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Editors: Jenny Brown and Joe Courter, <1991-1996>.
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INSIDE ...Ballot Recommendations . . 2 From the Publisher . . . . 3 Editors Picks ............. 3 Fest @ CMC Schedule . . . 9 Directory . . . . . . 101 Events Calendar ....... 12 CMC Events . . . . . . 15 GROW Radio schedule . . 22 CMC Homecoming ........ 24 by Joe Courter VOTE! It really matters, especially in local races. It will be a major upset thanks to Republican gerrymandering, but Marihelen Wheeler knocking out Ted Little Millionaire Yoho would be really sweet. Please help this campaign if you can, in whatever way you can. Dumping Rick Scott and Pam Bondi would be beyond sweet; both of them are disasters on so many fronts. Crist and Sheldon will be vast improvements. a fresh start and new eyes on the books would be good, though I dont know of any major complaints on Atwater. Kinda feel the same re Agriculture Commissioner. Many of you will have the chance to vote out Keith Perry and put in a strong progressive in Jon Uman, Power will be an excellent replacement for Von Fraser; he worked with Von throughout his incredible tenure, and will carry on the practice of actively helping people avoid foreclosures. Regarding the County Commission, bring along a pen and write in Harry Patterson for District 2 and mark the box for Ken Cornell in District 4. He will be a great replacement to Susan Baird and keep the county Commission moving in a positive direction. There are a bunch of judges up for retention, and none of them are rated unfavorably by the Florida Bar; your call if you want to be cranky here. Side two of the ballot has amendments. Iguana ballot recommendationsSee VOTING, p. 2 See CLIMATE, p. 21 During an interview with author Naomi Klein on Democracy Now! on Sept. 19, Amy Goodman asked about the title of a chapter in Kleins new book, This Changes Everything -- The Right is Right. Kleins response is below See the full transcript at democracynow .org in the archives section. NAOMI KLEIN: OK, well, lets be clear: They are not right about the science. Theyre wrong about the science. But I think what the right understands, and its important to understand, that the climate change denier movement in the United States is entirely a product of the right-wing think tank infrastructure, the groups like Heritage Foundation, Cato Institute, American Enterprise Institute. The Heartland Institute, which people most-Climate change deniers wrong about science The GainesvilleIguanaOctober 2014 Vol. 28, Issue 10


OCT OBER 2014, IGUANA PAGE 3 PAGE 2, IGUANA, OCT OBER 2014 From the publisher: Practical RadicalismFederal appeals court: Stop using SWAT-style raids for regulatory inspections http://www federal-appeals-court-stop-using-swat-style-raids-for-regulatoryinspections/. Radley Balko illuminates the point: That the federal appeals courts are split over whether it is reasonable to use SWAT-like tactics to perform regulatory inspections is a pretty good ilustration of just how far police militarization has come, The Springs Amendment (#1) would be wonderful to get through so we can try and get a handle on the degradation of our states rivers and springs. Amendment #2 is to increase the availability of medical marijuana. This would be a great life enhancer for persons the herbs properties can help pain, chemo-induced nausea, glaucoma, MS, ALS, etc. The times are changing we need to have this state join the 21 others whove moved toward sanity regarding this safe alternative to drugs like Oxycotin. The third amendment on judicial replacement is opposed by the League of Women Voters; thats good enough for me. Vote No on #3. Two things left, the County wants to put in a 1 percent sales tax for roads. Yes, it is a regressive way to raise funds, but since the revenue stream out of Tallahassee has dried up, money has to come from somewhere. Vote FOR this one. The last is the non-binding straw poll regarding corporate personhood, a way of raising our non-binding voice against the Citizens United decision money into our elections. Kudos to the local activists who worked really hard to get this on the ballot, and vote YES! There are 3 ways to vote: 1. An absentee ballot can be requested by registered voters from the Supervisor SE 1st Avenue south of Bo Diddley Plaza) or by phone (352)374-5252 to have one mailed to you. 2. Early voting will run from Wednesday, Oct. 22, through Saturday, Nov. 1 at three locations The County Administration Building, and the Millhopper and Tower Road branch libraries from 8:30 am to 5 pm. 3. And then, of course, on Election Day, Tuesday, Nov. 4, at your designated voting precinct. DVOTING, from p. 2 BALLOT RECOMMENDATIONS SIDE 1 SIDE 2US CONGRESS Wheeler (Brown in District 2) AMENDMENTS, ETC. GOVERNOR Crist #1-Water and Land (Springs) YES ATTNY GEN Sheldon CFO Rankin #2-Medical Marijuana YES COMM AG Hamilton STATE REP Uman #3 Judge Vacancies NO TAX COLL. Power CO. COMM 2 Write in Harry Patterson County Amendment: 1% road tax FOR CO. COMM 4 Cornell JUDGE RETENTION No major problems with them noted Straw Ballot: Against Corporate Personhood YES County Commissioner District 4 candidate Ken Cornell OPPOSES Plum Creek's Plan. Sheldon Adelson drops another $1.5 million to stop Amendment 2by Ben Pollara, United for Care No on 2s chief funder, billionaire casinomagnate and mega-donor, Sheldon Adelson, just dropped another $1.5 million to help spread lies about Amendment 2. This comes on the heels of the No on 2 campaign releasing a new ad, in which they found a doctor to say, theres nothing medical about this marijuana. Let me be clear: Voters are smarter than this. They will see through to the shady motivations of the No on 2 funders. But back now. We need you to contribute (or contribute again) right now so we can get on TV earlier. Visit the link here to donate: goal. The sooner we can raise what we need, the sooner we can get on TV ourselves. A strong TV buy costs millions of dollars per week in Florida. It cost millions to get on the ballot, and we are playing catch up. Clearly Adelson doesnt care about the patients who need this Amendment. Whatever his reasons, we are up against the 8th richest person in the world. They have a few dozen donors. We have thousands... If youve donated before, we need you again, now more than ever. We may be outspent, but we will not be outworked. D I had that phrase come to mind this morning as I was walking back to my house with the morning newspaper. Not sure where it came from, other than, as Id been ponder ing what I was going to write for this column over the last few days, I was looking for a synthesis to spring off from. With so many troubling things going on in the world, the day before I had come up with a list of things that could be addressed. The re-escalation of war in Iraq and Syria, the desperate horror of Ebola in Africa and the fears of its spread, tance to its acceptance, our nations broken electoral system which is ruled by corporate money, the worsening struggles of working people to earn enough to live on and the crisis of to serve the insurance industry, etc., etc. It was paralyzing me. So perhaps out of that arose the words Practical Radicalism. The latter word means in this case attempting to see and understand the root of the problems we face in the world. This hopefully involves seeing through the rhetoric and spin with which we receive our news of the world and understanding better the under-lying causes, motivations and belief systems which drive those events. The Practical refers to response one takes to all this information and how we live our lives and steer our actions and priorities. Understanding we have but one life to live, and in that life