Islander (Anna Maria, Fla. : 1992)


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Islander (Anna Maria, Fla. : 1992)
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AsTheWorld Terns enter the zone. Page 6 Ranked Floridas Best Community Weekly by FPAAMI Chamber of Commerce 2012 Medium Business of the Year Meetings Happenings Streetlife The Best News on Anna Maria Island Since 1992 VOLUME 22, NO. 43 AUG. 27, 2014 FREE PLEASE SEE BB PIER, PAGE 4 Life on the Sunny Side. 13 Navigating life. 18BB pier tenants cite problems, seek rent relief By Charmaine Engelsman Islander Reporter Hot, steamy meeting? It wasnt just the air conditioning. The Bradenton Beach meeting Aug. 21 dragged out for more than three long, hot hours in a room where the AC couldnt cope. Some people found it intolerable. Several audience members left early, while the attorney for the Bridge Tender Inn and Dockside Bar appeared unaffected during her presentation. However, she quickly whipped her long hair into a pony tail as she exited the meeting room. Mayor Bill Shearon likened the situation to working in a sweat shop as the gallery of staff and onlookers fanned themselves with agenda papers and made numerous trips to the hallway water fountain. It was not conducive to concentration and patience, and toward the end of the session at 4:45 p.m., Commissioner Jan Vosburgh excused herself mid-discussion, saying she wasnt feeling well. If nature hadnt made things hot enough, two hot-button items were on the meeting agenda, including the Bridge Tender Inn restaurant owners request that the commission direct its building and planning department to cooperate with owner Fred Bartizal on the relocation of the sidewalk adjacent to the restaurant on Bridge Street. Bridge Tender attorney Darenda D. Marvin provided a letter to the mayor and commissioners, an engineers plan, a proposed easement agreement between the city and the restaurant and a survey of the easeA crane is employed by Duncan Seawall in its work to rehab the Bradenton Beach Historic Bridge Street Pier. The restaurant tenant told commissioners Aug. 20 that construction is hurting his business. Islander Photo: Charmaine Engelsman ment. Marvin also provided photographs showing how some Bridge Street merchants use the area outside their stores, either for restaurant service or to display merchandise. Shearon disclosed that he had met with Bartizal to review the area in question. City planner Alan Garrett said the city attorney reviewed the easement agreement and proposed it be amended so that the area in question, directly in front of the restauVice Mayor Jack Clarke asked if this would mean a loss of parking spaces, to which Marvin responded it absolutely would not. Bridge Tender working with city staff and Marvin said they were directed to a meeting with the commission, and so here we are. Asked to weigh in, Vosburgh said she liked the plan. Commissioner Ed Straight said he was in favor of moving the matter to staff, and Clarke had no further comment. Commissioner Janie Robertson questioned how staff would be compensated to work with the Bridge Tender and Shearon said this was just a presentation of ideas. Marvin later said she was happy with the results. Their next step would be to bring the drawings to staff. Another agenda item, labeled Abateand Cage, Pelican Perch and Rusty Anchor Bait Shop, concerned the operators of the concessions at the citys Historic Bridge Street Pier. The previous tenant, Rotten Ralphs Restaurant, had fallen behind on rent following damage to the pier from a June 2012 tropical storm. The city eventually negotiated a payoff to end the lease in 2013. The Cast and Cage restaurant has been open only six months, since February, and HB talks out of turn on spendingState prosecutor determined to get sex crimes case to trialBy Laurie Hayes Islander Reporter Joseph Edmund Chiquet, who was arrested in July 2009 while residing in Bradenton Beach and charged with multiple counts of sex crimes involving a 15-yearold girl, has once again been declared competent to stand trial. A jury trial is slated for mid-October, following an Aug. 13 hearing where the defendant was found competent to proceed by 12th Circuit Judge Charles Roberts. Chiquet previously was deemed incompetent to stand trial and placed in a mental institution following arrest on eight felony charges, including multiple counts of lewd and lascivious sexual battery on a child 12-15 years; possessing child pornography; promoting sexual performance by a child; and promoting the sexual performance by a child in a movie or photograph. Manatee County court records contain page after page of documents referring to continuances, motions for competency hearings, sealed competency results, testimony of doctors, court dates set for trial and court dates canceled for trial. In addition, Chiquets bond was revoked on his original arrest after he allegedly attempted to coerce a former girlfriend and the mother of his son to say offered the woman $10,000, but she told prosecutors she refused the request. Chiquet was again arrested in September 2010, charged with witness tampering and facing additional charges of contempt of court relating to the original arrest. Assistant State Attorney Anthony Dafonseca stated in April that he was committed to bringing the case to trial in 2014 and that the complainant remained steadfast as well. Dafonseca was not reached for comment about the most recent court date. A call placed to Chiquets attorney by The Islander was not returned. Chiquet Islander Reporter The moneys not yet in the bank. But as the Holmes Beach budget discussions begin, commissioners and department heads plan for every dollar they will receive Oct. 1. I dont think we have done the public due diligence, said Holmes Beach Commissioner Jean Peelen. We planned to hold the millage rate the same, giving us extra money, and planned to spend every dollar of it. Budget discussions arent scheduled until September, but that didnt stop commissioners from pulling apart the spending plan at their Aug. 14 meeting. PLEASE SEE HB SPENDING, PAGE 3 We planned to hold the millage rate the same, giving us extra money, and planned to spend every dollar of it. Commissioner Jean Peelen Wildlife funding woes 14 We Know the Way WE DELIVER Duffys Tavern Kathleen D Kathleen D Cortez Bait & Seafood Half-Off Pizza Deal! islbizNEWS CORR BELIEFCortez Bridge meeting set. Page 3 On the government calendar. Page 4 Southern to the core. Page 7 Commission go accelerates Holmes Beach parking plan. Page 9 Community events, announcements. Pages 10-14 Date planner Pages 10-11 Mote, FWC snook release. Page 15 Where is Tuna Street? Pages 16-17 Island police blotter. Page 19 1st week Page 22 Sporting news from AMI. Page 24 Schooling reds tempt anglers. Page 25 Pages 26-27 As of Aug. 24, AMITW sent 13,078 hatchlings to the Gulf of Mexico.


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LUNCH $ 7 39 DINNER $ 8 39 SEPTEMBER SPECIAL TAKE-OUT ONLY PLEASE SEE WMFR BUDGET, NEXT P AGE Anna Maria mayor: Budget cuts would hurt city servicesWMFR approaching $6 million budgetBy Rick Catlin Islander Reporter West Manatee Fire Rescue District commissioners Aug. 21. WMFR Chief Andy Price, who prepared the spending plan, proposed an operating budget of $5.9 million, S alaries are up 2.3 percent from the current year, Price said, and are keeping pace with the cost of living. Price said the cost of health insurance, workers compensation and services needed by WMFR continue to rise. The proposed budget is an increase of 2.6 percent from the $5.75 million budget of 2013-14. T his is the last budget well get from A ndy, Commission Chair Scott Ricci said. Price is retiring in May 2015. He thanked Price for his work, adding that commissioners need to be more active. Next year, well get a budget from someone doing the budget process. Its been too easy to rely on A ndy, he said. T he proposed budget includes a capital reserve By Rick Catlin Islander Reporter A nna Maria commissioners appear caught between a rock and another rock. Commissioners at previous budget work sessions had considered using the property tax rollback rate of 1.8685 for the 2014-15 budget instead of the 2.05 rate used for the 2013-14 budget. But commissioners got some news at their A ug. 20 work session that changed the conversation. City clerk Diane Percycoe and city treasurer Maggie Martinez presented a budget using the 1.8685 rate that showed a decline in funding for many city services. At the rollback rate, city revenues would drop by $126,000, and some services would have to be cut, Mayor SueL ynn said. Percycoe also noted that a projected 10.77 percent increase in property values from the Manatee County actual increase is 9 percent. Using an ad valorem rate of 2.05, the city would receive $1.428 million in revenues; the rollback rate of 1.8685 would produce $1.302 million, a 9.7 percent drop in revenue. A problem for the city using the rollback rate is that the cost of goods and services continues to increase, SueL ynn said. Im running for re-election in November, and would love to tell the electorate they got a tax break this year. But is it worth the loss of services to our residents? she asked. Percycoe said dropping the ad valorem rate to 2.0 would result in a revenue decline of $30,000. She said the city needs to update its computer systems but, at the rollback rate, computers would not be would be put off, and planned replacement of some equipment would not be possible. A dditionally, the city may be facing six Bert Harris A ct legal actions, although at a 1.8685 ad valorem rate, funding for city attorney services would need to be cut almost $20,000. We just dont know what those will cost us, SueL ynn said. After reviewing the rollback rate budget, Commissioner Doug Copeland said, Its foolish to think we can operate on less money than last year. Commissioner Carol Carter agreed: I cant see a 1.8685 rate when costs are going up. However, Commission Chair Chuck Webb said non-homesteaded properties, which includes vacation rentals and second homes, would bear the brunt of a 2.05 millage rate because the value on those properties is not limited to a 3 percent increase, as are homesteaded properties. Commissioner Dale Woodland said he saw effecthe budget discussions. Commissioners agreed to study the budget at a 2.05 millage and discuss the spending plan further at their Aug. 27 budget work session, which begins at 6 p.m. TDC matching funds In other business, Webb, who is a lawyer, said hes studied county ordinances and the state statute on how legal basis for the Manatee County T ourist Development Councils dollar-for-dollar offering. Under the program, a municipality provides half the funding for a tourist-related project, such as renovating the Historic Bridge S treet Pier in Bradenton Beach, and the TDC provides the other half. sion in any statute or ordinance. Im just not sure its legal to provide resort tax funds to tourist projects with a matching grant, he be used for tourist-related projects. Webb studied the use of resort tax funds after SueL ynn said Bradenton A rea Convention and Visitors Bureau executive director E lliott Falcione told her the BACVB, which operates under the TDC, could provide half the cost of repairing the A nna Maria City Pier if the city covered the other half. The resort tax is the 5 percent collected by Manatee County on rentals of six months or less. Webb said he would contact the county attorney about matching city funds with resort tax dollars.


THE ISLANDER AUG. 27, 2014 3 Peelen said Mayor Carmel Monti reported being over budget by $350,000 following the treasurers budget presentation, and Peelen contends the claim was inaccurate, call ing it a wish list and not a short fall. We need to start the process where the budget was when we started, Peelen said. Committee members voted to set the maximum millage rate at 1.75 in a July meeting, the same rate for the past three years. T he millage rate is the percentage of the taxable value of a property that the owner pays in annual property taxes. T he property tax funds are ad valorem tax revenue for the city and county. The proposed budget is based on an ad valorem millage rate of 1.75, which represents a tax increase to property owners. With a millage rate of 1.75, a Holmes Beach homeowner with a house valued for tax purposes at $500,000 would pay $875 in property taxes for one year. If the city adopts the rollback rate of 1.6352, that same property owner would pay $817.60. T he rollback rate is the percentage needed to bring in the same amount of ad valorem revenue as the cur 11:30-9 941.778.5092ENJOY Winners!Over 10,000 pizzas served since 2013 Come find out why were voted BEST PIZZA on AMI by Islander readers! The Feast Restaurant 2011-2013 LOBSTAHS LOBSTER TAILS $ 15 99 TUE&THU LOBSTER TAILS LOBSTER TAILS $ $ $ $ 15 15 15 Got Buttah?OPEN DAILY AT NOON HUT DARTS POOL 5337 Gulf Drive | Anna Maria Island | 941.779.1000 LOBSTAHS LOBSTAHS Got Buttah? 5337 Gulf Drive | Anna Maria Island | 941.779.1000 Tiki Hut Sportstah BarOPEN DAILY AT 5 PM SHUFFLEBOARD SHUFFLEBOARD SHUFFLEBOARD HAPPY HOURFood & Cocktails 3-6 HAPPY HOUR Food & Cocktails 3-6 LARGE TV S Zaccagnino Titsworth WMFR BUDGET CONTINUED FROM P AGE 2 HB SPENDING CONTINUED FROM P AGE 1 Cortez Bridge meeting set Aug. 28 in Holmes Beach The Florida Department of T ransportation will host an open house 4:30-7 p.m. T hursday, A ug. 28, at St. Bernard Catholic Church, 248 S. Harbor Drive, Holmes Beach, to display information and take public comments on the future of the Cortez Bridge. A press release said the public meeting is part of the D OT s project, development and environment study of Cortez Bridge. Comment will be solicited on options for continued repair, rehabilitation or replacement of the two-lane bridge. A video will be shown explaining the various alternatives. Attendees will be able to talk one-on-one with For more information, call project manager T ony Sherrard at 863-519-2304, or email antone. Meanwhile, area road work for A ug. 27S ept. 3 includes the continuing repair project of the Cortez Bridge by the D OT T he south sidewalk is closed and the eastbound lane of the bridge will close occap.m.-6 a.m. Sunday through Thursday. Florida Power and L ight continues to replace power poles on G ulf Drive/ S tate Road 789 from the Cortez Road intersection to 28th Street in Holmes Beach, and on Cortez Road. 4:30 p.m. Monday through Friday for vehicle movement on G ulf Drive when one lane is closed for pole replacement. A D OT press release said additional pole replacements will occur this week at various loca tions on Cortez Road West from 103rd Street West to 119th Street West. Peelen increase by the state. According to city treasurer Lori Hill, keeping the an 8 percent increase, or about $174,000 in revenue for the city. Peelen said keeping the millage rate the same will overburden homeowners at a time when the city is budget issues be put on a work session agenda. Im not recommending cutting, Im recommending not adding, Peelen said. Commission Chair Judy T itsworth and Commissioner Pat Morton disagreed with Peelens suggested the police budget. T he last place I want to cut back is the police, said T itsworth. O ur residents are being replaced by gobs and gobs of visitors. We need police. Theres so much going on in our little city now. We have to grow and growing costs money. Commissioner David Zaccagnino said, T here are different ways other cities go through the budget. T he city of Holmes Beach drafts its budget behind closed doors. T he treasurer meets with department piled by the mayor and treasurer. Zaccagnino conceded, however, that the city holds Just having the mayor choose what goes into the budget might not be the best method. Im hoping its not going to be that way next year, he said. ing at 6 p.m. Wednesday, S ept. 10, at city hall, 5801 Marina Drive. fund of $4.35 million for debt service. T he current WMFR debt is $1.65 million. Price said some minor adjustments would be made before S eptember, when the budget is presented for the p.m. Thursday, Sept. 18, at the WMFR administration building, 6417 Third A ve. W., Bradenton. HB meets 1-hour earlier Holmes Beach city commissioners decided to change their meeting time. G enerally, city commission meetings will begin at 6 p.m.


4 AUG. 27, 2014 THE ISLANDER PLEASE SEE BB PIER, NEXT PAGE MeetingsAnna Maria City Anna Maria City Hall, 10005 Gulf Drive, 941708-6130, Bradenton Beach sion. Bradenton Beach City Hall, 107 Gulf Drive N., 941-778-1005, Holmes Beach Holmes Beach City Hall, 5801 Marina Drive, Manatee County Administration building, 1112 Manatee Ave. W., Bradenton, 941-748-4501, West Manatee Fire Rescue denton, 941-761-1555, Of Interest are closed. As is The Islander newspaper. Organization, Bradenton Beach City Hall. Sen. Marco Rubio, R-Fla. Send notices to and BB PIER CONTINUED FROM PAGE 1On the election calendar Manatee County voters were headed to the polls Tuesday, Aug. 26, for the primary election. The election was set to take place after The Islander went to press. Polls were to be open at 7 a.m. and were to close at 7 p.m. Other key dates this election season: election. tion at four locations Bradenton Area Convention Center, 1 Haben Blvd., Palmetto; Lakewood Ranch Town Hall, 8175 Lakewood Ranch Blvd., Lakewood Ranch; Rocky Bluff Library, 6750 U.S. 301, Ellenton; Suite 118, Bradenton. Early voting hours will be 7 a.m.-7 p.m. for the general election. and will close at 7 p.m. For voting results, poll locations and other details about the 2014 election cycle, go to or call 941-741-3823. Results for voting in the Aug. 26 primary can be found online at www. there are problems. Concessionaire Roland Pena referred commissioners to remarks he made to the pier team committee at its meeting the previous day, that his problems are not related to a normal off-season lull, but that the pier repairs are putting off his customers. Pena said that as soon as the restaurant doors open, indoor diners are bombarded with noise and fumes. As to the bait shop, he said the few customers who But Vosburgh responded that shes heard complaints from people that the bait shop is never open, that no one is there. Pena responded that restaurant staff have access to the bait shop when the operator is absent. The mayor suggested the commission withhold their questions until after Pena spoke, and requested the Readers Digest version of his presentation. Pena obliged, saying, Were requesting 100 percent abatement. Aside from a low whistle from someone in the gallery, Penas statement was greeted with silence. He continued by reading from his lease regarding a payment reduction or abatement during pier construction. Pena said he also was requesting a 35 percent Bradenton Beach pier team learns construction wrecks businessBy Charmaine Engelsman Islander Reporter Roland Pena, owner of the Historic Bridge Street Pier concessions, reported Aug. 20 that his business is way down for the restaurant and the bait shop. Pena said hundreds of customers have walked away even though bait shop manager Jeff Rusty Roberts told them about the area being closed for renovations. They rented poles and bought bait only to return and request a refund when they saw the pier was closed. The impact on the restaurant was said to be even worse. Pena said few people were venturing past the parking lot sign that announces pier repairs. He said he had originally thought the sign would be at the rear of the restaurant, not at the entrance to the parking lot. Pena said he put up a small portable sign declaring the restaurant open, but it isnt close enough to the road to be read by most motorists. that temporary signs would be allowed during construction and that Pena could place a larger sign without a permit. No construction report was offered, so the pier team meeting moved on to the report on public works from Tom Woodard. He reminded staff of the almost $900 water bill from one of the pier meters. He had the water company out to reread the meter, and was informed the reading was accurate. He later learned there was a pipe leaking, which had not been visible during high tide it was below the waterline. The meter is now shut off. Commissioner Jan Vosburgh said that in cases such as this, the water company often will negotiate a fair payment amount. the county does have a process of adjusting bills when there is a broken line. Woodard said he would look into it. water line is reconstructed. Woodard then brought up the pier signs and showed a copy. The county logo will be included on the 20-foot sign at the T-end of the pier. Police Chief Sam Speciale asked if anyone had been out to the pier since Duncan Seawall Dock and He suggested everyone take a look because the the original location. He said people were remarking they like it. Speciale suggested it remain there. Speciale asked if the pier team could make such a decision, or if it had to wait for someone elses approval. Vice Mayor Jack Clarke said, We dont wait on this project. Mayor Bill Shearon said he would bring the matter to the city commission. He added that working with Duncan is going well. Steve Porter, general manager of Duncan, thanked ished, it should remain closed for safety reasons relating to its proximity to the ongoing work. He said it could reopen Aug. 30. Speciale said he has the schedule for the pier work, but it is not etched in stone. Shearon said a copy will be posted at city hall for the public. In the facilitator report, Speciale said the area around the shrimp tank needs to be cleaned up, and that placement of one of the dumpsters by the restaurant is causing problems. Pena said he is attempting to correct the dumpster situation and has calls in to both the Manatee County Health Department and Waste Management regarding acceptable placement. Prominent placement of a large construction sign at the entry to the parking lot for the Historic Bridge Street Pier is said by the pier concessionaire to be turning customers away from the restaurant and bait shop. Islander Photo: Charmaine Engelsman


