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The GainesvilleIguana A progressive newsletter and events calendar October, 2018 Vol. 32, Issue 10 INSIDE ... From the Publisher . . . . . . 3 CMC Events ................. 11 Event Calendar . . . . . . 12-13 Oral History Project . . . . 18-19 Directory . . . . . . . . 21-23 Editors Picks ................ 24 VOTE! The following recommendations are about 95 percent from Jeremiah Tattersalls website, where you can see the original post. Mostly I agreed with them, so why reinvent the wheel? He gave me permission to edit, rewrite here and there, and insert my own thoughts, which I have done. Yeah, it is longish, but this is a major election, and face it, it is a longish ballot, too. vote. ~ Thank you, Joe Courter Referenda: Constitutional Amendments: Theres a long list of proposed amend ments, which need to pass by 60 percent of the vote to become law. The League of Women Voters has gone through a good Amendment 1: Grants an additional $25,000 homestead exemption for property tax. This loss of revenue would cripple local governments from being able to provide services. VOTE NO.Your guide to the Nov. 6 election in Alachua CountySee VOTE!, p. 2


OCT OBER 2018, IGUANA PAGE 3 PAGE 2, IGUANA, OCT OBER 2018 Subscribe!The Gainesville Iguana is Gainesville's progressive newsletter and events calendarIndividuals: $15 (or more if you can) Groups: $20 Gainesville Iguana P .O. Box 14712 Comments, suggestions, contributions list your event or group, contact us at: www The Iguana has been published monthly or bimonthly by volunteers for over 30 years. Circulation for this issue is 4,500. Publisher: Joe Courter Editors Emeritus: Jenny Brown Mark Piotrowski Editorial Board: Pierce Butler Joe Courter Beth Grobman Production work and assistance: Emily Arnold Joye Barnes Doug Bernal Kaithleen Hernandez Diana Moreno Distribution: Joe Courter Kate Ellison Bill Gilbert Anita Sundaram Contact us if you can help with distribution in outlying areas. Authors and photographers have sole credit, responsibility for, and rights to their work. Cover drawing of iguana by Daryl Harrison. Printed on recycled paper From the publisher ...Evolution and traumaJoe Courter Amendment 2: Would permanently cap at 10 percent the maximum value increase for non-homestead properties. This parks. This is something that is already in law but is set to expire in 2019. If its allowed to expire local governments would be allowed to collect taxes on the true value of these properties. VOTE NO. Amendment 3 outlawed due to predatory practices exploiting people with addictions. Anything to slow it down is good to me. VOTE YES. Amendment 4: served their time. VOTE HELL YES. Amendment 5: Would require a 2/3 majority to increase taxes. This is another way to protect reactionary tax cuts for generations. VOTE NO. Amendment 6: Changes victim rights and the way the courts interpret laws. Most of the rights are already in state law and the changes to the courts are problematic. VOTE NO. Amendment 7: Supermajority requirements for raising tuition, ers. While Im for free public education, thats not an option and rich kids should pay right now. VOTE NO. Amendment 8: The Supreme Court removed this from the ballot. It was a bad amendment anyway. VOTE NO. Amendment 9: Prevents some offshore oil drilling and vaping indoors. This would only stop oil drilling 9 miles off the West/ South coast and 3 miles off the East coast. No one wants to drill this close to shore because theres no oil there. The Deepwater Horizon, which devastated beaches, was over 100 miles off the Florida coast. There is a fear that this being voted down will be a sign that Florida doesnt care about the environment, but I think the opposite is true. Passing a do nothing amendment will placate many people into thinking something was actually done. As far as vaping indoors, thats douchey and can be outlawed via statute. VOTE NO. Amendment 10: Creates a counterterrorism unit in the state and mandates a bunch of stuff on counties. We dont need this. VOTE NO. Amendment 11: that says immigrants cant own land. It would also allow the state legislature to apply sentencing reform on those already convicted of crimes. VOTE YES. Amendment 12: anti-corruption measures. A major issue with this amendment is that itll be very hard to change once enacted. But this is the only way to get something like this passed, since theres no real mechanism for voters to directly pass legislation and elected that government is the shadow cast by big business. This bill wouldnt end that relationship but would throw a wrench in it. VOTE YES. Amendment 13 VOTE YES. County Referenda: Childrens Trust of Alachua County taxing district with a board who will oversee the funds. The funds would go towards postnatal care, childcare for working families, after school programs, etc. VOTE YES unless you hate children. Half-Cent Sales Surtax to Improve School Facilities in Alachua County are not doing well, and its mostly because of cuts from Tallahassee politicians (isnt Senator Perry awful?). This tax would add a half cent to your sales tax and the money itself would would go to school infrastructure. Two schools in East Gainesville will be completely remodeled but every school is getting numerous projects. VOTE YES on the half cent sales tax because children deserve better schools. MUNICIPAL REFERENDA ON PRIVATIZING GAINESVILLE REGIONAL UTILITIES This is one of the most important things on the ballot. It was the People it Serves, which is a problem for fans of privatization. has moved away from mountain top removal coal, added solar feed in programs, and built a carbon neutral biomass plant, all VOTE NO referendum because people should have democratic control of our utilities. Also Keith Perry is awful and he wants this, so dont let him have it. From VOTE!, p. 1 See VOTE!, p. 5 We humans have had to deal with a lot of changes in our sensory input and all the information that our brains need to process. Our early technology ( candles, lanterns) practice of writing broadened access to knowledge, giving us written information As humans began to travel, trade could develop as well. This could also occur, with the appropriation of wealth and territory. This led to weaponry development. All the above has exploded exponentially in the past hundred years. Communications are world wide and instantaneous. Trade and conquest, whether for raw materials or territory, are on a planetary scale. Our weaponry is nightmarish in power, both on the grand scale among nations, and as well in smaller yet devastating weapons in the hands of individuals and nonstate actors. It has even become a world economic system, based on keystrokes rather than tangible things like gold and silver. Face it, we are not dealing with it well. It is quite distressing. In a time when we need wisdom and understanding we are evidencing neither. Especially polarization and wealthy self serving egomaniacs hold the reins of government. Our communications media is dominated by a small cabal of ultra rich corporations with a repressive moralistic religion which they wish to impose on others. On us. But thats enough macro, lets zero in on the micro ... us. And trauma. We evolved to remember bad things in detail because it helped our survival. It makes a deep impression, and I believe all of us do this. What varies is the levels of trauma we individually experience. That is what we saw with Dr. Ford and her memory This is what #me too is about, the releasing of these indelible memories after being repressed by social convention. It is like an informal consciousness raising session, people relaying their personal experiences and then drawing conclusions from the testimonies. We never before could be as aware of the trauma of others as now, and since empathy is such a strong emotion for many of us (at least on the left) it can feel a bit overwhelming. But it can also be empowering. There is a bit of trauma building in all of us now in the time of Trump, not just women. We on the progressive side are seeing political gains we have made being threatened or overtly taken away. There has been a revival in the term culture war, and it has hit me that yes, it is at this point a war of sorts. It has been fought against us, we have been rights, LGBT rights, environmental regulations, the right to collectively bargain in unions. These are like actual territory we now must defend. Add to that what women are feeling about the toxic male behavior they have been enduring up until now, the horror of the forced process that was done, and what the elevation of Kavanaugh to Supreme Court means for our future, and there is a lot of fuel for movement building. absolutely huge. It is too late to register to vote, but those few unregistered reading this, or those prohibited from voting due to felony convictions, you can still get others to go to the polls. People died for the right to vote. Dont give me cynicism about how both parties are corrupt and you are too pure to vote for them. Dont give me pie in the sky third party advocacy; in the here and a very effective strategy, the Democrats been slow to respond, and it is up to the Left to step up our game.


