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AMI Chamber of
Commerce 2012 Medium
Business of the Yeara*


'A new day' begins at community center

By Rick Catlin
Islander Reporter Anna Maria
"Out with the old and in with the new' Island Corn
AsThe World Terns take is often repeated on New Year's Day ~,munity Center
a shell' call. Page 6 For the financially troubled Anna Maria executive
Island Community Center, that phrase has 0/Idirector Dawn
Me ta been altered to be: "It's a New Day" at the jirStiles, left, talks
The government calen- cetr wihenr
dar. Page 4 Executive director Dawn Stiles said ~ 4$iboard member
she and board of directors chairman Scott David TeitRudacille have agreed on a new approach elbaum and
to inform the public of center activities and board chair
for fundraising. ~j". Scott Rudacille.
"Things had to change," said Stiles, who i; Islander Photo:
BRdisdiitls~ic. has been executive director 14 months. She Rick Catlin
Page 4 was hired to succeed Pierrette Kelly, who P
was the center's director for more than 22
_O-E years.
TheIsaner dioral That's why she, board chairman Scott programs the major sponsors want offered.
Reader letters. Page 6 Rudacille and board member David Teitel- 21 -year Anna Maria Rudacille said the board would work
baum met recently and agreed to the new 7 Island Community with potential donors as well. He agreed the
T _! r slogan. Center employee, board should involve itself heavily in fundlu NuUlt aj"It's a new day" fits with what the cen- Scott Dell, resigns. raising, but the board also needs a few more
Looking back. Page 7 ter's plans, Stiles said. members.
Staff evluationsAnd it's more than just a slogan, she Pg
Staff evaluations n added. "It's to involve the entire community the center have stopped making donations, Special district uneray inae n to in the center." and there are a number of reasons. Island property owners pay taxes to
Bech Pge8The first issue to address is getting "They want to know where their money Manatee County that are used, in part, to
s former sponsors of the center to return, is going," she said. Stiles proposed to rekin- fund the parks and recreation department,
Fr*F" s Stiles has said many major contributors to dle their interest and commitment by show- which operates Manatee Public Beach,
Community announce- ing them exactly how a donation would be Coquina Beach and Leffis Key. However,
ments, events. Pages used. no county taxes go toward the community
She would also use personal meetings center, which is a nonprofit providing recOG3lO0 with the donors to discuss issues and what PLEASE SEE CENTER, PAGE 4

Make a date, getIsadau he
involved. Pages 10-11 ByMrbv c to e ,a es d
ByMrbMichal Favorite the woman in the back of a patrol vehicle
Code enforcers moni- Islander Reporter while he called an ambulance for the son.
toring beaches. A woman was arrested June 4 in Holmes The HBPD officer then went to the fain
Page 12 Beach after she allegedly joined her 16 year- ily's accommodation, where the daughter
old son and 20 year old daughter in a smoke answered the door and denied access to the Steti eof marijuana, officer.
Island police blotter. The beachfront home at 101 Willow Ave., The 38-year-old mom faces a charge of But the mother allowed HBPD inside, Page 16 Anna Maria, owned by Shawn and Jenni- child abuse after her son was rushed to the saying "she was more worried about her son
HB uearhs resrve fer Kaleta and KPI 48th Street LLC, is the hospital due to breathing problems associ- and did not care what happened to her," the HRfunearhspresrv subject of a Bert Harris Jr. notice to the ated with smoking marijuana, report said.
fudige hitoy city. Is lander Photo: Rick Catlin Around 12 a.m., the woman pulled up Officers found 3.7 grams of marijuana in
Pag 18in the 200 block of 83rd Street in Holmes a plastic bag in the daughter's suitcase, the

FISH prepares for pre- Anna Maria receives Beach, where two Manatee County Sher- report said.
serve projects. Page 19 n tc siff's Office patrol vehicles were on a call HBPD officers arrested Kayla Meyer on
I1 o ic so with emergency lights flashing. The deputies possession of less than 20 grams of mani2 sports wind down at Ha rswere engaged in a law enforcement matter juana.
center. Page 20 Bert Ha rsclaim s unrelated to the woman. The officer also confiscated the maniShe asked the deputies for help, saying juana and requested it be tested for any other A M1 By Rick Catlin her son was having trouble breathing and drugs.
54Islander Reporter his heart was racing, according to the police Mother and daughter were taken to
Florida's Bert Harris Jr. Property Rights report. Manatee County jail. Meyer was released
Act of 1995 may soon become familiar to She then told the MSCO deputies she the same day on a $500 bond. The mother
islanders. caught1 her son -_ smoking mariuan wit her__, was reeae Jun on Za ( 1,500 A bondTh

2E0 JUNE 18, 2014 0 THE ISLANDER

All three island cities have election races heating up
By Jennifer Glenfield ago, said, "I believe I can make a tangible difference Qualifying for office in Holmes Beach closes at
Islander Reporter for our citizens. noon, Friday, June 20.
In many small cities, politics takes the back stage. "I am running to build on the accomplishments So the races are not yet set.
Not so in Holmes Beach, where players are stepping up of the past two years and provide the steady, results- Candidate packets are available at city hall or at to seek seats on the dais and in the mayor's office. oriented, experienced and open-minded leadership the Manatee County Supervisor of Elections Office,
The two-year terms held by Commissioners Judy necessary to insure that these accomplishments are 600 301 Blvd. W., Suite 108, Bradenton.
Titsworth and Marvin Grossman are up in November. fully consolidated into our city. Prospective candidates must fill out a statement
Both are seeking a second term. "Our businesses and citizens need results from of candidacy, declare the position for which they are
And earlier this month, Holmes Beach resident a civic-minded leader, not expeditious political running, collect signatures from at least 15 registered Renee Ferguson announced her intention to seek a seat actions. voters in the city and open a campaign account with
on the commission. Johnson's candidacy means there will be a race for an assigned treasurer.
Another candidate for the commission is Andy mayor. Commissioner David Zaccagnino jumped into Prospective candidates also must complete a canSheridan. He's no political newcomer, the mayor's race early on and has announced he will didate's oath of office and verify residency. Holmes having run twice for a commission vacate his commission seat after the Nov. 4 election. Beach candidates must have resided in the city for at
seat in 2009 and 2011 and lost. Zaccagnino submitted a resignation letter that will least two years.
~ Sheridan said he plans on filing allow a new commission -postelection to appoint Candidates must also pay a qualifying fee, which is his qualifying papers this week. He a commissioner for the one-year remainder of his term, equal to 10 percent of the income of the office sought.
said the first time around, he promised which ends in November 2015. Running for mayor comes with a $120 qualifying fee,
Sheridan some citizens he would keep going to Titsworth previously hedged on seeking re-elec- and commissioners $64.
city meetings and speak out on issues tion, saying that if Zaccagnino had no opponent, she The city presently has 3,187 registered voters.
and, he said, he's done that. would resign the commission to run for mayor. Staff contributed to this story.
He said he's been attending city But Titsworth announced that won't be necessary,
meetings regularly since 2007 or with Johnson in the running. Anna Maria will have race
2008, and he keeps current on the She said of Johnson, "We are extremely lucky to for mayor, commission
issues challenging the city. have a man of his caliber to look out for the local
Johnson He also said some residents have businesses, the residents and the city that we all call By Rick Catlin
encouraged him to get back in the home." Islander Reporter
race for a commission seat. Of her own candidacy, Titsworth said, "There are Two years after no one sought the mayor's post in
Meanwhile, Bob Johnson, who this year has still many important issues facing the commission in Anna Maria, there are at least two candidates seeking chaired the city charter commission, has announced our efforts to save the residential character and quality the office in November, along with three candidates he plans to run for mayor, a post currently held by of life in the city and my vote on the commission is for two commission seats. Carmel Monti, who is not seeking re-election. crucial. Incumbent Mayor SueLynn, who became mayor in
Johnson has been married to wife Denise for 31 "1 am a third- generation member of the Holmes 2012 by appointment, is seeking a second consecutive years. He's a graduate of West Point and was a career family, for which this city is named. I was born and term. She also served as mayor 2002-06. military officer. Before retiring in 2008, Johnson also raised here. I raised my family here, and my husband SueLynn presented her initial qualifying papers to worked in technology, including at Lockheed. owns a business here in the city. I feel it would be a the SOF June 10.
In Holmes Beach, he's served on the island conges- challenge to find anyone that has more respect and She'll face Dan Murphy, who submitted qualifying tion committee, as well as chairing the charter review love for this city. I will continue to bring not only years papers to the Manatee County Supervisor of Elections commission. of history and business experience, but also leadership, Office earlier this month. Murphy is seeking his firstJohnson, who moved to Holmes Beach 20 years stewardship, pride and compassion." PLEASE SEE AM ELECTION, NEXT PAGE

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THE ISLANDER 0 JUNE 18, 2014 0E3

AM ELECTION CONTINUED FROM PAGE 2 Race is on for Bradenton Beach Ward 4 seat
ever election to a political office. By Merab-Michal Favorite Both Vosburgh and Straight were unopposed in the
Murphy said in a statement to The Islander that Islander Reporter 2012 election.
he's running in the face of "eight major challenges The race is on for the Ward 4 commission seat in Residents have until noon Friday, June 20, to regwhich threaten to permanently alter the lifestyle we Bradenton Beach. ister for the municipal election.
all have enjoyed as residents. I want to resolve these Tjet Martin, longtime partner of Bradenton Beach Candidate packets are available at the city clerk's issues. Mayor Bill Shearon, announced June I11 that she offi- office at city hall, 107 Gulf Drive N., or at the Manatee
"I have the leadership, communication, technical cially registered as a candidate with the Manatee County Supervisor of Elections Office, 600 301 Blvd. and management skills to do so without adding undue County Supervisor of Elections Office in the Nov. 4 W., Bradenton. upset, burden or further restricting our residents; while city election. Applicants are required to have established resiat the same time, maximizing/ optimizing the ordi- Commissioners in Bradenton Beach must reside dency within the city for 90 days and be registered to nances and resources we already have in place." in their ward, but are elected by a citywide vote, vote in the ward for which they qualify.
There's also a race for the two commission seats Martin will run on the ballot with incumbent Coin- The candidate must pay a qualifying fee equal to on the Nov. 4 ballot, with three candidates qualified or missioners Jan Vosburgh, of Ward 4, and Ed Straight 1 percent of the annual salary for the office sought preparing to submit the necessary paperwork. of Ward 2. $96 for mayor, $48 for commission seat and obtain
Political newcomer David Bouchard, a 12-year The trio of candidates have appointed campaign 10 petition signatures of voters residing in the city. resident, will join incumbent Commissioners Nancy treasurers and registered bank accounts for the election There are 767 registered voters in Bradenton Yetter and Chuck Webb in the race. with the supervisor's office. Beach, although 176 of those voters are listed as "iacBouchard is the son-in-law of former Commis- Straight, thus far, is unopposed for the Ward 2 tive," meaning they have not participated in a recent sioner Jo Ann Mattick. seat. election, according to the SEO website.
"I thought about running before," Bouchard said.
"But this time I decided to do it. I just want to bring a Maddox v. Privateers over Santa's sleigh closes
fresh approach to the commission as the city and island By Jennifer Glenfield both attended New College.
are changing." Islander Reporter The Feb. 6 verdict handed down three counts in
Webb will be seeking his fifth consecutive term as Rick Maddox announced he has received the set- favor of Maddox.
commissioner. Yetter is looking for a second term. tlement due him on winning a drawn-out court battle The jury's verdict included counts for AMIP memElection packets are available at city hall, 10005 with the Anna Maria Island Privateers. bers of civil theft, taking the sleigh from Maddox with Gulf Drive, or at the county election office, 600 301 The two-and-a-half year court case over a parade the intent to deprive him of his property temporarily or Blvd., No. 108, Bradenton. float, a trailer decorated to be Santa's sleigh that is permanently; trespass to chattel, the intentional interFor Anna Maria candidates, election fees and qual- used at holiday events, was decided Feb. 6 in the 12th ference of another's movable property; and found the ifying papers must be submitted to the SOE office, not Judicial Circuit Court. Privateers not to be the rightful owners of the trailer.
city hall, city clerk Diane Percycoe said. The case was between former AMIP member Rick Maddox once served as vice president for the PriThe deadline is noon June 20. Maddox and the Anna Maria Island Privateers. The vateers and was involved in the construction of the
The qualifying fee to run for mayor is $96, while court found in favor of Maddox. sleigh with other members.
to seek a commission seat the fee is $48. Forms to The Feb. 6 ruling awarded Maddox $3,000 for He filed his complaint in July 2011. waive the qualifying fee as a financial hardship also damages and an April 1 judgment determined Maddox The complaint began litigation on the sleigh, valued are available at the SOE office. was owed $26,200 for court costs and attorney fees. at $4,500, that resulted in the $30,000 settlement paid
Anna Maria commissioners are paid $4,800 annu- Maddox said he and wife Annette plan to donate by the AMIP.
ally, while the mayor receives $9,600 in annual com- the $3,000. Maddox said, for him the case was about the prinpensation. Maddox said they will match the $3,000 settle- ciple and not practicality.
As of May 3 1, the SOE reported 1,246 registered ment for a $6,000 scholarship at New College, a public The Privateers turned over the sleigh in February voters in Anna Maria. honors college in Sarasota. Maddox's wife and her son and paid the damages, according to Maddox.






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Certiicate oi Excellence
A P177A

4E0 JUNE 18, 2014 0 THE ISLANDER

in the circuit court by their attorney, Peter Mackey.
On June 11, the city received a notice that Erik
Abrahamson will file a Bert Harris Jr. claim for four
K properties he owns in the city. Attorney Scott Rudacille
of Blalock Walters, P.A., of Bradenton, represents
That same day, the city received a letter from attorney Sean Kelly, an associate at Najmy Thompson, PL.,
of Bradenton, on behalf of the owners of 101 Willow
-- Ave. and 881 N. Shore Drive, saying his clients will
file a Bert Harris Jr. action.
J Percycoe said the letters are not lawsuits, but they
777 do put the city on notice. The city can settle the owners' complaints without legal action, she said.
4- Mayor SueLynn said the deadline to file a claim
against the city with regard to the June 2013 passage
of Ordinance 13-754 was June 8.
The subject ordinance changed the living space
'At4 aloacofasne-family home and established
-Digging in for ulgital service f living-area ratios for each level of living space.
'- Kelly claims the ordinance prevents his client from
U '~A groundbreaking takes place June 12 for the long-awaited future earnings on the investment in the home.
Bradenton Beach cell tower near the city's public works facility, "The ordinance decreased market value, income 400 Church Ave. Those who attended are, from left, Jim Eatrides stream, and net present value of the property, and my ofAlpha-Omega Communications, Commissioner Jan Vosburgh, client is entitled to damages for the loss of its reasonMayor Bill Shearon, Shearon's dog Reese, Kevin Ban le of Florida able investment backed expectations in the amount of Tower Partners, Commissioner Ed Straight, Brett Buggeln of $342,000," he wrote. Florida Tower Partners and Commissioner Jack Clarke. The Willow Avenue property is owned by Shawn
and Jennifer Kaleta and KPI 48th Street Development
LEFT: Bradenton Beach Police Chief Sam Speciale, left, and LLC. The Shore Drive property is owned by Gulf View Commissioner Ed Straight, right, take a closer look at the check Retreat LLC, which is registered to Louis Najmy received by Mayor Bill Shearon for $320, 000 during the cell Rudacille said his client wants to work with the tower groundbreaking June 12 at the city public works facility. city "in the spirit of cooperation" to achieve "the purConstruction of the tower was to begin June 16 and wrap up in pose of the ordinance as envisioned by the city." August. Islander Photos: Bonner Joy Abrahamson's properties are at 104 Magnolia
Ave., 607 N. Bay Blvd., 857 N. Shore Drive and 508
Island physician pleads guilty to distribution at pill mill Spring Ave.
Kelly said his clients intend to file a lawsuit "in
By Merab-Michal Favorite The illegal operation was derailed in April 2010 180 days and collect damages, if necessary, unless the
Islander Reporter after an undercover detective posed as a pain manage- city makes my client a reasonable offer to settle this
An Anna Maria resident pleaded guilty June 13 to ment patient, according to a press release from the claim."
improperly distributing oxycodone out of a Bradenton U.S. Attorney's Office. Commissioners at their June 12 work session
~pill mill." On April 26, 2010, according to the release, the agreed to give the owners of the properties that gave
John Allen Lann-ing, 79, a physician, could face up detective had an MRI exam and then met with Lanning, notice until June 26 to file for a variance to the LAR. to 20 years in a federal prison. His sentencing date has who told the detective he had a "protruding disk that
not yet been set but will likely take was almost herniated," after examining the MRI. CNE OTNE RMPG
place sometime in August, according Lanning prescribed the detective 90 oxycodone CNE OTNE RMPG
to the U.S. Attorney's Office for the tablets. However, the detective had no history of back reational, sports and wellness programs.
Middle District of Florida. injury or back problems, the release stated. At the same time, direct contributions from the
Lanning is listed as "retired" on Lanning was charged in connection with five island cities have declined in recent years.
the Florida Department of Health web- other individuals: Warren Gold, Aigoul Iplaeva Gold, Rudacille agrees with the concept of creating Lanning site. His license expired in January. Rimma Anasovna Mamleeva, John Buster Quick and a special tax district where an assessment is placed
He resides on Sycamore Lane in Rajan Kandavanam Raj. All were owners and doctors on each property to raise money for the community Anna Maria and operated a private practice in recent at the clinic. center. Cortez, Perico Island and Flamingo Cay could
years. He was charged with illegally distributing oxy- The 1910 Medical Clinic moved five times to be included in the district. codone while working at the 1910 Medical Clinic at avoid legal issues, but closed after Gold's arrest in Other ideas discussed include going to the island 19 10 Manatee Ave. W., Bradenton. December 20 10. city commissions and asking for more funding. "Each
Lanning started work at the clinic in March 20 10. Gold plead guilty in May and faces up to 40 years island government should be helping the center," During his time there, he allegedly saw between 20 and in federal prison and $4 million in fines. Rudacille said. 30 patients per day, often prescribing them narcotics The Federal Drug Enforcement Administration The center fills some of the requirements for public for non-existent ailments. investigated the case. PLEASE SEE CENTER, NEXT PAGE

