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Title: Inventory of industrial advantages
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General Note: Issued separately for Florida cities in cooperation with local chambers of commerce and varied agencies.
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Broward County

Table of Contents


Part A---Natural Resources

1. Geography 2
2. Climate 2
3. Local Raw Materials 2

Part B---General Economy

1. Population 2
2. Labor 3
3. Retail Market 3
4. Manufacturing Industries 3
5. General Remarks on Economy 4

Part C---Government

1. Administration 4
2. Finances 5

Part D---Community Facilities

1. Available Data 5
2. Transportation Facilities 5
3. Power 6
4. Fuels 6
5. Sewage and Waste Disposal 6
6. Water Supply 6
7. Communications Facilities 7
8. Educational Facilities 7
9. Health Facilities 7
10. Recreational Facilities 8
11. Police Protection 8
12, Fire Protection 9
13. City Streets 9
14. Banking Facilities 9
15. Construction and Service Facilities 9
16. Retail Facilities 9
17. Wholesale Facilities 9
18. Housing Conditions 9
19. Hotels and Restaurants 9
20. Newspapers '9
21, Radio Stations 9
22, Laundries and Dry Cleaners 10
23. Civic Organizations 10
24. Churches 10

Revised By:

Fort Lauderdale, Florida


October/49 Tallahassee, ftorida



Part A---Natural Resources

1. Geography

Location: Fort Lauderdale is on the lower East Coast
north of Miami and 45 miles south of West Palm Beach.

of Florida, 25 miles
It is on the Atlantic

Chief topographical features: Flat, with river through the center of the
city. Over one hundred miles of navigable waterways within the city limits.
One-tenth of the 18.5 square miles of the city area is water surface.
Average elevation is five feet.

2, Climate

(Based on U. S. Weather Bureau observations at Fort Lauderdale over a 28-year

Normal temperature
Normal rainfall







July October



Growing season: During a 39-year period, the U. S. Weather Bureau recorded
only six killing frosts in the spring and two in the fall.

3. Local Raw Materials

Timber: Cypress and pine are cut in limited quantities in this area.
are five to twenty miles from city.


Minerals: Sand and rock are produced in commercial quantities from pits three
to seven miles from the city. No other minerals were formerly produced in
this area.

Chief agricultural products of area:


Cucumbers, cabbage, squash, eggplant
Mixed vegetables
Citrus fruit
Tropical fruit
Dairy products and beef cattle
Nursery stock and flowers
Grass sod industry
Hogs, sheep, wool

Annual Value


Part B---General Economy

1. Population

Est. 1949*

County total
City total
Negroes in county
Negroes in city







*Estimate by Fort Lauderdale Chamber of Commerce.

Predominant nationalities: Native-born white; Negro.




2. Labor

Unions: No national unions are established in local manufacturing industries.
Most construction work is unionized.

Approximate hourly wages: Unskilled white males, $1; unskilled Negro males,
$1; skilled white males, $2 to $2.75.

Labor supply: Little skilled labor in area outside of the construction
industry. Unskilled white and Negro labor is available in limited quantities.

3. Retail Market

General: This city serves as a primary trading center for Broward County
and northern extremity of Dade County including the cities of Hollywood,
Hallendale, Dania, Davie, Pompano, Oakland Park and Deerfield.

1948 Effective Buying Income per family in city, $4,557; in county, $3,509.*
1948 Estimated total retail sales in city, $37,927,000; in county,
1948 Estimated retail food store sales in city, $7,383,000; in county,
1948 Estimated retail general merchandise store sales in city, $3,389,000;
in county, $4,221,000.*
1948 Estimated retail drug store sales in city, $1,344,000; in county,

*Copyright 1949, SALES MANAGEMENT Survey of Buying Power. Further repro-
duction not licensed.

4. Manufacturing Industries

General: Approximately 800 persons are employed in manufacturing industries
in Fort Lauderdale.




Air-O-Lite Venetian Blind Mfg. Co.
Aluminum Products, Inc.

Apex Roofing and Sheet Metal Co., Inc.