THE ISLANDER AUG. 27, 2014 5 A Life Care Community To RSVP for one of these events or to be added to our mailing list, call 1-888-584-7180. SOMETHING FOR EVERYONE!Whats Happening at Freedom Village Bradenton? Come to Freedom Village Bradenton in September for entertaining and informative events of particular interest to seniors and their families. INFORMATIONAL LUNCHEON | Tuesday, September 2 | 11:30 a.m.WINE PAIRING | Friday, September 5 | 3 p.m. BROOKDALE CELEBRATES WORLD CUISINES: INDIA | Thursday, September 11 | 2:30 p.m.WINE PAIRING | Wednesday, September 17 | 3 p.m. INFORMATIONAL BRUNCH | Wednesday, September 24 | 10:30 a.m. Police: Drive sober or get pulled over are participating in a national program to reduce the drugs and alcohol. Holmes Beach Police Chief Bill Tokajer said a national campaign to Drive Sober or Get Pulled Over runs through Labor Day weekend, and his driving impaired. The program has the endorsement of Sgt. Paul Anna Maria substation, and Bradenton Beach Police Chief Sam Speciale. People who plan to be out drinking should make arrangements for a designated driver or use alternative transportation, Davis said. All three law enforcement departments reminded Labor Day beachgoers that it is illegal to consume alcohol on the beach. rent abatement for February-July, before construction began. He said required signage was not posted and, since December 2013, the city website was not updated to remove the previous tenant. He said it was updated June 20. At this point, you cant even get on the (web) page, he said. the pier parking lot was overgrown and unsightly and needed attention. He said he was told its the responsibility of the Bridge Street merchants group and merchants say its up to the city to maintain the roundabout. Pena asked commissioners to take his issues into consideration. Straight said he was prepared to approve abatement for the bait shop and Robertson agreed. But Vosburgh held onto her concerns that the bait shop is seldom open. Tammy Pena, who stood with her husband during his presentation, responded that there is a (bait) shortage. Shearon asked if it was the Penas intention to close the bait shop, and Roland Pena said they have to temporarily close the doors. Shearon asked for the motion, but Clarke said the lease is for all three places. An abatement couldnt be separated for the three operations. But Shearon said somewhere along the line the entities had been split. Straight motioned that the bait shop rent be abated, but it failed for lack of a second. Shearon called for a break so that staff could check availability on the calendar for a work session. On reconvening, Shearon suggested a work session on the pier lease at 1 p.m. Thursday, Aug. 28. Vosburgh said, They knew when they took over the businesses that the pier was going down. commissioners need that to go by at the workshop. Straight suggested they would need city attorney Ricinda Perrys help at the workshop, but Perry said she was unavailable. Alternate dates were suggested but Perry again was not available. She offered to provide a worksheet. A motion by Clarke to meet Aug. 28 or soon thereafter was unanimously approved. BB PIER CONTINUED FROM PAGE 4 at the Bradenton Beach pier was temporarily repositioned for ongoing construction and with positive comments from the public and the pier team may remain in its new location at the pier. Islander Photo: Charmaine Engelsman Historic Bridge Street Pier concessionaire Roland Pena and wife Tammy ask the commission to approve a rent abatement on their pier operations. Islander Photo: Charmaine Engelsman


6 AUG. 27, 2014 THE ISLANDER Opinion Our AUG. 27, 2014 AUG. 27, 2014 AUG. 27, 2014 Single copies free. Quantities of ve or more: 25 cents each. Opinion Your AUG. 27, 2014 AUG. 27, 2014 Single copies free. Quantities of ve or more: 25 cents each. Single copies free. Quantities of ve or more: 25 cents each. Publisher and Editor Editorial Contributors Jesse Brisson Will Corr Marge McCarthy Advertising Director Production Graphics Of ce Staff Distribution (All others: the toll and the congestion committee working on the parking problem, I agree with Harold Hoffman. Youre wasting your time and energy. People are going to live, work and play as they should on this island no matter what you do about parking. Consequently, the real issues are the impacts to the island infrastructure and the ever-increasing polluting of the waters and beaches. Since we know all it takes is a little money to work on these problems, I believe we should try to initiate toll bridges. It does not matter who or why, we should all pay to get here. Without discussing the details of paybe options, such as annual or monthly passes, an express lane and a pay-as-you-go method. For those who believe theyve already paid something that entitles them to use of the island: Get over it. Taxes built the Skyway Bridge. The same can be said for the Florida Turnpike, as well as other expressways in Tampa, Lakeland, Orlando and Miami. Visit a state or national park lately? Chances are you paid a user or entrance fee. In my opinion, this island is no different. It is not an entitlement. problems, you are right, but we already have that. Might as well get something for it! Toll bridges would generate revenue to address the seemingly never-ending problems new bridges, beach trash brought on by the ever-increasing demands by the public. If you dont think tolls will work, take a drive over the bridge to Boca Grande. Mike Pritchett, Holmes BeachShall we meet again? or in Cortez, please attend the Florida Department of Transportation video presentation and public meeting Aug. 28 at St. Bernard Catholic Church in span bridge. Even though a hurricane hasnt made a hit to our island for many years, we should think about that possibility and how we that means you, Longboat Obviously, we want the safest possible bridges. At their current heights, our low-level bascule bridges are afforded some protection from the full force of a storm. The higher the bridge, the less protection. The higher the bridge, the higher the wind speeds. When asked about closure of any bridge due to the dangers of crossing a high bridge in hurricane wind situations. If a higher Cortez bridge is constructed, the launch platforms will have to be extended to the east increased degree of elevation. Businesses and resiof concrete. The three bridges connecting our islands and the mainland are promised to never be more than two the DOT lists the height of its bridges based on boat clearance. Try riding your bike over the mega-size 65-foot clearance Ringling Bridge in Sarasota. Yet another reason for keeping our low-level our countys namesake, the manatee. Please, dont sit home this night. Show up for even a few minutes and tell the DOT we said no before and we still mean no to any change in the height of our safe bridges. Billie Martini, Holmes Beach, former Holmes Beach commissionerGood news, bad newsYea! Theres good news in Bradenton Beach. struction. The remodel, reconstruction of virtually every aspect of the pier sans the restaurant-bait shop and restrooms, which were already redone is underway. Pilings Also, pilings are being added to surround the pier and provide a buffer to errant boats the cause, aside from aging, to the majority of the piers problems. It took several years, a turnover of a few mayors and city administrations, commissioners and hundreds of hours of meetings and discussions to get here. It also came with great relief when the city learned the resort tax dollars dedicated to tourism spending would help pay for the work matching up to $1 million. Hurrah. although there was a slight delay getting heavy equipment in place comes problems. As if anyone who lived here for the past three years didnt know, the city faced off with the pier restaurant owners in 2013 on learning they had fallen behind in rent payments. Being a government with rules and regulations that normal landlords might put aside, the city would not accept partial payments from its tenant, Rotten Ralphs Restaurant. The city didnt listen to the restaurants troubles after damages from two tropical storms and headlines about boats crashing the pier that left a portion of the pier closed since June 2012. Rotten Ralphs problems were exacerbated by the swell of a recession that began when the family-owned, island landmark moved onto the pier in 2008. It was the beginning of the end for Rotten Ralphs. Now we have the Cast and Cage and its family members struggling on the Bradenton Beach city pier largely due to the slow start of construction. Even the best of restaurants is likely to suffer when surrounded by construction cranes, workers, trucks, pounding, sawing and closed signs. Roland Pena barely had a chance to get going. Wisely, the city commission last year built into the underway. As for the months prior to construction? Not so much. The Penas eagerly bought into that situation. While no amount of pleading helped the Russell family, abatement and relief should have been discussed for Pena before the hammers started pounding on the pier. For the city, its the cost of all the delays and the festering problems. What seems prudent now is to close the entire pier and reopen when all is ready. We say, bite the bullet. Get er done.


THE ISLANDER AUG. 27, 2014 7 Headlines from Aug. 25, 2004Temps and Drops on AMI Date Low High Rainfall Aug. 17 77 92 0 Aug. 18 77 93 0 Aug. 19 77 93 0 Aug. 20 76 96 0 Aug. 21 79 98 0.11 Aug. 22 78 96 0.39 Aug. 23 80 100 0 Average area Gulf water temperature 9024-hour rainfall accumulation with reading daily at approximately 5 p.m. Wed love to mail you the news! We mail The Islander weekly for a nominal $54 per year. We also offer online e-edtion subscriptions a page-by-page view of the weekly news for only $36 per year, but you must sign up online. Its the best way to stay in touch with whats happening on Anna Maria Island. We bring you all the news about three city governments, community happenings, people features and special events even real estate transactions everything you need if your heart is on Anna Maria Island. If you dont live here year-round, use this form to subscribe for yourself or someone else. (Sorry, we do not suspend mail subscriptions you get The Islander free while youre here!)BULK MAIL U.S. SUBSCRIPTION (allow 2 weeks for every weeks delivery) 1 year: $54 3-6 Months: $36 1-3 Months: $24U.S. FIRST CLASS AND CANADIAN MAIL SUBSCRIPTION 1 year: $160 3-6 Months: $98 1-3 Months: $54 Single Issue: $5 FIRST CLASS MAIL, U.S. ONLY, maximum four weeksMAIL TO: ______________________________________________________________ ADDRESS _____________________________________________________________ CITY ____________________________ STATE __________ ZIP _________________ Credit card: d u No. ___________________________________________ Name shown on card: _____________________________ Exp. Date ___________ Credit card billing address: ______________________________________________ MAIL START DATE: _____________________________________________________ THE BEST NEWS ON ANNA MARIA ISLAND SINCE 1992 CHARGE BY PHONE 941.778.7978 ONLINE (secure server) E-MAIL 10 years ago said that if Hurricane Charley had made landfall as predicted at the mouth of Tampa Bay, the roofs of buildings on Anna Maria Island built before 2001 could not have withstood the 145-mph winds. Even some roofs built after 2001 would have been torn off, he said, because they were built to withstand only 130-mph winds. said Mayor SueLynn and public works supervisor public works employee Gary Thorpe to work in high heat and humidity. Thorpe collapsed after mowing some grass and was taken to Blake Medical Center in Bradenton, where he was treated and released. ers approved a then-record $4.6 million budget for the the districts 2003-04 budget of $4.1 million. Commissioners approved the maximum-allowed increase percent of the budget was for personnel costs, including wages, health insurance and retirement. CORR BELIEFby Will CorrThe South I am from the South. The deep South. Birmingham, Alabama, to be exact. My grandaddy, great-grandaddy and my greatgreat grandaddy were all born there, too. Lolo, my great grandma who lived to a regal 98 years old had a dairy farm out in the country near Gardendale, Alabama. Her puckered lips and crackled Southern drawl would bring chills to your spine when she spoke. Pure Southern. She died with a full head of dark brown hair said the rain water kept it from turning gray. I think it was probably just good genes. My college roommate, Jon Haskins, aka Jon Boy, used to say, American by birth. Southern by the grace of God. I believed him then and still do. Call it oldfashioned or Southern hospitality, but my memory tells me there was nothing like that slow Southern drawl that came from my Aunt Janes lips as she watched the fried okra turn golden brown. Us kids would stand by the spattering skillet, waiting for her to scoop those little nuggets on the serving tray. It was always much lighter by the time it hit the table. If it ever hit the table. I met Jon Boy in seventh-grade at Lynnhaven Junior High School in Virginia Beach, Virginia. He was my locker partner. Our old metal locker was broken at the top corner, so if we didnt feel like turning the combination lock, we could pull the face out and just shove our torn books through the gap. We lost touch for years and then bumped into each other our freshman year of college. One afternoon, while walking across campus, I saw this guy coming toward me who looked familiar. And since we are Southerners, we actually made eye contact and said hello an unlikely event among many of our Northern friends, who tend to look at the ground when passing a stranger. We connected and hit it off again, as if eight years never came between us. There was a little place called Phils Grill at the oceanfront and we would stop in there for a was a place that Jon boy and I often frequented a little diner that was always good for classic southern fare, like shrimp and grits, cornmeal-dusted pork chops or green bean casserole. (mind you, shes a Yankee), we were riding bikes to the south end of Virginia Beach. Everybody we passed, I gave the obligatory, Hi there. How are you? do you think you are, the mayor or something? I wasnt sure how to answer other than to say my family always referred to it as Southern hospitality. She grew up outside of Philadelphia, where people would never consider looking at somebody passing on the street, much less give them a Hello. How are you doing today, my friend? salutation. Often times we get caught up in our nutshell of human existence and tend to forget the little things that make other people happy. But I like interaction. Try it sometime. It may change your outlook. Or it may just make you look and sound ... well, Southern. Corr Looking back on the past 25 years, I have no regrets. A young woman 17 years of age met a young man of 25. He promised her the world and she fell for it. The journey from a small Detroit suburb led to Anna Maria Island. Things were tough at times, but we always got through. Soon we found ourselves raising one, two, three kids of our own and running a successful business. During the our 25 years together, our relationship grew stronger and our love for each other never wavered. When people ask how we've done it, my answer remains the same: She still likes me after all these years. If I could go back in time, I wouldn't change a thing. Living on Anna Maria Island with my best friend and family is the greatest thing I could have ever dreamed. We share such great pride in our three children, Cory, Austin and Cortni, that I cant can't wait to see what the next 25 years brings. Thank you, Dawn, for being my bride. You are the one person in my life who never stops loving me, no matter how crazy my ideas or how hectic our lives become. I look forward to 25 more years Darrin Happy 25th Anniversary to my bride!