Balloon test planned for
AM cell tower height ______________________Florida Tower Partners plans to conduct a bal- An ai iyMnteCut
loon test for the planned height of its cell tower 10 Ann Mari Cit Ma. iy County orimdeeopet on
a. m.-2 p. m. Saturday, June 2 1, at Anna Maria City June 26, 6 p.m., city commission. ci ue1,2l.. orimdvlpmn on
Hl.-Aug. 28, 6 p.m., city commission. Administration building, 1112 Manatee Ave. W.,
If weather prohibits the June 21 test date, Anna Maria City Hall, 10005 Gulf Drive, 941 Bradenton, 941-748-4501,
another attempt will be made 10 a.m.-2 p.m. Tues- 708-6130, day, June 24. West Manatee Fire Rescue
FTP and Anna Maria have signed an agreement Bradenton Beach June 19, 6 p.m., commission.
for the company to build a cell tower at city hall, June 18, 11 a.m., pier team. Administrative office, 6417 Third Ave. W., Bra100 uf rv.-June 19, noon, city commission. denton, 941-761-1555,
The city is to receive a fee of $350,000 from Braden ton Beach City Hall, 107 Gulf Drive N., the company when construction of the tower is fin- 94-7105wwciyjrdnobahrg OfItes
ished, andl a ercentage, of the. monthly revenue. FTP 94-7105wwctybrdnneahrg OfIees

THE ISLANDER 0 JUNE 18, 2014 0 5
CENTER CONTINUED FROM PAGE 4 center is about the kids. We are not a business." board is totally supportive of the new day approach,"
recreation and activities in each city's comprehensive But the center does have a new day starting, he she said. plan, he noted. said.
On June 4, Stiles held a public meeting at the A new day
Island 'Affaire' center with about 200 people in attendance and said Fundraising, volunteering, transparency, finances,
Stiles added that the Island Affaire, the center's the center had only about $60,000 in its operating activities, scholarships and costs will be addressed major annual fundraiser, was supposed to bring account, barely enough to keep its doors open for more often and more openly to the public than in the $150,000-$200,000 to the treasury, but came up short, another month. past, Rudacille promised.
raising only about $90,000. That brought an outpouring of donations, includ- Stiles said she and Rudacille would plan another
Teitelbaum added that the event also fell short of ing a $10,000 gift from a private donor through public meeting to update the community.
its goal in the previous year, before Stiles arrived. Holmes Beach Commissioner David Zaccagnino. She said the dark financial picture painted at the June
She said the "new plan" is to form a committee But for all the goodwill toward the center gener- 4 meeting is now less grim, but the center has a long way dedicated to creating a successful Island Affaire and ated at the June 4 meeting, Stiles and the board of to go, both in finances, programs and image. reaching the goal of $200,000 a year. directors still must face some harsh realities. "But we'll get there with help from the commu"We are tackling those issues head-on and the nity," she said. "It's a whole new day at the center." Communication
Another idea is to issue a weekly email to center Center assistant director resigns
members and donors to inform people of the activities Dw tls xctv ietro h naapeitdteotorn fspotfo niiu
and financial condition of the center. Dw tls xctv ietro h naapeitdteotorn fspotfo niiu
The center's website should be updated on a daily Maria Island Community Center, announced the als and families who have been sharing their stories basis, Stiles said, but old news and information is lin- June 10 resignation of longtime center employee with me. gering and new input is needed. In the past, volunteers Scott Dell. "I wish the communiity center all the best. This is
seemed to lose interest in updating the activities. Dell had risen in 20-plus years at the center from an amazing community and it never ceases to amaze
The center also will be more proactive in issuing the sports director to assistant executive director/ me its ability to pull together and rise to the occapress releases and news about upcoming events, chief operating officer. sion. I am grateful for the 21 years I was able to serve
In making the announcement, Stiles said, "Scott the residents of this great island." Volunteers and his family have deep ties to the island and the Stiles said the center would not fill the vacancy
Stiles said the center needs volunteers for its many cmuiyenr.created by the resignation.
programs and challenges. Her observation is that a lot "Scott will be missed by our staff and members, She announced that former athletic director of people seem to have volunteered, but somehow they no matter what the situation Scott always had an Troy Shonk will return to work part-time to assist never get a volunteer position. upbeat, positive attitude. his replacement, Matt Ray, to allow a smooth transiThat's going to change, she promised. "Scott welcomed me and proved to be a stead- tion. Ray is learning to budget the sports programs
At the monthly meetings and in the center lobby, fast partner in running the center. I have tremendous and Stiles will assist to improve athletic program Stiles will maintain a poster display of volunteer open- respect for Scott and wish him the very best." oversight. ings. Those who want to volunteer will be able to sign Dell wrote in an email to The Islander June 20, Meanwhile, as the center continues to struggle up under the committee or activity of their choice. "It has been an honor and a privilege to serve this to revive donations, the recent Island Blood Drive
"All of this is about us becoming more transpar- community and its residents for the past 21 years. I brought in a record $6,808.
ent, more involved with the comntmore open," look forward to the next chapter in my life and the An anonymous donor to the Save Our Center
communityaid possibilities for the future." fund is matching the June donations, which, as of

He reminded people who believe the center should He remarked on the wonderful people he met June 20, were $35,303. The donor is matching up be run like a business that it's not a business. "The at the center, and his great memories: "I have really to $50,000 through the end of the month.

Al gwly inclu i g fugos 1

Al aI &snd Its & sovnis Jg-7

-I T

SUM MEF n-0w0115Z Ir
10 a.m.-Noon *Bradenton Beach to"*Anna Maria

om~Ay~Wl1TE275 FREEDOM
Factory I ncentives u p to $15 5K on Al

A j

Moving forward
Due to a long-standing scrivener's error, Braden- WE ENDORSE
ton Beach city commissioner's refused to approve the shell phone tower. TH1 NEW SHELL
It all started when the first switchboard in Bra- HONE TOWER!
denton put a call through to the city:
"One ringy-dingy, two ringy-dingy
A weary volunteer clerk at city hall answered
and Ernestine, the telephone operator, astutely said, "Hello, shell town. Have I reached the party to whom I am speaking?"
City fathers feared the foul smell that would
result from a large, aging mollusk, and they voted "no" on shell phone service, fearing the stench might discourage tourism.
But new commissioners lusted the funding a
tower could provide. They said they didn't see the 7 problem, er, error, and moved forward, agreeing to a man-made structure, a new-fangled metal spire.
The tower, in the shape of a toothpick, will be
an ode to all the dining establishments and friendly
folks who make the city home. g--a),), THE RECEPTION
When asked for comment, city clerk Emily Litella -myELEIs
said. "Never mind." EXCEPT ALL
Government often takes one step forward and ...EC EAR IS
two steps back. Bradenton Beach more often takes I CAN HEAR IS
the slow and cautious route for progress. THE OCEAN..
Whether the technology will surpass us all in the
meantime remains to be seen.
In Anna Maria, where cellular communications
are the worst on the island, we're still waiting on the process for a cell tower.
Sadly, it could have been accomplished, and a
great benefit to the ailing Anna Maria Island Commu- nity Center in that city, had elected officials approved the center's tower proposal of several years past.Sometimes we let politics get in the way of progress, and funding for the community center has long been ignored. Sometimes politics stink.
It's ironic then that we heard one Anna Maria Opl il
commissioner crow this week about providing a lease to the center for the land it occupies for $1 per year.
The mayor quipped that the land is worth $8 mil- On center lack of transparency in the past has led to public dislion to $12 million and everyone patted themselves It's weeks after the "Save Our Center" June 4 trust. on the back for their generosity. meeting, and what is different at the Anna Maria We are committed to regaining the community's
But unless and until the city's strategic plan calls Island Community Center? trust through the sharing of monthly financial data
for building houses or a mall there, the value is right- More than $35,000 has been raised toward the and easy access to center administrators. fully $1, and the generosity ranks at zero. $50,000 match offered by a generous anonymous Dawn Stiles, executive director
Let's remember this conversation when election donor. The match runs through the end of June
time rolls around in November. and you still have time to make your donation more Favorite things
onner Joy meaningful. We are surrounded by the same water and touched
A robust list of potential board members has been by the same sand. Think about this islanders: Happier m collected. Those individuals have been sent applica- people tend to focus on things they love. Sometimes
j tion materials and the center's governance committee it is healthful to keep in mind the things you love
is ready to begin interviewing candidates. Appoint- about Anna Maria Island: ments will be named at a July 18 board meeting. The bridge to our island crossing the bridge Bonner Joy, bonnerOlalander.o g A list of the center's volunteer needs, sorted by is a thrill, even after 20 years.
Ed!oih functional areas, has been developed and distributed. The sunsets over the Gulf; morning sunrises
Urn Neff, copy editor,
Joe Bird, aril ar Those who already volunteered have been contacted over the bay.
KenvnsineldY kevlnislanlecr to schedule meetings, and we're setting up a system The natural beach entryways like few places in
Jick Cka, ol~ackrelk.o m to manage a large volunteer workforce. the world.
Merab-Michal FavoritembOlander. A folder full of fundraising ideas submitted by The people who join to save our island.
annfr Glfleld, G nfl fwlaldn der.o community members has been compiled and a new The dozens of volunteers looking out for turtles
committee is being formed to evaluate and prioritize and birds.
il Cthe proposals. Highest scoring ideas will be imple- The dog lovers.
Cat.D Steany, mented with a system for evaluating the outcomes at The resident who catches and removes fishing
Mike Quinn I NemsManatee.o periodic intervals. hooks from injured pelicans.
Adveft O/otor Cost-saving measures are being identified and The opportunity to throw a line off any of our
Toni Lyon, tonlOIslender.,
Pu will be built into the 2014-15 budget that begins three piers to catch lunch or dinner.
nderorg July 1. Please add your favorite things about our
Lrs Williams, malnae.fislli A release of the unrestricted endowment funds island.
Janice Dingrnan, pier plank coordlrato $83,000-plus has been requested. The maximum Holmes Beach Commissioner Marvin % allowed is 10 percent of the total fund. man
subserlpflone0eland*r. Staff is planning a newsletter to keep the com- Editor's note: Share your island favorites on our
D aU!b lio munity better informed and involved. Facebook page.
4> m The center's first marketing committee, including T ak o u p r
Rom obemtalented marketing professionals, met recently. They LVI t~. / plann to raise the bar on the center's previous efforts J am writing in response to the many citizens
@1gg2-20)14 Edltolmi ales and ruml t both through traditional and new venues, and elected officials in the city who have contacted
56B4 MulnaDrive, Hoimm Beach FL 3217,? And, probably most important, we understand me with requests that I run for mayor of Holmes
WEBSITE: wWW.iSL.ANDER.ORG | how important good stewardship is and how our PLEASE SEE OPINION, NEXT PAGE

THE ISLANDER 0 JUNE 18, 2014 0 7

Review of Mainsail site plan, HB11 charter ordinance planned Tnf Islander
The Holmes Beach city commission will The meeting will be at city hall, 5801 Marina

review the site plan for Mainsail Lodge and Marina Drive. 0 y t r g

The commission is holding its regular meeting Islander retains expert to Headlines from June 16, 2004
at 6 p.m., where votes and decisions can take place, Manatee County Commissioner Joe McClash
followed by a work session. review center fundi ng asked staff to review the Bradenton City CommisThe commission will review a temporary park- In an effort to help the Anna Maria Island Coin- sion's approval of a new site plan by the Arvida Corp. ing plan to be used during construction of Mainsail munity Center weather its current financial crisis for its planned Perico Island condominium project. during the regular meeting, followed by a review and look at its long-term financial position, The McClash said the plan reduces the number of units of the development's full site plan and discussion Islander newspaper is partnering with consultant to 686 in 13 buildings, but he wanted the county during the work session. Terni Davis. to determine if it met Bradenton's density requirePublic comment will be allowed. Davis owns Key Konnections, a Bradenton ments.
The Holmes Beach Charter Review Committee company that provides consulting services to busi- A crash in the 2800 block of Gulf Drive in members will make a presentation to commission- nesses and nonprofits. Holmes Beach sent two men to Blake Medical Center
ers, concluding their months of review. All nonprofits have had difficulty raising funds in Bradenton with serious injuries. The Holmes
The commission cannot make changes to the in recent years because of the recession, she said. Beach Police Department said Robert Lauer of Port committee's ballot proposals. It must, however, act Davis will be working with executive director Charlotte was driving his truck north at an exceson an ordinance that would place the questions to Dawn Stiles and the board of directors on long-term sive rate of speed when he struck a vehicle driven by voters for approval on the November municipal strategies to raise funds for center operations. Susan Schneerer of Holmes Beach, who was travelelection ballot. She'll also provide the center with consultation ing south. Schneerer suffered only minor injuries, but
The commission has doubled the time allotted on public relations and marketing programs. Laurer and a passenger in his truck, Travis Crawford, for the meeting. were seriously injured, police said.
-The Anna Maria commission voted not to pay

FinIO dOTNE RMPG APAC Paving of Sarasota an additional $9,000 to
OPINON CNTINED FOMFPGEd us on re-pave Tarpon and Oak avenues after city engineers
Beach. found APAC's original paving of those roads resulted
Iam both flattered by and appreciative of such *Facebool k in buckling of the pavement. APAC was paid $30,000
a show of confidence and trust. During the 35-plus for the original contract.
years that I have lived and worked in Holmes WWW.ISLANDER.ORG MP AN)IR 1SO A I
Beach, I have volunteered to serve my community Have your sayP Dat LwHgRainfl
whenever possible, and will continue to do so. H v o rsyDt o -,ih Rifl
However, I believe that due to my tendency to We welcome and encourage your timely com- June 8 73 88- 0
over-achieve, I would put my health in jeopardy ments on topics, columns and editorials in The June 9 -72 >< 87 0
by accepting such an important and responsible Islander. Send letters by email to news 6 islander. June 10 70 89 0
position in the event I were to be elected. org. Online readers may comment on top stories June 1" 72 87 0
I sincerely thank all of you for your offers on The Islander website at J u ne 12" r1 71 86 0
of support, and ask that you understand my deci- Also, The Islander has an active Facebook June 13 3\ 73 86- 0
sion. community of more than 2,700 users. To join the June 14 72 87 0
Sue Normand, Holmes Beach conversation, "like" The Islander on Facebook. Average area Gulf water temperature 84.90
24-hou rainfal accumulation with reading daily at approximately 5 p~m.

