .,,: &.: -:" ..:_ .' -.'. l


Red Front Store,' ,:

It's Pact
I ,,8

? ., Ph ne 14. ; OHlpley.

I ,.... .. ..... :"' ., ,,. '. : / ). "'r, .II'4 ..,'. '; .
'" 'l
," j' .
j C";
; .
\ ;
1 ;' :
'. ; .. ;1.,' t ;' We are closing out all
,. J I' I 'Ii.' ". il )
'I '
!. '-'\ ;
I t'" '' 1.
.. :',,:: .,' 1 ,0 ,r, ,,.' \" 'J" ",,1 winter'' at rid-
'. ', our goods ;
; I .
; .
., :, ,. YOU CAN GET IT '
I \ ,
". ...;'.
iv "... .. .". \ , > *> "
.. ,
": "' ,. ,,p Our stock ,is ', t
,\ .; l .: .. :: 0' : spring arriving '
'.;' .........................li..I1.. ......'.., .I..a t.TI.lI.II..II.II.II II.II.II.II.II.'I..lI.II.U x < j

and must have .-
we "
t'' ifI.:1'::1'..., 4 ,
room to display them. :
4 ':. f': 'SCHELL'S ,
If'you want highest
.. .. .

\, : values and lowest prices .
: -
J \ '. ,
: .
}p t \b.' ,, ,,' ': COME IN TO SEE .TJS. '
,., :
1. '. ...,.!,' ,.
:.: ',: .,(}f. .., ;v: Delivered reeht1n: : : )i; > .1 1I
; I ,' .1 "> / etroA, ,I

,i;. ."...,.. \;.." ')." ,:' : .. ,. '
, ..1' I I : ,
' ...... ,,4\iI..,\" A I ': B. Blake & Co. r
/ "
:':':- '::' .:,J' ...11.............,........ .01.' Oil.Ph o..e 14. .. .II..II..II.11. r.P

w \\I
: ..
! ; ',: ';,1!' \
: ..
I '. ,> '
I1' "
! ". ;'), I''
V f. ;

,,.,, \ ",.',. 3 Hear,Farrior Announces for Sheriff. I plated by 'law. I believe in the Choice Cotton Seed for Sale .

, ,' appointment of competent, efficient IHa8tini"s
To the Democratic Voters of ;
New Bank Account.Alexander's <
and courteous deputies. I
( Get, your
Washington County:
Money Maker.Alexander's .
believe that there are certain duties -
'. : BEEF, ,In>the coming' Democrrtic Primaries "
' connected with the office 90-Day"( Quick ,.
the voters of Washington' .....
.1,. PORK, which can be handled better by
, county will be called to
upon nominate J. P. SCELL..
the Sheriff having at his immediate -
SAUSAGE, Etc. a Sheriff to be elected for i .
command good dogs, ,there
the next four years. I have made Get it at Schell's. Delivered free.
.--FROM,- fore, I promise if elected, to pur-
my announcement as a candidate maintain .
', chase and at my own
CJTV.MARKET for this office and desire to say'
expense, two good blood-bounds NEW '
support of candidacy that,
PHOPilB l3.f for the use of the county..
Little in my opinion, the.Sheriff ot the WWw-W c. :
In the BuildingjQext HENRY FARRIOR.Must .
:: : to Mr*. Cook' Store. County can better serve the pea .. .<1 Barber
ple and attend to the duties of the 2.2:1
meat and will give
We guarantee you good you Pay Poll Tax.
office by living at Vernon, the _
service. JIM SKINNER, Proprietor.
; prompt county-seat, which I promise to Vernon, Fla. Jan. 29, 1912. T. H. CALLAHAN. Propr..

f." do, it elected. It is the duty of Editor Banner

the Sheriff, as all btber county officials Please publish this notice for I have just opened a barber
Ai to keep a complete recordof the voters benefit. No personcan shop in the Dekleold building, on .

; IRA A. HUTCHISON, Dr. T. G. YatesEye his official business, and during vote in the Primary Electionin corner west of'First Nat. Bank, '- ,.

\ ;,: / Attorney at Law. Specialist,. his absence to keep in charge April or May unless their poll and will appreciate a share of
\r :
MI.. '" Will be in Chipley at Dr. Wilson's of his office a deputy at Vernon. taxes for 1910 and 1911 have your barbering trade. I guaran-

.,::1'',.' : ; Office at Vernon FJa. office the First Tuesday in April I believe that the jail and the been.paid. Such poll taxes must tee to give you satisfaction.
, be paid by Saturday March. 9th,
. ." i j 'WII1 practice In Circuit Court of 1912. Consultation and exami- prisoners should have from the 1912. Shave, 1Oc.

I**' t:F "''Florida: and the Federal Court nation free. Sheriff all the attention contem- W. B. Gainer. Tax Col.. Hair Cut 26o.