we have circumstances we inherit and commitments we make; how much of that time we devote to things beyond our immediate life needs, i.e., the problems in greater society and the world, is a plenty of people who pay no attention to the news. They just live within the paradigm current events, of looking for the deeper roots of events in the world. I have been fortunate in many ways in my life, but that I have been able to be around the right people, and in the right city, to let me be a co-founder of both this publication (in October 1986) and the Civic Media Center (in October 1993) has hugely enriched me. It has provided me a practical outlet for my information addiction. Is it worthwhile they are supported is validation. (And please keep sending in your validations, i.e., renewals. It is the life blood of each separate entity.) Ive come to feel that the most important, practical thing I can do with my brand of radicalism is build awareness of issues in the world, empower people with access to information and ideas for making positive social change, and create a sense of community and commitment toward making, in whatever way somebody chooses, the world a better place. From volunteers with the Home Van to organizers that got the City of Gainesville to stop buying mountaintop removal coal, from labor organizers who have achieved a wage-theft ordinance to the new campaign for a living wage, the organizing for LGBTQ rights and reproductive freedom, the environmental activists and neighborhood preservationists; our votes and our actions have the most power locally. Be Radical. Be Practical. We wont stop the war machine or rapacious capitalism from our Gainesville chairs, but we can do a lot and send ripples of change outward. Carry on. DJoe Courter See EDITORS PICKS, p. 7 Elections belong to the people. Its their decision. If they decide to turn their backs behinds, then they will just have to sit on their blisters. -Abraham LincolnFox News faulted Obama for not naming the recent military operations in Syria and Iraq. Here it is. Subscribe! The Gainesville Iguana is Gainesville's progressive events calendar & newsletter .Individuals: $15 (or more if you can) Low/No income: What you can Groups: $20 Iguana, c/o CISPLA P .O. Box 14712 Gainesville, FL 32604Comments, suggestions, contributions list your event or group, contact us at: (352) www The Iguana has been published monthly or bimonthly by volunteers for more than 25 years. Circulation for this issue is 4,500. Publisher: Joe Courter Editors Emeritus: Jenny Brown Mark Piotrowski Editorial Board: Pierce Butler Joe Courter Beth Grobman Jessica Newman Production work & assistance: Justine Mara Andersen Joye Barnes Scott Camil Candi Churchhill Kenzie Cooke Joni Ellis Nailah Summers Distribution: Joe Courter Marcus Dodd Bill Gilbert Jack Price Anita SundaramAuthors & photographers have sole credit, responsibility for, and rights to their work. Cover drawing of iguana by Daryl Harrison. Printed on recycled paper


OCT OBER 2014, IGUANA PAGE 5 PAGE 4, IGUANA, OCT OBER 2014 by Hunter S. Thompson This article was originally published by ESPN in its Page 2 column on September 12, 2001 the day after the 9/11 attacks. Its a piece that shows the late Hunter his most prescient. See the original at http://proxy story?id=1250751. It was just after dawn in Woody Creek, Trade Center in New York City on Tuesday morning, and as usual I was writing about sports. But not for long. Football suddenly seemed irrelevant, compared to the scenes of destruction and utter devastation coming out of New York on TV. Even ESPN was broadcasting war news. It was the worst disaster in the history of the United States, including Pearl Harbor, the San Francisco earthquake and probably the Battle of Antietam in 1862, when 23,000 were slaughtered in one day. The Battle of the World Trade Center lasted about 99 minutes and cost 20,000 cial estimates as of midnight Tuesday) [this was the total number of people in numbers, including those from the supposedly impregnable Pentagon, across the Potomac River from Washington, likely will be higher. Anything that kills world-class disaster. And it was not even Bombs that caused this massive damage. No nuclear missiles were launched from any foreign soil, no enemy ington to rain death on innocent Americans. No. It was four commercial jetliners. American and United Airlines, piloted by skilled and loyal U.S. citizens, and there was nothing suspicious about them when they took off from Newark, N.J., and Dulles in D.C. and Logan in Boston on routine with fully-loaded fuel tanks which would soon explode on impact and utterly destroy the world-famous Twin Towers of downtown Manhattans World Trade Center. Boom! Boom! Just like that. The towers are gone now, reduced to bloody rubble, along with all hopes for Peace in Our Time, in the United States or any other country. Make no mistake about it: We are At War now with somebody and we will stay At War with that mysterious Enemy for the rest of our lives. It will be a Religious War, a sort of Christian Jihad, fueled by religious hatred and led by merciless fanatics on both sides. It will be guerilla warfare on a global scale, emy. Osama bin Laden may be a primitive know but whoever put those All-Amer ican jet planes loaded with All-American fuel into the Twin Towers and the Pentagon did it with chilling precision and accuracy. The second one was a dead-on bullseye. Straight into the middle of the skyscraper. Nothing even George Bushs $350 billion Star Wars missile defense system could have prevented Tuesdays attack, and it cost next to nothing to pull off. Fewer than 20 unarmed Suicide soldiers from some apparently primitive country somewhere on the other side of the world took out the World Trade Center and half the Pentagon with three quick and costless strikes on one We are going to punish somebody for this attack, but just who or what will be blown to smithereens for it is hard to say. Maybe Afghanistan, maybe Pakistan or Iraq, or Not even the Generals in what remains of the Pentagon or the New York papers calling for WAR seem to know who did it or where to look for them. This is going to be a very expensive war, and Victory is not guaranteed for anyas George W. Bush. All he knows is that his father started the war a long time ago, and that he, the goofy child-President, has been chosen by Fate and the global Oil inNational Security Emergency and clamp down Hard on Everybody, no matter where they live or why. If the guilty wont hold up their hands and confess, he and the Generals will ferret them out by force. Good luck. He is in for a profoundly credible Military Intelligence, no witnesses and only the ghost of Bin Laden to blame for the tragedy. OK. It is 24 hours later now, and we are not getting much information about the Five Ws of this thing. The numbers out of the Pentagon are bafbeen imposed on the media. It is ominous. The only news on TV comes from weeping victims and ignorant speculators. The lid is on. Loose Lips Sink Ships. Dont say anything that might give aid to The Enemy. DFear and Loathing in America Troublemakers School organized by Labor Notes, a seven-hour series of workshops on collective bargaining, the history of the labor movement, community campaigns, and more. There is talk of turning the Troublemakers School into an annual event in Gainesville. Photo by Candi Churchill. PLAY ROLLER DERBYGRR Fall Boot Camp November 9, 16, 23 Alachua County Fairgrounds Participants learn basic and foundational skating skills as well as information on gear, derby 101, and off-skate training sessions. No previous experience required. $30 includes rental of gear*Bring light-weight athletic clothing, close-toed running shoes, a gallon of water, gear (if you have it), heat-molded mouthguard (required! available at Sports Authority or Walmart)Register at: *$10 discount if you already have derby gear


