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Islander (Anna Maria, Fla. : 1992)
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Community pulls out stops to save center

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Bradenton Beach to
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Cell tower ground-
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Tarpon epidemic hits
AMAI. Page 23

By Rick Catlin
Islander Reporter
With more than 200 people at the Anna
Maria Island Community Center's "Save
our Center" meeting June 4, Scott Rudacille,
chair of the center's board of directors, was
The meeting was called by Rudacille
and executive director Dawn Stiles to dis-
cuss the center's financial crisis and to seek
short- and long-term solutions. Stiles said
the center has only about $60,000 in operat-
ing funds, and can't remain open without a
short-term infusion of cash.
Rudacille's first question to the attendees
was "Does the community want to keep the
center operating, or not?"
"Yes" was the crowd's reply. No one at
the meeting suggested closing down or seek-
ing outside help to run the center.
Rudacille then gave a brief history of
"how we got here." He outlined the factors
contributing to the center's current financial
position and asked the audience for input on
how to keep the center operating while the
board strives for a long-term plan for finan-
cial stability.
Major donors of the past are no longer
contributing to the center, he said. Addition-
ally, the center gala Affaire to Remember
- usually brings from $150,000-$200,000
into the treasury and has been the center's
major fundraising event. But this year's pro-
jected budgeted revenue was down
At the same time, the center's policy
of providing every child the opportunity to
participate in a program resulted in nearly
$400,000 worth of scholarships in 2013,
Stiles said.

Rudacille said no child is turned away
because he or she can't afford a program.
"But now, we are at a financial crisis."
He said the nearly $4.5 million cost to
build the center, which opened in 2008, is
not the only drain on the center's treasury.
But he did agree that the original target

H i i i. -,.
Anna Maria Island Community Center
executive director Dawn Stiles, left, and
Manatee County 'sh, i iff's Office Sgt. Paul
Davis discuss the center's financial situa-
tion. Islander Photo: Rick Catlin

FHolmes Beach
s Commissioner
David Zaccagnino,
the city's liaison
,igne to the Anna Maria
Island Community
S Center, addresses
200-plus people
June 4 at the
"Save our Center"
meeting called to
.. discuss the center's
r financial position.
Islander Photo:
Rick Catlin

of $2.5 million for the center was off base.
Fundraising had peaked and then the
recession hit, and after the contract was
signed to build the center, the cost of con
struction sky-rocketed, Rudacille said. An
extra $2 million in costs didn't help the cen-
ter's financial position, but dwelling on past
mistakes won't solve the immediate prob-
We are now in the hole and can't con
tinue to sustain these losses."
The meeting was called to get ideas, not
to point fingers. "We want to hear ideas for
the future," he said.
A long-term strategy for fundraising is
needed, and major donors who have stopped
giving need to see the center is worthy of
continued donations. Rudacille also said the
board has only seven members, but has room
for 15.
He called on anyone with "dedication"
to the center and its objectives to get on
board with him.

Concept to save center gains traction in Holmes Beach

By Jennifer Glenfield
Islander Reporter
A saving grace is needed for the Anna
Maria Island Community Center and
Ideas filled the gym at a meeting held
June 4 at the center, 407 Magnolia Ave.,
Anna Maria. One concept, creating a spe-
cial tax district, could work its way to the
Holmes Beach City Commission and a ref-
erendum question for voters.
Holmes Beach Commissioner David
Zaccagnino said he plans to present the idea
to the city commission because it's impor-
tant for the city to support the center for the
services it offers residents, as well as the
recreational requirements the center fulfills
in the city's comprehensive plan.
"The comp plan requires more than a
regular old green-space park," Zaccagnino
He said the city already supports the
center, funding $22,500 annually since 2009,
but a special tax district with an assessment

on property tax bills could benefit the city
and the center.
The tax could provide the center more
money, while rolling $22,500 back into the
city budget.
"It would level the playing field because
Holmes Beach has a lot of rentals. It would
be a way for rentals to give back to the resi-
dents," he said.
Zaccagnino estimated Holmes beach has
4,000 properties and, he said, a $25 tax per
parcel, could add $100,000 annually to the
center's ailing budget.
An added fee on the property tax bill
would be similar to a line-item fee property
owners in Holmes Beach and Bradenton
Beach pay now for stormwater assessment,
and residents of the West Manatee Fire Dis-
trict pay for fire service.
"If Holmes Beach is in the lead on it,
maybe Bradenton Beach and Anna Maria
will follow," he said.
Zaccagnino said he is "doing homework
and talking to some people" regarding the

proposition. However, he is waiting to bring
the issue up to the city commission before
taking any next steps.
"It' s a really good idea and I will bring it
up. If the commission thinks it's a good idea
and there's a consensus, there will probably
be a referendum on the ballot, and the voters
can decide," said Zaccagnino.
The tax district and assessment fee to
fund the center was brought up to the center
and the island's city officials at June 4 the
"Save our Center" meeting by Islander pub-
lisher Bonner Joy.
In the meantime, center staff members
and the board of directors have their fingers
crossed the community will provide enough
support to keep the facility open until a more
permanent solution is found.
"There's no doubt in my mind they'll
pull a plan together. There's a lot of smart
people on the board. Right now they need all
the support they can get from the community
to make it through the summer," Zaccagnino

2 0 JUNE 11, 2014 0 THE ISLANDER

The U.S. Air Force Band of the West Dimensions in Blue ensemble performs June 7for an audience in the gym at the Anna Maria Island Community Center.

In response to criticism from one audience member,
Stiles said that coming from Maine to Florida, she did
not bring a list of potential donors, and didn't know
who the major donors to the center were when she
started last April.
Rudacille added that it is not Stiles' job to fund-
raise, it is the board's responsibility.
Now donations are needed to operate the center
for at least another three months, to meet obligations
to summer camp for kids.
And so Stiles can finalize an operating plan and
implement new guidelines as the board embarks on
major fundraising campaigns and a long-range plan
for generating operating revenue.
Rudacille, however, said the community has
options, including closing the center or turning it
over to Manatee County, the Boys and Girls Clubs,
the YMCA, or another organization.
The audience consensus was to keep the center
operating by the community for the community.
But Rudacille advised that to do that is going to
take a massive effort by the community. Along with
donations, "volunteers with experience" are needed,
he said.

"We need board members, people willing to vol-
unteer their time and be dedicated to the center," he
Holmes Beach Commissioner David Zaccagnino
reminded the audience that being a board member is
a volunteer job, and people do it because they believe
the community center should be for the community.
Zaccagnino also presented a check for $10,000
to Stiles for the center from an anonymous donor. He
said he's been in contact with potential donors and
he's hopeful they and others will provide the funding
to give the center its needed breathing space.
Stiles also asked anyone with "skills and talent to
come help us."
Audience members suggested looking at the
volume of scholarships more closely, saying some
families and adults obtain scholarships that may not
be warranted, but Stiles said that matter has already
been addressed.
Other suggestions included improving the website,
better marketing of the center, and improving com-
munications between the center and the community.
Caryn Hodge, marketing director for Ed Chiles'
trio of restaurants, said she is helping on a newly
formed marketing committee.

During public comment, several people shouted
questions from the audience. One man pointed the
finger at Stiles, saying she was hired to raise money
for the center and she's not doing it. He also suggested
that "maybe the staff does nothing."
A number of people leapt to their feet in Stiles'
defense, saying she's only been on the job 13 months,
and was not hired as a fundraising expert, but to bring
new programs and activities to the center, and to devise
a new operating plan that is suited to today's island
Another person said the center needs to be run like
a business, but Rudacille said the center is not a busi-
ness. The community center is a nonprofit community
service, providing recreational facilities, health and
wellness activities and sports programs.
He did agree the center's operating plan the past
five years has "not been working."
Rudacille concluded the meeting, saying "I didn't
hear anyone say 'No more Center,' so let's get going.
Dawn didn't create this mess, but we can all help solve
With that, checkbooks came out and the commu-
nity began the task of pulling together with donations
to "Save our Center."





... reeSundae

10519 Cortez Road W. Cortez 941-792-5300

THE ISLANDER 0 JUNE 11, 2014 E 3

Center board plans followup to 'Save our Center' meeting

By Rick Catlin
Islander Reporter
Following the "Save our Center" meeting June 4,
when about 200 people met at the Anna Maria Island
Community Center to discuss the center's financial
crisis and supported keeping the operation, the center
board of directors and executive director Dawn Stiles
met at 8 a.m. June 5 to discuss some of the suggestions
gleaned from the meeting.
Additionally, Stiles said an anonymous donor
agreed to match all donations up to $50,000.
"This is an opportunity to double your contribution
to the center at a time of desperate need," Stiles said.
At the June 5 center board meeting, an immediate
action plan was created and approved.
Stiles will cut annual operating costs $50,000-
$100,000 in the 2014-15 budget that begins July 1.
The board will allocate any available funds from
the endowment trust held by the Manatee Community
Foundation. At the same time, principal and interest
payments on the building mortgage will be stopped
while refinancing options are explored.
At the June 4 "Save our Center" meeting, Anna
Maria resident Darcie Duncan called on the commu-
nity to get back its "passion" for the center. A number
of people, in addition to those who offered to volun-
teer during that meeting, have apparently heeded those
Stiles said several individuals came forward and
expressed an interest in "making a commitment to the
organization through board membership." She said
any applicants will be processed "expeditiously" as
composition of the board is a "key component to the
success of any organization."
The board also is seeking volunteers to help with
programs and office administration. A sign-up sheet is
now at the front desk at the center, 407 Magnolia Ave.,
Anna Maria.
Quite a few "great ideas were presented" at the
June 4 meeting or dropped off at the center, Stiles

Those ideas are being reviewed and evaluated by
Stiles and the board as to whether they are mission
related and revenue generating; what staff, volunteers
and facilities may be required; and whether they are
targeted to the community.
In the meantime, Stiles said she's working on pro-
viding more information transparency and financial
backup to what has already been provided.
Stiles said people after the meeting questioned how
there could be no plan. They asked for documentation.
Records. Graphs and numbers. She added, "of course,
I have a plan." But funding is critical to ( c .\ i1hing1
She said she is working to finalize her plan to carry
the center forward in the future.
In the meantime, fundraising keeps pushing to the

At the June 7 U.S. Air Force concert in the center
gym, Stiles noted the terms of the band's performance
- free to the audience limited the center from
asking for donations. Donation jars were evident at
the refreshment stations during intermission, but noth-
ing could be solicited from the audience to help the
She also hopes to provide a list of volunteer needs
- opportunities for people to sign up and work, pro-
viding much needed functions that will free staff to
problem-solve and perform critical jobs.
Information will be added to The Islander website
- as it becomes available, while
work continues to improve the center website at www.
Anyone interested can call the center at 941-778-

The U.S. Air
Force Band
of the West,
Dimensions in
Blue ensemble,
performs June
7, featuring
nostalgic music,
jazz, blues,
vocals, solos
and recognition
for World War
1I veterans at
the Anna Maria
Island Com-
munity Center.
Islander Photo:
Bonner Joy



^Uc- -.j L-TB-JI ,3 L-^^JJ^IT

i^i Tiill
to o

4 0 JUNE 11, 2014 0 THE ISLANDER

Bradenton Beach will seek pier reconstruction bids again

By Merab-Michal Favorite
Islander Reporter
Reconstruction of the Historic Bridge Street Pier
will have to wait.
Bradenton Beach commissioners and the mayor
unanimously voted at their June 5 meeting to rescind
the contract awarded to Duncan Dock Seawall and
Boatlift LLC and withdraw the original request for
proposal for the pier reconstruction.
Commissioners will advertise a new request for
proposal June 11, which will include electrical work.
The electrical component was not in the original
The decision for a second round comes after an
investigation spurred by two bid protests required offi-
cials to take a closer look at the original bid documents,
which were found to have inconsistencies.

Reconstruction of the Historic Bridge Street Pier has
been delayed until the city can redo the bid process
due to inconsistencies in the original bid documents.
Islander Photos: Merab-Michal Favorite

West Manatee Fire Rescue District firefighters!
EMS technicians Corry Hill, left, Jeff Philips, Zach
Benshoff Tyler MacDonald and Jeff Apple attend
the May 31 opening for Station No. 2, 10350 Cortez
Road W., Bradenton. Islander Photo: Rick Catlin

WMFR Station 2
renovations celebrated
West Manatee Fire Rescue Chief Andy Price pre-
sided over a dedication ceremony May 31 to announce
the completion of a $1.6 million renovation project at
WMFR Station No. 2, 10350 Cortez Road W., Braden-
The remodeled fire station has individual sleeping
rooms, kitchen and dining areas, a fitness room, a state-
of-the-art communications room, larger storage space
and additional areas to house emergency medical ser-
vice technicians, Price said.
The project was completed by Ross Built Con-
struction Co. of 5508 Marina Drive, Holmes Beach.
"We now have remodeled Station No. 1 and No.
2 to be state-of-the-art fire stations," Price told the
estimated 60 people who attended the celebration.
"This is a station we can be proud of," he said.
The WMFR district board of commissioners has
begun discussion of plans for remodeling Station No.
4,407 67th St. W., Bradenton. The district has no Sta-
tion No. 3.
The next meeting of the district board will be 6
p.m. Thursday, June 19, at the headquarters in Bra-
denton, 6417 Third Ave. W., Bradenton.

The city was investigating two complaints filed by
companies that competed for the contract, but lost to a
higher bidder.
Pac Comm Inc. of Miami and Tampa Bay Marine
Inc. of Gibsonton formally contested the commis-
sion's decision to award the contract to Sarasota-based
Duncan Seawall, the highest bidder of the three com-
panies competing for the contract.
"It was brought to my attention during the investi-
gation that a number of other issues adversely impact-
ing the project were arising simultaneously with the
protests," said city attorney Ricinda Perry, who con-
ducted the investigation.
Perry told commissioners the plan to have lighting
work done as a project separate but concurrent from
the pier construction "fell apart in the middle."
"We were trying to time those two components
together, but a number of issues have made that
unlikely," she said. "We decided it would be best if
the lighting component was part of the master recon-
struction plan."
Perry also found some of the proposals included
use of a docking facility at the south end of the city as
a staging area, but no contractor had permission to use
the structure.
"That structure is for upkeep of an artificial reef
and it's only functional two months of the year," she
Duncan was awarded the contract at the May 22
commission meeting.
City building official Steve Gilbert and pier team
member Karen Wilson of ZNS Engineering recom-
mended Duncan Seawall and Tampa Bay Marine to
the commission based on a bid evaluation matrix and
a series of interviews conducted prior to May 22.
Although Pac Comm submitted the lowest base
bid, $1,041,043 and the lowest bid with additional
options, $1,258,543, it was not recommended because
of what commissioners thought was an unrealistic
timeframe for completion.
The wide variance between Pac Comm's bid -
100 days with a crew of eight workers and the other
bids, which ranged in duration from 140-175 days with
a crew of 20-30, caused city pier team members to be
wary of Pac Comm's bid.
Tampa Bay was the second lowest, with a
$1,237,487 base and $1,494,334 with options, however
it was not considered because a representative did not
attend the May 22 meeting.
"I don't think it's fair that I was not considered just
because I didn't come to a meeting I wasn't invited to,"
Chris Theriot, general manager of Tampa Bay Marine,
Duncan was the most expensive at a $1,309,452

Anna Maria City
June 12, 6 p.m., city commission.
June 26, 6 p.m., city commission.
July 24, 6 p.m., city commission.
Aug. 28, 6 p.m., city commission.
Anna Maria City Hall, 10005 Gulf Drive, 941-

Bradenton Beach
June 11, 3 p.m., planning and zoning.
June 12, 1 p.m., department heads.
June 17, 10:30 a.m., special city commis-
June 17, 1 p.m., commission workshop.
June 18, 11 a.m., pier team.
June 19, noon, city commission.
Bradenton Beach City Hall, 107 Gulf Drive N.,

Holmes Beach
June 17, 11 a.m., city center.
June 18, 9 a.m., charter review.
June 19, 10 a.m., code enforcement.
June 24, 6 p.m. city commission.
Holmes Beach City Hall, 5801 Marina Drive,
941 -708-5800,

Steve LieOel, co-owner oj Duncan DocK seawall and
Boatlift, addresses concerns about the pier bid pro-
cess at the June 5 commission meeting at city hall,
107 Gulf Drive N., Bradenton Beach.

base price and $1,707,325 with options. A staff recom-
mendation to award the bid to Duncan Seawall noted
the company has worked in Bradenton Beach in the
"We respect the commission's decision to rescind
the bid," Steve Liebel, co-owner of Duncan said. "We
are prepared to bid for the project the second time

The Islander has an active Facebook commu-
nity of more than 2,600 users, so we're sharing
some of the conversations we' ve been having with
our fans. If you would like to join the conversation,
become a fan of "The Islander" on Facebook. We
provide a direct link to our fan page from www.
The Islander also allows comments on stories

Manatee County
June 17, 9 a.m., county board.
June 18, 2 p.m., tourism development coun-
Administration building, 1112 Manatee Ave. W.,
Bradenton, 941-748-4501,

West Manatee Fire Rescue
June 19, 6 p.m., commission.
Administrative office, 6417 Third Ave. W., Bra-
denton, 941-761-1555,

Of Interest
June 16, 2 p.m., Island Transportation Planning
Organization, Bradenton Beach City Hall.
June 18, 2 p.m., Coalition of Barrier Island
Elected Officials, Bradenton Beach City Hall.
June 23, 9:30 a.m., Metropolitan Planning
Organization, Holiday Inn Sarasota-Bradenton Inter-
national Airport, 8009 15th St. E., Sarasota.
July 4 is Independence Day. Most government
offices are closed.