" ,

,". ,' !:III;""""-- .......o1 'C'tI r._:':. .err C'ca"C: r:':. !!!!!r.....:.. C....:.=_:.:."_. f.III.!!-! :_::.c...:..:.r.....:.. _.rr......:.......:.. sS". .: : >oce33:: >O3a;; 1: .\. ...

i1ibir.:' r.e.e "
""F.i'" l4

,; ; :..r:.ttu/ : We, 'have Shoes for the whole family. ijl; 1 J

.1 $' W > J. \" '

f'J$i:1,' t :;: ," ', : ,, )Q09JIH3A3saous .:' 1\?''.'>,::. \>; //*,">-o< it< .'. ,1', ,\'..,'. }

' itJK :' : )
I. ..
4 ', .I ," I ,"'. ", I.,, I
I" ;, ,
:; I' "',."
).'1'ti,, 'r"I>",.. \'L-jr ; t" HO..Y. f'. *
... '
: ;: ; ., : : \
I. "
: ; '
\\t" "t' '
," W' A "" 1//..,, .iVt a
;..t / t" ,
"j.:: W:, :,. '. ,' !1.tlj"' '.', ill, ., (, .'r;,)4 ,, :, '. 'i 0

"Il.'il I ,. .'' .J) \ '.. .". "
) "t' )
!;;l\\\,' II" ""'e: :t" "" ''k'"" ,'" ., i '. "\.,,.. .,- ,"
!: .'II.."l''..,.1" ,\''','.,,._, :. I.. > I 0 )"!,.} t J., ,
rs': ?* '; ....; ( ' 'C. ; ..Ha.u. g aav :!\ ,.;/ : #".:':C';} 35149 ," : .\ J'
: ...
'' '',. .!Ptkt I ,,' ..I."tIf ... ""...
' '\ fo<' ;:
; "
; ::1 ;;. ;i "{ .'/.j S. Other merchants may talk about their shoes and advertise '.,' \\i!!

'fkYi; ill l, : them to be the "best and most stylish," but the"fact of the business ,;', : :' Fy lj1'

h .f..( i c'?t' ', '. is, and can.prove it by our hundreds ot constant and I' "' .1 t.'J; '

.. ;.). :' :;"f'- satisfied shoe customers there is only one best and most stylish .
! 1 1 : ,'\'j\o., ,, : :
: .: :: \;. :\/I/fn I"r.,: :' ; \ : :,
Jl' ',; .1 .: .. -. '" shoe made and that is the one we sell-the celebrated 'i" t .." ,' ;' il i\, ,
.:l;:.f.:. \\if !' "Star .,Brand SHoes." ., :/ ,o; I' "; ili
! ,
,}:" W ::. .':;1' :: :, ; ; I And'have them in all styles and sizes-can fit any foot foom the ',l 'f ljJr ,

',.; .. ,1 intant,to.tbe great-grandfather. ,; \IJ .
, ; '
!; : r I IIL
: :rft: '.:,ifts'i ',-
:1" .' ., / '
: '".. III 'it t' ". .:
, : i ( '
: .
.., "' -. : ',, } \ '1'
\uW .

W: .. .. ', ', ; ,,
'I '" '.I \Ii.
"The .
; e Busy Store. ..
.: \Ii }u

.;,.; ',, %!; : : : : : : : : : : : f : .-


\ .. I .
"' ( ,,,, ., !' 5 -
pt.J.: .... .. ( ", ,' J. ) t"" """ I." iarq. -_ S S, 5 5

., .. ... ... .,.. .. .. . \ -.,...,.-.. ,,_.. > .\ .... ., .WI. "r", .,
,. .. ., ""' jI \ .;: .
,7w.' / ", t., "" ",;. <',. "'' '' ")/'.. ''' ,T!,' '"' .'''; ,''1."V' .J' u "'" ";4I"'Y"iy "I""J ':r'" 1'P "r-\\'f.'fr.'r\ ; ""11"A'oj"" '.' .,:r1\-. i': J.\1:.. .;,: : :. ;" .. .;. t:" ) .\7-11! <:: j.:,

S "

ti6rw. t
,\ MItTOIy M''f.' .1 WK" F. M. GOLSON.

THE BAHNtER.F GENIUS NEAR TO INSANITYMany V ( Presidency $.1. "" ,e.Pleside t: Cathler.