OCT OBER 2014, IGUANA PAGE 7 PAGE 6, IGUANA, OCT OBER 2014 On Thursday, Sept. 18, the Gainesville City Commission voted unanimously to condemn the practice of mountaintop removal coal mining. Commissioners Carter, Poe, Warren, Wells, and Mayor Braddy also voted to establish a new coal procurement policy for Gainesville Regional Utilities that seeks to exclude mountaintop-mined coal from our fuel mix. We received some good coverage in The Sun if youre interested in a recap. This victory is a huge step forward for our campaign, and could not have been won without the steadfast support of Gainesville City Commissioner Lauren Poe, our friends at Appalachian Voices, and the tremendous volunteer efforts of our local supporters. DGainesville Loves Mountains: Victory!by Jason Fults EDITORS PICKS, from p. 2As Bad As Crime, A Blunder Eric Margolis on the USs crusade against ISIS: Killem and let God sort them out.The Real Reason We Are Bombing Syria by Dennis Kucinich html?1411508436 Dennis Kucinich says that hope and change was a clever slogan to gain and keep power though promoting fear, war and the growth of the National Secuity state.Manufacturing the Terrorist Threat: From the 1970s to the Obama Erahttp://www Deepa Kumar explains the construction and evolution of the terrorist threat as displayed in the news and though entertainment media. D most affected by Sandy, marched with an estimated 400,000 people on Sunday, Sept. 20, to demand tangible action on climate change issues. The march coincided with the United Nations Climate Summit in NYC that week. See more at: http://labor Photo by Jenny Brown. by Elizabeth Howard Grace Marketplace, our new homeless shelter, is now home to 11 dogs and three cats. We go there once a week and distribute pet food for these dogs and cats. Grace, people who relocated from Tent City with their pets, but there are a lot of people who dont know us or our Project, so it is a time of building trust and creat ing processes to distribute pet food and learn else is needed for the pets. With only a few inside beds available inside the fenced facility, virtually everyone is a camper outside Grace. Pets are not allowed inside the fence at all and campers share their tents and campsites with their pets. Wednesday is our pet food distribution day. At Grace we sometimes distribute in the parking area and sometimes visit campsites. These home visits allow us to become known and to really know what each camper and pet may need. Most of our dogs and all the cats are spayed/neutered and vaccinated, accom plished with help from St Francis Pet Care Clinic. Volunteers are sometimes needed to furnish transport to the clinic. GRACE is looking ahead to cold night shelter. They are setting aside a dorm area for dogs and cats with their people. This is a wonderful thing to do and will help pet owners to seek shelter in cold weather. We need donations of large and small crates to secure both dogs and cats as well as disposable kitty litter boxes. In order to continue the work of our Project, we are currently asking for donations of any size bags of dog food and cat food as well as dog harnesses, leashes and collars. Pal on our blog at http://homevanpetcare or by check made to Home Van Pet Care Project, Inc. and mailed c/o Elizabeth Howard, P.O. Box 14305, Gainesville, FL 32604. Call 352473-9423 to donate pet food or other items or to volunteer your time. DHome Van Pet Care ProjectNews from Grace MarketplaceAll war is a symptom of mans failure as a thinking animal. -John Steinbeck


OCT OBER 2014, IGUANA PAGE 9 PAGE 8, IGUANA, OCT OBER 2014 by Ron Cunningham Executive Director, Bike Florida When you think about it, riding a bicycle is an act of revolution. personal mobility ever invented, it is a mechanical Declaration of Independence. Riding your bicycle you invite BP to take its deep water drilling platforms and and telling Wall Street that you dont need their petro-industrial complex, thank you very much. Your bicycle will take you off the grid in AutoAmerica. And the ing your own body weight from place to place is the best medicine against a corporate health monopoly that grows fat and rich off a national epidemic of obesity, diabetes, hypertension and other maladies promoted by the sedate auto-lifestyle. But no revolution comes without risk. And the pure fact is that riding a bicycle in Amer ica in general and in Florida especially can be a risky business indeed. Nearly every year, Florida tops the list of the most bike-and-pedestrian (walking being another act of revolution) states in AutoAmerica. It should be a point of shame that, of the ten most dangerous cities in America for walking, the top four are all in Florida Orlando, Tampa, Jacksonville and Miami. And Florida leads the nation in bicycle fatalities, with 22 cycling deaths for every 100,000 bike commuters. No other state even comes close. The irony is that Florida, with its mild cli mate, ought to be a year-around paradise congestion, distracted drivers and, yes, politicians who oppose common sense safety measures like red light cameras, a ban on held-held devices while driving, because they might irritate drivers, all conspire against bike-ped safety. That needs to change. Bike Florida and the Florida Bicycle Association are on a mission to improve cycling safety in The Sunshine State. Thats why we are sponsoring the Florida Bike-Ped Safety Summit in Gainesville on Friday afternoon, Oct. 24, in the City of Gainesvilles restored train station on Depot Avenue. The site of the Safety Summit was chosen carefully. It is right next to the sculptures for fallen cyclists erected in honor of six cyclists who left Gainesville on the day after Christmas in 1996 bound for St. Augustine but never arrived at their destination. On a lonely stretch of State Road 26, in Clay County, a distracted driver in a pickup truck plowed into all six cyclists, killing two and injuring the other four. Margaret Raynal, widely known and respected among Florida cycling advocates, was one of the two killed. Doug HIll, a popular Gainesville bicycle mechanic, was the other. Injured were Lauri Triulzi, Jessica Green, Eric Finnan and Charles Hinson. The errant driver was never charged with fense. That accident enraged and mobilized cyclists across the state. Later, friends of the fallen cyclists took the wrecked, ruined bicycle parts from the accident scene and embedded them in six rammed earth structures on Depot Avenue. To mark Bike Floridas 20th anniversary, we have been conducting a yearlong fund-raising campaign to restore and enhance the sculptures. We are dedicating the Oct. 24 Florida Bike-Ped Safety Summit to the memory of those cyclists. The fact that 18 years after that accident Florida continues to lead the nation in bicycle fatalities is a disgrace. At the summit we will invite ment of Transportation as well as bicyversity of Florida and the University of South Florida to talk about how we can turn around Floridas unenviable reputation. We will also have a panel discussion period when members of the audience can give their suggestions for improving bike-ped safety. We hope to come out of the session with some solid policy and legislative recommendations to improve cycling safety in Florida. We intend for the Florida Bike-Ped Safety Summit to be an annual event; one in which we can measure progress made and distance yet to go on a year-to-year basis. The Florida Bike-Ped Safety Summit is the heart of this years 2nd annual Share The Road Celebration of Cycling weekend (Oct. 24). Prior to the Safety Summit we will have a morning long session on the Economics of Cycling. Why should communities invest in