Islander (Anna Maria, Fla. : 1992)


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Islander (Anna Maria, Fla. : 1992)
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Murder trial moved to FebruaryBy Kathy Prucnell Islander Reporter A jury trial of the alleged killer in the presumed death of Sabine Musil-Buehler is postponed until February. William J. Cumber was charged in 2012 with the second-degree murder of the Anna Maria resident and co-owner and operator of Haleys Motel, who disappeared on Election Day, Nov. 4, 2008. The previously scheduled October trial periods were postponed by agreement until Feb. 10 and Feb. 23 during an Oct. 9 hearing on a defense motion to compel documents requested from the state. Cumber attended the hearing, sitting silently in handcuffs. Judge Charles E. Roberts denied or ruled moot the defense requests for items and documents because the prosecution either did not possess them or they do not exist. Items sought by the defense include: A video-recorded 2012 interview of the defendant taken at Charlotte Correction Institution, where Cumber was serving time on an unrelated arson, which did not exist. Medical, financial and insurance records of Thomas Buehler, which the court determined were given to the assistant public defender to the extent they existed. By Rick Catlin Islander Reporter Candidates for mayor in the Nov. 4 Anna Maria election had better not plan on a pay raise. Despite the $10,000 annual increase to $19,600 for the mayors salary that commissioners approved 4-1 Sept. 24 in the final budget hearing, the increase was voted down Oct. 9. According to Commissioner Nancy Yetter, she was told by city clerk Diane Percycoe that any budgeted increase in the mayors salary had to be made by ordinance, per the city charter. Yetter voted against the ordinance to authorize the pay increase, as did Commissioner Dale Woodland. Commissioners Chuck Webb and Doug Copeland voted to approve the ordinance. Lacking a majority vote, city attorney Jim Dye said the ordinance was defeated. Commissioner Carol Carter, who previously had spoken in favor of the pay increase, was absent. A motion by Webb to continue the hearing to Oct. 23 also ended in a 2-2 tie, with the same commissioners voting for or against. The continuance also was defeated. Yetter had voted in favor of the budget Election, government calendars. Page 4A The Islander recommends, vote early. Page 6A Letters to the editor. Page 7A Community events, announcements. Pages 10A-11A Save a date, make plans. Pages 12A-13A ing sea turtles. Page 18A Cooler temps, hot ers. Page 19A Court action, police blotter. Pages 2A-3A Supreme Court to hear Page 4A sion. Page 5A Business roundup. Page 6A Real estate transactions, tourism report. Page 7A AsTheWorld Terns vote for the early bird. Page 6 Save a date, make Ranked Floridas Best Community Weekly by FPAAMI Chamber of Commerce 2012 Medium Business of the Year HappeningsThe Best News on Anna Maria Island Since 1992 VOLUME 22, NO. 50 OCT. 15, 2014 FREE SueLynn The Islander recomThe Islander recomTuning up Bayfest. 11 Cops & Court islbizNEWS Bittersweet Tribute 14 Politics pop. 4 PLEASE SEE SPIKE, PAGE 2A Cumber Musil-BuehlerAnna Maria mayors pay hike spikedBB pier rebuild ahead of schedule, tenant woes Pier in Bradenton Beach remains ahead By Laurie Hayes Islander Reporter Septembers unusually heavy and persistent rainfall hampered the ongoing construction of the Historic Bridge Street Pier in Bradenton Beach. But the project remains ahead of schedule. We experienced a threeto four-day delay due to the rain, reported ZNS construction engineer manager Karen Wilson at the pier teams Oct. 1 meeting, adding that an emergency on Longboat Key that pulled the crew from the pier was a distraction. Nonetheless, Wilson said, We are moving forward very well in spite of the rain and are still ahead of schedule. A status update indicated that nearly all the piles are in place, a task the original timetable showed would continue until the end of October. Demolition of the wood deck and conanticipated, and work on the substructure is underway. Turning to matters involving the concessionaire, Tom Woodard, head of the public works department, said that the restaurant owner had joined the city in ordering signage in anticipation of the reopening of the pier. He noted that the installation of the city sign may need to be pushed back a little bit of the Cast n Cage and the bait and sundry shop. He has been a no-show at two pier team meetings since he received an abatement for his monthly rent Sept. 4 from the city commission. Woodard reported that his staff repaired a roof leak in the kitchen and was awaiting Pena also failed to respond regarding an email notice that he failed to keep up the restaurants grease trap, according to Woodard. In addition, he said the restaurant tenant has inspector about Christmas-type lights that have been stapled to posts on the outside of the restaurant. Police Chief Sam Speciale, who heads the pier team, noted that some of the issues are in violation of the concessionaires lease with the city. He recommended sending Pena We have been trying to be tenantfriendly, he said. We have been giving them pretty good latitude, but now they dont even show up for the meetings. so that both signs can be installed at the same time. Discussion then centered on several issues with Roland Pena and his operation cast the lone vote in opposition. Yetter said she voted for the budget only to meet the Sept. 30 deadline, but never favored a pay raise for the mayors position. At the Sept.10 budget hearing, Woodland voted for the budget, including the pay increase, while Webb and Yetter were absent. I have an ethical problem with the pay raise, Yetter said. Woodland said the mayor should serve at the current $9,600 annual stipend as a public service to the city. Webb, however, said he was getting a little upset. This is below minimum wage. The mayors job in this city is no longer part time. Its a full-time job and were paying the same as weve been paying since 1927, he said. The city was incorpoated in 1925. For all the hours (SueLynn) works, this pay is ridiculous, Webb said. Webb suggested commissioners should work with the mayor to realize how much goes into the job now, as compared to 10 years ago. Copeland agreed. He said the job of mayor is a full-time position and he could not understand the reasoning of the two commissioners opposed to the pay raise. He noted Holmes Beach has raised the annual salary of its mayor to $12,000. PLEASE SEE MURDER, PAGE 2A


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LUNCH $ 7 39 DINNER $ 8 39 OCTOBER SPECIAL TAKE-OUT ONLY MURDER CONTINUED FROM PAGE 1A Reports prepared by Peter Rampone, a Manatee He apparently wrote a report supplement not yet provided to the defense. T he state cannot locate it, but promised the paper to the defense if it turns up. A photograph of a boat on Musil-Buehlers husbands property, which was not found by the state. An experts written report, which did not exist, according to deposition testimony. assistant public defender, according to assistant state attorney Art Brown. A ssistant public defender F ranklin R oberts is scheduled to try another murder case in O ctober one that has been on the 12th C ircuit Judicial C ourt docket longer than Cumbers case. P reviously, the C umber case was scheduled for an April trial, which was reportedly moved to Octo ber at the request of the-then public defender Carolyn Schlemmer, who currently is on medical leave. MSCO investigators allege Cumber killed MusilBuehler and buried her remains on A nna M aria I sland. The two had been living together in an apartment on Magnolia A venue. C umber pleaded not guilty and is being held in the Manatee County jail without bond. He faces a maximum sentence of life in prison if convicted. Webb said he believed the mayors salary to be one of the lowest of any F lorida resort town of comparable population without a city manager. C opeland said if commissioners didnt want to raise the mayors salary, the solution to get the work properly done is to hire a city manager. I guess thats what I ll propose in next years budget, he said. SueLynn was absent from the meeting, instead attending a F lorida League of C ities conference in Orlando. Yetter reiterated she had an ethical problem with the pay raise and was not going to change her stance. Woodland said he always opposed the pay increase, that included the $10,000 hike. SueLynn, who is seeking re-election, could not be reached for comment. M ayoral candidate D an M urphy declined to comment. I n other commission business, Kevin Barile of F lorida T ower P artners asked for a continuation of the hearing to grant his company a conditional-use permit to build a cell tower adjacent to city hall. He T he hearing was continued to O ct. 23, although resident G eoff Sugden, who lives adjacent to the tower site, proposed that commissioners consider moving the location. Its a bit late in the game, Webb responded. Barile said his company would have to start at the beginning if the location is moved. He estimated it might take up to two years to obtain all the needed surveys and permits if commissioners changed the approved location. A fter more than two years working on this, we would be back to square one if the location were moved, he said. C ommissioners did not vote on a new location, and the tower location will remain on the southeast corner of the property that includes city hall and the horseshoe pits at 10005 Gulf Drive. C ommissioners also agreed to meet at 6 p.m. N ov. which is Thursday, Nov. 27. SPIKE CONTINUED FROM PAGE 1AHolmes Beach residential-to-commercial rezone withdrawn Islander Reporter A series of contentious hearings over a request to rezone residential property and convert the property to commercial in Holmes Beach has led to the withdrawal by the developer. M onica Simpson, agent for Ben and Keren ten Haaf, hand-delivered a letter to Holmes Beach C ity Hall O ct. 3 informing staff the applications concerning Simpson had submitted three applications concerning the property, asking to amend the future land-use map by extending the mixed-use overlay district from the commercial downtown area into the abutting residential neighborhood; change from medium-intensity R -2 zoning to low-intensity C -1 zoning; and the site plan. Simpson requested the withdrawal be effective immediately, canceling a public hearing scheduled for Dec. 9. commission and was continued at the request of the applicants to May. Both hearings saw a number of citizens making comments against the rezone request. At the May meeting, planning commissioners recommended denial of the application, saying it did not align with the comprehensive plan. City planner Bill Brisson also recommended denial of the application. City commissioners heard the proposal at a workshop in June and told the applicants they did not view the project favorably. A public hearing for the applications before city commissioners, who have the ultimate decision, was was continued again to December. T he ten Haafs proposed demolishing an existing one-story home and replacing it with a two-story buildvacation rentals on the upper story. T he ten Haafs own Lizzie Lus I sland R etreat LLC, which, according to the Manatee County Property A ppraiser, the LL C owns 15 properties in Holmes Beach.


THE ISLANDER OCT. 15, 2014 3-A 11:30-9 941.778.5092ENJOY Winners!Over 10,000 pizzas served since 2013 Come find out why were voted BEST PIZZA on AMI by Islander readers! The Feast Restaurant 2011-2013 LOBSTAHS EARLY BIRD SPECIALS 3-5 PM SPECIALS SPECIALS Got Buttah?OPEN DAILY AT NOON HUT DARTS POOL 5337 Gulf Drive | Anna Maria Island | 941.779.1000 LOBSTAHS LOBSTAHS Got Buttah? 5337 Gulf Drive | Anna Maria Island | 941.779.1000 Tiki Hut Sportstah BarOPEN DAILY AT 5 PM SHUFFLEBOARD SHUFFLEBOARD SHUFFLEBOARD HAPPY HOURFood & Cocktails 3-6 HAPPY HOUR Food & Cocktails 3-6 LARGE TV S Manatee beach concession expansion, liquor sales scrutinized Islander Reporter T he Holmes Beach commission is working on a to-do list, which includes checking up on an appar ent expansion at the Anna Maria Island Beach Cafe at Manatee Public Beach, 4000 Gulf Drive. Commissioners requested staff look into improvements made at the cafe to see if pavers and concrete posts added to the patio area and alcoholic beverage service had proper approval. Holmes Beach P olice C hief Bill T okajer, plans David Forbes visited the cafe Sept. 25 to take measurements of pavers and survey the rest of the property for potential violations. T okajer said the pavers are in compliance, but the cement posts were not approved by the city and signs telling patrons alcohol is prohibited on the beach were removed. City attorney Patricia Petruff said she was concerned about the lack of permitting for the posts and the beer and wine sold at the cafe. T anner E noch, general manager of the A nna M aria I sland Beach C afe, said M anatee C ounty, which owns the property, put the posts in the sand outside of the existing low wall that surrounds the patio. Petruff said she had a letter from the county dated mitting through the city was still required. T he other half of P etruffs concerns addressed a city ordinance from 1978, which says alcohol is prohibited at the concession. I f its true that theyve always sold alcohol, we have an ordinance that says they shouldnt be doing it. You all can make it an allowed use within certain what we know has been happening, said Petruff. T okajer said the concession was approved by the county to have beer and wine in 1995. T he commission directed P etruff to draft a new ordinance allowing only beer and wine no liquor at the concession. T okajer directed Enoch to post new signs, replac ing some that had been removed, warning patrons to keep beer and wine on the patio and off the beach. Enoch apologized for the lack of signage and told commissioners he had posted temporary signs earlier that day. He told the commission he was willing to comply with their requests. Human resource analyst Mary Buonagura suggested research be conducted on the permitting history before the commission take any action and the commission directed her to do the leg work. Commission reviews surplus beach funds Holmes Beach commissioners were tempted last month to look a gift horse in the mouth. A t a Sept. 25 meeting, city commissioners reviewed a resolution signed Sept. 23 by Manatee County commissioners to provide revenue from the public beach concessions to island projects. While they all acknowledged the allocation, they questioned increased tourism, demands from the beach concession and the possibility of the concession adding liquor to its menu. T he surplus revenue expected to total $500,000 has been accruing for four years. T he resolution allocates the revenue for island projects agreed upon by the three cities. The one-time expenditures are subject to approval by county commissioners. C ommission C hair Judy T itsworth said county administrator E d Hunzeker indicated in a meeting with her that tourists want liquor at the concession. Why should we give it to them? He said our sur plus would increase, but are we going to keep selling out and selling out? she said. C ommissioners agreed they did not want to see liquor added to the concession. C ommissioner M arvin G rossman said he would not approve liquor sales at the concession, even at the urging of the county, unless there were something in it for the city. I believe our island, our city, has been taken advantage of tax-wise for a long time, he said. Its only since we started hollering about it, people started looking into it. I m not interested in approving anything unless we get something back from it. Why should we be the ones feeding everybody? Patrons sit on the patio at Anna ated by United Park Services Inc. at Manatee Public Beach. beach outside the patio. Islander


4-A OCT. 15, 2014 THE ISLANDER owners from squeezing too many bedrooms into a unit. He wants to remain a commissioner to continue the progress on solving city problems that began in 2012. Grossman said the city is unique and thats why visitors love to come. He loves visitors, but asks that they be nice to city residents. Andy Sheridan is making a third bid for a seat on the Holmes Beach City Commission. He is a retired management executive with extensive experience in business. He now is a trolley driver, which he said gives him a good perspective of the entire island. Sheridan is concerned the quality of life in the city is declining, yet city budgets continue to increase. He said there is $209,000 in the current budget that is wasteful spending and he would work to reduce expenses and spending. He also is concerned with the enjoy themselves, but they often leave trash and make too much noise. He would like to have code enforcement on duty nights and weekends, and a portion of the resort tax returned to Holmes Beach for infrastructure expenses. Judy Titsworth, also on the Nov. 4 ballot, was unable to attend Popcorn and Politics due to another engagement. Anna Maria SueLynn sent Ruth Uecker to read her statement, while she attended a conference in Orlando. SueLynn has more than seven years experience in Anna Maria as both mayor and a commissioner. She was a commissioner in 2012, but became mayor when no one sought MeetingsAnna Maria City Bradenton Beach Holmes Beach Manatee County Administration building, 1112 Manatee Ave. W., West Manatee Fire Rescue Of Interest Organization, Bradenton Beach City Hall. itan Planning Organization, Holiday Inn at SarasotaBradenton International Airport, 8009 15th St. E., Sarasota. vote 2014 SueLynnOn the election calendarEat Here to host Lawrence fundraiser Eat Here restaurant in Holmes Beach will host a fundraiser for Democrat Henry Lawrence, who is challenging incumbent Republican Vern Buchanan in the Nov. 4 race for the 16th Congressional District. The fundraiser will be held 5-8 p.m. Thursday, Oct. 16, at Eat Here, 5315 Gulf Drive. An announcement said there would be light bites, beer and wine and Southern funky jazz fusion provided by Lawrence and his supporters, family and friends. Lawrences campaign material says hed work for common-sense government, job-training and placement programs, immigration reform, equal pay for women and an increase in the minimum wage. Hosts are Eat Here owners Sean Murphy and Susan Timmins. For more information, call the restaurant at 941778-0411. A debate between Manatee County commission candidates Carol Whitmore and Terri Wonder is the featured event during the upcoming 2014 Environmental Summit. The annual summit, set for 6:30 p.m. Tuesday, Oct. 28, will take place at the Palma Sola Botanical Park in Bradenton. The summit also will feature discussion on the proposed constitutional amendment that would dedicate 33 percent of net revenues from the excise tax on documents to the Land Acquisition Trust Fund. The Manatee Fish and Game Association and the 9800 17th Ave. NW. For more or information or to RSVP, call Manatee Fish and Game at 941-792-8314 by Oct. 20.Other dates and events: tion at four locations Bradenton Area Convention Center, 1 Haben Blvd., Palmetto; Lakewood Ranch Town Hall, 8175 Lakewood Ranch Blvd., Lakewood Ranch; Rocky Bluff Library, 6750 U.S. 301, Ellenton; Suite 118, Bradenton. Early voting hours will be 7 a.m.-7 p.m. for the general election. and will close at 7 p.m. For voting locations and other details about the 2014 election cycle, go to or call 941-741-3823.Popcorn, politics and politicians mix at Islander eventBy Rick Catlin Islander Reporter The prospect of free popcorn and maybe a glass of wine and hearing candidate comments was enough to draw nearly 100 people to The Islanders annual Popcorn and Politics political meet-and-greet Holmes Beach. Attendees were not disappointed, as warm popcorn and cool beverages to slake their thirst were available resentative of Henry Lawrence for Congress give brief speeches. From the talks, island candidates appeared to be concerned about two common issues: parking problems as a result of increasing visitors, and a need for some control over home vacation rentals. Holmes Beach Bob Johnson is running for mayor of Holmes 2012 election began to change the culture of the city commission and he wants to be a part of retaining the old Florida community values of Holmes Beach. He said he would enforce all codes and ordinances to the maximum, show no favoritism and work with commissioners to control the more than 400 vacation rentals in the city. The city struggles to maintain services to its resiwants a balance among businesses, vacationers and residents. David Zaccagnino is a Holmes Beach city commissioner running for mayor. He will forfeit the remaining year of his current term on Election Day. He said a priority is to reduce spending and noted the current budget is about a half-million more than it should be. He wants to retain Holmes Beach as a place for new families, not a continued increase in vacation rentals. Zaccagnino said he is the only candidate who lives in a rental district and understands the problems that vacation rentals pose. There is room for everyone, he said, but retaining the old Florida charm of the city is uppermost on his agenda. He said some of the 18 proposed charter amendments on the Nov. 4 ballot were unnecessary and the commission could have handled some of the issues. He favors keeping the 30-day minimum rental for Key Royale and R-1 zones, and the seven-day minimum stay in the R-2 zone. Marvin Grossman is seeking reelection as a Holmes Beach commissioner. He says the commission has made a lot of progress since 2012 in solving city issues. He supported the living-area-ratio ordinance that restricted home size based on lot coverage, reducing the size of rentals, limiting vacation rental Zaccagnino Johnson Sheridan PLEASE SEE POLITICS, PAGE 8A Zaccagnino, a speaks Oct. 10 to residents during his 3-minute allotted time slot about his experience and better run the city. Islander Photo: Jen