Send notices to and

THE ISLANDER 0 JUNE 11, 2014 0 5

Sheriff's office, sergeant's search continues for Musil-Buehler

By Rick Catlin
Islander Reporter
Jack Fiske, owner of the property at the south end
of South Bay Boulevard, Anna Maria, is happy. He
got his land cleared of debris, dead trees and invasive
plant species courtesy of the Manatee County Sheriff's
Anna Maria code enforcement officer Gerry Rath-
von is happy. She won't have to pester Fiske to clean
up his property anytime soon.
Even the boaters who rent slip space from Fiske
are happy. They no longer have to maneuver through
dense plants and bushes to reach their boats.
But John Kenney, a Manatee County Sheriff's
Office homicide detective, is not happy.
Kenney, MCSO deputies and cadaver-searching
K-9 dogs spent nearly a week in mid-May searching
the Fiske property for the body of Sabine Musil-Bue-
hler, missing since Nov. 4, 2008.
It's been nearly six years of frustration for Kenney,
since he was the sergeant in charge of the MCSO-Anna
Maria substation when Musil-Buehler was reported
missing Nov. 6, 2008.
"I was on patrol that day and the first officer to
arrive at her apartment," Kenney recalled.
Musil-Buehler, at that time estranged from hus-
band Tom Buehler, was living in Anna Maria with
a boyfriend, William J. Cumber. Although she was
still co-owner with her husband of Haley's Motel in
Holmes Beach.
Kenney was involved in the initial investigation
into her disappearance.
On leaving his duties in Anna Maria, Kenney was
assigned to the MCSO homicide bureau and was "right
back in the investigation," he said.
Several years ago, the Rev. Ed Moss was clearing
brush on the beachfront at his Willow Avenue home
in Anna Maria when he discovered Musil-Buehler's
purse and some other personal items.
Kenney and the MCSO search team dug up large

areas along the beach near that site. They spent more never give up looking."
than a week searching the area and also used cadaver Kenney said the search of Fiske's property came

dogs, but without success.
"But we didn't give up then," Kenney said.
In October 2012, Kenney and another detective
traveled to the Port Charlotte Correctional Facility and
arrested Cumber for Musil-Buehler's murder. He was
in the correctional facility for violation of parole on
an unrelated conviction.
Cumber was taken to the Manatee County jail and
is charged with second-degree murder. He entered a
plea of not guilty and his trial is planned for October.
"There is a lot of evidence, but I really want to find
her body. Six years I've been on this case and it bugs
me. But we got some leads from the newspaper story
about the Fiske property search," Kenney said. "We' 11

after examination of cellphone records, but he declined
to elaborate.
"We're still investigating. This is an open case,"
he said. "We're not stopping, and we're still asking
the public to call us if they saw anything suspicious
that night of Nov. 4." Kenney said it may be an easy
date to remember for people, because it was election
night across the country and Barack Obama won the
Kenney asked anyone with information about
Musil-Buehler's disappearance, or who saw any sus-
picious activity Nov. 4-5,2008, to call him at 941-747-
3011, ext. 2216. Calls can be made anonymously, he

Bradenton Beach cell tower groundbreaking June 16

By Merab-Michal Favorite
Islander Reporter
"Can you hear me now?"
The question is common among mobile phone
users in the Bradenton Beach area who complain
about poor service.
But that problem may be resolved soon.
Bradenton Beach Police Chief Sam Speciale
announced at the June 5 city commission meeting
that construction of the cell tower near the city's
public works facility, 400 Church Ave., would begin
June 16.
Surveyors plan to lay out the sight June 9, with
the groundbreaking to take place a week later.
During the groundbreaking ceremony, Flor-
ida Tower Partners LLC, of Bradenton will pres-
ent the city with its first installment payment of
The proposed tower will resemble an antenna,
standing 150 feet in height on a foundation with
dimensions measuring 60 feet by 70 feet.

The structure will begin at the southeast corner
of the public works building and stretch east toward
the marina and south into the city parking lot,
although only one parking space is expected to be
Construction will take six-10 weeks.
Verizon and AT&T are the primary providers,
but there will be room for eight more companies on
the tower.
Each provider must pay the city $2,500 a month
for the use of the tower.
The tower will be designed with a collapse point,
a 30-foot clearance zone for a fall in case of a storm,
and all equipment will be stored inside the tower,
and nothing will be at risk to fly off the structure.
It will be able to withstand winds in excess of 115
FTP also is planning a tower at Anna Maria City
Hall, 10005 Gulf Drive, which is predicted to get
underway in November or December.

Join us on the afternoon of June 17 as we indulge in the sophisticated-- uesda ,June
yet subtle nuances of wine pairing and appreciation. Relax and unwind ay Ju 17
with fine varietals paired with decadent treats. We'll also host a special 2 p.m.
presentation on various senior housing options that can make for an
enjoyable and stress-free future. Complimentary admission, wine & refreshments



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A Life Care Community
6406 21st Ave. West I Bradenton, FL 34209 1



Catching the big one
While not much for fishing myself I quit killing
fish about 10 years ago seafood finds its way to my
dinner table often.
Still, I can see the great anticipation and the thrill
in catching a fish, especially a big one.
And so comes the season many fishers await -
tarpon season.
Until recent years, I don't recall Tampa Bay anglers
targeting tarpon so much. They mostly took excursions
to Boca Grande on Gasparilla Island, easily the tarpon
fishing capitol.
At Boca Grande, Spanish for big mouth, the fish stack
in 40-foot-deep schools in strong currents and depths that
reach 80-plus feet. It's an underwater highway flushing
Charlotte Harbor a bottleneck outfall for the Peace
and Myakka rivers to the Gulf of Mexico.
In the late 1880s, phosphate rock was discovered
along the banks of the Peace River that resulted in the
development of Boca Grande. And it wasn't long before
visitors wealthy American and British businessmen-
sportsmen discovered the fantastic fishing that put
Boca Grande on the map.
Those spawning schools of tarpon that call the Boca
Grande inlet home soon migrate up to Tampa Bay -
hungry and ready to take a bait.
The fishery enjoys great popularity, and it is not
without rules to sustain it.
The Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Com-
mission requires only catch-and-release, although a
tarpon tag can be purchased for pursuit of the Interna-
tional Game Fish Association record.
But ruthless Boca Grande fishing and million-dollar
tournaments at the pass resulted in more rules.
Boca Grande Pass fishing for tarpon is limited
year-round and, finally, ji,;.ini, 1 banned. No _iui;..
snatch hooks, multiple hooks or spearing. In April, May
and June, there can be only three lines in the water per
boat and no breakaway gear is allowed.
Gasparilla Island has the same sort of serene beauty
as Anna Maria Island. It's just more snooty.
For island-area anglers with a rod and a hook, the
thrill is on. The passion to catch the big, silver-sided,
big-mouthed, leaping, fighting gamefish is fulfilled with
live bait and the trophies are photos.
It's not unheard of for anglers at the north-end piers
to hook into a passing silver king, but if you have a boat,
head to the Sunshine Skyway Bridge.
If you or someone you know has the passion, con-
sider tapping into Randy Wayne White's ultimate tarpon
book: 'The Birth of Big Game Fishing." It could make
a great dad or granddad gift. Before gaining fame as a
mystery writer, White guided anglers to tarpon from
Sanibel Island.
And happy Father's Day. Bonner Joy
~ ~'- ,- y' i f .- f .,,.... L .. 1

V &.V5 PbI~teherand&dBtor^ -^t
Banner Joy, ::.:,:
V EdIdaflu
UrsaNeff, copy editor :.,
Joe Bird, editorialcartoonist
Kevin GCasesldy,
Rick Calin,
Jack Eta jsokqaokelka.oom ;2wr .:
Merab-Michal Favoritt
Jennifer Qlenfleld,
Jesse Brimaon'
Karen Niey-Loiv..
Capt. Danny Stamny,
Mike Quinn I NewsManatee.oorn
Adv, f ,ng Ieor.
Toni Lyon, tonikiulander.or'
L La Williams, manager, IIswOlslanderorg
Janice Dingman, pier plank coordinator d l

Urbane Boudhet
SShans Pelkey '
Rams Roberts u
6411 omeelt nenfiade
i, inge e fee.Clunt# offive or mnore: 25 oents each
.0199-2014 Editr andproduction offioes:i
B|5604B Marina Drive, Holmem Beach FL 34217X
- WEBS E: =4 B
S PHONE 941-778-7978 toll-free fax 1-886j3-9821 ^

Please, don't sell City Pier Park. That would be
very shortsighted when you think about the alter-
natives. There should be more discussion and input
about the "greening" of Anna Maria, and the park is
the perfect place for that, especially because it was
purchased to share with the community
Someone on the city commission said that folks
wouldn't use the park, that they would rather be
closer to the water. I think it would be nice to have
both options. I would gladly sit in the shade of a live
oak tree on a hot day, than in the sun on the beach.
Realizing that the loudest voices are being heard,
sometimes I wonder if they really are the majority
voice in Anna Maria. It would be great to have more
public input because we don't want just a few folks
deciding the outcome of such an important issue.
Personally, I would love to see a tasteful little
park with benches, a water fountain and perhaps a
restroom or two. It would be a comfortable rest area
for shoppers, visitors and beachgoers and a place for
residents to gather when the season ends, drink a cup
of coffee and watch the water.
If not, in the blink of an eye, there will be three-
story buildings covering the space, and we all know
that is exactly what will happen. Imagine.
Maureen Dahms, Northwest Bradenton

Passion, compassion needed
Merriam-Webster defines a community as a group
of people living in a particular area, with common
On June 4, we came together to discuss the needs
and future of our community center. The group that
met to discuss the center's financial situation rep-
resented our common interest. There were different
opinions on the best way forward but that's to be
expected and welcomed.

Our island is a 7-mile long sandbar in the Gulf
of Mexico. It consists of many small communities
and places for those smaller groups to come together.
Families with elementary-age children have our won-
derful Anna Maria Elementary School; there are sev-
eral churches on the island, each with its own sup-
portive community; there are three cities, each with
a city hall, commissioners and town meetings. We
have arts and cultural groups, condo associations, a
golf club, and Kiwanis and Rotary and Moose....
While we have many places to take part in com-
munity on this island, there is only one place that
serves the entire island the Anna Maria Island
Community Center.
The center is many things to many people and
most of us recall the center when we used it most. For
me, as a 34-year resident, and like many parents, it's
as my children were young, taking part in sports and
activities at the center. For some, it' s when they were
children at the center and, for adults, it's as they take
part in yoga and sports. The list of what the center
offers goes on and on. However we think of it, we
should be aware that the center serves many people
in many different capacities a reflection of the
entirety of our community and its needs.
Some of us may take it for granted, myself
included. With my children grown and gone, I haven't
been utilizing the center but I know it will always
be there when I'm ready.
At least I assumed it would be.
Our island needs this center. The community
needs this center.
Now the center has asked for our help. It's an
opportunity for us to contribute what we can, be it
funds, time, talent or ideas.
One speaker at the crisis meeting noted that many
of us may have lost our passion for the center. Let' s
try to rekindle that passion, and come together to

0 0



benefit our common interest.
Those of us who have lived through storms and
tough times here know that in times of crisis, we
come together as a community. The center, the soul
of our community, is experiencing a crisis now. If
we join together with both passion and compas-
sion, our island community and all of us within it
will be better for it.
Susan Timmins, Holmes Beach
Many Thanks
This year I received the Rotary Service Before
Self award and I am thankful to the teachers who
helped me to become the person I am today.
Mrs. Taylor helped me in many ways. When I
first came to her class in fourth-grade, I despised
Si ilint.I but now, thanks to Mrs. Taylor, writing is
one of my favorite subjects.
She let me write on topics that I was interested
in. She also increased my people skills greatly. She
had us work in groups and complete team chal-
Another person I would like to thank is Mrs.
McDonough, our school librarian. Most people
underestimate the power of a book. A book can
change your perspective or help you understand
someone better.
I also would like to thank my second-grade
teacher, Mrs. Granstad. Before I was in her class,
I was extremely shy and didn't talk much. She put
us in groups and made us work together.
Lastly, I would like to thank my kindergarten
and first-grade teacher, Ms. Goffred. When I came
to her class, I did not talk. The people I was closest

to usually only got a hello. Mrs. Goffred helped me
find my voice.
Thank you all. Bella Love
Editor's note: The award is presented by the
Rotary Club of Anna Maria Island upon recom-
mendation of the faculty and staff of Anna Maria
Elementary School. The award is given to a gradu-
ating fifth-grade student who exemplifies Rotary's
motto of placing others first.

Michael Northfield presents the Rotary Ser-
vice Above Self Award to Bella Love during an
awards ceremony May 30 at Anna Maria Ele-
mentary School, Holmes Beach. Islander Photo:
Karen Riley Love /

THE ISLANDER 0 JUNE 11, 2014 0 7

T -J^"tAnn aMra V |
Tli Islander

10 years ago
Headlines from June 9, 2004
Anna Maria Mayor SueLynn said the move
into temporary city quarters at Island Baptist Church
would end June 18. The move allowed for a $235,000
renovation of city hall at 10005 Gulf Drive. Commis-
sion meetings were held at the Holmes Beach city
hall during the renovations.
Tidemark Developers LLC were given until July
15 by the U.S. Federal Bankruptcy Court in Tampa
to come up with a new reorganization plan and have
that plan filed with the court by Sept. 15. The planned
Tidemark Inn hotel/condo/marina in Holmes Beach
went into bankruptcy in January 2004 after develop-
ers were unable to find sufficient construction financ-
ing. Site-plan approval for the project was granted by
the city commission in August 2001.
Doctors at All-Children's Hospital in St. Peters-
burg said an 8-year-old girl who had been swimming
at Bayfront Park in Anna Maria had contracted a
severe case of salmonella poisoning but a full recov-
ery was expected. Manatee County Health Depart-
ment chief Charles Henry said the the park waters
were tested, and high bacteria was not found. The
testing did not include algae or jellyfish larvae.

Date Low High Rainfall
June 1 73 90 0.2
June 2 73 .85 0
June 3 72 84 0
June 70 88 0
June 5 71 86 0
June6"- 73 87 0
June 7 72 88 0
Average area Gulf water temperature 84.9
24-hour rainfall accumulation with reading daily at approximately 5 p.m.

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We bring you all the news about three city governments, community hap-
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everything you need if your "heart is on Anna Maria Island."
If you don't live here year-round, use this form to subscribe for yourself
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Exp. Date

Credit card billing address:

Tffe Islander

5604B Marina Drive Holmes Beach FL 34217
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ur Center

The need has never been greater. Please, send a check, stop
by the center or make a donation at www.islandcommunitycenter.
corn. Pledge to give one time, monthly or annually. Please, give
what you can.
Imagine you are building a field of dreams for our commu-
nity, and you may soon understand all that the island community
center means to so many people. Kids and adults who grew up
there. Future generations. The field, the center, the heart of the
community needs YOU. The crisis is real.
Please, step up and donate. NOW. Every dollar donated in
June up to $50,000 will be matched by an anonymous donor!


Anna Maria Island Community Center
P.O. Box 253, 407 Magnolia Ave,, Anna Maria 34216
Advertising sponsored as a community service:
Thfe Islander


Credit card: J B [ = No.

Name shown on card:

8 0 JUNE 11, 2014 0 THE ISLANDER

Kinder ktids aksAE stog, S5th-9gcedw tane final bow

"Butterfly" Aisley Duffy spreads her wings in the June 2 kindergarten Ava Harlan, dressed as a bumblebee,
play, "Bugz," at Anna Maria Elementary. waves to friends and family.

smiles at
his sisters,
who came
to watch
brother in
on the
stage. --

ABOVE: Anna Wampole finishes her ladybug
dance in the June 2 kindergarten-performance.

LEFT: Kindergartners Christopher Ueltschi,
Hamish Robertson, Maddox Wilson and Julian
Lazzara prepare for the June 2 kindergarten
play in teacher Bridgette Querrards classroom
at Anna Maria Elementary. Islander Photos:
Karen Riley Love /

Congratulations to AME's graduating fifth-graders!
ABOVE: Anna Maria Elementary School fifth-grade teacher Heather Nyberg's class
graduates May 30. RIGHT: Anna Maria Elementary School fiflh-,rade teacher Pidge
Taylor's class graduates May 30.

Top Notch digital photo contest kicks off June 25

If you' ve got a great snapshot, we' ve got a contest
you could win.
The Islander Top Notch digital photo contest will
publishing weekly winning photos starting June 25. Six
weekly winning photos will featured on the cover of The
Islander, and one photo will be a grand prize winner of
$100 from The Islander and a collection of prizes and gift
certificates from local merchants. Weekly winners receive
a "More-Than-a Mullet-Wrapper" Islander T-shirt.
The first week's deadline is noon Friday, June 20,
repeating weekly on Fridays for five weeks.
Top Notch entries can include family photos, land-
scapes and scenics, candid snapshots, action, holidays,
humor and animal pictures. Nothing is overlooked,
including kid pics, sentimental moments and moments
of personal triumph. This year, judges also will be
looking for top pet photos with a prize appropriate to
pets from Perks 4 Pets and The Islander.
Contest entries should be submitted in original
JPG format via email to
Digital submission is required. No retouching,
enhancements or computer manipulation is allowed.

Penny Frick's winner

One photo attachment/entry per email is allowed
along with entry information in the e-mail text. There
is no limit to the number of weekly entries, and entries
need not be repeated, as selected entries are moved
forward each week by the judges.
Entries that fail the contest requirements are dis-

Top Notch contest rules
1) The Islander Newspaper Top Notch Photo Contest is
strictly for amateur photographers those who derive less
than 5 percent of their income from photography.
2) Black-and-white and color digital photographs taken
after Jan. 1, 2013, are eligible. Photos previously published
(in any format/media) or entered in any Islander or other com-
petition are not eligible.
3) Photographs may be taken with any camera. No
retouching or other alteration (except cropping) is permit-
ted; no composite or multiple print images; no camera-app
manipulation. Photos must be submitted in digital-JPG file
format. Prints and slides are not accepted.
4) Entrant's name, address and phone number must be
included in the email. One email per photo submission. Email
single entries to
5) Entrants by their entry agree that The Islander may
publish their pictures for local promotion. Entrants must
provide the original digital image if requested by the contest
editor. All photos submitted become the property of The
Islander. The Islander and contest sponsors assume no
responsibility for maintaining submissions.
Entrant must provide the name and address of any
recognizable persons appearing in the picture with the email
6) Employees and paid contributors to The Islander and
their immediate family members are not eligible.