OCT OBER 2018, IGUANA PAGE 5 PAGE 4, IGUANA, OCT OBER 2018 Kim A. Barton In nearly 30 years at the Alachua County never seen as much interest surrounding a midterm election as what we are seeing now. Its exciting and gratifying to working hard to make sure the November election goes off without a hitch. With the campaigns and candidates as present as they are, I do not think I need to remind you there is an election on Nov. 6. However, its always worth reminding voters and prospective voters about some What you need to know about the elections on Nov. 6important pieces of the process both so you know and so you can tell other people. Our shared goal is to make sure that everyone who is eligible and desires to participate in elections in this county is able to have a positive experience doing so. Voter registration applications are pour weve had to bring in more people than usual to help with processing the applica tions. The voter registration deadline for this election is Oct. 9. If you are not registered by this deadline, you will not be able to participate in this election. This deadline only applies to new Florida voter registration applications. Previously registered Florida voters are able to update their voter records through Election Day. However, we encourage people whose inas soon as possible so they are in the best position to have the information they need. Early voting is as accessible as ever, with six locations opening for the 2018 General ate, Im excited to offer early voting on the opened this election cycle include the Legacy Park Multipurpose Center in Alachua Gainesville on North Main Street, the Millhopper Branch Library and the Tower past election cycles. Early voting locations will be open Oct. 22 to Nov. 3 from 9 a.m. to 6 p.m. every day. No matter the address in Alachua County where you are registered to vote, you can vote at any of the early voting locations. worked to make more voters than ever aware of their ability to vote by mail. In September, the American Civil Liberties mail in Florida. To most people, the report was alarming, showing that the rejection rate for vote-by-mail ballots in Alachua County for the 2016 General Election was more than 1.5 percent. The vote-by-mail process rests on our a voter provides on his or her mail balher voter record. When the signature on one that is not comparable to the signature in a voters record, we make efforts to contact the voter, sending letters and emails, and making phone calls. If the signature is not comparable and attempts to contact the voter are unsuccessful, the signature is reviewed by the made by the canvassing board. As more people become aware of the rules associated with voting by mail, I expect the rejection rate to come down, and this expectation is reinforced by the fact See REGISTRATION, p. 7 From VOTE!, p. 2 CITY OF GAINESVILLE CHARTER AMENDMENT CITY COMMISSION ELECTIONS AND TERMS OF OFFICE This referendum is years in the making and has a lot of group think momentum. This would move city elections from the cur rent March/April to the August/November cycle. Its important because turnout for city elections hovers between 10 percent and 15 percent outside a presidential primary. It would also save a lot of money for the city and time for voters. There is a counter argument which says it is better to have focused attention on the City election rather than all lumped together in the fall (see page 9). Local/Regional Races COUNTY COMMISSIONER DISTRICT 2 Marihelen Wheeler is a retired union teacher, who is good on the environment and great on workers issues. Shell also be the only woman on the 5 member board of County Commissioners. VOTE FOR MARIHELEN WHEELER because she earned it. JUSTICE OF THE SUPREME COURT AND DISTRICT COURT OF APPEALS Its weird that theres an option to recall or retain judges. The judicial branch is supposed to be outside of politics but that has changed a lot in recent years (see the successful recall of the judge in the Stanford rape case). This is the moment we live in VOTE YES for Alan Lawson. VOTE NO VOTE NO VOTE YES for Brad Thomas. VOTE NO VOTE NO CIRCUIT JUDGE 8TH JUDICIAL CIRCUIT GROUP 8 Department of Transportation chief counsel. His job is under threat at the DOT because of the large number of affairs he has had with subordinates. Obviously, hes now working tirelessly Meanwhile Gloria Walker is the managing Attorney and Director disabled, elderly, and poor. She has a powerful life story.VOTE FOR GLORIA WALKER job. COUNTY JUDGE GROUP 2 I (we) like both of the candidates for this seat.Craig DeThomasfacing political persecution in Alachua County. And Meshon of her career defending juveniles in the criminal justice system. A win either way. SCHOOL BOARD DISTRICT 3 There are some very vocal people who are quite frustrated with Gunnar Paulson. At times he can be abrasive and I understand why people would blame the perceived failures of the current school board on him. Hes been good for the teachers and paraprofessionals in many ways though. Nonetheless, I understand why some people are not supporting him in this election. What I dont understand is why anyone is supporting April and can count anti-education Florida Senator Keith Perry as a supporter. I dont understand how progressives could vote for a reactionary as opposed to VOTING FOR PAULSON, despite his faults. SOIL AND WATER CONSERVATION DISTRICT GROUP 3 he could coast through unopposed as districts 1 and 5 had. This plan hit a snag when actual environmentalist Kaithleen often airs his regressive views at public meetings. Please support and VOTE FOR KAITHLEEN as she will actually bring knowledge and commitment to the position, and has garnered much support from people acquainted with the issues she will be involved with. State and Federal Races: STATE SENATOR DISTRICT 8 Theres not enough negative things that can be said about the current Senator in District 8, Keith Perry. Hes tried to preempt our of wage theft), has kneecapped our local hiring preference which recently pushed a bill that would lead to the privatization of See VOTE!, p.6


OCT OBER 2018, IGUANA PAGE 7 PAGE 6, IGUANA, OCT OBER 2018 All ballots are not the same depending on where you live. should have most items if you are in Alachua County Senator: Nelson Congress: Hayes Hinson Governor: Gillum Att. Gen.: Shaw Agriculture: Fried St. Senator: Enneking State Rep.: Haeseler County Comm. 2: Wheeler Judge retention: Vote yes Lawson Vote yes Brad Thomas Vote no Kemmerly Thomas Vote no Winsor Circuit Court: Walker Group 2 Judge: Both good, no pick School Board: Paulson Soil and Water 3 Amendments: County Referenda: City Referenda: NO and leaning no DIguanas picks for Alachua County ballot him and his rich friends, was the deciding vote on HB 7069 which is leading to the closure of Hawthorne Middle/High School, and has put school privation on steroids. And hes terrible on Stand offered little more than lip service for felon re-enfranchisement. To put it bluntly, Perry sucks. Kayser Enneking is a physician who got in this race on the issue of healthcare after Gov. Scott turned down Medicade funding. Shes also a powerful woman breaking into the almost-all-boysclub of state politics and is a physician who has been a consistent advocate for access to healthcare. VOTE FOR ENNEKING because shell push for a living wage and housing rights inside and outside the Florida Senate. STATE REPRESENTATIVE DISTRICT 21 VOTE FOR JASON HAESELER as someone much better than the empty suit corporate shill he is up against, Chuck Clemons. Hes a veteran, very conscious of healthcare issues as his young daughter faced health crises, and will work for the people of this area well. Clemons pac and corporate dominated donor list says who he works for. UNITED STATES SENATOR: imagination. He hasnt signed on as a cosponsor or said he would support Senate bill 1804, the Medicare for All act. Hes not great on Palestine and is generally pro-empire (imperialism, war, etc.). conservative Democrats who cut back social spending to anemic levels and domestically waged war on black and brown people. Its important that we do not whitewash Nelsons politics for expediency. But as Trump showed us it can get worse. Florida. Hes a millionaire who oversaw one of the largest Medicare frauds in history and bought his way into his seat. He continues to make himself and his friends richer at the expense of working people. His formula of tax cuts, school privatization, social spending cuts, and the over policing of people of color would be brought to DC. VOTE BILL NELSON REPRESENTATIVE IN CONGRESS DISTRICT 3 why the Kavanaugh accusers didnt come out sooner while hes said and done is so absurd its hard to believe hes a real person. Hell, he said only landowners should be allowed to vote a former City of Gainesville Commissioner. She was good on her three years on the city commission but its an uphill battle VOTE FOR YVONNE HAYES HINSON because shed be a good