Beddorest Mattress Co.
Cuban American Tile and Products, Inc.
East Coast Battery Co,
Empire Block Co. and Cement Products Co.
Everglades Preserving Co.
Fort Lauderdale Coca Cola Bottling Co.
Fort Lauderdale Stamp Wjorks
Fort Lauderdale Block Co.
Gate City Sash and Door Co.

General Fabrics Corporation
Ketchin Concrete Products, Inc.

Latite Roofing Co.

Modern Woodcraft Shop

New River Boat and Engine Works

Precision Welding Co.

Rex Bassett, Inc.

Venetian blinds
Aluminum castings, chairs,
house-wares, beach equipment
and silhouettes
Concrete roofing tile and
solar systems
Tile products
Auto and Marine batteries
Blocks and brick
Honey, jam, jellies, preserves
Bottled coca cola
Rubber stamps
Concrete blocks
Awning type windows, jalousies
and millwork
Cushions, upholstering, etc.
Tile floors, patio tile and
brick and concrete pipe
Asbestos, tile and asphalt
Cabinets, store fixtures and
Machine work of all types,
repair and refinish boats
Various steel and fabricated
Radio communications equipment
and quartz crystals





4. Manufacturing Industries


Rulon Beverages of Fort Lauderdale, Inc.
Southern Aluminum Co.

Sunray Anfing Co.

International Cushion Co.
The Borden Co.
Tropical Venetian Blind Manufacture
Wood Industries, Inc.

R. H. Wright and Son, Inc.

Rodi Boat Co.
Dooley Basin Dry Dock

Paul's Boat Yard
Terrace Shops, Inc.
Beekman Engineering Co.

Pioneer Sheet and Metal Works
Broward Sheet Metal Works
Goodwin Awning and Canvas Co.
Gaines Awning and Canvas Co.
Forest Concrete Products
Hallcraft Products
Big H. Manufacturing Co.


Awning and Shutter Co,
Millwork Co.
and Haywood

Herman Heflin
Hyatt Cement Products Co.
Lauderdale Bedding Co.
Lewis and Baumgardt
Locke Venetian Blind Co.
Lois Dean Manufacturing Co.
Nichols, Geo. C. and Henry D.
Ready Mix Concrete
Ready and Son, H. E.
Sterling Furniture Co.
Lauderdale Manufacturing Co.

Florida Tool and Gage, Inc.
Gillis Block and Supply Co.


Bottled drinks
Aluminum lawn, beach and
kiddy chairs and tables
Jalousies, awnings, metal
louver panels
Cushions and Covers
Dairy products and ice cream
Venetian blinds
Sash doors, cabinets and
Ready mixed concrete and
stepping stones
Boat repair
Prefabricated houses and boat
Boat repair
Turret tool posts for lathes
and screw machines
All types of sheet metal work
All types of metal work
Beach canvas
Lawn furniture and beach
Awning and shutters
Cabinets, doors, windows, etc.
Slump brick and concrete
Barbecue sauce
Cement blocks
Venetian blinds
Children wear
Art tile
Concrete tiles
Upholstered furniture
Carbide drills and washing
Mfg. dies, jigs and fixtures
Concrete blocks

5. General Remarks on Economy

Fort Lauderdale is the county seat of Brovard County. It is a tourist center,
more than doubling its population during the winter tourist season.
Part C---Government

1. Administration

Type: Commission-Manager,

Officials: F. R. Humphries, Mayor; Fred Rankins, City Manager; Sam Marshall,
City Clerk-Auditor; Tom Berryhill, City Attorney.

Special departments: The city has an active building inspector, electrical
inspector, plumbing inspector, city engineer, park and recreation board,
planning board, zoning board and street department.

Zoning: The city has a zoning ordinance.




2. Finances

Current city tax rate: Operations, 13 mills; 1 mill storm damage, 3 mills
debt service.

Average city tax for last five years: Operations, 15 mills; debt service,
7 mills.

I City basis of assessment: Assessed at fair value.

Total assessed value of real property in city: $93,336,000.

City license tax on manufacturing plants: .Based on production and value.

City utility tax: 10%.

Other major city taxes: None.

Current county tax rates: Taxed according to districts (contact L. 0. Hansen,
County Tax Assessor, Court House).