!P. Maladies Called Degeneracy It .Helps Kirs.t I\Jw taBank. ,

CfcnreU1C. Blr.ea. Just Too Much of Highly Do. I
B.Church, Sooth.)i'reachingevery; "eloped Nsrvss. '
st and 8rd Sunday at 11 a. m. and 8 p. m. 1YYARI1INNA FLA. ,;';
L. H. Chap Pastor. Mrs. J. 13:. Daniels, of
} Sabbath school 10 a. m. W. N. Shoats. Where friend .
Superintendent. my eugenic goes Sip X,.., writes: "I was .' Capital 50000.00 .': : 'f ,

Prayer Meeting Thursday nights. wrong is in failing to realize that a so sick for 3 or 4 years, ..".......... r ,
Young. ; Men's prayer meeting Tuesday. ; :. great many of the maladies which Solicit Acrtuntt of. Bank, Corporations, Firm ana hadividais.. : ?. I';:
ol'hta..1Cnr'bOdJ ordlaIylfnVlted.Baptist ) I had to hire work
hecalls degeneracy are just too muchof my Our twenty years experience In the banking business enables us to offer
done, most of the time.I you the best banking: facilities of any bank in West Florida. We also have a .
Churchy-Preaching every 2nd the highly developed nervous ays had When fully equipped Savings: Departmntja.which we t>ay irterest on deIX>> ,"
Bev. Bazter.pastor. given up hopc .
and 4th Sundav.
Hawk. tern which is the special endowmentof counts by mall handled as easily as pereon&Wn.teniew.} 4r. w'a. ,'.
Sabbath School a m.. F.
Su erinteneent. the gifted families. I,, began to take Cardul, Ii .i'' ." ., '.. ,'' rbu'lne .. t LIAC.
Prayer Meeting Wednesday... nights. Overcharge the battery ever so .;knew( right ,away, was.. ,; ; ..;;;' 1fen4..II..y.; ,. M. _. o,1Gsol .i-I..: C "
r .' little and genius becomes insanity; helping me. Now ''I am __._. __. \
afontoffieo Olr ctorv give one member of the family a better than ever before in .

Office Sundays.hours':30 a. m.:.to 7:00'p i ,m.\ ; except volt too much and the delicate balance my life, and Cardul dldJt.roCARDUI t't (p JQI1R ITvtD: EL 91iIV4oJ'I e r Florida State College For Women ",

Eastbound mail closes at 10:20 a.m 'of phyiscal and mental qual- GAINESViLLE I TALLAHASSEE f.L'.
West-bound. Lan closes at 6(10 p.m. E 64 But Institution for '-.
ities on which sanity depends is A Superior; Inexpensive Collate of Art and BcJeNa' School r .
Mall from Vernon arrives at 10 m. fam- : FlofWf TbBn t"Mea; ? School" Munlc. School ot Art. School ol Exprwkm. .
of the east bound broken down. Extinguish the School of Home Economics. I
and leaves on arrival. Four colleoei. agricultuial.aperlmeat: station:
mall. ily and you will rid the world, of T k Dnlvcnity extension. 46 pro c-gor and MiUt- First class equipment throughout. Tnltlos >
f.Othlll' For inloraiatkis
Sunday hours: 11:30 m., to 12:30: p. m., but will also ant. 80 per cent increase in attendance last address, expenses very low.
some degenerate, you (
year. Attractive buildinn!! and campus. ForfAtaklfl""J''fUo
Money Orders Issued at all hours. when. JA. IeOIPtlt CvP LSWAICONIA.I..fruMtsl.i t
office Is open, except ::land.'.. t. and at the same time rob it .of its t. :

J P MCUEUL P. M most gifted men. The Woman's Tonic ;

( My eugenist would never have let ....0..i................. '

Our Clubbing -.i.a. Cowper, Lamb, Coleridge, Steven-
Cardul has
." BANana and Seml-wee, ;l,', 'Atlanta," .> ion, Keats, Buskin, Henley or De helped thousands NOW : S .
',:JouroalperyearlJ..75.' Quincey'see the light. I of.weak,,,tire,d,,wjc ,, :
'. BAMXTKB and Thrice s-week New York out women back to health.It .
World, per year., 91.05. _., .. The doctrine of heredity should That now is the time to build that home or business house :
( has
'BANNER and Semi-weekly 0 Tlmea-Un- never be forgotten by parents or a gentle, tonic action you have been considering The present business depression

n and Citizen, per year, 150. remembered by children. To the on the womanly sys has reduced the.price of lumber and building" materials; labor :
Home and'Farm,per year tem. It >> thacjuaeof ,1s cheap'and plvntiful;;:-ii +yotfcan build now.for 25 to 50 per
BAHZCKB and first it is the assertion of their responsibility goeito; .than fill '

11.11\._' !. ;, to the second a re- the troubled:" -.Jr.helps, It ; : r 1. .. K JUNFr1908. :

: 1 1J"i > 'r .I mbinder of their helplessness.. A. helps quickly,,.surelft sd .. UNE, 19Q7, 'O

General.Dlrectory.STATII Spander in the Westminster: Ga ly. It has helped others. ...
OFFICIALS.- .' zette.. When you think of lumber orbuilding material think of us : .
Why not you? It wilL and the fact that we have completed a modern up-to-date millwork -

Governor-Alber W. Gilchrist. Try It. Oct a bottle today. mill, and can furnish everything made of wood used In'