Congressperson. GOVERNOR AND LT. GOVERNOR Theres a real opportunity for Florida to elected a progressive Governor with Andrew Gillum. The Miami native, who grew up in Gainesville, is the current Mayor of Tallahassee. Hes called for a $50.000 starting salery for teachers (paid for by taxing the rich). and stop private prisons. While not directly under investigation, trip expenditures. And of course hes also a progressive black man and the far right will use any dog whistles they can. From VOTE!, p. 5 Trump. After winning the nomination he couldnt wait a full 24 hours before calling on voters not to monkey up the election by voting for this articulate spokesperson for Socialism. And this is a theme hes used throughout his campaign. Scare white people away from Gillum by calling him a gay socialist criminal. VOTE FOR GILLUM/KING in November unless youre a racist, in which case congrats on actually reading through this. ATTORNEY GENERAL The Florida Attorney General is a very important position. Of particular interest to me is the prosecution of violations to the states minimum wage law. When we were working on the Alachua County Wage Theft Ordinance, we called the Attorney they were unaware that they had this responsibility. Sean Shaw has committed that, if elected, his office will start prosecuting wage theft violations, loosen regulations on marijuana, and hold pharmaceutical companies accountable for their role in the opioid crisis. He also has one of the most progressive voting records in the Florida house and has been a strong supporter of public schools.VOTE FOR SEAN SHAW because we need someone to keep the bosses who steal our wages in check. CHIEF FINANCIAL OFFICER your run-of-the-mill technocratic Democrat. He was lukewarm while in the Florida Senate, even becoming one of the few controlled chamber. That said, hes mountains better than the VOTE FOR JEREMY RING because youre pretty sure you COMMISSIONER OF AGRICULTURE This is a pretty important position with a lot of say over consumer protections. Of most interest to me is Niki Frieds positions on deregulating medical marijuana and taking on thinks that wearing ridiculous bow ties has prepared him for one of the most important elected positions in Florida. VOTE FOR NIKKI FRIED because shell help bring smokable medical marijuana to Florida. DFrom REGISTRATION, p. 4 that, for the 2018 Primary Election, the percentage of vote-bymail ballots that were rejected was less than one percent. The most effective way of ensuring that your vote-by-mail ballot gets counted is by tracking it after its sent in. Voters can do that Those who plan to vote on Election Day should remember that the ballot is going to be very long, with estimates showing that it will (not at an early voting site) and polling places will be open from 7 a.m. to 7 p.m. As always, I encourage anyone who has questions to reach out to D


OCT OBER 2018, IGUANA PAGE 9 PAGE 8, IGUANA, OCT OBER 2018 OCTOBER 5 Both Sides Now: A Tribute to the Music of Joni Mitchell by Cathy DeWitt & Friends12 A Tribute to the Music of the Woodstock Era Highlighting the Work of Jimi Hendrix by The Relics & Michael Derry & Friends19 UF World Music Ensembles Jacare Brazil, Agbedidi Africa, Sunshine Steelers & Pazeni Sauti Africa Choir26-28 The Fest 17 venue Each Friday a new band brings original and cover tunes to the Plaza concert stage 8-10 pm, May through October 111 E. University Ave. All shows may be subject to change www.artwalkgainesville.comGALLERY TOUR BEGINS AT 7 PMFrom a Facebook post on Sept. 29 by Drew McKenna, sharing Men ask why women are so pissed off, even guys with wives and why. Hes done it with hundreds of audiences. He tells about an I draw a line down the middle of a chalkboard, sketching a male symbol on one side and a female symbol on the other. basis, to prevent yourselves from being sexually assaulted? gives way to a smattering of nervous laughter. Occasionally, a young guy will raise his hand and say, I stay out of prison. This is typically followed by another moment of laughter, before dont think about it. Then I ask the women the same question. What steps do you take on a daily basis to prevent yourselves from being sexually assaulted? Women throughout the audience immediately start raising their hands. As the men sit in stunned silence, the women recount safety precautions they take as part of their daily routine. Hold my keys as a potential weapon. Look in the back seat of the car before getting in. Carry a cell phone. Dont go jogging at night. Lock all the windows when I sleep, even on hot summer nights. Be careful not to drink too much. Dont put my drink down and come back to it; make sure I see it being poured. Own a big dog. Carry Mace or pepper spray. Have an unlisted phone number. Have a mans voice on my answering machine. Park in well-lit areas. Dont use parking garages. Dont get on elevators with only one man, or with a group of men. Vary my route home from work. Watch what I wear. Dont use highway rest areas. Dont wear headphones when jogging. Avoid forests or wooded areas, even in the daytime. Go out in groups. car or cab fare. Dont make eye contact with men on the street. Make assertive eye contact with men on the street. DWhy women are pissed offby Gary Gordon This November the citizens of Gainesville can choose to move our city elections to the fall and to lengthen the terms of city commissioners and the Mayor to four years. I urge my fellow citizens to choose to vote no. Do not bundle our election with the others. I write this as a former City Commissioner and Mayor-Commissioner who served 1983-86, so you can judge what my thoughts are worth. one of the most valuable assets this city has. It allows citizens to concentrate their focus, at election time in the Spring, on city issues and the candidates who want to serve them. It is, in essence, an element of home rule. Moving the elections to the fall, every four years when all the other elections take would eliminate that singular focus. It would also make fundraising and volunone and their dollars would be stretched thin or drawn to the more dramatic presidential, senate and up-ballot campaigns. With all the campaigns happening at once coverage of the city campaign would incolumn-inches, only so much air-time. The all-candidate, all-campaigns forums would obviously be even more marathon-like. But the loss of singular focus, although primary, isnt the only reason to oppose this measure. The poison-pill in this is the lengthen ing of the terms from three to four years. Adding a fourth year, if you havent realized this yourself, means adding one more year during which the elected ofGainesville has a system now that holds three years. Accountability is of the utmost importance. Granting a fourth year just to align this election with the others is sorry reasoning. So sorry, the argument year to learn on the job. That dog dont hunt. Goldstein, Court Collier, Aaron Green and others from the era I served did not need a year to learn the job. Why? Because they were paying attention, attend out before they got elected. Giving them a fourth year so they can learn So the argument is also made that a threework the second, and run for re-election the third. Well, theyre always running for re-election. Another reason to keep the city elections in the spring is to preserve their non-par tisan status. Moving the elections to the fall will set in concrete the partisan stamp when it doesnt have to be that way. They werent partisan when I served and keeping them as nonpartisan as possible will best serve this community. Fixing sidewalks, providing for public safetybasic municipal issuesthese were not and and voter turnout. It will cost what it has always cost. According to the Sun, thats around $230,000. I cant argue with that. I cant come before you and say no it wont. I can say if I was on the Commission I the money if it came down to it but Im not and wont be. So all I can say is I think its penny wise and pound foolish to think the cost is too great, with whats at stake. As for voter turnout, it is obvious more people vote in the fall. But I return to in the spring represents the people who are dedicated to voting on city issues for city candidates to serve them on the city commission. The people who vote in the fall? I want people who care about the city to vote in the city election. Its on the candidates and media to accomplish increased turnoutnot a sleight-of-hand change in the calendar to take advantage of increased turnout for other elections. Focus on the city is not what will happen in an election that is bundled with every other election; thats not the way to preserve home rule. Gary Gordon was a City Commissioner (83DDont bundle this election, keep home ruleHey, Readers!The Gainesville Iguana has opened a PayPal account, and were now accepting donations through our website at www Go to our home page and click on the Donate with PayPal to support us via PayPal account or credit card.