8 AUG. 27, 2014 THE ISLANDER Aln A A A A A Aluna_Ad Resizes.indd 1 7/20/14 6:42 PM SUMMER FUN SPECIAL 10% OFF ANY 5343 Gulf Drive, Holmes Business Center By Appointment Only: 941-730-3649MM28612 Reflexology Pedicure $40 Walk on air!Add manicure: $15.We also do hair style and makeup. Gift Certi cates Available MASS AG E BY NADI ACall 94 1. 51 8.830 1 Massaging on AMI for more than 17 years. Your place, your convenience.MA#0017550 HOW TO RELAX ON AN ISLAND .GIFT CER TIFICA TES AV AILABLE Carpet & Upholstery Cleaning Tile & Grout CleaningCALL TODAY 941.778.2882 or 941.387.0607Satisfaction Guaranteed! Satisfaction Guaranteed! PUMP & SPRINKLERCOR TEZSUPP LY OPEN T O THE PUBLIC We supply all your irrigation needs. 8700 Cortez Road W., Bradenton AUGUST TIP: Make sure your irrigation system is adjusted for rainfall.By Laurie Hayes Islander Reporter ute invitation to a private gathering in Anna Maria. Pine Avenue Restorations Mike Coleman emailed Anna Maria Mayor SueLynn late Aug. 15, asking her to join representatives of PAR, which was hosting University of South Florida students and some dignitaries Aug. 16 for a tour of what Coleman says is becoming known as The Greenest Little Main Street in America. Students from the Patel College of Global Sustainability at the University of South Florida, Tampa, were joined by Joe Dorsey, adjunct professor at PCGS; Judy Siguaw, a candidate for USF Sarasota-Manatee ington of the Sarasota County Health Department and Richard Jordan. Jordan serves the International Council for Caring Communities, a status with the Economic and Social Council of the United Nations. Among other accolades, Jordan has served within the UN non-governmental world for the past 30 years. editors of the Earth Negotiations Bulletin, the journal of record at environment and development negotiations worldwide. The tour was conducted by Coleman, Mike Miller, native plant and habitat expert, and Ed Chiles, owner of the Sandbar, BeacHhouse and Mar Vista restaurants and a partner in the PAR project, among others. One notably absent face Mayor SueLynn, who was not informed of the event until just before midnight on the eve of the tour. She returned that day from the Florida League of Cities Conference in Hollywood, Florida. Coleman, who is a member of the Anna Maria Last-minute invite sparks city-PAR kerfuf e Planning and Zoning Board, was prompted to send the mayor an email about the tour after learning earlier that evening that a former UN representative would attend. He told The Islander that the mayor has been unreceptive in the past to events surrounding the sustainability project. SueLynn responded with an email of her own, expressing resentment. I am quite upset that you thought only at the last minute to inform me of this event, she wrote. I cannot believe that you and whoever else planned this would do so without at least informing the city about what you were doing. How could you do this and not have the city represented? Someone here from the United Nations and it just occurs to you that, maybe, the city ought to be represented? That email copied to the city commissioners was followed by one from Commissioner Carol Carter, who called for Colemans removal from the planning and zoning board. Carter wrote, I am horrified that Mike Coleman would inform the mayor of this event at almost midnight just hours before the 9 a.m. event. Perhaps Micheal (sic) has deluded himself and believes that he is the mayor of AM. I think this action should justify Mr. Colemans removal from the P&Z. I trust the mayor has the ability to remove him since she appointed him. Coleman responded to the mayor and commissioners and the PAR event organizers with another email in which he emphasized the last-minute nature of Jordans attendance and noted, Frankly, since a number of these events, some smaller and some larger, have gone unattended by our city leaderships over the years, I had not much hope for interest this time. We give tours all the time to interested parties who would like to know more about the sustainable Pine Avenue project and the many things that have have taken note now includes the past chair of the UN Sustainability Conference. My role was not as a representative of the city, but as the operating partner of what has, fortunately, become a model that others would like to know about. Coleman defended his intentions, stating, Unfortunately, the proactive, creative, optimistic impulses which brought this group together are anything but representative of the city of Anna Maria at this time. More sadly, the tone of the letters from the mayor and of Commissioner Carter is actually representative of the dark spirit I referred to in a recent letter. Coleman said he stands ready to make a presentation to the commission about what, how, why and who has taken it upon themselves to present the city of Anna Maria to the world as a sustainable community. For her part, SueLynn told The Islander she would welcome Coleman to make such a presentation. It would be nice if there was some communication and exchange of information, she said. I would like to be kept informed. As for Carters suggestion regarding Colemans dismissal, the mayor plans no action. Its in the past, she said. SueLynn added that she was dismayed that the matter was being reported and abruptly ended the phone call. Coleman SueLynn Carter Mike Coleman walks up on beehives installed on Pine Avenue in 2013. The bees contribute to the community gardens at PAR properties on the street. WE TWEET TOO @ami_islander @ami_islander


THE ISLANDER AUG. 27, 2014 9 Mon-Tue 10-6, Wed-Thu 9-8, Fri-Sat 9-10, Sun 9-8 NEXT TO TYLERS ICE CREAMTHE BEACH SHOP We moved to Cortez from the Manatee Beach! We moved to Cortez from the Manatee Beach! Ladies Swimwear 30-50% OFFLadies Fashionup to 70% OFF*NEW ARRIVALS NOT INCLUDED SCORE BIG! SCORE BIG! The Islands BEST football contest is starting up Sept. 3! Call now to advertise your business in the original Best Read island newspaper. Call Toni, 941-928-8735, or OUTSTANDING GOLF GREAT RATES EXCELLENT CONDITIONS EXCELLENT CONDITIONS EXCELLENT CONDITIONS EXCELLENT CONDITIONS EXCELLENT CONDITIONS EXCELLENT CONDITIONS EXCELLENT CONDITIONS EXCELLENT CONDITIONS EXCELLENT CONDITIONS EXCELLENT CONDITIONS EXCELLENT CONDITIONS EXCELLENT CONDITIONS EXCELLENT CONDITIONS EXCELLENT CONDITIONS EXCELLENT CONDITIONS EXCELLENT CONDITIONS EXCELLENT CONDITIONS EXCELLENT CONDITIONS EXCELLENT CONDITIONS EXCELLENT CONDITIONS EXCELLENT CONDITIONS BOOK YOUR TEE TIME TODAY! (941) 758-1464 4350 El Conquistador Pkwy Bradenton, Fl 34210 Come Dine with us after your Round of Golf! Join us Wednesdays and Fridays for BOGO specials! Make your Reservations today! (941) 758-1467 HB traf c committee forges parking restrictions Islander Reporter light from the city commission and is moving to the next stage of its campaign. The committee has been counting parking spaces with or without signs that are used to determine eligibility for beach renourishment funding. The objective is to restrict street and right-of-way parking in residential neighborhoods. The committee plans to ask the commission Aug. 28 to amend an interlocal agreement with the county related to the number of required parking spaces and beach renourishment. Soustek said the count in the agreement is inaccurate and has not been updated since 2002. In addition to counting spaces, the committee is circulating a petition, seeking public input on its plan. As of Aug. 20, it had collected 177 signatures supporting a ban on parking on residential streets and rights of way. It sends a strong message from the silent majority, said committee member Ursula Stemm. The committee also considered public input given at a previous commission meeting. Holmes Beach resident Ellen Stohler questioned eliminating parking spaces when there is a parking problem on AMI. she asked. Were trying to thwart the idea of parking meters, said Stemm. Were trying to be proactive and not reactive, The committee will meet at 10 a.m. Wednesday, Aug. 27 at city hall, 5801 Marina Drive.Tourism chief: Island traf c problems no jokeWalter Klages of Research Data Services of Tampa delivers a state of tourism talk to the Manatee County Tourist Development Council, which met Aug. 18 at Holmes Beach City Hall. Islander Photo: Rick Catlin By Rick Catlin Islander Reporter The countys tourism chief told the board of the Manatee County Tourist Development Council and island mayors something just about every islander the high tourist season, Bradenton Area Convention and Visitors Bureau executive director Elliott Falcione said during an Aug. 18 meeting of the TDC at Holmes Beach City Hall. Falcione said he and Manatee County administrator Ed Hunzeker plan to meet with the island mayors by the end of October to look for a partnership that Well be open-minded. Its all about collaborating for the quality of life for residents, but its easier said than done, Falcione said. Presenting a common, united goal by the island cities to the county commission is the best way to get things done. We are here for you and believe in your concerns, added the tourism director. Anna Maria Mayor SueLynn, who has voiced quality-of-life concerns because so many vehicles are on island streets during the high season, said shes pleased Falcione and Hunzeker plan Now, we just need to work together, she said. Its not a new problem. I hope we can have constructive meetings and reach an agreement on controlling parking, but SueLynn said she would not be surprised if there is opposition by some county commissioners to such a concept. Research Data Services Inc. of Tampa presented visiRDS compiles tourism data for the BACVB. 2013. According to previous RDS data, tourism has risen about 6.8 percent on average each of the past four years. Whats also increased is economic spending by visitors. million, an 11.6 percent gain from the $295 million in Thats good news for our island businesses, said Anna Maria Island Chamber of Commerce vice president Deb Wing after the meeting. Falcione


10 AUG. 27, 2014 THE ISLANDER Terras 2723 Manatee Ave. W. Tue-Fri 10-5, Sat 11-4941.779.5350 Handmade Sterling Jewelry 3612 E. Bay Drive, Holmes Beach 941.778.0400 313 Pine Ave, Anna Maria, 941.778.0500.full service salon and spa offering Hair ~ Nails ~ Massage ~ Facials Acupuncture ~ Body Treatments ~ Bikini and Brazilian Waxing ~ COMFORTABLE COMFORTABLE SPIRIT JERSEYS SPIRIT JERSEYS #2152 Libbys I sland J ewelry 100 AMI Plaza 5337 Gulf Drive Island happenings Wednesday, Aug. 27 Thursday, Aug. 28 Friday, Aug. 29 Saturday, Aug. 30 Sunday, Aug. 31 Monday, Sept. 1 Tuesday, Sept. 2 Wednesday, Sept. 3 Off Island Wednesday, Aug. 27 Friday, Aug. 29 Coming up Save the date Posting in the calendar Send calendar announcements to Please include the time, date and location of the event, a brief description and a contact via email and phone. The deadline for submissions is the Wednesday a week before publication. Highresolution photographs welcome. Winners!5500 Marina Drive ~ Holmes Beach Mon-Sat 10 am 5 pm ~ 941.779.0779 Find us on Facebook Featuring Sterling A.M.I. CHARMS Save the dateThe Anna Maria Island Privateers are making plans for an Invasion Festival Nov. 1-2 in Bradenton festival last fall, which featured a marketplace, a ball, musical performances and raids throughout the island. Islander File Photo DOT drives Man vs. Litter Challenge The Florida Department of Transportation has launched the Man vs. Litter Challenge to drive home College students created the campaign, an innovative way to raise environmental awareness and prevent litter. The idea? See a cigarette butt, a beer can, a plastic bag littering the ground or the water? Pick world. We are delighted to be a part of the litter prevention education team, Aniqua Hendricks, a freshman of Florida State University, said in a news release. Our goal is to involve more students from around the state and keep our paradise litter-free. To participate in the challenge: 1. Follow @CleanFLroads on Instagram. 2. Take a photo of litter on our states roadsides and take a photo of the person(s) picking up the litter and placing it in a trash can or bin. Photos can include 3. Submit the photos to the campaign via email at or via Instagram by posting to @CleanFLroads with the hashtag #driveithome. Photos will be posted on the campaigns social media sites. The most creative along with likes at the end of each month will be the winner of a choice of a gift card to either Chipotle, Subway or Jamba Juice. We know how important it is for our age group to become aware of roadside litter, stated Jimmy Mentor, who will be attending the School of Audio Engineering this fall. Our Man vs. Litter Challenge is one tool we have put into place to get the message out in a dynamic way. Memory workshop set The Aging in Paradise Resource Center will offer a free workshop to enhance brain power and strengthen memory. the workshop, which will take place at 1:28 p.m. Wednesday, Aug. 27. cer, as well as an athlete. Longboat Island Chapel, 6200 Gulf of Mexico Drive, For more information, call 941-773-3012.


THE ISLANDER AUG. 27, 2014 11 S A L E A A L L Free popcorn! Corner Rack (intersection of gulf and marina) You asked for it, you got it! Signature Signature 5311 gulf drive holmes beach941.778.5400 hair skin nails massagefeel beautiful today Island happenings Seasonal planning Wondering how to get listed in The Islanders coming up or save the date section of the weekly calendar? The early bird gets the listing. Send your 2014-15 events calendar to August featured gallery artist: Brenda AlcornGyotaku 14x18 inches Ongoing events, activitiesThrough Wednesdays Thursdays Fridays Saturdays Mondays Tuesdays Photography Weddings, beach portraits, individual or groups and pets Custom Framing In-home or business consultationsKarlyarlson Photography & Custom Framing 5500 Marina Drive Holmes Beach 941.726.8000 August Special20% OFF all framing 33 YEARS IN BRADENTON! 8110 CORTEZ RD. W. All consignment/estate jewelry & watches, including pre-owned ROLEX! 40% OFF including pre-owned ROLEX! including pre-owned ROLEX! 40% OFF 40% OFF need a good laugh? visit the emerson quillin signature store. humor, art, gifts Featured at Island Gallery WestThroughout September, Island Gallery West will feature Charlie Bells oil paintings in the exhibit Florida Sunsets. A longtime Florida resident, coastal scenes. He joined Island Gallery West earlier this summer. Island Gallery West is located at 5368 Gulf Drive, Holmes Beach. Regular gallery hours are 10 a.m.-5 p.m. Monday-Saturday. For more information, call IGW at 941-778-6648.Library releases September calendar The Island Librarys schedule for September contains activities for teens and adults, including: 23 and Sept. 30, storytime for children. Book Club meets. ting group meets to work on personal projects. for kids programs. Carrots program for children under 5. Sept. 17, meetings of the Alzheimers Caregiver Support Group. meets. lessons. Culture Club meets. meets to read and share interests and reviews. ers. celebration with author Echo Heron. The library is located at 5701 Marina Drive, Holmes Beach. For more information, call the library at 941-7786341.


12 AUG. 27, 2014 THE ISLANDER LIFE AUTO HOME BOAT BUSINESS Sunday Service 10 a.m. The Rev. Dr. Paul T. Eckel With a World to Win EVERYONE IS WELCOME A dult Bible Study 8:45 AMSUNDAY WORSHIP 10:00 AMChildren & Youth C hurch School after the Childrens Message NURSERY AVAILABLE MISSION OF THE MONTHBeth-El Farmworker Ministry A NON DENOMINATIONAL CHRISTIAN COMMUNITY ALL ARE WELCOME 10 a.m. Sunday Worship ServiceThe Rev. Dr. Vincent Carroll, Senior Minister 6200 Gulf of Mexico Drive, Longboat Key 941-383-6491 The Lords Warehouse Thrift ShopHours 9-noon, Monday, Wednesday, SaturdayFounded 1956 Pastor Stephen King8 and 9:30 am Sunday Services PO Box 243, Bradenton Beach, 34217 rArt by Joan V oyles Stargazers invited to Holmes Beach city eld After a two-month summer hiatus, the Local Group of Deep Sky Observers, a Bradenton/Sarasota group Astronomy event of the 2014-15 observing season. Weather permitting, the club members will meet at about sunset Saturday, Aug. 30, to set up their telescopes and welcome the public to view the skies at Beach. An announcement from the club said, The highlight of the evening will be stunning views of the ringed planet Saturn. The planet will not be readily visible during a Sidewalk Astronomy event again until May 2015. The astronomers also will direct attention to views as a variety of other celestial objects as they become visible throughout the night. For more information about the event, the club or other activities, call Brian Hawkes at 941-342-9632 or visit Islander File Photo National Watercolor Society accepts Cortez artists work The National Watercolor Society recently accepted a painting by Cortez artist Anne Abgott for its annual exhibit. The NWS annual International Exhibit takes place in November in San Pedro, California, and Abgotts painting is one of 79 accepted into the show. Her watercolor is titled Nate and Anne in Barcelona. The artists work is shown online at Anne Abgotts watercolor, Nate and Anne in Barcelona. Art league selling supplies, art work, books The Anna Maria Island Art League will hold a sale of art work, supplies and books over the Labor Day weekend. The sale will take place 11 a.m.-4 p.m. at the league, 5312 Holmes Blvd., Holmes Beach, and will Donations for the sale can be dropped off 10 a.m.-2 p.m. Friday, Aug. 29. For more information, call 941-778-2099.Brother, sister to perform at RoserViolinist Joy Chatzistamatis, accompanied by brother David on piano, will perform during Roser Memorial Community Churchs service Sunday, Aug. 31. Joy and David will perform The Way of the Cross during the service, as well as a medley, prelude, David will play It Is Well and Moonlight Sonata. The service will begin at 10 a.m. at the church, 512 Pine Ave., Anna Maria. Islander Courtesy Photo visit College prep camp offered at community center The Anna Maria Island Community Center will offer ACT and SAT boot camps for high schoolers in September and October. The center, 407 Magnolia Ave., Anna Maria, is partnering with Suncoast College Prep of Bradenton to present the camps. Educators Michele Marcin and Michelle McCarthy will lead the camps, preparing students to take the exams and offering suggestions on how to relieve stress. ACT boot camp begins Tuesday, Sept. 2. second SAT Boot Camp will begin Tuesday, Sept. 30. For more information, call the center at 941-7781908.