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8 0 JUNE 18, 2014 0 THE ISLANDER

Bradenton Beach commission to evaluate clerk, treasurer
By Merab-Michal Favorite Gatehouse issued a statement at the June 2 meet
Islander Reporter ing accusing Shearon and Anderson of conducting a
Two new members of the Bradenton Beach city witch hunt against him."
staff are up for evaluation. The commission voted June Commissioner Jan Vosburgh called the purchase
5 to evaluate Shelia Dalton, city treasurer, and Jamie of the 365 program a question of bad judgment on the
Anderson, city clerk. A positive evaluation could result part of Anderson, saying, "I think a lot of bad decisions
in full-time employee status, including benefits and were made."
However, some decisions made by city clerk Jamie Attorney alleges public records violations
Anderson have come under fire, including alleged ELIZA attorney Robert Lincoln, who is representunauthorized software purchases and possible public ing Ed Chiles, owner and operator of the BeacHhouse
records violations. Restaurant in a lawsuit against the mayor, wrote an
As clerk, Anderson is responsible for public email June 4 to city attorney Ricinda Perry expressrecords, according to the city charter. ing concern over the performances of Anderson and
The city commission authorized Wring both Ander- deputy city clerk Tammy Johnson.
son and Dalton and they started work Jan. 16. Lincoln accused Johnson of deleting e-mails, which
Commissioners unanimously approved an evalu- Bradenton Beach city clerk Jamie Anderson, left, are considered public record, and he accused Anderson ation form that they will complete and submit anony- and treasurer Sheila Dalton shortly after accepting of denying the files were deleted. mously to city attorney Ricinda Perry. their new administrative positions. Islander File Lincoln also alleged that Anderson delayed or
The evaluations will examine quality and quantity Photo refused to respond to public records requests he made
of work, judgment, knowledge and skill, leadership April 30.
qualities and overall effectiveness. The Microsoft 365 installation would have "Ms. Anderson has improperly and illegally withThe findings and Mayor Bill Shearon's formal rec- extended that deadline for 10 months, but commis- held or delayed the release of other public records by ommendation will be presented at the June 19 com- sioners opted to keep the city's current email system making unwarranted claims of attorney-client privimission meeting. and purchase 10 new Microsoft Office licenses that lege or the criminal investigation exception," Lincoln
will be active for three years. wrote.
Email woes create criticism The Microsoft Office licenses that existed for the "Anderson made such claims without checking
Anderson's decision to purchase Microsoft Office present system were not part of the Microsoft 365 on their validity, again leaving the city vulnerable to a 365 with funds from a $25,000 allowance the commis- package, and Anderson apologized. lawsuit." sion approved in February for computer upgrades has The commission approved a total expenditure of In his 25-page email, Lincoln also blamed Anderbeen criticized. $6,000 in unbudgeted funds to update the existing sys- son for making the city computer system and email
Anderson was accused of purchasing the new tem's licenses, including attorney's fees and additional accounts unavailable.
Microsoft software without approval from the commis- monitors. "Ms. Anderson authorized and undertook an
sion, although Shearon approved the expenditure. The city won't likely be able to return the $4,500 unplanned, ill-advised and poorly managed upgrade
On June 2, Shearon called an emergency meeting Microsoft 365 system because it was activated two that has left the city unable to respond to communicate regarding the city email accounts, which were shut months prior to the installation of the new comput- using its official email accounts and required city comdown for two weeks. ers. missioners to conduct official city business using their
Commissioners voted 4-1 with Shearon opposed The Microsoft 365 system has a cloud email fea- personal email accounts, in violation of city policy,"
- for the purchase of $4,000 worth of additional soft- ture that would allow commissioners to access their he wrote. ware needed to make staff's new computers and email city accounts from mobile devices and facilitate access Anderson has maintained that any delays in fulfillsystem operational. for the clerk. ing public records requests were part of the computer
During the meeting, Anderson said the software Longtime email administrator Ric Gatehouse, a issues the city was facing.
purchase was necessary because only two city com- former commissioner, opposed the use of Microsoft "There are a lot of things (Lincoln) has said that puters had Microsoft Office licenses that had not 365, saying it was an underhanded way to reduce the have no validity," she said. "I just do my job and try expired. city's contractual responsibilities with him. not to worry about them."

Outdoor tiki restaurant-bar nears end of site-plan debacle
By Jennifer Glenfield in place since the previous administration. the May 29 meeting.
Islander Reporter The Barefoot Tiki has 96 seats, outdoor dining, Commissioner David Zaccagnino challenged the
One Holmes Beach business, an outdoor bar and games and amplified music. The offerings triggered a effort the commission has put into the site plan, sugrestaurant, has been the focus and the test dummy review of the business's parking and for compliance gesting staff time and fees were excessive.
- driving updates to the city's noise ordinance, out- with proposed outdoor dining and noise ordinance Brisson said his time was spent to determine door dining regulations and setback rules. rules that remain under review. whether Heslop's plans meet city code, although the
Now comes the site-plan process. And maybe Heslop has complied with parking requirements Barefoot Tiki is already operating based on the proapproval. by adding spaces and entering an agreement with a posed site plan.
City planner Bill Brisson addressed commission- neighboring business. She also put in a bike rack. Zaccagnino asked, "So, we're asking her to keep ers May 29 on the most recent draft of the site plan The "walls," which for the most part are not fixed, the bike rack, show us the parking agreement and for Island Flea and Barefoot Tiki, 5704 Marina Drive, and a kitchen have been modified to meet the proposed we're worried about 18 inches of UP" Holmes Beach. outdoor dining regulations set to be reviewed by the "We didn't have an ordinance allowing this," said
"For the most part, everything meets the require- planning commission June 25. Titsworth. "We're doing it because a lot of residents
ments in my opinion, except for one," Brisson said. Commissioners added games into the proposed enjoy it and it looks like things are leaning that way"
The establishment's outdoor stage encroaches into regulations, which was passed over in previous City ordinances did not address amplified music, the front-yard setback by 18 inches but, he said, the reviews, and would have prohibited patrons from play- outdoor games or establishments with mostly outdoor owner, Nicole Heslop, has options to keep the stage. ing games like corn hole and Caribbean ring toss. seating.
She can request a variance or argue non-conform- To deal with sound, Heslop lined the exterior Titsworth has complained in the past about loud ing use to the commission. Brisson recommended with acoustic-blocking material and hired an engi- music coming from Barefoot Tiki, and she's had requesting a variance, saying the structure has been neer to bring amplified music into compliance with Holmes Beach Police Chief Bill Tokajer test the decithe planned noise ordinance. bel level when "it seemed loud."
"I think we might be heading in the right direction Tokajer said it has come into compliance each time THE DAVINCI MACHINEs EXHIBITION with this," said Commission Chair Judy Titsworth at it was tested.
A public hearing will be held on the site plan at the
city commission's regular meeting at 6 p.m. Tuesday,
OPEN June 24, at city hall, 5801 Marina Drive.
PUBLIC Satisfaction
Export Guaranteed!

lyn n my], -11 1KIN TID

THE ISLANDER 0 JUNE 18, 2014 0E9

Bradenton Beach delays motel exemption
By Merab-Michal Favorite judge to resolve municipal conflicts, would first need Metz already an alternate board member to fill
Islander Reporter to approve the variance before the before the planniing Gatehouse's seat.
Sometimes the wheels of government turn board could vote on the project at its June I11 meet- The Ninth Street project became an item of controslowly. ing. versy when several Bradenton Beach residents spoke
The Bradenton Beach Planiiing and Zoiiing Board The complicated process was completed at the against a motel in their neighborhood.
agreed June I11 it would hold off on further review of a landowners' expense. John Katy, who lives adjacent to the parcel on
request for a two-unit motel in a residential zone until Special Master William Robinson ruled in favor Ninth Street North, called the motel "a facade for resit's Aug. 13 meeting. of the setback variance at the hearing. taurant storage," for the Gulf Drive Cafe across the
The owners, Wendy and George Kokolis, requested However, the landowners, who also own Gulf Drive street at 900 Gulf Drive N.
the continuance. Cafe, requested another continuance due to vacancies Other neighbors had concerns about parking since
The proposed development is in the Mira-Mar June I11 on the five-member planning board. the motel will only have three parking spaces includsubdivision at 113 Ninth St. N. There were three vacant seats at that meeting. ing a required spot for disabled access.
However, because of the parcel's triangular Board member Fawzy Makar was absent for his The board's recommendation must go before the
shape and size, a variance of 15 feet is needed from daughter's graduation, while Dawn Betts sent an email city commission for consideration. the normal setback of 25 feet on the street side of the stating she was unable to attend. property. While those vacancies are temporary, former board Class of 2014
When the project first went before the planning member Ric Gatehouse resigned last week. William Michael
board April 15, members unanimously voted for a con- His resignation will be presented at the June 19 He llem-Brusse
tinuance due to confusion related to city ordinances, city meeting. graduated from
It was decided that a special master, who acts as a Mayor Bill Shearon said he plans to nominate John MnteHg
Litte gadsSchool May 31.
Lite rd The graduation
Heidi Querrard Nexercise took
takes the VPK place on the high
slide of comple- school campus at
tion June 9 at the Hawkins Stadium.
graduation cer- The graduate
emony at School plans to attend
for Constructive Florida Atlantic
Play, 304 Pine University in

School for Construc- Ave., Anna Maria. Boca Raton. An announcement said "fun, waves,
tive Play teacher Gail Heidi will be physics and theater" await. Islander Courtesy Photo
Marsden shares a hug attending AA4E in
withgrauatng PK-the fall. Islander Happy days
student Brogan Sauls Photos: Karen Send graduation announcements and other news
at the SFCP gradua- Riley-Love of other milestone events to news @islandercom.
tioncermonyJun 9.High-resolution photographs are welcome.

Top Notch digital photo contest kicks off with June 25 cover
If you've got a great snapshot, we've got a contest To ntc patw ne
you could win. Top Notch contest rules
The Islander Top Notch digital photo contest will 1) The Islander Newspaper Top Notch Photo Contest is
publishing weekly winning photos starting June 25. Six strictly for amateur photographers those who derive less
weekly winning photos will featured on the cover of The than 5 percent of their income from photography.
Islander, and one photo will be a grand prize winner of atr2 lc-n-ht n oo iia htgah ae
$100fro Th Isandr an a ollctin o pries nd iftr aterJan. 1, 2013, are eligible. Photos previously published
$100fro Th Isande an a ollctin ofpries nd ift(in any format/media) or entered in any Islander or other comcertificates from local merchants. Weekly winners receive petition are not eligible.
a "More-Ta- ultWapr sadrTsit 3) Photographs may be taken with any camera. No
-Tha-a ullt-Wappr" Ilaner -shrt.retouching or other alteration (except cropping) is permitThe first week's deadline is noon Friday, June 20, ted; no composite or multiple print images; no camera-app
repeating weekly on Fridays for five weeks. manipulation. Photos must be submitted in digital-JPG file
format. Prints and slides are not accepted.
Top Notch entries can include family photos, land- 4) Entrant's name, address and phone number must be
scapes and scenics, candid snapshots, action, holidays, included in the email. One email per photo submission. Email
humor and animal pictures. Nothing is overlooked, single entries to
Penny Frick's winner 5) Entrants by their entry agree that The Islander may
including kid pics, sentimental moments and moments publish their pictures for local promotion. Entrants must
of personal triumph. This year, judges also will be One photo attachment/entry per email is allowed provide the original digital image if requested by the contest looking for top pet photos with a prize appropriate to along with entry information in the e-mail text. There editor. All photos submitted become the property of The Islander. The Islander and contest sponsors assume no
pets from Perks 4 Pets and The Islander. is no limit to the number of weekly entries, and entries responsibility for maintaining submissions.
Contest entries should be submitted in original need not be repeated, as selected entries are moved Entrant must provide the name and address of any
JPG format via email to forward each week by the judges. recognizable persons appearing in the picture with the email
Digital submission is required. No retouching, Entries that fail the contest requirements are dis- 6) Employees and paid contributors to The Islander and enhancements or computer manipulation is allowed. qualified, their immediate family members are not eligible.


5358 Gulf Drive, Holmes Beach, S&S Plaza
117Facebook Just4unRentals

S& S Plaza 358 Gulf Drive *Holmes Beach *941-896-7884

1) 78-167 or more if
...E.. .

A Ar~_.
LAN Enre

need~~~0 a odluh ii h mro uli intr tr.hmr art, gift On Haf:
31 PieAeAna Maria *Wemsohuocm



Island Players announces
new board

Featuring AThe Island Players celebrated the end of the 65th
Sterling A.M I. season and began making plans for the 66th with the
CHARMSelection of a new board and officers.
Officers include Bobbie Berger, president; Peggy Faarup, first vice president; Marilyn Moroni, second Bead Supplies -Classes & Parties vice president; Sylvia Mamie, treasurer; Linda Thomas, .-..
5500 Marina Drive ~- Holmes Beach recording secretary; Dolores Harrell, corresponding
Mon-Sat 10 am 5pm ~- 941.779.0779 secretary; and past president, Herb Stump.
www Ceatinsby~comBoard members include Ellen Aquilina, Laura Find us on Facebook I
Morales, Phyllis Glenz, Rita Lamoreaux, Dorothy Eder, John Hedinger, Diane Phinney, Miriam Ring, Ruth Stevens, Susan Turner and Donna Grant. T e r r a 's -., In the 66th season, the nonprofit that is based at the
playhouse at 10009 Gulf Drive, Anna Maria, will stage "Tribute," directed by Gareth Gibbs; "Regrets Only,"
directed by Heiko Knipfelberg; "Dearly Departed,"
HANDMADE 64rdirected by Kelly Woodland; "Becky's New Car,"
STE~lNG -directed by Mike Lusk; and "The Murder Room,"
G directed by James Thaggard.
For more information about the Island Players, call JEWELRY 941-778-7374. Bright and bold
A detail of work by painter Georgana LeVene. She

Fakes and forgeries is the featured artist in June at the Manatee County
2723 MANATEE AVE. W. Cultural Alliance Gallery, 926 12th St. W., BradenTUE-Fm 10-5, SAT 11-4 on view at Ringling ton. Le Vene, who has entered many juried shows and
941.779.5350 "Intent to Deceive: Fakes and Forgeries in the won numerous awards, also shows her work at the
Art World" is at the Ringling Museum of Art in Artists' Guild of Anna Maria Island Guild Gallery in Sarasota through Aug. 3. Holmes Reach. Her solo show in Braden ton will be
*pa Inai Dop i Pendaent-' The exhibition spotlights the work of some in place through June 27. For more information, call
o th Koe oleto of the world's most notorious con artists. Several the gallery at 941-746-2223.
Naur an S a i ingenious forgeries are included in the exhibition, Ke pManatee Beautiful
including John Myatt's imitation of Johannes Ver- K e
Vksmeer's "Girl with a Pearl Earring." accepts awards nominations
NIX The museum is at 5401 Bay Shore Road.
FoVoenomtinncuigadiso Keep Manatee Beautiful is accepting nomina40 11 or oreinfrmaionincudig amision tions for the 2014 awards celebration, which recogdetals, all941-59-500.nizes "exceptional volunteer efforts in the beautifi0 ~cation of Manatee County."
Nomination forms are posted online at www. IZ 10 001SLmanateebeautiful com. Nominations must be submilled by July 31.
KMB will recognize individuals, organizations AF a AF ftand institutions in more than 20 categories during a
0 D T401 ceremony in September. ets For more information, call KMB at 941-795Wednesday, June 18 8272.
Li bi' Isa dJe e 6:32 am. Official sunrise.
%" %72 p.m. Children's summer program at the Island Library, Holmes Beach. Information: 941-778-6341.
TheHitorc ren Vllge- AnaMaia slnd 5701 Marina Drive, Holmes Beach. Information: 941-778-6341. 8:31 p.m. Official sunset.
501 ineAvene -Ann Mara, L (41) 96-8678:29 p.m. Official sunset.