OCT OBER 2018, IGUANA PAGE 11 PAGE 10, IGUANA, OCT OBER 2018 Please support the CMC however you can: volunteering, memberships, donations, ideas, attendance at our events. Grassroots support keeps us going. Civic Media Center Events 352-373-0010 433 S. Main St., Gainesville 32601Park just to the south on SE 5th Ave, or after 7 pm at the courthouse (just north of 4th Ave), or GRU (2 blocks east of CMC). Every Monday we screen a documentary at 7pm and then follow it with a discussion! Every Thursday Every Saturday the community at 9am! Oct. 26-28 FEST Oct. 29 Safer Space Training with Shawna Potter from War on Women 4pm A Girl Walks Alone at Night 7pm Oct. 31 Halloween Pre-Party 9pm Nov. 4 WGOT Training 12-2pm Nov. 6 Incarcerated Workers Organizing Committee 6-8pm Nov. 7 Communication Skills Workshop 6-8pm (Annex) Beyond Amendment 4 6pm (Library) Nov. 9 Connect the Dots Live Music Series 7pm Nov. 10 Holistic Medicine Cabinet Workshop 2-4pm Thank you to all who made the CMC 25th anniversary such a success! To get weekly announcement email, contact and request to be added to the list. by Rebecca Paceley on 4) took off last year, it created a renewed focus on people who are currently or have been incarcerated and the plights that they face everyday. These challenges include housing, employment and regaining the right to vote. The question of how to lower the incarceration rate is a continuous social concern. Participatory Defense has offered a solution to this problem. The Florida Council for Incarcerated and formerly Incarcerated Women and Girls (Florida Council) has brought a new program to Alachua County. Florida is the home to the newest hub of Participatory Defense. Many times public defenders are over worked with limited resources and push defendants toward taking plea bargains. This is where Participatory Defense hubs come into play. What is Participatory Defense? Participa tory Defense (PD) model was developed roots collective that turns community organizing principles towards reforming criminal justice. In short PD is a way to humanize loved ones in the eyes of the court system and educate families and defendants how to help in their own court cases. It shows both defendants and their families how to work through the complex system of criminal justice system, and assists public defenders assigned to the cases. Communities are able to accomplish this by assisting in case discovery, review allegations and evidence discovery. PD volunteers work with the families to create bio social descriptions of their loved ones, their part in the family unit, their contributions to the community and their need to provide for their families PD measures its success in the amount of time saved, from either cases dismissed or in reduction of the length of time sentenced. For example, David attended an antiTrump rally on inauguration day and was arrested. David was thrown to the ground and into mailboxes several times before being dragged into the streets and arrested. His charges were failure to disperse, unlawful assembly, failure to obey a lawful The PD hub provided assistance to Davids lawyer by collecting contact information of potential witnesses, collecting witness statements of the incident and the times leading to the incident, creating a social biography packet, gathering civilian videos of the incident, having witnesses write down their recollection of the incident, and After viewing the video provided by an eye witness, Davids charges were disone year. Video of Davids arrest can be seen at To date the PD hubs have saved over a total of 3,350 years of jail time. So far, that is 33 centuries of time saved. That is 33 centuries of parents reunited with children, people returning to work, people being able to strengthen their local communities. The Florida Council hub of the PD movement is part of a nation al movement to provide this education to our community, our Gainesville community, our North Central Florida community. the purpose of PD to a room of volunteers as We are here to empower each person and ensure each person is given a digniPD hub will be creating pamphlets with detailed information arrested. The PD hub is a place of security for families to reach out to and learn how to be of assistance to their loved ones. The PD hub will have meetings twice a week, one in the evening and one in the daytime to ensure all families can make a meet ing despite transportation issues, work schedules and child care needs. The PD hub will be there for anyone who needs help determining how the court process unfolds. As participatory defense continues to take hold here, the search for committed volunteers to work with families, support defendants families in court and help with clerical needs grows. There will be a training meeting on Wednesday, Oct. 17 from 6-8 p.m. Please contact the Florida PD hub via email to offer any services you wish to provide. Their web page for additional information DThe power of Participatory Defense


OCT OBER 2018, IGUANA PAGE 15 PAGE 14, IGUANA, OCT OBER 2018 GREAT SHOWS BY: FRED SOWDER BILL PERRY H.R. GERTNER D.J. CRAMELA D.J. LUTRA DOUG CLIFFORD KEN STEARNS GARGS ALLARD STAN MANU (and others!) WE ARE GAINESVILLES COMMUNITY RADIO STATIONCELEBRATING 10 YEARS ON THE AIR! INDIE AND OLDER ROCK, ELECTRONIC, PUNK, AMERICANA, JAZZ, etc. MORNINGS 9-11, AFTERNOONS 2-4, EVENINGS AFTER 6THOM HARTMANN 7 AM DEMOCRACY NOW! AMY GOODMAN 8 AM, 1 PM MSICA EN ESPAOL VICTOR PEREZ 11AM-1PM JAZZVILLE ROBBIE STEVENS FRI 6-8 PM SAT 8-10 AM SUN 8-NOONFULL SCHEDULE AT WGOT.ORG VOLUNTEERS NEEDED! versity of Florida graduate was detained at Ben Gurion Airport and ordered deported after Israeli security looked her up on Canary Mission, a right-wing blacklist site. Alqasem was going to study for an MA at received a visa valid for a year for that pur pose. She remains in detention. Her detention and possible deportation raises major concerns about study abroad programs in Israel which might well deny entry to students of Palestinian origin or anyone who does not pass the right-wing litmus ing used to deny entry to people engaged Katherine Frank who arrived in Israel to lead a delegation of human rights activists, was detained and deported. In light of these country have signed the statement below for the release of Lara Alqasem. We the undersigned faculty call for the immediate release from detention at Ben Guof Palestinian heritage who was traveling -Palestinian UF graduate Lara Alqasem detained at Israeli airportversity of Florida this year with a degree in International Studies and Arabic and had a valid visa, was detained several days ago ues to remain in detention. She has been interrogated, threatened with a denial of the right to enter, and according to Cody the Holy Land Trust in Bethlehem, was at times denied food, water, and access to the This kind of surveillance and treatment of a violation of her human rights, her academic freedom and freedom of movement. The detention unfortunately suggests that Israel discriminates against Arab American students, who because of their cultural and familial connections to Palestine (Lara has Palestinian grandparents) are regularly turned back when they seek to enter Israel. of Hawaii David Palumbo-liu, Professor, Stanford of Hawaii Laurel Mei-Singh, Assistant Professor, Monisha Das Gupta, Professor, Massachusetts, Boston Sankar Subramaniam, Professor, D