THE ISLANDER AUG. 27, 2014 13 At the Friendly ConnesMelissa and Frank Williams, who reside in Holmes Beach and operate SteamDesigns in the island city, took to the road this summer. One stop included Wrigley Field, home to the Chicago Cubs, which is marking its 100th anniversary this season. Go team go! Islander Courtesy Photo Center offers courses, training programs Hablas espaol? T he A nna Maria Island Community Center, 407 Magnolia A ve., Anna Maria, will host instructor Lisbeth Oscuvilca for beginner and intermediate Spanish lessons. O scuvilca will lead a beginners class in conversational Spanish at 2:30 p.m. T uesdays beginning Sept. 2, at the center. She will lead an intermediate class at 4:30 p.m. Classes will be taught in three-session packages and offer six levels of learning the Spanish language. Pre-registration is required. Members will pay $40 per three sessions; nonmembers will pay $50 per three sessions. Also offered at the center this fall: is $6 per class for members, $12 per class for nonmembers. also will begin in October, taking place at 10:45 a.m. Mondays and Wednesdays. The class involves strength-training and weightbearing exercises to promote healthy bone density and reduce the risk of fractures. Consistency in exercise is very important to continue feeling young and strong, said the announcement. Members will pay $6 per class and the non-mem ber fee is $12 per class. For more information, call the center at 941-7781908.Labor Day observed Monday, Sept. 1 L abor Day is Monday, S ept. 1, in the United States. Day in the United S tates was likely on S ept. 5, 1882, when some 10,000 workers assembled in New York City for a parade? T hat celebration inspired similar events across the country, and by 1894 more than half the states were observing a working mens holiday on one day or another. Later that year, with Congress passing legisla tion and President G rover Cleveland signing the designated Labor Day. T his national holiday is the creation of the labor movement in the late 19th century and pays tribute to the social and economic achievements of A merican workers. T he U. S L abor Department estimates that there are about 155.6 million people ages 16 and older in the labor force. The largest occupation in the country is retail salespeople, followed by cashiers, nurses and waiters. A hundred years ago, farmers made up the largest occupation. In observance of the holiday, most govern Additionally, island trash collection for routes with Monday pickups will be pushed back a day throughout the week of the holiday. Island travelersNew to AMI, musician embraces Sunny SideBy Laurie Hayes Islander Reporter Ah, the beach life. With original songs that include The Sunny Side of L ife, Big Wave Surfer and T ake me to Para dise, where else would musician Rick Schettino, aka S chettino, 51, spent last year traveling the country, performing his eclectic blend of Americana and T ropicana music. In addition to house concerts, he performed at music festivals, including Meeting of the Minds, Music on the Bay, S tars Fell on A labama and more. Maria to visit a friend, music agent Diana Christ, and decided hed found a home for himself and his music. S chettino is amassing a local following, with recent Bar in Bradenton Beach. He will perform a lunchtime Bradenton Beach every Saturday in October and is a regular at the S andbox, a Holmes Beach residential venue where private parties are organized by Christ. Rick is a singer/songwriter with a passion for music like no one else I have ever met, says Christ. Rick is the complete package great songwriter, musician and singer. I cant wait for more people on the island to get to know him. it, he recalls. I wanted to be Donny Osmond. T he young S chettino spent the summer learning to play the guitar and singing his favorite tunes. In the The teacher took me aside and, instead of telling me that I was a natural musician like I expected, she said I used to sing so nicely. Schettino didnt sing again until 2005. He did, however, keep up the guitar, taking lessons and learning to play, modeling his heroes in A eros mith, Pink Floyd and other rock bands of the 1960s and s. has been compared to that of Stevie Ray Vaughan. Hes played guitar in a number of bands, but notes, they kept breaking up and then I would have to start all over again. S o he decided to prove his music teacher wrong. He decided to sing. He uses his voice the way he plays the guitar, sliding the notes around and using other techniques. The result, he says, is a unique sound that tends to get peoples attention. While his bar gigs feature covers of popular songs, Schettino also writes music and lyrics. His repertoire includes a bit of everything, some raunchy blues and a number of original tunes with tropical themes. My idea of a perfect day includes water, a boat, sunshine and a pretty girl, he admits. This focus lead to him into the T rop Rock scene, where Jimmy Buffett reigns supreme. T rop Rock incorporates elements and zydeco, all inspired by life on an island. S chettino has chalked up airplay on T rop Rock broadcast and Internet radio shows, including X 104 writers Island, Island T ime Radio and others. a shoe-in? Im really a kid at heart, S chettino, who looks younger than his years, replies when asked about his West, also known as the Conch Republic. will have on S chettinos music, but the lure of the beach hasnt slowed him down. He is focused on writing more songs and recording additional music. He also is working on a video project that chronicles some of the T rop Rock performances at T he S andbox and other venues. Four episodes are online at A nd posting another tour next summer is not out of the question. S chettino also still has a day job, doing marketing and advertising consulting. Im pretty business driven, he admits. Ive never been afraid to take on a project. My career as a musician has been years in the making. I want to be the best that I can be.Make a connection Contact Schettino at 240-394-0266 Information on performances and recordings can be found on Facebook at or at Rick Schettino and Rich Schooner McGuire play for a full house Aug. 16 at the Bridge Tender Inn and Dockside Bar in Bradenton Beach. Islander Photo: Laurie Hayes Dave and Sherry Swartz of Bradenton dance to the music of Rick Schettino and Rich Schooner McGuire Aug. 16 at the Bridge Tender Dockside Bar. The couple has been fans of Schettino since 2012, when he volunteered his talent at a local Relay for Life event. Islander Photo: Laurie Hayes


14 AUG. 27, 2014 THE ISLANDER Inc.s single biggest fundraiser, providing, on average, $10,000 from the weekend-long event. Its one of the things we depend on every year, still go on. Its an excellent idea. Rather than just hand did. The event also resulted in increased blood stock at a time of year when it was needed. Other sources of income for Wildlife Inc. include donations collected at festivals, payments for shows and two small local grants. Gail Straight said the nontions. Wildlife Inc. brings educational shows into Manatee and Sarasota county schools, organized by education director David Sadkin, but Gail Straight said the fee for educational programs in schools is low to make Wildlife Inc. faces life and death funding woes Islander Reporter The home on Avenue B in Bradenton Beach looks like any other on the street. The exception is the large tortoises milling around the fenced front yard, the colorful parrots calling Hello along the side yard and life in the backyard. Wildlife Inc., an education and rehabilitation center for wildlife, calls Bradenton Beach home in the otherwise non-descript neighborhood. Amid the screeching of birds, Gail Straight, coowner of the rehab with husband Ed Straight, a Bradenton Beach city commissioner, said the organization uing the blood drive on the island, said Gail Straight. out where the money is going to come from. The annual island blood drive was a saving grace ties: Anna Maria Island Privateers, Anna Maria Island Community Center and the volunteer West Manatee Fire and Rescue Auxiliary. During the drive, an anonymous fund contributed $100 for each donor, who could choose one or more resentative for One Blood, the organization that coordinated the event, the island blood drive could happen next year if another sponsor for the event is found. The anonymous benefactor wants to switch it up, pay-for-donations blood drive, only that it will be held off the island. Gail Straight said the blood drive was Wildlife it more affordable for the school. If you apply for 100 grants, you might get one. Thats why the blood donations were so important, Gail Straight said. She said they learned in July the blood donation program was moving off the island. Gail Straight said Wildlife Inc. has been getting in more hawks and owls, birds of prey that are expensive to feed. Shes spent some $10,000 this year on rats and chicks to feed those birds. Wildlife Inc. rescues wildlife from all over Tampa Bay. The rehabilitation center has been in operation in Bradenton Beach for 28 years, and a second educational location has operated for four years at Mixon Fruit Farms in Bradenton. Wildlife Inc. employee Damen Hurd helps with the animals at the Mixon location and leads tours. This is really going to hit us hard. Hopefully the public will step up and help us out. Its really sad. Theres not a lot people who will give donations to wildlife, but all kinds of people call for us to rescue them. We want to do it, but its hard to continue when youre pouring your own money into it, Hurd said. The expansion to Mixons served several purposes. The space on the farm houses many animals that could not be released back into the wild due to permanent injuries another, and gives Wildlife Inc. a platform to educate the public about local wildlife. The wildlife tours are integrated into Mixons tours of the citrus groves. Hurd said Mixon charges $10 for adults, and $5 for children to take the tour. Fifty cents from every adult ticket and a quarter from each childs ticket goes to Wildlife Inc. And Mixon built some of the wildlife enclosures. The whole goal coming out here was to support the rehab. Now expenses have gone up and its just not sustainable. Were really taking a hit, said Hurd. For more information on Wildlife Inc., call the Straights at 941-778-6324. Screech owls line a perch in one of the cages at Wildlife Inc. in Bradenton Beach. A fawn with a broken vertebra rests at Wildlife Inc. in Bradenton Beach. The fawn was rescued from a residence in Tampa. Wildlife Inc. in Bradenton Beach cares for a 15-week-old bobcat rescued in Myakka City and brought to the center to be rehabilitated. Islander Getting to know you offers a glimpse at the life of Islanders and visitors. Were starting with introductions to the Anna Maria Island Community Center staff. Getting to know JENNIFER GRIFFITH Position: Anna Maria Island Community Center community program developer, full-time. From: Our military family moved around until we moved to Bradenton when I was in secondgrade. I graduated from Manatee High School, lived in Nashville, Tennessee, for 15 years and moved back in 2013. I now live in the northwest Bradenton home where I grew up. Family: Mother, brother, sister-in-law, nephew and a 3-year-old son with spina bifida. This is home. Started at center: October 2012, and before this I coordinated programs and education for a nursing home. Top things I like about my job: Meeting so many new people. I enjoy being here so much that I often bring my son when I am not working. He loves being in the gym and playing ball. Its such a great environment for families. Spare time: There isnt a lot, but I am proud to say that I started running in February. Ive done two 5ks. When I have spare time, I enjoy hanging out with friends and my son. Playing cards or watching movies from the s is a great relaxer. Pets: A dog named Mocha and a cat named Thirty, who was born on my 30th birthday. On random acts of kindness: I havent done as many as I would like, but because of my son, there are a lot that come our way. On storms: Yes, they are so cool.G etting to know you G etting to know you By Marge McCarthyAnna Maria Island Community Center Mail: P.O. Box 253, Anna Maria 34216 Visit: 407 Magnolia Ave., Anna Maria Call: 941-778-1908 program developer for the Anna Maria Island Community Center. Islander Photo: Marge McCarthy Most memorable moment: When I found out I was pregnant. Favorites: Fresh baked cookies, and oh, gosh, dark chocolate. My sons laughter. Christmas, for sure. A goal for the center: It would be great to implement a big annual family-friendly event. We are working on a purposeful parenting program that I am excited about.


THE ISLANDER AUG. 27, 2014 15 We specialize in GEM car, golf cart, electric vehicles, customizing, parts, service and repair. And we come to YOU!Theres nothing we cant do for you! ~ 727-692-5835Mention The Islander for 10% OFF your service call. Quarterly Pest Control: $20/month.Call Our lovely patients, Gordon and A PRIVATE FAMILY DENTAL PRACTICE 941.795.6535$599 CROWN SPECIAL2 or More Molars Only!We use a local dental lab with over 30 years experience in the Bradenton Area. OFFER EXPIRES AUG. 27, 2014 THE LAW OFFICES OF H ardin, Pratt & Ball, P.A. Conveniently Located on Anna Maria Island Holmes Beach A team from the Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission and Mote Marine Laboratory load tagged juvenile snook onto a jon boat released into Sarasota Bay. The activity took place Aug. 15. Islander Courtesy Photo: Rachel S. OHara/ Sarasota HeraldTribuneMote, FWC hatchery-reared snook released into wild S cientists with Mote Marine L aboratory and Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission in midA ugust released hatchery-reared juvenile snook the most effective methods to replenish and enhance wild snook populations. shine S tate, a state that ranks No. 1 in economic output ing draws $8.6 billion to the state economy and saltwaSnook, along with red drum, are the main test species for restocking efforts statewide. T he Mote/FWC project, which involved tagging and then releasing more than 2,200 snook into S arasota Bay over three days, will help scientists determine whether snook that have been conditioned for release at Mote have better growth and survival rates in the wild, according to a news release from Mote. Weve found over time that we can improve the survival of hatchery snook released into the wild by 10 neth Leber, associate vice president for Motes direc habitat before you start to lose hatchery snook. These best methods for snook stock enhancement. For the release, FWC and Mote biologists inserted passive integrated transponder tags in the juvenile snook. These tags are about the size of a pencil eraser and each one transmits a unique identifying number. Underwater antennae placed by scientists near the release site in the wild allow scientists to listen for the snook. E ach time a tagged snook passes through the area, a receiver records the movement. S cientists also are employing seine nets to periodically gather snook and evaluate growth rates. Wildlife Inc. brings crocodile exhibit to east county ed center Wildlife Inc., headquartered in Bradenton Beach, has recently acquired a Nile crocodile at its educational center at Mixon Fruit Farms in Bra denton. Wildlife Inc. employee Damen Hurd said it is the only crocodile exhibit in Manatee County. The organization adopted the crocodile from Everglades Alligator Farm in Miami, which cur rently has an excess of the reptiles. T he recently acquired crocodile is a male, and Hurd said Wildlife Inc. plans to take in a female from the Miami organization as well. T he female, Hurd said, will offer the male, who is used to living with other crocs, companionship and encourage better eating habits. Hurd plans to offer feeding demonstrations in the near future on the educational tours offered at Mixon Fruit Farms, 2525 27th St. E., Bradenton. T ours are held daily 11 a.m.-1 p.m. and last about an hour. Group tours also are available. T o schedule a group tour call Mixon at 941748-5829. For more information on Wildlife Inc.s educational center call Hurd at 941-518-6690. A Nile crocodile eyes visitors at Mixon Fruit Farm. Wildlife Inc. contains a Nile crocodile at Mixon Fruit Farms. Islander Courtesy Photos


16 AUG. 27, 2014 THE ISLANDER Key Royale Pass BEST Philly cheesesteak in Manatee County!OPEN 7 DAYS KITCHEN OPEN LATE WEEKENDS BEST Sports Bar, Chicken Wings, Place to watch sports! Live Music Fri & Sat 8-11 BEST cheesesteak in Manatee County! Chicken Wings, Place to watch Live Music Fri & Sat 8-11 Live Music Fri & Sat 8-11 9701 Gulf Drive Anna Maria 941-567-4056 MLB, NHL & NBA 10 TVs! MLB, We Know the Way to your dream home or an ideal vacation rental REAL ESTATE LLC B4 Anna Maria Island C8 (941) 778-6641WE DELIVER 5606 Marina Drive Holmes Beach MonThurs 11am1pm FriSat 11amam Sun 11am1pm Soft Serve Sugar Free/Fat Free & SorbetCELEBRATING 29 YEARS! OLD-FASHIONED ICE CREAM MADE ON SITE. Full-Service Ice Cream Shop! HOMEMADE ICE CREAM SINCE 1984 GOURMET ICE CREAM FROSTED MUGS VOTED #1 GREAT BURGERS VOTED #1TUESDAY-SUNDAY 11-8, CLOSED MONDAY B5 TUESDAY-SUNDAY 11-8, CLOSED MONDAY OLD FLORIDA ORIGINAL FROSTED EAT IN DINE OUT Established 1952 Cold weather? No problem, mon! New weather proofing! 941.592.8373Let me help you navigate Anna Maria Island to Capt. Greg Burke B8 A2 The best hamburgers and the coldest mugs of beer this side of Heaven. -Miss DuffyPat Geyer, duffystavern5@aol.comB4 Duffys Tavern B4 B4 5604B Marina Drive, Holmes Beach 34217 2014 The Islander / MacBonner Inc. Sailing Catamarans Sailing CatamaransKathleen D Kathleen DUSCG Certied to 20 passengersSailing from 3 locationsAnna Maria Island Longboat Key Downtown SarasotaLets Go Sailing! SAIL: $20 PER PERSONWhisper SailingInterperative Sail Tours Aboard 1800s-Design Custom Work Boat Built in Cortez by Whisper Captain & Naturalist Geoffrey H. Kendrick Accommodates up to 6 people4528 119th St. West., CortezNEXT TO SWORDFISH GRILL941.713.5958 Serving Lunch & Dinner Tue -Thu 11-9, Sat Noon-late Sunday Noon-8 CLOSED MONDAYS C8 LIVE ENTERTAINMENT FRIDAY, SATURDAY & SUNDAY 119th Street West on the Cortez Waterfront Turn at 119th-Cortez Bait & Seafood THE REAL DEAL, FRESH DAILY!Family-owned and operated RETAIL SEAFOOD MARKET RETAIL SEAFOOD Seafood fresh off the boat AND smoked! Dont miss your opportunity to market to our Island visitors. We offer more circulation weekly than the dailies on AMI, greater readership than any publication circulating on AMI, a solid reputation for success and the top award for BEST community news from the Florida Press Association! More than 21 years of service to the Island community, and readers are still ocking to The Islander. Call Toni Lyon for marketing tips, special deals and the best news on Anna Maria Island call 941-778-7978. 5604B MARINA DRIVE, HOLMES BEACH WWW.ISLANDER.ORG Yes, we deliver!308 Pine Avenue | 941-251-4070 Buy any 12 or 16 pizza and get another pizza,* the same size, with up to 2 toppings for half-price!*Second pizza must be of equal or lesser value. Half-Off Pizza Deal! CALL 941-778-7978 FOR AN AD IN THE BEST NEWS SINCE 1992 WWW.ISLANDER .ORG