Bonded debt: City, $4,297,500; county, $827,000, in general bonds.

Other long-term obligations: City, $4,378,000, in revenue bonds; county
$1,639,000, in highway bonds.
Part D---Community Facilities

1. Available Data

Maps; Indexed city street map at Chamber of Commerce, zoning map at city

SReports: City Annual Fiscal Report, New City Plan (both obtainable at city

2. Transportation Facilities

Rail: Fort Lauderdale is served by a Florida East Coast Railway main line,
with 10 northbound and 10 southbound passenger trains and three northbound
and three southbound freight trains daily; Seaboard Air Line Railroad main
line with four northbound and four southbound passenger trains and three
northbound and three southbound freight trains daily. The volume of freight
from this area sometimes requires as many as five or six extra freight trains
daily, especially during the winter vegetable shipping season. Pick-up and
delivery service is available for less than carload freight.

Express: Railway Express Agency, Inc., provides rail and air express service.
Free pick-up and delivery service is available.

Highways: U. S, Highway 1 and Florida Highways A-l-A and 84 pass through
Fort Lauderdale, Florida Highway 7 passes nearby.

City bus service: The city has regular city bus service to all areas within
the city. The Lauderdale Transit Company operates 15 buses.

Intercity bus service: Number of buses daily: Greyhound, 44 southbound and
36 northbound; Trailways, 1 northbound and 1 southbound.

SCompany Area Served
Rountree Transfer and Storage Co. Broward County
Marshall Transfer Co. Broward County
Fort Lauderdale Transfer Co. Fort Lauderdale-Miami
Great Southern Trucking Co. Southeastern States
Central Truck Lines Georgia and Florida
Mayflower Trucking U. S, and Canada

Large cities reached by overnight truck haul: Miami, Tampa, Saint Petersburg
and Jacksonville.



2. Transportation Facilities (cont'd)

Air: Broward County Airport, two miles from the business district of Fort
Lauderdale, is county-operated. The field has 4,000-foot paved runways
and complete service facilities. The field is open to private planes. Fort
Lauderdale Municipal Airport, four miles northwest of Fort Lauderdale, is
municipally-owned and operated. It is open to private planes but only
limited facilities are available. There are also three privately-operated
fields in the immediate vicinity. Scheduled domestic and international
flights are available at Miami International Airport, 25 miles away. There
are three authorized travel bureaus in town where reservations and tickets
may be purchased. Air flight charter service is available from Fort Lauderdale,

3. Power

Florida Power and Light Company owns and operates the generating distributing
facilities. Copies of rate schedules can be obtained at the company's office.

4. Fuels

Coal: No coal is used in this area.

Gas: Manufactured gas rated at 525 B.t.u. per cubic foot is distributed by
the Peoples Water and Gas Company. Rate schedules can be obtained at the
company's office.

Bottled gas: Propane, rated at 2550 B.t.u. per cubic foot, and a propane-
butane mixture, rated at 2950 B.t.u. per cubic foot, are available. Delivered
cost is 60 to 100 per pound, depending upon the amount used.

Other: Delivered cost is 12.70 per gallon for fuel oil and .0190 per gallon
for bunker oil.

5. Sewage and Waste Disposal

Sewage: Sanitary sewerage system is installed. Sewerage facilities are
available to domestic, commercial and industrial users in downtown area.
Treatment is primary and secondary clarification and activated sludge.
Capacity of present disposal plant is 3,000,000 gallons per day. At the
present time there is no special assessment or service charge and there are
no existing ordinances on industrial wastes. Industries now use the sewerage
system. New storm sewers are now being installed.

Garbage disposal; Garbage is collected daily in the business district and
twice a week in residential sections within the city limits.

6. Water Supply

Source: Wells. Present source is considered adequate for expansion.

Treatment: Filtered, chlorinated and softened.

Consumption: 5i- million gallons per day.

Pumping capacity: 61 million gallons per day.