Political newcomer postures for Anna Maria mayor's seat

By Rick Catlin
Islander Reporter
A likely mayoral candidate has surfaced in Anna
Maria, where qualifying for the municipal election in
November unlike the other two island cities is
Dan Murphy picked up a qualifying packet and
said it is "likely I' 11 run for mayor."
Another resident, Tom Berenson, also has a quali-
fying packet, but efforts to reach him were unsuccess-
Two Anna Maria commission seats and that of
mayor come up for election Nov. 4.
Incumbent Mayor SueLynn has yet to announce
her decision on running. She promised to decide no
later than Monday, June 9, after press time for The
Islander. She served as mayor from 2002-06, and again
became mayor in 2012 when, as a commissioner, then-
Mayor Mike Selby decided not to run again and no one
else ran for the office.
Incumbent Commissioner Nancy Yetter has
announced her candidacy.
Incumbent Commissioner Chuck Webb has not
disclosed his plans.
Qualifying in Anna Maria ends at noon Friday,
June 20.
City clerk Diane Percycoe said anyone can pick
up a packet, even for someone else.
Election packets are available at city hall, 10005
Gulf Drive, and at the Manatee County Supervisor
of Elections Office, 600 301 Blvd., No. 108, Braden-
For Anna Maria candidates, election fees and qual-

ifying papers must be submitted to the SOE office, not waive the qualifying fee as a financial hardship also
city hall, Percycoe said. are available at the SOE office.
The city presently has 1,255 voters. Anna Maria commissioners are paid $4,800 annu-
The qualifying fee to run for mayor is $96, while ally, while the mayor receives $9,600 in annual com-
to seek a commission seat the fee is $48. Forms to pensation for the job.
Off to the races for Bradenton Beach incumbents

By Merab-Michal Favorite
Islander Reporter
Get your checkbooks ready: Bradenton Beach
candidates running in the Nov. 4 election are open for
Incumbent Commissioners Jan Vosburgh and Ed
Straight are registered and can begin accepting contri-
butions for their campaigns for re-election.
The two have appointed cam-
paign treasurers and registered bank
accounts for the election with the
Manatee County Supervisor of Elec-
tion's Office.



Catch this deal
for Father's Day.

$10 OFF ...
m $30 OR MORE I
I (excludes Tervis)
I Good from now thru June 17.
Not valid with any other coupons or specials.

Ladies' and Men's Resortwear :-'
S&S Plaza, Holmes Beach 941-778-4505
L -.. .... .-.- ..rk. ,

Vosburgh is hoping to maintain
her Ward 4 seat, while Straight is run-
ning again in Ward 2.
Both Vosburgh and Straight were
unopposed in 2012.
Tjet Martin, longtime partner of
Bradenton Beach Mayor Bill Shearon,
announced recently that she is plan-
ning to run against Vosburgh, but she

had not registered with the supervisor's office as of
June 6.
Martin said she hoped her decision to run would
spark more interest in the election and provide a
"healthy election," one where candidates do not qual-
ify for a seat on the dais by default.
Residents have until noon Friday, June 20, to regis-
ter to run for office, with qualifying beginning at noon
Monday, June 16.
Candidate packets are available at the city clerk's
office at city hall, 107 Gulf Drive N., or at the Manatee
County Supervisor of Elections Office, 600 301 Blvd.
W., Bradenton.
Applicants are required to have established resi-
dency within the city for 90 days and be registered to
vote in the ward for which they qualify.
The candidate must pay a qualifying fee equal to
1 percent of the annual salary for the office sought -
$96 for mayor, $48 for commission seat and obtain
10 petition signatures of voters residing in the city.
There are 768 voters in Bradenton Beach, accord-
ing to the SOE.


____ 1707 1st St. E., Bradenton
AC REhere Hwy 41 & 301 meet @ 17th Ave
AE ~941-747-3794
Red Barn (indoor) Plaza OPEN Tuesday-Sunda'
.LA"&UaM r fa--c (see website for details)

lili5 imf, 77fl,[, I 7.1i uI i, qfl__-!,ll -,

10 0 JUNE 11, 2014 0 THE ISLANDER

How will you tell your family story?

Creating gorgeous photos
of your family vacation


Acupuncture | Massage Therapy
Organic Facials
Sunset Beach Yoga 8:30 am Saturday ~
Meditation Class 6 pm Wednesday ~
2219 Gulf Drive N I Bradenton Beach
941.778.8400 |

www~~Is I Iror

full service salon and spa offering..
Hair Nails ~ Massage ~ Facials
Acupuncture Body Treatments
Bikini and Brazilian Waxing -






, l,. I *l,'It!" /1 I-,. i/ l/,ih ,.II
/li../,l. ill. *il i_. ,*'itill\ i_ /itl"- 11 Ill^ ^ ^ ^^ ^ ^ ^ ^ ^ ^ ^ ^^ ^^ ^ ^ ^ ^ ^ ^
Bradenton, where Beverly Jakob Hamilton, a student at St. Stephen's Episcopal High School,
Snyder, a volunteer with both performs during the Island Players' annual banquet, which took place
Island Players and Off Stage May 31 at the Bradenton Country Club in Bradenton. The theater
Ladies of the Island Players, group opens its next season in the fall. Islander Photos: Courtesy
received the IGO Award. Nancy Ambrose

On display
The work of Joanna Karpay, a local artist, is fea-
tured throughout the month of June at Island Gallery
West, 5368 Gulf Drive, Holmes Beach. The gallery is
open Monday-Saturday. For more information, call
IGW at 941-778-6648. Islander Courtesy Photo


Wednesday, June 11
6:31 a.m.-Official sunrise.
8:27 p.m. Official sunset.

Thursday, June 12
6:31 a.m. -Official sunrise.
10 a.m. Children's summer program at the Island Library,
5701 Marina Drive, Holmes Beach. Information: 941-778-6341.
8:27 p.m.d-SOfficial sunset.

Friday, June 13
6:31 a.m. -Official sunrise.
2 p.m. -Alzheimer's Caregiver Support Group meeting, the
Island Library, 5701 Marina Drive, Holmes Beach. Information: 941-
8:28 p.m. Official sunset.

Saturday, June 14
Today is Flag Day.
6:31 a.m. -Official sunrise.
8:28 p.m. Official sunset.

Sunday, June 15
Today is Father's Day.
6:31 a.m. Official sunrise.
8:28 p.m. Official sunset.

Monday, June 16
6:32 a.m. Official sunrise.
8:29 p.m. Official sunset.

Basket bidding offered
at beach market
Gift baskets created for the Food & Wine on
Pine event that was canceled in May due to weather
concerns will be sold at silent auction to raise money
for island nonprofits.
Bids will be taken at the Sunday market at
Coquina Beach in Bradenton Beach. Bids also can
be placed by phone with Nancy Ambrose at 941-
Proceeds will be shared among the Anna Maria
Island Community Center, Anna Maria Island Con-
cert Chorus and Orchestra, Cultural Connections of
Anna Maria Island, the Artists Guild of Anna Maria
Island, the Anna Maria Island Historical Society and
the Anna Maria Island Preservation Trust.

The Islander welcomes photographs and notices
of the milestones in readers' lives weddings, anni-
versaries, travels and other events.
Please send notices and photographs with detailed
captions to

Tuesday, June 17
6:32 a.m. Official sunrise.
8:29 p.m. Official sunset.

Wednesday, June 18
6:32 a.m. Official sunrise.
2 p.m. Children's summer program at the Island Library,
5701 Marina Drive, Holmes Beach. Information: 941-778-6341.
8:29 p.m. Official sunset.

Off Island
Saturday, June 14
5:30 p.m. Bradenton Marauders host the 2014 Florida State
League All-Star Game, McKechnie Field, 1611 Ninth St. W, Braden-
ton. Information: 941-747-3031.

Coming up
June 21 is the first day of summer.

Save the date
July 4, Fourth of July parade, Anna Maria Island.
Sept. 1 is Labor Day.

Posting in the calendar
Send calendar announcements to
Please include the time, date and location of the event, a brief
description and a contact via email and phone. The deadline for
submissions is the Wednesday a week before publication. High-
resolution photographs welcome.

The Florida Maritime Museum continues to hold
its monthly porch parties in the summer.
The next outdoor celebration of music and com-
munity will take place at 2 p.m. Saturday, June 14, on
the museum grounds, 4415 119th St. W., Cortez.
The jam session will continue to 5 p.m. and people
are encouraged to bring an instrument and join in the
Also, the museum is participating in the Food Bank
of Manatee's campaign to "White Out" summer hunger
and help to keep children in Manatee County fed over


Calendar of ongoing
events, activities
Through July 7, DaVinci Machines Exhibition, the Bradenton
Auditorium, 1005 FirstAve. W., Bradenton. Fee applies. Information:

Wednesday and Saturdays, 9 a.m., horseshoes pitched,
Anna Maria City Hall, 10005 Gulf Drive, Anna Maria. Information:
First Wednesdays, 6 p.m., Mana-Tweens book club, Island
Library, 5701 Marina Drive, Holmes Beach. Information: 941-778-
Second Wednesdays, 7 p.m., Think+Drink science night,
South Florida Museum, 201 10th St. W., Bradenton. Information:
Third Wednesdays, 6 p.m., Mana-Tweens club, Island Library,
5701 Marina Drive, Holmes Beach. Information: 941-778-3209.
Fourth Wednesdays, 7 p.m., Star Talk, South Florida Museum,
201 10th St. W., Bradenton. Information: 941-746-4131.

First and third Thursdays, 2 p.m., knitting group meeting,
Island Library, 5701 Marina Drive. Information: 941-778-6341.
Third Thursdays, 10 a.m., guardian ad litem meeting, Island
Library, 5701 Marina Drive, Holmes Beach. Information: 941-778-
Last Thursdays, Seaside Quilters, Island Library, 5701 Marina
Drive, Holmes Beach. Information: 312-315-6212.

Most Fridays, Senior Adventures, low-cost field trips from


Restaurants ready fireworks
Expect fireworks over the Gulf of Mexico in Bra-
denton Beach July 3 and in Anna Maria July 4. The
Chiles Restaurant Group again will present its annual
fireworks shows at the BeacHhouse and Sandbar res-
Shows will take place after dark.
The Thursday, July 3, display, is the BeacHhouse's
extravaganza. The public can view the fireworks on the
beach, but the restaurant, which has recently undergone
extensive remodeling, will offer VIP party packages.
The party offers front-row seating for the fireworks,
a buffet, cocktails and other beverages and DJ John
Rinell playing dance favorites.
For more information, call the restaurant at 941-
On Friday, July 4, the Sandbar will hold its fire-
works spectacular.
Again, the public can see the fireworks from the
beach, but the restaurant also offers party packages,
with seating on its decks. The offerings include a
buffet, cocktails, party favors and music.
For more information, call special events direc-
tor Patti McKee at 941-778-8709 or email pmckee@
The BeacHhouse is at 200 Gulf Drive N., Braden-
ton Beach.
The Sandbar is at 100 Spring Ave., Anna Maria.

Fireworks flash over the beach by the Sandbar Res
taurant in Anna Maria. This year's show will take
place July 4 in Anna Maria. Another will be July 3
in Bradenton Beach. Islander File Photo

summer break.
Through June 31, the museum is giving away
a raffle ticket for each food donation brought to the
museum. The food bank is in special need of baby
cereal, formulas, diapers, tuna and other canned fish
and meat, peanut butter, children's snacks.
For more information, call the museum at 941-
To find out more about the Food Bank of Manatee
and its campaign to White Out Hunger, go online to

Annie Silver Community Center, 103 23rd St. N., Bradenton Beach.
Fee may apply. Information: 941-962-8835.
Friday, 5:30-8:30 p.m., Mike Sales' sunset drum circle, Anna
Maria Island Beach Cafe, 4000 Gulf Drive, Holmes Beach. Informa-
tion: 778-0784.

Saturday, 8:30 a.m., Kiwanis Club of Anna Maria Island
meeting, Anna Maria Island Beach Cafe, Manatee Public Beach,
4000 Gulf Drive, Holmes Beach. Information: 941-778-1383.
Saturday, 4 p.m., family night, South Florida Museum, 201
10th St. W., Bradenton. Information: 941-746-4131.
Second Saturdays, 10 a.m., origami club, Island Library, 5701
Marina Drive, Holmes Beach. Information: 941-778-3209.
Second Saturdays, 2 p.m., porch party, Florida Maritime
Museum, 4415 119th St. W., Cortez. Information: 941-708-6120.
*Third Saturdays, 11 a.m., stress management through breath-
ing, Island Library, 5701 Marina Drive. Information: 941-778-6341.

Monday, 12:30 p.m., bridge games, Roser Memorial Com-
munity Church, 512 Pine Ave., Anna Maria. Doors open at 12:15
p.m. Information: 941-778-0414.
First Mondays, 7 p.m., Florida Institute for Saltwater Heritage
board meeting, Fishermen's Hall, 4515 123rd St. W., Cortez. Infor-
mation: 941-254-4972.
*Third Mondays, 7 p.m., U.S. Coast Guard Auxiliary Flotilla 81
meeting, 5801 33rd Ave. Court Drive W., G.T. Bray Park, Bradenton.
Information: 941-779-4476.

Tuesday, 10 a.m., children's storytime, Island Library, 5701
Marina Drive, Holmes Beach. Information: 941-778-6341.
Tuesday, noon, Rotary Club of Anna Maria Island meeting,
Bridge Street Bistro, 111 Gulf Drive S., Bradenton Beach. Informa-
tion: 941-794-8044.

Send announcements of ongoing activities, as well as updates
to schedules, to Also, if you coordinate
events for your group, please let The Islander know of any changes
to details.

THE ISLANDER 0 JUNE 11, 2014 0 11

941.779.2624 1

I : 1 1

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All in-stock Citizen watches.

and Wlatch Repair
8110 CORTEZ RD. W.
b~jii~g~ii,!..~iia ~~

Island Gallery West
A fine art gallery of award winning local artists

affordable original work
in oil, acrylic, watercolor,
photography, ceramics,
stained glass, basketry,
cards, giclees and jewelry.

... --0 :
*j68~l Dne olesBech(W stofth P. O.&Mni

kJIlJ AMI items!
Island Shopping Center. 5418 Marina Dr Holmes Beach
(intersection of gulf and marina) 941.778.2169

feel beautiful




salonpAstre .E DA
on the beach
hair skin nails massage

1 gulf drive holmes beach jj.

Maritime museum to host music, porch party



12 0 JUNE 11, 2014 0 THE ISLANDER

New face poises for entry to Holmes Beach election race

By Jennifer Glenfield
Islander Reporter
A new candidate may step into the political arena
in Holmes Beach.
While Holmes Beach resident Renee Ferguson
may be new to Holmes Beach political circles, she is
not new to city hall.
Ferguson has served on the code
enforcement board for three years and
Frequently attends city commission
"I'm passionate about the island
and would like to see it grow," Fer-


guson said.

I Ferguson said she is considering
a run for a commission seat, but is
S"waiting in the background to see if
someone steps up."
While Ferguson said she thinks
the commission has been on the "right
Zaccagnino path for the last four years and making
progress," the possibility of open
commission seats peaked her interest in the upcom-
ing November election.
The seats held by Commission Chair Judy Tits-
worth and Commissioner Marvin Grossman, as well
as Mayor Carmel Monti, are up for election.
Grossman has announced he will run again, but
Titsworth has not yet announced her intentions. She
said she will run, but is considering a bid for the may-
or's seat.
Monti announced recently that he will not seek

another term.
Titsworth is waiting to see if Commissioner David
Zaccagnino, who is giving up the remaining year of his
term as commissioner, will be unopposed in his grab
for the mayor's seat.
Zaccagnino announced his run for mayor in the
middle of his term as commissioner. He submitted a
-resignation letter stating his intent to
vacate the seat following the elec-
Stion, which allows the new commis-
sion post-election to appoint a
commissioner for one-year remainder
/ of his term, which ends in November
Grossman 2015.
| Ferguson has resided in Holmes
Beach for four years. She and her hus-
band moved to the island from New
"We were snowbirds and fell in
love with the island," she said. L\ .ly
Titsworth time I drive over the bridge, I fall in
love with the island all over again."
Retired from owning an executive recruiting firm,
Ferguson said she is an advocate for the dog park, is
working with city staff on the Grassy Point Preserve
efforts and is involved with helping develop programs
at the Anna Maria Island Community Center.
Ferguson also owns rental property in Holmes
"We need some balance. We need to think of the
residents," she said. "It concerns me and I own a rental

Off the island, Ferguson is a foster coordinator for
a golden retriever pet-rescue program, which she calls
her "unofficial job."
Citing the past rancor of elections, she said: "It's
vitally important to run a positive election."
"This community needs to come together. We
won't agree all the time, so we have to agree to listen.
This has to be for the community and not for the indi-
vidual," she said.
Candidate packets are available at city hall or at
the Manatee County Supervisor of Elections Office,
600 301 Blvd. W., Suite 108, Bradenton.
Qualifying documents and the steps must be ful-
filled and submitted to the city clerk during the quali-
fying period.
The qualifying period in Holmes Beach will open
at noon Monday, June 16, and closes at noon Friday,
June 20.
Prospective candidates must fill out a statement
of candidacy, declare the position for which they are
running, collect signatures from at least 15 registered
voters in the city and open a campaign account with
an assigned treasurer.
The city presently has 3,187 voters.
Prospective candidates also must complete a can-
didate's oath of office and verify residency. Holmes
Beach candidates must have resided in the city for at
least two years.
Candidates must also pay a qualifying fee which is
equal to 10 percent of the income of the office sought.
Running for mayor comes with a $120 qualifying fee,
and commissioners $64.