THE ISLANDER AUG. 27, 2014 17 Key Royale Pass BEST Philly cheesesteak in Manatee County!OPEN 7 DAYS KITCHEN OPEN LATE WEEKENDS BEST Sports Bar, Chicken Wings, Place to watch sports! Live Music Fri & Sat 8-11 BEST cheesesteak in Manatee County! Chicken Wings, Place to watch Live Music Fri & Sat 8-11 Live Music Fri & Sat 8-11 9701 Gulf Drive Anna Maria 941-567-4056 MLB, NHL & NBA 10 TVs! MLB, We Know the Way to your dream home or an ideal vacation rental REAL ESTATE LLC B4 Anna Maria Island C8 (941) 778-6641WE DELIVER 5606 Marina Drive Holmes Beach MonThurs 11am1pm FriSat 11amam Sun 11am1pm Soft Serve Sugar Free/Fat Free & SorbetCELEBRATING 29 YEARS! OLD-FASHIONED ICE CREAM MADE ON SITE. Full-Service Ice Cream Shop! HOMEMADE ICE CREAM SINCE 1984 GOURMET ICE CREAM FROSTED MUGS VOTED #1 GREAT BURGERS VOTED #1TUESDAY-SUNDAY 11-8, CLOSED MONDAY B5 TUESDAY-SUNDAY 11-8, CLOSED MONDAY OLD FLORIDA ORIGINAL FROSTED EAT IN DINE OUT Established 1952 Cold weather? No problem, mon! New weather proofing! 941.592.8373Let me help you navigate Anna Maria Island to Capt. Greg Burke B8 A2 The best hamburgers and the coldest mugs of beer this side of Heaven. -Miss DuffyPat Geyer, duffystavern5@aol.comB4 Duffys Tavern B4 B4 5604B Marina Drive, Holmes Beach 34217 2014 The Islander / MacBonner Inc. Sailing Catamarans Sailing CatamaransKathleen D Kathleen DUSCG Certied to 20 passengersSailing from 3 locationsAnna Maria Island Longboat Key Downtown SarasotaLets Go Sailing! SAIL: $20 PER PERSONWhisper SailingInterperative Sail Tours Aboard 1800s-Design Custom Work Boat Built in Cortez by Whisper Captain & Naturalist Geoffrey H. Kendrick Accommodates up to 6 people4528 119th St. West., CortezNEXT TO SWORDFISH GRILL941.713.5958 Serving Lunch & Dinner Tue -Thu 11-9, Sat Noon-late Sunday Noon-8 CLOSED MONDAYS C8 LIVE ENTERTAINMENT FRIDAY, SATURDAY & SUNDAY 119th Street West on the Cortez Waterfront Turn at 119th-Cortez Bait & Seafood THE REAL DEAL, FRESH DAILY!Family-owned and operated RETAIL SEAFOOD MARKET RETAIL SEAFOOD Seafood fresh off the boat AND smoked! Dont miss your opportunity to market to our Island visitors. We offer more circulation weekly than the dailies on AMI, greater readership than any publication circulating on AMI, a solid reputation for success and the top award for BEST community news from the Florida Press Association! More than 21 years of service to the Island community, and readers are still ocking to The Islander. Call Toni Lyon for marketing tips, special deals and the best news on Anna Maria Island call 941-778-7978. 5604B MARINA DRIVE, HOLMES BEACH WWW.ISLANDER.ORG Yes, we deliver!308 Pine Avenue | 941-251-4070 Buy any 12 or 16 pizza and get another pizza,* the same size, with up to 2 toppings for half-price!*Second pizza must be of equal or lesser value. Half-Off Pizza Deal! CALL 941-778-7978 FOR AN AD IN THE BEST NEWS SINCE 1992 WWW.ISLANDER .ORG


18 AUG. 27, 2014 THE ISLANDER W W H H E E R R E E S Y O U R C O M F O R T Z Z O O N N E E ? ? 5608 Marina Drive, Holmes Beach, 941.896.7898 ITS HOT OUTSIDE, STAY COOLAC Tune-Up Special $69 Performance test, ACUV dye, up to 1 pound of freon. Exp 09-03-14. CALL GROOMS! HOLMES BEACH AUTOMOTIVE SERVICE F Electr T une-Ups Brak es & More 5333 Gulf Drive Holmes Beach at the corner of Gulf & Marina Drives 941-779-0487 CHRISTIES PLUMBINGRESIDENTIAL / COMMERCIAL778-3924 OR 778-44615508 MARINA DRIVE, HOLMES BEACH LOCAT ED IN THE BACK OF THE BUILDING REP (CFC1426596) OPEN SA WE TWEET TOO @ami_islander @ami_islander Islander Reporter A youth boating program is sailing into bigger seas in Cortez. William Drake of the Boy Scouts of America addressed Florida Institute for Saltwater Heritage board members at their Aug. 11 meeting, indicating the Turner Maritime Challenge at Cortez is ready to TMCC is a youth program using the curriculum Scouts of America. The program is primarily funded by a $325,000 bequeath from Jay Turner, a sailor and folk musician. The fund is administered by FISH. Sea Scouts has grown to the point it needs to be on its own. We started a new 501(c)(3), and turning the Maritime Challenge over to the Sea Scouts would help all of us. We would like to keep FISH a part of that, said R.B. Chips Shore, FISH board member and Manatee County clerk of court. Shore said it was Turners dream for the TMCC The board unanimously approved the decision. According to Jane von Hahmann, the money in the fund, a line item in FISHs budget, would be turned would need to be switched. Theres a lot of work to be done, but I think it would be a good move. Its been challenging for us responsibility, she said. include the fund, von Hahmann said, there is no loss FISH were dedicated to TMCC, and can not be used for any other purpose. Von Hahmann said from the original bequeath of $325,000, there is $135,000 remaining in the fund. They will just be their own organization. They would need their own board, von Hahmann said. However, it was noted at the FISH meeting that at least three TMCC board members are FISH board members. Shore said he is waiting for correspondence from board member John Stevely to complete the process. Sean Wardell is the TMCC program director, a position he has held since the programs inception in January 2013. Wardells position is paid from the designated fund. Board members agreed Wardell will remain a contractual employee until the entities are separated. I think that its a good thing for our organization. Were going to lose a piece of FISH, but I think for us to stand on our own, it will allow us to make our footprint in the community bigger. And to increase our footprint really will help us, Wardell said. William Drake, Sean Wardell and Rob Cuthbert pose in Sea Scout uniforms after the Aug. 11 Florida Institute for Saltwater Heritage board meeting, where members discussed the scouting program. Islander By Laurie Hayes Island Reporter The Sea Scouts are looking for a few good young men and women. The Manatee County Sea Scout program, Ship 459, was organized in January 2013. Sponsored by the Turner Maritime Challenge at Cortez, the group has 11 participants eight boys and three girls. Sean Wardell is the ships charter organization representative and youth director with TMC established by the nonkids to the group, including some more girls, said Wardell. Focused on building maritime skills and water adventure, Sea Scouts is a coed program for young people age 14-20. Thirteen-year-olds who have completed the eighth-grade also are eligible. Sea Scouts was created in 1910 by Lord Robert Baden-Powell, the founder of the Boy Scouts, as an extension of scout training. The program was organized in the United States two years later with the aid of the secretary of the Navy. According to Wardell, before the establishment of the current program, there had not been a local ship of Sea Scouts for at least 50 years. We have heard some comments from some of the old-time Sea Scouts that seeing these kids in their uniforms brings back pride and wonderful memories of their experiences, he said. Ship 459 meets Wednesday evenings at 4523 123rd St. Court W., Cortez. The group also participates in one Saturday outing each month during the school year, with two or more per month during the summer break. These outings include community service activities, as well as opportunities to get out on the water. The group is one of the only troops in Florida that has access from a waterfront community. It has several vessels at its disposal, including a 21-foot Hunter 216, purchased and donated by Skipper Bill Drake of Bradenton. The group is practicing rigging the boat on land in anticipation of taking it out on the water later this year. We want to run through all the steps three or four times before we put her in the water, Drake said. By the time we sail, everyone will know every step. Drake added that the advantage of having the Hunter is that it will enable the scouts to take overnight sails. A goal is to complete a two-week sail, earning one of the few badges available to the Sea Scouts. Additionally, volunteers from FISH, which manages the preserve property in Cortez, are working on rebuilding a 1985 Egret for the scouts. Drake said RIGHT: Sea Scout A.J. Berger, 16, works on rigging the Hunter 216 during a Ship 459 class. Islander Photo: Laurie Hayes PLEASE SEE SEA SCOUT, NEXT PAGE


THE ISLANDER AUG. 27, 2014 19 SEA SCOUT CONTINUED FROM P AGE 18 StreetlifeIsland police blotterAnna Maria Found property. A womans undergarments were turned up by a backhoe. Manatee County S heriffs in the event there could be a connection to the 2008 the item into property and was planning to notify the lab. vehicle was stopped for speeding in the 9700 block of Gulf Drive and the driver admitted he had no license. T wo juveniles described a day of drinking and smoking marijuana. T he deputy determined the vehicle was not stolen, and had the juveniles call their parents to pick them up. T he juveniles surrendered paraphernalia, a small bag of cannabis and two cases of Bud Light. Anna Maria is policed by the Manatee County Bradenton Beach people panhandling on Bridge S treet. T he subjects rant check, police discovered a 44-year-old Bradenton Beach man had a warrant out of S arasota for failure to appear. He was transported to Manatee County jail. manager that a 19-year-old male of no known address had walked out of the store with two bottles of wine without paying. A capias request was sent to the state carrier delivered by UP S was discovered missing from the condo where it had been delivered. T he victim told police she had pictures of the person taking the carrier, a stocky shirtless male who pulled up in a red, 4-door pickup and put the item in the truck and drove off. T he truck was not located. mischief vehicle. A victim said that some time during the night, someone threw an unknown object at his or her vehicle, shattering the rear window. Bradenton Beach is policed by the Bradenton Beach Police Department. Cortez Cortez is policed by the MCSO. Holmes Beach license. A Holmes Beach police officer stopped a 39-year-old Holmes Beach woman on learning her vehicle tag had a seize tag order. The driver acknowledged her license was suspended. S he was issued a summons for DWLS with knowledge and no proof of insurance. The tag was seized and vehicle towed. PLEASE SEE STREETLIFE, P AGE 20 FI S H is about six months away from completing the project, which he called a work of love. That vessel will be equipped for extended voyages. T he S ea S couts are learning the old world ways of sailing, said Wardell. They are being schooled to read maps and use a compass, and how to plot a course with paper and pencil rather than a GPS. The world is becoming so dependent on knowing everything with a push of a button, he said. But then no one knows what to do if the system breaks down. With the skills they are learning, these kids will be able to be safe on the water anywhere in the world. Derek Cuthbert, 18, of Manatee, was one of the who advanced to the rank of Eagle, but at 18 was too old to remain with his troop. I had sort of slowed down my activities after becoming an E agle S cout, Cuthbert said. My goal was to get back up and get motivated. I loved the Sea Scout ethics and my dad was a Sea Scout, so I just jumped in. skills, special service projects are planned throughout the year to enhance local coastal areas and to improve the environment. These efforts count toward the community service hours required by many schools.Get involved T hose interested in joining the S ea S couts can attend an upcoming meeting of S hip 459. T he next meeting will be held at 7 p.m., Wednesday, Sept. 3. For more information, contact S ean Wardell at 941-792-8200 or email seanwardell@cortezchallenge. org. Sea Scout char ter organization representative Sean Wardell, left, looks on as members of Sea Scout Ship 459 practice rigging a Hunter 216 sailboat with the assistance of Mate Rob Cuth bert, right. Islander Photos: Laurie Hayes Mate Rob Cuthbert, left, watches as son Derek, 18, stows the sail of the Hunter 216 with assistance from Scout A.J. Berger, 16, and Sean Wardell. Cuthbert, who is attending the S tate College of Florida in Bradenton, is one of two ship members pursuing his quartermaster award, the highest rank in Sea Scouts. Those who earn the quartermaster award Guard. Cuthberts father, Rob, holds the position of mate with the scouts and is the Manatee district commissioner for the Boy Scouts of America. While no sailing experience is required to join the S ea S couts, A .J. Berger, 16, of Bradenton, has been sailing since he was 6. His nautical know-how was evident as the scouts worked on a recent Wednesday T o him, the Sea Scouts seemed a natural choice. Im really happy to get to go out on the water, said Berger, who is in the 10th-grade at Community Chris tian School in Bradenton. joined only three months ago. The ship members and leaders are anxious to add a few more boy and girl members to their ranks. In addition to teaching sailing and leadership New turtle-friendly lights under spotlight in Bradenton Beach Islander Reporter New lights lining coastal roadways could make all the difference for sea turtle disorientations. A combined effort between Florida Power and L ight, the Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission and Florida Department of T ransportation could make that happen. T he three entities came together A ug. 24 and A ug. in the 500-1200 blocks Gulf Drive South. If this light shows with all these entities to be turtle friendly, it could be the saving grace with everything were having so much trouble with, said S uzi Fox, executive director of the A nna Maria Island T urtle Watch and Shorebird Monitoring. Bradenton Beach Mayor Bill S hearon said he Duncan to pursue the test. S hearon offered to be the test site three months ago, he said. Fox said a similar test would be held on T urtle Beach in S arasota. T he destinations were chosen because they both have streetlights on coastal roads that are managed by the D OT and also do not have barriers to the lights path to the beach. E xisting bulbs were swapped for an LE D bulb, For each test, 30 hatchlings would be used to measure the lights effect on their speed and direction. Eleven streetlights were shut off to avoid interfer with lights, and four were left dark as a control site. If we dont have a nest hatch out, we wont have a test, Fox said before the test run. Fox said LED lights emit red wavelengths, which are not perceptible to sea turtles. T urtle-friendly lights are often amber, which is 90 percent invisible to sea turtles, but LED lights cant be seen at all, said Fox. A similar test was run 10 years ago, but did not produce the desired effect. However, Fox remained hopeful this collaboration would produce a new turtlefriendly streetlight. In order to install any new streetlights, they must by the DOT and FPL. While most beachside buildings are in compliance with the island cities light ordinances during sea turtle nesting season May through O ctober Fox said the problems with streetlights and sky glow continue. S hearon said, T his is a very important test and this has to be just right. There are no (turtle-friendly) approved streetlights in the state of Florida. Shields alone are by no means an answer. Results of the test were not available by press time for The Islander.


20 AUG. 27, 2014 THE ISLANDER STREETLIFE CONTINUED FROM PAGE 19 DELICIOUS LUNCH DAILYCOME BY LAND OR SEA! ICW Marker 49 INDOOR DINING Open 7 days 11-10 4628 119th St.W., CortezFacebook: Sword sh Grill and Tiki Facebook: Flippin Mullet Sports Bar941.798.2035 Olde Cortez DELICIOUS DELICIOUS LUNCH LUNCH DAILY DAILY NEVER A DULL MOMENT! TUESDAYS: NASCRAB RACES 6-9 (NATIONAL ASSOCIATION OF SAFE CRAB RACING AT BARS) LABOR DAY WEEKEND PARTY! NOON FRI. AUG. 29 KICK-OFF THE WEEKEND!!! CELEBRATION BEGINS WITH BRATWURST SPECIALS, LIVE MUSIC AND DRINKS. SHOTGUN JUSTICE 7-10 SAT. AUG. 30 NOON TIM CHANDLER, 5PM TAYLOR & TAYLOR 8PM MULLET TOURNEY CAPTS MEETING SUN AUG. 31 NOON REID FROST 4PM WEIGH IN: 5 HEAVIEST FISH WIN 4:30 MULLET TOURNEY RAFFLE 5 PM SHOTGUN JUSTICE MON. SEPT. 1 THE PARTY CONTINUES WITH MORE SPECIALS, CORN HOLE MATCHES AND ICE COLD BEERS 4PM NATURAL VIBES NEVER A DULL MOMENT! NEVER A DULL MOMENT! NEVER A DULL MOMENT! NEVER A DULL MOMENT! NEVER A DULL MOMENT! NEVER A DULL MOMENT! NEVER A DULL MOMENT! NEVER A DULL MOMENT! NEVER A DULL MOMENT! NEVER A DULL MOMENT! NEVER A DULL MOMENT! NEVER A DULL MOMENT! NEVER A DULL MOMENT! NEVER A DULL MOMENT! NEVER A DULL MOMENT! NEVER A DULL MOMENT! NEVER A DULL MOMENT! NEVER A DULL MOMENT! NEVER A DULL MOMENT! NEVER A DULL MOMENT! NEVER A DULL MOMENT! NEVER A DULL MOMENT! NEVER A DULL MOMENT! NEVER A DULL MOMENT! NEVER A DULL MOMENT! TUESDAYS: TUESDAYS: NASCRAB NASCRAB RACES 6-9 RACES 6-9 941.778.6614 3007 GULF DRIVE HOLMES BEACH NATIONALLY ACCLAIMED!OPEN 7 DAYS CATERING we deliver for large parties Island Coffee HausReal Florida Relaxation! WE TWEET TOO @ami_islander @ami_islander 102-year-old Holmes Beach woman, aided by a relative, reported jewelry and coins stolen from her home. Photos were provided of the stolen items. glary to dwelling, burglary to conveyance. Residents reported an unknown person or persons gained entry into an unlocked rental vehicle, taking about $9 in change. A second vehicle also had been entered, but nothing was missing. A landscaping brick had been thrown through a glass door at the residence and someone had attempted to remove two window screens. Shopping Center. Battery. HBPD responded to a disturbance in the parking lot and observed a man with some minor bleeding above his right eye and swollen left and the injuries resulted after some friends defended her. The woman declined to pursue charges. real estate agent reported two televisions missing from a rental property. license. A 52-year-old Palmetto man was stopped when he and his passenger were observed not wearing seat belts. The mans license was found to have been suspended. Notice to appear for driving on a suspended license and seat belt citation were issued to the driver. A seat belt citation also was issued to the passenger. where he learned the suspect threw sand in a womans shell on her face and in her ears. The victim said the suspect, a 51-year-old Lakeland man, grabbed her iPhone and threw it into the Gulf of Mexico The victim reported the man grabbed the bill of her visor, pulling her head down, ripping the visor off her head. She had a slight cut on her left cheek. The suspect had left the womans account and a BOLO was issued for her vehicle. Because the suspect could not be located, a capias request was submitted. battery. A woman who had been drinking at the bar told HBPD that she thought someone may have given her a drug without her knowledge and groped her. The activity was not visible on the establishments security video. Complainant stated she noticed a mans black Schwinn bike and a red 5-gallon gas can were missing. child. A 28-year-old male motorist from Bradenton complained that HBPD ruined his 2-year-olds birthday party by writing his friend a ticket. The driver told the driver to leave his vehicle in the parking lot, and he would drive him home. The man then said he had to get home because his two kids, ages 2 and 3, tive to come and care for the children and placed him under arrest for two counts of child neglect without injury. man stated he did not have a valid drivers license. The seeds and shavings of marijuana. A citation was issued for driving with suspended license with knowledge and the man was taken into custody. An officer conducted a traffic stop and learned the 43-year-old Sarasota driver had a suspended license. mans license. The HBPD learned the driver had a previous conviction for DWLS and was on pretrial intervention for a second DWLS charge. The subject admitted knowing his license was suspended. He was taken to Manatee County jail. chief. A crosswalk sign valued at $440 was vandalized. license. A 44-year-old Anna Maria man was stopped in the 6500 block of Gulf Drive. The driver admitted his license was suspended. A tow service was summoned and the driver was taken to Manatee County jail. license. A 45-year-old Parrish man was stopped in the 6000 block of Marina Drive and admitted he did not have a drivers license. The driver had several suspensions of his license dating back to 2011. He was issued a notice to appear for driving on suspended license. were summoned to a home where several items were reported missing, including a 1920s vintage stereoscope, glass electronic tubes from vintage radios, a wooden mask that had hung on wall and a silver cerradios and cash. There was no sign of forced entry. Public Beach, trespass. Manatee County marine rescue called police regarding a 17-year-old Clearwater man. The lifeguards requested a trespass warning for the use of offensive language. ism. A woman called police to report allowing use of her garage for storage, but upon arriving home, she found the garage door kicked in. It was unknown to her if anything was missing. to unoccupied dwelling. A Holmes Beach man reported that while away, unknown person(s) had entered his home, pried a gun cabinet open and removed a 22 caliber handgun. He also reported missing stamps and a stamp holder, a second handgun, jewelry and cash. Fresh marks were found on the bolt lock consistent with it being pried open. Holmes Beach is policed by the HBPD. Streetlife is based on incident reports and narratives from the BBPD, HBPD and MCSO.