OCT OBER 2018, IGUANA PAGE 17 PAGE 16, IGUANA, OCT OBER 2018 Alachua Countys No Pressure Realtor No buyer fees and listing commission is only 1.5% home!Sandy Malone, Realtor C. 352-575-4080malone@goldenrulerealestate. the quality of life and economic equity for all citizens in Gainesamong all residents sues are also civil and human rights issues. erendum passes, Gainesvilles citizens would lose control of our pass control to an unpaid, unelected, governing Authority, operating under a new state law. All of our City Commissioners oppose this measure. Advocates of this assault on home rule speak glowbusinesses if voters turn over power to an Authority that would operate without having to answer to anyone -even though the Myth #1: Rates would go down if the new GRU Authority is created FALSE: Nothing in the referendum requires or suggests lowering rates. Once appointed, its members can decide to raise or lower rates, or reduce transfers that currently cover over 30 per would mean increased taxes or decreased services like programs that help low income residents lower their bills, provide more enMyth #2: The GRU Authority would be an independent board FALSE: state law with NO local checks and balances that we now have Advisory Board. Independent boards come in many forms, but leave certain powers for the city commission and require accountability to citizens. This Authority does neither. Currently, referendum would delete our power and transfer that control to state lawmakers instead. Myth #3: GRU would be better-run by the GRU Authority FALSE: viding not just electricity, but high quality, clean water, plus wastewater and natural gas. We have the highest percentage of renewable fuels including solar and biomass. Our existing law, conservation, business and engineering experience, who are developing a comprehensive Gainesville Energy Policy to lead of their power, leading to negative consequences. Flint, Michigan is an example of what can happen when unaccountable state mandated authorities take over local water systems. Myth #4: Gainesville City Commissioners support this referendum FALSE advertising, all current City Commissioners are on record OPPOSING this referendum, which would take away local control over the future of our public utility as well as the largest part of our city budget, and leave us at the mercy of the new state law crafted in secret and passed by politicians in Tallahassee. This misleading information illustrates why we dont want state politicians determining the future for our Gainesville utility. current economic inequalities that are linked to unequal energy burdens. Compared to the average Alachua County household that spends 5.5 percent of income on home energy costs, lowincome families spend an average of 14 percent of their annual income on utility expenditures, primarily because their homes are commissioners have a responsibility for the well-being of the city, control is the best way to guarantee governments responsiveness to the quality of life and equality issues affecting our community, living wages for all members of our community. mate Justice Committee. For more information, and to read the full text of the referendum: Johnson Center For more information, or to learn more about our activities, contact us at: DVote NO on Gainesville Municipal ReferendaBusting myths about the GRU Authority ReferendumThe City of Gainesville had their attorney look at HB 759, which this election. Below is a summation of the attorney's review of what Susan Bottcher in a recent forum on the issue. It was a slide in her Powerpoint presentation. City Attorneys Impact Statement & Analysis of HB759 Grants the Authority broad powers with little accountability There will be labor & employment problems Grants power of eminent domain to an unelected board Certain provisions are illegal or unconstitutional United Nations Day 201825 from 9 a.m. to 1 p.m. at the Gainesville Womans Club at information. for a peaceful, secure, just, and sustainable local and global community. Its mission is to educate, inspire and mobilize our community D


OCT OBER 2018, IGUANA PAGE 19 PAGE 18, IGUANA, OCT OBER 2018 M: Howd you get involved with Civil Rights? W: I trace it back to being in the service. I was so like this guy whats his name? That fought for years to get in the M: Virgil Hawkins. [Virgil D. Hawkins (1907-1988) applied to UF Law School. He was denied because of race and went on to victory at the US Supreme Court.] W: My plan when I met Carlie and graduated {was} to teach for a few years, got into teaching and I liked it so well, I never go back to law school. M: When did you start working with NAACP? W: Around [19]58. M: What about CORE? [Congress of Racial Equality participated in Freedom Rides, desegregating Chicagos schools, March on Washington, and Freedom Summer.] W: Same time, both of them. We had lost their jobs as a result. Dr. Marshall Webb, a white teacher. A guy whats his name? [laughs] He was very wild. He wanted me to go to Madison. Madison? and Quincy those were the worst, racist places in Florida! He had a nice Chevrolet, went up there. Man, they shot that thing with bullet holes. History and the people who make it: Joseph W. Welch: Part 2 area civil rights worker and schoolteacher, ran in the September Iguana. This is the 50th in a series of transcript Oral History Program collection. interpolations in {curly brackets} by Iguana; raw language kept for historical accuracy Transcript edited by Pierce Butler M: What was it like back in Gainesville {after WWII}? W: Glad to be out [laughs]. I was collegebound. Governments gonna pay all of any of the schools in Florida. So, I applied Coward and I. I had been a cook at College Inn, the largest restaurant in Gainesville. During that time, the law school was in that area. M: A white establishment. W: I was a high school student; he put me to short-order cooking and to serve. time, get my textbook and study. On the job. Guess what. When I became a civil I picketed. [laughs] He recognized me. But he couldnt do anything, because, prior to picketing, you had to get a parade permit. This gave you legal rights to the sidewalks in front of their places. We got some real lightskinned mulatto people.We would send them in the College Inn to get served. They couldnt tell whether they were white or black. And have them leave a note, to let them know they had been served there. We did that to a number of places. [laughs] Another strategy that I used as chairman of Direct Action was that places that had curb service I believe it was Humpty Dumpty on 13th Street I got together a dozen or more automobiles. I would send three or four to be served {and} three or four inside. If ordered to leave, those four, I told them, you leave. Send four different werent the one originally told to leave. time, he ran for governor of Florida. He favored legalization of marijuana. I would never be with that. He be on Channel 4, I M: You said teachers would give you money, but didnt want their names on the lists. W: They would not participate. Not actively. The little contribution they gave maybe for buying refreshments for those who did participate. Or to test a place, to pay for service in a restaurant. I would call ministers of white churches we would like to worship with you. The pastor of a Presbyterian church, he welcomed us, says come right on! {One} of the persons that went with me on that is now a federal judge. M: Stephan Mickle. [Stephan P. Mickle uate from {UF} and the second to graduate from {UF} Law School, was nominated by Bill Clinton to a district court.] W: We went there, had a nice time. First Baptist Church downtown, they were very friendly. Gainesville wasnt all that bad, not like some other places. When I went to have a conference with the city manager about hiring policies, he asked me [imitates city manager] What heard of the 99th Pursuit Squadron? dollars and they were lost, {every} single one. [The 99th Flying Training Squadron Americans, formed in 1941. Though able, despite all odds, to serve honorably, the unit received little guidance from other pilots, was accused by their white commander {of} being less effective than other squadrons, and was used by many as evidence of African-Americans incompetence.] The guy came through and put every one of them into effect. For example, I public works in Gainesville, most