-- ,-

A pilgrimage
A group of area residents recently made a pilgrimage to Fatima, Lourdes, Santiago and Barcelona. The Rev.
Bernie Evanofski, a former assistant pastor at St. Bernard Catholic Church in Holmes Beach who is assigned
to missionary work in Honduras, was "spiritual director" and Barbara Murphy of Anna Maria organized
and guided the trip. Pilgrims received stamped certificates for having traveled the historic Camino Way to
the Cathedral of St. James in Santiago. Next year, Evanofski will lead pilgrimages to the Holy Land and the
Marian ',, 111. % of France. Islander Courtesy Photo: Barbara L. Murphy

With praise for parenting
Roser Memorial Community Church offered Moth-
er's Day refreshments after the Sunday service.
On Sunday, June 15, the church will celebrate
Father's Day with special music and refreshments.
Roser is at 512 Pine Ave., Anna Maria. For more
information, call the church office at 941-778-
0414. Islander Courtesy Photo: Peggy Nash


Retailer for

Island Company '

THE ISLANDER 0 JUNE 11, 2014 0 13

Educational path planned for Bradenton Beach park

By Merab-Michal Favorite
Islander Reporter
Visitors to Chappie Park will some day get a wild-
life lesson.
Bradenton Beach officials are planning an envi-
ronmentally educational walkway at John R. Chappie
Gulfside Park, 1402 Gulf Drive N.
Beachgoers who stop by the city-owned four-parcel
beachfront park will be immersed in facts about native
habitat as they traverse a meandering path marked with
informational signs identifying flora and fauna.
There also will be benches along the path.
However, in order to apply for grants to fund the
project, non-native plants, including the Australian
pines that provide shade, must be removed.
"Basically they are considered invasive," Bra-
denton Beach Police Department Lt. John Cosby said
during a June 4 meeting on capital improvement proj-
ects. "Any grant or permit that we try to get is going
to require the removal of those trees."
Commissioner Ed Straight said he didn't want to
see the trees removed because they provide habitat for
animals. Straight operates Wildlife Education and Reha-
bilitation Center Inc. with his wife at their home.
Cosby said the city could leave the trees, if the city
forfeited any grants and funded the project.
While the city plans to preserve the dune structure
on the property, Cosby said some of the sand would
have to be taken out to allow for the walkway.
Cosby said he's working on the plans with Suzi
Fox, executive director of Anna Maria Island Turtle
Watch and Shorebird Monitoring.
"The idea is to keep it more natural," Cosby said.
"Our citizens basically told us that they didn't want to
see it overbuilt."
Cosby said Fox is providing the city with infor-
mation about the best practices needed to protect sea
turtles, tortoises and shorebirds during a construction
Fox is also providing expertise and contacts for
Thus far, the city has raised $8,000 from local citi-

zens to fund the educational walkway, of behavior.
Cosby said many of the native plants needed for
the project would be donated. .,'
There is no parking. However there is a trolley
stop on Gulf Drive at the park.
Commissioner Janie Robertson said she would like ,
to see a beach access at the park, so people entering ,j
from Gulf Drive don't "climb over the dunes to get to i,-
the beach." i
City building official Steve Gilbert said the plans ." '
could be reconfigured to include an access along the i "
meandering walkway, not just one at the entrance, ;. .
which was the initial design.
Cosby said the trail also would address recent ., ,L pIs .''.
safety concerns raised by residents. .. ..
At least two residents have complained about Bradenton Beach officials say Australian pine trees
people urinating in the bushes at the park and spend- at Chappie Park must be removed to obtain grants
ing the night, to improve the area. Islander Photo: Merab-Michal
Cosby said improvements would deter that type Favorite

Longtime Bradenton Beach clerk dies

Former Bradenton Beach city clerk Nora Idso,
64, of Bradenton, died June 9.
Idso, who officially retired
April 30, was no longer able
to work last fall, but officially
left the clerk' s job on a negoti-
ated retirement in April.
She was honored by the
city, a former mayor and resi-
dents of the city at the June 5
city meeting for her dedica-
Idso tion and service to the city.
Some people who worked
with Idso during her city tenure shared their stories
and experiences, which brought tears to the eyes of
many in attendance.
Idso was hired by the city in 1999, and became
city clerk in 2004.
Former Mayor Bob Bartelt, who was unable to
attend the meeting, furnished a written sentiment:

"It is with great sadness that I learned of Nora's
health. I enjoyed working with her while I was
mayor. She did her best to wear the many hats as
can be required in a small city. I'm sure she will be
remembered with fondness by those who worked
with her."
Former Commissioner Ric Gatehouse, longtime
website technician for the city, said, "Nora dealt with
the public, the staff and elected officials with grace
and respect. She was the face of city hall, and that
face always had a smile."
Commissioner Jan Vosburgh and Police Chief
Sam Speciale also had kind words to say about Idso,
and tears amid their statements.
Mrs. Idso was born July 24, 1949, in Forest
Grove, Oregon.
She is survived by her husband, Terry, son Jason
Beko of Seattle, daughter Deidra Maycumber of Fort
Scott, Kansas, and four grandchildren.
A private memorial service is planned.

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THE ------~ M

14 0 JUNE 11, 2014 0 THE ISLANDER

Area tourism plans focus on big splash for rowing event

By Rick Catlin
Islander Reporter
Get your suntan lotion, shorts, polo shirts, beach
towels and binoculars ready.
Those items will be needed when the Bradenton
Area Convention and Visitors Bureau and its Sarasota
counterpart host the International Rowing Federation
World Championships at Nathan Benderson Park near
the University Boulevard/Interstate 75 intersection.
The championships are not until 2017, but it's best
to be prepared for the big splash, Elliott Falcione, exec-
utive director of the Bradenton Area Convention and

Visitors Bureau told Manatee County Tourist Develop-
ment Council members June 6.
The championships are expected to bring more
than 10,000 rowers, coaches and officials to the area.
Better news is that an estimated 100,000 visitors from
around the world are expected to attend.
And Falcione wants to take full advantage of the
potential exposure the Bradenton area can get from
co-hosting the championships.
TDC members voted unanimously to support a
resolution that, if passed by the county commission,
would fund advertising and marketing of the Braden-

Local businesses help turtle watchers, bird monitors

By Jennifer Glenfield
Islander Reporter
It takes a village to protect the sea turtles and
shorebirds nesting on Anna Maria Island.
For Anna Maria Island Turtle Watch and Shorebird
Soiniin.' help comes readily from volunteers and
local businesses.
"We have remained a community-based nonprofit.
We could not run this program without our community
of wonderful longtime business owners on the island,"
said AMITW executive director Suzi Fox.
Recent help came from Anthony Caminite,
owner of Home True Value Hardware, 5324 Marina
Drive, Holmes Beach. Caminite has owned the store
for 40 years and said he is always willing to help
He recently gave the group wooden shipping pal-

%'hnh i5 W courtesy.',, , ..
Aci idIyut'ui e h1i.,, tens :hide from '(,'7/Ia ",:"
in rite s1uui' of a:wPod pallet. Islander Courtesy
SPhoto: Glenn Wiseman


We are accepting new clients for our
Tax and Accounting practice. We prepare income
taxes and handle all phases of accounting.
Bank Reconciliations Preparing Financials
Calculating Payrolls Homeowners Associations
Individual and Corporate Tax Returns
94-9574 Office94-73-19 Cl
941-795-4878gFax b e gg' *e~a.s g

lets, the kind most often found stacked around dump-
sters or behind retailers. The pallets are providing valu-
able hiding places for newly hatched least terns at their
beachfront nesting grounds in Bradenton Beach.
The least terns hide in the shade of the pallets and
avoid detection from predators.
"We' re not great participants, we just help with
what we can," said Caminite. "She' 11 call, and we just
contribute the best we can, and as fast as we can."
Caminite said he also helps with special orders
for AMITW pink ribbon to mark nests. He carries
turtle-friendly lights and shields.
"One year I bought all the wrong paint and brushes
and I couldn't get the paint to stick on the stakes," Fox
said. I came to Tony and he gave me one large paint
brush, and taught me how to clean it. He said 'Here,
it's on me, I bet it's the last paint brush you will ever
buy' and he was right. I still use Tony's brush for all
my projects."
Fox said Caminite has donated over the years some
of their immediate needs, such as a large shovel to
remove dead fish from the beach and a big garbage
can to transport stakes.
Other businesses on the island have helped, too,
including Mr. Bones BBQ in Holmes Beach and the
City Pier Restaurant in Anna Maria. Both have donated
meals for AMITW volunteers.
Fox said the list of contributors is long.
"We love our community and business owners like
Tony," Fox said.

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Sat., Sun., Holidays 730am-5pm
S 0 We're available to tend to
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7 941-761-1616


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Emergencies and Walk-ins Always Welcome!
Itptai~B n((~~tpy~to r>ltoa riitrKfiititfer

ton area and the many attractions and tourist opportuni-
ties found here.
"The world championships will be televised around
the world and available online as well," Falcione said.
"It's vital our brand is showcased to viewers."
Falcione wants a three-year commitment through
the rowing championships for advertising at the park.
Afterward, he and the TDC will determine if another
three-years of advertising is warranted.
The BACVB logo, along with tourist informa-
tion, would be visible at strategic locations around the
Falcione noted the area's "brand" has continued
to bring more and more visitors to the area, as well as
more national and international sporting events.
He said the move toward "rebranding the area"
two years ago to focus more marketing and advertising
on the "urban-core development" of Manatee County
is paying dividends, with continued growth in visitor
numbers and increased spending.
The BACVB's "urban core" is the Lakewood
Ranch area, he said, and it's "now in good position"
for tourism growth.
"We have a good product, but we have to keep
pace. Lakewood Ranch is our future if we want our
product to move forward. We have to keep our brand
in the marketplace," Falcione said.
Walter Klages of Research Data Services, the com-
pany retained by the BACVB to provide monthly and
quarterly tourism data, brought even better news to the
Tourism to the area grew 6.7 percent from the
October 2012-April 2013 period compared to the same
months in 2013-14, he said. Economic spending by
visitors jumped 11.2 percent during the two periods,
rising from $269 million to $299 million.
The tourism news for the first three months of
2014 is just as bright, Klages said.
Occupancy of accommodations in the BACVB
area during those months jumped 4.4 percent from
that same period in 2013.
Lodging occupancy was 65.6 percent in January
2014, 89.3 percent in February 2014 and 93.1 percent
in March 2014. For April 2014, area occupancy was
at 75.3 percent, up from 72.1 percent in April 2013.

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SDigital X-Ray and Dentistry Available.
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J L AM p


S -l- S -'S. . . . .
600 ain rie Sut10



THE ISLANDER 0 JUNE 11, 2014 0 15

Allocating use of resort development tax called 'confusing'

By Rick Catlin
Islander Reporter
Lawyers attempting to define how Florida's resort
tax can be used by local governments say it's one of
the most complex sections of the state law.
The resort tax, enacted in 1977, is the 5 percent
collected by Manatee County on property rentals of
six months or less. Each county can establish its own
resort tax rate. It's officially called the "tourism devel-
opment tax," but it's more commonly known as the
"bed tax" and as the "resort tax."
Attorney Bill Clague, an expert on the statute
who works in the Manatee County attorney's office,
explained the law to county commissioners at their
June 4 budget work session. He said use of the resort
tax is one of the most misunderstood sections of the
"It's very controversial, and very tricky to know
what the money can be used for," he said. "Basically,
if it's not permitted by the statute, it's prohibited."
The resort tax funds are administered by the county
Tourist Development Council a board of appointed
citizens and a representative from the county board of
commissioners. The TDC budget including fund-
ing for the Bradenton Area Convention and Visitors
Bureau must be approved by the county commis-
Resort tax money can be used to "promote tourism
nationally and internationally, or an activity or event
whose main purpose is the attraction of tourists, at least
in part," Clague said.
Clague said municipalities and counties can't use
resort tax revenue for their basic infrastructure needs,
"even if that area has a large number of tourists."
Non-uses of the resort tax include garbage pickup,
law enforcement and maintaining streets, Clague
Anna Maria Mayor SueLynn, who did not attend
the meeting, said she's asked for funds to help improve

From the gallery at the Manatee County Tourist
Development Council's June 6 meeting, Manatee
County Commissioner Carol Whitmore, left, and
Anna Maria Mayor SueLynn talk. Holmes Beach
Mayor Carmel Monti is seated to the right of Sue-
Lynn and Bradenton Beach Mayor Bill i/,.... .., ais
seated behind them. Islander Photo: Rick Catlin

the city pier, and was told the BACVB would split the
cost with the city for an engineering study to determine
the scope of work needed at the city pier.
She disputes the city paying half the study cost
of $60,000, saying BACVB funds improvements and
renovations at the Powel Crosley Estate and the Bra-
denton Area Convention Center.
However, Crosley and the convention center also
have other revenues.
Also, the maintenance of the Anna Maria City Pier
is presently provided by the city's tenant, the City Pier
Restaurant, according to the lease agreement.
The TDC has approved funding of up to $1 mil-
lion for reconstruction of the Bradenton Beach His-
toric Bridge Street Pier, although work has yet to com-
mence. The city provided engineering and a detailed
scope of work to gain TDC approval.

During the county work session, BACVB execu-
tive director Elliott Falcione discussed the proposed
$6.787 million BACVB budget for 2014-15 and pro-
vided an overview of county tourism.
Of the total BACVB budget, $4.85 million would
be for "tourist development," which was not detailed in
the draft budget, and $1.922 million would go toward
the convention center in Palmetto and the Crosley
Estate, which is adjacent to the Ringling Museum near
the county border with Sarasota.
Falcione said capital expenditures, such as for the
Manatee Players theater in Bradenton, the convention
center in Palmetto, beach renourishment, erosion con-
trol, beach facilities and piers are considered lawful
uses of the tourist development tax.
Some island officials believe paid parking is
needed to help defray the costs of heavy visitor traffic
on weekends and holidays. In the past, they sought
funding to compensate for wear and tear on roads and
the increasing needs of law enforcement.
At the meeting, Falcione also addressed the push
by elected officials in the three island cities for paid-
parking programs.
Falcione said paid parking on the island "would
cause us to lose grant dollars."
State and federal beach renourishment funds are
dependent on a certain amount of free parking for the
public to visit the beaches.
County Commissioner Betsy Benac said there is
"a lot of frustration among Anna Maria Island cities"
that they can't use resort tax money to make improve-
"Maybe," Clague responded, "but that's the
For fiscal year 2012-13, $8.99 million in resort tax
was collected by the county. Of that amount, $4.405
million came from the Anna Maria Island cities,
according to data from the Manatee County Tax Col-
lector's Office.



Growing in Jesus' Name
Sunday Service 10 a.m.

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16 0 JUNE 11, 2014 0 THE ISLANDER





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and Pablo might
9 Coll. program
13 Tug-of-war
19 Watts on a screen
20 Like some desk
22 One of a group of
Eastern Christians
23 King's move?
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can take?
26 In fine fettle
27 Process of sorting
28 Gets browner
30 Start of something
31 Mineralogists'
32 Anoint, archaically
33 Like some French
34 Brooklyn squad
35 The two sides of
Pac-Man's mouth,
37 Principles espoused
during Women's
History Month?
40 Cry after a roller
coaster ride,
44 Together
45 Coward from

page 28

46 Ability to walk
a tightrope or
swallow a sword?
51 Land in the Golden
52 Part of a giggle
55 Pass with flying
56 Like the 10-Down
57 Soupcon
60 Olden
62 Finish (up)
64 Soprano Sumac
65 At the discretion of
66 Dream for late
72 Identity
74 Car antitheft aid,
for short
75 Informal way to say
76 Sheen
79 Chooses beforehand
83 It's all tied up with
the present
86 Start to love?
87 "Certainly"
88 Collapse, with "out"
89 Waterway leading
to a SW German
92 Way to l'Ile de la
93 Feature of many a
Ludacris lyric
94 Add up
95 Slinky going down
the stairs?
101 Dough raiser
105 Large family
106 Postlarval
107 Crimean
conference locale

111 Over
112 Captain, e.g.
113 Confederate
114 Biblical book in
two parts
115 Star burst
116 Neighbor of an
118 Dissertation on
people's inherent
121 Chaperone, often
122 Treasure Stater
123 Human or alien
124 Some cheaters
have them
125 Frat members
126 Drivers brake
for it
127 Pungent green

1 Hold down
2 "The ostrich roams
the great /
Its mouth is wide,
its neck is narra":
Ogden Nash
3 Gave birth on a
farm, say
4 Unlikely memoirist
5 Fix
6 Derision
7 1966 title role
reprised by Jude
Law in 2004
8 Neighbor of a
9 Inflame, with "up"
10 South American
11 Touchy?
12 Tidies up

13 Not be bold
14 Commercial
version of crazy
15 In-between
16 Cosmetician Estee
17 And so on and so
18 Go over and over
21 Lost it
24 Letter between two
others that rhyme
with it
29 Like some care
33 Lacks
36 One who might
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38 Long time
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41 Ed of "Up"
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43 Burns's refusal
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52 One parodied on
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54 Inflatable thing
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59 Captain Morgan
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63 Layer

78 Literary inits.
80 Nobel Prize subj.
81 Trousers
82 Racing boat
84 Sandwich order, for
85 Scary word
90 Young Darth
Vader's nickname
91 Evergreen shrub
92 Thumbs' opposites

93 Represent,
95 Lines at a theater?
96 Like Flatland
97 Became less than a
98 Composure
99 Spiral-horned
100 Mischievous girl
102 Social breakdown

103 Common dice rolls
104 Elements of some
108 "American
Graffiti" director
109 Frigid temps
110 Like
114 Srs.' worries
117 Colony member
119 Telephone trio
120 Its logo displays
all Roy G. Biv
except indigo

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T-11- III

THE ISLANDER 0 JUNE 11, 2014 0 17

ULI postures, proposes island cities unite for future study

By Rick Catlin
Islander Reporter
The three cities on Anna Maria Island are being
asked to do something rare cooperate.
It would be to fund a study of Anna Maria Island,
its problems, issues and direction for the future, by the
Urban Land Institute of New York and Hong Kong.
ULI vice president Tom Eitler made a presentation
for the study at a joint meeting June 5 of island elected
officials at Anna Maria City Hall.
Eitler was asked by Anna Maria Mayor SueLynn
to give an overview of what ULI can do.
The mayor contacted ULI after learning about
Longboat Key's urban land study. Mayor Jim Brown
said the study was of "tremendous benefit" to Long-
boat Key and residents "were thrilled" by the results.
The three island city mayors agreed at the meeting
to take the discussion and payment of one-third of the
$125,000 study cost back to their cities after hearing


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June 25, 11 a.m. to 4 p.m., Wednesday-Saturday.
See you soon.
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31- 5 Pine '.e -nrno Moria 9-1 -8 050

Eitler' s presentation.
Eitler said any study would be irrelevant without
all three cities.
The cities and residents are deeply involved in the
study, Eitler said. Each city would prepare questions
from the public and private sector for ULI to answer.
"And the amount of staff time to gather some
required information is minimal," he said.
ULI would study the comprehensive plans of each
city, and conduct private interviews with a number of
island residents of varying backgrounds and experi-
Eitler said ULI has done other studies in Florida,
including Daytona Beach, Orlando, Melbourne and
The Clearwater study was recently completed and
will be presented to that city in a few weeks, he said.
"But this would be the first time we've ever done
a study of three connecting cities on one island."