Chemical analysis:

pH, ..70.......... ....... ...... ................. .
Residual chlorine.. ................... ... .. .... 0.
Color, 23 ................................................. 120.
Total solids.................. ..... ... ......... 0.
Chlorides.............................. ................ 20.
Alkalinity............................................... 40.
Total hardness (soap)................................... 40.
Carbonate hardness..................... ................ 40.
Non-carbonate hardness...................... ......... 0.


6. Water Supply (cont'd)

Magnesium..... ........ ............ ............ ................ 2.2
Sulfates.................................. ......... ................. 21.3
Calcium ......................................................... 21.0
Iron and aluminum oxides ......................................... 3.2
Carbon dioxide (th)......... .... ... ............. .................... ....... 0.
Sodium and Potassium.............................. -
Turbidity............................. ................... below 5
Iron as Fe................ ....... ..... .. ... .. ......... 2.8
Silica............................................ .............. 28.8

Rates: Domestic, commercial and industrial.
Per 1,000 Gallons

First 5,000 gallons, $1.50 minimum
Next 10,000 gallons 25
Next 10,000 gallons 22
All additional 20o

7. Communications Facilities

Telephone service: Southern Bell Telephone and Telegraph Company operates
a dial exchange in Fort Lauderdale, serving 11,800 company-owned stations in
the city and 49 rural stations. At present, 128 toll circuits are available.

Telegraph: Western Union has office hours from 7:30 a.m. until midnight on
weekdays and from 8 a.m. until 10 p.m. on Sundays and holidays.

8. Educational Facilities
Elementary Junior High High


Number of schools 1 1 1
Present enrollment 1881 929 712


Number of schools 1 1 1
Present enrollment 939 263 193

Vocational training for white students: Industrial arts, vocational agricul-
ture and diversified cooperative training.

Vocational training for Negro students: Industrial arts.

Private schools:

Fern Hall Day School, kindergarten through twelfth grade.
Mclillan Pine Crest School, boarding and day school, nursery to
college. Accelerated course for veterans.
St. Anthony's School, Catholic day school taught by Sisters Dominic,
affiliated with South Central Association, 12 grades.
Seventh Day Adventist School, day school.
Trinity Lutheran School, day school, 10 grades.
Broward Business College, day and night school.

Library: Fort Lauderdale Public Library, 20,694 volumes.

9. Health Facilities

City health department: The city does not operate a health department. All
activities come under the Broward County Health Department.




9. Health Facilities (cont'd)

County health department: Staff of one full-time medical doctor, seven
nurses, five sanitary officers and three clerks and stenographers. There
are 10 physicians who work regularly with the Health Department. The follow-
ing clinics are operated:

Prenatal-Postnatal clinics: Two in Fort Lauderdale each month,
three in Pompano each month and one in Hollywood each month.

Venereal disease clinics: Four in Fort Lauderdale each month,
four in Pompano each month and four in Hollywood each month.

Well-baby clinics: Two in Fort Lauderdale each month, one in
Pompano each month and one in Hollywood each month.

Immunization clinics held at various times throughout the year.

Chest X-ray clinics also operated for indigent cases for diagnosis
to be classified for hospitalization.

Hospitals: Broward General Hospital, 157 adult beds and 35 bassinets;
Provident Hospital (Negro), 39 beds and 6 bassinets.

10. Recreational Facilities

Public parks:

Name Playground Eauipment Size

Warfield Shuffleboard courts, tennis courts 5 acres
Stranahan Shuffleboard courts, band shell 3 acres
card pavilion
Beach Restroom facilities over 3 miles
SBeach Park Picnic facilities 2 acres
Hospital Park None 4 acres
Tarpon Bend Picnic facilities 2 acres
Southside Softball, tennis 6 acres
Hugh Taylor Birch State Park Picnic facilities, canoing etc. -

Athletic fields: Vestside Park, baseball diamond; Stranahan Field, baseball,
football, basketball; North East Park, under construction; golf courses, 18-
hole course and clubhouse and a 9-hole course.

Other recreational facilities: Fort Lauderdale Country Club is operated by
city and is open to the public. Rates: Daily green fee, $2.50; ten-play
ticket, $20.; single membership, $50.; family membership, $75. Municipal
Swimming.Pool, lockers open to public. Richardson Golf Course, open to public,
daily green fee $2.50. Tennis Club.