THE ISLANDER OCT. 15, 2014 5-A Pamaro North 941-355-5619 Pamaro South 941-923-3299 Pamaro East 941-359-0025THEPAMAROSHOP.COM Uncommonly Beautiful Coastal Style 5O% OFF ALL ACCESSORIES MENTION THIS AD FOR AN ADDITIONAL 10% OFF PAMARO SHOP Anna Maria EEEC seeks members Anna Maria Mayor SueLynn is seeking members for the citys environmental education and enhancement committee. She said in a news release that the goals and she is looking for seven members. The mayor said the redesigned EEEC will provide citizen oversight for the protection and enhancement of the natural beauty, character and environment of the city of Anna Maria as a barrier island community. The EEEC also will function as the governmental body for Tree City USA and support of its objectives, function as the citys parks and recreation advisory board, and promote a healthy and aesthetically pleasing environment in the city, its beaches and waterways through proper maintenance and education, she wrote. Other EEEC duties include protection and preservation of the citys open space, parks, natural vegetation shoreline and wildlife, designate memorial tree locations and recommend appropriate tree species. Anyone interested in becoming a member of the EEEC can obtain an application form at Anna Maria City Hall, 10005 Gulf Drive.Pine tree debate grows over Gulffront Park in Anna MariaBy Rick Catlin Islander Reporter There are two topics one shouldnt discuss at a cocktail party: politics and religion. In Anna Maria, add a third topic: removing Australian pines. If they didnt already know that removing Australian pines is a contentious subject in Anna Maria, commissioners learned it Sept. 25 when coastal biologist Robert Barron presented his report on Gulffront Park. In August, the commission hired Barron, a professional arborist and dune restoration specialist, to survey the park and make recommendations for maintenance and improvements. The park runs along the shore from Oak Avenue to Willow Avenue. Barrons report includes getting rid of the Australian pines in the park. The trees are considered an invasive species by the Florida Department of Environmental Protection, and Barron agrees with recommendations to remove them from the shoreline. Hold on a minute, said Commissioner Nancy Yetter after hearing the report. I am probably a minority, but I am disappointed. I thought we made it clear you were not to consider removing the Australian pines, Yetter said. I think the city has wasted its money. Its as if you are antitree, she told Barron. Not so, he responded. I am a tree-lover. Im also a biologist. You asked me for an impartial report of the state of the park and how to maintain it, and thats what I have presented, Barron said. He said hes been an environmental biologist since 1974 and has done thousands of projects in Florida, most recently for Miami Beach. This is what I do for a living. I do it all over Florida. Im sorry you dont like the presentation, but its the principles of good coastal management. When Yetter said it looked to her like he wrote the report for property owners who live by the park and just want a view of the Gulf of Mexico, Barron said he had no contact with the nearby residents. I just tried to give you my best judgment. You can check my sources. I have tried to present the best way for you to manage the park. Barron presented aerial photos of Anna Maria taken in the 1930s that showed mostly native vegetation and few trees. Australian pines are an invasive species brought to Florida about 130 years ago by somebody with good intentions, he said. Barron agreed they do look nice, but said the pines keep native plants from growing underneath their branches and are easily uprooted by hurricane-force winds. Barron added that Australian pines halt the growth of dune vegetation, which captures wind-blown sand and increases elevation. Dune vegetation forms a frontal dune and is protection in a storm surge and slows erosion, he said. But the pines are pretty and people like to look at them, Barron added. Resident Maureen McCormick urged commissioners not to remove the Australian pines. She said she knows of many people who sit in the shade of the pine trees to watch the water. Without that shade, they might not be able to go to the beach, she said. Commissioners agreed to discuss the report further at a future work session, rather than get into a lengthy debate about removing pines. In other business, commissioners discussed a conditional-use permit for construction of the cell tower on city property at Anna Maria City Hall, 10005 Gulf Drive. Webb said he wanted the applicant, Florida Tower Partners LLC, to provide its insurance coverage cerabout the possibility of collapse. He was concerned about the fall zone of the tower. Kevin Barile of Florida Towers said hed bring those documents to the commissions Oct. 23 meeting. He said if the cell tower were to collapse during a hurricane, that storm would be a catastrophic event that would cause widespread damage beyond the collapse of the cell tower. Webb said those documents would go a long way to making me comfortable about granting the conditional-use permit.


6-A OCT. 15, 2014 THE ISLANDER Opinion Our OCT. 15, 2014 OCT. 15, 2014 OCT. 15, 2014 Single copies free. Quantities of ve or more: 25 cents each. Single copies free. Quantities of ve or more: 25 cents each. Single copies free. Quantities of ve or more: 25 cents each. Publisher and Editor Editorial Contributors Jesse Brisson Will Corr Marge McCarthy Advertising Director Production Graphics Of ce Staff Distribution (All others: birds vote Its highly possible and probable that by the time the polls open on Nov. 4, many of us already will have cast our votes. I dont know about you, but the negative mailers piling up on the corner of my desk and the plethora of TV ads inundating my living room drove me to want to have my say and have it done. I long ago signed up for an absentee ballot to free up my time on Election Day and avoid the long ago sneers from a poll protester who didnt like The Islanders choice for endorsements. Early voting, whether by absentee or mail-in ballots, or a trip off-island to one of the four available early voting locations, is changing the face of campaigning. We dont just vote on Election Day, we can vote over the course of a month in advance of the polls opening. With that said, we deliberately scheduled an early meet-and-greet for candidates in the three island municipal elections. And we offer our choices for your consideration. In Anna Maria there is a choice on the ballot for mayor among a newcomer and the incumbent and three candidates for commissioner, two incumbents and a newcomer. Theres no more low-key campaigning than this years two races in Anna Maria. In fact, incumbent candidate Chuck Webb showed up at our Popcorn & Politics event, asking what the format would be. Although hes been elected and reelected, he had never attended. Therein may lie the problem. Theres a disconnect between Webb and the citizens he serves. He adjudicates, but he seldom talks to the press or his constituents. Nancy Yetter is seeking a second term and theres very little initiative to her two years on the commission. Shes a follower. And theres David Bouchard. We know little of his political views, but he offers new insight and he might be the voice of compromise. We recommend a vote for Bouchard and Yetter. For mayor, we have old school vs. new direction. Dan Murphy promises decisive leadership, better communications and solid planning for the future. SueLynn wants to bring back the past and her remains opposed to vacation rentals, although lacking complaints about so-called party houses. She seeks tourism-generated dollars for city infrastructure in spite of laws that prohibit that use, and fails to recognize that tourism spending and new homes are paying their way. We recommend Dan Murphy for mayor. In Bradenton Beach, the choice is made tougher by the fact that Tjet Martin, the Ward 4 challenger to Jan Vosburghs seat on the commission, is the life partner of the mayor. They could possibly be a good team, as the mayor is reliant on Martin for his eyes almost everywhere but city hall. Martin also is a party to a lawsuit against the city to halt construction of a parking lot on the renourished beach owned by the BeacHhouse Restaurant. Further munications and public records Martin has requested, some of which appear to entrap Vosburgh, Commissioner Jack Clarke and city attorney Ricinda Perry in possible violations of Floridas Sunshine Laws. Vosburgh is too tangled in the misguided, ongoSadly, as nice as Vosburgh may be and as well liked as she is in the business community, her efforts to curb spending have been fruitless and she brings little to no initiative to the dais. We recommend Tjet Martin for commissioner. Onward to Holmes Beach and a race for the mayors seat and three hopefuls for two seats on the commission. With Carmel Monti leaving his troubles behind as a one-term mayor, we see David Zaccagninos plan to step up to the plate, forfeiting the remaining year of his commission term as honorable. He saw the need for a fair-handed administration and top-level leadership, and he stepped up early on sible and, above all, fair in his dealings with staff, citizens and the media. His challenger, Bob Johnson, is new to the political scene and city government. Hes a popular candidate with strong credentials and leadership experience. However, his experience with city government is limited to two committees, one he quit early on, and the charter committee, which produced an abundance of meetings and suggested charter changes. Wed like to see Johnson more involved in city affairs in the future, but we recommend a vote for David Zaccagnino to get us past the current abuses. For commissioner, we have challenger Andy Sheridan in the race with one-term incumbents Marvin Grossman and Judy Titsworth. We like Grossmans insights, right-brain thinking and thorough knowledge of the charter and the comprehensive plan. Hes proven he is capable of compromise and tough decisions. Titsworth has railed on the building departments problems and improving oversight there, although some of the changes including the recommennow have her to thank for attached units in mega-size buildings. We think Sheridan will be a team player and a strong advocate for Zaccagnino. Hes been attending meetings for more years than the two incumbents and, for those reasons, we recommend a vote for Grossman and Sheridan. Overall, in all three cities, we remain opposed to the folly of paid parking a proposition that more Were opposed to limiting parking on island streets, tolls and gated communities, and stripping the environment for development. And were adamantly opposed to any attempt With those values in mind, vote early and wisely. Bonner Joy and letters to the editor regarding the Nov. 4


THE ISLANDER OCT. 15, 2014 7-A Headlines from Oct. 13, 2004Temps and Drops on AMI Date Low High Rainfall Oct. 5 60 78 0 Oct. 6 61 82 0 Oct. 7 71 86 0.35 Oct. 8 70 88 0 Oct. 9 72 90 0 Oct. 10 70 90 0 Oct. 11 70 90 0 Average area Gulf water temperature 84.624-hour rainfall accumulation with reading daily at approximately 5 p.m. Wed love to mail you the news! We mail The Islander weekly for a nominal $54 per year. We also offer online e-edtion subscriptions a page-by-page view of the weekly news for only $36 per year, but you must sign up online. Its the best way to stay in touch with whats happening on Anna Maria Island. We bring you all the news about three city governments, community happenings, people features and special events even real estate transactions everything you need if your heart is on Anna Maria Island. If you dont live here year-round, use this form to subscribe for yourself or someone else. BULK MAIL U.S. SUBSCRIPTION (allow 2 weeks for every weeks delivery) 1 year: $54 3-6 Months: $36 1-3 Months: $24U.S. FIRST CLASS AND CANADIAN MAIL SUBSCRIPTION 1 year: $160 3-6 Months: $98 1-3 Months: $54 Single Issue: $5 FIRST CLASS MAIL, U.S. ONLY, maximum four weeksMAIL TO: ______________________________________________________________ ADDRESS _____________________________________________________________ CITY ____________________________ STATE __________ ZIP _________________ Credit card: d u No. ___________________________________________ Name shown on card: _____________________________ Exp. Date ___________ Credit card billing address: ______________________________________________ MAIL START DATE: _____________________________________________________ THE BEST NEWS ON ANNA MARIA ISLAND SINCE 1992 CHARGE BY PHONE 941.778.7978 ONLINE (secure server) E-MAIL 10 years ago Opinion YourHave your say We welcome and encourage your comments on topics, columns and editorials in The Islander. The Islander accepts original letters of up to 250 words. Letters must include name, address, and a contact phone number. Anonymous letters will not be considered for publication. The preferred method is email to news@islander. org Online readers may comment on top stories on The Islander website at Also, The Islander has an active Facebook community of more than 3,100 users. To join the conversation, like The Islander on Facebook. Anna Maria Island. Business owners met at Holmes Beach City Hall to share concerns about increasing property tax valuations during a meeting hosted by the Anna Maria Island Chamber of Commerce. purchasing undeveloped Gulffront property for beach access and parks. the Island celebration for the one-day Bayfest in Anna Maria. read the headline. Island residents formed Stop Taking Our Pines and Tree Lovers to petition local called a community meeting to discuss designs for a new center space on the footprint of the existing building at the Anna Maria site on Magnolia Avenue. Archived online Want to read more from The Islander archives? The newspaper is in the University of Florida Digital For the countys good I would like to comment about the Manatee County at-large District 6 race and make a statement about the outstanding job incumbent Carol Whitmore has done for the county, small businesses, families Come for a howling good time Oct. 31! Everyones welcome to The Islander-Feast critter corral 5-6 p.m. on Halloween. Canines will be judged for scariest, most original and silliest costumes, as well as pet-owner look-alikes. Contestants will gather at THE FEAST RESTAURANT, 5408 Marina Drive, Holmes Beach, with registration beginning at 5 p.m., judging at 5:30 p.m. AWARDS: Perks 4 Pets, Dogs for the Earth, The Islander. Trail of Treats begins at 3:30 p.m. at the Anna Maria Island Chamber of Commerce of ce with a kids costume contest and then a trickor-treating adventure in downtown Holmes Beach. All trick or treaters are welcome to visit the corral and the costumed CRITTERS! For more information, call the newspaper, 941-778-7978 are welcome to visit the corral and the costumed CRITTERS! or-treating adventure in downtown Holmes Beach. All trick or treaters are welcome to visit the corral and the costumed CRITTERS! Come for a howling good time Oct. 31! critter corral 56 p.m. Halloween. Canines will be judged for scariest, most original and silliCrazy, Creepy, Crawly Critter Corral and Costume Contest The Feast Restaurant Crazy, Creepy, Crawly Critter To Bradenton Beach residents and voters: You should be aware that three of your city commissioners are about to begin a very long and costly effort to cancel your vote from the November 2013 election. They plan to cast your votes aside and use their three commission votes to decide who will be mayor. This will involve an investigation, lawyers (read money), appeals (more money), and months of wasted time that could be better used to improve the city. It will only serve to further divide the city and it will override your constitutional vote. If the voters feel as though the city needs a new mayor, then they can take action. There is a more appropriate procedure for removzens recall. A recall ballot would allow the voters to decide who is removed and who represents them. These commissioners have chosen to decide for you instead of represent you. Public input at city meetings has been overwhelming against proceeding with their action against the mayor, and an independent investigation of the charges brought up by the public works department head has determined his claims against the mayor are unfounded. Demand respect for your vote and the will of the people. Speak up and stop this harmful waste of time and money. Jo Ann Meilner, Bradenton Beach and the environment. First, she was instrumental in helping to pass the Mosaic Severance Tax so that it would be used for environmental land, the department and staff to maintain our preserves. In addition, she voted to approve parking at the Manatee Avenue entrance of Robinson Preserve, creating a more convenient access for islanders. She also voted to create Neal Preserve and helped save one of the very few mangrove stretches on the island, Grassy Point. She represented the island and its cities in the lawsuit against the city of Bradenton regarding the Arvida project, now Harbour Isles. She voted against Long Bar Pointes request to build a channel and marina along Sarasota Bay, and she voted for the replacement of the groins in Bradenton Beach. Whitmore also has supported the local turtle watch efforts from the start. Whitmore has represented her district with diligence, providing strong leadership with great consideration for the environment. It would be a great loss to not have her as commissioner.