Secretary of State-" H.x..Claf r. ,CraY'f rd.. CHANGED CONDITIONS. ... a building from sills to,' comb,' ;?and that we can .
Attorney. General- Park Trammell. : i '
: AQ'a T\jUI.CK.\
Com Agriculture-B. E. McLiIn The New Station Master-I'm
find such worker. PHOTOGRAPHY AT 6EA. Sash Mouldings Framing Bank
Tre..urer-Wm V. Knott. glad to you a willing I
IOIt.ructlon-W Hollo- I warned that I would find Doors Casings Flooring DrugStore
Sapt. Public ,, was : :
Not the least attractive feature of Blinds Base CeilingSiding
way. '. :you the most ill-tempered and lazy \ Frames .]Finish Fixtures
the modern ocean liner.is the completely .* a l .yt *' '-.q.4'
A..C. Croom. ''on the station." .,- > f >* 'eP .y ;
Comptroller man room placed : heerf ,:
equipped dark Estimates l1 furnished. Freight paid to your station :
Supreme Court-Thos. M. Shackleford. Porter (anxious to ingratiate him- at the of Oneor .if desired. '1'i '
Justice; H. H. Mabrv. Cler*. self ''An' I till corned disposal passengers.
)- so you ,
BallroadCommlssfon Hudson Burr, ir.- Black and White.SHOCKING I more cabins are set aside for the MARIANNA MANUFACTURING
Chairman \Dupa.Ch; >r.k>-' *, purpose. The dark room is supplied i .CO ;
: : with metal tanks water
:Judge first judicialclrcolt'-'. Emilietot.Wolfe running MARIipkNNAILA.'
,'Fenaacola.. SOUNDS racks, trays and all possible equip-

State. Solicitor. :>> Unto Judicial circuit-. In the earth aro sometime heark before a ment, together1 ''with.".e1e trLf-ruby .LONG.DiHTAIlCadPHOJ4a' / *?.' 11 :

,L. Wilson., '. f .. "' peril.terrible. Nature's earthquake warning, that warn are Kind.of coming That. lamps which may be switched. on,or :: ;. 4.....

off. As ruieviKitf'room -will .
dull pain or ache In the back warns you the permit a .l. a 4'9
U. S. LAND OFFICES OFFICIALS.' kidneys need attention If you would escape several people to1 works together, .

a,'S. Chubb', :a egtster! ,'dsinesv111e l Via.Shieldi'Wrrren those dangerous maluiuea, Dropsy, DIabete I. if they'desire. .!..

Eecelver6ailhe8vllle.YV'ASHINUTdN ; or Brl :ht's disease. Take Kleotrlo Hitters tographer i is placed-: ..charge*vwho ',' .:.
: at once and see backache fly and your beat' will coach;,, amatoaltpbPtgQr4Pliifdesired. a GoodSlogan for : $
OFFICERS. feelings return. My son received great benefit -
ly. J from their use rOt kidney and bladder A completentockofpho) JA
t '; Circuit Clesli-: : ;' hockey, Vernon., trouble, writes Peter Boudy. South Rook-; tographic euppliesliefpltapreefa'- and Better Business
a Bigger
'Uutcbtson ., !
County/ Judge- -I. A'J ;Vernon.SherlllV..O..AUeu.
wook, Mich it is cerjalnur' a great kidney ried aboard. It fie. a: m9tht ,
: ..CJ UDleJu"+ '4 medicine., Try It;; Boo at S. E. McQeaohy's.IS bas.' nlcena -1. .
to Bee a tQuristo ,1 snapshot .. .:
'I'rea.arer-H: B. Tllier; 'Verl on. .I..II..I... .. It 1I..". ft
I '
fax AiasSBpr-.J;Ji. ;.,WTJlllams, Chlpley., on deck, for instance, appeara .r' > "> .1:(

Tax{ Collector-Vf. B: Gainer, Kconhna.: QUEEREST OF ANIMALS' few hour. later. and coupler the finished DON'T BLOCK THE. WAY t ,.

Supt. Public trisirufction-B. F Gainer,, mounted 'photograph? .. .. ..JM
Wausau. ; Chameleon's Capabilities In Line of j -- .
( : : :
Move as fast as-the procesaipnorinove out. Take tbelf 0
Supervisor! of-< Begtfwvtion -3.-:: W, Changing'Color, Contrary to Popular -=
Gainer, Kconflna. *.4' a '.':'".'> Belief, Are Limited. You are )lror't\Y';;; ware-tbat ipnaumonjaalways pace of the company you" ire: in' or make1 wag fo'r?the manl

County Qllclt.or-4: '..a,.g ocmichael. result from a cola?,but you, when never behind ', .. ." .- .-'' ; .- .,. $. .
heard of cold resulting In pneumonia
Chlpley It is popularly supposed that the Chamberlain's Couth Remedy 'was used. .
County Surveyor' -Thos.Collins, Car,- chameleon the of assuming .
possesses power Why take the risk when this remedy may
vllle Fla, .' "'l all the colors of the rainbow be had for a trifle For sale!br. All Dealers ])o'n't.s tandio t1ie way, of new idea.-r't.DonlfcpauWiri. thc' .