of the supervisors were black as a result of that. I only met with him one time. M: When you were growing up, was it tough to go downtown? W: town other than a black-owned restaurant, a barbershop, thats all. But, when we began working on restaurants Minute Drugstore and Woolworth, we didnt have any problems. They readily served us. They were waiting for us to come in. For those who resented our presence, to embarrass them, we would leave sizeable tips. [laughs] We were sworn to do things peacefully. At one of our churches, we set up a lunch counter and duplicated the real situation. They give you a bottle of ketchup, shake it, and actually poured the ketchup on the minute. But you settin up to be peaceful. So you didnt respond to those things. M: You were a teacher at the time where? W: Mebane in Alachua [A.L Mebane Middle School, then a high school], from 1956 to 1970. Then I was assigned to Newberry High. I really enjoyed working there. I was the only black male that taught at that school for twelve years or more, so I was really known. orientating the kids to what I expected. Im not your black teacher. Or your white teacher. Im your teacher. I didnt have any problems. One of the white students at Newberry asked the principal, Mister, have you hired any nigger teachers to come to this school? He said, no, I have not any niggers, but I talked to blacks to come here. He said, I better quit school here because my daddy told me a black man cant teach a white man nothin. So he dropped out. [laughs]. I was chairman of my department, and teaching all the senior courses so he had to come by me if he wanted to remain. He had no choice. M: You were doing a lot of activist work while you were at Mebane. Did you teach that in the classroom? W: At the black school, I was guilty of that, yes, because I wanted these kids to develop values. In the white school, I did not do that. I enjoyed teaching at Newberry, despite its history. They had an area there called Lynch Hammock. were hanged by a lynch mob. Another was shot to death. They are known M: Did people ever talk about Lynch Hammock? W: Oh no. The principal, I had his ear. If I saw racial friction, Id say, Bo, we oughta summon the Inter Club Council, all the student leaders. We talked to them, then had them go talk to students. When they would have racial incidents at other schools, we werent having them at Newberry. We had an activity program of practically teaching, carpentry, anything. I had a group of students come to me in the have a single microscope. What can we do? I said, get your parents, and go to the school board and tell them you want to transfer to Gainesville High School. If ferior education because of lack of equipment. They went down and as a result, trucks began running over each other to deliver microscopes and all other scienThe old Lincoln High School, and the old Gainesville High School, both opened in 1923. Gainesville High has 56 critical ed ment. At Lincoln, we had one microscope. We had no cafeteria; sets of encyclopedias, but no library. Separate, but always unequal. [laughs] In high school, I never attended school for nine months. White kids attended school nine months. I attended school eight months. I was expected to work during har vest for the farmers, which I refused to do. M: Did you keep a garden when you were growing up? W: and swings and merry-go-round I built myself. I kept a backyard full of white kids, they could play croquet, merry-goround and swings, up in the trees. I grew up every day interacting with white kids. I lived within a block and a half of Gainesville High School and I couldnt attend Gainesville High School. [laughs] But, we associated with em. M: There used to be some jukes in Porters. Do you remember much about that? W: sons who owned those the letter carriers {were} big shots among the blacks because they had higher income. Those places were out {on} north Main Street, called the sort. Big jukes, where blacks congregated to go after dark, where Gainesville Shopping Center is, back towards 39th. All of that was black-owned. M: What happened to it since then? W: These shopping centers came into being. Down 23rd there a group of blacks which, I wont give names, but a group you probably would know. They bought up a bunch of land because whites were building in that area. They were afraid that blacks were gonna build residences in that area. Those guys bought that to get money out of it, and they did. Whites were willing to pay any kind of money to make sure no blacks built {there}. M: The Klan had a presence in Gainesville. Did that ever come up? W: sity Avenue but we never had contact with them that I can recall. Because I cant think of the guys name he was very ar rogan, he didnt give a durn whether you were green, white, purple or red. People feared him, too, on the other side. There was several like that. I probably mentioned to you before, a policy that if a black man take his pistol and whip him, they would that. They didnt even arrest him. interview The Samuel Proctor Oral History Program believes that listening carefully way we understand history, from scholarly the publics help to sustain and build upon its research, teaching, and service missions: even small donations can make a big difference in SPOHPs ability to gather, preserve, and promote history for future generations. D DRIVE THRU & CALL-INS407 NW 13th St. 9am-10pm Breakfast til 11, 11:30 weekends 5011 NW 34th St. 11am-10pm


OCT OBER 2018, IGUANA PAGE 21 PAGE 20, IGUANA, OCT OBER 2018 paid political ad Iguana Directory Call 352-378-5655 or email with updates and additions Readers: If there is inaccurate information here, please let us know If you are connected to an organization listed here, please check and update so others can be accurately informed. Alachua Conservation Trust, Inc. Protecting North Central Floridas natural, scenic, historic & recreational resources for over 25 years. ACT is the 2013 national Land Trust Excellence award recipient. 352-373-1078. Alachua County Green Party Part of a worldwide movement built out of four the peace, civil rights, environmental and labor movements.,, 352-871-1995 Alachua County Labor Coalition meets monthly and organizes to support local labor and advance the national campaigns for org, 352-375-2832, PO Box 12051, 502 NW 16th Ave., 2B, Gainesville, 32601 Alachua County Organization for Rural Needs (ACORN) Clinic (501C3) organization that provides low-cost, high-quality medical and dental care, and social services for people with and without health insurance. The clinic primarily serves residents a broad-based core of volunteer physicians, nurses, dentists, hygienists, pharmacists and Brooker, Florida 32622 352-485-1133 American Civil Liberties Union Currently no local chapter. For info on forming a new chapter, Amnesty International worldwide human rights movement; www.facebook. Avian Research and Conservation Institute (ARCI) working to stimulate conservation action to save threatened species of birds in the southeastern Central Florida Democratic Socialists of America A local chapter of Democratic Socialists of America focusing on local social and political activism issues to better our community. General meetings are on the 4th Monday of every month at the Downtown Library in Gainesville in Citizens Climate Lobby builds awareness and lobbies for sensible climate policies, btancig@, 352-214-1778 Civic Media Center Alternative reading room and library of the non-corporate press, and a resource and space for organizing. 