8-A OCT. 15, 2014 THE ISLANDER Bouchard also noted the city issues today are the same as 10 years ago, and nothing has been done to in business and as a volunteer to get the city out of stagnation and moving forward to solving issues. Chuck Webb is an incumbent commissioner seeking his fourth consecutive term. He was a commissioner from 2002-05, then again in 2008. Webb, an attorney who grew up in Orlando, said as commission chair he has guided the commission through adoption of the living-area-ratio ordinance to reduce the size of residences, and he pushed for a judicial review that, if favorable, will allow the city to regulate vacation rentals. He does not want to do away with rentals, just ensure they do not impact residents as to the charm and ambiance of living in Anna Maria. The city is still old Florida, but will lose that distinction if it continues to allow more and more minihotels. With 10 years of experience as a commissioner, Webb said hes observed all the problems while continuing to address and solve issues. Parking is a serious issue because all visitors want to park as close to the beach as they can. He plans to create parking in the center of the city to ease the pressure on residents living on beach streets from beachgoers and other visitors. Incumbent Anna Maria City Commissioner Nancy Yetter is seeking a She said the present commission and administration are bringing a message of hope to residents that Anna Maria will not be overwhelmed by vacation rentals and beachgoers. Yetter is pleased with the commissions direction in seeking a judicial review of its residential zoning ordinance. She does not want Anna Maria to be overrun by greedy investors who dont care about the permanent residents and the citys quality of life, but only care never considered the effects on Anna Maria of its massive advertising to bring more visitors to the island. Hope is on the way, she said, and she wants to continue as a commissioner to help guide the city to achieve the balance among residents, businesses and visitors. chair, which automatically moved her to the mayors post. She was previously mayor 2002-06. businesses and vacation rentals. Right now, the city is working to accomplish those goals and SueLynn believes she has been a big part of pushing the effort forward. The city now has ordinances limiting the size of new residences and is seeking a judicial review to determine if vacation homes are commercial businesses that the city can regulate. She worked to return some control of vacation rentals to local governments. She also believes in some form of paid parking for visitors who want to park as close to the beach as possible. Dan Murphy has lived in Anna Maria nearly 20 years and raised his family here. He was born and raised in St. Petersburg and is making his He wants to bring a fresh approach to running the city and solutions to problems. Murphy said he has been a volunteer at the Anna Maria Island Community Center and at St. Bernard Catholic Church. These efforts have given him a perspective on what Anna Maria needs for the future. He said he has good ability as a communicator and would establish one-on-one meetings each week with individual commissioners to learn their opinions and perspective of issues. Too many city issues are just talked about and not solved, he said. He said that if voters read headlines problems then as today, he said. Its time to get things done, Murphy said, and he proclaimed, I can get the job done. Commission candidate David Bouchard is seeking his first-ever While noting he does not have political experience, Bouchard said he has considerable practical experience. He has lived in the city more than 10 years and is raising his children here. He said he is an investment property owner and that he can provide a much-needed fresh approach to the issues of vacation homes. Too many new homes are being built in the cookie-cutter style and he would work to halt this type of construction. PLEASE SEE POLITICS, NEXT PAGE i.w edJEWELR Y Bridge Street Jewelers The island s full-service jewelry store. 129 Bridge St., Bradenton Beac h 941-896-7800 PHOTOGRAPHY Jack Elka PhotoGraphics The finest wedding photography since 1980. Studio: 315 58th St., Holmes Beach. Preview weddings: www 1 MUSIC/ENTER T AINMENT Island Photography Beautiful and creative photography to treasure for a lifetime. islandphotography .org ACCOMMODA TIONS T ortuga Inn Beach & T radewinds Resorts 90 well-appointed rooms, apts., suites with kitchens, wi-fi, pools, beach, more! www m 941-778-661 1 www Bungalow Beach Resort DIRECT LY ON THE BEACH! Classic 1930s Island-style resort. 800-779-3601 m www m CA TERING Premiere Catering Freshly Prepared Cuisine to Fit Any Budget. We will exceed your expectations 5789 Manatee Av e. W. (941)750-6857 BRIDAL A TTIRE The Beach Shop 11904 Cortez Road W. Pretty white dresses for a casual island wedding. Dresses for moms, too! Open daily 941-792-3366 Gulf Drive Band The Best! Classic Danceable Tu nes Musical Entertainment/D J Experienced Musicians for W eddings, Receptions, Call: 941-778-0173 m D A The Islander Wedding Directory ACCOMMODA T T T T Wa tch here for news about the 2015 AMI Chamber of Commerce W edding Festival. TO PROMOTE YOUR WEDDING SER VICES CONT ACT ISLANDER i WED EXPERT TO NI LY O N 941 778 7978 9 41-928-873 5 T O NI @ I S L A NDER. O R G MASS AG E BY NADI ACall 94 1. 51 8.830 1 Massaging on AMI for more than 17 years. Your place, your convenience.MA#0017550 HOW TO RELAX ON AN ISLAND .GIFT CER TIFICA TES AV AILABLE Webb Bouchard against over-development in the city. Bradenton Beach Jan Vosburgh of Ward 4 is seeking re-election to the Bradenton Beach commission. She said she is well-qualified, experienced and ready for another term. The city staffs morale is in decline and they need someone to listen to their problems. Vosburgh also would work to trim the budget, She favors lower taxes, cutting governmental red tape and working with city businesses to keep the old FlorShe encouraged voters not to be misled by wrong information in the media from her opponents. Tjet Martin is challenging Vosburgh for the Ward Martin was unable to attend the event, but sent a statement which was read to the audience. She said her experience as a city resident would help her make Bradenton Beach a better place for visitors and businesses. commission is hurting the city and its image. She would work for a compromise on issues and bring a to update the citys technology. Martin would like the three island cities to work together and listen to the people. Many issues, such as infrastructure and the growth of tourism in the past decade are common throughout the island. balance between residents and businesses to enhance the quality of life in Bradenton Beach. Yetter Vosburgh Martin Murphy POLITICS CONTINUED FROM PAGE 4A


THE ISLANDER OCT. 15, 2014 9-A Bradenton Beach Commissioner Ed Straight is unopposed in the Nov. 4 election, and will automatiManatee County Commission be voted on Nov. 4 by the electorate throughout the county. Terri Wonder, a Democrat residing in Bayshore Gardens in Bradenton, is challenging for the countywide seat on the Manatee County Board of Commissioners. The District 6 seat currently is held by Carol Whitmore, R-Holmes Beach. Wonder said she has learned the pulse of the people during the past 11 months of campaigning. She believes the problems of Anna Maria Island are found throughout the county, even in LakeAUTUMN FUN SPECIAL 10% OFF ANY ONLY at Island Cabana! Anna Maria Island LatitudeLongitude Jewelry byLat and LoThe Island Cabana The Island Cabana Mon-Tue 10-6, Wed-Thu 9-8, Fri-Sat 9-10, Sun 9-8 NEXT TO TYLERS ICE CREAMTHE BEACH SHOP We moved to Cortez from the Manatee Beach! We moved to Cortez from the Manatee Beach! SOMETHING FOR EVERYONE! Ladies Swimwear 50% OFFSelect Clothing up to 70% OFF*NEW ARRIVALS NOT INCLUDED INDOOR-OUTDOOR FRI-SUN1707 1st St. E., BradentonWhere Hwy 41 & 301 meet @ 17th Ave941-747-3794 Red Barn Plaza OPEN Tuesday-SundaySEE WEBSITE FOR DETAILS Best Place to Find Anything! Entire Flea Market Open 8-4ENTIRE FLEA MARKET OPEN 8AM-4PM Bring the Family, Spend the Day Wonder wood Ranch. She is not opposed to development, but wants development done properly. Wonder cited the Long Bar Pointe project on Sarasota Bay as an example of how not to plan a housing development along the water. Wonder also said the ever-increasing amount of an ear for the disenfranchised voters in the county. When contacted for comment, Whitmore said she was not invited to the event, although it was advertised by The Islander to the public. U.S. House of Representatives Former National Football League standout Henry Lawrence, D-Palmetto, is running for the seat held by Vern Buchanan, R-Longboat Key, in the U.S. House of Representatives for Floridas 16th Congressional District. Lawrence was attending an event in his honor at Manatee High School, but Daphne Boyd of Holmes Beach arrived to speak for Lawrence. Boyd said Lawrence was asked to run for the seat by the Democratic Party because he cares about people and the working class. She said Lawrence supports womens issues, such as equal pay, and also would work toward protecting the environment. He grew up in Palmetto working on a farm and he welcomes working class members of the community to discuss their issues and problems. Boyd said Lawrence had graduated from college and entered law school when he was drafted by the Oakland Raiders. He played 14 years in the NFL and received several Super Bowl rings and accolades. Buchanan did not attend the event.Straw poll shows popular vote The results of a straw vote by The Islander at its annual Popcorn and Politics event Oct. 10 ers in attendance at the mixer. mayor, and David Bouchard and Nancy Yetter as commissioners, were the top vote-getters for Anna Maria. Jan Vosburgh topped the Bradenton Beach straw ballot. Bob Johnson as mayor and Marvin Grossman and Judy Titsworth for commissioner led Holmes Beach candidates in the voting. POLITICS CONTINUED FROM PAGE 8A


10-A OCT. 15, 2014 THE ISLANDER 3612 E. Bay Drive, Holmes Beach 941.778.0400 313 Pine Ave, Anna Maria, 941.778.0500.full service salon and spa offering Hair ~ Nails ~ Massage ~ Facials Acupuncture ~ Body Treatments ~ Bikini and Brazilian Waxing ~ Island happenings WE LIKE LIKES Islandernewspaper Longboat center offers enrichment programs crowd the 2014-15 calendar for the Longboat Key Education Center. The center, 5370 Gulf of Mexico Drive, Longboat Key, recently published a 58-page pamphlet detailing its offerings for the fall-winter season that begins the week of Oct. 20. Classes take place through Dec. 19, mostly meeting weekly, except the week of Thanksgiving. For details, call 941-383-8811 or email info@ Details also can be found online at St. Bernard readying for rummage sale The St. Bernard Catholic Church Council of Catholic Women will hold its start-of-season rummage sale Friday, Oct. 17, and Saturday, Oct. 18. Hours for the sale at the church activity center, 248 S. Harbor Drive, Holmes Beach, are 9 a.m.noon. Organizers promise lots of merchandise clothing, including boutique items; books, jewelry, glassware, housewares and more. The CCW also will be selling coffee and pastries. For more information, call the church at 941778-4769.Artspace offering fall classes Artspace Studios and Gallery in Anna Maria is expanding its class offerings this fall. The lineup for the classes, which already are underway, includes: Fridays, with instructor Alexi Lillis. days, with Lillis. instructor Bettina Sego. and locations, with Lillis. p.m. Tuesdays. The studio is located at 101 S. Bay Blvd., above Reservations are required. For more information or reservations, contact Deborah Webster at 941-243-3835 or Atle Underthun is a student at Artspace Studios and AGAMI art classes begin in November The Artists Guild of Anna Maria Island launches its seasonal cycle of workshops and classes in November. AGAMI will present: Jorgensen. feller. Mariarosa Rockefeller. In addition, a series of workshops will begin in January. The schedule includes: work, Jan. 14. 11. March 4. ing and Selling Your Art with Social Media, March 11. Most classes and workshops will be held at CrossPointe Fellowship Church, 8605 Gulf Drive, Holmes on Pine Avenue in Anna Maria. Islander Courtesy Photo Beach. However, Sparks and Garanfanos classes will be held at the Artists Guild Gallery, 5414 Marina Drive, Holmes Beach. Classes will be offered in November, January, February, March and April. To register for a class or workshop, or for additional information, including dates, times, fees and supply lists, go online to AGAMIs website at or call the gallery at 941-7786694. Christmas wreaths for sale The Anna Maria Garden Club is selling live Christmas wreaths through Nov. 15. The wreaths are handcrafted evergreens shipped from northern Minnesota. To pre-order, call 813-503-9364. Orders also will be taken at the clubs annual plant sale, which will take place 9 a.m.-1 p.m. Saturday, Nov. 15, at Roser Memorial Community Church, 512 Pine Ave., Anna Maria.Democrats take up topic of medical marijuana The Anna Maria Island Democratic Club will meet for lunch and a discussion on the proposed constitutional amendment legalizing marijuana for medical purposes. The club will meet at 11:45 a.m. Monday, Oct. 20, Cortez. Guests will include Alice OLeary-Randall and Manatee County Sheriff Brad Steube. For more information, call Bill McGrath at 941761-4017. Aln A A A A A Aluna_Ad Resizes.indd 1 7/20/14 6:42 PM The Original .com941-778-2711


THE ISLANDER OCT. 15, 2014 11-A S A L E A A L L Free popcorn! Corner Rack (intersection of gulf and marina) You asked for it, you got it! Signature Signature 5311 gulf drive holmes beach941.778.5400 hair skin nails massagefeel beautiful today Island happenings Libbys I sland J ewelry 100 AMI Plaza 5337 Gulf Drive Send your social news and photos to Share the fun. Joe Fletcher need a good laugh? visit the emerson quillin signature store. humor, art, gifts Bayfest to bring crowd, Dr. Dave to Pine Avenue By Laurie Hayes Islander Reporter Mark Twain famously said, Reports of my death have been greatly exaggerated. Dave Ferguson, Dr. Dave to his legion of fans, is feeling a bit like Mark Twain these days. Ferguson is set to return to the stage with a headlining performance at Bayfest after a two-year hiatus from performing. To his surprise, it is being billed in some circles as his swansong. While it is true that he retired from performing in 2012, he prefers to regard this show as a resurrection. Im not ever going to go back to performing full time or keep the band active, he said. But as far as never performing again? Never say never, he said with a smile. Ferguson, a Holmes Beach resident, performed locally for 40 years. A few years ago, the schedule and demands started to take their toll. I found myself wanting to be home with my beautiful wife Joanne, not in a parking lot loading two tons of equipment after a show, he admitted. Also, Ferguson said, he wanted to go out on top, when he announced his retirement in 2012. I was healthy, still highly sought after and my skills were still at top level, he said. And for the past two years, he has only rarely picked up his guitar. The resurrection of the Dr. Dave Band came about when Ferguson was approached earlier this year by Chris Grumley on behalf of the Anna Maria Island Chamber of Commerce, Bayfests presenter, asking if the band would consider closing the event. Bayfest has always been my favorite show, Ferguson said. We had so many fans who are or have been islanders. in the parking lot where Walgreens is (East Bay Drive in Holmes Beach) for a crowd of about 50, and about 10 more times, including in 2012, when we drew 2,000 people, he added. He consulted with his band members and they were all willing. Anna Maria Island Resorts stepped up to sponsor the performance and the band was back. With members Dana Parsons on guitar, Tom Haack on drums and Joe Bruno on bass, the Dr. Dave Band plays a combination of country, blue grass and rock n roll that Ferguson calls countrygrassrock. They perform mostly covers Alabama, Fleetwood Mac, Tom Petty and others and they have two CDs worth of original songs. ago, and, much to Fergusons relief, not only did he remember the words, the band sounded great. We went through about 40 tunes and 38 of them were just as perfect as they sounded two years ago, he said, noting that the other members have continued to perform since the group disbanded. While he plays his guitar infrequently, and had not is very excited about the show. I love performing, he said. There were so many wonderful people who supported me in my career and its going to be so good to please those people again. I know its going to be a big night. The Dr. Dave Band will close out the event starting at 8 p.m. Saturday, Oct. 18. The Bayfest experience Pine Avenue by the bay will be the place to be Oct. 17-18, when the Anna Maria Island Chamber of Commerce presents its annual Bayfest a celebration to mark the start of the fall-winter season on Anna Maria Island. drens activities and, spread along Pine Avenue, a classic car show and arts and crafts vendors. Hours will be 5-10 p.m. Friday, Oct. 17, and 10 a.m.-10 p.m. Saturday, Oct. 18. The music stage is in the city park at Pine Avenue and South Bay Boulevard. Friday evenings music lineup includes emcee Scott Prichard, Koko Ray & The Keepers at 5:30 p.m. and Uncle Johns Band at 8 p.m. The Saturday lineup includes emcee Mike Sales with Cant Turn Left at 11 a.m., soulRcoaster at 12:30 p.m., Scotts Garage at 3 p.m., Kettle of Fish at 5:30 p.m. and, at 8 p.m. the headliner, Dr. Dave Band. Saturday-only closes part of Pine Avenue to display more than 100 classic cars, the Anna Maria Island bounce houses, climbing walls and more. In the food court, both days of Bayfest, festivalgopork tacos; T&L Bar-B-Qs ribs, pulled pork, chicken and rice, mac and cheese and collard greens; The Feast selling conch fritters, lobster salad, lobster rolls and coconut shrimp; T-Bones brisket and coleslaw; Quality Foods gyros; J Burns Pizza subs and pizza; and Tylers ice cream. Hungry festivalgoers also will find the menu includes hamburgers, hot dogs, sausages, candy apples, coconut smoothies and beverages. Bayfest centers music and the food court at the corner of Pine Avenue and North Bay Boulevard opposite the Anna Maria City Pier in Anna Maria. For more information, call the chamber at 941778-1541.