County J.T. aightoweir Commissioners, Chairman Vernon. but, as a matter of :fact, its path of better' system' : 'Don't settle down on the ladder of ;
*,p-' A. C. Gilbert Chlpley.. capabilities in that line are restricted ECCLESIASTICAL'LATIN. success. DonU he'barnacle on th'e'sbVpof! p -eKre8;/ .; 0 ;

S. IA Davis Wausau. ; inasmuch .as certain colors are -, .
J. H. Porter Minvifte. quite beyond its attainment. For some time the and the! > .,j
i). F. Gunn, Santa B can
'. Vatican authorities have been occupied ,
School Board t' through a series of yellows, grays, '' ,
G. B. Bash. Chairman. Orange Hill considering the pronunciation' Advancement means movement. MOVE! ,
and browns until it reaches
S. J. Gainer St. Andrew.W. greens a of Latin in the churches. While in ". ( ... \ Ji
F.,Buss. Vernon.' .r '. color almost black; and, unlike the the churches of' France and some 0 .. :
leopard: the chameleon can and does in England one heir," )eua quf-fecii 'DON"r--BLOCIC-THE-WAY1' \:

CHIPLEY CITY OFFICIALS.. change its spots. The chief causes coelum et.terram,'"* the ,Italiana say ,,. .....f/.. '-' ..J"0'" : ('. ,

Majpr:-1J. H-Wells.! of these rapid changes are anger, excitement "Deous coui fefchit -t h 'to1im'" and .;.'l.W
Marshal-H. M. Farrior, and '
fear heat cold. "
the Germans "Fetsit tseloum. It
UUrk and Treasurer-W. W. Cook. \'
In the full blaze of the summer follows that Roman Catholics when '". ."
Council-A. D. Carmichael cP.3 ". '\ :,
C. B. Dunn,J, McGeachy.. ,. C., E., Tharp. sUn the chameleon takes' on a black away from home flnct- these dijero: Z.s : : ; ':. !'..
Wt O. Butler. ;Jr< ; ; ish hue, with pale, pinkishyellowspots gencies on pronunciaton/omewl: at S :

and a central stripe. difficult to follow; so the Vatican ie _

The chameleon presents, perhaps, of opinion that there should ,be a

the quaintest physical :features In,all uniformity 'of prominciatioa If
The animaldom, :for he, resembles nothingso there t be any result from i.i.he Vatican

.much as one of the mediaeval'gargoyle's deliberations- may. : 1 surmised Jlr t. .
:such' as adorn the tower that form will r r
' the Ita\ja.n\ be adoptedas
;qf-Ndtre: Dame. His toes in their ; .
Chipley! Flap most nearly that.'of. the.ancient
'arrangement of three on one side Romans. '
." nd"'two of 'the oiher of each hand =

Studs for the UpbuJI< dofl| a. d foot,;fare most? suggestive ofr'a ULAMED A OOOD'AVOBKKR\, -.- : .r -

birds aa,ia' also the manner in which -
"' 1 blamed my heart for severe distress my
thej-jjraap the bough upon which the.I left side lor two years,*"", rice./.W.. KvansrI'snvllle handsome new style in

litiift'//U9W) : A8' resting or climbing.ThV Va., but.lknow,, << now It wan Indifestion t;; Diamond Grade

r. WashIngton County. egression of sardonic .humor as DrKing's' New LIt ,'PI ..corn .S .4< our Special $3.00A -i' .r

;, that seems to play about the mouthof pletely cured'me'BeVi; for stomach, liver that will give the finishing ; -!
';. And Florida! and kidney trouble, constipation, beaoacn
the chameleon is curiously heightened or debility 28o at S. E. MoGeacby's. tl touch to any costume. d
by the weird effects of the in- .
_. ,
S )
This is only one of our new patterns.
$1 Per Year. dependently moving eyes..... E .
Subscription, A. G. 1 \ oae.'
,r ** ;. I Ask your dealer to show you his styles of .

SCHOLASTIC. PROGRESS.. NotaryPu:> 4 liR; .. Diamond Brand Shoes. He should'Bave

We make a..Spedalty.o'Neat :,Stat t' r.oe.'h : '
them in all at all prices foninenas
"Yes, Johnny's, doing nicely at p

school," Mrs. ;Lapsling said, "and he D. CA R1IURA: j1\l -well as for women and children.
remembers everything he learns, A ; \ 1

K Artistic especially in history. He told me Attorney at Law lYdMnND BRAND '

Printing the story the other day about Alex- Mfc-Collections i a Speclalty.a sNOE IG4A'fRSWE
Commercial phQ o
v i
FM, ender the accordion knot." i 4> i
I .. '::1 \cutting ... l'fle'! Fla
't l ''* W hen.her child Is In danger A 'woman '{ { HOUSE //V THE IVEST. '
>:The Banner': will risk nor life to protect u. No great act b ,J .J i oNES.: OTHER P'I I

i ol heroism or risk of life m necessary to pro.
toot a child from croup. Give Ctoamber- t.,,' -

