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Islander (Anna Maria, Fla. : 1992)
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Anna Maria reviews revenues for 2014-15. Page 2 Bradenton Beach seeks applicants for clerk. Page 4 On the government calendar. Page 4 The Islander editorial, reader letters. Page 6 Perfect white sand. Page 7 Community announcements, events. Pages 10-13 Homeward bound: Vet equips police to identify lost pets. Page 17 Island police blotter. Code board grants stay to tree house owners. Page 19 Milestones and remembrances. Pages 20-23 Pages 24-25 AsTheWorld Terns they see it. Page 6 Ranked Floridas Best Community Weekly by FPAAMI Chamber of Commerce 2012 Medium Business of the Year Meetings Op-Ed BUDGET TALKS Community announceHappenings StreetlifeThe Best News on Anna Maria Island Since 1992 VOLUME 22, NO. 38 JULY 23, 2014 FREE PLEASE SEE AMICCO, PAGE 3 Perfect white sand. Page 7 CORR BELIEF Sailing for goldMarilia Clark of Holmes Beach wins this weeks Top Notch judging with her photograph of a golden sky, a sailboat and the Sunshine Skyway Bridge, taken last fall from the Anna Maria City Pier. Clark wins an Islander More-Than-a-Mullet-Wrapper T-shirt and Motors and Carlson Framing await the overall winner. July 25 is the deadline for the Top Notch: Week 5 winner Toxic in Nassau. 5By Rick Catlin Islander Reporter The July 16 death of Pamela Carter Doster, 45, of Pasco County, is being investigated as suspicious. Michael Doster, husband of the victim, placed a call to 911 July 13 to report his wife missing, and the Manatee Pinellas County authorities began a search. MCSO Detective Sgt. John Kenney said the woman was rescued by a marine patrol unit after Pinellas County aviation authorities located her around 10 p.m. July 13 on Passage Key, about a half-mile north of Bean Point on Anna Maria Island. She was found wearing only a life jacket and taken to the Rod & Reel Pier in Anna Maria where, in an interview with MCSO deputies, she told them her husband, Michael Doster, 50, also of Pasco County, had forced her off a Sea-Doo four times earlier that evening by pulling her hair and pushing her into the water. She said she hit her head on the Sea-Doo. Law enforcement indicated both Pamela and Michael Doster, age 50, were under the The husband was arrested for domestic battery and released from custody July 15 after posting a $5,000 bond. Following her interview with the deputies, Pamela Doster was taken to a Blake Medical Center. She was discharged and stayed in a womens shelter overnight and later returned to Blake, where she died the morning of July 16, Kenney said. Kenney said her death is suspicious and, on July 21, he said its being treated as a possible homicide. Following the autopsy report, we have started our investigation to determine if Kenney said. Kenney declined to give details of the autopsy report, but The Islander learned from another source that Pamela Doster died from internal bleeding of the brain that could not be controlled. Law enforcement is looking in particular for a man who was alleged to have sexual relations with Michael Doster at Passage Key on the day of the incident. Passage Key was a designated wildlife refuge before it eroded and disappeared after a tropical storm passed nearby several years ago. A sandbar that formed in the same location is known to be frequented by bay-area nudists. It can only be reached by boat. Kenney urged anyone with information about the watercraft incident or anyone who had contact that day with the Dosters to contact him at 941-747-3011, ext. 2216. M. Doster AMICCO off island Islander Reporter While it claims to be the gem of the island, it might soon be more appropriate to refer to the Anna Maria Island Concert Chorus and Orchestra as an area gem. of February and March has prompted the Anna Maria Island Concert Chorus and Orchestra to move some of its seasonal performances off the island. AMICCO announced the schedule change in its newsletter, which was sent July 13 to Holmes Beach Commissioners Jean Peelen and Marvin Grossman via email from residents Alex and Ruth Richardson. The Richardsons email restated the content of AMICCOs newsletter to fans and asked the commissioners to forward the An enormous problem we face for the on the island in February and March, the newsletter said. This solution is a direct response to the many requests to address Passage Key (white sand) is viewed to the north of Anna Maria Island and south of Egmont Key. Islander Photo: Jack Elka 10-13


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LUNCH $ 7 39 DINNER $ 8 39 JULY SPECIAL TAKE-OUT ONLY PLEASE SEE AM T AXES, NEXT P AGE Anna Maria seeks new revenue sources, lower taxesAnna Maria commissioner Dale Woodland, second from left, makes a point July 16 as commissioners discuss Mayor SueLynns proposed 2014-15 budget from left, are Commissioners Doug Copeland, Woodland, Chair Chuck Webb and Commissioner Carol Carter. Commissioner Nancy Yetter did not attend the meeting. Islander Photo: Rick Catlin By Rick Catlin Islander Reporter Its time to think out-of-the-box about revenues, A nna Maria Mayor S ue L ynn told commissioners at their July 16 budget discussion. T he major revenue stream for the city is ad valorem taxes, the mayor said, but that and the citys other revenue sources are not enough to accomplish whats needed in the city. A nd ad valorem taxes place an unfair burden on city residents to pay for services and improvements that everyone including visitors and part-time residents enjoys, the mayor noted. S ue L ynn said she asked city clerk Diane Percycoe to call the Florida League of Cities for information on revenue streams. Percycoe said the leagues revenue expert, Ken Small, told her one major step for the city is to take a hard look at reinstating the occupational license tax. T he city imposed the business tax until November 2003, when city attorney Jim Dye advised commissioners that the 1995 commission had missed a state deadline to raise the tax, although it had been backdated and approved. A s a result, the city was ordered to halt collections and cease the occupational licenses. Dye, who was not at the work session, has said previously the city can reinstate occupational licensing if it adopts the tax rate from 1971. Commission Chair Chuck Webb said its time to look a lot harder at putting the tax back on the books. T imes have changed, he said. E ven if the city adds only $20,000 to its revenue from an occupational tax, thats a bonus, he said. Webb and Commissioner Dale Woodland said they remember when they had to pay the tax to the city because they worked out of their homes. Now, with an estimated 600-plus vacation rentals in the city, an annual occupational license tax of $20-30 could generate more than $30,000, Webb said. He added that nearly every Florida government jurisdiction has an occupational license tax. After reading the Florida statute on the tax, Webb said hes positive there is a way we can bring this back. S mall suggested other sources of revenue, such as increasing the local services communications tax. A nna Marias local services communications tax is 5.7 percent, Percycoe said, and shes budgeted $94,000 T he maximum rate for the tax set by the state is 9.5 percent. Webb said he really didnt like increasing the taxes homesteaded residents pay, but Percycoe noted vacation rental properties have telephone, Internet and cable television service. And vacation home property owners pay taxes, too. T hose would be hit harder than homesteaded properties by the communications tax, she said. Other suggestions from S mall to increase revenue were to implement a tax on propane and natural gas, increasing the utility tax on electricity and water, raising stormwater fees and placing an impact fee on new construction. Commissioner Carol Carter agreed to head a volunteer committee to research possible new or increased revenue sources and to invite Small to make a presentation to the commission. Carter said shes looking for three residents to volunteer for the committee and anyone interested should contact city hall. S ue L ynn planned to ask Dye to update his research on the occupational license tax. Most of the potential new revenue streams could not be implemented in time for the Oct. 1 start of the resumes the occupational license tax and handles collections, not the county, the tax could begin on adoption. not a lot of vacant land left for new construction, recent years. He raised the revenue estimate for building permits from $400,000 to $440,000.


THE ISLANDER JULY 23, 2014 3 11:30-9 941.778.5092ENJOY Winners!Over 10,000 pizzas served since 2013 Come find out why were voted BEST PIZZA on AMI by Islander readers! The Feast Restaurant 2011-2013 LOBSTAHS LOBSTER TAILS $ 15 99 TUE&THU LOBSTER TAILS LOBSTER TAILS $ $ $ $ 15 15 15 Got Buttah?OPEN DAILY AT NOON HUT DARTS POOL 5337 Gulf Drive | Anna Maria Island | 941.779.1000 LOBSTAHS LOBSTAHS Got Buttah? 5337 Gulf Drive | Anna Maria Island | 941.779.1000 Tiki Hut Sportstah BarOPEN DAILY AT 5 PM SHUFFLEBOARD SHUFFLEBOARD SHUFFLEBOARD HAPPY HOURFood & Cocktails 3-6 HAPPY HOUR Food & Cocktails 3-6 LARGE TV S AM T AXES CONTINUED FROM P AGE 1 Percycoe raised estimates on other projections reviewing them with staff. S he projected the increases to be $75,000. S he removed the estimated $2,500 per month in revenue from the operation of the planned cell tower, but kept the $350,000 lump-sum payment due the city from Florida T ower Partners on completing the cell tower in the budget. S he said shed rather wait until the monthly revenue is a reality to budget income and spending. Percycoe said she and city treasurer Maggie Mar revenue streams for the July 23 budget work session. For commissioners, however, the major drive for the proposed $3.38 budget is to lower the current 2.05 millage rate. Percycoe said the rollback rate is 1.8685. The rollback rate is the millage needed to generate the same amount of revenue as the 2013-14 budget. A ny rate above the rollback is considered a tax increase. The rollback rate declined because revenue from taxable property increased, Percycoe said. Commissioner Dale Woodland noted that retaining the 2.05 millage rate is the same as increasing taxes for residents. If a homeowners property value increased and the millage rate remains at 2.05, that owner still would pay more in taxes, even though the millage rate didnt go up, he explained. I really think we need to lower the millage. I can see that an increase in revenues, such as $75,000, will allow us to lower taxes. We need to do something for our residents, Woodland said. Webb agreed, saying he was not excited about tax increases for our residents. Other commissioners agreed that a lower millage rate might be possible if revenues meet the forecast of Percycoe and Martinez. Commissioners will review the line item expenses Without revising revenue, the proposed budget AMICCO CONTINUED FROM P AGE 1 we listened. Jeanie Pickwick, executive director of A MICCO, said A MICCO has a duty to perform concerts for its patrons and subscribers, one which we take very seriously. The well-known slogan, the show must musicians are unable to reach the concert hall. AMICCOs December 2014 and January 2015 concerts will remain at CrossPointe Fellowship, 8605 G ulf Drive, Holmes Beach, but, as stated in the newsletter, their performances will be leaping Concert Chorus and Orchestra during the holiday concert in December 2013. Islander Photo: Cour tesy Rick Pickwick off the island in February and March. A MICCOs off-island venue will be Kirkwood Presbyterian Church, 6101 Cortez Road, Bradenton. Pickwick said the off-island performances in 2015 are being offered on a trial basis. S he said that when coming onto the island for shopping, visiting or a great day at the beach, we are not as anxious about the delay, but when trying to get to a 2 p.m. concert start, a lengthy delay is a problem. AMICCO was founded in 1992 and has per formed its concerts mostly in the sanctuary of Crosspointe Fellowship in Holmes Beach. It is made up of professional and volunteer musicians, performing four concerts a year. A n outdoor concert added at Coquina Beach this year S ymphony in the S and is scheduled to repeat next year. Part of its mission statement includes fostering musical development of youth in the community, which resulted in a young-artist competition in Manatee and S arasota counties for eight years. T he winner then performs at a concert with AMICCO. A MICCO will continue to support and be a cultural mainstay of the island. We have proven our community support again and again by stand island residents and visitors. A nna Maria Island is our home, said Pickwick. represents an increase in spending of 10.88 percent. Percycoe reminded commissioners that only 11 percent of a property owners ad valorem tax is returned to the city as revenue. T he remainder goes to Manatee County government, the school district, S outhwest Florida Water Management District, West Manatee Fire Rescue, West Coast Inland Navigation District, mosquito control and various government entities and assessments. Millage rate A n ad valorem millage rate is the percentage of the taxable value of a property that the owner pays in annual property taxes. With a millage rate of 2.05, an Anna Maria homeowner with a house valued for tax purposes at $500,000 would pay $1,025 in property taxes for one year. If the city adopts the rollback rate of 1.8685, that property owner would pay $934.25.


4 JULY 23, 2014 THE ISLANDER By Merab-Michal Favorite Islander Reporter In todays economy, where jobs are scarce and people are hungry for new opportunities, a Bradenton Beach job opening remains vacant. take on the responsibilities of city clerk. No qualified applicants have applied, even though the position has been posted on various job boards for more than a month. The job pays $55,000 annually. ers sought out Terri Sanclemente of Bradenton, a former administrative assistant for the city from 2006 to 2012. Sanclemente, who was working as a car rental agent before returning to the city July 7, is pro-tem clerk, City attorney Ricinda Perry reviewed applicants for the job from vacated by longtime city clerk Nora Idso, who resigned due to health issues. Idso died in June. Former city clerk Jamie Anderson MeetingsAnna Maria City Bradenton Beach heads. Holmes Beach Manatee County rate adoption. Administration building, 1112 Manatee Ave. W., West Manatee Fire Rescue denton, 941-761-1555, Of Interest Development Council, Holmes Beach City Hall. Send notices to and Shearon ClarkeOn the election calendar The deadline for Manatee County residents to register to vote in the upcoming primary election is July 28, according to the Manatee County Supervisor of locations Bradenton Area Convention Center, 1 Haben Blvd., Palmetto; Lakewood Ranch Town Hall, 8175 Lakewood Ranch Blvd., Lakewood Ranch; Rocky Bluff Library, 6750 U.S. 301, Ellenton; and 118, Bradenton. Early voting hours will be 7 a.m.-7 p.m. for the primary. a.m. and will close at 7 p.m. election. tion at four locations Bradenton Area Convention Center, 1 Haben Blvd., Palmetto; Lakewood Ranch Town Hall, 8175 Lakewood Ranch Blvd., Lakewood Ranch; Rocky Bluff Library, 6750 U.S. 301, Ellenton; Suite 118, Bradenton. Early voting hours will be 7 a.m.-7 p.m. for the general election. and will close at 7 p.m. For voting locations and other details about the 2014 election cycle, go to or call 941-741-3823.Bradenton Beach faces empty pool of clerk applicantsnated June 19. The commission voted 3-2 to end her employment following her six-month evaluation. Perry said she went back and asked all the January applicants if they would like to reapply. There is not a lot of interest and a very low applicant pool, Perry said at the July 17 city meeting. Part of the problem may be that the commission The preference stems from complaints expressed in Andersons sixmonth evaluations that were submitcommission members. At least two commissioners questioned Andersons comprehension of Floridas Government-in-the-Sunshine Laws. Anderson accepted the position in January and moved to the area from California. She had previously lived on Anna Maria Island and met and married her husband here. She was of Municipal Clerks and was in the Association of City Clerks when she was terminated. At the July 17 city meeting, Mayor Bill Shearon asked the commission to consider out-of-state applicants, but the majority of commissioners felt it wasnt worth the risk. There is one applicant that ranked high in our process, Shearon said. She is from Illinois and has reapplied. But if you want us to stick with someone continue looking. they hold a job as a clerk. Commissioner Jack Clarke said, From what we learned from our last unhappy experience, I would be very hard pressed to view an out-of-state applicant being a clerk in the state of Florida that are truly unique and I think the learning curve proved to be too steep Deputy clerk Tammy Johnson, who had served under Idso, was appointed pro-tem city clerk June 19, but resigned July 3 after she was prompted by allegations from Perry that she had violated public record laws. Johnson had admitted to deleting duplicate emails. At their July 3 city meeting, commissioners voted to bring Sanclemente on board to perform city clerk services for six months, with the understanding that she could become a full-time employee. trained Sanclemente. Sanclemente makes $17 per hour as a contract We are open for suggestions on how to reach someone, Perry said. I have applied to the Paralegals Association for Florida. Ive applied to the clerks association, and Ive put the job posting in the League of Cities newsletter. Ive tried what I can there just isnt interest. Perry said part of the problem stems from politics. Ive heard through the grapevine that people are scared, she said. There is a lot of contention, a lot of issues to work through and theyre concerned about having to come in, do the work and not be distracted. A deadline of July 28 was set for applicants. We need someone who is going to hit the ground running, Clarke added. More clerk woes During the public comment portion of the July 17 city meeting, a letter submitted by former deputy clerk Karen Cervetto was read aloud. In the letter, she demanded payment for unused vacation and sick leave at the time of her termination in January. Cervetto was apparently angered on learning 11, will be paid through Aug. 22, including accrued vacation days and sick leave. Johnsons terms for her mayor. Cervetto went on to quote a portion of the city employee handbook pertaining to unused vacation and Ms. Johnson is not entitled to receive her personal leave. If in fact Johnson receives personal leave, I would like to be compensated for my unused personal leave accrued at the time of my termination. Cervetto claims she is owed compensation for 34.5 hours. Shearon responded to Cervetto, stating that Johnthat Cervetto will not be compensated for the 34.5 hours of leave claims she had accrued at the time of her termination. Anderson Perry Johnson Becoming a voter Voters can check their registration status by going online to, or at the Manatee County Supervisor of Elections Of ce, 600 301 Blvd., W., Suite 108, Bradenton. Registered voters in Manatee County must: Convicted felons may not vote without rst having their civil rights restored. Manatee County residents must register to vote 29 days before an election. To vote in the statewide Aug. 26 primary, voters must be registered by July 28. To vote in the November election, registration must be completed by Oct. 7. Voter registration forms can be lled out online, requested by phone at 941741-3823, or picked up at the supervisor of elections of ce, drivers license of ces, public libraries, city halls and chambers of commerce.