rail-trails, bike lanes and other bike-friendly infrastrucpositive economic payback. Our speakers will talk about the economic potential of bicycle tourism in Florida, the importance of cycling in building an innovation economy, millennials and personal mobility, why businesses are increasingly promoting cycling and more. But Share The Road Celebration of Cy-Share the road celebration of cyclingcling is also about well, celebrating cycling. On Friday evening, from 6-9 p.m. we will have a bicycle/food truck rally at Innovation Square, on SW 2nd Avenue. There will be food, live music, activities for children and families, vendors, infor mation booths and more. We will also have a celebratory bike parade to downtown Gainesville and back just for grins. A good time will be had by all. Finally, on Saturday evening, Oct. 25, we will have our annual Share The Road Awards Banquet, an opportunity to recognize Floridians and organizations that cycling. Our keynote speaker will be T.J. Juskiewizc, director of RAGBRAI (Registers Annual Great Bike Ride Across Iowa). RAGBRAI is the oldest and most popular cross-state bike ride in America, attracting thousands of participants each year. It is a major reason why bike tourism is a $1 million a day industry in that state. Oh yes, and if cycling into the countryside is your thing, take the opportunity between Celebration of Cycling events to register and ride that weekends Santa Fe Century and Horse Farm Hundred tours, sponsored by our partner organization, the Gainesville Cycling Club. In short, Share The Road Celebration of Cycling is an invitation to celebrate the revolution. The revolution in personal, sustainable mobility. To celebrate your Declaration of Independence from the AutoAmerican culture. To revolt against the petro-economic status quo. And to have fun doing it. For more information about Share The Road Celebration of Cycling see our web For information about the Gainesville Cycling Clubs rides that same weekend go to D Bike Florida president Ron Cunningham and artist Eric Admunson speak at the Bicycle Memorial at Depot Park in downtown Gainesville on Saturday, Sept. 21, announcing the October 24 Celebration of Cycling events. Behind them is one of the six rammed earth monuments which commemorate the December 1996 bicycle tragedy when a pickup truck mowed down a pace line of six cyclists near Keystone Heights. Two riders were killed; the six monuments designed by Admunson incorporate the destroyed bicycles. Photo by Joe Courter Its FEST time again, that great endeavor by No Idea Records bringing over 300 bands and artists to play in over a dozen local venues, this year running for 3 days, Oct. 31 through Nov. 2. People come from all over the country and world, most buying the wristband for access to all venues but one can choose individual venues for a given day. Acoustic music fans have a venue of their own, the Civic Media Center, which will have twenty hours of per formers Friday, Saturday and Sunday. You can see the schedule adjoining this article. A day pass is $10 at the CMC, and with the format of short sets, you will see a lot of great music each day. Youve got bands and performers from around the country, and great fans from around the world. Food and drink will be on site, and youll support the CMC, too. Expand your musical horizons and come hang out for a day. Also, there will be the non-FEST organized Queer the Fest taking place all day and evening Satur day at the block to the south of the CMC where Repurpose Project is located and will have moved out of. Huge thanks to No Idea Records and all the volunteers for making this annual event happen. D FEST features over 300 bands


OCT OBER 2014, IGUANA PAGE 11 PAGE 10, IGUANA, OCT OBER 2014 Notice to readers: If there is inaccurate information in this list, please let us know If you are connected to an organization listed here, please check and update so others can be accurately informed about your contact information. Thank you. Art Lab is for artists who continually expand skills and knowledge. Comprised of makers from a range of mediums (e.g. forged iron, spun wool, graphic design). Technique workshops, artist talks/critiques, professional practices meetings, critical thinking discussions. GainesvilleArtLab@ Alachua Conservation Trust, Inc. Protecting North Central Floridas natural, scenic, historic & recreational resources for over 25 years. ACT is the 2013 national Land Trust Excellence award recipient. 352-373-1078. Alachua County Green Party Part of a worldwide movement built out of four interrelated social pillars that support its politics: the peace, civil rights, environmental and labor movements., alachuagreens@gmail. com, 352.871.1995. Alachua County Labor Coalition meets monthly and organizes to support local labor and advance the national campaign for universal, single-payer health care. Memberships are $20/ year. Contact:, ACLP@, 352.375.2832, 14 East University Ave, Suite 204, Gainesville, FL PO Box 12051, Gainesville, FL 32604 American Civil Liberties Union Currently no local chapter. For info on forming a new chapter, Amnesty International UF campus chapter of worldwide human rights movement; www. or UFAmnesty@ Avian Research and Conservation Institute (ARCI) working to stimulate conservation action to save threatened species of birds in the southeastern U.S., Citizens Climate Lobby (Gainesville Chapter) provides education/activist opportunities to bring about a stable climate. Meetings are on the 12:30, at the downtown library's Foundation Room. 352-672-4327,, Civic Media Center Alternative reading room and library of the non-corporate press, and a resource and space for organizing. 352-3730010, The Coalition of Hispanics Integrating Spanish Speakers through Advocacy and Service (CHISPAS) Student-run group at UF. Code Pink: Women for Peace Women-led grassroots peace and social justice movement utilizing creative protest, non-violent direct action and community involvement. CodePink4Peace. org, Conservation Trust for Florida, Inc. Nonlandscapes, wildlife corridors and natural areas. Democratic Party of Alachua County Meetings held the second Wednesday each month at 7 Administration Building at SE 1st St. and 352-373-1730, Edible Plant Project Local collective to create a revolution through edible and food-producing plants. 561-236-2262 Families Against Mandatory Minimums Work to reform Florida's sentencing laws and restore fairness to Florida's criminal justice system. PO Box 142933, Gainesville, FL 32614, gnewburn@ 352-682-2542 The Fine Print Independent, critically thinking outlet for political, social and arts coverage through local, in-depth reporting for Gainesvilles Florida School of Traditional Midwifery A clearinghouse for information, activities and educational programs. 352-338-0766 www. Florida Defenders of the Environment are dedicated to restoring the Ocklawaha and preserving Floridas other natural resources. 352378-8465 Gainesville Area AIDS Project provides toiletries, household cleaners, hot meals, frozen food at no cost to people living with HIV/ AIDS., info@gaaponline. org, 352-373-4227, Open Tuesdays 10-1 and last Friday of month 5-7. Gainesville Citizens for Alternatives to Death Penalty works to abolish the death penalty. Join vigils when Florida has an exSt. Augustine Church & Catholic Student Center (1738 W. Univ. Ave.) 352-284-1749, Gainesville Food Not Bombs Local chapter of loose-knit group of collectives worldwide who prepare and share free, vegan/vegetarian, healthy, home-cooked meals made from local surplus with all who are hungry. Meals at 3 p.m. Sundays at Bo Diddly Community Plaza. Prep starts at 11 am. Get in touch if youd like to help. www.!