352-3730010,, 433 S Main St.,Gainesville, 32601Continued on next page Subscribe $30/year A destination game store and parlor4401 NW 25th Pl., Suite G, Gainesville, FL 32605 (access from NW 43rd St) 352-378-PLAY (7529) Find us online at and Facebook by Carol Gordon founder of the Civic Media Center and a frequent columnist and letter-writer to She was 93. Ludwig was a long-time resident of Gainesville, newspaper reporter, advocate for civil rights, women, education, housing and health care. She wrote extensively and was actively involved in local politics to promote policy change for these issues. Ludwig was also a founding member of the Civic Media Center and served on the local NAACP education committee and director of the Cultural Arts Coalition in Gainesville, said she began working with Ludwig on community issues in the late improving residents lives. She has always been a champion, especially in education and housing in the African-American community. She wrote to become aware of issues in the AfricanAmerican community and to be allies. Ludwig continued writing for weekly alternative newspapers and was a frequent contributor to The Sun. Her most 2015 and was about the 1965 civil rights marches in Alabama. Ludwig and her husband went there to attend the funeral who was killed by police during one of gave the eulogy. She was the recipient of many awards including 1997 Child Advocate Award for Intergenerational Leadership, Center for ciation of Social Workers; 2000 Women of Distinction Award, Alachua/Bradford County; 2001 Friends of Susan B. Anthony Award, Gainesville, FL; and 2004 Hall of Fame Award, Martin Luther King The Board of County Commissioners of Alachua County proclaimed December 12, 2000 as Harriet M. Ludwig Day in tribute to her community service. A Celebration of Life will be held on Saturday, October 27 from 2 to 4 pm at the Thomas Center. Music provided by Sidney Bertisch and Kali Blount. tural Arts Coalition, 321 NW 10th Street, Gainesville, 32601 (culturalartscoalition. org) are welcome. The Gainesville Sun archives contain about 125 articles and columns that Harriet wrote over a span of more search?text=archives. DIn memory of Harriet Ludwig: CMC co-founder D Hey, Readers!The Gainesville Iguana has opened a PayPal account, and were now accepting donations through our website at www Go to our home page and just click on the Donate with PayPal to support us via PayPal account or credit card.


OCT OBER 2018, IGUANA PAGE 23 PAGE 22, IGUANA, OCT OBER 2018 Continued from preceding pageThe Coalition for Racial Justice gnv4all@ The Coalition of Hispanics Integrating Spanish Speakers through Advocacy and Service (CHISPAS) Code Pink: Women for Peace Women-led grassroots peace and social justice movement utilizing creative protest, non-violent direct action and community involvement., The Community Weatherization Coalition is a grassroots community coalition whose mission is to improve home weatherization and energy education, volunteer work projects and communitybuilding. The CWC welcomes new volunteers to get involved in a variety of ways, from performing 4965 or Conservation Burial, Inc. promotes natural burial practices in cemeteries that conserve land and reunite people with the environment. 352372-1095, Conservation Trust for Florida, Inc. Nonrural landscapes, wildlife corridors and natural Democratic Party of Alachua County Meetings held the second Wednesday each month at 7 p.m. in the auditorium of the Gainesville Police Headquarters on NW 6th St. 373-1730, Divest Gainesville advocates divesting City educating on racial justice and climate change, Divest UF is a student-run organization and a loose collective of Gators seeking to divest the university from fossil fuels, the prison industry, Edible Plant Project Local 100% volunteerrun collective to create a revolution through Families Against Mandatory Minimums Work to reform Floridas sentencing laws and restore fairness to Floridas criminal justice system. PO Box 142933, Gainesville, FL 32614, 352-682-2542 Final Friends helps families learn how to accom-plish legal home funeral care as an alternative to employing a commercial funeral home. We are an independent group of volunteers who provide free education, guidance and support to anyone who prefers to care for their own deceased loved ones The Fine Print Quarterly magazine founded in 2008 with political, social and arts coverage, Florida School of Traditional Midwifery A clearinghouse for information, activities and educational programs. 352-338-0766 www. Florida Defenders of the Environment works to protect freshwater resources, conserve public lands, and provide quality environmental educa-tion since 1969. 352-475-1119, Gainesville Area AIDS Project provides toiletries, household cleaners, hot meals, frozen food at no cost to people living with HIV/AIDS. www.gaaponline. org,, 352-373-4227, Open Tuesdays 10-1 and last Friday of month 5-7. Gainesville Citizens for Alternatives to Death Penalty vigils when Florida has an execution. Meets Meeting House, 1236 NW 18th Ave, 352-3781690, Gainesville Interfaith Alliance for Immigrant Justice (IAIJ) organizes faith communities to work together for immigrant justice. Meets 2nd Mondays at 6 pm at the Mennonite Meeting House, 1236 NW 18th Ave.,, 352-377-6577 Gainesville NOW NOW meeting info contact Lisa at 352-450-1912 Gainesville Peer Respite clinical mental health community providing sanctuary and support to those experiencing emotional distress. Peer Support Warmline is available 6pm-6am; we offer wellness activi-ties, support groups and brief overnight respite 4559, Gainesville Roller Rebels a womens Flat Track roller derby team needs skaters and volunteer assistance, Graduate Assistants United working conditions, community involvement, Grow Radio for community members to create and manage engaging, educational, locally-generated pro-gramming to promote musical/visual arts and humanities for enrichment of the community. PO Box 13891, Gaines-ville, 32604, 352-219-0145 (v), 352-872-5085 (studio hotline) Humanist Society of Gainesville meets at 7 pm on the 3rd Wednesday of most months at 34th St to discuss and promote secular, or; Humanists on Campus a community for freethinking, secular humanists. Goals include promoting values of humanism, discussing issues humanists face internationally. We strive to participate in community service and bring a fun, dynamic group to the university! Preferred 374-3537 Indivisible Gainesville* is one of 5800 local chapters of the national Indivisible movement, working to peacefully and systematically resist the Trump agenda. We are a group of all American citizens equally., Incarcerated Workers Organizing Committee (IWOC), branch of IWW, GainesvilleIWOC@ Industrial Workers of the World (IWW) Gainesville General Membership Branch trade, job, or employment status. Meets 1st League of Women Voters of Alachua County Nonpartisan grassroots political group of women and men which has fought since 1920 to improve our systems of government and impact public policies (fairness in districting, voting and elections, e.g.) through citizen education and advocacy. Long-Term Care Ombudsman Program needs volunteers to join its advocates who protect elders rights in nursing homes, assisted living facilities, family care homes. Training and Madres Sin Fronteras (Mothers Without Borders) is a local grassroots immigrant-led organization that works to protect the rights of immigrants families in our community and to ensure that all are treated with dignity and MindFreedom North Florida Human rights group for psychiatric survivors and mental health consumers. 352-328-2511 Move to Amend, Gainesville is an organization establish that money is not speech, and that only human beings have constitutional rights. Contact Alachua County Green Party for info. National Alliance on Mental Illness (NAMI) Support, education and advocacy for families and loved ones of persons with mental illness/ brain disorders. 