THE ISLANDER JULY 23, 2014 5 Local youth, friends suffer rare sh poisoning in BahamasBenet set for Austins recovery from poisoning The Blue Marlin and the Drift-In on Bridge for Austin Goncalves, 15, 10 a.m.-4 p.m. Satur day, Aug. 2. ate while on vacation in the Bahamas with his family. Bahamas, where he continues to receive medical attention. For more information, contact Jill Capparelli at 941-526-6641. Donations also can be made online at www. Islander Reporter A dream visit to a Caribbean island over the July 4 weekend turned into a nightmare for a local family and family friend. 15-year-old A ustin G oncalves and 14-year-old Marlin E llis. while pole-spearing near the shore, a porgie and mutton snapper, carried ciguatera poisoning and dining on the Karen, and her companion to the hospital. T he groups weeklong trip to a timeshare in the Bahamas quickly turned from paddleboard tours and pital. According to Marianne Norman-Ellis, Marlins resort. NormanE llis works at Mike Norman Realty owned by her father in Holmes Beach and coowns Blue Marlin restaurant in Bradenton Beach with husband Adam Ellis. NormanE llis received the news stateside of the groups sudden illness in a short phone call from Karen Goncalves, her speech slurred from the neurological effects of the marine microalgae that causes ciguatera poisoning. said to Norman-Ellis before the phone cut off. June 28: departure Karen Goncalves, her boyfriend, Marlin and Austin headed to the airport with bags packed. DesAustin, who works bussing tables at the Blue his friend Marlin along on the trip to his mothers timeshare resort. June 29: boys pull in a big catch Marlin and Austin went free-diving on a reef off a porgie twice the size of any found in Florida and a 30-pound mutton snapper. soon prove to be less of a bragging rite. I think part of the reason they got so sick is Ellis. S he said in addition to the age and size of the levels of ciguatera. The microalgae that causes ciguatthe reef area and eat their prey from among the reeflevels of the toxin. the tasteless, odorless toxin they were about to con sume. T hey ate their catch at two meals before they felt the poisons effects. A s the toxin worked its way into their systems, they continued their vacation plans, going on dive trips and paddleboard tours around the Caribbean paradise. she spoke to her son and both assumed he was seasick. As time passed, it became clear Marlins illness was not seasickness. July 3: everyone is rushed to the nearest hospital NormanE llis received a text message from her Marlins illness escalated and the rest of the party soon also became violently ill. Ciguatera can cause nausea, vomiting and neuroconfusion and hallucinations, according to the U S Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. Ciguatera also can cause cold things to feel hot and the reverse. The toxin affects individuals differently and can be Norman-E llis said Karen Goncalves remembered calling the front desk at the resort, but she didnt recall what happened after the phone call. S taff at the resort called an ambulance for the four guests. Marlin and Karen G oncalves boyfriend experienced violent hallucinations, and A ustin and his mom were unconscious by the time the ambulance arrived to the timeshare. A ustin was in bad shape, unable to maintain consciousness and suffering from seizures. They were taken to a public hospital where the staff was unable to ascertain any information from them due to their conditions. Hospital staff assumed they either suffered from food poisoning or they were on drugs. July 4: a confused phone call A bout noon, Karen G oncalves made her short, confused phone call to Norman-Ellis. Her speech was slurred. All she said was they were at the hospital and I needed to come. S he didnt even say what hospital, said Norman-Ellis. Norman-Ellis and her husband bought plane tickets departing for the Bahamas from Miami that day. directly in touch with anyone in the group. All they kept telling me was they are stable and wouldnt let me speak to them, she said. She contacted the U.S. Embassy and was able to speak to a doctor at the hospital. As she waited for her NormanE llis and her husband went straight from the Nassau airport to the hospital. When she arrived, Austin and Karen Goncalves were still unconscious and her son was restrained in a hospital bed. He had reacting violently to hospital staff, requiring them to restrain him. July 5: an air ambulance takes them stateside We were at the hospital for eight hours waiting for the ambulance, Norman-Ellis said. Mike Norman, Marlins grandfather, arranged for REV A, a private international air-ambulance service, ried only one patient, and cost $10,000. NormanE llis was able to gain her sons release from the Nassau hospital, but not the rest of the group because they are not family members. Meanwhile, a friend of NormanE llis was able to contact A ustins to release her mother and brother. A release for the Marlin arrived at Jackson Memorial in Miami at 6 a.m. A ustin was brought to the Miami hospital shortly after Marlin and the ambulance returned immediately to get his mother and her companion. Recovery Marlin spent three days in the intensive care unit at Jackson Memorial before being relocated to the teen unit. Austin spent several days longer on life-support before he was relocated to the teen unit, where he now is undergoing speech, physical and occupational therapy. A ustin, as of July 18, was still in the hospital. but was told to take precautions for three weeks following his release. He must avoid eating seafood, and also chicken and pork that may have consumed seafood. He had no further symptoms of ciguatera after his release from the hospital. According to the CDC, ciguatera poisoning is the marine microalgae called It has no cure. However, the symptoms are treated and usually go away in days or weeks, although some symptoms can remain for years. Norman-Ellis has now learned that when traveling to a foreign country, its important to know the locations of hospitals. S he later learned there was a hospital in Nassau two blocks away that may have provided more intensive care than the public hospital where the group was taken. T he ciguatera poisoning was not diagnosed until they reached the hospital in Miami. A nother important thing she said she learned from that is caught in the Caribbean. a porgie and a mutton snapper he and Marlin Ellis speared while on vacation in the Bahamas this Courtesy Marianne Norman-Ellis Its not likely theyll make it. Nassau physician to Marianne Norman-Ellis. Marlin Ellis boating in Tampa Bay.


6 JULY 23, 2014 THE ISLANDER Opinion Our JULY 23, 2014 Single copies free. Quantities of ve or more: 25 cents each. Opinion Your PLEASE SEE OUR OPINION, NEXT PAGE Single copies free. Quantities of ve or more: 25 cents each. Single copies free. Quantities of ve or more: 25 cents each. Publisher and Editor Editorial Contributors Jesse Brisson Will Corr Marge McCarthy Advertising Director Production Graphics Of ce Staff Distribution (All others: parking As a 28-year full-time resident and homeowner, pretty much all the time. This will not diminish, but continue to grow. Proposals are being discussed by city commissioners and committees. This may add to the discussion. What about construction of crushed-shell parking lots on the mainland as close to either side of both bridges as possible. These would be constructed on public land and also some areas that are owned by developers. as determined by law enforcement, visitors could be directed by digital signage at strategic locations to use alternative sites for parking. Trolleys and ferry boats could take visitors to and from the island for nominal fees. Island residents and workers would use through-passes as would visinated parking spaces. This suggestion would require additional planning and tweaking but, on its face, it appears doable. Regarding Cortez, Chappie editor of The Islander July 16, I too had some issues with the street paving in Cortez. Likewise, I called Manatee County Commissioner John Chappie and, in response to my concerns, he came to Cortez, took photos depicting my problems and, as a result, the problem was immediately corrected. Mr. Chappie has always been a concerned and responsive county commissioner and our district is lucky to have him. Mike Norman, Bradenton BeachSympathy It was with great sadness that I learned of the passing on July 12 of Mark Alonso. He was one of the most colorful people on Anna socializing group, the City Pier Regulars. The club has lost many of its older members many now reaching age 90-plus in the past few years, including Tony Castellano, Jim Hooky Hall, John Bacich and Frank Almeda, our dynamic former president. On behalf of the Pier Regulars, we offer our sympathy to Marks family. Doug Terry, Anna Maria, Pier Regular president Lesson learned more know about red tide. Its a harmful algae that mostly affects marinelife. It is harmful to humans who may already have respiratory illness, as it seemingly deprives the air of oxygen and exacerbates their breathing problems. The red tide outbreak that arises in the Gulf of Mexico is the result of Karenia brevis red tide blooms and the algae often migrates as the bloom grows and its effects spread. But we learned in the past two weeks of another Ciguatera. According to the U.S. Centers for Disease Control contain toxins produced by a marine microalgae called People who have ciguatera may experience nausea, vomiting and neurologic symptoms, Ciguatera has no cure. The symptoms can be treated, but often the effects are lasting. have been known to carry ciguatoxins. In fact, the name for yellowfins, Mycteroperca and squid and its habitat is offshore reefs in southern Florida. Tampa Bay area. It was found in the waters where some area residents traveled in the Bahamas, which you can read about in hand about the effects of the toxin. Its a lesson learned for them but we all are reminded to take care in our travels. We also learned in June of a problem arising from the Caribbean, a virus named Chikungunya borne by mosquitoes. The symptoms are nausea, fever and joint pain, but it also comes with headache, muscle pain, joint swelling or rash. There is no vaccine or treatment. An outbreak is ongoing in Haiti. And friends tell us it is a very hard-hitting disease. There is a risk the virus will be imported here by infected travelers. The Florida Department of Health is warning Florida residents including here in Manatee County to protect themselves by preventin g mosquito bites. Use insect repellent, wear long sleeves and pants outdoors and appreciate your air conditioning. Thankfully, we saw the mosquito-killing helicopter out spraying the island overnight in the past week. Just when you thought it was safe to go outside.Working together The letter to the editor in the July 16 Islander from Kathy and Kirk MacKenzie spoke honestly to the frustrations and concerns of a number of community members who have supported the Anna Maria Island Community Center over the years. We take their views seriously, particularly given All agree that its time for new energy and a fresh direction. The center board has recently added seven new members and will add several more within the next few weeks. We are grateful for the community response and that so many are willing to serve. I am personally appreciative of the board members who have been willing to stay and weather the storm. Costs have been reduced and we are evaluating other areas for savings. New revenue streams are being developed, while existing ones are being reviewed with an eye to improvement. We have a plan presented at the community meeting July 14 and we have the talent and commitment to execute that plan.


THE ISLANDER JULY 23, 2014 7 Headlines from July 21, 2004Temps and Drops on AMI Date Low High Rainfall July 13 75 92 0 July 14 76 92 0 July 15 75 89 1.24 July 16 76 87 0.46 July 17 77 90 0.25 July 18 74 91 0 July 19 75 92 0 Average area Gulf water temperature 88.724-hour rainfall accumulation with reading daily at approximately 5 p.m. Wed love to mail you the news! We mail The Islander weekly for a nominal $54 per year. We also offer online e-edtion subscriptions a page-by-page view of the weekly news for only $36 per year, but you must sign up online. Its the best way to stay in touch with whats happening on Anna Maria Island. We bring you all the news about three city governments, community happenings, people features and special events even real estate transactions everything you need if your heart is on Anna Maria Island. If you dont live here year-round, use this form to subscribe for yourself or someone else. (Sorry, we do not suspend mail subscriptions you get The Islander free while youre here!)BULK MAIL U.S. SUBSCRIPTION (allow 2 weeks for every weeks delivery) 1 year: $54 3-6 Months: $36 1-3 Months: $24U.S. FIRST CLASS AND CANADIAN MAIL SUBSCRIPTION 1 year: $160 3-6 Months: $98 1-3 Months: $54 Single Issue: $5 FIRST CLASS MAIL, U.S. ONLY, maximum four weeksMAIL TO: ______________________________________________________________ ADDRESS _____________________________________________________________ CITY ____________________________ STATE __________ ZIP _________________ Credit card: d u No. ___________________________________________ Name shown on card: _____________________________ Exp. Date ___________ Credit card billing address: ______________________________________________ MAIL START DATE: _____________________________________________________ THE BEST NEWS ON ANNA MARIA ISLAND SINCE 1992 CHARGE BY PHONE 941.778.7978 ONLINE (secure server) E-MAIL she was surprised to learn the city was named a coplaintiff in a legal action by the environmental group ManaSota-88 against the Arvida Corporation and its planned 686-unit condo development on north Perico Island. Its news to us, the mayor said. The city had never been asked to join the suit, she said. bankruptcy court to throw out the Tidemark Partners LLC petition for bankruptcy. Brasota attorney Peter Mackey said that if the petition was set aside, it would allow Brasota to foreclose on Tidemark for the $2 million it is owed. Tidemark planned to develop a and Marina drives in Holmes Beach. 05 and said revenues declined 10.8 percent from the said none of the $2 million worth of capital improvements the city needs would be implemented. About 30 percent $585,000 of budget expenses were for law enforcement by the MCSO. CONTINUED FROM PAGE 6 CORR BELIEF Please, join us in support of the community center, so every child has a chance to grow strong now and long into the future.Perfect white sandBy Will Corr Islander Columnist I love going to the Manatee Public Beach in the morning. The sun coming up from behind the Australian Pines, the cooler temperatures and the peaceful sound of that 5-ton John Deere tractor cleaning the sand add up to pure bliss. The beach just isnt as fresh at other times of the day. If Im looking for an authentic beach experience, I need the smell of diesel fuel and the ringing of metal as the 10-foot long rake drags across the shells. Now seriously people. Do we really need to groom the beach everyday? Is it really that important to pick up every little piece of seaweed from the waters edge up the shore to the sea oats And how much did that brand spankin new tractor cost, sparkling in the Anna Maria sunshine? That thing looks like it just popped off the assembly line. Now dont get me wrong, the driver has one of the best jobs on the island. If I were him, I would grab a cappuccino from the Island Coffee Haus on workdays, head to the beach and climb into my big rig in great anticipation. Id have my headphones jamming and my sunglasses on. Id be mighty proud of my duty making our white sands even whiter than the manatee and birds. And lets not forget, the sunbathing beauties in their skimpy bikinis will soon be arriving. Forget work. I would be in heaven! The best part would be that skill of getting as close as you can to the peaceful beachgoers, without crushing their beach chairs. I would be grinning from ear-to-ear at the fear rising in their eyes, as my oversized monster rig barrels towards them. I would show no mercy, smashing every little kids sandcastle in my path. And can you imagine those poor little sea turtles all cuddled up in their eggs as the sound of thunder shakes the ground? Pure steel coming through baby, pure steel. Theyll never be the same paling to a shaken baby syndrome as they rattle around in their little pile of sand. Turtle soup anyone? By the end of the day, when Im back polishing my green giant, the feeling would be like nothing else in the world. I sense great joy in leaving nothing on our natuAs I sip on my afternoon beer at Hurricane Hanks, I cant wait until tomorrow and another day on the big rig. Look out seaweed and debris, Im going to as I can. Corr We are united in our vision for a center that serves the entire community, resident and visitor, young working families and retired seniors, in a for the center. We are thrilled that Kathy MacKenzie has offered to serve on the board and we count on her candid views going forward as we focus on solutions.