.T Chipley Fla. Isln's Cough. For Remedy sale by AII and all danger Is iiUIPLEYE ....,... Try aU.ady; rti8ement.iu .Xhe JJanuer*?. F;
avoided '
Pealerss. .
F J. ** MPtipl. ..ydJ N'' .-. -, 4.. '. drLA.. .ji'. r'> "l .? -; r-a-jtj* 1. -. gi *.v


.v. .. ., ". ". > I '.'f? \0_"..... r"\<.'1o. I .... ._-.C' :.....1. -""............era+ '1'l.. S .:..... ..
'. .M'f..6.L1

? _
: \ -

I .
OLA- f -


; Let Estimated at $160,000,000 In One
Keep \V.. M. Holloway at flic Head of Florid year Laid to Carelessnessof

Woodsmen. .
''OF / -
I d Strkbol 'Syst % He is Advancing With a total estimated! forest! fire

j -. loss for the entire country last year
/ ". ranging from $150,000,000 to $200-

Montana Newspaper-Halls Hint the 'Education of State" 000,000 and causing the death of
.*)ias the Standard Bearer of our several hundred persons, uneasy indeed

the must rest the knowledge upon
Democratic. Party.
..__ -
,' 't any woodsman experienced or ama "
..& [ I Jror| tM'elve vi-ars M I n IlollowayV.IH teur that he caused a fire which

PROGRESSIVE AND ABLE MAN' \ Siiiu-rinii: 'i.ili-nt of .Public' I may have contributed in this loss of-

.. FZ Mt I In)siru' >" Monof'! Al.i.-liti.i J;. ()+)nlnty.'. rife ,and property, says Guy illiolt!
f 4' .=' Dinj i 'i.it.time In. built up. tht; :Mitchell in the Review, of Review'

True Patriot anti, Morally and Intel.:' ..v ht ''I l-3stt''lit uf that *iounty un- I On the other hand, the man who ex-

.,|lectually Fit' for the High Posl.Uon '. ,I 1 '' j'.mUx/l l, uS amonn: Tllli" tinguished incipient fire may.tal
to Whlt11. He Is Reason S. F-R '.'P pride in the act. '
ably Sure. of in the Strttc." In N uvm-
Election...... A '' The way to prevent big fires, as '
'Elelena; (Mont ) Independent! -fhe J.,Ri.Inville.thv' xi'lnvxliibit! uf Chief Forester Graves says is to put
People will name, the democraticparty's them out while they aresma11. If
.\.i.ti'i.i: \ \V.\S CIIVlCXi
candidate,for the presidency I t cuunty people are'careful not to start.fires,
,y1In. the next deinocraUp convention i i l-Mi; '!r PLAOIfl l ..in.l a latid. | 1 medal'1H or if in case fires, do start there aril

there will be no.boss whose voice will \yar'I.II.! Tliisva'' !'rin coanIJeti, I enough people available to fight
bej heard
above the rallying of t .
real popular sovereignty; mere cry will ar inn .I ;ainsl the \\lio1o State, and l' them, they will gain no h dwaJ'

I bq no machine ,which will Interfere >vl l nolloivay( ; : WAS Supcrintcnclfnt -. : I 'The fore 'service in its" posted notice

with the registering ot the people's !J ." ".' of Unlnrl.. I : .county AT THAT.. lays''' down a. feW' simple rules;
XUL. t to in mind when in the woods
-California, from '
Minnesota] to J''Texas, the, delegates and particularly requests in .case; of! ,
wjio will assemble to name the party's .t ilu> 6fiicc of State Stiperin-: fire that the forest guards be noti

Standard-bearer In the next campaign tt l {td!ii nt of Public Tn-truction Mr fied. If the fire has not gained,.too

vljll l come with but one purpose lavvbw { I1nOu\\'a)' JHI" I'Ur'cKd, thl ,Inottrewtlat large headway: it may be yery .possible

-to to restore real democratic government : niarlcod his tarter in the I lea- to check and extinguish it, always
power In the nation's
capi '
tal. :, sr. ti.lll., He hit s ben a DRVKKOPICK remembering that fire runs

|n view of,, t$ts situation, a situation Jr [ '. <.f-F1rtridis. KDU-", rapidly up a slope, burns slowly on
which/ Is mos{|' encouraging to the CAT ONAL f KJfiSOIJR :.l'Rand'tuLy the crest and? travels' down Mil yet ,. ':OOO'

party.; It Is possible now to forecastthe ''I"' '+ i'x tnore slowly. Many an incipient:
I t ,
result of 'ate III' the school 8vtem! of the,
democratic ueonven-_ fire has been out
: put by a single
titan, and that forecast points uner- t'l-t.' .i-i niovi.itr:; to\var. l that up- :
;, tingly to the t nomination of Woodrow- \\'a.1, plane of. El KK'JKNCYtruni : '' guard or ranger or an experienced'camper
-\VJlflon. former:president Princeton' using his blanket or.a green
umlrerslty. and governor of New Jersey Jielowort' the higher form'4ol branch fpr beating the fire or throw-

for the highest office within the. <,tl ',Cation ih a :manner that' ing on, loose earth or sand.