11. Police Protection

City: Force consists of 36 men. The city has five patrol cars and eight
motorcycles, all equipped with two-way radio. Patrolmen are uniformed.
Regular beats are maintained during the night and patrol cars cover residen-
tial districts. City jail is not approved for quartering federal prisoners.
The city police department does not furnish protection outside of city limits.

County: The Sheriff and 15 deputies provide police protection for outside the
city. They have seven patrol cars, including two equipped with two-way radio.
There are no regular patrols. The Sheriff's office is located in the Broward
County Court House, in Fort Lauderdale. County jail is approved for quarter-
ing federal prisoners.

State: One Florida Highway Patrol sergeant and four patrolmen are assigned to
Broward County for local duty. Their equipment consists of five cars, two of
which have two-way radio. Florida Highway Patrol is responsible for traffic
enforcement outside city limits. In addition, the Florida Highway Petrol
has one driver's license examiner in Broward County.


12. Fire Protection

City: Force consists of 53 full time firemen. City has eight fire engines
and four fire stations.

County: No county fire protection is provided. No hydrants are available
outside the city and effectiveness of equipment is limited.

Insurance rating: SEAU, Class 2; NBFU, Class 5.

13. City Streets

Mileage: Total, 177 miles; paved, 127 miles; rock, 50 miles.

General: Asphalt is the principal type of surfacing used. City has 175 miles
of sidewalks.

14. Banking Facilities
Name Total Resources

Broward National $21,302,159.49
Fort Lauderdale National 6,625,912.94
First National Bank in Fort Lauderdale 11,278,125.12
First Federal Savings and Loan Association 8,769,223.38

15. Construction and Service Facilities

General contractors, 66; architects, 19; land surveyors, 5; general machine
shops, 5; machine repair facilities, 4; automotive repair facilities, 30.

16. Retail Facilities

Type and number: Dry good stores, 3; department stores, 4; grocery stores,
59; drug stores, 17.

General: City has 765 parking meters and 1 city owned parking lot. There are
several other parking lots in the city.

17. Wholesale Facilities

Generals Fort Lauderdale is not generally considered a wholesale distribution
center. Miami, 25 miles away, is the wholesale distribution center for the
area. No special markets are maintained for the wholesale distribution of
agricultural products. Cold storage facilities are available but are crowded.

18. Housing Conditions

General: Housing units for sale are readily available. Rental units are
available on a year round basis.

19. Hotels and Restaurants

Hotels: Number, 26; rooms, 1195.

Restaurants: Number, 86.

20. Newspapers

Daily: Fort Lauderdale Daily News, afternoon (no paper Sunday); circulation,
11,664 as of September 30, 1949.

Weekly: Broward Home News; circulation, 4,500.

21. Radio Stations

Station WFTL operates on a frequency of 1,400 kilocycles, with power of 250




22. Laundries and Dry Cleaners

Commercial laundries: Number, 17.

Commercial dry cleaners: Number, 18.

Self Service Laundries: Number, 9.

23. Civic Organizations

Organization and name of president: Chamber of Commerce, Charles Knight;
Junior Chamber of Commerce, Chuck Olwell; Lions Club, W. A. Dade; Exchange,
Paul Riddell; Kiwanis, B. E. Lawton; Optimist, Wim. C. Mizelle; Rotary, E.
Thomas Wilburn; Broward County Sportsmen Club, J. G. Shuman; Business and
Professional Women's Club, Mrs. Ethel Cree; Fort Lauderdale Civic Music
Association, C. C. Winningham; Fort Lauderdale Garden Club, Mrs. Wm. C. Knox;
Fort Lauderdale Caters Association, Fred J. Whalen; Junior Service League,
Mrs. Robert Stanley; Junior Women's Club, Mrs. Ned Parsons.

24. Churches

Denominations: Episcopal, Spiritualist, Presbyterian, Church of Christ,
Church of God, Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints, Christian,
Baptist, Christian Science, Lutheran, Church of the Nazarene, Methodist,
Orthodox Presbyterian, Salvation Army, Seventh Day Adventist, Catholic,
and Jewish.



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