8 JULY 23, 2014 THE ISLANDER forward each week by the judges. Entries that fail the contest requirements are disIf youve got a great snapshot, weve got a contest you could win. T he Islander T op Notch digital photo contest began publishing weekly winning photos in late June. S ix weekly winning photos will featured on the cover, and one photo will be a grand prize winner of $100 from cates from local merchants. Weekly winners receive a More-Than-a Mullet-Wrapper Islander T -shirt. chance to enter. T op Notch entries can include family photos, land scapes and scenics, candid snapshots, action, holidays, humor and animal pictures. Nothing is overlooked, including kid pics, sentimental moments and moments of personal triumph. T his year, judges also will be looking for top pet photos with prizes from Perks4Pets and Dogs for the Earth. Contest entries should be submitted in original JPG format via email to Digital submission is required. No retouching or computer manipulation is allowed. along with entry information in the e-mail text. There is no limit to the number of weekly entries, and entries need not be repeated, as selected entries are moved Top Notch contest rulesraphy. org. missions. email entry. Top Notch digital photo contest underway, next deadline July 25Top notch past winnerMichael H. Smith, 2006 weekly winner.WMFR stations y ags alerting beach-surf conditionsBy Rick Catlin Islander Reporter More and more people every year are enjoying the whit sand and aqua waters of Anna Maria Island. But, according to West Manatee Fire Rescue Chief A ndy Price, a serious water-safety incident could happen any time of day. In a beach emergency, if theres no lifeguard readtress call. S peaking at the July 17 WMFR board meeting, Price said he researched two years of 911 calls related to water incidents at A nna Maria Island beaches and found 37 percent occurred when the lifeguards Manatee County Marine Rescue were off-duty. The lifeguards only work 9 a.m.-5 p.m. daily. Eventu ation theyre not trained for, Price said. T o deal with emergencies on the islands 7 miles and rescue training. Price said WMFR also is looking at buying equipment that can propel a life-jacket a distance of 600 feet into the water, and researching the purchase of a water-rescue boat that can be operated regardless of sea conditions and can be launched quickly or main tained at a dock. T he boat must also pass over shallow Additionally, WMFR has begun a public aware ness and education campaign that includes installation safety conditions before they enter the water, he said. We have more and more people moving to Manatee County each year and more and more people coming to the beach each year. Many of these people have no idea about water conditions in the G ulf of Mexico, or how fast they can change. T hey have no idea of rip tides, rip currents or currents, Price said. T o help educate the beachgoing public, warning hours. Price said thousands of people use Cortez Road on major holidays to reach Coquina Beach, traveling past T he problem is educating the public on what each color means. We had to do something for public safety in the nications issues to iron out, he said. WMFR District Commissioner Randy Cooper has recently made rounds to speak to various groups and and soliciting suggestions to get information more readily to the public. cates the beaches are closed to the public. warning for water conditions and rip tide currents are present. hazard level and light surf conditions in effect. hazard condition. tially dangerous marine life in the water, including However, Cooper said, WMFR gets its information from Mote Marine Laboratory in Sarasota, which obtains surf conditions from the National Oceanographic and A tmospheric A dministration in Ruskin. The information is not always current because conditions change rapidly. Cooper said Mote provides only two updates daily. A better method of getting the information may be communication with lifeguards at the beach. Recently, the Cortez Road station had posted a Obviously, we need better cooperation with the lifeguards. Its a lot easier and more up-to-date for them to call us, rather than us going through Mote, who goes through NOAA, he said. We are talking about public safety, Price said. We want to do the training and get the necessary equipment for water rescue, but sometimes it feels like the county is not letting us in. Manatee County Commissioner John Chappie, who attended the meeting, said he would look into the issue and see if better communications can be established. Chappie, whose district includes A nna Maria Island, said hed like to see lifeguards on duty more than just eight hours each day and Price agreed. A fter 5, theres still thousands of people on the beach many days, but no one to help if they get in trouble in the water. T hats where we come in. We have to be trained, and we have to identify water conditions as they change and inform the public immediately, Price said. on place mats at island restaurants and eateries. the package for renters arriving at a beach accommodation for a stay. If we even save one life because of getting this information out to the public or because we trained for such an incident, it is well worth the effort, Price said. In other business, Price said the open period for 24-30. Commissioners will review the applications and conduct interviews beginning Sept. 4. Price has estithe position. Price is retiring in May 2015 and Deputy Fire Chief Brett Pollock in 2016. T he board agreed to search for Prices replacement internally, rather than advertise for applicants from around the state and country. Board members hope to hire a replacement by the end of S eptember to give the incoming chief at least six months of on-the-job training with Price. denoting calm lifeguard stand at the Manatee Public Beach as beachgo ers swim and sun along the shoreline on a recent week end. Islander File Photo


THE ISLANDER JULY 23, 2014 9 By Rick Catlin Islander Reporter Its a case for the endless summer. Anna Maria Island Chamber of Commerce president Mary A nn Brockman says, T his year has been one continual season for the island accommodation industry, with none of the traditional slowdowns in May or September. Figures from the Manatee County resort tax collections division back that up. the same period in 2012-13. A pril collections were about $1,038,000, up $425,000 from A pril 2013, and May collections hit $734,418, a $92,000 jump from May 2013. tax collections were reported at $7,557,418. Thats up With four months of collections remaining, it appears the resort tax will surpass the current record for collections of $8.99 million in 2012-13. Our members are reporting record numbers of visitors, Brockman said. T here was no traditional slowdown in May like we usually have, and many accommodations are booked 1707 1st St. E., BradentonWhere Hwy 41 & 301 meet @ 17th Ave Best Place to Find Anything! Entire Flea Market Open Bring the Family! Spend the Day! Chill Out! RED BARN FLEA MARKET HAS COOL AIR CONDITIONING941-747-3794 Red Barn (indoor) Plaza OPEN Tuesday-Sunday (see website for details) Exclusive Retailer for Island Company Island Company Come see us in Anna Maria and on Facebook! 9908 Gulf Drive Anna Maria Resort tax collections continue to rise, up 17.6 percentfull through August. I think were setting records for visitors as well as tax collections, she said. Based upon month-to-month resort tax collection increases for the past 36 months, expect tourism to be compared to the same period in 2013. T ourism studies are provided by the Bradenton A rea Convention and Visitors Bureau. continuing growth of tourism to A nna Maria Island, Brockman said. Weve been discovered. Families are coming here to get away from all the man-made attractions. T heyre looking for the old-Florida feel and charm, and weve got it here on Anna Maria Island, chamber vice president Deb Wing said. A nna Maria Island has been featured recently in a number of publications and websites and ranked in travel websites. The three island cities annually generate about 49 percent of resort tax collections. Adding the Manatee 62 percent of collections. T ourist Development T ax, is the 5 percent collected by the county on rentals of six months or less. Often called the bed tax, collections began in 1989 with $1.4 mil lion in revenue. Resort tax money can only be used for touristrelated projects, according to the enabling state legislation. Manatee County funds a share of beach renour ishment, in addition to the BACVB, the BradentonManatee Convention Center, the Powel Crosley E state, McKechnie Field and other tourist-related attractions and venues. AMI TOURISM: Endless Summer


10 JULY 23, 2014 THE ISLANDER 20%OFF Call now for 20% OFF first 1-hour session!Located on the Palma Sola Causeway Fri-Sun or by appointment. Call for details:941.565.1727WWW.T OP GUNFL YB O ARD S.COM 3612 E. Bay Drive, Holmes Beach 941.778.0400 313 Pine Ave, Anna Maria, 941.778.0500.full service salon and spa offering Hair ~ Nails ~ Massage ~ Facials Acupuncture ~ Body Treatments ~ Bikini and Brazilian Waxing ~ Libbys I sland J ewelry Libbys I sland J ewelry Turtle Hatching Season Enjoy wearing your own .... $ 16 50Turtle Hatching SeasonEnjoy wearing your own .... Beach Glass Charm Chain Beach Glass Charm Chain Pendants Over 100 Charms to Choose fromOver 100 Charms to Choose fromPendants Island happenings Wednesday, July 23 Thursday, July 24 Friday, July 25 Saturday, July 26 6171. Sunday, July 27 Monday, July 28 Tuesday, July 29 Wednesday, July 30 Off Island Friday, July 25 Monday, July 28 Coming up Save the date Posting in the calendar Send calendar announcements to Include time, date and location of the event, brief description and email and phone contact. The deadline is Wednesday a week before publication. High-resolution photographs welcome. Music and Movies series screens at South Florida Museum The South Florida Museum, 201 10th St. W., Bradenton, is screening music-themed films this summer. The museum, in partnership with Realize Bradenton, is showing movies most Fridays at 6 p.m. through Sept. 19. Ramones. Chaser. Admission is $5 for non-members, $3 for members, and reservations are required. Wednesday of each month at 7 p.m. Admission is $2 for members and $4 for non-members. The fee is $2 for members and $4 for non-members. The museum offers a half-priced admission. The Aug. 2 family night is a reading festival. Dragon. For more information about the museum home to Snooty the Manatee call 941-746-4131. The South Florida Museum, 201 10th St. W., Bradenton, will screen Pete Seeger: The Power of Song at 6 p.m. Friday, July 25, as part of its Music and Movies series. Islander Photo: Courtesy WTTW/PBSKiwanis hosting school board candidates The Kiwanis Club of Anna Maria Island will meet Saturday, July 26, and hear from Manatee County School Board District 2 candidates Rodney Jones and Charlie Kennedy. Terri Davis, who is ending her term as the regional Kiwanis lieutenant governor, also will visit. Anna Maria Island Beach Cafe at the Manatee Public Beach, 4000 Gulf Drive, Holmes Beach. For more information, call club president David Miner at 941-748-8122.


THE ISLANDER JULY 23, 2014 11 S A L E A A L L Free popcorn! Corner Rack (intersection of gulf and marina) You asked for it, you got it! Signature Signature 5311 gulf drive holmes beach941.778.5400 hair skin nails massagefeel beautiful today 50% OFF WE MOVED TWO DOORS OVER! 8110 CORTEZ RD. W. All in-stock Citizen watches. CELEBRATING 32 YEARS IN BRADENTON! Island happenings Flight, 30x40, by Lee Mears, Julys featured gallery artist. Ongoing events, activitiesThrough Wednesdays Thursdays Fridays Saturdays Mondays Tuesdays Get Listed Send announcements of ongoing activities and updates to schedules to Also, if you coordinate events for your group, please let The Islander know of any changes to details.Chamber booking for Bayfest Bayfest, the annual extravaganza of tunes and treats, is set for Oct. 17-18 on Pine Avenue in Anna Maria. The 14th annual Bayfest, again presented by the Anna Maria Island Chamber of Commerce, is the islands signature preseason celebration offering live music, food, arts and crafts and games. The event will kickoff in the evening Friday, Oct. 17. A full day of activities will take place Saturday, Oct. 18. Already the chamber is lining up talent and vendors for the event. For more information, call the chamber at 941778-1541 or email The Anna Maria Island Chamber of Commerce is in Anna Maria. Islander File Photo Book sale set at Annie Silver The Senior Adventures group will hold its monthly book sale and potluck lunch Friday, July 25, at the Annie Silver Community Center, 103 23rd St. N., Bradenton Beach. Hours will be 10 a.m.-1 p.m. For more information, call Kaye Bell at 941538-0945.Keep Manatee Beautiful accepts awards nominations Keep Manatee Beautiful is accepting nominations for the 2014 awards celebration, which recognizes Manatee County. Nomination forms are posted online at Nominations must be submitted by July 31. KMB will recognize individuals, organizations and institutions in more than 20 categories during a ceremony in September. For more information, call KMB at 941-7958272.Gyotaku workshops offered at art league Artist Brenda Alcorn will teach workshops in gyotaku Wednesday, July 23, and Aug. 20, at 5312 Holmes Blvd., Holmes Beach. the fee to attend is $40 for members and $60 for nonmembers. paper. Alcorn will provide all but one of the necessary supplies students will need to bring an awl. Organizers say the tool can be found at hardward stores. The workshop is limited to six students, who must pre-register by calling AMIAL at 941-778-2099.


12 JULY 23, 2014 THE ISLANDER Join our 2,500+ subscribers online! 941-778-7978.WWW.ISLANDER.ORG Think Global, R ead Local WWW.ISLANDER.ORG Think Global, R ead Local Join our 2,500+ subscribers online! 941-778-7978. Quarterly Pest Control: $20/month.Call LIFE AUTO HOME BOAT BUSINESS Photography Weddings, beach portraits, individual or groups and pets Custom Framing In-home or business consultationsKarlyarlson Photography & Custom Framing 5500 Marina Drive Holmes Beach 941.726.8000 July-Aug Special20% OFF all framing www.discoverdavinci.comCome Discover the DaVinci in You. EXTENDED THROUGH JULY 27 .com941-778-2711 The Original Caribbean cruise to bene t Cha-ching! A seven-night cruise to the Caribbean next winter will bring vacationers to the Bahamas and put a ring in the Anna Maria Island Community Center cash register. The center, 407 Magnolia Ave., Anna Maria, has teamed up with Travel Now of Anna Maria, to organize a seven-night Caribbean cruise aboard the Royal Caribbeans Freedom of the Seas. The ships amenities include a poolside movie screen, surf simulator rock climbing wall, ice-skating rink, promenade, water park, cantilevered whirlpools, miniature golf course art gallery and more. The cruise will depart from Port Canaveral Feb. 22, 2015, and return to port March 1, 2015. Ports of call include Coco Cay, the Bahamas, St. Thomas and St. Maarten. Based on double occupancy and including all taxes, port charges and government fees, cruise prices begin at $865 and go up to $1,274. The center will receive $100 for cabins booked through the partnership and will help with round-trip bus transportation to the port from the center. For more information or to book a cabin, contact Barbara Murphy of Travel Now at 941-228-2916 or The suns rays are hot. The Gulf of Mexico is warm. The crowds have simmered down some days. Time for Christmas in July. Longtime islanders remember days when nowdefunct restaurants and bars turned up the island heat with a mid-summer frenzy called Christmas in July. The famed Pete Reynards Restaurant in Holmes Beach and Trader Jacks in Bradenton Beach both now long gone celebrated Christmas in July as if Santa came calling on New Years Eve. Christmas in July is not unique to Anna Maria Island. Christmas in July is widely celebrated down under with cooler-weather holiday traditions, such as roast duck and plum pudding, because its winter in the southern hemisphere even if the thermometer still registers 65 degrees in Sydney. In the United States, Christmas in July observances tend to involve shopping, dining and wining. So The Islander has compiled a list of gifts for Sandy Claus to leave under the palm tree: season in the cycle of tourism on Anna Maria Island, and thats when islanders venture out to favorite restaurants for cinnamon rolls and doughnuts, espressos and shakes, fried shrimp, grilled grouper, and cheeseburgers with chips or fries, depending on the spot. trikes or even a skateboard theyre for kids whove reached 60 years old as well as 6-year-olds. busted by the nephew during spring break, the beach towel faded by the sun, the cooler that still smells like fried something and the bathing suit thats feeling a little funky. silver even pearls accentuate a summer tan? the bottom of the summer must-read pile or for procrastinators who never got started, paperbacks make a good Christmas in July gift. Especially paperbacks with a Florida theme. Carl Hiaasens Bad Monkey is now available to be dog-eared. Or you can re-read any of John D. MacDonalds classic mysteries. The Anna Maria Island Privateers are raising money for a new Santas sleigh with a Christmas in July party. The celebration will take place at 6 p.m. Saturday, July 26, at the Drift In, 120 Bridge St., Bradenton Beach. The privateers plan to serve a buffet, hold a 50-50 drawing and host a band, Dana and the A-Sleigh Fund. Attendees are encouraged to bring a dish to share. Dominas; vice president Bill Sparkles Rosencrantz, secretary Maria Mischief Howell, treasurer Diane Mai Tai Gritzmacher and captain Larry Punchie Ackerman. For more information, call Dominas at 941527-6171.