374-5600. ext. 8322; www. National Committee to Preserve Social Security and Medicare Local advocates work to promote/ preserve these threatened programs for senior citizens. We have literature, speakers, T-shirts. National Lawyers Guild Lawyers, law students, le-gal workers and jailhouse lawyers using the law to ad-vance social justice, support progressive social move-ments. or National Womens Liberation is a feminist male supremacy and win more freedom for women. Inequalities between women and men are political problems requiring a collective solution. org, P.O. Box 14017, Gainesville, 32604, 352575-0495, NCF AWIS an advocacy organization champi-oning the interest of women in science, technol-ogy, engineering and math (STEM) across all disciplines and employment sectors. Meetings are --chua County Public Library. All meetings open to public. or Occupy Gainesville is about engaging local people in grassroots, participatory democracy, diversity and dialogue; we stand in solidarity with the Occupy Wall Street Movement and the rest of the people peacefully occupying public space across this county and the world. Our Revolution North-Central Florida, inspired by Bernie Sanders, bringing progressive voices into Our Santa Fe River and Ichetucknee Alliance are two of a number of grassroots environmentalist groups campaigning to protect PFLAG (Parents and Families of Lesbians and Gays) meets the 3rd Tuesday of each Church of Gainesville (1624 NW 5th Ave.) at 7 pm with a programmed portion and informal meeting with opportunity to talk and peruse Planned Parenthood Clinic Full-service health center for reproductive and sexual health care needs. Offering pregnancy testing and options counseling for $10 from 10am-noon and 2-5pm. Located at 914 NW 13th St. 352-377-0881 Pride Community Center of North Central Florida open M-F, 3-7, Sat. noon-4. Located at 3131 NW 13th St., Suite 62. 352-377-8915, www. Protect Gainesville Citizens Group whose mission is to provide Gainesville residents with accurate and comprehensible information about the Cabot/Koppers Superfund site. 352-3542432, Putnam County Florida Democratic Party, check website or call for upcoming meetings, 107 S. Sixth St., Palatka For information on volunteer Quaker Meetinghouse Quakers have a 350year tradition of working peacefully for social justice. Silent, unprogrammed worship Sundays at 11, followed by potluck. Visitors welcome. 702 NW 38th St. Facebook/GainesvilleQuakers for events or request Meetinghouse space at Repurpose Project community center, diverts useful resources from art and education, inspires creativity, and helps us all rethink what we throw away. Lets all help protect the planet and buy used. Open to the River Phoenix Center for Peacebuilding provides services like mediation, communication skill building and restorative justice. www. 2603 NW 13th St. #333, 352-234-6595 Rural Womens Health Project is a local health education organization developing materials promoting health justice for migrant and rural Samuel Proctor Oral History Program focuses on story-telling, social justice research, social movement studies, oral history workshops. Say Yes to Second Chances Florida is a coalition of nonpartisan civic and faith organizations who are working for Floridas people whove paid their debt to society to Sierra Club Fellowship of Gainesville, 4225 NW 34th St. 352-528-3751, Sister City Program of Gainesville links and Palestine, Iraq, and Haiti. Meetings are at the Mennonite Meeting House, 1236 NW Stand By Our Plan informs the public on crit-ical differences between the Comprehensive Plan and Plum Creeks proposal, which we do not support. Alachua Countys Comprehensive Plan is the best blueprint for future growth in the countys unincorporated areas; it protects valuable wetlands, standbyourplan@gmail. Student/Farmworker Alliance A network of youth organizing with farmworkers to eliminate sweatshop conditions and modern-day slavery Student/Farmworker Alliance Students for Justice in Palestine, a cultural and Sunday Assembly, a secular congregation which celebrates life, meets the third Sunday of (Santa Fe College campus building in downtown Gainesville). There is a talk, music, sing-alongs, discussion, refreshments and felllowship. See UF College Democrats (UFCD) meets UF Pride Student Union to queer folk of all sorts, including students, edu/~pride United Faculty of Florida, UF chapter represents over 1600 faculty and professionals protect academic freedom, defend civil liberties, United Nations Association, Gainesville Florida Chapter Purpose is to heighten citizen awareness and knowledge of global problems United Way Information and Referral Human-staffed computer database for resources and organizations in Alachua County. 352-3324636 or simply 211 Veterans for Peace Anti-war organization that raises awareness of the detriments of militarism and war as well as seeking peaceful and WGOT-LP 100.1 FM Community low-pow-er radio station operating as part of the CMC., Womens March Gainesville meets on the secagenda information, please see are on the second Monday of each month, see www.hearourvoice---mensmarchgnv/; and/ or email Together Lets build this peaceful movement together! World Socialist Party of the United States more about Marxian socialism and our efforts to transform the dog-eat-dogDevil take the hindmost worldcreated by capitalism into a democratically arranged world society of equality at boston@ws-Zine Committee -brary at the CMC, or on FacebookD


PAGE 24, IGUANA, OCT OBER 2018 D Complicating the Narrative on Nicaragua whole, pretty terrible. D Letter from Amy Zubaly, Interim Executive Director of the Florida Municipal Electric Association (FMEA) to Gov. Scott Zubaly asks Scott to veto HB 759, as it would expand government while limiting home rule, and raise electric rates and taxes. D The Scandal of Democracy: Seven Theses for the Socialist Left Its not just the Supreme Court we have to take on the undemocratic scandal of the Court, D Fest 17 at the CMC October 26-28by Joe Courter The CMC will be quite a busy place during the Fest weekend. I hope some of you will come down and share in the fun. The informal kick-off will be Thursday, Oct. 25, with Queer the Fest, featuring touring and local musicians of the LGBTQ persuasion, as well as workshops earlier in the evening starting at 5 p.m. The regular Fest stuff at the CMC runs Friday through Sunday evenings, Oct. 26-28, with a donation of $10 each night, and with six to eight performers each night. The CMC is the only acoustic venue in the Fest, so those that think of Fest as only loud punk rock -which may not be their cup of tea -need to come down to 433 S. Main. These are performers from across the nation, and even international, all playing short sets. So you will also meet great people from all over. Each year I am stunned by how few locals I see that take advantage of this great event. Want samples of the music? Go to the amazing website for all venue schedules along with a listing of each band or musician. Click on the artist and you will hear a song. This is not to say the rest of Fest, all the other bands and venues, are not worthy of attention. There are entire worlds of music out there, ignored by the mainstream, but dear to the rock and roll hearts of those who love them. It is beyond cool that our Bo down and be part of it. D The Gainesville IguanaGainesville's progressive newsletter and events calendarSubscribe! Individuals: $15 a year (or more if you can) Low/No income: what you can Groups: $20 a year issues since 2012 are available at www To list your event or group, contact us at: Gainesville Iguana P.O. Box 14712 Gainesville, FL 32604 14th Annual Florida Bat FestivalSaturday, Oct. 20, 10am-5pm Lubee Bat Conservancy 1309 N.W. 192nd Ave. Visit with the Winged Crusaders, Superhero Bats Find out how bats from around the world are superheroes View the worlds largest bats Enjoy activities, games, live music, and educational exhibits Enjoy bat-themed crafts and games Gainesville and face painting by Fabulous Faces. For more information, email Like us on Facebook for festival updates D