THE ISLANDER AUG. 27, 2014 21 Obituaries At your service Obituaries are provided as a community service in The Islander newspaper to residents and family of residents, both past and present, and to those people with ties to Anna Maria Island. Content is edited for style and length. Photos are welcome. Paid obituaries are available by calling 941-778-7978.Ethel Lahr Adams Longtime Anna Maria resident Ethel Lahr Adams died on her 95th birthday, Aug. 12. Mrs. Adams and her late husband John moved to Anna Maria in 1985 from Middletown, New Jersey. They spent many happy years on Anna Maria Island. A memorial service will be held at 1 p.m. Sunday, Aug. 31, at Gloria Dei Lutheran Church, 6608 Marina Drive, Holmes Beach. She is survived by two daughters, Carole Adams and Janet and husband Stuart Lilly, and grandchildren Justin, Elise, Jenna and Beth. Robert Kirk Balsai was born to Irene and Andrew Balsai in New Jersey. Mr. Balsai was a graduate of Manatee High School. He served in the U.S. Navy aboard the USS Nimitz for four years. He worked 26 years at the Sports Lounge in Bradenton Beach. A memorial service with military honors was held Aug. 21 at Roser Memorial Community Church in Anna Maria. Mr. Balsai is survived by son Braun Robert Balsai; fiance Sherry Monteith; brother Andrew Balsai of Brick, New Jersey; many dear cousins, friends and the Brown family. Mildred Millie Rose Haas Mildred Millie Rose Haas, 88, of Bradenton, died Aug. 15. She was born March 10, 1926, in Perrysburg, Ohio, to Everett A. Mahler and Bertha Pratt Mahler. Mrs. Haas came to Bradenton in August 1960. She was a homemaker and mother of 12 children and a longtime member of St. Joseph Catholic Church in Bradenton. Visitation was held Aug. 24 at Brown & Sons Funeral Homes-43rd Street Chapel, Bradenton. Mass was celebrated Aug. 25, at St. Joseph Catholic Church, Bradenton. Memorial donations may be made to St. Josephs School, 3100 26th St. W., Bradenton FL 34205, or a charity of ones choic e. Condolences may be made online at Mrs. Haas was preceded in death by her husband of 54 years, Bernard P. She is survived by sister Doris Beach, Dale A. of Sarasota, Gerald A. of Fort Myers, Mark E. of Tampa, James J. of Bradenton, Elaine M. of Bradenton, Francis J. of Bradenton, Douglas P. of Palmetto, Cheryl A. Gonzales of Albuquerque, New Mexico, Bonnie R. Haas-Cumber of Tampa, and Laura L. Cleveland of Scottsburg, Indiana; 23 grandchildren; and 14 great-grandchildren. Vietnam. Mr. Ibasfalean was an architect and general conAnna Maria Island. He was a member of Roser Memorial Community Church in Anna Maria, where he served on the church board of trustees. A memorial service was held Aug. 23 at Roser Chapel in Anna Maria. Memorial contributions may be made to Roser Church, PO Box 247, Anna Maria FL 34216, for buildings and grounds improvements or Tidewell Hospice, 5955 Rand Blvd., Sarasota FL 34238. Condolences may be made online to www. Brown & Sons Funeral Homes & Crematory 43rd Street Chapel, Bradenton, is in charge of arrangements. Mr. Ibasfalean is survived by wife Bette; daughter Amanda; sisters Edna, Helen, and Mary; brothers Glen, George and John and their families. Dan also leaves behind his sweetheart of 54 years, Ginger Braune, and their dogs Heidi and Susie. Daniel David Ibasfalean Daniel David Ibasfalean, 73, died Aug. 17 at Tidewell Hospice in Bradenton. He was born Dec. 26, 1940, to Cleonic and Virginia Flock Ibasfalean in Monroe, Michigan. He graduated from Manatee High School in 1959, Manatee Junior College in 1962 and, in 1971, from the University of Florida College of Architecture and Fine Arts with a bachelor of architecture degree. He served in the U.S. Navy Seabees in Ibasfalean 16 Ice Cold Craft Beers on Tap, $2 per draft 16 Ice Cold Craft Beers on Tap, $2 per draft beach views & sunsets Hancock Bank hosts masked networking event Hancock Bank, 5324 Gulf Drive, Holmes Beach, will hold A Night in Disguise Wednesday, Aug. 27. The masked evening is a business card exchange for the Anna Maria Island Chamber of Commerce. Members and their guests are encouraged to wear masks to the event, which will begin at 5 p.m. and continue to 7 p.m. The fee is $5 per member. For details, call the chamber at 941-778-1541.


22 AUG. 27, 2014 THE ISLANDER Grill Seafood Grill Seafood Grill Seafood Come try some cracker shrimp! Live music Friday & Saturday121 Bridge St. Bradenton Beach 941-896-9737 THE FEAST RESTAURANTEnjoy your feast THE FEAST THE FEAST RESTAURANT RESTAURANT LABOR DAY NOON-7 P.M. MONDAY SEPT. 1MEANS GREAT FOOD AT Kirby Stewart Post 24 Kirby Stewart Post 24 Kirby Stewart Post 24 The American Legion Smoke-Free Facility / Always Open to The Public 2000 75TH ST. W., BRADENTON, 941-794-3489 Attention: Parents, teachers, friends of AME, submit school news to By Jennifer Island FleaGet your TIKI on at the Islands newest hot spot for music, food and fun! Burgers, fish taco, wings, fries & more! HOURS Wed-Sun 5 to 10-ish5704 Marina Drive HB, 941.778.4402 Island Flea WED. LOCALS NIGHT! COME IN FOR A BEER ON US. THURS. LADIES NIGHT DOUG BIDWELL 7-10 FRI. BEATLES NIGHT, APPLE SCRUFFS 7-10 SAT. DANCE PARTY, SHIFT CHANGE 7-10 SUN. BLUES & BBQ, WALKER SMITH BAND 6-8THEN WERE ON BREAK! SEE YOU 9/17. 2000 75th St. W., BradentonSmoke-Free Facility / Always Open to The PublicLunches ~ Dinners ~ Dances ~ Bingo Amusement Center and More! FOR A SCHEDULE OF ACTIVITIES AND EVENTS CALL 941-794-3489 or visit Kirby Stewart Post 24 WELCOME TO Kirby Stewart Post 24 Kirby Stewart Post 24 WELCOME TO The American Legion AUTHENTIC GERMAN BEER, FOOD, CAKES AND ATMOSPHERE! THE REAL GERMAN RESTAURANT ON FLORIDAS WEST COAST ON FLORIDAS WEST COAST ON FLORIDAS WEST COAST Old HamburgSchnitzelhaus FRIDAY & SATURDAY OVEN-FRESH BAVARIAN HAXEN &CRISPY DUCKLINGCALL AHEAD TO RESERVE 1st week of school: smooth sailing Islander Reporter Schools back in session and Anna Maria Elementheir parents. School staff, local police and Parent Teacher Organization volunteers greeted students and those who of class, which was Aug. 18. It has gone extremely smooth, said principal Jackie Featherston. And Im hearing staff say weve had the smoothest dismissals. Featherston, who is new to AME this school year, hectic time and take longer because more parents pick up and drop off students. Police and staff greeting students as they walked into school placed color-coded bands on wrists indicating how the children will get home parent pickup, bus or walk to ease confusion when school let out. As they settle-in, the dismissals get a little bit better, but were seeing the majority of dismissal done in about 15 minutes, Featherston said. Featherston made her rounds to the classrooms. She said she greeted every class, introducing herself to students and asking students about themselves. AME had 260 students enrolled at Islander press time, but Featherston said she expected a few more students to enroll in the next month. Were right at about the same as what we ended with last year, she said. First-grade twins Jackson and Ben Jardine receive transportation wristbands from Sally Jackson Aug. day of school at Anna Maria Elementary, 4007 Gulf Drive, Holmes Beach. Islander Photos: Karen Riley Love / Makena Corr shows her kindergarten nametag day of school. Friends Brogan Sauls and Chloe Mattick chat and kindergarten. AME kindergartner student Heidi Querrard poses Welcome back to


THE ISLANDER AUG. 27, 2014 23 We made stone crabs famous! Starting Sept 1, Closed Mon-Wed OPEN THU-SUN 11:30-9:30LONGBOATS PREMIER WATERFRONT RESTAURANT! Since 1967 MOORE S STONE CRAB RESTAURANTIts going to be a Crab Tastic Summer!ALLYOUCANEAT Maine Lobster $29.99 or Alaskan Snow Crab Clusters $29.99Also: Fresh Seafood, Pasta, Steaks & Chicken Best food, best service, best view ... Any closer to the water, your feet will get wet! www.stonecrab.ccWAIT! Keep your bibs on! Lost art rediscovered in the heart of Cortez Islander Reporter If these old boats could talk, they would tell of journeys to foreign nations, through storms and calm The boats sitting at the Florida Institute for Saltwater Heritages Boatworks facility at 4404 116th St. W., Cortez, have been given a second life, and Rick Stewart is there to tell their stories. Stewart, manager of Boatworks, specializes in wooden boats, but he and a group of loyal volunteers that routinely joins him, renovate all types of boats donated to FISH. This is art. Wooden boat building isnt mechanical, its an art, said Stewart. The boats coming into FISHs Boatworks are donated, often historical and most are sold after renoof the Cortez maritime culture and history, as well as overseeing the FISH Preserve in the village. Stewart said he has nearly 50 volunteers throughout the year and, in the offseason, he has eight steady helpers. This place is a beehive in October. I need summer volunteers, Stewart said. The steady volunteers, Stewart said, are old-timers who have valuable skills relating to the vanishing art of wooden boat-building and also have abundant knowledge of the area to impart to newcomers. Stewart is actively seeking younger volunteers with any skill level to come to Boatworks 8 a.m.-3 p.m. Thursday-Saturday, to learn the vanishing trade. Stewart also is offering classes on the history and trade Saturdays at 9 a.m. Im giving back to what Ive learned in my younger years. I want young people to be involved in craftsmanship. Theyre so involved in technology thats coming out in rapid succession. This industry is about slowing down and handcrafting things and learning skills from elders, Stewart said. Inside the shop, vessels in various stages of restoration take up all but the little space left for walkways, including the skeleton for a coquina rowing skiff. at the 2015 Cortez Commercial Fishing Festival in February. Stewart builds or renovates a boat for the The coquina rowing skiff is made of African mahogany, which Stewart said is known as Cortez varnish. he said. Its like a Harley-Davidson Sportster. It has those lines. Little Coquina will be recycled from other vessels on the property. Raised on blocks on the outside porch is an old sat in the Boatworks yard for years and, with a recent will be able to restore it. The previous years budget allotted Boatworks $6,000, and Stewart said the amount left him and his crew scraping by, pushing major restorations off to the future. The current years budget doubled to $12,000, allowing him to purchase lumber and tools necessary for larger projects, such as the Campesina. I love this boat. I only have two photos to work from to restore it, so itll never be historically accurate, said Stewart. But, like a skilled surgeon, Stewart can diagnose the needs of the vessel as he dissects it, and speculate about its history. This boat was nailed together, which is not typical. It was crudely built, but the skills used to build it Donations and volunteers needed The Florida Institute for Saltwater Heritages Boatworks takes donations of boats and tools. The boats must have a clear title. Manager of FISHs Boatworks program, Rick Stewart, determines if the boat is restorable depending on the condition of the boat, its history and available resources for the required restoration. Donations need not be historic. FISH. Volunteers of any skill level or trade background are welcome 8 a.m.-3 p.m. Thursday-Saturday. For more information, call Rick Stewart at 941-580-1036. are top notch, including the design. That tells me there was probably a lack of resources, he said. Next to the Campesina sits a celebrity, the Ana Mendez. The Ana Mendez is government-owned, belonging to De Soto National Memorial. The reproduction of a 1539 longboat is used in the annual reenactment of the Spanish conquistadors arrival to Floridas shoreline. The longboat also is used in parades and displays. Stewart said the Ana Mendez was made at Boatworks, and is on deadline to be used in a fall festival at the end of October at the memorial in Bradenton. This project is helping us build a relationship with De Soto Memorial. I feel like Im doing a good thing because its for all the people, Stewart said. Its one charitable organization helping another. The Boatworks building at the northwest corner of the 90-acre FISH preserve also houses other celebrity boats, including the Esperanza and the Sally Adams. Both historic vessels will be on display Nov. 1 at the Sarasota and Nov. 15 at the Florida Maritime Museums Boatyard Bash. The museum is adjacent to the preserve. For more information on volunteering or donating to Boatworks, stop by the yard or call Rick Stewart at 941-580-1036. Rick Stewart, manager of the Florida Institute for Saltwater Heritage Boatworks, works Aug. 13 on the WE TWEET TOO @ami_islander @ami_islander