THE ISLANDER JULY 23, 2014 13 Mon 10-6, Tue-Thu 9-8, Fri-Sat 9-9, Sun 9-8 NEXT TO TYLERS ICE CREAMTHE BEACH SHOP We moved to Cortez from the Manatee Beach! The Beach Shop The Beach Shop The Beach Shop The Beach Shop SUMMER FUN SPECIAL 10% OFF ANY Click! The Islander welcomes stories about islanders and island life, as well as photographs and notices of the milestones in readers lives weddings, anniversaries, travels and other events. Send notices and photographs with details to news@ Seminoles sending off freshmen The Manatee Seminole Club will celebrate the start of the 2014-15 academic year and send off local members of the freshman class Saturday, Aug. 2, in Bradenton. The club is inviting students, parents, friends and supporters of Florida State University to attend a barbecue at Palma Sola Botanical Park, 9800 17th Ave. NW, Bradenton. The event will be 11 a.m.-1 p.m. Organizers plan to host scholarship winners and other members of the freshman class, as well as sign up new members in the local FSU booster club. The cost to eat will be $8. For more information or reservations, contact Donnie Melendy by July 30 by phone at 941-504-4853 or by email at m. Gator club goes Vegas The Manatee County Gator Club is planning its annual Kick-Off Casino Night Scholarship Fundraiser for Saturday, Aug. 23. The event will take place at 6 p.m. at IMG Academy Golf and Country Club, 4350 El Conquistador Parkway, Bradenton. fund, which helps send Manatee County high school graduates to the University of Florida. Tickets to casino night cost $50 and include games and a plated dinner. The club also is planning a silent auction. For more information, including ticket sales, go online to or call Jackie Elmore at 941-962-0231. A nna M aria I 1,000 Daily Visitors30,000 Monthly Visitors 250,000 Yearly VisitorsOne address for the whole island. need a good laugh? visit the emerson quillin signature store. humor, art, gifts Art league also presents Elements of Art for kids Artist and instructor Marie Garafano will lead a workshop for children in the Elements of Art at the Anna Maria Island Art League, 5312 Holmes Blvd., Holmes Beach. Sessions will take place at 1 p.m. WednesdayFriday, July 30-Aug. 1. An announcement from AMIAL said students will explore the concepts of 2D and 3D art, as well as paint and build sculptures from found materials. For more information on fees or to register, call AMIAL at 941-778-2099.Silent auction to bene t nurses medical care The Sandbar, 100 Spring Ave., Anna Maria, recently diagnosed with Ewing sarcoma. The event will take place 3-7 p.m. Saturday, July 26. Silverman works as a nurse in the neonatal intensive care unit at Manatee Memorial Hospital in Bradenton. He and wife Jess are the parents of an 11-month-old daughter. and a silent auction of items, including vacation rentals, gift cards and other items. There is a $10 donation being requested at the entrance. Organizing is taking place on Facebook at savingsilvermannicu and donations can be made directly to a Wells Fargo account, FBO Silverman Family Donation Account. For more information, call David Bouchard at 941-545-5670.Childrens workshop offered Explore Art for children is being offered by artist Breslyn Reiber on Tuesdays and Thursdays starting July 29 at the Anna Maria Island Art League, 5312 Holmes Blvd., Holmes Beach. The workshop is geared at developing childrens creative energies through the visual arts. Students will explore art-making techniques from drawing and print making to jewelry production. The classes will be 11 For more information on fees or to register, call AMIAL at 941-778-2099.


14 JULY 23, 2014 THE ISLANDER Sunday Service 10 a.m. DR. MYLES MacDONALD The Providence of God EVERYONE IS WELCOME A dult Bible Study 8:45 AMSUNDAY WORSHIP 10:00 AMChildren & Youth C hurch School after the Childrens Message NURSERY AVAILABLE MISSION OF THE MONTHFlorida Sheris Youth Ranch A NON DENOMINATIONAL CHRISTIAN COMMUNITY Youre invited to Vivians Psychic Boutique for a consultation in matters of the heart, business affairs, and personal problems.Palms, Tarot Card & Crystal Readings Youre invited to Vivians Psychic V ivian s Psychic Boutique $20 OFF ANY 5850 14th St. W., Bradenton 941.565.9304 Call for rates to other locations941-730-8803 www.islandsedan.comISLAND SEDAN TOWNCAR SERVICEServing Anna Maria Island, Longboat Key and West Bradenton AIRPORT SERVICE: Tampa International $85 $75 $35Flat-rate pick up on AMI or LBK to/from any location, from $15 Holmes Beach code of cer pushes board for less leniency Islander Reporter Stricter code enforcement practices by the Holmes tance from the code enforcement board at a July 17 meeting. David Forbes told the board in a May meeting be more proactive citing infractions and bringing repeat offenders in front of the board. Two identical cases for alleged failure to obtain businesses tax receipts were ready to be heard and Forbes, accompanied by Holmes Beach Police Chief The parties, Elizabeth Winheim and Chard Winheim, had come into compliance by the July 17 meeting, but missed the imposed deadline by days. Board members questioned the lack of leniency for Elizabeth Winheim, voting 5-2. Board members Renee Ferguson and Don Schroder dissented. Were taking the prerogative away from the city by dismissing the case, said Schroder. City attorney Jim Dye told board members they could rule it a violation and waive the fees. tion would make repeat offenses easier to prosecute, employees and the expense of bringing code violations into compliance. The second case of failure to obtain a business tax receipt against Chard Winheim, was identical to the Tokajer explained to board members the business owner was not two days late, but rather a month and two days late in coming into compliance. ness owners 10 days to come into compliance. If that deadline is not met, the case goes to the code enforceCode enforcement then notices the business owner of the violation and allows the business 14 days to achieve compliance. Board member Michael Klotz questioned Forbes and Tokajer as to why the issue was being brought before the board, and not charged as an administrative late fee. Tokajer said an administrative late fee was imposed, but it does not cover the citys cost. The late fee is 25 percent of the business tax receipt, estimated by Tokajer at $27. Forbes estimated costs to the city to bring both cases into compliance to be $253.76. It doesnt recoup the amount it cost us to send lation in the second case. Nuisance property revisited Forbes also brought before the board a nuisance property at 2912 Gulf Drive that has been in and out of code compliance since 2012. Its absolutely deplorable conditions. Its time to get some solid action, Forbes said. According to Forbes, the property has apparently not been occupied for some time and is managed by Mortgage Contracting Services. It has become a haven for nuisance animals, the landscaping is overgrown and the pool is a mosquito breeding ground, he said. erty after attempts to contact the management company in July 2012 failed. Partial compliance was reached after some landscaping work was completed at the property in May 2013, but no other actions have been taken by either the property owner or the management company. in violation and institute a seven-day limit to come into compliance. property in violation, but allowed 14 days for compliance. Were wasting a lot of time and a lot of man hours. This case has been dragging on for two years, Tokajer said. Mortgage Contracting Services, a property management company retained by the owner. The property has been in and out of city code BELOW: Notices of violation are posted on the front door Drive, Holmes Beach.


THE ISLANDER JULY 23, 2014 15 Our lovely patients, Gordon and A PRIVATE FAMILY DENTAL PRACTICE 941.795.6535$599 CROWN SPECIAL2 or More Molars Only!We use a local dental lab with over 30 years experience in the Bradenton Area. OFFER EXPIRES JULY 29, 2014 MASS AG E BY NADI ACall 94 1. 51 8.830 1 Massaging on AMI for more than 17 years. Your place, your convenience.MA#0017550 HOW TO RELAX ON AN ISLAND .GIFT CER TIFICA TES AV AILABLE THE LAW OFFICES OF H ardin, Pratt & Ball, P.A. Conveniently Located on Anna Maria Island Holmes Beach Sea turtle nesting as of July 27: 235 nests, 250 false crawls, 7 hatched nests and 274 hatchlings sent to the Gulf. AMITW Do your part Residents, visitors and businesses can help the nesters by removing all furniture from the beaches at night and using sea turtle-friendly lighting. Both are required by ordinance in all three island cities. A MI T W works with code their observations to the city for action. A MI TW volunteer G lenn Wiseman adds to S and holes on the beach often made by children at play can trap sea turtles, and in some cases result in death of the turtle due to dehydration.Radio active: Turtle watch reaches out on airwaves shaped plaque with a message from WMNF that is posted at the nest site until it hatches. The plaque is sent to the adopter in November after turtle season. Islander Reporter The Anna Maria T urtle Watch and Shorebird Monitoring has taken to the airwaves with the Florida Folk Show on public radio. A MI T W executive director S uzi Foxs voice could be heard July 12 alongside the voices of 88.5 WMNFs Florida Folk Shows hosts Ronny E lliott, Pete Gal lagher and G ary Horrell. Foxs appearance on the show aligned with the radio stations summer fund drive. The Florida Folk S how helps educate all of southwest and Central Florida about environmental issues that touch the very hearts of Florida visitors and residents, Fox said. The DJs reach out and tell the real story of Florida. Foxs appearance on the Florida Folk S how is her second. She also participated in its February fund However, for A MI T W the cameo on public radio is all about exposure and education. Callers can adopt nests for $100. T he station is paying for the materials a plaque that is staked with the nest throughout nesting season, and given to the keeps the funds. Many other shows mention our adoption packages. T hat is a huge return for us, said Fox. When we chose to donate adopt-a-nest packages we had no idea that those adopters had never even heard of us. They not only come frequently to visit their nests on the beach but keep in email contact. Many plan on supporting our nesting program in the upcoming years. S o far, nearly 20 people have adopted nests through the radio station, including the Florida Folk S how hosts and Rob Lorei, a founding member and news director for WMNF. Fox said AMITW has allowed other organizations in the past to adopt out nests including the local Kiwanis and Rotary clubs and a few Manatee County schools. Fox said WMNF and the Florida Folk S how are widely followed by many A MI T W volunteers. T he Florida Folk S how holds interviews, host artists and reports on environmental news in the T ampa Bay area. Fox hooked up with the show after attending some local, environmental events. I heard Rob (Lorei) interview Kent Bailey a few years back. It started us looking into some questionable development of the T erra Ceia Aquatic Preserve and the Manatee County side of the S kyway Bridge. I panicked because this area is a nursery for juvenile green turtles and, during that time, there was a bunch of phone calls and meetups, she said. I dont think they realized what we really do over here on A nna Maria Island until then. We all just fell in like with each other. The Florida Folk Show broadcasts on 88.5 FM 9 a.m. on Saturdays and showcases Florida folk musicians. of AMITW helps Skip Coyne, left, of WMNF, Tampas public radio station, and the WMNF Florida Folk Show DJs sign off on radio stations turtle plaques in their Tampa studio. Islander Photo: Courtesy AMITW


16 JULY 23, 2014 THE ISLANDER Director: Center on track with budget, strategy, programs By Marge McCarthy Islander Reporter It appears a crisis has been averted at the A nna Maria Island Community Center, although there is no end in sight to the need for fundraising. crisis at the center drew 250-300 people. A gathering July 14 to talk about future strategies, a new budget and to update people on the crisis saw a fraction of that number at the center gym. In anticipation of a large turnout July 14, several hundred chairs were set up. T he center staff was ready to accommodate a crowd. In response to the many who expressed concerns at the June 4 meeting, a presentation was prepared, although the voices that raised questions at the June meeting failed to return to hear how the center staff responded to their concerns. E xecutive director Dawn S tiles and her staff were on hand with answers to questions posed June 4. A bsent were the contentious voices from the June meeting. they didnt come back because they feel they can now trust us. Her comment came across to the audience as either a tongue-in-cheek response to the low turnout or an Between June 4 and July 14, the center board approved the 2014-15 July-June budget, which includes revenue of $981,200 and spending at $937,200. It can be viewed at www.islander.or g. A fter the July 14 presentation, islander Caryn Hodge said, Im really disappointed that the room is not as full as it was in June. T here were a lot of people who were critical, and they need to be here for what was said tonight. Im very, very excited, I think this is wonderful. So, what did those who didnt attend the meeting miss? The presentation began with a video prepared pro bono by Sugar Beach Digital partners Jennifer Cascardo and Ken Heidt. The video depicts the center in action, introduces some staff, and emphasizes the fun experienced by kids who frequent the programs offered video of the center in the Fourth of July Parade can be found. S tiles growth strategy was presented on the screen as a three-sphere diagram with information on how spheres of growth all feed one another, none of them can stand on their own, said S tiles. When you do well in one, you do well in the others. The three spheres represented symbiotic relation program, it earns revenue that supports operations. the center offers, but does not charge fees for many events, including a recent performance by the U S A ir the more we earn opportunities to earn revenue, S tiles said. participating in events put on by the A nna Maria Island collaboration offers opportunities to earn revenue and another because the more opportunity that we have to collaborate and partner, the more opportunities open themselves to earn revenue and help the community. Working on the basic principals of networking, S tiles went on to say, T he three spheres all create goodwill, they create partnerships and they create PR opportunities. The more relationships you develop in each one of the spheres, the more opportunity you have in the others. S tiles said there are always ways to save money and expenses can be cut, but, she added, if you always cut, you never grow. New revenue generating initiatives that have grams throughout summer and during school vacations. a need to assist families with special needs, such as Asperger syndrome or autism. mentary School. recovery that the state of Florida allows online, for which the center can provide program completion. ing and the center can offer assistance. T hose are opportunities that we are looking to create that will offer new earned revenue. T hey havent out how much revenue we can earn, Stiles said. But these are all things that were working on. Other new revenue potential exists with a Family Foundations program, starting in the fall for children of divorce counseling in a group setting. The second is the Parent Education and Family Stabilization Program, which is required by the state for all individuals with children going through divorce. S tiles said no other organizations in this part of the state offer this program. The centers group therapists have been trained in these programs and we can charge the state between $60-90 per hour for the Family S tabilization Program, she said. agement companies. At a cost of $350 per member ship, revenue potential exists from an estimated 500 rental properties just in the city of A nna Maria. T he target revenue for these memberships is $32,000 and one management company is already on board for $11,000. ship. ing on a tennis partnership. Bob Davis, who played the game with the late Arthur Ashe and is the head of Panda, is participating in a summer tennis program for youths and adults. S tiles said she, along with the staff and board are working hard to be creative and consider every oppor tunity. On July 24, a committee is meeting to discuss more fundraising ideas. The newly approved budget T he centers July-June budget was reworked from last year and is conservative but optimistic, according to Stiles. A resignation and elimination of the job reduced expenses, donations have increased and new memberships are helping expand revenue sources. S tiles expressed a need for volunteers, coaches, tutors and anyone who can help with technology. She asked anyone who wants to help, offer ideas or to become an active business partner with the center, to call or come by the center. S he said that successful community centers across the country offer affordable, family-oriented oppor tunities. They offer a positive, healthy place for kids, families and seniors to congregate in a safe environment, and cities with community centers often experi ence a noticeable decline in youth-related crime and mischief. S ome of the children of the A nna Maria Island community already have stepped up to show their support for the center by selling lemonade, candy bars and T -shirts. They hope to be part of the centers solution and its future. unteering are gifts that will continue to give to the community. Anna Maria Island Community Center board members, sup porters and people interested in hearing about the centers progress arrive July 14 in the center gym for a second, fol lowup meeting con director Dawn Stiles. Islander Photos: Marge McCarthy attending a community meeting at the center, 407 Magnolia Ave., Anna Maria.