/groups/143660782367621/ Gainesville Interfaith Alliance for Immigrant Justice (IAIJ) meets biweekly at the Mennonite Meeting House, 1236 NW 18th Ave. to discuss relevant immigration issues and ways to bring political education to the community through workshops, presentations, advocacy, action. or www. Gainesville Loves Mountains partners with Appalachian allies to end mountaintop removal coal mining and build a prosperous economy/sustainable future for the region and its people. We pursue policies to strengthen our local economy through, 352-610-1090, http:// Gainesville NOW NOW meeting info contact Lisa at 352-450-1912. Gainesville Socialists is a bi-weekly reading and discussion group. Meetings are open to all who consider themselves socialists, are interested in socialism, or are otherwise curious. Meetings are held at the CMC every other Tuesday at 8 pm, Gainesville Womens Liberation womens liberation group in the South, formed in 1968; now part of National Womens Liberation; against male supremacy and win more freedom for women. The inequalities between women and men are political problems requiring a collective solution. Founded 1968. Join us: www.womensliberation. org, P.O. Box 14017, Gainesville, 32604, (347) 5604695, Gainesville Zen Center & Hostel A Zen Buddhist community offering rooms to rent on a daily basis. 404 SE 2nd St., 352-336-3613, Graduate Assistants United Union represents working conditions, community involvement, Grow Radio community members to create and manage engaging, educational, locally-generated programming to enrichment of the community. PO Box 13891, Gainesville, 32604, 352-219-0145 (v), 352-872-5085 (studio hotline) Harvest of Hope Foundation to migrant farm workers around the country. www., email: Home Van A mobile soup kitchen going to homeless areas twice a week with food and other necessities, delivering about 400 meals per week; operated by Citizens for Social Justice. barupa@ or 352-372-4825. Humanist Society of Gainesville meets 7 pm on the 3rd Wednesday of most months at Unitarian Universalist Fellowship, 4225 NW 34th St to discuss and promote secular, humanist, atheist & agnostic social; Humanists on Campus UF organization provides a community for freethinking, secular humanists. Goals include promoting values of humanism, discussing issues humanists face internationally. We strive to participate in community service and bring a fun, dynamic group to the university! Preferred contact info: email, alternative: Industrial Workers of the World Local union organizing all workers. Meetings are at month at 6 pm. www. Interfaith Alliance for Immigrant Justice organizes faith communities to work together for immigrant justice. Meets 2nd Mondays at 6 pm at La Casita, 1504 W. University Ave. (across from Library) GainesvilleIAIJ@gmail. com; 352-377-6577 International Socialist Organization Organization committed to building a left alternative to a world of war, racism and poverty. Meetings are every Thurs at the UF classroom building at 105 NW 16th St. at 7 pm. Kindred Sisters Lesbian/feminist magazine. PO Box 141674, Gainesville, FL 32614., Long-Term Care Ombudsman Program needs volunteers to join its advocates who protect elders rights in nursing homes, assisted living facilities, family care homes. Training MindFreedom North Florida Human rights group for psychiatric survivors and mental health consumers. 352-328-2511. Move to Amend, Gainesville is an organization dedicated to amending the US Constitution to establish that money is not speech, and that only human beings have constitutional rights. National Alliance on Mental Illness (NAMI) Support, education and advocacy for families and loved ones of persons with mental illness/ brain disorders. 374-5600. ext. 8322; www. National Committee to Preserve Social Security and Medicare Local advocates work to promote/ preserve these threatened programs for senior citizens. We have literature, speakers, T-shirts. Email: join: National Lawyers Guild Lawyers, law students, legal workers and jailhouse lawyers using the law to advance social justice and support progressive social movements. or NCF AWIS is an advocacy organization championing the interest of women in science, technology, engineering, and mathematics (STEM) across all disciplines and employment of the month (except holidays) from 5:30 -7:30 PM Millhopper Branch, Alachua County Public Library. All meetings open to the public. Email or go to for more information. Occupy Gainesville is about engaging local people in grassroots, participatory democracy, diversity and dialogue; we stand in solidarity with the Occupy Wall Street Movement and the rest of the people peacefully occupying public space across this county and the rest of the world. and https://www. Our Santa Fe River and Ichetucknee Alliance are two of a number of grassroots environmentalist groups campaigning to protect and restore the rivers and springs. See: http:// and http://www. PFLAG (Parents and Families of Lesbians and Gays) meets the 3rd Tuesday of each month at the Fellowship Hall of the United Church of Gainesville (1624 NW 5th Ave.) at 7 pm with a programmed portion and informal meeting with opportunity to talk and peruse Planned Parenthood Clinic Full-service health center for reproductive and sexual health care needs. Offering pregnancy testing and options counseling for $10 from 10am-noon and 2-5pm. Located at 914 NW 13th St. 352-377-0881. Pride Community Center of North Central Florida Resources for the gay/lesbian community, open M-F, 3-7, Sat. noon-4. Located at 3131 NW 13th St., Suite 62. 352377-8915, Protect Gainesville Citizens Group whose mission is to provide Gainesville residents with accurate and comprehensible information about the Cabot/Koppers Superfund site. 352-3542432, River Phoenix Center for Peacebuilding and provides services like mediation, communication skill building and restorative justice. 2603 NW 13th St. #333, 352-234-6595 Sierra Club month at 7:30 p.m. at the Unitarian Universalist Fellowship of Gainesville 4225 NW 34th St. 352-528-3751, Sister City Program of Gainesville links Gainesville with sister cities in Russia, Israel Tuesday of every month at 7:30 p.m. at the Mennonite Meeting House, 1236 NW 18th Avenue (across from Gainesville HS). http:// Stand By Our Plan is committed to informing the public about the critical differences between the Comprehensive Plan and Plum Creeks proposal. We do not support Plum Creeks Plan. Alachua Countys Comprehensive Plan is the best blueprint for future growth in the unincorporated areas of our county; it protects our valuable wetlands. standbyourplan@gmail. com; Student/Farmworker Alliance A network of youth organizing with farmworkers to eliminate sweatshop conditions and modernday slavery in the fields. On Facebook, search Gainesville Student/Farmworker Alliance. Students for a Democratic Society Multiissue student and youth organization working to build power in schools and communities. Meetings held every Monday at 6:30 p.m. in Anderson Hall 32 on the UF campus. UF Pride Student Union Group of gay, lesbian, bi and straight students & non-students, faculty United Faculty of Florida Union represents faculty at Univeristy of Florida. 392-0274,, United Nations Association, Gainesville Florida Chapter Purpose is to heighten citizen awareness and knowledge of global problems and the UN efforts to deal with those issues. United Way Information and Referral Human-staffed computer database for resources and organizations in Alachua County. 352-3324636 or simply 211. Veterans for Peace Anti-war organization that raises awareness of the detriments of militarism and war as well as seeking peaceful and effective alternatives. Meets first Wednesday of every month at 7 pm. 352WGOT 94.7 LP-FM Community lowpower station operating as part of the Civic Media Center., Directory Call 352-378-5655. or email with updates and additions