WW ILNEAGThursday, June 19 6:34 am. Official sunrise.
6:32 a.m. Official sunrise. 6 p.m. Crafts for teens, Island Library, 5701 Marina Drive,
10 a.m. Children's summer program at the Island Library, Holmes Beach. Information: 941-778-6341. 5701 Marina Drive, Holmes Beach. Information: 941-778-6341. 8:31 p.m. Official sunset.
10 a.m.-6 p.m. Filming for YouTube channel, Anna Maria (e 2 0Island Community Center, 407 Magnolia Ave., Anna Maria. Informa- Off Island
tion: 941-778-1908. Thursday, June 19
OAm8:30 p.m. Official sunset. 6 p.m. Island branch of Dining for Women dinner and meeting in Bradenton. Information: 941-896-5827.
Friday, June 20
6:32 a.m. Official sunrise. Coming up
1 p.m. Using eReader tablets class, Island Library, 5701 June 28-July 6, Suncoast Super Boat 30th annual Grand Prix
-Marina Drive, Holmes Beach. Information: 941-778-6341. Festival, Sarasota.
8:30 p.m. Official sunset. *July 3, Independence Eve fireworks, Bradenton Beach.
July 4, Fourth of July parade, Anna Maria Island.
Saturday, June 21 *July 4, Independence Day fireworks, Anna Maria.
Today is the first day of summer.
6:32 a.m. Official sunrise. Save the date
8:30 p.m. Official sunset. Sept. 1 is Labor Day.

full service salon and spa offrering... Sunday, June 22 Posting in the calendar
116:33 a.m. Official sunrise. Send calendar announcements to calendar@islander. org.
Hair Nails Massage -Facials 8:30 p.m. Official sunset. Please include the time, date and location of the event, a brief
Acpntr Bod2 Tratm nt description and a contact via email and phone. The deadline for

THE ISLANDER 0 JUNE 18, 2014 0 11

Summer Circus SpectacularMINGODR oesin Sarasota WIT

The Asolo Theater is serving as the big top LOCAL ART AND GIFT SHOP
Y o for the Summer Circus Spectacular, which will be ISLAND SHOPPING CENJTER
staged through Aug. 2. 941.779.2624
Presenters promise an hour of "thrilling family
Center to shoot video, fun" and "hilarious comic antics" in the circus show, WATCHBANDSWATH________________________M
launch Yo uTu be channel staged in partnership with the Circus Arts Conservatory of Sarasota. ------The Anna Maria Island Community Center has Performances take place Tuesday-Friday at
issued a casting call. Those interested in appearing in I11 a.m. and 2 p.m. and Saturdays at 2 p.m. and 55 0O F
video on a YouTube channel for the center are invited p~.All in-stock Citizen watches.
toatn h aig hc sstt replace 10 a.m.-6 Tickets are $15 for adults, $12 for childrenCLBAIG3YER
p.m. Thursday, June 19, at the center, 407 Magnolia The theater is at 5555 N. Tamiami Trail, Sara- IN BRADENTON!
Ave., Anna Maria. sota.
Sugar Beach Digital, a local production company, For more information, call 941-351-9010.
will be filming at the center throughout the day.
An announcement said the company is "gener- adWthRepair
ously giving" of its "time and talent to help save the Onshore Offshore Boat Show WE MOVED TWO DOORS OVER!
Anna Maria Island Community Center." 811 IFTE RD.II
Children involved in sports activities at the center opens June 20
are encouraged to wear team shirts. Those who attend the Onshore Offshore Boat
For more information, call the center at 94 1-778- Show that will open Friday, June 20, can catch four s and Gallery West
1908. classes and study under expert anglers and boaters.
Dinin for omenThe Captain Joe Fishing School at the boat show Dinin for omenFriday-Sunday, June 20-22, will feature classes in group to meet kayak fishing, cast-net fishing, live-bait fishing, shark
The Anna Maria Island Chapter of Dining for fishing and flats fishing.
Women, a women's giving circle, will meet Thursday, The boat show will take place at the Bradenton Island Gallery WXest
June 19. Area Convention and Visitors Center, 1 Haben Blvd.,Afieatglryoawdwniglclatss
The dinner and program will take place 6-8 p.m. Palmetto.
at a private home in Bradenton. Hours will be 10 a. m. -6 p. m. June 20-21 and 10 *affordable original work
a~m.- p~m Jun oil, acrylic, watercolor, Women are invited to bring a dish to share and to a icm.-5 p a.rue 2. photography, ceramics,
donate whatever they might have spent on a dinner out Tcesae$.stained glass, basketry, to the Tanzania Nursing Scholarship Program, which For more information, go online to www.onshore- cards, giclees and jewelry.
will support 25 academically qualified and financially or call 727-894-3644. needy young women in their goal of attaining a profes- 536 Gul Drv HomsBah(eto h* ..&Mni
sion as a registered nurse and registered midwife.9478-68MnSt15wwisadalretco
For more information and instructions on the event Cross Pointe registering
location, call Jean Peelen at94-896-5827. children for Bible schoolI

Ongoing events, activities CrossPointe Fellowship will mark the arrival of
summer with a week of vacation Bible school.
Through... The session, open to children from age 4
Through July 7, DaVinci Machines Exhibition, the Bradenton through the fifth-grade, will take place MondayAuditorium, 1005 FirstAve. W, Bradenton. Fee applies. Information: FrdyJue2-7athecrh,80GlfDi,
888-674-0107. Holmes Beach.Yoase
WensasHours will be 9 am. to noon.foit
Wednesdays and Saturdays, 9 a.m., horseshoes pitched, This year's theme will be "A Trip to Paradise"yogti!
Anna Maria City Hall, 10005 Gulf Drive, Anna Maria. Information: and organizers promise an adventure that includes Signature
941-708-6130. games, storytelling, music-making, crafts and
First Wednesdays, 6 p.m., Mana-Tweens book club, Island snacks.
Library, 5701 Marina Drive, Holmes Beach. Information: 941 -778- For more information, call the church at 9413209. 778-0719.
Second Wednesdays, 7 p.m., Think+Drink science night,
South Florida Museum, 201 10th St. W., Bradenton. Information: AMI items!
941-746-4131. Second Saturdays, 10 a.m., origami club, Island Library, 5701
Third Wednesdays, 6 p.m., Mana-Tweens club, Island Library, Marina Drive, Holmes Beach. Information: 941 -778-3209. Island Shopping Center *5418 Marina Dr Holmes Beach 5701 Marina Drive, Holmes Beach. Information: 941-778-3209. Second Saturdays, 2 p.m., porch party, Florida Maritime (intersection of gulf and marina) 941.778.2169
Fourth Wednesdays, 7 p.m., Star Talk, South Florida Museum, Museum, 4415 119th St. W., Cortez. Information: 941-708-6120. 201 10th St. W., Bradenton. Information: 941-746-4131. Third Saturdays, 11 am., stress management through breathThurdaysing, Island Library, 5701 Marina Drive. Information: 941-778-6341. feel beautiful
First and third Thursdays, 2 p.m., knitting group meeting, Mondaysto a
Island Library, 5701 Marina Drive. Information: 941-778-6341. Mondays, 12:30 p.m., bridge games, Roser Memorial Coin* Third Thursdays, 10 a.m., guardian ad item, Island Library, munity Church, 512 Pine Ave., Anna Maria. Doors open at 12:15 5701 Marina Drive, Holmes Beach. Information: 941-778-3209. p.m. Information: 941-778-0414.
Last Thursdays, Seaside Quilters, Island Library, 5701 Marina First Mondays, 7 p.m., Florida Institute for Saltwater Heritage Drive, Holmes Beach. Information: 312-315-6212. board meeting, Fishermen's Hall, 4515 123rd St. W., Cortez. Information: 941 -254-4972.
Fridays *Third Mondays, 7 p.m., U.S. Coast Guard Auxiliary Flotilla 81
Most Fridays, Senior Adventures, low-cost field trips from meeting, 5801 33rd Ave. Court Drive W., G.T. Bray Park, Bradenton. Annie Silver Community Center, 103 23rd St. N., Bradenton Beach. Information: 941 -779-4476. Fee may apply. Information: 941 -962-8835.
Fridays, 5:30-8:30 p.m., Mike Sales' sunset drum circle, Anna Tuesdays
Maria Island Beach Cafe, 4000 Gulf Drive, Holmes Beach. Informa- Tuesdays, 10 am., children's storytime, Island Library, 5701 (cu

12E0 JUNE 18, 2014 0 THE ISLANDER

Island cities' code off icials enforce sea turtle laws
By Jennifer Glenfield in some cases, going door-to-door with replacement bring them into compliance with the city ordinances,
Islander Reporter bulbs and turtle-friendly information, according to Fox. AMITW no longer has bulbs to give
Sea turtles nesting on Anna Maria Island have a "Holmes Beach and Bradenton Beach are jumping away, but refers people to Synergy Lighting to purslew of supporters, including code enforcement offi- right on everything we turn in. The beaches normally chase bulbs. cers who watch for hazards. are very clean of debris, tents and chairs. I have gone The island cities have ordinances protecting sea
"It's an ongoing project. Lights off today can pop door to door many days with both Dave and Gail and turtles, including the use of turtle-friendly lighting at back on anytime unless they use canned lights that we have gotten great reception from the places we beachfront properties, no lights shining on the beach are turtle-friendly fixtures, plus amber-colored Par have visited," Fox said. and removal of beach accessories at night.
20 bulbs," said Suzi Fox, executive director of Anna Dave Forbes heads up code enforcement in Holmes Not complying with city ordinances can mean Maria Island Turtle Watch and Shorebird Monitor- Beach, and Gail Garneau works in code enforcement fines for violators and, in some cases, a code enforceing. in Bradenton Beach. ment or special master hearing.
AMITW has been working with code enforcement AMITW gave some 50 turtle-friendly bulbs to Gerry Rathvon, code enforcement officer in Anna
in the island cities, providing notices of violations and, beachfront properties, valued at $30 each, to help PLEASE SEE SEA TURTLES, NEXT PAGE

Summer beautification plans focus on cigarette butts
Keep Manatee Beautiful plans a summer-long
campaign aimed at encouraging people to throw ciga- Did you know?
rette butts in bins rather than on the ground. iaetbusancirtpsd 'tiKMB, the local chapter of Keep America Beauti-aperAbu95ecntocirteflesae ful, is working with Bradenton and Manatee Countycopsdfceloeaeteaoroflsi, governments. A kickoff took place June I11 at the Riv-whcdosntqikyegaendanprstn erwak Pvilin o Braentn's ivefron. ~the environment. Cigar tips, too, are predominantly The week of June 12, volunteers surveyed for patc
cigarette litter in areas where cigarette bins will be Flesaehrflt aewy n id
locatedlife. Litter traveling through storm drains and water June 23-30, aoute90bs will be nstalesh systems, ends up in local bays and the Gulf of
July1-3, vlunterswil disribte ortale sh-Mexico. Nearly 80 percent of marine debris comes tray andeductioal bochues.from land-based sources. Cigarette butt litter can Aug. 1- 15, volunteers will survey areas where new also pose a hazard to animals and marine life when
bins were installed. Cigarette butts discarded on the shore often get they mistake filters for food.
Aug. 30, KMB will report on the success of the washed into the water and create toxic hazards to Source: Keep America Beautiful summer campaign. marine life. Islander Courtesy Photo
The local group received a $7,500 grant from its
national organization for the litter prevention program paigns have resulted in reduced litter by more than 50 Tobacco products, consisting mainly of cigarette with a focus on the Riverwalk, Bradenton's Main percent. butts, are the most littered item in America, representStreet, the Manatee Public Beach in Holmes Beach, "A s Keep America Beautiful focuses on building ing nearly 38 percent of all items littered, according to Bayfront Park in Anna Maria and the Palma Sola and sustaining vibrant communities, it's essential to "Litter in America," KAB's landmark 2009 study of Causeway. reduce cigarette litter to lessen the environmental harm litter and littering behavior.
Similar efforts in past years led to the installation this common type of litter places on our landscapes and For more, call KMB at 941-795-8272. of bins at bus and trolley stops in Manatee County and waterways," said Jennifer Jehn, president and CEO of approaches to beaches research shows that most Keep America Beautiful. cigarette litter occurs at "transition" points, places "Our Cigarette Litter Prevention Program is H-OW T)7O IZELAX '
where people stop smoking before proceeding to making a significant difference in communities where another area. the program is being implemented because of public O N I L N .
Keep America Beautiful reports that such camn- education in tandem with access to receptacles." MASSAGE BY NADIA


OPEN Mon.-Fri. 73Oam-7pm HARVEY MEMORIAL mrelthc~v 17 yea~rk
Sat., Sun., Holidays 730am-5pm PATRGITCRIFCTSAVIAL
We're available to tend to 4 STEPHEN KING
your urgent care needs8an9:0a FOmmALARWECM
Fever/Infections e Minor Lacerations 8Sund S9:vicas 19E6ALARWECM
Simple Fractures Sprainsoa
PINNACLE MEDICAL CENTER P0 Box 243, Bradenton Beach, 34217 am
315 75th Street West Bradenton 30AHRHmV.BAENO EC N-I~R- 10 a~.Sunday

~ The Rev. Dr. Vincent Carroll, Senior Minister
6200 Gulf of Mexico Drive, Longboat Key
A cclaimThe Lord's Warehouse Thrift Shop Dental~d C "ae_ __
D ent l Q A %0-Hours 9-noon, Monday, Wednesday, Saturday


941.795.6535 -ari-Pat&.al .A

2 or More Molars Only! a ae
We use a local dental lab with over nstruct I
30 years experience in the Bradenton Area. siness a
Gordn an Rut


THE ISLANDER 0 JUNE 18, 2014 0 13

A Father's Day nesting loggerhead sea turtle comes ashore at dawn. Islander Photos: Suzi Fox 7

Maria, said violations there are marked with a bright green tag. The green tag is the first notice of violation and, if not resolved by the next day's follow-up visit, violators face a $ 100 fine.
Rathvon said violations haven't been severe this AITW six-year volunteer Jeannie Deam watches as The 300-or-so-pound turtle departs to the Gulf of season, and she's seeing a huge improvement from a loggerhead nests June 15 in front of an iconic, often Mexico, trusting the nest fully to the care and incuyears ago. painted and photographed beach house in Anna Maria. bation of the sandy shore -and AA4ITW.
"We don't want to drive people away," said Rathvon. "We want to make people aware of the ordinance, beach inspection. This year, he's logged 22 violations, solved, it goes before the code enforcement board," We're trying to educate more than anything else." According to AMITW data, nearly 75 percent of those Forbes said.
Rathvon said working with rental agencies and violations are repeat violations. Forbes said the people he's contacted have been
providing them with information to inform their However, Forbes said, only those violations that receptive and compliant, he said. guests has been helpful. repeat year-to-year are considered repeat offenders. Bradenton Beach, the police department considers
AMITW volunteer Maureen McCormick said, "T here's going to no tolerance. After the first damage to sea turtle nests a crime and treats the site
"We had the highest number of nests and false crawls notice of violation goes out and the problem is not as a crime scene. last year on bayside, and it has been steadily climbing "Usually, the turtle watch people are the comsince I started as coordinator five years ago. We have plainants," said Police Chief Sam Speciale. "If we
kept the city and the county notified due to the issues get a call, we go out there and assess the situation,
with holes on the beaches, furniture, boats and tents then we prosecute based on the guideline in the state
on South Bay," said statutes."
McCormick monitors the beaches in Anna Maria Fox said, "The most important take-home mesand regularly informs officials of violations posing sage is get rid of the yellow bug lights and yellow
hazards to nesting sea turtles. curly bulbs. They are antiquated and cause nesting
In addition to receiving reports from AMITW females to abort nesting, and cause hatchlings to run
volunteers on violations, Forbes performs a monthly toward the road. Only the Par 20 Amber Bulb will not
draw hatchlings."