THE ISLANDER JULY 23, 2014 17 Bradenton Beach commission approves revamping websiteBy Merab-Michal Favorite Islander Reporter The city of Bradenton Beach website will soon get a makeover. Commissioners approved spending for the website redevelopment proposal that was presented at their July 17 city meeting. The new website will cost the city $4,500$5,000. The proposal passed 4-1, with Mayor Bill Shearon opposed. Shearon said the new website would likely require time and effort on the part of city employees, a resource that is already underwater in demands and responsibilities. There is no way our administrative staff or our building department can spend time on this, Shearon said. With everything thats going on, I just dont feel its the right time to take on another project. Ric Gatehouse, longtime IT administrator and a former city commissioner, plans to build a whole new website with real-time video and audio, and features that will allow citizens to comment on current issues. Ric made an outstanding presentation for the commission, said Commissioner Jan Vosburgh, who attended the July 17 meeting via Skype. Weve been tossing this idea around for months and its time to get it moving. Vosburgh is on vacation in Utah, and has been attending meetings electronically for several weeks. Commissioner Janie Robertson said she spent a lot of time debating whether she was in favor of the website. I dont see the commitment from the commission or Gatehouse, she said. We are not the chamber of commerce, and this website requires a lot of our attention. Robertson was referring to some of the interactive features of the website that must be provided by commissioners, such as self-authoring content, monitoring comments and adding and editing photos. Robertson also had concerns with the Floridas Government-in-the-Sunshine Laws on the public comment portion of the website. Im uncomfortable with this program, and it requires a lot from us, she said. However, Commissioner Jack Clarke quashed Robertsons concerns with a comparison of discussing issues with constituents via web pages and communicating by email. Its basically the same concept, except its a public forum, he said. I want to get his site up and running so we can show taxpayers what we are doing here. Gatehouse said a decade has passed since the city website was last updated. The revamp should take about 30 days, he said. Microsoft 365 update Microsoft Corp. has denied a renewed refund request for the citys purchase of Microsoft 356, a computer program acquired by former city clerk Jamie Anderson with the mayors approval. Anderson previously sought a refund. The request was made again by the citys IT consultant, and James Martin of Friendly IT Management. Unfortunately, we are unable to approve your request to return the software as the licenses have been activated and therefore cannot be returned, wrote Dustin Janis, project manager of Microsoft Software Division, in a July 10 email. At its July 17 meeting, the commission voted unanimously to discontinue further allocation of city funds to pursue the refund. The commission was being charged an hourly rate by both city attorney Ricinda Perry and Friendly IT Management to negotiate the refund. Vosburgh volunteered to keep pursuing the refund at no charge to the city. The software cost $4,500. 365 with funds from a $25,000 allowance the commission approved for computer upgrades was authorized by the mayor. Anderson defended the purchase, saying the software included required licensing for the new computers and email features that would allow improved access to public records. She was criticized by the commissioners after Gatehouse told the commission the email service would circumvent his contractual services. The software purchase was included among complaints made on the anonymous evaluations that contributed to Andersons June 19 termination. The Bradenton Beach website is more than 10 years old and commissioners agreed July 17 to a makeover that will incorporate new technology. The new site should be working in about a month, according to the administrator, former Commissioner The couple reside at Linger Longer and rent the remaining units to vacationers. Shearon said the city will now be asking rental businesses to provide a state lodging license prior to receiving a city operating permit in order to ensure compliance. Martin is running for the Ward 4 commission seat held by Commissioner Jan Vosburgh and also serves on the citys Scenic Waves committee. In other news, at the July 17 city meeting, comof a proposed ordinance that would impose a 5 percent increase for local business tax receipts. Municipalities can increase business taxes by up to 5 percent every two years. Businesses operating in the city, including boat marinas, eating and drinking establishments, mobile home parks and motels and vacation rentals will be affected by the increase. place at the July 31 city meeting. By Merab-Michal Favorite Islander Reporter Bradenton Beach Mayor Bill Shearon and his partner, Tjet Martin, are back on the up and up. Previously lacking the state-mandated lodging license for their vacation rental business Linger Longer, 302 Gulf Drive, they achieved compliance and their rental license July 15. They said they were unaware they needed a state lodging establishment license until Robert Lincoln, attorney representing ELRA Inc., Ed Chiles BeacHJune 19 with the state regulatory agency alleging the couple was operating illegally. An ensuing investigation conducted by the Florida Department of Business and Professional Reguthe complaint and allowed 60 days for Shearon and Martin to apply for a lodging license. Shearon said he immediately applied for the license. Bradenton Beach mayor resolves complaint lodged against his business, improves city permitting Vet equips island police to identify lost dogs Veterinarian Bill Bystrom, owner of Island Animal how to use the microchip readers to BBPD Chief Sam Speciale, Sgt. Paul Davis of the Manatee Islander Reporter Pets lost and found on Anna Maria Island may now erinarian. Instead of heading to Manatee County Animal Services costing owners from $100-$180 local law and trace the identity of the owner. Animal Clinic, 5343 Gulf Drive, Holmes Beach, donated three microchip readers, one to each island law enforcement department. Sgt. Paul Davis of the Manatee County Sheriffs Bradenton Beach Police Chief Sam Speciale met with Bystrom at the clinic July 16 to receive the readers get a lesson in how they work. tured the microchip. The companies keep two contacts that are provided by the pet owner, as well as information on the veterinarian who treats the dog. Were saving people the time and money if we said Speciale. Home Again, the reader manufacturer, puts out a bulletin that alerts veterinarians, animal services and the humane society of a missing or stolen dog within 25 miles of the reported incident. tant for pet owners to keep contact information updated with their microchip company so they can be contacted if their pet is found. They also encouraged residents to bring their pets into their departments to have their chip scanned if they are unsure of the recorded information. Bystrom reminded pet owners not to use a neighbors address as a secondary contact. In the event of an emergency situation, such as a hurricane evacuation, the neighbor also might be unavailable. Island Animal Clinic offers to microchip a pet for $10 during hurricane season. Theres an additional $20 fee to register contacts with the microchip company. They can be reached at 941-778-2445.


18 JULY 23, 2014 THE ISLANDER Island Animal ClinicReminding you to help save our seabirds. Dont cut the line!If you hook a bird, slowly reel it in and remove all hooks and line. Winners! COME SEE THE DIFFERENCE FOR YOURSELF www.islanddentalspa.comCreating beautiful smiles for 20 years on Anna Maria Island & Longboat Key Family and Cosmetic Dentistry In-House Dental Implants Root Canal Therapy Restore, Rejuvenate, Recapture Your SmileI want to completely change your perception of what it means to go to the dentist. Dr. Mariano de la Riva COME SEE THE DIFFERENCE FOR YOURSELF 941-778-2204 StreetlifeIsland police blotterAnna Maria Anna Maria is policed by the MCSO. Bradenton Beach of G ulf Drive, resisting arrest. A 35-year-old man was arrested on a charge of resisting without violence after he allegedly ran from a Bradenton Beach police officer as BBPD attempted to investigate a domestic battery complaint. He was taken to Manatee County jail.Island roadwatch T he Florida Department of T ransportation reported a bridge maintenance project on the L ongboat Pass daily through July 24. Motorists should expect intermittent northbound and southbound lane closures. T he DO T maintenance project for the Cortez Bridge also is continuing. Crews this week will work on bridge resurfacing and repair the eastbound sidewalk. Nighttime lane closures of the eastbound lane and a.m. Sunday through Thursday. Pedestrians and cyclists are advised that the eastbound sidewalk will be closed during work periods. The westbound sidewalk will remain open. or early 2015, the DOT reported. Florida Power and Light is continuing to replace the Cortez Road intersection to 28th S treet North in Holmes Beach. Motorists should expect northbound lane closures FP& L crews also are replacing power poles along to 119th Street West through July 25. Motorists are advised to use caution and expect possible delays in work areas. of S eventh S treet S outh, resisting arrest. A 22-year old Bradenton Beach man was arrested around 2 a.m. for allegedly resisting arrest. A BBPD officer responded to a house party in reference to several noise complaints. On the second visit to the party, a man allegedly tried to block the officers from entering the party. Bradenton Beach is policed by the BBPD. Cortez of Cortez Road, battery. A 29-year-old man faces a battery charge after he allegedly poured a cup of milk over a female rela tives head and then threw a sandwich at the woman. A ccording to the report, the man became enraged when he was refused a cigarette. He fled the scene when the police were called, but he was later arrested and taken to jail. the MCSO. Holmes Beach of 83rd Street, battery. A man was arrested after he allegedly grabbed a womans arms and held her against her will, then held her head down to a countertop. He also struck a 21-year-old male relative in the face, causing his mouth and nose to bleed. T he man was arrested and taken to Manatee County jail. of Flotilla Drive, battery. A 40-year-old Pennsylvania man was arrested after he allegedly battered a 17-year-old boy while at a pool. According to the report, the man demanded the boy turn off the music coming from his phone. T he man then grabbed the phone, threw it on the ground and tackled the boy to the ground. T he man was arrested and taken to Manatee County jail. G ulf Drive, warrant arrest. A 56-year-old Fort Pierce woman was arrested on an outstanding warrant. 70th Street, burglary. A woman reported her jewelry box and several pieces of jewelry had been stolen from her residence while she was out of town. of Second A venue, war rant arrest. A 65-yearold Boca Raton man was arrested on an outstanding warrant during a traffic stop. He was extradited to Broward County. Holmes Beach is policed by the HBPD. Streetlife is based on incident reports and nar ratives from the BBPD, HBPD and MCSO.Chamber donates $10K to center, steps up to advise beachgoersBy Rick Catlin Islander Reporter The Anna Maria Island Chamber of Commerce is in a giving mood. T he chamber donated $10,000 from its trolley advertising fund to the Anna Maria Island Community Center following an announcement regarding the Wing said the chamber had planned to distribute the trolley funds later, but the call for donations was urgent and, the chamber board knows the center is deserving, Wing said. A t the chamber boards July 17 meeting, executive director Larry Chatt said he couldnt think of a more center. Board members also heard a presentation from West Manatee Fire Rescue District Commissioner two WMFR stations, providing advance information on conditions at island beaches to beachgoers, although Cooper said communication about beach conditions needs to improve. Road West station and Holmes Beach stations. the WMFR Cortez Road West station showed good conditions at the beach, but actual water conditions were less than good. We get our information from Mote Marine, which gets it from the National Oceanographic and A tmospheric A dministration. U nfortunately, Mote only updates the information twice each day, Cooper said. Water conditions can change rapidly in a few minutes, so were working on getting quicker infor mation directly from the lifeguards. Board members discussed placing a link on the chamber website to current surf conditions on A nna Maria Island. Board members discussed distributing WMFR mation on the island trolley. In other chamber business, board member Karen LaPensee said she recently received complaints about beachgoers using private restrooms. Its a growing problem, she said. Manatee County Commissioner John Chappie, who attended the chamber meeting, said a changing station lacking restroom facilities put in use just before July 4 at Coquina Beach was a success. T he county has 25-30 changing stations to place at various beach locations, Chappie said, and addi tional locations will be decided in consultation with the mayors of each island city. T he changing stations should take the pressure off of businesses and private homes being used as a restroom or changing area, he said. In other business, notices are being sent to cham ber members for board candidates, chamber president Mary Ann Brockman said. Five directors up for re-election would like to remain on the board, Brockman said. If no one else shows interest in a seat, no election will be held. If a nominee does respond by the A ug. 31 deadline, the chamber will hold the board election, she said. terms are Karen L aPensee, Wende Webb, Barbara Murphy, L ori G yson and Janet Mixon. L aPensee is the chair-elect, according to Wing.


THE ISLANDER JULY 23, 2014 19 WestbridgeVeterinaryClinic W ESTBRIDGE VETERINARY CLINIC HOLMES BEACH AUTOMOTIVE SERVICE F Electr T une-Ups Brak es & More 5333 Gulf Drive Holmes Beach at the corner of Gulf & Marina Drives 941-779-0487 W W H H E E R R E E S Y O U R C O M F O R T Z Z O O N N E E ? ? CHRISTIES PLUMBINGRESIDENTIAL / COMMERCIAL778-3924 OR 778-44615508 MARINA DRIVE, HOLMES BEACH LOCAT ED IN THE BACK OF THE BUILDING REP (CFC1426596) OPEN SA 5608 Marina Drive, Holmes Beach, 941.896.7898 ITS HOT OUTSIDE, STAY COOLAC Tune-Up Special $69 Performance test, ACUV dye, up to 1 pound of freon. Exp 07-30-14. CALL GROOMS! WE TWEET TOO @ami_islander @ami_islander We specialize in GEM car, golf cart, electric vehicles, customizing, parts, service and repair. And we come to YOU!Theres nothing we cant do for you! ~ 727-692-5835Mention The Islander for 10% OFF your service call. Island PEST and TERMIT E CONTROL INC. l l s mail@islandpestandtermitecontrol.comwww Sarasota 941-365-2893 Beach 941-778-1337 fax 941-778-3285 Bradenton 941-794-1005 Brandon 813-643-0200 fax 813-643-0595 Port Charlotte 941-625-6887t ]uSign up for either Drywood or Subterranean T ermite Guaran tee and r eceive up to an instant $600 discount! Call immediately Only the rst 500 customers ar e eligible! We now accept Discover Card. P EST a n CO NTR O TAX AND ACCOUNTING SERVICES BEN AND KAREN COOPER We are accepting new clients for our Tax and Accounting practice. We prepare income taxes and handle all phases of accounting. Bank Reconciliations Preparing Financials Calculating Payrolls Homeowners Associations Individual and Corporate Tax Returns WE WANT TO BE YOUR ACCOUNTANT941-795-7048 Ofce 941-795-4878 Fax 941-713-9190 Cell Holmes Beach code board grants stay to tree house owners Islander Reporter say youre sorry. by the city on what has become an infamous tree house in Holmes Beach required the code enforcement board to grant its owners a stay and send them a letter. Circuit Judge Janette Dunnigan issued an opinion house owners Richard Hazen and Lynn Tran during their appeal. The tree house was constructed without permits on the beachfront at Hazens and Transs home and rental accommodations known as Angelinos Sea Lodge at 103 29th St. Code enforcement board attorney Michael Connolly told board members July 17 that the courts March ruling requires the board to grant Hazen and Tran the stay, and to send a letter notifying the couple that the stay had been granted. Connolly read the opinion which, except in cases of special circumstances, granted the stay. In the case between the city and the tree house owners, neither on the owners appellate rights. No public hearing was required of the board because the stay was court-ordered, said Connolly. He prepared the letter notifying Hazen and Tran that the board had granted the stay and had board chair Andy Sheridan sign it during the July 17 meeting. $100 a day beginning Sept. 13, 2013, and until such time the tree house is brought into compliance with city and state regulations. Hazen and Tran have been tangled in a dispute to the couple by the city April 5, 2013. in violation of the city building codes. The city found the tree house which began construction in April 2011 to be in violation of several city and state codes and to have been built without permits. The violations include the structure being built within the setback for the erosion control line, which is prohibited by state law. process is the latest in the legal battle, responding to but were denied. The petition essentially appealed the boards decision, which was overturned by Dunnigan. Still pending are two cases headed by the city declaring the couples petition initiative null and void, and seeking a declaratory judgment that would essentially end the case. The couples appeal of the code enforcement boards findings and an appeal of the citys final administrative order to remove the structure or rectify its non-compliant status also awaits further action in court. be reinstated by the board, depending on the outcome of the appeal. The city is represented by attorneys Jim Dye and Patricia Petruff of Dye, Deitrich, Petruff and St. Paul, P.L., of Bradenton. Petruff is the attorney of record for the city.Holmes Beach to institute records search fee June 24 of an ordinance that would impose fees on research related to properties in the city. The measure would amend the land development code by establishing a new fee for property records research conducted by city staff. The research is typically requested by title companies and lien search companies, and such requests have increased substantially in recent years, according to city clerk Stacey Johnston. The fee would be titled administrative searches and include researching zoning, comprehensive plan tions on parcels in Holmes Beach. An initial fee of $75 would be charged upon request, with $30 an hour added for each additional hour of research required. at 6 p.m. Tuesday, July 22. The fee would be effective immediately. The beachfront tree house at Angelinos Sea Lodge, 103 29th St., Holmes Beach. Islander File Photo


20 JULY 23, 2014 THE ISLANDER We made stone crabs famous! OPEN 7 Days 11:30-9:30 Happy Hour 4-6pmLONGBOATS PREMIER WATERFRONT RESTAURANT! Since 1967 MOORE S STONE CRAB RESTAURANTIts going to be a Crab Tastic Summer!ALLYOUCANEAT Maine Lobster $29.99 or Alaskan Snow Crab Clusters $29.99Also: Fresh Seafood, Pasta, Steaks & Chicken Best food, best service, best view ... Any closer to the water, your feet will get wet! www.stonecrab.ccWAIT! Keep your bibs on! Mark Alonso was of the Greatest GenerationMark Alonso of Anna Maria brings his trike loaded with his bird creations to Holmes Beach for an art sale in 2009. Islander File Photo Commentary by Rick Catlin Islander Reporter Many locals knew Mark Alonso, or knew of him. He was a World War II and Korean War veteran, a member of the Greatest Generation. He died in Michi gan July 12. T he story of his military service was featured in the Dec. 3, 2003, issue of The Islander, and some of it is repeated here, to let people know how strongly he believed in being an American. Would you leave the country of your birth to go to a country where you didnt speak the language? Would you join the merchant marine and sail to the United States, then jump ship without papers? Would you volunteer to be drafted into the U.S. Army during Mark Alonso did that. He was born in G uernica, S pain, and suffered through the Spanish Civil War of 1936-39. At the age of 11, he was taken by a relief organization to E ngland, where he lived in a refugee camp. When A lonso turned 15, he had become bored with camp life. By then, World War II had started and A lonso left the camp and headed to L ondon to seek his fortune. He spoke very little E nglish at this time, but he managed to make a living doing odd jobs for English soldiers or businesses. He lived on the streets, not knowing what his future held. He was not allowed to join the British army, and he wasnt impressed by the British soldiers he saw. T hose guys looked sloppy, and didnt appear tough. They just didnt strike me as top soldiers, he said. In late 1942, he began noticing soldiers in L ondon A nd they seemed to know what they were doing. I hung around them and picked up more English. They gave me food and some clothes, and told me great stories about America. I decided these were smart soldiers who knew they would win the war, and this was the country I A lonso had no way of joining the U S A rmy in Britain, but he managed to become a crewman on a He was 18-years-old and had papers saying he was an undocumented member of the ship. He was told he would not be allowed ashore when the ship reached Philadelphia. A lonso ignored those orders. When the ship docked in Philadelphia, A lonso snuck off the ship without authorization or money and hitchhiked his once said. Army recruiting station, where he was told he needed But the guy told me to go across the street to the draft board, because they would take anybody, A lonso said. I asked if it was the same army, and the guy said yes, so I didnt hesitate, Alonso said. asked to be drafted. Within four hours, A lonso had been sworn into the A rmy and sent to basic training. Although still considered a Spaniard, he was now on his way to being an American. eventually becoming part of the occupation army of that country after the Japanese surrender. U pon discharge, he remained in the reserves. In 1950, he was recalled for duty in the Korean War and After the war, he was granted U.S. citizenship. Only if you have been denied your freedom can you appreciate what freedom and this country means, he said in December 2003. A fter Korea, he returned to S pain and married a woman he had known in the refugee camp in England. Alonso became a paving contractor in Michigan. He and his wife Miren would retire to Anna Maria. He became an artist, crafting items out of driftwood, coconuts, palm fronds and other found objects. A lonso could be seen around A nna Maria riding his a smile on his face. My family always visited with him and his wife at Christmas. He taught my kids to kayak in A nna Marias canals and gave my daughter one of the seagull this day. He would always say, T his is the greatest country in the world. Mark A lonso died July 12. He was buried with the tions will live on.