OCT OBER 2014, IGUANA PAGE 15 PAGE 14, IGUANA, OCT OBER 2014 ALACHUA COUNTY 2014 JUDICIAL ELECTIONS SCHEDULED ALACHUA COUNTY 2014 JUDICIAL ELECTIONS SCHEDULED ALACHUA COUNTY 2014 JUDICIAL ELECTIONS SCHEDULED 433 S. Main Street (352) 373-0010 or after 7 p.m. at the courthouse or GRU (2 blocks east of CMC) Check website for details and additional events.Civic Media Center events September 2014 Every Thu: Weekly Volunteer Meeting, 5:30 pm Every Thu: Poetry Jam, 9 pm Every other Tue: Gainesville Socialist Reading Grp, ( Sep 2, 16, 30, Oct 14), 8 pm Last Fri: ArtWalk, (July 25 and August 29), 7-10 pm___________________________________ Wed, Sep 3: Moral Monday Planning Meeting, 6 pm Wed, Sep 3: Radical Rush Planning Meeting, 7 pm Fri, Sep 5: Queer the Fest Planning Meeting, 6 pm Sat, Sep 6: HIV Testing (Wellness Florida), 9-11 pm Sat, Sep 6: Queer Danz Party, 10 pm Mon, Sep 8: A Will for the Woods, documentary on natural burials, 7 pm Wed, Sep 10: Police Encounters: Know Your Rights (DUI/Drug Crimes), workshop on rights during police encounters, 7 pm Mon, Sep 15: RADICAL RUSH Day 1 @ Santa Fe, 11 am-2 pm Mon, Sep 15: Paris is Burning, documentary on 80s Black and Latino queer ball room culture, 7 pm Tue, Sep 16: RADICAL RUSH Day 2 @ Santa Fe, 11 am-2 pm Tue, Sep 16: Gainesville Socialists, 8 pm Wed, Sep 17: Santa Fe Volunteer Fair Wed, Sep 17: RADICAL RUSH Day 3 @ UF from 11am-2pm Wed, Sep 17: Shaira Glassman Book Signing Local author introduces her book, Climbing the Date Palm, inspired by the Alachua County Wage Theft Task Force and her spouses union organizing, a fairy tale about workers rights and wage theft, with plenty of queer characters (and a dragon), 7:30 pm Thu, Sep 18: RADICAL RUSH Day 4 @ UP, 11 am-2 pm Fri, Sep 19: RADICAL RUSH SOCIAL, TBA Sat, Sep 20: HerbFest, 11 am-6 pm Mon, Sep 22: Film: Drugging of our Children, 7 pm Fri, Sep 26: Rwanda Film Screening, 6-8:30 pm, live music afterward Sat, Sep 27: Trouble Makers School, 10 am-5 pm, afterparty 6:30-9 pm (see p. 9) Tue, Sep 30: Gainesville Socialists, 8 pm Mon, Oct 6: Gasland, Documentary on the effects fracking has on communities in the U.S., 7 pm Tue, Oct 7: CMC Board of Directors Meeting, 6:30 pm Mon, Oct 13: The Canary Effect-documentary on the effects the U.S. and its policies have had on Native (Indigenous) People. Tue, Oct 14: Central American History Series (1 of 2), 7 pm Wed, Oct 15: Flossie and the Fox and Wax Wings perform, 8 pm boarders and artists connected to Apache Skateboards, 7 pm Tue, Oct 21: Central American History Series (2 of 2), 7pm Fri, Oct 31: Day One of QUEER THE FEST Roy Zimmerman tours constantly, taking his funny songs about fracking, creationism, marijuana laws, government shutdown, same-sex marriage, guns, taxes and abstinence across the country, often playing in some of the least Progressive places in America for the most Progressive people there the Blue Dots he calls them. In thirteen albums over twenty years, Roy Zimmerman has brought the sting of satire to the struggle for Peace and Social Justice. His songs have been heard on HBO and Showtime. He has recorded for Warner/Reprise Records. Zimmermans YouTube videos have amassed over All Things Considered, and hes a featured The world is full of funny songs, but Zimmermans hilarious, rhyme-intensive originals are also incisive calls to action, smart, savvy and undeniable. YouTube links of Roy Zimmermans songs: The Faucets on Fire! http://www. Im In "To Be a Liberal" Creation Science 101 Hope, Struggle and Change http://www. D By Bailey Riley On July 8, Israel launched Operation Protective Edge; the operation was in direct response to a kidnapping and murder of three Israeli teenagers by two members of the militant Islamic group Hamas. The operation was launched on the Gaza Strip, which is controlled by Hamas. Ultimately, the massacre, which was only one of many prompted by Israel within the past 60 years, ended with an open-ended Despite this, 34 tunnels in Gaza were destroyed, upwards of 2,100 Gazans, overwhelmingly civilian, were killed (compared to 66 Israeli soldiers and 5 civilians), 520,000 (30 percent of the population) Gazans were displaced, 17,200 Gazan homes were obliterated, and approximately 5,000,000 Israelis were displaced. As if this wasnt enough, the Israeli Defense Forces shelled UN refugee shelters in Gaza, and bombed hospitals an cs to achieve this goal, and they are accessible to the average consumer. The BDS movement urges various forms of boycott against Israel until it meets its obliga tions under international law, including: ending the occupation and colonization of all Arab lands occupied in June 1967 and dismantling the Wall; recognizing the fundamental rights of the Arab-Palestin ian citizens of Israel to full equality; and respecting the rights of Palestinian refugees to return to their homes and proper ties as stipulated in UN Resolution 194. Block the Boat as a movement began in Oakland as a response to Operation Protective Edge. They didnt know they were setmajor port cities followed. 2,500 people Block the Boat Tampa protest on October 11See BOAT, p. 21 gathered outside the port of Oakland on Aug. 16 to block the Israeli Zim ship from unloading cargo onto Californias shores. Zim is Israels largest international shipping company and the tenth largest worldwide. What the ship carries is of little consequence in reference to this, because much of it is coming from international Every hour the ships are delayed costs them thousands of dollars in fuel and labor, at the very least, so holding them off 16, Oakland managed to block the ship for four days, the longest blockade of an Israeli ship in history. estinians and their allies, and thus awoke a massive campaign to cease Zim from entering many major port cities in the United ALACHUA COUNTY 2014 JUDICIAL ELECTIONS SCHEDULED ALACHUA COUNTY 2014 JUDICIAL ELECTIONS SCHEDULED ALACHUA COUNTY 2014 JUDICIAL ELECTIONS SCHEDULED 433 S. Main Street (352) 373-0010 or after 7 p.m. at the courthouse or GRU (2 blocks east of CMC) Check website for details and additional events.Civic Media Center events October 2014 Every Wed: Volunteer Meeting @5:30pm Poetry Jam @9pm Mon, Oct 6: Screening of Gasland Documentary on effects fracking has on communities in the U.S. @7pm Tue Oct 7: CMC Board of Directors Meeting @7pm Wed, Oct 8: Zine Workday @5pm Fri, Oct 10: Presentation: Queer Assimilation; Breaking Away from the Gay norm @7pm Sat, Oct 11: CMC Volunteer Training @2pm Mon, Oct 13: Screening of Canary Effect Documentary on effects the United States and its policies have had on Native (Indigenous) People @7pm Tue, Oct 14: 50 Years of U.S. Involvement in Central America: El Salvador & Guatemala @7pm Tue, Oct 14: Gainesville Socialists @7pm Wed, Oct 15: Renee is a Zombie, Flossie & the Fox, and Wax Wings perform @8pm Sat, Oct 18: CMCs 21st Anniversary Home Coming, open house starts @5pm Sat, Oct 18: GUTS and Nook & Cranny perform in the Courtyard for CMCs 21st anniversary @9pm Sun, Oct. 19: CMC Volunteer Training @2pm Mon, Oct 20: Shaping Our Responsible Teens, a Planned Parenthood of North Florida after school program for youth ages 14+ discussing topics from self-esteem and decision-making to STDs, contraception and parenting; classes will continue once or twice a week through November @3:30pm artists connected to Apache Skateboards @7pm Tue, Oct. 21: 50 Years of U.S. Involvement in Central America: Honduras & Nicaragua @7pm Wed, Oct. 22: Executive Director of Dream Defenders, Phillip Agnew, and Malcolm London, a young Chicago poet, educator and activist called the Gil Scott Heron of his generation by Cornel West, will join a panel discussion about being a young activist in the 21st century. Thu, Oct 23: Screening of Connected by Coffee @7pm Mon, Oct 27: Screening of Im Positive and FREE HIV Testing @7pm Tue, Oct 28: Gainesville Socialists @7pm Wed, Oct 29: Day in Solidarity with African People with Chairman Omali Yeshitela of the African Peoples Socialist Party as a guest speaker @7pm Fri, Oct. 31: Day One of FEST 13 Sat, Nov 1: Day Two of FEST 13 Sun, Nov 2: Day Three of FEST 13 Mon, Nov 3: Screening of Lets Talk About Sex @7pm Tue, Nov 4: CMC Board of Directors Meeting @7pm Wed, Nov 5: Roy Zimmermans Blue Dot Tour Funny songs about progressive politics, $15 or pay what you can @8 pm Fri, Nov 7: Code Pink Reception @5pm Tue, Nov 11: Gainesville Socialist Meeting @7pm Sat, Nov 15: Music with Heather Maloney @8pm Roy Zimmerman sings politicsDont miss this show