12-A OCT. 15, 2014 THE ISLANDER Social, fundraiser set for Gloria Dei Gloria Dei Lutheran Church will host a luncheon and fundraiser at 11:30 a.m. Wednesday, Oct. 22. The menu includes salads, sandwiches, fruit, pasta and sweets, as well as iced tea, lemonade and punch. The church is located at 6608 Marina Drive, Holmes Beach. A donation of $10 is suggested. For more information, call the church at 941-7781813.Call for artists, public art issued for artsHOP show Three Holmes Beach entities will host a joint public art show as part of the annual artsHOP festivities that will take place Friday-Sunday, Nov. 7-9, on Anna Maria Island. Arts Plus programming, according to an announcement from sponsors Anna Maria Island Art League, the Artists Guild of Anna Maria Island and SteamDesigns in Holmes Beach. Earlier this month, AMIAL, AGAMI and SteamDesigns issued a call for artists for the show, Shells, Sand and Sea. Artists may enter work in two-dimensional media. Submissions are limited in size to 11 by 17 inches. If framed, entries can be no larger than 19 by 25 inches. Submitted artwork should be delivered to SteamDesigns, 5343 Gulf Drive, Suite 600, Holmes Beach, 9 a.m.-5 p.m. Monday-Friday, through Oct. 31. The show will be juried by peoples choice, with third. Artwork will be displayed in Holmes Beach Nov. 3-29 at AMIAL, 5312 Holmes Blvd., the Artists Guild Gallery, 5414 Marina Drive, and SteamDesigns. between the artists and WEDU Arts Plus. In lieu of an entry fee, artists can donate a portion of their proceeds to their charity of choice. The show sponsors are members of Cultural Connections of Anna Maria Island, which is coordinating artsHOP. The three-day event will feature a gallery walk, an arts and crafts festival, theater performances, a symphony concert and a market. For more information, call SteamDesigns at 941779-9108. Wednesday, Oct. 15 Thursday, Oct. 16 Friday, Oct. 17 Saturday, Oct. 18 Sunday, Oct. 19 Monday, Oct. 20 Tuesday, Oct. 21 Wednesday, Oct. 22 Off Island Friday, Oct. 17 Sunday, Oct. 19 Monday, Oct. 20 Coming up Save the date See sea creaturesLEFT: Attendees at the Maritime Mythologies opening Oct. 2 observe displays depicting mythological sea creatures in the Florida Maritime Museum in Cortez. The museum is at Florida Maritime Museum. Islander Herb appeal topic at garden club meet Herb appeal will be the topic of discussion at the season. The club meets monthly at Roser Memorial Community Church, 512 Pine Ave., Anna Maria. 15, with master gardener John Dawson discussing herbs. The club also is preparing for the annual plant sale, which is set for 9 a.m.-1 p.m. Saturday, Nov. 15, at the church. For more information, call Mary Manion at 941778-2607.Performing West Side Manatee-Sarasota music building 11, East, 5840 26th St. W., Bradenton, Oct. 24-26. music department at 941-7525351. Islander Photo: Courtesy Steve Parisian Seasonal planning on AMI Already seasonal residents are returning to Anna Maria Island for the 2014-15. Were rejoicing this weekend at Bayfest, that annual celebration of island living that marks the end of the island summer and the start of a new season. So The Islanders Oct. 22 issue will contain a preview of the season. Readers, be sure to pick up a copy for planning your calendar. Event planners, be sure we have your notices: email now.


THE ISLANDER OCT. 15, 2014 13-A Ongoing events, activitiesThrough Wednesdays Thursdays Fridays Saturdays Mondays Tuesdays Posting in the calendar Send calendar announcements to calendar@ Please include the time, date and location of the event, a brief description and a contact via email and phone. High-resolution photographs welcome. The deadline for submissions is the Wednesday a week before publication. Political advertisement approved by Henry Lawrence, Democrat for Congress. Production and advertising cost paid in-kind by Bonner Joy, The Islander newspaper.Hosted by Sean Murphy and Susan Timmins. Lite bites, live music. Advertising: Courtesy The IslanderCome meet Henry, get fired up! 5-8 P.M. THURSDAY OCT. 16 Hosted by Sean Murphy and Susan Timmins. Lite bites, live music. Courtesy The Islander Island to mark Veterans Day The Islander will host the annual Veterans Salute on Tuesday, Nov. 11, which is Veterans Day. The program will be held outside Holmes Beach City Hall, 5801 Marina Drive, Holmes Beach. There will be coffee and breakfast rolls at 8 a.m., followed by a program at 9 a.m.


14-A OCT. 15, 2014 THE ISLANDER THE LAW OFFICES OF H ardin, Pratt & Ball, P.A. Conveniently Located on Anna Maria Island Holmes Beach WestbridgeVeterinaryClinic W ESTBRIDGE VETERINARY CLINIC TAX AND ACCOUNTING SERVICES BEN AND KAREN COOPER We are accepting new clients for our Tax and Accounting practice. We prepare income taxes and handle all phases of accounting. Bank Reconciliations Preparing Financials Calculating Payrolls Homeowners Associations Individual and Corporate Tax Returns WE WANT TO BE YOUR ACCOUNTANT941-795-7048 Ofce 941-795-4878 Fax 941-713-9190 Cell Ortiz as Jud, making Island Players, disthe upcoming proat the Island Players, Anna Maria. Islander Our lovely patients, Gordon and A PRIVATE FAMILY DENTAL PRACTICE 941.795.6535$599 CROWN SPECIAL2 or More Molars Only!We use a local dental lab with over 30 years experience in the Bradenton Area. OFFER EXPIRES NOV. 12, 2014 Island Players Tribute offers bittersweet laughs By Laurie Hayes Islander Reporter With laugh-out-loud moments and the potential for tears, Bernard Slades T ribute is an emotional romp that explores family dynamics, friendship and mortality. The Island Players kicked off its 66th season Oct. 9 with the opening of T ribute. A sentimental study of the relationship between a father who still acts like a child and a son who was always serious beyond his years, the play is unabashed in its attempt to tug at the heartstrings. Guest director Gareth Gibbs uses the plays lively humor to make the production an enjoyable experience. U nder his direction, the cast keeps things light in spite of melancholy undertones. T he plot is relatively simple: Scottie T empleton, a likable guy working on the edge of show business, recently has been diagnosed with leukemia and is facing the shock and panic that comes with his impending demise. A lways the man with the punch line, Scottie employs both humor and introspection as he struggles with his unfunny ending. Scotties biggest regret in life is his relationship or lack thereof with son Jud, a young man who is as joyless as his father is joyful. Jud has reluctantly arrived in Manhattan for a summerlong visit with Scotresentment of his paternal shortcomings and envy of his dads social prowess. The success of T ribute rests on the characterization of Scottie. F ittingly, Herb Stumps portrayal steals the show. Stump demonstrates impeccable comedic timing, and also is able to demonstrate Scotties considerable vulnerability. Stump is an I sland P layers favorite, having appeared in many productions during the past 10 years. T ribute is Stumps swansong with the theater as, ironically, he is relocating to P ennsylvania to be closer to his father. Gilbert Ortiz is making his debut with the Island Players as Jud. A computer science major at the State College of Florida, he succeeds in capturing his char acters staid and awkward demeanor. O rtiz is at his best when Jud is at his worst, calling his father to task for indiscretions that include having sex with Juds mother, who is now married to a good man. M aggie, Scotties exand awilling participant in the mercy tryst, is played by R obin R hodes, another I sland P layers veteran. R hodes adept demonstration of M aggies continued affection and compassion for her former husband ensures that Scottie continues to be a sympathetic character. In the supporting roles, Jim Faltot serves as Scotties best friend, Lou, and master of ceremonies. A seasoned actor, Faltot shines when serving as the straight man to Scotties quips. M ary Selke, as D r. G ladys P etrelli, contributes the most serious note to the production as Scotties physician. A lso a newcomer to the I sland P layers, Selke infuses her solemn role with compassion and a bit of T he antithesis of solemn is Jennifer E ddy, who returns to I sland P layers as good-time girl Sally Haines. A n unlikely love interest for Jud, Sally manages to ignite a passion and humanity in Jud that had never before seen the light of day. A nd brings more than a touch of glamour in her glimmering evening gown. Hilary, an ex-hooker and longtime friend of Scotties, is portrayed by C hrissy A bdala. Her colorful performance is perfectly suited to her characters nings, her relationship with Scottie somehow manages to underscore Scotties basic decency. T ribute ends predictably enough while the raw emotion delivered by the actors, and Stump in particular, nevertheless left more than a few audience mem bers quickly wiping away a stray tear as the house lights came up. D irector G ibbs dedicated all performances of T ribute to the memory of Island Players actor Sam McDowell, who died in September. Gibbs also remembered Bob G rant, a longtime board member and sound designer for the theater. I n paying his own tribute, G ibbs referred to them in the program as two rare and talented men. P erformances of T ribute run through Sunday, O ct. 19, at the playhouse at 10009 G ulf D rive, A nna Maria. Show times are T uesday through Saturday at 8 p.m., and Sunday at 2 p.m. T ickets are $20 and season a.m.-1 p.m., Monday through Saturday, and one hour before each performance. C all 941-778-5755 or go online to


THE ISLANDER OCT. 15, 2014 15-A COME SEE THE DIFFERENCE FOR YOURSELF www.islanddentalspa.comCreating beautiful smiles for 20 years on Anna Maria Island & Longboat Key Family and Cosmetic Dentistry In-House Dental Implants Root Canal Therapy Restore, Rejuvenate, Recapture Your SmileI want to completely change your perception of what it means to go to the dentist. Dr. Mariano de la Riva COME SEE THE DIFFERENCE FOR YOURSELF 941-778-2204 Island Animal ClinicReminding you to help save our seabirds. Dont cut the line!If you hook a bird, slowly reel it in and remove all hooks and line. Winners! WE TWEET TOO @ami_islander @ami_islander Sunday Service 10 a.m. The Rev. Dr. Paul T. Eckel Continue Alongside Together EVERYONE IS WELCOME A dult Bible Study 8:45 AM SUNDAY WORSHIP 10:00 AMChildren & Youth C hurch School after the Childrens Message NURSERY AVAILABLE MISSION OF THE MONTHMercy Ships A NON DENOMINATIONAL CHRISTIAN COMMUNITY Island resident 23 yrs Hospital finance & health plan director 25 yrs Licensed Insurance Agent email: AM receives feedback on building moratoriumBy Rick Catlin Islander Reporter The email server at Anna Maria city hall has been busy. A large number of emails in support of and opposed to the Sept. 22 moratorium on issuance of new building permits are landing in Anna Maria Mayor SueLynns mail box. Attorney David Montgomery of the Montgomery Law Firm in Bradenton, representing the 428 Magnolia Ave. corporate entity, Island Savvy Ventures LLC. He Oct. 1 amended the moratorium to include building In an Oct. 6 email to the city, Montgomery said his client applied for a building permit Aug. 16, a month before the moratorium was enacted. Montgomery said Florida law requires that a building permit for a single-family home be issued within 30 working days of application, unless unusual circumstances require additional processing time. He said the only unusual circumstances is that some residents, including some of those who serve on the city commission, personally do not like further development, even though otherwise permitted by law, and personally do not like the presumed impact of lawful development on their nearby properties. Montgomery claims the moratorium only serves the interest of the politically connected, but the residents pay the taxes to fund the consequences if such unlawful activities in pursuit of the personal interests Montgomerys daughter, Rebecca, is married to Charles Buky, and Bukys address in Bradenton is provided for the subject property on Magnolia Avenue on the Manatee County Property Appraisers website. In addition to Montgomery, attorney Scott Rudacille, representing two clients with building sible legal action as a result of the moratorium. Jay Calme, an Anna Maria property owner, emailed the mayor stating the city is trying to cripple the current investment some people have made. Ken McKeithen of Sun Bay Construction Inc. wrote to oppose the moratorium. However, Mary and Tom Manion, who own property at 305 Tarpon Ave., emailed the mayor to say they favor the moratorium. They said they opposed the construction of more hotels in the city and have watched while many residents have moved off the island, as more vacation rental homes have been built. Resident Maureen McCormick supported the moratorium in her email: The number of bedrooms does drive occupancy and usage. Please do not lose this element of your efforts. McCormick also said the noise level from swimming pool activities at some rentals are by no means gone. She wrote she has seen as many as 10 cars and 20 people at one Tarpon Avenue rental this past summer.Clari cation A report in The Islander Oct. 1 Islander stated the plans for a residence at 428 Magnolia Ave. might call for eight or more bedrooms. The site cial Bob Welch calls for three bedrooms and one space. Attorney Rebecca Montgomery, wife of Charles Buky, the agent-manager for the corporate owner of the subject property, asked for the The site plan caused alarm among some city of bedrooms and accessory rooms that could be used for sleeping. State monitoring for red tide was detected in background to very low concentrations in four samples collected in and alongshore of Sarasota County, and in background concentrations in one sample collected alongshore of Charlotte County. Background to very low concentrations of the Florida red tide organism were detected along and offshore of Levy County. Also, satellite images from the University of South Florida show blooms patches offshore of Franklin, Wakulla, Taylor, Dixie and Levy counties. Forecasts by the University of South Floridas College of Marine Science and the Florida Fish & Wildlife Conservation Commission show either no movement or slow northwest movement of the offshore patches. Based on these forecasts and observed red tide concentrations, no potential red tide effects near shore are predicted. shore and alongshore of Dixie and Levy counties. No respiratory irritation has been reported. the Florida red tide organism, was not detected in or alongshore of Bay, Franklin, Wakulla, Taylor, Dixie and Pasco counties. Other samples collected throughout Florida this week did not contain


16-A OCT. 15, 2014 THE ISLANDER WE TWEET TOO @ami_islander @ami_islander 5608 Marina Drive, Holmes Beach, 941.896.7898 ITS HOT OUTSIDE, STAY COOLAC Tune-Up Special $69 Performance test, ACUV dye, up to 1 pound of freon. Exp 10-22-14. CALL GROOMS! W W H H E E R R E E S Y O U R C O M F O R T Z Z O O N N E E ? ? HOLMES BEACH AUTOMOTIVE SERVICE F Electr T une-Ups Brak es & More 5333 Gulf Drive Holmes Beach at the corner of Gulf & Marina Drives 941-779-0487 CHRISTIES PLUMBINGRESIDENTIAL / COMMERCIAL778-3924 OR 778-44615508 MARINA DRIVE, HOLMES BEACH LOCAT ED IN THE BACK OF THE BUILDING REP (CFC1426596) OPEN SA Island PEST and TERMIT E CONTROL INC. l l s mail@islandpestandtermitecontrol.comwww Sarasota 941-365-2893 Beach 941-778-1337 fax 941-778-3285 Bradenton 941-794-1005 Brandon 813-643-0200 fax 813-643-0595 Port Charlotte 941-625-6887t ]uSign up for either Drywood or Subterranean T ermite Guaran tee and r eceive up to an instant $600 discount! Call immediately Only the rst 500 customers ar e eligible! We now accept Discover Card. P EST a n CO NTR O Hitting the stores his 2015 photo-calendar to island outlets, includthe calendars arrive. during the pet blessing ceremony, handing participants a St. A blessing for pets