THE ISLANDER JULY 23, 2014 21 ObituariesRonald M. Luce Sr. Ronald M. Luce Sr., 64, of Parrish, died July 12. He was born Feb. 24, 1950, in Adrian, Michigan, to Harold and Donna Luce. He married Karen Hunt June 12, 1967. Mr. Luce lived in Brooklyn, Michigan, and was part owner of Audio Port in Jackson, Michigan, for many years before moving to Florida in 1996. He worked for Tropicana from 1997 until 2014. He was a member of the Anna Maria Island Moose Lodge, enjoyed the beach and sunshine, and classic cars. Mr. Luce is survived by his loving wife of 47 years, Karen; mother Donna; two sons, Ronald Jr. of Horton, Michigan, and Brandon and wife Sarah of Parrish; grandchildren Lauren, Holden, Aiden and Elijah. Round midnightDenise and Bob Johnson, of Holmes Beach, dont need a light for nighttime reading of The Islander. They are on the northern coastline of Norway, near the city of Tromso, north of the Arctic Circle. There they found temperatures in the 50s and bright daylight even around midnight. A dispatch from the couple to the island read, The sun has since late May and will not drop below It kind of throws off your body clock. Islander Courtesy Photo ALWAYS FRESHBreakfast bagels, egg sandwiches, fruit, yogurt & MORE! Boars Head Hoagies & Sandwiches 8-5, 7 days 5337 Gulf Drive, HB Trolley Stop 15.941.778.3000 941 Free delivery ... even at the beach, biz, bar or home!You heard it right! Were now making breakfast! AND delivering it! *delivery subject to driver availablilty Miriam A. Peck Miriam A. Peck, 88, of Bradenton and formerly of Holmes Beach, died June 17. She was born Dec. 4, 1925, in Chicago to the late Dr. Rev. Gottfred Nelson and Anna Almquist Nelson. She called Evanston, Illinois, home, where she met and married her husband of 64 years, Robert Bowman Normand Peck. The family moved to Colorado Springs, Colorado, where she raised four children, and worked as a dental hygienist. She graduated Northwestern University Dental School. Mrs. Peck was a devoted mother, school volunteer, active volunteer in the Colorado Dental Hygienists Association, a Beta Sigma Phi life member, Xi Upsilon and Laureate Beta Chapters, a life member of the Anna Maria Garden Club and was active in the Anna Maria Island Power Squadrons Helpmates Auxiliary. Peck She enjoyed the outdoors, driving through Colorado, tennis, and walking the white sand beaches on Anna Maria Island. She enjoyed travel, local arts and plays, her Swedish heritage and cooking. The couple enjoyed 30 years of retirement in Holmes Beach. No local service was announced. She was interred with her husband at Fort Logan National Cemetery in Denver. Mrs. Peck is survived by children Barbara, Joanne and husband John, Ronald, and Nancy and husband Rick; and grandsons Christopher and Zachary. Momma mia, ats a pizza pose in the kitchen with teacher/chef Vinny Esposito July 4 at Vinny and Cheryls Italian Kitchen 314 Pine Ave., Anna Maria. The and James Callaghan, and Preston, Reid, Islander Photo: Cour


22 JULY 23, 2014 THE ISLANDER Grill Seafood Grill Seafood Grill Seafood Come try some cracker shrimp! Live music Friday & Saturday121 Bridge St. Bradenton Beach 941-896-9737 THE FEAST RESTAURANTEnjoy your feast THE FEAST THE FEAST RESTAURANT RESTAURANT Island Coffee HausReal Florida Relaxation! AUTHENTIC GERMAN BEER, FOOD, CAKES AND ATMOSPHERE! THE REAL GERMAN RESTAURANT ON FLORIDAS WEST COAST ON FLORIDAS WEST COAST ON FLORIDAS WEST COAST Old HamburgSchnitzelhaus FRIDAY & SATURDAY OVEN-FRESH BAVARIAN HAXEN &CRISPY DUCKLINGCALL AHEAD TO RESERVE OPEN 7 DAYS A WEEK FULL LIQUOR AND DINING SERVICE Come check out our super NEW menu! WELL BLOW YOU AWAY! 941.778.5788 OM A PIZZA& ITALIAN RESTAURANT Makers of the Worlds Largest Pizza $100 OFFAny Size PizzaFREE DELIVERY! Makers of the Worlds Largest Pizza (941) 778-6641(941) 778-66415606 Marina Drive, Holmes Beach Hours: MonThurs 4pm1pm FriSat 11amam Sun 11am1pmWE DELIVER WE DELIVER 5606 Marina Drive Holmes Beach MonThu 11am1pm FriSat 11amam Sun 11am1pm OLD-FASHIO NED I CE CREAM MADE O N SITE! SINCE 1984 CELEBRATING 30 YEARS! Milestone Hinkles of Holmes Beach celebrate anniversary A rt and Donna Hinkle celebrated their wedding anniversary earlier this month. T he couple, who reside in Holmes Beach, married July 9, 1948. T hey met in Jackson, Michigan, and they eloped to be together because the brides father did not approve of her marrying so young she was 18 and he was 22. They lived in the United States and also in Brazil, where A rthur Hinkle worked for Clark E quipment for nearly 15 years before moving back to the United States. The Hinkles are grandparents to 10 kids and great T hey moved to Holmes Beach and have been residing in Florida for about 24 years. One well-wisher described A rt and Donna as having probably the sweetest love affair and certainly wonderful people. Art and Donna Hinkle celebrate their wedding anniversary earlier this month. Art and Donna Hinkle on the wedding day, which Courtesy PhotosIslander installed as legion commander Holmes Beach resident Richard A lvarez recently was installed as commander of the American Legion Kirby Stewart Post 24. July 3 at the post home, 2000 75th St. W., Bradenton. conducted the ceremonies. A dditional officers include Womans Auxiliary Unit 24 president Bar bara Field and L egion Riders director and S ons of the American Legion Squadron 24 commander James Brown. or appointed and 11 womens auxiliary members American Legion member George Staudt was A bout 235 people attended the event, which included a dinner. Socializing The Islander has an active Facebook commu nity of more than 3,100 users, and you can begin sharing and joining some of the conversations were having with our fans. If you would like to join the conversation, you need only like T he Islander on Facebook. We also provide a direct link to our fan page from www. births, weddings, anniversaries and more with us for publication in the print edition by emailing photos and relevant information to news@islander. org. The Islander also allows comments on stories online. Visit


THE ISLANDER JULY 23, 2014 23 Coquina Beach Cafe Beachfront dining TRY OUR FAMOUS FISH TACOS JOIN US FOR AN ICE COLD BEER, WINE OR FROZEN DRINK! Live Music Fri-Sat-Sun Evenings MIKE SALES ENTERTAINS 5-8 SUNDAYNow Serving Breakfast & Lunch Daily, Dinner Fri-Sat-Sun Breakfast & Lunch Daily, Dinner Fri-Sat-SunLAST TROLLEY STOP ON ANNA MARIA ISLAND 2650 Gulf Drive S. Bradenton Beach 941.778.4757 Chamber activities planned for July, August The Anna Maria Island Chamber of Commerce will hold its July business card exchange 5-7 p.m. Wednesday, July 23, at Hidden Lake Living, 1200 54th Ave. W., Bradenton. Refreshments will be served and door prizes awarded. Members are encouraged to bring a guest. Cost of the event is $5 and reservations are requested. On Aug. 6, the chamber will hold its monthly netRestaurant, 200 Gulf Drive N., Bradenton Beach. Cost of the luncheon is $15 and reservations are required. The chamber will hold its annual Small Business Expo Tuesday, Aug. 19, at CrossPointe Fellowship in Holmes Beach. Anyone interested in participating as a sponsor, vendor or speaker is asked to contact the chamber. For information on all chamber events or to make a reservation, call 941-778-1541.Celebrating 50 yearsMarion and Judy Duncan of Anna Maria will celebrate 50 years of marriage July 26. The two married in Chicago after graduating from Millikin University in Decatur. They both worked as teachers before going into the real estate business. They have two daughters, Darcie, owner of Duncan Real Estate in Anna Maria, and Melissa, a doctoral candidate in medieval studies at the University of Tennessee. The Duncans have been residents of Anna Maria for 40 years. Islander Courtesy Photo MilestoneJ. Burns opens on Pine The J. Burns Pizza Shop opened July 3 at 308C Wade following a path set out by his family. My mom and dad have two J. Burns stores in Lakeland, Wade said. Dad resurrected the old J. Burns Pizza name two very well, he said. We decided to expand and settled on Anna Maria. Its a beautiful city and the people are great. And were having a lot of fun just meeting people and watching them enjoy the food. Wade is one of six children and his dad, Matt Wade, said one of the things we love most about this business is it is something that our kids can get involved in. We can grow the business together as a family. While Hunter manages the Anna Maria store, his sister Raney is assistant manager. She plans to take over when Hunter returns to the University of South Florida in the fall. owner/manager Hunter Wade, and sister Raney Wade. Islander Photo: Rick Catlin with distributing the community funds and planning fundraising events. Hes pleased with the reception the pizza shop has received in Anna Maria. The family plans future expansion to Winter Haven and north Lakeland, he added. For more information on J. Burns Pizza in Anna Maria, call 941-251-4070. J. Burns offers a variety of specialty pizzas, subsandwiches and salads. The shop uses Boars Head meats and gets breads and rolls delivered daily from a Tampa bakery. Were also planning to start delivery service in a few weeks, he said. Community outreach is important to the business and the family, Wade said. They contribute a portion of each sale to a community fund, which they distribute monthly to a variety of causes. Wade said J. Burns of Anna Maria will work with the Anna Maria Island Chamber of Commerce to assist Some food writers focus on food and cooking techniques they dont understand. They arent into food, they just write about it. They have deadlines and they have to grab headlines. They are always under pressure to come up with new news. A few years ago some starving food writers decided it would be a great idea to write about restaurants buying food from farms and serving it to tables as if it was a bold new practice. I am getting older and cant remember where we were getting the food before those writers found it remarkable that it came from farms. Farm to Table has now taken center stage as the biggest crock of fertilizer that restaurants have ever spread on their patrons. We have Norwegian restaurants in mid-winter and too many Florida restaurants in mid-summer boasting of Farm to Table menus. Malarkey. Nothing grows in Norways winter, and not much grows outside of a greenhouse in Florida in the summer. Take a walk in your Florida-in-July back yard. The only thing edible that is doing OK is rosemary. In September, the only stuff growing is barnacles and skin cancer. Lettuces wrapped up in April. The tomato guys migrated to Maryland and California in May. The peach nobody wants to eat tough native spinach, including tough local natives. We can still get some peppers In July mostly hot peppers and okra. Theres eggplant, but I hate eggplant. It gets in my mouth. Oh, good news is we have an abundance of melons. The restaurants boasting Farm to Table menus arent featuring eggplant and okra. Theyre dishing up green beans, lettuces, tomatoes and little potatoes likely from Ohio and California. As misguided as the propagation of farm to table may be, some good things have come from it. Our local farms are getting more exposure and were beginning to ask more questions about where our food comes from. Its unfortunate that more restaurants arent answering those questions with the integrity we deserve. **************** The Beach Bistro and Eat Here websites offer two great recipes in connection with this article. If youre stuck with eggplant, we have a classic recipe for Ratatouille that originated with LAuberge du Bon Vivant a marvelous little restaurant that served classic cuisine on the north end of Longboat Key for more than 30 years we called it Le boom de boom de boom. And weve included our popular Melon Mojito cocktail, which takes advantage of summers abundance of fresh melons. Sean Murphy is the owner of the Beach Bistro and the Eat Here Restaurants. The Bistro is consistently included restaurants in America. Eat Here is among the Best New restaurants in Florida named by Florida the restaurant business for 45 years. He spends way too much time thinking about food. Questions and comments can be directed to myths dispelled Murphy