24 AUG. 27, 2014 THE ISLANDER Find more sports online! Share the news. MB MARINE LLCElectronics / Electrical Installation & ServicePO Box 1064 Cortez, Fl 34215(941) 920-1169 COME CRUISE ON OUR PRIVATE YACHT 941-780-8010 Now and Then Excursions AM City Pier tides; Cortez high tides 7 minutes later lows 1:06 later Anna Maria Island Tides Date AM HIGH PM HIGH AM LOW PM LOW Moon Aug. 27 1:26 2.0 1:33 2.4 7:10 0.8 7:47 0.7 Aug. 28 1:46 2.2 2:11 2.3 7:50 0.7 8:11 0.8 Aug. 29 2:12 2.3 2:53 2.1 8:33 0.7 8:37 1.0 Aug. 30 2:44 2.4 3:43 2.0 9:24 0.6 9:06 1.1 Aug. 31 3:21 2.4 4:46 1.8 10:24 0.6 9:38 1.2 Sept. 1 4:05 2.5 6:15 1.6 11:37 0.6 10:16 1.4 Sept. 2 5:00 2.5 8:19 1.6 1:00p 0.5 11:11 1.5 1st Sept. 3 6:08 2.5 9:58 1.7 2:20p 0.4 Cathy Schmidt, LPGA Class A Pro TEACHES THE SECRETS TO GOLF Learning is easy and fun! Improve your game in as little as an hour!PRIVATE LESSONSOLF SCHOOLSEEKLY CLINICSLADIES PUNIORSIDEO ANALYSIS & DOPPLER ANALYSISLL SKILL LEVELS Open Mon-Fri 8-4, Saturday by Appointmen t 12044 Cortez Rd. W, (941) 792-7657 marinedocktor@msn.comMake one stop to shop for the Dock !marine dockto r s Re mote Controls County recruiting ag football players Manatee County Parks and Natural Resources Department is registering people for the fall adult Sept. 3. Adults 18 and older can join the league, which plays games at Palma Sola Park in Bradenton. For more information, call the county athletic Islander Reporter As the Anna Maria Island Community Center of playoffs, Slims Place Seahawks have completed the regular season with a perfect 8-0 record, securing the top seed for the playoffs and the accompanying bye Second-seed Feast Redskins will take on seventhseed Sato Browns, while third-seed Beach to Bay Broncos will take on sixth-seed Island Real Estate Jessies Island Store Dolphins battling Agnelli Pool & Spa Giants for a shot at the top seed. The playoffs get started at 6 p.m. Thursday, Aug. Sept. 11. Aug. 21 began with a remake of the Shootout to Bay Construction outlasting Agnelli Pool & Spa 50-45 as B-to-B quarterback Rob Mandarine threw a touchdown reception on a pass from CJ Moore. passes for 144, including three touchdown receptions and a pair of extra points. CJ Moore added touchdown on only six carries. CJ Moore completed the scoring intercepting a pass from Giants quarterback Chuck Bucky that he ran in for a touchdown. Agnelli Pool & Spa was led by Bucky, who completed 21 of 30 passes for 421 yards and seven touchfinishing with 11 catches for 259 yards and four touchdowns and a pair of extra points. Scott Eason added three catches for 94 yards and two touchdowns, yards and a touchdown on offense, also adding an interception on defense. The Feast edged Sato Real Estate 32-26 in the second game of the evening behind a good all-around game from Ray Gardner. Gardner ran for a touchdown, caught two touchdowns and threw for a touchCaleb Roberts threw for 90 yards and a pair of touchdowns while also catching six passes for 80 yards and a touchdown. Josh Sato threw one touchdown pass and caught three passes for 60 yards and an extra point. Shay Coleman completed the scoring for The Feast with a 20-yard touchdown catch and an extra point. Jason Sato threw for 204 yards and three touchdown passes to lead the Sato offense, which also received a pair of touchdown receptions from Eric and an extra point. Chad Woods, who added three catches for 60 yards and a touchdown, and Jesse rushing for 36 yards and a touchdown, completed the scoring for Sato in the loss. Slims Place Seahawks slipped past Jessies Island Store 21-13 to complete an undefeated regular season in the third game of the evening behind 202 passing yards and three touchdown passes from quarterback Don Purvis. Andrew Turman was his favorite target on six catches for 119 yards and two touchdowns, while Pat ing a touchdown and three extra points. Jessies Island Store was led by Andy Szabo, who caught four passes for 40 yards, including a pair of touchdowns and an extra point while completing three passes for 63 yards. Ryan Moss threw for 64 yards and two catches for 57 yards in the loss. Store roll to a 39-25 victory over Island Real Estate behind a huge game from Ryan Moss. He completed 17 of 22 passes for 298 yards and six touchdown passes. added a pair of touchdown catches. Island Real Estate was led by quarterback Larry Berkery, who threw for 203 yards and four touchdown ing with six catches for 76 yards and two touchdowns, yards and a pair of touchdown receptions in the loss. The center is at 407 Magnolia Ave., Anna Maria. Call 941-778-1908 for more information. Basketball skill-training offered at center This trainer guarantees he can improve your skills. Anna Maria Island Community Center assistant athletic director Ray Gardner is offering skill development training at the center. The cost for his individualized training is $40 for two sessions, $75 for four sessions and $125 for eight sessions. And Gardner is so sure youll see an increase in money-back-guarantee if you see no improvement at the end of his training. No experience is necessary, just a desire to be a better basketball player. For more information or to schedule a training session, contact Gardner at 313-207-8506. Key Royale golf news individual-low and gross-net golf match. 6-under-par 26 to earn a three-shot low-net victory. Sue Wheeler was alone in second place at 3-under-par 29, Wohlers gross score of 3-over-par 35 also was the best of the day. She was seven shots ahead of Liz Horseshoe news Sam Samuels and Steve Grossman were the only team to compile a 3-0 record in pool play and were the days outright champs during Aug. 20 horseshoe action at the Anna Maria City Hall horseshoe pits. Two teams advanced from pool play during Aug. 23 action and battled it out for the days bragging rights. Sam Samuels was back in the winners circle again, teaming up with Tim Sofran to record a 22-11 victory over Dom Livedoti and Jay Disbrow. Play gets underway at 9 a.m. every Wednesday and Saturday at the Anna Maria City Hall pits. Warm-ups begin at 8:45 a.m. Welcome to NealWorkers for Creative Design Signs of Bradenton erect a permanent sign at the entrance to the Neal Preserve, a Manatee County-owned nature preserve on Manatee Avenue West/State Road 64 across from the entrance to the Harbour Isle community. The sign replaces an older, wooden sign. Islander Photo: Rick Catlin


THE ISLANDER AUG. 27, 2014 25 Light T Fishin g Char tersCapt. W arren GirleInshore Offshore Li ht Tk l Capt. W arren Girle o r e h O GIFT CERTIFICATES AVAILABLELocated at the Seafood Shack, 4110 127th St. W., SUNSET JETSKI TOUR LIMITED TIME ONLYONLY $99CALL FOR DETAILS*Not valid with other offers. Tax not included.941-538-4290 Islander Exclusive IN-HOUSE PROFESSIONAL ROD REPAIRISLAND DISCOUNT TACKLE5503 MARINA DRIVE at KEYES MARINA, HBOPEN DAILY 7AM 941-779-2838Major Credit Cards Accepted Visit us at Red ride bloom reported near southern Pasco A patchy bloom of the Florida red tide organism was located Aug. 20 in the northeast Gulf of Mexico about 20 miles offshore between northern Dixie and southern Pasco counties. Additionally, several water samples collected offshore of Pinellas County contained low levels of Karenia brevis, the red tide organism. However, no bloom concentrations of red tide were detected alongshore or inshore of any of the areas sampled, according to a news release from the Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission. kills and respiratory irritation, according to the FWC, which posts information about red tide at its website, Moore of Palma Sola in Bradenton shows ever gag grouper, caught Aug. with Capt. Warren Girle. By Capt. Danny Stasny Islander Reporter yet another late summer season. Schools are containAlthough only a couple of schools have been sighted, more will be showing in the weeks to come. sandy potholes and/or oyster bars. determined by your approach. If you come up on the them. Take your time and study their movements so you can predict where theyre headed. Then you can quietly and successfully approach the school to present a bait. shiners generally work to hook up the copper-colored great. So do gold spoons. snapper to be abundant and his clients are having great action on medium tackle. By using live or fresh-cut shiners, Girles clients are catching their limits of snapper without much effort. Cobia are patrolling the juvenile gag and red grouper are being reeled up in between snapper bites. Spanish mackerel are congregating around structure in the Gulf. Free-lined shiners dont last long when the Spanish macks are around. Fish up to 22-inches to the fork are the norm. Moving inshore, Girle is targeting schooling reds higher parts of the tide, Girle is scouting out these schools and leading his clients to them. Most reds are falling in the upper-slot or over-slot range. Jim Malfese at the Rod & Reel Pier says mangrove snapper are the most consistent bite at the R&R. With water clarity nearing perfect, you can see the schools of snapper under the pier. This being said, they leader. Fifteen-pound test is great, but I wouldnt go more than 20. Live shrimp or shiners combined with an extra small hook will get you connected. Spanish mackerel are being caught at the pier. Gotcha plugs or speck rigs are proving prosperous. Expect to catch macks 15-20 inches. Additionally, with the reopening of snook season just around the corner Sept. 1 its time to start watching for snook at the R&R. With the clear water were experiencing, you can see these giant snook Capt. Aaron Lowman at Island Discount Tackle is being caught by casting a few shiners into the shore theres also a challenge in being accurate because your bait placement is crucial when sight-casting. Moving out to nearshore structure, Lowman is to catch snapper 12-15 inches, with the possibility of bigger ones in the mix. the bay. Live shiners free-lined behind the boat are a Capt. Rick Gross of Fishy Business Charters is big spawner reds to school up, Gross is on the lookout. and catching reds when the opportunity presents itself. are producing bites. Upper-slot and over-slot reds are being reeled to the boat. in Tampa Bay, Gross is catching snapper in the 15-inch range. Fresh-cut shiners on a rig consisting of 20-pound ting the bite. catch-and-release snook and mangrove snapper. Howard has been locating spotted seatrout in 2-8 feet of water. These yellow-mouthed bruisers are being caught on shiners on the moving tide. Using a popping cork rigged with a tiny split shot near the hook will get the baits deeper in the water column and keep them the beaches and on the outside points of Tampa Bay. the passes when the new moon arrives. Chum with schools and rallies are starting to occur during Howards recent charters. Hes using live and dead shiners of reds from the outside edges on low tide and then up into the bushes as the tide increases.


26 AUG. 27, 2014 THE ISLANDER Send your travel and vacation pics to SHARE THE FUN! WE ROCK More than 200 beautiful hand-selected properties to choose from. Stop by our of ces or visit our web-site to book your next vacation in paradise! 941-779-0733 Business news Does your business have achievements to celebrate? Maybe youve just opened a business or your business received an award or special recognition. If so, wed like to hear from you. To be considered, email your information, who, what, where, when and why, to news@ Hi-res photos also are welcome. Gulf-Bay Realty of Anna Maria Inc. Jesse Brisson Broker Associate, GRI 941-713-4755 800-771-6043 Call Jesse Brisson941-713-4755BAYFRONT BEAUTY: Perched on the edge of the bay, this 2bed/2bath bayfront home has sweeping views of the bay and ICW. Craftsmanship shows in every detail of this beautiful home with dock and of ce or third bedroom. Turnkey furnished. $1,050,000 5BED/3BATH DUPLEX: West of Gulf Drive, just steps to the beach this relaxed living duplex is currently a successful vacation rental. Excellent rental history and con rmed future bookings. Turnkey furnished. $915,000. 4BED/2BATH DUPLEX: : Location, Location, Location. Across from public beach and off of Gulf Drive, this duplex comes turnkey furnished! $365,000. SNEAD ISLAND: Built in 2006 on over half an acre, this 4bed/3bath home features 14-ft ceilings, crown moldings, kitchen with black granite counter tops, Grand views ,saltwater pool with waterfall feature, 200-ft new dock. Much much more. $949,000. FLAMINGO TOWNHOME: Totally redone from head to toe, this 2bed/2bath condo is conveniently located close to Robinson Preserve, Anna Maria Island and, with a pool and docks, what more do you need?! $175,000. POOL HOME WITH SLIP: This elevated 2bed/2bath pool home built on an oversize lot also includes a deeded boat slip. Inviting layout takes full advantage of blending indoors with outdoors. $589,999. Paddles and propertySteve Traves brings his paddleboard ashore. Hes Bradenton area to join Global Luxury Realty, as it expands its 200-member team, headquartered in ters Coastal Gear and Apparel, 505 Pine Ave., Anna Maria. Islander Courtesy Photo Sea-renity eases into anniversary Ahh. An anniversary. Sea-renity Beach Spa and Eco Boutique is marking its third year on Bridge Street in Bradenton Beach with anniversary discounts. Through the end of September, Sea-renity is offering select spa services for $30. Sea-renitys beach spa has four licensed massage therapists and one esthetician on staff for indoor spa services, and also offers the islands only tiki hut massage, located on the beach in the 1300 block of Gulf Drive North in Bradenton Beach across from the Silver Surf Hotel. The eco-boutique-spa at 112 Bridge St. has evolved Design Studio and spa owner and massage therapist Amanda Escobio. Red House Design creates coastal art from repurposed wood and offers their work in the boutique. Searenity also sells locally made jewelry, bath and body products, glass wind chimes and fair trade chocolate. Escobio has worked as a massage therapist for 18 years and offered therapeutic massage on Anna Maria Island since 2007, previously under the Island Wellness name. For more information about Sea-renity or the anniversary observance, call the spa-boutique at 941-7796836 or go online to The Sea-renity Beach Spa and Eco Boutique is celebrating an anniversary throughout August and September. The spa operates on Bridge Street in Bradenton Beach, where there is a store, and in a tiki hut on the beach in the 1300 block of Gulf Drive North in Bradenton Beach. Islander Courtesy PhotoChamber schedules busy September The Anna Maria Island Chamber of Commerce is hosting two networking events in September for members and guests. The chambers monthly networking luncheon event will be 11:30 a.m.-1 p.m. Wednesday, Sept. 3, Cortez. Cost of the luncheon is $15 for members, and members are encouraged to bring a potential chamber member. The monthly sunrise breakfast will be 7:45-9 a.m. Wednesday, Sept. 10, at the Sign of the Mermaid restaurant, 9707 Gulf Drive, Anna Maria. Cost of the breakfast is $8 for members and their guests. Reservations are required for both events. For reservations or information, call the chamber at 941-778-1541.Chamber expo draws 150 An estimated 150 people attended and participated in the Anna Maria Island Chamber of Commerce Small Business Expo, held Aug. 19 at CrossPointe Fellowship in Holmes Beach, according to chamber vice president Deb Wing. She said the expo was a big success. Vendors at the expo provided job seekers with a detailed their volunteer opportunities. The expo also included seminars on marketing, advertising, management and budgets to vendors and expo guests. It was a very good day, Wing said. It seems to be growing, and next year should be even better. islbizNEWS


THE ISLANDER AUG. 27, 2014 27 A.M.I. BEACHES REAL ESTATE5702 Marina Dr, Holmes Beach CALL THE BEACHES EXPERTCindy Quinn, P.A., Realtor, CDPECell: 941-780-8000Go to my website to view all AMI 7823 PORTOSUENO AVENUE LOT 3 4/5 HOMESITES TO CHOOSE FROMA truly amazing property, with calm water, gentle breezes and the shade of beautiful trees. Go to our website for more information, photos and to watch the video, A Day In The Life at Palma Sola palma-sola-park-properties ALC AZAR DRIVE PROPERTY 1.8 ACRES ON THE P ALMA SOLA PA RK BO A T B ASINConnecting people to their lifestyle dreams.Peter G. Laughlin 941.356.8428 peter.laughlin@ 1201 ALC AZAR DRIVE LOT 4 1203 ALC AZAR DRIVE LOT 5 1205 ALC AZAR DRIVE LOTS 6&7Sothebys International Realty and the Sothebys International Realty logo are registered service marks used with permission. Each ofce is independently owned and operated. Equal Housing Opportunity. PETER G. LAUG H L IN CONNECTING PEOPLE TO THEIR LIFESTYLE DREAMS BUY and SELL with the Premier Family TODAY! Laurie M. Mock, MBA Licensed Real Estate Broker 941-232-2665 George Myers Sales Associate 941-224-6021 INCMike N orman Realty31O1 GULF DR, HOLMES BEACH I NEED LISTINGS! And Ill give you 100 percent effort.JASON HRNAK 941-773-6572 Anna Maria Island Chamber of Commerce board member Wende Webb of the Anna Maria Island Community Center, left, chats with Penelope Mabrey at the chambers Aug. 19 business expo. Islander Photo: Rick Catlin Homemade cookies are offered by Fay Grooms, left, and Gina Riley, both of Grooms Automotive in Holmes Beach, at the chamber expo Aug. 19. Islander Photo: Rick Catlin Giving advice on insurance and investments at a booth for Boyd Insurance and Investment Services in Bradenton are Russ Dozeman, Deb Merrick and Richard G. Gross. Islander Photo: Rick Catlin Enjoying a conversation at the Anna Maria Island Chamber of Commerce Business Expo Aug. 19 at CrossPointe Fellowship in Holmes Beach are, from left, Janet Mixon of Mixon Fruit Farms and Melissa Raburn and Lois Gift of Hancock Bank. Both Mixon and Gift serve on the chamber board of directors. Islander Photo: Rick CatlinIsland real estate transactionsBy Jesse Brisson Special to The Islander 1967 on a 98x151 lot was sold 07/31/14, Heil to Tucker for $1,025,000; list $1,150,000. 2,780 sfur 3bed/2bath/2car canalfront pool home built in 1980 on a 75x120 lot was sold 08/01/14, Moynihan to Davis for $837,500; list $873,500. on a 45x100 lot was sold 08/08/14, Golino to Florida Gulf Coast Vacation Homes LLC for $800,000. sfur 3bed/2bath/2car pool home built in 1995 on a 90x90 lot was sold 08/01/14, Schaffer to Parisi for $705,000; list $749,000. 5bed/3bath pool home built in 1968 on a 101x78 lot was sold 08/05/14, Bell to Pouget for $675,000; list $699,000. 3,338 sfur 3bed/3bath home built in 2001 on a 4,250 sq ft lot was sold 08/05/14, Michael to Sniadach for $529,000. sfur 2bed/1bath home built in 1961 on a 15,725 sq ft lot was sold 07/31/14, Giles to 302 55th LLC for $520,000; list $549,000. sfur 3bed/2bath duplex built in 1968 on a 9,408 sq ft lot was sold 08/05/14, Young to Beachtyme LLC for $493,000; list $529,000. 3004 Ave. C, Holmes Beach, a vacant 15,002 sq ft lot was sold 08/05/14, Wanzer to G A C Ventures III LLC for $395,000. sfur 2bed/1bath half duplex built in 1957 on a 54x78 lot 5608 Gulf Drive, Unit 215, Sun Plaza West, Holmes shared pool built in 1981 was sold 08/06/14, Chrisman to Full Throttle Properties LLC for $325,100. 4307 Gulf Drive, Unit 206, Cayman Cay, Holmes shared pool built in 1974 was sold 08/04/14, Reeves to Retus for $215,000; list $232,000. Jesse Brisson, broker/associate at Gulf-Bay Realty of Anna Maria, can be reached at 941-778-7244.