THE ISLANDER OCT. 15, 2014 17-A Click! The Islander welcomes stories about islanders and island life, as well as photographs and notices of the milestones in readers lives weddings, anniversaries, travels and other events. Send notices and photographs with detailed captions along with complete contact information to news@islander. org. We specialize in GEM car, golf cart, electric vehicles, customizing, parts, service and repair. And we come to YOU!Theres nothing we cant do for you! ~ 727-692-5835Mention The Islander for 10% OFF your service call. Quarterly Pest Control: $20/month.Call ALL SEASONS PAINTING 941-400-0906 AME calendar night, 4-7 p.m. AME-PTO board meets the third Tuesday at 3 p.m. at the school. Call for rates to other locations941-730-8803 www.islandsedan.comISLAND SEDAN TOWNCAR SERVICEServing Anna Maria Island, Longboat Key and West Bradenton AIRPORT SERVICE: Tampa International $85 $75 $35Flat-rate pick up on AMI or LBK to/from any location, from $15 LIFE AUTO HOME BOAT BUSINESS Hannah Grey Gilchrist Hannah Grey Gilchrist, of Anna Maria, died Oct. 4. She was 82. No service is planned. She is survived by her husband of 64 years, Allan, sons Michael and David, daughter Kay and daughterin-law Nicole. ObituaryRoser to install new pastor at Sunday service Roser Memorial Community Church will hold an installation service for the Rev. Dr. Robert D. OKeef at 10 a.m. Sunday, Oct. 19. OKeef joined the church as pastor in August. OKeef received his masters of divinity from Duke University Divinity School and his doctorate of ministry from Drew University Theological School. He is an ordained Methodist minister from North Carolina, where he pastored in churches large and small, according to a news release. He and wife Phyllis are relocating to the Bradenton area. After the service, there will be a reception at the church, 512 Pine Ave., Anna Maria. 941-778-0414. rial Community Church as pastor in August. The Sunday, Oct. 19. Islander Courtesy PhotoPanda, center present childrens wellness day The Panda Foundation and the Anna Maria Island Community Center will host a program for center children to learn about a healthy and nutritious diet while eating free pizza. The event will take place 4-6 p.m. Thursday, Oct. 23, at the center, 407 Magnolia Ave., Anna Maria. The children and the adults who accompany them to the program will sample healthy cheese and vegetable pizza, and hear from Grace Lee, director of food and nutrition services for Blake Medical Center in Bradenton. Lee will talk about healthy diets and the role of nutrition in combating diabetes and childhood obesity. An announcement said donations are appreciated. Participating sponsors include Blake Medical Center, the Feast Restaurant, Sugar Beach Digital, the center and the Panda Foundation. Registration is requested. For more information or to register, call the center by Monday, Oct. 20, at 941-778-1908. Introducing The Islanders newest staff member Kristin Swain is a writer and author who moved this year to Bradenton. She has work on a variety of websites, including Yahoo!, USA Today, Chron, eHow and LiveStrong. She is a travel photojournalist and destination reviewer asts. As an author, Swain publishes fantasy novels, most recently The Children of Apollo trilogy, under the name Arianna Swain. She is a graduate of Georgia State University with a bachelors degree in communication. She earned her associates degree at Macon State College. Although a native of Georgia, Swain spent several years in Bradenton and Anna Maria in her youth and is excited to call the area home after living six years in Los Angeles. While in LA, Swain worked as a freelance writer and photographer and in the entertainment industry. Prior to moving to Los Angeles, she was a feature writer for The Butler Herald in Butler, Georgia. When not behind the camera or at the keyboard, Swain can be found snapping photos of Robinson Preserve and enjoying the talents of local island musicians. She also enjoys walking Anna Maria Islands beautiful beaches and baking for friends and family. As an animal rights advocate, Swain has volunteered with Angels Among Us pet rescue in Macon and Atlanta, Rock and Rawhide rescue in New York City and Voices for the Animals pet rescue in Los Angeles. As a proud foster failure, she has two furry babies, His Royal Majesty Angel Boo and Her Mini Majesty Princess Gracie. She looks forward to working with local rescues, getting to know the island community and writing for The Islander. Islander reporter At your service Obituaries are provided as a community service in The Islander newspaper to residents and family of residents, both past and present, and to those people with ties to Anna Maria Island. Content is edited for style and length. Photos are welcome. Paid obituaries are available by calling 941-778-7978.


18-A OCT. 15, 2014 THE ISLANDER AM City Pier tides; Cortez high tides 7 minutes later lows 1:06 later Anna Maria Island Tides Date AM HIGH PM HIGH AM LOW PM LOW Moon Oct. 15 4:09 2.3 8:31 1.8 12:28 0.5 11:52 1.6 3rd Oct. 16 5:38 2.1 9:09 1.9 1:33 0.6 Oct. 17 7:28 2.0 9:38 1.9 1:41 1.5 2:30 0.6 Oct. 18 8:55 2.0 10:03 2.0 2:54 1.3 3:18 0.7 Oct. 19 10:00 2.0 10:24 2.1 3:45 1.0 3:58 0.8 Oct. 20 10:52 2.1 10:43 2.2 4:27 0.8 4:32 0.9 Oct. 21 11:37 2.1 11:01 2.3 5:04 0.6 5:00 1.0 Oct. 22 12:18p 2.0 11:21 2.4 5:39 0.4 5:25 1.1 Sailing Catamarans Sailing CatamaransKathleen D Kathleen DUSCG Certied to 20 passengersSailing from 3 locationsAnna Maria Island Longboat Key Downtown SarasotaLets Go Sailing! By Kevin Cassidy Islander Reporter after from a few weeks of extremely wet weather, the schedules in the soccer league to account for all of the postponed games. Weather permitting, the twice delayed Spirit Day is now set for Oct. 25. The center saw a few games in the past week, including a match Oct. 10 that saw the 11-13 division Sugar Beach Digital double up on The Feast with a 4-2 victory behind two goals from Daniel Sentman and single goals from Tyler Brewer and Bryce Higgins. The Feast saw goals in the loss from Giancarlo Padilla and Brennan Bowers. In 8-10 division action Oct. 10, Miller Electric shocked Gulf-Bay Realty 6-2 behind four goals from Jeremiah Sculco. Anthony Ngueyen and Philippe Baumgartner each added one goal in the victory. Ozzy Lonzo led Gulf-Bay Realty in the loss with two goals. There were two 8-10 division games Oct. 8. The victory over Gulf-Bay Realty behind four goals from Anthony Monetti and a goal each from Thomas Heckler and Michael Pears. Jeremiah Sculco scored the lone goal for Gulf-Bay in the loss. The second match of the evening saw Miller Electric and Tylers Ice Cream battle to a 2-2 tie. Ozzy Lonzo scored both goals for Miller, while Emma Laade and Lance Valadie notched goals for Tylers. The adult soccer league at the center played four matches Oct. 9. Pest Control by a 4-3 score behind two goals and an assist from Omar Polar. Greg Ross added a goal and an assist, while Mike Warren scored once to support 12 saves in the victory. Teddy Louloudes led Island Pest Control with two goals, while Chris Yavalar added one. Troy Shonk contributed a pair of assists and Nate Talucci made 10 saves in goal. Eason Builders rode a four-goal performance by Matt Plummer to an exciting 6-5 victory over Slims Place in the second matchup of the night. Chris Klotz added a goal and two assists for Eason, which also received a goal from Blair Schlossberg Scott Eason had 13 saves between the pipes. Rico Beissert scored two goals, while Alex Klotz and Johan Haeussler both added a goal and an assist to lead Slims. Austin Balais completed the scoring in the loss. Donald Christianson and Jeff Christianson scored three goals each to lead Jessies Island Store to a 7-1 victory over Dojo Martial Arts. Matt Kretzman added a goal and two assists, while KB Belton made 14 saves in goal. Chris Circharo scored the lone goal for Dojo in the loss. Ally Titsworth scored two goals and Tony Fraudaris and Darrin Wash each added one to lead Wash Family Construction to a 4-2 victory over Sato Real Austin Wash each added assists, while Ray Gardner made nine saves in goal. Matt Dwyer scored both goals for Sato and Jason Sato had 15 saves in goal in the loss. Key Royale golf news second place after they all carded 2-over-par 34s. Jana Samuels took the top spot in flight B on posting a 3-under-par 29. Nel Bergstrom was alone in second place at even-par 32. Horseshoe news Hank Huyghe walked his way to the title during Oct. 8 horseshoe action at the Anna Maria City Hall horseshoe pits. Huyghe put up a 21-2 victory in the against Jerry Disbrow and Ron Slaugh. Huyghe obliterated Disbrow and Slaugh, winning 21-3 for a solo trip to the winners circle. A walker came out on top again during Oct. 11 horseshoe action. This time it was Tim Sofran who was the days outright champion, posting the only 3-0 pool-play record. Play gets underway at 9 a.m. every Wednesday and Saturday at the Anna Maria City Hall pits and everyones welcome. Warmups begin at 8:45 a.m..Holmes Beach bans some shhooks for statement Islander Reporter Holmes Beach commissioners banned the use of ties at its bridges, piers and parks. The resolution approved by commissioners Sept. 23 bans lures and baits having two or more hooks sharing a single shank multiple hooks and rigs made of two or more small hooks on their own individual short dropper lines, and anything tied off to a longer, weighted leader. The legislation was put on the agenda by Commission Chair Judy Titsworth, who helps rescue and rehabilitate injured seabirds, mostly those incapacitated by The resolution is in an effort to advance similar legislation spearheaded by Titsworths twin sister, Jeanie Bystrom, to the county and regional level. Bystrom said in a previous meeting that she hopes ence the other island cities and the county to adopt similar legislation. Its important to have our voices heard. Especially Commissioner David Zaccagnino. Holmes Beach does not have public piers and only referenced in the resolution include the beach. Commissioner Marvin Grossman moved to approve and Commissioner Pat Morton seconded the motion. It passed unanimously. Islander Reporter Local and statewide sea turtle records show another good year for the beach nesters. Sea turtle nesting season runs May-October in Florida, and the Anna Maria Island Turtle Watch and Shorebird Monitoring reported its third best season in terms of hatchlings and nests. AMITW has data that dates back to 1982. Statewide reports show high loggerhead turtle nest numbers and record-breaking numbers for leatherbacks, according to a Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission Oct. 8 news release. Sea turtles face many important threats at sea and on land, which need to be addressed for the recovery of these charismatic and endangered species, but the results of the 2014 nesting season in Florida are encouraging and provide a positive outlook for the future, stated Dr. Simona Ceriani, FWC research scientist. More than 85 volunteers, collecting cumulative data that is reported to the FWC, conducted AMITWs monitoring efforts this year. Statewide, data are collected by more than 2,000 individuals over 800 miles of beach with assistance from FWC-trained surveyors from conservation organizations, universities, governments and hundreds of citizens. FWC began its monitoring program in 1979 and performs two annual surveys. According to the news release, nearly all sea turtle nesting in Florida is documented, including an index survey, which pools data from select beaches that have consistent monitoring nesting. Loggerhead nest counts statewide this year were slightly higher than in 2013, the release stated. Loggerhead numbers have shown an irregular pattern under FWC observation, but the overall trend for nest numbers is positive. Green turtle nesting trends show an exponential increase over the last 26 years, although counts in 2014 were much lower than last year, the release stated. This was expected because green turtle nesting patterns tend tuations. Green turtle nest counts set two consecutive high records in 2011 and 2013. Nest counts for leatherback turtles reached a record high in the state this year, the release stated. The trend in leatherback nesting also shows an exponential increase over the last 26 years. According to Pete Gross, section coordinator and statistics compiler for AMITW, Anna Maria Island only had loggerheads by far the most common Florida nester this year. Anna Maria Island. Sarasota County beaches, monitored by Mote Marine Laboratory, saw 2,397 loggerhead nests and 10 Green turtle nests. The countys numbers were close to its 2013 numbers, with 2,385 loggerhead nests and seven green turtle nests. Sea turtle season as of Oct. 12: 260 nests, 283 false crawls, 221 hatched nests and 18,168 hatchlings sent to the Gulf. AMITW


THE ISLANDER OCT. 15, 2014 19-A Light T Fishin g Char tersCapt. W arren GirleInshore Offshore Li ht Tk l Capt. W arren Girle o r e h O Fishing Charters Wet Slips Fuel Dock Full Service Marine Mechanic Tackle Shop and Water Sports GIFT CERTIFICATES AVAILABLELocated at the Seafood Shack, 4110 127th St. W., 941-538-4290 Islander Exclusive REEL CORTEZ CHARTERS4-hour charters start at $100 pp or $600 private. *Price per person may vary *Price per person may vary REEL CORTEZ CHARTERS REEL CORTEZ CHARTERS 4-hour charters *Price per person may vary By Capt. Danny Stasny Islander Reporter challenging, the days since have been exceptional. O ur local snook have gotten a taste of water temperatures and are now ravenously feeding on every bait that passes in front of their noses. They are bulking up in preparation for winter, before their food gets scarce. Catching 40-50 snook in a session is not unheard of right now. Strong incoming tides in the morning are proving prosperous when searching for the bite. patient. When that tide gets cranking, so will the snook. range, although Im seeing at least a couple slot-size C apt. R ick G ross of F ishy Business C harters is the inside of Gross Dorado boat, the Fishy Business. T o catch these species, G ross is free-lining live shiners the end of the day. a bottom rig. You can also expect to encounter Spanish mackerel, jack crevalle and blue runners. Jonny Keyes at I sland D iscount T ackle is stocking up his freezer with mangrove snapper, grouper and Gregory. The two are venturing out to nearshore strucespecially mangrove snapper. Snapper up to 20 inches The same rig and bait are producing the grouper and While fishing around the near shore structure, by trolling spoons behind the bait. Spanish mackerel of 24 inches just cant resist a trolled spoon, according to Keyes. The same applies for the bonito. Jim M alfese at the R od & R eel P ier says mangrove shiners as bait. Keeper-size snapper are being caught by casting baits under the pier near the pilings. By Spanish mackerel can be caught during the mornjigs to the edges of the bait schools are getting the bite. While targeting macks, expect to catch jack crevalle, with exceptional results. By anchoring over rock pile and other debris, Girle is catching mangrove snapper of 20 inches. T he snapper bite is so good, G irle is at a range of 7-8 miles offshore. erel, shark and a few cobia. F or all three species, G irle is free-lining live shiners combined with a 40-pound to cast baits into sandy potholes, resulting in hookups with the unsuspecting reds. is working the sandy potholes to trigger a strike. Slotexceptional memories for his charter clients. make their way up into the bushes. Howard recomof choice for Howard. circle hook and a popping cork, Howard instructs his clients to throw the nose-hooked shiner into the boils the past week. to be red hot as we have big outgoing tides early in the mornings. T ry to time your trip to match the fastest of the current movement, Howard adds. the 33-inch, 13-pound Sarasota Bay snook hooked Beach. a 31-inch snook he caught on an


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THE ISLANDER OCT. 15, 2014 1-B By Marge McCarthyAnna Maria Island Community Center Mail: P.O. Box 253, Anna Maria 34216 Visit: 407 Magnolia Ave., Anna Maria Call: 941-778-1908 www.islandcommunitycenter.comGetting to know you is a peek into the life of islanders and visitors with its focus beginning on introductions to the Anna Maria Island Community Center staff.Getting to know JENNIFER LAMORA Position: Anna Maria Island Community Center therapist. From: I am originally from Blackstone, Massachusetts, about 45 minutes south of Boston. Why the move here: We grew up vacationing here. I loved the warm weather, but Massachusetts snow helped my husband and I make the decision. I was in labor, driving to the hospital in a snowstorm, and we barely made it. We were done. That was 11 years ago. Family: My husband and I have four sons, ages 11, 9, 7 and 3. My parents moved here about nine months after us so the family could be together. School and career: I did my undergrad at University of Massachusetts-Amherst, where I earned a degree in clinical psychology and womens studies. I attended Smith College and received a masters in clinical social work. That is where I met Kristin (Trepanier-Henry), my fellow therapist at the center. I have been a therapist for over 19 years. Best part of the job: The center has an amazing staff and the people who come in are from all over the place, all walks of life. The opportunity to offer family services is so rare. I love it. Pets: We have two Havanese dogs and three cats. are great with children. Favorites: Fall, Halloween, Thanksgiving, Christmas, dark chocolate, children laughing. I love the smell of lilacs. The smell brings me back to my childhood. Best things here: The wildlife, especially the manatee. My son went swimming the other day and one came up to him. I love the spotted eagle rays, roseate spoonbills and all the wildlife. My husband and I look at each other all the time and say, Wow! First thing in the morning: Quiet time with my children. Its a nice time to get together before the business of the day starts and sets the tone for the day. One thing for the center: Relationships are my specialty, so I would love to have a couples retreat. Top three values: Honesty, loyalty and authenticity. KRISTIN TREPANIER-HENRY Position: Anna Maria Island Community Center parttime therapist. From where, why here: Born in a small city in New Hampshire, but my parents had a second home in Florida. They retired and moved and we wanted our children to know their grandparents, so we decided to move. We have lived in Florida since 2001 and Bradenton since 2004. About family: My husband and I have a 13-year-old son and 11-year-old daughter. Pets: Three kitties named Matisse, Rembrandt and With center: Im a newbie, only been working at the center since May. School and career: Earned my bachelors degree and masters in social work at Smith College, where I met JenTop favorite thing at the center: Being able to reach out to the community and provide counseling to those who may not be able to receive it in other locations. A wish program: A special day involving children, something fun that would also include chocolate. Volunteer: My husband is a volunteer coach. So I support that and volunteer at my church. Best thing seen here: Sunsets, oh the sunsets! I love the birds, and manatees have always been my favorite animals. I have been a nut for manatees even before I has manatee in it. ing made by my daughter, and an In Session sign that I hand-painted. Other favorites: Fall and the holiday season, especially the food thats cooked or baked during the holidays. Its amazing how smells connect the present to the past. I can share those smells with my children and the connection to memories can go on and on for generations. I especially love Christmas, because it brings people together, but it is the true meaning of the season that is powerful for me. On storms: Most of the time I like them and their power, especially at night when there is a light show, but I didnt like Charley very much. I was in Bonita Springs and only an hour from the eye. It was really scary when it came through. Meeting a person: The Blessed Mother Teresa because she reached out to many in need. Top three values: Honesty, loyalty and a willingness to strive, each day, to be the best at ones ability. G etting to know you Jennifer Lamora Kristin TrepanierHenry THE ISLANDER