.. ..... ... ... ..... ..Spot a nest?
Digita dataAny unmarked sea turtle or shorebird
-~ Szi oxexeutie direct o th AAITW deon- nests on Anna Maria Island that you may come
strates a computer tablet purchased in May with aacosnthsorlesoudbrpredo
-IN Anna Maria Island Turtle Watch and Shorebird
grant from the Sea Turtle Conservancy. According to Moirnga94-7568 Fox, AA4ITW is the first turtle watch group to digitally record its data in the field.
"RP'r"AN A u
CHURCH GU EST PREACHER.- Rev. Natha n Speck-Ewer,
Chaplain of Saint Stephen's Episcopal School <
SWL YW-R Ho_1P e1.00 AM
Gro ingbi'c3LZ3IL~r&~Children &Youth Church School after the Children's Message> Growig inJesusNameNURSERY and FamilyViewing Room Available< SdaSevc10m.Adult Bible Study -8:45 AM Q
Mission of the Month: LOVING HANDS MINISTRIES f~ j o

The Rev. Dr. Paul T. Eckel 941 -778-0414 -Find us @ facebook.comn/RoserCh urch L

CHRIST CHURCH 'Subjection and Sacrifice'
PRESBYTERIAN (U.S.A.) Visitors & Residents WelcomeA teio!Nw P!
640Gl of M exic Drv 38.83 ww Mention this ad at
your first appointment
and receive:
A 113 *- Comprehensive Exam $6
V Necessary X-Rays value

*unless gum disease is present.

/7.1A '",_A 1eg f1

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r+h 6 3a %0 FRIDAY, SATURDAY


..... iiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii.....iiii

7, 3
and dockside es~auran~lt 5318 Marina Dr., Holmes Beach SudyNoCa *.- .

r/i o

0 r

0 W
LIOH c -. <0

Whipe Capai & Natualis

< a:X

Coe B Itere&tv Safo od Vet'$GTORiing M AY rBE:
I~~ LOKN FOR YOU < In< 2

Famiky-owneduilth ot AND AnaMralln
AcomoOe le p to4 a.epe
941I o13o595

Fandyoeraed Seafood fresh off
/ smoked!
THE WW.:)NE 2 (.)

THE ISLANDER 0 JUNE 18, 2014 0 15


bestt hamburgers and the coldest
V ile mugs of beer this side of Heaven. B STr 11111 Pat Geyer, Proprietress

Chicken WinS, NBA
Placeto ch oT s

Great Specials. L unch 6 Dinner Full-Service Soft Serve
OPEN 7 DAYS Ice Cream Sugar Free/Fat Free Owl .
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Q qW

on 0 L
Ir O_ I
IL N~t :E2

DAY~~~~U cc~ .~, ) os ~ ( N
z l- WED<00 9 <
LU D- ag
CL z 0

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9 V IPU3 A NJ AR 2i
9ZAw :
0~ AV d :21 WW1I4O 2 LL-a
11 In E1I AU0dn W Odn

Let ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ D mehlLoL94)7864
naigt Anna0
N ~ ~ ~ ~ ~~ c Mai IsadtL.50)arn rv
0oms ec
findyourperect on-Tursllaml(p
hmocono riStllmla
L Capt.m Gre Burk MUDAY M-NDA e MONA Mu 11-6 CLOSE
Grgurer homilcm 94.9287 Arssfo Mante Pulcoah*30 ufDie* le ec
31 PneAv. coAn Mari *L~i-3 Flria94-78769*wwrloiascetLom

>0 to you dra hom or) anIr

Wed es ay ae no Day TripWzW
PLUS DAL Dopi Watc LIV MUI FR & SAT 7-10D=>NIHL Sne DlhiachCm ot Th Bes on AM.: F Tacos:
91-8-01 Macaami Nut-Encrusted Groiif(Le11


16E0 JUNE 18, 2014 0 THE ISLANDER

_____ ____ ____ HB restaurateur frustrated by employee theft

Island police blotter By Merab-Michal Favorite Jahn said he has been in touch with DetecAnna Maria Islander Reporter tive Sgt. Brian Hall of the HBPD, and was told the
Jue 3 400blok o Pin Avnue Ann Maia, A Holmes Beach restaurant owner was robbed department had been having trouble contacting ths grn Juneft 3,o 40lock ofyce Pine ve e na e Maia four weeks ago and the employee who stole from suspect. grand theft. Twod loke bicyesiee rpedsoe him has yet to be arrested. Holmes Beach Police Chief Bill Tokajer said the
fro the fron yardlo of rin e ubtey Wolfgang Jahn, owner of Old Hamburg Schnit- case is more complicated than it seems.
58yal June 8, ri 400 bloc of lpri gevenuesbatted zelhaus, 3246 E. Bay Drive, said his former employee "We have to prove this case is prosecutable 58-yerold Ann hsomariaumnd w245am allel assaulted stole a company checkbook while working at his res- before we make an arrest," he said. "That means in foto his home saroundc12:4 am. whekn aiman ran taurant and she's "writing checks and cashing them getting with the banks, getting records and investing
uptohm n sare pnhig n kcin hm To all over town." time. "
neighbors reportedly witnessed the suspect kicking Jahn said he reported the incident to the Holmes Jahn said he learned after he had hired Maksithe victim before the suspect took off running toward Beach Police Department in May and has provided mowicz that she had a criminal record. Spring Avenue and then north to Crescent Avenue. leads for her whereabouts. "I never thought to check," he said. "I have
The victim refused medical treatment. The suspect He said he's upset at the amount of time its employees here that have worked with me for 14 wa Jnlaed.0 lc fSrngAeugadtet taking for police to file charges arrest 27-year-old years and wouldn't touch $ 10,000 if I left it under
Jne 00 loc o SpingAvnue grndthet. Chelsea Rose Maksimowicz, a former employee the counter."
A woman reported that her smart phone was stolen of the German-style restaurant. She worked there Maksimowicz has been charged in the past with from the beach. The investigation is open. approximately six months. grand theft, embezzlement and uttering a forged
Anna Maria is policed by the MCSO. "People go to jail for having a cup of alcohol on check, according to the Manatee County Sheriff's
Bradenton Beach the beach, but this girl is running free," he said. Office website.
June 8, 200 Gulf Drive North, disorderly conduct. A 28-year-old man, who was allegedly intoxicated, became loud and belligerent when his vehicle arrested and taken to Manatee County jail. delinquency of a minor. A 3 1-year-old Dover man was broke down in the parking lot of Joe's Eats and Sweets June 10, 10 100 block of Cortez Road, warrant arrested on charges of no valid driver's license and Ice Cream Shop. The shop owner said the man was arrest. A 29-year-old man was arrested for allegedly contributing to the delinquency of a minor after HBPD yelling at customers and scaring employees. He was violating probation. officers discovered a 17-year-old passenger drinking
arrested and taken to Manatee County jail. Cortez is policed by the MCSO. beer in the vehicle. The man was also issued citations
June 8, 7250 Gulf of Mexico Drive, Long- Holmes Beach for open container and an expired tag. He was taken
boat Key, battery. Three subjects were involved in June 12, Bayshore Garden's Parkway, Bra- to Manatee County jail. The 17-year-old was charged a physical altercation on the sandbar off of Jewfish denton, DUI. A Holmes Beach woman was arrested with possession of alcohol and transported to a juveKey around 4:30 p.m. According to the report, two around 12:30 a.m. after she was seen traveling at nile detention facility. groups of males got into a verbal argument that turned a high rate of speed through a parking lot. Donna June 4, 4000 block of Gulf Drive, theft. A physical when a man punched a juvenile in the head. Faye Wood, 61, was arrested after an MSCO offi- woman's cellphone was stolen while she was at the Another man punched the aggressor in an effort to cer noticed she was slurring her speech. Wood failed beach. break up the fight. several field sobriety tests and allegedly recorded a June 1, 600 block of Manatee Avenue, theft. A
June 6, 100 block of Bridge Street, trespass- .146 on a Breathalyzer test. She was taken to Manatee 48-year-old man was issued a notice to appear in court ing. A-52-year-old man was arrested after violating a County jail. after he allegedly stole a bottle of Burt's Bees hand
trespass warning. June 12, 400 block of Clark Lane, DUI. A moisturizer from CVS.
Bradenton Beach is policed by the BBPD. 25-year-old Bradenton man faces a DUI charge after May 31, 4000 block of Gulf Drive, vehicle burCortez he was pulled over for allegedly speeding and running glary. Two men had $150 stolen from wallets they left
June 12, 10 100 block of Cortez Road West, bat- several stop signs. Lucas Blaney was arrested after an in a locked glove compartment inside an open Jeep tery. A 37-year-old Cortez woman was arrested on MCSO officer smelled alcohol on his breath. Blaney while they were at the beach. battery charges after she allegedly slapped the glasses was taken to Manatee County jail, where he refused Holmes Beach is policed by the HBPD. off the face of a relative and bit another relative on a Breathalyzer test. Streetlife is based on incident reports and narrathe forearm during the altercation. The woman was *June 5,3900 block of Gulf Drive, contributing to tives from the BBPD, HBPD and MCSO.

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THE ISLANDER 0 JUNE 18, 2014 0 17

BB1 restaurant owner faces Palmetto woman arrested for Real estate agent to stand trial
marijuana charge marijuana, pills, credit cards for operating without a license
By Merab-Michal Favorite By Merab-Michal Favorite By Merab-Michal Favorite
Islander Reporter Islander Reporter Islander Reporter
A Bradenton Beach restaurant owner received a A 26-year-old Palmetto woman faces drug charges A former Anna Maria Island real estate agent, notice to appear in court May 27 after a Holmes Beach after a Holmes Beach Police Department officer found accused of operating without a real estate license, was Police Department officer found marijuana and more 10 marijuana cigarettes, 29 prescrip- scheduled for a jury trial June 16.
than 200 pills in his possession. tion pills and four credit cards in her Michael Carleton, 61, was
George Frangoulis of Bradenton received a notice possession June 2. arrested Nov. 12, 2013, following an
to appear for possession of less than 20 grams of mani- Kini Lynn Napier, of Palmetto, investigation by the Florida Departjuana and a civil citation for not wearing a seatbelt. was driving a black Chevrolet Camaro ment of Business and Professional
The 35-year-old owner of Maria's Family Res- near the 3200 block of Gulf Drive, Regulation, Division of Real Estate.
taurant, 101 Seventh St. S., Bradenton Beach, was Napier Holmes Beach, and talking on a cell Carleton If Carleton is convicted, he could
initially pulled over at 4100 Gulf Drive around 8:44 phone when she was pulled over by face up to five years in prison for
a.m. for not wearing a seat belt. an HBPD officer for allegedly not wearing a safety operating without a real estate license, which is a thirdAccording to the report, when the HBPD officer belt. degree felony.
asked Frangoulis for his driver's license, the officer The officer reportedly smelled marijuana while In March 2013, the state suspended Carleton's smelled marijuana, speaking with Napier and noted several marijuana license after he allegedly deposited $ 10,000 for rental
Frangoulis allegedly told the officer he had recently cigarettes in the center ashtray in plain view, accord- property at 106 55th St., Holmes Beach, into the smoked a joint and threw it out the window. ing to the police report. escrow account for his rental agency at Coast Line
Frangoulis surrendered a cigarette pack contain- Napier told the officer another driver had left the Accommodations, instead of Coast Line Realtors, his ing a small plastic bag holding 2 grams of marijuana, marijuana in the car, according to the report. registered employer. according to the police report. Napier said she did not have a driver's license and The investigation of Carleton was the result of
He also gave the officer a package containing 222 handed the officer an ID card. The officer found three complaints that he deliberately double-booked island pills, which he claimed belonged to his mother. prior violations for driving with a suspended license and vacation homes and failed to return deposits.
He told the officer his grandmother had mailed numerous failures to pay suspension charges, the report Complainants allege Carleton could not be conthem to the restaurant from Greece, the report said. said. tacted regarding deposits paid or, at times, would
Inside the package were three types of pills. Officers then conducted a search of the vehicle, return partial refunds, which frustrated renters who
The officer searched Frangoulis' black Nissan and Inside Napier's wallet, police found an envelope of were hoping to recoup their deposits.
found no other contraband. prescription pills, including eight Xanex, five hydro- The Anna Maria Island Chamber of Commerce
HBPD Chief Bill Tokajer said Frangoulis was not codone and 16 tizanidine, the report said. said it fielded numerous complaints about Carleton's charged with possession of the pills because they are Police also allegedly found four credit cards alleged illegal rental practices. not considered narcotics. belonging to another person. While Carleton was under criminal investigation
Tokajer said Frangoulis' mother picked up the pills Napier faces charges of two counts of possession by the Holmes Beach Police Department, his island at the station. of a controlled substance, possession of less than 20 office closed down.
Frangoulis' arraignment will be held 9 a.m. Tues- grams of marijuana and driving on a revoked license, HBPD turned the investigation over to the U.S. day, July 1, at the Manatee County Judicial Center, third or subsequent offense. Department of Justice and U.S. Postal Service in May
1051 Manatee Ave., W., Bradenton. She was arrested and taken to Manatee County jail. 2013, however, he is not facing federal charges at this
Her arraignment is scheduled for 9 a.m. Friday, June 20, time, according to William Daniels, public affairs speWMM! LAN ER.I' RG at the Manatee County Judicial Center, 1051 Manatee cialist for the U.S. Attorney's Office, Middle District
Ave. W., Bradenton. of Florida.

Island Coffee Haus
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Coffee, tea, pastries,9
TW E desserts. And free WiFi. el
Fresh sandwiches
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18E0 JUNE 18, 2014 0 THE ISLANDER

Holmes Beach unearths preserve funding history
By Jennifer Glenfield according to Hill.
Islander Reporter The 20 13-14 budget allocated $45,000 to the preNearly every aspect of the Grassy Point Preserve serve, but $20,000 was taken to buy the backhoe.
in Holmes Beach has been lost in the shuffle. Amid the Superintendent of public works Tom O'Brien said
resurrection of public and city commission interest, a May 29 that shell pathways in the preserve will be
funding history has been compiled. repleniished with the remaining $25,000.
Human resource specialist Mary Buonagura pre- The city also has received grants from the U.S.
sented a report to the city commission May 29 that Fish and Wildlife Service and the Southwest Florida
included a review of the funding for the preserve and Water Management District, which were managed by
the stipulations tied to that funding. the Sarasota Bay Estuary Program. The grants were
Grassy Point became a focus again when fund- ArPLEASE SEE GRASSY POINT, NEXT PAGE
ing from the budget for the preserve was requested to
purchase a backhoe for the public works department. rq ie
Shortly after the commission-approved purchase Stipulations re urdin the
of the backhoe, the city received an annual stewardship prsev4a rem n
report on the preserve from the Florida Communitiesgrn Trust, the granting agency monitored by the Depart- Hmnrsuc pcaitMr ungr
ment of Environmental Protection. presented Holmes Beach commissioners May 29
The land at Grassy Point Preserve was purchased with the stipulations set forth in the grant agreethrough a grant provided by the trust. The process for ment reached in 2001 by the city and the Florida
the city to acquire the land began in 1998, and a grant CmuiisTut
award agreement between the trust and the city was AnFTgrn a ue'opucaeth ad
finaize in 001 >~ requiring the city to adhere to a management plan
The grant, totaling $359,945.51, purchased 33 Holmes Beach public works is planning to replenish set by the trust. The stipulations include.
acres for the preserve, shell pathways in Grassy Point Preserve. Islander Preserve the environmentally sensitive wetBuonagura told commissioners an annual status Photo: Jennifer Glenfield land area.
report by the city must be sent to the trust at the end Preserve and protect the last significant undeof August. The public works department has submitted improvements. Buonagura said the average amount veloped waterfront parcel remaining in the city of status updates annually, she reported. allocated in the fund has been $25,000, although some Holmes Beach.
The grant agreement requires the city to adhere years no money was budgeted for the preserve, and Provide open space for passive recreational to a management plan set by the trust. According to some years the amounts were higher. use and education for preserve visitors.
Buonagura, the plan was amended in August 20 10. If Buonagura said the funds in the maintenance e Protect threatened and endangered species the city does meet the stipulations in the plan, the city and improvement budget were not reserved, and if that inhabit the preserve. can be found in default. they were unused within the budget year, they were Remedy inconsistencies in future land-use
Buonagura identified two primary funding sources absorbed into the city's general fund. and zoning designations.
for the preserve to date. There is a fund budgeted in According to city treasurer Lori Hill, the budget The city must include deadlines for completing the public works department for maintenance and for 2012-13 included $180,000 for the preserve. How- teufnse okotie ntetutsana
eethat year saw a change in administration at ciy stewardship report and stipulated in the manageGetting~eer citysy oithal ment plan in its annual status report.
The preserve is located between East Bay Drive Former Mayor Rich Bohnenberger set the budget Three improvements must have "drop-dead opposite Walgreens and on Grassy Point Bayou. It and the $180,000 allocated to Grassy Point Preserve, dates" for completion in the status report due June is an area of natural uplands, wetlands and man- The preserve was opened by Bohnenberger in 15 to the trust, according to Buonagura. grove hammocks fronting Sarasota Bay south of 2012, and that year a shell path was added, purchased Improvement plans with deadlines include: the Anna Maria Island Bridge. The preserve can from the 2011-12 public works budget. Create trails, boardwalks, observation platbe accessed on Avenue C at 3 1st Street. Also in 2012, a shell parking lot, picnic tables, forms, interpretive displays and a scenic overlook
shade trees, native plants and a mulch-lined path were or fishing pier. added with a grant of $3,000 from the Sarasota Bay Provide a current as-built master site plan that Estuary Program. indicates the location of all existing improvements
~ CAR N E Following Mayor Carmel Monti's election in and project boundaries.
ao nNovember, the money was unused by his adminis- Install signage on roads leading to the preL IQ U 11 tration. It was absorbed back into the general fund, serve.