right of any people. pruMM th.i. tHlity and ,.
the: democratic ,,candidate must be, ;
progressive: .Such a man la Wood.' I i ish ;a If.. The.forward movement} ; BETTER STILL
row Wilson, whose record In ,New Jersey .' x> Y ONL of education in Florida i in a Mirror .., .' :
} has stamped him as one 9* the! ol his>:'Administrationiccessrul J
moat progressive .men In public.life/i

The democratic candidate for the'presidency t

'i' from all Influence must be"political unafraid and free.. .I', w.. -. ."M.. ...."HOLLOWAY..:?:.!-* .. A Successful Teacher.jj, .A Su County SupecintenJent. ofetitq'PutHc
j Siich a man fa Woodrow,.Wilson, who; I 'tPu1lic' '* *""** *
,, .fa-hfa own state, unhorsed a. poUUcal Instruction. A Successful.State Supeantenc; tlIr' ( ; J Instruction.
delator wh le.'power. ao, one before j i ,

c., had" shaken. --' '.' ; .. .. .' -. '. s
; : People Have Faith In Him. : '.' .,, .. ,: ,
}.' Toe democratic candidate for the'!' "W.-, M.' 'Holloway Has Produced Muck; .'Educational
; presidency must 'be 'demo ,
essentially .
. '
cratic. Such A man Is Woodrow Wilson "' '- ." ?' ..: .. : *. : .

.whose political ascendency, has i ; 4
teen: accomplished only by' reason of AdvancementVithouthCofttkto; >< : .tne People. i

the: faith the people"nave'In him, and . I
wj o will carry,into the, nigh office no t j '
secret politics bargatns.1flth t r'.prl'li.te'galn| those.who. manlpulate ,I t $8- DISCOVERED a law that 'enabled investment -'.portlort"of bis' .time to visiting and inspecting t

The democratic candidate' ntuetf.b6morally .' of the( State School Fund in securvy: \IJ}e coqntrv. .schools.of the State. This ,'work "

and Intellectually, fit for the ties paying a HIGHER'fate,of interest. ,. .. \ is proving: a great; benefit and .is- WITHQUT Ku'ccYIOn -
plaice\ Such! a"man 'Woodrow" WUM AI I
>>f'vwkoed training<< enables' him to1gty c. He 'was INSTRUMENTAL IN SECURING J iG&FZJkp!: the i PEOPLE.Hc&a 1 .
s '
to tti*" great problems of the to the School Fund: 25 tier cent. oT th!; ;'a:; advanced ,the HIGH SCHOOLS of Mrs Aekitt-Are. you careful to
dajr.. an Integrity abpve ,question and.aj make your husband tell,. you everything -' .
1 proceeds arising! from ( sale of State lands, theStatejn asimilar way. In 1903 a D pal't. i
!rentalcapacity. and;a-knowledge ofpublic that happens to him?
r a1hJr' which'.bas..probablytndCbajn ; '. Vhtch trotri November 30, 1908: the date! of tfh < .'.nient. bf: 'Secondary: I.Education (High Shools) Mrs. TellitJr: Yea,.and I'm careful1 '

excened'' la an, 'ex 'ootlve'\'officer first'payment, to ovemberlt,1'911; ,: aP.'J.ou.nt.'ie4 was
r, sine.the dart:of'+JtttMson.a } to $145,215.. The. revenue 'thfas derivedwtllamount .and to.eatlle. the State.. Inspector of High ; '. '
)| Woodrow Wilson, thesis ample: i I' '
evidence' of Amefl a'. abilityto: dev '... : to several hundred'thousand'did-} : .Schools <.,o'roore! efficiently cover the field, Mr. CRUSOE IN MANHATTAN ';

at .U>p-In-,..cho; rf8hrr in1 ,the'nation's lars in a few yezfrs.; .Holloway, through the General Education .f.

a9, t aff}lrsja;' man who,Js eauli!, ta.theemergen He bas ADVANCED' 'the COMMON 'B a.rd"PR, UR $1,500 to apply on salaryand Another. reason why an. English- :" V
l9X f hUk-tlme:: WsahJtagton man is apt'to tire of New York with
SCHOOLS by SECURING $250 annually of t State Inspector, and by
appeared on;.the,scene, -wJletirthe-rdf. expenses. unexpected rapidity' Is the curious
satisfied oolonlesv needed:s-*.t1'ollrJQILDe from the'Southern'Educational Board for.salary this means/the High Schools, receive about ..
isolation of the .c ty. 'One feels-in
_Bt,114__ a mlHtery1 genius to lead them to .of a'Sta Inspector:' of rural, elementary nine-tenths of the Inspector's time WITH- New York cut 'oft from '
t natoaal independent Serson. singularly
.Je .
. ""o, when the, new ..democracy. neededmaa came- *, schools, and this educator devotes the'greater Ot:1cr ADDITIONAL COST to the people. the rest of the, world and not least.- '. <(<*..