28 AUG. 27, 2014 THE ISLANDER LOST & FOUND PETS m m. BOATS & BOATING m. HELP WANTED annam interest to g. KIDS FOR HIRE Beach. SERVICES ITEMS FOR SALE FREEBIE ITEMS FOR SALE g ANNOUNCEMENTS g or place g. Beach. Beach. purchase online: m. GARAGE SALES items. Beach. g or place g. Sandy s Lawn Ser vice Inc.Established in 1983 Residential and Commercial Full ser vice lawn maintenance Landscaping Clean-up Hauling tree trimming Licensed & Insured Paradise Improvements 941.792.5600Kitchen and Bath Remodeling Specialist Replacement Doors and Windows Andrew ChennaultFULLY LICENSED AND INSURED Island References Lic#CBC056755 I S L A N D E R C L A S S I F I E D S Residential & Condo Renovations vice RDI CONSTRUCTION INC.CBC 1253471 Bed: A bargain! King, Queen, Full & Tw in, pre-owned from $30 new/used. 941-922-5271 www t Windows & Doors 941-730-5045WEATHERSIDE LLC LIC#CBC1253145H URRIC ANE AMI TA XI 800.301.4816professional, metered, on-call, gps, cards acceptedwww mholmes beach, bradenton beach, anna maria ANSWERS TO AUG. 27 PUZZLE WH AT NA SA SW AB TL C PH IL OO DI NN OB UH EE WR ITI NW RONG AW AY WE GO DE IS TI OS GO RP CI AR A JA CK IN CO KE RO CK IN RO LL SK YN OS ES WA TH EL DO PA IM FR OT IS AS HA KA N SP AT IA LL OL LT HA RI DE NE WS ST AN DL ED AG GR ES S AR EA SR AP VI DE OE EO GE DS BA RR IN GR IL LB IN G IN OC ON GE AL SH OM IE EVE NI NG SE RI ST HA TA LL LE AP ER MS AH LS OU RC ES MR SP RE OP CA SE SL Y STYL IG RA VE NM IN IZ EE TI MI NA GA IN SH OW IN TE LL CO MT EY NE ZA JA OA SI S MA NP UR SE CU TT IN PA ST E AL EC IT EK NE EN UT TY PS YK EE LS EE RA PS E Adopt-A-Pet Juno is 3-4 year old American Staffordshire mix. She was rescued from Manatee County Animal Services with wounds from a prong collar. Juno is a friendly, wonderful dog. Shes active and likes to run alongside you on a bike! She is good with other dogs, not fond of cats, loves people. Juno is spayed, microchipped and up to date on her vaccinations. Moonracer No Kill Animal Rescue, 941-896-6701 or email Visit The Islander for more info about Juno and other rescued, adoptable pets. 5604B MARINA DRIVE, HOLMES BEACH WWW.ISLANDER.ORG 5604B MARINA DRIVE, HOLMES BEACH 5604B MARINA DRIVE, HOLMES BEACH Early deadline Aug. 29 for Sept. 3 edition


THE ISLANDER AUG. 27, 2014 29 LAWN & GARDEN Continued LANDSCAPING HOME IMPROVEMENT 941-778-2711 CommercialPHOTOGRAPHYReal Estate Aerial Studio Product Interior Architectural Stock Pictures Web Printing Post Cards Brochures Headshots .com315 58th St Holmes Beach, FL 34217 SERVICES Continued 4152. m. LAWN & GARDEN DANS RESCREEN INC.POOL CAGES, LANAIS, PORCHES, WINDOWS, DOORS No Job TOO BIG or TOO SMALL. Free Estimates. I S L A N D E R C L A S S I F I E D S WASH FAMILY CONSTRUCTION941.725.0073LOCALL Y OWNED AND FAMIL Y OPERATED SINCE 1988State Lic. CBC1258250CALL THE ISLAN DS FINEST MORE THAN 2,500 LARGE AND SMALL PROJECTS ON AMI SINCE 1988!We provide design plans~You preview 3-D drawings Family Owned and Operated since 1975 viceCHRISTIES PLUMBINGResidential & Commercial#CFC1426596 ____________ ___________ ___________ ___________ ___________ ___________ ___________ ____________ ___________ ___________ ___________ ___________ ___________ ___________ ____________ ___________ ___________ ___________ ___________ ___________ ___________ ____________ ___________ ___________ ___________ ___________ ___________ ___________ CLASSIFIED RATES: Minimum $12 for up to 15 WORDS. 16-30 words: $20. 31-45 words: $40. BOX ad: additional $4. (Phone number is a "word.")The deadline is NOON Monday every week for Wednesdays paper.Run issue date(s) _________ _________ _________ _________ or TFN start date: ______________ Amt. pd _________________ Date _____________ Ck. No. _________ Cash _______ By _________ Credit card payment: d u No. _____________________________________________________ Name shown on card: ____________________________________________ card exp. date ______ / ______ House no. or P.O. box no. on cc bill ________________________ Billing address zip code ________________ Your e-mail for renewal reminder: ____________________________________________________________ CLASSIFIED AD ORDER HONEY DOHOME REPAIRS & HANDYMAN SERVICE35 years of experience means service you can count on!PAINTING, DRYWALL, TILE, WOODWORK, ALL TASKS941.896.5256 We Can Repair or Install Anything With Your Home HONEY DO HOME REPAIRHandyman Service Joesph LaBrecque Free Estimates S S C R E E N C R E E N P P R O S R O S A N D A N D M M O R E O R E Island LimousinePROMPT, COURTEOUS SERVICE AIRPORT PERMITTED & LIVERY INSURED941-779-0043 Dont leave the Island without taking time to subscribe. Youll get ALL the best news, delivered by the mailman every week. Visit us at 5604B Marina Drive, Holmes Beach or call 941-778-7978. Online edition: www.islander.orgJUST VISITING PARADISE? Cleaning by LAURA Pet FriendlyFor honest, reliable and friendly service Contact me today.Call: 941-539-6891 or email cleaning bylaura@ hotmail.comGod Bless You! Early deadline Aug. 29 for Sept. 3 edition


30 AUG. 27, 2014 THE ISLANDER RENTALS Continued m I S L A N D E R C L A S S I F I E D S 5351 Gulf Drive No. 4, Holmes Beach GATED COMMUNITYRare buildable lot in exclusive Harbour Landings Estates. Choose your own builder. Reduced to $180,000 OWNER MAY FINANCE FREE PUBLIC SEMINARMAPS IS BACK FRIDAY, AUG. 29th @ 11AM Speaker: Mark Liebel, Owner/VP Duncan Seawall REFRESHMENTS SERVEDNICOLE SKAGGS, BROKER, 941-773-3966DEEP-WATER CANALNo bridges to the bay and built in 2001. This beauty is 3BR/2BA with well over 3,200 sf under air, gourmet kitchen and 4-car garage. Great location! REDUCED $100K BAYSHORE GARDENS 3/4 BR NEW LISTING HOLMES BEACH40 Years of Professional Service to Anna Maria Island and BradentonEXP ERIENCE REPUTATION RESULTSFOR SALE Belair Bayou: Unique 3/2 home with 2,632 sa, man cave, pool, lanai with replace and stone table with grill and much more. $316,000.RENTALS GULFFRONT Vacation/Seasonal 5/4 Home. GULFFRONT Luxury Villas 2/2 and 1/1.5 Vacation/Seasonal BOOKING NOW FOR 2014 SEASONAL/VACATION RENTALS 208 Peacock Lane, 2/2 duplex in Holmes Beach. $375,000. Great investment property or change to single family. By appointment only. mariannebc@aol.com941-725-7799 Call Marianne TODAY for your free market analysis. Selling your home is important to me.Marianne Correll, Realtor6101 Marina Dr, Holmes Beach 34217 HOME IMPROVEMENT Continued RENTALS m. RENTALS Continued REAL ESTATE m. 104 Bridge St., Bradenton Beach941-778-8104 Properties are MOVING at Edgewater Real Estate! Stop by our ofce, visit online or call an agent Real Estate Sales Vacation Rentals Annual Rentals Property Management Concierge Service We re Serious about our Customer Servi ce Your full service Real Estate Agency providing exceptional customer service for all your short or long term goals. Whether staying a few d ays or a lifetime, we will help you find your perfect accommodation. One stop shop We can pro vide everything you might need rent and finance your piece of paradise. STEPS T O T H E B E ACH! Newly remodeled 3BR/2BA. Room for a pool. Close to everything! $379k Call Lynn, 941-730-1294. REDU C ED G U LFS HORE OF L ONGBOAT KE Y Fantastic location! Private Gulf beach access, marina on the bay, community pool and a beautiful clubhouse featuring a gourmet kitchen. 55+ community with bay-to-beach frontage. STA R TING AT $79,500 INC 800-367-1617 941-778-6696Mike N orman Realty31O1 GULF DR HOLMES MIKE NORMAN REALTY EST. 1978S UNBO W B AY Enjoy island living at its nest in this 2 bed / 2 bath condo offering 2 heated pools, tennis courts, nature walk, shing, elevator, covered parking. Turnkey furnished with brand new furniture. $263,900 DIRECT GULFFRONT located in the city of Anna Maria. 2 BR/3BT with spectacular views, spacious beach-side, screened porch, open sun deck, large carport. $2,300,000. CANALFRONT H OME Totally updated in 2008. 3BR/3 BT home located on a private canal with scenic mangrove views. Sailboat water, dock with boat lift and a straight shot to Bimini Bay and open water. $689,000.


THE ISLANDER AUG. 27, 2014 31 SITTIN SOLVEBY CALEB MADISON / EDITED BY WILL SHORTZNo. 0817RELEASE DATE: 8/24/2014 ACROSS1 Word after say or now5 Initiator of a probe, maybe9 Mop13 Something fivestar hotels provide, informally16 Detective Vance17 Mythological deity with two ravens18 Celebrity chef Matsuhisa19 Part of a titter20 Spellin things incorrectly?22 Departing words24 Leonardo da Vinci, religiously25 Platform for many apps26 Nosh on the trail28 R&B singer with the 2004 #1 hit Goodies29 Stealin a hard drug?32 Pushin some bread back and forth?35 Domain of Jupiter36 Beak37 Enwrap39 Parkinsons treatment40 Global finance org.41 ___ de boeuf43 ___ Fierce (Beyonc alter ego)45 Its official song is Home on the Range: Abbr.46 Like some relations50 Lie around52 Where she blows?53 Suffix with glycer-54 Paper pusher?56 Was a bellwether58 Strike first60 Disciplines61 50 Cent piece64 Fair-hiring inits.65 H.S. dropouts documents66 Not allowin anyone to cook burgers and franks?68 Google alternative72 Mortal queen of Thebes who was transfigured into a goddess74 Hardens75 Brother, in slang76 Like very few newspapers these days80 To be, in Tijuana81 Are you done?83 Place for lambs to frolic84 Wavy do86 Comedic Mort88 Bibliography listings89 Union formation?90 Hospital status, informally92 Each episode of Law & Order, say94 Roguish95 Tablet marking options97 Deeply impressed99 ___ Cooper10 11/4 of zero?104 Recheckin with a stopwatch?106 Demonstratin how to shoot an apple off someones head?109 French nobleman110 Californias Santa ___ Mountains112 Album with the 1978 hit Deacon Blues113 Hot spring?114 Accouterment popularized by a Seinfeld episode116 Usin less stickum?119 Tap choice120 Put in a bibliography121 ___ socks122 Madcap123 Gangnam Style stylist124 Shipbuilders starting point125 Oracle126 Certain recess DOWN1 Egg beater2 Givin a female casino patron another card?3 Iraqs Imam ___ Air Base4 Old-timey medicines5 Scandinavian language, to its speakers6 Hubbub7 Make a note of?8 Sweater material9 Medium for many selfies10 Im speechless11 You can count on them12 Makin some big purchases?13 2002 Dennis Quaid film about a struggling minorleague pitcher14 Places for briefs?15 Big cheese16 Steep20 Unconvincing21 Cyrano de Bergerac, famously23 Certain charge24 Party entertainers, for short27 Breaks down30 Dieters label31 This, in Tijuana33 Singer with the 2009 hit Tik Tok34 Track listings?38 Hopin favor is bestowed?40 Moralists comment42 Vets44 Panettas successor as defense secretary46 Hitch47 Juin honoree48 Deeply impressed49 Logan of Minutes51 Jumping-off point?55 Dealbreaker?57 Wrecks59 Engineering topic62 Popular six-second clips since 201363 Much of the Guggenheims collection66 Big goof67 W.W. II transports: Abbr.69 Old Theres no Step 3! sloganeer70 River through two world capitals71 Hardens73 Bitin a friend of Robin Hood?75 Carryin a load of grain?76 Title film locale in Springwood, Ohio77 Stats for basketball players78 Get rich quick promise79 Clark ___, The Avengers actor82 Egypts Mubarak85 Coral-reef lurker87 ___ Zimmer, Oscar-winning composer for The Lion King91 Pest93 What you might use to put on a happy face?96 Not step so lively98 Some sweaters100 Lemme!101 Like barbecue sauce102 Nobelist Wiesel103 Loop loopers105 Eagles perch107 Hardly a yes man108 Sample111 Microsoft portable media player114 Plan (out)115 Sault ___ Marie117 Shorts top?118 Little chow, say 123456789101112131415 16 17 18 19 20 21 22 23 24 25 2627 28 29 30 3132 33 34 35 36 3738 39 40 4142 43 44 45 464748 4950 5152 53 54 55 565758 59 60 61 62 6364 65 66 67 68697071 7273 74 75 767778 7980 81 82 83 84 858687 88 89 90 9192 9394 95 96 97 98 99100 101102103 104 105 106107 108 109 110 111112 113 114 115 116117 118 119 120 121 122 123 124 125 126 Online subscriptions: Todays puzzle and more than 4,000 past puzzles, ($39.95 a year). New York Times Sunday Magazine CrosswordAnswers: page 28 Visit for the best news on Anna Maria Island. 6101 Marina Drive | 419 Pine Ave2BD/2BA Westbay Point and Moorings. $345,000 1BD/1.5BA. Completely updated. Great Rental Property! $430,000 2BD/1BA Great Rental Potential! $369,000 3BR/2BA. Beautifully updated. $499,000 2BD/1.5BA Second Floor-Island Getaway $249,500 Larry ChattBroker Frank Davis TWO ISLAND OFFICES941-778-6066 Adele HollandSault Ste. Marie, MI 941-5876328 Alan GallettoRochester, NY941-232-2216 Betsy HillsPhiladelphia941-720-0178 Gail TutewilerKalamazoo, MI 941-705-0227 John van ZandtAnna Maria 941-685-8822 Josh BernetCleveland, OH 941-518-0655Kathleen WhitePhiladelphia 941-773-0165 Marianne Correll Vineland, NJ941-725-7799 Melinda BordesAtlanta 941-705-0146 Susanne KastenHamburg, Germany 941-448-3027 Tom NelsonMarshall, MI 941-448-4465 2BD/2BA waterfront with boat lift and dock! $559,000 2BR/2BA + Den, Across from Gulf Beach. $549,900 David TeitelbaumNew York City941-812-4226Elizabeth BlandfordMiami Beach 941-224-3304JUST LISTED BLUE LAGOON PENDING Sales | Vacation Rentals1st CALL USGULFFRONT COMPLEX 3BD/3BA Anna Maria City Canal Home. $729,000 SOLD!2BR/2BA House, Canalfront w/ Dock $675,000 JUST LISTED JUST LISTED 1: 5 BD/ 2.5 BA + Pool, Key Royale $729,000 SOLD! VINTAGE COTTAGE KEY ROYALE 3BD/2.5BA, Gulffront Property! $1,229,000 GULFFRONT CONDO 2BR/2BA, Townhouse with 13K Boat Lift. $249,000 WATERFRONT


32 AUG. 27, 2014 THE ISLANDER David Teitelbaum Sales Associate 941-812-4226 Liz Codola Broker Associate 941-812-3455 6101 Marina Drive Holmes Beach FL 34217 419 Pine Ave Anna Maria 34216 Beach Celebrations 2103 Gulf Drive North Bradenton Beach, FL. 34217 1-800-883-4092 1325 Gulf Drive North Bradenton Beach, FL. 34217 1-877-867-8842 2200 Gulf Drive North Bradenton Beach, FL. 34217 1-800-447-7124 1603 Gulf Drive North Bradenton Beach, FL. 34217 1-888-686-6716Making Memories Here with Us. Our Tortuga, Tradewinds, SeaSide and Tropic Isle Beach Resorts are the perfect choice for your wedding or other special celebration here on gorgeous Anna Maria Island. Whether a lavish event at one of our three private beaches or in your resort suite, or at our new Tortuga Beach Pergola, our Concierge and professional Wedding Planner look forward to helping you. As a cour tesy, well extend our group discounts to include each of our four hotels, so youll get credit for the total number of reservations no matter which hotel you and your guests choose. Please call soon. We invite you to make your memories here with us: we know youll come back to visit us again & again. The beach is spectacular and the sunsets are amazing.Very romantic. If you want to just relax and forget the world, this is the place to go. Beach Celebrations Beach Celebrations Beach Celebrations Beach Celebrations Beach Celebrations Beach Celebrations Beach Celebrations Beach Celebrations Beach Celebrations Beach Celebrations Beach Celebrations Beach Celebrations Beach Celebrations Beach Celebrations Beach Celebrations Beach Celebrations Beach Celebrations Beach Celebrations Beach Celebrations Tortuga Inn two-bedroom apartments Gulfview @ $599,00 Bayview @ $529,000 The Gardens @ $450,000 ZAGAT Top Restaurants in America Best Food on the Gulf Coast 941-778-6444 |