941-779-SEER f
5344 Gulf Drive Holmes Beach h iR&2

2000 75th St. W., Bradenton

AUTHENTIC GERMAN BEER, FOOD, Smoke-Free Facility / Always Open to The Public CAKES AND ATMOSPHERE! Lunches -Dinners -Dances -Bingo
GMA Re fo FRDY ATRA Amusement Center and More!


Anna Maria Island Centre *3246 E. Bay Drive Holmes Beach _________________________DINNER TUESDAY-SATURDAY 5-9 941-778-1320 I V b

p Se- p &* pt5

I-ive~~ 'eUic Frdye tr
111 V.,ZX,. 1,+ v- 0 ,

THE ISLANDER 0 JUNE 18, 2014 0 10

FISH Preserve restoration closer to beginning
By Jennifer Glenfield County and the Florida Department of Environmental Aquatic Resource Partnership took a tour of the preIslander Reporter Protection. serve with Bell.
From "Hurry up and wait," to "It's coming, slowly "All the permits have been issued to start the Both NOAA and SARP awarded money for previbut surely," the Florida Institute for Saltwater Heri- groundwork," said Bell. ous improvements at the preserve. Bell said the repretage Preserve could see improvements as early as this Bell is hoping $250,000 in grant money from sentatives came to check on the progress, as well as to month. Swiftmud, awarded last summer, will be administered look into helping in more in the future.
Karen Bell, preserve committee chair for the FISH now that the permits have been issued. According to Bell, the Swiftmud grant will cover board, told FISH members March 31 the preserve's "Things have gone out for bid. We're a lot closer, two-thirds of the work necessary in the preserve, status was "hurry up and wait." a lot closer than we've been," said Kim McVey, FISH including reconnecting tidal flow, removing invasive
At a meeting June 2, Bell told board members president. species, replanting and creative four tidal areas. Walkthe progress was coming "slowly but surely." Bell McVey said phasing of the project deciding way improvements also are planned. said permits to begin work have been approved by what to do first and a project priority list is done. Depending on the delivery of the funds, restoration the Southwest Water Management District, Manatee "We know where we're going to start," McVey work could begin as early as this month.
said. The FISH preserve is more than 100 acres of
Bell said two representatives from previous and environmentally sensitive wetlands and uplands east possibly future funding agencies toured the preserve of Cortez. The area is considered an important fisherMay 29. Representatives from the National Oceanic ies habitat for Sarasota Bay and the land provides the and Atmospheric Administration and the Southeast village with a buffer from encroaching development.

1-113 commissioners to consider limits for city field
By Jennifer Glenfield Brockman said.
Islander Reporter She also cited the number of events at city field
Limitations on Holmes Beach city field are as a detriment to the annual chamber event, City closer to reality. Fest, which takes place in the spring as tourist season
Holmes Beach commissioners will consider a is winding down. draft of proposed city field limitations prepared by "By the time City Fest gets to us, the neighbors city human resource specialist Mary Buonagura and are over it after having events every weekend," said presented May 29. Brockman. "We may even be able to do better than
Changes to a temporary-use permit application we've been doing at City Fest." include: The chamber raises funds at the event for col$50 non-refundable application fee. lege-bound student scholars. $250 non-refundable per-day fee for use. Commissioners, in addressing the use of city $500 refundable deposit. field, were responding to residents' complaints about
Only events benefiting Anna Maria Island will the size and number or events, as well as noise. be permitted. Buonagura met with local charities to address
Entrances to the Florida Ins*.-**uteJbr. _. -.ter Limit of two events per month. limiting events at the field by month and organiHeritage Preserve can be found off 119th Street in Organization limited to three events per year. zation. "We met with Holmes Beach a while back Cortez, on the east side of the Florida Maritime Music prohibited on Sundays. and their requirements will work well for us. We're
Museum parking lot and east of N.E. Taylor Boat- "It's been one of my pet peeves for years, and pleased with the way it's coming out," said Bradenworks. Islander Photos: Jennifer Glenfield I'm glad they're addressing it," said Mary Ann ton Beach Commissioner Ed Straight, who with wife

GRASSY POINT CONTINUED FROM PAGE 18 Brockman, president of the Anna Maria Island Gail operates Bradenton Beach-based Wildlife Inc.,
used to remove exotic and invasive species of plants Chamber of Commerce. an education and wildlife rehabilitation nonprofit.
and trees. Brockman, who lives a few houses from the Buonagura reviewed island charities' city field
Buonagura said "certain realities must be faced" field's gazebo, said she doesn't mind the noise from use in 2011-2013. Three events per year per organias the city moves forward with improvements. the events on the field, but she has been frustrated zation proved agreeable to representatives of orga"If we are going to take this last remaining natu- that money generated from some of those events nizations that use city field, she said.
rally preserved parcel in Holmes Beach seriously, we doesn't stay on the island. "Why allow these places The Holmes Beach City Commission will review must budget money enough to cover serious expense to come and take all of our money and send it to Port the limits on city field use at 6 p.m. Tuesday, June involved," said Buonagura. Charlotte? It would be OK if it was staying local," 24, at city hall, 5801 Marina Drive.
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Youth soccer, adult basketball seasons wind down at center
By Kevin Cassidy saves in goal. course a couple of times, starting June 9 with a nineIslander Reporter The final game of the night saw Beach to Bay hole, two-best-balls-of-foursome match. The team of
The regular season of the Anna Maria Island Construction roll to a 4-0 victory over Slim's Place Chris Collins, Jim Lathrop, Carl Voyles and George Community Center's adult-coed soccer league came behind a pair of goals from Damir Glavan and single Barford combined on a 17-under-par 47 to take first to a close June 12 with the final four regular-season goals from Omar Polar and Leslie Rio. Goalie Rico place. games. Beisert made 12 saves in earning the shutout. Later the same day, the men played a nine-hole,
Jessie's Island Store locked down the top seed for modified-Stableford match. Quentin Talbert led all
the upcoming playoffs with a 6-0-1 record and, with Basketball season winds down golfers with an individual score of plus-3. His score
three more victories, will complete an undefeated The adult basketball season at the center is around helped the team of Tim Friesen, Pat Moyan and John season and allow them to hoist the Island Cup. the corner, with only two weeks remaining until play- Purcell to win the team competition with a plus-4.
While not quite as prestigious as hoisting the offs. The women played a nine-hole, individual-lowWorld Cup, it's still an accomplishment to complete The Bug Guys opened June 10 action by edging gross and low-net golf match June 10. a season without losing a game, as so many things Duncan Real Estate 60-55 to pull into a tie for first The low-gross winners were Debi Wohler, who can go wrong on the field. place and a coveted first-round playoff bye. Matt carded a 44 to take first place in Flight A, while Sue
The first round of the playoffs will begin June 19, Dwyer led the way with 22 points and 12 rebounds, Wheeler's 46 gave her first place in Flight B.
followed by semifinals June 25. The Island Cup final while Brandon Kern added 15 points, five rebounds Ginny Upshaw fired a 1-under-par 31 to take is set for 8 p.m. Thursday, June 26. and two assists. Ryan Moss was also in double fig- first place in Flight A, while Janet Razze torched the
Jessie's outlasted Sato Real Estate 8-6 in their ures, finishing with 11 points in the victory. course with a 4-under-par 28.
regular-season finale behind an incredible five goals Jonathan Moss scored 18 points and pulled down The men played a nine-hole scramble June 12. from Danny Burton. Aaron Parkin added a pair of seven rebounds to lead Duncan, which also received The team of Jerry Landkammer, Bob Lang, John Purgoals, while "ageless wonder" Lyn Clarke completed 15 points from Jordan Demers and 12 points from Joe cell and Dan Richardson combined on a 2-under-par the scoring with one goal. Jessie's goalie, Pedro Gon- Combs in the loss. 30 to earn clubhouse bragging rights for the day.
zalez, made 12 saves to contribute to the victory. Gator Squad held onto its third-place spot with a
James Lynch led Sato with three goals, while Josh 57-51 victory over Island Gourmet in the second game Horseshoe news
Sato, Chrissy Rice and Ally Titsworth added a goal of the night behind 16 points and seven rebounds Two teams emerged from pool play with 3-0 each. Jason Sato made 14 saves for Sato in the loss. from Deo Brown and 12 points, nine rebounds and records during June 11 horseshoe action at the Anna
Ross Built edged Island Pest Control to hand four assists from Aaron Dudukes. Brandon Osmond Maria City Hall horseshoe pits. Steve Doyle and Hank them their first loss of the season in the evening's finished with 14 points, while Michael Scpondra Huyghe rolled to a 23-11 victory over Tim Sofran and first match. Adam Bujarski paced Ross with two goals finished with 11 points and 15 rebounds in the vic- Sam Samuels in the finals to earn the day's bragging and an assist, while Tim Tedesco and Steve Oelfke tory. rights.
each scored once. Goalie Scott Rudacille was solid Scott Elisio scored 16 points and Justin Jones June 14 horseshoe action also had two teams in the net, finishing with 14 saves, added 15 points to lead Island Gourmet, which also advance to the knockout round. Sam Samuels walked
Eric Pullen scored all three goals for Island Pest received 10 points and seven rebounds from Craig past Hank Huyghe and Jerry Disbrow by a 21-18 Control, which also received six saves from Ray Boers in the loss. score to earn a trip to the winner's circle.
Gardner in the loss. The final game of the evening saw the Sun roll Play gets underway at 9 a.m. every Wednesday
LaPensee Plumbing earned a 5-2 victory over to an easy 81-66 victory over last-place Feast. Matt and Saturday at the Anna Maria City Hall pits. WarAgnelli Pool & Spa in the second match of the eve- Ray exploded for 29 points and 10 rebounds, while mups begin at 8:45 a.m. followed by random team ning. Joe Ciasullo scored twice for LaPensee, which Teagan Purtill added 22 points and five rebounds. selection. There is no charge to play and everyone is also received single goals from Sean Sanders, Jeff Karri Stephens rounded out the Sun scoring with 15 welcome. Christenson and Aaron Dudukes. Adam Mott came points in the victory. through with 17 saves to help preserve the Lapensee Antwan Jackson was a one-man show for The victory. Feast, scoring 43 points, 10 rebounds and five assists.
Alisha Keene and Ryan Hogan led Agnelli Pool Ricky Tyrell and Christopher Robinson added seven & Spa with a goal each, while Dave Greene made 10 points each in the loss.

Key Royale golf news
The men of the Key Royale Club got out on the

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THE ISLANDER 0 JUNE 18, 2014 0 21

Island outbreak of tarpon fishing fever continues
By Capt. Danny Stasny ted seatrout. By finding deeper grass flats, especially
Islander Reporter adjacent to channels, Lowman is finding trout exceedTarpon fishing remains the buzz for yet another ing 20 inches. In these same areas, Lowman also is
week on Anna Maria Island. finding schooley snook, ranging 20-26 inches.
Tarpon addicts from all over the world are migrat- Capt. Rick Gross of Fishy Business Charters also
ing to our area to work the local waters with hopes of has a good case of tarpon fever. From "can't see" in
concigwt9 neuiesle ig the morning to "can't see" in the evening, Gross is in
Whether arpo vigin tosewhohaveno deapursuit of the silver bombers. Whether fishing along what they have gotten themselves into or tarpon the beaches of Anna Maria or in the passes, he's leadjunkies the folks who wait all year for a fix the ing his clients to multiple hookups.
season is filled with high levels of anxiety and antici- Teargesztrpnhiweks10-150
pation. Dreams of wrestling with one of the strongest,ponsFrbatGosisungtedfnhrnsimost beautiful fish to call our waters home if only ers and crabs. According to him, there are times when
for a brief season clogs their brains. it doesn't matter what bait you choose, as long as you
Most tarpon outings begin around sunrise or get it in front of the tarpon's nose.
shortly thereafter. As you approach Bean Point at the When tarpon fever subsides, Gross is targeting fish
northern tip of Anna Maria Island, you'll notice what on nearshore and inshore structures. Mangrove snapper
looks like a small city of boaters in the water. are making a showing on the artificial reefs and Gross
That's no outboard motor city- it's a group of is dialed in. By using fresh-cut pieces of shiner freeboats targeting fish as they move in the pass. As you lined in the current, he's reeling up 16-inch snapper.
pull into the pack, you can see multiple boats ready for Additionally, Gross is migrating to flats in search
a hookup. Your pulse rises and the sweat breaks out as Sarah Wright of Lithia shows off her tarpon, caught of spotted seatrout and catch-and-release snook. Both you anticipate casting your first bait into the school. on a charter with Capt. Danny Stasny. species are readily responding to live free-lined shiners
Now its time to bait up and cast. The fish are roll- on tides with good flow.
ing just off the stern. Multiple boats close in on the and by 8 a.m., his first bait goes out to a school of Jim Malfese at the Rod & Reel Pier says Spanish school via trolling motors as you cast your bait. Down fish. According to him, the tarpon are responding to mackerel are the main attraction. Pier fishers using sinks the bait as you wait for the moment. numerous baits, including shiners, threadfin herring Gotcha plugs, silver spoons or speck rigs in bubble
Wait for it ... and crabs. He's hooking clients up with fish up to 150 gum or chartreuse colors are reeling up macks up to 18
Wait for it ... pounds. inches. The sunrise bite is fairly consistent, although
There it is! A small twitch of the rod tip and all After they've worn out on tarpon, Lowman takes macks are coming to the deck throughout the morning hell breaks loose. a break and moves on to target smaller fish table hours.
The silver king sends the drag screaming off your fare. Mangrove snapper are readily responding to both Mangrove snapper are gathering around the pilreel, faster than you can fathom. It takes everything live and fresh-cut shiners, and any of the artificial reefs ings at the R&R pier. Fishers using frozen shrimp are you've got to hang onto the rod. Then, there's an are a good spot to start looking, catching mangoes 10-12 inches and an occasional
explosion on the surface as the fish you're connected On the flats, Lowman is putting his clients on spot- PLEASE SEE FISHING, PAGE 23 with comes skyrocketing out of the water.
"Don't forget to bow," screams the captain. You Michael Wabuda,
hear the rattle of the fish's gills as its head shakes errat- left, is thrilled
ically in mid-air and splash-lands back in the water. with his sailfish
The fight ensues as you struggle to gain line. Thirty catch aboard the
minutes go by and the fish is circling the boat, refusing Miss Anna Maria
to come closer. Circling, circling and, finally, giving June 6. Holding
way, to surface alongside the boat. the trophy fish
"We've got a leader touch," says the captain, as are Chris Galati
he or she steadies the fish and places a hand under the Jr., center, and
gill plate. George Ruess.
Quickly there's a photo opportunity and the fish is Wbd n
revived and released. One thing that stands out: You friends were
get a look into the tarpon's big eyes as it is boat-side, guided by Capt.
and time momentarily stops. Chris Galati 53
That's it kid, you're hooked. I've yet to hear of a miles offshore of
tarpon rehab center, although it may be on a favoriteAnaMr.Th barstool over a cold beer, where you can tell your fish ..sailfish took a live
story. pinfish, and was
Capt. Aaron Lowman is stricken with a bad case released to fight
of tarpon fever. But he's out catching bait at 4 a.m. again.