A&rft irft in C~ ine


SueLynn said the mayors would talk again after
each has spoken to their respective commissions.
But Brown made an advance presentation to
Holmes Beach May 29 and the commission agreed to
consider the study, but took no action.
Eitler said ULI would like to do the study during
the peak tourist season, either in February or March,
to better observe island life, Eitler said.
He said the three cities could expect the study to
be ready about 45 days after the ULI team leaves.
SueLynn said the question now before each island
city is will the respective commissions agree the study
is needed and agree to the equal funding plan.
She noted all three cities are now entering budget
talks for their 2014-15 fiscal year.
Past efforts to consolidate resources or ideas
among all three cities have not had a good record, she
said. "But this study is needed by all of us. We need
to look at our island together."

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18 0 JUNE 11, 2014 0 THE ISLANDER

By Merab-Michal Favorite
Islander Reporter
A Bradenton man arrested in February after lead-
ing law enforcement officers on a two-county chase
that ended on Anna Maria Island died in a motorcycle
crash May 31.
Brian Casey, 31, was pro-
nounced dead at the scene after col-
J liding with an SUV at 75th Street
West and 29th Avenue West in Bra-
denton, according to the Florida
Highway Patrol report.
Casey Casey was traveling at a high
rate of speed on his Suzuki GSX
R750 motorcycle around 5:30 p.m. when he ran the
red light at the intersection, causing him to be hit by
a Toyota Ray 4, the report said.

Island police blotter
Anna Maria
June 1, 800 block of North Shore Drive, seizure.
A man found sleeping on the beach had his driver's
license seized when a Manatee County Sheriff's Office
deputy found the license was suspended.
May 29, 700 block of Gladiolus Street, incident
investigation. A person received a threatening message
on Facebook. MSCO investigated and found it was a
case of mistaken identity.
Anna Maria is policed by the MCSO.
Bradenton Beach
May 30, 500 Gulf Drive, warrant arrest. A
27-year-old man was arrested on an outstanding war-
Bradenton Beach is policed by the BBPD.
No new reports.
Cortez is policed by the MCSO.
Holmes Beach
June 1, 2800 block of Gulf Drive, drug arrest.
A 24-year-old from Palmetto resident faces charges of
possession of marijuana, knowingly driving with a sus-
pended license and two counts of possession of a con-

The 70-year-old woman driving the SUV was
not injured, the report said.
Casey was involved in another crash Feb. 20
that ended a high-speed pursuit from south Manatee
County to Anna Maria Island.
Casey allegedly fled an MSCO deputy going
south into Sarasota County and then headed west to
Longboat Key.
Casey's speed was recorded at 120 mph on the
long straightaway of Gulf of Mexico Drive on the
The report said Casey crashed his motorcycle
in the early morning hours of Feb. 21 near Coconut
Avenue and Los Cedros Drive in Anna Maria, where
he jumped into a canal. He eluded the officer in the
chase, and was eventually apprehended while break-
ing into a nearby home, where he was arrested.

trolled substance. The individual was pulled over after
driving by Holmes Beach Police Department officers for
allegedly not wearing a safety belt. The officer allegedly
noticed 10 marijuana cigarettes in the ashtray of the
vehicle. The HBPD also found oxycodone pills during a
search. The person was taken to Manatee County jail.
May 30,3200 block of Gulf Drive. A 56-year-old
man was issued a notice to appear in court and is facing a
charge of possession of less than 20 grams of marijuana
after a traffic stop where HBPD officers found an open
container and a marijuana cigarette. The officer pulled
the man over for not wearing a safety belt, but noticed
liquid on the floorboard and the smell of marijuana.
The man's friend picked him up. He also was issued
citations for open alcohol container and not wearing a
safety belt.
May 30, 700 block of Manatee Avenue, warrant
arrest. A 28-year-old man was arrested on an outstand-
ing warrant.
May 21, 8800 block of Gulf Drive, grand theft
auto. A Bradenton man was arrested around 2:15 a.m.
for allegedly driving a stolen Chevrolet Corvette.
HBPD initially pulled the motorist over for careless
driving and for rapidly accelerating while making a
left-hand turn. While turning, the Corvette allegedly
traveled into the opposite lane on Marina Drive. HBPD
soon discovered the tag on the car was registered to

Motorcyclist dies in northwest Bradenton crash



, -l.-SuB
w ,N,, r d e tr t s troO n in cor

a 1998 Ford pickup truck. The driver told police the
Corvette belonged to his boss and it was supposed to
be dropped off at a showroom. He was arrested and
taken to Manatee County jail. He also faces a charge
of attached tag not assigned.
May 27. 600 block of Manatee Avenue, criminal
mischief. A woman slammed her car door into a car
belonging to her neighbor's boyfriend, causing $1,000
worth of damage to his vehicle. She told police she
was frustrated because her neighbor's child had left
toys outside on the lawn. The woman told police she
disapproves of her neighbor's lifestyle and she did the
damages as a form of "pay back."
May 26, 611 Manatee Ave., CVS, battery. An
argument over a cellphone became physical when a
man pushed a woman into shelves inside the store.
May 26, 600 block of Manatee Avenue, warrant
arrest. A 59-year-old Bradenton man was arrested on
an outstanding warrant.
May 26, 4000 Gulf Drive, burglary. A vehicle
was broken into and two purses were stolen from under
the dash inside the vehicle.
May 26,3200 block East Bay Drive, possession.
Two Mulberry men received notices to appear in court
after HBPD officers found 3.6 grams of marijuana,
drug paraphernalia and loaded weapons in their pos-
session during a traffic stop. The men were initially
pulled over for not wearing safety belts. They also
were issued seat-belt citations.
May 24,3300-3800 blocks of Gulf Drive, crimi-
nal mischief. An unknown suspect hit several mail-
boxes along the road with a baseball bat.
May 24,3200 E. Bay Drive, Subway Restaurant.
A skateboard was stolen from in front of Subway.
Holmes Beach is policed by the HBPD.
Streetlife is based on incident reports and narra-
tives from the BBPD, HBPD and MCSO.

Island watch
To report information on island crime, call the
Manatee County Sheriff's Office Anna Maria sub-
station, 941-708-8899; Bradenton Beach police,
941-778-6311; or Holmes Beach police, 941-708-
In emergencies, call 911.

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THE ISLANDER 0 JUNE 11, 2014 0 19


Joan Margaret Neilson
Joan Margaret (Wiley) Neilson, 71, of Anna Maria
Island, died May 30. She was born in 1943 in Portland,
Oregon, and relocated soon after to the San Francisco
Bay area, where she was raised.
Ms. Neilson and her husband, Robert Sinclair,
recently celebrated their 50th wedding anniversary.
She was a lifetime lover of the culinary arts, and will
be remembered for her kindness, talent and sharp
Condolences may be made at www.griffithcline.
She is survived by her husband; sisters Helen and
husband Dennis of Lincoln, California, and Lynne and
husband Duff of Napa, California; brother Joseph of
Livermore, California; son Duncan Sinclair and wife
Stacey of Pittsburgh; daughters Seana Marie Long and
husband Jeffrey of Seattle, and Heather Dyke and hus-
band John of Pittsburgh; and grandchildren Sophia,
Amelia, Kirby, John IV, Cora and Harris.

Marian Mulroy
Marian Mulroy, 92, of Holmes Beach, died June
6. She was born Aug. 23, 1922.
She was a graduate of Wappingers High School in
Wappingers Falls, New York. She was employed as a
personnel supervisor for 40 years by IBM.
She was an avid golfer who had won many
awards. She was a member of the Key Royale Club
in Holmes Beach, Taconic Golf Club in Williamstown,
Massachusetts, and Southern Dutchess Country Club
in Beacon, New York.
A celebration of life will be held at 11 a.m. Thurs-
day June 12, at Roser Memorial Community Church,
512 Pine Ave., Anna Maria. Condolences may be made
online at Arrange-
ments were by Shannon Funeral Home Westview
Chapel of Bradenton.

Four men rescued offshore

of Anna Maria
Four men were rescued May 8 after their 28-foot
boat capsized 20 nautical miles west of Anna Maria
Island, according to the U.S. Coast Guard.
One of the men contacted the Coast Guard sta-
tion St. Petersburg with his VHF radio around 6 p.m.
to report his boat was taking on water, according to a
press release.
After losing communication with the man, the sta-
tion issued an "urgent marine information broadcast"
alerting area Coast Guard station.
Coast Guard Station Cortez responded in a 45-foot-
boat while a helicopter from the Clearwater station
conducted a search from the air, the release said.
The response boat from Cortez located the cap-
sized vessel about 45 minutes after they received the
The four men were clinging to the overturned hull
and were all wearing their life jackets.
Winds were approximately 10-15 knots causing
1-3 foot waves, according to Chrystalynn Kneen,
public information officer for the Tampa Bay region
of the U.S. Coast Guard.
The men were recovered from the water and trans-
ported ashore, according to the release.
There were no reported injuries.

Island roadwatch
The Florida Department of Transportation is con-
ducting a road repair project on West Manatee Avenue/
State Road 64 from the Perico Bay Club east to 75th
Street in Bradenton.
A DOT press release said any road resurfacing will
be at night, 9 p.m.-5 a.m., accompanied by a fl i_',in,__*
The project is slated to finish mid-summer.
A maintenance/repair project on the Cortez Bridge
is continuing, the DOT said. Most of the work is being
conducted on weeknights. Work this week will focus

Married in Manatee
Cheryl A. Dykstra and Brian L. Malcolm, both of
Bradenton, married at the Manatee County Court-
house May 28. Dykstra is familiar to islanders as a
Holmes Beach mail carrier. Islander Courtesy Photo

on the bridge's seawall on the Cortez side.
Any lane closures are 9 p.m.-5 a.m. during the
week. If the drawbridge is raised for maintenance, it
will be from 2 a.m.-3 a.m. and for no more than 15
minutes, the DOT press release said.
The project is expected to finish in late 2014 or
early 2015.

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S -Fresh sandwiches
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20 0 JUNE 11, 2014 0 THE ISLANDER

Fifth-grader Lilah Bowers explains how lemons propel her
team's edible car.

. .!,_ .--i

Fifth-grader Tristin Watson puts the finishing
touches on his team's pineapple car.

Fifth-grader Rain Cooper attaches a sail
to her team's boat-themed car. Students
competed for science awards in catego-
ries of speed, distance, most creative,
best team work, connection of name, car
design, logo and most nutritious car.

I AME students
|go Greek
Fifi, f- raiders in Heather
S Nyberg's class dress up
as Greek gods and god-
desses May 29 as part of
their study of mythology.
Islander Photo: Karen
Riley Love / RileyLovePho-


A~y Old~olir
& V:Kli^ Sc h nitzehu S^

Anna Maria Island Centre 3246 E. Bay Drive Holmes Beach

THE ISLANDER 0 JUNE 11, 2014 0 21

Anna Maria
Elementary fifth-
graders pose
for a photo at
the BeacHhouse
following a June
3 graduate lun-
cheon. Islander
Photo: Karen
Riley Love /

" Congratulations, AME 2014 grads!

-2 AL.

Fifth-grade science fair winners Bella Love,
Nico Altizer, Mary Grace Cucci, Sam Howells,
Ciarra Buff, Ella Coney-Jones and Sean Rodri-
Fifth-graders with straight As received the Presi-
dent's Education Gold Award during a May 30 cer-
emony at Anna Maria Elementary. They are Gianna
Sparks, Emily Sackett, Bella Love, Sam Howells,
Jackson Randolph and Irada Karpthip, Mary Grace
Cucci, Blake Balais, Ciarra Buff and Roman Lang-
Tropicana and 4H Speech contest finalists at
Anna Maria Elementary recognized May 30 are
Gianna Sparks, Mary Grace Cucci, Bella Love, Lilah
Bowers and David Daigle.
Bella Love also was recognized by the Rotary
Club of Anna Maria Island with the Rotary Service
Above Self Award. (See more, page 7)

elN erSj^ SINCE 1984
11904 Cortez Rd. W. Cortez 941.794.5333
5917 Manatee Ave W. 941.243.3841

Heather Nyberg
Class of 2014
Sophia Belsito
Lilah Bowers
Tyler Brewer
Lauren Buchanan
Ciarra Buff
Andrew Burgess
Avery Carnes
Randy Carter
Grayson Chatt
Ella Coney-Jones
David Daigle
Daniel Fritz
Ana Gonzalez
Morgan Horesh
Sam Howells
Irada Karpthip

Roman Langley
Tuna McCracken
Dylan McKee
Zachary Meek
Brianna "Lupe"'
Cecilia Petereit
Emilia Randolph
Jackson Randolph
Javier Rivera
Sean Rodriguez

Pidge Taylor Class
Nico Altizer
Brandon Annis
Blake Balais
Halle Bingham
Rain Cooper


5344 Gulf Drive Holmes Beach

Mary Grace Cucci
Aaron Dunnan
Jaclyn Gilman
Bryson Higgins
Morales- Nathan Hyman
Bella Love
Ethan Mata
Josue Membreno
Gabriel Moschini
Giancarlo Padilla
Nyla Parker
Julius Petereit
Sof 2014 Emily Sackett
Gianna Sparks
Alexandra Texidor-Abel
Tristan Watson
Adrian Wilson
Maya Yarlagadda

,-,- .l Any Size Pizza

S 5 p..cializing in Veal Chicken Fish Pasta
I Makers of the World's Largest Pizza
'_' Open 7 Days 11AM to Midnight
I j \ 201 N. Gulf Dr. Bradenton Beach
*L -L-- 778-0771 or 778-0772 -

d A.L~

22 0 JUNE 11, 2014 0 THE ISLANDER

Center crowns 3 divisions of youth basketball champs

By Kevin Cassidy
Islander Reporter
The youth basketball league at the Anna Maria
Island Community Center came to a close June 6 with
championship games in three divisions. The higher
seeded team easily "held serve" in the 8-10 and
14-17 divisions, but the No. 2 seed, BridgeTender
Inn, pulled off an upset against top-seeded Eat Here
in a back-and-forth battle in the 11-13 division cham-
The early going saw Eat Here nursing a 12-11
lead, but then BridgeTender's Michael Latimer got
hot, leading an 11-2 scoring run, starting with a base-
line jumper followed by a steal and a layup.
Eat Here's Leo Rose came back with a layup, but
Latimer responded with a 3-pointer, another steal and
a layup and a baseline jumper off of a good pass from
Jasmine Walsh for a 22-14 lead with just over 3 min-
utes remaining in the first half.
Eat Here's Andrew Proctor responded with a steal
and a layup, followed by two steals and a pair of layins
from Rose to tie the game at 22 all.
Latimer went coast-to-coast to give BridgeTender
Inn a 24-22 lead, but an offensive rebound put back
by Proctor tied the score at 24-24 as the half came to a
The second half saw the teams trade baskets,
remaining close until 2:52 minutes remained to play
and Latimer took over. A baseline jumper gave Bridge-
Tender Inn a 33-30 lead, but a pair of steals by Latimer
that resulted in a layup and a long 2-pointer gave
BridgeTender Inn a 37-30 lead with 1:34 left to play.
A pair of free throws by Leo Tilelli extended the

: ,-W 16 i d e"

lunr 11 1 2:2J 'A 14 "129 2.6 3:"56 .2 : -
j 1-:21 1.4 11.:093 ._'.$__,J 2 .-- 6:5, -).J
June 1.1. 2:12 1 TT-T 2A" 2 ..'5:1 1.3 :43 -0. Full
nlur- 1j 3:"1" 1) 12:37 2.q 5:5J 1.3 A:29 -0.5
June 15 3:JJ 1.51 i:2? 2.. 6:J7 1.3 9:16 -0.4
., 1" 4:,16 1.5 2:22 2.6 7:51 1.2 10:03 -0.2
A nw e 1 i 5:07 1.6 3:2-1 2.3 c.:08. 1.2 10:50 0.0
June 18 5:' 1. -1. J:361 2.0' 10:3" 1.1 11T: L.3
'rp [, ,,-. .- . ", -. .. Ii .- ''


Monday Combo ,:leIir, W It i,. Lun,:h L ['
Tuesday ':"c:S ,::: Dc T[,.
Wednesday- O,<::Jent,:,n Dc, T[,.
Thursday C ',:: I Line Tur
P L 1U S DAILY Dolphin Watch
NIGHTLY Sunset / Dolphin Watch Combo
S. C HEDUILE ...... ,rr,,,- teiShuttie ,::,rr

BridgeTender Inn lead to 39-30 and a three-pointer
at the buzzer by Latimer gave BridgeTender a 42-30
victory and the championship trophy.
Latimer finished with 32 points, 12 rebounds and
five steals to lead the way for BridgeTender Inn. Leo
Tilelli added 4 points and five rebounds, while Daniel
Sentman and Jasmine Walsh finished with 2 points
each in the victory. Other members of the team are Jack
Groves, Abby Clark, Anna Pears and Morgan Horesh.
Rose led Eat Here with 12 points and eight
rebounds, while Matt Manger finished with 10 points
and six rebounds. Proctor also had a strong game for
Eat Here, finishing with 8 points and 10 rebounds,
while Isabel Hambrig's 2 points and Noah Heskin's
point completed the Eat Here loss.
Beach Bums won the 8-10 division playoff with a
17-4 victory over Island Real Estate behind 10 points
from Sean Rodriguez and 3 points from David Daigle.
Jack Proctor and Nick Yatros completed the scoring for
Beach Bums with 2 points each in the victory. Other
members of Beach Bums are Chloe Fulton, Evan
Talucci, Michael Pears and Will Batey.
Shawn Balvin led Island Real Estate in the loss
with 4 points.
Dips Ice Cream ended the Cinderella story of
fifth-seed Heritage Paper Co. with a 75-51 victory in
the 14-17 division championship matchup. Heritage
advanced to the championship game by defeating
fourth-seeded West Coast Air Conditioning May 31
and followed up with a 49-47 win over No. 1-seed
Beach Bistro June 3.
Heritage Paper had no answer for Christian Hamp-
ton who lit up the center gym for 37 points, including
six 3-pointers. Jake Parsons added 14 points for Dips,
which also received 8 points each from Connor Field
and Josh Ruckteshell. Edward Cullinan added 4 points
and Jake Ross scored 2 to round out the Dips score.
Other members of the champs are Andrew Ross and
Lucan Heffernan.
Burke Hill led Heritage Paper with 19 points and
10 rebounds, while Sam Cuva added 12 points and 11
rebounds. Josh Parrish chipped in with 10 points and
six rebounds for Heritage Paper, which also received
3 points each from Cameron Brauner, Cody Tsai and
Mikey Ellsworth in the loss.