2-B OCT. 15, 2014 THE ISLANDER Grill Seafood Grill Seafood Grill Seafood Live music Friday & Saturday121 Bridge St. Bradenton Beach 941-896-9737 Stone Crab Season Opens Oct. 15 Stoney Mac is Almost Back! THE FEAST RESTAURANTEnjoy your feast THE FEAST THE FEAST RESTAURANT RESTAURANT OPEN 7 DAYS A WEEK FULL LIQUOR AND DINING SERVICE Come check out our super NEW menu! WELL BLOW YOU AWAY! 941.778.5788 OM A PIZZA& ITALIAN RESTAURANT Makers of the Worlds Largest Pizza $100 OFFAny Size PizzaFREE DELIVERY! Makers of the Worlds Largest Pizza OLD-FASHIO NED I CE CREAM MADE O N SITE! SINCE 1984 CELEBRATING 30 YEARS! (941) 778-6641(941) 778-66415606 Marina Drive, Holmes Beach Hours: MonThurs 4pm1pm FriSat 11amam Sun 11am1pmWE DELIVER WE DELIVER 5606 Marina Drive Holmes Beach MonThu 11am1pm FriSat 11amam Sun 11am1pm DINNER HOURS: 778-1320 FRI & SATOVEN-FRESH BAVARIAN HAXEN CALL AHEAD TO RESERVE THE REAL GERMAN RESTAURANT ON FLORIDAS WEST COAST DONT MISS OUR SPECIAL OCTOBERFEST MENU AND BEER!COME HELP US CELEBRATE! Contractor fraud: plea agreement or trialCourt to hear porn case This time around it looks like a jury will soon be seated to hear the case of a Bradenton Beach man charged with having sex with a 15-year-old, possessing and promoting child pornography and attempted bribery of a witness. of 2009 after police learned Chiquet and a teenager were in a sexual relationship, and that he took sexual photographs of her in his Bradenton Beach apartment. In 2010, authorities added a bribery charge, accusing Chiquet of offer ing an ex-girlfriend $10,000 if she told police she was depicted in the photographs and not, as prosecutors allege, the 15-year-old girl. Since his initial arrest, Chiquet has pleaded not guilty to three felony cases: sexual performance of a child, two counts of lewd and lascivious exhibition to a child and one obscene material display to a minor. The second case charges him with tampering with a witness. The third involves 18 counts of possession of child pornography and nine counts of promoting the sexual performance of a child. In August, 12th Judicial Circuit Court Judge Charles E. Roberts found Chiquet currently compe tent. Both the assistant state attorney and Chiquets defense attorney agreed the trial date will stick. It is scheduled to start between Oct. 20 and Oct. 31. Its a priority case as made clear by Judge Roberts Island watch To report information on island crime, call the station, 941-708-8899; Bradenton Beach police, 941-778-6311; or Holmes Beach police, 941-7085804. In emergencies, call 911. CourtwatchBy Kathy Prucnell press time. The charge stems from an original $196,000 contract in 2012 to replace curbs at various locations throughout the city. Instead of installing the curbs as contracted, Arnold invoiced the city for $92,830.50 more than the work he HBPD detective Sgt. Brian Hall. Arnold is alleged to have painted over orange paint that indicated curbs were to be replaced with gray paint. The investigation into Arnolds work reportedly began in April 2013 after one of Arnolds former employees told police his crew did only half the contracted work. Former public works superintendent and buildproject, told Hall he didnt do the inspections, but did sign off on Arnolds work. Additional charges under consideration relate to other work the city contracted Arnold to perform, according to Tokajer. Tokajer said last week that certain drainage work still needs to be evaluated by the city public works department before the police can go forward on its investigation. According to court depositions, Arnold also per formed work on the Grassy Point parking lot. Arnold also built the public works building near city hall, 5801 Marina Drive, completed in 2012, according to Holmes Beach Commission Chair Judy Titsworth. She called the quality of the buildings construction into question. The next court event is a docket sounding at 9 a.m. Oct. 28 at the Manatee County Judicial Center, 1051 Manatee Ave. W., Bradenton. The case of a contractor accused of scamming the city of Holmes Beach out of more than $90,000 for failing to install curbs as contracted is at a crossroads. Either a plea agreement or trial in 12th Circuit Judicial Court is the direction expected by assistant state attorney Courtney Hollen, recently assigned to Chris Richard Arnold of Bradenton, owner of Ser vices by Chris Arnold LLC, was arrested in September 2013 on a charge of a felony scheme to defraud Holmes Beach on a 2012 public works contract for hire. Hollen said trial dates beginning either Nov. 10 or Nov. 17 were chosen at a recent hearing. Either there will be a trial that goes forward or a plea agreement worked out between now and then, Hollen said. A call to Arnolds attorney Jason Reid, of the law Chiquet DaFonseca, adding theres no need for another continuance. trial, defense attorney Mark Lipinski said, Im sure there will be, but Im not at liberty to say what theyll be. DaFonseca anticipated only housekeeping motions, such as those to determine which of Chiquets three cases will go to trial. cases, there have been two appeals related to admis sible evidence and numerous motions and hearings related to Chiquets competency to stand trial. Each time competency has become an issue, three mental health experts have been called on to examine Each time he was found incompetent, he was transferred to a mental health jail-like facility to regain competency, Lipinski said. In the last competency review, Eddy Regnier, Mary Elizabeth Kasper and Ali Mandelblatt submitted forensic psychological evaluations, which have been sealed by the court. The judge is expected to set a trial date at a pretrial hearing before Oct. 20. Arnold


THE ISLANDER OCT. 15, 2014 3-B WE TWEET TOO @ami_islander @ami_islander Island Coffee HausReal Florida Relaxation! Coquina Beach Cafe Beachfront dining TRY OUR FAMOUS FISH TACOS JOIN US FOR AN ICE COLD BEER, WINE OR FROZEN DRINK! Live Music Fri-Sat-Sun Evenings MIKE SALES ENTERTAINS 5-8 SUNDAYNow Serving Breakfast & Lunch Daily, Dinner Fri-Sat-Sun Breakfast & Lunch Daily, Dinner Fri-Sat-SunLAST TROLLEY STOP ON ANNA MARIA ISLAND 2650 Gulf Drive S. Bradenton Beach 941.778.4757 Island police blotterAnna Maria No reports. Anna Maria is policed by the MCSO. Bradenton Beach Oct. 2, 2200 block of Avenue B, landlord/tenant 2:10 p.m., a female tenant explained her male landlord was verbally abusive toward her and her boyfriend. The landlord told police he didnt want anyone in the day. He also reported the boyfriend tried to attack him. Police entered the unit and assisted the tenant in retrieving personal items. Oct 4, 100 block of Bridge Street, Baker Act. At about 8 p.m., police approached a woman sitting on ence of alcohol. She told police numerous times she was going to throw herself in front of a moving car due to a relationship breakup. Police reported she also threatened to kill herself by jumping off the Sunshine Skyway Bridge. HPBD and MCSO were called into assist. She was transported to a treatment facility. Oct. 4, 100 block of 22nd Street, North, noise complaint. Police were called twice to the Tropic Isle Inn at 10 p.m. and 10:30 p.m. regarding loud music and yellthe citys noise ordinance. The second time out, police gave the offenders numerous warnings to turn down the music and stop yelling, which were met with chants than an hour and the noise occasionally resurfaced. A in the parking lot and arrested the 30-year-old from Texas for violating the noise ordinance. Oct. 5, 100 block of Gulf Drive North, trespass observed a woman yelling on the steps of Circle K. The woman told police she had been drinking. Police issued a trespass warning and advised the consequences if she were to return. Oct. 5, 200 block of Gulf Drive South, Marchman Act. Police were dispatched to a reported rape at about on Gulf Drive. Upon initial contact, police report the woman appeared intoxicated. She told police she had been raped on the beach by a man with dark hair. The Medical Center. At Blake, she had to be restrained to Convicted sex predator visits Holmes Beachobtain a blood alcohol test. The test came back at .342 and she was admitted. Oct. 9, 1700 Gulf Drive North, fraud/counterfeit. A as an owner of a Bradenton Beach Club unit for rent and told her to place about $500 on a reload credit card and then he would send her a contract. The woman became suspicious when she discovered the apartment had been rented to another family. Police advised her Bradenton Beach is policed by the BBPD. Cortez Sept. 16, 3600 block of 115th Street, prescription drugs missing. A man who allowed a friend to spend the night told a MCSO deputy the next day that his medications were missing from a black bag inside his suitcase. The host made breakfast for his overnight guest who, after eating, left to care of personal business. The MCSO reported the complainant was unable to provide investigators with a pharmacy printout for his prescription purchase. Cortez is policed by the MCSO Holmes Beach No reports. Holmes Beach is policed by the HBPD. Streetlife is based on incident reports and narratives from the Bradenton Beach Police Department, Holmes Beach Police Department and Manatee County StreetlifeBy Kathy Prucnell RoadwatchEyes on the road Buckle up for a bumpy ride, as work continues on the Cortez Bridge, as well as some area roads. The Florida Department of Transportation issued the following alerts for motorists driving in the area the week of Oct. 13. Crews are replacing a power pole and motorists should expect northbound lane closures 9 a.m.-4:30 p.m. through Oct. 17. east of Gulf Drive to west of 127th Street West: Crews will install an intercom system at the bridge house and will work on the bridge beams and fender wall. Motorists should note that driving across the bridge will feel bumpy due to the crews jacking lifting the bridge to remove and replace the bridge expansion bearings. Bridge jacking will occur until mid-November. Work also includes general maintenance and repairs to the bridge span, beams, piling, seawall and bridgetender house. Quinn Construction, Inc. is the contractor on the project, which is expected to continue into early 2015. replacing utility poles. The outside eastbound lane will close 9 a.m.-4 p.m. through Oct. 17. The DOT advises that motorists who encounter roadwork should expect delays and use caution. For the latest roadwatch information, people can A 34-year-old man convicted of being a sexual predator has reported a temporary address in the 500 block of Key Royale Drive, Holmes Beach. The Florida Department of Law Enforcement website states the man moved Sept. 9 from St. Cloud near Orlando to Holmes Beach. The FDLE lists the address as a temporary residence. In November 2000, the man was charged in Osceola County of lewd and lascivious exhibition with a person under the age of 16, but adjudication was withheld. In September 2007, the man was again charged sexual predator by the FDLE. Florida law requires anyone convicted of a sexual offense register his or her address with the FDLE, including any temporary movements. Holmes Beach Police Chief Bill Tokajer said he dence. I spoke with the rental agent and he said the man was scheduled to move out on Monday, Oct. 13, the chief said. the city, he said. Two other convicted sex offenders live in Holmes Beach. One offender lives in the 600 block of Dundee Lane on Key Royale, and the other in the 6400 block of Flotilla Drive. Bradenton Beach has one convicted sex offender as a resident. The FDLE reports the man lives in the 2500 block of Avenue C. Cortez has one convicted sex offender, a man living in the 4200 block of 129th Street West. There are no convicted sex offenders living in Anna Maria, according to FDLE records.


4-B OCT. 15, 2014 THE ISLANDER DELICIOUS LUNCH DAILYCOME BY LAND OR SEA! ICW Marker 49 INDOOR DINING Open 7 days 11-10 4628 119th St.W., CortezFacebook: Sword sh Grill and Tiki Facebook: Flippin Mullet Sports Bar941.798.2035 Olde Cortez LUNCH LUNCH DAILY DAILY NEVER A DULL MOMENT! TUESDAYS: NASCRAB RACES 6:30(NATIONAL ASSOCIATION OF SAFE CRAB RACING AT BARS) WED. OCT. 15 MATT AND TANYA 7-10 THU. OCT. 16 LARRY STOKES 7-10 FRI. OCT. 17 STRAIGHT-UP 7-10 SAT. OCT. 18 MESSENGER LITE 7-10 SUN. OCT. 19 REED FROST 5-8 OPEN 7 Days 11:30-9:30 Happy Hour 4-6pmLONGBOATS PREMIER WATERFRONT RESTAURANT! Since 1967 MOORE S STONE CRAB RESTAURANTIts that time of year! Season opens Oct. 15...GET YOUR BIB ON! Best food, best service, best view ... Any closer to the water, your feet will get wet! OPEN 7 DAYS 11:30-9:30 941-383-1748 www.stonecrab.ccIts STONE CRAB SEASON U.S. Supreme Court set to hear Cortez shers tale By Kathy Prucnell Islander Reporter will soon be heard by the highest court in the land more than seven years after federal agents boarded his Gulf of Mexico. John L. Yates, 62, spent 30 days in jail four years ago after a federal jury found him guilty on charges Oceanic Atmospheric Administration investigation. The case began Aug. 23, 2007, when Florida Fish and Wildlife Commission inspectors, deputized as NOAA agents, boarded the Miss Katie. red grouper under the then-20-inch minimum length. That day agents ticketed him for the civil violation. Three years later a grand jury indicted him with criminal obstruction of a federal investigation under the Sarbanes-Oxley Act of 2002, passed by Congress to address corporate fraud coverups in the wake of the Enron scandal. To be heard Nov. 5 by the U.S. Supreme Court is the question of whether Yates had fair notice he could be charged with the criminal anti-shredding provision of Sarbanes-Oxley. In an interview with The Islander Oct. 8, John and Sandy Yates maintained his innocence, as they have since day one. After a seven-year journey through federal courts, they point to several setbacks, including fabricated testimony of a crew member and the trial court not allowing the testimony of a U.S. government expert on grouper measurement. Sandy Yates said a statistical analysis, showing one-half inch short, deserved more attention. Most importantly, they believe the federal enforctions as crimes that are punishable by up to 30 years in prison. Bottom line, its about the over-criminalization They think theyre all pirates. I dont think these people know theyre working for a living. destroyed on the East Coast, most notably in Gloucester, Massachusetts, where 1,200 commercial boats have been reduced to 88. Under the Magnuson Stevens Fishery Conservation and Management Act, Sandy Yates said, shortits over. That was not to be for John Yates. On the day agents searched Yates vessel, they Yates did, but agents didnt return and re-measure until four days later something thats never been done in any other case, according to testimony of the Thats the reason Im here today, John Yates said. I had a few choice words about how they were Hed been asking why they were measuring from the top lip rather than from the bottom lip to give a full length. John and Sandy Yates believe the federal agents then began suspecting hed ordered his crew to John Yates denies this, adding he rigorously he instructed his crew when they were hired not to keep any grouper less than 21 inches, trying to avoid Do a few fish get through? Sandy asks, and answers herself. Sure, but thats why it should be a civil matter. Before the court The Supreme Court will consider the briefs of the petitioner, John Yates, and the federal prosecutor, as well as nine amicus briefs all in support of Yates. A series of friend-of-the-court briefs have been Oxley, who co-wrote the act. He states that the acts purpose is to vindicate the limitations inherent in SOXs anti-shredding provision against the governments attempt to expand it to reach conduct far beyond anything that Congress ever anticipated or intended. According to the Supreme Court website, the backdrop for the case of John L. Yates v.. United States of America is: banes-Oxley Act of 2002. . (and) the anti-shredding provision of the Act . makes it a crime for anyone who knowingly alters, destroys, mutilates, conceals, covers up, falsifies, or makes a false entry in any record, document, or tangible object with the intent to impede or obstruct an investigation. The question the high court will hear 30 minutes of argument from each side is: Whether Mr. Yates was deprived of fair notice that banes-Oxley anti-shredding provision where the term statute and unlike the statutes application to records and documents have no record-keeping, documentary, or informational content or purpose? Seven years of tough times John and Sandy Yates say its been tough over the years, especially before the trial. Lifes hard enough. You dont need someone throwing something at you that they shouldnt be. And to take away a mans livelihood, Sandy Yates said with a sigh. Though it was a relief to get sentenced to only 30 days, he was immediately taken to jail. It was December 2011 and he had two grandkids waiting for me to come home for Christmas, and I didnt. After serving time in Fort Myers and Port Char lotte county jails, his buddies tried to help him out with work in Cortez, he said. Hes helped on boats as a deckhand. Hes also been Hes scrapped junk metal for a year, done odd jobs and painting jobs. The couple invested their savings in October 2013 in a retail store, Off the Hook, in Cortez, where they feature a collection of furniture and antiques. John is now restoring furniture, and good at it, Sandy said, having worked for Ethan Allen for more than 13 years before his days captaining boats. But hes not been able to get a job captaining a boat in Cortez since his case began something they said. Even after hardships hes endured over the seven years, John Yates still believes in his decision to refuse the federal prosecutors proffered plea to a misdemeanor of forcibly and physically opposing a federal Im not pleading guilty for something I didnt do, he said. Holmes Beach residents John and Sandy Yates at Off the Hook, their antiques and furniture store in Cortez. Islander Photo: Kathy Prucnell