24 JULY 23, 2014 THE ISLANDER MB MARINE LLCElectronics / Electrical Installation & ServicePO Box 1064 Cortez, Fl 34215(941) 920-1169 COME CRUISE ON OUR PRIVATE YACHT 941-780-8010 Now and Then Excursions 941-780-8010CALL FOR RESERVATIONS SCHEDULE: PRIVATE CHARTERS & EXCURSIONS ~ UP TO 49 PASSENGERSENJOY THE RIDE!Egmont Key M-W-FPrivate Egmont Excursions Any Day Sailing Catamarans Sailing CatamaransKathleen D Kathleen DUSCG Certied to 20 passengersSailing from 3 locationsAnna Maria Island Longboat Key Downtown SarasotaLets Go Sailing! SAIL: $20 PER PERSONWhisper SailingInterperative Sail Tours Aboard 1800s-Design Custom Work Boat Built in Cortez by Whisper Captain & Naturalist Geoffrey H. Kendrick Accommodates up to 6 people4528 119th St. West., CortezNEXT TO SWORDFISH GRILL941.713.5958 Tennis on tap at AMICCDuncan pushes past Gourmet in adult basketball nals The Anna Maria Island Community Center, in partnership with the Panda Foundation, is offering free youth and adult tennis clinics at the Rex Hagen Tennis Courts on the center campus, 407 Magnolia Ave., Anna Maria. The youth clinic for beginning tennis players ages 6-18 took place after press time July 22. The adult clinic is set for 9 a.m. to noon Saturday, July 26, with instructors Denis Pepegrin from Inspiration Tennis Academy, Jeff Russell from United Tennis Academy and Bob Davis of the Panda Foundation. headed by Bob Davis, who was, some years back, the late Arthur Ashes doubles partner, and is the co-author with Nick Bollettieri of Changing the Game. two-time ATA National Champion and soon will be inducted into the Black Tennis Hall of Fame. He won the ATA Junior National title and the Mens Doubles title with his brother, hall-of-famer Bill Davis. Davis helped create and was a Tennis Program, which later became the Arthur Ashe Safe Passage Foundation. As CEO, he introduced tennis to more than 20,000 inner-city youngsters in 10 U.S. cities, while also providing health screenings and academic support. Davis later created Black Dynamics, which offers scholarships for minority youths at IMG Academy. Davis then started the Panda Foundation, which uses tennis as a vehicle to teach children the value of remaining in school, maintaining a healthy body and addressing childhood obesity and diabetes. Davis, who moved to Manatee County in 1993, is committed to bringing the sport to Manatees underserved children. Already he has brought tennis instrucCommunity Center and Church of the Cross. For more information or to sign up, contact the island center at 941-778-1908 or Panda Foundation at 941-538-7115. Davis By Kevin Cassidy Islander Reporter The Anna Maria Island Community Center saw a tug of war played in the gym July 15. But it was basketball. Duncan Real Estate put up a strong fourth quarter to break open a close game and defeat Island Gourmet 65-49 in the adult basketball championships July 15 at the Anna Maria Island Community Center, 407 Magnolia Ave., Anna Maria. The game was a tug of war in the early going. With hit back-to-back three-pointers to put Duncan ahead 12-6 as the quarter came to an end. The second and third quarters were more of the same. Just when it seemed Duncan was going to pull away, Island Gourmet would claw its way back into the game. The third quarter came to a close on an offensive rebound putback by Gourmets Eric Wicks to make the score 40-38 in favor of Duncan. Then the wheels came off the Island Gourmet ter behind 9 points from Jordan Demers and 7 points from Joe Combs to ice the game. Demers led Duncan with 20 points, including three 3-pointers. Ray Gardner added 19 points and rebounds in the victory. Dale Smith scored 14 points and grabbed 13 rebounds to lead Island Gourmet, which also received 12 points from Scott Elisio and 10 points from Craig in the loss. Flag football takes off The centers NFL football summer league is underway with youth games Monday and Wednesday 6 and a Super Bowl contest will be held Aug. 11. The 11-17 division saw AMI Sportszone Seahawks destroy Barke & Company Saints 41-12 in July 16 action. Michael Latimer ran for two touchdowns and passed for three touchdowns to lead the Seahawks. Jake Ross contributed a pair of touchdown receptions, while brother Andrew ran for a touchdown in the victory. The Saints were led by the McCrackens. Tuna McCracken connected with sister Hannah McCracken for the only offensive score, while Tony Sperduto added to the score, taking an interception for a touchdown. The second game of the evening saw AM General Store Buccaneers edge Eat Here Lions 26-25 with Silas Banyas extra-point reception being the difference in the game. Burke Hill and Lucan Heffernan scored two touchdowns each to lead the Buccaneers to victory. Cody Tsai threw for three touchdowns to lead Eat Here in the loss. He connected with Hagan Powers, Cole Tomin and Angelina Sculco. Eat Here Lions devoured Bark & Company Saints 32-7 during 11-17 division action July 18. Lane Burnett led the way with two touchdowns and an extra point, while Hagan Powers added two touchdowns. Cole Tomin added a touchdown and Steele Quinard chipped in with an extra point to round out the scoring in the victory. The 8-10 division saw the Sugar Beach Digital Cowboys edge AMI Seahawks 7-6. Will Batey connected with Ozzy Lonzo on a touchdown pass and an extra-point pass to lead the way to victory. AMI Seahawks was led by Cash Carter, who connected with Bryon Law for the only score in the loss. The Seahawks turned the tables on the Cowboys in July 18 action, earning a 25-22 victory behind rushing touchdowns from Evan Christenson, Jeremiah Sculco and Ben Brashear. Bryron Law added a touchdown reception to the victory, while Brashear added an extra-point reception. The Cowboys were led by Will Batey, who threw for two touchdowns, while also catching a touchdown pass and a two-point conversion. Ozzy Lonzo and Travis Bates each added touchdown receptions with Bates chipping in on a two-point conversion. Indoor soccer continues The indoor soccer league continues at center with games Monday, Wednesday and Friday evenings. In the 8-10 division, Air & Energy and Bowes Gulf Bay Realty is 0-2. Southern Greens leads the 11-14 division with a 3-0 record followed by Island Dental Spa, alone in second with a 2-1 record. Dojo Martial Arts is 1-2, while Beach Bowes Imaging Center rolled to a 7-3 victory over Air & Energy July 16 behind three goals from GarLincoln and Breya Sauls completed the scoring with a goal each in the victory. Air & Energy was led in the loss by a goal each from Adrian Zamora, Will Carroll and Michael Coleman. In 11-14 action July 18, Island Dental Spa edged Beach Bistro in a penalty-kick shootout after the teams played to a 4-4 tie through regulation. Ryan Joseph and Javi Salgado converted penalty kicks for Island Dental Spa, while Robbie Fellowes was the lone Bistro player to convert. Salgado scored twice in regulation to lead Island Dental Spa, which also received a goal each from brothers Dylan and Ryan Joseph in the victory. Fellowes led Beach Bistro with three goals, while Connor Mulhearn added one goal in the loss. The second game of the evening saw Southern Greens roll past Dojo Martial Arts 10-0 behind three goals from Gavin Walker and two goals each from Nate Bettger, Brooke Capperelli and James Richards. Preston Walker completed the scoring for Southern Greens. PLEASE SEE SPORTS, PAGE 25


THE ISLANDER JULY 23, 2014 25 SPORTS CONTINUED FROM P AGE 24 AM City Pier tides; Cortez high tides 7 minutes later lows 1:06 later Anna Maria Island Tides Date AM HIGH PM HIGH AM LOW PM LOW Moon July 23 12:09 1.5 9:45a 2.5 2:48 1.4 5:30 0.1 July 24 12:50 1.5 10:30a 2.5 3:44 1.4 6:08 0.0 July 25 1:20 1.6 11:11a 2.6 4:33 1.4 6:41 0.0 July 26 1:41 1.6 11:48a 2.6 5:17 1.3 7:10 0.1 New July 27 1:57 1.6 12:24 2.5 5:58 1.2 7:37 0.2 July 28 2:11 1.7 1:00 2.5 6:38 1.1 8:03 0.2 July 29 2:27 1.7 1:37 2.4 7:20 1.0 8:29 0.3 July 30 2:47 1.8 2:17 2.3 8:04 1.0 8:57 0.5 Light T Fishin g Char tersCapt. W arren GirleInshore Offshore Li ht Tk l Capt. W arren Girle o r e h O GIFT CERTIFICATES AVAILABLELocated at the Seafood Shack, 4110 127th St. W., MULTI-DAY DISCOUNTS ON YAMAHA WAVERUNNERS!$500 PER DAY 5-DAY MINIMUM*Not valid with other offers. Offer not valid on shorter rentals. Must pay in full at pickup. 1 full tank of gas per day. NO REFUNDS on unused time. All other rules and regs apply.941-538-4290 Islander Exclusive Fishing Charters Wet Slips Fuel Dock Full Service Marine Mechanic Tackle Shop and Water Sports By Capt. Danny Stasny Islander Reporter Hot temperatures and unexpected thunderstorms Anna Maria Island challenging. keep a close eye on the weather radar while youre out a squall develops. When these fast-forming thunder a mad dash to shore. back before a storm hits have a better chance of catchbest just to pick another day if the forecast is unfavor able. weather permits. By using live shiners, especially the small hatch bait, G irle is catching limits of mangrove snapper up to 20 inches. He expects most to be 14-16 inches, although the bigger ones are not uncommon. rocarbon tied to a small circle hook. Fishing light rigs increases the chances of getting a bite. G ag and red grouper are being caught from G irles clients are reeling up gags to 26 inches. A s for the reds, most are short of the 20-inch minimum, but every now and again a keeper is landed. In the backcountry, G irle is catching spotted seatrout and redfish. For the trout, G irle is fishing Jim Malfese at the Rod & Reel Pier says the tar geted species this week is mangrove snapper, which baits under the pier and wait for a bite. E xpect to catch snapper 8-12 inches. While targeting snapper at the S panish mackerel are being caught during sunrise, although the bite is sporadic. S mall white or chartreuse jigs are helping anglers get results. Capt. A aron L owman at Island Discount T ackle is in both T ampa Bay and the G ulf of Mexico. Hes using small shiners as bait, combined with a knocker rig bite going, Lowman likes to use both a chum bag and chum some fresh dead shiners. He is hooking up his clients with mangrove snapper up to 15 inches using this method. Gag grouper are on the agenda for Lowman. This bite is occurring on nearshore structure. For bait, hes up to 25 inches also are being caught. Bay for spotted seatrout. Hes anchoring around poters under a popping cork are producing a bite. Capt. Rick Gross of Fishy Business Charters is tar geting mangrove snapper on nearshore reefs and other structure. By using live shiners for bait, Gross is catching reefs in the Gulf of Mexico. and-release snook and, most abundantly, spotted seatrout. A ll three species are responding to free-lined Andrew Crowton shows off his July 15 catch at the Rod & Reel Pier, where he says anglers snook ready to take a hook baited with live shiners and sandperch on the outgoing tides. He says the snook all released are ranging in inches. Key Royale golf news Nine Key Royale players braved rainy conditions to play a nine-hole, individual-low-net golf match July 15. alone in second with a 2-under-par 30. Debi Wholers place. Horseshoe news T wo teams emerged from pool play during July 16 horseshoe action at the Anna Maria City Hall horseshoe pits. In the championship match, S am S amuels and S teve G rossman outscored Jerry Disbrow and Bob Heiger 22-13 to claim the days bragging rights. T wo teams also advanced to the knockout round during July 19 horseshoe action. In a tight battle, Hank Huyghe and Jay Disbrow edged Steve Doyle and T im Sofran 21-17 to win the day. Play gets underway at 9 a.m. every Wednesday and S aturday at the A nna Maria City Hall pits. Warmups There is no charge to play and everyone is welcome. Look online at for more sports and photos.


26 JULY 23, 2014 THE ISLANDER Gulf-Bay Realty of Anna Maria Inc. Jesse Brisson Broker Associate, GRI 941-713-4755 800-771-6043 Call Jesse Brisson941-713-4755BAYFRONT BEAUTY: Perched on the edge of the bay, this 2bed/2bath bayfront home has sweeping views of the bay and ICW. Craftsmanship shows in every detail of this beautiful home with dock and of ce or third bedroom. Turnkey furnished. $1,199,000 DUPLEX FOR SALE: 300 block of 65th Street on a conforming duplex lot. Lovingly maintained, new windows, room for a pool, great rental history. $519,000. 5BED/3BATH DUPLEX: West of Gulf Drive, just steps to the beach this relaxed living duplex is currently a successful vacation rental. Excellent rental history and con rmed future bookings. Turnkey furnished. $940,000. 4BED/2BATH DUPLEX: : Location, Location, Location. Across from public beach and off of Gulf Drive, this duplex comes turnkey furnished! $365,000. SNEAD ISLAND: Built in 2006 on over half an acre, this 4bed/3bath home features 14-ft ceilings, crown moldings, kitchen with black granite counter tops, Grand views ,saltwater pool with waterfall feature, 200-ft new dock. Much much more. $949,000. FLAMINGO TOWNHOME: Totally redone from head to toe, this 2bed/2bath condo is conveniently located close to Robinson Preserve, Anna Maria Island and, with a pool and docks, what more do you need?! $175,000. POOL HOME WITH SLIP: This elevated 2bed/2bath pool home built on an oversize lot also includes a deeded boat slip. Inviting layout takes full advantage of blending indoors with outdoors. $589,999. WE TWEET TOO @ami_islander @ami_islander Sothebys International Realty and the Sothebys International Realty logo are registered Equal Housing Opportunity. 1201 ALC AZAR DRIVE LO T 4 7823 POR T OSUENO AV ENUE LO T 3 1203 ALC AZAR DRIVE LO T 5 1205 ALC AZAR DRIVE LO TS 6 & 7 ALC A Z AR DRIV E PROPER TY 1.8 ACRES O N T HE P A LMA SO L A PAR K BOA T B ASIN Island real estate transactionsBy Jesse Brisson Special to The Islander $850,000; list $890,000. $875,000. Exposure Property LLC for $806,400; list $995,000. $772,500; list $799,900. 202 75th St., Unit B, Casa Del Mare, Holmes Beach, Tongson for $725,000; list $799,000. Retreats LLC for $675,000; list $699,000. 209 81st St., Holmes Beach, a 1,591 sfla list $599,000. 321 64th St., Unit 8A, Island Walk, Holmes Beach, $540,000. 2312 Gulf Drive N., Unit 109, Sunset Terrace, Holmes erties LLC to Mikedev Investment LLC for $540,000. 74 N. Shore Drive, Anna Maria, a 1,560 sfla LLC for $460,000. 3702 Sixth Ave., Unit 4, Beach View of Manatee, matteo to Parsons for $310,000; list $325,000. Islander 24/7 archive Several years ago, The Islander was invited to take part in a digital newspaper pilot project with the University of Florida George A. Smathers Libraries. The next step in our quest to be the best news on Anna Maria Island is a digital photo library. Soon, states website, Kids at school, news photos, pictures from events and the hallmarks in the lives of islanders. As for now, theres 21 years, 52 weeks a year, cover to back, the complete collection of The among the digital stacks, now and into the future. Weekly.


THE ISLANDER JULY 23, 2014 27 I S L A N D E R C L A S S I F I E D S ITEMS FOR SALE FREEBIE ITEMS FOR SALE g ANNOUNCEMENTS ANNOUNCEMENTS Continued Beach. purchase online: m. GARAGE SALES HOLMES BEACH40 Years of Professional Service to Anna Maria Island and BradentonEXP ERIENCE REPUTATION RESULTSFOR SALE Belair Bayou: Unique 3/2 home with 2,632 sa, man cave, pool, lanai with replace and stone table with grill and much more. $316,000.RENTALS GULFFRONT Vacation/Seasonal 5/4 Home. GULFFRONT Luxury Villas 2/2 and 1/1.5 Vacation/Seasonal BOOKING NOW FOR 2014 SEASONAL/VACATION RENTALS 208 Peacock Lane, 2/2 duplex in Holmes Beach. $405,000. Great investment property or change to single family. By appointment only. mariannebc@aol.com941-725-7799 Call Marianne TODAY for your free market analysis. Selling your home is important to me.Marianne Correll, Realtor6101 Marina Dr, Holmes Beach 34217 LOST & FOUND honesty. Old Florida with a New Twist The first step in selling or buying a The first step in selling or buying a house is successfully choosing the house is successfully choosing the right agent. house is successfully choosing the house is successfully choosing the right agent. right agent. In the past six months we have on In the past six months we have on In the past six months we have on average sold a house every 4 days! average sold a house every 4 days! average sold a house every 4 days! 13 Sales of 42 Million 13 Sales of 42 Million Providing the very best customer Providing the very best customer service by always Providing the very best customer Providing the very best customer service by always service by always p u t t i n g t h e service by always service by always p p u u u t t t t t t t t t t t t t t t i i n n n g g c u s t o m e r s f i r s t g g t t t h h e t t t h h h Come in and visit us at the office... 5702 Marina Drive #104, Holmes Beach Or give us at call at 941 567 5234 You can also visit our website at OPEN HOUSE SUNDAY 1PM 4PM Vacant Land for Sale: 303 Pine Ave, Anna Maria 7,488 sq.ft. $ 5 7 5 0 0 0 710 N Shore Dr, Anna Maria 5,100 st.ft $ 5 5 0 0 0 0 212 82nd, Holmes Beach 8,100 st.ft. $ 3 6 9 0 0 0 114 52nd, Holmes Beach 6,000 sq.ft. $ 3 8 9 0 0 0 144&142 Crescent, Anna Maria 6,438 sq.ft. each $ 3 4 9 0 0 0 $849,000 $849,000 $749,000 $749,000 $648,000 $648,000 $449,000 $750,000 $750,000 $1,595,000 $699,000 Vacant Land for Sale: 303 Pine Ave, Anna Maria 7,488 sq.ft. 710 N Shore Dr, Anna Maria 5,100 st.ft 212 82nd, Holmes Beach 8,100 st.ft. 114 52nd, Holmes Beach 6,000 sq.ft. 144&142 Crescent, Anna Maria 6,438 sq.ft. each $ $699,000 $780,000 $1,395,000 INCMike N orman Realty31O1 GULF DR, HOLMES BEACH I NEED LISTINGS! And Ill give you 100 percent effort.JASON HRNAK 941-773-6572