Capt. Warren Girle -% TACKL

IsoeOffshore 0-CAPT RICK GROSS
Redfish Snapper 11''~I
Snook *0 Gruer7 4m 3 8 11ILigh Tacle *FlyCELL 730-51 48
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22 0 JUNE 18, 2014 0 THE ISLANDER

Island real estate
S B transactions
By Rick Catlin By Jesse Brisson
I i ii Special to The Islander

608 Key Royale Drive, Holmes Beach, a 3,891 sila
/ 5,253 sfur 4bed/4bath/2car canalfront pool home built
in 1963 on a 12,632 sq ft lot was sold 05/23/14, Bartizal to Montgomery for $1,115,000; list $1,149,000.
796 Jacaranda Road, Anna
Derek invites public to Maria, a 2,412 sfla / 4,209 sfur
r4bed/21bath/3car pool home built restaurant opening in 2007 on a 50xI05 lot was sold
Derek Barnes, the owner and chef of Derek's 05/20/14, Albert to Cosmetronic LLC
Rustic Coastal Cuisine, 5516 Manatee Ave. W., Bra- for $846,250; list $895,000.
denton, is hosting an open house 5-6:30 p.m. Wednes- Brisson 208 71st St., Holmes Beach, a
day, June 18. 1,669 sila / 1,993 sfur 3bed/2bath/ 1 car
Hors d'oeuvres and beverages will be served, and home built in 1972 on a 65x 105 lot was sold 05/22/14,
the dining room will be open for reservations that eve- Wood to Ziyadeh for $585,000; list $615,000.
ning, Barnes said. 215 Magnolia Ave., Anna Maria, a vacant 5742 sq
Barnes has owned and operated a number of res- Derek Barnes, chef and owner of the new Derek's ft lot was sold 05/23/14, Anna Maria Village LLC to taurants in the Bradenton area since 2002. He devel- Rustic Coastal Cuisine, 5516 Manatee Ave. W., Bra- Triton Bend II LLC for $500,000. oped Derek's menu with the idea of "coastal with a denton, will greet the public at a reception, 5-6:30 101 66th St., Unit 1, Mainsail Beach Inn, Holmes Southern twist," incorporating a New Orleans flavor. p.m. Wednesday, June 18. Islander Photo: Rick Beach, a 1,000 sila 2bed/21 bath condo with shared
The menu features fresh seafood, along with Catlin pool built in 2009 was sold 05/23/14, Mainsail
steaks, chicken, ribs, soups and chowder. AMI Beach Inn LLP to Johnson for $460,000; list
"I'm hoping people will come out and see what Chamber plans $495,000.
we're offering," he said. "This is definitely a unique biz card exchange 203 36th St., Unit 101, Casa Sierra, Holmes
menu with a different flavor." Beach, a 989 sila / 1,107 sfur 2bed/2bath condo with
Derek's is open 11:30 a.m.-2 p.m. Monday through The Anna Maria Island Chamber of Commerce shared pool built in 1974 was sold 05/23/14, Poseidon Friday for lunch and 5-10 p.m. Monday through Sat- will hold its monthly networking event 5-7 p.m. Adventures II LLC to RPE LLC for $424,000; list urday for dinner. Wednesday, June 25, at Bank United, 5905 Manatee $449,000.
For more information, call 941-794-1100. Ave. W., Bradenton. 2506 Ave. C, Unit A, Starfish House, Bradenton
Cost of the event is $5 and members are encour- Beach, was sold 05/28/14, Sailing Crew Property Harry's repeats 26th wine aged to bring a guest or potential member. Appetizers Investment LLC to Alfano for $415,000.
excellence award and beverages will be served and door prizes given. 203 36th St., Unit 202, Casa Sierra, Holmes Beach,
Reservations are requested, but not required. a 989 sila / 1,107 sfur 2bed/2bath condo with shared Harry's Continental Kitchens, 525 St. Judes Drive, The chamber also is seeking volunteers to promote pool built in 1974 was sold 05/23/14, Poseidon AdvenLongboat Key, announced it received the 2013 Award member services and familiarize visitors with local tures II LLC to Fournier for $409,000; list $429,000. of Excellence from Wine Spectator magazine, amenities, chamber vice president Deb Wing said. 208 83rd St., Holmes Beach, a 1,815 sila / 2,495
A press release from the restaurant said it was the An announcement said, "The chamber is re-start- sfur 3bed/2bath pool home with deeded boat slip was 26th consecutive year Harry's has won the award. ing a program to take volunteers new and existing sold 05/22/14, Capo to Cooper for $386,000; list
The restaurant also announced it will close on on a tour of members' establishments. The tour will $429,000.
Mondays for the summer. introduce volunteers to local features at island busi- 301 22nd St. N., Bradenton Beach, a 1,874 sila /
Harry's also offers full-service catering, a grab- nesses, which will result in volunteers who can better 2,271 sfur 3bed/2bath duplex built in 1935 on a 75x 100 and-go deli 11 a.m.-7 p.m. daily, including full meals help chamber callers and guests with questions. lot was sold 05/27/14, Hansford to 301 22nd LLC for for lunch and dinner, cold beer and wine, and a con- The chamber is at 5317 Gulf Drive, Holmes $260,000. venience store, Harry's Corner Store, open daily 6 Beach. Jesse Brisson, broker/associate at Gulf-Bay Really
a.m.-1I p.m. It can be reached at 941-778-1541. of Anna Maria, can be reached at 941-778-7244.
For more information, call 941-383-0777.
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Call 941.747.6677 Mention The Islander for 10% OFF your service call. Holmes Beach 941.778.2253
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THE ISLANDER 0 JUNE 18, 2014 0 23



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three items, each priced $100 or less, 15 words Ave., Anna Maria. 941 -779-2733. 941 -778-7039.
or less. FREE, one week, must be submitted
online. Email, fax toll- STEFFS STUFF ANTIQUES and Consignment. FOR SALE: PRIJON 19-foot German-made free 1-866-362-9821. (limited time offer) Open daily. 941-383-1901. kayak with rudder and much more. Call for
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of Presence for kids and teens in Haiti. Deliver MruyV81,$100 4-5-46
to The Islander, 5604B Marina Drive, Holmes LOST WOODEN PADDLE with Camp Carolina MruyV81,$100 4-5-46
Beach. and burned-in merit badges. Lost in bay near HELP_________WANTED_______Anna Maria. Sam, 863-559-8547.
WANTED: YOUR OLD cell phone for recycling. PART-TIME SALES position: Gift shop located
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Home Bac.FUN RESCUED dogs (and kittens!) are looking evenings. Retirees welcome. 941 -840-4235.
ANTIQUES, ART, and collectibles. View at The for great new homes or fosters. Please, call for EXPERIENCED REAL ESTATE sales associates Islander store, 5604B Marina Drive, Holmes information, 941-896-6701. wanted. Generous commission split. Call Julie
Beach. TRANSPORTATION______________ Royal or Mary Ann Schmidt at SunCoast Real
Estate. 941 -779-0202.
AERIAL PHOTOS of Anna Maria Island. View CUSTOM ROYAL RIDE (Rolls Royce) golf cart. NE:SUTEBSdietx o iso
and purchase online: $3,000. Email for pictures: Tluns8l NnaD Maria Islnd AMivr each Bus. Compn

770-313-5450.AnaMraIlnAIBahBsCopsi tion by the job, up to $20/hour. Shuttle bus and
I IISLAND CONVERTIBLE: CHEAPER than fancy SUV/sedlan serving Anna Maria Island, Longboat
golf carts! Sebring convertible, 46,000 miles, Key, Sarasota, Cortez and the Bradenton area I I$6,500 or best offer. 941-356-1456. seeks experienced drivers. Must be at least 25
A A .L'' Iyears old, clean record required, Knowledge of ONLINE SERVICE: Did you know you can place area required, full or part time, must have smart FISHING CONTINUED FROM PAGE 21 classified ads and subscribe online with our phone. 941 -404-6466.
flounder, secure server? Check it out at www.islander.
The highlight of the week, pier guests saw a org.TuntepgfomreIldras.. 52-inch barracuda caught by Brock Ewing. A regular at the pier, Ewing wrestled the toothy monster for some.... time before landing it on the dock.
Capt. Warren Girle, a dedicated tarpon junkie, isWW fishing morning, noon and sometimes night for theW EH9
silver king. Spending every day, all day on the water is paying off for Girle, who has more bragging rights than 3 most area anglers. Multiple hookups and fish landed R O C KREA are not uncommon on his boat.
By the end of Girle's charters, his clients are leav- FLORIDDRASa "
1f 941 4I2401
ing bruised and battered from wrangling the enormous 1-91-62-01
fish. And what's even better, is they keep asking for OL N more. He's reporting fish of 100- 150 pounds.
When he's not tarpon fishing, Girle is targeting
mangrove snapper, grouper and permit on offshoreMO structure. The snapper and grouper are responding to live shiners fished on a bottom rig. For the permit, Girle is producing a bite by free-lining live crabs over structure.
Send fishing reports and high-res fishing photos to isane org fish



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Service Landscaping Clean-up
77.35Hauling tree trimming
lished antiques and specialty store. Potential companion, personal care, meals, errands,
Paradise Improvements 941.792.5600 advancement to assistant manager position. appointments. Joyce Williams, 813-331-7751,
Kitchen and Bath Remodeling Specialist 3-5 days/week. Apply with resume to Sea 941-735-4898.
Replacement Doors and Windows Hagg, 12304 Cortez Road, Cortez. 941-795Andrew Chennault 5756. MANICURE/PEDICURE SPECIAL, $40 (reguFULLY LICENSED AND INSURED larly $60) at Design 2000 with a relaxing water
Island References Lic#CBC056755 *IDS FOR HIRE view. Appointments, 941-387-9807.