OCT OBER 2014, IGUANA PAGE 17 PAGE 16, IGUANA, OCT OBER 2014 Interested in writing or editing for the Iguana? D We need YOU! Help make Gainesvilles longest running progressive rag happenContact Editor Jessica Newman for more details at: OCTOBER 3 GramFest Gram Parsons Tribute/Various Artists 10 Relics & Erasables Woodstock Era Music & Originals 17 Dixie Desperados Southern Country Rock 24 UF School of Music Ensembles World Music THINKINGABOUTTHEMILITARY? MAKEAN INFORMEDCHOICE. ADVICEFROMVETERANSONMILITARYSERVICE ANDRECRUITINGPRACTICESAResourceGuideForYoungPeople ConsideringEnlistment Gainesville Chapter14 Medea Benjamin in Gainesville Nov. 6-7Medea Benjamin, cofounder of CodePink, Women for Peace, will be speaking in Gainesville on Nov. 6. On Nov. 6, she will be at Ustler Hall, University of Florida, at 6:30 pm with a reception to follow. The title of her talk is Empowering Women in the Peace Movement. On Nov. 7, there will be a protest from 3-5 pm starting at Main Street and University Avenue, and proceeding over to Prioria Robotics for a demonstration at 4:20 pm. Later on Nov. 7 at 6 pm, she will be at Wild Iris bookstore talking about her book, Drone Warfare, Killing by Remote Control. A reception and book signing will follow in the Civic Media Center Courtyard. The UF event is cosponsored by UF Womens Studies, Gainesville CODEPINK, National Organization for Women, and Gainesville Chapter of Veterans for Peace. The talk at Wild Iris is cosponsored by Wild Iris, CodePink, Gainesville Chapter of Veterans for Peace, Students for Justice in Palestine and the CMC. Contact, local coordinator for CodePink, or call 352-514-2557. D by Dave Lippman Below is a response by Dave Lippman to an article published by the New York Times on Sept. 30, Kissinger Drew Up Plans to Attack Cuba, Records Show . Read the original here: http://www kissinger-drew-up-plans-to-attack-cubaSometimes the Times walks right up to the kernel of truth in a situation and cant see it because it is standing too close to focus on context, as when Kissinger was said to be incensed that Castro had passed up a chance to normalize relations with the United States in favor of pursuing his own policy agenda. Wow. So thats the choice in the world where the Youre either with us, or youre pursuing your own interests. Hm. In addition to that moment of political blindness, the writer is able to note Kissingers plans for Africa without blinking. I guess the guy who runs the world has a Omissions Department (always a juicy one): No mention that Cuba was a U.S.before Castro. No mention that its OK for the U.S. to send troops around the world to prop up dictatorships, but not nialism. And no mention that Kissinger, like the other folks who run the world (banksters) has never been charged for his crimes against humanity, certainly never spend a day in jail. When youre trying to help people understand events, its customary to fill in the facts people may have forgotten since they last read about the issue. Like the overthrow and strongarming of hundreds of governments by the U.S., especially since 1945. Thats not a bias, its a salient fact. When Kissinger dies, the Times will opine that his record was mixed. The record of the Times is not mixed. It is a reliable tool for obscuring the nature of the established order. DRegarding Kissinger drew up plans to attack Cuba, records showThe legacy of 50 years of U.S. involvement in Central Americaby Joe Courter During the 1970s and 1980s, there were wars, revolutions, indigenous repression and death squad violence in much of Central America. In this country there was also a strong solidarity movement with the oppressed people in and from that region. Now, except for a recent coup in Honduras, and a humanitarian crisis over immigrant children from El Salvador, Guatemala and Honduras entering the U.S., we hear very little about the region. The U.S. was very involved in Central America over the past 50 years, and it is worth a review as to why we have such an immigration crisis, and what is the legacy of all the U.S. meddling. On Tuesday, Oct. 14, the Civic Media Center will host a program on El Salvador and Guatemala. On the following Tuesday, Oct. 21, we will look at Honduras and Nicaragua. Each night will be an overview by experts on Latin America of the recent history of the evenings countries and what role the United States played in that history, followed by discussion. Each nights program will begin at 7 pm at the Civic Media Center (433 S. Main St., Gainesville). D


OCT OBER 2014, IGUANA PAGE 19 PAGE 18, IGUANA, OCT OBER 2014 Every election is determined by the people who show up. --Larry J. Sabato, Pendulum Swing


OCT OBER 2014, IGUANA PAGE 21 PAGE 20, IGUANA, OCT OBER 2014 104 SE 1st A ve., Gainesville, FL MTh: 11a.m.8p.m. F: 11a.m.10p.m. 104 SE 1st Avenue Gainesville FL Subscribe $30/year BOAT, from p. 14 ly only know in terms of the fact that it hosts these annual conferences of climate change skeptics or deniers, its important and foremost a free market think tank. Its like the other ones I listed, it exists to push the ideology, the familiar ideology, of deregulation, privatization, cuts to government spending, and sort of triumphant free market, you know, backed with enormous corporate funding, because thats a very, And when I interviewed the head of the Heartland Institute, Joe Bast, for this project, he was quite open that it wasnt that He said, when he looked at the science and listened to what scientists were saying about how much we need to cut our emissions, he realized that climate change could beif it were true, it would justify huge amounts of government regulation, which he politically opposes. So the isStates. The organizers of Block the Boat Tampa followed suit of several other cities in attempting to show their solidarity with Palestinians. To date, the Tampa chapter has organized three protests, two past, and one forthcoming on Oct. 11. On the morning of Sept. 20, the ship had a docking delay of 12 hours and an unloading delay of 7, but the cause was precarious. The Zim Alabama is scheduled to berth in Tampa every three weeks. There is a sustained campaign working against the Israeli shipping company. They wont stop until Israel stops the ille of Palestine. The Block the Boat movement is a part of the larger BDS movement called for by Palestinians. Those in Palestine living in occupied territory, who live daily with the threat of death looming over them like thick fog, have voiced thorough support for this movement and have called for a continuation of the tactic. Block the Boat Tampa has a whole sue is, they understand that if the science is true, their whole ideological project falls apart, because, as I said, you cant respond to a crisis this big, that involves transforming the foundation of our economyour economy was built on fossil fuels, it is still fueled by fossil fuels. The idea in thiswe hear this from a lot of liberal environmental groups, that we can change completely painlesslyjust change your light bulbs, or just a gentle market mechanism, tax and relax, no problem. This is what they understand well, that in fact it requires transformative change.... So when I say the right is right, I think that they have a better grasp on the political implications of the science, of what it means to how we need to change our economy and what the role of the public sphere is and the role of collective action is, better than some of those sort of big, slick, centrist green groups that are constantly trying to sell climate action as something entirely reconcilable with a booming capitalist economy. DSee BOAT, p. 22 CLIMATE, from p. 1 377-5828Open: 7 am 10 pm Mon Fri 9 am 10 pm Sat Sun DRIVE THRU & CALL-INS Two locations: 407 NW 12th St. and 5011 NW 34th St. Paid for by Marihelen Wheeler Campaign