28 JULY 23, 2014 THE ISLANDER SERVICES Continued 4152. m. PETS BOATS & BOATING m. HELP WANTED interest to g. KIDS FOR HIRE Beach. HEALTH CARE SERVICES Sandy s Lawn Ser vice Inc.Established in 1983 Residential and Commercial Full ser vice lawn maintenance Landscaping Clean-up Hauling tree trimming Licensed & Insured Paradise Improvements 941.792.5600Kitchen and Bath Remodeling Specialist Replacement Doors and Windows Andrew ChennaultFULLY LICENSED AND INSURED Island References Lic#CBC056755 I S L A N D E R C L A S S I F I E D S Residential & Condo Renovations vice RDI CONSTRUCTION INC.CBC 1253471 Bed: A bargain! King, Queen, Full & Tw in, pre-owned from $30 new/used. 941-922-5271 www t Windows & Doors 941-730-5045WEATHERSIDE LLC LIC#CBC1253145H URRIC ANE AMI TA XI 800.301.4816professional, metered, on-call, gps, cards acceptedwww mholmes beach, bradenton beach, anna maria ANSWERS TO JULY 23 PUZZLE CA DR E G OT LA WA BI DE S UNR EE LO RR EN ER ECEN T BO YS WI LL BE BO YS OR EL SE ID EO GO DV AN TO ME AN A CE RN AT MI YA MW HA TI YA M AU NT IE RA ID SM ER E WH AT SD ON EI SD ON ES ID ED EA RE D E RS T G AM UT ES TA RF MA MA RE MA RK VA ST EL MS RA RE NO TI NG IT AI NT OV ER TI LL IT SO VE R LI LT ER PI TAOK RA RI SE TE RR OR SE WS AL AE SA AD DE R A RK S A CR ES SL OT SH AT ER SG ON NA HA TE WI RE SE TO N B LO US E IT IS WH AT IT IS AV GW AB E VE G HUR LR OE RA GS MU T ER AG ON EN OUGH IS EN OUGH LA ME ST RI PE AU TO US LE SL IM ES SP YR PM ST EE R Adopt-A-Pet Juno is 3-4 year old American Staffordshire mix. She was rescued from Manatee County Animal Services with wounds from a prong collar. Juno is a friendly, wonderful dog. Shes active and likes to run alongside you on a bike! She is good with other dogs, not fond of cats, loves people. Juno is spayed, microchipped and up to date on her vaccinations. Moonracer No Kill Animal Rescue, 941-896-6701 or email Visit The Islander for more info about Juno and other rescued, adoptable pets. WE ROCK ONLINE WE LIKE LIKES Islandernewspaper WE TWEET TOO @ami_islander @ami_islander


THE ISLANDER JULY 23, 2014 29 HOME IMPROVEMENT RENTALS com. 941-778-2711 CommercialPHOTOGRAPHYReal Estate Aerial Studio Product Interior Architectural Stock Pictures Web Printing Post Cards Brochures Headshots .com315 58th St Holmes Beach, FL 34217 SERVICES Continued LAWN & GARDEN LANDSCAPING DANS RESCREEN INC.POOL CAGES, LANAIS, PORCHES, WINDOWS, DOORS No Job TOO BIG or TOO SMALL. Free Estimates. I S L A N D E R C L A S S I F I E D S WASH FAMILY CONSTRUCTION941.725.0073LOCALL Y OWNED AND FAMIL Y OPERATED SINCE 1988State Lic. CBC1258250CALL THE ISLAN DS FINEST MORE THAN 2,500 LARGE AND SMALL PROJECTS ON AMI SINCE 1988!We provide design plans~You preview 3-D drawings Family Owned and Operated since 1975 viceCHRISTIES PLUMBINGResidential & Commercial#CFC1426596 ____________ ___________ ___________ ___________ ___________ ___________ ___________ ____________ ___________ ___________ ___________ ___________ ___________ ___________ ____________ ___________ ___________ ___________ ___________ ___________ ___________ ____________ ___________ ___________ ___________ ___________ ___________ ___________ CLASSIFIED RATES: Minimum $12 for up to 15 WORDS. 16-30 words: $20. 31-45 words: $40. BOX ad: additional $4. (Phone number is a "word.")The deadline is NOON Monday every week for Wednesdays paper.Run issue date(s) _________ _________ _________ _________ ______________ Amt. pd _________________ Date _____________ Ck. No. _________ Cash _______ By _________ Credit card payment: d u No. _____________________________________________________ Name shown on card: ____________________________________________ card exp. date ______ / ______ House no. or P.O. box no. on cc bill ________________________ B ________________ Your e-mail for renewal reminder: ____________________________________________________________ CLASSIFIED AD ORDER HONEY DOHOME REPAIRS & HANDYMAN SERVICE35 years of experience means service you can count on!PAINTING, DRYWALL, TILE, WOODWORK, ALL TASKS941.896.5256 We Can Repair or Install Anything With Your Home HONEY DO HOME REPAIRHandyman Service Joesph LaBrecque Free Estimates S S C R E E N C R E E N P P R O S R O S A N D A N D M M O R E O R E Island LimousinePROMPT, COURTEOUS SERVICE AIRPORT PERMITTED & LIVERY INSURED941-779-0043 Dont leave the Island without taking time to subscribe. Youll get ALL the best news, delivered by the mailman every week. Visit us at 5604B Marina Drive, Holmes Beach or call 941-778-7978. Online edition: www.islander.orgJUST VISITING PARADISE? Cleaning by LAURA Pet FriendlyFor honest, reliable and friendly service Contact me today.Call: 941-539-6891 or email cleaning bylaura@ hotmail.comGod Bless You!


30 JULY 23, 2014 THE ISLANDER RENTALS Mart. REAL ESTATE m. I S L A N D E R C L A S S I F I E D S 6101 MARIN A DR., HOLMES BEACH, FL 3421 7 (941) 778-6066.WWW.CALLTHEISL ANDERS COMJOHN@CALLTHEISLANDERS.COMJ ohn van Zandt 5351 Gulf Drive No. 4, Holmes Beach ISLAND BREEZEPicture perfect 3BR/3BA canalfront pool home on large lot. Stunning rennovation just completed. $924,000LAKESIDE SOUTH Light & Bright, Updated house & Heated Pool, Low SERENITY ON THE LAKE OWNER MAY FINANCE SELLERS WANT RESULTS? THE DATA IS IN, OUR FIRM IS #1 IN CLOSED SALES FOR THE GREATER MANATEE AREA FOR THE LAST 12 MONTHS. WE SOLD 1 IN EVERY 14 HOMES! CALL ME TODAY! NICOLE SKAGGS, BROKER, 941-773-3966 INC 800-367-1617 941-778-6696Mike N orman Realty31O1 GULF DR HOLMES MIKE NORMAN REALTY EST. 1978E XCE P TION AL B EACH VIEW S from this 2BR/2BT house at south end of Island. Unobstructed view will never change. Direct beach views. $499,000. B EACH FRON T DUPLEX A NNA M ARIA C A N AL H O M E Updated 3 BR/3BA, 2,940 sf home on sailboat canal with no bridges to Gulf and bay. Two master suites, heated pool, dock and boat lift. $1,099,000. DIRECT GU LF F RONT located in the city of Anna Maria. 2 BR/3BT with spectacular views, spacious beach-side, screened porch, open sun deck, large carport. $2,300,000. UPDATED ISLAND HOME 2 short blocks to the beach. This adorable home features an updated kitchen with new appliances and granite counter tops. New AC in 2010, newer roof, updated plumbing throughout and a large yard. $449,000. CANALFRONT H OME Totally updated in 2008. 3BR/3 BT home located on a private canal with scenic mangrove views. Sailboat water, dock with boat lift and a straight shot to Bimini Bay and open water. $689,000. S UNBO W B AY 2BR/2BT end unit with lagoon view. Complex offers two heated pools, tennis, elevator and covered parking. $269,000 104 Bridge St., Bradenton Beach941-778-8104 Properties are MOVING at Edgewater Real Estate! Stop by our ofce, visit online or call an agent Real Estate Sales Vacation Rentals Annual Rentals Property Management Concierge Service We re Serious about our Customer Servi ce Your full service Real Estate Agency providing exceptional customer service for all your short or long term goals. Whether staying a few d ays or a lifetime, we will help you find your perfect accommodation. One stop shop We can pro vide everything you might need rent and finance your piece of paradise. LOVEL Y 2BR/2BA plus den. Beautifully furnished home in gated Waterlefe Community. Large Open Floor Plan w/Covered Lanai & Private Pool. Community Clubhouse w/Olympic Pool, Championship Golf & Boating on Manatee River plus 24-Hr Fitness. A Perfect Place to Call Home! $285,000. Call Lynn 941-730-1294. REDUCED ANNUAL R E NT AL: Attractive 2 bed 2 bath furnished home in premier Perico Bay Club available year-round. Updated decor, fully equipped. Lake view from private deck. 1-car garage. Move-in ready at $1350/month. 941 567 5234 312 61st A Holmes Beach 3 bedrooms | 2/1 bathrooms Private heated pool REAL ESTATE Continued 1456.


THE ISLANDER JULY 23, 2014 31 WE HOLD THESE TRUTHS TO BE SELF-EVIDENTBY TOM MCCOY / EDITED BY WILL SHORTZNo. 0713RELEASE DATE: 7/20/2014 ACROSS1 Fighting group6 Understood9 Scientific truth12 Lives18 Opposite of wind up20 Bobby on the ice21 Memphis-toNashville dir.22 Like yesterday23 Classic excuse for some misdemeanors26 Intimidating words27 Prefix with -graphic28 Mercury, but not Earth29 Workmans aid30 Heavy work32 Carrier to Tokyo33 Worlds largest particle physics lab, in Switzerland34 Many a drive-thru installation35 Declaration from Popeye38 ___ Annes (popular pretzel purveyor)41 Smugglers worries42 ___ mortal43 Doubt-dispelling words from Lady Macbeth48 Follower of lop49 Follower of lop50 Formerly, once51 Spectrum53 Alea iacta ___ (The die is cast)54 Mutts mutter?57 When Youre Good to ___ (Chicago song)60 Aside, e.g.63 Encyclopedic65 Frequent features of John Constable landscapes68 Atypical70 Bearing in mind72 Famous Yogiism76 Traditional Gaelic singer77 Falafel holder78 Food often with pentagonal cross sections79 All ___80 Holy ___82 Makes loop-theloops?84 Chicken ___ diable86 Spanish that87 One summing things up89 They may come with covenants92 Property areas94 Match game?97 Words dismissive of detractors102 Send, in a way103 Urge to attack104 Top choice105 Expression of resignation109 Baseball stat.110 Did gyre and gimble in the ___: Jabberwocky114 Take it easy115 Cast116 Sushi topper, maybe117 Hardly highbrow reading118 Material blocked by parental controls119 Fantasy title character whose name is one letter different from the creature he rides121 We will tolerate this no more!125 Least plausible126 Certain wardrobe malfunction127 Filler of la mer128 Mess up129 Covers with goo130 Austin Powers, e.g. 131 Record stat132 Guide DOWN1 Like some measures2 Cell part3 Whirlpool product4 Strike a chord5 Gross!6 Source of great profit7 Mercury or Earth8 District in Rome9 Sheldons apartmentmate on The Big Bang Theory10 ___ questions?11 Emmy-winning drama four years in a row, with The12 Some memory triggers13 Stereotypical beatnik accessory14 Hard water15 Pushed back16 Capture17 Fuming19 Bonding molecule24 Kind of ticket25 Howl31 My, my!36 Card game with a Chairman37 Ape39 Letters of certification?40 Ending for how or who, for Shakespeare43 One thats a bore?44 Fights45 Where prints may be picked up46 Movement47 Send in troops, say48 Some wrestlers52 Bonkers55 Went back over56 Rapper ___ Rida58 Juin preceder59 1968 live folk album61 Tender Is the Night locale, with the62 Mideast legislature64 Determines the concentration of a dissolved substance66 Team V.I.P.67 Ocho dos69 Certain ruminant71 Summer Nights musical73 Colorful, pebble-like candies74 Bit of trip planning: Abbr.75 Roth ___81 Take up again, as a case83 Yearbook sect.85 Small power sources88 Ones that warn before they attack90 Former employer for Vladimir Putin, for short91 Sunny room93 Reams94 Takes a turn95 Strict96 Work for a folder98 What you might be in France?99 Degree of disorder in a system100 Pop stars?101 Bit of wisdom103 Pushes aside106 ___ Baby Are You? (1920 show tune)107 Debt note108 Rocker Bob111 Beguile 112 Corn chip since 1966113 Clear sky120 Pip122 Barely beat123 Chance, poetically124 Refusals 12345 67891011121314151617 18 1920 21 22 23 24 25 26 27 28 29 3031 32 33 34 35 36 37 3839 40 41 42 434445 4647 48 49 50 5152 53 545556 57585960 6162 63 6465666768 6970 71 72 73 74 75 76 77 78 79 80 8182 83 848586 87 88 899091 9293 949596 979899 100101 102 103 104 105 106 107108109 110111112113 114 115 116 117 118 119 120 121122 123 124 125 126 127 128 129 130 131 132 Online subscriptions: Todays puzzle and more than 4,000 past puzzles, ($39.95 a year). Note: The circled letters, when read clockwise, will reveal a quote from Gertrude Stein. New York Times Sunday Magazine CrosswordAnswers: Visit for the best news on Anna Maria Island. 6101 Marina Drive | 419 Pine Ave2BD/2BA Westbay Point and Moorings. $345,000 1BD/1.5BA. Completely updated, Great Rental Propery! $430,000 2 BR/2 BA/Pool/ Tennis Nautilus Condo $379,000 2bd/1ba Great Rental Potential! $369,000 3BR/2BA. Beautifully updated. $499,000 1 BD/1 BA Ground Floor-Island Getaway. $151,900 Larry ChattBroker Frank Davis TWO ISLAND OFFICES941-778-6066 Adele HollandSault Ste. Marie, MI 941-5876328 Alan GallettoRochester, NY941-232-2216 Betsy HillsPhiladelphia941-720-0178 Gail TutewilerKalamazoo, MI 941-705-0227 John van ZandtAnna Maria 941-685-8822 Josh BernetCleveland, OH 941-518-0655Kathleen WhitePhiladelphia 941-773-0165 Marianne Correll Vineland, NJ941-725-7799 Melinda BordesAtlanta 941-705-0146 Susanne KastenHamburg, Germany 941-448-3027 Tom NelsonMarshall, MI 941-448-4465 2BD/2BA waterfront with boat lift and dock! $559,000 2BR/2BA plus den. Vintage Beach Cottage. $549,900 David TeitelbaumNew York City941-812-4226Elizabeth BlandfordMiami Beach 941-224-3304JUST LISTED BLUE LAGOON PENDING PALM ISLE VILLAGE Sales | Vacation Rentals1st CALL US GULF TO BAY 2BR/2BA, townhouse with 13K boat lift. $249,000 WATERFRONT 3BD/3BA Anna Maria City Canal Home. $729,000 SOLD!2BD/BA Canal Front! $577,500 1/1, 1/1.5 Condo. Beach across the street. Starting at $428,900 JUST LISTED STROLL TO THE BEACH JUST LISTED SOLD! NEW LISTING


32 JULY 23, 2014 THE ISLANDER David Teitelbaum Sales Associate 941-812-4226 Liz Codola Broker Associate 941-812-3455 6101 Marina Drive Holmes Beach FL 34217 419 Pine Ave Anna Maria 34216 Beach Celebrations 2103 Gulf Drive North Bradenton Beach, FL. 34217 1-800-883-4092 1325 Gulf Drive North Bradenton Beach, FL. 34217 1-877-867-8842 2200 Gulf Drive North Bradenton Beach, FL. 34217 1-800-447-7124 1603 Gulf Drive North Bradenton Beach, FL. 34217 1-888-686-6716Making Memories Here with Us. Our Tortuga, Tradewinds, SeaSide and Tropic Isle Beach Resorts are the perfect choice for your wedding or other special celebration here on gorgeous Anna Maria Island. Whether a lavish event at one of our three private beaches or in your resort suite, or at our new Tortuga Beach Pergola, our Concierge and professional Wedding Planner look forward to helping you. As a cour tesy, well extend our group discounts to include each of our four hotels, so youll get credit for the total number of reservations no matter which hotel you and your guests choose. Please call soon. We invite you to make your memories here with us: we know youll come back to visit us again & again. The beach is spectacular and the sunsets are amazing.Very romantic. If you want to just relax and forget the world, this is the place to go. Beach Celebrations Beach Celebrations Beach Celebrations Beach Celebrations Beach Celebrations Beach Celebrations Beach Celebrations Beach Celebrations Beach Celebrations Beach Celebrations Beach Celebrations Beach Celebrations Beach Celebrations Beach Celebrations Beach Celebrations Beach Celebrations Beach Celebrations Beach Celebrations Beach Celebrations Tortuga Inn two-bedroom apartments Gulfview @ $599,00 Bayview @ $529,000 The Gardens @ $450,000 ZAGAT Top Restaurants in America Best Food on the Gulf Coast 941-778-6444 |