to ta>ethfeln of,the,.aw": '. ." .,:>".,, '. from the rest of America.. 'Personal. .( ..
: swat from,the-hand ;"of;;>) iierdbrydittobtllty .- .
: "' ly I: confess I never really regard : a:; t

., Jackson; and came, restore, when J1.' the io'-money;the*".pe power DI.. ; t. ..Wm. M. Hollo. way::' is aGanidatefor.Re-Election;: : myself.as in the United' States until .. I

!lni.&lsep'ed itself ln< the",oontroL of 'New. York is left behind and I am : y h

the American ,government., Umcoln '. Let Him 'ContinUe Hi-s' Faithful Work.] ; free of its atmosphere of; concentrated '. .. .

earns wh.nnthe<..union .WUiAaboatnto' '. ; .' .. self sufficiency. .. .A ,Londoner -, si
bruit: upon. ,' the', rocks' .of domestlastrife. ; : _,.. ., ....r who is" used to'' being at the .' '

.\..The'Man for:.the" OocMton.And .' ,+' .'. : ': .', ..... center of thirtgs: and watching! be- ::.. f
now. when greater" trot>lems . .. . ;, neath his very'eyes: the convergence .
than 'those. which confronted Washiafton ,,' .. J of; a (thousand worldwide interests' ft
,* Jefferson and Jackson and ',:" I not .only feels in New York that ,he -
;;JJmcoln< demand courage' and ability; t.! bas been banished to the outer ,circumference .'

character; ,but feels also that he has.

. the:'land.there.goes up.,as In 18 O1.,,the, NSACOi left England 'without really reaching !
pn j&,..,"CJoA, cJYe..JH"JIU.JtI C: h wbenrttttoota America.-From the narrative of a .

_ le.mntttrened4n.biglx. plates < revisiting, Englishman in. I a.rper'$... ,J,.
and when the Jits. bJ :"o.-tke coun- } "
try:\a being .uekid'byaheyvampire' of ; I \, t.JD W; Weekly. J" ::,

tig.l>uslne&s; wh e p. greed,,and avarice : L I DUTY OF HAPPINESS.' .-. ] .: .:: I,

bat' >* .*..l>.tltlit| d-foT patrlotlshi i : ..- .. .. ..:,
.p4U4usUae&wbea, sperad4"and "halP I GT.NS 1 There is no duty we, so much underrate
hearted attempts Uo. Jrtghtexfetivg ,
wrongs q1yW/ vat*:I1th.JII1'l when f 6cr as the duty of being happy.; 'Ji'

4b., a.tidh)4inanda' + II ti..ottt.6nlU. r ;.- By being'happy, :we sow.anonymous f r:'". .
.4 a Wash1/ >agtPw..thlPtn.the. pea FEBRUARY 1S-19-2O benefits upon the world, which, ,remain *-' '. "'
y le of a. JeckapalandAtIti..aubliaispittriottarouofs ; = "Let Dull'Care Go*Astray." no-p ,
r when they are.disclosed, surprise .1.
Lincoln-at each.tlme1as4hU it Is [ .,.
a' a like-watcping( ; the hand or, a.beaefU I>nc.aqQest1j i (i G 'Everything' New! body so much as the benefactor. A "

: : to see .Woodrow; Wltaon. |I'I'rynttbt !(: The> greatest nterry-making festival happy man. or woman is afoftpf ,
Japm..1&rCAt .on the scene; of 'national''' thing: to find than ft-fixcay u'Au' note. -
,, held -in1* the, :South- in many years. J:.,
1/" ': He 'or she is 'a-radiating, .focus oft -
" '. Not only; .the DemoeratlcPart1'.,"but rahdefst Mardi Bias Ever., -
,,..'..:_; .*. nattaw ioo.:Is.blessed that.inch'a MaglifcehtStreet Pageants. 'Amusement good will ; and their -eutrancei4u f'
.: ': salsa., is.,pmilabl.-.for l the presidency.HAO /2 Attractions galore. Confetti 1111 a room is as though,another candle) ,
You will have the buJUest time of your life. had been lighted. We need not card !.

,. >(t6N 1''THEBIiAC'.f; : a: f, FIRST CLASSHOTELA000MMODATIONS whether they' could prove the :fojtv- .'

--- Thtsanckntcltref dp n!.hL* nd and RomaneW; wtlch:h..,.t'flT. seventh proposition ; they do a ,heifer?. c t ,
81Wewomenrlfke I to-fa;..loyeriU i' rnlUmMin It* h|.torreknoiUa