THE ISLANDER OCT. 15, 2014 5-B Authentic Italian Pizza 16 Ice Cold Craft Beers on Tap, $1.50-$2 $8 Pizza! Beach Views & Sunsets! Tis the season for pirate invasion of Anna Maria IslandBob Stitch Dominas, 2014-15 president of the Anna Maria Island Privateers, aboard the Skullywag. The Privateers are dedicated to promoting activities for the betterment of youth and serving the community. Islander Photo: Laurie Hayes By Laurie Hayes Islander Reporter Avast me hearties, and prepare. The pirates are coming. The Anna Maria Privateers, a nonprofit group dedicated to the betterment of youth and serving the community and being pirates have a slew of activities planned for this fall. First up is the Privateer Ball, slated for 6 p.m., Saturday, Oct. 25, at American Legion Post 24, 2000 75th St. W., in Bradenton. Tickets are $40 per person and include appetizers, dinner, silent and live auctions and an invasion ball keepsake. of Anna Maria Island to continue his search for lost treasure, this years theme is Day of the Dead. Theme costumes, pirate attire or krewe wear are encouraged. As is debauchery. According to Privateer president Bob Stitch Dominas, last years ball sold out. Were hoping to do that again this year. Dominas, who became president in August, has been a Privateer for four years. Im retired, he quipped, and you can only play so much golf. Dominas quickly dove into the groups many activities, which include hosting the islands Fourth of July and Christmas parades, Snook Adams Kids Day and the Whitey Horton Golf Tournament, all to raise funds for local kids. The Privateers also participate in the Anna Maria Island Chamber of Commerces Bayfest and other local events. Next on the groups activity schedule is the second annual Pirate Invasion 10 a.m.-10 p.m. Saturday, Nov. 1, and 10 a.m.-5 p.m. Sunday, Nov. 2, at Coquina Beach in Bradenton Beach. This two-day familyfriendly music festival also includes arts and crafts, food and drink and a special kids play area, complete with pirate ship. The invasion will feature some young local musicians, including Savannah Brady and Kei Bland, as well as headliners Shotgun Justice and Kim Betts and the Gamble Creek Band. Betts is the daughter of Rockand-Roll-Hall-of-Famer Dickey Betts, singer, songwriter and guitarist of Great Southern and a founding member of the Allman Brothers Band. According to Dominas, she has dropped hints about a possible special appearance by her famous dad. The next weekend marks the start of the Privateers Thieves Market, also at Coquina Beach. The market invites attendees to sift through arts, crafts, antiques, treasure. The market will be repeated on Jan. 10, Feb. 1, March 14 and April 11 of next year. With all that the Privateers are doing, its no surprise that Dominas main goal is to increase membership. With approximately 80 members about half are active the group needs more hands on deck. Privateers come from all walks of life, he said of the group, which is in its 43rd year. We have young parents, nurses, construction workers and everyone in between. We have a lot of fun, but are very serious when it comes to raising money for kids. Anyone interested should go to the Privateer website,, to see what we do and where well be next, he said. Wannabes can days of the month at the Annie Silver Community Center, 108 23rd St. N., Bradenton Beach. A wannabe who attends at least two meetings can submit an application, which includes a background screening. To be voted into the Privateers, wannabes must be sponsored by a member. The probation period lasts at least six months and includes every right of a Privateer except a vote, Dominas said. Newbies are expected to participate in events before being voted in as a full member. Annual membership dues are $100, which Dominas said pays for expenses, such as insurance, boat/ For more information about the Privateers and AMIP activities, or to make a donation, go to


6-B OCT. 15, 2014 THE ISLANDER Send business news to islbizNEWS HOLMES BEACH40 Years of Professional Service to Anna Maria Island and BradentonEXP ERIENCE REPUTATION RESULTSFOR SALE Belair Bayou: Unique 3/2 home with 2,632 sa, man cave, pool, lanai with replace and stone table with grill and much more. $316,000.RENTALS GULFFRONT Vacation/Seasonal 5/4 Home. GULFFRONT Luxury Villas 2/2 and 1/1.5 Vacation/Seasonal BOOKING NOW FOR 2014 SEASONAL/VACATION RENTALS 240 Chilson Ave, Anna Maria 2 bedroom, 3 bath, canal home with large lot. One of the most private and beautiful areas of the Island. Offered at $725,000 mariannebc@aol.com941-725-7799 Call Marianne TODAY Selling your home is important to me.Marianne Correll, Realtor6101 Marina Drive, Holmes Beach 34217 Gulf-Bay Realty of Anna Maria Inc. Jesse Brisson Broker Associate, GRI 941-713-4755 800-771-6043 Call Jesse Brisson941-713-4755BAYFRONT BEAUTY: Perched on the edge of the bay, this 2bed/2bath bayfront home has sweeping views of the bay and ICW. Craftsmanship shows in every detail of this beautiful home with dock and of ce or third bedroom. Turnkey furnished. $1,050,000 5BED/3BATH DUPLEX: West of Gulf Drive, just steps to the beach this relaxed living duplex is currently a successful vacation rental. Excellent rental history and con rmed future bookings. Turnkey furnished. $915,000. SNEAD ISLAND: Built in 2006 on over half an acre, this 4bed/3bath home features 14-ft ceilings, crown moldings, kitchen with black granite counter tops, Grand views ,saltwater pool with waterfall feature, 200-ft new dock. Much much more. $949,000. FLAMINGO TOWNHOME: Totally redone from head to toe, this 2bed/2bath condo is conveniently located close to Robinson Preserve, Anna Maria Island and, with a pool and docks, what more do you need?! $175,000. POOL HOME WITH SLIP: This elevated 2bed/2bath pool home built on an oversize lot also includes a deeded boat slip. Inviting layout takes full advantage of blending indoors with outdoors. $589,999. Chambers plan business expo, after-hours event The Manatee and Greater Sarasota chambers of commerce will host the largest consumer expo and business-after-hours networking event of the year on Thursday, Nov. 13, at the Bradenton Area Convention Center. Chamber Expo 2014 will offer information about shop local products and services and traditionally draws about 1,000 attendees and 150 exhibitors. Exhibitor booths are available. The deadline to reserve booth space is Friday, Nov. 8. The convention center is at 1 Haben Blvd., Palmetto. The expo hours will be 5-8 p.m. For more information, contact Kim Dalglish at 941-748-3411 or go online to expo.Networking event set The Anna Maria Island Chamber of Commerce will host its monthly networking event a business card exchange 5-7 p.m. Wednesday, Oct. 22, at Longboat Key Financial, Suite 101, 6350 Gulf of Mexico Drive, Longboat Key. The networking event is held the fourth Wednesday of the month.In other chamber news sought for the chamber-sponsored Bayfest celebration, which will take place Friday-Saturday, Oct. 17-18, on Pine Avenue in Anna Maria. The two-day event will include music, childrens activities, arts and Monday, Nov. 3. The celebration will be held at the Key Royale Club, 700 Key Royale Drive, Holmes Beach. The chamber will present awards and recognitions for achievements in business and community. Also, the Rotary Club of Anna Maria Island will name its business person of the year at the banquet. The evening includes dinner and entertainment. For more information, call the chamber at 941778-1541 or email info@amichamber.or g.Promoting Aging in ParadiseDonna Dunio, executive director of the Aging in Paradise Resource Center, and Susan Schaefer, co-chair of the center, accept $10,000 from Arnold Simonsen, a major supporter of the Longboat Key service. Schaefer said, It is a privilege to have someone of Simonsens caliber take such an active role in AIPRCs mission to provide quality solutions and exciting opportunities for local seniors. The center is at the Longboat Island Chapel, 6200 Gulf of Mexico Drive. For more information, call the center at 941-383-6493. Islander Courtesy PhotoApplication open for market vendors The Bridge Street Merchants is collecting applications from prospective vendors for the Bridge Street Market, the popular Sunday events that will resume Nov. 2. The markets will take place 10 a.m.-3 p.m. Sundays Nov. 2-April 26, 2015, at 107 Bridge St., Bradenton Beach. Those interested in applying for space at the market can email BSM organizer Melissa Enders at or download an application at 3 O P E N H O U S E S S S S U N D A Y 1 P M M M 4 P M M


THE ISLANDER OCT. 15, 2014 7-B Island real estate transactionsBy Jesse Brisson Special to The Islander 308 Gulf Drive S., Bradenton Beach, a 2,620 2,352 sq ft lot was sold 09/24/14, Bank of New York Mellon to Kokolis for $630,000; list $634,100. 4bed/2bath duplex with shared pool built in 1969 on a 7,000 sq ft lot was sold 09/19/14, McPherson to Dally for $540,000; list $575,000. 216 Pine Ave., Unit C, Pine Avenue, Anna Maria, a retail condo was sold 09/23/14, 216 Pine LLC to Pine Avenue Restoration LLC for $400,000. 2601 Gulf Drive, Unit B26, Sandpiper Resort 1bed/1bath mobile home with share built in 1971 was sold 09/26/14, Romas to Costello for $140,000; list $150,000. Jesse Brisson, broker/associate at Gulf-Bay Realty of Anna Maria, can be reached at 941-778-7244. Propertywatch Brisson WE TWEET TOO @ami_islander @ami_islander 6101 MARIN A DR., HOLMES BEACH, FL 3421 7 (941) 778-6066.WWW.CALLTHEISL ANDERS COMJOHN@CALLTHEISLANDERS.COMJ ohn van Zandt 941.713.5458 MIKE GALATI SHELLIE YOUNGShellie Young of Premier Sothebys and Mike Galati of Galati Yachts invite you to an open house at one of Key Royales most impeccable homes and a special viewing of one of Galatis prestigious yachts. 4-6 pm, Thursday, Oct. 23 Refreshments and Hors doeuvre 603 Baronet Lane on Key Royale Holmes Beach941-725-2782 mcgalati@galatiyachtsYOURE INVITEDOPEN HOUSE, OPEN BOAT Resort tax collections set yet another recordBy Rick Catlin Islander Reporter The pie just keeps getting bigger. Anna Maria Mayor SueLynn is asking for a share of the growing resort tax collections for municipalities where properties generate the tax. The resort tax is the 5 percent collected by Manatee County on rentals of six months or less. By state law, the funds can only be spent on tourist-related activities. The Manatee County Tax Collectors Resort Tax collection division reported $632,524 was collected in September for August rentals, a record month. With the resort money taken in during August, the million, already a record year with September collections still to come. The previous one-year record of $8.99 million was Comparing August 2014 with collections in August 2013, the resort tax increased 38.1 percent from $458,024. The tax collected on rentals on Anna Maria Island also rose. Of the August taxes, Bradenton Beach, Holmes Beach and Anna Maria rentals represent $349,560, or 55.3 percent of the total. Annually, island properties average about 49 percent of the total resort tax collected. SueLynn says she wants resort tax dollars to fund tourist-related projects on the island. She is lobbying for a revision in the state law that would require the Tourist Development Council to also fund the island cities with a percentage of the tax collections. To me, the effect on our roads and drainage by the ever-increasing number of visitors to our city and the island is a tourist-related issue, she said. However, efforts to obtain resort tax funds for city infrastructure have not been successful. Although September is usually the slowest month for tourism, Anna Maria Island Chamber of Commerce president Mary Ann Brockman said many members have said they had more than the usual number of occupants, many from Europe. It was a good September for many of our members. It was a pleasant surprise, and were already getting started on the season with a lot of October visitors, Brockman said. Resort tax collections have nearly doubled the past lected for the tax. At the current pace of collections, the resort tax should surpass $9.6 million record set in 2013-14. The resort tax funds the Bradenton Area Convention and Visitors Bureau and beach renourishment, as well as some tourist-related facilities and events.


8-B OCT. 15, 2014 THE ISLANDER Sandy s Lawn Ser vice Inc.Established in 1983 Residential and Commercial Full ser vice lawn maintenance Landscaping Clean-up Hauling tree trimming Licensed & Insured Paradise Improvements 941.792.5600Kitchen and Bath Remodeling Specialist Replacement Doors and Windows Andrew ChennaultFULLY LICENSED AND INSURED Island References Lic#CBC056755 I S L A N D E R C L A S S I F I E D S Residential & Condo Renovations vice RDI CONSTRUCTION INC.CBC 1253471 Bed: A bargain! King, Queen, Full & Tw in, pre-owned from $30 new/used. 941-922-5271 www t Windows & Doors 941-730-5045WEATHERSIDE LLC LIC#CBC1253145H URRIC ANE AMI TA XI 800.301.4816professional, metered, on-call, gps, cards acceptedwww mholmes beach, bradenton beach, anna maria ANSWERS TO OCT. 15 PUZZLE BB SR IS QU ET IP PP AY IN RA TI NT UR NO NC EA MO RE IN IA SE AS YA SA BC SO UR S ET HE PE RI OD SS AN SK RI T FU LL TI LT FA TN OE ET S ME RT ZS EW UP PL AN A MM IA IR ST EA LE RS PO TS DE TE ST AB LE YI EL DU TI L SW AL EP RA NC PR ES OK OA EL LA AN GE R S OA PI NG IN FC ST UD EN TS KE D OB AD IA H N AB OO PDAS ZI NR MA RY RO UN DC SI NY M ESS PS HA WO NI ON RI NG S AN TE ST OPHA TS JO EG ET NA CH OS AI LS BUR MA AI LI MP TZ E A S SESS ED SA LM IN EO BA TI ST EH AV E EL IO TA HE AD OF TI ME YA M EL OP EC HI NO NECA RI DO DY NE SH IN GL OR EN AT EN Adopt-A-Pet Patches is a 3-year-old hound mix. Shes happy, as smart as they come, would be a perfect agility dog and will protect you from every lizard on Earth. Patches would like to be part of an active family, she has energy! She is up to date on shots, microchipped and spayed. Call Moonracer No Kill Animal Rescue, 941-896-6701 or email Visit The Islander for more info about Patches and other rescued, adoptable pets.SPONSORED BY ITEMS FOR SALE TWO QUEEN BEDROOM sets, $125 each or make offer, queen mattress set, $50, two light xtures, $45 each, ceiling fan, $10, Stanley dining room set, $150, lamps, various household items. 941-795-8626 or 941-893-0330. COMPUTER: DELL DUAL core, refurbished, $80. 941-756-6728. ALL-IN-ONE HP printer, $15, Bloomingdale queen comforter set, $40, Kohler lavatory faucet, $25. 941-807-3791. SIX OAK OFFICE chairs: Antiques, perfect for eclectic dining set. The Islander newspaper, 5604B Marina Drive, Holmes Beach. FREEBIE ITEMS FOR SALE Individuals may place one free ad with up to three items, each priced $100 or less, 15 words or less. FREE, one week, must be submitted online. Email classi eds@islander.or g fax toll-free 1-866-3629821. (limited time offer) ANNOUNCEMENTS CHAMBER SEEKS VOLUNTEERS: Please, contact the Anna Maria Island Chamber of Commerce at 941-778-1541 to nd out about our volunteer program or stop by the chamber at 5317 Gulf Drive, Holmes Beach. WANTED: WORKOUT DVDs and retired but working XBox, Wii units with games for Ministry of Presence for kids and teens in Haiti. Deliver to The Islander, 5604B Marina Drive, Holmes Beach. WANTED: YOUR OLD cell phone for recycling. Deliver to The Islander, 5604B Marina Drive, Holmes Beach. ANTIQUES, ART, and collectibles. View at The Islander store, 5604B Marina Drive, Holmes Beach. AERIAL PHOTOS of Anna Maria Island. View and purchase online: FREE GUN LOCK courtesy of Project Childsafe, Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission and Holmes Beach Police Department. Pick up at The Islander of ce, 5604B Marina Drive, Holmes Beach. Dont be sorry, be safe. ESTATE SALES ESTATE SALE: 9 am.-? Saturday, Oct. 18. Antiques and collectibles, furnishings and decor. 16 Seaside Court, Holmes Beach. GARAGE SALES ROSER THRIFT SHOP: Open 9:30 a.m.-2 p.m. Tuesday and Thursday, 10 a.m.-1 p.m. Saturday. Annex open mornings same days. Donations accepted 9-11 a.m. Wednesdays. 511 Pine Ave., Anna Maria. 941-779-2733. STEFFS STUFF ANTIQUES and Consignment. steffsstuf Open daily. 941-383-1901. MOVING SALE: 8 a.m.-to noon Saturday, Oct. 18. Furniture and more. 304 23rd St. N., Bradenton Beach. LOST & FOUND FOUND CAT: ORANGE male. Anna Maria Island. If you are missing your cat, please, call 941-7783866. FOUND: NEAR LONGBOAT Pass. One Sea Hunt boat seat cushion. Found in Palma Sola Bay, one large boat canvas cover. Call 863-860-2198. PETS FANTASTIC RESCUED PETS are looking for great new homes or fosters. Please, call Moonracer Rescue for information, 941-896-6701. BONUS! CLASSIFIEDS ADS are posted early online at TRANSPORTATION 1950 FORD PICKUP: A beauty! 327 Chevy engine, power steering, automatic with wood bed and rails. $15,500. 941-737-8929. BOATS & BOATING BIMINI BAY SAILING: Small sailboat rentals and instruction. Day. Week. Month. Sun sh, Laser, Windrider 17 and Precision 15. Call Brian at 941685-1400. PONTOON BOAT RENTAL Create life long memories. Call 941-518-3868 or see boat orida. CORTEZ DIVING COMPANY: Underwater boat maintenance. Call James, 941-792-7595. 1984 BOSTON WHALER: 17-foot Super Sport trailer, 2003 with new tires. Also new battery, gas tank. Mahogany interior. Super great boat! Asking $8,000. Call Jennifer, 404-218-3179. BAYLINER 2655 CIERRA Weekender/Fisherman. Mercury Alpha IO. On Island. 941-356-1456. 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CBC1258250CALL THE ISLAN DS FINEST MORE THAN 2,500 LARGE AND SMALL PROJECTS ON AMI SINCE 1988!We provide design plans~You preview 3-D drawings Family Owned and Operated since 1975 viceCHRISTIES PLUMBINGResidential & Commercial#CFC1426596 *Carpentr y *Dr ywall *Flooring *Painting *Siding *T ileHONEY DO HOME REP AIRHandyman Ser vice Let us put our 39 years of experience to work for you! Joesph LaBrecque 941.896.5256-of ce 941.807.5256-cellLicensed & InsuredFr ee Estimates Ask about our 10% guarantee S S C R E E N C R E E N P P R O S R O S A N D A N D M M O R E O R E Dont leave the Island without taking time to subscribe. Youll get ALL the best news, delivered by the mailman every week. Visit us at 5604B Marina Drive, Holmes Beach or call 941-778-7978. Online edition: www.islander.orgJUST VISITING PARADISE? Cleaning by LAURA Pet FriendlyFor honest, reliable and friendly service Contact me today.Call: 941-539-6891 or email cleaning bylaura@ hotmail.comGod Bless You! 5604B MARINA DRIVE, HOLMES BEACH WWW.ISLANDER.ORG 5604B MARINA DRIVE, HOLMES BEACH 5604B MARINA DRIVE, HOLMES BEACH online using our secure server at