OCT OBER 2014, IGUANA PAGE 23 PAGE 22, IGUANA, OCT OBER 2014 by Radical Press Coffee Collective If youve been into the CMC in the past year, youve probably noticed Radical Press, the collectively run coffee shop in the corner. Two years ago, eight friends had a far-fetched dream of a workerowned coffee shop that would be accountable to and active in the community. Two years later, our idyllic hopes are becoming practical, malleable realities. In the time since our inception, weve faced many source ethically sound products to how we Several times, weve had to say goodbye to beloved team members and had the oppor tunity to build ties with new ones. owned and operated by majority women, queer and trans* folks (heck ya!). We are anti-capitalist, non-hierarchical radicals and oh woops, capitalism doesnt like that very much. This makes it kind of hard to function in a capitalist economy, even with selves a living wage, would be funneled back into community grassroots projects, like the CMC). Its hard to explain to the guy in the business suit why were not going to kick out the smelly houseless man using the computer, or why weve asked the college student making sexist remarks to step outside. Its been a challenge to keep each other accountable from washing up with paperwork. We all respect each other and want to allow each other the room to make mistakes, in the hopes that we can learn and grow. But hey, no one wants to be the boss, and coupled with working for tips only 15-30 hours a week, it can be hard to put our best foot forward. Financially, we have had to be more innovative and intentional. Weve partnered ness to increase sales. Weve thrown benLabor Daze. In January, we altered our sliding-scale pricing policy to include a Pay-It-Forward Tab. This works by allowing people to purchase our organic coffee lars and relying upon the tab to make up the difference. Rather than raise our prices Radical Press Coffee Collective Needs Support!and run the risk of becoming inaccessible tried to offer more specialty drinks (like pour-overs, and custom pitchers) to increase revenue. Were being creative and experimental in our endeavor to one day have both a living wage and sliding scale. Recently, several collective members had to step down and weve had no time creasing sales, weve decided we need to re-think some things. For the month of October, we are taking a break and cutting back our store operations to events only, at least until FEST weekend at the end of October. During our break, were hoping to work on some larger projects, like delivering ground coffee to in revenue outside of the shop. We want to take this time to develop our business model and collective structure and hopefully come back in November. We need Would you or anyone you know like to be help with marketing, we need advice from people who understand business better than us, and collective members interested in working on collective structure. We hope to be around another year, with your support! Contact: D BOAT, from p. 21 host of organizations who support them, but they need all the numbers they can get. We all need to stand with Palestinians, from Gaza to the West Bank, and make obvious our condemnation for Israeli apartheid and the United States funding, support, and complicity of mass genocide throughout the state of Palestine. For more information, please check out:, or check out our Facebook page: Block the Boat formation about our next blockade actions, what you can do to support us, etc. Email us at: blocktheboattampa@riseup. comments. Join us in resisting Israeli violence and U.S. adherence! programming scheduleGrow Radio is a listener-supported, Gainesville-based Internet radio station that provides community members an opportunity to create and manage engaging, educational, informative, locally-generated programming to and humanities for the enrichment of the Gainesville community. This schedule is subject to change; not all programs are broadcast each week. Check growradio. org for updates. Sun 3 pm Paper Beats Rock 6 pm Joe and Craig Show 9 pm The Sum of Your Life Mon 1 pm 4 D Meltdown 5 pm Street Nuts 7 pm Malum 10 pm Female Trouble Tue 10 am The Serene City 4 pm Copyright Issue 6 pm Your Used To Be 8 pm Lost Sharks Wed 12 am Pyramid Society 64 9 am Sax and Violins 1 3 pm The Quiet City 5 pm An Average Day 9 pm The Otherness Thu 12 pm Things Be Blowin 2 pm The Breakup Song 4 pm Hope & Anchor 6 pm The Kitchen Sink 10 pm Eagle Death Fri 3 pm Ecstasy to Frenzy 7 pm Jazzville 9 pm Bag of Tricks Sat 3 pm A Brazillian Commando 7 pm Planet of Sound 9 pm Reality Bites WGOT 94.7 LP FM Gainesville's Progressive Community Radio Station WGOT is on the airSunday: 1-4 p.m. Monday, Wednesday, Friday: 1 4 p.m.. 8 p.m.-midnight Tuesday, Thursday: midnight-5 a.m.,14 p.m., 8-9 p.m. Saturday: 19 p.m.Check out for upcoming events and a detailed schedule. WGOT stream under the Shoutcast directory. To listen from your iOS, Android, or Blackberry mobile device, you can use any radio streaming apps such as Tune In. We are listed in iTunes Radio under the Eclectic category. Direct feed at 94.7 is a Low Power FM station with a transmitter at NW 39th Ave and I-75, so best reception is within 5 miles, but many people are able to pick up the station in their car. Questions? Comments? E-mail us at Democracy NOW! airs Mon.-Fri. 1 p.m. & Mon.-Thur. 8 p.m. What you can do: For information: Radical Press Coffee Shop is taking a break 433 S. Main St., Gainesville 32601 Grassroots support keeps it going What the Civic Media Center does:


PAGE 24, IGUANA, OCT OBER 2014 CMC Homecoming Event, Saturday, Oct. 18by Joe Courter Coinciding with the UF Homecoming weekend this year, the Civic Media Centers founding anniversary is Saturday, Oct. 18. This will mark the start of its 21st year of operations. So embracing the idea of Homecoming, the CMC will have an open house party starting at 5 pm and invites everyone to stop by and see whats been created by all the volunteers, coordinators and membership donations in our great location on S. Main St. Donations of food or drink welcome but not mandatory. We hope to have the Humble Pie wood fired pizza trailer going out back. Membership renewals and monetary donations will happily be accepted. Meet Kenzie and Nailah, the new co-coordinators who are replacing Robbie after his Capping the evening will be a great music show (out in the Courtyard weather permitting) with two of the best bands in Gainesville, GUTS and Nook & Cranny. That will start at 9 pm sharp. D The Gainesville Iguana is Gainesville's progressive events calendar and newsletterSubscribe!Individuals: $15 (or more if you can) Low/No income: What you can Groups: $20 Iguana, c/o CISPLA P .O. Box 14712 Gainesville, FL 32604 Comments, suggestions, are welcome. To list your event or group, contact us at: (352) 378-5655 www issues of the Gainesville Iguana online (complete issues are available as PDFs) at www .gainesvilleiguana.orgThe Gainesville Iguana (established 1986)