Center awards
The basketball season-ending awards were handed
out June 2 at the center.
Sportsmanship winners are Shawn Balvin in the

Capt. Warren Girle

Inshore, dLOffshore
Redfish 4 % Snapper
Snook Grouper
Light Tackle Fly
Over 30 years experience in local waters USCG Licensed
Full / Half Day Trips 941.387.8383 (H) 941.232.8636 (C)


BAIT Crabs

:7T 94-3308
CELL 730-5148

W~/e've LIVE
got W/hitebait
BAIT! Crabs

Ca.!! in your
bai{t reservation:

8-10 division, Tuna McCracken in the 11-13 division
and Burk Hill in the 14-17 division.
Will Batey is defensive MVP in the 8-10 division,
while Brooke Caperelli holds the honor in the 11-13
division. Josh Ruckteshell is defensive MVP in the
14-17 division.
Fiona Leathem Turner is female MVP in the 8-10
division, while Caperelli is best female player in the
11-13 division.
Overall MVP for the 8-10 division is David Daigle
while Michael Latimer holds the honor in the 11-13s
and Christian Hampton is MVP in the 14-17 division.

Key Royale golf news
The men of the Key Royale Club took on the sud-
denly summer-like conditions for a few rounds of golf
last week. On June 2, they got out for morning and late
afternoon rounds.
The morning saw a nine-hole, low-net-of-foursome
match. The team of Bob Dickinson, Omar Trolard,
Hank Tremblay and Peter Thomassen combined on a
12-under-par 20 to match the score and finish in a tie
with Fred Meyer, Charlie Knop, Matt Behan and Dan
The afternoon modified-Stableford match saw
Dick Grimme card a plus-4 to take first place in the
individual category, while also helping his team of
Jerry Landkammer, Jon Holcomb and Lex Halakan to
the team title with a combined score of plus- 1.
The clubwomen took the course June 3 for a nine-
hole, individual-low-net match in two flights, with a
side game of total team putts.
Penny Williams carded a 4-under-par 28 to earn
a two-shot victory in Flight A over Helen Pollock and
Joyce Brown, both at 2-under-par 30.
Janet Razze torched the course for a 6-under-par
26 to take first place in Flight B. Marilyn Manzer was
alone in second place with a 4-under-par 28.
Christina Mason, Helen Pollock, Marilyn Manzer
and Markie Ksiazek won the team putts contest with
65 putts.
The men were at it again June 5 for a nine-hole
scramble. The team of Ron Vandeman, John Purcell,
Tim Friesen and Dick Mills combined on a 6-under-par
26 good enough for first place on the day.
One shot back in second place was the team of Ron
Robinson, Quentin Talbert, Tom Nelson and Marty
Jacobs, who finished at 5-under-par 27.
Find more sports and photos online at www.

Electronics / Electrical
Installation & Service

P0 Box 1064
^ Cortez, FlI34215

THE ISLANDER 0 JUNE 11, 2014 0 23

Tarpon epidemic sweeps Anna Maria Island, Tampa Bay

By Capt. Danny Stasny
Islander Reporter
When local fishers are stricken with a bad case of
tarpon fever, they tend to forget about everything else
that's happening in local waters.
This being said, you may find your backwater and
nearshore fishing spots are experiencing less pressure,
which can result in some excellent fishing.
Most of my clients want to catch fish for the dinner
table, which takes tarpon fishing a bad food source
and all-release fishery out of the equation.
Fishing for spotted seatrout has been exceptionally
good. By using live shiners for bait, we're finding fish
up to 24 inches along deep grass edges. Rallies are not
uncommon and are limits of trout.
Mangrove snapper are hot right now. Fishing
around artificial reefs and small rock piles is resulting
in mangoes in the 18-inch range, as long as you can
keep the goliath grouper from taking them off your
hook. To catch the snapper, I use a knocker rig -
1/2-ounce egg sinker and a 1/0 circle hook with a live
shiner for bait.
Finally, although they' re out of season, catch-and-
release snook are providing sizzling action on the flats.
Higher tides with good water flow are key to get these
linesiders fired up. There's nothing better than finish-
ing out the day with a rally of snook.
For those still in the grips of tarpon fever, fear not,
we are experiencing an abundance of fish in the passes
and on the beaches. Get your tackle ready, get baited
up and head out there to get your fix on silver kings.
F-IhU Ena-1

Capt. Logan Bystrom, front, Joel Baker and his son,
Caleb, 4, show off Caleb's first tarpon. It was hooked
and released May 28 off Bean Point.

Capt. Logan Bystrom is seeing success with tarpon
at Bean Point, off the north end of Anna Maria Island.
And among his numerous hookups came a rare fish,
an albino tarpon. He's seen it several times among a
school of silver kings, so chances are good you will
too. Look for a spray of orange it's lightly orange
colored across the top from the head to the back.
Jim Malfese at the Rod & Reel Pier is seeing decent
numbers of Spanish mackerel being caught. Times to
target these high-activity fish are from sun up until 9
a.m. Small speck rigs in white, pink or chartreuse are
attracting a bite. Along with macks, expect to catch
jack crevalle and ladyfish.
Mangrove snapper are being caught on live shrimp.
Most are barely keeper-size, although larger fish are
mixed in. While targeting snapper, you may also tie
into flounder or black drum.
Also, snook are congregating at the pier. Although
the season is closed, they provide excellent action on
inshore spinning gear. Live baits are producing the
best bite and lipped plugs, such as the Yo-Zuri Crystal
Minnow, can get the job done, especially at night.
Capt. Rick Gross of Fishy Business Charters is
finding good numbers of fish on the flats of Tampa and
Sarasota bays. Spotted seatrout are responding to live
shiners under a Bimini Bay popping cork. To find the
trout, Gross is fishing water depths of 4-7 feet.
Snook are hooking up with Gross' clients and,
again, live shiners are the bait of choice. Most catches
occur at sun up and the bite continues for a couple
of hours. Mangrove edges are holding fish. To find
success, his clients cast as far under the branches as
possible. Snook up to 30 inches are the norm.
Moving to nearshore structure, Gross is finding
good numbers of mangrove snapper for his clients.
By cutting live shiners and dropping them around the

-"" On a May 30 charter
S_ run, Capt. Logan
Bystrom and crew
q started to work a
-. --- _school of silver kings
.J when they hooked
^ --- "-]_ an albino tarpon off
Bean Point at the
S ... north end of Anna
Maria Island. Albino
NIZT_ tarpon are rare, and
i .. "". Bystrom has contin-
Vued to spot this fish

i -" ... -" .... J
within the school of
F silver kings.

boat, Gross is luring the hungry fish close to the sur-
face, and free-lining live chunks of bait to the awaiting
Also, Gross is catching tarpon along the beaches
of Anna Maria Island. Using crabs as bait, his success
comes with sight-casting to roaming schools. Expect
to hook fish 80-120 pounds.
Jonny Keyes at Island Discount Tackle says tarpon
are in the spotlight. To catch a trophy photo, fishers
are using live bait presentations, and crabs, pinfish,
threadfin herring and shiners are producing a bite.
Fishers also are reporting luck on a variety of spe-
cies both inshore and nearshore. Along the beaches,
shore fishers are finding N %ilinh, jack crevalle and
pompano. These fish are being caught during the late
morning and afternoon hours. Keyes suggests working
small jigs tipped with shrimp for success.
Also, casting along the beaches of Anna Maria
Island is resulting in large bull and hammerhead shark.
For big fish, big bait bonito or whole jack crevalle
- is working for hunters.
On the flats, trout fishing is proving prosperous for
fishers using live shiners and Paul Brown's Soft-Dine
in white and chartreuse.
Fishing nearshore structure is a good bet, accord-
ing to Keyes. Mangrove snapper, cobia and permit can
be found, especially during early morning hours.
Capt. Warren Girle is fishing daily in the passes
and on the beaches, leading his clients to multiple
tarpon hookups. He's working with a variety of baits,
including threadfin herring, shiners, crabs and pinfish.
He says the tarpon are running 75-150 pounds.
Moving offshore, Girle is fishing reefs and ledges
for mangrove snapper and red grouper. Both are
responding to live or fresh-cut shiners. Snapper up to

MHi4ei Ja&liW,
Interperative Sail Tours
Aboard 1800s-Design Custom
VVW rk :,:, :uiIlt in C.:,ri r.,
W nisr'-' Cr l3 i *' aiiai;
Geoffrey H. Kendrick
Dolp,ir n.i vlanaI ,-c Bird'c

4526 1 19In St. W1e1 ..- c, ,:-r :
I I i T T : .-,.i -\- u.-111


GagE s
Pro G 14


For a LIMITED time only

$30 OFF
'Coupon musl be presented al Ihe lime of rental
Can nol be combined 'vilh olher offers or discounts
. All rental rules and regulations apply
L:.:01^.d 1 l-.l '2. .ot" "d *>.ho.:1' 1 1 1 i j -lh ';.l ,', *; "rl,.
2'.", o ~r ':1:..:.r _- .:..:.n',

_^ ^ 941-538-4290
WA 11 1* \ -" 1-1 H'_ 1 "*-11 -1 V
k :^^ ^ .5 .......



550 Mria.rie Hlms Beach
ww .Kys~riaco 9177-17



Caution swimmers: Be aware of the rip
As the summer swimming season begins on the Gulf of Mexico beaches, public
safety officials are reminding people of the dangers of rip currents, the powerful
currents of water moving away from shore.
When strong winds blow toward the shore, waves are formed that move large
amounts of water toward the shore. One common way that rip currents form is
when water becomes trapped behind sandbars, which lie parallel and close to the
shore. At some point, the pressure of the water against the sand bar may cut a
narrow channel through it. The channel is usually no more than 20 yards wide and
water rushes back out to sea through it. That rapidly moving water is called a rip
While warning flags are not required on the island shoreline, consistent use of
flag colors where flags are present county beaches on Anna Maria Island is
mandated by state law and is intended to promote safer beachgoing:
Red is indicative of high hazard conditions.
Yellow means medium hazards are present.
Green indicates low hazard conditions.
Purple warn of the presence of dangerous marine life. Rip currents are an
example of one type of hazard red flags may signal.
Signs of a rip current include:
A channel of churning, choppy water.
An area having a notable difference in water color.
A line of foam, seaweed or debris moving steadily seaward.
A break in the incoming wave pattern.
Remember, if you are caught in a rip current:
Stay calm.
Do not swim against the current.
Stay afloat. Swim along the shore until you feel the current relax.
When free of the current, swim at an angle away from it toward the beach.
Call or wave for help.

;,< r1,,,,t.,1,'ii r h,' I, ,, ... 1,1 Fl ,, rI ,i lb ( I. h *,.m rlI n Il .._l U, 1 I llA ir, I I W ,,.I.
[ lair -t. il r 1,1,-tr. [,Ir, -J ',-rM l- ', n riin; i~r,, l -i t 1.11 l I ,, I ro ,, ,' ,, *rr r',|.,
,Il T lr hi I, V. ,\ I. I it I..1,. I.' I 1 T Il, p r..' ,I_ ,_ ,l,_ ,,. i r I "'I p ir. mi u ril.., r
1.i h, n .r .l -., .\ iir, p -,UI n ,iL.i ,i,, l ,I I n,.I l ,i i h ( Ili[ ,n .\'i I .I
r I ,l S ,., l.I lifl. lu. i r 1r, 4 1, .1,, 1 1., 1 1 m -r 1 rl-.l %, p. ,. I A ll I l, _n I '- r ,. rh|r .
I Ir ,nI I r 1. 1I, n r, I ,-S I r.,i, .r I .Ir ., .\ 1 1 ., r. I' r .,v, iin l bl i iH -r l r. .IIn, .

()"' I .\C I 1. 1 / () ) .IT/ ,, i I I r ,I I II, l I ., I ,, 1,, , I Ih,l hiI II,
N r i "'I| Be t St rel Be.ichlie ," I I N I .,.'. i, O -: ..,I.. ,. I l I .l .
S .tnir "Oild, C 1aI.M R Fl.ida" .l rii, ,[ I l. I., l [, [I \.- [ : .. .,,

-. %I, lid, %,,i n. [r1 , ,, ( i. Iili ,.,, h H ,i,,1'. nq l' S, 1 I l lh 1,=,
EX+ui1itC lWand I(,,,ich H.,,mc, t'r,,m dth,_ 4MH}
1 [ t.,1) % lp ..I : I[ ~..,-Ili I. : [ ,,,JIl, ,.. I -,h ,I. ,I

. . ...


\ i.r. 'f)f) *i f i
i~~~~~ ~ ~ ri. .h .,,,,l ,. i rl., i, l I ...f ..l,,,h ..

L Ataviewfo
Iecu' d flo ei denc


iM.'M.M ) 'i .I-S 4 ,. i 1inii1[ i.i.c, ,'li

FISHING from page 23:
18-inches are the norm.
As for the red grouper,
fish 20-28 inches are
being reeled up from the
Migratory fish such
as kingfish, mackerel and
sharks are being caught
around the artificial reefs.
For the macks and kings,
live shiners and threadfin
herring are producing a
bite. For sharks, macks
are working just fine.
Finally, Girle is target-
ing permit. Live crabs free-
lined around structure are
resulting in permit in the
20-pound range. Catching
and boating these fish is
challenging and keeping
them away from sharks
and goliath grouper adds
to this adventure.

Capt. Mark Howard
of SumoTime fishing
charters reports catches of
redfish, spotted seatrout,
snook, sharks and tarpon.
Howard is working
the beaches using shin-
ers, pinfish, threadfins,
crabs and mullet. These
baits have produced some
"spectacular" aerial tarpon
battles and drag-scream-
ing, rod-bending action
for Howard's clients.
Howard is setting up on
the relaxed, meandering
pods of silver kings. He
suggests using a rod with
sufficient backbone to
minimize the battle with-
out exhausting the fish.
On the flats, big red-
fish and catch-and-release

Edge of
Paul Zurawski
and Rick
Hengel of
Anna Maria
join nephews
Brock and
Ross Hengel of
Vancouver on
a hike with
their favorite
newspaper -
to the western
edge of Europe
at Finisterre,

under a popping cork. On
one of Howard's recent
charters, Bryce Henry, 7,
of Tampa, fishing with his
father and uncle, landed
a snook measuring 38
inches. After pictures, the
big momma was released
to fight another day.
Looking forward, the
tarpon will increase in
numbers around the island
waters as the June 13 full
moon approaches. The
tides will be favorable
for fishing this week with
big high tides in the mid-
afternoon and low tide in
the evening. Take advan-
tage of the fast-moving
currents to be rewarded
with some favorable fish-
ing action.

snook have been chew- Send fishing reports to
ing on big shiners rigged

E For location, hours of operation and further details about our award-winning
communities throughout Florida, visit
into creates better places to inspire life 1i
Minto Communities, LLC 2014 Not an offer where prohibited by state statutes All rights reserved Content may not be reproduced,
copied, altered, distributed, stored or transferred in any form or by any means without express written permission Artist's renderings,
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Isle and the Harbour Isle logo are trademarks of Minto Communities, LLC and/or its affiliates CGC 1519880 7/2014

THE ISLANDER U JUNE 11, 2014 0 25

Calm prevails before record-setting summer storm

By Rick Catlin
Islander Reporter
Tourism to Anna Maria Island remains on pace
to set a record for visitors in one year, according to
data from the Bradenton Area Convention and Visitors
Bureau and taxes collected on accommodations.
Many island accommodation owners, managers
and rental agents agree, the year has been great for
Anna Maria Island Chamber of Commerce presi-
dent Mary Ann Brockman said members told her May
was exceptionally busy compared to the same month
in previous years.
"The island was packed for Memorial (Day) week-
end. We had some accommodations call and tell us
they couldn't handle any more visitors, they were full,"
she said.
This month, however, Brockman said to expect "a
slowdown until the kids get out of school. That's about
June 9-10. We' 11 get a respite until then. By mid-to-late
June, summer arrivals start coming," she said.
Islanders should enjoy the slowdown while they
David Teitelbaum, owner of four Bradenton
Beach resort-motels, said advance reservations for
the summer are "well ahead of last year at this time,"
and he expects the summer season to "set a record for
visitors to our resorts."
The summer tourist season on the island tradition-
ally brings Florida and southeast U.S. families driving
to the island for a stay, he said.
Teitelbaum said he believes more and more people
are driving to Florida this summer, rather than flying
to Mexico or the Caribbean for their vacation.
"They are concerned about the crime in those
areas. Better to drive your vehicle and have a safe
vacation than worry about crime in a foreign country,"
he said.
Susan Brinson, co-owner of Anna Maria Island
Accommodations, 315 Pine Ave., Anna Maria, said

their advance reservations for the summer are above
"We're getting Florida families and, surprisingly,
even some people from up north who are driving here.
So far, everything's going well. I anticipate we'll be
above last year's summer figures," Brinson said.
She said summer reservations vary from the winter
season, when visitors often book a year ahead.
"We do take one-year advance rentals, and a lot of
our guests are repeats. But we also get a lot of walk-in
traffic in the summer." She said that if those visitors
can't find a suitable accommodation, they help them
find a place through another rental company or the
chamber. "We want everyone to have an enjoyable
holiday this summer."
Brinson said the company manages 240 vacation
rentals and she' 11 be surprised if they aren't all rented
most of the summer season.