:: Residential & Condo Renovations ter. Honor student. Call or text Isabel, 941- available for consulting, draft editing, final
Ir 4 Kitchens Bath Design Service 545-7995. proofing and copywriting, as well as social
,*., Carpentry Flooring Painting media management for your group or busiCommercial & Residential KIDS FOR HIRE ads are FREE for up to three ness. Email Lisa Neff at
References available 941-720-7519 weeks for Island youths under 16 looking for
work. Ads must be placed in person at The BUSINESS-TO-BUSINESS JD's Window Bed: A bargain! Islander office, 5604-B Marina Drive, Holmes Cleaning looking for storefront jobs in Holmes
King, Queen, Full & Twin, Beach. Beach. I make dirty windows sparkling clean.
pre-owned from $30 new/used. 941-920-3840.
~~~~941-922-5271 [][]'
ISLAND MERMAIDS CLEANING and Co.: TOASTED COMPUTER SERVICES. Your home 38-year Islanders. Rentals our specialty. 941
and business specialist. On-site service, virus/ 778-3046. spyware, cleanup, system setup, upgrades,
359-1904 diagnosis and repair, internet/wireless network- BEACH SERVICE air conditioning, heat,
"Movers Who Core" ing, custom system design. 941-224-1069. refrigeration. Commercial and residential
(00 1 1 service, repair and/or replacement. Serving
TWO MEN AND A TRUCK. I DON'T CUT corners, I clean corners. Profes- Manatee County and the Island since 1987.
sional, frieATUKID n'T lT cr lean s icene For dependable, honest and personalized Esional, friendly cleaning service since 1999. service, call William Eller, 941-795-7411.

W n o& ALL AROUND PAINTING: Quality work. Free ANYONE CAN TAKE a picture. A professional W n o s& Doors 941ON -77-638 Leave mesae CAcuri
estimates. Licensed, insured. Call native creates a portrait. I want to be at your wed941-730-5045 islander Jim Weaver, 813-727-1959.
WEATHERSIDE LLC ding! 941-778-2711.
ISLAND COMPUTER GUY, 37 years experi- RELAXING MASSAGE IN the convenience
AM I TAXI ence. On-site PC repairs, upgrades, buying of your home or hotel. Massage by Nadia,
professional, metered, on-call, gps, cards accepted assistance and training. Call Bill, 941-778- more than 19 years on Anna Maria Island. 2535. tay eapponmnt,
holmes beach, bradenton beach, anna maria Call today for an appointment, 941-518-8301.
800.301.4810 TRANSPORT SERVICE: LET me drive you to MA#001 7550.MA#001 7550.
airports shops dining fl
the airport or anywhere in Florida. Flat rates. AREN
Reasonable. Call Mike, 941-567-6634.
CLEANING RESIDENTIAL, COMMERCIAL and and commercial. Full-service lawn mainte.resort. Love what we do, love to work. 941- nance, landscaping, cleanups, hauling and A i -Al 756-4570. more! Insured. 941-778-5294.

U FLY I drive your car anywhere in the USA. ISLAND LAWN SPRINKLERS repairs and aaain aini Airport runs, anywhere. 941-746-5651,941- installations, watering the island for 15 years.
A GAA R 545-6688. Jeff, 941-778-2581.
She's short, sweet and PRESSURE WASHING AND windows: Com- SUN MAINTENANCE & SERVICE: Full-service oh-so-adorable. She lawn care, pool care, maintenance work, landdances and prances mercial, residential and resorts. Roofs, build- lcae poo e, maintenance wrksand
when you arrive ings, houses driveways etc. 941-251-5948. scape and design, tree trimming, pressure home. She's TUTU! washing, mulch, shell. Marine waxing, detailShe's almost deaf, but HOUSECLEANING SERVICES: YEARS of ing. Free snow removal. Call Travis, 941-779loveable. A great little experience, licensed. I'd love to clean your 8389. companion. House home. Call Sheryl, 573-826-5675.
trained and well man- JUNIOR'S LANDSCAPING AND MAINTEnered. She is spayed, JOHN "THE FIREMAN" Island Cycle & Scooter NANCE Lawns, native plants, mulching, trimup to date on shots and microchipped. Moonracer Repair. 25 years experience. Affordable prices. ming, hauling, cleanup. Island resident 25 No Kill Animal Rescue Inc, 941-896-6701. Visit The Islander for more info 918-639-5002 or 941-276-1414. years. Call 941-807-1015.
about TuTu and other rescued, adoptable pets. CLEANING BY LAURA offers everything on

TI& Islander your list, from kitchen and bath cleaning to
SPONSOREID BYTfeIln e dusting and emptying wastebaskets. 941- W O K O L N
1 539-6891. STAJ

ANSWERS TO JUNE 18 PUZZLE D.L. HAYES CLEANING: Bonded and insured. a g g
PBANDJ scHuLTZITYPEAB Rachael Bidwell/ Sheila Darcy, 941-932llRo K A I AIK~H I IEN K 5347 or941-224-1486. For all your cleaning
P needs.
Y E LA EN I AS EA R E Real Estate
L E N I ESV AD JUST THAT CLEAN: We'll clean your home LKAcom Aerial
0 IF W C7ET3T1ike our own! 9Free estimate. J enise, 941-730-_7450./ l lrilSui

T A T S A A B H E I S T= 6773, Brad, 941-704-5609. PHoTOGrcaH Pruodc
K0T B E A L E WILDLIFE REMOVAL AND relocation: Prob- 315 58th St
T E N N I NIGlU lem solving for all animals, big and small. Call Holmes Beach, FL 34217 Interior
IN C A N I B E IF R A NIKIE N IN1o Joe, Westcoast Nuisance Wildlife Service. Stock Pictures
F olRlALL ElRlNI E I INlREIPIAI I lR 941-720-4152. K 5 DISTE EN Web
HELM SMUG RAMENf6 h IN-HOME PERSONAL trainer concierge, get fit Printing
LIEIAINISIN IN AlUlNITIAIMIPIYIIYI in the comfort of your home or onthe beach. Post Cards
I i6FYh ~ ~ K~~Ah Certified personal trainer and registered nurse. Brochures
N O AF y Z O C Call Tim, CPT-RN, 941-685-6336.Hedht
KSITIEIR NIVluRIKs i~ IA TREI~ FISHNG FOR agood deal? Always look in 941-778-2711
SIIII EIST~IIIENSI IE EI ThelIslander, 941-778-7978.

THE ISLANDER i JUNE 18, 2014 i 25
IS L A D E R CA S S I IE D SFamilIy Owned and Operated since 1975
,ANDSA.I, ., ,n ., New Construction Remodeling
All Phases of Plumbing Repair & Service (
STRAIGHT SHOT LANDSCAPE. Specializing PRESSURE WASHING: RESIDENTIAL, corn- 778-3924 or 778-4461 5508 Marina Drive, Holmes Beach Open Sat 4 in old Florida seashell driveways and scrapes. mercial, roofs, driveways, house, lanai, pool Free estimates. Call Shark Mark, 941-301 area. The Flying Dutchman, 941-447-6747. BOAT RV & TRAILER STORAGE 6067.
6067. AAA PRESSURE WASHING service: Roofs, Wash Down Easy Access Clean. Security Cameras

SHELL DELIVERED AND spread. $50/yard. houses, driveways, decks, windows, sealing 941-232-9208. Rates starting at $40 Hauling all kinds of gravel, mulch, top soil with brick pavers. Best prices, call now, 941-896- Centrally located off Cortez Road. 4523 30th St. W. free estimates. Call Larry at 941-795-7775, 4321. Warehouse/Workshops also available
"shell phone"941-720-0770. PAINTING: DONALD PERKINS Painting D'
LLC. Interior, exterior. 40 years experience. -' S RESCREEN IN
TOP NOTCH LAWN Care: Residential and Fully insured with references. 941-705- OL CAGES, LANAIS, PORCHES, WINDOWS, DOO
commercial. For all your landscaping needs. 7096. No Job TOO BIG or Too SMALL. Free Estimates.
941 -932-6600.
PROFESSIONAL TILE ROOF restoration. Call Call Dan, 941-713-3108
NATURE'S DESIGN LANDSCAPING. Design Peter for free estimate, references, insured.
and installation. Tropical landscape specialist. The Flying Dutchman, 941-447-6747. Jmior's Landscape & Maintenance Residential and commercial. 30 years experi- C>,
Residenialondcommercial. 304years8exISLE TILE: QUALITY installation floors, Lawn care PLUS native plants, ence. 941-729-9381, 941 -448-6336.
'_counters, backsplashes, showers. Licensed, mulch, trip, hauling and cleanup
insured. Call Chris at 914-302-8759. Call Junior, S07-1015 47

VAN-GO PAINTING residential/commercial, HONEY DO HOME REPAIR
interior/exterior, pressure cleaning, wallpaper. WEEKLY/MONTHLY/ANNUAL rentals: wide Handyman Service
Island references. Bill, 941-795-5100. www. vaitcagsdiyiunostelEtt, ___ Let us put our 35 years of experience to work for you! variety, changes daily. SunCoast Real Estate, Jesh LaBrecque *Carpentry *Drywall *Flooring *Painting *Siding *Tile
941-779-0202, or 1-800-732-6434. www.sun- 941 .896.5256-office Free Estimates Licensed
CUSTOM REMODELING EXPERT. All phases 941 .807.5256-cell Ask about our 10% guarantee & Insured
of carpentry, repairs and painting. Insured.
Meticulous, clean, sober and prompt. Paul HOME AWAY FROM home: Vacation rental, Beauregard, 941-730-7479. Palm Breeze in Holmes Beach. Two beautifully furnished units in a Key West-style home
TILE -TILE -TILE. All variations of ceramic tile on large corner lot. Each unit has 3BR/2BA, supplied and installed. Quality workmanship, washer, dryer and fully equipped kitchen. 11 prompt, reliable, many Island references. Call Heated pool, bikes, grill. Just bring your Neil, 941-726-3077. clothes, toothbrush and enjoy. www.apalm- Cleaning by LAURA A Lending 941-730-5126. For honest, reliable and
friendly service... Hand, Inc.
Handyman, fine woodwork, countertops, cabi- Large fenced yard, pet OK. Private back yard, CaI1: 941-539-6891 nets and wood flooring. Insured and licensed, large deck and lanai. Updated baths, split or e-mail 941-722-8792. plan ranch. Lots of shade! Across street from cleaning bylaura@
Robinson Preserve. Available July 1. $1,500
SOUTHBAY HOME REPAIRS: If it's broken deposit. 941-704-0065.od Bless YouregversCompanons ~~~ Horl 4/7 CaregiesCmain stuck, loose, leaks, needs paint, etc. I'll fix it. VACATION RENTALS: TURNKEY furnished. a Hourly 24t a
Affodabe qulit wor. 91 -70-206. et Transportation
Affordable quality work. 941-720-2906. Perico Bay Club villa, 2BR/2BA. Off-season, P Frienly Social Outings/Or. Appts.
$1,500/month. Three months, January-March HOME,HANAMULL Housekeeping
*Meal Preparation
JERRY'S HOME REPAIR: Carpentry, handy- 2015, $9,000. Realtor, 941-356-1456. Real Assistance With Daily
man, light hauling, pressure washing. Jack Estate Mart. I Living Activities
of all trades. Call 941-778-6170 or 941-447- Respite Care
2198lt. COCEANFRONT BUILDING, six-month lease, Phone: 941.809.3725
2198. available now. Very nice poolside ground- 44 I RHCS#230MNR#301577
HANDYMAN SERVICE: 25-year Island resi- floor apartment. 1 BR/2BA with covered patio, dent. We do all repair, interior and exterior, $1,000/month. Appointment needed. 201 S. CALL THE ISLAND'S FINEST.. insured. The Flying Dutchman, 941-447- Bay Blvd., Anna Maria. John, 941-567-5543 6747. or 941-545-3307. MORE THAN 2,500 LARGE AND SMALL
BONUS! CLASSIFIEDS ADS are posted early cats need affordable rental. Please, call We provide design plans-You preview 3-D drawings
online at 941 -778-3046. WASHlFAMILY
CLASSIFIED A D O RDER Darrin J. Wash*state Lic. CBC1258250

Off AN: R:

CLASSIFIED RATES: Minimum $12 for up to 15 WORDS. 16-30 words: $20. 31-45 words: $40. BOX ad: additional $4. (Phone number is a "word.") Poo ages.Lanai
The deadline is NOON Monday every week for Wednesday's paper. Pinellas: ( 424-020 Maatee: (941) 928-911
Run issue dates) or TFN start date:

Amt. pd Date Ck. No. Cash. __1 By
Credit card payment: . = No. .........
Name shown on card: _______________________card exp. date ____ ___House no. or P.O. box no. on cc bill ____________Billing address zip code-WW
Web site: E-mail: .......
5604B Marina Drive Thlj j IT_1l a_1d ir Fax toll free: 1 -866-362-9821I
Holmes Beach FL 3421 7 Phone: 941-778-7978 -

26 0 JUNE 18, 2014 0 THE ISLANDER


ESTATE-e Continued

WE'RE LOW, LISTINGS needed. Are you Country Lakes Blvd. Resident-owned com- LAKEWOOD RANCH 4BR/3BA pool home.
curious as to how much your home could be munity. $89,500 (yes, only $89,500 for real Bonus room. $365,000. Realtor, 941-713worth? Call us for a free professional consul- estate!) 941-748-6658. 9835 or 941-756-1090. Real Estate Mart.
tation. Call Lynn at Edgewater Real Estate,
941-778-8104. LAKEFRONT BUILDING LOT in west Braden- GREAT LITTLE HOUSE, great big view: Open
ton. No HOAfees. $39,900 or best offer. Real- water view of AMI Bridge, 1950s cottage, REAL ESTATE: BUY, sell, invest. Enjoy. Billi tor, 941-356-1456. Real Estate Mart. block construction, pine accents. New appliGartman, Realtor, Duncan Real Estate. 941- ances, etc. An island treasure. $849,500.
545-8877. WEST PALMETTO: 2BR/1BA cottage with FSBO. 941-730-2606 (leave message).
central air conditioning, upgraded appliHAD ENOUGH TRAFFIC? Lovely, large ances, large, free-standing carport, work area, EQUAL HOUSIN G RTI TY
2BR/2BA suburban manufactured home near fenced yard. $69,900. Realtor, 941-713-9835. All real estate advertising herein is subject to the
Terra Ceia Bay. Excellent condition. Real Estate Mart. Fair Housing Act, which makes it illegal to advertise any preference, limitation or discrimination
based on race, color, religion, sex, handicap,
2/2 ground-level home, familial status or national origin, or intention to
1-car garage. $430,000 make any such preference, limitation or discrimsOLD ination Familial status includes children under
SOLO Sage of 18 living with parents or legal custodians,
pregnant women and people securing custody
A:L1 Islandem -/elel of children under 18. This newspaper will not

Call Marianne TODAY for knowingly accept any advertising for real estate
your free market analysis. which is in violation of the law. Our readers are
Selling your home is BUY and SELL with the Premier Family TODAY. hereby informed that all dwellings advertised in
important to me. this newspaper are available on an equal oppor-Marianne Correll, Realtor tunity basis. To complain of discrimination call HUD toll-free at (800) 669-9777, for the hearing
941-725-7799 impaired (0) (800) 543-8294.

REAL STATE941.896.9981
6101 Marina Dr Holmes Beach 34217 Laurie M. Mock, MBA George Myers
Licensed Real Estate Broker Sales Associate
941-232-2665 941-224-6021

I NEED LISTINGS! I pJAnd I'll give you 100
percent effort. EXPERIENCE

941-773-6572 RESUT S
40 Years of Professional Service
PERICO BAY CLUB This is it! 2 BR/2 BA condo Mike to Anna Maria Island and Braden ton
with wonderful Intracoastal Waterway views Norman FOR SALE
Community has 24-hour guard gate, tennis Realty INC 3101 GULF DR, HOLMES BEACH
courts, pools, clubhouse with fitness center. Be hir Bayou: Unique 3/2 home with 2,632 s 0, man cove, pool, l nai
with fireplace and stone table with grill and much more. S316,000.
GULFFRONT Vacation/Seasonal 5/4 Home.
GULFFRONT Luxury Villas 2/2 and 1/1.5 Vacation/Seasonal
HOLMES BEACH- 941-778-0807

Newly remodeled 3BR/2BA. Room for a pool. SPACIOUS 941-713-4755 800771-6043
Close to everything! $399k Call Lynn 941-730-1294 ISLAND
CHARMER BAYFRONT BEAUTY: Perched on the edge of the
Waterfront never bay, this 2bed/2bath bayfront home has sweeping
had itso good. views of the bay and ICW. Craftsmanship shows
Built in 2001, this in every detail of this beautiful home with dock 3BR/3BA has well and office or third bedroom. Turnkey Furnished
over 3,200 sf under $1,199,000
air. Deep-water
canal, no bridges to the bay. Gourmet kitchen. 4-car garage. DUPLEX FOR SALE: 300 block of 65th Street on a $1,200,000. Call Nicole Skaggs, Broker, 941-773-3966. conforming duplex lot. Lovingly maintained, new windows, room for a pool, great rental history. $519,000.
5BED/3BATH DUPLEX: West of Gulf Drive, just
steps to the beach this relaxed living duplex is curWATERLEFE Luxury golf course living at its finest! rently a successful vacation rental. Excellent rental
Gorgeous 2BR/2BA plus den, pool, beautiful history and confirmed future bookings. Turnkey
lanai. $279,000. Call Lynn Zemmer, 941-778-8104. Furnished $940,000.
4BED/2BATH DUPLEX:: Location, Location, LocaLAKESIDE SOUTH SERENITY ON THE LAKE tion. Across from public beach and off of Gulf Drive,
771 Light, Bright, Updated3BR/2BA. Gorgeous lakefront 2BR/2BA this duplex comes turnkey furnished! $365,000.
Priced right. $149,414. Call condo with rental history.
Nicole Skaggs, Broker, 941- $134,900. Call Nicole Skaggs, SNEAD ISLAND: Built in 2006 on over half an acre, 773-3966 Broker, 941-773-3966. this 4bed/3bath home features 14-ft ceilings, crown
71fI ICE17 'I.- I moldings, kitchen with black granite counter tops, 4 Grand views saltwater pool with waterfall feature,
104 Bridge St., Bradenton Beach ,200-ft new dock. Much much more $949,000.
941-778-8104 FLAMINGO TOWNHOME: Totally redone from
head to toe, this 2bed/2bath condo is conveniently
located close to Robinson Preserve, Anna Maria
Prprte re MOVING at island and, with a pool and docks, what more do
Ede e1Ra Estate! ISLAND BREEZE CANALFRONT WIPOOL you need?! $175,000.
Stpb u fie iit online Picture perfect 3BR3BA 3BR2BA bungalow. Central POOL HOME WITH SLIP: This elevated 2bed/2bath
or........ g nt ed iy canafront, pool, large lot, island location. Tons of charm. pool home built on an oversize lot also includes a
...$924,000 Call Nicole Skaggs, $639,000 Call Nicole Skaggs, dee otsi.Ivtn aottksfl datg
~~~~Broker 941-773-3966. Broker. 941 -773-3966. d e e otsi .I vtn a o tt k sfl d at g
5351Gul Drie N. 4,Holes Bachof blending indoors with outdoors. $589,999.*.941 -779-2289 a ll Jesse Brs- 471A 5

THE ISLANDER U JUNE 18, 2014 0 27

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Biminis Bay.& B4900 41,0e Ltaqopry $40a,000~


3BR/2BA. Quie-corngrer orth gies of 2BR/ BA le oovs la est IBR/1BA&1 Comleel uTed. Geait 2BR/2BA.Q 881eatt $577 500w

Anna Maria. $430,000 Palma Sola Pines $177,000 cottages. $575,000 $529,000

3BR/2BA. Two Boat lifts, pool, upgrades Great rental! 3BR/2BA, beautifully 2BR/2BA. Pool, tennis, Commercial lots. Gulf Drive frontage.
$7159000 updated! $499,000 canalfront villa. $249,000 $1,200,000

28 0 JUNE 18, 2014 0 THE ISLANDER

B A "A A liliA A

--&Gulfview @LV$599,00
Tropic Isle Beach Resorts are the perfect
choice for your wedding or other special
celebration here on gorgeous Anna Maria
10 GutDi Nrt Island. Whether a lavish event at one of our
Bradenton Beach, FL. 34217
1-88086716 three private beaches or in your resort suite,
or at our new Tortuga Beach Pergola, our-8
Concierge and professional Wedding PlanBEACH RESORT ner look forward to helping you. As a cour- 'irnu. m .
tesy, we'll extend our group discounts to
include each of our four hotels, so you'll get
credit for the total number of reservations
no matter which hotel you and your guests 2200 Gulf Drive North cos.Pes also.W nieyut
Bradenton Beach, FL. 34217co Pa a o. 1-800-447-7124 make your memories here with us: we know

BEACH ESORT you'll come back to visit us again & again.

4;' Tortuga Inn two-bedroom apartments

Gulfview $599,00 1325 Gul Drivec North Bayview @ $529,000
Bradenton Beach, FL. 34217
1877867442 The Gardens @ $450,000

"The beach is spectacular ad the 6101 Marina Drive
A sunsets tire amazing. Very romantic. Holmes Beach FL 34217
2103 Gulf Drivec North Ify- ou want to just relax and forget David[ Teitelbaum Liz Codola
Bra80t0-B8a8,-FL3421 the worl, this is the place to go." Sales Associate 419 Pine Ave Broker Associate
1-80-8340941-812-4226 Anna Maria 34216 941-812-3455

Surfside. .. .Anna Maria Island....

ZAGAT Top Restaurants in America "Best Food on the Gulf Coast"