10-B OCT. 15, 2014 THE ISLANDER RENTALS Continued ANNUAL LAKEVIEW TOWNHOUSE: 2BR/2.5BA, $1,350/month. Also, Village Green villa, $1,550/ month. Realtor, 941-356-1456. Real Estate Mart. VACATION: PERICO BAY Club 2BR/2BA villa. October, November, December, $1,500/month. March 2015, $3,000. Realtor, 941-356-1456. Real Estate Mart. FEMALE TO SHARE: Upscale 55-plus community west Bradenton. Separate bedroom, bathroom, entrance. $700/month inclusive, negotiable. 941795-7897. REAL ESTATE WERE LOW, LISTINGS needed. Are you curious as to how much your home could be worth? Call us for a free professional consultation. Call Lynn at Edgewater Real Estate, 941-778-8104. FREE! WHAT EVERY real estate buyer or seller needs to know! Go to: www.yourmarketupdate. com. 941-400-8735. BOUTIQUE VACATION RENTALS in Holmes Beach. Four units with pool in a lush, tropical setting. 80 percent occupancy rate. Close to beach. 941-812-7252. WE ROCK ONLINE I S L A N D E R C L A S S I F I E D S A.M.I. BEACHES REAL ESTATE5702 Marina Dr, Holmes Beach CALL THE BEACHES EXPERTCindy Quinn, P.A., Realtor, CDPECell: 941-780-8000Go to my website to view all AMI For professional r eal estate sales and r entals call an island native, M arianne Nor man-Ellis at Mike Nor man Realty, 778-6696. Mike No rman Re alty RENTALS Continued HOME AWAY FROM home: Vacation rental, Palm Breeze in Holmes Beach. Two beautifully furnished units in a Key West-style home on large corner lot. Each unit has 3BR/2BA, washer, dryer and fully equipped kitchen. Heated pool, bikes, grill. Just bring your clothes, toothbrush and enjoy. 941-730-5126. ANNUAL RENTAL: 2BR1BA near college, fenced yard, pet OK. $925/month. Call 941-779-2289. SEASONAL: HOLMES BEACH. 2BR/1BA, ground level, completely furnished. One house from Gulf. No pets or smoking. Available January-April. Call 813-689-0925 or email HLMSBCHRNTL@aol. com. WATERFRONT, SEASONAL 1BR/BA and 2BR/2BA, with pool and dock. Call 703-587-4675 or email REAL ESTATE Continued REAL ESTATE: BUY, sell, invest. Enjoy. Billi Gartman, Realtor, Duncan Real Estate. 941-545-8877. CANALFRONT, RECENTLY RENOVATED 2BR/2BA villa with dock. Near Intracoastal with no bridges. Great soon to be gated community. Pet friendly. Bradenton. Yes, you can have it all! $260,000. Katharine Pepper, RoseBay International. 802-363-9973. SANDPIPER CO-OP, 3BR/2BA for $229,000. 2601 Gulf Drive N., unit S-11, Bradenton Beach. Brock Real Estate Inc., 941-896-8822. OPEN HOUSE: 11 a.m.-2 p.m. Sunday, Oct. 19. 6614 Heritage Lane, off 75th Street West Bradenton. Near the beaches, 3BR/2BA, two-car garage, numerous upgrades, fantastic neighborhood. $224,900. Coastal Properties Realty, 941-794-1515. FOR SALE BY owner, 3-plus bedrooms, caged pool, hurricane shutters, new air conditioner. Bradenton. Call for more details, 941-795-5084. BAYFRONT: OPEN WATER, pool, dock. 5BR/4BA, super income. $1,300,000. Real Estate Mart. Realtor, 941-713-9835 or 941-356-1456. BUILDING LOT IN town: west Bradenton on private lake, $37,500. Real Estate Mart. Realtor, 941-356-1456. GREAT LITTLE HOUSE, great big view: Open water view of AMI Bridge, 1950s cottage, block construction, pine accents. New appliances, etc. An island treasure. $849,500. FSBO. 941-7302606 (leave message). INC 800-367-1617 941-778-6696Mike N orman Realty31O1 GULF DR HOLMES MIKE NORMAN REALTY EST. 1978 LONGBOAT KEYA real must see in the village. Total privacy among trees and vegetation. 3BR/2BA ground level with pool and wrap-around deck. $597,000. G U L F BEACH PLAC E Spacious, 2 BR/2BT condo located (literally) just steps to the beach. Panoramic views of the Gulf from the roof-top deck. Heated pool, two lanais, covered parking. $379,900. DIRECT GULFFRONT located in the city of Anna Maria. 2 BR/3BT with spectacular views, spacious beach-side, screened porch, open sun deck, large carport. $2,300,000. 5351 Gulf Drive No. 4, Holmes Beach Earn your free statutorily required Legal Update Certi cation (2014) for Board of Director Members for both Condominium Associations FS 718.1112 and Home Owner Associations FS 720.3033 at 11AM October 24 while enjoying a fun and informative Q&A with Taylor Anderson, President/LCAM Big Fish Association Management and Adron Walker, Esquire of Barnes Walker. Refreshments Served!Hands on local Association Management is now on the island! Big Fish Real Estate is proud to introduce Taylor Anderson as President for our new division Big Fish Association Management! Taylor was raised in the Sarasota / Manatee area and has over six years of experience managing luxury resort style Condominium and Homeowner's Associations in our area. Having extensive experience in Association Management Financial Accounting (Cash and Accrual) I keep a close eye on how Association's spend money in order to effectively maintain property values. We live in a resort area with many seasonal owners and as such, I take a more hands-on approach to Property and Association Management. When you call the rm you will not get some pre-recorded voicemail round will be speaking directly to your manager. I love Sarasota and Manatee County and look forward to helping many of our communities maintain and improve the quality of living that we have all grown to love." Taylor Anderson, LCAM L#39916 104 Bridge St., Bradenton Beach941-778-8104 Properties are MOVING at Edgewater Real Estate! Stop by our ofce, visit online or call an agent Real Estate Sales Vacation Rentals Annual Rentals Property Management Concierge Service We re Serious about our Customer Servi ce Your full service Real Estate Agency providing exceptional customer service for all your short or long term goals. Whether staying a few d ays or a lifetime, we will help you find your perfect accommodation. One stop shop We can pro vide everything you might need rent and finance your piece of paradise. VACATION PROPER TY OWNERS: ARE YOU LOOKING FOR PREMIER SERVICE?Edgewater is strategically expanding its VACATION HOME S rental program. With a dedicated team and business plan built toward providing a higher level of home management service, we are currently interviewing homeowners for our Premiere S ervice. Please, contact us for details! FOR RENT : Large updated 2 bedroom, 2 bathroom apartment with 1-car garage in the gated community on The Palms of Cortez @ $1,200/month.


THE ISLANDER OCT. 15, 2014 11-B TIMBER!BY SAMUEL A. DONALDSON / EDITED BY WILL SHORTZNo. 1005RELEASE DATE: 10/12/2014 ACROSS1 Cheap shot?4 Suggestive 10 William Henry Harrisons nickname14 Contribute, as to a fund19 Fink20 Successively21 Grimm start?22 Overseas love23 Pasta suffix24 Very simple26 Turns bad27 Lucy Ricardos friend29 Phases30 Source of the word mantra32 All out34 Excess36 37 U.F.O. occupants38 39 Finalize41 First choice43 Year that Shrek and Zoolander came out46 Cause of inflation?47 Thief49 Features of Appaloosa coats51 Vile54 Profit56 Monopoly property: Abbr.57 Wet depression58 Cavorted60 Like many a stain before washing62 R.V. stop, maybe63 The First Lady of Song, to fans64 It makes Bruce Banner turn into the Hulk66 Lathering68 Sick bay70 Theyre around 2.073 74 Shortest Old Testament book77 Queen Amidalas home in Star Wars78 Droids, e.g., for short81 Cab alternative82 85 87 2004-13 CBS procedural88 Wreck90 Oh, go on!92 Diner side dish94 Pays to play96 They got tipped at old-fashioned gentlemens clubs98 Mud99 Comprehend100 ___ cheese102 Flies (through)103 Old roadside advertiser105 Run a fever, say106 Accusing of misconduct108 Philosopher Mo-___109 Sized up113 Rebel Without a Cause actor116 Fine fabric119 120 Middlemarch author121 Early124 Sweet potato125 Tie a quick knot?126 Something most people dont want two of127 Small, as a garage128 Words for entering a united state129 Units of force130 131 L.P.G.A. star Ochoa132 X DOWN1 Court filing2 Source of the words mamba and chimpanzee3 Big name in chain saws and leaf blowers4 Narrow inlet5 Psychically, if not physically6 Symbol for a sharp mind7 Amethyst or citrine8 Latin bears9 Greek war goddess10 Scrap11 ___ moment12 Theyve been banned in the U.S. since 13 TREE14 Gobs15 One way to run16 Amen to that!17 Pain in the neck18 Where many flights end25 Charge for a plug28 TREE31 Queue before Q33 Say nyah, nyah, say35 Flower that symbolizes paradise on earth39 British arm40 Source of pressure, at times42 Kwik-E-Mart operator43 Goods: Abbr.44 Cry like a baby45 Sly nickname?47 Viewpoint48 Like months when oysters are not in season50 Bad-mouth, in Britain52 African antelope53 Beach tops55 Brit. award59 TREE61 TREE65 Fixes a frozen screen, say67 Old Gotta have it sloganeer69 TREE70 The New Yorker cartoonist Roz71 Lions and tigers and bears, sometimes?72 Tennille of tunes74 L. Frank Baum princess75 How congressional elections are held76 Rock blaster79 Haloed one: Fr.80 Part of CBS: Abbr.83 Fraternity letters84 Scold shrilly86 Show adequate appreciation87 Sweet filling89 Org. for Bulldogs, Gators and Tigers91 First-rate93 Leif Ericson, e.g.95 Some Muslims97 Follow ___ (do some sleuthing)101 Every, in Rxs103 Kitchen item used on Thanksgiving104 TREE105 Plant ___ (suggest something)107 TREE110 Speak up!111 Duck112 Fiend114 Wear a long face115 Didnt see you there117 Jerk, slangily118 ___ one objects 122 Article of Cologne123 Geological span 123456789101112131415161718 19 20 21 22 23 24 25 26 27 2829 3031 32 33 343536 37 38 39 404142 43444546 47 4849 50 51 52 53 54 5556 57 58 5960 6162 63 64 65 66 67 686970 7172 73 7475 76 77 787980 81 82 838485 8687 88 8990 9192 93 94 9596 97 98 99 100 101102 103 104 105 106107108 109 110111112 113 114 115116117118 119 120 121122 123124 125 126 127 128 129 130 131 132 Online subscriptions: Todays puzzle and more than 4,000 past puzzles, ($39.95 a year). New York Times Sunday Magazine CrosswordAnswers: page 8B Visit for the best news on Anna Maria Island. 6101 Marina Drive | 419 Pine Ave Vacant Lot in Anna Maria City! $550,000 2BR/1BA Great Rental Potential! $369,000 Vacant Lot in Anna Maria $449,000 2BR/2BA Canalfront Villa $249,000 Larry ChattBroker Frank Davis TWO ISLAND OFFICES941-778-6066 Adele HollandSault Ste. Marie, MI 941-5876328 Alan GallettoRochester, NY941-232-2216 Betsy HillsPhiladelphia941-720-0178 Gail TutewilerKalamazoo, MI 941-705-0227 John van ZandtAnna Maria 941-685-8822 Josh BernetCleveland, OH 941-518-0655Kathleen WhitePhiladelphia 941-773-0165 Marianne Correll Vineland, NJ941-725-7799 Melinda BordesAtlanta 941-705-0146 Susanne KastenHamburg, Germany 941-448-3027 Tom NelsonMarshall, MI 941-448-4465 David TeitelbaumNew York City941-812-4226Elizabeth BlandfordMiami Beach 941-224-3304 NEW LISTING Sales | Vacation Rentals1st CALL USFLAMINGO CAY 3BR/3BA Anna Maria City Canal Home. $725,000 SOLD!3BR/2.5BA Condos, Direct Gulffront, Gated Complex, starting at $1,299,000 3BR/2.5BA Classic Coastal Design $749,000 JUST LISTED CANALFRONT 2BR/2BA Breathtaking Bay View! Tortuga Inn! $499,000 NEW PRICE PANORAMIC GULF VIEWS $740,000 Over $50K Rental Income Near Beach. Home w/Pool 3BR/2BA New Roof, New Seawall. 2BR/2BA $575,000 GRAND CANAL 2BR/2BA waterfront with boat lift and dock! $559,000 JUST LISTED JUST LISTED CANALFRONT 2BR/2BA Westbay Point and Moorings! $399,000TURNKEY FURNISHED


12-B OCT. 15, 2014 THE ISLANDER David Teitelbaum Sales Associate 941-812-4226 Liz Codola Broker Associate 941-812-3455 6101 Marina Drive Holmes Beach FL 34217 419 Pine Ave Anna Maria 34216 Beach Celebrations 2103 Gulf Drive North Bradenton Beach, FL. 34217 1-800-883-4092 1325 Gulf Drive North Bradenton Beach, FL. 34217 1-877-867-8842 2200 Gulf Drive North Bradenton Beach, FL. 34217 1-800-447-7124 1603 Gulf Drive North Bradenton Beach, FL. 34217 1-888-686-6716Making Memories Here with Us. Our Tortuga, Tradewinds, SeaSide and Tropic Isle Beach Resorts are the perfect choice for your wedding or other special celebration here on gorgeous Anna Maria Island. Whether a lavish event at one of our three private beaches or in your resort suite, or at our new Tortuga Beach Pergola, our Concierge and professional Wedding Planner look forward to helping you. As a cour tesy, well extend our group discounts to include each of our four hotels, so youll get credit for the total number of reservations no matter which hotel you and your guests choose. Please call soon. We invite you to make your memories here with us: we know youll come back to visit us again & again. The beach is spectacular and the sunsets are amazing.Very romantic. If you want to just relax and forget the world, this is the place to go. Beach Celebrations Beach Celebrations Beach Celebrations Beach Celebrations Beach Celebrations Beach Celebrations Beach Celebrations Beach Celebrations Beach Celebrations Beach Celebrations Beach Celebrations Beach Celebrations Beach Celebrations Beach Celebrations Beach Celebrations Beach Celebrations Beach Celebrations Beach Celebrations Beach Celebrations Tortuga Inn two-bedroom apartments Gulfview @ $599,000 Bayview @ $499,000 The Gardens @ $450,000 ZAGAT Top Restaurants in America Best Food on the Gulf Coast 941-778-6444 |