At Gulf-Bay Realty, 5309 Gulf Drive, Holmes
Beach, Robin Kollar said she's looking at some good
summer numbers for advance reservations.
"We just went through a fantastic winter season,
then May was well above what we expected. It was
like the season didn't stop that month," Kollar said.
"Now, we' ve got some openings in early June,
but by late June, a lot of people will be arriving."
Brockman said the summer season lasts until mid-
August, when schools start the new school year.
"After the schools open, we' 11 have a lull in Sep-
tember, but I' m hearing from some members that Octo-
ber and November reservations are already coming in,
especially from Europeans."
Brockman said anyone traveling to Anna Maria
Island looking for an accommodation can call or visit
the chamber office at 5319 Gulf Drive in Holmes
Beach. The office is open 9 a.m.-5 p.m. weekdays.

If advance
for Anna Maria
Island accom-
modations are
realized, expect
island beaches
to be as full
from late-June
I, to mid-August
I as they were
t Memorial Day
weekend at the
Manatee Public
Beach. Islander
< Photo: Rick
L._ Catlin

.,(^4-- i^ .-'.. ~- & wrfV ^-

r lairi-ienarice-Free CI :',
Fr':'rri the UI-jer % S

Anna M ria Is an

* lie I ILl i 1.11 i .:, frl -i-'l
1 2S ;q f t,:, 1 62 ;q ftl

* 2 ,:,r[ 3bedlrc,:'r-i 2
,r 2"' l:,.th c,:,ricil,["'miiiur'i

* ,:,r. ,. ei Ir sect 5: reer,'ecl
Il3i'i i on' c:c:3chh.rilr:'es

CI,-Ie tO hitcjil, iatec sic':':-li
FI,:G'.aplt .i ,:,rl:l-f [la',:-uee
it.1 G -,IG ader,,,e:. ar-,,J [I 1 r, at--e-
,:,,.=n'il, GOlf Co.. e

* Beautiful .iii1 e* C'L :i= .e
I'he3ted I3cj,-,,oi-st,le p:i

* h, li-te ; t,, beautiful be.Ichlei
3id .. 311 ri c di-sta3rnc:e to
f'e t i.ii 3 'ilt :I,,l:'t:,.i'ri andi
,:,:fee --h:l,: | 941.761.0587 7335 Skybird Road, Bradenton, FL 34209

'Mlr-' or & 'rL 'I T111 ri ngtaylo r
fir, morrision

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and PPR Incentive Offers are not valhd at all communities and incentives and design options will vary by home and/or Community Offer void where prohibited or otherwise restricted by law All pricing, availablhty and plans subject to change or delay without notice Limited fHorm es / o im i Youf* ^^~~
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26 0 JUNE 11, 2014 0 THE ISLANDER

Island Biz

By Rick Catlin

Captain offers free
fundraiser tours
Capt. Sherman Baldwin of Paradise Boat Tours at
the Historic Bridge Street Pier in Bradenton Beach is
looking to help local charities, and at the same time
show people the environmental nuances of Sarasota
He's offering his Inlet Explorer, a 37-foot tour boat
with room for 28 passengers, free of charge to local
charities for benefits.
Baldwin said a charity just has to call Paradise
Boat Tours at 941-465-8624 to schedule a fundraising
event. All the proceeds from the tour will go to the
nonprofit, he said.
"We came up with this idea after working with
Florida Maritime Museum, Gator Camp School and
the Learn to Fish Recovery Center," Baldwin said.
"We are a small, family-owned business and we
feel it is our obligation to give back to our community.
We think this is a proactive way to do just that."
Paradise Boat Tours has operated the Inlet
Explorer for more than a year, providing trips and
tours of Sarasota Bay.
Baldwin has more than 35 years as a boat captain,
and understands the historical and environmental sig-
nificance of the area's bays and bayous.
L\ Niybody knows our beaches, but far less know
the beauty of our bays, and we aim to change that. We
really want our guests to understand the beauty and
history of the area," he said.

ci[pt. fSeimanftal DUIUWI anuJirsti mate iuxuAineAL
Beam of the 28-passenger sight-seeing vessel Inlet
Explorer dock at the Historic Bridge Street Pier in
Bradenton Beach. Baldwin is offering to reserve the
boat for a fundraising events for local charities at no
charge. Islander Photo: Rick Catlin

For more information, go online to www.toursrq.
com or call 941-465-8624.

Realty raves
Mike Norman Realty, 3101 Gulf Drive, Holmes
Beach, has named Jed Wilkinson its top listing agent
for May. Jason Hrnack garnered the top sales agent
award at the Norman office.
For more information or to reach Wilkinson or
Hrnack, call 941-778-6696.
Wagner Realty, with an office at 2217 Gulf Drive
N., Bradenton Beach, has named Wendy Kay Foldes
and Steve Goldman as its top island listing agents for
May. David Moynihan topped the island agents in
For more information, call 941-778-2246.

Chamber plans
The Anna Maria Island Chamber of Commerce
will host its June sunrise breakfast 7:45 a.m.-9 a.m.
Wednesday, June 11, at the Gulf Drive Cafe and Tiki,
900 Gulf Drive N., Bradenton Beach.
Cost of the breakfast is $8 and reservations are
Chamber members are encouraged to bring a guest
or potential member to the event.
And while the chamber's annual golf tournament
is a bit more than three months away, chamber vice
president Deb Wing wants to hear from sponsors and
This year's tournament will begin at 11:30 a.m.
Monday, Sept. 22, at the IMG Academy Golf Course
at 4350 El Conquistador Parkway, Bradenton.
Play will be a team scramble format and dinner is
included in the $125 per player entry fee. A dinner-only
ticket for guests is available for $35.
"This is our major fundraising event of the year for
our scholarship fund," Wing said. "We wanted to give
everyone early notice so they could circle the date on
their calendar and make plans to play."
The chamber also is looking for individual and
corporate sponsors, she said. Many of the sponsors
also field a team in the tournament, Wing added.
Anyone interested in golf registration, sponsorship
or breakfast reservations should call the chamber at

Business news
Does your business have achievements to cel-
ebrate? Maybe you' ve just opened a business or
your business received an award or special recog-
If so, we'd like to hear from you.
To be considered, email your information,
"who, what, where, when and why," to news@ Hi-res photos also are welcome.


Nautilus Condo: 2BR/2BA, Pool, Tennis.

3A. 10,881 sqft lot.

3BR/2BA. Great Rental Potential.

!'% T 1 '*
Larry Chatt Frank Davis
Broker President

2BR/1.5BA. 2 pools, clubhouse
Gulffront complex. $249,900

Sales I Vacation Rentals

2BR/2BA. Beautifully decorated and
impeccably maintained! $399,000

3BR/2BA. Beautifully updated.

6101 Marina Drive I 419 Pine Ave
VO~s Bleo

Breathtaking views!
2BR/2BA, $529,000

2BR/2BA. Beautifully renovated.

4191 I' ,lA 11, M'niu I rive



5BR/4BA. Waterfront with 2 cottages near
Rod & Reel Pier. $1,595,000

Island real estate transactions
By Jesse Brisson
Special to The Islander
523 Key Royale Drive, Holmes Beach, a 1,843 sfla
/ 2,538 sfur 3bed/212bath/2car canalfront home built in
1964 on a 100xl10 lot was sold 05/16/14, Mansfield
to Schmukler for $605,000; list $695,000.
5606 Holmes Blvd., Unit B, Barefoot Bungalows,
Holmes Beach, a 1,040 sfla 3bed/2bath condo with
shared pool built in 1957 was sold 05/21/14, Bayer to
5606 Holmes Blvd LLC for $590,000.
244 S. Harbor Drive, Unit 1, Bay Bella Visa,
Holmes Beach, a 1,330 sfla/ 1,791 sfur 2bed/3bath/l car
bayfront condo built in 1983 was sold 05/14/14,
Krauser to Chepenuk for $575,000; list $599,000.
241 S. Harbor Drive, Holmes Beach, a 1,568 sfla
/ 2,599 sfur 2bed/2bath/2car home built in 1996 on a
53x 100 lot was sold 05/20/14, Moore to Terenzio for
$495,000; list $498,900.
201 Peacock Lane, Holmes Beach, a 2,077 sfla
3bed/2bath duplex built in 1975 on a 86x87 lot was
sold 05/20/14, Frint to Darby Contracting LLC for
$399,900; list $399,900.
119 81st St., Holmes Beach, a 840 sfla / 984 sfur
2bed/2bath duplex built in 1946 on a 80x87 lot was
sold 05/20/14, Federal Home Loan Mortgage Corpora-
tion to Wien for $321,000; list $284,900.
2115 Ave. C, Bradenton Beach, a vacant 50x100
lot was sold 05/19/14, Banyas to Faust for $295,000.
Jesse Brisson, broker/associate at Gulf-Bay
Realty of Anna Maria, can be reached at 941-778-

And I'll give you 100
percent effort.
Mike 4

THE ISLANDER 0 JUNE 11, 2014 0 27


BICYCLE, NEXT, 18-speed, like new, $50, Little
Giant ladder type 1A, $100, firm. Call 813-240-
TWO METAL CAR ramps, $25, gas weed eater,
$25, three adult sleeping bags, $10 each. Call
NEW BOLEN 25-cc weed wacker, $50, new
Spyder paintball value pak, $55, cost $130. 941 -
POOL: ABOVE GROUND, as new, sand filter,
motor and ladder, $100. 941-778-3920.

QUEEN-SIZE BED: Mattress, headboard, box
spring. Clean. $50 each. Holmes Beach. 941-
THE ISLANDER has art, furnishings, antique
office chairs from Anna Maria city dais and more
for sale -- and local and Haitian artwork! 5604B
Marina Drive, next to Domino's!

Individuals may place one free ad with up to three
items, each priced $100 or less, 15 words or less.
FREE, one week, must be submitted online. Email, fax toll-free 1-866-362-
9821. (limited time offer)
TURN THE PAGE for more Islander ads...

SJese Bsson-Br ociat
941-713-4755 800-771-6043
DUPLEX FOR SALE: 300 block of 65th Street on
a conforming duplex lot. Lovingly maintained, new
windows, room for a pool, great rental history and
potential. $519,000.
5BED/3BATH DUPLEX: West of Gulf Drive, just
steps to the beach this relaxed living duplex is cur-
rently a successful vacation rental. Excellent rental
history and confirmed future bookings. Turnkey
Furnished $940,000.
4BED/2BATH DUPLEX:: Location, Location, Loca-
tion. Across from public beach and off of Gulf Drive,
this duplex comes turnkey furnished! $365,000.
SNEAD ISLAND: Built in 2006 on over half an acre,
this 4bed/3bath home features 14-ft ceilings, crown
moldings, kitchen with black granite counter tops,
Grand views saltwater pool with waterfall feature,
200-ft new dock. Much much more $949,000.
FLAMINGO TOWNHOME: Totally redone from
head to toe, this 2bed/2bath condo is conveniently
located close to Robinson Preserve, Anna Maria
Island and, with a pool and docks, what more do
you need?! $175,000.
POOL HOME WITH SLIP: This elevated 2bed/2bath
pool home built on an oversize lot also includes a
deeded boat slip. Inviting layout takes full advantage
of blending indoors with outdoors. $589,999.

A 91JW kCARO z OZ&w.-, -A

3 bed I 2 bath $649,000 3 bed 2 bath $749,000
3 bed 1 2 bath $649,000 3 bed 1 2 bath $749,000

3 bed I 3 bath $619,000

6 bed I 4 bath $1,449,000

2 bed I 3 bath $599,500


507 75th 7214 Holmes Blvd

111111 i. l lIII lII lII llIIIIIIIllli'I
.m.. ..--

4 bed I 3 bath $844,000

303 74th #B

1 'd

"Od loid wtha*ewTws-"

Thefist te i selig 0r byig-
hose issccsful cosingSheigh

Inth pstsixmntswehveo
average sol ahose ever 4 das!

"201 Sal s o 2 ilin

Proidngth vey es cstome
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572 arnaDrve#14,Homs Bac

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3 bed I 3 bath $494,000 4 bed I 2/1 bath $679,000

4 bed I 3 bath $670,000

0\ cle 46

3 bed I 3 bath $785,000

28 0 JUNE 11, 2014 0 THE ISLANDER

Sandy's Lawn Service Inc.
Sandys Established in 1983
SLan Residential and Commercial
B Full service lawn maintenance
Service Landscaping Clean-up
778-1345 Hauling tree trimming
Licensed & Insured

Paradise Improvements 941.792.5600
-Kitchen and Bath Remodeling Specialist
1 Replacement Doors and Windows
Andrew Chennault
__ _ _ ~ Island References Lic#CBC056755

V -= Residential & Condo Renovations
S\^ Kitchens Bath Design Service
g. Carpentry Flooring Painting
,, ~ Commercial & Residential
Is' References available 941-720-7519

I-- WKING Bed: A bargain!
5271 I. K! 'g, Queen, Full & Twin,
owned from $30 new/used.


Windows & Doors

professional, metered, on-call, gps, cards accepted
holmes beach, bradenton beach, anna maria
airports shops dining

Jim Basiley, LLC
Engineer turned Handyman
free estimates -- no service charge -- no job too small
Electrical (lights, ceiling fans, receptacles), Carpentry, Power Wash
Call Jim at 941-448-7806 or email:

C'armen is a 2- ear
0 old bull terrier mi\.
Slie is liealtlI. liappy
4 .and1d wouldd lo'e to
li'e forever ,,ithi a
riun. active ramnil!
armen is a rrie]ndl.
i-. Io lebu l lloltand Ireat
S \ ith other (logs. She
is s|).aied. I |u) to datle
on shots and microchipped. Moonracer No Kill
iianimal Rescue Inc. 941-896-6701. lslandLisa44,' Visit The Islander ror more iniro a)out
Carnmen and other rescued. adopltable pets.

SPEsREDE Thee Islander

A S F A R l IP L R 0 T c P L L ER





WANTED: WORKOUT DVDs and retired but
working XBox, Wii units with games for Ministry
of Presence for kids and teens in Haiti. Deliver
to The Islander, 5604B Marina Drive, Holmes

WANTED: YOUR OLD cell phone for recycling.
Deliver to The Islander, 5604B Marina Drive,
Holmes Beach.
FREE GUN LOCK courtesy of Project Childsafe,
Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commis-
sion and Holmes Beach Police Department. Pick
up at The Islander office, 5604B Marina Drive,
Holmes Beach. Don't be sorry, be safe.

ROSER THRIFT SHOP: Open 9:30 a.m.-2 p.m.
Tuesday, Thursday, 10 a.m.-1 p.m. Saturday.
Donations, 9-11 a.m. Wednesday. 511 Pine
Ave., Anna Maria. 941-779-2733.

STEFF'S STUFF ANTIQUES and Consignment. Open daily. 941-383-1901.
MOVING SALE: 8 a.m.-1 pm. Friday and Satur-
day, June 13-14. Antiques, miscellaneous. 746
Jacaranda Road, Anna Maria.

LOST CAT: GRAY tiger, white paws, no tail. 66th
Street, Holmes Beach. Roe, 941-524-0465.

LOST: WOODEN PADDLE with Camp Carolina
and burned-in merit badges. Lost in bay near
Anna Maria. Sam, 863-559-8547.

RESCUED dogs (and cats!) are looking for new
homes or fosters. Please, call 941-896-6701.

CUSTOM ROYAL RIDE (Rolls Royce) golf cart.
$3,000. Email for pictures:

BIMINI BAY SAILING: Small sailboat rentals and
instruction. Day. Week. Month. Sunfish, Laser,
Windrider 17 and Precision 15. Call Brian at 941 -
PONTOON BOAT RENTAL Create life long
memories. Call 941-518-3868 or see boatflorida.

FOR RENT: BOAT SLIP WITH or without davit,
suitable for up to 25 foot boat. Holmes Beach.
FOR SALE: PRIJON 19-foot German-made kayak
with rudder and much more. Call for details and
to see it! $200 or best offer. Leave message, 941 -

PART-TIME SALES position: Gift shop located
on Anna Maria. Must be available weekends and
evenings. Retirees welcome. 941-840-4235.
wanted. Generous commission split. Call Julie
Royal or Mary Ann Schmidt at SunCoast Real
Estate. 941-779-0202.
NEED: SHUTTLE BUS driver, taxi for tips on
Anna Maria Island, AMI Beach Bus. Compensa-
tion by the job, up to $20/hour. Shuttle bus and
SUV/sedan serving Anna Maria Island, Longboat
Key, Sarasota, Cortez and the Bradenton area
seeks experienced drivers. Must be at least 25
years old, clean record required, Knowledge of
area required, full or part time, must have smart
phone. 941-404-6466.
antiques and specialty store. Potential advance-
ment to assistant manager position. 3-5 days/
week. Apply with resume to Sea Hagg, 12304
Cortez Road, Cortez. 941-795-5756.

RESPONSIBLE RED CROSS certified babysit-
ter. Honor student. Call or text Isabel, 941-545-
KIDS FOR HIRE ads are FREE for up to three
weeks for Island youths under 16 looking for
work. Ads must be placed in person at The
Islander office, 5604-B Marina Drive, Holmes

LPNS NEEDED FOR active quadriplegic using
Hoyer lift. Morning shifts, 4-5 hours starting at
7 a.m. Overnight shifts, 9:30 p.m.-7 a.m. 941-

and business specialist. On-site service, virus/
spyware, cleanup, system setup, upgrades, diag-
nosis and repair, internet/wireless networking,
custom system design. 941-224-1069.

I DON'T CUT corners, I clean corners. Profes-
sional, friendly cleaning service since 1999. 941 -
779-6638. Leave message.
ALL AROUND PAINTING: Quality work. Free esti-
mates. Licensed, insured. Call native islander Jim
Weaver, 813-727-1959.
ISLAND COMPUTER GUY, 37 years experience.
On-site PC repairs, upgrades, buying assistance
and training. Call Bill, 941-778-2535.

TRANSPORT SERVICE: LET me drive you to the
airport or anywhere in Florida. Flat rates. Reason-
able. Call Mike, 941-567-6634.

resort. Love what we do, love to work. 941-756-
U FLY I drive your car anywhere in the USA. Air-
port runs, anywhere. 941-746-5651, 941-545-

mercial, residential and resorts. Roofs, buildings,
houses driveways etc. 941-251-5948.

JOHN "THE FIREMAN" Island Cycle & Scooter
Repair. 25 years experience. Affordable prices.
918-639-5002 or 941-276-1414.

CLEANING BY LAURA offers everything on your
list, from kitchen and bath cleaning to dusting
and emptying wastebaskets. 941-539-6891.
D.L. HAYES CLEANING: Bonded and insured.
Rachael Bidwell/ Sheila Darcy, 941-932-5347 or
941-224-1486. For all your cleaning needs.

JUST THAT CLEAN: We'll clean your home like
our own! Free estimate. Jenise, 941-730-6773,
Brad, 941-704-5609.
WILDLIFE REMOVAL AND relocation: Problem
solving for all animals, big and small. Call Joe,
Westcoast Nuisance Wildlife Service. 941-720-

9 ELKAcom
/ Commercial
31 51 9+h S+

Ho U *.BUaL I ,L
Holmes Beach, FL 3

Real Estate

34217 Interior
Stock Pictures
Post Cards


"Movers Who Core"


GET FIT IN the comfort of your home or on the
beach. Certified personal trainer and registered
nurse. Call Tim, CPT-RN, 941-685-6336.
panion, personal care, meals, errands, appoint-
ments. Joyce Williams, 813-331-7751, 941-735-
PROOF, POST, PUBLISH: Local editor-writer
available for consulting, draft editing, final proof-
ing and copywriting, as well as social media
management for your group or business. Email
Lisa Neff at
ing looking for storefront jobs in Holmes Beach.
I make dirty windows sparkling clean. 941-920-
Islanders. Rentals our specialty. 941-778-3046.
BEACH SERVICE air conditioning, heat, refrigera-
tion. Commercial and residential service, repair
and/or replacement. Serving Manatee County
and the Island since 1987. For dependable,
honest and personalized service, call William
Eller, 941-795-7411. CAC184228.
ANYONE CAN TAKE a picture. A professional
creates a portrait. I want to be at your wedding! 941-778-2711.
RELAXING MASSAGE IN the convenience of your
home or hotel. Massage by Nadia, more than
19 years on Anna Maria Island. Call today for
an appointment, 941-518-8301. MA#0017550.

commercial. Full-service lawn maintenance, land-
scaping, cleanup, hauling and more! Insured.
ISLAND LAWN SPRINKLERS repairs and instal-
lations, watering the island for 15 years. Jeff,
lawn care, pool care, maintenance work, land-
scape and design, tree trimming, pressure wash-
ing, mulch, shell. Marine waxing, detailing. Free
snow removal. Call Travis, 941-779-8389.
Lawns, native plants, mulching, trimming, haul-
ing, cleanup. Island resident 25 years. Call 941 -
BONUS! CLASSIFIED ADS are posted early
online at

old Florida seashell driveways and scrapes. Free
estimates. Call Shark Mark, 941-301-6067.

SHELL DELIVERED AND spread. $50/yard. Haul-
ing all kinds of gravel, mulch, top soil with free
estimates. Call Larry at 941-795-7775, "shell
phone" 941-720-0770.

TOP NOTCH LAWN Care: Residential and com-
mercial. For all your landscaping needs. 941-932-

installation. Tropical landscape specialist. Resi-
dential and commercial. 30 years experience.
941-729-9381, 941-448-6336.

VAN-GO PAINTING residential/commercial, inte-
rior/exterior, pressure cleaning, wallpaper. Island
references. Bill, 941-795-5100. www.vangopaint-
carpentry, repairs and painting. Insured. Meticu-
lous, clean, sober and prompt. Paul Beauregard,

TILE -TILE -TILE. All variations of ceramic tile
supplied and installed. Quality workmanship,
prompt, reliable, many Island references. Call
Neil, 941-726-3077.

man, fine woodwork, countertops, cabinets and
wood flooring. Insured and licensed. 941-722-

JERRY'S HOME REPAIR: Carpentry, handyman,
light hauling, pressure washing. Jack of all trades.
Call 941-778-6170 or 941-447-2198.
HANDYMAN SERVICE: 25-year Island resident.
We do all repair, interior and exterior, insured. The
Flying Dutchman, 941-447-6747.
cial, roofs, driveways, house, lanai, pool area.
The Flying Dutchman, 941-447-6747.
houses, driveways, decks, windows, sealing brick
pavers. Best prices, call now, 941-896-4321.
Peter for free estimate, references, insured. The
Flying Dutchman, 941-447-6747.
ISLE TILE: QUALITY installation floors, counters,
backsplashes, showers. Licensed, insured. Call
Chris at 914-302-8759.
Turn the page for more classifieds....

r CLASSIFIED AD ORDER----------------------------------------------------

CLASSIFIED RATES: Minimum $12 for up to 15 WORDS. 16-30 words: $20. 31-45 words: $40.
BOX ad: additional $4. (Phone number is a "word.")
The deadline is NOON Monday every week for Wednesday's paper.

Run issue date(s)
Amt. pd


Credit card payment: No.
Name shown on card:

House no. or P.O. box no. on cc bill
Your e-mail for renewal reminder:
Web site:
5604B Marina Drive
Holmes Beach FL 34217

Ck. No.IU


Cleaning by LAURA
For honest, reliable and
friendly service...
Contact me today.
Call: 941-539-6891
P- or email
,cleaning bylaura@
God Bless You!

Pet Friendly


A Lending
Hand, Inc.

" Caregivers/Companions
" Hourly 24/7 Care
" Transportation
" Social Outings/Or. Appts.
" Housekeeping
" Meal Preparation
" Assistance With Daily
Living Activities
* Respite Care
Phone: 941.809.3725
HCS #230506 NR #30211577

We provide design plans-You preview 3-D drawings


Darrin J. Wash State Lic. CBC1258250
1 I 1 ': w:" ':

Ad1D M4Q4R
Off G-, R1 .# .

Ad d Re-screen Specialists
i Free Estimates
Porches Pool Cages Lanais
Pinellas: (727) 424-0220 Manatee: (941) 928-9112.

or TFN start date:
Cash J

card exp. date
Billing address zip code

Fax toll free: 1-866-362-9821
Phone: 941-778-7978


The Islander

THE ISLANDER i JUNE 11, 2014 i 29

Family Owned and Operated since 1975
New Construction Remodeling
All Phases of Plumbing Repair & Service
778-3924 or 778-4461 5508 Marina Drive, Holv-: ''ii" Sat,

Wash Down Easy Access Clean Security Cameras
941-232-9208 Rates starting at $40
Centrally located off Cortez Road 4523 30th St. W.
Warehouse/Workshops also available

Nj: :b TOO BIG or Too SMALL. Free Estima.: ,l
Call Dan, 941-713-3108

Junior's Landscape & Maintenance
Lawn care PLUS native plants, -.f i Y
mulch, trip, hauling and cleanup. -
Call Junior, 807-1015 d*h

HONE Handyman Service
Let us put our 35 years of experience to work for you!
Joesph LaBrecque *Carpentry *Drywall *Flooring *Painting *Siding *Tile
941.896.5256-office Free Estimates Licensed
941.807.5256-cell Ask about our 10% guarantee & Insured



WEEKLY/MONTHLY/ANNUAL rentals: wide vari-
ety, changes daily. SunCoast Real Estate, 941-
779-0202, or 1-800-732-6434. www.suncoastinc.

DUPLEX TO SHARE: $500/month includes power,
water, your own bathroom. 75th Street at Cortez
Road, Bradenton. 941-538-2700.

VACATION RENTAL BY private owner. Nice
3BR/2BA. Holmes Beach. Monthly, $3,500. 941-

HOME AWAY FROM home: Vacation rental, Palm
Breeze rentals in Holmes Beach. Two beautifully
furnished units in a Key West-style home on a large
corner lot. Each unit has 3BR/2BA, washer, dryer and
fully equipped kitchen. Heated pool, bikes, grill, etc.
Just bring your clothes and a toothbrush and enjoy. 941-730-5126.

(941) 778-6066
'^^ B ^ ^S "mm C( .IT HE'I.VHIM 1::> f* fh
1I| HN.,C(A,.I.THE|SHNI. H, ( I:IIM A ;

S* > :! \ :k! : I&

FREE TINY ROOM: Log cabin-like. Gulffront property
in exchange for handyman work. 941-779-9781.

Beach, Holmes Beach, Longboat Key. Quiet person,
excellent references. 941-730-5363.
OCEANFRONT BUILDING: 6-7 month lease. Available
June 15. Two nice apartments. 1BR/1BA, small but
cute, nice kitchen, small patio, $850/month. 2BR/1BA,
1,000 sf upstairs with porch overlooking pool, $1,075/
month. 201 S. Bay Blvd. Anna Maria. Appointment
needed. Call John, 941-567-5543 or 941-545-3307.

WE'RE LOW, LISTINGS needed. Are you curious as
to how much your home could be worth? Call us for a
free professional consultation. Call Lynn at Edgewater
Real Estate, 941-778-8104.
FOR SALE BY owner: Palm Court off of El Conquis-
tador Parkway. 4816 61st. Ave. Drive W., Bradenton.
Move-in ready, 941-524-6977.
REAL ESTATE: BUY, sell, invest. Enjoy. Billi Gartman,
Realtor, Duncan Real Estate. 941-545-8877. www.

BUY and SELL with the Premier Family TODAY!

Laurie M. Mock, MBA George Myers
Licensed Real Estate Broker Sales Associate
941-232-2665 941-224-6021

ond=1asfSe muP
0 0MW __ _'

UPDATED ISLAND HOME 2 short blocks to the beach.
This adorable home features an updated kitchen with new
appliances and granite counter tops. New AC in 2010,
newer roof, updated plumbing throughout and a large yard.

BEACHFRONT CONDO 2BR/2BA direct beachfront.
Exceptional views from this ground-level unit. Meticulously
maintained complex offers two heated pools, covered park-
ing, clubhouse and shuffleboard. $529,000

DIRECT GULF FRONT located in the city of Anna Maria. 2
BR/3BT with spectacular views, spacious beach-side, screened
porch, open sun deck, large carport. $2,300,000.

Mike 800.-367-1617
Norma-';ft^9% 941-778-6696
Norman 3101 GULF DR

corner lot. Between Manatee Avenue and Cortez
Road. One block to Intracoastal, one block to beach.
$475,000. Owner may finance. 941-778-7980 or 941-
KNOCK OUT CONDO! Revel in paradise of beauti-
ful bay to Gulf 55- plus property. 2BR/1BA, stun-
ning granite, stainless-steel kitchen and magnificent
bath. First floor, handicap features. Fabulous and
convenient location. Pool, turnkey. $189,000. 412-
guest apartment, 2.58 acres, large stocked pond.
$148,000. 1-828-837-1486.
FOR SALE BY owner: 2BR/2BA luxury, gated, com-
munity pool, 1 mile from beach. Reduced, $219,950.

TROPICAL OASIS: 3BR/2.5BA, four-car garage, in-
ground pool, huge master suite, bells and whistles.
Built 2008. Great income potential, weekly rental.
$799,900. Sharon Hightower, Remax Alliance
Group, 941-330-5054.

Immaculate condition, huge greatroom, new
kitchen, private backyard. $349,900. Sharon High-
tower, Remax Alliance Group, 941-330-5054.
GREAT LITTLE HOUSE, great big view: Open water
view of AM I Bridge, 1950s cottage, block construc-
tion, pine accents. New appliances, etc. An island
treasure. $849,500. FSBO. 941-730-2606.


40 Years of Professional Service
to Anna Maria Island and Bradenton
Belair Bayou: Unique 3/2 home with 2,632 sfla, man cave, pool, lanai
with fireplace and stone table with grill and much more. S316,000.
GULFFRONT Vacation/Seasonal 5/4 Home.
GULFFRONT Luxury Villas 2/2 and 1/1.5 Vacation/Seasonal
HOLMES BEACH- 941-778-0807


*'**'f l.1 3BF ?.A ,:n1r,:,nl
on i. I poolI,,:,n,- o*,n lrql
'^^ti. *Bi-r^ B M ~l':l F-ully, ,m:,J-,.
I Je relA, 1 ,,,'i l [2,,:,,o,1
kIr ,-nan-J ip ry-
bahIi Ilie II, ,r pan i
designed d c ici, ", ry i, : d1nJ br-dree-e ,ill p:,,,:lel imhJir,
1m,:, i ever',v r,:,:,ni leaJd n,.l Ic:, lie ,:a ed p,.:,l Shil'l,,, lIrger
1:.1 Ihia luIi I n ,hv- i1nc.:-[.',e Tl iii iS li *ne ',':.i will n,:.i
l:,re-I '$ J ::,: i ll r i,:':,e Sk. ,.i, *'I- 1 y.7 .?','3..

Lihl Bnr,,hl Up.aleJ1"?.BFP:2BA e:..:.r,. ,:,,.,.: la r,:ri 2B BA
Pri-e-.: J nriqhl 14j 4J 14 i ll .: ri.,'J ,'ilh rerid1 ri.i I',rv
i,:,:.le r,'- B.r.,: r '* : 1. -l ?-1 '), a[, I.dll [|I .:,:.le S 3.,':
,'3"'y.4r, eBr,'. r '4J 1 -77. ,


?.BP .BA [,e. ,-p.'.l-r ,:arial 'P.BP 'B.A b.iin,.l,:,w -niral
',:,urni.ei iI.:i-rn 4.,:r ,3dra3,'- il1nJ l.:.3: ii.:.n I:.n .:., i:rl irm
1 ;',',,', ,',,',,', ,.dll r,,:,, ,: ,.. ,'.,.' ) ,X,,, 1 l ,:I S ka ,q.:.
B.r, ') 41. ; ; 3 ,, " Broker *4:11 *.. :,:^,r
5351 Gull Drive No. 4. Holmes Beach 941 -779-2289

THE ISLANDER 0 JUNE 11, 2014 0 31

Come see the amazing natural beauty of the Pa ma So a Bay C ub and

our uxurious waterfront community with 2 and 3 bedroom condominiums.


* Minutes from beautiful beaches
* Outdoor track, putting green and dog park
* Minutes from IMG Sports Academy Sarasota and Tampa
* Community pool and bar entertainment area


* Luxury baths
* Gourmet kitchen
* Exterior finishes
* Private balconies



i! IT

I ". 1 l F .

I t. I I q 1 -

IPm c o :,CORTEZ,'
C O RTEZ ,^:,:,, : ,:-,-

Gulf of Mexico


S,, :.:.[a Ba,


1111111 III III



941.761.7349 Call Today

3400 75th Street West, Bradenton, Florida 34210
On 75th Street between Cortez & Manatee Avenue

Models Open Daily 10a.m. to 5p.m.

Oral representation cannot be relied upon as correctly stating representations of the developer for correct representations, make reference to this brochure and to the documents required by section 718.503, Florida statues, to be
furnished by a developer to a buyer or lessee. The developer reserves the right to make changes or substitutions for pricing, plans, specifications, features, materials and equipment without notice. Sotheby's International Realty and
the Sotheby's International Realty logo are registered service marks used with permission. Each office is independently owned and operated. Equal Housing Opportunity. This is not an offer to sell for informational purposes only.

1: :1 T

32 0 JUNE 11, 2014 0 THE ISLANDER

-B F G 01-'R a G


16113 Gull Drit M"Nrtli
Braidtnlin Beadich, FL. 3421'
1-,8,-646-6' 16

22111i Gull' Dri e North
Bradenton Beach, FL. 3421
l-8111-44-' 124


1325 Gull'Dri c North
Bradeiitoii Beach. FL. 3421


21113 Gul I'Dri c North
Bradcntoii Bcach. FL. 3421
l-SNl 1l-S83-4ll'2

Making Memories Here with Is
Our Tortuga. Trade inds. SeaSide and
Tropic Isle Beacli Resorts are the perfect
choice for your wedding or other special
celebration here on gorgeous Anna Maria
Island. Whether a la% ish event at one of our
three pri, ate beaches or in your resort suite.
or at our new Tortuga Beach Pergola, our
Concierge and professional Wedding Plan-
ner look forward to helping you. As a cour-
tesy, we'll extend our group discounts to
include each of our four hotels, so you'll get
credit for the total number of reservations
no matter which hotel .oui and your guests
choose. Please call soon. \\e invite you to
make your memories here with us: we knom
you'll come back to %isit us again && again.

lortuga inn two-DedUroom apartments
Gulfview W) $599,00
Bayview @ $529,000
The Gardens @ $450,000

" The beach iv vpecltciihlr md tihe
s*iirels aire umnizingI. I c.ry romntiic.
Ifyou ii'IIiti o jusl rehil.\ ild forgel
Tie Iworld, this iv the phice to 01o. "

David Teitelbau
Sales Associat(

6101 Marina Drive
Holmes Beach FL 34217
e 419 Pine Ave
Anna Maria 34216

Liz Codola
Broker Associate

' ,; :': ...

ZAGAT Top Restaurants in America
"Best Food on the Gult Coast"